k, Brooker New River; Graham. the other USO-NCCS directors: constantly being made"". County Jail for bond or County .... Haatlnt chunk IMe" .t I stated Men between the ages of 1.
Court which will convene the last I I.'.'11I Br4-h and Mouth Miami mino- r
Jeressa and others to come within 150: miles radius of Starke. Mr. Davis stated Wednesday ........ rhiirrk. Mkere lie started I 40 and 63, even those with
with their quotas so that Tuesday !in June .. tnlnUIri followlne am ough that he was shedding no team! Iron. Muutkera 1I..n.t ".._I. t
Bdford County can go .over> tb. Mrs. Edith Parks wife of Dr. Next WeekQualifying over loss of the chairmanship presented to the Council for paving wary. .Iulll., 14 f.t lator eftrait. Job It was said.

i, "We can't do It unless every of Starke was elect-I since he could 111 afford to devote of streets within the city, the Applicants should apply to the
Its ahare" Mr. W. B. Parks Deadline 'Mucutprt I In Hie HraclA and Hitchnihiiol office of Civ Ulan Personnel at
munlty does of the necessary time to the board Is also awaiting the deer ut Mia ml, Kloilila' and In
Vinberg stated.. ed national committeewoman I Mon of Attorney Knight an ton John I1 Hlvtmiu' lliilvvriilty Mr.,1.11I1t1C0ul Camp Headquarters. They can
I be niggardly the Republican Party In Floridaat I March 17-one week from today job. be wail urdulncd tit lhOimpel get Into camp by going to B Gato
cannot contracts can
We simply ( view of the fact that bid whether or not MluUtry. by the Klmt llap-
lour response to the Red Cross a meeting held In Jacksonville' -la the deadline for qualifying have been let without competitive bide (let church nf liel.and while ItfV.l"r. and calling J. D. Seymour employs
chairmanted. i candidates for county office. amounting to 13.000 \ Homer I* Orloe was pastor, relations officer on extension
Veal this year early this week. .I' ir.V At Htetion the "".1'.. of llurtirlur
[ "This money means"on- - -- -- - .. ,.." rf mrmfx-rs-fr 1r.l.l of Arts wax Kiaiiti-it., and the d.- 119.
thousands ", are.--.. of Master of Theoluny at
Ti-Iy too much to our Southern Ilaptlnt' Htmlnaly.linrlaa .
-suffering men on the fighting e ,..... five year there
citizen to toss aliar have ..... wary ......... sad r 15 Teachers.
fnts for any :*:u : e'.. member
or BO Into the fund and ... ... ,**.a.i..a::r..n-,_..' .-,r....w'.,. .. .. hip ..f ',...- bkerh. Cedar.... asprsaekr'a .1 I
his duty." -- ;- 'Sips aeranii* year
|I that he has done .. the raurvb hail a bexlart at e45.-
["The'' late I..C: "''Col: 'Wm. E. !C . I milt nllk rnatrla.tli..... to Mln- Named By Board
......* reaklaK. a total .f *l. :k-l.-
of Japaneseties
account ..,
s In his 4.1. The rkuri'k aa. bulls a
Philippines de- Sunday aekeul .......... resovaldIS. .
,-> ( In the rkarch. .......rl..... added a Recommendations from District.
bell the arrival of Red CroB.ikes \ llaiMmwad ..1'..... Sail .... rownplelely In the appointment .
Trustees resulting
'the sal- tke Isterlerand '
at the prison as of rilrrlur rrflnUkrd of the p"...orlnm.Tke of fifteen Instructors and,
Ion of American prisoners THIS l..l.... ..r...ril male w15 be-In principals to the teaching staffsof
ananuai-raienl of aiINMI:
r r' the Ina rrrrlieil Into the raplrtlrarumln Bradford County Schools. for
("Think this over before you artv rhurrh llulldlnKKund. the year 1944-45 were received

like your donation and then let. IS WHAT THE Mr... I.lBhtfrMit 'Hill be It.llrt! Monday a t a regular monthly

jur conscience be your guide'Sternberg HpvnklnK.. ul thn 11101'111111wonhh' meeting of the Hoard of PublloInstruction'

'. urged. Hi-rvlce cm and Xiiniluy at I Ills lOll ."With..v..nlllwor.llrarlHAriamw'V at Its office in the

Hhlu. ....'.vl'." ill N ii-i'liii-k. nn "1I iii. Court House.
41 ,,y, ? ; I NOTICE IN THEOBITUARY Per VpiInK!' lluu.i-'luanliiK" Appointments are as follows:

,; Hampton elementary School;;

Soldiers Mrs May Touchton, Principal;
- Help Miss Ophelia Bryan, Mrs. FlaY '

/ COLUMN Sullivan and Miss Edna Dudley '

Make Own MusicWanted teachers Junior High School:

o d y1 Mrs. Lola Roberts Mrs.: Loca .

i DID NOT SAY Whltten. Mrs. Lois. Long. Mrs.
> / 'A musical rnalrumen't.f" Hazel
$4i i 1" Winifred 11 R sen, Mrs.
I ? .. our fighting m..nl! In response Crosby and Mr. Florence Cold,

.V.r to'a request from the Army, n teachers.Hetlbronn.

city-wide campaign to round up Elementary School: i

all those banjos, onxophones and Mrs. Muriel Norman Principal; ;

Persons Diee other musical Instrument that Mrs.: Pearl Norman Mrs. Louisa

45,000 are lying forgotten In closets andattics' Crosby and Mrs. Llllle rldgelf.tellcht'r. ,

e I ar |*, 1* will begin here on March : .,.

/ + J' Annually Froti : 113. It will run for two weeks. I Mrs Ola M. Perkins was also

"'h.. vuih'iy, "f lnMruni. .nt. wanlril hired to the princlpa.lah.lp of the:
% 4p/ In. uiilhiilti-d, ".""I't lint iiliiinx.iiml .
IIeth E.: bull, riddles. sire vxvliiito'l. !".. Vanderbilt Elementary School and
Syphilitic .-..".... of lln-lr.. else, and phonn-. R. W. Moseley was engaged asanitor .
of a lurk of rii<-lll '
of the Lawtey
'I lien for hirpliiK' them I" repair -caretaker
.at the fi-'int, Junior High School for 12 monthsleginning
,. r lulrumeola rollrvted la tkl of
t aadoa-nlde drl"r will enable theoldlrra March 1.t a salary
.t.ry la all part of tke worldto $80.00 a month.Dancing .
S. E. 8 1'ARKS Y 'if form orrke.lra. .to eaterlalnlkem
... buddlr -
his body had made >el and .1. ramp t
harbored in .. .III alas enable Ikea
At the time of paying hit Doe knew that the syphilis germs It f.rstal ara.Icalrerrpsltes Classes
the doctor and John undermined its delicate 1o ....... Is ,Iv.a .
allfylng fee'this week as a can, Only their treacherous manner, like aatfcerlaa aroandIn
: ; In ... YMCA
to his heart. FROM .... rvrnln and .1. to At USO-
ate for County SuperintendentPublic their determined way the' 45,000 PERSONS WHO DIEANNUALLY lar .........p........ of a ..ano.biirin .
Instruction S. E. Sparks mechanism-to place John Doe among .,nla.. or ..krr l..triimen'It.'. A nay and lively: crowd participated t
llfvuuxe ut their dlMlrtbiiiloii ,. In the dance at the USO
lie the following statement: SYPHILITIC HEART DISEASE. ,lull I.... the Army fan aiiUed. th(h., Club on Temple and W..htn tori
all over '
"I wish! to serve this penile l l of more than 100- roea-1'ulu bottlrr .ntfr : rile Buturduy night March 4.
a.lford County *. tha head of behind the death columns. That year ,. oiintry tu sot as who I A committee from the fllrla'N.rvlee
.. 1 will common"untold story "kidneys 11,15. drive. Any person with Virginia
err county school y t m. is rheumatism InnlrumenliiU Organisation
This a heart u..I".I'l
ay. rei.inrU.er that thin In the their deaths corded as' .hiss any Idle to nyerwerr Newell sit .chairman decorated for
ople'5 ofUuf. and work tor th- die from syphilis / arkrd ." Saks them auction> drat the .....,...Ion. Mtmlv wa furnlihed
I 000 persons t rilllnic and hit"Infantrymen"
*t Interests of our m-hool* "other thet sell''," by Hurl. Arthur Knote .
rved without compensation, ax a blood pressure"Only toreor plure .Ilintt'nmpapy' . At the usual drawing . -
hool Tru te... ana .m now th. "high time to wreck and hot tled "Cora-rola.will The perk then, for door prlaen Pvt. Jaaon 8.
'"or member of t h. Countyhnol to syphilis germs-biding'their ... iru.-k" 1",0.,11.| Kimball won. .a ions distance telephone .
L'uaTd. For yearn 1 tiavw blood test can be relied upon expose lip Ihrie andhlP, for them dlelrlbullnll.t call while Pvt. Joseph. Marru
de! a. careful study of our nchooloblema a < telv to the Army worlI, of Hharnn. Penn, received. a
another disease. all over the ..' ......
ramps H.> >
my aa rla-arettea.
devoted Army of
aed have destroy-masquerading .......1'..... It ..f carton
lie. anti energy to. the work. I KNOW FOR SURE. There are I...r.me.bl.ler. ..,.. for the evenlna were Mm. W. U.
had titsIvllege the only to tkoa.aad .f Ikr.e "1'1I. Kawnon Davln,
I grateful for having It's way rltrlmrfellow
at once. "*"
instrumental 1 In insist a blood test . away and /.1' ...lathe Mm. Perlha fearce.
of being "ailing upon .... of ... and
... and r .
pliiK wive. ..00of boss* prob. Well or rl < Meward.Manager At th. Saturday """ .0. re-
"''.. tyiuih has been accomplluhe.lward.treaglhening I. this rill". -ld. V.otarbe If. ('_.* f......... ...... flower* weref.rai .
the financialructure of the ...... to r Mr.. W. Ii. trlae
of our county nctiooln. or to a free clinic "'.'. 0..11. "'.. The Amerleaasoldpr bat bep.rtltrl.rlr fellow., while. Mre. ('. A. K.l....t
physician go It' steel ....
il,I school. buildings have been Consult family loves hla and "B.. 4eaejett 1' p rped
''proved our and our .ducatli nat prom your likes Ikle .. advanced.. ...... -Ihrooak stake HaptUt <'March.on
.....11 be ofcle, to help March 9.Mrs. .
.. ? Thursday night
.01 the
"As ... prp.ral Ceuta .nd at VlrKlnla -
.".....t.....t In not ....ho. for Sponsored By Kl.. life hepplrr Is caste....". V. U Ulurirlll started and a .Juno. Mla claia.whluh .
fronta a Hewell
p-rl.rtl..ti.......... .|( _k....ll...v.affair that. *. .mr- COMMITTEE FLORIDA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH ."*. should develop. Into a large
*' .<,,..*|...... Iv .d.l l.l.na .. WARTIME HEALTH Jailed and Interested .roup.A Invite to
<- ol fl....... will. b. r.l..H. YOUR HEALTH SERVICEfe Thieves II nervlc men are
ev .......". K .!.....*. tww, UNITED'STATES PUBLIC attend.
[_".r.'j wltk .fc. p..plp. Ibp. LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT George Dunaway and George J I'
......1 .1....._. ... /he seh..l both colored are held In '1
55r5 '.' .......,. e b e esllr.'seals Frailer '
......1 "...n.. .. ......t fe.. SS SSlJ Wa WSBBB"* "" the County Jail In connection with Oak Grove Church I
.. -
.re. .vvaa*. - theft of barber supplies from
"In World War I. I served In AdvertlHemobi Paid For By the Shop All-day services wUl be held
Army Fi lends Barber
alornal corps of Ih. 11 S. the Three
d 55. a pr/vat. .IU..n 1 am.noW were apprehended Sun Sunday March IB at the new I
InlE my. bit In the present "on- Board of County Commissioners, Bradford County The men Oak Grove Church between Camp
.1. MI"+ bu.lne.. and prof..lnn..1perl..n"e The day. 'The
fJu..Utl.. m. for the of- REDDISH In charged with bothdisposing Blanding and Mlddleburg.
'e wbl'h 1 seek. 1 request. snlalymy the M., O. HARRELL J. ,L. WYNN T. C. CIIASTAIN P. D. Dunaway of and possessing stolen morning sermon ",m.be by Rev I
port uf fellow eltlaenN L. CONNER !
"merit rnr n'y Inucrl'. mY cadence L. JI,. I. K. Abramshealth property while Frazier Is accused Johnny Strlcklaadbt-1apksonYi1le' ,
and rapacity to prop- Health Officer and the afternoon wtpbe devoted
IV admlnl..r my th.Ir "ltool af- >V. &t Edwards. L7ua.; of entering the shop for the

''l-*. I have, b..n tried and foundt Committee purpose of stealing. t to songs ,
wanting. I bvllev ny faith ,t J l '1
dud' |n the peopl., and In the '"
'It will ituetala my vUlon* ventured
Tletory." ..#




6 ..._... ..:. .. ,.,. ".. ... ,...., .. .. ,..".,,_ ",,'''''. .. '....\ n"-.n.!! '. _. .

PAGE TWO -=:::;.::

dl.vb.rard l,...-n..e or bin heallli. AND NOTICE To TuT""
plays al school' would. LP l silent 0,' out of the buyer which IH writ JaukHonvlll. arrived Monday for. of a HP .ell.. .. of bin .tey I* the I I WTATB: Op1 KKoltlii> \ ,1 A!
leave morn quietly Much of II, known to. the buyer and while none hurt my with the parent J. 8. le.ert In one of the Middle ..eotnfeo ... Edward lirunu wh ,.aa
THE BRADFORD COUNTY TELEGRAPH play wan lust. In I IIOHII In the tehuwevrr- blame the buyer for his elli.rtn :Mr. Austin Mr. and lUrM. where It wee ail hot tbm Address IH: ..-...m uf the auditorium, , to 1 load berries with the POMMlblllty AllKtlllMIB. ..n.eo r the h..>" h.d au nNlnIke Avenue,, |,, Mllerney '
; + ,v1',, tii comedy. WHM rrrelvvd. with l thevlilent ........" cer A. H. (Hurley. Jr. of Jtlohtiiiind nt* .....1..1"10.. lied l.. r K...d I llnrr ; and whoxe t',.., "I';''""
J I ? .f ,N Established 1877 approval of I the entire lalnly ofcan be neen thatpthe 1I".1t, IH. In from St. ".r..hurK l .. I It l.. hot aas h-. The rr.ldentm dress' 1 I.: %; Jlr.. HI''. ,,,,"tlna''
A 'it, 1 oC..1 I lie ring HB thtf iimillltiHr" WAN crop. this year will..be In demand and Miami where she has !been of l.nwlry were Kind lo wee the I2 Went 31t.. Street t, f: I i
t;. I_ Matthews, _h___ _____ Editor and' Owner land l and lunir. Ili-celum Wit""r e for local. aa well ait distant. marketH. vIxllliiK' relatives, Mrm. Harley advine (.ut......"... Y.. and % :Mr. Hel ,, I? \;;'"'
"" f93.16. There. will l..t buyers, of .her that l.onnl* and Junior are Hak' 1'enartnient St.i. ., I'11h'a'
lies here this xenson who will ant Nell Metal Rim Tags:. 2-hole Per New York N. Y. ''
i HSCKIITIO.N RATE deal1911105' O9'9'911a care to be governed. by the dlxlanmarkets C'pl. and Mr.. ;Malcolm DouvluM of all You are required
r Yearly *l.3 Six 1\Ion'8. $...00l'uhUlllu'd ....:"... 1)PI'1/11'1'1'\1'1'5 and will J>e wlllliiK to ,PIIpoBBlhly and Lynn left Monday for their forators and office supplies 'I March .""""''
; << 13th., 1944. ,
1'h 11udelphla Corporal h" Tele
I'" MliOtl' Av1'Itet'11'1119't ''' more him llalllmore I hoar. In Texan The kinds at Bradford County '
h I; Uerkl I 011 Friday. and Entered .11 Second: Clan Matte hat gratitude and/ conKlderatloufor justify. and If the farmer" allowhlniBelf iiH luniuy. will ,remain.. *In TexiiB. graph. '
other' are timonir II fe'i frrear- I.. b... whipped( In (line l bone A .long letter In tits week from O"b
1" :, :: at the Tout Office ..t Starke, Florida. at attribute? Through Kratlluiljuid or two buyer* then I "n"w ; H 1-c (rest( H. (.(lreai. .y) Hobba of i ithe I I I ,, I
k il IhouKlilfulne** we ran chow'or find hlnwelf on lie. tdiort o t'. H. Navy. 12rrasy' wants town J Jhear I : "Wltne*'* hand 11.1|, I ,
I Mppreclatlon. ttr the .bays In the what his crop should bring In 1'''' from hi* .. In thU i lCIIKTIT otlt'r. U'o.ln my ami I ,"ffl I t"1
,-. In this ISHUS will be found several advertisements explaining ii-med, wervlce. by contributing Lo luriix. .,-rU ,,r tlix aledills. address IB I fOI NTV. ri.0ltll 1% (.'li.'''-' yfthrrtaFluruuOFPICIAt." \ II ...:.::1.
the I Ited ..'1'0"" drive which Marledlaxt available at our office I IH L 9:111' 1
?;:: the active campaign now being waged agalrmt venereal week Thl I I. a nut Ionwidedrive With the return of a certuloutoftown <>... J. 1'':. ('............ and sonWuody rune t I 1 A( Clerk of. REAL. )' A. I Tb
and It I I. the duty und prlvlleire buyer Htrnwberrleawill !. l.awterWrdnrMlar. Sushi (bas\ '
''i;' disease These ads. are sponsored by various. local businesses In Sited were No. :2R2S.OIlDKIt AValtcr C. Hardest.
). of each man, woman and be marketed l b y the pint lied after 34: montbn Defendant. ('a..e I IIHV." 'lint I \
and we wish to compliment the owners of these establishments .-hlld tu donate. every rent pomilule.live stead of full states I.IIHI week !. Ih. Aratr ban been ho...r.blr OF I-UBMCATION- Fla. Ally for Pit' ,,.,. I 1\.1,
( a* KenerouMly a* you would I one buyer paid ui> to $!l.60/! per
n ( for their patrh tb m la supporting the V. D. control program. Vive to your family" and yniirelf.Without full crate and as much aB !H cent n.__.__ _..
i' In the near future a member of the Bradford County Citizen !. Ihs lied (',-".... the lift per pint for odclx. Thin IB a total -
,'?/ of our hays who are 'prlMoner. of of 10.04 per crate plus the suet o'
1 'it' War-Time Health Committee will approach other business war would ba more of a hull on I the crate of 30 cent The next, I
.l all farmer brought In odd
earth limn we could ever know It day
4 \ men and officials and non-official agencies asking them to oupiport I I.. ImpoxKlhle. for UN, who Imvft not lots. of berries, from" one. pint t3r .. LAST CHANCE
i ',t this drive against venereal dl eues. experienced the Inhuman torture of but the buyer had enough o.
a J ipaiieMa, prloii camp. tu picture. "lied" Robert' berry auction The
The purpose' of the present campaign is to control both I the complete dejection and the. horrible boy made a chrlnllun of him.

.ttiu't. amateur and professional prostitution to encourage every, man ufferlng of rheas hoy, the Mr. and Mm. O..le lieu( Wiggins.
t .' treatment of which. we have had spent the week-end with the pitrenta -
Ic .,, and woman boy and girl to have a blood test and to dls- every evidence. The boy, who a of Mra. Wiggins., Air. and Airs. .
t f year' or two ago were member. Hennett Wllkemoii. Incidentally. .
Hemlnate information about the venereal diseases so
:. enough ..r your happy family or of you; Ocxle goes to lilandlng Monday Silver Sale Ends
t !; that each Individual will be able to prevent the Infection In friend' family, are now, h.okingforward for nil phynlcal.Mr .
with pitiful expectationto
Mra llearr<
the .packafre. that are madepoMHlble
lu mt
> banter
"' ,h' The Health Department under the direction of Major I. by your Iced Crux. d..nalion. > the bore of P..,,'. parent.

