of weks. The Linsin's |I Owen, Caner visited their con1sin u GROOMING
To Acquaint You With Your City. couple[) ( Mrs. Mid.se Dodd left by SfTiiMil' } 9:45: tt.m':. Worship 11 Silver-B rasa-Oil Painting JACK.SONVIIJJB"Th \ : !:
haour deepest sympathy. I | Jel'J'y'Hehel', in the Lake I Sweaters Collar, Tagiu.
plane Nov. 10 for Mn'ILPd.CalIf. .1 m and 7:30: ,pm.. Pl-nyor
BIRTh !) %1' BUFFET I to vljlt her son John Circle Monday 9 a.m.. JiinlorAIVK '!i City VA hospital Sunday. r ODe Ffefe or Ilinuc Full' Strongest and Small_t Fit Supplies '

If you are new in the area a phone Ilra.m Mrs. Willie Horsey rele* and his wif Jane. She plansto Weflnc. liy! 6:3O: ( p.m. Charles Carter who Is stationed -I HearingAid In the World" Bird*-'Finn-Ibnutora

call will visit '-, -I'-'rt! her 73rd birthday an- stay about three weeks to followed by choir practice and I at Camp Lejeune N. Ina Ward Antiques Only Co. Hearing/ Aid Maria Daily< A' Sun. 1 MJ fM.

bring you a prompt nivevsarv with a buffet sup- help Jane wlh! the new baby .senior MYF. is spejultnghis leave with c.// 3372 M. Johns Ave. 23 T\'et Monroe Closed Tuesday<

from your 1 local host eM. Please give pi"] it !her" home on Novem- when it gets here. First Baptist: Sunday School mother, Mrs. Owen Carter, Jacluonville 3S7-13T Jacksonville 333-1463 8939 Herlonjr Section Rd. Normandl

l I"" 5 The t ible overlaid! 10 lI.m.'or"hlp 11 a.m. and other relatives.,
was :Mrs. VonCille Grlffls received ;
can CoUeet HOBBY SHOP W. Jarkaonvtlle 7S1-28O4
her a call! She has maps and many with a /linen cloth. with a a letter this week from 7io: p.m.; Training Union 6:30: Visiting :Air. and Mrs. O. J.

I fin,, .J! a''anllement' as the Anders cousins Mrs. Steinhousor '
: her father L V Williamson. p.m.Church PIANOS OKOANSVla.ion :
tree and wonderful gifts for you. centerpieces. in the Baha.na Islands where) of God. Sunday of Jacksonville and Mrs. Auto Sales & Service FIELDS

from' School 10 a.m.'or8hip 11 a. David Johnson of : A Hamlla P'IanoII
local businesses. I Present 1 tothe (orr-aMon lwvre I hr' Is working He said he ;
m. and 7 p.m.. VPK Wednea- HOBBY SHOP Inc. Hammond Oryan
Mi He: sev and se ""ral I ike it there very much and WESTSIDEVolkswagen ,
,lay 7:30: p.m., Prayer service Mapi. ( .vox Org-ana
_1 Wednesday 7:30: p.m. IN < 01! vrt '5 .11 ix.ir: < j Highland Baptist: Sund.iy 1% AMI I-'OII IIH'OIIII Boat & AIrplane Builders .Sup-

( School! 9:45: worship H a. m. < UI l >Tt KI.<>l''ll, \. AUTHORWKD DEALKRS --SpPcIall/.lni! In Ra- 1Il .
I I tnd 7:30-: p.m.. Choir practice 'Ill re: )it.i.'C: F. O. MILLER! ., '
dio Controlled Models
Plant! your foot way apart and see how steady' you feet 6:30: p.m. Prayer HorvtceVcd-, L'yi'u'., ,-t Kllswuilh,.tI tifllfi ; liiiuin.t &&1 etI Parbt arid, Equipment I ::.: .
,, ....
.. --
no ---7-r------ I'H The Revival at First B.iptl 'lnnl' l>li-tiiiru, .. nr f-:"'|.|i lrl10 \ JaolumnTlUa.
.\ I.l. Vllll/ IT MAV: Co.V- Open 8 a.m'-8 p.m.
< Church cloned! with the 603 So. Edzewood
I.jao.;; .
5pm. Sat.Closed Sunday
1 Sumluy morning service after Nod .Jat'1C545flV1115 :RR-R6f12! ,, MACHINES
i 'IH licrol.y uUrii I hut I Ilui 1150 LAJSK AVK.( SOUTH SEWING
a good wee.:. On Saturday vi! rtird) m) rinul, r'-iiiniH" .IH
evening they Joined! with a I MxcclltrlX: of. II.... I'Htlllc', ..r 1v Phone Jacksonville 3S1-3441 :.MOTORCYCI.KSCribb SI.NCifcli: AU'!'. :iuua;
rii,," )KIlHWdt ,th.. 'Itfuiii,., lIeHII.'I.,
covered dtsh fellowship dinner I that I 'liuvc, 'Illi-il my putlln.li. Parrish Motors Like New In 4 Dr. Cabin!

In the educational,, )building. I'uf' final .illxi. Iniriio, NII..h..I, ,. I HONDA Sold New over $300

Visitors from sister churches will HKtily |I.> II..-. llonornhlvTherufi > MOTORCYCLES: IUI. $72 or $3.00 Per M A. Vai I ..
IV" .IIIIV I Judvi
C __ as well UK members enjoyed nf llimiriMd. I I'liiinly' l rinrlilii. .. ..inXllVL'tlllMr SALES Ideal Sewing Center
the norl.il hour. I II 1'ilili. f.il. "|1'1"| lnviilnr I SEKVICB YVO ALL MODELS
I Mrs. Eugene H. Starling/:, I tin. HIIIIII.. i.iiii,' r.i. fiiuii" i .iillllVKO ii PARTS Merchants Green Stamp ALL MAKES
I' IIH l-.KI'I'lltrlV: ..f till I... New and Used Machln
.Junior Girl Scout Troop Lu.idr ()p<'n 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.
,latH ..C .i 1'11" 1:1I"\\"h: ,Ii...... ..
': says that they have 12 .1.1.' 32 Tear. A. A Dealer'" Monday-Friday 848 Casnat Ave.

girls. en i oiled and they moot lii'lMl.rr' ,, I::si t>,i.' l I..'; Alwayg Good: Used Cam 8 A.M to 6 PM.: .Tarkmnvllle 339-5071

each i TlfI II.I.:' \ iit.M! : i "I'llolt.NTliN, ; 21 Laura B*. JawksonbiJIe
Tuesday in thu school Saturday and Wednesday
: '
'' r tin KHtiit: *' .r
afeterla. right after school. I Phon Wi6-56.14\ (1X>Skb' SUNDAY
""11. I;I"\ u I liii/ iii. i. :
> Their present project IH em- TIIO.MAS" At IMIICIOAtirili.y4Rll..i : :
r-- : :: ; : MOTORS! A CYCLKfl
i I '>i'Oilei' artd \booking.; The girls I, t w ,
_. igc 9'to 11 are Invltcl'to'uln. I I1)-'):! .*! Xn'rtli;. I, 'I'lMnpli'. ,, Ae.Stark :;:.AlUPERS 4949 Blandlnz: Blvd. TRACK SERVICE
U *. 1..1., ,. '
: 4 I < :Mrs.' Hat old l Starling] IMA KiliiO, It 1 11.111 1 l lMM Camper Jscksonyille; : 77I.32$41 Portable Track Press Servlaa

;si t.lnt"Troop 'Leader. _ _ _

: e' On Sunday the home of Mr. till' nun i "irt 114) \I4I> I Weldln
>I Del-Rey Cnmfen: VnriM. Bulldozer/ & Crawlsr"We'll *
I i ml 'MY.. George Snpp was 1 opi"i m.ir' INS l in" ( TIO-H MUSIC
P. o. Oruwi,. i Si'',ii'i hi' t'lurb Keep 'em RolUaa"
I_ ., I the setting for family dinner I ivt'l' :H I'MII. K'Skimpar Convertible
7781 U' Bearer
honoring' M.-s. Sapp's niece! I The' in nil."' .. .. I i-iM.nly" board!
1 I ; : ; ;:::: > Shasta Trailers Paulus'Music I Co-; Jacksonville 338-4(131(
f : :Mrs. Dnvrd 'Lawtlnger of Jac kVUlt. i"r I'ui.iii- iiifii '" ii.n will. ,iuif -
: : I 'Iv a.I.i .1, Milil!, ,il 1 iilfii, i-. Trad_IVnuk FinancIng
; : .. \ and' nephew Dunnis, I ill I I ;.Vi.itli.; ,i4.'1111,, "Si s.,l. Siurli<,, ". 54OS San Juan Ave. Band & String Instruments WESTERN: STORE
.nrrant" of GiUnenvtikfui. / I Klnrld' i. |I..i, ,,,,.\ ,lug. >>n,>. iinAI .
Glbion Oultars &
Jatlwonvill 388.9341 AmpUflera
'h''lr! birthday anal .L .. a 111, i ". X'i. _ _ __ i "riL-r was served' on the I a.,...I. 'I..a 'a |I"'|I.M.|.|. I until,, I I I;;3LKCTR1C; I TOKS( P.obert< Recorders
.y -.--- --o. .- -- ...t' i 11th the large joint L 1""ala I'. 'al.. 'I I.a..'"..1.J. Western Store
bi .iday cake centering theH.vIng '. %itri..lii-r I IT. ,ttHM. rll'llc LlbiBiry" Expert
'... .. ,. Peavy Brother Repair Dejfttrtment "Wlier You'll rind Everything -
/ table which wan i i"v- '' .r."Ing. tii i -M'.wiiiir HM| '-
I'lrii,'MN t tI "iiI For the HoraEnthusiast" .
tLbitii! I ,frtwith- \ "White linen cloth. I Illlllll-lx" ,11' i lllMll.ll, ,' I I III I III-, Electric Co.BLECTK1C 41 W.' Monnt' St.

Approximately/ 33 relatives. en- MI'| ." i ,tile ..I'.i.I .1. "".'I.'ai l prciiiNot JackstanviU. 35 -8H7
Camaro Sport .. ., .? ,mutton,, I Western Clot.hlngLeather. -
Coupe HI' I this happy occasion All iiinl'' I .ii iiii 'I i rtiiilli..l MOTORS
.. ,ill I." -, ."led| by II, I. 5.118 He".oh Blvd. roods Saddles and Trailers
sure-footed in |' l\ |1'
handling a
That wide gives children of Mrs/'Nathiin,
stance : Rt.ir- "fn, fiotd&ervlced: -Repaired Jack onvSI 3$ -Jotl Chat1t!" ic Sharon Petty
smooth and I lir' ;( md the laic Mr. Stalling' :2. 'I 11.I 'aa'r r "h..r. ," /III OeneratorvHtarten.
corner while the ride comes out amazmaly *246- '''wtnpresent", except one I 10" i '''1' .I'a&ll..' I h "If".1 ..,tTITlI Alterations _ _ _ 997 So.: Edgewood Are.Jarktuhvllle .

silent. That's because we designed the suspension' with dauuhler Mr. Warren Buih; Armature Rrnlndlti4H4 .MUSIC!( -Instruments! 384-1219

electronic help. A comouter was the guinea pig. not you. Mar*,far.1 Cp: *'/ .''M12'; ';)'''shown c= uf Atl I mta, Ga. RiriHT TOINT for th. ( Inox Ave. W 1-:1.1. IWIIJJNOPARTRIDGE
.\ hoiMewarmlng wnt held rite. ('uuin. In andNefii
\vav you a J4IGI(30pv111a1 3B7-2634
and drive train P"' I".d.sFII ."'bCJ..T"'flq MARVIN ICAY'S .
Add exclusive; rubber-isolated body deafer tvd/,"'ry handling Chf9+ (Vnvn .n4' at the new trailsiof :Mr. and 't yunr faMirlle. KMTKRHK :: : -

and you've got the new Camaro: Corvette excitementwith .chssyes.s jsnj/ "cc toctt;iOr f*<..offmrtaunt. ,::::J'equrp- :Mrs. (;..ry BdViriett on Sunflny.ift M>K- ,...tllta'lI' J poo.' TEIJfc!: Music Center

: .-i noon.. The hoxtes.ics .lri I em U'II. 'I.oon C\'lm'ISG( Well Drilling Co.

family-car driving comfort. _ _ _ j A. Q Smith, of Starke. .,nd.lms. ,..!
render. Grat8 \1 I'lifttm'SmiU, < served re- King lIatt and Sem! .
L4 oking for n. r Complete Electric Wat rSvaterru
I frt'shmi-'iitk to 37 friends who II i Band InjrtnimenHSlliigerland
Command Psrformance I culli'il' )butwetin the IIOIIIM oran.1 2 bttter earpettf t
!::jl' '. Roger tRftiO-\TIO:,(
DalDarO'/-3.I oiCia1e 'de : Drums rnFINANCING:

(7. e"erytftlnll >*. tfi.f !.. are plcnsurv to know Itestait. A R vurir* oo ALL 860! ITyd Grort Ave.OaJl .

ft8ppell h.pp.'dl that MM. Klizii Taylor i! Im lou MAIN ST. JacluoonV1Ue!

.t your ClMMW; l* d..l"r'.l'. proving! Wcely In Bradford I i iCountv fij6 ted HOC< AH, ..,.,.... JaokaomriU 333-093A I I I !CuU.t, M9144JRSD.V.

tlwCftwratet y tfVB-beeft) WHittoa for- 1I" 1'ft.I. Glad to know ] ( _. .
------ -
- 1 I 111a.1 Loruty Prescott was. Vlit. I : 'II ;:: -, T" ,;::h.r ..__-=- -'-:::':=_ --==- -'

j .

.. .. ,
'" .. -

.. TliritSDlV.. NOV. 10 19C6


..\. SAVEAp : J.ji" ; L." ."., I,{,w I This week @ffltfl: ,,'/1/1/!II",,..'//'.,.

\ e .,
11. ''''.'/.X:/, ,,:'/,':',':/'.'i.:,''''',:.:.,<.''../1"//: ..,'1;.. ..,"..:..I/f.....??... #1.I
1 'I '/":';" :;;:%';;1';:;;:;:'::;:;: ;:;: : '/ ', :: /"/ '
14 I No.. I I With Each '-ET YOUR f 'r ,':'i/f: x ::'X:::' ( ;';Yx"x@JiF; :: ; /::%. ':';;':.;,:;f 1;1 'A
'S a- ) [ 14.19 1 Dessert Dish 1 g'< I $S. Purchase f ..'i4i;::.::.:...:;:;.:;'::::::?/::;'i:::"::%iXJ::.;:':;;. Kff/! ?( :' "" <:',:;;. ';.;J' /
I Ic BONE WHITE : :';. :.::.:':.:':'.:.:'::::--i/;":::.:;:::::::::::;;: :%;;/ ::/. .. : : ., J/ J.
,' Nov-. I I I Wlth Each ; : ::' ::-I" ':::"{:::':::':;.fj"i:- ;; >>: : ': ::/11 J.
I.>. :: 21-2* Coffee Cup 1 9'1' I $5. Purchase bread' & Butter PeteAs? ; \ :: :....."/.::;}/..,.?...:.(* .... ;f. @iIIIIIIIIIIk :.;'J1.I/ /J$
I' 1 ; : : i: : : ;:::: :;: ; z : @#
;. L:':". 'h No... 281 I With Each : i. :. '.'::::(:::iq:1..i; :?;::}$::::,,; ? : (
I ( .... Dec 3 Saucer I 9 II $5. Purchase Each week a piece of Sheffield MffW :,ltii i@I< : ( Go (
I l.&g"tMtL- -To i-ot' Good llw.'jToE41J! ; i :II <&
( . .
\ Dinnerware will" be ?,% / ..,. ..' .i......:.....X.. .....:. ',.:,.".'t.' .. @ i} 10
featured for just 9#. For "... (1 iiiil.W6 !/,. ... : : { I&:
I'; Croc km, Grod I 12 ,z Coconut Bars Oatmeal Snaps or Twin Pack Crackin' Good Plus 50 Free Stomps each $5 in grocery purchases lJi iiiih'I//iIi; ;(:. :W '." ,
,you areent.tled. to .'.,. .... 1#_', fl .
, V an. Wafers' f 33* Potato Chips 59* one piece at this low. price.There's 'r (lf./IIf/! (( : ; iI
I no limit. a //IIIIIIII//
',I 12-oz. Crack in' Good 11-oz Crackin' Good ,. Plus 25 Free Stamps $10 can get II,
you ;
purchase ) iIIIPlllrtlfJlz
i.t i
.,. onl '/
two ieces.: ..and so n. 1 ,, !; :
Ban Wafers 29 Corn Chips 49 '1/" ; ;

W/lth $ purchase "f'I /!/// .{ Kf/''
Regular 39( 20 or, Crackin'' Good Family Favorite 6Vj-oi. Good Plus 25 Free ever

; Sandwiches 3/1./ Cheese; Curls 391 t'I .M 5. D '. .. f- .

1 REGULAR 35!* 250-Cr. Pkg. ARROW Assorted & Colors 1 REGULAR 29!* n" Ron? ARROW
- REGULAR 79!* 1-Lb Can ASTOR Limit 1 Coffee of Your Choice with $5.00 Food Order.
Pa per Naplins 29 Aluminum I i Foil I 4/1/ II

REGULAR 79t 6-Pk. DELSEY Coffee. 5 9 REGULAR 27f No. 303 Cons THRIFTY MAID

_ Bathroom Tissue 69 Bartlett Pears 4/1./

6-ox. Jar ASTORCoffee REGULAR 3/l. No, 2V' Cons STOKELY Halve or .
REG 871 1-Lb. CHASE & SANBORN Limit 1 Coffee of You" Choic with;! $5.00 Food Order'
Creamer 39- Sliced Peaches 4//t

REGULAR 99 40-oz DEEP SOUTH Coffee. 69 303 Cons THRIFTY
; ,: ri'i'r' D6t
Peanut Butte 79 . /

REGULAR 49!* 24-oz. Jars TROPICAL STRAWBERRY I REGULAR 59* Giant Size WHITE or BLUE ARROWDetergent REGULAR 2i/39t! No. 303: Cons THRIFTY MAID CS or

Preserves W. K. Corn 61.DIXIE
I 2/89x/ / .
531 12-oz, Cons LYKES 49 5 DIXIE DARLING Plus 25 Free S'. '"

Luncheon Meat 2/89/ Bar-B-Que Bread 31*


Candy Bars 39* Cake 59*

REGULAR 57 50's Genuine Fast. Pain, /.:[ I utter. L 6 9 ) DIXIE DARLING BROWN N' SERVE ..(

Bayer Aspirin 43* Twin Rolls 2/49/


W-D BRAND : EX.-AA J.'Jl....GREEN.... STAMPS.. ... .:
-- -
Lb. 4 5 i iil' 013TWCLVC 12 or, eANI :

(i R 0 U N DEE F 0000 U Chek LOCAL THRU WINN Drinks'NOV.RL1 IS. i 1 1 I
--- --- -----------------
.. --
------------------------- I =
EX.--RA. ; ; I EXTRJa d7!.. R..tt STAMPS ;
I I o1'.I%,,GREEN. STAMPS. I 28"f /I Its .
5 $1 9 9 ON*46 OZ JAM A4TOM
Lb d
LBS t:j I Izee OOO THRU.D FOUND BRANDGround NOV Beef FKH.W .12AT 1 I I; ;I 1/ ./-.:::!:':,l",_0000_AT Cooking LocAL THRU wINNSI-i-'NOV Oil 12ONI ;1 1
LOCAL WINNOI.1. I 1---------------- ---I
.. REGULAR 49e. i i
--- ----- EXTRAFANCY
SAUSAGE LB. 39,* I I dx.. R.tt STAMPS I

GOLDEN BANTAM ./i. .GROUPER ; 4/x Its Sloppy ii'/i-ox:Joe. Liit" ;

; FILLETS/ . L8. 39, 1 a ..I''''."'".... eoOD AT LOCAL TNRU WIMN NOV..Olt/: 1I 1(


D ; II
;l aaw'I! Blue H U"O..v Bay Tuna eANe 1;
RI I Roast LB. 49 \- 0000 T..ftU NO" I 12 e
1< 1; ___ ______.::::c: WIxN.Rw-' ---:_u 1;
MORTON Chicken, Beef. Turkey 8-oz. Pkgs. MORTON PIES MINCE MEAT Of I, I,r EXTRA 1,

Meat 391 ;1 I Its( STAMPS:. ., /
Pies5/$1./ Pumpkin EACH FRESH, PRODUCE ;I ; t1 Nov, tl /1 ,


: Potatoes 31. hoc:. Fue9< WASHINGTON Sweet: !;; EXTRA Potatoes FANCY DELICIOUS -ia'' 1 1 ---I EXTRA dx r 1.GREEN3TAMPS ONK T.ox.CAM 1 1
Red 2 3 9 Air Freshener NOV 12
Libby-- Astor GREEN PEAS . I xTTP
$1 Grallefrult 5 39 a. ox..Re.
1 O ... /
-oz. Tomatoes' 25 1
LB -

Astor CUT CORN . e Ca' l'I\II-floYler. \ HEAD 3 91. J.,"!+.4., *2 ONE;''P.' ... ;;!,."''Tit

... lOaD TH"U HOY.....1&.. I
._______________._.__( : AT LOLL WINN' 1
---- -------------------;
THRIFTY MAID ICE MILK or ;------- ----------- ----------

2 V* GAL.CTNS. r *as TWO I i 021 1I
WHOLK OR CUT UP / 2-LI BOX MARL HILL 1 TWO RNRe. TA ICE REAM I Frying Chicken 1 Sliced Bacon ; Seafood Platter /
000 THRU NOV 12, OOOe TNRU NOY. 12T I 000 THRU NOV 12AT /


f .
t s







1 .
--- --
i tr;}\ 11' iJ I f.J:
: ,
1 Fox },q.

I'.'rt KEYSTONE Qualifies ,

: r
si14r ; I

t Phone Mary 473-4127 Schaeffer I II I For Council Post,I,

CVB SCOUTS ENJOY red wig and put his head! i With one week remaining t lion returns the Council:

HALLOWEEN PARTY I j t through the hole in a skit 'before November 17 qualifyIng : -Heard c.-.'k Joy Baker

Cub Scout Pack 305 Octo- board, with a tiny shirt andoveralls deadline only one candi-' report that treasury bills ql

attached. He mimicked date Everett! R. Fox ha 1 be obtained only In
ber meeting included a -
held and entertained, while filed a petition and pall the' thousands. therefore
party Jack Methvln $10 qualifying! fee as a Council '
played 'I amount of Airport funds
evening Oct. 31, at Camp
straight-man. They were candidate In the December be Invested will have to be
Xiiunokalee, and the hair- I I so 4,5i t
raising. : experiences began chased from the stage by an city ele<-tlon. : changed from $7,500 to $7.-
elephant and his trainer : Two council posts are to>.1000.'

from the moment the partygoers Elephant trainer Bruce Ban- be filled-the seats now held''j I Granted,! Councilman
, turned on to the dirt .u:.... I' ::
rOAd from &.4. 21. non. dressed for the part by Incumbents C. H. Donohoeand .!' Rues request for permissionto
even to in hand Now oftlrmt. \merlmn legion Post 20::, who were Inducted ., George( K La Rue. of
whip put purchase $180 worth
The hall decorated! to
was : the elephant through Its list. Tlinrsiluy night; Siwtml il-r) K. ; .
suit the occasion by Den ,, "r .
Mothers paces The elephant's "In jutant; (01. James ChPHNUigton" ., let Vlcr! Commander; ('..I, for re-election but had' various unpaved streets h w tv i r ,
Mtthvln Parsons Jean nards" Gerald Keith and f>. .... II 1I'h II...Commander; I. I>. Jaiiios, 2nd Vice ,!Com.miuxlcr. not qualified by Wednesday: Approved Councilman r
Fran Turk net t, Assistant -
Den Mother Ann Ash- Leon Rldaught, performedwell. Standing: (CI-r) T. B. Bryant, S<\\rReitnt-i\t-Arms: .; LaRue has made no announcement Walt Thomas'' request for t, er +FI

ton and Girl Scout Leader The elephant's magnificent II. :MrKaditrn.: Chupliiln; Richard IMurrhiH*, Klimm'n Of. of his Intentions. street lights on Nightengale!! / ,.' ,
The old I I : 1e
i registration book } 4
Jane Nelson. The skelton head was made of seer, und 1 ('01. David Nelson. lllHtorlan. Street at the comer of I
papier-mache and rubber. WAS purged of names of Peach and Pecan Streets, on
hanging from the center of

the ceiling WM made by Den Ashton Larry portrayed Turknett two and hobos.Steve I New Officers of Legion Post 202 at voters a brief removed Council or deceased meeting I either-Failed side to of act the on new LaRue'ssuggestion gym. I Miss KHS Of 1966

2. as well as the spider In a I
web made from coat hangers. Ho and Bo and discussed !I Elected to night. It was decided that poll workersbe Susan Bird daughter Saturday night In the an- entrants who made two
and Installed dispense with purging ap-
world Thursday
problems !In hobo lingo.It paid $1.25 per hour fsald I
High on the piano sat LarryTurtnett's the new boo; until later. to be I and Mrs. John Bird of nual Miss Keystone Heights pearancesIn street clothes
was decided that there the going rate In the
bat. made from I Hurrying through dull Heights was selec-, School beauty pageant / and evening dress-and were
would be no applause for the a county)1. and decided to
Permanent officers elected con-
were Winning places !the Ex-
old Sears and on
Catalog agenda so they could get tinue at Miss! KHS of 1966 by. Miss Bird a KHS senIor judged on beauty, poise j)04-
spray painted. The cats, bats, -only cheers. and installed at a meet- ecutive Board with the highest back home :and listen to elec- $10 the present rate of of five judges lastl was picked from a field of Lure and facial expression.
IJ It-o-lanters and ghosts Den 2's skit. The Gather Ing of the new KeystoneMelrose votes wen: P. F. Kromer,, per day. plus lunches. 21//

:.'were made by Bruce and ing of the Nuts was narratedby I American Legion Post 31 three-year term: Rev. W First runner-up In tile con-

Bannon. Mike Methvln. It included 202 last Thursday night in A. Poppell 22 two term test was Miss\ Jackie Godwin
from year ;
Kevin I Hanging
the ceiling were jack-o-lan- Danny Raulerson, Donald I Clay Electric conference room. and N. Singletary oneyeaiterm. r Indians Win Over Crawfordville Murrhee Announces Doyle daughter L. of Godwin Mr.of and Oold Mrs.
Wingate Zachary Andrews.'
terns constructed of chicken Elected as the first perma- .
wire and crepe paper by Den Darrell White Steve Nelson nent commander was Col. O. The new officers were To Combat Shoplifting Head Branch State Park, and

1.' The refreshment tables Billy Beam, and Matt Tyre F. Hutchison of Lake Geneva, sworn In and given the: second runner-up was Miss

were decorated with garden- Den 4, the new den on who received 28 of the 34 charges by District Adjutantand By Safety In Hard Fought Game Jennings Murrnee updated the. "Snoplirtlni and. I, Mr.Elaine and Lovorn Mrs.daughter Richard T of

grownenough very short notice did a tre-, votes cast Billy Rot, who Post 56 CommanderCharles
pump- Worthless Check
County has announ- Lovorn of Keystone Heights
kins.* and the lighted candles mendous job on their skit has been serving: as temporary Shaeffer of Starke The Crawfordvllle '' Florida. I
thanks to Don Mother Phoe- panth-rushing and 8 yards passing. the Florida Sheriffs Other contestants were:
since the
commander post They took office immediately
Inside cast errle glow -
an over
the room. Apples hanging be Callen. The boys David::'! was organized received six I and Commander Hutchis. record ers with an impressive 6-l The panther were given the recently revised and According to Sheriff Mur- Helen Doyle: Pat Cox. Ann
used only 41 seconds ball on a fumble rhee. this Is designed Ann Paul. Pat
McLean. Mike Voyles Jim late in the program Trlest Cathy
votes In the secret balloting.
from strings gave a hint of on appointed Ed Hempstead I of playingtime
I to post an second period but to Inform and assist the Wrinkle, Leslie Beam Dor-
things to come. Akrldge. Ed D:cktnson, Bobby For First Vice Commander as interim Service Officer their attempt -
early 6-0 lead
Hayes Harry Wagner, and Jim Chesslngton received 19 and Post Adjutant. in their game to invade Indian ter- local merchants with their othy Hardenbergh. Sarah

1 1.1'he going price to enter Howard' Callen sang three, votes to 16 for Rose.L. In making his brief speechof last with the Keystone Indians ritory was promptly brokenup shoplifting: and worthless Hayes / Nancy KHngsbury! ,

thp spook house was one big of "The Lisping FridaY-but didn't score by Mike Murrhee's check problems. It l.i Dana Sue Hayes. Katie
verses Song, D. James was elected acceptance Col. Hutchinson pass ap-
I and again all Head
sjalfe( two apples. Re- night. Final
led by their den:: mother. Second Vtce Commanderwith 'pledged his best effortsto I score: interception. proximately two hours In Hlnck Faye Logsdon. Cindy
fj-k&hmenti Keystone 8
were furnished Crawfordvllle 6.
Den 1. entitled "Keystone Keystone came back after length and Includes lecture Hewett. Sandra Bleasdale
19 votes. W. S. Terry make the post a success
by 211 of the kind mothers. Keystone fans were startled the half time Club I II Hazel Doyle. Sherlyn Head,
Capers, Included among was runner-up with nine and a force for good In the Intermission color slide presentations and
''\The meeting opened at and expected the worst trailing 6-0. I Bunce, and Joann
After Bunny
other characters the Key- receivingthe discussion periods
while A. H. Lagas.se received community. He said "There: I
7)4; with pledge to the Flag stone Cops Taking part were when visiting halfback Butch kickoff the Indians gavethe Muhlhofer elec- Kuykendall.
seven. Is nothing worse than a post t Taff. on the second was Sheriff Murrhee has requested -
l lid by Timmy Murrhee Mike Andrews Timmy Mur- play ball to the Panthers on music for the -
Barry Other offices were unop- that doesn't get organized of the Key- the Sheriffs Bureauto Organ pageant

ntth: >!n, Larry Turknett and : rhee Dana Goetzman Jim- posed and, were filled by acclamation and that is a post that Is or- yards from scrimmage to put Crawfordville'a galloped 57 the first play: from scrimmage Heights Country Club contact this program for was provided by David
Bruce Bannon-all the Den- my Andrews Robbie Parsons. by a fumble. crawford- Benson. and entertainment
annual meeting held
as follows: ganized and falls. first and only counter the the benefit of merchants in
rp1'ei I Richard Beck and Frank Richard L. Murrhee Finance Rose was given a rising Scoreboard on vllle took possession! on the night! Nov 2. In Clay County. All persons de- during Intermission Included

r i I The: new Den Mother Bailey who engaged In some Officer; vote of thanks for his untiring After this Keystone 33 and carried to Electric conference siring to attend are asked to numbers by The Group, Ter-

I I Phoebe Callen was introduced slap-stick pie throwing. T. B. Bryant, SergeantatArms. efforts in organizing: and lapse!, the Keystone momentary deiense the 4 yard:! line before a determined contact Sheriff Murrhee at ry King and Jimmy Wlldt.

and she in turn, introduced Mrs. Vonclle Ketch demon- defense forced themto and Miss Peggy Voyles An
chartering Post 202. As I!I officers elected 'at
tightened and it the Clay County courthouse,
, her new cuba and their, strated the method of biting David A. Nelson HistorianJ. immediate Pa.st Commander,. tough hard up nosed, defensive was a relinquish It. Keystone were: Jim Chess- phone 283-9709 or 264-6917: original number "Ode To
families Richard Back andJ an apple on' a string. With H. McEachern. Chap he will took over and was forced to the
now a Ed by
serve as mem- { battle for the remainder of vice president; Pineapple. was sung
J:> from The program will be con-
J ana Ooetzman received the adult supervision of punt the 13. Crawford-
lain. ber of the Executive Board. I the first half. The Indians secretary: Fremont composer. Jimmy Wlldt and
Jkjbcat pins. Lester Ketch Scoutmaster Steve Moore vllle again had possession in ducted in the Clay County

'and Kevin Bannon 'were presented and den-daddj's, Phil Par- unable to move the ball good field position: on their treasurer; Everett and courtroom at Green Cove received a warm reception.

