receipts show that the defendant'sname parts of counties from depredation by IIr.ln.n Fond II. I>.>".II!nil do ...- 16000Jeannelle %>hy. the prayer of paid |,. .,. uliould not

was signed by other persons. It its stock. llalnnce. April 1. 1IWI ..?..00_.._... 12090 Malthema do . 9000 lie vranted. 1 hi>r,.l>y annniin. myself a candldat.. for
stated open range FtiTelrita durlne month .............. Kate Capllnirer, ql.. .-. 9000 And It la further ordered bv The cmiH that II,ir olTIr' <.f County Cnmmliialonrr. for IHMHet .
was orally that on hundreds of C. 11. BROWN. Warrant, lulled _._.................. Mra. T. .1. Alderman do .........- 9n.on the clerk ahall er-nd I., malt to .1 known N... I. I'aUttlln' and I'ntvldcnc If elected I
such receipts the name of the defendant President Ilalance, May 1. 1U2CI ._-- --_ .. 120.90 farrte Holly do .- 7600Mn. creditor notice of saId petition thla order will r.\h"l. dl..h.r..(h. dutl_ of the .,-
appears on the face of the Wldowa I Prnalan; ..-4-- I .. J. C Dlifira do. ...____ 6.OoINirU addrewied to them at their plaoea of resilience II.. .1. bt tnw abilityH.
receiptto -- Illllance. April 1. 1(20 .?_...?.__00__ 84 SOKecelpla ; Law di< ...-. *6.00Irfii aa atated.Wltnena. II. Wn.U.\MI
have been eigned by some one other -: HIGHLAND during month .............. 12800 Terryntan do - -. 0600Mildred I the Honorable Uhydon M. Call..Indue I,
than him. Warrant lulled ..................... Cninliy do .-. (Ml.(TO of raid Court, and the Real thereof, atJaefcuonvll'c. FOR COUNTY COMHIflRIONBR DINT. .I.
I Halanee. May 1. .192(1 .._............. IRS 44 Olive Hay do .--- 7600Jeante \In unlil, itrlrt| nn thIs lIed day I lu>r.'tiy aiincuiiHw my.ol a randidnl. for rrrtlon *-> I
This statement of fact was not denied 1 Highland, May 21.-Mr. and Mrs. May 7, 1920. Thomas do .-. 11ft 00 of May, A, I). 1920 a. (>immla. for Pkalrict No I.I..k. .

by the representative from theattorney T. E. Engebretsen of Stuart arrived Bradford Cnunty.State Bradford Co. Teleirraph prlntinic .... 8600 EDWIN n. WILLIAM. llutlrr and Worthlnvton. lurln. m, Ineumllrury *
of Florid. Klnt Nat) Hank t.aineavllle. note .nd (Peal) Clerfc. of (10.011. I have ..* .
general's office nor could he I Saturday for a visit with her parents I hereby certify that the foreirolnv Intend* _- -1181160 ...rv* tin .. district .well .the

well deny it, because an examinationof Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilkinson.Rev. of the reeelpta and dinnuraementa. of the BurroliKha Add Mach. Co. payment 2<1"0 NOTICE OF ElECTION tunty .at.. .. to the beat of my ability and
If hav vlvrn I wIllai'l.rveiat.
the exhibits sent to this court showit T. M. Carter of Peoria held funds of Hmdford County for the month of J. It. DaviH 41. Co.. In. itremlum 17.8 l By the power* vented In them. by the cchonl ." *,1.( of th<.r..u..n.vntem at thamlnv
be AIrll. 1910. ia troe and correct to the 1. J. .heller. teachinc .-. 61.00K. law. of the State of Florida the. of .ulr HOPKRTH
to true. It was necessary therefore services at the Baptist church Saturday brut of my knowledire. and belief. F.. Snell do ..._ 4600Athena I'ublle Instruction. of Bradford. ", "I. ro. primary C. A.

for the state to prove that themont'y and Sunday. W. T. WEPI: {!'. .lltelllnn 71 S; allowance 10.00 1,1.. hereby order an election he 1.ld I her-t>y annnuno nia,1, a randldat for
for which such (BEAD Clerk Circuit' Court.Bradford RalelRh IIM-llinit do .. .- K receipts so Miss Leona Crews of visited
Lawtey i
(lount,.. H..el Warren do' . -. 1000 1(120.( signed and issued by persons other relatives here for the weekend.C. II, C. A. KNIGHT. Bradford, Ci,. lIenS inat. R..61ft. 9. ahall ue dUeontlnued nr not.Manaiirra hat. I will .nd.>avor to dutlo of t.

than the defendant was delivered to M, Click a popular knight of Deputy Clerk. N. B. Hull meld .-. 1B78 of eliwllon-. II. lur..n.,.. .Join the ",,. to tn* lt of my ahllltr.
1. W. lloliln.un dn .- 4 no Clemon, Geo. W .!... .. J. M. CONNER.
the defendant or put into his custody the grip for Lewis-Chitty Co., of CLERK" REPORT Bradford Co. Hank' borrowed money ..UIIOOO J.. C. 1'OWF.l.T.. .

before he could be. convicted for the I Jacksonville was transacting: business fctarke, Fla., May t, 1920. Chairman Public InHtrurtlon. Bradford County "..1. announce that, 1 am a candIdate .
T..I.I _. ... ... .... .__.68MI.88 Florlda. .1
Report if the clerk' of the Circuit Court 1
embezzlement of such money. In I here Friday. In for '. CiimmUalnnir from lutrlct No. I. I,
and for Bradford county, Fiori.'... on account Hpccial Tea land AttoM I I.ak" llutlrr and Worthlnirton. I reaH>*tfu1lynllcit I ,
short, the court holds that a tax collector -: Gilbert Barker of Theressa is visiting of T.- for taw year ItflV e:. W. Wilkemon tearhlnic) U .-. ZO.00Ike F. II I'OPPF.I.L. tli,. vntea of the cttlmenii of the .Hfitrlet ,

is not criminally liable for embezzling H. C. Wimberly and family. B. M. riOWLINO.laa Oanoua janitor 28 ....._-- ill 6(1K. ((' Co. Siipl. and Bec'y. 8-7-81-6-4 at the Jim. primary eUctlnn. B. M. IIJKFf
Collector. B. Matthewa printing 8 ._-. 1.8H )
funds merely because such Miss Martha Wilkinson and A. J. County Prvper K.: H. Matthrwa do 4 ....-_ 1.8$ "Political FOR COUNTY COMMIHBIONRR 1)1ST. N IIhla .

funds shown by the records in the office i i j i Wilkinson made a trip to Starke Fri- April I. to bel due -- _--__...__.__12RNR1Rlly K.: 8. Matthewa do B -.-.____..-. I nnUK AnnouncementsFOR will annniine that I am a ..ndll..'. 1
Bint culleclvd' _. ,_ _______.-__ ..121s8.ioMay .:. ft. Mntlhewa do 6 .-. I for Cfiiitiy Commissioner for District No IrralctIly
to have been received at the of. STATE SENATOR r
K. H. Matthewa d. 7 .-.. 1.8fl I anllclt th* aupiHirt of tni
flee have not been accounted for where day.Quite a lot of string beans and a 1. to lial flue __._._______ .11t8 ..18lto.d .:. R. 1'1 all 10,._ do 10 .. .- ... 1.8fl inth T .m a rMndMltttv.. und fur .flt.(.rUtA Bin.taror th. nuppiirt the at the primary: flection: :: to b* I h.'Id I Ihj, *. k
and Hnfaa Illnlrlct No. I K. B. Multhewa do II .-. 1 (1.rl. wil Pl'r 8. T. HOWLINO. I,
other persons than the accused received few strawberries are befng shipped April, 1. to l 10.1 l due ...-_________--.7607.7S ". K. Mmtnewa do 12 ... .IIIr r lit the ..n.ln.. i" of my f.llnwrito'na., .

the money and made the I'ntrles.WantedCountry from here now and the farmers arerealizing Hy ,tnt collei-ted .-_. __.-__ .. 4(17.10 Jo:. H. Matthewa do I 18 -?-.__._. 1.145p A Z A D K I N S I .hcn'by .nnnun. mynrlf' a randldnt for ,
0 :. 8. MMIII...... do II _.-.- 1.8$ , Senator for the (h. offlr nf 'mmIT '.. .. .'. for dlatrlrtNi '
a fair profit on both. May I, to l 1,1, due, n_. ...____--. ..7140.68 K.: 8. Matthewa, d.. "/0) .....- 1.85 I T fttn ft nn ':?.), Ilnnlfnrd 8 ( I Kalfiird and Iawi.-y. aubJMt to the ao-
Produce highest H. 0.: Wimberly Jr.. and Miss ...thWimhpl'ly Hoed and Rrld.. Dl.trict No. I 5:. 8. Mall h..... do II -.. IllSft. ('I'nh, ll.trr. the.mi nf my (Inn of the Yntr at the aomtnir ,dcmiMtratl
prices paid at A. I). Andrews Co.' in Jacksonville April 1. to hal due _____.__-- __._...6101.18lly :. R. Matthewa" do S2 -.- .HI ."t n |> >Hmi rv )rlmary. I If rlf-rtecl. I and *.flclint .
shopping fh.mo4retior0iJtrytfl.fl Hi i
were unit cullifted -._. .__..._.___--._.211110.47, i:. R Matthew, do 28 -.- i.mHI i ( : ...1.. In th lnU.mat of both my dla*
Raiford. Wednesday. K.: R. Matthewa. do 24 ) 1'/F rlct and I. a" at larv*. I nmnectfultyytnllrll
K. R. Matthewi dn 26 .... .HIni$ VOlt ONE: the ,.t",,of the "......_ n

.. ._ K.. R. Mitt1hi>wa flfi Ult .._ 1.14) I h,....RFPRFIENTATIV&IUI. *'. forItrip.rotstlve -
- --- ---
F.. H. Mallhewn do 27 ____...__....... I.Mft In the ) r.rtnip Nn. I. FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER DIM?. Na. 4
1':. R. Matlhewa do HO ..__.____-__-_. 188 I rmiivct fully Millrli, the 1lal.'u"muMH.rt uS ti. voUra I am a nmdldm for r-ft<-ctl.,n to the olfie.of ,
I R.: R. Malt b..... .... 81 ._ ____....n I.H6 rrrmlnK primary lctlon.. (,411111 tv (',rnmmtialnnt) for IMntrlrt Nn. 4.
K.: W. <'arler teachinir IH .. __...___ __ HO Oil .t1. JOHN J. nLACKWELPKft ittnrke. IHirlnir m, numbnry of th. offlc I
....dy Croft 'do IH .. .. .._. ........_ 66 noMnniuiTlUi o. Icy> iiM>.d my hi>.t rndravom In Itrhatf of the
Bhrlwr do IH .. ... .. .. 46110Kunlre Thin will unnnunc tn tli,. rlUwnB of the ,l.ntrlrt and the ,mmnty and bnix, > n'l r*cnrd t I.
I. : llnmen d<, IN ....-_..._._.. ._ county thaI I nit a c.nrtl.Ut fitr ltnpr,"( .....h an ( :naura th. auiiort of v..ln. at
.__. th* ." primary. J. M. II HOW NI.RK.f .
City l.lrnt I'lnnt' llnhla 8 c------ 1170 tlv In TirfMip 1. I rtwnM'trully the ui .ulnl
.1. W Moriran incid, 8 ._...n_. ___._. 47.4 tort of lh vot-Tt at the nHirr.itle prImary to
1 .' H. O I'luford Janitor 8 ___..______ 1'1.fi1l .. ht'ld In.Jurm CHAN. H. "! .__ '* .' No. 4. PrnmInlnv -
R.: W Ilixler Ineld, HI __. .. .. ._- 2000
: II. I. Fowler wire 28 ._-._n___ .' I .. a candidate for InCn.u earful attention: t'L. tho dutla: of the offic -
C. II. IIn,.. Vachlnit It ._____... ... 60.Ill : ,. No.1. and .ri.. ?" ) HUPiHirt If I am xlprtrd.,.. I tAiipretfully. solicit I thiHirt *
'" of the at th ontnlnir$ primary.
Hi-nilird ('... Hank loan ID) H6"" of the voUrw ftt the *mi.nic rlmnry rice 1'' v..
llrniirnrd ('". Hank II.. 8 . . -" 00llradfind tlnn. If elorted l ) I .serve the. count I J. I. IN"F.IU'ILfOi '

(Jo.! llank d.. 1M _.__00_._. 126.OR ciirofully. and f.llltul.) In an f-ITnrt t.. atop the (' >NTr HIKT. Ne. (
Gluttons for Punishment l.r *nmit ti.nloe towrd .iM-n-antnic a..1 taaHt ( COMMIII..IONFI
.._tun of th. 1.I.lo."r. I .I.. to .nn..n. nf Countyiminliiliirirr
Told------------------- HOIISd
.v. '
T. H PINISOLRTNR. ( IHalrlct No. I that I am. a ean
.liihtla for rirnimlNelmicr. I r.-eiMvt fully sot.wIt

Lee Tires ask no favors of the road. I ) NOTICE OF fI"'':( "I. M.\M1'f.IC'R 8AI KNirtlo "( itrpHFPKNTAiivB-*; <, TWO your eiipl>nrt at the June primary. II I>, MAY.

I ," anniiuttr, rnvm-ir a r.n<1l't.t. I In
/ In Ticrcby irlvrn that iindir and In ,
I atinntitire that I arn n candidatefur
_. Croup Two fur nomfrtihtlim for the ofTtrsrntatIve 1",1 i .
pumifince of a orrtain final 1..0 of forectnmin .rl. ('.mtrnlMlnni' >r fnr IMwlrli't ft.
On ..,
roads their treadstravel lAWialatIlre .. 1. :
rough country tough / and nalti, mad and rendered nn lh. .. Omttly.: UnrMa.I.aupjtrt. to th. 1..1..t and rt'Mlwfllfully' anlirlt the uiiiirt| .f thevnttm
11th day of Way A TV IU211. In and by the .I..n f
at he ) I nn June hth. I Ifelt
1.ln..r ,
I held .h.elun
the TVtnnrnitl.i I'rlmarr
1. almost unharmed over sharp and jut- I rirruh\ Court of Bradford County Klnrlda. In to ** M'h'l eliHl I .. ,,
< a I' tn thndnllM
('hano'ry, In that rrrtaln ....... trterc.n f....d. Ill). I rwiMH-lfiiHy nollrIt .|,.spfl.rt of A 1.1., : ,: the :! -..v. .. liAINPY! : :

ting points that would tear the heart out of '"", h-relTi nlnnular. Naval Store. CVim. f-mnful f ttmtf if MI*and In .ra ttnil.. iiiirvtr.If cloned.l .. promle. , : :
1. pan** a "......'r..lI..n. I. enmfOalnant, and C. H: : I'O '> M. I fi Mf.Mlf.I: Hf IIOOL IOA Il IbIS?. No. I
less sturdy tires. On paved .streets and Hnrrv f and. Annlr I,. Humer.. hiu wlf*. A. VBICKTT: : JINII. I .n..t''* fur r**.l" .a number. f
O \Vithre. *nd Alice M. With. *, hi. wlf*. Ibis will bib ., tlM'tia ..f Thai. I., th. (.. 11..r" of I'ublln Inntructlnn for
boulevards Lee Tires down .7 f H 1'nliarrt and In.1.. 1'ollard I his wife.M I ,,rtt ".. t.n..n.hat I mm. c for llwpr IHitrirt, No I. I I am r.- 'lct.d will con.linus .
wear surprisingly ..rn'i. W. Ifi.ty and I, II.! Dirty. Sir tm : Mnintlv. "nll rrniiri, I. If eaII.t.I .ml* *t-i1 I will my vfTorta (.*rva th. lost blinds nffh '
and slow. ' biind. Myrtle May William, II (' Wllliama.Ji put forward wiry tuaaill7ovt) t atop theattlIre.aary inlet. I.. C. "'(WII.L ;
pleasingly _ TurtU Wllliama. -Watson wmiama. Oar- .. ot ,.pulillc tntmvy and.
I erm V. nnrrairv and Clifton I. I>rem.r. aiTrnwt. th. enntlotial .ndlu.our ... tea rat lOll MfMIU.I: HCIIOOI JOARIIIT. N*. I
.... and. l.x. umlrr th 1at will olJohn .1.ln. (". "
cutora I"y a MHarr ffi<- m.JAMKH 11. an..n. .ndll.
If you knew how to make tires and none but n. NI.h"I., dcea. .ef1. and O O Me.CVinnm .I.rl. t : .KICYNOLTtnJITIHR for ..'I..I..n aa a member nf t h. Uun.y J
a* iardian, ad llt..m for th,. r.fftndnnH Ilirard of I'ubtlc Fnatnitttlttn from ...' 1.
the best would satisfy you the Lee Tire i ilJ Myrtle May Willi....., II. C Wllfmma, FOR (YSIINTY 2. I respectfully a >lllt th* "I... of th,. ..
.6 tie 11. Curtitt" 'Wllllama and Wntaon WMllmmtr 1 Am a ranifiilat fur .county Jutlw t.f HT.' tMn of th. county at th. furthenmina Tfirtmtry.I .
the kind you'd; \ build. VI* ffl(411.a.. ford "..u,* and *',l,y announr my rand *. M. I'AIKJF.TT.I .
I \. 7. AHblh.. .. Special; Man).,. hall riftcy In the cnmlnir primary .'un. H, 192IlMvlntr O. ,.
a Z I gas Tread offer, for ...... at public outcry, urn) pull to the lIved tn the county nil of m, llf. and herr)", antioimtf that 1 am a eandldat
I So Lee Tires that hlirbral. and liewl bldfler. for curl. befnr tn* ***rvd It In a ".t. way for _v.*r.l y *arfw I for member' of the Hoard of Pull, Inatructlnn
thoroughly good are you'llget Mechanic.* and tcUntlflnallfoorrert holly uf tlw eourthoun of Mmdrnrd founty,, | that, I ran iM-rfortn tho dutIes for "HlHlrlct No. 2. I promia. I I elrrtrd. to
fur .*r..lMi security I-' .>rIOa.' 'in The town of RUrhe. on Monday, nf acid ttffle*. th. auptMirt *.f allie.nnrratir faIthfully '11..1',... th* dutlw th* offln*. .
an entirely new idea of tire mileage and ".. all road eoudiuuse.atisfaction Th th< th day. of dune, A. I' III1H. "".(w.n the. vntr. and. I lfRt4 i>rnm.n. faIth. and acute th. county at I.."* .th* l lest of my
fill and tii.c.pnt.oua ., ... It. A GKE.ICN: abltliy. I rwqwrtfully .. your vote at thprimary
/\ and y il .p"d CUMalurnat bre of I 11on I a m. and 5 <(o T m the fol. electIon ..U.1. .
from t hI' Let In June f O .tiKNNIHOM.POK .
one you try. V In. dfHicrll'fil, rropi'r'sTi' tuwl,
on b,lU .1 Hi of Ib* 1 '.r'I.,. announr K fandldai, for the,
I bit .
parrel land I h In 1) .'lr
>T> /
show BUa Will* Kkldine '> . > ..iffir nf County Jud/ H tad ford County, MFMIIbH HflfOOr ItOAKI DINT. N.. 9 ..
tu you why. la ,;, .:J..d.l': :i i I South .*/ ....r <,t that portion of th<' North and on arrount. of my health I will I am a randlHat fop member Countr
liar DaMMtf of ttt. 'Till Trses' _ *c r QtMrter of .rlh.1 Querior of to_ 1..1. able mak an antlv campaign and Hnard of I'ulille Inatructlnn ,.otlI: No. .
and .trilglit. C;.ifUr Lin. ofar lion ''f'. in fownnhlv 7 Mouth, Hmnm. W rat: will 1.yrfftily .affiroclat favors frlfnd* 8. and r-MM-etMlly, ollrlt the vo, of the
p m cane thick rutitwrthat ...... ," radford County. FlorIda f lylnir rV..t of the ran irlv m** I vullolt any your aitpimrt mv In th. cltl..-r of thn tllfitrlrt at th. primary,election
7ite.t: i./ aiilit.. ,na..oiui, tb* ..:j 1> r & f Kailroad and more. fully dec J'I. primary. I(., 7 J. In J"n. .1 TI ItS SIgH.IIlt (
.. ,.It.I, "PKI.r ;
... .... t'riiwl i enmnienrini/ point whore the .
\,i' WH t line ot acid f-allmad rt.vl.t of way .In Tue (
tiMHeetav. the. WBt tioundary line of anld "e. .TIIF In 'nNflTA'I.JIHTRU'T, :
t h randldat fur
r* kjy a forth .nnm..ln. "0.
my.lf nl\
tI..... tbene. . TJortlwrly' aUmv saId rlirht nt ..",.. of.nMI.Clerk of th. np.att Court nfliradfiwd .''nl.l. 1..le. .. .llradfnrd count,. I
way 877 f." then* Winterly and par,.11.1 cnunlyi J wt the action of the iilimil the r" I.m. native eltiaen
1 \\ .,. th, Mertkin lime on North boundary I II,in* ol.tI ..otr at th* eomlna;.primary... Jun. Nth. I. nf thin ..' ... h.rn nnnatantly a.*nelaxi -
& Johns Starke Fla. / IIllIl I .Id> .'jtiart..r, It JI frt. .10...... elfin, pranial. f h* duU. of hla Important. """.. with 'Its el. Griffin
n"'I< Wl boundary line of aaul quarter *-, .but find that ..qualIfIed .dlaeharv thrm. my llfftlme here end I nrnmlie that If
fer to the iw.hrt. of beirlnnlnir. oontalntttir Jia 7 HavlnC ....d the |.iflyl.. h-f... the vott-m ar. I am honored ..11 thla lIlIes, I .10..1 ,illrham.
1,1 < and brIny the .tarn land In o'I to Judy. to my fltnna for the of- Hi.I ,1,11., nf I o'f.. |. ulmn ...
,.' I warranty de.N| frtrm K. It. Drew t/i K -I if they' ch In m*. I promIsefatthf$7 . ," fear or .. U' have yonr .on.
f ,; :L: > .. dated Fftrruary. 2. IftOJ and -ff)4-i) : r*: Your nuiifMirtla nd' ne. I will appreelate. your vn'. nn June. nth.

:1JI ': H. -k thre* *Ill In Wrlirht Hrandrett'aAddii r*.p.Jtfullr ."1'''''. ( Ar.PF'HMAN IlePtieelfully, .'IVI G. JONKS.I .
i I .... !.i. the town of Hampton" In II'....
I hot County, Florida : 1m maMftfr thl.. announermont for Clerk I hen'hr. annonnre that I am a candidate for
\ i( d ___ j rtlocka Four (Mr and Ply ; I ", '''.V.II by C. It. Umlrd fur Wrttfht M'liclt th. uiport nf th. r*opt*( ha, r l an.lrtt. In th.. town of Mrndford s'Ijret tn tW crIbS of the TtmotrM4l' 1111* ml| will, Iw. nl>le in lve nooil *'rvlre.I I will
| ri.ur.ty' Florida mar electIon) ft C RirIltTtfl.L'I'EKINTF.lW.NT [ ." ..rl., (. thimiiiuort of all voter nf the dla.JAOOH .

