r-. c'vend' Bi f\ts\ pf* Mrs Albert 100 BT N s hy 300 KT is A w County Florida 1I4t 52S| 36411 Hull-Bes at; at In Turn Nat M 74 Ft N lOll Ft, S 80'. n 100' tlfUcff SI 8 13! J GordonVairt 7.3J
Ft W 90 Ft to Ht
6 ikesM /!. In :NW< COlt of Lot 20 In Lawtcy .
l R I of -Rf sam Wllllnma BID run then S to Meg Ex 3909-Lot S
and Mrs Luclan Stokesof Name In which assessed Mrs NoTI't: TO rnrmrom W on Cooper' Ur -, .. .0. B/W 23 6 U. Mary Ueaaunt 49.70 In Butler tl'rlftJ Elmer TUoma :27.89

Pilitka, were visiting Gent W J. Chandler FI.OIII" SIn "'I'\'I'l"I'I'' ':" 300'f) H to Petnr- 3533: -Txitaj. 8. 4 of ,', 8911-I Lot belnir .

S; i"s and Mrs. Albert Stokes All nf Bnld pioporlv hflna In The t:,,,.Pt Of The' t'o"nt Non Ht 100', thenon Illk 1 Kx TIll In 84' M A a by 110fldWBcdN7-
tho County of Bradford: State of .'u.I...., llrniiroril tounlr 1'lorldti, Poloraon; 0. W J I l> Jones; Add. R A Green Jr. St! Al 11.74 l
"l weekend. 100N 100' FOB 83 8 83SOUS Tom A Itliixla nail 8.86 '
I lorldn< In Proiinte. 3387-Cum at NW
"i)r and Mrs. Lloyd Dyal t"h'MO, mi. <.h oortlfluito or cer- In Tie: .Ialn..r. Jtnnla P. -Lot: 0 .of Blk \ Cor of Call A liar, W by Lot 4 In BlkI B Thournn 43.CO

". ,'re visitinR N. G. Hayes who tlfk I '..no I Hhall: bo rodci-mcd< nnulliiK KITKO.V nlHii. known an JannloKct I or Nat Wllllama flOw, run N 216.R8 I Fuller Crt Sf)) S.orIua4 .,. ,
,', I I t I lo law the iiniperty dfM 'MI"y, T3t..liu4.d.. BID Jo* Harmon.' 8.89 I>'t.V 1111 Ft .
% of Lot
> i 1.11' a patient in toe Ala- rl'.iil' In auth. h 'reitlfUlito. '1'.,. .Ml Crndltoii. and PwrHimallnln 28(10( -Lpt 7 10 of :' .-1:' for 1'OH run N 1I018-W':2 of tnv Ulk IS: In I
.ohuo ., 1(1..1'. will he aold to th.liitliixt .> ClaIms. or De'inajods. nik 2 NatYil i
General Hospital; Sun- i I : ., 04.31 Ft, Wly fliiHltlns Add Lot '.
iilililei,' at the. oourt-huUso A":.lOot SaId l-'Htllt": llama SID :.rlll.b"h i: G." .
,.-:."> night: ) I\l'bertl JS877 rt. Sly 78Ft MHlnio' ? lOll' HAW.. "'
In "II'h..r are
Monday (
flint 1'480
tln> you j. Leclalr
il< oi mi: t You and Joseph N
l.olH ID 88 lIly 1S3 Ft to Ac S
A :4V" by 210' N
Mi) and Mrs. Paul Prescott month, uf June' I 1967. which la the I hi.'ii-by ,n 01 I neal ,nnd r.-qu le& to of ink 2 In Nat FOB SS 6 S3 ,V' J' StU'latllt\ 73.88 .
,,1, < family were visiting re- :,t th il.iov. of .In,,"t... \!1t1.DII pi'OKI'nt any clalma and demands Wllllama .. 3S.4II! SW 14 of' Lot 8 1
/ S/D Willie lIIottalker 8.01 3240-Com at 3141.7Cor Blk 13 OasklnaAdd
l oil tola Uilh duy of Apt U. which' you or cither of you. nw"
'IH. 'es in Lakeland tl ls weeken 191.7; .' aicnlnat. the estate> of lv.- 28fl Lot 26 In Blk of Broadwar .: Mr& ;18 B Koairr'. 42.3J'
known aJonnla 2 of Nat William ".2:' .- &. Cr. Bts ran N .
(SgALI nlu F. Keraey also 4110-A- Co", at Pt ., f
Temple of Starks Charles A. r'arhyriork : Keraey deceased late of SID 'W..;I1.JCjtndeuon.: 836 105 ft10IlEJI't 82HFt whore 8 H/W '
Jimmy of the Circuit inure of unlil County, tOo tho County 2070-Lot 38 of Blk W I.lniHuclld fit Int 'II

was visiting friends in BiookerSiirdav. Bradford County, Flotilla. ,Juilm of Mradford, County FlorIda 3 In Nat. William. illIG Ft td. I'OU 28 8 S3 '. Roman Alvarea 51.38 K U/W Line Al'I _I. ,

: : -. 11/4 4t 1112& at hla offlri- In the com% I't SID 140v0' L\'II1\On 1.08 8201-Com at Inter ton I Rt 8 *3' 11: A 0

house of Raid County. at Starko! 2077-Com nt SW of Nly rindry of Par I 8: R/W Line e 1

David fcresc'alt.! St re Nollee Of Apilllciillon For Florida, within six calendar Cor: of WWW 'of Cr fit & m lindryof Kunlld St 150', Par
.. the time of the "" .. Chtn St I I'J H/W Alton Rd '
a'l'l'al I.tlj1ntr:11'IenWrftfld.relaUveA : 'I'n" U.... months from HWU A run\ E on 'cc run 'I
here this weekend. Siini.nl" i'. .H, flint publication of tills notlie % See Line TOO Nly llti' for FOH. to 8 n/W of Euclid ;'
Notice IB hereby given. that Two copies of each claim or de- Ft for. POB than 11 100', N 7B', W st W on H. I ,

Mrs. Theo Dyal spent Tues- :Mi, Corl Harton the holder of mend shall be In wrltlnsr. and N 300 Ft n 100 100'. S 75 to Heir .tS.8 23S3 ',. JtHfher Walharun ltV oj Uuolia: Ht ''i .. '

da night with :Mr. and Mrs.S the following lertlfltataa has shall state the place of residenceand ]o't. 8 800 1.'t. AV ."d'tJ., t tIll .&! S
E. Kelly in Jacksonville.Joe fllnl, said certificates for ft tax pout office address, of the 100 Ft to POD 31 6 23 Mary\ Lennon 8.80 :JISB7-I Lot Apprnx 4165-BOB; 2804' n .' :'!. "
Invited.. thernon The nnd hall hiawm in toby Ft R' NW fur j' I
<1Pll.1. tn he claimant SW & W I 140' 8 of I
Robinson, of the USA. II'rilfUiite numbera: and years piIxmiunip the ctnlmnnt I hiM nllont.. or 2080 Cor- of* NW14 nt ofHW'.i .... byIOSll'tW&Sliounaled of "HUM' of OKVt; .. C ,"

stationed Jn :Alabama spent tba doairlptliin. of the .attorney and aci'oinpanli d by a ,. A run II U by By CultS U o-n I1t It/W .,
the names, In fi-c uf IHIP dollar and such i.... _' t th N 9347' N .
property and flllntt ( 1 : by Duncan Land 120'. T3 : I .
a citing I Vi See Line ,
the weekend wlth.WspanntB.
< < .'which It WOOl aeaeaned are aa fol- claim: 01" di iniind nut ao filedahall Mil N 'V..l.v. Knnln: A U 12'')'. W *4.UK* to *
Mr. and Mrs. V. C. !I". void, Ft for POU by Mlddleton. ]' n of .' .
I":was, : 200 Ft K 110 Ft. 8 23 Srr& N N :Norton 13.00 < >u & ivw ;
Robinson. '"",", (:rtlflente' No 68 Year. of IaHiinnin 1.1! John F .KermjvAa : "f. t lop I"BIRtp' 8 800 Kt to M Seeriaa 851111:! -Lot 1 1. .4 of .. st 89 6 23 Tberou UoyeC. 10.64f

lUir! .admlnUtinliir i I W nlon 14. bIb 8 In L TCot &, 41011-Ftfir at,04' nof. I
U Mrs. Ernestine Dukes and/ 1 Lot In I I'. K ills"I knownMM 0 ..
1 l'i',rlntton I of Pmpntlv of Icnnlf .
; / NW Cor of .
Set Line CO Ft to I B/D: Ex H/W Saul Ifankerion
: children Of Taatnesvlll: ** were :9l.: nor ? W''V.r HI':l ir' NW', .1'lonnlo I K.TH.-y: ,I''OlLood.I'l"t I !. 1117 poll 13 8 13 Ijevy Lennon 013 8303-Lota 1 lit 2 of .1' 8U 'Sim" "1 of RHi' run 'I I
21 I U' ,: w : :1127'1 N publloallun. May I
t-flt; of :-\\-\1\ \ : .
S 11 1 It/W of Wt .
: her Ethel on .
V-itlng: .v H. r MI'|;, J8. 'T...'-J.: H.22.11'! ( % 1114| It li/ifi O"I9-.I-[ -fom! nt HW hilt 7 In L T ACoa I 140',) U 9405' N .. .. I 11lU.84'
Ru: -- thi weekend .. ., I A"r"N) Our of WU'/, of HWi S/IJ MX K/W t10ck< Luna T.OII ..
W T.lnenf
( to
.a N:nn*' in "'hid'l a srt"HH< d II E I I In 'Ilic ('I.-I; Court. ot I'li.r-'liarlIaah of* 8WV4.in I" 3320-Lnt 8, 4 of srW of Pi1; f .*I >'. '- 'I I It,'
Of : .45 to. Old Bd
,prtv 1'''*mrHAMMOND In : I Is .1"11I'h.t l 5 Irinlt I Ilk 13 In L T & .
\ "11 r "n'!rf y>r i \V nn Line
A CliMhlflnl Afl'hivthw .1ELEGRAPII -, Mil In .\Sal, I"'". HniiHortl! t..nn.. N 11875, B S80.&ft-\ Co S/D Sfitt.. Harmon 8.12 to I'OB, u.u'I 8 22 0 'W Pavl'*. f6S. ,U
= .\JtP.In'I1'l'.1J1"tl" '! ('nun >i>. TS: to WIll cant 3851-Lot 2 of Blk .., '
.,"; :.. Taylor Plaintiff 1DOP; Oa.7B' W 4170-B<- 2J.04H' .
harry W. ..
v.. 100'. N KJT51, to IM. L.T&CO, A 410' S of NW .W" ,

ORGAN ,STUDIQ Mary Ann TIIY\4k,.Dpl.ndant. POll S3 8 22 Mosu Covlnvton 8.83 S/D. Mettn. Harmon\ '.74 C'or of SKM Of I I I" :

% or Ate4te.b'V'ft-r", NOT) I I1Lr'6tTO ,. 'W"iJ"' yj ajlB aaBB 1 ri -c IIJJ" .". V-B3' of Lots .. silk J'I vi.il', : .... ./ ... .
Tit* I>pP.II. ., :M 1In:" A.bd4tTAt' '., Y II\t1' of sw\ < > rfHVH ... :T*. 3I a7' 4iit' Bib 16 "."-' fi,>jW( yHt+tf 78'. \ .l-lt 1.htJ p.csfj, :
/ ..... tnt.id" I'. //II. Fxctory" Authorized : I Street Irarfalo,' & ,1-1, In I, T St Con S/D 75'/ to leg 39 GIf! > Ooyso. tAlvar.t' Jr:' ILlS
40 Qorakl run Carrie CoUbian' .
,,' II.70
N..tI.! 'o In horptiy "Klvcn. Ih '' '1' .
3330 H 433S Com. at 8W
.' '0' Hornmond Organ New York 520 't for a I'OIJ 88 Ft of -
'r rl I I-fqrton thotfltdIrif
r. 1 & Service You, tar"- "I'phy notified that then run H I 100 Kt Lot of Blk 18 Cor of Nl-Hi\ ogf
Mowlnjr c'erJfI.Ltq linn Sales : hits beet'i'il'li AD] N I -' OI t. ,<
an action for divorce M roll Ft N 100 FtW : 88 Ft of Lot SUVi run
rt II I Anhl ccrtlf'JtJJ: : ; k;, .a TIUi tll: .j., Learn. t'll play tlw eaSy, way .aKiilnnt: you and vou' are Ml I't to 1-UB 12 8 S3 Slid 6ta.t. Homes 3 A 4 of Hlk' 18 In to }'01-l, Ely 641-
d I
"to be (canedtfw 5 tL
: ,> ''
10th Ave. ., I a'el, to Mprvo a muv of your In... 119A L 1' A. Co. SID to Ft 1110 N of 14Set'
n-ne: nuirU>grtJiul| ytncrn 'ifImuu 110 N. W. i 't U to It Slack___ Cnlaman n. ..._._ -Ti.-.. I
.". ".. tha. ao.r 'Ti 1 I>non of t tI tlult Oan! 'HVllle Shopping Center written dofi-nai-a, If any, forpliilntlff 2H07 -Coin N'l NW Jil,,*i. BUt R Line W N JIM 90.11'to .
,, ruwnue F Shaw, Atti'rney C of. of 9380-Lot 1 Y"
I i tv and, the mini? I" !n : ''r BWU of VOilel7&N5'o .
I ', ti t nas imHciwd ore It" ;: :, I .I:i uhomi adill, I'oaas la III HW'/i' & i tin I a: 100( Lot 4 .' SRI, Waly 687 tui4 >

I, ,, "! !Mntith, :: Walnut. Hlrcwt. Htarko, Ft fo-r A ponrhi Oik 17 H20' of Sec Line, MI1 _

( ... ,IM.nte i fco 17. fafiiiot. t 1..:- .-... Plorldn. .and file the original .n. run W' 200 Ft Lot 4 Bill 18 In .8POD 82 8 '3 ,. ydrti. Tfrawlnvton' .. .
11106.l with tile I'lerk of the above & 50 Ki, ,V 300 Kt L T A Co'a SID L'llaabeth Olvena ., '-yrlMlii' 10 CO I

l .: rli:>tlon of Protiortv. NW"i rQ'f'p vm .a ce tcwm 1s1'\ "'d i 'mil't on or. before Junl' N Sir Kt to FOB 3331-A-N 30' of W ., 9.8 4212: --cum it en' ;'
T! I Iver: SBC 10. T-l-S n'J'J ri. 1 l'i(17.''( otlinrwlBM.a j..hclII.ntmay llx: ll/W( SS 8 S3S3 UalItq) '!I. .ea Cur of NRH SIll 'I'
: :::'::: "2 : :.o,: 'let entered, .against" I you for "'" (14ofLot 1&W14 dntfre.ia' W BR.OI'
I:. i.o Acrea O .0........_ In the comItneMi 1Il9-COII1! nt NW Of Lot 3 of Blk ,
: tin In which assessed. IIKd : <>", ...M "'fl' tlu- relief domondud ('or of SWU of 18 In L 'T Co'a 0 for !POH NUde' I
S' '.
'o. ou'o. "
ph""t. "'l'eel'V H71.9'! to "
% irds. Jr e' : fIWtj&runs2to .
t : hand anti Ibo teal aID Aaron K IlollayJ ) 1.88
All nf aaltl. property belna": In WI my 1 1IK7. Ft. B 100 Ft1 for WYnN/Wh Nlily ,
th', .untjr of IJrnilinril State of nalil' Court on May A Poll, run 8 loll 39 88-N 30 Ft of on 8H1.U / .

of Florida (SEAL) Ft, K 2119 ff 4 Lot 4 of BIle 18 311.8'. ft 1121.U/ I
VnIeIM. *puoh certltlnata.or 01tlf Batter Homes Fiirnltnra Co. Charles A. Parhy, 100 Ft. W st'r' ,' In t T A Co.) to Uvg ix: U/\V 3:> 8 23 Je I< Thontaa 166.08"t
An Clerk t>f Said; \ Court.. Llnnle Tyaou CI At 8..' .Ka Qrlffln 168 V.* teA... '" *
,I'' H Bha,114' lfc r.*d..jc,1 ""- 1200 S. EdEewood AveJacksonville. Clerk to rOD 8 S3 B/D 4243: -Lota 8 thru
;ordi..c., to law the property Uo- By Charles A Darby ". |l., .I 10 of but 8 In IIW I
riurldn' 32201 n-4 H ngorier. -!l 2700-.-C m 'at NW "d" 3345-Bllca S3 A 34 raffles wwi. : lM ,:. ., ...
aci-li'U In ouch eartMlauta orr Cor of BWU of In r.. T Cos 8/D Hayes .S/ll ft
ml'I I .itea will !I""old'l to the SW, &ruft-8aI0 :r 1capdO1pit! < 8.7: l.'A,, MaKnollnBt '
hI.rI.I, l bIdder at the court, :! Adf Ux B/\V .tlJ !Thom" 1334
Vt 1<: :Jro )<'t for 8847 R) 80 nf Lot 2 ., > .
descrIbed, and.1vIfl
>I >UK" "iioor, nn the first Monday that the following
Notice Is hereby given A 1-oB then run I INI"uP'If1:1I01l't of 27 In L T U6B-SBM of NPHi
.)In m'..mil o( June, 11X17.which Intli bb :Sold' at public auction at 32-00: o'clock noon on tha I ) : .t A Co k1'I' : -A>T PttttlV 4080 of SWi Ex RII'W' 0 1 .W) rrl.l''
.' 1 Ii, ,duv or JuA' UiHT. 81).t .
H lOll Ft W 110 & Et lit
Ditnl, this 18tlr'.. I"y uf'AprU, 2nd day.of June A.D. 1907 at the City Hall, City of Starke, Ft to POB 33 6 S2 rSrari. eltntlldo.. 3:1|;i,4-Lota 1. 4 nf I or UK nzR"ao 83 6 II 19" ".Victoria' McFairtilon 813
197 amount due Jsii 'h 0.60 Rib 28 In 1... T. I .
the *
Cottnty\ of Bradford, Slate of Florida to pay 01I0 p. .. '
tnt N\V NW
(ti-AJ: as 1(1. .. ,.mi.4s..t.. A Cams HID rf>: Paul 15.06 4 of
for taxes herein set opponlte the name together with all% 3704--Com nt JTWUnr 14 of SI514 5:JC I'urHold .0'' '
,11,.I))0. A. Tarlftr of HWU of ": ..c: LASt" .. .1. 805-BV6 of Blk I 89 .
Fe Hx l tneiio
I'.rail Ci' ,.i'I,ik,, County if Cli. Lilt klurlilu Court. of costs of such sale and advertising. KW 4, & run 11] 010 c S .. .p' In L T A COB S/D "* .'"':.t. ITttoberta 28.10 or Bk 80 l'irAID >

5/4 M ro''?iy Ft a no Kt fnr 886-W ft of Blk "l /; A rc* ivw *tFx
Amount of *
No. lliwrlptlmi,. roll, run, W SOFt 19 of L 1' & COB far liema or
land S T K A Owner ami Coasts 8 100( Ft 13!] IDFt V *i) ''"\' ...*. S/D )( 1': floberta. Jo.13t Hk 23 241 4 VMorla' McFaahlon

N 100 Ft! to Ilk SJ 981 32 11 23
3567-5 CO ,
STARKE I! :2(124( -tt 3 In QreenAireM pon : 1 U Jt. t. ..Harlloy"6. .'... .?. 8S3 Lot 4 of 11'(1; .. 11.04
Tboraaa t 'Jtersereau 87.88 fl 3A Ft& 1298 : of NIl .
Annex 8717- of In L. 1'. A COB SID ..r/lnlc/ Williams" -ME'4
j'ir-:;,--<'"m, .at BHCor of NKM' of SWI% ;r ..3bAI, I E63 H of $11"! !1"4 i Kx: Fur

of $E't of '., of HW Vt Bx Lot 1ILll...<;';;; _'.t'. ., .,. :'37H .4 Hi.Ill Kx:" H/W Allx
COSINESS N\V'i A run W In HD1 ('nr 11)0') ) N -T.Ota 1, nf' P I:: Par, IMKO o(
:H14 It N 180 rtK & ti by BO1 13 A371H Elk 37 In L. f. & '' It Hk 2J Px 886 US 8 8* "l ..rth.. nr*>ene"t

: 2117 ft N 388 W 8 E3 8 Annie Randolph' 7.80 Coa SID -' .. A 0 Jonklnii 41.96 0/0' Jessie Brown .354

Vt U 97 ITt S BOB -1 tot In .PIT..'" 3711-Lota S. 3 of ,, '1103-'Com at NI3/
DIRECTORY l'-t to FOB Bx W Cnr of MMi of :MS! ;i- Blk 87 A All tills Cur of :NWH. of
326- ai e aa I cp"allley.. Mn. 14 of 8W,* being .'' .* 33 Ex: Iota 8 A 4, M-2'i run W 4JOFt I. .

JJ.t.: 84.38Josephine 100- N A S b, 60' In L T A Co. S/I A 0 JanlUn 3030 8 IIin t }'t for

: 3377-Pnm' 430 Ft N B A W 22 6 iaS3 ,113I4;l 8t lat. ITomca'infl. *878-B-Lota 1 and Pl>FI. W 54 Kt, H I

AUTO Rins. fi, ni. HW: "'or of (.18 2 of Bite 40') In It ..

8W '4 of $WV A 2790-ID OAwraw of SVfc Coa ./D Cnrrle Small 6130 \ n/w of lui 1100, .,

run W 115 Ft N of of SWUnf 8, 4 of N AlotlK W R/W
& 8 13 8 C A Ovum Ut1I111AC 331lTktin: I" 1634 Kt, W litFt
ro rt E us Ft a .'. 8W L. T A .'i.'A..ne
1.1'S to I'OB 33 6 IS Vi IIl1m" 8.$01
to rOD 11. aa2.IH Ellarioa COB 8/D ')
Earl's 1141.'t <>m at NF) lll1P A Lonnle Jackson .
Garage'ALL &1391-W 800' of N'4nf
: *.-Lot t 1..3 of Bite Cnr of NR'.i of 4 'Clicks <
SRH of :NK 4 '
KINns OF :3 I in Bunny Aura NW14' run Wly '. !'l.l-1J1I0! A: Sam Hlcka 6.128hRlLots Ex It/W A Ex'. .,' I'
Samuel Welch 8.82 810': tn roil ooht \ .
S/D I 2, :n ofrin Par In NW Cor .
AtJTO REPAIR WORK 23 B-Lnt 10 of hUeS \V 887', aH..II', 13! Hlk 41 U 'T. & .' 130' fII'I| 83 8 23 K t. Hartley 884 j'
All Work Guaranteed :I In Sunny Acres 1107'' N 8(14( .8' to f.'ou / Mae Franoea Jenklna 89.83h I .
Phone 9&1-7005 KID Carrie Welch f' w. t.9i FOB 17 8 13 S Wjtllum: : L Kuhn 85.80 831J-K 60 Ft of i IJOt-2-4 Tills 4-South Lot 2 time nt i -*"V )

2110.1-1.<>t a &: s [Ilk i U50W4 of NW Lot 1 lllk 41 .. Keplat Arthur B Palray' 49.0jAIhert
So. \Valnut Starke a In Sunny Acres] U of HWH! lxHement ,: In L T o.tC S/D A O Jenkins 296Mae .. :.
Ethel Young\ >4.03Itntoway Manor U03-A-Lota 12 13 t
itn2423.ANW 3 )_N-Uj of Hlk 4J .
of Hlk 4 Ira Miiutli I
tt/D and F.JCoJ) 8JI> J' ;
Fianuee Jenkins 8113 (late Ucplat Kx 19 : .
Rlk 3 H of HB aW 403 Lota 40' of Lot 13 Of ,\ ..
AUTO SERVICE 'saoor on s 27. S3 St >fr% W A Uehrunti I of Bile

A NtJ'4: of Ulk :: t 84.02W 41 In L T *: Coa Blk 4 ... '". A Lonuchainp. ,
8 8 nf Hare g Wof 11.40
HID tlI111\e \
2852-Lot* 1 and. S 3344 rfi-V1'
Gilbert S. Brown Temples Mill 461 'O 1408-Lot 6 of nik' "..... ::
ai C aa Induitrlaaloo. of {Ilk 1 A Lots tnf .' 4 -Lot II of nile "
!lID: .1 of South Gate 'J>\
81888Johnnie SIb 8 In !He.-> It In U T. & Coa 'i'I", ,
Standard Oil service Station N lent Manor Unit I ISJ A fiesaent Eat. 28.80 Add ., Bill Klundea 3370MllIa.ma HID Merrell Duea 2443:

ATLAS 4f7.A-Dell of 8W Tor of OS'Nl-l 80-1 Lot basing 418-\VHof Lotll 1. 'l 1424(' Mnt Bt NW !ii:.... "
or of 8WH. nfNKU '"
TIRES & BATTERIES 3,4 ot 8W" E 100'. 1 122.6 Ft N & H by S of Block 24 beIng A run 14 ',f 0 ..

Budget Terms-Rood Service N 100) '. W lOO1. S Oovlnttoij SS.3I 50 '!Ft EV being LyIng II Ft K A W lNO.R4', K' 361 SIr, oj{ .
A In
I too- to Hen ai c ta ) by 100 Ft >T A 1 I N 119.48' to W .
C Phone 064-7071 2150.A-Com at SIS 51.1] Cor of W)4) nfNW'4 In L T A Coa dd'i Ernest: W Allen- nf st Rd NWly on I

407 N. TempleHURST'S Stacks (-or, of NWH of of. SB)4cfNLSVi ) 28 8 13: JtiJIe Wllllama O.2d 1 ,, i.B Al 74.Ot.UOI..t. W R/W 134 47' to

SE'V: : 38V for 'l ". t., !) 13, A 14 N Llna nf SW'of
poll W 100", N" 29U.3WtIo\ cf !SB' of Hlk 24 In L. T. NIoJ '4, W 30381

21 degreeS R 141'. 14 of BMW i of MS J!: A Co. Add3332Lot ,ii i. ,'Lestef J Prevail 79.40 to run 33 6 33 Plnehurat Motor

H too' U "1 d..- 1\ Ida: i; 80' >8 6 13 4 Percy Sullivan 23.*8 6 A of Court 81.43

ShELL arreea W 111' to J.nnIng'C l\l'dRn! 2950-Blk A 1 T..ob Tllk 1 In vl. A I 442S-l-A. T'*""o a* _

Service StationGas poll ai S 3324IV4 Hits on S Hide, being rubya Add .,Luther. W Jack aon 48.26Cleon Beg 840' R of NW "."' ...P.:&., :.... ,_ .
.JI _
; -Com nt PF1 220: Ft K! & W by 3319-8 7H Ft of '" Cor of NEH of _

Oil LubrJcfctlonGoodjear C.r uf NBt4;] of 85.7 Ft N A H en Lot. I Kx' S 10 Ft NVVH, a sty to 1.-r .
-- SWrln W W Side by 847 }'a FebotlOtof Rlk Canal, K 1TT, X : Sp
C Tires & Batteries \, 3118) .2 to 1-OB liFe: Land. AV of I t' .
ROAD SERVICE 46.46'. Nly 110', l't. t In Ulunilln H/D Raymond WThumuaon Same' to Ht In N J Reg A: N 187.42' of .
Kly 49.4, BIjr vVV'\ \ 73.82 Jonee Add I 8: 117' of NBVt\ at
SOt Hurt 100 Starke 101.3" to POB In ; 29110-From Pt of : M Dowllnaj. 41.04 NWH S3 8 33 4 LassIe Kite 1008
.. Int of H Line SPit / 587-1 tot on W -
Wi of >>lk G S 502: -NE1:" o* NWU'
MRTALWORK\ W Temp. St with W line of Hide of Walnut StIietween Kx 4A In NW Cor
; SIDR3 *t IS atSH Mia F.mmlUJe !, 13.03 Ht 1M. 200 run Blka A AD ('01' Fx that Port

]My\; Along ltd In N J Jones I ,,' N of Co Or Rd U' 33 Mrs 1
i-com 8 Una. 388.97 Ft tic Ton Add A N 40of 33 W A B..sant Kat.

THOMPSONSheet lute at' of Tern- Wly 234 Ft My2S9 Lot 1 A All loOt ( o/o Mlsa Minnie

Ulna) SID at Jot .' .25 Ft, Kly 2. AN 15' of Lot UO..a-.t'n-T Beaaent auo
Metal B Rof .JI'
64 A3 Ft Mir 4 nik D N J JoneaAdd lnt-ln
Kit run 8ly 1110 W K A of
I'I, POn cont Along A Hil of A R A dreen jr. 1,5S! Ni,4 of NWV.\ of
"Cur\e 91 IV Ft tn 560.-E 144 Ft Of S' -
Metal Work- \6
_All Types 41v 210 Ft. Ely: .NW\<
10 NIt 810ft !St ltd :Slv\ Along 10 Ft nf Lot 1 AK I D"ItoC,11"1:!: !! ; 870

Heat & Air Condo \\"rt 1l'OD, 11 t :83l A 'T Paul 11.11 KdMS 03 Ft to 144 Ft of Lot :3A I MBRrULL.
\ \ I I'on J Kx: B W 28 8 13 Annette L Tucker 1194 i: 119 Ft of N 2Kt ];)D.WARDST
Systems l t I thru) III of tIofltlk Collector
i ,io' or nik xi

16 E. Ph. 901-572.1: i l I O 10 In MR L.. 11.t, t i I' ,nor I'ark. F In N J Jones CUy...*. Stark., Florida

ii", / 111411, .' .ir 11 18 4\ O O I O K.rsay13lst. 4 II Add JlIt..I l L Proctor S88 5-H 4t 6-1. 1961q

t L.

-- ---- -- -
-- - -- -

1 19llltttRDAY .


MAY ..... 1987

o ... I Tower reaordod 2.3 inches! all
ROPING CLUBRESULTS R. A. Carlton .-' ,, r.! ,$'.[''r,"':;.">; ''.t".1-'' ',,,.." W'' ', Rainfall Totals' falling Monday. County average -

Funeral Services ', ,' ,:: ; ,'n.'j \ }t't-i! for the week was 1.87 inches -

I .. ..;,,, : .: ,..',: .' ',: .. :; ? .:' .: including the 17 1 Mon-

Held Wednesday :. .... <..,, t ..,,.\', 2.3 InchesThe day but not Tuesday's down-

n' ,t"- ; pour.
n. "
R. A. Carlton, '71, a nativeof 't There were seven forest
Bradford County, died at '.ICJ'iiJ'' "; fires In the county over the
A aet of Pi fil. .U rains came Sunday
largo sprinklers : ',
I his home Sunday following a ,/ week which burned seven
wer,. used all day Saturday .. night Monday anj Tuesday
heart attack.: A lifetime resident There have been 91
betore the Bradford Roping .. : : 'j j after a 2'4 month drought acres.
of this area.., he was a retired .' ,,, fires since Jan 1 this year
Club, held Its Horse Show last then! more than two :niches of
of ,
farmer and member '
a with 770.3 acres burned. com-
rainfall dampened the coun-
Saturday night Dust was kept
Union Primitive Baptist 65 fires for .he same
....- I pared to
at a minium/ In this way, and |
Church. period In 1966 which burned
and ---- Rainfall for the week from
all Contestants spectators
Survivors Include his widow .
appreciated Sunday. May 14 I 408.8 acres.ST.IRKK
the effort. ) through I
Points for the monthly h'gh' FIRST' BAPTIST CHtKCHSTARKK RAIFORD Monday May 22. averaged 1.87
Gordon Carlton, Palatka; Rob- ; POST OFFICETO
point trophies are mounting : : I Inches with l.T Inches of that
ert Carlton Starke and Ernest ACCEPT; BUM
; Sunday School Schedule of services: Sun I Sunday School, 10 a. m. falling Monday. Another 1.6
fastwith only one more week Sunday Sunday School 10 a. m.
Carlton Ralford; four) Schedule of services: Sunday Postmaster T. C. Hazen Jr.
Worship, 9:45 Morn- Morning Worship 11 a. m. inches measured at Florida
to decide the winners. 9:45: aim Morning 11 day School : a. m. Morning Worship 11 am.;
Andrews, 10 Worship bids
daughters, Mrs. Ruth School a.m. announces that are now
. last Saturday's show saw Lake Butler; Mrs. Minnie sermon "What Think Ye of a.m. and 7:30: p.m. Training ing Worship,, 10:45: a. m. and.:! 7 p. -Rev.. .Leland A.I Evening Worship 8 p.m.: Forest Service Headquarters:: being received for furnishingone
i 44 contestants competing in Christ?" 11 a.m. Training Training Union 6:43: p. m Baker, pastor. an Sr-lOf) west of Starke
Hodges, Glen St. Mary; Mrs. Union, 6:3O: p-m. Rev. Jack Prayer Meeting Wednesday vehicle for local use by the
;1 four,, 'events with the show Aleitha Mae LaComb Glen- Union, 6:15.: Evening Worship Stolte pastor. Evening Service, 7:45.: Mid- Thursday Visitation 10 8 p. n:. Sing each. Friday at 8 brought the total for Mondayand Starke Post Office in. the delivery -
E ending before 10 p.m. Many annual Spring Concert week Prayer Service Wednesday m. and 7 p. m. Tuesday up to 2.3 inches.
I view. Ill.: and Mrs. Frances T:30: p.m. a. p. m. Rev. Harvey Lane, pas- of parcel post and
. Service Most of the rain that fell
the 7:45
of the participants and and Recognition : p. mSMYRNA
Kltler Ra.ford;; three brothers CIIURCII OF GOD tor. other malls. Bids are for an
j for the : Church Youth, RIVER BAPTIST' during the week was measured
were glad Choirs NEW
audience H. L. Carlton, and >Henry for the 422 N. St. Clair St.. Stark The enclosed type light truck on a.
!MISSIONARY Monday and
j rcoavjuubla hour as some of Carlton, both of Lake Butler, and Junior. Sunday School, 10 a. m. BROOKER BAPTIST daily basis, and will be accepted
,.ther shows have been rather RA. meeting BAPTIST CHURCH! Sunday School 10 a. m. New River Tower had 1.3 inch-i I
i and Charlie Carlton Glen St. Monday Worship Services 11 a. m.' m.I I Sunday School 10 a, m. until date of opening, June
Choir practice 7 633 W. Pact St. Suridaa' Morning Worship 11 a. es for the week with .9 of I I
lengthy. 6.3OYouth
I sisters Mable : Morning Worship, 11 8 1967, Further details and
Mary: two Mrs. and 7:30 p. m. YP23. Wednes- a. m. ,
The regular meeting of theBraptford. services: Sunday School. 10 Training Union 7 p. m. Evening that measured Mondav, the
Goodman Starke; and Mrs day 7:30 m. Prayer .Meeting Training Union 8:30: p. .m. necessary forma are availableat
Club will beheld pm.Tuesday Sunbeams and : p. 11 Worship 8 p. m. Louis Hill Tower at Lawtey ,
Roping m. Preaching. a. m.
\ Popklns, Glen St. Mary. Also 7:30 m.Rev.L. a. Evening Worship 7:30: week I the Starke Post Office.1LL1AMS .
: p. service j
2.0 Inches for
I 'at the Fairgrounds Mon- lIdchl1- Junior Choir 330.: Junior OA Training Union, 6:15 p m Wednesday night had
day;.. May 29, at 8 p.m.. All surviving are 26 gr 4:30.: s. Williams pastor Evening Worship. 7pm 7:30: p. m. Everyone welcome.L. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday." with 1.9 Inches measured Monday -j'
dren., and seven 7::30. Vernon N. Williamson,
members and other Interested children. Wednesday(! Prayer Met Everyone welcome Elder L Parker pastor. pastor. and the Santa Fe River

persona are Invited to attend. Funeral services were held ng, T:30.: Church Choir Practice KINGSLEY LAKEBAF.tIST T. C. Williams, pastor. I
in each, event last CHCKCn CHURCH OF CHRIST
II 8:15.:
In the
at 10 a. m. Wednesday 10 HEILBRONN BAPTIST HI-WAY CHAPEL
Saturday were: Union Primitive Baptist Thursday Visitation Sunday School: 9:49: a. m. NEW RIVER BAPTIST Sunday: Bible Study 10a. Sunday School 9:43: a. m. ASSEMBLY OF GOD ,
CLOVKHLKAT: Church near Heilbronn am. and 7 p.m. I Morning Worship 11 a. 1 m; Sunday School, 10 a. m. m.; Morning Worship and Morning Worship, 11 a. m.
7 hand under: Keith Carter West Weldon St. and Ral-
Springs. Interment was' in El- I Training Union, 6:15: p. rn.,
Communion Service 11 a. m' Training Union 6:30 p. m.
STREET Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Bobby\ Carter Mark Joyner. MADISON ford Road 16.
zey Chapel Cemetery in Union Evening Worship 7:30 p. m' I services 6:30. ,
Evening : Evening SBVice: 7:30: Mid-
Training Union, 6:30 m.
Dora Trlest, CHURCH I : p.
Linda Grlffls BAPTIST 7 m L. L. Parker pastor.
Funeral p. -
County with Brannon Midweek Prayer Service...
Wednesday Worship service week Prayer\ Service 7:00:
Evening Worship. 7:30 ,
Jordan. St. (Hlway : p. m. I
Cifftly 900 W. Madison
'I Home of Lake Butler In chargeof Wednesday 7:30: p. m. Rev.I, Prayer Meeting Wednesday 7 p. m. Minister Jack P. p. m. Wednesday. Troy Sunday Services Sunday
2 12 Ronnie Hall Johnny
to : arrangements 100 West" )) let School, 10 m. Morning St.
Jim Rigdon, pastor Come weil. Johnson' a. 122 E. Washington
School, 7 7 m.1.. L. Parker
Lee, Klmbo Forsyth Brad ; Sunday Church 'I I p. pastor
us worship together Worship 11 a. m. C. A Youth FREE ESTIMATES
CarterlS I:8:45: a.m. Morning Worship 6 Evening Wor ,
recent > m. ,
to 19: Kills Griffin. Ernie of OalnesvUle'Were Youth Choir I s p.m. R, T Williams, Owner
guests at the home of Mr. and ship 7 p. m. Prayer Meeting\
Tri lt, Tommy Smith. Greg Training Union 6:13.: Evening 'I Phone
Mrs. J. D. OrlffU. 1 7:30: p. m. Thursday.:
Woods., Worship. 7:30.: Sunday School Phone 9fi 1-7061
and Mrs. Dewltt Hersey. -Leroy Llghtsey, pastor
Mr. I,
Parrtsh. workers
and Bobby Union
20 over: and Training
Doyle Hazen Edward William visited Mr. and Mrs. Duke urged to attend. An Investment in Your Future
of Gainesville, recently.
Henry Lawson. Blake Worship 7:30: p.m. II

Linda Bobby BARREL 7\*.and GrlTfU Carter under WEAVE, : Kim Mark Keith: Presc9tt Joyner.Carter, visited Hersey Mrs.Mr. and Betty Jr.Mr.: Thursday.Mrs.and Blaine O Mri.,L.of! Pierre Craw R. M.,. Wednesday BAYLES3 Midweek HIGHWAY A T 'Eml f ] Cf Cfl OOm t i f3 4Yslrrs Ask hrA Aagt IsaY dM : Brannan's Plumbingand

Doj-a'!'.Trlest ford, attended CHURCH
services at Oak Grove Baptist
8 to 12: Ronnie Hall, Klmbo
For yth. Johnny Lee S.andlafor&an. Church Sunday. Sunday School, 10 a. m.; Supplies
: Klrby Swindell and John Morning Worship Service 11

13-19: Bills Griffis, Tommy Palatka. vllsted Mr. and Mrs a. m.: Training Union 8:30p. : .
Walter Swindell, Thursday. Worship, 7:30P. : ( """ '!I "
Smith Ernie Trlest Greg m.;
; .. .Miss Kay Alvarez daighternf II'61..S.rstrvc(' ; ; !

Woods..20,:'end over: Bobby Tarrlsh KTr... Ana .Mrs.--night--- C.-- R.guest Alvarez at. .Prayer m. Meeting WI.'CI., 7:30p. :; Man's triumph over a Wm&\\fo life. . JIH; T ; ; ; _
was In over .
Edward Williams, Charlie. m; O. A- Meeting ,.,
.. the home of Miss Sue White,
Jones ARENAS; Bill Sherwood. Sunday night. 7:30 Wed.: ,p.7:30:m.:p.Choir m.: Rehearsal Brotherhood i T Sharks have always been man's enemies In the sea. They are a danger to the Complete, Line Plumbing Supplies

...D' 71ij.'and; under: Augle Fox, Mrs. Grace Searles, recently meeting last MondayIn shipwrecked and occasionally threaten the lives of swimmers along our coastal .. .
4 oohby Carter Keith Carter. attended bftbv' shower given each month. ReV. David 'Waters. Sharks are only one of the many dangers that man faces every day. '

\ Joyner Linda. Grlfflsr for Mrs. Janet Baptist Cook. Church.by the Medelroa, pastor. \ The world, today is in a turmoil and we must be alert and on guard for theenemies' (WELL DiGGIHGRHEEM :
ladles of Hope
.'j,V-I3. !l Trlost.Klmibo: Forsyth. Ron-, The shower' Was given at the DEDAN BAPTIST [Brooker] moves. Now Is the time to trust In the Lord and to seek HIs help. __ \ .

fl \'Hall. Randy Joyner Johnny home Dodd. of about Mr twelve and Mrs.attended.!Fred Sunday School 11 10 a. m. "Unto thee,O Lord, do I lift up my soul. 0 my God, I trust in thee; let mt not 1 1I
Worship a. I
.ee.HJ9. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sullivan, Training Morning Union 7 p. m Evening m'i- be ashamed, let not mine eixmiea/ triumph over me." WATER HEATERS
/ : Ellis Grlffls Tommy
'firth, Ernie' Trlest,' CregAirlt recently attended Open Houseat Service 8 p. m.-Rev. I Psalm 25,1-2
I 14ooM. the new Clay Electric District Lacy Conway, pastor.. I
Office lit'Lake city.
20 a d over: Bobby Parrlsh
Bill Sherwood, Jimmy Draughty LAURA BAPTIST SEPTIC I TANKS-MYERS I PUMPServinjrV I

Charlie- Jones. Lights-on Campaign Sunday School, 0:45: a. m. v

BUDDY CK-UFl Scheduled Over Mtrning Worship 11 a. m. t

7 and u.rvlel'Kellh Carter. Evening Worship, 7:30:: p. m. .: Keystone Heights, Lake Geneva,

KIM> PresctftijM-Dora Trleat Memorial DayA Prayer Meeting,. Wednesday' i" MelrOMe, StarkePh.

';Bobby. Carter. \ ugle Fox, Campaign Is 7:30: p. m.-Rev. Luther Me- ,173-3080: I/) Mi. North Keystone SR 100
Linda Griffis"i Light On Gee pastor. .
i ,8-12: Klmbo For rth,. Ronnie. scheduled for the long 102 .
Hall, Brad Carter,*='Johnny hour Memorial Day weekend, NORTIISIDE BAPTIST I -
Lee. ,5 S period to combat the 28 traf- I r

13-19: Ernie TrlenR;:> ;>}lsCrlffls fic deaths predicted by the Located on Bayiens ugh-! Q rf I''

,' Tommy Smith. 'j oQ Jre jj jjWoods. r Florida Highway Patrol. way [tSR 2251]at Redford Row? *

w ,. (SH 161. Services: Hund*} I S
'20 and over: Charlie Jone ,' School. 10.. m. Sundav ,CONTRACT
.' Merrill Grlffls Edward WHams. M* and ends at the close of Morning Worship, 11 a, m I '4.td1 rtr

Van Prescott. !! Manorial Day next Tuesday. Training Union. 6:30: p. m

MftJ-j30, at midJ iWt. Evening Service 7:30.: MidWeek PAINTINGNo

,eamvvVVVVV'.mTHERESSA' "*ere: appealing to the: Prayer Service Wedn* I -

motoi In* public, to abide by day. 7:30.: -Rev, Olenn Lave I
I the Lixivia.;On campaign for hon pastor. I
this perlodv"ays Col. H. N. (a 1' Job Too Large

KJrkmaa, stats director of the PINK LEVEL BAPTIST I

By Linda Crawford patrol. A \k ,a W No Job Too Small
I .
During the stvHer\ 78-hour Sunday School. 10 a. m : 17 .