99..9YY9.TY// through the biff eight-man I secretary; Springs 29. Wm. E. Baker served at
Gold Arrows while sons Lamance Turknett are all frantlcaly working on own 45.The Aiken assistant! treas- Thursday Nov.
Defensive line, had to take to
Larry Turknett and Bruce Winton Keith Clyde Ashton. model airplanes: which they oft quoted maxim to serve on the at 7:30: ( p. m. master of ceremonies.:

Bannon got Sliver Arrows. and Bob Hayes the apple- will race at the end of the the air. They managed only that "the odds are against: of directors were:
MELROSFBT sustained 1 drive the
one in
Highlight of the nwnrds was game: WM enjoyed by nil month ; you when you throw a pass L.
the one-ye ..pr'1-e star' children present.Refreshments 'I'I I I first half This drive started because three things can hap-

presented D"n Mother Fi-an" PTA ADVANCE: NOTICE : BT )' Rothh.immcr I on the Indians' 49 yard line pen and two of them are .. Bill Belote and All AnnouncingTHE
were served
and ended I
Itches short of ,
Turknett, with the wish that The Keystone Heights PTA a bad" was again demonstrated -
bv proud dadrtvs. Jack
the Pack would !have the privilege Wpthvin. Hubert White and will hold Its regular monthly I lAAA1AIAA AAAAAAIAAAII first down on a fourth piss as Mickey Broknit, inter- was presented to I: OPENING OFYvonne's
completion to the six Voyles. winner of the
of giving her ten more Bill Beam. Fran. Turknettdcrked I meeting on Thursday even- Duplicate winners last cepteid:: a pass on the first also to'

such awards. out in her new Den ing Nov. 17 at the school, week were: 1st place- Mrs. line.On play and ran down the side-1't Cup- and
I W. J. and Mis\ Phil the Indians'! next scr Ruff.ni, runner-up; I
As Den J prepared for Mothers' uniform helped the Mrs. Ann Kraus' class will line behind good blocking
tee of plays they receive the 3rd place;
skit, the remainder rive Thanksgiving Kromer. 2nd place Mrs. for the touchdown that tied Knitting Nook
,,,9.helr of little ones with cupcakes and ( a prouram ball on the panther 46 yard !! 4th; and Paul
Emory Cooper, and Mrs! R. the
the croup sans four. stanzasof / candy. TEEING OFF score. A fake kick and
line and moved to the 24 before 5th.
"I've got that Cub Scout The Pack and their lead.rs I If you sat by your heater P. Vogh. 3rd place Mrs. pow completed from Homerto
\ givingxip possession
I Spirit" Thursday morning Nov. 3. Kenneth liar, and Mrs. Eve- Heskett in the end zone
sincerely thank Hugh Paul downs. The Indians defense FREE INSTRUCTIONS
) lyn Pennlngroth 4th place for the
I not remember that : extra point was nullified -
Act 1 you may
a Barber-shop quartet Director at Camp Tmmoka- after the Initial score gave 40 50
Mrs. Miss
tied. Cook.
to 36 Mary by a Keystone offside
the dropped
had a baiber-pole and a lee for maklnir the hull mercury and Roland up only two first downs Tone lost 2 2
street !lamp for degrees But if you were Iva Hllljer Mrs. penalty. IMI'OItTKD; [) DOMESTIC YARN
scenery and av iiable' and assisting In by penalties) In the remain- 5-28 3-27
well remember Bryan. Mrs, J B. VOKB. The kick fom five yards
included Kevin Bannon. Lester making the party{ a huge you der of the first half. They 0 0 8 0 -8
Ketch. ,the Icy blasts! 19 A h-islneas meeting was further out -was. wide and thA
and Terry DavM. BurreStt held the panthers!\ 53! yards; fl 0 (0 0 6I i Lawrence Boulevard
Mark Kiefer, the fourth brave souls qualified for the held Wednesday at the Wom- I score stood at 6-8 with 4:38:
Cub Scouj of Den 2 have : Butch Taff I Keystone Heights Florida
member of the quartet was Past Presidents' Tournamentand an's Club. Refreshments were remaining on the clock In the ,

unable to attend. CUbmaster been having their weekly felt Justified in blaming enjoyed by all following the third period. This Scoreboard run. Kick failed. ;

Jack Bannon had everyonein nvetlnsrs on Thursdays at their scores on the weatherIn meeting Hostesses: Mrs. W. NEWS NOTESBy tie was shortlived. On the : Mickey Brokas Phone:

stitches as he donned a their Den Mother's home "the' 18-hole group. Mar- J. Orollck Mrs Ed Lon :neck- kickoff Safety Butch Taft Intercepted pass. Kick 'I, Business! 173-4665: Res. 475.2960
week, the boys comole- tha Haves K<.<.' low net IB er.. and Mrs. If. T. Dent. The Helen Egan apparently became confused I

ted their Indian: headdresses Fran Ches'ilngton had second Woman's Club will hold a picked up the bull! on the one

KEYSTONE I to be used at various ceremonies low with 77. May Hendersonwas Bake Sale Nov. 12 at the yard line and stepped back

at pack meetlncs. third with low net 80. Post Office. 9-11 a. m. EASTERN STAR across the goal: line and

Drive-In Theatre Theme for this month Is Joan Wright t/as low In the Melrose H'sh:: School's PTA I Master Masons of the Mel- grounded the ball for a safe i

Adventures In Space and thA 9-hole play with 45 net. held a special meeting last rose Lodge were honored by ty. This gave( Keystone a two KEYSTONE HEIGHTS-MELROS1[

Fri., Sat. Nov. 11, 12 i boys are planning to make The monthly luncheon\ and week in the school's cafeteria Chapter 279 OE'| at the annual point lead and the eventual

space helmets in their crafts business meeting was held at Carey E. Ferrell. Jr.. Master Masons Night on margin of victory.

: periods. Cubs attending the I the home of Pansy HAwes on was guest speaker He gave November 1. At the close of The fourth quarter was a BUSINESS DIRECTORY

SmaiRa LISIlssaujT meetings! have been Billy Swan Lake w':
Beam. Stw Nelson Mike I assisting Martha Hayes was 'the Mllla e election ing. !Masons and their team seriously threateninguntil -

I ,, Methvln. Don Wln -ate, Darren welcomed into the ,associationas of National Edu were Invited into the chapter I late in the quarter
jlueeCCUMCfiiOl White. Joey Ricks. Kevin As part Sales & Service BEAUTY SHOP NURSERY
I a new member. Mary I cation Week the :Melrose room where Worthy :Matron! Thomas Hawes recovered a

Wvman. Matt Tvre, Danny Howell was a visitor. The High School held house Dorothy Koons extended a, fumble! on the Keystone 39.

; Raulerson' and Den Chief. Howells have recently mov- I Monday night. Nov open 7. 7:308 : warm welcome to the brother -! This sparked a drive which KEYSTONEBEAUTY O.C.Carnes Nursery

I Zachary Andrews. ed into their new home Just I! the Kementary: grades organization:!: A special aided by a roughing' the III way too Florahome-21Mllci

i The Cubs and their fathers off the No. 8 green held p. m. Demonstration Classes courtesy written by Mrs. kicker penalty, ended as time MOTORS SHOP 8E of Starke

It Is good to have Pro Les and Pro- Koons in honor of the Masons ran out with the ball on the Nursery Stock -Thousands

Your Bank Stephenson back after his gram exhibits Demonstration Secondary and exhibits was also presented at Panthers 10. te Service & Parts For Edith: Johiiion" Owner of Plants & Fruit

1 two-day ntsv in the hosottal\ was presented! 8-9 p this time. Coach Les Rhoden in commenting L K S W A 0 E N Personal Trees to choose from. Nice

IL HOMEMAKERS TO :MEET m. Refreshments was servedon The Worshipful Master of on the game said & Creative Shade Tree, Evergreen

I* As Near t The Ke>.,t ne Height- the 8th
Homemakers Cluo will meetat Clajta in the Home EC. room corted to the Worthy Ma- outstanding at different In containers -plant any-
Your r tron's times in the game the "Sav- W II. Individual Beauty Care
As station and presentedwith
the Clay Electric Conference at 8:45: p. m. The purpose of time. Camellias & azaleas.

Room at 9:30: a. m. the open-house was mainlyto a ChecK from the East- age of the Week" award Plenty of Good Used Every Form of Beauty Culture Let B* d. your IaDduapin
Mailbox em star to \.f applied on the would be given to the entire . Wednesday. Nov. 16. Mrs see and hear what the Phone 'uu- !!
building fund.Refreshments. team for their outstanding \.' In Stock '
I Herman Roehl will preside children are doing at our fin Open TuM.-Sat. 04.

The subject of the day will school and to meet their were served team effort and defensive Cote gprlnf Z84-9ZI') PACKAGE STORE
during the social hour Oluoed Monday
by the
be Floor Care.Delegates teachers. Mr. Parson's' reported play.Keystone
hostesses, Mrs. Janet Haynor will play Crescent THE BLUE PINES
excellent attendanceand .
We like for you to come I Emily Icon De- Mrs. Madelene Blakely and City here Friday nightIn Keystone Height 473-4M4
remarks -
tha. Hickey and Mrs Henry many complementary Package Store &
Mr. and Mrs. J. Azzle Wll1 what promises to be another SEKV1WE
In whenever
and of !the I
see us F1uep: e. attended the meet- program. 1 tour
17J Hams. one. Crescent COCKTAIL LOUNGE
In g at Green Cove Springs The Keystone Heights Com- ( LINE. WORKUNDERWATER
you can. But, anytimeyou're I The following committeesare I City defeated! Hastings 19-2 Open 9 A.M.-12 f. M Except
and will b.> veil versed In munity Church Women presents -
completing plans for the and Hastings. gave the Indians Sunday
the rublect and will! brine "Happy Holidays Bazaar -
too busy to come Fashion Show to be presented one of their worst defeats KING'S Dance Every Saturday Night
'the program to the group I Nov 17 9 a. m. 9 p.'m. WEED CUTTING
Saturday night Nov. 12: of the season 14-01 4 MILES= EAST OFALL
to the bank, it's quick Mrs. A. H. Lasrascee-' will be '. at the Education Build Decorations, Mrs!! Irene Williams These statistics show Cres- TYPES! KEYSTOVC IIF.IOHT8
chairman of the Nominating ing. Mrs.alter Orollck Drug Line Work
[ Mrs. Lillian Norwood cent Cltv as an overwhelm- Station
and easy to bank by M committee. President. Invited all to come J. C. GARDNER; .: REAL ESTATE
II and::! Mrs. Sara McDonald; ins favorite but "COME Phone W4-0074
; browse shop and have lunch
mail. Saves time and WOMAN'S CMBThe with them and Inspect their Door Prizes Mrs/ Elva Scott: SEE",, This Is apparently the LAKE LOTS
ladles of the Keystone i Entertainment. Mrs Oer-, "Year Of The Underdog"
beautiful new church Bazaarchairmen CARS AT Electrical Sales & ServiceYeoman's Lake Geneva I35OO (Ternu)
steps! Height' Woman's Club held, aldlne Jackson. :Mrs. STATISTICS : :
I are Mrs. Charles Ruth 1\\ Lake Brooklyn fSSOO (Term)
'. their first Covered Dish Mitchell. and Mrs. Mattle, KHS Cit. ,
- Walllnum and Mrs. Roy L', PRICES Electrical Trailer Lots $30O up (Term)
( Luncheon of the season on Lee Klnjsbury: Posters, Mrs, | First Downs 8 MORTGAGE BROKER
Bridges. There will be a
KEYSTONE STATE BANKMember October 25. ir. the educational -I Holly Pastry Shop, Santa: Vera Ownbey: Publicity, Mrs,, I j By passing 4 + Sales & Service APPRAISAL SKRVICV:
building" 6f the Community
Helen Egan. | by rushing 2 AMOCUtM!
Toy Land. Hcllday Inn Florist. ELECTRIC .
Frlgldalre Appliance
{ F.DJ.C. ; Keystone Heights, FT*. Church. The president. Mrs a ANNUAL BZAAR by penalties 2 Mrs. M. Ilgen. 4TV4S14"
Green Thumb Needle! Maytag Washer
David Nelson was mistress of :\ Mrs. R. A. Gaunt chair Yards mined rush 64 ACETYLEN) I. Capt. R. Lovorn 473-4103
and Pins (CHandlwor'-l. Rec d AND/ Zuilth and Motorola. TV
Your Bank In Your FriendlyCMUtoatty.
Friendly ceremonies. New members I man of the Luncheon ComI Yards gained pass 72 l S.E.McKay Realtor

." and guests were Introduced I Bam Odd sr Ends. Tru. !I.'i I mlttee of the Communlt]y, Passes' 6-1 11 ::1 WELDLNQ/ 1.O.Slefler Hoc 16 Heaters. lIeIHM ,

o c ,.. 'U. -- I> [Continued On Next PI.I'! [Continued Or. Nut Page]J. 'IContlnmd; On Next page 1 I Passes intercepted t 1.&aoo "WW 1 1'u. 41A-M21 KBJTSTONTO thus 473-431 HEIGHT ..4THE

I 1t

T -
-- - -- -
----I -

_ _ _ _ -
sale for all ages.PERSONALS Plumosa, Both are fine piano reservation [413J. : addresses to tired naval Stoles
necessary at xiJ11 otltbI tt: r with blanks for op.uio(
NEWS NOTES artists and Mr. Fluegge Is 4192 and 473-41351. Tickets Sunday-Mass. 7:30: a. m.Monday I ACP Group Meets To Make Plans which residents wish the He moved to HampiJn, 3'6 I

1 Mr. and T.Irs. Frank Price an accomplished organist and willbe accepted. Menu -' Inquiry Class!! 7 1 .post office t.) add the five years ago from pllt.um
returned recently from an instructor. Mrs. also Chicken For 1967 Conservation Practices
FluegRe Ala King, hot home- p. m. Novena and Benediction. I number codes. County

(Continued: on nr.. page) extended vllst with their two played her tells. Plans were made biscuits green peas, 7:30: p. m. "It is not too early to Surviving I ir his II ld0 '

sons, Frank E. Price and made for a Bake: Sale to be cranberry salad, peach shortcake Conservation practices de- grassed waterways, tree plant think of adding Zip Codesto Frances M. Wadsuouh Oi

o Church Women's's bazaar Raymond Price. and their held on Nov. 19. and coffee. -LutheranLutheran signed to serve the needs of ing and timber atand improvement l' your Christmas malllnt Hampton: one dauKhlei: Mls

would"like: ( to know how families tn Osslnlng. N. Y. Luncheon hostesses were The Melro.se' Methodist, Church of Keystone both ftMiwrortd. the publUt and practiceAimed.: At list" HftMMi\ fiUA"KestA. IJUa Barber. Jack.sou'e, S

many to pla\: for the luncheon While there they attendedthe Ms. E. A. Deir.psey.: Mrs. Albert Church will have a I la j ride. Vicar Richard: Meyer minister will be developed by> a group providing food and cover areas "Personal and social mall three sons Gordon P wid,. I S

on Thursday Nov. 17. at wedding of their grand Bachmann. and Mrs. Saturday night Nov 26. The R. O. Copcland organist. of farm and community leaders for wildlife. accounts for more than 20 worth Jr., Gainesville\ : Wa:. I

125. Tickets are in the daughter. Anita Mae Price Anna James. Official Board: held a meetIng Divine worship. Sunday 11 and conservation experts The group also discussed billion pieces annually and den Wadsworth. Hainpio.::

:bands of aJl circle chairmanAnd daughter of the Raymond The club sponsored Susan Wednesday night. Mrs. a. m. Holy Communion 2nd in a meeting: held in the ASCS types of special/ conservation use of the Zip Coda on all and Thomas H. Wnd-\\o-h),

should be obtained before Pi'ices. They also made a Bird, daughter of Mr. and Olynn Rothhammer was elec- Sunday of each month. office this week. practices which might be carried addresses will move moil bya Bunnell: five Krandch.idren:

: Nov. 14. This correspon- side trip to Bethlehem Pa. Mrs. John Bird, for the Miss ted Chairman: of Commissionof Services held at St. Anne's The practices aimed at con out by farmers on a con. more direct route with less and four great-Krandchu.;

dent will be happy to receive where they visited Mrs. KITS Content on Nov. 5. Education. Episcopal Church Keystone serving: soil, water woodlandand centrated basis under the A.CP : handling" Hazen said. dren.

:your call at 4734748.It Prices sister Mrs. E. Mc- HERE V THERE PERSONALSMr.: : Heights, Fla. wildlife resources are apart to help solve specific farm and have not returned Funeral services wonMd

Is hoped that everyone Greevy. Mrs. Fred Dodd left via and Mrs. DonAld Peterson of the Agricultural Conservation community conservatfon prob- I "If you do so at 2 p. m. Saturday :n Jon<
lust- please
'will set aside the entire day Mrs. Dorothy Sherman, Jet today for Merced Calif. and four children mov- .VVYVVVYVYVVVVVyyyyYVBayless Frogram which shar lems. I your! zip : urged. Memorial\. Chapel with Fat:'. I

and come soon after the sister of Mrs. Nell Orayson to be on hand for the birthof ed to St. AU .I.stlne. this past: es with farmers about half The County ACP develop : now. the postmaster avail- er Edward A Kirby oiiicia-'

doors open at 9 a. m. Church was called bark to Ohio due her second grandchild weekend.Ve wish them the cost of needed conservation ment group Is made up of the "Additional fc-ms: : are List ting. Interment was in the

members and many friends to the illness of her daugh- the first child for her son. much success. Hiway measures. The program is ASC County Committee. a I able at addresses all post-not offices.names- family plot In Hawthorn

have been contributing! items ter.Arthur Lt. John Dodd and his wife Mr. and :Mrs. J. O. Dann's administered by USDA'a Agricultural representative of the Soil Con- only Cemetery under direction
include your o':
for this gala affair. and Barber enjoyed a Jayne. daughter! M.S. A. M. Olisson stabilization and aervation Service in the coun. but be sure DeWitt C. Jones
Christmas gifts will be on motor trip and visits with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Olb- of Starke was their houseguest 8, Mrs. O. E. Crosby; Conservation Service throughIts ty and the Florida Forest Ser- name and address: In the PI'Opel' Home. Funera:

friends in Fort Lauderdaleand son of Largo have been visit- Sunday afternoon. farmer-elected committee- vice representative, working space so the completedfor Active pallbearers
.4.4444444444.444"44The to wer-'
vicinity Ing Mr. and Mrs. James J, O. Dann has been ill fOI'Reveral with community committeemen can be icturned: you. Dan Johnson Bill Max .
\\ :
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bridgesof TBudl Wheeler. The Gibson's days. R. F. Simmons W M. U., Brotherhoodand practices discussed supervisors of the soil Don Hill. Wesley Oiun
1 Lake Geneva have returned are Mrs. Bceler's parents. visited with\ his Sunday after- GA's held their first and developed by the conservation district county G. P. Wadsworth Thornton Johns, and Mai; :':.

from a motor trip to They came U> town to see the noon. We hope he will be meeting of the year Monday ACP Development Group for Extension agent. county supervisor Williams.

Save South Carolina.: Alabama Beeler's new home which 'feeling fine real soon. night at Bayless Hiway 1987 include measures to reduce of the Farmers Home Services Held

and Mexico. They visited Mr. they recently purchased from I Mr.' and Mrs. Olynn Roth- church. About, 50 members flooding) wind and water Administration and others TilE RIGHT POINT for the

Bridges' mother Mrs. R. W Mr. and MI's. Bill Smith. on hammer and family attendeda were present. Plans for the soil erosion stroam and with conservation Interests. WilY you write. Come In and

upto Stuckey. in Stuckey. S. C. the corner of Peach St. and birthday party in Gainesville year were set up by each reservoir ailtation and mean- ''Members of the county ACr Sunday xeJpct you favorite. E*lTFR.

'iStuckey Cun'tiy'': family: Lakeview Drive The Smiths last Saturday: Mrs. Roth- group. res to Improve forestry and' development group include: BROOK lOimtnln pen. TELE.

While there they attendedthe have moved to Birmingham.Ala. hammers aunt Nancy Hud Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nor- wildlife. Leaton !Morgan Jr.. Clyda' Gordon P. Wadsworth Sr. fiKAPII.

wedding of Mrs. Bridges' .. where Bill has gone Into son celebrated her 74th man of Gainesville were Saturday Among these measures are Cone, and Lloyd Dyal, ASC i of Hampton. died Thuisday. ",MITK:

niece the former Louise business. birthday Other' guests were night guest of Mr. and such practices aa establishing County Committeemen, William Nov. 3. in :a. Gainesville hos- Tli.' Hourd 1 M,. i'. nut\,,' '

Stuckey. The Bridges' daughter Mrs. J. U Perry is representing Mr. and Mr,*. E. W. Easter- Mrs. Bud Alvarez. and improving vegetative cover S. Haas, SCS Q. T. Hug- i pital after a short Illness. mIMrI.ii.'rs.. 1IuH., ., .1 I '. ,

Marilyn left last week Keystone Heights In ling and children of Eau Miss Sue Crosby and Miss on the land:!, strip-cropping gins. County Agent and .the' Born in Madison on Nov. Fli.i l.lft,1"I', 1 Irtli.un will Ns ui.,.'II"|,| ,,,i.,,.,, I th::_ l I','?. ,'

for the Bahama Islands the CUBB nursing program OftllieMr. and Mrs. Harry Debbie Faulki.er have both construction of ponds and Farm Forester. Tommy B :ll. I tn. IHBS his oarents were I III (It)1. .11 111.. i'"un'v I Il

where she will meet some belnu offered i to ladies In Thompson and children of been sick. We are glad i that the i late'Burton; D. and Mary J ..n. N..rlh. I"hllr'. )h. Si, ,'. .'i', I ,
,,, ,
l l'ssiflg. i 1..li < M "i' <" ,tit,'
friends from England for an Clay. Union. Baker. and Smyrna, Ga Miss Ella Jane they are better at this time. Brady Wadsworth He was a I AllHIIlH, V,. 1'H' L.. .. ti i ,
extended tour of the islands.' Bradford Counties hence Weslev of Oeorela.' Mr. and We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Overseas Parcels Social SecurityRepresentative Catholic. a member of the \\'ii... I I'llll Hi.. .1.| i in r

Mr. and Mrs Louis Kyle CUBB. [Mrs.! C. R. Wesley. 'Miss Nan- Quite and family. to our com Should Be Mailed Woodmen of the World. former ,. .ml I I 'if Ci"IIM'i '" <0' "i iBy

anticipates a visit from their CIVIL DEFENCE REPORTIn cy Wesley, Chester Wesley all munity.We chairman of the Bradford : .,.,.fl.."I -
of Gainesville. are very glad A. C. Soon As Possible Here Two Executive (>"II.\HI.I: A l I.., 'I i
through the State Farm !son Richard. of Denver. addition to regulal'duties Days County Democratic Clerk ti,. "
j Colo. soon Mr Kyle has had and routine reports.yom' Mr. and Mrs. Bunyon Kel- Ellis was able to return home Committee. and a re-, I",I'i!' I U I I"
to take "bed rest" treatment Civil Defense Director ly spent Monday in Ocala on last week Postmaster T. C. Hazcn Jr. Thomas C. Watson. Field

how you may save under doctor's: orders. He Is accomplished the following: business. Joe Norman of Jacksonville announces that henceforth all Representative of the Gainesville : -
On October 4. attended County .sprnt the weekend with Mr. Hiwl ljn mail personal! Social Security Office
when you buy your next improvlne nicely\ and he and !Mr and Mis Robert Lcwy
car through the State Farm :Mrs.\ Kyle appreciate the Commls.slo-1: Meeting, Civil of Tallahassee recently visIted and Mrs. R. J. Crosby. sound recordings and parcels) is In Station each Monday

"Car Finance Plan." You many: kindnesses that have Defense Meeting! with County -! Mr. and Mrs. Bud Mrs. Jo Ann Osteen of weighing five pound.-* or lean and Friday at the Welfare I

save on financing with the been extended to them bv so Farm Arent. Conferencein Thompson. Mr. and Mrs Jacksonville and Mrs. Elva and measuring not more than Office at 9:30: a. m. for the !I

low-cost auto loan I'll !help many friend.!. They celebra- Sheriffs office. and the Thompson attended thp Lee Jones of Plant City were 60 inches in length and girth purpose of conducting social:.

you arrange through a cooperating ted their 54fh wedding anniversary Keystone Heights VolunteerFire Horse Races in Jacksonville guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- combined wilt'' be air lifted on security business
bank. And you'll ward Norman the weekend a space-available basis between -
Dept. :Meeting On Octo- over -
several weeks aifO last weekend.Happv Persons who desire to mak:
get economical State Farm and attended church.Mr. the U.S. and all military
St. Jnx.-
bPi5 meeting; 103
Birthday to RherripThompson applications for social security _
Mutual automobile Insur office
and! Mrs. Ronald Biv- post overse.ut.
Radio. Oct 6, attended American : survivors'
ance. For com u.T.n .... Legion/: Meeting In She was five Ins and Riv' Bivlns of Jacksonville These parcels will be moved ,. retlre.ncnt or I
pleta details call I years old. by surface benefits secure social secur-
guests of Mr. : transportationfrom I
Keystone Hoishts. and met
me today''f.f In observance of Veterans the office of to ity account numbers or get
and Mrs. B. C. Bivins Satur- mailing
with Mr. MrLcod for planning i
iissu.Piq, Day thl'l'e11'' be a holiday the port of embarkation! All any other social security information tO
ofpossible fallout shel-\ I
Invited to
STATE rWW from school for :Melrose! High day.Mr. such parcels though arc see
and !Mrs. Lamar Reddish even given -
I trv places Opt 17. mec'ttnev'Ith : I
Mutual AotomoVT. fntorine. *CompinyMom .. School' students' airlift pilority! should be 0111' leprpi-entntlve at the
and Mr. and 1 Mrs. Glenn
*Office;Bloomington.,Illlnoia, Onnntv Clerk reSur- time of his visIt.Postmaster P
mailed no later than December
[From Prrt"f'dlnPalt"t/ DIIS) Property' and conducted i I Norman attended the Flor-
Merritt II. Willliama\ special county-wide te 117 N. Walnut St. at this time.A Jacksonville Parcels mailed us airmail Thanks
Citizen ani I Operators" of I Saturday. .
Phone 964-5391 fine! musical! program( l Orrfn Cove Springs' ; Ort 27. Mrs. Bcvoily Spence and and paid at those rates should Public For Zip ; ;. S 1'
was furnished by :Mr anJ I : LiJi be mailed not later than December .
another meeting on Surplus' Ralph Webber of Jacksonville I
Mt'1t.. WAIIW". "_"Plnpffiyp._ nf Villa_ ____ 10. Code Cooperation '
--- --- -' n' -- Property.The were dinner guests of ,
I To assure prior to Christmas \
her parents Mr. and Mrs. O.
following rescue operations -'ntl'r"l'mnnlnIUonalCommunity E. Crosby find grandmotherMrs. Day delivery larger parcels In conjunction with other I
were assisted in during Church DrA. going to Viet Nam and
postmasters of offices
J. L. Johns: Sunday. sel'"I'Ing '
DeWitt C. Jones Funeral Home October': Sept 30. report C Holt minister. : Mrs other overseas military post this area, Postmaster T !,
of plane crash, S. R. 21 Oct
: George Canova. organist offices by sea vessels shouldbe
'Vyvyvyvy VV V V V V V V. ... C. Hazen Jr. has expressed i
STARKE I i 3. Fire west of Keyston" Sunday School. 9:30: a. m mailed by November 10. thanks to hundreds of residents -

-PHONE 961-2600 Heights: Oct. 13 false reportof Maiming: Worship. 11 1 a. m who have been cooperating -

, KEYSTONE HEIGHTS-PHONE 473-3176 plane crash on Highway tNurseiry open both hoursj.Presbvterlan ). Kin sJev LakeMrs. National Guard In a plan to add Zip ,,
17. Oct. 28. Auto Accident. S.
Codes to personal mailing
R. 21 : Oct. 31, drownIng R. :At. Norton Alert PlannedFor lists.

Rental Services Lake Geneva Faith. Prebbytertan Church Phone :333-2081 i
December Patrons In' this area v-lio
Remember your Civil Defense -R'v. J. R Neale Ji mln-
HOSPITAL BEDS, WHEEL CHAIRS I Rescue Unit Phone :Me' V-.. W A W'Ular. organist rTTTTTTTYTTTTTYTTTTTVTCHURCH have not yet sent in their
II Maj. Gen. Henry W. McMilllan "Zip A List" are urged to do, WI"LWJ'ittA-
CRUTCHES I numbers: Sheriff's office ; Mrs. Carl Swisher SCHEDULES: : the Adjutant General of so. ,
I Green Cove Springs.! 284- summer organist. p
Kingsley Lake Baptist Florida. has announced that
3370 Sunday School 944 .l. m Every household in the nation i,
: Orange Park Police ;
Sunday School. 9:45: a. m. the Florida Army National
has been sent forms .
Dept. 264-9'U2! : and Civil Morning Warship 11 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m. Guard will conduct a statewide

Defense Director in Keystone Sunday [Nursery open both Training Union. 6:13: p. m, _nrantlrft_ u___ test n__ alert_n_ nn___ an_.. unannounced _n-
That' Our Business"If heights,; 473-4260, or 473- hours. Evening
GLASS Worship 7:30: p. m. date between Dec.
4851. These units are available -Epl..conalSt. ;Midweek! Prayer Service, Wed. 1 and Dec 17

in time of emergency, as Anne's Rev W. WWorstaH. 7:30: p. m. REV. Jim Rlgdon-
It's Glass We Have It" "The purpose o/ this practice -
requested bv law enforcement : vicar: R. O. Copeland pastor. Com, let us worship alert is to evaluate: the

CALL WRITE or VISIT agencies' of fire depart- onranlst. together. effectiveness of our mob1l1-

FOR ANY GLASS NEED ments authorities.or local:: government Morning Prayer and l Ser Beulah Baptist Church zatlon plans and test thGuardsmen's Ilj"a

mon. 2nd and 4th Sundaya Sunday School lOa. m. ability to as-
We t.
Design Modern Store
Fronts 9:30: a. m. [tnursxry;.. 0 ftJ1.1 Morning Worship 11 a. m. remble: rapidly when called

f: Just Mail Us A Pattern For Melrose/ Holy Eucharist and sermon Training Union 6:30: p. m. upon to serv In event of a

Table' TopsSHEA'S 1st and 3rd Sundays, 9:30: A'M. Evening Won-hlp. 7:30: p. m. state or national emergency./ "

(From preceding( : :page) [nursery open]. Church Midweek Prayer Service. Wed Gen McMillan said. "In
r Sohool. 9:30: A. M. "Huly'EUoharist. 7:30: p. m. Rev. R. L. Tag- the trying times that exist

L GLASS CO. era Gift Shop and Happy ., 8 a. m. each Sunday.'',, gart pastor. Everyone wel. today we m'1st be assured of

Holiday Gifts. A Nursery III Evening Prayer. 7:30: P. M. < come. the readiness of our National
bf provided for small children each Sunday EYC 63:; P. M):I I:PERSONALS. Guard" I

1313 N.W. 4th PI. Gainesville. Fla. Phone FR2-4353! all day. Luncheon will be each Sunday. I Mrs. Cecil Whitehead The practice alert will
served 11 ::30-1 ::30 p m. with spent Monday In' Orange without
Dally offices of Morning come warning and
''and Evening Prayer. 8:00: A. Park as and guest of Mrs. Mary will be called during the ..
Barry children. .
I M. and 5:00: P. M.Baptist I early evening hours. Gen
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller McMillan said. The cooperation -
visited Mr and Mrs. James
of employers in permitting -
Worship nrlc Gardner of Maxvllle last Sunday -
I 1Ift : Bundny. guardsmen worklne
: 11 a.. m., 7:30: ( p. m. (nursery afternoon. night shifts to report to their
)I.Sunday I. Maxie Norton spent Saturday units will
open materlaly assist in
-- > as guest of his sister.
School. 9:15: a. m. the evaluation.in .
Mrs.! Richard \Macheda. of
fTiunwry open)1. Training, Tv
Jacksonville.Miss .
ton, 6:30: p. m. [nursery open)
Judy) Miller and Larry
Tve got my -CatholicSt. Smith both students of charge of DeWitt C. Jones .

Williams-FT. Edward A. Massey Buslnea College in Funeral Home, 7 8
Kirby priest In chares: Mrs.
savings ready Jacksonville were\ Monday Why do out of

-- I evening !auests! of Mr. and
and working Mrs. Ray Miller.Funeral .

for me! Services Qee rweee, new homes and apartmentsheflariletess

pvr'' ::
Held Sunday NIGHTS?

For J. B. Kirkland ... 't" Electric Water Heaters ?

John B, Kirkland 49, of'
I' Starke died Filday morning

I in a local hospital; after a
My saving are ready and for : brief Illness. Born in i .
working me! I Law ey Because!' modern families prefer tneir
Deposited in savings account extra on Oct 3, 1917, his parents flamclcss benefits! No flame
dollars are quickly available yet sort .of f MOSS KILLS I were.Margaret the late Griffin Henry Kirkland.and I no fumes, no odors. Nothing to<<; make dirt or soot.

"standing guard"-ever leady -to protect ..". He was a member of the: Airpark .

me in a personal,/arnily: or business emer. .' .ITREES! ,I : Baptist Church. Tucks away anywhere. Super-fast for( all the hot water

gency. In ,the meantime, they are also at I Surviving are two- daughters you want without waiting. Super-safe for
work earning good bank interest. forme// :Mrs. Mary Wilson of precious peace of mind.
': It smothers beautiful shade' I T1mpand; Miss Barbara ....... 4 .... Cheaper to buy and cheaper to use, too.

Why don't YOU start saving here NOW! frees and fruit bearing trees byretictin0 Kirkland of Starke: one"son,
Melvin Kirkland Starke: Toe fhouldrrt., ifllms 1 you keep pipe
breathing Florida Pest fMordt in* other valUabln proMcUdnnlnst See electrical
your appliance dealer
Control Is equipped to kill It for' three brothers Wilbur of firs ind thatt. And in easy plumbing or electrical contractor
you. protect yow Investment I Ocala: ErnMt. Starke: and M'T* with a Moilink* Model* 4 Mfs.
This I Arvls' Kirkland. Lawtey: This compart( and economic) uH
expert service Is |Just as near ,
at fhree sisters<< Mrs. Belle LeTi.ex. It perfect: protecting/ point-of-
:1FLL-OJBJ I DABANK your phone Simply call: I,.rcofd<, or (for t small business
Daytona :Beach; Mrs. or even it home. It is identiulIn

FLORIDAPEST I| tflura Brosky.; Starke;' ..and construction /win Meilink's! blggtf'
!, :Mrs. Bertie Hobbs. Lake City. C 'label saltS, and liki them, It nwrtified

*J : : AT STARKEOne : CONTROL j Also ,surviving are three ; by Underwriters' Uborastorm. -.;: -
Ask lo IM it& today
pr J Built la.
CHEMICAL CO. ,, and hl1 ren, -- t year in uit am Uf trrve.POWER .

of 30 Banks of the Florida National Group DIAL held Oraieslde at .services! vere Bradford CountyTELEGRAPH
.2:30 p. m. Sunday "In & COUPAl"

,Member' Federal Insurance the Dedan Church.. Cemetery HU.IIIH.fUIl.II fLOaiOA
% v'O! .. 964-3965 with Roy u s. \VUUams of. ,
I flol.it it- ArrJn1l'mentserl'r:
I- Ir II I.




