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SCM ed from I fJKMI.NK: I.K.VTIIEK P.\'KI-: IS'

I to 9 p. m. :.tlinlulurp I f'rulr of C'undy J'OLDKK Florldu 1I.u\Jlnlt
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- JL A
_ -- -


FRm", .,
",!-"r _ _ _ _- _ - flRADFORD-COUNTY T1LEGRAPfl. STAEKE FLORIDA _ _ _
icmrnT COIIIT. IIII.'OFOIID County". of Brad, -

: \ : if every American boy Is taught (01'1', Ki.oiuii.ti 1'\1 Cii \\1- Florida. i,>
War Hero's
Memorial Unless
liiI: tKHV. such < "< i "
Scouting in all of Its phases we Florida Sells 5700,000,000Worth Marcheltl. Plaintiff, vs flcates. shall o<' n

.\ need not fear Nazinm! Fascismor Joseph Harriet A.HoUherr, Maiviiettl., Defendant. In Ing;such to law the pi, ,, ,I' I,

Communism, an we will still Case No. 31SO.OIUiEK will be told certlfliui.. ,
t tI have only good Americanism.Now of War BondsGovernor OK pn"LirATION. nt the South I. Fi'Hi" ,,i, i i i I

e tI' AND XOTK'B TO APPHAIlKTATK Iirad ford l (Count. i , '
. If It Is good for the OF Fl.oniDA: Harriet the First !Mondat >
4h ffii '
I llnlshvrr Marc-hettl. whose post office July A, I). I'm, |", I
group that we have had. and I Holland Commends People of the State address I" 8520 Fort Hamilton day of July An I ,,,, >
defy anyone tomY it has. not Parkway. Brooklyn 9. New York. Dated this TIM, .1",
&Jk 1i" for Patriotism and Judgment You are. required to appear. on n 1944. 'I 0
9ii' been then let's give the oppor- June 17th. 1 19H In the aliove named OFFICIAL SRAI.i: v '

tunity to the many boya:\ we haveIn -- Court and cauwe wherein. plaintiff Clerk, of Circuit < "" /!>
peek divorce.. Biailforil. County County llr\
Starke who have not had the The people of the State of FlorIda Ida are buying an average of 10. Telegraph, shall publish thin OrderIn Flurldu .5;

chance. I have the applicationsnow purchased $$714,606,0(10( worthof 000,000 worth of War Bonds eachmonth next four weekly .Inouen.WitneB . -

of three boys who have War Bonds from June, 1941, in addition to the large sales my hand' and official iv ('n..T coi s r. lOll
when the in this in each War Loan drive. neat at Starke, Florida thin May r 01 STY. Fl.OItllI\ \/11/
began :
made an effort to get In the 201h, 1944.OFFICIAL. I EU%. (,
State to April 30, 1944 accordingto Florida's record in the four War ( SEAL) A. J. Thomas Case. No. 3121.
., present! Troop and could not be- W. W. McEachern of St. Peters- Loans conducted to date is shownin A.. Clerk of said.. Court. Karl: !C. UUkxon.
CRuse of the fact that the Troop I C. Hardest '. Iiaytona. n..h.Flol'ldl1 . Myrtle l'1k11 ',"!
.,, ,.4 burg chairman of the Florida War the following figures: Walter ) niPknnn., I'' <, ,
Atty. for PIt 52U4t.6.16o.lic.B oitnion 01"AN FM-II" "Sir
already has nine more boys In I Finance Committee of the U. S. '' ,'
Loan Salet !)
War Quota NOTK-H;
it than the regulations allow. Treasury in his annual report to STATE OP FIOIUI TO\ "'pp.-,
Our present Scoutmaster the the Florida Bankers Association of 1st $ 72,419,000 :\ : OF 'PPII<'*TIO'V FOIl DlrKHon, Whose rpI".I 1 ) \ *,'

which he closed his term as presi- 2nd $ 45,085.000 97,407,600 '1'.' \ I1KKII: Wreen St.. \rinntun, :s , ,
J4L. Rev. Chas. Allen, has tried to dent at the April convention in 3rd 117,000,000 158,746,0004th fit..U..P Hill %... IN 1":SNOTICR > Caroll na.

get authority to enlist them. HPIn Jacksonville. 121,000,000 161,628.000Florlda's 18 HEREBY;; OIVKN You nri renulrod! ?.
trying to do all the he That F. M Purkhuin t the holder of I June Ifllh IM4 i," ',1.Mlnamed
z / good "Citizen of Florida are Riving quota in the 5th War the following Tax; CertlflcateM has Court .and ,,",
can to all the boys he can but an excellent demonstration of their Loan, June 12 to July 8, 1 is $137- filed saul certificate fur..a tax plaintiff seeks ll\' "i ?10),'

-' the Council believes that 32 boys and their good financial' 000,000 and the Florida War Finance deed to be issued thereon The : County Telt>Krapli i ,1 'I"0'
Patriotism Order
certificate numbers( and yearn ofiHNtiaiue. this In tiso' t
in buying nearly three- Committee while recognizingthe *
( /'v are ax many an one Scoutmaster the deHcrlptlon of property l IsMIICK.Vltnenn.
can do justice. to. quarters of a billion dollars worthof difficulty in reaching such a and the names In which It \ my hniul i ,
/ 1 : War Bonds! in the last three high quota during the summer was axHenxed are an follown: sent at lork.. 10'1", ,i Ilk, '
/tt $4. Now I am asking your assistance years" laid Governor Spessard L. months has set up a well organ- Certificate No. 47. 18th 1944.OFFU'IAI..
/ 1 and co-operation In gettingat Holland, in his address to the Bankers ized campaign in every county of Year of IxHUunc'e, August 4. A. An( Clerk of SRAT.said: .)< '","\' TIT ,

lL 4 least one Troop sponsored by ConventIon the state and Chairman McEach- I). 1941. Frank I.nnilrui" v. ,
4 I : the Church and "And this money" added the em n has expressed confidence in the Description nf Property: n4! of Ida A It/, for Plfi : '"
; Baptist one by NK"i:' nf SHU' Section 14, Township
Governor "will prove to be a solid patriotic fervor of the people of .
the Methodist 7 South. IlanKB 20 Hunt: containing
Church in addition bulwark for our people in the difficult this State their ability and deter- 20 Acres more" or I leB...

to the one now sponsored readjustment period following mination to do the job well and has Name In which axtexKfil, If. I.Hough. .. \ nun IT <'(" iir, in,
v by the Rotary Club. If it is and ('01T l %-, I"'I.IHIMlt I |1\11)1/',II),

has been a good thing for the SUBSCRIPTIONS BY INDIVIDUALSTO Certificate No. 79. t 111Y.Iiene: .
Year of J Issuance August 4, A. Pimey John .
::; present Troop. and the splendid 0.1941. Kverett to:. J'lhni":. i. ,
., .achd In Each Stat. .1
; boys It has passed on or "Rrad-; Ptrcent of Quota R Description of Property: N'i'. of Case. No. 3125.OIltElt .

tiated"" It will be a good thing S SHH' of h-K'i.: ex liv Section 5, : (IF PIlI i:i \
'i4i : b Township. 7 South Ittnge; 21 K.ict. AN1 NOTICP.: '11. \ :.
4,1 for the many boys who have not containing 5 acres more or lenn. STATi 0*' .'J.fHt'l l! I \
yet had the chance to become : Name In which assessed, L'n- ett I'. Jolinson u hIS .. '.,
I 5' known. n. llolcoml.tf, Si ,
M I I ?
Boy Scouts. .
it SS Certificate No. 252. Alabama.
These boys will certainly. be- Year of Issuance August 4. A. You are r"'I"lr"I| < t ,?
. D. 1941. June 10th. 1944, n o, t II
come leaders In busIness. In S S. named Court ,
ri. IS DescriptIon of Property: until 9. and i I i ,|
-- -- -S 10 of Rlk II t, MvlntHton Truhy & plaintiff seeks dlvoi .
j. Government and Civic affairs --b 1 i1;";
Memorial/ to First H. of Wr Thil ,li the Four Fraedomi Memorial : ro :- to [
\ and in phase of life. ,,
every Section 2*. Township U SoUth, this Order In nex'' I I ,
Captain Colin' P. Kelly Jr.. America'i lint hero o' World' War II, who gav Won't help us give Kange 23 Kant." IsHtieff.ltnes. .
. 'II ''f .p hit 'lif* ,in the luccaislul bombing of the J.p...... Battleship, Harwna. in you every Name In which assessed C. F. \\ my hand i ,I'

.' 1941. Tho "memorial will bo dedicated Juno 14 at Captain Ktlly't homo boy a chance-YOUR boy a ; : S Rigdon. seal. at 194t.Htnrko, Floud.. :, 'IMS16lh. '
chance to become better
a man
1 I town. ,_Madison. .. .- . .. Certificate_ No. 317. (OFFICIAL SEAL.) A .1 Ti.,.
or rjeirer citizen s every; mem- Year of Issuance. August. t, A. As Clerk of said ('0111''

ber of the Rotary Club will help I.). 1941. T. Frank Landrnm I stark*
ful for boys. It makes outstanding Description of Property: Lot 1 Ida Atty. for PIt.
m men of them-men who are you advise. with you encourageyou LI.NDD(4Iars5' ex. K 25 ft. and W 25 ft. of Lots 5IllO'IICE I
Letter Box to come to the assistance of ( 11. 19. 20, 21, 22, C. J. Weeks SubDivision -
badly needed to soon take the '
Ask rJ.sa 10"" Section 19 Township 7 \ ro rni mrnn<
Scout to
places of those leaders of today; your boy. any us 15.1.51 ::South Jtang-e 22 Bast. All persons. having ,-laindemiand -
.100'I""' '''''' .
give the Scout Oath and Law Name In which assessed Ethel against the estate, of
.f ,; { men who are taught their dutyto _05w_ Johnson. B. Lord, Deceased. ai"e her.h r
and If do not think that it .
you C .
God duty to Country duty Certificate No. 344. fled and required to file
To The Parent* of The Boys
will help your boy you will Indeed claims In the offU. ""f f tho C1
to others. and duty to them- Year of Issuance August 4, A. D. *
11 .
of StArke of Bradford <
: be Don'tbe 1941. Judge >unto, 1
( selves.A a strange/ parent. SUBSCRIPTIONS BY INDIVIDUALS. OTHER Ida In. the Courthouse nt f'
i' 1 Some six years ago the Rotary Indifferent to the welfare ofyour THAN SERIES E. IN 4"- WAR LOAN Description of Property: Com 190 Florida, within eight (S.a)
< Club of Sturke took aa one of concrete exemple of the ..,. Perctnt of ft N of 813:! Cor of "Sec 11 & run W month from the dute.. of I th,
: boy or your neighbors boy. Quota Readied In Each Star
.., 545 ft.. N 800 ft., 10 B43 ft. publication of this notice
Its objective.1 the fostering of a value of this training Is the Our boys are the most val. .' S 800 ft.. to pt of heic Section 11, same will become void jrci or.

. i local Boy Scout Troop. How statement by a high officer in uable asset our country pOHBes- I, Township X South Kmtiue 22 Cant to law Till.* 19th I di> nf May
0 I. containing 10 acres less
well they have done this Is reflected our Army that 20.000 lives have more or \V. B. SliWHUU ,itf Kxcculthe
Don't want them to be S .
es. .
i you 7. Name In which assessed Mrs. Last Will and T .tam,
by the number of boys! already been saved by the first leaders and not blind followers, I Ruth Lawrence.All Eva U. Lord Deceased(l

t who have passed! through their aid given promptly by men who In life ? Our country, needs .... 4 75 U. .SO- of said property being; In the 8-19..

t fC course In Scouting and the place had previously been Boy Scouts. them; OUI' churches and schools S ... .... 'S. 54I. .... ----------------------------------------

V: .; In the world they now occupy. Some of those lives saved might need them. The time devoted to S ?... _. ..So S.,. .

t 1 II I, for one member of the Ro-- have been your boy. Some of them is negligible compared to 1 I.. .. I, 7$ S.S Prompt Service Careful Drive

tary Club am proud of every thorie who gave first aid might the good It will do. 0 4X s

:; 't one of these! boys and of the little have been your boy. 0' 7,
Contact Joe Wilson or any
part I have hod In their The leaders who appreciateour
member of the Rotary Club.
training In Scouting and leader- American way of livIng. ourliberty Starke Taxi Servic
Talk it over. Your boy will enjoy -
ship. and our great privilege ,
Scouting and It will do him
43: The Scout program Is wonder- of enjoying freedom know that good In every way. LUlU -I '

1" _ ___ D-S5% Phone 150
-- - --- --0 Yours for a better American
------------------- - -- -- - -
lam-a better citizenship by D.so:: !10"OOiIIoNflr" _r..- -

I EVERY BRANCH OF more Scouts In Starke. ./ us TS.I..55 I
_/In Nigl
e Day
0 -:D1.J L. B._Herlong L. L. Chm.

; j a. .New ruver LJlstnct this World War. Governor Hol given .
a theme for the campaign In
Scouts of America
: .9nJuranceH. Boy land Is the honorary chairman of the title of the stirring song "We

,L the Florida War Finance Commit- Did It Before and We Can Do It
*. tee. Again.

I Hookworm John L. Fans of Jacksonville Executive Manager Karl Leh- I

7 Collector of Internal Revenue and mann i is this week completing a I
1/' vice-chairman of the Florida War tour of the State which has reached 'IIw

_ Finance Committee announced this every county in Florida since May

C. WALL Prevalent HereThe week that Florida led the United 1. He was assisted in some of the

States in the sale of War Bonds counties by the Director and Associate -

and called attention to the two Director of Payroll Savings

Stale Board of Health maps issued by the U. S. Treasury Robert H. Giedd of St. Petersburg

*I ?j Agency warns that worm infestations or Department indicating that in the Ralph L. Markham of Jacksonville
Intestinal total subscription! by individuals in Director of Administration Ralph
parasites are far from"a
the 4th War Loan, the people of Bagwell of Sanford and by the
Constant Service Over 50
,I thing of the past" and becauseof the country bought 97% of their eleven Regional Managers of the

_ _ .i the warm climate and Inadequate quota and Florida folks purchased State.