.uauAa tau.uAAA4 W Memorial Day Kofl sy period: Morning Worship\, 11 a. ir

BAPTIST CHURCH in 1966 the state Worded 27 Pre-Servlrs! (Booster bane ,
HOPE traffic deaths and lii }396,3 the and Fray
Recreation Is held each count was 30. *.. Young Evenln UN Oiuitk. .b Crfi iffrigM. .....,h.Kift\ w"U f'or.ifmrfni, .DM. knowMi*"!Wt.bttfcr \\N T1iF STANLEY LYONSP. Y
Service 6 m.
Friday night at the communIty Through Monday May-J22, p. MWw.dervloe. ..> I MI..."Hb.ttamt. "Ha"man" to rtiponJ.. to Hirt Ini b,te ln|Mi..Ilhkr.wl5w.f"'" /

house recreation begins at 737 persons had been k'lled' >7:30: p. m. Everyone Is In- the state's highways since" .I u4 IN,titUtm. aSkS..bald.twa will...11.."f1fn"''' {""..ass :. :

VTlted to'.come'and participate January 1 and 43.370 injuredan D. I, Rams!y. pasBEItiJIE1. 1 from I Mil.)*point of flM,....ihouU. wppoit Hit Chunk 'loc IS.wki d Ita wdlwtI 1:1II MACCLENNY, FLORIDA

Sunday School 10 a. m.; increase of one percent over ..r, I MmuH"' mt. tk, ,..II,. kyoirf"Hnt.' Mows, IV''f pixm' ihnll rph.ld.d. w "

Morning Worship. 11 a. m.: the same period In 1068 when "' I Ik"""' .In,.HN.. Owtdi....... tt,lilh Hit Irath about"mafi" 1 lilt,4wtk vA.. dnliriy; "tin' -/lru not
-Training Union 6:30: p- m.; 728 were killed and 40.050 in- BAPTIST line" whkk d"M will M kin!no ta Ovt II I dilU ol,M. W11>' Call Collect for
Evening Worship 7:45: Wednesday hOOf. C.I,,...Ailv,.<..>
jured. S 10 a. m
night Prayer Service Morning; XWorshlp, 11 a. m Any Information
with choir practice
7:30: p. m. HOLIDAYThe
HANK Evening Worship, 7:30: p. m
'afterward. 259-3084-MaccIenny
PERSONALS Community State Bankof Prayer "MeaWng., 7:30: p. m

:Miss Prlscllla\ Dodd daughter: Starke and' /the Florida Wednesday. -\ Her. W. INewtDSIIa. This Feature
'of'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dod< Bank at Starke will not be past ('. Published in the Interest of a Better Community by the Following -

,i#nt a work weekend .at the open for business Tuesday BAPT\sT Civic-Minded Business Firms
Children's Bible Mission Camp'iW'pope May SO, Memorial Day a legal I

\' City', with Miss Ann: holiday In Florida. Sunday Services! Sunday

Belt and Miss Reba Thompson. School 9:45: a. m. Morning FAULKNER BUSH'S STARKE BUILDERS

Thpv left Friday and returned A Classified Ad In the TELEGRAPH Worship 11 a. m. Training'; SINCLAIR SERVICE GULF SERVICE Get the big sheet
Stffcday. I IMr resin... I
Zeiler. brings Union 6:30: p. mEvening SUPPLIES, Inc.
:: :
7:30. Wednesday '
Service. : .
U-HAUL RENTALS Tune-ups' Brake Repair
Prayer Meeting 7:30: p. m I Fftatnrinf Are iardwer.CnntpletePaint ..
I ee I Balancing I I
I Rev; Leroy Olive; Pastor. Truck: r Trailer' 'SnpplltM! .
Serving Florida I II and Sporting,Good A -
Most Complete Line of Bait
, Since 1930 CALVARY .BAPTIST Complete Lubrication --. -
4. I I Minor and Tackle in Bradford "CHECK WITH. va FIRST
I a Ht Ing; c3'efv 0114 Sunday School 10 a. m I 91-0270 .. .- -. ..-
cw 219 WMhlncton St
OyWd'tf70 .
263 N. Ph. 961-7361
Temple ., _
._ ; Morning Worship. 11 a. m I 709 S. Walnut Ph. 961-589!) J ._ L.

t eP'NM w'y"M'7/V M"Ns... Training Union 6:30: p. In I I'I
.', Evening Service 7:30.: Prayer: DOYLE CONNER Edwards Grocery & Lawson 'Meat Market -- .-...

'I Meeting, Wednesday 7:30. AND COLD STORAGE

Mrs. Carolyn CordiallyEaoea I p. m.-Rev. R. K. Butler Insurance Agency Mkt.
: pastor W. fIIJMCIaIIM hi diatom Sla.ghta.

'. Welcomes. I Inr Cutting A Wrmpplnc I
.I Groceries: !-Meata--Feeds rTl
'nepre ntatlve HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH Prepared For Deep Froea
With Your Mutual Agent .t
: 964-5811 You and Your Gas & 011
100 at Thereua) MIONE t-70S9
.1'22 N. Bay St. family to Your Sunday School 10 a. m. 222 N. Temple Ph. 961-7369 Ph !96f 1-5312 Starke, Fla.
Starke .
Morning Worship-11 a. m. ,
I Training Union-6:30: p. m. Starke "66" Service DeWITT C. JONES

\ring. The State of Florida I .Evening Worship 7:11p. : BILL EDWARDS r.n.., ;.i\ry\ v1nni FUNERAL HOMES TWINRIBROOFING

I m. \1'-0 Starke Ph. 964-6200

I rtl't Is Our Desire To Make You Feel Welcome l and I I Brake Service-Wheel Balance OF STARKE, INC. AND SIDING
To Acquaint You With Your City. Keystone Height ,
; ; CHURCH, STARKE and Alignment
a U.S. 3.01 NORTH
.... Sunday Church School Ph. 473-317C S keeps buildings up to 15'cooler in hat

'If you are new in the. area, a phone r 9.43: a. m. Morning Worship 612 N. Temple -Ph. 961-7231 Ph. 961-7600( Starke, Fla. 4 summer sun s

1 -'."' 11 Snack Super for MYP,
a. m. long wide sheets to Install.can't
visit I .
.call will bring: you a prompt 6:30: : .MYP meetings 7. EvenIng -
E. Johns Hurst Shell Service
Charley Sinclair Co. rot
Worship, 8. Refining e rust warp or r serueare
Please give
; .Irom your local hostess. Monday Girl Scouts meetin Agency W. L. Thomas., Distributor fewer Joints-tighter roofs $129.5

,"'J\f.r\ a call! She has maps and many Wednesday Fellowship-Hall Prayer 3:19.: Meeting 131 S. Walnut Ph. 9(14-5070 OASOUXE8' : KKR08E.VB CARL HURST We cut the sheets to {fit your building

Fuel OU and OreaMMf
free and wonderful gifts for you 7:30: p. m. Choir: GENERAL: INSURANCE) Bwy. 301 & 100 Ph. !964-6111 FARMER'S MUTUAL EXCHANGE
,;from local businesses. Thursday Nobody>> But Nobody Vad.rsells Ph. 964-6346: MS a W a1nat. Stark*
rehearsal. 7:30: p. m. q.artA W. John Aro'.v Starke Fla. Phone 96 1.7g71
t" I -1



,'If .

I' ,..1' 1
1 1
.4 -
--- -- --

-- -
-r--r--u-ui. m--. j--

Jwv1. 'J .LiJ.-r

1 nR.\nl"O'RD" rorrNrr TELEGRAPH.! HTARKW.' FLORIDA TTintSDAY.! : _: .- 25.- 1967,. -
f\r-v! TWET.VE -
-- -
-- --
Amount of Taxes

('It) <>r Markp.. KlorlilnS I'UIITK d.'ti n tool" "! tlflmtes I will be sold to thhlKlieot A IlsldnL'd Ad In the TELEA ClMKlfted Ad In the TELJt.GRAPI No. Description\ Amount of Taxes No. Description STB A Owner and Costs.
18 i 1M7! bidder lit t the court house of land S!! T R A Owner and Costs of land
S... of nimlil l> .lIn.... ittrnngtblc 91 vet )piililkatlun I Mitv brlnll'I resultORAS'lI" lrlnJCs, ( rejufo.r.OTICE .
li rnnnnl 1'rnpprtx :6 I l' It (II IS iloor' on tin' tl..tIond"y: In the !

Taxes month of June, 1067, which .. 8110-AVty of SVVH of 1571-EH of i-r 44 Osteen Demps 4.651572tV'

.I u.. ..\II > (IOO BY CHAPTRU IVOTU'ffl TO THK PWIIM4' tln 5th day of June, 1D67. Snl '4 N of Publlo In Lawtey B
i .1's 1 OP 1fl41. NOTIt-R Dated* this 18th day of April> I Hit that Port of lA ot Lot
NIIII It'"' Is hereby !given Unit OF TAX SALE of
43 In Town
\ I I" THAT TANOrBLBJv 1K67. 8% of SW4 Edward Jones 5
Soiibnnril, Air I 1.1. to' Un I I l'tHIIII I Lawtey E ot Ry
\ [I. PROPI'R'I'TA.I' HI" (NEAL: ) which UosR of Ht
i i "ron Ttii! vnvn lion' 'oinpiitiv, '' with will the I I flln Florida. an lippllcai Public Charles .\. Darby, Notice Is her'by given. that the 1st dRY of June 1961 be- Rd B32B &: N of Co 1587-A.-C om at

1 I' \V I NI.ISI.JItF.NT! i I .Siirvlfp. l'Commission\ I Mny 28, Clerk nf Circuit Court of Bradford gin at noon. at Starke County of Bradford State of Florida Or 1H<1 I 11 II SI 43 .Raleigh V Crosby OLE Inter of N Line &
I I I I c l lI 1 %!>'" APIUL I.I It therenftfr Count, Florida. certificates will be sold on the following described Ely R/W of Sal
1M7! or as aonn as I tax sale 714of otSW'4
--I, 'BHIU: 514 4t fi211Kot'"e SWVi Hit, 8 to KRlor,1
'" 'PI'l'll T UK.. ONE< ,poKMlblf' for authi>rlty t<' dliimilniiH land to pay the amount due for taxes herein Bet opposite A E% of tra.r Fob, s
I : ,,'rll, PI.I1R1'1 and the nonnifonry. Of A..11."tlo.'. Furp.nll the same together with all coets of such sale and all adver- S\V(4( Ex IDA In 105', W on 8! Line
rotlre the IS-onr team track
.S .\' : .'lie, OH I IU NW Cor 18 8 21 tlO W J Qulett ilLS! Elk 67 83.T. N Farto
fit Wllllford Ollchrlst County. lkdqop. tising.
RR 106'. W to
1'111'IITICE: :: r'lm' 'liln.Dutid, 1118.16. It'. S. I
T61-A--8% of NWit\ Pob Zt S S3 United Bunding
i Ih" : MuI'rrs' HKI: nnd. )posted this 10thany Notice Is hereby tlven that of 813(4 22 8 SI 10 Dan K Btubbs 14.56 6.M
Amount of Tatee ins Co.
< I IKA: <'H N< \MF. UK-I the holder of :No. IJMlt'rlptiOll
of 1BST.Houuniml Mr Curl Iliirton
\III I I': I I'Vin BRI'-ORIC I TUB vVIr Line Railroad tho following certlflcnteif has of hint. l S T R A Owner and Cu..b14541W1,4 786-8-Lot 6 of nike 1588-N4,{ of. Lot B7In ofRy
.1, II Nl n! A.ll. 1H8T WARI Company filed, saId rtlflcatoH.. for" a tax of CrOBby Lake Luwtey :Melenase Barber .,/,.
I r \\ I 11.1. HI! 1SttfKl/: )> The ot NE'4 Shores :Harold<1 Smith 45.67 k
By: C'. H. Cook deed. to be Issued thereon.
|:M, ; ,IS. IirRHl'TlNO THE It. Superintendent certificate. numbcra,. and years' of a: .nil NW'4 of smW' 1621-1 Lot as peso
\ I I ,nv: TlflB SKIZl'RK OF It B/18 iHHtiance tile dtmcrlptlon of the 4 of Rd 18 8 .0 80 James A Reid 100.98 703-Lot 6 of nik II In Dead Hk 52
i 111,1I'KHSONAT.: FttOP.I Page 838 In Otts
property) end the names In 187-Nt4 ot sm\4\ II Crosby Lake
Til K TAX PAVERS HID Lot belnor 100'B
\ I M.I. \li I [) TAXIOS PKNALMi :11.ebip Of Apnllnntlon Forms which It was) assessed. are a. Nj( ot S... ot sml" II 8 10 110 11' L Tomlln.on 119.83 Bhoras Eunice: 8 dunter 5.25 J & W by 60' NfatB

\ I MirilTlOXAT. ('ORTfI.11 SPeed follows,. ,: 17T-NW'4 ot SW'A Ft 6 10 .0 D'L Toml1nol18.GB In NE Cor of
Certificate, No. 69. Year of Issuance 805-D-Fnr s* Duo Mid StateInvestment
\ \ \ :'* OF rtRUINQl'ISiCT *r". IfM.iil, 1'. e. 257-foIW1,4 of SW'4ot 16
Notice 1 0811.no"crilltion, In or 47-111 2 6 S 21 19,39 Harold Smith S3.58 Corp. T6.09
HI' V\l.\ PROI'I! ItTY TAX Is hereby given, that SW'4 a: 1 A In
\ ...t" THE AMOUNT: Mr. Carl Horton the holder, of of Property NBJ54 8m 'or of SW'4 ofawla 821-B-P r as Duo 1031-i-A 210 !Sri' In
I r \\l i I';'M INIHA'niNOl THE the following certificate has of NTBV!: of NWH SEC 14, T-S- IDx RjW 8 .7 10 11 Foutll.'t 013! &. In or 47-lxo SB 8 21 18 Ferrtll Smith 81.041 sw cor of SWA!
t' ."F' MiVBHTISlXO AND filed said o-rtlflrutes. for a tax W R-28-I3! Chemloa.1 Co 663.82 SSI.C-U-Lot X4 of of SB 14I6S4 24 5 II Modern TfrvmesFinance '
I I .N M.TIK8 I: ARE AS dead to be Issued thereon., The Name. In which a..eM.edl. 878--8'% ofaWIt 01NW'1 Kampson LakeShores I ) Cot 11.1t.
I." %" certificate numbers and years of Ellis nryant 5.25
II ofsW7 W H Smith -1 Lot 100' N A
\ ...iw Co 9.99eo.30 Issuance the description of the All of said property belngr In NWt 18 7 110 80 II IUlfott% 11.11 81l.C-Ill--Lot 25 of S bv 110' E WlfofoJ4'
n "i, i u Associate property And the names In the County I of Bradford, State of In SW

I which. It was assased are as follows Florida.I'nlosB, certificate or 300-NE of BE4' Chores Sampson 'Lak. W H Smith 5.25 of 25 I 22 L J Padvett '..n.

F K -< f.irnROH 2.75 Cc-rtlflrnte, : No 10. Year of Is. certificates such shall be redeemed FIx' S 8A Cor otNE'A 811ClLot 211 ofSamuson 1802-Lot as. Deco In

uMitn. Body It 4.73 silence 111(15.Description( law the property ot SE4: II LaksShorts or Bk 14-885 25 5 22 Mid State Homes,
Mi according
i up
SE'S' ot NE'4 <''IISI 5.25W Ino. 1.25
of Property All certificate or W )I Smith
"t i In, 'hf Inn 11 I 03'l : described In I6fl3 Ben t NW
otNE'4 "
KKlsh Market 5.04 8WM R! of itlvor A nil W4, ofXW" certificates) will be sold to the of SW3
Cor of flW
% ofi'uw7
., ,rut,,," Funi-riil, llmnp H.10 VI of River. tOO Acres) hla-hest! bidder at the court housedoor a NW. ot 8al-C-n-Lot 27 of of NW14\
S..... 19. T-4-.H. R32Na.nw E In fl4 Lying m of Sampson Lake
; ,n-lsli, ft Mnt Mkt. 34 Hi"ltl on the first Monday 5.25 Run 8 100' for
.1, ...- Si-rvlre Station 6.19, In, which assessed W. month of June, 1967 which I. Co Ex Or R/W Rd 8-A 18 1 IO! '71 II If IIrott 107.18 Snores H Smith! Fob 13 75', S 100'.
ITIII. .c ..nlnl Florist 11.91 H. Edwards. Jr.All the 6th day' of June 1987. 821-C-Is-.Lot 28 ot W '11', N 100' to
ti: ) \ '- Fnrm S"l>ply 15.75 "f Miild property hnlnnr In Dated. this 18th day of April 403-Lot" 12 & 18 offllk Sampson LakeShores 5.25W Pob 25 5 22 Mid !State! Rome.,
((99! 1rri., i H duality J Shop;< 1.98 the Count)' of Bradford, State of 1t! 7.(81SAL.. II Corllott. W H Smith Ino. 8.25 V.

12 Frtin IM lenklns Florist 1.98J Florida ( .) Unit 1 ShIrley! 10 Tot..tone 8,91 821.c-29-Lot 29 nf 1R85-N11174 of NE14
Hunt rprtlflcatoi. certlflcntpa -
Unions or
:11: .1. KitH 39.94 shall be redeemed ac- Charles A. Darby 4OS-NV.1 ot NW'4 Sampson Laks of SWH Ex R/W 25 5 22 10 Joe Jenkins Est 12.51LO7lNW'
V KulRht 11.91 do- Clerk of Circuit Court of Bradford PIll' 1 A N of Ry 17.1 10 al lIouthern flU & Shores K Smith -2'
the ,
law property of NW
: 3 McKlnney 9.24 cording to ) Chemical Co 84.88
rMiirtl. Florida.
'14M /McMllllan:' 11.98 .'rlheo1 In such csrtlflcaM orcertificates County. 514 4t 8/aG 412-NE1%!, ot Lot 1 821-C-So-.Lot 80 of 4 ;of; awH7li 25 5 22! 10 A T Paul 14.68 *

58 A. T Paul 8.10 will be sold to the Ex 10 A W of By 11 7 110 18 lIoutherl\ Oil .& Hnmpson Lake. Smith *.2' SR'4 of NB14
courthouse WIt
NO PhillipsUS' Sorvloe higheat. bidder at Chemical 00 at.M Shores821C31 of SW'4 B of Rd
station 7.0S: door on the first Monday ><><.li'e Apnllcatlon For Ex R/W 25 5 22 B Lorance Berry 8.64 '.
or 10(17( whichIs ... DeedHe ) -Lot III of
the month Juno 1'
In 1818-1[ t Lot 100' Si
Plnphurst :Motor
162 RW\4\ &tSit4
65T-W'I.a ot LakeShores .
of June, 1667.Oateif ... Ill$.1 II. !'. H.NotUe Sampson *
,- JIM 9.32 the nth day that ; of SW14 1 Ex; : W H Smith 5.25 In NE! Cor of V'\.
5.81 this 18th day of April In hereby jflven of NE'A of SE'Aof !
1 IK: Plxlr Shop :
holder1' of 6 A In NJ.t oor IIIEx
18* 1..t... Prevatt 15.75 11B7 Mr.' Carl Harton the Ex thuS SC2--SA In SW Cor SW'A 25 E 22 Edmond Johnson Et
'7t Ruby Kltohorvlce 9.OK (SEAL) the following certificates. I hue HIW Of NE',4 of NR: <4 Al 4.81
Station 1S76. Charlea, A. Darby filed saId certificates. for a tax port of 8W74which & lied at NW Cor 1701-B14 of NWlio.f '
isr Sh '"
9 1 Sill\ 1 1Rfpt lur: M' ..rV. "StutlonB. 8.67 Clerk of Circuit Court of Bradford deed to be lusued. ther un. The ofssliUltV"ii II. S of NKH of NR'4 SW! 14 of NE H 26 5 22 EAT Paul .,... t-
'V or 5228
of 8-229 -
!01 !" By T. Thorn County Florida. certificate numbers. and years of the 84 B 11 .1.80 Clar.noa C Dlvln. "..D858lsN Run 8 780' R] BOO', L710-F5 1 A of W14of "
Ti i-k Slop 12.37SO B/4 4t 5125Notice the desi-rlpllon N508.6' to tI R/W NK* Of BW14'/ .
::0fr I starkiTfarilware! / .78 property and. the names InWlllclt '. of 8134 80.1I11111r 807.48 of St ltd 225 then Of NEU, 26 E 22 1 Frances. Jenkins T.1S
as /Ij
assessed are .0 nay
:,,4 Annette I. Tucker 37.28 : Of Application VnrTnv It was 45' ofV 823' 54 8 11 Soly on Rd to lot 1711[ -Com at SW

""nil) Cafe, 1 1.99! lleeilt '"''certificate: No. 77. Tear of 11I- 579-.$% ot Lot a or wtth K Bnrtrr of Cor of Olair Lot 7
,.45 ..MadleVllllnms. 1.22 t".... III.'.I 6. I-". 8. SW4 of $1,110624W74 NH'4 of N'H4 N In Lawtey & run
-HHILI.( BDWAllUST. > Notice Is hereby given that ""iJesprlptlo'n of Property N>4 ;l'4o 118 61-72;: as 1 220 Purl Nn-rman 49.31026.r12.ACom 42...' to- NR Cor W K on Sec Line to .'

._ Culh, Sir <.'111'1 I Harton. the holder of of NEW SEC 16. T-6-B. ot NW\4\ I 8 U 40 1\lr. J m Thoma.. E.t. 1320' to Pob KXPnr Hny 2DO. 8 400 Ft,
T..X fOLLKCTOR tho followlnacertificates) has of 14W 4 ) at 210' Sq on Hil W to Pob Ex the

." TV OF !$:STAJtKE FLA. filed ail( certificates for a tAX R22E. In((20 which Acres.assessed( I3ruleTyson. of I E'( of 22R' on Ely l IMrr E 200 Ft 28 E 22 8 Doris M Danson ...., "
tunned thereon. The Name NI Cor a '
2t 5-18 6-25 deed tobe of NKVl\ nf NK(4gf (
certificate. numbers and yearsof being In NE'4: of NE'4 SV4 of NF5'i fix 1759-Com st NW
lnBimnre.. the, description) of All oB: said property liradford, State RW'V 1611.48'' RW| Easement 10.7 21 103 Loulaa K Newman 148.49 Cor of NW %of
In! The Tour Of The Coiin9y.lllII and tlie names In the County of for S 8' 1.41 fll'': I( of SK'4 60'N
..'. !3rndI.i"!! (oasty l'l..rlilii. which the property Il was assessed are as "rtnisiB1 such. certificate or certificates 165'.W 100, tl:0 POll 1 8 11 l' Leon Sweat 861 NW'4-H'-i *of HIZK SRH' of of A S by 100' B: A

Inv In I'rolvnr. Estate 1 of DOHA I.. "certlf'lcnte: No. 68. Year of Is- shall. be redeemed decrlheri a<'-- 829-41 784 RW14 tt or LylniC'E sw SW'4 10 7 21 60 Benny Oar l.... Jr. 13S14 W 26 6 S3 Julia Whitley 68.331L"6lNW'4 .
DORA L.M cording to law. the property! "a [ of SW
ntKKi.; < formerly
Huch certificate' or of R.I & Ex nw 880-H-Cam at SPJ "4 of SB 14 AHl'
> NSO.Vl: :: lITIMlBKl.Ml "Tiewrlptlon; F.M' of In
I. [ Person ) l t I of Tropwrty' of fV'4Wti .,. will hR sold to the &< Ex B/8 A In NVJ ('or of NB (% ofSW'4. 8 Ft of KWU of
;illtiirs and 8W"i orlW'4 It hTfCheat bidder. at the court liotleedoor (' DU u' 20.26 N 1122' to 8 SW'4( of IIE'4 Ex
NTCli Ilelne :
Havlns Claim. Or Demands ot> F.% nt of R-22-E fI'V'4 the first Monday In 2If:10:: 18 21 13318 Henry Leroy R/W of Hwy 227.SJWIy R/W 28 E 22 13 F.ll1olllr StrongRlirsby -
Affaln Said Estate: 60 Acres Bee 1 I. T-6-8 J. on of June 1987. which IM 8 RW| 755.61 1 10." ''I)
You and each of you ..rehereby Name In which assossert month nt NW'4.of
of 63S-A-WI,{. for Pnh. S 14 Ile-
lilt day n80-F.I, of NE
the lII.i.yl r.\prl1. -
notified and required to Ellis Bryant. In limed thin. 18th ; SE4\ &< that ,srreea, R' 210'. SWIr of NE'4 0-f NE> ".11.
4 27 E 22 8 Eva drlffls Eat
|I".nt any claims nn"1 demands AH of still, I property bflnar of of 31.U Par Hwy 210' N
will I li, .u. or either of you the County of llrao1 torl. State of 1S I 7.HI 'i\\ S or'Pub ltd 2 8 Z1 2J: Coy Lee Alvaru 14 d.grees W 210' 17t5-A-W14 of SBH

ma; have against. the estate of Plfirlda.t'nlPBS, < (<:AI'>.cliarl.-H A. Darby.Clirk BK/W, REly 210' of NW14 of
PARKKR' (formerly certificate or "certificates nfttrttIl' t46--N'4* ot NW'4 & Jeanne 21 K Newman 40.58 SW14 Ex Lot 200'
ItORA L *uth 1 nf ''Il'' ,'ult t 1'i'iirt' a 0 21 20 nonA1o1 to Pob 12 7 1 Louise
DOHA L MONHO.V. : ) dtu-t'uwil, t .. Shall l I..- redeemed. t'- d 1'ilTlty' I In I'", 1IIlr. of SE' An.lrewlI 811.67r 887 1 Ixjt lvln In E *: W by 327' N "
,. -
late of laid County at Hlarko: cord( Inn to law the, property. dv- '''I' :./ II :lit' -: ,-r,. SR Cor of SW'4' of A S 28 5 22 3Vi,{. Robert L Tyler

Florida, within nix calendar ._.._"i.._.i, ,.in._' _".."-!.!. '"f..'rlflcate. .--. .. .ct cor- =:--- ttK"< h.rllf! 421)) Ft 1807) -Lot 50 In 5.7/7
m'mthn from the time of the := __.J. N //I H by 810 Ft B' Woodlawn Sir Lot

TInt publication of thin notlci & W EX 1-A Si'] laSB 100' SW being 50'
Koch claim cir dumand shall be Cor 14 7 21 B William 'Sladn '.61 W of (SB, Cor 29 6 :22 to Floyd ICIng Taft
li writing and shall .tale tho DIRECTORY 1807-A-BPW 50W
$ 945 Com at NW
of resldunce end mt ...tn BUSINESS -
place I p AREA Por of NF.'4 Him of 8P Cor of Lot I
address of the claimant
Ice E 709 Pt for Fob 69, N 100'. W 100'.
and shall be sworn to by the ennt m! 1991 Ft. S S 100', B 100' to I

'lulmant, his decent hi. attorney 4I 1.11 Ft. S 55 do- Pob 29 B 22 Helen Marroa Mi
and any nurh claim or demand -
groom Q mlnV U31-A-B.1f In SWCnr
not .n filed Khali be voldB.Albert Office! Equipment 119J.7 Ft. W 511* of Lot 38 NIll'
E. ;Morris Industrial LADIES WEAR Ft. N 105 Ft. W for Fob, n '
ALBERT E. MORRIS A. execu- AUTO SALVAGE Farm and OfficeEquipment :3")0; Ft. N 928 Ft to 100', N 100', W
li 0)1 "if thi ta.t Will anil Tpstn-: Cherry's Hancock Polo Ex RIW 100', S 100' to Pob 31 5 22 Mid State /
nient .f ORA I. (MUNSON) Equipment NEt of NEK E Investment oerpl I..10
1-'A doccnsed 21 65 L H Outlaw 801.0
IlKEn. of Hwy 200 24 7 1840.A-1-A Sq In

First piiblk-atlun May 5/IS 18,4t 1017.6/8 BRASINGTON Gainesville's Most Fashionable 98B--S 400 Ft of that NW Cor of Lot 54

Address For Ladles SmlthCoronaAUthorizedDILLACOLD8IOBlLE Port of NKVi of In Woodlawn 21 5 23 Housing !Bervfc! **
Santa Fe Tractor PW'-i' Lying R of Corp. eo."*

KEGISTEJt FICTITIOUS Inc lLTERNITY'EAIC.. 10D4-All RW' '4 K ofRiver Woodlawn 22 5 22 10 Brlneon V Savage 114.18
Inc. ACCESSORIES: Clary\'It'toI"-TotaU1m ft ,all Wtf Sr.
1882 Lots 6
7 In
Notice is hereby given that S.\I.E'I!' &: SERVICE 7 W. University. Gainesville Adding Machines CalculatorsSALESSERVICERENTALS 1081 of-NWM NW4 E E of of River River; 19 4 ZJ 100 W H Edwards, Jr. 133.98 Peetsvllle 85 E 22 11 George Strong Est. 68.11

provisions of Chapter 20,933 Fine Etolertlnn of Vned Oar FORD ._ _ 80 4 Z2 80 W Edwards, Jr. 79.13 IU3-A-cIelf Lot In at Peetsvllle SWCor

the undersigned under the MEN'SVEAR 1200 run N 105'.
-Lots 85 thru
Taken On Cavaill Trades Farm Tractors & Implements B: 105'' W
Laws of Florida, Acts of 1941 Ford Industrial Equipment SAVE TI5IE: Discuss I your 38 In Woodlawn 14 B 21 40 Mrs F W Webb Art 64.15 105' TP :0':05': 85 E 22 U S Finance Co Ino 60.18

will register with the Clerk of 2001 N.W. 13th. Rt. 411 USED EQUIPMENT L & L Men Shop requirements with us first 1235 40-51 Lots, 52 SB,III 38.. 45 62, 1887-Lo-ta 10, 11, 18Six
Court In and for R/W 35 5 22 'E Scott StrongEst
the Circuit Ganw! vUle & Lot 44 &: 53 E of
378-5301 528 N. MInIS St. 1890-KV4 of N'V\4\
PHONE SERVICE Florshelm Shoes Co Or Rd In
Bradford County Florida up- SALES Phone 876-5351 Woodlawn. of SW \\4 35 5 14 20 Eva. Roberts S7.TC
on receipt of proof of publication I PICK UP & DELIVERY Peso Pluma Suits 86 John C Tye 230.87 loan-wuj of sw4of !

of this notice, the fictitious 4483 N.W. Sixth Gainesville Ladles Sports Wear _ _ _ 1177-A-Lot Tllk 7 In Law 6 ley of NW14 2r 22 20 nary S Martin 87.TS
1938-SEH of NEH 2 6 23 40 Pearl Robinson 83.68
Dress Shirts W of Ry
name of Central Book- Phone 376-2348 Arrow William II doolsby 16.80 .
Gainesville! 7
keeping & Employment Service 13 W. University, & 8 of flit A Latv- Kx Parcel In NH

under which I am engaged SUPPLIES & tey W of RR James MIilgginbothom Cnr Sold<1 to AT"
GARDEN Liddell Paint Orcen for Rd Ex
in business at 113 S. Court Kt Al 5205 RR R/W 8 8 22 33.52 Gary S Martin 151."
1401-A N
88.60' nf
Street. Starke, Florida. I Authorized Sales & Service MOBILE HOMES: Blk 14 In Lawtey 1945-'Com at A Pt

Mrs. C. S. (Ruth) Haddock, & Paris Inc. Glass Co. \V of Ry Clifton N Prevatt 64 66 (loOictS'.,r of SE'i of NB 0 .

Route 1. Box 255, Starke, Fla., (>108; E. University, Gainesville Johnson MUSTANG 1429-S%" of Blk 2' NWVi' then S 4041

Phone 3724251Crane's KTANIZE PAINTS In LawteyV o Ft W M'.2' NI425' ,

Bole owner. Complete Line of Mobile Homes, Inc. Glass Mirrors !Sliding\ DoorTub .- Ry Mattie Carter 85.78 to Put> Port
Dated this 4th day of May. 1430-ay, of nik :MIn of NH, of SWH of

A.D., 1967 at Starke, Brad- Imports JoEUS-'LANTS- Gainesville's ninoount! Mobile Enclosures-Shower Doors LawteyV of NE1 Of Rd Kx N
IiiHectlfltlpn. -Pet SuppliesFEIITIUZERS -wlnaows.twningCarpet'Volvo. Ry Herbert Padgett 8.54 200' A Fix R/W' 3 6 23 1 Rtcnard' Emil Thom" Sit Ma
ford County. Florida. Home Sines Lot. 143I-N: of Plk 25 '
(!Mercedes-Benz) "'u1Ip8Pe-r-Storetront 1959--NH of 5W14of
6/4 4t 6/23 In Lawtey W of
Purchase discounts on entire NKi? E of R.I
Consultation Ry Mattie Carter 8.54Spursjeon W of RR ftSB"
....\T.IIILLI.'We: Rent Fertilizer Spreaders'chain guarantee huge savings 116 N.W., Sixteenth St. 1437-Half Tllk 4 In of NEa W

IN THF! CIRCUIT COt'TlT OPTHE 221 N.W. 8th Ave. 372-8101 Lawtey W of Ry B Massey" 14.56. of RR 8 I! 27 Joseph B Bakken Jr. 61.74
Main Gainesville NEVlOOS' -
2201 N. -
1440-A N
66.66' 915
of Com
.lT,.' FtXIKlOA IN AND!: at NW
FOR JlRADKOUn COUNTY. Phone 372-4373 .'IIO E 372-0476 PAjCEMAKEIl _ _ _ Half Block 8 In Cor of SB 14 of
I. wtey W of Rv Clifton N Prevatt 3.61 SW-4 run 1? 850
JOHN- KRA.NKMN: WEAVER\: CJalnesvllle' Flu.
Mobile Homes Low I 1411! -Plan: Lot 7 1 Exn Pt to Ril 200 a

Plaintiff _ Used SEWING MACHINESNational 200 Ft In Law Wely, along RI
NORnnOK WEAVER Priced. With approved credit I ley W of Hy Doris M Danson 89.61 345 Ft to Pi>h. port
: [
Beauty Academy
1481 Lota 8. A. H along Rd. 417 Ft
L>ef,'ntlant. low as $100 down. 10 "
:%()'I'It'E] nv" HIir GLASS SewingMachine 11. 12 of Blk 11Lawtey' W 2*>3 Ft. N 419
13 of Ry Minnie MaeJohnson Pt B' 3.11 Pt to
TO: IjOHRTTA NORBllCK 4820 N.W. 13th St. 441 NorthPOWELL'S
WEAVER, Rel48i1.18 Poh Ex RW S 8 13 3 Joseph H Oumber 181."

c/o' MHJ4 KRAMUJSi I: ) Co. Inc. 1414( -Lot 7 of Blk 1917NW4)! \ o. 8EV'
NORUKCK GAINESVILLE Galncsllle 13, Lawtey E of of Sit'4' 5 6 22 10 J I, Brantly 17.11
2831 C Street CALL COLLECT Ry Johnnie Fowler 5.25 20 0i4NE'of: NK<4

Philadelphia, Pen nR. Beauty Academy New Home Pfaff Nelco, 1488-Lot. 1 !S/n' nf I fJ ot st Rd 16 Ex

you AHR HEHKUY: NOTIFIED GLASS CO. INC. Universal Sowing Machines Lot 13 In Town of .' n/w T < 22 2 Leo T SulllTan I.II
THAT an aollim fur dl- Lawtey E of Ry W.J Barber 6.07 20(524W14 of NWH.
yore ha. been flli'd, against' you Learn a. Profession In Your Motorcycles 1 Scooters. Sales & Service) of NW14 E o-t BtRil

and you are required to serve Spare Time. Full or Part Time "EVEIlVnilXG IN OL.\SS" Nearly New Units $5 monthly 14!>0- t'E.tak 8W 16 8 6 S3 8 Leo T Sullivan *".M

tL copy of your written dufonx... Cor Run ,I 2049-C-Com aw
If any. to It on Thoron A. Yawn DAY( &: EVENING ClASSES CYCLERAMAMotorcycles Terms Available Nly Alonir W Bdry 'or of EW of W4
Jr. Attorney for I'lalntltf whosiaddress. Store Fronts Mirrors Budget of lat 1& ZOO Ft of !IE'. of SRVi: ; K

Is Urinl. ford County Windows Sliding Class to Von Nly on W 1 I IO' for P'.h. N
Court House. titarko Flo-rldu. Low Tuition Terms 611 W. University. Gainesville Bdry 63.73 Pt. Ely 430';. K 105'. 430',
and file the orlxlnal., with the 219 N.W. 10th Ave. Doors Tub Enclosures, 3181333Galne8vllle 165 Ft. Sly on B \V 105' to 01f. S S 22 Pioneer Finance Co. IT.IS

Clerk at. the above atyled Courton 378-2760 YAMAHA Bdry of Lot 15-A 080-.Com at SVir
or before June 19 1067; 3038 N. E. "'aJdo Rd. 63.78 Ft. Wly 165 'or of 1.14 of STVH

otherwise ... judgment may' bo _ _ U II W Ft to POE In Law- of NW 14 A run
entered axalnst you fur the relief Galnoevlll* 8782084University SALES SERVICE TILES & PAINTFLINTKOTE tey E ot Ry Joyce Lee Walker 13.34 r/ 400' for Fob, H I
demanded In the Complaint ACCESS01UES' 1602-Ono Lot 100 200'. N 100'V
or petition. CONCRETE PRODUCTS _ _ Ft E W By 274 200') S 100' to Pob I

Witness my hand and the eaRl _ _ _ 615 W. University Gainesville TILEINSISt' Ft N & S In SW 8 Strip' IV N & a
of said Court. at Ntarke, Florida 378-2811 Cur nf Lot IT Ex H for Access to Rd 10. 22 John B: McRae '.11
this 16th day of May 1 *7.CHAHLJ3S Glass '"Intln31sbelltoe: Asphalt S 137 Pt In Law 104-Omnt BO' K of
: A. AHUY. Al ThAT ALL YOUR Floor Finishing ProdilcXa toy E of Ry Joseph Dumber "..011UUACom Or of 8t HU IG'
Check of Said CourtBy at NW SotCrofCojtdran .

Virginia" F. Darby CONCRETE PRODUcTS & Glazing Co., Inc. MOVERS I cor of that PortofLotlliSiufOr B lono' on !s
A. Deputy Clerk /\" Co Rd to APt

(Seal of Circuit Court) ARC! THE: BEST FROM: I Bt In Lawtey E of ino- \V of Sal l
6/1S 4t 6/8 MIRRORS Long Distance Moving WALLPAPERTenneyTile RR. S 274', K'! 240'. I. RR. a Par to RR

AUTO GLASS Local Drayage N 274', W 60', 8 644 26' ft.Fob,
Edward's Building S 94', VT 80', N 14', cont ft 21A.74'. N (H
In he Conrt. ef the TountyJuilKe. Storage Packing prating/ & Paint W 120' to POB H. D. Baxley 18." rieKreesV SIO', NPar
Bradford County Florid : p .
In "...obn.e.In Supply Inc. Tub Enclosures Showers! Shipping 1519-O.>m .at SW to RR 8I6.741, .

re: Hstate: of Doors Store Fronts FREE ESTL'oIATESLL 2222 N.W. 6th St. cop of Blk 18 A. 8 64 deirrees S .
SHAFFER MITCHELL Run N 100 Ft fora 210' to Beg 10 6 22 Samuel A Brown 11 15
Deceased. 720 S. 11..ln872.1811319 S. Main' Gainesville HILL'S MOVING Gainesville 378-1302 80 FOR Ft then N 114 RunE Ft !14i)-R 139 .' of W409.f

To All Creditors and Persons 378-01)31 of S'>V, of SW'i ,
W 80 Ft 8 174 Ft
Having; Claims or DemandsAiralnst GAINESVILLE FLA. of NWl\ S of
to FOR In Lawtey

You and Said each Kstate of: you are _ _ _ _ & Storage, TUA VEl.ELECrrRlC E of Ry c/o Llssl Joe Easton Kaston: Est. 12.94 171-A Co Or-Beff Rd at SR 15 I II I John D Ducar 1.14

notified and required t"
hereby 3540 N.E. Waldo Rd. 100 Ft 'or of A 2A Trai-t .
present any claim. .and demands. IRON ORNAMENTAL 1525-1 Lot .
MOTORSELECTRIC N !8' by 200 Ft In NW Cor of 8W
elthur of 372-4271
which you
have you against the estate ofLUC1LJ3 _ House of Travel, Ft E W In NW t, of NWV4\ of NBit !
may SHAFKER MITUHKU.. Cor of Lot 20 In being 100 fk| 18. 22 Thomas Dlsoouat Co. '.41
Mrs W J
deceased late of said County Lawtey EJ ot Ry Mont omeryl7.67 IITf-l'-D..tr 100' "W
to the County .fudflre" of lrad- Ornamental Iron MUSIC INC. c/o A T of 8E Cor of A 2A

ford County "Florida at his I5S1-N 100 Ft Lot Tract In SW"-l of

office In tb. court house of Steel StairsFabrication Lipham Music Co. 23A In Town of NW 4of NE"/ ,
said County at marks Florida Motor Repair Co. AIRLINES! Lawtey E of Ry L Anne Humes 10.20 then N 100'. W
100'. 8 100' B 100'to
calendar months from STEAMSHIP! of W> of ,
within six ;545-KH 4 .
the time of the first publication, &: Erection of Gainesville Shopping Ctr. R. R. N 33S' o-t Lot 31 In Beg 18 < 22 Thomas Discount Co. ,...

of this notice. Each. lalra or Of Gainesville Inc. Light Structural Steel 372153.53RepairingRewinding Town of Lawtey B I1 -Bey 80' N of
shall be In writing, .and. of Ry Able Rome Builders Int of 8 Line nfBRU
demand Miscellaneous Iron Rt'ntal,1New "
shall. stats. the plac'i >..f r..I..no".. 110 N. '\. 10th Avenue Intels! Car :ne. 2.11 of NEI4 *. W

and post office add, >.H of the and Used Authorized No Charge For Our Service 561-..S 165 Ft of R/W of Hwy ant
.and shall b.l tworn to 82 In Town of for Pob, run Nly
.claimant. 0:00 Lot
Steel Products Co. Baldwin Pianos &: Organs"Ct'kdaYI! 8:31): to Ions W R/W '
the claimant, her uic-nt. her WORK GUARANTEF.il iMvrtrv B of RyKx
attorney by and any nu I h, claim I Guitars Gibson Goya Sat. 9 to 12. : R/W Jessie Lee Barber 7.51 SD45' W Par to 8

or dema'od not sx> filed Hhall beIATCIkI' ,316 NW 6th St. Gainesville! S3 N.W. 23rd Itlv'it., Galnes>ille Drums Ludwig Sllngerland: 3415 W. University Ave. 566-1 Lot In NWCor NRH Line of au 8K 5' Sly of

Vold. '! M. CHEWS I Feuder Standard Amplifiers Gainesville 378-1601 of Lot 43 be- 290', Fly !Rl.'"' to

Z.UCIL.B/ MITCHKtJ.: 'I'HKWBa Phone 372-8318 j 372-3381 1.2aW.; N N *ft 8 S on on Pob Ex R/W 18 I 22 t Milton n Carter 144.11

EXKCUTRIX of .iln Last. ..... W by 100' Win (Continued On Next
Will .and Testament of "".:=-- -==-. ,- e; .. --- Lawtey mEot Ry AMne M T Lee SS.40 Page) .....
|,TTfir.ia SliAFJTlill: : M1T- : ; ;;



__ - t ,-- - -_ _-__ -

L : JirUUil .
-- 1-v- d VWk J ----- -



p\t.::. 1 >'


i\. ...unt of TI1'CeJl! I J No. ntv. 'rll>tloii Amount of Td"-
Amount of Taxrn No. n..rlf'tluJ1 ,
No. Dwrrlptlon. Amount of Description .' rUE' RIGHT POINT for I'.
of land 8 T K A Owner and Coats
of land S T n A Owner and Co of land" S T R A Owner. and C >i t... of Imul, S T U A Owner ami. Cost way you write. Con"

4Z114-1 Ana In 8W r.OOH..AII aw 4 N of and select your favorite, e ", .