+P ' r%; .t.s R. Abrams Surgeon (R) United States Public Health ServIce. who, would These have are been the denied name !lolhwh..11 buy- "Mr !! Mr Fete. Truby waN reeeatlr IH Wainwright releaKeil Saturday NightHurry

+ 1yl I offers the entire community the benefit of Its facilities and ser ,IIIK, whose they boy were they here.are or No wherethey matter hoiiorablgr from the' br Meabeen medlraldlsch.rge !.

,. r ( i vices. Thus far the Health Department has cooperated 100 percent'In live they are American boys mblek he .... erred fur the pnnl1O
who Imve rltiked. their live to .
f, ;p r 'j.. .t : raising the standards of public health in the countlen of make the very money you. now the munthH.Aleutianwhere lie Maw. ...She..Ire e,In-

). Clay and Bradford. However the Health Department cannot Imve *"... Many have died for no Ireme void and fox raoaed Kim S Om a Py M (:prylk/ne/ YM It.,
world but Ih..lr'H
one In Ond's you became.lellni of .11..111.l .
do this job by Itxelf. Venereal disease la a community problem mil I..*. I* It priHHllile) that there lo Me wan ho.i>llallaed al Meattlefor Only

r' tie ;,. and the community should get behind the drive and do everyJ' ran not give be on.readily null ur and woman fieely, who to allivlate will- file.month but loitltN d well the f' t' Once m
after hl ordeal. ,(;h< lu, nee '
thing it can until every cane of syphilis I III found and brought this ufferlnir and 1un KIna ofthese yon: back,' ".1... -
( I your Nana, brother. husbands, We advlBed/ that Miss. Orur TimeIs LDY 1 r, 25 Yean
i and amateur are (
;; under, treatment and until professional prostitution lathers and *weelhearlT IH It po.* McDonald will Hhortly enter mlll-

is reduced toll minimum in our community.: We place the problem slide.n few that dollar anyone, for would*.o worthy not give if tary service. with Ih.Voman.. PricesShort

.\' of venereal disease on a basts fully as Important as the war mine HN Hcndlng: clKaretteH, candy Army. F.Corp.P. D. (Private for duration) 1-ikeThej

t ti 41 ..r bond drives, The money put Into war bonds In merely a loan and their I other very asoxla little.. marve thing; ,, that for would which MIHB. Mr.Dorothy and Mrs"Cnvlngton, W K. Covlnntonwa daiighteof 1 1 as 1 ;1r-

A, :j: to the government. The tremendous amount of money and ..> remind them. of their' home" andtheir here for a day on short leave
? It I I. from
Truly manna
'' Miss
'venereal disease control Is absolutely wasted from her basis In
., manpower spent heaven to thee, our boy. Covlngton has been a WAC for
unless the big majority of syphilis canes are, found and treated Thin. I"I just one of the many nix, months' and look well Indeed
heneflclent work of the lied Crow. *. The Covlngtons have a military Nearly All The Items In That
until they can no longer ap'eadthe, disease to others. We feel It to lie one of the mont family In that non. Adrian' IB In 111" 1
'' ,( We understand that In Clay* County Major Abrams has already ! beautiful remembrance, remember Heahee and Htatloned In England
y the tiny who never comeback
nif may and every son-in-law' being In the
I A, 'I I,, blood: tested the Rotary Club the City Council and theWoman's and *r> want to be remembered Army or Navy. It will he renumbered -
In brat home and by the people that Itobertva.. lost. on a
?Il. F Club. It Is urged that In Bradford County all groups he love to fight for. Jut the merchant chip enruute to Murinanxk .
SI 'tIf clubs and societies volunteer for the blood test and set an ex- 1 price" of one evening; fun wouldoveiMUbHcrllie In 1942. EVEQVDAYON Big 16-Page Section
the present drive and Mr. and J'/rfl. Joe Htarllng o.
lrn; 'j ample for the rest of the county to follow. you will have the everlasting feelInir Jack..onvllle were In town WedneB .
: Have your blood test made and KNOW FOR SURE. InHlde. your soul of having done day visiting Rff. Ktarllng'M mother 5M.MWs'wId.MflNVxl." *
; o
Rood. deed for the day. I.et'asall
I your :Mr*. Nettle Htarllnrf.. "
f to give now and regularly to that Allan Starling, MOn of Mr. not I Il '

; '- treat humanitarian Institution, we .JIrs/ t:). T. IItll: i-Hn r, .ia visitinghi* ;- Still On ,Sale!
Know a* the lied CroKH terraJunior
i Ii.! UNCLE, l WIlkerBon of the t*. S. i "
Navy''IB here on I....' . fie IB the
,f "' I... MOII>"I.I7.I-1:
Kenaett Wll
1 "JtTIIVlllilIt" : %' .'''41.' Sun. of Mr. and Mrs :-. .
: JOE'SJ lurNnn-
: ri; We are" reliably Informed that In Mr. and .Mr. Clyde Austin of lo.Nt?
I .
one Mraw berry Heutlon of Mouth Not sold out yet-but ,you better'come on
Florida a buying clique I I..* operutIINT ,
J AV wheieln one buyer" without op-, \-'h.... down right now and get your share of the
iimltlon buy each day' berry" of* YOU CAN GET '
Silver Anniversary Bargains!'Tons of fresh
'.' 'ei'liiK and dole out to other xlilper -

; 1a 4s.' Ity J. L. IIARRKLL. ,Ire> certain.purchaNe., percentages A hrokeraKe, of Its en-la REAL RELIEF fruits and vegetables thousands of pounds of

charged InK with for the the result xervlca. that of the ptii-i-ha-awe- farm ACID meat famous brands, hot (eaturesit's a jubi-

ill, i( I If you read .the newBpapera, or Yew I'm not t'omparlna; Mr.llooxetelt /CI'old" bVer Kiilviitlon uf oral of hlddlnir the Klorldu I I.* bring berry,re* INDIGESTIONlSrVIAREX lee of values and your big opportunity to buy

C t A l llBten to. theHe radio ctinimentiitftr" lu thai Mevro preaeher leKated. to the duel heap. Thl. section and navel I You can't do anything better with
'\", you doiihtlitHH. know that Mr. Will- hut I do predict. that when heKet I has alwav refused to enter to ,
w t kle IM glvlllK' :AI r. H..v..lt'h..t rtlilKat up wllhhe ......- hiiyliiK, calques and while It welcome your money than buy FOOD at BIRTHDAY
.. huMlncMM uf national nlfalr0nxd
b 1'alty gave the dl'llll-.t leaBt IIK'Mtrying Inic the nut-iif-lown buyer, we
I mighty hard.. :Mr. Itooxevelt.he'ff IklM doa.-ir..ned war, hero KIInic >- do not believe It conducive to the .1 PRICES I . _
-j just hoeliiM: otton nod nut In tarn around and lay .amulehhnil future of the berry Industry to .n-
,' '4+ .. paying' much attention' l to Mr" AVIHkle'a ; that will make >lr. tertnln' for. a moment the POKHI
yr yapping.;: That IB, not yet! \\lllkle run like a iieared rabbit loll It 31 of ..allowing.. mniill(( valu- ., '.e'J',(. ,:Y. ,wr. M ."" .. 4
? Kind ..f remlnda ... of the limeIHirlnar every lime ke ....... :lr. Iluoaseell nMe berry crop to be old to one 4,42r' 61s '
,'; u t the Ilo4.%er enntnalacn* whenMa ,. rlear ftU ,......... On lisp nf buyer. It must. be remembered.
ct .r h..ll) ..oo rrund hired .. fclKhleilnraleil > all 1101... I really nimpei-t that again that while the putronaKe. i>fforelKii
\ rllr i-olored preneher tulellvrr _... llepnhlli'an frlendx/ are lanah- buyer IM appreciated that Look Here Are Just A Few Of The Hot Prices
'. .. tu nrrorrd lag their xlee.ex al Mr. M'IIIkle'a '
; ; a problbltlon Mention uu "berrle" are grown, by the farmers
,, A ,w' of numb-Kkntl nlaaem- aitn ill. does. and he'll not e.enMhoot with the Intention' of obtalnliiK Carpenter's Drug Store -
da'r sawmill cum... The aernion waprepared from taw when he niakenkin every rent per crate, he can wheedle.
,, r br n o IM e Mranrt-alee bid for Ike U.W.I, nomination 200.000 Pounds
while II'... and tbe colored pnrnn IM. '* niimmer.Hay Standard Quality
p ( delivered K, word for word.JnM what yo. pleuwe. I Ktlll. think
.a ........... However, he did that F. D. )t. mm h..dIt one equal, I
;,i have lu place one rlnaer on the i j ashes, tleoi-Ke Washington. chopped
i r te,.. ""('" lu n while, to wipe thettierrlve down that cherry tree, and that BEE"
lonmlopM and rolleneKKK wa. Teddy I don't give a darn If TOMATOES
from MM wweatr bruw I he was a Iteptihllvun he was .. j
When the last word of the oration real iiiuii sand, niiide ux one of the .
..J' t had rolled. from hips throat, lient 1"'o."I. .'nt,, we've ever It's Gonna Be Scarce Soon!
the colored iiarxnii begun to removehlx Hoy oh hoy-when Teddy not
coat tie, collar, vest and "tiffIHtarched ,plli-li fork ut preaent arum, IIIld'l
w cuff saying; "Now "e.lunrrlltas'. Mild ItepllhlU-ailH Pinbone ' ClubSteaks
1."d, status, while' you all I rug lor the lull huxheii. Yen .. 3 no 2 cans 25c
Bland .and King, YIeld not tu '1'. It. hud what It taken lo npreMldeut .. ,
k; temptation", the deacon will pass of tin-Hit treat t'nlted Ib 37
"t' the hot Then' I'll pronounce the' State, and MO has. !\I r. r', I'1 H.
benediction and then you darn" I HooHevellM. are tails .with me when Swlft'a
gei-M will xee one of the 1111 111 11 11101'-1 I Inigger It rumen. lo lielnw' .', .-.....1.1.Vh.1t.
!! flitlitx you've ever Keen In I I .it nmn or what men thoKMvpll Hoo.-. Jewel 4-lb| dn 67c Sirloin or TBonaSteaks
all your born. day!" 1 ..* lire and were!

. IL LOOKING AT L WTEY cI74'i I Calif.*Pearl. Rice 4Bleach Pounds. 33c. Lots PalaceBacon of Other Ib. CutsMorrell's 39

:;1;: ; ;. R. ; r "33" >b 33

Ii' .
r 2Florida Qt Battles 19c

;y,, ':? MVI-H lilttUM IM.AVVI.I.I "rvHIxH'tlvely.\ Hilly WUH luillcrouMIn
"1 1 \ IIK.-KIKM IttT hla ihllilltiU makeup| with *horttroiiHem Georgia Whole or Half
Ik; I..l1It9h I ALIII11Yt'Hgyti and coat wit It vlpeven alllliiMt Crystals
It In hardly urreHNary to r"III..t t" IllN elhoWH, while the Blrlx, Hams Ib 31
on. the Lnwtey xclinol ninth grade I Lull I KlIWUIflH) Hl-llllll, I Uuillrn Hllll I
I. play at the 1.lIwl..ycIIIII'>I'11I11I Ueulrli-n 1..1\.1.: were rule' In WiT1 : Sugar 5 Pounds 25c
.v"hM'III", -" :tt I. u" this
1"ridty their ohfii-t d,'''''''''''. The ,ruts uf .
&-I.It It. sign wax hung out "..rl". I iMotln1wan fxi-cllenlly iiUypd i.y Georgia SmokadBacon
Wit a packed hoiixe, I the Ki'HtliitfnpUflty Mary: )t".I.. *.r who i-eiuiiiibritl' , her OrderVelvo
a; i <- WUH lined, and ut leitxt6U II..... Bxcv..illiiKly. wolL. .':.Molhvi-M zoitli V. D. Ground ilo Your 25
4,1 tipei-tatorH. were, .suiting hi wltidowu I .boy fi-lt-iid, wan portrayed, by Wen- lb
tl r,1 'ii r or. ale nil log from dour todoor. Icy WllkliiHuii and! very 'I..IIIIIltly Coffee Ib 19C
tau wllli this rent of the runt, playIng -
+ '.h The play MUM a relief from the. I 'I'I''rllllll''| i : rule. 'In an IIIHIKH.ully are not prostitutes Halt or Whole PorkLoins
f" ..UMl aekuot urferlnir In that the. gaud! "' "1111.-,'. The rant wan: *
plot visa very ..I....... nil houit k The bully Hilly Kilwurilx" ; Ills *Famous Brands '
1,4+ ald. end luinie ttulnlniidluii; hl.- mother, !Mary \\t".I..,.; Hnl>y'i> play ', it 27 2
Irloale talent arras ..1..1.'rd.. II mite, I..... ,Kitxvur wae the old. ahoy uf a nrhemImil friendVexley" Wllklimoni; n nelwhImr. resounding dawn the byways of Florida In an everIncreasingwave
widow. of !
Juvenile delinquency-That the teen-age girl Intrigued Scores of Other BargainMeat
nd ...
a father Mllh the .n. nrftlrtloh llerlln Mill-nun" : Negro- mall Mar-
.- in . by the uniform and laboring under the illusion that it Silver Wings Land O' Sunshine Gold Medal
Mimpe nt ilaualter.
'I n Caret Carteluitfiit.' t. Junior I(
..:..... parent thouitht Iheother llaby'H 1 pad.:; Kverett;: : : Crew! : llaliy'flrl emir I I a; is patriotic to indulge the whims of service men-Is becominga Tropical. Jefferson Island Royal Crown Ballard Prices 1

enllkT and. In their fren.l.ed friend.. Kulma J''iiiiliA friend, ,major carrier of syphilis and gonorrhea. and of others I
+ effort to marry* Into Ikeuther .. Kilwm-il: The Play shown scores
Headless OceanfrUilOrangeS
were *'forced fortune avalniit. the pour tkelr nlll.e klda'l '' work whwt ran irimd di> nnd i-onrhlnit wan .a.and mu'peH hard. Basically she.'s' Just a little girl.-::a'good kldrBulsbe':: been

< play the partof a lt: year old from" bi-Klnnlntt, to easel hut wumnrreu .. hearing a lot about "doing your bit" to winthV war;i Shrimp "> 29J
.lrl and an adolepieenl. l...,. by a vonttmiul undercurrent ;
'e I Jx>u Udwardx, n..III..1l. perfert foil I of niilse. and talking In the aiiill.enie. Confused misguided and frustrated-she tales the reins In Pound 5c
+. for the exrellent, cotitedy. of Illllv' It would.. .Deem that thoNOInterevted her *
RdwardD. the .dnuahter und I x.iii enouwh to attend then own hands . 12 Other Hot Fish
M 'f! ..\' I". Of all the "facts of life" Impressed upon her. rite must= bo,.. Red Camel U.JS. 1Potatoes Specials

all-be made to realize the price exacted by venereal disease
.4. .f; FOR SAFETY, COMFORT AND ECONOMY RIDE the danger to her entire life a few brief indiscreet momenta 10 Ibs .33c e Famous brands such as King

may held-that a clean body Is not only a moral obligation Mali;
Armour Swift. Wilson Oscar
,. FLORIDA MOTOR LINE BUSSES but a social responsibility Tons upon tons of f f fruits and vegetables--come Cudahy. Frank Herman. Cope!: |

i J FOR COURTEOUS CORRECT INFORMATION The warnings of the Increased prevalence of this enemy among'the stroll down produce lane and see the bargains I and many others.

f teenagers may be vague to you as a PARENT-you may
,,' PLEASE PHONE 147 say "It's exaggerated can't happen to my family"-Here Is -

the story told in stark figures\ of what has already happened x#_ SUPER S.UI)

to others who_felt that "it can't happen to my family'' ocr soN

n .' UNION BUS STATIONLACY J. Edgar Hoover says that for the year ending June 1943- lofflNGMi1' _-- De"d, : HamLlbby'e

compared with the
same period ending 1942-drunkenness In
CONWAY, Agent girls INCREASED 39 Large 2
percent-prostitution 64 percent disorderly yJAllES Ige 23c

Temple Ave. Starke, Florida conduct 69 percent and vagrancy 124 percent.

The Crime Prevention Bureau of one representative Florida

city reports it handled 715 girls for the entire year of 1942. ; 15c TNllif

while through September 1943, alone more than 1,100 offen WOOD8? BY'S .SOAP. AANNtlUitl
ders passed through its doors. L

Consult 9.
your family physician go to a free clinic 5m .'

a1 Quick Service High Quality 'Work Sponsored by I .. a 3"Cakes Premium'


Ritz ib 21
Makes Glass Sparkle c OCT AGOW.ndex
Mr. and Mis. E.. O. Edwards ., Proprietors This AilvrrlUement
1'aJd For BrCANOVA Muiaelrran's Apple

PHONE 133 315 TEMPLE. AVE. I'HARMACYWALGREEN: AGENCY 20-oz 29c Butter 28-oz 20c POWDER

\V. \L Edward In Glass-Wesson MediumOil !
tc: ST4iRKE FLORIDA Chm., Dr. I. R. Abram Cashmere Bouquet