Qrir, -liarrcl' turp-ntlne atln and fixture!. J. JOHNS
( One cooper aKop" and all t/>*.1.) : $ or Pt'tIl.IC IS'TRV(
",.lIun' MrCoy turprntln and nON I ale a eandilntr fop the ofrir. Dr Constable
cupn apron* :
L I E Tres'iz , To th. rmrMar..l. Votm of Bradford County for Stl.rlrt N" .
0'."(MO lleirty cola. and tin. : On. bay bnnftrmmi"f t 6 ailbIart to 110. actIon or the
: 141)1) : On. roan h"... named, Roan I ..k. thU seethed of announrlnit mywlf a ,"... v.tere. .t the ...mlnll primary. r
; ; ; One tcry m.... male named Emma: On. rreyrnai candfilMior) ri'lv.tlnn to th, off In. ,f Suiwrlntnd .. ronvereant with t... dutIes nt the ofrmr,'
*> mule named Rhoda On. black mar rnt of Pnhllr Inntrurtlon nf flradfnrd a,1 chi.. j" dianhart.. thmo unit I .Iant.vt.
County .uh>ft to th pul of th I'h.moeeta .
: moo,!. named Kate Oni black mar mule nami uymi.o. I. ilv.te my .hot. tIm. t m" duties
((4 I... Matt : TWO 'doubl. wavona and harntft primary on Jun. 5th. If alerted I promta th. V..., ''I..r I. earnestly coltriod.
r- -'-_ ., III '. Furty dip barrola. On. rmtoUn enirln. and same. enartsoua and palnttaklnv) aervire( rnd -s; ;1 K.: ANIItY"" '
........ rd In the pact K R. .. _
I ump all or other prn"nal pr"ierty o.r _____ "OI'FI.It
I what.o,vr nature or kind and all iuppllai Ins CO8JSTAIII.ElIIs'l'KlT No. i.
and m.ruhandls.. tak thl* method of announnlnv th. puh- I vial .. announc. th. of IKatrfct
Mile on at th* nut hr t .I."a
"Smile at 1 inafor d.....erihd t>)ae* all f>f th* atd i er. I that I am a vandidnt for th nffle of No. H I" tonal property. briny located and altuatc .t C..unll, lu..ln"'nd..nt. *''f l.h".la of Bradford ,"I. of (Cnnatabl' .. If chieted| ' to
I J rule- Dvmmratle vlw
.. ..J. t.1. careful' attention t<, my dutla f solIcit
and and .. .
near bttlnv and In
u u.n. onn PrImary of Jun If nomInated arid l4t- lh.Ainirort .f all at th. prlmnry .tyVipn 1..nJun
*.tlun> with the t..DJ. plae. and loca .d I faithful dUch .
from at a .ry of the duties




.. t{ : ..t'I' '1

"... '.. 'w' '"
I't ;'I
.. .' ,. ., ,. ,I. . . 'if, p
\ ; ",/. ...., " .. ," ',' ,

. .-. -- ...-. "
f 1"t'

., .
p. ,
} '; .,a.v ..ill! '{ ... "


t tj;. BROOKEK j, LAKE BUTLER ed her Sunday school class with a picnic .

") B at Worthington Spring. Saturday.
Brooker,. Ma-2i"--MIII Victoria'! Lake Butler, May 21.--Mr W. ,H. Mrs. Ernest Williams, of New River "rI

": , Douglass, of Ahtchua: spent Friday : Moore and little son left for their was the guest! of bin Willard I

. here with her cousin, Miss Inez Abernathy .home in Waycross, Ga. Saturday after Parker Tuesday She was accompanied I Yes Sir-ee!
. ., 't a visit of several weeks with her home by Miss Wilma Parker. ,

Mr*. Emma Brown of Lake City, 'i iI. parents Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Traxlcr. The cottage occupied) by Mr. Fein- I.t I..

is visiting friends and relative. here 'i i I). M. Traxler and sons spent the berg! has received a new coat of paint. t I I It
t Jack Sowell, who was very ill last' week-end with homefolks. which adds considerable:. to !Its appearance. i '

,t week is somewhat improved at this Mini Annie Howard, of Dukes, visited II I'r We made this
.Q ;: writing. her aunt, Mn. J. M. :Mann, I'rl-) Mrs Tom Croft is a guest of i,-r I, cigarette

-!.! Tommy Chancey, of Lake Butler, day. mother, Mrs. G. W. Alderman. ,
!.w. was in town Wednesday. Tommie Dekle spent the week-end Carl Alderman returned from his to meet

I. Ben Crosby spent the week-end here with hU parentb1 r. and Mn. T J.' studies at the university Saturday

with friends and relatives. Deklo.Mr. Outler Boyd, of Worthington, was a your taste! .

Prof'' Carter, who has been teaching 'I *. F. O. Raulerson and children business visitor to Lake Butler Satur.

school here for the past term, left atteocledhe fish fry at Sampson City day. '
n for his home at Oxford Thursday. Saturday. Jack Colson and Dock Crews, of
t Mrs. Alvin McKinney of Graham I r Mrs. Rhodes Williams of St. Petersburg New River, were in town attending to .

j is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. spent Friday with her niece,, business Saturday. I I

G. W. Uazen. Mrs. J. M. Mann. Marcus Do kip, of Five Mile, visited

L. Sowell, of Brooklyn, spent last I I Earl Pecples motored to Lake Butler his grandparent, Rev. and Mrs. S. S. j .

''r week lien at the bedside of his Sunday. Proctor, Sunday afternoon. '
Miss Laura Lewis Is better lathl'r'l Bill Andrews, of Midway, was in Romeo Dekle spent the week-end at j I t

writing. i I town Saturday Five Mile, the guest of his cousin,
'J R. A. Weeks motored to Starke Mr. Turner' of New River, was a Marcus Dckle.
t .- Friday afternoon. business visitor here Saturday. ii 1
'I'' ": ., Dr. W. E. Middleton and family, of I Oscar Rimes, of Worthington, was HAMPTON & R

: \\t; Starke were visitors here Sunday at. a business caller)) to Lake Rutler Sat Y
': i$ \ ternoon. I I,I urday. Hampton, May 21Rev. Mullady,

1'1\ :r Can toy Oliver, of Pine Hill, spent Bethel Col on, of Brooker motored of Hampton left for Jacksonville on I Y

r',, y u t Sunday with relatives and friends I to Lake Butler Monday morning Monday where he will spend several! !

r :Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Barefoot and John Starck, of Jacksonville, haMann s days.
t daughter Inez, Mr and !Mrs R. T. accepted a position with the D. W Moore and family, of Theressa -
''j Onteen! and II. C. Surrency spent Sunday Pharmacy were guests'of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. CAMELS have wonder- I +

at the home of A. B. Surrency, of D. W. forum spent Sunday in Val Brannen Sunday.E. I
Pine doiita. J. Dowling was transacting bus. mellow- I,
i U. D. Johns and family of New ,, John P. Sap was a visitor to Lake I Incus' in Jacksonville Saturday. mildness and a flavor as

, River, were in our town Friday af j I Butler Monday afternoon. A large number of Hampton people t
l t ternoon. I I F. M. Rivera returned from several attended the picnic at Graham Satur refreshing it is new. 'h+ a

' I l! days' visit with his relatives in Jack. day.
; John Groover, of Gainesville, was a ,' Camels quality and Camels ''
I' ,, visitor to town Sunday. I I sonville. II. B. Wiggins was transacting business expert ni
' Among those attending the Masonic I Mrs. II. L. Sprinkle motored to the, in Starke Friday.M blend of choice Turkish and choice 0 .

lodre at Worthington Wednesdaywere county seat Monday. V. Dyal, of Jacksonville, Is via. \ '
Domestic tobaccos win merits. Z
\ 1 Miss Ina Alderman has returnedhome. you on .-
!\ffOlIsr R T. Ostccn, L. A. lUng in Hampton this week.

,. Brown, E. W. Carter, Rand Crews, Dr. W. E. Middleton, of Starke, was Camels blend never tires your taste. And,
Eldon\ Baxter Dr. A. E. Russell. Mrs. J. D. Padgett and son, Sidney, a professional visitor to [Hampton this Camels leave aftertaste
returned from Cedar Key Saturday, week!> no unpleasant cigaretty ,
Rev. E. B. Joyner, of Dukes, will
, fill his regular appointment at the after several months stay there, Mrs. II. B. Geiger has recently nor unpleasant cigaretty odor I
i Baptist chinch Saturday and Sunday. where Sidney has been!> teaching the moved to Bowling Green, and expectsto 6
Everybody come. school term. make that town her future home. What Camels quality and expert blend can
..Mrs. D. r. McDonald is visiting her has been resident of
Messrs.' Henry Sowell Fred Connel l Mrs. Geiger a
to satisfaction should find
c ly and daughter, MPS! Oveda, of CO'i daughter, Mrs. Rhona Mixon. Hampton for a number of years, before :. mean your ,you
tfr' Pond, were visitors hire Sunday Frances Borum is on the sick list that time residing in Starke. She out at once I It will prove our say-so when h
itprnnon this week. has many friends in both Hamptonand

rl ron<-p S uf ltd Wcrlv WI'1r'm' a Mrs George D. Faircloth and daugh. Starke who regret to see bard you compare Camels with any cigarettein

;.' of Worthington were visitors to our ter,,Alva, are the guests of Mr. an leave, but wish Mr success in her new the world at any price'IC
Mrs. Bob Green this week. home.
town Sunday afternoon. The tent meeting closed Sunday after ,,-,. ".. _,,, mv+rymhr. in 9Oimntiitcmtly _mM p.'k.i s ., 3Omgmrmttom 'VRff}
,, I Rev. Hayes, of Gainesville, filled Mr. and Mrs. Rawley, of Green' ;or ton pmckmfum <70OaMar,ffa> in m 4/MaMwpaiiw: ownNfemrtnn S f.' rj
four weeks stay in our midst IV. mtmngly noootm+na ttum oaten for ihm homm "or oaaa, d 'tFST/C
his regular apponntment at the Ad Mr Cove Springs, who have been visiting wppV.rwMn7a.f....1. C LEN L
and Mrs. C. II.
;, vent church Saturday*and Sunday. Register and relatives and friends here, returnedto
charming daughter, Julia, visited 1 CO.
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Price were 1 in their home Thursday.C .
Graham Sunday. Jacksonville this week.! C, R. Geiger accompanied by his Wis>it
,.., Jlran.Nobb.i ( of Sampson, is spend Mrs. Sullivan, who has been visiting daughter Miss[ Pauline who have been ------.- --r
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. C. -- -
ing: this week here with relatives visiting here for some time, have returned
f Allen Green of Pine, Hill, was 1 1i in Peeples, of Miller, motored to Lake to their home In Soutb Florida. Mra. Krause of Tampa, is the guest

i our town Monday{ Butler Sunday morning.Col. Miss Ldcile Johns, of Starke, was of her grandmother, Mra. T. J. Durden
Mrs. Lula Cone A. Z. Adkins, candidate for the guest of Misses Irma and Lettie this week.R. .
and family, Pine
Hill senator, was greeting friends in town Johns Saturday and Sunday. M. Williams of Jacksonville,
spent Sunday hero at the home Wednesday.Miss You Will Never Know l
of her brother E. B. Andieu, Sr. Jesse Ogden, of Graham, has been visited his parents, :Mr and Mrs. A.
Julia Ward has returned to 1M.
S. A. Bryan passed visiting here. Williams, Tuesday ,I1
town Thursday afternoon.Among through. our her homo in Gainesville, after attend.InR' Miss Armstrong, of Lake Butler, I Mr. Pinholster, of Brooker, was a the pleasure and comfort of those
the Lake Butler
High for visitor to Hampton
those who attended the picnic was a visitor to Hampton Saturday.Miss Saturday.
,.. given by the W. O. W. of Graham, eight Co!.months D. E. Mildred Seals and little brother I .' hot and mosquitoful nights untilyou've
Knight, of Staike, was LAWTEV
Saturday'were Mr. and Mrs. It. T. in Lake Butler electioneering! Wed.needay. W G. Jr., spent Saturday. and owned a ''screened sleeping
.. Oilmen. Mrs. P. M. Barefoot and I Sunday here. -
daughter Inez, II. C. Surrency, .Mrs.* Lieut.. Mrs Matt Hall and daughter, ofTherrnHH Lawtey, May 21.-T. J. Terry was porch.
+ L, A. Brown and children, Eunice Hasten II. C. Richard, of Starke, was were visiting here Saturday a business visitor to Starke last week
in town last week. Dr and Mrs. E. L. Biggs, of Starke,
Lubedia Pinholster .
Edna and
.. Eldon Baxter, Truby Pinholster !Mr.: Dr. J.last E. week.Margaret Maines. visited the metropolis Mrs W. M, Junes, of Theressa, was were visitors to Lawtey Saturday. Then YOU ;Wouldn'tbe

and Mrs. Murphy Price, Mrs. G. B.Oolson transuding business in our town Sat. O. Roberts and daughters, Misses ,
and Ressie .. and Tom Townsend are urday. Clara and Sarah, of Jacksonville, were
son, I.
Morgan, on the dirk' lint this week I without one. Sleeping out-o-
11.- P. Gainey, A. A. Hazen. Miss Col. Knight, of Starke, was shaking guest at the home of E. J. Roberts

Georgia Edwards, of Old Bradford, friends in Mae Pensacola McKinney this week is visiting hands with hU Hampton friends last Sunday doors is healthful, pleasant and com

spent Sunday here with MiNa Clan i The Woman's Tuesday. Miss Annie Belle Robinson, of Melrose J fortable. I
Cone. Missionary Society Miss Vera Saxon entertained a is spending! a few days at the .

Royce baincy motored to Pine Hill I afternoon met! at the at Baptist 4 o'clock church, Mrs.Wednesday Maines large number of friends Friday evening home of Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Over- .
Sunday afternoon in honor of her brother Alvah street.
P leader. A splendid program was ren Saxon, who left the following Louis Brown, of I Maybe You Havea
p L. Sowell motored to Hague Friday dered and delicious refreshments morning Hastings, spent ,
i.: I and was accompanied back by his wife served., were for Jacksonville, where he has Sunday at the home of his parents,

',\ who, had been visiting her parents. Rev W. C. Armstrong delivered! an enlisted In the navy. Miss Vera entertained Mr. and Mra J. E. Brown. I porch that could be remodeledinto
Mrs T B. Shirley spent Thursdaychopping able 1 sermon at both from eight to ten. Mrs. A. A Smith was a visitor to
l y ,t in Alachua. Mta. Nets Canon and Sunday services. Those present were Misses Ethel Starke the first part of the week. I a sleeping porch.
daughter returned Hunt, Julia Maxwell, Alma Leona Misses Carrie
Mrs. Gainey spent part of last week to their home in Dyal, Overstreet and Annie
' with her son, E. S. Gainey' of Lacrosse. Monday afternoon after Lake visit with City Mullady, Byrel Mullady, Evelyn Belle Robinson were visitor to the When you get the inspiration and

her mother/ a I Jones, Eva Williams, Eva Hodges, county teat Thursday i i f 1 tired of
Mrs you're
I). E. Knight. and N e e perspiration
May Jones Emma Hicks Messrs. Grover Wooten
f ; and family, of :MeRae.
I, Paul Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stewart and !son, The Woman's Club met Monday aft Earl Wilson, Ranee Johns, Jim Max Ga., visited relatives in Lawtey- I sleeping indoors on hot nights, phone
spent Saturday tenioon at 4 o'clock.
with relatives a After a short well, Kussie Dyal. and Cecil Manire. last week.
i:1: ZifT. i business session Mrs. Major presidedover Miss Vera was assisted in enter-v W. E. Torode was a business visitor 129, we'll send a man down to estimate
; Mrs. T. C. Huzen' and little Art ford the mothers meeting and the following
, Brown taming by her friend Miss EvelynJones. to Jacksonville Tuesday. I a price on the work. '
; are on the sick hut this rendered. I
week. program was !
The hostess beautiful Mrs. E. I
lot X1 wore a D. Boyer's Sunday school
. I Bloxham Ward of Gainesville Song, Tell Mother I'll
spent Be Th(!>re. pink de chine dress with class
crepe pink .
I spent Saturday at Mrs. Iowe'a'cottage 'I
. tir Sunday here with relatives Scripture reading
1st 1verses of
ribbons, Miss Evelyn being attired in lake ANTI-MOSQUITO
'l Kingsley Saturday, be- LEAGUE
I I. W Pinholster, Jr., was a businessvisitor 33rd: I'.. ,
, a lovely white batiste trimmed in oriental ) ing chaperoned by Rev, and Mrs. Boyr.
tl. to Gainesville Monday after Prayer, The American's Creed by lace. The parlour and dining Headquarter At
\ noon. Mrs. Ira Wise.
room were decorated with sun flowers Mrs. W. A, Colley and ,
t' '. Galn"ll\'lIIe Misses: Olga and Thelma Ward of I Saving tHe Dab)', Airs W. M. John. and roses, which under the rays Lois-, of Staike, were guests daughter last weekof I Quigley Lumber & Supply Company ;
, ,
: spent Sunday here with) stun of the electric lights were very invit her sister, Miss Rebecca White.
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Alcoholic Research and Babies, Mrs. !
Want A. C. Strickland. ing.The I(1J head.Miss
guests were ushered in to the ,, :Myrtle Sapp spent several ,
Virginia Weeks spent the week-end Solo, Mother, Mrs. A. C. Strick fir v
parlor by Mlssog Jones! and Saxon : days in Jacksonville last week visiting .
t here at the home land)
of her parents. accompanied by her daughter where they remained a short while.They friends --
? MISH Myra Horlong held a clubmeMinpr :Mildred. soon went out on the lawn where Lawrence Gritlls, of Jacksonville
y, lit the school house Tuesday' Parent should not give alcoholic ,
"fishing for love"
and u number of visited the home of his brother, Enoch GENERAL INSURANCE
at I 10 .
o'qlot-k. drinks to their children, Mrs. Major.
games were enjoyed. At the Griffls Sunday.
Friends of Otis Barry are glad to I The next step In child conversation
conclusion L
refreshing cream and cake I.. Sapp
was business
.learn lie is :Mrs J. .. visitor HAROLD
somewhat improve) E. Main. C. WALL
. was served by the hostess and her to Jacksonville Saturday.S. {
i ,k 9 Mr. and Mrs L. Morgan and chit A mother's opportunity/ I.! Mrs H. IrIN'',. At ton o'clock they thanked, W. Leach and son, Ed, of Jacksonville t
dron and Mrs Blake
1 I. F. Johns pent Sun 'i the hostess for the pleasant eveningand ; spent Sunday in I STARKE ,
+ .day at the homw n'f11': Song Onward Lawtey. FLORIDA. ;
and* Mrs W. Christian Soldiers returned to their, homes with happy J. J. MeLeod l was a business visi
S. Vnljh/ of Pnmpson. Remarks by Mrs F. A. Scott. hearts. / I tor to Stnike first of the week. I FIRE, LIFE, BONDS AUTOMOBILEJulius
Quito n number of the folks attended John P. Sapp, of Sapp, motored to Mrs Noonan and children of Saw Mrs. J.. 11. Mill wag a visitor to
the reunion of :Mrs. Connolly of Lake Butler Monday. nnnah who have been the guests of Starke last week.
; Coot(>r Pond Friday I :Mrs F. A. Scott of Stnike, district I
Mrs J. M. Maxwell for the past week Fred Moore is spending this week
,N Mr. and Mr. Hurip Knight, of organizer of the W. C. T. U., was a returned to her home Sunday.Dr. ''In Jacksonville Eunice "of :Maxville'

M1 Gainesville lelntives. spent Sunday here with I guest of Mrs M. L. McKinney: <>n. I. H; Hunter was transacting A. :M. Blanchard'spent last week victor to Lawtey Sunday. was a
day and while
addressed the business in Gainesville Monday. with relatives in Jacksonville WOOD
E. T. Stewart, of Wlleford spent I Woman's Club in the interest of the Mr. and Mrs. Harper chaperoned C. R. Sapp was a business visitor Bryant Reddish is spondin'g a few
Jfr the it nek-rod with Woman's I' days in Jacksonville this week.
his family. ChiintuMi!. Temperance Un some of the young people of Hamptonto to Starke Tuesday
Lewis Sinker was in Gainesville ion and aV, C. "T. U. was organized.! the lake east of town where bathing 111, A. R. Bowden of Jacksonville ited:Mrs. Jet Prevatt and children ViII
Thursday The following officers was relatives in Campville the first of Phone 13
were : was enjoyed, Chicken pilau was a visitor to Lawtey Sunday. Cooper
'i Don't forget to attend the B Y 1'. President, Mrs. J. E. Maines. served. W. L. Overstreet the.week. I ,

U. next Sunday: night at the Missionary Vice President, Mrs. Smoth. W. G. Seals, of Jacksonville, wai business in Jacksonville was Thursday transacting : taro Rev.: W. L, Overstreet and daugh and Snellgrove for
Baptist church 7SO f Treasurer Mrs. A. Misses Carrie, Cora and Maude
at : o'clock. C. Strickland. transacting business in Hampton Sat Prof, Selden left Saturday for his and ,
Mack Kelly, of New River' was 1 in Secretary, Miss Marshal Proctor. urday. home at Daytona Beach Miss Annie Belle Brown spent wood.
having resigned : Sunday at Pablo your Prompt
town Saturday, Afternoon.' This organization bids fair to be a Dr. R. E. Watts, of South Jacksonville ,: : as principal of the Lawtey1 1 Beach.
!Dir and Mrs. Hayes,, of Bradford, success and l'o'hlman in the community was attending professional Junior, High School on account of David Reddish returned to North
attended! church here Sunday night who feels interested' in prohibition business here Tuesday health i i\ Georgia last week after spending sev delivery, and $1.50

{ s Mr. and Mrs Theo Litchfield and is invited to join. There will Miss Lizzie Rowe, of Jacksonville, : Judge and :Mrs. B, D. Kelly of eral weeks with his parents.
daughter spent the week-end with relative be a meeting of this union In the clubroom Revival worth sold for 1.50.y
was a visitor td Hampton Sunday.She Ralford were guests of Rev. and Mrs. services will begin at the ,
!!. on the 3rd Monday afternoon Is a former resident of our town W. L. Overstreet last week !: Lawtey Baptist church the fifth Sunday -
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Surrency, oPine { immediately after the meeting of the and has a large' number of acquaintances Ellis Smart left for his home" in of this month, contiuuing until

Hill) passed through town Friday Woman's Club.T. here : North Georgia Sunday, the i3th of June when Cooper & Snellgrove
nroute! to Cooler Pond. N. Llmbaugh of Starke motored i about two."G.eeks'

.. N T. King, who has been for James Goodfellow was a business! service is scheduled
Mra. B. Sapp and child of New River to Lake Butler Monday morning.. several weeks in Green Cove Springs, 'visitor to Jacksonville Friday and at Grace Methodist to begin

I are spending this week here at J. W. Townsend and family left last returned to his home here Tuesday. Saturday .' body.invited to church. Every.
the home of her Mr. and Mrs. week for few weeks j attend th... services. Starke Fla.
parents a Salt
stay at John Beville, of Graham and daughter Mike Futch came over from Jacksonville ,' The pastors will be assisted t
I T, B. Shirley. Springs Miss Eva, liave been recent "Isitora and spent Sunday at the home preachen. by other
Mra. T. B. Shirley spent Sunday Mr. and Mrs.[ O. W. Mamas of *
: to Hampton.W. of his parents. ] .,. .
1' with relatives/ at New River. Mounteocha, spent the weekend withIr. .
'. E.-Baker, of Lake Gepeva was James Williams of Jacksonville, I Buy
Allen Crews, of Gainesville was t In and Mrs. J. E. Mainen. transacting/ business In Hampton on .pent Sunday with relatives your Summer Dre Goods at Plies Cured In 6 to 14 Day
i near Andrews
town on business! Monday, Miss Crystal Armstrong entertain Tuesday Raiford. They have the Mrund" monrr U PAZO OINTMENT full
._ Lawtey. t teem.Itctlna. 6l.. _
beet Blind
: line in the ...... 1ln oePr ,
4 t.
Ib .... - -- - w I country "iyi"-l w Itching PIkM, and ym o.n "'"t
,, -'r' ......... III .aNloattsa. Pala Aar


Ij, ..

f! \t .