-- -t .
-- -
- -
- --
---- -

TILRSflA V. NOV. If). loss

/ < .' .'//1 /". *,'I,' e- ,' S' .i'I !'. .o I \t 1'1"| > ,| oil ,..t
! rr-t1Tr-T1e1-" tne com? vTetd a luui&dftTTd! -cr"yr en-mltcs southeast of -8tar t I tpm. and (Oeneik.Mliil.lv. | 4V' viTxxf tlU'......1...u''..II 1' ..1.I1ro< -."'- ____1aa uuhILta..9Ja: frynt 'iLILt'! Inmilmlniir. I'IAMII mnlerlacurri" I'1J.1I oIr..llloi'itt."J i at. "Jturlie."Ttnrlrtu .
SERVICE munlcAtlon ceutcr and;! was Jenkins of Starke has com- Most of his farm consists of I Tlf tleneral. I l.illblll'Y r 10 long rnnipietn, with bird flexible nupply "with atop. :Hi-ta'H11.'/ molin llnir: IITTT" < -mr, :JnrtJay uf ;November
MEN] also trained I 'O'"K' eliall not be "u"<4H than. Morton nnd) ilntuper,,, ,H; .:a .....n..ry keta And iriKiilMtnm. to moun, I nun.
in basic ell'ctrlcI cleaning; course at the Army improved pasture except for 1-n.000.on lmilll, ?> InJnr "iier i>prmm '.11 Hkr. i.uu i lavatory so, III\ be K"hh'r1.: .. bars. tn web of' runway! ,unr o ,,1.A.' 1.. ('/tut.."
Ity. switchboard Installation Quartermaster School Port about 10 acres; in cultivationand I f i''1.011..0( '' h..dllIn i I |I", ..\ !Sl\' light hllill. lie nf 111 I.inn. 'K-3HH1-J01'; x l I'" lavm.iiv.KT'ilO .'. 0 "1,00. lul' irird.,' beamH. .finlKe.o, (_ ,111d..rSll1ltO.rt' \ otb.t
and pole climbing Lee. Va.During. I about 20 of planted pel' ,rlilonl-am, Ur..O.... ."i 1','''- flhiui' relni' ..rn ,mi,,"111 ...milniOlllrl \: cold water faucet K- HPKCrt'lCATION r'lJU MAIN. 0 : (hlh .loud Ida' ) "cfrrult[ of
sties >*, >> .. TRMANCK ItKPAIH: Hit"" '' c'lnrMr b in .and for Bradford
I '1h0'It' ty r inaiceXK.Iir I the1 lght-week II Pin.!' tt %'l"lilAM. > fTHIll, ,l"l tiff HIIIIIIICfnot "ply with so'.1'0. I ',..-17 I ,f. !'. !I' AND TRUCK HTOKAOK( Kllli:!II COUllt)'. .
l lAND Rhett S. Fox. son of Mr. Course Jenkins was trained' pine.Ronny is now enrolled in lLltruohll: l hitvlnil. ii M'.inliiiil, I I tliiik- trail., K-77 Ii) i'hn In silo)' allotK732 luiard of ('","0..1)I t'oinmliililunITH U/1t. ll11nrnv. \
and and Mis Everett Fox of in laundering U.I "...1''I I'ri-imrnllmi. Bl'HI* C'l;' .UliJ 1.'''"" RtrillKtllor 'I \: : e I II.I ,'n'r 1><"lrk... Florida., _
'OJUJti and Vocational. Agriculture lorthe Ml cleuriiiHT. ami wra.linn,.. Hhallbi fjixiii ivi' .mil'" riiuiui N I IMr.rr. ll..lilerI'aper CONTENT :\ : orTITIOV IIHUtl"h OtJ" PF.-
Keystone Heights has been ling Army clothing; drYCleltn'I' 3rd: year. During;''h1s first dom.' liv thi- (.'\*in An\' trl",iulli' Vf I'lnnii:; !'!l1.| holil.r Kliiill, be Mull,, Title .'01& tl.U9l.Ml!! :: ,,:iiI)
promoted to Army specialist I equipment. year In Agriculture he was fill 1 I ,required mit. nil bo rinnluhcil ... .5iii) >i:> i'ntn.J'Ruuuh M\<'I. No H0. .in tli I ,uI %D.tIItMVt'F, : OV A HOH-
4th class liy I tin-I i wn.T nnil, plu.. .'cd Pr.II 111 In itKoliKli N.-V tleillelne' I'iililiutMedicine I-- I in Germany wherehe active in many activities such 'und! compni.teil" tiy' I 111 I "iii rae- ICrol ml log r.,,o' uliixccHlHlK 0 fiiblnet l.itv\' ..AOII r"< a Hlte I'repnratlun II nil "" 'H.:..'"' IV THH tlTV. WfSTAIIKK.
is a member of the 77th Pvt Lonnle Barber;;:; son of I as. Livestock Judging.,: Parliamentary I..r.2I J.I.i'I"1),1 I I llllellnrtuil p o o 1'.10..11) :0; '16611C t-nrlhwnl'k: IIILtlX-UIlU C0ll' ':\-
Hoavv Equipment Maintenance Procedures- nd : .:...."' stln. iiarlltionn. Kluill .he ;Nn 2 SlONtkll. It'o'k, \. rI.OHIIIl.To .
Jesse -
L. Barber lawtey I IM!' .ivutliiii, Mluill, P Pout In.. "inn-led cuniiTiiin' or better, roil,., or firn. II.t RearralFurnlnli 4-Pr (abrlrnted. Metal ItulldInif. \no ir M no rovKriNi
Company recently completed a cooking ; Land Judxi.is His projects ,to KrmlcH, rind \lint* Imlli laNtilntloaWall .a Xflun pound ''ill"arltv .. 1 Vnu will 'take. n..II! i -that a
I Specialist rox is a dork course at Fort Jackson S. C. for the 1st year Included i ltOlI, diaulnKH. If etulllllon for nfflic, Hliull be, hi- ,iiicinora.ll, sYst I'tO, In 5-Carpentry public hearing will be held or
typist in the company stationed Beef cows r.ud: Interest inseveral 0 I i ,,trOVI-lllH, PIV I IU4of/ : audited with g.," roll hiukcirtlierKlain ob 'I area ahown on lunvlnic" 6 >verhoml ruiorM the Cltv Councllmen, of the city
During thi couise. he was which I nun'It. pliiHtlc flay (%"htor/ \ I lnmilatli offl Crane. c<'I..lpn.I| m 'a>< ileHcrlbed 7-Rlectrlc of Htiirke, Urudfuid. County
I n"ar( Karlsruhe. A trained;! In cake and pastry 1 cropV brought nther c.lo nr \nntVli'' ,,l < OPllliiK, ahall I li,". InMulul'ed bolow' Rlniiild linlude I 1 : elei" 8-Plutnblni Plorldii In the City Ititll. In
graduate of Bradford High him a total or: $200 for that material l II. under fimtlnKH )"i islnliH :' with 3" flberKlaai. .. batH' trio hoIst ,carrier runwayhenma !Monorail i and llolntSI5AI. I StarkP> Florida on Tuendav
School. he e tered the baking. meat cutting" and year. He also attended every the Owner" shall lie notified ,between. fnllliiK Jo'I|oil., anil mi"|ii-ii$lon fitKIIKM ( .) November I in! 19Hd at 7:00 P.M.on .
Armyin learned to prepare and serve promptly liefifle., tinihjr 0 5.3:! Wall anil (.rllh''.... KliiUhXffji I and ,'1....trli I.. i-onilti. toiliar. ('hollIes. ,\. Uarby thv petition of M.' B tewis
October JP65 and was sta food in Army mess halls and chapter mretitig. i < work. noiiiniAiK "" I t'mlcr, ) >" and. ,toilet walla amCClllllKI All c-ninc'" eiinlpmcni uliallbe C'lerk to Hoard. and! Mnritaret Itlixa beth Lewl.
tioneat;! Fort Jackson S. C. in the During his -second year In mipervlalon. of llin tin'in.'r'imtiviil ,.... ..h,toll:! I hu. flnlHhod rtoelHTlloil with a '''afet)' 11/10 2t I1I7In | lobs wife, wltuh petition was
Held.FFA. the chapUr he was moie successful 1 of IIn-*"II..rlld"n'I I ,tot- nMthj" dry uall', i factor. h,1, on I the iiltlmntoatronixth I I nprend, upon th.' ntlnuteit of a
beforeQI'1'lvlng In
overseas terliil* sits,,ii bo i "niiillAi| ',toaulmoll 101",,: With Joints .1I1I.Iuo-1 of I the 10011' 10'1'1111.. of the (.,....nlt ourt HI 'I'lierlnhlh meetliiK of the aitld, City Coun-
March 1963.Lt in chapter, activities. coo I tailo. for. Noo.. ,. .1'1. hmlrf taw| >d unit o i ,' not Icios th.in fI""'. 01.i.l. h'lnl I tlr.iill. ot oil Miclil, on :Niivemhur 1. ID88.
I NEWSBRADFORD He was elected Treasurer of bag fi.iin. "liijon' or dabs. rN{tInim the.. ..1'L"'OIl"nll'nllf'r.\ II4: Trnpk l.e..1.... Flerldn !. Stool. l-'ur llr.i.llnn re .
W H I IHankl -chnptfri-tind did an 'out- II l")a I ll I lie J|' (tU root, unb, on, II.$ liner"'-. Runway. lirumn. ...1111.1to.I .. atomvoHlte 4..IH,...>. 'IIIHC tmfl. abundon that. portion
fmillMiirlirii I I 0 'acceptulile! M,,11. Door from' offlnin. t mmparen. ) aertlon with a mild UliI>KR Too Mll.U( HI'? ofLuke- Streer br/nmted nm theniith
HI will eraduate in December CHAPTER standing Job. He won the Soil: uiKli-r. stabs. rX,5''itt".ol toInlow and tnllnfa 'tqnr, Hhnll I behollow 11..110tla.nor.. \ end. ", .Mi nm' City of Slurlii'' Klnrld.i. TV- :< r\, \Veldnn, Htrm-t and on
from Navy Destroyer Schoolat I District Soil and Water 1-lovatlonn" mill,I Tut, in mm flush'Paint'' irradi' hlwrh carbon liwer lull I I M'ltlinrbon titlntii.i t 5. l'ioo :Stilln I i tof IflcrIda. tile Nnrth hy the old' AmericanLegion
', ,- Speaking,: Contest and placed ordi-r, ,to. move" uninilt, iltimiiterliil New Port. R. I. and will be I tilmll b In. rilUiI, I tn. li-- Initt, hlnweH 1.00011.. Toilet dnor. untl-> ii,Wl.0105C105i1, ,,, ,'nnicjit nt 'L'.t The. State, ir Plnrl.Ilid' DO rent, nalil.. utreel belnir! a
3rd in the District Contest '
I assifmed a!* Chief Engineer!: Sub sired Knicio ,\ItU pudilleil mil. to lin>v 10I1\\000.1 link. ,uml, .GI) .0"') un lower. rail: eols-! The, Ho'\<'r.il I I'mperty" OWIIITH. portion of Block 3H. Temple
I on the destroyer. USS Glen- Thill'awarded him a total thoroughly' noint">ni K-d gninnlir. door, from offlco to 8hnp mlty Lot ",tCo\ '- IfacKnlm lllotermln I'.. 0 Tifxiiav.rn, ,; CUiacnH, Ami ( "* 'HMftMnit ,\.dditFoon an recorded In the pubic
of $30. His projects for free-dralnln. noil I'n- area min.ll. hitxc. a key loik "-U bv tho cram' I I Oi. ('llIlInl.Any, I ./ ic record of Bradford County.
I .. anil removeil In S OVKIIIIMVI: ) OUIII4 difle.tlnn Florida and lyIng between prop-
Pfo Walter W demons flatlHfactiiry manufacturer. HO KiKht Title Ol IntelcHt InI'mpertv
non.Lt the steer
ROil of ':Mr and :Mis. W C. Graham has! been at- ; year !included a excavation shall be dlHpone. l tIt l>e..crlHl.m will not exi-eed'1 I l/4'iit of tin .. Ti, Ite, Aflci! ..,IHI,! Bv ,."'11' owned hv .Iono'e-Langford-.
show which he showed at the ,., shall merit, Legion
of nff-fdtc or on. llt. an determlnod overhead ii oi'N Hliull i be MPHII., ThP lower. rnll Tile. Isail.line toy The ('I Iv Of White font "id. A an
tendinar the school since 'last
Clemon-H of Route 2. Starke .. ; Jacksonville Fair and by the owner. HeeAniemlmunt mntal Mfitlnnul I torsion luivc' .a. rained tread rioting !SunkKhirlil.l I 6 Uf lulu, .000I and. ,propert owned by K. E.
l U. S. Army.A his home here during the a herei6. I 'mounted with reerau ".l llnnviatr 'buoloplOslIon l l "r".rn. I ''' I lleiehuiriiT, Mure I'nrll-, All Intrr,',.tool parties mar
He also sold a cow for a. profit I>rnalrrln, >c of KtK-avetlon: \ alll4'le trade' .and. Htand- All I I niuuMViarjr: out 011115.| banner iiilurlv 1 lieHirlmd!, or Tn. HeAfl ilipeiii ,und, be hmird at the
1963 graduate of Brad- Christmas holidays before of $60 sad with the pro- Where exuavallun revoale. theprcHpiico ard head room hardware. IB rod..nd othAv?' 'fitcliiK" inted. Inuv' Way ThcrebviTint line uii'l pl OU'C uliov specified.Uuied .
ford High School. Pfc. Clem- starting1 on lilf new assign- ) fit from othe" projects earn- ; of pnoiinfl" walcr wltle, donors Hhnll he :20Oa! undI' fioin, wiilih the, riin-wuy l 1M Skilr I iif Pluilili.\ thin 1 1M l ment. "J'T' water nbo\e", (ontlnii, liottoiuM.exiiintliin \ !9. 4' ,j, 'lilc idor, Hhall\ bel llHliended' h'''Ol' I tIOC. ."<,4'!""" llitniiwh.. the :stale I 0 : Mturniiv i : ofKlxlitli City COlln"'l of the City
ons entered the Army In Feb. I II ed over $520. Hball% bo. rti-witer- :-'KU-! ,,1..I"'hall he pmtldi,, n s pnil, Ih", .luilliliil, .. Circuit of of HlurUe Florida
1W56) and completed eight This year he was fleeted ed by noil\ point >pumi>ln* T lEE: :\1'1\1\1. of the crane.. ..y.I"no." IllKlduttachmcnt Mk t Hat.,, nnd tun mvrrtlproperty \ U 11110|
2nd Lt. James M Bain oiiteltliof. Ithe xi" iiviitlon, or Mertlce of the. nm "uxto t.i\pkver'
weeks of basic training at o 50 tent "
President of the chapter >and ...1..1I... I... Villi" will '''' Ji....f-1... rorKT.
Fort Jr. whose w'f' '*. Nelle. lives other suitable! intloii.' In nocant Hervlcc I ( '" tIle building mriiitnn' iltlzi'iiB' und, ..'h.... having, I or IN 4 Ol'\
Gordon. Ga. He is now on feels we li: v<> a Veal good 'H nliallf, vatr l b. txirmlt-, wire single" pliii i' with 3' not h. perm"." The "iimwiivtracki ,'In, I iouoiolo I if un)' rlKl*l. title\ \. uiInteicHt !" AM. KOK lIlIotIFOitDt'ott'rt'
serving with the 93rd SlffnaJ! Route 1. Starke. recently chapter His project ''thisyear' ted 40 rise' Into footlnitlexciivatlonn KMT. 1/0 TW coppelTU '. .). shall!1 he flvxlMv HIIH- 1 In piopertv' I lo h.| affected : 1"1.0111"\
Battalion in Darmstadt Cer- completed a supply officercourse to {produce qtil'fc I Hollcondition. Stub IMiiilMuln pindert ror banner i tools. tjomtin b.v til", iHNIIIIIlie' b)' the In re, nutate of
include a brood mal'eand \ : Soil an loomnoilHhall : "' pa ii tout Hhall I I !I... XKU, ) .. bnlldlnw 'Htrui'lure. llaniier ..- Cltv. .of !oI.I,, ,.'. Plurldil. of Jimftillty ohnV IMiihntiiter,, dmeajieit.otier .
His address Is Pfc. the
many. : at Army Quartermaster I I several 'r.s. His responsibilities b<- removed to firm un- 12-34: ('I\11! flush. ITT": panncl mile, .liall, \h I" diameter licviiuie. 11<,011.. H.'i'lcM, .. W. .,f rillnB PetitIon It'" ...
Walter W| demons RA14952- School at Fort Lee. as President are llHtiirbcil condition Dcwat- 100. AMP: main lull II In 220- and mail'. from 1tlgh l carbon 1966. lietflnurter "more paitloujarly ) Vlaal .UlMcharcv ..( Adml l.

692 Co. A. 93rd Slff Bn. APO Va. I 1L to. guide and to lead, the Cling nf tool IIIII' excuvatlona \ three wire aluiflu phaie., i old .lolled I Mt no.1. ilencrlbed.' or In be affocted trator
New York 19175. when rr<|Ulre Durlnjt t the srvrn- 'erk members of the chapter to tinned without Interruption 7.3.1 Dome. Typo: Klutureifopu III..tor driven ,elei, .I trie hoist required' I I to apiiear, betoro. the ila'O' filed' mv final routine aaA
course he vns trained In : _the- belt! of- nt .abltty! : He also until et leant 24 torn. -&.ftnrpourliiK -truuk -aluraite. oil utoCr ,''''rrl'O' all,ill he H'''UO'). iioundeapmlly Circuit l Court or firuilford, Imlniatnitor. cum t_ta.mentonnero
In lean, und outside, fixture forrepair npeedto .. of the Rotate': of JohnW..l'i"hol.t.
I n/ footings i ago with, lirtlna EIghth
Pvt. James O Leach son of finnnrlil l and! personnel man- I This week! we would like must/ organize and be responsible dry exiavntlona No rooihmroncretm sloop Hliull, be 12" i.0O. HlnKli. Mi' 'eMI< '...">PM I Count Judicial*. Klurldii.t'lr",1I" In of the mild, .Stateat .., tI..ed'.that Ian

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Leachof a-zptient.: supply and distribution -; to feature ore of our for all activities enall. bo poured In diune type Itenjunilti No. 1111,1, ,/Ii IIC I nnd) 1.7 HJ- linlmmotore the Court llouxe' In lArk... \ > filed mv petition for dla-
Route 1. Staike. has completed procedures and pro- standing Future Farmers which take place In the footlmrl containing watera 5431: or equal.. A total of .. qotp r :ail voltS. a I.h'l"' 'Iorhl,.., on the, !,lrd d.ly ofVuveinlmr. rlbutloB, and Cor final diehargP. -
out'I'I ('."' CRK.TVOIIK! to be provU..l. I loft ttto. iirndint. 0'- ami. that on Decemberilh
Chapter. He feels qualified to 6i) oycloK 4 I iiil.; ill I I II::0000'
a field:! communication curement. Piesident. Ronny 1\.I 'Materials 7.".a FluiianM Type: KlxtnreH control tlrctiK'to .be.. JutnlHlied clock noon ,and HH"" <...u..ew 1910. I will apply to the
crewman coinse at Fort He is the son of Mr and do this with the .guidance; of 3.1.1 CONCRKTn Hhall i.I I.. nor repair' nhop uml. with b I Imlut. "lurrlci, ... 1.1\ecurrent hV II hoi 'piuvel'.. ..r the |Io..t I- Fonorahle Theron A. Yawn.
Jackson. S. C He received : his Adviser a'no' with the aid I rnn sit mix I I'm" IJiuicl, ,'i- office Bhnlt bi fit) T tl two .inlleitm4,. .' llHKi'llll.lleH lion fllnl In thi "iiliuv. entllleil,1eceilniK oiintv. Judge of Bradford
Pvt. Jimme: L Jenkins Mrs. Albert J. Newman. and of the other officers. His future mi-lit concrete iif nol IOHHthivn liKht :SjlVHiiln or equal with I.r.onso'. HlldliiK. I : .ho..a ..1"h. Hlniiild. nm hoe irriint- {"niintv'. Florida. for approval
Instruction in strliiHingr wire son of the late Rev Alphonso lives on a 120-acre farm sev-" 3000 p..1 l comireMHleHtrlMiKtll | .with l.nllia A tntil" of ..10.. .. Coo rIo I.oiooob. with hoIst., ,'d. and, the I I'tllltt I I I ltO'VtlI' tit naiil final. n>tiirni and for an
plans me to attend a / at 2H d.%> n I\lul' von lo lie in'nItlcil, I(nIsi ti !I... niimnted, ncrom.the llottI. 1..o, Serlci. I I'Min.' "I,.'r.-In I ""',,1.o'r" of distribution and for.
Junior College and then i.otxfoitnlnw. t-i niiilieiiientof | 7 3.3 Mnii'Kei. '1') p... Plilnre( 1.111.\ I list' cable to h-. 'rlhi. .d. and) I tin. I Pr.' .. ..I'llliiur-, nnil dliihaiin, a* admlnlHtrator -
e I I I transfer! to the University of AKTM: ,itp"o" | rl)4.eha4l ) for tiillvt, nhitll' lie lro.olCet, iii|18" cllain, ..t..r nnd to lie. 'retofore hud. utithorUlnM; the .of the entate of John W.
___ ::1.1.2' IlNlst.'u't"I\f1' ; TI'aL,: tie| |l.r..or..M Nn DIIOO) or wound, two part double* tovrovlile I-1111111110. lh'r..r v.illditted,I I nnd "nholHter, deceasedNoM'inber ,
I Florida and become a veter I be IntorinPdlnti I or equal 1 A total of one, -to bu plumb lift Cable\ confirmed HIM 0 I it tllltv Kevemie 7th 15603! '
inarian. hard crrade deformeil I bar"4oiir iru\ldi'd I.T. .itronved tooflorept y. w. H--'IILTON
| | drum to be fully Kond, > fili" I!10$bI. I.elnKdated
I James! A!>n. Reporter ,>,rnilnR I lo. "ioiitilrcmentHof t,I .' Keerptacleii Hlimle. wrap of cable, I July I I. ""111. 1.1,0,"'Inr| h,- 'MOM: .VS PIKHCKttnrtle :
STARKE CHAPTER 'ASTM HK.| '. ,\to)5 (and A total ofJ ...Ul...'. foiinilnlllo \ Kiiili| I I' iKitHl with upper I limit I, I ..rent ul I u 0"50 0' : Al"I I volt rooe..ioioo0iN i Mud tuu,.1 nwltih thermul, ovcilnml, ,, 1 m>- ..:to'eo'.i. I nit t the b liicil I "nit, o.'oog) ifiiaatlnir .. 1'. O. rtrnwer HMO:
.1 The stRIke chapter, future :nil WI f.ln:11 WIIII3 I'MI- 220( volt wroululi'il, ,duplex tar iirntuftlon and nifetvtvpi \ the i I.. ln,. 'uml uiiu'iinl' 1 to"," !tnrke, Ktoildu.l10 ..
;k c TOTHEPEOPLE Farmers of America. ItlO for. relnfiin-liiK iencrele cpptarli'X. sb ,all In. providedafl \ o 'lionU." 16>>0.000. helm In til,*, .1o'I> 'niln- | It I IV 'I I
_hAI, I ll I h... mlildiaunwin .' Indicated, ,
0 ,
: held its fourth meeting of 11.110".1.. 4'omliieli.r llurKurnlitli ,litlnn nf $ ..00,0 .(0 I ll., snob IIIII- '
I ,- welile.i eleitrli'nllyInn. N I'M MIIINUN.I tlirei' bur xvaicm, oniiane tlll'liiH III :",,,,,,.ot InMlnlliiH'lltcIII BIGHT POINT ,for the
the year on Friday Nov. 4 uniform mll"r HlaeHli AnsI WaaleHunply THE
Hiipplr nnil ft", looM. 1 Ihe II i\ I... l"'lt. hnlll
President Lamar demons <..nn '''' dinultiirM I, and and unti,> linen hull, \ crane rnnu.ix. trio.1.0 i, HIIIIHM.. i 000 t tiiperullnti Im. .IllMlvi,J.'IIH. u rd., .',nlilet,, i 0' deHillptlon stay you write. Came in anti
conducted the business session I.i-nforniliiK, lo ro'iitiro'nlnto:| : I bo, floured. inliliiil" mil !, nn & "n ;i-i: S ...I, '0. I IIilinic oof \linh' Mil II !I'tllltyHeveoile l "eject your. favorite ESTEB-
OF BRADFORD COUNTY of ASTNI MIO| 0ifi.'mt1b00 A- I'r.iiii. hiilldlnu I .I I line. fcl i f<.I-.". '' >''nl..r'. ftiill, Is I <, i I,o'Ii.. I'lllil.0 .\ I"i.IInllltn..1 BROOK fountain pen. TELEiKAFII. :-
after which the guest .. < li.netVN.iter ., ,
1 .o..a.. AlaI'bapIisg H'lVe .. .. bar 1tY"'t..n "h..11 0 "",101... ...r'If' i &, III Hn,' ,lii'tlll''ill to.
speaker. Mr. Hewett ::1." ('uncyple ..10.ct HhHll b kulilerNn ( .
'" ," .Clem- .h'L1" Im ,'v, ,root with. In.
t 1'oiii'reto. Hhnll I I hi-. "i nnlphtoi11.l.Oo..l 'K .ial 2-I'D iilnnet., N". |
.. .. mona, Information and education <...... tl-finnlt mixtruckH -ft.
_. .,____._____ .
officer with the Game ; hv nut tunic. than;; ; .- _. ------ ......
.....;I & Fresh Water Fish Commission hour titter ucl.hllnn.. uf .0'1 ....,...- -: r---.... -- ....:= l I. ..

I My Sincere Thanks For Thea wan 'introduced.Mr. to ii,'i-1.tin. In mix iilruiiient Kice, full Ahull or

Clemmcna gave IIn Interesting exceed 5 feet f'rloi, 'to ftoatliiit. I BUSINESS DIRECTORY
__ ; talc! on game laws. I iiiricic. atiHhan,, be tninped AREA

gun safety tag limits! and ,down Into 0 pnni-lcle, man"bv
mans of 11. Jltlrri.iur, All I "
Wonderful Vote You Gave Me qualifications for Wildlife Ml u hi .h,11 ,lenn.' $10, ,') tr..\\,- ) _
Ornners He also: distributed; el finish mil uliiill, n.-Ui'
.. ....,
pamphlets, broom Cl n lilt fol.II..wlnl/I' .00obllna .
snakebite!!. Ofe.Equipateat i _
animal tracks and Air Conditioning-Heating i .
rules and ":"H.r: ::1.:1': .
In The General Election. I Shall Forever Be regulations of hunting. lt.'lc 1 VI l.h KitjrirtK.vrxTnKliuuld : : : : I Hancock Qf.flce

I This chanter also decidedto .li..Miilu.lil and" removed. jiiutiulal, below I Uwencountered RUSS PIKER A. & J. Saw Cherry' --C

give a ThanksgIving basket backfill, EQUIPMENT-
hottum of floor alnh Authorized Alrtemp
for a needy family. to bottom of flab Hliull. lo Inlayers HettUu & Air Conditioning &., Mower. Co. Oaineavllle'e Moat Fashionable
-LoYd Bryan. Reporter not to .txct>o Grateful. METAL Joe Anderson Mgr.Homelile .
material .nnd oompai'ted to the Address For Ladle Dealer .
dlacrotlnn of I the Itmird' of ......deatal CmnmereUl
County ommlHnUinera. (nipac Chain I Saw DItESSE8-SUlTS-OOATS TetaltoAddloc
Industrial VkiOT
EUGENE F. SHAW 1 G.s.n: : ,.. tl.n, : tn be obtnlneil by lieavVeiiUlpmoiit 0 SALES ft SKrWICK! '""- C III ". -
f ){ .. .
I.. Cull For" Bid.Swil. or floOding meihoil .ak.--iuMaIIatI.n--flerYteI !

.'(| pn>|>oiml'.. will, be facetted 3.3 Curl. 2703 H.B. 18th Dr. Repairs & Parts All Makes MATERNITY WEAK JIIIIPZII,8:
STATE REPnES.; TATI\'.; I bv; the Hoard of Coun. All ooncrete Hhall be cured by GRAVELY TRACTOR ,
ty Cimnlmt\oniTii, \ be log kept IllolMt for blot loss Gainesville 3120714AUTO
Bradford, Clay and Union Counties Florida 10-00 A.M. fKm.lt.rn Hturko than aeven day, loll wln" _ _ SALES *. SERVICE ACCESSORIES. SAVE TIME Dtecisruqulsemsata r._
Standard Time) on Tuoiilay plaeluir. or an apiirovul' I non with .ug ttnt.i .
(Pct Pol. Adv.) \ Nnvombnr 27. 1 IOU. for fur- parofflalr curIng ninipound" or i 5' 2032 N.C. Blvd. Gainesville 7 W University. Galasewilie ,

nlHhlnir Labor and Material tn Invt.ervloua MulCt coverlnff' AI.F. &SERVICE PteoiM 372-33: 52* N Main al: a ne.vm.
Construct Maintenance Krpalr; may ho utilized
Junt. Cat Wild Road Pb.- 318-55S1
Mle'r.tL.4I J
Shun anil Truck Wtor ,n Khed.
: In accordance' with plunn and BCII.II\C.: ,. JEEP PRODUC1S: MOBILE HOMES

STARKE MERCHANTSInvites .epeHflcatlon. i.eneral HiulremealnTha CONCRETE _ _
1.3 HondM ..d .....a.... building halt be the 01..- Family of' WtMel Drive PAINT A GLASS

Bid Ilond performance and sIgn of inunuf. .jcturec rttfularly INSIST, THAT ALL YOUR
and Insurance shall be required enraged. I In tho fabricationof 0 RAMBLERAmerica's MUSTANG

You and Your To I AH .net forth In the public pre-enclneered Btruoturon CONCRETE FRODVCT8 Liddell Paint &
Family EnjoyKIDDIELAND advertlKi-mi.nt for Bid*. See conformlnu In whole or In Finest Economy Car ARE: THE BEST FROM :
Amendment I- S\ part a. Hpeolfled here after SALES AND SERVICE
utttichod Mobile Homes Inc. Co.KTAK1ZE
he'reto. to the Mvial IlulldlnR M..nu- ; Edward's<<; ., BuldingSupply } Glass .
...' Krflnltlim nl TrrmiiVhernvtr r..1. uror's AiiHoclatlon.
\ the worilH defined 4JI: .....Ia. ReqalremmlaI i Ridgway Motor Co. II c. Galneatille'e Discount Mobile TAINTSGtoMMJrrenSUdin
1100'I itrefnbrlcatml M < till, .
In thin? article, "r pronounauniv r Home Sales Lot.
I ,| in tlnMr mi-ail ttt BuIldingS ehall ho duHlcnadIn Dee..
m > In 736 S. Main-S72-4S44 *
thu nee".lll..n., thi/ shall &ecodunr.o.ltl, the Houtli- 1133 8. MaID Volume purchases for our en- .
bve eros btandiird Uulllinff CoUc tire chain guarantees savings ..
mianlnir .lv.nn EIteIO50n'eS-SbOWe. Deere
1 far Ceaetal. r of hundreds of dollar
published by The Mouthrn many .Wlnd---"C.......
I OWNER; : Th. word "Own..r""h"n
Htilldlnic Cnile CongreHH 'r ELECTRIC MOTORS on the quality home of your Wanp&per-8tere
AND nit-an lsrd of
('no nty t'oInmiuI'Id' | Hlurke Birmlhgham Alabama... The B & G Motors Co. choice.VAD1LLAC.oLD8hIOBILE c..uWota. H
I Klorldii.. or any board offlrer uontractur Hhall aubnilt) the

TEEN-AGE FUN CENTER or unfinoy iluly.. authorized to fnvli\eerlnir. and ntn-im d..III'diagram. CBOUlatluilH it SERVICE ELECQt.IC nit N.W. 13th SL 44117S134//'I'eriIt' lit N... Sixteenth S*. 1'
a.t for the I.ouril.: In tho mat- *
I ter covered. by thin runtract.CfuNTWAfTOH of all Mtruptura.1 or loud :Tine Selection of Used Cr Motor Repair Co. GAlnit.. OAINS3VIXJLJC: rnt-41ftl
Tho word heltrltifr', component Taken On CkdUlac Trades I(I M GMaearlOa _ _ _
(!ontrnir" shall mean the :3 1>i. l.