:_ Health Committee Health OffIcer Pint 27c So: J cake 9c n 2 for 9C


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[ drllherale Her dlkllkea are bod. manner. and the one .will turn out .if l.orem' -nlll be i-omlilic: bHtfc l.. 1.....M liiforioiitlon. I theN rr held at tin iilxn very f trv: to lone "Klmlmi.
klMnesn ..
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IIGH SCHOOL NEWS troubles Her Bet Mi-Klnn yx leura: Hi- l.l-ollur u.vl y.no Ir pon.Ible. (*....I.t> Vv i' ,\ < \\omaitH l Cluh hnlld l.lmlKny... who. hax been with
are tke mlMnlnelna af her And 1 al>1'1 klddlnic'. .... im
Ptn.ketM.O.h and Blaimea aNd then yon Mark lli .rr. hilt) fiom v til I II I 'u1'. M IMINKtlil fur I Iwo y..nrx. ..h.. went back. to
Spcaklnfi of .
plftureH, heard Ver.i 'Inch---\aw addition to the (lanxroiiNilnilIon. I .
nlitht her home
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Ike Hearek for ....... t tMIH :MoMlvy saw thnt .he i-ertalnly would It lllirh Sprlntm. ):vrpn
: Sewell. I like you are nniiKhlyiid Havhalta )v' klioHee, Minian "- "I'ennlnKtiin HNU| I..n. lo go to
eaneclally wall a ulrlnre of a ii-iiatn" l"H.Hchool .< talk In flHMM your rU..HtiiHIitakoM Tampa
liked for her ... IsnnukyI) .1. lind t\'xynr StlHeiuliKi'th 41
hay who
tweet dlxpocllluii. plays .lh..lI. Incidentally vour name snit you, stay In
STAFF 'Juniors Mie IB the proud 1 mother uf thri ,.. haxkrllmll. '''0.'tI" n whnl ""nil pri foil and willKm > Try Out lilldii-n" James" who IH In the RUOII*-I'nt, tired.Jamea time!" *), "I will not talk In ilacM ten' ''NllliK. I.t'l it'stlnrluu *i AHHlntHiit. Itepoiter.Plans .
Edltor-In-Chlef "imv now tralnlnir, at the t'nUer- Altaic* la cen with !><.> without 'iMTmlKflon Takv a hint llrown. and Joan t'nrItenler !
Freddie Wimberly i For Journal StaffThe ill) of Tt-nueiviee. Gayle! n Junior f"apl>, Jotpliln0 Job u., and Joj"*'"' from me. kilo. two iirnclU irolnrfnt "ere ont nt Klna.Hlev '
at ".uIlHhu"..... luke Hiimla., kliln-. Started For
and Virginia, a dll: Moore around pvliool Iota lately I the HMine, 1 time work wondet- her -klniln
Co-Editor rifled Bcnl.ir here at Hi ail tin'il fan'. rilMhInK fke ....*..". uroistnof '
Sewell Junlota and Sophomores n'howere HlHhX1 Quite H popular KUVax >" 'I .......... they haul n little Irauhleaellknts Jr.-Sr. Banquet
Virginia Intereatpd In th. m hool newa- __ \ walking along the then KlUaheth }MWHOII tl.lisy to you. back front tke middle
senior Biographies I I''nnperfor' next year met with thu MKS. BKO\VN evening end heard the tnelodloiiaxtralna In HO derulod l to horses that net .., the I....... l.cl them lo tell 1
Roberta WhItfield Senior I Kdltorlal Staff. TneHdiiv. I.1t. ItiKuii, who teacheH fifth, I of "Happv Hirt!hdav": coin hobby l Iw uxhlnit thrill 'nc..s.ludustrlous .- I you about M. The .Stun lur-Senior Iliimiuet. hl hlluht -
K Hazen, KVb. 29, In the typing; room. Trial Kindwim. burn In Jxek.unvllle I l lag from the Hlfnrn/ residence.. 1simply' people! of the HI hnol year will l>e
HN'ews ...__ MarjorleDavis I HMMlitniiifnlH WOES ul\fn to thosewho .and Kloilda han been her home nlll. had to ln\r tIgata and see sure!' nould like t.k i1Nnn The, alt MrtlmdlM Ueumie had I another held on .March 84 I'limmltlecM
_________ Darby Peek were ptenent to determine' for of her life. She completed I Iwo''l' who all was having aiioh a iravtime nhnt In .... c..M..e for It. \\'. : 'ittilg VliHlnln pall) Kililav KiiimioI'iiw.II. nlKlitCIliiHiivil I hut ye heen appnlnted and, plans meliroiriiiHHlnit
which "pnxlilon. they wera heat grades HI JatkxoiMllle. and xii I peeked In and naw Bryan Vnnlpjr slaplullN "....... no .. aci-nrdlnit to xtheilnle..
Wilkinson Hulted.AiHlKiimentH. enterod ........ Helen. 1 l.olt, MalV: \\.1,11I.. The
Edgar the .third made here, where she llarrell. John Andeiaon and KlbertKail Vl o Her fast lllnklni. aervera have been chonen hut
tluiiilta llutlo Jewell ,..
Features __ Lola BlechaJo were an. follow: hbeualNdalas. th. twelfth Ktade.. : 1'iKirnton helping Hobby Iliacrleliiate .** (MNrle. vlerver.. Hilly MMrney.Vn eon till II. Kiankle Moiuran.. Kraiuenand their nastiest have not been an-
u \ ........ n..III1..I.
Killtorlal Merle lirlilrrKporta H Hradnattt. his 17th lilrthiluv Norms > ne "" nail llohltr 'h'
Caldwell Jimmy Davis, Bobble. 'turnerMI- I'nKeiBlly at tlHlneHMll. of tho It "'aa. n mn. .prlne putty and quitea HM. nrwuMd "'ark 'li.t.. t.....her I and, Mack Shlrlev 1 Ktiloh..alley. lien,. Idalou. l Ihlvis lookxIlka 1 I I ,... r..B>a>l..e cure
| Faxon. Phyllis Martin. llnin 1 homuunn: M' s. Ill-own likes to lead KooJ mn' l.rlne, eh. Bobby And did. you Intel". a man vhoilaiie., doenn it'.' nmmltlrvi 1 liar bar a Keen 4 nnlr-
y llloKrauhleallene ....11..1 banks) and to taeach Hchoul. Sim xee tit ehandx-otne Huff front his May, Janiea.. n.. that certainly. ,INit !1 man. l.ora (reMH.. Hack r'ufcto.
Melverna Thornton llorotky (ronbr I Ix one. of hue. remarkable people ntother7Its IIII-UM party ear. Holly T. neem Old >ow all kear about thehey I and ('hnrles ,.......... I'svor nod
bly Martha Lee Martin elynewaonie: her lath klrtbday the utker .!..,.. What dn you know! I hn\e JtMtdlafoveicil Included' .nroln It. giuttlnsle l'ran...... ('oilerlairred c.rob,.
fargaret Strlngtcllow ap..e1.l KeatureK 4>letta Green haw Name .f her friends kelp Ill lly llookK'" mlddlnmi ( .. felt> Jean II. axdJaniea I and l>...... tir) "to er... la, llaliM
Hefty Hazel Green >l e r rlletk > Susie Seesit Inar her ka,. m .IHM| tint. me, A little lilrdl told "IKK, hilt IteililUb.. .Nelella aparkvanl I (ntmltteei t ....I......... .. a frtlluttt +
.KnlKht. 4.arnlto. llullo.Kreil'iio Sunlw likes that bridal wreath It'.. a deep, dark sorrel HO I'd hotter Hobby'.... .II.. ... ll l.i r IN 1'< amiUlllle ,, ..... C'III.I.. .. ............ l>.......
Editorial \V I n' herly, 'o-Kdltor, Jewell t'ei-Hley wears' In her hair. not tell It. jet.llHVa lp.ollln Jean tin.lone eniniitteei ( ... I r nt a n ll. hi">
.. with Iho UHHlHtaiice or Mrs. KvaiiH Mnwaul" It. says It luiikx Ilk. she'sguhig you, all noticed' tI it"lit,.let .nitd liettjr Ilet "'". vaitalN. III..... ...01 Hrcaa "......11. I'r-
told those who took aHKlKnmeiitHwhat <<> a weddlnoWho'x getting I'ealiis: !n''iV "lledy I aniar"' halrrlo I . tkat kafipewed to JeromeJ 51 51.. ........1...... ('hslrm.u. tlar.In. .
i I.IK: OF KKKOHT would b.. .XI.t..d If lI..yIJld "oh what R lirnutlful mm King man..IM|. Jewell! Very liiMMimlnif; , I Hondrr--se.mn. tkerewan n Joktm M-irbarn Ilitrne. ....1
Lilly the to'"n..t Annilranur their beat. In their aKxlKiiinentx.Meet i h. what H. hrnutlfuul tI..y.. .NowiimliT I I.ola Illei' ,ha seems to like I c\viyiiii In singing: I th.itMOIIK AllBni'tliln a lot. 1'oulil It he becauxe ) llxiivfl-l 1 with 1.01. en.* Monrrlef 1msell hot aIN t kny.
., |>I'ld" In achievement' ; -.th* . lnt on vuur' old hnnnet"tan Junlot N are all vv t i*. : Ito
weather has Gray
been ulrnuly" a certain sailor IH there*' I In Wtmke Klday afternoon.iemeiMlier .
H.lMineeiiwnt In living eoniil.Mluiinloiml - la la la. That reminds nmke this vvar'n bamiuet, i..noven
lllwlll '
IlltrlV llHxn't 11 ,,, ........ ills
1oh.'t I. nntl
The think
that It.
uf Mtattiij Inborn, or l I. gen-And' Faculty fir*. kil_!..*..'.. /In blnnm that she gums to xee a the MO often Keenurv Nrl.e..ler. who went to It.".". forIke I'Idoii all kwthat Kitxler: IHHlmoHt w.K".HI..rII'... '''''''' than Invear'n ,
h r fiiillH, our or hole yon ii..tli-r<.lf FI irm<-. H'.. I l-YnnreM' I* and Helen Lot firm two or three month.or hnivVill, get" out your ,
l h.
11, good rruHon to proud I ,1tC.. aI:\,':1.1. '! '('nllfjuBil. Klllr n\erHtrrrt. 1'ii-ktxl Klmiilv lovely' In win. lavendar .<-ln..ilf U ell. inn reportnn stud rags and I I'II sr. you aroutulliya
..multM of earnest vffort. :)1 i's'. Sewell waa born In lleoritl'i.. <'Nrnlyn Hum unit ll\lo nrtrr. taffefik. evening diexxeHThurxiluv that both of them ar.* .....r
k...liU true. In nchouliL .. Imt h'loilda, has .been her homo I Mnntnrrt *.!.!. and J. %. Vnr.lnr night .t /1111le. "..m-klrd milk ........1.... now (
N In very day II'.. A tttuho .HIII| ... her Infancy. She la a graduate *. .. Gloria. (nnnrr ...... \\llllr hid you all know that henry M | .|<..|>KK hook kldo.Hrn soy1..n ) Sl'SIK I ': '
,. rliitlt hU xubJrrtM. riilh- : of the University( of llllnoiH' :'I knYlpsr.. K, U. tlanley nail can really diaw Ihuxira ''tunny-hut I I IVood' had ......,.. she InldMiierkleit STROUX ahl:1'r:: J''LG..t.
'h'." nod .'u"I. hard ..n"-. and IH now teiuhlng the fifth grade .tnleeref,. Jan. Hull nrrntmIn 7 '! And I'ot Itu, in. hill I draws" axwell rKn. nrklel' 4nekletHee H A NKWM '
i,, nllk. a ".." In UKiiallljurouU here at Starke.4)ne h. fiiltv n .....nt.rII" of sttrnr.loo . P.tl.y'c.vhl1'h. lenilndw Ins Maijorle til I Irter, Pooley l uvlx, e.t ndrnlls..1 ........ l
uf his ....01. hen one ur her MtrmiKeftt Ilkea I. over !In ** building. ; O.rr_ -Steve WeMon. H, (' lloltsendorf, tithcrlneollonan. I and, ,; ifommatc, I i We'le all excited. thin week, h..- (rr prnr.rlr. ..... .... oser
g rriitM. in **......*.. ..n" wltkuwtI |>e<.ple. eHtieelnlljr young peolile.liralna hrnril hrs n I rlniln It ernnf to asks ere Whose girl she In the art claxx, jndirliiir" fiom. them Alan Klton dud Jewell "\Vhlt Klcphunt: Sale"N Mr.HolllW Aereace. flayer ..... nit war the /
not herd to mremioUH labor, "*.. <...(.*!n.... MlMH |>f..... NUMl ....t boa utlhil portraits I BBW on I'ouell from" Southern, nil home for to lultlttIhlliKH we don't, World Free oven tl>tln..
.,ilil\ the Mint Impoitnnt. not UHcct tit really having to get could rliiil p,rn ..IM>. and I don't th. hoard. of ..a'h..t h..r In 9-P. IncUlentally I the weekendMv want anvmoie. or that don't fit, I K. A. STROUT REALTY AGENCYRrplfsrntll
ffuit on a Mtudrnt'N r"'j down and drag" It out piece by rare If fcr. 4-F either. tndj. also heard that William my. before von kids fenlme and soil them gild donate 1 themoney
11-,, In the trnlnliiK of his mind pleco will not l he ahl. to rvxpondto ". h.\. you .11 nwtlrvil Marl. Andrews wax sent Into the Ultimo It. Hiibli ICIitW" will be a HecimdI to the lied CIOHM MIM.l .
Jicnlly difficult Jobs his will. iin IIn'.". anal dnmmr I'. Into> loom to sing hecauxe he simply I T. >i...s.y. 01. Suxlo IH dying to l >..IunVeat's. room meniUerw are voIIIHT -
Biiiili-nt' . who Just ""'! IIh"Hd'l These are what I term the most l lrf (;ee it hintIn. rest ......I run..I..t (or won hi ii'tI atop xlnu-I I hear his vernlon of "StarduHt", to do the mile HH ii r. the 1.4>cally by
1 on'.. or tho,,<>.n..e who ; 1111..rt.ntllIllIe... of vffort and Heather I.. nap 1', Mnrlnni. I .l..n"f lug In claim. Dee, hidden' talent. .Come In llnlihl five" UH a hrtakI seventh and ninth itimlexU'H J I
Li long, aa ha la puHHlnir will I IJ though these value cannot !h. Noe nn> rcunun for your IIImix' shall: we Invite him. to: join the I I IOlee Oroppi-d, Into the dunce. KrlduvI . ate vetv happy to have. 1 two F. C. HOLIJNfiSWORTII:
J very hard If not counted In dollars and. rents, Ihwvail f.. ... eolil.Knv ""lul, girls I night and heald nomeone" say tliutnnm new HtiidentH, Robert llendi'Ifk' *. 116 S. Walnnl Kt.
i he Kolnir irta .. 11111'.1111..1) prlcel"* In the HiitlHfactlonif Home irilx takl..;. plcturex nn llenr tknt It..rI........,T... I j| of \...u kids didn't know front JIK, 'kMoiivllle.' and Hav Uttim.
,it from" uilv who kno s> III.. tin- results, they lirlntt. (the Hfhnol IC" ""n.1. Wonder how n......"''N. knows at arms Juice" when the dunce ore .n for vour C.1Il'n nh I DM ton. l P. C'. \\'.. ar.
________. _---01.._


II " t. .. .... .. I" '' 1 ...



Visit The '. P A -P E S ':" WHILE IN ST. AUGUSTINE

f Be Sure To Visit . t
FamousJounlaill '. l

"Gifts of Distinction"In

..' : .7e .

\ ,,::

;," .


Remembering Your Friends Back Home Be Sure

of .OtJe i \

To Remember Them With A Gift From Pape's ,


: \kt ,0 . .. .... vi .j ...,w : ':!. '
f.T';; ... ... .. r' ,{. '
r-.y *fl-i ". .., ..,, -., '. v ; '. '\- ':; '

Lj o u LL ottie ( .' 0" '


And drink from the __

., ... \ "'

Spring where \ LOCAL AND IMPORTED GIFTS ' Something Really: ;

t ,,:. .

Ponce de Leon .'
. '' .., .
Out Of An
landed in 1513
; '"
'. \,

,q' 'h ,'" "

'I; :
Old World ) "

; < ) '
4' .
+ . :..-

'" ...J
Here's Something You'll Want .....


To Write Home About 57 King Street ,4' St. Augustine St. Francis Street St. Augustine

r.. .. .. .. .. ----, ,... ,

t. .. ., . _

... ,
, ,. FOR A GOOD TIME Just Across The Bridge Of Lions St. Augustine Can: p Blanding

I ,.,. (Ulthln Walking l)l"tanre n of Town) f Bus Schedule


0 Look for the "Windmill"Ponce's
"C \', .
o .in e ..' '-"' ,
- ;
"" !;
S . .;:

aaalal /
to the8t. ,
:'.Ji': tuorop'J

,' .
Dutch Tavern 'a .
j" r'C (
: ; ,

.JJ' __ ie
< '
.' u. e r o ri.i;.J, "Our Specialty -

".: > witg. w( t'e J 1'1'r4'

7 Fried Shrimp"


Bar Service

r Leave Camp handing For St. Augustine

Shrimp . Chicken . Steak .Popular I PricesSpecial 8:30 A. M. 4:45 10:00 P. M P., M.6:15 P.M. 7:00 P. M. r

Leave St. Augustine For Camp Hlanding[
DANCING Luncheons 12:30 A. M. 4:00 A. M. 5:30 A. M. 10:00 A. M. '

4:00 P. M. I
.. &

Mixed Drinks At Popular Prices A La Carte Meals We Make SATURDAY-Trips As Fast- SUNDAY'HOLIDAYS As We Can' Load The Buses: I:4'i

Open 1:00: P. M. Sunday J. O. MILLER BUS. LINESSt. I I

At Old City Gate St. Augustine Phone 164 St. Augustine Augustine :
BlandingI 1 ;

-- J< .



I't' ,

F1U ).\y.
PAGK<: POl'R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ - ==--,-l'
1, ---..;;,

'. Mrs. Richarde WSCS Circles Mrs. Green HostessTo I' THERESSABy week. In this way Or, Cob

I SOCIETY and CLUBS I 1\114. Ida Uacan plans 'fo extend the

,i - Hostess To CircleAt II Met Monday U. D. C. MembersThe I MIca. Huth Filth of Lake denevawaa dental service In this Scope('011111111I11 Of

;:;,;, 'J,:,''. (1"If WUflll) bloH'11U1 ft.1,1 11\\.11..."" her home at the State Farm. I Mrs. Titus Olson and Mies! Kate W. T. Weeks Chapter, I last werk-end.vlltlnK 1011'''. Jame Swindell

tj'o! ) Church Members ai'tanicnd In floor baskets. buwli Mrs. Annie Richarde entertained Struth entertained ,Circle One of U. D. C., was entertained Wednesday I MHH| Evelyn Youn blood of -

,, '"'., ,; Honor Powells On and advantageThu vaHeii.; ,palmN. were ala :
If,i '( brlilv'M. fnble "UM ............ M. S. on Tuesday afternoon. A ]\ Service In the .Educational; Building (Lex) Green at her home on Mael I'arkham week-end wan. visiting and,
{ 25th Anniversary bii three-Uereil .*..... emboMneilIII fernoon. North Walnut St. In the gpaclous In JackHonvllIu last j
variety of early Spring floweitt on Monday Dogwood h'oulfhtI! 1'.'. Annie' Tilent, hergrandmother .
9 vamel fl r I,
,. Ml..I.! .,f Ifce .*iikr uni* ,M lif.Mi'..... were used for decoration In thrf I blossoms nptfea and green I room where the guests were seat I back with her.
r'"S : ; A beautiful event was the "MnrlbK nuts ........._IHIII-III' M". I living .room where the meeting ery lent a Sprlng-HJce.!I atmosphere ed, the decorations were of gladioli Ruth Ali-M.and IS. H.little Hlbley Minn.and irate. anniversary I tIM| .. .lui>e wedding i ami
; twenty-fifth azaleas Starke Hut
bimlN. wf white rciMebuilM.. wan held. to the large, rSoiac, where the sweetpea. cap- were visiting in :
')' j for the Rev. and ' '
reception given hllerr1t>rum, ui.I! full %ihlllifliieri > meeting was bell(. \ dragon Vly'd Hall .and
.. 111.". 1C. A. Thornim l..h| I hiviillnnal "! .<. Ilerwey Clyde'
', M'rs. George CH f for d Powell, I *. the llver ritnille-liiililer' L.. Bens-
,t' belnic cinimiieiiteil tty b....4 offnhlte I ..vrvli'p, I he Krrlpttir* roiulIIIK In the nhnemfe .../ I the1 ,*frrl i iihalrman The president, Mrs. O. Junior llerney were vlHlllnir the
', which took place Thursday evenIng tulle.MIM. 1.1"14'I frinii, the 41h chapter .,f ., Mrn. 1... ]>, Vlnlnir' the. ; Icy opened the meeting: with aprayer stock. market In Ualnenvllle' Mon
1 March 2, In the MiethodlstRecreatloa John. M.... TtiomiiM, aluu mad anIntprpMtlnir ...'..In...... wKHlon. was. prelded. over do y.
I'owell Hindu atIrai'llvu followed .
a v-l-y article hy Jwcoli linr- by Mr. W u. .Hello, president. for the times by I'vt. Janie Swindell has returned -
/i. J*;, : Building, and was I ...pictuia alllieil III a whlltmarcUlH tpnhatitt. who I.. a miKMlunary, to the Society.The . I the Lord's prayer In concert;' a to Waco, Texan after spending '
members the Stai'Re '' | lta ilreHM anil weurlnir acomiiKti Ihu JOWH. M.'I.. K. KimrkH MM" lli-day furlouvh with hiM' wife ,
t ,y ;;f given by oC white SUNthUIltireetliig . nrtU'lu "TaHkflf tevlev..t devotional service. wax' ledby salute to the United States and and mother. "
an on "
;',. ( .;t Methodist church. / the gu""t,, at lh.. door '*MlMHli.iiH". ; ,tI'ra. Mnrvln I Iliiai-n \11..... J.Y.. While whim used asher | Confederate flags was then given. I'fi-. Berner and But. Reeves \\'rrttTlnltlnir
i'k' ' :, The Hpiu-loiiM hall wax urtln-I WITH clifle loaduiH. 1r! ... I. U. V',lir> ,...114 an Hrlli-l alirmt the ""'',,'ull mihji-i-t Cunxprtatlnir our Lives Mr. Reeves and HaaelFatkhain
tlcully di'Ciirated with white uplrea, log and %II'". 1';. K. I'erryiuan. Ite- Urt;.r <*'hH/I., / The i-ln-lc julnrilIn In the Lord", ,The Pioifram. ItNdeV.tecl I During the business xefSion! the In TherenHa. lust' ", Thuriflay .