", '" -' -' .. ...-.....-.-...._ ...H' , _.. .". -. ... ... ..........--....- ._- ... ...... "' fi

:;., :;: .:J'' M ; .JJ 7 ;Jr :: : ; J li:! } i : t1'_ tillr :"",: }....,,- '" ., )l. ''I.t,>-,>:1''" vu J Lj'1!J, " """, iiiiPh

Group Title: Bradford County Telegraph.
Title: Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Uniform Title: Bradford County Telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke, Fla.
Starke Fla
Publication Date: May 21, 1920
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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.... -

\ i.


- -=- -=-=----= -=- . ,
- -- -- = + -=--=- =- --- ---',=

1879. Subscription-Per Ytat, $1.50 : Six Months.. 73; Ct-nth. rajablr In Advance. E. S. Matthews. Editor and 1'ruprietorN

.... = - _ _ _
= = -- -- ._ .
-- -
=====:1: '" ="==:::::= -=-= =- '
)LUME FORTY-ONE. STARKE. FLORIDA FRIDA\". MAY 21, 1920. .. U'tmRlflRT'bIrN: : :

-..- -
-'- -----


The closing days of the campaignhave --
rry Growers Urged to Organize for brought( out several ngw candidate J. O. Traxler made I -
Agent a
The home of Mr. and Mr. T. A.
Their Own Protection *. business! visit to }ghtand( Monday of I Brinson on North Walnut street, was
lion I. W. Pinholster, who was a thin week. lie nays that the strawberry -
I I the scene of a very pleasant social afl I
candidate for county commissioner for growers of that section hnve
The Local Farmers Educational anli.. .;CITIES IN EVERY SECTION AN-J' CLUB MEETINGS IN BRADFORD l fair on Thursday evening. The entertainment -
district failed to make his made a this and all
-operative Union of America, No. No. 6, expense -i M1UNCE REDUCTIONS RANG.t' I' success season al'ewSIl was "An Arm and Waist
09, will in the near future submit toe statement within the time specified I I i INC: ROM 20 PER CENT TO A County Agent JT 0. Traxler U conducting ]| their pleased shipment with the receipt/ from Social," given under the managementof
by the law and was ruled out. ,
farmers of this community an op- SALE WITHOUT ANY PROFIT.I regular monthly meetingswith I These !Mr. O. C. Sweat for the benefit of ,
lie had been called from homeat 1 fortunate were fortunate in
rtunity never before afforded them, away WAVE OF CAUTION BEGINS TO the club \lmcmba, of Bradford'' the repairing fund for the Methodist
the time and in this overlooked 'I having a whole-souled, experienced
mel)', that of applying: for member. way 'I S\\ EI-f' BUSINESS WORLD.A county, meeting at the school houses church. Invitations had been sent out '
Kip in this time honored and worthy the statement. Following thin development I man to direct their shipments and instead to the effect that
J{. P. Gainey, of Brookcr entered throughout the county, With the assistance of picking them all if they were
Organization. I wave of price cutting in retail '' of tale club agents, he i is l h "Each gill must measure her waist
the race for commissioner.! I geese y pocketing an unreasonable
There is no doubt but that this I.e isage
I clothing coats reaching from the Mis- giving lantern slide lerures covering with cure,
Gainey is a well known citizen of the or unwarranted commission, he simply
of co-operation and organizaon. Brooker section and comes Into the siisippi valley to the Pacific coast is the club work of the ,various projects directs the shipments and allows- A penny an inch will be her fare. J

We have played too long Intoe race with strong,: backing from his being reported. Dispatches from 24 being carried on in his county. the returns to be forwarded direct to We hope it will be very large '

hands of unscrupulous speculatorsnd friends and neighbors. .' cities in that territory told of promised These meetings are being well attend the shippers. This man is their railroad . But for that we ask no extra charge.
have sacrificed the fruits of our 1| reductions in these necessities ed and much interest is shown In the Each man must measure the lengthof

oil for a mere pittance.. It is a prov- The tim limit expired tor new entries I i ranging from 16 per cent to minus I club work Parent of the club members i I master agent, Mr., express II. C. Wimberly.agent and pout- his arm
ble fact that a certain strawberry Wednesday night, hut Just at the picifit. often attend these\ meetings and I And a few pennies' more will do no
buyer bought, berries for fifty to sixty last moment Henry Gatlin, of Brook Financial show Snap beans arc now moving Inhamlll'l' lie tnt."
authorities say that the I a great deal of interest in the
from this section the
cents a quart in I'lant City, the er,.filed his fee with the clerk of the indications were that the price decline work that the boys and girls are ship The room on the lower floor of this
ml'nullwinA' directed In the
ext day this buyer bought a far su- court, and his name will appear on I would be limited to ready to wear j doing.! They are often heard to express and with of name the manner same cpacloim house were thrown together '

erior grade of berries in Starke, the Ballots as a candidate for commissioner ;L! clothing, women's garments and silks, I their regret that thy did not success w hen anticipation the return come in. and beautifully docoiated with ferns ,

a hundred miles nearer the market from district 5. a* well all shoes. I have the opportunities if the rlub I I _._- ...- - -- ami cut flowers, a color motif of pink f
for twenty-five to thirty-five A. A. Hazen of Drooker enters the Tight I I I and white being uwd. C
| money and inadequate transportation i work liethey! were growing up. :MRS. \RV.\RD) i.M: Kit TAINS
nu a quart. Why this difference orThe race for member of the school board facilities were cited among Mr. Traxlu; i Is rea(hing! many home* W\I\N': CLUB Mrs. IlriiiMon was assisted in looelv-
/ Plant City berry growers are or- for district No. 3. Mr. Hazen is well I the prime reasons for the movement. thraugu his rlub work and i making ing and looking. after the pleasure of

Rfanized and we are not. This buyer known throughout the district as a Delays in delivery of goods in which conditions better therein. At her home on North Walnut street her guest by Mesdamo G. C. SWt'at. I1I

fls an honest man; he is making a liv- progressive school man. much money had been tied up, together - --. Mrs W. II. Harvard was the gracious A. 11. Freeman, J. J. Smith, J. F.' Ca- I

"ing, or rather a fortune, legitimately. An announcement that 'the Tele. with inability of farmers to get | 1 IlE.' STRAWBEI1IflIt hostess for the May meeting of the nova and Miss Locn Sweat. The par
lie is doing business in a businesslike graph overlooked calling attention to grain and live stock to_ market are Starke Woman's Club, The room of ty enjoyed amu inK games and chorus
way. Why should he pay more at the time was that of Geo. E. An. said to work a hardship on merchantsin the lower floor were thrown ensulte singing, but the center of attraction %
[when the farmer. are not organized dreu. candidate for constable in the many instances. I may Interest those of our readers : and attractively decorated with vases was the wine, mysterious fortune teller i.

and are not in a position to demand Starke district. His card will be An officer in one of the leading department who do not know, that the stiaw. and bowie of gladioli sweet and Mr. L. A. Yates, of Tallahassee
heir price. found( in the announcement column of stores of Chicago declared berry derive its name from the An- 1 roses. peas who delighted the young people by

Brother Farmers, just as long as weSt the Telegraph. that the price reduction now being reported glo-Sa"n Strl'awberil.treaw: ; The president, Mr*. A. Z. Adkltis, telling of their past and unfolding
for just as long meant also that merchants straw; berie, beriy-no doubt on account their future destiny,
mercy as we cry Tomorrow is the last day for are presided over the business session and
'[Instead1' ,of fight, just that long we ing poll taxes. It is understood pay.that trying to satisfy what he called "ahystt'rical of the resemblance of the rurlner -II'I opened the meeting by having read incootott Towaidn. the close of the evening
'shall of the plant to straw". We are delirious pat of punch and sandwiches
be downtrodden and disrespected about 2000 electors will be qualified to demand from the public for a bl'8utiful.'ollt', which was
business associates.. lower price" These reduc- told by the scientist that the juicy. were nerved.
your current
vote in the primary. There were up. followed by roll Call, twenty-nine of
tions he paid : be red and edible fruit of any of the --_..------ ---
As has been understood, it is not ward of 100 new registrations in the might only temporary .p"I I I the member r"flloon.linaThrt'e ladies
the intention of this organization to Starke voting precinct. If all have I des ofthe rosaceous genus> Fragariaare applied) for club membership. After DEATH OP !MRS. UJVENIA:: JOY-

:force the members to ship, buy or sell qualified there should be about 600 A financial authority said that if strawberries' notwithstanding thatit | the reading of the minute of, the! NEK
hrough the union unions it is to their. votes' cast In Starke. reports of price cutting were depend is not 'properly a berry but, rather previous meeting by Mrs. L. A. Davis -

'advantage to do so. But we hope to able they indicated a tendency towarda an enlarged 'pulpy receptacle, bear! : the president called for annual re. The entire community of Manningwas

make the opportunities afforded by I IN MEMORIAM reduction in inventories. Though ing numerous. seeil-like achenes. It poits from officer and committee. deeply grieved when they htlard'
the union so attractive that they will this might be temporary, he said it is generally/considered that the culti- chairmen. the news of the death of Mr*. Luven- '

find it, to their advantage to-' avail The interment of the remains of was undoubtedly good, in that it nuggeRtcd vated stiawberry sprang from four I Mr*. O. J. Griflln, treasurer, !gave la Joyner the beautiful young wife of

themselves of such. the late J. B. Roney, who died May I that merchant were going different I\pt't"ie.-V'M, the Alpinestrawberi'y the following condensed report: Paid Loe Joyner.Thl .

This very fall and winter we sold 10th; took place at Kingsley lake cemetery ahead more cautiously.In of Europe; MiMchatta, the out from, Oct. 16th to May 1st, $214.03ihposltc.d ): sad death occurred at the

evveet potatoes to local buyers for Wednesday, Rev. R. D. Bower, TopeKa, Kan., a men's clothingfirm hautboU, of Europe,. ; Viiginfitna. of. during! the year 25400.() home of her father, J. I D. McCormick
the Eastern Unit one and one-half cents pound and of the Second Advent Christian church announced aN'no profit sale," declaring Amount on )hand H9.4t: near Manning, III Baker county She
not fifty miles away these same potatoes conducting the obsequies. I that it would bad. !ta promises of $SouUi bren Anieiiia., ttrswberryplants : I Mrs. F. A, Scott, chairman li'nisla. wild Die victim of typhoid fever anti

sold for six to seven cents. Who Mr. Roney was born in Connecticut to the end of the sale >y lettirg a have described 811 lttmlella tive depuitmcnt, reported one ", va confined to her )'bed thieo week.*
made the profit? Who should have 72 years ago, his father being a cll'r.1 fair price commissioner or a committee hertm foi ming n trown or tuft, with ling held under this department, tno before death canto to/her relief at two
made it7Without gyman of the Second Advent Christian namod by him' take possession of trifoliolHte 1.n.8, iiymoHt.\ white flowers 'I main feature of which wn a fitiper o'cloik May llth.Mr .

members loyal and church, and the deceased grew : its books and account etc. The strawberry i ila plant of written by Mrs. 1>. E. Knight, t-iitit- *. Joyner was formerly of Bradford -
cannot to progressive up in this faith and practiced its i Twenty per cent cut were the most wide dissemination, both in its wild ;I led The Legal Right of Women of county but later SIte" moved with
we accomplish -
teachings during his whole life. lie popular. On the Pacific.coast Tacoma and cultivated stales, and Us fruit Uueliomud Florida." This paper' wa. printed in her father to Itukcr county: where ch,
anything worth while, no we are J I dealer announced cuts from 20 l at the table of both prince the became tho bride of Mr, lie) Joyner.
i inaugurating a drive was ,twice married, two sons being per- Telegraph: the Apnlachicola Time
beginning on the afternoon/membership of May born to the first union, of which one, I cent to "profitless sales," -declaring end peasant. Along the hedgerow of 'and 'a copy Kent to the Bureau of (Information She hnd a lovable disposition! and won
E. H. Roney survives his father. The that on some women' garments prices the highways and by-lanes of England of the' Florldu 1'Vdcrutlnn hosts of friends, with her smile and '
I 31st at 2/ p. m., at the court house in the wild strawberry luxuriates in wild
second marriage' was childless. Mr. were cut virtually in half. for the benefit of other clubs. lender affection.
'Starke Among, and the speakers lasting for for one the week.above I i Roney and his wife, who survives him In Minneapolis a large; department profusion, and furnish a prolongedand !\Irll. J. M. Alvarez, chairman of education The Interment took place at Ever-

is I came to Florida ten' 'years ago, settling store announced a general cut of 20 joyous festival for the childrenof stated, that nho had held, a gren cemetery, funcnil service b.-
date Mr. L. M. Rhodes of the State
; in Clay county, Just across the per cent. At Knoxville Tcnn., one of that country. Jumping from that special I educatloiyil meeting, at which big conducted by Rev. Jas. Stricklandof
} Marketing Bureau, and an active Bradford county line, on the Peek the city's largest derailment stole country to Quebec, Canada or state i, Sister E: ther Cailottu, of St. Augulino *- Highland. Site leave to mourn
,'member of the Farmers Uirion. Anyone road. He (worked industriously at made a gencraidiscount. of 20 percent of Vermont, in thin country, we find ': had made a *plendid uililri'ss.Book her departure her devoted husband .
who has heard of Mr. Rhodes I
ever farming and his trade, machinist and on its entire stock, except contract the pastures redolent with the white *, maturities! anti, pnpem' haveI father anil mother, Mr. and Mrs. Jj D.
,, will assure you that he is a speaker bloom and the red ripe. fruit Of the
price articles. Shoe reduction McCormick of three sister
boat builder until an affection of can I beon taken to the Inmate of the. Stale Manning, ,
f of unusual ability and eloquence.This cer which he suffered from became were also announced.One wild strawberry in early ,spring, ; and i Prison Farm. Sister 1 Esther Carlotta Miss ()ha llelle !McCormick, of Manning .

is the time to show your loy- so acute as to confine him to his room. of the largest Omaha, Neb.. rfb it is, no matter whither we go in had also dclivcicd an aitI"I'1I1at the Mrs. K.; C. Johns, of Starke!,
alty. Don't wait for the other man Mr. E. It. 4loney come from Lynn, department' stores announced a flat the more or less frigid or temperatezones State Farm. Mr*. A. J. \Hilliaid' of Nichols; three

.to. work up an effective organization, Mass., to be present at hia father's reduction of 30 per cent in selling we find the, strawberry hall I Mrs., heWitt C. Jones, &hiairrnanmusic brothers. Messrs. 'Carl and Ellison
hoping to come in iir time to reap the funeral and wind up the affairs of the prices and a large men' clothing establishment gained: a foothold. It 'ill questionable i'I committee, Irportrd that music McCormick, of Manning, and J. O.
benefits but come in and help organ- announced 20 cent if, in the' whole list of our fruits, McCormick of Starke beside large
deceased!' after which he will\ return, a per had been ranged; for each club meeting a
> Iza now. It means thousands of dollars accompanied by his stepmother, who reduction. Three. other stores announced there can be found a more universal with the exception of the April number of friend

'; to this community the same as will make her future home with her a 20 per cent reduction Sat- favorite than the strawberry; orwliefe i| meeting which was entirely devoted She wu u member of the Missionary -

it has meant to Hastings, Plant City sister in Lynn. Mrs. Roney has many urday. good management; 1 I. found, a j Ito business. A special musical prog Baptist church.
[ and other localities where the farmer friends here who will miss her'very "The market broke three or four more profitable crop to ,grow.: There I' ram will be held next month at the -- --.- --
has organized. week said Brand is are but few place on earth where the LITTI.K LOIS ADKIN8' PARTY
much. The bereave family have the ago George home of Mr D. C Jones.
Come out to the speaking at the heartfelt sympathy of all who know head of the store; which made the 301,j 1 I strawberry cannot be grown, provld1 I' Mr*. T. N. Limhaugh, chairman -
above mentioned date and be convinc- I per cent cut: "All other reason. are 'ed that man doei. his part in fitting standing school committee, reported Little Miss Loll Adkltis
them. youngestdaughter
_ _ for it an environment( suitable to its ,
.ed. bunk. We must clear out stocks in ( the wrirk this committee
I Important /: of Col. and Mr*. A. 'z. Ad-
CARD OF THANKS readiness for new prices The break nature. But, nevertheless) it must be i hall done in the school. For the bene. kin, had a beautiful birthday party

DEATH OF DR. JOLLYDr. does not apply to all goods, but nearly ,I I remembered that strawberries, like I fit of the teacher, a rest room was Saturday afternoon, thi little lady

Thank. are too poor to express our all cotton and woolen! !food remain all other fruits or plant have a pref. I furnished with rocking chair, couth, having reached the ago of three years. '
Andrew Jolly passed away Friday i sentiment for the kindness and assistance I high." I. ('renrto certain soil and to a certain I rug, etc. Also a medicine cabinet I" The wee liostoas wearing a dainty

the 14th inst., at 11:::10 1'.' m., at | shown us in our late bereavement I Price Dropping in Plant City climate.. We have seen_ straw |ivlth a few first aid drugs A committeo frock in pink
his home in Waldo. His death came by our many friend Plant City May 18.-One of the berries of ample size arid of good hall visited the school twlco a her1 friend with games on the lawn

as a great shock to his family and Mrs L. E. Roney, Elmer It. Roney. merchants of Plant City sold men's flavor In almost all stales of tho Un. I! month and Inspected. sanitary eondU The guests numbered about forty and
friends, although he had suffered for collars for fifteen ion, In Canada and the Antipodes, but
-- -- cent each the oth. lion*. During the holidays, Mr.. R. ranged from wee tot to those considerably
sometime with a serious heart affectton. METHODIST, er day. These were collars similar to never have we seen any of such size I A. Week suporlntcndcd the thoroughcleaning older than the smull hostess<< ,

> those which he had boon selling at and flavor all those grown In England,: I ( of tbu dchool building and and each truest presented Lois i with a

Dr. Jolly was fifty-eight years of Sunday lI"ho1.], 9:45: a. m. thirty cents. Likely thi forecast a and Ireland The size and flavor of j I I the club paid for extra help.Mrs. pretty birthday gift. A particular

.'. age, and had been in the drug business Preaching 11 a. 'm. by pastor. I decided reduction in all goods excepta the strawberries of the Uritmh Ivies | A. Z. Adkiris, chairman of clv- feature of amusement wa hunting S

[ in Waldo for thirty years, having Epworth League, 7:15: p. m. few cotton good which may remain Ire almost beyond belief, The aroma ,,1 lea, repoited that in November is civicI for candy hi arts which liar been hidden .
business about '! 8 by Rev. J. A. liigh; on account of the fact that raw from a dish 'of Htrawberrles In an''
; retired from ve Preaching p. m. I I II I ir)"etlng was held and an inti-rstlnif in vaiiou plncc Little Margar
months ago. lie will be greatly m's-' Rooney, presiding elder of Jacksonville cotton is still high. I English/ or Irish dining room per. paper from the Bureau of Information ("I Adkin\ of Gainesville, found the
,ed in Waldo\as he had been a proml- district, I Talking to the manager of one of nutates' the whole hous<>,, The late wag rend. C'leanun: week wasiItsrrved largest number of hearts, and for a

ent and highly respected citizen of Will preach at Lawtey, Frfday. 8 p. the busiest stores yesterday, we weretold Phil Armour once drew attention to i,I' ] in Starke. prize wu given a bottle! of prrfurno.
his - --.- --- that they anxious to unload thix fact in the following; words : "The !
To were
that place for many years. I The president gave an itemized report Among tins buy Eldrodgn: Robinson
{family his loss IB a calamity, as he BAPTIST all their high-priced good, a* they strawberries of England] are like the concerning this Alkahest Lyceum I found th<. 'IaiK" 'xt number-of !hearts,
tvas an excellent husband and father Sunday school, 10 a. m. { forsee a slump in the market and to English byway, an inspiration that 'course, which wall In Ktmke thii past and received u box of candy.
The funeral and interment took place Morning worship, 11 o'clock.B. this end every piece of good wa being can never fade from my memory." | winter under the auspice of the dub I The birtluluy foust was spread in

>ita Waldo, Rev. Gardner, pastor of the Y. P, U., Junior and Senior, 7 offered for sale at the ,slightxet' One of the great attractions to thetraveler I I $:JH7H9 'wa the amount of both rIcfipt the sun parlor, und the tablo wa

Methodist church, performing the lat p. m. I margin of profit. in the British Idles are the I and disbursements. ''I i tastefully decorated, with pink and
ad rites. Evening worship, o'clock ;, Hankers Tu Curtail Loan. largA luscious strawberries, neatly The piesident appointed !Mrs. F. A. lavender, crepe paper, pink rose and
Dr. Jolly is survived by his wile :Midweek service, Wednesday, 8 p. Washington, May IB.-Bankers of arranged on cabbage leave and beIng Scott, Mr. W. E.: Middleton and Mrs'l' ferns The table wu centered by a

nd five children, namely, Mrs. W. B. m. \ the country, through: representative offered for sale at something like J. C, Digg a* a standing iichool.( large cake, on which wa embossed,
Jlarvard, of Starke, Will, George, i -- --. --- attendi'og a conference today with the twelve for a penny by the picturesqueold mittee.Mr !. "(,01.. 1017-1920) ," the pink and lav
of Waldo OFF FOIt CUIIJAfKSOS federal reserve board, pledged themselves ladies in charge,: of the fruit A. H. Froomnn rend
ilanchard and Louise Jolly, I I a very enter Idea being curried out in every
p Mrs. Harvard her many Starke I : t" help the board In a drive on stand at *he spring festivals of that tine paper'entitled, "Legal Status of detail. Three small candle burnedon

lends extend their sincere sym;> I Monday afternoon the following I high piiien and to aid in efforts at ,country. Naturally the question arises j Women in Florida," by Mr*. G. P.I this wonderful cake that to the
of the local military company I deflation. In our minds Is It the mild l, damp. II I
3 a'l members Bmythe, of Braderitown.Mm. children. represented! fairyland in concrete -
- .... left for Camp Jackson, S. C., I Specifically the banker agreed unreservedly equable climate of Great Britain that F A. Scott Installed the officers form. Mr. Adkin, assisted by