(Continued. From Proceeding Part) -Lot 10 of nik (c..r NW'\ of of I Kx K'4:';.' Parcel ,-of N-W Ry ,i A SW'i of :37 7 It 100 Horace Dyal 115.48 TERHROOK fountain pen.

of Dowllnit Park 0 W Kersey Rat. LOS "Hold' 32 6 22 B.Hlo Olllle 16.18 son: : -KH or srouof
2240 SW / Nttl'i A NWW
Cor:; Dot: 81014 ofNW4 : _<'om nt NW 42117-H4' A Lying' N of HK'i: '! of NK"'. 7. T" II.r." Oval. Ii1.U.
NUll' to .. of 8WV! of A W of Hwy' :Mill liO:14-.W: 4HS' i>f NIle :: -

Fob N 174', M 165'to '' ',.' Run m) 897.- Ilnd 8 by Chamhorn. of NISI? .04! ",, Nodes"' M Appllnniji.n. I i or'rat
W n/W Or Rd, 71' for BOB IB W ov Muck, Rd 1 IS J9!I 7 -- .1 'r.1 \1,1t., ,no.o n 1.07 Deed.

Ron, nd H/W 174', 100'/ ,, s' 112'. W 100' /N' bv MeCiiHlIn, l K 32 0 3- Jt'H8lt tIe'rn'' Uinwii, 40.00 G''!9- ,Luty 1 A I 1:1:I .Met*. "....Ht. F'. x.Votlro .
105' Fob 17 .TaniM 111' to POD 1'8' II Kloranoa. Beaver by Htoy42U8 .
W I 6 II UadleonSweeney 14/I! of N'v' ofISX la hereby Ie''n r
Jr. North 79.41 -Nl'1'4' nf NWH\ NhlH\ of NW :U i Mr i'rir// Hnrtun. the "i ,
8272.-Com, at SW --Com at NTV of SEVi: Bx. Par Rd eO T 93 !9 I r'Irmnn. Alvxandur. 6.85'' th- f'lTriwInir' : >,rtirii i .

Cur u-f smi of .. of SWU" of Sold MX ll/W O.A-COom .,it I .si;I : filed miM( c-tfrtlflcHicx} i I.,, -
NWH run E' 293'.V: '4 Run 3) 33V Hx) Fur PPBO orBit Cor of MJ'i: ". fNK' tlfiil tn. bo iMtittd th"i r i
for :Fob, N 2101, for POM HI 72', 8 1| Pa: 186 31 6 32: 4 Bortha Ureen mitt 16.11 ; .I: i ruej --,)(,,' ( ,'rt" lCI< I ite nunit/Hrfi, .miIhHiinnii .

210', S 210', J1 U'V 72', No -t1r, nf NW1,& fl,, PUP W I' .. the di**..rl'iti:' nor
210 to Pob 11 I It 1 Erne.t William. for FOB tl I 11 Ceull/ n. Lvach 4S.11 IIIx Par It w' ..f sn 111.i N ",in.I in, and, thuwliu n

-Lot 8 of Blk Sold' Bx of'44 PB ;.100. i Jo{: in i I': i.ino. "ii ,it waa acicHKi' ii 1 .iifllllllUH
::272A.cornotvK SWCor II In Orlg Town 78 31 6 11 4 Bertha Brean Lat IE.70 i.f !siut H 10I") .

ot Starke Minnie 0' Qulfluy 13.41 4.09..A-Com NB Cor Poll In.Inn Part ( 'fl,.I lillolltK' 1 Nft> 104. v.' uIUtn i ;

NxV4runNon10Nw'4 -Lot 4 of Blk of NWU\ of SMVi Lot 16, nil r.uI 17. ., i 19(15Oi ( .
0 27 In ()rig Town W 474. H 816'; J lti" 14In&90141k 1 I ;'in s I i I Intlnn of Prop" 1 1 .
\ 866r for Starke A n Carrott 18441 J4 to FOB Cont Gould Park M/D 10 7 33 Billy Varncs. K-.t: OS '1,1a; I at NM Cor of 8W '/. si l .It
run .S 210 I<'t. K 101 'n i I.. i
Fob N 210'. B I W Lin 8t
-i Lot B"tn
210' !S' 310', W 2W that. Fort Lying. M Ft n nun S 100 Ft. ,W 25') l'i, 'I.i
POH 1 11 Albert W' > VHi W 2:.', Ft. to POII HIM'" ;"
to 11 Tyion Jr. of Blk 11 In. Orlir. 'reea on Wly Of NW Cl.l, 's -
Lin* Ht. Nd SO', 'i i of NII'ir' "innH H, I7JIe.Narne .
277-NV4, of SID%.. Town of Burke .
'of NIS'4 11 6 11 10 Vlueurla., Barni* Ux> N :215'I |unit W WtJ1 100', 8 80 dndojrroiM 112.1 Kt ,tin, roll' ole In which ass "v'.I' L., ,
22.0-W, 230! Ft ofPar a by ItR w b'r' W FOB 31 6 13 Kriiunt Lemon lilt AI 10.17 then run \\' in.Kt. '. T\aon et ,
1'1104: .f W'A I'x': a Thorn peon Ht. AIV 4302--Com nt NK S II* Kt l I'>: lor of mid proIo'I2. t i. i iithe "
County: of Bruiirm.lof .
Ft N to Poll 30( 7 II Vernon J Kureyth 9 I lTl078A'olll
Peeo In or Ole: HIIn or Die 16- Cor of NW (14 of8BH Florida.

33-9 & Kx Far 186 J L Andrew 11,14 Run W 410 nt HWCor l.nl.... Mii'h I'CFtlflrati, t ,,ttin.
1,) In or 40-212 11 t II I Po. t.1\3t\ & .1811111. lI't. 8 118 Ft for of NK1of:' .. ..ilon Hhall .b" red : --Tom at NW FOB, W 04 Ft .8 NIB'4 N 706' 1C 78B' "iitiliuir' to law the in. i II' i

Cor of Call' A B.y 105 Ft. K\ 8U Ft toW for FOB A 160'. **< i'lin'il. In eut'h ? i"1 1": i i
J9I1-E! :-N 1BO' of H Hte, run,. N 3ia.lt R/W of Rd 8110. SI 7B'. N 150'. \V 7S' ".,'IIf1 Irate.. will b.. a..ld..1,l i .
1920' of Ft W N Along W RI W to FOB 30 7 33 Certain Fend .
Flow( of 112% Ft, hlKhpm bidder' nt the "''" i
W 440' of NBH Ot for POD Run N 163.4 Ft, W ito Product Corp" r.0.62 door, on the flrat M I ,1)l., ',
Swv 18 8 IJ Jim Cumrnlne 04.81 Ft. Wly 1M. Ft to FOB 32 1 214D3lHIli.tr \y, L Anne Hume 11.11 5076-H' -Com .nt HW llimith. of June. I 111.7.'' a I i itin.
3JIIIFN 77 Ft. Plv 7 4JS0-. .-Lot A of Blk ('ofof NWU' of 5th day of Jim'. l ltliltort '". ,
o' of 515220' 8o Kly 155 Ft to'OI3 11 6 II W J attidctllt 148.51 18 in Lincoln City Xtiiuna Wlllhinm 6.11 NK''', N 7II51 K: this 18th day ,,d.! V'irll.HUAL .
I N' 440' } J S of -1 Lot Arnrox 4304.I-A-l.otl: of 740' for FOB, H 11181.

',,1\ 8W Y4 18 8 II Clara ttae Allen 141FtE&Wbv Blk 4 Houtlt Gate 150'. 10 110', N 110' ( )
I IoN 180' of1/' 10R Kt N A a!\ Replut Arthur B Patray 88.... W 50' to PO1J 10 T II Mndorn IloninHConit. Chnrle A. Dnt'I.> .
,?I, 329:WO' of It] 220' o1w Hounded. 13; bv Rv 4403-A--Lot 11 13 Co. 1S. ,811 Clerkof ('.-...lIlt i'.',,.i .,5., ': .5.\ .

440' of OhJ: 44 of N bv Duncan of Blk 4 In Mouth 5007-WVt, of Blk 11 tore County, Florldn
IIWy" 18 8 U Harold Gumming Land W hy Knnlit.; of.pl t l'i"f' > In flumptoe 10 'II Mm H D Miiy 16.17 i1-I-. l it ,
: & H by Miildleton, 11 I 12 JTr* N N Norton 10." 40' tot 6115-N4! of. Lot 1
Ulk 4. A Lonffohamp of Blk I Wrlfht ,
12111-II-S 150' ot 1'1 Albert 10.18 Add 30 r t* Richard D :
-H Lot 1 nfKlk May
h'I: 410' nfI'
220' or AV G.II\\ Notire Anmiiolloa ForTat
4406-Lot 8 of lllk 5124--1 Lot 52H Ft
11 8 II in in L T Arn
of S\V'4 Jauk Cummlnga >
') NE'4 W14 !H/r' ROM.V. r.... all"nt BtriTOWllliolmentii 5 of South lute 8l| III SIB' !: Car of l>r."l lM
2202-NEY, of .,,. ,' .
104.111, < .
I Rlk
J/D 0 Wrlithte
-Lot t of r)tk V..11 DH.* 49 St41151S.R I .
Ex: N4101"t&1'x ,
Notlco In herrlty' .., .. ,
< i iJfr.
Add61H1A 38II / II DaWItt 1i.
11 8 II 14 Snail 12InL Tdltios Wlllliim '.1St
R/W John
J.1 w 440' lo''ol --R aof. NR Carl Flarton. II., l, 01!
Sit It rook. 41.10 at NW
1295-F% the following
of 8EV4 U 8 U 10 Dna: lankron( --7 .
13 In L T & Co. S/D srette. Harmon[ 18.10 NHH & Hun H ISO. off { of NTH!* curtlflcuti v I"" i s(
deed ..
to he hued .., .
7 It Emory ; is i Ti.eortlf6nt
2-of NEWOof '' 84' L],] 381.80', N no I ...OWJua.u\
BFL1!' : 11 8 U a 'Eynebt tl'"I1' -Lot 1 of lllk lo.h'; to AT. n/W 6184 I -Com onIr <<< niimhrr. ,i s.I.I. ,i .. u
!299-A-I!, of NF'y4h' of t laeuance the di-. <.. '. ,*e t.<
i fix 15 In L T& Co* of Bt ) on Side of Ry ""V .
1 of SN'4 9.In oJ'I r.lr. the property, and th. i i i iwhli'h <
Mutta ItiDrmon (.07 W *
S/D RAV toN on 8iH Line A.run., : :
,: Cor 10:, It waa aHMoH-i.' ,il 1 ? t c
b0' NIO\ -Fl 3-S Ft nf Lot Tilde of $\V V ofNKS. Vnr36RYils 70 Tde, .follow'
of 1141 ol'; :
II 15 Catherine Dell 4 of Blk 15 A KtUS \ w 303.81 to : 8 70 .
'A of ShJ" 11 8 CertlfUnto No. :n'i \ n r i r
I'OU 11 6 13 rinoliunt Motor YdH to Sea Line
!! Ft nf I/it I & 1005.Dearrlptlun.
1 Cou I'L 161.16 thou R: to, I1...-\6 aimncu
i'IJ' 4 is in U ,
,, 23Bft-Com at of KP1"jjwjiA ] Cor T 1)tCos B/r) Mack Colnnim Jr Bit 65.86 4198IA Roan A In 8KM;", of BWftB.1IB in 7 21 A TI ICalny:: 11.16 hit...|of N. Liar of pr A'( o n l I'I.1?I' i I' i inf nittt

of run 8BM W 304 Ft ft .... I of ink 1'IPM'' 840' IB: of NW at : / -Lot B2 on Onk HAL KH. S PAIl I I..". I II' l .-.
17&N5'of ....t of CryHtal. Lnlle1tnm'aitr. S 106' K ..I LI
.1 f 1 Mil Ft K 2117 Kt N for of NHVi of ur.r\tfTsiI :
823 I Ft M 07 Ft S 4 Klk I7&3 HO' NHH4\ of NWW. H Lyn: Campbell 6.07 : '. N I'Ait! t I.<> I I'R' I >
If. BOB Ft to FOB Ex of (lot 4 lllk 16 In 255' to Cnnnl H n 4n--Lot 48 on r.'yni'paM W to POD. SEC :II, 'I'0!

IVo W 228' 11 1 13 | a 8 Bradley, Mrs Eat. L T it: Co'e H/D 1'UlI&bet"': Olven. 18.88 171', N 256' W t.nke' Tin"rr.a.1::, ;; ,:: Air Edna C Sparks!! 6.07 3815.Name.
In whluh anaeixiri" H W
J377--Com 420 -:X- HO Ft of l>t 171' to Reir & Nof7AE14fof 8347- I/nt 46 Cyprasa
on Ma.
from SI3] .. 4 of Hlk 18 In L ly, Jr.
Ave In Cryaof
)oi SW-i of SW't & 'I'I: .Con. SID .r..ke Grlffh 81.41 NW'4 31 8 11 6 Loiula Kite 1S.4 tel Lnkn Homeeltea' Arnold Q Smith 63.18\ the All County of said of propnrtv Brudf'nd. ''..ItuiiiH blot'n

?',* nlflnBJt; N 50 -K 8of r_ I 4170--Com at !NH 6352-Lot 61 I on Cy- of Florid

dl. Ft S60 11 6 13 Jo..tiphtna( Kllemon: of Rlk 27 In L T A or Paul H.411 oor of NKW of areas of :Crystaltake Unlen .,,,'h uertlfliMitlfl ,, .
rt to POH COM NlJH A Run. 8 1104 William 6.67
A S/D IlomiiHltpaBIIBB Front !<- Klmll bn rI., -' .n. el'
4 1388-Lot 9 of Hlk I -Lot* 8, 4 nf Ft for n Foil Him --l..it 77 A 70 on corUm.Rt he pi;: ,:,n I., I i l lacrlbed
..,1 i In Sunny AoruwW >ftd' Stat. Home Silk sv in L T & W '2il!! ) Ft H'" 1(17( Ft Cypr"-.M of CryntnlTjiiku In surf' ?., I' I i 'r
B/D Inn. Co* "n/r A.or Paul 30.01 10 SliD Ft N ISO Ft ; Xomonltee John 0 Patt.r.on 10.10 ".mrtltlcat d will hi .,,,101 l
; -KH of nik IS to FO11 31 I 6 21 1 \lraa. Orlffla 52.224606DAn (re.6-A--'lot| | 81 of highest bidder' at tin. ., ,"","> '. i
t 2394-Lot 2&3 Blk :3 'In L T &: "oa 8/"' lit E Robnrta 18.as I'n-DIv Cryatii I LakeIfonii'BlloK door. nil the flrit M I.m i .

In Bunny: Acreenf 11thel Toun( -w H 0"lie: l'ot IIIV 6 A Rlnharil D Carter 6.01/ month of June. Mm. "I.. I h i .
H/D til L T Uo.. N W'S4I{ nr Nttl'S of Bl10-1."t; II on Palm Otto day of Juno, nil"'
,11143S.A-NW") oflllk /DOf liT K: Roirt> 40.74 11 6 13 Cirayton/ D. Colley 11.61 nf Crystal Lake Dated thle" 18th <\li") turn

2 H of Kff 9V at NW llomoeltee. I tat Mtv' Corp of 1IHW.'
of Hlk 1 Hnf
A NKU ( -R' 50 Ft of Lot Cur of 5-A Tinrt. Stuart 51.10 (JSAL)

4 Itice 3V ofTemplal 11 6 II ,.......way InOu8trlJna. 4 of In L In : of Nli'tof 637D-A-Ttcir nt tfVrnr Charlva A. I I'"i l.vOlei'k
11111D Vllllainrt 1FJ14rIt
kS'r' Frank, L .,
T A. Coe :. 9.14 17H'\ 11 of NW(4( ofNU1M of Clrmllt ( 0nt' In d l
) ., t Al, 121.6 Ft N 176', W run M 4HO" ford\ County, Florid,

t IT.A 113' N ofHW -Tot 1 apt 113.6 to POU 34 6 23 MM Mule llomeu Ino 13.64 for pnii.I H 105'V 11 i ii i :aIN
2 | nett
j -nor of NHMf 2 of lllk 40 In U Carrie Small 133.96L \ 4332-Com:' at 8R 105'. NT 105'.1 M log
'AWy M mo' N T A Co'a B/D Cor of N1314 I \ of in Foil( ne. l'M THE CltVlTlT Co1'Ie'i' OF
w Too' s iuo" RO-l.ot 3 nf RKU; :\ & Him W Prop for Iloueo on 1>"MKinKHIMTir: II 111' IAI
loo1 21 1 13 JolinnU CovluKtbii. 1 L T & 1lilt 34'1'! on N Ililry of Wronw Land 9 i .2. Security loiter Invto l.ll' CIRCUIT. IN AND FOR UHAO
to Hear
JDln Z linker, 1.23 1M 8 10"" '. N 100', 631U--RI) COUNTY.

1 1410!. -A-Cam at SM Lot 2 of nile \v so1, a! 1 IIto) on W Hide' of R/W 'I) CASK' : NOI5TIU5L .
\. Cop of NW'.. of (4*-In L* T ta Joe ltd, M on lid /CO' to on N Line of Hoc 1 ) I IKKVIO( VVKLUS.Plaintiff .

8K'4 W 835' for !lID! entile Wlltlu.in. 45.8 FOH 34 0 13 "aoI"\ National run 1'1' on 11/AV n .. ,
FOB \'" 100'. Nil hW 83.51 Yds W :35\ \ y'l"'l N #' -
degree* "K 141. rt -[Lot 11 of nikIB 4510-All I'IW'4' of OS YilK. to Hoc T.lne RAYSIO.VD: I FOSTER WF.I.s.'

ino'', a 21 ileirreea In L T & ColA Bill llo-nd.. 68.83 HIJV H ci-f, Sty Kx: thru R: on Heo Line J A.
W 1111 to Full 21 6 13 J.nnln/t* O OarJntr W 684 Ft457G U 6 13 'M" Boy AfcKlaniy 1.61LiO to rioir. 2' 8 It lIt A Tt lCel./ .v 9.D1 Defendnnt
Mirirn tIP si IT
/-Com at SW 6301:' S'i'( of foil
J41D--Com M Line NWH ., i
-WS( or Lola 1. Car ot N of tKfA' ioitrn}
I Cntr st of Temples W \\4 of B ir at TO: RAYMON\ "
() 'rFn
1 of Bile 21 fieInC65Ft1&Wby )
NW Vi Run M 4U' 8M! Cor of NNVJ .
$ lilt with K '.. WRLL8: JR.
mvato ", to Hr rid fur Poll I rw '. rtf !1'11"4.' N BfX.lff1 .
$ 1110/ ft RH- I'runly "" LU'i.tc' N A J'II':' -? .t. El'nell4\'f: Allen rt: hi l 154.14 Cant: U 27 '. N 21)) NW Cor of H"4 .o.f coDiulaiut You am hori'hv for" tllvoii' nntlfl',I' Iis5been d rhut a

ront !Sly! 210Ft, 16.01'o now W 83fl.7' to !H NIof! BI'IM' .. Tl flli'd: aimliiMt. ; .von, :.inrl;, v
iu irernqulred
Fay: 210' Ft. Nlv -Lot 6 A 7 of Itl W of lid W 30.3' tn W Hld "' rlid .
110 Ff Wly to. .PUB II 8. U A T Paul i Klk 1 In Davl tt W. Javkaon 4.0I 161.4'. to "IJR/W: SMIy on R/1V or to iili-adloir erv/ it i t I."p.| J th' !IY i. mnnowoe .

Truby.. Add\ Luther 1.ti1: fl 'on Kd to 1711W 173.7', F OBNBJU t II SI 10 Clyde Ho r Hoy 128.01 plaint' un tl h,- Hinlnti,
2515-Lot- 1 of Blk ntH lox R/W 31 tJ E3! ( Nuonen. 111 C, #04dluy,10.06, I uoo-w'f<, .' RAt.l'lf L THi'.VA; ,
!18 In N Steno fill Ida fay Tyson n-13 14B rt. Jpi of NW, 8 1 11 10 O B Jr.. A Hiuvl Illoke' 27.75 19:11: irfl. Hlirhwii 'l". "." of
2B2I-Ix>t I 10 Ft (n-f Suit 1 "&79- -If"%" of 3W''{ 0470-17-/Uit 17 of Park, Florlrla' nod fil. thi. >rl
H In N 1u'im Harle. Jone A K 144 Ft of' Lot of of N\V', MX, H/W 35 6 13 20, Ilorothy dtoutort 11.86 Lllki.vli.' S/D Stanley Vf Uavl 7.04 Inal unewer. or /pli-nlliiK. ,in tile

2532-Lot* 1, .4. 04Klk N 2&J Ft M 146 of Lot) t Iof 4171)-W'4'; of NI4VL 341'7.' -I.OIH I A 6 Of .' offli of the cli-rk( IM' "ill. ';' (IfPi
19 In N Itenu 1 of NW54' Hlk iA /10th I Couit. 01'1id ford: c'iMiiii' '" ion ,
SID 'France JMiklne : Blk R In N J Mealy' t motor 15.90 Kx .1ftof 81 6 II Druward Cappn 17.42 Inl In Trnct VI In or ln'fore: tin:: jiihMn.v. :, ., dS I fii.
Jonee Add
2527-Lot I of nik2D 468 -BW\% of BW'4 rtiMlford Oak Edward L Owrton 11.40, ll>n". If you. rill I.I i '
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lllk 18/tat; William ;JlaytiMlo :R s;: Jloliert 2 In Butler Crt rimer: Thrnn 67.32 on 'H Hlil.i K: of Rd l.D'u2t It 13. hereby notified and nii'lr-il" |. to
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Add Ayres Park 1'x: IITI/-A-I'I) .11H' of law.
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of BWVi A Run H ISO1. W ,4 &li' to 4751-Com: at NW Fay; ll/W .rvr. ltd N "4 4ti. 5/23
210 Ft. R': 1110 Ft Poll ft. K H/W of for of K',4, ofNw'4 on R ll/W 881 V.K .
for a PHH Run H St. 29 6 13 Tli rort tloyfr 17.33 of Nl"i4' A ,1117.41' to Full I .

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SW4! A Run !n 134.M' to W Lrne fKV& of. Ni:'4 10 7 83: 19 Clem A Griffin 41.66\ '-i.' Sly 7So' W nay Andrawn' the :: 'It,i r: >t thjfollowlnir
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inn Ft.WI Certificate No. 25. Year of 5.auanee .-
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N 'IIU''IY( / ( of H W v. of 111M-roOt 17 In Indian ,f
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122.S! Ft N A !4toy W 2t.) Ft for ri. r.Jl". K 450- to .
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Tn\\ntc\ A lit.ln" In "10 Ft W '10 Ft 49.A< .N''., It,. tJlil'4 I .-4 41 : .2I itdfi/rd. County: FU. i'I.,,0.1 "nt I 11 I I ." 1

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7p'1 : :
Farm Scheduledfor and increase farm income," M. O Medelras Mrs. Padgett In Oa.nesvllle ly In the paper for you.
Policy Meeting : :
I Secretary Freeman said. "TO 1 I Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Pad- Saturday The farmers are very thankful Quite a large number of our
some extent the problem gett of Jacksonville spent;: the Mrs. M LConner entertained for the wonderful: lain we church people attended the te-
Live Oak Coliseum Friday seems to be greater in commo- I'I weekend with his!,, parents Mr. her junior Training; have hai:! this week, 'rho crops vlval! at Highland Monday
dities not covered by programs I anti:! Mrs Loyd Padgett Union class with a hamburgerfry look better and the cows are night Rev Joe Oleuhea is
V Secretary Fieeman will be ficials of the Agricultural'!:: Prices of 10 of the 17 price- 'I I Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Taylor and swim Sunday at her getting water. We all need to conducting the revival through
represented' by a. team of top Stabilization and Conservation supported commodities including ... ,1 of Jacksonville spent; the home on Crosb Lake Ten praise God for sending us the Saturday night.
VSDA officials at the "shlrt- Service and other agencies of wheat and coin are ., weekend with her parents, Mr members of her class wen present showers as well as .he sunshine Just two mon weeks! of
BJefi.e' meeting being held In the USDA, Purpose of the higher than a year ago at this and Mrs Lois NewmansMi school, then Bible School at
Live Oak Friday May 26, according meetings Is to obtain the views time, while prices of 15 of the'!I'. and Mrs. H. C. Edwards:! Its a boy for the Jjhn; Mack If anyone has any news, the various churches. So everyone -
to O. P McArthur of county area and State 1 19 other major farm commodities '" find daughter Kathy Mr. and ICellys of Gainesville Congratulations -I please call 964-7443 on Monday remember to go to the
State Executive Director farm organization leaders and are lower. I am deeply I P:; '. Mrs Barney Eggers and '! He Is the great- I between 3:30: and 11:00: p1 church of your choice: Hid: en-
4gfteultural Stabilization and farmers regarding the farm- disturbed by the drop in farm I daughters of Jacksonville\ and grandson of Mrs Beulah Kel- m. We' will be happy to get It Joy Bible School Will .give you
Conservation Service Gaines- cost-price squeeze anti:! possibly returns and Intend to continue I Mrs Eldon Sapp were supper the dates II'ter.
ville. The him polio;' meeting ways of dealing with It. The :olng ever thing within the II guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. N.
wlIX.be: held In the Live Oak secretary has held several scope of USDA programs to I } Norman Saturday night
Coliseum starting at 1:30: p. m such meetings throughout the reverse the situation" Ronald Blvens spent Satur-
'McArthur said that the Live country himself McArthur said that special day night with his uncle and:! 0
oak? meeting is one 3f the 63 "We are seeking information invitations to attend. the I aunt. Mr and Mrs. Ronald
farm policy meetings being that can help us Improve programs meeting have been tent to Bivins In Jacksonville. OkII
conducted; In 31 states by of designed to maintainSTALLIiWS farm leaders throughout the Marshburn Reddish has beenon
.m_ ______ __ State. All farmers and! ranchers _''n- __._ .- I the sick list. We are glad
are also invited to attend.. Marcia Welch Arthur HoIIiday that he Is better at this time 1
Those attending are encouraged Mrs Lillle Massey of Miami
to participate in the discussions the weekend with her I
Two From Stark Will Graduate _
/ CORNER freely. Views expressed e brother-in-law and sister, Mr..
at the meeting will be most From William Carey Collegea I and Mrs. Raymond Crosby II

worthwhile In helping the Department -, I Mr. and Mis Buddy Weber S NO CASH NEEDEDfor
OASIS LOUNGE to reach important Two Starke students at William scholarship; student fmd A and children and Mr. and Mrs.
policy and program decisionsIn h Carey College in HattieS- Junior English assistant She Gene Gregory of Jacksonvillewere
the future. burg Miss will receive their' Is married to Bobb; Welch. all visiting Mr and Mrs. 4 property owners
Your CLOSEST Spot For -- -. bachelor degrees on Saturday Arthur Is a physical e:'Uca- Crosby: Saturday.Mr. f Tfiat't right!There's no shortage of mart
LIQUOR WINES BEER r May 27. Marsha Haynes Welchis tlon major and has recently and Mrs. Lois Newmans f $l rr gaga money when. Jim Walter builds your
I the daughter of Dr. and completed his student teaching and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon zw TpMay"-', new horns. 100% financing Is available. to
Open 9 A.M.12\ P.M. Mrs. C L.. Haynes Jr. and assignment at Petal High Taylor en toyed a fishing trip ; qualified property owners. building homes.
(I Arthur Holiday Is the son of School near Hatttesbmg\, He to Lake Crescent SatmHayMr : z more the Corporation Choose from our
Friday and Saturday 9 A.M. 2 A.M\ iyIL.ats + + rn r.n 5 ie than 21 low ham.....
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Holllday\ Is a 1962 graduate of Bradford: and Mrs. Loyd Padgett high quality coit
FIFTHSOR .k of 304 South Water Street. County High School. Curing visited his parents Mr anJ I
r Marsha has been a consist- the past two years he has I
QUARTS ent Deans List scholar. She is served ns Athletic Reporterfor 2
a member of the Chapel 1 Choir the Public: Relations Department yare.n -- --:

8 Mi. South of Starke on U. S. 301 'of the Thallan Social Society, at Carey College 30:1: : -' rwiii tueeast-- -a, ,m1.ry SI tt IrewgI raven..Irri'iit

w down: the motor should be I DRIVEINOPEN
set in closer toward the tarn- ,,..............y...... .
Bom If the boat squats, move :
: ,GET CASH the motor away from the tran- SUNDOWN
some.A Bavless HiwayBy == .:: -
IMMEDIATELY bolt may also be trimmed Mrs. O. E. ADMISSION .a ..d...... WINDSOR
By Lynn Hamilton by distributing the l load more Crosbywvvvvwvvvvvv.wvvvvvv. Adults 75c Students 60t i
evenly. In a small two-man Build the Jim Walter
TRIM BOAT FORI Children Under 12 Free wan
I i I fishing boat for example the, I
I I BEST PERFORMANCE passenger should sit well for- Mrs. M. D. Med lras and Fill.. SAT.. SUN. it's practical 1 !
TO boat
1ST$25 $600 Running an. ward from the driver If only daughters spent the weekend /
with its bow high out of the one person, the driver! Is :! with her parents Mr. and MAY} 26, 27, 28 Budget planning It practical! and Jim Watter'i unique home owners' plan helps you maintain your
water may look racy but it aboard the boat can be trimmed Mrs. W. F. Conner and son Double Feature Program budget by allowing you to purchase your home built to virtually! any stage of completion. -offering you
DO YOU HAVE.Too doesn't do much In gaining the I by placing the fuel tank. and duughter-ln-law, Mr and I the opportunity to make big dollar savings by doing tome of the Interior finishing yourself.You may pur-
respect: 'or other boatmen. Besides a sand bag or some heavy Mrs. Pete Medelras. They en- chase packages of Interior finish materials and Install them yourself purchase them Installed. by Jim

many payments to make? I being unsafe: U usuallyan piece of' gear toward the bow. joyed a family reunion at the SVH\\ HIS I*SWPIMMIMKM\ \ $.. Walter. .or make your own arrangements for Interior completion. Sure irs work,but the saving It worthwhile -
indication that the operator But don't overdo It. Having! Conner .i nrinv 1 1 and saving you money i i. the Jim Walter way.
-Too many bills to pay? know little about proper I too much weight toward the Among arose attending t a* If' Whether you choose the basic shell home or one more complete.everything ts financed. 100%. Stop by your
I boat handling. In this situation bow will make steering: difficult Homecoming at Oak Grove I nearest Jim Walter office today and check the Jim Walter wav.That new home Is practically yours.
the'driver's forward vision -
i .
i Sunday were Mr. ant Mrs. J. ,
is obstructed almost completely .
DO YOU NEED Especially In a small boat D. Teirell and i daughter Mr.I '
by the bottom of the caution passengers tj; seep to and Mrs. W C, Ward and Rev. :e asf WEEKENDS VACATIONS RETIREMENT
the boat hits : ,
t bat.: Each time
EXTRA CASH NOW? a wave it will slap the water the center 'of: the seats. .-( .11,4'I .
should be allowed It
and a very rough ride will be Changing sects nCIIIICIIDII';y ..-1. >
LET US HELP YOU WITH YOUR ,:t the result. Besides that speed stoopped only after Under boat no has circumstances been- FLORIDATHEATRE I PAlUVISlIII'E 1II1110UII1"C11II! It "..11'II' 4-r ';
and fuel efficiency are cut
should passengers be
MONFY PROBLEMS town! miserably. PLUS
There are two ways to remedy -i allowed to sit on the gunwale
I the problem according. 'or deck when the boat Is under
We Are Trained To !
Help'Town a1&NEY'
I to the engineers at Ev'nrude! I 'ltVALT
The HAVEN The UltUMCall.
One' Involves way.By I.
Motors. .
keeping your tout: bal- e; Write Come by Today.
chanirlnff the angle 1 setH ShowthnWekdays 7 or _
Finance Co. i ting of the motor. Most outboards anced and riding: level, yCU will' Sunday :3:00: Saturday ? I it:: ICJ r'-------

'1; are designed so that get better performance, a faster fJIM WALTER CORPORATION ST
226 N. Temple Ph. 961-7449 I'i, they can be tilted either to-I and smoother: ride and the FIUDAY SATURDAYMAY BULtiRIFFJfl :i r |
I would Ilk. to know about building and* I
I ward or away from the boat approval of other boataien. I 26 27 more your
financing ptan Pleas send m.a free catalog.I am I
transom. To bring the bow
WI A.1 ar1N ON $UNGAY lnt.r.it (Ina... I
Double Feature Program re
/ I O Home U Cottage

-0. OCO v ,
V -= I
:: fiJ": 3281 West Beater Street ADDRESS
COO P. O. Box 6218 CITY_ _STATE_
Phone 3S8-1583: ;;
CDCO /1gIRGUNIPICTURES.... Th"I.r...,..., ._._ _
I property It local.J ln County I
i wlLLMI1CAE! : k.
*< I
Q 00

2CQ lobby4V1WePVWQY acB

eni When you look for the- most room

OQ U.S. HIWAY 301 ONE MILE' NORTH OF WALDO TtcHSicatOR itmisiM tPunHainnpiCTiiit and the smoothest ride and the bet_value

O V1 PLUS I you'll end with
VVr up a .
II .'

V I Chevrolet wagon every time.

CQI :: t: k Reckless!
Pleasures", 1\1 I
I ::

:: American International :.

Presents! ", ,..a.rw .

: X coffi Thunder Alley rw >v -

ffiD In PanavMon and

; S t a rt 1 Color I
4 t .a tflJM.. MON.( TUElE 1 :--

: OQ MAY 28, 29. 30 Ir-

: ; I
Warner Bros unlocksall
: : >> w.

: :: sensation-filled the doors of the

: 1 .

.' :: best seller. 4?! '
-.;.::: i. I Top left Chevy: n Nova Station Wapon. Foreground.: Chevrolet impala'!' Station i Wagon. Top.!right:..Chevelle_Malibu. Station Wagon,.,

: Live Music Every Wed., Fri. and Bryan'o/ .' ''t i1 I'

Hor1tl Chevrolet Impala, roomiest In Its class. While extra Mono-Plate rear suspension to smooth th fide Is.
VV V.d .J roominess is perhaps the best reason for buying a standard. Price? Below standard.
I .f..;.-'-'* Chevrolet wagon, consider, also, these bonuses: Body ---
GO-GO GIRLS acm ., by Fisher, Chevrolet dependability flush-and-dry rocker
...... .
0-- See Chevrolet dealer
: Wniun ft*uweo.n/nd VrfWIG your
; "" '' !f.m" .. panels and Magic-Mirror finish. CheveUe Mallbu, I
TECHNICOLOR.FRoVwARNErBROS.VEI smoother, qulet.r ride. A Malibu not only gives you during his Camaro Pacesetter Sale
OQO a Full Coil suspension ride but the body mountings are
double.cushioned. And Chevelle carries plenty. It opens Special buys on Camaro Sport Coupe<<; and Convertible
CQCQ \ >.. THUIIS.. Fill. specially equipped wIth: 250-cubic-inch Six 155 hp a
wide.i 54.6 I inches, to be exact 28.5 inches! high. Flip the .
; STEREO SYSTEM Deluxe steering wheel Bumper guards Whitewall tires
,. I :MAY 31. JUNE 9. 2 second seat down and you've got 86 cubic feet of cargo Wheel covers a Wheel' opening moldings Striping along
for all Chevelle was built to take a lot. .
; space your gear. the tides Extra Interior brightwork And. at no extra cost
> ". i SUPERIOR OFF-BEAT. AND I Chevy II Nova, best equipped for the money. during the sale. special hood stripe and a floor shIft for the
:: ORIGINALIMY.iiMESISUCCCSTiO All-vinyl upholstery is standard. Flush-and-dry rocker 3-speed. transmission! SALE SAVINGS.TOO. ON SPECIAL
-- NO MINORS ALLOWED panels that clean themselves are standard. Separate LY EQUIPPED FLEETSIDE PICKUPS (Model. CS 10934)).
3 '
: :: panels beneath each fender to inhibit rust are standard.

A Chevrolet greater worth \r. another reason you get

: DISCOUNT PRICES ON PACKAGE COffi L that sure feeling ]['

Cauer.enuss,6ACSM3SCN -.......-.....................-........_......-..._-_..-..............-..-.-....--.-.-.---..........-......-....-...-.---...-..........-.........-
CQo .' Owned and Operated by Bobby L. ': E

CQ >-< 313NBJmgIhVNR Baldwin Chevrolet, Inc.




{ f


--- --- .,


,_ .. ..
,:; 'x .I.;.;; Rhoden Accepts Head Coach Spot 1 Baccalaureate Sunday

IT At Chattahoochee; Reports in JuneKeystone ;27 To Graduate

High School head real challenge In his new assignment eOI r-r 1 1A '

I coach Les Rhoden announced ; Next. Wednesday
I ,yesterday that he has accepteda Rhoden took charge three a I .
I f I position aa head coach at years ago when. Keystone1 j ..
art I tl Chattahoorhee High in West football fortunes were at a low
Fd Florida He will report for ebb and produced a winning j The Baccalaureate servicefor gram will be:
27 members of the 1987 Devotional by Susan Bird
work there on June 12. team last season with a 7-3 '; ,
I Rhoden will be replaced at record. His basketball team graduating class of Keystone and Terry King.Addressee .
19.6 record this Heights High School will be by Jancy Lee
KHS by Roy Bayless present posted a year
assistant Junior High coachat and went on to compete In the ____ ; held Sunday night at 7:30: Kingsbury, :Valedictorian; and
Bunnell High School In regional finals. In the realmof o'clock in St. William's Catholic Patti Kathleen Brannon, Saliitatorlan -

Flagler County. Baylens will track, Rhoden has had one | Church. The Baccalaureate -
I Three Keystone 4-H Club Boys j;,be assisted by Sidney Middle- boy to place each year In the I : rL I, sermon will be preached by Presentation of awards by

Win In District CompetitionJohn I ton, also from Bunnell High. State Track Meet. _. Father Edward Kirby. Principal Joseph Benson.
I -- --
I In announcing his decision, School records were set by Dr. Mary Zellner, of St. Presentation of diplomas by
McOrath. Edwin BAker: ,' up In hie division In the trac- Rhoden said 1 that he had en- his football team, with a high K. T. .Martin, Clny KlortrUmiuiugcr: (right) IH. plrturtMl with four finalistIn. Johns River Junior College, R. T. Lovorn, Clay County

and Scott Lamalle, three Keystone 'tor demonstration. He was also I Joyed working with the "wond print game score of 53 and essay content: (from left) l'atrtcla I Steed., Julie MoCullough Paul Slrlrkli-r. and will !be the speaker at Com- School Board member.

Heights 4-H Club mem- recently elected to serve as a I erful people" at Keystone and by hU basketball team, witha 1'J .+IlIl'Y Voiles. mencement exercises in the Organ prelude by David

bers, won In district competition Council delegate at the State : praised the spirit and cooperation 95-polnt game. KHS gymnasium Wednesday Benson.
held in Jacksonville on Congress. shown by the student During his stay at Keystone, night 'May 31, at 8 pm. -
April 29. John and Scott received ...AIr!'. Ernest .Tomes reports' athletes. Rhoden was Instrumental informing Finalists Picked In Clay Electric ContestPeggy Dr. Zellner Is head of the MURRHEE

first place honors In that the 4-H Cherry Lake Chattahoochee, now a Class the Suwannee Valley Division of Communicationsand

their demonstration of arti- Camp near Madison, will be B school, will step up to Class Conference, serving as Its sec director of Continuing Insurance AgencyRichard
ficial respiration and will now held July 10-14() at a cost of A next season. It hasn't hada retary-treasurer; and In form- Voyles of Keystone I night. I lists. Judging was based on I Education at SJRJC. She will Murrhee, Agt.
compete on the state level at $9 per camper. Transportationwill winning team In ten years, Ing the Clay County Conches Heights High School; Patricia The elimination was held at I knowledge of subject. speaking 'be the project director of the General Insurance

the State 4-H Congress in be provided for those at- so Rhoden feels he will face a Association, serving as pre l- Kaye Reed Palatka High; Clay Electric headquarters In I ability, poise personality, and new S. Bryan Jennings Ele- Tire Casualty Marine
Gainesville, June 12-16. tending. Contact Mrs. Tomes dent Jane McCullough, Keystone Keystone Heights.; appearance. mentary School in Clay Coun- Auto Bonds
Edwin waa the first runner- for additional information. J Heights; and:!' Paul Strlckler of Winners had reached the E. T. Martin, Clay Electric ty next year. Keyatone Height 474-4788
I Santa Fe High were proclaimed finals on the basis of essays manager announced that the Other highlights: of the pro-
winners of the Clay Electric concerning rural electric cooperatives -
Lt. Col. Claudia Chapman four winners would leave from
Sargent Cooperative essay contest In I and competed In -
I With 3rd DivisionIn Engaged To Wed final judging last Friday an oral quiz with other final-I airliner Jacksonville for the nation's cap- I"I"I Delicious '?.

By Jim Fox GermanyLt. Lawrence AlvarezMrs. ital. They will join IlPPI'OKI-1

In Your Items 473-4148 mately 001) other HICKORY rr
Phone Retired General Final
Please MeetingOf
Col. Wayne B. Sargent, Edward Daniel Chap- spend an exciting four days'
eon of Mrs. Mattye C. Sargent man of Keystone Heights, Defends U. S. Bible Club seeing "our Government In ac- '' SMOKED a
of Keystone Heights, i fa par formerly of Jacksonville announce tlon." i
DUPLICATE BRIDGE LITTLE LEAGUE tlclpatlng in a field training !the engagement of Policy In VietnamAn The New Life Bible Club Runners-up in the contest will Sandwiches & Take-Out Orders
Winners ot the Duplicate In Saturday night's,. game exercise conducted by the 3rd her daughter, Claudia, to I held its last meeting of the each receive U. S. ElavlnQ'sBonds.
Bridge Club meeting ort May Cunningham's Gulf defeated Armored Division near Gra- Lawrence Raiford Alvarez, son answer to those who ask current season at the home of They are Linda Mathls I
18 were: First place with 80'/a( Belote Drugs. In the second fenwoehr, Germany. of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ral- "why don't we cloboer" the the 'teacher, Mrs. Charles Oeh- and Marilyn Barclay, both of' Chicken Ribs Beef Pork
points Mr. and Mrs. Fremont game Scales Red & White defeated During the exercise, which ,ford Alvarez, also l of Keystone. North Vietnamese? was give rIg, of Park-of-The-Palms] Keystone Heights.