"t I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ celvlnictra/ Mm.) W. (j. Hall", *tntc-n prayers for ,1' h.. nol. I soldiers to wlig review pralKcrl, of the J l.ttet'woik from ofI dime defense donation was taken, I and Friday. They are MtatloiiPd F-
: "f, 1""I t II '" Hnrletyof dl.| *.'" In .wervli'9.Tha I at
; ClillHllan, 101..,........; W. 11 Kewi-JI I I mlrtMloniirle, In forvJitn' in rid": and also a donation for the Nurses'Fund Mr. and Mr. Clove Alfred' of
:., { VOTE FOR and 1 C. H. Naiiwurthy HlewajdH ofth clrijn aRrxvil tu' enliertrelltiius I also high praise for the wot'k of |I of the Red Crons. The Ha I ford were vftdtlnK l..oule Alfred I'-
.. 4'huri'h; the I, Itev, and lII,'.. lllvriUiirA and tractM I the chaplain, :" In (the Army. Miss. re-nt I ly.Mr .
It. : rIll AN)) ELECT Powell honor, irueiitH; Mm.. t>. L. whlih will IIP UMItn| the I..>i>r nil- | olive Hay cave exierplH. from a Blood Plasma Mobile Unit Is a *. J. B. Ounley of ValdoMa.cla. .
o'" rlffln of Lennox (lit." nol her ofMm. VRutllg.'II nrr..rlnut sit\ 00wan .. letter written by "1ft. (leoifr 1. to assist the Red Cross. ., I I. vlHlthiHT her'nlHter, MIsclOis.
,\ nmde fiir I the t.ucIM..t. Thwith c'lIlInlln telling f'f I the (fhrl/itma project
1'owell! Jewell .
ilIon and 1 1-1
( : r : MELVIN n. France* 1'101'.11; ; and Mm" WeckHof next inoetlnic.. will li.. h..I,1| I IMrH. itervlfe ....vil, ,"(.tl'.l. II Y ('h"l t pint,' and U being sponsored! by the Mr IIgll. W."' 1>. Oarrett left Friday 44
Krft < .
'; jakland, clitter of Mm. I'owell.AHMlMtlnw .Kurm.ThU. J i lluiullfy at the MtatvMrn. b'ruiik rtohlnwnn.' This l service tookplace i U. t>. C., nil over the South. TheI to visit' her huaband. at Camp -1)J _
I I In an Mn<'liit 'luJolie! brick I hiss.
I F UTC H lu. entertiiltilniw mereiJ. inntflNH, MHHlHtPfl tVMiifKiin barn In I Italy. (' "'I"AI.. ItohlnHonIH voted to give $5 for this Hhnlhy: I _
: J' ? Kreil <...,. I., A. Iliivl. J. I.. I Chapter Miss Irene Cochran was "1"flinIC
I :j '. I lll.'hrii. sd l 0 a sid MrnStl'InuffflllJW \ MH liloxpeecli n former tinntor, i.f HIM Storks f In Starke, afternoon -
'I'h..n. Judae l. l( Saturday :
'It ., YourCOUNTY Mr. I'. II .\..'.........h'I. r rr..>,soon\. z. HPfVPfl. puill'll. . .ss..nflWithin. Methodlnt <:}. ,", ..h, Otlie'H fMkliiK purpose.It > Mr.. Urn Laiper and Mr.. Dun
tdkliin. Mr. T. J. lirlrrln. Mr... a s.d. . ook. ins. part on this proirtam w.r..I'QI'' . II. was! announced that the district Halley were visiting In Starke
f. I'owelUnJilrH) llHil .,,' 'Mr. 1. I..
. '. would be held .
I. \ MiivU mid Mm. \\ '1. convention FI"llIrd..y.Mr.
SCHOOL '.' .. Thorn nftPr' whlc'NT.the; *(<.."'..n warloMpcl .. : ;]. .
OrirSI. Kuewt book aM lire .. Hndtr.* I H. Slbley weinvlnltlnK -4---
Ladies with by lIr.V.I. A, March 28 In Jacksonville, com -
irayet ,
..lilrd ...er br Mm. W. I.: tilddlrlun. Auxiliary ( his mothefat I'll t man Hall
\ It 'Wr, nnniiiinfert that thecircle I
SUPERINTENDENT mebcInK ten a. m. (Sunday.Alrn.
would' meet with :irs, (t.I ,
W. 1\ Smith Hiiillnmn, of thellnard The Lncllen' Auxiliary of the *. I'owell In .A 1'1'11. Tile Registrar Mta Olive Ray A. H. Kelsey'" and :\11'''. B.
I In /Starlce
I of HlewnrdH' pre. .ented. I.. Swindell were vUltlnir
1-------------- llev and Mm. V.'ll putt ..t art Prcabyteilun Church will meet at The hoHtpMHeffv. .alMe by ttre.liii \ announced that the Chapter was Saturday nlirht.
lie, Henvnl .."In''y frnHlimenl' ,. Mr. and Mr*. 8. B. Trlent. weiv
of flat Nllver, and
a ,piiretiwith have a new member FLYNNYour
to as
.. pleased
the Church Service Center Tuesday I'lrrlpnmher ta.
which to buy additional HlUerwhen shopping In Keystone Heights' Saturday -
I It In avo I lalIn. .Tha. H..... A. aftt'inoon il.s, 1MV.. K'H-II:: and' datifrhter, Mrs. W .1. 'Chandler her evening.Mr. ,
March 14 3:30
K. I4ghtroot. .paNliir of tlm. i.aIlist at M"" ". /'JlIII I HiirlRliin, were Joint credentials of membership being and Mr, *. I). 1.. Halley and,
I lit!INS' ('SI SI re Ii, ulno niada' R' Hpnech o'clock. hfiMteHHPM to (.It..-!" Two, nt their family T'ml, Mr. llalley'. ihothcr
HiiltablH to the ot'oanlikTi ii nd ,"i',iMented i- home on North Walnut St. The almost" completed. were vl..llinr..t"r. Kalley InKeyHtone
"' a liandMoma, g.t lynn pltclier I large living room" where the guests The historian Mrs. A. Z. Ad- Helicht.' li>"t weekendCpl. SUPERINTENDENT:
&Lt from" L'.II"t, letidH. The U..... II.C'artnr . Hultalilit to Hi., huppy OCiimlon. were Heated. wan decorated 1..lIhC"IIIf'o..t l>.L\'I.. from the (nalnpvlll. OF PUBLIC
j. I llardln, dl..trlc't miiierlntendent (., Hweetpeu' of vurlnn. color klna, gave a brief review of the Air Flame. wa visiting friends, here I'

: k _ of the 11111r."III. Dlxtrlit, andMm 1 iirooriiiu' of .......... .ii.. niiiler *. life of Stephen R. Mallory of Saturday afternoon. INSTRUCTIONEfficient
I llnrdln wer pi'enent And theUev I he .11.......... ut J. "'"...1 fiur.ni.n The meeting WAIl "irnstfln.i fm'PV Florida. WIthMl'SEl K. Perry-

U Mr, Jlardfn also. m...." a 0 Sin I..d ... .. c.nla .. ,is.. !Iiv, "She rlrde' chairman, !. .Mrs.' K. ___ __ ________ ."., __u___. N..... V_D..... n..t:. i ...___LI_
-- n annul, .., MunitK, ...<...m.IHIulnl ierryman.. siam nicer riinpiiKinKof . man us acvumpa4iin' ncvciaiSouthern A 'OWYYa"o ,J' _... aa \. ll1i1UIJ:'
nt t IIP lilniio br Mr.. hiiNlneKM, the ileviitlonal serVI'eWI' I I
I Be Quick To 'TreatBronchitis IVrr I...... | Ihi-rp ..... ulxo n.*. '" ,led Iiv Mr. I. I'. Shepheid.The songs were sung, Div Lemuel Colson announcesthe I .
j1tt ......11.I ... Hrlri'tlmiM liy MW<. )Mil* flrnt nil III"Pr on the |Ibro- It was announced that the April addition of a new x-ray, machj: j Trustworthy
l-lirl.. *!.,.. l.lhrl; ... Illicit* nmllr Kt'ain wait a review nf "Internnien meeting would be held In Law.
> .. I.... (........ MIIIH: M tluet.. CainpM" l hy M '.... A. Z. AdMn. Ine to his office equipment this ,
.>>.......IIMhl itnil lliiNVN". und >lr.. "MlHHlonary Work In India" wa" ley'with Mrs., Q. W. Roberts And
lllKttx nnw. II.H n nol. ".! I..".. the. HtiMvct' i.l. M review hv MrHV. Mrs. Hal Edwards as hostesses.\
lull '1'....57". K.: :Mlddli>r.uiw-anil.;the meetlntrW -

Chronic bronchitis may develop U ItpfreMhiiivnM of i>iituh, ..|....nC.ll..j I'errymara., rloned .wlltt1lpra-y..r' ,.**.r .by Mrs. The hostess assisted by Mrs WE CAN USE MORE PULPWOOD
: l Miss
your cough chest cold or acute bronchitis KHiidwIcliPH..,. at sol I h"lIvlju..1 I I I Iiitkns The hoi'tPuden-Wrveo'. n; 'conpenleifruit K. l>. Matthews and Madge
is not treated and w re Kprvril hv MIM. W. II. frackerwand hot Mlcldleton served Russian tea..
naiad cheese
you cannot
S.wvII Mr... JunliiH' M. Sinllh, Mm. WRITE TIMBER DEPARTMENT
afford to takeachance with any medicine 1.. Tllim 0 I o n, MI-H., .1. !I.. Thnrn t<'K. > chlcl less Ont-of town RcneHtu. were Mrs. CONTAINER CORPORATION OF AMERICA
potent than
Creomulslon MIKHHN Vlrxlnla/ Hi'Wfll" Jitii: t An. and out the Idon
('hnr//"II T. mea-'fif( ,, A'tTmta.' tl.iand : cArrying
which goes right to the seat of the <.)<>rHoii, Ournlla I I I llulto I I .\Ii rj'.rle
trpuble to help loosen and expel germ l>avl. and llplrn t.ot l l l'uII'h WHHHprypil Mrs.' la,-IV5"Montit"inery' n.CI of St. Patrlclr's! Diiy. the favori ,' FERNANDINA. FLA.
laden phlegm and aid nature to by Mr. William" HiiKKPlt, I were tiny pr-nin-ock flag'
Mr'.*. :.:. T. Jr. !
soothe and heal tender Illlch timid MMM|
I"r __ raw ,inflamed Louise Hnytler.I'uiilrllxil'lKK. Guests' present weie: Mrs. E.
bronchial mucous membranes. Recent Births
I I vto the mircvHH" of I 5. Matthews Mrs. Marcus FH'own
Creomulslon blends SEA
- creosote by special process with other' I the thin silver Kpnvial wpililuiR(:'hIiiItfl, : r .cl' .I..nI'X'!:: : To M,'. and Mrs. E. M. KelH' Miss Olive Ray Sirs. O. DINNERS

_ time tested medicines for coughs. DavlH. xrcrrtary of Chrli-llHii So. of ,Lake Butler a daughter on r... Eeanlev. Mrs. E. J.:. Perryman: I STEAKS -' CHOPS
: It contains no narcotics. rial, I I(cia tion. m, nnil her c-iiiiiiiltl. I .erhalrmen Mrs. W. O. Halle Mrs. L. A.
I A Life-Long Resident of No matter how many medicines H" fullown: I is v-i tat impi., Mar. 1. DELICIOUS HOME-MADE CHILI
I This County Well Quail- you have tried tell your druggist to Jtl'ro. I Ii 1' Car' |>vnti-r, ; Ileconill-<. To Mr. anil Mrs. HermanV, Davis! Mrs. W. J. Chandler) Miss
sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with Mra. 1,, Li. Vlnlnsr, MrH. 11. I.. II.| ...... Sara Reed Mrs. E. L. Matthews
- :.' fied and Experienced for the |Icy Mrn "'. H. Nanworthy. Mrn. Arnold of tariff a son, on Mar
I t' the Job. understanding you must like the H. T. Itltc-h. 211..... I'HII! JtililtrpH, ; 7. Miss Miidpe Mid! die ton, Mrs. TEMPTING, TASTY. SANDWICHES
way it quickly allays the cough permitting SiIli-llatl.in.. J. I.. ''Thorn.. Minx
Ethel M. Annie Lou
rest and sleep. or you are to M.mitre. Mlililleton, O. II. Nnmvoithv; I To M,'. and Mm. H. S. Ernst.' niggs Mrs. DELICIOUS HOME: MADE PIES

have your money back..(Adv.) I llffrnHhinpiilH, Mm. \v.I./ HowHI I, meyer of Starke, a son, on March Godwin. Mrs. H. B. Montgomeryof

'f-, ,, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ OlHon.M.". JtinlUH M. nillh. MIH.' Tltun 7. Griffin, Ga., Mrs. A. Z. Ad-

<< I hlns Mrs. J. M. Hrownlee. Mr*. A & A JNrHFONRTTF .
J .u. u _ u_ ._ ,
---------------- -- ---.. wade !'owelan!) *irs. w. CHan ; - - - - -- -- - -- - -

: NORTHSOUTHWESTIT'S loon. 24-Hour ServiceIn

Carolyn Callstreet.Ilitlil : CARD o. THANKSWe Park Theatre Bldg. Starke Floridi

--v. : e ALL FLORIDA ;, wish to thank oui.; friends

and neighbors for their kind
--- --------------------
'-I'' .-,1----, ; words of sympathy and floral tributes EVERY; BRANCH OF
4, on. fnllcM , Mere we KI Hear feminine niucjaok Kthl I
It Whether you work en a farm 'In Live for another! whirl I around that well Z vln l.a. >. cOhnJIaLed l her bout at the time of'the death of .

known path I railed fall St. . tiulnlne at iit-ut Luke,* unit Is mother Mrs. Jessie Holtzen-' "
Oak. a factory In Jacksonville or a hotel . our -
'I' Sortavu kliulHMi .I..t wm-k, InmuylmiiH now enrolled In the Naval I Training,
1 In Palm Beach I run round I up" n tow Hfhonl for yponien ut Iowa Stat lorf.-The Holtzendorf Family -.9'
: you affected by 11 mm ..f Interevt . Hear' tell Teachers College . ;
L stats theta weft* Kiiy ..dolnic ..t the ; UI'anCeH.
problem That's wiiy: : you need a tannin. } domicile .Tuenday. nlKwhen --
old pul 1'at celehtatthe Ullmimedl l... Ted Oxhorne Kpwinl.
man whose.vision and expeilence PROVEShe he iiiMHltiif my of Another, "inlleHton I Inn this wrk-ciHl here with Mr... MUTUAL

can direct stats' They tin Kiiy that her most I). ami' MiaklnusHiimlny, I afiernonnpe
>l> call . .1 Juaiiptto Klnci.HI LIFE INSURANCEHeads
lirUi'd KIt' WHH M ,pair of Pink|
:. .pant Inn .w It h tea I hone fide. |>r*.. l.It'k In. town after, a restful reeuperatlon -
wnr elastic In ''rin . My, iny! . Jullui, Thorn announulnff ( of families I
E! e' Truly, a ,,itt uf Hi" Maul! . thnt the UHO-YMOA can. C. WALL
AinonR her, ol hvr. )preltleH ,gas 11 teen enjoyed the ,lament' gross lam. FOR(Young persons i
ERNEST li. GRAHAM huge at.u I'fell. "whal-lH-lt. ?" ... a.dt. Saturday In tlie hlHtory' of the 1 W amen workers ond
tu her .'.. iot't Ion of upholntereanimalM unit. . feel"| I DoiiR-ltiw an' family I Homemakerslife .
. Xo one Heenm, t.. Imuk at their' homo hera after it ,1
: lice ALLFLOU.J.tGOVE NOIC know what the new aililllloii 'In, !tulI'.t HIlly III Rai.iwin .. !I'dwln! Shephind Insurance It the enhfryrfe AgencyConstant

I' MMMMMMM _B_ Paid Political Ad*. Huy she llk.a It anyway. . fllllrnt to perfection a nuval offlcwr'a and vloltlnw I I milform way t. build en ._.. I

4 tins Nollinun 1 himi. from, ,Tall, ly; . .. Starke, Florida
for the week-end l, ooliy' brliiKlni _.
lung attractive Marian' Htiuth oMearwater XVell (;u..a tlm. ......, prinHinnn Xepreianfino THI MUTUAL Lift
( u" h..iiH.-Kue..t . the vld ."'A"e, ullowanre for INSURANCE COMPANY "(NEW YORK '
t ; IJI Hear Hooley hud <,iulle a plcunuiiHiirprlnit thin week : ; sir,! 'long . (See '4 .....u ......t, Hw v_ City, ." Please. Phone 146
Fromwherelsit.I when <'iii.! John ItoberIfippernon t you In the next . I I -wlIr. _._ .f' ,
. flew duwn from ( *olumbun. Carolyn.

Ohio for the week-end . i >, .. . ...
. lexCallatreeter '
I I.I I. Sorry tu hear Souls Hrlnoa -
I e ) has been forced. to
1 MUlt her Job In Jax herauHP of tt
{ 4i i'tY / Joe Marsh heart lealon . Plenty of rest
/ and an>. the doctor KUVH all at Have "Coke"

V! '4 velt which Drive..h..',. Tallahaiae VPttliiR at :.301( .Il Word..onp' a = So glad you're back again

romaN that I.ealle un' Kdlth. PlKK
have rhanKeil their mil 11111 III' addrens .
; : We had a rejxl oUl-tlme church war. We've got our worries and from Jax to (Camilla la..
where ......11" U back ,In the fi>re -
supper the other night. Bert troubles. It's a mighty good .I.y bl* . Hear Unlit. Oreenunderwent '

: Childers played the fiddle and thing we can relax with a little another operation on hln. '
wounded font thin week at OKeltlyOonoral '
"- ,. the ladles brought refresh ,wholesome enjoyment. HOMP, Springfield. Mo. ,.

t :. I '*.* ments. Of course. we missed the And I believe it's what the ISis lii.i lh'.. poetry. |irl.e roe. #1ii / _

, boys who were away-but' all la men over there would have us to Juanlla Phillips who .........,......J -

r'- all It was mighty pleasant. do. . keep up the little friendly' aunt the -following( Iluhy) ll1ult ode dedicated ilreen.. : to her 1tr1 1- ,; ; ; ; --c _

Only our note was Doc MoGiniilH. \ customs they remember like And hubs ....C.. Her Teetk . '
Once HILTS wan u get "allu.d
. l "Hhucks" lays Doc "weoughtn't the evening get-togethers having Ruby r'

; to be enjoyln ourselves a glass of beer with friends "Who 1'waa.hail list beenIn her teeth quite a and&tewIy.tIm..

when American soldiers are and all the little pleasures they her eyes,
look forward ,A lid then her sinus took the :
there to
t over flgbtin a war. enjoying.
1'1'1..1' '
Now from where I sit, Doc's Hut after several trips to Ju'xMhe'a \ ,: &i 'W
lit enough tu Join lhVUVM.
absolutely wrong. AU of us are \ iL i.