I Please Phone 1J6CLASSIFIED sanitary facilities, some sec 148% to lead the United States Chairman McEachern Vice-

S : tions of Florida have more than with North Dakota as second high. Chairman Fahs, Executive Manager

: as p -----_ -e-a'Pti their share. with. _139%. .. .. . !\ Karl Lehmann, Banking and
I -in auDscripnons DY individuals Investment Director Pierce Wom- III
Recently a school survey was! other than Series 'E' bonds the en's Division Director Mrs. Thurs-

ADS made by Dr. I. R. Abrams. director country bought 85% of its quota ton Roberts of Jacksonville Pay-

; of the Clay-Bradford Coun- but Florida led the nation also in roll Savings Director Robert H. 5 j

ty Health Unit and Mrs. E. J. this classification with a record of Gledd and other officials will con

Harou Ionian, staff member. Re- 186 with Oregon as second highest duct conferences in the larger citiesof
WANTED with 182%," added Mr. Fans. the state beginning
$30 BONUS sults showed that Bradford County The people of the State of Flor. I May 31. at Orlando Wednesday Pepii-Cola Company Long Island City, N. K
Listing on apartment, hoiwen or school children are about 40 Franchised Bottler: PEPSI-OOLA BOTTlING CO. of Ju-k.'OD\:
1 hornet for rent located within 20 percent Infested.

mile* of Starke Frequently the perslstant. other- Clinic To N-
Finding the Aid
,, worms and destroy-
119 East Call Street FOR HOUSE OR APARTMENT wise unaccountable picking of the
ing them by treatment does not
B SUITABLE FOR US. nose may indicate Infestation. Workers Who Are
W. T. CLUTE Realtor prevent the reoccurrence of the
:* IN VICINITY OF CAMP Infested youngsters wll be dull

; PERMANENT WAVn. 69e' Do your BRANDING, PREFERABLY disease. The real prevention of in school, tire rapidly and have a Handicapped

lij, own Permanent; with Charm-Kurt STARKE. Infestation In Individual or community pasty blotchy skin. Anemia or 150 FRY PANSIN
English State
Kit. Complete equipment, Inrluilfnff depends upon adequate SuperIn-
; loss of red blood cells
40 curlera and nhampoo.Ra may tendent of Public
toilet and Instruction
other sanitation facili an-
r to do, aliHOlutelharmleiia'
come so severe as to give thechlld's PRESSED STEEI
Praised. by thouM& nda Including, PHONE 51. ST,AliKE ties. And when a high percentage skin a transparent nounces a series of Vocational
Fay MoKvnile BlumurouH movie watery
Htar Money. refunded If not satIi or rail on Mri. Jacob. of people are infested with appearance. The dullness bo Clinics for handicapped persons
T 4 'l.rhct.KOCH Duua STORe Rn). 12, Magnolia. Hotel worms it means that faulty sanitation accounted for by the loss of the first to be held in Jackson 8 and 10 Inch

outlets and habits exist. ville, June 22 and 23.
oxygen carrying-power due to the
Watch Our Window For
FREIC With of National Particularly does it signify that
'OR BALF.-M..I..rn. (t-rm. bungslow net Enrlvclopedln absence
of the red blood Primary of
I ; cell. Tho purpose the clinicsis
with bath and electricity.Completely I or Harvard Ctaaatric 10 proper sewage disposal Is disre- This Shipment
furnlnhed One mil volume net World History. JlW' .SO. brain and other cells therefore the selection and preparation of
east of Starke on n..nt. Itoad. pay $1 per month.-Readers Service garded.In .
lack the
Inquire Jerry Moore, $tarks.4irj Club. Box 671 Starke.. 692tpLOSTPalr worm-Infested necessary fuel for growth handicapped persons for employ .,
; D-19-4tp and function. The brain cells can- ment In essential jobs. Those

turn to Telegraph of itlasnen. office Please and re-receive special efforts should be made to not assist In the thinking process. quiring training or other rehabilitation re-- 8

FOR SALE-Mule and harneNa.: $10eaah reward. 6-9-2tp, not only rid the Individuals of No energy can be developed to Heavy Turkish Towels .
4 ,-Ancel Norman. Rt 2, Box their worms but to Institute safe services needed to fit them .
cause the contraction of
110. Itp. BLACK DUN COW at my place for
,.II maiked crop split underblt .and ways of disposing of the personal produce bodymovement. However employment will be offered

IF- yoU WOULD BUY OR SKLI' ,.- crop unlit branded 15 Owner may excreta of Infested individuals. Pit lightly infested these advantages. Those already Wash Cloths 15
milk cowii stock cows beef rattle tvtve; for proper Identification andpivtnic persons may qualified will be .
j : I stock hulls or tioKN Ket In / for thin ad.. Vernon Edwurda privies constructed to preventthe have no symptoms at all. to employers -
touch., with J. 1) Odum, Jr.. Brooker Fla., HI. 1. overflow of contents onto sur- Immediately.The .
Hot 217 Starke. Box 204 LakeCity. 6-9-Up. Because of the Irregularity of
Telephone 411! Lake City. FRYERS FOR SALE-F. M Merrltt rounding soil should be provided symptoms the presence of worms Civil Service Commission Is Wooden Clothes Pins Doz. 1
1-ll-1IWANT" wherever sanitary toilets connect cooperating In the clinics .
h1 l.nk.Rutl..r.. Kt. 2. Box 136, firm. cannot be made on the basis of by select- ,
-r'i house east of Long Bridge ed with a septic tank or sewerage Ing qualified handicapped
Bookkeeper. Man pre- -9-2tp symptoms alone. If a mother suspeCts personsfor
I ferred. Denmark Furniture ('... system are not available.
6-2-2t Foil N\I.I'-X"w. unmixed Mlwnlon- Where hookworm is prevalent worms she should have a employment in positions which Clothes Lines at 15c 25c 35c u

ary strawberry plantu'. now ready shoes laboratory examination of the come under the commission. The ,
ri should be
; --if. I'. (Futon I I.: ml. went of worn, or if not bowel m o v ement or vomitus. U. S. Employment Service of the
I..wt..y. B-20-Ztp available the feet should be wash
Special containers for War : Commission t 10
$25 REWARD : ed with specimen Manpower will Steel Wool
frequently plenty of
LO-4T-C.jrd rune with. S. S. rard. soap making these free examination cooperate by having interviewers .
t driver1 license, car title and other and hot water.
paper. Lost Friday June 2. All fish are furnished by the State Boardof present to serve applicants.
beef and
pork food
For information leading to rental uround Hampton Luke. Return tonewnpuper Health and be obtained
may Only handicapped who .,
office or mall to Nathaniel should be cooked throughly be- persons
Dvnl. Graham. Fla. Itp.UNDERWOOD through a private doctor or the do not expect to be called for military
ol lumUhod 4. 5 or 6 room house --- fore eating. Infested animals -

NOISELESS typewriter kept aa family pets should bowormed county health department. Treat- service are Invited to attend rece
- near Camp Blooding, preferably for mile. Apply Red Cross ment should ) .,administered by a the New coloring books, story book's, toys. etlf., are
clinics and those
offti'a In Armory between hours. frequently. already inessential
private doct r. arrivals to stock.
in Stark. Phone 626. Camp I 9-13 or 2-S. lIp Heavy Infestations o f worms jobs are advised not to our
Itt. Advice regarding the treatmentand
: 1< out, open 4 usually cause considerable discomfort attend.
Standing. A.Fl.f.CtnJ.Ir.m nil day Sundiiv correction of faulty sanitation -
,; Sandwiches, I Ice. cold melon, Kn.... colicky pains, abnormal appetite facilities and habits may be The Jacksonville clinic Is opento .
I North Side Service Station. diarrhea or constipation.
Major T. J. MartinFOR I 693tp. Certain worms when moving up- obtained from a private doctor handicapped persons In Brad-
or the county health department. ford and several other surrounding LET US FILL YOUR PRESCHIPnO NS
BRA.UTICIAN9 NEEDED. Cull at ward into the throat may cause
counties. Those who wish to at- i
Stark Beauty Shop phone lit!
an irritating cough with nausea
_ tip.* Mrs. E. I.. Jordan and son, Harold tend should write at once to GlennB. 4 Registered Pharmacists on Dui
SA.LE-Jeriev and Guernsey and vomiting. Convulsions, though
cow and mal calf. Also two t- FOR SALE- -Fixture and stock at sometimes of Oveido, were here this week Calmes District Supervisor, 613:
. heifer. Mri. C. 'oJrIf. Sweet Shop. located on Walnut rare occur.
y..r.Dld Sea
. raham. Itp. Street across. from the Park The Children are likely to be restless vlsltng Mrs. Jordan's sisters, Mrs. Ocean St. Jacksonville Fla., giv- KOCHDRUGSTdlREO"

-I itter. Apply at Bradford House 112 at night grind their teeth T. J. Griffin Mrs. Carrie Ritch ing Information regarding disabilities -
G PORTO RICO sweet potato vine cut- Cherry St Itp.
tlnira ready. now. -R. L. Prencott I 3 NICE APARTMENTS for rent- and cry out from stomach pain. and Miss Annie Darby. work: experience and< educa
HijjhlAnil. 6-'-2tp. Lee house. Melroae, Fla. ltt tion.

---- .-. -... -.. ,-,_ .. ,, ____ .._. ._.


Group Title: Bradford County Telegraph.
Title: Bradford County telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Uniform Title: Bradford County Telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke, Fla.
Starke Fla
Publication Date: June 9, 1944
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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-,' :"'; .V'In>"'''''' ,; :" .. .".,','. ,. ." ". -." ">,.. ., "...,,,,,,......, ,.. .. ,,,....,",,."" , '" """w.""',' ."..,," H" ..".. '''n'-, " ..... Hr' It" .......-...... ..' ..p.p> ,' "'_.' '.. _"_ _

'railing and Home of the

ration Center BRAD' fORD COUNTY TELEGRAPH Sweetest Strawberries ;

amp Blanding This Side of Heaven

Official County Publication Established In 1877

.. i

Iblic Invited To "Infantry Day" Celebration_ _",At Blanding IR TC \'

II II I Motorcade Planned For Starkeites

4 1 1E I Attending Event ScheduledNext

Thursday .

Hundreds of spectators} from Starke and vicinity are (,

expected to take advantage) of an invitation extended by .

Brigadier General I K.: W. Fates to attend the Infantry Day 'J ,,

demonstration nt Camp Ulanding: ; Thursday, June 15. |',>

(;sen. Fates ;announces that in connection with the nation- |, I?!

h. wide observance of Infantry Day a giant demonstration of r

landing's soldier-making) facilities will be staged for the i I l

general public by the Infantry I Replacement Training Canter

C Guests of the camp} on that day will see every infantry

: weapon now in use by American troops on the world's battlefronts I

The demonstration will include firing on the various j

,4i ranges, combat problems and a formal parade I 1

The Infantry Day program will begin nt 2:00: p. m. and i

will feature a conducted tour of the Center's training fad!I.. l''

C7 w i s - ---.--
? 1' Ities. Also on the list of events k

General Fales I will be a display of all the ,;

weapons a doughboy takes

: into combat, i Including the :'

!ric:11T! famed Bazooka.A f

I large civic group of public officials t,

_. ._m..... ........___.__ ._._ _____ "___ ___ dignitaries and '
''''''. -,-" So you think jeeps won't float, eh? Vlniml proof that the hlgti- i representatives of religious r
_-"" '''! ''"JI:' '*v----: ' "''".. '''
.w-. I 1
: ''':!1'r';;:,4"." ?*,xa',, ,': :;c""'i"''''' 'J< .r" 'v" ., a. /" ., powered little Army truck.* will .stay atop the eater In. offeredabove and welfare organiaztions has I ,

3., M: kY ?'i",. ." ".qye. '. ..A', ". .<',.". :. .,.. \t.4 ,. '. with trainees ('IUnl) Itlandliiff'N Infantry Replacement| I been Invited to the observanceand f I fj

.'' : > Ii.'j.: '. +: '. Training Ontrr as'llemon.tratorM. Supported by nothing; more the general public is also l
,, than: a tarpaulin sad Neverul sett. .. of hands, a tllnilnutl\N I'hultbugg asked to attend.

)'. top left, Iv.flouted 1 iwnins. a range lake. "StU-U-flllrd. tarpaulins
"' '. rd's k lower left, buoy another' Jeep, with t HIP \elilcle',. churning Those planning to visit the i ''I'

., fir ; wheel.. Muppljliiff 10 'motile porter .\ pair of trainer I upper Center on June 11 are asked \'

right) .show how branchPnee used Inside the tarpaulins to provide to send a letter or postcard to: I\

buojancy. This In. typical of training methods to be on I Infantry Day, IIITC Camp ,
display for "h'Ulan audience. ut the Keplucement Outer on Infantry .
niamling Fla.
r'T Th Day, .June 1.1, when tht dOlllh'H'11I| b.l honored In part I ,
of a nationwidectlehrutliin.. 'Motorruilu' I'luniKslW. I

Also on dl"llla11\ bn one of the most hpectuciilar weupnim In T. Clute, chairman of arrangements I I

use today by American fighting force*-the death-drilling flamethrower for those from here I {

which uplts out a stream of liquid| fire no IKIng thing r ,i ij4v winning to attend the Infantry Day

can withstand. Thin weapon, itlmwn at lower I..ft. will lie demonstrated events, announced yesterday that !
during the. e,'..nb next Thursday. ..1 a motorcade will leave from the I I "
'Methodist recreation building at
----- ----- - -
-I 1:15: p. m. next Thursday. Each ,
Principle Causes of! Food Poisoning Opening Dates driver is asked to display an I .

Discussed'By State t Health BoardThe Of County SchoolsSet American flag :on his automobile Sand I,
!,Ai 'W ,n 41r ?a yxc'$e 6"i' they will also carry stickers
y.aa&" ,, four types of food responsible storage, preparation and By BoardTrustees designating/ them aa part of the r Ii

'ro :3L ; : =;J for 71 percent of all 3. Refrigerate all servlnK'1 of the various school motorcade.
.w food borne upsets were listed foods Including cream
..,orRCxgAmo Ria't districts met with the Bradford "There will be no InconvenienceIn
last week by the Bureau of Sanitary cream filled pastries, I
I Board of Public Instruction at Its ; regard to obtaining passes to

itarke; Greets D-Day with a Tear and a PrayerBy I Health.Engineering.Eating State establishments Boardof ads 4., etc.Provide necessary facilities regular meeting Monday to dett'r-I enter the camp," Mr. Clute stated.

were also given ten pel.t.Inent such as safe water supply and mine the opening dates for schools "Everything will be taken care of." .
:5IVRY JO KENTke i tomer's "intrusion" leaned closer on sleek, white' cardboard to be points for forestalling these proper sewage disposal. which were set ns follows: the Presidents of the following or- I I '

I to their radios (portables carried tacked up In prominent places announcing upsets. The three foods most 5. Restaurant building shouldbe Hellbronn Vanderbilt and New ganizations/ are asked to see that I

was sobered Tuesday byt from home to store that morning) the time and place of often Infected are salad, partic- of sanitary construction, will River Elementary schools will their groups are represented In the i I

long last" arrival of I . as if to read between the lines public prayer. ularly potato salad cream pastries adequate hand-washing facilities open on the first Monday In July; motorcade: Woman's Club, Junior I
of the newcaster's bulletin.A And it was there . In the fowl and ham. located not only In wash rooms Hampton and Graham elementary Woman's Club, P. T. A., American

prayerful hush swathed the leader among Starke'a "Dead churches . that the most significant Of the various type of bac- but also In rooms where food Is hools and Lawtcy and Brooke/ ) Legion Masons, Boy Scouts, Girl

i half . half cony was played. Here prepared. schools will begin on Scouts, Ministerial Association and '
hopefully End Kids" emerged, like a snail, scene teria that cauHt food poisoning!' dishes and, other u- Junior High I
the people went about from his hardened shell to inquire, men and women of all creeds came the majority of upset are attributed 6.'uh If the first Monday In August and Firemen. I
July task of living . and "What's the lowdown lady?!" . the South and the North . to a little, germ that tenslls properly no andlseose the Bradford elementary and High

g for more NEWS! Home town .military strategists both natives and newcomers . multiplies In grape-like clusters will be germs removed are or present killed. Also they schools on the first Monday In Boys And Girls I I

Ipider web network of partywas huddled together to talk of logis- brushed skirts and dropped tearson and does Its dirty work by pro store and handle such equip September. The opening date for Urged To Enter

woven, between nelghach tics and pay off bets on the -belated the same hymnal.It ducing "gremlins" in the foodas ment carefully after sterilization the Rising School has not yet been .