Tolles; second pdace with 62 the Volunteers. Satur- will end June 6, he will take Miss Chapman Is the daughter to Keystone Rotarians last Keystone Heights.Refreshments Peggy Is the daughter of Smoked Mullet
marked the com- Friday by MaJ. Gen. Wycllffo
points Mrs. T H. Dent and day's games part In weapons firing and of the late LCDR Chapmanand were enjoyedby Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Voylesof
Mrs. Robert Clare; third t place, pletion of the Little League, of I of Mrs E. Steele I Air Force, retired 1. ,the boys and ]
tactical maneuvers as part the granddaughter : girls after a Lake Santa Fe. Patricia Is COLD BEER 7 Days a Week
Louis Kyle and Stan LaCoste: season. an Army program to train'' tain I Homer Claude-Brown: of Jack- of Ocala that Bible story and hymnsingingled : the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. I
fourth place Mrs. Anna James During the Intel-mission. the combat proficiency of hit I. sonville. She ls a graduate of Gen. Steele explained by Mrs. G. Lee, of Starke. Olenn Reed, Palatka.; Jane Is I
and Mrs. Joseph Dey. Everett Fox presented the Lit- Robert E. Lee High School and the United States )is Interven- Clubbers are planning to mem the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. SMITH LAKE GROCERY
to hold the
The Duplicate Bridge Club tle League Trophy to Jack unit.Col.. Sargent 14 commander obtained her Masters degreeat ing In an effort orize their Bible verses during John O. McCullough of Keystone ':,
which Is sponsored by the Methvin. manager of CUn- of the 2nd Battalion. In the the University of Florida.Mr. Communists out of South I the summer. ; and Paul Is the son of I Hiway 214 Behind Gold Head State Park
Keystone Woman's Club, ningham's Gulf, which ended division's 48th Infantry lit Alvarez' : Is In the U.S. Vietnam "until we can teacn The class will resume sessIons Mrs. Paul B. Strickler of
meets every Thursday night the season with a perfect record received tils commission Army, presently .tatloned at the people of that country to' every Tuesday afternoonIn Alachua. l Phone 473.4534BRANNAN

at the Masonic Temple. Thisis nine straight wins. Jim through the Reserve Officer Fort,Lewis, Wash. be selfsufficient"Gen. the Fall. ,
open to the public and VisItors Akrldge! manager of Belote Training Corps program at The wedding will take placeat Steele said that the r .. 11

are encouraged to attend. Drugs, was recognized, alongour.COI the University of Florida 8 p. m. Thursday June 29 'consequences of "total war'would
be disastrous for bothsides
I where he received his B. A. In the Community Church,
f but added that "we must
degree! In 1950. He la a mem- Keystone Heights. Relative I
continue In Vietnam until they
ber of Sigma Phi Epsilon frat and friends of the families are of
canlearn to take care
ernity. Invited to attend the weddingand
said' that freedom -
r themselves. He :
His wife Gail is with him the reception following.
is the most high priced
In Germany. commodity on earth, and that ''I i ii

Clay Electric this counry must not shirk its i
Holds Open HouseAt responsibility for spearheading
with members of his team, for
freedom efforts around the
Prices Slashed on New Motorola I i placing second In the Little New Officeclay world.In i

I League competition. Belote .. ,. reply to critics of U. S. Plumbing & Supplies
had 6 wins and 3 losses. Scales Electric Cooperative'snew policy In Vietnam. Gen. Steels,
and Volunters received third district office at 3600 said "Never criticize until you

olor TiPs I and fourth place honors! re- South 1st St., Lake City held can offer a better way to do
I spectively. open house last Sunday after- it." I
This! Saturday night, Cun noon. 'E.. T. Martin, general The speaker was Introduced'by ''

I ningham's Gulf and selected manager, described the event Lon Rushton. Featuring .
members from the remaining al another milestone In pro-
teama will participate in the viding the best electric serviceto Let
Bids Are

sl slA I promises to be one of the more The new office will be staffed On Construction;

I exciting games of the year. All by IT employees Includingthe : At State Park I
i spectators are encouraged! to district.. manager, Tommy
attend. Dasher The building has of. of
i Co.
Rose Construction
a TEEING OFF rice space for the district Gainesville was the low bidder : Gourmet Melon Spice Mochas

On Thursday, Mar 18 the manager, an engineer, cashier for construction of new facilities I s r :
following members of the Key Clerical, and warehouse. Enclosed to be /built at Gold,, Head I : Coppertone Surf Green

stone Woman's Golf Association in the fenced-ln outside Branch State Park and Magnolia a r ,
i participated in the grounds are gas \pumps Lake State Park near Platinum Gray Manchu Yellow
monthly' 9-hole golf-in-round, pole and transformer btorasje Ceys"olu: .. ;W-'IC"t.a.'
I at the Ocala Golf &; Country and a large paved area for Rote bid $!$j,S33 for construction Regency Blue Venetian Pink
Club: Freda Wyrnan. Fran vehicle storage. of five picnic shelters at
Chesslngton. Martha Hayes,' More than 200 guests called Gold Head, and $4,999 for

Vonclle Ketch, Zee Tollea, during the afternoon for a vis- ':three picnic shelters at Magnolia -
I Kathy Redfearn Kitty Martin It and to look over the new Lake.
Su Dwyer Fern Garber Jane facility and meet the perso- I
Brand New 67 Models '
LaCoste. and Fran Livingston nnel who will see that U': operates -
There were no local winners at properly. AQUAPUREHOME
Mrs. R. A. Gaunt; Circle 4,
SERVICE this event [which Is very unusual -
Mrs. Al Lagaatee, Mrs. James
I for the Keystone ladles,
TV Cook; Circle :0 I, Mrs. Roy WATER FILTERS
I but an enjoyable round of golf .
CENTER NEWS NOTESBy furknett; Nightengales, .
wet reported by all partici-
Charles. Wallenius. ; Rebeccas,
pants. Helen Kgan;; Mrs. William Warren Mrs. J Get Clean Spring-Fresh Water Today
of the 9-
Keystone Heights Phone 473-4651 I At the completion ,Idler Wrinkle. ,
i hole tournament, a business
Service On All Makes Each new circle met separately
I meeting and luncheon was COMMUNITY CliriU: : in the dining hall and
Black & White or Color i (Continued On, Page 181) i
The final meeting of the selected circle officers. All Only $$2995WE
Community Church Women circle will vacation until the .
until September was a coverec third Monday in September.
dish luncheon at the educational The new Executive Board will CARRY FILTERS IN STOCK
building on May 1//). The meet at 1 p.m., August 28, ,
five daytime circles met for and the first general meeting

GIFT With Purchaseof reorganization, and the two will be one week late on Sept. -1.
evening circles met at night. 11, due to Labor Day. .

New Hardwick Mrs.president Walter, passed Crollck the, gavel retiring -, ADVANCE NOTICE WE ALSO HANDLE LEONARD APPLIANCES :

to Mrs. John Bird, .her succes- Mrs. Barry Wyman announces
Other newly elected officers that Dally Vacation
COOKING RANGE Bible School will be held June
p. are: tat Vice Presidentand
As Low
r !, i. Program Chairman, Mrs. 19-23 from 9 till 11:30 a.m. 6-Cycle

Frank Ilgen] ; 2nd Vice President One adult and two high schoolgirls
and Missionary Chairman, are needed to assist Mrs. '
:' iI William Wale Jack Methvin in the Kindergarten Automatic $
Mrs- ;
: ;. : $2499
.. (pre-school to 4 years),
., --- PRICED899S Mrs. William Beam, Jr.; _
P- --w : '5 Treasurer, Mrs. Henry Mlckle. Mrs. Roy Turknett, teacher of .

/ I Mrs. Bird announced appointive the Primary Department WASHERS t
1.1 chairmen as folows: Spiri- (grades and 3)) will need one : : : :

(1' 1 1 tual Life, Mrs. Ray Starnes; craft leader The Young People's V : .7 .
-: 7 5 YEAR WARRANTY : : '
{1! ,,j; FOR FULL SIZE RANGE Finance Mrs. Roy Bridges; Department ,.
Membership Mrs. Axel Malm- and up) will need one teacher 1THE r.
. .
and one craft leader. A work- j
Mr.- 30" 36" Models at Same Price gren: Kitchen, Mrs. R. A- also needed. "
leader Any
or Gaunt; Sewing, Mrs. J. Azzle shop '
Williams; Welfare Mrs- Bert (Continued On Page 181 COME BY, OUR SHOP AND LOOK AROUND; :

ASK ABOUT BUDGET TERMS Chrlstoffers; Sunshine, Mrs.
I Elmer: Howe; Hospitality, Mrs. 11'/ Mile North of Keystone on SR-100 .

I Jane Nelson; Visitation Mrs. KEYSTONEDRIVEIN ,\
R. C. Sunderland; Telephone J'

A Beautiful Blender Absolutely FreeWith Mrs.Mrs. Kenneth Jack Haborntroh Cooper; Pianist; Publicity THEATRE

Bookof 24 Hour FAST Service!
I Mr. F. P. Egan; Frf.. Sat. May 26, 27
Golden Memories, Mrs Albert
Each Purchase of Range LIMITED TIME ONLY
Bachmann. JJlmSIOBUaDi
I Circle Chairmen and CoChairmen -

,Keystone Sa I-Gus Co. I first): Circle(chairman's I, Mrs. Sara name McDonald f D HEATeGDRCu_, PHONE 473-3080

I Mrs. M. A. Schroeder;
Circle 2, Mrs. Thomas Nor _

Keystone Heights Phone 473.4351 I wood, Mrs. J. A. Williams; _
Circle 3, Mrs. Walter Grollck, BRIM oui I 4



THURSDAY MAY 211 1 9 7

._.........,....,......) COtTTVTY TKUSRRAPfl.. HTARKR. FLORIDA _

I I : ongratulations 1967.1.

_. .MwWht....,........... ...... .'" \:
.' I ".$': '....... .

I.... I h it :I a1" I

". 1 r rr 4?

wow. r rt :
I %
,.- .h.U 1 I
571.1A1'P '
''f l
t,r k / Y tV i aMI"Il
.', dy ApIwy V a
"'.. ..... u.. .' / /p
... r/ 6
"....-..,. 1' 1
..... .. e
.....w w..pa ".. + IIl
S ., Zr S -1 ';. ,',, 4L
.,. .
w.vq ,
> rv"v
..4. ..., r. .


":" Kt'i.p' i : ,l p ItlJGi,4 EYK 1 !

4 -

I Kathleen
Lee KinjjshuryA
Kathleen Brannon, daughter
volunteer. Patti
potential Peace Corps
3.92'honor point average president of her senior clans, editor of of Mr. and Mr T. F. Brannon, compiled a 3.75 honor point average tobecome
bl18ke(ball team that won the If the data salutatorian.
the Annual Staff, captain of the girl's A :
Suwannea Valley' Conference Championship valldlctorlan Nancy Lee Patti Is president of the Beta Club and assistant editor of the Annual
Kingsbury, daughter' of Mr. and MrsJohn\ W. Kingsbury, la an outstanding Staff. Her favorite subject la history/ and Patti plans to attend the University
student in all respects. rri of Florida this fall to pursue a teaching career, a history and
her favorite subjectIs English comb.nation.
decorator. But
She plans to become an Interior i / +
chemistry In which she made straight A's. r I She Is a member of the Beta Club and Future Homemakers.
+r" ',.
St..Johns, River Junior College In Palatka this h from college, then :join the' Peace
Nancy will enter! Mt.,. rJA Patti plans right now to graduate
fall. This summer she's going to attend summer! school at KHHS and w Wft1 Corps She says she isn't worried about getting married any time soon
take driver's education, If she doesn't find a job. w+r"r i

Her hobbles are drawing and she likes to "read a lot." Nancy has .
K Club< and Future Homemakers .
been a.jnember.of the Beta, Club .a

rz""w.. sal rr t + 1 l L tf
a r
t + Pam Knight do lemy; kle, my girlfriends to Van
sister. Debbie the keys to my Ellis.I.
VW with these words of ad- of
Carl Hewitt being
Class Portrait. .. vice: "It's sometimes hard toget sound mind and body, leave
; cold morningsand -
started'>:! on my ability to get suspended;:
so Is the car." "who,:
-\'IIoI-f'\ '11:' from school to anybody
I ," X71 x'' I, Nancy McLean being of can lise It.. : ..

SsSSaass a& SssSsc MisSarSA ,.., ._... __ '_ _u....__ blank mind and burnt body I'Ricky Float.heave1 nty
do hereby leave my hiccups to
good looks to Gerald Sheets
l I Class anyone else who doesn't drink.I becaiise he need! then.:.
7967 KHS Senior
Bleasd le, do
? Sondra
;,1Tr I, Bill Murwln Jr. being
D. C. With# Rep. Don Fuqua hereby leave my third place In sound mind, do leave Bob
In Washington : tracking even
r Y O the broad jump Murwln all of my books, be-,
I to the Junior girls cause he neds them.

r I, Donnle Osteen, being of
.AJ I, Terry King do hereby
I sound mind and body, leave a leave my guitar to Malcolm
/'GDS banana to all the monkeys In Johnston so that, in the event
.1 CLASS OFFICERS the Junior class.I that Elaine Is leaving, he will I
have something else to pick on.I .
Mooneyham leave
President: ______ .__.... __ __ Nancy Lee Kingsbury good looks to Glenn Moon- Tommy Triest, leave-" the
my Junior Class of "67" my desire
eyham because he needs it, my
Vice-President ______________ Johnny Milo Moon running ability to Pat Wrin [Continued On Next PagelcONGRATULATIONSi

__________ Pamela Knight
Secretary ___________

I L Treasurer, Susan Nakama Bird; I .
To tha:class most likely to -Za ll72 -- ----

___ '
succeed. The best of. ; !

Good wisftes nat are
Good Wishes to you.i .

I r.- fill'''.VI of rtspict urnBd tbsnu' The Future y 1. Leaders of tomorrow i 15 I 9 6 TclaIii'

is in l your/ l There's plenty of *. t
y elbow room for you ] ,


& Brad Larsen

Hiway 100, 1 JVli. SE Keystone HeightsWiat Bill Smith, Mgr.
Bradford County Telegraph
Phone 473-4351;}t

I I.I .


.... r
,... wisiis96r MOST LIKELYTO

rr1961 : ti32gNr f f.


IIIr :_ ( I a

a = 1 t1

""%.*-? 1.1 w A47 %.._....,__. :
? .
I, perfect: wtasfoa 4 :

It wy "Good. far .' .

,ni bpI yoall be baupyfe&atem r LAUNDRY"I ?1! -

you dam. ,l .
I q ; Craftsmen? Mechanic? i i- "School's out" but you're

:BE. 7ftIIISHG6J1. z 6
Sales? Clerical?
7<'n" with us. Best Wishes., I
-. Medicine? Law? -c, I- --- f

done The way you'll you've reach future Look j t 1Je: :::T a: ?|Do it well! Congratulations.' ..

every:, -
the top and more We're r

_some day.! on


B Friendly Shell Station
Community Owned Community Built Community Builder
W. D. (Bill) Belote CENTERPhone COIN 473-3083: '
Phone 173.4911t!
473-4351: :: : : !


" HI'" ..... 1 I J .l.-l.. ,_'.;.r.,1.' .........,. "Un Jr

r I


graduates of K. II. H. S e er

s .11,;,

11 I


M ,
f JI



: 1

I --- -- \-. -

Elaine I Lovorn Chester Glenn Nancy Lee Kingsbury Terry Lee King SUKIII! Bird Stefan Urokas 1'attl! i Kathleen Urannon

and a map of Australia to by leave the tapes of Terry
someone who's going\ South toDeW1tt's long lectures on Leslie -
LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT morrow. Beam, with great gratutide
that they're behind m>.
I, Gary Cooper, 1 leave to
anyone In the Junior class who ''I: Dave''' iutgens. being of
'.' t From Preceding Page] F needs 1t, the ability td stay In sound body and mind,do leave
school fourteen years and still the title of!the "Bear of Key-
and ''ambition to attend school
early in the morningI. finish with a smile. stone" to Terry' Dcwltt along
with a pot of panzys.t .
Glenn leave the ,
j I, Charles James leave the I. Chester ,'
Junior before June Rldaught with sound
f Class of "68" the many happy boys one year'
I hours when awake in Senior they must face their local: draft, mind and bOdy, leave my abilityto -
Hall and the ability to get to ,. board., makes B's Honor Society -
to in the Junior
school on time. I. Billy Bell, do leave my anyone
I who'thinks
they can
; I, Suzanne Nelson, being of sfli c ability to get caught! at everything maw It.
Id00 I do to in the
e sound and body leave Terry :
I Junior class who wants It. I, ,Johnny Moon being/ of
DeWitt membership
an honorary ,
sound mind and body< IcoveI
in the Phantoms, in ,
hopes Glenn Williamson being
my uniform to Terry
that he will carry on the or feeble mind and decrepUTbody .: DeWltt If he has guts enpugh
tradition do leave "glRdly/ also; to use !it. ,; :
.. I, Nancy Kingsbury, being of leave my golden locks of hull' i
j to Mr. Benson may find Bome-. _. 'I. 'Susan Bird, being of
sound mind and body do here-
by leave a quiet mouth to my use for them. sound mind and body,do teave
sister, Debbie la hopes that I, Faye LoRsion.:: Vina of' the kiss of''Mr. Season to the
she will do more studying than / round mind and body, do herenext, .Miss *118.I .

Read It 'Loud and ir
n .fc CU r" r
r ,
I ) Your'part.In s our big 1 CLASS ROSTERWilliam I II .

world I today.. t II I ,,

Marlon Bell Nancy Lee 1 Klngsbury: I
Susan Nakama Bird Pamela Knight
CLASS i I i iI iI iI
4 ,
e b Sondra L. Bleasdalo Faye Logsdon I ,
\ I I It's
OF mil'ooo Patti K. BrannolElaine Lovorn I

Stefan A; Brokas David Greiti 1 1I It'a I
I D. Lutgens I "
WELL DONE! 1967 n sf't :
Gary Ray Cooper .Nancy Ann McLuan., I ; ,

Hazel Frances Doyle Johnny M. Moon r- ,I
i I Richard Howard Float Gerald L,. Mooneyham I Kingi end Qietns keep : :

OF'67 Jerry Stephen George William L. :Murwln, Jr. working for Aces.
I :
-- Chester A. Glenn Suzanne Teresa Nelson Congratulations!II II II
I Carl D. Hewitt Donald Ray Otttcon! r :

Charles Edward James Juno Winona RUlaught ;!

v Terry Lee: King Thomas A. Trlest 9 ',, :1;
Think big! We wish 1 .
Leamon Glenn Williamson :
i1the 11i1i] CI
you the happy things 6 i 0 '
Jnmp fences and : 'Q
i really wonderful I
each the horizon's idgi. running her mouth.I .:
I futura brings. I
ROY W. TYRE Good luck. Stefan Brokas bring of
MURRHEEINSURANCE sound mind and body leave: I 1 //I r
Building ContractorPh. my footh" ability to nextgear's
473-1886 or I football team; they'llneed i
AGENCY KEYSTONEBEAUTY It, a pair of stilts to the
Western Auto
473-1829 basketball team and whip for '
Richard Murrhee' the new coach to keep all the :
SHOP boys In line.I Associate Store '

I (Phone 473-1H65 Patti Brannon do hereby I !Phone 473.1822 I ;
]leave one lollipop item, an Ico I
Ii 'Edith Johnson cube, a bell one blue ribbon ;Mr. & Mrs.\ Pat Bradley I Water"i

0 -' I .\ I i I
i I

'n Gtad'uati01J. BEST WISHES Qo1 r911Ikof& i
i And good tuck

j T ne r rI' continue H.r:s hoping to do you'll w.lll FUTURE, :

'6r iI i ...iry: ;

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it\ '
\ i! ;n K kJr I 1 1I ;

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\ \ \\ I
\ \ II I
; I
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7 I

r f

Reach out> There are morerewarding MWHEELER .-

experiences ahead Yi ppelt,.. Build on
for lastrng( attitudes. Because yan'vBlearned"'how
e11, Hooray... May It be on. of high
r to
of many leadingto
Three Cheers... rot idle I
stay "With It". yourcherished II
Atq- for the graduates.Cunningham's. goal. I
I _
Works :
And KEYSTONE MILLWORKSErnest CANDY'SGULF Art & George Wheeler & Supplier "The

Triest I STATION Kt. 21, Keystone GULF ]Phone 473-3080 Good
II I Water"I
I j I I I a

e S I

--- -

-- rr I'I
-. ..- I

.- .

TUVRDA', MAY 2S 1961

PAOr EIGUTIENyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jacksonville and spent awhile

and !Mi came down to get Alfred, a.nd< They sped us to the hospital, LEGION POST 202 ,yyyyyyyyvyy.yvvvvvv in relatives.
y Helfrtch. Heidi! Hendry. ial plans' and activities for Mrs. Jim Wharton, AUXILIARY I visiting
Louise and AND
received help :
McDanle] for and enjoyed Where we Wells and Miss
Wilbur stayed supper Mae
Mrs. :
announced b and Mrs.
Malanie Homer Margaret La- next year were ]) WILL HOLD SOCIAL
KEYSTONEHILITES Mathls. Patty ;Mc- President Murrhee. The first and Cmdr. and Mrs. Jin swimming. Saturday night our care LAWTEYBy Elizabeth Terry were visitingMr.
in the emergency roe: .
and Huber Lying In
guests were: Pam John Wyrlck
Patty' McLean, Sally fund-raising event for next Clare. American Legion Post 203: and Mrs.

Naples Olave, Dorothy Nelson, Cheryl year will be a fish-fry held on Mr. and Mrs. David Sunder: Chitty of Starke; Buddy and We were a bloody not mess.have been and its Ladles Auxiliary vii Earn Blaucliard&AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAanI Tallahassee Wednesday to

Tomes Valerie Turner, Nancy Labor Day weekend. Check land of Ft. Rucker, Ala. are Merle Ellis and daughte But we may hold a dinner and social at the Thursday.

and Jeannie Yeoman. this column for additional an visiting with Joyce's grandparents Elaine of Gainesville; Walter alive, Camp Blanding Enlisted: Men': Miss Mary Julia Futch of
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYyyy' White not
the Lord were
The remaining givls were nouncements concerning 'the Mr. and Mrs. Dick Sun and Maggie Holloway and If by we Club on Wednesday\ May 31. Asocial Revival services began Sunday -. Tallahassee: was weekend visitor

(Continued F into' 151 recognized for individual PTA's activities, during! th derland.Lt. Buck and'Fay' Dixon of Starke, blessed. in the hospital, hour will be held from: at Highland Baptist of her mother. Mrs. Joyce

achievements and received' summer months. Cmdr. and Mrs. derail Sunday afternoon. Mr. and While I was 7 to 8 p. m., with dinner .ser Church and will continue Futch. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
held in the country .Uub. i according- BRIDAL SHOWER Young of Jacksonville, were Mrs Lonnie Melton, ton Otis: I experienced lot's of pain. ed at 8. Members. iamllles Futch and SOil of Black Mountain -
badges the week and close
On Friday. Malt J9 Fran dinner guests of Mi Odessa McConagh And it reality]( is : are spending a few
Mrs. Edward D. Chf.pmar Sunday daughter and guests are cordially: :,In- with a fellowship dinner on Teun.
that; home again.
Livingston tn the report.Twilight Tournament her- ly.Mrs.. Leonard Jones, sponsor honored Miss Pamela Knightbiideelect and} Mrs. Frank Ottinger. and Mrs. Melton' mother, Mri To An be injured back foot and shoulder, : vited. the grounds. Evangelist Joe days with Mrs. Futch and Miss
partner 190 of June 3. with a Mary LaRue was A reccn N. W. Parsons came to via Reservations should be made Elizabeth Terry.
and leader of Cadet Troop and knee. : Olachea, pastor of First Baptist
MuhffloTer. was A banged-up arm
Wally Tatumof
Donald Monso
for presented a certificate of appreciation shower at the Chapman home guest of Mr. and Mrs. Mike. the reasons that my as soon as possible by calling Church In Green Cove :Mr. and Mrs.
the most consistent.player Are with
Wall for outstanding of Lake Brooklyn last Frldaj: Ersklne in Fort Lauderdale.Mr. Rodney Kite drove A car I Ia In Bill Baker. Adjutant, at 473- Springs. is in charge. The Deland spent Sunday
the nine holes of golf. and Mrs. Bill Sinter; In Luke, City Mother I Bill Meserve, enter Mr. Tatum's sisters. Mrs.
service to Virginia Simmonsof night. Hot Rod Race ; for me. 4661, or public is welcome.
which the news
had nine consecutive 5's Is writing Mrs. Pearl
assisted were played and pri were recent guests of Lt. Cmdi last week 3rd place. tainment chairman at 4734413. Jewell Roberts and
CM far as we know] Is the Melrose, who has Games McCllntoc anj;! won I will always remember. First Baptist Church held Its Sunday. Mr. and

first time this arrangement of with Troop activities for the zes awarded to Mrs. Mary Clements and Mrs. Robert. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Kite Jr. All the pain I felt. Homecoming Sunday with ,ia Booker on Silcox and Mrs.i4errUlStriath .
M Orlando.Mr. Vernon
Muhl- in
score has been recorded for our past two years. and Mrs. W. i and Mrs. Bill Slmera were dinner guests of Mr. and So In closing I leave this message large attendance. Dinner was Mrs. and children of
ANNUAL INDUSTRY hofer. Mrs. Chapman was assisted In OCala served in the educational
Mrs. W. E. Kite St.
course. Since Wally Is normally of Lt. -- them for dinner.
APPRECIATION BANQUET in serving by her daughters were recent guests and Mri both, hours. after morning services Starke Joined
a par golfer we wonder how and Mrs. Robert Me Friday night. Rodney Always remember to fasten Nursery open building ; Brooker, who has been
amused he was with this con On Friday evening. May 19, Claudia and Diane. Cmdr. Kite will leave the'last of th your seat-belt! wills everyone enjoying visiting Mrs. returned
Orlando. The Sin Roberts.
slstency' the Annual Industry Appreciation Invited to be with the hon- Clintock In week to bring Robert home (AMEN] -PresbyterianFaith\ and renewing old acquaintances visiting Tal-
Mother's Day; Church home with the
spent Presbyterian to her
Mrs. J. P Knight erals
SPRING CONCERT Banquet was held at oree were from Sewanee Military Institute as well as a bountiful
E. Bennett Cafe- Mr!!. Marvin H. Horn r. Mrs weekend at the homo of Mr. I -Rev. J. R. Neale Jr., min uma., 1
Let There Be Music," 1 Is the Charles In Tennessee.Red TYYTTTT.TTT..TTY.MELROSE dinner. Those attending from
Victor Balsamo of W. A. Wallace organist and Mrs. H. C. Harley
The .J. E. Bonner, Mrs Pat H and Mrs. later Mrs. Mr.
the theme for the annual torlum in Green Daughtry of Jackson out of town Included Mr. and
Gainesville. While there, the Mrs. Carl Swisher and Mr. "and, Mrs. Richard
Spring Concert, which, will be Sollte Corporation was honored Bradley. Mrs. LenClemons! with vllle was visiting his sister and ; Mrs. Bill Harrell Mr. and Mrs, visited
: children
entertained and
performed by members of the by Clay County Chamberof Mrs. J. E. Hill. Mrs. Anna S Slmerals family Ella and Lucky Lut summer organist. Jeefee Harrell and children, of Chesser
James. Mrs. Bill Meserve Mrs dinner at Holiday Inn in honor Sunday School 9:43: : a.m Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Starling
and the Green .
Commerce weekend.Mr. Miss Julia
Heights School on gens! over the Jacksonville Mary
Keystone W of the Balsamos' 22nd wedding Worship. 11 a.m. 'and family In Avon lark on
Cove Springs JC's for Its contribution M. E. Mooneyham Mrs. Medlocl By Sally flothhammerAAAAAAAAAAA..4,4..AAAAAA Morning
Friday. May 28, in the school and Mrs. Dick Futch of Tallahassee, Mr. and
gymnasium. at 7:30: ( p.m- to the growth of M. Muhlhofer. Mrs. Mary Nelson anniversary. and family! and Mr. and Mrs Sunday, (Nursery open both Mrs. Ralph Futch and son of SU1dll! .
last A. J. Claryof
left Mrs.
Mrs Pat LaMee hours.) Mr. and
W. B. Stanley,
Under the direction of the Clay County. he Bill Van Norm of Jacksonville Black Mountain N.C., Miss
music Instructor Mrs. Herr For the first time, these two Inez Priest. Mrs. Roy W. Tyre, for Puerto Rico, where spent the weekend )In th Duplicate Bridge winner -EptacopalSt. Arthurlne Blanchard of Jack- Jacksonville were visiting
K. on
andez, grades 1 through 6. the organizations also honored an Mrs. J. M. Valdejull. and Mrs was recently guests employed.Sunday at the horn Fleming cottage, fishing and last week were 1st place. MriOrandvllle Anne's Rev. W. W. eonville, John B. Dye, of Fort :Mr. and Mrs B.

school chorus and high school Individual':: for his contributionto Raleigh: Zlke. and Mrs. Bill Simon skiing. Clark and Mri Woratall. vicar.Morning Lauderdale Mr. and llrs. Ben- Sunday.Dearl Bradley, who ia stationed -
of Mr.
band have coordinated their! growth and Improvementof 1IEKE N' THERE Le Mrs. L. S. KInchen and Henry Mickle. 2nd place-Mrs.; Prayer and Ser ton Futch and children. of
Mr. and Mrs. Louis at Fort Campbell, Ky.,
musical talents for the presentation the county. This special Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Harperwere were Blanc and children, of Greet daughters, Bycee and Reglna, W. J. Grolick and Mrs. W. F. mono 2nd and 4th Sundays Starke. North Side and High- recently visited his parents,
of this concert. There recognition came as a complete camping out last weekend Richard Merechew, Mr. and 3rd. Mrs. J. W. land Churches
Springs, and Mrs. Fran Wilson. place-- 9:30: ajn. (nursery open.) Baptist were :III'. and' Mrs. R. L. Bradley
will be no admission charge surprise to O. E. "Ed" at Juniper Springs. daughters of Mrs. Richard Burns end son, Foster and Mrs. E. B. Gosi, Holy Eucharist and sermon well represented, also Black Mrs. Bradley spent

though donations will be ac- Wiggins of Keystone Heights.Mr. Marian Beasley of Tallahassee Connelly and and Mrs. N. M. Veal, all of 4th place-Mrs. Paley' Boy lat and 3rd Sundavs, 9:30: ( a Pond Baptist and First Baptist Mr. and with their son and

cepted. The public la Invited Wiggins received n plaque former resident:! of Keystone "' Windsor. ottinger report Jacksonville were weekend and Mrs. Robert Clare. m. (nursery open). Church Church of Green Cove Sunday Mr. and Mrs
ol Mrs. Frank daughter-in-law
DISPATCHER RESIGNS signed by Oov Claude Kirk, was a weekend guest that her son Sgt. Lee A. Temple guests of the James Klnchenfamily. The Junior Woman's Club 1 Is School, 9:30: a.m. "Holy Eucharist Springs.Mrs. Randal Bradley, in Mlddleburg.

In a letter to Mayor) Al Nelson ]- as a special recognition for his Delores Murrhee. fishing holding a Bake Sale June 1 10 8 a.m. each Sunday. Jessie Durban was birthday
fresh-water occasion a
finds The was
dated 17 tr. Ray many contributions to Clay Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dwyer were Mr .and Mrs. Mitch Rabl Post OfJlc, hostess to the WSCS Tucs-
May ,.) ::: ; last in Keystone most accommo at S a. m. at the Evening Prayer 7:30: p.m. on dinner for: Randal. Mrs. Bradley
Chance, Police Dispatcher for County. vAcationing in Daytona. dating. He caught a 7-pound. 'and children visited the Dei The purpose of the bake sal each Sunday. ETC, 6:30: p.m. day evening of last week. The baked a special cake for
the Keystone area Rubmlttei Other guests attending this weekend.Mr. Friday Morris family on Sunday is to raise funds to give the each Sunday. next meeting will be at the
last .
her resignation effective May: banquet from Keystone Included and Mrs. Robert E 6-ounce bass even-I I They will be staying in the< Junior Woman's Park it Melrose Dally offices of Morningand Church on June 6. her son.CAP

:31. Mrs. Chance said it ha: : Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Lambert and children! of Atlanta Ing while casting. Morris home while they are Bay a face-lifting. Donations Evening- Prayer, 8:00; ) am. Extension Hamemakers Clul

been her pleasure to work I In Hardenbergh. Mr. and Mrs. were recent guests ol Ottlngers dock.NEWS away. They would like to find< will be accepted and and 5OO: p.m. held its annual cook-out at thil Announces

this capacity. for the past 14' Charles McOlave Mr. and Mrs. Lambert's parents Mr a place to settle down here. appreciated. home of Mrs. J. C. Tye on ,

months, but because of health Mrs. George Massa Mr. and and Mrs. Charles Wallenius. Mrs. Kathleen Mclnnes of Senior Skip Day Is scheduled' -LutheranLutheran Thursday of last week with i First Aid Course

reasons feels that It,is necessary Mrs. Carl Hewitt and Sheriff While! the Lambert's wore visiting NOTES Ocala and Henry and: friend; for Friday. Chaperones and Church of Key- 12 members present. This was

to resign. and Mrs. Jennings Murrhee. their oldest danghter, ,, of Jacksonville were visiting students will go by cars I to stone Height; Vicar Richard the last meeting of the year On Monday NightsThe

AWARD NIGHT PTA MEETING Helen)! celebrated her 21sl Pap and Reba Nasworthy over: spend the day at Flager Bead Meyer, minister. until September.
Starke Cadet Squadronof
On Wednesday nlghi.,J/taj The last PTA meeting for birthday. [Continued From Page ,151] the weekend. Melrose High School held ;1& Divine worship Sunday 11 the Civil Air Patrol announces -

17 Girl Scout Troop 27 anc the year was held on Thursay Alec Livingston Is expected Sherry and Bobby Strlck Fashion Show, May 19 at 7:30: a. m. Holy Communion 2nd CHURCH ACTIVITY

Cadet Troop 190 of Keystone :: night. May 13, at the Key- home this weekend.Mr. dedicated person. may help] land and baby were visiting P. m. 'Thru the Looking Gins: Sunday of each month. Grace Methodist: Sunday the beginning of Aid an

Heights had a covered-dls stone Heights School Cafetor- and Mrs. Dick fitandi- with this work. Call 473-4951 Sherry's sister and family, Mr had as their characters. Alice, Services held each Sundayat School 9:43: : am., Worship 11 I American Red Cross First

supper and presentation of lum, with President Georgia ford were visiting with Mrs, If interested. and Mrs. James Robbins or played by Maria Yarbrougl St. Anne's Enlscopartvurch. a.m. and 8 p.m., Prayer Circle '!Course to be given National on Monday Guard

awards at the Community,; Murrhee presiding. Stanford's:! family the Wai Rehearsals of ,the Carol Saturday.Mrs. voiced by Marlene Odom and Keystone Heights Monday! 9 a.m. Wednesday at nights at the

Church educational building. Principal Joseph Benson an- Hardenberghs. last weekend.Mr. Choir have been discontinued DeLoach has returnee the Cat, played by Judy Sap Fla. nIle:!( choir practice followed by armory In Starke. for
This mandatory
of nounced that all vacancieshad until September. to home in after Senior MYF. course,
During the presentation and Mrs. Walter reap- her Georgia voiced by! James' Wise. Thl Is
ill CAP )members helpful
awards the following girl; been filled for the coming; of Kalamazoo. Mich.,, CLUB spending some time with :Mr show was sponsored by the First Baptist: Sunday School
pies HOMEMAKERS In. Civil Defense and Is an aid
were recognized for their advancement \ear. Mr. Benson also stated with their and Mrs. E. B. Watkins. FHA ard directed by Mn Baptist 10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. and
last weekend club meeting,
to Cadet status: that .Keystone had been and Mrs, The closing Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lorlmiei Stephenson.Two Worsnlp service Sunday; 8 p.m., Training Union 7 p.m.. to; homemakers businessmen.
aunt and uncle. Mr. until was a covered alike. There is
September and students
Barbara. additional teacherfor 11 a. m., 7:30: ( p. m. [nurses i ino
Laurie Beam. Pan-la awarded an Lakevlew were visiting Mr. and Mrs. D groups modeled the, Midweek meetings Wednesday
Tarry Peters of dish luncheon at the new charge for the instruction, ;
next year. W. Carpenter Sunday after made In the1r!] open]I. 8 p.m.
Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Poapples homo of Mrs. Detha Hickey 01 clothes they which will be given In five
presented scol- noon. of Modern Sunday School 9:45: a. m Church of God: Sunday
Mr. Benson the class
"were on their return trip Route 313.: A demonstration misses were two-hour classes. First Aid _, .
KEYSTONEHEICHTS astlc achievement pins to the North, after spending the winter of window draperies was presented Betty Griffin of Griffin'! Family Living and Horn [nursery open]. Training TJiv School 10 a.m., Worship 11 manuals 'will be available for

honor students!! of the individual In Pompano Beach. by Mrs. Margaret Nelson Lodge reports that the shell- Economics. There were 21 Ion 6:30: p. m. (nursery open] a.m. and 730;:\ p.m., YPE Wednesday' IS cents, and will be necessaryfor

grades. Students receiving crackers: were on the bed over: models which modeled a variety Rev. Lawrence Carroll':I 7:30: p.m. Prayer services -
On Saturday evening. Miss home economics agent I proper completion: of the
this honorlnclwied First Bridges hostess preceding the luncheon. the weekend.: Castle A. Bar- of suits, skimmers, bathing), pasto. Friday 7:3Q: p.m. '
Vlarllyn was training
Sharl Prevost; 2nd ringer and Alan caught 42 evenlnt: Highland Baptist: Sunday
grade attend the suits. beach I I
for a party at her home, on :Mrs.! Nelson Robert H. Lappe. executive
grade Wanda Bender; 3rd Friday afternoon. Bill Shaw iresses and a pajama rult. Refreshments School 9:43: : a.m.. Worship 11
Included adult at Lake Placid, all inter-
jake Geneva. Guests : camp FIRST PRESBYTERIANSunday >fftcer, states that
grade Laurie Havens: 4th and fftinUy caught 80 over the served by: a.m. and 7r3O p.m.. Choir
Hr and Mrs. Don Morgan, Mr. May\! 31 to .June; 3, and. ..her.assistant 'sted persona! are Invited to
grade, Daryl White: 5th grade, ''>nd' Mrs. Everett Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Donna Duell: weekend. Norman Hanson' 'hostesses Linda Hubner, Doris School, 9:45: a.. In. practice 6:30: p.m. Prayer Services uttend.
Jordan: 6th grade. from the usa Harwood: at; Fetter Cookies Wednesday 7:30: ( p.m. '.
Carolyn Urs. Wally Fordyce, Mr. and will be In. charge of the County Price, and Betsey! Morning Worship 11 a. m.
MELROSEBUSINESS Stephanie Bannister: 7th frs Chuck Newman, Mr. and I Homemakers Council covered Mayport had a good catch,, and punch were made by: Youth Fellowship, 6 p. m.Choir PERSONALS
TilE Rionr POINT the
Scales 8th grade. Drs. John and Paul Howard
irrade, Cindy ; ilrs. Bascomb Mizell, Mr. and dish picnic at Gold Head Home EC. Girls. Practice Wednesday
Donna Sparkman; 9th grade June 2. and two sons of Savannah, Oa. Yours Truly spent las S V On Wednesday afternoonMrs. way you write. Come In and
Dr. Park p.m.Rev.
Prevail Jr.. Branch State on
lu. Myron
Roxanne Ketch; 10th grade, Mr. affair. tot: 50 bass and 50 shellcrack-: sveekend attending the Methodist Robert D. Burch. L. 1''.[. !McClellan Mrs. elect you" favorite KSTER-
be family
and Mrs. Phil Parsons This( a
Pat Cox; 1-th grade. Jackie and Mrs. Edwin Bennett Mr. Lunch will be served at 12 ers in three days. Mr.\ and Youth Camp at Leesburg male Reddish and Mrs. Bobby BROOK fountain poo. TELEGRAPH.

Godwin; and 12th grade, Nancy Mrs. Ernest Kirkland of St.. and workshops McClellan took Mr. McClellan'smother. I,
A training program
Beeler Mr. and in the \ ,
and 'Mrs. Bud noon pavilion.
DIRECTORY Klngsbury. I Marys Ga. fished all we'k. and trained members for: Mrs. ,,W. H. Hall who ,
Mr. and of the Keystone
Irs. George Massa A. Clamilflml Ad In the TELEGRAPH !:. md spent several weeks visit \
New officers were Inducted Mrs. Bill Reynolds, Mr. and I Club should contact President aught: bass and shellcrackers their; new offices in their Adjustable Vinyl Book

'or the coming year and spec- i i Mildred Peyton for final planning every day. Mr. and Mrs. Bill] :church and was participate' bring r ruJt& with the family, to her home Covers.: All sizes 30 cents ea.

BEAUTY SHOP 3rlner of Jacksonville caught by members from all over at 'The Telegraph.
10 shell crackers. Mr. and Mrs. Annual Conference I'
KEYSTONEBEAUTY Learn. To SWIM-Or. Swim Better! T.TTTT.T.TT..YTTINDIAN J. W. Reynolds of Jacksonville Chaining classes were ell day .. : ,,_ .

I lad 25 or 30 shellcrackers. Bill Saturday. Sat. night a Circus i 1r' ;:: : := = ": ::

SHOP Smith and two children of Party. was attended by all'opcorn .
I In beautiful modern
Edith Johnson, Owner : BEACHLake Daytona got 25: shellcrackers. and peanuts was served : .. '" < '. .. > in ii

Personal I 20x10 ft. Pool, in Alan Griffin caught over 100 through out the hour ol i!."' .'- --- .' .,, JAPl
& Creative ( Santo Fe) luring the weekend. tun. An Olympic sized pool will -

Hair Styling \ '4)) Lovely SettingClasses Mrs. BarnhlU repoits that. be finished by the time the : -: ; --1: .
: Michael l II. ChlttyPh.
Individual Beauty pare Byl John Powers and Tom Martin first' group of young folks ar- .

:Every Form of Beauty Culture I Start 473-3171: : of Gainesville got 58 shell- rice for camp this June so be

Open Tuea.-Sat.: 9-5; 1 A A...&.& rackers: using mudworms, and lure to bring your bathing ;

Closed Monday ;::: \ Tues. June 13th Tack Singer from the USS lUltS. ;

t4y.teu1. llelgtito!. '478-4863' Greetings again: This is Roosevelt got 6 bass and a Rev. Al Steaurt attended the N

your still stove-up hobbling. Jack on Sunday. Methodist Youth Camp for:

TOAT8 MOTORS I CHILDREN'S CLASSES (age 4 and up) rolling reporter with the news. Mrs. Lou Miller, her children raining sessions last week. HeIs ,

For all of you who are wonderIng and mother were In Jackson- to be one of the
Advanced 9:30 planning I
a.m. I
Beginners 10:30: a.m. ,
BILL'S MARINESALES I am doing much better. ville recently to see her sister. counselors at the camp thl 3!
ft/; SERVICErhe Except for a sore ankle chest Urs. Nell Thome, off to l the summer for a week. ,

Fun Fleet' In" Beginners, 2 p.m.-Advanced, 3 p.m. 'pains, and a sore arm [the Philliplnes' where her husbands Mrs. W. H. Allen visited with I i

Chrysler Lone Star Bands Three lessons a week: Tues.. Wed., Thurs. one: I work. fish and eat with] I stationed. On their way her mother Mrs. E. A. Chesterf I iI I

Chrysler Motors Call Airs. Fred Dodd, Qualified Instructor I[, can hardly tell I've teen In home, they visited T. C's therapist > Qulncey. recently. She also I iI iI

Service & Parto for 473-1206. for rates. etc. a> wreck. If we only had seatbelts at Hope Haven. visited with her sister Jessie, I

AU Outboard I we probably wouljn.thave : Mr. and Mrs. Lupo of Jack- Bradley in Tallahassee.Mr. I

Cerner Rte. 21 A: 2. been hurt. Otis and I ionville were Sunday visitors and !Mrs. Virgie Rowe

Melrose. 475-4851 have agreed that the next car of> Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bryant. went to Cedar Keys last sunday -

TENNIS that he gets will have seat- Peggy Voyles was one of four and brought back Mr. and

CLEANERS belts. I would like to use this winners in the Clay Electric /Irs. Grant Rothhammer to

ci is an example; and cavlse all Essay Contest. Along with the Melrose for awhile. They have :
Keystone ANYONE? I of my readers If you do not winners' from other districts. been residing in Cedar Keyfor I I

Cleaners Inc.> 4 have seat-belts get them and he will receive an expense several months in their '

If r you do have them use them. laid trip to Washington D. raller. They are parkM 1 011 old I : .
G.Ic. Davis:. .. 'S In tennis good Now 'that I have made a re out
a C,. during the week of June home grounds, so come EvERYAcRI$
Every Dry Cleaning ervtcLaundry Ort.'I will turn It over to my ;
\ SERVICE is very Important ,1-18. Congratulation*! and visit with: them.

