f 55. 1.0 no cuttnKe, r>1iin. "i union. or und. r mirh or control any niny bi" > purpoMea : .. tlt-alren to US'* I lie of thin mrirlnl IciCle net for rlKht of way. hol.luiK baaln for I
,t ..i .r _ __ 100 The hmird of f ommlHHlon* rs nf Htati. institutions I., '.ttur ,IHI're. part or parcel of any acerb still, MUI 1 iilenhtil oxrlimlvoly' for I the piirpnnea of forei HiiruyH* ii'nor and olfirl ttlnti and to be of iMjual I I anof the icier 1,5. 5 In rein pni\iil.'tl. or for I
: i >. unti I muU, M tnk< n tindi'r pl.... I are her by ali)bern roil. on the pa Kawe "till! .i"ln"| Ptflhnir anparatiu or still I worm, and nfit ro nov cut her ,purPOHI '- tindi tho dirtoilun of UH HUTVCTH madt' by or iniili, rial tn be distil in eoiiHtrui'tiriu and maintaimnif '
}J. j pint ,mi r.ln", not more per dny or thin Act tn Rdm[ nntlce In any manner di muni d or udnpti for tho unlawful manufurtiiri t .,0 that It will not be nm.d for any purIIOHI rnmont th<- UmUd Slate* uov- scud wrtrlia and Improvi mi'ntn for Jf'

I'mn h ___u .&0 e tlu.y Hi'.'m mKinnbk', that they will pmevedundt , >tf dint i IK it Inlnxl."Un. liquors, in l I.v law prnhihited : hint IIP rcnldeM at Sec. I Ii,. draimiKO. prol.' tillM unit rirlainilliK the land h
1\I. OfTiCiiiluill" not 110 such st>kL t he prov (bionic e o""m..d iniflty of i a 7 'lur'r., .r tn'i. <.rn<.n or byntanders um- of the rioHdn farm colony for epileptic mixtli'mi anor and U"I, coin ,. abel I I bej lee 1,1cc nn have not only apply. to suet 1 slush iili.o have tin powi mid authority la

j monln. "ooe"pecialintre. or by or- and fr. ,. ., mihin a time .".. ) j punished, hI a rtm not erce.li flu. h'lro'o Swtirn tc.iflcl auhnrritif, ho.rur me thin_.. by the l.-l.-O lioroLofuro bt i n Hitrveynd, I> devi tup, holil and eonlrtil all will, r power crv- I ,
,'r ,-.. .ino.o ilnllnrH ., of _ A. __ ifovernrnont, and all arU of the' attil
---------------------1 18 ,1.r'ln.) which thrill not be more than .r imprinonmcnt nut c .. .In. ,1,1 I). ., trimtooM of tho I Int. rniil by Ih.' ccfli.tmcid'liut. of woikM of said dlaIH.t S
5" t t" HI cntlintr) __ .20 i 'r,..rlayo 'thenaftir durinir which time thy S months ifillur with Imprnvemi fund!, to- ). and Hhiill lutve powi I In iiiiixltijit anilmaliitain I
: ,.', a'< .Ihtfiner, )to be entimated from the 'I 111 r.Tolilonntiona or otTern of donations S, e 2 Whoevir', nhnll make, .construct ic r It "1,1 bo untawfitl t,; .,'Ii|| wine I fire sncrnmt U' and I iiiNtrtietionH Any and all cnntrnriM, roHolutiun, bydio'i'li t'trie pow. plmit or planta
') < 'url holier. door to r,.>Int of execution of in landn bu ldinir, m .ne.y from any lorn I l r pair in any manner whatnoi. 'M... any still, .ntnl! 'iccertcnsc's, exct pt tn a reirtilnrly, eec'. and tin' seem,. -n lutlnwto Hitch *urvoyn, bo for I Ihi' piiriiiwi* of .li vi.IMIMIIK ,cilr twer for 'S. 1-
\ lion
(1 procewpr mil,. each way --------I 10 .itv or indi\i .
l I't '*..'nl propi rty, livytntr and .,'.ko.pln. thin Act Ino a. Cicero H. prnrtieal air, r nnld) "r ,0 Icy mrt' thirenf. dnfvmd or ntO"to'" for r nf n .''o.rh. nr t any duly, orunnUtd' ..-.".t hit.1'I hut whon, surh in tin' trianury of mini ilmtnet not utherwlii.npproprnil. I c
; f "" "11 and n. *','celery oxpn'% fit.d loent ion h. been determined upon and the thi nnlnwrul mnnufaeturo of dmtillod' I intoxluitinK' nrirnnittnn' % ..in. win,' for nneramentat purp"Mi bun mmlo nnd *urviy, vhall ham d d for the e'cuncn t rneeli.n mid mniii- i
.}i 'ty (th. jndtre under whose jurisdiction the cane> land, tht refer B,'cured, they nhnll notify the "011.... with knowledge that the same H. inch nny iiorunn ,I..i.in. In rnnkn .",' -titriiKor.. tlit' pliitM nppmvid and II..by LI (he chIef des icieiece l> lice ii C'I'lp f Hiieb pnw. Ic Ire ne I nr lId,cit ci mnl the a,
I rica,,11)) comeiuu bonnl nf rnnnair.'" whinupnn the organic IH .. ol".I.n..o" or Adapted for tho unlawful I ,"rrhn.,' .h,1, nii n a or printed atatn.mi bt ni.tl in tho oifico icicles thon-of shut I IS xnid homd of HIJPI'rvlHorn Hlinll lea cc the right

S.S :' >; of prison'I : : . -_.., .18> ti'.n, conxtrtirtion nnd nperatn,, of the colony I .nrn.I. eliot I itr'd "loxi.aUn. liqiioni, .nl' ". Ic HlihHrrlht h. fnro net me ref. eli.rit'ittrenecf thin of tho commlHHloner of S nml authority to I. nm' liny Hilrphm pow. InIXIIHH S
P.invnn! "f pHoto. r In Or from jail l per skull ,'rocl'd nn herein provldrd "h.i) I l I" ..IIv nf a .. anor upon I .r n ith' (>riyd lo ndmfnlHtor ,nnthM) .Ivln., ciirtKi.liun nt nurh ntnli, who, Hhall I bo tIns at that I riijiilr'd fur the, IIHIII of aald I) '
I mil. cacti wnv' __ _, ,, .10 Si,c. J i The "n'd colony for epileptic or cire.hlemirld "n' ,ic t,ion .hlil b punl.h.o aa provided In bin nnm' rtnid*.nee and the name and, |neatinn I- I IIH*' of tin* public nlnni tindi and held flume, for the ,licti rum. mid the ire'< idn of nurh tease or 5
S.'n ci. t m n dnv than .75 Sielinn' I nf the church ; mich trulatimia, art I I. Ninth IK S
S nnt . leer hU ft thaI he under tho control and nr ccr'cre't ortrnni/ntinn fe r mny aiM'ly to I the IIHI H rivlr.dl lute> thu treaaury of jdO1j
< i"i iiton, and! )fndtntrial school for by m;iniur<'m< nt of thi nint' board of n s.. .1 t \Vh-H\or- .h.1 have in his ponHenalon. which, xitrh wine IH .c.ncrriraee'I and ihall certify of the miblic land tiHe of [,!HM and Mild n i't..i Hiii'l rI icc ri'i Sic cl trite,rl Hluill aluo bavo the t
and' u-lrln Cnmivinir prUonem f 1.00 .h".II' eiiHtndy nr cnntrnl receptacle' thnl' mud win. ht iHirrbaHi nrviyH of tin' United it-lit to rond,. 5. ,
t to. per and corrections. If the same chill be or eontainwrwhiit'nevi In ttnoil faith to Steel, ,,, and ii inn or I to aiiiire| by purebniie or
i day for hlmnelf and .1 1 5''I per 'day for each' at) tIne HP**Ion of the I.i.lntur.. otherwise..1.0 'r containing, any mnHh '.rentd I b., IIR<'(| for HHcrnmi-ntal' purpose. and no othI I. Hhall INndmlimibNt a duly, rorfiOid. copy of the HA mo it rd lit for I hi' urn. of tin' rust net any land or
,, rimrd actually nrc<'..ary, the eiiialty to I be fiiid colony .h,1 be Ind.,r control and cam' J"'r'' ur any other I *'r of law a* i'vI.lelcce In any court l>rnn, ,rty within nr without saul list rId ,c,9 aeiinind S
(i.'termmed' by th, comptroller The v.lmti\fr, rar'slrttlef" ln-ln distilled, .\ II .I"m"n'' afTI'favlta or tiiity in thin utato S
- state will mRnau'm.nt .r board of flv> members twnnr Into anintnxieatlnic nr p..rl.t'nn.r.I..1 See 4 or rcculnccec'iI by the court on the r..
furnish transportation whom chill I IM. 0"0"1.1. member and I"".,. except where expifsnly, hv thin Act .hRi be 10 and kefit aat flirt |laws nnd tarts of law In e-.n. linrl of the cnmnilnfiion.ni aHHeimlnir benetltanml
, Stock other than above. taken under procowri r throe appointed by the ., with the .1- Mrmittid bv .. 'law of this state, shall h i.r 'ivl'l,'"I for in this hirowlth ln and the name are h.-nby iliimiiKeH and nhall I follow I tic, tiroeediir. I
S k..plnt erich at Iowa nee AS the Jndtre vice and conaent nf the...nRle'ernr The exolTIclo ,I- ditmo'l t tiMilty of a adomoanor and punish It hntl nnt be unlawful for phnrmaelatntfulHrlv rc'IcratoeI. I Inn I IH now |,rovlil | by I law for the apprnprla.tion .
may membera, shallte\ the irnvprnor of the ed AM pr<..ded in Section 1. Admitted and llcenntd to practice hi j H.C B. ThIs( Art Hhntl lake -r.-et( immi'dint*- of land or nth. r property taken for rail.i I
Slhpo.n. for witness. tervice on each fttatn and the state .supenntrndent, of public Ser 4. It flhall lie prima fnclo evidence ofa f prnftfimi.n, in this stnte by the state board ofI I ly on It* pAHHatfi- and appnivol by lh, invernor i i .nil, right cf wny In Cool, of condemnations

witnen . .__ .2?)! h'.1 rudinn. and the thn mmbi r, 4 vfnlntlnn of ll several lections of thIs Act I l hirmary, of this fitate. to *,,1.)! d .I"n.. Ori'i Appmvwl June 7. tuiu '-I..'. ,'i'l its a,, awe or puna in eonniet
I Return on name h_ u. .O) OhRI) Mer\*' each for three T*.ant. except. thatto if any nerunn found with any of the sever.I 1". nwny tn any pnnKin the .. essence. lc'r'ryitle In,', e.nd ths seems are horrhr rc'p.aI.|
Venire If"nr or petit Jlr ."'.llln. 6. the first appointment they nhall be ap- thins-M, in thi, Act mentioned in his or her nr tincture of Jamaica irinxor when rnnerih4-d) ellA tdTPII 7HDH ( No I I IAN '"I

And ...Iny. war n_- .11 pointed one for one y< ar. one rn two yearn dove I lung house, or on or about his or her 'm writing by A phynician duly ..Imll.r and ACT tn Amend the TIHo nf Sec .1 This Art uliiill brmimn effective Ulion ia. .
Writ in action at law. expeutinuc n,n and one for three yearn respectively and "I prerniiu or so mar thereto AM to ,lead t the I h'tmtd, tn prartfee his iirofenninn tate Art t.f the Fwtradnrdinnry Retitilnn nf flat l, its [in HBirf> and Mi|>rr>vfil by the l.,5evernor or
Sec 2 That the sheriff* of the several varanctea for the "n..pl. term The r.n.on"II. belief that .10 things are within bv n -tte ""ro of m.ol.1 examiner or IlnHda vlnlMitrw |1915| entltltNl "An Act the iipun ItM rnmlnif n law
e""ntl. of this Htate. when population by th. hers of the ..10 b.rd appointed shall h and the oceupanu of any dniK-itiftt .n..1 tn sell flavoring to Grant the Waterfront, Riprnrlan Alipruvfnl Juti 10, Ittl9CIIAITKK .
t Croatia Is over forty thousand when required public Hpirited Interested in the noun* o premise, i.xtract*. when manufarture| and aold and aiilimeririHl Ijtn-bt In KluhU

to irn beyond the Iml' of thin ate nt uncial, betterment one of whom shall m.a.l.h a See fi No part of any existing ,law .I.t in accordance with' the pure, ,,,0 law of the Front nf that I'rnutc.'rt| of Tampa the Hay, In : 7DUH, -No. 110).
and bring bark A with and leant of inic to intf>xletinir liquors lbs ,' of and law of fny nf At
"ha.e Any phyafcian at one whom shall)! a o po i .1. 'I..la. pure the I'et -rwbtirir I.ylmr M *twe,>n CrIce f'nt Ray AN ACT in Amt-nil Section Ono ( It soil SM.11..n .
of..n.. or who has been of any woman Each member of the except or employment of dmtillfnir apparatu 1rnit,'d S. "! retriiUtlons lawfully
preHcrihiMl on the
ennvl.te Smith Line Thrro
.h.1 b elf of
bnar. III
Fourteenth Chapltir
In this state And has held to be repealed hereby but the .. aueh Uw Ave- 7HJII of the AeUof
shall receive the .10 ) I Intheir | purnunnt to nf the state and
HIM Smith.
the sum of flve cent .p for the ", m.mh. .h.1 b be bo in force and effect. .h.1 State, hut U shall be for Kttendod Kant, to Which fk. I loll. llrlnv An Art I'mhibltlnit the U.i.f ..
nececicary paid r"I.ne
'ul I'nl" any State
trv.ln. . t unl.,1 Mny Hve any Title or Plight of Pr I'uhlio Kim.In I'mrt al
or fluid
actual nt thi
thin d'.tn..' ". t.v.le the beyond name the mileage limit for'of nf from the the colony fund. when ..- for .lppr Appro.d 9. 1919. ... persons extract. Arm for or corporation t.pl|| *.y ntfirilrin I to the rity tf St Ivtentbunr, and the Mists for 1 ralTia, of mn unusual or Dratru* ), '
properly IIml ) favorn" hv.r.* purpnne the Individual Owner of land tivi rhamet
bin pri-onor. And In Addition h shall .00 CKVPTER 7889.-(No. 107). such extract Abutting Tampa ,
by the ( .I. .r : unlaw.I
th..t Hay, Between
anprve h..d. AV I .h.1 h Seict! f'onte" IU It Enacted kr the tgi ,liarf of
receive the actual and .. ACT Amending Section 2 of '731 for the But*
n.. expenii* paid this of manager I. hereby (Chapter I any p.nn. pemon. I. corpora- B* It Fnnrted by the leilaistur. of rlridaiS.Tlli.n
nut for .,0 on neeount of returning the pr authorised, to employ a .nt. who law .of 111. Relating to the Pln.to. of F tinn to .pl .tr. perfumm. nf Flt,r1rf of the Stale
.1.nnl.n l"vo. ; I I. That
otter to aiati of FloridA Any Persons. Section On ( II) of Chao.
hall tee a man enpecially and : 'ir or i tnilot pr.r'.rtl.n. or patent ffertlon
Sec 1 the then of tr.ln.d qu.l. nf Any Property Kitfht In Cr..ton .. or I That the title to thn above Act tor Taj'J. Acts nf 11517, W. and the I
Tha ) the severalcounties 1..1 'm the management of ln.titutnns( I crln proprietary, for bverae, purixinea In the lie and It In hen-hy h *
of tste when pulAton) by Janteensus to flx hi. salary and employ on the inir I.iiiuon Held in ." the 8h.r-! iriiJHof oct-h extracts, flavor, .. l- low* amen'le | to rd a* fol >rfliy amended to real l aa follow :
I I. over forty thounund hall receive the recommendation of the .. t superintendentitch fftX Deputy RherifTit and Con.tbl. of thl let preiarntions or medicine' '. prrum.or pro-. An Act to Htetitm I I. It shall be unlawful for any lint.ellviciieal .
State. and '' p..nt grant the water front, HpnrUn firm or roriiorallnn to drive
f"lo.ln. fee for r..In., prisoners- nth. I..hp. physicians, laborers andhi .vlIn. I. *-. i rIght propel
and Disposition ..h.nnthn. inch nuhmerired |tancic, In Tampa May In or 01 *ntt* or to have ilrlv n, proprllvd
f..dln. twenty prisoners or lew. I 1 pem .'ay be neeesaary to the proper, Contne and for Glvlns.t eontalne] In this Act or any front cif the of or op
< city St oratfit. ,
.". per day u _ un. __1.81 conduct nf the mold colony and proceed1HO N tle.. ..h. law of this atate. shall toi cc,. Pot Ivttmhtinr fromTof. < ver th* hardiirfacd publle roada or
All over twenty each per day .__ with' he erection and operation t i of' HA ft Enacted: I th* L.t.I.lar. of the But make unlawful! for any h oon.tn..0 ofpontonn In which najro.i the to Ih' uniith llmlU of HAld city partM uf roailn of tie,, state any vehicle or Ira*
.I .I..lnn slate
Sec 4. The compensation of sheriff of the the Name under this Act d..tle of EIrrhdstMe'etcrn *>r *ort>*> or caun nt may have any title or right nlcmi-nl having wheel, that will carry more
.v..1 ,01ntl. whose population hy the laftt TI P board nf mmnnui is hereby I I. That Section 2 of Chapter 7nl I U. be trnprtrtf.ton.r..m t, t..pr stet and fMiANPMlnn tn the elty of fit Peternbunc. than two huniir4.il pfinndii pr whrl for every

census 1 forty thousand or ,lens shall b* n. tn pr, -crlbe all rules' and .athnrpo .f the raw ,,f 11)10 be and the mmm >no "any print. In this a tat*. or from one point.. I Tampa thf-Individual flay own i's of land ahuttlnir v.-hlrlr havinit tim of on* Inch In wMth. or
hotwwn fIve
I feeL which he )hy am' ndrd so to rd follow That this to another ald points hundred pouniln tee wheel for vry vchl.clr .
Irply"y .h.1 .follow cnnHiritt with the provUtons hereof tepee, e e b t stab plot In this *tate. or tomanufacture See 2 Thnt Oil
I .rl.ln. property sale, under pro nary to the irovernment and control, of the ca 14eot'eny. an r invoice |lot, or schedule of all such l'uo"> ,, el| or "n for wale, any hver- I Iff.,, pANNAife and Act Khali take rTwt upon tracing tim if two Inches In width, or

/ .. .. -_ __ ._ __ nn___. I ftOrret Including admi..lol transfers orAO | Khali .be advertised immediately' In t.o sue see. not .containing the quantity nf alcohol 'In upon it* bemmlnif ApprovAl by the riovernnr nr Inht hiinilrnt imumlii orr wheel l for vry ye.
\ of prisoner . ,_--. t, ) chanrpn therefromr <-. Sici i .t "'.u. of a newspaper of the countywh. HtTti'.n. 7 nf tht Act prohibited but It Hhallr Approved A Inw without hU approval i, hlPlihavlnu. tinn nt thru Inches In width, or
Safekeeping and puninhment of prisoner .c"pln. applications .,0 landlno a''I- reIn 0.,0, liquor are held or I there b l :unlawful for any "raon .U> mix or races_* May 14, 1919, twi'.lv< hunilrcil ixiundH per wheel for every v*.
not otherwise provided for* i4unl and a..> m .. . the recta the n*' niieh nowopaper. then by pttnl .10 lint orchtdule .. Clii Sell ..n any dim ,. any a,_ riMPTFFl her) honing tin of four inches In width, or
.u.ro. . 7R9
..., n".n. bil to be prroved by I he tfndrnt! done under th order and .nrln. at the front door eourho. ..hot, or beverage containing alcohol whereby AM AfT tc -'No 112)) humlnd pnuniia per wheel l for vvrT
jl u. under juindtctlon, the cajie shall t''. the mien of the bar! nf manager I h r.f Mad .county for a period of ten fOI> days. any mjeh beverave I. raiued tr> contain' the ti'rn.l lmPfv'Atithortxe the Trest.ws of the fn- n'hlrl. hnvlnillr.ii live Inchn In width, or
come valid! and ," .. the ..t nf the Hfatinir th. n.m. of the oon.IRn. I known. 'iunntity, of aleohnl. I Heetion! 7 of thin Art Vtrtria ten ; ( ">ftt FuemI of thf* fitate of that will carry any load vraater than lit
Attendance on all court. for each of managere.Sec .r 'inniity. of hju" r .near fl.' h known Iris h }1.1, or tn with or put Into any Timber and iVii"M f *h" M""". tendlnec thniiiiand rxximU without (lot pro idlnu ins

Pr day --- -__. _- _.ur..- 4 00 I No pemrm flhall h sent to the eol00 I- and the time and place when .. lest or M.irh besersge any other .ul.t.n.o. matter or r>'ad Taken In Timber and IMn\ the Inch of tin- width per wheel for i acli addi
Paillffs, all ; day : : ,.. :. -- 31 ny until the application commitmentcelred Hch'dtile will bepreai'nt.4 the eireult judtfe .tV-inir whereby any such b veraif. I Ia canoed to Whe-reetce, Certain f'alhmin Count Florida? tional twi thnmaml pound nr fru-tlim thrr*. S
Bn".. wriHnir.rp approMnjr. BO by regulation nf the hoard of mananrs an hereinafter' stated the cost of which no- .contain 'th.quantity of alcohol in rVrtion 7 of emmty state of waters wIthin raihecin' of, or to permit any vehIcle or Irnpl mnt or
"nmml.lon. on ..no, under \>. .been aceepted by them and an order tire chill be ".10 by th. county comaiUaioner this, Act prohibited' Coil., It Florida helona to the *tat* atry load or portion of load th nnf to dmaq
react : Without pair ; on .nl..e two of admission entered of the cwintr .h.h advertisement I* md. And nothing In thin Art b* Wherean sovereign rlp-hu : and upon the surface of any hard-aurfaoxl put.Ho
per cent : $1 000.00 to f.t 1,00000.eec ft .. Vu r.m.l. over ten yeaf of awe .hl h and within 1..1.] month afu r th,. Art b t/, maIt unlawful for .h.1 person.0n.t.0 cctondsng There are large nuAntltlm moss. road l or part* of r.in.l. : provided that nothlnn
over 1.0000. one-half I.OO.OO. per .p'. conveyed t the colony except by a a cornea a la w. presented by t" ,. .. I,r twenty-fine ybm t prjant-*. )have e In the dual lake's iltvulr.-r In setci fallen limb.., and tomes In in this Act shall h* eonntruwl aa pmhibitlna
I' "Mu,1 ..rl'! On first too 00 I five held or the .nm".., of female .r. ex. n.mo. In Section 1 of thi Act t Jtidir ..,.1'/' or ..nl.I. in .', pron' bona fiche Whereas, 10nler'olhrcncn enunty, P'torldei sod the our rf r ,UKhvn il aurfacn on r-ibb.tr tires
Per eent : UI.1 t U.OOOQ. two per rent.;: that such feen..s! own father or rol elreuit court ft the county wherein. r. .,.t"H' for the personal cue of himself or baa osctice'rrlty tie the evictIng '- on nr, nn the whifi-ln of farm Implcmnnu weighing
$1,ooo.no ) per cent: over I ii.. brother may act a* her eeort to the colony n ich 1'no. are 1 held whether In "r time h,".r.*-lf and tam ly and' not Ire oft itanhin, timber sell om dropes of acid mew., > l's than one Ihouoand pound.
nOn 1.0100. shall) be ..ur.r"lo" "r and said Judge or Jadire t 01.00 and fall.0 loge RMS 2. That Section
00. .- per eent. Vr> applicant admitted while hall / any slier person in any wy Whe'rsi and, 'Ihrre (n.. of Chapter
Tie shall, .'.e levy b* entitled to hi. com. from any contagious' or communicable j the have sheriff authority t since an order commanding, f'ur ", .r nf distilled Alcohol or .lntf.).lcatmy stat,, that sall It is let Oh. tteeict Interest of ties 7129 7 Acts of I nb, and the same la hereby
.n.t'nn. notwithstanding? payment of debt dracorie. or Jeputy RhertfT or oon.l.bl. Ire i n or bcveraufH and twenty, quart' ofmutt thrit this nuns. and limber be mId en amended tn nnd a> follows
tplalntilT. No f<'malt. applicant who 1 p..ot shall,,j| hvln. the nm In custody t la. out and .r .I or t'.noflt nf p.opl" net the 5tot may hay. th'"f See Ii. hard iirfncid piibllt ronila! or narta
t.rpnt < the
Ol monle* collected for the stat. fo el. t 1.> r. f*.ivc th. name within than fly. I 1"//...' ',r hvo. . hole Int.I.'ln., It. sante ; them'fotw, of monad,,, foe*. cost or other monies adjudtrvd. the 1 M'l! pemon adjudged to be epileptic ,|. day. r".m th* iirnlnii and delivering ref ..10\ hnwpv.r . person obtained pr"vldP.. Fl'rldi-1" the IgI.Iamoe of the" teite "trued to I lie brick, concrete, anphaitle, land-
.tat.. h. ahall rccclv. flv. per ewnt. t or feeble-mmdcd and .h have heretofore fdfr and the card> officer 1 destroying hi. po MMiion said, liquor thi Art > Section clay, Hand or bit immoua surfaced roasts whIch
Commitment of been committed under law* of ( liquors, shall mike and lii.I with Clark of cam low but lila hror b '- That the -' are maintaIned by
a (
prisoner thl th ennstrued .Improvement ::5s: %; county or atat fund.
by him _--t___j.1_________.____.I___ 1 00 I state to the Florida State Hoepltal for the Il&' 'he circuit court a certificate en..inln. a Ilt permit, any such .h.1 pa.n***b, ha.. la e t hereby find of the ., rss Sr.. a. Al lawa and parta of law In eon. '
t thnd
f.o.unlt..nt under order ,-______, .10 hundred atM 2. All law and of quantity the th ta' *n tlr"u' and togs lo the" 4. ThIs Act
proevM. on. word or CI' Bhl t. particular cla of lake. In Ca'Icreen dead shall take etTxit i.i'on iu
Ien.-. .I Ocala or any much in*U .hU diet brwU are ".b rsii<* 4 brlo leta Iqu. Interest of the utat.county, Floricles, to the bid I paaaair Approvad and Jun becoming 1, Hit.a law



" ,

'_ L._ __ _
A. J . ., -
"J. .t---- : '. ,

..,,- m. .
C tat*



aI; 7ROf (No. 117). ,mioccM' un t m nfriC4. U the elate of Florida thi. Act, !la hereby defined ..'.tne rwnlorod add.o, to the um then In said fund. hall pay office. and shall! receive a salary of Eighteen'' '

L AN ACT to Arm ml Sections 2 nnd 8 of Chun"* I id),, 1 tMiml!, to I Ii,' al"'I"'d) *'v the* fttat comp- the renpectivc counties by . Inthe amount .of !Insurance then due. Provided Hundred "$1800.00( ) Dollar! annum payable th*"ifil' "I"> production" turpentine. ,

of theKitinc t fiti-1 I I th , i t"> h i tRill> fmm construction and! maintenance of road that In th. event any ahall be paM out pr u. uconflli .t, : '
.f Klnrula I 11117. < T ,
4 tT 1 of I 1h. \" 4. ,.I ,.m.n" lund monthly by the on voucher thta ' "hich ,, .
., uf the .'al.' il I. Mt't>nud by the ittate road d."artm.nlI' "f th. .omptrlr pu i .i,
Hcmu ICriiltUdn l I I Act Amend Hi inclH f ,
h ('h",.' R Hn of, the Act nf 'the l.r"I.I"h" i",0 .dipnrtmitit' a* oth..r i xpinnea of paid deI / aid. road, contingent upon the county or ,tone of thia bill curb amount 10 paid out nhall Sec 4. That tha governor . al".ulu. Do itu.i :ull law.,
e"nll., aided
I nf HOT?,. the Mime being Entitled. An Act I in. ii flu nl I nre pnid.! 'f or 1..1..0 provldlnic and be returned, to the general revenue fund out recommendatIon of the commissioner upn Agrtctdtun her' with are 'r par.

1'k I'rmidinir( for the Creation nf n titoY' Road 'l'tuicnh'( mud ululili,, rt mi'nt. IIH herein con1 cost rtirnishlnir of the not proposed h'.1 work on.hal the ntate total aid of fire the flrnt, promium carninc* of Bald tte appoint many oil Inspector In See.l I Him ,\ct nlmJI hereby h.r,,pt tt., : i

1""n.'m. nt. fur the Appointmentof I iidopt, nitd, IIMIH common' MI ni.N ). In.u.nc fund. hi. may be for th ,, .
"r.I.ln. -1 I iiit,.. .h,1 roadH flint. bearing not lena than of U Jud"m.nl ncceasary Inspection i, tut.t a law. .\pi i ,, i i tCILl"rER
the M"II" Pofiartmont, ". and c< .. U nuh'r i'i at of deimrtment' i ,h COH! of maintenance thereof ,o.hal hereby made tho duty of the bad of of oils A* herein provided. Baft In.nie'ctumrc .
,,4 ) Put nnd I' ".. Pros id- and wifeted bv thi. commissioner of All not to exceed three In .
.rlln. tlllr IN .1 ii.-ii d I., the chll.nu.n Sic 7. bo the dutv of thi1 .tat In.ttulon number, one 79O -. t N.,
ihe l of A State Hruvl . e-4, t tnr\ )) Hiiffirient, ,'s idi nc*' I.hnl attorneyK board. and person cha'l. of .tatoproperly of whum shall reside ,m one at "I'
Inl Fm"I.m..n. .hnl c"n.ti.I" < n..ral of '. of to act thy in thi ., len.l.ola. ANt Af U. Protect uml Ri .
'lolld. notify ,
r.m".i"n.' r a Fund, for the "f tin- ill-I of ,.uirtflO'fll. The urcKtufv ,. treasurer .Inckfionville and! one at shall re r
IfKal of the lit .. ..1 department : nf Indu1'' ,'ii State of Klon, ,
advl. !lii
nowly ert'Cted
Thereof" Approved, 19 f-hnll liM and correct ,minute or al or acquired property thi A HAtnry of Eighteen Hundred '4fl.HUO.00)
ful provided, however that In of Ill Rinded by the
event Icual ccci. ubject It
of the dtiirtnunt. ,. Insurance a* .cM>n erected or ac t.egieitqi. ,,
KMT'' In dinn hi' Dollars each and
t 'in(.d i If per annum a sum not u. lurid (1.1
It Fnarted by lha LrttUlnture of the Rial I which, minute shall IH .|.'n I r"iliIir taricv btlnix nt-cennary which thc attorney general quired. Kivinu, it* value' And Any other Information ... 'fw.lv. Hundred ($1,200.00)) Dollar of 1 :
I. cannot conveniently or promptly provide, tho .lnl Scctlot 1 I. Murkinl .
stato mm I ,
nf HoridatSection The dermrtment xhnl hn "W. t..u. may require con
I i I i .h "per annum for traveling expense,
the h
I. 'I hat S.ctinn 2 of Chapter 7128 1".I.n. enforce nml d"I.arm.nt la hereby a\lho.lMd to nectlon with such property : alo notifying the ,Kiilarlc and for .10 sized purse elm'u. >llv ,
<0 r t. Ind r.h. "I"t.I. sum traveling *
fr of the Laws of 1917 be amended soa ,1.,1 of It "M" ,'m.I.y .. a* It may doom nic **.ary state 'ru.u.. Immediately of an dtcreaa' be e"na. *eine.Sec.
) t1"1. f"r the ".v..n..nt m..lnl. ) paid by the comptroller on approved ; .
In the SIlver
and the for theHirvlceH In t mullet
the hun,. p'ml..a com.n.a.on 'alu. of any property carried In the state not IHIhai, .
t.. 1'Id UN folowo C.".lines nnd for the trunfirtlon .I of by tho commissioner. of .
curb be
"road. of the di It-Kal counol shall be paid aa nre inuranee fund. a..lcultu. H long ;ty taken vnth
"rond" and any irhf
I Scr. 'Ihi neM. of Maid' department.( M .ln. other of Sec. ff. That the eomml..lonll -
said department. Provided. The net. .
uneil in thin Act ithall be construed to mien partmi-nt shall be held at the capital, not ar. "xl.n". MAto trvnaurer, In person or by hi. rep tOre i f. hereby employ an extra
and include "I highways$ for public travel. In. leu* frequently than .n.. every three month Ciin! that uch compensation( tihail( not ex ...nlalv. !la hereby given authority t In. clerk or two extra .Ie. t. If need be, for Section :3. M-'Ict of u no tilt,' 'mi'.
any one the annual salary' of the with ci'incl.*
eluding! ; m."'! of croe.ing. stream. .by' way. or1..II'ra anil theae hull! bo known aa the. forriiunder tn or tho meet in HI '' -- .0" .0" a.x-iv 1 v* m iicunu .al
or jurmuicuon of department. : un. hereinafter provided, who Bhall receive alary
otn. See ; wn.neel a 'Si
R road *
t .ontrl of the several board of county commiHsinner may be held at inch time. and place a. mnv -Th.-t. department shall re tlon .found to exit which opinion, or salaries of Eighteen Hundred (tlHUOOO) Twvnty.livel$25.II"Dultar.( an 't, _ffl

in the l counties of this .tateor ,. by rule. uch ".r to not later than HUty d"y. o the atate treasurer or hi. Dollar celtIc, this tan shall! be in additf i '
,..* ev .rl I I. .1.,1,1,1 upon or provided r..pr..ntl. and Fifteen Hundred ( $160000) Dol uth)
I.ro.the meeting of each *esfon of the lett- are hnxardou or lax now imposed by law. '
public . not from the A
I I upon which they expend any ( bv called by tho on ruc lar per annum respectively. In case the aervUcea v
na .
t to tot ., notice all! >ml) of curb chantfe* in the law. a* the department thin by fire, the tate treasurer hi. of Chic Act shall be enforced by th
I money or cause any work done, or any 1ena than one .k'* to mi >er* or reprc of two clerk are found to be necessary uh

'. h&. r.a.l. thaI may by thin or any other Act b* the department, or meetnun! may b held' upon the may agree upon .bclnfr expedientto u.ntative. I I. hereby given authority and such who hall bo paid in the same manner A* m it*ion or. _.

placed under the supervlidtm and control of tbe roqueHt In wrlttntr, of member secure biiit reaulU In road construction board*, officer or pcraon in charge of such irecribvd In Section 8 And 4 of thi* Aet. Sec. 5. Thin Act chill take ewe( \ JpaBS

highway ore other than tho chairman repair work : and the department ihall property are required have ouch coming a law. Approved June 2. '
'I' the n1nl road d..a..nt., or any of the department aluo file with the t damrcrou Sue. 6. That all such oil* aa hereinbefore \\9

bridge for pul>l'c travel within the boun.lnrl. tit a time and place to t denlfcnnted In the day governor not later than condition Immediately repaired or remedied enumerated and designated that are uaed or

'a' or any proponed or el.Unl ,pec'la I road and rcftiot| and! notice of ..ch m..llo. brIny irlv-( session thirty of tbe prior li'ifilature to uch ".Unl of each upon written notice from the atate treasurer intended to be aced for power illuminating CHAPTER 7908.-(No. UK

[ bridge dbttriet.See. on nt )eat one week In advance ..' to all) the operation of the a for .ove.lnl or hi* representative of uch haxardou condi cooking or heating purpose, when cold un AN ACT Making It Unlawful for *iw p. J

.IL 'I 2. Thnt' Strtfrin fl of Chapter, 7121 of miml> of the, department by the aecretary.Threw fiscal department tion.For der a distinctive name that shall fall below to Have in Hi* Custody or POSH ,-S

.c tho Law of Florida, 1917. b amended BO ad members .hnl .on.tt.t, quorum, at I'.d'n.' year*t .tement which of shall Include a the the purpose of effectively caning out the standard fixed by the com m IBB loner of agriculture. Unlawful Fishing Net and! !' |

: r,; to rend an follows : .ny m..tnl of d'p"rm'nt No action .0mll.1 th receipt.anti prvl.lonl of tbf bill, and furni.hlnJ Are hereby declared to be legal, I'l'nnlty for the Violation Then >'

A. I S.... &. In all cnsm where the county commissioner ,hall hln.ln., the department ment.dl"bu..r.nt of the Btate d'par.! other needed 1..11 In the immrnnce . and! shall! Iw subject to confiscation and sale H!* It Enacted by the Legislature ..11

: o of the ,several cuntlve .bal ,request ..,...pt at M regular or culled m..tn. AI" name and aalarir of all em the odice of th. state treasurer, the atate !la by order of the commissioner of agriculture of Florida t SinA'1

I the ndvlce> and ,ueoielzinre" of the road department nnd duly recorded In the minute I.h.y.See. 9. All fund herebv authorized to employ a competent per It i Ia hereby ode the duty of all manufacturer Section I. Thnt it shall be ''art' .

)r 'In thn construction or repair of ini'u'tifiut. equipment, and all mad hlllnl son with experienced knowledge in the mnl.. *, wholesaler and jobbers And! distributor! person to have In his custody i lv
and of
rnndn I the .ii'e rt mint shnll whin praet cable. The hendqunrtern' .. and' general offIce of tho heretofore .1"plo. matvrlntii.. be of not.In.urnc. rates and riuks, at a ."IDr who soil, barter or exchange gasoline or olhiroilx Any county in the state nf Fl ,n <
} Mend the Mate road c nmiliiM loner an Aim Is h..nr. I exceeding two thounand dollar per wIthin thi seino or net. the use nf which f
2. n Mud? nnd department hnll bo located nt the the of Plate to post conspfcuuuMy < >-
tant Into, such county nnd render nit fmslxtnncepracticable "nl. t'.ld. th. .on".. of ( annum uch .alar and the necessary travel at tht plncc of pose in Biich county in .' ".1
xtntc cnriftnl. and suitable and adequate (United delivery to the consumer a card! prohibit.
) Statca( to aId and, log ,
unti AMKlnt road
build- ex
Wi ,- ) ,in the promise wlth..t on pi'nse "I"tile< o lo nuch, , bo prnvdled In the Inc shnll bo expended and used under. the Insurance|" 'n.fund'* paid out of the att lire or u'iuznnot smaller than 12x15 Inches, setting, i and! .
to tin county, i.jccent I that the actual I..v.lnl "tritf rnpltol biilldmir.' or other hulhln. owned and control of tho state road! PUprrvlHlnn dupnrtment. pay such the amoun. cesary to forth), in nl/.e typo not smnllir thnn one Inch thfs Act Hhnll not Apply to achilrnet .

cxiieiiHiM of tli" Hiild commissioner or bv I the .ntate tho department, powi salary And travellna expense .. in ti'iuctt, In the EnuHh language thu degree *, purse net* when used m tu l '
fthnll be pnti) liv, i the county re ,.mntlntr, *uehaervici' .hnl and any And all exptrmH noffc-Hnniy, hereby appropriated out of the state lire In.uluurutnet' of fish
i t; find! nnthfirlty to rent or I. '"hi' nfTIcoK.ur to ,such trruvity of the product mild, offered or xposi or some where unrd ,'vcimit! .
equipment fund.S !.
Provided. Hint 'hI .Inl. road department for mich headquarter In other huUdinirani .cur .u.I. ma. '..1| fur sale. rrlng.
. boy nnd Is h..hy, authorized, to Incntennd terial fn the ue of the .ta' be imed on c. _>. ThIs Act hall take efTcct it. Si Sec 2.
the "nt. '"Ilnl., and fr r brooch ofTlcra. ordiiinn the road under upon c 7 In nddition! to the foregoing. It shall Any person violating-1
1 a rtnln' fomlm In the Htntn nt .ul"I.lon nnd! clnl..1 of l'Ai'eiWi' and approval by the Rovcrnor. or be the of thin Act chat! bo ,
d'ol.nn' ; ( ,.. I bindqunrtent, and for ,wtorerfomM the elate nd upon I duty of the ptiHolinc inspectors provided guilty of A '
r "inftdH nnd I. rnnNlriirl nnd theRfitne ,1 r department IB birch" authored !*. liecomlnif A Inw without inch approval and
I .1.1 1 nll.I.ln r. i'quilmi'nl nnd .. I In other be for herein' from time* to t time to tnmpu'vtan punished ns provided! by !ito'Si'e.
.11",1. paid out of the funds St> :'t.
c All
with ftindH, which) "' now r>r mity, hru- ... and town of thin .. the lunlni'ec .prion.d to law and ".r of law in con ,! test all self-measuring rninlfne oil 1. All InuR and! part f
.1. nnd for (tho lice of flirt with thin Act or
after from the ntat, or theatnli1 n.I. ,1,1 and same flirt herewith
p are hereby hi-ruby
A"lahl. department may or r*;nilro.and St-c reptak'd.,! pump uncd In thia state and,! in the event are repenl-l
nnd "'' ,'rnrmnt and .n..I.I. II. Fll..n per cent of tho. amount of "' Approved June 9. 1919. Hiich Sec. 4. TItle Act rthnll ,, "
I 1."vll.I. 1nYn'ut, for the .. h'D.,- .f suchoffrct nil state pumpH shall be found tit, bo citIng short lust
t.'t further, thnt the, Ntnle rnHil. depart .I..I..d upon automobile, miBHure, tho \\Hcoming, a law., Approved
1 or ndquartrrH' I I. hereby( authnrlrodnnd trurkt and! CHAPTER two thereof shall! thennft bo Ma>
'In nlmllHr ,, mo.o driven vchlcleashall 7903.-INo.(
n manner. Inmte and ( eer.tnin 121)).
.1.I"n.l. |[ from unlawful nnd tea
nnv funiIuurruivlull for the ; tin within the
judgment of
._ other t .n.I. In thin ntnti, nf. ntntn nld _..'. .1'rt..1. .. .. __. ... __.___. hi're after. be paid Over to the state treasurer AN. .ACT to I.t'.aliao. light Confirm an". tk.i... ualrl,. ,.!! ..... -- __!- j.yr A n'Prn ,anna,.
... ... ". ...n. to hopt In All ? v. inix-vM'm i inaaiu pumps can DOno
a Hpocinl fund .
roads nnd to cotmlnict' nnd maintain thn 1 the main' and Provlding
snmo fo valdlte Agreement. for ndjuHted! AN ACT n"ciomVf'Ki.I,
Hoc The
2. term* "rond" nnd! "roitnV HH to give the nnd
a. thai proper true
with funIernie.4 frnm, federnl.'', state nr county t'n"IC..f state road d.p"rm"nt AI! In the Construction of Permanent 'A'at.'r Crawfish In
imed! In (thia Act shall hn conntrm-d In mniBurt'mentM. they shntl be mibject the Wnt r
mean and
f' u.c. All law Konda
source All: inch ntnto and\ tnto' aid: road nnd Include all hfiihway nnd! for and! "art In con. Bridge in Special' Road and mnv bo confiscated by order of of Floridn. and Providing a I
I publiclrnvi'l tho
way flict
: herewith misHioner i
1 hereby Hridire com -
and .
In thi and!
: to I be built nnd maintained( under the upcrvftt- 'alp.1 11"'c" the of of Afrrfculture.S Taking tho Snme Fmm the W..
mien croRplnir tr '
f lon nnd control of I tbo atnte rond, depnrtment.The In.h"ln. fo * ambv event any section or pi'ovleliun Act shall I Hoarda Ci> .. In.UilflCi State of Florida
o 8. fur
r; t' wnvn brhl.. or ferrl'1. under tho jurUdlcllon by court of competent of Hond -o. That in tho performance of their Common >
term .In'' nll') as imed In bbs Act ,tnhen Jurl.dl.lon b helii'I I of Special Road and Uridue diitioH, the commlsisoner Purtnir Certain Period, anil
novoral Iw-nrdH' of uf Agriculture if
.r 'h. county tn be such , Httni'd or Any
by asulHlnnri wUteaffect 1'.trl.l. Such
i on
n* Inv.ld. Contract
I..nn..1 th. re.npcctivo and uf hi duly Any Salt Wiiter Crnwflidi
.nl.1 mlHlnoner or Ixmrd* of (bond! truHtef* of the "(, of the Atrreemt-nta. authorized Agent hall! have free (In P
remaining section
the .
by state I
10* "
I r ,several .ounl... or .ub.lvl.l.n. .h..f. of coil provtalon of thi Act. He It n..t.d by access ai all reasonable hour, to any store, any Person, Firm or Corpora' ru
t"n coil mnln"'nnnr. of mdn designated by title (, th 1'II.I.u.. of the 8tat uart'houMo, factory, Said Period nnd! to Prohibit thi
''i, 'h. .In' rond, di pnrtment, AH .."t. nld rond*. "t upon .1.h ho.* may en.tinil Sec. 12. The "rvl.'on.' of thin Act tthftll be. of J'lurda. depot whore ulls storage house, or railway tat Ion of the Same During the < n.i-,
; public money or canne work to I be come are kept or otherwise .to red
upon the nr count-* ao .aid. "I o".Uve immediately upon ita becominn: all!) and and
: ..nlno."t county d.np., nny road thnt mny by thia or nnvother A law mado by the .ont.acl agree for the purpose of examination or !Inspection son. Providing a Penalty Th
) ted furntahlnM m.n. "
n.t thnn one.half Act t placed' under the county commis and drawing samples. If such He It Enacted by the Legislature of
thn totnl cost of tho work on aunervtolnn' uonulruntruul Apr>rovoil Jun. 11. 1919. .Ion.( of any county in this stato for and on ftmed! by thu acccs be re* of Florida tht .Si,.
nf tho
1".11 dote rond .
department.Fen ngcnt
nuch stnto nid rnad nnd .. bpnrln. not !.. 1. It shall bo the duty nf the state CHAPTER 7001. 1'h,1 of brldwe any proponed .. ..ln. special of such iiremisefi owner, the commissioner or manufacturer of agricul Section 1. It shall bo unlawful ft ,
thnn onehalf of -(No. 119)). ..d .. with
cost . .
th. dl.tl. state road tore son, firm or corporation ,
t rond' department to employ removal department of or hi* duly! Authorized inspectors or nswoclati ;
I t hereof. or nsHfotance rondeif the board of auhjoct AN ACT to and of Florida for or nona (to take
the ProvlHlona cntch
Hwentfl. or
,4 r by nntd! department competent pornnn who A..nln. A.c."lnJ Aid In the all may apply for a aearch warrant which any salt waterr ,,
county commissioners of any county for and on I of Approved I construction of pen.n.nt shnll bo obtained from the water of the state of F''
l i.e known In
the the
a. Mute Cnl. rd MR ,
t and! same manner I'
9A f behnlf nf .h,1 hl.hwa. bridal in ouch aa pro
any nr *perl a I July II. A. D. 1910. special road and commercial
proposed vldi'd
.xl.tln. bo u b.ld. for obtaining purpose, or to have In *.
A comrn-tent and al Am.n"m.n. district search '
engineer warrant In
4 a and hridire district 'fn the .b..1 .llcl.nt Thereto the ", and of .ald other Hi
L .a.1 .on.tr.tonAn" well vornod In the froodroadn came 'In. FntU.d : An Act: county .al proc.dln" COHC. The refusal to admit an Inspector to post'nion between the first day Mm!

mnlnt.n.n.. of rnnil In nuch .. "no Snd( ditpnrtmrnt( may buldln. aiichnHltnnt to Provide That the Shall Aid I of Issuance of bn' any of the above mentioned premise during and! the float day of June of any y ,'
1 t and' .' deKltrnated, the State In the coy lr"O..d or special vidi-d!
hrhlo. ebb. enitlneeni and curb clerical help amipurcbnno Construction of Rural I bridge existintr rad reasonable hour, shall be construed that unit water crawfish may jrf.|
district a* prima
i ) r road department R deli. M d rond'*. *nch and! supptfo anrl Pont Road and! for Other Purpose.. and i or ) b..d on any curb .ont.ac. fac!. evidence of violation, of thia Act. or taken at any time for purposes .>f .,
See. ft. All lawa and part of lawa In con In..mrn. Providing for the of a Tan all Taxable a".mcn. state aid.! Sec. catching finn, for
material( a. to L.v on .! h..b 1.lal. 9. That for thy pur of or purposes nf pi
t. flict with hip Act .h.1 h. n..n out i confirmed and pone defrayingthu in
bo and the "n.1
u' .am. are here tho prnvtHiona hi. Act. The Property In State to Meet the Sec. validated expense Incident! to the inspection or research by any state or biological
compensation vu
by repeAlodSoe. Same. 2. All law or of tost*
part law Sec.
in log 2. It shall
eon And he.
of the etchhIghway rnulneor and flirt analyzing oil, In this unlawful for at
aiHtantentrineoni herewith state, there
4. This, Act lie It are hereby
shall tnke repealed.
effect Immod-!
the L"I.la'ur the State shell bo .d to mon carrier agent or employee of
b pa the
and! all clerical help flxo Sec. 3. commissioner of
U o Thia Act agricul
ately upon It and .hal t of Florida shall become law
paxsntro by the A to receive
approval by upon ture a charge of for carrtatro or !'
mrmhl'ru of the Its one-eighth perm
.h. cent
pasflAite and gallon
n per
over nor or upon, its law u.ln. Section 1. That the .pprv.1 by the Governor rlnire of
hmln. n without the di'nlirnatlon( "State leirtiitnture of tho atato or on All oil Bold within the any such crawfish between 'I

IL such Approval. ." Juno 9, 1910.CHAPTER the same ahnll apply Ifivhway to tho donlirnatlnn Fnuinoer"heroin of Florida. In behalf of and! for the call tatra, upon Ir becoming June 9 A law without *uch Approval ment Bhnll be paid! before delivery Btate,, which to agents pay, itiay of March and) the flout day of Jun '
do hereby gIve Its Alpo".d .
: Itnnd! (' ., .'' ." ued 'In lawn anent to the provision and ll.CIAPTFR dealer or consumer within the atate Each year.
"I'al anv
7I 00. (No. requirement Sec. 8. Any
1IR certain
.. ._ _ L __ ). .. . formerly enacted hv the leirlHlnturn n. .n. .. "_h_ n. a Aetof. Coniin-t. of Ton, *._'*T- .. barrel tank car or other container n f oIl person, person, firm 'in
i+ .,. inrnn t r 71XH nvj mien iio*. -nu. .
. napT. or ttte ACta approved July 11. A. D. tflclI hove
of 'h. of lOt? the law I that may bo enacted 1 tbo present session 1016 and all AN to Amend Section Five., Chapter attachi-J thereto a tcg or .tcmp anv provision nf thl 1zi"i-; ; ;
S.! 1".I.la.l. name n.'n.' nf the legislature.( .m.ndm.nl. thereto, the name be- chowlng the payment of the Act !li-tuii
t" All
Law InspectIon
Entitled, "An Art ,' by entitled "An of the State of ft. Ktiilty of
Amend .ndlu. Act for the a misdemeanor
Chapter flH3 tho, state mel Inl t provide, that the Unit Year 'Iorldl si'ecifiu'd in this t.'ctlofl and the and upon cm ,
department shall :
1911. cemmtecloner
1 of the Act. of th. TeirlHlatnre of 1015, the \ fsued by the b.of mDd. uponnueher State .h.1 aid atate In the .on.,,". the Several Entitled "An Act Authorise of agriculure Ic hert'by empowi-red to shall! be punished by a fine of not mr kg

name n'ln. Entitled' An Art P.vl.ln. for and secretary 'h.department lon of post 7Ada.! and for other pur to Counties of the S.al of Florida a torn' for auch tag pri-ecrtlte two hundred and! fifty ((1280.00)) dnllar I,
i the frtatlon .f State Road co"nl..hnpl by 'h. chnirmnn. untes and that the Create and Conatftut Road and vi stamp. Where on u Imprisonment, in the
< a
t a'a. department of shipped In tank cam county jail, for n '
I."rm.nt. or other us
I and! Bridge large
Irviin. for the Appointment paid! by warrant the Mate of Florida, b.ln. clothed with .... DI..lc., Within Said Counties j and the manufacturer container) than six month, or birth.

I I.. .r Alrh Pepnrtment : 1..Iln. Their treasurer Issued by. the In tate the comptroller' upon tho state into dutloa' and power nlf..ln. mail! to cial h.". and Levy and Collect a Spe. to thy commi.toner or jobber of augricuhlurui shall give notice Sec. 4 This Act shall take effect 'rately ',,,,
publ. Head of
of the and
r>utli. and Power : Employment ah..n" chairmanvoui'hrrus in thi Htato. bo and I I. ) Bridge Tax with Which to shipment. with the every After it* passage And approval b

' I of as... I'rvl.ln"Commlalaoner. m", b.0un'.I.nr by come other empowered to receive the Rranta. authorized of money ap Pay for th Con.trcllon. Repair And Main. imi-r.mn, Cnmpany or n.m. .n,! c'iuIrea. of the Governor, or shall become a law withe ,'} em
member of tenancy Cortioratien to whom It
I and Treating n Fund for .h. Maintenance by the propriated under the 0.10 Act ( and Rad and Bridge Within cent, coil the number of I. approval. Approved May 23, 1919.
Thereof n.h.m.mh. I act an chairman. It In here amendment o .on... Said Special *, Bridge District gallonc so chIpped
: for the Selection of al and apply on th, elate
I'mvl"ln. a by of the th..I. aon* Be Jt Enet-d shipment Ic made,
Chairman I""n"m.nt and Flxlnir m.l.record! of secretary to keep" A the public rad. bridtro* In .'h itat ef by the L"I.Jator of the SUU Iflutlui-ctlon ft. chall be charged ProvIded no CHAPTER 7910.-(No. 128).
of Florid oil.
'h. all inchs'rurh'r.u t uii or AN
I.uan.e In gas ACT to
Tile accordance Validate
Compeniintton : for the Em. with tho term And! conditions oline unloaded! in and Adopt the Unnlfri
nnd! (file Mt of Section! any of the Florida
n *a>nn witS thi ff. That for
I Section port Course
nt of expressed In the Five of of Study for
aid the
Stole Act Above-
n Tliirhwiiy of shipment Elementary
l : Fnirlner north of the department! hereinafter provided 1 Congrtft And all named Act b. into other *tati>*. and flirt
.rp Fmployeea of Snrh' Department : P: for- .mpndm.n. thereto low. i amended 0 .t read a* fol Sec. 10. All money payable under this School. Promulgated by the Dopnrtm.r' it

vl.ln., a Svntem of Stnte and State A The tnto make Audit of -.. 2. for the purpono of the eon Sec. 5. That Act shall bo paid to the cotnmisiBoner of Education( In the Year 1913. to Provide lii-

II: Itoadft and Prfihltdtlnir, Certain Transaction the( hooka, and "di'o.. '.hnl the department An not ruction of road In thi mate' a provided) constituting, .ald soon 1..U.abl. after culture. and ch.ll by hIm ha paid Into our the!- the Publication of a Second! Edition it Sal
by Mem bora for in the snld! of special road of Study, and
act dis
; and Frnployeea of Such Department !losft then once each year and the conirre and amend (trict the board of "" Chute treacury monthly to conutituty fun' tlnn Making an Apr O'C
4 mAyrequire
nnd, Pennttv for Viola* ouch additional, .ovro. ment th..n. assent to which In hereby have county commissioner ithall I., be known and du'clgnntuvl I
I..vl.ln. audit thu.
I Inn of Certain I'rovl.lo"of thin Act. fIt from time to time. t h. may *. and that the said date of IForldn may r.oivA.Iv.n. proper plan and ..cclnul.n. for the Inepretlon Funui," out of which an all "Gasoline Wherrn1*. The legislature at the ACSH! of I

lie It Fnarted hy the eflnlature of from the Federal irovernmont cools .on.t.ucl.n of .uch .oa." pre Incurred In the expenac. 1 1903. sectfnns 51)10)) to 2*>l, General St I
the floe brhil'
Stat 4. It tthnll bo tho duty of the Mate .um or : after eaforcn.rnrnt of thia Act chall *
r r of Florida I rond! ",' "' ,. collect dntn ito.! informa- sum of money a* are now or m., hereafter manner. prescribed ndv..I.". Ibo .am. In the li' tiluiul ly the Male tre'anuure'r on wetrrante ie. \\horen for n uniform course of tu.l ii f

Tlmt Chapter. 12fl of the Act* nf the I.eirN- Inn H* to, nil road!. In the .state and *.hero.rnoticahle I. annually apportioned. to thia ntate( a* pro.vtb'ul .contract for Much II". ahall award the eu"l by the comptrolhi'r, No muot-y shall be The cours of study! lire:> i vi
Injure of 1017. the In the( nid Act of tonnr conalruuutiuin' to Ibo lowest toil 10 promulirntod In pursuance of nnld lnut '
,4 nnmr h'ln. "n'itl".1 \n heir map nnd pint thereof male : s* and) all roKponHihlo bidder. any Inutmm'Ctor or emrmloye.. creati-ul >
Art to nm'n.1, Chnpter, RRH. of the A.I of tht I I" fmMtltrnto coil collect dntn coil Informationi .m.ndm..nt. Ih..r..o. and to provide t'iuiip.mu'ot tract price for such } I.I'd. that the con. ,l-u' I Ill. Act u-ne'pt fruin I lii' fuintui Cllu'ctil tin. como nntlnunted that nnd obsolete, nnd if '
'i work 'raiv the
I levlHlnttm* of IDlfl the nnd labor nnd! meet any oxpinso Incident dO'. not exc..d tho t'r.'rn (he aimlnluOruiiin sum* be revised at'i t is
7 name 1.ln. entitled" i ( the (bent method! unit material for rnader estimated, of thin Act.

) "An Act 1..vlln. f.,** tin* n n ,tot" 1."I"ln. ..n.. .' .. .. ,.. .. 'n.. ,.... ..... .... to such work n la pent ided for In said, net .\n.'amount h__ voted. L.d fur at .the apical eke i4.'t, I t tb,.. II_..,,. _....,.e.mu..-.. i... .,i n upto.! dato! ; nnd!,
..nl"n . Conoresn wnd I. '.mi pruMiit'ii, lumter, that. the in.Ilfl'l riU I* ** rier I hen, failed
I rond ,',' roliln) f, Im..n."n'nl. then'to, a Hpeclnl bonrd of by authorised! and! (
> informnflnn dfrecti
t .r a* rond! buildnonnd! repalrIntr county ... d to IHHIIO appropriation
"j"olt.m'n' warinntM nt
.h' levy nf r"mun.nuni're within it-
tw in
mills their tllscrttion > *) >n l
on ach dollar' mI' m
i pnjabte
I ff thn m I'm hers nf inch ( ; in the different( I..nll.r. in fbln' ntnte to nf tnxnbte njtct nny and out of the "Caaoline I Iimpert on purpose, and! hot bv
their dutlen and provM- romtllf all fluch data prpertv nithln m thetato( of Florldn for the "I 1,1. received and I'und on vmieht r* fining m >
..rlhln. I powern | ; to fur-, ..I.lv. tl. contract by the commfflHloner xivirnl county ochoo)
1'tlfl" bonrdi
.Inir for the employment of n ntnte rond comm nl.h l the same free, upon rccuuiru't. ( ho ytnr and (the year 102( la hp..I, levied.. bid! 1 I. rl." ,', nnd .. . a "al.ruclory nf nifiiciiltiire to (over nil expenm-s in* IKIO,onnfi subscribed ,. th< .
nid! ,
HpecinI h. the bi,
be n
to ,
.lnnrr. nnd rM..tn., n fund for the mtilntennnre bi-finlK- fif county commissioner' nf the. '11 ralrnuntle other tAxe ) n *essed .. . .. d at When how."... It .become curn-d in the administration of thIn Act ir the counties. I','",, oo 4f which!

thereof. hI the nnmo IH amend'dto of .tile state. and to keen on nilnt n. assessed roil' collected n* oth. the hoard of County.hnl apparent to Sec IThnt on .fannary first of each
rend n* follow I the department, er tnxi are axnessed nn.' collected anti. romit- .mml..I.n.. lint the the, liHlanco., if nny. year unl.Vh'r
: hrndqunrter nmnlninir ,
'1 eople Of fnme I. .1 the intirnato for the In saiil! fn the 'Tinsollno as. The, rut t fnr It,. n. ,' ,
Section I Then IN heri.by, crr-nted .l torn for 'it,.. 'Imitrctlnn tIMe troAHtirer. Iml'.el..I. district Innpectlon Kund." after all
nn of 'the clH/enw of the wtnte Si. an too low. then the salaries and *e>4 of the committee In '
t bull, hennftpr b > Htnle mad of nnd to niitbnrlro tho c 1. 'n".1 the whole amount of 1 taxes Mioneis th. bard county commi. mIli'r xpentto fir carrying bnid i I
n tU'pnrtment .tl'" road department to Info are authorized out tho, provision cnunte of ntildvvn'. <7T t ",** '
t tho
f the ntntf of F'lorldn. ..n.I.'ln. of fire pi'nunflonpnbnteit i nti'r into contract for. nnd to make thIn wan
by the governor .nubject. to ronflrmn- nnd reirnlntlon a* niav bo necemiir'or' I.n. ( Act, bo nnd! nre horebv nppn mi'lete,' the program amount laid necessary to trnnsfiried! bv the Htato trentturor tn the I utatt totnl unit nf fl7Oii'tfl| of which *

hun bv thi otnle nennte tho irnvernor Hhnll nP- ii,.. c"nt ruction and! mntntennnce nf' uci Suil.r ''ed I n. provided In Section 2 of I the same (inal, pttitlun And shall n call out In the orig h'ghvtay' fund!, nnd! plnc 'd at the disposal of paid b> count school hoard* and <' t ii

pnint the ,' .. nf nnld. di'pnrtment. one n
frnm ench .eonirrennfi! dlHtrlct an no\v defln- la" or !by resolution( of nfl, bun.' of countvcntnnifnfr ,voucher stato comptroller In pnvnwnt of In the original boned the provided maintenance nf the public roads of the cIa),. flI'l'r.ltum'luttiefl for the state lull< 11 ,
f>d. and limited In tlrtt and, from or bill duly appro veil by tho ntato .. .I.cl.n. on original Sec 1 II. That tho and!
I utati one the .ner* o bonn of bond! trustee* of rond' ,. .I.n. which ., shall commlsHloner of agricul
atnte nt IR'''. for n period of four yenra eTrept nov cixmtv., or dlHtrlct .other subdivision. of commissioner of the state or Florida and 10 1..1 additional! .or.I.bonds.of the authorize them lullihalt (include In inc biennial report nn berens.. It tins bien found, that it* '

thnt In ..""nlnlln. the flnit m.mh..hl'or nnv r..nlv. be placed under (It In supervision nnd! .0.nl..I.n..d, hy 'hiclucirinan And! ....olnr nation And running, for tho same denomi nccount of the operation nnd cpenm, under nf copies i IOQOI, was wholly tnadoitii '. '

the ill. .. . one nhnll b# ." r.nl..I. tn..th... with power for thin exercise Ih. .Inl. road I department.! yi'ara and! bearing the lame number of thin Act. n'11 u In ment( there belnir over BJ: '
a term of ono for of of the "I S. 4. Thnt the .InI. mad com ml sinner same Interest a* the Sec. I 11. Thnt the in tho school of the
yenr. 10l. a term two rl of eminent domain and tho o.I"lnl bnnd'* voted for thu commissioner of agricul state, and! thai is.
ice for term of several member of the elate mad! carrying out 'of lure 'hall promulgate such si ruble and! that '
one n three yean and two tin. It shall bo the duty .hl original program in tho rules and regul-n necessary A *ecnnd! <
11 for the full tnrm of four yearn. At the expiration of the chlOe road department to prepare In shall! each be required tn gIve !bond And! brldgo district.. special road lions not Inconsistent with the provision here ri.Oiii cnpfi* of snid course of Htudv I '4
1. ( of the .,','.r.r term of office of nald flout i InnM nnd! Mpeclflcatfnn for alt nuch proposed! for Hum nf ten thousand dollar (fionoonnt Stc. 2. That thin Act of AH In hi* judgment may he necessary to the aol the cost to the tnte nf the fl1' t

t member*. inch uitui'Cl'4"ir .1.1 (b appointfd' vM>rlf. other 'than maintenance work of A rouulnr tIme faithful performance of tholr( duties mediately upon, It* .hal take effect 'Im proper enforcement of thin Act ,'anml to di'fine hosIng been very small and the nm I
for term of four rxtttlno( the premium on snld! bond to bo pnld "" ) the Gov.rn.I'I'mv.d .. and! lit- the standards by (tho stnto virtually saved
I n yenm e nny member or nntun. nnd for out "f '\ May and n peel fl cat Inn for by er'.t''
n.lw.t.r fund! 191V. a
of the department Hhnll chance hi. ilnmleile bid on same at I. nt once a week n.t ION .vl.d( for the maintenance of said de 2. nil the olla( antI caste referred! tn In Section othir ulrecl'ofl. ; therofnro
C from the dintnict (thnn partment.Sec --- hereof Much standards 1 Ie( It Fnacted hy thy Lrgfnlatur!
cnnureimlnniil from two connective week* in some newspaper CHAI'TKU and specification of the -' it
, b which he WIIM np."lnt.,1" "rxcefit' for tho I"rformnnre hnv Inc n trenorat circulation. In the. county Ii. Should there be any ftimltt rorrmlninir AN ACT Relating 7ttO5.iNo.the ( 123)). fixed before Any of such alls And! *n en to shall bo of rloridvt

I of I l i.>n nt Tnltnhnniutbin ./. where the proponed' work I I. 1..1! and thestate after tho federal ..,'m.tlnnmrn. for ench ment. Anulyni t! In.I..Uon. Measure bo sold or otherwise dispensed fn thin ,. Section 1. That the uniform count'' 'i
phnll refernd. to heroin have ( fund, an ,! .'. of Si'c, lit, That for the elimentnry and! hIgh school
ollr. becomtnrnnt.. anil the "- read, department mnv it It. ,discretion h..n Certain. Oils, it chat! I be unlawful for
nor fill thencnncy hy thi. nppolntmentof .nv.( nunrd the 'proposed, work to tho lowest responsible .hRI be lined In the diiicretlon of .-h'. .*.'n ... .L_..___ and J-Jnm. .Sold in Thi Stata : inuppctnr rtrovidiil. .. .. .rn.,. ....-ivi- ** '- - any the tnte department of ediirntion mnnd

nnotber frnm Htich diHtrlct. I' l.l'ui I hut bidder. nr It may rrjtet all bid nnd! proceed rond itpnrtment for the conntructinn or main.: F...."and..!"7.'Ol.cton of un Inspection ( 'stod!, directly or Indirectly.nun j\ct.the 10 pe inteii the same IH hereby adopted inil

l tho 'pnwi.lt n".I. of th. n'nil.. department .! ,. perform the work wllh. oonvlct Inline tenance nf r*>nd. under the Hupervlntnn' nf sid for 'oOI.n Thereof ; to Provide facturing or mne1p of any of the oils manu nnd prrscrilied, the course nf attulschool \
.tnl' heroin
1 1 nx (It now exlftn( .hRI m-r\e out 'the full or free Inbor, and mnv purchase such equip-( department, aid fund! In !h,. paid! nut In the ( ,' \"I"ln.m..n. .. of an Aistnnt State mentioned. however* nf lb.' state of Florida! i

I i term of ntfict to were npttointedWithin mint nnd Niipplle( n* mnv bo for tho time mono.on. provided, for In (thi ,Act Prescribe heir ," Clerical Kelp and! Sec Ifl That any neron, firm that "nld! course of -tudv ihnlI I
n..I. See R. That Untie* and( to nr corpora t iderd OH cnntninintr'
all Define tion nnd!
I. thirty from the time thin Act etriclent and! .economical prnuiu'euitIu.n nf thowork In.* and ,part nf law In Tower nnd the who Mhn 11 hnoufngly violate pnrribinic! '
I. :: :: :: conflict hr.... I.h. 7. Duties uf State Aturney and prov sfon* of thl any of the mum n uuuir'mu'nuu) only nnd! thnt
fthnll become n Iv.I.I nvmbi, of tbe ntnterond Inrhuln. Chapter 27. .\c. Otiur Act or any rule or hi rein
of lM7 I! lawn of nnd! .r..lln"U.rn..y.. and Ito (Com promutirnted! by contained Hhnll be no conntt
hnJuanrtree See n It eliot) bo untnwful tho the
department mint nt th. for tho sfnterond FI.r"R. 'm. are missioner of. Agriculture. in commissioner of nvrfcut', previ'nt or prohibit
ri'penlnl Connection (turn "chnnl
hereby Here shall any or sch
of nalil ili'pnrtmint nnd Hetecl from their department or nnv member thomf. .ro..I..I. (hat all balance with.He upon conviction( thereof b'1 puruiilnir ,
o of fund punished -* >r C4imr number ehnirmiin and nlmll nov employee of the said on hand .111 I. A. U lOH derived by n line nf not log Mh*'r atui i '
a* i mploy Home department or nnv from It Knaclfd: by the Legislature more than One Thousand, or advanced work.
fit and .ult clii' pernon. not n memlv r of thu.u ''I'nnv., corporation nr firm In which nnvmember > nn.lln.I.. nntho.lt nf snid 1 chimtor 7127 of Florida of the State ff! ,ooo) tIlt i Dollar, or by imprisonment in the Sec 2 That tho tnte

I bnnrd. n* necri-tnrv at n milnrv of .t nmr nr empfoveo, of poll department I I. In .1'11, carried forward to the er.1 of the Hco. t J Thnt for the .' thin state .prison for not, more tItan twelve month public instruction( , 1 ii- hereby miperinton
then .vll.d for in thi* Act pU'IO. of act all "fwolmo. or by both much tIn, author!
uho financially '
.fOo tier year, .h.1 nerve for A nov way Interested to bid, on nrcntt Sic. 7 n."hlh.( .. bin sine and imprisonment In the < mpov\end to have ald! nurse of nttld! '
Act shnll .. or other like dlirretfon
I'' term of or until hn beenpeliMted 'r Into or IM 'In take effort II. of the court. }
.n. year n mior any way Interested In n .. upon product** of petroleum undi' vhati and nt Ii net fiouo copies of
anil hna duly ., nnd thereafter contract' for. the nr bulldinir of pn .n" and! become tOrn uliignaleI. r ver name See 17 That it shall be I tho same print
of of
,nln. wn.kln. any used fur (the duty! of the sum twelve hundred dollnr* ?i!
Juntf 10 hcatlnir. Mate's
I a Beli-ctlun of n chnirmnn .nerretnrv the road nr hU'hwnvs( of tho fttnto Approved 1919. Ilum"1ln. attorney, or nther be and the
r, .n.1 I .hnl or any en.kln. f power prosecuting, officer same 1 ii hereby apprnprlntti'' '
I I be nmde .nAu"lv. a* tht. rule. of the "'" county( nf the state, for, the buildlntr( nr construction .. for ale In this.r", .state, shnll.hl. bo nfTurod or u ft bin the jurisdiction, of whose court tho tin, money In the treasury not othem

",'n'' m.v_ ." .. _The.. nii-mber. of .the il l.. -f..A"_hrtulge.bualllinur! . <>r house, orinr .. -CIITER -7002) .-,iNn. 120). to .Inspection' and Analyst, .hereinafter.uhJ..t t.nviiie !eus.mmiy, ._ come, to pnmicute all! cate certified preprinted to ray for xuch revision ay.i)

rnnmeni, omer nan me cnmrmnn, a nail re* or any other work In n ;. *."i to Amend Section I of Chapter 7201of <. All manufactun'r*. .M (irn-eciiTion by roe commissioner ' '

ceivo nix hnndnd .lnID' flrtnnito) ) t er veer which th. ..1,1, stnto road! department mny bo the Act of 1017. of the I.nw of Florida' Joh"( .. before selling or offering whulvfuter for sale and i| of agriculture, Immediately upon receipt of tho Sec. 3. Thia Act shall take efToct n

.compennafInn f. eprvteee. and theiractual ..n.p.n..I. or for tho f.rnl.hln. of any ma 11.ln. an Act rr."ln. a Slate Fire Insur this state, any gasoline, ID i evidence transmitted, by the commissioner( of atelyipon it* pnHSAffe and approval l

rcaimnable .'I..n...*. Incurred In attendInir ,..1.1. or """"I. of any kind whatsoever ant Fund an Aulho.I.ln.( tho Hoard! of mineral oil fur power. k..n. or other agriculture, or as soon thereafter AI practic Governor or upon becoming a law with C

u m..ln., nf the ilepartment, anil In the used In the of tho state or any ....n.'V ('.mml..lonr. nf l'nl. Institution to In. or heating purpose, lumlnahnl.the coukfng ablo.See roved June '
of their dittlea of the state, nnd sure nil miss com- It. That all law
|. an membem nfnad any person upon the conviction Property State In uch Fund loner of agriculture an aiTMnvit and part of law
that In
deimrlment. chaT) be paid The member thereof shall bo punished by a fine of and Plrectintr( the State Treasurer to doHire to do busnew) in this they t conflict with the provision of this Act ba CHAPTER 7911. ( No. 1291.

elected, an chairman nf aM department hal1. five hundred ".ln. or by imprisonment not Record! of all Matter Keep Car furnish the name, brand or trademark state, and shall I,, and the same are hereby repealed.! AN ACT to Authorize the State Board!

I. from the date of "."lfln. .mich chnlrmitn evccedtnir tw'lv.! nnlhi, and removal from rvimr; out the Provision N..lr. fn oil or nil*. which they desire to uf time,t See ID That thf Act shall become effective ucatfon to Prescribe A Course In kit>

F be allowed and pelt of fnrty-twn hundred office by Ih. trovernnrprovided: further, that It, It .'oa..1 by 'the 1..I.I.u. nl.. Htat with the n.0. and address of sell, together ninety (you) day! after it* pacing and Instruction and Training In the Hfgb

"if4'Jonoo> dollar per annum and the ..nt. mad.! .Iepertncnt hatt not purchiweHtipplfo of Fo.I. t tu.. 'h. '. and that such the manufac' by Hue Governor or upon Iii approval of the Slate of Florida.
.h1 oil becoming
t, ..I." be allowed bin actunl. M-anonnble ..I..n.. or equipment, t i thai value of one .. That SectIon 1 of Chapter 7204.ct ( conformity.with the rttandard or oils, .In law without such approval. a He ft macled by the Legislature of the -lit*

when "".1 from tl hi. heitiliinnrtera, of the tie- thnusnm ,dollar nr more without due n.tv.'rttnenient \ nf )I'M7. be and the name 1 I. hereby amendf tho commissioner of Agriculture.1..b..1 by t Approved,! June 4, 1919. of Florida !

part ment 'on huntne for Maid department : ns h..lnb.fn. provided( In road, an follow : Sec. 2. That the cummUiiioner Section 1. That the state board of .

liniment of thi unlnrv of the chairman I See alt case whore Section I. A of .Ieul. of the state of FlorUa be And! U h
an tho board* of fund I I. hereby created to b* .r.hal have power and It I in CITXPTER 790(1'No( *
hereby thorized! ,
and! ,
the .penp of the chairman and tho memIMT county .omml.on., of the several countlo rnrrfd by the date treasurer he denitinated to collect nr m".I. AM ACT 12O directed to prescribe a "

*. .herein '...11.1 .hnl bo made upon hall rciiuoM the advice and assistance of the AM (the stato Insurance frnm time tn by cause hi. tn b collected! Amend! nir Section Fourteen of Cbnpter nilitn.'y instruct Inn and training t it' f d
tt'Q in
the certiflcntn of ">a I. the correctnrn ntafe mn.1 l department! In tho construction( or any policy nf Insurance I"n.1 force Whenever Auint or uiiti-ntg.1m.sample of duly a..hor.. fawn of 1911. entitled! "An Act to hiirh schools of the state of Fl). '

'hirer?. when approii-d, by n mnjority of the repnlr of rnnds. the department shall when property of thfs Mtjtte shall n..' uch upon mn.tn., or heating oils., sold any, gasoline. (Ih ppnint Natal Hton Inspector, tn Pre unit an nrollment of twenty-five or TI '

memN'r nf nbl .!."n.I".nl. mwn vnucheraI practicable. send the state hitrhvvnv entrlneer. erty .h,1 not be re-lnsurcd ,1. Insurance1 prop pnsid nale in this offered nr Ncrihe their Put Irs and Fix Their Compen pupils In nnd nhnve the ninth gradi

I untied by the *ecr.> " counternltrned bv or any /..ltant enorfneer Info such cniintv andrendi company nr ."m"anl. licensed to do hielnene corn' l. be tested! state, and! t caua the t sation of : to Prevent and! Prohibit Adulteration firoscribi' tho kind and! style of 'inif. '

I \r the .hlm..n. unld, '...rhr. to he a".II..1 an.I 'r nil nistance ".".tl..I. In the promIM in thi state but the state, treasurer In. chemist, who is hereby. analyzed rviuired the alI. and Spirit of Turpentine nnd Naval Store nuiii eiiufpmi'nt,I to bo used! by pupils! tn ''

u f. ni. Ih. Htate comptroller bv without expense I. .h. .o.n'.. except sure such property and nil other .hal prmiii.rrtv Hndinirs! .. the cumrnityloncr of t ..' Duties( to anti Provide! for the Apnpintment and inc coiirio In military Instruction! ar' i '

r r comptroller'. wnrrnnt on the ntntt treifitmr tInt the nettml nnd nccensarv expense bet of An Insiirnble) nature which he na nther analyse n"'leulu. Compensation of n Supervising
c '!. Sm.e J.
re report Inspector, That
(tut" nf nor fund hot mnv bo n".rI.n. such ontrlnoer nr assistant m.v Incur In cnmi nt* d or ....1"1..1 bv the state from m. time tn ""t. of Analysis by .the state of Nasal Store, and! to Proscribe tlon in and the bonrd of pub! "
Forfeiture, for
ed nnd net nettle for the mnmtennnce. .r theatnto i\.Iv! with the request of snid hoard .hnl time in the state Insurance. fund! at not properly verified. by affidavit! of.h.mo"h.n the Method And! Penaltfo! for Violating, coil h'ifh school the several count!, -* '
rond The .r.I,1 tho state rond more than chemist state for (Fnforcemcnt are maintained shall! b Ted
department, ntnte department department
the nf It of
"a.1 .h..r.lrh. value, at rat* .hl 1. pnma' facie the ProvfNfons to ,li'euuenuile the
shall! ho\ ,' and I I. hereby, .ran ted t the nid, board of county commissioner. when pmprly n* nenr .h."r.1 upon, other property.nf A court of II' equity (In this evl.l.nc.'at. In Any Ho It nf this Act." which the said high school < r
power and authority ,. .mo.'. fn'm the 0""e. cerfifled! to hy tho .In' road,! .tlepArtmt. similar. by licensed Insurance com Section 2'n, person Fncted by the legislature of the State h nnd tratnfnir shall course military
of 1 bo
( .f coy ioouon Pr idett. thnt tho stnte road department ""nl. In .hi. clOt There vniiohne., "u.h.lnl any Florid* t used and ma
.halrnn .1..1.1 be ,
1 mwv paid into ilumlnaln. or h. Section See (. That tho snld
.h,1 I. hnnrd f
,1 that nlfico ui nn sutTlrlent t I ctiune, by the atTlrmatlvo : and! U hereby nuthorired t.>cnte nnd .!.'..iur.oct. tho fire Insurance fund nil ,* nf trm- nny m"ntr..lul'r, or vendor in.Chic 01. f.'m: d4'O Thnt Section Fourteen nf Chnpter structiun be and t
Inw ore hereby nuthreive
%ne of n mnjor>ty of the member of certain mail In thi* ntnto a* state rondnnd ,I. IIITHS upon state property now insured. aNn hi* ..n Uie mny submit fair ..t of iiil bo and the t
hi cam, nr '
rifle '
tho tin Id .."arm..n'. and In ..*,. of tho ofTic con.triict and maintain tho with the premium upon other .ta.. property which ..oln., flluminAtlng. sample sad!I n by amended! to rca,! n* follow : Are fluent pr.ucurc.fi or other m1
"m. or S, necessary the
oils r nafd
'o I II
of chnirmnn ncant tbmuirh uchrvmnvnl funds which are now or which, may bo from time h.atln. to the It shall I ho count'
In.R'ln. \ may hereafter to time (ln.urvd In the state commissioner. ,of unlawful fnr i instruction And!
J' the m'n, ,. .hnl proceed to flll th"vaenncv I".nm. available from the stato o from tholate flro Insurance fund until the amount of .".h Analyzed! by the state.. chemUt.0 bo tested or tn m II (In, or shin, fr m thi* state any person l hi'ru-fr when leased training And to v.-
In spiritir any borrow 1
nf or
g by tho ... another member and full! tel irnvernment. and shall reach tho 0.1.. to turnrnrtno(
. .f MM "",,1.1.,1 .,1 turn of one h"nd..1 cod protect tho manufacturer or vendor, bulk or rn-fn in barrel* or f"N nil government,
I ouch clmlrmati The memN-r of the .."".1. furthtr. bet when such roads! are thu. lixated thousand dnla. .submission of spurious, sample the from the. the nf nne hundred' pound or more, orIent S. c. I. That the pupil '

I meat Mhn nhull l" Melected n* chairman thall. and "I'nlvnnt.nl| they shall upon h.ln. en.cmliii. The hoard .. .. of dill,. 1..In. the name do! so ,in thy person .. same nhnll have ho*>n Inspected nnd branded \ nid( coumo In military Instruct nr pupil! n *

d".ln. hU trrni of ..itTic.lie mich chairman. ,'.! for mninti'nance bv the POnt. (tution and .1 other boon! or In.t. or more .h,1 pn-enc of by an inspector duly, appointed and l og shall he required

UI ., .evocutitf i officer of .".1..,department .!the. ,tir"mn'rly: tif the.*'nl. of Flnrlifn!, .., .m.thoiaie Ar..f .. property Insured In"the.on.*tati nhAll be disinterested not Ies. it,"nn.oi.p..on.. .,.,which.. i-, _samfloi "__._.._ fit..d i nhu'. the prmfcjontf, of thi* Act Pwm qimtl Mmnpecrnr ,i i own uniform or to nnffnrtn buy or*. f"1iheir

unai lenrorce nn.i cnrry .tit all of the order nnaii nn\o ritint to acquire bv purchasei .rumf, a.hereby | 'U,. and bottk-d. corked And- n. ' under tho privtsions nf Sec 1, That all law And -
nf the .. contained In resolution i"r otherwise. nr bv condemnntlnn ". .ul. .1 *i'aleil In the set 'hnll inspect such thN parts .:
nt ( prior to such) premiums upon such property so Imutrrd, pri'flenct of ,..1 witnesses, andaid spirit of turpentine, conflict with thin Act fee. and th.
duty 1 and entered the mlnutm u'iin.trmrmun, the of mall fund' the shall sample nr rosin in barret h
.1..1 upon .I"ht. wny. or road be | macon presentation of bill be placed in the hand nr bulk of one *'r hy repeated.
of the mitftnu of .1.1< department.: he of and for. the **mr. and! for that purpiMo tho tiiieh, premium to them by the state .treaurer ru, ponton who shall the.f I disinterested! pound* or more within seven dav frnm- Se ui That hi. Act shallbe* m '

1 ahall- hnvo full Authority to represent the department state mad! department shall! have the rltrht of until, such fund ha accumulated the sum of prn>.e of the purchaser forward to the lam.at the ev date of of notice( tn such Inspector o>f the di-ire the! effect Immeil at-ly upon approval ' ,

In .,..ln. with other d.'mrnt..f ,'min.nt d.mRln., nnd! condemn! the snbl! one hundn'd and n.v thousand' when agriculture : and! upon the ...com."n.of this mch person deirlng! tn Bell in or ship from "rnnr or upon it* possnae as au' ,

'hi. Mtitte. .lh hoard of county rum.cieeuonm .'I.hmi. .f way or cue,1 l brute or toll brldtren( a* no further, n '. bo .Inla. paid any curl ** hen by ,.i" by him of stato spirit nf turpentine ( ich Approval. Approved June 9. l"l '
"ml.l. nr main
or .. of I bond tritt.>r* of c*.un- I. nnw, prn\ldrd( t law ro.rln.( rttrht nf intouch. fund un I..** there shall. a In.1 I". by quire the state chemist to test Authorized to re barrel! or hulk of ono hundred pound, In
tIre npfcijil n-al nnd! brldne fllptrlctn, ( and! WHY or ".n.1 l .. for public roads An* t or analyse the moresuch: notiCe or
o ; by boariTtof *.n property Injured 'm such. ,! tub n Name, and he shall return I curb to snld Inspector "hall Cn.% PTER 7912.-INn( I IAN '
with the feilernl irovornment, nnd he shall .""nl. commits Inner*. and the rltrht( of, ..rh loss .h,1 pnld! and' r.n,1 train purchaiter* A certificate ', purchaser or wfen bv registered! mail and f HP bo ACT to API n.priate Curtain PrtlTrld .

p aiibmlt to the department at each metlnir.bortinnfter "R, of all mad or hl"hwa.laid t,ut or ..n..tr".t.1 rharired "nll! h amount 'nf ,,",..h fund certificate when vtriflid.by Analyst the ., and, such Mich reirl-terid ma 1 shall ho evidence receipt of .f uhe Cr'llgp l> "f I-AW. I IH ''

J providol for. a rct ort of all of hi. or taken over I'. the ."I! state met, nhfnin atrvnvate the sum of one hundred.b.1! thi' state chemist txi arTufavit of rKlnir( of mich notice Provided, further of the .

t Netlon* and .'ilolntr "mich niTiclnl, repreiientttlvo department! nnw or h..aPI. property of ftc), thiMiriand, ,ilollnr I belntr the Intent of in any court of I",.hal equity mpetent in ,vvldenc' flu, Inspection of rosin shall he rcqitind' that It rlnactei| by the tegUlalnre! 'if t t tof '
nf unid ""."....n..nl. The ehalrninn. *hall. anv .f the counties thi state i I. horebv doclared thiWt In Deep a* n.'" mnv bo lmmhi!,'. .*ute* ,1. That the tlovernor: tAte. plnco other thnn A port nftenr than at any Florida
I during >rm of otftce: M nuch chnfrman: to lio tho property of tho stafo. Prov Idid at nil time the sum of one hundred! and recommendation of the upon the ovon dnv*. and toy prrnn. item every f"11".1. The socrotary of slat

have hi*'I'I, headquarter anil I re*I do Ithi. l further, that the ."". ma
( state .n"I,1 nnd! .I! .i'.. bond! In the in n .Iml... rnnnncr 'legato and, di-lirnate .... Ih..11, lire .occur upon lntired' p-pvrt nil whose duty state( chemist' or of thi)* section shnll bo deemed! provision f i-t- to the bAr',| of cor.trol for the
aum of $ and other m..mh. ef lain oth... r..ad. (In thi stnto In bo state al!
the department .h,1 JIve bond In e.m nf mad!*. and to construct and maintain tho *Am. require, more funds! to pay the Amount of (Insurance rut to ht "n'pl.ty the nuhmittid! or r"".. (shed bv a tine i,f not more than IV 0 00.bo pun* foiw'g (bonk* Two completely hour '

8A.fxto.00) each tho faithful ,performnncA .lIlt tonal* ilerived! from frderal!, ttate or carried upon uch property ( .ulu..ubmll.1. duly commissioner. of ag imprisonment, in tho county JA I for nr by the Florida' Supreme Court Rcn rt*. '
of help luti.. nld bond to b. fuurnt.he.t I bvreputable al .1 1 .ch fund! ,< authorised! lnpreN or than hr"O month not moo* continuation
Hi. count source : : :*u titato and chute than there WAH at that tim. In | fun,!. Said or by b..th an published.: four
assistant state "iieh tin,
a ".nhn. company authorixt t.> n'd' ..ad* ,. be built and( mnlrtalneil, undi. In that event there I* hereby appropriated out" otftee. for a period of four chemist nhall h."ld imprisonment. *t the discretion of an I loiini] ota of the session law of the >. '

.h, ...o. H* In '"- and to br payable tbo *upor\ .n and! con t ml nf the tato reumoluIiinrtuneiit f any fund In the general revenue fund not wl.. recnmnundcd by the year*. untoother. Provided, however, that nothing herein the co-irt lure of 1 1919 and of aubsenuent leelvlat )irr*

the o\irnLir of th" iate of Fltiridw and hi. The t.*m .tat. ai' I I" .tisinl in othrruU. ."prp.alr., I um .uffctent! i which "oull. for tnlsftfOJAnc commissioner or of ag be deemed to make It unlawful far a ha1! PUblNhed ; eight completely bound rota )? i1
In to make producer rrMMoH '
.lr..n. a shipment or hlpsncnta of statute* of Florida adopted *>r thf 'f'
tjnln Iatur* of I91t.PAGE .


a , \ T . ., '. - 'rn'a __ -1L.
;' k, __ig&qA .- -A
"I o i1--. --


_ _ _ _-

\rt tt ) Dollar i )1:1,1: o IT i cert and men of saId battalion at
(WI 2. .ft'' .. on Traveling. expense for lecturer and sulTlcirnt( to meet the purposes of this law for said. commission may select sum of 'Iy. Thousand ($5,000.00) nnd curtain trial In the circuit court
t.,, "'" n .n.' iiroJ.effect 9 111111. 1 ,.. _ __ See 8. 1'hnt said hereby elusive of her home and the land on which a
a. ,t ( year ? 600 I IContitiKvnciim the support of women who hav dependent cumm'.ln. I to exceed (O> of Mild state for Madlaon county saul tour
: and for thettito such la U-cateil. not on.
teltKram. renearehea them for food raiment and 1 eIurstiuflan fully a"lh.rl..1 prvavnt h"m.
upon a'rvics.iitoi of d l'its comtnenplntr the oight of the "tn
Ii I \ in for. ...... and steno "r land and did not desert the on i
o.lal). and *" asking
: malaries orphan chil.unit
extra .r
1 1,500 orphan 1..1,1. .Iyln.
I .dv.rl.lnl year orhan or or h.1 such b who ervic' in actual line of tiny > f O 'ti'In r. \. I). 1917, and mull nit on (lie I
>hiindlniK appropriation performed
A'o:: \I I l rIr Conaolidation of un..r sixteen year of including any ; for period of not I leu than one (tiP aft* rut..ti.. of the U'th day of October A. I). .
of the Unit- duly
I State Congress said tenures* a
in the StU. *
n. of $..140 > husband .Is dead or an Inmate .
I'M: 7, ordir lo uphold, protect and enforce
I byn in
I the \ id Stst make, appropriate snot or allow )i'sir. link's incipacitaleJ for euch dOt
I. In or Liabilities. roprintion for item listed above may of some stnte or whose husband may ,
In.lt.Uon. diseasecontraciiHl tin I i.Mih.rUv ) institution of this slat e In
I :Management then 1latur 1, iiuniifirrfd from another need towanl in aid nf the International fair ""on of dinth. w."n.l. received or an. I
1. one to aa I h.. Inin imweruted di-ertion or non un- [ .r law
arise lo 'lu rrtnfnri1 mentioned' In this Act and *aidommiitson I whiltIn nctual line nf duty or I tin. minim( of Juattc accordinir to ;
may and has teen adjudicated by the curt
port for iiiul, m rotniriiancf, therewith said commnndinirotTiiir
I' I ." ,I" "IL' of th State >inscription for periodicals 1 500 '. is fully Sot iusrin-'d to ask for. rec win,* "*s otlurwise honorably discharired
11 $ where prosecuted to be wholly unable to sup the lint, marshalled and
.a. sInce to be trann-
"..f t 1..1.. I Irlnln. I year ....____._.______--... 1200 his wife and children : whose ..ive Ami accept" such ..'pn'l.rl.lo"a. iipotiHiah i.i.v' rail,.. and has not married l'ii cause, Madison, and
uchHiibHiquent t tssvai to ,
_. , I wo or more eon II". :t.m. I year .n.n..... 1.800 .nd\or the utipTMirt of the children "". .u"ttr! terms and ,ndition may diemtuciKHary .1,'nth of .a,1 husband ,'rylI'd hat I poi hi maintain from 'I l the county said force and pausednnme
". , ,iatricta' in the state 1 1 I'.hao.' of correspondent couraea 1 I Ijiar ly or partially' upon her shall be en titUd or Iur"i'ir t and the ..,d commissionIH ninrriaiip .1.1 prevent any.
I.b. of is' to t rulu "rl'd hack to Huval county,
vI .' I .lIdal.d .. htninafterduly __ .. _.--....____ _.?. 1,000 1 toMhc assistance ,'d for In this luTtby authorized I. iso In person or by "h"I.. sue .r p 'a. a iircordanc uitti us-i. rnul order therefor
u in ,
. .1 1 l'urchtiiu of lldia and < tluir i duly apiiointtd n ,pnsentative lu.'firi. (hol'itvteui from drtiMiiiK a 1'n.l.n In'rIw *
autl.." I year 2,000 >ct. for the and for her ; .
He It narled the State
flm. h..1 said marriage < hy efflnUture of the
S, : : It. lie of the of 1isrhasp of fillntr ma- children .UII.or btatis Contiti-MM for the purt>oie of provision"* of Ihl..t I
bard .. wrlln. itf rlnridit
puMu ir-'r' 'ti I any county t ." chin.- and other S.-,! J! Mln wane* Atithorlzeni. The allow-. sit.Hin' and n'q.n. appropriation for In'. n dissolve! by d,Hth di.cree In chaneery
j 011. fu.Rtu. ofluit Section I Thnt and
stuill b ,'ot II Is'ui i > recdve I the um an appropriation be.
ui! itlt't'siat <
.1nt t .. i, I I. jpeld any two or 1 yuan -.u.__._ BOO alit for .the mil of such women shall not exriiil HUH .
I thro".houl he in lierehv made of the
tiintiKbo.w ,'<, district, tuentvfl\e a month when abe Sic 7. It .hal be the duty of said cotnmmsipn I I,,nulr.'sl and. Forty I $211001"la.) t same sum of f J.*
mt"11 .rh..1
41J 77. much thereof be
at ..",.h tim' ami 1 place a* Maid board may direct $9700 >ha>. but. tine child under sixteen year* of .. .. effort toward .n.ln. per annum I in monthly provided or so as mav necet
have in this state Hiiry, to pay for the of labor trmn**
shenever .",..f"urlh of the qua!,fled elec. Total' -...$-..'5.000 1 1iid If sin' him more than one child under the age. !itnd' amusing said Inh'rnat.oel " t. Hiiih w"l.w .hal .resided Ion. board, lodttlnir eaps'nps'and actual

,tlial laY a tax "n rial or pirsonal proo- \ rnr ..second year. .-...-._. 25.900Sec. of aKtecn years It shall not exceed twenty- be inaugurated on November tlth, lOJ'J or at continuously, r.r a period 0 eight (IHI year. porial, ed used auppliea .
Ivr of her Iv 'mpln consumed, service
such date said commission dutermint next pnivdtiiK the of pension > or rendi
a* may 0"1.
rty. and are resident In such special, tat achnnldmtrict ftditllara for the first child and! elirht dol.I. Iln.
'. and to run continue or remain claim provided, from and, 'ri'il U* r hy said force of men under di
1 1 petition for Much election to determine tars a month for each of the other children. o..n
.h.1 for such number of month (toot he after the paxsHite of this Act no pension wIllLu ction
.. natd district ahall become con.nlldnted . 6 The comptroller shall draw hi* Sec S. Condition of Allowance. That theeuuunty
,. allowed widow whose marriage wa and tn pay the officers, noneommisioiied *-
into a ainiflt' itpt eial tax school dlstrict warrant on the *tat. treasurer on the orderof ."mmla.l"n. of their respective .. twelve) as said commission may d'I..nID. orin to any
off and each for '
1917. provided auch wi.iuuw teem men, the tlm
for th. purpose of levying and collect in* the board of control upon thi* The ies shalt levy a .tax of not more than Vi ofuunu .its judgment deem pmpr. Hiihaeiiuent June 1. :
board of f"nd Stc It. Said com hereby ."thor.I. ia otherwise el>KbI! <* under the provision' w hfch he actually spent In salil dutie* from
district school tax for the exclusive use of control shall make detailof mill on all taxable property of their resp4Ctive I
.pn lord to diltHttte to any that marhereafter of thia Act : provided further. that any .".h the time of lila departure from Dtivat county
free school In the of thi. 1
the public the enttrv area In- a Kenera for the pu pos of supplying "o.orlon
..n'hlu. thepious until his. 'turn to Luval and
be out county each
be under widow not required to make ri '
created In and
eluded within the said district and of done fund to hula bill into effect and .t. .h.1
work ,
r"I..n th. which -
h.vlnl .pr : providp law for and .. or ? husband aervice, but such widow npfordtnir to his rank a* a member of thellusvul
other of a special In biennial mean the provided the enmlltfon I. fn.n.ln. .Imlnl.t..lnt .I hr.
the tax I. name -
.h"1 .h.1 Incude It
trict under p. eoniititutiun. and law of FlorId "pr t tb of of said allotment shall be crt In. nn . exposition any of any . deciased soldier or sal lor. whownuld county fruarda. and according to their
..rnm.nl.. aloon. f the power* tfrantel to Mid commissinn have been entitled to a pension under tirms-, at the same rate per day at that time 4all.wu'i
*. Such petition contain one-fourth of 7. That law and parts of law In made by commissioner upon thererimmundstt.n .n" .
.hal al by thia ,\1. and In the event that arortnratiufl this Act. make proof if her said husband hy law In the United Stale army for C
conflict with Act be of the .1.1
arid school
the In each of the the same In th* ,
nuahf. .Ir" rrldo. hard aril,,' service In the United States.
I Is lnrorporation shall
under the general not ttoen pensionunder
b_ At Raid h.'rehy repealed county In which such mothers and on. .n'ate .h.ln.
dl.I..I. t . Pro Sir J 1 IIu t
till of conimandlntr officer sloth
law the Act at o-
aIsle ,purposeof
the be voted Sec H 'I hi* Act shall take effect Iv in,'on th' conditions, : Iln.
1.I.wln. mat.. .h.1 Immo1.1 I"I"win. nnnnclnii adminmtcririki, and on that all person ,'Ivln. penluna un fort nov nrrnnts ant drawn a* hen>m prold -
and it law. First The for whose u.rln. ,11",1. "
upon >
upon : bomlnt a fit .hldr.n ne n- of the saul tnti'rnational "'' .1.1 act henlnforr "... shall 'in liruof \ <'il, nuts?,,* nnd, fu'rwirI| to I tho adjutant iren
1 Whether the .id district shall be con..nolAt4d Approved M. thi allowance 1 I. must be .
with the mother of Ivln. ml.al.n ahall nowir I. turn over 1<.uchcorporntlon Ii h. amount they annow ncolvinc thereundi u'ml ctrtifltd pnvtolta In dupllcat. of thp of
Hhalt such child b
: and bt'comf a single special' tax --- or "
., be the and the lie*'tx, commissioned, ofTicer and
l.n.l. received by said commission r paid at same rail sntnertianni prinits -
CIMPTFU Second The
district To mother In the
school authorize the consolidation 7916.-(No. 184>. must judgment
from the State and from Individual tnnt all pinninmn paid under thi,* \ who artunlly served on said tour of
Unttid r n n
AN ACT of .the commissioner .
'to the cnintv of
of said district ft .h.1 he required that at acid A"lh.rl. County Board of such r".nl",
mull corporate atitwcription or other- ActI duty, nspi. clttely, specifying the name andunit *
election the Public Instruction to Acquire Lands for u 'Inch bndv finally anptlciitlon .
votes cast In each oft
i.1.lrlrt! a proposed to H. connolidaU'di shall t'm, In Farm monstratlon Work. for. .h.1 under the pass Act,,"h.. .1 proper .... .n. "..._.. U.0...._. y. ._.r ". "._.0'.'_. .......0.. of inch mutt nnd the number of days of

b.. ,iti of He' It Enacted hy the rgislature nf the Slate t' m.r.I" .
.on.old.lon nf rlorldat 1 thr of her children. ''nyln. tinuem rat expense* of said com mis- lo n'iiul! as followsee will I bp fill'd with I I tin comptroller and one with
Who shall I he of the proposed brln.ln. ,. in I, out of the I. (the adjutant, general.
Ir".I. n hy S
Scion 1 The county boards of public In- | allowance shalt In the nl.I..I..
r indiitd! ,din1rnt and the three ,persons reiitnr I 1.1. .SisuLt. funds in the still. n.t otherwise api' R Ihe pavm nt of al allowed clnlms"hall it'I 'Phicommnndinir, officer of suttlforre
ruction of I'a..ry
idi- ) II the several o"nlh. of this state m.nt Ih. commissioner) HP nep. sr I bIg it of the nf
numl.r colic rant .ha'i 1 i roprlatei) tht' Mini of $10.000. shall fillw, ith the adjutant renernl In'liut'li.'nt.
hi tiv
us r r to by puroh.Mor > *n\t the child f>r children neitleet
) ''ttclartd' the trunUHs cltcted for said con- lease a"lh"rl".1 .qlir Tourlh 1"1 Sec 1<" This, mmisslon shall heirln Its I the I application" hi Ihe 'pension .I..rm..nt. "n.I. ** cerlided I to by bin,. detn t"d statemi -

.,1.1..1 I, 1 ,,clal tax .<1001 district. If the re- or .irift work suitable in lamia connection for la. In farmi'unuunstratiiun i-f thisrt No who person shall shall r.h'. the ln-neflt wiirk A* ..,". a" thi* .\.| h..om. law tune lite applicant, 1 I. the wl.I.. .., .. 'nls tn u riling of the ,expensi nctuntly in-

suit ,. .. denIm !1w fat or, of consollda- with any not been a .U \iprnvitl I June 9. 1919.Til celvitiv n ,ponslon at tin. time I of his di.ath u'sur'ul for Irilior trnnsporlnlion, bonnl, Indtr
school In the Provided) .1 I nt of the stnte, for at I four
county andn
: tract
tit, mid filial) any so Ia.t .ra. under this Act wlu' shall be mndeto
K< \ for ttu nixl e..oln" twa n I'"m'nl Inir supptli, and service rendered to or bysnld .
ncfiuired, phntl! not < \c> e l fnrty acres 'in area nt of county which the atlow- .
r.II I" I 'h widow from Ihi tlnte of the death of
rflt1- "or inch nchiml and he located convennl n. ) M'lven at hnst one year next he. M'TPIl ?n,'2. _.I( N" 140). sin font' of ,officer nn'cumsivssluun'ui< | olTI-
.h.1 Vr I If hu'u 1 to' filed nIthinnioci
'Phi* nitmhir of m'Ms' of district tax to be I t.' nnd ncciss'ble to school in connection 'f.r<. the mnklntr of tIer application,' for nil! In \N ACT te .rode' liens for PmfewHtonnlrnwinePF' hl.hnn.1 i application' run, rtnH nun, ns nforesnld one nf which eon I u'I '
til Ihnt
dnys Pridid I
,ml nod y '''I'h I ti M shall I hp n'I lnlniHl ttv tin' adjutant, irenernlnnil
1 I. tolli'ctid 1 af.
annually the two *ucceding uith, which it I I. to l h. uaed such, county / un Revittute the of **uch ,
yen,- within 'h,' proposed comotMnti *? . I'rlnrl' , r.r ptnslon "I'r I I.rl.. vhnsrfimplication nno of which copies shtitl be Hied with
J rhat all law,
i r or parts of law In ** I.iu'ns. to Provide II.. Which .
i P Ih'n Allowance N .. , for pension has, I tut, bvlite
ili-lrltt! I fur th> excliifivp us. of the publlr t. conflict the provision of this Act are :1.1 ( Such l I... d. and IMiased. .I'n..d the comptrollerS ,
|, 1, thi.rcof If paid elect he in I ht ,111 himver any .,1.1 hM reach th. a ire ofHH 1..na Shal \r""I. I 1.,1 for any en UK* ttluill fl. wihin *.e 4 \\'firrntila on the stnte treasurerHluitl
al.I rnnlldntion. the on 1..o .by 1..1" U','n yea,. 0" mother shal' lr..marryth. and I, I'r I n..m.ly fir the I."ro.; I tin'.. tnonUis of I I uu'ui I..nlnl, of nnM. n"Ilh'alon." be fortlm'1th draw n bv the
number of comptroller
mills of .- Sic T this Act ahull take iffect 1m.m'.I..ly . s'nt of I.i'na.lie f 4
Th.t .
, 1 nl.wanr. th mother or 'the childrenMhall F".h j tiildfl tonal tui-u.uf I hut Is Mat t tnct for i iivmi
'tax th two recoU-\ t lay iitene* j
.lr..dln. .n. upon I. I'a"n" npprovnl, by i .. that If It I.nuuiuir I. It .. hi the l"al.l.h. of the State -l at*' pi'itslon bonrd ot In'rw IHI' ,Inthi> liltfhfKt numhi r .r ahnll he Irs li ,1 rnor. upon Its law 1'1,1..1. hn". of ridnl prov i for. upon I ttiin Act tn-lntr coniplii I
"Ir a . r
b..ln. i to > bonrd of <"" comm .. i board will s'uonlui'r'ul final on such appticntlitn ',d wit Ii bv the ,
and' Ht appnnal. 1110. Sift ton 1 liens st In favor ofnny
It. 1 AI"ro",1 i ..Ionr. afti'r an Invalidation recommendation .hal 's 1'rm idi'il. hum ,'s's.'r. Hitch action flie ., ffiinrdit and tu> nudlt nnd ;
t far
? In conflict with theprovisions upon npprov
I."t. as bv the school bonr that pn.fe.lsoimt i 1"1, as defineil by Rec- ,(II bonrd what! not prevent n in w implication ,
nl of pniil
roll and
.1 Act the provisions 7017.-(No. 115)). 1 .olnt I 1 of Chnntir "in |I. Law of I" pnv e'cts.ns's account hy 'L.
.I.Un. (\ITFH 'h'rueiu.t.ti apprnved ,
of Inn some rr..n that It fa for I.'n .10. fiom l>*'Ing made, nnd Oh-ui under the provision tin. said cinivls'suIl'r Said nhall 'i
rtlatlnir | wnr run I* b**
and 11. .alhn.. hol.lln. ant. ,\ N \CT t. Provide' a I'enattv to be Tmpoiied 'the best Inter*.st nf any child as aa for Mnv Jf". "17. who In the practice of of Ihi Art, which, If granted, shall entitle drnwn upon, and the aforesaid nhall 41

.nnvn.ln., . d'h'rmllnt ''al tan. school'elec districts T'ponny P<'rson In Tht State who hall. 'u.orl.utv. to continue said allowance w.1 a Inntrer bit profusion ,..perform by. hlm..1 or ? the person applying to receUe a pi'nslon I he pnld out of the National ffunrd expense fund, If the 4 a 'j_

shall. .allon Wt' Inti.nt to Injure and P'I..ud. Oht.lnor period of time mich allowance may be con.ttsattui .t h.r any profissiotml .n.ln.' .ln.. alsodeflneil from the ilnl** of filing of such new npplfinI same in now in such amount tt t -
apply" to dictions provided, to beheld an an me*'
undir the terms and provisions of thia net I'rnrure Mon<'y or Other 'Thin of Vahm for such time as the jttntlro nf the by said Section 1 .. chapter, upon I Ion sur..si't'ut. furl tier, that nothing in Ihi* the same, and if not, the same shall I be paid
on a Contract or Proml e to t'.ror Labor case mav In nil canes, however.nhcn or In connection', with any of the propertydescrllnd Act shall be .'onslruss.ui to prevent elm plain*
Sic. When d.man,1 out of ftindH In tht* I
4. the result of elctlon hel I Iundir nnv tnanury nut otherwise
the or Service and r..rrilln a Kul of Fvldcnce the 10'' h. remarrie allowances In said section, one of said chapter. Ip the gulitr Confederate service from receiving appropriated,
t'roIoton. of thin Art be .I
and .IHO the land which of
.h.1 .. upon'
shall any
ciaRpep upon n pension. Any perann who drew ats'ou.iun
far of cnnitoliiliition. the In nov.rnln. Sec, n All law and part. of lav*,'* fn con
favor of such Be It ': the rcislature of the Staleitf R. TVmnlf Rplati\p The ..tl.l.n. of said property may .lan,1 from the state of Florida, at the tIm* flit't herewith be nnd the
ahal same are hereby re*
entire district .on.ol.I"lon. lb..m" one FloridatSection this Act shall also he I'n.I.d for the benefit Sic 2 Such be superior tn all of the pHMiagi of thin Act, and I Is entitled to pi'a ted

thirty day after the entry.f..of the "I.I"nor I Any person In thf state, who of orphan children "hn are .pendent on other* accruing thenafU'r "..,.Un.I only' ito a pension under this Act, shall not be. re Sic ti Thin Act shall lake .'IT''nt upon Its I

public instruction of the county in which b.ad such 'shall with Intent to 'injure nn>l defiuu undi '.01. female relntlio iinnhtt' to support them statutory II.n. nf mR.rl,1 men mrhanl.a.IMI..n. quired to make new proof flout shall be paid! passnue aol nppmval by lhe Cnvernor. or upon
nnd by of 'or to such rhiM' or eMMren iifider iruaril- I.h... from the passage of this Act, Payment uttall
districts are situntid In the minutva of sail r reason a ctmtri, I'.ml. to Inv Its licciimmit a Ian without hIs approval.
*>o *",' ifranentli'nt* or and Sun. S. If such professional not continue to pensioner durlnir ahsenn-*1
board of the of such election.Pi .rror.n lalmr or service t rortje or < h's'ii' I..h. pauper .n"ln.ln. Approved May 2*. 1919

.c 4 14. .11 Iwo or more special tax mom.y or other thlnt of situ.,. its n .**..,1'1. iriu mnnn nf stipiHirt.Srp shall be done nr furnished Ih. procurement from this stale of longer duration than twilva ; u,

school districts shall be cnnsnlidnted' n. anthor7 ', ndxances. uu'ltv' of ,. mlsdi m> nnm ft TIi.w. rn-flnl Tntn TfTect( Tn orflern of the owner of the property or hi* months ; provided that when a pension has 1 riMMTR 792M.-* No, hlCi. "

< d bv the prnvlsiona of thin Art. the entir 'a.n".on conviction thi..nf .",'I I te punttiH .,1| rnr-v Ihi. i.r..t..n'' of this Aet Into pTppt, atrent. or from n person ""t r'ln. with such been discontinued because of such absence. It 1 AN ACT lt mend M-eIIsn 1111 I Oenerat lNH ,

<. conHotldated district shall become I liable .v. fine not exceedinu Five Iltindritl ,iO'H' ItO. ''t p"'l| lx .hp itutv nf the eolintv *chno] at- ou nor tn have the work .I.n. Hen shall shall be renewed upon return of pi'nsloner to Stntut i.f t lorldn Tlelntlnv tn Service nf p

for th<> payment of all l onds and other ind.bt.nines I'olla. or by impriHonmi. nt not .'."o"'nt a t t. "t'.,.-. oT'rer' or Iffce officer hy whatev be upon ttie I, I nti.rest of such owner ; but if this state where It I is shown I Ihnt) mich) ,ittiHenri Pmces upon Corpitrnt inn

of each of the districts HO ronsnltdnt-1 month rntnn ..''...1.! In h,"e if rect ailpervlttton' of th. th I.. prnfeHHionnl' 'n.I".rln. be rfone by the wa* not permanent Provided lint payment He It I-imrtrrf by the I eulnlalure of the State S

er|. nnd the area of the coniinl(dated Sec 2. In all puuiuIu-t'Ut ions for n v fnlntlnnof I I't.iFt'non| nf alt cases. and h. shall have I,""cutr.'mu'nt of a person havln. lesa than the ttt pensioners IM dmennIdled Immediately lsluuifltheir of Hurida :

district' shall .nir.,subject To be taxed for the the lo..oln. section the finhirc or p. fnt.,l t'-. ..,lFnnrr* pf tie 1".1 of eilncatlnn ami absolute lnt..r,.nt. or u hia atient. or of any r mo\nl fr m lhi u tut?*', If "aid r '' lli.irtion Ill I. Cvnernl Slntrlita. -

payment hereof The consoHHnU district without cause to prr form such bison < rservice child ..elfn- of the state board "f h..n1th! tl I...rson contractlntr' him to have tho work Is Hhnwn tu be pi'i mam ut pn>vlil.tl. I < rwlatlnu tn service of prtca ,u

ahnll I..nm. entitled, to the funds and or to pav for the money or nib r 'hlmrof enocrn'g.1i\ I''.e I.nn. of public Instructionor done. the )lien shall be only ilKin the I limited Hint upon sin, pensioner hlnj Ineareeraled i ur uiHin rorpornllons. tie nnd I he same la herihyimnndid '

property of the districts, al o value ,, obtained' nr profit n.d shall be .'..',1 'vnrVpr* .I- each county In the stnte interest nf such person confined In nnv able Institution In I thin St ate. to rend, ns follow ,

Sec S Where any tax .n.olld.,1.. . become prim fitchevid'nct.. of the Intent t., injure In *.*. "t|"nM"all rerunn ent tied to the Mer 4. The provision of Article 2 of Chapter l hi* payment of any pension shall In* discontinued I till I I I I iKKNi u Service upon rorpomtion In

consolidated undi' the provision of thin and d).fraud P-m I.'".. of thIs Act In tho ,".Ih.rln. of dntanfl V of Title 7 of the second division of the during auch lime of confinement un the nhsitice of off term or atrenf V\ hen process I

Act. no tax that shall have been levied or ... Sec R. This Act shntl tnl<. eTrrt fmmpdIntelv t"e *>'F'ory. .n.l mnkin. a report, on each vi'nrrat sinful*. "'Ialv. tn the 1..lnrlt of less Much pensioner hun a wife or minor children analnst sny corporation of Ihi state orv

sensed prior to such consolidation in any one upon Its passatre and approval. pf. and to this ." I.. nepeswary h.nk liens : of Article t chapter r.latv. to dependent upon him or her for support, *. hi'ri process anautHt, any foreiirn corporation

or more of the district, Included within the Approved J"n. 7. 1019. .'1 ),, provided and ft shall he the ci the acquisition of liens, : nf Article .10 t ftien such pension shall be paid to those so w hti'h In dointf buwiness In, or han, hi'retoforeiliiin

consolidated' district shall he impntr4' by suchronsoll.iatton. -- I'., hour o' ch:M wc'lfnranui( education, off chapter lative the enforcement of . : dependent upon such pentloner hiiNittess in I hi* stale, citnnot Ito served

but aubsiquent to such consolidation CHAPTER 7H1S.-(No. IIBI. *.n nt5tin b..1 of h.alth' *o provlil1 uniform and f,f nrlrl. (t S of said chnpti relative to Sec 4 'Ihi Act shall heroine *'lTs'rlivon ow iiiK to the failure, nf Much domestic or for

all taxes thf..nft<.r levied and assesaed AN ACT Authorl'n.' and n.olI.. thoClork i I tans*"" 'o lr ".tprt nrnl nalil for by the cnnn- the r.',' .r lien : and of any amrnulmvnluitluer.'muf becoming a law Apprised May 21, 1 IltIll. lirn curtuurilluun| lo elect ofTieeni nr aptmlittHtrentn

In said consolidated district for the support ex. of Ih. CI.,1 Court' of thus> Stnte' tn Isle tn be ..,1 In v.lh.ln. and recording the .h.1 in all respect be extends! nr the fnilun' of such foreiun coriwra

eluBively of the school of such district .h.1 record the ( of Direhfirtre of theSolder. hl.tor of each .. to ami tn the Hen provided for under rnPTFR 7t 2B, ( No MR) tion to have within the stale an officer or ,

bi in accordance with the result of the .1. and Ballon Who .,"..d Front i Sir 7. Tlistorv of Each Case The history this Act t. suhjert however to the superior. dlff- AN ACT to Amend Seetinn I of an Act Fn- niton! upon whom pmces can he served, nrH

ton e..tln. such eonsnlidnted' district or auh Thin Stat In the Army r' Nay of I.' ,' ia-h cn.e when Investieated bv the board oily of the lien provided for under said titled an Act to Amend Section 2. H and the at mi'nee from thn state fur the perIod of

.I.t,onM held thereinStc tTnited State. Government Ou.ln.) the W. of fitihMe Instruction sehonl tendance olTI1 Chapter V. of Chapter 72M of the laws of 1917, Fntit- six month IIP fore the instil tin of the writ nfIlii ,

8. .:X.It." far an In conflict with With Germany and ... the Pay 1 err or lh mm.or social worker of the county Sec ft All law and paH of laws In con led An Act Creating a Slate Hoard of Pension at/entu nr officers of any domiwtip nr for*

the provisions of this Act the ex in tin* pro- mint of f.m. by the County Commluslonun.of re "ntmhl. hereinafter pmvMed 10 be filet with the provision* of this Act be and *, l>i'fining who Shall Receive Pension*i, sign corporation, or because the ofTirer* or I '

vision of law ..Iatln. t .special tax school ThIs .. n"u-c'5nteuI ''nl he male "n triplicate the the *flint* are hereby repeated' Who Shall Not Itecelve IVnilun. Who Shall I nueritt nf any, dimestlp corporation are unknown -

dint nets. the power duties' of the trustees H. It Enacted by the Le is1ature rf the State' orl lrnl to h. flVd with the board. of countyer See H Thi Art nhall take effect upon HH tie Relnmed a* Pensioner*. How Application It sltiill,, be I los dutv of the officer to

thereof and county boards of puhllo In. of f'lnrd. **'.,,Innrni of Sb.. en tin'v. which In- prn\nl, by the Cnvernor. or upon Its heron,. hall be Mad, How Pennlon Shall he PnldMuly return said writ, with the cause of hIs Inn-

striirtion. and the county uperintendent of S..Uon I I te elrrka of the efreti't .'...1. the "rnmm.nt'attnn nf hue board.h.1 piihtl lot n law without such ipproval.At'pruvr.i of County Commissioner In Regardto blhtv to si'rve nn same and ii|>on the ritttrn of ,

public instruction the levy anti ansessment courts of state shall t"er .oro booli' <* ''or'rlrl... of the .".nh. and nne copy June 7, 1919.I Pension Providing for the levy itf n writ n* nfntesaid. the judue of the court l 70suuill

or taxe* and the Issuance and sain of bonds for the .Iu.lv. purpose of ..nrlln. .... "''*.1! *. rrtnlnril by the Imard of politIc Ini ----- Pension Tat. and Authorising lilt Stale'Iuuarui from which. the same shall have Issued nhnli i .11'

by Hpecial tax school .1.trl.l. shall apply 1 to ..if..I. of rf serafre nf all /. nf thin i .....I.n. nnd one copw rnr..1..1 tn and I CIT'II'TF.R7lt23., Ill! ). of 'eniona to Make Itegtilnllon loCnrrv i, tnnkii an nrdtr nl nnv time, settlnir forth th
any consolidated ",. .n..t.d under the lTnfted. enlfxttd.in the a-m' or nn v of II. ""'1. bur* ni, of child welfare and .1.fl..d AN ACT Amend rWtlon 4 of an Act Fn into FlTecl Ihe Provisions of this Act! ruirtii-H nf the pnrlie*. the nature nf the action. I

provision nf this Act. S.at. irot ientrlnir the t'e gap fin of the 'tate I".r" of healthRrc tIll...l".\.n Act to Am..n.1 Sections 3, 1 and i Approved May 21. lOtS, suit S or iirorieilintr. I the court In ***tlnh IH*

Sec 7. Thi A.t shall take effect Immediately with Cermanv and ni rtlnVatr of illichnrshall ". 41 TT-w PamllU .to hp 1nvetlir R of Chanter ?2r t of thn I.aw* of 1"17. fin- He It Knacled by the e1slnture of the Hint Hnme lisa ttein Instituli, nnd, r-iiilrln" I'. t I
upon its a law. h. ...ot.l of nov eoit w'mt i r tt> ..1 1 It shall I"HIP nf the i>f Florid Hind, ,
b..nmln. c duty bonrd' nf publictnttfucltf littid An Acl I Cru-ntng i% <5tat.- Hmird ,ufPs'iiu.iuuno f cort.itrntii.il to ts 1't's'nr upon H rule day Cbs''
the <
A,."lined .Iun. . IIID.) r< Hp 2' < ct The. hnrrpH snldler! and .m'ir t n of ,nrh county to MO.H re .aeh i r>iftnimrV ho pen- SiiMoit I Thiit Million. 1 of an Act cntftClinpltr f nnd di'fi'mt, tlie mifd action, ntnl nr ol I h* r i'Ht IT.u.u'i

-70l7- of f'r. hoard of c"unlv' p"m"',.' loner 1 mi'i. n- fipal( ,..rlct emntoveil h until eount 'iurs.! \h. uliall Not {*. fh.1',11..1., Who Iu'ul it rs A Ct I,. nnu'nut !4s'ct iuuua ::1 anul ri .,t dinirs, ami the puliHratlon of snttl order 1

ril \PTER -, No. 112)). .tR' shall l'f to t.. rlerV. of the tettit \". a. 1..1 t t.f pnhlle Instmetion schi..l at- S"nl He mtalnrd ns nniiinera.. How A|.- TJUl'i of tin' I tug,* >f"tD17 enllllid, ,,.l,',. i sue*'t'h fur I Hn' |tt'Hod of four consecutive i'mp

AN ACT \men.1 Section S5 of Chapter 7 73laws court cirtfflcrite thn r ,,, 'I. eot nty for nhami i tfti'inn. ool.r lo carefully and .rm..114 fnlit. ,1"I"n 1.1, b.. Made. llou' pensiona Shall!I II I "A n Act fTi-nllnu n Sinli Hoard of pinsiom., S a'f'u'ks in HutiM in WNpaper puhlinhed In I he

of 1'117. 1..ln. an Act rntftled ",\n fee not e\erv In exceed r.n.I.I. a rvcnnliri c: , ..i,.. I ,, pnnditton of nny and *>nrm'iii t 1'.1.1. 1II'y' of (')iiititv ComTnisstoni In i .1,11 fling who slits 11 ri'eU*' penslnn vvtto plush count In tvhii li unid nellort. tit( or other

Act Providing Certiflrntion and RxffmrnHtion > Sue :'I t AH 'lug.Iw.nt.n. pent. .'- e'uilui l 'tnornhnn and h.1 orphan chil- "(" tinrd. In Penslom,* Prnv'dmir' for the i >i'.* r. 11.)lv.> pensions uho shall be ntnlned a* piiireiiltlitr M till 11 I be instituted. Mhnll he f'lll I .

of T'nchrx I'n.rrihln. the Retpiinint flirting herewIth and her Saris' of laws ..n. ulu-ru' .< In 'u i> flu.i In, maY dp to I th.Ir nt* I I..r f a IN.union Tax "n,1.IorI"I pens Inner*. how application,* slit,11 he made. nnd snffirii titil, Itlriitiott to the Nad crsuurs.liuut .-

'ntt* f"r thi I.r'r.nt i, .". ..* CertiflcniiH ..,. 4. This Act are by I" .n..nl.,1 "lent1 I. ,i mid uftr hn.ln.fathered. history,. of T I. State flonrd of Pi...,,, t. M.I. liow i u'ttniortH stin. h1 pti 11 duty, of county of lite iiiHilluiioii of said action, suit or
fniiiinK, Suit.flinril or Rxamini : .hll "'po n low n'ter u ".H i..u' nail *.h the Mtn| ini.riidiiitf I'rovMid hnwi\pr .
its nn.l ,rieortleil 11.0" upon 01' uuuluIluuns" t. Cnrrv Into FT: <'t 'the Pro. PoitimlMslnii In ru..ft rut tn IH nshins : provldInu r no Jtnlirmi .
'nt, I'n Hcrihinv their Hutu's and 1'rovid-' .\pnsfini/e May n. .1D19CIMPTFR . l"y the G'>vernorPproTil lu-i in',s .t% hi...{nbt.fon. rt..," be prov Idi viftlonn of tMnit.. \PiroMd, I Mnv' '"J. "?"'. for tin' lex'v of n PI rt .in f In*, nnd Suit hr' 'nt ty di'rnuli or tti>crie pro eonfesso shall

jni' for th ir Cmi.nintuiin| | and Txpenaes.. 29. .1 I u.' fnmeil'n1i "'."!' sueh report" of such i He It Knurl d hy the I .al'ol.r.' of the Hlnteif i-lni' lh Mfnte bonrd of pi nytonii I to iriake r*'i,- In* Inken or n,'mti-n'd a will I list I mild corporation

It. II nnrtvd; hy tie mislnture nf the State Tniff Tvo.n '. >'i fore t',i, rtnrl t>* niiblfe met r.rtlnn of Florida : ulntlon* It* car, v into *ftWI |Ii hi, > s.nuvlsItunuu of until ihn' proof, tiv Ithall I tune hei'nI

of ."nrld.: \J ACT Provide, *\. Cu..'* r. mt\' Top its Immi tint" netlrtn and sai'l 1 1 *-.. rtiuul l i t 'I hat Rection 4 of iso' Act ,'i- till, ,* Art.t fi* pro\ii| Mnv 'I l'ittl.! l>e arnemli I tuaui IP of I the nut, I irnl Ion of Hiiid ordt r man lit-re- 'i
S,'rti..n I 'rhit I Section J3 of Chapter 7172 Rust rhol.1 ?m-i an I' I 1"'I.r I iiMIr shall examine' such intti'fore
Virus for the In"'lhn i tit l lu.| .\ \rt lo amend ction 4 of an Artintltltd to r*'ml a* Tot low N Anv p"mnn w ho *ittlMetl j IiruvIvilS'c
I.a" nf III.. nod I the some 1 I. herebyamnndid In th,. St itp T."'lorMnHe . Ilor Chotcrt, t n . t runt nu'dt'i'ttv transmit ...h anptl- 1 "Art Aet to "..ml. Sictlon* 1 nndr I nnd m'rv'nl Irt the, mil tnry or oust iii service 'J 'I'hut, nil laws' or pntU of law In

follow : It tnnet'd: of the futff 1 n ,,..1.r M 'I lt its. rt'enmrnendHtlons <.f ,Chnpler 7 269 of the laws of 1'17. enti of the C.u'ulu'ruit,' ,win it's dtirlntr thi war I heluen eonlllet, will ihf privfsi>ns of this Act Iw andI

Sec Jfi Tin HtnUtrensurer shall keep 'In of hy 1..i.I.I.r. of the PInt 5 t1 r. Iw n rd .r epunty cp-mmlsMlonrm of the li.il nn Ait I ...RIn.> f> ttiiti ttoard .r penH I the Hint.nf the I'nlt.l Mlnii, aol I i In xtiiMi nn, > i'r'tuy ret,'nlpilI

Bipartite fund aM fro nrlnintr uniler Section "I.rda.S'rl.n t shall tw u.u., iv f.r flrnl! net ton The board nf county (.MS. di.flnltitf wi., utintt reci l l\n ,pi.tt ,(tunu dll not diHiTt I I.u'. fi.nfedt nut s' Hen Ice and I Pie ::1 I Tlilw ,'t..t I M-hnll tnlte *'ITect Imnjwliult -
17 and 21 of th srt. from npplirntions fnrcertilttatts I duty' of the -fste romm'ssinnerH' shall (>n media ti.tv tk. sisal Iv Its I hironilnu law
hoiird, up i "rin -hnl not ned pensions who Htmll' hon > who p* rformi'd nervice I In art uial I line of duly upon a
upon diplonuis situ from ex am if mtionti ly..t..k uiusnltuury ry Ui pusu-elun p aol. b<..1 1' au-ui l irrant nr reject such arnllra- 1 for AppniMil .time II, I IIMO,
hand' for .! .1.nl.n I"". I. lu.'n.i.n.'n'' rn h.w a i p. 'Hod of not !t"s I Ihnn on* vtnr or whnwn
held bv ihistAt...' board
which rlndR'.hRI h,. ilifhurted for the pnv- nt't'u-.iss.l and admlnl traorn of I fu.. .eh"' .i O. "*.|,'|1.,,". nltV.| | In this Apt of poiiTilv, coinmlttslom.1.1,'va.1 to tun.. of tn id war, tinlesn Incapacitated for suchdulv f'MM'IRK I Ttl'JII (No 117)N ). I b '4' .
soriim vfrux bout
nf the, rhotern serum an f vir"*i Soy it Other P.. Mav I.. 1 .
r' Appolntet
mont .r al.rh. .nd Ir.'lnt r'iu'in-.s tu I.". furnished upon application nnd f hrmiirhpnffl ons Hinm n ." dinir for thp levy of n nlonIn hv reason of wound, recilved or deariecontrnetid \ ACT lit \m 'ui| Rctl..n IT-1 of Article It
stair' 1>i>nrd of 4 'Rmln for all exprnne* admlnlstrntora aol their nnnrnvnt.i to' Cnrrv I nw Into Ef..1 In .".*'n..of a an nnd authnrMntt thp plate board penH while In line of dtilv fur who was of the t'iu'flu rat Statute* of the Stale of
Incident to ami necessary in coml'ictintr the ex.ttm upon ad uv,'rVcr' or nlr. nrnvldi for In **.. )I. I ",,,lie r'rcmm'nintlusns In carry Into nlherwltto tionnrnhlv dtsihnrirtd fur
Klitrldn tt '
'the applicant to tiny Sri. .,'n' .,r tltstu. nny ennui Lithe In "Mny I Deposit Money tn
'nations. In Irulh" .the pnprr' and in r<*. tunl cost of the flrwt I IRon pp per of snh! < I tli n .S In nny county nf the stnte. It shall beI t.f( 11 l I". pi'ov Intons of t his act" approvedMnv nnd "In.II, hnvp bun n honn fide pllbi'n of I thlftlfilttt (tunl., ... tif ih<' Stale,"

vltuinK applications In.I'r Section 17 of this % Irus and he ser inn a.,1 run" ttte duty of the bonrd of puMfc Instnie- ::1. 1'MO! to be nm..n..1 '0 ** ,itnd n* for ,li/til (Nl I yenn next pr. citling loIhe I