wanting to be the firsts date. happened now, as always, that It grows. It I Is popularly, so that It will not be recontnm- set. Scrap Paper Contest
D-Day known as "Stella' Staphyloccua
on an extra postscript of A minister down the street per- in time of great stress, trivialitiesare "Stella" Is a bacteria common Inated. Teachers employed at this meetIng The scrap paper drive is continuing -
atlon. I 7, Wash hand thoroughly
mental notes and wres- tabled in lieu of a common and to human skin and Is also found water after for the school year In full force throughout the
his and
sued with warm
icrvant left the morningto soap Lois Mayes as principal
: by the billions In discharge from were State with close competition
stand, drying sudsy, tled with the words scribbled on Important cause. It was pleasantthen I pimples., bolls and abralMlons.I each visit to wash room.and rats and Mrs. Melva Gallaway, as among the counties in the contest. I
hands, beside her mistress cards and envelopes in his vest to see the people of Starke I Persons working with food 8. Keep from files food, and utensil. teacher, at the Rising srhool and Two $500 War Bonds are to be

i radio to hear excited voices pockets . gathered days and bow heads together before the One should keep their hands scrubbed away 9. Keep rats out of the restau Mrs. Lilly Bridges and Mrs. Ruth given to the leading boy and the

jetail to the biggest news In weeks ago against this very hour. who gave courage . to ALL clean and handle fool, by rant. Frazier In the Bradford Ell'men1tary same to the leading girl who en- l

y. hastily crayoned . for the wait ahead. hand as little as pomlble." Waiters 10 Employes should not work school. ters the waste paper drive In the '
Placards were
other handlers
chants, resentful of a cus- I cooks_ and. _, when Ill. The salary of I.. R. Galney jan county that collects the largest
should not worK with fond mall
itor of the Brooker Junior High of dur-
model. poundage paper per capita
served as
ber of the class If they have open pimples or
>ater" Buried "Military Mrs"Is Mrs. J. E. Robin and Mrs. L. M. festered abralslons on hands or Maj. Dell SpeaksAt school was rained to $75 a month ing the month of June.A .
chosen and It was agreed to employ only fine start has been made In
Stroke New Kaplan have been recently arms. Rotary ClubMaj.
[owing as members of the Army Wives Consistent refrigeration It the one janitor, Brady Bryant, at the county but the leading boy
epot HereCounty At Walnut St. Council. Mrs. Kaplan has ac best way of controlling "Stel S. T. Dell, Intelligence Officer Bradford High school during the and girl have not been selected

"floater"ndown Hollis V. Knight will lead the cepted the responsibility of scheduling la", as U true of all other bar of the Camp Blanding IRTC, summer months. yet for the competition. The fieldIs
burled a opening session of the "MilitaryMrs. volunteers for service at the teria. It was pointed' out, because was guest speaker at the Rotary Other buslneiH Included the open, and those who wish to enter

Monday after he died Club" at the USO operatedby Information desk and the mack bacteria will not multiplyIn Club Wednesday, making an Interesting awarding of the short Brooker bus should turn In their names to
Starke depot about 9 a. m. low temperatures.Ve of naturalization E. J. L. T. Dyer, co-chairman Bradford
the YWCA on Tuesday, June talk on the subject route, formerly driven by
i same day following a stroke bar.The of few born men Lee Green at $35 County Salvage Committee, as
13, at 1 p. m. A series of discussions devotional study group at hear a very cases of foreign Lewis, to Mrs.
|ralysis. '
is planned centering around meeting at 10( a. m. on of poisoning. caused by fish. unless after they are inducted into a month and the superintendent early as possible.
its regular
social security cards founde confronting the Individual was alerglc service was Instructed to write for bids Bradford county has as good
the special problems June 6, after a short
body identified the negrom wives. The topic of the first) Tuesday discussed the na to seafood. The primary reason Maj. Dell Is well-known In for the construction of a block chance to win In this contest as

Brown but although a army will be "The Military period that itconsisted Is that most people realize the Starke, being a grandson of the building, 24 by 14 feet, to be used any other county, according to Mr,
|a and a Miami address wereon meeting Town." At succeeding ture of prayer, rather perishable nature of fish and late Col. W. T. Weeks. by the Brooklyn Colored school Dyer, and he Is asking that every
in the Army of appreciation
Mrs. to
careful not
therefore are of and
the cards, calls to both organization men women
ose cities failed to locatee sessions the following than words. Because of the fact leave It out of the Ice box too J. D. Doyle of Laredo. Texas, boys and girls get Into the contestas
who knew the topics will be taken up: "The Military that it was "D" Day the members long. If they would only cultivate and Mrs R. F. Prather of Jen- At The Tabernacle I soon as possible
man. Mrs. and Her Husband in decided that their prayers should, the same wariness of ham relatives
T. nings, La., are visiting I The waste drive Is being
to paper
fording Station Agent
iffin, Brown under Training," "The Military Mrs. and be for wisdom and understanding, fowl cream pastries and salads here. On Friday night, June 9, the sponsored by the 4-H Clubs of
collapsed would be I Charles P. Culver of the
Her Leisure Time, "The Military values meaning more at such a food poisoning greatly Rev.
helter Bradford county, and the boys are
in front of the depot and Society, will
Spiritual Life, reduced. Oriental Missionary
and things.
f""t. 7 a. m. He was carriedthe Mrs. time than to be used for Hutto-Kenney show really' working to collect every
"The Military Mrs. and Her Hus Mrs. M. B. Foote, chairman of If meats are be at the Tabernacle to pictures
| depot and a doctor was Council was making sandwiches, dice only a I Engagement In color of the work done piece of paper possible.
Overseas"The Wives
to attend him but he failed band the Army small amount at a time and return that Organization In China. We are told that waste paper Is
will ISO( hoursof by
Iy, Newcomers Coke Hour awarded a USO pin for : the bulk to a cold place. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shelton Rev. Culver was for 15: years a now the leading item of salvage

man had been drinking be held Mondays. and Fridaysat volunteer service Mrs. William Bring out only a small supply Hutto announce the engagement)I missionary to China. He recently needed and that the need for itis
|''y Griffin said. 11 a. m. A. Stout and Mrs. A. J. Casey re- of paatrle For bacteria will and approaching marriage of returned to this country and will very great. No one should burnor
June 14 at 11 ceiving pins in recognition of 50( numbers every 30 or waste but
On Wednesday double in their daughter, Carolyn Inez, of have Interesting things to destroy any paper
Scholarshipso a. m., will be held the first meet- hours each, at last: Thursday's regular 40( minutes when food Is exposedto Columbia, S. C., to Private Theron j tell of many His work there. The subject should turn it all over to the Salvage

Ing of the training course for USO army wives luncheon. Those warm temperature. Therefore Thomas Kenney, Jr., of Welt I for Friday will be "The ReBirth Committee In this drive.
attending were entertained by a food left In the open for I
with the
students of the Bradford volunteers. Palm Beach now serving "
of a Nation. I
A. E. Denton will give Instructions mock wedding in which Miss Sara one more hour may allow Just I
Mrs. Air Church
y High! School have taken United States Army I All should avail themselves of Baptist
|i-titive examinations and been In knitting on Mondays. Reed, director of the club, actedas enough time for bacteria to pro- Miss Hutto has been employed the opportunity to hear this forceful -
and Fridaysat Mrs. B. F. Young as vicious poison. L. A. of the
dwd Tuesdays Thursdays preacher duce their with the Chaplain Shepherd
Senatorial Scholarships for the past eight years and dynamic address by an
groom, and Mrs. \V. A. Stout as To block the channel. for the in State Prison Farm will supply the !
'e 1 m. Administration
Florida for p. Farm Credit
State College able who was formerly
Scotty Westerfleld, who bride. Mrs. Emit Marzetz gave spread of diseases in eating establishments pulpit at the Baptist Church Sunday r
n She has many
at Cpl. Carolina.
TaUahlUl ee. Miss Ro- South connected with the American Consular
sketch class which the bride. Group singing of the following ten at both morning and evening 4
the Interested
teaches away who will be
WhitHeld. Farm, friends
J of the State Service in China.
listed :
AS pertinent
Mondays at 8 p. m., says well-known ballads and love songs points were services.At .
|awarded the scholarship for meets on only safe uncontam- to learn of her engagement. '
that he was well pleased by the completed the program. 1. Buy :Mr. and Mrs. F.: H. Box and little 11 a. m. his sermon topic
County and Miss Phyllis of the group in their first Inated food New shipment of office supplies daughter, Joan, were guests of will' be "Gods of the Enemy" and
|n. of Brooker, the scholarship .. work Mrs.\. Thelma White spent Monday Protect foods from contamInatIon -
from 2. Telegraph
radfdrd efforts this week at drawing '' in at Bradford County Mrs. Box's father, David G. Kelly, at 8 p. m. he will preach on
County. Congratu- Sewell, a mem- In Fernandina by disease: germs during office. "
"Christ's Invasion of Personality
Miss Virginia last Thursday Friday.
fs to these young ladles! life. : i ii

I i



1 f
. ,
,, Bald Tax Certificate No, 240 l.e redeemed ,,, '
under ai
..1 ford Co lrld I In, NG4' of ..ndul'. ald Tax 'certlfkatc Number of Joe p rnPariles . "11.. I ,
to < the
a refreshingly encouraging see tiectlon 6 I14M ,Ixsued Atiu 7th 1113:1: .if ]102 wax 111 name di-ni i n La,V ,'l 1" I+r !
NJoIuf Townnhlp Hold
2H. to
.? t THE BRADFORD COUNTY TELEGRAPHE..tolhllsllf'd adolescent youth listen to good South ItanKtt 22 Ea.t' hlih IK HIIIliracvd ,'I hats Tiuhv 1, and:ft 4 CompanySiibDIM, of Blk 30: Ux InB-= U"lran'ne a-wHHinent. of alit propertyunder South Front hljti h ",,,I ,I.., ,II r."I, l
advice or have the ability to think under said' 'Iix C'artifl.a-"6th, il.Vn of NF.ot :NK'.: '., of Se,'tionfeet. said Tux (Vrtlfkate No. House on the tlr"-1 \1 ''h. I l.
Number 244 l Hued August In the name of Month of Jnit l
of 1K.13. was / .
1877 114S \ j, i,
Would it not be 2H. TuwnMhl|> 8 "
Tl. for I I I tStarkerBrad lIoll'an. the Snl day; l
1929.Lot ,, In the t..wn of : of Jul' 1\ ij 0''
2, of Blk 29, I.MniTBton Tru- of, ..al ld l Property Doted ,
aesessment this ,
+ !I K. L. Matlhpwn ___un______- Editor and Owner the best way known to man to by fc Company'H Sub-1Hvispn' of i ford. .County. Florida which" IB" em- under The. said, Tax Certificate No. 286 D. 11144. :II MtOFFlCIAL I 'f 1" 'I r bh
of SIO:',. "f uf 8..tlon 28 Township I| bra. stop war forever if the youth NIJ'i Issued. September 2. of 1940 was In the name of V'llIleHnh..rt. !'SHA1.
In ,,[
8 South. Range 22 Kant .. Clerk of .. 1 I .
ft Cln r
: other democratic I
this and nations the Town of Stark. Bradford 104" Certtflcatesshall. ,
said Tax County,
," I Unless Florid
aid qW
of property ;
Yearly 91.73; SU Month,, $1.00 would to educate Countv Florida whl, h ,Ix.. embraced The aBHeBxmi'nt ,
\i1 4'! prepare __u__.__ __ ------ --- 'f'.,
\ -.....
of the
themselves In the ways
d,? Published Weekly on "'rl<1a)'N and Entered all Swonil Class Matter military and other enlightenmentthat

at the I'o4t Office at Starke Florida.
? 'i:[ is sadly lacking in world af-

fairs? It is most reasonable to i

LAWTEYBy nesday night and Thursday with believe that had compulsory military -

KVKLYrf: WARREN Evelyne Warren. education been instituted immediately JOIN GULFS nti.Breakdown"CUB) TODAVl/

The Baptist Intermediate B. Y. after World War I the /

T4 d4 Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Burney, Sr., P. U. class gave an Ice cream sup- world would never have witnessedthe I ,

'' of Jacksonville were visiting relatives per Thursday night In the home Invasion of Czechoslovakiaand

w// ., here last week-end. of Mr and Mrs. T. L. Walnwrlght. the subsequent embroilmentof
:!" Mr. and Mrs. Billy Edwards: About 28 enjoyed the the entire world Into this -wvAX' '.

;, ;j/ were visiting Mr. Edwards' par, evening. bloody war. So our hats are off ..._"'''''''''$''/:------
.f: -"a,tans..._.- ,
l ents. Mr. and Airs. Will Edwards, Mrs A. M. Lewis and son Alvin to the youths of today who Insist r
rk last week-end. were visiting relatives in upon education in order that it
BBFORK THIS WAR is over;there may be only I
w s. Jim Moore Edwards was visitIng Tennessee last week. may take its place In future world Y I

i :: "F r ,; friends and relatives here sev- Miss Debbie Phillips of Max- peace. It is through education two kinds of people in America by ...e,.,, ,..pt ; I

15'' ';1' .i ; eral days last week. vllle spent last week-end with her alone that permanent peace will I. th.. who can. Mill flt to work In asto'L; !v '
slrpj': who Is In the '-. '- .... .
Sumpter Harley, brother and sister-in-law Mr. and' be maintained. ...bll.., ...
Marines and stationed at Parris '
VL" ; Mrs. O. J. Phillips. 9. th... wb. .r. forced to wellt. \.T'
{,: i Island, S. C., spent the week-end BROOKERIly W*' ,. \
Cpl. Ralph Darley, who Is sta-
I re with relatives.) tioned at Camp Pinedale In California joke Atklnxon If you want to be in the fortunate group

of a,, ieon (Cooter) Wooten, now is home spending a 14- IUKTIII\Y, DINNER who will still be riding to work in automo 11

tioncd at Gulfport, Miss., is vlaig day furlough with his parents Eustace Parrish of Lake But- biles, joinGuf'e; "Anti-Breakdown" Club ll'

his parents, Mr. and Mrs. llr. and Mrs. T. T. Darley. ler celebrated his 62nd birthday today. HoW do you do it?' Just come in for

1'y s url Wooten, at Kingsley Lake, Mr and Mrs. Joe Raulerson of Sunday at the home of his sister, Culf'f Protective Maintenance Plant ,o A" 'fc 's
qe rl;- h and friends here In of Lawtey.Jacksonville Jacksonville were dinner guestsof Mrs. Norman Parrish. Dinnerwas This plan was conceived by experts in 4i,.. y''
Starling Mr. and Mrs. Durham Sunday.Rev. served out under the large car care. Gulf developed it because car ,e "" ,

t; was visiting hilt mother, Mrs. Net Raulerson Is filling the standat oaks and a good time was had by maintenance is a most important civilian '' ?
y tie several last _
ark Starling, days the church In the absence all. About
Baptist one hundred friends '--
10 workers automobiles
week. job. ((8 out of war use e ,
of the pastor Rev. E. J. and relatives enjoyed the occa- "' wa
to to work.) '
,t 4 Mrs. Aden! Ward of Alabama IsII Prevatt. sion. get

----...-- ---- ...-- ....... ..-- --- __ u.... -
( ,iN DP"'UIIIS" IOU"' '' 10""" wn.. ""c p"c- recn. :sgt. Lloyd WilKinSOn, wno . -'
!'+ ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Arwood. Friends of little Jack Hazen
y a Is In the Army Is here visiting \
Sgt. E. E. (Pete) Burney, Jr. will be glad to know that he was Vrotect\1e
friends and relatives for a few
I ; was visiting his brother, Billy, and days: brought home from the hospital if's /t JtelfS keep yowl mttot in; if./"sl.tpe!

his grandmother, Mrs. Georgia Tuesday and will be out in a few Gu
Ovid Futch, who Is In the Ma- Ue"s's .
Ann Sapp, last week-end. rines, Is here visiting his parents days.Mrs. ft\an\ e e IT'S IMPORTANT to change your oil ,, jb