In Full Puny In after of thn rltalnn.itPil, Hernnd part vnterlngr hert- The vertical the 1 dead Inail luail I
noun SwingLocated lnt ,' .. load of not iris than 20 PRONE New aDd Ue d
'I formance i a contract irf tho work for the requlr-per. lost.' .appllud on the. horlaunal t _ _ _

<. t. the l*..al ri-prfwntutive projection of the .roof struc Tropical 1 Pontiac ''-WORKloao oO'.u. Streit's Bicycle Shop
of Bald "pnrty or the agent appointed ture. lnrlxuntal( wind\ load S. Main Oa'ln rritlP 1. ..
Corner Adkins and Lake Streets I tof act for nal'l party. appllid. tn the vrrel.nl nhnll Inc. riJtNTKOTK TZUI
let, the rrormancn. of the he :n 1'Slmtln" either inward one 8T2-831i HONDA MOTORCYXXE8Ouhman '
outuard lha Hlrnultnneoua .;.. Vinyl-Vinyl JbibmmiFloor
On Lot In Rear St. Edwards Catholic Church workKIDHKRi. or -
\ uplift wind, |'>ad on
: Any In.llv..Jual.fl. \ TRUCK CMC CENl'ER A VNP& SoootereOueatl
....., or corporation .."bml.tl .- roof, actlnir normal to roof FARM EQUIPMENT FlnMitaf ProdaoteovR.u.rra
n. II Proposal for the work Klupe hall not be I.." }ihan P ONTI AC Zundapp
I .ont"'I.I..I..1" than 31.JS lI4I'. The rigid PAINT-
4 FABULOUS KIDDIE RIDES I... lll"h. (. .......-. or AecrptTh frumea for the Repair bolo 22* M.W. 8th Ave. Gainesville Santa Fe Tractor Motorcycles-Balea & Service 'S
RI.h hall be dvKlmuid. ( to carry i 372-2683 am FINISH

,,,,'n..r '...rv.-.>. the rightto the. monorail I I .In.id at called I. SCHWINN BICYCLB3
rrj.-i% nny or ill bldn pr for under bid Item' two. In ,

5 TEENAGE AND ADULT KIDES I he to n""rol ili-emol" any in the hid' puhlli nhonH.. In-It tlonml Addition, load tn til" above men- CRANE W. 0 B D Locksmith &: Safe Work' Tenney Tile & Paint

$,...*.. t tn ill ..... '.1 Mull.. (' .....* LINCOLNMZRCtRTAuthorized
I .1 .'...o.lt. n.,1 1.1.\ ...,., Walt cniiirlnifhull be 21
i The ....nlra.. I.', nhalt <.l'"inlnami with a faotoorY, applleiln- OS) B. University OaliM v 'p.'10' r..r nil.I butlillnu. nermltn amel! cnatlnir" minimum of I GarnvOle 341-7711 0..inevvi1le 3'1'-1' *
'unit HI. IMIHex rcfjulrirl hy mil (001) thick Phone S73-UOI'' 4 Wheel Drtr
3 I MORE BIG DAYS ai>i>liinhl". i-ln. 11HUM, _t He 4.3 lti.of 4'nverlna Crane's Imports BffiRVICK
I nnil, f. ,|I.rrai IIIWH, unit .'jCiItt.tIon. Shall. be nliimlnlaed. at"' I P-tR'I'S. MOVERS
Kflh.Wlrit...e '.r .tnil ..MII* The alumlnlaed i oatlnita Hliullb Volvo I (MarcedeOS-BenS)
ptlanon with applicable" lawn .., applied by the. hot ilip, FIAT-HILLMAN 4438 N.W. Srth Oain..n1l. I TRAVEL
ahull. method uniformly to" both
ri'itulntlonii. *nl rodeo
ho the full renponnlhlllty of Hldeii ....lth.. oommervlally none 37 -2'UI'! lAne DtoUnce M'.oftaC
Thursday Friday Saturday the f'ontrnotor.. pure aluminum product. The 2301( I N 1I.faln Gainesville _ _ _ _
I.H Rid I.... minimum weight. of tho coating Phone 372-4373 SUPPLIES Local D7S,
1.8.1 Bir ITEM I Prlf for shall h.. 071: Ounce. a* r.ARDEN House of Travel
Daily 2 ::30: I'.M.: Till 11 :00 P.M.: I the entire work complete determined hy lae tripl' -" tors.. raeldncDC ,
In sceir4ang.e with the frnot 't.$t. ftonf covering fnr Iteaaty Academy \ '
Saturday 10:00: A.M.: Till 10:00: (..1\1. drawing nnil upm-lflcatlnn hop area shell b" UII,.. und) Johnson & Faris. I Inc. Bhlpp1ac INC.iotvto .
i I.8. Bin ITKM: 2, Price for for Track Htorane Area 21
the entire work. <*r>inpltiIn Oa POWELL'SBeauty \ J'REE ESTIMATES CALL .
4. We.nl Deep Complete I Un .1 AD\LL"mS f
.iri-nrrtanre with thi' II Mnllew
GET YOUR TICKETS Wherever This Sign is DisplayedGET d ron ins, ant .,p<,, lfl" tlr.n' Shall In ... iii?.. hollaw nol. .il 1 Academy : 'BTJCAWlHl.Pr
hu.,1. "II I I I"",. .o I.'I..n, <l lEEDSrLAN1sHILL'S MOVING wi' R. R.F
the iniinniAll' aol.1 Iiii>t ")". with buildlni I\.rn..r.. L arn & ProfM.il la T..rttmr .
YOUR t.m. i iAUHMMIKNT er.f | Time: rait or Part Tim nRTU.fZICQ CterSat. Z.IS1Id1DY

: 1Cl: <. Mlnli.vrWJnd & Inc.
The "iicojuful, bidil'r Aha,H'I !' "WM ahitll) h... 8941 fmtrclul -.m 4: EVENiNG: CL. 5811:" We Rent rertlllaer 8pr 4tor*' Storage, I Wtrektl.7. 1:3': k 1:11:

KIDDIELAND TCKETS! furnish, a HOO.nooO" p.rrDrn"1 proj" ted .an atind I Low Tuition Term 224 MW. Sttt A.e.PHONK .
an,-. bond. ., I pi-r : ard -with. the buildIng bt.on 354 V.E. WM IU.HiarwvlIU I 9 U IV
bid bond (bv rnxhler'ii, ..ntr .:. I.r ;I. f.t.r..r. Window size fI.o!i 2 IS N.W. lOUt AT.. S72-47f 14 IS W. University Are '
HERE Certified Check to the Hnnl-, toilet cha.ll be 2425.L .
ford Ponntv ealalUe 1'1-1'7" Oe.gie.iU.0 ( lTaUtO&1nM le 371-1101
County Hoard of "* Uldute beatilaCer : .
*ornjnlnfflonerfl.). Ifs shall. alftnfurnlnh Shall .be ... t.&ndsri] w.nManutK,. I t- :> I '
Certificate. of in4irac. UN bo1i22ng< '._' "" :; =. -.' -- -"" '. -: ;; -
,. } _- _+ --.do ; .L:..: : __ ;
fur Wwlunan' Comp......- : : '' v- < --'" ": -

S I j

, : ..: t


Sunday School -9:43: a. m.
Morning Worship 10:43: a.I I IF1
m. Ch.rlsUa.Service Hour -

6:30:Wednesday!p. m.! Youth Choir I I ; Food Fair

Practice, 3:30: p. m. Fellow- as
ship Supper 6:30: ( p. m. Mid- !
Week Bible Study 7:15: p. m. .
m.Adult Choir Practice 8:00: P

4 ,
First Federal Savings &I
Loan Association, the Florida
Bank at Starke the Community -
State Bank of Starke LowPricesl
and 'the Staike post office
will be closed Friday. Nova: m e
11, Veterans Day. I

\MLef's GoGardening "



By Hervey Sharp Editor I
Florida Agricultural It.-:

tmtalon Service I M 4

A beautiful garden Is like QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED 111 7

the vow -tor better or for IHHYEDx. ... k
worse because flowers also
thrive on love and care.
So to keep from being divorced c ,
from a living beauty,
start off your, romance of
flowers quite warmly.
That la. bake the soil priorto
filling the seed flats.
Sterilizing the soil Insures '. '"
healthy seedlings for trans- : --
i4 : -
planting. Baking soil at 160 '"
degrees for two hours will :. Baklitg :

kill and nematodes damping-off, weed organ-seed k. U.S. NO.1 1 RUSSET

Isms.cleanse soil.Dampingoff Formalin. will also SAVE 59t. FOOD FAIR LEAN FRESH'
and : -
seedlings 1 Ls the risk seed you run I I; POTATOES\ "

If you fall to treat the seedor
sterilize the soil. 'a"
There are two types of)
damplng-off! fungus that are I GROUND BEEF
responsible fnr' poor stand or
weakened!: plants, accordingto
Dr. H. N. Miller plant I
pathologist with the University -
of Florida Agricultural\ .j CYlfll'
Experiment. Station .

off Pre rots- emergence the seedling damplng-before tB BAG $ 00

the young sprouts break; J
through the soil. This phase ,
of the disease Is most severeIn .
cool wet soils when germination _
Is slow.Postemergence. .: ) r. LB
,. .. .
[ disease attacks .12.t.
Ii 7A'o
"' 1
the seedlings. Succulent : '
stems become blackenedand .
watersoaked at the )S
ground line. Plants wilt and
fall. The roots decay and
plants die.Tre1Ltlng. --
: flower seeds with SAVE 14* FROZENFRENCH _
protectant dusts such as Ara-
san. Ceresan. CuprocMe, &e-
mesan or Spercon prevents FRIES
)08._. It taken practically no I
time at all
For small racket of seed, LB
place a pinch!! of the prctect- 25C EAT WELL GREEN LABEL LIMIT-3
.' .
ant dust In the 'packet with BAG : "
,.;.j'VV... ,?.'.:
the seed and shake! it vigor- / '.VCOLLINGWDOD
ously until all the seed are :wI
coated. This coatin of fungicide ,
will kill! or inhibit the ':..
organism the seed In i:?: ;
on or \'i. :r .
the soil and provide temporary j I A ,
protection during ger- .:.1 I.
mination. --:. ,
;.,. '
Dr. Miller advises: sowlna
seed In flats rather than In
the open. Bv* uslhp flats It Is .
easier to control growing
conditions especially)) dur- .
ing: the cool days ahead. '
Almost any shallow box .. +y
can be converted Into a flat. .

-. box:Be sure has the plenty bottom of holes of the or -- .:" ;: ;, 7TJk; FANCY 10/ :;

cracks to allow good drain- SWEET LIMIT-3 YELLOWCORN

age. Boll for the flat should __
be fertile containing a fair .

amount Before of organic transplanting!! matter.the ;: YYfRkj::

annuals from the flats into POTATOES
the garden free the warden
.coil of nematodes fungi and -
weed seeds. There are several Yr'
,!chemicals you can use. The -Ii" .if6 J. _
most effective Is methyl bro- : ..
mide. However you may A. ,
'\: \
choose other -
materials suchas ct29az
i 1
F '"
vapam. and Myl ne.
A few of the annuals that ALL PURPOSE EATING OR COOKING

can be seeded! now are baby's CAN "

breath, blanket flower blue- t1IAPPLES\ 4 LB 2 ..
eyed African daisy butter- .
fly flower. California poppy, if" : : .......... .. BAGPIES 7

calllopsls. carnation candy! .. .,.
tuft. Chlneies forget.roenot.Flora.'s CRISP CELLO WRAPPED ..

paintbrush larkspur ....._ : t..'_ ._ .r t -11! 41
petunia poppy snapdragonand t :.:n. .
..' 6 CARROTS..9cIi
verbena. ,'. ;t1: J "'.


Re: Estate of
fI..mufll Ros.nberf, .
A/KIA| Sam Roenb.rf. ,
All peraona having claim* or ,
demand L Ro again...nbraaka.the |estate' S.iif.8smu 'mRo.mberf /, F IA R 11 I 'l ytki
deceased are l\6't'e.
by notified apd required to file
their claim In the office of
the County Judge of Bradford
County. Florida In the County
Court Hou* at Stark. Florida. 1
within mix calendar month from
the date of the flrat publication A A3'3c
of till nolle, or the same
will become void according I to '
the law.
i ir
November 71 h.
This 1964.
/.|'Lon Ros..nl rs1
Executor of the Bitat ol
Samuel Ronbrr, ak/a| Sam
RonbraDcad. .
Malll V Knigbttack. ; /
$ ..' Florida ,
Au.rr tar 1Ca eat9f- .
1,1/11 ,t Itlb ;. It

Bradford County telegraph
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Publication Date: 1888-
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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Full Text
----" .... II.. .. --.....".."..-.......-. .... .... .-...."" ...... I y' ". ," ]7 I

r 1 I

.JuUa" C. Yonge

u. of Fla. Library History I

Gainesville FIe. 326.1. I


01 Fl.4.'Bn4/r
Kirk Wins

re,, c r i ijF : fi Follo-vvs

,. ,M4ri Bradford I

i State: GOP 'T'rendInvestment

__. _u .
broker Claui de: Kirk ot West Palm ]Beachto

tucked Bradford County in his portfolio Tuesday, Precinct Vote

along with most of the rest of Florida, to win the state's

governorship for the Repub lican Party for the first time On Governor
in 94
years I'r-Hmt. Kirk. High

i' #tt .. It was a stunning blow son and Sam Teague almost No 1 I Lawtey.. west) 227 78
t ) ., that sent Democratic leaders 3-to-l approval over their No. 2 (Lawtey.. east) 45 161
: rya into huddle all over the Republican opposition.The No 3 I Fairgrounds 114 55

Jrn Y !j r 1 .. bF' state trying to figure out strong' Repuollcan vote A No. 4 (Legion HU1; > 91 91..

what happened.The polled here was a continu No. I 5: (BUSI) 199 171
unofficial vote from ation of the trend started in No 6 (Bayli'Sfl) 72 49
"A 2,490 of the state's 2.561 precincts 1964 when OOP Presidential No. 7 (RJE) 2 20No.

Y; gave Kirk a lead of almost nominee Barry Goldwater received 8 (Armory) 249 154

150,000 over the Democratic 1.923 Bradford votesto Claude: Kirk No. 9 (Southside) 199 100
c nominee Robert King President Johnson's 2.225. No. 10 (Theressa) 126 87

A' Illsh. The rount was: Kirk In that same year Republican though: the county actuallyhas No. 11 ( Hampton) VI 101

788,751 : High! 637.657. nominee for Governor, only 65 registered Re- No. 12 (Library) 76 1O
In Tuesday's voting No. 13A ( 174 109
Bradford County deserted Charles Holly polled 1.038 publicans Terwlllegax)
Kirk pl'/ked up this nest No. 13B (Graham) 29 10
votes to
Democratic/ ranks for the 2.650 for Haydon
,. as. e4.'r first time i H modern history Burns. egg. in addition to another No. II I (Struth) 69 84
1.100 or so rrom registered No. ISABrother: ) 63 62
Riving Kirk 199-vote lead
a Kirk was not viewed with
Democrats voting against No. 15B 'New Itlver) 40 35
r with 1,910 votes to High's such favor here two years ,
V conditions they rightly! or
1711. Kirk carried
every ago when he received
Bradford: precinct but five. only 766 votes In his race wrongly blamed on the Dem-

1 : In other races however. against Sen. Spessard Hol- ocratic administrations.These national. and state Shaw Wins

0. g M ts, { Bradford voters heavily favored land who polled 2426. so-called back-lash
the Democratic nomi- The 1964 and 1966 ballot- '
Issues 'nclu.lMl: civil rights
nees, giving CongressmanDon Ing Indicates that Bradford demons'ra tlons. "crime In Three County
Alma and her Court llovrrly Fuqua. Attorney General County has around 700 to 800 bills
HOMEOOMINO QUEEN \krltlge the streets., higher/ tax
Earl Fah cloth, State Treas- voters who be expectedto
ROYALTY RIDES HIGH Crawford, Linda Loa, wed Elaine Vlillhca l ride high in 1I..IIIe-. can due to 100 per cent assessments -
urer Broward Williams, and vote for the Republican
higher food prices
mining last Friday morning. House SeatGene
parade Senate nominees L. P. Olb- nominee In earn: election, al-
the w \r in Viet Nam and
grand Jury indictments of

elected officials in Florida Shaw, Starke attorney -

cities. won tl'.. race for Re-
Taken singly< any one of presentative from Bradford
BRADFORD COUNTY TELEGRAPH these would be negligible in Clay. and Union Countlea bya

an election but taken collectively substantial :margin of 2.627

they contributed to votes In Tuesday's General
a tidal wave of protest that Election.

swept a Republican Governor The three-county total for
Official County Publication Established In 1879 Into office. not only In Shaw was 5,766. while his

Florida bOlt' in a score of Republican opponent: Chau-

VOLUME EIGHTY-EIGHT STARKE, FLORIDA. THURSDAY. NOV. 10, 1966 NUMBER TWENTY other states over the Nation.A ncey Moore of Green Cove

total of 3.621 votes were Springs, polled 3,139.

cast in the Governor's race The vote by county was:

Board Lawtey Voters Aged ManSuffocated In Bradford County approx- Bradford: Shaw, 2427;
Seeks .r! Rehearing imately 61 per cent of the Moore, 852.

Will Pick TwoCouncilman 5.811 total lORlstered. Clay: Shaw< 2533; Moore
r 3 In other races where Democratic

Bids On Shop Ps' In House Fire Asked In Suit opposition nominees the had Bradfordvote Republican 2114.Union: Shaw, 801; Moore

was: County figures: do not

For Equipment December 6 has been set as Walter F. Schmidt 81, was For Injunctionwas For Congress: 2nd_.Congressional Incl\l\ eabsenteevotas..
the -election date to fill three found dead 'Ji) a smoke-fIfled'! District: Don Fuqua -

eats on the Lawtey City t/7/ rAlki room across U. S. Highway 2.384 Harold Hill. 806. Big Volume
In a brief meeting Tuesday Council!, according to City ,i ylQt: r7 301 from the Florida Highway filed Wednesday by attorney For Attorney General: Earl ,
morning, the Board of County Clerk Ethel Reddish. t Patrol station at 6:54: a. William" C. Andrews of Fnircloth (Incumbent! 2-

Commissioners moved: a The group two seat now tilled + m. Monday.The Gainesville on behalf! of 402: Ells S. Rubin. 812. High Prices

step toward consolidating all by Billy Anders and the body was found by Starke citizens seeking to en- For State Treasurer:
county operations at the group four seat now filled by Bradford County Deputy Join the Bradford County Broward Williams fincum- At Pecan Sale

newly acquired: American Lesion H.V.. Bennett will be .up for Robert G. Green, who had Commission from building a bentl. 2.474: Joseph S. Yase-

property by voting to two year terms. The group .4 been summoned by a neighbor new courthouse on American cko 677. Prfre i were good and the
advertise for bids on construction five seat held by Earlie Pad. Mrs. Palmer Williams, Legion property. For State Senator. 6th volume surprisingly high at
of a new county grett will ''be to fill an. urtexplr- when she saw smoke coming Circuit Judge John A. H. District: L. P. I Patel I Gibson, the first pecan auction' of the

maintenance shop on the ed term of one year. from the Schmidt home. Murphree I last Thursday dls- 2,384; Keltlier Wheeler. 721. current season at the Starke

site. The deadline for candidates : Green said he found : jnisse( the request for an injunction For Stat! Senator. 25th State Farmers Market last

Chairman Jerome Johns to qualify is Saturday Nov. .. (4; ;,: : Schmidt's body fully clothed, ( sustaining; the motion District: Snot Teague, 2,130; Thursday.

showed plans for the proposed 19, and registration books will stretched across a table In for dismissal filed by Robert F." Mtinroe 844., Market manager Bob Allen

proJect. which would include close Saturday, Nov. 26, ac- the smoke filled room, and County Attorney Gene Shaw. Bradford voters !gave complimentary said a total of 14,713 pounds!

a 40 x. 54-foot metal cording to Mrs. Reddish. the bed was afire. It Is assumed In his original plea on behalf totals. of over 2.- of ruts were soW at an average -

buildings, and a 93-foot long In Its regular meeting Monday the tire started as a of two Starke businessmen 000 votes to all unopposed of almost 30 cents a
: .... Nolan Woodburn and Democratic nominees and pound for a gross. of 402487...
parking area for vehicles. night the council dlscu.'i'sed 7i result of smoking in bed. ,
The building would housean the need for stricted enforcement "" ..J.i Schmidt was a. native of James T. Moore Andrews attacked also approved all 13 proposed The. markets first auction

office for the road superintendent of regulations con _.." Buffalo N. Y. a retired elec- the constitutionality Constitutional Amendments brought total revenue almostsix
a.td would havea' cerning the use of the city d ... -. .1 trician anj had lived in of special legislative act bv approximately 2 to times greater than last
monorail system for handling dump. It was reported that : Starke for seven years. authorizing construction of 1. All amendments were likewise year's opening sale, which

loads up to four tons, Johns people have been dumping He in. survived by two a courthouse with race track approved In statewide was held almost two weeks
aid. trash M the entrance of the aw'c revenue funds. voting. earlier, on Oct. 21. The open-
J daughters/{ Mrs. M. Gunning
dump, only causing some garbage Shaw contended the mat- Thcressa precinct where Ing sale last year saw 5.375
After hearing the specifications. of Los Angeles Calif 'and
to spill out into the road. .:. ter had been settled when no the vote was, 126-87 In favor pounds of nuts sell for only
Commissioner Zed- Mf Mrs. J. Prince: of Torrance.
Violations could lead to a r7- objections were offered at a of Kirk was the precinct $682.74. a little over 12 centsa
ra Hamilton said it sounded Calif.
$100 fine, it was pointed out. hearing on validation of revenue previously! selected for NBC'sromputer' pound average.
pool: but estimated It would NINTH. GRADE FLOAT, with Princess Main:' .\krill//{., In front. Funeral services were held
council certificates last calculation that
the : year.
In other action ( The highest average price
cost around 45000. first In Junior High Ih...Ion. nt 1 p m Wednesday at the
Called for bids for removalof won prize forecast election results In last Thursday went tOr Stu-
Johns said that early esti-
timber on a portion of the graveside:! in Crosby Lake DEFENSIVE) I1RIVEKS all parts of the nation on arts which' brought from 23
mates run from $18,000 to with Rev. L. S. SET:
& Cemetery PROGRAM MEETING: the basis of a two cent Curtis
city )mp per to 32 cents a pound.
$20.000. to write Williams officiating Arrangements Interested in sampling of returns sold for around! 24 cents. The
-Directed the clerk All persons :
Commissioner Dave Shu- Ridi On Showdowny In chargeof
W. H. (Hallle) Jones of St. Everything ng[ the Defensive Drivers Pro- A "red line" direct tele- lowest average was $18.67 for
ford said tfvj quickest way to DoWitt C. Jones Funeral
Augustine concerning his officer gram are asked to meet in phone connection to NBC In Tesch, but even that was ll lla
find out would be to put It Home. \
to all the city the use of the EOC I Civil Defensel New York was set up In the higher than the $12.70 total
up for bids: which will be
opened on November 29. four acres of his property in Battle In Lake Cit FridayCity building at the Fairgrounds! courthouse here and returns averaged in last year's first

The Commission also Lawtey for a recreation area. NO FRIDAY CLINIC :Monday Nov. 14 at 4 p. m. from Theressn precinct sale.The .
-Asked the clerk to check O.V NOVEMBER; liThe phoned in an soon as obtained average price for other
authorized its architect into 'state regulations applicable Starke's Tornadoes. 1963 to wl.i the Tigers are COURTHOUSE CLOSED about 7:30: p. m. Tuesday.A varieties at the opening sale
Frank George. to proceed to the .fencing of junk State "A" Champions, travelto big and tough. They regular Friday after- FOR VETERANS I>.\\' similar key precinct was were: Frowner' 2563; Ken-

with the preliminary plans for yards, and stressed the need Lake City Friday night fora school linebackers I Donnie noon clinic will not be held Courthouse and City Hall selected by NET" In every nedy 26 93; Mixed. 22 BO;
new courthouse battle with the Williams I we have ever on November 11 as the Bradford -
for cltl Ordinance requiring showdown county th'OUKhouthe Na- 2245. Randall.
final rot a offices, the Starke post office Money :Makers
plans -
a new agricultural
will also have Health Depart-
Is faced. They
enclosed. Tigers. The game
complex which will Junk yards to be and all banking Insti- 200: Seedlings 2287; Success -
to the voter forecast as the high school one of the fastest backs we ment will be closed In obser- tion.Due
be locate*] In proximity to --Agreed purge tutions will be closed on Friday to the length of the 22.87:: and Van Demans.I .
; registration list at the next battle of the week throughout (Continued on Page Four 1 vance of Veterans Day. Nov. 11. Veterans Day. (Continued On Page Twol I Continued On Page Twol I Iu
the fair building and Ptarke meeting for the upcoming election the ftate and should _________.

(Continued On Page Twol on December 6. draw at least. 6.000( specta- ,

tors. "'
The two powers we undefeated -
The Community Slate\ Circuit Court and both have scored

Bank of Starke impressive wins throughoutthe ,

The Florida Hank Starts MondayThe season. The Tornadoeshave Li

At Starke been tied:! by Live Oak .s :;. ., .
[7-71 for.: the 'only blemish-In
fall term of Circuit
21 straight ball gam s.
Court will open here Monday
William Ironically, It was In Lake
with a case against
First! Federal Savingsand \ Alvah Saxon III charged City In 1964- when" the strong
Loan Association motorcycle Starke eleven last tasted defeat -
"with larceny of
2112. Coaches of both
set for trial on opening day.
Will Be Closed For Bushels teams report their boys are
In which In- >
on Veteran's Day Other cases up for the big game. '
formations have been filed Y
Friday, November 11 At the present time Lake
I by State Attorney T. E. Dun- ,rT .e11
A National "
City la leading the Region .5. I
can are: Va
for Class "A" football honor 5 r I .,
Fred Blocker. assault with !.
This Space Contributed and all hope for a repeat
Intent to muider.
; Weekly to Publicize Tornado:! championship restsIn
Events Newell Eugene Parra- the outcome of this !game.
Community by
more. perjury. If StArke wins they could !go
The CommunityState Leo DeSue withholding all the way again this year.

support.W. If they lose or tie their
H. Precis. worthless chances are almost nonexistent ,

Accounts now insured!! check.:
up to $15,000 by Claude and Jessie .Mae\ My- Coach Da id Huric. Tornado Homecoming Parade Was Colorful Event

Federal Deposit Insurance ers possession on moonshine. mentor, ,*:!d. "Our boy.
Peter Joseph ModUo, know what. the; time meansto 8th GRADE FLOAT wu rush Job, but turned out well b colorful
Coup. breaking and entering. JUNIOR C'L\!FLOAT! with Prmr_ Elaine Murray riding on top, won
them and ':.11 go to Lake flrht pritf lu senior, IXvMon. purittle.r + .

1 :_ :.:... --- -

- -- _____ 1

_..-. -


THt'R9DY. NOV. 10 \

\ Mrs. W. U. Thomson of] Ewell Lawson and! Marvin I Watterson Rain Total WOODBURN FIRST METHODIST: : .#:':dlllllr. .i'I') \ 1 ;:
Montlcello. "Iss Evelyn Thom- Lawson attended the funeralof I I I rmitrii. S.TARKE: I;
student at Orange an uncle. Arnold Cannln: 1 I Thanks VotersI Sunday Church 8..111101.!
son a nurse I
.9t I Memorial Hospital. Orlando, ton In Lumpkln Ga. on Tues- Funeral Set Well Above 9::4a: m ?1"rl1lnQVOI'hlp BoardSpiritual RAGS Ii
I and Mrs. William Fredrick wish to express sincere 11 a. m. OfficUl
Thomson of Tltusvllle will day.Mr.. and Mrs Jerome Johns For FridayLuther 1965 FigureBradford thanks to everyone who con- Life: Retreat 4:30::
-- \ weekend tllbuted In any way to the m. Covered! dish slllrPei'for
spend the weekend with Mrs. and son. Phillip; were p. WANTEDCASH II
GLADYS MOO TY I F. F. Stump and Miss Lillian guests of Man:! Mrs Bob Wattcrson. 78. of County received fine vote given Bradford Official Board and MYP 0:30.: .
Harris in Jacksonville and attended County to Claude Kirk for 6 p. m MYr": meetings :
Phone 964-0631 Stump. Hampton, died:! Tuesday In a 14 Inches more rain duringthe '
I Mrs. Curtis Anthony and the Gator Bowl game. I Starke hospital; after a brief! first ten months of 1963 'I Goiernor. Evening Worship: 730.: meetIn II
children of Jacksonville Beachare Their daughter Debra spent I Illness. than it did in the same per, We are rratlfled to have! llondayGirl Scouts Paid For I,

Tom Edwaids of Tennessee Among those attendingthe visiting Mr and :Mrs Fred the weekend with her Krand- Mr. Watterson was born in lod of 1963. :Bradford County Join in this Fellowship Hall 3:15: Clean !
Good Cotton
Mllltaa-y Institute spent Fla.-Cn. game on Saturday Bennett for ten days. parents Mr. and Mrs. J.. M. Kings Mountain. N. C. on Total average rainfall for I great victory at the polls, Wednesday:! WSCS District -

Thursday to Sunday with his afternoon were: :Mr. and !Mrs.\ Pauline Torode Mrs. Howard in Lake Butler. Jan. 3, 1888. and was the son the county from Jan. 1 and loyal are proud of had the in part electing his Day Apart First a.1 I Rags. No Khakis :
supporters 9.30
pa>enU. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mrs. George Pll'rceIr.! and Ed Torode. and John Torode of the late John William and through Oct 31 was 72.51 Inches the next Governor of Church Oalr.esville. : and
Edwards Jr Mrs. Ervin Andrews. Mr and of Starke. an.t Mrs. Sue Stur- County Follows Faltha Harden Watterson as compared with 58.48 Florida. m. Primary. Junior 3'15. or Wool. :I
yjln. Thenle Roberts of Mrs. J. D. Odom Frank Williams ges of Gainesville are attendIng He owned and operated a Inches during; the same period Youth Cho'r practice ,
Godwin the funeral today of Mrs. in 1963.October Sincerely./ Prayer Meeting: 7 p. m. I I
Lake Butler Is visiting her Mrs. Harold GOP Trend water plant at Hampton for Nolan Woodburn. Chair- II I
scfn-ln-law! and daughter.Mr. Dr. and Mr. J. W. Patray- Pauline Torode's granddaughter more than 20 years was a was a wetter man Bradford Thurs. Nov 17 Family Telegraphi i ''I
and Mr. Ralph Bryan. Mr. and:! Mis. J. E. Denmark.Mr. ;Miss Paula Helatt. age 15. member of the Bradford month than usual. bringing Kirk For County Com- Night Suppo.- in Fellowship :
tM week.JTommy. : and Mrs. Guy Andrews In Winchester Ky. Miss [Continued From Page\ One! County Farm Bureau and 2.86 inches of rain to the mittee Governor Hall. 6:30: p m. Quarterly

Andrews of the and Tommy. Mr. and Mrs. J. Heiatt. who was also a sister ballot election officials did had been a member of the county as compared with a Conference. 7:30.:: I
University of Georgia is W. Rltch. the J. E. Hardy of Mrs Sttirtcs. was killed\ In not complete their Job of Baptist Church for over 63 50 year average\ of .73 inch I
home for the weekend. I family. Col. and Mrs. H. M. an automobile accident along tabulating; the vote on all offices years. Mr. Watterson movedto for that month. (
Her. and Mrs. W. A. Hogan Hatcher Mr. and 'rs.' Drew with two other teenagers on and 13 amendmentsuntil Hampton in 1912. coming Wood fired have shown a > O,'1' 14' 14] I, i
The nmOfni'rl Hnnrrtnf
attended, the Florida Baptist Reddish. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Monday Winchester about 4 a. m. there from North Carolina. marked increase in the coun- I'lilillc,, 'In'jtriictitm of Stnrlto and CompositionNeed
convention In Pensacola th: Johns Mr. and Mrs. Charles Local admittances' to Bradford Surviving are his widow! ty during 1966. with 75 repotted Florida off,.ra for 01l1A the Collowing Typing
past week and while there Flanc18.Ir.! and Mrs. Joe County Hospital this L. Watterson of since Jan 1. burninga Riirplufi, bnHPfl:
Board Seeks Mrs Mary No. 1 !Il! 51 Intcrnntlonul, nopiiRHenitpr ? Employment Application?
visited their son-in-law and :McQee. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. week Include: Clayton Strick- Hampton: two daughters total of 468.0 acres. Duringthe in :No.; BD24nio,...I m.vNn ;; !1 a letter ?
daughter sir. and Mrs. Tom Adams and Mr. and Mrs. F. land. Mrs Charl'y Henley E. Mrs. Dorothy Failing of same period! in 1965, only : 3 Itl7 Pi id 06 |I&IMNeIIJlr& Resume? Ueporl'Ianuscript:
R ywho have a new baby W Strickland.Mrs. C. Taylor. Mrs Archie Lee Bids On ShopContinued Starke and Mrs. Harvene 30 fires were reported: with ID .Vc-. 77'IT!" .!".7912.:' One or many-:N.<> job too small-Rusinei4; $ or social.