Act, upon warrant'* drawn by the comptrolUrupon of, andlrus. furnished fldillt'nnal ano tint, tf..n. ui "n this Act h'romln. a l.w. to Immi follows : ((11 suit of I hi" claim for pension and whom, Hit II Mtnitid i hy the I enUliihire of ttte Htlif ,
serum nt actual cost cinch rtiirtdntSiclioii ,
vouchers nppro\ed by the slate bonrd of. f nnpi duitfly commend, appointment three Sic 4 That Act shall lake elT.'Ct and prop rIP slilipal I,.,,. Saul h n'nl I arid personal I, I
rat Inn shall be Ih. ,1
education : and thi.. la hen.l.v appropriated, custodian mal.of hog under, oath (theuiwnr ..mli'e' w,mi,n, r"sldentH of .,,h county, who become opprntive t'c.-rnluc'r I. lOll| I Including lit I *' propi rtv of hi* wife. If she shall> | flint Sictlon It *if the f.eneral
or to lno/untfd Hliitiiitn "
the of tour Thousand ( ItnoiiflOl I 1.1I. I, willlnir to aeru'pi such appointment nf tin' Mintof Moridn. M>iy i.upos.
sum It ,11 S. r 2 That this Act hal ttake eft-el, u" not It me id. iprleil In'r hitNhnnd, dm* not iv
laos much b | .h.1 ststthat the ho. ar the prnnertrof s. rvi. without, cfumsucnsaliuun. to Investl- It mom v In biink of the fillet,'." he nnd Sits
nnn".I". or so thereof n* may of n.,1 innf\ <". a law peed I the *tmt of Five Thousand *$5,00(1 (Mil I 1
.'.... carry out thi. previsions of this< Act In th. fund provnli-d for ...t.lan sui'h hops soul l that the st truer nn.1) half to Mfptlim l'l'i'In' t/mi rnnr pornrttrnllfr tind '
.I"v. .h.1 n..hnn hl.I"'n .ntlh' lurid f>n which inch, home IH located not toexceed S
be found innutriclentSec has .\ inttily r..h..d serum nn-l I it,tnwun 1 t'i prm. _slump of ., ,. ser\e : 79'M No H2t on** M I ) acre of hind, slmll *',scl. ru. Minle I Ireimurcr nri> t'ni.iv l nuthorl'e*! to depna- r !
'In I h.
Al Haws find of lnw in alolm'nt ns heru'insu't.r ,.rnvl.I.t tI 'I n nurvft or fat worker nttidnnce il, siiltjirl lo rnll, lite rnoni yn of t the Hlnte In I'nh
2. parts conflict the -II soi or sntinol AN ACT lo Amend Section 2. i and It ofChriptir PI Ive Two I Hundred and I"ortv f Ill |in|
, with the "rll.i.n. of this Act bo and I < .rh". Y in rfnte nf. t n'htfn ". officer I. ernptttved and' S'lrh p w'tnuusq0f **2t'l, *., the laws nf I'M" entitledr Inm pi'r annum In monthly paymentsPrmldtd hartlts in ttu I, staff HA will I I I nff*'r the beat 4
tin. hi. .1 .n'h I .h.I be made upnn Itlnnki .-1.| *. appointed Inuli'iuiuuntly cotlectlvelv I indue* mentH UN to |nt 'rnt and nieurily. i'ns.
ianar by or \ > Aet Stale n ,ard of I'en- hogs Hint
.h.1 a u' r. no noldler thtii
S..c. .1. This Act rl..nle.1. effect Imme .I. l the, .t.I I IMP stock sanitary b.",-ii pid' I I tMi" .. t heir at Ion of poor mot her*. or- si"nn. ,..nln. Shall Ffeeelv. IVnft'nn' widow* v ho are now on the pcntlon or roll anti U.I-.I thill I in "iPM lt'iff mil l*>n l.v the t/ovrr- .
fiitely uiion ,t tP..nu-e nnd af'pro\a1' by thefiiitcrnnr | .1, hnvi, (he .'nIius.m.nt t of nome" (' ted I pt.UPS and hal orrhnns In the same mannerti WI,. n..fnln.n, n..r.l...0 Pi.nitons. Who drawing n ienslmi ntuill be reipilnd to make nor, eitmptn, r antl, InnNiin, 'r, win I, r* n l"trtk ,,
law without .n. nptirfi\iH ,at' nt n tier inaftir urn 1 i' or ,, i. beeominic n .u. n.1 an ., li rtifalmda* Pension. tfow A other mid trtlu'r, pioof prm idi d further
J hiM June 11 1019. S.c Onlv tho.u- .t< rlnrirfans. r ""t f r n Button *1 of t IMct '. "I.ntlono ,l lidiiri',,,. , to inliriM sol nerurlly. '
'"' I? )I.* "n.I., How I'.I"n. Shntl I Hint nnv ni>rdinnt for n 'union muter thin I ,
1'.1 \pI"'d pi .
n..nl.' nnd Itn., n wh. h." tiren i'rn ,** d .. r- q. P .I''" Win n. Ctifld Mnv 1..1.1.. Th. P'..1 nf Pdtiritv rump.oiuuou.r,, In .ft*.,,./trdIn Act, whn bus ;vtmiHlv mmle NntiHfnrtorv| il 1 "drill, )>< I UN I I .' .,f Ihe ...uvu'rur. cornntrnl* .

fHM'TER TOlrt -'No' 111))) II.wl.. I. "o.u,.f hnir ehoi,'rn "rum. i rl".1!' <>r ,rMldri, to whom the ."... ,is f'i r,ifnn Pro* Idniv. for 'Ihi. I... of proof of i'r vice, undir nny former Ait, whleh 1 fi r nnd I in a tin.> tu di'>
ANn C.nro.ln. Power on PtateHoant .n,1 v v slut. his| sfoelt .alar ini,>.1'.. iiful. r this Ret must be !Ivln. with thim T*< tifioit Tax. and nnihorlrintf' I the.Slate. :proof nf mrvlrc mi'el* Ihe r*'ipilrenienln of (lit*1 i lniiikM, mid, NMPti, liank or banks *hnll l I" entlt1 ,, '
the hoo.l. .h.1 !M> ,>,'rmltt tu.uI t tu. In""I., .11' < t'x r M othtr, female of ssrhu'bll I ld, lo MM pro thin than* of Much di-mw
of r.ntr,1 t. Enlarge F..n.ln. ,. "" P nrd I T I'l ..1." I. "lnlsIt.i.uulat. Ion t'. Apt, althniitrh not now on Ihe p*'rwlon rdl I Is.
Pivlsions of ihiI'niM.rally of. S.t., I." ""., s rum nn*| \ Iru*. turnviiul.' on*>. ,\ \ ..r ,thfldren unless special' pris'il'irr- u.f ('.r.,. I.tuu l-'if,",-t ( hi. |'rovlHl ms uuf Hit " shall nut he required to mnke stew itriMif of"ervlee 'UK'I h pro rnln shnr*' to tte htv d upo" lhe> i'i'I '

Cojletie. for Worn. n nnd the "o etittttrnl and'i hy hn'f alI of| pitch tt H\t rum. nnd' univ. l I. f"irnl Iuui fr i ,.iirni ion i IH iusthnr'I by the bnart) nf Re II Fnneloil by the I enlnlfitiire s.f tlie Plate. thnt hue prov Ni.m of Ihm, Pact ,hnllnppty ,1 ,vsuu.5"t uuf sisal' fund *lerlvi'*| fmrn tph| t'oiiri. ,

Mo.h.nl.1 Coll. ".. for Neirrotami MaklmrApproprinti stat torlsnnitnrv. boardS ..nnIY comml-nhtnem ussr, the .reenmmendnI ..f 11..hln. to all those who wenmemhi'r* of th tv ty stale Inxnlion. i'riviuil. I lat, *lnl*
ThereforWhenas c T The stnte MM sir.etc sanitary t.ny.t|I t of tin i[, l.onnl nf public InstniPtlnn for the flu tu.is t tin.li r (lie provision* of this Ael hl I|
.n S.rtlfin" I That f Chapli" 72ROt I torlda ft*'Nerves, nntl nto I tliosc I known IM *
1..1. .
odusentioniii shall iirphnne rrum .n.t virus f r, the !I." of 'the chll.ru ednratlnn. 1 n,'S In' r. upi r'uh I hi be it noHlled tn
The hj.0' 0 *
't than
.n. vr.,1 HUM itf I'M" he ..1., tim m n"nII sout 'I Home (lisa rI** which wiri I in the ,HI rv In' of more
11. ,..p..lhn of the r"rlpl.nt for the duties .t and best MiMi r a h.\ In. r.rel\.d t tuio! Cur I II I Construed I.UN'rally The "ins In. I to rrnd >> folio WH I the sit sI,. of lorfilii uiuu ni hut (hi- war lutwunthe thi I f ImnkM In anv, on** county tn thl* ,Mlnte

life to the rnd ..hlt may be of thoimatist from nt least three as rim . ". muintufr.tursra Ion of thIs bet shall I,.construed literally tIh. Any r" rv-.uti. who, nnd Hird in the slat* fif Ihi I l'nil.'t| MlnltM pntvldi furthi S u.'I'tun nil law or pnrt of law* In
and d..I.r. the said 1 I.. ntnc! sanitary ,n.l. that the best Interest of nit 'nl..1 pt.nflfrt with Hi, Act hen'hv
.Ibl. value to the state ant) mankind dependent mil, 'inrv *,ir naval si of I thu Confi derateStatiH r ttinl the priivUion of thl Act shall nn' are repented

: andWheres. siruip i I"a.d .h,1 not ."r.hl'. any ,pr"".. children tihall be eonsi'rved tht. war |>efwe,'n the qt".. ofthi ply lit Ihfise who were m*'mher* nf Ihe ,milltiitt 1 .Sic i llmt. thl Act shall tnke eir.rt and
hat bei r".lnl
.. It I Is the duty of trie state to the not n inspected aecnnliniri **..c 12 I ftuvss'r. Attendance at School All .,. *. nnd did' not uI.uss rt the Con- t any if the f'i.ofi.'rsto tnta who saw HITtual IH in force frum, nnd after its imMsnue nnd
limit of accessible and .ov.rnm.nt or state refutations and mo ehlt'tr' rca (vlntf aid iind" the pr/tvlnlnns of .1,1..1. ; '.u't.rusol I hy the r.overnor it
Ma ah litv make . r ft di rice. who pi'rfnrmed HI .rvlr.In service In the Con fed*'rate service for at or on beeominir A
attractive the \arious branch of hnowkuiethat m'nt' number to pros tHe 1'1'.1.both a Mcrial however and .tahl.h. this Act .hli be quired to attend the school* eina1 line of .h.1.n. for a period "f not ti.*. linsl I year, or who were In the nervice nt lii..0.1 .- I KM. limit htn approval, .

useful In thought and tbl I or the the whole nr term ihnn | A| privtd fune I 10. J'Mfr.
.tm"IRIn. d.rln. I.r *m ymr . wn In actualrvlce of the war and who hnve loin lions Slits '
luridanul quality shall b ecjuat the live .
, .r".lin.a blithe ("r..' lh."r" .?.. stork, .tal. of ouch schonts.. upon failure of such ehll. nl tho lime of the clone nf snid war unliN In.eapHeiplid rexidi'nls of the slot of lorlda for fifteenynin

I. He It J..I..d by the Lel.l.lur. of the Slate virus sanitary manufaetun board within shall prrhssu.the state HI'rum such and I drrn to attend schools for the whnl I.r or for such ""t bv nann of wuin'In) ftrovitte!, fur* bin, thnt any soldier fir[ t'tf MTKU, 7wI0.Num( I HH) I
m 1
of FI.r. i terms therir>f. the aid herein provided for sueh rieeUfil or d seai eonlrsjeld white In line of sailor gun performed actual service fur a AS ACT I'rnvMlnir, for the Hale nt Share In
be ahle per.Ind
amounts they to furnish Ant
Sect 1 The st nte board of control t Is the state as stock may sanitary hoard! furnifh m"1h... and child or children .h.1) cease without d.t. ,. or who was otherwise tmnoraUv d"*- of fine ttt I I ynr or more In line of ditynnd Ifnnklnif or Mnnklmr and Trunt f'umuiniea i,

hereby empowered and directed, to extend th. and .h.1 notice chnrvfd for any for any eau.e. and shall have wftj* altMent frtm hi* command nt the, or Sad ,,.,, Miirtks Orirnnlxetl I iluI'r the I aw*

outside worl'. nf the e'Kf t'li.,tl I nnt, ..'utiiimler .>.' .n''llnnl serum virus shill at mitt. falseatatement ro t **..P 1 13 Penalty for Fraud Aviv person t.-,...n honn fide ciflwn of thIs tte for elvhtl time same wa musterfd mil. upon a furlouuhvrnnl of Ihe Htnte of Hnrlda When Shitn.hn.1t.n|

It* dtrrc* 'on int ;ii'ti| HeltN .1 I oman in "order per*on to who secure a shipment a nl prr....In. nn altnwanco undi the provisions l 10 i yt.*. newt p.n., the fln.of Ihi* *'d him aftt'r January IH, I letS, shall I a'l or Mefiifii. |o pny AsMewNment Against

endeavor which, in its jusdemunt. w1: l rst f if thm. .t for person nr perxnnt not entit-, for . Mifh
> serum and virus half of which f I. furninhi-d I I .1.11 .h'.. valua nit l e priHiimed I lo have desertnl the service Mhnr. Made nt, Prtivftl. l.y. law
accomplish the nhirrts herein expr* "K .ISee. d thiretn nhnll he tastily nf a 'lernenftr Iii( ... h"tl real and sn..r.uunai.I the nnd shall t.e entitle tn a pension under the lie It frnarlrd by the enUltitur *.f the State
2 It shall be *he duty of .ti, ,- l.<.nM fr.n. by the state I stock sanitary bnanl.ihall and' .n conviction "hall he ""nl.h..<9 t>y. a fnei prof.rty .I his wrfe, if she 'n.h.ln"n.t h.v. defrled provision sit this Act, unles truiv'n tat he of HitriiUtSi
be fined .h.1 a
not than
of control to *'h. mf rmti. n r.n ml I f ubjeCt one hundred. upon "(.I.lon.) doUfin or lsa more than ton i i -. ,not more than One Hundred Ifollnr ff tno . her h..h.n.l. ,!l.u.>* n.t ...n.1| the sIlo *tiserier and prnvid*'d. further, that a dlaehnrire 'ei Ion t Thnt if any shareholder nrihnrihoMirH
nseful to the ,ople nf Hur' Ta, ., .1 on nr hy imprisonment for a period of not t-ivf .
p 'fin mit i dollars or by not .r ,. fftntOnni Iiidlar elu- trim a Fetter I prison hv renn ,nktmr or hanklnt/ and
carry It to them In wavs that wilt help them imprisonment ours. than six month or hy both surh fine and' nf Puts rtr her home and the land which wh such trust
than six 'At, months or by both such fine I .1. on *** *'n' Hick ., In shown hy ofTieial company or -vavinit hank orvaniyed un
most In the shortest time : to spread knowl i m orison ment. .0 f m* rlMonment at the discretion' of the t rialjudtr h"m. is located. n.t rxe..d one ' rteords soul at.I .. by positive proof -hull dir thi I how uuf thi' slime *if Florida shall I I neir.

edve amnmr them by takinir It to them In an Sec ft. The sum of $|0n.OnO I I. hereby annroprtatpH *, ... land. shall' each ....Iy. Two Hundredand not |u> eonaidi'red a distortion of the ('.unfnut,.- lect ir n'fuoe nft*'r lhr*>(> months n* tPe| to
attractive way : to stimulate! thought and enenuraire Sc 1 Al taws or part nf lawn In eon I forty 'ff2t MI l per annum I.nu.n'h" In rate government pay soy asief'uinmu'nS h her
on share
O.ln. or
for two nut nf any or
ever moemrnt *mon. the people fundx In the annually state treasury not .otherwise anr "let ., .1. provision- of this Act are hi re- payment Mee 2 'Mil* Act shall beemne Mf.-ctivr *m, *ha res of the cniiital stork of any iiiph eomlny I

for their mutual improvementSec .rot.rl..d for the purchase of serum and virus1tn I.v repealed. I',,I'I'ul! hiiwixer. that no nntdler nr their h 'eomlng a law Appmvid Jimt, lfMf in> l.nnk. us prnvid hy |law, It shall br
1. To out the provisions of this. Vtr It This law shall hee"nie reective tint ..1.wh. .thi-
carry are n mil nIie.o tin' duty of I the
he furnished .. to the provision, of \ n.. pinsion fur iu rent,,,'* to muse a
Act the hoard of control I. hereby empowered th' Act "M.hn. n Itt ..omlnt a law Approved May 11 Into d, 'in' a p.n.l.n shall he renuln'tl, I. mete 'HM'TI-U 702 'No lilt, sufficient amniint of the caiiltnl "lock nt sslch

enlarae the work now d-m bv the ex. < th,'r and furthi proof pr.iv dfl further ,\ V'T Fvrmphng: Ahmnttt shariOioldir
t W R All and part of laws In conf HnldiiTn nnd I or Hhareholder to be ttold at nuhIfe -
tens diviMlons of the University of Florida law rJftl'tEftn2l.4u| tilt, that say iirifiliranl for A p..n-I.tn under IhU "5s'l'n' from Pnvment of Poll Tam autinn I fiiftir thirty ,dnv
; h. nolfpp
: ict with and the same hereby re- a* a hnll Is'wls'n
and the .'a' collevo for women a* It may praledSe h OCT Creating the Florida PiirrhaCen.. Art who has lr.lo".ly made .atlnfactorvim (junllflrnttnn? IVole m Any Klietlon until 1 I by iionlinir ttuch notice of Hale tn the of.

from time' tn time dam .dlaahl. and to rmpl u t nriinl' (,011.nn Pefinlnir Ito i Power* '.f *if .. ... under any former "Act. whIch' the Year 1023Ht fire of the bank and by
7. This Act shall effect lmme-
.k. soul '" and Pmvldlnir the .
y all needful trsonn and annbance' to f" lo Vect sary us-. .r fif Hervlc* m* els the minis nf I lui It ( tlc
i-ttt In
.. retpilr nf hy the I >
hat 'TV upon its ps BM and arro\al by the I pv nf Smut. tnmjslnn, eiialiue i'f the Hint*, n niw iKiper of the clIp or town In
efficient r *
carry on the wnk ,in the most manSec Governor; or "om'n.' a law without 1 rt n1th I..n M. It th
ncr hi* approval Approved May 2*. 1019 nf P.ort1" vvUlatar nf the Stale 1 -.1 .rot K. fpiired, I. mat f' new proof ofir 5-u-lion I Any ,' ,, In so, ir.'ns'ral ur niariNt thereto to make if'uuu t tin-I
4. It shall the duty of the board of nor i hat On, pro\Ion| of th,. Acl shall >' rial .1.'u ti'in or r'rimary' i Including flclency and the bnlnnne I if
< murrplpnl hnl1 h
control to seek "" amine alt the ehool of CTTAPTTR -02n -/No 11N al *.. ..I"n I Thin there fs hereby er*>.t.o n i a' f.''v tn nit tluunue who w*.n. mi'mlx-r* of the tciitnH! or prlnmry, who, by reaunn of relurnid lit such, delinquent iharvhoMer any "

rtnrlda every student who may by natur .,1 or "ml..lon tn he Vnown a* nl.. t.rnla' Rnenn and a'!.. lb'... known ati htrt; nhni'nee In Ihe armed force nf the l'nitfd shareholder, or
have a nneciat and for some .\ \CT to rrdd. for the Ass stance of Poor uf5 P irchie Cf ntennlat Cnmmfsftlnn which i .. service
in of the
a.tl"l. ..nlI 1.1. 0..1. .hleh Stnie*. mllltnry nr naval has h- See 2 Thnt thIs
.' Act -hull take s'fVu'u't
one branch of to himIn Mother nr Other poor W.men Havtnir Chlldrrn *n 'I I mmliKiInn .h.1 ennuist l nf A,. .. Florida . the n or may ui'uufl
1..ln" .nd .nc.r. m.mh. .r war I..t..n be unable u his Its "
.I..lnl > pay p >ll tax uiialiflcat'on hreomlntf law, June
the prvwecutlon of the of that rtependent T'pon Them for Susvnnnntand nlm.ly. W r ( n W. A no"n'. 'tttfof the / '* Prnvfd'd further for a* a a Approved t tutu
voting at sueh
to th* end that be may become an expert .n" Care In.l. the A ire of "Nteen' Y.a. (open W \ MaeWHIIams r.r. Alien. that the "vi.Inl.la", / Act shall apply tot empti fn. the Heetlnn, shall be *'x- TNO

a leader 'In that ."bj.c. and to P.vld") N.r M"ans of (.. Q.. That said .*) prnvdle t .* .. who were memhf nf the mllltlt of his filing m payment of ueh poll tie.tru.n ., CHAPTFH 7911 I i'll

Sec 5. The sum fsn nnrt or *o muehth.rr' rvtnif This Law ..t ...I .f lu ft rm'ne l I. own m..tho of proeedtir.1 / of, the Cnnfcdertitp fate*. who taw flri eleptmn bIn with the Inspector* of suds i \N ACT in Amend Section 1 of Chanter Section :T of ArticleXFI' of the nn't rule nf order .n'. aiflilavlt a* to stieS Inability, the (t.w of "
an may be necessary m hereby appropriated Wh..a. i l HPPV cn in the f *infi.derate nervine for at S'r 2. Thl Flnrdn, Fntltl"! > nrt
fund cun.tittion, of this state ordain' that . q. 't That Nfd enmmlflslnn exemption shalt empire on Kelailnir to the
out of the "n.rl revenue \ shall have the U at .n. year and who hv loin bftna fide January 1 I Incorporation and to An.thorUntlfin .
the .. authorised for resnrrtive cnuntles of the state' shall r'n, i I' pnwfip to flit 22. ansI Sst''rviulsn, Theriof
earrr out work ,"vl.l. any vacancy oreiirrln. -" l.ntB of the slat nf Florida for Oft. ., Sir, 1 All law, hv the
".rtno of two (2)) year* and one ill month in the mnn prrserlb by law fop Ih.. 'I.. m d ..mml..ln and to employ such chief. v..n.. provided furth".r. that *nv soldier.or 1 fi'et therewith be and part thereof In con- Comptnillf r and It*'tmlntinti1 the Mannire.

to June 30. 1921. and th- inhabitant that by reason of air*. In. I<. n-U nf 1- nail*.r .hl perfnrme! PtuaI service foe a aol the same are berths'ru'p..alc.i mint and Cnnl'el *,f Hani'* and Runt Inrfnmpanlea

hall be.u.II: follow I : flrmity or mlnfortine may have clll" open r.. -5 ."-...lnt.n.I.nt. d.n.a. i0. .1| f nne (f"1 1 year or more In line of *y Pee (' soul to ftViten! Sfption V$nt

Salary of dtreetor.:year. .I S (01 *h*> aid ano vmrathy of ."I.ly'* and '.*' If.V-M ., AM It may de.t.r. .u' yam. absent from hl. .command at .1.the I Thin Art shall vo Into elftPt Imrri'ilialilv Ogles. 211'I)'), 2-n and '17101 nt the Oenerni, !

Salary nf fleM. .. I year _. S. Wh.. tt ha been fotmd by those .niravt 1 ... for the ,rfnrmanc- of duties and I lIt" nme must red nut tjrmni a tu.rtruu.h i Approved upin June UH hi-enmin a law Stnlutes of th Stat' uf Florida *l* lft'''ntn

Salary' .f oTic? ansfatants. stenrfrmphr In social, ,. -I'a'. work amonir the poorer penr C ..>..;r r..n..tl"n.! and remove them from i tfMnt'd w.1.. .fanisrvr lIt. I 141415, shad not 0, 1019.I Hunks and (tanking, and Provldtnir P"n

-m. flllntr clerks and librarian. 1 r t I.. nf th -ta. that there are numhent "(.(. '.r u'mluuni.t' nr rfinsfa them In of. attIcs ApprtiMd hine 7, toil
.u. ,
'' m. have uisno-rleui| the .p.vle<* nnd I "MH
year -_ _UhU.__-- t.70) ".' ... and other women who ha' e chlMrvnI. rt .r *'no'luvment' at lt soli .I an.pl.a... -nM v ho n the AV CfPTFtt 7'i2" UB IU It tnitrtf, by the levtsUlur* of the fftnt
"n.l. prn- lo Provide
Extra nay ro "..I..n. aniseed In I I. findlntfley! uron them for fon4 ctnthifiv r H-P . n, of ontl'.1 .. ,nnl..r"v.n, tn be 4.- for the Payment of the luf H..riH : I

outside work. estimated for 352 day in I .1 1 fa* ;I'n and In many In.'an. He 0 t .'m' -t w v.tty of n'l of the .l- i .... . pro a nujirds on its T* ur of Duly fmrn
at $100 per day ._ I i rtx neeen n nrfnt.H by the hate fm n Feui'rsl l ,.ri.on bv r.'inuun of .lu'tusesn i riuval I of the lawn i.f Flfori.frt, Rntftled '"n *
.. stud" nt In"work nr.1 f.f t,th. ..1.( "h rn" County to Mndlton County, hy Olreetion of .
Kxfa i'ar 'r t n r sratfnn-rv and mich Ftflnlinv tn thi inrorporaHon and n-'th
tip.fem w r uictunuI' h
..1" t wn hy nfflelat *
In oT ee at no" 00) .." . .. .fn Vih.was H ha heen rtemonstratM that a . . i' Iii. nece* ary for the fuep.manc ', '<, nail alsn hv positive. ,, shall ye.beprtnl'lfret the r Vivei>nor of Florida, tn Uphold, pm sat ton and nurervist thereof by tt, c n
Pay for lecturer and entertainer 0 ml)."'*' i in an st-nnv as Ita o rfntfeM A of the Confederate. fit mans* m '
n n useful aeeorHlnvly a* t. his In. I. a u T.t 'Alt commission' I I. hereby crnment. d.r'lrn lice, Appordintr l I.> law. and to Provide slot, euniluct of tmnW nnd banking .'n'n.'an'. *
$11941') '. )'u r' Tttt, en it moments and tratnlnv the,,- uu ." u 1 .. f nrnpinsation to the Commiilonpd n
nnd to ,
I '
0".1. .. r to "no.. S.C Thai P'If.nnn T nf ChnMcr "10. Von. r.ut'ut Si'pti lun'u 2rt' I I. 2'H. 2t" 1' f.. I
; fr. item* ImttHbe above may C !u''u'q" ". rr> .rf.. : p'imml"i ont d Offici* nnd Mn Who ,
Appr-rr'ati- (" m. I. -| 10" 4 .I I M", IMr .l .t". !I. nm-ndi 'I of tl (,,-n,'rnl Slatuteti of th.. ,*0f'u*f
tran- '. r..1) fr.m nr to another. needmar Ite It Fnnrfrf .I h, the OffUlatttre nf the State .. -, ,... Ie9ui'utu., a" I .1 t.t n-1 *-. f.lt.ws'I Iv sam *. Actually did H'ity nn that Ormnion, an 1 I Ii f.rnh.' |Ii' latin-, S., [II Mf -* nn'i I I',,'' * I
,f Florida ..I . .. 't i 1""u.i r nt nir Vfn.. 'I'h'ru'f'r
.. vi
t Tnniv ar e 'n. I it .
. .1 '"f I. i tf -Mim. l.r Iv imt ti 1 I. .1 I '
. .. .n .t", '. .
.I vi
df ,
day 1 reafl 1 1Trawltnt I. 00 - -. ." I '. m"" > vi ,' il n, did ..
I' .4. I ,
rIa limitary rd l '
tima r1 %' r per .. ant 'riauj'n"ntt -V na il? i.. ,if ... r t nir r. ut I a* f..?MOWN- 5'
f"ir iif..sor. and t' t 15 fir' .0 I. -ui .v4 >. f I..d. .15s 'tintfficer of the battali, of th In ,. I
opens r ' H : fm u' f .. i l F ,. ,
. .- nv *h war the slat f f . rv rai n r f r '
fV i. uthe snr-ial Hurftret far .. 0 .t..n .f'v r.unnttt f Du wl ,
. .tud-nt n "< da Ptireha founfy t"'rila? | t t -hall
.pnra.ieo t'd. f-'nten ( Unit who,.. base n hurl of 1 It v' "lu's ,', ' '
'I.,. .' . 'u. '"ad apDrnpriatlon .. ., n' th, (4.1 ".:ierty valuattal "a ',, trati ported r,, nni| hav.' , I, .
' itaU if Florid preuuu.uiuat f ,
l year a* l tw I real and pernun*) d'.e* Ont < '...*l h. Vtsdlx,.n, Florida 5 'ilmn 0 ., nor m r.' than v' 's .

, mr hundred 'und rtfty 'u.lh.. i imH. ,vt 'I lir, ,'t I. r. miiM i '' i I

-. L : ...
-- ---' . .
-. ." '
.: -.. _
-f--- .. "
t ',

k kk'
TWELVP. .. --- - --
--- -
- -
--- --
"-- - -- --" --- ---
--- -
._ - - -- -- - ml thu ,
.. --- the of Record ( f
'I! - and such the pub- aaId. and whorver .1.1 wilfully .0nc.1 luel AN ACT t Amend SectIon SlOt of the GeneralStatutes n.'ceaaary of to hia more er.t.l carry out lull,. .pproveu 1091.' Vst'umuia. ti
.... of each notice upon hin I. the State of Florida' p..OR a" tist
: and .n'l live clock or telsy or .f Rquror UK Enacted l.egislature
.nd tr : It
of . nstlc. clinic provided ohtr.t. Ssc. a. All . part, law. In conflict ci the
...... l'ro."Iolf'd. a In the ltairoiul Companies to Pact Signs' If .1 5
direetiil H.. be .....Sffj.aW 1.lton cf such fluitic. to .u.h nnn.rrei. .he holder of such . thereon .no h..h ansi (tie same hereby of FlorIda

... any .r.l ..m. by emsihy iii1litirid m.,1, shall h. autYclent.. prow.u".n, oC ht. riNhl o. mmcd.. against' Itch .t Railroad Cruseinga and .ul.tlnr Si'itlon l. T"f iahstl.r 41l3It ( .

l .r-".hol.d I. ..mmen. bual. d'nl loch iiiitictt may hv iirrpi ul.ln any of caldI eiiclu 11"I, shall. th. value of thr prt'Danrty S'.d' tsr '..,n. 'hrourh I n.u.p.atd .I..d.... This act ." take effect upon itslsaeamc Honda, the ii i5 ulg an art ci .
and Two.. .1
of tiua
rna "d". the number h. within, the state I... than One Hundred .hlla.c .. hot tip ictatilish tiiial .
wtiri' C Ilhmy 00sf .h.1 L Stateci and atitsrosal tine "o".rnu.II.uod
i I directors wllhl" lh" above Iml. with tha .D' I lurli 0 lsry ueh tat,. .hal occur du.n. $I", .()" .nl.h.d by tiTus no texcu.diulgliv. Its It .n.e..d by .1. Lrgclatsre( o the .\ May" 23. 199.CIA1'TElt I isu Cssi5flty of t a. .

% c.mtroIIcr. .I 11.1" Undresi iIihO.IJOI' 0. lmpnauimnult Elmuriutci'Ihat .hti..I tl ,, .,,
.-.vl 01 h. ,. fir talia th. 1'01.' I .tutus, II. jul91. be n hi,
I'h. In Statutes ofthus .
4'c. !. '1 IhaL ..I lw and p..1 oC lawi In . ..Ir.. .I .1.0. , wh,.. .ueh live atockellyHi. I II lie ., jail Out ....dl" 51,. Suction 2041 .f the General 7t144.-No. 182)1' ). gsi.alcd. 0.sue.
with th % la Act .." .1' 'uu" ,. end .r thuii muuutt.u It the or the prot.rty heullri S or Florida. .. .Irln. rillrosiul corntank' fl i iii
conflict b hi tli. tli .1. : .1.. .hnl ,' 2 That w , ,,
g :: " .1. .I ,, and al railroad. and Order
Mn.1 thu .iim.. Mr.. tI aIad. .. ,lock nituiti, m. than sini ..oun.'v" tItan tine lhun.lru'd Lkilhar. I .001 posit signus 1" .\) .\ to \utho.lo. Em.ow.r, tishi ItliutlI be tb i ) ..

H... S. Thai 'ilii, .1 take .1..1 lm- hlu .1.. may" C" I In any. county whrriv .iii," fill") be "unl.hed by Ito. nut ..c.dl"" erosslfltsI. and "''\laln. isiitsttI through incwri"irnled Itoard of 1ra'.u' Uommi.iioflstri of rrintlsil cuuit of i ord 4I

J .dl.I.ly IIOII? it I boc.mlnl a law. :, (I"""ii5t .I .u.h Ii"'. stock "I loc. . The I II". 'ihuusanI 1).I.. I $5lOl.OUt, or by Imi.rivdmnt .1"". .ended .. .t r.d asusllswiu I tliuu lVverglasis L.n"n.. 1)ustrct to Con- I lriuln, fuurtlusvith trinat, r II .
4i.iroc.I J"n. 7. such I h. In . .. ,.I.oD fist nut ( s.trsict a Luck a. . uC ( Voluaua Fluri ha
u'u.Urt coO
p 11\1. i ,suno.msniuifl .r 11".vo .Iuk uu
ii",I. ., .1 the tlscc .r .. b .u .linK, 'live or "I h..h .u.h ftc. and !,uc. .!441. E.er,alra c.mp.np whenever I. Ws'st I'ulm I..h en".1 and the M.1 t"antmfr to the circuit hut 5sf V.1 t.
I .hai 1'
:".= iill" ) ,r tiOSi 't' ,itiuhIty > .. iunhrissfltflflt, il .. ,1.er"lon ul I h" court. its trortu .. shall put up large t'oully 1..h..y Beach Count. I l.irsln. all caac pensh..., in ili.. .
? "ll. M.ry "nhylrc.l i
*" "iW.S,7, ... Cmp.I. or . > .'" >> "f .aif .hal ..... the o.c 14. That it u "I.I.un"r sign, luusarile a' usr near said, cro.alngewith the 1''ur'I". Dm.n.i.n., Drsluin and 5 ..irl if record In eaiil couflt4' which .

I 'IIt' '.' '' rlil.' bo M 1. to , .. .. i anj the Ih,. act b.. vuuul ., unconatitutl.nil, .".1 fuilleuwing inecrililusso, tn large I l'ltsra un beth Coiiuitriietiuti" ,. Cn."n"o"d with Otherl.ssclis (la jiartsitictuou, ssf the said l .
r I i
.1 I ." .t.t r
( i
u > k
sS' i'l b.a.d..ook out for th. care. b. In
dined 0' ,.nu'.1 .h.' -.I Vl' natne of perin ,n"IIh', u. u"con.tU.n.lt y chill must. .hl a of this Cun."el.' st' u. to (n".lr.l.d outul to trnnaf'r to the juulg,. .

I I.b t .. V.l.l1ly"fl'Z"llX.to C.UI..t. II.. by Ih,' "" y'! will,.I.c.I t cioittict.r ,i I. .."'ii. .nd tl .. ..mou.t.Inl""o 1. i 5 .r .. .h. .m.oln" .sctona orIusvuMluulmil In sill incoriiurateul .i.l. coil towns ,tile, saId Stat,' """ . ,, l'r.ld. When Such Vislumila risunty. Florida county, ill cases t i i if
i cut thus law ant It hereby docliureil consistinin, (tell on tIn 'oiiineto Lick lituall Constructed.
I iltati.. I" and ,.,u'd by R.h mort- : .h.1 I. saul crilisinal court of record wluholi
4q.- ". It I".II llftt.d by the 1."I.lltu.e ti( the $tatS use. .ro the.h. "i.ymuflt or which . .alo and .nl.I..1 that ...1 nctun and p.o I" ruing bc.ro. cruasing any of the .trmwtaof lIe I Enacted: 1,7 tI. 1."I.I.'ur. of the St.la.f nthe Jurcsleton of the ercuil i is.iiist owithi

of eachvhatl vmvlnfl, thin act I. city town and theIr train .h.U not Florida :
.1 FInrids liinif, h..ld. 1'h' prncm.'mnIe every .r In''p.n''n' .r county, and to forthwith delk
t j 'I'ha.I puit n pro. .' the 15 .r laws In btii footer. thru h any ur the I..wl.d atretuta 5Unn I Tiunt the heard .C drainage cornmusiiaoners r t Ike
hvr..a. n. h. Thn..1 pal st.uk or judge of (ho said court., to i
I" w
I." a".I.1
court of .1. of city town than .t the rate or twelve of the Eveeglailus dramatic diatrlct ttu.
", .hNII \. nai.I.n.d, '0 MOY I h.. ." iitiil 1 . .".1 ..1. t .re 1..11 .p..I.d. a 0. uiaiul caimec shall be tranusferreel. all .
c&neelllflil .I 1) hou. Approved June 7. IOU.CUPTfm Into their euch 1at. ,,
orcoiittwltnw .. June 9. per slut of funsla couning
thUs .t.at. for .nr lb' .,.t .r ..h..I.I, .' "r.d mll' h.nd. hstiutg to the caumea trinaferred to sass .
; th. .N tax crtilloNla .uch ( n authorized. directed
1..1 ant for further in
; iiii prsscccdingc.
I""n accordani
1' cumptrlI'r of .f LI' .undu.tn. 7941.-o. ). and construct West i
by .h. .t" ,h. the |) CIIAI'TER 79$7.-No. 155)) 101.A erect .
.Id .iismi' the law. All recorsie. othu ths
.1. pi -
the Mate ,. madr R .,..11 w .u.h p.c.dlnl.o .1,1 Ii.I"lie .pnld, ... /?' Proviulinic for two Shf', of FI.me. N ACT I. E.t'n.1 the Time lop e.mpl.tin. l'utim lIeach Canal at the point of Isutercectioniii csn.c thin pending In said crimmnil

s.. 2. 1'h. thic Act .h.1 (whO ..It "pni ,mflii ,'nscutlflhf miheriffi o,'. .. under '. In Worklnl With the .. the Talahasce Southu.auutvrn n.lw",. 11w maIn cosunty lultthwny and acid WectIslm shall be de'iuocited by the Clerk ifrevtorsi.
Inw .1 .''un. \ tics of wn More If Thuro Shall be FaIlure ltuaVh Canal. a suitable lock so is to 4
It. b."lnl ..n.nlon..\I ., ? .t..nt .r 111. I'.pulntlon of a t .. criminal court suf record in the offucs hi.
accrued lntsrsmu M littien Tho..nd ( ) Within Snlui Tim" t" Rtuvesknm Forfeit, ta furnish aae. convenient anei practicable mean.stf clerk of the circuit court of saId county.
t A" fIl.TEfl7Dt3.fNO! 111)). tin TW liy .ueh m.rt"" thus I.avI Federal 15.0001. FranchIse coil PrIvIlege of is'lnuc I Cop- lraneiusrtatlvn: (or viaa'lut navigating Lake. Sec. 3. ThIs act shall take elTmct .

1' ANCT to Authorl. any Copporitlolt (.0F Ii.. v ., .', the mort" Enicted by l.eisleture 0' the State :.or.'IIn for the Purpoae or Itim CreatIon and Wssrth anut the Wi.'iit l'alm Beach Caniul be.t ably illsssn lOt passage and sppvnalssvm.rnnr.

ari.I (,,lVly all ,. I".r. and Irop. "i.slunii. ansi th.n Ii.Vh-? payment Ftorldal t.e CuretIs, Ituchtau, Franchlaea Prtvilsit'fl u .fl lake Worth ansI Lak, Oke'ecinssbe'oSir. Atiproved April 17, 1919.C1IPTEit .

1.1, 11,11.. ( .,..... Eaeeii1i1s w".I.n. ,i.eurii < m Ihat c'n'h city hn"ln. a puipula- ansI lmmuntic anul that all of the 2. l'hiuut amuch lock ahali be of slae, dimu -

p ., (lights .r Wn,. and I. Authoruet eluilinmi ni.m.l, ln"r.t'Kf"i0Jl. I .I.m..f Ih.u.nn.1 16.0101) more ac- 1."I..n.' .r uhius Act Shli .rly t and llvliltii, ml'""k 0 antI cstiuntruction to copri 7952.-lNu. 17)) ,
11. .
(' I'urchii.o' the Same ; the If ehall .,... R.I.WI" 'I list I sltI tuthi.r lucka cuinatructeil or to beui
t, Any .*.( .u'I, t. Ossi r s . an, 'the last l'eilral cenauts nhnll p. 1lllnha. \ .. ,
C.ndltlone Nrccasar, In ,. for him Esierglmidss ,|lralncguu 1 N ( 'r to Aminul Section 5 Sic
.I by (
( Monirr. live triuus or I
.U".I. .r surlt mMt".1 ', for two mihitta or n.em.n. sin' ihift to ansi it.c A..I.n.
j 4 $ I Purchee. .n" L'ny. .. ,u .. in EyeigIali'm caisala, ansi Suet isus 7 sir 'baiter 7170. lao iItu.luig
) Mlkl. u. II. ." 0 "tlirwias'. pinicli enctas during Ihui day an'I thu .th, r shIft n..d: hy .the I.eilctatmue .
iII', Stackhobkr.it ,. I. I o ,,nesugh to pu'rtnut the liaeaage an Act Entutle 1 'i is Art \ i '
m. 0 I'.nl. tv fl'n such d"l the nIght Fluirlda .
4 n. 1.Y.n. ."I. h) .). ," .'.,",. of the Stale fl.I I"I" S I.,"f 11.. iiri'iiI.n.I".Un...u.t 1M .n. that y nil d..inN wh..th..n I..h'.d. S'c'I".f I. tInt the' 1m. for the all suuisels naviptntiisc Lake Worth ansI Avci'tuttng tlse 1rovIelcsnuu of \

| t Vf .hnl o I 1,1, fist irotnot lusn of Vi
: I flow o h..r. u i thu. "m" uuiral during Un when is. cite "r .... through thv I ho pus ictsicatusun
1 : '..r'iirwit'i'ii/, ,|I un.l.r",11"1"1"f Urn ,t..,.. 0' .dulv., 1 "lt..1, "I.' .N"W., .. sill I ,' ., I.reutuirme.nh. 0" .r. ''f..1"II.h.. I..rl. to lIst the ssiui.tructlnn, of ths Iusctc PIc soul Making in s
T..I.r .
+ slat,. or Ufrlury of the ( fniU1, ,. .thu. I I. .. 10 ii. this ast. alnuull tieitln nut later 1,550 Isu ('surry ssut the lurpsio, o i I Iii
: ccruusssihls
Nfl, .0. I I. in ""istanl' ally r.l"wn" 2. rIust russ Itrm'tnan shall r qul..l 5 r. 0' lu suinre '
. and cnsy all _ .. . ." 5 I A. ft I II'. mit shall I5r0 p :h70 as Ammnsle.sl.
>let. .1 t un' l.ii. tl. d. 'm.ln uluity (lien r..n I 1111 mitast h. isnil I. I".hy .x.nd.
.,* 'A!: ,, .r I. .-'ass'X, I. ".... I'an.h'' S 1"I' hy." _ _ fiurs, ..h" ansi m.II house ilururg whIch ,,",1 I. tius' I.., .Iiuy .r A. uuutil said luck us coi.iulet- 1.1', It l.nucluI by thr t.egluiature ni it,

ao'tfl all other p.p. ".. . all ft iii on I imnut I 1"I..hln. I of llusrlulaSct
U "I ..twm. t. I. I. .1.1 . lvid. t. l.i."I wehin ,. .
: 0' PUS sull luws sand part, of law,, Ins. itt 1. Thou Sect ton I'. C tin,
"' ,
rt .n. 1" "I r.hI I IaI la .r mnrt"a" I t.y vtttts iilti from" r ." Ii .r Ih. pu"c. .I : .

4\ I 1 .: ...hiI, thu. hr.11... uth'rwiuie' that .." 1,p shIft iirtiv ituiul. hum.s ,.. I hat t h.. II. .r di, thii'u art here. husriuby rupualed. ut. Its, Iilvsil sit ItulT, in, and ltiu. .shluI
.. .
0 siwI r.or.tk.n bo \11 H' m.rv."M thus is I hall take effect Im- I'> ,,uuis tiile ul to real a. foliowaSi.
.1.1 ,.
h. it
agalnet II r.ntslu ti to
\ I H..1""I.I .. .ur.hl.o I he cur"o.Uo. RiIIiPt.I II;" ,rt '''' "" ":"". .,1 nnd, ... ", .1..lnln.l.d (Ih. mt.rnluurs' ""m" i.i.WIV, '.hnl I .1".. 'the first "I. ) illspro. ii iuy (tic governor or I, 5. TIe "iir vocal otsallsuuuril
'h. liv. 'h..fC I'V. 1.1 d.
I '
\ orizittiiztd the ,. r..wl" 'ok -)ialI hays 1 15'si'uilis
,1 sustluitut auch n'csery a
lititill law cplsrsval
.r r liar JI'I .. .. . is
.niy 111" .' i, be on l'rsviiluii. ( I I u.ui. to Siuwuin nec rI'
) ( U" cliii' ",'. .I "ny thir .1.. 0' hi "1.51, r'.unty. I'IrIiIsv. I I. dull. I Int I" Julie 2, 1919. the f, she pal besarit f, -
.wWN In thtus h. cnnutruu.d cit s-.i .Iuy A. I I. 1 liiit: : r"V"h
,ti h. hu .thlh" .r
4 "n" In I. ,trot, .ty I. .h.1 .an"nr. the alnlii 1st ,
iuiuuul '
''h,' Static' on".ed I ? nil i
teirh.Iy; .r 111 iuuv Ihe ' or t hi'. law ( I I unlictil'it. aol' grant.
.F J " r." II ttsvflseflt .r I I hun. .. .r .r"n .r .I I" uif ,, ,, ainulflltitt .
f lioilnrisa.ri ,1" to
au'l ?
Ih,' : : ,. limllaiu.isi Ii lrh:1t7.ilo.No.: 1611 cuusu ruse r i _
l 4 .al" .hl..e" unlicar I It, ,Its slit.' sir ilIiicuthin' In ." um .r 11. rltiu.us ,uiIucuu'ut' .1.1. Va- r.. maul t. .h. 'e ,
p.s. .
4rc. 1 N. ,"I. .h.1 be sNIld I.d. .. 10 rsuloiv which (seen (lii, Nunuiier of Terma of the isluliiin liursiiisnst titer'tts uiiet'ui Iiy u i i5sf
I., nut lee Ih.n ,.I th. mirtgngir tszrs'.e t. ,tie, n. n..m..n. 'sflmtitfly. ll' I lIt,. Nuutlu .Iustueiisl Circuut l liii'i,lu ; gi nil to administer the fiit,,
1 c.n..n'.1 I. I. 1..1... .r ;8 fIat, the limo usuil In Isy .isusl Ciun,. 55Y. I any. suhnl I iii
i sI Iii. with lnterist "n'n.n" rnlwlY
Ihrie.fou rt Ii, I s .r I I.I:, ciiiital clock' .f .1. Ii.. .n h. ,..tru..1 10 .all theee .mn'n' In full .. .ansi ,.ff..t. ansi ii? I"lsritla to tsp I Iuill in Each S ut, ii b th fish ral gi u.rnau..nt ansi .
I .'h ttifltlit i"'. .5 I ,ti. "m.ly w.'h.' the ,'. l.t .1.1 I'an f.. sit Flur ,tu tinul. r I he illisufla tit tI .
t vendiM oarlI.rit ..: .h.1 al ". I .. Isv any cit y 'f..1' thie . the siud Ci rttm it armil Fit.ng thu limo liOs iit
I.d .n.I I.
1 ..11.r ii wrll" .r ., vote. .\ I.1 Ill I"55 .n,1 t. 1'.1 .I ox ,tnnmR ." In with, hI .5... Sutilh.utntu.r,.n'I.,1, Riuilwav tim,. Ti runs of tb,. CIrciut Court Its' iiruimiition sit vocational eilticati, i irsculttisll
usny pm. 'smltany
il r. .Iv.n 0.1 ". .(. flu. ...1 .I..khuhl... ..1.,1 I ,..n. ''h.sit"' ",f f "t "I".ln. ", .1..1. .n nn.1 w..k...ln"ul.hln"."n".lon.C ... In said city' n,1 .." ."...1.. n. if I h. tim.. rn. i I si' ('usuuutuiisilug sais) .1 uuiiciil Cir. aulsjscls traule and Inuluiii i isjs
t "
.nn(' notice cta auiil home uconomlea aubjecte It I Iha.
: I.r hint J." jul UIfl U. h. "hl m."lolpal .e.nm'.n.. u.. Iui.rsln .,1".1 hn.\\ ,tutu n .. \
.iiiit .
i rid for t h.. "r the .0.- .t .1.1".I..n by tI,' I.eigtclature of the Stat. ,' fu.lI autlussruty to formulate lila' C
roust .n",1 m..ln. 4. All lawa coil partim or lawe In con- slet I Incurtsisralion.
I I 'h,' Ih, ..i"I".1 .r .hJ..t
: '...I..h. whlh nut ic. .,,.1 elate the .. \'h'. r.I".. 1..1.r h'rewlth are h..hy ru'rwnteul., the rusi'lursnu'uit .r IhIa oct an to Ih. tile liromustmon at vocational sItuation iuusulujuicli.
'. ti. liii caiid.I rIpiluti y" the II. and Ir .. I. There shall be two regular as sn essential anut lntegril
G. This act ehall take riilwny
f.' .hw.h :: : t I. .i"n. I this, .IT.d upon .0m.h'l.n .r .
to, valid unisna the came Iii cvi r Ii I. .r m"r". the IsuIslir uschool syst. nt of eulocatbon
of the ninth
Nor r:1 ,lay of A. D. U20. ansi in ", ..""B circuit cssiirt
: J, .."... .. Is". apiroveil SW the ral,I.on" 1.1".'"I." vrirci hu.rhy .. .., ." .1.n"AO.. \910. the n'.1' .I.I..1 ." In Lenin, of iltsrida In each county thereof KleIn, of t'loriita. anul to turovlslo for the t taratisun
I.r.nl. fir sit I h. I..n.h n. 'JhTrll"h .. .
eonsIoil.il' .. ..11 r Nu.nmu'nl' a"h..I 1,1st' and I ?, l'erry In ssf t'achera in such eubjecti, II all
4 u..r whus.. Ju.I..U.n' such corporation (' .r any .r the .n.nnn. or ,. .110. 'Itue time foe convening the regis. tsas'e authority to lix the coatuensatuein i i rhsulfucisls
.. ('UAI'TER 7DaH.IN"681.). FI.r"'n.' 'tu tore April
,, then mnrlhfahfe. .n l.t. I.
f I ( 0' may hlsrilhrlir I. 11..1 ly law .u'.rtvnip. w Prevent the lntrnlictiiun Into coil all srrnla. prlvilu'gea of the circuit court in the nInth and auieistanla as may lvins'ces rytIs
o Sec. 4. An, the nnd.r cor.if ,'o'nl"' .. asinlirns clay' and I. .c'r .hl. ctalI be follows aulmlnister the federal act. and thia ae 'sir
k .t..hh.hh.r .f ,. .... WIthIn Ihe Slate of FIsrldss euntisunsl, In origInal sIde In ", an :
Imn.iliat .
I u aIr .
purist flitity (I" iurr.tarY In writiflhf ..1..1 Ii. .. ( An.1 Infoctioe. Diamaimea 0' maul. email cssuuvene In Holmes county the elate of Florisia. ins) to pay auch es,.
nl'y 'ontn"lo"
.. .eU.n .r
,ilusu' lIve stock .n.1 .n. .1' thn
u" nr h.r.r@ Ih.t .f curb m..thln. that ... .rl".1 .1 lIre'S the inraulleatton te'flsliil In or .n. Muunul.y in September. is'naatIon ansi other necc'asary ezpensoa itu ad,
,iI .. . the highest : P.vldln. f.r .1. It .n..u.lon. .
hi. olijesle (0 lie propoeeil sate. prI "I .uhl. bd..r ., .. .. tho Stats Plant elate shah cunvene in WashIngton mlniatralun from fonsli. approprIated In the
r : th..y
i r -t I : :: ; Hl Vefllee.herein. Iiiiiie In .. . ( \l. . : uthn..ln. 1..1 Co.f.ll.d
is.d .ti shall liii ronhsulninateil." Ih. ..r. Flridui Rules, and isla' : ansi ehall nut the third Muinstay In Sestrmbee. art. It shall have authoruty to snake vtiutlms.snsl
R. r..d
V thirty ,1301, days thereafter. upon the after "Ivln. fIfteen ulaya ntiee In Inutsatigationa ri'latung to vocatonai cdii.cation .
I shall
01 cinyene Scy csunty on
fuse CarryIng Out the Pmvl.lonn cmii a point
t ilsmnisd or tlimisentinst .tkh.hl.. .nil ,...11.0 hI law. anul the .1.,1 .nlon Monday in October. In auch subjects ; to promote and aIm) Ii
.Ie Act a Penalty for wannsulu rIver. In county
sp.l tills eurren.l.r of lila .t..k ..' 'to Ih. ..1. nh.1 1. .,.,.I.d. n. to the ... coil 1.IIln..n Vlul.Cor Ih. first l.ar..I. A. shall convene In Ilsnlmr, county tIle euitabllahmstot by local communities tfichnisla

'i v.ciiIer ..... for ancettctIofl. .hislI pay 'luSt ..Ie .nd th.n to this P..vldln. A..I.I.'lon, .r the b..r.r 0..1. prIvilege..f' .. Monslay In February. uleltartrnenta or classic. ; to prescribe

&. .. .u.h .r...nln. etnckhlI.r the market ,lmount. "r iirncIPal. Inl..t isnii .' by the Purponsec L.Ielatmire. of the State .. afo..1' or.the of ahali convene In Washington islsIlrstlsins, for the trachera, director. aedllulu'rsissra

vatili. .r hiii nl..h. which shall .n no silent beI r. .. slime UI.on .aii ohl".lon and I r."d t. ruasl. .n.1 the c"n..lon h..br tInthurii Mooutay in February, of such suibjectii and to have full
came are
i .j I ( suCh. ((. fair ...1 just value dotnmln.1 'is'r .r the pr.se.'euln. I .h.1 .f 110". All' honey chIpped ur moved I .r tn thr slate h. of FlorIda.See. shall convene in Say County ON authority to prusvitit for the certification uif'sich

I t, the fur n".1 just value if the nit aeceta 'II lmlsurImautor .. .1..1 thu. istatim FI.rhln". bH ....m".nl.1 2. Thai a "' tInt Misnsiay In March. tutachera, ulurs'ctsrs aims auus.rviassrc Itslsul
.1 .h.. wllliiii lit the eiich sir n''Nn.' .f .h.1 'ri'jri laws anul of laws in have full authority to co-olusmrute wutls Ic.ccl .
.f liartim con-
1 ...rnl.n tm. .... certullu'ute of .... .1"n..1 by tho bass R..th'n..rn' "". "P I.
d..n" Any itsil the v.nd.f I Insert any .d.hll.n.1 lie iirud thu comnuunltle. iut tb. malnt.s'nance iuf achi 'uls,
tstu : hereby
J ".1' 1 intsumologlnt. stats apIary Insusector o.i iii.' .ilt'c.neora, or n a. same are
to dOiii.fltihIg ,.t..k ..... .hnl b. 0.0"c..1t 'tim buns. ,stiliulatm.its. u. awnsntntau .In, o"h'lal the elate ius .ips.ratlusfl said :rd.t'at. : iti I'artnienthu or climiisss. or to esitabliali ..u.ekiietsouuln.

I trios I lie .,,.huieil, pr.e .r Iritierty In ," hI I. ",urIi.s, In.h.l"w. ioh whl.h,, ,. ,tu'c.C are .hlpp.d .r 0' moves."nt., the mcnnm"r a. prusvistesl r.. .:: f usia Oct liiilI take' ellrct Immesil- siu'partmunt.s or closer. under It, 'metsit
f iiiiejslti.fl. .1".lnl.. ".. ..Int" cm'rtillctste..1 certify to the apparent' nl.1 of thin n.t. its beciming a law. I red uusn ass,) cssntrsul. I t ahiill have full auth P.Ity .
r.. ihist silt lewis n".1. of tawe .". w,. h"ut J"I.lal ro..I"... .h.i uro.. .hnl .h.'u\.ly sislslilish aumul determine .
H. ""n"' ,.. hum .r this b.. .n.th.lr\ connie And hivm'n, r resok. n"d .. May 211, 19i1J. to by ginmral uemi.ilutlssas
\ I. .nl.1 h..wi.h I lie anil they are he..hrt 0. .d. eontglsus an" and I ,. ilsucu. of thu. sIii 1 tfle quualutlcatiuina tsi bin piiauea,. I byIs.
t ., WINi.SS W1fEIIEOI", Inf..clo.a ,1."I"8 .1 1nl.h..n. lrF.li 71147.-I No. 5tunil i'ngngsmd In the training .f ocmtl alhvr.
h"N :; : : Iavd ." thnI \wln" a for 105k.
vulisi'rilii'l I th Ii, Inst rumnt I. utsiun .el..1 Inl..v .r"or"on
k.c. It ilile Act """" b"m. onbicqrnsisj : ( interring tiit' flight of EmInent ,, .
.I..lv. I t"" withIn a of .1 v lv slays ,, I. e'ruatisin.
r nlov' .m.el. .Iml
, t a law S. or....l.t wllcn.. umIl ulnis' .f .hi.m..n', l'rusvtuli d. thaI':.5..I. :: Th.t th' "hl .r"llhn.. tuisun ttsie Ilutarti of Comnhu.slinutrn i tu' 1 Tliut Sictmon It sit Chapter IIli
I MH'rov.d June ?. 191J 'I 1 (sat .r, .1" lies's ar' I i Intu this I ..".h'r" ftjmll.say. nn" Invtitutiuinn of this StoLe of FloriIn. l.uiss'u 5sf IIII7. be smnui mlii sam, i- Ii. I
I" shetl. tnlciipm h..y .hll,1 .lv..or
., -- . .. u.stunk' "... .. 'n. .nn.. ...... __h..I.e.. .... ft "n .I hr .itstt.s .. .1.1. e whu.ru'Ir I 'U' .n" 15u5sigfluu. .hall situ ...1 b" the l.rIslature of the state ansi nle'uI tisrs'asI,, aim follows ,
( ;lt : . . .. .. .. ;. Siit. ii 't'hsst thu stsitu sUhtu'rlnt, Si I u
'U.1 71:1.-.INn. 12\ ;; ,. .h, "v lint
ctuur .r
ituilar sir "tom.lo. v..n,1
at urh "I .I
f .nl..I..1
r I it N 1 IT nil H..I.n Chatter Iu.fl.i "v' .'f."rln. I. "". dInt ofI unit lr.sv ,Ii,i55T15 uI Wlufliver It t.iyceumea necessary 1,1,1 ir iliti I poet liius. st'li i.u ix.tilfiC is it tti'i''

*3117 I. lewis .r .I"rhln. Fnlth'" .n Act ., ..1, ansi ,,'r .". nirtulmgu I nv.I,, i tH .. .11' ,.,1..1 .. Sum I That ,tf (hip,. h. A unit couuveuusene'c of any of the ..r t h' ut uute S iuu'nttutnsm I tisaril. shall isictit
rmnmwuls In i .u .In.
ftijil.llnit, ant I ..n.ln'l.n.( .I .ti.msIsns "".1 Ihr""h I. .hl.r . .hnl. uislsr tiiu. anit tile, ui the. board fir Ihe
C..nl" IIn pr,5- cssmlutit eiiisl. psaul wtl t inumn i now vultiors scion hurl
It Enseleil: the .f (Ih. Stain .Cl. .f t" .hl"I, liii n. In. hl..ln. silt liruliut r. .. .hi.m. "p.n 11 ,, board st cosuuunssiuneua of stale ,iltiuiusielerin.t the saul fu uiu.yal art vii I '
JI I I. 1 1..I.ln.ur. .. .,.. "hun .r iii'"ilall' usi ," .h.wln" suirhI i nat." Iirssv lulisI. .1. nl..y v. ,
I nr fl"rldn.I t ,.h..c...ii ..imch ,' "'nI.D..1 fully I I I. .". t.. (rum ,Itvuii.. 1".1 "tin.1.",," -I I" i". .r Flusrists I . I. coil 1 tui -u-ru tins ate Isrotierty fur 'Ii t mmiii luy smnt vitls the ailv ii i I Iesiniis

H..I.n I Thlt H..tl.n Tic .r Chapter In m..t.a.. ,. thu. u i .. lsiusflt "r thl suction I Ii,. u '.,ul..d 'u forthwith ,,.111''" I aumy .siititutiuflmi, nd thu nt tuf tli stOle vusratlonal ,'du, itisuimrul.

01'71 I I lie lii"ii nf 1..10.. 'M emonihil cc "'"' i ttml. nut I d..INin.1 liy isisch. ". I Sit , to shl tums'nls .r Iiv.' lisu.a In ansi ,Iurpi P Isscil ..,.. .In". In b" "MuinU cy uigri.tsment sathe- stistugnitte such auniuistant i ii, ahall cutsCeabary
.1.1. .1" 'r .
real\ a. follow,. I Ill ." ,, U' ) titus Its ltrtiu'rly 'ut ths .
'I ,. ."v. .. witjnuut comlue o. honey. sit, ."u"'lnnt I. 'Vis1 ails iartiea 'us- carry lur'S.iitflum
l Jurl..I.n
S.ln" II Such ueirnti.n' ( ehIl hive S. Th.t. al nirlgni'um 2 The ststu.' ,plant .r Floruule. titus ansi hereIn uwumrs of sa,,) private of thla act. The sitsut,' suturintendent ofuluii
lIen Ihv h..1 .. r".r.I". .
': '" .ii hess nr flitanry to the istosk.hisililens ,1 r.h.'I" olson II lv ( hapui'r ItMCII. or Flsirluta., S... i This tuke '" besird iii csunii.asluusera of state ,livtrhurl hun shall also 'arry intu ITi.umjrulc
iimmcrihiI .r.1 I.a" .t .1,1 .i
Il.riiif, mini ,,. of tli.. ,.enrlt ion and "..t.I. .r ,. \ hereby euiiOisweru.d anul author- coil regulations ass the abate sea-
fill ail ,ps.Wi.r to stint "t.ly u.n I. .nd in
'h. tire. the .. "Ic.na. .1'1 ,
I I" .
10 ierllli. "paymint .f n".h mon.'yo enil the 'S .r ., ,' ."ul ,itl I Eti: rsspeimn tunics. I.I "" 0' Upon h..mln" a thu right of vnslnenI dinan I uuunal m.sliucatussfl tuuaril may asisupt for p 1 nil.Ii
vimtt I I 'o.k shall r..1 ,.n. I.
iwrf..rmanie .r ni .tlur r.ntitliin. upon .", r'"V" I" . 1st' illsuiuiu.s' unit, all t hir In- .iiu'tu. a""O.nl. "p..u",1, June 9. ,) to consimiii, tissu nisj pniptrty n of vorutuotuscl i-tlucatluun in this 'itat. em 'Is.tiuls' .
.. lIe .0nll.l.u. .
cam .
l ilisti
whIrls II loene mcli or ..ilv.reaIn ""' .
tl..ihtu ssscatusmssl ts.arui
\. .r. 1 'I I sits die, ace honey been whirl In It. ususumlusur no provided by law for s slueattsutu may ci ill'l

ol" itce.wtnl, (iii. .n,1 hI ..t. n. (hon.1 ..inImortwaich .0,.I. I..., I, "r nt.Ih.. nn.1 wh'I..r .Tlun'T, I. mov ,.r.r"ent.d ,.iuitroilrl' .. 'rat. CI\ I'FR .- I No.0"1.\ of property. s'si sirlv rut lIst. stat,' suhperinlu'nde'fl' ,,f fiiiiifr
sill .,1 .,.lRtQ liii. c.iiily whur. -ilium. .r murt.n. .1. and lnvi', full powir anti I. ,ts..re- Si \C'T SectIon .r molt usc ,uitlufla brought by the instructIons. sit tar aim they pe'ptaiui tott

;. /' In lIe ,,In.II.1 1.ln.. nr himalomos ,ic 1"0.1., I. lit' ,lii. ".. ". ". any. I .hnl\ t. 0.mu'. . luronsilsuntsi anul .n. Vel., ur I.Il117. ",.1.. An.t to csiiuimtu Irsii.ierty a. provided ,,. tiny ,sisiuin sif uhs ccl. ehall ins' kept I hit

which .h.1 I. liret lien thrreon. .,iceit 'R' 't as n'r"i, Tf "ur'w..e n"tho'7A"\. ssh rules. ori' stan.', n ansI rugulntlons u .t '" ,. I.r the ('u ., Inrnton of thin .krt shah tue brought. in the il ii sit t Ii,' ruslstsul of the' slate

1 unit ..Inl iieMflipfllJi. .",I excipt the ''I" Prowrt I ito , acts. 'hm""h Ita tnlnsuliuun, .r. Tiacherts : ,' board of conlualassonere of slat. Mu C 1, 'Ittiul SuctIon sit Chalster 7 si
It- nl,1 .ror' .h
prior, Ic'". lull anil "wn..0 "I coil ioo.oclatlon l'1nt Sc I I .eiimi.a I .t. sir sit' 1.1., . In i.. iii.twmrnt maY .,..,'m. fits fur .1.. 1.1".n.. .. tiii1 it stsali isv (lie duty of tito '. it 7. tie' ansI Ihe' same is hereby atnensls I ho

him: the n h up. "I 1" V..rt"iHticm'i .h.1 I I 'I. erutialu, .irev'ntI I t. SIitu' of thu mitate of Florumla to .iul lie follsuwste'C
: ; ... c.n BPy .r C..tn. 1..d
4 niI- "" ""' f..h.
Oil the ,iilIue of dune ,. as.eclistlsfl . ; "h? I Inlrnriw I , ,i. ii. "V'r ,, .r .h..mln..n of "" ,. 1. 'rhtotr Ilsit j "" iiroiuolinuii fur, coil to act sit 7.irk,, lsoarl iif ptllutuc inmitructi, sfiiny
ihit ... 010,1" of ii I """-' n.rlgioa ,,
..0 V .1 t tin r.'s'urd "eh ( .n.1 .n r.iumtnmsiss dIe..".s of Puinry" itv 'sir their C.n..n"II.n coil : tue said board. ciiUflty, tsp the Isoarsl t trustees if its
the withdrawal ynhie auch .h.... t r.'tr'Y ." .f. I. pnuusullu'. nH.1 .uurti ru.tu'im Fnarl.oI of lawn ansi part. of laws In con. s'sluirnl lsnil lnstututusn, maintaining a dipiirtmeSib -

I I 1 ." I.h.( .. I. nn n"'r..t' iii ,niin.l for ,isrt,.v. I. I I.,. ..,"n. wI. ,.h.. .". .. n.... mi'ansi ruseimlations .r ..'.I,.1... ". I, EtorldatItemutust 11 \.In".e are hereby repealed. suf grade unds'r pubuimicuntrssl.

k 1."n. the tnrt siC .. nn real "r fisy pert m. .1 TIes shall tak.. elts.'ct ummcdl- masntain vocal,' v.1t.elussssls
nI . In . audI I have thus f" ".) utYsit .f ,.. 1 lId .t.n 1 17 .r Ih.I. act 3B.s-5
lisle nhirlesss.a u th .I..k .f the f..I"- slit: uniirtemlS : .\\.tn : it Th. .. .1.ln' ,lut.art uts assents \i I. .r .i : -. . tho sam, is (iansag. ash ) approval by the gis log In'

h thu. isiiih .....h.ll.n( nl.1 have t hi. powerI ci .t fir nIh.nIl....I.irmsesa' rnpu.rt .u'nptsiys'iN. .ta'. has,. ."Ih..i, to enter .m.uu4' r.'ail, (ullowthtec iitsr0Ved May IS, 11119. trtuctiofl of less than "''Srs in aicriu'ulturt' -
ut.i hni. I et.i:. is nil chinever CM 1..tN." .n p..nnl ., horse
". .111. I. ) .li.".t. Pnliflsit .t..m. WefltuitijeC I 't I Any rn'guslar ". trutuluc ansi Insliisstria. or In

the hum" .1.. flirt .exceed nItty tier cent .. Me Thct' nrtgngse..utsm'itItu'si' ,on I.. .ml... for the.II.",."... of ''n.'in. cut" 'an 'arut "' u.ssity. collugs' u. 7114mi-No.( 1861. '.5.55 iseunslca, "isjr tioaesl of puttlir Ia.i.trsuelissn .
"f I lair ths ,lir.p.rty miirtgcipI r Inc..h' n"m" and N,
'nh. .f n.I" 'ttii f.iur tear fur i'.uithoriaing Reuurung twisteca may us' any
nil cliii I I" I Ih.. silt"liretisina of the eo.llttluiic, a hart till I.r. n. t..k.\in. . "hl.n.. ."r 't'r .
I. hut
for thu
J In..t th..ln. fur ha' .tie I .I"n..1 th..f..m since of the t.rcuit Court ( mssneyc raiuue.l by public tavatlon in vans.nulnns'r
mark imp th. th. ..
the .
I 'tiltI, HI..n. .tll. of ll.irta. .n, county h. ,rut .n.1 1.1" .1" .. aiseerlaioiuir,, nald hum'e "''% cit .... Is'aehi'e'a .,' Circuit in and for l'ineliass ci' moneys for other arhool purposes
,., ansi In siirh .C wh.th. ( ft. .
I. .
.. "..1..111 'IC 'I..II. the sir. h.n.I.I val' ".,. ,. Infr.l.d wIth anY conhuumsiosisu ( I. .,1... ...1 Ill.. .n .,."I..lon In IRsite of I'luurda. to pay A. } tsr,' ueed for the maintenance ansi support oftthllmm

race .. jn1-1,iutrlirht "."h. .f ..rl", "..,' .h.1,I"? t "nt. ... "".. mtimesu' 0' which Ih.y mu have . ,."....rshi'ut ) the slat. .up.lnt.n..nt A. Whitehurct. Ii. ii. Clary, J. J, srhmsls or classes of Ira. than estlltti.graile. .
tlice a.ciirljet( ( will' theee oil any
san ,. lm1l"lr'lfle sslIcve h.o Iron o. IcIng trans. ',is ,su..trsiitli which, .hAI of the E.stat, of John C. .
C It .
"'"",. .. .."ln".1 "mm InlivI.Iinl' iro.mwuiry H. That. rrrtI ... In or any .f. the turunsleliuns .'h.. ''' n ..m.I"Ic Sr. Icea.rd, tlnmthel MtMuilrn, 5,,. 4. That a new sectIon be iss( , to
"I" m.
".. ,;"' In not e.iceeiiln.. lure."n. list'nhnl .I..1.r ...t..1.1.lon "t.'Iesunu .01..... ru'u'.trsl. .h..ln. the and Ii. I). Vunaun, for h'runcl- ('haists'r 7ts7It nf the Lawn of 1911. to r.asi astllowa
nInety it.y.i hnw' Ihnt byrd.t .0 .k ru tiny ..um',1 . InIe'reit Collected at tine Time of
1'.1.1..1. .., Ita n. t .1 .n.1 mu :
.. m..nla hl cue".' 1. .. I hesi uiel ..1.,, and .h,1 ,1"...... Iusli.thin ti.ies.ac. In such n ..".,. .v 0.11 1..1 r....".,1.,1 .mu..1 n.rnt.f"m ttnla.m. in"'n.h "r..n.h ..1..1 sin the h.' lop Certain individual Tax Cer. Sic. S. Whenever any school str ihaspesititu'
I .
,In. wh..n the m.v
n.k. only isny
nan .r I. .
I. .hll hon"y huts 0' 5 ansi lhu' numhmr .r m.n.h. 'sPsluich ilsvt llu.u'o Lust by the tss'usn orgumnizud in accsrtance with rtileeiunui
,, ,. .f any h..k."ln. f.t". .1
,1,11. unite, .f .. n..I.tl.n, ceee.l. Fivela .i l"f..r.r I. In.. . lots' ,' h.'n I. In ,t.uirseuI in Ih. ..h".1 .por""". with RecorI lhmsru.of, regulatlisnu ailotttesl by tlse state vera.I .
tin h.ht
t Ihiienil. I '' r-( I I ". .t. "'0 ., th.,, ,1 or.m..1. in .f the itrosIsiona of, 11.Am't. n.. I? n..ui u'sup. .r hun o. her cl"I"m". ansi, by th. legislature of the Stat. I uunmml ,iutiiratlssn board ansi chall have buena
1 f' 'h. '.y.I" .ih.tl tire- .l.ieIh' r." .. "t. .
n..II'I.n tuut ni. luony hi . n.t siren Inr..1 tory t.stlslu.nce or haste-, 'hool ttuprovsst by thus stats vocatIonal cllueatiosdIsuiimrii.
I'' t .
I ,..ho lh, ",."?.r of flwrI.nit I..n.. I h. rat, .h.v.111 t .tii. ii .r th,. .,nrI.mgu"'' . autil In. ,. I ""Y Inv t'usotgluuim, sir Intuu't iiuuit .tlsuass'. .. r"lly fur n 'rl.1 .r 'w'nlv.r"r ." t lumt J. N. llruuwn, clerk of the the uliuutrurt or Institutions maintain1flhf

y .f 1".1 aiil trinlui. ,. I. .hn.I. nut .r ... and br the ,mi'ili iliducual cIrcuit to S I shall be entltlmid ts, stuau's, in f.ds ml
.II. ,1nnisieIsne sit this ." that uiuirh I I. .5 nr Ii v turPn h.. I..n ".n.h..i.n. fr' .r I. .ln. muiafluu
..ciliii. tile I lien h'"nl .ont ritet r (.'. nn.1 S .r "I .
,.I.I.n usirh .. ,I ( Inr..tl.n silciass'. .irs tmulImun "I "v ,. ,' county state of Florida. be ins) mitilt., fuinilu, available for the tiromiutlust.f

ii the tie. .".1 manner wti'n this. In".1 .inih .II..I.n i.rirm.t ht.ir, by"f such m. ."'" ru ,.1.I...I.n..r.. ...... . ,11"nt""nl..1 n. ..1.. uicts'r with, th,' sithuit' .,""..I"h'n.h'nl oust ruitired (n5 pay tue luuount of 5 ucsttlsunal n'iucatiiin lit an ansourst not tees

lie tireIiin. it "nv. .1,1 I. .1.1. I "II.n .r nn.I I h. m.. .r "rh Intel .. u''stuuinuul. ". Inctrurttssn. whi. with the trs.siiisnt Iluterest cohlegted at turns of iv- I Ian fIfty iser ClOut of the msunu'ys cxtss toted
See Th"l his .h.1' huron '.- iusnsesiiuitmly .1" m.rt" , '
.. 'IIv. t ,. 10 ,'nfircu' all i n..r appilaneec .r this normal d"I."rm'nt .f '* tIuc tuilowng pv'nuoiia who are fir thu. salarls'a 1sf t.ncher. for vocal
uutwin I..m'' ii I.w.At..d ,1, 'I.h' tb r.'hwih. 4. shIpment, .r mo..m.nt Into C.lh'w" .1.1 cnnuititute of rs.cuird of tins wuthsn names) in- ill 351 lv In ss.cl. approssisl cumhtstsla or classes

.I.n. I.11". "" I sicti riviiius mirtgimuu r. n".1 sIt the. state 1,. iem'i .. ...on..h.II.e "mIen nun' r."u"K5 I """" all .,., r. itllcatus which have liven lost iu'c. rs. That us nest Sei'tsun be aulileut toeluututs'r
- .I nich time. enmlsa. fratma .Ih.r 1".k."ln. fit- rim ,..irtifl'nIs ., "I".n slislssmis to-wit 7 l it if I Is' Is," o iif 191 '. ts TrIll citsillows'
( 7lrtr, iN \ vscirI,. svhlIi'r "t 1 .
CI\1I'R lIlt 1 n",1 I hi' In hr..h. pr.sh "1,1 . nu.rh still, ,., sillier'ultu.nsls n. .h.1 I lessi. tue sum of $40.71, annIe beIng

A'4 ArT 1..I.I". t. huh n..h..hh. .r S'n' .1" In.1. ,.nV.II.. t n.t. not rewitseluonc' Is. "...rl..1 h. IirimnrY. a gruuitsual. 1.1 "...1.. iuiteucuhtutd culis.-ctssI on city of $mC. 5 Fir ". "f carrying 'situ
t" m.
., I h. m.i.t Im..hn' !f"11p'r"u'
# 'llnk C.nl."nh. I."nllnl h,1 .h.cInch.Mut. plant 'lmari ''n au's'srtanee .Ith I.... '1..1' n ..Ah.. "nl. .. .. I tax sale certiticate No. 5, sale hi. prsn i i 'i ariilrhaiutm.r
11,1uu In Whl.h .,id 'h n..tw.,1 I. ,. .
.. ..
.. 'I.I Wlh.h. ,. ".'. 0" lIve nf thla ..1. ...ml..I.n m." sI ) 7176 S3KsK I as ,unei .1.4h..rs'luy.
I 1..1. .. I m..I.. Ih.I 5 Any pu'ucnn. firm nr corporatIon the aItllrants cillu'mcm. reusri hutohurat, (Its sum of $1.00, same Dolt."

lie I : hy I.. l.riiIliture 01 the MInt. "".1 ....1.\ In any ci.ulty tiut'O ''S I. I ann itt Its.. 1'I.I.n. or thle act o. slmu' u. muumls eliOt as to hr.n.I" I. ilthil in'l interest coll.eteu) on stat. i d *, ) I I 'lmi.

I.I.I. h.. ,1..u.,1 I. 1"." after.1 ,' riius, "r ..v.lnll.n. "r the ntate bocrt msI, icraulsia nm.,,' .. (. ,'QII..e ru a las male cerlhlicate No. l67, sal. ansI l'su . I arc
Sect I cIt ,elnim kl",1I h. 'nr."hl. tI10
u's .r .1.1. .
ld".hnt .r ofI '
171 .h. .1 I" ni'cisrtutnei' with 11. "."I.lon. ". "ol,1 .ln.o' ; I 9'iIt.uisitiiii I ns aiImIsIu I Iutnsl
I anil D". . N chit. lank ... Inlet .." I." .f ems.h.it. utel'tin .. suits 1 I .art .hnl I. " ,'m.1 ".li, .r it musts'- ''I'"' ..' s.'uamiulimtisn" uinulsr .,'e.lon. I y. the auun of $17.97. same being tti,. is, sly i .4uiit
racy flint' 1.ln".1" In lb. nf it t y .r .hl ... .
hl".I. ., r ,.." .n'.tlon .h.n IH' "nl.h.d I .r thtn act ansi all .. .lnr,' I i sit, rust cssils'dtt'd for stale and of any "s-batm tr'aau '

rerrIner .,nuiut, .. 1. "tr'1'' II sworn t. In,1 flhii usi mtiv.miin'a., ., .k tnluun m.rtirage. .WI'bla 'On .r flit mum. I than fv. h.n.I.d itsul., t "I.u_ .iu.ctlsun .hnl hay ,' t gluts. sale eset slistat, Nis. ii I, sale of I lit 1 i ) lu rss "l'7.prl.ud,
siiI .
II t" .I".r .
trom the .f
r t wih year I. h. m" than ""I nefit.-. "nn .h"" I Sur rh- sstslsropriale'd tel
.. f. n.t I. monu'y
. Im.I..nm'nl
I. 'thu' .ln.r.
I t, .r .
Itt. '
I .r faIlure or the I..nk o t..1 ron- .r"" p. "RI.t e'vufl.1. I,7'. . ((.dIsc ''n ,.. .o.ntv Jail. i.s rtitlrflti.v ,is, ,,. ii n ",sIt of ... the ssini ssf 9 I liii. same being i5, lsn if I his art shall hi. paid i it Ii. "isS

tan,. .n.1. n. claim. "' wise n.' ... n.1 sushi.. .pi ri'cu.r.t.i" in ieirut v..n.sit 1. .. .I Th. .m p.. .. appmuoprlalesi i I. 'l" '1". .IIH rlntu.nds nt .f Interest sait'cts ut (sir state slid b ii 5 i 5 siishre'r uniInr : ,trut.r of It iS

wlhln I e .1. nntht. (not tI,. ".1. I Ii. ,,11 ti wIrs' t. .. .. "si..ui.rut "...I.n of tIm. Iglalature In, .n .tl"I.n ,Is h..h 'h"'d '.. sisl, cirtuliveti Nus. 72. sal, of 11106 : I clii iuunutl utuucatnn ltimarut_ lurvtd.d tlsal St Iit.i

.f 1".1",lm .f Ih. In"1, .. I ritet .on".nov w. I I u.s.a"n' ..1 I. its n..k' ( linuiss a. It tic 1.". usunlsui spputsprlaulstn :a"I.ant, \h. flu n ill iii tusuchurn rs. than l'tse Thnusanl flullars tI '

.".. .hll ''R' In'h.I.,1. t.y the reru.v'r. orcompi "n., ..u.I. all o..I",1 inst .1".1. I. the ,'rsstst .f the chile plant 'r .. t. 'n.h. lus'susi liy .r In the num ut 14. 16. came brIng itn'siiitly! ohall he u'npunsleut Ivy sait moms, I '

..1. in thu .h.t .i..I"n tf I h. annilsSei. till .r .1.I"nll.1 'n, ,. for tho u.th'r (hats .h,.vtaleu Fluuriula. I ouslt.ietu-uI S ii, ,
I (". Ih .n' I.n..y pre- .f ltntmrltit on stat and t i r: suvsu t sdmmni.ut rsi I Isin, r i.m '5 rrt rSi

.H..ml". 2 Thnl" n law.iptr.'inl III.. Art .h.1 t.k. ilYt iltioflIla "niuilnt S.... .11 rliat n.'hln.. In thus ," .f.this huinmy ... ."lu. 'o.wl.much the ., 1.I.n,1 I. u.,In..e .n" .inslrsuetlon. ccl,' certuticau,' No. 73 sale ofI 5 1... '00. u'hi' a. u rovist'sl lust ,u, 4. I Ilv.

vutierlnt'nsiu'nt I .
firnt "f Ten act.i'
Ih .. other Th..n,1 0.1.. puhl.
hiutuu .
June 1. (1111 .f .ny than hunt ..r m.. 1. n..nO. shall he lieu's) csi.snly' wh..n i.such "I"1v '. bass of thus' estate of John C. Wul. This .i, I shall take 'IT. tii

7Ni 1., stock "mrIgumg't. this act 1. .. ...,..",1.. f.. "". .f ...f..ln" inul t .1 .. ,'m.I.v.1 1 I. ,,'" '! cnuirteny I dut'raiued, the sum of $9.07. sane I l'stave anui .'siisrn'al by the ,tos i
Cf\ITFR 711. .tIll H..I.. .Inl. .f inlon. cunittlumns. \", oust.the pronlalona itt this, act. un,!... i'urtiflatm' nl.1 tr two '121 misnthc. ansi iuutir.st cuilect.i on .. .. t. lIe heominmc t las without Pu ,. iptsr"se'l

"Sc'r .1..II" to MrIvnii.ii ." l.Ri 5t.nInmcii any ,., penis ntirtgitge' sit I and .0nl..1 of thu. .1.". "I..t .,h'r.I.. "."I"'d. alhstrlnlusw the lax uk certulicat.. No. 8 May ?. 1919.
I" II / ant :''T..t. tlm'rei.t. smut' fir C, 'nAn, II any tit firth In I .1..t'.n. ,. teach I" .huo.n,1 .h.t .. and

I to ,\'h..i.. ant I..vhl,. for Ponvem of I InrIu.tinf whh'h wuIl the. r..m h. v.11,1 laws anut! partn or laws, ''n.on- .isit I t'h. shjecte .n,1 only the' of thus v-t.te cit John C. Wil- lIOl'E .!Oi'3T RF.SifUTION NO.'I .
"mkr Such tortisnirn ant,I I. Fh ".1 .1 .r \1 this Act 1".1 In Ibm' or :
1.1. are dcraseil thus
.. .n.1 for ,Re.onnl ,Iiirtwauii.' .r slIer kinila .f '.. "I the peuivtelusnc .r .rlf..I., 1..n.. sum of 10.74. same JOINT RF.SOLtITIO4 l'rnpoelaic s5menstmm'nt
111.hm.nt ..n.ltl. l I r.'peali'ui V .h'" I hat the ".1 .tt. and Interest collected on etate ,,
I uioiiur lIla nor shall > ; .v h.le. % I Section 0 of ArtIcle IX sf
Such Mirtvn.r5m..f ..ty 1'.1 1" Ih.'rt.'n'lien nf", .r a't 1mr.usuflt II,0.h."".. .r any .". S T'' act .h.n take .lYuset upon Its ..1"... n.1, ..'.Ih .n .. h.ru"' . tax ailmi certullcate No. 76, sal. the ('i.vustuluutisun of the Slate of Florida Re.lailnir .
V..t June O. (919.CIII'TFR r .1 regu.l.sr
.n,1 ( In. . .". Appioveul twu ".nlh. Flor"
.. In Court. .r ThIs' '" .n Its, tiii.li f.n. r..lc"ln. I.. ,' tunutum, thin ehatuter to Tavatlon ansi FInance.
1. /1 cat .1.,1 the sum of $1740. same
In It. it Reatultes) by the .f tIme filet.of
nIH.ln. .h ..rtp.ee and .1. 7n.I other 5ut usiimty elaimema as of IsiotiertY.th. .. .h. . 711P.'N"' 157111 ., .h.lil the ho..r oC such and interest collected on stat. Flirbdaz

.. Th..f. .. \ to .\m.nd .f the r.n. I ii .In'n'" r..1 u..n P tat sale certuticat. No 44, sale
In 111 That
.ilnn'n .rlnn .1 tIne following amendment to SectIon
Vnat..d I StataI ir .1. I.ln.
0' .f
R. I 1. u.ilsmlatur. th .f the .f FlorIda. R.I.'- Os, ceruiftcatuu' fast, I. be ..
Yl.rIdn IH' eumiiliette and .. . .1 to St.t.Analtnsls. or Fertlltner. hv ('nmnnts. .h...I..mml.l.n. a ...lf..I. hated ; the sum of $1.28, same being It of rtucle II of lIt. conctltutbon of the stai'f

ti V itrrtIn I That for the plrgnoae nr tIle Art dye. . Florluia ru.latsng to tanaton ansi ftnsncus I'Is'ru'It
or from '
M.lh" uhiima a
\usIcuultsire '
cIrcuit .f .n..1 interest collected state cod
1..ln. on ,
thr wuirhu mtoik ccliii. borer.. Sec 11. 11. .1. e the caM agree to an, shall be submItted
"I. .h.1 have ftlI .nd "f usSr year n.rm..1 .1.1. asic certultrat. No. 1784, sale of .
I mtns.' ue ralvea and stat, In " ..1n..I.I. .f..t !.m. vail elects ,, of th. elate for adoptlnt. or sjectlnn -
... 1.1. .. the ".. by the of .1. Stile .rlll..t. .1.1 .
yrlIa Injiunctlon In tire-mt I 1.,1.1.10. m..n" at the next general el.etluun held
% .11 hiuuils of e1ern, hisses ant live .r ". nn ... "m"o. .. .
.nth. Flerislat
.lt. ,
m.rtuigu'i. lIve .I..k f..m the .f the sum of $1 37. same beIng hu'ru after, that Is to that Session 0 efhirtieRs
atvrl. all Imitation The .. say
If the
.f .h."t I SectIon ?1 the .1 I to or
kl.I. .f
Ins- shiv .. isutiiite wh.n mortoeiiu'i Th. 1 I.n..nl .Id ..on. iots'rmat collected out at.at. coil 9 of the sonuutltotlsn of the etate of
w iril"i.hlul.n" h..I" sme.it .1.1 . thenuif. ansi 'u ,,". of nf Fo. h. .n I'd Ulmn, .,.mlnllun (' awarded b" sale e'ertulisat. No. 707. cat. of
4 ,'tt. ,. """". hunt. it life tntib.nra I I"si r,1 .h.I""I..n I. amenit.ul. real tul- duse not rmbrc. u.ach .n.1 all }'lsrista be amu'iim'.l, so as to real as (dIned

.f '".I.....!.. .f .sll tInt. ..5 Iver.s for vwh morw..c. Iv. : h..h. t. a li.l.n 1551u cut stilt In cal,,) eouurtesv l.ml'( shall and take elfert Immediately upon SiCt on I. TI. legislature ehall hcve poerto
approval by the
I In the governor or "' Isle for tecuing lynutts only for
S.. e In mnrtc.ern "n .t..k d.e.lon lIner Irons "n.n'. lInen the asmthoruty to teach
1.1 Iv. ; t.
.I ... the "n. p.'reon "..h..ln" f.1 a law without auch approval.
nutv f. uhe ,
invasion stprrev-
I. ,!,'. .0nn",1 thelflOrtQit4. 5 u .h.1 piurpus reps'll'ng' or
ear son' nut
I. .. for menufactmiter .r ".n.I. In thie vtte may J. it u aubj'ila '( '.mb.a..1 .h.n Jun. 2. 1919.
sir 'h. th. In.nirrrrtisun, fur the nf u
m..I. Sing
his ,lwal .' .n.nlv. aniIIsoe 1..n . ( faIr" .f saul to 'h. ,lull, I t@rn.t., or purpose
of .m.I. f..rl..r ?
mrtszneu.Itirol.rtv I i..us t.rencrsntln' ..1 ., slummIng tip ru-fundIng (sons,, alreaity l.s'urd a
.h.n hatu the i.swir t. th. truss, ,' .. .. .r ascrleultueu' f. .n.t.I.. But Si 2 .. .n,1 parla or I.
the nuciruty 79511iNo. '
ii'u'srflt lOlL a 'rep rate vt Interest. for the
Iv the t. Sr purpuec
of thua
lllvnO itflC h..h n. d'f."lt the .. yen- with the prsuvisinnis set
itV! tn
_rl..r tin.. t'rme. C,,,'nnIH. .,", .. .. ,I..'.fl'S At..1 Such .."rt. m.. f.om Ih.pOsteft. "hml..lo" of .isnalynuis' .. nr arolr- 11.1',. hereby repealed.Os Provlst ne a Mthosl Vuhireby An, snrspirng, lsuiluisnii ant maintaining a nyssbe5sf
clock be .m. ..
"rh musrtmnne.i lihr I. Maruce fngaeett in the ,.I rinds ant brhitgme tlnrsunctsnu 'his
..lo".t.n., .r niscli mirtCn1C or nf the ..h.U..I.n ..ml.I.... the pereun select the ... ,. act tat. s.IYusrt World iv ci
I h."v oirmi, I .. sinon n.n..nl inn, such suit... when tnhirtulaitul.1km' clock ant thu proruidahi In tins preum'nee of no t.. n. more.m. ,lately' 1".n 1h I. ,......h,1 ",. ..".,.1 'sPite in any M ,nlrlii.l Fbsetiouu stat, tniler utch rirulatliumie i.e may mu t
u'iiuiflt% when 'nl .1. Stale Wlltnosut Reglctrettuv cch'it by in iset of the legIslature prithI
neiiiflt mnrewnureni ans
.ny I.t..I. .1. ..1 of stick suIt.It.eh which uuampicm shnsll I.etai.ifl l.prflnl' o. s
Ih..n wh.n .h.. rusyillule In Ii In '''1'I tin ..biI. the ru'vutt .. .h.'nl..t.1 from ....n. pichaiome unil! placediO he, n.n ruslsd ut tin,' FoIl Tiut When He Rttrne any tninsl iuu.e aulhiirlaeui In pmi.t inca
In..1 Inn o. more
", m''h... must sin nrh ,. em as m.. In.rnVIil nimstrs h. grntet elth.r. .n sin eontslnsr .n.1 .. .1..1 tine "I'rV.1' I. hft.r th. tIns. for Payment of in. 55.5sf fip a ytem nf ,is'd mat). and hr'tfs'.tnall '

.i ''n .".1 flirtrul'i. as4 mit'1 elCh ?IrnvI.Iina ..hln.1 bIll .f connplenI, nr In .nn."I.n a. .1. sir.1.1 wttn.enu. umnul thIn ecmnie"iii. I. ClT&PTFR 794) -iNn, or the Tim, fop Remr.tratlon Bait not evemiesi In amount five (5 ps et

ant .'. h.. .itti! ...t.etlnIant with any .,1 ,. fi.ru'etose any such m.. ..., .. nrc .r. In tIc manila, or \ hCT \4\ ? tIns' tobal tut. a.nes"mrnt cut the stde ab tOe
no" unit ''sacs' a pr..tl.
"nl of sat pl..1 R.t.'ln. F.
'flf.rCi'ehli. .n.I .. sorb eat,. Itrrt.smiler o.1,5'll th. . .' sit F..an II.. Iw'r.....1.. sit an" audi .tllnt'r.-uts..it ui.renn.11. whn .hn'l r..... the F..eulad.s Omnu., OI..ld nf I,, the 1.eglslat.ee at tin. SIde im.' f istuo .pprsnvu.ii .lnne 7. 1916.
shall In..t ''n the "" 0' nus'm'hca- m.'w. VInletisnc I'Io.ru'isf and
.h..r the pnsrchnui.ier. the I'unl.h to
I.u alec. mrI" 'nOH at enrenee .r t.
tin the tit'i' in and IIi. I' mort..nuii.t r. .. .1.. It shall. mist nu'e.cry t. that ditmtflnI.aiitni.e.h. euIimpu! "h'n tIn. Poueu'ra or tins' of .. I That after thIs art become. i CERTIFICATE

i itot :ii,. v.rih.tl tl' ,:;rh : e.' In .' h.1 "ti. mirteaiti'r. I. tuns.'T.nI. .r . ,ii. anit.r icr rssemitpt' I.e him ..nn an ridaliun 1..t, ( p taIlor or marine who returns ueb,' of Flnrlsta. I
,. mats. thu. ,,,1 I ". .. I. In."I'.at' t( paI .1. utoon Ol.t.le I'Sice of Socru'tary of State, ,.
.. .f 11. virrIne n.i.h m. .. .. uch is-smisI,.. r..'".".'. the ,.mmi.i'n.' "' airreuillur TI..to cflu.r the tIm for ravm.nt of poll a ofbins'
celtImil n. i I. .. .f .".h ...1. .h.1 "!I'n (1lb. I'I. m..1 In.I.hl."n. unit, of (lv. ,. I. hi 'h. .,,'h.rl..1 lit 'I'llrr tineSuuut. .o.t.d hr the I 1..I.ta, of ru'urts.tratlon Isis explru'i) ma, be f. if 'Isy Crawfirui. io'eetasy of .ta'.
l' ThAt'( 'It Cane .f I. I 'h'ii'ho
,' qost ., 5. t .n. susIe In state of FIi'rsima. 'In herehy eertbf'
.Im'n. "Ir hei FlorId. any sTsurulcttal '
m..I.a ni t. 'I.I'd .. ityseh chssntst '0 "nuly. """' or me. !
thmumch sir ,,,I... loss ..mrnt ,', ... 55. ,,,,I' C Inocip .I .. ""huru'untu'i'f. the nfl. return t. itch, n.,..h';." .' '"".h .. Ssetltn 1 That from an, after th. electIon OttO) the ree"rntatlm'n of art. ant rrssltitiin, ci.nbahne'si in tI. '
nt.elm miirteeer tbtI's
.,ril.it. not 'suns tt.in tin "hOt o. .r"r to.erh Ite rntietu'ii h" .n.1 pu.pcimfl ,mt'p.'Int- ''i....nl'tet' '. nutItcatus.' sf "".1..1. TInC ut 'this .. t an, r..n 0' p.ucons to tIns' u'lctlnn oicrpe snif sue. 'mimic ttrunusst it t'c hive been eomr.iari .1

., ii'" !.h nitir.. me'.. 1w the .I. nay h. sot any the p'rdiO consui'iu 5 i tifn.mt, n all races "u t f..." the ,lss.lv, t. If'll. snatlcnnusly. 0' ". tIne fact that he Is tiny hera fit. ,,riwinil enrs'll.sf acId fn film' m tint* *T
th.' nnusrldititem' .
f Sane. Th flfl I :, ': Au i 1L.u.nlrn.lam; S I ly nh'sll sunset.. it loll of .1. ,', ( .51,0(1 .hl ..f s_ st! wIth thor A. 'n n. cimunmr Or.. to rut oust 'n, .' and that he routti tat. beets not that the 'ansi' *rt rurrort and tru.' ci -
mrs Sirs ,.;, 't I.. i. tew of. ,1"1,,. .I. tnrchnsm'e whIch _>.. vi .. ,., .! .. date f..I.. ..v.,. ansi ".". is .1. thu' F' ."Vn.l' .' itralneins.' ti sot,' In 55 4 .!odtlon exempt Time altfarent enauinne of aunts us';I Ir
cost a ''r t n' ".h .... .h.1 h. 0htI.h.iii uirchstsu tflifl'tiP p the CrolPrty"1 5' <...,1"twr.imfla ,h.. sannnli-e' .. I'1.1.1. shall vtultt or a ml..I.m. ,. from the state anti the fast reels. 0? fantatie, aptu's, In 11w "
'm'"n. t
Iraci tlre. thu Iirt "uPIlii.iufl; of whIeh .I..I.( ,11. hI t. awlsins lull smut r.m.un lv. .1.1 thno' . .hnn I. lu," ,"d'ln. t".f .h.n he .lhl.t topntelnmm'nt lVat he was 5 fli.eeoil in the milItary or natal in Ill..

..1 ...t I.. then f..n I ,Itt. ..lee pimP ,. m.sti'upere II.. ,, ru'humeir. .it ." .utehu"n..1. 5.. ms ni.1n.i' .het an. .5iuituPsIe seenslnt . .f nut e'mceeshlnii Fbse btin.tre. . 'ii is ice of tIne tmnuted States. In witnes.. whcuueof I heresunto art a'54
.h em.' In n..." ""hl.h,1 I. t"" 0.1" bue'nmr. cmii "f mnrtnsec.I. .h ent tin. neil u.su.tics5. rcm'riwin5. P .lam I ir s.erh .r 1m, p ..nm.. t 5-c 2. my i rriuun who ,loletes the p- ant affix tine great "*' of the state / r enIit

anon." where .". .. ..1 . ".! .n. \ l sin. rluhtn .m..I.. estrutit. V. tho mont. .m. "iitit, lut tin' InnS "f lIne o sers'equ. . ci'iunty. J.I nl.n' eneeetlnie .tt unonlina.Suit elcions if this act email In. psininhed try lunt.rleitnment at Tcl.bas.! .5s,. cap taJ (Iii. I ItO
.... .. , ,1st In this act . .1. nt
..h. cut,.. .f ,ieh not .n soon I. .. if 5,5 ( less thai iOu months.asnit la, of July. A. 0. 1919.Ii. .
. 1. ... ..... I.. "rOmeflIatI'C5 snd s'.Iureit . '1. snaiv e .hl 'm.t..t .vl- -. 2 'Is isidee to ..r..h.n,1 And re.iie.lInus a a
a.. Otn..fl 10 chars. 0. I. Icr 'on.lent .. Sss'iofl ... not more tines) telve ill) monttuaMu. CLAY CRWFORfl.
of I
,15 In In th' "
.. shall flu.tilre. 0'" .f 't. .f .n.1 rON
., ..... C ,1 rl..i. .. StatePAfF.
I. the '.urnItIs.O Sir if., .h m.'n..1. .. ml III. \h....ttitpoos of coy InI "tale .uo .'tYeilul. .su's'te the same. the ,... cons.a .. I Tht this act shall become effective Seal Secretary uf
the if 1v..k
I. deC ,Ifly. tart nirti then m .hi .ns, sIc o. '.h cha'l poe. .... \ 51 1 ,I.e. ent rant. nf ,ties In isun.it .sliins.n'.. .r Fv..I..lc. drslvasse dIstrIct Iahui.h lss'm.. sfla'ety ulfuumn Its passe,, 5,4 approval by
In 'inty "
newenepu r ..1..1 .'l, in. ..it. .M 0l h. ." ant tinpant,. ,, .mpi.er-sl employ hs, ,si, .rnnr, tnt upon it. becomIng a laweitinu.ut
f b murk "t.'.., I.. ,.nitt. 'In e 't' < ". r .t ,'n I.h r ,, "oro..1. .o fIr, wartirna. utsch atspvnysl.Opproteul .
!, ortienwritteflhl.fluiri' ant ..1.do coil more e.
._ t1 "mcciv' I.n'
'hatI "
1 l Clint elttInn.
...tfl.4,51> .1 SIt' I. fl7Jp If en' 11t"I -'at, S urn ."..1., wrIter .. n.t. wIthout ,. 'FIt. ..t aha't lalu' ...t 'immesil.an. ...I. In .r that th. I.n" hereIn. enerecd flay 29. 191,. $.. ts 84J'w

sn whim cutlet t. .r.qitr.d t. .men ',n. sins' .I".n rn..nl t". pereon t. .m' .. . ...n .ta "..... sn ) approval t. the to ma. he r"l. ".... flm. board l4G *r rulformed by mf'VtaS.Jthonlt .
*5)t'urttu'r . its tnecss.unlnq' ,ia. f rn'mrnt.sbsusers .. dslnautw dis-" C11PTR 79t1.--INo. 1461,
.inI. .tetnht. snot n.ht. the ...... .uv lien. .h.Y. chill remove .. Cs. ""r I. ull'Ofl a othou'.u.h .
.. ..1 suthon4ce-l amid AN ACT to Repeal Chapter 4i)5O of tie t.as.of 'ur6 ..guateu1ti1Wa'k. !
PInnistit then not n_.. to such Its. sleek mortgaeIi ipp"u'.al Appissnesi Jane .. 1919. tl.t I. Inarther to tnvsmuliiai. many

0 .k. peneanal ..rntce, .1 .'Ih. not'' .upon ,. .mnv.hnl.ln" th. Im". of thin e".t. suueh voles anti ,s'guiathona ",' lncssaslatnat FlorIda, tin. sans. R"n An Ott ?nilt- 'essw-

_. .. I. cork .. the publication of .eh .n,such I. stock consent if- C'PR 7940. ''No ISO). herewIth .10 their Juutgm.nt ".1 b lest 'An Act to Establlab a Crtnstaal Coon


. a I I .
.- ;- ". .' -- -- ---a- a.


Group Title: Bradford County Telegraph.
Title: Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Uniform Title: Bradford County Telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke, Fla.
Starke Fla
Publication Date: September 5, 1919
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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ru fnrt Qrnunty mrl.egrapqc

, _
--- -- - -- -- -- - '- - -' __ _
== :==== ---0-:= : = :: -c = ;: : --- -= -; -=_ _==

E-tsblished 1879. Suhscripton-Per( Year $1.:>0; SiMonths: 75: (:'ents. 1'ajable in Advance. K. S. Miittlu'w. Editor and 1'ron-rirtur..



- - --
-- -



- ---- --
-- --- -- -- -- - -
-- --- - - -- -
1 I." ll! .. I r \,I-. :>'q| I ,! I I'.t 1 I upI'll President Proposes Plan/ to Itrinn! l.a/ I.I <

Com icts, I Ix-uscd to T. J. Knabb (ilenSt. KNOXVILLE AGAIN f""l1" tillMexico, MillI'f til., 1!| PRESIDENT WILSON bur and Capital in < li-ci,. I.VI.ilioti JVVO THEFTS LAST I.
Mary. $,10 :Monlli Eaeh1d.l
(I.unit. Captain DiiuiV.! Mi :NuhhI' ;, 1 .

:S. aviation t ..rH, wa.s slightlywounded STARTS ON TOUR \\ IIshlll tlln. Aug. .:.I.. PresidentWilsnn MONDAY NIGHT :
\ \ :Septemher, 1. 1919. thobOUI' QUIET AFTER RIOT I
while aerial
.! ..if muiity commissioners xvas today on putroliliity I in a Liitiur l>ay messngi- tnVmoncun
along the boundary. workers, - - .
: tonight ninuuiiiieilj '
called to older. by Chairman C. A. With U<,ut. Johnson Capt. McNabbwas that Ill''uul.l call ill the futurea r OH.. lIurltlan and One I'ord Automobile '"
Roberts, at the court house in Starkeat \Vl Innuti'li' : :.Sept i L PicsidcntVil j near
Oxer n Th"'I"ancl11t'ial; : Deputies flying slowly up the river close conference of :MolciiMonda.x
\ of In-
tin Il'l \\ ish :mri.iii I ti'inght for, ninuntrvxvide representatives
oMoik A.1.:
in with all
1111'111bt'I" \rc Placed on Dut ti> I lhi- \\ 111"1' ulii'ii suddenly -"- ..
> a group" 'I
sp('iikmg tup to tell theAnieru.in I bur and industry, "in discuss fnndnmenlnl -
<"s nt, to-wit: Drew Reddish
pi | of Mcxiinns fired a volley of shot. lit ,, .' mclit the" stun.. of (i. 11. .
hand of Ins
I lirst
piople partin means of bettering! the wholijlelattonship >
O. V. Iliooks: James and J.M. .
Reynolds '
Knoxville, Tenn. :Sept. 1.- With 8 Iliianplanr, wounding\ McNabh near "lleiuiett. near I the
lirnunleeMinute ( In |lit'.nt in g, i ,at uni- and to make .I t of capital nnd labor and depotvua broken
dead two whites and MX negroes. all the ear. Sevornl shots pierced theplane's '' ,into and 1 robbed of
:$1 111ill\
: of last. meeting read and u personal appeal'' that tho peace treaty 'putting the whole ip.ie.it. ion of labor onniiothcr .
killed in intermittent rioting between xx ings. be ratified' without III1WIUIIIIl'IIt.I fiioting." I i 'pennies, that had been left in the till. ,. \

approved and signed by chairman in th' races!'! since Snturtlay night, the Col. n. B. Ruck, eommunder! of the I[ The I fust, leg of I the tup'' of nearly The 'Kxcept I that some soda, xvatvr had j!'

open .session.The . Fourth regiment nf Tennessee :National Lnrcilo, distriet said tonight nil that tell Ihiiu.saiid" miles' will be completedtumoiroxx message in part wax: ; been drunk, :Mr. Bennett\ does not bc- /0

petition' signed by :M. A. Guardsmen and over a thousand. is, known, of the, attack is that the firing Columbus, ( Ohio "I n m encouraged anil gratified" by 1 Ili.,1,1', vxns stolen. Thethief ; ,

Blaekweldcr anti others asking for special deputies. are today patrolling' i,, was from" n I"jntVh'r,' an outpost I\xhoiv he morning will make in the t tirst oC his the J progress' th xxhich. is being made! III''i I | controlling of
public road wan referred to O. V. the streets of this city in an effort to of Mexican federal soldiers wast thirty scheduled' addiesses. cost living. The buck door. a panel of which was .
Brooks\ at last meeting of t the board prevent fuither bloodshed and, restore I, known to lie Ineated.! I repoit of the movement IH widespreadnnd fun ml smashed.liming .

to investigate .said line of road. After law and orell'r.11Il.hiIll': guns Cupt.t'Nllbb: and Lieut. Johnsonreported I confidently look for substantial ,
I\ III1Ut"IOH: (; IMKAL::: : snonsM ) results the name night a Ford, car
hearing' the report of the suid O. 1 have been placed lit'lIntllA'I' points I fully on the nttnfk to Col. although I must confess. patience i "
: \I I.Ell: FIST I IN DKALINCUAH. ; : ; well owned by .1. J. Trilby was stolen.' The
as vigilance beexercised
V. Brooks motion and second as must
upon about the city and are prepared to Huck but neither would make a statement
further action the board laid i \\ I rtl .I KOMI PliOKLKMHhhiiigtiin : because' such will not come car had been left in front, of :Mr. TruhY'M a'
by was take care of further fighting./ I to the pn'''''. :\Illlbh': woun.1i residence

over until next meeting of board A score or more xxhitcs, reported to not serious.SCHOOL -- instantly nr without much work." on Cherry street.Sheriff .,
and Commissioner Brooks instructed be heavily armed are reported to be -----.- -- \\' Aug, :US. -I"1'1'<..torGenl'l'al F.mphasiiing his rciiicnt| for eachiiti.en F.pperson.: Deputy llaisden ,
I ,
'I I to ihi" and Chief ((f Police Kite bejrnii to
.served I noticeon
to make further investigation and report : limes tonight personal supportniul ,
enroute to Chattanooga, IIel'killA'Iau- :; ( HOUtl KKKTAHLISIIKSTIIIO ::; :; : hunt for the thieves,
the officers, tailroad otlicers' to make it as active as possible !! soon as they 1"
at the next regular meeting of i t'il'E'llIyes: a negro' who is accused 01.1) HIGHLAND SCHOOL public "
of ,
,citi/.ens in lio continued: their ,"'I"trlltioll. It was '
the board. I of attacking a white woman. :Mayes Employes and generally j .

Bond of ,.... E. Andrews for notary was secretly removed from the Knoxville I California Ari/.oim nnd :Nevada. that !! "Let, him not only refinin from do. not believed that both thefts had beencommitted "

public was presented and approv d. I jail Saturday night before a mob School board met in regular .session the railroad administration would undertake | ing anything\ which at the moment' by, the same purlii'V i, Acouple '/
Sept. 11 Bond of Roscoe J. Johns for constable of whites .stormed l the prison. I to restoie full railroad service wllllt'n.llo increase''' the cost of living, i\ ,
P.1.: T. H. PmholsterI been
Padgett seen hanging .
for the second election district The rioting continued all ilay fr>;unilay to those states on Saturday and lint' let him do all in his 'power to inlease round the Ilentiettlieighboihooil :'. .

was presented and approved. ; and, Lieutenant Payne of the National I I present. tlmt all strikers, who ,do not return to the production ; and further Monday, were rente.I" f.
:Minutes of last meeting read and' I
I subsequently loose
The application for state pension Guard and another militiaman work, ill find their places filled limes than that let him at the same time: tinned ns no t;

was filed by :\IrIal.tha, : 15. Rimes were killed early this, morning xvhile | approved as read.! siiid, that anyone who. ititet feres with fiirefully economize in the mailer ofconsumption. I| evidecne could be found iigainRtthem. I.

widow, gf J. :M. Rimes, deceased, wan visiting, the negro district and disarming !'! | The report of the committee. npi or impedes the use of railroad propel They are being' watched however ...;j

approved and clerk instructed to for the negro population of the i pointeil to locale site for lliellingI ty will be dealt with n. having' committed : "I'y: common action in this direction arid the officers, are confident \\1

I school made it* l'I'III't and same was an oM'citsc auainnl. the United Iliey will soon land 1 the culprits in ,
ward same to .state pension hoard l at city. I we shall overcome. n danger greater jail. r

Tallahassee.Application. Several pawn shops were hlnt"l"lIrly accepted.! StateFour brotherhood chiefs announced than the danger' of Will'V,. will hod) __ \
The committee appointed\ to get would assist,, inoperating
nlomtion that they
for change m publicroad this morning in to '
/ an attempt steady the situations whit h were '
for, Dobson school made their the lines.'CVI'IS HIM: FI.H.UPIPS I :(; Ni\V: M 1'lllI.' I '
was filed by F .M. Norman und fire [ \ fraught wild ,
secure arms.IN /: possibilities of hardshipnnd t
which SIMK" HCGIVS: ; IN'; liltS issiH-:
repoit" was accepted. Sup -
others asking' that the board,' grant ---.- --- I sulfering to a large: part of our i'J i'JI
I'oppell' was authorized to let the DIOVT M 1'1'I IAD: 'I'III-:: 1 I .
them permission' to slightly changetho I' HONOR:' OP MISS DOIcOIHVKDWAKDS population we, will enable ( he processes .
road north j contract for the erection of the new COM'; 'iuiNcr: :: : OF' COVKRNOICSOther (; The Teleginph's new" serial story, I !
said public running : building, I of production' lo overtake the' "Nun:./ of Musi.Mountain"". : begins inliis t
from Starke and IJuiford public road -- I of consumption and will ,, ,.
process we I .p
(n," ,, .
(l.oxernoi-s; Thouulit, lie Was Interested issue Those of our'" readers" whienjoy "
The of the committee
,so as to lot'ate ,MI id change on east :\11'''. C. H. Ahenrn gave a delightful report appointed *.peed the restoration of an adequate ",
fiction ill find this. fascinating i.
I to look after the ceiling of the Ii in H. C. L. FiicM xx n ,
line of half of southwest A "II'II1" for ,
east :
quarter supper party nt Kingsley lake I'rlllIY'nillA' ing power" wages"I ",...I'Y. A liberal, Installment of ,'I,
:Sec.; :U, Tp. 5, S. U. :21 R.; continue ex', August! 2fHh in honor of her negro\ : i< hool nt Starke made its report inn particularly gratified( al the the .Mlnry, will be puhlKhi. mcli week tJ i
| .U There '
W.h'IIVltllI. Aug.
I winch | |
north on same road as now located cousin. Miss Dorothy Edwards, of was support which the' government policyhas until is .' ,
It was decided by the board for the 1 considerable interest expressed, here' it completed.We .
to Starke and Ruiford known as Gainesville. received from the representul ivesof .. f.
I boundary line between Little Springs today by Klorida people b"'III1RI'If labor, I are mailing out a large number i. :
the Buck I.al1'0(1(1.. After being dulyconsidered In the early part of the eveningsxvimming orgimi/cd and I earnestly
Special I Tax School District and that the absence. of Governor Sidney .f. of sample "eupie' "i this week. Those ., ;'
by the board upon motion was enjoyed, after which a hope, Hint the" wnrkeis j'enenillv will : 1
i of Five. :Mile to remain a>* it now Calls from the conference" of governors | tci'iving' i : them me nulled to "mid thoI'lliI ., !'
and second said change was granted bountiful pimic supper was served.After ). I f"IIhulll'ully| endoi'c the positions of t"
stands until the next election to beI now in session here relative tomeasures iniiliillnieiit of thi story., its woll \
and, further oidcred that the ch'inge: supper the young folks danced 'I their leadi'is and therebv' move with ;
I to be taken lo reduce, the! .11 I the oilier interesting fuature.s '
held' said districts.I \ many -
in old road bo discontinued as a puhlieI until a late hour to the strains of nVictrija. in the go\eminent instead, of against 1 it If... f'
j >>i rood and further ordered that the I i The board appointed the followingcommittee I high cost of living nnd to land profiteers in Hie solution of this I ., the greatestilnmestie '' of (he Telegraph" and then to ), (

L. C. Powell and K.: 1 K, l behind the bars. Several gov- send in a subscript. ion and have tho I'I'
change of said road be placed in good 1 problem."I
tills occasion '
Those who enjoyed
('1'1111whu had/ been nt meetings nt 1"11"1''i 1 them each win k. NextVear
traveling conditon without any ex"nense ' 'Misses: Audrey Johns KlmibcthIlroxvnlee : I'oppell. to look over the Knterpriscschool ; am culling foi" UK early a date : ,
\\' Salt Lake City Utah believed, it ofenough will be a campaign year and every
district, and its findings J
to the county. report I
practicable the conference in which
Florence and Jeannette Jis ,
Washington citl/.en ,
I importance to cnme to should be inlcrPKled in .\
The mules, wrtgoni anti other personal Matthews the honoree. :Miss Dorothy nt the- next regular session of the iiuthoritativc representatives, of labor ';k i
: ,
I nnd confer with the president!'! keeping up with' the political news of
proportx belonging to countyconvict I Kdwnrds: :Mr. and, :'oh'>!. Roscoe! :McLnin board. I the, department of justice I and other mnl of I those against labor, will discuss the (county stale mid nation. ,", ,

camp was, sold :Monday S"p''' :Mr. and :Mrs. Jos. F.. Wilson and The board appointed Supt. PoppellI government department* with refcr- 'the fundamental means of bettering I. '

1, In!)!!), as advertised. The amount :Mr. and :Mrs.\ C. F.. Ahenrn, :Messrs. I to investigate the needs of the such negro iiddftions 'i ence to taking Btcps to save the people the, whole relationship of en pit 111 I and LAW Tin: :M 'HOOL OPKNKD:: MONDAV I'-of' 'I
received for the above xxnSMB. -* school at Hampton and have labor he
property and whole
.Wamxvright, Levy Oanovn Pitt I from profiteering.\ putting ( question -.\riK.ND\NCi:: : : I IS LAItGKLnwtey : "I
: .,10. Also the lease for county Tomlinson. and Hurl :Middlcton. ns were necessary!'! to be made.The - ---* -- -- fif wnges upon another footing," -.-- .t<.

convicts until January 1. 1920 to tlwhilrh".t - trustees of Lnutey school I weregranted I The proposed ,'..conference officials
I the privilege' of removil1J.the\ SAI.i: OP WI \f> rl'IPMKNT:(| ; : Sept. B. Si'boot opened on ,o,
bidd< l'. T. .1. Knubb of mon JORII VN-C,\:MF.RONMr. Minted' authoritatively would be called :Monday
i The attendance .
morning. onopening \
St. Mary: was the highest bidder for I present toilets nnd in their stead to I --- sonn after the president returns al .

his hid being for $:!0 month 1 put m a set of sanitary toilets!'!, they i Since it had been decided to not uso the of from the ilay was large and m n ro-
same per : :Milton H.. .Ionian and :Miss IvaM. ', end( September speechmaking ult of (he new compulsory "d"ollllw, r
the convicts the lirndford county
to have the privilege of using the materials on I
for each conx'lethich was accepted married in tour of the west.Itanies .
: Cameron were quietly 1 I the numbers have been
II'ulld.. the road equipment increasing every
longer t
HI.:.! f i I"i .i e.' ifil, that the county I South ..TlIl'k"tIIlViIIl'lIndIlY.:; AUJl'ust:118t. in the present oneR.I any ,
i $.";.00 was. .soli' ) by public" nu'lionIollday.: flay and the management anticipates
of The board agreed to pay > per "
attorney draw contract for leasing" : in the presence of n few relatives I was found I in a very bad, ( I tilt. largest attendance In th
.The sales follows: )
month for five months to have were 11"
said county convicts. and friends among/ them being/ I muli'S ''liir Filight., Doth legs weio' broken numt'roiiH history of the school..
furnish said I T..r. Knabb. two $
L. .1. Wjnn, state live stock inspector :Mr. L. K.; Jordan, the groom's brother I school transported or : bruises, burns, and scalds. Another
school with n teacher.Upon I.. A. lluncan two mules $:i'J: <). 1 A number of tho parents wero. pros*
filed his for the month of both of from Waldo
report and :Mr. W. D. Young, engine was procured
motion it was agreed! to allow I.. \ !Moore, one wagon, $50 ent nt tho opening exercises'' Monday.
August, l'J19 showing the progress Starke. The ceremony was performed us HOI.ni as possible and the trainresumed .
Miss Olga Ward, to teach in the n.o.ndrt.u one wagon $21. ini/intng 'and appropriate' spuerhoiwere
of tick eradication in the territoryworked by I Uev. John :Mullady of Hampton. i its way to Jni'ksonville, carrying
Itrnnker school until Nov. llth, at a i l D. H. Kllilrht. one tent, $20. delivered. by the new principal.!
by him. Same examined by Hai'no along in charge of a
I salary of $:.15: per month and at that (;"0. Andreu tent fly $i!. Professor' Hidden', Rev. J. C. I DiggR j ,
board and ordered! filed. The is well and favorably physician from Gainesville.: The unfortunate
groom time .hhould she only qualify with n ( Hoy Roberts one saddle, $10. I Rev./ Aided I Kvcndcn: ,, Messrs. liarley. -
The board of county commissionerspursuant known in Starke having until recent- man was. placed it a ho pl-.
I! third grade certificate !she'! would then 1 A. 55. Adkins axes. and shovels, Terry and Godwin; tho .schooltrustee
to Section :.1, Chapter 7)20! I ly been 'In business here and his till and last ac<'ounis give a hope for ,
bark to the county the amount :?!in./! :!/). *.
Acts of 101\!)), levied one-half of one friends regret. that h" has decided pay his life.iaincsville.
I many
overpaid for n third grade certificate.The A. Z. Adkins. grind 'tone, tools, The senility of I"II.-\\I'r"( bus modait
mill nil taxable property of to leave this city nnd, go into
upon board ordered that the old Biol- 41 1 ".(.0.Geo.. ne" ,"isMiy: tn i all on local talent loa
r.rndfonl county for the purpose of business in Sanford. His bride, (: Sept. :a. Considerableexcitement
ling sthonlhouse he dismantled I and : Burney, wrench H5 cents.I >sist. Tin. faculty on the opening.
suppl.ximr funds! to carry said! bill into though having mad" Jacksonville herhome was "lIu".lln the eily car
teiT med, tn new site just 'purchased I K.; Knight! ctoss cut saw $2. day wiii JIM follows: Profs. Seldon
nf late, fOl"ln..rIin'! in Starkexnhcre ly this morning when word reached
'ffl..t.Upon Tin, IK..ird ni'recd In refund Till |p' lni "I I{ Iv'uxve, xx ash P"t lit:! HO, ( 'hll>!. Sapp :Miss. Harbour, Mrs Pearl.linn's
motion anII"oll.1, O. W. Cuswell she popular on account here that nn accident had occurred Inthe .
very .
f 'hi' taxi-- paid out on LittleVjijinr T .1 Kniibb. i )lolhing, l.ri. Mrs,' Louis Hill, and 'Rev. Alfieil ,
a ulturnl ngent for Bradford, nf her many graces of mind anil heaitThe S. A. L. passenger' "'aillIt Millard
-. hu"l) piopiity throuirli ..i'il 1"d.< wen. paid in' i ,ish and Kvenden.: Mr., lOvenden; withdrew'
county xx'as authorised to rent a room Telegraph join- the many friendsof onirlit Ibe i mini v :*<<" l 1'1 I I'') station about two miles south al the ilme of I the first day, I1nJinhi".lf
"re ITin
for hi* office, not to cxiecd $:i per :Mr. and :'olr><. .Ionian in wishing. I of this city and that medical aid wasneeded.
unable' to do
Imaid, ".nlei. thut tip ".I I IM "physically justice
month and to purchase typewriterfor them a happy journey through, life'GOVERNMENT :Many ,pci or" rushed in theirtars '
a .
.' .1 I' I to the work in addition
to his
..e-h''i'id' -i h",1, 1 iti lrmlford! in'I \ H n n" in"i i l Ip to other

his. office Kent and typewriter to A I I", "i. -' ibhshedPACKERS' '' I' i ,],,0\!\<, i' --lIt i,, ), 'i ,'' t<. the scene at once to r.'nIt'rIUlY responsibilities., Miss i!'! Kva; Futch
be paid for by the county. ; : : : RI:>; r.MiS: : ( OVIIJOL help that was needed., However is now 'acting us supply.PINK .

Hoard adjourned until the first or IIIF" '; :srn.\u: PRICKS! ;" -- upon arriving on the scene it was .

:Monday in October. 191!D.) - found that the following had, caused : : HILLPine

- -- -. __ - |I Active control of sugar pi'ices hai the message to be sent in :

AUMOtlR PREDICTS ItlC; DROP been resunvd by the government,,: AND SUGAR The blowing oftho
IN 1'111Imll; COST: OK LIVING: ; through sn agreement reached be. )Seaboard; locomotive No. 1 lOll.I which ler spent lust week with her sister,

I I txveen the department of justice and: was pulling train No. :'JO, Cellar; Keys i :\1 r". :M. C. 'IJinholiler.A. .

Homer Lays Trouble to l-'ixid Speculators the food administration, that licen-es HOARDERSTO BE TRIED to .Jacksonville, resulted in Fireman, II. Surr..rIl'Yall in Hrooker on

W ho Hold Huge Stocks' will be revoked by the latter when it Arch linriiPH, colored, of Waldo. bemfi:. Thursday afternoon.

I :is shown dealers have been profiteer- hurled about :HO\ feet from the engine Alvin demons was in Itrooker on

St. Paul, :Minn., Sept. 2-"The crest!'! "' I -,--- through the l.rlllll'h"\1 of n cypresitree I Saturday! afternoon.Mrs. .

in the high: cost. of living has been Sugar should reach the consumer!'! at : Chicago" Sept. 'i. The big drivenguinst nnd fulling, horribly) burned 1 and!1 Bryant Shaw and daughter/ I

reached, prices.. haxe already started approximately 11 cents a pound, it food hoarding and profiteering NEGRO THROWN with both legs Ir"k.'n, in the rear :Muinle' of Brooker, passed through

downward and will continue. Th' was announced, based on the ownership yard ofI store at :Millard station; at this seition Saturday enrquta ti LukaHutler.
here today with th eon >
drop later will he considerable" said ,,(.lhe .entire domestic and Cuban :: : : l:i o'dtifk. Fireman liarnes was I .
of the grand jury
Armour the Chicago packer in an interview crop Py the United States sugar veiling FORTY FEET shoveling coal into the firebox!: when I ,e .
District Attorney
States '
which United !!
here this afternoon.Warehouses I equalization, board, which i is selling to :t, Charles Clyne) will present the the accident took placeand this nddi, I, DK.VIII; OP :MRS. LAMPPMrs. :

1 refiners at 7.2S cents a pound. nil the mure to the miruciilousriess olF.nginepr

in Northern European Refiners are under contract with the evidence! he has obtained during' the AH the Cedar KI'> tiairi,, going Wednesday .\.1-0.... ,W. ."n'........,.......... .".". 'On....n... ..I..th.. ...... Ollic died her reslilfiict .
less past three weeks. against the five big north was!'! Hearing Gaim'
Ports Overflowing board to .sell at 9 cents wholesalersnnd .2 per I packers, the sugar men and others.Subpoenas morning, and ,the fireman,, : : I. George: of Waldo, wo ill Tampa last. Thursday. Iofure -

Paris, Sept. 1,-A distressing. era cert discount for cash!'! maximum !'! have been issued for the known as Arch Harnc*, ,.nli.rnj WUHhoveling uninjured' he hearing the singling her marriagu she was Miss Guth.

of speculation in foodstuffs in thf jobbers are allowed a I complete. records of all the packing ,- coal into the. firebox' of thanjrine noi' o! of the bailer crown which to rie, and some years ago !she'! lived near

United, States: ami throughout the, of cents per 100 pound for handling:; I companies!'! in 10 big cities .und Attorney the crown sheet lI'away.. his trained' I ,'ar. was< a warning and Starke, !She: made many friend* hero

world l is largely responsible, for hicrfc and retailers are permitted a profit rne| hopes to trace the profitswhich The released!,! steam' blew. hot if,"I. soot he sprang: from tho cab window callin who regret her departure. The doi .

food ,..,..t". in the opinion of Herbert of 1 to 1 1 -2 cents per pound, making; ,I the government alleges were .ind ashes through the liredoors. with ir to the fireman to follow. The a"- casffl!'! was a sister nt :Mrs. S.' P. Mor.gan .