2 -Day Finish Service or Ylufl J . and the mother I the secretary], for Pete and George Barton Mrs. Bunirun Kelly Sr. left A BIGGERPROFIT

thing for the news. were In Jacksonville to visitete"s Monday evening for a week's ,
Pick Up and Delivery r same goes (
Tuesday afternoon Charlie > and :
mother who Is a patient V aoatlon at her daughter's MAKER
KeytJtono Height 473-SOSI 1 banking! That's why we
I and Sybil Braswell of Starke, In St. Luke's Hospital on Sunday on-ln-law Sgt. and Mrs.\ Patrick -

CONCRETE 4 \... put the accent on SERVICE their son Wayne and wife afternoon.One C. Glisson at Miami. Mrs. WITH

here why Trudy with their son Rick of of the things that 1have felly's: granddaughter Mellney ;

Hawthorne Concrete you'll always find us Miami came down for a barbecue been missing most is goIng 1s graduating from Kindergarten -

friendly, efficient, help and some fishing and to church and to the revival and' she wouldn't miss this EIectricaIypumDedirrigation

& Supply, Inc. ful! swimming. Wednesday Alfred in Starke. I !am very for anything! :

REm Hudson of Gainesville came ;rateful for the flowers sent William McLaughlin was

MIX FULL-service banking is our kind of banking, down, to stay a few days with by the Hampton Baptist home last weekend for a short

CONCRETE and it works out to YOUR advantage in many Mike. Jhurch which were very beau- visit with his family. I

llwy. 20 W. Hawthorne ways. You can make us your one-stop headquartersfor Saturday afttrnoon. Norman daughters Iful, and also! the visitors Clyde Rothhammcr spent
I and Fay Hamilton and
1-2932: 2031: from the church while I
ALL your banking needs Kathy and Cindy, andortne In I the hospital.I was the weekend In Eau Gallle via- f., 3ectrically-powered seepage pumps or irrigation systems
ting with his aunt and uncle,
NURSERY_ *. LOANS IN GENERAL Hudson of GainesvilleSCHEDULE am also thankful that Otis and Mrs. E. W. Eastertlng. are essential production tools on farms and groves.

O.C. Carnes Nursery *. AUTO BOAT, ANI APPLIANCE LOANS J and I were not hurt any worse, Peggy and Eddie Rothhamler Profit-making.'Labor-saving.: Convenient. Economical. I
because the car was a total
CHECKING ACCOUNTS attended a birthday party
Illway 100, KloraJiomc OF SERVICESPARK /reck./ So lone for now, andhere's their friend. Jimmy Huck- i ) An electric is
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i r
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r .- --- .r-------------------------' .------_-------------------.----.---_-_-_-------.eee-ee sea aee1.---------eae.eaSeeeeeee----------------------q..

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'" ---------------eeee-----------e.--------------------------------e.aa.-----e..ea-a aa--11-.1111..1.-----'.1..re.- -- ---.p..ee.l....
:,, .. .. .. ,
-,. ;: I . .
... "

.. I ":.

___________ .. ,- ...... V ; f i \ l'l'PAOE '

Bradford County telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: May 25, 1967
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 000579551
oclc - 33886096
notis - ADA7397
lccn - sn 95047406
System ID: UF00027795:03740
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Preceded by: Starke telegraph

Full Text

C. YongeU.

of Fla. Library History

Gainesville Fla.326. "



Single 10 Cents.'Copy' B I r-ORD COUNTY TELEG' 3,350 Every Copies Week

Official Countu Publication Established In 1S79STARKE. PKY LIBRARY ,


-- -- --
r -

Teacher Strikes To Appoint Clerk, Chief
Paving ,. I, N. MtA

Contracts Let; ,4S r n- 1 I ?r1r Termed' IllegalTo Special Election Set

Track IncludedBids School BoardA

totaling $18,991.54 .- r. strike or walkout bya July 18 By City HeadsA

for paving bus loading public school teachers
would constitute viola-
and parking areas at four a
schools and constructionof tion of contract and id,

a new track at Brad- therefore, illegal, Supt. special election has .'",;" 1
n l Tom Casey told the Brad- been set for Tuesda.duly I
ford High School were awarded () & : I "
by the Bradford ford School Board Monday 18, by the Starke City t ; \ ;

School Board in a special fir- night in a special Council to determine if ,
meeting Monday night. briefing on the current the offices of city clerk :,

Jack Baggett Paving Co., fig e situation over education and police chief shall be- Lv

Gainesville, won contracts to f i bills in the state Legislature come appointive.
pave bus and parking areas! at The local bill makingthe

Lawtey Junior High, Anderson Sanctions, also threatened by two historically elec-
Junior High Starke Elementary the Florida Education Association tive
posts appointive
and Bradford High unless the pass _
School for a total of $18,781. J positive. action on. education ed both houses of the Leg-
Columbia Paving CO., Lake 4 I, bills including teacher sal islature last week and be.

City, will build the track for aries, "in no regard violatea come law after seven days

W.210. ( teacher's) contract," Casey without the signature of

The bids were on a total of EU a '.( '::: .. _,.._ .. ., said. Approximately 145: Brad- Gov. Claude Kirk The
approximately 13.500 square ford teachers and school administrative measure, House Bill No.

yards of paving. Stipulation Sonic people had to wait over 45 minute Saturday! to purchase" their new personnel are 931, was filed in the of-
was that the Board could accept members of FEA. ,
bids on each Item and automobile HceiiNe plat""** and the rush Vwenile. on Tax Cnllcrtnr J. R. Casey, made the statements fice of the Secretary of

award them Individually; or let Kelly's., office on the final duy before the deudllno. At one time "Saturday, morning during a briefing of the School State Tom Adams Mon .
the contract as a whole. By Board on what to do In case day, May 22. It does not -
the Hue extended all the way outside the oourtliouxe to tlie sidewalk on ;
dividing the Job) between! Bag- of a teacher strike or walkout. become effective, However, Mayor Carl I Hunt. signs proclamation setting:'July. 18- *'

gett and Columbia the Board Court Stnrrt. He had spent, all day Mondayin until ratified} by a vote of the date for the HperliU election to>> determine II 'tb' cityclerk I

saved about $3.500 under the Tallahassee meeting with the city's electorate. and polio chief are to>> be! appointed.!, Council ,Fhs/rmsu

lowest bid of five submitted. Supt. Floyd Christian, along According to the city charter Ruby Johns looks on.
Baggett had the lowest total 'with other
Deadline] county superintendents -
days must elapse after
bid;; at $23,508. but Columbia Tag in the state, reviewing the city; clerk certifies the adopted several months ago out their 'present terms which
was low on the track.: existing school, laws. and the offices and terms of the election by the Bradford Chamber of expire In September
.'Other firms submitting bid "current teacher situation." Commerce. It was presentedto Edwards opposes the move
to the before the
were HoudalDeDuvalWright No plans were made, however election mayor foe held. The the city council and that to make his position, appointive '
Co. of Jackaorwllle44,791l Sees Big Rush because the Board expects council had may tentatively set the body, in turn, adopted the saying the action would
Jaxon Construction Co. ofJacksonvfl no strike here. measure and requested l a local give three members of the
vote for June. 27, but 'had to
_. $28.115; and Christian read the superintendents set It .back until July 18 when bill putting .the moves Into council control of the City! government -
Raulerson Construction Co. of opinion on teacher the effect, but only .if approved by .The council, on the
Gainesville $33,368. COlum- ,A last minute ruuh' saw Street! a distance( of about 200 Before;"' the year is out, Kelly strikes or walkouts l Issued May brought 60-day ito waiting their attention period was by the voters of the city. other hand contends the clerk

bia's was $24,290, second low 1,369: motor vehicle license tags feet The"tax'ollector'a office expects to sell around 8,000 19 by Attorney General Karl City Clerk ,'Merrill Edwards. The move has brought to a has thwarted the board" every

est. old Friday' and Saturday by force worked until 10:30: Fri auto licenses, about 1,000 more IFalrcloth, who had given his Date for the election was head several years of bickering move despite the fact, that+he
Columbia has Just finished '' support to the teachers stand between the council and City has no policy making .powtr.: ..
paving1"' 10,000 square feet of Tax Collector :;J. R Kelly's .' day night arid opened at 8:30: than has ever .been sold In the for aid to education. set Wednesday afternoon In a Cleric Merrill Edwards. Rec- The proposed new law reads:

" roads, for the City of Starke. office, bringing,,the total..sold Saturday morhlng for a last county. Friday and Saturdaywere "The attorney general's opln-i special the election meeting.was Vote 3-0 setting with: ently the council tightened WHEREAS, iecMy: "couiiiU!

Supt., Tom Casey told the through 8:30: pm.; Monday, to 12-hour stent. the two biggest days the Ion Is that a strike or walkout Chairman Ruby. Johns, and down on unpaid utility bills of Starke believes that' the
:Board It. has 24.143 In Uncommitted 6.OW. Some people' had to stand In office has ever had, he said. would be Illegal; a teacher Board !Members: Neal Tucker and what was termed' an In. appointive system rather*than
'"' race track funds- would violate his contract and adequate bookkeeping system line electlve systtoi, tor the.. j.
line nearlyaa hour In Jam- : _
.At,one point Saturday a line : the Tags sold duringthe.tlsatweek : anti, .Wiggln-.voting -for- *
still to spend his year. The' : 'be ho longer'employed by the' ln'city ha1L Slnce'then'Xudltor'George positions of city eJs..w'an..
of the'saletotaled 2,022, it. Councilmen Jimmy McRae
stretched from Kelly's officeon up.-
paving Job must come from Board," Casey said- In such Dundelake has been chief of police will provide
that or from local funds. the west side of the court The office was still doing compared to'' 907 the previous a case teachers could be rehired and Merritt for Williams the were called not fired by the council and the greater opportunIty.., for Improvement I
present hastily
Casey also announced he has house to the sidewalk.on Court a )brisk business Monday week. on an annual contract firm of Purvis, Gray, and and efficiency in
received word the Board has basis. meeting.The three members debatedfor Powers of Gainesville retainedto services, NOWr THEREFORE:,
been certified to receive $18.- set up a municipal bookkeeping Be It Enacted by the Legislature -
Refusal to carry out> responsibilities several minutes before
301 In federal Impact Area system. of the State.-of FloMd4fSection
such as bus duty during with setting: the election
funds to reimburse the coun- the school day would con- without the entire, council If the proposal to make the li: Section 46 .Of
CContlnued on Page Four" ] i' 'l ,.. :i (Continued on Page Foui!" 1 present.A offices appointive is approved, chapter 13426, Laws of Florida

..- resolution to make the (both Clerk Edwards. and Police 1927, as1 I amended Is
Chief Bill Rosier >will serve amended to read: _
two offices was
:. House vs. Senate Proposals Section 46. On'' the second
: Tuesday, in September of.each
and every year an election

Board Briefed On School Pay BillsBoth of shall electing the be city held all.whose for elective the terms purpose officersof of

office will expire in that year;

provided, however, that the

ral .,, y'Sr city clerk and chief of police
the $249.9 million like Sen. Verle Pope and House cipal of Starke Elementary and Florida Education Association come In 6869. ( shall not be elective officers. ,
House Omnibus Bill and the Speaker Ralph Turlington In- president of the Bradford Edu- one better In some respects -- The Senate bill also gives I but shall be appointed by the

$2M. million first priority: bill stead of Just the hierarchy of canon Assn.; Richard Jockel guaranteeing every teacher a experienced teachere a bigger t city council; provided'!, further, k
from the Senate were explained the PEA." Hampton principal; V. R. Fergusons minimum salary of 15,100: a boost than the House bill.thou&h that the present city clerk and I
to the Bradford School Supt. Casey, who attended a Brooker principal: Jesse year Inthe- coming school t both fall short of the l police chief shall (Ibe'"appointed I
Board In a special meeting superintendent's meeting Mon- Moore, Anderson Junior year, and rising to $5,300: in FEA's request for experienced ; by the city council to completetheir
Monday night. day'in Tallahassee, said Legislators High principal; Ed McGee the 1968-89 school year personnel. A Rank III teacher unexplred elective terms
Supt. Tom Casey said both "seem determined to do Lawtey Junior High; Mrs. B-ndford County now gets with 10 years experience now of> office.
bills "have tremendous support something for education that Mary Anges Ferguson Pouth-, $3,950: << from the state on a beginning receives $4,750: from the state The term of> office of each
In their respective houses. will benefit our kids for many aide, Elementary, Mrs. Inez Rank III (bachelor's under the Minimum Foundation 'elective officer shall be two
"Both are good bills for years." Harvey, FUE, and two teachers degree) teacher: and adds from Program passed in 1917 ((2) years or until his successor ,
teachers," Casey added. The; Nine Bradford educators left from Bradford High whose local sources $1,050 to 'make and amended I In 1957, .la duly qualified.. There j I

superintendent also gained approval Wednesday morning to attend names were not available.At a starting salary now of$5,000.: The new. proposals use different :L: :' [Continued on Page. Four] ,I
from the Board for a the much .heralded meeting the same time teachers If the Senate bill panned and classifications but a _
teacher from each county betwen FEA officials and Legislative and legislators! were, meetingthe the county did not lower its Rank HI teacher with 12 years a ; I
school to attend the PEA call leaders. But Oov. Senate was supposed to be contribution, a beginning Rank experience would receive $8,-
ed meeting In Tallahassee Claude Kirk has said he would considering its Initial educa- III teacher In Bradford County 000 from' the state under the Need A Copy Made? Body Found
Wednesday 'when Legislators not be summoned to any meet- tion bill, S. B. 315, which would.l receive 16.150} next House bill The Senate bill
were to explain their stand to Ing. would'provide 195.5 million year and get a $200 raise would give him $5,900: next
the Florida Education Association Going from Bradford County for salary Increases for teachers from state sources In the 1908- year and $6,500 in 68-69 from The County CoiumlHitlon, has InntalliMl thin :.Model 914 Near HamptonThe

leaders and member t were. Charles Franclvprln- from kindergarten through 89 year. state sources with a further Xerox copying machine In the offlii of County; Clerk .ChurleH.
who could attend. grade twelve. Another 28.4 From a salary standpointthat jump to $7,100 set when the Darby for use. by all rourthotiite offlrt-H and, the public. Mr.
million would to increase Is better than the House teacher reached 19 years experience -
School Board Member Rod- above
Virginia Darby, duplicate a pugp. body of a man appar-
ney Hall said he would "like: salaries of junior college bill which would give a teacher The county's contribution Copies of paper can be miuta for I 10() rent each by any ently dead 'several days was
$5,000: from state and would have to be addedon
for local teachers to hear' the Truancy Probe teachers. sources
found beside the Seaboard Airline
The machine l i. rented the
desiring thsin. by Communion -
real proponents! of education. Most of the first Senate with the local contribution to these figures to find person Railroad half a mile
education bill would go for would 'total $6.060 next year. the teacher's total salary. for S2A per month plus '.3 rent INT ropy. Tim machine south
of Hampton Tuesday:
Set salaries and would go the But no further raise would Top salary for a masters degree cannot be bought.
Third Annual 'By GroupA afternoon according to Deputy
in the House bill wouldbe It make.* five dry r plen pr minute. und will make '.J Sheriff Dolph Reddlsu.:
$7,000 at 12 years. The without stopping. sews a rleotni-Htatlc engraving Ik'K.' .....
Invitational w Senate bill would give the But the remains are so bad
group of Bradford High Oq same teacher 7,500 at 10 ly decomposed that Gainesville
Softball School teachers met wlth'Juve- and : pathologist cannot even tell
years $8,100 at 15 years,
nlie Counselor Florence Jennings Y all from state sources. State Road Bond Issue PushedAt whether the man was Negroor
Tournament and County Judge T. A p f The House bill contains an white There was no Identification
Yawn today (Thursday) to determine identical feature- whatsoever on the

Sun. ways and means to - Fri. Sat.
handle excessive truancy. ate 'bills also contain features Commissioners Of 2nd Dist.The it was fully clothed.
May 26-27-28 Bradford Junior! High prin- to freeze at five per cent the Fingerprints could not be obtained -
cipal Jim Temple said the .
BUS Diamond annual Increase in local con-
group will make plans to A $250 million road bond Is.
gen- tribution for junior colleges meeting was conductedby The body /was token to
And NewSoftball erally tighten up'' attendanceat with the state to take on the sue plan was presented to the Harry R. Gonzales of Jacksonville Chesn uit-Hale Funeral Home
Field the high<< school and to !Iron estimated additional costs for county commissioners of the District II Road In Starke The Sheriffs Department

(Conway Airport) out problems concerning growth totaling"" $2.9 million. Second District at a meeting Board Member. Maps. were is awaiting; a decision
chronic, skippers. with Stator.. Road Departmentoffktais shown the
First Game The House Omnibus bill also commissioners with from the state attorney's
Friday, 7:30 P.M. Only two or three per cent Includes additional items: la Lake City Tues roads marked that are to be office as to what to do with the
of the 1,200 member student e Increase the current expense day.The paved under the $30 million body. It cannot !be burled until -
Sponsored By body are excessively truant allocation, to $1,000 per SRD's present'fiveyearplan five-year plan- the court gives' permission.
Parks & Recreation Temple sold, and only one percent instruction unit. i Present law for Florida which would That was/ contrasted with A call about the body came
,. about dozen ..students. provides $325 Instructionunit build roads across the state another map of the state to the Bradford Sheriffs De-
Department of the cases 'could be. termed. for Other per Current Ex- with the $3:1: million that marked to show which roads partment at' 3:20: Tuesday

This Space Contributed chronic. pense in the Minimum Foun- would be available from pres- It would be possible to pave afternoon. from the Gainesville
Meeting with the' two officials dation ent source over the next five with the $350} million bond Sheriffs Office. The body' had
Weekly to Publicize Program and $550 per
were Temple, Athletic was contrasted with the issue such has been
years as proposed 'been reported to Gainesville by'
instruction unit
under the
Community Events .byThe Director David Hurse and instructors DCT Instructors Honored County School Sales Tax possibilities of a $350: million by Qov. Claude Kirk. A Seaboard. employees, working

CommunityState Foster 8hl Smith, Fund. This Increase would bond issue. similar bond Issue was pro- on the railroad "

Bank Charles BaeUmin, Adele Mitchell Bradford High {Cooperative) Education Instructors. Leon funds needed for IncreasesIn provide County Commissioners Zedra posed by former Gov. Haydon Closest house ''t spot

Walker Stewart, and Ellis, left, and Bill Costello receive plaque from their stud salaries for nonInstructional Hamilton. J. M. (Buck) Nor Burns but was defeated at the where the body was.found.: ,
Accounts now Insured Tony Griffith. ents at the annual DCT breakfast at the Holiday Inn Wednesday personnel including school man, and Chairman Dave Shu- polls two years ago. over a quarter mile, Reddish
up to 915,000 by .Findings of the group will ford along with County Attorney According to County ;JudgeT. '
morning. Presenting the plaqumi to>> honor the two lunch personnel, secretaries, said. The Ueputy said not
Federal) Deposit Irucoranc result in recommendations to T. A. Yawn attendedthe A. Yawn few roads wouldbe !
maintenance and for Increases enough can fee obtained
for their
Instructors work with the is SecretaryTreasurer -
Corp. the Bradford School Board, group meeting from Bradford paved In this area under ,
Linda Alva...... [Continued On Pass FourJ| from the body to issue
Temple said ... County. [Continued on Page Four" ] a missing person bulletin
s i iJulian


I 1<.



r Mr. and Mrs. George W. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jackson Sally Moore HostessAt High School PTA Senior Girl Scouts Mr. and Mrs. Green
Brown and Mr and Mrs. and family spent the weekendIn
1F Maxie Carter Jr. attended the Clearwater and also visitedMr. Slumber PartyMiss Installs Officers Attend MeetingThree To Celebrate
QttAGLADYS Florida state BPO Elks convention and Mrs. P. D. Loudon In
In Fort Lauderdale Tampa Sally Moore was hostess J. F. Bloodworth was Installed members attended a Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Green
over the weekend.Pvt. Mrs.: Curtis Sanders and to the girl prom serversat as president of the High banquet given for Senior Girl will celebrate their 50th wed-:
F E2 Billy Dowllng who baby son Curtis Alexis, returned a slumber party last Friday School PTA Tuesday night at Scouts of the Gateway Council ding anniversary with Open
MOOTY\ has been home on two weeks from the Alachua General -, night at her home on Kingsley a meeting In the school, cafe- 1 I at the Riverside Prealj.3:'terlan House on Sunday. June 4,
Phone 964-7608 leave, left Tuesday for OCS Hospital last Friday. 'I' Lake following the Junior- teria. recreation hall in Jack$nv1l11J from 3 to 6 o'clock at 1803
School In Fort Sill. Olcla. for Mrs. R. H. Grider of Starke Senior prom. Serving with Mr. Bloodworth I last Saturday night. Raiford Road, where they have
Mr. and Mrs. EdWard Davis' Mrs. Florence Stuart Is visiting 23 weeks. and son, Merle, of Fcrnandlna I Early Saturday morning the ',IU ba,Ben Moxley, vlca-preuH; During the afternoon the resided. for 50 years.
of Gainesville were last her son and daughter- Miss Nannie Graham Sanders Beach were visiting Mrs J. J.' eight girls had a spendtheday dent| Mrs. Carl Lamar Johns Af Girl Scouts were guests of the All lends and relatives are

Thursday evening supper In.taw, Mr. and Mrs. torrn.n of Wythevllle Va. spent Sumner In Douglas Ga. last party at Daytona Beach. secretary; and Jimmy Crosby f U S. Navy on a tour ol shipsat cordially Invited to atend.
guests of Mr, and Mrs. R. O. Stuart hvVttbanyl'H: Y. ,and the weekend with Mr. and Thursday and. Friday. Lloyd, They were accompanied by &&*. trail, lurer. Mrs. Charles Darby I Mayport.
Dansby. her father/'* '!jen I Welch? In Mrs. Guy Andrews and attended Grlder of St. Simons Island. and Mrs. George Huggms and who installed the officers, also Attending from Starke were

'Mrs. H. o. Merow of Tumps, ElmlrfltJN1'',''V: fee a montih. the Sanders-Inman wed- was home for the weekend and. Mrs.\ : Clyde Sinclair. Enjoying presented;l the out-going: presi- I Dorisann Spengler Betty' JJ
spent last week with lier son- R jy4an4 'Mts- SPOHUV Alvarez ding on Saturday the Orlder's son-in-law and' the affair were Evelyn Sin dent, Mrs. P. D. Fancher Jr, Wane l ebrs.Johns.) and.Susan -, VETERANSWWI
in-law and daughter Mr. and and sons of Arlington, Mrs. Carol Minx Mrs. H. C. daughter Mr. and Mrs. B. W. clair, Elizabeth Ann Thornton, with a. past president's pin. Fogg Thev were accompanied '
Mrs. Merrill Edwards. Texas were visiting their par- Bitch and Mrs. J. W. Kincaid Douvllle and son of Orange I Sandra Huggins, Shell Tay- :Mrs.!\ Fancher thanked C M. by Mrs. J, D. Warren.
Mr.and Mrs. C. F. Rhoden ents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Star- attended the Santa Fa Regional Park were her on Sunday.Mr. I lor, Ginger Baldwin, Sally Clark, principal, for his help i PLEASE MAIL ME
were Saturday evening guestsof ling and Mr. and Mrs. O. R Library meeting in Gainesville and Mrs. D. M. Edwards:: Moore, Cheryl Ward and Mary and cooperation with the PTAIn ,, 4 Beta Sigma Phi YOUR NAME AND
Sue Thomas. the Rev. David
Mr.and Mrs. Kenneth Tor- Alvarez Sr.. from Friday to Sunday afternoon.Dr. and children of Jacksonville past year
bett In Jacksonville. Wednesday. and Mrs. H. H. Adams were Sunday\ visitors of Mr. Medeiroa of the Bayless High- To Meet Monday ADDRESS
will attend the graduation of and Mrs. Curtis Edwarsd.Mr. Mrs. Debbie Hall way Baptist Church, gave the WoodsWilliamsMr.
(;J. E. BAKER. 1st VC
their daughter. Jane, from and Mrs. Hoist C Beallof devotional.Mr. Beta Sigma. Phi sorority will
Sullins college at Bristol, Va Macon Ga, who spent the Funeral ServicesSet Bloodworth announceda and Mrs. Alfred M. meet at 8 p. m. Monday; the' WWI VETERANSOF
on Sunday afternoon.Mrs. weekend:!; In Nassau, were visIting For FridayMrs. reception to' be held for the Woods of Starke announce the home of Mrs. Randy Johns on I U.S.A.
JtJ Mr. and Seniors following Baccalaureate engagement and approaching
V. J. Spengler attended her parents Bessent Road. i
the Girl Scout Gateway Mrs. J. L. Gentry, the first of Debbie Jones Hall, 91, Sunday evening, June 4. marriage of their daughter, S. L. Peek Jr. will> show j I Box: 33
He also led a discussion for Alice Warnell Woods, to Albert Lake Geneva. Fla.
Council board meeting lost the week. widow of Luther B. Hall, of slides and give a talk on
Thursday In the Independence Mran4 Mrs. Dennis Williams Hampton, died Tuesday. She the betterment of Parent- Edward Williams son of Europe and the Holy Land. (Phone 47:1.1: :>37
Life Insurance sky roam and daughters of Largo were was born In Graham on Oct. Teacher, Association! and the William's.Mr. and'' Mrs. Albert Humphrey This will be the sorority'slast I
Misses Phyllis Haddock of visiting her parents Mr. and 29, 1885 the daughter of the unification of efforts for a meeting until September.
Starke and Cynthia Cox: of Mrs. Bill Graham over the late Nathaniel and Sarah Ed- common goal. Suggestions The wedding will be an
INTRODUCINGSERVICE. Jacksonville spent the week- weekend. wards HaD.Surviving. were given to create an Interest event of friday, June 9, at 8 ,S .
end at Virginia Beach Va. and. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Solano Is one daughter, in the parents to- supportthe p.m. in. the Boatdraln Baptist -

A HEW were guests of QuartermasterJames and weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Doris H. Atkinson, of. PTA. Church.All
Talley aboard the USS Mrs. Arthur Ortagua of Jacksonville Savannah Ga.; two sons, Clifton friends and relatives of
Forrestal for the Visitor's Day Mrs. Annie Saundersand H. Hall. of Guyu Oa.,.. Services Held the couple are invited to at 'I
tend. I
cruise on Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bow- and Claude B. Hall,Savannah;
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Andrews en and daughter Tina attended two brothers, Carl Jones Gra- For Mrs. BishopIn
were In Charlottesville Va. the Solano family reunion ham; and Rufus Johns, Tam- Jones ChapelMrs. Recent BirthsRev. evn
from Thursday to Mordoy of Sunday at Pelllcler Park near pa; one sister, Mrs. Jessie Hall
.. last week to attend the wedding St. Augustine. Hampton; seven grandchildren Lillian T. Bishop, 75, and Mrs. Roman Alvarez -
of a cousin Dick Sanders, Miss\ Cindy Combs of Jack- and nine great-grand- widow of H. A. Bishop, Sr., of Arlington Texas an- n a I,
to Carolyn Frazier on May 13. sonville spent the weekend children. died Tuesday at her home In nounce the adoption of a son,,
MONOGRAMMINGOF Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Brown with Miss Brenda Williamsand Funeral services will *w held Starke after an extended: Ill- born May 6. Grandparents are i
will be in Murray Ky. over the attended the Junior-Sen 'I' at 2 p. m. Friday May 26,'In Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stalling/ and ,
weekend: to atend the gradu- lot Prom. the Hampton Christian ness.Mrs.. Bishop was born In Mr. and Mis. O. R. Alvarez Sr. '' I

GIRLS AND LADIES ation of their son Eddie from BennIe Williams of Savannah i Church with Rev. Carl Clarke Minneapolis, Minn. on June of Starke. I
Murray State University on Ga. will vllst his parents. officiating.' Interment will 25, 1801. She was a member of I I
May 29.Sen. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Williams/ follow in Santa Fe Cemetery the Presbyterian Church. Mr. and Mrs Peter Alogna
and Mrs. Charley. over the weekend. under direction of DeWitt C- Surviving are two stepdaughters of Weatfleld Mass announcethe
BLOUSES FREE Johns attended the Democratic Miss Lillian Stump and Mrs. Jones Funeral Home of Starke. Mrs. Nina R. Andrews -, birth of a daughter The Most Important !

dinner at the Fountalnbleau A. S. Harrison attended the of Atlanta, Ga., and I I Teresa Lynn, May Maternal Cap in the World I
Hotel in Miami on Saturday.Mrs. Fashion Mart In Atlanta. Ga. Services TuesdayFor Mrs. Clarence Porch, Miami; a grandmother is Mrs. Gladys
Carolyn Redgrave was from Sunday to Tuesday. They step-son, Harold A. BishopJr. Weldon of Starke. We're talking about the cap that goes* with the I
:' A Perfect Gift visiting her son and daughter- were accompanied by Mr. Harrison Henry AllenIn .. Starke; five grandchil- on college graduation day. Nothing you can .
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne who visited his eon-In- Jones dren, and one greatgrandchild. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. gown I
ChapelHenry of
:. For YourFavorite Kinney In Jacksonville over law and daughter Mr. and Smith, Suffolk, Va., announcethe think of will mean w much to the future your

the weekend. Mrs. Charles Meyers. Allen, 37, of Lawtey: Funeral services were held I birth of a son, William son or daughter. Of course, its pretty expensive I
: Grad I Mrs. W; B. Mundy Mrs. Guy Mrs. C. B. Terwlllegar Sr. of died Friday May 19, in a Jacksonville at 2 p. m. Thursday, May 25. May 20. Paternal grandparentsare headgear and getting more so all the time!
Sale,- Mrs Paul Bridges and St. Petersburg was visitingMr. hospital after a sudden in Jones Memorial Chapel with Mrs. Eoline Smith and Which is why you should start thinking NOW
Mrs.: 'C. H. Nasworthy were in and Mrs. Terwlllegar Jr. lllnesH. Rev. Robert D. Burch officia Hogan Smith of Starke. about how you're going to foot the bills.
Atlanta. Ga. from Sunday to last Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. Allen, was born In Alma, ting.
: Large Selection Local admittances to Bradford Bradford. County Hospital'' Basic to accumulating the funds for
Tuesday on business. Ga. on April 28, 1930 and had Interment was In Crosby necessary!
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Holton County Hospital this week resided in Lawtey for the past Lake Cemet81W'with DeWitt C. announces the following your children's college education is. a comprehensive -
White and Mr. and Mrs. Eston Jor- include: Mrs. Lola Lyon Jerry six years He was a driver for Jones Funeral Home In charge. births: I and flexible savings plan. Come in and let
dan were In Dunnellon Sunday Jowers, Mrs. Emma Harris, Petroleum Carriers Corp., and Mr. and Mrs Grady Eugene needs
; tailor plan to specific ,
Neal E. Mrs. Leona Sapp Mrs. Faye Cogdlll, Starke. David us help you a your
and Assorted visiting Mr. and Mrs. was a member of the Baptist Burning BanIs a son
Boling. Andrews.. Mrs. Elvira( DeVoe. Church. Eugene, May 17. taking into account the ages of your children your

: Colors t I Dural Ragsdale Is vllstln and George Lovell. all of i Surviving are his widow, Lifted Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bernie income, etc. The sooner you get started, the easier!

Mr and Mrs. D. R. Watford In Starke; Mrs. Louise Batten of Gladys Griffis Allen; his Due To Rains McGee Starke. a son Duane
Okeechobee for three weeks. Penney Farms; Mrs. Patsy I mother Mrs. Arizona Strick Kevin May 20. Home Owned Home Operated (
--- Kirkland and Mrs. Carolyn land Allen three .
r ; daughters Rainfall over most of Florida -
Redding of Lawtey: Mrs. Connie Leona, Linda Darnell, '
has caused Gov.
and Harlow THE RIGHT POINT for the The State BankOF
e31 I ''ll Thelma Ebling and Beverly Jean Allen; one Kirk to lift the ban on all out- Community
1. # v Fuller of Keystone Heights: brother, Elbert Allen, all of side fires that was Imposed the way YOU write. Come In

l" ,. "r 7 .! and ''Joseph Richarde Jr. and Lawtey? three slater, Mrs. last week In the wake of a and select your favorite ES- STARKE1
Medford shealy of Raiford. Alma Louise Turner, St. Aug- months-long drought. TFRBROOK- fountain jwn.

Mrs. A. J. son-in-law Thomas Sr. was and ustine; (Mrs. Mildred Allan, Still under the no-burn! proclamation TELEGRAPH. MEMBER: F. D. I. C. 1
and :Mrs. Lillle
Lawtey; are 12 Central Flor- ,
51'UIFT5 FOR.. GRADS daughter. Mr. and Mrs. \Joe Qualfe, Topeka, Kan. I ida counties where rainfall Is 1!

Wood, in Hawthorne on Wed- Funeral services were held not yet sufficient to ease dan-
nesday. at 3:30: p.m. Tuesday In Jones' ger from fires. n B MiaMflH BlHMMiHBBMWMHMMaMMWMMMHHMH MIBHaHMMMHHMMtfMMi B MMMMMBHHnBHHMMBnUiHl BHBVaMl !
Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Memorial Chapel with Rev.! E. Since the first rain started
Jacksonville were weekend C. Harvey officiating.: Inter- falling Sunday, Bradford Woodburn's Gem
guests of Mr. and Mrs. ment was. in Crosby Lake County has received at aver- Jewelry

SPECIAL Bennett. Cemetery with DeWitt C. age of 3,53 inches. Amounts
R Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wolfeof Jones Funeral Home in charge. recorded at the county's
Ness.City, Kan. were Tues- three
fire towers
were River
SHORT SLEEVE WHITE day overnight guests of Mr. Summer Business 2.90: Highland 3.70: and San-'
A. Lawsoti. The
and Mrs. H
ta Fe, 4 Inches. Remodeling Sale
? Wolfes were enroute home I
Courses Set
County Ranger J. C. Pre-
Dress Shirts from Miami where their vatt, Jr. expressed appreciationto '
daughter was. Miss Kansas In At Bradford High the people Bradford and
Miss U. S. A. beauty con-

REG. 3 g8si, test Mrs.Saturday J. W. Bitch night.is in At- hand Classes, using In stenoscrlpt ABC's and short-per- Union Counties during for the their no-burn'cooperation -'' ,lEe: PRIIII
Now period. OO
$5.00 FOR i lanta. Ga. this week visiting! sonal typewriting will be offer- $
her daughter, Mrs W. C. ed for six weeks starting June PRISON FLOWER SHOW .
Harvey, who broke her ankleIn 19. These courses are for adults -
a fall at home. and high school students.No 1 Spideland Charms
+- Eddie Green of Starke and credits will be given. The 7th Annual Flower Show ; LADIES OR GENTS
Arrow r Nule Lamb of Hawthorne have Registration fee U $2, and cost will continue at the Florida
McGregor been admitted to the Starke of books will be extra. For State Prison 'through noon Sat- J. B. ONE $59.50 DIAMOND} PendantsWatc.h
:Nursing Home. further Information, see or call urday.
Mrs. V. J. Bagsdale and Mrs. Linda Grantham In the The show Is open tonight DINNER RING Pearls
Van. Heusen daughter, Mrs. W S. Gubler of USO building. (Thursday) until 9 p.m.; Friday )I
Fort Pierce were In Birmingham -. from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m.; Bands Radios
Ala. last Thursday to LAURA BAPTIST ana Saturday from 9 a.m. until! FREE ON JUNE 3RD AT 6:00: ".1\1.

SPORT SHIRTSHe'll Saturday' to.get Dennis Gubler Sunday School, 9:45: a. m. noon. Clocks Just Come in and Register No Obligation Tie Sets
from Samford"University. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. The Education :Department Nothing to Huy! We Want You to
Evening Worship., 7:30: p. m... of the prison Invites the public See Our
Bracelets British
y TIlE niGHT POINT for the Prayer Meeting. Wednesday, to attend the show being stag
New Remodeled Store
Appreciate way you write Come In '::30 p. m.-Rev. Luther McGee ed In the club house across 1
and select your favorite ES-, pastor. Highway 16 from the main Charms You Don't Even: Have to be Present to Win. SterlingflODIAMOND

TERBROOK fountain pn. prison. I
BERMUDA Adjustable Vinyl Bonn II I

5C1tEDULE (over*. All die 30 cent ea.| A ClaoAlAml Ad la the TELEGRAPH '
OF SERVICES ..t The Telegraph. bring remit 0


Choose from a Starke .
.1 ..
h Wide Range of Sunday Mass:' 9:1&: a. m. OF
Colors & Patterns 4 4Yr Thursday Mass: 8:30: [ p. m. .
Miraculous Medal Novena: .

Saturday 7 p. m.
9 Concessions: 5 p. m. and 7 I
$ iI ALL

t L t+ $99: d [p.ST.m.WILLIAM'S CirURCII ti BODELWatches

Sunday Keystone Mass: Heights 7:30: ; a. m. 4 x, nt % off
Wednesday: Mass and Novena -
4. 7 pm ,

S Sunday Maoolenny Mass: 11:30: a, m. ELGIN 7 TIMEX WATCHES LEICA




138 W. Call St, RI

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ri aubiacia 1a awn luuly '1.00 eada. groups REGISTER-NOW FREE PRIZES
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tSf -' ., I at Starke, Fla.
.r Lt. : ''I- i!7t. .U. I Subscription Rates: Lf.ft* **/W_Pose Jf.OO 8stree SERVICES OFFERED
... I Itr .
t. Justi
\ ,( Say ;
f E :Ln trade area: $400' ; On East porhsll.COHEN'S .
per SOt HatulUfg Cftflrja
: year; $2.29 six months. p a
e> '\\t I"'tI ; t. OPTION, Outside trade area: $4.50 SONIC. JEWELRY .CLEANING
: per year; ".(\\0 six month, AT
4! .. w_** ..v..I'iI '! ,DEPT STORE '

,, ;' CHARGE.PLANd; .tv.; E. Ik Matthews, editor and e WOODBURN'S GEM JEWELRY CAr.i0STREET
iR,.t'tJaAvtttha, publisher I 155 W. Call St. .

c .- .

'I )

H l .


Taiwan! MAY 25. 1! DT BRADFORD (roiTVTT TM.T3ORAPH.': HTARKJ&; frrnnmA: PACK TORn.
-- -

I, I Rehearsal Party Miss Louise Stern
For Sanders-Inman I Heard In Concert travelers
Warning fqr :
e Wedding PartyMr Tuesday Night

Not All Accident
r and Mrs Guy Andrews MIH" T )uiHe Stern, pianist
GLADYS MOOTY entertained at a supper party and .oiirhci. was heard in a Insurance Policies Cover You

Phone 9617608CarterEstes last Friday night In the Pecan benefit concert here Tuesday Everywhere You Go
Room of the Garden RcBtau night In the Woman's Club, I
rant honoring their niece, displaying faultless technique, I .
Nationwide Insurance has a policy that does the
a Martha Sanders and her fiance, dexterity, and power In a program I
rtil (Jotiglua Inman, following their devoted, with one exception -I Selector Accident I'lan. No matter where you are ,
t {i vedding rehearsal. 1 la to French composers. in Timbuktu, .Parisor. Honolulu Selector -...
y tlt d,1,1tr Centering thq T-shaped table Opening with "Gavotte And' Accident has no boundaries. .
was a silver vpeignette holding I Variations" by Ramuau" Miss I '.
,I pink roses, snapdragons Queen Stern went on to, the lengthy Nationwide gjte you three plans ;
Anne's lace, and white burning I Oavidsbundler Dances," com (to choose from. One, fur( example e'
Jj tapers: Down the length of the pl'lsln.18/ characteristic piece gives you' full line coverage on or ,,

I I ,'1," .. ,1\ table' was a garland of plum. by the derma composer. off the job at home or away, and .'
r J "- '. ., '" osas fein interspersed with Robert Schumann you ran select up to $2,000 cover "
r" {
l ,'. sweetheart roses and hunting Her after-Intei'mission num- for accident medical .. '"
I. UI expense; .
: ; :... ,. nears&: In slIver holders. At theornfrs bars wet'mpI'omptu, Op 34. 11 '''' '
of the table cloth ware I Miss Joan Libby No, 3" by Fnure, and "Boui-rec I up to $100.000 for accidental ;t.' :0" :

i prays of fern caught with To Wed Mr. Hall Fantasque" by Chubrler, The I death and dismemberment for ,. r
oHobud 1 aeffnys.> Pink mint numbers, though among the you. Other coverages can be ar -
iI 1 ; :ups with attached plucocardu Mr and Mrs Leslie Lindsay less familiar of the classics, ranged for the entire family. .
I marked the seating ariange- Libby Sr announce the en- were well received, and MHS! See me for details:
t ti. ment for the 18 guests, including gagement and approaching Stern Interpreted them with
? members of the wed. man'Inge of their daughter superb expression and auth BILL POWELL/
ding party, the Immediate Joan, to Robert Lee Hall, won orlty.
; families, and out-of-town An honor graduate of the
l.1: of Mr and Mrs Edward A I I P1IONB 961-6164
St Louis
goue"ta. Hall, of Starke. Institute of Music
Miss Stern ''has : 101( West t Madison Street
i. During: me supper, the Miss Libby I is, a graduate of
bilde-elect presented her attendant Bradford High School, class of graduatestudy in piano at Starke, Florida
with pel'lIonal'gift. :1906 and is. enrolled at lheAsp..n Music Festival and I
BualnMH Massey at Tanglewood, with the distinguished The Man From Nationwide Is!' On Your Side
College where
aha is
r forming the nuptlala. ,studying for a degree as a Grant Johonnesen.American piiinJst I
The altar wan decorated Secretary The
concert was given for
I: Mr Hall Is also a graduateof I
with baskets of white gladioli, the benefit of the Methodist
Bradford High School, class
-- mums, and snapdragons Church I
... of Choir of which Miss '
I i 1082 attended the University
Gainesville.The against a background of lighted Stein Is directorRefreshments
L Mts!I in of Florida and Is now .(
tapers branched cande ,
: served '
wedding will be an were ;
tI i employed at the 111111Post
Engagement Toldi J j event of June 23 at ft t* m. in labra and palms. Office in Gainesville during a social! period follow
i Mrs. Mae Wells of Lawtey, 'ing the concert Mutual Inwrint 'NVionwd' '
the Hampton Baptist Church. 1 I The wed ( Tuesday night I NoUOllwidil Company Muliwl Fire Inturanc Company
Mr. and Mrs W D. Carter organist, accompanied Miss 4lag will be an Natiunwlda' LIla Insurance COmpany ';home all"., Columbus, Ohio
All friends and relatives of ,
of Hampton. enounce the engagement Nelda Chesser of Jacksonville, event of Saturday, June 24, at Classified Ad In the TELE-
the couple ate Invited to attend iJ
ey 2:80: pm. at the Libby home,
and approaching pi soloist, who sang: "Because," 'I URAPII brings results.
marriage of their daughter. Love you Truly' and "The
Joann to Paul L Estea II, son 4 Lord, Prayer"
of Rev. and Mrs Paul L Bates DavisMeresThe :K Lamar demons attended his
Sr., also of Hampton. -- brother as best man. Ushers .
Miss Carter graduated tromBradford' marriage of Charllne Randa Kathleen Jones Becomes Bride were Ronnie Norman and ,
Davis to Irving: Meies will bean James
High School 1964
and Is employed as payroll event of May 28 at 5 p. m, Of Walter W. Clemons In LawteyMiss Miss Brenda Jones srived \
In the Church of Ood.
clerk at Big-Dad Mfg Co. her sister as maid of honor ID
Mr Estea graduated from All friends and relatives are Randa Kathleen Jones, demons of Starke, were united an empire gown of blue slipper
Orange Park High School In Invited to attend. daughter\ of Mr ,and Mrs. in marriage on Sunday, satin with blue brocade satin
1964 and U employed with Douglas A Jones of Lawtey, May 14, at 3 p,m. In Grace bodice, Her shoulder length
National Cash Res.steIn! A Classified AA In the TELF. and Walter Wayne demons, Methodist Church. Lawtey veil was held In place with a i
GRAPH bring irnults. son of Mr. and Mrs. Walton C, with Rev. Ernest Bailey per.RED matching: 'blue satin headniece.