IOn Paul A, Smith of Holllngsworth... Mlsrt Janet McMahone of South Daytona 71.2 acres burned.Woman's No:; 111 10>N'o, ""Io".t. AKI1112IGNo. i 4S |pu'senaer I'll type what you write or I'll write it for you

JMr. and Mrs. Orle Wiggins!/ Phoenix. Ariz arrived todayto Thomai. ;\T'' .. Vlrla Dval, Mrs ( From Page One! ; one "on. Frederick L I II.: 1 IDIil International. 42imHmtfifrT Just give me the facts. J'.H do the rest
'Were visiting Mrs. T. S. Mc- visit her brotherinlawand I.os'lE' Carter, Mrs Kathryn Watterson oStarke;: ; and ID No. 120HNo. ;
Wlllan" and Mrs. C. D. Williams sister. Mi. and Mrs. W Ipnmnn. and Mr Shirley Farmers Market throe grandchildren. Christian Hfnici-r. 22 U>1117:Nil: ,.r'hcvrulot KVA31740S 18. pas 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE
in Jacksonville on B. Sewell. for a month. Hall of Stance: Hirlis Ellington The board discussed briefly Funeral services will be Union Nn 'J'.l: '11)47 Chevrolet'' 48 pas's"ea"r .
Sunday. Mr and Mrs. L. D. Vinlnc and Mrs Bernice Holmesof the proposed purchase of Temperance |,, III \... tip! \02irt22MlrlH :! CALL DOROTHY MILLSKEYSTONE
Lake Butler Demos John- property from Mrs. Carl held at 2 p. m. Friday in will tip /nci'iitPfl| in. in*
: Don ofJacksonville had visitors Mr ana : IIEICIITS( 473-4518
Mrs Tilley
Ray have as :
Jones Memorial Chapel. Interment TilE LIFE: YOU; SAVEII'LEASE llvlihiiil 'HUMPH' only and will
> visited Mr and Mrs. J C. Vining and children son of Hampton: James Hlsrglnbotham Rltch. adjacent to the Legion will follow In the [ : : STOP TO be l> opened, ThurHd.iy, Nnenibor
t.rs.\ O. R. Alvarez Jr. on of Palitkn and Mr. and of Lawtey: Elliott property. bat took no action. In THINK!! 17. IIIHII In the orl,... of the Or Write Rt. 1. Cox! !09, Starke" Fla. :J2)1()!)1
Santa Fe
Coarsev of Keystone Commlssiontr George Roberta family plot SnlifHnO'ndiMlt, At 1:90; I'. M
Petersburg Height
St. : discuss
Bunday. Mrs. Ed Birdsall of and call to your
fprv under direction! of De- :MAY BE OCR; OWN The Bonril reserve, the right I'll
'Mr and M 3. Brooks Paulk : on Sunday, and Mrs Mrs LAurie Whitten of RaU said the board's original Witt C. Jones Funeral Home. IIP[ YOU NEVER: mUSK] to rifest nn/ and. nit bid..
and dauHTiter. Karen, of Lake Dora: Fender and :Mrs Chare ford: and air'!:. Alberta Bridgesof : offer to Mrs. Ritch had been The American Issue '}THOMAS. I'ASKY." : .Intiup.rinb'nd"nt !No Charge For Consultation.iS1ade'sMNRs' .
WISRlni'' and:! daughter of Lake Qpneva rejected and suggested that
CJty were guests .' '
Hi !51! It II i
Mr. and! Mrs an agreement might be
Mr and Mrs. Dave Paulk Stockton. G.on Tuesday.Mrs. : Ovid Bennett
The Paulks nlso have as visitors. Jessie Young was a I anj: family of Jacksonville< reached in later negotiations.. -
Mrs. John Stone of !turte' at the !flower show at I were Sunday visitors of Mr 1 he Commission agreed to
Woodbine Ga. the Putnam Countv Fair In! 'and Mrs Carl Lamar Johns. give two buildings on the Legion -
Pnlatka on Mondav and at'' !Mr and Mrs Dave Wescott site to the Starke Rec-
Pfc James Earl Strtckla the same tlm Mrs. L. V of Tampa were weekend guests reation Department, providing "
Was home for the weekend Hardin Mn. Davis Gasset' of Sen. and Mrs. Charley the city will move them S d
rrom Red!' Arsenal Ala. ant'vt1ted and Mrs. Lola Johnson were John! and all attended the off. Th structure Include )' '
his raienU, Mr. anc1I .
the hall and I
ludizes in the Homemaking Fin -Ga. came. present Legion a \ '
Jrs. E. E. Ptrickland. 0
department at the Fair. !Mrs. Edna Hart Mrs Ella smaller building used as a
a Oayle and Alta CronkhltcJr Mr. and Mrs L. G. Knight Moody !Mrs. L. W. Stricklandand ticket office in the early daysof
<<< Jacksonville were visiting! Mrs Edith Christiansen the Bradford County Fair
of Charlotte. N. C. were Tuesday -
friends here Sunday after- visitors of Mrs. W. G spent the weekend In Wildwood -
ijoon. Halle. with Mr. and Mrs. Al- Large Volume

Mrs. Mack Williams and Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Tolbertof drldze Locke And Good Prices
(lions spent the weekend in Mr. and :Mrs. R. R. Hutch- HEATER 811.1!
Lake City spent the week-
Waycl'oss. Ga with Mr. and end with M.and Mrs. David Ings visited Mr. and Mrs. R. At Pecan SaleI
Mrs.- Charles McQualgr. Montgomery. A. Green and Mrs. J. H. Hooten -
Bobbie Sue Barksdale' in Eustls over the weekend.
Jimmy Douglas and Richard Mr and Mrs. Lamar Shawof Mrs. Lex Gieen was confined I Continued From Pace,: One I

Wainwright of FSU were I Miami were visiting his !in the AInrhun General! 1
28111Attending !i
mother. Mrs F. J.., Shaw over
home for the weekend. the weekend. Hospital the past week for observation the opening sale f

ani treatment. were W. O. Whittle chief of
-Mrs- Charles -Hardy and Florida State Farmers Markets .L 1 /giPySERIES solve heating problem

I 1 x'rs Charles Francis and I Raymond O. Rutledge, I your

b unimold by daughter visited !Mrs O E. State Market comptroller:, Wi
I McGauIev In Palatka last and Lemon Williams, manager 1nrr-i COUNTERFLOW I'' with the remarkable SIEGLER
Wednes-'nv.( !

/ .-1 ,I 613 Hazen Mr Onlnesvllla N.and Is St.emploY Miss Clair have Jlmmv street with moved Hazenof Hercules Mr.to- I,,' ville Market.Phil or former Cronkhite the" Bonifay manager of Jackson-Farmers of the IL WALL FURNACE IVI ark ///

State market served as aueI -
1 Powder Co. tioneer. Heats like a central furnace
;Mr and M.W: II. Graham I
The sale rttraded 14 buyers .
will attend\ I the Florida FashIon more than double the I 1 with its counterflow, forced-air .
Mart in Tampa the
over number at the opening sale
t weekend and will also visit last year. : HEATS r circulation that lays a "blanket f:' ,
their son-in-law ani daugh. .
Due to the Brisk demand
\ ter. Mr and Mrs. Dennis Williams !- of-heat" across floors. Installs ( .- .
and the Auiprlslngly large '
s +
,1 Largo.
volume at the opening sale on-the-wall or in-the-wall '
Mr. and I '
MrsUlcolm Mcln- manager Allen predicted an-
nis Jr and daughter and Mr. other good sale for '
today without
expensive duct work. Ji" ,.
and Mrs M, c Mclnnls Jr. Thursdavl.

a 4' and dau 'ltt'r and Mr. and:! No sale will be held on 1 Heats 1, 2 or 3 rooms !t.!:ti ..
THE I :Mrs. Mclnnis si of St. Petersburg Thanksgiving Day Nov. 24 ...... ".' rte > rY4 _
were weekend guests of I automatic controls. ; :
Mr and Mn( J. C Hobbs and J. M. Biddle
LONG all attended the Fla.Gagame 65.000 BTU'S.

Services Set I

WEARABLES Mr. and :-'is W. B. Mundy. For FridayJames & '
Mrs. Guv Sale anj;) Mrs. Louie
i 4i Bell' Parks were In Atlanta I
M. Biddle. 88, long
On Sunday to Wednesday on
time resident of Green Cove .,
businessMr Springs, did Tuesday in, p
1j and Mrs; John Benny Staike after an extended ill- iui : !l ..
Sapp and family of Dnvtons I 4*
Beach wire Sunday visitors of ness.He was born In Westmore- ff fl

his parents. Ml. and Mrs. Carl land County. Pa.. on July 9, ?41
Sapp. 1878 and had otw>rateH a
Mr and Mrs. Bill Morar and service station in Green Cove
family of Panama City were for 29 years, retiring in 1956

visiting her parents Mr. and He was a member of the ROOMS :. :
"The most practical young men's shoesof :Mrs H A. Lawson over the First Methodist! Chew of n
weekend Green Cove and the Bunnell
the season combine the ultimate in I 4r
Charles Mrs Mp.sonlr LockeSurviving
looks and wear! Smart dress and casual Mrs. Sawyer
L Outlaw. Mrs J. C. Dukes' Is his Widow. I
styles are unimold constructed featur- and; Mrs. Curtis Edwards o' Mr. Eleanor Biddle of Keystone -

ing P.V.C. elastomeric soles and heels. the Junior Woman's Club attended Heights; : one daughter.Mrs. Semi-Central!
Price is practical, too, just < QQ the district F. F. W. C. Joe Pope Atlanta Ga. I II I Heating System
$g. meeting! at the Southslde four sons, including! Kenneth II
Woman's Club in Jacksonvillelast Biddle of Keystone Heights: j I The
.I Sleglcr :Mark m
floor level
C, n & E Width6'i'! lo 12 Thursday. and two broilers ... ell eA OR tot B l pours
Mrs, Titus Olson was visit- Funeral services will be heat out the front, back and both, sides

ing :Mr and Mrs. Paul Hawk held at 11 a m. Friday In the formultroomheating without costly

Boy's Sizes 3l/z to 6 $6Stump's .99 weekend.ins in Jacksonville over the Church Green with Cove Rev. Gordon Methodist N. Only $20 Down --- $11 1 Per Month pipes and registers. Build it in tho Wall

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kinneyof Craig officiating. Intermentwill or just pin it to the waU. In two-tono

Department Store Jacksonville were visitinghis Red- Cemetery follow under in Hickory the directionof Grove baked enamel: or luxurious wood grain
mother Mrs Carolyn
grave over vhe weekend. DeWItt C Jones Funeral vinly coating it will "add beauty and

. Home of Keystone Heights.'LEi" wonderful new comfort in your homer

-.-. .\\ HIGHWAY It's low. it's lovely \ Come !in soon and see the remarkable
new Siegler Mark III automatic
: switch yourself on L fragranceSTUMP'S .it's o heating system / -.y
Sunday School lo a. m. e

with the soft pow of L.I by \ training Morning Worship.Union 6 11 p.a, m.1 with the famous Cool Safety Cabinet ',f/// ( $28.0 Down $12. MonthThe

.. Evening!: Service. 7 p. m. Dearborn Crest blends into art decorative 1)k.themes.

Everyone: welcome. -Rev. M. Because of the Cool Safety Cabinet,
W'UJV'I W David Medeiros,, pastor.
w- cao tree it as aa extra table_pot books,ash trays, e.ea -
s potted plant on top! Newly designed Clo-Brit tatftnts e
: Mlsft-fy? yourself.With the fresh ""r+"""'1)f* Forward-Flow Circulation, and ]improved, original SPECIAL

: bounce'and awing of t THE BRADFORD features provide: better> bea4iog few yowr home

: Bobbie Brooks'new fragrance. COUNTY TELEGRAPHPublished ...hats why Ivl
: Pat It on your pulse places fromtenpla 1 f every Thursday
to ankta. Coat W lldl at 133 W Call St,

Starke, Fla. 32091 $19.95 HEATER

:I_e-... t2,15
Second class poetage paidat
IetttdrMeaqy ...00
Starke Fla.
t.ker 3.011

..... ...tr47.60nwraleerrrW Subscription Rates:
In trade area: $3.50 per
;,:;::::wtm-f..M > year: JJ.OO six months.E. .
Slade Gas and
L. Matthews publisher!: editor and Appliances

Outaide trade area: '-.00

- DEPARTMENT STORE. -per year."";..-$2.23.. aU month I Id 33:: \\KrtT-M-\IMHONr.:: \ \ STREET STAKKE. FLORIDA 1'JIOXR ,1.7701 ''I

t .

: )

- ---- ---- -" "---- "
-- - --
--- -

i If IfI

; NOV. 10, IS!) .

II'r rIf' 1 I UDC Appointed CommitteesAre t r :

w. T Week's chapter UDC

I met Wednesday afternoon of .
GLADYS last week at the home of Mrs. e
I W. H. Nollman with Mrs S. .
Phone 9G"-OGU
L. Peek Sr. and Mrs. Bertha
Pearce as cohostessesThe
Little WomenSet Luncheon Given president. Mrs. Lester
Crews, appointed the following -
Style ShowThe For Mrs. BuckMrs. ; committees: education.Mrs. _
f -
Jewel Roberts, chairman Ion "" .
Little Women's Club H. M. Rlcharde entertained Mrs L. A. Davis and Miss a$1 \ ;
will have a style show of the ; at a luncheon Saturdayat Marge! Middleton; finance.
latest teena/o fashions at their her home on Johns Drive Mrs. R. A. Green, chairman. :
meeting Monday night at 7:30: honoring sirs Margaret Buck Mrs O. J. McOrlff and Mrs. ffUI
In the club house. of Palatka. H. L. Speef.: cemeter>. Mrs. i 1 ;
Hostesses for the eveningwill The eight guests were seat- Ruby Johns chairman Mrs t-J ( kv ,
be Joyce Denmark. Evelyn ; Clyde Terwillegar and Mrs.E. .
Sinclair and Marilyn Bollln- covered K. Ferryman: hostess committee -
ger. centered with an arrangement Mrs. S. L. Peek Sr.. ELEGANT NEW STYLES INLadies' ::
of '.::= gladioli and yellow -' Mrs. L. D. Vlnlng and Mrs. .
chrysanthemums. Place Joe Wilson. By unanimousvote
XEUEGRAPII.Plastic Notebook $;,50 at the cards marked the seating: ar- 'I ; Mrs. A. Z. Adklns was I Homecoming Activities I rw. Sweaters I.

rangement.r elected to honorary member :
I ship.At I HOMECOMING: Q'EFhnIL \krhllt |)l.'turi'il Ilhll'o
the close of the business' with her court' > at Homecoming Riun! IJmhi Lop, lipirrly"
meeting Mrs. Nollrmn.: his- Crawford, mill Khilne \MilO-liciul. 399TO 799 .
\ Almost torian, led the members In the ..
r re rt
Ir 1 singing of "My Country "Pis! I FOOTBALL was the central theme (upper right) of }

of Thee" and AulJ:! Lang Syne" inoHt Hkltt ]>-Hpntsl(. at Tornado Whirl lust Tlinruliiy night. ..
7 Like accompanied at the piano by t I I Pure all wools, orlonj and
Mrs. J.V. Kincaid. :Mrs L. I CIIKKKIKADKRS; ; (right) Itarham :\kUI.... Jiirkio, II mohair in classic ..,
or novelty
O. Powell ua-'e a paper on the :Smith" Kay ('olw/n and I'lliillnon. rontriliiiled |lieu| unil I
Finding life of Capt. James Waddell. pulchritude to Ilomecoming) Parade ln.it, Friday. styles cardigans or slip ,.
vHf&z&hP Confederate Naval Officer of I overs. A rainbow of gorgeous ,

the Shenandoah and his valIant II colors plus white. Complete ; 11 ; '

Money naval experiences. Goodman Home Hospital AuxiliaryTo sires j t ti tr i\
During the social hour. '
< members and guests were Invited Scene Of Party View Film ;
; F4d
Into the dining room i iwJ.18rQo..reCra'ihmL'nLs
Money still doesn't trees fall
grow on _oi-
weta.aawr,. --Ctaistopher Goodman celebrated Members of -Prxdfojiti: t ;
** from the skies but it does pile up fast, ed from a beautifully appointed :! his sixth birthday anniversary County Hospital Auxiliary will h 1
tea tabl"! overlaid with an on Monday afternoon have an opportunity to see ,
it> and with ready cash you'll be ready to takeE' Imported lace cloth and centered Oct. 31- when his mother "Ernergency! 77:" a film de- 1 I

with a Dresden cupid Mrs. Ronald Ooodman. gave sKnert for... home consumption
advantage of every good opportunity. Gets grouping on an antique pla- a party for him\ and 12 friends. which will be shown at tile i t .

interest instead of paying interest. teau flanked on either side The party was held on the November 21 general meetings i[Redd-Everhardt Recent Births Qui
with candle holders with decorated -i Goodman patio which I The announcement! was
..... _. 'I
--- -- '- wtiitcandles..- i decorated-- the Halloween n I made by R. E, Edmond.son. Announcement ..Ims Jjeej ._ .. X4', ...ad! Ch's!!__Charles R. FIRST TY I
Mrs.: Pearce served punch I theme with jack-o-lanterns Hospital Administrator at the made of the marriage of Miss Durkee of Tampa, announce
Accounts Now Insured Up To from an Italian crystal punchbowl and balloons! auxiliary bard meeting last Janet: Drake Everhardt to the birth of a son Charles r
whIch Mrs. Nollman had Mrs. O. W Strickland assisted Thursday morning The purpose Wayne DavId Redd on Satur- David on Nov. 4. Maternal ft I
purchased while on her trip :Mrs. Goodman with refreshments of this rllm is to bring\ day. Oct. 22: In Macon! Oa. grandparents are Mr. ana '
$15,000 By Federal Deposit '
around the world. end games.: one up-t dale 'on hat W flo( Thebrtff:"!'- IE the daughterof bL s. Carl Jchns. 9fl
In an emergency: In the homeor Mr. and Mrs. William
I ; Insurance Corporation Garden Club Notice on the hlihway.; The Franklin Everhardt. and the Mr. and Mrs. Philip Odomof f I1"
Beta Sigma Phi ln{ was presided over by me..t-I bridegroom Is the son of Mr. Live Oak announce the <'I
i The Starke Garden Club will Loyree Cooomlse. nnd Mrs Felmnn Thomas birth of a daughter on Nov. ; STYLED
meet Mondav night. Nov. 14, Gamma Tneta Chapter of After reports were heard:! Redd of Macon O.i.: He is the 4. Paternal ,grandparents are ,
HO.ME OWNED-HOME OPERATED at 7:30: at the home of Mrs. Beta Sigma Phi will hold its from the various committees grandson of !Mrs O. J. Phil-I :Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Odom Jr.
T. Mersereau in Oreen Acres. regular meeting Monday night. plans were made for the annual lips and the late Mr. Phillipsof of Starke. Ills Slim Jims
tII THECommunity Nov.. 14 at R o'clock In the
There will be a study on "Holiday Break" to be Liuvtev.
color in flower arranging. home of Mrs Rudolph Hut- held December 16. The couple) Is at home to Bradford County Hospital ii Wide WuTe
State Bank Members are asked to bring a cheson on Rnlford Road. Mrs. friends at 136 Lamar Street. announces l.-e following !
flower arrangement for jUdg- Freddie Stephens will serve as Graham Wins Apartment 2. Macon Oa. births: I CorduroyPinwofo
ing. co-hostess. Mr. and Mrs Earl Leland In i
& of Starke I Sales Contest St. Mark.sVomen Dockery. Starke. a son. Jon- 'I V\\

athan Earl Nov 7. 11 l\\ Corduroy
IN <'( !'VrV .11 IKiK"4: (1)1'HI
Member of F.D.I.C. A CliMHlflml, Ad In the TELEGRAPH IN .,. I) "roil I1HM1I--OHI1; W H. [IBi111] Graham a The Women of St. Mark's Mr. and Mis. Bert Edward \\1\I\ Gr Denim
brings renult" I'01'> >'l. KI.OHII>> salesman with the Old Kentucky Eplscolpal Church will meet McGee Starke. a son, RobertWalker.
Tr "" I.otll: t,' of Manufacturing Co. of : Nov. 8. I
Monday night at 7:30: for an I Authentic western cut,
I Nashville Tel,111. his won an, election of olflcers at the Par Mr. and Mrs.!. Charles Ran- l i western pockets, front
all-expense trip for two any- ish lIoue.11 members are dolph Taylor, Middleburg a :Zipper. Choose from
v.h plum, wheat, laden,
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Mon- 'l
BALDWIN CHEVROLET STARK The award was made to blue, brown or navy.
Russell. Starke
roe a' daughter. -
1'01.1. \\ll UI| ir MVV CONI ; ..
Graham for haUm the P
( ':':: Tina Dianne Nov 3, t
highest percentage In sales I N..II.> ,IN In rt'liy, given ,hat I Ihai Mr. and Mrs. David Leslie
> riled inj' final' r'III"nll" a.I
for 1066 over :>65 among the I HXI-I: ,''illrlx' iir thf OHliito' of Cyrus Bennett Ralford. a son Jas- "...- C
(company's salesmen in '' Kll:I lau' the southeast. I have filfrl' lilY petltlnn MEN'S HANDSOME
CLEAN Used Cars for final/ dlahurgl|| ', unit. that 1will I 4-
Mr. and firs Graham have ,Italy| | 110< tlu ininihli( > FIRST CIIKISTIANCIII'ItCH
chosen to Usit Mexico City' .Tin ri.n A. Yawn County Jiirtfff STAKKE Sweaters
.f 'lirutlforil: / I"uun ty. FlorUlu, on .f
and Acapulco. and will leave School9:45
;00\11I1".1';: II, lean for uiiprovulf Sunday : a. m ad
by Jet on December n. They t ltu> anmeItn,1. fur rinjtl' dlitIniiKi' .- Morning Worship 10:45: a.
will return the Stales in 110 "Cxix: 'utrlx of the PB'
to :
HUNDREDS .. m. Christian Service
-. 6b >.r fvriiH, KIlHMorth:" UpHniIf Hour 99
;. time to attend the comp.iny'sannual "i"-//1 xrvl,I.n I. 6:30: p. m.Wednesday. 59910 1 O
Awards Dinner In ., I f.i.r| uli.|: l'ng Youth Choir d
Tllll\l\:' lli\.M': I TMortNTONi .
A OFDOLLARS : Nashville on December 15 i\: ,,,r nix,, i the i'>: niii/ o'nlo Practice 3:30: p. m. Fellow-
; j i '1" IH\:|| < ,ith Lli'iini, ship Supper; 6:30: p. m. MidWeek ::-
r ; ,' ,, i TIKiM<. A" I'I/II/-J/: < .
"P II- I 1':11": u Ih II. Mil Bible Study. 7:15: p. m Rich looking cardigan
I I. .I- ll I I Inllip \It..rIO \ MMII..Hjn.t d..t'J'
S' \ of Klllnit. I'rllllmi( for I .:!.;, :North: Temple A\o. Adult Choir Practice. 8:00: p and pull. 4 ; }r #
.. ... .. .
Plant Ulrharae .of. I:.. .lIlrh ,>-i, n ki KI-II'Inn m.
''" I it, II ,in,, over styles. Solid

------- -- .-----_- .-.--- ----_-....-. .-. -- --- .--- colors, argylesand r f

fancies t f \ ',

1965 Ford LTD 2-Dr.H.T. 1964 Ford Fairlane Wagon COMPLETELY REMODELED AND i I IREDEC Sizes S, M, I. XL.

AirCond.loweri t leering1'ow. _.. _. .. .. .
: : Air (imd.;; I 14rwer-Steering. V8 -- "- RATED .--. .. "U.
Brakes, Radio and Heater. 12395
er : Engine: Brand New Power
New fares Heady To (in This:, :
: Brakes, Radio and I healer I $1495
Weekend For Only- MEN'S CORDUROY
WSW Tires. This is the bestbuy 7)A.1

in town on a wagon. Only
-J It O : Ranch Jackets r r-
1965 Chevrolet Impala 4r H.T. e ci r /z

1963 Ford d Wagon 9 Passenger
Air Cond., Power Steering Power 99This
Brakes, Radio and Heater. $ RESTAURANT I 14

Clean as new. Take it home for $2295 Air Con, Power Steering,

only- Power Brakes. Radio & Heater $1495 / \
New WSW Tires. Like NewOnly i -
For Have Your year's fash OF '
Party-Perfect Dining Next

1964 Chevrolet Impala Wagon Affair In Our New Pecan Room I ion wide hit..tailoredof wale s\,1\ pR''

I IYou'll t
Air Cond., Power Steering 1963 Impala 2-Dr. H.T. corduroy with a t1 tt1
fleecy acrylic Iin. 'I
Radio and
Power Brakes!'
er, WSW Tires! and Heat17 i 95 Toast Our Delicious Food Ing. Bronze or
Cs 327 V-8 Standard Shift RadioOnly
SteeringWheel.. This a Gracious Service and Congenial loden. Sixes 36 -
One Owner Wagon for & Heater. Corvette type wheel $$13 95 t"> 44.

covers Only- Atmosphere i

'64 Chevrolet Impala 4-Dr.H.T. 1963 Rambler 4-Door LUNCH WHERE BUSINESSMEN ARE VERY .: Hudson's- Showcase--

6 ing\\andweBrakes..Power Comfortilt Steer- $$1795 New 6 Cylinder Engine: Stand IMPORTANT PEOPLE.We FACIAL TISSUE

Steering Wheel. Low :Mileage. ard Shift, Radio and Heater. $$895

Take this bargain home- Clean- 200 Two Ply,.

Make It Our Business To See That 8.3",3"Your:; !, :;

You Enjoy Man-Sized Portions ServedIn Choice 5 SI

1965 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE A Relaxed AtmosphereWe of (Colors:

Save 35cFound

This! Car Has Everything On It Money Can Buy. One Owner. Low 4295 t Take Pride In You
:Mileage. New Double Eagle WSW Tires. Sold ,for $7,000 New- I Serving Superior Only At Carp'sUse

Food, Expertly Prepared and DirectFROM
Now This Week Only
II I Carp's Lay-Away Plan

I Our Electronic Ovens- I Now For ChristmasVhile\

BALDWIN CHEVROLET Inc. Selection Fabulous.

4.; OPEJJir

U.S. 301 NORTH STAP.KE, FIORTPA I'IIONI. Rrt 3n n p 't" .\ ?O It'J .eg. r "I.! OPEN! FRIDAY A:>'T' ?VTURDAY
I UNIIL .O P.TlltiltshAY. \ .
-. .. . ... .. . -"'. .- ''' '. : !
*' = --- : = = ::
7-- 'f ::
*V 1 H .=..;:.. -L :r--; -fI'J.J...

.I.' .., ..... .... to.

V V i
---- .
-- -- -- -
J, i-: S



BRADFORD COUNTY: n on..uon. JTARKJ! !!. FLORIDA" THt'RSD'\V. NOV. 10. 1968

TornadoDefense Shines I TORNADO

+ .'
rx"'ri II ...'. i1 T
I ; A

Iii 40-6 Win Fernandina i I "I I',, E

Two Star I : ', ; )""
I"; ''II'S

By Jim Temple previous we';,;'., action Opportunists for school-boy: athletics, had C on'erenceGames ". .

all year the high picked the Pirates over I e. ...41" ; '

:defensive: The Btar-Ftudded unit turned Tornado robbel'alls1nst italized spirited on Starke Pirate eleven mistakes cap-to Starke.BIO RED ROMPS: Showdown Battle Friday Night FridayFor .f, l

the! Fernandina post the impressive win Staike scored all 40 pointsin Imildr the first time, this season I
Beach Plra,<*s as they stole Fernandina unbeaten In sixstal.ts the first t elf. as five dif- Pits Tornadoes Against TigersContinued R two Florida Star Conference I Big Red bounced bach:
the football seven times and prior to Friday night'sloss ferent Tornadoes racked up games will be played at strong against Fernandina
converted six of the thefts had been heralded as 6 pointers end Marlle San- the same time with Live Oak I I Beach last; week. The win

into touchdown while racing; the team to dump the Tor- derson booted 3 extra points [ From Page One] out the window when th< at Palatka and Starke at helped to 'dispel a certain
to a 40-6 victory before a nadoes from the undefeated then passed to Harry Hatcher Tornadoes and Tigers hoo :$ 1 1m 1t Lake City, with the Conference amount of anxiety about this
crowd of 2,500 shivering ranks and tnrcby eliminate for the fourth. have ever faced in Craig up for their annual battle Championship riding on week's game with grudge foe
Homecoming:: fans at BUS them from contention for The Pirates scored first on Busby," Hurse continued Coach Paul Quinn's tee : the nose! of the winner. Lake City that resulted from
Stadium last Friday night. State Class "A" honors this a 95 yard pass: interception "We will be ready for them has been "looking for a Starke now owns the Florida Big Red's tie with Live Oak.
The Tornadoes were backin year Bob Price Florida I by halfback Terry Rowe. this year." chance to stop} the Tornadoesand Star Crown, and, the Class A Doing to Lake City, however -
high. gear after a near lost! Times Union spoil's writer Rowe captured a Wayne Mc- Lake City has run roughshod gain revenge from last r State Championship crown as we do this year-
to Live Oak 7-7 tie) In the Lrod te-lal his most of their 1 a to defend means a rough; night of football -
stray : on own over opponents year's 6-0 defeat, The Tiger f, and was! attempting
____ 1T i, 5 yard line and ripped 95 this year and have will also be cut to dump Big the title\ with a perfect record I any time. The Tigers are
yards off for the Pirates' only been tested only once that Red from the undefeated l and 21 straight wins until tough in their own den. They
---T:: rIw score. by a strong Bishop Kenny ranks and sink their chance! Live Oak stepped: In and mar- have a. well balanced ball
i iI Interceptions Fumbles team from Jacksonville. Lake for another Conference title.I red their record with a 7-7 tie club that Is sparked by a

I iI I Touchdowns one three City won that game 137. Tickets for the game anon e Hilly Itelote, No. 10, nklrttflt\ end for more Torm,do Friday, Oct. 28. 15-pound halfback: by the

I and five were scored on Last week against Palatkathe sale In the BHS office and yur.h'IIJJ In Fernanclina garniJ. Starke has played three con- name of Craig Busby
drives which began after pass Tigers won 26-14 but had fans traveling to Lake Cltj ference games, winning two tough in their own den. They
interceptions. Billy Belote two other touchdowns called should phn to leave earl I and tying one, while Lake City Busby has caught 6 touchdown -

I stole the first stray Pirate back because of penalties. enough to ;et Into the stadium has played two and holds two passes this year and
aerial on the Fernandina Starke blasted the Braves 40- before 6:30.: Lake City wins. Lake City is undefeated has scored on a. half dozen
Beach 40 yad line and racedto 6. But here again all scores reports the game a sell-out l on the season with 7 straights:' long runs of 80 yards and
the Pirates' 12 before beIng of comparison can be tossed I: wins, while Starke has the 7j I upward Last week against
hauled down. W. McLeod STARTING LINEUP i wins and one tie. Palatka Busbv: scored on
went In for the score trom 6 STARKE VS LAKE CITY St. Augustine, the other I runs of 90 and 60 yards plus
yards out to put Starke even Pirate fumble at midfield OFFENSE conference team, with three I running a punt back for 90
at 6-6 Manic Sanderson's and moved to the Beach 43 I, STARKE loop lasses and 6 losses and a yards. Big Red will have to
kick was blocked. yard line before being hauled I No. Name Post Wt, Yr. ,tie on. the aeason, will host' I cage this rampaging Tiger If
Moments later, Paul Mo- down from behind. Two plays 80 M. Sanderson E 160 i: non-conference Seabreeze of.,, they get pa.it Lake City.
M1, Leod went high in the air ]later W. McLeod broke over 83 L. Brown E 191 IS Daytona Beach this Friday, I The Tigers have amassed!
and stole another Pirate left tackle for 30 yards to 70 A. May ton T 202 11 1 while Orange Park will entertain 260 points this season while
aerial on the Fernandina 41. make It 19-6 with 7:20: left In 73 J. Godwin T 205 15 2 Fernandina In a non- I limiting their opponents to

Randy Joyner and W. Mc- the half. Sanderson failed on 65 E. Stanch C 160 IS 2a _conference game. I only 42. Big Red had rackedup
I Leod combined efforts to the extra point try. I 66 L. Morgan: 0 170 1 IS 2a Team standings (conference 252 points to their op-
bring the ball to the Pirate The Piralss ran into trou- 64 R. ChiHon 0 182 IS games): Lake City 2-0-0; ponents' 32.
3 yard line where Wayne hit ble on the ensuing kickoff asa 13 W McLeod QB 170 IS Starke, 2-0-1 ; Live Oak 1-0-1; On the basis of comparingboth
Paul for a TD with a 3 yard- host of Tornadoes racked 22 D. Shannon HB 155 1! 1'alatka, 0-2-O; St. Augustine, teams against common
I er. Sanderson split the up- fullback Seville and caused 20 P. McLead HB 165 11 030. foes Big Red has the edge to
I, rights and! Starke went a him to fumble on his own 21 30 R. Joyner FB 165 1! Standings tall games): Lake date. However, such compar-

Larry Brown. No. 83, scores another Tornado ahead, 136. yard line where Larry Brow I LAKE CITY City, 7-0-0; Starke, 7-0-1; Live ison Is of absolutely! no bene-

down on a 32-anI pas." from \{'. :M<'Leml. t"'h-I Chilson Recovers gathered In the pigskin for I No. Name Post Wt Yr Oak Augustine, 5-1-1; 061.Palatka, 3-5-0; St. fit when lake City and

Roger Chilson picked up a 86 P. Olebelg E 180 1 K Starke meet.
11 1 To counter the Lake City
- 82 M. Martin E
61 D. Williams T 205 1:1z TEE TO GREENBy threat Big Fedwill put up a

FLORIDA 63 B. Harrison T 220 1: sterling defense which has
CHEMICAL Herb llerrn'
51 S. Chamberlain C 220 1: been Impressive and outstanding -
72 L. Jordan O 190 1: Sunday was a day of victory In every game. Oak
63 D. Shackleford O 171 1:aI again as Clyde Terwllle- Ridge la the only team this
11 B Johnson QB 145 11 1 1 gar split the; "Blind Bogey", year to drive the ball the dis-