Hoover Wharves and warehouses!'! ill., a fair price of 11 cents!'!, except at incases concealed as well as evidence of market a deafening roar, and the unlucky i ident was too quick, however, and of this se,'tmn, who was. called, ]

northern European ports ari> overflowmg where dealers have purchased misunderstanding I manipulation through which it is fireman just in the act of throwing In the full\ force of the explosion caught Ui her bed--.idf and' was with her day

with foodstuffs, principally meats,, nn unreasonobl" price due When to this .I believed the cattle and allied industries a shovelful of coal was caught th,. fireman. und, night ti-nderl.v, nursing her. The

fats and dairy products, sent, by merchants : in the trade. have bcjn kept in the grip of the -'luarely' by the blast, hurled over tho The burn ho received are the most deceased is survived, by an 8-monthi

all over the world. These, merchants i is a fact a reasonable advance over packers. tender and against a sycamore tree dangerous! injuries of Oar ties, his oltl son, father four sisters and thrcabrothers.

had gambled on !sales!'! to Hot' the actual cost will _be permitted. The five sugar dealers, now under about forty yards away. The engineer fructurcH being of a simple sort, it isstated. .

land C/echo-Slovaka the Raltic: and!I # I Tho forc that .-_ .
arrest for alleged violations of the John George, was unhurt, but < was so great -
German states at high price at a depreciated ., Mr. and :Mrs J. L. Peek are spending thai Fond Act, will be among the first cases covered with soot. The train was going the better part of his trousers. wore I Miss' :MniiMcrite. Shrlver of Brooker *

j local currency rate and the, a while at tho Cook cottage on :, brought before the grand Jury.Read at a good clip but he stopped It torn from his body a* well nt the and l I..its. Gertruifa McLnin of

supplies are in danger of spoiling a'I i north sHe of Kinenley lake. They : as soon as possible{ an'l he and the sleeves! of his shirt. Ho was suffering Douglass, Ga., were guests of Mrs.
the central European market for footJtut's I 1 have as a guest Mrs. Peek's of "Nan. other trainmen ran back to learn the liar, rowing, rain "hen the jhYIClanJ! J, R. Davis at Kingsley hit* far a
the chapters
Palm opening {
is limited to the ability of th''I i .Miss Beach.! Ruth Otwell, of West i iI of :Music :Mountain" In this iisue. fate of the Bremen. erriveiJ at his Uo. I few days thin week.

people to buy on credit. I



. . '" " i1 ... e It. .... ..,

(/...'\' ... ... ""..-...._.. 1iII...... . ..\ .
........,.... '" ;:." I :..." ':..... .





o { . _
--- -- -- -
--- ---- -
-- -
o J III .i

1 4 gee dogmatically : "If I thought they I reached the hips of her ptnnll high little nhen-l. Of those, the middle, I flgery nnd lawlessness, as the er, II

would. I wouldn't -,'nd you down ton riding/: hittti", She wore u noffFrenchgray horseman. wus a "P| .i in- roan of frunkly conventionally olrl'tpil. thut oli", .' d
; I, there. e.\\'loy hut. Her eyes I, disreputable ulr. His face wns druwn : when the first rush teats fluid f ,r .:,.
: NAN of "Thtiuk )'0"." I noticeably prottv, wandered, about the*S up Into a ono-slded... smile. Salt Mor I Thief Hlvcr gold llelds.Ktlslness .

i I "You are young ambitious-four platform rolloctlng III their unrest th(a gan's smile wus habitual\ anti 1 lessoned I Is 1"11 I In this cotmtn; ur

thousand u year 1.II't banging from every I dissatisfied expression. of her faro. ),. I his stern iispeet. Ai I his right rode his. bUHln'HI must halt everywln,. "b ,
telegraph' / ./ pole. It Is almost twice talkntlvi wiiinnn standing Just In fronl t I cousin Duke Moi-m.; older shorter Its means of l'omllltll..ltl'I' nI :

what they url pa.slng me." of Do Spain, told a companion that the" and stouter Ills square' !heavy-Jawed( I the Music country i- .

; MUSIC MOUNTAIN I "You're not getting, hot at." man wus hue :Morgan a nephew olSntterlee r smooth.shaven fine tIllS lighted;: by rests 01 the fucllltles of a stai.I .-. e.

i : : I "No man Henry knows the hour of >, lnzle.it of the Morgan. DSpnln I hard keen eyes' nnd finished, by an uncompromising I l1hl' bullion wagons still ira '.? _'
: 1,1, I his death. No man hi tile high country at once recognl/od( In the dune chin. I 'Hike WitS the real roiids. Tliey look for il I..n to

i knows when/ he Is to be made a Ing partner the little Music Mountalo I I bead of the .clau of which there wore I their uruied horsemen ; the fOI' i :ij(

4 I1Y Frdnk 11. Spedrmdl\- I tu rg.t-t thut you well understand. Men girl who hud been his undoing at thEta I I numerous brunches... In the Superstition( Klx-horse stages look to the /: 't,,'4 t
, 4:1' I are shot down In this country that rltl.t. mountains, till! looking with friendliness guard the wayfarer must look \i.. Us|

i have no more Idea of getting killed The energetic piano thumped thE I or enmity to the Morgans of Morgun's horse-and It should be a good ....: ,
1'1 J Author \Mii5perh9! SmitK. than I hove-or you hove"" strains of a two-step. Gale Morgan I I gllp.I the mountain rancher to his rllle.\'h
_. ....
**** *v .1* Wti ,
:. I "Don't Include me. I have a pretty extended Ills arm toward Nun ; she I I The yellow-haired man riding on theleft thief to the moonless night :the

i;;, H I CHAPTER I I. at each other Instead of against each I good Idea of 1C1'tt0kUled! / right I looked very slight ut bin side. Then,', with a red fuce and red-lidded, cute to his wits, the gunman tu hit
t : t I -- other YOII'd1I1't'/ got bull's-eyes to away-the minute 1 tuke this job." squinting eyes showed none of the holster; these Include practlca: tithe I

.. [I I f Frontier Day. burn from I'e Spuln. And the Culubusus "We have temporized< with this Caln- i I blood of his companions.' Hut David people thut travel the S'n| -s .

l? .i Lefever Hut sldewlso, on the edge/ crowd wouldn't have your bases outfit long enough" declared Jef Sassoon, the Calubiisas gnmbler. quondam -I sinks except the Morgans and tie M i r.

:I Cf the tuble." His subdued% whistle' TflOJh*' John, I If jou want to win fries dropping his, mask at last. "Deaf' I cowboy anti chronic brawler, Ition ;. The Mormons looked t.. >'?

: : which Heemed" meditative t I Irritated t t Do money, you must study the psycholog Snndusky, Logan and that squint-eyed : stood In some( ) WaY close to the different Morgans for safety ; the Jlorg. ,j. ;t I
JI. . Kpaln nioro or less despite his eiitlenvor lea I."" I thief Dave Sussooii-ull hold-up men Moreans.\ !: and was reputed to have themselves. ,

:j I. not to be Irritated' It was like There was ubunilanre, of raillery In every one of them! Henry I'm putting I --- I. I got eiuh of them. ul t different times, I'or many a year the Margin I .,ve

;. '' the low singing of u teakettle" I which Lefever's rl'l ort : 'Hint's why you are you In on that Job because you've f7- J "ti C out of more than troublesome uf- I been almost oVlrlordl of tin. u. 't(
I : howe\i.z. unobtrusive.. Indicates I steam rlcli. Jeff?" got 'nerve, because jou cnn hhoot be- fr'S\ I !dSr )).J '%..4itnyrA fair, either i by "llO''r! i force of urms or I Mountain cllolry. They \u. ,0 I.I i I. ,

1! j? j i within. In fad John. Lefever" who "No JIlin poor' because" 1 failed to cnusc I don't think they cnn get you'- through! his rest ill I".eful I cllnnillg.I I laid claim to, nn extended, ti i'nittho '
11f. ''was built not unlike a kittle. aevirwhistled Btudy h. That Is why I am at Sleepy and paving you u hilling big salary to I These men were followed by n younger mountains I II Spanish gruntl i i i 1 j

I J. except. when there was Homo Cut holding, down it division. Hut straighten things out nlong/ the, /Spanish ". s4rcA 1 man riding with a very )"oungoUl' gun's opens soalli. I of MIIM>' , :'
I ''f pressure on hIM sensibilities.The . now that you've brought Henry up Sinks. Do >'oii know Henrj' an. De Spuln' knew' none of the front- tuln 1111, than tel miles west nt Ibastis. c ,
1 ir
;," I warm sun came streaming! here, we'll keep him.luit ." Jeffries I leaned forward und low'end rank men, but, he knew wl'l Nan Morgan It Is u IIUITOW valley. ul I I", ,
;:( through thu windows. of the piUaUi' of- "\\' do you mean, keep him?" his. tone. :Muster: of the art of persuading und her dllll,111 I i liii Ft tier. Guh-'s vulloys are more pieelous than , r I
It, Jlce. of the division supcrlnten'Vnt! nt demanded Lefever starting I In protest."I I and) convincing l !( :. of hammering( mid! face lighted us he set eyes on DP Spain' -for the mountain valley Situ", .M I. I i iter

-. : ::' I Sleepy Cat t, u railroad j I I town Ijlng; (almost mean I need him. I mean' the pounding of swaying I : I the doubting and. I ( and I.I spoke, quickly to Nun : "There's -und this In n t'ueuutl'y'htt t n ,\ ,.'
: 'I I$ within gunshot of tho I great continental time to shoot a bear I Is when you soo dl..ltllntI.le/ unll,'<'lib, "d', the strong < d your handsome Medicine head gun- is much more than Ilii, .t' :
J i divide.. p,. Spain' I tilted I I back him. John whut Mud 1 of 11 fellow IsDe mountain man looked his best as he ..- ,, Ilr'eoll .- .
II{ umu some 01 IH'M > iuii I' I :'l In the! superintendent's 1 I chair I sat lieurLefever ( Spain I ?" demanded.. I the superintendent held. the younger" limn under Ills spell L' : i1 i\ Nun; glancing toward Do Spuln foot of Music tie mountain, o 111 was th. L. ." '

I S I I'', -Jeffries 111111 the mountain( division us If he had nevi'r heard of him. "I IC) you know In- r"Ipllted.1 KII-III..t \ seemed lI\ure that he heard. She ternul Inheritance of Nan MorllIl.I .

1 then(-his feet crossed on the Lefe\or, regaidlng Jeffries" keenly thut Morgan's: Gap( bunch/ are really !behind : looked away. De $Spain' tightened up | At Cnlubiisus the Thief River
I ;
t walnut rim uf the shabby' ( clothtoptll'd I exclaimed I with emphasis t : "'\hylt I you( l und beneath n lot of this devil : with a rage. The blood rushed. to hIs line maintains l ,
L' "IIII.tely eipi.i) I : .1
'; tuble. Ills bin lay* Oil his soft, want him I short 111111hllrp I lie's u man try around Culnbusas? You take Gala fuce, the SlIrl'IISI SI ruck In. If the relay barns They tire over
.f "_ open collar and tI... /his sunburnt% IIp with a soft eye uml/ a tump-turtle Jaw. :\lurlulI-\\'hy., lie trains with J>nveSussoon blrthmuik could have deepened with from Cut but twmtymiles :,
Sleepy lifty
were shut tight und( his nervous brown a man of close squeaks and Mhort-urm ; take his uncle Jukeu,,- humiliation It would, have done so ut the other Thief river.11'lrly
eyes wire Blaring at the dull finish allots. always getting I Into trouble always soon( never Is In trouble but what the Instant of the cold Inspection of way fl'll AI.Uexcept ,.
few shucks, there 1
: barrel of a new rllle, that lay across getting out : II man hut can Duke will help him out." Jeffries exploded -; .', s the 1(11'1'1 pretty ejes. Gale calling between a Calubasns, Thief rlvi! l..thll.i. uu, <
Lf'f..yt'r'lIIIP./ At Intervals Lcfevertooktho vvhvudlo more out of a horse than nny- with a slight !but forcible exple ahead to the others Invited their attention mountains sunshine >
the except iiuOulkall. I.
rifle anti whistling. softly, tive.Vas there ever a thief or a to the the street '
up man on cor '
I say nothing meaning espi 'u' I'I'Iy
robber driven Ilitolorltlln's that
examined with euro u fracture of the gap nero De Spain only stood still, re
,".'_,'* Mn.l. a .tint\\\r nil .altottof. Ulft\...... .- nothing In the way of a buuitin hut,'.
;Clever, the broken thuinbplece of which .u.. .... 0.*...f.*...... .., .n..... .. .u 11"/1"1100/ i an Insolently
turnilltllr tutlon.I .
lay on the table between the two some of the :Morgans. ? I believe 1IJ1.'yare 1 could Lt'ti:, face faithfully I<
men. She, Too Was Browned by the Mountain as .11'I'e ivies I The Culubusns Inn stood In oo..tIhe !
From the Main street side of the In I.'vl'ry:011I1' pulled on the Thief Sun and Air. I I photographed' und, filed In his .
' I loneliest canyons of thehole \ [
large room came the hooting anti l clnt- river stages. memory! und his sloudy guze followed
I of Frontier "As bud as that?" I responding with n sort of fiery Impatience I enty miles between Sleepy (ltud "
terlng, a day celebration tht'1 they down the hill anticlattert'tl 1 1I
rot Thief river It looked In Its ,
I Jeffries turned to his desk. "Ask ; depletion (
i and these noises seemed not to allay to her partner's guiding she jauntily out on the swuylng .
I to be what It somber, '
was a mysti r k
I the discomfort apparent' on the faces Lufever. caught the rapid step of the music I, suspension bridge that still crosses the
t 1 ,. ,of the two invnT De Spain hud a long talk with John. and together the two swept down the Hot river at Grant street, and con ous, sun wind and ulkalt-beuten pile
I I "Hung It, John" blurted out De Rut John was a poor adviser. He IItIvII'ed floor. The spectators soon showed nects the vthohsouth, country-the around which was 1 ruin like tlu>".>

: :Spain peevishly, "" hilt possessed you no one on lIllY subject. He whistled their admiration of the dancing with I Spanish slnl. the Thief RIver goldfields pretentious deserted, structures sum
:; to send for me to do the shouting, anyway he hummed u tune. lie extendedhis unrestrained hundclupplng, and followed !- SIIW.t..I h.'d Superstitionrange times seen In frontier towns-relic* "i'
I ?" arm, at times, suddenly, us If on with approving outcries. Every 1 gap, und Music mountain the wide-open days.., which stand lift, r
't the brink of assertion. lie 10rgon'l ward stark und somber to Kcr\e itbats' -
Ills companion answered l'IltlyLefevl'r' a positive iwuylng step every agile turn proved wI Sleepy Cut und the railroad.
[ patience was noted even decided nothing und asserted nothing bow sure ;Nan was of herself and how De Spain, walking down Grant nests or blind pigs. The Inn at .
But the and their I looked Its part-a haunt of t.
'among contained 1II"n-"U..nryo" he FeI concerning Morgans perfectly her body answered to every street watched, the party disappear ClllllbllSUI '
I ? ''monslrated "I sent for you because I friends he did abandon his habitual exaction of the quick movement of the I among the bills ll..rn"l the river. The rustlers a haven of nameless men
i thought you could shoot. reticence. "Hustlers thieves robbers, :Jance. Gale Morgan seemed the merest encounter hud stirred him. lie already refuge of roud-agents.

, , $ De Spain's expression did not change/ coiners outlaws! he exclaimed energetically. attendant for his partner who with I hated the Morgans, at least except The very first time De Spain madean

' :under the reproach. His: features were quickened pulses, gave herself up more the blue-eyed girl, mind she. al was not Inspection trip over the stage line
i '1110 regular as to contribute to this undisturbed "Is this because they got your money and more to the lively: call of the difficult to divine from her expression I ulth Lefever he was conscious of the

lI expression, and his face' today, John" asked De Spain. music. was, at least, disdainful of her morning sinister air of this lonely building./ He
I I would not ordinarily attract ott..nllon'f "Never> mind my money. I've got a Once the two swung away out, near and Lefever hud ridden down from tbe

J f ( but for his extremely: bright and Illl fit '' new job with nothing to do, and plenty to De Spain's corner As Nun whirled o. Reaching rival the station platform while born while their horses were being

. eyes-the frequent murk of an out-of- Lw\- of cnsh." by De Spain either with the Infection still busy with hlo thoughts De Spuln cbllolel. to look ut the place LIe
I, r door mountain life-und especially for De Spain asked I what the Job was. of the music or from her neur- encountered und Lefever. Spain wanted to look over tl'r3.thlngcoon..ctetl

I i I n rod blrlhmurk, low on his left cheek "On the stages" announced Lefever ness to him caught his breath. Ills, ".Jetrl"H. I'l JI'lrl"1 take that Thief River In any way, however remotely -

- t disappearing under the turn of the jaw. '"I am now general superintendent of yes riveted.! themselves on her Hushed stage job, announced' De Spuln' bluntly.'bat's with the operation of tils vug'i-'"
'. It WIllS merely. slru\\J the Thief Itlver Ilrl..." i ii face as she of his 'I' und joint, Lefever had ) Imo
f r n >erry, so culled I IlIllI"I'.I-obllvluus the tlil tol
,... . .. reason that fellow .. ... _
I CCh..e "n..a .t .
.. .
..... ... .n..n. - '-- - --- -..
and after knowing him "V' .n. -linu ne reclined V.0' I "0" UI..
\ one forgot presence now in me changed his mind? ,demanded Jeffries, "'' H.I" ..
r' 'about tho birthmark In the man hat "Some Shooting!" Commented Jeffries. i i "It means" that I mil to be your ,usststnnt. morning she had! handled her rifle In when Lefever Joined. him Inter In his were not Infrequently robbed of II' ,
: curried It. Lefever's reproach was the slime, quIck Mire way. De Spain I office. money. I was here that one of th 'r

. I L naturally .provocative. "I hope now" body but un Indian coax more .shots "I'm not going to take that job, could not dance ut all ; but no one "Don't usk .." frowned Lefever own men Bill :\\lcCort).. 'I"",

'1 1i retorted Do Spain, but without, uny out of u gun than anybody else can [John." could successfully accuse him of not perplexed. "Don't I. nsk me. Henry Is "scrntihed a man's neck with, :

, Dhow of resentment, ")'ou understand put I Into I It -If you vMiat him Hut thllt'llJlI'nry. Lefever took off his hut and twirled 1 knowing how to handle any sort of ai'1Il. | odd In somo '". You can't tell knltl'\\hleh. ISI11 explalnl't. lie Ju"'
I cnn't." It skillfully on one hand, humming It WI "happened"' to hn\e f. '
us 1 sIze him. wan only now forgave her i what's going on Inside that fellow's
$ "No." persisted Lefever Jeffries softly the lilI."I '. unasked the humiliation cheating nt cards. Lefever poliiu. m. .:
'IU good-na: resumed Ills mildest tone : she hud put head by looking (ut the outside of It."
I turedly. "1 only reall/.e Henrj, thut "Tell him to come In u minute, John..' believe jou'd better change jour ou hiitt He felt un Impulse to go up Jeffries grunted coldly at this bit ofwisdom. the unlucky gambler's grave as he aDe '"
.1 \ this wnsn't your day for I the Job." De Spain himself I expressed contemptuous mind. Henry and stay with us." to her-now that she hud stopPI',15nnclngonl )'nu what I should Spain rode Into the canyon townn,

"II 'I Tho door of the outer( office opened Impatience when, Lefever1, "No" returned De Spuln meditatively ) congratulate her honest- think-If "J1 tl'l to think : Henry de the inn

,and Jeffries. I the superintendent, told him I the superintendent ''''unted "I'm not going to stnjI've ':y, Instead of boorishly us he bad done Spain has never found out rightly who, Not a slg i of any sort was dl ploel.
1, 11 ; [ I, walked Into t the room ; he had,I Just como him to go to work ut Sleepy Cut He 'had glory. enough out of this town for tt the match was for the death of his about the habitation No man xva' Invited -
.from Medicine. Item.! In his car. Thu declared be had always tinted the n "hll, He picked up his hut, poked But while he thought of this the two father I He expects to do It, sometime to enter, r.o man warned to ke.-r

d I' ; ./ two men rose. to /greet hi Ill. He uskeil. town raised. one I lection nfter another the crown discontentedly, nnd. rising lancers disappeared' und u new and ; und some of those out none was anywhere In sight The
III : i t about the noise In (the street. to Il'llllIh..Il'lno. llond nnd Jef/ with n loss. of amiability In his features rougher, purty crowded out cn the floor. lurgllll' lonj on 111:1 the 1'cuce river above Rom stage men dismounted threw th If

i t, "Thnt noise( William comes from till fries finally summoned( n how, of I Impntlence. and mnnner, walked out of the Now, Isn't that a pretty bunch !I" his Ivld ranch." lines, pushed open the front door of

/I Calabasas and ull I Morgan's t I /gap. ," explained room. txclitlmed the talkative woman again. the house anti entered, a room "f> I"'r-
I 1
!, : ) I.ofevor, still fondling tho "Vou are looking I for promotion, The lute sun wus "Ir'umlndown/ 'That's the Culubustis gang. Look lit CHAPTER III. i imps' sixteen by twenty feet. A loinf
,\ : ri lit'. "The Morgans ure celebrating. aren't you?" he demanded threaten the full length of Main street. The Sundusky, that big fellow, with the high bar stretched across the farther

\ 11 our ileft-iit. They put It till over 11>1. ingly. I street was still filled, with loiterer* -rooked jaw. And\ I Harvey Logan, with The Spanish Sinks Hide of the room. The left end. us lhe

\\' wore chullengid josterdny. ," hocontinued "Y l'S, but not for motion without I I lie \\ ho had spent the day nt i the fair, 1111(1lingered 1'4 black hair plastered. over his eyes.Vliy In two extended, groups, separated faced the bur, wus brought around t

I : [ I In response to I the nhru|>t.questions 'pro,' objected De :Spain.; "I want to now In town In till''IIlIe/ hope \ for one drink those two fellows by a narrow hut tt''l l-deiine'el break u escape a small window opening on I

I t J of Jeltrles., "The :ti.tt'giltkl stick to the railroad litisi ut'C. Vou of seeing a brawl or a fight before would turn loose on this crowd und kill magnificent rampart. named by court or patio to the renr of the 1'' 'I.i
[offered. to shoot us offhand t\\a himdred want to get me Into the stage business. 111111.1<)\\ roisterers" from the Spanish. hiilf a dozen. And there's, two of Duke'lot'gan's lards the Superstition pun-. Hack of the bur 1".lt. about mld *

I J | jards.,i bull's-eje I t'otitl t. I thoughtwe / ." Sinks, und gunmen und gamblers from % / 1'lwI"1Ilth them, boozing bp'old I the horizon to the 04.Strptc'iie's a low door In the bare \ul )gave ,

; ,' could t trim, them I by running I In a "Temporurlly yes. nut I've told Culabasfis:Morgans und! Morgan's, gap. The )hl I Hull 1'ti go, and l t that squint-eyed Susioon :: south along the vast depression known trance to a rear room. Aside. fr, ,
I I 'real gunmiui so I wired to '11.llIl'Ino you when you come Imck to the division thonisdM's and their following -he's worse than the others, that as the Spanish sinks The break this the room presented nothing 1

, ; f ,Hend, I for. Henry. I Henry comes'' up lust proper' you come us my assist-. were out to the lust retainer. fellow-n fino bunch to allow In this j I: ('1"t'rl side I of the chain I comes tithe walls Two windows Ilnnklnl the fr ,
I. >nlght: with n brand.new ri lie. This Is I IV nut I If jou make good running, I tha i :ow'n." I[ about twenty n-iles southwest of door helped to light It. not n I -

I the. gun. The lever." he lidded. with n Thief Itlver Htuges. Think of the sul-! CHAPTER II. i I It hud become second nature to De I' Sleepy Cut, nnd Is marked on I the ror, picture, chair table, bottle .'

I ,irutlent .XI'.I1"hrokl'' Henry got n ry." I Spain to note e\tu Insignificant de- north by the most striking, und In glnss wits to be ",'I'n. De Spain i' .
j to shooting too (tutt." "I have no Immediate heirs." De Spain Changes His Mind. some ered every feature of the Interior n'
I I :lulls c..I1..rnln11I"11.. and he took onuterost rl''I'IH most majestic peuk In
"Thut v.nsn't what bout me," exclaimed "This Is not u matter for joking, D,, Iteforo De Spnln bad wnlked! fur he In und renmrkvd how very low I the rungo Music mountain' ; the break glance. "Quiet around here, John" h-

j, Do Spnln curtly. And' taking Spain." I heard music from the open-air dnnclng [Logan curried his gun In front of Ill..lf has taken the name of Its earliest remarked casually
1 ,I ,iun the offending rllle, he wnlked out "I know that too. How many men pavilion In Grant street. Stirred by an lip. Sanduskj-'s holster was ,II "This Is the quietest place In tl.'
.1: icf the room."What have been shot on the stages In the! Idle curiosity. he turned the corner ilghor and farther back on the b18// Rocky mountains most of the time. P.: '

,J J ..... : ..do:\you _think.. :.. William! ?" Loi last....six! mouths?" ,I nnd stopped to watch the crowded. [Lntrun_. wore n tan shirt____ _iiml____ n.khnlcl._.__. ____. I t tI when It Is noisy, believe me. I >4
j *"v* fi iiiiisit-\4 111* A utr iiivi feii na i tin I v> ny now anti again tne stages! i couples whirling up und down tin lusky, contloss was dressed In a white noisy. Look at the bullet holes the
In a girl to shoot against. us-Nun lire held up, yes" admitted. JelTrles raised platform under paper lanterns .ihlrt with a red tie anti wore A soiled ------w f'kc wnlls."
I ]I 1II..r/nll.ohl:: / Duke. Morgan's little! brusquely : "thnt Is to be expected. anti red streamers to the music of: on Igured ViiilHtcout fastened ut the hotou "The old story," remarked De Spnla

[And I never before In my life Ilh..j where the! specie shipments are large. automatic plnno. He took his. place In : > by a cut-glass button. Inqptcllllllb mlld-mnnnered) Interol

Henry so fussed.. The lit tie The Thief River mines are rotten with a fringe! of onlookers that filled the The Sleepy! Cat gossip commented on punctured plastering, "they atfffi
Maintain skirt simply put It all\ over I gold Just 'now., Hut you don't have to -Idownlk. Hut he wns thinking as he much these shoot high."
sow money men had been
I llnJ. She lied five bull's-eyes to Hen drive a elllJ;: '. \\t supply' you with stood.I. not of thi, nolsterous, dancing! or ipendlng all day She wondered aloud I He wnlked over to the left end of the
I ry's I three when tho lever snapped. Hoforfeited. : good, men tot that and, good guardsmen the clumsy dam.ers. (nut of the broken reckless apparently of consequences, bar noting the hard usage! shown hy
f ." willing to take any kind of a lever und tho defeat at the fairgrounds.It the ornate aud
I "
ho had been robbed
S lately to mlllolClny. 1)rln.111
% Ii "$ottt" shooting.) commented Jeffrie chance If the paj' Is right. And tin- still rankled In his mind. While he ride It. Her companion scolded, pro-her his hlnd.. "hII' open, palms down -I

t I *, rapidly ...1J'lIlnIt'lter.; / ... I pay Is right. nnd. jours. us general man ,; stood thinking I tlu- music censed.. 'or stirring up talk that might make the face of It. Ilnn"I1 nt the low In.

r "We eIlJll'l'h'IIII""II' when I Henry I tin- ager. will be right." j A man, who appeared, to !be III ani :rouble ; averred she didn't believe dow on his left opening on the graveled
, : ailing Ids gun" Li.fever went on \fllh- I II 'J have never as jet generally managed i tb.rIl3''lIlklll! to the center of the alt the gtorle.s abs heard ; asserted putio. He peered, In the ss' I idurkness i-
I j I Out respecting' ( Jeffries' Jlrt'tlc'IIIUI aOl' Ntiige. line," remarked D> dancing floor made an announcement :hat these' men lived quietly ut Calausas r j''j at the buttered door bl'ht'!
p .1 I "As It Is those" i..I1.hu'o ,' "'" ,'.U"Il'j Spain'I puking ridicule I (at the title I "no that Do Spain failed to (catch and ) IIIln.llntllI'lr own alTalrs. "And It' r- th' ha r.

; 'f every dollar loose In Sleepy' Cut matter how modest un outfit."" I looked toward n Joung couple statue they're kind to poor folks too." "Suro" 'ii"I' ")'nI'Y." observed Li'fever. "If ,'u '

I J th..n1m.... Moncv ? They could Marta I "\ on will never .lenrn jounger.' We ,1 lag In nn attitude of waiting at the rlmuced the obdurate one, ""lth other are looking for a drink. It would ''f' )
i hunk this. minute."' I must have II man to run that line I that heud, of the hull. be '
I )eople'. ill,lnt'y.. )'j fnlr. as wel as politic, to car: :'" <
C Sounds, (>f I'I'v'lrlnHnu.1 to pour cun curb I the disorders. along I I the route. j All eyes being turned their way Delnin's De Spain discontented Mexican" .f
turning II
I In the Cnlnlmsus De | attention, us \\'1'1111" drawn
1' through street window. The valley Spuln, Is n bad ignln Into Main: street continued on to De Spain, turning looked i iarouii'l ,
ilorfuns. were celebrating uncommoiily. jduce." txvvnrd them The man wns powerfulIn I the wtul'I in '
e the Thief River Dtnge burn. After look- room olaln. "You '
J'I . "Itublilng{ It In eh, John?". suggested "Is It?" Do :Spuln; nikcd 1 n< naively I Mature, and rather too neuvy out ng the horses over und Inspecting the I thnk." he said slowly "from looklni: :,:
I Jefl'rles."Think as It ne hint, never henrd ot Cnlabusnsthough straight as nn Indian. His small reddish with I place there was road-agent *
i ftugons a new but mild curiosity 1 Wtt.
. of It." gasped Lefever. "to I .IclTrles \s his nervlly stating a Cite wns tnnneil hy the sun and awakened by Jeffries' proposal. Do In a thousnnd miles..
fact bald notorious to both | wind I und, from the no lit I st'sti', nut down
te> beaten IyiLII ht""II..ur'1' girl. : thUd Spain walked buck toward the elation I "Ton wOllln't think from rl'lm
I "Now that" declured. J..rrrh'lIk.- "lii-re are n lot ot rind men there, j to the smiill. nlgn heeled and spurred lie hud virtually decided not to take Ii through the Superstition nionn' i "*

, I log up as if for the first time Inter : J..n'rl.'t'lIl on "" ho are fail .olmplj j boots, he wore the distinctive cowboyrig .he job. :Medicine IteriM was his home i there tease 1 lion within a th. .,-

I I fstod. "Is exactly here you made jourlulstuke because they've never hud 11 man to I ot the mountains. l>e :Spain: lie knew every man woman and child miles. I've hunted th..1 for el-". .'
t. John. A gunman shoots (lie show them." I j seemed to recall hat( this particular a the town. I'.efore the tragic' death I 1- years and I never aw one best when I there's' somebody shooting. I '"lhe last 'general mnnnper fellow (mid! crowed the loudest'. when For Many a Year the Margin the f""
r ) was ,f his father his mother had lived Have drove Vm cut : but
at him. That's why you shoot well-- killed th'n"'II II'I he?" he t.linsiMt forfeited, ine "11I',,lIng-lIIatdl there. and De :Spain: had grown up In I Been Overlords of the Music Moun- eleven .' "they saw me. If WI
earlier In the .
I ',) because you're a gunman and nut a "Not In the villi)', (no. I He was -hot day.Itiit he town and gone to school there. lie tain Country. haven't been seen coming In tori, fcT
Of :
; marksman." at ('ii lit sits itin"qilel Spain unuminble us be nowwas. fan u railroad man anyway modest I white and some of thIs Cntnhnsns bunch. 1 i'J*
looked with Is
J "That boy can shoot ull around, me, "\\ I lint iiiukierj nituh ullter- 1111..11..110.1tIItO'r"Nt trainmaster-nnd, not eager for stage- I No"I'llere.rallmul, called Morgan'sgup. my lE'ss." declared) Lefever ..bl'!
nt the has
mans dancing
". Jeff." end In the wuv' IK. .telt nb.nit If"' I partner She :line management. ever yet r..ne tally.
"For Instance,' continued Ji ffrles. Jeffriesuli'' "MI ,Ifurt iiiiiglieu( .. too tens' i ro\\ncit' r v the mountain, sun .\" hip issi'd I Grunt street again he I tate this southern country d..plt.. (Continued Next> Week I

"If you hud put Gale Morgan! up "Thut ull right ",'nl', llie\. e .mt ami airn slight erect gin see neailwell tieouir.T. 'I 1 .1 i party on horseback i that rithi. .mInIs have been --
*ulimt Henry, und told! him to hoot get )'ou." Again he extvudeu ul. uu- set and u ..t..n"t.'lIlstlln" above lending, for the river brhl ... Threeif .(1f'n"IIIII"nIh..f./ i n' 'untnlns. anti are .Colds
a belttni, Druwu akin, wmcn jdst being uP"Olu. tut lies today In Cue Grip and Influenza
the "nen were riding abreast and I
a much
I of the condition primitive sav LAXATIVE BROMO QUINI>fE TableU remor*tli'

cause Tere" cnl/ cue "Dromo Q
E. W. S eliiutuj on hex Me.

" ,..b \ -: ____ : ;
____ : : ; 'F
wr 1 'W ....... ..
(t.. 1'f./ :: .... ';'":.;' .; '.:-e ___A'i! ;t 5 1.. ..2. ';p.'r'.;(:,1"'...."..,............""...."1. ... !:..-._'-r, ... . _I. _.. .r -..- ----
l" ct''I' ,""i '" '...;" ,.;.........!'....iI..r, n ::: ...ILt. : .m." .

...:... ,- .......- ,-, '" .


I south of Quincy by members of a MOIIIKK'S: I'lSIOI.W AS WANT
; News of Florida in Short Paragraphs. posse who tracked him to his hiding: PASSED: 11\. 'HIE LlXilsLAll'ltK: I :

., ; place.Uuilding. I A Washington
; - n MH" .r, 1 dispatch of Aiu/ '

:Miami I'' 'Hie inutiiei's pension law, whuhui. :nth!! says: OO0 TO
operations in will
L Live State News j{ be nt a standstill by Tuesday was imported I \ passed' L'>' tlie. last legislature., Asking for nn amendment i > il TMtLAtrSCALED
as a \'lIult of u leu; k-ciut "f, piovulcs' till' tile aid ut all muthcis intaimt I peace treaty so as! to provide f. .i i i icial

.._ union chauffeurs by local lumber" and, ; 101 their (.Itildrcii wiiu uiu, equality a delegation .of n., > > "
j' "
Hint, luiiMucicd tit mm all and I! speaking! for the National; I- |uai
Told by Our Exchanges. building supplies dealers. :Members I j mentally l TINS ONLY
League told
I I of the building trades unions refuse tovvurk to luur llieuthiiuren.. bcLuud: |I the seuuti' fc'ign "> AT YOUR GOOCERS

----- ---- --- Unit such mothers need thut relations committee tml.iv tlmi
with materials] from firms! that uid the -
I children! bu enabled / serious trouble! might 1 be expected un
have discharged union chauffeurs anti mil) to attend
The new sugar mill at Vero is one I.. Carney at his home on the Carney as material hauled before tho trouble\ school 'fhad. that such mothers ure loss I better> treatment \veie ,u i ,"ird, < >"l MAXWELL i :rn jSE

fof the most complete am] up-to-date J Grove at Lakeweir about 11 u'clockI is practically exhausted no materials really widows because uf tho death of negroes\ in the United States" .

mills in the Bta w. I Thursday mornin Mr. Carney open- will be accepted by workmen and 1 their! hubbandd or that ho is conlinud "The black man has given nntu.e." COFFEE.LIFT .

I ed n bureau drawer to procure Borne work on buildings will halt. Approximately under thu tate law in any tttato institution said A. Whaley, u New.; York negro, ('I)

The Perry and Gulf Coast Traction ,; clothing;: and in doing so a pistol in : two million dollars in new or thai ho has been pronuuiiced "that what he has suffered in the past --..... ."t .

company has purchased a gasoline the drawer fell to the floor, exploding buildings are affected by the labor unablu by state law to support will not be endured, in the futurelie. ---- ------- -

I motor car which they intend to operJ J and killing hint instantly war and approximately three thousand of his children/ ov when a fcm.Uon.l.iUc means: business now. There can be OFF CORNS
.at,- between Perry ami Nine- :Mile no compromise." :
workmen will bo thrown out ofwork. is curing for thu! children uuJ
Still Two 1 William Monroe Tnitter, of Hos.
negroes were taken in custody ill tlol ublu to scud them to siliool.
nt Key West for investigation of their These : ton secretary of the 1"11'V"h'lIIlt
The ( ;lovernor appointed. :'1. Hol- aleged attempts to buy 1,000 round For seventeen hours a man thought half mill funds appiopiiation are to be by rinsed the dnl'er-by u I 1 a similar opinion, said 1 the "oppivsion" -' .Apply few drops then lift sore,

> lowa.state. rural school inspector for of ammunition from of the negro: in America, wareaching -
Key West dealers ) : to be
with I
insane, urmud a ment cleaver ciil 1
couutien. I'he mother
I the itato of Florida, FI'I He applyinglor tou ammunition razor, frustrated the efforts such
I aid have
formerl> state superintendent of pub- was intended to bo smuggled; of a number of policemen must: been a /resident sure "that our land will be a land
: to sei/.c him of the stale ot iloiiJa for at I
f lie mxtturtion.Record j into Mexico via Cuba 'nnd that the negroes and take) him to the Kings county hospital. least f"uYUlII'1i and tho county in I I of Neither peace. ers. .

confessed that a strange Spatij l. Samuel Bernstein", an ,ex-sol whichlie for witness was iiietioneil| 1 ir-
of all the buildings started applies aid ut least one to what ho had in mind by these deila ,..
j iard had employed them to do the dier, was taken by the officers only your. '1 he mothers ,,
in Palm Iteach since the tint of the buying. when he mu l apply to the rat ions. Only live of the si-vent eencommittee
I I was worn out. According to county school board and
year I i-. beinj made by the ileik! of alter due investigation members, nil of them republicans
I l1'I'nllh.ill'"al'l'lIlK he has boon acting \ \ the ot 'J will
that municipality who reports that num $ >j bu attended the meeting.'
more than underway Matthew Kelter. n furnn-r living queerly since his return from paid for\ the lust child under, sixteen -
fifty structures
on that side; of the lake.: are near Palmetto received an anonymous (France. The other day the formersoldier jeniH, mid 3>S! foi the other children\ 1 JOHNS'IOUNJohnstown. :

letter Saturday threatening his lifo drove his parents from their under that age and! old! enough to go I __

The Flynn-Iliirris-Uullard Com nnd the lives of his daughter, :Marsha! home with a meat cleaver mid theyappealed to school payable monthly. The children 1 Sept..r>... The' al1l1l1l1'nw..tin ,
Wingate and Deput.Sheriff : to the police for aid. Twopatrolmen '
McDnugnM. mu.st living with their mother
of Jacksonville of the :Ml.ion I
large ihurili
pany a turpentine at
liecause of the 1 of the Jacksonville force, or with the
:. linn lian closed a deal with A. :M. :I grandiloquentst } other female relative who Swift Creek was largely; attended hmembers \
']le sent to disarm him.A .
| of the wore
> communication the throat is for D
I uppl ing the unds.
{.: Wilson of IVnsaeola for his vast tim- !|, and others from" tinplan',
i is not taken seriously.' Tho writer The law
her land in Manatee county. The price I is: published in full in this Sunday.Carmine. 4
refers to the operation performed large crowd of hog and live flock issue of the
I recently
paid was $209I!) !>00, and the number of the little .1-yeiir-oMdaugh' ;\
breeders anil farmers ,
attended the
anil ..
on a negro states that A .
acres 2r;.000. I white men who handle negroes in such\ pure bred, Duroc hog sale at tho ter of Irwin Varnes, was operated, onat i

: fashion will be killed.! Iteai'ham stock farms at Aliichua lustWednesday. ( \HKKD; ItODl OF ..UiII1'!; : :- St. Vincent's hospital Jacksonville. it
A citrus fruit pll'killhoU\ e costing This wns the first auction (iUO: I Of.M: Clll'KCII ASIIKSKiistman. for, ('1\11\ <'1" '. So far the operation( has

\ upwards of $10,001) will hi> built sale of bred hogs in the proved I successful, but the child I is
at once by the Bradentown Citrus: Exchange :Mail' wagons moving, from the depot pure ) ; still in a serious condition and is taking Doesn't hurt bit!
to postofficc nt IVnsucolu Thurslny county and is regarded as a distinctsuccess. liu., Aug. :U W.-1'h"!> charred a Drop a little
the contract for the work I \ tlie X-ray t treatment. Free/.one on an aching
animals of
Forty-live : wereplaced body Ell Cooper an aged Luurcns corn, instantly
having been I let. The building will be morning resembled Home of the I The mill, recently burned has been trmt
wholesale trucks in the ring and, everyone county negro, was. found yesterday corn stops hurting, then you lift
at the juncture of the Seaboard and! grocery maintained 1101.1.1 rebuilt by Mr. Hevill nnd is in
The highest the now it right out. Yes magic!
in the city, for they were engaged) in ;: price brought by any 'in ashes of Petway's tiiftchurch
Tampa Southern. handling upward of 8,000 pounds of mal was $1180.:! Yearling gilts sold! which was burned! by incendiaries fine running order and they expect' to A tiny bottle of Froezone costs but ,

foodstuffs sent there, by parcels post from $.aI'. to $100 each. Buyers were: nt an early hour yesterday.Three cut lumber on n large scale.Wallie a few cents at any drug store but l I.

It in expected that the work of constructing to satisfy Uncle Sam's. customers who present' from the county of Alaihua other negro churches and! u negro Varnes nnd family of Jacksonville sufficient to remove every hard corn

a lock at Moss Blutf will patronized the special ,sale being conducted and adjacent counties and tho sale lodge; near Cadwell were burned nre> visiting;: their (parents> soft corn, or corn 1 between the toe,

start immediately. This is the beginning through the pOf. and was a satisfactory demonstration of on Tuesday night.Cooper anil friends here, coming up by auto.Uev. and the calluses, without soreness or
!: of the work planned to give!: Lake the auction method of Warren C. Coflin home irritation.l'"rrezone.
disposing of was
who thus ona
are being from "
supplied the is: alleged to have been talking
direct water connection with

county-.J".k on ....nnl1n..... .;.._ ,.,.,.,,..... tho'''_> O"kl.h.... ......__.._. ...i.,.,_ larder of the war department.VhiIo pure bred stock. I !: ,con.-ulorably) of late in a mannerotleiiivc .....two.. ,-- --weeks'. ..vacation.. .recently... - -1'-1, --- -,- .....,.. -is,-- thn. sensational! .- .diflcov-
/ tu the white iiirniiiK '0110 I''IHK ill ;.XIOIUM.V, o'y u .mcmnatl l' lUII. It IS won.
r. 1 Dr. J.V.. people. It isnlle where he' is preaching. Hi1 i IMM' | cJ'rrul.--Adv. No. 284.Why. .
I \ returning from Dil.and Saturday Willard of IIlU'tnw.1, <8 ed thut a Chicago negro newspaper : is inning '
in Tampa and, very prnminont" in church work --------- _.
Wednesday told
The Ea-t ( 'lIu"tlillinJt: Company evening;: in his car. Dr. G. of a that lias been circulated f"l'l.lyUIIIOIIJt .
throughout the
Klcu-k ran over and killed A'I narrow escape from d'nthhl<'l1 he the state.
n here for several
i i electing a large planing mill in his negroes :.1''.... II. K.: Men I,
grown wildcat of the bob-taile'd and wife underwent! while1 driving! days has <'tt is visiting' her
caused I
variety. unre.st among them.Tin1 .
New In addition to the mill
Smyrna. I. then- friends, in Hriulentovvn.Mrs. .
Dr. Klock 111'1 automobile on the road<1 betweenI'.irtow .
brought the white residents
then' will t be large dry kilns and! lumber
,-In.dThe company will do )both cui* to Ihl .tona. It seems that twoI uiiil Mulberry ;Monday night an uprising/ of negroes\ was set Arthur Viirnes, of ..lackonvillc J

.... h am! retail business.J I kittens about the size of ti full grown about !I o'clock. Someone filed, fromambush for thnty days from yesterday. Cooper's -, is visiting: her sister, Mi, \I"

hciuou eat were having a frolic in the. a load of shot 8t'ikilllthe own lemarks it ,i.s alleged;: were, 1 Uohoits.Several.

he Lakeland hoard of trade will I road and failed to see the car until it rnr in the- rear and making huge to t the I'fl'eit that the negroes" had been ] 'new families: havi movil, i I., Staffer?
was .so close them that dent in the metallic portion. Had, the town since the mill loMimcil .
.tpeiul! $.1,000 in advertising 'that favored upon one wail 1111 oxer for fifty years, but this will opi, i >
run down and killed. shot gone "few i inches higher it nil ( .
city. The work of publicity would have change\ in thirty days. ion.O. Mrs. J. ,\. Cox, of AI- I'
killed one of thecouple.. '
stints\' at once and the homeseekers Dr. Willard believes Cooper was tllk'num\ Ills home '\ Caswi-ll has' had sevei.il ,c.ill iTcrsonV.. Va., writes:
of tin1 above Florida from ev"O Union carpenters in St. Petersburg that the cnuse Wednesday, night to to this vicinity ns there has (KM'n iinin | ( -
country a nlory "At/\ e.wlitcr! . suffered
of the
t ;
shooting is the fact that both .
nre! to.t\ eighty cents an hour after 'lot of cholera here. We, bellow
( ",'ction. will be invited tn vHtThr told by his wife, by crowd of fifteen/ tcrn''ly. She could,
:.nkelund. j i October 10th. This in an increase of lie and! Sheriff Logan of Polk county, or twenty white men. The church vaccination 11<'1'''. There1 has ,IMM.,n, si \ '
have not turn in bed the
fifteen cents an hour over the purchnseel new \I-'rnnklin cars, oral eases where* hogs .
present was diseoxerod! In (lames shortly lifter oinio in' "ion
I 1 anil that both i-ars ure almost identical P.radentown-Palmetto ferry is I sell Ie. Several of the contractor* have rollouts in the neighborhood were1nroinoil tact with sick hogs and tinom "< Ihai up j
I I I signcel the now scale end all the contractors in appearanceThe party or were not vaccinated weie lln. OM,, we brOil .it lier home '
The last of the boat by shooting; about fifty shut
no more. run
was made! Tuesday morning, after I will pay the increased wages. pill'tie's who hid by the roadside' evidently linv inloh\ (' .u fired.MICKIE. that contracted t the. disen.e tile. SKJ!, li id buffered t'I I 'I
: The demand for thought the car belonge'd to :Mr. much at. lime. Having
which the Manuvista taken good carpenters" is. and :.11''' John P, Collin lef
off the job.ship Thus! ends: a business was of .strong and) i it i' (' 'pe<'t..1 .that .!I.HIllY i iI the sheriff and tired at it as it parsed.Tho ---------- -- '-- :Monday for a trip north Tip, \ expoet l etrJif C.irdul. we .! '

40 standing. The new bridge union men irom me norm win go I SAYS to be gone' a month nnd, on tin, n '
recently completed is responsible for I there, attracted) by the new scale decomposed body of J .Price / ret inn will visit their sons, Kev. Joeph -, j

the end,I of the ferry line.Supplcd which i is, higher than in most northerncities. I ('a wood former city tax assessor and:I'' ('omll. of Kansas. City :\111. I KevWuririi .

I collector of Orlando was found, in a 11 1 I r ocvvioOfet \ vT60t ....... s C'. ('"mil.110. Pass, HI and 'o

brier patch Tuesday afternoon' by a' MSttt "1'"' t>0*" V4
with n large iron pot for | The managers;: of the State; Fair and! colored] man who was attracted thereby ','I pixs: tv,'a>t OA.N ftm' MBT sofwt L. Varnes left for Jacksonville1on

boiling com and mixing poison and I Exposition announce that they have the presence of a Hock of buyards., 'O acriet> oecox Wednesday. whero. he "-"p..t, IH. tosecure

bait anil, with five(! bags of shorts and acquired) for the fair the1 Duvnl county The head! had been toin from the i "" .'11.11' D.'Jo'f .,.' VA." "Ii''" emplojment.

170 pounds of arsenic. R. A. Conkhng I prison farm property which adjoins. body and lay several I feet away. It 9 "E-.NU01' ., ....6. R !

cwunty agent of Palm Beach the fair grounds. This adds sixty- hail been picked. clean by the vultures. ,, I Tlie Woman's Tonic

county, left Thursday, morning on tho! I seven acres to the state. fair grounds, The clothing which elung to Substitute for Tooacco.

steamer Kagle] for Canal Point to advance n portion of which will be used' to the decomposed form had, been of a I Throughout tlie "tropical, II ionf tin

the rat-elimination campaign. I ""'Iullre up" the landing field] I for air dark color. The only means of identification nntlves yMiiplny. n Milmllinfi, '" ,fm' tolnir' "In to n r Improve.
pan.] .". Another part will be used for was from his shoes, and, a CO rntlNlMlllig;: of n slice* i.l, nrli .1 palm Cox continue 'i, "ami had

.V ;"i tin. "( I luijr! nf th > ity ci/tnicil and i|; a model farm that the fair management set of teeth the later being made, for : J JI /)111.1'11"" '''''' 'In ,lielel, ,lenl flavored 1 no (rou'le: tit. . Cardul i
of Unities tho deceased short with' n Illi"' HIIKmailo of II'h.'a' cur, d nml
board of public- work City will operate for the purpose of n time igo. A I her we slmz
bids were opened for the construction! showing actual cultivation of oil I'loridv )pipe which is said, to have been used ,,'".11... iiml enlori'ililli' ' inriiiliir 'I liuhalill Its pr.iiscs: everywhere.Ve .

of paved streets and storm sewers. I| : crops, by the deceased was also found. There i -= .-- ,IH 1IIlv'r."I.'Y/ '' with tfiowomen \ receive: ni.iiiy ilioucnncl -

The contract was awarded to the was a small amount of money found I find' Hellers of "lii-tel" '"11" limy ls of Eitnibr 1 K-tor3: (

Southern Hoad Ituildmg Co., of Tampa Leon :Manning committed! suicide on in his pocketK.II'! t'awood( was last In' neeii mi many of ,the, Htreei' cornersIn Kood every C.iriJui yr.ir( tcllinof li.is done the for

at a price of approximately $110- Tuesday, morning nt the homo of hU seen by friends,' Friday. Ho is said to I II Salmon ami olhi-r cities of lii'luflilmi. vvoirro wlirj hiif'er from:

000! parents at Lynne. The- young man had) have. been in a very weak condition . coDipl.'itiUboc 'imnon to
recently returned, from service in the and the fact that he was found in such -- - - their PI '. K'lonld da

Frank Little, aged twenty-five army ami I seemed(( in cheerful and, hap an out of the way )place, led friends; I :LUL.II \ Piles Cured In 6 to M (Dny Cardif you r, "I I, loo. Try

years shot himself at Pensaeola Saturday I py spirits. The cause of his rush net to believe, that he wandered there inn I ..r 6"\11"1\<'l< I 1 ::, Hlit lonil.- : 'llr.\'I'.:::\ I'' ''PA/I. ") rtolniilliiil(UN I MFNT: IV MltIn r:-77
"' ''
at the home of one of his brothers is an absolute mystery nnd will probably semi-conscious condition.r. ..... "" _
.a.. """"' ily rHii-vi"* Irrliiiiil" 111' mid I yuu 'II" i ialcvufiftrr > '
alone the - --.-- "'. Ihilir..t IU. '. , s ,
the young man being at never be solved. Ife called his I &,'1 i > up- auJil l'ni> HOift ,
time of the commission of the de'd.1 father to his room and as he entered c. v. IfEtr\UI\: I '... """It> o.>

The coroner who inevstigated the caso I said, "Do not blame anyone hut me I />J, ..'.. .

made I certificate that the young man for this, papa" and as he finished l Director Ceneral; I linen! has instructed I 1, f1'T"lQl"Tu
shot himself.Jacksonville's. I "peaking! fired a shot through his I all railroads in the United. I' I
hmlv. :States to make a special rate tit one ' ?

three-quarter of a'1' cent per mile each way to the reunion

million dollar union station m nearing One of the most deplorable, acci-" to lie held.! in Atlanta fin., On ((rioter 75T" jyt
completion and it is. believed it 1 I dents flreen Cove :Springs; has ever \ 7th to 10th inclusive. Tickets rr thJ -

will be ready for the great flow of I known occurred(( at nn carlv hour will be 011 sole! east of the :Mississippi ;L

tourists by October 1. When completed 1 Thursday mornln Dogs werf after river on Oct. Ith and will bo gnoil, fur, I

it will be the finest union station fowls belonging!: to J. K. Coogler and return trip until Oct. :31. = :1

thin >.iieof,| Washington.The he went to the backyard with his pistol The rate applies) to the following, -
inhand, to drive the dogs away. parties: I -

orange buyers are abroad in Just as he stepped out in the yard. :Members! of the United Confplj.rlil"1; EVER SALIVATED BY run UNIVr.nSAL CAR

the orange belt and are making. extensive Postmaster Bradley, attracted by thenol" Veterans. I IA
purchases of the luscious fruit. .., went to the window of his bed member of tho family nt, a member I CALOMEL? HORRIBLE! !
Here is the J'uui) Itun.ilmut, a perfect whi..l.wind

The prices!! quoted are $1.25; to $2 n'' room and looked out. Just as he did of the United Confederate _
of J Jiti into tlie life nfeveryliody
i is, in :Mr. Coogler's hand went rans. utility. daily
box in the groves and while $1.75; the pistol \ v.'tp-I Acts Like
considered good quite a number have 1 off the ball striking :'1... Bradley just :Members. of the Sons of Dynamite on, I a Slug I all )'" hl'l'c, everywhere, anil all the

......t.... ". "tA..n... ....... gish Liver I
and You
asked ami received higher prices. The above the heart killing him instantly. -- LOGO:: time. For town nnd tountry: it M' /all th.it iti

crop of fruit is expected to be large.A : They were the best of friends.Thi A member of the family fJf a member (..i. n.uuy....';&": IA/II vi 'r,,. I name implies a Uuii.ilxjut.: Low in cost of
of the Sons of Confederate Vet
There's no reason wriy a person operation ; low in tost cjf maintenance, with
uf the State Woman'sCollege erans. I
of cigarmukersand
tobacco general I workers!tnke was called Sunday in Tallahassee ore taking advantage A member of the Con fed1 rated ihould take sickening! salivating cal all the sturdy strcn! t !It, dc[>cnd.il>ility ami reliability
:Southern omel when CO cents buys a large bottle f.. which 1'i.rd) We'd IK
at Key West when the union of the few weeks intervening :Memorial Association. of Dodson'i r i.irsare tinted. ;
I leaders failed to get a reply to their between the closing! of the summer I A member of the family of a m.imher substitute for calomel.Tone-a perfect I pleased to have your order for one or more. Wo

scaln school. and the opening of th' regular of the Confederated Southern have almut
demands' for th > same wage I It ia a pleasant vegetable liquid' : everything in motor car uccc -

that wasCrl1ntt.e\ when the Tampa term in September to gi>t the Memorial member Association.A of the United. which will start your liver just as sure sorii-s, and always! have a full line (,f genuine
Three buil'lintrs and grounds in readiness to Daughters
strike was settled ly as calomel but it doesn't make l''ord 1'ord
of the Con fe,!< you parts give genuine service.
thousand workers will be ntTected and welcome the girls who ore to make it 'rncy. nick and can not salivate.

it i is! reported that many of them are their home for the next nim> months.I All sponsors maids of honor matrons ':hildren and I grown folks '

leaving for Tampa and Havana. i I The grounds around the college- are and chaperons.Thf take Dodsor/s Liver Tone up, can
r/ccause it
the attractive of col- foregoing parties are entitled
among; most any I i.s
perfectly harmles .
Information from Largo is to the log.' in the country. It is reported to purchase one round-trip ticket to Calomel if : Ford Garage
will be tho in Atlanta and return at the reduced u dangerous\ drug. It is
is one of the the ntti ndance largest
lTect that rice growing fare and under the regulations mercury and attacks your hones. Take' A. W. & G. A. Anderson I
features of farming operations in the history of this Institution. I for the occasion. authorized a dope of nasty calomel today and you

that section which pays handsomely > will feel weak, sick and
The nauseated to-
i Piedmont Hotel will be headquarters I FLA.
has been busy i Charlie Davis the nt'R''o.who shot STARKE.
The rice mill at Largo morrow. Don't lose
a diy's work.
having and killed Sheriff Forehand of Lib1city 1 for the Florida Divi iofl.
for and reports Takn .
some time past a spoonful of Dol I.on'a Liver
dollars county about a mile on this side
handled many thou-and Tone Initpad and you will wake '
( worth of the grain. Considerable of the line in Gadsden county Friday', feeling great. No more biliousness'ip,

acreage ha* been devoted to rice In morning, was raptured Sunday after For Your Deck.A ('f1.tl!>ntlon. slugirixhnrss! \ headache ..... --J
that section. a chase that lasted for three clay nhfft lit corrutfitteij pR p"r IK n coated tonjrne or I I ..../ j c::;
nour stomach. Y"uiilrucsri . __ .l. ::..
: :
and night and was participated in k n if IJ"o.
mivs don't .
you find Dodon'i 1'-1. - ...
several hundred from Liberty ponn. or t I.rll..h. s riie '
men nlMnrbt ..
Ocala and this part of Marion county by piip.T Liver Tone acta better than horrible 1/- -
shocked today' sr.'I Gadsden counties.! He was found the liquid' on'l the rnrniimtlniK nulej calomel I I ...
was inexpressively your money is waiMt'flt'
death of John, in a fodder shack about three miles! fit* ". ii* <>r mit,*,, In huadjr 1I"'tIUOA. for
of the
to learn tragic you. ((12-4*\ )

. -- ,
--- -' .
"'" '. . -......... -. 7 '
1'c.7".cl-: :;:r-;";'" ,: r.--_ : .t Jfe .,. u

'" -


ri .



-------- -- --- -- --
I, Arden's Betty 230019 farrowed hi!"?. I\I I. Franc0n. lot coin at NE Cor I : SECTION 575 OP 1HI
their better. because they I rl. W
judgment N I 110
r a.I.1 sod run
Bradford County! Telegraph cannot refuse u favor to Hume senile, FARMER BROWN April 7, 1919! ; price, sows, $:!O ; .210.f blk fl. 8110 0 Jonu'a ft, E211) fttoing2$23''rats I:: GENERAL given STATUTES that A /
L.I lifnby
!' I. ,
old mail.h. boars, $15 each or 3 for $50 : J. and coats. R.OO. I Notice certilicate TownNo '
-. great-granddad or palsied S 4 a 9) of bU C In RUfnx purchaaer, of tax .,
: = = of Harrell, Sapp Fla. 9531. F.nnann.: and cals.. '. ', >1.1. dated the 2nd day of July, \ .
them 'laces
out cheap ,
( a 22
clipped 1H!
; ti IMS add
i1ij1It.i!: \Wrklj. and .nh'rt'Call? HVCnj t Well. ::;Samantha inn't it just wonderful GoulWIflP- ban. lili-d BwJ. certillcatf in my olr..., ,, "
friends. The latestof - ----- ---- .Tilts' t& Ti-S"00..
magazines sent by { sWrSl? made application for tax difd to linucordume
eUiM matter at the ixwt-utfire atSlarfcr. such calamity stories predicts. that how a few winds of informn- I Ii FOR SALE-My Ford coupelet, 1917 .A"b 22 ell->Taxea' of and co.la. $1.65. with law. Silid certlllcati. n, 'or..

4 Ilurlda.. I i' turn and a little demonstration can model, Heinz-Springfield starting- : irollinnatiorth One lot "" "n.lpd SbyHoiran the followlnti described vropt-rly, 01'u'"
I December' account of the I W M
in next on Jack- Horldat -wit
\ t. N by I Urndford county
the of the ? .alley w by
: open eyes people I lighting system with Willard storage n 335.Ramoni and 2 of Dlk 4". LivtnimU
r -- pioximity. fo each other of six great .t 2B 8 22-T..... and *0.'' Lots 1
I I NOW here we've been totting the battery; mechanical condition .m Jnck.on-I.oln I 2 hlk 4. I. h. ACn' und Company'. tub divl.lon. town of ,
'I MATTIIKWS Editor and Owner. planets a hugo sunspot will somehow a..d , .
K. S. I ol NB quar. The nod land being at il I.
weevil et than half of uh iliv of NE uunrter
"f'"ky up more good 5500 miles. To make *
| run only ,
Itnlil.NSON. Associate In' formed which will IN the cause of 2H fl 22 -Taxen and conta' $5.5. the i..unnce of such certiflcate in t'' llof 11I,
J. C. ) Ii..or'l "terrible weather cataclysms." The our corn and we did not know how to quick sale will take $395.00 Dr. A. O ler Jenkln.-Hlka 87 1 of I. T. Co.ul Ituymoud Jackaon.

help it. Then along comes( the county Freeman Starke Fin. 829tf. .; div of NB quarter of NB quarter 2$ taInts antI certldcata shall be ,. '4
and I that the
Kent ( always thought: I..vlton-I.. 4 8 II 11 "' bIb ,
, of September, A. D.
( things. are going to happen Mr. Trrewa nndC'j"Vun.l un the 2IHh day '!I"t
Decemberlit I 'ounty didn't have any use for a FOR SALE-80 acres of land all D In KteinK add 2. R 22 Taxe \\llrienH my olTicial sIgnature'' and -, .,
from December 17 to ,
of August A, D. 191) $.
county agent) to tell us how to farm : alt 27 In L. tho 27th day
: ), lOW! and afterwards." Strange fenced; 28 .acres in cultivation ; 5 Mrs .'y -E h.lf and .u.... ('S..ntl) W. T. WEEKS
and by when I just stood around add 28 6 AS-T.xw
that our astronomers have said nothing gum room house, barn and smokehouse; I T. A Co' Clerk Circuit Court. Bradford tViunlj i iBy L
and grinned at him he just showed me I $13.04.lInry ). T.I I R. ,\. WEEKS
[ of blk 45 In L. /
tt-Q3J4I6 about this "cataclysm. The circulation some young fruit trees ; fine land PlufordU 2 4
that I did not know it all. Co' .ub div of NK el..a.I'r. of NKunrtir S-29-Gt. Deputy i .
of the bodies is for pecans or fruit; 4 miles from A t.50.
heavenly so fl S2-Tnxe and ".IB.' ? .
2H -
,: .1 8F9 1OT111213 I perfect that such calamities cannot Why, Samantha, there wan them Waldo 2 1-2 miles from Graham ; A. It(, Rodney Ent.-I.otn I 28 4 of Wk In --- -
happen If they did, all precautions pesky weevil dead as hay in his old :3-4 mile from school. Price 2000. Temple' add 28 8 22--T.... and .o.be. A ,

I ; !4ti5T16iiZT3JQ would bo useless, for there would he box of corn-as many as a quart to R. :M. Johnson, Waldo, Fla. 8.293t S. :M$16.35.Spencer-lMts; 8 9 10 of Mk .1 Wynn'S'I The merits of Chamberlain .IC
the bushel 1 of corn-ALL DEAD and ndd 2M 8 22 -Taxe. and .".,.. I$2.53.
nothing left of our planet after De- 2 of blk 32 In L T 4 Diarrhoea Remedy .
his box only lined with Will Sander. Lots 1 and arc( vd]
ci-mber 17th. But so many believe that FOR SALE-12 acre farm half mile Co', null dlv of NK: quarter, ofF n 1"0.

r i3z41zi everything printed i is true that th..ywill pasted on the inside. I did not notice from Starke, all under good wire h'.. 2H R 2J- Tit' .* and costs f!' .'0. known mInd appreciated, but there, j jocc'asionc'.Iy a
SR 'I"arl.
of '
whether it in NE quarter
the A
was Telegraph Unknown who
or fence, most of it stumped well I In Nh; conner. a man had noijuainlnnce :ic-
- he in mortal terror until it finally of SK quiirter lew4; A

11 2829L3ffi; J Tt: I dawns upon them that the thing the; Times-Union, but he said it was drained highly cultivated, 0 room I bounded E l.y section Eirrly line utld R, "2*\. Ry.6 22-W with them and should r"ad
the carbon di-sulphide that did the l.v Itllteh plnee In F. II. Dear 1, -
___.__ hoax. ant. house, burn, packing house syrup the following by a < i iu.in
__ __ ___ I wiii n Calamity prophets work. rn"'. nnd on.1't 911 I 1"M ..
I mill boiler all'' Ix.lH 5 fl 7 i bll I in AUniei.ii.M lit Dupuyer :Mont. "F..ur.
\long-rnnYre weather forecasters have room cane and II Wilder -- : ir?
'Thi It.inu1fl, i> NeWH. of August !251 h I :: about nnd, coittn. $I6.Tnmin >.
I had got weak in the knees 'JM II 22 -Tnxe ; .
farming implements, mule and! I ..'. '.' ntiii I used Chamberlain's Cola "Id
.. "world trade" edition containing always ,existed but the fact that they wagon /: . RivnoldnThe S half of n. >I. ..
i.ssui'd, H : about fixing crib to fight the ft
up a 9 head stock cattle above the Innd de-crd-i-d, ... l lag nl n point I J" nillrrtol'a! Komcny wivn such w -
miss their does
.. The} udvuntuK I always guesses, not I nnd nimlwayma ,
furly-four weevil
pntrcs. that f MailUon :
but by settled it.
p I gum W of NW >
All for of the farm n'-tilti thnt I have sin "'
v- fu! PiiHmlril
, "f the "Deep I ) Water City" fur seem to teach a part of the public to Now I've average. price" I And run W "" Tl to Ornnt-e i. ,
ir H rot to got busy nnd savemy rt 'toha'r "
their : I D. W. lIanninStllrke., Fla. 210 ft to Cull nt. E: JO,> ft. i S !1 1" it to my friends.
: un, export und import terminal\ wenwell i M'out prophecies' eOl'n.Iost: all the farmers there I 2" 8 22 'ra",. not cItt." ftR""

presented und the issue was in I seemed to be surprised and kinder. 90G.2t-1 SJI.\S KITE .
ji4 Sink.I 1'1 -- -
information ADDITIONAL\ LOCALS) THE I : ILOUIDV TIM : Tao Collector. Town
.i epitome. of Floridn( lore, especially) I woke up. I II -- -
wants u responsible traveling -
/: representative
uhoutv"t Kloridu., / I I I was in DeWitt C. Jones Hardware' M \ST.lt.S1: F.

I :Mis.. i'. R Sweat and son, Mr. Car..' Store after the county agent got thru, for subscription und! nCh'l'r'l Nolire In hereby Wit en that und. r nf ami,r.I. "by-
using departments in this final ili-cn.
'ti Why} i is it that men who know us" I "rid Sweat left Friday for New YorR talking and lots of farmers came in All chwure virtue I of mn.le that nnd c--rtRin nnilinduiriwt'' I;. I I"; "'.

little about the nature und the handling -! City, where they will 8111'nd some to are about building paper. I'll bet I ndjllinil..rritory./: or part I Irc.quirt'd. bv .1. T. Will. Juilue of tinFlirhtli.: , "I Iiidiflai, ,,'h.-
{; Salary or commission. Give llrndford Countv Floe iln >" ''
of firearms as a duck knows time. :\1 r. Currol Sweat will enter Jones will have to send for a carloadof full particulars Cu I Circuit. In fnior of the rillnn halt. nt Knl

i about II ruin gouge, still insist in the! academic department of the University I' paper there is such a demand for as territory you I e.-ry.ford: a con,>orntlnn. eomtdiunant. anil,' against. -
references. rti- '
can cover, experience and IVnnlIennon
The of the South Sewannee Tenn., it. It will be like the Fence Wire Ella: MatIinnon and Now Ready
; I handling and owning( pistols. I AddreHH The Florida Times-l'nion 'enilnntn. the unileralirned will offer for cue
deaths of two good men have lately in September., -Times-Union. when the farmers got woke up about in front of the emirt house door at SlnrFloriiln. '" A rt-al help| to the (antler

I been reported in this state both being the advantage of fencing their farms. !' Jacksonville, pla. !M.mihiy.. diirmir the, Olh. the,lilly.leKnl,of Oetober.hour ofal UW1, .< the in irui'st and Oldest. :SwilHouse -;

t caused through ignorance und :Mrs. I D. M. Gornto and daughter :Mr. Jones had to buy by the carloadto following di-ncrlbed real estate nltuntid In in the tatp.'rlin's .

r in handling pistols :Miss Ruby Gornto, are upending' some meet the demand and has sold several EARN: $:;.00 A DAY OK :MORE. llrnilford county. .Florida to-wlt
carcli'HKness ; I of north orthe
( went
Commencing ten ehninn :\" Hy-teht Seed'-
I time in lirevard N. C. Mrs. Gornto, cars this summer.I NK corner of northwest
; who has been ill, will remain in the tell you, Snmnntria Staiko is _____ | 1-nnt quarter and run 8 Nil! feet thenft' .'" ,1)4irne ) Insure !good crops

'j I' We have been promised retail mountains. for a'month two.Ii"l1! Call on thune in jour own IriPulity. No ,* nouth of went 1118 feet then N2 feet..
'I stores by the war department in or coming to the front with Rood( stores then along. rIght of wny of A. C L rIght if E.A.MARTIN SEED CO
,.' I Gornto will r turn home in the near and when we get the brick rood we samples or supplies nu money re I way to plnee of beKlnnlnir all In n..r.h..t"I..nrh' |
which will be sold groceries and other 1 IS Tp Jacksonville Fla."Fishermon's .
", ,' future, as soon as her mother's condition mire will have a hustling little city Cllllrl'd.dclre"" I' O. Box 527, Jacksonville of outheant quarterof See ,
things left over from army use. Afterthe I ', ". R. 21 F..
.1 i Fla.
impl'oves.Times. A. /. ADKIN
and don't forget it.
: \ ) sales 1 now going on through the you Special Mutter In CNnnceryA. .

postomces have been concluded, there I Mr. Jones has just got in a lot ofnew 3 CREWS.
c 4. Despite their best endeavors the THE C. & B. HAT FACTORY Solicitor for Complalnlant. 955t.
Cook Stoves I he
l cannot be many goods left. Th Will'd'partmellt thought had

has at times shown' so I II of town cattle cows from reinforced the country by big were droves un- quite a stock but this week he filled 123 Broad StreetJA'KSNlLLE I FLORIDA ORDEU FOR PUBLICATION ._n Luck"

I much sympathy for the downtrodden, his back room with a new lot. You In Circuit Court. State of Florida. Eighth.
j. abzle to keep the weeds of our city is the owner of and in carrying/: on the Judlclnl Circuit., Bradford County in ChanMorgan ,.
can hardly thl'ouph-an.llltillllew
that its sudden conversion' I' get : !
tl profiteer down, so the council decided to come mail order business formerly handled ....ry.I .
benefactor i is a revelation. goods coming every day He has secured Willin. I in the morning
to a public I He riseth early
to their assistance with a mowing a line of gasoline Stoves, as by the IL. W. Clarke Hat Co. All orders I Complainant" I Iv

machine. well Oil should he went to C. & II. Hat 1( and disturbeth the household.
r Poor editors, they have a time of as Stoves. for l.lr.He Wllll, I I
Factory. Agents wanted. Send '
Well I declare it's 'I Defendant ,
about time I
l, it. Hut the )Lord, who made the back Thomas Eldridge Williams. und! Miss catalogue. It appearing' by afTidnvit appended. to the He goeth to the fishing grounds

1 It I of the ox to fit the burden und who Bonnie Yuungblood were married at got hurt. quit out to raining do the and chores.I'll do the Guess feeding it I hill WIllis, filed, the In defenilnnt the above-m therein ated cause. .. ,'eb.:1: Liiile non- ;I and sitteth in the hot sun all

tempers the wind to the shorn lamb, 'the home of the bride's parents, at while MASTER'S SALE I re.lili.nt of the State of Florida and he realde. .

k has also made the editorial hide as Hartow the seventh of August. you get supper. Then we Notice In hereby given that uniler and by in or near the town of Edith in Clinch : dar long.
I rhinoceros. Witness on will wind up the cat and put out the virtiio or that certain final ,........ of forpclnauro county. State of .eoruia. over the ace of',
tough: as that of the :Mrs. Williams is a daughter of L. L. I it In therefore ordered that
clock and to bed. mntli find mlereil on Srpt 2nd 191(1.( by twenty-one yenr : returneth at night and the
this squib from a recent number Youngblood, who formerly lived here.A. go .,. T. Will. jtiilK of the ElKhth Judicial nald non-renident defendnnt he and I. hereby He ,
of the Gainesville Sun headed! "We Circuit, for Bradford county. Florida. In chan- I required to appear tn the bill of complaintfiled i truth is not in him." ,
:Miss Margaret Chase of Ocalu is ..ry. In favor of the Citixcn'a. Bank of Kal- in tiaid cause. on or before Monday the
f I are a Boob:" "Coming back from ourlittle J. Boyle who formerly lived at ford, a corporation complainant and againiit Ath day of OcUiher. A. D. hIlt\ othervlHO the
visiting Mrs. Joe Hoover. J W. J.I.... defendant the undentlitneii( will alienation of said bill will be taken M confenneii i
',t \ vacation trip we found, pinned I I Lake Butler with Mr. und :Mrs. J. E. offer for aali In front of the court house doorIn by nnid.. defendnnt. I That' because he didn't buy his :

I I. on the cork of our ink bottle, an ( Harper, was in town Monday, having Starlet. Florida diirinar. the legal hnuni of It ia further ordered that thl, order,.. bormhllnhid
\ which written, 'n-I Miss Eva Epperson left Monday to Kale on Monday the 6th day of October 1919..h. once a week for five eonwcutiveweekn fishing tackle from
e velope on was just lately been discharged from service commence her duties as eighth grade .. following scribed .pi'raonnl property to I In the llradfnril' ,i"I I and.wntuanrr I 'i'iI
boob for writing this. The in aol state.This ,
lire a in the army. lie was enroute to leather in the Waldo School. wit : publiHhed
i ;J' tie squib' we had written was about a' Plant City, where he intends to make Kip-fi I bay man 9 yeara old. named Pet : one September 1. Kll'i.
lurk brown horse ft old. nnmcd hilly W. T. WEEKS. Lumber & Supply
.. yearn ; I
.)I Florida politician. There was a tin, his home. Mrs. R. I Proctor of St. Petersburg nni liny hon 7 year old. named Dirk : on. ( Seal) Clerk Circuit Cccuct.A Quigley
t \ when this would, have "'ade us mad., p. Mnck mAr three yearn oIl named Henuty. : /. AOKINS.Solicitor I
7 I who is visiting Mri. George F. one chestnut mara 4 yearn old named Fltn : for Complnlnnnt. O-S-Kt
lint that period in our life has passi'ilJI :Mr. and :Mrs. Lawrence of lirook- .
$ I' Scott at Kingsley lake several one dun Jemey bull 3 year old : one black
-long ug< Our views of things: have lyn, were business visitors to Starke spent .......y cnw nn.l calf one brown Jeraey cow ; I NOTICE
of this week in Starke
I days the guestof nut* Kruy Jerney cow ODO yellow Jeney cow IoIt' Notice In hereby given that sixty dityH from
words flatter ,
changed. Those us now. I.'riduy.Ir.! Lawrence is the head oil : 1
L I ;Mrs. F. A. Scott. blue Kpiclilfd cow tOil I calf. tog-ether with dnte. towlton the 2Hth daY of Oetobi-r., \.

k .. .. They prove that somebody has been I, the Lawrence Development Co., and all IncrenHe. I). 191!). I will ,prenent to the county judue

E reading something we wrote. It encourages is preparing to set' out pecan treeson A. 7.. AflKINS. nf. Bradford, Cut.nl y. Florldn. my llnal .. -.
I I'' METHODIST\ Special Mnnler In Chancery.
count and voucher* of the t-Htato of B. E.
1 j :. us to further endeavor. I II I u large scale.: The deep rich soil I A. H CHEWS.Solicitor I, Van Buren ,decenned and apply for tie approval ,

------ lof Brooklyn lands. is unsurpassed forpecan for Complnlnnnt.. ) ll.ofit.NOTICE of name and for my final\ dichnme arturh
I 1I'rlllu-1 Sunday, school, 10:11) : : n. m., L. ndminlntrator.
I ) note with )pleasure) that I and. peach trees.Tho DAVISAgency
j j'e Davis Dated this the 201 h cloy of August 0D.
: .
t 11 da grass pastures' are coming into Not iff I In, heri'hy. iriven to at) .0n.ne,1] '11)11)
12 m. and 9 I A'I that the board of aldermen E.: S. VAN IIUnEN.
und in Florida. Owing I (p. m. of Starke.
more ladies of theI..thodist! church
'I vogue more ; League 8 ida aittinir an a board of ." ,. ... ',, Flor'l .Vim'nlHtrutor of the ".h.h. of II. E: VanBuren. Est. 1886
3 to the violent prejudice Bradford! : will sell sandwiihes, ice cream and \ p. ni.Prayer Tuemlitv. t digit Jfl. lull). and followinu $-299t.NOTICE .
valuable I' m"I.tinpVl'dneselll: )', 9 p. m, mnilu the followinK rhanuea In the tax mlla
farmers have aguinst this I -- ----- -- --- --- -
< county cake tomorrow 11ft" noon, from one
on tile with the town nttacttnor' of toe,'. :
3 '6! grass, on account of the aupposed to seven o'clock, at the corner next toKickllter'B Pu,..tor. A. 7. A dkln.- lots' 1 2 3 4I 'Hlk I Paul & In Circuit Court. Eiithth. Judlclnl Circuit.Brndford INSURANCESTARKE

I of eradicating it we huve Truby'a AdI-'r"m tlnno to 11300.IVmnnal '
t dilllciiUy store. This smile is to help -finno tn '1 1/100. County. Florida. In Chancery

I ,\ little I hope that such pastures) will beistablishel towards the fund paying for the piano selves in this matter. -From---the-- P W. AKaret. -I'.nonal--'rom IROn $750. O. V. Brookn.Ciimplnlnnnt. I
i exhibit .1. M. A Ivnr... -.I'vnonalFrom fIDOO) to I
here "....11. But we may that has been placed in the church v.
Luke flutter the state fair ItO
I" I It at exhibit W. A. Carter. A Gene Bryant.lfenctanta. .
mention that munfarm" in this. NIt
.4 : Come and enjoy the eats and help a will be made. up and unless we A.. I" Alvares I'.onnl-From fSOO to IHOO.A . I

t tion are already Irndly infested with good cause.School have exhibits Luke Butler will 4(ton W.. Andernon I'enionnlKrom $1000 tof It nppenrintr. by atridavit, appended t to thebill
at we
\ filed In the above staled that \V. ACnrter .
: that (heir owners have censed I eailne
it. and
J. M DiilHWpLot 8 nik 34 John. AddFrom
not be represented at the slate fair. the defendant therein nnmed. In a
I 3f to turn pale every time they sec a I I patrons, please note the following \\'r.fjno. I I5.'r to $ ----- -
sprig of Bermuda also that many places I the schoolbook \ From flOOD I I I I. unknown and that there I iR nopemon
iA ( : am advised by to 1100. In the state of Florida. ..0.1.... of nublioena -
I I .' completely. overrun with) the grnx ".s depository in Jacksonville, that .1 W K.lwanln: PerannnlFrom( "''II> to '|DD.W upon, whom would bind the difenilnot.anil .
Fdwnrdn IVnonnlFrom $800 to $12ft !
} have been mild so. clean of it Ihllt' books m that he la over the axe of twenty.one E. Fralick Hdw. &
x t they hope to have the new in .CLASSIFIED.ADVERTISING.1 Mm Eva Frrnandel A In SW Coy of NW >

4 not a bladu. of the glass is ...'..n. I Pnirying ) I- our hands soon after ::;e1it. 1st. If weICI.t .1II tinrter of &<': quarter, and I A hi NW yearn.It (I. therefore ordered that Raid- non.renl-
of SW of5R
,. is coming industry, profitable I Cor' uunrter' ; ;, quarter. Sic 2S dent defendant he nnil In hen'by required. toappear
P u n shipment I will advise you next >: Prom 42001) to tlnllO. .
bill of filed aid
I to the compla nt in
in both direct und nn indirect seme Take A (' .'lIn.-. Blk 3 ",,'pt lot H H 7 8 and
n week through the Telegraph. rniiHion or before Monday the third dnr of
will I I I II Illk I "exciM K It 7 H Alvarei'* Add- Nuwemi,".. A, D. 101''). otherwise the allocation -
Si nil real I prosperous. farming not care of your old books-they can be "I'r.im iMOO' to ,UII''). Furniture Co
of said bill will he taken eonf edby
begin here before dairying is made, a exchanged at half price on the new I ONE CENT A WORD FOR EACH ISSUE. W II lin-en- A on N aide. of SK quarter Maid* defendant. a. i
CASH IN ADVANCE "f sic: iiuurt, of NK: quarter 21) fi 22-
prominent part of it, for the cows, 'I ,, Please remember also that head It I t. further ordered that thIs order be pubIiu.h.d
1 ( .R. Advertlement. Inavrted under thU I'rom. 'Ano |In $ 'MI..0..01 week for ..'"ht Coniieculive .......k.'n .
once n
beside' yielding i milk i I butler und books are to be sold for cash. J.V.. must be paid In advance. No .dvertlrracnt' \'...* From f 150 to 200. the llrndford County. Teleirrnph. a
21 :M II Hull I. aol W lotn As newpa
for on Ini.rtlnn acrepted for le than .I. 2 A I 40 ft 8
.1 cheese furnish the only lasting" fertilizer :Morgan.Mrs. blk I in original. town From ftfiOO to per publiKhdl! in aid' county and atate.Th I
27th day of Aununt.. A. D. lOIS.
n i tIn Starke Hardware Building)
1 I' ; in plenty. For dairying\ good i JMioO.Jn
FOIi SALE 15 head of shotcs one
KitrI.Lota 2 A 4 Mk R oriidnal, town
pastures are needed. Bermuda grass ]! : A. II. Freeman left :Monday year old. R. A. Newsom, Starke, From .700 to .-OO. i I''. nil HItr. WILU\M9. Clerk Circuit Ceurt.JOE .

I is. the best for this latitude, and the' afternoon for Gainesville, flu., where Flo. 8-20-tf. l'er<*i>nHl From frtOO to 91ROOi Solicitor for Complainant. 8.2<>'1)tNOTICK
\ : C I.Ivunu'stnnAll SW quarter of SBuunrter : BRUNSWICK
't low Hutwood land siitliciently drained she went to attend the funeral of her -- ----- - W of cri>ek. ex iiortuma .olel- - -- ----. .

e is the most suitable! for this Itra....... bl'Othl'I'11': Walter Wills, who died FOR SALE-Three brood sows with 1-n.m '1"l)0 to 9I7BO. : OF \I'Pf.IC'ATIOS FOR TAX IPKI: '
J. C Marofnr -.1.,1 7 blk 38 John. Add- UNDER: 8R<'TION 571 flY TIlE
Sunday from u stroke of paralysis pigs 2 to 5 weeks old ; also 12 shotes From Site to IROO.I. 4.KNEKAL:: STATUTES TALKING

( Among other blessings the present 'I'Ij' ..Mr. Wills lived a long and useful life, Kingsley lake road. G. C. Cady. . M. Mitchell l'rnon..1From 91750 tit Hereby notice i. given that Bradford Cotin.ty .
'JJMIH / .
Itank a corporation. purchaser of tax "Iec.rtlli..al.
j' generation enjoys I is the moving pictures. being -seventy-five years of age at the 8-15-tf. ci Mn.nn P.Ftonnl.m 91MO to '2000.P. .. numbered. reNpectively IJII mil MACHINES

This triumph of the photographic time of his death. :Mrs. Freeman was ft McMillan: .IVn.or.nl From $100 tn 9 too.C 110: iued hy the tax collector of ltralfar.iCounty. l
I.. Peek I'eninnal. From '.00 to 91000.Sinclair . Florida. said.., certificati a being dated
I art, beside furnishing entertainment joined in Jacksonville by her sister FOR SALE-Pair of first-class, med '''.k I.otn It ."eI H blk ft oritf. town the iind day of July A. D 11)17. and baa tile.)

brings light into the ,dark' Mrs. C. W. Liddon, who accompaniedher ium size, young mules. Suitablefor From 91000 tn 91250. .aid certificate. In my otTiee and ha. made.. Pathe and Gennett
II -1'rI'Wonal-'r..m) 9100 to 91100 application for tax .deed. to issue in accordance
places by showing the untraveled the to (;llin."v ill. farm work or lead mules in Sam ItonenberirPersonal. -From $.!I1iO, to with law.

wonders of the world!, of nature, of team. B. Y. Saxon, Hampton, MO. The paid certificate respectively embrace I
I J. D Stannell t.oln R I 9 10 hlk 11 Templa'l I the following land in Bradford county. Flor Records
art us well n.s the various pursuits of :Mrs. :\1.11.: Fryer and children, Fla. 8-29-2t ndil Knini ftoOO I ) to 9100 I ida. aeeii at the date of the inwuance of

mankind I I .. .Inline IT"!I>W I.r..onlFrom 9100 ta particularly act forth b>-witCertiHra'e -
among! the different' strata of society.We morning for Lincoln, Nebraska, where !FOR SALE-Klondyke and :Missionary 91i'0.Thi Nn 125 embrace the following- 1 he Brunswick

are t thrilled by scenes of battlefields I: they go to join Rev. :'II.1.: Fryer who strawberry! plants. A, Rronke, boanl, of aldermen will .be In ..*.10. Com at :NE Cur of went half of nnrthwi.

S nnd deeds< of ,daring moved to !, has been there for the past two Starke. 8-29-2t on,plnlnt Tufmlnv" if any September then be.'JH.: why 111\P.the to hear valuation com. quarter nn t of run noutheant W 2nfl quarter ft tn a of pt northenut..f 'beif. thence nuirter plays all makes of

ymputhy l by the tragedies and tl> months and! has charge of a large ant nn rtxed by them nhnll nnt *tand.OeWITT S JIS ft. W 109 ft. N tfia ft. E Ino ft to mof ,
I I C. JOS'FS.C hn.... Six 2'. Tp. 8, S. R. J* E. nrtucmiedfn
laughter by the burlesques. The blunders nourishing church. Rev. Fryer has WANTED; -One or two fresh mitch .\ UrTCll. Chairman Council, .ncva Town.. Records

committed on the real stage are had I charge of :St.: :Mark's Episcopal I cows. Write Lawrence Development Clerk. Certificate No. 1.10 embrace S '.'41 ft of \ perfectly
I --- ---- -- I lot 4. blk 20 In Starke. assessed N. W: Frnnel -
eliminated from the movies the acting --I
; church for the past three years, and Co., Brooklyn, Fla. 9-5-41 TOWV TAX NOTICENotice *.

and the scenery are perfect. AU his friends here wish him much success I I. hereby nlven that the following tOni. .. aid certificate shall .be redeemedaeenrdlnv Come in and let us

become "people' of the world" in n : in his. new field of work. LOST-Last Saturday a lavatlior.I deftcrihud' Inrid will .be Hold at public auction to law. tax deed will l I.*ue thereon.
on the Ii..t Monday In October. !1"11! It .being on the 2lth dny of SeptemlM A. D. lllltiWitnen
measure through frequently" attend- I I Finder rl'tu'lto :Mrs' 1. II. Ritih the nth due ..r ..,,1 month nt Stnrke In the my official, signature and seal this demonstrate this

)I jlng movie shows... but they are of especial i Col. A. 7.. Adkins! bought a grindstone and receive reward. It county, of "Hrndfiird Mat of Florida or *o I the 7.h day of \uicunt.. 3. D imu" t
I much thereof ... will""be neeenry to pay tho W. T WEEKS.
t value to children as they lift anti ('01. D. F.. Knight a crossiiit nmoiint due for too. .. herein ..*f oppoite, themime. (&,.11 Cler' :

4 the curtain of the world's stage mini! saw at the roud equipment sale.' | FOR \LI--2:1: hl.ueot. grade cattle Invether with the coot of n>ieh ale and By R \ WEEKS. Machine
iKhertminor. I 33-JO-St. Deputy' Cl rk.
f-nnhlii them tn see glimpses of the ('01. Adkins', purchase will help'' him i i ((14 cows, 5 calves and I yearlings) I T. I \ leI'rmanI. 5 II 7 of hilt r in .110". I.

!3ifo I they are to enter. They supply to sharpen the wits of jurymen but $25 all around. A. .T. John."n.1.. all. alno lot of !land hounded F by Temple -. t ----- -- '
4t a ve. N by N T. ROot Wov San.demon I
object lessons and develop their deductive what Col. Knight wants with the saw I n., Roiford. 9-5-21. Inne.. !S by Pratt ..r..t. In 28 n 22

faculties. Children who often is not so r\'ill'nt--unl"9", he has some I Tn.>'. and ..'..'.. 911 I 4<>. A STANDARD UNIVERSITY
t I Mr.. Florence K Ilrooka -t..... 10 11 of hlkJ"
attend the movies. are distinguished aspirations not known to his friends LOST-One dark brindle steer, two I II In Temple'n add 2* 6 22 Tnxen andeiwt COURSES in Liberal Arts and Science Law:

t I lot. 1 of Ilk 42 In I.. T 4 Co..ih '.
I al.I Civil. Electrical Mechanical.
IL .\ intellitrenrp. The moving pictures i it iiIT saw' wood. ear crop under slope in other. Finder div of N F. quarter of NE quarter' 2it R

one of the great! blessings. of the fire I j report to 1R.. Poppell and trot I .<.: T. .. nr.l com*. "1 m Premedical Course and Gradual Studies;
1I.\ In I. T Con nib diY University ecstCn.ion.ATTENDANCE .
11 : .. end the low-priced admittance! mnkei F. :M. Rivers, of )Lake Butler. (pres-' I reward. !0-5-tf. I Hone if Pox NE- Ml quarter blk' of NE ,|1.a"hr. -'" 22 OFFLORIDA F : From SI I Fla. countie.; and

them accessible to all.h i ident of t the Bradford County !Fair As.I ---- I Tar anal ("wtI. 91_7S. 1P26 students
1 t E': W printer F.t One lot 1M ft square In a"f': : including army
''o'Il1tl"n.VII" visitor Stnrke LOST One black horse weight 1010pound' *
--- to on SW Cor of SW dinner qw quarter, e achoola.Rated .

To frighten neople with u"f'>lIIIIc',1newsrn".r :Monday.' :Mr. Rivers states that ', blazed face, knot on loft I _. R"2 T..... and _t... 91M UI F by the War Department one of the
I T V E lrl f.,vr. Fl'. I., f"?: for ofE
stories predicting calamities about 'f\rh', exhibitors hllnlrt'ul\' I fore knee. Reward for information I quarter of lie quarter In 29 t 22- twelve "DISTINGUISHED COLLEGES"in

,, is. an nirirravated case of "rock been signed up for the fair to be heM as to his whereabout Address Tnx. n'''' ..0.t.. tl"5 the United State.

r ing the boat An editor should' be November I ll-lSth.! hut that none have David Dyal Hampton. FI... I R M. F1fmnit! ill blV II* In' NF I. T C.2.'*. A. A. MURPHREE EXPENSES LOW. Next session begins September
b oih dift NE quarter quarter book of
too intelligent for neh nn-tim.. Such been "igned up from the eastern part - - --- -- I !; Tnx,.. nn.l. ...... alt, ,>l LL.'D., Priidtnt 22nd. Write for catalog and FLA.Tr .
i. "tnries are seldom' written by editors. nf the e'ountTh,' citizens of thi-, FOR SALE:-Berkshire pigs. sire. Mr ,n I Franet" 522f1fl'ltandN
I i I'> ft of iot n iif blk Jo oefcrlnal town
I however butlrp printed! against part of the county; must bestir them- ;Melton Forest 9th. N'o 25$:;::17; dam h .bM II J2 Taxe and co.u. 92*.KB

h"a <


+ .

J' :'- ':.-' ''''-' .. ... .-'
.. : .
- :v \ .....,rt'- ..; -'...... .....,.._... -" ,.::k_ .n..';"' ,,;::. ... . .' !:.... : ..._ ...,................ .<3...... ....""' -- ,> .... . '

V. -.d-"" ; ;,........ ,." -t.-&-'"h..Cl ... ,... ..... .--..... .,:-.-;:::::: M.... .. . ,..u .




__. .___.___u_ _
----- --- ----- ---- ------ ----

Gaiety Theatre A WESTERN FEATURE Fritzie Birdette SIX KEEL


}j", "We Cater to the Best- 1N!
SHOWS START AT 9 I Th. Daring Exploit and LkvprraW Love Affair rhrillinii Itumanc of th. Blue Kids A BLUE BIRD KKVU'KKKNIGHT'S:
<>f Hub M Mon Adxcnturtr Don \ Mlu 1I I
I ______.n ___
- - ::: - --- --- ---- -- ------ --
- -
-- --
- - -

I :Mrs Frank Ayres! of V'ero :Mr and :Mrs 11 M Dowling. I

ed home Saturday after a rt'turn-I Ir
visit with her sister, :Mrs J. :Mrs. Charles Simpson and little ,
Bits pell.' daughters Louise and Mary, of r ,
o Local Gainesville: were week-end guests ofMr

Iliyden Knox and Clyda Thrower : and Mrs. Wm. Edwards.A. .
spent the week-end in Gainesvillewith
InforirOnion mationMonday their grandfather Rev. O. A. II. Williams and W. L. Summers MILLINERY
i Thrower. well known citizens of the Providence dalf

0." .._ ,.. :7uAv.ai t..f section were transacting! busi-inesa
r--.. Aa W c..r.wat r.arw :Miss Irene Deox who has ben visit- in Starke :Monday.

jag/ her sister' !Mrs. Lorenzo Green
turned to her home in Mayo Saturday Now is the time to buy Ginghams / -
--... .. 'J
\ for the (Children School '

|.i Onion' sl'ts. J. J.'. Kickhter, It, in Starke with relatives. I I11' )Drest.es. Ginghams; :23!; cents a .
--- -- -------- -- -- ---- ---- ': ;\II'I. Will! :Miner, of Ia\\tey, and hard at Stump
ts' Geoigc Anderson spent Monday in :\ and :Mrs L. A. Duncan and :Mrs. J. :II. Oliver, of Baldwin, were I You are cordially incited 3
'' of Lake Butler, I Messrs I'1.: Padgett' anti V. M.
Jacksonville- family were visitors ;: w'k.,1 guests of11': and Mrs.
--- in Stark :Monday, I II i I n. Roberts. L.I, RiversviM'<' among the Lake Duller attend the ..r
!j''MiH (' Richard visited! friends .- - ---- I I I1 visitors to Stiuke :Monday having opening of

{Jin Oial.i lust week. fifi6 quickly relieves Constipation, I 1 :Mr. and :Mrs. ,J. :\1. :Mitchell and little business before the county boards
M Biliousness Loss of Appetite and :Miss Lucilo Mitchell aro spendinga \ - -.- Fall and "Winter Millineryand
$ Jesse H.h'xandel', of Hampton Headaches, due to Torpid Liver adv. while at the Canova place' Kin "ll'y The Quigley 1 I umber & Supply Co.hae .
|was III town Tuesday", i -- I lake built the prettiest little boat ever -
A -. I :Mrs Everett :Miner and little ,I ___ -4.__ ___ ___ _. I seen in Stiuke It i i. light and Motions/ '
Morgan Redding; of LnvUey, had daughter, )Pauline left Sunday to visit /not/ has proven it will cure Malaria I j staunch and both sail and oars can be I
business in Stuike Tuesday. :Mis. VI niter Hi.vnn in Tampa I I| Chills and Fever, bilious fever cold I| used It was not built to order but is I Friday September 12th 1919
for mile ,
- I|and lattrippe. It kills the germs that
y, James Reynolds, of Graham transacted New models in voile and organdy cause the fever? Fine tonic. Adv. I
business in Starke Tuesday. waists, $1, $1.50 and $-, at Morgan's J' --.-.- I Preaching at Baptist church Sunday -
Mm. Jo', I F. Stump" and, little Baugh-I i 1'J oMotk and Sunday night {9

Ralph Alvarez left recently to accept -I U W. Surrency, of Graham, hall| ters returned home Friday a ,I I o'clock./ Pastor will be in charge. All
a position in Georgia. business before the county boards ) pleasant visit in Wilson N. C., and cordially invited but membership urged -
Monday Amherst, Va. to ntti'ndDruggist .

r Men's Work Shirts 75; centsat KNIGHT'S MILLINERY. 1
[ Stump's. rail Opening I I :\Irs. Fannie Perry, who lives near C. P On son had a severe
Friday, September 12th. Gainesville ix visiting at the home of tussle with the indigestion: last week

r( Capt. R. C. Heibergcr of Theressa Knight's Millinery her parents :Mr. and Mrs O A. but hill many friends are glad to see -.-, Starke, Florida

|wns n visitor to Starke :Monday Thrower Jr. him up again and on duty at the name

I i :Mrs K Matthews: and :Miss' Florence I well known old stand.
s .,' 111'S.. J, Kelly has moved from Matthews left Thursday to spenda We are closing out our line of v
''t Starke to Brooker. few days in Jacksonville.Mrs. Ladies: and Children' Italy at I II Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tucker returnedto

9 I 8 cents each._ Slump's.: I their home Plant City Saturday, ,
" Rub-My-Tism is a great pain killer. Alma :McMillan: and little son after II pleasant visit with :Mr. and I A

LIt relieves pain and soreness caused left Wednesday for a week's visit' After spending several' weeks in I :Mrs O C. Cason. Mrs. Tucker is .... t +
Atlanta Miss Bertha Moore has -- --- -
I by Rheumatism Neuralgia Sprains. with friends in Valdosta Ga returned :Mr Cnson's sister.
to the home of her parents.Mr. I

c l Hon. A. D. Andrews, of Raiford, I grad and !Mrs. L. V. Moore. j .
lileachin, 1 yard !Miss Elsie Harrison of Worthington .
was town Monday. wide 2. cents a ard. Stump's. Springs, has accepted position
\ > > a
/ I The Woman's Club will resume their uULL__ __<
i j S. B. Woodarci activities in October the first meeting in hnightS Didhnery eSLw."nmeIlL.where Build Bank Balance
was the The- -
among K. L. Wilkinson of Sapp was in she will learn the art of mil- a
f ressa visitors to Starke Monday. 'I town Friday and enrolled himself as : being held the second Wednesdayat ,; linery. ,
\ the Red Cross
I rooms.
a subscriber for the Telegraph.Nat .
\Ir Dolton .
Carter of the Lawtey section
was in Starke Friday on busi- Williams brought a sheaf of Miss Dorothy Edwards returned to I I I We, druggists are proud and of the the confidence public have doctors in A checking account with the Bank of Stark turn
her home
{,ness. rice to the Bank of Starke. The rice after in a pleasantisit Sunday with afternoon her- 60C Chill and Fever Tonic. Adv. all your cash receipts-check., drafts, money orders
had big and well matured heads.
,{ Sweet Rose Flour J. F. Kickhter.l cousin. !Miss Florence :Matthews.B. -- I and money itself-into your bank balance. )
Nile Kay, of Dunedin is expectedto
The U. 1>. C. will meet next Wed I Your bank balance is the
W. Hodges of Jacksonville come to Starke tomorrow to visit I amount of money to your
6" P. L. Gaskins Esq., of
Jacksonville nesday afternoon at 4:30: at the Red
and here with nt the home of his grandmother, Mrs. I credit at the Bank to be drawn needed .
spent Sunday
(pent Sunday with his aunt, :Mrs. II. Cross rooms on Walnut street. Monday as or transferred
C. P. and his Mrs. J. W.
( hill wife who Is her Ray, aunt I
C Richard. parents i to others by your personal check. o'
\ :Mr and Mrs A. P. Hoffman. I White. '
666< has more imitations than I Ilfr.
anyother t
A Men's; Dress Shirts, 7; cents Chill and Fever Tonic on the I : and :Mrs George W Marks left When you write a check on the Bank of Starke, d'
?to $2.50 at Stump's.Miss 'market but no one wants Imitationsin The Quigley, Broom Factory has I I :Monday for New Smyina where they you make the exact change, transfer the arrcunt to' d

f : Flossie Reynolds left Friday I medicine. They are_ dangerous, adv room now as for many and the workmen output, as is there sold as is I I will spend the winter. Mr Minks 5 the right person, and have for future reference a 'f '

j ."l for Lawtey where she Is a member of :Miss Georgia Epperson of Lake I soon as turned out. i schools holds the in that position city. of supervisor of complete, reliable record of the transaclion...Your a P'

|the school faculty I Butler, is visiting at I the home of I I check is a voucher which your creditor must receipt
---------- h
Mr: nnd Mrs: Roscoi Mo Iu have
Sheriff and :Mrs W. J. Epperson. in I
taken (their residence Mis \\'. It. Young nnd before he can collect the money.
Harold Wall is making a tour of [I -- --. ---- up in Stuike
| tho Hast Coast with the Hastings !j i :Messrs! F. F. Stump and C. F. Har- 1ICllin. after a month' sojourn at Misses: Kate Maxine/ arid llIlIlhlt.rR./, / Build n bank balance with cash receipts; enjoy the '
"bftll team. King-dcy lake. turned Friday from an extended visit
rett left Thursday morning for icesburg
I the auto. to 'Hot Springs, ,\rk., Hay St Louis, the privileges of p"yinawith checks t
r making trip by
!Miss Margaret Dekle, of Luke ButSler Hev H n Law !Mrs. Allie Law and and liiloxi!, MIHKMi We invite
,*. Miss /Doris Law returned Wednesday, checking accounts. No ac-
visiting relatives and friends :Mrs! B :M Dowhng has returned *
t. in Starke this wl'"k. from a Jacksonville hospital, and, is from Ridge Crest N. C., where they : '. and Jlli" I R. A. Woks, (:ul. arid 1 count is too large for our facilities and none too smallto t

much improved in health. spent the past six wetks. Mrs A. V. loiig nnd :loll'. G.i C. Livingston I have our cordial appreciation and bent attention.

Mrs l Illt'ry1.: : )Davis ,'eturlledIon": ----- motored to Tampa Saturday'
day from Atlanta where she has been :Mrs D. E. Knight spent Sunday in :Minimum of "overhead expense." and, after enjoying Mr rind Mrs. Liv If your checking account is kept with us a full statement

visiting relatives. Lake Butler with her parents !Mr. and Ever think about it ? That explainsour ingston's hospitality nturned homo [ accompanied by your paid chf'cks.will be mail 4 ,
:Mrs P. K: Langford ability to sell better values at the 'Tuesday, .
I ed to on the first day of each and .,
you month.
s G Rub-l\fyTism is n powerful antisep- same price and same values at less -- --- - every
f tic. It kills the I price. Come and make us it. J. I S. of .
a; poison caused from infected Special prices on nil Ladies: prove J. Norman the Watnnmk section
('uts. cures old\ 1 sores, totter Oxfords and 1'umps at Stump's. W. Morgan. I! tells He, Tele'grn thut nearly
etc. Adv. ----- --- I nil' of the citizens of thut part of the

Herbert Ritch !Misses KfRe: Ritch II county are planting strawberries and BANK OF STARKEThe d
Dr. A. J. Johnson of Raiford, wastransacting and :Margaret Dekle, of Raiford, motored DL's..1. C. Robinson and children that the acreage will bo pretty well
business in Starke Wednesday to Starke Tuesday afternoon will return tomorrow. from Jasper I up to the old time standard. I
where they have been spending thuwitks > Growing Bank t ,
I II U. Parmcntcr and John Drowning with ivlatives. A, II. Surremy, .T. J.'. Brooks, A. A.//
E.S. Matthews Pres.
Ceo C. White
New line of :Men's :Soft( 1'(>ltl' of the Wnteronk Mition. were Ilten..1. ,1. :Morgan' (!i.V.. / n, Cashier
I1[.'..t s, Q/'_>.Tfh., 4n. ,aiun .tl.. tit ..- k I1 .I Miss Mary Wells, who had\ nceii theattractive I ir I' 1'!..b.; ..... i,' \r hare. mid) I.' J I
o o """. amp a mong t.n" vlsiturs to Stur e an uy. "' : -' "
'I ------ -- ---- guest of her" IIUII-t. ,Mrs: J. I Ward, well: known; ;: citizens;: of the Il
J. B Sapp, of ,Jacksonville was C. C. Johns and* family of New P. Tomlmson, left 'Ihuisd.iy. for her'i'I llrnoker section Mere visitorto i
transacting" htisutess in Htlu'keI"n: River have moved to Starke and are hum,' m llumx.-llon. I'I S'tnrke :Monday I
___. ,
day Pratt street I --
occupying a cottage on i ISirs. I I1
:Mrs. R O Daniel and! son, Russell ) : Delia I'rierson arid daughter I

Jos H. Wilson left :Monday for a Nine-quarter bleached sheeting at spent the week-end in Starke with Miss: j I.uclle Weeks, who have been
week's visit in Pensacola with relatives iO cents. This in face of the fact that relatives. While here Master Russell visiting' at the, home of !Mr. and :
wholesale! quotations were 67c in July underwent an operation/ for adenoids. A. S. Crews left Wednesday'' for \11'//

and are higher now. Can you beat it? home in Fort Worth, Texas We wish to thank our many friends and patrons

G. W Hinson, of the Hampton section J. W. Morgan.Mrs. for the liberal
was a business visitor to Starke R J. Tatum, of Swift & Company's :Miss Annie Laurie: Smith, of C'IIly-1 patronage extended us. We r

:Monday R. L. McDowell and little son. clerical force in Jacksonville spent ton, fa! is the guest of :Miss ; announce daily arrival of fall dry goods notions i.'
the week-end with his parents in trude Scott at Kingsley lake. Miss
of Jacksonville are visiting her
\ and
,. II. T. Thomas and family of the ents :Mr. and! :Mrs. John UglowMr Starke. Smith is enroute to Del.and where ready-to-wear. A new line of wash dressesfor

Vanderbilt section! have moved to Douglass the has been appointed rural school Children, Misses and Ladies, suitable for
Bradentown. : and Mrs John Ritch and }Ir. W. K Wamright Harmon inspector, for Vidusia county
rank "barney and H O Brown ofthe school and out door
Ritch visitors in
I and :Mrs.' Louis were I
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Harvard have Starke \'elnesI'IY., I :Midway ,,section were visitors! to Mrs. Lucy Powell'', wife of the late I
returned home after a stay of several I -- Starke :Monday. Dr. Tate ""owt'll.ho, has .been livingfor Our line will show a saving of about 33 1-3

weeks at Pablo Beach.Mr Fill I hats on Display; I several! years at Lenoir, N. C., '''' per cent since we have bought our line. r
Knight's :Millinery Mallory Thomas and family of will return to Starke in the near future

: *, J, O Fralick has returned I Opening Date, September 12th Lake Butler have moved here and are to make her horn here 'I The store with the line 'you wish to
visit with relatives at I living/ at the Sapp house on Sander- buy.
from a short ------ -- -- -- ,
Worthington Springs. n. A. Thrower, Jr. and son. :Max, I sun street :Mrs. 1 K D. Proctor of St. Petersburg Special agent for Sweet Rose Flour. y;
I who are employed in Jacksonville, I is visiting a ttho home of :Mr.
.. Attend the Fall Opening and Mrs. 1 F. A. Scott. Mrs. Proctori
Frank Lane, of Jacksonville, spent !spent Sunday here with hom folkn I THANKING
weekend Ptaike with his moth. i I'riday September ItIi.Kni I i i i. remembered here as :Miss Jennie YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE
the in . .. I _
: ; ht's \illin..r. Lh
I V h 1 hU
er. Mrs II C. Runnrci.Mens J.* I rig' n, nor nur old' friends uifher gladto
---- ------- -- -
se? in htarkeJudge .
----- Work Ii.; I)0'. (',ulr and bride spent Friday ___ I
Skin ---
: :\I"i'\? nn'ht with, his Kister, !Mrs J. G. poppi .
Stuinp*. Geo! A. Gardiner sold I to thef GRIFFIN &
Shoes $1.79 at 'I. Th'-y their to :Miami JOHNS
IS YOUR LIFE wore on way : E. f'nnovu store Monday lOll canes

Mr: and Mrs D R Edward, and lit- whirr they .will ri'side "it the Simpson variety The canes
INSURED? - -- - ---- ---
of Gainesville spent were well matured and long j"inteI.1
tle son, William .- :Mr and Mr<. y,'. J. Johns, of New; Th,- is i i the earliest; date for cane thatu
=- It.r.. ale now making! their home have "f Starke
--- a Florida.
:=::=: I'
I I REPRESENT THE \\t'', their +ao-m, .law and daught' r. reran . ,
-- - - -------- <;
hools will he opening( during Septi -
{ And a full line of ] MUTUAL LIFE INS. ""' 'nbf-r, and now i is a rood timo to pre-

Undertakers' S tpplies; CO. OF N. Y. THE If Monuments ard Tcmbstones l>.ir-" in getting tho children's clothosKemHmber '
Automobile !lpRr-->4' r. ad:", Wp have the goods
OLDEST COMPANYIN S. M. DRIGGERS Lake Butler \"u' need, and we promise you that we 1
Always on hand. Th h.- t..r I .... : : _
sr t ft t1. h
no pm i raring on em ed er. /
vice at the lowest prices. Spe-i, > THE U. S. Agent for In spite of the very marked advances.

.tt..ntio" to telegraph orders 'I Valdosta Marble Work ..all\ primes within the past 10; days/ Mrs T. J. Woodard and little daughter :Miss Flora '.. Clower' 'left :
--- iir' selling, nearly every artirlo inti :Margaret of Panama City; :\1 r.un,1 for Tallahu.'t where Monday
Years of she
R"J! "! ,tereu Embalmt: r Satisfactory ter- I is attendintr .
sutra at former! prices. See us theUte
JOS. E. WILSON Olrs. Jas. Itulmger! and :Mr. It. C. convention of

JeWITT---C. JONES ,;''I I Q vice-.Latest Designs to'se- I fore buying J. W. Morgan.The Basseiifcer! of ),Mobile Ala.; Mr. J. A. Axcellentawork! || ".in :Miriowrr. i demon-/*

Starke F'a.' i i. 2. lect from. fnlhwll1have/ been guests! of :Miett, of Iost/! Ma".., and Mrs! the //'opl. are fortunate Hradford county anjSEI''CEIUElt

aee -a -- 'H. ->nark' 1 Ho,IH" of late Mr and Harrpll. of DrO


,. .!. .
--- ............... .-. . '

"'!.,". ..... "' ,.....oFRIDAY -.:. ', ,,
--- ...

': r.' : k. .. "k,. aStdltfK. r, !! a wo





'': I .Uesuis..1." V. Jones Percy Griffin -----

I: and Ruie Johns, of Hampton, were' in
Bradford County Farmers our burg Saturday night.

:Mr. and :Mrs. It. E. Moon, :and

sons, Arthur and Freeman, weuisi" u-

: that the necessity of a ing puiposos.) It also gives a splpn- tins to Gruhani Sunday.!
UK !'iTc.. ETItEl'OItT: :; : ) :-; tclopniint'
i __ stiong. and virulent ,dairy associationbus did] flavor to soups and mllItll.I 'j. W. H.nson was u visitor I" I I
I r Pinellas County-The slogan of two bus und is becoming .of the greatest, j| To produce fall vegetables I satisfactorily nags;Mr Iloiirhti Lulu Wednesday.
Marque and little, dam'iitei
cows, two pigs and 50 chickens for importance to the future development | it i ill advisable that somecommercial ', Marruret of) Jacksonville I
: rut
fertilizer be used. In
every farm and, it roveis a knockout of the industry. here
The Tallahassee chamber of commerce ing these fertilizers it is recommended spending the week with h.1'brothel' i
blow to the high cost of living/ :More. -
1 S. It. Swindel.
cordial invitation that bone material be
mulch the county is extending a compound
good rows arcin
to all to come to Tallahassee pn used, if possible. If of the Cecil Daisy, David and Howard
than ever before. Now tin- citizens; arc any crops
donating, / money to purchase aNn, 1registeied the days mentioned, and attend this, shwa( tendency to lag, a top dressingof entered school at Hampton, c a package

t r Jeixc-y bull for the use of session. commercial fertilizer raked into Monday- A 5

the county. This animal will be kept . - the roll! will insure quick) and responMve MILLERMiller before the war5c
: silos have beenurecied growth
Many new
un and cared for by the county agri-
cultural high school. Over 2,000() bushels over the state this scar, und are now -- - .

of rice rained nn Lake Largo have being filled with solngo crops. The I T. :M. IIAGAN; ;, OF THERESSA.; ; made:, ,business Sept. 5. :Murray Thomas
a trip to Worthington
been cleaned and shipped in carlots silo is becoming more" popular each .\CCIIIEXTI.I.YOIiOOTS: ( SELF
Prof. John :M. Scott of the experiment Saturday afternoon
to Tampa.IlIn! full gardens bring vear.
) station believes that n dairyman :.Mr.: and :.Mrs. II. C. Peeples and :Mrs a package
prepared Theiessn, Sept.Last:! Friday J. I.. Drown visited friends and l'e1'1-''
Washington County-:Many farmers cannot afford not to have a :Messrs. T. :M.
Hagan and II. D. :May tiers<< in Wuteroak section last week

have begun preparing their full .. went out to kill a bE'efIr.: Hagan Dr) Carefoot, of Worthington was during the war5c

and winter gardens. A larger variety I carrying his gun along to do thehooting. a professional visitor here Sunday.
1'I,0IUII.BEEF: cvrm: riion-)
.if vegetables than usunl is being '' Arriving at the field where :.V'ss! ; Ewtelle
i of Alnchua,
i.iM4rKii: : : IS I1tl'l)11'AN'CLake : )
d. i' ,
'I the steer was feeding, :Mr. Hagan pent last week visiting friends and
County-Citrus fruits inunic j, walked around endeavoring to get inn "ivlativ. here
Mellon-, hanbtninE'ri suchweight The irnjioitant beef cattle problems I' better position for firing. He 14 a
wascarrying Miss[ Jessie :
May Colson of Lake
in the state according to \V. II. Black, '
as to cause propping of the. the
weapon with the barrel Butler spent the weekend with :Miss:
!limbs. In sections eXI"E'rimenI"'l'f rattle spuciulist, woiking with packageNOW
Home ,
i pointing! downward when, in somenHlI1nl' Ant,a Belle Peoples.J. .
I the (extension division of the college
the citrus is
spraying by growers! it
/ was discharged, the bull.t1C0ing S. Howard of
was a
,being conducted., Considerable l corn of agriculture, are as follows : j'I through his right foot and into ine?s vlitohero Saturday.
harvested. Silos 1. The necessity of growing more I
being being filled.
the A'l'ound.1: Hagnn did. not at Me: "1'''. IJ. E.: Brown and, T. II. Waters
Leo feed and forage, especially for carrying i -
aI County-I Farmers prepaimg, first realize that he was wounded, but I attended the hog sale at thee
I I land to 1 put. out the fall truck crops. cattle I through the winter. bir.liay: did mid, he took him over" t Bcacham Stock Farms at Alachua
: Special is being given the seedbeds 'J. The need of improving summerpastures. on
care I Hamilton as soon as possible where Tuisdny.
so that the best of plants can be the wound was dressed by Dr. Hunter. I George: :\ ,' was a business visitor
set. One farmer recently purchased3t It. The improvement of native cattle Lit reports) from, him indicated that to Raiford
1 ) head of fine liiahma cattle to use by> the use of pure, bred bull> of i he Thursday.
was getting along well
M+ on his stork farm" beef breeds and, elimination of the could be expected. ns asi I Den/.il Thomas made a business DOES THE PRICE!
i trip to Worthington last week.
:Manatee County: -Celorv bed coming scrub hull.M I II. :Misses Bessie and Nettie Duho.se Misses Anna Belie.
I along nicely. A small amount of I. The necessity of financial aid Peeples Carrie
to their
It home at Starke last Belle Brown
and Jessie
r has I been from federal sources and local banks. May Colson .
celery already net in the week after w
a days' visit herewith :Messrs. Earle
Peeples and Carle
t field." Another silo recently complet 5. 'fhe necessity of tick eradication relatives .
and friends. Brown attended church III
at Olustee
1 ,,_ ed. in order that live stock farmers I Mrs. S. R. Woodard and daughter, Saturday night.J. .,..
4 a !h Escamhin: 'ounty-I'v'rythinA': now will feel, justified, in bringing good Estelle were visitors to Hampton Suturday.
f I I ,_ "points to a successful fair this full cattle from the north. F. Williams was n business visi-

Some of the farmers say that the con fi, The need of no-fence law.tinurd I Mr. and :Mrs C. A. Rhames and :Mr. tor to Starke Monday.

ruins are damaging the potllThe greatest of these is the feed and :Mrs. Roscoe Rhames motored over :Miss Elsie Stokes spent part of last

toes lIuw'v'r., there are some nplen- problem. There is a period from the to the county metropolis Saturday. week visiting relatives at Starke.
did, fields, of this !Miss Flora Clower, of Starke, the
crop. middle of December to the middle of, 7ack Cobb left Friday for Larkins

.. Putnam County-Kail 1 planting of 1 February when the range is not sufficiently where he will be employed in tho home demonstration agent, was here
I* '
truck. crops, Ku.hI". Irish 1 potatoes, good to carry the cattle. This triuk business this fall Thursday.

i ( cabbage-: and onions, has begun and is more ihaiactenstic" on the larger A. L. Sullivan and son. Guy were J. C. Ward of Providence, passE'dthl'lIuA'h tie. / .lS
the ,indications tinI I hut there he here Saturday enroute'toDukes.
will cattle ranges in South Florida.. The among the visitors to Hampton Sat
r i I quite| a heavy planting: of these crops' best. solution of this problem would urday., .

Ibis fall. :Much interest, is being /givbe\ to fi in. off i.: as much good land as :\11'11.Iillie: Hngan: and children of Olson Thomas visited& friends in V .

en to the matter of II county exhibit possible and grow forages/\ that can hat e Palntku spent Thursday afternoonand I.Alathuu--county-- _.Sunday.A _<< -- .__ _ 4W Y e
the stale fair! this full. The couppastured, unit! better still, be cut and Friday here with relatives.I ,

ty agent has secured the assistance made into hay or put into a silo. I II ISIanton Owsley went to Jacksonville BRADFORD
of a committee' of business, men to cooperate In northfin. , western' and central Thursday on business. I

P I :.. with him in this work. Subcommittees Florida where crops are /grown\ extensively J. L. :McEwen: was a visitor to Biadford., Se'pt. 5.-C. II Newsomi v

of farmers in every community conditions. me different. The Hampton Saturday. i in Stnrke Tuesday on business. y :3 Ie '

will assist in /getting\ up the problem" in these sections. is to encourage :Mrs. P. II. Neal was a visitor to I i A. Boyd visited, his daughter :Mrs. b !
+ exhibit.I'asco' the best methods of utilizing the Hampton Saturday. I IT. L. Willis, Wednesday.

County; May and corn crops crops. The use of silos, the pasturing !Mrs. P. II. Neal was a visitor. ( to I Miss Eva Edwards visited in tho e

I ti I being harvested. :\ number of silos i of coin and beans in field and,I theutilization Statko Saturday. || .county; sent the latter part of thepast

recently constructed.\ Great interest of roughages week.
/\ are Arthur Bennett was in Hampton
( being taken in pasture grosses, and a that must be emphasised.ill Saturday. I :Mr. and :Mrs. T. B. Edwards at- 137

lIulII"er of denwlI"trntioll '..lots of Na_ - _._-.--_ _ IV. : .-" '...._, _, ... ..__ ." t I tended_ the_ .n....m..tprv.. _ . work.. __ ..i.inrr.. .n.4-_ .n.\Tn\w. .
I -II. IXIOU "A .JillttnUIIVIllC, was '
1 pier, auimn and I IIInxk'H grasses bo- REYNOLDS: : KILLS. WEEVILS home cluiing the week-end I I' River Thursday. I
I ing conducted A
has been dairy association f J. W. Batten was in Stance last of Soeber Edwards was a visitor to
t, and. will formed" ,I ut Crystal Springs Mr. James Rejnolds, of Graham, the work on business I Brooker Thursday. I
co-opc-rnte with the
Dado City Blooded, I stock of all ono kind at was in Starke last Wednesday consulting C. A. Youngblond was a visitor to I !Master Virgil Newsom is numberedon )

being introduced.Gadsdcn with County Agent Caswell Hampton Saturday. the sick list this week.

County-Some farmers of in regard" to the detail of reconstructing Mrs :Mattie HHan returned, home :Mrs. C. W. Edwards: and Miss Ruby FOUR THOROUGHBRED TRIED SOWS for sale

\ this county will build his corn crib so that it could he Thursday from Miami\ where she had Edwards: visited the former's parents bred to ,,
new airtight thoroughbred boar
.} cribs or remodel<1 1 their old, fumigated to kill the coin weevils. spent some time with relatives. :Mrs. T. If. Rimes Tuesday.C. .

1 they can treat the for ones so that :Mr !Reynolds says that if there is Master Otis King has returned, to II. Newsom was in Worthington)

Sugar, cane' looking corn the weevils. anything to this weevil fumigation he his home from Lake Park, where he ThursdayBrinkley, ONE POLAND CHINA SOW bred to Poland
well and it China
is believed wniitH to take advantage of it becausethe has been visiting his grandparents | Hayes and brother boar
N. C. to farrow
average crop will be Sept. 3 1919.
l II made, There m considerable insects play havoc with his ('(lrn.. :Miss Minnie Hagan was n visitor were visitors in Brooker Friday morn. ,

::1 in erecting interest every year, and he is anxious to put to Hampton Friday afternoon. I'I Ing.

ii r P Put e t ees. I'lans curing/are houses being for sweet an end to this", damage: if there is any George Wilder of Mayo spent n j I j I J1 r. und Mrs. Wade Ilarrell were ONE I POLAND CHINA SOW bred to Duroc boar to
wl to erect a community possible chance to do 50.Vhile talk- few (days here recently on business j jI visitors to Worthington Friday after farrow Sept. 4, 1919

t, nt'n Cr..I...:. .. .. ,...." .... ..._. ... _storage. . house mar to ::All! Ca.well Vii took- .. the-... limn-....- t-.I ti.t.!. ...,. of !':'....tn." .'..... ;n ...u..,. .
6 l $ tutees in that section K" ('a rc or tile 1>011. to explain that he was well pleased I burg Thursday; enroute to Palatkn. I Grandma Baxter has moved to her ONE DUROC SOW bred to Duroc boar to farrow

Seminole County-Trucking with the use of crude oil as a means i G. M. Bennett left Friday for Ft.. laughter's home, :Mrs. A. J. PmholI Sept., 1919. ,

in the Sanford district /well operations of controlling lice and mange on hogs. Lauderdale and other points of interest ..1 I "h.'r. and l will make her future home

\ der way. A large un :Mr. Reynolds l ordered a barrel of' in South Florida on n combined I them ONE BERKSHIRE POLAND
t 'I and celery will be planted'acreage S""ellll'di lettucer crude oil on Mr. Caswe.Il's advice and business and pleasure trip. j T. B. Edwards, was a visitor to Duroc CHINA CROSS bred to

\ doing well Torn and, hay being he says he keeps some of it poured! on S. R. Swindel and, children were.Brooker, Saturday! morning. boar to farrow Sept. 10, 1919. i
I und both pools of water in his pasture where visitors to Hampton Saturday afternoon I I [II'. Carefoot Worthington
mal in yield. Sixteen crops are about nor I the hogs have access to it. He says in this section Saturday. ONE DUROC GILT with 10 pigs first litter farrowed
,I m this'! county. 'now the hogs at once learn to bathe in th" :Mr. and, :Mrs. Lawrence King, of George and, H.imeEdwarI", who Aug. 19, 1919.

i. . water whenthe oil is and. do not Brooklyn, are located,J in our little :, have, been visiting: relatives here forquite I

r The lower prices paid for in spend any time in the water where town at present.Mrs. 1! a while, returned to their home Also one of the best 18 months old DUROC BOARS. 11

Florida are paitly due to the hogs lack' of I there in no oil. lie is now an enthusiast : Driggers moved one day last i in Tampa Thursday. Have priced the above to sell. If interested i

.sulllciont! bogs/\ to furnish" uniform on the use of crudo oil for hogsand week to Titusville where she will I Edgar;;. :\lul'll1l''' and mother were ee me at
I supply throughout tho a says it is the cheapest and most make her home. I I visitors to Worthington Saturday once.

to have a steady, year market In there-order efliciont means he has ever tiled for :Mr. and Mrs.! D.V.. Moore: motored T. L. Willis was u business visitor

must be competition controlling lice and skin diseases of over to Starke Saturday., to Brooker Friday.C. .

and a sufficient number among of hogs buyers mov. hogs. Dr.) Fort' tier. and :Mr. anl Mrs. Lawton \V. Edwards: Steve Hague, T. I,. .James T. Moore

roll. regulaily to the, Baylor, of Brookl 'n. motored Willis and T. It Edwards: spent Saturday -
r While light hogs nuij 'sell best in house s. HOME: GARDI..V; : \\ 11.1. HEM1: Ri-: through here Sunday nfternoitn from in \Vo1, hington. LAWTEY

i trade. << the packers demand an average local DIVE: HIGH COST 01' LIVING:" ; Graham; where they enjoyed a pleasant John Morgan and family motored FLORIDAWhat

of 17.r: to :,10u!()() pound bogs live day. 'i, Worthington Sunday afternoon.
___ weight. The garden should get :Mrs. .
--- -- every attention Josephine Sullivan of Homp- | - -
Madison county C..1. possible/ ut this time of the year, ton spent Sunday here with relativesand iiAKUKKKlnrbee :
has been vivtm agent.* theaou (,>m.Matthews ,** as: ._it,.!is. the.opening: season. ,for, ,plant-.... lends I I. I,>n"in.Ionday: morn- I i .

>1 mivice m 1'l.lIr.1, 'to -fending; ,;; in" "in linnimer ,.t'lCetlUlell.Iiol.. ing for iuinmt nature sue win spent ; Sept. !n-K. [). Stokes wasa

k. the hogs and marketing them when out I.summer rains have been heavier than i, some time with her dauA'htE'r.Irs.: J. I visitor to R. ifor,1 :Monday.R. .

,' prices, aic usually usual und the soil will contain plenty P. Summers. B. Rosier. has moved to Raiford

the first carload highest.was As shipped a result : of moisture for the production of''l i S. Woodard was n visitor to the |I, Charley Byrd, of Raiford. was in i More boys Keeps would Boy at Horn. MICKIE SAYS

from; that county on August 1(5( bringing I high grade vegetables for the next: ', county ml'tropoli.lo"iIlY.. : j ji I our section. Thursday afternoon. borne to escape the run tyranny sway If from 1
two months they
a print of 17 1 l-U provided this moisture y'i Capt Ileiberger and children spent Willie Parrish was a visitor to, inil ,,
:? cents per pound conserved free I"-I I-, ,mind, ) rLt"l,",v to 50ME FOLK, MOVE S1atNCtS
bj shallow
fur No. cultivation ofgrowing Sunday at Graham. Star Monday.: .
t 1'.. -un to \',' i ... -| ", n,4'1 DONS
.\ __ crops.Among Saturday night :Miss Rhoda Bennett Louis Phillips was a visitor to Rai vjf INTO (N' NEED NO MORE -

flu IE: FUIIUJlImy) the vegetables that should entertained a number of her ford Saturday afternoon. DUST ASfICT'GA2NER
.tSSUCtt-:; BUT
TIO.V:" be planted immediately may be mt'ntion.1 I I friends with a pound party. Quite a I.ouis Phillips, G. W. I Rosier Steve 1 Jt5,4 'EM tniTo Tut WISE OMtSBRADFORD

beets of the blood red variety, irovvd attended and several I amusing I f OIII"r.11': and, :Mrs. Geo. Smith were ? 5LwptM' DOLLAR4 9 f !
U'3 A
and turnips of the Cohorn'ari,>ty. games were played on the house and at the State Farm Saturday nil'ht.'e"I'y F W J'mvte I
Y The liral big meeting of the Florida Cabbage plants should be set out as on the lawn. :Music on the Columbia \\ Rosier was visiting[ friends You Do More Work, c' A trL WANT AD I

lahassee Dairy. Association will be held at Tal early as possible, and the same can/ grnphonola was also greatly enjoyed. I ord relatives in Starke Sat unlay and d You lire more ambitious and you get more! - --=- & I
Wednesday and Thursday be said I enjoyment out of everything! when -
regarding collarda. Later Later the your
in | guests were invited into the Sunday. blood Is in -'-
September good condition. -
lath and llth. the month brussels sprouts should. beRet i I dining room where a delicious supperdeparted I Mr: and :Mrs. Joe Sparkman left the blood. have u Impurities' in := ::

The Florida Dairy Association hasueeu nut (name. nt fti. !Chit! *>th.ivnt wn... ..... .-...,.rnn.. .....'. ...1'......... .....i..i.... .,. ..).,... .......,.. .. I !-':"-."...''nu..... .1'.,.. U.n.. ... .",ln'..."_'. the system, causing very!! weakness depressing effect huiness! on -
1 has orgnnizeu, fur some time, but it t type .should. be planted "i immediately; ; , "assuring their hostess of n -- nervousness and sickness.

not attempted' to have any meetings as well as cowj.ens of the blackevoind pleasant evening Among those attending LIST STARKE. URU\ 'S TASriLLSS Chill TONIC:

1 such ns it I is, planning for this conch varieties.' Some gherkin w're1I"Ke": :Minnie Hagnn, restores Energy and Vitality l-y Purifying!!