M working overtime ,to help the 80e1 And'per.. stow today the gets her UkiAnd .

mion aifulii can cut her

No. 79 of a Seriet Copyright, 1944 BtnJUtglnJIUIry Foundation "tult a bit of ....H this week 14k'jS '
from. the I boy In uniform . A. ;
,, W. Andvmon, ha" suited at last for
: -- ...v..rllOIl"0", the alit,,.. .bout, 1 believe
with A. J B. NVa.ll& . HdI'lowuiti
i !1, ex-inanacor. of a \locul.
five and.dlnieiy .lit also h'aded fur
distant parta Armand. Thvniitihas
CARRY FUNDS .been truiiHf erred from Key
:} Went to IJrouklyn ami hea bout to
fieeae to death to liner him tellIt Ai
4 . Hl. addreva lit ArnmudM ?
I ....... ......." + c oil Thomas S.-i". I.e. I'.H.O.O.: Tnn.

loll a., Manhattiiu. k..ch. ','... 47 5 ,
.1 llrooklyn Ut*. N. V. . Mlk, Mill
,.\l\lrtt\ ll P.I"I.' ., . TMIS ha.* "rlerlcnl. I J...." In New Uulnea.but .
1 < ,., ,0.' bee Mtlll ait old HttirPkeepvrat '
bu. ':: heart . Wiltex. his tot mUI _
< i- '- SAFE boa, Men Simlow: ; that "a good. _

," .'.., .","--.r'4'', ...... viol would. sure make money. over
> '' '.".';.'-,. :-- here.Ve hav-n't nov .nlu to
<.. j;. ' 'j WAV np, I Albert' (Marine C..rpl. Krtmp I I"
silting' rlirht on top of KwajHllnMurHhall
( I I IslamIc' ). -Is rg.st atoll It welcoming a sailor
the world . L.lvr l iiulte a While C' I, borne-coming
I Loose cash be _ _
can a dangerous traveling companion and under nn field. rut 11.."H and coconuts. but

preient conditions protection of funds is a problem.The safe,sure thine are railing up a little' now, Home
rs '.I t way ii to change your cash into American Express Travelers h* nay. . again! In those two words is everything our fighting men dream about I -

1' ''r i I Cheques before ,..leave They are the size of* dollar bill and may Hen "(ernl..rit "I'It.' hump that . and fight for. They look forward to the little things that mark a of '
; be spent in any town-your signature is all that is required. If Milton llruwnleo' ha.* been awarded ,
the Sliver Star for gallantry Inaction living. '.friendliness and hospitality summed
: lost stolen so quickly in the familiar
t or destroyed uncountersigaed, your. lots is refunded With utomary mmii up ,
,. promptly by American Express. ,.. n" omIt* the d..t..lI"VII" phrase Haw a "Cok; .". With Coca-Cola Jo your family refrigerator .
f 1L you'realways
",,1 American Express Travelers Cheques blue and (uHtomavy nayuma. h.. ftay' ''f'*
.,,; are are issued sure. and ,tell the Telegraph.V>'r* ready to offer-welcome. From Atlanta the
.In denominations of$10 *iO $50 and to Seven Seas Coca-Cola '
', $IOO.The cost is J* of 1% each othnrn pre. aitent and want :
4" ... Stfjt on each $tOO purchased), minimum 4Ot." Obtainable 'at to get Milton In Concrpw. In 194lf stands for tb< paui that rejresits,-'ni3 become a global of
symbol will
Banks . llecent l....u.. ..r "The Fo "..". good
Railway offices
:l ;,_ Express and at. many camps and bases. publlxhed, at Valley: Forge. (Ien.rgtrl..t and of good living. '

.... I'hopnlxrllle. Pie. ,, rontalna K MCokeM=: Coca-Cola
picture of Pvt. flyman Cohen (Carlton *
AMERICAN EXPRESS ) recelvlnac .ooo( In War Bond. tOTTlfO ,UNOI* AUTHORITY Of TNt COCA-COtA, k'snatural: I for popular nuat
I r
t which he purchased a. a gift for (6 acquire friendly
I tucky wit. Hilda during' the recent . _ _ ttoM. Thmt' why you brat

.TRAVELERS CHEQUES : banr-up drive Job there of ..nteraIningtrqupe. Iiy* doing, a COCA-COLA: BOTTLING CO. Coca-Cola J called "Cok: *

laC the hospital you know < '
o 1944 TIle c.c: -


. ..
- .
= t /" -'-" '


', : 10. J9U, .mAUI"CII'I' (:ill Sf\' 'I 1.I.Iem'U.: 'T.\lau' :. ri.ouiit\ I'AUK FMC

,, -
I.! News Lt. W. S. Koch and wife, who l ,.:.. !II"J: ""''':'-;R:'l''. . _... -
c Local . .. ., ..
of .I: ., .. -.H..t... .. ... ,...".. (
have been for the pant several! " " """ .. .."', ,.. ... ..C.h."i._". '
of months In Colorado Springs, Colo.,

orals J Bernlce Opperman spentlay are expected to arrive In JacK- I

{ In Jacksonvtflenup sonville by plane tomorrow mornIng -
for I5ater. New Lt. Koch has 15: days leave

hcsrs. and twin. lit Leila which will be spent here and hi
f'v' L. Blair and sister

( my Coburn are visiting IN t'IIU'II'I' ..cot III', nil un.'OHIt
'OIT . ..UIII.\1 I\ l\s.
Us In Kansas t.'Fl(1.Aorta "
| J.V Kllliiin of Wayi.eC. -" .Kili-iln Irlnmmnnn, I'liilntlff
vs. >I1. my II trlmnnmmi. I K-IViuUiil
|Is visiting her Case :oJ o. 2005.UIHK .
<> "H* rrnuioATiux:
ruby of Washington. I). AM... :NOTU'lil 'ruI'I'I'H
J lsnnis HTATK UI' K1.0U1DA
ti>: llmi-y .
a guest of hU aunt, Mrs fSfliiiHiniinn, whose reltlviirtf IH T 1
[ this week.. 14. I' O. It. 3UO, IU..n..k.o"r'h '
organ I Dakota.
J Spring coats for Ee.lorI'S You art r...<,inlre to appear on'.
.\111'1IUlh.? II>H. tn the aliovnitrnccl "- 1
l)re"fi Slioppe. Court and CHUMP. wherein ,
T E Newsome underwent lalnlirr| Kffkii"divorce, and l I'tiHtoily
[ in the Alachua <>f fhililrcn. I l-a c tom Y Tflckvuiili. shall pul.Huh thin OrilrrIn
j HMpital. last week, next four wvvkly IVHIIPH.WltnCHH . .
Imd Mm. Pul Ethrldg and my liaiirl and nfriflnlHtal ( 6' t
ut Slarkf, Klorltlii. thin "ManIt2nil s
I Anderson of Jacksonville 1944.
Iveekeml guest of Mr, and (IUFI I'IAT.' MIA) A. J. Thom.iHAH
i'ltrk of said Court.Wllllum .
I. L. Anderson ]II. Morgan, JmkHonvlllIfla. I- ) -r .
i surrency: of Adel!, Ga., was Atty. for Fir. U-10 4t 3-S1 : I :

his brother-
Ylday visiting" l> f'IIU'II'I' I'Oi HT. nil \)KOKI> S >
and sister, Mr: and. 1 Mrs.j . 1' ,N'l'l 'I.OIIIU\I IN ('H\N- M w A
('1':11': F
j Barefoot, Sntn Kfkelmiin. }Vliilntlff v". K.'lheikulnmn -
"Spring cfl aU for Easter K,- fentfant.. ('..".. :'\:... t'

llii'n", l)renn Shoppe. 3 1l.nlthlat OK. IM'UMOATION-: 1 4 4 : .. $
I and Mrs. George Parrfoh A\l I MITIfM; / T 0> AI'I'KXU
Carter spent HTATH u1' FM' >KII>.\ to: KxthvrV'rkflnnaii
|fi-s. Dalton whose inhli'..HH IN un 1I
day afternoon In Jacksrm-. known.You. ) \
artt Mtilrpil| to* appear' on
April 101 h.. IB44, In I Ihs al>ovnutti'ifl "
\.. Charles T. Jones of At- CourtHnil I'niiMuvlir.reln )
:I plaintiff HcrltM. dlvlIl" -''. lli-a lfoiilI'onnly
of her sonp I
| Ga. la a guest
Tfli'Krapli shall publish. IhisUrd. t \
and daughter, Mr. and l.-r In next four weekly IMHIIVH.WltnPHK .
my hand and l nfflrlal I
Jl. Shepherd.It
p. .
.*. nl Ml larks, Florida' IhlM Unroll
t arrived: New shipment of 81 h, 1 44.OKKICIAI. )
hut, for Easier at I,lla'si ( ) IH .\I.) J\. J. TlioniiiMAH 4d.iI. .
(''''r-k of said (*unrLvilllaiii
i Slioppe. \ I). MOI-KUII ..iHvkHOnvllUI'lH. -, )* 7
and Mrs. W L... Joiner, Jr.. Vtty. for I'lf. 1.10t 3-.1I
been guests of Mr. andy
have IN f'lnC'II'I' <'01 H'P. Illl tFOlinl'OI'YI'Y l .
IL. D. VInIng for a week, left I--I.OIIIIHI IN /'llNorniun \\- ....
|lay for their home In Grlf- (1111.: A. Klllott.: t'lalntlff. .'... rte; "1 ;

... Flora Kllen Klllotl, Di-fni.liint. .'...."
No. 2i! ..HI.IIIIIII.n.
Faster NewIt
44 nl for : OK- PITBI."ATIO'J. :'
I K ilreswH and bags HI Lella'M A.\l NOTH'I-J T') APIMOAIl
J. Shoppe. HTATtO OF l 1"1.011111.\.: Flora 1 I II
Elton JCIIIi>tt, whose address IHl
|rs. Ben Sternberi and son, >>>i.liimr, MclHWiire.'You .
Jr., left Wednesday for are required| to nipear| on
April Kith., 1i44.! In the nluiviimniiil (.I' 4f
home In Brooklyn. N. Y., fnnrt and caimw. wheielii'ilillntlff ,
spending the winter, here | woks divots. I1rndtor44'nunly .
Tcl"Krur ..hllllluJ.II..h thlOrtlr ..
Mr and Mrs. N. Sternberg. ilL n"xt Lour we..k Iv fNuneH.Wltnr O
itciGallln, stationed with the ..i. my hand I anti ii n i.Ii. I ,
.-",1 at !Starko" Florldn. this ilnnlith. i
I- at Whiting Field, Fla., spent 1944.U@'F'I'I.kt.! I
llay furlough with his' father:, ( ,SICAI> I ) A..1. ThnniiixAn I
L Pl"rk of .."hi,I ('011"1. It
Gatlln. tnd his .mother at AVIIllHm J'. !n'ICUn, .riic-kxonvllle, t
ton. Fla. Atty. for I'lf. 3-lu 4t 3-:II l
e f t 'riwiTr (vii it'r. IUI uFOUu A
('()I1'l 1o'1.0Illn\1 I' ('111\_

Like to f feelimportant Harry f':11 1'.C. merman) ttdowxkl ,
Harry C?. (Herman) ,
; 14adowak4
fendnpt. fax.. Nn. have done the extra work. ; donated
'HsnpjR: OF I'I'UM"MTION:'
-A.VH:' ;NOTIl'K> TO .\""'1'\11) I your blood and bought your bonds.
FI.OIIH.A to:: Anna
Kad'iwxkl I whoxn rpxldnro 'I. 444 Yes and have the Red
I iu: ,-kner Nt., Dunkirk, New York you helped
n"J.L BE Ton nro nil|uD'>>d to niip" '"ur on i Cross before. the Red Cross hasWHEREVER
Important 10'III' April 10th.( 1 44. In the Giving to

country and to your "named''Hint, Iff.?onrt s.--kx and'rllvoir.i-nuxe''. Oho"1, he may be, his country stationed everywhere, at every tiny outpost always been a great proud habit of thirty
lulu: Ing men-If you takeer ('<>i'ntv Teli-p-rnph. ... .. ,
Ol'd..1' || IMU him with the best . to bring him comforts, service million American families that
| a \ltal job In the .\rmy.In I" next tour weekly Ixxnex. I . proud

j the Women's Army STJ1 Wltnexx AI 14tarke"'Y..' Florida hand 1 ,and this tifflclal.Mttivh guns, the best uniforms, the best food and companionship.Little they could give . proud.of Red Cross I
1944.UFb'SCIAi.. I
jorps you'll (gel expert Army
talnhiK/ that may pave (tho' An( rierk: of. -HKAI.said)tViirt.A..1. Thnni.M that skill and money can produce. things?-Perhaps. that made giving worthwhile.But .

I lIu'lI II y to have a a postwar chance career.to bn T.Ally. Frank. for F.nndrum I'lf _Htni-ke.3-10. 4t Florld.-i 3-.1t I But there are some things that cannot But these are the "little" things ''that' this year, when the need is greaterbe

rove your nklll or leant a i\ rmrriT CIU-HT. I..t1I.'OItU handed out by Government Issue. count-the things that help your boy to than ever, when we serve more than

l<'\"' llne-Io meet new peole (('OI'TF'I.Ot'I.:11"'. I1)U 1'\1 fill\. And these are the things he misses most do his man-sized job. These eleven million American boys
| Nee new plaeeM have ex- Irf-xter A. flay Plaintiff vx. Knlli.Nol"m'Ji"l" .
rlencen you'll remember all :' Iluy' l"fe"1 11"t'UM" ; . his Dad's friendly counsel, his mothare the things that prove to all over the whole worlder'shomeytouch.Thesearethethingshe -

Jour life "oiinku OF PI'RfI.ATIOTAo.n : him-when the going is GIVE TO THE this year you will want to
Get full detail about theV.1C
at any U S. Recruiting .erln STATK* r.tn-llle. OP Huy Fr,0nil.to) whose| rexldenr-e; Wntl. needs . the things he gets through the toughest-that his people give more. . to give freely to

'ration. Or write for Interest- I III You nt. 2 nre Box reonlred 242A.: : Kl to 1'''nnpi''''. 'TexiH',nr niv, Red Cross, your Red Cross . his home haven't forgotten him. + your' own Red Cross . to

IiilC booklet. Addl'''''''': The Ad- April inth.. 19H. In the ahnis!
lutant General, 4415 Munl- named Court and cause wherein' away from home. For Red Cross is at his side. your own sons in the service.
plaintiff xeekn divorce.
l'f'ns' Bldg., Washington 25, County Telegraph. shall publish HrHdfnrd thin. They seem like little things in print. ;; RED CROSSYou This year dig deep and be
>. ('. (Women in ewnentlalKvar Order III nsxt four weekly Ixxuex.
(nxliiHtry''' must have reppH.e I Witness Nt HtarkFlorida. my. hand ,and thin' rifriHiitrnl \isr, ,,-h coffee and doughnuts after a long march You ....ve '. - ,"r !"oos. . glad. For wherever be is

from their employer or Rib 1944.cOFFIflAIj. spAT) A..1. Thomas . a bed with real sheets when he is on .

\Sere ) T Am. Frank rlerk f.lr..m..>f xuld. Court.Starke, Flnrd'n furlough. . real American cigarettes and .
for Pit 3.10 : : The RED his I side
I 41'3.1)I chocolate bars. . and men and women IS at


,NAT SEZ: I I and the Red Cross is YOU! i

dust when I'm sure that win- ...f-{

ler'n over and I&nl just about to I' .
t' fill the windows with bathing'' .

$ J salts along come. another cold ." ,,, :,,;" Yr .. ,.q.,

rmp.. )o'lol'ldo.pal hpr In just ." t..
i I-" n' _
like B \\'oman-'ou never know .," ,'fY" )! : 1 , ..,.
what xhe'M gonna lo next. Surely I 4

hope It doeon't fiee' for Banter, .' .
tho u K h. cause I got a lot of . .
mighty nice Spring finery I'd like ,' "

to !Bee you girl dress", up In.


Good News .IA P.lrs. J. M. Davis j.' :. ; Across Street From Post Office

\- ; ,,.. .." :

Lucky Purchase ..__.......eeO _____. ... .'.1'6 ...61_._________ .._____. .6 1..1...._ II 16 "' 61'6 I ;
.>m *",i wr ,


.. .
". '
I SLIPS I Louis: Shafkin ",'<:" 1 New & Used Furniture Money To Loan


._____ ____ _._, .. _
; S _s-n.ss.srSS-___..."_ _,__'" n 611'" ".ss..p .ss. 'r


__ .,,-- _" 11" 6 111111161. _________________... .,'"
I''I Slips $2.25 to $3.95 "6

Gowns Panties $2.98 6979.891 to $3.95 MARUCA'S I GROCERY & MARKET 1 ::>: : . DROCKER'S I JEVELERS11ike \

__ ,_ .
m mri *f-ff+ m-mfm '
: 10! Call St. Fla. Tlicj.lre
Maraca 'Owner -- Opposite :

)\t Cotton Pajamas .. '
r I" '6 "' -wM.N--------

$2.98Sternberg's. J. P. ROBERTS!{ MOTORS TEMPLE GARAGE I t.I


Dodge-Plymouth '- Sales &. Service L. L. Libby, Prop.U.Rcn :

r riQ 4

: ... .
__ __ t
_. --


.. FR1DA Y.

r 1 I lI ) W HAT T Q'nF tr J J?_ __IJ 'S TAR K q

Barry .......y Inal.llallun ea Wa- SAVE TIME CONSULT THIS DIRECTORY

Lung Ho7 Tells klus Hot" !In the as Mouth.........Pnalllcuaa.... .trlhate. .. ..... ...
I. Colonel 11: I' t.rl. andkU II
..... I
fl. mrm. .

rti, Story of Marines; I'olunel:mare: his Thorwald at role Colonel a I.truly the Carlxnn cinema punned, .pro-purtrayul. and- RECREATIONAL CENTER I We I I

,J Noah Harry Jr., and LavldI.rucs _. .
.. half-biothem who are .Ml
At Park Theatre rivals for the affection" o( lovely --- AMUSEMENTSBarney's hrothrr-ln-law and ..1..I..rlIIr. and Will
: 1.))..<.e McDonald carry, the roinuiiHo :Mr.*. It. J. tiooilff., Muniay, night I

dl lllxtory In mnnt ably record- {,tuition\... ...of....1.the. Ham film.I........... J. Snack Bar Drink Stand of last, u...k. behappy .
'. ..., .... amidMllb.r. Mr and Mm. Horace Varney ofJavknnnllle
Hit-hard !
p' ii for poMtvrity In UnlverNal'a Ihrlll.Ing .n..1.1.: The Milk Bottle
,.... were here Tu..a..yRnd .
\ film Jnnnr Ho!". I the WalterWarner .. 1"..........all..* .hat.f Ik* featureroleii darlac"murrrtllm" \\.dn..ay. of Inrt week vlclt-
1 protlui-llun that Am.r- ...... that alrurk terror Offers FOOD Inn/ Mr. and :Mm.\ K. I>. Jones and
the flr..t) offeniilve action of Something .
and M. Varnex.Mr.
Mr Mm.
I.' Ik krarla ofbr Jap
,1 lea again/ Japan In the darlnffMarine and Mm. HOUR Wynn were
raid Makin Island. BarrlaoH.lOxiellent .to .
Corps on
C. D.H..r..r ,
In Lake Butler visiting
photography Camp Diner
l "ilunic lIu! opens loIu"d..y1t .
:1P1 1 reallum to the loathe liveries, | and baby sun Munday.Mr.
In Hierke.Uaaed phlc
.'I the Park Theatre thorn Canteen and ;Mm. W. H. !Smith: andhlldren
of which are Different'The
... OM....Ik* e plut..f Carl-. outstanding and went to JackHnnvllle Sunday -
4 1"r 31V. .rnprrlallr a.I... Ike Iralned brave fromf Marine* also aboard the the hand-to-hand giant nuomarlne slaughter of Come And Get It ( to visit. lItr.ihnllh'. mother. x

lr ', that dealrored retry J.P and .the Japanese. Huack. Par located on yJpl .j ._ _. :Mm.' W. H. Smith wa In CalneNvlllo o OBI
--- ------ -' Street In the UavlH Motel Building/ Kitty's PlaceMilligan's Tuesday uf last week on
--- --- ---- -------- -- opened, for bUMlr.eHN thla Wfrkunclxr . :
'I I the nianuKfinrnt of Mrs.t'ellna .. buxlneiia.MM.. Oertrud' Hrawner of Kentucky your H qI"4
,. 2 TRY OUR .. Uehrlnir and MIH. MullloHnyUer. spent a few, days this weekvtxltltxr .
Park CafeBaloney rfi'aDdmotlier. Mrs.
; .
Mr. ttaydrr ,. particularly well o
I'flltt Jun>
t': known Inhe! cllr, ....1.. operated Harry .
anark kara In Iwo of flieI C
MO .'a". hrrr torture ifulmm lo/obiiMlavMM Snack BarMaude's gillselections
Chili -- ......
fur hrrnelf In lk "
..... '
liar, n env lltll placewlek Place
.. _
a cuntfor/able kura. atm apkrr
{ *. It kaa been altrarll ryrrdecoratrd X H
.Hot GIFTSGislain's ;;
,, Dogs = ,In'a egg kits In and freak v.klt luoklaa. 'mad rvb kaaIka '
; .|>an nppraraacv brrakffant nook.off nplo* and ......

,,r .Hamburgers.Coffee Mra. Dehrlnir and lilt.... Snyder fromour
announced: yesterday that they willpseIMllmie Hollywood Camera & Visit Us I '
$ In ntittltlouH I and aavory Gift
t breakfaMt. ... which they will begin. Shop -' x
to nerve early a* (:.30 a. eat andHaludH for
and di'llcatexHett wandwlcheNcontlnunUHly . National Army Store ... ......