She carried a. longstemmeddeep

HOT bow Miss and pink Jo streamers rose Ann with Nipper pink satin and ALL APPLIANCES DRASTICALLY REDUCED

__ Miss Diane Bryant of Jackson
vllle served, a* bridal attend .
ants. They wore floor length -t.jiffittZ-TTr-v o ,
SU values gowns of blue satin brocade ..

l l HI I llC | with shaped fitted skirts.1 bodice I Kach, carried and bell along

stemmed pink rose with
( pink satin bow and streamers.The ,
STARKE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTEROpen bride, given in marriageby .
her father, wore a floor
All Day Every Day 8:30: A. M. Till 7:00: P.M.: Friday and Saturday ( length crepe sheath gown with I ,

I an empire. bodice of medallionlace .
Shop these Specials and Every Day Low prices Fri.! Sat., Mon. with portrait neckline, ,,

featuring:, long i,sleeves that ... ..
GALORE FREE GIFT WRAPPING tapered at the wrists The I ,
GRADUATION GIFTS( I I Watteau train was fastened at I, \ .
the shoulders with self bows,
Her bouffant Veil of Illusion(I'' LI'hrnnn.fi ,
I ?f- I IY ,
was secured to net petal! i X ,
adorned with
pearls and cryst dr
100% NYLON VISCOSE SPORT SHIRTS 'als. She carried a white orchid ; .

SLACKS with roses and rosebuds, and

I DRESS SHIRTS SIZES S-11: ,LASST. wore diamond earrings, a gift
I Light I Weight I"erma-I'reSil 1 PRINTS AND SOLIDS | of the bridegroom WESTINGHOUSE ''I
COMPLETE,, SIZE UANGE. i Mrs Jones (hose for her ,
I WHITE AND HLUE Sizes up to 42 Asst. Colors $1.99 VALUE I I daughter's wedding a paste
I I blue sheath dress with Jacket COLOR CONSOLE w
A GREAT with which she wore white
$2.99 $129 $$699 3 for $500 I accessories and a deep pink
VALUE I Mrs. Clemons, mother of the Lowest 00
groom, was attired in a pale !)
green dress with jacket, and WESTINGHOUSE 14' NO FROSTREFRIGERATOR
MENS JR. BOYSSLACK JR. BOYS I| wore beige accessories and a Price S)99

corsage of deep pink! : roses,, WITH I
WALK SHORTS SETS 2-PC SUITS church i A reception reception was room held in'where'thel I I Ever TRADE

2-PC. SETS i basket of white gladioli,,
ASST. STYLES AND COI.OR.ASST.; STYLES AND COLORS, mums, and snapdragons< and' ALL TV
PERMA-PKESS. HUGE SELECTION SIZE 3-7 SUMMER WEIGHT I arrangement of 'white and' Best Buy
rose pink glaj pli were used/ i \ $$24400

ENTIRE REG. $3.00 $244$ REG. $$488STOCK in Standing decorating.in the receivingline I DRASTICALLY REDUCED Ever - I ,

$399 were the ''bride and groom, I
Save 56c Now
$5.99 their parents, and members of I
the wedding party.
The> bride's table was cover I

FOR SUMMER FUN NEW! ,EASY CARE JUST ARRIVED! I ed with a white medallion lace i
NEW ASST. LADIESSIIORT I cloth and centered with a.
GIRLS SHORTS ,STRETCH DENIM. ;: three-tiered wedding cake top-:
SETSSIZES 'pet with a miniature bride
; cake was a. garland of fern
SIZE 3 6X 7.14 f'1
and white chrysanthemumsMrs. I Ii

FULL 2-PC. SETS and ASST. COLORS i I bride's. Frances cake, assisted Hamilton by cut Miss the,

$ 99 and $ $$1 JOO $199 99 I Bonnie Rosier. I
$1| $299 ONLY $1 'with The punch table was Irish covered ,,
an Imported linen
!MATCHING TOPS $1:OO EA. PAIR, ,, cloth and centered with a cuts

I crystal (punch bowl with a. rose' I
I float. Cut crystal dishes held I
LADIES COOL" REFRESHING TOTS SUN-SUITS SHORT S P E.C I A-L" 1 r 'mints and nuts Mrs. Robert'

AND KNEE LENGTH BLUE PKG. BIRDSEYE ,I Lee and Miss Madron Duck I 3'e

CROP TOPS DIAPERS. presided at the punch bowl.
SPORTS WEARSIZES ,Mrs. Wayne Harriskept 'the
After spending some time
S-M-L." 1-4T-WE nEC,,. $L99! I with their guests the coupleleft WESTINGHOUSE ,15 LB.
(HAVE A GRANDSELECTIONEACH on a wedding trip to Daytona -

$100 2-PC. $$199 2' dozen $$300 for traveling Beach. ,The an aqua bride'sheath chose Spend the Summer in the AUTOMATIC WASHER"Mountains"

SET ONLY of silk shantung with white I
lace coat and white accessories. I with Westinghouse
With this: she wore a white I GIANT 1/2 HP MOTOR

FOR A PLENTIFUL SUPPLY LADIES STRAW LADIES SHOES orchid, from her bridal bouquet -i This Does the Job of 5 Room Air Conditioners

The couple will reside; in,
I August 1 for 2O months where I 17,000 00 3 Cycles$177

PANTIES TREMENDOUS SELECTION ASST.,COLORS the groom Is stationed with )266
ASST. STYLES COMPLETE SIZE RANGE the 93rd 1 Signal Battalion.The I BTU ONLY 5 Water
Aswt. Colors Sizes _?-11 bride and groom both .
WHITE, BLACK BEIGE YOU WON'T''' BELIEVE TillS graduated from Bradford High Temperatures

School In 1963.'STORY.


Carp's Convenient Lay-Away Plan until the Story Public 4:15:[Hour Thursday p.Library m.will Mr! be*this from. held Jerome afternoon 3:30:at( S Slade J I) eG Gas and(II Appliances p p j

A Small Deposit Holds Your Selection at. Carp's. Johns will be storyteller. All,
children'' -to t, are !invited! i 332 West MadUon St. Phone 964-7701 :
I 1- ,

1 .

_ _-.-_ j__ -- .j_._____J-w ---jj-.L- lETE 1UTh 1- 1W

.-' ..

I \' <


instruction, units, per county. based on the Increase In aver- 1. period this summer and he is 1235)) and Uie Senate's pro drocarbona road to primary I within any group, ,there shall 10 ArrestedIn charged: with possession of an

Board BriefedOn This would cost the state an age daily attendance for the not at all certain the job can posed amendment (S.B. 315)) specifications at a cost of be a second election] upon the alcoholic beverage and released

estimated $6.3 million over the ,last completed< school year be finished in that time. Casey explained by the FEA and the $540,000 to be paid for ''by secondary second Tuesday following, at in the custody of their par-

next two years.A over the ADA for the next said the Board can accept bids legislators. funda obtained througha which election the names of Beer Sale

Bills quality incentive grant I receding school year. The additional on the project but will not be I Casey said It was State bond issue. the two ((2)) candidates receiving ents.Two servicemen on weekend

Pay program, costing an estimated funds would not haveto able to pay the contractor until Supt. Christian's Idea to have The third project is the the greatest numberof To Local MinorsTwo duty at Camp Blandtng Dur-

$25 million. This i Is a new program be matched ,by the counties the additional $500,000 In I teachers from all over the hard-surfacing of four milesof votes In each gtou'p in tho wod Clyde Suber, 23, and' William -

aimed at Inserting a ,which would help meet the Increased bond money becomes avail- state attnnd the meeting so road at Santa Fe Lake at original election shfUl be placed H. Rankin Jr., 21, were
rContinued One]
From Pane sale
dynamic stimulating elementin costs of constructionin able sometime In Juno. they can learn, firm hand that an estimated cost of $110,000 upon the offIcial: ballot. cases Involving the charged with giving beer to
education The counties. Such also the Legislature is really working in secondary funds. The candidates receiving the of beer to minors saw eight
In costs of supplies and equip the program. growing The superintendent an- minors In second case involving -
ment. FEA thinks It might< Include funds can be used only for nounced construction on the hard to improve education. greater number of1,votes cast persons arrested and petitions Jackson Minlt Market on

This would cost $14.7 million funds for released lunch time construction or reconstruction. new schools at Hampton and within the g'roup from whichhe signed against two Juveniles Temple Avenue. They were released -

for the biennium. for ,teachers and planning time. Brooker Is moving alonj slowly Special$ Vote is a candidate at such election Saturday night by Starke pro- ,. to their company com

Current expense. allocationfor -Full implementation for and that the vocational schoolis Road Bond shall ''be the duly elected lice and state beverage agents. mander.

junior colleges would be the kindergarten program In School Paving "moving right atom." councilman In such run-off Eight of the cases will come Two girls, Janet Joyner, 19.

Increased to $1. OO per Instruction the next biennium to allow Set July 18 election, in case two ((2)) or up In Plea Day proceedings. and a 16-year-old juvenile

unit. This would cost all counties to have kindergartens Issue Pushed more persons receive an equal Thursday. were charged with possessionof
have Teacher Strikes and the greatest number of Six arrests were made In a
$2.1 million. just as they Contracts Let an alcoholic beverage In thesame
.H.B 1233 also Includes anew other programs under the (Continued From Page One) votes within anyone ((1)) I raid at Tuck's Drive-In where case. The girls were xe-.

type instruction unit, Minimum Foundation Pro rcontinued From Pars: One] group the result shall be determined beverage agents saw beer serv- leased to their parents.
Instructional Improvement shall be five ((5) groups of as provided by section ed to minors. Arrested were
called an : gram. (Continued From Page One I Termed Illegal RoBBer said one of the men-
Unit, with each -Library Service Units to the tionid issue. But he said candidates for the office of 100.181, Florida] Statutes Clarence Rhoden 53, owner was observed purchasing the

county to earn two such units give a school an additional ty for students whose parents roads 'that: would be paved in city councilman. Croups 1, 3 Section 2. All laws and partsof and operator of the drive-In; beer at the Minlt Market and

for the first 100 Instruction librarian. above one for each live or work on federal prop I Continue! From r n8e One) other areas might give accessto and 5 shall be elected in the laws in conflict with the Virginia Mae Terrell. 21, a police were summons!!'!. Stop-

units and one additional such 500 pupils In ADA.A erty. Bradford has 234 such Bradford County to more even numbered years and provisions of this act are re waitress: and four minors, ping the car, officers found

unit for earh additional 100 -' ]leadership institute for students and Casey said the -stitute a walkout and be 11- people.In Groups 2 and 4 shall be electedIn pealed. Robbie Eberle.] John Wayne. the two minor girls and then a,.

= . In-service training of educa- county should receive a total legal, Casey said. sum and substance, Judge the odd numbered years. Section 3. This act shall take Eight, and Sarah Shealy all six-pack of unopened beer.
-' ;:;, tional leaders.. This Is also anew of $24,408 for the curient fiscal Bradford teachers, however, Yawn said, the meeting was Candidates .ifor the office of effect only upon approval bya 18. and one 16-year-old juve- Rosser said they had not beer*

proposal.The year. have shown no signs that a major road projects under con- city councilman. shall when majority vote of electors nile. drinking.

12 Wides. Senate bill goes further Word of the grant came in strike or sanctions are plan held to get county commis- qualifying as a candidate, voting in a referendum election "They were drinking Pepsi" Officers Harold Crews. Felix

on salaries for both beginningand a telegram from Senators ned even If the FEA calls for sioners to go home and push specify In which group he to be held in the city of Sunday night at Tuck's, Saw and Chief Rosser participated -

I experienced. teachers, than George Smathers, Spessard action, Casey said. In fact, he for the bond Issue. chooses to ,be a candidate and Starke at the next regular Police Chief Bill Rosser. stated In the arrests along

Customlade! does the House bill. It falls Holland and Rep. Don Fuqua. believes ]local teachers would At the present time, Brad- he shall thereafter run and city election or at a special oromlslng a continued crack- with State Beverage/ AgentsW.

For Florida Living short of FIA!: demands for the This Is the first year Bradfordhas not walk out even if the FEA ford County has only three appear on the ballot only as referendum election to be cal- down on beer sales to minors E. Stovall and E. A Corbin

more experienced instructors received such funds. called for It. alteration and all of these a candidate for such group. led by ,the city council pur- anywhere in the city limits.

YOU Get Mope with a higher education, how- Another subject which took Supt. Floyd Christian, In have already been Included in The city clerk shall in each suant to !the municipal] charteror frts department Is especiallyafter HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH

For Your $ $ up almost an hour of the fact, told the superintendents the Road Department budgetfor year, on or before fifty ((80)) general law. those who make it possible -

ever.The FEA pay raise programwould Board's time was a problem Monday that there Is no "ser- fiscal year 1967-68.) days prior to each regular ] for minors to obtain alcoholic ] [Highway; 100 at Theressa)

No Salaried or Gemmissioned cost $277 million for Supt. Casey and Vou-School oun Intent" on the part of One of these is rebuilding election certify to the mayor BUS CHORUS WILL beverages he said. Sunday School 10 a, m.

EmployeesDAD grades one through twelve and Principal Ted Oglesby eacoun-; teachers anywhere In the state Highway 16 from its intersec- the offices the terms of FKKFOKM' TONKillT Rhoden was charted: with

$33.7 million at the junior tered in asking bids on $67,000of to strike. tion with U. S. 301, east to the which shall expire during permitting alcoholic be/erage Morning Worship 1 a. m.

& BRAD.LARSEN college level. The House committee equipment for the new vocational The School Board agreed, at Clay County, line. This will be such year. In all general] and The final performance of to be sold to minors aid Miss Training Union-6:30::; p. m.

LIKE TO WORK proposal calls for school. Some reciplnets Supt. Casey's suggestion, to paid for by primary road special elections .the candidates "Th Singing Freshman" will Terrell with giving beer to Evening Worship 1:11:

$1488 million K-12 $22.4 million of the bids were critical of the allow a teacher from each funds, will require an estimated receiving a majority of the be presented at 8 p.m. tonight minors. The arrests occurredat m.FOR.

YOU Benefit! for junior college per- bids because instead of quot- Thool In the county to go to expenditure of $70,000 In votes cost within the group (Thursday) in the high school 8:45: p. m., according to p.

sonnel. ing specifications on each Tallahassee Wednesday ,to the secondary road funds for rightof from which he Is a candidate auditorium. Tickets may be Police Chief Bill Kosaer.. and ,.

The FEA has termed the Item, the individual Items PEA's called meeting to heat way. shall be elected.If purchased at the door for this Rhoden paid $500 bonds for SALE: Roll-up Hospital -

All Sizes n Display House proposal entirely unacceptable were specified by a number in legislator's plans and to have Also budgeted for next year no candidate receives a romantic comedy with a musical from the city Jail ] bed & mattress. New

8-10-12 Wide and has said of the a Snap-On Tools catalog] or its the House Omnibus Bill (H.B I is) rebuilding the so-called Hy majority of the votes cast background. The four minors were I condition. Olin White Kochs.

l'/i' Baths Senate proposal only that it equivalent. .n"s.. LLL.'ft"....
and Expandables is far superior to the House Dealers wishing to bid,
Are you sending your Landlord' -
program. therefore, will be forced to use _
son to college -- Why'
Top pay under the Senate the Snap-On catalog to Iden-
rent? Build on your lot'or
New and Used proposal would be $9,900, tify each item then find their pay ours. Your plans or ours.

from. state sources, for a equivalent.
8Yr. financing availableUse 'teacher with a doctorate and School Board member Rod- r Small down payment. See'
models In Pinebreeze. Long-,
13 years experience. Top rate ney Hall was critical of the ., .
Const. Co. Contact
champ Butford
Our Rental-Pur in the FEA proposal Is $11,000 method because he said, ,' ,
I 964-6843
-- Mitohell, phone ,
chase Plan- Payments for a doctorate and 12 years though Snap-On tools are of V-"ll' ,
experience.Bills superior quality the firm INSURANCE .
Under Per
$50 Month sent' to the Senate cal not have competitive prices because BOOK before buying any nearing completion, 3 bed- & UPHOLSTERY WORKS AT REDUCED RATES FOR SALE One Bridgaton
other encyclopedia. -- M. A. I room, l4 bath. Located just 710 Lemon St.
endar to be held for action it does not have Independent Falatka AUTO. FIRE. BOATDOYLE Motor Bike, excellent condi
later in !the week after the retail outlets. Hall] Payne your ]local representative outside of city limit* in Pine- Furniture Repaired E. CONNER tion. Horace Knowles, Rt. .1,

NOW' new pay raise bills are voted also contended that dealers: ] since 1956. Box 626. breeze. Small down payment. Upholstered &: Refinished INSURANjCK) AGENCY Box 226-C Starke. Ph. B64-

out, would: for other brands of tools may Phone 964-6560. tfchgnMiuvc Easy monthly terms. Long- MATTRESSES REBUILT : tfchg I 6412. 3tp 6-8

-Provide an additional $2.9 not be able to obtain a Snap- champ const, Co., Contact Bu- New Innersprings FOR SALE 2 BR House on

Mobile Home SitesAVAILABLE million In the second year of On catalog. % I ford Mitchell Phone 964-6853. and Box Springs MARRIED COUPLES WANT- nice lot, $3200. Needs some

the next biennium to financea But Principal Oglesby said --Lrfvv! I P. O. Box 238, Starke. tfchg Drop U. A Cord or Call "Tin. $&!*; Vron* K. slim*'.' ED for work repairs 401 Alton Rd. Financ.
1 .___ __ I cottage parent ,
formula he made it clear in the bids --
new substituting .. '
r La''fi4 14UIU6!; At Full Lake Privileges actual miles of bus travel for that any dealer could secure! a (,L"S"IFIF.II, per tfchg
AOII MRS. PEGGY SHALLER Minimum education 9, 21
land sections as a factor in Snap-On catalog at hla office .\TIUSV age I
Homestead Exempt- 209 :E.] Adklns St. plus. 5 day week. In general
calculating] school transportation He and Supt. Casey said thatit
Financing rp t. IS Words -....'.00 StarUa, Agent married couples work same
allocations, retaining density would take too much time WANTED !
shift. Work In Food
as a new factor. This will and work to list the specifications : nnrh' rtoril over in ___ .07' FOR. RENT Klngsley Lake and Malntanco also available.Service Someone In this area to assume -

Lake Geneva enable counties to pay qualified of each tool and it was Kxtf: rNfiror. it not REDUCED FROM TO furnished house. 3 bedrooms payment. on SINGER
$100 Qualified 1 ]
bus driver more, properly much easier to use the catalog .rAini.> pnltl la iMlvMBtfa. ____.26 300 ft. docks, double dressing I single persons DIAL-0-MATIO CONSOLE
] maintain, 'buses and Improve of a reputable firm which has also accepted. If Interested apply -
MIOMOnlAI.il, R.HHOI..VTIOM0CAHII : $70 PER MO. room. Delano Thomas, 964- MODEL cowing machine. Dos
Trailer Sales __.. ... In person. Personnel Of-
safety by; reducing over- the items already specified. a p.r .1''. NEW ONE BEDROOM 6507. tfchg fice Sunla-rul Center all Deolgn stitches, buttonholes -
\ Training ,
crowding.The Casey said the choice of firms .
button. Mono
seWs on .
O* Route 100 One Mil SE! House'.Omnlbus bill also was incidental. ward. a. I... ___ ..-='.150 FURNISHED CARL BEGGS Gainesville. 4tchg 5/25 grams, Appliques, etc. OrigInally "
I0.ek word .. ___.
o r SO Xl
includes school He further said that
Keystone Heights' an Improved pur- GARDEN APTS. sold for $290.50. Balance .
Open Sun. & Evening transportation formula costing chase orders for the equipmentmust '' I Gulf ServiceUSED NEW MOBILE homes, Chicnaslia now only $76.20 or |8

$5.7 million for the biennium. be issued by June 23 or ; YOUR BEST BARGAIN. AIR CONDITION PARTS 20' & 24' wide Buddy- per month. Call Jacksonville,

.-4 r -Increase from $200 to $300 I the Board will lose the $67,000 Faints ADULT EDUCATION alaasea. NEXT' : TO B.H.S ON Top Price for Wrecked> part I Clemaon, Layton Travel Trailers COLLECT 833-1916* any time.,

4 it has been allocated for this' Join now EkMnent&iy\ and :24 Hour Wrecker Service Liberty Taylor. Azalea. AIII for Credit: Manager. Will

'MI I fiscal] year. The Board set a Secondary. Phono 964-6091 WASHINGTON ST. ..- Fuel Oil ... buy, sell, trade. Year bank fi deliver Ne obligation.
June 6 date for opening the days; 964-6380( evenings. tt. 'I nancing. Buckeye Trailer Mart 4tchg B/24
Mr. L.. Call -4AA S & II Green Stamp '
S. nd haar GourUy Inc. 8678 Roosevelt Blvd.
d.mon.t.at. Installation of' cer- I bids.Oglesby explained that the iiI UNDERWATERWEED M1 ,Hwy. 301 N. Waldo Orangei Park 264-2131. .tfchg LOSE WEIGHT safely with
wale tll., vinyl. and vinyl a.b.- $67.000 available to the county 448-1098 Dex-A-Dlet Tablets.] ONLY 98c
Hoof tllol) Cot proUuional
to CERAMIC for the equipment In this fiscal CUTTINGAll of-Ernest Few LACY CONWAYFL.YUslO VACATION IN THEMOUNTAINS at Mitchell Drugs. 8tp /22"
anawars to your ; -
ftld-:: WALL TILE )ear includes only about a1 I ?
.oloctlon and u.a ol I Types SERVICE USED VACUUM cleaners
produet.l I third of the supplies the school < Realty, Inc FLIGHT INSTRUCTION. Air. New cottage In Blue Ridge reconditioned -
7.00: () pM TUES. $15 10 differentname
occ.siuI.i7or up.
1967 will need! to go into operation. Bulldozer & plan. rentals.] BUll mountains, 10 ml. from Ridg-
MAY SO. 6' 9* Bathroom a Gainesville Ph. 376-6461 Greyhound brands to choose from.
*t ,
Therefore he said about 'Ti
crest on paved hiway. Sleeps
S330 Waldo, KouJGulnenvllfe RogUtor at itor* I Drag Line WorkJ. Charter. Keep your party to- Parts ic excellent repairs sM
Fla., lor drawi ng. I thirds of the items In the bids 2906 N. W. 13th St. gether charter a bus. Phone I 5 comfortably. Completely makes. KIRBY SALES &
sent out this week were red- I I C. Gardner 964-6090. furnished with utilities. $40
tfchg SERVICE 712 N. Main, Gainvllle **/
lined, meaning bids on them' I per week. June thru Sept.
a will be asked in the next fiscal 'i PHONE 984-7720 APPRAISALS AND i weeks available. Write P. O. ] 376-7110. tfckg

I year. Only the items not redlined I' FOR RENT Unfurnished, CONFIDENTIALINFORMATION Drawer A. Starke Fla.] tfchg FOR RENT furnished< 1

I 1 are up for bids now, he two BR house outside city. ONE STOP I bedroom cottage. Large living

said because the Board would Furnished I apartments In Concerning property and prop- Myers Power Tools room and kitchen, tile bath

not have money to pay for I Starke. W. H. Nollmqn. tt chg erty values In Florida Prop- I Area Headquarters For :private driveway. Near school.]

them all. NOTICE MASONRYMATERIALS erty. Over thirty years experience Lawnmower. Power Tool I 614 Lake St. Call 964-62.77 633
I No Items have been ordered I In Real Estate mat- I McMahon Street.
aUr.lJOIBEDROOM O & S PAINTING ItfrCuIlorh Chain Saw tfchg
as several dealers thought, he CO. PaintIng ters and Active Real Estate Water
I SALE OF Fump & Systems ,
Paper Hanging, Decorat. Broker since 1953 \. J.
I said.The CHICKEN FARM ing. Phone 964-5664 Or 984S670. Brlgg &; Stratton EnginesRntale
: Board' voted 3-1, Thomas Realtor Tel. 9B4-5701. Sales Service
Hall objecting. to allow the 4tp 5/26 I
I Owned I by \\". Hogan Smith 230 N.E. 16th Ave. Pump & SupplyCo.
SUITES I bids to stand as they are. RETIRED COUPLE or single] Ready MIx Concrete Concrete Gainesville 376-3411

Supt Casey also told the To, \Vhom It May Concern: person. FREE RENT in exchange BJocU 8n, Rock. Hie tfchg .
Board the county Is !in danger for light duties. Write Cmunt, Mortar, Steel. Oyster I ; RancheivInc.
LIVING ROOM SUITES ,i of losing a $13,250 federal I, the uniltrlgned. am asking Box 686, Keystone Heights, Shell. LJmerock. Roof ANTIQUES FOR SALE at Sales & Service

grant irom the Department of fur bids fin my chicken Fla. 32656. tf-chg Gravel Precat Lintels and i Quigley Museum. Open daily.
I Health, Education, and Welfare !- farm ]located mid ltiiutp on -I Window Sin. Everything!: East Madison St., Starke. tf 135 N. Temple Ave.
SOFAS -- CHAIRS I because it is too small. In Br'wnK'e Roiul Rtarke Brail- SILVER SAND for MMoory jOoiutnioUon. I Western Wear

I a recent meeting with federal ford County, Florida] which I HOUSE for sale] 3 bedrooms Phone 964-7601

and state officials in Jacksonville connlnt of: LAKE Guns 2 baths, fenced back
ad- 1. Approximately 15 acne of Shady Sandy Beaches ANNOUNCING yard. 1234 Blanding St., Phone
I Casey said, he was Clear Water Livestock .CAR for sale 1957 black
I vised to write project total- land. ANew 9B4-6074. Itp
a $2.750 to $3,30O J Renault, $110. Phone 9646836.
: ing $30,000 to $40,000 or an Chicken houson ((40,000 EASY TERMS Supplies FOR SALE 3 bedroom Itp
I Outdoor Science Education capacity), and equipment.S. Ready Mix Plant
house 10 acres of land. Out
I Laboratory to replace the request :MIscellaneous' personal See S. E. McKay ,atKeystone SaddleryFltRKf Brownlee Road turn left on ,WANTED Experienced Front
tlASYORTHY'SHALF\ End: and Brake mechanic to
I for property.
Keystone Heights State Rd. 235, 1st house on ;
I Casey received the Board 4. One tractor spreader rhonem 473-4418] Heights *A N I> imOWNMdnajj right 912.500. Henry. Mizell, operate modern John Bean

permission to write HEW that mower grader loiutar and 473-4740 or 473-4152 rf.lli Rt. I, Box 194-A Lake Butler Alignment Equipment. Sober
the county can utilize, at present other mlt<'elliinei iM parts For Better, Service To ;and dependable. Apply In per-
only the amount for to tractor.No PRICED TO SELL 200 acre That Area. Street Itchg ,Ion Firestone, 312 W. MadIson

which it has asked in the pro bids will bn accepted that ranch. This one won't last 3 BEDROOM house unfinished. .:St., Starke. Itchg

PRICE ject and request approval of are below 975.000.00. Bidder long. Terms. We Will Not De NVur Mvrsl.ork Mhrket IIYa acres strawberry land. % FOR SALE 1963 Chevrolet

I that amount. He warned the must arrange Ills. own financIng See me to-day Undersold. mile from city limits. $3,900.00.Ph. .
Ya ton Pick-up 27,000 mllea.
Board however, that HBW and may Innpect the prem- DOUBLE YOUR MONEY- 964-15<801. Itp Phone 964-5215.
: may turn down the smaller lHe. upon notifying the undernlfrned 301 property Close to new Itchy
Court House. Sure-fire Invest Bradford FOR SALE 1 Ya HP Evin- .
amount. at onytlmu.The FOR SALE Two Iota Crystal
No. 015 20 Acres on 301. Good rude motor. Old.
An outdoor science lab has property Is. presently ment.BETTER Runs good. Homeslte each lot 100 W
REMODELING FURNITURE dry cleaned land, planted] In Phone 964-7946.
already been laid out on the financed by Mid Florida Production CALL QUICK 185 ft. lake front privileges.

new Conway Airport propertyby Credit Amoclaton and BILL POWELL. Broker EngineeringCo. pasture. Ideal for truck or FRESH GARDEN vegetablesfor Make cash offer. Phone 1M14.
Science Instructor Bill thin mortgage must be paid 964-6464 No. 492 2 Acres completely sale. 5 miles out Raiford .6215. Itchg

Shiner. off or arrangement made] with WANTED BOOKKEEPER, \ ] furnished/ 5 Road. Bill Sherwood. Itchg
SET room and HAVE 75 young hens will sell.
Mill Florida for' [
Hall refinancing.
Board Rodney
Typist. Must complete bath
bungalow located 1 mile Phone 4681190.
HOUSE TRAILER for rent Itchg
termed the federal department's All bIds l must be submitted knowledge of Double Entry out
of Starke on road.
I stand "typic" to the Office of Thomas IIIPI..r'e I paved One bedroom, suitable for one
Bookkeeping System. Salary Phone TRAILER For Sale 8 35
Starke Only 18900. Terms. For ft. X
The people are coming: from all over this sectionto I The Board also approved, at not lut>'r than 10:00: ) $375.00 per mo. Make'Application i Homes, Farms, Ranches Acreage or two people. Water and ft. I35O.: Westmoreland Trailer
share in these Tremendous Bargains. We still I I Achltect Don Morgan's request A.M.The: May 26, 1967. to CUBS Drawer 970, 964-5403 Biulneas and retirement onable.Electricity Call 964-6858.- tfchg reas Park, phone 964-6857. Itchg

have Choice Selections, but at the rate they are submission of preliminary undersigned reserves the Starke. This \3\ an equal op- homes give us a call.

moving it out, it won't last long. So better come plans for the renovation of right all to Mel accept. or reject anyor portunity employer. 2tchg 6-1 Keystone Ready STROUT REALTY FOR SALE 1 new saltwater FOR SALE" -" New red potatoes -

in Today II the north end of 'A' Building CULTIVATED blueberries.You Mix I 2117 N. Temple Ave., Starke, Rod & Reel, 1 new 6 by bushel $2.00 and I2.5O.
at Bradford High School. It is Fla.] ((904)) C64-6609 H.P. Evinrude Motor, 1 complete
Respectfully submitted, pick 22o-Ib. starting Keystone I Also fryer rabbit. 40c lb. live
I to be approximately a $118,000 outfit. Call] 964- '
ALL FURNITURE MUST GO project with $80,000 coming By \V. hogan Smith May 30. No children under 10 4734285FOR I FOR RENT By week 2 bed 7708. diving Itchg weight. Will dress. Inquire at
Route 2 Box 1( 2 miles I Smiths Shell Station, .
from. high school bond funds .a-A yrs. miles east and 1.8 room air conditioned cottage Lawtey.2tchy

NOW AT 1/2 PRICE i and $38,000 from National Defense Starke, Florldm north of Orange Hta or 4 on Crystal Lake. Call Mrs.L. I TUTORS: Two certified teach- 6-1

Education Act funds. miles west and 1.8 miles northof SALES K. Whitehead 964-6312. ers available] this summer for FOR SALE!: Registered
Metros. E. D. Longnecker, MILKS; OF STARKE private or small group tutor-
The plans must be approvedsoon tfehg WImer Bird dog female 11 mo.
C. H. NASWORTHYFURNITURE "if there is any hope At FOR RENT -- 3 bedroom Melrose] 471120932tp 6-1 House and lot, out, of Town. ing In !Math and English. Call old. Black and tan and blue
house tile bath, excellent I1.50O.OO FRESH vegetables for freezer, 964-6952 t>r 964-6452.
con- cash tf-chg
or $2,000.00 tick
all" of getting started on the WHISKEY Is the key by 14 mo. old. Black]
AND APPLIANCES i job this summer Supt. Casey dition. 128 N. Orange. F E. i i which many'cain an entrance with terms of ld% down and some ready now. Others will and tan Walker 11 mOo old.
iI Overholster.] Call Waldo balance be ready later. Call! Mrs. S. CHarley TRAILER lot for rent. Plentyor
the (
I said. Morgan said if bids are 11176'1 Into prison and almshouses. I by month. A. J. nil each. Phone 782-3O1S.: C.B.
I 964-7317 or 782-3365. room, all facilities. Call 064-
'310 E. Call St. I opened July 1 it would give 3tp WCTU (National.Voice). Thomas, Realtor. Tel. 9645701. 2tp fi-23: 7625. ltp Stubb Lawtc!y'. Itp

time for a,60-day construction -



\ t- I

r1I I

--- -
":"': FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH I i. .'. I there when doors opened at put on a special act using Mrs. scared..
; STAKKK { ..I 5 p m to take part In games Carolyn Fuqua denmother of Badges of achievements an4;
Sunday Sunday School with darts balloons a wet Den No.1. as his "victim." awards were presented to tha
9-43: : am. Morning Worship, sponge throwing contest, Andrews completely surprising Cubs
pictured above (tl-rt
v sermon "What Think Ye of tCub I knocking down soldier boys Mrs Fuqua called her from Chuck Hutcheaon Dlcklg
Christ?" 11 a.m. Training with softballs and horseback the
stands to hold straws 'In Proctor David Proctor, Glenn
Union, 6:15: Evening Worship i rIding hands and mouth as he cut Mulllns, Gary Baken Ken Fu
7:30 p.m., annual Spring Con- Special entertainment included them In half with the\ whip qua, Larry White Joey Baken.
( cert and Service weight lifting exhibition by
Recognition .
t without touching Mr* Fuqua. Lonnie Ellis Eddie Blalock,
i for the Choirs: Church Youth Bradford Head Coach David I
+ r The champion whip cracker Bruce Tucker and Steve Fu.:-
and Junior. Hurse and two members Jim
i also wrapped the whip around I qua. Cubmaster Charles Blow
RA Godwin and Sandy Sanderson
I Monday meeting
Mrs. Fuqua's body time after lock presented the awards <
6:30: Youth Choir practice 7pm of the 1966 state champion
time giving a loud crack but it presided over the program(
football squad a baton twirling -
never left a mark on her. An-
Tuesday Sunbeams and exhibition by Mlsn. JoAnn Ralph Bryan was ringmaster
drews also wrapped the whip
Junior Choir 3:30.: Junior GA, Scott, and a special show of around her neck. for the circus. Pack Committee "
a .14:30.: bull whip cracking by Jack Chairman Charles H Itch*
I I ? His only problem came when
1 7 Wednesday Prayer Meet- Andrews along with his son eson termed the circus' a blf
Mrs would her
A Scouts Have ,Fun At CircusThe Thomas Andrews 12 starring' Fuqua jerk
r Ing, 7::30. Church Choir Practice outstretched arm back as the success end: announced a goo!):'
8,15.Thursday: a 21-year-old performing
Av' I Cub RcouN shown were award winner at tli. Cub mule Snowball. whip came around and was of 75 cub scouts for the com.
: Visitation 10 Scout Cirrus Tuesday night at thlt FitlrKrimml Names of Hotdogs, popcorn, Cokes and. unable to hold the straw in Ing year.
am. and 7
p.m th. boys run. l be found In the story Ix-low. homemade ice cream war her mouth steady.
servved by adult members of But the den mother said she
Three fun-filled hours of Tuesday afternoon as Pack 70 the pack committee. came out of the exhibition "Inline i I THE RIGHT POINT for the
BAPTIST CHURCH games and entertainment at a held Its final meeting before Andrews who says he'll pay shape. I wouldn't have, way you write. Come in
900 W Madison St. (Hiway Cub Scout circus resounded at summer vacation. $100 to anyone who can beat refused In front of those boys and select your favorite ESQ
100 West). the Bradford Fairgrounds Children of all ages were Kim In handling a bull whip for anything but I was sure, TERBROOK fountaip pep. -
Sunday Church School ..
9:45: a.m. Morning Worship, 11
a.m. Youth Choir, :5 p.m.
,-,..,,. "' .- .......""""' ..., Training Union 6:15.: : Evening '

I Arrayed' In their togas them Junior prom servers carry out the theme of the 11161 I Worship and Training 7:30.: Union Sunday workers School IT'S OFF AND RUNNING 1

Junhtr-S4enlor Prom Uonmn AdventureThe fountain they surround. HUH Inllhle i tilt! fair, urged to attend.

building and actually worked.JuniorSenior. Wednesday.Midweek Worship 7:30: p.m.

I Prom Has Roman ThemeTwo

required to serve a of your
large white lions they arrived and escorted late J S. Waters Allen Crawford answer or Pleading copy to the com I
guarded the entrance to the I them to their places at the Greg' Nichols Reggie I plaint on the plaintiffs attorney,
Fairgrounds building last Fri- tables Those serving were Flynn, Robbie Smith Bill 1 I Ralph Avenue l, Orange Thomas, park ell Klngnley Florida' Af '
day night when "Rome Adven Evelyn Sinclair, Elizabeth Ann Brown and Don Hardy. . 33073, and file the original : AI :
ture" was the theme of the Thornton Sandra Muggins. Heading the refreshment answer ptt'adinir. In the o-ffloe. .
I of the Clock u-f the Circuit "
annual Junior-Senior Prom Sheila) Taylor Ginger Baldwin.I committee were Mrs RobertPater t Court Bradford County Florida. .
sponsored by the Independent I Sally Moore Cheryl Ward. son, Mrs Gerald Griffis,,, on or hcfo-ri'. the IHth( day of
Youth Association.! 'Mary Sue Thomas BUy! Be-, and Mrs. Emory Prevatt. Judgment June. 1087.by If default you full will to be da taken BO, "1 .
Huge Roman urns and statu-' Hfitttlnat you fur c the relief de-!
nllpd In the complAint.
ettes were used In carrying out DONE! AND ORDERED at
the theme and the entrance Storks Florida, this 24IH day
hall was festive with a white F Of May., 1967.Charles. A.. DnrbyCIPWK I 1ft _
trellis. Interlaced with pink, : OP THE) CIRCUIT
blue and white blossoms. Suspended COURTBy
) from the celling were Deputy: Beulah Clerk M. Moody
blue and white streamers RALPH U THOMAS & .
caught at Intervals with large Attorney. for Plaintiff .
H71 Ktnrr.t..Y'; l Avenue
golden! balls.Handpalnted. Orange P"rk. Florida -
ft/15 4tp /lS b1
murals decor- "
I s Tit ; r -
ated two walls one depleting .
a Roman gladiator painted by
Beverly McRae and the othera ,
Parthenon scene done by
Bonnie Rosier Jackie Smith runhome 4: t --
and Diane Adklnson. ,
rx -&A. .
Members of the band::! The, vYr ..
Loose ends were seated on a ..ri
I stage which was supported by i
I tall white columns at the four protection at
corners. At the rear of the Jess cost with a
platform was a bank of magnolia -
boughs, and'pl red In a Homeowner?Policy. Head To Baldwin Chevrolet
corner was a bubbling fountain Contact me todaylMerritt !
bathed in multi-colored'' "" H.

lights. : ,_. .
"---- --
The long tables were cov- Shaw' receive ?..1 Williams117N.
Hep. EuKOiiu a trophy from Junior lass
ered with white cloths and President Paul !McLeoct In appreciation. of th"-wovta he"' did
held garlands of long stem- .
med American Beauty roses In organizing the'Independont Youth Sortety 'which"sponsored K Walnut St. For The Big Savings Purse

intervals.with burning tapers' placed at the Junior-Senior Prom "" n Phone :

the arbor-enclosed terrace! ad- FLORIDA EIGHTH JUDICIAl. I I Defendant' 1 rt 964.5391
joining the ballroom. FonD 'OUNTY { IU'onc'
Prom servers dressed In CASE NO. ad' TO: HETTY LEI DKMMONH: STATE FARM
white togas, ,JAMS! II DEMMONS, You. are hereby notified that 1 ism CHEVROLET SALES SPECIAL
presented program putinticr j a I'omplnlnt fur divorce has been Fits and Cuiulty Company ,] A BALDWIN
Mom Cltlcti WgonUngton.minollVl
favors to the gutsts as .VB.- filed against you, and you are i .



.. .. '
r ..
... 2-DR. SEDAN!




r M I I and Optional Equipment

Pushbutton transisterized radio Cigar lighter

Outside rearview mirror Dual master cylinder brake sys.

Backup dual lights Brake failure warning light
Did You Know. ? I'' Deluxe fresh air heater Lane change directional signals

It Parking brake warning light Folding front seat latches

: Padded dash Vinyl headliner SPECIAL I PRICE I
Padded sun visors Magic mirror exterior finish

IF you rent you pay all of the costs of a home owner (without the j Windshield washers Bright metal hub caps

benefit of homestead exemption) PLUS a profit for the landlord? Foam Two-speed cushion electric front wipers Fully syncronlzed transmission
seat Passenger guard door locks
Seat belts front & rear Glove compartment lock $

IF you buy or build now you will probably pay less for your new ] I Seat belt retractors Ash trays in rear arm rests $1'94
i Color keyed wall to wall carpets Crank operated ventipanes
home than you will six months or a year from now? :
Day-night inside mirror
Energy absorbing steering column
Four-way hazard switch All Fisher body standard features $66.94 Per Month
THE BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS Magazine finds that the ] Automatic interior light switch '

"' national average home price has increased 3%% a year for the past FIVE YEA"R or 50,000 MILE WARRANTY 10% DOWN :

several,years? I Includes Life Ins..
II :
I BANK RATE INTEREST 1967< Tag, Sales! Tax

.. The National Association of Home Builders predicts that prices will | : Freight/ ..

ir-l increase 5" this year? '




I V-8, Auto. Trans, Power Steering, Air $4/10000 Fleelside Pickup. Radio and Heater Still $4 CQOOOHa
Conditioned, Radio, Heater. Local One OwnJL *f9O New Vehicle Warranty. Solid Black. VJ. OOP
ANSWER "You Bet If'lsl11JOiN er Car With Best of References.


Step Side Pickup. Radio and Heater Real $QQQOO
V-8 Pow rjlide? Power Steering, Power
THE "IN CROWD" WHO FIND THE SOLUTION TO THE Brakes, Radio and Heater. Local One Own- $188800 Clean, Low Mileage, New Tires. Light WOO
er Car.