}, one.meetings It will he the first of n series of I cucumbers should be planted, for sweet Stella Cloversettle. 11:1111YIooru.: Julia East Starke, Sept. 5.-Geo. \ViII its and Enriching!! the bI,ssf. When you fuel lPou
that are planned' to be held piiklmg. Eggplant should be set out Louise and : llama of strengthening! !, IlIvillurl1'llIlI'fTc..t.. see
In i Margaret Heiberger, I I Winter Garden; is. spending, a how It
various brings/ color (
r parts of the state, for the now and the Early Long Island variety Rhoda and, Eunice: Bennett, Gertie I ISwindel few lays here the guest of his cousin, It improves! the to the e leeks mid how por L JEgy
of apprtilc. 1fp
purpose" you will then +
getting rnJCf
is ltd
up in the best suited for planting this ,
at and Lola Wilson of Stnrke Russell Hornsby. appreciate its true toim' value
1 industry , ,
and also) for the purpose ofcompleting season. English pens should also bo :Messrs. Snm and Willis Svvindol Kil I Emory Harris and Robert Jones, of CIROVU'S TASTI.LI: Chill /"TisE VJnRLU

an organization: that is planted< for '
the i
necexsnry Justry. future of the in- John Hall. Calvin Triest. Arthur Ben : daY' IRON and QUI)' =""I'oIJ:' :: suspenikel 1 in Synn tiN
Every: kitchen garden should have nett. Hill Maxwell. Alvnh Saxon and :j, :Mr. 110,1In.: J\5. Green visited So pleasant even children l.ke. it Id', to

Dairying in Florida has grown with a liberal planting of kale, early curly Jim Stiidstill, of Hampton j i iI'l Mr. and :Mrs. O. O. Stokes Sunday af- blood needsQumine to Purify, and IRON
wonderful strides in recent years and! variety and mustard, Ostrich Plumevariety. i to Enrich it. These reliahle I'' UK' .
:i-iton Owsley came in from Jack-I'f ternoon. I' jrl hierties -
M fast '
becoming an mdustrv<< of never "illo drive nut impuritu ,
/ great "on'. ilk I 1 s .1
i Saturdayafternoon and Don't
1 Importance } preaching/ at China the blood. ,
to White
our state. Even J
tho wonderful with Pearl onion sets should beset spent Sunday nt home returning to j Grove Sunday nt eleven o'clock. Everybody The Strength-Creating Power of dROVES''
growth that It has out. Spinach and I salsify should that city first of the week invited to attend. TAs r.L LSS Chill fONIC

hart made of we the are producing but a small I j also be in evidence., A few hills of G. W Ilinson was in Stnrke :Monday I Daniel Borne of Jacksonville waaltE'neting the favorite tonic in thousanns his of mode li-une--it
r dairy products that early Pattypan More /IN/
aro squash should be than thirty-five
after business
I interests to business in this section' years ago. fulks
being, used in the gtnte, nnd! as the h planted. Every; garden should have n Mr fond11'11.: ROSOOP Rh.imPS left ; :Monday.drove's. would rule a long distance to get i KOVE S

importance of this branch of agriculture few hills, of chives. This i is an excnllent :Monday morning for Gainesville ( TASTELESS: Chill, TUNIC)=" when a
l IH h lip'omtmr, more and more recognized I pungent winter ar.// - -- member of their, family bad Malaria
tho growth of It will become desirable for vegetableery! ter several dRv,, visit! here with Tasteless chill Tonic needed a biNly-building.! or
ue in and nnd strennih-givlng! :
soups gray- patents. Mr: [ Mrs. C. A. Rhnmes
t wore and more rapid The industry, j ic-. Everv: garden should nUo! have C. A. i restore vitality a''r, ; toy .,nrlfyta ADd sari. tonic. The formula is just the name to-
has" reached such a stage I In Its di -1{ small patch of parsley for a Youngblood and daughter ','mj rim h..t. ,inn feel ob Strenurbmnit day and. you ran get it from any drug
earnish- store. 6ik
N'callespent ; bottle.
I _- Sunday at Graham. lntfuru! ( fei I per

_. ..... . ...
: ..
n.L ... --..
- -.-::. a ...s-:.. ","", tf .,.." .........-..... r.:3t:: -.i .. =.: .
..r;'u '::""l"LJ..". ""--J.\::! ..'_t:._.... .... ---A! : .............. -<. .'. ,:..,....,--, ;j ;:- '. ;:: -- '* -- ... ;---.o.-...... ;: '-....t'i '!!'-' -- -

"'. ,:\_..,

{ tii

"wlltl'i I':

. 'arFRIIAY,


- -- -- -- -

I-I ( ;Kim: SCHOOL! OPEN= Ell I

1919-20 TKRM: : LAST :MONO= .VYBrooker f

I II ,

Sept. 5.-School opened II

here Monday! morning with all the

faculty. Prof. E. W. Carter principal., I

Know What Misses Beadio Croft Olga Ward and

Eunice llnzen as assistants, pnwnt. ,I'

At the tup of the bell oil man-hod! into'

I the auditorium. Then all staid and i!
f.a f.a f.
You BuyNo sang America which was followed by |

I Scripture reading and prayer by Prof.

I I Carter. A very interesting talk was

made by Prof. Carter followed by a
ho"'eWifCO make her short, talk by :Miss Wart! The exercise -

pijr- were well attended by the pa
chases blindly especially those for the table. trons. .r1)
The efficient purchasing: :; of all food products Brooker school has now an enrollment c r es

requires study and investigation. of one hundred and five pupils r .L
and of the interest thatis
we are proud : -, y\'s
being: shown in the school. We are
Always read labels and
very carefully a looking forward for this to be the!

alwajs UKWARK when no Libel is given, shrw- most successful term of school Brooker / PF.i .

ing the formula or composition of the product. has ever had., The main reason: is
that we will have a longer term. A

term of seven months is not right
It always takes intelligent buying to
and we are A'oinlto: work real hard/

purchase economically. .',; for the eighth month which we feel: .

sure we will get

Using self riing: flour has always been :Miss Lottie ( ;isiinej :pent! a few days : iii t!

false self rlmtr A of lastviK.. nt LaCrosso visiting b.,1'rl..nd. mj 1)w a
eronJmV. Many rising nianufactiir.is I { Jewel :Moody :

h:.\'e ne\er "\'pa put the formula (,f their, product on J. :'11'. IIn.rr.,\ ... JV.. Morgan wore 1L'kxrsy JnoAfF .

their, p4.n! .: -. It d'">'_" "i't en show on the sai k what the .J business visitors to the! county seat c1JILfAp r1CS U .

prudiut ,'"-.Ijns.: 1.111111 d.i)>! .r- d age most hnusewixes' want Friday. S

to kfuvv ;just! ".ir Iht'I' b.nmn' 1 t'u-v' jlionlj know t: Lewis Shrivi was a visitor to LulU I What you pay out your good money for '

Few dm,"i '0'11' ai ui.iif' U..U-ht-rs, (few j.. .. 'g..ui' housewives ; Hutler/ Wednesday: afternoon. is cigarette satisfaction-and how

t and pr.icticj'ly' no ?, ciL .'rs* \'. :.VCB are now u-mi> self rising; dour Miss dertiudo Mi-Lain\ of Douglass. 18 cents a package my

r Ga., ill the attractive guest( of Miss you do get it in every puff of Camels !+ ''
It ij hoped: that the incrcascd'use: of :Marguerite Shrivcr this week.

pure plain flours and the use of a I good grade We are sorry to report Bryan
blended choice low-mildness of the tobaccos '
Shaw very ill lit his homo near here EXPERTLY: yet retaining -
baking powder in connection will result in many other
Our agent, T. C. ]Hazen. returnee choice Domestic the desirable Camels M
housewives, discontinuing" altogether( the use of questionable "body.
home last week after: a stay of "ev-
grades of prepared flours. oral days visiting his brother J. D tobaccos in Camel cigarettes eliminre simply a revelation! You may i'

Ilazenof: Sarasota. nate bite and free them from smoke them without tiring tastel +
} do any
Many people not know that self Mrs F.. I>. Crosby and\ daughter. your

rising flour} is not ired generally over the coun- Jennie Maude, have returned home unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste or

try, but in a comparatively few sections only. It has sometimes after upending two weeks: !'! in Jacksonville unpleasant cigaretty odor. For your own satisfaction you must .
with i'1
been said that it was p"pul.tr! only ,in that sect on of the relntiveH. Camels with cigarette I
A. I B.? Surrt'ncy and J.V.. Morganwere compare any

country tamed that where such housewives was not the were ca>.J.ay.but that I have'alwavs the housewives' main-, in Monday.transacting business!' in Stark Camels win instant and permanent in the world at any price. Then ..ti r"J

these sections hud not been tolj and therefore could not beexpected Miss i Boadie Croft, one of the: teachers success with smokers because the you'll be. ';/ :their superior + 1: }

1 to tna-w. of our school arrived: J here Sunday blend )'
brings out to the limit the quality and the rare enjoyment :
afternoon to assume her duties in the !

If this article prompts one housewife school :Miss Croft is stopping! at the refreshing flavor and delightful melthey provide.

to investigate: my work will not have been in vain. home of J. W. :Morgan[

K. M. Ha/.on and R. A. Andieu R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY. Win.ton-3.lem. N. C. I"

Now investigate ? Ask doctor 1 were visitors in Starke Monday. i' :.
Prof. !Hayes of the Bradford school . "
Ask '" 11
J your grocer was a visitor here Monday afternoon .

Mrs. Walters and, children Ruth .{ I I '

and who have been
Walter visiting - ---

here for the past two weeks left Mon. pickles and bread and all report an I e..r,.. On. Mayor
- n.--- day for her home in Cleveland Ohio enjoyable time. A. O. Andrew On Clerk.: e '
- Our Manilinl' and Collector,
While here Mrs. Walters made a number Mrs. I. L. Kubanks: and little daughter : Tm I Two A liltiBtmm.On .
of friends who Alma Anilrru. Aueiior.tne .
very Jewel left
NOTE-Miss Coitetlo is well known Edyth Sunday for I l.fi.nil.ntIt Trt'iwumr
already to most o/ the laths ttf much to her leave.
' our city. She is of the Domestic Science Branch of the University' of see Lake City where she will upend Home fttM'nrfiitr. l hy aTl.litvlt( npppnilnl tn tin InniM-rtiim (if aid. InMlnni: F. I'. Shatter.T .
4 Chicago. Simmons College. llustonCoukrngSrwoolagradualeofLewisi # !Mrs. Rivers and dauA'hter.liIdl'cl.! time. She was accompanied J by Miss lilll Ned, I II In.the id. ri'nilnnt alx.v.HUnl.Ml thi'rfln. reuse named that AlmaAn.lrfMi I. II N. Kenilrlck. Julian I'eek.. 1 f

i Institute Suptn-aor of Domestic Science in Public Schools. Speciallecturer are visiting in the Pine Hill community Nellie Kubnnks. min-rmlili-nt of tho Ktntn of Klnrliln. and Imrpenlili.nr In testimony .whirr I tiereuntii .uhn on Domestic Arts and Economy Special Lecturer to th* this week W. Mttlphum of lust (* fa unknown and, thnt thpptf ,IN no prr name, mid cum* I In. art tif the add town
j .
nun In Ihilnti., of Klnrliln that the nervier d> !.. luTt'untu alfixeil. thli Ith clay <>r AUKU, wi
I4..' Women's Clubs. C i. B. Colsnn), made a business trip) week with relatives at Stllrlnn wnulil hind milil ilffrmlnnt. and Illlll 1

!, W art publishing a cries of her most important article. to Starkp Monday afternoon Arthur Edwards' one of Bradford's I I. aver Iho met fif. twiMitvin0 yawn It latlii.rrfiiri n. HOOVER. 1,1'G,
.rd..1 that nail niin-riNl.li.nt. (Iffrtniliint l-I..II! H N-nt' Mayor uf Stark. PlaNOTK ,
:Miss Mae demons left Saturday/ !premising young men, war in \"Wll11II1fIIY \ IMI and I. lirn'liv nnulrnl (.. appear
I t for Baldwin where she will teach in \ afternoon In *I..> I.Ill ..r rnnuilnint. Bind In add CHIINI i.nnr ------ I
s 'G
.lifforv Mntnliiy.. tinInl. : ilny uf Niivnmlii'r IIEHB! (
the ,
Baldwin school L. A. Brown ma ringer of the telephone A I) Kiln. nthirwlNithe nll.'unllonn i.f snit, I'MlrK: "di.t"I MOV H OP IIAfTKU: '1
Kondmaster!< Bryan was here look- exchange was out looking after liill will lic .Inki.n RK riniriHHiil liv said il<.fi nilnnt '- 41HK. I." \HI fI*' HOKIIlAN.ilin.

ing after the Seaboard's! interests its interests\ Saturday morning.!. I I,, "I.. furtlii'r iirilinil. tlmt Ih,. order. .ho piih-! , ', .'r In of hereby tux l ..."In'n'Hlii'n "*that Nn W.121,C.ilntpil Fnator.piiiTlnn.1 the.
la st week I I HHII'| |. ware n wi i'k far Itrlit' ron.ratlva wrikfl lin.l day of July A. I IJ. IUI7. has fllpil Pauliirtiflrnl. .
Habitual Constipation Cured in I II lit* Itniilfonl I {'......Iy ri'lli'icriiph, n nrwapinii
No Worms in n Healthy Child' Mr.\ Humphrey of Clayno has moved . In my oiripi.. and hna mad applienllnn -
in 14 21 "BAYEffCROSS"ON "r pulihHhi in mil. nullity' and Ntiili' drrd to INIIIIIin .
to : Days for 'Inx arrunlunr.wllli
All children, trouhli-il with worm have no no- hit- family here when his children '1 IhU AiiKiiHt inth. 1010 Inw. Sntil r.-rtiflr-nti' fml.rni-i-H ii,.. fol-
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially- : healthy color, which ludkaua poor blood and, na a attend school. They located : W TVFK"| !?, ,liiwlnu ili-Herihi.l .11 1,110,1 Bradford ir
may are "ppiipprly n ,
prepared Syrup Tunic-Laxative Habitual rule! there Is morn or .lent aamarh dlnturluiiireGROVE l 1i'.I'' Clerk| Clrmlt ( .."rt. I Inrliln. t.iwltN.irlh y
"""'Y. :
'S TASILLF-S3 chlilTONlCgiven rcitularly In the cottage owned by Grandma fly It. A. WKKKS.lli.puty. ,. .
Constipation. It relieves promptly but I : : Clerk ll.ilf r !o. """ nM (llunrti nf North- 'I
fur two or three weeks will enxcK ale hind, hn Jainey on Main street. Nil'I', s, S
t should be taken regularly for !14 to 21 days ASPIRIN I' I': KNIOIir.: runt tinrt.r. P 1C 22 K. 10!
prove the clijleatlim, and! act B4 a General Strenitth 4
' Messrs. Paxton Jesse arrraIhi.
'N Shirley .llrili.r for f.imi.liilniiiil H-22-III
to induce regular action. It Stimulates andKettulntc9.
Tonic will,
entail to the whole Nature then .
symem. of Jacksonville last wt'ek eml . ,.nld| | Iin.I, liilnu MinixMil ill the unlit ifOn. v ,
Very Take. 60c : spent
/ to Ihrownlfnrdl.prltheworm.endtheChlldwOInDer !! ---- -- - .
I.. .,,"r. .r each ciTtinpnto In thu nam. .11 I' '
bottle. In perfect health. Flcosoot to take eua |x.rtxiitln1SJJO here with their parents Mr. and Mrs. !N(1'1'I'KOY AIT I If ATION rlllt TAX lpH: | of I llnliiinwniirfnnlinif '
T. 11hrl..." . 11\1'.It! | HK"I HIM 571 OF TIIK I n.-' ,. ..1,,', ".",,1111., ...." .10..11 t". r..m..1,, K,
Always ASK for Genuine (\rKAI.:! : HTATHTFS tit lnv -Inc --1'-1;, I ;; |lanes., : lliiriMinn ; '
I Brooke has tycon: visited by several Ni.tlfiIn hinhy u\v-i\ .thnt W T F..,,(..r.plirrhiiKfr .. I ho Nth hay ..r 8i.itimilipr, A. O. 11119WilttitH '
STILL DOING BUSINESS P.) 1.1 heavy rains of late, damaging the Tablets of I ..r Im crrti ....... N.I in." tinted' the my iifrirtdl. Hiirnnture anil stab thto 1 }.4.l
Re neat nrd..... and rat 1shed cuiumert who hnv..II.J I oa 4.l.-n \\:rtypfir corn now being: harvested. "Bayer Aspirin"Only JoI ilnv lit July A II I'H.7.hna has III..I aniderrtlarutr (Ii lie nth day ,.r Auiruiit.. A l> 'IWI4I F J
In nfTiri and| nn.h.|
my npil| < ntiiin ISn I W. WPFKS.li'Hi
'r. ; .
after year. who always gladly recommrrd our goc L 'toil t. 'r K. Amlri'u marl a business trip to far 'Inc il.nl. to |Incur In nrrnnliinrivllh. <' Circuit Tiiiirl llrn.lr.vr.l! County. Pa t
neighbors' are our best advertisement, Our pn I *. not .1.) . vs ,ifr I law Siil.l. evrt',diem'.' t'nihriiria thi f.illnwlntr
Icy It. A WKKKS: : ,
'" Aliuhua one day last! wtek. ili. ..rrilii'il' ..rty NltiliiN'il In rira.lfiiril cimnty. .
lowest but when QUALITY h considered, -r tco huh Wn f N H-lit. P.-puty rii I >rkNHTK r fi
for ,latent price lisn or tend order and you> w ''I( t e trrrtt-d r'chfFEKTIUZtMS. Grandma Kelley has moved in her .; timid Ihdof t..ltn.t Weal half of !hoot hlwrat tjimi.-)
INSECTICIDES SPRA1LRS. I'OULTKY Stf/'L/CS/ cottage recently bought from L. :Morgan (,., ..r Soul, hi.ant t.or'r. H...- ,I': I'p, n N Iti'i IrNI'Ylt
R'O..PAIsTIUI: Bloxham K:: 10 K OF API-ICAII'IV' Full TllhKI: )
riillTILIZiil: CO. .lackKuuvillc. Florida/ on street.Frank arrtiiIhi '
axis liinil lii'lnv nNiMKMi.il, nt I'hM dale nf HI < ll"\ H HP r II 4 l'I..lt "
Amlreu Jr., of Jacksonville, J the iMNiiiinri. ..( .",.j curt Beat. In thit natnu nf INK*, LAWS OF riOKIIMNullii
was visiting relatives and friends I irnltnnwnI'nl. In h,.r. l.v ultui tint. W C TiiKlorIHirrliitMi .
s. unf.l' eirtincNli. Nhnll bit. rtili. ..miilniriirillnp .p .ir ttix cirtlMiiili. Nn 4'). doted th'nil ..
live" Monday. Only Aspirin Tablets with the gaf ilnv rf .July A. II I'UIIII.H t
'l.i Inw, tn ilit.l' will 1 lanes Ihrn' .inmi Sled std
I). T. Steuttit, of Willi-fonl, spent ty "Bayer Crons" on them are genuine ;Ihi-, ". nil, .Inv: .if Si.|iti'tnh..r: A ;if ,Inlll i : |><.rlifli,' uli, .In n" "irin... nnil' lint I, miiili nr>|illnilioii '1l..
w I WIIIKHI" ,,, my .itririnl, . ilirniittiri. ",,,I mnl. thli, bar In .ast wt-ek-end l here with hiv "JJ Tablets of I : : .r. : : : : :
family llyer Aspirin, owned ,, > will .'. Xin.l, I r. rllllinliiiiljriir.H, the fol-I
tli. IHlh ilny of AllKllat. A l 1 IITI
a a eg i Thi'uwill In- prayer meeting at the allli! made by Americans and proved I I i W !T WIKKSi : : ti,wimr .. Mi>rM..d l tiriiiM"rtv itltiinttit' In I\.a.l.
: 'iS. ill.. f I. rk PI .-nll'hurt lord rnunt' Klorl.ln." tn- ,
I Missionary! Baptist. church Sunday Rare by millions of people. Unknown i I n wIl'J
7 fly II A WlKKH.M : H..u'' hw.1 lrl.r of ... ... yon rl.r A
.O i "'nll1l('. K.V.: Carter lender.On quantities! of fraudulent Aspirin Tablets .12.t! t 'lii-puty' Clerk '<....11.I,, ii.I, gimrli nf Nnrlhwmt (JimrliT '
c; )I Jrn uin.unt of the had wathi'i' of. were gold recently by a Brooklyn W. .I, Half, >ir West Hair i.r H..iilhw.-.l. IJinir.
I tat the Sunday schools of bath.. or. dealer which proved t.. be composed I -- ---- -- - --- h"'ii" .r Muiilhinnt IJimrliT, K..e la. '1'|.. A, 8.
.. It 2 K: tin
NflTK: OF API'I K'A IIOV' lull T\X ..111 acne
nil' i'hutches have bern discontinui-il i mostly of Talcum I'owjor. rt!+nt.n. HK. 'II"" v or, I .IMI'IHI4HHH. Tin. .HI! | Inns In.INK n..,..r.l nl, ilxilnlu. tiftli.
dM'L have horn .. ,.. i iuiriri, <* ..r mich. Cfrtlflrnti In the
i Thai started! n train and wiirut > I \WH (IP i H IIKMHNI.III. nom
"Hajer Tablets of ahould .
thi' older Aspirin" .. I. hinhy. Klvrn that' II J 41..w.rt.i .r DnknuwnTnliMi
-- ones will become in- always be asked for. Then look for I Ithe i t i''.rrh..r "I lu r.-rt'Drill. N'i Jill, dated h until, ofitinrnli> hill |I.M> "drrml rfiiniiiillnir
SAGS tiTi.iti'd along with the younger nor_ .Ihi- r.th .Iny nf July, "\ ll Illin. has III..' '. in law. Ini .died will I IHHIIK ihi-ntm
\ .f K I and 1 attend safety "Bayer Cross" on the package Hiil.1 r..rtlnrnt In my ...tTirinnil. hna mad application .." Hi. .Hth ilny ..f HiMit'-mlirr.1 A. l>. lull
more regularly.
and.l on each tablet Accept riothng i fur tnv fl., .il to Inoue 'in nrn.ir.lanr Wit". .. mv ofTli'inl. HIVniitiirp nnil, ..>ul tea,
/ 0u 0 k I II. H. Brown is adding,) quite n bit else! Proper directions dos- with 'law Snl.l ..rtifirnti> tmhra.-iMi thn f'llli.wltnr '10" r.id .I..y| lOr ".."".t. A II IfllllH"itl
I of improvements' to his property herr and I tl.-Nerlhi. | iiroiit-rty .It""...d. In ltm>.l- ) W. T. WKKKS.
age in each Aspirin package. | f.rr.1 ......".31. rli.rlila.. f>*wltSmifhurpMt : li-rk Clrrult I..ortlrAM".1 C.mly" H 1..
I Last Thursday afternoon the familns Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer !I n'mrt.r. of northwmt ,,".rt.r **.- Ply It A WI'-KKH: : ,
of n.; Ii Colson. K.: J. Ward' I'M ...|..t 2 A in NW ('..r and 2 A In HW Cor.a.. II.M-GI. Ih-puly Cl.pk.
Barefoot and I.V.. F'inholstfr .Ir Manufacture of Monouceticnclclester I Iof I I I. Tp M. S K 22 F.:.. IS ...r... 'rNIITICK
Sahcylicucid. Adv. No. 120. I Tin. .,t/1,1,1,1/ I Ii.Inv n.........1 In, the I iraw a chicken pilau! rv- - .. ...."n.... of Nurh ...rt'II.' -....- In t". nurn* I''I'.I! K HK. IIIIN II IIF I IIAPTKIC11HH.
-- - --- -
II' I lad! on. the sch'Milhoune grounds, for ..f .R tl I AWM OF H IKIIIA'
1\ J1 :Mr. Hattie Rovers and daughter' LEMON JUICE IS I nlv4. Ylsrtnn.' .1111......' Nhnll .h*, ,....ln.mr.| Ni.llpi. I.l hi-riliy iilvin that J A. Mom.n.
c ". ......11"" to taw. ,Inv il.i-il will !sans. thirroni.n pilrrlimu'r (,r tat ci-ptiUmff Ni 214. dated the
, Mildnd: and :Mrs. Walters and interesting FRECKLE REMOVER t Ihn I'.di .lay, of H.-pb-nihvr. A II. 1'1 I". I Znil .Iny of .Inly. A. II HII7. him flied old
t"" children, Ruth: and Walter WI,". .. my .,'''.In'' nlirnHiurp and ...1 this' I rorlinmlr In my tiffin- "".1 him mod", .pillriillun f'
thilh day of Anuuat. A |l I r..r tux llml. to Mute 'in 1I."An..
nf. rit-vi'land. Ohio who have bt-en 'Srali W T W I"I: with Inw Hulil Ttil\rnti\ .. ..mlor......,. the r.il-
/ visiting. h'rifor: the past two weeks. Girls. Make This Cheap Beauty ('I..1 k Cirriit Court. ltt-a.lf.r.l. I Inwlnu ilfuprllixl. i>rfii>rrty. nitimti'd In Brml-
e The man with a good savings There lly It A WFKKS. ford ..."nl". .1"rl.I.l to-wit, ,
abundance Lotion
was an of pilau.BRol'PFII to Clear and ; 't..tl.i I Sat '
H-tnr.t Ili-puty ClKrk I ISOrK yon rte r of !S.inihwfMit ().iinrt.r R
<>t railway 2H pane. .and. 1A In SW' fop or
leave his loved Whiten Your Skin.SiUCC7.e
'q - -- --- -- 1
account can ones ; - - -- -- .iilhw.-.t Ounrl p ..f Sniilhi'imt O'tartrp. B ... '
f 1 : m\ii ov TIIK: FLtnRI'risate F: or APP! ATKIV" HiH TX lip:Hi: "T. Tn 7. H. It 22 .R. SO mrri.I -

) ; each day with a clear conscienceand Home 'Ihe \ | the juice of kwu lemons In ITM'I Me: : : : :: !i I the The.."std""B"1. Inns..' such.kilnu! ci a"rtilli..n.nl, ..nt..,,t In Inilnt thr ef
Scene of \ hole. name
to a bottle containing three ounces Ni.tir.-. l I. h.r.hy irlvi' 'n that R If Onu....... ...r"1,1.1...", .
a happy disposition. I sal\ Slaughter Last Wc-rk. n( orrhurd' white, shake well and von I"...........1, 'f Inc pirtitl.atf No ":". ".'..| the l'iiln' > 'n..' <.,.rtlni-ntv .tinll h. "" ....0..1
2n.l .Inv ,...r .luly. A, II 'HUT. h.. nli- The beautiful have a quarter pint of the best frickI" r. rtlftiaIn rnv .."''r.., and' has mad aootl- i.n the inth day. of , 'Jf He knows that his family will home of one of our I and bin lotion, and, ""mplcxion.jiuutiflir .... .I'.n roo' In* .ii.' rd to I..,.... 'In appop.lanp* ,Win.... my off,.1.1| | slvnniorr! .,n,| ,...I, thu,,
pruminc-nt citi/.cns was the scene of with' law Saul, evrllnrato .i-mhra m thf* r..lt".I MIL 12th day of Auwu.it, A. M. 1919.
be protected from immediate want a wholesale slaughter one night' last t at very very small coat. \\n\t .1.. '.rI.1, pprifrf'rty Itiiatvn' 'In Rra.IInwinir I- (l.Stab. W. 'I' WrKKS.:
: Your has the lemons ". .ppil.r.1 property altuatr.l In Hra<.l- "f.rk I Circuit Court llra.lri.r.1 r......'.. Fin
: week Shortly after du>k the hnu ,e grocer and' any ford roiiniy Florida. lowltNnrthfaMt "" r<. A. W.KI.:
matter what befalls him.If drug store or toilet counter will Quaptpp of Northweflt R-15.lt."
no was invaded by a swarm nf 'ismalariacarrying I supply Quapt Is-put 'I..k.
mosquitoes which three ounces of orchard white for HO North acre.f 11I..r.| MINI' K.. TP A. H U 19 15. ,i -

haven't given your family would have made sleep impossiblehad I ,1 few cent :MdHHafr"/ this aW'fory! THi. sushi 'land hplnv .._... at thi- data| i.f NOTICE or 'IlC'II"Hr.R
you fragrant lotion into the face the M.mnp.of such n-ptlflcati' In thi name Ti,..
neck month
not artcr
preparation been made for f'nkn.iwn ftlnl. dnir h.Tfof I will |
,. } this well-deserved protection just such a happening. A barrage of ]I I arms and hands each tiny and .sea how '. "., std' rartlflimt ahall b. red..n.dare my Ofii vcuchrn.\ f.:.Pilln.f am). IU..I fonnly. npuinint Jude.| tn,,f the n.,...

J Torment was shot into the air of each fnckles and blemishes disappear\ cod tI rlinib,. .th > law. lax, .IMwill. | l I...... thrrronon County. FlnHiln. and ..k far my Anal llra.lfonl' dl..
with Hay of S >
at i < |> tnhpp A II 101"
t art;, open an account us once room with a small spray and thf'' how clear soft and whit the skin be.comes 1 Wi'.., .. my nflvld( I .uli/nntilr and mat this chary.her Nrwwm.u ..Imlnl." "e.....-....1".. 10' too r.t.l. ol c...
at in little whili. Yea Is the "t'i tar f Aiivtiat.. A n l 11>l'l Thl.
mosquitoes once surrendered as if' a It 'Seal' Itth day of luly. loll

gassed Torment i Is the finest of in- f. irmless.-_Adv. ((97)live ) fl 1..rk rirrult) Court. Rm W >lfnpil.T. W' P.f('..:"Kilt...I". Fix T-\\-rmm\\ V l I' WAISWRinilT
$-+ -$-$-$-$-$-$-$- $--------S-t cticidcH, and kills flies and) m' qui-' - -- My It A. w1F: KS. A<,...nl.tr..o'.
I *-','
Iwputy Cl.rk.NOMfF. --- -
toes while they are on the wing. It t Quinine. That Dues /Nut Affect The Head .-- NOTICE!:
Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow does! not Injure human beings and Brrntiw* nt itrtnntrand ''an'Ivn.ff.t.I.lx4Ti1'h I OP r.U'C'TIO"f -- sly, morttli. .n.. ,1.1. h.nrar I will piw .M
r I tiKuyij oi: I.MN, ': ( > , J. my vnurhpni .nil Anal, account ..
? ran i. Ikr. c F l\r, ur tn lh II. .
mayor .k.
will "
not stain
clothing nor furniture.. 1"l'Iln. rco: A curd: '..,..
cry anyone wlrh.sltion ,,,1 n-,- (-". ,, dy vUtiiiof the "p ( .1" Jmlur. .,t Hradfnnl
,in. i > head.. t;.W. fjKr v . .. rnjlun author'fy 'nail| In m.* by ('.,''''' . "....... anil
j Bank Bottle of Torment including spray i > I. a .l.... ." i i ,'. )i* la.. .1.. h....,. rail an to .>. hill' at y .. ak fo. mj (IInlll, dto.
Bradford County rSarr. ."""' ""." of ,
afnrn.ld the .
I 25c at your drultght'a.lanufacturl':
. ESTABLISHED 1889 ed by the G. B. William! ('.).. Quit. OKDFR" : FOR PUBIICATIOV vatrp. th.rrin SF.fTKVfHPR onTfPtfMY : a. Sulk day of Mar A D. 191' 19
man. fa! -Alv. r fjj In. 1' r-i.t. ."") S'.'. nFl... ,i.la. F.lirhth r. l h t. ",e of rlorlinic thus followlnic t91" :SIDNKY: D P.' KArfmPil.trat.jp -. .'
Starke, Fla. ; 'a re it Br.iir.r.! Tu. inly In Chin.liiiiiiii: ,: offl- K.tat. of J. D. fa.tn.tt.: d.
ce-.... g.de..mq,

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r 1.i ....-.* ,



--- --- - - ---.- ---- ------ ------ .
-r ------
. ,. otindc and cake. Tense! prevent' were R. E. Parrifch. visited relatives near citrus supper was served of ice cream, I Kinney visited in Theressa :si; , j
fiJ _. _- !Mr and :Mrs George Stone, Mr. and Brooker Sunday cuke and all things nice They re- Little Jay :Moody, of Loinu, I:, "'
: ._.....::::x=:...- -- ._. ....---.) bars' Frank Abernnthy, :Mr. and :Mrs. Dewey Duke and sister, Miss Delle, turned to their homos as the sun went was visiting his friend, 1 Roy. II\ K''".
Morgan BIII'I'Y.11': and :\11'':;. Andrew, attended prayer meeting ut Surdis clown reporting a very pleasant! time. ney Sunday.Mr .
1 Sparks :Mrs. :Maude Graves, Misses! Thursday evening, L. A. Odom of Jacksonville
was n I and 1 Mrs. Geo. ;M. (' I
1 Oiiu- and flume Graves 1 Ethel and Miss Elsie B. ) is visitor to in' ,
County News terri?- Uillespie visiting 1 Hampton Monday. rXolfn, arrived" here Friday ,,,. ,
J \ Mabel Byrd, ;Mattie and :Minnie OgdcnFrances friends in Lake Butler this week. The Hampton base. ball club met at r their children] Prof and Mr-, \ ;(

.. ._ n _. __ _--- -.- --. -.. --- --- --..-..- :Murrhco, I Idiuilla Dixon. Net :Mr. and Mrs! Ernest: Johns were the home of the manager, 'l'. L. Murphy i i Blackburn. They left Sund.r. | !, I
; tie :Maines, Bernice Rawls, Mabel' McKinney : I week-end guests of :Mr. and ;Mrs. Goo. ;Monday night for the purpose of noon, :Mr. and ;Mrs. Blacklnn ,a"
,; E; Interesting Facts Gathered During the Yak by Our : Gracie' Sparks, Georgia Edwards I- Johnson making. ,, arrangements for the coming them fUll '
} panying/ as as LuKi.
Regular Correspondents. ', :Messrs. Jesse and ;Marvin Ogden '. : I |Itlr; ,,
I I Essie, the little daughter of :011' season. The captain's place, vacated ;Messrs. C. :M. :McKinney
Willie ;Maines, Willie and Robert und :Mrs. L. (i. Johnson, Is on the sick by William Maxwell, who will miss and C. C. Wynn, of Nl'I i 7- .
c Price, Leroy Wasdin, Travis Byrd list this week. I spend several months in Jacksonville, business visitors lie I: ?
---- were to ThoIonday. .
i Erwin Dyal], Wesley McKinney, De- Mrs' 11. S. Long has at guests! this vas BlIfd by I Dewey> 1.I'g'!: ; After the ;\ .
I LAtV'I'1::1' move to. JCcddick, where Rev Wright Witt :Murrhee, Will Jones. week her father und mother, :Mr. and business! period, delicious cream and ,
I -- will Io'uml', the resident pastor of the ---.---- ._- Mrs. Howard, of Ludiwici, Gu.Mai'i'Ui 1.1ko were served.: The cemetery at New :riv!
I'; r Luwtey, Sc-pt. 5.--Miss Helen Nau- l'i,xbyterian .hurch. .. CLAY HILL Dekle made a business tripto Rev. Aumstrong preached ut the 'I worked off very' nicely Thursday I
right, of llniford, has been the guest - -- -. --- Lake Butler Tuesday. I'-iptiht church Saturday, evening and I' :Mrs. I Eubnnks und little daughter I
: of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Byrd (CRAIIAM/( : i Clay: Hill, Sept. >5.> -II. B. Hudson ---+-- ':,nd.iy.Mr. Edith Jewell of Brooker "urn ,'I I
I ;Mr. and ;Mrs. Oliver, of Baldwin, I I Hindu his us mil trip to Jacksonville! SAMPSON; CITY : and. ;Mrs. K. B. Watterson and Sunday en route to Lake {'it,' '511.1'. ,
:, vlsitud relatives in Luwtoy the first I Kill (Gurney, of Mountcocha, was a I luring the week I ;Mrs.J" ;M. L. WutU-rson aUemled, thee they will visit friends, nnd, relative i'
.. of the wrc'k.Mrs. > buMiivss visitor here JIunday.Mfssrs. |I W. A. Starling and son, Horace und Sampson City, Sept. 5.-:M. Varnes nvention nt Hawthorne Saturday. I I Quite a lot of grapes an h""f'"
i Jamt.1"1'1'.1: and children : J. I. and. :Marvin Ogden and II. J .Taylor were business visitors to i made u business trip to Hampton on D. L. Bui'T, of Starke, has recently shipped this week us welt ,e T,.
have returned home, from I I1 jay, On., Misses Edward und Knowles made a Jacksonville Wednesday :Monday. moved' in the house owned by A. A. broom straw

,n where they spentevurul week visiting business+ trip to Starko Monday. : :Mr. and :Mrs. Quincy Adams, of ,, Smith Jones, who has been in service I IIt'h\ on the north side of Main Corn gathering/ is the ordi, ,i- .f "I
relatives. I i I Hideout, spout a few clays in thi cornI si reet.. day in our community
:Misses liinme and Ida howling, of with Uncle! Sam, has received his I I
Frank AiulrowH, of Jacksonville, I I A. A. Futch is able be W. J. Lindsey made a busin. ,,
Wnldo, were' here TUI'MJaylnd Wednesday munity with the Utter's parents. :Mr. .honorable discharge and is now visiting to out again, tr .
was a visitor to I.uwtey Sunday.visitor to guests. uf their sister. :Mrs' | and :Mrs.' E. I II. Carter, and, family. his parents, :Mr. und Mrs. Frank n 'ter a sickness of several days' dura- to Stnrke Tuesday
\Ve hear
Josiah Starling wan a wore glad to the
C. B. Roberts.J. Miss Grace Padgett.is spending a Jones. t on. .s\\1 j
Sturke Monday. wok in Lawtoy. with her grandpnrents The Hamilton school opened Mond whistle. again Saturday. The: ..
:Mrs. MinniiCain the of
visitor. A. J. McKinney. Sampson City was guest
Mm Susan Teston was a .',- with i rnl busy thisvoek,
't2k :Mr.' and :Mrs. J. W. l J: 'rd. :Mrs.! W. II. Sloan Saturday while en- T'locl !
town Tuesday
f to Sturkc Monday. WIIM in Rev. :Mullu left for Jacks - --. ---
S. J. Starling was in Lawtey on ": ;; Sunday -
of Mr Edwardson: of the Wateroak route to :Starko.Mr. I
White and ,
Mrs. J. F son
ovine ;(
hu"in'HIOIHIIlY: and Friday.' to attend to ministerial duties HIGHLAND;
and :Mrs. E.: H. .
here Smith 0(
the first.part was Tuesday.Mrs.
Dupont J were in Lawtey H. S. Starling was a visitor to Lnw- Miss I ;Mattel] Seals has returned to
o. J. of White Gainesville, were guests of the lat-
to pack
of the week. They came up ,
tey Saturday afternoon ter's :Mr. Mrs F. Jones.Mrs. h"ihome in Jacksonville, after visit Highland! Sept ft.-:Messrs. p
their furniture" to send it to Daytona Springs, und Miss I Eloise Uaisden of parents, and : \.I[.
I where they will make their home for Htiirke were visitors hero :Monday Hardy and Lonnie'Padgett, were : J. C. Kaulcrson and childrenattendedI i"1 g here for several ,days. Crews und :Marion Crews wen .
attending to business in Highland -Mrs' Josephine Sullivan has
on goneto
Staike ;
# :Mr.\ and Mrs. TUlllmicVI1 din church at Graham Sunday.Mr. tors to Monday
I the )present. Miami I where] she will severalmonths
Starke Staike Saturday morning. : and :Mrs. R.Burrows of Starko spend i :Mrs.' E. A. Goolsby, of Jacks.nspent
II. visitor to Wednesday. I\
W. Hurt!
was a "
:Mr' I 1). E.: 'runnerand (children, of friends with her daughter, :Mrs' .1. P.Summers. .
Imt Thursday.Missen \l Ir'. mid Mrs. J. G!. Kinurd and children ]- visited" relatives and here the weekend with her f.itlor]
Klilridjfe: l Ucddish, and, JPIIHncttf of (Chaluc (Cia., are here visiting :lIIIJlvill(', are spending, a few days in Sunday. 1 G.; W. I'llrk'r.11': Parker also, hno.i.! ,
i Bennett were visitors to Starko his .sister, :Mrs.' L. C. :Smith.:; this section with her parents, :Mr. and Misses Ere and Edith ':;';ian "pl'nt' Ralph Williams, who has been employed his! guest :Mr. Cnrruthers, ofV.. ..tI ;
I : the'e"t..rn Union
Mrs by returned
John Austin. -
the week-end in Louise with their
I ; iittii'lii.v Chesley Fogg was a visitor to the l
James llaiinuii left Monday for '< county sent :Monday.. I Miss Carrie Stalling spent Fridayin grandmother, Mrs. P.. N. Cain.. ; to his- home Saturday.. i I Gilbert H. Barker has just been oJ' -.
t Jacksonville. where he will upend aN Lelaud Dukes and sister, Edna, of Luwtey, the guest of her aunt, :Mrs. ;Marvin Ogden, of Graham, was a EVERGREEN:: charged from the army and is vi>ltlg!
I Dukes, are' visiting relatives und Ida George visitor here Monday : : II. C.
few and then visit relatives andfriends Wimberly and family l.a'or
J.\\ f' I friends; here this week Little Miss Elsie Starling spent ;Messrs. Kirby and Hogan:( Smith:' j I| he will to Tuvnrcs for visit
the few go a th
the north for next w
111 Mrs: : ;: i Thursday evening with her grandparents were visitors to Graham Sunday. I Evergreen; Sept. 5.-II. F. Reddingwas ,: relatives.
V ; weeks.M. Maggie Strickland has returned :Mr. and Mrs S. J. Starling T. Oldham visited relatives and ; a business visitor to :Starke:; Tuesday !I
1,. IrfiiulholU] of Jacksonville, to her home at Ruiford after a J. W. Byrd. of Lawtey, spent Saturday friends in Jacksonville last week. j I Mrs. II. B. Hudson left Thursday
,j t l. was!' a visitor to l.awtcy Sunday. I two-weeks visit! here with relatives night and Sunday with his daughter Mrs. Laura Bridges has returnedto I|I :Miss lame Sapp I..ftIo'lday; for I for Jacksonville] to join her son, W li
r Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Starling and and friends I Mrs. :Martha Padgett. her home in Alton after spending'1 Clay Hill, where she will open her Hudson, for a visit to her daughter,
baby, of Jacksonville spent the weekend Miss: Beatrice Abernathy, of Jacksonville II. E. Tanner, of Maxville, was vis- several weeks. here with her sister,1< term' of school.Messrs I :Mrs.'' Percivul Sayward, of Ii'st.p! ,. ,
in last: I-awtoy with relatives 'I is visiting friends and relatives -j 1 iting his sister, ;Mrs. W. A. Starling, :Mrs A. K. Smith. I I. : T. E. Lewis John Rosier, :Muss. They expect, to be away al".. 'ut:
S. VV. Leach of Jacksonville, was a this week.Misses ]| Friday :Mr. anti l ;Mrs. J. P. Sloan attended. Harris Rosier J. H. Sapp, William ] u month.
M visitor to Lawtey Sunday. i: : Eva /Marry, Bunnie Graves, I He.J.. L. Strickland' attended the church at Graham Sunday. :Morgan, :Miss! Liilie !Sapp': attended, the r 15.: Wilkinson had an old-fashmuM
Neal Mavis, of Dupont, spent Sun- Ethel and, :Mabel Byrd motored over union meeting at the Black Creek Foster Smith has returned to his union at Black Creek, Saturday, and play] at hill house Saturday night11
day and Monday at his home west of to Hampton Friday afternoon. church Friday Saturday and Sunday., home in Hawthorne, after a few days Sunday. 'I the young folks attendee! and, r'<.|" r'
Lawtey.Miss I Henry Wurd of Sampson City, was M: 11"Ht.laUie: and :Maude Tanner, visit with his brother, A. K. Smith. An ice cream supper was given at a good, tim('. During the evening:(' ,M-
Maud Oversti'eet returned to here Saturday. of Mnxville: were the guests of :Misses Randolph Batchlot left ;Monday for the home of B. Wilkinson Saturdaynight. I freshments" of ice cream and i ,4e
her home from I'alatka last week. I L. C. Smith was in Hampton Fri- Edith und Eflle Starling Sunday. I llawthoine where he will enter :( Games: were played by those were served
John 1'armenter, of Jacksonville! 1 I day on business. \\-, :M. Austin visited his sister, t 'hool.. present until a late hour. Those present :M. J. Austin, of ;Maxville, w.i a i
spent Sunday with relatives] near I; I It. W. HU'' 't'I1l'y'aK 11 visitor! to111"0 :Mrs. :Minnie (Reed, Sunday, near Law There was a debate here Friday afternoon were :Misses :Maggie! Crews Simie business visitor to our town Tui's' ..
' Lawtey. l I \\' Saturday. I I | with a. large attendance, thesubject and, Jennie Prescott Ella and, :Myrtle ;Mrs. James! Shnppard and chil'-i-n''
II. J. Padgett+ was transacting buiincss 1 Mr.: and Mrs Adkms, of Stnrke,1 I tey.Mrs.: Henry Hudson and son, Dr. j being:(, "Resolved. that Henry Grins, Myrtie und Delter Griflis, Leona left Saturday for her home at I I.
( in Stnrke :Monday. i, were hero Saturday and 1 Sunday. 1 \v. :M. Hudson, left Friday to spend a Clay did more for the United States und Thelma Grillls, :Martha Etha ti y, after spending a week here \\ ;lh
:Miss Nellie lolJl'rt"'ho: has been l I Mr.: and Mrs. C1. A. Bill and i-hil- ,, couple] of weeks in Boston Mass., titan )Daniel Webster! Negative, and Lillie GrilTis :Maltha anti, Gladys: her husband, who has charge of '
away for severalvecks returned on I I 'dren.'' of Hampton, were hare Tuesday 'I with :Mrs. Hudson's: daughter, Mrs.: j :Misses Addin, .Mao Kaulcrson. ;Mamie Wilkinson Ida Francis" and Li/a :McPherson I S. A. L. extra gang.
Tuesday and reports having/ had a guests of. her pllrl'flh.11': and! Annie Saynrd.l Hall :Messrs.! !Mozell :McGruder and Eunice: Blackburn Doris and ,, We are still having heavy ruin, ..
splendid time visiting friends, in Jacksonville | !Mrs.A. Lane, I IIt. I l r. G.V.. Brown, of' Lawtey, was' Joe Hall; affirmative, ;Misses Nona 1 Deluris> I Rosier, Flossie Roylord, and cry day or two and the farmersIre'
'. and other places. | :\ and Mrs.: L. Hall, of Hampton, visiting in this place Saturday Brown Alma Gordon, Ethel: Raulcr- III'SlI'S.1111'iol1: and Andrew Crews! becoming di.siuuraged.' Rice is. uli , q J. C. U'yrick arrived on :Monday attended" the convention here Sunday.1A ', '- -------A -._. ,_-r I I son und EfTie Sloun. The am..mlltive.I Jeff and Pasco Griflis, John and Iew- the only crop that is doing well a-il,
from Alexandria. Va., and with his large number of out-of-town FIVE: :MILE ; won. ey :\1"Pher"on.Jelvln; Prescott, Geo. there are several extra good cropf f fI
wife is visiting at the home of their people attended the here I I I II I Wilkinson Andrew Wilkinson it around.
convention i i I -- I I Mrs..1.: C. Raulerson' has had asher Wesley und I
'lt A pnrcnisMr. 11.1111lrH.: T. J, Terry. S.,nday. I I1 ,, Five, :Mile, Sept Mesdames: D.I I, guests for the week, ;'111'11.V.. P. Ellr-ry: Horace and Russell D. I. Rigby left Wednesday fir
:Mr. and :Mrs. J. II. :Moore are spending :Miss Georgia Edwards;. spent' the I. Blume and P. I'. Dfklo were !> Hardee, of Tampa :Mrs. C. K. Davis, Redding, John Clarence and B. M.irr: Starke where he will assume his nw
their vacation in Knoxville and weofc-erid 1 at I Fort White with her par- ness' visitors to lake Butler: of Bridgend and ;Mrs. A. B. Davis, Gad: (Griffls SchMlic and. Britt Rosier' duties as section foreman there1. Il,'
ore evidently hating an exciting ents. I i i Whilo there they were guests TU1.s.lny./ of Lulu. DawMin and Lewis Grillis, CurltonGrilTis will move his family there in the 11'> ir
I e! time on account of the race riots reported Prayer! meeting every Wednesday S. S. !'r'oefor. / - - -. George Long. :Mr. and,' :Mrs C. future.
r a* becoming quite serioua. I' evening at 8:30.: Elige Parrish and. family, of HA:Ml"I'(ON: Wilkinson, :Mr.' and Mrs.' T. T. Black The many friends of Evan Wilkinson
:Mrs. Ott, of Gainesville, who has Mr. and :Mrs. Alvin :McKinney, of Worthington and Randall Brooks, of'.,' bur'n, Mr. and Mrs Elisha GrifTts anti will be glad to learn that he has
.; been visiting at the home of :Mrs. E. Louisewere, hero Leo. lately received his ,
Wednesday on Providence, were transacting! :: business' I Hampton, Sept. 5.-'oII'Ir'oH: and son, discharge from
J 1)I. Sajles, returned home on :Monday.' business. here, last week. I I Hampton baseball teams played] an - -. -- -- -- the army and is at present located at
Rev and :Mrs. Alfred Evenden'' :Mrs. Wm. Sparks, of Louise' was I :Marcus Oren rind Norma Dekle, i interesting game on the Hampton diamond .NEW: ; RIVER: I Kenmore, Ohio.Maxwell .
'j drove' to Suxton Sunday afternoon bore on business' Saturday i) who have been visiting their grandmother Tuesday, evening, Hampton Wimberly is spending a
and whiln there were entertained at' Frank Ileville, of Ilellamy, spent ;Mrs S. S. Proctor, in Lake winning !0) to1.. i New River S.-pt :,.-..C.1.: :\1.1 I few days in Gainesville on busim, -
I the home of :Mr. and Mrs. Swanborn. the week-end. here, guest of his par Butler, for several' days are home I Iallain. The ,Hampton! boys will play the
I fit'{' Mrs. (IXnkins and :Miss Eunice Din- ents :Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Ueville. i Starke team next Thursday afternoon.
.I !! kins have returned home from their :Miss Gracie: !Sparks': spent the weekend :Miss :Mae Dukes returned. Saturday !I 1. W. Nimmo, of Jacksonville, visited -
i. visit to Tampa and, other places and lit Louise with her mother Mrs.' I IWm. from" a week's sojourn with helatives his mother, :Mrs R. M. Nimmo, INSURE WITHJOS
;I everyone seemed' glad to see them Sparks., in Swift Creek neighborhood.Mrs. ; I Sunday.A. .
home again.:( C. E.: Society Social : P. P. Dekle> spent Thursday ,, A. Futch visited, his brother T. E. WILSON
Several families have moved in A social was given at the home of and Sunday with relatives in Lake': G. Futch of Leesbtirg, Sunday.
town from outlying districts I in order :Mr' and rh. George Stone Tuesd iv Butler. The Baptist and Methodist Sunday, STARKE FLORID/
,L that their families might:( be handy to evening for the C I E. society... Music, :Mesdames I). .1. O. Green and Allan'' schools met on the lake shore near I GENERAL INSURANCE I II
t the sthool.Kev was rendered and games played untila Green visited relatives here 'last week.A Hampton Thursday afternoon, about
f :Mr Wright +and family are" lute. hour. The guests were invited son was born to !Mr ,and Mr, W. '! :''0 They spent !scveinl hour- in I FIRELIFEBONDSAUTOMOBILEDEPENDABLE I
fi t planning. t" give up the hotel. and will into the dining room and-served, lem- T Pnrrish Aug. :30th. bathing and play;. after which a deli

n_ ____ ______

t t I II






r t

llThreare! mire FAIRBANKS-MDRSE: ; ENGINESJIN[ ) USE IN BRADFORD COUNTY than all other makes: combined

Why? "

t Because every farm engine'must be RELIABLE!-must have enough power to W.i si you ns.eJ a repi'ir, put for your engine, you need it right NOW. You

fo -do the work and do it well AT ALL TIMES. FAIRBANKS-MORSE engines don't want to wait a couple ofweeks; for it to come from the factory. If you

not only "fill the bill" They run it over. order an engine or a repair. part from TODAY, we are in a position to deliver ,

You cannot take a chance with an engine that MAY pull the load-you mm' it to you TOMORROW: THAT'S DEALER SERVICE.

l:?*be sure it will pull right through'to the end, and then be ready for the next 711, prss* c \ ;"f.\tt1(: \'Jt.J"tiE.. tjrpa; "Z" Kerosene engines
: job. That's where the wonderful type "Z" engine'shines. It is called a 1 1.2 aFIre:
1 1.2 Ir. P.t type Z" $6.- 25 f. b. Jacksonville
t. o.
a 3, or a 6 horsepower engine, but t I lab only I the NAME PLATE rating. The .. a.
3 H. P. 1 0450"
.* :] Fairbanks engines have gone beyond the'name plate, because they know that 6 :. 186 75 "

at times you need MOREthan the horsepower you pa for, and they have 10.. -37500 I

built the type "Z" to give it to yo'i. That's F IR ANKS-\10RSE: ENGINE 15.. 485.00 .. "



Representative* for Bradford County-. "By the way, this paper is bein? printed by Fairbanh,-Morse

\ power"I J JI



a to T -
., T5 .(a?

: u* w< < "- -'*


'1o'l' ;;: 5r t lk

-- :Nr.MIIKK: TC:\ _ _

STAUIvK.: I"I.ORII).\. nUll n. SriMKMHKU I I ( : :5. 1919! !>


==- mItts mile each way. Making H total of thr'p humtrrd. nnd ninety\

Clt'rk iu librarian unii.r Section !'nlonHY and other contingent ex150 Clerk in ."..ulur.1 and immlgra- 900.00 See per 2. Ihiit the pay of the *err<>'lary of the ight h'Kk. '0,

Florida ten.rtii .00 prnnift. nwrlctilturn) partment 1,200.01) tton .1".1. - ---- of the lfoune ofUepiVMentativfa (lIt.o:. 0 1'nlnter Printing Tom,
General Laws of l"r't.: _. CU.rk in - - ..... 900.00 Senate and the chief clerk \\'n' t
Rvpniiv; for Supreme uu.b'lidi'; 1'ottagd and tiiultigraph .11".1. Clerk In pure food nnd drug, stock and of all cIt rho vlectcnl by pain' I* prohibit by nld hnptvr 61HH. laws I'S'

anti .plant' and\ 126.00 t.t CbeaiUt fti'd. fcrtiliM cilru fruit di\i. .h. Henatt* .n.Ih.. Houat of RepresentatIves of Moridn.' from tu'lling or ntticrwlae l"in. any
Fanby Krfutar $...Io" of 1919 per dl.m. Salary State ,' -------------I(I I II 000.00 : of the .. .t..000.00 auch exci-jta COPHof htiol.r prln..* antI !
:__ Sheriff Supreme Aur. I ton* . ... ...... 1.000.00 nnd the official ah'n."r"l.hp" ... .t .
umlr Si-ctiun, lR .. Statute Assistant eLate chumlt. fertiliserMO Clerk In AVId note dlvlalon .... \, mutt thi* lInt,*., of Retreentatlvm.| incliulmg stab will eventunllyl, uch bonk atE

CHPTER 77HH-(No. n. -,...n........._.......*. 00 analyst Q.Ann.nn Ctrk| jn Bhll |rt-h dvion( | _- 900.DO official' t.tt'nttttraitlttrts nerviiiic Judiciary Coin :no per xnliime nndXXhcnmt

AK ACT Making Appropriation. for Snlarlea Mcsttt-nucr ._.,_....n______ 240.00tctttataflt: cUt i..t d--and ('lerk and ..tenttgraither department initttv .\" and. "H" of the Sinnte and H l.ts.' ulthout ntldltlunnl leglatntion It I.

ft and Expcnac* of the State Government fo? Secretary to Supreme Court JuttlceaAnniBtant 1100.00 drug analyst.aitiitant .- a.onu.00 ot -""..Itu.,| _._. -. -. 60000 of K.prtaentative .h.1 b nix\ dollar (1'.00)I.r impoiutitdf for t h.- board of comminHioncni, of

Six Month of the Year 1010. and for the *ecrttary t Supreme Cur .\ State chemlat feed .tufT Ch.rk' .nd tenourapher In I..n.m.\ itnv ..".h. 'hu c.mo.l.t clerks Htnto Institution* to .pny Thi' K O 1'amter, 4

Year 1920. and for Six Month of the Juatice -... -__..._.-.-_.-... '00.Of analyst ...- 5,000 00 vl.l"n ... _._ .-._ .- --.-. 40000 autborlKed by the Senate or lou. Repreat'ntattvm Printing Coinpany for tht' .xct.. over the ,

Year 1921 And making ftn Appropriation Three law clerk for Juntice ___... 1.800.00 Traveling .n.... ..l' chemist Clerk and noarapher. Note Hhall be 'five ,"% 11.111 ,per eontrnel number nmounting to .a.4.42 1 i

fof tho purpoae of carrying Out the Provision Electricity. UK lib*. water and fee 30000 and aHBbtanta .._______..__. Krtrt'An *ml l'lire 'I 1.1_ 60000 dh'm.( tin'r,-fonHe oh I'

of Chapter 7343. Law of Florida. A.I Putt for heating ._...._..-.__.u_. 400.00 Three food and drug In.l"tr aiAAnn. Clerk, ( ( ' IFd' ,. ._ 1.00000 The] ".imt-nt-arma of the Senate and t the It Fnncted' by the I cgliilatur nf the Slat

or I1)17. Enltlr, "An Act to Croat the One furnace and yard man n_--.. 240.00 Trawling expen.e* th.. fod ..n.2'0.00 .\ C'urlt' nnd PrIson d"I'1 Itoutu* of ltt't'rt'seotatlvt's and anufHtant *t>r_ ef Florida' :

Stat l.fv. Board and tn Pre Klcctricinn coIl elevator man for tlrtlw 'inspector -... 8.800'00 __ ..u__ .._ unO' 600.00 uenntnt-artim. when cmploynl. allah receIve Diction I Thnt tut mini nf thtvc titindhdmid
: m..t
*crIb U. Membership. Power and Dutlind -.. Supreme Court building ---------- Sample and lnclintate, pure food l'oatuiiu. nwrlcultural dipnrtmont I,000.1)0 ,pir du'iii of HY! .dollnr .forty-four, .dollnr nnd forty two rent 1. ,,_

rlx thi Com pen nut(on for tho 'terviec* Watchmiin for buiUUna . .,._... 450.00 divIsion. innnnn. l'rntlng( stnmpH. wtock focd: anti i;; 'I ho pity oi' ,the mtt tnger of I lit,, Senate anti I In.M tn. uppmprlateil, out of any money In tnaHtate 1 ,

of it* Member* and to Vent In Snld Hoard PtirchnMe of book for Supreme Clumical, and\ aprnmtua State I.t tilircr illvMlonH .- ----. 1.00000 R'ttnst'tttntlv'c .h.1 Im nix l "dollar tuiirtiirv not othorwinc npproprlnt' for I.I I.

the Authority tn Provide for tho Prevention Ib.r .._ ---...__ 25000 oratorv: ._ i'ftA/t'nn Printing qunrtrrly bull tin. ri5SSS2 I 1.t er day . I Hi. i"ii tqtI'ttt' of I tho K: <). PoInter I'nntlnirotopiinv ,

..ippi" ..Ion and Control of Dan". Com'mtntrahle (\r JudIcial\ partment 4 1 U rk chemical division ... ..-.,. ; ( cultural .hpartmuit 1.501.00 '.t. ,i-av of tbe doorkcepri' ,. of the Senate <' for printing certain vohln. of th.

r"nto"l.u. Infi-ctiouit and OtheriMUfif nlarlii judicial. department,' ..._ -.I 1G.37100.t.."i' mate chemist .. n_ 4 4,1": printing. itnmlKrat pur- ami tbi> I Mount' of 1..I.r..nt"tl".n hall \\w ni< I lorlda Supn" 'nn' Court, report, In orca of the '

a of Cattle H.:.... and father Dom.**. .lu, and ". grand Janitor. slate( laboratory ._ . I ,..... .. 50000 dollnr 00.r) .hl . nntnlM.r C.tnt' Pttclt'ti. ro nn nt>o\n pit nut II
I tic \ .,,1.! and to EHiabllsH. Maintain and Jurv"' wln."r". ._- 97.50000 PrIson Department K'prrni* and telegrnmH.Vuricultural 'I'he of tbe t>nui<* of tlie Stoat and HI-C y Thi. comptroller I. hen.by .rrqnlretl
For.r.... Wunrnntlnet to Pn\ent tho Intro- Rtwanln for u and- .expenm tif arrt Sntiirlt-tt, chaiilain state convicta :I I 1.600.01) department' - .. 500.Of i Hoiiac 1'1, U..im<*entntlvi.a .h.1 be four ,lol.Inm 'to draw til* warrant nn the state tnatMiror for

fluci' nr Spn nd of Infevtlou Contagion*. of f"iriti\ea t from justice ? 1,000.00or us i' of ottnmtstlon.ra I of elate, Tra\eling and other contingent cx- (If .Onl |>er tlay each. t hi' Kiim of thn<> hundred anti forty-four dot I

,,nd, t finitnunicnbte. 11.i ntie* Among Such ItIo'n'a Circuit Judtiuti Hitting on InHtitutlona in .Ol.tl..tnt, matter* p. n. of commlttion* r of . thi pity of thejnnitttr of tint Senate. .1.1 hi'M and ft't'ly.tts o clot, In favor of th> PI.O .

*. ,ninml*. and A .' to Enforce Rule Supreme" bench _.-- -..-._, 600 00 pertaining t priaon attain paya cult ui i> on official, btmtnt'PH only 30000 |I". Hjx dollar (M
an n.t 1 II. itulattnnh Rewarding nny and all SaidMnttim Cats atralnt the state' In bin fr.m stat,. .,priaon fund 2.50000 Station* i ti nnd othtr contingent cx- ,ttl'u 'lit' >* "" .f .,'"'ttt 1'.Hvw dollara I 1.7f (IQI t rt'iifiiin U lt'r'I's' n'iii reti| tn pay same In 4

? and tn Give i\ld Board Power and civil .dJ.d./oasesE'tcnltui. .- -_- 80 " Court itene.'v. atirlcultiiral department .. 60000 tNll I .. ftr [h-I.[ anti! overtime. full I I 'tti I 'm*'nt of nd( cxcii print inw,

Anil '.ntv' in Rtupwt. Thereto. and to Aui Crli judntn alttmir in Suprem.judue _ .I 122 11)0.00 1..1.i"'tln.1* multigrnpn' aupplien.. 300.00 '11 pnv .r ,Ih., jallU.r t' nii.l I MMHintant jnniturof S. r 'I t Tlilit Aet hull un Intn effect Im '
i "t. <'."untv' (Commliwlomr to Appropriatean Tickb othi r . ._ ._ .__ 20.00 t't'ntlitteflt"I"rh.| Hiipn<'CV.efltu'e.Olr n...< Stat* ThrnUt the houm- of .,.r..ntH'h.' .hnl hi* alvI nil'dint.'lv afh'r {Itt, tlIvflVt' anti proval by

) t IM nd Pund for tho Work of and I n\pi nxr-A crimmnt ."urt1...* .tt. ""aiv, <. <.n.". of In.lulnt Saul 1 1 rtt ate .I"m.t ------I 1 1Xnamtnm I 1.60000 dollai-H I 911\ tIlt> i I.r dnv .'tit'h. t hl AtMtatnitt I Iht* i.overnorppimed
: .I ntnm and Hog (h.I'rn Control of Ptate.t .In"i in otlit'r .nUlt 1.. . - 12600 i tig ,) judtctul met JI.ion. ".tlnd. utati, rlummt." ffrtlliafr JI.h., tlmll hi ptitil *t\lv ilolliirM I $tItI ."1 \ I Mny Jfl, 10i '. I

'o I 1'r., "I.. for the \1" ntmrnt' and. Ennilin Ktpi, .nat-H of Statt'' Attorney acting \nioriifin. liar AHaot'fittiun .1,0000), annh-i . . - --- 1,00000 r. 1.,1 1 tn' IP ami 'nt' rI line t

t. r narinn, nml Other Agent Powrs in other circuitNntinnal -* .- 15000 'I"'k ,or ," unler So.- nn .\mtitftiinltale, t 'In'lulnt. food and 1'hn .icy of tinchaplain uf tho 1'nRI. ant Cit 9i"rRrt 77M7 ( No 6)V ). 44

..f Said, Mimrd\ nod. to PN the <;iuurd of FtnrMnBiliary ':" ",'Inl .1 ... .. 919.00 drug anulyatHnlHtunt -. ... 1000.00 of I th. I lloUH of Ueprtii.nlatixitt' .1.1 I two \ ACT Mnklng Approprlnllon to Tav the

<. T" mtf nnd\ tn Prt. Hrribe, !lnl.hm.ntr.r the Hule of adjutant ",'n.r.1 --------I![t 1000.00 Click, "lih/ariiin./ -umfi r- Hvrtinn- .\ state cbemiat ford ablY liiindi'nl I nnil fottv .I.ln" melt th* aoa- R O, Tnlnter i'rlnllng Cortipnny for Krolizht '

\..lutionrt: of thin \tt and National' Guard of Floridai / 1 000 00 ,lon 1'nfit Itt nnld f'onvpnny on Cerlaln Stpni'me
Matteth KxpriiHtii, 1 Tft I iienernl: _. .._ __ anO.Oft nnalynt A
and to .
llonrd '
and I'. utntu,,n-* nr Sail i prmiili Contrreaa autborirea re for Supreme'otut.court : TruM linir t \pi.nm .. atnte cbi'mmt, 'Hi.pay of I ih commlttii clerks shall ttn > { ..Hit ItiportnVlieti t 3

.. N< rm->nry Appropriation "for Caryln. ortfHnizntlon Nittional Guard) In. 1.,1.i, ," and fertiliser .huldlnt_ ..... 260 00 nnd nHhutantn' on olliclnl buitlne d.II' pi'r tiny from tin* dnti> of certilU, \ 'nt*, I ',,,Ir I he itrovMonn of Chwpter 'Is

Out th I.ri.in. of thin Aet of the cludinu rint of nrtnoru.. allow. ., Superemn court per diem. un.t'r .. .. onlv __ .._. 25000 cntia .r .. nppoinlini.nt to tht. ,.h"I"..,. of III\ Climit nf 1 P'lritit,, thr bonn) of cnmmitHfnm 14I( :

Re It r ."rl.1 h, the 1..I.I..u. \.t "n...... .tc _. -- 11 .non'nn !h'rll! Si'i-tion IfiH-J. Gonrrnl > lIon Oil( Three, foi,,it nnd drug innpHCt.*rn4HO .. 2,11)0.00 the reiipectivo, ..n""II'.'. on 1.1.1,1, expenoea 'rn of Hind* InMtllntioiii, lvertlHitl for 41t
nf HoridntStrii be. and r\p.'n..'" Florida Naval Militia., In. M'n" ._ _.tn'n'.. .00 Traveling expense, three (tint! and "nll I th .", .r I. ,. huh, for roprintlntr and binding ci'rtnin vol- ,It,
following etitne -- 4h
I Thnt the allfiwnnce and cruUi- 1 lu> the ",'."'I"rv f lit npenkrr, of unit of loridn ,. .
"' the fmlartra and rhnln. ,nt **,'ciliary 'to court JilHtice_ 2.21)0.01) ilrtiK, InKpiitora .- I.MOO.OO piiv Snpr im Court i-portH.. to*
h'r by appropriated for United) State, Navy ve.. "pn'm. rood th> HoitMe .th..t."t..I".. be nix .lol' uit : V'otumi'N, forty. I .
.. for the *lxtontbn .. 11..d Hicrelary to Supreme court t SnmpltH Hint, incident alt.. lure .h.1 n\, rorty-envt'n, fortyolgbt. -
*<,tennrit of the StateGOM rnmenl 1010' ...1. __. .,.... 2400.00 \.I.I.n jUHticm _. ___ 1 500.00 diviaiiui . _- -.- '(")0.00 laiM (fill .,n .p..r day forty-nine, fIfty ftrtv-onn. fifty.tw >. Of.
SI. :
Inly 1. lflt) ".DepartmentM3 to December ."00.00 Tor .,,nirn to State Aro0.1\ Three low clicks for jUNtlce- -_.._.. 1:600.00: t'lcrk cluni cal ,its lt.Itn- -.- HOO().00 'I I lie Herntnrv of tht' Senate nnd I thi* hh.r) I IUS 1 ty.three, flfIv'tttr. llftv-tUu, Mftv-nU au'I OfI .

Salarli* Rxeeutive_, : nt' \i ulnchlcoln Fh'rl.. u .t'e..it... .r I.,....". r.. ..f.m. .... r PoHtam. Nlati' tlumiHl __. ._n... .00 clerk of the 1 tonne nf Ketiriwenitttive. ahall I I I v-n'en. nnd tin I nld tioard of enmmlMti<*nirof 0t

"o.n". ..",_ _ .S 1,00000Exrcut much thereof aa may nece* nry aun.nu 'library; ; -_ : :::_ .. : :- .- BOO.00 lunltnr slab' laboratory .__..._.. 240.00 inch br ,'' .. ,pay for lirtmn ,dnv after ntntf I loittltutionH antmi'tiiiently., to-nit. on
Private., .eer. tary - -- HUt Auditor tbe of tht liuiclature, nt the rat th,
Fteetricitv lighla water Ice AOO no Priaun eprtment .Ijtttt'mn.'n' Jlth day of Mtin-h, ltll6, entered into e
\e clerk' .aaaiMant\ to *ecwtarv state auditor ._. h__ - I 1.800.00 .no SalHiH'H hnplamH eon\'iciH n' 75000 of HIdollnnt PIT dny. bring up" I thi* workof t'ontinct with tinK, O Tnlntcr
._ . __._.-, 761.00 1"lor nf ... F'I, 1 for h'nl"l __ HOO.00 'Ht. Printing Compnnv -
.-.___._ ._ _. ftoti, .00Stenographer and tra\tlintr expcnHe One yardman ._ 4)40) .00 ror I1H> .t C""ml..lon.. of Stat l Injournal, and the naaialnnt Hecretary of foi mild printing nnd lilndinir, thit bid of
1.nn"r..h. n to used only relieve inatitiMd. I tbe Si.tint** ." the nMHi1nnt clti'f clerk of the ttu* anid 'Hie R, O
t in conducting fainter
_ _ _.__... 6nO.00Continirt' ,"n..nt. .;ctricmn and elevator man for m.t.. ,1 Printing Company
of, .-'n' 2,(>ro.OO conception and m..t .en Supreme court building. _._ MO 00 P"'rt inning I. prmon, affair pay- i .".. shall b" enllthd to pnv for tlft,M>n dnya liclntf I ttn* Invvivt and h,,t 1ltI l uhmiltiMl, and

eMtrndi*tnte intttituttona' 2BO.00Secretary cie*. t* the end I that all ,'.t. and \\atcliman for building ,._. .-___- BOO.00 attIfrt'n, .lai". pnaon fund ..... 1.260.00 after the adjournment nl the rate aforeimtd. Whtr'as, In the dvertncmen.jt Inviting blila

Secret*. of b..r of pardona ._.__ 260.00Secretary county olTicer .h.1 receive .. Judicial Department Kupreni. Court experienced fndfx*>r npM| >lnt. d under for I lIt,' printing ant binding *H above art out '

of .t State ilta, once each vp. -- ---.-- i'ROB) 'oo SalarIes' judicial departmentI 72.780 00 Salad,* Stitttt nu< ,'onr Judge ..fContintteni '11,26000 I Chapter HI 1:1:1.: : I.nwn of 1"I.hh.. thu recording nnd in the npiclrtcntlona nultmitted tn the anlel

__ $ 1100.00 Salary assIstant Mate auditor -. 160000 lurora and wllnwao* before grand expeitKia including n..*. .ecn tnry of the Senate and the clerk appoint The F O, fainter Printing Compnny. th* N,
Chief clerk -_ n Salary additional nniiHtant stat. auditor id bv Iloune renoluiion. I to Index I Ilouae journal lola rtI of pJ ,
00Correepoodrnre of Juatire CfinimiNHloner
950 exptnae of
. ... ---0-----------.1 76,00000( xary .lh.ndln. stale Inntltutlon* .
clrrk .
chief 1600.0))) JurI -
Mintant and filing- clerk __ MO.00 ._ -_ -- -.-_ R.. for and exnenae* of arreflt the .ludifial', Section of th. .. aball IH vntitliMl' to hftet iluy to com- Hid not H|>.*wiry tltnt I Ihn I prln for pall work t"
n 900 Oft ...
flOO.OOPotitaue Chief clerk and accountant nO ..._ can Hnr Aiwoclation ... pli'tc the indexing of I the h' I.I.hvo Jouniiil. wilt to In* tinned d '
and ___._.. '50'00 of t""itv. from j tint Ice 2.000.Ott \ -- 1.600.0 on livery at lIt* ( .151101. '
... ., ,
Stenographer I.p..rt. .... flOO.00 One accountant and clerk - : ', Judge alttlng on Clerk .pi'r d em under, Section iii. aiich "pnyment I. be mndi. Imwever, only nftitr freight pnid, nnd thnt the saul The F O. I 4 I,

expreaa. other"Incidental t.I..r.m.ewpenae 1.000.00Bxpeniie Postage, office nuppliea and expvnae 2 000 EIn." .. liench ._ _._.h. 1000.00 denernl Ktntutea ,--. 46060 thr .completion. nnd delivery i>f the copy" of the Painter Pi'in ting Company mndi il* .Mtlmat .

Hepair and at ... . T50.00 Conta .. ngainat the ..t..en Clerk .. Ihr.rl.n. under Section 'Index .. 'the nttorney genera) nnd after the of rout f o b, ram at Pel nnd Dor Ida. and, j I

In.t.tnl of. l.hl.... 48'.07 County taxes on state prison, r.n.S' civil \u.I".1_ -. ..... 100.00 17A.I.. ...r.1 ..* 150,00 Htloriuy general tuw atitross'.I I the completedwork \V hi'tva. The F O Painter Printing Company -f .1 1i
Captlol' .n'.1 f.tu. General printing and advertiHintt -- I 15.000.00 >iuirvd l ttp NIIHJ, Clmiiter, laws
;; an rt
.. l for Court building |
and water 1.00000 railroadcommlHHlonem circuit Judge* sitting In Rttltttule, Ktifireme, 9"5. vv HH n'f in!red by thi* hoard nf cnniIu.
Fuel, liirht - ==: 690.00: .I"rl.'" anti expenne' of other nil plrtniH and fi.rtili,. 126 "T I"lorida'tin tIlItit'rs of
Watchman at Capitol .= = .... _. ___ 17,60000 .Irll. - _-- , BOO.00 cr -- 5 wtuttInul jtulionn to prrpay the
flOO 00Throe .n \ .. Shi-rilf Court, dIem Hi-cn-Ury of the Senate, and the bill freight I rbnrvH,
.._ 6'000'00x'.n. court Judge ait. tee t.,1 on ttic Ptoridn Stte'm,* Court
!I 0 lu.m.
- .
Capitol Pn"ln.r __ ...-. 720.00 ExiunHt collection of revenue of .n ) ting In other counties ___ .-_ 250.OA tool., l.rt 1HH3. t'n.Stat.: turk .r t It" llotittf of Ufpriwt. at i'i'a .h.1 n'portn 'prfiitH, an nhovi* net out u hirh Memof nj
.1,10" (A\inll. on pnaaatie A.t T'xpcniM: of ntnte'fl attorney acting Utt'H 25000 i neb have "pay for tin dnv nfi t'r I llu> a.IJ."r. cont and 'Iflf
books I'HpinHe wn tint Inti n.l il in
Ivp.wrlt. <> th*
Fnlne. p."r.. 50000Comp'r Tor ah. rl.ln" .010 to of in othi' .r circuit n __ . :100.00 Memtellkt ,. -- .- 24000 nu itt of I tin l.rlnlniuri' ,I.. complete" I .ir tin ii'lvi'rliHi'mi'tilM I Inviting I til.In by K 1>. Painter
l.p"I.lotu.**!!*? ru "n".ld .-. for the taco Natlimnl Guard of Florida\ Hi-en.lary 'In Supreme' ourt J untie*'* 1.100.00) nn it*tit.l work and to rH, urn ttnir bmik and Print Inn Compnny, tlirri'fdH., '

Chief ilerk _--_ ._ u.S 1.BOO 00AHHlMnnt 'tax aHHt'RHoni. and for preparing...a i .noo oo Salary .adjutant irenernl .- 1Kxpt ; 2.ooo.00 AHiHtniit .,.r.t.r* to Supreme, Court.lUMiiiH billtt propirly., iutit's'tl.. ,,Hoititl mid lal,. lnlUOO .. He It nailed by the I ritinlntur of the H>*(e
chief clerk' .. .__ 1,20000 compl< t<> ,tile index systemSIatitn'ry --- 'n4H National Gunrd of Florida _ -_ .00 ''n com i .,.nt foi ft.r ,rt'r'nct'. tA thu See. Iti' rlnrl.dfSi lIt 1

1r ,I and\ 1..1.1 graph amtrnnmrntchrl for executive .and .tculalatlvo ._.__.- 1.000.00 i Provfdi) Congreim nuthorice then 'three.. law clerk for Justices' .._ 1'HMO.00 ,....V.I Sit..).. .pay nil nt .. l It<. madi. titttl, I h. ti< on 1 rimt I tin* turn nf Two Hundred -
a .a _. __ __ -..n.- 90000AmtiKiiiitt "....nrm..t. -tax -lint*. under .nrtinnl/ntion N"lonnl Munrdt I In. '.::1..... y. hI. water' ..n.I.\ Ic. .. 300.00 certificate of tht Sicrtttiiv" of StnU'. tlial fin'h inn! Niiirtv I '., tvht MolIarM nnd f1ftv.Hvrn cint

rntlrond-- and tetevraph- a.- Ti'intinu |, ...... 8.000.00 chnlimr r'n'' of altownn- I'uil foi',. hi,'nting. .. . 400.01 duty. ban bn-ti p''ifi.rmid i hi'n liv ,,iipproprtnt| out nf I In
ainuni clerk __ .__._--_, 000 00Ho..I i'.,'.nnc \lniittrnlalilng - 't...5, t.tcPxpcnce _ _nrl.r". --.. 23.00000 One rl naic and yard manKit 24000 'h.1 ,'.r.l.ry.r. t tln I > Si.nnli> and bill I mcntnrv t tI *- l lIt,* Hlnti1 lpt'tstt'y, mil ot t tn'rwlH** appropriated money ,
9(10( .09An rwpair lo..nor' : 1 clrlcliin and! elevator I of I On S'tuuti' nhall i ",'h r,*C4 ivo *eventT270 ( I
_ Florida naval mllltln. Including man
. "11 r - nianaltitImproc.mt ._... .. 60000 ro i'tvlntl in full of Thi' I K O, fi.Iiit.-r
.Utnnt. bookkeeper and\ Htennnraph- -. -- of -govirnor'a- r'flt altownnre anti ..'1..* Supri, nit Court building .00 rivi> dollnrr* (1$7r OOi) I for prtpnrliiu I the .1.,11 I'ri Ill my <*rnpnny, rt'finhurHiiig, xind
and eomiutny
00ViitMnu nt cnr "it*'ndur. of Sf>rintt', nud thi* chief "
rl,( rk _._ BOO 4J000 nbonrd lnltid Slul'x navy erratic 4.80n.00 Watchnmn for buildingPuri'bnti - 450.00 Tor ntt'y ntlvntici.1 In prcp'tym' 'nl of freight I
ir$ nnd warrant clerk _' . 1.00000 mansion an"| Im"tA enwtnt'cr- -and State Auditor > uf book for Stipreme of thtIfoiiHi I of tpriw( nliiilvi' 'H and the MJI- i I' ml on ltorl.ln Mupn'nu* Court I

clerk 90000 For services' nf Salary auditor ----------5!I 00 Courl, library, 26004 "itnnt cbU 'I'rk of ill> lloimn of n."n..nl., lnt uiltrtt'n'i ri'porta re '
,.titona and l ) - pi nn I out
API mi, 11 .b.t.nUn. connected with theinHpectioti .tnl. 3.08 .
7BOOO othir, (xiMmteft Jitdlcfnl DepartmentSnlnrii'w iitiveH'I iiliiill i m'h r.'c'i l\t> .,' nty-hvp ilollurn **.
P'n-I.n rUrk ..- -- -_ and : trnvi'ling expcnurn of .. c 2 1 hi* Contplrolli'i I In I hciilty reiinlrnl, -
Artpl.tnhi p.flO'Ofl clerk and- nookknpir of rnlr.the anneaament preimrinu of ottntnIc.' I. bv only to reteve juthflnl d partmrnt" ._ .f.luron 19.37800 $5 "0'( foi, tt''t pnrihg I hi. dnflv cnlendar nf to oVnw hlN warrant for I Ihi* stun of Two p Ifttn vi,
.. data for 1..0. nnd wItness, ix.fore grand he I Hi HUM- of Id.'pnaenlailve' I Tntvided, that .('id *
.. ,---- MO.o rtillrittIt ,_ ._ 1.260.00 rongiHtion -. emergencl > and Ntni'ly i" lit Poltnni nnd lIlp.s'ri.n
.up.lv rk cod multlirrnrh operntor 7ROOnPM'imtorv h nn aalarle* (*. to the end thnt nil atnto and Jury 87,500,00 t It i'tltu'nmHinu and cm olthiir -<..r..tnrh. oflh c'ttitt, In fnstr of 'Ike R (1 I'ainlsr V'rinllng
; ; .. HflO.on F.r state mnrk..tn. bu..u. nnd, .. of *. Si natc nml tin <>tu,'ro. ami I ,mrolling
Tor arrest
clerk and bookkeeper .. anti .__ ._..___ _,__ 7.600) 00 county otTIci ahall hi audited once R'/r.l. .yl.n. .In. 'Imltany. atI, the stnto trcmttrer Is itt'rclv '
C.rr. Fr>'.iuh>nce and filing clerk __' 660.00 2.enpenne That the following- auma- be, a.n.th" each year 1.lion.04 of fUKitivtm, fnmi Justice . I .0110.01)) .I'k. of I tin |1.1.| of |I.ipn., .i nt ni lvi's amii rI'titilrI It' 11CC cant,' In (till a, lll'mt'nt of the '

AHuUtnTit corn .,pnndence n"fln"\ .came S..". hereby for. |.,'nts .I.la" per t'Iut in. t,I' 'I'Itt' II 1) I ,,lnl.'r rrlnthg (',.mtnn,
60000Ainlitiiu "p.ln..1 h..n.h. 500.04 'ntarv ,
(.I l.-k of t he State n.'I.nnl' state n"dlto, i 9:00000: Supreme" - ntttn'y HtIs'anr.'ti In pretaytng fts'iItt l 'I
and dintrlbution' clerk tax tin.ot of fialarlra cn.. ('hit.f . nnd accountantftn _ 1.sot) 00 Coat".* ndJiKlrf, ) ngniu,.t the stints In mi'riliny. of .thi Si.iial". "Iul n>.,ive the l"lttrlin uprt'tne Court on '

. , ill nl' . 760.00B i IKpnrtmint' for the year 1020 : rl'-rk nnd nccountnntPohlnvi _ 1 Ron' .00 II rajHNROO 60.00 "'". 'tf vlttt' Iliitid "I Hollar i inno) "'i '.r **n' :'I report reprints
tm turn pnrtmi dt _f 27 1300.00 c. Thinrt luilI, into .
la .*,. ) HO i-ir.-rt Irntni -
,.")(l k.t.* r tur4di>mplion. departmcnt Sn .ut. n Mn rxiXHHge nod nf r., .

--. --_ flOO.00 2 000.00 MlacellaneouaCountv otbt r circnitHI 260.00 "f "'\ Itt Is. INHI''I lIt' lit,\ I'rnr npprox ,_

eorillnvr clerk tux redemption- deptirfmi Private, mcmtary -------------I and nnalHtant tnviH on Htati* pron( fnrmltn I I 1 ROO 00 BxpMiaia erimlnnl "u"1 I Judged nil S t't'Il'I't itt' tt't i di. 'tttittt. I nnlinn. of 'I l'tt.ttI't I Mv 96 1q19. P I

; nt _ -_ HOO.00AttHlii Fxiriit i'I'rh) ._ t l.KOO 00 .tn rat ,rrintinir anti ..IYrl"nt, 80,00000 l'"K' *In ntlier .onnl. 126 00 *ni mlM.. of lhi> Si'nut.I uiiH I MOIIHI> of 'Id'(..
HccnturyHtenogruphi .u Snlnrlii : or State Attoriu iiNenlnlivea' ttt.i) thi ,pi i nil-
tax and
clerk redemption : Itttttrnties a y*
int, recordinti . .._ on expenHia lt \PTPR
__ 1 200 lIMIt
01'0.\ (Nn *),
ftOO.00 r 'torI"'. ci, k. i.r tin andlloiim ,
_. nnd finale
"'pnrtm.'flt __ . 1,20000 < "inn loner* lilt 000 00 I"* In nib r circuits .I'h. \ VCT Por Hi.* R'ilt'l'of, fhn I''
.ntrU> for into of cae.eStir' t.nolr""h." .- --- -- Fvppnnin collictlon of _1 ; Ntlnitnl Guard: if Florida' I of lt.'|tn .. itt ni It t M ttliall IM* prepared ,in Klorldn PunliNlun -
lInt' of Ininl ( K f"
. ". of Btate __._ 4 000 00) rv.nt. 7000.00 i'intmnv; fm I.o ti of
.i n,1 l nther ronfln"cnt e.pen- '60000' Por abstracting land the H"IHI of niliutnnt gen*'rnl IFxpentuH 1,000.00 PIIV roll form. anti DIONIof 'the Senate, .h.1 r..r I PiibtHliinir the Cotnppnitntioii

n..t. i .mptroMi" otfico" _u. dOO.00Tanitor STr,"t.ry board tumid of of pardona Mtate inatittitlon_. _. 600.00 Mate for unpaid. tac* .01tn t. .. of National' (Juard of Florida IN. approval" |>v th,.. "priwiili of tim Coiir.l, .I* Hnrl.lMVMii'i.ii'i MtM Tnt qnlo nf l uvnl I V
.".1 mtHt4d I.. tht of the S..nt...
nnd k. ,..r. comptroller 1..lnrv ef State Inn n..p..o. anti for preparingcomplete .. a (Ij.nts idi'd I.n",' nuthorlne re Hicnlary I i'ttt' f-torldn
v.ol __ _ 210 00 Secretary diinnO and t IhoHe of I it HOIIHI. of Hha'lIn 'I Tlmefl Ifnfon, a new.>-
National In
file Index aynt, . .
m 8,000 00 1..I.v. '
and in-anurer - Chief . ICo : 2 100 00 nIHn"al'nn pni>nr plit>)lHhed In Puvat
Rtate TreaarerChief .h.I. . '_- "tnl."... for executive and "' '.1.. dud" rt of .rmor. allow. approved, by the .'..k. .. of Thp Ptoridn County. Flortdrt. by
. 00
1 000 PtihlfKhlnw I
..,... ('Ito,
- IttlIty.
clerk and bookkeeper ._ ._-S 1 10000 cl'r. clerk- 1'3 JO 00 di-partmcntn.. __ __ _. 2000.00 .. etcKxpenxi .- 11.60000 ltepr *Hi ntativtii. and I'h. comptroller .hall audit., 11th. wna itutr n coritorav
Ca-hfer cod bookkeeper _._._. 1.000.noAanlntant rroa.pon di*nee and filing .- 1:2)0.410: ) Print Ing delinquent tn x IMa underr.venue .* Florida Nnxnl Militia., In- anti I..u. his 'warrH.t on tin treiuiiirer for potintv eonunlHNfoiien iliNlgnnti by I hi- board nf
and typewriter of I IMIVII!
Stenograph *
nnd bookkeeper ooo.noecuritlea law .___ r .nt. nllownnce and cniui-. the t Iit r 4 .hl.r and teliurnm 1 200 00 16,00000 rluding .ml. for the pnlllratlon '
and bookkeeper 150 00TorremmnVnee PoHtage, ro. .u Purninhtnff and aboard Slates. Navy See 4. The aiMclat' commitl appointed, by of tin notice of ***>.
P clerk 20110,00 repair governor. Ilnl.d VP' nt I tUH! I of tandd fn all '
.",1 filing clerk ._. 60000 R .patra' and other In..t..n'.1. e.p.n., 2,000( 00 mansIon . ._ ._. 1.00000 silo 'U .- 1.40000 lIt' *' rt'Hular ataniun of 1IM7 and 'the extraordinary ,. Ian.,i had not btu Ouvn! cnunty on which

Contingent 'p.n.* _.- -- flO OO Fuel tight .n.t . --. .- .uW..hman 1 200 00 lmprov,'ment, and care of governor'. 8tt Auditor aeaMlon of the ti.glalatun* iuot,'tnitl'ti In When, Inld ti pall an reiiuln'd l i'y law, and

Insurance ctuary. _ .n_... 1- 00Tnurance at '.11,1___ -__ -. ---- 1,20000 m arm Ion anti ground ____..__ R4000 nlnry slat. auditor u ,-_ f 1,60000 Novemlter. HUH, Hhall tie paid n ,pi'r di.-m' of hv unlit ncwapNper, advert. nnd lut nif-nt n ti* duty nta'te t 1,1

clerk __.._n_ 1,000.00 rapitot .nlln. 'n --- -_ For sees 1. for civil engineer and Salary anti traveling, expenses of account live .10. I 115 00)) for t.in*. actually, ."r.I. IA'het''ss 'S
__ . .44000 nurfn
Three - r I ii hi* running, '>f said ,
Contingent 'p.n. Insurance de, other expiate. connected with the ant*. to bw lined only to relieve anti expenHia count'rted therewith.Munu nil pubMeatlon ',
rollerChief before
Con M the
pnrtmnt _. ..-_..- 700.00 clerktsslatnt .pt fl ono 00 Inuttection' of r'I..I.' and prepar o"n".lnn. and meet emergenciiN. > bi. pn-pHrfil' I. i inc ndl I form anti rertilted lain of the iMimiuent dntf* of nfil pate rap.
Attorney ftenernlAMlnlnnt ing data for the that all state and tty thi chairman of the committee, nnli'ittnlative hairs nn land which
chief clerk ___ _... 2:400:00 assessment of rail- wrc lt,19.rIts.ti for Hale '
---------S 1.50000 awt-iament u" ____ _ _ ..__ 2.ROO 00 county officer .h.1 receive .. en..nnfi i>f either IIuiiHe repec1 lohn W Runt wer<* paid to saId< '
.._ 1.5nnOl Rnl..n .aaiatant -- --0 marketing bureau . once ..'.Ir.I. .h,1 .r. wIlt t bin ft.,
clerk _._._. ._ . .. I.lion'00 1.000.n "i 'nnd I lb.* cfwt of
.. 76000General --- -- advprtlntng
taw eler1', anti wtenographer n Sec t That the following nunan MiUrv nHNlKlntit Htnle' auditor 1.50000 i nut for the name. fiiom' ) '1A P
railroad anti aailment VN 5 tt.tt | >ctd bv
and nogrnpher ft 00 00Tncldotitfll ArmlHtant ll..r."h hi' :Sic r, That Die of htm n, cone it f adver
i-ffico, clerk clerk ._ I 00 rehy 0"1..1".1 for the pie month Salary ..I""nol a-intant i.In' an "I expenmn tho Men- IlKlnir nmountn to 91,12764 I
20 00Fii1 ---.0 RO
ending ate nnd Ifoiue of
1.60004 be ld
pen-en I' tutor t>* I t
1..t..nl.Uv. W he
_ 00 .h.1 nun, Sue),
Hook keep ,
r money*
f \ ,' ?SOOOtint nO -- Snlarti executiv rti nrid WOO 00 on i u her* of .the to coltcctid wore di a
> t department. _.I1.HOO 00 lit.T 'rk accountant "'.I..v. .1.1 rm.n p.' mitt'd to the
and .t.no"r.ph.I. .
Assistant' bookkeeper erdit nf ,
. Public Instruction _ ) until f"lm W fUwt, AM
rtt I t* tuli nt i>f 1 200 00 Governor One clerk anti accountant 76000 commtti fin 1"II.I"I. txpenacH, of tho Si-n- tut collector, anti

Chief clerk and nuditnr .._.9 l.ioonn clerkttdltltw "',IVt. ,.P..t.r . _ ...I 1,00000 '. tltt't'| aupplien, anti' expenai 25000 ate or fount .r 1..I..n..lv. the cast When '
and warrantclerk' __ ___ 2'010'00 I I''nv. O 'ait, Patti ,lohn W Kant
. flnO 00 .
Hi-tant chli f clerk . .. and a-ai-tant i.e. Mlacellaneona niav h nnd I tin* .n"tn.II'r .I I auilit thti fmrtl I bin wtq Hiiapindrl
office 5th
Certificate and Imlh.lo"h. clerk MI.M A clerk pc'pratlons. .. _and___"h.'r.cUn._ 1"000) r.tn" ? .._ .. .t_ _ "5000 County lattH mi Mat<> prison farm I 7110 00 -.".' anti INNIH. hi* w.rran" for the name county bv the an Iivrtnr It.x cnllirtur of unld fIt,, .1( 4', ic4'} '

('4TVce000tIinW ',k _ 011000tcnnrraphcr stenographer ...._ COO.00 ...nt.ral printing and advertialng' -. 1 1flon I 15000.00 Sic ft thin, Act -I ml I take tftVct upon ItjliMimninif alvoiit of PlnrMit on or
fln" IVtmion clerk __ _. ... .-_ 1'810'00 - St, unit., A f> mlM
-- ? anti
,_ __ Snlnrlf and of a law
AO.OOPOtn" xpenaea
l - - I.nnlr""h. .h no r.lr.d W her '
clerk \ UK, The ,
Contingent- cx.prflsta Aaalatnnt penalon .n.bk. of .. Approxid' lime 4. "'ll' MorieVM on de poult fn the rreif
print'no. r"nl'n. evpenaea Plate' 2 000 no .un.m..i'r. 17.50.00 I it of ,
._ __. .__ I 00 saIl r..hn W
__. 1.200 Oft kivt.'rSuti.ly -. 1201 Ra"t M Inn colltftor nt
._ --- !.. of tHtnrdtate fnwtltutlor 25004 KnpinHfH: coiI'clttn of n venue __ h I(5.110 -- I I.mi* of niirh the
etinirintrodnt | clerk and multigraph operator ..cretnry of l slot landn' aold tn atate 'lluR Nit. :81! Mimperiiil'in were taken fytasrunlon*
nf rOil
pardon ting
1 \eilHK r r.m r 2&0.00 f'u f'I\'TI.t of bv ..
.n.P official bun- .. _-___ I.50.00 I hi. A lrt I nn l **lfit* A ml i tIer nnd '',
end auditor, on .. _.. Secretary of State for unpaid .tax-* for the UBI of ,\ N M- 'T \ itt. (riianh ill 12. T "rI.MO.OI tv'r I to K tt turninl
, _ '600' 00 clerk an.i| bookkeeper 01 1.1 nwH f'n.li'riclt, who
Chief clerk tn'so
mly! 1..1..10" 120" .n.r". preparing a upon SUCh
{Incas n - nflHeHHom
1000I.. Moridn, PntlH..I I i An A \rncnd Cbs .tr r* nma I ,fot
and fIling clerk ii IPP* < tf t lily CtIII't.e
atnrl.'r.two rurnl aehool In..to. 2.000.00Tro".1r "rr..n.h.n. 0 200 AHHintant chief clerk . .: f t" fll*' indi-t system . : :.t.t'I\;: nt sail coun S
AnwlHtnnt corn.apondrnce and filing OlIn 00 m".h" frntti i,||UH ,,f |itrMm | Inir anrt t., I ty utni l ,*tn, i aid ovi.r let the
,* .oxpenaifl two rural achnol ( 'trrtaptnd'nt', and filing clerk MO, 00 stiitlnncry' ft>r i K<>ciitlve and legiala- M,,ki- A *tnte anti coun
__. ._ cl.-rk 112000 ;: : : . _ I nn :uttrttrtt.:I.I lit On Support and ty the mnneyn *>n dillver to litm, and
1,25000 : ,
{ nogrnpher and typewriterPoHtniri lint, 00 \ '" tt t'l 'ntftOO 1.000.01) tltttni'nittc ; *
.. A in 1 1 ting anti dint rlbut ion elerk t.xrmiempl of I the .\j nml flail,,,,. Uhfrui, th<' Mtnte of florid
Cnmanianinner nf Agriculture exi"rt a* and **|, I noting .1..lh"I..nl| tan Hat, under anti cnontv
grnmHft"r 00
tk. _ 00 :: I ""' "" yule. lorl.ln.Approved\ nf Iimnl, Itt,,,
\.500 : : '
on .r'm..n. ; r'c'tvcii| | MM*
of agriculture air _ H ono money
"hief clerk depnrtment itnd other Incidental I e-penn. 1.0011.011 r' vf, thmid roltccied by
_ 9 1.10000CU "..kl..r. tax rv.h.ml.lon department FM.I lUrht and I I. ,f civil *nviniter anti. lohn W Knit ii" nulilUh,
1 loon no H<"rvicM* ( Me cnntJt
._ ._ ..iI0.n0 ; : It ".r..1 by the f rgUliilur, of the Slnteof ptml f.ir lIt,' ott h ,rtlmng,
'r'' 'tn Agricultural nnd Immigration Watchman at : : ::. lion no .'th*'r ,'xpt'ttult ennneeti'd with the rlortdn' auch las nate ax t
WO no Il.*conlinir' cl* r') tax n.d"m"l.n !" ( It''rt' ht-iuifli) In by Indlvlilual Is
divlaionN partment ..__ ._._ 1.20000 iirxtnl tncineerThree : ,_ 600 no '' 'P< .I.n fif ratlrond and pre- 1 'Hint, rVition I of Thnpt r 'fiV\: I" nmounttnir
('I..rk in Inn.I d\lnion< ..- 90000 Assistant .I..k. tax ,. .Innlo. ._ . _'_ 720.Of) t..rln" .,. for thi* lutM-nMinent of of ttWH i>f Klomln i I d A Act in II hi. xfate ft,IJ7 60i
Clerk | nnd drticr, .*ockfeed mordln. ci book, riiilrtinda60n . :i : ;: : ricil\lnv 514 0*
pnre fnnd Patter. typewriter, r"I' "I. >
. -. 1.201) 00 10.00 .ttnn.l| chanter 1067. laws f I.I an ti' onhl itirn nnd i the of
cItrus fnut dlvl carbon etc, teglalnture .. salarIes county Duvnl
,. of 1921Comptroller .00 I or ataand mkettno ttireati. 79.1.111)
r.rl'r. I 1.1.1( of 'land entrit'. for tine of aareniea. "' *" flle' "" ami iime nn.l
005 -: 1 l0fl00 and other u. <*xpenHiiand 7.500.00) ) ntttlnicnance I of 1h,:<:.f: ;*.,i:-rnlr ;t.:ldli: : atl:::| \*<'her.nHaid
Olerk in Pel! note dlvl.lon" . inn: 00 sI.wtn .ontn".nt Chief clerk . _. _. F"tnlshlog .pair : fuitn of t 1.12761)
O r* governor .
mjlfr' I'22 S'1 '"' .m < ln ,' .rl" I Ii itt, ,
_ ?
Cterk In shell flub divafnn ._. 900 00 compi off,tee 120001 \.i..nl' rhh.t clerk" -- ..... . < ."., ..".... 509. ..vv11".rHm.nl .m\i .::.,nine. ,, : 'I. .: 'p. .' ri'vtr I.-, n pnld to I tbe FlorMii Puhlinh>ng>
L. MIII iii'ing ' ii sam* la
Janitor and vault keeper ''comptroller ''tltt|>iinv nnd the
department. Ro 'Imad ttn me IN d'le
-tpnogranhcr ataeasment and of
Clerk! fiOO.00 and I treasurer t' ... _...... 48000 clerk nn.I'h'.r..h_ .. guvernorantanaion hi n by aot'ntll. .. MM lo rind an followaMictlon : .-. tMrefor*', paynbte.rr 41
of agricultureCii ._.. 000 00 and 4JO.04S.c
"r.n.l. I AH
rk and itenographer In I and P. State Treasurer \,.,nt5flt' railroad and telt-graph 4 '1 h. *um of One Hundred and FiftyIhoimand numn bi. and..n..I..I.' Dint the r.lI I lit It Knurl.-I by the I gUlnture, of the Slat ft 'it
__ I 2 200 00 I"n. itt h. by appropri of
Thief clerk and
bookkeeper PlurMM
600 Of) "f*.inent clerk __ !
__ 00040flftO ) I Iitdlara la hereby
\ 1.lnn I appropriaud -
2'ono'0 5o.010.no ei out of f'inic" i Ih.*
Cimhier anti bookkpeper ..__ _. any o oth "I. ,'ltItt '
and atenovraphf. Field Note flrntkhpeper .. .00dOO .. from In the 'r..Or n.t I Hint, the slim of Slit 00 he
Clerk and
Ah-tlHtnnt rasher, and tuokhteper8ruritii 'aM 0 "-'n any .n.1 I..ur 'rwwi, apfiroprit, d, for .", and I 1 >It.. IM t
sIlo* 'V
and Mre Pivi-lona --- RIO 0 A..I.t.nl and atenographnn not other WIN.. for the carrying .p.r hereby l'uI'tttrlalti I out of
b.kk."e appropr .
Food clrrk and bookkeeper ___ 00 nalnI'nancn of the f..rif, .N'rae and .ii'Miiy I in the any '
1.00001 li clerk 00 out the "f Clerk elepariment. .ro..n
pron : Snllort. Horn.In Uckaonvlllf. . up.
rterk anti *..nn"r..hr.. prltton .1.t part- Correapnnd nee .n" filing. .Iek .. _. 1.20000 Auditing'. and warrant clerk :: ::::. 1.000 00) ",\n Art to Create: th.- State Live Stock San- F'ftr the aupporl of each Inmate to-wlt- ,'rt the nail The P'iorlla
Contingent ... ._ permonth I[I'tlI Nhlng
(too oo expenses 1.010.00 ". and Ctmlany|
clerk 00000 a
m.nt .p..I.n" ) Hoard and to iU corporation for the
Inn lira nc. arttaryinsurance _ __ 360000 I"r ..rl. m.ml..hp. f 04 I MJ Id tent Ion of the '
. l.ooooo I'.n.l.n clerk .. _ 75004HOO 2 ntntJ* *
Po tag. agricultural departmentPHnti 0 |iow* nnd dutfca and eompt I" maintaining proportionate part nf
*c __ . __ Including
clerk .., h"I.I. i*> much ot the
2.000.01 "
.tAnt slate
Ic .' ntnmputock feed and fertilise Contingint insurance department penaon clerk and book1,490.00 tion for the arrvicr* diva Ion*i ._ h_ \.OOO.M .xp'fleee .00 ..| in .*,.1| board the authority, t provide for diNlnfectant. m.ol.'n.__ rounly for the year 10H, a* Was anld to
,, Print I g quarterly' bulletIna. aatri- n' Supply rlerk and multigraph operator 750 on i he prevention .uppr,.ai,'n control of Fur of auperlntendent. 7 01 I individualand the comptroller In h.rhy atihorxtd I

cultural) department ._ _.. 1,50900 Atorn.y General i'p **ltory clerk and k 400 n dangerous communicable. Infection "llr paynble I | and r** .. ._ f 3.00.0P ; .nt.lo.. monthly. per 10 04 '
Assistant mlnth
Immigration - - .* I and filing :: MO lIt,) and other ,llsesiuo of and trNitr for the nnid
ti Rxtra printing pur- ._ :: I rtl.. hog otherittmeotie for salary of matron, payable num of SlOt 04)
__ .
pa.I __ _.--? 60000.: A..nt, _nu_ R.OIO.OI Annuitant, corre-pondence filing d animal, and to mlahliah' maintain, ly month ._ mlnth- I n (ant,. of the Nad The Florida PunH-hln
Agricultural law clerk and atenographer - 1,60000 rlprk. .. 410) 40 24 04 I".mrtany. anti the Inset,,.,
Kvpreaa and telegrams and enforce quarantim, U prevent the Introduction Kuril.I for of the chat* I Ia
(.... 600.no (;en.ral) office clerk and Htenogra- Auditing and distribution clerk taredemption .nrtonaes each death . &00 1 i t.'t.*'by reritlref in the
department --n.n or aprt>ad of Infection pay aam.
ti _ ._ 00 : ".nt."I"1 ,
pherIneitienlal - n. -- 1.200 I di .nln..nl t.n.1 .nn"m. p..hl. H,'<* 3 1 hat the
other contingent -- prmentflookki 750 Ill) board
and e and communicable dlneaaf of
Traveling . .. ...... 60000 .m. uch anL .. .. to Include fire Inaiirnn ifonff count y com ml**
?' pentn of commlaalonfr of atrri.fu1turf expense - -- 'epr tat redemption, o..r. main. and to adopt. and enforce rules and . .pain of Ihjval enunfy Iw and an hereby dl
; book tInt oo I e ri furniture, bedding *
of . cct 'il tn
mentRecording 5
3011 out
only pu'.h. 10044 par nf the
bnlnH rew'Iattnns
officinl all
and aafd
nn n r."oh." any eatas _ revenue fund
c .f Inatroi lion m.t needed f
Aeprnntenrfent .n.I.1
Sthtlnn'V and other contingent epenna <- Pahl. ooI clerk lax redemption department ti r*. and U* Il. ..1. board power and . .,. Act .. 1./0001 nnid county the slim of 97U:1 6O, (hit county
I 2.200 ThU take ff >rt ,
A tier cultural! departmentTrntfni fO no Chief chris. and auh"- KIIO. _ __ 100 04 .ity in ...,.P" ... and t. countycommumimi lassIe 1. anti . .h,1. u"In I. I mtxirtlnnar* part of salt hay sale advertliten
0 "t.r. the
d man with A-Ki-tnM *i M diertC.'rtlfleat. - Aanlatnnt recording clerk tax re t to "' .I.I ftovernor r n lo The Florida -
ten 1..t 1.111009 and mlh-Iu"h.* elerk-- 1.BOO 00 nVmptlon derartment .... ..... ( 04 "" oprl.1 expendfund \I""v"V 10. l 191"| .Orptrat.on of I'uhtlahlng Company a>
ph"nvp I in plate 1 > orttv . 1.200 00 n for the work of tick eradication and Inctifirinvllle, Florida, for the,
'.. ftrnltur". prlnnnand or..nd.o." fhn" < rM| nr Un,| ntrtr for tjae of aaaeanm h' cholera control and t. for theiM"intm I iihiirntlnn nt that part of
Office fl and .g saId
i4 __ .vll. Clf11p'fl7754 fMo lag ante
; 9lt.rngrai.her, .__ ._ 1.20000 and other contingent .. 4)). ,inn unlit tn as
food \ .nt "f Rtt voter Individual
.tnnd .n. a otn.r by the sail
) 210 00 PnMajre. printing contingent evpen ,nn Comptrnltt office ____ 10004 and of "Nr' M"klnl nn pprojiriation to Pay t orit cnllee
t .nt. 'unpl.ty.wa patti board and
< to
pt and field ""t.mtilttirrAoh divI'flu! . 1<0.00 lea ____ . _._..n. __ _. __ 1.400.00 Junitnr and vault keeper, 'mjt l.; fix the power Ih..r. anti to the P ,, fainter Printing Company' for. Se,. ThIs Act shall Mli
Pontage and punUhm
F.trn dYed
1.1. Volumi", ,
,1,1. nf Immvdf
Traveling __ .__ Supreme Court
evpenaf .t"t .1""nt.n. and t.r .. .. 21044 fnt for s of this the a i.l(y o.n It*
Plate lol..n.
( "lent and auditor ( 0 Ifi..ort* | t'ndVr Cnntract of -aid approval by lbs
on Htate I ,
bl. Treaaaror Ih.prn'.1 ,,
.00 01..1.1 "cern
5)atnnr) .tnte rhem*. 9 t.SOO mesa onlyi' .._ ??_ ___ .. 1.000 OA ft. of .I.rk and .. . __I I 104 rul< and regulation' of paid leant. and to. r .mt.any wlh .. Hoard of Cutnmaat.ns.re' Approved My 21, 1919CfMPTFR
fertllfrer hkk.pp. n rnake the for ,
A.ni'.ti.ol: tnto eh. ." two rural -.hol Inapeetont 400000 Cackler and .. 1,000. n". rae "f Mute 1".t..I.n.Wh. | .
__ "I.I. hkk log out the on* of thia. Act" provide 77119
1.0/01 .
annlv-t -(No 7)
two rural Assistant 1.,1. r nn the provlnfnna of ,
Oil 00
xpenac .hnl .hl r bookkeeper lit .. In" Ch..I. V ACT For
and m.h
Aftantfate, chemist fond T."ln. __ 10 sItItrfltratitfl, .may be gilt'x fn" the Id'He? of P n fllrd of
_._ 2.60000 s the Jefft
00 _.n. clerk and bookkeeper _. 7Bn 04 lt f"rl". hoard, nf com mi--' '* -
1 OOA In..ct., 1..1. nt t' ahll h* ua d In defraying the County, Plot
drillana'vt' nary gen of da, anti ,
.,iMlonr .f .. -inner Providing for
and filing clerk M" I. Wa.
A"r.altar r -r..n.l. In.I."t.n. ''n.t..p.1 the
Assistant, -. ch*>m-t! utltci'x'v.t OJ expencof tIm Slate Mv*> Stock' Sanitary nf Ci'rtaln lIven
.t. r..o .. __ e for Paid by the
Chief clerk department ur.u. 'nnl"v' nl expense Ron no |, nrj. ( nt .nt".t r'oln'lnu .I"m. forty filth !> It
1,004100Tr S .. ... i. In.lu.In. the salary the atte vet- sIn, ,. fnrt.n'ne Mtr.l ti the Conntv of
; ". tun* n 2.20000 < ." actuary . _- ._.. . I.UO 00 .r.y..h. fifty forty *even. so'l the State JonVnon.
ci ,, .yp.ns.p. .t..P ni.t Immigration Inn' . rlnartan one fifty .three of P'lt'rI.Is' and Making
Clerk in agricultural .n< fnnce clerk __ 1,011000 See 6 AH ntv. fifty-tmo ly'tttit'' fifty ropriaton* Ap,
1104 assf.tan'is. on nicIal! . 1600.06 mnn. "p..rl..t nndt-r brad I -it and fifty for Sail' i"ep.s.s>
Cunt, '
Innnranre d.
divlaionn _. ir n seven Florida
epn- ,
__._. !'t'6.flfl -.0 ( 'f cot ngentrcounr 0.1. n'al, .f WIt* r* a. On .
ttr shall!) 'h
Ocal _ _ .: eipvnie R"o-.m. O. I ll'h dnr nf l
HQOOO ijrt fCcportN fM.rua
nr' Clerk dlvulnnClerk ._ artment __. h and' *y ,.
in - _ I 1 t1-!
5,700.00Tia I.no 70O for to the ,
next legislature .
Thwf -t and drug .. certain 'i"ei!
In (
In.p' in and atockfeed. Attorney General .1. ft purHimnie' of the tt.slslnna of cet-.rti.l In the'of..
pure dr. .* I W of
Minievpenxe I, *. th. r"< and ..ro . tri& div 4 Utant "... _. ....t l.ttitl.nit, ttmti. of .*mctarge ..'II..t b from'und' each. oIYclai' ..I"t antI, Oar.**'" Itfll. tri,. loMri) ,f cfimml-tilnner* I*I. rmn the clerk nf the circuit rmirt, of Jef.
1. MMftaaiatant and 1 .
t'l.'rk .
driir In-pM-tor* 00.O/ ..._....... & no ,' "ifn" Institutions county. Florid In fls''i| link
'*lon* ._.,_. -- -.. 1.0 1 Mtitant .- iIl'lO Oil cal d. 01.1 on th" Mth 'Is! of 2?'"1 > FT, race
Samcc' and Inclditntala. rare f joaII Clerk in field note divUian ......... law clerk and *t. nocranher ---. .... Ill., 1)0 .t tall I. .m"I..o| I f.tni"ry l"fl! *".1| on the 24th daf, of March p''I I r phI of war wa* conveyed by i'Ick.ns
80000 by Rlrd
,. N*. n _. u" -_ _- Clerk in shell flab difi,.lon ..-..... ) :: ftf-neral office neck and *tenosrpherIncidental Still *n* *** .Ilo. an. paid out .t on- I''' inter (Into nfrnct w th the R O of sail co'intv and slate, M the i'.u.

Chemif-aU,. ."o apparatu state tabo 604100Ch..n Clerk and .fnograt>h. department evpen*.-* ..... .... .._.... 56'l : tttt.'rtt fund "" roiJ for continent u. I'n n'.., Printing" Company t.. ippty' to the I*inroia!iah, ant Georvl. Pai'r"at Company now th.

rat _ _ . ._ of agriculture .. --_ . .. ..-.n 1.100.0 I.*.. ..' nf boeths _. .. _... _-. 25 0'l gienaso.e Any firdg, "n'; 't I the, -aid reprint of f lurid Supreme ,if th.iari| Air f U.i Italtesy. through the land
's' ,tl'n . M/.O divilon f Public Inatmc a&proprated ty thIs AMni t't irt Id sail Prki-n( Ft Hird. In
land ffvperintendunt
In |,
-unovrapher which rttract. nn the JanVnnn
Clerk , ,. part oun-
d of I
II.- nd 't the
I tol oxn for v O'ltrIlI5
chernfit jrirur Tar which It '
PiMai' --- - II 01 ._ __ n. _.. ._, _, 1.2000 Thlrf .1. ek .n'l auditor ..-$ f -a o The K O t'ninli r Printing Corn.I an I
Jaffit'aln ,laboratory _ ..__ JlOOOrriinn r*. .nJ, ,tenovrapher. field note AMlntant chief clerk 4 l'f M appropriated .I.r! revert I. the general I ala WM rtr'uml'tly, and falthfullf . WIne, a., Tn rai'i right of
rk '-- I way b0..
'.n. find' "r I th* .t.. .ut. I>ee>n ,,
nprtmntSalarie ;: ;; n pat I t t I
div nona .... . 1,200.96 rVrttncato and mith-Hngh e f,1't't i ity of .I.lYei'.tn
and pure toni --- tO H nfV < and On
750 10 gtprv.d June fl. I I'Jlif' I rhe ,
-.9 *>tf '.
chaplain! atat eonvlct- : \ p
fur* pri n det,artm-nk .- -_ 1.000.00 rn."dnt and filing clerk h. n In rr'lanci' with the term of I fflr-l .et.ba hy the aa d Pieken B,

0 For "*. nf Commlaaloner- of 9fe n], rk and itvnographer priaon dp..mo' .novri.h-r . .. __ 5'10I1) : -N tb"Mtmr* and un the .1.1 1 vi ry 'to the stale anti hf" I Irs, and by the laid raliroe

!tntti') "j' tn .noue.'n.' ratted* .u. ._ .-.- 1.000 rhemiral div* on ._...__ so. oti r"\'TK-7i (I. I). ,i' 'A "M I Icf>..... d that, the .ai' l The K. O nmnanv? antI it *Mlcn| an
P....1. HIT to ; .1.1.) PIT. PoatAir**, department -. 1.0.1 P.fHP. print,,*. Contingent cc.poe. AN ACT Ui Fi the Pay of Memtx. Officer, P* r ter f'rinttnfr Cr.mpany had) 0 e<. Wh, eras. P H ftird, the Ion and heir of

ah- ,,m nt.> pr on rl" _.u_ l.n'.1 i itatnp...ulurl. "k fd and .. . -.-.. -- .-.. 20044 anti 'AI.< of the -gllture. of the .Stateuf tra eopi", of aald reprint, rurnl.h. I 5.1,1( l'lebn ft Bird h** paid the tTe

L.I.iaIse lOll I'.nln.tlliKrr dh..on0..-,?.. 2.80.0 Traveling **.n. stall a npo.tnt.atien' , for .".'lon of I guilt) | and provititogtar r""v.l.! thirty.four, book t. ". fortyi Sal tr r /lt ''f way alit,,* the year 1M6 o*)

xPIOU5I ._ton 1..1"0' Ill, _.Uo.GO.M I Print 'urtrly" bullet n*. agrteui- and .dlt. nm official bu*.. Certain, Er,..-n. -. of the Ha... i h ft'ty'four hooks volume (nor tn th. dm of Thirty-two Dollar amount-

flvpraaie Cnr i rural nK Department ._ -- 0--- '.01.0 lne mly __ u _. Ill/0 lIe '* ..... by the Legislature ., ta. Bute ,w.lty"hk.) \ volume fifty, t.t"rY."I.* .; thirteen cen'* 1612.1 IJ. for stat,. taxes*. and and]
.. .511,250,00 .* Herl 1. ..
Supreme Qa:art*>* |we rural ehool trmpretor I. the *
.I.r. Cur J.o". Ritra printing, Immigration pttrpn** 1.00.01 < "*.v.n. fifty hk. volume fifty. ' .. In.ladn. aec telegnuia ..grlculturai4.part.i.nS Tr..ln. e>pen* *. cOral Mhool rWetion I Thai the pay of the Member* twij foryt-nn.. btioh . fif .501. '911 '61 fur taie
Exprwu . ecinnty *. anil the
ffy-th. *aaae.mr.rit >
aary eatwo.. of .t .. ..ndtoethe .0 -.-. --, i.oo.I. 1210.5'. ) tn Pdolsal lol.l.tur eonvened April H. ty-four book volume ft.rour. -rte h** been t.Ii' br the *.lti l rallenuti
Section of the A." In..i.i Aftlrelter* .010. .h.1 be aia dollar* 549411p.r volume ..
n-l other contingent e book
ladt.1 Traveling da addition, tk. Of .ne *ol- eof pany, who WM the proper party> to
aerk pr .m and. 9etlo 11. of tnrajiiioaev of a ( of .n t the .il.atie!! ailaw I by ffy. ..". av.nt..a book { volume flf .aid lane. therefore py
n.ral Statist __.. ____' 4t M I .n 00.00 Mre ..-- . i.4 1.100,11<' *ontit *
boia 'Ind II
official N
( t.u U
.a S.. "Aoetatloa ___ II.H> tore *n by tO. L.gI.ta).re *f Ibe Stale


4 '" '.J v .
S f .
a . __ _. 4' ( '
: .- -- -. k t_ ,_ .1 ,,

1. "

.. _



PhGE TWO _ _ _ _ _
_. --J- -:- __ -- :-
--- -- -
.1 --
__ . -' ---
- - - -- -- -- - -- --

, : .' of Florida Diem and Mileaue and Kxponsea of Members wise appropriated for the legitimate coat of 41400)) Dollar be and the lame la herebys1sprspriatt'd lon or purchase U .. if made after the and vlxtecn years both IncluaEve, thai! t* ,
Bfrtinn I. That' the num of 'fhl.. .two ToU df the 1..I"u. anel the I'". Diemof nnul Stimrnir Schools, the amount not to ex out of any fund In the btattIrcHJtury 1 I.. day of April with Interest on such cer- tmi't from the provlnlonn of thta Act

Inra NOd i him, *,it .. nth' (f12lU: I t lie ont thuKnrne Kmnloyees' of the 1..II.IA.u.l ci ed the appropriation made in Section two not otherwise appropriated for tht' tO.nl. coil on unpaid taxes for the year rin-l, Any child who U mcntalN ,-.
IH )lit.r<.hy itpproprintrd out of any monya Ite It I'eact.l: l by the .. .. .. of the btate I U, of thin Act. Provided should there remain pavmtnt of thu natarlea of the Circuit Judge 1 110' .n.1 prior thereto at the rate of elftht Icnlly incHpaclaled to pi rform, nchut, l J( v"atinfautory
r In .ti h.. trennury not otherwne, appropriated of JlortdatSi an unexpended balance in *ny eif the and Stats Attorney of the Seventeenth Judicial per cent per .".u' from the first day of proof of stud nrni>m.iMuhmftttd > 's
1o be pftl'l tn the nnid I'1 B Hlrd. .tte. | >n 1 I. Tho stOle trranurer I. hertby "Ite mm rmntietned in thin bill that shall not Circuit, In and for the State of rlnrMn .\"rl.' 1D1H)) and Interest on .1 unpaid or to the Attendance Officer **

l I Bee: .' ;1 Mint the comptrollir) I In, h.r.y l n mil hut "< il t. i.1St' I tin, ,i". ilie) 'm tmd inilcattfiinel l Is., UK i.d for any other purpose I und the Jut-fee and State Attorney of the i ,,.,il) tiixi"H for 111 y qulrttl 1 t>dm" Iii* variant; fnr, thi, find; numf t xpi, nsi, of tlif im mix.. of t th. ItKlnln- S..t. .1 1 Thin \ct I..nm. a law upon I'wtlfih .Judicial Circuit in and for the State. 1 '1"' nl > t lit I littatt" if 1 wnly' .',.' I>*"rci f,'n't'Utttl t Iii' luht iframmm *ri I ,. | '
>f 'J'hl'y.I"' .Itnllnni. and thirtfdi, n nlH. 1 |.t IJIX i ,U' ax .it, I ht.i..... ''lui'. upon I the prestntntiund. pnxHHKc. anil) ", ,..h.1 by thf Gwvtrnejr, sir of IlmifJa. for the period ending June -*"). 'nt 'r ttniium fur tin1. Ilrst y. .ir ariil tiyhtIK HM pn Hcrihed by the State Cours.. i ?
j I ) In fHs n.' .t OHI.I l I I' It Mini ",...I tht trm ,. tin, I tut* I tniiNun'r eif nn order .f the comptiolli upon I, it>* a .luw without such an-" I' r ct nt PT annum thi t.*.ifler, ii.i.." nlnvwith of thl SIn), or a course of study H ,] 'It
".. uf t I", "tnit i of rinritln I m, h..r 1 liy, re.14it,i..'dSi I I.i ."iint I" r-iK" el hy tin. governor, for I the l.r.I. ,'tplurors1Moy23 I".mln. 1U19 1021S. 2. All law and parts of lawa In con- i I the lli rat dny .if \ >r I nt >I after 1hiar HIM county or private school or tu'i r r ttlntniMtUnt
to I'ny' t'I. m.' sinieel) HiniHitit, which) onUrn .hal. at the clone flirt lurfwlth art hen,by repealed. >. for which tin'h 11 ...* au* 'In, '. nf aurh tIght vradiH ci,n , i y?
e. :"< 'lint I hi- county romni1nlom' of lr liitiiIvtivi', ....ion. or course, bopriMfiittil T tH (No. 10.1.) Ser. 1. Thia Act .h.1 take effect Immediately Si*. 2. That IM' 'I|I.' '." ofilieCI-i tt Court another Stnte. and holding a rip i n ,
the raur.lv' ..' .t.ff'mon' "A'. ..' 'Io.hl" -" to the comptroller" who shall issue AV ACT I\IT/, Section 1. of Chapter upon lu b..omm. a law. d tin HI.\< rul "' jiilui') "'.' h. httitf or I if t Ida has ins complt'tfil such jrrndiH. lni. ..1 \ \ .L!

Plvrvy ","h..I'd .nol ,'ml."w.'d to drowworroflI thol. ,. I .."t. I triujiurir warrants therefor.Stc P.XJ4. |.AWM. of Horitln.( IUI5. tOeIng "An Approved" June an' In.n,by ..u.i".I,' and ilin,, ul allow prlnc.i'ul of the school under whom >. ,, ,
r..r II... num i. Mixty.oni' 1)oIIans A"d J. Thn sum of Forty, Thounand) Dollars Act tn Make an Appropriation, for the the red*.mption .r ,,,.h..,.. i', \. t..1 K' or Inpurt nml coussl'rsigns'd! by the Countv .s t .utd
..vent.l. .....tA 'I$6I.6)' "n Ihe n.n..1 Rev.t nr .. much thonof ns Is neccnhsry, la bertby, I'utllnir and In Order of the CHAPTER 7802--(No. 20)). whore the ,tart, to be redemetj o' pur- mlent uf Fublic Instruction of lt.,, T*
t .nu" "r Ih., county nr JetT..roon. In favor iipitmpilutid" out of the irencral 'venui fund (1 round $ K.o.ln., n'lon"ln. to the AS ACT for the Relief of L. S. Crump for chaiu'il.can bt ascertained by leirnl and tmunl in which mild itrnili- woe completed
.. n Mini. to n-runn him for the amount .. carry nut and cover the exp<'nditurea pro. (Site of the Monument, for thi. I-rfma of Compensation During him N..n.Ion .n.olvl.lon. of any and all tax certificate 1 hi nl. Any chi Id whose cervices n-
of I tnxin 1nt.I> l the of Ji'ifVrnon" tied il umli-r this Act 011'0 Office .. County Commienloner State of Florida that 'S.
i ,10 county I'rnpir ('are and Protection. for the Monument from h.ld were ('Mnry fun the Hupport or anaititan,, '
; Sec 4 ThU Act . take ,'lot upon be- Si'e. :1 'hit* Act shall take eftVct upon be- Itself ansi to Provide for the Payment of the First Dlntrlel In and for Leon Court Issued In the year 1014) ( and nbne.iuvnt' yrum uhlowi'd mother or other pemon d, ,

e I coming fi law Approved June .comlnir a I". Approved p.1 19* Ittltf. of Such Appropriation", *. upon the payment of the amount ol .,uch t,, upon Haid child for support: saul di i. .njfn', ,
\ II. It Enscted by the Legislature. of the State The Governor of the State of certlftcatv or crrtlflcatva. or unch portion to be proven by affidavit of tIle d< i nfy
: CHAPTER 790-No. 81.) CHAPTER 7709.-INo.> < 14) tif Florida did on the 27th day of March 1017 thereof as thu tart to be redeemed or purchased pernon and at leant two other nfflilu, n j nt
I II AN ACT fctr the Relief of C. F Ilurirman.formt AN ACT for the Pnymi-nt to Geonte low) Hiction Flu.ld.1. That the sum of $400.00 an nuipend I-. S Crump from the office of County shall bear to the whole, with Interest to such dependency by dialnt *

1 r County Cnmminnionir lntrlrt No. 4 TriiHtir of Certain Uonds IHAue by the Htatie I "w. of "Florida. 1916. be amended so an t Com muw femur of the FIrst Commlsaioner'aIhlsitriit thereon from the date of such ..rIO..I. at not related to said child or depi-mt .pi. rtyi
.. VnluniA C.u.t". Florida for f..nna of Comrnnnntlon : >f Florida' July I. 1H61! January 1, rtHil) ns follows : of Leon County. Florida, and the rate of twenty-five per cent per annum much other proof aa may be regulnr) ,nd

( Iu.lnl) lila Hunpennlnn, From Of- 1x62 Riwpi'otlve'ly.Wherrar .Section That the sum of 1400000 annually Whereat, the S.n.t o the State of Flord for the first year and eight per ..nt per i ii satisfactory to the Attendance Offictr by IM and,
flcnWhfrra. The 1..IAI.lur of the State of Is hereby appropriated out of any did not concur aunpenttlon annum thereafter, and the payment any log authority to grant exemptlona,
t f *. C. F. foreman while holdlnir the .'10.10. by an ."p.ov" October 26 lH6t. money not otherwise appropriated be cavil Maid, L. S. Crump .been .In..t .County and nil aubspqurnt unpaid or omitted taxes due Fourth. Any child between the

r. I nflr. nf county comminaif.. Diatrlct' No. 4. ( .. and ,, .... isnue of Interest for the care and maintenance of t grounds t'ommlitaioner ..ro..ld. on the land to redeemed or purchased, in* seven and nine yearn, inclusive who aim, *

V, 0 county Florida ...p.nd.-' from lunrintt cnrtiftcntea, IndchUdneas In payment b'lonlln. to Olustee Monument and for the W h., .. Upon the iMptnalon of the .aid chilling taxes the ,..In which such p.cl'mltlon .- more than two milt1 from any achim resi), aald nlfTce) bv the Governor and for certain' of the expenses of CaptainHannford Commlwloner iin4
I proper and .. of the Monumentitnclf L S. Crump County or Plrh. Is made, If after the any child from ten to sIxteen year 'it
: '. Whr'ae, Said C. F fturtrman woo duly reInritnted D. Uychea and other companies for and for such beautifying. of the gunds a fora id, the Governor .pplot lIon S. A. first day of April, with interest thereon at who renfthw more than three mile f n m Up|

'r 'In naid) office) andWhrrcaH military cervIces and o"ppl.. In the Indian as may be necessary to make them a credit- June to fl said v..n. the rate of twenty-five per cent, per annum nchooj, unleaa free trunaportation in f Jrd "nnv**,.
,{ p upon auHpunnlon of said C. F. Won .of 1H49 : and be| o..lln. for the monument. When.. DI.ln. the said S. A. for the first year and eight per cent per annum '' .