"COME AND GET IT"J. mldntahl.Tha/ from that hour until The Stag MILITARYSUPPLIES itttractiveassortments n
.. "Snack liar menu will alsofsatura 2I
Hour cream nerved withvegutablea
4'''; .:I W. Griffis!', Prop. Next to NCCS-USO or cheetie.Only Victory Military Supply

.. ... ., ... ..... ...... .. I the freshest mid moat. wholeHome -
- - -- - --- --- Ingredient' will "'It used Inprepurhitc Wonder Gift Shop and of
''I .. all food nerved at the"Uar"
I'atruiia. JII...of Drhrlng the Hnack; ald. Bar willalso Bradford Photo Shop.MILITARY
be able lip purchase fresh rolls Shell Novelties I
: ] and real rye* and pumpernlckle. ; riq
HI '- VICTORYMILITARY I bread there thin, week.the. 'tnunaicvri aanoiiuced > SUPPLIES' for the Service Man

I GRAHAM Jewelry
i National Army Store NATIONALARMY I
By Mrs. Eva StricklandThe The Stag

' annual lied CroHa I>rlve In Perfumes )
SUPPLY Victory Military Supply '
now In prriKrena. I t- ,
; The Ked Crone l is. with our men Gislain's I
I and women, "over there" and needs
Cards ;; y
J29 W. Call St.. our help. Seasonal '
I.i Our ehare 'la 1200. I'p to date PHOTOGRAPHYBradford 0
we have only $30. If the IcedCrnsa STORE fIJ '
'iif la to May with our. bovn, : .
' Everything Come in and guts., we must Bland by with Photo Shop I

, ., for theService and get our Kifta.L. Jewett Foirir of. Qu..rl..r.lI1a"terll' Hollywood Camera & I 125 E. Call St. Bee Gislain tto
I Office Columbus Jnd InvlHltlnir Gift Shop
t '" Man AcquaintedSUNDAY hl. mother Mrs Millie fIJ
of '
FORK.Mr. t:)
and Mra. Itoy Reynolds andchildren THEATRESFlorida '
the week-end with
t. < spent
his brother. and Hlnter-ln-law Mr, II 5j 2
and III.... Frank Reynolds of Iteddlck. -
MONDAY :Mr and Mm. David Durban and Ritz "
children of JackHonvllle were vliilt-
TUKSDAY: lug her mother,' Mr.. Millie. FogKn".r Park
MARCH the w..k..nd. ygo
Mr. and Mra.\ J.P. Itolierta and
12, 13, 14 ion of llrooker wets visiting ,',01- TAVERNSBob's
'' STARKERINGING atlve here AVelena.Hundny.Minn Padfcett. of Haguespent
The the weekend with her miami.pnrenta Tavern i
1 Mr. and l )1.... J. H. Sur
l rencyt Davis Hotel & Bar. and be -. >
r J Screen'sGreatest MI'''. Florence. Johnson and datiKh 'JordansHBarMilligan's M
ter spent the weekend with MIN.Johnnaifa 1
mien. and daiiKhrer-ln-law I OiIt
Mr.Waldo.MIH.and., MI-M. fred, Johnson: ; mill t Baloney harryMaude's MERRY.with .-

Irene Huxhloper. ) and daughter > ..PlaceSA1JIPSON !
} of JackHonvllle npemtlnicHoma
Glory time with her mother, :MIHJeff t
I n ((1" ImvlM who la Hick. We are" -] 1 1I
f w Story glad to say she In Improving. CITYBy o

tit ', ....... Louise Varnea
.e. .. ..
\ Pock Warren: :Mrs H. J. Oi ""idK
and little Itay Harper were BALONEYHARRY I
supperguesta 50D =
Now MAKE YOURSELFAT of Mr. and JlI rll. A. V.Name .
HOME at New ltlvn Sunday: night. .
U> "
J :Mr. ftndIr... EtHiir Wynn and I
It AT F>tnkVarren from, here and :\h'.
mil :Mm.. I* H. Harper' of Homn- w
own were In JaikKimvllle Hutiir- IUJ
t Can lay night ,,1.JUn&Ir.: and Mix.K. :\ 2a.
KITTY'SPLACE r. Ilerper.FI'ee1111111 . ;
V'arnev tot .MIXHHKPIJIx | | !
BeTold the supper (Client of his
i 3
I .
Temple Avenue I


o.., ''h
+w Starring WE SPECIALIZE IN TAKE IT s ,, :::1


s Also CHOPS AN ALLURING Steaks and Chops

LATEST WAR NEWS Grass Skirt i ......

FRIED SHRIMP IN LUSCIOUS'" Prepared "Our" Way io '

i 1VMi.' Thura. March 15/ 16 TROPIC SHADES Will Make You Come
P '.1 89O


y),, 1 With Marlene( ( Dietrich SEll; OtJR _Open 4 P. M. to 4 A. M. In


i "Strange Death of Adolf Hitler" PIEAll WOoden .
: pifl se8nTiro .,. RELAX and REFRESH I

: Kinds of Sandwiches Fro, ,.,. f" .
With Ludwig Donath & Gale Sondergaar f-t" : '"
K :' r I can: earv for added
efficiency fa
LEE frahtf..1N next day i iI Ct'rIIJ

,_ ;
l ----------'"':"'- --------.---.-------..

J ; HAVE YOU HEARD ? ----I t 1I ( = : ,a
(I) .,
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; g\LT.'fi:
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6:30 a. m. to 12 midnight
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We'll sell 'you

Serving ovenfreshSalads ROLLS WONDERGift\ We Serve

and .
.- Sandwiches
or a (loaf of real I Coca-Cola in Town"Call

that are really "different"Our rye or pumpernickel ShopNext St., Aero** from Western Union .
place Is the. nearest thing to .

"Drop in and see us sometime" Door To BARNEY'SDRINK

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... .-.... _..- .. ..
-. .--..- .-- -..--.-..- .. .".."- . ..._. .. _.....,_..... '. .

-- ': )i -- YJ (Ii //1 ." ,.!Ifj ,' V
j' :,r 'Wi 111.! / :\\: itI.
*\ '

.,'_.,IP. _' ".."' . .. ."."... .... .;/ ..."---WL, r ... ... ..'.... " .-.. 'iW"IIo't"N', ....-k":'!"' ;\\1-' .. .... ,,.: . .:l!.!..".",. ... _.:. . or JLyy '' .."" w....' . .. "! '\J .. .. .. ...



( MARCH 10. 1M4 .. ..

rND l i l WHERE TO FIJ I D. I T. . I

-- -- -
..... . In JmkHonvllle "Suturdtiy.Uev .
.. -- ---- - end,
...nl-ly liwaiiMe-- Df--their- --devotion----for wile two year. old. A color Hchenwt van, CLAY HILL \ M. i" Howard" wan visiting Junior . O. J. ItaulerHon Mile spent, andfilled the
each other. Fame, honor and' aqua, white and pule yellow decoration , 1 1.11.. last weekend weekend with C P. 'I
money, wlilih they could 1 have had carried out In t.ble mid guest cake woreu Rv Lura UurgrasCorrespondent| i Mr., and Mrn Jack 'V Ilk In"1\ .his regular church appoint'mentn. ,

Curie' With Greer Garsond In Init fabulous to them.;aiimiintN All! tl.ey and;. meant their ever wanted work liolh-, cute weather*little and was the aqua almoBt honor unit. ..11.rmlh.Althouwhth and Lura Uurgeiia were nhopplnc .

wan their of these love, they gnve. 'Ihrworld little folk.., attended bylthelr mother . "sl'11o01." MTt OKNTNKttlOl for Good Time?
and out and
full force ahappy Looking a
rarent gifts, tar *, turned "''I."
of It. .
Florida one time w"1al1 by'thY youngBtern. Kdwln.: radnett. lit year old HOIIof
Walter Pidgeon Blum In rcllrl.gbe life wf MarieMklod Spunky iveelved "'>'M. book!Mrs.Mel.eudoll Herbert 1'udKett. wan HerlomlyInjured Come toMaude's
socks mid caidi. truck that theywere
.,..... lovely Parla reanir hrlulnatberP Polishgirl War Stamp nerved I Ire cream. unit unhlnn when. attempting a to utait,
Is who came In ,
Pidgeon In "Madame Curie" fur her KUeyi'H'Mr. started and ran over him.
and Walter could lii ae.9thlMiK cake to suddenly '
ER GARSON to gleam bright .... bttt phyiilre* iMatheiMalleH nwUPoland. and Mr.. II. M. lllchnrde andihlldien It broke one leg and i-ru.h ,d four...
me combination outtndingheentertainment treat of then Mlm Heroes bait a .1. <. and Mm.. A. M. ltlchardeapeut rills' tie wan taken to the h"> Place
ofan rwundedton ... ..iid. In Javksuutlii.' Ville..nIn Jnckiionvlllitlie
rlealr k- Ht
the nromlse and "Blossoms In the ..1.. oat IK *terr the we family |ltnl ( nicely,
Miniver" .. recoverlnir
stars of "Mrs., arllwtrr her 1.1.eat eitpeclwlly to attend a IH reported
the going
.. For brought together again In a beautiful love. atory.I. ... . .. *an the an estate....r...... H. portrait eneompune leuiiloii. the occadon be I In K theblrthduy Kdwln In a pupil of. :Miss.He Ruracyw Wn
been parlrallof :Mrs II. M. lllvhardu'prather. the IIlh grade. was
have - - --- fall aueallnic of and NCCS-USO
bet a from
which will cad ", ( url" warmth and curie the woman II. the honor .
to.IIW. of great Moilame *J unm1'llId..n
d..m '
Theater wereprearu6 : died ahuuttitre.
Florida ii"Ij-; mother
at the the *uiipenii tend"rne"M'1 eeleatlM.I'ldKeon'a and year
midnight. and at Con.fperforniancea told against lY. rharacterlxullnit alto. and left five children. I. \
be lnnln. at\ ground of a scientific of complimentary the ohy, neimltlvv, lo landing" \ for entrance . yenta Me In the oloVM. 'Ills.mother Temple Avenue
Monday discovery lnif >
and the On K HIMandK
Sunday without parallel aniimlnnI'lerre her
\Ick on url.'. beat-a.,ller Marie and Pierre Curia Hometlme. tilnmlcally Into the nervlce" lest' Wednvmluy before :\II'M." l,;d .
Eva (: radium. nature'. l'urle l.. one of the topperformanceH tlrljtiulun. wait deferred Tanner, slater
srd on of K. V.
of her mother Marl. found the key to one secretsFOOD of his. moat carefully guarded together.. makethe U liar Beer .a-.a
lcally' "love story and IMdneon. accepted and
U 1" b Oaroon fascinatingly was . I.oulmi Sinlth the ('layCounty
of (lie Curie his! cull.MlHK
... ...r ------t story waitintf for kax Assessor visited fluv
--- real. Florence' Curler' (if Jfb u|> hour. or morelimt
for an
Prominently. featured neethrne who has hernlKltlnu hercoiiMiiM Hill School She It fllllnK. lierhiiHhnnd .
llwllrMooii la.
of ( Thursday
moat eapable Mr. and Mm.!' J. 1. Hob '. onltlnn nltly niul Good Fellowship
FIT nftnrxi llanellny H |> very
1i Whiny ehnravlvr. n....,. lleldon of IIIHOII, I..ft'I1..d.llHHlliiwxuiul\ ..) to Seville upend. sour'Mute withother people over. here like and her tearhemwere wrynmvh.
In Ihlldren
MlnUee") and Hr-rr Tra- The ,
otatlonniHKlee rrlullxeH.Cpl eHoectnlly Kind 1 to nee her.The
ernla. ro.e-growl.g; 1011.111": .. Normanwan
of "Ira. 1I.h.r..1 asthe lleonte. lluiifle small mm of Kddle
of Pterrel "'. Aubrey > VlvlunVllBuu, ltvd truss workerat MerlntiHly burned when liepulled
parent Lord Kelt In.friend Itlitntlinif: Mr. suit Mm. I >iHhitdd a pot of hot coffee iM',
for smith Albert and suit uUIUIien of pit nrke and his vide and l arm
.. furleal m-aldlnv
a balsa liniuermau the an ,,0.. kladlyprl.eYese Air. und M''.... Mnlllo\ Urirfllh. iti.diHinlly I Miss flora May F.unlce .spent THE
.. hobrouaht Kuei.lio folUK.The
ana kin te % of rtu tlrovj.wetw the weekend with
Marie and Pierre. <*nrletnaether Air. anil, Mrs k.. A. (IrltftlhMunduy. st hol at flay Hill I... happy
Owen Wllklnmm, a VthItrade
n il HeKlnalil to have Jimmy
of ">lr... now a iitiitleiitHi of Jerk Wllklnnonbuik
narden buy-.sou
: the air raid !Miss llelly.JKHuf ('h.1. ..,-- roninienouinent '
Uermie* Tech. It"t. nrhool The "
II."I." Itr. Henry 1..14. l'V. and -
KINGNutritious nmrledIbe llorilon Johnston the nth glade will he PARICAFE
e\perlntenl. of Camu for
} I .1.whose I Ira \lleiiuvli-l (
of radletm. ,, guests o .
iHl 1
fortes as their quent trees week: April Jl.Mr.
lluuvler.Mix. Hunter, and wife of famp
air I nnd Mrs! J. A Wednemluy.. He retmrtN '
and non. atJneksunvllle No. 1 returned
\ : lleene. llradley. weekendwith hiM father Improved. hut hiM. S. Walnut
the I 120
STATE FARM} Hl i-nt nelt'e died and they: attended
Tasty Inexpensive FLA. Mr. and all's. J. W mother Hundley.Mm. .rraura lU-year-old the funeral while In teor.gta. r
By. E. It. Bouvler : J. II. Treiulwelln furhut' .. .
J. M Hrudu-y 1 left u.... took Sunday
SOUPS DESSERTS halite. In Rtulliuli *, ila., Kev. an'l.r. F"iey Mrs. T.A. .
SANDWICHES MEALS : TIIOOP ('0"MITTKK IIOLlyIICMIraM exl..1, l Vlt here IIn"1 dinner with Mr. and "Eat at the Best
ORDERS FULL COURSE I :! :tllt-'I" G n in M UK nil IlrliiKon. I
SHORT Committee of Troop oleo. tUudley. t.I'

Open 9, to 9 Daily ,; ." I \ 104 The Hoy Troop,Sguula u.tlllg of America.at the Com-heUa over. IV the Fantherlnltrtl weekeml.Ol In Tampa 'WOO DL AWN II:
!: .
Wedliendiiy night .. 1II. lllciutide ,utrrtulurd1"Irrlr Myrle UaftiMSMr. And the Rest"Yn
tmmlty\ Iloune A. Dy forget
except Tuesday :-IUII.U. 1. EatSttlh'e; 1 \dl, ,\KU": lvlw/ a ut lha 14I1U.I alspltstChurch Mrs.M I Ir I

.1 were hell oil, o Vttrlou f Scouting imiiei-tti In of thedevelopment 'the. B. sparks'ru..d"y it'd afternoon.the deVotluuul.I : and It.Mr K .Wllkliidon O I i and 'oulll\"I..r J. 1' .' InelnlrrPi\ 1Vere pteselltAalts vltlnir(
Community 'ulll't ern '

I for Warren his auc.eaa was warmly with the i-ommemled advancement JI... 111.11'\1.:-- .) 'HI'I\II'I1. ..I\lhl.. asslsted pitilcb nail\ \! : '
of the sleeted tunerve Z;i&t"" r ;
woe ;
Hryanhltfleld 4.// 'HIM.
l.Diil U lleililliiK
of the Troo.it'ommUtce : flKt. 1
as c'hutrmnn \ Ix tI I si I II nil: hi.lirothtr < lare
OlllluK1111'1"" 1"'roudxr II :
fur the (: :
J. S. ItfdilhiK.MlHneM I +
other nitni"v
year, anil -lhpr: I'luwii and' M'l- ?
Noith :
Wt N ,, alwaysWELCOME
follow; lulrlioHliloiiN
l\un-il nil n>Hl tiiil
Hlchurde, O. M. Crew8.Vluiide verna' 'I'hurnlogahuia Trierphone S
M. Mluike
It. with the .
Tchiie . Itrudley and
Juhn'J M
: John Qodwlii. The Troop I.MondayAchnnl uponored -* ;\11.. lOxiliiimcriHfM Aleuy I lei,It und NanevKnlghl
by the Caintniinltv :StiuK, were week-en.l
UKuperlntendcntr vt
,, of which It. II. l'ox Hue nod Prgurl'lhdwrll SI
with l'1.. Tutor)', gueslwof .MIsxO.lln. :
.. Superintendent. 1 1 anlilaiiKhlrr i'
,\HM rlate elected.T. Mrs.: I'hnrlen. M. Tiii-ney. Jr.
The Troop of Jarksunvlll'iwurr I
rre ...ntSronjmuHter JOUIUIH
HB AnnlHt ...
to nerve
. K. Eiisthum; subject to hla urrept.nnre. . guests of ale and week.'W. Mr'. Turney -
: ni'il several I days
I... )'. "Whit pnu'n. Cwu.ollpnu. II Htrlnitfellow\ left Hiuul.iv.. ..
V nf Aatunc-enieiii. -- AtlHIlllwith t
__ .... .. ... P'O'r-- --..-.------S Chairman ed I I the meetlngr. and Plan the upoUhrlefly .nub to spend flit u.dmiKhter few. days, Mrw.;I 'III (leorrf.MnnnHHit. .. .
with the 1'1..111. on --.. a t --- 't ... tt
of adtaiicement.Mm. .1., A. Mciuvler, wllir
fret Mr: snit" Mrw. .
.. 10 Mhi inl I this week fur n VII.Hlion
'U"'I'II"pR'ru MnnJo
: U. .tS. Crew .gave. a pretty.ltld..llrcht..r. of, two will weekH.i take Mr over, Ihli.
for her little e ei( .year fuldwell roriffpomlenl i...
e..r01ln.I! 0".11. ,). :\Mart. column In till Is
of hlldreiv 1- .licence BAR
number i amililldieil JORDAN'S
H. Unite a and StrB. H. It. donna
ill. but ten Mr.; Jackrout
v II cil were lined aM decoi.1tloiiH L-lixIa and, handy of -
were rMr.
roses guests
whir .
and the lrlhduy: cake ills Tueaday.
fronted I I In : IIn,11': *. Ht M. Ulchnrde. . .
tulile was .
centered the The children enloyed . M'.... Klflwde.' M. A MUlflmvile. '
and white. will return !
pink' Kam... In the yard and the. Jane and! theory will, them In< Starke Florida
,;:'. honoree opened her KlttiIce to JackMoiivllle 115 W. Call Street ,
little afternoonTAKE
the cream and cake were nerved "y lay until_ Thursday. .

....; . tbCJlustrrr. Paddy Libretti: Manager r
Mr*. R. P. McLendon\ llltl
afternoon for her
nelson (spank) wh
Null, James


1 forPLAY

d I Cooled

I Beer

STOPat -



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... t ,
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AreSomething ....

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To .

E. CaD St. Starke CrowAbout \ Sets Sets

E. B. ", .

"The House of Friendly. Service"and "Start The Day Right" .,.. Watches ,

be treated right CAMPDINER MILLIGANBra 3J1 nr faster (!gtftB



II Corner Call & Church WITH COURTESY

.U- J. VP A < *

1 U['

The - Photo 3
f( ; _'

MILK BOTTLE ", ShopSTARKE JEWELRY . . . . Lockets: Bracelets, Pins, Earrings!


INVITES YOUR PATRONAGE FLA. WATCHES . . ., . . . New and Used, all guaranteed

NOVELTIES - Hand made Florida jewelry, lamps,
Western Union SHELL
I Next to compacts, etc.

SPORTS to, AMUSEMENT DevelopingPrinting LEATHER COODSCHILDREN'S Wallets, picture frames, cigarette cases'

The Modernized "Spill the Milk" Baseball Game r GIFTS - T-shirts miniature garrison caps,

FUN ACTION PRETTY GIRLS I! ..J!.. children's jewelry


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VALUABLE MERCHANDISE PREMIUMS W 12 Hour Service J Expert and Clock Watch: The 'STAG Wrapped Packages and I

a TO SKILLFUL PLAYERS ,. ExpertPHOTOGRAPHER REPAIRING "Everything; g for, the Soldier MAILEDanywhere 'I :

Tn'rATED FROM WESTERN UNION ON CALL STREET All work guaranteed Including a Square Deal" in !R ,; I I. i

ACROSS. For Portrait Work Fast Service 137 W. CALL STREET U..S. A.