_ _ BRIAN LOSES HOUSE: for such training as can only be had | tu support the board' new Is responsible for its unequaled strawberries I' for the coming year by first introducing Mr*. J. E. Wilson and Mra J. C. Adkins .
bodies of troops are assembled. i policy in discouraging "habitual and or Is it the kind of strawborrif the Mr N.
when large I' new president, *. , of Gainesville, served the little
Wednesday night a cottage owned They will stay there a wt'ekand I unnecessary borrowing" And to seek the Britisher plants. The American I). Wainwright) who responded. in a people with 1 Ico cream ('oneil. square
W. M. Bryan, east of Starkc was on their return will be more proficient curtailment! of ,"long standing, non- strawberry I I. g Iplett'lydestroyed by fire. The soldiers than before leaving. 1 e s<-ntial loan*" a* an Initial step toward the godx but if we can import a b..t.tEor kin all vice president Mrs. L. l. Duvi At the close of the afternoon the

jflding was not occupied and the 1 The detachment was In charge of ending the era of high,: price breed or species than we already i, a* secretary and Mrs. W. B. Harvard tired, but happy, kiddies departed for
__bbors knew nothing of the 'hrenl 1 Captain DeWitt C, Jones and First I and ripveulation. have It would be some bunlriMi policyto a* treasurer complete the official their respective home, assuring Lois

it wan too late to save the build- Lieutenant Archibald J. Thomas, and Mill Receiving Hundred. of CancelI do 1I0.-Strawberry'Itf'ms. I, board. The retiring president, and her mother that they had had one
consisted of the folio-wing noncommissioned I I latlon Order N i i .- -. ? Mrs. A Z. Adkin, made a very efficient of the very best time of their live.
officers and privates: Chicago, May 17.--one of the most U for elide (In clothIng I and ..
ow the fire originated Is a mys- past, looking r popular presiding officer -- -- - -- --
_ The building was situated near Sf'rgeants-John M. Darby, Julian i significant bits of high cost new yesterday stuffs, which have gone up much and her good work IK appreciated bjr

gator swamp, and it la thoughtIt L. Peek. / : wa an announcement from higher than food!, fuel, rent light and supplies, of materials caused by the the club.
had, been used by negro gamb- Corporals-Ceo. E. Andreu, Ash-, Boston that leading manufacturer of sundries and nobody wanta to be transportation breakdown, to merchandise During the social half hour little

who had been driven out of the brook Kelly, Chas R. Cooper Mettle woolen and cotton cloth throughout caught when the drop come with his backed up in storeroom by Miss Fannie Cask Ins Darby charm-

"p. where they usually hold forth, Newmans, Warren E. Perkins Herbert New England Confirmed reports I shelves piled with top-prIce goods. lack of delivery facilities) to cutting ingly played "The Butterfly" (Cell!),
igh water, end that they had been C. Ritch James E. Sullivan Harold that mills are receiving cancellation I| The cancelled order were a ymp- down of building and other operation I and Miss Cassie White exquisitely

_ Mess with tire Or else that a ma- C. Wall. on hundred. of order daily. I' torn of the general belief in business' on account of high cost of labor material rendered "Triumphant America"

of moonshine had plied his trade Privates-William J. Epperson, Jr.,/ Decreased buying en the part of the and industrial ,circle*, and among" *'and money, to reduced individual (Rolfe) a* a piano solo.

and accidently set the house Wm. R. Crosby Melvin )I. George,J, public was ffivwn a. the. reason. But i many Ubon leaders! that s>n ''economic output, and to kirldred eauMi The hostess, Mr*. Harvard, .*.I1IU1d
The loss ia partly covered by Russell E. Rornsby Walter M. Kohl,,' actually: ifwai one caut out of sev '! sag'-not a. panic but a period of which may mean diminishing J"I1"Cl1u. by Mr*. J. E. Wilson and Mr. A. Z.

__ nee. Orville J. Griffis. era!. The trade, as noted for weak slump-I* on Its way, due to shore Ing power of the public I Adkin, served an ice course.

f .


,UI\ -, -" ,. IIr '. .'.'I'iI 1 ....... -.' .a.:...:.:..:.. " "'".. "..., ''''r wt
!JI'' ;; ""''' -
'> ", '" ,,,, ,101-, ,

= ,, ';., . "" : -'' ,. ,.. ' : \ > '" -
;: 'T""I",1\'t' ,1':1.1',1"J'i" tw ;
.' ; "
'" > \ : ; I' ;. : '.. .
,,, .,1" .
1 I '.. ".' ., ,11 .. ....'. -

'. .

: e FRIDVY. MAY 21, 192.
,! .
- --

I IN REPLY TO G. W. S. WARE I ..........+.-..eerrrcts :e -- -- .
j. :
------- Wanted
tt': Worthington Springy, May 11, 1920 / '
"i, I am a discharged soldier now
reaching the age of 39 years, agree
with the first part of Mr. Ware's letter Mary wants a young man e i

I but where he nays it requires an who u'ill not fall in loner ,
'. effort to write flint he is opposed toy
pensions I should say he should feel Scores of replies but not the

that way at we have several of the right one yet. IVon't'your ,
great old gray veteran here near us (
and what Gould they live upon if it future wife let you write? f

wasn't for the great law that was Reply staling color of your \
passed years ago! allowing! them the 4V
[Box Jl.lQO, Starke. t
measly sum that they draw. I am eyes
r cure Mr. Ware would feel! some differ- I ,' t

t ; ; ent if bin son, who was in the medical '
a 1 I corps, should have been in the infantry 1.

and had loft his legs or prob. Hospital Nurse
EI ably bill eyes or health, like so many ;.&L'.w
of our heroes did. I don't think the .
Government could do too much for the Tells Her Case
may' boy that offered his all for his coun I f &
' try. Mr. Ware's boy had the privilegeof
being in a non-combatant branch For OthersNo I --

+' of the service the whole time he was I .
l ;t in France. I suppose this is the reason -------
that he can boast and nay that one is better qualified to judge a I ...
his i e What if his health would not effect of medicine upon her patientsand C lstb
i have permitted this on account of to keep hourly reports of these ,.

,' tome wound? effects is a part of her training. But, '
I was discharged from the army in 'if coume,' a nurse's best opportunityto Thets used to call a man "sport' ,.w
1018 May 12th on account of grow judge a medicine i is its effect upon *
ing ulcer of the stomach and was cutout h'r..elf. That is why the case of Miss 7 ./
_- of the longed for trip to France. M. K. Owings nurse at the Baptist -
I took my discharge pnd! returned ionpital Columbia, LS. C., will be so when he automobile
4 'home and didn't ask the government interesting, for this highly trained : bought an '
'for a penny, but one of the girls of woman has now told how I'eplax was _
:' the motherly Red Cross found me recommended by a physician, how she
needing attention while striving to took this new system purifier and the 1
make a living, and reported my condi relief the obtained. The statement before the motorists of this community.

tion to the government.: Now I am by Nurse Owings is given in her own THATvas /// ":
I ? receiving the small sum of eight dol. words: pretty nearly

Ian per month aml'as you know, the "For two years I !Rave suffered from everybody owned one-or The U* S. reputation for' .
ww j' expense of living is great. both indigestion and kidney trouble,"

The discharged soldier Isn't the on. said Miss Owings. "I tried different could if he wanted to. quality is not built on anyone
4r 3y one that whines as Mr. Ware's article medicines and did not get: relief. My ,
I nays. Some of our preachers of back pained be so that at times I fear- r tire ,
r this town whine around and get their ed that I would have to give up. Some : r' There was a lot of waste.s -

I railroad fares cut to half rate on account days I could not eat at all without V There is not one standard
of claiming that they wholly becoming sick, t would have an acid about motoring in those days

I t depend on their preaching for a liv. i taste: in "my mouth, my eyes wouldbe I lot of for large U.S.:Tires and another -
Jig, and some preachers that 1 know blurred and I would be completely A man spent a money J

d. of have as large farms as anyone tired out. To correct this (condition .< on his car and never thought standard for small ones. '
i ,, j-lse around here, but yet they get the a physician recommended that I try
half fares, while we discharged eolt I'eplax. This new medicine has doneme much about what he Every tire that bears the '.
fliers even have to pay the war tax. a world of good and I would be very
t -
If Gov. Catts is against: pensions I, glad to have others try it. The roots was getting in return name "U. S. is built the ;
;. and I am sure all of the other discharged 'herbs barks and berries, the Nature
soldiers of this Mate, will remedies that Peplax contains--are .' best way its makers know. '
vote against him, as we think that the splendid.* I can now eat anything I //
state of Florida has enough kittensin wish and my stomach is not disturbed. if'; how to build it. The oldest' .

it. We know that Duncan U. My back does not pain me and I ;" tire ,
When a man buys a
; Fletcher is our friend from what he sleep well. My tongue is clear and and largest rubber concern !'

t did for us while at Camp Wheeler. Mr., 1 am no longer waking with an acid nowadays he has a pretty in the world cannot afford
Ware, read this and take in your service taste in my mouth from indigestion '

flag. Your ton' was never in the ; Ib has done me a world of good and definite idea of what he expects to favorites in seeking : -
Z of A..... seems to have acted on my entire sys t

EDWIN,, REAVES. tem." to get out of it. its public. t
i iI i Sold by
:SPEED; RECORD- BROKEN Mitchell's Drug Store, The dealer who. sells him tv ,' '

The automobile world has now anew"Act' Starke, Florida one. that gives him less than Come in and tell us what 4'" :' .
a real speed demon. Ill*
name \I.. Tummy Milton famous on Raiford S. W. Smith he expects isn't likely to get you are looking for in tires.
the speedways of the country lint' ,

"' j his performance on the Handy beach Lawtey G. W. Robertsof any more of his business. We can probably tell you '
at Daytona, just completed, marks ,

him an the present day automobile That's one of the reasons whether you need a U. S.
peed" king. Tommy ban nucceded. in bills of large denomination. The 'J l

i clipping off all the records from (one bandit was later identified as Horace why we handle U. S. Tires- Nobby, Chain, Usco, Plain,
mile up to five miles net last year by Walton, aged 30, a postal clerk.
Ralp De 1'alma.Driving The bandit boarded the train at recommend. them to the or a Royal Cord. '
'? a Duesenberg car equipped .
Gilman, as a Pullman passenger and
e, with cords ho '
Goodyear drove
as the train entered Kankakee he
' one mile in the really remarkable went went forward through the train Select your tim coordint For* ordinary country .
,j time of 'i'\.1:\ seconds
as against theworld'D into roads-The '
the mail car. Announcing he t Ut S. Chain ,
to the roads
q' of 24,2 seconds. lie set 4 sZ
; a new was an inspector he suddenly covered 1 or U.< world's) record of two miles in 46.24 thty hmv. to trmvfl:
four clerks\ r
a revolver forcing + 0
seconds; three miles in one minute M For front wheels-The +
them to lie face-down beneaththe v
I 2.18 seconds four miles in one mm. ,. In undyor hilly country, U. S. Plain.
table. lie
sorting compelled another -
ute 3(1.14( seconds, and five miles in clerk to bind them and then I hcrcver the going It apt v For bestresultn-every. '

only mark.four seconds beyond the two minute tied the fifth clerk\ himself He took to be heavy--The U. S. KWI.CORD-HOBBY-CHAIN USOO-PLAIN a where U. S. Royal .

' I The establishment keys, opening the registered pouches i j I Nobby. Cords. .
of these
record -
evidently a knowledge as to the
;' .* .n a great victory for Goodyear
valuable ones and dumped, the valuables
\ I utraight-sidu tires ofr Milton's big into a satchel belonging to one United States
DuuHexbcrg was equipped on all four of the clerks and with a cheery goodbye ; ,
e wheels with theMe tires which despite
leaped from the coach as the
'I I the terrible grinding they endured in train slowed 1 up for the! C3rd: .street Fla. .

hardly netting allowed up tliene new speed marks, .station. Half an hour later a police. r. Ford Garage, Starke, t .
that they had been
man Roberta and Kendricks encountered I
lined at all. 1'ew persons. except\ a man carrying a satchel and i Service Garage Waldo Fla. :! '
those acquainted with tire performance :
{ ,
upon inquiring what he hud the bandit"omm'III.,1 _
fully nppirciute the terrible ..
a tiro must withstand at a speedof the first shoot.Kendrivks Roberts continued fell at Maceo Hicks, Proprietor f,1!{!!
IStS: miles hour I
an ,
to fire and the bumlit dropped, the
At the conclusion of these IIpl'cli satchel and fled, leaving a bloody I j I ;
tests Tommy Milton wired the Good i trail. iJf
I Fifty detectives Inter surruund- !
s year company that these new world's ,
+ i od the bandit in an apartment building .
records. were made possible by the 1 T
and after
much firing broke the --
I wonderful performance of the Let Mrll. 'l\lary Grates Tell You Her for 2, $5.00 fqr 3. i
door and found '
GOd.1 the marauder lying ina I We laugh at Poor Lo in I some RAT SNAP and picked 1
year cords. and mud: "Owl Poultry Raising Experience"Three Running water in room: $2.00 for our cynical up Y
pool of blood.
:> I large dead rats in 2 ,
next and
changing wheels years ago bought an Incubator 1 way morning q
diferent for
to get! gear $3.50 2, $4.00 for 3. I j
a t ratio I used 14 tires during my trials The bandit and officer fired simultaneously this year I've made money. Ratsstole Bowl and pitcher: $1.50 for 1, $2.50 Yet 1 dare Kay he reasoned ag well | weeks SNAP didn't is good see and a single" rat.Comes RAT In -
and the bandit fell back baby chicks. Didn't know sure.
j, None were specially prepared and until my for 2, $3.00 for 3, $4,00 for 4. As those who expect frequent raises' cake ready for use. Three sizes, 25c,
dead I'oliceman Roberts was sent to A friend grave me a cake of RAT
many were hurriedly mounted but the hospital., SNAP Next morning found two dead'' We have received positive assurance in pay nOc, $1. Sold and guaranteed by D. C yV'
not once did I have any trouble of any _. ... rats in hennery. Kept finding them. that Miss Lena M. Phillips National To keep up with the II. C. of L. j I Jones and Mitchell's Drug Store. (f''
-- - --
nature with my tires. I firmly believe Suddenly they disappeared altogether.It's I, Secretary, will be with us at -Indianapolis Star. ,
that three miles a minute speed SCIKNCKT1UNC.: WITH the convention.
the only sure rat killer. Take 1 +<+*+ 11*+ ++ !++*++++44'
is potable. It I. solely up to the motor I TILE MOSQUITOES Mrs. Graves advice. Three sizes, 25c, I If i ---.---- I r ,
builders for builder. of Goodyear >Uc, $1. Sold and guaranteed by D. C. Habitual Constipation c r-I : :
in ready with the tires I wul.i go Trying to Exterminate: Ihewe Carriersof Jones and Mitchell's Drug Store. Hen Scratch Baby Chicken Feed, : in 14 to 21 Days i i iBeet : :
after such a record tomorrow with Malaria and Other Deadly I Cow Feed, and :Mule Feed all\ sold ; "LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially. I SEEDu
N' Germs at A. D. Andrews Co., Raiford. prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
the tires" I used here in my record i, I: WOMAN'S CI.UHS CONVENTION ': cheap ,Constipation. It relieves promptly but' adapted to Florida Cli

work. THE: COMMON CAUSE OF POOR'': !should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days mate and soil Prompt ship
___ ._ u____ scientists say that the mosquito To the Tampa Clubs has been granted j LO to| induce regular action. It Stimulates] and ment from big stock. Send
L0\n IIVNDIl LOOTS TRAIN must go. Years ago they were' looked the privilege of entertaining the 1 I IWhen Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take.* 60c: for 1920 catalogue and week tit
upon only as nuisances but every. state federation of business and pro- .,."r bottle. I Iv price list. ,
Located In Chicagond Wan Killed one now knows that they are a vital fessional Woman's Clubs and it is Lo, the poor Indian suddenly -- --- -- Oldest established seed boufte
i In Pkiol lUltleChiengo danger to Jill humanity. Yellow fever our sincere aim to make the conven I, found ,,1.')QI.tc71a t6Ett7f>T; t;XJf.ilnl! )(,,,__"t I <+ in mate.I j+:
malaria and many other diseases lion one that will be interesting and { His[ blanket too short at one end |II
t' !May 14.--Hoarding the< ran be laid right -at the mosquito's that will remain a pleasant memoryto lie sat down to think in a manner I & CASKETS E. A Martin Seed Co. fJACKSON'1LLE4 r .

mail conch of the Illinois ('('ntral cloow Government, state and city those who attend.On profound And a Full Line IIf ,|' jUndtrtaktn' j 1 FLA. '
New Oilcans Limited early today, a health department are trying hard arrival go! to the DeSoto Hotel, Of a way the said shortage to mend. +
bandit tied the hands of five mailclerkS to exterminate him but that will not where reservations will be made for j I :I IHe i SupplietI .I 4.4>++++++| | fll I I It i I M I I I I1R&IWL i.+++ I 4

and rifled! the registered pouch conic for )'f'arll. you. Regixtration headquarters, tat studied and fretted around quite a : j'I U'TOMOBlLE: HF.ARSn : uawuu1C8UIP (
ea of gold and currency estimated at In the meantime we must protect floor City Hall Hoard of Trade rooms i i while, 'I Jt .\1..a>'s on hand. The best ser I
$80,000, packed the loot in a satclie ourselves. See that proper screensare ('p'nina7:30 Friday morning. Every j I Till of wrinkles he had quite a crop; ''I K \lce at the lowest prices Special I.1. I. fOUR FRUITS AND VICE- :

and escaped. placed in the home and .spray tho delegate requited to register (no reg1st But at last he arose with a triumphant( attention to telegraph or. ;
Half an hour later a man believedto I house daily with TORMENT. TORMENT i'at ion fee), and tickets! for the various ( smile, I ters. Registered Embalmer. TABLES l\ SEASON ALSO EGGS
be the bandit was stopped by two is death to Insects. No mOl.qulto entertainment features etc And whacked
are i,I a piece off the top. !
policeman at a streit corner in Hydn or fly can live in its J'a".OU8 \'a.I to be obtained there. Business session ) ,f" : Received on consignment. "

Park a residence, section of Chicago, I por. TORMENT: will not harm clothing \ opens 10:30: Friday morning, council Then with a sly nod of bin crafty old i DeWlfTncTjONESSTARKE. i Highest market return B

a revolver battle followed and the or furniture and has absolutelyno (chamber 3rd floor, City Hall. ': head !<, FLA.MorJakWtaRt(1ttSQGk'ffzfiCgjtar. Promptly made. Will buy W
bandit was shot dead and policemanWm. effect on human beings. i!,I The Tampa Clubs invite you and He grunted and said "Now me gotI'' I S) : :
Roberts wounded probably fat Sold by druggists. general stores back of that invitation ia the spirit of turn; !i" 54if outright if prices are right. ;

ally. I and dealers everywhere. ; the entire city. Poor La go and gittum a needle and W;Picked Up Seven Large Dead Rata Hayward j Randolph tom Market
c A satchel which the man carriedwas i Manufactured by G. B. Williams \, Hotel Rates: Special for the con- I j thread 1'iri.t Morning Using Rat Snap .
taken to the police station and Company, Quit man, Ga., exclusively.\ vent ion): 'I, And sew that piece on to the bot- xvSi"rltcs :N'.1.B"VEVe' Carpen 40 E. Bay St. Jacksonville I
found to contain dozens: of packages -Adv. Room and bath: $2.50 for 1, $4.00 tom!" s I chicks,Woodbridge. lost 18 small)) Reference Atlantic Natl Bank ti
one night killed
by rate Bought "....rro_.., ......_..._ .



.,-:-.: .."".... .....;. ;.. ."' .: '. ]&< ., ....-. ,." ,'', .' ., :UI.:.......,. '.'''.. J
'M" ,= ilJ: ;fJ\.JdL! _..;;,... ,,,.._ ,. M i -, t Ie.PAGE :. .

..."",,' "1'. .' ';"'i:... ,," ' :,oJ j t. '.,. '.:: ;". .. '.,,(J,","""".".." .r,: . ':'+. ""I.",,>,,,..,,.,, ', ;' ,,,",., . ,.' It ,, ., .' . / ( .'': , ., .''. '"-V71. **?', .' .,


... ,


News of Florida in Short Paragraphs.

.._ I.
rn -:n

Live State NewsTold

L -- .J \ Why a Majority of the Smaller Cars

by Our Exchanges. i "

-- --------- -
'" Come on Goodyear Tires '

Fred W. Ambrose, of Tampa, was iff'g office. A short time ago the dead i
instantly killed last 'night when the body of a white infant was foutfd near
car he was driving struck a telephone the corner of Fisher and Eighteenthand .1

pole. the authorities were unable to .,.i i iJ
discover !the parents.A J/
Jacksonville automobilists were responsible .
for the death of twenty- large quantity of lumber and timber Last: year more cars using 30x3-, 30x3-
eight persons during the years of estimated at forty-five carloads, .
1917,1918,1919. on Fort Taylor dock, Key West, be. or 3lx4-inch tires were factory-equipped ,
longing; to the Southern Bowers r.- '.
April was a big month for the cigar Dredging Co., and intended to be us k" e' with Goodyear Tires than with any other '

manufacturers of Key West, report edin the construction of the great -' o kind. J '
showing that 8,215,000 $ .
high grade submarine base at Key West has .

cigars were made.- been will burning be entirely since 6 consumed.o'clock Mondayand The i;: \0, This is plainly a result of the high relative .