,. Burirman, n* ArO""Ald. the Governor appointed W h. .. The ho 1.1 ITS of certain of said certiHcnton ,.. This Act shall take effect upon" ItJpnnflaxe Jones was ..tn" .County Cmm..lon.. thereafter, ""Innlnl with the first day Fifth Any child whose parent-, g'. i-.j
one .1. A Ittully, to boll nai'l) pfinltifin. and aKHmuntitur with, the Interest Itnr
ae.rc.d tho .
( he of
and approval. Approved May 10. ,1. April next year for which auchtuxi other havIng the ,
1119. 0..10 pemnn ciutoily,
J I Whrnn Sold .,. A. Rellly did hold and or.cupy thereon the sum uf Four Tho..n.l. One Hun- of said of Hoe to the amount H tin*. charge of Biilil child makf t fl''aI|

r said i..ltlnn.Rnd. receive the .emolument ilrv.l nm< Twonty-flvi Dollars. ("(.126.00J ex- ChAPTER 77UBINo. 1.1. of $111.20.mo1"m.nl MB more fully aoneara b, th. certificate R,.n.nr ii. Thnt urhuvA I tiitro M tnnrn .hAf or''C-C f Is.5 h.s ,,e Is. I. can.,.s.5i5,. mtiiKvr..)...( ], ?
.- inererrnm i.r ann ''Iin. me period of naitimispfifmlfin. chnnK l thy sum.' In 1H6J fur the coupon, bond AN ACT Making--Aliproprintiuna, ; tht. FlorItla of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and one- l tnx ctitiftcatc, ; hold. 'by' .State"attains 'm renxary; ;: ;' booika; and clothing, unit.

\ and of the Ktnto e,f Horfda. 1..lnl Intermit HoHpltnl for 'the Insane nt Ch.tAho.ch. ex.off1cio Clerk of the board of County Cumminninner the *tam> liiml. the .... .' t except tht 'n'H nry books soil ctothlntr) nliull I,H, nnt \
,4' 1' I ,Whertiix. Hut, for ..10 suspennlon cold. C. F. pi'r ct ut per iinnnm h..lnnC..d.b.d.) for ..i. Inrleln Inehmtrlnl R.hofo.\ ., uf Lion County Florida, and last ,....10..1.1) may be redeemed. in whole or by some other moans to said child'urnixhcil
j Ttiirumnn wmilil, lm\e "ci'Ivcd as nnlnry nn.teompf Hulel iimnunt and and FleirUIn : Schne l lftir Whereas The Constitution of the .Ma"of
nt M..h.n" In.II.I..1 II i"nrt. the part to I be redeemed can be Sixth Any unutMinl cnusu nccpptut''!<. *, ii
It I 'nniit'nn from call tilTlce d..ln.) *nlilperiod WI".I'., In the o..th.m.nt between thernitid Ocnln fur the Months Honda prmldi-H that no reinstated officer v
f.trlH; nt Lust Six ,rn,1, by leval and) usual! nub-divmion. k tulnnce Office, for the dintrlrt i
of iiui.pi. nnlnn tinKiim of J.I' I Hunrlrfd I ) Siiilt' and) the lit Ilte Tlnridn, In IWtZof e.f th,- Yenr 11410, tho Year 1020.) and thet"Irtt shall Hiifli 11ic I.. of the earning of his In t he surit.'r of tht.ir IHHUO. bv to therii th<> ,school public or private, which a', t rh
'thn IIItnra. bitwitn Krnwintrout p.nl u ]
the mutual' claims them
L IIh'v. now Ih.r.ror 1 Mnnthn of the fhmnir time of bin suspension there
Six Yi-ar
1U21.He of the
rU Circuit
.rn." Court, of Coisntywits'stIn I IM, r<'itiired to ntte.ni! in lorattd t'
!l. I': r
ttarieif by the I miniature. of the itt | by t the vIsits' of the In.
. 11.1.t of .I'n It Enacted: by the rglnlnture of the 11.1. from tht'r'tori'. the Innd discr bed in said a. that guest for ,'nesstai'tlny, f
of I lorlitaiRtction & Hlnn )lioHtliltifn' ), there WHH pnld, .Into the atnteirnifMiry .tOell. nt -,
He It Enacted the Legislature of the Slate .
by ,
nf lleirldatStitlor IH l iatnl the amount of the ci .,iR.lto cniiit, bi mnilu In writing by ttn> pnnrit .' ,.
f ;. I That the num mt there he nml) Is lunby ap- of .'10"01' red* .)thrw T' him hinml thi> Is here.by cli', nf roiirlitn 'Ihouxuml and) S 'vi'n Iollisrt I.ropriiittel for the "-I.rll. H-mpital for I theInnane S.cl, I That the Hum of fftl) .20 be and tp lu* n ,I'.m.e 01.1, Ion' I. .the .A'hI. and sir phnrirp of t>aiil child such n < ,
: ,, i
: : :ii : sin ) twtnty-flve c 'ntH 11 1,007.251) aa j t
: 'pr. cnted at Chnttnhooclue the. sum .' In'nbv appropriated, soil of itny
npproprint. t out of ( he ntate irk nry from 11. t firm nny nnd .I .lh."t omIU'e .. unpaidtat bt> niid within tuo dnys after the lint ,\,
: Htntlnff ansi in paymifit of the ..11) cortiflcnteanfu . _ on" thi, StuiiTwiwury nut otherwise .,. y
BOO ) in
: any funeln nnt hth.wl.t.n.I.t.I.. te> bi of -$971. m..y. due on unfit 1.1") t l's l I. '.m..I, ,prior nbot'ncSec <'.
'; I>nlil to flflld V "'. Itur, m.in for sold 'Innn of ruanlH* con".1 l into tumults f. .ro..ld. err K. much thereof a* may be necessary for Hpr" .ru|>rfntud' to ".10 to the ..10 L. S to tinyi nr for which the next certificate) wan
J antI mnlntc( and for two (" fur > of Intuit, with 2. Whimuer, under the prov'n- ntthi
unlary nnd yovnprninton., ) nnncn Improvonicmts year rump 01. .omp.n..lon. intcrwtt on certifirnte I I..u'd
. WI.m.. Thr! money HI. pnlel woo not.) tothe the bib of ., .. IP\\ follows SfC 2. (' . author- I \rt, any child shall ruc,'I\p r.n
: SIP 2.! Thnl thn r.mr>tn>Mcr Is hi re by fptlred from dny u" na : 1".1" the v< nr 1117 nnd prior thert'to nnd unpaid or
't ( to draw hi, uii"ant' on the tnnmircr Stub. of Morlitn. n the cedltctlnK, ntront of For Ih. Innt .six months of tho year laid direct coil niiuirod to lilt warrant 4>ni it t,'d tn xea for t he year I 191 t 16 anil prior t'rf\otc'ty or In ally prfvnte schonl, u 'n,1-,
: for nnlel sum of Pour MnmlriH F.luhty.thne nml in runt for I thi I true. nwm m if xnlel bmnl, |11111'. for deficiency npnrnpratlon, f 60,00000 on the State 'JrniHury for the said sum thi',to at .the Otto of sight per cent per \ ate It ncher. Incipnl or tcncher tn ct -\rittof

I rtnllnrs In favor of piil <' P. Rurvmnn. and ml for nurchano of ltinil------- 8,60000 of Jftl 215( in favor of I I. S. Crump, and the finnnm from lIt.. first day of April. IttlM. and such pri\nte nchool shall keep n nuirl I '
i tho trennurcr I In he.n.by cot tinrird am) required \\ hers n.., As the mini' es'rt heist,, nnd bonito ror pointing anel general "1.11 of Slat' freatiiirer hurt.by required to pay the in t t-ront on aiihMNiu, | 'nt crHifUaUa' nnd unpaid, the atlndsnr.- such child or rluldr. n ,tn
u<'rt* mmli the banis eif the clmm of tho Stuff
I' to pny the unmet.Fee. h.'Hpltnl. ) property - ._-u_- 28.00000( Hume. taxes HM prov d"d) In Section 2 of this Act.Si county nuperinUndt) In ch*'cklnir hb
nf I lorldu niralnHt the Inll"0 State nf AmorIrn __._.__ ., This Act take off vet, Its lIsts of nttimdnnce may cull nn the prKu
t ::1. 'J tIe Act i hnl tnke" effe>ct (mmeett- ,For employcm homoa h O.ooo.OO S c 1. .h.1 upon c. 4. That when the face of any tat
ably' upon tie ,'n_. rid appmxnl by thuGovernor the nnlel 1'oisrt'rn and SevenHollars For 'ImluHtrnl bulhlnl _ ._ 30.00000) becoming law prval.I..d t''rt lOcate. luM by I the state 1..0 subsequent school T rlncpal to verify a chlld'H atttmlarc,
and twenty-five conta I ft 4.007.26))
m .
; Aii|,reived May 27. 1919 For now power . plant100,000.00 Juno 9, Ittltt.CH to the otdtHt tax certificate the Statentxtrlnu Sec 3. Occasional non.attemliinrp s t
not now n'ver hnx bun thi ritrbtful, prop- public rchool by any child required to .
n,0 For ..mod'ln. kitchen .nil dining uny to be redeemed. or purchnid nti< vi]
CHAPTER '17111 -INn.( t rty of Ih. state hut pre.porlv beliinii to then room -' __ _. __.______ _.u 10.00000 \PTER 7HU1-(No. 21)). Is ... I.ne than would be the unpaidor public nchonl limit tips provlntont of I ihn
AN ACT for the Ite-llef nf ,' II T.nnithout.nml w nor,* of the said bonus ; andWhemnn Tor .n..nl! mnintonance h___._ 190,000.00 AN ACT for the Relief of Duncan G. Me. omitted taxes for the year for which suchiibmqiient Act. amounting not more than four ilals ) I'rnvhlinu' for Proof to lio' Made tn thedirk lh. State of rleirldn hail the ror general maintenance, for the Ilrlile. Former County' t'om miaul oner. District tax, certificate wan I..u.d. when e'o'itseil absence In any school monl h, at nil

nf the Circuit Court "f AIA.hl. COln. \\tnc of Urn said, FourUen 'hou..nd and Sevenlillaro year 1920 __---_.__._.__ __- 800000.00 t No.3. VolUHin County Flo.ld. for based on the last assesned valuation against not rtnHrr any parent, guardian or other
f. ,, ty In Cnnnfctlnn therewith.Wheronn nnd twenty-five centH, not properly bo.lemirititf For general maintenance for the I,*i>i. of ComittiMutum Du.o. Suspensionfrom the land then the unpaid' taxes for. that yt>ur person basing the custody, control or charutnf
nnpnout did. In year 'to It ever since the receipt" thereof, flrttt atx montha of 11)21--------- 200000.00 Office. bawd. on the hut assessed valuation may such child) liable to any of the pen nit hirrnvlddl
ID 17. >tti" > I.n. the 11. And the rightful owners are now entltltd to \Vht.rciu, Duncan C.. McRrlile while collected In by this Act.
I j I rt clerk of Ih. hol.lno of the amount on .
.. bt the ftnln) thounnml ansI 1.1
rniirt nf Alaclitm county .lax certificates 4'H) .1.1 fourteen .v.neoll" 1973,600.00 the office of County ( .mnl..i.n. sulisifttient" .PiOrh' and .",' certificate, Stc, 4. The principal or teacher fn chart
of 'IH14. nr>2 of 1RJI5.! 672 of ltftfl and 412 of In,1 twenty.five cents principal, with Sie. 2. That there be nnd I. hereby app.o No 3. VoluHln Countv' lorlita, wait Hnnpended chat 1 Lo jjs such land. t\t sIlly public school shall kpep nn accuratoicnr
V y 1f7. cn\frlntr lot 0 and south half nf lot 8.o' .thereon at the rate of nix p. cent per printed for the Florida ''ndl.t.I.1 School for from said office by tho Cornor; anil e"n.el<. no.) township H South, ranye 20 annum an provided for An cold o..lnnl, e.nl.l.oh'A. Itoya located at Marlnnna, the sum Wh r.., said iMincnn C*. MeU.ld. tic. duly' *?. p 1 Tint tie tin, tii\M nr omitted' taxes t o n d a n c e of all children in.
:: .h. ___' .h_ .. ... D....... .. F.A.u'n from July I. 1102. the "" the re _* eo9n eon... nn.or .1.1 'n .,,5' ,,00e.. s.o.s molt IM* .rttl'>rt > iitv>n tie bantu nf th peso,. fi'll>'tl In the school over witch ho ,,s- .1... I.'n U
"''- .. ." .. .. .. ". of the mime by the state until)) st-tiled by ; i ; ;: itr 'AI""n o tv, tIt the .
lam and three centS ($7001)) and ne> much; thereof nn may necessary for wU': .- the sisl.i'tluilOn of fmd Pun- > r'nero nnHisnor upnn ansI shall make report of tie nttcntlitnr
Where no. It in claimed thnt thp land was nntaiibje thi' provlnionn of thin Act and two venm from the HOth day.of Jun. 1010.KM can
>ct tn tnxntlem nt the time of the nssmsment Whrraa. Otorue tiewlis.. ( nf TallahnHnee.Mnrltln follows : one John T. Walker to liuld suit! nod nMtrro no talimtlon was so placedHrn ocr on Friday of each week storing th I 'I'
for clthir nr nil of cold years, nml that .is the t rust,,.. nf tho entate' of It. C. For the purchase of land adjoiningthe 1..lt"n. and tSp VIM nftpfHfMlaluatlon Proc' thereto t<'rm, together with the reason then'fi r If

the rnnnnn whv A refund cnnnot be made by lewis Wln", Italliy. Ji.hn McDmiital and PIt schnnl -------------------5 8,40000 ..,... Said John T. Wnlkir dId hnl.l and, phnlt. bp cntiidird' the regular valuation but Unown to said principal or teacher Thf i dr.tlflcnto .
the clerk nf the circuit) court umlnr Section .w, ni now dncenHctl, the ordinaleiuners For laundry, machine shops. mill occupy said position nml nit.l\e the <'m..ln- wh* Ih,. tnwt aitrHfted valuation, against any of any teacher failing to keep such
PHI of the Gimrnl R',1It.' nf the Stnt ifIHorleln of 11. null! e..II'lh., soil the sahlheimlM mimi and fixture for same3.51)0.00) mentH therefrom fur and. the period Iftnd to Im rrd'-rmp or ""..hn..0 Is lens thAn record aol make such report may be n'\,'ki4
nn ann-mh |t'v Chapter AR14. approv. nml the l.u.I. IH the holdernml Dniry, hnrn and fixture, ____ n_ --_ 100000 of nnid auspentiion and tu..nl tf r. -itlnr* tnluatlnn then I..t valuation by the Stnte SuprHptendt-nt of Puli'ic Instruct
'J a e-l June:: R. 1D15. In that the sold Act limit ou nnr, .f the name am) IH nntltlfd to .*,- Now srhool bllhlnl at No. 215.0)10.00) Wh".... Hut for saul aimpinnlon unttl Pun- shell h. used, ) inn, upon satisfactory, proof of such 'n '

I refunds to tnx rtlficnten bv tax col ..ive the rnyment thereof n. above set out. New nchool buld'no' at No. 1_--,_, 10.001 OD( can G. M.n.hl. would hint rt-ccivcil nn salary *ri>. 8. Thnt Clorlis .1.1 receive for thnlrrr

lector coca Jnnuary I lf>1..1.0. ... now therefore, Two b.thln. pools ....__ ___-__ and rompe nun tion from snld office thirintr .. .| > '<*r fl hrrenntn, the fees now allowedby ureflr Hoard of piihl 1 I' .
100000 R. The County
i Vie It FnnrtfH hy the t LegIslature nf .the Slate lIe U Fnnctfel hy the I.... .... of the State Hwret po bonne _- ._,__ _,-. 1..100 of ,suspension the sum of Thre Ilun- tiw for such .".. ruction< In men county is hen'by nuthnnn-1

.. of Florid. nf HeirfdatUnction Manual building _.__ .n__ fi.OOO.00AftHlHlnnt Thirty-nmo and 10-100 Dollar, niwtherefore Pi. -. TI'At note of the provisions' of thisAct and directed to appoint one or more Attenlnm -
I. That tho comptroller nf the state home-.. 8,000011 lito effect operative.In .
Section 1 I. Thnt the Superintendent'a po or I.om. Officers, be for th*
provisions of rctlnn .hnl i an may necennnry
nf FlnH upon the delivery to him by or fir New and isolation It. It Enacted by the Lffflslature the State .
,! hewpital buildinir6.00000 o to the sale of tax ccrtifif -
Ital of ( .I"t. nf thAct.
the nornl Statutes a* nmcm1d by a r. .. faithful execution of the provisions -
tho sail (ienrKO Lewin truntoe. nf tho followIng of .
i Cottafre. for offlcers and f ami lien __ 4000.00 'I.rd. < ji January Int. 1920. thereby terrlt..
Chntiter BHlrt of the law* of Florida approved 'nll .Ivln. and to prescrIbe the dintrlct or
Inscribed b.no nf the said state of Small plainer Joiner, combinationand .. That the sum r" "ir-po HundTd the avint 1lv.
r nr nr rrpreHenta
June of said Attendance
H. he be the
101ft, ami the name are herebyoxtcmliil ... tn tinder supervision
rtnrlilu., elated 101. nnel
Jnnuary I.
Thirty-nine, and 10-100 DoTurhe. and the
rip saw, and ovnrr or nthrt* for the
to bo.lnl m".hln. owner. Officer Officers ansI fix the
to matio -
1 "" to the follow )- a.tno or comp
.n. m..I. "I.nhl. IH U, ri.| .ell..I", to-wtt ,."n.. I.. hereby appropriated) out of the State nf
!nir tnx certificates by chisel) and small moulder.2,000.(K> t > privilege rrrfrp. land under thisArt. nof sold Attendance Officer or Officerfor -
t; I.Aovhnll : 4'to of 1 S9.I. .fifi2 of 18f>n. I.nr Tnnd No 1 for _ -_,_ _$ 25.00Itnnil Completion of manual training! o e* Trt-ftHury from any funiU not otherwl .". 1 r. to and Inrlmllnir Preembf lint, 1'Hfl.) the time actually employed in the performance
t 1KOfT. anil 412) nf 11)07) lot f72 and No. 2 for . __ _____. ... boot partment' by Installation of jIg r.m".I.td. to be palil to said Duncan )! South Half) of lot R. .ov.lnl. township 8 Itond No. 3 for __.__. n____ -_- 100.00 naw wood turning lathe and other said loss of salary awl 1 compensation. those the *am. paid from the County School Fund And IfWmed

South range 20 Kant, and" that upon submission Horn. .) No 4 for ._ _un_... ._.. 10000 loyd implements -.........._ BOO.00Shoe q.sl't't ni laws an pnrta of law In ( advisable by the County Board of
i\ by the said. Henry anirhout, of proofs Hone! No. A for __ _______n__.-- 10000 making machine and machinery &2That ivumptroiicr I. hrnby re- conflict with nrovhtfonH of this Act be and I'ublifl, InHtruction any Supervisor or Trustee

satisfactory to the clerk of the circuit Honel No 6 for ..--...__ .____ 100.00 __ _h _. n._. -___... 500.00Tlroom t draw hi. warrant on the Triaurir the snrne n<*o her by repeated of schools within the county may M appointed
L under the provisions nf Section IR1 .nur. Homl No. 41 for _,, _,_ _,,_, BOO.00 making ".hln. ...... SOO.Oft for sum of These Hundred Thl..nln., S'r f>. That this Act shall take effect lm..nphiatclg na Attendance Officer of OWls-am

,. ; Cenornl Statutes, nn nmended. the clerk of the Hone! No. for .u_.__.. ___ BOO.flOItimd Barber outllt -__nnu. ___- 200.01 and 10-100 doln. In fnvo// of said Duncan O. r upon Its riaHonire and approval by The Count, Board of Public Instruction U
"d circuit court In mithnrlteel to enter the fact of No. 4n ita hoftirnintr Inwwithout hereby authorized to remove any Attendance
: mennl and trt Issue ...tO..f thereumler In No. 4,18 for -_--j-.._._.. BOO.00Itoml Complete set of band and drum corpa and required to pay the cam. such approval. Approved June 9. 1919. Officer who fails to perform his duties ajh

I the acme manner and the name effect No. 417 for ____._--__.____-- BOO.00 In.l.lmont n .._--.__ .--....._ t.OOO.OO See. 3. Thin Act shall ta'te i ftVrt Immodintely ('rrI n prescribed
1 an If the tnx t' ':I described had ll.mrl. No. 4H for .___Unn_.__ 50000 .. t".w.I.1 and outfit for upon it* rai..iu**. and """rnvul 1 Ly thu CM \PTER 7 o7-.fNo. 2SAM >. 8c ff. Dnrintr the month nf June In <'ain

I l,'pn Inniioel by .tax t'.h.. since J.nuu. Mcmd No. 4T for ---_ _u_.________ BOIt.00Itiuid .. AI'no".al.b" .......... 80000 (:ov..nor. Approved June 9. 1919. ACT 'o Provide for th. Levy of Taxea coil every yenr It shall be the duty of every
t I 1. 10)1) "ne that the Henry I.nnirhnut he ! No. .1. for ___..:._.-:-------- 100.no Outfit for ..1..1 telegraphy .._ 100.00 for tIn' VeiiT, 1910 nml, T)20. Attendance Officer appointed under the pro.,
A full. ) completely entttlnd) to the bcnontf* "ml forthwith) mitue ansi deliver to the aatdtcnrtti Installation .hool desks and CHAPTER 7801-(Nn. 22). tie It nnactva ay In. LepllstslUr. or ta. 9tstsf visions of thta Act to tal., an accurate s-s's.

; r tif snl*( amnmlid, ., snctlon n. I If the tax certlflrnten ; Lewis, tnmteo' the warrant or warrants ..hnl """,.han.11 _____.___._. 120000 I AN ACT for the Relit f of !'. M. (vole of Lake P1.-rIds, 055 In tritslleate, of alt children between the
::1, hot been nn aforonnid IsHiieil. since Janimrv .. of the ntnt' of Florida. drawn on the "hc..I.oIIOI _. __.____u___ ___ 80000 I County Floridn.herens. 'Tn-'lrtn 1 I. Thnt for the ptimone of meurni Silo's sit orVen and e'Ightso'n year, in the Isc.nitry .
1 I. ;1011S I! tnnniircr thereof, payable to the order of .the __ _.____.._ _."-__ 2JSO.00Hlnckntnith I \\ On the Tourth day nf .lunt. l)nt. | nn rtpial tind uniform rate of taxation or distrIct in which he is actIng tie
W, : c. 3. Thnt thin Act nhnll) fake fffnct Im.rmelintoly Haiti) ) ficnrtro ewts, truntee. for the sum of 's shop", complete outfit the North hnl nf Ntirthwtt .,0",1' nf Northeast ant to ray the nnpmprintinn for the current 'nl.l c'nsts to slisv the name. 'es, gc in )
upnn HM becnmtnv a law I'niirtton Thoiinnnd and Seven Dollars amitxvtnly.fUe and machine shop drill. ql" '. .r Section If, 'fWnsliiii, ID Son Hi, *.. .,' rt t ,i ff the Slat for the yearn 1011 and ,lsito ,,f linth. and .Ilatnnre front the nrar.Iuis'hrl

Approved) June :1, ll I. .. (Ill 11.01.26. m.rklno II,.- rto _. .n__ ..Oh.O tu.nln. __ 2.000.00 I Knntft iJ5 Fntit: wim onld' to the State fur tin* 1921 aol I for the Irtc rest on the bonded debt of ench child, the school irrne cm'
t, ..,,) Immln nml) . eOI.on. thereto For mnintenane-n for the host six unpaid taxes of lH9t And foe ,slut v> nf, nn I payIng other annroprintfn pint*',d, and the name of the parent. guardian

CH\PTFR 7702=(No 10). t list.d 'aist nnd) 'ancrll'il, file the month of lIlt)) _.. ._ --'--_- 4000000For Wh,'",",. On the thirtitnth .!.y of Ar'1. Ar | lit,* -N'ittin*, then- shall IIP levlidit or oIlier p( mon hnIntf the cusust'idy. conlM'1 1nt
j. ANT for .1.' Ifi-lli of .1. F. iVaenck. htirm' )in the office of the treasurerHi maintenance for the year' 1920_. 80.000.00 <.le) I1. M. Cute shall ...ul. nnd. ill liver t. "nfi the, n nl nnd tu'r"t'nal prnferty of the linrtrf of uch children, with the postoffif*
(nl"'v R"I.ln. .f t theCriminal Cnnrt of 2. That Maid vnrrnnt nr warrant HUtJniwn Kor maintenance for the first sit <'i) A tax certificate and t 1..1 the n.m.... .tfT,.r>' "t ('ou.fll'sit fr i- II'r yiar T'l'i' n tux offt ndiliiHS thorn : soil on or hrforo t 1hi> J5i-t

I J *.cord. .n,1, ... Voh..II nlnt". Flortifa.' .hnl be |'nld by the trtajturt-r out .f months of 1921 .__ nn._ _. 40,00000 cost find had we outfit. to him I by, the Clur't' if <> rn.Hi litton lIt,' rtollitr. and for the year ilnof Tiilv, nf inch and s's'ry tone. s'nc' c. PITtlier.
9 r ,' In the not otherwIse the Circuit Court a' dtid said Ian.) t '1o n tn' r>f l\\i-\ mills nnnn the dollar and .
for Inns nf Snlnrv an.) Kiea IU>rnuno of hit, .n treasury .j. In*tMnltnn of nn emergency electric to 1. : I nf hall be nitd) with tht County So ti ntt
,, Snnpt'nnlnn from Said) Office l roirmtt| el. t hi ..m. h'lnl now by this Actnpimipriatrd light plant, 150 light Delco Systemlitfht and t'i fP i Snl! nl.fi IK' Vv rd for each of thp years nil* nt sir Public Instruct ir un. OTII' ropy wi'h

Wherenn On the 1 l.'th il.v of Atitrimt. A. D1DIH. ) t thereforSi plnnt _ _ ... __. &00.0 Whi-n'fi It was stibneqiif, ntly .iivcni'it-eil< l tfmt j'Mn) nn-l io.* > n fonMitutlonnl School Tax I the Slate Superlntt, nt of Pultllc Inatiic.tt .
\ .1 t I. K. Prnrnck count y Hnllcilor,' nf the . f Al laws ant! parts nf laws conlicitnir \'',"'r renurmlr and high pronsuropumping the Innd nt the time' of the cmnunt for the of pun<' stll upon the dollar; Provided, that if <,n. and one copy shall be rr>tfiim'd by the

..Imlnl murt of r....ri| In no.) for Vnlimlacounty ( tho provisions, of this Act ore pump rniern"'ncy_. n--. 1,600,00 ..,. of l"fll: yam the .orl, ) of) the l'nl.1 l tr Orv\, run- i-bull *f, cor from thintrvrv- \ltimlnncc* Officer, but no child sser'ilul'fl
l, 1.11., vvn Himpcndrel. from the exeroino he n by r.I..I..1 Ont I"ttrd ....__ . 600.00InMtfillntlnn R'Alr. nnd not subject 10 ln'atlin. a',e cut.- ntn s'tcrt sit the property of the State t'I' of age Is under compulnion to attend
i nf .h.I'A nf enid office and Stc. ,I. Act shnll take effect ImmeelIntt au'nmnhl. system IU AOO 00 Wh.,<. The proxIrtinn.H of Sit lion .1 oftlit. not) f.tn r iiiiS rrin of revenue, the reduction of .ichsinl.

'r' Wheren t". ,. .,1.1! .1. K: Ptncock'wan.. nn the 'h' iip<.n Iii pawntre nnd approval, by tin* Miwfnir "I.hr, mnehimt ....n_nn._ 460.00riirnlnhlnir .. I'nerl; Statutea of the *tate of FlorhlnpruiUmi tho It,x ot' ( t Ii 1 I" r or both nf sail yenrs will bejn Si.c It shall be the duty of iti. M nilunrc -
f.th tlnv nf ....ml'.... lO.. bIt, relnstnted Inn I;.\,'rnor. nr upnn its b..mln. n Inw without 8up,.rlntenele>nt'a restdjnra f.. rrfiindu in UP', .'ai us i,.. Jo tcoer .tlf1 *d. be ''i* hi reby niithnriznl to reduce, > O'flcrr to acne a notice upon nny parnnt -
ii| nftlce ; therffore, his npprmnl Approved June 11. 1919. __ ..un..n. BOO n tax certlftcntrj* Instil ii !I"\, tl. Tnx Cot1ctor t',,> HTIO ni low as he may dii'm n>lvti>nble.Pif . irunrdtnn or other person hn\'inn thfcu
I, It Fnfictml hy the rgUtature of the Slate - -- t>riur 10 .''nnuD" Int. \11. thrrvfore, | hi. I Ih n bv emnowen'd to nitrurt antI ti>ilv, control or charge of tiny child wh,*
i nf f'I..ld.t CHAPTER 771 7-. '229.250.00 He I Enacted b, ... . cf the Mat iHrtPt the Tnx f'ollector to collect only such, him IM sn nliHont from nchool in violation nf tSproM"ion <

Si'.)ton 1. TIm t Ihn num nf Six Hunilredami .\N'T lInk lug Appreiprlntietn) for tbe Support Sec 1. That thi're be and IA hen,by apiirnprlntvil nf Florida' n fluent tax am he may fix an aforesaid. of this Act. to cause said child
Porty-nine' ( l>f>ltara Ite nml) the ...1) Mnmtennnce nf the State InntitullnnH for 'In.ld. Industrial School for Sfcticm I. That the Comptroller of the SC( 2. The* Jlonrd nf fountv Cornmioslonerx tn ntttnd! nchoo) ns herein prm-lilt : and any

."m. Is hereby 't81IOO'"' ".'.. ...< out of any money for Hlirher Pelucntfon Created and Rpeiuiritl nrtn; nt Ocnln. rlnrida. the sum of S104 00000 Stnto' of I'loriilu. is hi'reiy' authnrl/ anil di-, nf every county, immediately after thi tune, 01. iriinnl nn or other person hninir this
,. In the "I tnnnurv ,. to Maintained by (.10'.1.' II nf nr el' much thereof may be necessary for ..1.0 ti. tissue a warrant on .the Stnte Tnn- flwvfi<*ptn<'nt of the countv has, bf'en rev iewe! ciiMtoily, control or charge nf any child wh ,
,. tl. tn ; imlil tn P. .tF. IVnencVt: county approprint 'HitI, .ims of Florida. Ai'pro\ie| B. >K. two vitro from the A 30th day of June, 1011, .. In nccortlnnce with thi provisions nfStt nn'I nmmlirrd, shall nncertain nnd) termlne upon notice herein pruvUUd for beIng aervrdon
.nl.in. nf erlm of record In Niiiv t Know n n* Ihn University, nf Florida n. follow : 'tion 3'1 1 of the r. Volusln, .county Florida for toes ofpnlnrv I tinFlnriiln, StatiColleire fe.r Women the Now -----------------5 60,00000 Stat' of lorldn., for the Stub' part nf tintnviH f >r each cmmty fund, ansI they nre hereby vittifinn uf this Act. sluill be decmiMl truilty of
nnil' fees durlntr his nunponslon.) 1"I.II, Set iu.i I ru tho I Dtnl) and) the I Iln,1 .Ill"nl, bulhln. and InOm..". imbrnced in thnt part of cvrtiflcntct)21. J ttullrlcul' to Icy, n tnx of not more than a mlndnmcnnor, and upon trial and conviction

j Sir 2. 'hp alit,. comptroller. la hereby ii'. ,,,t Florist, Xurreulturnl, nml ,. .ht. .n.1 ...tolo. Inumlry and ) of the tale of June 4th. 1404 for tVtnxts five mill, upon thc iloltnr on the real and per. thereof by any court of this, Stnte bnvin
iiiilryt l tn "r",. hIs warrant for naid sum of 1'.1.) fv for Nt.urnin sins) fo the Support litfpmrnt .__ ._ _. _nn.,, 10.000,00 of 1 1HU3, which, WHS purLhnwI by 1*. M scoot) property aimc-aHed, for taxes for the irenernl jurlniliction, of mlsdemennors shall be flnea
i Six Hmntrcel Forty-nine I$0 19.001 Dollars.! In 11.1) Mainti'nniuuf of Summer Schools Created Fur mnintennnco of the last almontht ('".. and for which he obtained' tax dir") t u'lInps.s's of the county ansi to meet the not mor1 thnn Five PoHnm for ,ach nffi'nsfnml

fnvnr c.r.I F!. Peacock ami) the state treasurer bv ('iut, ,,r *Ul'H. Ia\v of FlnriJn. Approved of 11)19 -_ --.!. ._., trim the Cb-rl of the Circuit Coui-t. of Lake orH nary ansi necrnsnry expensis and nil extfnnrdlnnry upon faihin of r'fissl to pay uch fin*.
{ JM hi,.n-l"v rciitilrtM) lu pay the upon " .lum, > 1013 Fur m.lnt.n"n.nf tho year 1.0000 County on A".I" lIlt).. li"IJ. I ro\Mt d I lIt,. expeniliturrs of a general nature **nnl) pBwnt. trim rH inn or other pomon havIng
\I nt'ntntinn. "m. 1' lie It Fnncteel hy the I rxinlnture, of the State "'"r n"f'one., for the 11:0. rniii I'. M shall ..rtite ,t'ie, .iK 1 i I, .ry It nf the count : ansI to lew a tnx nf not tn tho cimttxlv, con t iot nr churtre nf raId e hl'.l

, Si.. 1. Ibnt (MM Act nlmll take effi-ct) Immediately of lorldn t n..n'h.. ._" __. _frt____.?, 11,00000 I It,' ('iiruiil mill quit clttlin, di.d tusn.lc l to the *>xrei'<| two mills for the Pine nml Forfeiture) whnll be imnrlsoni d not exeeedinir five days
'. upon it* pannntio and approval, by Sfition'. 1. That the num of Eltrht Humlrm, Stnt.of "I".ld. oit",'Ino the In a,' 'I U'crilitl Fusnl| ansI to l ti'y n tax of not tn ,"scs'l| for such ofTffme : Pnwldtd. tInt upon cnnc*
11. Cm t'rm.r, or upon its ) In w Four Thounanel. Fir t< I llunelreil ( ftO iSOIl It'") 810 1,000.00 In hlit, tax dteil. ansI I boar I nf tcuntv e.om eltrht mills for the purpose of constructing, lion fir any first offense sentence ma,. i P"prmvmi

d-)' "IIuul, such A'.'. I..nmln.. tin J,.1 n"I..vnl -." I in, hereby "1'1..1..0 for the support upon, lIt I..m.nl a Inw. r<.fiinil the coiitity part' of tin i\ii >;it aeon. bridn ant ferr en in stirh county.: oil nnt ) conviction nf I the same pernnn for a slm-

V I 1mprim'mcnt foil m.in..n... of the Univeroily | HMD.CirtPTER shone with the provitiiunH, of Son" itn 1of the lr>M tlinri three mills nor mom thnn ten mills lIon ilTs'n.'u'. u ml) that such tiny a child r'i-
I AV ACT(I\'F1 7t'n-INo.! 11.. Cole-man.' of "'..11. t 1.,1. Stnte Cnlteire for <: .n,'ccl tAtnt," a .f the Stale of Pl 1.r 'In. aft,*r for rnttnty ,ieho'h l purport H aol to bny n tax mninn nway from school after service nf

i Sumti nel..r '", Fleindn 1. for the Ptoritln ru th*. Ihnf and the Him.I.' 7tIitO-INo' ( 18)) II. i|tilt rltiim, si... it hlinllMr\ t Iii n 01.1| nndi ) of not mart than Is m>crn' nry t,> pay thp In. notice by the Attemlnnce Ofllc 'r. mi h.'r. nprntdttl
b t Rh.rll. f."'"c'. I Purt MIT( His. Suspenniem, Fnun .the thin.), ansI 'Ihe FI.r.l. Agricultural and I mult, il| in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit " Office, M.hn.I'nl ColloKO f. "r".. .I"I.e tt. AN"r to Ri-fiind, to Owners of Autnmnlilles Court of unid county nnd to 1mv a tax nf not more than u'uiis, tinnvil U'hinni On Autrunt 11. I1*!?. A. T Colenmn I be support nit ami mnintMlni'el. by ('Chapter '111.r ) with" n Scaling,. Capacity nf Nit Me.re ic 2. That this) \i't -ml( take .f..t 1m. nnc-bnlf of one mil! for the enrmirntrementnml r'inolille< < a separate offense nml) subject thoolft
.h..lf) of Miunter county. Klori.ln., was the I."". of Flnriela approved June' B. 1905, Than Five Trntmis .All I.tcenHo '... (01. nnihtitily upon, Itt b.mlnl a law T>rntrctl<>n of Tcultur, *' nnd Itventnck. mt in i; pi'rMin tn pinnltien nceordinitty %'l 1 1fintn
o. ,"" ,,' \ f. the nxercixv) of the dittIes' ofitafil which sum HMall tt cxpemli nn follows : 1"'e| Iiv the ComplrnlU-r for the AI'I..I June 0. IUII.CI PrnvNU-.l. that nothing In thisrt shall be collt s-lu.,) iimlor the provtnlnm of thiS i
In Rxcens,
of Five Dollnm the Full
Vntvenuty of Florida for construed tn prohih
office' cmlWh'rr'i | OH any county whIting Act luill bo paid Into the County SchOol
.. The unlit A, T. Co It-man woe on Sit lark*. Janltetrs. "'.Inlnl. Re Year soil Two Dollars and Fifty Cents fisrthis \TTER 'ii) '; i -;. i iAN tn rrret a court hnuse nr Jail from levying Kiimi, of the county In which enllectttl,

i the 7tli tlnv' of ,\. D HU*). by thfvote 1'.1. mltlitlonal ." etc.$fntl.OQO Del Yenr on Such Automobile, anilMnklmr ACT the Kelli of 'V / Hnyinans.former the amount of ops'chcl I taxes now nllnwfd by Sic H. It shall be the duty) of each Attendance -
nf the ,'n"'I."h..r.) in said office nml ( ".. FMpinnca for 1.lh.n. and nn Appropriation) for thAI Purpose County CommimtNUnr, "'I..t. No. lay f,,r those pnrpoa( or tn prohibit the Officer appointed under the pro.
When.".. The ct.In..h'.,rk of the court. of l.abortiltri't. ., __. _._ _._ -. 15.50000 and Other, Provisions R.I"ln. Thereto I. Volus a County Florida for 1. of l levyIng nf any special tax district tnxes author vi toons sit thin Act to furnish the principal nrtrnrhrr
Sumtor county. I'tori'la has .1.11 KtperlmcQt Station (Continuing Certain R. I Fnacted by the 1..I.I.lu. of the State' Compensation Dunn His, Suspension for ted. or n tax for Interest and sinking in charge of any school within 'he

4 under sent! of hit office ru.nl.h.1 showinie. that rerHficnte Fxperlments .__ ___ 10000.00 of Florida i CIR... fund) for bonHs or other tnxes nuthnrUed hy territory or district for which the Attendant
the true and correct amount of f.. New Fqutpmcnt for LaboratorIes and Section 1. That In all cane unnVr Chapter .. W. Z. Ifaymans while holdlll th. any general or special lawS Officer U appointed with a list of the nan,**

bv the person mho held the office) .ilurlnw roceivt-d the 1..hr.l.. _ _______u__. __ 20.00000 7278, laws of Flnriiln. where the Comptroller. office of County Commsa, oner. Plt.l.t No. *>c, n. That this Act shall take effect Immediately nf nil children In such dintr'ct who should attend
f Florida Stale, Cll,5. for Wom.n. tins received, on an application for. refrlntratlim Volusia
1. County. suspendedfrom becomIng
time that A. T Coleman was tIter,. Fln.ld. .. upon a law. school.
from amntin,.tl) tn .1..n.t..t I I -! Satarien, Janitors. "'.Inln. Addi.Iitkuiiat for I the year lOIN more than five riolTan.nr aid office by the .>..no.. and Approved June 9, 1919. Si9.. Any Attemlnnce Officer annninti 'I 1

etirhfr c.IIA", alxty-seven Iw'nl".I".. hun.I..t( 0 art 7)attacheil Inntmctnni.. .. ___ _.___-$105.000 00 for the h,1 ,"A. more than two dollar Wh..0. 1,10 W. Z. Haymana .duly re* nndi the provisions nf this Act Is hereby ssti-
to Ant certificate) <'A an Itemized Library cost l.al"'o.l. _. _-,_. 2.00000CintrHl ant fifty ". license tax for 1f4 on .. .,... to oft.e. and ('Il f'1'FR7N0Q-lNo.( 28). thorlxrd to enter for the purpose of aani**
Plant ._ __ 30.000 00 01.,11. with a sentlnv capacity, of not Whereas. of W. ANArT to Provide for
nf mich fnes Compulsory School Inic in the enforcement nf Aft
"hln. : proper this
; .10
J. Ihr..ro. ".... .. _. _... n.. '. .. h. .h.1 "" ...__",. :__ u."o.I.n _
ii rnnri'ii oy the nf the .An A t" n. : ,. imymniui. a. .r.. itovrrnor an- '-scranr,* in *ne nrnte or FlorIda orn any nirtce. Factory, nr bus ness noune. or any
immature ;
.xt.t. ;; ; ;;; : : : mate
\ I! of Florida, Feiulpment of ;n. .. .--:-:- 1,000.0(1lntttniiry : ( sit tin! time within one year after thi pointed one E. M Carpenter to hold said position Cblldrcn Bi-tworn Ctrtafn Aires nml Re- nature whatsoever, for the purpose of asceftalnintr -
I bulM,nir ____. 3fl.00000 rnnnntre of this Act upon evldi-nce. nnl.ln..1.
and Hmr Fverv
V S..rlli.n I Thnt the Hum of twnty-lw ---- qu Parent, flunrdinn of Other whother or not anv child cur children
liiinlrmt .n.1 .iyhty anti * Ftiulpnu for same .h. _...___ 2,000.00Spt'clal In or accompanying the application' for re- When. Said E. M. Carpenter d d holt! .n.. l's'son Hav (nir the Custody, Control or are enrolled or employed therein who should
I yenta l Jann 80 ,I... ..1,1 slim. IA "h'nTiyPhronrlnt.il repairs for Hryan Hall --_ 2000.00 trlntrntlon' or other swnrn statement of the occupy .aid position and receive the molu- Ctmn-e nf Children to Send Qneh Children umler the provtnlnnn of this Act, be In at-
i a .ul of any.n" money In the vISta "., 'n.I"n of KoynoMs Hall) Dormitory owner of mich automobile. nr of some other n'nl t he re f mm for and du.inl the period to School tn Pw viile for the Mrnns of Fnfori mlnnce nnnn any school,
.. __ ._ rreilitnblo( ? person knowledge, of theNentinir .
trrnmirv not othprwW .ipt.roprinti'd, ) to ho raId 30,000 no h""ln. .f .. sunptntiton, and 'm* nt of This Act. and Penalties for Sec in). It In hereby made the duty of the
:. to A T Colt-man. Hlurilf' of R'"nh" c.>ur ty.r1orl Fnuipmint f...r Rnynolilx- -, Hull) _.. 3.00000 "AI.n.lv of ..eh car refund to the ko hi.. Hut for snhl suspension saul W. V'nlntfon Thereof \tt fince Officer fn the territory nr dtatr *tnvrr
> FIrst Tnit Trniniim .hol.___ ___ 10,011)00( owner automobile or to his or her 7. Haymana would have rvceivtd a.It Fnsrffl
by the eelnlnlure,
for loiia of five hi. .ni.l as salary of the 8tnt which he ban su PC H vision, or for whlenhn
atwPi lotral
.lu'II Ftiulpnunt for .... .... BOO.00Completion .rr..nl".h.. 1h<> s"sce.e amnunt noreceived anil
"7wnsI.fl. .m. n compeniatiun from said of fie. dur nff *-f FI.-rlHnr In npimlnted. to make and file In the proP -
II- *. ? That the fltal, cs'mptntler In hrri *- nf Kitchen to Present mltortiMl hy Prm tied. When mich refund Mild peruul of BiiHpenniun. the sum of FourIlunilml R'cttin l i That frnm nnd after July 1. ''sr court complaint n due form against any
Din nit Room _ . 10.00n.On nn attorney nr collecting ntrency.nuch .
> 1
h' now Into nnTnt,
n\rrv vnard'an of
rrnulrpil to straw his wnrnint on the n"ln. th..ro. nr other flrf'.nt, person or persona violating the prox mlons
stat, irrnnunr In favor of A. T. Coti'mnn In fist |Wr Plnv (OroumlH \thrls'ltcs fi.000 00 attorney or .01"'lno agency .h.I nol lIe It .: the Lricislature' of the State 'rt'tnvrt'irennhln w thin the State of Florida th,sct,
th Fvtennlntiork hy thu Florida State College ctinrtre fnr cn1t! .h refund mn. than nf rluridatSiction ha !I-',. 'Iu! piDitnitv, *
stun of twonty-two, hundrp.1 soil pliihtr _*0 cent nf the cntrt>l or rhanr nf pUny 'c. II. Kverv attendance nIT cs-r app 'nt'ed
Hi' for prr nmount cnlterted
tit practice and of flee so
Hi.linn nml ultty-iicvrn ,, .tnlo I. That the sum of hour HiinJml <.kiM nr Milren within the Stntr of under the keen
i (U2. .0 Nit, Src 2 Pew the Florl.li prov in ion* of this Act shall
rnvmrnt of the form l.wt .. T Coli-mnn an. niippllrs for vi cat trnminir, the nf this punwse Aet nf carryIng nut D il lam be. and the Sam.* is. hereby appropriated fcit,,.irfi tVn' '. nf ncv'f>n nn b work -----------------S t,BOO.00Womnn'n provisions the sum of Thirty
ut of the Staff bnth incluoIshalt _
'u.1 Treasury
from anv ratine paId ch M *
chllHrrn cn -
H\o Thitmnml or i H pmnocnted. fines fmpontil, and *it her < plei
InHtitute ._ ..__. ._ Pnltnrs or no much thereof
.<>. t ThIs ,? 670000 as funds not otherwise if t IK ,i''sl' l lto to nf"nd "ul"ie .
Art take pfTfrt Immrillal.lji . be appropna" 5 n in "rI') ale nchnnl > mndercd., and shall make annual report
.h,1 mitt of the fund
ii.-on I. i 'AI. \ .. from licniu' ,
.. rnstoro'hirls'ss
Lmrrnoror upon, In'romlnir low ..o..h wurk .O"O" 00Janitor ,,, ant I compennationS.c **an ",tnnHni1v' tlie number of ilavn the inctniction. blnnks furnished him
without such ._ ._ __._ ia hereby approprtatrd coil the Comn nn to be
I s'rvce' _._ 800,00Fiiuipmi i't, .i.' .
n.-- 2. That the Comptroller I. hereby -r 5' rhm
"P'AI"I.rn, \I May ]9. I9I*>. trollr in rcfiu > which said) child at- nni) hall make ports more freouently, if r**
'nt nf search work _- B0<> no ...h..I..d .n.1 .1..e |n draw, hiss P.I! to draw hta warrant on the Treasurer 55.0,11 I I fl.tO.flIy in th,* dutp et In which 'I'linil bv the ,imtrue-
hear) nf
DF MTFR "f 1)l Printintr fund h _n___.... 400000 u nrnint nr warrants nn 11. Treasurer for Daid, sum nf Four lfnnifrt.1, O"I'i-' In 'a. hr .pKml 4 I.. nt.fl In which ',, county public
I | -( 'tn or such cMMMI n soil -halt p, rform zilch other ,dutle as
No 11. Summer ..h..1 t extension workers.. 1.HOO 00 pnvmiTit .f tho clnimn for. reftindn proven of .i ,
AV said W Z. -
arT for the Roller) of Frm vor Haymnnn. and thi "S ? mnv r suit, : pm\iifl| | that chall he
.. Roh'rta. urnli-r the T.- any required nf him by the county mp1-
Pair ) provisions of this Act .
npicialinU ,
: sis ,
.. 4,400.00tlrhnol is i ,
.vl..I. ,
rounlv Sollrltor of V.mro. rniintv. Flor- u tbat of the ur r hereby authoriieit and mi n to pay n.n ( tn st jv parents or irunntian'r'tt.n iou< mlent of public instruction
part .
fur Deaf and the HHnd. anv money undtr
Mlr the r.I . of lh "plr.I.I.d th' same.lire. n'thnfftv
nn.l IV, from the other
.lOse Ills gilMprmilon, from F. Saul O'Tic' Diem' dot'r. Current ixp'..n.. __..__..-.......$\ 0,000.00Hcholnrahip thlMct n'mAI. nir nn."n.I..e at the 3. This Act shall take effect (mm -,, .5 5, it, *** Public InstructIon of county the super- S.c 12 If any parent, guardian or
.__ _.__ __ ooo. plrntinn of one year to the ... count* prnon having the clintndy. control or ehanreof
-I. 00Sew vii,
.u. ? .hAI ..r illatcly upon passsaooansi .m.1) Sn ti.y realtp)
Z2ni1 a by tin the
slav' ,
.IV"! 11. f July ". n fund Ie county tinerintend- child with' the school attr -
for which any n compulsonr
4 I Prn.Mt I I' ... ...i.n.u. ..ll-- I. _. . !MI) m _ __ ._.. .__..... 2.BOO 00Miiclottcft . _cnllfCteilt . .L" <(0rnoi*, Approved June B. 1010 -, f ''. M f fnatntetlnn) k. tni* h.,. .K. .... ,.,, A---- .- -, i,._ L. _L.5 _. $ tt
_ __ .. .. ft"lo onHptcial t' i i . onttitnisrr piiuiinn onvtime ,5.i. .4 -
Minmirountv. ; ; ; u .n.1
FlorUn ; --Tint such
wan ; i..n- ) _. in one newspaper in County nf the rx-rml-slon only InN the cnunty hoard) of public Instruction <
_ __
2000.00 .
the of r."I. ChAPTER 7MtJ-iNi. nt
th. ) JttAV ss necessity which
,1. of ) ) nermi had
ofTIrr tht-
.hl. ,11 soil, Srnt.where Is nn shall not t.> court before which a tflal may be
I. a
brary and Pianos .. newnrnper .
Whi rn. Th .. .h".om\ :11n ACT to Provide for the Ut. nv-tlon sail lfnle rind' of
.nrt K.ibrrti was l l're than i time beyond the end fn cnne< of prnnecutlnn under thla Act, atsfnctory --
In 't''. $ anpnrattitt ._ ... 2,BOn 00lliiihl thirty days hiforthy rt pi nfth nf Tai .' 't *
ilny of by the Stateof sehool
f" 1. IVcimh. r. X |' |191. by ittir for primary ptipils43,00000 *> t within' .hl.h dtmnnd Is tn be made C..t.. 1..hl . T vi'nr. and tn races where proof that he or she 'a unable to c.'fll-
"oIfi 't'. '*. I, .1 I 't- (
'n"' "' rln tnl.'il In soul m i .Mn' "I| thnnM orprr
olTic. f f the ehiM shall! tin inid child to attend school said person
prmidtMl _
.. Agricultural and MechanIcal. .t.n.1 for In this Act. a
S tl.r"'" College for State and to 1..1. ,II I. I'' T .' I', 'I ,,,,,tty Ss.i. rlnti'nrfent nf .. hall
nht>rt nnttcp nf the pannatre of thU Act amiwhen Pubm. ns <"ss'mtt from the penalties
II. I F' """" '' hr the t.rgitlsstur. of th* Plul. .roes.Cumnt Clerk of the Cirui in Connect Inntherewith. 't 5. "5 r-.n Hr ',' 'K- of cii nrh,1
, r r'! F't's'na.-s _ n ._h' 24 DUO 00 naid, time for dtmaml under It shallexpir ..- ., wintr 5
f ., "*', t halt . _ __ *. n in thf *wnrl cn'rrs-J, at and In all -nch cases al'l' child *han?.
"rdT'hnl 2 00iV.00itlitnrium B
Jiitl II
M litsum 'ol d.nl"o n Knactrd by the L. lfttalure of the Stjteof '
of I and If
on Iw and S.c the County If Kov. be enurt to
h h..'. I v t1 \\ bllhlnl I<>.llllp,> '"> 4 Tlnn hot hnU talus effect Immediately Florida. ,. Super- a commItted by the said
out of momy In it. f fn-r-nc'i',n tnn| .1 the Fin da Industrial and ifn
law ermnmfnntfon School for ttoy.
the .' lnt. _. I 1J."itirtOoll.mnl upon Irmlno a Stetson, ,
0' ti ..ml. l That the ci lir of .
n-ury not nthirwU* apprnpnnt, Itfltf.CltVPTER I < 'hi (I.ul that any child baa fir1. to the State Imlivtrl' Sehi nl ft' *rids>
In h* ? I ? }I'. of Control. \.0 Jn. I. Court uf .ess'rai l .,. -'v
-. o' M .nn.i. ::: :.. Florida: it'fo'the"IOM Cii!.lultnr I Current K.nnscs __ .- ". .._ | 8.10000 Fli>rnla; h..0 t v ,t't.u", 1..1 tar.
: of
I' nr iruar'Han to teach sonIc other cnrrectfonal school for the remnln-
; Sec 7ROb-fNo.( 10V .
2. The >
of Ton
sum Thmmnnil .
frra I l5il t '
-i A' t chit
. i I"
"n.ln. "nil I ,u .n.l.n. , P m..o .. n i- Hal?! renntrv, saM parent 'Is'r I of the Current school .
"" T<,.it 11.. nil plot nrniptmllrr l I. iiloi n'i" i Dollars! for the year 1"1' ,".1| T.-" \ \CT Hal ntr. Appropriation for the Sal. or 'in i art .S.. t1 i ,. ( ,..1 I nr ., iu th. ctiAtodv. control or charge or 9, c 11 Any uprrintenden'term of I uo
( county
bert I" ". ,I I I. .1". uw his, xnrrnnt lliiMit nml til noo out I Dtiltani the ytar ".. ..f th Circuit Judirnnd) tn perform
en' n t. "n m ("",r of Friu.t r..l 1 t.i' .r m u'h tlnriof n. may tu n.'is.slry. u t.rmv of I tht. Sexonttrnth luilictal Circuit ". ... .I' "'" ,0 I . n' school for a
,.rt. ii I i tat<' ir.nMiir. r In hereby 1,1- I I., "nil ,in h..., I tv ai' ''< pr nt ,1 foe ,ih". main I n, .,,.1 f"r 'he Stnti of F-ri.n! ) most th.T .- ,fV i' t I'' > l -t.tl "' .'p' 'n ....led Infin 1 v.i nr ansi If th, remainder of rui'iind of him by this Act shn'l. lyon cOc-90'
t any vfotirm be nneii 1950
|.it' '. ", i. i -.t,*,n t" .. f.' .'I Siii'i'i'f tht S'ytlm'r S I lu..1. crtatid by "' ,. iinl <4tat' ', M'orney of the 'rw.Irtlu' ( >t..r- l. .".. pro r thtt., ' M H. pMvT ,u rout havln lit.* parent guam fV-tfars not exceeding Fifty
v, ,. I r ( hoti r "I'i:' 1 awn of f'Kiridn. approved i i "'. r in anil for 'I'. ,. euntndy. eon. for each offense.
the State ofri ,
F' tr i .hall take effect Imnn '''nn. 5th PhIl .1 i" ml" of *. h --tnrte! <,in y cWM shall fail tn comi See 14. All notices forms and blanks wb
!, .
Hut .in ,
jrtjr1eatti .
\ ,
.n. i rHI ,
'i.e' ,
law. < 't
bresiming a "I" M. the i tht "
\ "i r ft. Th. Comptroller i. hereby IU It Fnacied the i. County Super a. imed In properly carrying out the P8
by '
May I", tttilrllir'rFR 01..0 L.I.I.lur of the Slateaf Iii I f. I 's' lwaei 'illlfl.trpstlnpU h this by the
tn draw warrnntp the requisition shell be ha. ions of Art shall be prescribed
upon rlcirtdstSt f .
77 --No.( It) I'.i I' fit.I it..niit'if 'riaiti w hereinafter provld'vl. state Undent of public Instruction and
Stat super
Stipe'lntr, ndent of Public Instructionout tfun' 1 That the of ta'i' . .
AN M '1".I.\,1 the "'.vm>nt of th* Per of any fun"U In the Treasury not other Th ',sand Four Hundred sum and Fourteen T..nl".D($-7- tIn '.i ii, ".1 via i.iiirp. ,wdomp.. 't em''rlren'n between fhe following the ages enumerated of seven furnished t met ion. by the county board of pubM Is-'

'-'; 'p .., J.A '_ l. J .' ". .:, f -. .. . .tea ')1 / 4 is ,

; t ... : .tt.. ..J b f ---I-_ _ _

"... -- ... \ .


..", _ _ _ _ _
-- .
,- -- .
- -- -
-- -- -- ----- -- -- - '

1tr. Sec 10. Tho board of public Instruction of "tn> uO annually granted by said Act of Congrrss CHAPTER 7815-(No. 88)). AN ACT for the Pneervatlon of the United respecting the guilt or Inno.ne) of said ao lish Rule*. It shall b;* the duty of the State
each county in (hi* Btate ,shall cause this Act the sum of 9JK.110 shall, be available AN ACT for the Relief of R. F. H..ro.1 andS Plates Flag and the Regimental Color Car euseiLSec Hoard of Health to formulate such rule* and

to be published. In full% once a week for at July 1.I 1910. and the sum of $33.615.89 .h.1 I. Re veil. of Liberty County. Florida. i id l by the One llundrvd Twenty-fourth In. lo. Said Hoard may at any time aft- regulatloni for the preservation of the pub

f _ _ least two we<*ks prior to th* flmt day of July. be available July 1. 1920. and the said WJ, ru. K. P. Hoaford and S. J Revell were fnntr. Second Regiment Florida Troop, In ir t\vo yiars from the date of the refusal ori'vucailtifl lie health as. In their Judgment, they may

I 1111' in "n.e. newspaper In tbo county, and or no much thereof as will equal the aoun. req9A. .. .bondsmen of J. C. Black former the Uivat World War and M.klnl an Appropriation of a certiorate by a majority vote* di cm necessary. and to meet at any time _ _
if thert be> no newspaper published in th* to which th. stnte will' bo entitled und. tax il Ice tor "* pay over Therrfor.He ffinitf a certificate, to the person ...r..ted. confi they may diem necrasarv to fnmttlnte such

I ""ltV. then to cauHi same to be published by mild Act of Congress over and above the baste to V.v state Ff'r' u: of man- It by L"al.I.lur of the State f ring upon him all the .I.hl and prMleicca additional mlea and regulations for the pre** _ _
'no-11' II K collie, thereof at thc court house of fund of ilO.tOIi.iO) annually' be and the same ey, and of En..te i th of and iHrtnining to .. of chiropractic u't'uiuiiiufl of t he public health, a* their experience ',

' _ _ the county find nt each public ..hol In the IH hereby appropriated out of the General Revenue \Mivreas R l.tod J. Revell Suction 1 I. That the board of commissioner as di'Hned. and regulated by thli Act. may suggest, and they shall have
c.mly r"r..t leant two weeks prior t the .Fund. .both by and inflrmitUw. (acapable of Matt institutions b.. and la hereby author(7nl \ny person to whom such right, have U'n tin* canto published In pitch place and In suchmanner

owning ,day of each of said schools. $. .... 2. That this Act .h.1 t.k. effect imrm of twrfortnln.r. manual labor and are ( and directed to purchajie "I cn.tru.t a ranted! or restored .h.1 pay to the Secretary aa they may deem boat to give great- _ _
3 *. r. Id The "period of compuIvory attendance ((lately upon tie .. approval by In need of the money which they .. required MI Kl'ws case In which to place ,-Treiuurer of ..11 Hoard tho ."0 of i Hi publicity tn the aarae.
.11. Vt
''I..r t thl. Act hnll commence with the the Kovunorpprovvd' May UD, 1919. t so pay out without rectilvtiuf any .I! 'at.1. und Kiulmental Colura carried T"'nt\ I tUB.00) Dollars upon the I.. Sec J. Thia Act shall take effect upon Its _ _,

_ _ beuiniiinu,, of th. MchooJ term nearest the sev -- b'n.l. .. ", now therefore b>: t .. One .Hundred Twenty-fourth Infantry.Scrund ...nr. nf .. rtiflcnte l'rvl. 'I. however, passage and approval by the Governor. I

.. .nh .1 biithdny. of the.chiM and und at the clone CHAPTER 7813-.(No. 81). d. .. by the Legislator el the Stateof Ki'glment. .'lo.ld. Trp. during the that h..r,.. the said Hoard shall grant a ... Approved May 5, 1919. V
Hcliim! .
term nearest the sixteenth birthday
Flefld.iSection the said that been -
v n at' world war In titlcnte tu applicant .ru.
except an IB otherwise hvnt-ln provided. AN ACT to "rld. for the Payment of theExpenses 1. That the bo.r of county commissioners Uuul is further dl."Iu.p.place said. case Inn (.| for the .on. above stated or ..t"t. CHAPTER 7824-No.< 42)). .
Sic 17. That if for any reason any section by Companies H and O and county of public Instruction ctnispictinUH pittition In the rotunda of the .. of any licentiate that may h.v. AN ACT to Kepcal Section 1129 of the General
-. p.r."r."h., I.rI.lon. clause, or part of this of Tampa and Company E of Plant City of Liberty county respectively isrequested \ .rlr.t."vok.d. the said b.r .h.1 publish Statute nf Florhlu, relating to Assistant

? Act. .h.1 1. held unconstitutional or invalid. all of the Second Regiment. Major V. 11.Collins to refund the l'r rata proportionof 1'1'b"'h"n, . ,the coin of Two llund..d Fifty I..n. a paper of ". .ul.tlon oncea State Henlth Officer.He .
that not,, affect or destroy any other Battalion of the State Militia and the of consecutive weeks to the end It Enacted by the
sum Four Hundred Seventy-elx andThirtyone $160,00 Dollar, ii r much thereof week for two Legislature of the State
_ _ _V a auction paragraph provUion el.o.or P.r of National' Guard of FI.ld.. on Ita Tour of Ont. ( ) Dollarspaid may IKJ necessary. Is hereby. appropriate, out.that may b ..r""le to any vf rlorldaiSictlon

this Act that I. not in. and of Itself Inv.ld. Jacksonville Duty from Tampa to Jacksonville and from by K. F. 1..tord lund.dtb tUn.aI of Two of any funds not oth. appropriated l( t t>.....o"'rlnl1.'' ". .ton should 1. That Section 112ft of the Gen.
but the remaining portion shall be to Ir.I.nto.. by Direction ofthe Hundred and OneHundredtha eral Statute of Florida latin to Assistant
fo.. Thirty-riuht and Fifteen bo used by salt for carryIng out not Iw taken re *;
without regard to that so Invalidated. Governor of FI.rld. t Uphold. Protect (1' .SK.161 Dollars paid by & J. rrovislona' of this bo.r Sec. 16. Every person who shall receivea State Health Officer U and the Name ia

_ Sec. 18. All laws or parta of laws in con and Fnforce the Admlnl.trt" of Justice Revell. a bondsmen of J. C. Ulack. for thereason Si-c. 3. This Act A.t become effectIve upon crrtlllcat.I from the Florida State lo.r hereby rep*'ated.Sec. .

_ _ filet with the provisions nf this Act b and the According to Law Compensation .stated In the preamble to thl Act. a law. Approved May Sit. 11119. of Chiropractic Examiner: ahnll have I 2. This Act shall take effect upon l ItapHssag ,
same are hereby repealed. to the Commissioned and Non-Com- Sec. 2. That this Act shall take .".t upon ."mlnl corded In the office of the clerk of the circuit and approval by the Governor. V
Sec. 1 t. This Act shall effect Immed mlssionsd Officers and Men Who Actually Its In whUh be Approval May 7. 1UI0.K2IINCK.
t.k becoming a law. Approved June 7. IIIY. CHAPTER 72S1-(No. $9). court of county '
4 lately upon Ita ,'. by theGovernor Did T>uty on that Ocean ion Appropriating recorded -
P..I .t AN ACT to the Pr.tte. of Chiropractic and likewise have it .
Moneys Therefor.Whereas 1."ul.t .hnl
or upon becoming a law with. CHAPTER 7819-(No. 84)). to Provide the A which he may auhseauently move CHAPTER 43)). 1 4

out his approval. Approves June 11, 1019. deeming. the it Governor .of did the stat. the of Florida .. AN ACT to Authorie the Stt Treasurer to 'm'._._..._.'_.'. u.C..t._ .__._'. _.. ..'._M.v.-.,&. ,p- .....". .t-----.. .S "..__,.,',Inw. nh'N.r',.._. ".'h. AM Ar'r fl..ili..,. fc.. k q.i.i,... ie.u.,._ Si
necessary 0.1. commanding Not the of the holder! ftlnu'su and Clenlinvsa of
Advance State ire refusal
to "tle.. Amount aminers to Define the l'o..r and Put failure or on part Swimming Pools,
L CHAPTER 7809-(No. 27). talion. Second officer of Major. V.the D. Col Una Bat .:....dln. the of the.Salaryto of Said Hoard and to prvie. Penalty for of certificate to have it .or..1 before he Ftiblla Bath House*. Swimming and Bath

AN ACT to Amend Chapter of the AcU and National Rermpnt Florida of St.t Milt. Such Oll.e. (Quarterly. Violation of the l'roI."n. This Aet. or she shall begin th* pr..t.. ehl.I'.t 10 Ing 1'lacr Kegulnting nnd Granting i and

of the Legislature of 1917. 782 Same Being Oos. H. G and Guad. thereof of , blnl Be It Fnarted by lll.l.tu. of the State lie H Enacted: by the Legislature *f the Htate in this t.l. after h.vlnl been notified by Revocation of 1'ermit herefur from the
Hl.hr.ount. of FloridatSection 'the saId Hoard to State Hoanl of Health, Providing for
Entitled "An Act Create a State Convict Florida, to be of HoridatSection S..ta..T" .. of th. the
Road Force and t Authorlte the Workingof have present cause at 8r.d'ntown.. transported I. That the .t.t treasurer la amthoriied 1. There I. hereby created Soil. rmtnblisluHl . 50. shall be . .. ground to warrantthe Inspection of Such Place* ; Declaring
Florida two
Certain Prisoner on Same : to Provide hundred and one officer and men of the said to advance' to .tt olree.such por.tion a board to be known .. the .r loriila > said Hoard to .v.k. Bald. certificate and rince* and Things in Violation of Thi*

1 fo their Housing, Feeding. Clothing. GuardIng battalion at and during a certain trial of on. of their salary ...n.d due upon State, Hoatsl of Chlropmctlo Kxamlnvm,. to becumtKised render It null and voId.Si'c Act to He Nuisances. Hiinu-I-.MIH to I Health 0
and General Care to I'rvhl. for Their Mile in the circuit of said state the presentation to> the stale treasurer of an of three ehln..to. of Integrity 17. All examination foti received hyI and Providing for the Abatement of the
Transportation Supervision, General Wil. county naid eour of duty order of the comptroller, countersigned by the find ability, who ahal. at tho time of their I lu Stale Hoard of I'hlropraciid Examinersutuler Snme. Making Violation of This Act Misdemeanor S
Conditions Under Which They t.r ..the sixth commencing governor which orders shall at the end of appointment be 'bona tide r.hh'n. of thia Art shall be securely kept by theStcretaryTtvasurer and 1'rovldlntf for the I'unlshtncnt -
on of .
Sh.1 n July A. D. 1917 .
day each fndutt be of said Hoanl and remit nf the Same.
or .
Worked. and ending the sixteenth lo"r"'r. e.u. p..nt..1 t t tlu State of Florida. for at least two yearn,
on of July. A.
De It Fnartcd by the Legislature of the State I 1). 1117. in order to day protect and enforce the comptroller which shall insuo to tho . r"lnuou.ly. next preceding the time of their ted to or depiwitixl wit h the Stab. TrvtwiirtTof He ll Enacted by the Legislature of the Slate
0' IIholl. treasurer w.rr.nt therefor.Six No two member of said boardS Florida, HM hereinafter provide) of Florida t
I Section FI.rd.1 i There ahnll be and Is hereby ere 1 the ..authority" ..!' ',.,,!,. uf. thin. 2.. ,. shall take vfTect Immediately .'.. ,....Intn.nt...... ......_ ..e I .-...0 ...h..1 o.. -001.- e..,. tM. Th. .r,.i.,..I..u..r of .'..11I."r.i Siwttl.in 1. TIm Slat* n, *i.l f.9 Iflth) .kull
"on " n.
V ated a State Convict Knad Force which shall col.u.,'ding. n'law "und'''in..compliance JU.therewithnaid upon its passage and approval by thogovernor. !<.r:: ,of: fhiropractic. ; shnll within ten ((10)I iln>'s after tho .., have supervision over the sanitation, healthfulne I

In.hul. all male atnte or felony prisoners who. officer, V. R. Collins, Approved June 9, 1919. ,> <. ?' The ninnlieni of said board .h.1 benpit'intid ... of the regulur n.nt naidHnnrd it and chnnlimits of *w.mtninu iHmU, .

_ _ In the JOlrm..nt of the state prison "chyil&an.are did I cause aIr,: : I Ijon. transported -- by the K.virnor from l.t at In A.rl, of each year hereafter render hath houses, public swimming and bathing
.n".hh' perform!)) any of the several from '" Jacknonvillo Florldn. where CHAPTER 7817-- (No. 36)). N nIt ten ,. IM recommended by th Florida t ru. .n.1 c. .vt sworn statement of places and all relit ted appurtenance* anti) In
dutks incident to mad construction and main. Iii> d.'f. ndant was nrcurid and carried to .AN ACT Providing for the Acceptance and < Inn. 1..t..o.I"I.n., and said appoint account to thu tUtmptniller. of this St. hereby empowered to nuiki* and i'nfi>rce nuchfiik1 v

V tonanc except, that there shall be retained fn.in V at th.' Hate! prison farm or other state Institutions maintained guarded and protected United Slates, \\ hivh woe Appropriated' byan r linn Act become a law. the naiil Itnnrd. nnd he ahull at I hut mime time It ahall derm proper.Sec. .

seventy-five ((76)) Claws One pr'won.. Im"h"t his trial by tho snitl force and Act of Con grows Entitled "An Act . Soc t. The. terms nf ofl.o of the first remit to tho State TrvaMurvr all moneys received 2. U shall be unlawful for any person ,

_ _ Sec. 2. The said state convict road force rlu.rd same bo transported back to log Appropriations for the SII'I.or of the 'iti, .I.'r of snid t.aPI b. a follow sOn by him. persons, tITus, corporation, institution, r
shell be directly under the supervision and 1amin and Plant City in accordance with. cold Army" for thu Fiscal Year En"ln. 8i. ... member of said bt>nrd h.al be appointed It... 10. 'h. 81.1. Treasurer .h.1 .11. municipality or county to (construct or to mid
control of the state road department subjectto ode; therefore HUD. as an Allotment .>tt Sum atOne f.i. one >inr, one for. two .. and one for .ml keep the money . ,, fumlto to or modify, or Ii uttpu'TIll,* or to continue i to

_ _ I, the supervision of the governor and tho I. It Enarted by the wal.r.tar of the State Million, Hollars Si>t A.art by thi Said three .ars, anti they .h.1 hid .fle. until tw dtslunaivil' by him and .hal pay the operate any swimming pool, public bath
I. commissioner of sericulture and the said of Florida Act for the I..venl.n. r.ntrl and Treatment their .urr'.o" .. appointed . : name out nn ..rrant. drawn Cmp houno, bathing or limning place, or any
' authorized to of nf said board troller of the state upon vouchers .. structure Intended to be tise.il for ,
_ late road department la hereby Section 1. That an appropriation and thvreaft the term of nu>mben* awimmlnir
employ such additional .Itant. and clerical the same Is hereby made cit the mint b Five Whereas. Under the provisions of an Act Hhnll be for four years provide! that apu nigned by tho I'restdent and 8..ta"a.. or hathinir purpose Without an tin revoked 1.
,, 1.lp. employ such .. make suchpurchasea Thousand and One Hundred and Four Dollars of Congress ..>pr'.d July 9. 191H. entitledsn | 'intmpnta. to nil vacancle. which the wov- urvr of said Hoard. much money permit ao to do from the Stato Hoard of i

as may be necessary for the efficient soul Afy.nln. CentS (16,104.69) or so much Act making appropriations for the support i'n.r la hen-by empowen>d to make, ahall be cia now b necessary .h.1 be ned to defray Health. Thia permit ahall be obtained In the J

and ...onoml..1 .mploym.nt o.f the stateconvict th'rro R may b necessary to pay for the of the army for the b.a year ending June rt the unexpired term. Alt appointmentsniuiil thu necessary ..p.... the said Hoard in following manner : any person, person, firm*
road force herein prvld.d for. expense of labor, board lodg 80 1910 which prvldod for the allotmentand .* by tho governor to All v..n.I.. on aid tlu* diHchargtf of their official dutle and corporation, institution, municipality or coun
S.e. a. Should any "rlon... employed on hug and supplies tran."o.Ion., ,. and dint rlbution of the sum of one million onrd made In accontance with the compensation for their service in carryingout ty desiring to construct add to or modify, or
I' the state convict mud fo.. become permanently consumed or services rendered to or u.e said dollars among the different states of the United .hnl and.miulrementa of thla Act the provision of thIs Act to operate soil maintain any awimmlng; pool, s.i,

disabled while sot employed he .h.1 b force of men under direction or authority of States according to the preceding .S... .4. Snid board of chlropraetlo .mln.n. Sec. 20. It .h.1 b* the duty of the SecretaryTreasurer bathhouse, bathing or swimming place or .
I transferred from the state convict ra.1 to.. their commanding officers and to pay the of United States census the sum of Eight Thousand within thirty iSO) day aft keep a record or records structures Intended to be used for swimming? i

_L. to the hospital of the state prison farm and ficers. non-cttmmissloned officers and men each One Hundred and Emhty-threo Dollars ">r ...h.l"nven.,, and or".nl.. by electing In which shall be ...r..d the names of allpentona oe bathing purpose within the State *f
there maintained, In similar manner for the and EI.v.n Cents wits paid Into the treasury .. have been granted Florida shall file
t a aa amother time which he actually spent in said one of their number p.ld.nt. one v.hom .rIAet. application for permission
it. prisoners, on said r.r until the expi duties from the time of hi. from of the atate of FI.rlda on February 11. 1910. and one .. .t..t..u.. by the U..r.l. a w.1 aa the n.m.of all so to do with (the State Uord uf 1 Iti'atth.
V rnt ion of bin term or until hi. condition of HII.hor county .".rlda. d.partu. to which said sum by the terms of the Act I ia to .1.r..I..nt. .of .said board In Oc. persona who have refused crttfleal"s.It which application shall b* accompanied by

health. .hal Improve to such An extent as to HI.bo. county and ... unti b. reur hi. be used in the prevention control and treatment t.lx>.h.r of.each.Ia year m..tn.a hereinafter provided, shall also keep a.ur. book of account detailed maps, drawings, a pec I flea tlon* and, de ,
L permit return to the state convict road a member of Major V.. B. Collins Bat of v.n..1 dl.... therefore. I Ihu' pall board shall reorganise by electing; and such other bKk may be necessaryIn scriptions of the structure It* appurtenance V
force tahon and a..ordln. to their grade, at the I. It Fn..tr fly the L.II.I.tur. of the Stateof nail, officers above prvl.le which to al the sell and proceedInita anti operation, description of the source or

. _ Sec. 4. The law and rfgul.Utors now In same ..t. per. that time allowed by t Si-c. 5. Said. board "tI.. Be*. of said' Hoard hooka anti recordsto sources of water aupply. amount and quality 'I
force and discharge of law in Section 1. Thut the elate of Florida accept .h.1 ho at all n-ajtonabl time to public of water available
_ _ effecting the escape the Unit* d States Army for actual Hiitnp nt such place* board deter open and Intended to be used
prisoners. and vain time for faithful service service In the United States. tho money paid over to the state treasurerundir mini .omm..n.ln. on.the fIrst Monday In inHpt'ctiun, and subject to examination by method and manner of water purification, uI
shall apply to all prisoners med in the state S... 2. The .commanding officer be the Act of Congress of July V, IIMR, and October of each year, the State Auditor. treatment, disinfection' heating, regulating I
Convict rosd force .prvl.l. in this Act. fore any .ar.n' are drawn .hal provided entitled "An Act making appropriations for ,1..1 continue .p..tv.I1.until the business Sec. 21. 1 hi* Secn'tnry-Treaanrr' of unM nnd cleaning : measures* to Insure personal j

S.. 6. The ...t r"d department may apply to the.adjutant h..ln gen the .I.p.t of the army" for the fiscal y.a l.h.1 I.r"r the said .shall have been fin- U.ar. shall give bond, to be approv > it, of lnUliitni. method anii manner of _ilrt

I the labor of state convict road force to oral' certified payrolls In duplicate of the officers ending June SO. 191 tf. to be used and ex tatted Special mfM I any or all highway construction maintenance . non-commissioned officer and private p..n..d by the slate, board of health In the pre at such time and place* the presIdent I Tlmtuiniiil I lll.OUUOO) nollr Bayabte to the log npparel and towels, soil all other Info ,
done under the supervision aaiil de who actually served on said tour of duty and control' and treatment of venerealdineoMes ami seeretary-treaaurer may .. At Governor of Florida and conilltiiflni'd fur the mation and Stalin tics that may he required by

.t partment. The several prisoner employed on respectively specify the name and rank of each in accordance with the rules and lenHt thirty ((30) day notice ..the time and faithful, performance of hi. duties, and for th* State hoard of health ; whereupon the

the state convict road force shall be clad in man and the number of days of hi. service aanfurimaid. regulations prescribed by the secretary of the ,.Inr. of nil meetings slush be given by publication the true and accurate accounting and pnymcnt state board of health shall caune an Invest! V
some distinctive unlor. other than the regulation One of these. rolls b. Stud with treasury and the rulea ant regulations promulgated onco a week for four consecutive t>f all funds received by him under thelirovUioiiB nation to bo made of the proposed or cxiHtlnir .
stripes. to selected by the and wi or to be promulgated by t the Inierdepartemental" of thia Act to tho State TreasurerSee. pool or public bathing
circulation place
unlt"m eomptrl. one the adjutant w'fks .in a .newnpaper of general . and if It shall ,, I
V . Social Hygiene' Board for the .. .
the .tt. road department with. the approvalof __ throughout the chat n. ",. '' 'u III-I TIIIKIV an a iaci mat tne name i* or may I
governor and commissioner of agriculture !.. s. The commanding officer of said "p'ndtu., or the one million dollars civilian Sec A.t The patti board shall adopt seal : 22. The m.mbp. of saId Hoard shall I II reoHonnbly be expected to liecome unclean or [ )
; ....Pt that prisoners subject to pun. force shall file with the adjutant general In quarantine and Isolation fund under control which be affixed to all certificate .Issued receive a per diem of Tun ((11000)) Uollum I I imHrtmtary or may constitute M menace to >ub- .rll A,,
inhment b required to ..a the reirula. duplicate certified to by him detailed state of the secretary of war anti secretary of the by the .h.1 board and to such other paper re for each day during which they ahall IMiictually
_ tlon stripea p.r or all the necessary m'nt. In writing of the expenses actually In. navy which said latter rulee and regulations ,."Inno the same The paid board shall have engaged In the discharge of their' permit if it shall determine aa a fact that
punl.hm.nl cur red for labor transportation beard lodg shaM be given conaldc'ration I by the state bad power to make and enforce all proper duties, and mileage at the rate of three cent i I the same Is or may reason a hty IM* expected to

_ _ _' .. I prisoners employed on the state ing supplies. and services rendered to or by of health .p..nt.tv.I in o.de th ,rule and regulations necessary for the conductof per mill for each mile necessarily traveled Ingoing i be conducted continuously In a clean and aan-

.n.l.t road force .h.1 transported housed said force of officers, non-com missioned offi funds from t"o .ou..may be .0r.I.t. Ita. buHlnes*, not In conflict with the t.1 to and from any place of meeting of itary manner and will not constitute a men
fed clothed and "u.rd.d. from auch funds cer and men .. aforesaid, one of which Sec. 2. That.1 vouchers for anti provlnlonH of thia Act. Raid Hoard may acid Hoard..iIuc! h .per diem and mileage, and I Ace to piihlie health it shall grant the appli tt

8 are or 1." h..rl. b apportioned for copies shall b. retained by the adjutant general made .h.1 b itemized and t.k. testimony concerning any matter within such other Incidental expenses Incurred by cation for permit under such restrictions as it
I I the one of the state road ,I.p.rtm.nt and on. of which copies bo filed approved by the state < health and by its and in the discharge of their I hit mid Hoard in the discharge of their duties ahall deem proper.Sec. ) V

-1 Sec. 7. Chapter 7324. Floria. Acts with the comptroller. .h.1 tho state treasurer and all .xpnd.tur.shall .rf.lal J"rl.dl.ton."u'l. each member thereof I. hereby and In compliance with the provisions 8. For the purpose of this Act the

*f the Legislature 1917. and all part Sec. 4. Warrants on the state treasurer be distributed and limited p.po.Uon for .m'.w.' to admtnfitt oaths and take ac- of this Act. ahall be paid In the manner nnhereinnbove stain board of health or KM Inspectors shall at ii
of laws In conflict, herewith are hereby re shall be forthwith drawn by the comptroller the different purpose .Vllowai know provided out of the fund of the i any and nil nnoniiblH, times hnvi full I .

! pealed. after audit and approval of the Bald (at For treatment ofinfect persona In SIM*.. .I"men.. .. to practice chiropractic said Stale Hoard of Chiropractic Examiner and authority to, and shall bi permit ted power to
I Sec. 8. This Act shall take effect and b and expense account by the said p..1. hospitals clinics and' other Institutions. including In thIs .rlf..t" be Issued. to thn indl- and not otherwise. Hhnulil any deficit occur enter upon any nail till part of I lit, premise .
come a law January 1st. 1920. for the payment of the said pay mil and all .arsphenamlne and other drugs, 50 percent dunI( membem Sh.1.1 l Hoard by th.m."lv" such deficit shall be aupplled by' Ifvyinir (if such hathlng anti swimmIng place to make ' 'V

V Approved June 10. 1910. expenses herein provided for by this Act of the .Intment, nt the first of mid 1 board, upon thet'avmu'nt necessary ona *HHmeni* on alt lic *nnud chlttiprnrtum examinailon and invu'Sligatlon i to de .
h Ing complied with bv the (rommnmh of .b hi) In .. educational m..ur... of n..tn... rue In t this by the aiifd Huanl.Hic. termine Urn papillary condition of i such idacm
CI\PTER 7810-{No. 2A). Major V. I). Collins Battalion. Said, warrant, 20 per cent. ,Act R p.v.I..d 2H. All licviiHed, chiropractor -J.all. and vvhelher the I provlHlonn of this Act or rule* lj

!. AN ACT Am.'ml Section 5 of Chapter 881 Khali be drawn upon and the aforesaid "" .. (tel> In carrying out repressive m..au. 20 S.c H. It shall hi. unlawful for any person observe and lie subject, lo nil Stall* ami municipal find regulations of the slate l onrd. of health '9 ti

or the Lawn or Florida.! Approved .hal be paid out of tho national gnant fund p.'r cent.till to practice chiropractic I In I this S1jit .mh'.. rigutntimiH it*till i ii K to the .itui nil ,I' rt n In Ing Iheieto al lieu,.., sI''liutul. I hit 'I'
IDin. Entitled "An Act to Kegulnte the Fl- .h. same I. now In such an amount .to , In general administration nnd other I hi. .r he Hhnll. have flrtt nlitnlnod a ... of ionlngelniia and InJVrtioiiH, dim'',nc, sign stoic hoiud of health may from' turntn tune V
nanc H of tho Counties of the State oY mi-i t the same, and If not, Same shall lie paid acti\, i rt of ,'n.1 ilmeaHe' control work 10 I',1| 1 in I thin .A.I |.n ided. .tlr.t., denlh cerlillcitti << and ..-.-,uti.iy with all l.iu i nt (ml in fliNrn,in piihllnh I Iho reports if nuoh
Florida and to Provide for the Annual out, of any fund in the treasury or otherwise per ri nt. Provldtd. that thn provisional distrihtiturn 1'I it noihiiiv in I thin \rl. npl.ly, h..to.orffi Ii.'rlui.lg to pnlil..' hi iii ii. upot'iiurf lo tluMti I tie liiVdl Iiiiu In lu monthly bulletin ,

Hudirct of l'vpenere.of ." appropriated : pro.ld..I. thut if any portion of above Bit forth shall be subject tomodification <.' tiny ,p4>rsotlv Im IH .h.1 nettliillv en- |>i'r authority, IIH ntlu-r,l inucliiUtnem ace SIT .I. Anv iiftnili urantinl hy the sl f" I,

V. It Fnnrted by the legislature of the State the said amount should have 'been paid by tho after conference anti agrvument ....r. it.. .,.?.. ,. ..t ..,". ...._..r.......ui..". ..... I1'iiuirt'd, In ii It*. hoiiril' of hi.nlth a... uo'i 1.1., .1 In -l- *-* -kbe -
. -
.'I"rloa. ,ninly. of Manatee that such portion thereof hittvten tech Htatv and the United State public iipt HH herein;: 'provided.Sir1 ; l41.c! 2 I. I d r-oiiif Iiivniuil I !Iti (iraotifo ihi-V rrvnenhli', uir ,Htihjt et lo sunpemilon at an .

:0'I I Section 5 of Chanter gRIt HH IN paid to the ..id county of Mnnnteo un litulth service thu bent need, of the partle. !II.> Any .pemon wishing tho rIght to' lop' .iiic iirdrr ". I I'. t ul any oihir Statifltu V i-MM-- if If xhiill, iJiliimmf an a fact that tl
of 1 < Hornln. June 3. 191ft.entitlid tier this Act slrnll be nppropirfatoil. ular stnte.S.t I iii,' iitinl ',' it l Ihlt Aft nnd I Mwimimmr ImiMnw
I.r Approved by the prnet l Ice chiropractic th H "taU1. I if fon* ft > | iii|I'i i MM II i or nluri ni place are beln
Act to rrgulnte. the finances of county comminMum thtrcof .. replace fuii'to -. .t. That the sum of Right Thousand, !I.. Inu.ful for him. or h'r il, MO, who ha Iii tOut d I i I In* i>Miiiiiitiiiiiiri rtyut tdt'v cimtltirted I In n tutu iuitr ,rinminitary., unclean Li
the coiiiiiifH of the Htnte of Florldn. and to nli i', tidy. paid.S One Ilne..1 EiKhty-tbrve and 11-100 D.ln. .h.1, ,!! make ittitillcntlin t tn unid of.rhli Haul, Itiuiiil. may, lit I lie itinvrt lion of lltt*, diinHi MIUI to pnlilie hi'nllh. or

I'r"ide for the annual hudiret of epen..a." .. 5. All laws and parts of liiwi In confilet nnd .. oth.. money n may bo paid ',,'"rt r K1 amln' f hrotittli I.n.1. .,. cv. Hoiii i ilf 1 lie iHHui'd H c'u'l I idealito prm lice inih See JV Any nvviinminu pmd nuhlfc awfmii V )'
be sain'nil.i! | so tin rtad nx follmvvs, : h..w.t. be ami, tin snme ar. hereby re- statv. I .HHury for the san,,.' punmne by the Trinsiurer. in curb .fi rm ii nil i In Hiieh .manner. I H Ntati> without i.suuuuilttutl Ion. upon phyMient -, tn or hal hhm place <>ipint'en, roimlriirli.,l.- ,
Section ft That prior to the mnklng'nf the 1..d. I 1'1.S.t.I \ .* gnv'mnntu'ttt bu and the ..m. I IH as mnv IM ri'ipiired, .by ..1!iii' Ittiard I at leant of the few of wvtity-flve 1 ) 4.10.111)1 L olliim lili,*ruiii'l t or itiainlniiieil contrary to the 'i'4 V
tax list for the year. nnct sluiM' tfiku effect Imm'd. appropriated for th. ime* and pun"."*** len diiVM prior t In nnv m..tln. of said! Hoard i usa lurt-in provided.Kec. vlHlnim of Hi in Act t anIn n hy, li aftrr the nssisHnu.nt roll Is tendered to tho tutu ty upon. it* piMxnire anr) approval" by the set forth this Act and the comptroller Is Tach april, ira nt chic II .IH. a trrndiinte of a char. JA. 1 he Governor may stiHp* ml any finblli' niilsnnciM, (fmii/i roim to hen It h. Such 2
county commissioner' or hoard of equalizatIon "",'rn.r. Approved May 80 1919. authorized I.. draw warrants on the statotreasurer h..r l rhtroprnclir" srhnol I or rollcg which uf suiii Hounl fur iiil lt-anance, iiiulfeiiHiiiiue. ti thud nu ,'i. may IM aluiii-il m* eitJoJiieil In an

by the county as r <>f taxes, the board of In payment of properly approved tend'IN a course1 of, three yiitn,. of HV| months g rime Jnef lien ncy or nimcondiict, or iimn| any t Ion hrtniH hi by I he local I or Htntt hoard nc-of I T
I county commissioner shall make an estimate' C1I \PTEI 7HU-INo.( 32)). vouchers for nil expemtes incurred refitting to I arli ,ii' more in '1'1"0'0 ymrN ri'iiuirlntc, **. uf tin* const itullonul ti rounds upon which hen ltd. i

of the necessary nnd ordinary expense, and AN .XCT Making Appropriations for the Pre. this Act. t f' cit ttndnneiin I "hisnmi*... A nil ten tlonnhall offlcitiH may bu suspended, by I ito liovirnor of Sue A. Any pemon. firm or cnriwiralioti. 'ii
of all Hpeclnl and extraordinary u".n.lu. vention. Krnilicnttun nnd of Kflpeclnlly See 4. That this Act shall take effect 'Im- IKmn.liIn writing nnl ,shall h<. nigneil. this StsU*. wiui'h tier an |>riiicipat or aiu'Mt empluyer or V 1

contemplated, for the herd year Injurious Inserts, I'int Control. 'I.nt and- m..I".I" upon, b.omlna a law. 1.1 t lip al.lr.nt in bin own handwriting' and Sec ;ti.( Any lu'r.lu who ahall p me tiro or I'tni'tnyi ,*, \vlio t iuliil.e any of t he provisions

for which the r..nu. for the levy shortly to Ifnnev lIre Pi.) .... Which may Have Beer ..... May shall ..rn to ",.r".- nom ofT cer nil- ittti'tiipt to prnetteu chiroi> tu'. or any per- of thin Art nhall Im guilty of a misdemeanor 4 I
be made. "i be available. Such estimates or May bo Int."rod need Into the State of t P"'r..1. t't ndtn In inter oaths and .11 ri'ciiu'ailviuntagu's soul wh''> shiill buy iuil l| or fraiidulvntly ubIniri nnd i tieh ltv that eonditlona or nations. In

shall set Olt every 1"0 of .".n.ltu. eontemplntcd Horiila.' for Quarantine Nursery and l Ilntney CHAPTER 7HI8-(No. SRi.) \\lonal I hit experience .* any ihplomu, or license to priictiru ehl- violation, "f thin Art shall eontinm. ilmll, be 3 I
or reasonably to ..nt.lp.ted dur lie* I Inspection : to be 1'std and E.n.,1"n. AN ACT to Mnk.the Secretary of State of the pertaining to n knnwl..I"| of .Ibis earn of thenick ri.tiuiit'tut.4 hit hi r recorded or not, or who ,ertii'd lo hi* u Ni'imrnti it'uI| ilintlnct ofTens, ,i
log the year for which such .Um. .. .'r the Direction of the State Plant State of Florida the OtTrial Custodian of |I.i."> Ionir he bait ...,n.1 .hl..pra.I. tihiill I use I Iho title clur.pru.i'tic.$ ]lJ, C.. I'll. C.. ami fur each offense, upon conviction, he shall
mnde. with AM much ".rl.ularlty na Is practicable Hoard an Herein and Making' the the State Flag : Fmpow..ln. Him to Manufacture "hat i rotlnti-riil I branches Ii,. has .t..I..I. th. M. C.. IH. C or any word or tulit, to Induuu he fHinlMhnl by a It no or not lens than t
and in .conformity th. headings of Unused Part of l'r'ld..I.Appropriation. aol !'I of thi length. of time he has .>ngnirei.| In practice t htIn'|lt>f t ha t he Is engugeil In tltum |>mu I ictof five dollar* nor more than five hundred twenty ilol-* i1

expense accounts prescribed. by the state comp Under the I'mvlptonn of (Chnpti, 7JM|. M..I.Acts State. Flair or C.ntra..t 1henfV; Providing nrcompiinvlng thf ."m. hy referencetherein rhiropriietio, or any other namu for any lair,., or shall IH Imprlioned I In I ih'< county Jill| ,,.t
troller, and .hli designate tho I.nrl.ul.fund of 1917. a r.nt.n.ln""roprln.l.n. for for Fixing I'riro of Same ; "kln. Appropriation with any proof lhrnnf In the shapenf iniclmnirnl mians uf treatment oilier Hum f(,r a term aif nut .ni'ilmg nit nmnihit, .
from which e.h Item of the l'ui'poiui' Th.r..r.r., and PrmIdmg J'on.11 lie ilit.luirnuti.| certlflcalen etc. and Anr) no- titus who now have vxaminig mans Mi |i.I( h curb fln and Imprisonment. or hy

..1...... .. -.. ...._-..__.._.._ ...,ep'n.. ..< ..., .hal. ..h"" rnn..llnw rl of_Eradicating.. ruL__ I'r.nln. and h for Violations. of This Act. compiinv, thi* nnld .""lr"tl.n wih.h.1 ut.rnn.. 1 lorldii. without Ii rot cotnulvirtir with the A .'iunvl Moo !! i tnt', I

lawn now existing1 or hereafter becoming law. Ite It Fnnrted by;; i.'ur' of the Stats li* it nnrtm hy the I.rviNlature or the Plate t 1.,1 ehlnci' of gimil eh"rt'r .., ,'p.ta pntvimoim of hue Act, shall IMI guilty of nmitidi ;
The snid .tlm.t..s. after being completed of Florida ho i; of rlnridalSietion I II.. 'mtwiior. anil upon conviction thereof I CIM fruit,: VM'II i N.I. in
shall published one time, in a newspaper Si-ctlon I. Thnt the sum of One Hundred I I 1. That the ..secretary of state of tho ST. 1 10. Tliew shall h tutu/ t. lhi. Sect olin Ii ln> puniHlieil ly a lint* of not morv than, AN ACT I I'enlgnniing tin* Headiiitrtem, of 'u, '
pulilixhf In the county ..1. publication t*> F.ftrhty.five Thousand (IJMf.imoOO Ita'. nf Florida, .hal ho and hi'rehy mom n'trirv-Tfi'aHiircr of the lorlilii' St ate ftonrdof I I lwt llniiijri, Ii5.liii< I toll n m or liy mi- Still Itfinnl ..r Jftalth. ami l'iing| the
) the | lacu
be mal within one week the making of as much thereof an may he ni O.lla.is hereby '., official' ...'.d".n of the state flag of the> f'Mrupmri I7xnminer** hy eneh n.lc'.nlr. t iiriaoiirni hit In the county jail I for not more, 'f |{. MMli-nr,. of the SlnK* Hmkll OlfiMT.,
such estimates ; soil at the next regular meetIng approprlnti) out of censary.In the .. State of Florida. And' he Is hereby aiithorfs V <-r a ...rllr.". f" of Twenty-flve 1 i!luiii MU month He K r'muteil Ihe I.miiifature nf the
any r.n.l. .niii ctl nnd empowered to manufacture, or have M.-llnr ,' 'ItS oni. (inllan of .Sir. ,f Mint
of the hoard of county commlHloneni, after not othu'rwiet. n which Ji. Nothing in tIcs Aet shiill bi> i'" n- u Mtirltln'Merlin
such publication or at special meeting Hhall be placed "to 1..1..1.the" credit of which the State.1.1 I, m.nur".I. ami' Hill flu as made In imitationof i "hull ncrt.mn/inv th> itppltrntUtn, , ami the re- ol( rui'il lo apply to or in, imy niuniu intiidni ,n l I ii.V headquarter of the

called ro the purpose. not. less than twoweeks I'lant'0 Hoard in the hnndx of the state 'treasurer nnd pri-sentmg the Maid. HlAi> Hug ,. tti.i ntintifnv. Ten CIA| OCt, liolliini I. In- raid .twie vtilti any othi'r mi thod or Mcltmcit of healing K.arrl( of h.nlili, .hall hit In the city of slnte IV
public nt Hitch price or price as he fix tl," I t.f. ., I, tin, in thin Jnrk-
after such plhl..t.n. the .iah.| estl- tn be expend d. by the hoard for the I may miner 'r.I." dy nons'l. AI Stale. xonvllliHo i1.1.1 ii, and the plait hrnltli
moire shall be .n.1 acted upon. Itiurtinec' of t'tintt'olling not. to \ci-i-d nn. liundn l ,JUT ci nt alcove the< I ''t. I'. i' 'hull |M. 1,11, fr any Hiili"i>iitient np- Set. JH II shall |liii the duty uf hue several nlifill rt'nidi* In the city whin the olflrer
and "r'onln. ">r eradicating rir ut nf manufacture and dilhery of l lIi l I.1 P'i atffin, and, ,', SinUmid ( of the heii'fijimrter
as adopted, the said estimates shell be insects, and booty rlisi same I. a"ln"ll.n. ounty I'rosi-i'uiing A ttorni-y of Ntntv lionrd' of hiu'i Ills fa Incuti'il.
V spread in full upon the minutes of the hoard n..'.. especially.Injurious to I the. agrirultiirnt. ', I,.H '11.1 nlf., and' h.> may .1.I enter int-. !.. 11] I HHinlnaiion for lie nse prae- HIM Stale to prosecute till pvrxunn chartfed HI..T 4. ThiH Act shnll tabs eifict'
p of county Cdmmfitslnners Copies of these estimates horticultural" and honey it ,. culture IndustrUs eon I ract .'he pi retina or firms to> tineh topnicllc shall I tw made. by inid' boardncronlmrf |r with the viiiliiimri, of any of ttui Inacisiuuunutf I It'll*, Apr>roveil June 2, 11)19.r'lMI'lKK on July ',
.h.1 ho filed with the state comp.troller. In the In accordance with the prmMonnof manufacture and' sell, or sell surh flags and' ti. the m..th..1 l ileemrby! It to het tIde Act iiml ft Hhnll In* th* duty of thi.Sicrt .
V "t. ,thu r reproduction, of the state flag, and fn HI* rmttt pi, "n.1 l expiMllttnua tt tiMit 'tary-triiiHiirer "f thu Umr l
Th.adoption "f said estimates by tha.al.1 the lorliln Plant Act of IOU and "f this nrtl..I. under (lie f tit- 7H27 t 4Ni,. 4tl .
V bnnrl else antd estimates the force ,Act fifth, tu nt he shall charge therefor not ,Irsa the I, .p.I."nl' | iiiflc l';'a0ln.I"n net(inn, of Niinl hoard, to I ajtnutl MUK) I'c.weCut.Iuq N ACT I Atiiliorlninu the Slut,.)
and .h.1 thnn an amount niual to twenty-live ,pir c..ntiilwiM papers A,.. desiirniite! hy ,',I Iurii.'y by rurnliihiiig I f h Iluiui ri| ,,f
effect fixed appropriations, and the Sixty Thousand' f$ o.itno) *>0> Doltura of h.1 ,.n..hr. .n.1 them evidenceof fit II to Mtll Any I'mperty Ac. ulni I
( I
same shall not he altered or amended' or exceeded appropriation' or much hereof AH mnv ,1.1 He the cost of man.r..tu. of earn. tie ri..t ... t I">i " of the nppllennt. .. thnt the violjiiiorm, of this Ait whenever llu-y cmiiuiril" ihi I'rovlnlitns of Chanti-r flHitl. Toiler
V nor .h.1 the expenses estimated, un ni.fs..ry shall be .expended by the for royaltySue. "t.lentily ? the applicant will not lie ,1..1"" pimneiiitiitfi nf Maine.N Horfitn. ArU of KMT Not NerifMnry of
dir one head b pal'f out of the estimate for the purpose nf eradicating citrus canki 1..1 of 2. It shall be unlawful for any ,.'r. m. mIcro nt the safil Hoard until nfor c. 211! All I I MppuintineiilN ma
any other expense. The board of county com which said sum Thirty Thousand "tO.OftO.fiOi r. Hon or persons, firm or .or"o"lon. to manu examinntfrin impers, ..irrndiMl.,. (Ouv'rnur to till vacancies on said Hoard, H<> It Fnarlrtl hy Ibe legislature ml Board.
miusinners shall certify the total millage to Dollars shsll be available on the Scat day of facture, ..ll. or offer flnu or All exsminntlons shall he mndf In writ. whether cuust-il hy dentil reslgtiution or removal of Miirlilaf Hlsie

the county, assessor of taxes R soon after the July 1911 and Thirty Thousand. "if"to.ftno.0") other representatIon of the state I.1 of the let the Htibfertu nf which .hal tie ns follows ; or wMplrntlon of term, nhull be imd Her tlon 1 I. Iho plate hoard of health .''
slate of Florida la
of in ,
thesicri'tary Anatomy. .
adoption of the budget as not later Dollars? or so much thereof .. be permission Physiology Symptomalnlovy i 4rortlunrt with the proviaionn of this hiTfhy authorlri'd Ui sell
than three wieka after the p..lble. of the sary. shall be available on the 0.first" day mcee of of stAte embodied in a eontr.c for Nerve-traefng.. rhl..rle prlnefplt-M.. Act with reference t** Km quahlicatioiis of msy have acquire*! und> any r the property that It
budget All unexpended balances to the cred Jut,. 1920 curb manufacture or sale and any person o li."o.I. Orthsari.'ilia. ..Ij..tn"; a. ni'inher *>f said Hoard. ani l recomniemlititoiiH Chapter KNtfl. faw of Florida provision* of
it of any account at the end of the fiscal year Forty Thousand f$ lO.ftnf) AOl) Hollar of ald. firm.. violating the provisions of this Act shall taught hy chiropractic rhod .n.' ".". Arrtiitcale for aipulntnifnt aa memoirs thereof, as. iier.- witch may In iii. Judgment bu. of ISIS(
Ii nn..1 in the sum of one hun.I.1 be ", all MppllranM who Itiabovfi provlili'dH tn I not necwsary
shall *
revert to the fund from which the an .1,1.. .h.1 .n..1 used further In
appropriation or so much thereof
at henoct.nNry for each off'ns And alt ,. hnll *,,. Bit< All connection with th
ma or seventy-flve Iowa and fieri of laws ittc.nlIiel work *
proprlatlon made. but nothing: hereinshall shall be, expended p.ran. .n..or e.. of the Mtntilioartl
.. hy the hoard for pr of
construed the that may now have any flints or other forms turn '70 her, cent > of all n.. .k.d ,] with the iirovlslone of this Act are iir"Cfcds derived hralrh. and nil
an of .Inn. from
;. lax b reasonable renew for 'h. purpose inspecting citrus .n.1 nnn-clt- I"'nrln. the design of the state flag nf thin >if any nnpllrant shall r,1 in awor correctly h* M hy reM a led, IK Xpert y nhnll he the sale of aay *TM*)
th. .tlm.t. a sum cup nurseries of which t-niil, transmit
contingencies ohm Twenty plate their possession for sal", shall reportimmediately nlxty turn rentum ''I'' ,. Centnmt of fim-| .S.T .tl 'Jliia Act shall take effect Im- tint to the siste i
and tn-NMury t be
ernerirencif, and the Thruisand120.00000. .I cn'diled
V of any part of us id sum so reserved appropriation on the first day nf 101... ,.hal. l 111'..* available toil, to the secretary of state, who tl*>n* nuked on any one lira noli r>f .., exani- nuu'ilialy uiiiuiu it* iM-eurnifi a law. health fund.Her. to th* state board at
may enter Innt contract with him or them forthi In'I.n. she shall not Approval May 2$. 1919.Clf'i'TER .
for any of the .. a a. 'I his
law 'pn.. county .lthorh.d by Twenty Thousand '1520 000.00> ) Dollars or ". enntinued sale or same, or he may pur. rertlflcnti Nn preference .. t to ately Act slinll), take cITed Immedi C.
miteh as may I, sh .ll lii. .h.r h upon its heconiing law
See. th.rr. ." eharte the same at reasonable price ax he any .school nf 7i1'd'S--lNo. a ,
2. This Act .h.1 take .f..t upon ftc available nn the first tIny of July. A. I D lf)7n. may ,'.m best All the Si. 12 \ .hlr..r.e". AN ACT 401. Apnroved June 0. I 1U1 utu.CJffi.f'TAc .
passage and approval the mnn.'pa d..rl. r..m ny f'hl..p..rt. who ha comnlfcd Arm-mimic ideu'ti.n I.I of Chupt
or Fifty Thousand < ,
upon 0.ono ni
becomIng law without hi. O.ln. of sellappropriatIon .1. of surh flairs or other .,.r..nl.l.n. of with the pr.I.I.n.( Act mar mljtii Ilei.S: lsws Uf I' lutriilus. Acts of llflft. Kri-
.pprvl. or so much th. mute h. ami shall ln uI'f fofit l In the ,t tinnd : 7 2H--No.( 413)>.
by till"I"
An Art
Approved June 9. 1919. general .n.. any '1..r.o.1 tissue r.f any Making it t is MisiJitrniHiiort AN ACT to
shall be Kegulnte
flt'erto.ry "'.p.n.r.1 by the paul lionrd r.jn'l. nf tho slate' of Florldn' "n.1 <,r flstiire aol l .th. praetlre aror- Kcrp of Maintain Surface (IlisIc. icc' f.lcenrtn the Issuing uf Marring
riMPTER 7 11-fSo. 29) for th.> purpose of maintalnintr an eiferttsoaunri.stine 1,.e. 1. To enable th. fiTwtary of stat ti ding to t he ti'ni'ts nf his.or. her rmpectlverh'Kil I'rivMft (111.1 i (cur the I*'iwwlt of ITimun bit a In th* Stat of torldn soul| t'roviil-
to p..nt the Intmdtirtlon Into carry out the provision* of this Art, there IB liit shall not KKcrita. Within, for the Violution Thennf.
AM ACT to Amend Section 27 of the General the state nf Injurious plant and) hnn-y tw p..el. for or a.lmin.I.t..r lnc.rporatur Towns. VV hich H. ft f nnri-i| liy th* legislature
Statutes of Florida mended and hereby appropriated' out of th. central revenue \ any person .n" m..lr n#* or ifrug. now Artr Not r1y-lrrM in mittruetlun ami of florid of the State
by iilsetuees
a PPNIM of whleh naid ..m Tw.n.v.II' r't.1' of this stat> the ." of five hundred. r hereaffir tnu'Iulu'ul| In Are Not in i
medic Conformity With
Chapter afl'-'S. Acts of 14A7, Relating tq the Thousand 0 |itr- : J'lmiN lo/c- Section I I. t
f ,
Clerk of the Hail I mad Salary fza.no.oo shall f. dollars, fir */> murh thereof as may he n *ce.. r.r any Htiritery, .vn t>t h.'r.'lnalinve ., i mmenifd| anil Approved by the State his Art It mm aol after th pmtsnge of
Commissioners.: av.I.h. on the of JutA.. I D 191" .. .,.1 mid d. at shall Im unlawful for
Place of S..lon.nnu.1 .th..r.r. srrreUiry I. authorixed i nor practiCe ibctrtrlcn or n.thy. Ifonrd of Ffealth, and I're'au'rulii ing u iVnutty Juilite I" any county
1.1.ln. Ex. Thousand < *Jfi,O0'' .on( i D< !I- to take such further >. the Mini* nf r lorldn
pfndllureH? .nr T..n'Y.I.. ste pii m. be nices- 9 11 All rhl..prt.. practicing In hla fur the Violntlon of the i'ruvlsiotia of ties hln office to aenii l out of
,' m..h Ih..o AM may tx mr....rv snry to carry out the intention "f this Act Stale two Arr any mnrriagi, lluenne Hignul In
Be tlEnacicuihy J the yean prior to )mluhi'r let I'll't.' to )tic' hlank
of the State IHSIIIM
1..I.I.tur. .h.1 b available .n trot Iay of .Ju'v. Kec I laws and ,parts of laws In who .ha 11 hnvf lIe Knartcil 9 uM.n| application t
,_ onby taken by the l o
n' Al a soil l Legislature of the p n>*mfl not
.. A. _I.... ... .._.., . ... ..Li... .. _._ L. .. "_ .h'" __ . .. __ .__ r.II..n...cmirse. Allele in the offiKM "* uh- -. '
Secttonl. That Portion 2.'7 of tM Genera) Tw.nty-n>f Thousand t' On t Dollars . . n. n.. n. ... .,.. ... .." r."aPv .n"'o"1 i4'e. It. 'I hut no county'judge
2r.ooo .po.l.d. .eh..1 or Cfilf ir*>. shall hf graat l a certiflrati Action I. I hat Section 1 of In I In* stnto
of Florida' be and the I. hereby of said Chapter HHlfQ. iilutull ,, *
S'ntut. psi ,
or much thereof lic'oce .,-
.Mee. .
"nm. 5 This Act
.P..prl.tl.n a efTifftlve as heroin' 1..1.1. | without, f awi nf I loridn.. Act of the macrusH,' 'if
amended .h.1 Imm.- IUJ/S/ be ,,, any
real t amniJ .
sa .< : may be n.. be expended by elite! upon It* p. .apprrtval 'ptov tuteul' l that the application he o.n.n.n.l.n. IM follows huu'fli unlu'si. tIler,, shill I,,. lImit z'run.'lit, ii
I 2H aid' commissioners may emiwiw Imnrd for the pumas of combatting the b th 1..1. and lli'i with bin
wet K'nernor. or upon law. fir an tilViilayi,
a thirty lny afire Section
I. 'I ht In
plo" a .t nt not than I. "omln. .oruHnimtion nf the any person, firm ur ignu'ul 't ruling,
secretary a etuisry more potato weevil and other plant rests and dineaM June 9. -altl 1 cor hg heth parties to the
Little 00 Ap.ro..1 I.mln'n. 11..I. and a l by poration burping or maintaining surface eloa- marriage, mal.
ppr annum The office ot paid eom. 4i : nf which aM' sum FifU 'n "mp.nl.1 anil Iuuincrh.yi ln'fir,
) mitelonpep shall thi. Capitol Tatlahas. ( Aol) Tho..no '- 'he .q"I.o .hr.ln .. die and privies used for the ilepfMit, of hu iiy law some lirruutn authorused
at at ."IO D'Ulars' shall be .. CIMPTER 7*H>-fNo. 87). . Th to admInister an .,iuih,
.I.h. man rt'u'Itng
;;'1. see. hut they may hold sepilons .nh. In first dny nf July A D 1111' . Thousand \N ACT to I'mnlt the Flag from f>ef.eratnn.| .:'.mln'' refuse.. to. .r f'hfmpraetl* excreta within Incorporated limit, unncorpuratvil and correct ages of duds parti'p the Irue
\ may towns
the stale. .t their discretIon ,itio.ooo! not, Doll. grant or re- suburb and thickly settlftl h.tth unlese
much lIe : 1. such
nr It Enacted the riartirs .
.no ni th..f hy of the ru'rtiflrsio ihuull ,, .,
legislature t.t. .k. a to .
) communities which wer th.
;. ot cilmi raiitlc in are not lly. roof uluc. of
iuthortieiI be pro.lo. I. in
money to account necessary, shall he ., twentyo.n.
'i 1' a mf .1.11. on thn his State nr construction peara : l'rutll, ii that
/ U.rr. may and if
\ satl a name are not In conformity with iuhey uf
2 "omml..lon. he paId out or day nf July A. D 1920. .' I. it shall be unlawful ' any >
r'fominriJ ace of
treasurer on'y' *>n the netter or the "omp. Ten Tho.nand lo.ofto Alit Dnllara 'o .. th. office or approved by the State one teenly.
of petitappropriation firm year., euich
r i'.r'nn. .
perv000 or corporstlon. f ihn clerk! f ll ,
lodge a the circuit >ar | hy the .. In this Stale shall be guilty uf a ,na.uIet.i > Ileen., ,, flu Issue a
t..n.r. .0un'0.I.n. "ov.rn. or no much thereof .may h** Hi-crt-e- .,,i. !to place upon or attach any "iV'i.0 any .if the follow .r | nor anuS f the mnrrtigo of such
See. 2. This Act shall tate effect immediately shall be nw vmimils. upon eunviction thereof shall there ,, imriy Unless
necessary ry the hall
for wonls. it-Item, figures .wi. be
hoard picture to Vt-( tint
"ndr any Sag C nf fra t t/i* punothxl rmi-nted
Itn o .m.ln".nt or by a fine nu.t xcuvdinic tn and IlIad wit hi
upon lp.mln. a law the pnrrie nf nf th.m..i.an known AS the Stan and Stripes. and d..ptnn > i"l) him the written
to carry r. ', In the Kirw < 41'i ''HiiHc c-innent uf the parents of
Approved M., < Foul Brood, RrorM and otherrontatrfmm ror.I'at. e-x- such
ir the desecrated minor tt nuch
Fur.p..n in the timlnnMon
.1"'a" atsteof rrnrrfag
.m. in this 1 Ail ,
e Art lawn nflknowltfdtftd
-- nf which sal>l ,. ro ) the pracnn' or parts of laws in con Home ( bnfum.
.1.0.. f1.i.l. f rhfr* prsft'c' flict iFieer u>itti< ri/ 'I l by
CfT \PTEB 781 J-I No. V>iAV Otto FK. Thntuand n" I Dollars shall .'C That any person or .. 'hi> under a false nr a*.umd with the proviMions uf this Act are here knowl*'duenf, otrf und law to tko ac*
persona reprentinr rt'inaflon by mlrnin
of aleul.
TT Making an Appropriation roe the I.- nn the feat day nf \ O .1" annthi prnctl- rIco tr oaths pro-
n..I.h. .1.lv. any lodve er> I viifvd, thin rr
ri. In .r M
oratian or .N. liluV iun 'IIIT.'t'.nt > < on shall
4. not
M.ln'.n.n. of the Co-OneratH1 XgricuTtural ,. T".n.1 'HI rno' HOI, f>ollsn "IMI'HV, nw the Sinrw and, StHp4in lvl".1 f name. the convlci Th'H' Act shall take ifi-ct upon lie where loll, apply In any aa**
V an of
> i run
Extension Work fletw.O'n thl. Stat.V r .. much, th..ot < In* nci4ary r,\\ft. 'in thr .h.1 with any words t 'it* t ml 1 ,lrit MI i th I ** ( mo of
and the t'nited Staten rh-pnrtmcnt of .Agriculture :. tie svar'nMo on the Scat lay .July A D '. HerS rtgurfs nr planed It at- V irlfM. ",* th. .. ..'. iliuu it* \\t iirriing u law without such *pproval. ..uu'h mnrrini/f lie making application for
upon or narf.rfic nn'
Required to b* Maintain by Chap.lur S. 2 That the unu..1 part or sn much 'Mrti,.l tJi the .nm P.eu.. .r wh. hall mutilate the tj-nt I to o Miimulantjt, t t. such nn App( rnt'i| My n, tUlli.f Hi>e .1 Any
t *"v'. Lawn of Florida .hi.rnf may be "f .. at lrmnfu.eilt." him .. hen for the cnunty judge, or other person
a necessary 'h. apprormt xnm in any nay. H 'aM >I.e guilty ,,t rforman who lihrtH violate
ml.I. I 11 nf their
nntf .
B. It Enacted by the Legislatiir of the Stats 1 ir of Florida t..r -Z'I..t.. nf 1017 far th. of a* for a misrfemeanorSee. punl.bd r u'rs'.o who a llc.nt .... or who I an ap AV AT tnmen
Section, I That to tile purpose of tvmain'tnancf lirating. preventing and 'on'"lln.pu.p.oi. .. 1. That it shall the duty of i t.lleant.alnst fur a Ifernse to rwttet .hl..pr.Uo. t1 til Mtatutm of lurlilM liitlntintf to the prlimnment a felony In and shall be nunmhed by Im*

of thf* ... *..th. anrlc .i ..1 to h-n m*'! '" rh raIl' lt. ar.,. f/.r S'..'. H'.nnl, of leaitti.( < not nt re than onv year,
or by line
and hi m*> >""Mmlc wnrhs for In r.nnn jing appropriation.' t. the purpose of ''.1 thinet. \ duly! enforced| th. not to
pr.r.d i" >**>** hAv it h It A'IK| fU I t hundred
.., the Xct "t Congress to which .n' I* Kl\ei "rxdicii'lnx. p**<..ntinif, anil controlling citrus I That thl Act shall lake effect upon ,.'!>. f .r, tile iriu". ,* -a I I''n.| ,'v.k. '>r It rnMriKil hy the LvcUUlurs of the SUt I This dollars.ib .
t ran Act
?I iv' firnmhtfl 'if lIoridsS. ihalt 11cc effect
I"1 Law of '
by Chapter Florida and that 'aflrr .1 ,pas-ag and by ,. opuS Its
*he State of Fl..rI.Ia! may receive from the 4c 1 ThIs Act .h.1 take effect Immediately .\p".d May, '1 apprn\al. lf l'- tb Ionrno *' a th.onable n ropy <>f tt ''1.1,', .nr. ftr f i..n 1 I list Section 11 I.i of thi* 'f n tii.n\ > nnd June npiirosal by the Governor.ppruved .
Federal government the additional amount allowed
her ..e and above the basic fund of 910. \ Jane I, 1919. CHAPTEK 72HO 39)) C, d ircaid wftneasc,".. ,n <.. fcy .".*..n.". ii, .MOWS

rNo m.1 b examined by aid Doar *' ,n.U.\ Hoard to Ms lie and Pub' AN ACT CIHPTCKH2l D tin Ing Venereal* Nrt.Diwaae 47)., R.gulab.

. . .. :T -. .. -
_____-..-- .. .. .. " "" ----"' --



., J -

;f,' Ing and Siippraaalno' ; Such DI......... Requiring In the .'*.. Three membere of the board 1191 of the General Sttut of tb StaU of 'say and Toll Bridga,. pendIng.SsrC. may b. used a* evidence upon any ubsequ.Qt

'. '; h the Separating of Cases Th.reof Authorising shall conHtitute a quorum and apeclal Florida Uopltl for n. bp the LglaItUre el the State 6. That the ..10 Rvle General Statute trial or hear nit of the case as to any matte
met ltl.tn" t 'Iord I En.c.d
1 th. Examination Treatment and logs of the board of examiner shall be the I of Florida . effect and beoperative in issue at the former trial or hearing ; and

iF T ,' Isolation of Pemons Infected Therewith : by the Hecretary upon written request of..le B. It Enacted. b the Legislature of the State Sectfiun ? That Seton 2 of Ch.pUr-7601 and In fore on the thirtieth day further In the event that such evidence U not

diving; Health Autho.ll. Certain Power two member and laid board ahall have the of KUrliUt Laws, of* "Fonda .pprv.. May 28. m7t entulid after th. dute of the Governor'. Proclamation so preserved a* before stated, then the Bam*

I i I Over Jails and Therewith ,liuht to draw auch rulee and regulations Section i. That Suction 1187 of the Genera "An Act .. encourage and aeaura the announcing the publciation thereof, which ahall not be used at a aubscquent trial ur hearing

%( AuthorIzIng the '.'Cnn..Uon Health hilly he noccHNary for their government not. .Statutea of the .tt of .'lo.ld b amended ..",".Iurllon uf one or more line of railway proclamation' th. Governor .h.1 make Immediately unless, ((1)) such evidence ha at much for

I .L' to Promulgate Rule and Regulations Re., 'in conflict, ufth I the lawn of th,. etate. u raid .rolo.o und toll bridge across Tampa !*.* or Old upon the report of said CotnmiaHioner mer trial been reported stenographieally or

, \\.t bitIng hereto. und Providing a Penalty for Sic a.I.Su>d hoard Hhall have a aeal and the MM-ton .. and Location of If'*. '11m"".. Iny and t grant right of way over that the publication of aaid work ll reduced' to writing In the presence of tli*

L "' Violation of thin Act or any Rule or srcrtUry nhall \lue|>. record of all the pro- 'Pital The Institution formerly known .the fnr authorl. filling In of the .ubm.r"od. complete and ready for distribution.Sec. ( ourl. ((2)) that the party against whom tli.ciidincf .

Regulation I'H-itt or Promulgated by the ...i uiuuiee I i "I 1 naid bonrd.. including a register Florid, Hospital fur the 1 timing. shall b f,1 other lanula b.lon"lnt t the .tl of Floe.u.lii 7. That the following Section, and I Ia offered, or his privy, was a party

.- _i Male. Hoard of Health Under the Authority of I In oilmen of nurse und training known and hereafter called the FlorIda ,in. union lr .dJ..nL Tampa parts of S.lona. contained m the said d..f on iht' former trial ; ((8) that the iasu. la subMnntially -

nf this Act Authorising Towns Cllle. or m-hiH.U. for nurartt 11. ",mtored under thin Act. llotipital. and .hal U located *t Chattah'Mielti U.y or Old Tampa tiuuy fur the use of arty or I"'I.I.n .f Commissioner, and a* puzn- the clime in both cares < ) thstn

; .' Counties. .to Malie Donation Aaslat In tb. Mini nKiHter be to inspection and I .*.. In (;. county and the public ('" "n.n carrier unilt'rtakinii the constructionor b..d th..ln. are hereby excepted from ..n.Im'nt rurtlcient reason I Ii shown why the original

" ., Enforet: .ment of thi,* Act. t .a ii) iimptclor .h.1 Inspect,open all training echool huilJiriKH, uf thu ....t at that place are d.votod .uch I 1m" or linis of railway and toll brld". .. as a part of said Rvl.lon. and the witness Is not produced ; and (6)) that the

lie It Knartrri: by th* Legislature of the 8tt Tot rmrni-M ."..hal" In the pilate of Florida and to thai purpose iou1 granting the right t construct buiWinK", nil lit Sections, and parts of S..lon.. .h.1 be ourl is salmtlcd that th. report of such evi
J .. docks and thereon 10 con- omitted from said. Uovised of dence taken such former
at trial
of Florida I.Stction reKfttler such nchoolH comply with tho Stc 2. That Section 1188 of the GeneralMatntiH 5' "" d..pot tl.tul. ia a correct
!L I I' I. That. iryphllli. gonorrhea and .hli iuoviHU, ,nM of this Act and the. rules and retrulatioiiH of the state of Florida b amended t ii. u'iion with and ao a ,.ol the facilitiuu'of! 1 I' lorldu, to-wit: ri'liOl't.
ouch common carrier constructing or Omit all of Section 87. Sub.se'ction 7. That Section 2611
'h it : chiinroid are hereby denlgnnted venereal prnmuliratcd Sutid board n'1,1 follows : ,11' % relating
disiases and' are declared to be contagious.. Infections "hull cause the proHPCutlon th..r.und.of persona violainiK Si ci ion 11BH. Control of A.plum.-T. maIntaining, Much line or lne of railway and Omit nil of Section 104. to change of venue in civil and criminal caae*

"J I ..mmunl..hl. and dan".rl the the provlftion of this .1, and may In. board "f commissioner, of .tat I.L.t.ton. loll bridKd. be. and the a l hereby amendU In Section 1U5 omit the word "from and on account of prejudice of the Judge, or UD

pulil). ,e hi'alt h. It .h,1 be unlawful t anyone < tir the, expumtue In to dolntr. shall base the management contrl ul .0 .U reada. f Ho" : "Section 2. That after the passage of this Act" due influence of the adverse party, or odium

t Infected with I of theso dlneaac toeMMifte n..r l'luuriila S.al. Hospital.' any such corporation 10 fina plata and plan In Section 2uti omit tho wo.d "from andafter of the appicant, I Ic hereby amended to read aa
p I v :another: to infection.SIT S.-c 4. The nalary of the .e..tr shall b S,. 3. That Section 1191 of tho Gen..1Stltlh. u uf uch .u..y net In Section 1 of the passag. of this follows :

' 2. It shall be unlawful for an/ female 1"'0 by the board and shall *I.e .. of the .'.l of Florida b amended t t Uiln Act .hull begin the actual work of eonHtruction Omit all of Sections 247 666 and 675. 2611.) ((1471)) Prejudice of Judge ; undue In.

j i airicted with any venereal disease who one hundred nor mora than twelve hundred read .follows : within one p.'.. from thus Sling ol Omit all of s.Uon 612. and 613. fluence of adverse party ; odium of applicant.

! knowing of such c.ndUon., to have aexual Intercourse dollars per annum payable monthly upon nq- Section 1191. Com pi-ns all on of Superintendent same and shall have such bridge cmplele and In Section the word "Provided Such change shall be granted if either party i IB

I \..h any mile ,...on. or for any ul.llon to the comptroller out o the fund and Employees.-The compensation of rraily for use within alx (8)) on. furl her. that a license to .el spirituous vi. any civil case, or the defendant In any crim
the of fund. The
... mule pinion' with any venereal diii'ime known an state board nuro" such .uP.rlnt.n.nt and all other employee month after the vannaic. of thli Act. noua or malt luuor shall b.t..n.re.rd only iou! ruse, ahall make application therefor olt
. who knowing surh condition have other mt'inbt'n of the board .hal receive five shall '..... by the board. Tb. compcnsatiun Sic 2. That Section 4 Chapter. 7601 Law to M pc..n h. compl.d with all the oath stating that he fear that he will not re.

' sexual intercourse with. .n female. t dollars per day for each day .tu.l, .n""e of the superintendent shall not exceed i.f. I loriiln.. approved May liH. 1U17 entitled prerequl.i. to obtain 1..n.o prvldcd by ex- ceivc a fair trial in the Court where the suit

. ", rV-e., 3.1 Any person who,.hal vlolnt, any of In hlp"dun.. upon the u..I'n" whileiuioking Th.o Thousand Dola.per annum.Sec. An Act to encourage and secure the construe for the sal. ',I"tuo., vinous, la pending on account of the prejudice of
and all
the provisions of Section of thl. nccwumry Oxl.en. Incurr ) 4. This Act .hal effect upon ItaI'tWKiiKf linn of one or more lines of railway and 1,1 nod malt liquors." the judge of said Court againat th. applicant

,.. Act, shnll bo guilty of a misdemeanor and onconviction af.r ,the of buiiineiui of th. AU and approval the Governor. In'.i.lue acroii Tampu Hay or Old Tampa Omit al Sections 846. 888 887. 888, 889, 890, or in favor of the adverse party or on account
of the !
'.. I I shall IM punished an for a mlsdeKic. "I.en. the b.rd including ol.r- Approved June 8, 1P19. un,! to grant a rIght of way over and authorixe Sill, 813. 81)4 895 and 8118.) of the adverse party having an undu. influent
ii-H Hbttll bv paid from feeaundtr __ _
I m"hnor. "elvo the tiling in of the ubmerxi'd anil otherliiniln Omit Section 1385. over the minds of the inhabitant of ths

4. .\ny xusperted of being af.uicu'uwinoY the provbiions of this Act upon vouchoraThe CHAPTER 7HJ3: -(No. ) beloniiinK to tho State o.f. Klorida, In S"ollon.16HO the wordu "/ County or Justice's District in which .
.. penmn "...n.I.,' nn..' .,". .n... .. .1. .. .. 51. _. .In. onli lmmo'i the enIH *-
\ .. -. .. .mot.I..r. ,
", Inr..t.: v..n..a'' ,J., *'". \Nr Provldi, fur the Care, Maintenance u"n. o. alJuceo '0no w... 01 nalvly\ alter I. ". ". soul .pprv.I. i pending or on account ot applicant being
, i'( .hall be Hubjrel l I.: ;.hy.,1::;;; ":'Hmlnaton, amiInnppetlon ; ,'nl. board .hal make a report Ii. the Hiul Control of State' and Providing tr lllil Tampa,' Buy for the line of any commoncurrier In Section omit tho won"tippling tu odious that ho cannot expect a fair trinlnnd

: by any n ,pn .pn..II .f th. Mate irmtrnnr on or II.r.r. the first *!HX of Apri for the Carrying (onoh. Provlalon undertaking the conittruction of auch barrooms and all pl"cP Le.. wine or mich application ahall fully and distinctly

:1 I hoard of hrnllh. nnd for r"lur or refusal to l. inch und every year after the tiftCutC' of This Act. and, MaKfrig Olt, (in Ih.Appropriation' |uric or lints of railway and toll brlilKe and itpirituous, ; liquor of any kind I I. sold at retail set forth the facts upon which the allfKatioiunf

, / allow Mich Innitcctlon, "r 'xmlnaton. thcrit lt"din Act roverlnn tim. entire t ramactlonsIh. 'I' hi n-for inntinic: the right ty construct bulidmin.uhurvcti 1" prejudice, undue Influence, or odium it

t f. .. hit 1 1 IH ,Mtiliy .r II.d"I'an. .hal bonunlnlud t .reof Including all receipts and dl.bur lint Krtncfd; h the Leglnlnture of the Stale dock and ikfiota thereon In connoc Omit all of Stctlons! Z1G2 2'M9 inclusive.' I hutted.