'. 11

- - - -- -- -

', {b .. ,', ...,. .-" .. .,, ,, 'r .,.,.. .... [I)" ..
/ '
,,4. '." ..r' '_" '",'iJI, .,."".. ".. "C'<'" ,. ........"" .I .110'w. " ...."r"".


....OF. F.'O--T ___ ..... __ ._BRADFORD. _ .COUNTY TKLEiK.PJJL STAICKK. IWICLD. __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _FRIDAy._ >
--- --'- --- --- -- - .
-- ; = =
- - - -

: ; t !I ties nf title office In T 200 feet wide, will reerv<:d t HTATK (.) FLrRIDA to: Samuel North SIS t8t. thence run West .fat Starke.Florid,4' 'iii-I '.
Impartial manner .." from any pare,'! thnnxh whl 1. h 'Jam" U"1'r..l.h"... residence ,Isol fIG feet thence run South 1 degree 11h. 1544. ."
I I I Ui.'lB an existing State llnnd :''h. 37jlh$ tA>mbliruiiri 30 n.llIl&tll East 47S feet I I I '"'
g ; support will be grenlly H"nb 1'ldn. thence run Kant. 6HS feet thenc I I As Ul"k fln(_
I and us to In tiavlsi , A. O. Post Master
.d, -J. A. I"nd. ('' t8J. '1
i 10 acre 10..1. one- New York Y. run South 204.3 feet to right of (0" "" ,
.. .. .. or flu.re. ,
I, FltU MClinitl. HII pKItI1EDET half of all' II and j Vial are required to appe't on nay of State Highway !n. 18.tiencu. Knight Kllght, : )
I hereby present tnvnelf AM a can VOle I III :VI'V rt X f : : petroleum lhr.efoiirths and r NI'tk' ; t
run North SO ?
( of 01 inlneiala will be March 20th 1944, In the a ove d.r. AU'I
dldMte for th? offlcw of tllIl..rllll"lI.'I i I lirvbv announce "' h.r 'nut4;t >4 minutes East said' State .
I enrvod.K't iiamMrl, ( and cause, whereinhil.tiuitltf
dent of Public Instruction. jiubjectt to stif'ceed inynelf an .. huusr-j 01 alonl |
tor of llradford of K4! of H1i'1 of $W',, Sec I seeks divorce' and Maiden ,. Highway No. la, 316./ feet tt
nt the voter In the County
?r r: Primary< th pleasure Klectlon: of May 2. 1944if :i I lb, Democratic' prlnmry ) within 21<<1 Twp. 8 H, Kg. Ht I.:. 10 AlienLois 1'1 Name, Itentored Bradford CountyTelegraph point of h"llnnlnt. ". .. ,'

I rip.-t.-ii t<> thix "Uh.... t win, HC Miy, 2nd. 1944 I h, t I e 1. 1 i.f 'I.Ik II 1.11111..101. ,' shall r"LU..1 this. OrderIn I I b.I.and In ;'\ ( 11 L.,G8 paid. ,
next four " acres
niynelf In mun* render you faithful ', rrubv & COM tlh.II"I"I..n I < "e..k') 'oltUIIIln. ED.
nil I times rondurt a BAKE
: ' \Vltnenn. und offlilxl more or I." ; i
\ f MOVi I i H, Kg 2.W. my
fIn ficient' sdvlce
the promotion < na ".C. SI. !
tier I'omlmlve I to your .
seal I at !Htarke, Florida, thin Februarv I YOU AND BACH OF YOU.whether .
'tnI'. .
l'' I c.ItJeit6. i $lunal. nvntt>m n f tlilH I earnestly solicit
solicit and nnpimi and. If .. ... Realtor Ixit I In Kt-xlern. Addition to llth, 1544.ttFFZC1AL. knl" or unknown. are.hereby i iI . .. ,
: county I earnestly your HHiiiitin'. I 11$. 7 l4. I llst'! MI AJ.) A. J. Thomas that a suit him : cV .
'c. \
c vote and nunport.MKLVIX. continue to render ) .., ,., 1"1' AR ,'I..rk nt .nit! CIurt. I keen brouirbt iKTHlnxt. you In the I .1. ." ,
P. FUTCHI mirtlie as I have In t I -- : Flunk,: Lindium Htarke. Fla' Circuit Court -of Bradford County, I IKlnrlda
Tl'M I I' TiJl14'l'Arl : Aty. for Plf. .1.1 4t 3-10 j In Chancery Case No I-
;. I'UII C'U''V''' ("DHUlWIIlt!, : POll ('()-I'fb' Jl with : lIt' 1.'r.tll'\. 01'. 24. by F. U. Jones plaintiff, and i
hereby .Announce niv cnndldnrv C o m lete A. J. TruntemI. you and each of you aiedefendants _
$ To my manv trl. "," p ..hn.n..; ICIKfl'IT I'Ol HT,
for I otmtv Coinnilnnloner. from fl''ls- tiortuin of itrsdford, t'ccli, i 40 curlers I. I. I?us I',, fold C'ou ii ty. 4 Ol .1..ORIU\r \0"0111 ; that the r..l..t nought
Inn No. 2. Hiibjwt to *the will of ,It t. In said suit Is to con.
.. qul..t
Inn 1..mm"'IU Ic votein In h.* primary to oipienn, and my thankM; I I to do ab. ( Kit: Y. firm plaintiff title ." abuvedescribed I
nupnurt announce Lillian Mutnny, Plaintiff' vn, irv.log

( . piotnlse election.to help Miy administer 2. If. electedI the dacy for rs-.iu.clIcut.. |I ) Praise by llll.tllKOIIIt 4'01 "...,. "" ..U'IIIU.l. I ( Mac) Mutany, Defendant. Case fee simple.' land title, as and an you indefeasible are hereby .
for another
".,\ affalrH tit th* entire county In an I Judge h..,... and denlre. to I Fay Mc. ( Ii' i 01 H'r. No. 2989. required to appear (personallyor

,. .' honent, fair and "."...r. manner to ....rve the good I..o".t I star I"I .. HTKWAIlT.Plaintiff; OKHEU OF Pl'BLICATION by .scttorney'in said.. Court and _
thi l h..t of mv sbllltv Your vote ''In the . AND XOTICR TO APPKARWTATK cause on March. 27. A. D 1944 or
It, ,.,." active ntipoorl, will b greatlynppreclnted mid economical carne' I efficient satisfied -v. OP KLOH1DA to: irving the allegations/ nf plalntlff'a sworn ..4''cta'
] ni r In ', and k
liipiisl M !>->fendant.OIIOHM .
-n. I Criiwford.NltKIIII'l 2 Clinton ft., New York City. *
: : \: tinned support., and OK PUBLICATION as .ont..d by you. The ITHdford

I; 'I .0.1 : coming QimljflcatIOIIM,prlniMry, election....,,,,,...,.. I OR SELL HTATK.ANI NOTIC'K OK KIXJItlKA: TO APPI3AU;AnnMeliMhvck New You York are. ,required to appear on County hated an,Telegraph the' duly .qualified hereby d."II<
:: to: March 20th.. 1944, In the above
'In which thin notice shall L
To The voteis and cltlBens ofIlritdford perience nf cnnilldtttvn' J beef cat ftewart IUt5 iplawreStreet named Court and .."u..... .h..lnpl..lnUrf paper .
I he week for
published once each
: ('nunl) : I I termlne.I "for whom yini 1'.nn."IIla.
""r1 I I hereby Announce my cundld I'cy! :I I vole' In any election.' get In''' .III 14: : tcr.n'un.' : I., Minor seeks divorce. ITadford and Custody CountyTelegraph four cona"Cltv. weeks prior to _

t for ie.elictlon to the office of I Since I been' S I Jr., Y"ii are required to on Chid. said .
''fI t Hherlff of llradfoid County. In I I i Judge T AVt"'I to : :::: ;!: April 5th, In the above appear named publish this 041"In Wln."" my hand. and official
second .. : : ; 204 Lake 1H. next four weekly issuea.WitnesS .. Stark, Bradford County,
: whlrh I u>m now nerving my :J: office for the bent t' lerm. Nlnce tny election as your peoplA and County, and ; Lake City. tiff seeks dlvorca.. H r a d ford my.. hind and officialnenl Florida this lint day of February.
l-herlff I have Ht all times conducted elect me It In m, .. Coiir.ty Telecraph puhllnh thin at f'arl. .Florida thl* J'ebru..v A. I D. 1244. A. J. THOMAS.
,, the duties of this' most ln- I'llnue.. to conduct It ".. 'I Tuenday Older In next .h..1" InnuenVIMienn ., Clerk of Circuit Court. Bradford
''l portant office In a fair hon..et. for the bent Interest of : ; Thar- \ n, tilr hand and) nfflclul fOFFI"I.\ SK\f.) A. J. Thomas County, Florida II
(. said Court.
>nn"* >>
"'In n seeking re-election I a'n ? J'J. K. ': Slh, !) lark.. "arel WII'a"' D. Murlron. .Ja..k"onvl. T. Frank Landrum, Attorney for
. for .
111% r.*ctiril" UM your $ ,.r'l ( .. / J. ThOMAS t Plaintiff
; .tA.
; i iiir the |mxt eight yeurs. :: ; ilark of nald Court.; I 2-11 4 8-1 Candldatii,
j "which 1 "Hnve. nt all tlinun ". 'IRTIT roi'HT. IV CIRCUIT CO SIT. BtltDKOIIU
( klf4Ah
I '< i' n a manner that I feel free/- to I take this meiina I J" *"licit your vole and mipport, Inthe i my candidacy for the. Co., : Attainey for Plaintiff. 3-10 41 tEStY..bohn t. t'FHV.Deorge GOVERHO
of May 2, 3-3
election .
: :4' primary of .. David Oaddy. vs.Kthel T. Olr. vs. ..AnnaR.
sheriff Hiadford { Plalntlt.
". "I! 144. I have. served as Hherlff. 'Inone In tn the- will of the '"", lOtp 4-21 NOTICE) "'0 ('IE.UTOIU I tiaddy. . "PI..lntlt. 'aie No. Oore, .. ; Mo, 2Hu.!
; nf the most trying times .. All de.mands ORDER OF PUBLICATIONAND :
In pemone
Hradford and era primary h..vJnl .1..1" f" A sensible Civic
the history of County for 2960.ORDER Lodir
tl against of
2. 1M4! If elected tie thl .tal. Chailey
InvlU** you at any tlmo to Invent! 'I of high renponfilbllltv. I Five-room Dink' Inn, deceased arc hereby required ) NOTICE OP PUBLICATIONA.M TO APPEAR STATE OF FLORIDA to: Anna Stat Senator who 8im! f_

.at. mv record. I have workedat charge the diitlei of the. and notified to file their' !STATE! ) R. lore, hone residence Prosperous and Grtittr FluYOU'LL
& I. i4theiGaddy JllI
1 all times to make. Bradford the .bent of mv ,.ability t *, water, claim In the office of the County hone residence KLOItlDA I.to: F. Street N. B., WashIngton .
respectable ,plitce to live. ,
I County earnestly a ,solicit. vote and fair. and Impartial. small Judge of Bradford County, Florida, South Carolina.You You are required to appear on j
I ,
J t your March WANTTlBe
the at 20th. 1544. in the abovenamed
J ,
| vole and I active "" t'OI1..hol..e NI""k. required to .
2. 1 llor. are on 1
support May Located .
I on .
ida Court
... ,1..1' and
S -A. O. ANDREI ffreatly' appreciated.sincerely._ :_ ,..._.. wlhln. ...eight_ _, .. ... ..___ _h.h. Apri 3rd.. 1944.. In the .. .seeks divorce.cause whereinplaintiff
I .2trttui.i-- u. un, """ and cause, wherein Bradford
'*/I M.\ : lion of thla notice, or the 11' will tiff seeks divorce. Bradford County plain County T".rraph' shall publish I for BakeS
: von ('OI."VTV ('0'" ",.*IOililJHSTItUT pro-' become void a..cordln" to Inw Telegraph. shall publish this Order this four weekly
> '
t. : '! o' I Sherner.I Thin In four Issues
: At the request of nmny of my VlUt NHI! <:M"nll Ol- : I. R. Uf.Aln In., next .... weekly hand Indues.and official Witness my hand and official neal
Fla. my
\ 1 hereby \"n.
'1' friends, I hereby annutlnte my ,can- for re-election announce to the my I U f. Pinklnn. Starke, "Florida this let ___ _ _. -
' : rildany for County CommUnlonerfrom 3-3 3tp Kxecntorn of the Last Will and day nf - ----
Dlntrlcl Number Two (:NorthHtarfce Annennor. of Tuxen, and Testament of Charley Hlnkln. deceased lIRr..h.f.
\. solicit your vote and (Ot A. J. Thomas,
and If and
, Inlng that If I : Rabbits Z.1 4 3.1 Al Clerk of said Court.
you am
Kteoted.: I will continue. t< serve Prompt Careful Drive
t.. the bent of my ability KM I hnveIn and re-elected I will ..Iv. sed free. l-i fiit't-j'r. (i.i'n'r. Bit \n.'OR. T. Frank I.ndrum, $-Stark. Florida
." the pant. I wIsh!. | to thank my more vears of honest C 4-0-iTV. "' ..( U".' I l>> tIlN- Aty. for PIt 3-3 4t 3-2
t friends for their pant supoort, and Impartial service. < points. ('Nay. ,
.' hope that you will again. favor ma Thanking you for ... 10 Klnna- Robert W. nnnar, iv ( rot.HT. BR ,

c with your votes In the Mi>y Prl- and trusting a 2tp Violet Bonar., .. .. Plalnttt.. No VA, ( "'ltrl'I\ "LOnII.\ IV n"ORI l'Ho Starke Taxi Servic
c marten..Again. name, I amYours Ch4sLT.
? II thanking Y''''. I am. most .... 8950.onr>Kn OK PirnLicATiox Sylvester V. Richardson Plaintiff,
I 'i: Yours respectfully, K. Bramil- AND VM.
1 NOTICB TO HlehariUon .ten.
-< J.. I* fONNHR.: -- Bertha STATE OF APPJ.-1 .. dant.1.1.B.U. 2 .>! .
von $.' ..: Bonar, wbone IM 204 Ira ORDER OF Phone 150
i F. .11 f'o.r'll'I'' ('OSIMSIOutIIMTUJ'T : OK ..: .-... .%.... .-- 305 Av.., San tonlo Texan.. AND .NOTICE pf'nr.I"ATIO//

; 1 J TIIMKH: I hereby annouiu my 2-23: 4tp YOI are required to appear on STATE OK lo.UIDA to: Sally
I :. ''i wish to announce my candliut forthe office' of 2th. 1944. In the aboveflamed rVlt Richardson, r."ld..n"l ,Is
;illr ;
.' .r, 'y an member of the Hoard' of Heic'ntration for ,a t ( and cause, wherein 94 Hancock St.. Brooklyn :N. Y,
? I i I 'Ing Just recently been or write plaintiff divorce. Pradford' You are required to Day Nigl
:; bounty PommlnsionerM, District' 3, ...kl. appear on
t I t3. HiMith Htarfce, nubtfect. to the will' shy the Governor to till ] Rt. 1. County Telegraph, nhall publish thll April 3rd, IH. In the above named _
\ of the Democratic voter III the i'" plred term of lion. Order In next four weekly I. *. Court .". wherein plaintiff .

.,I' I primary" election. M..y.. I have I!!,I llngnworth resigned. .- Sam Wltnnnn. my hand and official.. seeks divorce. Bradford County - - --- - __ __-p__ __ _
been a resident of llrudfoi'd County The vote and active 2-25 4tp seal at Starke Florida, this Februarv Telegraph shall publish this Order
: : Ill. shIre 1AOO and thin. Is the) first I jail voteia. In the I> ,' 22nd., 1944OFFICIAL In next four weekly '..'...
: time T have ever asked. tor.a pub 'I IHe maries In May. are .",' .. and ( SKAI.' ) A. J. The man. Witness my hand and official
1. 4 oHh'.. If .elected I promise to : cited. A* Clerk of aald. Crult. seal at Starke. Florida. this 1st
I .,c':iIto. transact the affairs' of my dlntrlct I If elected I will T. Frank Landrum. Starke. Florida.' day of March 1944. '

1 .,",. and 'the county lit large In a fair form each. and every duty Arcadia, Atty. for Plf. 2-25 4 3.1 (OFFICIAL I SEAL) A..J. A SOLDIER
,,' : > "' and Impartial manner lo the, bent ed with the office In an I As Clerk of said Court. 'ho'
i, I I'': . of my ability. I will! greatly appreciate manner. 2-25 3tp IX ('IR.T ('flits?, O""U"'O""I T. Frank I.ndrum. Starke, Florida
: I '\ your vote and nupport. I Respectfully (OlN'i'Y KI.OItlDAI Atty. fur Plf. 3.3 4t
J -W, J. 'WOIIOII1 ']. I J. K. : .. I : l'I\ 3-2
'I 1 .. / ..... ..._..."...... JCY'7"a n.e. .._ I v mv im ww w _
,, : ; visit col' vrrIllntrlrl. .. ... .U. U... Zebedee; llefenrlant.:- (. ; IM CIRCIIT ('OIUT. BHAHKOIIU 1 WWI.
a ', \ :' von ('OlrN"I'O'l, F.R I One I .lr, ORDKR OK ; :2.7 *:ot >T_. FLOIUUtl l>, Ul.\-. in IHIS WAKEach
tilf Illntrlet
'.' :l I wish Ibrev I hereby. announce my ; I ANn NOTICK PUHLJ I V1482.:
,, to announce my can. Julia Williams, Plaintiff
for reelection va. Carl
didacy for Ruth
reflection aH a memberof 1.
It" County? (CommlHloner 1)1st .. Zebedee whole William, Defendant. Cuss No.
j the Hoard of County C'ommlMHlonern : ", eveiy residence I. Un .911. ,

M.: .. i't 1 Htarke).from Mubect) niHtrlut to the Three will (of South the appreciate llradford, County the confidence, Florida. b .at... and$12 known.You are required to appear. on ORDER AND OF PLHLI"TIOt worker in our plant Is playing a
.It vutera In the Muy 2 I er* have shown In me In WAHUIV March 27th.. 1944 In the above
c' ,, will appreciate vote primary.and I and ensure them that North of named C."rt.and ..all".. wherein STA'gO' FLORIDA tv: Carl U part in the nation's welfare to help safeguard
,' pnrt. and If re-elected yuur will continue MUI> I I will continue to btji|. plaintiff seeks divorce.. Bradford Wilam. "... 1..I.4lc.. I I.. Un.'knowl. '

,irt.( 'f fire to discharge to the bent the ot duties my Ability of the a.of I* J, efficient fair. of "and thin Impartial office. In ..DROPS:0. : '._ booth this County. Older Telegltaph i. .next four shall weekly publish Iasues. April 3rd.are required" to appear- on public, health. They are a vial
.c ff : have done In the Assuring you nf my- )', Apply 19. nam-
i I paveJ. vole and Witness .' so Court a ", wherein plain
your ,
', / I.. WTN.V.: Respectfully.aupport on neal at Htarke.n Florida hand and this official Feb tiff >seeks divorce. Bradford County force in maintaining Ameria's Standardof