Macclenny has commenced its elec-
tric light plant. The erection of the loss enormous- '. value produced in these tires for the smaller I,

poles commenced last week, the ma- Lieut. Col. and It
Dan Morgan Smith a cars by Goodyear's enormous resources
chinery and other 1
necessary equip'ment prohibition orator, who spoke in :Miami ... :
having arrived. several months ago, should not be its scrupulous care. I IlI'
allowed to wear his uniform .
daily and ,
The body of Leroy Cook, a colored -

of soldier tuberculosis of Suwannee while county in France, who, died was I "exploit opinion .members it for personal of the gain"St. Petersburg is the- ' They represent the same intense endeavor '

brought to Live Oak !Saturday and Interred pot of the American Lfgion.; to supply utmost satisfaction in tires that !,
They have pent a I letter of protest to
in the local! colored cemetery. the)national headquarters of the Anti- I has laid the basis for the marked preference i'vSO ; : I'
Saloon '
Express shipments of vegetables League. which exists everywhere1 for Goodyear Tires rt
leaving Plant City Tuesday were four I .......
thousand and eighty nine packages, Corn, sweet potatoes sugar cane in the larger sizes.
being one day's receipts and not including : and peanuts are what the farmers of .
Suwannee ". v\\ t+ ,
freight shipments. principally planted this .V. IIII
year. Some cotton was planted !but This real Goodyear value in tires is available /
A. A. Pauling until last October on not enlugh to cause much of a los II
the colored police"force of Daytona, to the farmers if it should be" wiped' for your Ford, Chevrolet, Dort, Maxwell, or :

is now assisting; the county commissioners out by the weevil. I t'; of these sizes .: ,
other car using one at our .... ,
in building good roads following I :
his conviction for selling moon- Charged; with having: transported' 1,. ..., nearest Service Station. Go there for these .
shine. twelve case of liquor in a naval seaplane -
from one of the Bahama Islands p tires and Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes. { : rI

William Carlton, a capitalist from to Key :West, on a recent cruise, / .--
Virginia, is making plans for a real two naval'reserve officers have been l' 'III 6 q ,: ..:. ,
sugar plantation on muck land at recommended for court martial. The I

Moore Haven, and he has purchased enlisted men of the plane's crew were a ft' \ "f l _. .
cleared by the board's
several hundred acres for that report.
pose. pur. '-, .. .. ' ... . ,
*- Donald II. Bacon, a public spirited! ',\ \ .
Breaking his neck in three places citizen of St. Augustine, by his generous "',' .,. f.} I
Sunday in, a dive at Sunset Beach, offer to that city, will make it I ,

Tampa J. W. Dingley; a seaman was possible for her to erect her concrete J: L.... '.

operated on at a Tampa hospital Mon- bridge/: offer to Anastasia Is Island.will Mr. Bavon's .r. .... ,"'" .. ,,,............ .. \
day, and last night was conscious and that he buy $100000 ,- .i \+.eiuMy. .
, worth of bonds under agreement: w
apparently'on the road to recovery. "
that at his death they are to be deliv ". x 3V4 Goodyear Dou"' Cure $11 50 Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tu!>.-. are thick strong tube that I:'
: ered to the officers of the county to be FabdcAll-WeatherTreaJ.r? L J3Ox3Vfc reinforce casings properly Why rink a good ctuiing' with a
With prices of potatoes holding a destroyed "'1 ; cheap cube CSnodyear Heavy Tourist 1 uhe. tout little more \
steady level at Palatka after heavy Goodyear SinRI -Cure $' -t SO( than tube of lent merit 3Oxyg, size in w..t.r. $ 511ii
shipments this week the real open- r I FabricAnti-SkidTreaJ LlL- proof oaf _______ a$-
W. L. Strickland. former deputy ... _. .
ing will be next week when those who .to S 'ri .. \
sheriff, who decamped from St. Pe :;.
: .
have been scratching around the cor , btw"t
A. T'
tiers to see how the crop is coming orr tersburg last winter after have been ') ,.....::1: f ft f.
begin._to dig.Erection arrested for embezzlement, and for .' "
whom there is a reward of over $500 t
was Keen in Havana Cuba, March 31.
a $200,000 syrup mill
on the big sugar; cane plantation of Strickland registered at one of the ,
the hotels in that city as W. A. Strick OOiAL "
Moore Haven Syrup Company of "
land and the signature has boon photographed -
Moore! la.en.[ has been completed and
and sent St.
is ready to begin the grinding: ; of cane. to Petersburgfor
The mill has a capacity of 1,200 gallons : -

of syrup per day. Harry Sloan the last deserter of ,

St. Lucie county, has been capturedby
The Rawmill at San Antonio burned recruiting officer Frank Ulrno, of
to the ground: Thursday night; the Key West Sloan had passed the draft
flames, getting; considerable headway board examination and was. notifiedto .
before they were discovered. The fire entrain for camp, but instead he -
alarm was given and a large crowd entrained in the big Cypress swamp court in Pensacola returned a verdictof Willie Maker, colored, of Tampa, (7Q::'l l7 -1't_ y5i1: '
gathered; but could do nothing; to save with the Indians until the war was guilty against E. M. Applt-gate) a charged, with disorderly conduct, by U/,, '
the machinery. The lumber on the over and on Saturday he visited rela- grocer; accused of making an unlaw .riding tin seat of street far rtiwrvortfor !! ,
yard and cars was saved. tives at Sebastian and Fellsmerc and ful profit in sugar. It was testified white people only, was discharged)
( told them many stories of his exploitsin that Applegate bought sugar at $lf.'iOa In police court Thursday morning on I I'm a-Coming-
Tampa mail carriers have taken advantage France. hundred pounds and sold it at retail 1 account of a misunderstanding II emu:;: ?
; of the government's ruling' at the rate of $35 a hundred. Five suiting In the witnesses! ' in his .'''rl'-I ,

allowing them to don overalls. They I Commodore W. E. Frisbie of the other grocers are to be! tried on charges I showing up fifteen minutes late Jrt? jYl ,
are saving $7.75 per man on summer Buckeye club of Columbus, Ohio, who ( of profiteering in suifar. In chaig- ||'thl' nt-irro did not i-scape' lightly: at 'I'; 'I ,g
quipment. They have also discarded' has been a winter resident of Palm ing the grand jury ivcvntly. Judge W. i that-for in police court lie- still showed I ,
fine shirts, ties and coats. The high; Beach has purchased the smallest lit U. Sheppard announced he would give I very visible signs of a boating ad.I 1 ."f ,_arm
school boys have decided to discard censed motorboat in America built at the limit of the law to persons, con I ministered by u crowd of angry; white :C ; \ j.a1 I.
coats and to buy no new shoes while the Fowler marine yards, measuring victed of profiteering Me will pans men who were on or near the Michigan i ctzTo >lf .
the girls will wear simple frocks. only six feet nine inches in length; and sentence later. avrnue street car when he made i i -*

22 inches in width lIe will take this. on insulting remark Wednesday nightto get dollar of your money and to
The dead body of a white male infant home with him as a souvenir of West Plant City was astir with excitement a white woman paimc-nger. 'I'ht'l jn I
was found Wednesday afternoon Palm Beach The little bout will carry for a couple of hours Wednesday woman got on the car with her hus I lei enter your name for a year's subscription ri.
corner of Union apd Spearing;, Jacksonville 200 pounds weight and has a half I afternoon, when Parker Watson a ne- bund, t and al\ the negro was sitting InIis ,-, for I
and turned over to the sher- horse power Weiss engine; Rro sentenced a year ago-to two'yearson seat next the white people in the 'f
---. I the chaingang for grand larceny, car, while seats back of him were vacant 1"1" 'II

Involving a consideration of overa and who escaped from the county tho white man requested him to I '1le COUNTRY I
million und a half dollars and representing poor house two days ago; Btartud out move Imck. Baker Hiiiil.l he wax ICl.t.tinst ;' I
I one of the largest real estate with the evident intent of "cleaningup" off at the next stop and ringing, I-I
deals ever consummated in that the town, Tho negrvls said to I calked
It I section, papers are now being recorded I' have usHaultcd a liriTo woman, and l ,' wailiiifr, other pasM'tigcr: noted that : GENT: LF :MAN I. i
, + Helps covering; the transfer of a large when number of other noirfntis formed I In- made motions with his hand, di-
, block of land in St. Lucie Okoecho- a posse to'cllt'h him, fled thfudgh( ,(>"tt'11 at the white man and! hill wife.
fi, There can be no doubt bee and Qxceola] counties from the I! the city shooting at everyone WM* Upon alighting he walked buck I>list The Great Notional Farm VVetkly is I .

as to the merit of Cardui, Security Investment Company of 1 tried to halt bin progresM. The negro i the white woman and mad Home remark i l= almost the only thing in the world thathasn't jI j
the woman's tonic, in I wan getting near but 1n(i tho effect thnt "We nigger
Brunswick, ('a., to the ConsolidatedLand ; a swamp Deputy I
. troubles the treatment peculiar of many to Co, of Jacksonville. The acreage Dudley and Marshal Hampton, in are fixing" to urn Homclullig about you Id Rone; up in price But the dol t tIi

I +: :: women. The thousands + I ; is. between iO.OOO( and 1 80,000. an auto, almost cut off his escape before white folks in these cars! / Ili-forp ;I lar that buys only fifty cents' worth of
of women who have been he went into the wllmp. They Officer DOlllnll'rnui.nlho wns ncnr-
helped by Cardui in the Starting with a capital of $24,000) followed closely on his trail, finally }lily could reach the negro the while ij most commodities; : will buy more of i'I
past 40 years, is conclusive the supply company of the Fluii'la running him down. They found him men had beaten the negro sowrvly. ; THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN than
ever .
I proof that it Is a Citrus l Exchange has shown marvel.I ..exhausted. in u croi.ching. ; [I""it".n.with I

'. who medicine suffer. lor It should I growth (the! three years it has born hiv pistol !gripped in both bunds ,I I..UIOK./ roNvi.vnox: IIUKAKHIT : 1 before -52 weekly issues! that are getting j !
in operutFon The amount of busi- I and resting on his knees. The officers '
too. I bigger and better oil the time.
help you,
IN I'HillT r rIliirtlealsrlywant
+ nessin the t fiscal year Just closed ex I covered him with their. pistols and

TakeCARDUI curd? a million and a half dollars I he dropped' hit gun and put up his -. | to netyour the Mime Imlii. Allatmutcropn l'lr
seven times the business of two years hands! at the command II Newiiik: N. J., May i'l,.-One man
.. oubetrll.llorllt..ft'd) | nil aUjut live- l
.. ;
ago Its greatest\:; value has been in -- -- '- haw iKch taken to the hospital andIt'vel.1I1 ::1
now,so that you inn road etnrk.n; ulx ut t
> dairying'
the. service given'to the members who ASPIRIN FOR COLDS / were severely Injured In a
the first .ituitaUrrtM/ ut
I can purchase supplies through the 1 1I free fur all fight which occurred at a : ifiul growing{ fruit and ,
, change' at much better advantagethan ; I special convention{ of the varioiiH "The Reverend Mod- truck; ..1I.IJtJut jKiultry ''I
individually. I I trade bodies which clkr"! in next vrrk' I.- and fx-caj; full directions I I
Name 'Bayer" Is on Genuine i convened to dill- I
I i ass the trade unionists. attitude toward sue; it'i a.tdenddstory! far Canning veg 4ablrs '.
Edward Anderson 22 years of ago I Aspirin-say Bayer raftdldates for the! prohidt-ncy. A of love und niyntery and und fruits; Handy Farm "

u ,, + The Woman's Tonic + of Pensacola, received much praise I rt..lut'.m> rocom mending support of anon adventure, f by William Mrclmnici can't l twain I
, from the father of the young lady I gerrtt'an policy of tho American' i i liirix-r Dean. And I thus to tell half. A..llt costa
Mrs. N. E. Varner, of when he pulled his daughter almostout a Prdrrulion of Labor. "reward your ore a score of other only $1.00 for a wiiole;

t "Hixson 1 Tenn., through writes: of the paws of death. Th young friends and defeat your enemies In I atoiiut unj articles in year. vicel'ma-cwining.j t tI
was passing lady, seventeen years of age had genie preference to that of th labor party
the . My back and '
times before the
down several
aides were terrible, and young MRS.
ksr + my suffering Indescribable. man who was bathing took in hi-r precarious I
I can't teU Just how ;T; situation. He Jumped from RAIFORD FLA.
,' and where I hurt about the wharf and went to her. He was -- MEIN r.TNDLE ,
all over I think . I almost drowned before he finally pot t tIe I An uthorind mihwtlptlnn i.'. ML
)' I pans Cardui.. and my I to .hallow water where she wan assisted I lasitt; on "Barer Tablet. of Anpirln" HOTEL TI.C....., n.Lidi.'Hu..Jo.n.l n.s.h.d.E..ioo.r...
crew-less andlesi to shore. It was then that her a "Bayer package" containing propel L, SI---II M II I.$2 b sa_-IZ.I.
until I was cured. I am father publicly commended the brave direction for Cold, Tarn, lieadavbo: JACKS'ONVILLE'ftAfurapts8Piah .. --. /

'1 woman remarkably 64 strong of for age.a } ; young man I Neuralgia Lumbago, and RheumatMm. >te tbdP mScrf<>(* a years
1 do a 11 my housework.." Name "Bayer" mean genuine< Aspirin tltfhdemarrc,SreaatU clod-N.eup! pCife'm
I } Cardui today. &7bIM i The first cofiviction on charges of prescribed. by physicians for air..teesyears. CDM8d CII.'Co\VOf\ to[v rylfj\J-lr( > -
II Handy tia boxes of 12 tablet '
lLTI | profiteering in the northern district ot few cent Aspirin at trade mark .Kcvtof. City'send for" Book l t .. had ecarcely been adopted when the men participated In the fight according *

+ of Florida was obtained Wednesdaywhen j of Bayer Manufacture of Moao.e.te. m wwouusniTM.ritWR throwing; of chairs became the main to the Information many of them .

a Jury in the Federal district I aidMter of SaliryUcaold. ,- activity of the meeting One hundred j severely cut and brul ed. ;,


I I'

_........., '_'_"'".,", "'.....,1 ...,....... ,....a, ,' 'h""" ,.-' S. I..I"" ..... . <...,. .. ... .".. .,"'..d"'... .., ..'_


y11M? ,tp 1 rx
..'. oJ" .
,r ""
Iiio... ...
.. .'
'/' '" FRJl1A1' MAY 21,. 1920.\

PAcE f'0I1R --.,... ..

Bradford County Telegraph 1919. This but restricted year's acreage markets Wall owing m1'chlal'l.r ; ; [ "YES OR NO"WHICH noon.Normal Mabel, Brown spent the of the week-end Lake Butler with . .

to transportation troubles kept our
_.- lomefolkB.
- --
-- from reaping the full rewardof DO
is growers I .
PublUhrd \VrLly.: and entered sea: -
their labors. evening Mrs. W. C. Powell
pooot-c.fljte atBtarke. Monday
..d class matter at the
Florida.K WHAT MAY IIAITEN: SAY? gate a delightful picnic at Kingsley; .
.. YOU lake in honor of her guest, Mrs. Irma e -i 'O! *,
------ a 'R'
---- - --- s 4L.
Goodyear, of Ocala. Among those
; MATTHEWS! Editor and Owner. A writer in a labor union paper who attended this pleasant affair were

thinks that the: reason why recent I'OLhS WITH THIN. PALE BLOOIJHEHTATE >fr. and Mrs, A. Z. Adkins, Mr. and 4 \ .
strikes have been less disorderly and
1 Lost.-Cleaning-up day for Starke. is because -IT.EL UNCERTAIN Mrs> N. Sternberg, Mr. and Mrs. J.
former so
bloody ones,
20th. Finder will E. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ahearn r ,u'l qtrwN'
Waa )last seen April of the striker have worn silk
and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Graham.
please return to Mayor Hoover KhiiU. lIe believes a silk shirt imbues

its wearer with too much self PEPTO-MANGAX M Y AIS
SHOULD TAKE The ladies of the community kitchen -
The Indianapolis Freeman, a negro( respect for throwing brickbats, while
state that necessary to indefinitely -
; paper, has "a crow to pick" with the the rouprhnecks of former days, wearInpr .
MEN AND) WOMEN; postpone their play, The
I'ennacola New for criticizing some coarse... shirts or no shirts at all, '
!taiggles Family, which was to have
I Home of that paper" statement In I Ii had no such compunctions. It may KNOW WHAT THEY WANT l vi w'
been given Thursday,. the 20th inst.A .
denouncing the depravity of the News also be pfissible that men who could
TO DO ANIMX) ITIt number of the young men who were
1 I the Freeman uses thin bombastic language afford to arfay themselves In .$12 I -...: I II to take part went to the state encampment -
r ( : "The I'ensacola News, a white shirts while shoveling coal or doing( IMV
and Miss Josie Hoffman
daily styling itself the "oldest news other coarse and dirty work, did not may be you are just recovering ,
I I sick spell-or be ,,ho had the leading part, was caljed'
from may
paper in America's oldest city, caw feel 1 that they were justified in striking a
fit to refer to this paper, in a most :, and struck only on general principles I system is run down and your blood to Jacksonville, on account of the severe -
1 illness of her father i
I monstrously misleading, entirely and to keep their hands in. But 1110 1 weak that you are in a poor shape

false, altogether unwarranted and granting that the writer cited is rightIn to resist infection Makes Such
i very iniquitously vicious manner indeed his views then the Telegraph: suggests ,j Rut if you don't feel and look ro- t
:' bust are noh robust. Such a Biscuits
? that union men also don stove : you Light Tasty .-
tY t pipe hats, white cravats, spate,'.'elde. I| state Us often due to weak blood not ,
A Michigan woman died the other boarda" and rold-rimpn-d glasses, and i enough red blood cells, a condition Boston, May 1?.-An entire shutdown -.iiothe7cnll "Biscuits for

r day .while she wan laughing over a there, will be no strikes at all. i known as anemia. for a few days of all the industries Just let thc'rc's a

Joke her eon had perpetrated.> We do Yet it is a poor rule that doesn't i I The beat remedy for anemia (blood. in the country or a periodic lay. Breakfast I" ""c're !sure

not knowwhat the joke was about work both way, and what sort of evolution -I I leHSnepg) with its low mental ajid off of workmen, was recommended to treat that <' lI1't be beat in store

but we pienume the boy told his i III likely td. take place among 1: physical vigor, is Glide's Pepto-Man I the Interstate Commerce Commission tender} biscuitstoasty \ *
mother the latest decision of the department the vwhite collar" men who 'have late. I Ran I today DS the only solution of the railroad for us : ,

i of justice-that the Jobbers ly donned overalls and jumpers? Will I'epto-Mangan:: supplies) the weak, I II freight situation, by the railway I. brown and all pulled upi

must sell sugar( at only one cent's preachers, college men, bank cashiers I watery blood with the very elementsit executives of the country, according i with goodness! For mother is sure

profit and the retailers at two cents' and clerks revert to.union principles I needs to put> new life into it. It to an announcement at the office of \ her baking powder Calumet.
per pound profit. and enforce their demands for less repairs, re-creates, and rebuilds the \V.riam! Chandler manager; of the .\ of ) because
time and more pay with such weapons 'exhausted 1 blood, the vital fluid of Boston chamber of commerce industrial She never disappoints! us

The recent strikes of railway men as their calling furnish them with? : health and life. Try PeptoManganif bureau and president of the national -

and stevedores have so tied up traffic Verily, this is an age of paradoxes if ) are "run-down. It cannot traffic league, representing 60- ;CALUMET
till it is in an almost hopeless entanglement and rapid changes: and we may expect harm 'ou-it will certainly 000 members This will give the rill l. POWDER
and serious Injury to business most anything. unless you have some deep-seated road time to clear up the freight !&K"ata BAKING

is already being felt. Many factories chronic disease requiring the phyni- congestion, said Chandler.CLASSIFIED never disappoints! her.It's .

are closing because their capital PLENTY OF TIMBER YET cian's care. Be sure the name "Curie's" N3TMADEBYTIiE dependable. Results!
Is tied up in goods: on cars that is on the package. Without "Gude's"it ADVERTISING

t cannot be moved, and others will close\ The periodical assertion that after is not I'epto-Mangan.: For sale at always the bame-the best...

for lack of coal and raw materials ten years Florida 'will]) be without all druggists.-Adv. FOR SALE-A new seven drawer 4j.1U1'I:1' !: ; Try ft.Calumet.
Some factories will be compelled to pine timber la again going the rounds. Snger,: Sewing machine. S. L. Alvarez I
suspend work because, ithey cannot Fifteen years ago Bradford countywas Wanted- Your Chickens and Eggsat ( Starke, Fla. 514tf. contains only such ingrcdlents officially --

send away their manufactures. Transportation supposed to be exhausted of tim A. D. Andrew. Co., Raiford. Highest ; as )lime been approved
of farm products from the I.uboth for milling and cross-ties, prices paid.> WANTED good renter for a good by the U.S.1-0..1 Authorities.

Went is almost stopped> for lack of but still many sawmills flourish in farm. See Dr. E. T. Campbell. M You Save When Ycu Buy It.

cars. These conditions tend to fur the county, hundreds of fine logs are DOIISONDoh : 5-14-41. When You Use l It.
ther raise the already stupendous shipped to Jacksonville daily and as You Save
prices of necessaries, and the stop many crossties are made as ever be 'onMay 21.-Mr. and Mrs. Joe! FOR RENT-Two cottages, one on

page: of much building and manufac fore. The growth; of new timber Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Johnson Walnut' street and one on Madison.J. M 40 HIGHEST

luring will throw thousand of men more than keeps up with the naval I attended services at Cypress W. Morgan. 6-21-tf. p

out of work. stores demands. Grove Sunday. .
The same can be said about timber Those attending the election at WANTED-Chickens and produce.Let : UMEI o1'

F HARRIS TOR DELEGATE all over the state. The mills that.cut Johnstown Saturday were, Messrs* M. me know what you have to offer TBAIONGPOCI4iCAOO 1

,, large; quantities of lumber care only II. Hurst, Gordon Johnson; J. L. Cash paid. L. A. Bennett, Route
lion. Frank Harris, editor of the for the large: bodies of timber. When Howling, Joe Andrews, Fred AndrewsMr. 'A, Lake Butler, Fla. 5-21-41*

'I I' Ocala Banner and the nentor of Florida these are exhausted they quit. The and Mrs. Jesse Dowling, Ur-

newspaper. men, has many time isolated! lots are! left and they are to shall and Clarence Dobbs, Dave Pearceof CROSS TIE CUTTERS-Write for
been asked by the editorial fraternityof be. found everywhere. The pine tim- Baker county, Fred Ambrose and prices and ship your ties of all --- --- --

the state, among whom he hag always ber'ln the swamps, formerly inaccessible sister, Miss Cora, John Hurst, Mr. and grades to Cress Manufacturing Co., -
born held in the highest esteem, are now gotten out by means Mrs. Judson Hurst ,<>f Palt'lltine1.:: Jacksonville, Florida.] 3-6-20-lyr
to enter campaigns as a candidate for of aerial tramways. Meanwhile the II. Hurst and daughters; Misses Susie
the Rowrnor'a or other high; office, young timber will: gtow' large enoughfor and Alma, Miss Eliza Rrnjinen, LOST-In Lake Butler about weeks Retreading Tires Save You MoneyNO

r promising him their warm support. lumber and ties. The ties are being of Lake Butler, were among those attending ago, one black and white pied hound

Hut he has always declined, preferring cresotecl and thus made more lasting services at Cypress Grove' dog. Notify me and get reward.
.'l to stick to his pout as editor of than heart ties, although: they are Sunday. W. M. Parker, Lake Butler. It. MYSTERIES---NO SECRETSPutting

his excellent paper.> Now he wishes only sap' wood. Though the lumber henry Stone, Clarence Dobbs, Mrs.