' r'f' for n tntmli nn .n"r ".. ,'.. the mi ntH' t.> jrether with a rul hot 'if names of of ll.>rl
'. J, HUM t <'et< 1"i'd l ''r>,' hull) not be apprehended, 'InMtTtPil mn*",.,M Kinti'nd under "rovl.I.0 of this Suction' I 1. (On or before the twentieth. day anv HUII!. common c.rrle constructing orinaintHinmir all uf .Sections JJ73 to 22HG 1"c.I. dt'poalmg Acts und papers of thu Ltuiftluiu i

.' o t-Mitnined ni/iiiitfll his wilt, exCept Art and such training nctioolii tit hueS been i.f I'(mbir., )"P1!! tlu' Htntv prison pbyHioan' r Huch line or lines of railway anti Omit: all of :' : with Hit' Sicretary of Slate it hereby annul ii, 4

1 upon, the Hwiirn .U-Htlimmy of the perm ornerHdiiH r c"unzfd by nnld board. \nmim ""11.a-radi all male state t< I I! briilve. be and the same In hereby amend- Omit all of ,' ;r.nJJG C0n3, 60H6, 6323. 10 n ml as followa :
.o.ln- und n t the receded by the seeutnry h,1 eonvlcl i d HO an U round an follows : Sec. 4. "That any -u"Ll'. r:'IJ5. B.'tSS. ,
. ui, prmcnintlon SIP. I' J. All m"nh. , 'lw<, grii'lt, or clam, to-wit : or and 6470.Omit Ill'. u 171)) Acts, papers and records of flue
,r14 of the, unrrtitit duly aulhorixed by the Justice i fir r" itir-lriil. Inn. ". olherwim.. under f'lnss, One. winch cunnUt of all ablo- Mich Lftrporalion! hung such plat ai set forth in all of ,'. lHr and Section S16M. Lei'ittluluie lo be deposited with Secretarv f

of tin ,pence. r>r rump court officer charged t ih,. i pnivlnlona of I thin Act shall be leuallytiatiMmitled l II.,.di ii l mule ruins .1..h.1|nblf of dning a rva Minion I of thin Act shall, within three In Section 612 .rlt word"sriI"e Slate. Ml original Act and resolutions i a,...
;'t with) the <." 'u'l"n nf thl. I., tt 'to ( he Mntf treasurer t.. I.- credit sonrtlile, "y'o work at iliiifluuiii I Inbor ; flradoi ; nxititlitt afliM the lUinx of auch pint mapa or el"","" or ," d by Ihe Legislature, and all other oriifinajpaptrs

,. .f 8< r. fi. Any i,i.-r.n wilfully vl.latn" tiny i .d .tn 'the fund known an the state board, ornurneH ('lnr Iwo which connlM of fO ,plniiM of such survey, execute to the State of Uri all of Sections n 1'l I to C4H4) Inclusive. l uctid upon thereby, together with the

, a i ii rule "i r. (filiation too mitigittid by the slate' funul.Si rinili I r,ri\utH, ;tmd all .h,1. com'ICl ..1 I I. lir, tin good and Burlcl.n bond with good I ,' M'll' omit the word 'Provided .Inurniil of the Senate, und the Journal uf tlie

I hoard "f .Allh under the milhorlty of thin c. fi. 'I l hat e-nch member of sunlit I..ard lie not, tm\, l"'t-n ,plactd In Grndu or Class One. i""o fuflleienl, .uP'II. to be approvedly h.,,\r. i lint HUH law shall not be'couatrurulii HoiiHo of Representatives, ahull. Immodau.y
.i )- Act.t ,die>iiied guilty. of mlnfli, the of hi. ... her I I liu ,'. tate, In the sum of 'Twen
; .h.1 ne a >mennor funinterliitf upon dittchartrc I I >lii' I> duty of the state priwon physl- l lu apply to person keeping r"Bonabl. upon the adjournment thenof. be di-i>t-i,'c-I]
fo 1 and hi* ntmiHhod nn for a miBilemeantir.Sec .the oath of public office Mnntilrtd i .h.1 l Iy--li\e 'thousand u $ < ) Dollurs. condlli of .
r' dut .hli take ( fr ,phylcian, on .the first, of each calentl.ii O.fl".I amount ..Irluol. ]Iq"or in privatei.u.uiil'uoee' with, and preserved In, the office of tini r.ittuiy .
/ d 1. \ny pltyflclnn or other pent on who Inw The seem.iury.tft.autlu'5.r, ( nhnll month to ,examine male prisoners at the l. "nr.1 l for thu letting contracts and, the for ,.h'll of statv. by whom they ahnli
: main a iliiwnnHiii, (In i" t". nt.. n eiim* of ve- vi\t i I bond In the, sum of flvc hundred dollnra.piiyable ntutt 1.,1.01. farm .al a.o..thl and certify < tnployim nor Inlior I In or for the nctiin! c.n"II'.n Omit .1 of 8'c'h" till 6IH8. 5188. 61X9, arrairnvd, classified, and filed, i,>ii t.ilttl .

[ I 5 nenal d I..a..*. i'i',, "naner iiI'' nt "r man. l to the t."ur.r of the stntifor the scud. prisoners' ore cl..d In Grado One and '-ii ur woik of such bridKe acrosa the .-, I'.i, p ii: 51 tt'3' Gllll) ii 04115. (497, 64V8, 6IUO, i that tile Journal of the Executive Sc's.

of n > ."',: I I, ii \ i <''!'mrltableI'M faithful p. rformance .r his or her duties, said mi* inn ttiblu for. work on the state. convict uliri of Tnmpu. lluy ur Old Tampa" Day .';"',". 5.>o.f: and G604.( slon uf the Senate shall be kept free from in.

U' fr ,'",' ., ".'. ... In a ease of l bund .. approved by the ",,..rn... toad forc under the provisions of this Act vlihin lnlUn months uftcr the lilinic of Omit, nil of Sections OrnlB to B5J2 Inclusive. spiclion or disclosure except upon the urdurof

' "n o I . I i .u' a report' of such s.c"", ''I Hhnll 11., lh duiv' of th.' I. >-inl, .. and the puptrintendent of the state prison '"cl ,.1... plant or mIllie and spi, ,ilicationa, of pint, Section DGJJ to 5529 incliwlve.Oiiil i the Senate itself or some Court of umiM

I 'I" ,. .' li nut Imrltif. 'tn aunt for soil m.it for u thi i, ,purpose holding, exnrn nations finn shall Immecliatuly notify the road .''I| curtly showing a surveyed route andI all of Sections G.10) to 65.17 Inclusive. to lit jurisdiction. [ -

, ohio" ,. the Htllte bciird nf health Hhnll dl- not liiw llutn once in inchenr nt time iniiuh' ptutnu'nt at ht'uitutuiurteriu| of .Iat num. I tie of railway and bridge definitely) I""atd. Omit all of S.ctions 8100. 61186( and 6120. Stab section U. That Siction 2H9G( relating

,, "a I., h. ,' t\\* t ''H,v fitly uhu.tu.runimuu' i unit, t.1. honnimay bi.r of prisont-rs lt so certified belnv available, iintl deKcrilwd. the Hum of money in Omit, al of Sections 1067. 1068. 1069 1126 to the procurement of Hills of Exceptions fur
il Sec 1. Rtntf. nnd I cxnminatiiin lo lie to the Slate uf Florida! If the 1 : i 219*
counly municipal hcnlth ndnpt rules for I the Kernmcnt ,if any anil tht state road department Hhnll.HH forr"II.,1 .r Itl 2401 6661 flee In Appellate Proceedings, is hereby amended
ptTicrrii., thcfr% hiirir.'ii' for nwltitratiun in accordance aclunl construction of such bridge Is , of Sections
' .r nut dcputlcfl within ; of npptlciinti MiNin. prncticnlile send an authorisedgunrd al 3JH4 to .1217 InclusIve to read as followa :
,1' I heir 1 ,...(..th'1 jurfmlictionM.. arc hereby dUrectt'il uith the prmiftlons, of this Act No. or ttuards. to the tsate prison and n.t actually begun and proaecuted in good Sec. That In place of those Section contained 2810. i llfllll)) Procurement of Bill* of Exceptions.

, f l i 'i nnd empowered. when in their Judgment tictfor iii.- m.'i'tintcs for examination of samboiird 'lake charge of such availiiblu prisoners f.r and f.th within four y"a. and one month from in the aid, draft or revision of said The Judxo of any Court In thl-

r. ft U nt'cewBnry to protect the puhlic l HUI 11 be published In two newHimpera or place them in the camp or camp maintained the date of the paanaice of thin Act and, ila ap.iruval .mml..lon'r. and numbered therein which StaU.'. upon a trial at law in aid court ih-.ll*

f ., ,1 health tn make examfnntion( nf pernonn b.ln" i ui-ni-ial circulation, and in the American Jour- by the state road department. All Grade or I without by the tho approval Gov..nu.of or I. becoming" a law were amended by the Act* of thu Extraordinary siirn. upon request any Hill of Exceptions taken -

; or suiiiii'cleil, of iM-Inu infects) with a venereal mil of Nursing. and notice by mail, to everyretfiMereil CI. One except seventy-five In Govenor. Session of the L""I.I.tur of t'lorll. of during the progrcsa of the cause and
I numh. Sec,
eonvct. 8. laws and' >arta of laws In
t tliHeniif, Infvcted with vonerenl tiainfntf erhfMil In this State' at be Th.L.1 ] IttlH. be ." said draft revla- dered to the
,11 r"'III. '.on. to upon the state prison farm conflict be and the la hereby 11.. or court, if said bill as tendered
dfi.eni>o .. 'por for treatmi'nt to. a IfiiHt thirty iiuill n prho .. the m,- 'ln". At .hal be delivered 'to the state road department repealed. same ion ..> Sectiona au amended th"r.bp. and auchaectiuna fairly states the truth of the mutter and the
fr reputable,' phynlclan continue treatment Much meetings It I.. the duty of boanltn work so ameneded by the Bald Extraordinary exception designed
.h.1 upon the public roads of the ...te. See 4. That the of to be taken, and the aam.
\ j until CI"' nr to submit treatment. pro examine "I a.plolnl., that m..t the re.HiitrtmiTitrt to h cared for and maintained out of funds i ahall take from p.vllon. this Act Session shall be deemed and taken a P.r shall, when certified and signed by tho Judge

f i vl Ii>d at ,public expense, and\ 1..lat. prrwonn to lime t each prvlle by said, state road All approval effect by the Governor Ih passageand of the revision and law of the SI.le. Income a part of the record of auch caus. ;

infected with venereal .iiiiiaee. frovldmt ilulv ""ln.d applicant" who shall . complied ; Clans Two d.p.rm.nt female or becoming Section I of ChH.I.. 7737 shall be Inserted 'In ,ml In case the Judge resufe to Sinn a bill ,f
> law without the <
ennvl.t. a approval of the Governor.Approved .
. tho aunpicted, pernnn .hal not 1>. prehended, pmvlsioM and ,panned the exiiminaHon and kept at tho place of .. ) of the revision. exceptions when so tendered for that
.onvl.t. placed i 21) purpost,
i. ; 'b '. Inn pelted or . "', ." bin will except a cer tnelo of rKlstratlon.Nunns Htate far ah.1 Provided that such Grade' Ap.1 1819. Section 1 of Chapter 7750 shall be Inserted 11 shall be lawful for three disinterested by

-ii. upon the worn testimony of the person orpernonn who a. "rad..I1 .h..ln pro or Clues Two convict can be used to advantage CHAPTER 7838. No. in "place of Section 1642 of the revision. stander to verify and sign the same in the
-( 54))
HcruHlntr : and upon the pri>nentatlon \ ''',1. thus desiring to nurse .practical nureti upon the puhlic roads without detriment AN Section 2 of Chapter 7760 shall be Inaerted presence of such judge, and sure bystanders
1 t.)I ti q of thir, warrant duly nuthorlred bv the Justice. HillY apply on blanks furnlnhed by the to the well-being or health of suchi ornl ACT Statuutl to Amend Section 2H1S of the Gen.i .1 In place of Section 1645 of the revlaion. shnll under their oath state that they and each

,c j r. nf the !pence or nome cottrt officer' charged I".ro. llmt pnvlng nn examination fcc of five convict, may also placed upon the public i Icoolu. Construction of of Florida II.llno t th. Section 1 of Chapter 7715 shall be Inserted of them are not related by blood or marriage
b Thl.St..e .
with the exeeiitlon of this Inwr.Se to the Htate l hoard for "1amlnnton. .. The of state> ,Haiw"y. 1 In 1.1..0 of Suction 1683 of the revlaion.. to any of the parties in laid cause, and that

I j $. H. All .persons who hall Iw confined mid I if the board finite thereuiKin a.ple"nt, institutions .b.r have comml..lnne.. right to transfer >..by in OtherSlaU Section I of Chapter 7762 ahall bo Inaerted have no inleresl directly or indireclly in the

or ImprlKnned In fey tttate county. or cIty ivinipi't'nt. to .practice miming, unld bourd may temporarily such state from tho statepripon Ho It in plucu of Section 2516 of the revIsion final remit of said cause, that they were
1' .onvlct Enacted by the of ths per'sonailly
r \ W prIson nf thin Mate rmiy be exiimined anrl ,.,>,. I to the xald applicant a certificate. auihoriniif farm to other . under of Florida L."I.I.'ur St.t 1 Section 1 of Chapter 7782 shall bo inserted present when all the matters and rul-

trenlrd' for vetnrenl dlNenHi-ti l iy the health nuIhoritleH him or her to practice a. licensed their supervlHion and control as can be used I Section : In ,.h.." of Section, 64J6 of the revision louis stated in said bill of exception happened

,u t t nr I their ilepitt'ffl. . The alnte.' county "I'n""lt.I I but not ,u# a rig ntcrt'd' nil.'. Any advantageously, nt such institution Statute's 1. 1'hiit Section 2X1D of the Gen-. Section, I of Chapter 7741 ahall be Inserted or transpired, and that they have carefully

and municipal honnlM. nf health .h.1 hnV Au,p. 11 ,ivou .to whom n rtillcnte. .hnl he issued Sec. 2. All stale. convict* Hhnll be maintained 0.1 I to read as of follows the Stale of Florida be amendi In 1.1..0 of Section 6127: of the revision. read such Itill of Exceptions and that It con

u thority In ttiki\ over such portions of an, Mmlt. whim, witty days .. CIIUHO tho and worked under cuba and regulations to i ti Sue. 9. That the following Act of th. Ex- tains a fair, correct and truthful statement

1"'. county nr city prison HN may be n'or. -"n. tul lit recordid' with the clerk of the court be provided by the board of com m ins loners of htitiifter Any, rodro..1, or canal company already or trnortlinary Sun-ion of the legislature of of the muttirs and rulings, therein staled, and

/ I Me for a tx.nrd nf iii nith h..plal. wherein "r the cniinty. In which such person resides and I i itate. institutions and shall be at all time un. laws of "rllnl.d Slate under or b, virtue of the i' Florida of 1918) Hhall. under proper| headings that such matter* and ruling of the Court as

I bnprixoMed pursues who Hhall hoe I I..n confined or mirh ,PITMOM .111. whenever reqiieiitcd. exhibitmich d"r the supervision nf the commissioner of to extend any ur comttruct. the or 1'er.lory..d..lrlnt and tiniler appropriate sub-divislon. be added: therein staled actually transpired a* therein
( r nnd who are miffi nji with a ve- .' a certified copy thereof. All a"rlcultu.and the White and to this draft of revision of said Commissioner, tated. and that saul Bill of Exceptions
ne1 the whole of was
iu line
nerenl diMeime nt' the time of (lie explrntlnn nf for shall furnish satla-1 "oveno. Ir or lines of railroad or and shall bu taken
rcttiMrallon and presented
deemed the
worked to said
I' a..I.fn' upon the road, of art part of the Judge and that he
I eonvlct
lr eanal In this State shall rv>>
", i their, tcnnn of Iniprlnonnietit.. ','. Hhnll )ho InolnU'dnnd , ,' that he or she Is twenty.n.y"I" .t i Ih. .' of any county. of "ubl.. ., shall I oflice of Secretary of Stats, upon tIling in the> said reviti.on and the law of the State, to.wlt : fust d to sign it such oath of such by-ntand-

I tn-iih-d nt publli' .itii.flsi. until cured or, of n"", of mjoisi| moral character, and hn I i h worked in ..paral squads and In ttd of ita charter duly authentica- All of Chapter 7736. except Section 32, 23, era ahull be attached to such Bill of Excep.
In ben of Much Ixnlnifon I niieh |..>n may In vradiiHtfil from a school for nuniest connected I I separate. van, of other conln.d copy or arLch. of Incorpo. ami 24 thereof. (toni, and when so sworn to and signed

, r the diNCtttion, of 'the bonrd nf henlth.. \I. required with. a hospital, approved by the atate board In m> All e.nvlCl "JknI. the .tru.lur.toad De- alion., be .nltl.d lo. ,.1 '..., riichu.I'owers ,. Section 1 of Chapter 7746. fore such Judge or before Borne officer be

I I In report 'tn a liensil l ,phyHlclan) or nub. .hl'h* Hitch .hchonl Is located, except In . pnrment under"this, Act when Sial grading b subject to "nil enjoyed lip and ahall I Section 1 of Chapter 7747. thorized by law to administer oatha, such Dill au

I I ml treatment, at l public expcrme, n. '.prnxlded i provided for and all ''.on. mastered I vided in said Act In December, 1019. In madn p.. penaltioa! impoHed the liabilitiea.domcaltc obligations and I Section 3 of Chapter 7760. ahall ua valid and have the same force as

R"IIon '*>\t>n of thin Act as a rfKlntered nurse under shall paythe r shall be d.lver to tho State Road of the upon cmp.nl.' Scetion 1 of Chapter 7763. though It were signed by the said Judge of

I. Sec 0. The Hlwtc' hoard of health' U hereby I."u. of said board a registration fee snent *t place or place. as D..po.1 may: .m. nature Whenever a r..lr.dclm'any I Sretion 1 of Chapter 7754. said Court ; and the Court shall permit tlw
organized under and
empowered and ilirecte l to make such rules of ten which shall the by of r
dulln ap .1..I"n.t. All State convict nsaltcipd the Section 1 of Chapter 7766. came to be filed and become
I .eom..n, the laws of another a part of th*
and Slat becomea
nffulntlonfl ahull In !it.t judgment heneceiMnry ., a..1 annually pay Department after the owner m See. 10. That the following .. record. And If thu
for the I.Run. .hal t December lit'9. of a line of road In thia Sectiona cun1 maul Judge refuse to let
nf thin Act tncltiiHnif cnrrylnir nut of the purpose, t. .al'' . a rn..al fee of one dola.ni shall delivered said ltl floe-I Dipurt- State, acid, railroad .Ir.wmpl.te, In tamed m the said draft or revision of said I the same be filed a* aforesaid, the Supreme
; .11.. and revulatlnniiprovldinv which shall b d'po.lld In the .I.t ment the State Prison the office of the upn Commissioner, and as numbered therein, shall L Court may, when auch coseOa brought before
I. .
l 4 (iuioiited for such labor ol the p"r of the "" to the the 8... Bo.r 0Nuunuevu' /r. 8. No State convict shall be required itM charier or Srl.r of either a before COpy of!r r lie and hereby amended a* followi it by writ of error upon affidavit of the such
nit "r.anl.atlon ci rafter
, I..nn. may I. n'"r to providi Fund. .ork more than sixty hours in any one wnek Sub-section 1. That Section 80V9, relating refusal, admit such Bill of Exception
1 In the enactment of this as a
and. whole or In part for I . .uh.l.t.n.> S.. 7. The h.rl. upon written .ppl..ton or mo. thin eleven hours In any uric day entitled to the prvllon. shall b to the form of subpoena to answer In Chaneery part of the record.Sobsection .
ni, 10 safeguard their general health and and, the recelit Dollars 1 UIO.IO .hl.h Include the time mime fmnch.. .hl. | is hereby amended to read 10. That
[I & such other. coke and regulation fM .. tm. .h.1 brunt In and privileges .n.yed by, and be subject aa followal Section 219, relating
ration Issue .
fH may a certificate going .h.1 300t ( Form to General
(1H64) of
on..nln" mu from Election
t 1, disease .lhoul work nnd no to same liabilities, obligations summons to answer be amended to read a*
v.n'1 MM It from penaltiea
may time examination to those who .
to time have ben convict nhs.ll bo required to perform In Chancery ; all defendant may be Included I i followa :
1 dit-m ftdvinahte. All puck rule and regulations HA registered nurse, under the of anotherstate such during upn. domestic cmp.Dle of the sara. In
t gL lm. any labor in ec'ss of bin, ability nature. one summons. 210.) 1172-17!)) A Governor, the Adminiatra-
no m"I. .hal Iw of for. and bln.ln" upon having the required equivalent to those "" of l.ro,any railroad or canalcompany 1 1. The form of tlv. Officer of th.
I ,4 U' all p.rr.r "Ih.ut Imp.I..n his pupil- transact buainesa in summon to answer in I j Executive Department and
onlnlp municipal health ori. and ef Florida ; Provided that the board shall be cal condition, .h.1 t'lo'ld. Chancery shall be aa follow the State Senator
I b other' alTt-cted It shall the aecreUry of state i representing the odd num.
| '
p..on. by this Act. the sol Judge. of c".nt.l. of any nurse admitted I. Src. 4. for tho *" of The StaU of Florida to....... tiered districts, shall
1 t Hec lu). All reports of of Tat "n.o the rrslntenance sum required of any other foreign corporation ........... be elected at a general
cHHea venereal '
e p; diffeiiHm shall In .al.tr.lon .xmln.Uon.R'e. of e.nvlel State Prison to obtain a permit to do bumneaa In Florida Greetings : election to be held in A. D. 1920. and every
I iF of naf .in 1..1 a .ar. or some place. 8, l.ror "un. except tho. Farm and other expeim of the State. Prison anil inch foreign corporation shall at all!l ll You are hereby required to appear before four year thereafter StaU Senator from
of health keeplnir and ohnll not be of the Mate board I herein .,." .. excepted. shall b olv.n a /y..m. other than the euro anil malnt.nanc time be subject and shall comply with all' the Circuit Court for th.-.............__ the even numbered diatrict shall be chosen
mibjcet to ru'rtlibiato of registration such 11required t
c w Inmiectinn, Tlmt no clerk officer. nubile lake ""n .h.1 e .ch envl.t. may b delivered t Uto the provisions law relative obtaining Judicial Circuit of FlorIda County of--....... In the general election in A. D. 1U22 and every
or or the an oxmln.ton frm .10 S..I Head Department, Ih.r.shell bo annually! permit to I [ on the ------ --..day of _. four year* thereafter Member of the House of
Ij It Mute Ixmrd of health give board. : transact business in but ------ -------
.h.1 out any per to determine . levied end collected tax of 10.10. A. I). lii. at the Represcntalive hall
w nnnat Informntlitn a three-eight of one no foreign or canal court house of said county, b. chosen at every gen-
r.'lr..1 HOW
UN .lch reported an a trained nu. and shall pans the same to on the dollar to answer to bill of real election A
1 except Upon, demand of ". .I or much th."f .may dtiing buainufis in Florida requirmi complaint filed againat you Clerk of the Circuit Court.
Jud sat.Hfnctlon
I of court of the board Te examlna- l. on all property to obtain such .h.1 h t In said court by- -- and then, County Judge. Sheriff Superintendent of Pub-
))1 I t. .m"o".r..1 tn with the t n..r. l.bl. sscs- ------------- ;
d"11 operation of this n In 11 i/i u < n ulii" capt said boar 1 p'rlt
I lie
HF'p and there Instruction
State, and all to receive and abide County
It $ I law ; nor nlmll moneys derived Sec. 2. All and of lawa In by auch Judgment a Surveyor, a County
reN.rt of chill con
the .
| Include
canee of venereal I following subjects : 1'ractical' 1 from such levy be paid into the flirt p.rt and decree a* said court shall have Assessor of Taxes. and
dmeaxe" I" made .h.1 with thl.ct .. considered a County Tax Collec
;"t Htate board of h..lh., nursing, miriclcal. obstetrical hyoh'n.. ..nl. T..u. .o a fund to bo SI.t rp.le in thia behalf And this tor shall be chosen for
, J or any city or county' Inmrd of ton. illeteticSi maturln ) ,. t Int kno.n Sec. .1 t This Act shall KO Int inomotii&.ieiy you ar not)I each county in
u metice. .
h.al'h. anatomy phy to this State
I In a .. .d. i'qpon Fund and so much thereof upon its approinl by Governor omit: upon pain of judgment by default 1 by qualified elector at the general
I furnlHticd.. the Mumped envelope which Hhnll be flloloKy irynecology and all other mat.. .l bo necesary to carry out the upon becoming law oi r being entered agninat you. election A. D. 11)20, anil every four yeans
a WIthout
phynlelntiH .vl.lon. auch
., COM tn them by the Mate' of board the state of henlth.without, deemed n..ry the fitness nod '.m..r by the ". .' toentnbliHch "f thi Act I he..b,appropriated and I* made protal t Approved May B. 1919. .1 Witness, the Honorable................... thereafter. A County Hoard of Publ InHtruclion -

k p 11. Any town qlah".aUona" of the Htibject I. ..nd.0 by the Board of Corn Judge of salil court and the aeal of this court, consisting of three members, on*
Rr. city
t iu, or county in hereby ", ,.lonnl i minniont, of for at the city of------------------ Florida J fiom each district, to be elected from .
silt hirir.'iI (in inn k.. donntlonH the pur* Cit \PTEK 7837.-(No. 68)). thi the sev.i
? 71 bonrd of henlth to HH*.Ml In the to the Mate' It shah bo unh.rul for any person pone hen'inhefore mentioned and, the Com,.. AN ACT Authorizing live Justice of the Su- day of----------A. D. 191__... ral counties at large of this State, and a
enforcement practice nunun trained i
I tkAy of thin ; hn\Ing. olitnlnctl .I numo wiholt troller Is hiTeby ..lhorl"0 and directed I.. preme Court to to Their Asaistance Hoard of County Commissioners of five members. -
A't a certificate, ,' diw Cal .
e.i ", 1 ur Ft. hi* of such One or More Clerk one from each County Commissioner
'r. Thla Act. stint? lu.cnmi. low of u'uintratlon. warrant any Judge to Aid in the
on its p11555g. nnd npuroval bv a up. i.rmt as herein. liruuviile.i.ii'runtt fxpenMifi. ",. hy the Board' of Comi Preparation of Opinions and the Dtapoai- 2. The names of all defendnnla. however, District, elected from the several count!.. at
the "ov'rn", mny be 1'1.1 I trnin" d nttntea hy i tin i* nimitlnni; of State. Institutions.H numerous, may be Included in large of this State shall b
thin elected
Apprmed" .1"liim> 7. I iftio t1 Hicretnry of niil ". / of Causes [In the Supreme Court. one summons. by the
t --- toil ..r.1.n, receipt of applirntinn I.1 exitinar. laws Insofar a. they do Ho It Enacted by the Legislature of the Stat Muh.section 2. That Section 2I>!>7. relating iliinl Ntd electors thereof at every general tleclion.
registration fee for state rett. nut the to the power and dutle of | A Justice of the
Clf\I'TFR 7H10 -I(No. Ut Ion .lh provisions of this Act of HoridistSi'cliin the Stale Attor I'eaco for each untie.
rut In this .
I AN ArT 4"1. ntntt nid permit, to he val.1) -hall remain force and and all I lucy in summoning wiliioiisea for the District, and a Constable for each Justice Uistnct
Mt) o 1.,1 of Henlth .tn Miike Certain said board m..tn" Inwt and parts laws insofar the y doconllict I Court may their one ur more IM hereby amended to read aa follow* : shall be elected by the qualified electors
.nl t
1 I Analytic,. with the provisions of this .I.nc. 1:17.: ((1781 Summoning thereof at the general
Act witness election
lro\ldinir for Kxpert See II). The be and Cncuit whose ,. ,' for State A. I). 1920. and
TeHllnmny ( .
He 'll FnnctM, |by the I.ptllnlure| of the Slnte' ..,.r, ,* .tii |H.ue. .1. lioard. of examinyrH may t ihi' Come "P hereby repeated.Sec 'm canes for .the consideiation of the prepared JUt.ce.muy. 5 It shall be hiB duty to have summoned all j t\tiy tour years thereafter
a certillonft' of erg 4. lhls Act shall v.itmM><'H required on bthiilf Sub-Hi ctlon 11. 'lhat
take effect of
of Horldntt upon in whole or in the Stnte : and Section 879,1, relating
t t. ........-. .,. .. .._. ... .,n'r .. - :Ittrntlon.t. .!:: :!I'roviiK'd:' ._ .I. for in this Act t\r any of !luiNnagp and approval bv the Governor or unon Ih Justices. or a nmjtiritv Larl. .b_. adopted uu lh. iminlnna by the lie is allowed the process of hi* Court to summon tIhu use of hit word "Truateo" or "Aa

't Bhnll, mnlip or hits.. rna.I.'nnulytfn"t'"rd or h'allh '1 ''I'riwcntatinn: ;: :;;;' its '.tiecominir a law without auch .1..rv.l. of the Supr erne- Court, upon which aipropriat. witnesses to appear before him in or out I rust-i DI anicniletl to read as follows

: or the conttits of the human i.i ,\ tn the 1.'n,1 of any license, ,\.r..d May 21. 1919.C'IIPTF.R judgment decrees or orders may be runtterttl "f linn lime, at loch convenient places in the 371M.; Truslie." or "As Trustee." added
nr permit whieh
I 'In It liy bodv submitted 'Iincn' wag tllcynlly or and inftirced the enunty where such witnesses reside, and to name of grantee grants fee simple estate;
any roirlllnr by court In at
f due
prnetieing obtained. the course
physician IU in t '
ii ri> nf frnildor Mich time proviso Every
7A 4.-No. an be died
u censed tn In ( 62). of law. may designated in the sum. or conveyance of real
.racl. this .1"1'. or any slate' o."n' in paiwlntr an exHmlnation. AM ACT Making Available IIIHIIH, to testify before eatutl' heretofore hereafter
Unexpended Sec. 2. The as to or made
attorney or any violation or executed
or 1!i. necessary traveling and hotelexpinxts ,
1 .nlclh. nny criminal .."r or Ch..nlo or (..i.t.nt In..r.y or .,1. ttiilitm-e of Appropriation Made Hy I the of <-f the Criminal Law which in which the words Truau-e"
j I rourt of "' .r " In .this stale diction tn a drmr l.eirMuturr the Circuit Juiluva, when called upon they may or "A*
the habi. .hl.h .1.1..11.the for ''l.iit.niiea of the National frum their .i. inlernnriitml antl he Is Trustee" are added to thu flume of the
purpose of determining to aHslst the empowered to grantee,
j h"m.
whether applicant of the
to .h
turilet ,
or not It Hafety JLeo ailminlitter
con Gunrd of ontlts all and In which
I'lnridi and Nuts to witnesses no beneficiaries!
to I"blc. iii M litia
Illn. any forelirn : FI..ld. Suprm. Court under the of this summoned to are named nor
or drugs Any act ofi
t,. 'the human . mnl'r. lsonous >:1 diHhonetity. or groan When al"0 Out to Preserve the Peace, Act. shall paid from the prvon.Stale ttKtify ly, the profits of his court. Ihe nature and purpose of tho trust, If any,
thin of sueh .n.1 upon thicomple. i,lcniy O net o"n..rv to tin stamlintr, ormorale ':,cute the ," for Use In Meeting the ,b due course of law Tr..r by Sub-section 3. That Section 6129. relating are set forth, shall grant, \hereby declared '
I t alnly.l. furnish .to the person of the , or other Kxpt-nitee When wa..anl dr."a upon (lo breaknir and to have
t auhmittlnir the name, I ... irmsMy unprofeHHlonnl. any TrtMip" of Any Kind or . duly apprnxed" by a Justice of tb. entering with intent to com granted, a fee simple estate with full
\ of the r.'siitt of such I e'rIA'a. under onth of or any diftluitiornhlelonduct ItlxenM are Culled Out by the Governor for ..supremo Court. toll n misdemeanor, is hereby amended to power and authority in and lo tha grantee

\ :" 5.-.. 2 The stat. u- Imnr.l public. n be character Ik.l, deceive the the I'". ,. of Per forming the Duty That Sec. 3. 'Ihia Act shall take rtad as follow* t In such deed to sell, convey and grant both the
.f health shall t mny Jimt cuter> said' upon
matte board revoke Intendid .lot 51211. legal and
to He b 132851 beneficial
IVrformwl ) Krrnknv Interest
or have mode analysis of certificate. t W" by the Na. coming a I..p.'d May and entering with in the real eata*.
any part of th. a '
tent or the con tional Cunrd of Florida.Whereas 11Y. intent to commit a miHdemianor.-Whover conveyed, unless a contrary Intention shall
rarenH of any domentla animal 4. In all I..od". for suM>H>nsun or rev is balance of break* antl enter pear In tho died
'ne. or enters or
appropriation without
CHM'IEH conveyance
7838. ; provided that
to It breaking ,
by -(No.
auhmlttiyl anv duly ncntlnn under this )
niiih.rl. Act. the holder
ed of
agent a certi mado by the 51. any dwillfng there shall and did
AN house
for or ator.
ff stork sanitary board l li:4 be 1."I.I.tu. expenir.of ACT to Approve Adopt .. the or any building not appear of record at the
i:4 or tra. .h.1 with a copy of the the National, Gunrd Florida ship vessel tim. of the
demonstration county and Florida Revised ( Statulea of or railroad car with intent to recording of auch deed or convey
aitont. charge "
or sheriff" for Ih. purpose ., .hal be given. thirty prepare Militia which out to 'lo.ld. commit a misdemeanor lIne,, a tit-duration of
I or tlftermlnlng whether dy. t cl,0 preserve the peace. pared by James E. Calkins. Mhall b. punished by trust by the grantor to
l a lie .
( she
or shnll ,
not It nr ,
any fon-lirn .nt.ln. byaul exicute tho I.. .hlch i f. not available for thsrluiein Under and by imprisonment in the Slate Prison or County described, declaring the purpose of such trust.
druirs I'imrd Dlreti.n.
s in Authority
mnl. poisonous. the 'person or I by counsel as he or that the National th. Jail nut If any or that the
t. exceeding
H" of five real
j I of such and *he select and Glar Florid and \.I.h..of Florida, with Certain Aan.ndmenu year, or by fine not estate I. held otner
upon the completion may upon such hearing and In the than for
of Naval Militia called Into the exceeding FIve Hundred Dollar the benefit of the .
such f'lord. grante.
analysis the -mid board shall furnish nil arisIng in the count of their dutfi Ther.t to t'rovid. for 'riming..
mal.. u the Sub-section Sub-section
r to the ..Ic. Unll.1 Government and 4. That Section U. That Section 3609
S.I. 3190 ,
Sale and relating
ix-m.n submitting I l ... I'ublc.lon. Diatribution Thereof relating
slime th. the
Certificate authority no such tu to Labor Lien
.t.r.h.1 h. exist attachment beamended
nuith giving l the o..nl.ton. now and or garnishment of amount duo to read a* follow i
administer for
Ulilii the
of such at such \.prp.la.lo"
analysis' : hearing the h. Prnt public officers In B5UU. ((2200) For Labor
suit for on for
that In all l \ .. remaining ing. alimony and divorce or Vessels.In .-
"rvlo"0 such oard take oral un"xlnd'd Distribution
'a. when may or written .
the agent proof for orgainst thin i. favor of
pu: He hereby amended
It Enacted to read aa follow. any person performing for
.mount by the him
Ih. stock
tu.1.84.78 Legislateef
sanitary 'hoard a the .m'.lalnt. which' It deem will lie It the Htate self
.o"nl. demonstratli.n may En..t.by tb L..I.tu ef FIends S1SO. agent bent or.Garniahaient any
or the
agent fact.
I "h.n'h any apest.u. p..er. i amount du. public material or supplies for in
t1..4. Section officers use the
In the 1. That th. In suit for alimo const-no
, S.1' shall!! at the''al."b"1 time.' r.' a.. "rl.' s. R. to 11. KlTect That this Act shall not b eon- ." That the balance of the appropriations ation and revision ef the accompanying public compl. ny and Divorce." So much as the Court In Its tion of any vessel or water-craft.; and in Saver
rnrw.r I or apply the .
I 1. to SI' ceo. rl.d t heretofore' mad by the .LU. discretion order of any person performing
k Jr..tultu
may of
State for
rotary of the of Florida of money* other himself
board L.II.II. or or
a fee of nunInir of the sick a general .
h. applied F.v. Dollars' to fr.n. or m.mb. of the State of Florda for expenm-e th. prepared permanent thing* due to any person or public other, any labor or service of kind
to by officer, any *.
the the family and also n.tuP. o
analy.1. ripen -n.-l ,lent I such t tional Guard; of and Florida Naval missioner J.m. E Clk.. Cm- Stale or County, whether th. head to or for the use or benefit of
soul" the said, f's. lk person the sick for hire, who Militia, Fo.ld under the I of a family a vessel or
of th.itat.hmri .h.1 .0." a tart nUlln. when preserve the peace. Act of prvl'Gn. or not. residing In this state, when the watercraft. Including masters, mat*, and
does 61.0.
of not in money
ink and for- any way uum. to b a trained execute the law which unavailableon 11. Ch.ple 7S47. Aetsl or other thing is doe for the ben, of the crew and
wanted 1917
t the state treilMirvr. nume.Sec.. ..01. except .othe..I.. provided personal labor or persona loading or ua-
See. 3. account of the mut..ln" the service be and the hrlD service of such person or otherwise, shall b loading the vessel or putting In
Any person who Is 13. Any person who received of the same la hereby adopted ballast or taking out
., a of subject
'Iul'd'nI. the National to attachment upon such
"r. of court 'lo ,- .. tn the Unit Stl. Guard acted .statute law under the or garnishment to .n. vessel or watereraft whether
g wrt tat' eprlfc.i. of this of of "Tb. force partially
.o"Int Florida the
i.ionv order or
tin- prvl.ln" Naval tt.
th. Mlhtla. or decree of completely
der *" General th. court of this constructed and
he of
I or L of Ih'0' shall .h.1 .1.I.d kno.n a registered to 111,844.79. Ivl.e Stlut Slate for whether launched
F. and I Fior" alimony,
.mount suit or on land
2. money her
paid That or tackle
all expense* Kiilng . . entitled h S. every support, or ap
where an I fron. the ".'... ni. to append lh I.t h..b m.o. . . for th. for pre general,L other order or decree m.d. by the miami 'and furniture.
such 'testimony li t,> h. tern R. N. to hi* or her and .r.n.nt nature enacted by the court of
Klvrn. n.m. n person Ih. peace. executing the law by of ,, Stt I ths Stat In suit for Diverse Sub-section U. That Section
See 4. This th. or Alimony i and 8033.
Act .1 all take eifect" assume or knowingly permit anyother paying the .of any or eitfsen Territory of Florida, I in such caae* where the relating to the widow r
ately upon It. ""' |I. 11.0. person to assume or such that be .pn. out by trp of ev.r part of such sutul. not in said sought to be money or the thing instead of th. election to tak. dower '
,.'I .bb.vl. ma the ."' General Include attached or delayed I I. the salary whole eitate, be amended
June H. N Statute to c
other of
9. "n. or word State
A."rv.o 1919. any or figure after Florida to ..that the law* ex or rco"n,1 of a public officer state or read as follow i
county, the
- bin or her name or after the name of any ecuted and to protect the lives of the people and continued In fore by ".ncc.I Attachment or Garnishment writ of U308I The fl.8633.
person for the of and "' hereby repealed may be served widow' election to tak*
Indicating the
purpose that in I
such like
OMPTER.Sll I tNn. > peace such upon the PublIc Officer who.. dower instead of the
l 40 Is m.nne. Sec. 3. That no duty it Is to est.u.-If a mea
i person a rv'giatrreuj nurse, untese r.italet.,1 expenditure were md If the National Guardof .pc.1 or local statute I tiiY such aaIary, who ahall die intcstat In thia
f AN ACT to Provide for the State' Registration a* iuird< by thl Florida and the Florida Naval Militia repealed bo.bP. and for the purpos. of thu respect and obey being Stat. without children "
Act were I canoe a. provided at the tIn,.
by law of hi
' )) Name' *. Hec 13. Any person .ho . after January still In vxUitenee.See. aavlng frm repeal, any dilute of any of the mit it hall be the in other ease. I and personal death poueucd of real

Ifl Fasrttd the Legislator* ol-th. Slat 1st 1020. practice a* a trained nume, or 2. The um of--_,_... .Sll.844.7areferred .following in claasra, .h.1 b taken t b'Includ. mediately, upon receipt duty of of such luch officer, lot. shall tike the property whol. or either, the wif
such writ estate
to la* la
In no provided
y ford. any. represent or to In Section 1 be and the na.lp. lily
a same I ii the Public Officer Section 3620,
h..1 whoa, or she
, The trained (I.J) Any duty it I to may by an Instrument ia
governor shall appoint a nr reitlntercd nurse In thl without hereby reapprupriaUd for the purpos. of carrying .Iatut or concerning only audit or issue writing signed
a warrant for and
tt board of registration of nume* consisting of holding a certificate, the certain certain th. salary sought acknowledged by her before
or herein out provisions of this Act and the Cuntp Counbi to b. attached : any officer
five nurse. nf whom h ,provided t. d.in.W or delayed of the service of authorlud to take the acknowledg
resident of nr .
of 1
al .h.1 'h. .hal the proUnii ( ii authorised and reeled, to issue such writ and such mint of deed
.mlrl. officer for
the stAIr' pr.r..lonal work. \ of this . be subject to fine the ; Any itmtut. for, concerning shall not lsu record and file and recorded
Thr. shall .n."e bn "r.lla"0 each from a of not leu* than Five lift 00)) Dollars. or a more ,' w.rrnt.f on S.t Treasurer be In pay ativ. In.only a portion, of the State. or opr ed" Warrant held "' '" much of curb salary l a* order in the office of the County Judg. within oa.

training .ohol. .h.1 have had flv.yearn than fifteen ((118.00) Dollars, and each day upon properly. .pn., pay. may mil or In.ur. IInp) astute for or only a be settled under or determined said writ until such case shall year take dower after the death of her husband, elect M
t instead
and of
r . then In the whole
experience such
graduation Inprofessional shall
. frm .f person practice or violate any provinions approved by the Governor and the Comptroller corporation. dance therewith accor Sub-section .state.
nursing of the sick and two year, of this Act .h.1 b dvemrd" a separate of the State, of Florida (dl Any statute for or concerning only a than la and no more of such salary 14. That Section 6U7 ((3291)

; u S experience from tint.of grailuatnn, in teaching olTerM, S. t TIm. Act shall take effect (Imme. designated individual corporation or deaigaat-I shall be provided for In the order of the Court relating to "Entering without Breaking." b.

nunps. They .hal be registered nurse. under Sec 14. Any person who shall wilfully diately upon becoming a law. ed .nd.vldul retained by virtue of such writ. amended to read a* follow i
\ the I" of ., Nothing herein make false lt ( eo.pr.tn Subjection S. That Section 2768. relating S127 ((3283)) Entering without Breaking.-
contained any reprrsentaton to such Approved April **8. 1919. J'iAP' .ttu. a I ,,
lo meal,
.h.1 be construed aa In any way affertlng in applying, for a certificate of .. br, i corporation, or making dl"n.t us follow for Jurors, i* hereby amended to read Whoever enter without breaking, any dwelling t>

P term of office of any of the peA shall b* guilty of a misdemeanor.and uponconviction CH \PTER 7UI.-No.( B*>. th.rt 276 t house, or any of the building or true-

A cut member of th. ".r. Upon the expiration be lined not Iris than Ten ( JliuOt AN ACT to Amend Section 2 and Section 4 the foregoing .numeration, of clasaea iff when$ I1687 Meal* for Jurors.-Th. Sher (urea mentioned In Section 6U and 6126. >r
of the of of any member or than Two of of not required by order of the Court shall Into any ship or vessel, with Intent '
I.. ".lar. mor Hundred ( $200.00) Chapter 7001 Act of '917. Entitled "An S.tq. repealed ahall not be construed I provide Juries mil to eora- -
of aa
'. successor who shall hold four year 8ee. 1. Al ortfcat of registration usued .. tion of On. or More S.ur of and local or special In their are I St.Pi'Uie;.. to b* taxed against and paid by the In the Stat Prison not .xceeding A',

or until their successor* .. appointed and *.) be by the Toll Hridge Across .Ln. or RaIlway Old Tam See. 4. That Statute paired n.Lun at I year or by An* not xeecd'ng one thou-und

qualify. The governor .hal have a right to president and secretary and the.I"nr pa Pay and Grnt. of Way Over and session of the Legislature of 191.thi. ,.ul. Sub-section S That Section 2 *3. relating dollar If the offender enter having with him.

remove any member of h.r for neglect Hue 19. r;,'ery person receiving .11.r. Authnrrie the RI"h the Submergedand be repealed or by the .hl.not the lo the ua* of former bill of exception*. an4 or having entered. take Into his pooseHion any
"e'e I
; of duty ant hall h.v. a t 11 vacan- cal' from said board shall cause the .ril. Other belonging to the of Revised General of Florida, but .10 UM of evident given at a former trial, la high .xploBive mentioned In Section 312$. b.
,.' eke occurring In said board from .m. t Lan' Slat have . .h.1 I hereby amended tn read follow ihall be punished
to tlm. recorded In the office of the county clerk .f Florida in. Upn. or Adjacent to the . full ."ot p after the aa : by Imprisonment In the State
.J u In same manner as original appointment* .. the county In which such person rssmlre, and of Tampa 1. Old Tampa Pay for the. nieol and adoption of ,, Revised e.ot.: tion 2tit3. { ltli Vie of former bill* of excep 1 riaon not exceeding Un yean, or by In. not

"rvlde for herein. shall pay to the clerk the sum of Fifty
That It shall b tb duty of said <"nl for recording the ..m. the CONI relon of Such Lin Vno..klnt at this &tlo.d.the Legialatur.A.t paused I former tr'r.i.In the event It be made to ap Sub-section 16. That Section 1482, relating

board of examiners to some eonv.n.I.nt 8. 17 Al laws and of I..In con Railway, *>nd Toll Bridge and Ln. .m.nd.lr of from.hl.1 are I pear to the satisfaction of the Court that any to canvas and mult of election to change a
P.r 1.
within th. state not lea than Act lb outt th said evidence ued at a former trial county siu. b
pint onc II.t .Ith repealed. Right to Construct Iv.d Gen.rl oral or so a* to nad a* fol
titf a annually In th. month of Jane App."e Jane .. 1919. Dork and Depot Blldln. Whm. S. Thai the ,repeal of!r. written and incorporated In a bill of exerptlon low tSection

and elect from their ..mJ.a president anda with and a Part of Facilities of Any .. Rl Statutes .f.nlnt by *. or Incorporated In the record proper cia 1462. (894). Canvas* sad Result ef
.I'eretary-treasurer. .h.1 likewise act CHAPTER 7832-(No. ). 8u.h Common tb Constructing not Cn.r accrued not b. had. then the bill of exception taken Election : Conu t.-Th. County Conmiaila-

.an Inspector of training for AN ACT t Amend Section 11 1). 11 a" ".lnlll. Such Line or Una of Rail-or rp..lct, nor any Civil Remedy boN .:.. cock at the preview trial, or the .vtdene IrMorponud ers shall. not later than five day* after tb*
(la th.
whr record of aforeaald
Ii .I I pnvioua trial .lectio i ii bald poltll ur .uvaa* tfc.PAGE .

,- ...
;v iir- Jl.

_ _ :

t : iIt.-A1 ,.
T' -- .L .



'. '


h_ .
--- ---- -
-- -- ----
.. -- -
. -- -- adjudicated
.--- - -
-- tn all
-- case
Sec. 2.
_n __ -- Judicial Circuit of the hereby repealed., App"v') Jun 9. 1919.CIIAI'TER haa been served wtily upon .
of be comprehensive and shall cover any and all 1 I known as the Twelfth where such process

aame. and the place receiving a majority ot coplea of said RvL General Sttut hla matter and thIngs pertainIng to the b.ln. :Slate uf Florida.There ( (III). n minor or minor a* prescribed tn Section 1
the \utes cat ahall be the county Bit* for Florida hall be pnntd by the publisher and financial interest of the defendant which shall be n circuit jtidtte soil state attorney 7MI.-No of ihs Act. the same shall be deemed and hM
all *
the next ten year. That the result declared <>r it'. surer nor or assiuna, than la therein provided might tend to show what property the Weft in said Circuit, who .h.1 be applat AM ACT to Amend *Section' One Chapter 5400of lawfully made, and no proceeding shall bu J
pub- BelnirAn
*uch, can\an may be contted by nver and that all copies printed by the is miant bias his rtiihta In same and the liya, ,c-nnrtrmrd and hold of He* the ... tho LAW of !'lo.I"". Act of lUOS. clared trrvKiilar or IHeitHl. when a duly appointed
upon its auccesor or .I"u. than for Circuit Judt Unfitted: : 'tAn( Act to Provide f. I item liaa, apiH>ared and]
; elector who voted linht-r. his or Uun and may provided the Con.tltIUon. Act wuunlian ad
moretuxpayers. :lection q..II.d pine other .therein provided and that All eopl-a printed .or"J. ..1 .imonJ iudirect-b es ,ami 1.1 Y', .hnl receiv th. the 1'rtvlleitc of WUnesse in Inveattitntion nitHvvert'd for A minor ur minor In such
i dl.ly II.U.rn.
-, ,' his or succeaanr. or a law fur of fleer*. rroseeiittoM for Violation of the Statute however, that the provision*
than th- ,ilacideclared elected by proceeding by the publisher It Iv 'to aid in satisfaction any execution ,..In.,.. '' .1.h and rnuM*. Provided,
of !amb-
I. <
In (I'}"R i t for, an injunction aw at nut the cliniC. shall btdelivered t the secretary in whole or part. Earl answer of the party S.... t t'l'v.t ix'if u la r terms the Circuitrourt Against Hrittery. Giimtnrf; and ,,f thm, Art nhnll not apply ta any cause now

removal"In the county commissioners of th. Sinte.Sec. or ,'.. mut under oath. A curpor ,\\1 tti held In each of said, countlee ling and for Violation of the Statute' *. ,'iiulitm, in the court of this stte to attack

Coun v Itt-i'urtln" and County Officer* t the 14. That copies. of the said RevisedGeneral at on 'mtint I atti-tid b and answer undtr oath ,. IH kn.wn ,. the Sprlna Hiid, Kail Terms.The \trninxt. the lltettnl Hale of 8p'rllloll'' Vinous the v iii',luty ul i service lu re to font mndo only

place < 1".. d elected, or by m.n.h.ml to ; I : 'btc'11 Florida, when ; and of an officer tin-reof and the Judge may In SprtiiK Term of the Circuit Court of theI'w..lr.h and Ma't liquors. upon any minor or mi no it*, or tu attack the

compel thi. removal of the County Officer and Hhall: be ,: tn the same .\I. the I h. dincivtiun. specify thv o.f'. ..... Emtller party Juilicinl, Circuit shall commence In He It Fnnctett by the Legislature of the Stateof nu ,u"lurity or leicaltty of any JudKment or decree

Record th place alleired in such proceedIn to the came persons as pamphlet I"" be examined a witness In hi* own tin, county nf l,.-e on the second Tuesday In Florida iH'fUunc of luck 'vf H*>r\ieu of process on a

t ,Hive. .been elected ; and the court in Ii>uihnture, are by law directed to bt . t'i m.1 and may produce. and examine, other \pril. and in I I h.. county of IX-So on the flratTuesday SIT t ion I. That S'-rtlon one of Chapter Kuarduiu, ail ut, m 55 ho ha* appearetl and an-
RH to h.lr .
which 1.any i,uch be properly ,uud, and one bound copy .h.1 bo .h.n \\ "sit,.... upon th. trial uf an .,-, .. in Ilny.lime ..><) of the Law of Fo.ld.Acts of IflOft. be.ind fl\vuied fir tiucli minor or minors. prior to the

InrUit it il 1 shall p".lo.. .h.1 and jurisdiction inch "111".. of the r.I.I"'I" of 1919.. S'c 4. .Thu Judxe nuiy order any ""1"1nr Fall Term of said l'ollr shall com thu same is IK*.. .'" to rvad rendition of Much JudKment or decree.Sec. .
u if, jure Into' t,1 legality, of auch eletttion. See. 111. That' the Cmm.lon. aupointed of- thu judgment debtor nut e.mpl frm ,nne. in the ciMinly' of the ...on. follows i a. All laws or part of law in conflict

] the >ii.nliftcation, of elector voting then under Chapter th. A.t. in the hRn' uf either hlm..1 or any 1m'.ln in November and In the county I"S..II.n l. Witnesses I 1'rivUeuen : No person herewith art* hereby repealed.Sec. .

Kin. t tn' under $judttnu'nt ur decree tn t.vo. 1'Mfl. shah be allowed the aamiitance A the. e''lun.,, ,. pet-won or to the ". ,debtor 1'1. the first Tiiftfdny In !."mb. of stmll excused from attending and testify 4. ThlB Act shall take effect upon its

.nt,.Iao.. duly etecttd by the qualified eleek or tcnoKrupher in the work uf p."n" for to bv applied toward the satmiaction' of the ,, and every year.Sec. dm. or product Any book paper or other pnitsauo and approval by the liovertior. or up*
pof and matte ouch order nnid I Hev red ieneral Statutes of FluridA jutlunu'Ht 4. Nu ci\ll or criminal case suit cause document. before any court upon any Investigation on Its becomiiiK a law without such approval.

tors d. may. and ttisue such l"w.lorllto.1 process be ;pubticHtion. as in this Act d..I. and tho Sec. 6. dub\ It appear that the defendant or, proeedlntf in itiuity, at ..mrn. law, slatutory or proceeding or trial, for A violation Approved Junu 7. 1010.

o.Oecewnry", l to the protection of it* jurisdiction. Mim of Fifteen Hundred Pollens 11.600.00)) or at any.time.h.1 wlh. ono year i>,"u' to i, or otherwise ; and no ..I. ,.... I..1.! *tl-! of any of the Statute, of this Stat ."Ino _

i or tony be incidental to the principal "lv HO much thereof .ia n..P. it hereby Fund approprmUtl date of issuance of executum hn* hail title tior inn motion.' .ro.ntlo. '...nlm.nt. Intl.t.nwnt. hrl..y. burn In ry. larceny ""mln. or ..m.ln. CHAPTER 7H64--No.( 72)).

F aouiiht I'rovUled that such action .h,1 b out of the General Revenue Comp- has paid the ,purchase price ,.f any mnonalpioperty order flnIlinic.I decree. judgment .n. .r nf the statute against, 1""al the. AN ACT to Amend Sections SilRll. 2414. 2418.Jlltl in
brought within three )' from the uf the State far that purpose pnd the to which At the time of th. examination tence .h,1 abate, be q"n.hrl. set aldo .f aiitmlltii.its, vinous or malt "" 2417. 24IK. Slit 2420. 24J1 and )11125.!

:I election. .0. roller. uf Florida shall draw his warrants* his wife or Any rulnitv or any person .... ql"ln..I. ril. .., defeated] or i;."",1 or for. the reason that the testimony retiiitredof OP and ,tu Kepeal Secttun 2.IH2 uf th tieneralSlatttteH
.1.h the Governor. on the !State h.' reason f the chanite In evidence, documentory or otherwIse,
coutitersiuned by continental. term with defendant may .11 held to error of t luriila.. Kelttin tn Kitlntus of
Slb..lon 16. That Section 460$. riltiniito Treatturer of Florida for the payment the..f. ul title and right uf pdHHi-utnon' tho burden of .tie), circuit or by reason of any provision of him mav tend to convict him of n crime orto

? . ,- 1 Itailmnd Comml.lono.in here- upon b.iii. I duly approved" by ..le Conunl proof shall be upon such defendant eatabImh this Act.Sec. subject him tn penalty or forfeiture. bit Decedent Knncteil by the Lmlslature nl the lusts

j by aim ti I. d read .follows : sioner t. prvm .".d monthly fur rn..h..d that such transfer or n>f from him .. R. Ml laws and parts of Inw Inoonslstmt no, 'person .1"1, be prtinecttted or subjected to Ito It of blrIdat
I 4ROH i-MNL'i, FI.Uon of ('oromlooknrs! by'"'person performintc the service tiot made fur thv punwm dulaytntc hinder with this Act or oily part thereof be any ". forfeiture for o on account of Section |. That flection 2.tfltt of thin General

i There. "hall Ih.. com m ins loner* elected by 1.... 'Jo. That such sum or amount of money fir and defrauding crdt., ,and the ha me are herebv "lwnlc..1 ".v tn".h'l..i mutter, o tin.MM eoln. of '.he hiHio, < M. riilu ii,. uiiu-n.l. dlHO

thei\itiel l Ned ..!oetr. of this State' who *hal! an \0)' be nec ,.nary to puy the cost and exPI Sec. r \here it appear any gift Sic R Thin 01\ shall I"eore ,, Immediately n"" h.lrl or produce evidoncu Mnlut.H til follow I
and distributing, and. testimony soRUen a* to re A*
publinhinu \ . no
SaMi otnvrwlHe I..mlnvR" or
four upon
1 hold offlfnr the term of yean t si ,iirintiiitc. 'rR.r'r. or ."m'nln'l .
i Commm, t-tonirA -nil he tlected! ns tok'oNin the.ReviKed (hi; .ml S'R"r Florida In ',1 t uny I'.n..I""m.n"n,1 I.rl''y has been mn.lu ort'McviU \-.I-OM| | | May :::10. lOlfl. .."",., nbiill lx recrl\ .ed agaInst "23nt Tlmu of.--Executors nnif ndmtnlHtra*

f ( at "1'' ". "., 11.I rtlon to be h.1 nt the -uch umbers,, n. the lti.iird nf C.mm wnlnnersif i|, cuntrixt.-. .r d lt vlned by I tlu. ilufend : : upon tiny criminal' Inventluatioti, or proeeilini lrc. unliHH otherwise ordered by thu court their,

time n* l ,,lnee'n"rl of for "". of the StaU* I liiKtittitionH, may IN ",provided In ant of f.u. cot In. col I union or gusto to the ('lll'TFR 7i4rt.-No.: ( fl4N >. I." ihit make their annual returnflllnu

r Itt "' ( ( heinr.t'nl. T> 1 In 20. and every Section 15*; of thi Act I I. hereby "appropriated ,nil. ,.lnl. and intent delay hinder or \ ATT Prescribe' the Ttmn Tr.r er.nven.lni S.". 2. T1ii Art shntt lake enY.'t fn-m the ncfounu and vouehern on or IKfur the nmttliiy

fo'ii i i t'i.nHrt.'I' r nnd .two nt the iMmernl out of ihf KentTal lluniuFund of th. State diliaud I vndttorc. the couvt upon. .hose urder 'the Sprtnv., Term of the Circuit ('Oll.t.In ?time it become A Inw.pproved June 0. ISIS. of June In eat'h soil every year vxorpt of

time and place the Comptroller. of 1"I..lln.hol tinrAniuitiutioii I mayn? held vnu-r an that when appointed after tIn first day
I I. ctn'n' > be h".1 at the of 1"10.11" I .h.1 a nil for 1'utunm Ciim ttt V. 'h"'R.li
of \ .1" i fur mi tot,. .of 'the 1."II.tll. In \it rraiit.., countfrwiKnvfl n ni, r thnt ..10 tail, tranntur. iiimuiit ,>r It Knurli-ft h* the Legislature uf the State' Clt \ rTFi 759'T"( ... $Att.) I I tjinnary, , and beforthe Mntt tiny, of Junu of

the \ I) 1,-'-, and every four years ";. .ri'r' AH ,the work 1.".rennet*. upon the other conveyance of salt property., I'1 utterly of Florida : \N A''Tn.n.1 Section 1402 of the General any year tho tint! a.nmiiii! returns of one sintii.m.lui'iI
'OI ,
th. rfc"'f- who nhnll ,"iicceed the m..mb.r* of StoleTnamiH, f "t .llrli. to pay the cost and v old. r'u.tn', and uf nun elTect. and shalldnvct St rt ion, I The Kprln( Term of I ho Circuit StJilutt'M. of ('loritlit ID* Amended by may not be tiled until tin* first day C

the Kit:1'ml,:' I C.mlostn, ] now hoMincf office nt '.xpi-npi' of printing. hintt, ntul dlsirfbuutn tlunhvriir, to itti t ,. mich |ir',iM-ity for rmui, t 'in and for. IVilnim, (','tioly. Florida. Chapter 5i'''i2. \el.( u.f. I I0i>'), of I tho State ufFlorida. of June of the necond, year after Ills appoint '

the i fitimi, of their 'terms of otTlcn. The I .In I the I Miitd Ki \ ,.d I Jem-rut Statutes uf Flor the I DiitmlactiiMi of the vxvcutiun in I tinmatter.. coiuemon. the ('hlr'$ In Itrlittinir; Challiinn' of .hl... mint If they fail to make mitch return be*
. .. 11..lnl
Conimi. in ,m 'heretofore elected aol bold.nifFind 1.1. ...n' hiiirt' i idutv annrovLMl by mild CommUi .-s Her ".* HIUTIII L snail 'u.iinxv n-vnn ..".n ii... ., ."i' .I.nl .. .UL iinrcfl oh. .ul ..'_.,. it it VnnrtMil KV i ha.l.al.l"tu. uf the Plate fore such time, they Hhall forfeit nil I com mi**

,ir .1.1, n main and continuen beOn *i:;nc ;ft.' prfi; nti-d 'by' .- person persona or I 1"(.( ,riany" ,' pi ,I'M.II w "lui may be iicui .1 \ edlluiiliy SIM-m..n. : 'Ml liiwniid'riirtH' of lawn., In..rn -. 'nf; "l I iitrldni"S.tion;; ttiotis, on HUi'h return* MU to ue ninuu. I

mm,I- ,"'Hi 1nll the ex ration nf theirtrrne.hTne. '"',,'lit in.fl .lI nit the worlt.Sic mny UK1 cluim, and' bond u* rovutd, sin are In conflict with the provln- I 'Hint Section, 1 I'i'J' of the. teneral Sic J 'I'luit Section 2tt2: of the GeneralitIiiltti'H

.. lawfully removed.Snb 21 Thin Act shut! Inl... efTcct tmmo .ui other uuMett wheie third pernons claiu ]>tu'iiiy ions I.f I thinet"n. h,', ninl,. t the I nnnie are hereby "I tiitutei* of the Male of I\.rl.h.. amended of tbe Mute of Florida be and lalu '

tiii-n" 0 1 17 Thnt ,tmrairraph se\pnth of dintety upon its Iw.omln. A law. I,:..'fl under, levy.Nutbinte ri ,P uled Approved Mny :HO 1010. t hv Coupler' ft1'1.': Actn of | i Lnw of I I''k'r- I reby repealed.Stc. i 'p

Rertl.m i ,nln'iiu'' !. property exempt from \ )'" ".. June 1 II. 119. iti, i'h,. Act shall a"lh.I' \,. cell- "uln nnd,I tbe, mime, I In* hereby ntili-niled. HO atto :t. 'I iiil Section IMU of thin General .

In' iiit. -i ,ihtrt'bv ,iimi-ndtd. to read folloUH n urv uf or utliiT interference' wit"ii any I""U"I \PTKlT7847.. 'I( No. liSt' read I.' a* follows : Slatutf* of the state of r'lorida bu amunded *oin in

CIT \p'nn 7ti3ti.-t: Ru. 57K which i I. 1-xpreBnty exempted by"'" trm Clrcii't On read an follow :
\ NCT Cnnt an AtMltlonat 1 HC.:! Juror,*. Peremptory to .
.1..1.1.1 hn".I.r ..
? it "'I I, Thi re .h,1 I.,. exempt from tat.atn \N ACT IMntitw t. Hutta in Chn".cr to and ttalc bytrtuti uf .II tixocutiun.Pmvidcd '1 in th. State. of 11.1.1., I I. ...h.. I the I I trial of any civil ciuine any court each "Jll I. HnltM tn puniiiaiico of WitlH.- Tha '

,M I irrtv' I. vnltie nf Five TTiindredDollar Foreclose Morttfoires'" or Dther T.,''. and the further tuitmim In hilt ArttOmll htmil. .1 us th" ,' ". ,', .I.lc'lnl (1.11. ,party Hhall hi entitled .. I three 1 peremptorychiillenires ,Kith and conveyance of Inndtt and tenemnntiiitold

r., eTv widow thnt han n family dn-. 1'nrtHs to Such authoriKv the sviiture of ur other Inter- I to Treate I the Circuit Th..r..f. of juror, ** empaneled in Mttd en"."'. In puntiiHiice nf any will shall be mndu by

pendi nt ,"I,. r for mii.port. and to every person Me It F.nncted, by lu.l.I.edlsluture. ef the State ffivneu with any personal |tiloperty which tss nlc! I. Provide for n Judtte( State At- 2. For Cn" ... The. Judxe.. of any juntlee' of tint executor, mr uch of them at* shall I under

"t": n |.,.n fide r.'il'tt l,' <-f the State, of pufnt-d tntt> Ih,. hHiidit uf I liona 'Iblu i unhner lornev .m tbi- said (.11. nnil I. Proxlde for I the ,penee eourt.'. county judue'ii court county take the oner tit l m of the mime, ur by the surviving

and h.-i--, l I. ,t n limb or been dicnbleil In war ., .'I.rdn'Rre. sod ufier? the pnsontti1 of ,lortiluu without notice. State A t tnrney I n the ".""llh .1'ud chatCirt't court rriminnl court of record, court of record executorn. or by Ihe adminiMtriiLor with 11

or bv TvifortuneSub I IhUct. In HuiUi. .ii t..lo.. m(,rtK K" or $,'e. ;. ,\any .tK uf the proceeding., any , .n,1 l Pennintr .'hln. 'the Territorial circuit court. or any other court whereintf'iil the will niiiU'xed if nu other person halt betittiiulitiuI
.etion IM That Section :'I5fl2 f 1221fl. al thisStat Juttwe ". in his tliscrftlitn. u.uUt tin uiaerdirecting nnc for the nr Ifthe
other liens I any Court of Chancery l In I Limits and! t of theFifth. I I by jury i.i hud Hhnll. on i Ir elth.-r in sui'li will purpose
!lh.\.1 I 1t'Tnt low to JMHUnnre. til reel inn ,., all; pei,** ns hnvlnir any interest In the t but, uny further om.hn" may betaken ) Si' Miith and the 5.11."nc.rl.' JudicialC'fftntH. I : party In anv rii i| ciuiHt' or mllol.m.ll.n of the perHuil, Si, uppnintei) clint I rvfuitv to pur, 11.4
. 'f dlMresft warrant be amended, anas by. ur i that any II may, toreferred : : : : : ; :i I ho shall have cam-
Haid mortirnwe or Hen or the property mortKHKfll .I..I..I n.I.1 , ,tmd Vmvidinu tlu-, Time for I HoMtitir Htate' defendant In any crimtnnl eniHe, examine form t the trust I or die tu'fr.

Jo .".1 n" follows : .d _"r_ .|_._'_. .....0 '.'A Ii..n.n .-.sIl.-.- or havlnll. to A com nuns ion ,* < ,m I the I the '1'"',"un, of Court In Mull .h"I.I.1 u on oath any perxon who I IH calb-d.! n. njumr plcted thw Home, or In otherwint* rendervd in*
.. Wpnnt Sir
0.i 'n'StH 5J941 m. >
order.V I he proeei'dmn u "n anyittit'Nt
. .nxsiimed, the obliKiition to pay the mortysite I". t tind I tinl'lfect Oi h therein to know "h..h.r. be I I. ,related' competent "
: 11.,1. I'.erl.h
1 Dii'ctirm n'.j form of. filing shall Ion i la a fuco nlll..m. may of the General
1f"lho whether such .r..d. That Section 2I1A
delit in of either.purty. See 4.
j. ilelit Hen 5 i ihe> attorney
obl"nlon either <>
II' C.I.tI. I to .parly. r
If loi, . the law .
'n Of wtiph Ih. Clerk th. ." b. directed to report urn "" tipon of Florida be amuniled notut
nlhlnvll. dintreipwarrant be as entlonter of the note or n.h' It Knnrterl: hy the LeuUlature, of the State M It bin Ih,. third detrree, i>r Is related Statute* of I ho stale P
the Court clerk shall boson a .. lie madu. parties or the t"'I. or upun I loth. ConmiUj oucr J
1hl read follow
of the ,debt or .th.wl. may of flnrldatSection' alleged to have, h.n wmnitedor to aa :
elfreeteil 1o the executive officer of pruceedinti to enforce Much have ni the powers .r comii iHHiuner rreateil and any person Hiiltfi, under ivfectivo Will- -If a '
to Much cull or .hnl I Thnt .there In heivhy injured. by the eonimtMsion of the crinut for 'J41V.I (
the ('.I.t. eomnncln. him to levy on reperuyliable the advance lien or foreclose the same.See. the fei-s a>t i'fvotled by 11.11 in eilnhliHhed. I an ndditionat judicial circuit In the the trial nf which the juror is Called or ha will diH-H not iiulliorizo A private sale of real

to be for the rent or 2. That In all suits, to foreclose suchmnrttiaues other ..e*. State of FI..hl. I ho Clrruit Court thereof, nnv intenHt tn the caittu, or ban formed or eHiatu ur give auh power a* aulhorUe a nulv

*. and collect the amount claimed In the .r enforce such liens of any mortvnues S.'e. H. A party or vltness exaniiiinl t.n- lit I hei'rhx crtnted!nne be kn"w. and! d..i"n"I.e expressed, nov opinion or ts sensible of any without time intervention uf thu court and '
affidavit or the value thereof and to summon of len this Act, shall not excused I I rom nilawenntt of
mentioned In ono the
Section bu fur payment
Si M-nleenth' MIIIn thereof necesHury
or as n .11.1..1 (1..lt biw prejudice I therein or I IM an employee or
the said defendant to Appear I"ro.the courtat 1'n. whom such suit in a iiucttion on Hit* troutid tdat, hi. nnswer I. or uf II
thin Act Court before of Florida J.U.I"I of either to thinCliiidi' debt or to render inflective( tint provmiona
Ih. ban bi employee party
en an
n date fixed in tho writ notmore th.n ten pending shall enter deficiency decree when the wil tend to show how guIlty of the commission Circuit Hhnll be composed of the counties ofOrnnvro. of action within thtrtv duvs previous iiI WI II. Htii-h Hiile nmy I he madu by execuUtr or J 'isI

dava from the lusimnce nf the writ l.nv'd..1thRt proceed* of the unlo nf the prl..r' mibject to of a fraud or prove that he Psi,. been Ottreoln and r.nk. Tbe State Attorney to the trial thereof, soul tbe party ohj,*rtintr totho I the admiiiiHluitnr with thu will annexed I in tlietmanner n

upon the fillnir of the affidavit , the morttraite or lien shall sufficient to a party or privy to, or now In" of a roiweyanco of tli.-, Seventh now introduce other competent provided by law for administrators to ,

for the in the preceding seetlnn and before pay the debt and cosU. for any balance thnt artaiunment. trailu'.jr, or other wnrrnnt ihnll ln<'ue. the plaintiff, his ntrent or the lion of property for any c-r that reor ,
of purpoae
after the application pro- the Seventeenth tlebtrt. I In all ciines, thu require
remain State' ,doe oT
may Alo'p r..th. sIn,,II to I the court t lint the juror puvnient
Hhall also file bond! with two rood ,' claim have title; nppenr "
a ( the cal another to an
to person "
sale of such property shall be appointed will I Hliall bw filiuw'sl.
cefrin of the .h,1 einl Circuit. Rn.' the" not .Htand Ind-uVrent to the cause, or any of liierttH of i Ihe .
and sufficient .1..1 Ie.. payable to the defendnnt. against the party partieslinbli nunnut! the defendant or 'to hold pror d.<* Seventeenth Juiliclnl (' llltl t of the GemratStiittiiiH
debt and cimtn o 'rl a Jutltre I In said Irelit. I Ibo. foretrnlnu tzmundH nf objection ex Int. or S< e. I A. I'linl Seutlnit
In at least "ollb. the debt or mimdemnnded for the mortiinwe" debt nr Hen debt.whether rived. from or thrutlKh U. tlelenrtiuit.. i-r, Io ..nlrm..1 1 to hol.1| mfijm',.. for I tbe I..n. as p.n.,1.h.e hat I be In otherwlite I, incompetent, n not her shall of l I lie, xlatv of Kloriilu bv amended so i k'
If ., the valueof discharKed form I". 3f
or 'nuhl. .
.rl. such! liability tti primary or "on.IR" I"y"'n .I.1 who recelx ftilluw
I he C.n.IIII.I ". be called in bin Hlead for the trial of that IIH in read iu ;
thiproperty, soitubl to be levied uimn eoniditlr and! .h'he.' such Hnhjity Is created bv en.I.' which w.. due t. the iJefuml, lit o to a I .Inv. art law t.. .I.h oftl- It shall be urroundM of ehnllenKQ forcnur'e l! Hit. Execution 8ttU.'.-- lts'al estate of a I
which I" rnurn
nnl nil and lnmniren in hit bebtiir. bo '
to the act
pay of n :unnw4r 'ii1
...t of the or jo'nt B.t. hulls with peniniialpiopi
in of sement nut. I. mnk. iu> I rli .1.1". If any pi'rxon called nn n juror, In any ilri'itletit, Hliall, IH> eiiiuMy|
the deffxlnnt mnyMistnln u.sed cvi k'nce against the
eoo..ql.n. note or "I.nnt. or .11.wl.u of the ..II.n. an < pernon HO a.ihrriim There .h.1 Ibe a State' "Io.n.p for the justice of the ttoiirt. County Judife'H HV to 1 I. \y anil Halu under an etictitlouluiin'ti ,
tbe pint nt lift* Improperly rftit nnid at.tmscim. in )' criminal, or hi-t on, pence
.uln. he I.ue..h" Seventh Judicial anil con- Ihe iidtnmiHtraturor
tion ttoimht to enror.d.S'e. .1' (.rli ". criminal I court of record, any judtniii nl abaniHt
u'ii't. court
remil county
the action or ..
nt or urn of Section, one and S. l). Any any
8. The provlMionn JI.I" f".c..edln. for nn liKiiiiiHt I thu decedent l but the
II. eM-etiUir. or
fr,1h" "nl ,' "I. t..m eourt of record. circuit court. or any other
In jinv7rn.. ) nl fnr the defendant. .r.'n'n. provided for in this Act before
thin Act apply to the hll. nnd' !,nil
two of in ndnuiiintralur in i very CUM*
Snt ,M olin' in That,' Serf!inn 292*. ,'Inln. .hnl ,,. IH liable fur"the make any such orl'ms I. within hin, ,4ir.cr< tmn .I "lh..1 t" (.n.II1In Inw fur nucb r"'lv.of fl court whatKoeverhetvln trial by jury IH bad.ha e\eeiiior or may II be
its of any nL-rsim d..bt t an di the vvluuli aim mt
c nie property
which i
"hty nerved, jun In the court In it; n
I. r
,, than OM n
to KnMtnMnn >f nations rnl ..., when curb mny stem meet in rt-ftiinl Ii carrying out I ho ,
either. primarily; or ..In.ly. other time within I tillen, ,ill ,-x,' tioll., ami del. rtttiii. wbellier it
he Is called nt tme year
Honit '" r* by nmendi-H to rend : of the brlntr- inttnt' HIM I piirpime uf 'thisei i i t'tei eers.Sec any
dead! of the
t 0< tto nt 11m. r.1 !2. TluSienth' I held -i.nil I Inntil, or ptTMimul, 'I I hi, uiricer levyinghnlK
2P2 l"-i' other I Ilnhl' property, ur properly' rmht-t, of s deft ,. .1.lel.1 (1."nl where no regular, ti-rmn of court nre or tit
) any
Ilml'ntono.tn. of Sttitc' or "n I "r tdfcount ol I tinHlliricienry.. arid
.M. Lim.tti. j.idue
111t 1"I..hln I. wliere refrultir -
this,, n il'-I fur tIn "nL property nnd of law In n da nt I thu f at in lav lion of filly retentionii.alnHt .hnl nnv ollu-r l lini vvltlun one yenr
law .
Thnt 11.i of ant Semtnole.Thr bit fuun Lio
r.n't. ', | *nccd follows : Sec. 4. ni "r. "< V.II.ln terms of | |)4' court are held, and when tln> nature ,Mlutll, t liii kt> Minfic clue proturly. If it <
can te roinm< nn him.
condict. with, Act b,'. and ttiu same nr, Snrlnvr Term' of said court shall the 't'iitioii.
1 1'h. Years An action upon .. .1.11 of 1'nne. civil or criminal require a Miiti iy
; ally
T".nt Sic. I I"n)' pi rH. who tvCufPi o! without '
ft ji.-U-m. t t i- .,, ,'nt H court of record. In I.reby. ""'RI.e. Act shall effective Im- Miftitu, nt eMMiPe, tietrkcttt, I <.t b., v Hi) filerof bi. i',.1 In nalil counties at' .10.now pro- I knovvli? dtre of rendinir, 55 nil i Itit find nrlltiinetlc, S.'.,. II. That Hivtioh 2417 of the GeneralSiutiiUtt
S, .. become 1 bv Inw. uf Florida |lit' anienilud *ai
of t the slate
tht St'i- i f Klnj, ,iti.' nnd nn n.lol ufion nnveont r. > and approval bythe .Jinlue, may puntjunt I I. I KINcl, aol) .11.1 or either, to ennhle n Juror to mid<>mtnnd theevldenee
Its n.y of Volimtn
," nr* Mii-aiion., ,.r llai-IHty ftiundi' upon mi tInt''ly upon paimair 1"- I nil Term of the ..nl"o to I be offered on tlu I rial. It shall larsmsi' >i i to it ml IIH folliiwH :
Iiilv him
lawithout -I ) lit
iM'eominK a M upon or nn oni -non .
iveinnr; , nr upon Scnilnole nhnll be held ", nmv provldeil Liable fur Dvl f lal
Ml.I I Ui-iil KHtate > *
nn 'in 'M ( nt f.f mid< r neal tm. of elmlti ntre If It IQ> aloes not pnsse'ss ,stioh
June 7, 1919.) tu him by the .hi'lw *
.llnl \\ ouch ,ttnprositl" uiyn d"cly f. m- bv law and Ihe .. fur Mrevardeminty ilebui of ilineuil-
Alpr.d relate: HIU) ,!| be liable for a
J \\ thm P,',-n -An nctlon upon tnitt.i the course tif coy proueeittntf itndir Fnl (|iiiilll1enlion. <*. I to h<* determined by the jndireprvMfd'ntr
- .n. stint! commence lltr, aeconil TI..I.. ,tit but nhall dittt'i nd, I lu the heir imr iiusus.eemiiI
fit decree of court of the nt. the i trial.Sec. .
n J'.I.. 'ii' any ( \PTER 7810.-( No. BO. this Act: or to attend before a Judxe orComnlHnoiiir
I In IVetmherS tho
of State Territory 2. All lows nnd part nf laws In cott renitiln I in hIs poiwettttion until executor '
tiiten. or any nr in CountIfuvinw !--* ) ueciralmng I of
UII.1 the *
com man
\N ACT to Jury 1.I.t. a : t i. The Fifth Circuit sliall. bneo uf
t !I.. United Stntet, of any f.nrelynenntv n..I"'i" SI"'h".nl'l < c ; .IIlelni Itiit I with I thisut be nnd I the Maine are hereby'MM'V I in i iiiliniii, Htiator shall I lalie iseem..smilouu
Lens Thnn duly surwd him bu un-
o a .' of Hubpocnu I. upon n..v i 'I't '...11 I of the ..Inl. .r Marion, Hum tar.CiliMm the siinx iimlei I the I >itit>r i,f the court, ur until
.1 by tIne Judiri or by the < ourt out of and .. , nnd I In. of tin*
tfi I l teem bIn
umkr inHucuit
1. Immedl- i i the Hliali Ui> soul Lou
i nine
'i Within Fl\<- Ycnrs.-An upon "n I Thlet Hhnll taLeUfiel
.elnn l.enUlature of the State which tIn execution wan urnm-il. or the
He the ny the
eneh of .
be t In
contract oblii-Httoii, of ," ,"', uponan h .ludKi'' the (lr,1 court .hnl 1.1.1 ntv| upon it.. UiH'omliiu n Inw.pproved by tiny e red I'i lor of tbe ducirdent.S .
of loridn : I.ro. wh..n p..chn.a, urr beitiirhad. I h. .provided by law.S . That, Sertiti 2 ilK of the GeneralStiltuU
in-i" > ,nn. nt ofvrit ntr nut tinhi'nuiti. .01"1 \ I June D. |ni.CH | < e 1.
which bun I Is. .
earli n pop- nrm nn n contempt.Sec.
S 1.I In county r.r I There I lie two rewutnr termsof
< e uf the HliM ol Muridu, he llliieildfd HOin.
t \\nliin, ,". Ymni. -An netlon for re- rl.n .h.1 >M <
Inhabitant, 11.I I All lasts itnd of lawn ,
1. le than nix part roti- '
.r 'H tho..nn.1 the Circuit ( held, each nf
lit thli chapfer ui county I to rt ml tic follows :
n" "i; i} prwvlded for In State, M'TtfH ;'iT2 ( No Till.N
( hint censtm flirt hen with hereby repealed.MIT .
1'rI..I N' are
cH'c..lh" ,,. .m..in. the Seventeenth Judicial, Cit ciiit. ,-".h 1' ar. \ ACT Xmemlmir, Si I'tinnn I I '0. 117 | and 'Mn I I (it.?ail lu.g, l'o ,HitHoo( of Real 1naiah.
ui I. .h. iii CountvCi'mniinsuinrn 12. Tht. Act t lt .. .._n. O.n . . ,,
n 1,, .I.n 1..1 .1.1 .. .t..1 . I. tl fltiwfl iOu Itit' s'trtng ituI i.ii'.m . I I. When I the I ilelil* ami Chliruen uuu ami owInu -
r. WTht. Y'arn--An aetlon upon : ;i ;; :;: u.( the time; and! the manner aHHiiwe ,and; appro\nl by; lIt;;* (ioverntr.Approved The H'Sprlnu i the, S.-M-nt. ,'n'' I h, ( I 1)71) of i tin- C.-n.Tiil Stnttites ot Kloridii. 1 >""- exOueil tho value
llnbi'itv, 's'n'iil'I by at at lit'.. other than art select and make out a litttf 22 IUI9. T'r .r .1.11. Arctttiif) tbe Triiil "f Civil iiml Criminal i by Ail intrttate e tiite hall
law ,
,.nnltv f (".,-1.. taH ,, 2, nn action tI trearoperty I" n,0.1 Iy< hundred more than lRY Cr.,1 .hnl commence In the county, .r CniineH Where I I I he Triul 1 JtidiM> IM l> H.illllllle.lor | of the pei-Hoiiiil etitule and lint peruunul i's.
.. ."I",i nil : 3. nn action for not h'.* 'than two nor properly qualiyi'd = .,1. .u I Herond! Mondav In Ft I,mia, ,'y. In a f'bantre of Win., N s','. ssary. u tale cilia I| huv., been i\hiiiiHtei, | or Is I Imwlfliieiit -

1.ldn,. d.) 'tnininr' , nr Injurinir any wood or t I'' h..II.d i and fifty persons CHM'TER 7H t:1: No. fill.! the county. of Lake on thn fOI.th, I Monday in lie It Kitarteil: hy ibm I eirlNtnture of the Htut tn in; 5 Hiu, il< bu asii! clinruvn, ur wliuii.n .
,I.. curse as jurors. \ NCT to Amvml An Act. In the, of ()mnngi' on 'theirond the Halo
ehntti U ,ndl.hn., aetlona fur the apeclflo re- Act shall take effect' upon Itst''catuflg I"h.o. the Num- I..b.lnr. county of I L.rld i > the, opinion of I the adiiiiniHirnlor.
cox ry f ,t'" '..n,1 pmpertv ; I. an action for Sec J This May 29. 1V19. bi-r of Terms of the Cir.i Court of the ., Monday In March The 1.'n1 Term ofitill Section I. Sirlion 1 ItO of the general Statutes of tht MM,! ettlatf in lieu of the pri-Holial itiia''*

relief on 'the round of frnud. the cause of a I.w. Approved Ninth Judicial Clro,1 State of Florida Court, .hnl e.n.m"I'" In county ofO..nln of Florida lie and the snnm IH her by will I be iiioKt I lor tho' benefit uf the Haul vatutu,

action in uch, race not 'to be deemed t*> h"v. CIt \PTEU 7841.-(No. 89)). to Hu 1..1.1 Furl County of buIlt on I t. fourth Monday In Oi-tober. In amended to ra'snt) ns ?follow : the fidmiiiiNtrator may inuceed uefuru thu circuit
accrued until the discovery, I." the atnrrieved; Circuit and 'h'n.' the Time far }tmtIlnmcthe I the county, .f Lake on t the .,'.on.1 Monday In I 1-170 A change of venue Hhall 1m ura'ited cuiirt or court ul I ( I he eounty, JutlKU by p**

nf the m.t the f rnur) ; 5. AN ACT to Provide, n'Simplified Method of Term of the Circuit Court In ties 1', un.ii November anil In the count of Granite on i In all civil and criminal easiii I In the circuit titili tn take IHWHI' HMluii of the i > ul estate of

p"rl. "upon n.on.ltlltln.. . obligation' or 'nkln. and! I".eeltn. Appeals' from County ,.,. .mooln. Saul. Judicial Circuit, Approval 'the, fourth Monday, of November.See courts, county cnurU county judtfit'a court**. the ,i'cu'l'nt *H iMHetM for the i iiymvliut otdt

liability not founded upon, an instrument of 01" .. C.lnt" .11" Ci.'ti and Jus "" 2. 1019. n. No civil fir criminal canes suit.muKe and the eourtH of Jimfce of th* peaei, upon bta ami utheruiftu conform, im mar a* hisS

..IUn. including an action for itoodw, wares tire, of the Peace Co.r. of this State. He It rneted: by the 1..I.I.tllr of the State or p..ln. In eqtuty.. .t common law, either party to any civil ram, or defendant In I be, tu thtt prttceeditiM pruvidetl herein.

m.rh"nd.. sold and delivered, and on Ho It Enacted: by l.eirislnture. of the State of Florid/ : .''n'"'" ,.. nnd nn writ process,, any rriminnl cane, presenting a petition pruyinw 'A. Such petition shall bu upon oath of Hit,

tore of Florida i Section I. That Section 1 of the aid) Act of pli" adinir, motion.' Information presentment.Indictment ,. for surh chanir admin.NtrniJir. hit iiueni or attmiiry. ami small

n.eolnt.R Yea ra.- -An action by another Section I Any Judgment of n County (nllr. the IftriHlaUin>. approved, May SO 1i)ll>, IMnnd > order, di-cree, Judi/ment or senti Sec. L. Section 1171 I of the Om-ral Htat cuntain u Hehidiile, of the r. nl I and pentunal

than the Pinto upon a .t.tut. for a County .( ",.'. Court or Justice of the 'h,. name, Is hereby amended HO a* to read I nee shall abate, IH uunshed, set side, reiiTHed lit** of Florida he nnd! the waim* In hereby stale of the decedent, n Ncheiiulu of time ,debt

penalty ..f forfeiture : an action for libel.alnnder 1. (.lr of this State may be reviewed by the lit fotowHSection, rjiinhflfd iKsmfKHed, or .defeated or held amended to rend an follow ; a* near tam can hue aneeitainud after tlill* ntimiuiry

nwimult. battery or false Imiurlionmint proper Appellate Court havIng jurisdiction of I Thnt the time for holdlntr the I. h,' error by reanon of the change In Cir- I tfTt. In the event, either party Io a civil i-how,HIK, Iht* nnioiinl of time> ilt>bl,. tti

\n ai'tI.n anemic upon Account of the n".I. in the following, manner : which term of Circuit( Court In and for the Ninth soil or by reason of ""I provision* of thin rauHe or thn defendant In n criminal rnno rTi>- whom iliuwiiml (lie hint,Irl' of the vl IsIsuice byu

*n act .RI.ln. n wmnurful death. ill' If there be matters In pals yeuuire .Tndieinl Cfrcii't of Florida shall he as hi 'In. Act itire* charm,,,. of venue he shall, make application liirh they are v tab I in bed. ami otherwise
Wlhln .. Y.n action by the a 11 of F..olona. ..1.hI, of Bxeeptiontt after fixed. There shall b. two regular terms See ft All II"n., ." of lawn In..n.l.t. a I therefor, on oath Matlntr hat tm tears Hbow, the eYlitltm'e of fui-ln ami rirduiilMtaiici*

Stnte for I ,'IHm It.V or r.r..II. under, a (porn! be 1'.nl'l and Sled of nid Court heM' In .1 county of said ent. with this Art or any part th.nr. lit aniltti he wilt riot r. rei\*> a fair trial In tbo c.-urt which) uuihoriAi' an imler for the poHeMHiun *n>ittjile
Act of the with 'huI./ of the 'lltl sixty Ninth, Judicial, Circuit each year to he known I $. name are hereby r.'|...h.1 of the real enluie under the foretinlltKiariiitraph
1.i.l.tll. where i Ihe I, suit IH pending IH I arroiint of
** In ,."' m,11- nccount. Tn nn nrtloni .days after the adjournment, of the Co"r in the IIH the "frail Term" and the "So.ln. Term." Sir 7 This Act shall h< rnme ".r'llv. Imnii on uf thin Hectlnil. It nhall, tt4i liienn
the adverse timtue tnfluenre
'. .' ,s' . ... ", ''nll- same manner and Hiibject to the ..m. rule See 2 That Section two .n.1 Art Iimt.'l'" up'-n Its n'.I..nl by the r overnor.M pm'v' bavum an men uf all pt-r oiiN In po-mesHUm uf ualt
lhmindtt tif the Inlinbitnntii, nf thi*
t'ii. '. Jiti'l, "ui H ,in, at'ciuiut whu,',' lh.. nne regulations in ""R.I tom.lhn. and. slicn- of the l.." . .. Approved May 20, 1919. bo ,.,..veil mime 9., 101ft. over. nr jiintlce, ilist ri'i. (U > or i>it iireoimt "f rountv. aprHennt -- real ewlate. ur *ny part of same', ami, claimmirtiiltr

h" ,' In.n ..reciprocfil di'tntindt* between the "' the .anl. an prevail in C"ar. and the mine ,is hereby amended so an t.. real --- lieinv ndinii If the in'td'' mutt nfhe I lu lliu name, or am fly part thereof ur any
.. hi. jo *
parties the cniiH.' of netlim shnll he deemed t t2t, The party .oo""ln. .h.1 nt follows : rIItI'TlU7MtM.( ,. A.) Interest whatever therein, ntul uf all heirs, i-
lisf rid that
t httxr accrued from the time' of the lout item Mr inca notice of "I'al, 1) Iln. the ."m. Si-ctfon 2. The Pntl Term nf the Circuit AN ACT to FIX, the Tim.* for "o'.ln.' theItepiitnr not rerelvif county or fair Jiwtlee trial.Murh law, ur iitht-r, iieniutiH clatniiuu name or any In*

p",1 in the nccount on .lh'r side. with the Clerk or JI" If Iher n Ch'.k.Rne be. Court of tho Ninth Judicial rirctilt of FI.rl.l. Ternm, .f the County, ..rt .r Jefffmon atipllcntlon n shall in.SI,',! not leu, than tvrcHt therein, so far lisa they may be knuwn
Sic 11. That nothing thin Act a of such entry of .11.1 .h.1 I einm'nra. in the Co in*v of .1r. .
.h.1 0"1 ,1.,1 I. In attorney .. ten day** before I the hctrlnnlnir the term of
., the In
prevent the unid CommisHloner, In the 1.on it tine appeal .nd Monday September. . ; In coun It Fnnrli-d I the Levinliiture the State tin* court or pond rat,,.' tthmvn for failure toHO and l'uui olfu-e atl>lrcHes >t( each of a
ration sold work for permanent ptibficntion. or tine Slnl,* lorn.". ty of WnHhintrton on tie < r.in't Mnu? in of Florida
prepn' tSrtlon Hum Nut lass than i thirty iliiyn' not I ire shall .
: : ofappeal file within curl time, nnd! shall anIdlxtlnetly
such Haw
t ..; otrlklntr; 1 ftut It/ur:. ni; '.si is nit be taken in a criminal cane. .ne entry of roe- October : In the eotinty of liny .n the c'cni I There .hnl be four "''''0' formfof I ti-t foil, I Ii, the faetjt upon which thenpplleatlon lie ulveli hy LImit 'It ,duect4, to inch of said ,
be Monday in November.
therein svl, p-uch fltriiren, onlrepetition a filed rolhwi'h ', .
are \ .hnl 'nl..e thi* ( tulity .r JelTerwnn' County Florida hi-lr nutfieit. and ilJI other peinolin luterenteilIn
trite rOlr fur change nfenili* IN finIl.anti ,
from Innertln ,old in the appealed The Sprinir, .r 1.1 Court, shnU n
of helnic
".II.n "n.I. nor .RI. 'r IMPImenre enrh year held. ns follown : Maid real tHiaie. Mettinur forth In ttrirf form
of court full and complete juris- in th,.. County of 'l'tttm's l the .. $the Sam Mhall to' accompanied bv, n eer-
,r written w..I. the pluce of flirurea the appellate, on runt Hi-'rlnnlnir. the Third In March the nbjeet of thr petition, devcrlbinM the lamlxoiifiil I
.n ,
1"n.h html rniintii-l of
and the partlra I of rerord that mirh nITIilnvIt
the Import where riuunti only appmr" : of the mibjoct matter Motiilny February ii ,.hi rounty of \Vnhinwton In June.
same the Third ,
.Ii'.n .1 1"lnnln. .n to I b. utliii |Hm>4i.rtNioii of hy the a !-.n"1 toil nntdlrallon I IN made In ennui faith said
nor from alterlntc the number of 1..ton. or the service of any proves* WhRI.o.v. ) on the .eci,n'l M tidnv I i.. 'In.. : in tht on the, Third! In Heptem- ; application a,tnsi l roiniimmlnu, all I
1"lnnln. I be pernumt iiametl -
, thU Act shall be m".I. of shall tIlci> sti 110i phil by n'TidnvitHnn
county Hay the
oth t r thereof nr any "I) > Appeal* Ind on ecnnd Pfon-luy" In I ln and ,
.1..lvl..1 'UI'I.lylnl \Inl all otlu r in* Itiit reMted to
.. , oeforeDie proper appellate court See ::1 i. Alt laws nml! parin to tho Carte Mtaled In aptdleatlon by nt appearat
.. nlmb..ln" the .. I.n. u "r.RII. nf law n nfliit ,- n..ln"ln., m the Third MOI.I.v In I".om. leant a day itarmd, i. not JIMM i than forty day frt>m
two clttxrns of the
ub-diviitions. thereof nor In reference to then n.' than 'hl'i ni' more than ninety with .hl..t, I be an'I 'he iitie .re tierl.v *- ".r reputable county nrJMNtlee the t date nl I Mueh ciiaUnn ami tu show if
b > miedout dlxtrfi't of kin defendant eaiiHu.
and ) not to nor torotmni
ipitx" i rikf of ftieh .ctiont ,- uthi r t *ih ti days t.m the Iln. thi "lr. .hnl repealed Si-r 2. All INWN or part" of laws, so far n any they have, why said petition ahuuld nut heirnail.

visions Ih'r..f. .r from .re-nrouplntc, any pitrtthereof .it hi I t .. m.n.h. from I the d.t. of rendition See 4 This Act .hnl take effect upon IUluixwarf tiny nro In conflict with this Act. are hereby I 'I.for Siclfnn the defendantSee. I tITt of tinOenernl SattitiM 'Ihe I citation Mhallns\ served lit the
nnd -
correcting manifest cer.lent of the judKment the Governor.l nled.
error I.* appenrinir rrm' therein Ami the said I( It, It .hRI b,' the duty of the ,.I"r of the \ >pro\ed June, r7. !ltr 1 |: 0'See t Thin Aet ink elTecl July I.PH'i of Flnrldn he nnd tin* name, U hen bvamended nil Himman perform, m named,i IIH Miihpnunu In the petition in chancery and citation uixin
from tn .h,1 to rend follow
in as *
and corrected Court uh I judgment --
work of revision an Rmond.1 "o1'h'd Approver J1M9.CH ,
and seal Jln. I 174 In nil application for change nfveaue ini'l rtHollnK in (ilils ataltt. ami hall bu publutlietl -
and as In this Act shall he tho rl.lh.tl, transmit In""r CHAPTEtt 7WI. (No. $ 2) n
Rm.n.h'c .. oriitinal the four HueeeitNlve week |reeetlinu, the diit.
adverse small bavthe( rtirhttn
law of thin provided in this Act. pr.r appellate court' th. .t. \N \ ('T Amend' \PTFH 7AI0.-INn. 97)) party ,
tnl. 4. ,
I. 8..I.n Chapter 171 miimd LIi'rit tu show cause In HUIHU weekly
icing Incliiilinv traverse the MMeiratlnnn! of tbe .
of record of the
section In the pact
Sec. 12 I Attv OI.e of the Laws of the of Florida. F.ntltt. \ ACT I) Station the Cenernl m, I if b ,
bill. of exceptions signed L'tHI' of the eourt shall! henr the evidence pnifluredby wHimpt-r one ** ptibiHht| In naid county,
said Bus .,' Slotniti, of !l"lnei.ii!, <-r*>ptu>. a the oriulnal .- | .\n Ant to Prearrihr, the Time for Am..n.ln..
Statn Florl'l Providing and if i there bnu siacli'
nil other papers, on flit IRlll. .r of i ither party ami decide the matter accordingly u newnpaper. then bypnnluiK
crime cnnfllotawith nnd nettled an as the
A Ti-rmn of
or o..rl.ln" .unl.hm.n. w1 .I.lnl the Clr..11 In sOil l l'nrf\ of At thi* court huuMO flfmr of said county
with. the entry f C..r \rkn..h'.m.nll
., 'rton in the < .
the latter any .. th. r"r rl".n" pi-al filed.nl.on to..tho.' I.t... the return dsy of ..n.. Slatof.r thn Florida Third" JtH" elal Clr.ll .r the Execution of Inst rim.nls t t" ho Made See 1 Whenev.r ; .nty to any Action orprneet'dinif. for niiid. HpiM'e of I Ian,'. A copy thereof shall

See 11. section Thnt .h.1 pr..1 .. tiior h!>all repeal a certificate o from the "Ol.t reciting Me It Poreltrn Countries of the /"m. Heretofore elvl or criminal, shall mnlti! and INK, mailed tn each person named In the petition '
n Rne ,iiaand ".I.d hI th.I..I.lalll.. of the 8Ute lI..l I and Taken In FnrHtrn and ciatmm, wheru they I niuile beyon '
5 soon as ,. attic the mljouiimi, nt nf this, thnt records conutituuall th. .. HnrlrfHtSietlon 'olnlr. fllf an affidavit that the judire ttefore whom 4tI
pocitihlo Me It Fnactetf hy the ... . State I fbi' action l be state and tImid tasat utile aildr-se* a*
session of the Leirlttlnture amend the, flirted men in said cause I That fWtion 4 of th or proceedntr I lu tn b* Inlnit|. orheonl.
'ii.5', (;eneral of Florida. rmihtiilt'. ;od by ,ill. It shall he the duty nf the aOf.lontnr thr Laws of Florida Chapter, fflTIof of Florid ISt'tln fear* that he will not receive a fair ntaied iii ho petition ur oiherwitut mil known

n n( him. so !"tit.to Incorporate with *'te b..Jv of the plaint? in error to file his ln-rehy amended to, !,1 and the$ same I I.> I That ...I.n 24"1 of the General trial In the eourt wh*>r* th#* atilt ts pendmir onai'Coot I to the court The citation aol pro *f uf pub- P.
HO sit
within .I.ln.: Ktntiitcs .r the Slate .r Florid. IMF amended lieutinn and nervie* nf earn and nil order
I text the amendments made to uny. of the statutes ftitrnment of error* In the ,.pel.t court "S. etion\ 4. Third Jmllelnl : of the prejud ee of the Indue of sail
jr'n of th s State at the prenentfptmiun nf the ten d yn from the return the appeal. Spring CI.lllt P.. r.d. followi"Section court a ainft the applicant, or In favor of thend herein provided for shall be duly recorded bribe

wherever said d" In and to .....v. a ropy thereof on the opposing. If ami I'AH County. Fourth Tom I In 2441. In or',', It. ffitftt any of thefulfilments v erne part*, wtirb Iii,!.,* shnll proeet>d nofurt court lief ore Miiurinir. any order! fur the

t4, express 1."I.I.ll.terms refer to the .m.nt..nt General counHt'I if any app-ar In the .0101.,, court ".rv Monday Jan ""mo In the p.cln. sect Ion. her therein, but another Jute shall bedeMltrnatfd administrator tu tnkw l'sissesslon uf the real

Statutes of 1908. tn sections sot chapters tilt i ) The appellate court ." Taylor County. Fourth ". SOY stlha'r In.lr"n'nt .on..rnln. prop. In Ihe manner presertbed bv the estate, the eourt shall appoint a Kuurdlurt ail
or Monday In
of the LAWS of Florida enacted since the proceed In htar and determine the error assigned '..h..n County, second Monday In March. rty to such, noord., th> execution th.-... must Itiw nf this state for the bunt ltitI.n of judt/-! litem for all I IfiTanUi or pemun non comp

enactment of the General Statutes of lUOrt. whether in t.r. time or vacation and Apri. he aeknowlrdtted by the party exi-cuttnir th* -M f sir the trial of eauNwhero lh. prvtiMlntr meiitiM that may be ant.restnr therein as heirs
from (oh.mbl. County Fo.rh Monday Mme r nr the execution thereof hy the said at>luw uf the tlecendent
SaIl Com mi us loner omit any nectiona r>r affirm, or reverse the jl.l.m.nt .pp.l.d County < Monday In orL j'idw Is dfntpiitHnetl. Every such affidavit nhatltal ur other wine ur that
statutes expressly .h.1 at this session of is the, justice of the cause .qllir. without Rlw.nn...f..." County. Tuesday. after the second party must h* proved by a subscribing wltnMMthereto *< Ihe fads and th<- r.sn.nfor f hi* IM liefthn nmy I he In pimitetmion thereof or claim any in.

the I.eirlslatur. 1..1.. rexar!* to any presumption being "" Monday In.June. before the officer. ami In the form I sny such bias or prejudlre oirlxt*. ant terest there.n. whatever, a* the same may ap-

Sec.. J'. The paid Cnmmts>.loner ppend in to support the correctness of the judwnn.ntspp.sieI Term. and manner following : Much, sfTldnvit ,hall to. fllm'l l rust lens than tend Isaac frum the pet i lion or uthvrwuie t* mad '
to said Revised Statutes.h.1 PlnrIdi I from and shall Issue Ita mapdate to ffnmlltnn (' F.I In This State I If sueh arknnwleduemnt ort lNs hefftr. the lMvtnnlnir of the term nf the known to the cuiirt, which ituardian ad htem

... i ii 't'n'i.v I ; .Cun..1 o"iil; it . f the the I lower court, with it,* findings, on/nch apical Taylor County..n., Fourth. Monday In 51'prmb>n .Tuty. ronf be made within Ih. State, It may be riMirt. or wood cause shown for than failure too shall be th* wwaw.r1 iruardfan if there b* on*

United States : on Indexed copy of the Constitution within not tesa than ten nor more than Mudison County. Hceond Monday. In Octohrr.r mmle .r". any J.""., cleric nr deputy . ftl> nme within such timi Any such afTIdnvit In the Jurisdiction uf th* court, and shall Investtitatu -

of the State of Florida a copy of the thirty days after the rendition of lt. decision nilmhl. County. Fourth .n.la In Or to. of 5I1 .r .f r..1 or United Rtatwir'ommis no filed shall b*> aeeompanled by a eertlflrate and make answer under oath to the
treaty of amity settlement and limits between anil Ir"n.ml back to the lower court the record her Monday .lnnrr. or nt. public or Justice ofthe nf rrninnel' of record that such afTMavft' pet II..o a* tu the fntfifMt committed to hi.*

the Unlti'd State* anil Spa n of February 22nd, in said cause.S jtuwannee, County. Second In No pcnr of this State, and th. certificate nfn and! apriliratlon are msde In trood faith, amitbe raw, and shall receive such' compensation from
H19 the Acts of Congress of the Critd c J. .'m II I liws and part of laws In eon rnher.Lafaytte. Monday < Vn'iw| *dtfrmnt of proof shall be under the fuel Mat**! an a basi for mnklmr, tho sail th- estate a. th'* court may deem reasOnable

Statea; in rilatinn, to the establishment of a n.t with Ihl..t be. and the same are hereby Count". First Ttiesdsy, after the 'uid of he.the court or of th. officer, .the case a ftfdnvlt Mhall I i he supported In ntihManre bv Any party InUrvsted hall haw the right to

territorial i/o\irnmcnt in Florida the .'of repealedSic fourih, Monday In November.. mnv n'Tids'lt, of at Ifint two rsrtilaht. eltixen of 'I lny the alli-uationN uf th., petition and the In*
I into the (1'n on of Stat ; 't/ Thl..t .h.1 take effect upon IUIai 8er* 2. All law and of Wilh.. This State but Within the Unit. the eoIttslnot, nf kin Ui defpndant nr enunHidr HUI HO made hnlI be tried, before the Jurfic,
Conitrevs admitting
part In .
,.._ .., n.'. ____.. _... "___fP u.. ". . me nereniianf.4ir .F i. r tinlucut MIIII jaw or shall
ami' 01 mm 5Ct. .llh thi Act ".. and the same hernly the cami
See-1-. That the work prepared an directed \ppr..d May 23, Vl m. repealed made"'atm"lhn.t this madr claim "hit 'wi.hln'th"I l ;; < r. TI,nt, nib ln., and parts a,f laws In 'liteifiiiae, whether any fcWh real ntgts ur any

provided Sic 1 I I. .f". ,,rifllet h* rwith b*< and the henbrr ptirttiiii of the same shall he
In thiB Act. when eI11 annotated' as "'VlI'T9R7R12-t'o. 80.r' >. Th s \e shall ts.nam. effM'tlve Ira .' 'lard., ..,appointed by gis. rnor nf this stat sam< are taken into theiMihNiMHinri
tl. NdMr of
in Section I nf (' 0"1".t of 1915 mi-'lifttfly' upon pAssair aripnval by r Judtf ., of of r' Ihe admin strator an ousels uf theestate
I be printer, under the supervision of the AN ,\ t. 1",1.1. f.. .Proeeerlin Supple-' th.- i.... roar Approved M.".no U. 1'Jl'J.7)MS. .the .rn"... a State or. of any ,t.any t.. torrftory. 1 TtlM? Aet nhall l .eomo all'eetlvu. unIts and and when MU Matihe ami no irood
.hRI m. nl.ry to '" "mu herrimlni law. June r< ii'.n l,, um hn.\ii r
A Approved I.
In twooltiien I -- ," U. lOIS| ''ort irmay inak*
comminsionrr .ni. ".r having seal, before
.p the ,. of the Kuteof a or a notary
: .r"t In".', of the Ptatntm cnn, 'lo.Z '0" tn Its It F.ot.d by Leiclslature CTfil'sTER ) .--(No. Ml. ,". ,"r.t.. justice of the r>*>.< *, mikft* r in chan an order lliaA. the administrator lax* txMseftiun *- S

;i\ so. Jo.,. I' ,' tvj>v. Myle, .1 'ii I l.,i-i'ii-r, .thu flnrdiai after 0 AN \ rT fJennlnv and FinIng the T-rHt, .l lI ft ry, or renrij nf del l*. of such rlfVTpfl 7MB1 No. 71)N '.1' such real .Ut* ssi a**MM for th* paym -
Section I. .%t any an etecut'on r..I.I. \ 'I CT! Ki-latlntr; to flervfn* nf PrfXiens ,,( s.C debt of
.. Cmml.one pine! direct. lo.hands of sheriff fmit and 1."n.l.rl. nf the T.ntl Jtidlnsl .'ntr. nr d .rifle hax, inC *n offlci fTpon thu dfctt.l.'nt. nn That then shall be printed of the shall h.. bran in tinattuned.any firruit. ,. : C re*tin* "."' ..1. I.rlt"p "". of anknowletirm: Miners and fluardlnn ad lltem. and Pr>- i.fnwn In poHMCMSion, tlu rvuf, or any part uf

J\ work prepared"' direcl'sI in thisct.. a tuff of ,inns State and! .tu.n.d Ju.tital,, ,. rlr.i., I."e.ln" for a -*>of.n. Ih....11. the, seal nf the or v ill n if for the, (Turlnir of flefieti of flurh the, same, huldinic under the duoedent. aiirren-
attorney rlr.1 court
In ewecutlnn anent or .n.l. or
r eient number of copies' bound, In full .h >en the pl.'ntlf' and ftl In the court from /I'S'!"..- '' Attorney In the T.'h IYr.' ....h,1 .cane may be.f Service.He 'Ii I r i'"> a* iHion of Hit* *atn* to the atlmmUtra
ufHci nt uf .Indicia) '* n-uit and and It Pinrt.d bf th* t melsiatun. of th Slate tor. A fur such order
or 111 buckram and a numb an affidavitaifirminw 1.'I"n. Flxlnic f It n Fr>r iifn Coun tries If thr knowlerlv % shall have bern *nt.r*
e"..bOl.o In panvr 00'.". t meet th. n..b hlch, such nuch.furt.II.n an.! 1.I.d.aUo said .te.u- 'r*. Time. for. 1"1 the Court In Circuit > i t\n\ I Tbe ronr** of this itarr shall b' ** th* only
of the Iate and of the public numbr outMtaidmir. and also stating rl.,1 It may t. mst.b'fnr.' ariy r"mml".I..n. m ci-itMitry party in any court or to
be fixed by the Hoard of '. fion. riwjilince,IB vslli, and of the defendant and ih<* pta n. IU It E.srid: by th LevlsUtiire. s f the Plate ' Heeds apt '.U''.d by the ';""nor nf this l..i'n ,',rhit'rt, ion t'f mtri'>rM whn the original pr,, w State and the tn.uml en'> and 'I.e .I Il.iridaiC. vs rit i.f suhfof na la chancery or summons atC p's.ion uf want, dccvdvnt
I""t..n. be enttimI l to hv from 'I*** t/ in suh country or before any In sail real estate.
l btold by the I.'tf 'rn 1 th rtut'on; ,,. 1 The T. 0th .r..1| rircutt .f the .11. M'ion'T, >nd>,ifn In common law action, a* the u.n Iii ur.jt-ct: 'Pn.si.t,
th foi-T, ovtr e >pie Ih.1 .. Siioi. of said Court an order r"i, Sscm'tary l .,t Sate at a price not t. xceil defrndarits in cai't, *-'fvtjti', n toh st- "f F. .,"'''H. I hi -toforc. any \mtiamiador. ea>" may be. I Is served by radlnir the wr t oriirnrTiri4 debt of
Twrlth' ,llara: .KIJOOI pert fur the 50. eTa )I., f.anil rvlant or.. in raj,- the r-"i'J' nenf ,|..- rfl. S l'-f.<. IS.. n fa and Las. .hal Ite t n oy Ritraoflinsry Minister, Pl" -nip, *>tnnry. ; t'. he M rvrd to the mmoor, minor thv i lyn.i, nt f 'I'| i t of th, sjomt. nt, or tu en-

or buckrnm Ujund cupiva and not t.. cited ( iiPtM' in the unty ,in wHirh thi ''.mi'--' '! of the ".unt of "I'olk . sal \1,1.. r* mmi.t'i' >nfr. Charge l \f. tn trf* served, and aNo to the iruar'tian' or othirr ft.reiiIf --y, in i ,i. rh.. r.-Hi mmiv by thv di-cetWnt.
i I. c .
f p'lant ,
Elirht !p. ar 1'' ".'"" p. set for t > i>.p -reo'.ut 5.v'ata'd. before the Judtr of san,1! r.tirt.n.r. _I, r v ilnr t.rm. .f Circuit, Court. shall '.1.... .n..1 ';.n'rl. ("n.I. Vlee Consul. r.,.n In whocare or en, ioly such minor or I thuestate I'm' o t i.> 1nr the po Mesion of real

5'<, u> lived by (? ti.4- 'nmmsionrr, d.I".." in said orl*>. in. h* ''d ,it. ach y'ar In the m.linly .f Pold.n nnlar. Aint.. ii, any ','h.-r r>tr>I"matlc or minoni may i.e or by a '!.livnry of a> cot,y a. a r, 'i. in preference lit the sale uf
Inm i .t' ns and thu funitmw the Tenth Judlcfsl, Cimiit, ther,f to such minor or minor and iis'r.i..nsl'y. tin
ii.nT* -tat .. ,n'I in the ri-sid*>nre of d-f*>nilant .is ,tn an t b nsulr Ottierr of the ffnlt**! RtaU. *pr *jtnt* tn hiw, *- ourl map oruVr a sale of the
rivtd frf-n the sale tlirreof shall be paiU, InU .., then eom commUuiloo r k own .ih* Spring and t all T.r. > d *o r* Mf in soeh eOllnt. military or naval her* or their ,tr>,ir'lian or other torso nin who,, tt'r.sue, to. or the taking p4Mwittun of the
'ha nlp.
the < .*tin! f'.rvvnuv tun. of the tftau.Se .is'tta', r ". ii in said, bror. that other county The String Term of tins CIrcuit C"or of fl..r ...hnr..1 by ... or Amclr ot care or ristht.| such minor or m nor rnny !>., n.'ai ua* a--ct., ur make such other order

, I T1 a .tt. Hoar of t.mml. and place sttecinefl In saul .r'l. r and the said' Tenth Judicial Circuit shall eommfHre Wr of Inl' H .. ** tn perform th do- and hy further "ervlnu th. wrt nr sumrni-n an may C&'l "*r must fur th* b-ont uf th
sfonert !1.t Institution, 1..d .t a tIme to examined concernina ,n the einty of Polk on the second T.d. f .H nf N..t. Publle and certificate of 'It '.0 th. uuanlian a>l (item then after appoint-, late Miid tbr parties tnU>r.ttftj. **-
the Bo.rl 'I i.n an ) there D blI" n Mr-h In tar). and e'.. and lh < (f by ' H. .
numt.r, f-M' 'to pnnted. ry .* *- I 'nnwtrftfm' o proof under the rinirt t > represent said minnr or rnln. 4 Thai i arciiun 44111 of the
\ of Cutm .. ". State Ifntitdti-.ns, shall [ t .y The order for shall b T- rmit saul Court shall commence on the ..1 of the elf.*.. b rs I'rovldiMl that servIce of poem on th* Siil'trS, of the Utau- of Florida be General

, .. '"I "'Dt..' for pnntmtc. and faindmirof srd$ c 3. the p.ld ..t flft* second Tueaday ,. Oetuber In each and every He 2. All ."hl..lt and acknowl.rfirni.nt.i ., sandman *
.r 4 A( ra. sbatt r imre of tile |>.. upon the lIme.f.nd.n. varnination.sad y.. 'tsrt'tofon m.". ,In the mafn.. *e 4419 Sal,, fur I ay.no $ of IisbtaAt
hiker a acid .IIne.en, toad In such .um
5554. ou". m.' think tInoTasm tv,h faith- 'provioMt for service of subptwn. be created which hall be e. of ,h fU*. '. That atl I I.** .of law* I.i ten at i "inu *.t a* mardian md litem Cot, tm.in ,;4ta snail has. bce., is.l In the In Swe..

.Vial t.rferasans. of bib 0" I. eorL dosCSoatiCit i, manner The euunloattoa) provki i fee e I eooaUea of l>.doU> suid L** t ao4 shell .i, tonfllet with thia Act, b*. and the same a"i t i My, minor or mloorm .00,1 Ii, lbs soon of the sounty judaie and einst so
loan _
..00. a p".. 0 .

-'-'-.''. f .- :___ _._- _ -
C-L .
. -- ... ---- .. --'. -- --"" ,_ .9_.- - - -- ,
"_' - A. J "


' l C' IWGE snr: -

; the townahlp lineUmnnhaw between Thence rut the south boundary of (124)), twenty-five (25) twenty-six ((28). twen ty-two ((22), twenty-three (23)), jweet.i(24i

.' t' '. order entered th..ln for the administrator hit and u.. pound net In such waUra shal Th.nctftiMt citing)( I42' and U3M.uth ) ration .Ion.( ). In twnhlp thirty t".n ((27). twenty-eight (2HI. twenty-nin ( twenty-five ((26)), twenty-sIn 1261 :
forty-two .
, d'ct.d.nt pIecing auch net make ."p".ton t ) 'I2III thirty (SOI I. thirty-one ((3D), thirty-tw' ty-seven 427)). twenty-eIght 120)). twen:
\ bq to tak poe.Msi' of real estat of the 1.lu. thirty ,Tin) ,- nrh. nine ((39)) south, range forty (
lit cantO t n\m .
, , tho adminiHtrator may. without further notlc.. the .h..1 l.h commisnloner, of .dd..I of towfihhlp forty-threw (MS) .out Huufhrast( corner of said section ( (1921. '. (S3), thirty-four ((84)). thlityflve 429), thrt.y ((80), thlrty'ons 131)). ti
the sal. .. forth the name and .HHt corner of CI5). thirty-six (06)1 ::121. thIrty-three (lilt), thlrty.four (It '
fur the east
cL. AZ flip hi* pvtitlnn, ofrc aiwh court .tnl IHOI, ciwtThi Wonce north along bund. al
. pm, o I" it is, ..nd",1t 't f ngttttirty thlrtl ty-five ((85). thirty-sIx ((36)) also
.n.I thi I In ( ), range ;
L t of auch nrnl! ,e.tRl.. nr any portion thereof such other informalioiHH ncr nouth along the range line betwelO m>ctl"n thirty-one 1311) to the qutr to"nahll 'ort.f.e
J by rt-fernco .. f rmer I..hn. or otherw.ne. net sueh rot and (:tOt und thirt -on. ((81)) e-uit turner on the east boundary of said section Ii." : In township forty-five ((481 ramp.' I
thnty t
,t Mate the rtmHinmir, .. . ,debt D? th. .h..1 flflh .commiwioncr. may require. or rjiitwiH, of townnhip .thirtyoni(81)) siclons one I 111 I t, two '1:11.:: > three I 3I), four IH II' I SOIl
. t the ...-*eL.-. and *ipon, the mcwwuty, for nucaal of thirty-oni' ((31)) . ; Thi-nci. taut throUKh th" middle of (Mi.' ), ( (7. .1"
i.f.'. I Uollara I I. hereby Imp.' I'M ,- .th rcnKi Ill .. ( ). Ill five 16)). six ((8)), seven ((7 > >
IvMiity-fU. .
t! Unix ..ta..l.Nhei| to the Cticfftctiln Cf 'I along tho ".wn.hlp line WtwiMicnr.hii thirty-two (:) I th ..section er..r"n nine SI. ten 110)), ( i.
.41 the court Hftli rmiy ...I..o of urh real.1.ta' F iumi iarh anJvry net net or tined Tht, n tt.t .t Lommissione forty-thrfc (31.
L' t iiiul'U' t the wri.ll IUh t I.\ rory. ((18)), nlmlein thirteen Ill), fourteen ((14)), fifteen
t ur Hiii-h .n thereof an may tj.noe"*- 0 "1. tout huast two I12l teen 1161 .n..n ( ,,,
Kary $ ..> I".r" ) .h Hie purposive ..tnt.cd.I 1. 'ho f'o, ti" i ml tFt, if lii.' n hi 11 flsh fund. mUrf.riilf I i..'ir i'IH I t forty-thrw Houth t. I.I south rsnucthirty. Thvnce north along the ..t boundary of ((191) twenty. ((20)) twenty-one ((211. twen.y.tWt tetn (tlfl). seventeen ((17)). eighteen : I . *.

", court .nxiv, ", )howi-wr. requIre ... of the i*. Sec. 4"v' 1..1 oltHtructintr i>r under 'townnhip Hvctlun thirty-two i t2t) northeast .Dr ( ((22)). tw..nt.lh. 123) twenty-fou teen din twenty ((20)). twenty-one ,,,
I t
' tit Ion "r Hiile. ,if it .hal "" not.' that tapne or t ./ with: ,n> ,pound, ml ...Inbl.l"d 1 oftitt't.C th l utM Thi i:.tl > ''tut nouth: alontr thi* range lint bftwwTniiu'iH tier of said sectIon thirty-two (182)) 'i24i.' twenty-five ((26)) twenty-six ((26) twer tv-two ((221 I, twenty-three ( 23)), twin > -

.1. time or other .hln", In the .11u".n.. i'..,.viu'"f, thm \. ) h. .uly ncc thirty.ntMil: I cnxt and thirty-two 4321| Thvnce put along thu north bund. oration ty.even ((27). tw.nt.llh ((28)) twentyDinUin. 124)), twenty-five 126)) twenty-six (U8 'ties.

.' -o aeem ,,|iiire. If any p<'mm Inters led i In .iifl.T ami puniiihiaccortl.U,. .*tfvct immed the Kouthwcflt corner of township fifty thirty-three ((881. (34). thirty ( )I. thir".n. ((31)). thirty-tw' ty-seven 127), twenty-eight ((2KI, twenty 104iJli.
I the i-stfite hall nt .n time, before the *a1day. .1.'c i4. c ft 'n..t fthall t law. ni-t tn j I and after notice, )to the administratoi, ".t i .1)!
", ahow the court that it In to the Interest c1hc \ '1tt.r..s'd June 7. 1\1 I..wn.h" fifty-fnur. (ltdt> Mouth and flfty-fivi Thence north along the east rwundarii-s osections ? to.n.hll Ihlrp..n Ill), range thlrtl ty-flve (861.) thirty-six (86)( : also
thnt portion nf the real estaile ) | twenty-four ((24)). In township thirty-nine <(39), rsngr t)
e.HUif* any 786L--No. 78). south to the of townshIp tw.nty.nv. ((251.' 1 ly
> ..10 In pn.I. rence to that 0,0..0 atihl. th. ( \PTEK! the Sale( Concealment O:, .r i-four ((84> mouth.uthe.t range en.thlrty-lwo ((82] thirteen (etl.) twelve ((12)). and one ID) to th "section* thirty-one ((81)). thirty-two ((82)). nine ((89)) :

.- m.y rt\fiko lie original, od. direct \ \ At I I' t I'.h.bl lersonal Property by an], Ill) northeast of township tblr.nln. ((3V) and thlr.thr. (18) ; also Sections twenty-five ((26)), thlrty-flvi 'ill

\ p a sale of Hitch other portion IM it may deem UwiHsHitlon, I'enon.r any Corporation In Whom the Thence Mouth ftlonif the range line b..n south' range forty ((40) etIThence In ((88)). range thlrtjSections and thirty-six ((86)) ; also

bint. I Iro. u Thereof is not and thirty-two (32) ..ut and writ along the north boundary o' .''x t36) : In township forty (40)), range thirty -il
Sec. ,. That Section 242ft( of the OeneriStatute Hun Kill Til. Violation V..P. rnnrft-j the corner thlrp.lh. section ((1)) the comer of three ((8)), four ((4)). five ((5)). six ((39) :

., of the, State of Florida bo .m..nd.d Provldinn 1'.n.IU. for l lslatara of S.I. i.)3i:) .t (ftftt tn I south.outhw.t to\n.hlp((88,) one on.((1) ; t north..t 'I6I. eight IS), nine (9)), ten (10). eleven (11)), Sections one ((1)), two ((2)), three ri ,
ao ,. tn read a* follows : It Kmrted: the .. 81.ts (f".I.. nnl. thlr'.th. ton south to the quarter section corner thirteen ((13) fourteen ((14)). fifteen ((1 5). sixteen ((4)), five (I), six ((6)), s.ven ((7), eight ,
l I 2420. Real in Different, Count ta- of FUridat Th.n. ((22)) ((28)). nine ((9), ten ((10), eleven (11)), twelv.
F.tl That from and .fter th* paaa.nof Thcnre I rant along the town hip line on west boundary of said section one ((1) : lit). twenty-two t".nt'.th.
.. When the real entate of a decedent ,m situate i. shall unlawful for any perm.n U'WnshiiiH flfty-flve ((68)) south and b Thrnee wet through the middle, of section twenty-four 124)). twenty-five ((2t, twenty-el thirteen ((13)), fourteen ((14), fifteen III) sin.ti'i'n .
.. Act it twi-fn
\ in a county or ..unth. other than that from b who U in poastsion or: ty-six ('G6)) nouth to the southeast comer or: two (2)) to the quarter section corner on west ((261.' a.id thirty-six ((86)) ; also ((16)), seventeen ((17)). eIghties (lOt, ,

.. I . .hirh lettera of adminintratinn wore ",.nt personal firm or corporation" under and by virtue or tuwmhip flfty-flve ((55)) south range thirty boundary of said section two (2) ; In township thlr.nln. (I-IB), range thirty loOn ((19), twenty ((20)), twenty-one ((21)). loin,

st. the proce.din". for the ponn-wuiion and .* tiny Prl' sal. or otberwtsiwhere r (34)) ; Thence south on west boundarIes of ..lon six ((36) : ty-two ((22)), twenty-three (281. twenty tsr
.Q 1\( ...h nut rUU- provided for In Sections 2418 any contract the title, .ndltu..1 property dtm "ur south.t along the rmntte line between two (2) and eleven I ill) to the quarter Section one ((1) I also Iii), twenty-five ((25)), twenty-aIx ((281, twos.ty.Iieven .

(. and 2411) may he had In the circuit court or in the t .1 prn.1 conceal Dr Thence. .thirty-four ((34)) east and thlrtylvi corner on the west boundary of section eleven In township forty-two ((42)), range thirty (2T). tweniy-eigni (UHI, twenty u*
court of the county Judite in any county not vint I"- .1. .n" ((291, thirty ((30)), thirty-one (81)), thirt ,e.
r .. of such without 11 n* to the southwest corner of township .fiftynine ((111 ; six ((36) :
: I where ntirh real ,tvtst ao .Itut. upon diHfMwe having' the written'... consent pr"ry the pemonpernonH. .t, ((69)) south range thlrty-flvo ((3ui east ; Thence w..at throuich the middle' of section, Suctions (I23i., twenty-four ((24)). i ,121. thirty-three (83)), thirty-four (34)) i Ir. 'F
i I Iaurh In twenty-three
i' the .dminl.t.. of such nln" (firm or then ha v inn or Thence eat along the township line kwtwfertownnhUm ten ((101 to the quarter retion corner on wet twenty-five ((26) twenty-six. (28) and thirty ty-flve 136)) thirty-six ((86)1 also
hi. .o""nlo.
court a duly authenticated ntatnlnir the bona lido to such personal nfty-nln (69) south and sixty (ItO]) boundary of auction ten ((10)) ; al.o In township forty-one ((41), range F Fti..

) letter* of administration, .. the and. much other' PIpera property tHI> sell dupone.tl.0?. or conceal th touth to the ..uth..t corner of township fifty. Thrnee south on went bould.r of .lon. six In(1301 township) ; (43)). range thirty. nine (13li) :
may 'ort.t.
r"f See and 10.prnreedintrn That Siftlon. .ur the OenenStatut .Q"I. Main... nmo, (B9l' south range thtrty-slK (lOt east : ten UOt and fifteen (lilt) six ((36) : Sections fine (II. two (2\ three ' .