Savings and Loan Association Air Auto.Conditioned.Trans.! Power Local Steering One,Owner Power Brakes Car. $98800 Mechanically Sound. JjJHj QCOOBaldwin


218 N. Temple Ave. Phone 964-5000 "
Chevrolet Inc.

I "The House of Savings"; ,

---------- -- __..-- 301 North Starke Florida Phone 96".7 OO

c I ( t _

.___, Air DR\nF'Onn COUNTY TEU nn.\rll.' STAIUCE! FLORIDA" __ ___ THURSDAY, MAY 25. 1967

ving with the Artillery. He Is
Hear Inspiring TalkAthletes the son of Mrs. Henny Allen of
Lawtey. His address Is C Btry.,

Feted At Annual] Spring Banquet SERVICE MENAND ?: TO

Word has been received

WOMEN: : that that M Sgt. Herschel BUY SELL TRADE

An athlete must have a rYrY9"999...9999"99' I Oerst has arrived in South
burning desire to succeed, R'h'etoo I. Vietnam for a year of duty. CALL: 961-6461
per cent, possess character Ronald Starling, Specialist He is a veteran of 18''. years "
and be willing to work UniurUty Four, E-4. Uj.| S. Army, has of service in the Marine Corps.S. 7I I; ; AFTER HRS: 533-2018
) of Florida Basketball:; been cited for "performance of Sgt. Harold Oerst iias arrived -
Coach Tommy Bartlctt told exceptionally meritorious ser- In the Philippines for 18 : WRITE: P.O. BOX 1089

members of Brndfnrl:! Hlith's vlre" In support of the U. S months of duty. He has servedin VISIT: 401 W. MADISON ST.
baseball basketball track. imcl l 4dTf objectives in the counter-Ins the Air Force for 13'2 years. STARKEFARMS
roll teams at the iguii-87; All- gency effort In Vietnam. The They are sons of Mrs; Ella
.arts Banquet last rlwr:.day citation said "Through his out- Oerst of Orays, Ky.. who Is ACREAGE
,lust a mite at 5-7 compared standing professional compe- visiting in Keystone Heights Rag Real
to His! near-seven-feet cagcrs. tence and devotion to duty he with her daughter. Mrs. Ge- Kwtute:, Broker HOMES( CO IltERCIAr.Bullinglon's .
Bartlett coached the Oatora to consistently obtained superior neva Chab. -
a _'1-0 record in his first year results:! Working long and ard-
at the University. The Gators uous hours he set an example
lost only one home same to + u that inspired his associates: to
Tennessee, where Bartlett formerly ir'' strive for maximum achieve-
coached. In contrast to ment.
a couch he said used to run up "The loyalty Initiative and
the score on opposing teams will to succeed that he demonstrated
Bartlett told the BHS athletesto at all times materially rya a
'take the wins any way they contributed to the successful
come There never was a bad '', accomplishment of the missionof
win; lust like there Is never a his command. His performance G/ff
b'rod loss was In the best traditions SPECIALS
tn advising the young athletes a sl1ty I of the U, S. Army. and reflects
Bartlett cited the exam- + grea t .,_.I..edit upon ht ms',If, hie
ple of a father. Francis Adams, TornwJo; haaketbullprs.eil! away with must of unit,! best foul Mhootlnff perri-ntiiges: Bob \\'hit.., nport unit, the 23th Infant Division -
who took his eight-year-old! the honor RUfii at the AlI-SporN banquet. liist inanshlp, Larry. Brown, most rebound. and Wayne I and the military service JEWELRY\ Camera OutfitS.12..95" GIFTS I

eon fishing. After spending the Thursday. Left to, right: Paul ;.MrLeiMl, most u..NlntH :Mctx-ori, nl..t'uwlble! playur. Starling Is the son of Mr
day' with his father youni i I and Mrs. Roy- Starling of ALL

Charles Adams wrote In his I he could not recruit what was' captain: Beth Scogirins, co- Larry Brown, most rebounds, I Kelly, Richard Klrchaine. David Graham. Close-Out "
diary: "Went fishing with my one of the top prospects in the I II captain; Melanie Bradley Kay Wayne McLeod, most valuable Kirkland David: Lasseter..\ PhonographsGENTS
father: the" most glorlua: day of state last year because of the Colson Barbara McRae, Jackie player by player's vote, and David McKnight, Ivan McCol- Watches
my life. I boy's grades. "Sometimes the Smith Della Wilson. Bob White, sportsmanship.Other lum Larry McRae Andy May-
But Francis Adams also only thing up to date on a Junior Varsltv : Sharon team members are ton Terry Minx, Danny Nor-I & RINGS 40% Discount t
made an entry for that day in boy's school records are his Rowe, captain: Cindy Sink Dale Crosby Pete Fancher man, Allen Patz, Tom 40% Discount
his dlarv. Bartlett recalled. It I, polio shots," the coach quip- co-captain Sally Moore Linda Dan Oriffis. Bruce Jackson Donald Salazar William Scog- 20% OFF
said "Went fishing with my Sbiickland. and gins Jim Shuford Steve
Scogglns. Cindy ; Randy Jones David Sllcox.
son--a day wasted." ped.At Smith, Hugh Stephens, Buddy Ladies Diamond PIERCEDPrincess ;
the University of Florida Polly Wade Richard Williams. ,
Then Bartlett reminded the' Bartlett said.ha attempts to do The 1966-67 golf team: was Junior Varsity cagers, also Trawick Jay Wade Johnny and Pearl Identification bracelets
athletes "You never know everything "first class" to build Introduced by Coach Mike Introduced by Coach Adkinson Warren. $.1.93 up Earrings
what significance anything moral In his cagers Moral, he Sexton who said he was only in the absence of Coach Tom- Hurse, also athletic directorat 20% Off
vou do' might have on someone ears: is something built day- losing coach at last year's ban- my Malloy are Mike Bright, BHS. said that after eight rr 1 M Rings TIE TAGS
else. by-day "You don't wait until quet but his team's 6-5 record Buzzy Costello, FreddIe Grau- years and a state championship & Case
School work were also the night of the big game." To made him a winning coach don, Ronnie Orlggs, David in 1061 he has coachedhis Whitinsr & Davis
Into the picture by the ,
that end the coach said he this year. Team memhers are Kirkland David McKnlght last track team. $1.50"pSHOP
U-of-F cage mentor, who said does his best to see hts cagers Bill Adams, J. Roy Chasteen, Ronnie Moody, Mickey Moore AM Club blankets were ; r .. JEWELRYV2 $1 .00 up
I eat: the best food, travel! nattily Jim Godwin Harry Hatcher, Billy Myrlck. Keith Patrav. awarded to Oary McRae and WITH US
attired In black blazers and Mike Mitchell and David Sll- Greg Rlherd and Tommy Tal- Paul Kaufmann for getting up PH1CE
I gray pants, and go on road le.y. before school to run two miles Genuine Cultured
trips by air.Bartlett cox.Bradford outstanding 66-67 Coach Chuck Mason termedhis for 96 consecutive days FIRST I PEARLS
.t \ also explained the basketball team which estab- baseball "satisfying"' after Hurse said the entire ath- DIAMONDNECKLACE ,
Difficulties a. college basketball lished the wlnnlnsest record in his nine started slow but "bv letic program at BHS Is on the
Reg' $37.50
coach meets in recruiting players. the school's history at; 23-7, the end of the season was rise. The new track, under You'll Be Glad
Basketball scholarships, was Introduced bv Coach War- playing good ball. Team mem- construction now and the new '
unlike football are limited to ney Atkinson.:: The oach reel- bers are Larry Brown, Dale field house will give the pro- $8.95 up You Did NOW $24.95
three or four per year, he ed off statistics which showed Crosby. Donnie Elder Brian gram a big lift, he added. r-
pointed out. the team also had an 10-3 regular Erwin Mark Oraudon, Dan The athletic director also
record, losing; commended his coaching staff Pro Jerry Yates is at homeon WALLETS Name in Gold Free
i' A basketball coach there- season :! Griffls: Gary Hamilton, Randy & BIBLES $4.95 up
fore, cannot always afford to those! by 2. 4, and 8 points Jones, Paul: McLeod Wayne for their efforts In a difficult a 30-day leave from Viet-
Ask sign the top) prospect In the The BHS cagers loot only: Mcleod, Mike Norman, Sandy year made complicated by nam where he has born ser

state If he happens to be a tall one home game to Mscclenny I Sanderson. Robbie Smith moving into the new field --.--- -.....-
front man and the team needs by two points. They played in Tommy Talley, Wilbur Waters, house. -
Charley guards. The UF. with Captain seven overtimes, a school rec- and Richard Williams. The banquet was held In the 1 '
Skip) Higley graduating, need- ord, beating Florida High 46- Coach David Hurse intro- Southside Elementary Cafe- WKM\ ( BUILDING SUPPLY) ) -
E.Johns. ed'floor men for next season 44 In five overtimes and los- duced his track squad, which torlum.It OF ST 'RK-E-"FL: .
and Bartlett said he has signed ing the conference title to lost out on their usual confer- was sponsored by the
two junior college players to Lake City by two points in an- ence title but won tho group Quarterback: ; Club. New officersof CHERRY AND WELDON STS. PHONE 9646078mm
fill'these spots. other overtime contest. championship with promising the QB Club' -installed:
The coach pointed out also They were group championsthe young freshmen and sopho- Thursday night are: Charles
About this question: that the University is very second year In a. row, and mores giving needed depth Johns, president; Jim Temple,
"Vacation travel includes selective in the players :it signs. were defeated in the 'inals of Team members are Marshall vice-president: Margie Crosby, l
"We want thoroughbreds the region tournament for the Beam, Billy Belote Billy Buby. secretary: Ben Moxley treasurer IJASItPECIAIS
the hazard of
accident' a boy that will give you all the second straight Jeer The J. Roy Chasteen, Roger Chil- and Ralph Bryan, mem- j
hfcft< or Injuries in faraway hpart, speed, and sinew in 1965-66 season saw thorn lose son, Allen Crawford Robert bership chairman.Jim .
of places. Does' "the him,' Bartlett said. He touted: out in the last 39 seconds of Dyal, Reggie Flynn, Ricky Temple, present vice-
Charley, E. Johns Agency the',BHS program pointing to regular play; this past seasonit Frick Plenn Onann. Ronnie president assisted as master of ft.\.T::\ !: .,...,.."" '('ia< ,,,: "" ="" """" .. .. ._ =,IJ IJHrq
have connections Wtth'm hl 'records the school has established took an overtime to do\ them Griggs Dennis Hall, Randy ceremonies for the banquet. He '" -
surance agents and adjusters and said BHS in Hayes Paul Kaufmann, LarryA replaced President Drew Reddish '

all over the country coaches philosophy.must follow a slmlliar the Coach defensive Aclktnson play also of his praised' Tornadoes -I who moved to( Mjryland.: : iij ThII 'BLP MOBILE"

to;,give prompt claim service BHS cheerleaders were honored pointing to their outstanding the Chamber of Commerce
in any emergency?" at the banquet, receiving play In holding their' 1 It Is my understanding that ; ANGLE IRON FORMICA\ & CONSOWELD30"x96"
special mention from every opponents to 44 points per I this $4OOO Is supposed to be
Charley E. Johns member of the BHS coaching game the best defensive recordIn used for advertising the City CHANNEL SHEETS TWIN PALMS-INT. EXT.
Members of the Squad school's history of Starke, not to pay some SQ. FT.
staff the 390
Agency Introduced by their sponsor Basketball trophies went to one's salary to write resolu- FLAT BARS Latex Gal. $O gOHi

131 S. Walnut St. Mrs. Oyona Dlggett, are: Paud McLeod, most assists and tions to take voting power REINF. MESH a
PHONE 964-5070 Varsity: Janelle Pollard. best foul shot percentage; FK\V tlUKMTIONH! away from the people Can any RANDOM 1 SIZES
of the city officials tell me I I REINF. Glens Outside House
I Dear Ktlitor. and To WhomIt SQ- .
May Concern; how this $4.000 is spent? Maybe k. 250 i'aintOur Finest -
I the Council Is too busy trying r
I regret much stickingmy Mildew Resistant
very to look after a few delinquent I I
nose Into the City Council's -
ATTENTION ALL business:: but evidently probably power be collected bills which anyway.will ,1 i WATER Reg. $7.20 Gal. $6.18 Gal.
someone needs to, since we 4'x8' SHEETS
Is the City of Starke getting -
have elected some officials I 1-1" INT. BD. $X.93
worth of advertis- (i
$' .OOO Porch and Deck Enamel
apparently are not capable ing from the Chamber of Commerce f. HOSE $2.95
I of doing anything exceptact a private organization I I SHEET Reg. $6.53 $f-88 Gal.
,, POULTRYMEN like a bunch of kids. (I It seems to me the City is (All Sizes Available)
certainly don't mean Clerk financing Ita own destruction. I
Edwards either.
) Why does the City of Starke II
As for all these! "blown up" pay $1,800 a year for a Board SHEETROCK
charges I 1 JOHNS-MAHVIU.E I I
on delinquent bills the of Bond Trustees? In other II ROOFING
We Are Now Representing situation certainly is not entirely cities the council performs the
the responsibility of the 'duties of this board. I would LOW PRICE ON OUR .
Clerk, since the Utility Department like to know what they do, and ,I JOIINSMANVILLEFIBERGLASS 2351 HEAVY STRIP SHINGLES Square $7.79
CUMBERLAND CASE COMPANYIN handled the billing when, as if I could assist in
also.While any way, it would be on my 901 ROLL ROOFING Roll
THIS AREA FOR YOUR NEEDS OF at It, and so many own, and free of charge.In I
charges are flying around I
closing, I certainly hope SHEETROCK 153 AND 30i FELT Roll
wonder how many votingciti!- $2.28
tho voting public will keep the
and Livestock EquipmentWe zens are aware of a local pro- power In the peoples' hands WALLBOARD ."
Poultry pane gas company a competitor and not In. the hands of a few '
of the, people's that was city 12 #months a. department so-called Intellectuals who 111 Itl nlSPECIALS I ''ILlliilll NEW LUMBER I ;MOLDINGS I l : I

are distributors of a complete line of Cumber- behind with the city tax col. have Starke insinuated do not the have people enough of' U ,

Waterers Brooders Nests lected on bottled gas. Another sense to vote and elect who I I Treated Pine :2I/ BASE LF
Mechanical Feeders
land thing the people probably are the people want.Respectfully. I gc

Curtains, and other accessories, along with other lines of not the aware present of councilmen Is that\ one was of submitted, II I 'I CRANECOLOR Reg. Yellow Pine
equipment, and also carry a full line of Poultry Drugs keeping that time the company's booksat I Starke and Bradford Commodes New Check with us for all your Qy2c

all Equipment.We 1 also question the ethics of County for 19 years) t Turquoise Blue Green; Builders needs! and SaveIoney'!
and Medications, plus any repair parts on P.S.-This Council has already '
the Council on vehicle purchases -- run off three long-time : EACH SOI-93 (All :Molding Available)

have our own Company Delivery Truck, which If previous practices, experienced employees<< of tho .
continue, USED LUMBER
any competitive bid- ,
City Clerk's office, and I want
will run in this area weekly for your convenience, withan ding advantages the. City has them to know that I, and. the I" LAVATORY Reg. $7.81
experienced In past years will majority of the voters will I I i1-1 i r
Installation Crew available for any Installation of be eliminated and It will serve not forget this! FAUCETS ea. $5.49 ALL SIZES 1
ua right for allowing this typeof '
Equipment.If practice to exist. If I werea I
car dealer, and the COMPLETE: .
city -
requested /i"x00 Roll
you are in need of anything in the line of Equip- a bid from me, I would BAPTIST CHURCH BATH ROOM SETS -- : . $2.10
refuse: to even submit one Sunday School, 10 a. m.$:;
ment or Medications, please call us collect at the following after being treated the way Morning Worship Service 11 Low Prices NAILSCOMMON: : ?r'xlOO. Roll -

address: the Council has treated some a. m.. Training Union, 8'30 I SELFRIMMINOSTAINLESS \ $3'
In. Starke. I will also add
that p. m; Evening Worship 7:30p. :
Clerk Edwards obtained com- m. | STEEL NAILS l"xlOO .
DIXIE POULTRY SUPPLY COMPANY petition on repetitive Items Prayer Meeting, Wed., 7:30p. : SINKS $5.75
and awarded same to the low- '[
m: O. A. Meeting Wed.. Double Compartment, with POUND CARTON
est bidder for a stipulated
1 10. O. Box 181 Phone: Area Code 912-3 1.5Hl: : Douglas, Georgia period of time at substantial 7:30 Wed.: ,p.7:30:m.:p.Choir m.; Rehearsal.Brotherhood Faucets and Strainers (All Sizes Available)

avlnga!!: to the City. meeting, last Monday: Only $37.95 14c $5.90
Our Sales Representative in this area is VERN HOCH- Since the Council has suddenly In each month. Rev. David I
become so interested in Meielroa::! pastor. II Check With Us for All Your Building Needs and Save MoneyJACKSON
REIN, and will be working here weekly to serve you protecting the taxpayer's. interest .
and "go the full route" )
i better in the Poultry and Livestock Business. to do so. why haven't they THE RIGHT POINT for the
audited the $4 000 of taxpay:: way you write. Come in BUILDING SUPPLYPACR
ers' money. m given t" and select sour favorite ES-.
I ItKtiltOOU..: fuunUla P'o. I t .

WIt'liclV u

I, : ;: -



Pest Control victory In 5 Innings. Pitcher outhlt 9-6, Biggs made their Police Red WhiteSpring en days.
Tighten YS. -
Ben McRae held Register to hits count diving;. in 10 runs Melvin Henley voluntary
just two hits while his team- on 6 hits and 9 errois. Billie Intoxication disturbing the
Upsets Garden mates got 9. Bay Oriffls and Crawford led Biggs with 2 Hold OnBantam peace, sentenced to 10 days in

Bobby Patrick got a single hits while Betty Bennett had Set Jail.
Ip Eleventh each for Register while Billy 2 hits for Crews Sunoco. LeagueThe Scrimmage Friday

'I Sanford went 2 for 3 to lead The second game of the!
Noegel's Auto The win No- >OTIIHIO- TIIH ri.-Hl.MT'
matched ooodman'sGulf
In Thursday night' games night Police strengthened ,
Dept I With" Notlri- Is hereby irlvun Hi tHftitboartl
one-half in the annual Senior, termlne for I tin big
ria. Pest Control upset; Garden egel's game game Conner Insurance both its hold on first place In the starters Air Llne itallr..n"1.
Restauuiit 7-6 but had to go front of Garden with two teams undefeated going Into Bantam Boys League by whip- Game just around the) Corner, showdown: with the I>tenlon MAYOR'S COURT a fine of $2750 or fire day Company will file an appll..,,
left In the 1st half BHS football practice June 2, The Senior Game pits lion with/ the Florida PuhlHnrvko "
games the game. Conner won the spring; in Jail.
11 Innings to pull It off Pest ping second place BPOE 10-2 Commission on fay J II.
Control playing their best Standings: Noegel's Auto. game 9-4 even though being\ In a game placed May 18. sessions are "finally beaming: next years' varsity squad Nine cases most :of them Gladys Sims voluntary intoxication ll'67. or an soon, therenfti ,w
9-2 Garden. 9-3 Pest Con- look to the seniors' ; five poitHlbli. for autborlf/ t" ,illicontinue -
game of the season out hit the : outhlt 12-7. Carolyn Dyal had The League leaders jumped to good" according against graduating for drunkenness call1.before fined $27.50 or the n"na..n"y+ Mtuti. "i inml
Restaurant boys 17-13. At the'I trol' 3-8: Register Oil. 2-13. 2 hits for Conner while Bar- on BPOE pitching In the early Head Coach David nurse from the 1966-67 State Champion Mayor Carl Hurst In Mayor's days In Jail. retire the 15-rnr team i ti.... "
Schedule "Practice looked bter today team. .at Will I tor il. ailchrlnt I'011111'
Wlngfleld voluntary
: bara Masters had 2 for Good George
end:!, of the regulation 7 InnIngs stage of the (fame and had 6 Court Tuesday night: Klorl'lnJiittoil'' .
the score was tied 6-6 Thursday, May 25 -Registervs man'a ,Oulf. one of them a runs on the Scoreboard after LTuesday] than It has all In this Friday's scrimmage Eddie Lee Allen disorderly! Intoxication fine of 2750 or and posted thin t I.Hi.,
teams oegel.]); 7:30; Florida>: Pestvs Name run over the center field spiing. Our blocking and other the "red" team will Include: five days. day/ of May. 10U7.HoHbmird .
and the played on even the first 2 Innings. They then conduct by doing bodilhaim, Air Lino Railr..n6Company .. ..'
Garden 9 fundamentals definitely Plenn Andy :Jlayton Shabe Franklin
p. ra. fence. are Gnann voluntary
terms until the 11th inning added Icing on the cake in the forfeited bond of $2'1,50.
Pest Control then scored one Standings: Conner 4-0. Goodman 6th inning getting 3 more Improvlnsr/'sald Hurse.' Mike Mitchell. Jim Shuford. A. W. DuPiee. voluntary' intoxication intoxication sentenced to a IJV C II Cook
run and held Garden scorelessIn Conner Takes/ 3-1: Biggs 1-2; Kentucky runs Five Police playtis each In issuing one of his first Robbie Smith Steve Crawford sentenced to a fine fine of $37,50 or to seven daysin Its Superintendent H VISA

the last Inning to win. Tom Fried Chicken 1-2: Crews 0-4, had 2 hits with McKinney, optimistic statements of the Charles Smith Donnie Elder of $2750 or five days In jail. Jail.

llardin of Pest Control led all InWomen's Schedule: Ollve.and Flynn rapping doubles spring session, the head mentor Mike Norman Sonny Norman. Frances P Haynes voluntary Calvin Lam. voluntary Intoxication numlflml. Ad In the TELEGRAPI4 -
batters, getting 5 hits for 6 i Top Spot Monday May 29-Conner vs Olive and McKinney was I Indicated that tha lugged Bill Belote. Tex Patrick, John Intoxication sentenced to fined $37.50 or sev brings reeelts.&ome .
practice schedule which has Wal'1l11n. J Roy Chastccn and
times at bat. Tom Clark and KPC. 8 p. m. again the pitching combo for
Chuck Hall had 3 for S for the LoopIn Friday June 2 -Crews vs Police allowing only S hits reduced" the varsity squad to Buddy Trawlck,
about 25 members" is stalling The "white" team will Include -
Garden. Conner 7:30: Biggs vs Goodman Kent Oraudon went all the
to off In &the. battle against Ronnie Grlggs. Bill Bu-
Koegel's Auto had no trouble the 1st game Friday 8::45. way for BPOE and was touched pay :
defeating Register Oil In the night May 19, Biggs Gulf wo for 11 safeties Rhoden and inexperience.An by. Ralph Morgan John Tor- to
ode, Willie Coen. Allen Crawford -
second game getting a 12-0 their 1st game by nBaldwin Leads Oiaudon had 2 hits each intei'squad scrimmage Dennis
Crews Sunoco 10-4. In the second game South- session is scheduled for Friday Scotty
Hall. Gene Melvin Reggie
Girls League ern record by Discount downing Improved Lawtey its at 7:30: p. m. A "white" vs Flynn. Larry Mercer Jerry, .GhevronjSland!

I II Recreation 12-0. The 4th Inn- "red" battle, it will help de- Olbbs and Stanley Crj\\foid I

BIGSELECTION After two weeks of play. ing was the big one for Dis- I .... ,
_- I Baldwin Chevrolet leads the count as they came up with '1 a e, tP'
I league with a 2-0 record. On big runs and 7 of their 10 hits Third Annual Invitational Softball

I Tuesday May 16. Baldwin Bob Dyal pitched and batted
trounced Starke Builders 3111. this team to victory, allowing
1 k i" S wu
Carol Reddish led Baldwin at only one hit, a double by Tourney Opens Here Friday NightThe ; I"., s
OFWATCHES 4 the plate getting 5 hits for 6 Chuck Norton while collecting Lkk; +tr

times at bat. 3 doubles himself. Earl Wilker- I

YC. In Thursday. May 18, game son hulled for Lawtey and 3rd Annual Btaikr Invitational game on the high school field

Just Baldwin Chevrolet had their gave up 10 hits.Monday's Softball tournamentwill At 10:30: Gainesville will meet
hands full as they downed an games were post be held In Starke Friday the winner of Peiry-Ormond

S Arrived I improved Jackson Building poned because of rain and will Saturday and Sunday, May Beach game on the new field!,I i 't a
I Supply 3121. lindav Crews be played at a later date. 26. 27 and 28. The tourney while Sanford will take on the a. Kl
and Cherrle .McRae led Jack-' Schedule: games will be played on two winner of the Jacksonville Fire
CHAD GIFT FOR A CIIAND GRAD) I son with 3 hits each while Thursday May 25-BPOE vs fields-the BHS diamond and DeptGarden Restaurant

Sharon Howell and Carol Red- Lawtey 5 D. m.; Police vs the new softball' field on the contest on the High School
-r dish got 4 each, for the winners Southern Discount 6:30.: old Conway Airport.
FAMOUS\ MAKES\ Monday, May 29Sothern First game of the tourney field.The games wll continue

I Schedule: Discount vs Lawtey. 5 p. m. will begin at 7:30: p. m. on the through the day with the

: Thursday May 29: -Baldwin Police vs BPOE 6:30: new fle'd. matching Noegel's latest starting at 10 p. m. Saturday : ,, ,
Chevrolet vs Starke Builders 8 Standings: Police Dept.. 4- Auto of Staike against St. night Semi-finals of

95up p. m, 1. BPOE. 3-2; Southern Dis- Augustine. The second game the tourney will begin Sunday ,; ...,
Tuesday. May 30- Jackson count, 2-3; Lawtey, 14. on the same field at 9 p. m. aftemon at 1-30: with the -ii...<.'-._.. !
Building Baldwin, a p.m. 'will send Jacksonville PRAC championship game set for tL'\ t n
Standings: Baldwin Chev. AppointiveClerk nvalnst Jim Se Bob of Oimond : I ,,'.J .

K 2-0; Starke Builders 1-1; Beach 3:30.Buddy's team of Ta'lahassee -
'' Jackson Building 0-2 And Chief Two games at 10.30: will end is rated as the tourney .

Topic At RotaryThe the Friday. ,night activity. favorite with Garden Restaurant r'Put

I IOI American Legion At the High School field: who this past weekend that}hung Ito spirit in your car. hill up with Clieoratfgasoline. Get all the

"pros and con of an Perry Spoitcraft will play Or- placed 2nd in the Jacksonville tni/eage and fannum eyour lama c ifoigtieil to deliver It's wat/ing/hryoH at tfft ..
SPECIAL Baseball Practice upcoming: referendum to make mond Beach Optical and on tourney. rated! as a strong red and blue Chevron pump That' Cheiruit LLnitl south oftlu Standard stgtu .
I Starts Monday the offices of city clerk and the new field. Starke Garden contender Also tabbed as
REG. $7.9.; HOYS AND GIRLS will Jackson-
Restaurant meet
chief of police appointive positions teams to watch are Sanford,
American Legion Baseball were outlined at the ville's Best The Fire Dept. Perry, and Jacksonville Fire
WATCHBANDS 4.QO practice will begin Monday. Rotary Club Wednesday by The schedule will pick up Dept. K. G. DUNCAN, Agent I STANDARD I

May 29, at 7 p. m. at the BHS Councilman Nell Tucker. Saturday morning at 9 with There will be no admission
diamond.All Having the Jobs appointive Tltusvllle meeting the winnerof fees to the tournament games Starke Fla. OIL 1

boys between the eges of would place full responsibilityfor JacksonvlUe-Ormond Btach but donations to help cover
dOME SEE OUR TREMENDOUS SELECTION OF 16 and 19 who are Interestedin operation of the City in expenses of the event will be
GRADUATION playing this summer are the hands of the Council appreciated *raAm" -.m rumoN ma rucvuow/ .tmm&eonmam. ,MHMMO" ML oonmir tcetiaoISrABUSHFD
CHARMS urged to attend Practice! sessions rather than In one Individual Three Charges

will be held on Monday. Tucker _Id. He also pointedout .'
LARGE SELECTION OF Tuesday, and, Thursday of that the city charter designates Placed Against
each week. the Council as the' '

THE GRADUATE AT LOW PRICES The American Legion program city's legislative body, invented I Lawtey YouthThree "104Bodcocfcb $Cl] DOWN DELIVERS
under the supervision; of with the responsibility for its

.*. SI'EIDEL WATCH BANDS LADY IJUXTON the Parks and Recreation De- efficient operation. U

AND LORD BUXTON BILLFOLDS partment and Harold Davis Ha said the operation of the charges were placed< ,1Nttt'.4 B47flTTTTT17f1'e ddi* /lM4'fl4.tlMI t f
is against a Lawtey youth Clifford y
will manage the team. city now "big business 'I
.*. BRITISH STERLING with annual receipts Ersley Norman 18, In an
& A WILL GET DEflKtK: : nearing the million dollar I accident< on US 301 Saturday, I' t ::
.*. FULL LINE OF IIIIS JEWELRY CLASS .'UOGEORGETOWN: mark. May 20 In which he left the j $10.00

RINGS "A qualified administrator Is scene
Marion Manning of 7003 needed for the efficient opera- Norman was charged with I TRADE-IN
Westmoreland St. Starke, la tion of the City's business," Improper change of lane by
Charm Bracelets Engraving Free among 1,400 students scheduled Tucker said. Florida Highway Patrolman p 0 I ALLOWANCE
for graduation on June 5 W. E. Sundberg- when hU 1937
Under the heading of "con. 1 1 For Yow Old IMMIO 1
from Georgetown University Tucker said opponents of the Ford was hit in the rear after pees Matt_ .oj
SAVE BIG .- Buy Your Gifts From Washington; D. C. She Is appointive clerk and chief Norman changed traffic lanes,' Box Spring .. tttfPurchat
'scheduled to receive a DDS argue that If this Is done then and apparently slowed down. .! Aaf
degree from the School of three members of the Councilcan The Ford was struck In the mvUnM ,

Wit/t&ms Jewelry I Dentistry. Founded In 1789 "team up" to dominate the rear by a 1960 Plymouth statlon [I II -. tfOARDlfSSQiCONDIIIOrt
!la' the oldest Catholic I driven Llllle !
Georgetown city government _. also that wagon by 'I 1
university In America. the clerk and chief will have Mae McQueen Milton 46, of I' US;

10: "play politics" in order to Jacksonville Tr Made In Our Own
All four persona In the two f FactoryBy Experts
keep their Jobs. .. ....
"' '
He answered these objections vviiAvitMi escaped injury' The Unconditionally Guaranteed ":-
i three-council accident occurred at 8:13: p.m.
by Baying that a
six-tenths mile] south of Law- .
I man team-up is already pos tey on U.S. 801. r DadaK.k ) THRIFTYANN '
sible, under the present setup

I and would not be any more operating Norman was motor charged vehicle with y Mattress has 180 coil unit. 3 OJ:. sisal pad rolled $27951

likely under the proposedchange. without a driver's license edge,and woven tick 60 coil box spring.
In. regard to "playingpolitics & w
leaving the scene of an accident !
I Tucker said 'that persons : F

,, I with elective Jobs must lane, He and turned Improper into change the of Badcockb NEW YORKER ;

j i b.political conscious Implications at all., and times must of the Plymouth as It was pathof attempting .: '- 252 Coil Mattress, 3 OJ:. sisal pad, FlexoTator' 'S 3 9 9)-

T ; take time from their Jobs to to pass him. Damage \ pce-built toped edge order h"...tufted 80. -

4 k;: ". campaign' during elections. to the estimated front of at the$15O Plymouthwas and toNorman's \ coil box spring.' =-

He said that If the referendum -
4s approved by the voters', Ford l at $73.. Badcock'SlUMBEICQUEEN':

at an election to be held In
j I I June, he will recommend that 3 Escape 403 Coil mattress, Polyskin pad, Ffexofator.' pre- $4995';

I the Council set up a standardof I \ built taped edge border. Hiftleu odor rojhtan .
'' qualifications for the Jobsto Injury In 10 coil' box spring.
::1'1 prevent any Council, present 1 t
'. It r s'' 7i r: or,future persons.from hiring unqualified 301 WreckThree -. BLidCOCk7Famous. _'

i!$ 1 d aYes I At the end of Tucktr's discussion '' ,- QUILTED QUEEN
R. A. (Lex) Green persons escaped Injury _, r
h Jrsi ,4 1 li* rspflna Mattress sr Mafdiiaj' .u -
3 aid the matter was controversial last Wednesday, May 17, when w Sfriasj ..A 110 s
252 Coils be Mettle ,
'..l i h I and not'a suitable topic a car driven by Lawton H. 1 a u' fe :3 S 2 Coik in Ba>iprinaj -

for a Rotary program He said Flourney, 42, Jacksonville t .:30*.SIM!PaddingFloalalar ...-
"there Is no reason why we smashed into the rear of another ..'ol lY SAM Sah Sdn. S.3.9U"o'.9. a.-
vehicle 2.3 miles northof % r Y .n label Side
.' should divest the people of ;..
; .a H"Foam toper
\ their right to make decisions"for Starke on U.S..301. + e I IU...C.ltanf.lrbuar -_
c. these offices., and picturedthe Floumey was charged with 1 sf ."r.- / Taped Idg...rderF .
Have you 'ever thought of the appointment of a clerk anda following too closely by Flor F Tvftl.M Foam Tap r
chief of police as "a further ida Highway Patrolman O C. $1.00 DOWN D171YlkS'UNCONOITIONALLY
things'you could do with the drift' ,toward Socialism." Garrett He struck the rear of GUARANTEED IACH_P1ECIOUILTED _
1963: Buick sedan driven by
a w QUEEN "
time you could saVe if you Raymond< Clarence West, 67, r' e 3 PC. KING SIZE CcmpUl SET
KOTII: UK TttN 54LF of Palm Harbor Fla. Neither /. /
wrote or asked us RIGHT NOW >itl Elise
West hIs ,
the Ire free bankingbymailforms 19 nunn. at community, center. B. West 60 of Palm Harborwas AVAIUMI SO"tOlOtHMMHT n '
for I
our Town of Br..k.r. County of '
Iiradford. Slats of Florida. tax hurt .. aBOniOMM MRCI .. { r S.
so that in good weather Lot T. I. e. 10 of Damage to each car was -, ... ... >
Ink S In Ward estimated< at $2 O.

and bad, you could I T-ot City a In Blk 11 ,! Both vehicles were traveling I Qodcockb Deluxe FOAM BEDDINGOnly -- :
ttrookerBWV north on U.s. 301 in the outside -
of NW% Pert lane of the four-laned tt
Range /
Townahlp 7 8 road. Flourney driving a 1967 Noun."it..-u....In Ow HA _
overtook the ,*-K' >AM MAITtISS ,
Chevrolet simply
uU certificate will h. anti on rww.n we.sla, V "*
the fojlowlnir d..rlb" land to Buick and struck It In the Clv.k.f.....Ia,.>Infra firm
pay. th.set amount opposite duo the for nametc.Hclhtr lahprcln ...., rear, the trooper said, .Tfat t.cI he Tnpkal'Fk.>iUaKATUKSt lUX 1-FOAM '49 59"i'i'Y

I / with all meta of such '59" 69" -x-31 N -
Kiln end .all sdes.rlsrng. .0_
A. V Mc-lhivlcl. 111''.10 TBE KIOIIT POINT for the .-....... HARV-I-FOAM (Rag.) '89'. 99es ;; ,j a
V. J. linear 110.41A -k.J .. l
h' McOavM |216.ft wrU Come In :-.t..:"r cuae-rya:., ARV-I-FOAM f firm) '99' 'I 19" .cafe (,5 ;
: / Rummy to:. C..... Town Clark the way you .Le>.H. 4to __
B ,,4 1 N K JIT, STA. 1 R ICE Town of Brook favorite ES-
HradCorii( County, Fla. and your

One of 30 Banks of the Florida National Group i TERBROOK fountain pen. LOWEST PRICES ;a... .

Adjustable Vinyl Book
Member Federal Insurance Corp. Cever. All sizes 10 cents ea.. TELEGRAPH: 12* S. Walnut St Phone 9fi-t-5289 ;
Deposit I .
at Tb Telegr+yb. Herman Willis Owner Dill Wilson Manager '-




-L -.-- _
11 ----u---w-- --
V.- __VfN'- --- ju -
\ "

F t


nf Still Un, ItMnwn. 23 East lying/ East! of Uy: /Virginia' .K DuruyUuputy .
nl I Town
01 Pearsall. Ronnie Hlnson. Hobble ------- -- Until! t((1 I "Cuiinlv Floiltia'' I tlut) Oiltflnul\
vvyy vyvVVVVVYVVVYYVYV spent Thursday and Fildny ,, of said' Fractional Lot Three und 1 Clerk
I 1.1 I Ol# Untie A.M. on the Hint Fiorina aa MIIIIIU appears .
I last week In Cedar Key fishing. Lee Hines Randy Brown. daif,. Mav 1IMI7 the followingdofl record. In th> urront I ptibllo between laid. Lot Three and (Circuit Com t.Seal)
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Home I David Meng, Marty Meng. i"I.I <.d l 'piupi' 'rlv Mttinte In records. .of laid Bradford County cnurch Street all In the City Thomas A Pierce
Hindi..til.', i'nun. ,I tv. Flo-rldn) t'- I Klorlda.'. : alaii nil I I Hint P"'r- of Bturlin. Florida.. 803-5 North Tempi. AvinlleHtnrkv
several days visiting relatives Timmy Elland. Susan Dyal. 11107. Florida 3 1 2!>H1
spent \ d I I tiiin. < r I the NoN.I h Wt I nunriir" Dated thin IKth day of May ,
in South Carolina.] Debbie Jo Koby L&vcrn OUt- : -- If, or the A"II'nMIU..I'.r\ ofSiillnll C'HAItl.KH: A. DAKUYPlirk Aitorneyl for. Phln.rrH
Tin) "I'
tv nxii.it i l.i I i I.i I it; )1p | .'.."rI Il25
By Mrs. William.* .. I It. TO"Mh':> II i HilUlh, nf Huld ('i rc'u II
Mary ,
Those from Hampton thai law. Nancy Suggs. Katie ck fMf-) { 1 1)> HH |i.'i |pint! | of

will be graduating this year Thomas and Barbara Rhoden
A.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* I are: Charles Hinson. WendY Johnnie: Hawkins went along

Mr. and Mrs. Gene DRY and Hill. Connie Klrchalne Ronnie as group leader.

sons and Mr. Howard Hill were Dyal. Barbara! Johnson. Den- .
visiting Mr. and Mrs. D. EX nis Roark, Billy Meng Law .99999.....vvvcvvvvvLAWTEY

Hill last wetk. rence Meng. and Ardel Bran-

Mrs. Walter Rhoden and nen all from Bradfor.l High
Linda Rhoden were visiting and Tony Kennan from Gainesville I.
the 7'(00 P.M.: T1JJofoI.I.: .W 30 1067 -
relatives in Georgia over i High. -51 J
weekend. Donnie Williams returned The eighth grade of Brad- By Enza BliuirhardAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 5.. and h.ar /Mr L*. Gowrl.y dvmon I
Initollatlon e'' ceramic tile, vinyl' I
with them for a visit. ford High went to Potters International .5.05.
and vinyl aibaXai Hoof 11.1 Gal pro'S
George and Howard Young Hall of Fame and ,.. ..
lanal .llon.
'. an **r la your .
moved to Waldo hvst week Visiting Mrs O. J. Phillipson ,
the Castllllo De San Marco in about .Ucllon and U.. ol doian. af
Mr and Mrs L. A. Hall are I St. Augustine last week Those Sunday were Mr, and Mrs. products!

visiting In South Carolina for from here were: Phyllis Orlf- Felman Redd and children of
Marjn Ga.. Mr. and Mrs Cole- CERAMIC
several weeks. fin Donna Faye Crawford: FREE!
Mrs T. F. Brown Mrs. K. B. : David Ernest. Ouy Haddock man Phillips and children of WALL TILE
Lake City and Mr. and Mrs Officers Installed and necessary accassorlss' for ,' a
Watterson. Mrs. Mary Watter- Stanley Jones. Sherry Norman VFW for'
9' Bathroom.
RsgUtor at store
son and Mrs. Leola Schulthorp' Rosslyn Johns Everett James Phillips and family or< drawing...
Starke. Offlrert of thi. n..w'F'"' i\>.t.riuiof' ForeignViir*)

Mack Harrell of Gainesvillewas last night l hy> Albert. J.AlluniH .
-- ---- font 8058 were Installed Thundny I

DeWitt C. Jones Funeral Home I and Mrs.a Friday A. D.visitor Dobbs.of Mr. above. nr of ((from j1 lnt"\. left III"),: 6th DlstrU-t DIstrict Conuullnd..rlIum.('.....n11\I1".r. Pictured.., Paul W: IE E S T i

STARKE PHONE 964-6200 i, W. J. Wise of Opp Ala. Is Baldwin Post. Commander Only. ttt Wait will you i... tuck swings an .o much wall. known .. .......
Vies Commander Doug
Canova. Senior ; .
: spending some time with his --' -- nan). brand marchandital' Complata v.rloty satisfaction .rsuit..4
; I'eter .lolinnon. Trustee; anti AVulter. Vf, "''Not null -
son and daughter-in-law, Mr. -
I, and Mrs. Ralph Wise and family. District Chaplain.' cash & carry :

Other officer not In photograph HI'[ : .1. B. IColcmim, .
_ _
Rental Service Mrs. Bill Powell of Winter Junior \lce Commander; JilTs I'ouell QniirtvrniitMter; Surgeon '

I Park has returned to her home jot, n."hdvoe..t.; .,, A. I.. Crosby Jr.; and Trustee, JiillunMcKae. [ BUILDINGMATERIALS I
Mrs. John Brown.
CRUTCHES The. new Post alsoot >l..trlet meeting hereIn
Cindy Dobbs spent the Complete With Grill

part of the week with her November.Regular '

sister and brother-in-law Mr. meeting. are held on the first and third Thiimdnj .- LIMITED TIME ONLY! COMPARE THE FEATURES!

and Mrs. D. E. Nolan, and ...t at 8 p.m. In the display room at Bitlduln. Chevrolet Co. fi

T"1'8 Our Business family In. Jacksonville. On Sun The n.>w poNt IOU 40 im'nibcnt lit the preiwnt time.
GLASS her home Alum. 5crAenDoo'r
day they brought

and spent the day with the ----- ,

"It It's Glass W. FIaT It" Ducks. U.S. Service, was on weekend 1f! !! ;- '. .' |
Mr. and Mrs. R. Ei.ee were 2'8" or S'O" ,
of brother
Sunday visitors her .. '
ANY GLASS NEED Pfc( Jerry Yates arrived S I 0 RETAIL CASI4&CARt! '
A ___ and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. home Monday from Vietnamto _
We Design Modern Store Fron I David Peterson in Jackson attend the funeral of his : PRICE I "fl6U3L\

Just Mall\ Us A Pattern Foe ville.W. S. Crews of Jacksonville stepfather, Henry Allen and HEAVY CUAGE ALUMINUM EXPANDER FRAME AND ADJUSTABLE
to be with the for
family a
.- Table TopsSHEA'S I was visiting: his parents, Mr. few days. I BOTTOM EXPANDER TO INSURE PROPER FIT KICK PLATE *COMPLETE .

I and Mrs. Pierce Crews, on Friday Those from out of town at- : u WITH PNEUMATIC DOOR CLOSER AND PUSH BUTTON LATCH


GLASS CO Mr. and Mrs. Charles eral Tuesday afternoon Included

I (Chuck) Moore of Lake City Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hewitt WOOD SCREEN RETAIL.7.95 REC.-M "0. KKTUL: s.** REG. 6.20 I

were visiting: Mr. and Mrs. and daughter, Mrs. Louise
1313 N.W.4th PI. Gainesville, Fla. Phone FK2-4353 W. F. Moore and Micky on Turner, and Chris, of St, 2'.8"8" 33'.O" "'.8" j

Sunday. Chuck, who is in the Augustine, Mrs. Lillie Qualfe DOOR SALEPRICE S 439 SALE S 469

... of Topeka Kan., Mary Cole PRICE 1

_.5AIII ---.:-.-.r ,- ...- ''AJACKSONVilLE of Palatka and Mr and Mrs. .. .. .. ... . :. .. :.
"U==55E "
r- i | I Johnny Purvis, and Mr. and .. ., _.__ ,' .-_ 1L1.-r _. I
Mrs. Dwight Per vis. of Jack.
sonville. 6-0 x 6-8 3V2 JAM D :- -.--



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Air Force Academy1Jack
Zenith Motorola Ford Tractors
Includes Hardware & Screen FLAT SCROLL $3.95

General Electric "South'. Most Complete Commercial and Portrait NEWSA I F. McComb Jr.. son of
"Zoo Get A Good, .DM At- Ford Dealer"Guaranteed Photography dance will be held at. the Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McComb of $

Reconditioned .I Frames &: Custom Framing Reno Recreation Center start- Starke. Is among the more 'IC \ FLAT LEAF $5.95

F. O. MILLER Tractor 1958 ing at 8:30: p. m. Saturday, than 500 cadets:: In this year's CORNER LEAF 9.95 '
((90 BlandJnr Blvd. \
Every Tool Known to Farming 27.
; May
U. S. Air Force Academy graduating -
:;,: _
71.,,_*RM Plm*....Did-- JacksonvlUa 3841464PIANOS In the first round of play in class. He will iccelve Newel Post $1.25 ea.