I to become a delegate! from the utatc- from the second growth trees is only Alpha Dobbs, of :Sapp) visited her FOR SALE-Registered pigs; four on a new tread or sole and rebuilding your

at-largt to the national democratic sap, it is as good as any for inside mother, Mrs. Joe Dobbs, last week. Poland China boars, 4 mos. old; five tire is of work if the
convention, to be held in San Fran- use, and if well seasoned and paintedcan Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hurst of Lake Duroc Jersey sows and five boars, worn a simple piece you use

cluco next month. Such an. honor be made lasting for exposed work. City, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I 4 to 6 mos. old; prices reasonable; same exacting methods that the tire makers use' in

would carry no emoluments!, but would The cypress growth: of Florida is Nathan Hurst, of Palestine Sunday. inspection invited. College of Ag- building the original tire. -

give pleasure to Editor Harris, and practically Inexhaustible. It is being Shep Mikel, of Lake City, visited ricultuje, A. W. Leland, Farm Superintendent \
I' wv urge the voters to nominate him. used for lumber more and more, and his parents, Mr. and :Mrs. Paul Mikel. Gainesville, Fla. 2-6-tf __ We carry a complete stock of these rebuilt tires up i

There in no doubt an to his fitness, and by increasing the dimensions a little of Olustee, Sunday. to 37x5 andfcan'make immediate delivery. Prices
.tho Interest of the state and the democratic cypress beams can be used instead of Johnnie Hurst made a business tripto WANTED-Man with team or auto
rebuilt and
party would be safe in hiskeeping pine where great strength is required. Lake Butler Saturday. who can give: bond to sell 137 Watkins L retreaded tires guaranteed 4000 miles.

Gums and bays are also phintiful,, and Louis Dobson) of Olustee, was visiting home and farm products. Biggest Terms cash or C. O. D. subject to examination.SIZE .
lumber in this section Sunday concern of kind (iji world. $1600
cut from them would be excel.
A FI.Ot'IUSIUJS INDUSTRY: ]lent for inside house finishing tor J. E, Douglass, candidate for tax to $5000 yearly income Territory FABRIC CORD
in this I
". county open. Write today.
'oll<'ctu'IIS in this section election 30x3
n L. furniture boxes ( $9.35.
and crates and could J. R. Watkins .
Dept. 112
St A citizen of Starke, who has lately also be made into paper pulp. The coring Monday afternoon Minn. Winona'i. 30x3 1.2 12.50
? started the business of growing sweet question of timber needs not bother Ury C Sapp, candidate for the office 32x3 1.2 13.75 15.65

potato draws, has for some time back FJnridians for the present, but it of tax coll'ctorpasst'd throughthe FOR SALE-My farm of 30 acjes 20 i 31x4 16.20.. 18.70

nipped from 1110,00(1( to 200,000 draws would be well to begin: now to look Dobson section Monday. under cultivation, good buildings, 2' 32x4 16.75 19.25
{ daily, to all parts of Florida and to out for the future by taking! care off -- miles went of Lnwtey; also 20 head i 33x4
I 17.00
f other states. SIn JI J nhtpments are the young tirtiber growth _. SAMPSON CITY stock cattle. part cash, balance on 19.80
often made by parcels pout, and the I time II. J. Thomas, coo| Armour & I 34x4 18.70 21.15

other day he paid| out $03 in postagefor I went out in the Sampson City, May 21.-Quite a Co., Talleyrand Ave., Jacksonville, 32x4 1-2 20.60 23.55
thut day's shipments Although yard crowd from here attended the W. O. Fla.] 514.8t"'OR 33.4 1.2 21.70 25.47

;, he prepared for big orders, he now I ... ... ... ... . W. picnic at Graham Saturday.Mr. 34x41.2 1-2 22.5035x4 25.6O

finds that he will hardly be able to and ,Mrs. L. Morgan, of Brook- ] SALE-One black Jt'rsor cow 36x41.2 23.50 24.20 27.25 26.95

fill nil demands. that will be made upon THE other night er, were visiting the latter's parents, will be fresh in Decemberpi, $:.10 35,5 27.20 30.50

his lint belle I w * .* Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Nabb, Sunday.B. Also, one rod Jersey heifer, will be 37x5 28.60 32.45

Growing potato draws is a business Phillips, of Miami, was a vise fresh in November, price $30. Also, 36>638x7 57.50

tha Znrmol lie overdone and our damp ,TO see about __ _. I' tor here Saturday and Sunday. one half Guinea cow, and yearling, 77.50

' \o\\\\ \In" itfruliiitly suited to this prodtoft. l. tit. *. *. . g Miss Edith Sloan visited her aunt, wiU be fresh in November price 42x 4 Ox 8 J38.00'97.50

Therefore we hope that more Mrs. A. Bioughton: Sunday. $G0. The bunch for $110. W. A. 44x10 177.00
and MY chickens. Miss Allie Sloan made a businesstrip .
men will go into this business Colley, Starke. 5-21-tf.
When we furnish he casing for rebuilding. Section '
Gainesville Tuesday.Mrs. repairs including
thus snake Sturke the center for potato . i
plant> growing in the state. The J. C. Raulerson and children, Orv. Tatcle cbOl Ttxtw. 3a31-2 1.75 5 inch 1.50

business does not require much land I carried my oil t' of Lake Butler, spent Saturday herewith restore vitality' hjr yarUytat and v I I 4.41.2 2.75 6 inch.' 4.50

and is both profitable and sure. The . *. friend, tithing th_ bl"..... You -an won feel tt*ftrcomn 5 3.75 8 inch 5.M
shipping.. of drawn begins after the Mrs. Sarah Jones lmn eompleteiher mine luvlitoratlnt" : Iffpct.: Price UK( I 9 inch 7.50 v.$
bulk of the strawberry shipments is LANTERN "" house and moved in, taking chargeof II
Per inch
I running 10 inmch 12.00 '
over, so that help is easily obtain *. *. . '. the postofllce. For Governor
; able. After the season Is over the Lynk Williams, W. S. Nubb. W. II Send us your repair work. High grade worfc and quick service f:

land can bo utilized for other crops. A I AND set it down Sloan and R. Guthrie made a business Campbell Tire and
box factory in about to start here .Ill ace. . cc. trip to StlU'd Saturday.

that crating can be had whenever IN the house Distributors Star tire and (Goodyear truck rims
poultry MILLEKMiller :
wanted. This is a proposition worth HOGAN AND MONROE STS. JACKSONVILLE FLA.
figurine!: on. *. *. *. . f'f''t ,
Shay\ 21.-Mrs. J, A. Reaves, t ,
AND a big wood rat is her v\ STRAW'KKRKIKS of Winter Garden, visiting .
daughter, Mrs. D. L. Clyatt. '
i Hems jour. Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Waters and family .
Front "Struwbeiry a
scared and jumped I nnimiictt to the votvn ol(.Diiitrtet
vial published at Hammond, IM., we went on a fishing trip to Dekle'sPond No: H that 1 urn a esndulste for member of

)learn that of the twenty-five statesproducing *. e. *. e l Thursday. .xld the County district.Brmrrt I solicit of the 1'ublte support Instruction of the volt for-
strawberries for the gen. ,D. L. Clyatt made a business tripto ra Mt the primary Action In Jnn and If

oral market\ Florida occupied in Jllll1!) AROUND and turned the. Bland Mondo)', vle pro.,t,._d .will of UN our my schools.: toft effort "A.",mn'HAZEN.. the DAVIS 1.
the eighteenth place as to volume of ceecs. . Mrs. H. C. ]'et'J>Jt's has returnedfrom !
111 St. Vincent hospital in Jacksonville \t +r
production, having shipped cars NOTICE OF FINAL DISCHARGETwo
DARN thing: over and where gnu was carried by Dr. i i Agency Eat. 1886
and 4!>.il-JO bushel crates of berries. months after date hereof I will present
Yet In the value of her berries she e *. *. e King for the treatment of a spider I my vouchers and final account to the 'Hon.
bite Her friends ate glad to ale Hen A, dardlner. County Juiln of Bradford .,
takes the twelfth place. The average many
BURNT up my buildinp. i lounty and ask to be discharged asailmlnutratiM INSURANCESTARKE
price of Florida stiuwherries Is givenlit : know she continues improving I I of the estate of D. E. Hall ,de
$10.50 per bushel, while the average .eccecNOV . . Miss Virgie Thomas spent last week erai.>dThi.
the JOth .
> day of May. 1P20U.
for the other twenty-four statesis with her sister, Mrs. John Mott. R. HALL.
only $-1.50 per bushel. The reason I'm going to. Carrie Belle Brown, who is attending .Imln.o'nr' of the Estate of D. E Ball.

for this high price 1M the earliness of *. the normal at Lake Butler, spent neead 1- I'Ut.7'11.

Florida berries umaV shipmentsbeginning the week-end with homefolks.
about Christmas and the QUIGLEY Lumber & Supply Co. Eurio and Wilber Brown attendedthe % NOTICE OF ELECTION !
Hv th.' IK w" vrstttt la them h, the School
bulk of the shipments being sent t w. *. .*. * box supper at Bland Friday night. I.... "f 'h.' State of Florida| th. RoaM Of
to the Mrs. John Mott spent the week-end); VHblic Instruction of Bradford County her*.
from the beginning February Vote For .
hy 0..10. Iccticm ...
AND get me a an u> Ir held In I.. ,
end of April, before the berries ""f with her parents, Mr. and \Mrs. Roland fl"If 1.' Sub School l r>l,trlct. on Saturday. Jans Don't Always Blame. Hens When Eggs .
other states mature. Even the far . . Thomas. IP. jn, for th.. purinso of electing thn* .... Scare

southern state of Louisiana is soN DAYLO flashlight so Mrs. C. M. Clyatt, of Providence, Van G. STOringen jrusti..yo ., t.1,11.1, n.too....ilrtirmlni.d. the amount of mll- Rats may be' retting( vthen>- U. S.
much later than Florida till the average visited her daughter, Mrs. J. S. Brown ; I For 110.' purpose "' hW'' it the said IK- government bulletins prove they,
I tins the followmn .... .. kno"'f
priceof her berried is only $,!.f>0 cc's. .*l last week. I W. F Godwin mon."T. J.h.Terry bon.and apgilntfd A-, how to ret them. Break a

per bushel. THIS won't happen again. Mr. and Mrs. E .B. Bielling made a He stands for clean politics I Harley RAT SNAP into small pieces and pUTt
E U where if
Lawtey and Plant City are. business trip to Lake Butler Saturday C. POWELL rats travel there
Starke f'hoITm.n u.' 'd Pub'
___ .A honest methods and c 10.otlon. Bradfovd SNAP will get them,positively. Three
the great strawberry centers of Flor- --- -- i I II a square ""nl,. florid.
the Buy Flour for less money st t Dennis Roberts, of Attrvt: sizes, zee. 60c. $1. ''Sold and guaranteed
one-third of
acre your
Ida Hardly
: I
deal for everybody E R rOPPELL.
Worthinlrton'l I by D. C. Jones and Mitchell'sDrug
age usual for Florida Wall planted in A. D. Andrews !Co., Raiford. was in this community Co Sopt. and Sc>, Stor


.. '!II<- --:--' ___..... ...'.., .bl I .... (j'"D' ... '
; .
W"e" dJ! !l i .'? '. ,"I; t't "... IJ,, 1 '" ""W-.1..t::: .. : :. iiafI",
.. ..,.!. '.tM..T1',;..T. rnwureolssSaXas ...-' '".. .., ... -....... iiiAt

.I.1"1< .' . \ ., . ,. ., ,. ,,,' ..... ...
'. -; ., ..,'. ''. _,.. ..f' ' 'p, ;! ,


.;', .... .ru ;
... .,


- --- - -

Maurice Langford, who has attend-1!I'the navy, visiting his aunt Mrs will be interested<< to know 'thMt he
ed the Lake Butler High School the ''E. Knight Maurice was at one D'I I will go to Gainesville in a few daysto jl
GAIETY pact few months since his return from a resident of Starke and his .. enter the University of Florida
of Local

Information 4. ( Friday) .. H. C. Richard's War RecordSome :

1L..wAt Omr r_..._ :JIa4M_". .... Well :
."WIt.... tm aa. c...,_ T_ Society Pays, r

for its vices
_. .. ("-.........._....---- r

)Ien'. \\irk Pants, $2 to $3. Stump's I Mrs. J. C. Adkini and little daughter Beautifully Qoiened. (Veil\ of the persons who arc opposed to the electionof

Bryan has free delivery every Sat'I Saturday, Margaret and ,Sunday of Gainesville with Col.spent and I',I Groomed, ,Fabulously Rich\ H. C. Richard as Clerk of the Circuit Court say

urday. Mrs, .\. Z, Adkins. Society is Afraid.-
a i they do not think his war record ought to count for '

C- A. Smith, of, Cla>no, was in Chickens ate worth 40c a pound.
town ,Monday 50 per cent die with sorehead Scott's ALICE BRADYIn anything.As ,
Sure Cure Remedy will save them.
Guaranteed. Scott Drug Co.
Enoch Griffis, of )Lawtey, was in this question has been raised let what \
l town :Monday.J. us see
Noj/lrish have sold in
: Palm' Beach a*potatoes low as f 1.75 per crate. "THE FEAR MARKET" there is in the record:
1''. Canova is spending several 'While Palm Reach is noted for its!
Jaya in Jacksonville on business. high prices, it has Statko skinned' onpuds. J The dory of a |"arasite society \ t;
In the early of and fathers, of this
.. summer IM7! when the hearts of the mothers "
whichNew York fear
Mrs. Ellc-ry :M. avlent to ArCher paper- county and state and Nation( were torn hy the anguish of parting: with their ",on"ho
Tuesday to visit her parent Special prices on all our: Silk Ireses. and of the daughter of ill editor were being called for service in the bloodiest( and most awful war in the history. of

I Come and fee them. Stump's. and owner who become: mankind" C American Red Cross,, with the sanction of our government, launched a
Miss Sophia Iteitmthl, of Jacksonville involved in the meshes,\\hich campaign to raise one hundred million dollars to provide nurses, medicines and suitable ,
is visiting Mrs. R. S. Fernandez. Col. J. C. Poppell and little son. "Town Tattle" weave for food for our bo>s when they should fall ill in camp or he wounded on the hattlclield.
Josie, of Plant City spent' Saturdayand Bradford ('mlnh"M !share of the fund was several thousand dollars, nnd the first step toward
Overalls, $1.50 to $3.75 at Slump's.Fruit'Jars Sunday with relatives here. Their another "woman The ending securing our quota was to find a mnn who would gi\e his time and such expenseas

all sizes Jar caps and many friends were glad to meet them is a pleasant surprise. was necessary to organize for the work. :Mr. Richard agreed to take" upon himself >.

rubbers. J. .F. Klckliter. 6-14-2t It's a Realart Picture this work' and responsibility, and he worked unceasingly throughout (the campaign. ,'
Last week.)lr. and Mrs. F. H. Lose "'e all remcmtter how proud we were at the close of the campaign; to learn that our, quota .a 1'
The concrete floor, of) Smith's Garage and little daughter! Lois, motored to TOMOItIWW-SATlIIWA\- had been largely oversubscribed.During J> :
St. Augustine and Hastings.
has been partly relaid lately. IOREItTVARWICK in K'I
While in Palatka they were guests of this time the great war preparations our Jto'rnm'ntU'rt' going forward \:;
Wanted-Home cured bacon .and Col. and Mrs. A. V. Long. "The Mad Lover" 6 Reels I i wit feverish! haste. One set of ollicers had bvfn t turned out front the training k

Lard. A. D. Andrews Co., Raiford.A. Comedy, Lightning IJryce. camps and another net must now' he trained. The government felt that more men of 4
The colored Pythlans are building a mature years were needed as officers. A call was" .sent. out for volunteers between the 1, '

A. Durden, of Hampton, was a vine good lodge Bubuib.for There themselves was in no Thomas-trouble Parley, the 7 year old Ron of L. A. ages of :11 and -15. Mr. Richard answered! this call, sold, his, business, arranged his af ;
,business visitor to Starke Monday. raising the necessary funds. One day's l>uvis, railway postal clerk of College fairs as best he (could and went to the ramp for three months of intensive (trulnln At

canvassing brought in $400. ? Park, Tallahassee, who underwent anoperation the end of this period he was commissioned a lieutenant and asked! to he assigned to .:1
Beans, potato draws cucumbers \ for white swelling on May duty with the infantry. 'vt'JII '"
and strawberries? l leave Starke, daily. Rev. J. C. Diggs of Starke, has been 11 th by Dm. Johnston and Bond, is in
appointed county chairman of Near the Silver Cross hospital and improvIng In due course he was pent to France with the Fifth T>!r!aten and was in the fighting .
Bryan has free delivery. a 4ry Sat- East Relief, vice Rev. C. A. Ross, resigned speedily.Tallahassee Democrat. in the H.. Mihiel sector. This, it will be remembered, is where the fortunes of the
urday. according to a letter to us \ great war were turned. Mr. Richard did his part' just' aa all the rest of our magnificent

Mrs. Irma Goodyear of Ocala, is from state secretary B. M. Srme. Tuesday's livery rain gave farming soldiers did. It was their wonderful fighting: : and self-sacrifice there that brought the
another backset. Beans
spending the week with her sister, operations war to an early close, thus saviftg to our country' .thousands' of lives and billions of
Mr. and Mrs. N. .gternberg, Mr. planted on low land where no provision
Mrs- W. C. Powell. dollars. In Mr. Richard's Kervic book his commanding officer wrote that he showed
was made for the egress of water
and Mrs. W. C. Powell and Mrs. IrmaGoodyear TREAT; PRESENCE OF MINI AND DEVOTION TO DUTY in the St. Mihiel sector.
are badly injured. On well drain
of Ocala, motored to Jacksonville ,
", '
Mrs. Raymond Strickland, of Center -
Mill is visiting her sister, Mrs. Tuesday and spent the day. er land no damage; was done. This, in brief, is the record that they say should, not count for tin} thing. : '

Jeff Johns. Mr, and Mrs. W. B. Harvard and I Come nd see our new line of Ladies And why should it not count for anything? }
children were called to Waldo Saturday and Children's HaU. Stump'*. ,
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. II. Carter, of) to attend the funeral of Mrs.Ilarvard' I' Because it is a good record. That's why.If ,
Lawtey is visiting their daughter, Miss Josie Hoffman was called to \
father }Jr. Andrew Jolly.
Mrs. Jeff Johns. her home in Jacksonville last weekon it were a bad record these name persons would think it counted for everything, \

Mr. and Mrs. J. I). Stansc-11, Mr. account of the severe illness of her and the air plane has: not yet been made that could travel fast enough,: to keep up with
..Men's Suits, $35 to $50. Stump's. and Mrs. C. A. Mixon and Mrs. Bicl- father, Mr. Lee Hoffman. !Miss her Hoffman aunt the spread that would be given to it. !.I'I'ft't'! ?' < ''t'i'.> .O
was accompanied by ,
to Providence Sundayand I
Miss Delia Bielling, of Providence, ling motored the with relatives and Mrs J. R. Davis, who remained in This committee thinks the war service of every one of our'soldiers ought to count t to !
is visiting at 'the home of her, .uncle' friends.spent .day Jacksonville until Mr. Hoffman's con. for something. They suffered hardships' and made sacrifices, and greatest' of all their "}
C. A. Mixon. : ? dition improved. lives were placed in the balance for those of us who were left at home. t'.

line of Ladies Bathing Suits
Messrs. Will Moitt and George A new arrived. Stump's. Miss Jennie Hull spent Monday and
Shoes and Caps Just
White were visitors t8 Jacksonville Tuesday in Lawtey visiting at the '

Sunday. Lieut. R. B. Perry, U. S. N., and home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Godwin. II .
wife, of Montreal, Canada, spent the Miss Hull resided in Lawtey eleven RICHARD CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE
Bryan pays cash for eggs and chick week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. years ago but removal to El Paso,
ens. J. F, Canova. They have just return. Texas, and this ia her first visit backto _

Mrs. Ella Jolly of Waldo, is spending ed from a delightful trip to Cuba. Florida. r
-- - --- - - -- ---- -- -- -
the week with her sister, Mrs. Lorenzo Green, the up-to-date dairyman The Clearwater High School \1M 1-.
W. B. Harvard. purchased a Ford car suitable tending out handsome invitations to
for the delivery of milk and now the graduating exercises commencingMay
FLY SCREENS MADE TO OR quickly makes the trip from, his farm 30th, and we note among the
DER. Quigley Lumber & Supply to town. twenty-five graduates the name of ,4
Co. Miles Ray a former Starke boy, who .
In the interest of the Anti-Saloon is also one of the class officers. Money Kept About The
The Wall cottage just south of the League, State Secretary C. W. Crooke
Presbyterian manse has been repaintEery will speak to the people of Starke at No use to have roaches, ants and
ed. the Baptist church at 3 p. m., Sunday. flies if you don't want them. Bryan .
Good music. will sell you the goods!'! to kill 'em. House Hidden !
day is bargain day. Stump's . --. - -- -- or Away

Bryan is selling Fruit Jars cheap SCREEN YOUR HOUSE( j
Mrs. J. M. Alvarez and daughter, Shim before buying.A Mies and mosquitoes will noon .l j.l
Aileen have been in Jacksonville for he here. These.. penis are not only .
the last ten days. natural object of great beauty ii the cause:; ofc worry and sleepless .
a rose bush in the front yard of Mrs nights but they are carriersof .
W. H. Perry, Jr., cf Mayport, is visIting Screen home .a
N. B. Hull. The bush is of vine like disease.: your ,
his iater. :Mr J. F. Canova for
growth, has a profusion of well-form make it sanitary and comfort f.
aevferal days. ed roses, and the latter are of differ1. *, able.. We will make contract prices ,
(nt colors. on this work. Quigley Lum- Is not'always safe. I It is often found by
Mrs David Wills, of Gainesville, .--- -- ber & Supply Co. Tt.
-- -
was during a guest last week.of Mrs. J. T. Wills. Sr.. more Mrs.different J. T. Wills kinds, Sr.,of has roses,.probably and others, and the owner suffers a complete lo'ss. )r

I flowers in her yard than anybody else A piece of machinery weighing ,
G. C. Livingston of Tampa, stopped in Starke. They are well cared for many tons was put off at the SLur ke <
over in Starke ;Monday while, on his and grow luxuriantly. A hedge f.f. depot trout ten days ago for the Camphor Then there are other'risks.. A careless or f
way to Jacksonville.Mrs. wild olive is especially pretty. Farm. It was built into a heavy I

L'; J. WainriirM has returned The candidate cigar, which gave long permanent After discussing ease nearly the :80 matter.feet thpughlcss' act may destroy the savings. i
from Tampa where she visited hereon is thoroughly the bosses decided theycould
aroma to former! campaigns, seen
Wilkie Wainright.If no more. The "twofer" is a thing: of 'I not transport the case and, Its .

you want to buy a tub of lard, lice the past. and nobody t mourns, its departure the contents machinery! to the were farm,taken so the apart latter| | with and !Money deposited with !the Bank of Starke .1 9.1IS

Bryan. much labor and carried on heavy auto \.

Don't wait till your v chickens have it A new line of Percales and Gingham trucks- piecemeal fully protected by first-class mechanical A

-start now. Scott's Sorehead Rem *,,2ic! a yard at Stump's.The J. M.: Mitchell has as- an heirlooman equipment and burglar insurance and againby ,
guaranteed of Isaac Walton's ,
edy is east end of Call street has again original copy
\ been washed out and is almost im ")o'y hhe and Fysshinge. Looking careful .
L. H. Eastman has given his residence passable: If the street sweepingswere through the book the other day he experienced, management.
or West Call street a new coat marginal note by the
.dumped along this piece of road a .
of paint.H. it would soon he high and firm enoughto author, giving: a recipe for a ht'v..rfalling .