Thence south along the range line bftweerrnnifcw tier of section MIDI thirteen ((18)fourteen ). (five (61. six ((6)), seven (7). ei.M, o I'
Q of amendeao ( ((4)
: ** of the State "orld. tH p .\ ft or corP..nit Th'n..t south of Sections one ((1)). tw.lv. (21.
l .
i c ny person I..n. r (16)) pant and thlrty- ever on
; rnii nrH" thlr..lx bund.. twenty-threo ( ). twenty-fou nine (lilt. ten (It). eleven (ill ). tw I i r
to : M..lH'e. thi pruvlHlonx (tilt I
rolow. the "' whn ritiMll i :'i? i i' nnuthwiwt .01.' of towruihirHftynine I Inn Hlxtcrn ((16)) to the corner olM'rtlon (81). and thirteen Mil. fourteen M4I.) fifteen US' 'I.|
2421Wh'n deemed null ((26),
.. I (24i.' twenty-five thl.t.n.
.f thl..t *
'n.oh.nt.-Whn One sixteen
. i mn .1.1 ((5iM\ south ranire thirty-seven ((37!, ((16) ; Mll seventeen (171.) eighteen 'I l '
, ." . t\ "r n mMrmeannr u.n .. Th,'licc south on the oast boundary of section .
I"r-1.I Inir proMded for In Serllon HUH I and 2419 --linll !I.,. pnnUhid ano Imprisonment, In .t the southiaat of avctioitwenty township forty-fnur ((44)). range thirty tin (141 i twenty (20). twenty-one (21'vttt'o '
hfnre en.t along' the townnhip hetwveitnwnMhltm I twenty corner '
tl twenty-three ((21). tw '
In. ((22), n
the nnd of the real entatehall 161 months. (
iMutM.fr.inn nix >
not exceedunr sit '361 :
ru .I. miintv' J 1",1 1201(
I ftftv-nlne huh) and souilli : ""
1. six ((6) Ill, twentv-six ( > -
twenty-five *
i l I" hud in mMftlnn! other pro\iitions or xei-.il.nir Five Si ciittc one ((1), four (4>. five (8) i ti.
fln. Ooln.
i.i' : 4 law for rHttNmcnt, of tnnolvent entatenSec .. *.ffni tt.t| orii. n or. . fight, ((81. nine (III. ten ((10)), cloven (v-ivin ((27). twenty-eight I2D. tw.n'v -.

'r I II I Thnt Seclififi, 2123 of the f.eneraKttttntirt Th'ncinorthriuitcrly lu,'ntv I 1211 I nnd nln..t'n I ftfll I to I the south.uiiM 111.' twelve ( (12)) thirteen I 13'. f.t.n ((14)). ("n. thirty ((101. thirty-one ((111 I tl i" rc
) of the, Stale, of Hnriiln !I". nmvndeino "":,r T.iN A,*t fhnll ,.1. iT.-ct Immedtut ocean to the point where the H *ctlor and rnrner of ...t.n ... ((1ft) : ,(urn Il5i.' sixteen ((16)) seventeen (17.) ((121. thirty-three ((31), thirty-four ((11 ' '

} to rend n- follows; ,Iv ill 'tot-*' nut l nniroval hv the In. t".tw..n ...tl.n. t".n..r. (21) Thcnre north the range line lntwrr'irunv.i. iuhtein ('IHI.) ninilirn ( 1111 l twenty ((21)). iv-flve 101) thirty-six (16)( ; also
Wi 24UM. : Hal"*"* liv Arlm n.Mralnr or ('ommic- rf:; ** rote.uium" r njMm, it. I" ."mln. a law without tuenty-two ((22)) in twn.hip It.lu'". (T.iHimth ) thlrtv-nlne 119)) and forty < tot> cant t tv.er.ly.one I l"i I. twenty-two 122)) twenty Tn township forty-two ((42)), ran ?
) line
( (
} tiioni. SRI,. of 1.1 l HlAti under "filers ..rt Buch Mny 20. IIID. ,milnced rnntre intc r.r".on. shore.of tho Atleolitttc.tin the northeast corner of township thirty-sever three ((2)1.: I two"ty.I.ur (.Ml.I twenty-five (JM). nine (30) :
court mny IM m8'' r-y Ito aInlnotrntor, or Hti "t'P".0: i .) ni<.' r:171: south rentEr thirty-nine (sDI rant to the ((2Hl,, twenty-seven ((27), twenty ScI.irs one (l'l, two (2), three ( uill.

? coitini.KHinner to IM* appointed by the court rilM'TFR 7"*I1 -fNo 70)S )) > north through the midille of town- point of bvtrlnnlnir first nhov.enumerated ,t."ly.MI( ). twenty-nine ((2U. thirty ((80). I five 1111). six (6). seven ((7)) < u )I'' '

I Thi, fi en for Hervleiw of nuch cnmrnlnHloneahull \ PltiniT the Slut, t,. of I" ni|* Tleclftlm- Thence fiftv-four. 1631. Sec 2 That ,section I n of charter HIM of thirty-one 2i ((111: Ih"ty.tw." (MJI.' thlrtythreil nine (ill. t..n llOi. eleven (Mil.) twi'vIhlrtien '
Hhipt ( fiftytwtr
bi* nllnwul b the court not to exciftnix "11 r.'lnrlcit Drnlnniri1Tiiftlrtrt (64)) Ity.thr. > the of Acts 'if lilt. 'thirty-four I 1.14): t thirty-live ((36)) and fifteen 'M'I ,
'I I ) .i| Wi.rku of the F I _' t nouth In ran ( ) <- t. to tttenorthintit ) I.. Flnriln. .mpnd" l 111: I, ) llll: fourteen (ill) l :
t.1 dollnrn fnr inch tiny employed" In the Kale .l I I'n.ulit.j.I ft, I I" ftle or f.R.. of" rury..n. .41 )..In town- liv Section I of Chapter fV!'H7. laws FIl. thirty-six ((36)) also hun MAI. seventeen M7I. eighteen I n l"t>-

,\ and tU didlHfH Fur ,arh df-ed .*....1,0. to rxtavnl Thereof.Me a,0 htp flf ty-two corner((62)) range forty-one (Mil iiln. Apt. of tOin be anti) the name I hcrxbl 'In township I.ly.Ir I'Ir... rangu thirtymx li.tn ((111. twenty ((201.) twenty-one ((51)) tw.r'

", nn the court arm.I' direct.Approved It .'n.rl hr the l.ptiiluturuof< 'Ih* Stuffof i iitt .uth. amended! to rend an followH : (ISOI) : tv-two ((22). twentv-three ((211.) twenty i(211 i-

i f June ft, 1111.CIAITF I Fhrriila. : Thence .'nttt along the townHhlp line between Section B, For the purpose of conMtnietlnircnmpletinif Hurt ions one II), two .i2) twve (81 four: twenlv-five (261( twenty-nix 1261. tv

V45t.--No. 7H' 8ertion 1 Thm mien, I tiltr., M the Mte of UiwnHhlpH (1811) south and flfty-twn nnd maintaining tho worka of ((41) five ((51.) six (6)) seven ((7)). eight ((8), tv-t-eien (271 twenty-eight ((2R twenty-r' it*

AN ACT Sec Ho ( or the (.n. 1'nII.' bus 1 In nil Nunmcrtred nit or low Inndn ,ir>J. Kouth It.n.Ih..oulh.t corner of township Irninnire anti reclamation hereby aiithortrerlfor nine 191. ten (10)). eleven ("I.) twelve ((12). 1011 thirty (101.) thlrty-'inn ((111. th rty. n a'IRI tlie. irml.lon. nf the the heneflt and protection of the lands' Ir, fourteen ((14), ( sixteen ((121. thlrty-lhren (Ill, thirty-four ('141. 1'' r
>rnl 1 Stuiut.-K f Morl.la Jtelntmtr, to Capiae n"thra<.1 und.'r I | nTty-one (fill) .olth. range forty-one ( east ; thirteen ( ) .n 151.
\< "nnd I Arriiltrnmenl. Swnmp Land rmnlrl nf S."tm." 2ft. 1SRO, Thence north alongthe ran if e (1. said' II..I.t. annual assessments. of law* .h.1 116))(31.. (17)) eighteen (1M). nine ts-flve ((161. thirty-six ((16)) : also
I .. becomeInitinti bp hereby levied and ] ( twen. In township forty-three ((411. range thirty-
lie It Fnnjrfo't hy the I rgllntur of the Stat.t whirh have may' h..8r. rnnir** forty-ono ( lit) and forty-two ((42) east.tIn ar Imported A1 t.'i'n ( ((20) twenty-one
1 ,' or reclnlmed' by the works the corner of the land within ..10 distrIct an follow. t. (1twe.t( ) ((231 I I. twenty-foul nine ((10)SectionS
nf Irridat norh..t t.n.hp nt".n.
title That described lands t.t"o '26'. I wentyseven one (II), two (2), three ('). four
DiHtrlct to twenty-six
nf t he -. Prolnatre All l t range ( "i: upon f"lowln. ( twenty-five ((26)
Section I. 'lint 1 ftertlnn of the GeneralSttituliM .. .outh. f.ry.n. ..t
;; of ,FNirfi'n, bi. nnd !RI. here vhlrh, In nmv in thi stoic of Flnrlrla. is hereby Thence eant Ih. .. (1 bund.l.ol ..ld'dl.I.I.t. all .In. lo.n.hlp south ( twenty-eight ((2BI. Ivventv-nliu (4). five ((8). si* ((13), seven 171. eltrht Si.)
name of the Internal Imr of the TnltahaHflee parallel earl (7. 1311. th rty-lwi nine (0). ten MO), eleven Ml ). tselve ill'
; by amendul to nnd follows I't1 \cnti-d, In the trimtrt ,. thlr".n. ( thlry.two ( ..) .d .nd range ((2111. (SO), thr.n.
4 t I'' 1 n ,".'rnrnt Fund, to h. hetil' edminititered.I .lon. '. ( . (1. ((50) south of the TnllahajiHee meridian, t.wl: (1321.) thirty-three ( thlr.r.ur (J4I, thir th'rtec-i Mil), fourteen (14), fifteen till six.tren .
Jk Section :'I'Jfl'i. Ciriiim and Arrnlunment. A?. ".M I or axed by them a* p.vll..' herein of range forty-two ((42)) rant, to the southeast In township forty-two (2)). ranire thirty ty-flve ((361. thirty-six (SO) I (Mfii seventeen (tIll. eIghteen (lOl.) mn: .'.

L. t-r .ny rwrtitn nhii'l! le Ind rteil f
I' for n nittli mi nn",. rr atu-r n-i informationahnll which have been or not be wholly north ol l".twn t2"t. twenty-three (2H. twenty-fmr
I n.t wi a'.n" th. bund. Sections twelve. (12). thirteen ((11) four. six ((36)) :
W" _, ) ) be filed' n >ninr, him. >r he l not already oso! I'venM'.five (26) twenty-six (26). tacit
Hrnlned' bv the .drainaire of Evenrladt said section thirty-three ('IT) to tern 1141( twenty-two '122) tw"I.thr. (21) Sections one (1) and two (2) : II.11.) )
I 1M' In eiiMnHy n ,nn',. .hnl t.eii. fir his arrrct rirnlnnve DUtrfer the Trnntf.fi of the Internallmproement section post on east bund.r of said Qu.ro.thlr twenty-four ((24). ((2S1. twenty-all In township thirty-eight ((3$). raiiio thirty."Iseclions t .Tvrn '1271. twcntxolght ((21). twenty Mr.

and .hal lie, '{1'i inTl'd it'I 1 nnd 1 nlnirulur the Fund hereby nnthorlited tnronttnirt three (III) ; < ,. tw.nt.nv.)27. 14)). thlr- ) : ("41, iMrtv ("0)). thirty-one ((11). thirty tw*
T t .. .1 1'ie' iog". ..r Flnrliln. nnd when ,tich nililttionnl, wor!,. nn me,. In thojiidrment Thence cast throiurh the middle of ...t'on.' ty-flve. twenty-seven(. &I. and thlry.four( : 'nineteen ((1C). thirty (lIt). thirty ("i'i. tMr'-Mhr-n) ((11). thirty-four ((14)). thil..fl.e '-
the ir r.nI I tory w'.nll) hti.. nrurnti'd the of the nd! tmttnii. ndvinnhlp! forerimj thirty-four ((34.) and thir-f.. (Tilt) to the In township thlry.lx((40)), range thlrty-twn one (1311. and thirty-two (S2a1.0: (T.I thirty-six (86)) ; also

'! t efrrult Court n 11 of 10.I"m.n. for felony letely rlrnlnlntr nfiM, Ian" .. ami when sold Hotitht'AHt corner of th. w..t half of the (I!) : ror, Township thirty-nine, (UK), range thirty In Irwnrhlp forty-four ((41)), range thirl

) and t. ncciiMd I n .u..v.. court hell the ...1 of mtrh fidditionnl dralna.ro wnrlmnhnll ntrthwu'et .. nf said section thirty-flvi Stations twelve ( thirteen MS, fourteen seven ((37)) ISctiitns rne i II3) .
I ? cauie I lie arn .' .." tried at the he relnihumi'd, tn the tniRteefi' and then 15)j cuar. .1 flThenre ((141. twenty-two (21.( ), t..t.th. (21)) four (4)) five ((6). six ((6)) seven er"oni eno M I ), two (2). three (II, foe
n,*' name I.r tint rn t.n'.1 I rntiii. !I-c shown for a 'mll..',', .1.1 hi d npnucil of provided' north to the northeaflt corner of the twentv-foiir ((24). twenty(26)! twentysev.rn ((7)) eight (111.) nine (ill). fifteen I till' sixteen M). five ((8), six (61. seven (7). eight IS'

nontlniinnre fie Ju" .. nha' aptMifnt, inch herein In makln. such Kitten the trnateea may went half of the northwest quarter of sectionthirtyfive (27)) twenty-eight (28) (!">, ((161. seventeen ((17), eighteen( (M"'l. twenty n'nn' (9). ten (IA). eleven ((111. twelve M2''

y .4 counpi') In till rnpitiil ciiix-o where the defendant in their di"crtlon. retittunrrnnwem'nt. with ((3S ; thirty-two ( 21.) thirty-three tw.nl".nln.((83)). and thirty (1201. twnety-one Ill), twenty-two (2JI.) twen. thirteen (i'll. fourteen lilt). fifteen ((18)), id'

; Is liirvrnt| JIH ht .hl deem necewary. the purehnxer for unch lralnnire work. .may Thence west along the north ol four (341 : also ty-three I(231.> twenty-four (Ut I twenty-It" teen Ml), seventeen (17), eighteen (IS). nineteen

'f and .1.1 ill low *u deem ...h'.. ...h .,"to l>. paid' by the of "nId InmlH on .,nch terni a. they diemndvlnnnto to..Ion the northwiwt of thlr".rou. two ((12) : ror.n. twenty-eight ((24)). t..nt.nin. (t211.I thlrty I till. f-1-fv-.in. (HI ), thirty-two (32) at*

I. I;! mont In u Men the crime. van ."mmlte.I'm. ( corner .olon thlry.lour three (3) four (4), five (5). eight. two ((321 thirty-three ( I 114): ),. Tn township forty-five ((481, rang thirty
I. I .' '. bmtexer. ,, Miieh : f.ptl.n. .
l in rxrced V.. 00Appro "mN'n..lon, .hal SIM t, The IruHttf of the Internal Improvement (1141Thence north along the eattt bunlr of ( nln. (9), ten (10), fifteen (1B, sixteenseventnen thirty-five (CI6I., antI thirty-six (36) ; also 0:0: Sections'five, (99)
k7 any fund are hereby, atjthnrtr.ed to Hell convey section twenty-elvht ((28) to the '. (17)), twenty ((20) twenty-one (21)), In township forty ((40)). range thirtyseverSections (61. six (8). seven ((71. elghi'
veil June .
T l lflniilTKR norh..t
ttJ (*l. seventeen (17)). eighteen ((18). nlneteea
or lenjte. any and urh Innda aa aremtrnci.i HIT of suction twenty-eiifht, (120)Thence ) tw.nl.I.ht2MI., twenty-nine (20) thirty (37) :
.I twoS21.. thirty-three (33)) and one (II I. two ((2). three ((3). foul lull), twenty ((20). twenty-nine (20), thirty
fi .' under' nf thla Ant on went al"n" the north ol ,
I 7Mn.-IN". 74AV 11. prov'nlonii. "und.I. t"lr.'oDr nine ((8)). ten ((10)). eleven ((11). twelve, ("01), thlrty-ona ((31)). and thirty-two ((32
((14)) also (tilt)
I P ACT t Amend" 5021. I awN ofKInriiln. Kiich ti-rino.* In .1 manner nnil. ,I at ,unch time .'.U"n. twenty-eitrht ((2ft t, t..nt".nln. ((29)) ;
fifteen 1111',. also
h.pt. In town.hlp forty-two ((42)), thirty- (12)). thirteen ((13), fourteen 114))
HH they deem Rdvl..bl. and thirty ((80)) to the northwwt corner of salilflection
J M .
pprord 1 Ufi'i Entitled
p uno two (12)) twenty-two ((25)). tw.nt".th. ((21))I. twenty.four In township thirty-nine ((39)), range forty
"An "et to Iroclibfor Stay of Execution Sec. 4. The tnuiteen of the Internal' 'Improvement thirty ((30) In township fifty ((60)). :
fund hereby authorised and empowered south of range forty-two ((42)) east I one ) two (2) three (8). four (241. twenty-five ((26)), tw.nly.ol. ( JO). (In) :
of fn JIM, tire of the Peace f.lon. II.
S..nl.n. . PITInn.! Ii), south half 2 (8<4 21
IIn. ( si eight tel ( ) and thirty-six (36) : .1.t one
15.). ((61. seven
I Cour nnd ( ,tud.reV Courts'. sell inch reclaimed lands an .. Thence north along the rantce line between (7. thlry.nv.Ss. <
thirty srvhn'f ten ( *t in). eleven embraced herein written application forty-one (411 and forty-two ((421) cast nine ((0) ten (10). eleven ( tw.lv. ((12), forty-one ill), range
lie t:"..,.* by the of the Btat upon t ranirea twnhlp
(12)). thriven 'ID, fourteen ( It) Ifteen (181entvenc .
1..I.I.tur .
V I Florid purchan tho same and nil mnneva .r.ln. to the norhw.t corner of section nineteen thirteen (13) fourteen (14)), fifteen f1l.) .I ty' seven ) I
o resulting from the sale thereof appropriated ((19)) In ( ) south ol teen seventeen eighteen (1 ) nine Sections one ((1)), two (2). ten ((10). eleven t' (21). twenty-two ((22). twenty-three
Section I F'emonn ..on'I"J of crime In the and applied to and ,-.h.1 a partof range t.nhlp( ror.nln.411 e.t ; teen (fl., twenty-two 17.), twenty-three, ((111. twelve ((12)), thirteen (111. fourteen 111. ent,-'onr (24), twenty-five (21)

L L Juntlre of the pr."e rntirta or .county judir- the permanent ..hnl fund of the.m.state. of (21 twenty-four, twenty-five ((2ft, twenty-nix fifteen (ill). twenty-two CJ2I. ". '. t-venty--'x I2fl>. twenty-seven (27). twentyeltM -
I b .' .ou M. who nT".1 ha-e a pecuniary fine or Floridn.' subject to the of Thence east along the north boundary of (26), thirty 14., thirty-two 1231, twenty-four (24). twinty-flve I2C.I. twen.tysix l2t. twenty-nine (2n. thirty (10). thlr.
? utm of mom'* iwed or adjud'rud avainnt J hereof provisions Section sections. nineteen (19). twenty (20)). twenty- ((82) thirty-three thlr.n.8 thlr..rour\ ((34), thlr. ((28)) twenty-sewn 127)). twenty-eiirht, to-one ((31), north half thirty-two (N>4 321l )

t T the'm an fMin "'.m.nl. hall bitve the right on Sic. 6. The ntnte of Florida and one (21)), to the northeast corner of aueltontwenty.one ty-flve (86) and thlr.lx 151. ; .. '128)), thirty-three .1331: thirty-four .134) thirty- glen l

ir. ,Itelnir 1n*
'.\ or it..P.u. nr rrlnr to nuch ..". any time tttirh ret'tnlmed tnndti and to make and to cause south range forty-two east ; two (12) : In township forty-two ((42). range thlrt, (1(1) and thirty-seven (87) :
l'l t within 4q norfoin the time he I IK nentcnredto tie nI. anti en nd true ted thereon mich Ca.nd. Thence nort halnnff the east ".nd.r. olaertlons Sections nnn (1). two (2). three ((3) four seven ((37)) : fet. one Ml. two ((2). three ((1)), four ((4)fl.e

U : inn I h.* ra'd' fine anil rot or .. diries and other work aa necennorv ,'i'h'en lIlt and nine ( ((4) ( ). six ((6) seven ( ) right (01. one (111. two (21. three (tit', foul nt, nnrt sit (131 also

)J bail I fee the ravmerf of nttrh fine on.r'lt of and ne.Ntful for the may.." andreelnmntlon shin rur.nln. (491 south ranire forty-two nine fv.1., (10) eleven ((111(1. ( ( 1.II"n.'. (151. .1.h I "I. nine ID), ten Mill. 3 n tnwnshln forty-five ((45), between ranges

I T'l-or-crtit n* pwi l.l.-d In Sect on 4lq nf thf Iqndit "rh.. . to the.Matenf ((42 th. northenxt corner cf said section thirteen tilt' fourteen ((14). fifteen ((16)).(21. .I..n ((111.) t..I ((1JI. thlrttin ((111.. fourteen th' t"..lx ("01 nnd thirty-seven f*7> :

c.pmnil StniuleM nf I the Ktnte of rinrldn. andKiith Florldn a. swamp and overflowed tamln. nine (II) 1..n ( I13I. and seventeen ((17) : also ((141. fifteen t51. slitun Mill ...v.n..n. T'.IS o"e lit two (2). three ((3)). four (ii>

I rcrfonn 'onI.'rl' in the J nut Ire or cnuntv nnd nlso the right to construct and, mnlntaindikif Thence ..t alnnfr the noiith xiundiiHif* of In township thlr.nin. ((1!I))) range thirty ((171. eighteen I Iq,. teen I I'll tw n'y 'I) fl o (r.i nod >'x (lii : also

41 juHiMn' r.tr'. ehaM! not lie trnniiferred or *. i leveeff. IncltK or other artificial devlcifi sections three (ti). two ((2.) and,one (1) to three (31) : tenty-ttuii' t".Iv.tw. I 1221. tsvrnty- 'n i-1!"!* thirty-soven (17), between town

t14 irnrd n\rf the r"n.l.t l U ito r'r other "peranm for rem.lnt'nir' the level of InkeOl the Houtheant corner of uniil seetlon one ((1) ; .lon. one ((1)). eleven (11) twelve (12) three ((21))1. twenty-four ((211. twenty-five ((2fil. fh-s 'ortv-lbree ((411 and forty-four (441

t Il woetcln the en-inty- pr..o"' ... until thericplrntien nrhohee. I.nko Hicpnchoe nr other 'Ink. Thence no.h oboe t he east tmundarv of ( til. fourteen ((141. fifteen (IS), ttventy-six ((2i. twinly-scven ,2',. twentyeight Tot' mw Ml.I two (21, three ((1)). four 4''
N & if 4>q I, the ., ne ( .9') !. Ilil ty 'Inl. fit" 19). 'lx! ((6) and seven (7) also
l. r im (Iron such person within the nffectitl hy 'thin Art f. r Hiild' .,'rl"n .n. I M I II to the nrh.a.t corner 1\.n.n. Oil. twentv-two 122Iw.n' ((28)), twenly-n -
I si k "tin n *>*, nci| hv th. nnrtFtt the ,purpose.? commerce/or na'l. nU"n. dralnni, of ...lon 0"I H 1 : thr. twentv-six (26), twenty-seven 127.t.nt..I"ht th".ty."n. 111 I I I.I IMrlv-twn i ri.M' Ih'r'.th.' Tn rnnirn thlrty-elirht (fll), h<.twvn town

1 T' tit th'' ct ViiMHeeome opera- or and i-neh anti espy conveyancenf "'1"1" uol along the north boundary I2HI', tw.nty.nln. ((29), .. ((311 I. .Ihlrtv-four (141 I, thirty-five ((131.I nntlthirtysix .i.-, fre'yhrcItt( anil forty-fnur ((441

E r t tuc ,,.. If* ,.n."... nt'l'. 'nroval by the r Irr..t"n< 'landu made I,. the tniHtetw' of the .. one ((1)) to the northwent corner offtaM two 1 1821.' thirty-three ((33)) and' thirty-four I 1301 ; nlsn (.u't nne (It two ((21. three fl), four ((41 ,

1 CsOvernur A 1'1..1 June 0. 1919. In'.rnnl t I impro\ement fund Hhnll contain pmp sectIon one (1) ; lIlt : also In town.hi. I", t.th.. ((43)I. range thirty- fl'tl( and .ix, a tnt of ntv-elirht ("1're"M

'V er rifltnl' of fn'H nfier\ntlonH, nnd m-ith-r Thence north along' the east boundary nfrtion In township forty ((40) range thirty-three' Btven ( 7) c'i' aero In henhv levied Bnnilnllv for a
111 t "iT"7i: 7qr- -t'o., Tilt. I the itnti nor the trtiritees nf I the Internal Improvement .,, tlitrtv-fhe lilt In townnhlp foHyeiffhtMBt 'nn : Sect OO M). Iwn (II I. t">r'c 1'1. f-nr r. r o ii 'P three HI vesrs heirlnnlnir with nndK
AN .. t.. \Mti.' .. | >, ,' Conrta In Thin nor thi under them I nonth.. rnntre foHv-two ((42)) eant. to the S.-otlonp. three ('It, four (4)), five (8), six ((41.' five. ((6). six ((61.' sevin (71 eight ,101. |t'.t'., the yar 11n nni! thireafter fir a

rifti i. fNndi- TVr'nr/itorv Piereen in Certain ov ..n'ra.run,1 l-v nr ., ."a.tn,' nhnll bellHhif ntnthn.tt' ..rm., of ...II"n thirty-five MtVt : (61.( .....n1.( ). eight (IMI. nine (1j>}. and eighteen nine 19)) ten ((10)) eleven (III. twelve 1121.thirteen Vt. rI' .' "f four (Ml) vinm. heirlnnlnir w'th nnj

I fntH. ..,' I tn A'it'h..etc.. t Hie Supreme n f.r any dnmaire. tnjurv. or claim fin a"'- Th'np..t nlonir tho north l minilnrf of I 11"I' MHO I Mil, fourteen I 141. fifteen lit). sixteen "leli: ir the yeiir 1121. a tax of thlftv (10>

1 I Court t. rrtfcnte Itulrs to r"rr This Act count of thi rnlrilmr or lowerinir of the water fleet Ions, thirty-five ((36) nnd thirty-four (1 U I) *n township forty-two (421, range thirty'thr.r (1)131.) ) seventein I17i', ,'I"h"cn rql.) nine cents P'r acre annually Is herehy levied upon
It Ii litKflVct: one'U.' I. twin. *T(,1 anl.!' and thereafter a tax of thirty-flv'
nf any flitch Inkefnr the I'ttrnoneuu afnrenid. to tho north went corner nf nald ni'Ctinn thirty.ft.ir .11)) teen Ml.! twenty r 1201. twenty
I .4 He ,ft eni"iel I hy the t fcMi.ltire of the Slate. anti .the mild, tr".""' are nithorlri to (lIt) ; S..Uo.. fourteen ( II), fifteen (18))I. sixteen tv-two 1 U2l. twenty-three (12"t' twenly-fi" ". rents per acre nnnuallv, tierinnlnir wltl,

I. ef r rum : riwerve from snl*> such lute or toni a. they Thence north cluing the ea.t lo.nd.I.) of (1 It>. seventeen (111. eighteen (tel'l. nineteen '1241', twintv-five 125)) tweflty.tit ""US' twen.tv nn l Inclnilinir the year 1127 in hertby lev it'.,

I ff.*'. l That nnv prrwon .r corporation iio'nt neeennnrv fnr works of druinn appiirttntinreR ft.>ctUm. twenty-eight ((28V. .- '. 1 ill). twenty ( twenty-one (21), twenty -teven 121. twenty-eight C- ". 1 rial" 'n.I.. I If Inf rmrtrd under, .leed. will, thereof.Sec t o Hlxt.H-n (1A. nine (9). and four (4) the two 122) twenty-three (21) twenty-four (241, ( (It,. thlry.n. ill), .,ty.tw. Thnt upon the following ,descrihi Inndu I'nld

cnrt-nrt inrltlir I or other, Irmtrument In n If for nnv reason nnv section or northeast corner of imfil section four t I,4) in I."nly.nv. 1261 twen y-stv, ((26)) twenty-tev. (32)). thirty-three (311 ", (:(14)) thlr. ,iini rid to.wit :

1 wHtlnu. tnav ,*... l-v bill In chancery to any of thin, Act .111 be held ''n..lo or ..on..thll"nl townnhlp, Cty-elaht (43)) south rang forty- en (27) 1".n..I"h( twenty-nine ((21), ty-flve '1.151. thirty-six 13( : also In township forty-two ( $2)), range twenty-
F I court ,. HI. Fnte tin' iiiw equity JurlndlctiAn, ..ar that r..1 ( .-ct. Invali. two ((421) cant : i. thirty 1 .no ( ). thirty-two ((321. In township forty-foar ((441.) range thirty- nine 1211Sections) :

I foe the ill termlniitinn or nov quentlon of PenA diHtrny any ".h.\ m-ctlnn or of Thence) cant along' the south houndnrltii offtertfonti Ihlrl'.th. (.111. thirty-four 1 1341.) thirtyfivethlnty'six seven ((37)) tSeel twentv-flve (SSI. south half (Stt

L Mewtl ,tir'ntittf' limit"r the Instrument ned thin Act. nnd the remaining. port, Inns par, Ih'rly.rulr IK .n,1 thlrty-tho (11r.In i I ') 'i. (361 ; also ons one (II. two ((21, llirco 111, four nf Jwentv-l' (2B, a'l thlrty-flve ((36)) anilthlrtyslx

,i4c., 'L'' for n ilec'n-ntlon of the right of the pennn "hull Ix iml remnin In force without reizardto townnhlp fortv-n..ven (17k nnuth. canoe .. In township forty-three. ((41). range thirty- ( I), five (6)), six ((61. seven ((7)). eluht (RI, (913)) 5

r re rorpf nllnn Interentiil I whether or not fur the ti'Ct ion i.r portion Invalidnteil.c ty-two ( 12) mItt to the aoutheast corner of thr,',- (13Sections> : nine (I III, ten 110)). eleven ( ill. twelve ((121.thlrtl In township forty-three (411. range twenty

, thrr rfMrf l-. nr .",1.1| >. i'm .m..l. and nuch 7 Ml lawn imrl pOrt >f tnwH In conflit1 ..section) Ihl..nv. ((35)) four (ii. five (f51. six (6) seven en till fourteen (Ml ). ll'teen ITS). six nine ((211 :

r tune nfl Ion ln Ii huts' the fornof a final hen'with IK coil the acm,are horvby re Th.n. n.rh alon. the runt bnundftrlep ofNectionn (171. eight RI. nine ((01'. ten ( ID). eleven (Ill, teen (Kii.. seventrin 1171, ritrhteen Mil, nine Sections one (I), two (2), and lot one ((1)

PPO 'tn el.aneery.See ,- ". ( I') and twenty-six '128)) twelxe ( 121' thirteen I 113), rour..n ((111 I ., fifteen leen MOt. twenty (201. twentv.nne (2n.I twen. of sect on three ((3) : also

t 2 That nl' prorrt-dlntrt 1..tl"I..o tinoer I"nl.,1. R. Thin Act .hnl Ink efT.-et I upon its the northeast corner of unld section twentv ffl. sixteen (fRI. ..v.nl.n (Ill'. clgh. tv-two I 122). twentv-thri" ((2,1). twenty-four In township forty-two (42). range thirty

I II!. r"".tl.n.! of th n Act .hnl I. conform piiMnnire nnd tipprnxnl, the fiovernorApproved -.fx ((213)Thence t : tei'n nineteen flI.) t"'nl"201.. twentv. I I.'I I i. twentv-flve ((26). twenty-ilx (26)). twen.tvieven (ini
.,. M ',, tne law nnd r"I.. court irnvernln" . .1". 0, 1919. went nlonir 11. north rioundnrle. ofpectli.nn one ((211. twenty-two' ( ). twenty-thrw ((21)) ((27)) twentvlvht 1241. twijity-nlnfl oulh brim? (1St',1 of sections nineteen (19)) ,
E f...... nrnreedmirn In chancery nr fnr twenty-Hlx ,2 twonty-neven (27) tint ntv-four I24i.' twenty-five ((2St. twenty-nix )V9i. thirty (tIn). tMitv-on. ((311. tli rty-two twentv ((20) nnl twenty-one ten) nil sections

I n. .". mnv I." atmltetiMc. And the Stinreme \PTFR 7t tll2.-Nn. SO,. lo the northwt'Kt corner Rno.r nn d I section twentyneven Cii I t tuenty-seven 127. twenty-eight (241.I 112), thirty-three (ill. thirty-four (34), thir twentv-lhree (21). twenty-four (24 I. twenty-
p *>..r. In I Cil t0 t.tnte' I I. henM: v authnrlred andrniSMweefNt AN ATT 11 I. Annnd Sectlnn 1 of Chnpter fiinl.i ((27)) : t"'nlv.nln(I2tlt'i. (ITO). thirty-tun ((121.' ty-five (161. thirty-six (" ,1) ; also five (2.11. twenty-six (261. twenty-seven ((27))

p whinexer It nhall!? he dimmed, nece i lr the Ac1, "f 1'' anti Sectlonn ft and 10of Thence north thpono-h the mldl. of towntthintt thlrts-three. (lilt thirtv-foiir ( 41. thr..fv. In township forty-flic (16)) range thirty- twentv-elfrht (211, twenty-nine (211. thirty
i 7I nrv fn T rvierllN nddltlnnal' nile. npnl rnHe f rimi.tVr t.tKA nf the Acfn. of 1111. n.'m..n..1 forty-fieven ((47)). ror..I
fr prner"ifin" tln.ii.tut.' ,. pmvlNlnnf. nf thin | bv Ohnnter AltRT of the Act-, of (n ( lOt) nnd fortv-four ( I ), In rnntre forty- In township Nrty-four ((44)). range thlrty- Seet nns one M ). two ((21 ti ree I il). four three Mil), thlrtv-four (14). thirty-five ((16)nml ,

,,m A.I! sod it. '1.I? .f reel rid tlie, "ni'H'ntlnn" f lOIn. nf thiTn"H of Florida. fl'.th of Said two MJ east to the southwest corner of ee- tIter ((831) :
l ..I.tn. rut.l !t.. (' *"" ". RIM nnd Rr7. of the Tans of lon three ((1 I In townnhip, forty.four (41)I ) Sirtlnns one I Ill. two ((2). three (3) ten nine 10)). ten MO), eleven III), twelve ((12)). Tn townshIp thirly-seven (971. range thirty

l ..a Ihl. Ptrt shell b.enm. clV.rttvp rinrldn.' .Ketntlntr to Ih. Creation of the range forty-two <1421 cant : r in| eleven (I II. and twelve (12) : also thirtein ( ID. foll-tein I Illl I fl'lien (Ill), sixteen one (ii) :

5 upon h..n'ln. n law Approved, 't. tfttrommls Fveriflnden" Prnlnaire Plxtrlet of the State nf Thence eiwt alonu the ...th hoiindNrleti ,. ,tnwnnhip thirty-seven Ill range thirty, Ml), seventet (1171| elt/ht'en liSt'. nineteen Siellons one Ml.) two ((2). three ((1). four
J"n. .10rhla. IVflnlnir Its nntindnrien rreaerlh ..Kertlo|*. three ( 11. two (2>, and one ((1., In four (tIlleeIon : I MO), twenty -tI i. i went v.one (2ti I twentvtwn tIl. flte (It. elirht (C). nine (*i. Un MO)

p 'my m PTIfl 7"1>l INo ,.I innIt. Towen anti AUlho.ln" the Levy lu.n.bl. forfv-four (41) ...Ih. rnnire fort.. thlrtv-six ((16) : also ((221. tvrenlv-thrrc) I-'H. twentyfourI2tl ehven Mil. incIse (12). thirteen Mil, four-

I AV .' ..t.. ," .i.,, ,,? ltttetl'| 'I.h and nf Tax en and A..m..I. '.n fnxt to the southeast corner of section townohip' thirty-right (11.1. range thirty- twenty-five US. twentv.nix <1213t. twen. te.n Ml I), fifteen 151. sixteen (it'i, seventeen

I ,1-, , ... y,.1., ?, p.,,.IIA, ,? ,..? rrffmil. I'pon(.I..Inn I..n"* In Saul PUtHrt for therurpnne one ((14: r.lr141( ) : tv-seven ((271. twetitv-eli/ht (111. twenty-nine I M"l.l ) twenty (20). twentv-one (21) twenty-
c < lloivln. iho ITBs of round Not .In the of Prainlntr anti laimlnc the Thence Mouth along the boundnry line tn theHimrter ctlons one (1) two (2), three 1 II)1. four ((291. thirty ((10)). thirty-one (11). th'rty-two two (?2), twenty-three (21). twenty-four ((241 ,

issit ...,'" ., Nnssnu (r.mnl Tnci.r Oran Said T.and* anti Into. ElTi-ct therroviitinns flection corner on west boundary of ( It.' five (In.. eight f(0). nine ((9). ten (10) 1.12). thirty-three Mil, thirty-four 114). thir twenty-five ((211. twenty-six (261. twenty-seven
tnt's ...t.t"n. '. inline<' Annual l.l- of Said ( "In.. ectlon eIghteen (dm In township rnr.rou. eleven liii.! twelve 1121. thirteen ((111. four ('-five ((361. thirty-six (Itt) : also 127). twenty-eight ((2D. thirty.four (II), and

.,"... Tnr Thi-roon uin.l' '..... . Pon. Re It Enacted by the .etfh.Uti.re of the State < 44t south range for".th.(41) ..t : teen (lit, fifteen ((11)). sixteen (61. seventeen In township forty ((40)), range thirty-eight thlrty-flve (16)), and thirty-six 1141 ; also

I pity '.sr Tn.orfrrin With ..rh Pound.N..... of t Thence east Ih."h mldl.of etfons elvh- (f71. twenty (20) twenty-one twenty ((3M> : Tn township thirty-eight (81)), rang* thirty-

ft. ".FJVI<") b' the l 'cislatur. of the Hist. FI.rd.I That Section I of Chapter 64KH. len fIR> ."pnt.n ) to the quartersection (22)). twvnty-three 1231. t.enty.l. (261', Sections one (1), two (2). three (I' ). four one (It lSections:

:' .r PlnHHs' r of R..I"n the I..". of .' Actn of 1IM3. be and corner.0 on eaSt boundary of sectionseventeen twenty-seven ((27), twenty-eight ((28) twenty (41. five 151, sIx ((64. seven (7)), eight (131, one (1). two ((2), and twelve (12) .

Soot on 1 Trnl tho sholl ((1.h enmmlsslonornf the same In hereby 1..0. to rvada CI U7 : nine ((29). thirty-one 111)), th'rty-twn' ((12) nine (9). ten 110), eleven Ill ), twelve (12), also

the stain of mnv I..". tnrltl.on. SectIon I That .lno. puriono rolo.'nimr Thence north through Lake Clark to theIntersection thirty-three ((93) thirty-four ((34)). and thirty thirteen ((13), fourteen till. fifteen ((15)), sIx. In township forty-two (42)), range thirty

t of Flol..n,' p"rl. and r.the. land, tVscrihed of rMon line hetwo-in sections five ((85) ; also teen ( It). seventeen (ill, eighteen lit), nine.tiitt one (II i )
I F'.II. .
.. Flord. .o.nr.1.. .1.1" h..rt. In (201. twenty-one (211. twen. Stations one (1)). two (2). ten (MO), eteveoMl
(89) ).
." 'In" ,"., note to .n., the jame from the ef four (141) _I five ((6) with the chore of 10..111 thlr.nln. range thirty 439) twenty
salt or nraoMsh waters of Nimssu al .oonnle.. Plor.Ma Ih.. feet of water p.I"UI., for amf nnnltarypumooM lake ClarkThence : four ( : ty-lwo ((22). twenty-three 1231. twenty-four ), fifteen ((16). sixteen (16) seventeen (17. .
..r."I..1 Sections fivti six i6)) and I2S. twenty-six ((26). twrn. eighteen Mil. nineteen (ilt). twenty (20),
nn.lor' surh rovulallonB ss stioll Ah and for the '. and north along the section line between II. ( seven (7)), ((241. twenty-five (
: Cnmmlretnnemime' nrosrr ho .10 thatmul'ol welfare, and for the puhlio. .utility.nnv.and'''benefit sections four ((4)) and flve (Oh.) In township eighteen ( It) ; ty-even (27)). twenty-eight ((21)). twenty-nine twentv-one (21). twpntv-etirht ((211. twenty-

I ,t'fluis.II|| rri.hnliis) and' ion"m.o.trout under drainage dlntrict fa hinb.tahiIsued and r"ry.uu. (till south range forty-three 141)) In township forty-two ((42), range thirty (20)). thirty (30). thirty-one (in, thirty-two nine (21). thirty ((10). thirty-one (11)), thirty-
four (11)), thirty-four ((34)), thir two ((12) and thirty-three ((81)) : also
184) (32) thirty-three
twelve I Inrhos In northeast of said sectionfour :
. I..vlh, rod bass unil"r ro". created to ho known the .t .or.
.no ,1.lr.t. 24). It thirty-six (16) also In township forty-three till range thirty-
teen lniii.ni In I lonpth and shoophrad tint... Everglades nra'nair 1.1 (4) : S.IIn. nineteen (19). t..nl.nln. ty-five ( ) ;
rlrht It.-!. In |I'nyth. < t.rNI north on section line between .. thlr ( ). thirty-one (31)). and thirty-two In townhip forty-one ((41). range thirty. one ill :
eeutnht nf which
in .nfd prointi, T.n.
O"no".I. Sections, ) three t four
nols shall ho .h.1 fnln ) : also right ((38)) t one Ml, two (21. ( ).
L m "- ((12) and ITt to
,rdlatoly rotumod, It the wat.-r t.n. thlry.th. tO) frurI4l. ill. five 16)). six (ill. ((7) eight (IS),
\9 whim. v..f H'lvfjSoo corner of ((121 In township forty-three ((41))I. range thirty- Sect ons one ((1), two ((2)), turee seven
npirlnnlnir .t the norh..t corner of town a.rh..t .lon thlr.I.o four (141 : I I. five ((5). six (16). seven (17). eight (H), nine 111. ten (MO), eleven (Ml. twelve (12),
That north
? PCi'o.i'fl' snoltltin of Flnrliln, nr F1" .hit" thlrty-.even ( \ .o.th. ranrre thirtyninei9'tI *..t rOT>on to Ouno."tlon.f sectionthlrty.hre .Section seven ((7). eIght (8). .I.. ((9)). ten nine fl't. ten ((10)). eleven lit ), twelve 1121, thirteen Ml, fourteen (14) fl'teen (18).
I t. 1.1. dosMnir In ohlBln iwrmll In cant th..n. wept .I"n. the towmihip .1. ...r. comer I fifteen It twntv-three (211. twenty-four (IJ4).
end In. north 1101.) eleven ((111. thirteen (13,. fourteen HI' thlrterfi I Ill, ftuirteen I II. I ). sIt. twenty-
I. "" V" n.tnl' nol In sui-h shall Between townwhlpn thi rty.T MA south on b.nI.,. .tnn thlr..th.((11: ; ,'Ightefl 11131 nIne.t live (281 twenty-six (261 also
.,. w.lp. .no Thence through fifteen IIS), sixteen (116). .pv.nt..n teen 11131, seventeen 117t. ,
II I".r "rh oct m"l thtriv-neven t it?) noiith to the northwest th. f'l.
( J7' 1' umillcaHon corner .t'on
to mldl. (291. twenl'fle 1211 twn.tvtwo In township th rty-seven (1"l. thirty-
k the BhoH <(2ti l the eighteen 1101, nineteen tilt. twenty ( rn I iO. twenty range
e . P'.mmlss'onor of Iho stalo of .if townnhlp thlrlynifven ((37)) south mnrcIh twrntr-elvrht to .llon corner ( ((221. twentn-thrrn l93) iwent.f.ur two (lJiSections;
I ( 21 I. twenty-two (221. twenty-
Pin.4"n 'ot." ,,'rth Ihr .. I ((111 rant.Thrnee on the north t-onndnry of section twentreitht I..nty..n.
.. oem nn.I .,1.1.. ..n. (2M three (211 1. twenty-four (241. twenty-five ((2ftl.twentvslx : i t, tnt niy.five 12t). twenty.slt ((241, twrntyi'veo seven (7), seventeen (17)). elghteeetMi'
t' I. I'efit 'hi' nisci' tihuft I. I.I'n..I' sooth rttnnir the r.". line betweenrnnirtv i.fll. ((271' twentv- I 27 I. twenuy-cltht I 20 I, twenty-nIne nineteen Ml, twenty (2ni. twenty-oae
t. N. I .0"I nn.I .h thirty ,thOu, and thirty-one (UII tfl Th.n.. went on the north httniunv of flec t..nt".n
cant "
.Ih.In'ormstlon as 'i (27) twentv-el.-ht (211
) tIm
Ont thIrty ITO thlrty.one Ill 'wcntyeven
eIght 1201. ((29)). thirty (101. thlr. : rtytwoI
,1,0 .1. 0 'iJ4 the twont..nln.
'1'' ". ,".mml..I.n.l ( ma rciiuln. the nr..1 corner of tnwnnhlp fortytwo4M tnn Iw.nl..I"h, northwwt eo. till. thirty-two (121. thirty-three ( 11.Ihlrt.r"n I ,? thIrty-three 1911, thirty-four (Ii), thin. twenty-nine (29). thirty (10). thirty-one ((11).
-i-in twenty-eitrht (2al.Th.nc. ) .on.
1. 9 ennul' 1''no" tax of T..on.I < ..," range thirty (30 put: .It .lun ((341. thirty-ftve ( 51. and thirty- ty-five MAI. thirty-six (1361) : also thirty-two (121 thlrtv-tHren nil Milrty-four
I Iy. tot went hnundnrv of .
T.-. I. ... 1..1 nili Thi nce ".1 cling the north boundary nimid .Ilh .I.n. .tlon six I36i, : ., In township forty-two ((421, range thirty. t.l i and thirty.fiv* (lit) also
.peh i ntv-ei.rht ((201 t
o > section .t
n . rownhlp the th. corner
i t- I n corner of *ectlon
etts. n.rhwrt Q"Kr. lownshln thlrty-eluht (Mil-
.1.1 ) (.10)Sertt.ns :
p..n" .h.. ", ii . on the boundary In township forty-four (Ill range thirty eight s
op ..mf..I.n'.r r.. (hi'i'iotin four, 'itt. ( rM (12q) w..1 .Uon twentye four 1 1.141Sections' : one ( I ). two (2)), thr. 111), feujp q i>,t.s one (Mi. Iwn ((2.. three ((1)). fosr
I.. tuitelt n.I fund T..n. tooth nlontt the went boundard, ol Thrnre one I ill. two '21. three ((1). four lilt (he lilt. iii, 1,11. a."en 47), eight (SI, l"e IS) six 161, seven Ci debt l ((5)

t",": ..0.. ",, 0"t.. . n, tnterfer.me . r.". ( It' anti neetion nine J0) to thimttthweot tuentv.n West.. 29t thmuirh the 11. mull, of section 4i. (till' six ((6)). seven ((71. eight |101. nIne tilt, ti-n tiOl, ,'les'cn Ilil, twelve till, 5'n. (fni ten MOI ''!.*'en I11! > twtxe (ill,
. ."..1 no .. ., ..nI" t'nin' corner of neetion nine ((01 t. fua"' sectIon cornet , fifteen clx. '-ir. n I Mil. fourtren Ml II. fl'teen six.n
'. ' . the nine ,ill,, ten 101. eleven ((111 twelve (121, thIrteen 113). fntirt II it. I i8t, 15)), -
'. on of
boundary said section
twrntv- .
.lOn.n. .. I' r ".1 .n".f mlt. TI nee WM nlonir the nni-1b honndiirln* ol nine tyt thirteen fourteen III). fifteen (III). six. teen ( It). Iesetittofl 1171, .'iohteen ( III, nine.te'fl I. Mfii seventeen M7l elirht.en' (1131.i. .
I t.nt.ht'l' n"cneI, not. oeetlnnnev.ntcin n"l. anti .I.h..n M> trth. ten ( lIt). ((17). twenty-three (21) (19), twenty 1201, tw'ntv.one tIll, twin.tvInn ... niv i"t) twenty-one (31 i twenty-twe
""V "'"".. b'rt. .hi."! u,.. .. ..n,c t Imm..d. northwest .,,".of pect .n .. u lit l ThenceHiuth". a'.n.' ( the the went botindnrT olMctlun twenty-tour I24I.. .and twenty-five (25)) : ... ((22,, twcnt.thpe, 1211, twentyfourt2t (22). twenty-three (21). twenty.fnur (24)).
. I .mf. n '.w Th.n. In t..hl" fortytwo 142 south,. of saul.nl.nln..vtlon !- tt corner In township thirty-seven .I37I range thirty ), twrnly.flv. 1291 twenty-cit ((213)). twen. w. ntv'five ((26)) twentv.s 24 : I'tt.nty..ev.
.Itl 7. 1"ln .no. twenty-nine (t4t ...t. *..t clone th twenty-nine ((29)) ; "t t'.l 195) thIrty ).
Th. went the north five 'Hit) : ty-seven ((27). twentv-eight (21. twentyni(2di. twenty-eight { ?? (ITt|
-T' north hniindnne* nf ct1on. thlrtt en ( t IH aol' section.' don. boundary ol Sections twenty-five t251.) 1..nt.I)* (26), thirty (1(11.( thirty-one lilt th ply-two i"'wc.flsi'' (18). and thirty-six it'll' also
'Ml). In t .
nTFH :; '' 77). ?t'i-t.t-n ( in I I the nnrthw.tit comer of netlot *. th'r.n. A , .* ., ; : ) twenty. e\en ((271. twenty-eight (241, twenty i Ui. thirty-three tMrty-'our ran,. thirty11
i.-i range till thenorthwtwt
imr lt r..n4 I 'II .uth. f".th. eaut to ,,
FUh rnmmla- : ,, .
. of nine 12111.! thirty-one ((931, thirty-two (12) ty-five ((181. thirty-six (Itt : alsoIn lii) :
.i -Kr. nafd section
*tntf nf fnitrM,, to Tmiiti Pu-i'. lIiniNtttt h alone the went hnundarr oftiiMuiil.fl. | corner thirty-on .tail', thirty-four ((141, township forty-three (4.1I. range thirty- rtl.in one III. two (21 i. and twelve (12)
'. :. -'nc( t. ?%,. of Prnd Vein, 'n th. frtin-tHrn (II.. Iw.nt.th. (2T(, 'J10 thlr'.th.( . ."-*. also thlr.nv. tight (.1X1 : :

-- Phi, Count ?'nie. Certain twenty-nlx (Sflt. and thlHV'fl\e tIlt to thnuthwent . Thence went In township '0..11. 'M1nuth. In townhip.nl thirty-eight 18.1. (18). thirty Seet one one Ii ). two 121. tur.e iM). four nshlp forty-three Mil ranthirty-
forty-two (42 ,
.. 'I.' *''e Annual TJeeorKI eorm-r of .ertlnn thl..n,. ((35 : ranee mr thr five (tilt mnl. ill fit e (Ill. six It' ,iMn I'l i. eight 181. ''2) ;
I north '
--I, ir *frin, a fr.nltfoi Th.n. went ntonv the nnrl ""nl.r nl F (bun'n.( *.and of nertion thiHv-ft. thirty-six, ((9th),. Section one 11) five (fl'. six (61. seven ((7), nine tOt. ten (lilt' ,, ,littn | t'vel e ll!"' "" it ns eighteen ( !Is'' nln.t.n 1111. twee
u..tt' "- .10
",, ro.in.1 0.I of to th* ,
t Neta I.t "- (11 .
It *.. .h th. northwr-Rt of .n.I (Pi slun thirteen ((111. fourteen lit I I ft'teen I Ml'' S1 ": twentyop"I f.r. ..Iv.t.vo ((221 ,
the I.to.t. nf the !tats] In,., town-hip forty-three. t'Ot (11 pouith, Thrnei* north corner t)'r"tiirh section the thlr..f"u., 19 l) .;: .f"h township forty-three ((43))1. range thirty ln ( |6i.I sevnte.n I H7i.I I ( Itt. en ((1 >, nlntten > "'. th'ee 1211 and 'wrntv-four 24) : aI.! .
'n""" n ( enut north I..n..hir
,.. I""nt.n I. t mldl. five i .'.1.11Sections: (It'll. twentv (I'S'. tw'fliv.tfl,. t2t t-ve". vnhip thlrty-e-hi tie i range thirty*
it when Huh t-t dThenee > r..v.lh. ( ) and
nne .
/ ..mml..lo".r. "P'. r > /1.. f.r..t. rn. nineteen (191.. twenty ((20), twentv.one ty-two I'JCl. to'v-hrit') 'J1*' tw, "ty.u-ir tilt'
"M-I tv-one forty-two
'ft l outh on the went Vnnndarv of lot .ne" 42)
info tami "
.u. . eal to 'I' nnrthfunt of ,i2I >. twenty-erven." ((271.' twenty-elght ((281.twentynine ). ill. twenty-fl I :9t' twenty nix ?6i *-"e' n seven (71 ,* iMii'en M"). eIghteen
ri,.rl' 1 tv-one 21' in ((291.' thirty (1"'l. .h'rPon.' ((111. tv->,even ((27i twrniv.el.'ht t2t, twenty '.i. nineteen Mfl). t-vniv I 111 t.rntyonet.
t i- of the (
l Calnn-ahfitchiH river tonnnhip (4H
In th.
:>f For n*|v no'iiy Urttl PIn! .*,, flusyents.nil. down the : bunk olrt" rant'- forty.two i |J> f.r".n.: .n..h.! ..'.. .12'. thirty-three, '. .. thirty U'li. thirty 1301. thlrty- me till th rte-two 'nty.fl-e CM t've-t'v en ((27).
; .ulh .t four also itj: >. thirty-three liT :. tWrtv.'our I'll thlr- t. '.'ht .
I iimw n. .uu'I l hell H eli, I i" er tn ,14 inf .,..t."n with ISwe,1 Thenc.w.t throiitrh the mIllIe nf town- ( lit : ((211. rw.-- nl"i I thIrty
t . ., tiiNNCr-l.... Tfn,I.(..<{ fViflt ."..'n*>v iuI'.-t f."r ii I" of *Mtit n twn t iji ; -H.I. foHYHine t ill tiottth ranir.. forty-two In townnhip. forty-four ((41) range thirty. tv-five lilt i thtr'y-slx (141 : s'soIn hlrtir-one. ($11. tnlrtv-two "I. thirty
( .. ,. t IJt f.rt 'iIRi, township forty-four i4d I range thlrtvuht thlrlv-fo.- 'I 'H.v.nve ((38),
t I n.4 n t".1 ui.d,', T1 0 . it-* nt n.' tV niith r>nttmtnrv .9 see. east > .n. I Ml' and f-rtv .tn f. .
'II.' I'JI I I. thr, Ml." fnr 111Seet -><' .Ix ilfli si.!
I. 'l , .4' '. i'f,,I I. .. F 1' t., the .tMIh..a.i i-t t th.-' t n. rth .,,! comer of section nln- S.t." one tw "
t F I " ",!, ..,-. . .n ,1"i I In vwnnh1p fortyon (itt> tat' n", 'i6> six <6l. seven (17' eight 'INI.nine '. to, one i 1 i.e- -. . '.,T th t't' .' rain' thlrtl"
I .u ... I . "* tl fl.. ft -iifl. line between n.ire, ,r,y In'i > .'njtT1 .uth '": ten ilOi eleven tilt twelve (t"i. UK-.: 't' .F. , ',> '
thirteen, ill fourteen U4I fifteen > lli' tne. .' ,, 4> fiv*
. . .1.' .,.. .tv fl.n, ", 'Mrty 1C ext ',' n rth .'ono the ran* line between aixtern U llt' tn in 1 l nr ,
; 'ono Itt . .I ht.. ( nine > HI' f I : 'i (8).
1 .. ti 'f (- U R'I"' "anire th rty-nlnr 39 and forty till east taSi .vnt..n f" f. rteen t.t"t'i: se >nteer I nine
'. r'" s' ,t'i 1. 'ith'n.f ursngp thlr. . ithtTfti comer of township thirty-nine tern 19)l twenty ( )). twenty-one ( '. twen.tytwi tier '6t sent. .ntin I -' ' ' t t' 17). elga6 -

.. t.mL , . cci .t. ,ith range forty t 40) #iwf: 12 twenty-three '23)). (weniy.foaps2t.aata.as ;in tw it> and twenty !, als,,

j _I. _- _ .. ". 'wt''l J-i _____ ,.A-

__'f = -l
C' .


____ --
-- ------ -- - --- - -------- -

.?!;''In towashlp forty-three (4D.:\ ) range thirty- twenty.three ()7' tw.nly.four ((24) eleven twelve '4, of SB1*. SW % of KEU NWVi of ,'ast quarter sn'S w at boil of aoathwretof 4r
] twentyn ( VI' ten ((10) ((11). ) 1 32)'I. thlrly-lhre-e (113'' thirty-four. ((14)). thin.N .nt aeetlon mix
[ thro dSI five ((25. twrntylx .28'' twenty-oeveti 127)) thirteen (131.) fourteen ( ) fifteen ((15)).(2. )five ((86) thirty-six ((861) : alpo }"'4) of section thirty-two ($ ) alanin n<'

_ _ tBcc.ll.m thirty-tine Ml I also ) ''," |174''. I thirty-five I 115)). and thirty teen, (lit) ne-ventc ( tfl., ((181 I. nl". In township forty-three (lit)l. forty township 'o.ty.ou. ((44)), range forty- ('ISections
In township, forty-four l\4fl. range thirty- nix 01) : also ItS). (20) (121)) .nl three)i ((43) :
tern twenty ( t..nly.n. t..n. "i ily ,I sl : ,'r i) and northweSt qarter an ,
. "sectVoas: ) six 181.) ((7). eight
th... I In range ( SH). between town- fenir five ..KI. seven
thirtyeluht > two 1221 twetnty-thnxf e.23)) twenty.four one ( two ((21. three (ill. ',.sI ),aif ,f ,tithwaat .iiarter Ut .eStlOfl aevP
>* BeHi'" "t h. fur ((4)) five IKI.) six 1ft... seven hips forty-five, 1411 and forty-six ((4dl) I 24) ,twetltv-ive ((25)) tvi-ntysi) :SI.) twenty . II. five '10 ./1.(61, seven ( 11) .I"h (I". 'II ) north' half" I ML.' ) section seventeen (11. "NW ,"and, w"j of SWW Of 7).

(7)' ). tight''' 'i-'> n ,ni' '\II., thirteen ((18)) four14t I."its (ini. .11)) two (12.* three ((8). four ((4). -evin ((21' twenty-eight ((2 H l. twenty-nine n''n.. I IRl. t-n ((101 I eliven I ( I I I II. .ni north, half (,1'. ) section eighteen I I the

_" ,Mfteen 'M5I sixteen; t U6i. seventeen 'li\i i ( M' nnd six ((0)) also ( 21" thirty (ISO) Ihlry"n. (131.) rty-two, I thirteen ( I fourteen, (14)I ) ..11..- ( l'.J '.. 'tax of flftfcn per acre Is hrrtby leviediinnually Ih.) lni>.l within paId dlittHct hiIII by Fane1"ha. I

411 ,uhte.n' ('IHI. twenty-two ((22)) twenty.tfcre In township f.rty.." ((46) range thirty ,VI. I Ihir.y.th.. ((331.I ,- (34)), thlrl |, rt, ((161' tt.setentn-n ( I. eighteen .. nln.\ lor s inri'd of three ':) yee.re '|11'imtri <>f the Internal Improvement N-t.--d.

>t ( i .twcnly.foiir ((24)) twcnty-flve ((251. eight) ((1Hi, : I : I lift), thirty-six" ((35)) : at t..,. 'Ml1)) twenty i I(, ,Iwentv-eme 'l-'ll' twen, uinnliig' with) and including the year | .I t" ...ibjivt to the taseS hrrhy imi

**..nl' .' 'iv ;*6'! tw..t ,v.n ((27)) thirty-four S.lon. ,,nill.). two < 2)), three ((3) four 1-1"I...h i' flfty-thn. ..al.) range thirtyt i Iv,'twei. ((22) t..n..lhr.1' ( IS). twenty-four .ni thereafter for a erlod of four I.1) yean* und! ., I th) *- ali Tn.iMe.fa, In further of th*

($41 I 'thirty .five .llfii., and thr .al. ((86) : alno (Ii (41) five ,iM. six 16) siven I iTI' eight ((81) nine ((19) .11'| twenty-five I i:8. twenty-six | 26I. twentvMven gin-ling with ant tncluellnithe year 12. e I; runt upon which the pld Innda are held ae.

: In 'I. >MI ,lin" thr "'Iht : I. range thirty- .. Ill' ten ((101. eleven ((111) tw.lv. ((12)) Section one II... two ((2)) three (Si. four : 27.) tvt'nty-elght I l-"i 'Iwenty-nlne '. of twenty.four I I'JIl I ..n. per '. an.h ru'hy nut horlwd and empowered to pay th*

four ,1fl.1 thirteen 'Illi' fourteen < 14I) fifteen UI.) sixtien (141'. five ((51' six IS). seven (7)). eight (IS). ."it thirty (ISO .. thlrtv-iine ((111.' thirty-two' niiatly Is awreliy levied upon said, ianela and Mnme out of nny fund, In their poaan-aHioo d-*'-

p* g-tions si\ 'R... seven '11.). eighteen ((1ft)! I llfl i ) u,'% ,'flticfl I 117) ..I"hl.nal.), nine nine, 91.) ten (tIll. eleven (1. twelve ((12)) 12)) (Ill) thirty-four, ((141 thlr- th....fter a tax of thirty-five rents per ... (Ued from the Hat*' of lands or otherwise.rVe .

_Ineteen. i'I 1h.' .nd thirty ((10) : also tern I I'l) 'vtcnly. (120. twenty-one,' l-Ml. livent thlrte-en I ill'' fim.teen ((141.) ( 15)). .1". i tv (\Ue Ihl.t.'h.( Ihlr.h ( S 6) : also annunllv, tteglnnini- with, and including the ::1 1 That Hoc t.on 10, Chapter 64M( ,

<+ In towaship. f"rt .four ((44)). range thirtyI I ty-t.. UJi? '. Iw..ny-th. (J1>. twenty-four t een ((161 neventeen <,11.l eighteen (181. I. te.wnshlp 1M. foru-f.mr (44)). range forty"sevtem's year 1\J" ,1s beret levIed upon .'iid landa I.ft.wa, of Florida, Art of 1011. aa amvade*!

for ((34)) 'I. t"'n..llv. i.8)) twenty t x t2.I"n.- t..nty.t.> J2I. t.onty.th. |128' Thst tipem all the other lanets embraced In hy Chapter Hi'67 of the Iawa of Florida. Acts ,

//8.lon. seventeen 117)) eighteen ((18). nine ty-'even 127)) twenty-eight ((28)) twenty-nine four4'( '.. twenty-five ((26)). l.ent.I. (C2I.tw.nly.n :, one ((1 >. two (2)). three ( SI. tony ..lI drainage. dlstrlrt and not h.'n"'o. i.f| isis.I IMP and the name. In hereby aavead

3t4 twenty 'iJOi' ( '12" thirty (lID. 1 ill) 134) except .".h art described ., to read! aa follow
n tw.nt-n. (21)) twen- thirty-one thirty-two ((27)) thirty-four tblry. '14)) (five (lLl. nix ((61 seven ((7)) eight ttr-tvi' ((22)) .... ). ( ), twenty-seven 'tji? thirty-three 118)) thirty-four ((84)) thir- five 1 135'> rind thlrty-eU (US) : at nine ((91 ten (lit) eleven ((111. t..lv. ( ZI. "r."I. Immediately '"lo.ln. a tar of SP 10 The Hoard of rt.mmlwilon.ir* *f tb*

JI7I. tw.ntY"'lht2HI.( ). twenty-nine ((291, IItklrty .five ((151.. thirty-six (lUll) ; .t In township. forty-one '141))I. forty (40)) t thirtei-n RI). fourteen ((141.) fftee < 115) six- J'fve' ((6)) renu per acre ."nu.ly hereby lev- F\enilndt
!<">, thirty-one (SI). thirty-two (R2) In township 'orl'- .... ( range thirty.eght Sections nineteen ,lit l. twenty, (ill) liv.t t teen (Ill. seventeen ((17) eighteen, ((18)). nineteen 's.In ri- 'tI and empowered to borrow money rmIn

[ thirty-three ((81), thirty-four ((841 thirtyflu.sit ') ((3H) : t:,- (Ii ). twenty-two 122)). tw.nly.thN t ( twenty ( twenty-one. ((21)) twen.ei teiwnehip fifty-six I ifi6i' .nlf thirtylt p'..rnanent Itans and incur oblig.tioa. trn,

( ). .nd thirty-six (B6t ; aim Sections, one (1)). 1"011.( ). three ((8))). four i iit U3)) twent'nu.21.( ) twenty-five ((25). 'v.t.(9.( ) t..nl..lh.(01. 1231.) ''i ght .ItS). all section one (01.) ..t h.1 of ) ,e to time on stirh terms and at auch .

Irw In township forty-five ((46)). range thirty ) 'five (Si). six ((6) seven (,7. eight (8). twenty- ) t..v.n ((117)) t..nty. (Iight (24)) twe'nty-flve ((26) twenty-six. 121). twen. northwest U".r. northeast and "f.'t Interest as It may deem Dreper. a* ..-

( tour 184)V ) nine I(5)). t.o01.( ). eleven ((11). t.elv. ((12) ethirteen ((28)) twenty-nine ((29), thirty (SOI), thlr. ty-seven; U ,1 I. twenty.liiht ((28) twenty-nine south half //E" NVVV4. NRVt and 1.1 of r i'sti'tg' ams p-r cent. for the purtlos. at raw. .

Se-ctmxsi, ene <1))I. two 12). three 81. fonr 1S.) fourteen ( 4'. (fifteen ('iI. sixt: (Ill) thirty-two ((82) thirty-three ((18). <(29), thirty ((301) thirty-one 1811. th'r.tw.' section two It). all sections ... 11. i ., fonda to con tl mix* and proaectit. 1. haul

1(41. (II.) six ((6) seven ((7). eight ( si. trine .n ( ) (111.. eighteen ( ), nine thirty-four (1341. thnty-five (ISSI.) aad thirty-'il") thirty-three. (C8SI. thlrty-fonr (B4. thl. twelve (12)) thirteen (ml!). and fourteen ). eomplvt.on, the canal, drain dlkea danw. ,

1'1. I. 118). eleven (111.) twelve ( ) tees 191. ,. .Iy ((20)) twenty-one (21)) livenju te ((361. also t ty-fl\e (.IRl.' thlrty-elx, (SI) : alan' last half aeiuthwe-st quarter (lV'4., 8WV> ) of locka anti reaervolr. now In proee.- of eon..trwalion .

((31.) fourteen ((41.) (111.) (2.thl..n < ( ) tw.nty.lh. (125)). twenty-four In township forty-two ((42)) rantte forty ((40) In township forty-five ((48) range forty.t.lon fifteen ((18)), all of sections sixteen ((161) In the territory embraaeal l. aaMl

Iteen 1181.) ( ) . ) ), nine. ,i-'l: i twenty-five (25)) tvrentv-nl* I2i). twen. Sections one (Ii ), two C) three IS). fonr : I..nty"n. (21). twenty-two (28). twentyI'lHtr.rt. and to build And constrict such othr -

ftcen lID. twenty. 1201.) twenty-one. (!1). twen *tyirven .127) twenty-eight, ((2B) twenty-nine ii ((41 five .16)) six ((8). seven 17)). eight ((8)I. "Sectioas tIne (,1, two (2). three (Ill). four three ((211)1 twenty-four. .1241 tventy.flv. (1251.) *? ranala ,tra'ns. dHkei- dam ..lock. rvmeoirn *-

34tI7"t"(221) twenty-threw :((28)) twenty-four Jill thirty (IS), thirty-one ((81) thirty-two nine- '191 ten ((10). ele-ven (1. twelve ((12) (14)) five ((61 xi (61. seven 171 eight' ((81.. twenty-six (lIt). and tw..nty..v.1 (127. eskt and other works a* the said Board May

| ((25) winly-mx '2)1 twen. I 1121' thirty-thrve ((13. thirty-four ((341.' thirt thirteen 1 1 l1tl.: fourte>en 114)) (118), six- nine tl, ten I 11''") eleven 111.) twelve (fl. half' of section 1..nt..I.h I Fife* *-i *") all di-i-m i HitvuntnuiMMiH) tn tho territory eaahma 'I

Jty-.ev-n (271 twenty-eight (2t.| twenty-nine tylMI1M. thirty-six (Id) : .. t -..n (I6i. seventeen ((17)). eighteen lIt) nine t thlrte-en (111 f.rh''n', I 141 ,'. I UI) ",'rtlons, thlr".th.. ( thirty-four, (S I. ,in mi 1.1 Drafnnue District anil to pay the >*-

V'l (2t7 I thirty (Itt), thirty-one ((31). thirty-two In township forty-seven ((7.) range thirty- tee.n i.11.) ? twenty 201.) twenty-one (1211. twent lon, (fSI. sivente-in, ((17) eighteen (fHI.) Ihlrly.IV, IR BI) and thirty-six'. ((161.) also )IM'nut.a hicl.l. nt to i-nrh) work and alt .ip* **-

HI I (.2) thirty-three ((83))) thirty-four ((34)) thlr"tvflxf eight ((1HI-) 'tv'-'" .' 'I' t..nly.th.21.( ) twenty-four t,..n .191) twenty (.20' twrenty-one. ( twen. township,. fifty-seven ((87) range thirty M.TiHUHry or midful to he Incurred In earryinw -

151) thirty-six (US) : .lio Sections, one ''I I. two 12)) three (II.) four t(4i 24)) t".nly.f'e ). twenty-sit 126). tweni Iv-two (128) 'lwcntvlhre(211( . twenty-fonr eight I tal'> out hi- purpose of thla Act and the tn-trer

*t In township forty-six ((48i' range thirty <( five 'tIl.' six It) seven ((71) . ((8) t V-np.fl (,27.: ) "-.- ((28) twenty-nine i(241 twenty,'. I 126), le.ny.ait' 'SO) twen- All sections .n. ID .Iw" 'ID. "'"* I ". '",. to inuh1i< vail llonrd, to borrow I h.' money

jfbir. (841 nine ((9) ten (10)), eleven (011 1".lv.11.( ) I i.'Di)) (ISO. thlry-n. (191. thirty-two I Ii".l -neven ..Z1\ 1..nl..I.hl2al.( twenty-nine ,14.I nitrlhensl' t nnnrter of fy.NF.( .'I1 m,'cs'pnry lo carrr out, t 'i .' i i V 7't ufi.riw.nia1tin ,

Si-rtloaa one (1) two 12)) three (3)) ten thlrt.en (111. fourteen. I CO. ff..n :: .' ... ( ,- (84) thlr. i 201. ( O\ thirty-one Ill ) thirty-two 51 wist, ),alf e.f ., ".rt.n.,. ) i wald Him i .1 I '. I h. i tuithortsttd anal etc-

'''fini. eleven I lll) >. twelve ((12)) thirteen (181. teen ((16)) seventeen ( li.' ( it). ninet tv.five 'CIS I Ihlr'. ((36)) : also I 112) thirty), .thrix- (111 thirty-four (34), thlr- ..,lint qnarti etf netrthfrenl miarter, of nnrthervnt i<>im-rd to iin in tu( i'...riMrfitnum..* of the

fourteen (Ill) fifteen (19) twenty-two (22)). teen din, twenty (20) twintv-nne (t2i ) twen.tytwn In tiiwnnhip forty-thre 14:41: > range forty tv-flve (1101. thlr1361, ( also iliiarter. luirthwent qunrte-r. south half of sees mid Hoard. n,. otmhlt, coupon bond nf -ntlr

,", twenty. ((21' twenty-four ((24) twenty. (S2I) Iw.'n'.th. 1211.. twenty-four (1I (4(1)) : In ... .ry.I. ( IM ). .nx" fortytl t .. eight. ) (IW'. of N1" 8KI' of 11';.. \,>rwl. .l'H Ilr.uin.ge Piatrirt i-rovMed how -

a1'' five 125') '. -.I. (261) twenty-seven ((27)) '(II twenty-live, 121. tAintv fix If6, t'srfl. Sir! ems eitieII.I 'I. two ((2)) three ((31 I. tour ri4i '' (41)N: \)' I.. S'j of Nl. .," of section CM, 'r. hat I hi. nnio.it, nf ln-nd Intmrd and onVntatdii.vr

thlrtt r, ir "fl.> thirty-live ( (15)) snd thirty. '. -.ven 127.) iw,' -. (1211) twenty-nine i IKe 16) nix (SI) si\en 71.) eight |ml f ., ,'r"on. one 'P.1 two I ?)I. three I 111 four ( eif I ID. nnrthvvent, i.rt.r, ami east half ,undi'r thin *ct ahnl!I not nt any time '
trix ( IB i also- '((20). (80) thirty-one (131. thirty-two fin.' (11.I ) ten (lit). elevin (111. twelve ((12) I Il. fivei i r"i. .i<< iCi,. .,'' (11'' eight (ml ). lr .. te.n I INW nnd PS nf 101. Al ,.-.I I itLx Mill on Dollnm )H ))00 nnO, Ihnt lato I

', In ,township forty-six (46)), range thirty- 'i 'n.) Ihlr..lbr.. ((11) . 114). thlri Ihirtien (11:1': fourteen (11. ( itt.) sixteen nun, ID I ten i "I'D' tl'','n 111. twelve ((21. n,,14 ions .eleven. I Ml I I ). and' twelve ( I r..iTwo M Ii Inn rlv. ITundred Thoim-)

.vc ( "
S.. oils t n.' (II'I I. two ((2) threw I 111 t, foi.ror' In township forty-eight MHl.' range thirtyt...n ll 111. ,twenty, ( JOi, twi. ( I. twen. tun lit, M'vtiiteti' .n (1171| eighteen (18'.1In.) went .,,u.r'r and mititlunvt ,1115. rIle ,., n.tiith1' Mlin.i riv Hundred 'riwnmand fIn)- I
(l < flte IRl ui| tI.) '.' ( t ). tIght (18)) : tv-two (1221.) twintv.thriw ((21) twenty-four I.'. ( I 'I I tvventv' I"'01 I I I I ) 'I
; .I :: \ Ig ni'' twenty-one UI. twenv emsrter,, of .irelloll, ) III ..I..II < i l' < ,. NW <4. I Inrt <'l I ?M Ilt, 1,1,1), AK pro\id> 1 for ami) niithorfad '
BIT Bin, ''i .ten I | ( i eleven) .rl'iw\I I ) ( ). Sir! ',,'. one (/I.) two (12)) three IAI, four i CD. twenty-five (26)). twenty-aix ((26). twentvxeven 1 Y.iN"' ( _'? t ttv. n..lh. I IJ1) I .. N'... of S\V, an.l SF "f itt north half of ,. I nmlt, r thi pnn tulorm of (hnptr, AOK7 nf the I,

: thlrt. , ( in% f..uttecn Its )I. (/6).i.- ((41. five 'I'M' (6) seven (7)' eight ((8)) ((271) twenty-eight 12HI) ) twenty-nine' i i 't!Ml i .. .tv-Ii- ( .KI. I w.ntv.x ("R) t-ven. "northeast inmrter, southwest nusrte. .r of section Art* of I I'M't mid t'r'i.I"i fnrtht r. tlmt thitmoiint .

SP inn 'H', ntvtntetn I 117)). e'ighteen ( .. !nine ID). t.n0' eleven ((11). twelve ((12) I ijni' thirty ((10)) thlry-n. I. thirty-two' i I t-nVl.fl i2: > twentyluht' ((2)ll 'twenty-nine' fourtiell I IN'I. nf SF:' .. S\V i.f 141. I aRt of henIn sIll hritet nnd isxei| IIT said\

tern lc' 'twi'nty I 1201' twenty-one' (21)) twi>n., 'thirteen ((111 fourteen 114) flft-.cn ((11) .... i"I 121' ''hl.ly.lh. ((111.) (14) thlrtv ..i' : thirlv' 'nin tIlrty'I""' ,ill,n.) Hi rtv-two Ii I lI h.lf of nictlnn, firtien .IT''. nf IM' all sections I Iltiin Hoard In any fiscal ynnr alit), fiscal you 1-rln.r

i ty t" ( !"i' nty-three, I li'1)I. twenty-four '"','n (lit, u" flteflightos, ( > 'n ((111. nineI I ..Hve ((151' thirty-six (116)) : alnn i 21. thmv, .11( line. 'nil thirty-four //11. thlrM I MO) An.1! sevititun I M'l northeast .1i-<-mid I to i n.l on the I tint driv "f Pi mhor In

: (24)) twrnty-Kve r.'Oi' tw'nl.1281.) tvfriii 't..n I il'n, twenty I UO) twcnlv-eine (ill > twen. In 10w.hI forty-four ((441.) .nl. forty' I'Iv .lite I I.Irl.i thirty-six (13fl.I.) ':ills rI'r. niirlhvvent "IlIad r sinitliituit, uusri nrh Vt-i-ir Inrludinhr !l>irjltnll not exci the )

,' i ty-. wn ((2" ) twenty-4iifht) ( 2MI. ( wentv-nlne, 'tv-two 'li-'Ji' Iwenty-thre-e. ((21))I. twenty-four I((401) In township ,..ry..n (C4I. range fortyt lir find, last bnlf of .""n..1,. )niinrte of seetl.tn tuim of One Million Five tlnndnd, Thoimnndi ,

(2''' thirty' I.301.( thirty-one ((11)). thirty-two, |I'i.. I"'n..f, .2/!! tvcuf, nit) 261. t' en.ty Si-rtiems, "aI(II. two I 12.. three ((1). four one (/1, t twenty I SEt', NW' of spi I I., l':'<,i nollara! AOO.OOOi.1 but nothing hi-n-tn enntnlni -

(121. thirty-three ((111) thirty-four ((34)) thlr- -.. ( twenty-eight (12RI.1 'twenty-nine> i((4)). flu.lit( ), ((61 seven (7)). eight '')., .'. one. ( I U. two 12)). three I II. four ,.f Sly. '.. of 20) all seclleins "nt( ) I
"t.lvl (15)). thlrtylx f IK) : Kino ( J'l.!) ) thirty (10)) thlrty-ono 131.) thirty-two, i nine, (ill'. t h'n ((101.) eleven (111.I twelve (fi!)., (II.) five* ((51'. KI\ (ill'. seven ft' eight (IMI.) |Iwinlv-twn( )1. anil,I 'w'n'y"n.21.( i i If hi of tho IioIstirvto aiithf.rl.er, aiittiut., I -

tnwniihlp forty-sc\en ((47)) ranKO Ihlrl). ( '12) thirty-three, ) (11) thirty. ((14)). thlrI I Ihlrl..n3'( fourteen, I lit I ). .. I'I till I. s x-' i. 191.) (h'n i 110)( eleven I 1111.I twelve I 1121. I of n.rlh..1 quarter I".y.lh.nnd southwest, quari i nt hondr* of Bald) H,mrd mvnbl from ,drainaiit

five .on) : ty-flve (IK) thirty-six (38)) : also I..n .."..nl ,'n (171. eizht.vn, (1HV nine thirteen ((11) ?,.Iri.'n, ill I ) 'HCte..n 181. .1,- h.1 nf section twe-nty-four I NU, of NP.' ', and I I <)tiix.ii within on Id Ulntrlrt. firo\Mi-d any urh

Serlon. one (/1.) two (12)! three (3>. fur In township f.ry.nln. (4 gl. range thirty- I teen Oil' twenty ( JO tw'n'y.'n. ((211.' twen. i h'nM.( I I. niventeen I 117)I eighteen (18)I nine- SW I of '_'4I I I. northwest quarter went half of' I Inoiithveint ndilttlonal authority nhnll bo arrompanlrd by
((5)) (6)) Beven (7)). eluht (IMI. eight ( aMI) : I I.w. 'I2JI. t..ntv.lh. '121). twr"ly.rnl. i teen ( twenty (201' ( ((211.) twen.
f91. w.n.y.on. iiuarter nf ,section, twcnty-flve (IN T r i iWl thy li-vy nnd, imt.ls'ttnn' of additional) taxes or
nine f 191. ten (10) eleten Seetnna! one ((1). Iwo 12)) three (1). four twenty-five lIlt .. .
) ( tw'lvr2. (24)) (tIll tw-ntv.stx ( | ..n.ty..v.n tv liv I III) twenty-four Wl. .
/1. n'.th. ofSWlOfJB Ills of
). Iwrnt, isaespm'nIp unfflrlcnt tn mcrt payment
thlrh'f'n11.( ) fourteen (14)). ff.en61.( ). six. (41). five ((51)I. six 18.> seven ((71) eight (8)) (121. twenty-eight ((251. twi'ntv.nine, ? )I. twintv-five I I2B) twen'y-nlx .I26| tweni six ((26) .. .1.'rJln". ,.eight I thihnn.l stIriei ant lnttrf thprpoa aa I

te .n (flOI) fle\ent"i'n ((17)) "' nlnr.I nine' 191.) ten ((10)) eleven 111) twelve ((12)) 12'''. thlr Ill) thirty-fine 1 111) th'.I.o I t .even 111 twentv-e'lght ((28) 'twenty-nine' ,("RI. nnrth tw.nl..n half of 127. thlrtv-lhreo I IN'4of thy ** nlmll) bipotn duo sitch payment 5.5 ,

Kitten I (111.) twenty ((20)) twenty-one ((21) twcn-. 'thlr.n31. fourteen C4). fifteen (161 sixteen -, (1J. thirty.three ((11)). thlrty-fernr J4I.. Iliir.,, i I...I. ,)' .. lot thirty-one Itt ) th'rty-two "" north half of .section. thirty-four ( I IHI proxldid nnmi, for by sinking fund an herein
"' ) tw.n".lh. 281.) twenty-four. ((16)) seventeen ((171' ..1"h..nRI., nineteen ty-flve ((161.) thr.I. ( 8)) .1.. I'I. tht-tv" .f-nf Ill. thirty-four (18fl. Ihir.I of 141 northwest north half of IN.,I nMtnlnd, and such additlonnl) bond shall
,! (24). twenty-five' 125) twenl/-l < 'I24. tv.cn- (119') ) twenty (1201.) ,' twen- In f..r.fv. ((45)) fury, I It. 0"i. I -i 'hl.v1'8) ; also. qu"r'r. eoivntltntt -
twn. rant and ) ) .
.ni. ounrtor iiusrter eif north- nn nhUuntion of rqiial dignity with th
ity-niien ((27)). twentv-eluht (12HI.) twenty-nine I t.lw. 1 I2J). tw.'nl'.th. ((28) tw'nly."urIfl. (401 In t..n.hti, ty-elgbt. (its). forty' .southwest <
) hi
ennt of nondn with
eiusrt.r section In rtv five rn-n authorliMHl and HitinMy lit.inis
; ((291.) thirty ((30), thlrlyone (131) thirty-two I ( tw'n.I, '. twenty. Ii6). twen- E.rt'nn. one IlL two (2)) I"... IS). fmr on. tIlt. rnl. 'NW' <
;NMj of and : of U ht-rfln nuthnrUrd ho rntltti-d topnymint
[ (121) thirty-three I. thirty-four ((84i'. thlr. t..n ) twentv-elght ( twenty-nine I (Ifl) I, (tIll, six 18.) seven 17). eight .. vtectitfiie, .ne. ( I I. tvvif (21) three (3). four In titwnshlii NFl SWl cf Ill NKV)I. einge thirty: i. from all drainntrv may taxes th *n or

( ty-flv ((151. thirty-nix (36)) : alno I (10) thIHy-one (11). thirty-two, I nine' II' I'n0). .I.v.nI.. tw>elve UJ) II fi.. I t n ( Cl seven (7)). eight, 'M'. nine .
; 1'1. half of andwest thirtnftrr Impodpd thi hinds within saId
In tnwniihlp forty-elaht ("H') mniie thirty ((12) thtrly-thre. (III thirty-four ((141. thlr thirteen (ID. 'olrl.n (111. o'.n' 11"1 > ". I'0I II) lei MOI ileten 'lit twelve ((12)). went nohr..1 ,ual.r upon
of northwest of fourteen nintrlct, without bonda
irefcrv-nce tn
five ('III I tv-flve do thlr'' .-." ((86)) ; also teen lIt seventeen ( ) eighteen (1151, ni'ie-. '''r..n M'l, t,,,i.) ,, I It flltern I liBI.' six- h.t qusrtf .rtnn any nr I
i ( 1 of NEl'e and W U of nf 141northinsl !\I Hi'HfH f )hondM, othi-r tNindii pri
<' or BDT *
H a
frl".n., one (O\I two ((2)) three (181.) ten In township fifty (80), range Ihlry.llh t 1 teen 1191' twenty ((20) twentv-nne ((21)) I\.n. teen MCI'. ",.". i'-i II" ). lirbteen till.l nine- j,
i of
i\iarter sri east half 'f northwestn'tsrler hondHJ .
/01.) ( . (12), thirteen ( ), (SM) : ty-two (221) twentythe428) tventol r t.. ) ) ivtint' "111 (211 t. .
f".n4.) fifteen ((15)). twenty-two (1'1.), Sections one (ii ) two ((2). three ((1). four (24), twenty-five ((25)( twenty>slt ((26). ...'i. I ..l.'.1'1!? twi ntthree. .*'n'v..n.1211.' t..n., 1 ,( of ,ne'Ctlnn twenty two I iNF'i nnd. F.'.. *.< 4 All law and pnrtH of lawn la >na- I
of .
1. t..nly.lh. (28). twenty-four (24)) twenty (4)) five (8)) six ((6) seven 17)). .llh (MI ,,, tv-nl vrn (/71. twenty-eight (281. twenty.nine I. tu'tti'v..five. ( ?8). Ivventynilx Iw..lv.'o'((2HI twin. .NI'
>' Iv. (2R)I. twenty(24)! ( twenty-neven (27)), itns(9)). ten ((10) eleven (lii ). (hi!),, ((20)) (ISO thirty-one (iii ). th rty I "ve i> I... ,'tl'o 1"7.| . .. .... (21). I twenty-nine I Ih. N nf :-II.i ) ..0..h. Im'f nnil, soul.
of .. .
.four ((14)). thlrtyfl10( : 1 and thirty;: thirteen (11)) fourteen ( Ml )nflecn hit), tU. 112)) thirty-three' ((11). thlrty.fnur ((341, Ililr. 1""ii. IMrlv' ) noi, 1.lr'v."n.. iii I th.rty-two I S'N'north half f of ..t.n tw,p' >l- ''Si iintl 4iT R Thi.- Act nhnll take .-lTeet 9909 H
It). ,
Ix la81. .Uo ten Ilftl.) seventeen (Ill. eighteen (18), nine. ty-flve 1161. thlrty-e.lt ( It) ; also ( ':"I. thirty" "thru-, '111.. thirtv-four ((14) thlrtt ,, slHns 'w..n'v.nln. pnnnntri and Approval hy the r'.ovcrnoy.

Tn township forty-six ( fftranK.. thirty- Ir.n9'( > twenty (20) I..n."n.2\) twen.tytwo In r"nl. forty I tIn between townships for ',(1" i, ( 111 thlr'r-nix ItS) ) : also (12P i2I). .. nnd thirty ((80)' thirty-one( southwest(II, ). thlr".tw"" ,. Approved ..Inn0.. 1910.

I ) (221 twenty-three (211. twenty-four ty-flve ( ) and forty-six (f8) ILl In tvvtni.hlp '. range fortynni. thlr'y.lh. (111.) quar ,,
three (II). f"u.1.), five( ((5)). cIt: (24)) twenty-five ((251 twenty' .1, ,,2r1. twen- one I II ii. two (2) three ((3). four (III.) lilt .ry..lnei. .. "no soiilhwent' quarter) of northwest nuar* .

It)), .....n1.) elvht (1M) nine ((9)). ten ), tv-neven (27)) twenty-eight ((2.1. twenty-nine fv. ). UnIt six ((6)) I also *!ert ons two (2)) (hr... ((6) toni tir section thirty-four. IIW'I and < W' CIMl'TFtt 7)1A't.) (No iii M.)
101. It. of NVVt', of 841) rant bolL ,.. AN ACT t to Ami-nd Si-ctlon R of Chapter *4fi.l
eleven (11)). "live 120). thirty (ISO) thirty-one quar. ,
(12)) thirteen (11) thirty-two forty-six
townshIp ) '
(13)). IRI. range forty ((41)Sect ill I fi.iIM' .r 16)). seven ((71.) eight (H),
teen 114), fifteen ((15) sixteen ((1)). (12). thirty-three) Ihlry.t.u.4.( ) thlr. 'ons one II.) tw. ( ). three (IS I. Pine. "HI ten MO) eleven .111)) Iw.lv.21.. "'r "nt northwest quarter of niirlhwmt einar* of tlu- Act of 11)14) an Amrndf l iy (Chaav-
.n. 01' ter rant half of s.n't'on thirty.five* I IF.'.. f tir ft..ft7.' of tho Acts of 1010 Lawe of
teen (17). eighteen IHI). nineteen (Ito). twen. ty-flve ((15) thirty-six ( ) : ((4)) five (IS). at (6). seven ((7)). right l ''. thirteen Mil. fourteen Iii Illleen 116)). sixteen a I
t, ((20)) twenty-nne ((21). twenty-two (22)), In trwnahlp fifty-one ((61) range thirty nine ((9)), ten itO, eleven ( II ). twelve (ill). / ). teventeel ( ellrbtin nlnetin NWInnd NWIJ and NWV. ,.r NWf, and. rtorlda Relating to the Creation of lbSIv'rwlat..s
_. twenty-four t eight IBM) : thirteen ((11)) fourteen 17 IMI. E'4 j of 151 and nil section thirty-six (Sit) Prntnatrv Dmtrlrt of Its fitats
t..nt.lh.3 (24)) t..nty. (14). fifteen I 1M. itt I MID twenty liO twenlvme' ( ). liven
fv. ... (26)) twenty-seven (27)). Sections ..n. (II ) two ((2)). th.e 13) S.u teen lit) ...nt'.n71.( ). ..I"hl..n11.). nine. It.itvo 12". I."h..th. 128). twenty-four also I l I) of I'lnrliln.; ru-nntHeT Ita noundarlca ; Prorrihlntc .-

twenty-eight (2$). twenty-nine (20)), thirty /1. five (5)) six ((81. seven ((7)). eight 1M... teen 119)) ,' twenty-one (Iii. twe,'. "41 tvreniy.five I2'>), twenty-sit' (26)). twen. In township fifty-six (SB), range thirty-nine. ltn Powrra.; and Authnrlalna1 the
(SOI. thirty-one (31). thirty-two ((12). thirtythree (191. ten ((10) eleven ((11). twelve ( tv-two (22) twenty.three 121). twenty-four' f-ete-i (27)) tvycntv-eltcnt (28) twenty-nine (19)) All section one (1)I east half and north* levy ColhTtlon of Tat A.vtf-.M.nni tipoa

( )"). thlrty-four (ut I. thirty-five ((35)). thirteen ( SI.) fourteen ( M). fifteen 111!).(21.1: (24)) twenty-five ((25)) twenty-six (It). t" -n. 21'>. tl'lrtv (101, thirty-one (31). thirty-two went quarter south half of southwest qusrter thlandH In Rntd, lntrlrt for the Purpose

.nil thirly-e.ix (18)) alo teen (16)). seventeen (171. eighteen nIne, ty-seven 121.) twenty-eight (ZR). twentynine29I. II"). Ihl..v.'h.) Ill ), thlrl'olr (14). thlr- of section two KMi' and NW% RUj of 8W,. of DraIning and (tcclalnilng Raid Isads and

In township forty-seven (47)), range thlrtyIx teen (001. twenty, ( ). twenty-nne (/RI.. I.en. . 110) thlry"n.I.. th ry.t.n I, . C'li I thl...-. (!) : also of 2). west half and aouthcnnt quarter and. Art rarrylnu-, ,, Into FITert lbs 1'roviBionj f Said

(31)) : ty-two ((221. twenty-three (23)). twentyfourr ((12) thirty-three ( ). thlry"our ((341.) Ihl,. fit township fifty (60). range forty-one (II ) : went half of northi,'ant quarter of ei-ctlon, three
rVetiona one (II). two (2). three ((8). (24)). twenty-five ((28)I. twiilyMx, '281.) liven ty-five list)1. ethirty-slx ( ) . *5erf ons one 'I.) two 12)). three II). four I V.Iand SKU end WK.' nf NK'4 of 8)). It of FnarUd ny its rr UUtiir ef the 8ta(.

(4). five 45) six (flu. seven (7)). eight (f Ml,. ty-neven (27). twenty-eight ((29). twenty-nine, In township forty-seven (Ill) range forty I'l' ItIA. . ( SI). seven 17). eight (II. netrth hilt nnd sotithiast quarter, of aectlon' FlorM.itS.Ttlon

.3 nine (If), ten ((10). ..Irv.n1., t".lv.21.), 12I! thirty ((30)). thlrt '- (Si). thlry.I.o ((40)1Rections) r' IP) I"'n01. eleven 111). twelve ((12). four (INS and SP'i' of 4). eolith half of north. I. Tlint Section 8. of Chapter H 4.of .
t thirteen ) ( ) six. "121. thirty.three IVrtcen ( CHHt qiinrte'r, northwest anil south hslf tin Art of lull. NH amended by Chapter
'ourl.n (311. thirty-four 11' fourteen I I I nnnrter
(3. 111. nfr.n51. ((34)1. ) nne (1), t'-ee '11 Mil. MI..n I ) six*
teen ( t..o ti. f..I ir 111. (fluff?, of thv, Art* of I 11415, Lawn of Florida ba
l1 (1(1)) ( ( >. nine ty-flve ((151.. thirty-six ((18)) also ((4). five (IlL) six (81.) seven ((71 rli'ht ("'. teen lIlt. .. .nl.'n till eighteen ( nIne of section seven (114 of Nf/). NW, tend UK. nnd .aI
t..n ( II ) (20)) twenty-one (21)) twentvtwo In trin of 71, south half ,of section, (RU the Hume In l,,-r.-ty amended to a*
I. elghl of Ill
Iw'n. township Ifty.two21.( range thirty' nine (0)) ten (ill)). eleven II" tvvel ". IDI twe'my ( 20) txventvnne ((21 ), liven follow '
fj) t..nty.lh. (21) twenty-fonr, eight (18) : thirteen (11))I. fourteen "teen /f. .., (22i lwentv.three ((28)). twenty-four south half of sictlnn nine (Si/, of 0)). north) '
i; 24)), (J5))1. twentyC3I( Ifl 'nl. half nf north Kirtion H, At -hit firm m.tMiu oT the I4Ttntird
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't half south
half of
I..nly.fv.. 1 twen ..t"n.I.. two (2). three ((1), four' Ir.nft.( ). seventeen (lj ; ,1.1.t ., en Mm.il' l-'s*,. l"en'e.flve '1211 twenty-nil' 1261 twer.* aottthinst nf.r thi nnd
( ,
nf.prt.val of thai
wrnt, .RHnnfc
ty.rv. (2R. t. ( quarter of seetlnn ten (NU nf MM
-even of
(.201 thirty ((10)) .llht twenty-nine (41 . (5)). seven ((71.) eight (81.)i "','n (lit twenty (20). twenlv-nnw I7)) ). t. ."'- 71 t."h..I"hl 12RI.) twenty-nine, RUj \rt UN Rtnonil. I In miff and thereafter th. '
of ca
thirty-one (Itt ). thirty' -two i I."M I tHriy ( 01. thirty.,. ( Spi/ 10). northwi-jtt iiuarter and snuthcant 'I
((0)) ten tv-twn (221) ill thirty-two
n'n. 1101. eleven ((11). twelve ( twenty.three 2"1. t"-r-ify.f, .
ue HiioMtl
(12) 'liiiAilny' in january of t-neh
thl..y.lh. ). thirty-four ((14) thir I21. i "i. t1tryt'.p(1) '. inmrter and northeast qunrter., of nouthwest year tIil.ar.i *
thirteen ( : (141. thlr.I"
t.fv.. (11. thlr\.or (161 : aho teen (lit 11.J"ur.n. fifteen. .111.) 124I"'nl..lv.) 125) |1."n".I.'.1 (2D lIt. t..n.' I ", ,. I" ) thlr'y.six ( ''hlry..r' : also quart', of nert'on el.vin )INW"' nnil SF'i, Niifd nliHll, t tnwn.hl. ." (48)) thirty ,. 17. (18)I t"'n tw'ntv--i.-.I t".ntv."I.. In tot. amiNFI, nnd NKS nf IW'l' nf III I, southwent ) *'h wnltl dlrttrfrt rosy Ho In whole, or in part '
Iitty..n1)11) ,
six ) rn"e tw nty-twn 122) .w.nly.'h. (28) twenty,,1: thirty (101.) thlrtv floe t'1I) >. Iprtv'vnI ,. .n.hi. I. r"v. fortyon n lint i>f itu. Innd Ivlnu: ni, "in,, h Connty and
fiunrfi'r nnd Ill
11fl (411 fl'I half of t,
: northvvintnilni'ti
.r"nn. nn.I.) two ((2)) three (IS). four four (241.) twenty-five (It 1. twenty-nix (26)Ivventyneven I. ( IJi Ihl.t.lhr. (tI) tMrlv-rnnr' ''"'' Stir .r anil esnt half of northrsnt rulM-nr, ,| ITI unid dnilnnu) ) dixl rlrt, Such lIsts ,
) (271) thirty-fine, (14 > tv-flve MM thlr'v-nlx C"ll "'.,, ". rt fvns, a.t II I (tv' ("I. thru, II) qiiHrter
(4) five (fK.. ut lx (61\ crien ((71). eight ( "I. thlrl.lv. four and nnllth, bnlf nf noutli, nut HhnM di-Hi rllti- HIM, 'h Inn.In win'n It ,i- onaveaientto 1'
) eiilerter of b.
( III l. and (16)) : also In t".n.h'',. fnrtycli-ht I I4'!, rnn-e, forty "I.) ir.t nlin ... l'-1 I elvht ) | neetlon t I do ..
nine ((9) tin >) eh'\t'n ((11) twi'Ive Ihlry.I. / vi'l I" twMve ISWl, anil Nt of N\V' nn.t K"' a hv HirilonH. towi.Hhfpif,, ) ranKee, antI
(21. In township, forty-four ((44)) thin (4"1 : Ci.: .0 'I ten I M "i 1.1 li. Mil I I ,. of .
|" Htirlt
thirteen ''It' fntirteen I ) ( t range ,- .. .. M ti. Nl-i', nnd S". of Si' of fl iir-on II .r ii'I-( vln.ll |K' di-elvnated tie
/II. nlt.nfl. nine (80)Sections) : Section on.Ii . two I") t>-. ( ) fan t'llrli.l' M'l L."" t.-i i Ii;ft. nil sertlnn Ihlrtiin -
teen ,vinteen ( IT I itt. nine ee . I MM I I .|\ I Mil I vtint hnir of titnount iisy.N.id) ) i I'F hIlt Art uiinn each >.-
tei'n Ill, t" > nty ( 71)I.' ''I"h.rn ((21)) twen. twcnty-one I'Jl I I. twenty-two' ((22)I I I II. fw (8)) six (iii. oven (7) el','lit "I I, lien IltI .....".. .n7.) !,.hlii-n livi.' nln,". hulL etf nnrthil.it, imrtliuitl) oiuirt,'r nndennt lion, 'If ,,,,, ,.r ,.nrt lter.f, f,., the year is
le ,
t lwentvthr.(21)). (24) nine ten fit). i'mn, Mi ) I.. ,. I. IM ("I'll? Itteni12(11 | ()iifl'tir) nifl t nniithtteHtinillil.r ., ,
twenty- ti"i .
h.lwl 12': tw' ntv.thn* ((21) twenty-four twenty.four / . wrnt-.n. I 1211'I. twen. i.f eelln f.. IW u hli'h h t r I HI P*. nr< mm,I. InmiIatcI.
of J
i fl ,
five ((25)) thirteen t.. NW'i 4
(111. I' '
twenty-nix ((26) "l'r 't .
(341) twntv-fivi. h.rnlv..v.n (271.i 'n.r.nj. "rn "II .t t. n'v-Ih. I ill.) I Iwi ii.'ii t'M< r> nil Ion "f ), hats
IZ8I. ) anil iCM tIle 1hf
twantylx (26) 'nl.r F1 of Npt I > seld
) twentyien nn.l Wi of p
Kventy-elght (751 ( teen (161. ne." ( t eli-lili' I ( "I I .. . .51. I I'Jfll, III i went hnlfof ) .
> 27 (2" Ihlrv-Ih. (11) .n..n / .. Ie.. > -*> 'twohtv elx I I, 6 twentv northitinl Minrd HMtflt .ii'i' '., l 1,1> h,. pnhl.Kt, | .d >
t..nt..rl"h twenty-nine four ((111.. 'hrl. teen .111), ). twenty 1 01 .,,,. .. .. i'- iitinrlir, ) Fact l.a I lf i.f no-then l n a newaimtii II
thirty-five ,
( (15)) ,ialno "h' ,, 5 1' .. tee tit v ,1(iirlit I?( l t tiiiMri.ii.l, .
(801 thirty '. ,' (11) th'rty-two, Inllhlr..I" IR Iv.n..nln.I iltimter) ,.ill It'i nf iiunrti) r nf leellon fifteen r '' In InlltiliiisHi'find) , In a new .
(8? i 'ihIrt.t'v.. 111)) thirty-four ((141. thlr.ty Iw.'nl'w" 1771. t.rnlv.' .. I Intl' 'w o.\; t't'.It 101. 'Ihrlv.n) ,. (II 111) I rlv.l.o HV nf, NWi' I"' nf r.OIr pnhlfr.tf| d I in Mlnmf, ,,flee M w l. h for
In township forty-five. 'If">, . fotr I'f ) lw'ntv.fl1) I'. "',... 12"ln.nlvvtvht i it i I f "I' V-i ',0 .. (111 tl 1,1,irft-fiiir I 1 NFI', nnd M\V' sod I t.ni Ia..t) ,
tlilrtvKlx, (lIlt : alan" nine (11)) range 1,1. (251. I. 1 'I< .. nil I IhlrT sit nf |BI) nil ntelloiin) I,.in Mill m.venIfen '' ii, n-.Ii..f th r-mipl* tl',n of ancb
twetIy.nine N It
11111 thlr' | .v. (1 i also IfMtrt nnd .
In : I that the, '
tnwnnhlp forty-nine (44I I ll I l slim run I IH- xnmlnt-d at
thirty- i
I. fli.htfin .
siv Its) ranve SiTtifin one ( li, twn (2) three (1) four thtrl.one, (Ii ). th,4u.l". Vt ) lhrlt. In township fifty.two (52). rang ,...I.n. tv-eim. I'll I MHl I ttveptv ( 01 twen- tin. ..fllr) ,- r.r tlu. "iti-1, I Moiitd nnd f 1111)1 I on |ia, '
nnd) a '
((41). nine' ('i,. three 11' ihirtv.tor Iw. nlv-two l"'t) half of I.a'ct.n I
rVrtnns one II ) two (2) ten lint.) eleven ( 1..Iv., 4. Ih.ly.1 I ,. lt to hi* ,HTxrllh I In "iild <>t.i', hi loir ,
. I. ( three (II four (Ii 111. ) I tvenlv-threi I IPI,, nf "'II) wnnt hhlf n not If**
. ?), thirteen ( IS) "n.1 lhtnv.l I ) of .
(4)) five im' .i ix (Hi nei <'n ) .I It''. nlxteen ''....nI.. '. ((151.' II : nno !,.. feur (41 flue (Bl. nix (6) sever I noiilhtitnt nnnrler of mellon) tw, ntv.four I IW"). tttiui ftC), ( ,, .!Mfrom lh(. ditdf the tent
In .
nine h /81.) twnnty-on- ( ) '.-' ((22)) lo.n.hl. forty-nine ( I ) rn, "".1. '7i. h> (H i'ilI.at' ),, .
l itt l Irl (101 ele\i! >n (lii ). t"'lv.21.(. 1401 f ). n'ne (0). sNIeen lit' seven of SW.I of Mi) northwest ifnitrtir of fleet),, n I ihifof I Ihi anld Ponrd aha) >! meet ,,
thirteen' I 111)) fourtein,, Iw.nh.'hr. ((21) twenty.four, ((24)). twenty : 'tr.rt 1171 rlghtne-n ?i '.ill thinfl..,-,. i r in-d Itoiird .
'114) nft.en (151)I. six E- .. 1101. nln".n" Mil twen.p ,. Iv'iI-fl.e ''NWV, nf "51 w, "I t half of nnrth. nnd h ar and do* (T II.
teen ( IM' .. nt.'n11.) 1 twenty-six ( AI. twenty-neven )I Pert onn one. ) Iwo r2i. ', ("it ne t. rmlllf rill eoniidnlnlti I ) In 'lutlon, ) .
\ eighteen (1 1. nine 127. If. 1".1 r .n." 121. twentv-elght It). wti>t iiumtir. nottthvint ,iiunrti' ennt half) ofnorlhin r. !I. the pnpn I
t.rn91( twenty ((2ol. Iw..nh.n. (21) twen.tytwo i- 'w'nt.I.< (2 ). thlrty-thrre ( 11.) ( I. five Ill. ,| (dl neven .I.ht I"'(,. tv p' pint. ( :'ill ?) thlrtv.one .t nnnrtfr of ntetlftn twentv-nlx rut l I..n, ..T .Mi'i, I liNti l>v the I nn d rT .nr.1 and
'"2i 0'f. Ihlrty-flve (Ill. sal thirty-six (SIll I tO I ). t'n ) eleven' ) th1"'ty.twn I 112)) 11. I IW"I for thnt) ,, ,., . tin) I
I..n'v.thr. ((21)) twenty-four alnn Ilnl (Ill h. |' M"l 1. I. find I thirty.th--e (lilt . of NWi SWt),', F"' of Nf' 'I, nf "61 nil nee" pi y miiv ndmirn| frt'm tirnt
(241) twenty-five 12RI.) Iwenty-ilx (26) twen.i In thlrtfen ( III.' 'nl. .>en ( I Ml .'..n ( "11, cit. Tn lotynshlp fifty. .three* (Oil. range forty. tion iw.tlv-spv.n I 1271 noi'th unIt smithesnnnrter -.! to linn* '.1 M., |. lists ahull I Iv- K.irt.id by theelmfrniiin A?
ty-eeven 1271' twenty-eight (JH). twenty-nine ships rnnge Ihlr.-nln. (SI). between town teen, M61 seventeen I' ") .1.btrm 181 relne.tei oat ((411) ) find north linlf of -ntithwcfet I ..r Mi*. honrd nnd nt>nM hi. ntt.ate hy

(2ft 'thirty ItO). thirty-one CD) th,rtv-two' Lot tort.I\ till. anil forty-six H6I) 'n fill( ) twenty ("It Ivventyi-nr."" 17(1( toe-,,. trr'lona six, (Ill. seven (71) eighteen ..f -.'rll.n t iv,nlv.eight ( Nil,. in and tiunrter N't! thi. Mirtvtnrv undor the seal I .f fhi* unid hoard.

('12)) Ihlrtj' ..Ihree ((111.) thirty-four (14). thlr., five.(5)"n.. "n.I.( ) two 12'> three IS I. four (4))( t.hv. (2ffi. lwrntv.lhe"I( tvertyeour( -iipettin (in). thirty' "ItO) and thirty-one (fRI.. j ji. nf SU' of )"HI norlhennt i|sflCtS.r, of nertlon, Miirh Urtfn when rompttttd nhnll I h*. fmnipd.ntwIv b

ty-IKe (lr 1. thlrty-slx (Id) : sl.. In (Si : nlsn i'll. tveentv.five ("lit. twenty.-It 101! ", a'nn' lw'nty.i'n,. ( Nrlj of, "11 smith, bslf north I I forwnrdid by the Imnrd I hv mn, I tn the tax ,.

In townnhlp fifty IRI.( range thirty.six ((16) (lownnhip liltiS.rt.ns forty-nix ( It). rsnge Ihlry.nl" Iv-ieven 127 twcntv-eli-ht f"oi fw, P'lv.PtiPl 1 fn township tnrty.nn. ftl.) range t.rv-I., uint fiunrl,.r went half of nnrthmxt nnnrterf.f HrtHftiyiorof) MI)*, rounder! In which, HIM-M rfralail I
Sect'' one (/). ((2) three (1)). ten 1211 "' tin.. thlrn on- -11 t". rty.tiyf,', (4" neetlon) Ihlrtv It",, NWI' Wl of liv, n rli I tony I lie) reapth .Iv \ mipy of
(10)) ..I.v.nI. 1..1.2.( ) thirteen Ill. Ill. fit ,. nn. (1)I )1. two (2)) thee Ml. fonr Ito 1. thirty.three ( ,111) thlrlv.four ('14), thlr.I. ,. -Teetnna nineteen Ill, twenty (20). tweniv fif 10) north hnlf nf nnrtliwt.et NP'i: ,I fii. h of mid ills) -ihull h., n *nlnfd by lbs ', 1
1& ,nix IAI seven IT) , (UI.I. ty.five (, thlrxy-slv ( ",) a4 ni' ('I' twenly-elvht fiuarter nnd I iM.fird,, nnd Ihi, *
'our..n /41. "' fit! ) twi nty-two (22)) nine Ol .I"h r1 : .I (III. ""'. nine* n.trtlt. ,,at fiunrtee nf -.ertlnn I lirtv.n- ( N Ncrntnrv.hull .. .n M"). eleven ( lit. ( II)I tftwnnhln fifty (501 I."i I Ihlrtv' 4 I the ,iIs. ,
(21) tuenty-folir (24)) twenty., 1..lvr rnnge forty '(fit. ( 101' thirty-one .lwo ef NWi', and Npt' nf whin) flu* tTHflnnl Oil" .rivnrdfJ
111 l sll)! Sn
thirteen )
five ("" / fourteen ( M) fifteen' tilt. six>. *9, tton one ( two '*) t' > f 'i Tn ami thirty.three 1'1. 'hrl nietlem Ihlr'y I lit/* tiiv IIHNI. I 8
1 twenty-nix ((261 twenty-m (27)), lei'n 161' ', .tr e "ir 111)) : Itvn l't"i?i) ,Knutli) hnlf coot I, hal f nf northwint)I H t.r nnd fttuill) l I H>I.' ntl.'h tfopy
(14) "" '"I.'n7' < !.rht.-en (151.) nIne 141. five (TI nix (61.. SIMI.. ( ) ,.i-l.t, miI. , IP I n..." forty.two 42) ntnunir thf r'Tiiidx of thn
thlrv-I"ur thirty-five ((35). find i thirtyi teen ( |l'fl., twenty .hl. range fnrty- ininrter nf nietlon lirtv-IIi-) ,. (fl'p, R'-1. ,,)f honrd , 't'
120) 'twenty-one (2)) ) nine (II eliven Tl
i ).I.nIn liven I. ( IH I'. r> /> IMrlren Ivyo If21') Pi.'thwent > unid lmrird of, rortintl-) .ncm, of ,
fiuarter nf
ty twn '2:l Iw.n".lh. (21 "Mil fourteen 'ill fl'ier ") -| ... Cdi, .Inns four thirty-IhreH(111.( i,pI.i'x| tr-nlft| ,I i r* r* ) ;
lit (6) t
range Ihl.I..vrn (17) between townships i(24)( t..n..t..r .n five alt ((6), see north half) of northtvf, eiusrter, Hf.ulhinnt iir* rift Irt hi nt.. vlvf-i* th4 'di
tn..f \ .n forty-slx (461. ...'. 1.'nl..I'. 'e i2S; >1. t'.e-i'v-ilx' i26 ( live"I.. ee "1. n M"l ""lte' n ( fl, r' .. M0, en f-i. rlvht 'a! nine' ('l 1. ..I.t.1, ) ney.i.i ttoiirl, r nf -lhwent iinnrte' 'r nnrth half nft riowi, r 11 ml not! ,' Co all, r nnd, I correct, th* ,
II. two ((21' three .n ..n..I.hl 1201. I..nh.nln' twenty 12f. twentv-fine IwI. n '"" .- ( t-i, nlirhtecn fill. n..rI'..,,..I ,,,, IIJ-.M, .n.ni f.f ti fur fh ,, I
I.n' (") four ( II l' 'l" i 21 nineteen '1'1. pri 'r eL s'rtin It,) ,, f. '.. I NT', <> v nr I'llft inaom*<
Ill .
'I 'hlrv (11). th rty-two I n' nlyllir r .ii, I . '> i- "', c> f. i t
. ) .i lx 'hfrv.nnr \v i "I| -i to Ihi
and I Id ) n1n. 121 I 1 twefv. 'Wp".n. ( .Ml' tw "' NWi 15T'|ri' of NWI N". of Nfi-i nf i r.q t of IM up. and for that
In lo..hl. t.r.I. (146)) range IV.five'hr.'h.' .. (131. .. ((111., thlr., fi f* 'I veny lit "SI .. nIxl.e" '. I- "'V nine ( '9'). thlrlv' <1li, .-' 111 n-.ilh hilf ,tf ftnrthwiNl qiinrtf ), i>.ii ,Mi'**. pltnll hn< n tlu> power iind author ty to S
Illry.n. smut
sever) Ihrty. In 'h..I. ( lIlt, : al>F> "v'nlv..I"hl I ''Il tn.nt...<-... fni tIe ey 'HI t thirty-two (13l. nnd .' 1 in.t tnirl,,.r of nnrfh.viMl n.infl'.r nnt half- lulu* nil Nh.pit which tnuv (>.. nir.i -arv for the
Sect "n* i>fl<. iM I 1. hv. ((2)) three (1). four line lao tnrY""n 1471' range thlrtv-. nil i tMr v.., ( it i thlrtw. ***' (..) thIn r. si! o t of ..,.etlnn thirty flte INI., of NW'l.' SFH of i P i t-fi IIHOII| ,nnd r.lli.i tlnri) of I thi> xiilil tHvi**> nf

(4)) f, < 5'' ul l" 161, men )171 eight (.>,. one Ivvei (12) ,
I *
'I thirty) 'SIt)
four "" alnni. )- for
nine !III' te MO ) eleven 11. 'hr. : I (I'lnrl In thin .iirtPvifM.
'111)). tw.lv. (11 I '14). five '61 1. (61 r nniilhtient p''. dIr fif "icllon) thirty. ,
thirteen '111)) fniirte, < n (1141 fifteen /RI. six: nine '01) ten (10) elevin' seven (7). eight IA.i. In '.wn.hlf, fiftyne 'iti) ala-c f' "*.' 'ni -".10"! four, ( II. B,'e ((61 six ((61 seven .1. ( Wl', of NWI' teen M4' neventeiteen n ( (111 twelve (12)1 Sect 1| I. 1w,. '"i the. "! f.,tie .l..ht l. nine CD.Irtren lit. In li.v* nnh fifty. ,. Inviri nlntlnir( to wlnti unl,| ft
17'i. eighteen nine. thirteen. ((111, fourteen ) .. . seven n *n> n, c; rsnt-e thIn,- rnun'y' sass In this I
Mt) twenty ,201 "I fl'tenn HI) sic[ '4l' fl'e IRl i. (dii.) ne'rn fl '01 | .I.hl. (111 nlnetetn i nine I',I'll . Htni.' h<* Hnd her.l ,
) twintvnne' (21) tw.n.h.lw" I- teen lit netenteen .t"h 1. /n two. went half nf ,-tl.p, one IWI', of I II, nri > mnd aprd,mbte t-n the
.I.hl.rnql. nine 'li. lilt e iin I
l. ten teron i
(22) tw-titv-lhree '121)) ( 111. nln. Mi I'< MM t twenty-one 1211 I (2"1.) , aP hslf if Hirtlnn ) Kvi 'irln'tiH dmlnntre d'atrlrt'
two Iff.
I..nly.'ou. teen lit. . t..n..I"h of 21 I went hail'
(24) t..nv. (?R 1. t'eenty..k ((26) 1w.,ltytwo? 1221.twenty) ( I".n. (II ) I.rn. thirteen ,Mil I ","'"I..n 'Ml I I .'.., n'"Tl I v. ..n-y. .."'n. ('0))I. thIrty ,". r.. Ill 1'' nf nnuthte'ifft, fiunrter went half nf northw.st), S.,,. > All IHWH nnd pHrtA of luwa In rnn.

ty-*even 1 21. twenty-eight ( 2Mi.t twenty.nine) ((241. twenty. t..n..llr" (21) Iw."I..f..r teen Mdi seventeen M7i' ,4v-I.I.n M .i. nine.I. (? i ?. i ft thlety three. (111 11,1'fn" ; iiisrler of neetlon three ( Wl'. nf RWV W" flirt |iri'with I he and the Mnine, ftr* hereby
). ,
120.| ''h'r'' "lln\ thlry.n. (11)) thirty-two, tV-x..ven ) tvontynix, 1.! .w. teen. ( Ill, twenty (201. Iiven"'I., <*." I.' ihlrtv.five ( "I. and blrty-elx lIt ) : slat, nf NWl/1) of 11 all neellnn four (41) nnrth,I pnli, ) 'dSif re.
(11 thirty.three ( 1271 t..n'.I.hl 12MI .nl..nl"ie Iv Iwfi (2?) twenty-three ("II t ".-nt'au. '. i. wnshln f'ty.fniir (44> t-,..| niiarter I 'Ihli
four ( )
(14) thi,rI2"> i. range forty. esnt half of soetlnn five NWl'' girt thai? tnk elT<*et
) t-
thlrty-one titan
( 'hlr /0' 111. I rty two' '241 (28). twenty elx (?61' I." (41. > , 14.
ty."v(IM thlrtr-clx (161 also 12) t..I..lv. twen.( FI nf Rl south half nf sertlnn lxSU n"fttre' Mn/l nr>prvnl by the
("). .. < nf dl, vnverner,
thirty.fonr tv .
In t..hl. forty-seven ((47 range thirtyseven ty-five th'r..th.I. thlrty-nlx ((14 I. thlr ..nl..I lght (21t. tws"lv.Cl"' ,, lietlnna nne Ii I I p. two 42). three Il). four a'l' nietlnn seven ("I went half? fif, southraetffoitrt AtM'i''V'd Fune f II, | M9CrfAI'TFR .
( It) ,
stun '
1211 thirty ti
thirty-one '61
tti| ). th'rty) all (
two 81. ,
) In Iv. seven) ). eight (8)), r and went bait nf
1T township) forty-eight ( ,. neetlon siehi I IWI'
(451. 12i' three
rsnge thirty I. thirty ''til. thlrty.fotir nine slvteen I
thlr. 'I6t
(141 of
ri ,
.t'nn. one H ), two ((2) three (8). fourneven nine 1'1' ty.five "Ill) thlrty elt (tIll teen 'Ml seventeen till). .llh. | and Wl' of 81 nnrth, PlaIt of section I 71154 ( No 55)
slnoir nineteen
(4) five It) six dl ) eight (5!tt)I err-ons one '11. two ((2)) there :1) t", In townnhlp fifty.two (521: forty 1401 tv nne (Iii 111)) Iwen'y, ((201)) t. nine ( NK, of (II. all neetlnn slxtmn Mdl A N ACT A uthorlrfnir Rates and Con..ya nr i

'r nine It) ten ( It ..I eleven ( ii I Ili.?: .- (121:!I : It ). I.. f6l nix '61 seven I7i. 'ai i Vert ons one II. two (2)) .r"n.three (D "'II. t..nl..h ihirtv-nne IZSl' twentyniner I nf northwent. qusrter of sertlon eighteen INWl-i), by Its fl.ar.l nf CnmralNMlnnera of Pver
.1.h 'hr.1 111 iS) n'aaIn irlevf'N rnlnnve., "
thirtwc ((1i 'nu..n /f I. St-.n 'lit). .1)?. nine ). ten 101. eleven Ml ) II!III I id five II'I nix (Ill. seven el"ht (UI', (1-I. '* also Ihlr..lwo I Kv rsv f lnf rlrt of f nmla fevered

t..n MR' .. .n..rn 17.) .I.hl.n I'MI.' nln. thirteen (111 fourteen 'Ill I fifteen 181 nix.l4 nine I.. ten MOI. eleven" Ill 11.twelve fl"), 'n ".hl..lh.' forty..five 1:(I4BI. Nnrthen-t tnwnnh'p fifty four ((641 range forty (40)) I'--,| nnd fVi-t flfnti.ii In the Name nf Said

tCfl 1191. 'went Iw..nt..nne 1211.) two teen (161' seventeen (17)) eighteen /0., ,... li.rtien Mil) fourteen ( III' fifteen 'itt., e'lein '- two 'It?) : range "r" niiarter and south, half of seetlon) I Vnlldiitlnir June -liirh HalM sad
1.1. (221 t..lh. (2)). t..nty.fou I r teen lit 1. twenty (20) '21t M6I a.rtl'-is one 'Npi') and f" of I II). nnrthrsjit tinarti, .r Convyanrr f Or*-tufore Made .1
.w.n..n. t. I..n. .vP.. eighteen ) nine.IP 141. five 111 .
, 12K. l..tiva (221) '.. 11' lal. . six 'Ii,. seven and smith, half nf seetlon eleven I INF lU It FnarlrM hy the erlnUtiire) f 'I
t..I 1..n..I' I ) 21i twenty.t",, Icrri Mil) twenty ( ,, 1'1. ., ht 15) i and the HCat
,,..f 1ftl t..n. '241, .. 2I..nt."n.. "II ,sw. nine "l\\. ..lrIe'n lit) neven.T 'e'>!. nf III nnrth half and nf Fl'iridaReetlnn -
) 126) sonthenst
Iw."tv.l.ht 1211. ) tr- ifli tiven. l5.Ie 1221' quarter
t..nt..nlne tw."ty.lv. twenty.three (251. teen nil eighteen, ,
I (2) 'n'.1 twev-tv-Cnt LIS! ). nlnet'en (lit)I. livet -. nf nertlnn twelve ( N'' '. 1 That thf
( i thirty fit Iii. ty l t4 and 1FV) nf 121) U>nrd nf
'hlr..n. t"Pt..I"ht fwenty-nlne i ((25) (101 nnrthhalf enmmtMilofierv
Ihfry.t.. l ) twenl.It lIt t", . twenty-one nf .
(la21) thirty-three. ( thirty.four ( 21). thirty ( ) 1..lv. "| 121.| .n..I.ht, i'Si.) of northeast niiarter andoiifhrant Fvprtyladi ,drnlnatre dintrfet be
) ( tv
ill ) and
r. / thlr.n. th,4.le? ,0. .w."t..I.ht t2Ui twenty.nine, I '- "'..nln. ("II. t ter ftiar her. f ara>
ty.fire thirty-nit (161.) also (12) thirty' -three ( thlry.'fu. lit). I"'' thirty ( /. tMrty-sine' (19| th'rty-t-yf* >: .. i ...,. fi | an4 f.. 10' rty-one ni. ( of northesnt qusrter of enetlnn thirteen ' mtthorlFed nnd empowered to sell and

In t..n.h'. forty-eight (4fl) range thiry.a.vr" ty-tee 118) thirty-six ( ) : .. thr. ,..' .hl..h. (II)1. thlrty-'oiir (111.' thlr. 'n "..,.I.. fnrtvnl-Ih..lh. '111 : NK nf NFI' sal F1ef NFtf. m snl|I eonvey any land or land covered hv nr lnel '*-
((17)Seet ) In township forty-nlne (411., range thlrt,,- t..... 111 thlrtv-nlt' (161. : also' ., 18. ran". t"rY.I.", sll! ner'lnn) twentv-slx 121?) : also fd In nnv I a eertiflrntr or C"eIIfl.stre lvtofre ,-..