43 R. Dobelsteln HB 155 11 1 1 tournament with visiting tance of the field for a score

J 23 C. Busby HB 145 11 I J. Hoy (hiiHtt'pn. No. 31, wore. on an K-'I'rd l run In thf'I..t Lowell Vlcerv of on the ground. Even In the
180! 11 1 Clyde has Oa1nesme'j Live Oak game the Torna-
32 D. Greene PB
SO .wconili.. before Imlftlmo.RECREATION.
: ,
game lately but does stiffened when the Bulldogs -
have finished well got close to paydlrt and
two tournaments. This Sat-I repelled their attack.
Big Red. Three plays! late
urday and Sunday combinedwe GAME PLAN
senior speedster David NEWS\
fro will again play a Blind Lake City will probably attempt -
non took a pitch-out II
W. McLeod and sprinted fo f I Bogey a. ball control game.
r ROSE BUSHFii paydlrt. Sanderson passed t/:>1'- Winnie Glenn. Oeitle Me-\ In past years they have triedto
Harry Hatcher for the :' Small Fry Football quarter 'behind the runningof Rae and Bernice Epps.I drive the ball up the mid-
and Big Red led 26-6. TI Results Tuesday, Nov 1.: James Olive and Randal' 1 teamed with myself, entered dle for short yardage and
Joyuer In'eJ'ceptsRandy The Colts finally recorded Williams the Rams moved :[ the Pro-Ladies Tournament keep possession of the pigskin -
win after dropping their down field for their first scoie at the Naval station May-+I Bryan Johnson, Tiger
Joyner 'plucked Larry a ; !: I I
two Their' James Olive raced around his 1 port. last Monday We finished quarterback, will also be on
Robinson' 2nd Miarte r first league games. '
left end 20 yards for the TD. the lookout for hop-
with a net of 69. The Busby
the Tornado two losses were by one point.
from the air on I
pass I II I le then passed to Dale Johns low was 64 and the high was I ing to conne-.t with the bomb
whatso were
47 yard line to set the I and guess I
I:for the extra point and the 71. for a cheap TD.
their win 14-13 over the
Red's nex
stage for Big '
: Rams took half time lead
score. Wayne McLeod got S! Rams The game was tied a Next Friday r Pro-Am will Hope tor a Big Red victory
76. The Rams adJixl 6
yards and Joyner gained 1 1' after regulation play and the points In the third quarter, be played a' Keystone to will be placed] In the versatile
kick-off their Invitational game which has brought
from penetration system was utilized -
on the next 3 carries when James Olive went into
winner. Tournament. Anyone with an success during: the past two
ball to determine a
scrimmage to put the on the end zone from two yards
I ', established handicap desiring yeArs. The paslng and running -
the ball
The Colts moved
the Pirate 32 yard line. I out. The extra point was no
hit Lar- about 3 yards farther than to play please contact me at of senior quarterbacks
FlOm here Wayne I II good and the Rams led 136.
i ry Brown, senior end with I the Rams and were awarded In the fourth quarter, Randal the club.Coming. I Wayne McLeod teamed with
.f-4 I
the bomb good for 32 yards i 1 point. Donald Nettles scored Williams went 20 yard for the up on. Sunday. the running ability of Randy
t. 7 13 of the Colts' 14 points, I Nov. 20 will Joyner and David Shannon,
and a TD Sanderson booted R.ims' last touchdown and the we nm a Four-I
the PAT and Big Red led 33- one on a pass from Tommy Rams" won the game 196. Ball ToUrnament for both I should be enough to keep
Friday and Saturday---Nov. 11 12 6 with 2:43: left in the 1st Reddish for a TD. a 15 yard men and women to be followed the Tiger! defense from zeroing -
half TD run, and also rnn for one In the second game, the with 3 fine covered In on a great passing
'J Middle guard Andy May- extra point. James Olive was Cowboys won their fourth dish dinner to start at 630If : game Joev: Reese. Larry
the big gun for the Rams something Is In Brown Marlie Sandersonand
ton provided:! the Impetus for game In a row by defeating your
LARGE VARIETY RUSHED FRESH the next Tornado TD. He passing to Randal Williamsfor the Cults 196. In the flrst, way to keen you from play-I| Paul McLeod are some
for the otherTI of the finest pass receivers to
blocked Larry Robinson's attempted one TD. ran quarter, Tommie Re.ldish of Inn golf- then come have I
) and added extra be seen in high school circles
punt on the 18 yard an point i, the Colts raced 22 yards for dinner with us!
In these parts.
TO YOUA ------
line where Big Jim Godwin their only wore. Neither team
a standout defensive playerall The Cowboys pulled one out could score in the second quarter FIRST FEDERAL ANDBNKS The defensive; stalwarts will
night, came through to of the fire and downed a de- and the Colts led at halftime CLOSE NOV. 11 .b<> In for their roughest test
pick It up and race to the term ind Packer team IS-12, I 60. In the third quarter, First Federal; Savings & this season Jim Godwin. An-
Pirate 8 yard line before being and by doing so remained undefeated Eddie Blalock returned the I Loan Association, the Florida dy Mayton and Ronnie Tom-
after' three Bank at Starke. the Com- I linson are the best
dragged down from behind !games kickoff back 35 yards for a among
The Cowboys went in front in THe\ than ran for the extra munity State Bank of Starke, linemen we have seen this
Chasteen Scores the 1st quarter as Eddie Bin-, I point amt the Cowboys went and the Starke post office I'' season. Randy Joyner and
Bargain For You J. Roy Chasteen took a lock passed! to Rudolph Lennon I ahead 76. A few minutes later will be cloned Friday Nov. Billy Belote have been out
pitch-out from Harry Hatcher for 6 points. This finished the Blalock scored again from 7 11. Veterans Day. I standing at their cornerback
C at this point and scramb- scoring until the 4th quarter ]I yards out and the Cowboys positions along with Paul
led for a TD wIth Just 30 sec- when each team scored 2 took a third quarter lead, 13-6, TTTK RIGHT POINT for the| McLeod and Marine Sander-
Etoile De Hollande onds showing on the clock In the final period. The lead In the fourth quaiter. Blalock way you write. Come In and son at safety positions.
in the 1st half. Sanderson changed several times as the again scored from eight yards !select your favorite E TF.R-'' Most "''Titers70'111 be pick-
Red Radiance booted the PAT. Packers tied it 6-6 with Steve out and the Cowboys wound BROOK fountaia pen. TELEGRAPH. ing Lake City over Starke
All this in just 24 minutesof Thomas going in from one yard ,I i iout. I Continued On Next Page) (Continued On Next Page]
Eddie Blalook scored
K. A. Victoria half
football. The second
three yards out and the Cowboys -
found Head Coach David I scored 12 to 6. Steve
Tallisman Hurse clearing; the bench and I Thomas tied It 12-12. as he

allowing new recruits from scored his 2nd TD. With just NOTICE!
y the "B" team R taste of their 113 seconds remaining, Eddie

FRIDAY ANDSATURDAY first varsity game. Among Blalock broke loose for 20
those seeing action for the yards> and the winning TD. I ........
v EACH I first time were: Robbie Small Fry Football
Smith Charles Smith and Results Thursday, Nov. 3: I

Donnle Defense Elder, all Good sophomores. In the first game of the af- j: NEW 1 STORE HOURS BEGINNING NOV. 10TH

ternoon double-header, the
Coach Tony Griffith defensive Rams their first of
.r won game FORANDREWS
\ said, "We I
I coach, were the season by defeating the
I very pleased with the way Packers 196. In the first r .' .
CRIMSON GLORY lour boys handled Steve Be- i I I quarter, Steve Thomas of the
Peace vllle. Our tackling was sharper -
C I Packers Intercepted a Rams' DRUG
ECLIPSE Mirandy and I think our reactions pass on the 10 yard line and
were much quicker this week.I ran it In for their only score
BLAZE ; FRIDAY 69C I Any time you hold a good of the afternoon. The first
'b team like Fernandina to'|,quarter ended wtih the Pack. I
TILE DOCTOR ?( V SATURDAY only 25 yards rushing in one ers leading 60. In the second KOCHS DRUGMITCHELL

EACH[ J EACH :I half good of job"play you have done a

i "I was glad to see our defense and determination," he said.

SOME PATENTED ROSES WILL BE get cranked up again *'r,\'riinriFirm \
AVAILABLE ALSO i this"I'ek.. The offensive Dow ItKuxltlnir III DRUGMON.
blocking was not as" crisp as I a f* t tliiimlnir II .
It could .1 1 ')
I have been but'Ie're'

[[- / Your Choice of Parakeet Free With Purchaseof worklntr,, hard toward oui Penalties I. Running" H.f 0. 125 0Yar.l.
[ : best blot kln.J: game agalnsl! t Yardrunning,, t I.M I "
R.1FJmI:: I Lake City this week," com Total. Yar lx. Oiilnwl J"l! I 12 THRU SAT. 8 A.M. TILL 7 P.M.
at the Price of $7.95. Pau.tt"pt.,1 12 I
r a Cage Regular ] I'offens-ive : !'(*..**. CnmplrtfMt, N P
Paine Intipt Bv 4 1
does. Fumbles II. SUNDAY 10 A.M. TILL 12 NOONOR
Fumble. Lost 11:1:) i

FLORIDA\ PEST CONTROL; & CHEMICAL) \ CO. !,i vid with Head Hur his e Tornado"was team's Coach encouraged Da Punt Yard.Punting Penalised averag. 'I 4il 11 3' 4'a.l 1'> ( AS POSTED' IN STORE).

ability tt: no x .rniiRBH '
539 E. CALL STREET PHONE 964-3965 I bounce back from the Lhi l"i" 1" 4" Your Cooperation Will Be Appreciated I II'AOE
I Oak game with Iota of iplrll>> t 'rnd" Bauch ( II I tt 0 <




NOV. 10, 19611 ______RRSbFOR"-_: _n COtTNTV nl.EOR..n.IIT..R1t1'1.'. FLORID\ ,_ PAf1P nn:
-- ---- --- -


( / 1 I,' X11f BEEF SALE!

". .. STEAK LB. .59c
'" :i -
'. ... ..... -- :i. ..:....".".......t/I/J-' .._

\ Barrel Racing Is Sunday Afternoon Favorite f a al ALL MEAT STEW Lb. 69c

f_ ._ ." ..,........:..
l Club Provides Fun for Young Horsemen .. ,: : <...-,::' :'? ,.- '.'.'-t--t..i. '\ "' < RIB urn OKBRISKET ROAST or STEAK Lb. 79c

STEW Lb. .39c "
By Cipnrgo; Fatten : group of Bradford! County citizen I place] thorn in barrel raring! has now moved to the' Bra.- ant with tlu most points.
I who decided that young competition according to ago I ford County Fairgrounds In A $1 entry foe allows a con FRESH fatOljiOHAMBURGER;
But mom (or dad), what II'te.re people should have something :groups and you have the Bradford Starkc- every; Sunday at 2 p tosliint to (compete In all Lb. 29c
to do on Sunday after-I! to fill a Sunday afternoon, yourcan I' County Club's I
Roping an- m events The! money is used! tid >
oon 7"' j i supply an answer to that I||'ewer to a dull Sunday afternoon I Jerry Wndswoith, presidentof .I.<.'I a,)' expenses.Barrel i .
Did you ever hear that? 'question. the roping: club, said the racing requires the
You probably have said Ito Take 50 to 60 youngsters (of I It all started in Hampton, at Sunday afternoon activity wa., rider to follow a. certain I 1I PORK SALECEiTtn
rself. I all ages), about the name Jerry Wadsworth's place, andIt started "Not only to help kids course depending on where I
has grown so big that itr learn to ride better but to I the barrels ate placed, In u arena nnd
Now, thanks toI./. small I number of horses (of all sizes) I' ; pick up another I
teach them to win and lone nice the clock. The tyThe
against alder In the bud<1Y-Plc'k-up Bradford Count1. Rol'lag <>|' ; : Cl'T
A gracefully and to get along fastest time wins. race./
j Club ill of '
supervises! ic(' PORK CHOPS Lb. 79c
with people." || Each Sunday afternoon there -
I According to Roycc Ji.ner( i races
The barrel racing competition arc usually! three or four dif- who .
times .
1 !! the rites, It not 1C you are sitting (found I FKKSII ORSMOKED
I Is divided into three URO frent event The clover leaf I iimismi) to have 300 to 400 I this Sunday with nothing to
l I' : groups\ : 12 yours!:! and younger; t race requires the rider to I People participating or ,lust I X13: through 19; and over 20. weave in and out of the barrels -|walchlntr the activities. ,j ji !: on north :301) and -oc
I First, second and third place in a cloverleaf design.!: In i The event has attracted fans '.vhat happens when \people FRESH SMALL: ,
| ribbons arc given in each age' the area' nice, the riders mere ( hem Lake City. Gainesville. ': group and a trophy is presented -, ly circle the barrels. The rider anti Jin ksonville In addition to't'''i" something to do.wo RIBS, For Bar-B-Que Lb. 59c
each month to the contest-' has/ LoO/ to on end ot the |:Those living In. Bradford CounSUmlinfrs "
::1 FLA. CiKADK; A. "
: (won-lostl. I: Lnwtey. -| quick touchdowns but
and 110. FRYERS lb. 29c
I 4-0; Conner 3-t: South- '' time ran out on them and
crn. Discount 2-2; Holiday Inn, t he Boaters won the, lump.
I In the second game L>awteyintreium FRESH CKDAK':() KEY
It their perfect record 6.4.Bnya i 16-21.:! ;:
MULLET with Roe LBS.
'laIC FuotlMll -
[From "rl'l.'dlnlf Page. ) I toI wins. by defeating South Monday Nov 14, the
The BOYi Flag Football (Crimson: 'Iidj will meet Ih'
t ern Discount 210. In the first
their scoring of the day. xcniin not under: :Monj (,A. Kii;[ HOT OK
up quarter Joey Bennett passed" j way lebcls at 7 p. m. and tin-
winning the gamy lfl-6. al{( ynrds to onnlo Wise for) diy nlKlit at hardy Field I Goats will meet! the llo'iict LOOSE WEINERS 3 Lbs. $1.00 .
Schedule for the '{'!.>. The extra point was I i The Leatiue, I i.i composed( of I, fl It
Nov 10: I Rood.l and Law try led 7-0 In 1 boss i auto 15. 16. and 17 Two SMOKED BACON lb. 59c
Colts vs Rams! 3:45: : ; Packers the I second Ben teams the Senior Class and, 8.TORNADO "
quarter Jocy
This lid i.i annul but the savings are large I 1
vs Cowboys, 430.: nett scored! from 10 yards) out, two from the Junior Cla&s] WHITE BACON Ib 49c
The prices we're getting: for our 1068 leftover -
I Standings' twon-lobt): Cow- Bubba. Bennett made the extra j make up the ]elllCue. In the
New Cars and Demonstrator ''is all time low l j 1 boys 4-0; Packers. 1-2; Rams, point and Lawtey led at half. first same, the Senior)I FRESH
See Baldwin Chevrolet while there are some 11-2; Colt 13. time. 14-O. In tho third quarter I "Qoats" met the Junior "Re-
left. i, Bantam FootballResults I Jerry Teston scored from| hcls"]! The Goats were too T-A-L-E-S PORK HAM Lb. 59c
I ] Saturday Nov. 5:1: 10 yards out and Bennett pas- much for the Rebels. by
In the first game, Conner sed to Glailieux for the extra trounlns them 31-6. The WE GIVE GREEN BACKS _
Ins. defeated/ Holiday Inn 14-0. point and Lowtey led 210. In first htlrI ns a closely] r"Vom' Preceding Page) .
Stanley :Miller: paawed! 35 yards the fourth quarter neither team I fou-.hl contest! with the! t this Friday iiinht I think the Green: Hacks :are redeemable right!; here in our :
I to Sieve, Strickland, for Conner'nir's Con-1'was able to score but Southern Copts ]leading bv a score of| Tornadoes] will: squeak! by the store; No sending off or waiting/ -Green; Backs :
I I the extra point. and for1! Discount got a drive going 13-n. but thcspcontt half the t tough Tiger eleven by the are redeemable for groceries. meats!!, vegetablesYour ..
flrnt" Tl Miller run thatj carried to the 6 yard Gouts exploded for three
Connl'r'I I rtouchdowns inrrow margin! of 7 point.- choice of anything in our store-Start sawing :
the extra point line and a first down. Thrc.ctrle" !! End won, going:: i I look a 7-0 lend. In the second| Into the lure, carried! the away 316. _
quarter neither team was( ball to the one foot lino but In the second (lame the "You Get It Back With Green Backs" :
able to score and Conner led on fourth down Lawtey heldand Senior "Crimson Tide' tookon .
at the half 70. In the third ..
I took over on their own the Junior "Green Hor-I
quarter, Stanley Miller went foot line. hasn't ". : .
one Lawtey ets. The Hornets won al i ..
into the end zone from 5 yards" bi'en scored on. this ,)'('ur. cry hard fought contest 26-i 70t .
out, Dennis Crawford went in Schedule for Saturday, Nov 21. They were leading 26-8 1\ ..
005Me /
for the extra point and Conner
12: I r.olnu: Into the last few mln- .
Increased their lead l to 14-0. I I I Holiday Inn V8 Lawtey, 6:30: I utes!! of the 4th quarter but J
The fourth quarter was scoreless p.m Southern )Discount: v.s. with lust i minutes left on 666 \ WE STOCK A COMPUTE LINE OF GROCERIES :
and Conner won their ..
I ] Conner, 8 p.m. the clock, the Tire scored .
I third game against one Ions i ..
I ..

Why Drive 50 miles To Find Bargains '4f y\\1r


'- :" ,; '

Are Here In Starke Ht COHENS

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i ;


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c C I


$5.00 VALUES
SAVE SAVE! 69c Value

,,,,,.. < ,-r==:=.=u__ _=---_---_----- ==-_ -== _- --.-=,----= --.-_ ---- --- _-. == --_ __---- ---._ _- =_,=- .-. -- I II '

.77 C
; .


___ ,,< __ oJ
on __
:-_ ._ ;"-':'-.' _





\ 59c VALUE _I Values T. $((5..95 i :

-- 11 < _.
It --- e-- -E-: .5- n. --- ----

Every Day is Sales Day at your CO HENS Department Store in Starken'nsn.v ;



M \


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V. R. Ferguson to vrl l by an *< ci'|.tabl<* I limui'I IIIKHwenuy .'il! Immeillatelv.,' S. If "Ldl", I 11"1 I InformationIn
principal : I
tcenuners invited to come H. P. Hudson, piuslor. Miss Board'Surveys ,. :. ,. I It .. ,
: arc I School I In thu rollonluu I ; 'manner '- 4 Tin Mnc 'i'HMful I bidder <'MMuxpuit net-ilcd. I "inav bt< obtalni
out and enjoy and evening of Joe Ann Tyson reporter. employ two new cafeteria I : aiith or, Utitlmi, for rnmmenclnjc by lontHcllliil' tills office-11811-'
NEWS OF INTEREST TO COLORED under supervised activi Greater Allen Chapel AME employees to replace two who A. Workman's .t'onipptiimtlonli worc; tho name. day as 1211.
fun I For recently resigned. ('..ntrlll'tn...'.. I Ilability I I I : the .bid openIng aforementioned 9. The Board reserves th.
CITIZENS OF BRADFORD COUNTY tiesAll Church Rev L. A. Sampson I II OK-ratl-inH| > II. I. 'Ou,000C R. The HIM'feHtiful I hlcl'.h,11'\ I right t.) reject, any or all bid
girls interested In Recreation pastor. Services will start I / 100.) (I.00 bu reijiilrvri, I" t I provldt- $">lnpfrformam TIIOMAH I., CASKV, J M.Huperlnteiidellt .
askedto Schoolat Impact FundsThe 1*, I II. u.nnO:; < ,'(' hoiul or cuilflpi'. ''" ,
bisl-etball are Sunday wlti: Chuich .
.he'.k. 10/27 at 11(11)(
mi tDFOiin corvrv uo tniOF > ( ontrHriunl' I.lalillltv : check. treasurer'
at, I the Reno Recreation: Cen- register? ,.: the Reno Recreation 10 with Supt !MM F. B. I'LHI.H' lHTltl.. Silo I II. I. ,M>,(Mill/$10(1,000( ; draft or miv national t or Hfitr
Recreation !Si'"s Centpr from 4:30-: Delestre In chaw. Bradford County I'. U. flio.OOO;; bank, No .bid. bond \in bcliirf I "fMi -

Then will be a pn'tl'l Wedn"*<1ay Jlulht. Nov 630. Sunday :No13.. will be meeting herr! P. O. Urawor' ai: .. Starke 1 Florida 7. Hid Hh.ill bf .nlecl nnd i II|til red but the board Mhull i x-
i : School Board
T"'Jlks h \\11" part and) Hop> 23. from: 8 I KI I 11 >p m All October, 24. bee markod': ''I 11,1 nn KemovlnffHihool \ pot't bIdders. to show good. fulth
The first basketball game observed as Recognition,:: Day Wednesday morning decidedto ", Hull.linn." In fulfilling their propoHiils.. : $100 RewardFor

will b3; held against the RJE for Rev. Sampson. The morn- I conduct a survey In all The Bradford County. Board 8. If additional information 0. The Muo.;ennful' :: bidder I shall: : :
I Df Fublir& I Jnitiructltm. will! receive la needed I It may be obtained) show evl I 'onc-e that he and/or
Junior Varsity team. Everyone ing speaker will be Hod rick schools t determineIf
county () I Healed. hiIii<1 at II. oCrl,''*. by cuntartlnw thin office-litltl-' 1)10)I .."nwlO"y I IH rlll"'ly c y I 111'1 Information Lead-
is invited to attend and Taylor. Social Science teacher I the county Is eligible! to I Ill I I :North ('",'rtIt......I.t Hturkf.Florida 1211. .tIt'ed i I by an in eeptuUle In",'- ing to Arrest and Con-

cheer your team to victory. at RJE High School The receive Fe.leial: ] impact funds. ror remnvlnK one. 1 Iwo n. The Hti'ifd. reMervei. tin I ln" .atrenf-y In the f..llo"'lnl\, I :

Al! teenagers Interested In i 3 p. m. speaker( will be Miss I Ii In order f) qualify at least: nt orv, brlrk ImildlnK from. II. rlaht to rnji1." any or all blilTIIOMAtl lila linol'. : viction of Persons Killing -
I the Jr. H l Igli .
Kite at A. \V.rkn.Il.'ih t'"II"'nellll') <'>iiM ;
I Iv. !: Jit Deer Out of Seasonor
BUCI'SGROCERY toininsr Teen Time boys or i Francis Jenkins. 3rd grade, three p>'rce.it of total chool j, rf"' hool. I 1.lIwl..y., Florida until CASEV., (Nmtnii'tor'H r.lal I.I iltUperiitlooti |I \ '
HtiperlntoiKlenIO'S7 "
Iris are to leulstpr now with teacher at RYE The public is enrollment must consist of TiOO,' P. ,'1. 'I'htir* I I II \..rinliHr IT, 1IMMIHfcordlnMT

Mr. Jackson at th;! Reno Invited to atttnd, chlldien who! parents are ALSO $50 REWARD
< I to the fullowlntr I I el'o i I* 1)) >25,000Cnntnu ,
Recreation: Center. I GIRL SCOUTS employed] at Federal bases or'' :rlflentlone: Jilt \l>l-- )ll> (01 VI',. lit U.I, 'tti.tl I.lii' l.tllly ,FOR TURKEY

Mr Jackson is grateful for The meeting dates for theOlrl military Installation In the] I. rtldil'TH. ut'fc ln"lt<'d to In- IHPI HI.If INHIIII.. I (1'1(1:0/: H. I. $'.11.1100/$100.11110)( 1( ) VIOLATORS
aforementioned "':.'!'I I Htarki-. Florida\. I ,
I ttpi't th pr..rn'leow P. o Drawer I' I D'I. tu.-f.nnn
the cooperation given by the Scouts will be announced qualify.
area. If Bradford can IInd any. I ri.f or in u t bun rv- OitoiKr 2-t. J lima) 7. ItldH MILi, ,I bi Heult d and.. NOTIFY KEYSTONE
boys In basketball practice. In next week's paper. All the school system will receive ,[|iilr,.d. will be provided by this 'I'he11'1I.1'11.,1' i County Koani I II.'k..I'. ''ltd on. It e" mi i\ i"UKu HEIGHTS SPORTSMEN'S -
He is asking for continuedsupport. Girl Scouts and interested $120 J per! pupil annually In .ofllCl'. of rulillr I Inmi iii'Mon will I .hool. I 1411 Ilil'"lug "
301-NORTH the 2 Th. "iKH" H.fnl bidder> Hhalltv celve I Neil Il'iI bldt. Ht I I ItH I OI'fi rp'I'' CLUB
(girls that \ "rcHponnlble, \ for removal" of I III I t North Court Sti'h'.1. Slurkr.Florid.l
SALE GOOD FRI. SAT. SUN.All PTA :MEETING I Scouts are hivitcd: to attend. Casey RaId.Survey nil material*, foot Ings, dehi I ,i'IH, : for ri'llinvhlK. one. onfHtory I
Regular PTA meetinsr was CHOIR UNION forms were sent t-ti,.., from, tliu Hi-hool site and liaine. bulldlntr from" ltu
will be shall I brave the nreu now occupied Mitf. at .the.. AnderHiMi', Jr Filch A Case Record From A
The Choir Union
held Wednesday' nlht! at to parents today and
16 Oz. Cans out .
Flavors' Del :Monte hy the .feiihJHCt btilhl-riH; : III School' Iawt-.v }Klorld.i until
730.: A very entertaining mu held Sunday. Nov 20 at 3 p. Casey requested: that they be u clt'iin, rak..d"v.on.lll1o.. ... 7100 I'. \l. 'riiur-.iliit. ,
FRUIT DRINKS 3 For $1.00Half sical program was presentedby m. at Hopeuell AME: Church. returned promptly. 1.1 The suc't'eHHful I lildder. I shall '..I..Clii her IT, IMilllaccordlnic Chiropractor's File

classes The Choir Annlv> will have a period not to exceed uo I to the follow Inif BIIilflcatloiiH | -
the 5th grade! rsnrv Casey /aid! thatbids) on the
Whole Side-Not Sliced days from, tho award of ooniraet
or Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. E. be held Sundaj. Nov. 27. at 3 Hampton and Brooker for the remo\al,, of all IIlIlt..r.IlIle 1 Ulddera. arc" Invited to In-

SMOKED BACON Lb. 49c Thompkins. Mrs. W. Randolph p. m. at Hopewell also. The schools will he received about Hundllnv,! of mtitei'ialri und Hpnct, the afot'H'iientloned, prem-" Case No. ]1237A
their diHijoHul .fthull b.* In keeping Ices .and anliiforiiiatlon. .rt
-- "
teacher. The public is invited to attend.
music December and
the mlddl 01
GOOD with, tit* pxlHllntf city ruUir iiilri| ,'d will be piovliled, by thloffUe > lady .1 1 years old working as a practical nurse
pro r3m wa. entoyed by all. Church of Gad In Christ the board i.jthovlaed M. O. <| .-nientM, N'o ntoruK ut ">''t- developed a severe low back. pain while lifting a
PORK CHOPS Lb. 69c Watch the paper for othe EWer D. R 'Williams, pastor. McMillan to mnk.. a site te nab.ii .hLI II I lie, pHrmlttecl I I on 2 The. micr"H4fu1. bidder. .h.ii II
.. materials Mold 1 of bed patient. She was unable to stand erect and
Ite. Any for removal
--- -- interesting announcementsabout Sunday School 10) a. m. and tonographlcal the J job< be reMpontilljle'
f.RADE A FL.\. survey on the Mite must. )btt i vinoved .all material) footlnKM ,I I.IH, could not be comfortable in any position. Under
PTA. A Readlnar Specialist with Deacon/ Tom Hall in man of the Brooker school ham.diately.. etc from the xchool, win- and
FRYERS Lb. 29c will appear in the near charee. si.sled by Bro. Dew- 'I. property. 4. The Hiicc"* afiil bidder l nhull Mhull I I leave the. II,,"-11 now. m.- chiropractic care the condition was relieved the

---- --.-. .. ----- ---. -- future. Everyone is invited toIlet ey Taylor. bit required. '(" provide "a $'.'>0perfornmnce rupled 1 by t the. Biil/J'-rl./ "liuildinii, first call and completely corrected after the 4th call.
SMALL: I In other action the boarl:!: bond or .....hlpr'. In a ilun, i iaki-d-over, .,imdltlon ,,. -
this helpful Information, The seconl:! Sunday :n each Accepted Hit resignation of check, treaauri-r, .rheHt or This patient lost no time from work

Barbecue Spare Ribs. Lb.. 59c to be able to help our boys month Is Missionary Day.I Mrs. Pansy Read. business of nnv nutlon.il, : or Htnte bank. :1. The Hiic-ceaHful' I Iddilcr. .li.,II A survey of buck injury cases of Industrial Commission .
--.- --- -- and arl.lo. in school] The Mo lild. I'on.l. I IB heliiK re.|lu li'.I, have a perlo.,,! not to ..x..d 41:
Sunnyland'z\ Gal; Jar. girls follow! :Missionaries education Instructor.. effective hilt I the board. hulL xpei.t .lildlnr UayH from I the auard. r.r <.m.. : records reveals!l that patients! under chiro-

worJtr- William .Halland will. havevcharne! : Missionary: December\ :31. ( to show Rood, faith In fulfilling I tract" for I ho renintal, co'> all pru: tic care lo-e much less time from work than
PURE LARD 49c PTA president.CIIITRCII Flizabeth I ff Missionary th'lr pmpoHalHG inatetfalR. HandtliiK. .of nuil'i, I
_. Approved a $270 contract by other method. This!! benefits lioth employeand
any !
--- --- NEWS Prinele.. and f $ The HIM"i''e nntt UlddtM\ <'nil inlM mid theli'"' No. 2'/2' Cans Sunshine Missionary Dal- with John R. Waldmelr of .x.pet< until ,,I'Uatlun. Tnr jiu- In keeping. nlth. the .-Ml't tttii' employer.
Pleasant Drove Methodist I sv Jones. WP. WW is sched- Gainesville for maintenance men InK work the Htime day au .Itv riiinlr'iiieiiix,, No. ..' "i Hi'

PORK & BEANS 4Cans--____ __ Church. Church School 10 a. I uld for 8:13: :; wl'b the president of school pianos for 12 the bid: openIng' I ,aforementioned' of a.-I"I.., ci". ill ,I... p> i n. ,It,!,.don Published! as a public service by the
n ---- --- -- ful bidder' shall [ Ahin.tti'Mul. '
m. with Supt. Leo DeSue In n"lo-u Williams 6 The NIK the Jobite \
No. :'iO.'J: Cans!!! Trellis!!! In months. i how eVhl II' .' that be andr I .= 111' .,.ll III- -It.. ,11,11.. 'I I l I., >i' ." S Northeast Florida Chiropractic Assn.
chance Parent' are a-skcd 1 to I charpe. The public Is Invited
School Innui I
propertl '
49c Authorized Brooker j hIll > ''inpanIn >
please] attend Church School
----- ---- -
No. :303: Cans!!! Royal King Cut and! bl'ln1.the\ children. I .'\o1SI! :\m'.v OF GOD I -
ThereI'll! be a Social
srjonsored ov the MYP of e : .
n. Pleasant! : Grove Methodist Weldon St. and Raiford
PLA STEW----.d. Lb. 29c !Road.'
Sunday Pcliool 10 a.rn
__ Church on NDV 12 at the
-- n Water Oak School building Morning Worship 11 a. m.
:: : :
at 7:30.: All members and Evening Service 7 p. m.

No.; 2 Can Del :Monte Sliced -- Limit 2 Please friends are invited to attl'nri.I I Tuesday Piayer Meeting!, .

Pi ldfnt Miss Llllle Dell. 7:30: p. m, Thursday Young
29c ____
__ _.. Duel Day the women vs People's Meeting: 7:30: p. m. I II
-- -
-- '
.;Plantation the men and the Youth vs \ Pastor Leroy Llll1tsey.I I'j I

MEAL OR GRITS 4 Lbs. 25c the women tnd men. ThH I 'j 20 words. or less. one Insertion Memorial, ne olutlun... etc. Display AAt In Classified I Stwilia:
__n --- -. ---_-- .n' -- .- event will terminate on I minimum charge) ----__-_------ l.OD( I'tlrord! ______________h___-- .05 $1.50 per Inch-llr t Insertion.
< at Pleasant] Grove Methodist -
Kansas l QueenFLOUR 27 is KEEP YOUR RECORDScfd'A4WtG4 It not paid In advance _______ J.25
10 Lbs. 99c Church. A program I Card of Thanhs: ITp to 50 word
-.. planned for the occasion. Keyed coded] or blind ads $1.23 per Inch after first Insertion.
-- ---- -- -- -- --- minimum __________ __ U.30
See All' Long Grain Everyone Is Invited to attend < ; (minimum charg) ____-__.._-_ 1.24 ( charge) --

RICE 4 Lbs. 49c a program Sundav at 3 Each additional word over 20.____ .05 Over 50 word: per word_________ .0...
Rev --
the MYF.
p. m. given ty
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710 Lemon St.
"KEYSTONE"George :. DOYLE E. CONNER Payne your local repretenU-,

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the side! The! Travelers Ins. Co. MRS. I'EGGY SlIALLKH lot. Fenced back yard, new : Chain Saws

winning Tel. 473-4392 Day. 209 E. Adklnt St. i roof. 746 Westmoreland St. Pumps &: Water System. *
I Brlgps! &i: Stratton Engines:
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L. H.
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made locking arrangement you desir. I. 969-1681 11,17CHRISTMAS 4tchf. 11/24
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Don't wait-see them today. Precast IJntelH.. Everythingnecessary ALL, TYPES: of lawn mowers "IT'S
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Ue will meet any prices on 9641441. tfchg i
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Limits. Owner has moved. BRADFORD ROPING CLUB Gifts. Phone Starke
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worthwhile goals in 'lable man seeking a -
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LIKE TO WORK I Ph. 969-2594 or 964- posts for u.ile. Ph. 9U9-4282. bedroom cottage masonry construction ;
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The way to JET: it 1 ISaths tfchg "Inioin, unfurnished house ed, ..born improved pasture,

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Will deliver No obliga large lot on
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: neighborhood. Contact Ovlda U-aijfht stick. Carl Vamzant, I South Phone \864-3J31. 2tchg I II I 475-2960 or biulnens> plant on new land. Clyde

4" -- I Sweat, Box 687 Live Oak. Fla.] ,661-8053. Call alter S p, m. ltp I 11,171 I phone 4734665. 4tchg 12-1 Rahme, Ph. 969-1571.: 1tchSU


-- -

,IL_ J'- .. ,- .. .....



........----- .