O. Varies, a prominent citizenof : defy the water. I bait as fish directed bait.and lie went prepared to Smith the Your money in this Bank is safe and always

) the Johnstown section, made our J. W. Andrews & Son are tearing lake to try it and immediately caught -
office a pleasant call Saturday.Let down their livery bam west of the two trout each about 30inches long. ready for you when you want it.
courthouse. They have not yet decided The last fish caught jumped out of the
A. D. AndreiSs'Co., Raiford fit whether to sell the lumber or uso boat, and in tr'inlto recover it \\t E i'
with that new pair of Shoes! lost the first fish also and '
you up it in the erection of a bungalow: on ;Mitchell "
for less money. the site of the barn. even the bait went overboard. lie III l
--- -- now preparing more bait .and will
-- -
arll1ainllt'ry day at Stump's. I I SCREEN; WIRE. A complete try his luck again._ ___ __ __ I I J .
; DOORS in stock; stock of galvanized and copper
Cannot Be ,
hand. Prices light Catarrhal! Deafness
Old doors wire on I
and made to order. I toast application .. tnay cannot reach I
>> I right. Quigley Lumber & Supply U bJ',. dIHa.. portion or Ilia aar. Ti..,. I. -
Quigley t Co. one way to cura Catarrhal DaafnoM,, ;,
and ronatltutlonal ramady. j BANK OF STARKE
_.. -- -- -- ;r ALL'S tA'1rAI'tR MEUICINU: act :,
Elizabeth Breeze who ban fir* the Mucoua Surfaces '
Peek and children Mrs. throuch th Blood on
Mr and Mrs. J ...
the lift of the Dyatam. Catarrhal I>aafn I*
Clara Louise and Julian Jr.. returned many years been on pauper rauaad by an Inflamed condition of the I
t visit to West of Bradford county has been adjudged I mucous lining of tha Eustachian Tuba, i .
Palm Beach.Sunday from a insane and Tuesday an attendant rumbling ohm this sound tuba or la tm Inftam.d|..rfart h you'arlnll'hav.. and a i I I Iwhan Large enough to lake care of your every\ landing, need, and not loo
from the state insane asylum took herto It ,. ..I".*". I..afn.aa la, 1
that Institution. / I ..ult. Un I... Ida, Inflammation can ba th.1 I large to fully appreciate your patronage(
DYES" Hucad sad thist tabs raatorad to Ita m/r-
BUY "DIAMOND mat: condition I fiaarlng. may ba shingle mill start lor..... Many ra... of: riattrnaaa sr.l|
DON'T RISK MATERIALEach Griffin & cauaad by Catarrh which 1 I. an InflamdcnnAltton [i. S. MATTHEWS, 1'res. GKO. WHITE, Cashier
ed up Monday and turns out flrlt-clull nf tha Mncoiia Burfa., ., .f
package of '"Diamond DY.." con.Uiiw shingles from sound heart cypress A caa ONE. of HUNDRED Catarrhal 1'I..rn..a JIOLI.Altfi that for rannotpw anr I'
directions to simple that say half dozen men find employment at rur woman can dy. any material. withoutnN&ldng I I mill steadily. sad several more at 1trD1ciNle.: I
Jading VI' running. Druggist \ this All Dru.-'.'* ttc Clwrtars fraa.r. I
i .*. a Co., Toledo, Oulo.
1 has color card-T i.. BO other dy.l odd times Cben. I 1



.. .
C ,. .., .
ifflSKSSl, , .- ,. _1
., ... . ''' "11I fl .i r Ah4 l P

. .. .. ;;;:6: ..... _I '\ '

...'-! :-'11" -""I.:.<_" .".. ."_, .._,..' .._.,,"'...,.,":.,..'_. ,..... -,. ,......,;.;; ; "'0"' ............ 4.;. .. ,.. '1'" '.... :."".."Ii.1"". ,...;.;;,:..';" _-: ,_..1. ',.'Jf _'T/'",-_.-,..It...,".",."."."..",,., r-j"-; ''!: F 7 ...". ;.,9t 1:1J'.: Ffl/tmN:/ A,'':.'''

",-.f.. ..

FRIDAY MAY 21. 1920.

Mr, and Mrs. Ed Parrish were bus I 14 their bee gums Saturday and got 100 GRANDEST WOODLAWN

mess visitors to the county seat Wednesday :,I, |pounds of fine honey. t "IS I Woodlawn, May 21.-Mra. Thomas

Rev. E. C. Dickens, of Lake City, Crawford and baby of Jacksonville

I Mr. and Mrs Js'ewn" Byrd and children !- will fill his appointment at the Baptist ON EARTH I'I are visiting her sister, Mrs. T. C
of Tampa are visiting relatives t church Saturday and Sunday.
for few
I Williams a days.Mr
County; News Items and friends for a few days. I Mr and Mrs. D. W. Moore and family !I ,
i, and Mrs. J. S. Norman were
Mesdames Jim /Dyal, Jasxie Surren-,i i j and their nieces. of Starke, spent HE SAYS visitors to Starke Saturday.

cy and Alvin McKinney spent Tues Saturday at Magnolia Ltke. I Mr. and Mrs. Fred Crawford returned
I.. fact Gathered day at Louise. I Bill Gnann was a visitor to Grandin
terctln During the WukReular br Our I II'OL'NUS I to their home in Jacksonville

'v Correspondents. Will Jones vai a business visitor to I Sunday. :nuts DALE GAINS SEVENTEEN : Satuiday after spending last week
Perry Kite; of Starke, and Hogan '
Hastings Saturday. i the guest of her grandparents, Mr
Smith of were visitors here TAKING TANLAC. I Il'IWl'CU1' +
r Sampson,
a --I Tom Mills and family spent Sunday I,I WAI and Mrs. A. Green.
.o at Ziff. I' Sunday afternoon. CASE : Mr. and Mrs. T.' C. Williams wen,

LONG HIMi>rK; I day.Mr. Esta McKinney spent Tueeday in Mr! and Mrs: [ W. A. Jones were visitors HOPELESS business visitors to Starke SaturdayMr.

and Mrs W. II. Shaw and childi Gainesville with her sister Mrs.1 I to Hampton Saturday afternoon. and Mrs. II. S. Ililhajd, of Val.
7'' Long Bridge May 21.-U. D. John en of Brooker, spent the week-end Crouch.Mr I Mr. and :Mrs. Autumn Youngbloodof rico, spent last week with relatives.
rl of the fine lull section, was in our here with relatives. and Mrs Lem Brown and Alice I ) Wa'ldo, were visitors Sunday at the "They said, I couldn't live more than Mrs. Roscoe Sapp and baby returned

burg; Sunday. Mr. and Mrs U. Pons, of Louise, Kite, of Sampson, spent Sunday af- 'I home of !Mi". and Mrs. B. R. Swindel. six months longer, but I'm. still here to their home in Miami Sunday after

Smith ,Johnu of Pulatka spent the spent Sunday in this section ternoon at the home of Arthur Brown. I T. B. Triest and son, Sidney were and feeling fine" said Mrs. Mary Da a two weeks' visit here with her

week-end1 with his i other Mrs. Bill Mr. and Mrs. J. W Lewis and sons, Mire Mae McKinney, of Lake Butler visitors to Waldo Sunday, the guests I ley, of li30 Oak street, San Francisco, parents Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Thompson.

Johns. I.. O. and Johnnie, spent the weekend spent the week-end with. relativesand of his brother Charlie Triest.H. Cal."I .
I Mrs. Ken Sapp in on the sick list at Starke; with relatives. friends. S. Roebuck has moved his familyto have actually gained seventeen The families of Messrs. T. B. and D

this week. Purvis Lewis was a visitor to Mr, and Mrs. Roy Birt of Louise, Brooklyn temporarily where he pounds since I began taking Tanlac," B. Browning and S. B. Starling; spent
W M. Hodpea and daughters, Alphlc Brooker Sunday. were shopping here Thursday. has employment with the Lawrence she continued, "and to look at me Friday at the river on a fish! fry.
Iva and Minnie, of Starke, spent Mr. und Mrs. Brewton Groover and R. S. Wasdin and wife motored to Development Co. one wouldn't think that for several Miss Maggie Browning spent Saturday

the week-end with relatives and I daughter, of Sumner, spent, a few days Waldo Thursday Miss Wilma :May spent last week months I was unable to do my house and Sunday in the Wateroak

friends. of last week with their parents, .Ir.. Jake Roberts and Charley Smith at Green Cove Springs, the. guest of work. I suffered from gastritis all section guest of her parents, Mr. and
r A fish fry was given at the river and Mrs. James Groover. were business visitors to Jacksonville Miss Gladys Green. She. was accompanied the time, would bloat terribly and always Mrs. Wilkerson.

;, near Long Bridge Saturday. Those Mr. and Mr,.:J. B. Mills of Starke, Wednesday home by :Miss Green who will felt miserable. I had no appetite I). L. Phillips was a visitor to The

present were Hodges Mr und Mr Joe Hodges and brother, Wallace, spent Sunday It. N. Dowling was a visitor to be her guest for a few days. and felt nauseated all the time. Tessa this week.
John Mr and Mrs W. S. with their sister, Mrs. R. P. Lewis. Gainesville Wednesday Cecil 1 Moore was a visitor to Starke 1 was so nervous the least little noise --

Johns and Ron. Mrs. Ida Howard and daughters, of Misses Rena and Ada Thomas, of Sunday afternoon. would startle I Ime and it was almost No Wot ma In a Healthy ChildAll
The stork visited the home of L. L.
Gainesville, spent last week here with Louise, attended the W. O. W- picnic impossible to get a good night's sleep. children troubled with worms have an unhealthy
Clark Saturday night, leaving them a her father, C. M. Kelly. here Saturday. Hoes and Farming Implements at I had night sweats and was so run color.which indlrates poor blood, and ass
fine rule,there Is more or I lobs stomach disturbanceCKOVE'S "
k, boy. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Fowler" have recently Miss Frances Murrhec spent Thursday A. D. Andrews Co., Raiford. down and weak that the slightest exertion TASTELESS chill TONIC given. regularlyfor
Herbert and
Ititch E. M. Harrison, moved to Bowling Green where and Friday in Lake Butler on bus would almost exhaust me com two or three weeks will enrich the Improve ,
of fitaike. passed through our burg I j ho has iness. EAST sTAnK pletely. I lost weight dreadfully and the ditleatlim, and act as a General Strength
accepted employment.(
Sunday afternoon. cadaSTonic to the whole sya''em. Nature will. their
> Mrs. Lester Kite and Miss Bertha was told that I couldn't live six throw odor dispel, worm.and the Child.m!! IHlo
Rev. Mulludy filled his appointment i KAIKOKDRaiford Sloan, of Sampson, were here Satur months at the rate I was then going perfect health. I'lranaut' Co take. Son norlxittlustAtCO
'i here Sunday Starke !May 21.-Mrs. J. D. Risk down hill
I I day.Mrs. ad James Jr., of Rtal'kl''SllentB '
Mrs O. II. Cordon arid daughter, May 21.::S. T. Dowling Will Jones, Bessie Wynn and son with her mother this weekJ. '"Nothing helped me until I began
Eire of Raiford, attended church here visitor to the last Florence Walker few'Maya believeit
was a county. seat motored to Starke taking Tanlac and I honestly
F. Kickliter attended church at
Sunday.. I I Thursday Friday. Is the finest medicine in the world, .
J, K.: Douglass was in our section I Shepard Moore and Perla Whitten I J. I. Ogden was business Visitor Randolph. schoolhouse Sunday afternoon for it has made'me just like a new oaom

e electioneering Tuesday. were visitors to Lake Butler .Thursday to Gainesville Saturday.Jake Ralph Alvarez and Truby New person. My appetite is splendid and t'rnulr

A !party was !given at the home of afternoon. Call and granddaughter, Neta, mans, of Starke passed through: hereSunday I never have the Slightest indigestion
Mr. and Mrs. Plinney Crews Friday Messrs. N. T. hitch and O. J. Griffin of LaCrosse spent the week-end with any more and I never enjoyed such

night. Among those present were, of Starke, were transacting bull relatives fine and refrebhlng'lIl..ep in my life TINS ONLY
Gerald Adkins, Pierce Crews Ether ness here Thursday The W. O. W. picnic was quite" a Walter Starling and sister, of BlackCreek as I do now. My house has eightrooms AT YOUR GOOCERS

Sapp, Cecil Adams, George Rivers, Marvin [{itch returned home Sun success and everyone seemed to enjoy passed through: here Sundaycnroute and I do all the work with ease .
Roy, nay and Everett Renfroe, Henry day afternoon from Jacksonville, after the day. to Starke Tanlac has been a godsend to me :
Turner and brother; Misses Mabel I spending two weeks in that city. Mr and Mrs. T. W. Wasdin ami, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Thomas, of Clay and I would. be selfish not to tell oth MAXWELL HOUSE

Crews, Alphie, Minnie and Iva Hodges Mrs. W. H. PinholHter is the guelltof children of Waldo, visited relatives County, were guests; of their dough ers about it."

.' of Starkc, Fronie Rivers, !{r. and 1 11 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Johnson.Mr. here Saturday and Sunday, ter Mrs. Brooks Shipman, Sunday. Tanlac is Bold, in Starke by F. L. OFf'EECOCKRQACttES,

Mrs. W S. Johns, W. M. Hodges. and Mrs Carr Mccienny have H. B. Wiggins of Hampton, was George Wiley, of Starke, attended Turner; in Raiford by Weaver Drug
Lincoln B. pulley happened to an their here Saturday church at Randolph Sunday.
returned to home in Macclennyafter Co. in Lake Butler by TomlmsonMaincs -
accident here Monday when in trying a few" days visit here with. relatives Viola Reynolds happened" to the accident D. L. Silcox and family were 3 in Drug Co., and in Worthington

to avoid a bad stretch of road, his car and friends of breaking her arm while tryIng : this burg Sunday. by R. T. Taylor.Adv,
.went Into' the ditch. Bernard Jacobs, of Lake City was to crank their car Joe Truby was a visitor in this burg i ia

Guy McKinney, of the Wateroak the guest, of his parents, Mr. and Mrs Jesse Surrency and family returnedto Sunday. .1!
section, was in our burg Sunday. G. I D. Jacobs, Sunday.. their home in Tampa Thursday. Dire J. C. Carter and little granddaughter MOVIES IN COLORS OF NATURE"'BY

Sunday school every Sunday after Thelma Schell and Bessie Kennedyof Willie Price, of Starke, was here Marie Fullwood, were the TRIPLE PROJECTIONBy : I I
noon. Everybody, invited. Lake Butler were in town Sunday Saturday. guests of Mrs. R. G. Starling.of Law-

afternoon. Marvin Ogden and Jas. tey, Sunday. superimposing three pictures-

WATRKMILL l Mamie Denmark, of Bradford, County were visitors to Hampton Saturday Reynolds Mrs. Dave Luke is on the sick list |-a blue, a red, and a green-in register

Normal spent the wcek-end with Will Birt and children of Louise, this week. on the screen, a French motion
Watermill, May 21..-Mr. und Mrs her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Den attended Bible school here Sunday. Miss Ruby Strickland is visiting her picture producer finally has evolved ,
t Harvey Warren were trunsacting'bus- mark. Jake Roberts, wife and son i aunt, Mrs lamp Strickland of Oak, practical system of natural color projection KA>ILYKLLLDTODAYSTUalYO

'C mess' in Lake Butler Tuesday Wilma Andrews has returned home L. Brinson, pent Sunday in Starke., Hugh I,. C. Powell, of Stnrke, passed thru Each film picture is approximately STEARNS' PASTE

Mrs Brown and daughter Reha utter a visit with relatives and friends Mabel McKinney, of Louise, spent here Monday enroute to his farm i in 1 by 1/4! I in., instead of the ...... seas seta t
were in our section Sunday afternoon In Lake Butler and Worthington. Sunday with Misses Onio and Sub Clay county. standard 1 by % in., and three of WATER BUGS. RATS >AND MICE

Miss1' Alva Thomas spent ('riday L. Dyal, popular salesman for Graves. Services will be held nt Randolph them in consecutive order constitutea ...., fir a.. .T.. .!>.,, .M ..4.1.... l
and Saturday with her sister, Mrs.Gertrude I. StringfelloW'Padgett Co., of Jackson Mr. and !Dire C. B. Roberts and sis school house Saturday night and at three color unit, 1 in. wide and 1% osiDKit rnoM YOUR DEALER 7

Warren, of Ziff. !I villet, spent a couple of days in Ral- ter, Minnie Dowling, spent Sunday Kingsley. lake. Sunday. in. 'high, necessitating double the us
Willie Brown mill Alfred xlford! ual machine The machine has
I during the we'k.J.'IIMle with Mr. and Mrs. Roy( Roberts of speed. "
attended the picnic at Graham Satur- Mae Baixden, of Starke, was Vanderbilt. Ranges and Cook Stoves-and the a single lamp and condenser lens, butthiec ,1-- -

A day. I| visiting over here last! week-end. Mesdames Will Jones Alvin McKlnn..y < prices are right nt A, D. Andrews Co.,, objective lenses and three color You Do More Work, C ,

Little Eugene: Goodge( ( in on the sick c ,'I We are sorry to report that Mrs. Rufus Jones and :Miss Onie Raiford. windows. The middle or red pictureis You are more ambitious and you get more

list this week. John Kelly Is on the sick lint this week Graves; Floiencc Walker Willie Price used as the key position and is mechanically enjoyment out of everything when your

,', Mrs J. II, Brown has received a let I'I Thelma Parker, of Lake Butler, is Frank Reynolds Schell Byrd attended CROSBY LAKE protected from any possi the blood blood Is In have good condition. Impurities in

e ter from her sun, Elmo, who is stationed the guest of Wilma Andrews I the party at Gid Sparkman's Saturday displacement.! The upper or blue the system, a very depressing effect on
i p at Norfolk, Va., saying he likesthe '' Crosby Luke !May 21.-Miss Nevi weakness laziness,
1' Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Johnson and night. and the lower or green pictures are nervousness and sickness.!
F navy fine i|I daughter, Francis have returned' to Lando Maines and family of Mon- Renton of Boatdrain, spent the weekend adjusted by all ingenious electrical GROVE'S TASTELESS Chill TONIC '

Miss Mary Riley, of Graham, was their home after a few days visit 1 in, tcocha were here Saturday. with relatives here. device. restores Energy and Vitality by Purifying
visiting friends in our section Sun Jacksonville. Remember the Christian Miss Kathleen Underhill of Pine and Enriching the Blood. When YOU feel
i conventionat .
s day. I Tommy Hewitt, of Lake Butler, was Hampton May 29 and 30th. Everybody Level, spent Saturday night with her I Its strengthening, invigorating effect, see
Misses Minnie und Pearl Green, a visitor over here Sunday afternoon. invited to attend. aunt Mrs. II. D[. McRae. THAT MORNING LAMENESS how It brings color to the cheeks and
Rosa Miss Louise McRne It improves the appetite will how'
Surrenmy, Willie Mae Oliver Mrs. Mary R. Jones is the of Mrs. Bessie Wynn returned home you
Iva Colwjn guest was appointed a from appreciate {its true tonic value.ORove'S .
Sunday Waldo
Inez Abernathy Messrs. her daughter! 1'1. A. I). Andrews. delegate from the Bible school and where she visited
Chester Andreu, l KuKlin: r..lotives.Tholle TASTELESS Chill TONIC
Kelly, HllveGrt.en Miss Carrie !McKay Frances Murrhee
was a visitorto from the
Christian is
i Evan Hodge, Mack Kelly r Jacksonville Sunday. Endeavor from here who attended the If you are lame every!' morning and IRON not and a patent medicine, it Is simply ,;d
1 pawned through here ice cream supper at E. J. McRae at suffer urinary Ills there suspended In Syrup. d'
Sunday morning must be
Quite a crowd of the young folks i1 Jesse Sullivan and family, of New a So pleasant even children like it. The
r enroute to IXMun church. attended the show at the prison farm i I, River, visited relatives and friends Waldo Friday night were :Misses Eva, cause Often It's weak kidneys. To blood needs Quinine to Purify it and IRON
', Willie Fouler of New River was Saturday night. Saturday and Sunday. Lillie and BIII'neytcRap.: Miss Neva strengthen the weakened kidneys and to Enrich It. These reliable tonic prop

In Hrooker Saturday Mr and !Mrs." S. M. !Moore are receiving Mr. and Mrs. Alvin McKinney Benton and Miss Louise McRae. avert more .erus troubles, use erties never fall to drive out impurities in
,' Jake Ward and daughter, Onarita congratulations upon the ur- Sunday afternoon at Brooker. spent Misses Ruby and Gertrude McRae, Doan's Kidney Pills.! You. can rely the blood.
were in New li ver Saturday. ravel of'a daughter, born May 15th. Messrs. Geiger Barry and of Waldo spent the week-end here on Starke testlmonv.XV. The Strength-Creating! Power of GROVE'S

Mrs. Polly Prior, of Smoker, was There will be services! at the Baptist Roberts were business visitors C. B. with relatives F Mott former, Stnrke, says: TASTELESS Chill TONIC has made it
to the Rento
in our section last Mrs. Klzzic is "When' favorite tonic in thousands of homes.
week. church Sunday morning and eveninEveryone county seat Friday. : nn spending a i was! a boy, I strained myselfby More than
g thiny- ve folks
few years ago ,
.t. -- - days with her t
brother James
lifting and l
<< Injurod hack.
Rev. my From
invited. W. H. and would ride
Gurney L. G. Barry a long distance to get GROVE'S
| Benton
zirr ; Mrs. Charlie Douglass, of Lafayettecounty motored to Waldd Saturday. in Boatdrain. that time on I suffered a great deal TASTELESS Chill TONIC when a
o was the week-end guest of ---. Mr, and Mrs. James Benton were from pnlns In the small of my back. member of their family had Malaria or
Ziff, May 21.-Willi* Conner, of Mr. and Mrs. Tuck howling Ford! Automobile Parts (not Acces.sories visitors at M. J. McRae Sunday. :Nfy back at spells hurt me so I needed a body-building, strength-giving

Hell and Miss IIuttie.. Woods were Dire Vesta Brown, of Jacksonville, ) at A, D. Andrews, Co. Rai i Prayer n'll'i'tlnlwill be held< next I couldn't turn over In bed and on ftt'.ng tonic. (, The formula Is just the same to i
united in marriage Wednesday morn is visiting relatives and friends here ford. Sunday at the home of J. N. Yate : up In the morning, my limn day and you can get It from any drug
ing ut till: homo of the bililo's ;parents this week Mr and :Mrs. Enoch Stafford, of ached and were stiff( and remainedso < store. ajKOc per bottle. -

Rev. and Mrs( ,'.' \V, ,Woods. THEHHSSA Olustee, were visitors at tile home of until T had' been up for a few hours

Nenily 11111 the people of this section C.RIIAM P. B. Bryant Monday. My klrtney were week nnd acted Irregularly For Colds
attended the picnic nt Graham SuturWc Theressa, May 21.-W. M. Phillips Clarence Jones of Baker county and l I win finally! advised to Catarrh or Influenza