'ons one I I '. two ( three (11. four,I nine 1101S.'pt'nnp, 'n town.hip fifty-threw ". rtlnnn In T'.wnnhlo( fifly.five ff.6) Rsnge forty fMyiiiid by thp Inc eollfftor of any
(511 fir emm
forty five
range rl)
(4) fl' ifU nix (6)) (. /1. eight (< > one (1'. twn (2). three Hi lour, 44fl.I 't.ht IQ. nine I. (11. slate nix 01. seven (4ll, Oietinn seven (II| eight ("I nine (01,, fv In Chf* flame of the bnard of rnmrnfa-tioner*

4 .In. 111' ten HOv eleven (12)i 'II five (8). sit (Si. seven (7). f. Q,'ri.n. one M). two (21 three 111 four n "-. l.i.i.rn lie) n Mdl' even.. ten MO' eleven Ml) thirteen Mil fourteen, of Fvi'rvln'ff-a dralnntre, ) dlMtrlft, <.n sal. or sales(

I thirteen (111 fourteen 'H4 fifteen 'IM .1 i?. nine (9). ten ( in). .'," ..nn.). t.'v..1"h f2'I 0 f i ft 1X1, six (8.) seven (71 elht (.,, .'o. I...... ". ''ll .nln..n 111. twe t. (II"Hi. 6'teen flit!) sixteen ( |6I seventeen: nf aurh land or landx, hy .irh tn' rullt-etor for '
teen 161) we'emem (1)7.] eighteen nineteen thirteen fit fnnrteen Ill, eighteen Ms) nln'teen fl"flfavflpflt fly .tralrsv, ,,,
(1t. ( | 4). fifteen i5l. '. nine ti-re MOI eleven 'III I I tw..I.e M"l, m.I inn ('.t..n'.I.h MO ) twenty I '.r sna.-aamet
MTt '...nl. 201, I..nl..n.1.> liv.?I- teen 'Id i seventeen 'ITI' elirhtren tIll 1 sins thirteen II'l| | ,fourteen ( Ill fifteen Hi n-x, . 1.1 ., '""I and"I- r..n". (11i I."' Iw.nl.ane '?ll tiv-ny.tw0 (12?). liven .or drnlnnire tavoti nr sssee.n-flls n. afl' Kirl.td -

tv.t'vo *f''> .. ( .. :) ). t.'ou. teen ((1)") twenty (Jfll) twenty.- ine (21) t. ". lien I IK .neventem tilt'. eli-hteen MSi, nine.' '" ., ..1.1.. 'hl.y.lh. also, I tvfhne '"II twe nlv.nlv '*d| twenty.. ..ni I : or PpnaliI by the atntitt-i nf the state nf

I'f'' twi-nty.five *rf . tiveneCalt .eM*) '"... 1- tv-twn" (22)) twenty.three (21) twenty.fourrn. 'r ni" twenty' i 'Oi Iw.ntv.npie ' It'.t.vn -.. -. . .t"l; ..v..n III. range fn.ty. '"-i l.-.f.nty ,. ,.ht 28i' twenty-nine (Mi Flnrldn prior I to thu *nnetmni ,>f ahantc

ty-,."' ..n i ."i, tw ntv-Mght 2 1'i '' .-" 4). twenty-five 'SI IWIP'V..IX **. t- "'- I'"l twenty.three '"11, pweatv.24. .' tir, -. ,.,. in, Ive IKI) six thirty ('1(11 thlrtvone 1111 thlrty.twn ( I'l "iniAcf ..f 111 ? rnwi of FlfHdai emlffi

101 thirty "01. thirty' .me nl 1'i thtytS? 0 'v- even 127. fwenty-eLrht 12ql. I..nl..nln., '' . twin>yflve tIll tw.nty-.lx <"di t..'.". l ItbI (N) nine' ill. slvteen ( III l. seven thirty: ; three(111( thlrtv.four (141. thirty-five "la '1-I ,o 'Amind tetlnn fl of ( bat.,. flllrt
(I" tM.lv three Ill ,. <"" l. ) thrtv-e! . Id), seven. 'if. I nlnoIn lets of fill fnwN
) liii .
Ihlr..t". 114) .I /n. '111. Ih'r'.t.. tv-even I'-i "t..I.h (25t l twsat.nta' e, '' "I I 'l.n I1 I.| nineteen' MOl, of Fl.rit -etkn, 10 of
t five i" thlr>y-iilx (1 ) : .'.n 121 th..th-' thlrty.fnur ). I."" thirty on) Ihl..n. (II ) th rty-two,, fan .r-e.nne "tl. twen T.wn.hln flflv -Ix '661) Ksni-e forty Chapter SlIt Aei. nf |lOiS| f nvr*. of li.rMn

In tnwnnhlp forty-nine ( 4''I. ranire thirt?,- ty-five fK. Ih..h 1'8)) also I'"i thirty.thn. ( 1. tblp.ly.Cv-pip (141'. thlr- *"'-.a. '.., ale ele'rit Iwentyslx"St '"dl., Ml) ft, 'lion.( two ,3 ,Ito., ,II. f>1.p, (41| 5' nm.yi.tf l hv Chaptt-r Unfj A eta ,,f f-ift

neven ((171lert : In ..". (IA). range Ihlry.nln. tv 1. e I'"i thlrtv.sit (161 .'a r '" , h .ty itrii. twenty Ii- ,iB' and six "n. one I II> two 121' thr-e ( ) four 'r" In 'hl..nn. 111 ihlrtv. fn T'lvvmhln, fifty Art. nf IOM f
II. township fifty-four f8ll rsnire forty lit i""i 'rM-tt. 'Sree three f81) Itsnire forty. nwi of Fforldn q-i|,..
'ID. > |ii
141. fl'e 'K nix ( deven C>. eight (.>. .'etoflU one 'D)I. two ((2)) thrli. four "..t''",. one Ml two '21 three "111' four ". ih (35) also thirty' four (III., one (411 dnuihwent CMsrter of Southeast I nn.I "17 ,.t Chanter tHKn Acts of 1 mit law.i

nine elevin (111 I i. twelve (121.,) '41' five ( Ill nix '61. (even '") efght (Isi 1. '41' fIve ( II' six I Id) seven (7l. el ,h' 10. . "y.lv. '"'"... 4s"' (tlart-l o,,,,,)w,..( (jusrter of Northwest nf FT/irldn) Ha a n .n,ld hy Cheat., an*;'* A it'f -

thirteen Mil fourtien ( III) fifteen 181.) sixteen nine (0)I ten Mol) eleven Ml) ) twelve, 'IK' i, n ne 'H. ten MOl) ), eleven Ml twelve M" > I';.,; .ht range forty- Onnr'er nf Onutheant (Kiarter, Southwest Oar loll fawn nf riorMn and 9. 'tIn< *

MS .v.nl..n (1"). .tht..fiq I. nine, thirteen 'W' fourteen I 14) f'teen 1)5) nlx- also 1. ,0. .?,... ,, .. ,'t., five ,, u I... of Heell.,n four t W' nf SKI' SW) ', of Chiiifrr 51)4 Aeta of hIll f nwof norMa o! of

teen I H t' twenty '2Iw.nt."n.. (til i. live,I.t.wn .n8 ,, seventeen l II") eitrht'en ItSl( "InP In ,range '.r. lit. between rVht < .> n'ne'' 'Si). < fit(51..( ifvrn I VWl nf HFV SWV of 41. northeant q.iar. fMatireCf in ,hvep'atln 'if F r..isles r>rnln-,

.? I..y.lh. 21i'. twentyfonrtv'iven teen nil twenty 'IJOi twrnty-one (21' liven, ty-Ihree 181 ." fifty-four ( to..hl") ft. 1-1 el.-vte. n 'M 1.l sixteen) .even. ler North lIlt of Northwist quarter, ) North. nt'fnutrlft of the stIle f FloeIla !
nlrwnen ,
l' 1w. ...." I 25) twrO' .' 1'I twel"' ty.two 3Ji' twfntv.three (2'1.! twenty-four Ijitn. one Hi two (2)) three .Si.' four (.,, 'v <*"i twenty-,,. (12'' ) (111. t..-. in t Onsrter of SnPIhea.t O'tarter of Section Ifn hnnndnrlex and pr< rrihiniIta i Ietn'n.
'"7 I twentyn-lght (12al.l twenty-nine '211. twenty-fit. fRl' t ntv.. X .') lye",. five (Ii'' a' w (81') also ->v ala, "'fli thirty twenty' .'lght (25 ', nine VFI Nl '. of NWI' NFI' of a'tlin.isne) ) thf trT nnd iwiwera and
(Hi) of r. Ihrtir-n
,. th of ,
->o th <. ( lot' thlrty >". (11)) Ih'rty-two tveven 12" twenty-elwht '201 l I..nt..nln. In township forty-one (U 1. range forty., ", rty two IWI Ihlrty-three rty-one fUll. ii Fn.t Ifslf of >T,4-tion tin ( itti, nf lOi Fant nnd asalaunnla npnn thi* (nn.lx,. In t tt-i
"IV fv?-.h. <11>. thirty.four (14)) thlr.tv "> '. thirty lit) thirty-one 1111. th rty-two one (lii iMrijMlve (86) : .'. (81)). thlrty-four ifs)? ntheant f>,larter nf Northwest Ouar- ii-'t-t' f,r thrmtrnnt,. of d-n aM d a.

f fid also) II" thirty.three HI) fhirty.fnip (341 r.teetlnn. ( it I. r N.,rlh.n.f (),, In,* lit. | nniinnd ela'tv,*
thl. .. nineteen ). twenty 211 twen. forty-nlne act r North Half of South ".l.I| dIstrict| to. (lit,.
In '..Rv. ttI. thirtT-elx . : I.h'n; ; (Inl range forty tntrrMioe of ,drala
'own.hp ( (181 in-t
fifty fin) ranire thlrty even : also tv-one '21 i '. "tY".n 4224.. twenty-th--e ) O wrterf RIhiv'at Onarter nf Section, nt/f nnd reelnlmln.,* thi* ')il| Inn.!
(17)) Tn township' fifty-one ''Rli t. 1:11' twen'y-fntir ( .ntv 'F' -. lnt. tnln en pry*
range 124). MI one FI of NVVI'e ffcft th
thlr R. two III li.r_ Nfl, N'j' 1 < rtv.xNiiin of .s'd' **
SeitMi ""?. "r d > two < ni-e 110) t..nl.lv. I fotl r ..f spi, a<*t aa
< 21. fnree fit) f"urN ..nt.'v 'ijdi twenty .. twenty. '' -U "t, of swi, of Ill slam ftllv n-< ihmi 'h "mdrt,
. .i '.' ...v.n1.) eight ( II. "ect on. one Ml.) two (2) three MI. fur, eight '20 tw.ntynlne 1291.! thirty 101, f '.. . ", 'ht... ( I6i, seven. (71 eight (lilt, In T'.wn-hlo fifty. four 'Mil ftamre forty- nrted: :, Ioa'l I mn-r he *n ea

nlnithlrtrf 0 "' i 10.1 eleven? 111 twelve 121. ''I'' five ((6)) six 181. seven '7i. eight 'B))I. tv-nne Ill i I. .thirty.two 12)). "', p. n : ..v.nt.7. and one I nil I I Set .nt f'lir I Ml Northi-s-t ( :. And thnt nnv and nM .urh !

I ** tteen 141 fifteen Mit n .. n'ne 'dl ten MOi eleten ((111' twelve, 11.) Ihlrty-ffMir". '- ti thirty-five (thlry..h.. .- I. nshln 0' fifty.1"1.< I i..r and South lIst if Si-tl.n fife I INF'5)5l and nnn hi'ri>t,)fiir*. mn'li> hv th*.n-> nil ennvvv

teen 'P.. ..ten M l. eighteen 'it.| ala,?. thlrtien Mil fourteen Ml ) fifteen IIKI.) ". 'Ini, : alsotntwnohlp ", .. -t ... twenty.i1hi range, 'nryw. (4'))1 i SI of Bl South, half of neelon six ) .qPA m .- ., nf .'v.'r"ial.a hoard nf ttnrntfon.r. -
t.-ea "'v"o * 16' .,- .nt..n M" I Ill' twenty-nine r. of I drftlnatre dMrfet b*
twenty-nne (211 t. n.tVIa " eighteen) !IS ef forty-two (f21.) range forty 1h1e1p.ye, '111 I I e Mellons seven ((71 right, ISl. nine (01 nnd art hi n hv tnTMftfid b
4'7. .wenty-three '21). twenty-fonr, t' en .t! *> twenty 201) twenty. ine 1211' twen.n. ( 41 1 '1. north 'p.'w.' 12)) Ihtn' r. .1 .,r..n lilt, seventeen 117) I. ed m ratified and .fonflrm

(JJt f..e,! t 'r ,i'1 . 1.. *(...ix .. tww >v.t'r. I77 twenty-thret* ( ,. twenty-fauy Sect'ons one Ml.' two I2i three Iti f. ti-, i '5 i anl h.1 ( i of ...I"n thirty nln.t-.n (111 twenty tIll). lwent.on.eighteen. 111), < 2 Thin Art I
half ahnll
te.'.' e" "" < .....I"ht ((21. twentyninethirty 121'' twenty.five 12,)'. t *en'v..I U > ..*' ) liver Mi, fine 111' -Ir 16'' seven '71 elvht IS..', W' of NW'w.t.. of of ". q,... tw.flty.eiwhl ((281) twenty-nine f21i (21)) atrfy tipnn Ira nl) bv tn-re ef".cet. lmv.e* '. I
.. <*etif thin n'.pr the
(2t, "doi' thirty-one (111 1 I. th'y.t. ,"* 1 1 I' twentv-elght' I2" i twenty.nine'. nine ( It in till' ele .t, sit t. M >n thirty-five MBi : "| thirty) .one Ill lI'mn it ,. vernor. 5,
((1?> ,1 .,. ,. -.. ,.1.. .hlry.'nu. (141). thir ."i thirtyi) Ihlry.". 'Ill I th ry.I.5 th.rteen ,<1 1 futoen III I I Bft -n. *, i 'n thlrtv three '111 sl-o thirty-twn ((1"l and \t,.nr *,v.il r emlnv ffitii a fnw wlthnttt his a.nrovaft
f 9
t,... *rx-nlx' "itHrty >)l". " thirty' .four .. 'I. '' 'W .. "Jh'"n .. . ,.h" Mil' range forty. In T., 1019
wnihti flftv fl I
. f I.
111. .
w. t hs.'f ('W '. of .. e ((6" lUnif>. .,, I."ltt'TFR
i rty
In t' ,nnhlr fifty one 'HI' "ow. Intel ly. 'y'f 't'- '!tt Id .1.' . l.Ifll V 2 '" 'wenly r,.. .t.n Ivan 41 i,,>rtkt>'est rter of n"f "
. .th hslf ''SI I ii nhw-.il ',inartt 'fit N.. 'I'TI'
IP of ,
,1 wnshlt fifty twn 82 section
thirty. .f
.n range 'v. "'v -I . . 'v" "' m rthwen* tiuarte of .eion| J \N ArT ,,.
Sect I,. ">n. I t.n'' 2 three 'SI) ten no' 391) "I.l' '- "y. 'r. , r'wentyelght all lection 'h,rty-one '111!I I NW'' .,f NWV of M flve iNWV) Acts Ami-nd Hi.-' ,n '.9 *"mtrrIJ ,
ny hit west half f
OOI eleven' I U rwel : :2 thirteen 'ii 1)i !eet ., ,. v. J tee 8)) foot . "' 'Jgi, 0 .' 'set hslf of southeast quarter, quarter west half of of n.rtheasl *> ltl'! rnw-4 f 1'S'I H.lri Ri-Utlnv ftOf
'weaty.lr I. quarter of ..I southeast quarter' th ( r*>ad,, n of th' Fvlad.. ,
> 12))2) f I 6 A' iuartr r>rnlnair.
fourteen Its) fifteen sever 'ight IS thirty .t an' northeast
1t..nty.t.. I o. thlrY"n. ''Si 'I) o it quarter of northeast quarter (W(4( eLi) luarter quarter, northeast quarter ,,' north,I H trlr of th.tat*- If P" rl-U Heflnlntf It*,
northwest .
quarter if aouth* Ri indarlof Deaerlbln.f ,U power and A aPAGE I IL

. .- .. --. .-

-- _. _. -. .. L
-. -- --,---- _._ ". o. ,
,- x.

C .


ri r

PAGE EIGHT __ _ _ _ ___ _ _
---------- ---- -
., .. - __ u .- - - -- .- --- .- -
---- -
1 thorn. the 1..>vy and Collwtlon of T..wHn niiMMumer of EverKludm' draInage district containiiiif tricts h'lro. or hereafter created 'lime time adopted by the national convention of pinions and pay their premiums through such latlon to Notice of Finn) D tchnrciitum ,

r <| AnR<>iMitmntft upon. thp LiindH In midDlhtrlct ' Inn recommendation relating t said wholly, in the Everirlade drslna*. ,irmurnnrt commissioners .h.1 AHunnbly prexcntii Htcretary or employer. ordtninl tuitnr* \ '

,. I for thi. > I'urpuHO of Urnmlnic end ,plan, of reclamation, and hi. rtawon thereforI diHirlct, reKardless. of name or dtiaiunatiun.Sio *. The ..10 I.u caus. to Miprei'urtd. Sic 2'rhnt all laws and parts of laws in tali, and I ixiriK tin Pi mi n ,

? Knclnlmlnu tin- Mill I..nd. and In. -I I ii.' naid r. ,..rl may further .onl.o recommi 1(1( U ,is dfdnrtd to be the purpose of .,0 furnish tu each insurancetompariy totillict with, thu Act bu and the sam are (inn Claim* Will I be liarrtdHv
i, C."I'.no thin act tu ansiitt in the embarkation firm hi n >> ,lid. It Knnrtrd by Ihr I.etfishitun-
U> r:Ift'Ct the .i.l..n of iiaid -iiiiatumH' for tiuch chuiiueo or alterations to 'e"Un. n..ol.lon. or Indl.ldul > rapt i r
;j lie It rmirlrd: h..the l.rglnlittura ot the SI.I.I" II iiliin I in the judgment tit the chIefi "upon unw.r.." 11.lmed. tInt mature iniiud r..m. Htutfimnl r.',"'' Ss c. t 1. "ihis Act shall become a law upon of Horiditt, iii.
4 nt rliiriilu : I taitiiiif,0 "O".' r be, ad, atitUKiouii or nuces. "r uimo'itid works of dn..o, hviri "tati", nl .hal I be filed In the office of the .5 is |Iruli'iiI5Pi and appioval by the (.osusrnor. or Sect ton I. lliut SutKHi, 1 ''f > (.1 ,

L SiTtion 1 'I hut HiTliim '1 nf Chapter 64fi. "I I ,,,rut tilt,airut, log the nulf icii.ncy or vconrov i I' '...1. 'i driunuKe d'-trii-t assist and encour* stuU' .. tow'-'thtr with a wrtun aurein iij.. 'n ItS i In KitiniiK <> )"H- thout such apptovalIM Sliutiluts! Of (tile siltS' > 5 I r .1! tc

Aon of lull) I.nw. uf \\"loldl. liu and the ,\ rt.vid. May V, 1U11 ,innih hi'M by atm'ddtd to nut u '

HNmi* in hi n l hy linn lull d lu n .. follows : ui' I u,. won.N Lliinor with, tIptoe of the Kver- ,pr' iciN' afford bi'iti"r vppotufll fu this I firm nt miji\nluul. Kiuntd by the prt'niU $,'es Ion J ::65*<, Mi thud of OI ta : ,

:. S'r Th.I % Mini, IKIIIII. ,4) IH .0. ri.ly nuthuruiil ,,mh'ittt ,".' dmtrii't., To u i mat inn of ndeiiunte,, cC.om.al, I plans nt and i,'.r.'I"') of the company, or by Itstuuutiuwp.5' en\PTJR: t .i.- -No.( HU>. ft'cl Of If nn \ecutor per n nI I MM,

I iniHi:'| 'ml intAlillnh and cimxtruct, ayiiti'in .. 5 'j hip board of commiHRJonerH of Kuri l ,,. Oi"rl. of drainav'i. und for carryinic out the or .1 subscriber of the aiwo- \ \ \.1' I I' inmmil .s ..ttioni./ of SuhChapur In dt sin,un of ,iiuh anti iUuil% I IMriiiiiitH u . .

.0 "f 'rnnnlii,,.lr.I".. l li.". dike*. dania. .. iJrainaKe ilmtrul, I are 'binby aulhorix situ,.'. nnd to (irovidi, for a thorough cooptrain ..nl..". .r by) thi ,turn or ". .ilrtii) urn) i. Article 2 of the General Statute of nnd ohtnininK, n siint.t,,u,

locks iifid. riMrxnirH, cif shell ,ilitninn. onit. depth '", ,..1] .0.I.w..d .approve' or diiiapprove all I or ., |ji'twiin tiic' board of comminHioni'm, of iiruLinic, nn tile purl of Maid company eachKiihHcr Hu- Mute ot rloridu. Ruing Special ProvuiIOIIK 'S. ,',,Iurvhilu or uiiitnln iuil rIps, r a

!. and iiropitrtinni* HA In the judgement of the .i n 0 \ i ,irt of thi. "plan of reclnrnatiiin or any I I', vlndis IrainaK dmtrict and sub-drainage l I" r *'f the u-iHutiMlion' lr" tur imit ,i- for Itmuruiiie Corn panics. make unit rtreivi t' ininu up> M it .7

i ,. I mild lionrd >tn< d ndvlnalili- drain and ,il.-druiiiHKe diMtrict. which may liLnafU-r tciciitid d. -'rll. win,n.l,) ttuch sub-drninaue d..II.1 0111. tlmt .." ice of |.roct-6. civil asI Its It rnurlrii by the LvuiNhiture of the Stuto I tin' county Jutlvi. I Ilowi'i r \,, r, ,, '

j winin I In-.I\j: ; within iiald I drulnaxv; dintnrt. wholly' or partly uithin thi. Ev'rtcla'l' a may with ,and obtain, advice from Ih. I uKKitint KIK. 'li c<>nn>nt\y\ ttMioemtiKii, oraoh of HoridsiSictioa tit I ment nhall, bi made and di-1 ., i u tiit

t imd to maintain nuch canalii. dra nn, !l. .I", ".it.amdinirict, and for, such purpiiM" then IH,iird' of commission' rs of hveruladis: dramstfeflint < ftubHcribi.r thvr,
I .4' MIH.: itiki-tt:I diim: lurk and nwervulm I In uehmnnmr il, 1.0",0 may O".I' from mill HubdrainAuei rut and thtlr chief, drumati, enRinier and inny Lc miuttupon' any agent or ropruitt'ntaiiv .\il i I civ of the Jiiurul .SlAtui* of the Slut* uutemsli'tI application ha<4 IM n ktd

u. until tinnrd nhnll dtim mimt advanIIIUIOUH. 'q i, I. .. .Ir own l.counl. from any .<.. it ,* the henellt of their Knowledge of drainnire of tin Company, .u..lun.. firm or In. .r 1 I' Ion-la be and the Mtme in htnby aimnil once iich w't'k in n mv ,

and to out pitch works a. In ..1" r source such Information and data .in works especially W \ snme may relate dfviilual, in thin Htutu, or upon the stale tnuiirer > n iid Its follows : county win re the lull,'.'. VM n i ,

Ihv jmlum.nl of .n,1 hoard will be .y dusltfniiti n hut the miUt nppliiunt hm fnhonornbty

.1., able for harmonfxlnif Much navigation an ,, <(<.i ii rmine the .|"... atfectitiK, the said, 'tin. Everirladi drainage district, and the sub any ,policy or claim within the either 'd insurance cnniinibHiom, whose' duty ft ,dinvlinrued Ihe I tru I' t .un I

Ineiili'tilal upon the works or dramano, or "llnl r-idiury d'.lrlel thereof.Sic hoed or .ontnlf"t. und uuthorizitiK such bhiill i I I be to I'xamiiif into the nlTniiH of a corn- pnn.d in him.p and the said di-.i '
b t . 11. In the event, that the nnld plan of and all officers of such subdrainiire UKent ,> the tttnU'
Tn- I connection with the w"rk. .0n.lrrl.0 fort r o.11 or .prfMt or truiHurer Pit nj uBBociutioii, Hrm or individual doing an lalmd itlmII bo taken to ope-rut*
I drfllnatiiimrimwn to |.rml jib. ",. gu.I I M ilamalion or any mmhflcution thereof ,in MPproii di.I..I as are herein referred to for und on Inhalf of such cornpKny, each iub inuiirancu bubiiHsa or npplyinir to do such businms from thi* (lutiiH of exicutor or n 1

1.1. tl". mill,el Ion nf I n "..nahlinohrilulp of .1| by the board of ."mml..lonv.of ICvwrvladiH nhiill he .. to suspension and' removalfrom ..,Ib'r of thu aittioclittiun. or 11 rm or indivf- in thU state, and thi* olftcers. attorneys und shall furtlii-rmori* op'( rnt<' n .

lolU f cit thf lino of ( aid ennui and lorku, drainage' ,list net' the naid board .h.1 office for the same causes R are out dual admit ittuh nvrvlco of prussia on him or aKints of such tomi-uny, uusociatmn, firm C uit lit,,.niti the pt rson M' )luus r u

all hpnlafnn rollilid. for I Iht. app thereof r" advme' Ihe ."b.o.n"'lfo, dmtnct, In lined in Sect,un J Ifi of Article IV, of the Constitution and ."rn' .. hunt thu .,'.Ie. of pruciM upon or individual. shall, at their own exptmut, !. exicutor or iirtifllutruilt'u, , unu

I lol. lhl I art h d nnd \alidnliil. to and 5 tlu I Hoo.lon "plan of reclamationMH of "Florida "1.lDI t the au>|)unaionof uny oct nl or .,.".Hintati\i. or Iho latu (reamuire'r iv hi uvvir HO r.'qu.ra'd by suld tttate treasurer, I be commtncedithin two yean r r

: roiiulal., !the mmil, I ,:, lit win. craft or iKiau u approtid, said hoard may thereafter other officers.Sic shall) be UH valid and bindinir, upon, theuotnimny CIH.HC their books to be open for his Inspec of nill HimhiirKe. aavlnir I to all I ,

} .. of any kind .plylim, on iwlnic Um nalil, e.. I 11. ,pion eduilith by thu mild nub-druinana Jl All laws anti ,pa"l of lawn In conflict inch HiibHcrihur. uf the awtucmtlon or tion. and **hi ll otherwise facilitate such cx- compos nu-ntiu, mfantn. sr'ruru.u

1t nnl unit wati rway ,iiri-ncriln- n-itulNtlona ilislrnt a provided by law ruwith be and thu same .. hereby re Him, or Indvl'u.l.' if made upon, the prttinknt iintmation nt Jar us it may bt in their power or lit yssii.i I tin- Minx, \\lio tnn> I IinteriHt r rI

fi .. for t rmmiructliin "f ducks and 'landininalonu *"c. 10. !I the mint ","llh. plan of rtclaruaiioh ."HI..d. or ittcrtnury or inch hIm b.r i>r nub 5 iti do 551'. and for that purpo the said aisle I i in thi itaid stan.'. tuo \ l'K,
I .H diHuppnived by the board of commit Sic. 2 i2. 1 his net shall lake i tTi'ct upon 1UpassMKe ocriltesthruof.
the naldeannlx of( of
U tutu brlilm, or frri"i acrnM inaitiin'r shitll have the |>ow, r to e\umme. un tune I tinremoval an> di ii 1
ti nnd Ii. 'I" nnd 1 I.r"'m any' nnd .1 loin IH of KverKlmk'M' drainaite ilUtrict thwti and approval" by tht governor Thv authority of a domratfu or fnrviun lnMuranct ili r oath, the officers utti>im'>t), subscribers. enumerated.If .

'T other l.t which In tin' nt nf Iho, it l hoard shall .. ad\lne the diHtrict In writ- Approved" June 7, 11119.CIttP'IEII conii'uny" may bu rt-xokfd if it uliuH nutnbirA or aymt, of nny such, company onoi I I the iHtnte b.' n limit* ii ,

3 board tin rondiirm, the upkipp, nnd hottermi'lit Mtiriittinu down Its objections to aid plan. sludittuor n<'uliet t comply' with any i'ro* ml, tll'PI. (Inn or individual, lulive, to the in Si ('tion 2'lPli. lIt> notici T TI s'n

; nf I II"' '.Iii. Xaid 'lii-nrd IH hi n liy miIhorlriil and nlmll further Indicate how such objcetlona : 7H67.-CNo.( 85/>. v .iMuti of luw nbtiK'ttory' upon, it mid whi n* lilac a'is, ot and r-icuiittiii |iv' .ust d l li ->uthk'tiinpany. I,<'. ii-t l hi jtidKi' inns d Irr'rI \ \

a find imiimu'iiil to clian out, utrnlitht- 'iiinv l u.s. t I''''. 'II In, r-niil district may end AN ACT Amend HIM'tion 27X0' of the Ot neral "\tr in I lie up n Ion uf the- stateirim.urfr, ita t acli HubM'rilur tu or mi mln r of an urri'stiutl, or by pontin' min. ,iidonr p

rn. wldin rhiini/i' I h. pininv unit, (low alii.r I< .,\ tip to make suit change or chanites In Ita Statute H of the Stall of Florida and < 7Hltnnd condition, IH unsound. 01 Its iu ci U aboic Ita iir-M cuition., lint or an individual. Whenever of I Pun court houm, nnd m r '

irid, i'inn lIlly illicit di'Bin. rIver waU-r rnurw, t u. ,< n.ay he ni'Cirwury I, overcome thu, oh. 2ts2> of the (ifni-rnl S"tUlc of the iinliiliti.Hclunit' of capital, and incluiive, of I tin' u.iiuui 11 i tiihitn r xhul! diem it for the In* public plneis in tIp* county t v ,

I l,,nil Ink.. ... k. or Pill"rn I Nlnarii n., out ( i"its of the Mini I, mrd ,t'. I Hi"I i "it I that the State of I J'I..".. on Ami nd.1 ") Chapter u it -i .t or n in'arru'ij prcmiunirt im Itwrt than liunt u of ilu public HO to do lu may publish fore tindn> iip.x-mt.. .) for I Hi 5 '1 1Stc
dumprf d Inn hi. I I I. hoard. '.Mr of Ih,' Acts of l Utill! Itching to Surety I th. iiinnimt oT iu original. cuiiitnl requireduminjjiiirtd. '
I' "r mild ,l hlrl, I Hint 11) In' niwMnryl i nuii 11'1"1 i I. or tin 11 null of ouch examination, in one or -, .Ml inns iinii paitN i i ,
l ii '"11 ",".. !h .. I. rl.IIIRI. I'm.Imiiiiiir '.i "- 1 11 I I lit, II up's< ntU Mt" t i." mid, rtlMrc Companies, 'their H".rI.lo., and Authority 1 ; I fund ',.\ iteul, hovvtvor., that moif ncwupaptrn of the HtMtv. If I the trtaa (Met In'n'with nit, hen'hy n i u'> n I

1 unit n Hiimiilinn, nf tli. 'r.t" InI ii Nilitx .r ftiiln to i.,hiuu'i or ni'iilKy it i plan .lo.T nn..I. '. !. ... .I! State. '1'0' _"'"RI"nl hall bt ultun thirty day*' p0.I ,iurs.> .'I, ..) I Ii.' niHV i tiuli ml lit eou.Iuetinsz **,'t>, ,! Thla Act hult tul l

:; 'e u :'- Miid. diHlrlii, ,1:1.: construct nnd' rnnininin, main a "r "u'is'liiniiiti' ni Kiil.itmti 1. .l ih ' upon ittt piiHNnKi* nn.t u .1 att. r '

Mini I II".I. rat I -amil 1. or dllchis ronNtruct, Muchi , ''I"I mm \\ill imit 1 lIt> npproMit, < r the alil .r Ht.rid.ilSiciton .' 'I .'ntIw' nnd I hea'hI, t I. how ciuibi "h) saudI itmnurti, who Hhnll have tlu Name powers and .(,\tiinr t Approid i May J4 I. 1 ui OCHMTEK ,

p.u '. |i \ ula lug-n. .. nm.inn. .ntrt' ....rvolrs,, 1" a-.I. I th I n tlu. ndi.ptton, of fuiii, 1':11: of rerln.t I I I hat Suction J78Q of I the Oerieratlatuliri I lit n,". rthnuld not bo rv\oked. Nliiill, rid.i 1'KuiP'h comi' lintiUoll HS the allldIn

k # pumpmi, HtailotiN, and other works and, Ito I .ti.ttisiiiy i l lu." i i ""it.di. \t ,iMi ,< pi'ini" |,l hy the .tnt of I'lnrldn I hi, and thesame p *
c1 1 ,pro\t.menlri .emid nicesHnry ,. ,prenerve and I I lit's. I I.i.l I ... -ti'i.' il P ropy, '.f ln. dii|',pi', .. il 1 'if is hi n .by arm nded rend as follows'.IiHO Sn' of tin, stiiuof I lorltla b,' and the \IIIIIHIM to be paid I 1-v th company examined J.IN ACT MxiriK Ihe Salary of i l ,

-I-, ( malritnin' I the works in Miid district : t const .. -. mud |"II" of nrlartmiion, i"y lit'' I loatd ofi Thi capitnl" lock, of .surety companyiniorporatid u riufuih ,ht-n, by .iiimndid no . nud follow and who tihull I make III''a, thtir r port to the* nile <"ourW, In Countna nf Nit.u u *. .
pm curl nny bridge or roadway over any .... -.tnmifHiom' .r* of l Hvi rvladi'H dramnvi dihtrlctIn I in I this stathall, not be lisa than I t : -luti' truiiurer.Sc or More Population

,t fit, t mliii isbn," nt. ,public hiutiunyH.' railroadriuhtnf.vtay I -I, 'I 1 IH iiMachid tu and shall I I.t. trunnmittiditi one hundn d thousund ilollara, to l he divided I 2;&U. No Innurancu aiiBooiatlon. lie It llnrlld l.jthe I rcitfsluliire ,if I t ti.f '
t . fill m.h, ,plnn. ti vhi-n into situ ci ii of one hundn Ho I < ach to .01101) J l Thiscl nluill, lu'cnme n law upon
t '. .rh'' or cut, or ncrovHnn I \ I" court sn1, i Inn IHi .. b .Hi MI or not "', nor agent rloridniSi
'et ) .1. or ,pond I that untie be nicmimry tofncllhnle i tir>t."..1 nald for confirmation and fully "paid up in lawful momy of the I 1.0 ""r .r.lllh."lvlilal. thi-rtof. tintmaut any mIs i su..asZe', and approval by ( lu- governor or cl ion 1. 'I hi nnliirv of nil ju t
f' the wtik of and rf-i-u-Him "hall hifor I the information, States.Sic .1111 upon ittt iHconniiiM u ins' without such approval
drnl."v, nclaminK of the IMIMIII,, ", jiitturunt'i' I D stilt, ', '.. sIll,* cnurlrt in tlti Hint*' In, trIo' .
2. Tlmt Section 17NJ! : of the (ienernlstntuti .,1. Sic. t. All ttuu'o ami of laws IncunH
the lertitory' or any purl I 1..r einlirund In mm', 'I I. iln> premmcs. I uch ,'tornpany. up..".' tilion Hrnt or lividual parts i'iutuiiltai ion of rum'ty tlifnirinntl mTwflvo
tu nnid district.ind Hoard .1".1, .,.,. the ,jmwi-r I',''suIt..1 howi\i I r, I that I in I hi event thenlil 'n of thr state of Kloriilu be and the 'ih ,p".....0,1] of at Icit-t tvo hundred Hftythou HP nl with ttnt Vl t In*, and the Mntne are, It, I Ifundnd Dollars < l .
ansi I and nciiuire hy plan' not turn ,. ihanKid modi. .III ,in hi ri by Hrtifiiilfd nod follows : .10 lu n h> rolumalu'i.tutr.si'l .
r o"lh"I" h.ld. ". or n I I tiiuj, dolliirtt' I in aloe>. Invcwtid tin it urn. I'tt11'ubk'' in i ipial tnont t v
ct- chime, the "*.. of I the dis it hi d I mi < I the >,protal st( I the Imard of J.HJ. ( rliflcAte muHt I he obtainedStntfl. bnd \ May 1''. 1019.
d..n"I. .r pin ru a.| corniMirtioiiir iipa'itlNit ii' t tin* Uniti'd .Sun... of any slate' or mt of I thf linn and fui'(V ture' fui,if I I Ilv r
p rial nmiml property, (Iu condemn, of KMTirhuIi: n .r. ty corn puny whether I fncorPO .0)
nny' or pi '' "n".e .1.lrl.t ( Mintv nr tnunicijmlily. in the TOlled' tutor, In mich courts nn Mnl i iulnt r rtiipl
: any Ii"uidii. .n.n,' '. ruilrond' rh",lit.uif'way. In u itnv i' t 01 in rat,'" undi I tlie laws of thin Hint- or uf anyothir CHAPTER 'tl4't-INo( 90)) ,
In,1 l.r..rhlch th.Ju.II' "r mi,rtwnift'M or dtetl uf trust on Imlrvd. 1111 of Mich county, nluill tn' 'I i '.
I '' or mil of tad .1.t .11 for n .hhl..rwlY for nun! of the .11.| .. ,) RI'rl the uh apt" country, nor I hIs, tiifi-nU, either 'iiincimlitr, .1 l eBtaiv.' worth not '.. thln ASCT to Amtnd Section On nod Section lv I the l lauuI t ci imiw of I the slnti vIn I t'' ,

k, any .lnll. $" . or reset, volr, or for of Fvi: .uliiili.4 .1.Irnini.y..lint i' . naid, 1 boardmtiv directly or Indo..cU", .111 transact "nny surn- tidy t>,"r cuit nionlimn' this umount loaned Nine of hapter T2tilt* Acts of 1917. Lawn of l Iny the nutliority, of the United Stn'ment '- .
i' mnteiinl, !I" ...d I in I nnd mnlntufnlnir I in I tluir t IS lnminf. IhfH pn> or ,..'cuurwtaiitulupaitinti .
ronMruclinK ilisrr'l tin refuse to ,pi'rmit the . .u. tin i .>tai ut ihtir nmrkft \ nluiUpun com- llorldn. Hot tug nn Act to I Ihflne Sick And or his mate of Florida.
,,. nnd frI u- of tin. w..ror\,, the | for Kiiretynhiii, under, the. liondrf of I I.
.lhl,1 Im.v..m..nl, KverKladeH drainairodiMriet 5 I'lyiiiKith Ih,' pri'CpdniK si'ctiun, and furiiirtliinjr un'raah tte'n'Iht Innuiance, limit the Amount Sec U, All tiles or pnrta of lawn I in
I tlrnlnlfiK.' ,prolicllnwand' ..In''lnlf th. land ,'1'' h..e.ly .r Ind.II by such ..I '.has roon 01, .r.r.ln. unless such com fvidtnctto tIe' utiHfnction of the of Kisks to I he Taken ami to Pnvcrihe the diet with this Act, whether general 'rmil.

I i In said .1.tI.1 .",1..1,1111. "n.1 such time .such ,puny 1.1 .hl.ln'd 'rllclio of ."Iho. ','latitrctmurvr that audi 'lerms on \\hich Siclc ntnl Kunernl HenetHCotnpaniis are liereby repented.

4?'- See. 2. I Ilw. and "purls of Inws In conflict '" ,.,r. nf the .lhl "lln, hall have bef.n ity fnjin such. Htnie tr..a.u.'. a,, before obtain ((11 ni or individual him .o".nl.invented"o."cl.li.n.the or Corporations May Engage In Sec .1. This Act shall take effect mntely u'di

; i herewith .. .n" the same are hereby c.Imi made KAtirifactory 1.. and .hnl have received intc certillcnto such company shall amount above Htatc'tl' nuLl Hcvtirituii assliu'r.'r the HuHinpsti of Sick anil riinertil HenelUIiiHiirance upon its becoming a law
pen led. the approval c.f the said r"rn.h the slnte I..u., with a statement ,iiiht.forv I in this State. to Ptovide Pennl-
. mi'ntioimi, the Hlati' tririthnll : Approved May 27. lUltt.CHXTTRR .
t Hie. 3. 'his Act ,.hli take effect 'upon' luIHHSHVC Mcc 12. Defore nny mib-drainane district .under I the oath of the ,president and secretary IHKUU a Portilicntt thereof wIth hiD authority tits 'Ihenfor nnd tn Iti-pml Chapter ll2ZZP
( / and approval, lit' Governor: Hitualed of the company, which slnument shall conformto .
ft ( partly or wholly within the Gvprfiladea to Much ii*<. ..lulln. firm or Acts of 1'iOt LAWS of Klnrlda. 7878.-( No. 96))
the form .
Approved June 14. 11)111.CMAPTKR ) drnimtire dhttrirt shnll levy tax for carrying I by the of statement from time tamep.Iuiltl'I individual! to transact the buHincHH of Initur Ito It Enacted by the miniature of thf Slate VN ACT Fixinir the Compensntton of s ,,

r S out ths plnn of reclamation nnd before bonds. , MII"lnl .on.'nll"n of Insurance alice in this ntuu IiiBiirancv ."1"01. In. nf r luriila i iStetion of the Crintiniil Court of He-cord I m < 15151
F \ : 7K61-( No. RIO notes or cert,Ocnti-s are I""el then-for, or for c"mml..lnn.. HI" eontnin such other .orl'o'.I d umliT the lawn of thin, statu, or anyfiHHociiitiun. 1 'Hint Si H ion I of Chapter 7200), Counties,

AN ACT Helatintc to the Cn-ntion of SubDrninnKe attv other purpoHe, If such he the Ir"mll.n ns the .'al. treaxurer shall ..B- firm or indixtdunl of this Rtnte. Act" of 1117.* I,aWM of Florida, I hinnd the He II Fnnrtcd by thin Legislature of thi

.IMHtricts, wholly or partly within' 'iiid Hiib-driiinaKe, district shnll .1'.00.. the .a'll' .p oll ,pp,,..... .hnl. hn .n'i. I.. '0 .... ,'''_'n Sam,, IH h'retv l ,,nii'nIt'iI l tn n ml BM fnlluru MSection ,

.I I the KvemlndeH: I HIHIIHUC' Hint rId of ."Florida, hun,'ii of commtHftloni"of Kverirlnden. drnlmiiee statiitis. I. l .tnn JTitj or tOe General of authority; by furnishing i ;;. iv ,I,7 nee to'i I the: HBU S.'ul Inn 1 Kick and funt rnl hi neMt fnturancc 1. flint In all counties luaur.

; I the I Plim of Ifnclnmntion., '.KI"1 nnd rlnnnclnir dutrlct, a Htattment, Nhowlnv I the irmernl' dan' of the stats nt Florida l
the .."v tn ...n". \'nwo. for I the li.vy of tutid I"'. t thn amount Ih..,..,?. ame is )hereby amended, rend .follows AHtiociat IpsO firm or I Individual ispotimed iiurinunthcuhy n mitt,,lutuny, corporation ty Holicftor of the criminal court of ,n*
71'!' u M
nnd built,',' of the Hoard of rofnmiimionersof I tin'I, J ltt'qiair.'mt'nha to dii, linsiness In This iiNfiociat i
tiipro\lmati annual In.lllm..nl of taxes of and has actually at ,or on stliuia lot,',, to provide for the I uia"f all compensation hnM be
< fK .
,KverKlndi: I MininnKe I l Hut net nnd the "ot''>i'OK..d and 'thn Itindn the ssmi* State Companies herein described, chartered luint hundred, Im..t.o inH'in' d either medical atUndanee. medicine.can1 a ''I I iti.nry
.n one thousand of Pi
*\ a Chit f I Iris tntii "' I'lmimer:, I In 'Relation, 1 here. *. ,di Tinr )I.v this state, or other state or foreiicn KOVminint hond fly-one I Mundrtd I 1 ( #5lOD) ) I Ii i |
H iiPi-'y, ,- quart* hy the snid .
to I',".S iii Tor ami l-nconraue: ("Insor, Cooperation nlso "'i now ,dointf b""ln.. in tttis state, or v
. ,itfent nl, it. ,ptari ,. iHHiinnn nf county or munk'ipiility' in the United States, jury, expin fM of funeral In stoic of death, orthe Sec 2 'I'his Art nhell take effort
hi after do inn tmnine in ''f ily
hi.1 twit thiKvertrliidis I rt I rt I this state, uhichI'lfer .
n 1.lr I.n.I.. ,5.l'o. ct lImIts i>r Inc nbllirntlnnsMI u iiiortHut s or di,i ds of rust on improveduiuTicunibi iiioiii v mnunary lor liny or nil of the I (I'M1, Apnnivrd May 27. 1019
I I : nnd, .",,'h Sul'tidinty I Hint' rids nnd t. . i"n I ilu I 'ito'"i i :. t nnd Mitch plnn' .h.l.huw the ( or undertake become curtly upon. any red nut' itjitc.' worth not I loss than a Ton-.n id puriiohiH I in tu I 'u of such eons ieee. All

r e \, vide fur HiiHpi, union and Iti niovnl Thcre-y ''i inl' nt'i'iovnnnte' ntnount, of .Ih., 1".1 I be bd.e luring . ''.I.,1 ns surety . .. 'fifty ,. r tint more han the amount loanedtlieiion. polu'iiK, contrm-u and ntrrecments to he here CHXPTFU 787'-. ( No i7tN I

r ii 'n.m.A i 'I.h.net.H of unul'lutp'ilnpa., to he IKKIH, d, 1he In. h,1, required I. deposit with the trtns ut theIr martinI vnltie. and by other- after made or entered Into, for sick and funinil \ XCT Mxiiiir thi' fomM ,. f
of nnHti..n
1// Uw It I'nncli'it ., thr I rtflrdnturs of the Stnta ti .Si t which thi. '11"' i I. ".'."..d I to henr, ii\ii,. bond'this of stale thin bonds. o Ihe United nf State's other, us onmplvinir with the provisoins thereof ; I tnu-'n'ilt I IriHiirnnre n- lsur'In dell in'd, Khali t'ifltnu'riuifl.'rs mut f Countui| 0 Whu ti '- < tr
!i I,r llnrldstSictlon uholln r or .not more I han one ,.. IH .llh' h.nl. any "l'p.s riot l>*' wtittfii. mnde ,'iltmcl Into foi
i nut rn- hsl'tI hIs or
,> wtnto, of thn I I'nltid' Sfntin. anil which amountiiccnulmK I .hli I I not apply it. any d<"nu'"tieirimirann except Mnv Ilu u'atti'r thus ,'. a P i, '?'i' t
rL 1. Hi,Fore any .tiI.drnlnnuii district i Ii..",,1.) and HH near nt prncticabte, I tho nuutueri company whcli has heretofore been ni provided hirtln the nmount payable undernnv n-u.n.slIng Kii'hty Thout-nnd f ttfl,"00
their >
S tn m'k, value
I ,u1 cit shill' wholly or partly within I Iho Kverulnd; ,.s r .",'h IKXIIIH,, and I Inn or I times proponed fort which hondH shall Ii ncetptid I for. tn 10..0. chartiml b). I the law of I thi- Mnti' of )'lot Idu. uUU nnrl tutu u nil InMuflt m'iiliu'y Win, hy Hi* Jt Knur I I'd hy Ihe I.ctff<*lature of tl. U
I I : j Dminime! Olntrn'l !In' cnated under thnLHVVH I', 'um"nAp i I"', tin, mnnmr of i avintr the In. by Life insurance enntpanliH Incorporated oroiKniifn titus .uupis'tnv> |' iuu< II ui'i /c d t lu< do luuuoh-'i, (In thin of I' lnri<1ntS.

f I of I ttilri: St;:'1.7.I"W".I I I <;iu*>tillon; of whether I I. .>.t I tin. ariniifM mrnt ,propoHfd I for their i1tiniiiiitl tn the HHiirer\ inilts and of eHiiicuilly the I I UHUrvnd d"I.o.'h.1' tty s'lsp'ns'c'er him In 1 .. ,nil. *'r tlu. lana of any other state Httitf ,hllll he li nn It'd n* follow : Corn pun lea < tion, 1 In ii rv n>,unlv sslrr I u \Ii itui'

h or not t tin t, pro pom Hutt-drninntre dint net ouuht I I, and I Ihe mill limit;'. an AH thentne 'h .. do .1"1 I hi, eupl titled' ,to ."-, i( I trnnsnctof lui'inn u n uipltnl I ol'uri mm nnftcr lin\' n populat
n.1 it'u ."'"" 'H to I'nnint-nn, in thin I.I.lh' 1 n < v
to IH VHiitid i Hhnll be ."bml,1 I Io the Hoard may I be ami I (In Hint, h company I..il. H< Imturnnce state byviilince i < | luIlIlil flu i Invented ns hereinafter pro n.MM-iiii.i, i
I of ('oiitinlttpiotii, ; i>* of t:" Drulnatre l 1'1. i I tic cti,"i> of ho ml*. th. minimum ,i.e cent on In,1 huHju-Ulid UP 11 ctnitriA nvnn-t! It. r.r.IHhln" "' It UI .111.rael'Ihi of the vtdid mav inriiitv,' nr n-Huni,. on nnv one life, <'i'i ft .1 ti rnl ci'nmi-i, each ,of the t' ii .-.
'innfter con tv r
M n prmiilnf Imri I hi" c'l U d| .
I trlct for the .approval, or .1.1'1..1 of thu I th'I .1.ln, winch' ,'stil; | ,district' will, nccepttl I ft,u'.flp. nil tlu honds they n have nsi -I,.1.' i .i'm.nh".r t that I I Is of and has poln'u, -i. conducts or ussr'o'mu'nts, whin in the -.inntc., r dhntl 11 pniil II'I 'M.. 'Ihoumm, ,I
shut !Hoard, I itiibuiittinu, I of I < I n i ru "iiid sub-drnlnime ,diitHct mnvii I uit wh1 utunlly 'j-ttd 1".0 ninntit I | nvnble dhnll not ,'sru'u't <>n<> Hundred I !
this 11. l lt'a'n 'takin ns H, .. I Ii, dcht in i ,. .' Ih.u n",1 dt.lIn l- Thms| (pi r annum, T..ijahle in t u' > ilinoniiity
1 I"" 'h oiliir data II dremtiih "r.I. ,0 1",0. .hli I Hollnrs I i1"i l r Ills i fum'rnl benefit
creation of I ,pioj.om' d I Miih.drainage, ,dIstrIct 1' an puny I I in trorpulut of Ii I Tmt.'d Slits. ii. ".f any Companies payments.
to > ,
.1 up piopt r pat I t-s i 'ntai -
t i It said thi. "ii ahlt for the "I'liipoff fully Informlnirthi litu I mu n inpiinl 'I locU of Twenty ThousAmi
lunll. I paity" or parties |turuituolnyi of i ion I the tr.'tuuuur'm'u' mp'r'i .f mItt homls.U -lIIis', ot any county or municipality, In thus Sic, Ii Ml law* oi,' purl i rf ,
nnd I in sui'Ii, ''..III.n Hhnll furnish I hotiid, 1 of ."ml..I.n..f Ev.'rgtailm: l li,.lo.r fuild bonds 5 depoHitnl" < F with the 1'mtid, Status, or mortwutte-s. or derda of trust butt Is,u's > 'n.oon' noi u invisted, ns hen>inAfterpmvldid llict with Hit proving i inn M '

,t Information nnd data nhowinK the a propimed di.unmrf, diritrict niP nnid tlln. plan And i on impnn. < d I.I.I'd real ettit( worth tnnv, inuiie or n* umo, nn any one life, by repealed.
Ir. the
n nMiry, owner of I ttiu shall be
1 I' V' to be dniimd. llu' renitnns for, (liii crvn- ,it. i I ho plan of financing ", for sail I tiihd to cilhct the I inttiiwl .m.the t.n.I not less than llfty per cent mon then theltiiitutflt riollciit. ci tracts nr ttgrumr'ntm wherein the Sic. ,'t, This \ct HhtM' i i1 i' ipa
1 Into suh-ilratnuxe,, the. trenernl It>> dralnnue on same rortin thereon nt their value 'ini'Mint I i iivithli* Khali not exceiil Two Hundred nnd
lon .1.lrl.l. 1 nf 1..0 m.I.t Hntr< app'uvnl' I Iv tm d '
Ihtfaith >
; I in which! the be drnlni'd.prnpotti 0 i t 1:1: The hoard of t-ommitiMonera, of Kvi : hoinN di'ponittd., the state hy ... I ,ol la r* t tjoo no) > fiinrnil bi-m lit CdmpnnhIi.llnr s Its ron
.h.rnr:.; ._.._...., .I. ....._. I.u. .. .L .. ,1,1. .h."I.nu. ......1.._. ._.. h..lu ... .1...... 1 ilidtfi'd. thnt I thiy .hll I be turned to the 1,0 .. ---. cumplymir wlh pro vis- I,,,, I,. ,, .,, .. u _,..,.u. ,.r 'r.a. .. 'ci,....... heconiinu a In v > t i., ,it r uvpproveu
... u. ''' may ;i"V i'.i u.CIIAFTER .
1 or hurls'S to recrlve the
Fii.. } .;d i ImprovemuntSic ,; : i I and impiivund to approve, or .1.nl..vB 'rl' All same. Sec ::; That Section :rIln; of the Onernl.stttiiitiH I ; i "j'iouikMM) ;{ I h inviHid) as hereinafter
Si-c 4. Inws and of luws in
U. When, ,,,,'h dnln nnd infuriniiiton' nsIs .f tlu plan of I inxinu .ndopted or .... flirt with this parts con .of the- Hint.of be soul the t>ro\tdid may INKUV i r iinnume on any one life. 75511. '
net. ini rur an they conflict, be f'loldl u N 5-'
I j' reiiulnd' In Siclum, I hi.reof has bet n n. ,..1".I, ", I he .plan for the Immnnco of mill 'the hea'u'is't, hIm"' IM hen-hy unu nded follows loIicnH, Cttnt i orts or iitrrn ments when-ln the .\ ACT for thepi '
) I'oiidn, name are repented, ..0 ,,, mn'ini nr ( r f u. r i
; i I eeivud Cp'rI of lnIlti'uinp'tot, ii nil lust i avnhle hnll not utl'I'
by the Hoard of Commlrmiom, of lfc.h. tirut : pxC ui'O HunIn.I H\pensii: , Duti .
i.li.ii 'Him! stui I and l lr'u '
net II I take ilfirt Itsnisti' a r'
t Rvi'riflndes Drnlnnue IH.liict, I tho hi-f; Dual, ".. i h. i ,i'it,PI"i proi"'. I. l I. iumjid hv arty vtibdinniifi r upon 1 and Fifty I if'JSOflOi funeral, benefit. Inno Officers i- r i
C > .p' n nd iipprouil, h\ the irnvirnnr. or upon J i't''. The, tutl'mu nt idence of In. CountiiN *.T 1' .n 'y I I Iu
I i' hIM.. 1 Knirlneer Khnll examine I .n.1 ,invmtlunlethi I l'\i: ,.,'uliult..1..I..t. hOmIly. .r wholly within the "it l 1" coniinu, Inw, ,, 'lout micti, vintmint nquln, by nlo .. sections CIIHI nlmll u company null Iusrinl under the :Oonoi I ,,r Mon l'nt>nm,! >' ' <
flair" IIt rt't. Such I n".r..I. p".oin. i loviHioti* of HUM \ct have in force
i j I > name. ROil he riiiuire and obtain, other "ppr.1 tn or In l'u,
IIY 01.. ,Approval \i r 11..d> May it. Mtl'J.CHAPTER ,. .hnl )I" rent "cd) annually, ,1. M.rh IuuP' MoreCiruiit ( ..mt, 1 'iii U. -
I dntn h,' may de m neciHHiiry for ditermlnln Him 11 not however extend to fattir ut any oin- pi-r-on. imlicitH or continctt* He It tnnrtri
--- I .r year The find statement by (llir I.e.ihilurf of Ih t
I' I. I.. .. r the ndvlHiihlllty of rent inn I I h., ,proponedHiibdrnlnn MIH Htiom,* itf vnlidity. of "'".lv. ri'irutarlty ( No. 61.) I 1,1. made"leh at any I lime vvlun the "'"'. 1." or nun'* ups, flu, for rtick tnt funeral benefit inMirunei1 of r lorlifa : *
.j re nnd shall without un. I in proceilure' or ..lw.lun. Ik. nniuro, 76"I ,. 'I.ot. .r an In n In tKfliud. nt any nnv timeavert Stetion 1
in ,
,1.lrlcl. t ansi hold in nil ,
tinflrnt > >un'tliotitiand
lui shall I lu 'IC't' I 11..1) .I..d. .h.1 Io.d I
m"c..r.".11", .pare .".1 Hiihmit n written .nnno,1 t. iitt.I.n. .utTeh.'n."V. rtetnnri' n..ne. om.anl. toI "I diirct' 'dtnir. bt' .. ..* fitting more u than Tno I Hundred and < {IllltIsiS I or PI. ', 1
\ icoiiomy and In the abil. of I TJcensis for theirtrcntx.. nnd Rev Mn.h lifty I iL.MOm I Dollari i 'I i H
,.,.' .. the board of coinmUHionem, of ,'v.',. ..1.11. ty the Io"r. (till hunt 1 I In capital Mvcurltlea and investmain I funeral benefit havtnx two or more '
t : Kinoes ihuiimuc .h.1 uhich Hnid report o"I11 I.. pay I Ihe ,., '. I.. or to carry ultitintr,' the Issuinir ansi t'anrellinir of Same, We. l. 1'lull Seition U of Chapter 72UU, of the incut > nt r <
.: : shall contain, hi* ,r"I. for .. obliKnttoiiH to be [mposed, upon paid itnii I'mvldimr a Penalty for the Violation of n'flta n ncvure aa at lrl. .n,1 the com Vet* of 1017 Laws of Florida, be and the Kiutrnor I state of Tii-nda., u 'i r. TIniendat'on '
or h of
,. bar the
I l. 'cu"'nd.I.I. and In 'the cnxe of bond tho minimum any' ProvislonH, of this Act. puny paid the two per cent tax Ululina'remi'ums nine is herehv' nminded to rend county Cr uI nit .u.uu.u idcoiintiis. ,
nttnliiNt t he en nt ion propnHi' 'd, subdrninnKe 0..1,11. received by It for as follows : nliutl
the appoint
uether with) Ills per cent, on I the .Ih. which the districtHhnll lit* It Fnncteit by Ihe I rfftnlnturr of the State prvviuua yearIn Sic ItAtsy individual, compnny, corporation n :prohaMon' flft of
.1.1'1.1 nanonsthenfor I Ih H .to"'. ihe state tr furnisha nun. in such ,
I usurer count U's, who t u' 1 his
receive I thetefor I In the event that the nf rlitridnts.ctinn .hli or nuHociatlon.
.I r".II., contn n-comrnen- renown I uf the certificate, or officers or agents known an the
for,. I or enmities I In thp dis a d I"il. (dan nnd nrmncinu plan ss proponedl I. I'pnn written notice by an Insuring of which i the 'rln..d arp" I I'rt'ut. which shall write or solicit, or AUthnrfzt l of whleh hi probation otfici'r of such i m-
tllh. with the >
nl""II.n. certified copy itate- or sIr,' 5 m ,'nia'nt.
5 fit I
l Huli-ilrainnKe ,dlMnct do I ."Ih ti transart business thi> utinlc nIt nrm
r not meet company > sri nr KotlcltlnK nf Insurance
I in the of Any
| opinion said of the
'IH."I nirnl which probation
t u' chief dialiifiMe' tinimH, I he I tin' approvAl, of I the hnl.1 of commlftsloners of u in I his state of its .appointment' nf a person to upon. the Hnm .obtained luusrne.s> in the slate of Florida, which nlfici r slut,II he f n f r nr v ,in
i nutty advantageous shall h, Illid.,. kept, antI. the from dntiof
In the dint' Hct proponedSee I vMirtadir; drainave diHtrict id .tththrainaaoItitrirt iu't t ups its agent hervln. the slate tnnnurerhall published in snmumnniuu slotH IVP within the clans of Imiurnnce herein Appointment, Thy ilm 5,. e if

\o :;I. The! iMuird: :li cormnUnion of ..vf nmy t'nli'asir to Onk... nuch chit n if en ormodification I, I If he is ..1.10 that the. appointee. I .. Is a and,\ wovirtitil, I in all ..I'.t. AS the deflntd as sick and funeral benefit Insurance, authority Hume prescribed fif I the for pirnlmt on r tricir vf ji, '*

'. ertrladidrninnue' ulIst, net are In.rehv nut Ito. I to Its' tnx> plan and to its ft- -,'(1,11., ".-'...n. Inti.luN holtl himself 1.1111 or tihull receive, or authorize the rweivinK pf chnr, ,ter flJlfl of probation 'ffie. r by
iM'fl pupil .mIH.,1 ""Icln. plnn O will eaime mich ptiins to meet ""Io ...1 faith .. an insurance agent Issue Sic I r VI 5 Utttti and, part" of lawn In conflict any pr'-mlum then'on,, or cu.rnpi'tunmatfun( I there ther dutti-s ( hecis if Ml I in' l k

cnnllon of nny Hub-dmlnnue. approve .or diHiippnnetho It. up approval of the said hoard The, ""pmvll ,. him a lici>nse which shall slate, in substancehrtt with" thixcl lu' and, tho mime are hi'rvhyrt for. v\lthout hnvintr complied with all the "nlnry of us may be priHcnbeil by lau Pi.
''I'' .101.1.1.h.l. | In the in authori/ed to do busims1 ,rented iHovixioiirt of thin A ct Html pr-'l.ation ofTicirs In -u-li r
ly or within I the diHiipproval of .nlII".1 he wrIt Inic company I. upon conviction shall In
I v dlst rlct 1.11.I di'ctdimt UK Ii e'o."h.h.such ,mil, lip retidend by the .h.1 tmnr l to .sMKiifxdrainiiKi "' this slut".. and thai' I hipi ntnn named. S..c. C. This net .hll take effect upon' it* thniiof. be puntrtlud by fine of not over five tnrs huv'mnty.bur hundn i *,(tO>Mi' ..t

r dlHnpprovnl I the I still Imaiil .thall iris 11.1, due or. district' dhnll by said\ .diHtrict hi I Ih..I"I i Is Ilu' constituted. atrent "f the coin- I la"sau.'I' and ,.".".! ." the Cnvernor.. or Hundred Dollars iMon noi or Imprltionment |ur shall nnntini, The salary of t'u' '. u iotficirs
s' IH-
f .n. ,', 'd and for the triintnction oi 'h upon its bfcomintc law without mien ApprovalPprovM not 'icaiilu paid monthly hy t*,- i '\\1
ii t t ."I.I''h' I Ihe n',port Htilunilted hy the chiefilralmiue 'l', 111. nuide n part of I the records' <>f tiulPp' tun Immnwu.' a. flu one >ar. or both. cnmmlsttionem nf
I f inwineei. for I Iho Information of snid I tin nid Hiib-drninnite dmtrlctr ,ii 55 i iiuthorlxed trnnxact Such notice .hli \ May 0, 191V.i See 1 Phisct fhall Income i| law upon lIme anti forfeiture the naid cotmtit-s .uu n S
( '
I- t . '. litnid anti I hi, itnlit r tint i..h.l liv. ii... >milu ... .r _I II I IAn Nuli-dralnnire dintrlct partly I I 1.'uupp, .n I fotin_ furnished hv I the Mate t"'I.- _.. .. .. UM pnstuiri and nnprovnl by the Governor, or ,,.,,ui.s- -- -- fund in euual --i month-vHi. ,-
tI. r tmrtles ..;-c nut Ion; ttun-of: : Tha ii ,1.1) within, the 'I-.vi; .rulndes' drninnui dis- 'iin I r nndliall be accornpnnied liv i u'Ifla'tflP'fltr i r.n .u". i nrti upon ute IM corninu a law without such op- .- ---- -
a > board H.h'1., obtain I rid mlV Arrantre with I Ihe board nf commit .,"iu.i'r oath by hue appointee' .1.11 r \ NT Am' ruling Section On. of ChapterNpi (pmvnt.Sic I. |liuuliliiatlfl| at saul c-iiuntleB shall I I I. Is'l"rmmtin.I

,Niich unity .other,1,1.dnln In"".' ) information on I their own, Account .i I'n.'r', of Kvi; .rtrtn.!t.>t ilrainntfe dlstrtrt for the tiiH. "1"., nut*. residence, .,,"hle occupntlnn.nnd , laws of tori.la.,, 1'ln. nn Act Concern I Ml law nnd PIUM' of Inws in con "hither hj thiln t riniu, nf thi >!se

I I nifty deem iieiiNMiry l I .1.. I llu-m ..,they mult, mInting by the thief dinmnire entrineer of , xiich oltu, >r 'Information if MIV i the Inir Insiirnncv, Associnllnnuand flict with this \cl bi nnd the snme ann hereby Statin tnki-n hy authi>rly! nf thi 1 ' I
I J .. I. I't'm. 'h Their ,\u.'nts and. Other Persona. Firms rupmled. Appioved irow-rnmi-nt nr tuf thf- Mat, nf I"W It.
'f' mine Iht. iim-tion, n>* i I., ill. cr'nt"". of HnidnmpoHcd Ill i, nnr\'jH, Invt'Ml ikrnlionH anti, ifi' terminaKMIH -tntt trensurer may reiimre. May 11, *ItilO.CHAPTER L', Any iirnlintiun
I pilot i he's ,. mnv be cesunry anti ndv lnnhle? to 'l'ls I state lnppisnuir may nt nnv time nfter an*) Corporation, Pmhihii ntr I>mcrlmlnaioti In i'lTle's.r nnw nil I i til -
( i ansI It'lusit lust. M .. tut n"d'rwl.ll.o. """" turn cnuiitu H hull I I.. th,. r..hnil '
i 'ormulali' n plan of reclamnt for said subtriiinnKe l irrimtlnw of inch liri'nst*, for cmiie shown .ureiii n Ion 7S7.J.No.: ( Oil i *" llci-r of i
HIV I I If I Ihe I hoard of mull county fr, lit, '
cmmtn'uipn'rs, of it tlsst nnd, nfter hearIng determine ninin I r -f
'hct. and the chief iliamnire, ,'n"l n any so \ NT Forbidding
EverirlndiH drnfnntre dint p itt appn. p. the cninlloti ii....r. with the, npproxnl" of I the hnnrd of comniirir .- 11..lnl.d. ., any pemnn I lhenti.fore I".on appninttul, He : "., hy the I rgUlnlure' of the $tate Ituxint( Kr4 in thin Stati any Person ns From Insurance linIng ltm.'u'oiI i ttrm, hut with I Hi u'u,ins. nu-flt ,'i r i I I"cpin

S. : of the piropoHediil.drnnnue I di-lrtc-t. I I : : : ;; tlhsl s'Irt. I.I I. I. as A HHI t %'itlu.uI, A Mcinsu and Providing
t I and they shnll n>nder their I approval in writing.I : I h, ""'hv Hiithorlnd 'to, inter into such arrftntrc- and .h.1 thereuM' | revoke such lireoso and Section I That, Si. turn l ot <'hnr-T."r 5* t'i. IV n ally Thi u'for.He Sir 1, Th<> im.tmtiiin off'ii m i r-ml, I' u -

4 thervnfler be I the, crrnt .-n of I tin. until district, n.I.lh t I I naid ."h.hl, n". .' district, KJ in the ...m"nly" nnd thi, nirenU of I.HWH of Florida be n d the name Is herebymnindcd It Fiss't'd hv th* cittHlnliire. nf the State tlm, nrthtri..| \ <-mi,ii
.hnl ,proceeded with I In accordance with I the t I'.. judt/mi of t the anti ""In.r nnd I thruitl ,,,'h \mntion. The nation nf I thetnti. tn.... to rind as fol iwsSi : of t IttrfdatStctnn l.lnnl i.f HI.'r iv T'un'ury' ut 4','u i ul .

I See..w ft. or In ht>nnfti>r ,,,,','rnh.1, sitS)) .11.1 .1.1. .. In.'aril may be expedient, In make on hehnlfof inr in Irllton". iwokmK or reiiewlntr. nr .- elton No life niuriince, eomtmny nr 1 \ny IMISOR nctuitr an nn insurance uluuunI.l shall I I..,. Oft,', n bunInI, H] '
I the event t Ivnnrd of com r-nid sub-ilraliiAU'e district fur such fiix nu i t. n"voke I or n. vv inch I Mcenm' l"llnr'. t pi r nrintim Tinsnl
surwyi.tn .I< "...in..n iloinIT tumin ds In this state nhntl nut nt in this tuti,> without first obtainnut i 'y .,f th. i
11..1"1' of l K\i: .rllh', drninnue dm.nt < t'-litOati'fl.i anul l iletermlnntloiiH "hnfl I lu. MUhjeet t to n'v ii.w by court ofrompitint tniit tu i tnpli iii-iil I hnll IH
.IHt'I.1 he any licinni ,
.' may inn! or permit nov "1.In.I"n, or dUcruninnn.'fi a MO to d< nhnll he Hiibiect to a T n '.1 lv I ihc' '
I. pn, \p. the .'n'sthn ot auch "ii' p I .nhdrnlliitKe (it.iMDiMiry and nuts Innble for Inyintr d"wn thi* j"I"lli.n. HnleAs revoked by the ,,in favor of ,lndi\tdunli between Insurantsi (km' i.f One Fliimlrtd Doltnix I for uneh offence rr'nsmmiriolnnp< i r,, of thi. MIL, unntlm mil i ,' '
t .1.h'I.1 thiv xhall render ihilr ."dm i of reclamation' for aid uuilIrp.hpraw.. itt! t. .... the by svrut.I Ininnil r.rf iluri- I '
.Inl illt .I. I.auusr.m. u' compnny 'the In.u".r\ > the same claim and c-tunl ex- to IH nrovenil hy uii lm>uuht by the a t torMi 'mil n ,ni, ] ?lr'r' ,ll i
', h nppnival" I. the ,pnrly or ,parties t tuel, Ml ...t" of )stars rye. field ,'arth'", ofinnti I tin t ootici. to I the ntnte I trenailnr enncds the* elation, t ] -i the nni.uint, or tmvmpnt v iren* rat or n its'e nolicitur in the name of 'tnllmi'nl nt tinnnnunl, rutihen? In tl '

I' said Pr.Pp.n.Iu.g:ilMili-t: nnd mid:Inter-'h:'t'it,: in the en nllon I of u tots ntnu'u. ilrnftHtni n. notrraphen or tin. tit, 'i "iiulhoiit, > tn act for it, uich tictnrti,,' Ino .f i I'ri inintn, 1.or rati. chnrtred( for pohcle* of the state iler. t Tin actual ivxpi u's i H nf i $1 i,' itl'n 5 i- 'i'I

tlu. I Ihi.reforSec NIK dlHiiPpmvnl 1 shall state .T In r IIMHExtant., nnd nil iqulpmettt, suppltawitith !in) ,.IIu'r Ifci'ime 10..0 I to an a..nl or ROY I.r. oi.. rndowmfnt. Irifturnnfi' nr In the dl\Irlends I- Sic .! Fins mt shall become n taw upon I f.fTi-i-r nnil hli aria'"l tot, inn ,rr, ti I m
naHon i," d !Ii > used in connectionwith rent.wnl tturcof i-xpire on thlitieth hint'ftts i IK iitti'nPtPnI ill-chnriK- thin riutlp of f tlu, '
i il If ..h..I. or other payable thereon In n i>pi ov at by t lu* aovernor, nrupt olTIc at
n. furtIn., ,action m laki-n by the I the I ". of mild plnn of reclnmn. ,day of t Scptemt) next after its inmii*. Hut nnv othi'r of tht* term conditions, of o the ,n ils !it' c miiu'' u lair u thout, such npprovnt pri'hnllon i-ITIri-r. In nurh niiintlpK, not t n.

the party sntd or l'nlr .. *'. In the creation of I.1.1 .hnl be l 1.."., b, mist; | niili-dralnnire, dn- Is nub I ct' ill.ut.d nnd in foree when this net'tibia contract n' niakin' Nor..t.1.1 such company Sec, t, .Ml laws and pntti of laws In con Pi-i-il i fifty I ij.wnoi ilnllnra pi-r month -h i
.,,". district within thIrty t 11,id etTitft then-aftir l sued. In thi .nl (mill Ity tln, .
I 110)) or R.Y. o iiirint thereof ."nl..t ofinHiirnnce flict with this Act ln amid the HAITI** are hereby cmmty cnmmUK nunssr.. of
dnys nflor the n'ndi rfmr of the iHtup. Si. I It. The l onrd of comrn'rinloneni of FAlulndt i- 'h..I lion; 01' the statti' treasurer. l lii' nmewed' nr ntrn'oment as tn mirh ru'tte'ala'ul.I Approved May 14. lf>19. ciuintlis, nut of tho (fine anti f.t filturtnnil f r I

t t .vnl by the h.n.1. of cnmmltitiliiners of Kverulndes : < H ilrninn' .'.' di-trlc .. h..I.y austhiur.I for a ,succeeding yrnr or lai's by .n.w.1 other, than nn .plainly expressed. ;m .ontne.. policy tile rnunlv urommipsins'ra nrp ht-n-hj us'

. . .11.1 dm1 I Ihe creation of ,'uimht'tit'.w'ul I id ami, etnpmvi d l ii. Itnve frco n''.. tIre c.-rtitk-alf without I the state treAr>ur. r rotiuirintrthf 'is-ineil thereon.No CHPTER 7H74. i No. 921 Ihnri/-il and din-ctnl tn loon their war, a

I t ::| :;: Hiib-ilriiinaue: dlxlrict: : shnll' I bi* hi-Id: asnhnndmied t'iitu.t contrnclM 0". p'rorc*.dmvH, I. i mvetti. di.Inil.l' Information I reuinfl, !>y this act limurnnce. hy It- \ NCT( tomenij Si'ction 2:1.': of Chapter fi'r' tfui h i-xt-itiHfH. Thioounty citmmmMo "

nnd t here.n tier Its rn-nlion slmllni i nti. 'it,.. manner In which the w.trKn of the While, ,) such license remains In forct a foreign ...I or any .tl.r o..n.pnrty n.1..oclnton.1 I".r.n.. 7 I Ml.I I Acts of I'M ;, of the I.nwi of Florldn. i-r uch, eiMintli-n striP hereby mitlinHiit-il to '
be n.
p l pn>ceeiled ,11. "',,,'1.1,1 a ihnt nfter theexpiration >Iusl rIot< are tteinu conpttructiHl. or carried on.or com i nny shall be bound for the nets of the nt. solicitor nr broker personally" or by fCftntinu to t n'u i,' Rtiiulation! Supi-rvii*,on and nluli urh nituinry iiilimint| for the'uss. '

r drillnaHI-" of one th* of said tmh. the mnintrnnnc* the roof of any siib'drAln- 'person named therein, within his apparent' authotitv ,a n\. other nnrty. chaR ntfer, pmmls, allow, ('oiitrnl of I"rutt'ruumil Heneflt Sotl-tlo,, in this ihitirnhntli n nIT err nnd hI'u nn.l.tnntj. a

I without .1.ldc i may nualn he undertaken utrt. 11,01,tilit t partly' or wholly 'in I the Fv"r"I..I. nn its .cknowl.' "." ."..nt. wive. set olf or pay. ," .'clly or mdfnictty., asunhuai'smont Stitti'. may h* ri-qulri.il for the proper rnnduclf i.

former I..J"I; the ,dintrict to Any ilriilniui' .tllHtrirt as 1". nt nov Sic J If a person shall act or aid In anymnnni i to Insurance on any risk In this HP ft Fnaclcil hy the leuUfadire of the Slate ittYtee.S't.

tlii net ion Ih..n. If ..1. pnrtv or par such i xnmination of naid Noks and records .r in Hie negotiation insurance ortthAll 'tinte now or hereafter to be written any rebate ti f Florida n Thp rmhnllun niricer tlmll h '

interested' In th creation. Maid |.n'|mnedsubdrnlnn I the naid hoard may deride. 1'he nftid honr1mav solicit nr receive' any or ."plc.l.nr.r n pnrt nf the premium r.y..I. on them Section 1. That Section 29 of Chapter 7311.It.l cli-rk of th.- jiiM-nllc, court .if nurh, , rdtinI

: ie .dictrict, obji 11 .to or nlmll not make stitch onimt'ntlntlfns tn Ih. Mniildisiriit insurance, or. not beinir a ..I.r. .I.y, 'S. .n .ow n. com. .\ nf tOI"it tha fttmta nt t."l.S.i. Io .p,1 n..r.t'ot il. ,l.i ,,_ _.._t, couiSee

slnnen n"e, of 1.everitliidm..'.''on ,iut..omntrOsui.onpun, .- n. they may' deem proper, In thi .d- 'imployi'i*. .h.1 receive money or .I" there >..ion; thereon:' or.1.enrnintf; ;.il. divl-, the sumo IM henby amendid to rind M fol- S .\H 'taw; "nnd,;'- pnrts -S of laws' 'rs In e 1'
tlrnmawi' district dlwsp- and muniiKenint of the said, dmt for fttr Insurance company nent.without .1. lows nict
m'hl.tll.n n TIIS! or other hone tit founded ,. . prnvlntr the said Act hi "
\ e.I.n. oH.1 party nr purties rlclMIC a Uci>nne from the state tn'as sip hereby repealed.

I aioners:: shall of notify K\eriilndes : r' of cummin, Irt The bttir to enaMt' th. board ofciutuinistun.rii pfI.'r the licunsc .rmantt-tI! It. him or to the rcfrom. or any other vnlunhlicnnnidern. lie c'nu.tmiwul to airVct or apply to grand oroustorbnatp SM* 7, Thin Xcthsll tfo Into offcct nit'mel'a
dinmnire district with- of Fterulmlt' .' district' 'company for which he acts nicent. has been t Indnn-ment which of .
u 'rin.. (In law,
of thirty saUi .<13,1. In.. from date of the ..nI".n" curry out the ..III.nal! w.'k 11.0 upnn r.k..I. he .hli bo fined not .-,..'., two i. not ."".11.1. prnmist-d or providtd for In Knights of Pyth as, \clusive of the Insurance Xpj.ntved( June 7. 1919.Clfki"r1sR a

'p ApriVHl.. | by the Maid honrd and tin m nnd upon th ., I ly, hundred ,. but any policy iisiicd,. on an tIn, policy of instirnnce. nor .h.1 any department of Masons Odd Fellows or

I tlt'mrnl'trr th t nrty or pnrtle mirnntd in that 'thin act the until board IH hereby .,".horh..1 'iippl'cation thus '.r..1 .h.1 bind the ..mpnnv fompnny or imsnciatlon. "".nt. or KnIghts of P> htinji, should Much ubieties hninitu \'. INstINn
\ creation of said .i.I".1 nmv prociH'tl with th* i fnploy" nn engineer who shall he undir l if otherwise valid. .I"lo 1191
i d'l broki. pt rionally otherwise, "- ranee di'pnrt mnts connected therewith) \X XCT Reirulatimr f
o thtomrMnsnf rt
creation thenitf nwnm prvscrlhed hv iiellnn of the snnl hoAnl through the chi' Sic 1. All laws and p.,1 nf IAWS in conflict it; ,., aive. sell or purchase us Inducement toinsurunce or socfitus which limit their mnmb.-nhlp' to County Solicllnrs, and Manner '
the laws of this stAte. pntvlded thnt certified nt Payment
a ilriiitmtre ntflncer and ; with this and
t naid enirinrer act ame hvnbyrepealed. In connection therewith any one hazardous Thereof
.h,1 h or any occupation, nor to similar In Counties)
copy" of the dmnpprmnl, i>f said '..n.1 .r commissioners fi"u m Hiich duties n* thi* ,aid himnl .' Mock, hondrt. scriir ties or property or any ,ncties which do not issue Insurance eerti iv Thoiwantl Inpulntion Ifavtnir rens than M"*"
of Ktvrvlndcs: draIn. district 'n ,' nut the And St.". 4. This act take elTt-ct IUpatmnue tlcatitt and Havlnp \Ie*
of Thf
t. "rrlo. provisions purposes .hl upon dh idends or profits accruIng or to nccruotturron. state tnasurer may require from Than two CIrcuit .luifirM,
.hal ther'Hftr IH ansi 1..om,* n tart of tht tin act, HI id entr,neer hal! neeivo ..m".n. unit, atiprovnl the irovirnnr. nr ui>on nor. xcept specified in the nny socIety mich information as will enable Re It Fnacl.-4 hy the
e.. and the information, ,I'., |1'iy I ihe tue.titlipsiuti ..( .hip. tn be di'tcrmim! by the board nf com its becimtnic, a law without such app. >val.Approved ,'.nlr.et. offer, premise. or rle any pole, him to diterminc whither such society la eimpt *- of rliirlffm I legislature of the gtti

to the court for consideration, In mi,. .I"n...of Kverttlndts ,ilmtnaire, ,t.t..t. And, Mny fi. \919. tMnir of value whatsovere a. an tntlucementto front the pnlslons of this Act. "irtinn 1 The it
p pnsslnti on the application. for the creation of ilnilnu, the -<'v. ml county Biltcfr
time and for ..
the -- I Insurance. See 2. This \ct thall become tH.
rlc. law -tnti of
i said. ilistrictVhtn hmrlntr hy the I court I. tv i'hi. act ,,,'h! ct.m..ntlon spoil ....". 1.0. ('\PTER 7M .- No. 87)) \ ny compnny, ...ol.lon. officer, solicitor, Ito ransnin- aol arpnal luy the Ciovemor.a upon or ihuin nmeiv thousand lion tin. in countlM h ,vftr 0
h..I.r.., the purpose or conrtrminu or denying ..f '0" cnu-imcr .h.ll. "1ld.0' And paid, \N ACT I. Amend Sicttnns 275H 2.59 and S ll'i'Pt. broker or person who ,'I.lnt.any ti'i'fl(' its becoming a> Ifiw without such approval li '.p thar, iii circuit nnpuUtion toil i 'IC

the creatIon of the saul ,101.1.1. the board of 'art hereafter ,.. l7ffO of the General lal"lr of Floridanirndtd .. of the prov sions nf this section .hol b* iruilt Sic .t \I1 !n.w apiI parts of law meonnntti ihr .' ii'imi flnllara Jtidirm. ihAll S 'h"
d>"mlo.l.nr. of district S. c l 17 \ all \ .47 of the per dn m monthly )h*
ny .no expcniie which that by Chapter { \.I of t of a misdemeanor, and Inn 'nt with this Net are hereby repealed ennntv nnd
have the r it*lit to be hi.ard such ,li. rd of cmnnii I ,.l{ conviction ftc of ten < II" > *'
.h.1 . of Evenclnilis lramnite, 1 l'tlti. the Same HavIng lU-frn-nc 10 Ih. Or- stun i rtof shall he sentenced to pay a fine of \pproved May 16. 1919. "pi i for inch f
.lonS. diMtrtct mny b.. ntiiirid| to Incur In esmrylnuit'ttt ,'".I.I.n. Mrtnn ..ment. ('.nl,1 n.,.! fliuit. i1', each ntnl every violation or In the r'f inch Inny, sml flue ifiS 1 ro *
. Tlcforv tiny suti dra unite district situated the proiwioni, of this I mU'fimi-Annr to bf sushi in !ilk. <**
act the utt.n ift---nd Flnt Insuraice
same rInt. *- of (ump.nl. I 's"n .r the ..url. imprisonment of not 4-It PTER TH73No.( El>. nt, r ns suit,,.r crImInal
l.o,11h.lv within the EvcnrUdi-s i.* Ii. tht ."id l inrd hntl b* born,. by the i.n.l Tlu 'ir ,\ ri>nts in the State I' :..ala. 1 I. .. than ninety days nor than STmi XV ACT Riiiutrmir: nil Insurnncr CompanIes S rit.n f. shall costa p and the paM "
adopt a plan of reclamation. .ut. 'linnnvi' district, In nnd MnUititf: .\ .. e tpn, I fn raoes wh T "''*
.1.lrlcl .h.1 whose behalf or on an "..". tic Carrying 'ntfii The state tn .." has authority to Hn\f INm, irsjncc ,XurvemrntA trial*
th. r 1" ',. Kubmittnl Io this nee.,unt of which unld expense Is to b* In.ur Out. tlu. Pntvtson, Th..r In his d ." n. to, .111 the Hcrnett.ritcfon I'v' Stn1 Treasurer. Approved tn nnirrant.d and ni pralp( tak t n. thnn .ui'nis

hoard of cumtnlrtitumers( of F\: <'rtrtmlcs drnins nd, <,i if -".h pnM ott| dirttrlct shall not then IU It Fnst'lcil by the I ricUlature of the State I Ismii'H to.any< company.. nnociation), lIe It Lnnrted hy the L*.lslatur, of the Stat S'r other en-en of con\fction.

district for their examination S.i. pntpostil I Inn .. I.. ".n r.r..I., crvAted nld expense% nhsll nf Fh-ridst u at'.'nt or .broker convicted of a violation of of INiridAt lirt xu ]law* and isarts i of l lawo Ii roO

plan of nclnmntUm .halt " '., information lie p..' nt' hy I''" parties I interenti'il, in ansi\ pro- il. itfon 1 That, Section iTHi "f the Gntrnl ttil nrc tion. Station l I. Nn inmiranctf patalind herewith, bt- and the am. are her. tuy rs-

and data as wilt Indirat the sit .clencyanil i u'.iiuic snnl district' and before tnciirrinir, such Statutes i>f the Stat of K!<'Hd. I lie and Ni'thinu In this section shall be o con- naIl n nuthortziH to do bnninosn company in this or 4o- Sic T

the icunomy of said ,plnn. and whether or i \p, n.e or i,xpi, nii-s thi. board nf cnmm sstonr I thi-, ami* Is hereby amended ti o an to sfi sir tti a* to prnhlblt any citmtmny MuinirMI hsll reinsure sulmtantinlly all stat This Act riiaii tf0 Into sff.ct 5
not the work therein shown are of Fvi rulnde pIn.unaate' .0 its risks nn ni'dlAtely upon Its pm- time and at "1
> district hen 'lisa arrr
.0 an by : fl.IuamtidlpaIflg lif* Insurnre from nnylnirl I rop. rtv or li'.' )ii, caUd m this state the Oovernnr
th.t will advantAKe-oiiHiy. I a"ithritd I nm'iuch' _* until Approvnl .fun* 9, 1119CRP'T'R
14 No Insurance
th..1 .onr"n with .
f .r.n"'m..n. Cominrsjsnclatlon.. l>i h.r.II.. with the works of trsinni which I nnv miti-dminnirf ,liatrict "tl.'d wholly or mi 'im or InIldu.l. wha't lit'r i' u P"rat..l| or th ir pn ml urns in whnlr or in i tarn out nfMirplim In advance to. and ha. the "
have t'p.s n, or may htrvafter be conxtructid by' 'it rt "II.n i( i I lu* F.v i'rii t,mien .lraInaeat 'lIstelet D. I .. ,im -inratrd' accumulatut from "f the state approval + ?$ i i'No' flfli ,
the ,boAril ..n..r.d. "h.h. or non-t artlcfi at nsut tnnr. rtr frnxf,!, ,|, that such XV XCT FUlnLthe
of no
uf Vhfri "-
cnmmiMioners Evurulaulni iiwith tin COTIlIeflO5t.ls of *
I ,
1 in
pnrtieti 'nnl".1 taiva of th .
nt..t.1 or ttr.uuu.inuiut' u uI.I. 11. '1''" .r .n itst'aflct. m dralnaw d 1st net shall t be of the '
County f
tin u.n.
cnattnn of School
',01 sub-itralnntre' .1.t.tl on Pur tttr..i* or "nty. nor "14 AL, ., an AI'Tlnir industrial inmiranc on tl e sickly made wiih n run, Rnnn in
WhnAid. plan of reclamation and I Mn 1 bi'nnl di a.lvi.able for .. nny not authorized to do lure Hsvlnir a Population Btwn Thfrtfn
may mibstfr l iu.-ru .
> 5a or luKltii' .
PIITIXM mtm.u'i'nu
1..0 I < -, ulhrectly nvimnt plan fn'm returning to policy hitlders 5 in I thi- 'me u an'I I m such
etht r dm a ben rcelvi by thebonnl if nil' ring .ut the pn'tnlons of this urctton r lr.ir.ruly.|:< .h.1 tai.t f any r,. p ti'.tttaCt who have made rrtnlum payment for a p-r- arr.- m'nt nfm'J, be valid contract or Thousand and Fifty Th..nssnd !I'emi
of r.uunnussI.l nvm "f Kveruladts" drninaue S'r l < Nithinw ,in this act until approved br cone. AecoMin to tIne last 8tai C rsirt
. cnnraimrl shall! nnv i iiAini s I."r"e. ti thi .t.'lt*. ",''h',. i i'' d nf at Uost use yvar dinctly in the corn- tlie stat trvanurvr. It. It
P .tpsi rid 1.. tV. chit f drainaui ..nvln., . shall I I It "'tiHtrn.*d n. slFfCtintc, any pn>.'.....| nun hail\ -,'h cutnfianv. a*.ocmti' .' i. nrm or m-llv vid, ,,> i,nny at tin horn or ,strict oiT ce a p*>rc 'ntmt S.c J. A 1 la-, an part of laws in of Fns.'m-l Florida the L r1.latur* .'if the 'ti1t1
.xamine th and h. and obtain con
Rsmt "n""k"n'
mny rnjum- "r by any mib-tframittrt ..ho.t.1"r"r hips rtmt htaimd a c. Tit' if flu-t
<-jfa. suth.uruty of th which the would with this
pntnium Art b
company and
,uch .''h. r .1r,ta and informal may i | the P..u. henwf ln. fn the (lie same ant hereby Scctinn l, The members of the aHu*
8 v 1.1..t thst state treosur r b fit ,phtirh .In" I I',nv mill for the wtnkly cullrctmn of such n prated.
m-ctfuArv fi r 'in* Ih** naul ,plan .' thin ,0 lu''' rt c*, .' )I.p.f f, i C
pass upon m set cnntsmul nhn any ..." ,'.t*. such t'nmpany tumoci'inn .1 ,ruin. I ir.mlu-o* nor to prohibit any lift Insuranee S. c 'I i, Thin Act shall fak T r ur 'S
S n-cIuniAt'' t Huiriricncy, and ,'cn.m. 1 t I I tint I 1"H' I t.ntof. efftfft upon its P-ilntf. n of not lev tbe.im-
ni" .. n ,b. nd* I tn or 'tn idiml 'I furinh. ur.'serrrSt than thirty nAH
.1 nn T-y d i business In this tat from I O'S5P' nnd
tI uill # ml
ai the .
sni.1 <" Pu< tt,. r ,r n, I th I, works pet out rO., -inu t. ..' r 'u'flht'I' ,it f itti. ps.rnus i by Governor, or up ) ar.f not more than fifty th u.S. itt per.ii
i nf
i u-u eta" 'i'nt rtth
the .
Il I .. I r pr..uulnu, nn tutu res,** (u f life uu r run'I.rus'rn. nt tn*', r- rufi ibt licoinmir a I law without
ant i ''an ,.1 'I 1 harnionlu.' advantageously' with. l rnp'uui i I Iv' .il l. TVct A: prnetti. nubt **. ....rtary and tca.yr.. or ,oth r olficchsrue In Si's,* with or with* ut annuities, at rates less \ppntv May 19. 1019. such approval i" accordIng to the census tat n bC tIt *

e' tht ilmlnair works of th* Evcmlsd*s dntinstf, p < ...nl'" xaif, of laid 1 U'nd, anf S* appliinS of thf n, .ut
district. ... r >n.truct d or hvr-afur eon' |* tnrrvto svrllxr .***--*!!> such association ,>r ticivs Insuring f school funds for their srvles. an sneooa'ary
mpluyrvs CHAPTER
> vmployrrvho *
I atructml and snsll without unn -.... delay rh* ( jub ln i any 7H7 -INo( 94}. of SIR sisCi.
.ry vrm dralnai district Hundred
[ .r"m la or of aueh mdio A'! which st.t jmnt -t>wiih their vcrrtary pr employer take AX ACT Amndin, Section Dollars tlt0< oO)

submit bis wrItten report t lh board of coin- tbia act shall tnclud all thos t dimck'41u- .."ro. 1 the *.. of statement from im. '>ut tw ola group. of not 1w.. han fifty crab Statutes ot UM Stale of 744 Florida of the la G.n.R*. parable SeS..In That monthly thU ln Act taJlnints ph.M tak, *(T iset tv


; . '

:: -:9: r2fiJm. -----S-, I
'- -5-
nv- '-R--- s_.


,* Bwyfyj,i iiipH.MT- "ww y.nng lW-V*'" '" T"'"
,jf ,< v.w i> V./ '



_lnJr a la... Approved Jon. g,.{.1I-: -Ec11'TFR very subsequent one hundred words. _. .10 after the Florida r.r colony *or eplleptlo and See. 8. This Act shall become a Uw ImmiHiiatvU And nothing In this Act hall prevent the Provided, that the money received In the stats from
Coroners __ and ita and by sal. of wood alcohol or alcohol a. .tich Bale or aalia shall be placed
.. 500 f"bl..mlnd.d< been fully upon approval a
"883. I No.. 101)) Inquct .UADdlol h. .tbllhe p""le
And mi..." mie, way .......12H l lUtnl Is ad b f"r reception of Irma. commitud C the C.o.r.r. Al'l.mvd 9, 19)9.'r""",' that mich denatured .1.! "Hi5') ? J"1Thl Art shall halts effect aa aooni. *
- lo tho ) real cnnnot taken lot.rnall.
RclMtlon CompeTlaatloa of (patd by thereto under ucb rulea reuiaeirre .hol s
A1&.I1 .1, the County School Board.* In purch".rl -__-.-__u.euUnl_..__.____,._ 8.00 tu may b prescribed by the board ofm''I.'r CI1A1TE1t18it0.-tNO. 108)CI' ""' UHetl fur ,t.rlnl! purpotica. And no perHnnal u bvromiw a tew.pproieil .
,.1.. ilavlnw a Population of MOT. ,' I Facuaic, or other pr. I"lyIDI _. 1.00 HS prvldo herein. \N i \ : to Amend Section 5 of Chapter 778. property of any kind or description of of used the .\ June II. 1919.II1'TEK .
. TIM. *' 'I pO i yen Thousand ($7 noo). and t.iiiiirdn. nut more per day tao __..._.. 1.00 Sic rt 1 b.r of managers for ,h \t-u of the Sivvcial Session of IVI$. .ic e. or to (facilitate the violation Any
No&: ,,111 .than Forty ThouaanJ (40000) Ilttbcaa .0r'U., executing ._.-.._._..... 1.00 1 ll lurida farm epileptic and fm Inl. la Ca Sa. execution of __.-.__ I..00 Irr,.t,I IN hereby declared and .onttute, the Sam-.11.. 1'ln"'o Mnke Effective HIM Ait 11".11.,1 shall b* mndu ,\ NT lo (.rani thatrr Front Riparian
.! !t..c"'d; by th* Lrglslatur tf the 8"'t..e I., '. and mules takun under Pr. l Ir i'11 101.01., and cuModian p.nn. :i in"'I.hrl.I...Inl 1 .. of Con.lt\U.n tm ","ict.''ar thnl .elite owner of such In I"- tired Icc,. mill Siilinuwd laniln In 1100 Ce ira S S
.( Florida t t k..I'1' acid fifdintf rot mute per day 1.'nnt.1' colony under the provision Mate. use ',,... lit I .,"I'ral ::1...- iiial mn.cc.'rty sIdes .0n.en.e do- liny nnil I Hi.iilf nf Mtilco. at 1'ana-a-Orllle
members of the v. ____._ .51 t thin Act 1" 'I.hoti.n 'tee itrlttciiuil it. . fr ..on.1 Town of
&l. Th. |lo... county -- .76 t llL-td NovcntUr &. I"*!it. and to I mo. ,. in 1' ii.in of I llmt Pn.mrly of the sI
'h fact
'Vord, 'n this taU in ff>u<\tlc*> havlnit i Otlic* .shall nut tue uch stock). leC. 1. Wh nc\er the parent or for'. htbii I the Pit nnufaC r re.. SuU-. homIer or Ktchanui "I.. or arcoasory before or at. lmll I niia-M t.rillf, loiinly of Plnelln Slat of
'0 "..1. >r rnnr, han thrty--even! thouiwoplc *- .1 I uron* ur 1,1 .men or bystanders, sum- I,'Mtl Ktmrdiana of a child at the colony .hal ". t the. I'ranHpurtaiinn, Intel This State, \nd n.thlnl contained h I Inrliln.. I l. ecu er South ef th. North Boundary
.0'' mid not mot,. than Cory monln. under special venire or by or- .1.> Mtt. lu reniot.iecm tlunco. they shall i rrom One Point Another Point \\ cm Ii- cS.C .n.I.'. nmke I unlawful for any .herlr I.c or' of tindirtKiint..' Limit of Said Town .'

t d i(000 1'1'''. "cCOminK to . .. ...-.....,.._...,._?.._,.__. .20 application to the board uf managers on a In three irttate. and t 1'oHHoiiiiion of Alcohol- .r. prwocuiltiK Attorney lo trnl.IK..t., canoe and llolnuiihln the I'rawnl Corporate S
KTta in -'a' Mt nfcllfroir lh Jury petit, calling .80 I'MikiiKo eiiili tu lw pnnlded by the board. If they ,ic Other 11'0'111.' I or litvet'i'IH Ir".I""cd.| or be "ol..rn.t in the tear.rtalioti imim of haul IVwn
'h* county .. fbnd for b| di.t ".. tu be estimated, from the can dinumerate to tie, atinfartlon, of the said ages.o and for l'tuo.. vf. or for any common carrier, to lie It rnaelrd by the l.mlnlature of the State
( t ten or all wtiJM court house door to point of execution 1 bimrd of manaixer that the child will b* In Otwr l\rll. tIt" AUK,port U the Htate el.ml.t. from such ahrr- of Florida

.,4'C4."bttndrLd $000,>' \>.ara ampl.tlon.per year, or procvtis. per mie. each way _......12Mi Fmod .R.. that h* or she will be protected It. It Fnarted Hi'ridal by the 1 fttlslature of the ram* ''r. monthh '"l' 1'eraonul ". and safvkeepinic uiuj thv cum nut in ty be protected e.gaineet( him 1'"u" or Kmnla lo the town of I'll"u-drllle. county
Ac9.:' 2. That al '>*,. lm.nt. of law In o f. actual and noctuary rapenie to b allow- *'r her or that he or cbs will be permanentrcmoeil Si-cti.m 1 t. That S..U.n I of Chapter 78f. viI. nal. or any other ,drink. of I'mi'llii". Stnto of lurliln.. In fee simple abHoliitely. -
I SiNNion of 101H. I the of
par \clrt nf the Spi-cial, RHIIII lujuorn
: to be b | from the state' the board of man- I'rn.'o or PUMHH.O snot's.
.ciicl|{ vith th,. Act bo same ar. ,0. bi approved the jud under > thu for the urn* and ItenHIt ttf thu piiblio.
( the fur *
to maker such chemist
Act by Male or
inu 3 ytic
an Nhwh'I.hArl.
jurlsiUiction, the in Itn dincn-tion dismiss the child .f.tve
.. may
hb repealed. ca .h.1 come. 1.'n all lamia owned or livId by the state of Horlilil S
pc f8. That thlft Act shall take effect on KvUase of prwoner ---._ _-...._.-__ .0 to' the ' of its I'.n'* or fome legal ,of fit the the(general. election this held Mate Novem-, a* or chenmt lie k>in tral.o"t.nnywrne, conn Cause'rtied to be In 1'"l.orl.d.tine transportation I In I rust or titherwiiiF. and lyl"K or being I
law. Approved June B, ItIt* Ili-moval of prisoner t or from jail per Kiiardmn' *. RIwmh.,1 V4ilhln thc pn-at-nt corM>riito limila of said
and l the manufacture fur carrier totraiutport I
her f. 191 6. to i I .r. ar any
mile. each way lice board of managers in lIe discretion prollhi .ummol town of l'a -B-l.rilU'. and iclteg inljBei-nt to
: I CHAPTER 7884. --(No 102)). Servant" not mo.--.1....... may dinmina any child from the oolony. whenii -iilo." barter ." .. trano""rRth.nlIt. t to nny sheriff or pr..uUn. allot'd abutlln any alrwt or pilbllo mark within
this ntat*. or fmra one i ney, any auch ItquiilK .
$taw priaon end industrial for boos >r It Hhall appear to be for the benefit of .r. .n.ly.
!CT Fixing the Compensation" of County and gina : Con\eylntc "hool$4 00 'ih- child IT the' colony that this be dune In ,point within (hIre .1"'.. nnd the poMomtiim ofulrohnlic lid.or otlurwlac.
per conrtd by tleec S
i 1 niriflloncrs in Counties Having a Popu' dny for hlmsf and 2.00 .day tl. for each Hliuard ich cane the Huardiart of thu or the or othi InI.all1 Iliiuor or tvevrnntn 2. Hint ticks Act flhall take t-nVcl upon partly been reclaimed
1 af Forty (MO, Thousand and up per county of the .hld. from ,' and for ",I.. purpow IH' nod the UcotnitiMT a law. Approved May 17. Itf-ll. l inclii.lniK nil laiiiln that have ),
t actually the n..ly to .mml..I..f mini liy miiil lown of l'ass.ei-t i inlle, prior
__ 6d Thousand P..on.. n..ar. b win ho nhi ahal) notlflcntion i i. h'r.by nmendetl to read as -- oi in
d c.terrone.d> by cum ptrol ... ., ) nee or came on proper .In" r"low.
kinarted: by the Legislature of the State will fui'nmh tranHimrtatiun. .t ')' remove the child without cxpcmie Si.ctinn A. That n'hlll ." t'l1AI"IEllSttl.rNo.: 10PI.)) (tn the eimrtment of this AoL
take eff.'Ct
". Florida Stock other than above taken under l ci, or fnilinir. the board of '. ..to'C( cl. .h.1 be .0".trl' t. tnake unlawful the A N ACT lVI.no the i>wnitnihip in Vrtnln' Sc. i. ,Hint that Act shill ie.cflc ,
:01' n.l pir.ival by tint Ucnvrnor. or I
I c
_ton 1 That In nil counties of the pro.ei and sate ho locale. tuttatittiinrt IIpaxxttu.
.t.t cm.. ouch allowance an the ,etlt rnmc the child and charge up thi exPI ma n are at v* or MniHh, \\it ur ,,AT l.nnds in thm Sin and his .
I.rum. ha, inn A i pulittiin by the .. rimy k."I.lnl. judlI I ISubpc nfe Ii the county from whence, the child, or melt .. be tree portd folio to Autltimto I tinSuri cy and 111'1".1101 e in on Hi. bivomlnit H law without approval.i..riiM #
I \ b\ 'his '>Ut., in 1 I'flr of from Forty ((40)ij ) Ix." for witness, vervico on each wit mini*. .ithin 1 m, vtlthnut thin ntato. tilcohol for mo 'hr. ,\ | l

n. I" i"F.. i '.'1. 1 houHnnd per M".H nl_ _ n-....._. ...._ _____._,_._ Any ih ild in the colony bccmniittf InrOne'C<,. c thu. Hcienlinc nnd tmohatticnl purpose : or \\ h.'n'ces. Th.'r. a r.1 ., in I Ihm Mate eoniildi -
) Ie CUC .nl> 'iirnisn.nt'i' .hal be paid' R turn on same _._._.-.__..-..... .2. mn>' be .r.n.r.d to the ('Iorll. ..".. h. i IIH- fur naeriinu titnl I |i.i ricetce'et. or prohibit, tiiblo nr,'.. of In.h.1 or lou I linulHhieh! ( It \ l"I'Elt 7811(1.( -(No. 1U). JilS
.ur 0"1.) , ,iir lily davtnit '. lt 1 1ItUum in ml for the intiane In the ,' already t >. mile 1 and I,."pine f"i, Hiilo by Hcinmddt lw h hI .o 1'cl otitirfly or partially oxpnni'd by thol ANt"r lu Grant th.- Wetter Front, Riparian
1-, ,i per mite for mile on wnU executions and other Pi-midid by lafor action in lunacy. I .iu.vrixU of ,,nlciihi l fui initliclnnl. HI'itntltlotin >ii....see of dreiluititf nnd otlu causes ,,I ItiuhU mid Sulimi rn.'il I lie uuuls In I l.nUe ILIIII.IIH .

: ;,1. :;: Koinff to and from procetta -_.._...._............-.._. .25 S,-.. K. The purpose of the Honda farm ,1 niti'lmniciil ,'"rl"." '.. or of wIne for, siicniniintal \\lurtiift, t ieeti'r t thv holdinm nf tho depart \\' it Iii mu the I lln-i.rpiirnt.i Mmita of I III.l.iwit $
::; h , {.lt'I. nuitlntm of the Venire, grand or petit, jury, executing -- 5.uO *colony for e.leilutct,cc nnd feoble-mindi-d! shall e ) purpn,.i ," "" '. a > iK'Uially traveled In ,\nd mikatct per mile. each iva----------!' lu> r..II".o three-fold : dul\ o'.al".1 Men t DtuaniJtiition l.ml wine, .1 t by tlu. Swamp Land irnntct of 8- 1 hll. tohlcli la n.iw In tho Slate of Hor- ,
I i ii,)Innd bridges which \, In net mn at 1.0. e-xucutinK LOll. 1 I u n n ..ylul for the cure and! protvc- tnr ."'rn"101 'r ...I* Nor Ih.1 I I ,' unhntfiit -, b..1 .i". I libel. und riimiot I Hun,foii. bu coils t'Y- dud by Umht of S.i\erilmilty. to the Said 1 S
.r.$44* ru" ,..0 I nnU'flirt' .hal be paid S..c. D. 'lint the sheriff of the Severaltomittrs t of the pl! ,'"pile and feeble-minded I for .,' .,>tl dnirTrifHts to or id I. thu elate thereby and '( null of KtlNtiHlie : .
4cothl! 1,.wi4'r, ..h comi of Him pinto whoso population by the AH n ffhmil 1 for the fducittion and trainuik. ri co,".. I tn hi1 t eec,cci)'', ti'd !min. nny pnint In fbi. Wlu.UHH. 'I .HBO Inndrt .ro R.J.nl 'tho moat It rniii'leil: by the rulnluture, nf the Slater
)..10. .i ,nlhlv, ) with the clerk hist ci tittufl I. forty tluMisaiiil or h HS> when 'C' nf tli.. tpiliptic I nnd fteblenilndi'd. -tatt. > to any othi i' point. in thin Mate. or ton f*.i tilt, in I Ihe Htate of I lurida, hii under th. r rliirlilnlSi.tioii S b
te ,n. ..1 I worn otal'm.nt the ] i du, 'm atre to t lu brlnl buck a pr.Koiu charged with uny ufft iniltt\nunt| .r epileptic and fei'-minded) 'DMti.tr I wh1)Item MI cc cit'Iwr .111.. trlor. Slier, s. I I. (UcismnH, til thiil I < pin"ci ec'tui of the u eidild lo lhi low u of! HtlHtiii.; in Luke county.I S
"I ,,.h tnttmrnt nhnll be n \\tio ItiiM lii n coniutid l of any 'I tim (..111)( 01"1 I e 1.lul tin' three ilt-imrt-i P...nntf-rtit-it, of the I'mt d I Statin, nr .n i n SI I i Il'o'h.r. und tin' ..1.1.101. tho HUP it mo court, I I. li su i uhi 5 in it e'. nit mitinicrind InnilH held by the
t'hlh: ", \ "I 1 .i M et 1 mitdi. a part of I in i t HIH ,t'tnt', und lens tueuptd, ahull receive.int. nu''I..f i. eros 11m. .I a..1 colony do.ordi'c.rail) cy. i .II.I.h r., It. )piirpMMH In tIck U i.( I Inl sIlt.. nui'1 111.1. ,,.ilill l I. coiuoyudt stuli I In HH oils( r. inn capneit> ly log in that
';. 1 I.. o r.i.I itml provliti'd furi tim of five oi'"I jic-r utile for the actual, diutnnco tinting mid conduct .. integral |mrU .r ,.t iic n ,' alrditil 'n nicdiclniil .,'1.i. 1- 'r'i.In I hy nut tun, ) of I the li'Klttluturv now, I'liriiniv'iii 1.111", lOiiKllii nithin I ho IncorpointeInnilH
\\linlc, tlu ,'nit thai tbisi. unfurtunniea tit" i.tie or nn i tmiif''nl H. or for th.r.'r.0 '
1 ,", i. .'i ohnl recel\e for raveled, btjond the of thi* state, may |1"POM 01. .riI tiC the "lllil, town of I'llMtM. an dellnedin
4..Ii.ry '." ) ,,,1"01 I l $'00.00 <|oli )- titfdhir' with the untile Iml1, for Iris prisni 'It, pit'\ititiii rr.1 reerodueeteie| I their, kin,!, and Hiici" ami ntnl. pin, in." I lint. nn di' .. .t .11,1 I I It itarlMl hy ,h 1..I.lal.r. of the tflat. I'hrtpli i' IHI",I. *c'tlc of 11117. lh. i ,,I.I' ,0 i m.r. twvc) htmi ,'r. and in tin he hii1l receive t| Mirioua communttka, and the state at 'S.1 mi) steel ..'.hol ici pt for m< ". nf t lurid : ..runt laiulii or they tmrtl.in tin n'of to be
') 0 I, 'M r year fur o.lary L I.. actual and noIlol "}. ".xpi.'n.e imid out fur 1'I.e nut* relies front I h. heavy economic, and .i 111'I and\ chnnirnl purpose or wino I i Stctinti 1, lhat .iho I lltlt I > to ni tnitrHh, wet, Isne lii ti.nciii mid flllnl In an |iru\l.leil iinil.r the
I ml rnl IOHBOH nrlmnK by uf thor .. mid eec account of nMuritiuu' the |rinonr t nn. rvaaon exm-' .r AH .."" .lty re- him of Una Ktnte iin.l to lie tutu by the Hald SIc
\t ,. ,,.I inrt'* of laws In conprnlid tin* Htnte of Murldn. 't.iio' '.t In ..1 for nu'dii'innl ptirponen xi'i-pt upon clnutioil. title, lf> whl1 in now in i tho .1.ll oft lucoiniK Iliu Vliproveil .lime t), IDl'J.liwn .
I' ..1 ] ,.1,, 'I, t Stc 6. That) the nliPrilfH. ..) the mitral M c: V' In I "lrryl'l out the pnivlmonn nftlim i I "rl"1 sat) ftiuiud. "prone'i tt>lion of a t 1 11..11. a t-,' .- ,' \t.i..1| In tlu. tumtttH oft .1 of I'limia n fur pork purpuaeatllrl .

'!. '. ,i ill 'inKi. ITcct on tho I 1 coun tux of Ihi, tHte uhoHe pnpulatfon the c ,Act the o m.nl..m, shall provide i iaicumni'Mlntt"iis "Ics .1"1.1, 'I"IIrl,' ,ititmtitcd acid ""'"I.'r toI 1"01 111"'II'11 fund to ho hold by h.r.nilli IK' tend II"' mime uu I In "'Icy re-
.Tffls .A I D 11)10H I Ittfls limt, teekin cinHU la forty thounnnd hI"... 'I for onl olch number of In- I'i nieclire t his i union In this . aliniird i> t tho Htitlo and ,h.I".1 l .' lu'roiiiafti pro- .
I ," nml) from be, adxan- nf med ic'iel i'xannnera, who\ bi.fore writ m"
J'r. 1' Hluill)) .ci Ivr t the r.I..lnl fi'i s for ' 1'H ymr to eta cnn S .1..1. "iV; H 'I bin Act ahull take IM ioii( tu l f..hnl t elm (Mittly cured fur .ith the appropriations" 'cree mull In".I.I Kball luivo citlu-r n pro 'J. \\hfii it .111 be, brouuht to the at- lu ami approval by thei..i.riior 5
6.') t I'll \PTFR -- -, -INo. 1011 I lor ftidiiitc twenty prinuneru or less. erich 'Kranl.-d for that y"ar. "Ivlli pr.r.r.n.c. first I r,..'n.isl hut .r t thu race or ahnll have> lIed icliC of tho t tl." of lieu internal ttn1 HIIIIII. Atr&irccst'dlMii'21 pimiian. lull I 45
p ACT !'sin 4 Pros t tfirln tend of ) a iirofiHrUonnl knnu'loilue of mien CAHI ;
mi huirrit for the Snl-) dIr dny o ,rm n .hlll.h.arin. auo oncl'I.I".r proMitntit fund thnt aueh lundn exist uu ar
*{Ia"" ,.: ,: ) Circuits, 'I by the 'Iw.al duration and 't In 'rxon for bum tIn.. is I.. lunl
.' K" u. 7. That all law and |I'a.'. of in 1.1' pi \ 1..rll.Uon edit >y itutlii'rittd to cuiwe I mirvty, of the
:k..It FnnrtMl by the egUIatare of the State i conflict, with the tirovinlona of this a.t laW ". ill.) In addition to the means herein 'silt' il I No ttriHrription, ohll lu filled I exceptb .""", me. hu n".I,'. which survey tthiill t'o runnoctod '! \N AtT AmenililiK Swtion 26 of Chapter
OrdahRI tlie tame arc "', 'al'd. h.ne 'l ts'r.dI'o, the riiiridu flr colony for epileptic I \' n iihiirniiicml, n' IIIrl" ndmitte'd nntl IIcitii with tlu* red ruty. 1 I Aection i in inch h..b prvldo. 1 shall .nl'l.orl..1 < ."l to pnictiee his in this Htate.mitt I loii.lu, hiiine Iliiinu Kntith'd. "An Act relatliiM -
and .v.r judicial I tln> provmluns .f act shall no .1.. ba 'et r.hl".mino"0 by .t.. l.r.f..III KidS< r n met it, or other surveys, join inir said I
)' iraflit i>f the .1.1. of Florida compound of flv*C eoimtrued na rt.peal in any part of Chapter 'e.nIIY appropriations' l.r.e.II''I shall I II *ubntanci' the hunt,. AA far us may bo iiritcticnble, and hall I tu t let, crt'nttoii, orKiinl'ation and
'of> *nore count and, hninic n population, nfaVtttyflvt r 7:HI: A.t of 1117.* relating. to the compenea- 'addition thereto. by orift, donation or endow- r"I".ln. r..m ; bo madu in conlormity with the nil*.. and I Ii'etcetrtecnnee nmlnli'liance .if drninauu diatricU for th.pmpoHe .
t thousand or moe according to theZ county otTiciala, 'nic'nta from nny individual, firms or corporationn. . I: I I.OR1IYA.. 1'.rto',1 by itm d 'partinont uftho I of Illinium and proU-rtln
''.' cenmiB of 101f. the Muttattorney shall)I I tnn".. 8. 'Umt this act be of full force h nil of which shall b a..pto and dis-, OUNTY OI' _ ____ ._ _. __u Inl'ri.. r., oeilrlnec 1"i'ele't'til HWHinpa. wet or overflowed laniln. or lamia
I r fS.*ve A salary thousand (13.00000))I II nnd ..,r..t from and .h.l pawtaite and approval burned by the lN>ard of mana. the law I,__ _ _. I tiHuliirly lie'onned and \\ lion ueh survey, haw teem ctnnpli'.U'.y'tod Hint i milij.'rt Ii lid5' rfluw. fnmi lh,, ellecta of wa- I
f per annum by the G.v.rnor. or lt upon itn becoming 'I prm ides c pinrticitiur, phy.lcho under tic. lawn nf snidHtaii wlllt' the I.ht thtrttrf' bnvu lMi'n In I th* I 1. r. for seea ilfti'y or aurlcillturnl purpoiiea.or S
) ,41.? The fialnrif due under the provls-, H law without much approval. Sec 11 Whenever the parent guardian or' .. tin\, hen by nrtiTy I I that I lm\o either. nprufi'HHloniil olTin' .o1: of tliIP art nhall b audited and paid aa e i Appro\od Mny 17. 1U10. 'iMate* of the child, f I. ablu to do so, the coat' m I knowlcdtfp uf the cn.-. or that I triiHiooH may mcctd 'tn *i,II. and convey the In- lii'lillb. Coil vt'n lc'nccc or welfare, or of F
talari of state officer of nut intern nee In whole or In shall b* t hnl' nuiinotl u_ _-u piitimt In mycharge deN iii l.nl. .. Hurveyed I In I iou same pulihc utility or lienetlt, by ilralnaue or otlirwl (c. _'
, ,." five. : I laws and parU of law In con cl l h..rl. by thim. The amount P.r payment v IIOHI* addnn in _, nfl.Ii I that dIm Inc Hwnmp nnd overtlovtid lantla m"nn.arc e> t" dellne III. iirlvlleuea. yowora, duliirt V.
N..l with th nnl.ionii of this Act be and CHAPTER 7R87.-(No. 106i.' t tin..of to be determined and nran..d by the I do 1 heioby prmeribe ru UHCnf .,1,1 patient t n.\ tiotd ,dmpimod of ; pruvidi that in d nnil heelcel II ii', of such drnlnnue dmlriet,

; tit t.by .p'nl.d. ANCT Cr.aln. and I'rvl.ln.) for the Ort t biiard. of niannKera from time .con- alfiihnl c And, I further n rtify thnt the ime nfs ""oi log .11.RUo of mich luml tho tniht4t, I tinofTieen emil auenta thereof to provide
,!., MeeThie Act ftliHll take effect upon it*t vani Ma" of a State, 'dttiona, and circunmtancpn noel warrant al U .1 alcohol In noceimnry to alleviate or cure \" llrni, riifltt to i>urchuHU any 0111 for Ilie leo y itiec of tnx.'H upon I the pr.iperly .n
e( met nppro\al by the Governor or F arm Colony for 10.1.t., and Feeble'* l iijnienla' 'thereundiT to bo mado to the .S i l hi' i I",''" or dlHi'iim nf which said patient (In "V.. th..r who iiii's I to. compli ,or in HIII.I ci ret rtieeee' clist rich iititlmrlainu the U- S

. .uu)1. 'mln. a law without erich a"prvnl. 'lnd.nne,\ to Mik. Appropriation I, "it tieIetrt bt rtmitteil by him to the at."< -,tr, n -_ _-_ _ M rtieh >i. m.nnro iii| any fravtlonnl poet,inn now owned Hiiiiui, of homlH by nneh ilrahinui.llntrletl, I '
0 lone ft. 1910fi t i ."", at .111..0 interval required by 'prrwcriptUin' .1"1 I In. filled only 1""n l hy him or any ptrson who him Hottlod on ur nml uKlnic i Ilie mud ilrnmitKo clout rid. full 7,4
Win nan, Vndt'r the proviaione of Chapter t'h. board, of mnnattern to bo placed to the C Clt i ''lu ilnv!' IHHUI',d. or '' 1 the nm-ii..', .. eke,,. I 11 rot'niptcii. th,' sutiu'. In ninminUt nut ... PMMi i' l to eircile I ri nil.'h InnilH and propirly aa
II \ PTFUl'T : ''No 101)). fitjo, nf thn Aet of 111r. ..rnrnmirt.e.e'. waR nn- tit., , of the fund for the maintenance' of the i nnd, I shall fleet Ic.. flllnl nmre than once, nor oitrhty' t lit') HCIIW a cil l (iruidod .c.'lnl I'hl'[ cicrey In m-c. Hunry and lr'le'r for it* purptlll'H -
r\ r, Ir. 'h,' rnmiH-nsHtlon' of the pointed by the troxernor of Florida to Inveii- (< .ninny The, xp.naen of commitment and ad- 'hull I I uny nm. IM'cello ,trees<, more I than om preHC any and till other such lainU .0v"f'.1 furl.r.hCf'hy
-f 'th. rat l Cnuntlea of the State t timito the, need of A state tnntitution, for thee minion IIoll.ln. tinnveynnce to the colony 'iptimi fllli d In any otic day. Which premi .hul l ic' t.,lit hy tho trimiioA ,to linimitdf ,,'1- He It niirled: by the Isgialeiture "' the State
10' ), urr.i at epileptic and r"'hh'-mlnd'd In this l tthnll bi. the county from which the ,,tii,n Hlmtl ho ..r.'b 1".o'r",1, t bv .1.1 I I. in AiiuiuntM nut emcoodmu, fiwlity (HO)I' of Hurtila :
Fn..I.o hy the rulritntare of the Rio.I."i l sintc am) to report their findings at the retfuInr npphcnnt IK aI"lt"d. except in the en*. of r i tinnuicut i C o druiTKiHt! , nnd nurh pharmacirtt' acres each settltr. 1$. ii i.ce 1. l Hint Siellon 2)1) of Chapter 0108
; -Inrld. KitAiiifin of the 1."I.I.I.r., of 1 1117 and C tin. pay applicant in which cane such expenne| '' ihllUl'lHt, cl,,,1 lltrtO Ittl'p, Hllll pM-HI'I'M' I ptTniMiii Sic ,t Niithitm in thiH Act .eontitlnod shallil I uf Ih. VctH of llll t of thu I.HW4 of 1 loridii, IMinn. ,
e,r tf i enmj c ,,ntlon of the nhrrf \\VherpHft Tht- ." coinmlttew woe duly an- ,111) bo iM.rne by the parent mtardian or .. 'nt' "'.,rl ..r all alcohol ten,1 1C hi, cotiHiruod, a in Any wimantitln.. .{ tlu rtpe < ml.il to rind ceo followHSietion S
'I) S rnl I ci."11"( "i..u. where population t,.lnl'o. h'ln.) o.nl".0 of M r W O. urn l tit. Kuppnrtinfr, ftieh child When any child, I C 11.,"( HHI' ,d I by him on which be .I"r..0 I n.t. the child "reel lets nosy i>r retofore oxiHimir' c under H In order to elTeil tic,, clrcmi nat-c.
.thi 'oct t ta" I ei THOU. it over forty thoiiji- , .r Tn"" eh.ir".n ; Dr James IT I IH ceived on paid mlmirmlnn. such paym.nt.hnl .1.t a ad relic"nl'y .01 and d"p"I." tn Any tht. h.wl of 11. Hint<'. Init 'it lit even se1y piui'l"'l i.mil I .linn mid n cliiniiition of the land in the
J: ft I ii,' iinrrly by fi,HA. which shall ber Randolph{ of .)lackitnnvfllenerrttary' I'r W .c ) nut bu allowed to influence the treat- PI, ionvlth l ,. ami ,Addretm! ,of sue h \ thnt ,provlHliinn hi'r,sif Hhnll) nppty .l.lrnl| nlijiitlo lilt the liollld ol m>< rvimiraa
; r :ll\. IV M Ht\in of I the Florida ...t.. hoHpttal for the "'lt of tire, child : every child within tho col'Hiv pi i Kin, lilt Ii priMcriillnn and! rt'cord ahulli I I) only I lid Hiieh lAtitlrt nn |h<' ,pnrtmont of t Ic i" iiulh.n i/i d and i.iilnirwi'riil to el.iin out, Irnrneluii
1 ; If tint' property for sale under i iti>*nni>. Pr. t I. n. Mouchrlle of New Imrna.' ,IH tn 1 h.. treat<'il solely on hi. or her own i I i.c, submitted by him for Inspection, and exI r- inl 'rlor flies declined to ci>nvty to I Ire HtuUi. or n open up wlil.it or chmiKv lIre I .

i: ''.. ___ ._________h. .81) run, Mm M Itiuht, of S"nroro. mriits, and according to mental and phywlcal I intimation upon the di'mand of any ah* riff., wlnrh have Iri'irs.s IK'rniAin'ntly roclaintod I riiiirne mid How, e.ilc'r or dieiitn any canal, I S

irSv "if ''Il."nr _ ,___.._._-._.-_ 100flrtftrt. Wh<.r<>HK. The mid, .n It In. aholY. irrespective of quotition of monetary dt ,puty HltorifT iirnsecut lug attornoy const t i. and in making unlea thereof the triiHleo ar i .lileh. drain, river, water-count. IT natural
;l "plo.t and! puninhment of p.loon.r"tr oNtfiration in due cnurne. at t he r""I. "payment I shall be a m.oo.m.annr.. punlsh- bit. i.r polict' nfTiei'r, A nil no auch physician hi rvhy niithnriM>d t cci provide* for n romi>kto hi r. inn and lo rtinci'titnile, divert or divide
'I)' provided for actual And neei RifHion of the leirlalnture) of 1917 had not nil. by dismiHiinl. for any ., or employeeof .h.1 prrHCrihi. nfl, Much alcohol for any muon.- HyHtom of reclamation an part of the cunnldn I the How of water in or out of mel sit dmtrlrtllo
St5 > i xpentie bill to be approved by the completed their flndmiis to that extent that the colony to acevpt any gratuity frm "Cnn for other than medicinal .purpnneH. or I orntinn thereof, 01 tn contract for ouch pee con, itriiet and maintain mnin mid Inuial
I.; 1,0 under o'hno. jurisdiction, the carte shAll| thi'v were ready to make report thereon and| 'tho parent or (ruardian, or other friend of any nuantitlm i ex .mlnur' Ittht ounce to any onepernon nianent cltniHtiim in the timmmr they door ihlehiH. iHiinlH, Ic'ot'e',,. ,Iek cc. diutiH, Hine... re*
Whereat, Under hou* concurrent joint rcaolutlon I- "f the children under his or her ... at any nnc Unit And icilY Hitch phnr- HdviHithle. \.tinentM, i.HervnirH, boldiiiK biiHlnn. lloodwaya, 4.'
I..no.n. on nil courta for each court No 23 the said, .ommil. woe trivenn S.c. 12. The mum of fifty thousand dollar* macmt or .phynleian who ahnllinlnte any of Sit4.. All teoct und purU uf law In con, pniiiliiiitf smell Iccicil mid ,,piiecno. and may con
,. hU__ _.._- 800.nl'tTs cxteniiion of time to rlrher tnveatlKntlona I. f 10 hereby appropriated. for the year ending the provisions of tbln Act inclndinff ucla dee 1. Out henmith be and the came ore hereby re-, n.rt niinio or any of them with any canal*,
(all courtn per day _- .-*..__ 8,01[ and submit, their ; Oi-cember 81, 1910. one hundred thouxand ilul-' mince Hhall on conviction be doemed guilty uf a IM tiled. eli ciii,.. ililrbefl. l lccseccl or other worka that may '. .
.lands. Inking writing and approvlno \hereas. The aald committee have m.leIh.lr leers for the year .noln. December 31, IdUO mfnschmeoncer. ansi be punlahed aa is herolnaf- Soc 6. 'IhlH Act Hhull Uko i Ifeel upon ita luiv.' h.'tn heietofore, nr which may bo hereafter s".
Collections on money collected under pro invcHtiKntiun and survey and submitted and fifty thousand doUa. for the period mod (i'm provided. and In addition he shall forever pitHHMKt* and Hppnival by the ovornor.n eonatrurteit by the truahett of the intor*
0 tTpon ActiiAl sale on Scat 10000. three the same to thin 10R.lalur., aa they ..r dlnctcd I- ina June 30, lltJl : and thereafter the ba.1or bo dl.q."lf..o t., practice hIs prnfemtfun I Approved Junn U, lull. mil Improvement fund or by thu board of S
r ..nt. 910000 to 200000. two rT cent : to do and m"o..n.hDI aubmit to each 1."I.I"lur this ott. diuinaue commiHHluiifm of the also and with

tcr 82.000.00. one per cent Whereaa The aid report Indicates that the their bud ret maintenance and Improve I not be unlawful' fo nny retail drutri CIIAPrKIt 7Hi 2 ( No 110)) any natural HI ream luki cit water courae In or I .
$ Without sale On fleet $1000.00. two pernt survey madi by the Maid committee ha. been menlo a ban fa for further apl'rprl.Uoo.i. in I thin Htate' who IH himself n license! AN ndjiieent to Haul ,Iiret ricO. mill to build and cnn
$10010 tn $2,00000 one per cent ov. .rar.hln. and exhaustive and showa an al.r. 8ec. 1 13. All law. and pat .., In con phnrmncifit., or who rtHiiIarly employa a I II- ACT to leitMllxtf and VAlldat, all I lan" atruct liny other workH and iintrrics euimiciilS I '
.000.00. one-half of one per cent .Ia. of fact which nhould be submitted flirt herewith b and the same are hereby repealed i conned pharmaclut' tn at II In reasonable qunntitifin Kiirvoy, Field Soles, Mup and I'lata Thereof. .1. cmed neceMHary to pi f He shall.) After 'levy bo entitled to hi. eom- tn connlderation nf this Ipll.IRlu.. ando alcohol to be iinerf for ncientiMc or rn Mudit in I thin Suit, |Icy or tinder the 1)1 I-I.ret'tidn the win I I. i in or out of said elisi net to eon- '

1..lon. nol.lh.l.non. payment of debt Whereas. From the fnln" of the said Src ll Thin Act .hal tk effect upon .h"nl.1 purnnHoti, ansi, auch drutritiHt may the rutttit-H of the of hiof Jriiesge Knuinoer fee r Htruct ol enlurtfv or caiwe t.i be roiuilrueted or 5
ialntlffOn committee them can he but that Ih.r itH passage and th. Governor I rensnnnhle quiintitlen wine to be lined the Internal Improvement enlarited any and all lirlda-ea that may b. P
[ monies callect. for the state. AA fine*i. should be pstabhahcd and created in this . e Approved June 7. 1019. for micramomnl: tntirtecences::: only Any ponton, the lInd friirttoitt M Validate and Confirm the Art of needed in or out of Hald) district, across any

.. coats or other monica jttdired t ti he an Intttitutlon for the care of eplleptie and dcairimi to inurbane "I..hol for arlentiflo, or )Fund of th* Internal Imi>rnvtment drain, ditch, canal, flondway. holilinir baa)tc, cc. S
Ante. he shall receive five per cent f<,'blo-mindt'd. where they ran he aeKresiatcd CHATTER 'H88.--(No. 108). nioehanicnl .''rp..-.. .h.1 ."h..r.h. t ice> DoHiKiiato 1'ertaininir the Ice Much Survey* and to rs,etlrici. public hew hwsv. rallroinl I rlvht of S

Commitment to j"i of prisoner arrested and morn economically cared fnr than through AN ACT I.noln. and, 1'lnl.hln. the Crime of nrenent t. static "," ( an affldnvit I iold Note riiAtiidian for Such I'laU. way, tract, itradc, lilt or cut to oonatructrtindwaya ,
t* _ ___.__._._ ,&ft the numerous charitable' institutions now bur. .. .. ". rontmllinir., n.I. bi-fnre nome officer authnrliod I. He It Enacted and Map of Survey over leveea and embankment to
!.commitment under order -----------2 5 dined with these unfortunate Makin. I'p.irln. and Fmnloyln. A V.ln.: hess admfninter oath which a.r.J"vl. nhall of I-lurid hy the Bllature of the Stat* cormtriict, any hurl alt of cold win ki and Imprmem.nla -

lean _"_'_U'h__ .1 0 nf rlortda: Intoxicntintr Liquors' and I'reneriblnir nl.tl.d I NTNIF O toHnithljw, Htirvcys of Inn.In Into I railroad right of way, crack erotic 4'
\i'ntibpequ"nt om. hundred words _. ..01rtronerV Sictum I. That there I. hereby enlabllshed of F'II.ne rov.rnln. Sueh Cnae Iulo OF _uOn_.__ ____ htrt RfclJortM loforo or other j'ogeieer, land diviriioim nil I or cut In or out i of mihl d itilct c to rvmov. 4- j
inquest __ 8.)00nd I In thia He It : Ifi.fnn> the undorHitrm l authority or lionnftor madu in thi* fefiee. buildinir olln
RI.nhn. --uuu .Ialp A Florida) farm colony for ep I- I"rl. hI J.II.I.tUf of the Slot t pernnnallyHipenr I alcOa, and which hnve Im any or 'r impiuvemenU In
miliflirc' pi.r mi.) .. wily -------I 0 tfptic and fn ble-mindi tu be located at some I of Florielsili'rtin | <'d S 5. who be Intr by me tin' cii'f dmitiutro or may Aftpmved by or out of saul eiini net. and hall linvo the rlifhl i,(
ed .>f ,M al t'.*at< <.x< ."tln. 'paid by ,pliict be o.i.nn'.o' by the board of rico| 1 I. Whoever In thin state, shall have frI dnlv, a"nrn. days that he .drain peer P. of I lie Internal iiicuet'iivcm.nnt onwinin'r for lIce trualer,* to liolil, cceitril l nml ai'tpifre donation or pur- 1

piirchai' i h ___ 1 01 mI.enfone'ree( o..t. ionii. where cut",I., ,, him tinHflOMHini, ,. or under his euntody or one .1".,- nf of thj city of (ort with I Hi.- Hold nuloH. plntn. fund, toxether rhaHe mid! I If n. ed b. cil'tun any land, eaflu* Scrc'icd.
,a "!i.ri Fn.ln"r .ih,'r peon-co. levying; $ 1.0! dent arable Iln\\. may be hud or necurvd. cit 0-> trot. any mill .111 pl.ln. atillintr apparatus, t.wn') (ntnte' itiantity| ) nf portwitiiinr thoroto, h-r.or. othtr AoroHHurh*1 rnllroud right of way. aluice, ri&ervoir
\ (inrdH.' ,n t m"r<' n'p. day than -.-_ 1 ii nn which nicole cnl.n> may i e.'dei'i I lnpnl, i on the .i Mill wrm. .. .hn .h.1! hnve In such pus nl *.ho I f
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