JackaoDvl l. JacksonvilleFord _ _ the Midget League Baseball., his bachelor of science degree / Floor .65
the Raiders are In first place and be commissioned a second i L Flange ea.
: Servlce- Tractor Co. with 4-2 record. The :Bombers I I '
Auto_ _Sales_ _& _ a lieutenant in the US Air '4 USE FOR PATIO OR .PORCH
are second with 3-3. The Force on June 7.
St. E. of Lane j
LAN DROVER Raiders are coached'' by A. Cadet McComb majored In
For Musical\ Advice Oieen, while Ivory Hull Is International affairs and was I .1 -

C. CARTER NICE coach for the Bombers.In named to the Dean's List forhis '
The World's Finest In. the first round of the academic excellence. He BERGLAS I FAST

4 Wheel Drive HOMES: USED ....,..... Bantam, League the Blue! Jays has been selected for pilot BEATTHEHEATI

Sold and Serviced by _ _ _ nf5 9 are in first place with a 4-2 training at Moody AFB Geor ATTICFANS HEATINGWATER D
Roberto' Chevrolet i d\1C\ 1,. e dvlu.slJ record. The Yanks are second PANELS
Green Cave Springs S033JackM J. & J. Swap Shop .:- .. .. .ot .',*",- -" with 3-3. These teams are McComb Is a 1963 ,
>nvtIle 264-9600 coached by A. Green and J. graduate of Bradford High

USED TRAILERS Established 1948 Rulse. School where he lettered! In| COOL COMFORTABLI AND COLORFUL! [ HEATERS '

Chlck rlng A Games! will be played' every football. i J 30 I INCH I
I lEE P Campers from 8' 20'other Name Branai Tuesday Wednesday. and I
26".96" 26".120"
Mobile Homes 32' 55' ELECTRIC
"Vehicle* Trades Bank Financing PIANOS CONN ORGANS Thursday afternoon startingat PANELONLY $425 $S.30 $4395 $3465
20U l
S> Jeep> Wagoneer Station 2631 Park Jacksonville 388-8510 4:30. ers 26"xl44"
Director Jackson Is gratefulfor Lee Proctor of the $6.37 1
21. Orange Park Johnny 3OGALGAS
Wagons Hrwy.
Jeep Universal* TeL 2646324MOTORCYCLES participation at the games. Keystone Heights section en- $42.95RiCH

.t Jeep Gladiator Trucks _ _ Parents and interested fans listed last week and will leave COLORS RETAIN THEIR HUE EVEN
S Authorize Service \PICTURE FRAMES are Invited to attend'and enjoy Saturday for recruit 'mining I AFTER YEARSI SELECTION OF COLORS! GLASS-LINING AND I

Approved ParU the fun.SCHOOL. at Parris Island S. C. STEEL"S3
S 4 Wheel. Drive 2 Wheel _ _ _ -- NEWSBaccalaureate Jerry Davis Jr .of Lawtey
Drive activity will enlisted May 18 and will leave FIBERGLAS

EDDIE BLAND HONDA SPILLERS'MOTORS be held' Sunday, June 4, at for Parris Island 911 August 15.I'
9:30.: The message will be delivered After eight weeks of basic I INSULATION

Inc. GALLERY by Rev. W. Don Pel-- training they will travel to I I W ISKS AWAY COOKING ODOR

658 ,Yo ADAMSJ&CK80NVIIXK MOTORCYOLK Picture Framing Oil ham. Class Night will be an the Marine Corps Base at I \. UHWIDTH.KPAJTBACK, i\H\ A FLASH! MIAMI CAREY
event of June 5 at 8 m. PTAwill V <
: 354-7751 LLL JoroDJIUS: p. Camp Lejeune. N. C. for four a. THICK! $352
Merchants Green Stamp Painting: Graphic Arts meet at 7:30: on June 7. more weeks of advanced Infantry Y : : :: 70 so FT. 1 RANGEHOODS
The Band Concert will be held
Parrish Motor Open 8 AM. 7 P.M. Unframed Pictures In the cafe- training. .........1.i1t.;; ..................................'..
at 8 p. m. June 7, Upon leaving Camp Lejeune,
Tues., Wed. Thurs., Frl.
torium. Commencement will the> new Marines will be given I FITS 54" AND 60TUBS.TOP QUALITY
1045 Park St.-In Five Point
Sat. 8 AM. 6 P.M.
.ALJM!: Open be held at 8 p. m.. June 8. with a 20-<10.1 leave at home and I

BBBVICB Closed Sunday& Monday Ja\ 35.1-8551 Dr. William A. Smith as will receive orders :directing| TUB ENCLOSURE J ? 1 : $1859

FABTM MOTORS A CYCLES _ _ speaker. them to a formal school for ,: 4300
BIRTH AND SHOWERRtv. further technical training or .............. ...................... .****. .. ... SERIES

83 T an A* A Dealer 4949 Blandlnz Blvd. SEWING CENTER and Mrs. Levy Lennon to one of the many Marine VINYL ASBESTOS ? liTH.4'Vr1"4 >* I

Alwayw Ooc4 Uaed Can Jacksonville 771-8244 _ _ _ are happy to announce the: recent posts for on-the-job training. |OECORITE PORCH AND FLOOR]
birth of a daughter, Rosalind More than 400 job specialties ,
.21 Lanr St. Jacluonvlllt
Phone 868-6684\ H. & N. County, Anzenette Hospital. In Bradford are available to new Marines. FLOOR TILE

BEAUTY ACADEMY MUSIC SEWING CENTER They are grateful to the -, 'j S5 GAL $409 !
Missionary Department of St. INVITATION: TO BID rt il:: : $ .
Church of Lake HYSTATR : Y/:lc. ...................
American 1967 Singer James AME PimrHASINOt'OMMHMION 9"x9".SQUARE 'Jr.: .J. LONGLASTINGALUMINUM'-
Butler and Allen Chapel AME 12"x 12" 1>. .,'
.: -
Paulus Music Co. \ AIIASHKR, KIX1RIDACompetitive SCREEN WIRE
Hairstyling Auto Zig Zag Church. Macclenny. for the Si>...lml Rlfl will b. SQUARES r. J.
shower and many gifts for the i received by the Hint. FMirrhmilnffCninmlHRlon. ALSO AVAILABLE 100-fT L 99 24
Academy Band& String XnatnimanU Like New baby.CHURCH. until 10:00) A,MKDT $ JL JL INCH
new ROLL
on ilnte' hown for the .
21 W. MONROE Gibson Guitar Jb AmpUf1enJACKSON'JLLE NEWS nli-.- of mirpltm property, LOW, LOW ........s................
School .Instruction Console Model makes fancy designs _.
83 -9391 Supplies- Juno 11, 1)67! Pin. Oumnil ,
Roberta Recorder niank. rnnriltlnn and np d-
stitches monograms Church. Rev L. A. Sampson r't'n' tlon. may obtained from .
Music Library Exp rt overcasts, sows on buttons pastor. Men's Day will be observed the Hint* Purrhnmnir' Commlnnlon. ,[ DISHWASHER
RiversideHairstyling Urn I la, William H. R'o' ,..
Repair Department ONLY
make 'button holes A blind starting with Sunday hum Building' Tallahamwo., Flor. GETS DlSHIS $ .. ""I! 35
stitches. No attachments School at 10 a. m. Willie Sear- ida. S5.9J STilHLICLIAN ..... 4 Jj.
41 W. Monroe St. .
\1 I J DayKxmutlve --
cy Is! chairman for the program ---- -
Academy Jacksonville 335-8447 Demonstrator $64 or $6 per Director
and all captains are 5/25 Jt 6/1
2639 PARK ST. S310 Beach Blvd. mo. Call Jax 771-1S50: asked to please contact members THIS QUALITY BUILT-IN IS MANUFACTURED EXCLUSIVELY FOR WEST *Y MODERN MAID.

JACKSONVILLE 388-8337 JacksOnville 898-3091 II- & N. Sewing Ctr. of their group and Inform IN; TUB rmr'tMT rornT FOR

Accredited each of his or her activity In n.t.\"l"nnn. AOTTONPA8B roi'NTY. FLOUFDAflVllj

Qualified Instructors making this affair a success. NO 54 OVEN and

Modern Styling The Church of Clod: In W If. JO.NBS: and QRAYDONIOVK.S. RANGE$12995
WESTERN STORE : Cn-Admlnlmratora' of the
Monthly Classes OPTICIAN _. Unity Elder S. M, White pastor Kiitat' of Emma Pearce Hill
\Vbere tomorrow' .tyll.tare held baptism services at n...n>*..<1. ...- THIS
trained" Butler last Sunday. Eight Plaintiff, .a'
LITTLE DUDE persons were baptized from TH() f\R TK')NA'.n M"O-fNF.-, :
',., Western Store '.
Baldwin. A large crowd attended ItofAndantfl.OI: "*
Peavy Brother from Baldwin Max- ""011"0.\0"1 "'01'I.IIII'n.11.1'1 : 3330 N. Waldo Road-Gainesville- -Phone 3762604Ocala
//cortssior-AL\ OPTICAl You'll Find Brery- ,
"Where '
Ralford. Lake Wal-
vllle City.
4 Electric Co. COMPANYPrescriptions thing For the Hoi** Starke. Notice. In hereby Klven pur- A 1234 S. Orange Ay*.-.629-7967 Jacksonville 130: S.Ed ge wood .\_.-388-0373
do and .. .. of for.-
ELECTRIC MOTORS Enthusiast"5o348erv1cedReDa1red JOIN MARINESTwo uant i-lomire tn dated a Final May D rr 19. 197. and Orlando 150 \V. Michigan Ave_241-5441 Penwcola 100 East: Blount-138-0373

Filled Western Clothing -Leathergoods. entered In the aboVe ..tyled'auNe. EmHWEST Tampa. 8306 N. 56th 620-7181 Jacksonville" 1143 Halne St--S33-0671
Broken Lenses Duplicated former students of RJE Madentbidder
Trailer I wl'l mil to the ]
OeneratOTh6t&rt C Artificial Eye. Saddle and High School have enlisted In for "."" at the Smith .
Altenttlona Charles & Sharon Petty of the BradfordBounty .
Front IJool
the Marine Corps it an-
Eyewear Specialists was
Armature Rcwindhur4M4 .02 So. Edewood! Aye I : ( Courthoua* In 8tark
ncunced Staff
213 Laura St. Jax 358-8503 yesterday by
Lenox Ave. 1034 Park St. Ja.. 854-8618 Jacksonville 384-1210 : Serreants Bill Blanj::! and Jim TELEGRAPH SATISFACTION I GUARANTEED
J.cluK>nvlU 387-3928 OlllUrd. local Marine recruit-! A Classified Ad In the SAVE 20-50 I %
:. -;- .. = .-s. ,7" bring

1 I

i l i'S- -




,, ".... .-."'-- .. ........ .. .
I )": ; ,
1"J\ I( .. "!. ;'. \. _.11'" ."'. Berry MarketingMeet
1"r....:':';d .

t >} ':' '. TonightPlans NEWS And NOTES
t < for future marketingof For Today's Homemakers
Poverty Delinquency :; KoIJ.EG Bradford County's straw-
i ; berry crop will be discussed Ily Martha Sue McCain
tonight fThursday] at a meeting -
(The second in a series dealing with juvenile problems ,j of the Farmer's Market County Extension

in Bradford County.) ;f\,:,\ '" Advisory Committee. Home Economics Agent
Representatives of Ben-Starr
By Dave von Houser FSTffk1o Farms a corporation which t

opened the Lawtey market this --

Mary Ann Doe, age 11 months was which under today's standard of living CUCAil 'NI' past season for the first time HOME! CANNING out of order. It is easier to read

more dead than alive last March 7, would hardly clothe, feed, educate and it'' V in over 20( years, will meet Improved Methods Of Home than the gearless guage which
with the group. About half thecounty' Canning make it more enjoyable does not have markings to Indicate -
when a worried neighbor snatched her provide medical care for a child. But for the homemaker
f1 t'f berries last seasonwere pound of pressure.
from the back porch of her home and the important thing is that the money L-' shipped through the Law- preserve the natural goodness Petcocks and safety valves

funned her to Bradford County Hos is available to the prospective foster I tey market of foods. Foods spoil becauseof control the escape of air or

pital. parent. It reflects the county's concern 11'S YN "_ EJ The meeting is set for 8:30p : the action of yeasts, molds steam! from, a pressure canner

Mary Ann weighed 10 pounds Her and appreciation 'for the foster parent L Jn 'rl'LZ.L m.. at the Starke Farmer's bacteria and enzymes. In can- Keep Your Pressure CannerIn
ning, the homemaker
: Market. stops this Safe Working Order.
heart A Bradford to .. '
was falling and her kidneys had County family willing action by
processing food; with Take off removable petcocksand
flopped functioning. She could not sit foster a dependent child, must be pre- . 28 Road Deaths heat and protecting It with an safety valves and wash
up, turn over or lift her head. She pared to foot the entire bill. ...*. --= __ tJI airtight seal. The processing and dry thoroughly after each

didn't laugh or cry. It was as if Mary Another limitation facing Dr. Jennings : Predicted For time and temperature vary use. Occasionally soak these

Ann had instictlvely' learned that cry- in her efforts to successfully r \ Memorial HolidayThe with different kinds of food parts in vinegar to remove any
Ing consumed energy .- energy vital place a dependent child is what she corrosion.Use .
''to her dally struggle for survival. terms "a real flow" in the distribution A 4 Florida Highway Patrol Pack Hot. Some fruits and toothpick; pipe cleaneror
,1. vegetables are heated in a pan string to clean
predicts 28 persons will die on openings In
policy of the State Department of Pub-
Her stared 'before
into into
a packing
eyes vacantly Florida's streets and containersfor lid of the canner.
world that cardboard lic Welfare's aid to dependent children processing. This Is known Wash
was a box -- during: the Memorial Day holiday pressure canner thoroughly -
not a play pen; rags not gowma; allowance. period, starting at 6 p.m. as precooking.Pack after each use. Do not
stale! cracker not high-protein Often a neglected child'is taken Friday, May 26, until midnight Raw and Steam. Pack Immerse lid in water. Do not

pabulum and roaches not teddy from parents who receive welfare pay Tuesday May SO. raw In container, adding boll- use harsh scouring powders.To .
bears. Her ments (Which amount to $32 a month Memorial Day Is the first Ing liquid and set container remove odors and stains,
never changed, despitethe on rack In cooker to
steam. use of the
one following mixtures
big summer weekend and withIt -
per child with a maximum paymentto
commotion surrounding her; in the f kw ,E r l 4 comes the beginning of This heats the food before the and process at S pounds
one family of 985 a month ?
any container is ,
hospital She closed for
emergency room. may dangerous summertime traffic- processing pressure for 5 minutes.
have sensed ''that her suffering was to Under Welfare Department regulationsthese Col. H N. Kirkman, dicer- This method Is recom- 1. Juice of 1 lemon and :2 I

come to an end In one way or funds can be transferred .only lor of the Department of Pub- mended generally as retaininga quarts of water.

another but If so. It was not confided when to a greater extent than the and; 2 quarts of water
by her eyell.I The money cannot be paid to that, "Heavy weekend and
vacation traffic' Summer precooking method. 3. Handful of Irish potato(
I The gaunt features of that tiny 11- court-appointed"This foster parents- //T VTSTUDENTS/ + produces too many every accidents One-Step, cold-Pack. Pack peelings and 2 quarts of water.
often forces to
us place a
month-old face described a kind of ,; which result from haste, Impatience fruit or vegeatble raw In con- If the lid of a pressure can-
suffering a suffering seldom seen child with relatives In an environment. discourtesy, exhaus- tainer, add boiling liquid close ner that seals metal to metalIs

or even heard of in our land of plenty. usually little better than the one from tion and alcohol." Jar and process. This method difficult to remove or steam

You see :Mary Ann was starving to which he ca.me. simply! to insure that Al C t M'i-s "Baaed on previous records, requires less time and may be escapes, grease! the closing
r .f ';.", ? ,, used for certain foods
death. some funds are being received for the ; ++ we expect that an average of when surfaces with saltfree fat.

She spent three weeks under inten- child's care" Dr. Jennings said. one person will die in a traffic canned In glass Jars. If the canner lid is equipped
In her IS year of trying tor "make s crash every three hours during PROCESSING METHODSThe with a rubber gasket, keep lid
sive medical care at Bradford County 'It pressure canner method and gasket clean and free
Looks Good From The Outside But How the 102 hour long Memorial
ends meet" In the battle
Hospital. At first she had to be fed! Day holiday period," Kirkman necessary for processing all from grease
a liquid vitamin with an eye dropper for dependent children Dr. Jennings Do We Get In?" non-acid vegetables In orderto Never add cold water to a.

In minimum doses: to prevent her has relied upon charity civic said.With the hope that 'the prediction prevent possible spoilage hot canner. Guard against
stomach from bloating. and church organizations for major would prove to be andlor botulinum. Botullnum sudden cooling that might
assistance. FARMER'SThe wrong Kirkman concluded! by cannot be detected except In cause it to warp or crark.
Mary gradually regained health, DIARYto
The Starke Junior Woman's Club saying "You can live to en- extreme cases as the flavor Store'clean dry canner with
although doctors said her ordeal
that texture and odor are not nec- crumpled inside to
joy your trip and arrive home newspaper
had greatly impaired her chances fora provides emergency car. for dependent long drought was finally essarily affected. Boll all absorb
J let him win our affection safely If you don't try to go moisture and odors.
normal life. There was evidence. of infants; the Salvation Army sends the broken with showers starting but how do you shut' it too far too fast and abide by home-canned', non-acid veget- Wrap cover In paper and Invert -

permanent mental as well as physical county's dependent children to Camp Sunday night putting an end off when, a big tall wags a the laws. Keep up with the ables for 19 to 20 minutes in it on top of canner.:
damage. Keystone for a week each Bummer; the to one of the longest "dry little puppy and he looks up normal flow of traffic, don't an uncovered pan before tast- Check the dial guage on the

Mary Ann has a mother and father. Starke Jaycees and Salvation Army spells" on record here Things at you pleadingly? take chances passing. If you ing. Instructions in this article pressure canner at least once
sponsor a Christmas party; the She also, has an older brothel and! oust Woman's Society donates clothIng 'the rains came, and Governor see by the papers thata pull off to 'the aide and rest canner. canner Is used t frequently or If
:... -
sister of apparently healthier. Makeup Kirk had placed an scientist has learned that a or at least stretch your legs. Pressure saucepans of ade- lid is dropped or receives a
than she for they made It and! many other groups and Individuals emergency ban on the burningof single shot of alcohol changesa Don't let an accident mar your quate size and provided with hard knock. It the guase Is not

through Infancy under similar circum- have provided money, clothingand trash' or setting any other scrappy rooster Into a solicitous holiday happiness.. an indicator or guace, operating registering correctly, food

stances of neglect. At three and four temporary shelter for these children fires.over mo. .t of the state mother hen who Is care- accurately at 10 pounds might be either underprocessed
e ful with' her biddies. We pressure, may be used for canning or OVeryl'ocesaed.eA\ weighted
they can nsw forage for themselves.The Care
Doe Dr. Jennings has even had to appealfor Before the temporary rule wonder if he was conducting Outpatient p small amounts of veget {ruag reads only! to be cleaned!

family Is extremely poor. _help from Alachua. County's child against burning was put Into By Sam McGarvey\ an experiment, or If, as so Cost' Reduced: ables. thoroughly.
The father, a ,I bqrer. earns only about ffertO:.:?..w 'a number of often happens some of the PRESSURE CANNER CASNEMAVAII.ABLE
$::10 a week. Health department and welfare Unit In cases where it' was fires i around this section but greatest discoveries are the For 'VeteransM. Two types of dial guagea are A canner is available on loan

welfare official knew this, and they evident tnat local resources had been, 'they stopped as if by; magic wanderer who satyed with us result of an accident such used on pressure canners for your use. Contact the Extension -
exhausted. after the public's a while some years ago. You T. Dixon of the Fla. geared and gearless. The
In cooperationwas geared Home Economics Of
had. years past, made countlessefforts as leaving a bottle of grog of Affairs has
Dept. Veterans
to provide medical assistance, "It's a sad state of affairs" she sold asked Just goes to show never saw such a woebegone lying around the barnyard. guage may be repaired or flee Also, available. to you are
that most people want to do looking mutt' In your life as announced that a new programto adjusted when It Is slightlyA bulletins on Canning. Freezing.
free baby food and clothing to the "when .so. much of my time Is spent the rllht'thing.when they are Pete; when we first saw him reduce cost and improve Pickling, and Preserving.
family. acratchlnt:: and begging} for help. Andbelieve convinced. what it is. on the highway starved almost NEW BOOKSAt service In outpatient. care Is

Mr and Mrs. Doe have tleallY me, ,I f don't ''know what we to death and tottering The LibraryNew being Inaugurated by the Veterans -

I no. formal education. They live ht In. would do without the charity assist 'The hatches of Insects are around Id a suspicious way. Administration following

describable filth. The health depart- ance. For most 'of these kids, life revolves making amass. of auto wind- S e eWe books at the Public Library a successful test program in With Your Agent.
were afraid ''that he three states.Since County
shields these Swarms of I
ment realized this also, and sent nurses around .summer camp. But wecouldn't days. : Fiction The Arrange-
lock- World War II
have rabies )
the bugs .hung over the high- might so we ment: Kazan; The Eighth
to their home to Instruct them In even send them to camp unless ed him In shed. After has authorized outpatient care
a a
ways, and in no time at all, up Day: Wilder; The Secret of By G. T. Muggins
personal sanitation and Infant care. the other groups provided clothing, clean glass was blotched and few days of care (when he Santa Vlttorla: Crichton; by private doctors at .povern-,
But the Does refused thin assistance. shoes, and toothbrushes," she added. spotted, and service stations drank water by the quarts) ho Tales of Manhattan: Auchln- ment expense for certain qualified -

They repeatedly turned away health The moat alarming consequence of were 'way cleaning off theme responded and grew lively and closs: Capable of Honor: Dru- veterans. Most of these mighty lot of people ed that a watersprout assoc-

officials who might have prevented the the county's inability to provide ade- No doubt the scientists affectionate.Pete .. ry; The Captain: De Hartog: have service connected disabil ought to take some special way iated with a passing thunder-
tragedy just described. quate care for dependent chlldreii 18dramatlca.llly have a fancy name for the e The 9th Directive: Hall; Un- ities. Home-town medical care to express being thankful for storm picked: up the fish In a
shown In painstakingstudy pests but we have an Idea wasn't much of a der the Eye of The Storm: is authorized in such cases the rain Monday. that gave us different manner than with a
What a
has become of Mary Ann!
In fact he greeted when treatment at a VA medIcal
ithey were called a lot of other watchdog. Hersey an average of 1.5 inches over hook
You may find It hard to believe but compiled by Dr. Jennings of visitor Joyously and we facility. would involve along
things which cannot be foundIn every NonFlctlonThe Death of the county. In addition to beIng It Is usually hard to please
she was returned to her parents, Just Bradford County Juvenile Court cases books. nicknamed him "Grover Whal- A President, Manchester: Mar- trip or other hardships. real rain from Heaven It everybody. I believe the rain
a little more than a month after she over the past 19 years. e e en." Sam found a snake in dame Sarah: Skinner; Every- Under the old rule, the VA came down so that each and this week was pleasing to all

was delivered, starving, in her cardboard 'The study show that near.y 75 per A long tail with a puppy at the yard one day and called hlng But Money: Levenson; estimated how much care each every drop was absorbed by .of our people. I have heard no
the other end of It has takenup Pete over ,to see what he such Veteran would need during the good soil. One of good
crib to Bradford County Hospital cent of the children adjudged delinquent Inside South America: : Gun- complaints. our
with us. He's a poor, starv- would do. Well, Pete '.ook one ther; How to Live Through the coming year, and issuean If the weather forecaster post office employees who
In this county were originally ed black-and-tan colored dog, look at the snike, then galloped Junior High School: Johnson; authorization to pay a early Monday morning had brings our monthly bills was a
Why Why aren't Mary Ann and her before the court as dependency cases! and announced his presence In off trowing: a lack of Better Homes to Gardens Book specific doctor to give treat- announced that 169 or 170 good example. Henry Godwin

brother and sister taken out of this Would It surprise you tf: Mary Ann our n ck\ ef the woods on'a. bravery but good! speed In his of Flower Arranging; Marriagefor ment at government expense. tons of water would be droppedon was so happy Monday that he

despicable environment of filth and neglect Doe were to become a delinquent? Consider night by howling In. a most leuctlons. Beginners: Williams. Under,:' the new program, each acre of our soil before Just left off his raincoat and
? the odds. disconsolate way. eAt Dixon said the VA will: Issue the day was over, we might rode his route In his natural
e times we had' 1 other dogs, an Identification card to veterans have been pretty upset. Well
"And put where? was the reply of Book Sale Nets
Dr Florence Bradford Coun- A case from Dr. Jennings' study will The next morning. Alice fed Including, the Indommjble Leo, who require this type of when you get one inch of rain way.There may be some who
Jennings serve to illustrate the pattern. and christened him "Lone the ah dale, who was Alice's $117 For Library treatment and each patient on an acre, you have had 113 claim they do not like flow
ty juvenile court counselor- In, 1958, five children of a Bradford some." and for 'the time being, pride and Joy and the cute will be permitted to select a tons. Now that's what someone ers. I will guarantee that If

"It was easy to justify the court County family., ranging in- age troll 5 at least, we're back to owninga little rascals, Fiddle and Fad- Mrs. Randy' Johns, chairmanof doctor of his choice for treat- figured out and I am taking you visit the Flower Show thla
petition to take these children, away to 10. were declared dependent childrendue dog again. After he got from their parents," she added "but used to us, he settled down each time you swear' that Bale, sponsored by Beta Sigma stated on his card. We have made remarks that at the State Prison you will
when there was no place else. for themto to the lack of parental control. and Saturday morning helpeJ you'll no. get attached to XJhl Sorority, announces that Both the patient and the things sem to green-up after appreciate the show and be

>> go mother and father. These i because no foster homes were on the cars by cavorting into you lose them, you vow' again $11750 during the three daysit The patient can visit the doc- true In that heat from It demonstrates the interest
parents available 'Their' mother was mentally a pile of bolts and scattered you'll never adopt another. was open tor of his choice .as often as lightning produces amonla and ability of a grou:?, of Inmates -
should be prosecuted for contributing retarded,. and three of the five children them with his big puppy. feut. S e Mrs. Johns expresses thanksto hU doctor considers l1eres ary. ozone, and oxides of nitrogen in preparing themselves
to. the children dependency. But what S e So have Lonesome, in 'The doctor Is relieved of much
had different fathers, all of whom had now we everyone contributing which fall to the ground as for gainful employment when
then? You can see how our hands are abandoned the family. He r.mlndaIe somewhat of and the cycle starts all over any way to the successful sale. of the paper work associate:! soluble nitrates and nitrites. they are free again.
tied. Pete another poor canine again. We are determined not Money from this event will be with the old system. Dixon Now before someone calls for Varieties, colors and arrangements -
The normal procedure In Such cases They .vere- living with, their mother" says the doctor merely files an an explanation, I can't explainIt. are "unbelleveable. -

of neglect, and thla was a typical one and "a wan"- who ;was reported by itemnlzed bill on his own let- Someone else figured It out. ." All on display to keep
officials as having. said "I don't care terhead just as he does for his We were concerned about you looking and asking questions -
from Juvenile court flics, U to remove Jennings. matched by state money to provide other private patients and
much for kids." In carrying out his the number of days without .
the child from his home by authority of the "This case shows just how much child welfare units These units, or sends It to the Veterans Administration rain. Our climate and our way The exhibits will be In the
concept discipline, "stepfather"would
of a court order. The child then be- good Marianna and Ocala do for a agencies, are Independent of welfare for payment. of living is so that Irequent Clubhouse. You wlU see the
tie the children to chair and
comes a ward of the court .and U a child of this type." she added "These assistance units They are able, almost, rain Is very necessary.!/ Wonder sign as you approach the main

usually placed with responsible relatives beat them. i facilities are not adequately staffed or to properly handle their county's load how we would get along if we entrance for the PrUon. This

or when no such relatives exist, In 1959, less than a year after the financed to provide the kind of care of dependency cases used to purchase new books moved to the dry coast of Thursday Noon to 9 p m.;

In an approved foster home. dependency hearing, delinquency and attention that these children need.It The Bradford County Commission for the Public Library Northern Chill and Pei'u. They this Friday 9 a. m to 9 p. m..
Books not sold were donate: have heavy fog but the last and this Saturday 9 e. m. to
There Is, however no such normal. charges were first filed on two. of the Is seldom that a child with a history has, on several occasions rejected proposals

procedure In Bradford County for moot children at ages eight and nine forrunning of parental neglect will straighten himself to provide budgeting for sucha library to the at Florida Raiford.State Prison report One of more rain statement was in 1925.I read 12'This noon.year the (general theme

of the hundred or so cases like Mary away from,, home and petit out by serving". time at these fund. this week might be Interesting. Is Grades and Standards:! of

Ann's that each year receive court larceny. They had stolen. food .lrom a i schools" The humanitarian efforts of charity The oli: saying! hat "it's rainIng Landscape Plants Just don't
attention- grocery store.Between How can this situation be corrected? civic and church organizations are way you write. Come in cats and dogs" hat' never miss this flower and plant
heart-warming. have provided the been proven but there are at show that great unmbers of
The Bradford County Juvenile Court 1969 and 1964$$. 19 separate 'What They and select favorite ES-
be your
can.. done to heal thla terrible court with all of its least 74 cases on record where' people say Is the best in the
sImply has no money to maintain these cases were handled by the county Juvenile resources TERBROOK fountain pen.
nor that has become Infected with it has rained fish. It is assum- State.
neglected children |'n foster homes. court involving these five children. for the uphill struggle to provide for

"We operate on a budget .of 12,800 One was'a girl, 'who: eventually serveda public apathy? the county's dependent children.

a, year That pays the salaries of the term in Florida School for Girls in "Those are questions that Judge 'The sad fact remains, however thata d{ The Bradford County Telegraph

judge and counselor travel expense., Ocala. The four boys each spent two Yawn and I have been trying to supposedly tax supported function of

office expenses and you name It," explained terms in the Florida School for BoysIn answer for years," said Dr. Jennings. this county's government 1s being A ESTABLISHED 1879E.

Dr. Jennings. "There Just isn'teoough Marianna and today three of them "Certain public-minded Individuals "carried" by charity. L. MATTHEWS Editor and Publisher

left to care adequately for evena are prisoners at Ralford. One serveson that need "We need at least $5,000 In
say we a detention home in a year O
few children each a chain Their crimes as' a Oldest Weekly Newspaper Published ContlBausly
year. gang. juveniles
this county to'handle the delinquents. additional funds before we can even, /
In 67 cent of the counties of ranged from petit larceny to Under Tb Same Mast Used
per I hope that people can see that this Is hope to provide adequate foster home
the United Statss, foster parents are attempted murder. not what care for our
we need she children said
added. Published each Thursday aarf entered .. S rond else. Matter .i the Poet Offloamt
provided a small allowance "to help "Judge Yawn and I knew from the The problem Is not. one that can be Dr. Jennings.A
larks Florida under Act of
March 3rd 179.abscrlpMon .
support the dependent chad {hat they first time that we saw them that they easily or quickly resolved. Many counties small price to pay for a "second

have given a home. .This Ie e oft>> 5fl onlya needed placement in foster homes, but in the state like Alachua -. chance" for Mary Ann Doe and the ta trade areas 1 year, $4.001| 6 mcotlis, 'US

\ token of from $20 to' $50 a'month.. there were non available," said Dr. have provided county funds which are many others like her. Outalde trade.....' 1 year. WJSO; a months, 'SMBRADFORD

I j jI

\ .

k -

___ ___ __ __ -.irp.4 _
._ p irwij -i --

'!_ L.t-r PRI"--I

... .

.__.'___ ._-____ __ __ ---- m\nFoRJ_ ) roiTXTV_ TEi-KoitApn.': ST\RKE./) FT.O 1m.\ __ TlnTJt J\Y. MAY _23. I9U7

.yy n."................".'. ..,.... -v",,"," '<'illir 01" \*|"Dvnil i>H<'iilliin Kurlit ,mo, ,c ,unlv, or fI"H..1, Still, .0 :No. IJ..I.I'II'tI"n| Amount, nf Tauos No. Ioscrlptlon Amount of Taxes I NO. J'rlpUoR Amount of Taxj

"...... mi.MI. .... If. .I'L:1-1"l'tol.ulea.... I BUI. h tlfli-ate 01 cur, II r lanaI S T 11k/ Ovtni and Coasts ..llun,1 S Tn. .V Owner anti Cost* of land S 'r n .\ Owner" I anti Costs",

BROOKERBy N..II'i In. liculiy "gIven that ,
t tlfliiiUR I : Hhull bo riili'iiiiiiod. ac Ic
Afi, ("irl I Hnrton tho holilnr' of : 25in-i.ots I A 8 of 350.1 B) 84 Ft of
1''lInll' to law the proinrty, ) tie 8018( -Com itt NW '" '
I ili.< ilowlnir ritrtlflrnteK. IIKHI'llnl nrrlbod In sCott certificate. 01 Blk 14 A Lot 1 of Car nf SWM\ of Lot i o-r BIIC a rc.

Joyce Sto1ceAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA4A* Hi i.il. uild I... ho irtlfliat.ua IsHtind. thxreon.fur a Tliuin tux crrtlflcatoa will be sold) to thhlichuHt Rlk 19 In .V It. It''". NW14 run B 838' 8 10 Ft 14484 ftuf

.." ,., ,.,ati. nllmh, r. and yeara. oliHininin hlildor nt I ho oourl L 8/D A 0 Jenklna ".O'B for FOB B 73'1 B Lot lI1't..n I I
..' the dKverlptlon of tied h,,"R", door on thn first Monday. I 2BH rot i of fib 112': W 78' N 138'' P Rika B A El In N r J'uanlta W Farnsworth

0\NQUBT MOTHER- 1 1'i t "'Tuiiv, nnd tho tianie in In. IllOfltS ir June, 1907, which i II HI' In: ;\; Ki':n:,"' :S,I, l II Ida :May Tyson 8.76 for POD 88 t 32 ., o oU. a Laaoh 24.6 J Jones Add : p/o U&rrj' >' Antheny 4.98

')I.\'L'GH'rERTI u ",eli, It wan. accessed aro .ax. the' Bth duv uf .Ttinn, 1967. .':,Jl I Lot, 7 of HlkI 1028-Liit 1 nf Bile
Dated title loLl day of April,. 36.18-W 88 Ft oftgt8&86Ft
( i;tl\\ H! .. Sr arle 2 of White Acres ,
I I. In :N; It. S I) JoneaeraJi C 3.70 : li
I Baptist; Church ( ..rtl'''' 'iti' No. 4t Your of Ini I 1907 8/D Warren W Winkler 62.*.
iiiim:, 'f' l'ee. (mAL, ) .',r>J2-.LotH. 1, 4 ofnik I of, NH, of 14119 .il'i, ;. '
: .\ Girls enjoyed a inotliern i 111 In N llem 9080-W 16 Ft of n "- Eli it u a m-
T' i"'M'lion of Proportv :<1F.', Charles A, Darby. of i .
,u liter banquet Pilday rrtrtitt I 1 ..r :JXV <.>r s\V14 FIX 1. A In Clerk of Clrc-ult of Courtof SID 7ra5at. ..\TnTtn.!, 4.93 60 Ft of Lot 8 pltmAd* .. 'II) 11 jfj Bon.. : ea...
SM ."(, \ I nx i A in xw COR Bradford Florida '. A I 8) of Blk If In .a
t t lie: Oolden Kettle RcstaurT I, ( 'It : County 3828-Lota 6. a of 3784-Lot 8 of Blk 2
-in' i-IQ nx :J A In NK con. 8EC S4| 4t 5/38: Hilt ID In N Mono SIng: Town ofHtark In Dowllnsa Hub'
t .n Starke There U V Knl< wore pre- a ell.qD" r 8.70

c; 11'' 14 mothers and) IS. duughr -"N',;;';; In which nime.8od Joe Notice Apotlrntlon... FOr ) 3B27 BID-Lnt 8 of Illk F 'Jfrtklna, 4.88 8 of BlU .1707 Ulr-Loin B A 7 of I..r.: .":, iiO"O. ,.Sot' -

.. .lanklnn" IlIt: ..Tarn liae 80 In N Reno B'O ally p .WIUI3fl18 87.88 28 In Orla Town Illk 3 In Dowllna DewUlIg.
,Ml I .ivf Hiild proporty belnjr 1 In 8..-. 1D4.MI, .... .. ",} .. of Stacks Minnie E Qulgley 11 84 1317 8.04
: S/D
'MVI' Theo Dyal Youth Dl- I thn fuitnty, of nnidford. State. Notice la hereby' Klvon that 3BII3-Lot a, 4 ot 811O-F.'i' of Lot 1
of Florida Blk 1 In dtthiifrnn ,1708-Blk 3 Kx 1 .
"e.. : ) has announced the Mr Curl Harton the holder of 'I 5 7 of ''I
"n 1' ; re- SID Kx A Lot : Lot In NW Cor
(nlonB! ntifh certifIcate R/W WIlJl. 3'ttlTIfl' Jr. 8.04 ,
or oartlfii'ntos '
the followingcertltlratas ha 2(1( In OrlK '
<'I' :animation of the :Biooker ..... Blk 100N A 8 by
shall ha redeemed aofnuUntr 2S5.1 -Lot, B. 33 of Blk
fllpd said "..rUfh'll''''. for a tax StarkeE
C IplL.t t Girls Auxiliary, Royal : to law the property do- deed to. he ln>u"d thnieon., Tho 1 In Qahagan t .: ;*wR'/W'f nail 011 Co. TS.88 88V' H W In thrtitit'D. Lonll' 43.00

anVia-ssadors crillied In ,,"C'Ictol.tltl..ate or Hcrtlflrnte numbers and years ofiBHimnoo B/D hiolft. 11.14 Dow 11 r* SID ,
) YWA and Sun- .
t .
aim com
KitUlcatea', will be aolrt to the 8730-Lnt. 8, 8, 7 A .
the drfwilptlon, of the .
3504-Lnt 0 of Blk 1 I .. ...p. ., Side of Call foe I" ,
ijr wins .Mrs V. N. WU1lam! ol1. hlKheal bltldel'.t. tho courtIi.nst. and the Inwhli 11 of Silk 4 In J UAlvarea \JIIla.m..O 40.10
names III
flnhiiffiui: 8/D .aTtbn4vt
ilonr the first whine II Tnt JS '
': i counsellor tor the YWA. nn Monday Add
'h It was aaaened are aa T.x:
In month, of limp. 1867, which lath n/W J1Pbt'. ; &... 4.88 Bide of Ci.utt. Ht A 3763-Lota 2, 4. 8, 8 .' .
flllloWHCortlflraie "
\u r L. Lester and Mrs. >- Oth day of .luna. 1(07Pntfil S55II-Li>t 8 of Blk 1 1In Fun K in 3/4 Ft & Fraol. Lot. A 1* .1\ #
No. 171. Year of laaunntc .
t I' \" Reid the OA. tfent Reid this 18th day of April 1909Description nnhoaTun. SID for. A FOB then of Bile 88 In J it Annette L, Tucker
IfltiTyKAL.. KX n/w 1'.on :J.C.oJI.>l yL 6.89 PnK88 P1,113 Johna Add
1 rhaige of the BA and ( J .) of Property lot 77 Stewart 81.88
..i 7'i' Cypress of Crystal Lake 3DIIT-Lilt. 3 of Blk W1.0t'FrtW;: ,
on z W A BMsent Jr. 13.88
Carol Lee Jones the Sun- Cbfkrlaa A tbrR4' fTomi'Hlti 2 In Clahagran. SID Le 3' !. nnoaWllll a.78 IS.,6 :. 3707-Lota 1, 8, 11, .

ms The organizations CMi'rl. of Circuit Court Name In which aaaeaaed John 2500-Lot 18 A 8U\ I ''';' ,.."' 8146-1 Lot b..llI/t 12 of llltt .4& l-A -I '

,,,1st and 3rd Wednesday; ford County Florida D I'attenon or Lot 17 Of sIre that Port Lying p / aa Dean DIJ 8% P* '
lilt tt 5125Notie All of mild: property being In 3 In Oahaarnn SIP Qrif 8 of' Hlk 81 InCirlB > 358 Ht EX n loin O J. Powi-H But!:
n 's from 8 to 9 o'clock n S8.7 of
p. Park '/!>
th County of Bradford, State of 3623-That Port of SIS' City o/o Mr Mary! [' >weU
Htnrke Kx N \
n. the church. Forts Tlorlda.1 '
Of AppUuvtlon [ N 000' H fllde l Lt1.911" (4.12a
.. i>.ei1sec. I'nlpffa, such certifiCate or certlriratca on FInd 13 lit S by '. .
M Dval extends :
> : ceidlalhi &N600'onw
a ; II) 1.110. I.'. M. shall be r.de.med fliDiillnn /!- UH, W by Thnmp- 3830-24-Com at NB _
; .1 t Ion to alL joiuid; ,people( Nolle I la hereby given that' to law, the property: dt>- Hide of NWK of .. . eon Kt ltf..No !nor Cor of Sn,*, ofN13U .5'
Mt Curl 1 Hnrton, the holder ;of curb. oertlfkate rinrllflratea 8\VU lSofOr5td Mt 3 It Andrew. 8.83 & run W .
r. "et enrolled t to be preterit ", ..I1'd In 18 Aaron .
being the m! 1980'3A431 22 8 83 Dollay 19.83f
the oortlfleatea I has to the 3314 Com SB 15'/ W 60'
I following) ; will be cold at 100', 8 ,
.0.1' (c next riveting. filed auld cvmlflratoa for a, tax hlirhi'Hl" bidder at the court Lot In NWH ,' i''t _, Cur of Call ACiranae 'for A POE then '

Cn ii!. John Lewie of Virginias deed: to be Issued thereon. The houHe door on the first Monday. of SW'4(i Com at flU & run 8 too W 80', J ,

the" weekend lertlfkiito numliem and yours of In month' of Juno 1967, which lathe NW Cur of 8W<4 .. '. run M 15 home for Alvares 4081'
V iRHimnnthn. Inscription of the r>th, day of June, 1067. of 8WM A run N III 108 Ft W 12* I-OB .0 13 J
\\I .fh' his pnnonts. Mr. and MrMr *- propo: !: LId and the names. In rated this 18th day of April on 8% See 740 VI' Ft to St then N 883 l-A-Ban 18' VTA I '

:!" \umLewt&' uhlil' ) It was assessed are an 1967. :26000 Ft fr POB to Heir 38 6 3 elra. B J Do.wllnIJ. 61.03 119' N of Sll' 1.

and J is: Obttelo : atoms! I I'I(lntys tiriealo: No. 38. Year of Is"u..it.p ((81J\L: ChailpH) A. Dnrhy 80 then Ft 8 N 100 100 Ft Ft tt n < ').:! 8318-Com at NH] Cor of WW of of NBU NUV .
of 8IB44
'or of ladlnnn A
Panama CIty. were the Description. ): 11(15( ., nt Property 1 Lot Cloik' nf (Clnult: Court. of Bradford W BO Ft to POD aa 8 M i oiwrity ,'tyltl'