Capitol! KeyholeBy Ji3FF>v5ft*' '" ,*-M B3Ry .r LETTERS

r4 '
R' G ii Ie' d f 1/I e ; In Defense of Trick or Treat

'Silent Vote" Elects A GovernorWeeks

ai'nc+: if 5ef 1 CaI tJ' ,') r' November 4, 1968 activities of our children and

or even months from As our own Circuit Judge zrt, I' Dear Mr. Kditor: enjoy seeing them, act like, I

now, political analysts and the George L. Patten said on Chan- \ electfa- I must answer the ]letter of children, especially on Hallo
"man in the street" nel RAY STARK the "Stftrke Citizen" who
proverbial 5 Tuesday night, we do not says ween.
will be "p.. Trick or Treat in overdone. I I long live the Witchesand !
trying to decipher just believe that Tuesday's Republican '. ;: say
what factors combination of T sincerely] hope there aren't too Goblins and soap on the
or victory presages! any great ADAMS AND EVILThe -i-i: many, citizen that have lost

circumstance contributed to giv- switch from Democrat to Republican end of a long and;! boring ... (contact with the01'1 Id,' of windows-!-Mrs. Delores Mobley

ing Florida its!' first Republican registration in Bradford campaign for public office make believe of our\ children

Governor in almost a hundred (County or Florida. We look uponit which ended with the final i { A'' l that they fee] the Hume way ,\ANSWER: TO

years.. as a "flash in the pan" typeof word by the voters of Floiida : ItS this person. One night out ".\ STAltKK CITI/E.V

Some analyses will be more thing, the result of a peculiarset last Tuesday has proved one of each your our children, toddlers ( I am the mother of four

technical than others but the of circumstances, includingthe thing there is still some anti high school age can children We live out of the
evils In the laws covering the forget the realities of the
one that seems!' to sum it all up fact that this is Florida'sfirst city limits We have only
elections in the fast of
our state. past pace living
in nutshell the statement Gubernatorial about five within
a was : "off-year" neighbors!
? MtijY and hearing of trod and dirty,
That Is Mr
not our opinion,
who election when the two miles and live on
made by one commentator candidates: for
but the opinion of Florida'schief politics and be what they wantto
said, as returns were still comingIn Governor are not running on the of the election division. t. !pT be but there I tlto always unlighted! dark dirt roads.

"The Democrats defeated I same! ballot with the party's candidates someone trying to pull the No mother or father wouldlet
Secretary of State Tom
themselves" on the Presidential ticket. Adams. This former memberof rug out from' under their feet. their children: go out
of Be that it Since trick or treat Is an after dark on such roads by
The truth that statementis as may, there is no the legislature 'and one of
olil 'tradition there, are always themselves That Is why I
nowhere more graphically illustrated doubt that Kirk's victory will the
people to
expected run children, forward, to take children to town
than in Bradford Coun- materially strengthen the Repub- for : ) looking my
governor the next time
I :1:1t being;; a witch or a down or You !said "They are destroying -
where with only 65 registered lican Party in Florida and "In Florida :
ty some says. we have one T whatever suits their fancy. As the spirit of Halloween -

Republicans, the Republican nom- of the Democrats who voted for of the better election codes, for the mothers walking with << ," To me the children

inee for Governor was given a him Tuesday may have some but I assure you It Is far their children, no mother ARE the spirit that keeps the

total of 1.801 votes- 233 more sober after-thoughts in monthsto from perfect. Personally I am ,t: t Il wants to Nee her youngster tradition of Halloween alive

than the total received by the come when they find( them- not satisfied with the 'Who ( wandering the street alone. not adults!

the Democratic nominee. It was selves, their friends, and relatives Gave It, Who Got> It' law r15 when there are people that Their eyes light up and

the first time, within memory, relegated i to the shelf when pertaining to campaign contributions would do them harm If they there Is so much happinessin

that a ]Republican candidate has the time comes for appointments even though a revision were alone. their faces as they put on
of this law was accomplished Soh'Lt's a little soap on
carried Bradford County. to offices vacated by deaths: or their spooky masks and wish,
by the 1969: leg a window? It only takes H
Although there was some open suspensions, as well as appointments islature. Don't get me wrong.In 4 minute or two to wash it off. dark would arrive real soon
support for the Republican nom- to ]local boards whose mem- comparison to other e--" --- As for the children not saying so they can no out and scare

inee locally, it came mainly from bers are commissioned!' by the states. Florida has a set of l la thank you that Isn't their the big folks For that one

generally expected sources and Governor. That will be one of the very good election laws. But fault. That lies wtih the parents night out of the year Is It

gave little indication of Kirk's more practical aspects of Tues- that doesn't mean we can't / anal, grandparents of the that much trouble?
If the treats It Is four hours< at the
real strength here, as evidencedat day's upset at the polls. Improve on them, and the v ore new only generation.given to get a thank most, of unforgettable happiness -
the Tuesday. Obviously At rate the die is cast present law needs improving -
polls: any you then the spirit of Hallo for so many children.
there was a great "silent vote" and we will have a Republican wcrn has ,been lost in the True some may not take

that didn't have much to !say' but Governor for the first time since I didn't have to remind;! 4 years since the Starke Citizen time In their excitement to

was waiting for an opportunityto Reconstruction Days. Althoughwe the cabinet officer. that there 7 R"lr" tL P Td MfA fs has... grown up. !say thank vou, but can't you

express its displeasure, for varied believed that continuance ofa were major violations of this The writer must b" ns old, tell by their laughter and

reasons, with Democratic Democratic regime, for many law during the campaignjust C3cro or maybe older than myself happy faces that In their

administrations in general. Call reasons! would have been best for completed Both of the t and I guess must halve forgotten hearts they are saying thank

it "white backlash," opposition to the State, we wish Mr.' Kirk well candidates running for gov- 1 what, went on on the you very much?
ernor accused the other of"feathering" night of ghosts and goblins Later Halloween night,
so-called "give-away" programs, and sincerely hope that he can
or what you will. The vague un- deliver on his promise to do so the conrtlbu- Which Way Is He Headed? when he or she waif young. As when the candy has been
tlon list with of
names peo- I remember the kids my age' eaten and the.1'11\ of all the
rest was there, and, ironically, many things for so many peopleand ple who didn't know they did more damage than the
many of the anti-Democrat votes the State at large with no were being used. While one ones of today and these things scorey things can hap-
on Halloween night/ ;, one
from of those who new tax revenue. If he can, and FARMER'SOne DIARY than
came some of these battles was being were a lot worse a soapy by one they RO to sleep with

have benefitted most from Dem- does, he will undoubtedly go fought in the press! an attorney window. If a person. doesn't their. trick or treat burs! In
ocratic the down in history as one of Flor- in Adams' office said want to spend a few dollarson !
programs over years. of the coldest placesIn by a specialist, he had compounded their hand: and a tired but
ida's! great Governors. that the Secretary of State's the county last week was troubles because he candy and play along In happy smile on their face.

office didn't have a legal leg the platform at the Fanner's couldn't hear what the attendant the spirit,] then of he the or ight'she should activ.ities Is It worth four hours timeout

Two Strikes Against DropOutsIn to stand a'+ in prosecutingsuch Market when the pecan sale Ls'n. was saying I his left turn out the lights. and go to of the year? I think so,

a matter It was also was in progress. But there ear hears only) thunder and bed. They've !grown too old to No matter ;If they live next

brought out during the campaign were plenty of buyers on other such bin noises]1. and enjoy life I should door or four miles away.I .
1965 than 10 million ed with 8" 1 per cent for graduates.: that candidates run- r anyway.
hand the bidding was bras::; more tro.ibltin answering think the city of Starke IS would like to say: THANK
16 to 24-year-olds were out of The jobless rate for everyonein ning for Cabinet positionsdid and prices were high enoughto the attendant because his the neighborhood of our child- YOU to each:: and everyone

school and in the U.S. labor force. the labor force over 18 who not adhere to the rule, make the cold wind en- false teeth wander around in ren and not just the part of for being so nice to all the

Three million almost one- did not finish school is 7.4, aa that they must file monthly duiable to the sellers his bin mouth and he never the street where they live.I children on their night -

third hadn't completed high compared with 4 per cent for campaign reports, and that e knows from minute to minute pray the majority of our Halloween.

1 school. graduates.The these! reports must be in the Although many grove owners Just where they will be. citizens are interested In the -A Mother
electIons division! In the Capitol .
for- s
statistics could
on of
In the 1966-67 school year, unless go report a light volume Uy Sam McGnrvey
on the first day of each
but this should be enoughto to But there's no use! of complaining -
something is done about it, ever, nuts this seamen, we talked
another 900.000 youngsters will convince anyone of the follyof month. They all finally arrived one old farmer who has a Is being a'remedied I we got a as like the old Il1'aymArl' quality coffee; threefourthscup Bradford Sales
but late and with
the heating the tech J is. Sam
of school. SR-100 short answer as ;
walk from their educationtoo dropping out high place along south ''water; one-half cup/ salad
away Why, then, would anyone con- penalty. who said he has the best! system I had been torn out ain't what he used to be oil; 4! eggs, un'bea' tt'n. Tax Collections

soon. sider dropping out of school before Adams also] believes that crop he has had In many and the workers there<< were even If he Is still pulling Empty cake mix into ]large'
If this rate continues, the labor there should be a limit on As another Indication shivering around, space heut- away at the whiffle-tree. bowl. Add. ''remaining Ingred, Continue UpwardFor
force in 1975 will contain 32 mil- graduation ? The reasons are how much u man Tor woman years. be better! ers. ients. Blend; then beat 3 minutes -

lion adults! with less: than a high many. Here are some of the ma- for that matter ]looking at a than that the reported crow:I. the may volume on Come to think of it. peopleIn 'until' smooth and creamy. the second month in
succession Bradford
school education-at a time when jor ones: neighboring statel] may the market nearly 15.000 The npIy- -et berry plantings his generation (crowding Pour 'batter Into a 10-inch tube Countyhas
shown a greater percentage -
the nation's economy and the na School-connected problems] ; spend to be elected to public was about tilple] that placedon : were not damaged, we 601] have a lot to be tnankfulfor. pan which has been lined on of gain in sales tax col-

tion'- business can't afford them. lack of interest ; poor grades ; dif office. He personally would sale on the opening day believe as the cold was preceded as years ago the life expectancy bottom with wax paper. Bake lections than its neighboring

These youngsters are tomor- ficulties with school authorities like to see some legislation last season. by a faIrly heavy rain; was much shorter in moderate oven ((350 deg) :00; counties.

row's skilled workers. In the next Economic reasons such as unemployment along this line The former as a rule, heavy damage results than It Is now and .what to 55 minutes Cool in part 15
Bradford reported $19.331-
in the family ; per- Orange: Park resident puts It from cold dry windy with one gadget or another, minutes. Then loosen from
four years, the number of 16 to But speaking of the sudden Bides l and tube turn out, and .81 in October Ion September -
this "There have been
sonal or family financial need way << weather. However, any little they can keep going.
24-year-old wokers will increase cold wave which was about cool on' cake rack. salt'sl.] a 17.44 per<< cent
tried before
limits but they
:\ bloom that had ideas of becoming r
: by ::1,3 million-4IJ: per cent of the Marriage or pregnancy. "" three weeks earlier than the know This cake Increase over the $16,50207
were unrealistic. Nice to :
these early fruit (tot knocked Anyway If like the famous
of people
young ) first klllln frost it reported in October 1965.
total increase in the labor force What will be recommendedto average! may also] be baker! In the following -
In the head result of three '
could )j.1tener-some- ta at a monkeys Sam sees no
willing our-old tenth
( use a set
sure which have beenlInl..1 Baker County reported a
for that period. the 1967 legislature] ? Well pans
the heavy fro.st. evil hears in evil and speaksno
Unless we can convince them.. one who might )point out "the rea- that I Is a goo-i< :!, way off. but chattering! and our knees to evil give him no credit on bottom with wax paper 1:115: per cent gain: ; Alachua
{tons!-practical reasonl4"hy'th y knocking On the way to 9-Inch tube 60 County. 10,02: Clay County
: one pan
NOW of the need for educatingand you can be sure the Secre- The buslno's of old
after : as the whole thlm-! Is not aIn
should stay in school-why it will work that mornlna. to I 6.i,; minutes; two 9 by 5 1,12. and Union County
preparing themselves\ !, they tary State's office will ask has its complications.. While. lieI' of choice. but rather
the Puldle- showed 1389 cent decline
to them in the long Retting Ire oft Inch loaf puns 40 to 45 mln- a per -
won't. be ready when they're mean more for a tightening of the "Who setout Sam wns In OrJnrsvinp ]bast Father Time -lettlm; in a few this
Jumper's windshield we 13 by 9 inch 40 for period.
wait while for marriage! tee; one pan
run to a Gave It. Who Got It" law. week having his tested -ood solid knocks.
needed that looks and saw a white mantleof eyes to 15 minutes. ; two 9 Inch layer Gasoline tax collections in
for that job !.so
or and a few teeth added for
What does it mean to be a find frost descend on the roadside << puns 30 to 35 minutes/ ; or Bradford ircreased from
promising now; to help them enforcing! It.
dropout ? two 8 Inch layer pans 33 to 40 $4263091 in October 1965 to
the part-time jobs that will allow You Don't Run Against
Statistics: prove that young S. minutes $55: .021.74 the same month in
The Chairman Of The BoardIn
them to make the money they :
people who drop out of schools had to Ret our IOCS.
We pinioned
with the
need to remain in school.In our NEWS And NOTES -
s Ii place themselves at a terrible disadvantage !- an effort to stem the rising genial Tom Adams we asked tender flower] << plants In our '

garden room but put it off ,. I
the .
blank about .
tide of drop-outs President John- him point For Today's Homemakers ,.. '-- -- -- -- -- --- -
The dropout i is! more likely than various reports, printed and and put it off thinking that
has launched the 1966 Youth
the graduate to be unemployed or son unprlnted.;: that he almost the earliest avrra!{" -ntc fora Ry Martha Sue McCain
to hold a poor-paying and undesirable Opportunity Stay-in-School Campaign entered the governor's race real! ] coM! spell is Nov. 29 In

job. Each of us can helpifnot this time. Adams replied this section and then barely] fonnty Extension! r J \

The dropout has less chance to by offering a needed part- "We seriously] considered running got the plants to !safety as Home Economics Agent
time job-at least by using our the temperature dropped V-
advance, and! hh! job i is more for governor, but '
influence in counseling young September of 1965 we made rapidly] Uvno
likely to be taken over by a machine -
t people we know to be potential our position clear that we n'FY.'r( <-oa","ii\" *n give *i>oclal con- I

school dropouts, and advising them of would again! !seek' the officeof Our place Is protected "(' With the Holiday( Season videiuition I, to:
: Over u lifetime, the high
the penalties such action will Secretary cf State and we the woods around us, and we Dist approach, you may SEMH graduate earns 16 per cent more bring to them in later years. never walvered from that: did not have a freeze, but out have mnnv thoughts of entertaining to keep the service as simple 1

than the person who completes The President's StayinSchoolDrive position. It wouldn't be right In front the Confederate rose and w<- hope Home of as ,po-slblf,, Avoid foals) that

only one to three years of high > demands the full for me to snenrt a year running was hit hart: However. right the hints will be helpful. Particularly are difficult, to serve, these ,,
school and 80 per cent more than support against the 'Chairmanof at the house the Turk's cap along the line of a which :ne "wmpy" on the

one who does not finish" eight; and resources of our communitythe the Board' and It woulddo and polnsettla got through buffet. This Is a very populartype plate 01 foods,, which rcHjuiieextrn t w i.fKOURT .
schools businesses \ meal service today\ and silver such, as bread an,1butll.r sd ,
years of school. private great violence to the process with little damage.

The college graduate can expectto civic and fraternal organizations, of State Government. desirable are present when than ran more be guests seated spreaders or saladforks.

earn two-thirds: more than the religious: groups, and local gov- Aiams:! wouldn't speculateon But it was cold sure conveniently at the. dinner HOT FOOD Plan "hot"*

high school graduate during his ernment.It's how he< would\ have come enough, and we saw work- table or when the number of foods whuh ran. easily be kept

lifetime. out If he had run. and men huddled around "warm- guests I is Indiflnite. ht t. Ca.oftIel'f.II'I| or chafing

The unemployment rate for an indispensable: Investmentin wouldn't] tor the umteenth Ing fires" on cur way to work. Buffet service Is also, used dishes. are a !good holce to h

school dropouts, 16 to 21 yearsof the future-for our future as! time comment about his future Later, on calling the courthouse for family meal or when, only Injure ,serving hot fowls' hot.(

theirs except to recall that he at Lake Butler I which n few guests are Included. Usually OAR:>o"ISHfS: Highlightthe
i U 15 cent
age, per as: compar- as kwrSII
did say. In announcing for a more informal and relaxed plate of fad with attrac- ,

his current term that this ; atmosphere prevails tive garnishes. Include a few

would be the last time he this Is only November'Now when a b"ffct meal Is served.A attractively .decorated fowls,

would seek this office. Ladle And Gentle- time-saving "help yourself" relish trays' /ture-pretty/ .! Ital- N j

The Bradford County Telegraph CAPITOL NOTEBOOK men-Next week we will: call plan of "wrvUe 1 la followed I ads, or interesting breads> In / r't

attention to a problem landa which allows the hostess to enrh, menu
Capitol employees are openly
.9BJ 4 Established 1879E. wondering what all the rush possible solution! that enjoy her gmsts.lU'FFKT <:OLfJltn easy way to S j '
MI.M'S;: of Interest
: Bflrl a bright!: note
many people In Florida are
was in tearing down the
J., MATTHEWS The menu for a buffet may LH In serve Jelly or J jam which
NOT aware of. Actually,
buildings on the site of the we
Editor and Publisher be simple or elaborate. If also makes a pleasing uccom-
] have more mall on this sub-
new legislative bulldlne.
? a tables are put provided, plan p.mmientDKSSKKTS,
There's nothing there now ject than any other and
liI Florida' Oldest Weekly the menu -n that only a min- : : The dessert
1 :Newspaper I'ublUhrd Continuously but a lot of dirt, and bonds after Quite a bit of researchwe imum of .silvnr, ant dishes will miiit fit into the meal plan.It The Awesome Kangaroo Kourt
I'nder the Same for the hull'tlnsr! have: not feel we can tackle It- fce necewwu- for they are difficult be rich and yummy or
gT may
ON 'I..thead, even been floated. If you Intend but must have public support to Juggle on one's lap. A to< serve
So. don't miss reading perhaps yea may plan Remember that fearful' Kangaroo Kourt that meted" ) out .such
to come to the Ca"l'ol two-couiMe menu the main
Publishes) Each Thin-winy and Entered" aa Second |CIiMMirtter an Interesting low calorie dessert. -
: at the Pout Office at Sturke, Fla. for the. In"'iTiiratlon' In January next week about somethingwe course and dessert Is usual ....' cruel punishments( such an dunking In the horoP trough: ) during .

Under Act of March S, 1879. and don't hav. reserva- consider isj. one! of the ly served. COFFEE: rOl'NI: CAKK: Stirrke's! Centennial Celebration "txu-k In 1937 rii-tiin-il, U

t1an, vou'rc. cut of luck. A state's greatest problems.] When inning, a menu fora 1 package yellow cake mix: Judge: Mark Futch Mirrounded, by his trusty law MiiforceiiMntofflrert
In Trade Areas' 1 Yr. $3.50 6 )fo. f3.0O.
; la
snot check" this week shows a This Starr and that'sthe buffet remember, foods 1 package ((3 ounces) orangeor (clockwise from lower left) BUly Jackson, Harry

Outside Trade Areas I Yr. Ml 8 Mo. $2.25. .... + r' w single room or two at several news through the Cap must look pretty on the table OI'ange-plneapple flavor Houston Buddy Bishop, and 1 Harry Itubb. ,

-- ---- moths but that !1. all, and itol 'Keyhole.' and withstand* waiting, if gelatin. ; i teaspoons Instant. \

1 F .


TiirRsn\v.; NOV to.MAXVILEE 1966
r- ...SIT
... .
I Noveim( and BeneI Training Union. 7 p. m. Even- BETHEL
Worship 730.: Tuesday-
I Evening
yyy ....? yyy.. .' .YJ and the gifts will bo pickedup iny" engineering' !! school. wrphencl.Air. l. Girl Scouts meetn diction 7 p. m. Inquiry Class lug! Service 8 p. m. Rev. Sunday School, 10 a. m.
: and Mrs. Julian Dobbs Monday I
and given to a I Sunlancl:: Ashley Wellhausen son of I Lacy Conway, pastor.' Morulnif WorshiP 11 a. m
I Fellowship Hall. 3:15.: 8 m.
and Mr. and !Mrs Marvin p.
Gainesville Mrs Letha Boll Wellhausenwas 7:30
parent to take to and Friday Evening Worship : p. m.
WSCS District Thursday I
for Christinas. All Rifts will transferred recently Dobbs attended the Georgia- Wednesday CHURCH: OF UOD I Prayer:: Meeting 7:30:, p. m.,
Florida bnllgume Sntuixlay. Day Apart FirstChurch. Mass, 7:30: a. m. 19:90 a. m.
be greatly appreciated.Mt. from Ft. Banning. Qa. to H 422 N. St. Clair St., Otarke.: Wednesday. Rev. W. L.
Uy !1Strs. A. C. Slitd : Zlnn R.I ptIht Church Alabama. Kenneth Wilkinson was In Gainesville 9:30: and a. for grade and high school students Sunday School 10 a m.Worship Newmans, pastor.NORT1ISIDE .
Phone 2894491AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA4 Sunday School 10 a. m. Elmer Higglnbotham underwent Jacksonville Thurmlay.Mr. m Primary ). Services, 1 a. m. and I
and Mra. Rufilrt Griffis Youth Choir' practice. 3:15.Piayer : BAPTIST
Morning Worship 11 a. m.. eye surgery last their FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 7 m. Saturday Mass. 9:30: a, m.IIEILURONN 7:30: p. m. YPE Wednesday.: I
had as guests Sunday, Meeting. p. I
Sunday night: services 7 p Thursday In the Bl'adrol'dCounty The gene.'al business' and 7:30: p. m. Prayer Meeting Located on BaytesSflgh;!. ; -
children Mr. and Mrs. Junior I 17 Family
:M\VS: Wednesday night prayer Hospital in Starke Thurs.. Nov L S. ISR 2251at Raiford Road
> t.q.l.) 'i m. : Waters and children, and Mr.:: I program meeting of the First In Fellowship; : BAPTIST Friday! 7:30 p. m.-Rev. way
Rev. R. and returned home Friday. Night! Supper 161.] Services: Sunday
.J a I Indians won over moctiiiK 7:30:: p. m. and Baptist Church WMU was Williams, pastor. (SR
and '''Mrs. Marvin Tucker
night on The Long!! Branch BaptistChurch Hall. 6:30: p m. Quarterly Sunday School 9:45: a. m. School, 10 a. m Sunday
IK,;',i no Friday: T. Williams, pastor held at the church on Tues
will startSunday. Choir Sunday 'anvily of Jacksonville. I Conference 7:30.BAS'LFSS: Morning Worship 11 a.. m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN: Worship 11
1 dahlia with a scorei Revival services sang Mrn. Klzie Griffis anti grandchildren l- day. Nov. I, in the morning. Morning a. m.
0 Nov.( 13. Services afternoon at the Black Pond Farmand Presiding t the business Training Union 6:30: p. m. Sunday School 9:45: a. m Training Union, 6:30: p. m.
of the State \ :at : IIiGIIWIYBAPTIST Mid-
T coining exercises will each: evening; at 7:30: p. m. Baptist Church Homecoming Mrs. Mallie Grifrts] were meeting was Mrs. LeamonWard CIIVKCII Evening Service 7:30.: 1IDI'nlnllVm'shlp.. 11 a. m. Evening Service 7:30.: Mid.
bv Rev. R. T. Williams services. week Prayer Service 7:00: p. Fellowship" 6 p. m. i week Service. Wednesday
;I''i] weekend with a Preaching in Jacksonville Thursday.Mr. the nl W president.Mrs. Youth Prayer
.I- t.mii'dtown on :Frl1.1.1011 pastor. Everyone Is Invited Sunday dinner guest of nnd Mrs. Keith Grifns A. E. Anthony was In Sun\ !ay !School' ID: n. mMorniiiK m. Weoincsday.'fl'OY Johnson r-iioir Practice, Thursday/ 7:30P. 7: '' 7:30.Rev: Glenn Law-

3 I to attendA Mr. and Mis. Doss Higsin-! 11 rn. pastor. .. hon pastor
"01 stalling at and children of :Macclcnnyvisited charge of the program. Taking Worship a. mKIXGSLEY

I' n p> In. the Indians I fish fry will be held Friday botham were Rev. and Mrs. \ their parents Mr. and part In the program entitled Training Union 6 p. m. SMYRNA: MISSIONARY BAPTIST

T'lii.m., ] A homecom- I night Nov. 11 at 7:30: p R. T Williams and daughters !' Mrs. Mnllie Grifns. Thursday.Mr. ;! Baptbl-i in Japan were Evening Service 7 p. in BAPTIST CHURCH LAKE CALVARY

i. u'.ll: be crowned at m. Everyone Is invitet'' of Stai ite and :Mr and:! : and Mrs Lynn M<'Rae :Mrs. L. A. Powell and Mrs. Everyone .Icome.Rcv.. \r. 633 W. Pratt St. Sunday BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday School 10 a. w

wring the /game. M.i\illle: : Baptist Church Mrs. Arthur Carter of Jack- spent ;Monday[ at Lochloosa. Fred Ellis. David Mcdeiros. pastor services: Sunday School, 10 a. Sunday School, 10 a m. Morning Worship, 11., m

i is a dance will be Sunday School 10 a. m.Morning .. sonville. Mr. and Mrs Marjell Dobbs The WMU Council had met ASSKMIILY:: OF 000 m. Preaching 11 a. m. Train- Morning Worship, 11 a. m. Training Union, 6:30: p, m.
Recreation Hall. services 11 1m.. Mr. and :Mrs. Roy Watersand and children visited their parenta at the church pilot- to this Training Union. 6:30: p. m. Evening Service T:30.: Prayer
IITIVAY C1i.LPELWeldon ins: Union, 6:15: p. m. Evening!
family of Jacksonville and Mrs. Dean AgnerIn Ward 7:30. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 7:30: p.
I' \ GIRL; Sunday nlzht: services 7:00: p. meeting. with Mrs. Evening Worship :
Worship 7 m. Everyone
visited Sunday afternoon St. and Ralford p. 7:30. -Rev. R. H. Butler pastor.IIRP.RII. .
Madison Saturday.Mr. Wednesday : m.
cl : Lonnie Har- night presiding. Meeting
i is:: Mrs m. Wednesday prayermeeting welcome. Elder T. C. Wil-[
: with Mrs. Dorothy Waters.Mr. and Mrs. :Mallie Griffis Road. Sunday School, 10 a.m. Jim Rlgdon pastor.noVTDKAIN ,
the birth of a 7:30 Rev. Bobby -Rev.
: OKMCP:! : p. m. llama pastor.LAt'RA BAPTIST
Ed Watersand Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Patricia Dunise.o Knight, pastor.A and Mrs. I rlsitod their children Mr. and FIRST :METHODIST
>':. 11sday.I r Nov. 2, In Christmas program Is daughter! spent Friday: Mrs Harlia Ellington, in Lake CHURCH. STARKE.Sunday Evening Service 7 p. m. BAPTISTSunday : BAPTIST Sunday School 9::45s: m
night: to Sunday In Hlllard Butler. Church School Tuesday Prayer Meetlnjt.!! Sunday School. 10 a. m. !Morning Worship, 11 a. m.
1 inMaternal Is
r Hospital and practice School,
i- being! planned: 0:91: : a m.
grand- hell: every Tuesday night at with :Mr. an-I !Mrs. Bill Rob- Rev. Elzle Bullard of Jark- 9:45: a. m. Horning' Worship. 7:30: p. m. Thursday Young Morning Worship n. m. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. Evening Service. 7:30: p. m
I inson and daughter. sonvUle visited friends here 11 Official Board People's Meeting 7:30: p. m.Pastor Training Union! 6:30: p. m. Prayer Meeting Wedncesd'iy,
.\TIJLeroy Harris a. m.
7 p. m Evening Worship 7:30: p. m.
Harris and baby Mrs. Lowell Thomas and :Mrs Oscar\ Harris and Mrs. last week. Spiritual Lire Retreat. 4:30P. : Leroy LlRht-sey Evening Worship. 7:30.: prayIl'1' 7:30: p. m. Training Union
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday
I 13 leave the hos- cons arrived here last week John North visited Sunday with' Rev. E. F. Mayton, chaplain m. Covered, dish supper LONG BRIDGE BAPTIST 7:30 p. m.-Rev. Luther McGee :l.fe't1ntr.VednesdllY, 7:30p : Friday 7:30: p. m. -Rev. E. L.GrUfls .
Macclenny: at the State Farm R. E. Bergstrom.
i,irday. I from California and are: staving I afternoon Ral-- for Official< Board and MYF. CIICRCII pastor. I m.Rev. pastor.,;
PHllips and ;Mrs. brought the message to
N I I'' with her parents. !Mr :Miss! 6 p. m. :HYP meetings 6:30.: I pastor.
School 10 m.
Gladys Johson.Chel' ford First Baptist Church Sunday a. ROOKlmPTICO1': HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH
interested In do- and Mrs. Carlos Haa'ils. 'l Kim. and Jeffery Sunday evening. We enjoyedthe Morning Worship 11 a. m.. J'ILE'EL: ': BAPTIST
.ft., tr some unfor- Ricky Harris son ol Mr North of Jacksonville spent preaching and fellowshipvery YYV.V.YYV..YY.YI.Y.YYYCLAY Evening Worship 8 p. m.; Sunday School:, 10 a. m. I Sunday School, 10 a. m [Highway 100 at Theressu)

c htlr'rcn! at the Sun- and Mrs. Lonnle Harris Is expected Saturday here with their much and hope they will HILL Prayer Meeting Wednesday Morning Worship! 11 a. m. Morning Worship 11 a. m Sunday School 10 a. m.

.>.ni.is! : Crater may do''I to leave this weekend Btrandpa''pnti. Mr. and Mrs. be with ua again soon. 8 p. m.: SIng each Friday at Training Union. 6:30 p. m. Pre-Servlces Booster[ Bano. Morning: Worship( 11 a.

i'.1 i i tin I your cor 'PS-j I Ifor a base In Arizona after a John North Mr. and Mrs. John F. Freeman 8 p. m. Rev. Harvey Lan. Evening Worship, 7:30.: Prayer Young[ People, ard Pray m.

p' i "c :?89-44H! C.vl!:| I iwo weeks leave here with Oiinie North of Green I and children of Melrosevlaitei By Mrs. Howard Padgett pastor Meeting, Wednesday 7:30.: Sel"Vlce 1, 6 p. m. Evening/! Training Union -6:30: p.

,j his parents. Ricky has complefo'l Heen 1 "-', their' .mother, and .iri_ unit- Phone 289.4138r.ataTVVTY.YV'Lt! m.
anu """" "n. 'P Worship 7 m. Midweek
Spring ,
t his training in Ft Cove the mother. !I'S.rllry: Freeman ST. Emv\Rira!' CATHOLIC\ UEDASP'lTe'f' ttJ...okerl p. Evening Worship 7:15m. :
Claude: North attended Service Wednesday, 7:30: p
Bennlntr. CH Bobby Harrison I. STARKE Sunday School, 10 n. mMorning I .
I Florida Georgia football Sunday.BROOKER CHC1U :NEWS" m.-Rev. D. L. Ramsey,
pasI I
: ,
30:1. boon- of the transferred Lonnle Harris'from has Ft. same In Jicksonvllle Saturday rY. .y. y..yyyy..yyy' We ale happy to have Sunday Mass 9-5 a. m. Worship, 11 a. m tor. Wednesday Night Prayer

i three new members come Into -

DRIYE-IN I 3e1-'u)1. I Mr. and Mrs Buddy Brad- Clay Hill Baptist Church |r

shaw and son visited Satur- Terry l\loIfY and Mr and

dav in Jacksonville with :Mr[ Mrs. John Norman of High-1 i An investment in Your Future
WEN;: 7:00) ) I '
and Mrs H H. Bradshaw.Mr. land. Mr Nuini.in came In by!I' I

SHOW TIME 7:15/ : Ind1": *. D. J. Faril.sh By Joyce Stokes.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! letter from: the Highland'

ADMISSION: ''FLORiDATHEATRE and family and Mrs. Randolph AAA1 Baptist Church.! i r& ftl f

d Crosby visited SundaY The Clay: Hill Holiness THIS 11'ffj''gy.l.a[
.\cfirtK 7ic: Students 60c I afternoon at Jacksonville Sorry to have missed :you Church has held a revival I I

(H 1'1;l(1rpn Under 12 Free I., University w'.t'/i'! : Miss Patty last Carnivals week but missing with Hallowed boya and the past week and will con- ear. a .E rr YdM M M

tinue this week Everyone Is''
rr; .' tin: l urday.: ; Sunday Parrlsh.RAIFORD then the usual up -and-downs; .. ...
N.n.. 11. 12.1 13: Showtime!--Weekdays 7 of every day life, just couldn'i cordially PERSON: .\IS invited to attend. ::4i.--. ... ..I1\1C\ :j--( :",:: PTYYT?.n...v.n.TY. get around to everything
Sunday 3:00 Saturday 1 Bill Hull of Jacksonville!
: :
Ti.'nitFi1.-Mire I You!ram However! 110.... that Trlfk oTic.it '
12 Night is over and we visited :Mis. Irene Padgett:! "I I DON'T SEE ANYTHING"t

FRI., SA T.XU11.. have the boys, Pat and John Sunday nfternoonMr ,.

THE 'V1liL.JiNGELS k ) old Florida will and Mrs. Dawson Pad
bad in good
By Mrs.: Earl: Dobbs 11 v to get back on schedule.

: < Phone 196-2601 I The Carnival turned, out to( guests of :Mrs' Irene 1)d! l you ever try to look through a camera from the front side? Yes most of us have..