P. It.KOH << to ruary 2,1rd UH.ftFFtCIAL Tulenrapli shall publish this Older
'IL'I, ."<>U fOI'VTVl ... .O"f.O.R! : : :
: __ .. calf Ar. In next four weekly issues. / Cleanliness in Protecting America's
p ) A. J. Thomas :
' ,' J . >l>lrll Tkret> ('V,148K1HCI': IT "... per .. ..rk of HI Court. > Witness my hand and official
I' wlih tu anniiuiuiB my candl I am a candidate for ... I I !: I"1: | T. Frank Stark. Florida seal at Starke, Florida, thIs let Without
,. : 'I dacy UM a inemhvr. of I III' lloaid nf to the office of Clerk << I for .nd..um.Plf. clay of (lurch 1944.OKFICIAL Health health, there can be no
,1', County C o m m ln-lonerx' HlMtrlct (Court nubject. to *Iitc w ; : : I II ) : .. .. bird, Aty. :, 2-25 4 3.1 ( t&AL) A. J. Thomas
Three. South, Htiirkv, Miibjert, to people In the next ). liuiulib IX <'IIIC-| IT An Clerk of said Couit. victory.
.the will ut COI HT, . We are conscious of the
the l '
I'puulirstIo v..t..rll1 HR"UFOIU "
ninrle*. I No. I. I'Ol'l,2' Frank Starke, Florida
; ) %, .n..run.
\ I In the .
Pilnmiy Illni't Ion, May I. I Indebted.. .I Irs. out Atty. for .
am to the ) \ ( KHV.Itnye 11' 3.3 4t
I': If. elected to thin offli-n 1 Mhnllitl'vliniKe I tlrlx ('.;iunt V for their' ?, ) I lip O. Smith.I 3.3 responsibility which is ours and we
mv ilnly I to the livxt uf '
\ : ' nupport and encotirnirenie Chancv (I. Smith, ).. PlaIntif1.. ORUKR: OK Pl'HL.C.TIO. ANDrOTI(14
n my aol : :{
I' will lie vote .l re-elected I will randeir ; ring, No. 2B48.OKDKIt. pledge ourselves to make sacrifice
Htipport. highly uppretlatml service In the office and ,, 14 K. OK PUBLICATION The state of Florida to: It. n every
'( occanlon. for vxpreMHlna.; ", tip ANti: NOTIC'K TO APPEAIl Strickland' J. M. Jones, James .
-It. U ..NI 14.; elation of your confidence. HTATB OK FLOltiLA to: Jones Fanny t\ Jones, Faille H to the end that our jobs be 'done in the

', :], J FOR for\Tv' > n.O'\l.n -A. J. :;; ; : ; ::,; : .I tyj. ><>- t>. Smith whole residence Ch..n'.. 2G9 .J one., Fnnnle It. Jonas. Mrn. A. D.
Jim. Andrews J. W. .
; : HUtrlel -' Maffltt Vlllaire.. Wilmington Alvar. William interest of
INjo. 4
.' T hereby announce that I wilt 'CIII ,...nl R.n OK I<(' ; \ '",,", Itp Carolina. B Rogers,.Jennie Hasaman. Wil bet our country. '

.c tie a candidate for HO %II I) You are ." to liam I'. Jones, Jennie Jonvn. An.dnw
re-election required appear on
: I (C'nunty( CommlKHloiier: from IXNtrlct aa I h<>r..l"v nnnotnice my !-I..ip. March 27th., 1944 In the above (U..n. Dr. James M Jonen, F.
Pour for School Mould member I | < 15).. named Court and D. l'oo..r. Fra noes D. P"o..r.
1 I clnctfl comprlHlnir uf Mampton I th ThereNnnand votingpre, ',rl 1.1 2. (comprl I IIIII' t... I I I I ; Wurrnn plaintiff, nceka divorce raiiae and Custody'uf "h.r..ln Francis B Hodges. Owen Owens, Starke Dry Cleaners & LaundryPhone

I. Oraham. If re-elected. I will .con *4tink, and TherenHii.. Vol !: lti| Minor Child County Owen Owens, Jr., Truby and Davis
iJ' ,. I tlnue to transact the duties of tithe clncta, nubjeft to the Telegraph .shall fr.dfort Order N. W. Ilacket J. W. Hodges M. It.
1' offlcf In tt. fair and Impartial man democratic Voter In I : | *. Knot In next four weekly I""u..thll". Llddon. Henry Mitchell. K. B. Al.wares. .
I .
ax I have niarleM In ?tta3.I a-10 Jt WIt hand If living, and if any of them
I ncr tried to lo In the n.. myi and dfflclal 28 M. Smith
I'" ,, pant. Your vote and will earnvatly MO!It It' your I .>. 'I lured neal .at & l Ktarke..Klorlda this be d..d. all parties claiming in .Junius
support Feb.
.. .
he greatly. appreciated, pporl and If elected 1 I I Ho\v ruarv 22nd, 1944. t.r..t .. any such deceased or .

'v'I': ; { C.rr CHASTAIN': ,'n'iittfe.. ...._ l...the.%d. ..dtitlea, .mu.. ."of''''u I .Plica lI.nti.B (OKKICfAL8KJ, -.I.)_ A..J. .Thoman.nn otherwise._..,.__.. In__..or_ to _the_.,, land.."he...- j Starke, Florida Proprietor
M'I -' -- .to : : i'--, \ "ro 01 .. {'ourc. . .u"nu. .n' .u un. .
I :.?' 1 tj .. COUSITY: (.'.M31li4UoKfl! --t:: ; ( j>t J. H, Marrlnon. Ucknonvllle.: Flor known pernona ..Ialm'na' : any right, .
title . .
for p or I..nd.;
Ik ,p'. 'V' UlBlrlrt 4.. II KOII ":"'''' / '\ )'': Ale: Id."Aty. t 2.2.t'3.1 which landa are situate In Brad
b .
t ''t9. t.. heteby announce my candidacy .... ptni.ii: IMHTHI ( .1 thoun iv ror\Tr Jt'nfii-r COCHT ford County, FlorIda. and described .
,Jr'r \ for County CommiNnloner of I>IH. I am a candidate for tfo* '18. IM 1F. It FOR as follows: ,
.; trlrt No. a comprIsing Prooker Supei Intendent of Public lIp RR\U"OII .
''i "'4. ..t 1'01'XTV. "" .nun.TO Commence at the Quarter Section
and New" River I'reclncta nubject I tliin. wubjiut to the will .
,' WHOM Corner on East Boundary
to the will of the Democratic Votm :'leopl. at the next ,,""; "' Notice Is Section 32, Township 8 South
(; In the Primaries. In Mar. nuirleit. My xjievience and' . U10 3t hereby Ilv.n that I ,
: have filed mv Range 3 Ea-t. thence run :North
: ."r t The vote and active nupport of I hi Mi'h(,ut I iiffail 1: la so"hiii 1 t ::; Fina A"culntlnl an .61 f"et. thence run 'South 89

k the voters In the ill-lrJct "I'. earn 'our connlderatlon.. . If that John Admlnlitrnlrlx A. r>ohm nf degrees and 40 minutes Went 4H6
and will
r tly MolUlted and I promise if will NTlvu mv whole time. 5 each. feet to of thence To
27th point beginning The
::4 , elected. to dlachirwe. the duties of ind I litisi tnt t to better .... .. ,'r.B of day of March. 1944 make application run South 89 degrees and 40 minutes Boys Over- :
the office In .. '. Ja... .to the. County Judge nf
' flip dod Impartial, in ecriiiiimlcal, I a ii in I n it.t rat | Bradford C West 242 feet thence run
.. 0 u nty Hon. E. K.
nianner. Itp
\ my e\ent 1 will retain.
,y, ;'1k t -*f. o. HAnnnu Interest. In and. give my said Peiryman. for Final Discharge as. seas Should Be Mailed At

lp t t tion to our Mchool !! Admlnl"lr"t..11.toINIIIE ,.
,'" I FOR (-o\xr\Mi.K.... ..,...... t program.M. K. :, .. :and .\ : ,D. OAROIllER:
An ,
\ I hereby .announce mv candidacy I "m: Ki I. Once''
for the office of Comitabla John A* Dohm,.uPeceased. ELECTW.
of "ltrlct ,l- KOH (rorvrr 'U; : ptdod
I ,11 No. 1 comurlMlnir the Voting To the ltlena and .. i one 2.2 4 8.1 .
Preclncta of .. -
awtey North Starka! I Itindfoid County h : .I. In
; l', and !South! Sturke. mibjert. to the I heivby nnnouiifa my cut kll..wlul IV (.tRCT'' COI'HT. RRAIIFOHIt See Our 'Fine
I k' will of the DemocratIq( Voters III for the office uf Cuuiitv ,. ('Ut''II'ry' FLOR'I.1'1 CH\\- M. (MITCH) .'
-- he Trimarlea In May uibject to the .action of the Fla <'.:,5 V. lit
, The vote nnd active mtpnort of nit lie May primary Itp FI'"ab..lh' O..I"ra"d..n. Brier., Plain. i
I all Democrat In Maid. 1)1..lrl..t are I urn a ItrKdfoi-d {' "n. Vincent Francis Brier, De Large Selection
J'f earnestly solicited and I prom I..... mil, have **r\ed you In ,,", utt on fendant Cane No. 2931. EDWARDSYour
4'.' If elected, to iHt-harice' the dutlenof Sot h In 'business' .and' a* .a at U". OKDFR7'OPPUBLICATION! -. ,
the riffle*
partial manner. ind' ability to nerve yon OF FLORIDA to Vincent '
-:J. I* SIkCOX. 'ni|",,'c..n'. office and tunni "' STATE whu... !I. Also. ;

r FOR rO"f-r\i'i'L.: : ,' fair. efficient. and, ''''"1'1.. Stp % Mrs. Jonephlne Iler.re"ld..n.... Pa..kv..nu. '
: HIST. 1 nliiUtratlon.. I have .\ Deer .2
L'' no Park, ., Tork. .
hereby announce mynvlf HN n rlmt "I' stones to throw You L C
are required
r". ., candidate" for Countable. Dlxtrlrt' 1 ind will nerve you In the canh. March 17th.. 1944, In appear the above on A Fine Selection
4Starke, awtey and Hetlbronn) lays a right to expect.W. namad Court and. causewherein Copty
KUhject to the will of the Demo.'i. M ..: I seeks divorce Jude
i 14 eratl voter In the primary. electon .Ialntf ,
May, 2. 1044. I .. o Chid. Bradford County Tele
am experienced'
? In police work havliiv. been em New shipment of office .'.ORI' .raph four publish this' Order In '4 ilId Of Easter GiftsSuitable:
'( ployeit In this capacity both In In at Bradford County : Witness l. "
Htarke and at ram my hand and official
Rlandlnc. and VM
d If elected I will dlHchar-re. the office eal at Starke, Florida, this Feb A
duo (end.nt. BRDFOR cus. .
ruary 14th. 1944.IOKKICIAL. For AH Members of
) A. 3.
_ __ _ _ ix met. IT ('0 I'1t'1'. HII \ : An Clerk. of flald Court. Thomas T MAX WHO HAS
4-01 'm rv, ': '
." i EIIY.hary ,: Mar. H-.rde-.ty), Dalton. Beach.
,, \0: ELECT I % Francea Home, ,,' .ld nc. Fla. Atty. for Plf. 4 110iv SEr: O IT IN

' William Clinton Horne, .. | . The Family
: '..". No. 21E14.thtflEK on rinci'iT rotritT. BRADFORD MANY WAYS AND ..
/ .\Vf Ni TICK: Ti, .. wherein tEsty .

8TATK fiP Jo'I.Onll'to: maiden Charles Sllfe, Plaintiff. VM. KNOWS T PROB .b _
llnton Home, c',,. C let I County Silts, Defendant. Case No. 2*.r.rl. r _ _I_rrrrssrar.rrjrr -
'rook, Nebraaka.fonday. Order ORDER OF PUBLICATION OF OUR
!! ( . April loth.. 1944. AND NOTICE 'TO APPEAR L PEOPLE
hove named Court and official STATE OF FTX>RIDA tot Fern '
.herein plaintiff e e k* March Sllfe. whom residence. Is In* North A Bathing Suits And Sun Glasses

radford County Telegraph Fourth Street Cn".nbul. Ohio. Are Items .
mblinli this Order 'In .." Thoman. You are required to appear on You Will Need Soon

- weekly liiflueVltnevM *. March 2tb.', 1944 the abovenam.d SEE OUR LARGE STOCK
\ mv hand and Plorldi Court and cause, wherein
-at at Ptarke. Florida. thIs *.t31 plaintiff seeV divorce Bradford
rrssr 'h. t"
- 41. County Telegraph shall pnhllsn this
Ir! ""''''II'.U. SEA'A. J In next four weekly issues.. CAPABLEAND
\. Clerk of mild Court.T. : Witness my hand and official

Frank l.nmlrum Htarke.. .. 144 seal at Starke. Florjda, this Feb A Limited Quantity Of
Vttv for Plf 1-1O :II that rnsr-r 14th. 1444 FAIR Lentheric Perfumes

: T ...-:-:- -, $ < (OFFICIAL.SEAL) A. 3. TbomM and .Toilet Due To Arrive
-r Artce
rii of I Ai Clerk of Raid ('fort. '
K. K. Starke. Florida., .
\; ... (for Atty. Pi. -- 2.1 f 3.20 HE WILL GIVE YOU

\ GOVERNOR highest. 1'4 CI31'UIT'C0t8T.. BH\nronn AN EFFICIENT AND

; v to tho (rot-wry FLO'UI.'. 1 CUAV. COURTEOUS ADMINISTRATION .

4 . .' 'smur.All fill III mm C"USE th..reject.. In n.( ::aYjon... Harrell. Plaintiff vs. Koch Drug Store

- "* Samuel James HarrelL
:. ( aKirmiwneYau M. on Case No. IUT.HtnJR Dt..da.t

I 666 TA8UTS. SALVE. 9SE IH. ( OF PttRLI(4TIO/ (Paid Podc Adv.) -l-*

- r..nc : Co.ur& Call .St. Starke., Florida

.- -.___---- ---.----4 5- .-. ." . . . "
---- -----U-< ----- - .- .. - -- ---- --- J. w ,

Group Title: Bradford County Telegraph.
Title: Bradford County telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Uniform Title: Bradford County Telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke, Fla.
Starke Fla
Publication Date: March 10, 1944
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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Trading and ' I I BRAD I OR' D COUNTY T'ELEGRAPH Sweetest homthe Strawberries ,

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Lt.-Col. S. E. Mlnlkes. Directs 1.-[,... JunluR M. Smith chair As Camp Needs Mo CiviliansLt.Col.
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Camp Blanding was guest districts I. announced yesterday S. K Mlnlkes. peakln,cInformally

speaker at the Rotary Club Wednesday that a progress meeting: will Pastor at the Rotary Club
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canvassing of the !I be held on Thursday, Mar. 16,, Wednesday gftld< : "If ydu know

t dlstrlcta slated to beginy Contributors Describing the varied" phases of At, 'a "flrewoiks" session of the at 3:30: p. m. In the Methodist Completes 5th Year anybody who wants a Job send

, Call Street businessmen Big' i the work of his department Col.Allnlkes City Council"''Tuesday night three Recreation Room and urged. all With Church Here him out to camp. We need a lot

12,600 toward Swell War Fund complimented Sturke on workers to attend. of civilians to replace soldiers

I,, already given Red Cross the fine way In which It ha member eir lhu bit In their According; to Mrs. Smith's plan, _'uuu.__........._.._.. who are being released for com 1

count/ ia,000 Largest Individual rontilbutora handled the many problems arising tep.tlRnd vetoed a committee solicitations In all districts will bat duty."

|I' Fund quota. to the 194Rt'd Cross War from Us proximity to Camp |ehalrman/htp- appointment' for be complete by that dale ant Cot Mlnlkes emphasized the 9

.spite of generous support onpart Fund In Bradford County are Blanding. "Your city admlnuttia-i what Is possibly the first llmo workers will be ready to make : fact that the trend Is more and

of Starke business men. the Park Theatre and the Park tlon has been very cooperative," In the historl laVtne of Starke. report A careful check-up will more to replace soldiers with civilians -

Sternberg stresses Cafe: each of whom donate\l Col, Minikes stated. "Whateverwe The spilt I usually mooth- be made to determine if all territory I ( 1 In certain jobs and stated
man be Impossible I $150 to the drive this week. ask they do. I think 'you running coun&hcame! when K. C. has been covered and If that there would probably bo a

[ fact that It will In a letter to N. Sternbeiric, deserve a lot of credit for keepIng Duncan resigned chairmanship of any has been overlooked other growing demand for labor of this

[ reach the goal unless every chairman of the drive, "'. N. Starke a clean and orderly the Important Street! Committeeand solicitors will be sent out to cover

risible person In- tile county Carnaslon of the Pal.ll Theatre " twn'ln! spite of overcrowded con suggested. that H. A Bishop that area. type.Members of the Rotary Club

.s' not the usual dollar mem- stated: "In view of the ditions. - chairman of the body name W. This systematic combing of itated: "0. K. But where, are we

-but $5 or $10 at. least. heavy quota, assigned to Brad- CM. Mlnlkes stated that as M. Edward fn his place. every Inch of Starke Is necessaryIf going to put more civilian em

L hip- afford the larger ford County this year, I many I 15.000 soldiers visit! Mr. Bishop however had determined Bradford County's quoto <>f ployes If they do come here' to

e who can thought It would be very necessary Starke during a single week-end..' to appoint I* A. Davit '1 .300 la reached, Mrs Smith accept' Jobs at BlandlngT" Tho

Jtrlbutlons must realize theirfponsibillty for UII to make> a little Members of the Club were gladto to the post and when his selection !' pointed out yesterday town Is already overflowing and

and give up to $50: extra effort. and Increase our welcome hom? the Rotary wall announced three members has been for the past three years.

," Air. Sternberg stated contribution to $130._ I believe president. H. N. Pali! banks, who of the Council Mr. Duncan Fullbright HeldIn Members of the club emphasized

J100 was proud of a It U the duty of every citizenIn has been undergoing treatment In Edwin Torode and VV. M. Edwards the fact that there la still a drastic .

t he Chairman yesterday from En- the county to increase his. the Veterans Hospital at Lake voted to overrule' his decision. Tool Theft need for some type of temporary
'!r arriving .
enclosing a donation this year. City. government housing here \
fc Evelyn Stump Mr. Sternberg' announced the Consultation of the CHy' bylaws Arthur "Slioity" Fullbrltht wa Col. Mlnlkes stated that he wait

|ck for $10 stating: "Everydayin wonder- following addition to the list ConferenceE. and an' .opinion from CI')' taken Into custody by Sheriff A sure that Col. Walter E.. Smith
the Attends .
the Navy eee of $100 contributors H. Vi Knight wait necessary O. Andreu In Jacksonville Tuesday commander would be glad
of Red Cross work. Attorney -.. ",,_......,- camp
results other Brad- L. A. Canova Charles Marotta., directorof before ltwa finally agreed following the theft of tool.4trom to discuss the situation with a

tars from many'and women In F., "1. Stump the local USO-NCCS Club will that three 'members do. In fact, Van's Garage on Temple A. E. LIGHTKOOTHinidiiv local delegation'/ at any time.

d County vouch men for the greatrk .Bob's Mi Tim' Bar return Wednesday frond Atlanta. have a right to> overrule an 'ap Street where Fullbright had been March. 12. mark 'the ,lu..tHun.lrty I Now 40 At One

service the Carpenter's Drug Store Ga.. where he Is attending USO pointment by tW chairman. employed. In 11 rh'" year inlnlxlry of I The Telcraph received Information
| being carried on by Hardware Co.I. The tools which Fullbilght hud Ilif Itev. A. F:. MKhlfuot at the 40 civilian t
Bradford r.rarotla t was the street yesterday that
both at home and conferences. Mr Duncan resigned time of Hturkr 1..11..1| i-hun-h IhlH nilntHtrv -
Cross O. Powell selected as one of five dlrector-t committee cbftUmnnshlp\ becauseof In his possession' at the Its 1'Illa bi-aun on :Marsh Ift, patrolmen are needed at the camp

oad. Freeman Register USO-NCCS to attend "Insufficient' Urn In ,which to the art-cut have been Identified HUH. Immediately to guard building, I
by the VaneGarage . .. '.""..' (. "'.r".
Is appealing m 0 n t of e I. raw
filr. Sternberg Frank's Fine Food these conferences so that he latermay I transact. the duties of the position by the mAnliKe rollowlea a lulKlnlry .( nlMllerleauth fire lines, etc. The jobs pay $I30 I

ugly to the other communi- City of StarkeCommitteewoman nerve as an Instructor glv. and attend to the numeroustftrhnrVitla here.Fullbrlght. at tae Hlo...<...>.. !.....- per month for 48 hours per week
county-Lawtey. Hamp- A ..... I Is being held la IIM. rkurvh. Illounldtawn. 1'1.... and the war.is not hard. It waa I
f In the p ing service training courses; .f Into ana request" mat are .... man brfure that at >
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