Mack who Is with Dalton regularly .d to give your car a .
Austin the Mr. and Mrs. Silas Futch, for Carter and daughter tenCe" ..
really food motor oil like Gulfpride, y ..
: Pan-American Airways In Miami several days. Louise, of Starke were visit fA I., "
"The World' Finest Motor: Oil. orGulflube. -
was visiting his parents, Mr. and ing friends and relatives here P .,..;
Tom Beck formerly of Lawtey ,an extra-quality oil that costs ;;;...'" i
I Mrs. Jim Austin, several days last week. :t--.
and known as the "Lawter Lar- a few cent leas.i .

n tell'k last week. ruper" of boxing fame a decade We regret to lose Mr. and Mrs.L. ,

ti Mrs. May Wc'ls spent last ago, has joined his, ,brother Sgt. O. Hazen and daughter Minnie

; y week-end In Brunswick Ga., visiting Charles Beck, In entering the Lou, from our community. Theyare H at39da !
ptoiccta poaata /
yowl co/i rgvt kelps smutch !
?J' her sister and brother-in- armed service as a Marine. Tom now making their home In yowl fan coupons

( f law Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Gilchrist. has just completed his boot train- Starke as Mr. Hazen is employedthere.
Protective Maintenance Plan
st ti4: ( Cecil Atkinson of Miami Li'! here Ing, and evidently considers himself 51 include Guide Registered Lubrication ASK YOUR out*DEALER to clean your .

spending a while with his grandparents yet a boxer. Since joining the Mrs. S. A. Douglas of Lake which reaches up to 39 vital engine spark plugs, clean your air filter, and p

t1,: Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Leathernecks he has fought three Wales was visiting friends and body and chassis points. Six flush out your radiator, to help give
/ you as much as 10% more mileage t
i- i +fi( Blanchard. times, winning, losing and draw- relatives last week. different Gu/flez Lubricant are gallon of goal I per

i p .1 Mr and Mrs. Grant Davidson Ing In the three engagements. He Sgt. and Mrs. Charles Crouch used to reduce wear. t
and Mrs. W. W. Bradley were i is stationed at Parris Island. S. C. and Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Home

I) y visiting at Silver Springs last At least one Lawtey boy has no and family of Gainesville were

Sunday. Intention of allowing the next in- visiting friends here Sunday. Get cut appointment &t : ffuJStefan,
d ; Mrs. W. W. Bradley and Mrs. evitable war to catch him unprepared Mrs. C. L. Atkinson and daugh- yew

Iw"fit Blanche Edwards were In Jacksonville Roger Peele, young son of ters were visiting friends in Ala- To HELP YOUR Gulf Dealer do a thorough Job on your car-and to

-"- shopping last VIr. and save your tIme-make an appointment. Phone or speak to him at
yx; Tuesday. Mrs. Joe D. Peele, leaves chua Friday.
,. the station. Then should when
encounter delay
you no you aetCuU'a
Mrs. J. B. McDonald was visit- this week for Marian Ala., where Pvt. Ralph Mott from Panama
Gosof/n Protective Maintenance Plan .15 services all!
,,,t4 ;" '? her daughter and son-in-law he enters Marian Military Insti- Is visiting friends and relatives powers

a I r. and Mrs. T. R. Bell, in Ocala tute for a four-year term. This here this week. rM ofrocfc...

e st week. boy's goal is high and his heart Is Miss Winifred Crosby of Starkewas . 6etfer cor core
''t' Don't wcwM***p t W( . .
Miss Irene Prevatt spent Wed- set on West Point. It Is always vlsitlne_ her _Barents_ Mnndav._ n__ .

h.. IN CIRCUIT COURT. BRADFORD -to avoid 0S&Z&XOMLSfanofroti


Han H. Palmer Plaintiff. "".
Caroline Damon Palmer Defendant
; ; T Case No 3157.ORDER .

Care Killdeer Damon of Palmer Road Ellsworth. Hamden.whose HuntlnKton residence Conn. 38 li. Glad to meet you folks My name is

You are required to appear on July
10th. 1944 In the above named Court
and cause wherein plaintiff seeks
:; divorce, Bradford: County Telegraph'
.L :
: hall weekly publish Issues.thin Order In next four

;. Witness my hand and official Real
at Starke. Florida thin 6th day of
June 1944OFFICIAL \,
( SEAL) A. J. Thomas
as Clerk of said Court. 1
Knight A Knight, l bturke, Florida
.. Attya. for Plf. e-9-4t-S-JO

NOIKI': OP 11'i'1.111'101''oil
1'\ r; IJ t:I'::11
(senate 11111 "... III.'O:
NOTICi>; IS ilKUKBY (11'F..
That 'r. J. Alderman holder of TaxCVrtlfleafeH
numbered and ""..rrlb- your
R leJ ed a.. followH to-wit: Number 60
, u 1 Intoned September 7. A. 1>. 193t); '
J i itr Number 284 'IxHued. August 2, A. D. 1
1M7; and Number 18J l"'MII..dII&,- I
iiMt 7, A. I>. ttl'l: han filed same. In i *
my offkft and has made application
for Tax Deed to lie Issued thereon ".. servant
Said Tux ('erllflr'ate. embrace the
,,. with V. D. following deHrrthed propertied In
the County of ifradford. State of
Florida, to-wit;
I.nta 5, 6. It, 13, In Wood lawn.
are not prostitutes Snctlon 13. Township & south,
t Kanire. 22 Kant: containing 40 acres WHAT I
+ 4 more or leNs, which in embraced.

'' It's no heariay that the impact of war upon our youth Is 50.tinder Issued KulU. September Tax., Certificate 7. A. I Number>. 101*. mHERE'S I : FOR YOU!

( resounding down the byways of Florida in an ever-increasing I>ot I of \\ (4 of N\V4 of. Section.
wave of juvenile delinquency-That the teen-age girl, ''In- .11, Townxhlp 7 South Hanger 22 1 Florid Power alt
w, trigued by the uniform and Kant: containing 10 acres more or interconnected .
laboring the illusion that it lexH which |I.. embraced. under said ey.f -
; is patriotic to indulge the whims of service men-Is becoming Tax Certificate Number 20V. Issued t lem of super power station I am the

a major carrier of syphilis and gonorrhea. August 2. A. D. 11)17.B ) symbol o( Electric Service, I the per
acres In the. Southeast Cornerof
; Basically she's little NRi 1, of NW'!. b..lnll' 464 and former of maple thst smooths your
just a ( kid
I girl-a good But she's been
: 1-4 ft 13 & W by 500 ft. N & S. In modern way of life ...turn the busy herb' of your
hearing a about "doing your bit" to win the war. Section 6, Township 7 !!South flange \l>sr Indiiitlrie . makes. your work short. and sweet
23: Kant: contalnlnn 6 acres moie or
f v? Confiuod. misguided and frustrated-she takes the reins in less, which In embraced under. mild I recognue' no Job III being too tough or too large.I .
her own hands. . Tax Certificate Number 183 l Uxued
i August 7, A. D 1911) .m ultra polite to every family
Of all the "facts of life" The assessment. of sell property have unlimited
Impressed upon her, she must-above pocketbouk.l patiencethe
9 all--be made to realize the price exacted by venereal disease- embraced" Number under 60 of Bald September Tax Certificate" 7, A. . ability to wait for day..ndnights v

the danger to her entire life a few brief, indiscreet moments D tllH.! was In the name of J. II. al a time brliintl even the moot. j I
h 'I" / t ; may but hold-that social a clean body is not only a moral obligation William The HHxeiimnent.. of Bald property unused electric outlet, )jintl In cue
a responsibility. .nllhe smallest
embraced under Bald Tax Certlfl- you might amount ?i.I i..
raroumlnr SAD of August 2. A. D. ol sertice.I .
,il The warnings of the increased prevalence of thU enemy among I017.! wan In the name of Hester.
{ the teen-agers may be vague to you as a l'ARENT-ou: may Adrtm. I never get tired or weary, and I'm never "late for an (

11 t say "It's exaggerated can't happen to my famlly"-llere is emltrnced The assessment under Bald of paid property appointment. .
Tux Certificate
)) the story told in stark figures: of what has already! happened Number I 1S1: of August 7, A. D A. a matter of fuel, I'm M full of pep and so anxious f
to others who felt that "it can't happen to my family." Hill: wan In the name of Marxhall
n Jackxon.I'nlexM. to 1 be uwful.Hut your slightest hint 'U my cue to dig In.

t J. Edgar Hoover says that for the year ending June 1913- be nald Tax Certificate shall. The spirit of Sunshine Sertbe, run warmly la I
f k. compared, with the same period ending 191 drunkenness in propel redeemed.\tlex dexcrlhed' according. therein to law will the be .dim...true to the nth degree of faithful performance.my :,;
? r' girls INCREASED: : 39 percent-prostitution 61 percent, disorderly Bold to the hla-heBt bidder at the :J j
1r (? conduct 69 percent, and vagrancy 121 percent. South Front Door of the Court cr In other words.rm your devoted Elee" r w
house on the First Monday In the __ tile Servant on the alert, every aecowl, I
_ The Crime Prevention Bureau of one representative Florida the month,1rd of diiv July of A July. I D, A 1 1944!, D. which 1944. l Ie of lh. day or night rain or shine., for I

1. i city reports it handled 715 irirls for the entire year of 1942, Dated this. 3Int. day of May A. your every command in your home or 1
while through September 1'JIJ, alone, more than 1,100 offen D I-M4 buitineu.P.GE I s
den passed, through its doors. ," .OFPIflAf. SnTA.. J. Thomas,
!*! Clerk of circuit (Court I'.raclford I im.aufonulicaUy obediently your
5 County. Florida. "'"
t Consult your family physician or go to a free clinic --
\o rlFI 0"- PPI.IC'TI<>% FOIL
.sl ; r h, Sponsored by TAX; l>l.:KIJOrnate :
( 11111 "... ln.1
r '-t FLORIDA STATE KOAKO OF HKAI.TH I That Claia' Mae Knight, hol.l..rII
L' LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Tax Certlflr-iitex" Numbered'; and de.xcrlbed raicvalentwsr DU'T WASTE ELECTRICITY

,, UNITED STATES: IM'HI.IC HKU.TH SI R\"IF.- : '210 IxBiied ux follows August, 6 to. -1928 wlt ;: Number Number JUST BECAUSE IT'S STILL CHEAP I
IxBited August 7. 193:1: ; and
i cy Thillh..tl, .eni 'nt Paid For Numher 21** Issued September 2.
1410, has filed Bum In mv office. .
and him made application for Tax
1. CANOVA PHARMACY Deed to he tanned thereon.
Said Tax Certificate embrace the
follnwlnic, d...*cilhed properties In the
.vv I W. :M. Ednard, Chm. Dr. I. It. Ahrnm, county ida of Iiradford State of Flor
Ileulth Committee Health. Officer Lotn 1. 3. and 4. of nik 29! T.lv-
19 Int'h'n" Truhy i Company' 8uh.
1- a e a
tt Iilvlnlon' 1
la Town of Starke, Drad'd -

_ -
--- -----
""- ,. ,

"" '''''

.I1TVE 9. 1941Hf11'rF1.OH1U

flT \nronn I

V" .- .>. Plaintiff, VH. ISllmfr I
'nll'f'r: MiCabe, Defendant.nVOTICI3 .
i ', .

J: .;, TO APPEAR to: lillaaiii .r
V> McCflbe whose rent.Maael .
t !I' Tlinney, (D iiiahsti ; -
; ',fllnic Avenuehlte A
ffimjffvnulrrd,, , to appear ont ,
1944) ln the above ,
$"Wll mn t'' san nnil' c'Bime, wherein 4
p 1ft, Jyt'k| divorce. Itiaclfordivlrirraph '
shall publish
"rt' In next four weekly 1so. -

.. hand and official
jit'1944.I $tarke. Floilda. thin May HmerIcasisi'f I IJ ;

r1Ah SEAL) A. J. Thomas
'I'k ,-,t said Court,
llardemy. Daytona r-eaoh.
Plf. 26-U-I-11
j., Atty for... -
IT COt'HT. nilAI>FOm>
?"rV, F1.0HIUAI I* CHAM.i V

1 Y.M PonaKhy, Plaintiff v..
rd 1 It.: nona hy. Defendant.
:0:0: U17. 9
"F FLORIDA to: W11-
It.l Ponaghy. whose residence jj4'ts'; .

)'"iiT"rt'qlllr..J'. l to appear on R: 1t tiw to i r
i 19th.) 1944 In the above a
8,1 Court and (Huse, whereinlift
seeks divorce. Bradfordv
Telegraph shall publ..hord..r . win
| In next four weekly 4'

fFHH;, my hand and official r +
IB"! Utarhe, Florida. thla May ,
i 1ll 1944.,1A1. SKAU) A. J. Thomas +'4Ry4 4 n. I
( Court
HarrlHon". .Jack..on vII I.., Flor-. '
M\y, for Plf. 19t

hitiiir toiMr.- KMHKOIIi) He's doing his {We do/
%1'1'. FLORIUAl CHAN.: part. . must our part!
J.1 Mark, Plaintiff vg. EleaMark. -
: Defendant.

Sltl'KIt;,; :NOTICE OF PUHLH'ATIOMI.NU TO APPEAR For him the terrifying grand This supreme, desperate call for +

are l 18th.required 144. to In appear the above on ( + climax of the war is at hand. American dollars-16 billions ot
Jil Court and cause, wherein : +

fllff Telegraph seeks divorce.shall Bradfordtv publish '* r Ilr g ; The supreme military risk- them-is to er j able our fighting ,
Order: In next four weekly / ?
IK tne'e, my hand" and official e t bloody, costly in American: lives.men to carry through the grim, j i.

1944. bloody assault to a successful

Rat 1944.Starke, Florida thin May Our boys know this. They don't conclusion and ,
(ICMI. SKAU. ) A. J. Thomaa Victory.
flrik of said Court. 1 have to read the heart-rending a
r M. Huffman Jacksonville '
lorlda, Atty. for Pit. .i headlines or casualty lists to Not just American dollars-but
da. Atty. for Plf. ..
5l1.4t.6.9IR'I'IT ;' know what is expected of them. the dollars in your pocket-in

(orHT. BRAnFOiin
I V'1'1', I..onllJ.1 lCHAN- They are in it. your savings account.
Larson Plaintiff, vn. )I> dI dII

2.Larson. Defendant. Case No. But they are not flinching. . not You must buy War Bonds-now !

IM IHPER: ) NOTICE OF PUBLICATION TO APPEAR holding back. At least twice as much as you 5
AT!':1 OK FLORIDA to: Alta
(in,","In.u whose. residence In Sparta, They will see the grim venture bought last time. If you are already

.y are, July required 3rd 1944 to In appear the above on 'n .. '''' t ,; through to the bitter, victorious buying Bonds on a pay-roll ?

bilff.1 Court seeks and divorce.cause, Bradford wherein 4 '' ar end. savings plan buy EXTRA Bonds I 1
tv Telegraph shall
in next four weekly during this Drive.

fI inenn', my hand and official. :' And if, for your boy, or some boy
fat Hlarke, Florida. thus May "
1 1944. r ; you know, the price of Victory js Your Government is counting on
H'IAL SEAL) A. J. Thomas, '
l.rk of said Court. death, you can absolutely certain Your
'//lnk Landrum Starke, Florida you. boy-and your neigh-
for that he did his
Plf. g24t23 part couragebor's
J boy-millions of them-arecounting
hiiinir coi'HT. nit.IDFOIIDM ously . for the cause of Freedom. \
I \ '" PLOItllttl,,IX, CHAM. ; on you. Just as desperately -

l>Hl'.-.... (toss It. .Crauxe C ran,....Defendant.. Plaintiff VB.fli For us, too, the terrifying grand! as you are counting on them.