-- -- --- - Graham, May 21.-Mr. Turner and I of Miami, arrived here Wednesday ala wa tho.guest of P..B. Bryant Sunday. try Donn's Kidney H1IU n'cf'vnd' I
will buy \\ hilt you have to Hell 1 daughter, Minvin, of !Iountl'lll'ht. ternoon on a visit with his mother, ----- --- treat; k' and sell you what you have to buy ere shopping here Wednesday.Mm. Mrs. Jno.. Phillip' t. Flour in Wood at A. I). Andrews and was snore perfectly w..11.Vhen

Our prices are n I IMIH "right A, O T. D. Dyal. of Ziff visited S. R. Swindol and son, Sam, were I Co.. Raiford. ever' my -heck hm on-lied 1 me trouble I

Andrews IV> !Kuiford, here Tuesdayk business visitors to Graham.. !lust_ _. since n"nn'* ':;:Idn'''' V,Us hiivn never I \4
Misses Florence on. FIVE :MILE failed to bring the I f
!Hall Gertie Swin sump ro.iy.'ta! r I'i
? i
I dell and E"l..lIl''Olllhll'.1 were vie!- die I "t nil d!"-s 1e"g| : Filter.Mltburn y ,
tore to Hampton Saturday. Five Mile :May 21.-Mrs. E. L. Ov- Uo :Mfrs 'Piltil'i I V y I
Chas erby and daughters, of Richmond, Va. .
Gilyurd and i ---- - -
I son, Willis were -- I
ore spending jome time with her sisI I
IJ aL visitors to the county seat Frilla)'. LINCOLN HULLEYf
Mrs. I.illinn
t..r. Dekle.B. .
:Mr. and Mrs\ J. L. King were vis
r ;- itors to Palntka Saturday. I.. Duke. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. i

A chicken' pilau supper Drawdy. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gainey
win enjoyed
were shopping in Dukes SatuT\IIl '. '
by several of the )
young folks
on Elder N. T. King and Mr. Wigprin1of ; J.Ai
Thursday night at the home of Mr. nq
nnd1'11.: H. 1). May Hampton were !guests of Mr. and .&d

Mrs. L. A. Hall was chopping in !\I I'll. P. P. Dekle last week. I>o yon,I feel weak and uneqnnl], to the
Annie and fri
0l.It'll Hampton Saturday. George Douglas were aA work fiend of yon ? T>o you still rough
';MQy AV. G. Seals, of Jacksonville, wl"l'k..nd guests of their : a little, or rim' your nee hothnr you ?
iti lyi r tr ht r visitor here a few days during was thewl'l'k..ntl. a B. I.. Duke ecertly.' auntIrs'l Are Mm ,IlItl1] !? your| ,,|(lod thin| and
Romeo and Nelson Dekle watery ? H.-tter put your body Into
were bus-
He .
was accompanied by iness visitors here Saturday. cr. "h.". ItuilJ +.r"ngt I )
\.. toe in his rhUlrl'n.tiltll'I',1: and W. G. Jr. 4'lal'cus' Dekle. Ap An aid reliable. maker and
\ soon Museums Mrs Giljard of Mounteorha U of Bartow \il on a I herbal 1 tonic umd from wild roods and
spending a few days here with her visit" with relative' and friend. i t i barks Is Ur. Plorro'a Golden Medical
James Cone \\ F. and T. J. Town. niMiiivcry. T"I ,
Calomel loses a days'ou I know son, Ben Sassor.W. "nlltlirto rcmndy"roni
you what calomel
is. It's !M. Phillips send were business visitors here Fri! I w in tablet or liquid form. It will build up "
mercury; quicksilver. Calomel Is dangerous. It crashes into W. picnic at Graham attended the W. O. day. ii;. your body and. protect you from disease -
sour bile like dynamite, cramping and sickening you. Calomel Bon Sani
attacks the bones and should" never be put into your system. ton Saturday. spent Saturday afternoon here. perance alterative and tonic I Is wild y
The farmers of this section shipped Mrs Barbara Dukes and daughter cherry bark with stiilln' ia. hlch Is so
,' 1 n car load of beans to Hattie were visiting' relative in I good for the lunge and for coughs ; ;(
Knoxville also
Take "Dodson's Liver Tone" Instead I Tenn., last week Haynesworth this week. I st.onp Urneon grape' root, blood root,
I Alvah Mrs. II. L Duke ie on the sick list I root, Qu<'o" root,-all skilfully \
Saxon rnmbiniHl
When you feel bilious, sluggish calomel. It 'U guaranteed. to start the home of Mr.attended and Mrs.the It.l party D. May at at this writing.T. f.M ,,, These rOl'ts In h.thin.\ a Mr-dlca"lrttct action! Discovery.on the I .,
y constipated and all knocked. out and your liver without stirring you up Thursday night. H. Rimes was a business visitor f S stomach latlon. Improvlnadlgnstlnnandasalml-
inside/. aDd can not salivate.fldn't Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sasser here Thursday. d n These. herbal extraots In the
believe you need a done of dangerous spent theweekend I 1>J.cover! "d 'In Wood-making and
.rV" calomel, just remember that your take calomell I It makes) ;youdruggist at Starke, with her parents, The Quinine That Does Not Ailed The -V. are best! for scrofula. Improving the
Mr. blood
sick the next and Mrs. W. M. Brown. Head they' the
lulls for a few cent a large. days 1. toes you a day' Misses Sinai Amy TIE URUMO QUININE' labeisroGn.". LAX attack of grip fortify or cold.. body against an
work, DoiVioa's Liver Tune straightens and Ethel Mooreof ; ( ....
f bottle of Dodaon's Liver Tone which Starke by anyone waheut rau.inI, Catarrh should be
spent the week-end here orrnwso. r1n5ing treated, drat s.s a
you right and
up ;you feet great in the head. t.W.UOt.Slgoauree5te; blaxldiae sewiththis
a. is entirely vegetable and phmeant to with their uncle and ar i alteratlve. Tien
Give aunt Mr. and
U 1a
to the children The addition.
because the
'U noM should l
People'. Candidate I Ipn washed
N, take and I. a perfect substitute for Mrs. D. W. Moore. Po for Governor. daily with Dr.
.Il n I perfectly harmless and diwrat gripe. your trading at A. D. Andrews Give him Safre Catarrh Remedy
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jones robbed Co.. Raiford, and save money. is for >\pur? first choice vote. Ra l Rend Irk for trial' kl., of Medical l Die
; all the people all the time tiITy.T.ables or Catarrh Tablets w Dr.
r- -- : Invalids1 Uuml. .
"I' -- Buffalo, N. Y.


Ii'j t Ii I

., ... .,. .... 0 '. .... .... I
.--.I '
"" _. Jllw I""rbNM" .
.,:r- ';; I.... . .. _. .. ._ .__' ".'," ... i -=
? ,
: .
= = :. c. f. ......._, eMrswn 1 _
.. . ,,",, ... 1 J \I -' Jr" . rx'+

,. ..... .
-- -- T'trltpr.'

r' ., ..;' .
!, ", l ".' ',' 'W''i-' -4)r\., .. """ .,' , .... , ,. ; -
'':'rt. h .. ::.1 ." f' ) ...'t""" ''''*, rr" "p "if ;{" .' : :" -4""N" I'

\ ,
.. .1"
', ,

FRIDAY. MAY 21. 1920.


RAST HELD NOT LIABLE LEGION WILL HOLD RE-'tTNION 1 G. W. PailerJr., of Jacksonville! May 1, to Iwl due ----...--.--__...ZHO..fl lion of the. defendant. C. E. Harper. A. G. :
AT TAMI'A Mldova', rcnalra of thla elSie. My eiperlrnre In the eehnol of
pent Sunday here with his father. Wlthce and J. II
I'ollard. at In
Court Ite\ernt April 1. t< hal due .-_.__..--------12562S Bradford Hampton. Florida I for twenty ream .i rca),). me In take J
Supreme Criminal David Moore, of Lawtey visited I .mt ci, lr Court Cane of Dinal > tunx-ntlne stIll and flaturca,.
Collector Tampa Fla., May 19.-The Amer. friends here Sunday. .
Iran Legion of ]Florida May 1, tc val due. ._...__.._._.... 1262.7$ em..I.te IOn. eoopt pimp and toola. 86 dip TAX COllECToR:
will have one J. O. 1..1'1 On. 80.hore boiler OneSnow
Traxlt-r of Starke was a bus. foamy Srhael I".e ; I hrrrby announce m".lr a candidate' for

Tallaha'IIPe. May 10. -The supreme of tne largest war veteran reunionsever mess \'isih'rIonday.: April 1. tc hal, due ._.. ___00..___. .. -tr,1U 80 pump with all connection j On. bay mare ih* offIce of las o County.aubJMt
1 Ky amt c, tvu-d. ....._...__ mule named N..I. One mi". colored mare. to the. dimocratitf primary l>* hrlj
held .2(10.80
court this afternoon in the state when the veterans C. W. --- :
tevcrovd the Parker was a visitor to :Max. mule ..m. One. black mare mule Jnn 5. 11120. 1 pmmtfM, I<.I.r ply.> th.

judgment of the criminal court of record I of the 'recent World War meetat ville Tifesday.Geo. May 1, U lm' due ___-._.--.__?_-. M.8:I -40County ".m. One nlark mare. mule named office' my time and the p. ..1_.
for Duval county in the of Tampa June 21 and 22. The U. S. Robinson of Jacksonville. Poll.AI.rll I tina. One 66.000 double SIcily lur.ntn. cup with for My the tlm' .. _an .off.wr of th(,.nt aa an open b.k
cane was ' i one | n of th. '
1. ti !1..1! due __.__.________.10C1.00Ky r .1.1. eoun'l
:J. W. East, plaintiff in error, versus S. Tampa I'ost No. 5 is making elaborate tranliBl.t ing.bU8i esa here Thursday.Mrs. unit e,-'" > lcd .__.-.............. 25S.OO biipny and harnexc All toola aupplle andmerchandiae and fully I aulimlttrd.auk you all for .u""rI.. nt.'.
other DOWUNG.
the State of Florida, defendant in preparations to entertain the Wilkinson left Sunday for whatsoever or ixmonal pniiierly of 1.
error May 1. ti. Li,,1! due. _____ _.__.._.___ 768.00 ".tu" kind) at the not hereinafter -
in which case Mr. Rant, formertax Legion members while they are here |! Live Oak to'Isit her sister :Mrs.Adaline Total .iua School n I placet: all d".I aald per onal) I take thla method nf announrrn* t th* .lt.

collector of Duval county, was and plans are being made to take care I Ram is, who is seriously ill. April 1. ..' !be, due __.___.........___700282 I| l'n.Iwrty and. twin,. livalvd ,, at and I.n.for of I'rd'nr of County roiifity that tax I rolli'r'nr.. candUdatr viitt
near Itctnv ed uiniti and In connectionI 1. .
convicted of rmmbezzlinfr more than of a record attendance.The -.- Ky amt roi.wlrd __u_........... ... ObU.Hfl I with the tunientine. lila. and location of the .Ii.ct itt thoill .r tl'iontcra at thrnm.nit

one hundred thousand dollars of state I.I second an'hual convention cf I May 1. to bal, due ._-.___.___......-.632 .U .1.d.l femlanu.II.. 1'ullard R their Harper"(' .A. O \110.. and d..U.H. 1U20. primary mtNTtfully' plirtlon refer to you.It* .tirld. m,.Jun.tvc

and county I EVERY DAY BARGAIN DAY Kuh-Krhonl Honda I ). 1.1. I.rh. ned aa d.*tmty ta. collv-rtor th* pant a .
money. the department of Florida] American j I A April 1. ... tial due ..................5 8.l8! the C"on"' n.rld. : and ) <>. each and every !My pmm-Mi to the ixopUU thl.

The opinion is by Judge Ellis all Legion, will be held in conjunction j j AT A. I). ANDREWS CO., RAIFORDI lly amt ..,11.-....... _.u.._______..-. 880.68 I . in.r'"Un.the' mid, leae final df docrce crll>ed.In and the an I Inl. of rl'H-t' the m. T .1 faithfully the Swat dlachanr* the dutlf '.
----I 1.,1 of my ability' with .
the juotioes concurring. with the reunion. Delegates from i May 1. to hal due ..---.____________1047.63 .h.f .uml... 4. prompt rouru,, tin ml to atl I will a.wprtTiat
The opinion holds that in a tax col sixty-five posts of the Legion in the I I Colds Cause unp and Influenza Special llnad llridie Bond Illetrirt 1 No. I A. K. ADKINS. your .... E. W. IIkTIS.T ';
April 1. to I>a1! due _.._..___........-tS14.19lly Aa 8icclal| III. .... '
lector's office, where such custom prevails state arc expected to Attend this con- |'I LAXATIVE: BROMO QUININE Tablet ,..m.'b. amt ci'll...led ....................141V.11 (IIAIIt.r.R. COOK HOWELL wlah to ay to the voter* of Tiradfnrd ro'in, '
any clerk deputy or employe of \'l'nUon. All members coming for the';( r..u.... The,. It on', cue "Broroo Juiolr.e.' Jark on 'llle. .. y that I am a candidate. for the nfl* of TatColUTtnr

the who reunion will be allowed to sit at the I t;. W GROVE'S pI l.natiire nn box. Sue. May 1. ,.. tii'. due n._........__.._-I18H6.08 Rolicltor for Cvniplalnant.144t64' and I ..lull< .ohelt your .u.>-
by reason of hfs Ibm .
rt at
em- I Spinal Knad ft llridxe hood PUIrlrt 7'... t |K rtimlng June HthKMltretfullr
'p1P1.'c I !
v: h''s in his possession! in meetings of the convention but the ') April 1. In lial due _...__. .--...___._USOOK9 .2. E. POlfGIASS..
of voting mut; be done by> delegates Gardner liii!. Gladstone. N. J., Sells\ Sly" amt \1.'d\ -. _...-.0000 _._- -...HH1>.20 "1':14.: 'AITt-N'" SAlE '1
due course the transactions of tlje! j Notice .t under and I." ] tale tlila method) nf annnunrlnw to the

office any money for utatc or county from the posts. Rat Snap, He Sa)'. May 1. ,. l 10.1! dur --.__.____.._...-='OS88.S9: irtue nf thai cirtam dual rieerve of fiirecloa. iVmi-rratfr 'vnt* u, made and rendered May R. A. I). 1HUO ant a .ndl ac. for the .I I.of T.('oll.n..
taxes and should, convert the same to I At the convention last year in Jacksonville "I sell and use RAT SNAP. Like to Seal) W.Clerk T. Wt Clreult EKI.Court.Hy Ii>, the Honorable J." T. \Mlln., JuiU* of 1 "...mUr I .lirtpd to ,* duties of
the offfr' the limt of alv
his own use or secrete or withholdthe no attempt was made to hold look any man in the face and tell it's C. A. KVH.Iir.IVputy lie. Florid Circuit Court In Chancery and alttinv for Bradford Couny. Ing .It all my rrimal my ability always -
In that
same with intention to convert it a unlon. Many of the soldiers and i i the best It's good." People like RAT .. Clerk. ,.1. ..wtiprcln Lake hull,', hank, a 0.oormration. .- _atlrntlun.(1.. PAPP.

to his own use. such employe, clerk I. sailors had not returned from the service -' S\'AP because it "dol'." kill luts. 1'(> - -- ia complainatit' and C A. (;aln.." FOR TAT

rifles : -leaves no smell. Comesin nil.I... PAIn BY RtllOOI. IIOAI1II and I..n... loopy are dufendanta, the unIrniliined AIIFfORI I
or deputy would. ant the interest in carcass am randUInt for to the offlc
undoubtedly, be a state reunion .eneral Hrhmil und offer fur .. before the court a . .
Vnke w.1
-no mixing. to do. Cats or of County AvNt-vaor of Taxra ant will prrratlyai
amenable to punishment. under was not as keen then as now. The C. A. Knlirlit) clerical work lioiuia, dir at Stark
the, I florlda I I l.rtwei'n the ,prrolat. the aupimrt" of thv votrra In h.
dogs wont touch Three
provisions of Section General sentiment over the state is so strongly it. sizes 25c I.. C. Pom\ I'd 1 arr..icea .- 420 leiral hour t>f aale) on Monday:: the; aevenlhliny c.imlnii primary vloctlott.
3317 I hOc, f 1. Sold and guaranteed by D. C. I'. 1\1. I'lMU'-lt.. do --. ...-...-_ 7.SOT I of Juno A. II. 11120 to the hiiilieat and N. P. WAtNWnifiHT.
Statutes of Florida: and the ] in favor of a general gatheringthat Jones and Mitchell's Drug Store. II. Pinhuhitir, dn ....- 7.00 !
bility of such clerk or deputy CUJPa'l I the state organization decided to Iva SprlnlU I attendance officer .- 15000 land situated In Hradfurd County., Florida FOIl BtlPRIFP
lye Sprint! Incld .- 1(15r :o-v.It I lirrt-by antiniinr** mvMilf a randlital forrerlrrtlnn
not be
transmitted to his hold a big reunion in connection with Jet plow Fixtures Andrews K. I'onnll, kalary .-.. 1611.00 The Weal llnlf of the lolb..t Ouartrr to I the offlr. of II..rII of Uradfordl I

imparted to him in the absence of the annual state convention this )'('01'. your 1':. It. 1o"1'1", II limrllnir en 2600K. ( and the \\ ret one-fourth of ,. I: Half vlhe county, :If r-r1.Tt : In lb.
guilty knowledge -. ---. Raifoid. :. n. I'npiMll office n. lucid 7.IHDora NoutheaM UuarUir of Stvlion Twettty-alK HMHro no palm, In th,* ""Ii,ilinrhatv t>f .Irrhl.
on part.It I I M..):;..., n U'Hchlnit, ..... . 8ft..O' I Ilfil l, Tounkhlp jour ,141, South llanue Nine. duties ..t th. off Ire, and I earnestly ." ,
is'heW( that the audit of Tax Col- TilE PLATFORM: OP THE FLORIDA C. K. I'OIK Hi. -. 1IMI.OO:: ben (ItO) .:"'. 1"ln" In One llunrirvd (100) diippnrt nf the vntrra at the rnnulnr primary.HMMCtfiilly. .
lector HSAVriAI. STATtMKVT: : OF. COUNTY I 8.: S.: Ihu'lIn East's books by the assistant I I NO FENCE LEAGTE If M>8 .....nn..II.. Mutthrwa do tIll 4)0 P I.:. KNICIir.Finviail .
state auditor may well have showeda Monthly financial c>f Bradford Kate Ciipllnirer d.-. HO I'dMra. MaHtcr In Clmnoery. Tll) .1 annininr t. th* c It I arm of Itrad-
I County for tlie, Month of April 1520. : T. :.1 i': ,; .- HO:00 1 J'f .. I I ll am a candidate for th. offlrci ,
shortage for which Rast was civilly It is the intention of the Florida No General FandIInloonr. Tarrlr II.'IK d I .- .. .-.-.- 76.00Mm. ) I ILL.. WI.I.tAMS'II.I.ln.nt. 6-7-61-0-4 of ftlivrtlt': real'm'tfuiiy atIirlt the aup-

liable] ; "but when the! state undertakes Fence League to forward for .. April, 1. mat ______.......... 1I R8 4S .. J 4' 111"0 do .?. 78011 th. l>"'of I .voter nt tti* primary .'l.'rtlon Jutmwill
to that press I| lli.,..Ieie| | durIng month---------------1862.11- llorla In" do l .............. No. "J..m Hi>ct.>dltr I I faithfully d.Mrharv. I
prove the defendant embezzled the enactment of a bill by. the next I \\arranta loued __....?_--__.._.__..11HSH7 lola l'i>rr>man do _.- 1K9U.I'MTMI. > diitln of tIe ilTirn. I', fl. pRNMARK.

the sum of money represented legislature to prohibit the running at I Illllance Mny 1. man "--.....__.....1168(17 .Iviwle Tlioman, do .- IIft.POMIol..d HTATrfl DISTRICT CO KT. FOR
Fin. and Forfeiture Fund ..... nilKICN: 1'1"1 Il.T OF I-LOKMIA. fl'P.'RV1..0R KKGIRTHATIONI '
by that balance the evidence ( ".10, do 118.00 .
used .
by large of live stock to become I In the matter of J. O. Frallck. I ." a candldat for us..Ir.hi'n *
ol"ra.tlve riltlance April 1. 1H20 _.___--.___..._.CR2B.I3 Olive KII> dn .- Ill 00 llankrupt." ,, .
the state auditor jn the statement of I January 1. 1923: by a referendumvote [I Kerelnta durIng month _.. .... 0.i .t. Q. Holland do .-. 16000 In thu mailer of petition for final dmebariie.On tftin f the ofl.county.t PUI"rl.or I of. 1..r.
the account is not sufficient." Uarranta |Iueo.iI| .::=. :: 1BB. BKalance Walter HnlH.rta 16(100 thl Ird day of May. A. IHUIl onreailinir 1..d".1 .. *
---- -- ---? the
eit the the
I vote of the and containing .otvra.jil rtiHulnirprimary
people the in'tltion it I I. I
[ May 1. 1020 -----------------2665.58 Delta Armmronir do. _. .... HO.00 f..I." .d..1 'n
It must be shown and liTtl, I will,"ax tn lbs i ant
that the duplicate a provision that any county or Koad Fund Mary Jolmunn ii l'i --_ ?* -........... 7600Mne 1, ,, court hearIng l had upon theaame dlacharir* the dutl.a of th i.tfic' Mtli
tax receipts or copies were duplicatesor part of county, which does not want I Kalnnce April 1. 11120 u._._i.--._- 48.64i McKlnnoy do -.- fiO.00 on the 14th day of ". A. I). HIM lie- and *!. A. .N '"'
i Ki-ciili during month 26.12 Ruby KohrrM dn .____ 66011 fore aald court. In aald dltrlrt.
copies of issued I --- ------- ---- Jok..n"l.
receipts by the to be included within the operation of I Warranta Innnrd ._____............... Kkthrjn Hiirriiion du -.-.- (Ml.nil) at ten o'clock In ( ,.", and that no- FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER MPT. Na. I

defendant.In tjie law may, by a local option vote, Ilalance May 1. 1920 -..__.______.... 10.88 Kllie: Win!worth ii.. .- 7800 ". thereof be tml.llr.hed In the Bradford 1 hri-rliy .1."unr. myaif a .". for
the case at bar it is asserted that Outatandln Fond 11. A. (rern do .-. 16000II. County Teletrraph a newapaper printed In aalddlMtrlct. wlcctlfn a. County Ctmpiuwilnnir for t>latt .
exempt itself making provision at Illllance April 1, 1U20 ___............. 176.811 A. n"..... lurid 12.70 and that all known creditor ai u 11er . * .til,j *ci to th* arltnn nf th, Ih.m.
the carbon receipts, by which was the time of exemption for protecting Ricrliit durinit' month ___! __________ Joule Keller teaching, -.. 46 no In acid ratte rrmiary. I rm>*rtrully I wiUcIt thv .
meant the duplicates or copies of tax Warranta Indued n.u.?......,.,._... Mattlc Xplkiia, du .- 6600 penona 'nh.1 may apNr at 1m..nd :lort of the: vutc ait raid primary, .p ,. 14.
adjoining or surrounding counties
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