No.< 9143. climax of the war is at hand. in this fateful! hour.
)\ : OF FLORIDA to: Charles
reuse, whose residence In urilu i

//I are required to appear on >,. Don't lot them down! Do your part-as they are doing theirs.

|It 26th and 1944 cause. In wherein the above plaintiff limned Dig down, America-dig down deep t While there is still time. i
"V divorce Bradford County
rapt> shall .publish thla Order This is America's Zero Hour-Civilization's Zero Hour! ,
>xt four weekly issues
mess. my hand and official
at rtl&rke. Florida this May
1941.'ICIAL # I
SEAL) A. J. Thomas
fli-rk of Maid Court.
"rank l.iiiiarum, titarke Flor- .

[ Ally. for Plf. 5-2 -4t-8-18 And here are 5 MORE reasons for buying EXTRA Bonds in the 5th I ?

J>I % I'", "I.vlun.\I lCHAM' -
|CH 1'. 1. War Bonds are the b.st, the tafait Investment In the worldl! '
rd Leroy Kent, Plaintiff VB.i .
Kent Defendant.
? No. 3139.'IInEn I 2. War Bonds r.turn you $4 for every $3 In 10 years. t
JND NOTICE TO APPEAR 3. War Bonds down.
ATE OF FLORIDA to: Maude help keep prices .
iiid Sew Avenue.Castle Mldevale Delaware., Delaware, 4. War Bonds will help win the Peace by Increasing purchasing power

"n i are required to appear on aft.r the War.
26th, 1944 in the above named 4

IH ft and divorce.cauae,Bradford wherein plaintiff County & 1 J 7 5. War Bonds mean education for your children, security for you,

graph hall publish this Order : funds for retirement.
|'-Jtt four weekly Issues. I
litneou my hand and officialat 5"WAR LOAN
1944.Starke, Florida, thla May

UMAL SEAL) A. J. Thomas
I lerk of said Court.
PI"in I>. Morgan, Jacksonville
flcla, Atty. for Plf. -IftSIIC

t im'l'IT ctei-HT. nitADFORnffr

I..it'.pe"1'rt,,Conner.D.3137 Conner Defendant.Plaintiff, vs. P :

geh'k'4frbeA/- MORE THAN BEFORE
''IU>Elt flf Pl'ITLICATIO.V:'

TIT ATE, whose OF FLORIDA." residence to: s.Is Hope 215 )

lit Avenue Moundsvllle, West
tmla.f .
f>u are required to appear on
24th, 1044. In the above named
ft and cause, wherein plaintiff the auspice of Treasury Department and War Advertising Council
| divorce. Bradford County TlW j is an official U. S. Treasury adrertisement-pripared uncle
(xraph. shall publish this Order "
xt four weekly issues. I
llneiis my hand and official
iarke, Florida, this May 24th

FILIAL, SEAL) A. J. Thomas
lrk of said Court.

K ht for& Knight Plf.-, Starke 6.I-4t; Florida-6.16 *


e Christine Bolt Plaintiff, ve.
I'arn' If Bolt Defendant.
( No. 3135.


70M230( Port of Embarkation
tn Charleston South Carolina.
nil lire required to appear on
rt2ad 1944, In the above named
cause, wherein plaintiff EASTERN AUTO SUPPLY
eraphvshallBradford County Order FRED F. STUMPMAUDE'S H.C.WALLAGENCYlnsuranceDENMARK

".t four weekly issues.
itnens my hand and official
. al\4 Starke> Florida' this' May
,FILIAL l SEAL) A. J. Thomas '
lrk of said Court. LUNCH FURNITURE CO.
k'on A Safer T02 Graham BId 1oor.1VIII" ..
")\ ,
Florida Attys. for Plf. I

Keep an Backing B24t6l the Attack Brownsteen's OPPOSITE POST Shoe OFFICE:Repair BEN SUSLOW'S ARMY STORE Hollywood Camera & Gift Shop

with yarcbaaea of WAB ,

far BONDS.ChrlaimM.Gtr War Bomb This Is an official U. S. Treasury Advertisement-prepared und er auspices of Treasury Department anti! War Advertising Council1p




_u.__ -.

FRIDAY.He .1t E S,
: here together with In addition to routine
Instruction bUR il

I SOCIETY and CLUBSNew I I Scene at US
County.Dr. at 10 a. m. as them\ 'h
Irving R. Abrams, directorof will act as a tax "
DirectorOf CrewsWarrenThe f"f"--f the Health Center located on group at which time ' met,

Church street, outlined the work agents for owners <>< rea ,
Church Center Methodist parsonage at 4'Fff 1. carried on at the personal ,
which is being or propertv N'I) ,, .
Honored At Tea Bartow was the setting on Sun 1.t
ll unit during the meeting Mondayand regarding property valuta u
day, May 28, for the wedding of ,
made the request for the ap- .by Tax Assessor E \\' Ha-
Ladies of the Episcopal and Miss Winnie Warren, daughter ot his 1944 assessment roll
Presbyterian churches met Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Wlnrlght- Lawson propriation.

Emily F. Slvlter, new director and Warren of Wauchula, and Francis I,

hostess of the Church Service Center I Bryant Crews, boatswain, USNR, kt
at an informal reception held son of Mr. and Mrs. Marlon X* I ,e .

there Tuesday afternoon betweenthe Crews of Starke. TIMBER DEPARTMENT

hours of 4 and 5 o'clock. The Rev. A. A. Koestltne, pastorof CONTAINER CORPORATION OF AMERICA

Miss Marian Brown and Miss the First Methodist Chureti,
Marjorie Davis presided over the performed the Impressive double

punch table which was covered ring ceremony.The .

with a lace cloth and decorated bride wore a sheer crepe

with arrangements of daisies and dress of dusty rose fashioned on FUNERAL DIRECTOR

gladioli.Mrs. tailored lines, with accessories ot
My Many Years Experience Make It Possible for Me to !ten
Siviter, a native of St. Petersburg white and blue. 4 y I, .DA I EFFICIENT, PROMPT and COURTEOUS SERVICE I

held a comparable position Mrs. Crews graduated from the .. n I MODERATE: PRICESDeWITT -

at the Presbyterian Service Wauchula High School and upon Stark and Jacksonville an they were addrewied by
Pictured above are leaders In USO work In C. JONES
Center In.* Miami Beach before graduation entered Junior College I Mrs. Maurice T. Moore at a luncheon held here last Friday. At left of Mrs. Moore is Mayor Chan. A. Starke Florida
coming to Starke. She will re at DeLand. She also attended
Darby of Starke and at right In Mayor John Aesop of Jacksonville.
side at the Episcopal rectory and Florida State College for Womenat ,,- - -

devote her full time to the sched- Tallahassee. Streets and i jj uiuiiiiimiiititiuimiiiiiiiuuiiuiiiiuiujiiiiiiimiiuiiiiHiii, IIWIIIWINIIYIIUIIYIIMIINIYNNII/IIn11111NIIIIIIIIIIYIIWIINI, YI1111NN/IIIIINIIN/ IL" C -
"USO volunteers and workers has spread to New York and I and Washington ,
ule activity at the Church Serv- Mr. Crews was graduated from of CHURCH OF CHRIST
must not relax their energies fora am proud to realize a long cherished chairman In charge arrangements
ice Center. the Bradford County High Schoolat Mrs. H.
for the luncheon;
moment just because the Allies ambittoftVto visit your delightful Minister
is succeeding Alice Starke, where he figured prom- Woman's Aubrey Mercer,
Mrs. Siviter of the -
she C. Ritch, president
have had continued successes on citv,. ;. Continuing '
Brown as director of the inently In athletics, playing football chairman 10:00 A. l\f.-Bible Study
Clapp the battlefield and some believe said "After ""being here only a Club; H. V. Knight, SUNDAY:

Center, Mrs. Brown having re- for four years" with the that the end of the war Is near," short while, I can readily see why of the operating committee of the 11:00 A. M. and 7:30: P. M. Preaching and
signed as a result of a. nervous collapse "Bradford Tornadoes. received USO-YMCA; Mayor Charles Dar
York have Communion.
Mrs. Maurice T. Moore of New we In New
suffered some weeks ago. On February 8, 1942, he enlisted Davis of
she president
A. ,
Mrs L.
York City, chairman of the Na- such nice reports from your USO by;
WEDNESDAY: 7:30 P. M.-Prayer Meeting.
in the U. S. Naval Reserve, the United Daughters of the Con=: ,
tional Woman's Committee of the activities.
Visitor A Welcome Guest
WSCS Circles taking boot training at Norfolk train-, USO, said In a brief talk here on Mrs. Moore had planned to visit federacy; Julius L. Thorn, director IlnlII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIlmmllll"IIIIIIIlIIlIIlIlmlllllll"'IIII' ,,,,, ,- Every' iIii. 'iminiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiiniiiniiimiiii' '!' ' ' '':'' miiiiiii' "l.Apy ;-. "'" ,.,..
Met MondayMrs. Va. Later he took special Friday of last week. all the USO Clubs in Starke but of USO-YMCA; E. Charles ;
' Ing in radio school at Polytechnic director of the USO-
Mrs. Moore spoke at a luncheon she was forced to forego this i ,
Fred Guy and Mrs. Wil- Institute at Auburn, AJa. He meeting of USO workers and or- pleasure In the interest of time. I NCCS; Miss Bess B. Spanner, associate

liam H. Baggett were,co-hostesses recently returned from the Carib- ganization heads at the Temple She is a sister of Henry Luce, director of the USO-
bean area, where he has been on
en- Street USO after she had been escorted publisher of Life, Time and For- YMCA-JWB; Father M. J. Fogarty -
Monday afternoon wl,jn they active for 22 months. '
duty Miss Catherine Beard, woman's -
i on a tour of Camp Bland- tune, and a sister-in-law of colorful ;
tertained Circle One of the Meth- Mr. and Mrs. Crews are spend- director of the USO-
Ing by Col. Walter M. Smith. Clare Luce, the Congress- program
odist WSCS at the home of the ing a brief honeymoon in Jack- She was accompanied to Starkeby woman. YCMA; Miss Sara Reed, director,
sonville and Starke, and at the and Miss Sue Bateman, program
former. a delegation of Jacksonville The Jacksonville delegation also

Mrs. L. D. Vining, circle chair- explra lon of his leave they will residents headed by Mayor John Included William S. Johnson, manager I director, of the USO-YWCA; Mrs.
to the East Coast, where he
i the business go T. Alsop, who also spoke, with of the'''Jacksonville Chamber' William Baggett, president of the
man, presided over will for reassignment.
friendly good humor, in responseto of Commerce; Mrs. S. H. Fifleld Junior Woman's Club; Rev.
session and at thii time Mrs
a welcome by Mayor CharlesM. publicity chairman of the Jack- George C. Powell, president of the

George B. Flynn was welcomed as Mrs. Chandler Darby. sonville USO committee, and Miss Ministerial Association; Miss .

member visitors presentwere Rhobla assistant directorof fAP: "S u P '};4
a new ; Entertains Mrs. Moore was lavish in her Taylor, Madge Middleton, chairman of the
Mrs. Woodfin G. Halle, Jr., compliments, both to the perma- the USO center at 311 West y '
Ladies AuxiliaryThe operating committee of the USO- 4 .;yr< qNa e
nent staffs and to the volunteerso Duval Street.' I
Mrs. Vallery.
of Miami, and
the Starke USO centers YMCA and Mary Jo Kent, reporter tlt; .
of Ladles Auxiliary of the reminding Local leaders attending the
Miss Kate Struth, chairman
had Presbyterian Church was enter- them that "your fame luncheon were Mrs Carl Knight, for the Bradford County tiV 'i
Baby Specials, reported 1'n:
been collected for the baby mite tained by Mrs. W. J. Chandler chairman of the women's service organization of the USO, Temple Telegraph. rni iCYa'
---- -
Tuesday evening of last week at ----- I"Village
box fund. .r.
the home of Mrs. W. F. Godwin were sweetheart roses tied with Sun School," which will gait
Mrs. Titus Olson conducted the (Young PeopleTo
The house was attractively deco- silver ribbon worn in a shoulder
devotional service, and was assisted Benefit From open Monday. Although plans for
rated In spring flowers and the corsage.
on the program by Mrs. the school are not yet complete,
I dining room table waa centered by After a wedding celebration, at- Trained LeadershipStarke
Pearce Miss Olive Ray
Bertha Rev. Grover Allison announced .
entitled i , a vase of beautiful pink roses. tended by several friends of cou- I
booklets !
distributed this Mrs. B. C. Holtzendorf led the ple, they returned to Starke to young people will be yesterday that children would be

1 "Chaplains In Mellnesla" devotional then turned the meet- make their temporary home with fortunate during the next six entertained constructively at the

booklet tells of the fine results oft Ing over to Mrs. K. G. Duncan the groom's mother on West :Mad- weeks in having the leadership of Church Service Center each morn-

the missionary's work among who had charge of the program. ison St.The three professionally trained young ing, beginning Monday betweenthe

i 4, heathen tribes. Mrs. J. M. Mitchell, Mrs. E. M. bride who women to plan and supervise a hours of 10( and 12.' Swings,
is employed In
Mrs. Guy and Mrs. Baggett Davis Mrs. O. E. Stansbury and special recreational program'II sandpile, see-saw and "sprinkler"will
the Davis Hotel attended
t served strawberry Ice cream and Mrs. John Uglow read letters from high ready underway. be provided for the young- o4a e4t
school in Bristol at
Tenn., while her
s cake to their guests. I "Women and Missions." Mrs. H husband was a tfcudent .in the These leaders, Miss Dorothy sters' enjoyment and midmorninglunch 1tm, ,

j" Mrs. L. S. Hutto and daughter H.. Y9ung conducted the quiz pro- Starke schools. He Is a driver for Sterling of Danbury Conn., Miss will be served.

Mrs. Shelly Hall, were hostesses to gram. -.-W-->M-...- Jhe Camp Blanding Cab Co. Doris Corry of Quincy and Miss Groups will be supervised by

Circle Two, at Mrs. Hulto's home, The subject for discussion was Tlsh Croon of Jacksonville were Mrs. Lillian Bolce with the assist- Itl

where day lilies and mixed flowers China and Syria and Mrs. Chan- New Arrival tn* assigned! to this community by ance of Misses Sterling, Croon and WITH THE AID OF A n

were used as atractlve decorations dler displayed silk woven in China Ruge Hall, director of Episcopal <*"**' -i..;....; .
and brought to her by a Presbyterian Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Holliday an- Young People's work in Tallahassee .

n The meeting was presided over Missionary stationed at nounce the birth of a son on Fri- under the auspices of the FlorIda CommissionersGive PERU 1 il'EN1

by Mrs. W. E. Middleton, vice- Barute, Syria..-a cousin of Dr. day, June 2, in St. Vincent's Hos- Diocese of the Episcopal $2,500
B loveliest . with hair that U ae your best.
Mrs. L. Chandler. Church. The facilities of the e your you you
of the Society
president ; pital, Jacksonville. Before her WAVE do for ..
To Health UnitThe This is what Rilling KOOLER can you
W Koch had charge of the chap- After the program, a delightful Church Service Center will be used
quickly, safely,comfortably.
be- social hour was spent, during marriage Mrs. Holliday was Miss for the work. ,
, ter from the study book now Board of KOOLERWAVE is the machinelesi permanent that is KM;
( ing used, and was assisted on the which the. hostess served delicious Hope Haynes of Starke. A dance for"teensters is being at a County Commissioners to your hair.It'the sure,certain way to make yourself into the
I Monday,
program by Mrs. A. W. Anderson. refreshments of Ice cream, cake held at the Center on Friday evening voted to loveliest you that you want to be. Call today for appointment.
and fruit punch. Each plate helda Mrs. Pearl Simpson was a guest appropriate the sum of
At the close of the meeting, as an Initial 'event in the se $2500: toward the Joint mainte-
Hall served corsage of pansies and fern. last week of Mr. and Mrs. Olin ries of special activities to follow.
Mrs. Hutto and Mrs.
nance of the
Clay-Bradford Health
u ice cream and cake to their guests.For Seventeen members were present. W. White.; While here Mrs. Simpson Another current project plan Unit. Other bodies sharing the ofe la'.1: Beauty- Salon

sometime past Improve- Weds sold her home place and will ned in the lnterestt. both young sponsorship are the City Councilof

ments have been underway at the Miss Rhoden now make her home In Lakeland. children and their mothers the Starke and the Board of Pub- ,
_ .. _ or' _--
parsonage home of the Rev. and Wesley BryanMiss ...
Mrs. George C. Powell, most of the JIM.' 'II INN IIIINIII IN'IIIIIIIIII"I'VIII I III II I nil'I11 I IIIYI I 1111111111"111111I1111111111111111111111111111111I1 I I I I IINII N"I(""""IIYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I /iiPimiimiiiaiiiimiiiuiNiiiiiiiiimiiuiiminiimiiinii I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I !!!'iiiHumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiimmiiinniniiiiiiiiiniui!!!!!! !iiiiiiiiininiim.il, miiinjiiiiiii ijiiiiit.iii..-"'11111I11111"1111I1111I111111111.IIIIIII'"I1I11I111II111I1I1I11I11I1II1'"IIIIIIIIIIIIII.II' 1I INIIIIIII' ,1111I'11111111111111111"1111.11"11111111111I1111I111I11I11. IINIIIIIIII'_nl'''mwiL'',, ::' .

himself, and for this great help the Mr. and Mrs. Worley Rhoden of

Woman's Society Is deeply grateful Bristol, Tenn., and Wesley Bryan, i

son of Mrs. Julia Bryan of Starke NOW OPEStarke

Since June, 1943, about $350: has were married quietly In Lake Butler .

been spent on the parsonage work, on Tuesday May 30, at 7

most of this amount being used o'clock in the evening at the home

for material such as lumber, paint of Judge J. E. Townsend who performed -

and paper. At this last meeting the single ring ceremony.For I

before the close of the conference her marriage Miss Rhoden Tire Service

year, the Society contributed chose; a Royal blue two piece dress

$86,30. with fitted bodice. Her flowers


I r

__ _




i : 'vIi Ii LUCKInsure 1 4:75 5.25. x x 19 18 1 l ::, ALL WORK'


17 -- "' -
L I :gg :
. is OF
f :
YOUR HOME & VALUABLES 6-25 x 16 '14.


f Traveller's Trip Policy 6:50 x 15' TOWN AND HAVE TWO

25c for 24 Hours 7:00 x 15 OR MORE TIRES, WRITE

t I NWtl7nI. __II11NIaiNnANnAInANIaIM1A'llnpAlAmAlAIn1AAAnA1' ''''' '''''''' ''''''''''' ''''''' ''''' ''',AnITI, ''","''''' In m.weirtmurlip, ,, ".
'.nemmarln/ansmmmmnm' '' ,''/''''' ,'''' "ml''mlmmmm' ''mlumnNllm''' ,'' nnlmnnNrmmm, '' mnlmmnlmmrmmmmmnun,"" ,,,,,, '''' ., __


FLORIDA f j: ammmmammlannnanmmmmmmeasnsnmaannnlnmmrnnNNnnsmmnnnmmmnmenN\ ! "" " "," "",,""" "' ... "" emnalNnnNnnmsmNnNmneNnnnnnnmrnn"," ,,,,''''' +mm''lnnmmanmsaenmm.' ''''' '''' '' ''' ' nTmmmanammmmnnmannnenmNmmmmmmnnmmmm' '''' '''''' ' '''''mnmmnwmammmNmm'''' '''' '' "_,"''"", ""11J111U'mamnusaNlNnnNmmmmm''''' /''' ...... ?%
"' I''I1IItIll'' l'III1W'IIItI''D''rnrui''IIIll' ' '' ,' ill'''''' '"iIlI1I11I'mllllllll"'IIIIII.OIIlIl""I1'"IIJ"' ' 'i M,,.InunWlnN"mmm' ' "nnunnlnlmonnnl/P7lnmulMlnuurynnunOnnlminen' i / ' ' '', ,, II'iii'' 1 11 IlnigAIaa. W iimiiHi jiiiintiiitiiiuttiuoti' "''' | 'it ulnunmunulmuunlNUnlluenNlnnlnullmm[, [ (!!!! "mmunmnnit' ' 'nlWmlal'INNYNNPonmmlNyllWl'''' '''' '' '''' ''NI'uylpnNnmllYllumnlWnlsn4l'' i '' ''' '>... ,'' 'f+"mi"PAGE "/"""""" :



," ,, _. ., _._, ., ____... _ "n'.". 4"'" .

_.'e" "e.._..._._ -.. .._..._. .." _. .." ..".. .",--.., '. .."'''r''..Ji.-)''''''_ Ii ._

.n lf' J1 _. FLORIDA
P.\GF. "VB
News Miss Bobby Cameron, student at -
of Local the University of Georgia has arrived Hubbard Stublia. whose residence I I. '. Richer.. Kllerton South. Carolina
its Uliwon North Carolina. property Real or Personal an fixed
here to spend the summer at An Extra $100 War BondIs I 10th.You 1844 are required In the above to appear.on Julv I I: Kith You. 1944.arc required In the II bovn.to appear..m..d on Court July bv Taxes' the nn italtl his assessment County. AMHemtor roll for the of
Perkins named Court .
i the home of her and cause wherein plaintiff .
Warren I parents, Mr. and and OHUHIV wherein seeks- year of 1944 and for the purpose of
** plaintiff
Jin geek divorce ,
ill ol learn that she 1131 Mrs H. E. Tucker. the Individual Quota for I divorce Bradford. County TcleicrxphHhall Bradford and County'u..todof Telegraph Children.hHII'' perfeftlnK HHMOAftmenta; rrrelvInK The and'County equalizingHIU ': AvM.HOI -
publish! thin
glad to Order In next four publish. i thin Order, In next: four week-I .. of
> Taxea and the tloard l of
be two-weeks' 1117 :Mr.!\ and Mrs. June Sappington weekly IHBUIKWllnem IV issues I
& (ro"' of Lake mv hand and official Heal I WitneN.. mv hand and, official ...-..1/I/ County In se.aion Commissioners from day to may day continue for on.
Kingsley and Mr. lit
and Mrs. Shark.
The Florida
y .t home here. I Ito Raymond A. Hancock were Sunday Fifth War LoanEvery 1944 this June 7lh- .t 1944 Stark. Florida' this June> 7lnOFFICIAL > I week. or an lung HH. may be neceaflary. -
returned REAL
!Moore ) A. J. Thomas. ( SEAL A. J. Thomas
susll/1 M dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. American Is urged to buy While the goal: for l'al'h.lndlvld- An Clerk of Maid Court. An Clerk of> said Court All persons> owning properly ..ubIo..t -
'! u fast' week Withweeks I I W. P. Bennett of near Starke. an extra $100 War Bond in the ual in America is "An Extra $100 T .FrAnk Atty. for Lamlrum.Plf. Stnrke 6-B-4t-6-W, FlorIda : 'P .Frank Altv fur Lnmtrum I'lf Stnrke: Florida I t to. Florida,assessment are notified In BradfordCounty to appear
I IJdI.nd 6th M-U-4I-6-JO;
tdIy' War Loan
to "Keep Backing Bond in War
spent Mrs. W. on the 5th Loan"manywill at Hitch meeting or meeting
vacation H. Parker and Mrs. I the Attack" in real partnership have to and will, buy much IN to ;make ouch complaint; ; or RiveMuch :
peters- : Sale CIRCUIT COURT. BRADFORD NOTICE testimony aw to t the value ofany
In SL Guy spent Wednesday In and fellowship with the mil- than this
relatives more amount to help CfPN1'Y.
FLORIDA IN CHAN- Notice la hrrcbv given that the property read. or personal s
: and Tampa. 1 Jacksonville.Mrs. lions of American men and womenat maintain the average because many CERY. County AnxvNHiir, ; :of Taiea of Hrnd, fixed by the County AMMeMNorTaxea <
JtesbUrg 1 the fighting: front.A others will not be able to buy sucha Alvlna: price Callahan Plaintiff, vnORDER lord County Florida will meet with upon hU Aaiieiiamcnt. noli. ,
H' Crawford, Machinist D. L. Griffin who spent $100 War Bond will be pictured large bond and will have to Francis. Callahan, Defendant.; the Hoard of County Commianlonria, they may. dealreGiven ,
Case No .
A. 9193 of mild County In the olive. of the bv order of the Board e
P ,.sv, and his wife are several months here with her son- on the covers of the July make JJieir extra purchase in the I OF PURLICATrONT: Clerk of Circuit Court at Sturke. County Commissioners of Uradfor i i
I'1* Washington, D. C., in-law and daughter, Rev. and Mrs. issue of 920 magazines with a circulation form of a $50 E bond at $37.50 STATE OFT LO RiLA Francis Florida, at 10tki< o..IU'k. A M., (rvinntv "Florida June Sth A. L. I
of to: 3rd A. D 1D44. for the ,, 1944.
from vacation with the forp.rents G. C. Powell, went Tuesday to additional 145,000,000 copies, and or a $25 bond at $18.75. CallHhari., whose residence I is 619 hearing complaint\ .and pin...""".. JUh'l A. J. THOMAS. Clet'k.
dint a publications, yet to be North Wilton Street. Philadelphia testimony a.. to the value of -4t-tt-30. I
Mr and Mrs. E. Thomasville, Ga., to visit a son. heard from on this cooperative pub- Fill Stamp Albums Pennsylvania. )I. any

I' and also visiting rel- Miss Roberta Whitfield, of the licity plan, assure well past 925 Thousands of citizens of Florida You ore required{ \ to appear on Julv ... .
10th. 1944 In
the above
rvgord Beach. magazines having a circulation of have partially filled stamp albums and CHUMP, wherein named Court
Palm State Farm, spent last week here plaintiff sacks
tJ III West more than 150,000,000 that will which they will fill up and turn divorce Bradford County Telegraph
a. nde of Tate Denmark will as a guest of Miss Virginia Sewell. carry a cover illustration of this into War Bands by June 12 or before hall publish .this Order In next four -----------------------1! !
rlt to know that he was Mrs. W. B. Sewell and daughter bond. July 8 when the 6th War weekly .issues.Witness mv hand and
.ted official seal l
l-7 from the Vet- I Miss Gayle Sewell, returned Only once before in the history Loan ends. U Starke Florida thin June 7th '
llr transferred the of the publishing business has there Every War Bond of whatever denomination 1944OFFICIAL )
Hospital in Atlanta to home Wednesday after spendingten been such a unanimous response to whether bought for An( Clerk of said SEAL) A. J. Thomas OLD
-J Hospital' in Lake City. days In Leesburg with Mrs. J. a suggestion and that was two cash or through accumulated War T. Frank Landrum.Court.Starke. Flor- 'I :
'/.nB, Moseley returned D. Cottrell. years ago when at the suggestion Savings Stamps, will not only help ida. Alty for J'lf 6-9-4t-6-30 PAIR OF SHOES 'I.
Laura she of the U. S. Treasury Department Florida meet its quota but will aid I
Tampa Mrs. Carrie Ritch has returned IN CIRCUIT COURT BRADFORD
'day from practically every major magazineused in reaching the quota of coun- I :
it t twO weeks with Mr. and from Atlanta, Ga.. where she wentto an American flag on its cover. ty and town as a part of the state Expert Shoe Repairing & Re-Building .:'

:I. M. Norton And !Mrs. Sallie be present at the graduation of Many daily newspapers all over quota. John Beuleh D.M Gray Gray Defendant Plaintiff v.. '\

her son, Thomas Griffin Ritch. Case No 3162.ORDER THE ELECTRIC SHOP ;
Dolores Anne Hancock "Tommy" was graduated from the NOTICE TO APPEAR
(III \1'1'0. front J'ark Theatre
and Mrs. Medical STATE OF I'LORIUA to: John D. ,
daughter of Mr. Department Emory Gray whose residence In . . .
care. Henry '/--------- - ---------
.\1 Lord A. Hancock, Is visiting University, and will be subject to ____
Hancock's sisters, Mrs. Fred orders from Uncle Sam.
h F ,
iMlers, of Del ray Beach and Fred A. Scott has been in Lake- a

t>ff.D. McDougald of Deerfield land visiting his brother and sis THE OLD GRAY MARE ;I

lick.! ter-in-law, Rev. and Mrs. GeorgeF.

u Madelyn Lecln left yester- Scott. j fi. a g . she ain't; what she used to be ii ;

r for NeW York City where she Rev. and Mrs. George C. Powell, and neither is our service! It's no use horsing around :

I spend two weeks with her Mrs. J. T. Guy and Mrs. Will Blair trying to advertise superiority as we once did. BUT ;

KJ l Mrt. Rose Silver. went to Tallahassee Tuesday and WAR SAVINGS 1TBOKO < we're doing the best we can with what we have and I '

In and Mrs. Bobby Cox have are attending the annual confer- SERIES El we trust our customers understand! ; J'' ri

Q j from a week's vacation ence of the Methodist Church, -- RY iu( (

former's mother, Mrs. which is in session in Tallahassee. r&3ca: y I STARKE CLEANERS I
h! the ? -..... .... ..n. .....n ...... A ti:. .nnnw..Nhna .....w..... Wu., I
Cox. In Bradenton. Woodfin G. Halle Jr., Y-2c, Mrs. ll!

Haile and little daughter, Linda America featured the $100 War I'hls Is a terribly costly) war; our AND LAUNDRY S ,
Bond on page 1, Monday, June 12, government is spending $10,000,000an r''
Sue of Miami are guests this
Phone 28
the opening day of the 5th War hour, $240,000,000 a day, and STARKE, FLA.
IONOR ROLLSWALL week of Ms parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loan, while hundreds of weekly, our costs are of necessity, increasing -

W. G. Halle. semi-weekly and tri-weekly papers as we get deeper into the invasions 4. ,
PLAQUES and carried this bond on page 1 of the of German and Japanese held r ,
issue nearest June 12. territory. It will take everythingwe I II
PILASTERS Floridians have made an envI- have to win this war, but unless I
able record in the War Finance we win it nothing else will
o s many or iw name.. .of. (for YOU CAN GET program of the Treasury, compared matter. i )1h
Ihe Mrvic m n your
jig fraternal to its neighboring southern states, I. We must curb the unnecessary j
unity ichool. or REAL RELIEF as again shown by the figures just spending of every dollar. These dollars h
? .11 orjaniiation. released by the U. S. Treasury will buy less food, clothing, "
wood rich
| bautihil. enduring ACIDINDIGESTION showing that in the 4th War Loanin of lift
Kw* shelter and other necessities
the To Our In Battle
abut, etc. Tell of us approxi-..ddI January and February this state than ever before in our history; Boys j I A
H number name n led the other states by a wide goods are scarce, prices are high j C
d I whether for indoor or out- margin in the purchases of E and we should buy only what we
r me.IfflUTE bonds the people's bond in
propor- We Dedicate ThisPRAYER
shown in the need.Dollars .
FOR FREE CATALOG tion to population/as I. saved now and investedin
itomng 14 different dciigns figures of the 1940 Federal Census War Bonds will buy better and
BISMA-REX -these per capita figures are: cheaper goods after the war.

ELVIN INC. Florida $21.45 The Florida War Finance Com-
Alabama 14.90 mittee, under the leadership of
f w. Ohio St. CHICAGO. ILL. Tennessee 13.83 State Chairman W. W. McEachernof .

iNnunities open for qua11f4edgraesrahvea Georgia 13.37 St. Petersburg, urges every man, Dear GoJ, Our heat tIIly rather,, protect in in this, our
in some territoiiea Carpenter's Drug Store Mississippi 12.87 woman, boy and girl in this ttate
hour of Uitr and 8iel. 5//W btude our /fallen comrades
I I South Carolina 11.05 to buy an e -tra $100 War Bond
Every county in this state has during the 5th War Loan, if possible and leak in on to Victoiy that our boys may tnnw/ the t

-- an E Bond quota as its propor- and if you cannot do that, lute of their people/ for the thines{ for uhich they ate
share of Florida's state buy a $50 or $25 bond, fill up that
tionate fighting . freedom and libttty for all. That they
FOR SAFETY, COMFORT AND ECONOMY RIDE quota of $137,000,000 in the sale stamp album and turn it into a may
bond return to their homes and toted ones If'.till beside them
of this popular type of security. now.
FLORIDA MOTOR LINE BUSSESFOR and lend a helping hand, for e'itholuorlr' help tie eannotstand. u
Lend them with
Godspeed a Virlorolll ending.We ,
Mrs. J. W. White is In Tallahassee and cause wherein plaintiff seeks
ask all this humble
in Aoteu
COURTEOUS CORRECT INFORMATION divorce. Bradford County Telegraph prayer.
hall publish thla Order In next four
visiting her son and daughter-
PLEASE PHONE 147 weekly Iniuen.
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George C. Witness mv hand and official seal .
at Starke, Florida thla June 7th. MRS. BESSIE DAVIS
White; also enjoying the Centen- 1944. i ...i.f .
nial Celebration of the foundingof
Aa Clerk of aald Court.T I of f t the i
CONWAY Agent the Florida Conference of the Frank Lanrtrum, Starke, Florida -
Atty. for Plf. 6941830IN
I Temple Are. Starke, Florida Methodist Church. WONDER GIFT SHOP E


phone operator, returned last week ,
Frank Stubba. Plaintiff vs.
from Missouri where she was Lena Hubbard StubbM Defendant

called because of the serious illnessof Case No. 3161.ORDER PUBLICATIONAND al

NAT SEZ: her father, who was in a hospital NOTICE OF TO APPEAR &1
In St. Louis. Before return- .
W, Sunday Is Father's. Day and If 1
home she also visited relativesin
most Fathers feel an I do the ing

thing they want the most Is the Senath, Mo. .

new that Sir. Hitler and his Friends of Mrs. W. E. Thorntonwill Have a Coca-Cola = Come on over f

friend Tojo had Jumped out of a be glad to know that she is

plane without a parachute. How- recovering at her home here after

ever, that kind of news Mill prob- being confined to the hospital at

ably come at a later date, and In Palatka for some time.

the meantime you can buy Dad a Mrs. Ben Holtzendorf and son,

tie or sumthln to keep him In a Ben, Jr., are attending a family

good humor. reunion being held this week at

Suwannee Springs.

-r .
r II I r rl
Teen Age Dance


--__. _._ _J_ '_'_ ... _ -.., Church Service Center will
entertain teensters as well as

Service Men and Service Wives at
a dance Friday night from 8 until I a. 4 ,
11 o'clock. All young people are J I7 't r ) ,...

S2.50 $2.10WEMBLEY given a special Invitation to attend A4A

..... this affair which is one in a seriesof I y ' ,
special activities planned for

...... .....- .. b.J_ ._ ......_ ---- teen age groups. r Ill

evening will L
The dance Friday
a. w r
TIES be chaperoned! by Rev and Mrs. ,

Grover Allison and Mrs. Emily F.

$1.00MANHATTAN Slviter.IN :us I


.... "- .,- - ..... .... .. ,. Glen Holbrook. Plaintiff vm.
Grade Wolf Holbrook, Defendant.
Case No :
Holbrook whose residence I. 617 rI

IN BOXES PER. Indiana You are Street required! Hammond to appear Indiana.on July happy at home
10th 1944. In the above named Court .or keeping
and cause wherein plaintiff seeks
QUALITY 1.00 BOX divorce. Bradford County Telegraph
hall weekly publlnh Uauee.this Order In next. four Keeping young folks happy at home is mostly a matter of having a house in / 4,

1 ..... 'W' ...-. ._. . ... "'" 7" Wltnene Starke,mv Florida hand and thin official June sealet 7th, which they and their friends feel welcome. So don't forget Coca-Cola . it's

1944.OFFICIAL( SEAL) A. J. Thoma a big attraction for the young crowd. It says better than words Corn
HICKOK BELTS Aa Clerk of Mid Court.T. always
Frank Landrum Starke. FlorIda De there's "Coke'! in I
sure your
,. glad to tee
Atty. for Plf. 6-9-41-6-30 on over to our bouse. . w. you. ,.

SI.00 $2.OOSternberg's IN CIRCUIT COURT BRADFORD icebox. There's no more cordial invitation, nor one more refreshing, thao

CERY.Rae Voelker.. Plaintiff. v. the three simple words Have.a "Coke". I t'II natural I for popular I name .

--- -.-,- -........ ...--.---- Harold Vorlker, Defendant to acquire friendly abbreviations. ''ll"
Cue ORDER No. 3160.OF' PUBLICATION iOITUD Drools AUTHOHIlf Of Till COCA-COiA COMPANY If That'. why you hear

AND NOTICE TO APPEAR c :a- '.. called "Cote".
Voelker. whose reHldence 1 I. 30 Bell STARKE

St You. Orange are &or.rrVdJte-Pftr on July 01944,..c.c:c.
10th 111401. In the above named Court -



-- to the seal at Stark., pl ''
fishing trip d
ham enjoyed a th. 1944.OFFICIAL. : h
Colorful Musical, Suwannee River. ( SEAL I \

With Mr. and Mrs. William Mc- T.All. Clerk Frank of Landru said ,
O'Grady. WHAT TO Rae of Starke, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ida, Atty. for Pit r

Booked At ParkA Dugger spent last week at

Lake Kerr. During their absence ix rmri IT COlltr
sure cure for the blues Is I jTwa,.... Tlitero'AV.'a .mnthjifTrB... .. J.. R.Rye. C/11 T", F'LOH101 1 1
"" AJUjj!; g .u ----' -- I I F,111Clifton .
"Sweet Rosie O'Grady" the tune- SAVE TIME CONSULT THIS DIRECTORYFOR : of Macclenny was with the I' T. HeIi. I'
--- Alberta Dance 11 r
ful technicolor musical that will Dugger children at their home. Case No. 3122.

occupy the screen at the Park By Mr Bryan Whllflel.l OUDKTl OF |" 1
COI-HT. nn'i.Koiin ANn NOTICE'r.; ,
Theatre Sunday, Monday and INFORMATION OF CAMP: RLANDING' SHOPPING iv 1'ol'VTY cmrriT, F'.OJU"'J IM I.....*.%-I 8TATK OF1 FLOIt\!, l
tunes, clever story Wedding AnnouncedMr. <'KHY.nilbert to. Dance HolderIn
Tuesday. Happy
CENTERI 836 York .
Plaintiff VH.
Grable all and Mrs. John Godwin an- IJtten
and the Betty
gorgeous dred tiuiler Lltten, Defendant. You are requlr.i ,
film the of their ".'. .. June 19th. 1944.named pl.
go into making this a special nounce marriage I C see *o uuuOnDER Court andplaintiff '
extra. daughter, Louise, to Pvt. Wood-I I bers will visit relatives In Wakulla AND NOTICE TO APPEAR seek div 1,
ler Arvll and Herbert Flllyav to Mildred County Telegraph
Betty is seen as the toast of row Clagg at Camp Balndlng their AmusementsThe and In Tallahassee and Mrs. Watts STATE Lu>lrr OF Lltten, whoHe residence thin Order In next'
of Starke grandmother .
London who, as she is about to May 27. joined :Milk liottle and Lynwood will visit Mrs. Lorenzo la Woodland, Pennsylvania. Issues.Witness
for visits with Mr. and Mrs required to appear on my hand
win her Duke, is exposed by Reporter Bowl.aBarFOOD Cox In Sopchoppy and Mrs June You 19th.are 1944, In the above seal at tarke, 'lor dolo Ill t thS
Young as an ex-Brooklyn Returning Thursday from a Young. Watts In Chattahoochee.Mrs. named Court and cause, wherein 18th. 1944.OFFICIAL.
week's visit with home folks In While Mr. Dukes made a bust-, plaintiff seeks divorce. Bradford ( SEAL.) A, i
entertainer. How she gets even
Clerk of
and little County Telegraph shall publish said Cn up
makes for top-notch entertain Ashburn Ga., Mrs. M. D. Young ness trip to the southern part of'' Diner : Oscar Partney this Order in next tour weekly T. Frank Landrum ">'irk" :
Camp have returned Ida Atty. for PIt
ment. was accompanied by her mother, the State, Mrs. R. N. Dukes ot: Get It Miss Kay Partney lesnex hand and official
Come And month's visit with Witness my ua
Mrs. T. T. Flllyaw, and by her sis- Jacksonville was with her parents, home after a
In a musical, it's the songs that Maude's Place mother and with
ter-in-law, Mrs. W. E. Fillyaw, and Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Holmes, the Mrs. Partney's
count, and In "Sweet Cafe other relatives in Lubbock, Texas.
by young Tommy Flllyaw.. J. T. past weekend.E. Park
O'Grady" there are melodies that Mrs.:: C. H Cope is visiting her
are headed for top popularity. Ace Fillyaw and family of Lake But- A, Chambers of Macon, Ga.,, Sweet Shop mother, Mrs. Ada Hubert, in Jack PHOTOGRAPHS .

tunesmlths Mack Gordon and ted on the musical numbers by Is the guest of his brother, J. E Snack Bar sonville.

Harry Warren worked for months Fanchon, they are, to quote pre- Chambers, and family.
GIFTSGislain's the past week :Mr.
providing lilting new numbers, and viewers, "dream confections." La Last week Mr. and Mrs. M. C Mrs During J. F. Eastham had as their ai tl! C. Smith GardnerEstablished
with Roberts had as their visitor Pvt ,
they have come up some Grable is synonymous with super- guests, their daughter, Miss Christine -
corkers, Including "My Heart Tells and Mrs. Odell Cauthern oi 1900-
lative dancing-and when she has
Wonder Gift Shop Eastham, of Lake City, and
Me," "Coin- to the Country Fair," the costumes, the music and the Gainesville. Mrs. Roberta and. Bradford Photo Shop Lt. and Mrs. Archie Reid Fieldsof of New York and Miami

"The Wishing Waltz" and "My lavish settings provided in "Sweet Mrs. L. Watts motored to Gainesville the Jacksonville Air Base. Wed ....

Sam." Rosie O'Grady," she really outdoes: Monday to take Pvt. and Mrs MILITARYSUPPLIES nesday Lt. Fields and Mr., East- ONE 8x10 $2 THREE SilO

And as for the dance numbers, herself--in a word, she's magnificent. -'' Cauthern home and spent the day Six 3x4 $3 Twelve 3xt I

staged by Hermes. Pan, ably abet- 'I' shopping and visiting Mrs. Rob-
erts' sister, Mrs. J. R. Hardee. IN BLANDING
Ben Suslow's Army Store CENT
-- Our Community Church services, Gislain'a BUS STATION, STARKE, FLASTARKE

conducted by Rev. Leslie Shep-
"r herd each second Sunday, have .P. S. Stores

.JUST for been discontinued for the remainder Shafkln'sPHOTOGRAPHY +-._._ ....... ..,_,,,.... _,-A ,..,_,,_ .. ...__._

of the summer.

L- .. -- F-U-N Mrs. Roy McMillan arrived Mon-

/ day from Oxnald, Cal., for an In-
Bradford Photo Shop
definite stay with Mr. and Mrs.
; 4.: VJ-S-I-T C. L. McMillan. Friends will be C. Smith GardnerTHEATRES *

Interested to know that Roy Mc-

STARKE Millan, Pharmacist Mate 1-c, FLA.

U. S. N., Is "Somewhere on the Florida

Pacific." Park He'H Be

Amusements After visiting their maternal >r Ritz TUBS. June 11,12,13
King for a Day SUN..MON.. --
aunts in Chattahoochee and in
Fowlston, Ga., for the past three '
weeks, Misses Doris and Jimmie Center Bar I' 18 teiv

_ I A hL l TEMPLE AVENUE Moncrief returned home Friday.Mr. Maude's Place YOU. ..

One Block and Mrs. W. L. Warren of .
tb I
I h r ...It's sweet Betty (Oh!) Grable( 1
From USO-NCCS Wauchula announce the marriage Griner. Mr. Cahoon returned tc

....... ", of their daughter, Winnie, to his home Sunday while Mrs. Ed- I Make Him Happy _I. ...It's charming Bob i...It's the

Francis Bryant Crews, son of Mr. wards remained for an Indefinite* with a i most dazzling, spectacular and

, and Mrs. M. L. Crews of Florida stay. I I, Gift from Gislain's t;, + hilarious musical of them alll

GAMES AND RIDESFOR State Farm, May 28, at Bartow. Seaman Mary Catherine Curtli ,

Sgt. and Mrs. Coy' Mitchell of of the Miami Naval Air Station Is w BETTY GRABIElnS'r

Camp Blanding were guests durIng visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Kite. I
YOUNG and ,
the week-end of Mr. and -
past Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Tyus and We Have '
. I Mrs. J. H. Moncrief and of Mr. and ROBERT YOUNG
sons, Kenneth and Harold, were
Mrs. J. H. Moncrief. I
Mrs A varied selection of
week-end guests of Sgt. and -
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Williams had C. A. Ashton In Daytona. RINGS ADOIPHE MEN JOU

; OLD SARGE'S PLACESTARKE'S as dinner guests Sunday Miss Jet- After a two weeks' vacation at' ;
ta_Lee_and Hugh Lee of Keystone Jacksonville Beach Dr. and Mrs Hand TooledCIGARETTE BOXES IkJx.
J. M. Hembree returned home
ORIGINALArmy Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nettles of
Sunday. Genuine Leather
Leesburg, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. -
Misses Billie Rose and Ednt WALLETS
Wauchula and Second Class Petty
Conatser of Jacksonville and Co-
Store Officer Frank Crews and Mrs.:
Several Styles of
rlnne Sadler of Memphis, Tenn., -
Warren and Miss Emily Warren of ASH TRAYS
are visiting Miss Rosa Lee Dun--
Frank Crews visited Mr. and Mrs.

M. L. Crews for several the bar.Friends Brazil NutBOTTLE
Authorized by the War Department of R. W. Brannen will:
latter of the week. STOPPERS
part be glad to know that his brother,I
Operated by an ExSoldierHEADQUARTERS Mrs. J. E. Townsend and son,
Felton Brannen, Is Improving Men's Fine
Joe, of Palatka and Miss Mary witAep
though still very ill at the home HANDKERCHIEFS /
Townsend of Jacksonville, former ii REGINALD GARDINER
of his sister, Mrs. Drew Beasley, .
residents of the Farm, are visitingMr. In Lake Butler. Bayonet VIRGINIA GREY

for all Raiford.. and Mrs. Emory Townsend in Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bradley LETTER OPENERS iii PHIL BEGAN

have as their guest their grandson,
r Mrs. H. L. Parker returned Friday Hand Carved Diractxl 6r Irxtnl Cummfno Product fo//
Bradley Geiger, of Jacksonville. Sam Pier h Km EiubnJ//
from where she had SOUVENIR FISIIGISLAIN'S Vtttmm Ptttrt
Week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs
Military Supplies visited relatives for several weeks.
Harvey Williams were Mrs. T. G PLUS
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rob-
Williams Mrs. J. D. Williams and ,

inson niece,were Mrs.dinner guests Vinson of their in Archie Williams of Donaldson- MARCH of TIME
Novelties and Jewelry Lake Myrtice ville, Ga., and Pvts. Leon and Cal Next to Koch's Drug Stor$ Latest

City. vin Williams of Camp Blanding. --- .. - ......-- _&_,_,_ _ --
Pvt. Ed Dick of Camp Blanding
of Jacksonville
Mrs. Reese Bradley -
spent the past week-end with Mr. with her young son, Clinton,
Ben Susl'ow'sArmy and Mrs. J. G. Caldwell
with her
spent Thursday night
After months of unknown whereabouts .
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hund- I
his parents have received

h Store word that Capt. Martin E. Grlner ley.After spending several days with

i ih is "Somewhere in New Guinea." Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Chambers, Guy .
S. R. Cahoon and Mrs. F.W. Edwards automobile tc
Stewart returned by
Call Starke, Fla. of Jacksonville came Satur-
209 E. St. his home In Wakulla Saturday. His
I to visit Mr. and Mrs. M. E.
day niece, Mrs. Bert Chambers, and ---NOW OPEN

I Mrs. L. Watts and her son, Lynwood -

I went with him. During a
; stay of several weeks Mrs. Cham


L BradfordPhoto




A for our ShopSTARKE

Sandwiches Salads Cold Drinks

Luscious Sour Cream Served with Vegetables or Fruit FLA. SODA FOUNTAIN .& LUNCHEONET

Fresh Fruit Juices Next to Western Union

Served Continuously From 6:30: A. M. to Midnight OPEN 8 A. M. TO 12 P. M.

r -



You'll Enjoy) It To Take OutI
I f Enlarging


12 Hour Service



For Portrait Work

Davis Hotel Bldg. 6. ROTL


r ..

'\ '' airvnwhrey
"Mn' !,,
... > ----
I nun i">4OFFICIM lilaiiiiifc' ink, Alvan, ?. Iliailfnrili .
( 1. 1'\: 1. ) .\ J 'rh.nulx11'uhv '""n tv 'r>4 liwiaph" Hhall puhllMhi ,
HERE AN I'!1.,1< k ofHill I 'olll, t I. i ." ( inl. ,. i m nl....1| four, uiiklyl.HUI .
TO FIND IT ., C llanliiit. , .lleytuuAIb I M
.Ilh. (I'loi, iihim .tor ('If \\ttni" 6-1U-4I-G neat mill, at IlWL M.uli.'. Kim'Ida, thU May

111(4111' cut "'1'. 1IH\l>r'OIIII ,
II' cOI"'IA'J l ) A.1. ThomaiT
C"II .. ...
V'1'1. F'h1/NIU11 l\ tll\- AN 1'Irl k Ili 111 >
'- -- 4'KHV.Mary : Flunk;; ; l.umlrum;; :''ISlnrkr; Florida

Bogart'sit I tells of his daring escape from the Marius (Peter Lorre). one of the RISINGBy fit.lit Pork =N.-w .Irrnry. Udwnrd KIojil I N nrl Danleln'liHiHeN.: :. Plaintiff.HefenilautoltOKU : ; VB. Ati>". for Plf A-19-41.8-9
Island with four other convicts and I convicts has died a hero's death. %'mi uc KMiiltiil. in appear on : OF PI'IM.ICATIOV
:Mrs. Eddie Norman lum 2 Rth, I'1 l N, In the above named AV1 !NOTICE: TU AI''' .AU .
Release the peril they encounter In their A big supporting cast includes Coin I mill count, \\IUMelii plaintiffM Cltie :No. .1142, ,
attempt to get back to France. Claude Rains. Sam Swindell and lira. Clara k.. ilUoroilliaitfortl 1'minty STATK OF 1'I.OIMDV. Kilwm.l
Sydney Greenstreet.
orida Soon IVIvKraph, Khali publish thin Order Karl I Danleln.' ;OO.1I18.) 400 Honili I
When they are picked up, more Helmut Dantine, remembered for Atkins and children spent the In next four weekly IHHUCM Oioup, 611 Siil| C. A. A U. Chat.IIH- I :
of those weekend with their mother Mrs. VtltncKx KM, liiinti And niflrlnlneat ton, south Carolina.on .
-aliant' contribution dead than alive, in mid-ocean by their unforgettable portrayals In Ht Sliu-kf, KlnrliU, this May are 'required to appear on
I not boW to "Casablanca S. R. Swindell. 241 h. 1944OKKH'IAI.. June :Rth. 1Bht !
..h( a'small freighter bound for Marseille and Michele Morgan the Rhonll" <1
teen\! theory of a small ( 8K\t. A, ./. Thi.miin" Couit' and' count' wherein plaintiff / I
and they utter silent thanks that Philip Dorn and George To- bite babel Quick has returnedto AM Clerk of KM III Court. neek dlxorce. Itiadford County / I
JIll risked their William U. Mi.ritan. 511 Lynch, HUIir.. Telegraph Khali publUh 0 0I 0I 0r 1 ,
r/ men who their trials have ended-but in bias. Michael Curtiz, also of her home !in BennetUville S. JarkHnmlllt*, .flotilla Ally, for t'lf. In next four weekly IHHIUIH thin. Order i
)Join filet fight. is the ex- fact they have just begun. Halfway "Casablanca" fame directed this C., after spending several weeks 68-it-8.10 M'ItneitM my hand and tifflcta' )
10 the new neat I at Starke, Kloilda, thin :
background for to Marseille word comes that as well. in Theressa. I IN CIRCUIT (rotJKT/ BRADFORD 24th 1144OFFICIAL, May
to Marseille COUNTY FLORIDA.; IN CHAN ( Sl ALI' .,. J.
age' Theday France has capitulated. This pro Return EngagementBy Miss Hazel Packham is visiting I CERY Clerk of BUM hurt TllomaAw -
comel to the Florida vokes a crisis on board parallel to popular demand the Florida her sister in Jacksonville this Helen KohiitV ord..n.. Plaintiff. VH T Frank Lumlrmn, IlIrk... KimIda. '-

midnight to remain and the bigger one in Paris when Issues will present a return engagementof week. i I Cua No 315(1OKDER Jordan:( Uefemlant Ally for Plf 6-;11-It-8.1A I / / .I

.y Sunday Monday were raised between collab- "Stage Door Canteen" next Mrs. Mack Ray Is visiting relatives ANO NOTICE OF PUBLICATION TO APbEAK i\rut<'uiiir vet, FLOUnII/<'<>i ii'1'. 1111 \i>Koiut,

j orationists and anti-Nazis. Bogart Wednesday and Thursday. Pre-' in Atlanta, Ga. i STATK, OF FLORIDA to: Robert c'KMV.Prankltn: C'II' -
)11 W Jordun. u himt* renidem'tf. In 4104rllichen *
,deg Humphrey Bogart as I and his four fellow-convicts settle senting 48 stars and six[ name Mr. and Mrs. Bill MacWilliama 'H'lv..n"street Philadelphia, Penn- LoulHe Illll Hill.\Def-ndant Plnlntlff vx. :Mai'>' Refrigeration ServiceWINKLER'S

anti-Nazi who haa'JIJIIShed the issue at last by taking over bands it is one of the year's most left Wednesday for West Palm You are required to appear on Julv ''nxr :No 1IS4. I

'. an to Devil's Island on I and piloting the ship straight into popular musical films.WACS Beach, where they will make their' and 10th. count 1'tll. .In wheieln I the above plaintiff'named, Cotirt ttkn AND OHnhltHr!NOTICl: ..:PI'RI ell.11'.1TIOV APPUAIt: :- :

the picture an English port-but not beforeRRy'SJERRY'SJERR.Y'S future home. Mr. MacWilliams I divorce Itraiirortl. County Telegraph ST\TI3 OK VLOIIIDV I.Ii": 'x ;:
charges I LuiilHK ,
,d.up shall tmbllxh thin Older in next. four Illll uhouc rrxldrurr Ii
.. Air NeededAt and little daughter had been visitIng archly tHuuei. unknown. ELECTRIC SERVICE
Mr and !i Wltnemi mv hand and offlHnl neat You. are r"1l1ll'.1 to appear' on
Mrs. Louis Alfred I
Robins at Stark. Florida, thin June 6th. June PMh.! 1144. In tin' abate. 226 Temple A\e. .
Field here. I I 1911 named Couit' 1. nntl iiitix*.. uhnri'ln .
C- (OFFICIAL SRALi: A J Thoinn I ,;
Recruiter Says Joe K lsay. S 2/c: left Friday' AN Clerk of .until CnUI.t.'li.niIChl "

H-E-R-E for Fort LauderJaleheie he is i for tk Plf Knixht. Stailu-. H-D-4I-0-.IO. FlorianAttvx. 1: Looking for a Good Time ,
E-A-T This Thursday and Friday Private stationed in the Navy. I r \
l\ "IIiC"i ir rotor. im Mtroini0NI
IF YOU LIKE HOME: COOKING to( Rae is accompanying Ser I B. F Geiger, S 3/c, of Sanford i i, <'tall: ."\. PIOKIIIll IN C U IV. Come InMaude's 1.\

geant Carlisle on her weekly visitto spent the week-end with his mother .f"".. ItoinlllHTo 1'Mptttona-T.OUell: , ,

ttt Starke. Pvt. Rae will accept biro P. M. Dickerson. I'lulnllffM: Jiuina, ,, lloiKe I.nI'"I.I""HII.I."I" I
. KII '* Defendant.Cawe Place
applications for enlistment with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Faulkner re No 3UI B.117tllhat .
CHILI - HOT DOGSSANDWICHES IC the Women's Army Corps in any cently returned to their former NOTH'K: : To AI'PKMl. .
branch home near Lake Butler 8TATK 1>F 'I.Onlto: Juana Across from NCCS-USO t
of the service, but her ape purge Lorenmi iHplnona-l: | e.,
t'I1 cial objective is to obtain Air Mr. Shephard and Jessie Atkinsof M hone pout office nddrvHH.. Keiietiulo -
Artlle, Number, H, l.nn 1'al-
Wacs for specialized jobs with the Jacksonville spent! the week- nuiK, Puerto de La Lot, Canary It- Temple "i
OUR SPECIALTY Warner Robins Air Service Command end with their sister Mrs. R. M. landx. Spain.
You are lentilred I to ;
appear on
fbU St. Next Door To Western Union to( with headquarters at Robins Hersey.Mr. Juna, 171 h, IHI4. In th. above Beer Lunch I
and Mrs. Ben Loper and named. Court and ""11"". wherein" -
Field near Macon, Ga. ,
plaintiff Heek ill von ". IlriidfordCounty ,n
St The first Robins Field WAC Mrs. A. H. Kelsey were shoppingin Tuleftrnph' 111".1Ibll..h\
[RRY'S-JERRY'S-JERRY' Palatka thin Ord..r la next four weekly
detachment, now composed of Thursday. iHHiiei. I
more than 100 women soldiers, Master Donald Griffith of Miami "'It"...", mv hand and official. Good Fellowship ;I ,
Heal at Starkv. Florida, this May

handling( an equal number of key Is visiting his grandparents .9..--.-..-...-------..-..-.- f'
--'--'-'- '
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Sullivan and --------------------- \
assignments, has created a de- v t
his mother also. .
mand. Large numbers of vacan '

: cies exist for teletype operators Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Zeiglerand WORTH WAITING FOR. J

airplane repair specialists cam daughter spent Sunday with . .,

era technicians, parachute riggers Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Griffis.WOODLAWN. Ii

c ? public relations specialists and 'f
r' ,rr
: ;:
i many more of the 239 jobs now
f i f offered to women In the Army. lly :\1 r... Myrle Kafu-- "I

} Robins Field needs hundreds of 4 i
There will be service! at the 4.
Air WACS to continue its work sd
} j Woodlawn Baptist Church each .
; of the Air Force's key "
as one sup i :
Sunday at 11 A. M. and Sunday r
and bases. Those already
ply repair
School at 10:30.: Also a service I
> there have their
r every Sunday evening at 8:30P. : r ,
ability to handle most jobs as wellas
M. Come and hear a man of

We HaveVERYTHING the men. God.Rev. 1
The first contingent of womento E. M. Teter of Jacksonvillewill

arrive at the air[ base was fill the pulpit several Sundaysin

warmly welcomed by Robins Field the absence of the pastor Rev. Open 9 to 9 Daily

officers who knew that their O. J. Raulerson.Rev. Except Tuesday ,I Jf.g. ,

qualified enlisted men would be O. J. and Mrs. Raulersonwere . r:
combat whether or ------- - ----------------------- ;
transferred to visiting Mrs.: Rachel Brown .

you'll want for not they were replaced. Without ing Saturday. \ '

a more WACS. the men left at the Miss Eunice Wilkerson of Jack

field will be required to double up sonville recently visited her parents ..

on jobs with a resultant loss of Mr. and Mr. B. L. Wilker .

BIG EVENING ! efficiency."It ... ,>."\

isn't that our enlisted men son.Ray Crawford of the U. S. - n. ' ........-- .,. .,. \
will be shipped out only if we Navy was home last week. r.""'" . .. ...... ;l t

have WACS" one Robins Field Mrs Clair Crawford Is visitingher I; 'r'l

DRINKDINEDANCEBLANDING officer declares. "The Air Service son in Jacksonville this week. :

Command needs men overseas I i

and ours will go. Whether the Job THERESSA SHAFKIN'S

--- at --- at home is done properly depends! By MUs lib Hajran %;,
solely on how many. women enlist
for duty." Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Thomas I
and sons of Brooker were visiting

Mrs. Thomas's parents Mr. and THE STORE ;

Mrs. Hariy Lewis. Sunday.Mr. M ,
1 and Mrs. James Normanand
STROUT son Jimmle, spent Sunday

43rr.t*.. ndvertliirr of _.n. with Mrs. Norman's parents Mr. I
II.. made ovrr
CENTER try .propertr. .. and Mrs. M. J. Sapp, of Lake
MOOn ..|p. of Ifnmra-F rmArremre. -
Barer from all over the Butler.
World Free open Mmtlatc.! SED !
E. A.STROUT REALTY AGENCY Miss Irene Lewis was visiting
relatives in Plant City recently.
Represent Is cordially invited to

BAR Locally by I attend Everyone the all-day meeting at Cor Jewelry Gifts Uniforms '

(<'. C. IIOLIJNGSWORTH inth Baptist Church Sunday. I '
116 S. Walnut St. 1DON'T 1//:

_._, ... itirarirr tntiir. mi u.'unn
--- - - - - > .'II\N-
rutwrF" FLO mutt i ,
<'p.m.Oharlen: '.
'\'. BMHlf. Plaintiff\ v*.
Margtiorlt n Ht-nnle, I>i-ff miaul.CUHH FORGET DAD ON
No 3131 li
TM O K FLORIDA to: Mnriru ,
HT' y
..rlti't fl. lI..all.! whone rrnlnVnrftIK .
71 Mount Vvrnon t
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