I of the best .every'' Padtsett Fiiday niijht
aAalAAaaaaaaAaaaaaAaaa be one al Herbert Pad ett visited out of curiosity..but we would not even consider trying to take a picture [in such a
ARE COMING! one seems! to have enjoyed
I Friends of Robert Gerald, events., and especially "The< :Mrs. Shirley Pad'-ett!! and manner. There are many though, who go through life never giving themselves a chance

':i ; Rhorlen. who entered military New Squires' Brookers own children;! In Jacksonville Sun- to really see Cod. In order to see God, one must look at him through faith. Attend church

t I service In Oct. will regret tu rock and loll band, and they; day.Paul regularly seek God where
Ii( can help direct you !In your search for God.
!T' r i learn that he injured 'both hIs sure elk! liven, things up quite Carter Is home on

II. ,,/1 ; -,-:,""r.::., l ( feet. His mother requests our I a bit. The King and Queen furlough from ParrU Island.S. "So then faith comer1bn/ (raring, and hearing ty the word of Cod"
; .
;i i !aNE4" i prnvers.; contest turned our real nice, C. :Marine Corps
t 1 j 111.Ill'kle: Alva 1'ez.111I4: with t.e winners as follows: Mr. and !Mrs. Joe Pad ctt

%r /I/I'\g"I t vi' '. ,Kay Alvurei: of Keystone and King: Tony Cautlen -.1,52 and children of Jacksonvilleand '

f ; I tr.i (J \ |I Gerald Katie of Gainesville VOU'H. Mr and Mrs. Edwin

wcri, ? visiting in Kaiford Sun Queen: Joan Baas 3.5! ti l Padsett of Lawtey visited:!

/ f .k fr y,'j inEAS1MAMCOtOR' day. votes their father Herbert Pad-

) ;MiAlice Cason vlxitml\! her Prince" : John Riggs -2,661' gett Sunday.

i'' 1.FLOOK' ; | .-,inter: Ir.... Pearl; Johns:, in votes Those from Clay Hill attending -
: SITN.. MON.. Tl'ES.Nov .
lib! "l {! FORTHEM I 13. 1 11 15 Lake City Sunday. Princess: Kathy Jones the rally and fish fry
I ;Mrs. Cecil Addison. Jr. and 5.097 votes. at Middleburg were Mr. and

I'I,' I I It sun of Gainesville 'were weekend Tills mode a total of $230.36 Mrs. Frank Carter and fam

t I 1 !guests of her pII'ont'i11': : collected on this contest. Each: ily. Mr and Mrs. Floyd! Johns

PIlME \\,0" f 'fl and :Mrs. Theodore Rosier. of the winners. was given apiece and family, and Mr. and

l t. ft>. : J: : Mr. and :Mrs[ Oiln Reddish, !! of Jewelry and the runnersup Mrs. D. W. Wilkinson. r rt R cIN r x x
Jr. and in each a c
daughter were were given
Howard Padgett and son.
( .,, 17 wit vAly. ...1' WITH HIS FOOT i Gainesville SatimUy.lira. gift of ROme kind in appreilation. Terrell visited In Doctor'sInlet 1! %a'Thc Qt 1'k k

r ., \ t -. *1 ONTNEGA$ I K 1 G. Knight[ of Gainesville I for their fine efforts. Saturday afternoon

; 1 1.9 AND NO BRAKES Is visiting her. daughter The Queen and the Prince: with Robert Baxlev Jr an'! k

1 i 1' I ;Mrs. VirginIa Dobbs and family I were each presented with a family and Prbert: Bixley Sr

\5 this. week. lovely bouquet' of red carnations Those from Clay Hill who 4r

:. :Mrs Gerald l GriffU and :Mrs and nil the court loukot visited\' thE' Ijiwtey Baptist! t r br.. i v

1 { Earl Dobbs accompanied byMrs. I very lovely and are to be ionvmended Church Revival Thursday
t -: .:(\ for their efforts.Winners !.
"- -" I : Ethel: CUtiiumt and Mrs: night wPl'ef1: Grace LatiKNelllp .
:Marty demons and, childrenof ; of the costume PilI ,
/ and
Hcilbronn Spl'lngs'CI'C In I rude. wee( nR follows, :
and Mr. How""rd Pad
\ Gainesville FHilny., I Su.i.in: I'nn'l"h. Randy 1t.11I1. "
!gett. Chal'lottefoc.y.: P.nn-
as'1.,4) ib4i Lonzo Kittler! and Kihvnrd. 'erson, Debra Green Doug; and
dolph Pnd and 1 Ernest Addison of Camil.i, Don Green Koran Perry Sherry -
I Mrs. James Saunters! and
I Gn. were visiting relatives hereover K. Green, ram Hawkins,
chlldien.WP .
the weekend.Mr. Pl'eston'Illlon, Plenty Hicks.,
'\1 .fNW'dS1011' :e ME110CtI0R1V'ed. are sorry to report that
: and t t11'11.: Charles Redding I Cherie Hinton Peggy Edward:

E AIL uu H;yj i iBS and family of Pal.itk.i PhyllM. Jones, and! Linda Cox. Jessie" Mannlnn had to he Ibl(hurth II God',oppoinltd, 01.."?in Ihn' ...Id 'lor iproodmo. 'Ihi Imwloifgo of NI'I loco J1F

pjFSij ,Tnpyvyy.Ti'i ., Thurs. Nov. Ifi. 17 and l Mr. and :Mis. Lane U.IH- Judges 'were: ;\11'". Theo Dyal, corned toi Oalnesvillc! \ ( Hospital IM' man and olHii domond'tar non lo roiiond 10 Hint lo..b,lo..ing hn neighbor Without. (

r !m.s of Lawtey visited 1 theJr :\11.... Ann K ienntan, :TMrs.; A... and Is not dolii" nnwoll Ilirl grounding I Hit lo.. ol God no go rnmonl' or lornlf. o> .o| ol' lilt will, 'longfinonro 't! 4 9(

if & "AS FUNNY A MOVIE AS ANY patents the Rev. Charlie liedlinys \\'. !Sclmltz.:! :II...". hazel Hai-" ( and. 'iho 'h..dtml.Fah ..hold 10 dior,will, """obi, (Mr.iS' Thwiloro" o..n r

AUDIENCE COULD ASK FOR!" \ S.iturd.iy.Mr .rrllU'14.. : ,\n-I lc Uabnrn, and LOW ninntn ON 'hem a ulrlih ,pmt ol, ,..., ono. irwuid Tappan Ih. (Chunh lot, iho uii ol' 'iho illoio/ 1 e' W

: '-NeMerlt MJg4A /"eCOLUVBIA : and :Mrs.' Marah.ill; : IKibbw \[.llayrtell: (;I'<'on. The trcas-, N l small and hn fom.lr. Ityond fat horns any onion ihovW ophold and par- '
no \IJ l
1.101.(11': \
A rez had as weekend guests! their UI'CI'11'1': Kinr.: iMUvanl.H. nap'S| III Iho (hurrli beau;. il ttlli Iho truth obout mmt Mo, den ond daisy. Iho Oj'tart
Prcat'tBRYAN" t. -1E3I -inldren Mr and:! Mrs Marvin reports a total d of $1.016n\*. Cin'i"s: Sc Phriii! of Oc.tli hush wtiKh. olooo will ul hen Ira to hto 01 o iliild' ol Codm .

OW: MIWi FORBES' I iiDl.iw, > ) and I children< of :Mulber- l.ilu-n in at tluC.irnival with \\11' parent] : Ion' brae:' o" 'i iresurf.KlUB 3 iM rn'' n. Ad. i
'J" ,' SSSSl S e" 3
IV a net of $535. The 1'Twould \ one mile <01 S too ra a,
( :Mr Gerald Grlffls. cinch, Mrs: like to say thank-you to all WMOB
{ THE WRONG BOX A !in Lincoln' City: The 1 hit 1
fSIDHlt1r'NlOPr I ;,I K.nl: I Dobbs were business' vl* \\ho helped In any way to make \vns r)9,272.

.1 5SJ41. I re. ,itms":Ml, in and11'J.lck"onvlllt'Ionda A R. :Brunjier\. this a big: garcons.I'IatSlN.hS 6 These Religious Messages Are Made Possible By The Following Sponsors

1!.JceLLMIi EASTMAN' >d ihiSt" t.II.> Farm visited. :Mr. :md Mrs C. K. Hoover Ii

c COLOR MIMI" \ )hd.II'nIJ': and 'Wrs.'toiinii' ; [ and r.inulv, .nf |Mind-O-L4ik. STARKE{ I STARKE BUILDERS UNDERWOOD Lawson

: ah i I !': n1'll In 1111'1' ind family were. visiting Mm.: Wanda Meat Market

: .. ,our,, :M f and :Mrs.[, Bill Brunner \\Tiitman, and baby daughter. SUPPLIES, Inc.
#, _.r" nUSINESSDIRECTORY Restaurant & Motel AND
i rut\ family in Tampa over the P.homl.i., ,'e'entlI"I., Whitman Featuring. ) Are Hardware COLD STORAGE
-j I Is livin here with heiixiionti Complete. I'alnt Supplier! \ ( ..
;; Spoolnl' Rite To ('omincrol: 1'erple| Wo S""II| |In Cmfom SlaujhterIns. -
:Mr. and :Mrs. Paul1'issrutt nnd Sporting ( ut lin
: d
( \VITII (TS I'lKST"3IU !; : Wrapping"CIilNi -
while her husband is Tl US AMI: !3II(mi--:|{>;

Don't Let Cold Weather Catch You Unprepared! aw iv m Undo S.nn's Army. \\iiahUiKrton! M.> Uiil-I'Ml! ') North: SOI: |Ph| IWI-70HI! I Prepared For Deep. Fre 7PIIOXR

:1Ir..tnd, .l ;Mrs.I[ Kncy letntoncDI AUTO REPAIRS 901-8281
.l.u\ 'ksoavlllo. uml :Mr. andMia Bradford Abstract Co.

CRYSTAL : IJ. u. Sari: of Hotlcr. Rosier Monument Co. _

w'VST.TO-! !{ UP vA CLEAR wne! t tl1n11.: and lldrs.Geore Earl's Garage 15S W. CAM. STUKETPh. :

rlACS Tctstcr-e recently. .UL KINDS OFAITO 961-6881 Starke, Fta. A :Monument For K%.rv ;Nerd'; a iiiJ 6), '.L, fl'I.\ _.: 'I. .fOZ.. .
\I\I: 1CULFC, ;iMTKANo : _...
4Ir .... I Sri who \.\
; / Tommy Itaulrrnon.:: REPAIR: WORKAll
_. .. ,- ... ", \ D,111\ .,.. ii< stitioneil in f1<'rman y. Ls Work Guaranteed Edwards Grocery & :Al.niMoli'iimIII OK STARKE, INC.

T .. .. 111. "ro for 20 days visiting with Tlibne 9fi9-2)4! () \\". Mulisim: !St.irUe

'-, :o. "'':--J; hi. pn,'.-nt.... Mr and' l :Mrs. Dick So Walnut. Starke Mkt. I'll. UIIU-I':61 : llunin 73-316.: ; U.S. 301 NORTH
Pl' '''..
.. family
.J 1 1 V. Cover Your :\\1...... Roy Given nnd children AUTO "" Grocerie"*-Meats-Feed,*.. Ph. 969--5S01! :: Stark, Fla.
c. SERVICEGilbert:
t iif( PORCHES & BREEZEWAYS and 'Mrs.: Hronda Jones fins & Oil DeV/ITT C. JONES

i i i i\\! ; "vnUMting :Mr and Mrs It. S. Brown Ph. 964-21S2 Starke. Fla.Roy's : FUNERAL IIO>IESStarke
"' WINDOWS AND DOORS ; B. Mi innon in Palatka recentIv Charley E. Johns
; -r< ;
; Iv Standard: Oil service Station
cI: rji:: I with Genuine I TV Service Ph. OR..2SOO
t ; !; Y ShatterproofFLEXoGLASS Pr. T. n Jones of Ft. Bragg ATLAS Agency

iij i: I I :M. 'I' visited his wife Brenda, TIRES:: A.: BATTERIES CALL ROY FOR PROMPTSERVICE Keystone Heights 131 S.! Walnut Ph. 9010301OENEKM.

t >a List, t w..k. Budget& Ti-rms-Road Service
A ,The Only Plastic, Window Material that carries I Flume 9H4-7U71 Ph. 473-3176: nsSCRANCBKohmly :
Mi and :Mm.Vmston Kellyof
.....;:A.. ...., ,/ I' a 2-year guarantee. The name Flex Glass 1 is C'iKoa <07 X. Ti-mnle 920 Thomas SI.. Starke But :Nobody T'njrrwitafharley
and Leoruiox Kelly
t -5 printed on are edge for your protection I I Phone !P6I89SIBRADFORD\ R. Johan Agency
u a spent 1 the weekend. at ,SilvcrSprr14.

{1 Q nl,Y 1 j COlts So Little AnyoneCanAfforditl: IT'S SO EASY ANYONE CAN DO ITI! ; :; ',: HURST'SSJ I Sinclair Refining Co.

$?0,,00 ,it nil that it take t to cover ......... :M-kf I P.I t. an.I Tony Castlen I| I [ I I MOTEL
an iverags screen porch ..abre "..T : W. L. ThomiK.", Distrhbntor Hurst Shell ServiceCARL
& CUT TACK l\ -, >'!eider'' :Mr. and
.. glll'.1 Service Station
I 3 3. za my lest than }1 S.OO .. I IG:14
.6n; FL ", Have aJry-protededroom: for \ { .! WIIMJMIAI' J seUINI"r.' J> >- His[. Kdw"ml CattU'n In Jack- A srpF.Kion )10.:1.: (;i.\MI.INT4: : -KKR04KXRFurl > ::
J Oil '
: -
W. [ nlldrri3| play, or at9'''''u area ; \. ..... 's': :- I S.1'i .u''I'. "nl.tlVPliutle l Af1'l'rll'J': :Most 1I'liLpltahleItelll: Oil :and (iroaxetia HURST
I 'lirrs A II.III"rl" Air Conditioned Free TV
/ -
4aI"Iaase' .. l! r I : S. Walnut. Starke
ForGenuin-FLEX i<7ot<*hook $7.SO: at the K0\l :SKKVICE and Coffee Ph. DtU-96tH Hwy. 301 & 100 Ph. 96t-6111
took. .-GLASS At.Your Local.HUwr.or Lmbr.Oeat i : .( \VH.. 301 and loo Slarke 1757 N. 391 Ph 8fl-S.V71:

I t


_- --


._NOV. 10.. 19B3! Bn.tnrrmn M't1'NTT'TF.L1Inlt/\rn.: / STAIIKK; 'monm ptoit. :ynrERES .'

YYYYYYYTYYTYYYY, I Dodd of Keystone was ableto church of their children and rela- I t It Is also very hot. 85 degrees lug; hill sisters Mrs. Hut/ ties I nil ,imtl.rhilH, ., .) Cunt iitK". ilcl.i. "n I l'T.. II". r'I,1,.. of. ,all' "",I'rJ' 'S 4 I It iil.liti..' I "I.I, I i i i i I iiIM

fill In Wcdne. ,lay night Sunday School I tives. Includn-.K Mrs Gladys I Miss Gloria Nowsomc wwI : Dnrlcy., Miss! Sina f''''' .'oll. "t', l In.ni, ? III., ", I..I, .,. -..It.h..11 .. Jin,,, ,i.al'a ",, "0// ",,..,.. I ,",,, ,,, ,", I ".., 'II," (',1""a.l, II I u II., ,I... ,o, I", J II, l"Il |
Aurttln l ll-.IM., 1 II.|,,. .aa.| .., I1..W. III. I,1"/1, /a ,I 'aa''MI' I _111.11.I I lop I III,a Ia"PpC l lv ,,"1.., ,tlllM I thlM nffl.. f-- 'n'l-1I
ABy Prayer Service in till abjence Sunday School 10 a. m. WilUamson and grandson. In Jacksonville: Sunday aftrr, and Mrs. Alice Sundays j '11".1|,? "hthe I Nulijr) I 'Imiiilinft'M C ,rag "III), 11,.. "aMliiag ,aat, \ ,.... I IL'II.II. .

:j of our pastor.; Merle Pack- Morning Worship.-11 a. m. Glen. of KeystoneMr.; and noon doing her last mlnuti .ifler, siwernl O-iys In a .lai K- I, .1, < |I. .in, l iiUftl'iivi-r., indl'I '. 'laura'' all.lII,. ,\;' Nta'aaaga'' '.r late- 'Tli. Bonn, ..1 "',""r V..n I lh t
for her .sonville' hospital I I.MI,, I I..,111.1. 4 ,ahaaill; :I... ;traaaItta'al:: ., (aflI .
; ham. who was away to attend Nuiacry op>;n. Training Un- Mrs. Martin Heraoy and shopping wcddinc I right' fn rcje iinv or all hhN,
: '1'1a' .,iu a i .-..1'111 tilililiT, sin.. J I I I that Jab Mile.. .\11,, ,imili-rln', IH ,e'l'I..,
11 Berliv Newham i M II'. and ',,"I1's. George L. Shu- / < THOMAS ,. ('As52Y! : .lit.'
ion 6:30 Wor- :Mark Mrs. Clyde Friday night. Nov. 1 J.1's: i'I. I
the funeral of : p. m. Evening; grandson. : Intxin, .., ,, .
Capt. Leon I I a i" rlMl not? I in *>\i -d .11|! "ala 'al," MI")*' ,inn MI' |M l"'II.V..r\l lI. l lininisdiately
I' 7:15 and Ki'anddauffh- William Dampicr allh's! : mid.. report that. their little tliiyH rriini" ,, Ihll ral ..r Nu'rln.n"'nl|
I II ship : p. m. Wednesday Heisey : a U?taI m" : I
.... Triost ill Augusta. da. 10/27 lit lliin
.4. night Prayer Service. 7:30: ter. Dent' elrs.: : VonCllloGrlffis Sidney Ortffl.s Jr. went with I laughter Gayle la at home I tun, I for I tlit., i "'11..1 ,.r ul!I ,I. Tin* MII r. ...fnl 1.M Hope Church Those who; went to thefuneral I again after a few days in the ,iiiiici-rlulH, 'llumllhift' nf nuiiiiliilH I "i.a,.url| 'in. |iinv lilt' ,a find. -
Baptist I
from this P. m. and Becky. WIlliam. her.TRKTTY. / .t!Saul i In.I. ,r illxuim.il" nhull I I h,' |,,,>rT.>a nimrii' *, I In,mil,' or ""II-hl'H a \ or i <' )01
eve: will) be u \\'erld1nat! I are.i were: I VIitation and David Newham. Clyde I.AIIV hospital. Wo arc pleased to I In a, ,U.-i'i| I'Hi, with i lie UXKIHIHrlty "che< Ii. I liHiijmior'H. < I1'I' |< orf Th," BniUford (",,"anty "Board

I church KI cay niidit. I Rev. and Mrs. Merle L. Pack- Did you visit! this week? Ilersey was home in bed with Our Raluli Bryan sure does!I hear this ra'atahi| '' "ualeniK.N.. HHT.IH., <. any tint' lomil, (Mxuiii, bank.No <.( Hulillr, Inatructlnn of Htarlo'.
ham: the parents. Mr. and We are sorry to learn. that' i"r ,nuiii'i, lulu iiliitU IIH iiHrinltKffl lM) lipiiil... I... IM-IIIK, n"'.,iulrnil, Khnldo. otfcrx. for hub thai ful-,
11. at 8:110:: o'clock. Olorlat :Mrs. Triest slster-m- Nowadays .t seems like you flu and was unable to at- make a nice looking lady a!I little Walker Is a i'a?it I ihi'' Jit jlie. Any lUBI.'llulnI'll I but I th*' hoimlhall' *-\i| ,,,-t hlil- lowing. urpliin hasps. :
Newsonulo Emery Sidney : need a reason to visit and no he was dressed for the. April pa- ) nil I till- alt.. I afloat 1.bO a .'1111" tiara to .skate K..od faith In fuN No. I I I0.lt Intcrnnt II tonal 'ill)
iCwls I ISklppyl I Black law. :Mrs. Inez Trlcft and : one ever nets around to It. tend.Mrs.. Ilersey; received word Southside Halloween pnrudc: tieat in Baptist Memorial,,[ ,."I I"in,aa.I, ,' aat'I V. tilling tlvlr propoHiilH.A. pii .en (,i'r 'ID ;No. l3l)24IallIl'i'a, .
| children; s st I'lnlllw.II'! : Hospital In Jacksonville. SheIs. 4. The miiTHHHriil lilildir\ iin, Tin.. Hiirt-eMHrtil" bid tiff, run No :II l 11147! Ki 1(1 118 \DllBB.'nKiT!
were ;lad Rev Fred What happened! to the (food by phone tint her daughter. carnival In Starke on Halloween > .. ,, .
the daughter of Rev. and < xppi.t utitbfiilxiiiIon\ I ioiniiii'in expect. until ii'Uatlmi fnrinn' II) ;.N.; 171"1.711:112.! :
I and :Mrs. Leon: Kuykendnll: '. ole days I'm always hearing Nettle Tomllnson of Jack- nlitnt last week: held I ,, 'IIIK u <.il-:< I III*. HIIIIII liny ill "ni, *ti. I Intf work a tinHUHM. il.iy. HM, Na,. 10 I"h'vl'ul..1| | l IS*( P1IMHPIIIfff .-
He is
brother and sister-in-law: I IMi |! about. when the neighborscame sonville underwent surgery: at the recreation building. By. :Mis. James Walker. pastor I hi' hill) n|''-hillK'',I 1.1'1'1 'li.fl'al. a thu hid '. and Mi'$. Ernest Trtest; of Highland Baptist .*>. Tht* Hili' "rpHHflll I I liIilil,T. Hhiill,, Tht HIII i-'UHHful. hlthlttr sit,", II.ho : I I.:, I flU I Ilitfrnatliinul. I 42ptKnenircr
sister-in-law.I around Just to visit a last Friday morning in St. the looks of thln s Ralph la Church.e IMn ,inhi.ii|, I, I' priivlilc n *:,onliL'rriirniulii \,' ovhlciu't- (hut I ho a iiiul/, <.r" I ID I Nn. I I3IM4(
brother anj! [ little whiio and ended up Vincent's Hospital.; \ Beatrice to be complimented on the to have Mr. I a I .. IMIIH! nr cuilil,.r'i, h''Itt fiini| uny I IH i laraia'rI| 'ly I iiiMiir* Nn. :3i t JI47! ClIPVrulHt' IS pa.s"nga'r ..-
I :Mr.\ and Mrs. Ervln Tric-st: I staying all day? Drop in on Ezell. Mrs. Hcrsey's daughter carnival.hleh WitS very are happy clii'i I k. a I'.a"au,,rur's, i'lKk nr "',,1.! hy nn (''"''lit aa lal.. lm Ii ri ftc 'ID N... KAV2'I7IOM.:
Tribe back
uncle Janus Triest' : Mrs. nlrfe. und l :Mrs. George alt taft .nr ,MII.V a,\ hiatt 'i'naaI .aa'i Htiitclinnk. tI gPl"a'5' I In I tli" ffillowtnur I man Nn 2:1:] 11>47 "I'lmvrolxt 48 pnn-
Be'l' Onann. and Hall. your neighbor today for n little Is better but was unable to I. with us'' for the winter after X. tiii;,' |,nnI IH. lii'lnw a i.iMllhiil HP r: ,urnKft' ,ID N';". IHCAd-.Mfij(
j Bobby i j visit. You'll be glad you ntlcn-l the supper. ACCIUKNTS:: .pending the summed at their ,', 1, hill, I I.ia" liniinl, Mllllll .'s. \\.t"'H, a ,11111114..11 UlilN' will I In* uci "*|itHd' nn In-
i The first Sunday of each did. PERSONALS: Clyde Bradley: ) and Charles ,I'... I "1.,1.. ,>i.., a lit ..h..\\ Knvil', rilllllI II. <*""",',11, |I..I'H 'l.l.tl.illi> : (lUldilnl' ,. I bll.,.'s only and will
!, month we sflv" the banner to !! home in\ Canada. ;I Iii I iiiirilliiiit. tlii'lr. iirntiiiHiilRII. op.1-.ii' I I .". It. I. l.o.uuu Ia*. pnniil ThiirHday) .NiivmiiliirIT. I .
Bridal Shower Miss Anne Mills and friend I' Hln.son were Involved In "11'. ami Alra. Jim Horton of TillMil. HKHrill. hllllllT, 'ala.,Ii /100,1100I' ) I runt 111 I tin I, nrrii.. .,r i tin.
tho> class! with the highest atI I On Tuesiay:! night. No1.. Ron Martin. of Atlanta. and a two truck collision Friday Jacksonville' and 'Mr. and ilia.: I linu, I'vlili-ii't., iliuI I lio, ii"al, 'or 1 I'. l a TJ.'t.uoii, -'"l|,,'rinl.'Miliiit, ,, nt 7 ala P M.

tendance. The banner went the ladles of the church gavea :Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mills I IJI' 1 night around 10 p. m. We 1-aui lnklns. Jr.. and Davidof I IIIM, ''''a.Iau Ii 'IH 'iit'inH'fly\ In.IHI ,. i '""II'H'( '"M'I 'l.li. 10,111', The Bonn. r..rve" th. "rlifhtniiir '
to the Junior Girls Class last I I ill. liy mi u, i.'I't| LI Ill> i IIIHIII-,,' I It I I I. *:;>11.<">"<"> fino.iMiu I ,I., .aay, anal all IndH.,
bridal shower in honor of and children of Jacksonville sure are alml'that no Injurieswere
St Augustine. were Sunday IIIK- Hvc-nt'y In tinrnllnwliiK' ,. f'. l> f r>,oM( TIlnMAS' I I. "CASICY.: ": ..IK.Hiipcrlnlt .
Sunday.' Thsy: had a 82 pel- Mrs. Linda :Mosley who before Bea'h.; were Sunday reported although afternoon visitors of Mr. and ,1111111111-1, : 7. liMlM, Hhi.ll. !I.., Hflihl I l tllHltniirUcil I >,iid..ni

cent for the past month. marriage; was Miss Linda guests of Ann and Harold's '.damage was reported to both Mrs.: P. L. Dlnklns. .\ Wofkin.in'H, 4 CnmitiniiHiitliinII. , : "111,1\ nn Itni"\ I in' n n/27 .::1 I 111111I I
4y / 4 '""Ir.r'. l.lHlillltv' Schoul,. .I Itiilltlmif., I
We also recognize on the Loper. Arrangements' of aunt and c'u1n.11': and trucks to wnat extent Is not \II'. :Mae Wells: has returned I Operation ( a
B. I. "ill.Mill/(
first SundAY in each month fall flowers were used in decorating !Mrs. P. E. Sullivan Sr. and known at th? present.We after a two week, visit whither 11"",")00

those having their birthday. the educational Jr. were soiry to hear Plen Hurt. and daug1tter-in-la\v P. l I' 929,0111)) I

johns They weiv' : Mrs. InopeneBrynn. butldlnqr! at the church for :Mrs. Underwood has been Onann brokehis hand at Mr. und! Mrs. Ernest B. Wells (,iinirnciii.il n. I. IJil.oopfliiO.nunI I l.lalilllt.v I ': Easy To Own'

Terry Bryan-: Romesa the occasion. Linda opened ill at home. Hope to see her football practice last week. and sons in Hunt vUle. Al.i. I I.. I n. l A.uuir, I

Dodd. and Jane Reynolds.The her gifts after names and back in chiirch soon. We are also sorry that he ':Mr. and Mrs. R. I li.!: Starling T. Hliln. nnnil !". a.mllnol\ t

congregation sang "Hap- 1 prizes were given. Mrs. Janir-.1" Hall and son will not net t.\ play any more and Sheldon (Shad) were visiting niiirUt,iiinil., !lila: 11,1111","111., .." on rI,',","," IIIKSi : LONGCHAMP HOMES

about this question : py Birthday.:! 1 Punch anj w'ddlncook./ 8te hen."He shopping: in earner the rest of this year. Mr. and Jr8'eldon (Bo- 5. I If aalaIai,' '.''II..J' Int'nrni.itlnn, .

The !owns the ladles of the lea were served to the following Gainesville Saturday.J. We sure will miss him out bo) Starlingand their twin In ni.fili'd. It anal)' h bt> ohtilin' '

'JThe: neighbor/ children I church were working' on tor guests: Mrs. Florence D. Payton went home : there! sons Site!: and Jeffery in Ap- I l.v I 211.,'i.ntni'tlntt thin' i.rfluni., .;:'. Custom Built

.,n ally gather in our :yard Trinity Baalist Rescue :Mission Loper mother of the bride: from the hospital Friday., Reports WEATHERTt apka Sunday. !iI. 'l'It,. Ilillll'll, ,I I'PK.TVI'H I Illi'

tot I it's the are completed and have I Sharon and Judy Loper sisters he is now doing' fine. was a cold night as you Miss: Genie Fae Cruce of right in r,'jiM i any ur nil .nhl,.,

play. .suppose been taken to the :Mission. I i of the bride: Mrs. Edna Mrs. Lur.ltaU: and all know who attende.l: the Oulnesvllle spent the weekendwith TIII( \I\K' I.. CASKV., IK 'Youi' Plans Or Ours .

[play.. equipment md our haven't found out :yet. what i.Sullivan. MM. Ruby Sullivan.] daurhter.fro! ;. Mae Ritch. Tornado Whirl In Starke last hor IMrent.s11'. and. Mrs. I Ill a 7 ::11 I'I :I"IInUn'UIlII 1111'1'1'1"1111"1: a a) Your Lot Or Ours

tolerant' attitude that attracts the ifm for the :\lI"slon111 I :Mrs. Lynda Sullivan. Mrs. and her daushter.:; Monty. Thursday. It was really a Frank Cruce.\ I

them. Will!! the fam- be for this month. I will!! let Jackl1tf'r ey. Mrs. Oracf were shopping in Jacksonville Rood nljrht for hot' chocolate. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Godwin < 01 vrv no viinOF

iljj: liabilit,.' coverage( of I von know HS soon as I hear. I Searle. Mrs. Rubv Hcrsev and Friday. Friday Mornina. :Nov.! 4. has \ anu tilaine; of Gainesville 11 III.'".' I4l11L4'I'IIl'. HOME IMPROVEMENTS: :
I P. O. l>niui-i, .9> flarkv.. Klcirlilil, REMODELING ALTERATIONS
OUT Homeowner Policy I pay; Intermediate Party I Denlse. Mrs: Florrie' Davis. I Barbara ,and Sidney! Grlffli been our coldest morning so were visiting his brother-ln.- XIli,, ,r 21 |11'R4I!l -

the medical costs and our! Th Intermediates had a I :Mrs. Clara Patten. Mrs Willie have Just finished remodellnu far. It was a pretty sight for law and sister Mr. and M'rd The I llniilii.ril, I ,I a i-Miintv, lli'.ird\ !
I Maude Cloversettle. Mrs. tlvir: home. It Is sopretty those who were up In time J. H. Eunice!: und family ,;::1'411'' ..r rilbllllllHII''' I u'ti''n| ''ll/, I I.-
letal liability if child party Saturday night. Nov.
any / ,
I day. "hit HI'llll'll,,, l.lllH,, lit ItH. ,ofl'lri. .
isi injured on our proper- 5. They played 'names' and Bertie LO//>l'I. Mrs Bertha inside now. to see the f'-ost. I think we I III I I :Niil-tll; ,Cull" a I Sll-i-el, "50,1 I..'.
refreshments were served.I, Newsome. Mrs Dolores Dampier !Mrs. Lester Roberts of have been real[ lucky to have Mrs. Malley Prevail and her i Kltirldil. fur. I mitvlnir, ,nil. *. LUIImiiv '

t ; Miss< Romesa: Dodd was in I Mlis Louisa Batten.Mi's Lake Butler was visiting a had such nice weather up cousin Mrs. Clyde Hampton, lanai'' LinlilliiK, rinni', 11Hlli ,1- FOR SALE NOW
Illi' 1.11\\ .11, I .. ,
of Jacksonville:: were visiting ill a I I li V HlKliSt'lniid. I
cli.u-e : Cheryl OriffK! Miss Ce- few days with her daughterand until now. My Bvandparcnts.Mr : ., .
Charley E. Johns i Selma Eunice: Airs. SeJ- .11l. ')'. .Kloi, ala' untilTUMI 1
:New Life Bible Club l1tBryaat Miss Sherrie son-in-.aw.. and Mrs. and Mr: *. J. H. Shoemaker Mrs. |'. M. Tliurxiliir, : Small Down Payment
J. C. .
i Norton Mr. und Mrs.:
Norman. M's' Ruth Grit f1't, Ralph Bryan. who live In Johnson >riuhfr IT I1HIIInn .
Agency Don't forget to remind Prevail and other relatives 'nrilliix ba. I the rulf'',.. I "
"I( "I" I
:Mrs. Gladys: Bradley. Mrs. Miss Anne Bell andfI'Is: City. Tenn. rote that their riricnlli'iiH IN PINE RF.EZE SURDIVISTOV AND
your boy nr thi about the during the weekend. :
131: S. Walnut St. .June Norman. Miss Marcia Reba Thompson; have as first frost was on Sept. 16. i. r.iiiihTM. .!.a. inii..,a. ,i to I in-, EASTWOOD SUBDIVISION
Now Life, Bible John of Florida. South
Club. each Tye
'I Qriffls. :Miss! Anne Packham. their guests' Reba's mother. almost two months a 11'0. He HI"I| I Ihinfi.r.' ,in,., ,in? 1 ii.ui-d' iiiiiiiIHI'H '-
I'no m !1-0201)
: Monday after[ school at the ern College at Lakeland spentthe I I 1111,1, llll\-a I lllli.l I "aaait"lout IN I
that first
I! :Mrs. Bell Onann :Miss Mary Mm.!! :Marthi Tompson. and SAid their
weekend with his patents, 'aLi Ia'I" Will Lao I'I'MlUeU' by thlH ContactBUFORD
' : Lou Onann. :'ofr,. Ollle Swnnk of Frederick snow was on Nov 2. It was a ..re'l.' .-. ,
:Mr. and Mr: *. J. C. Tye and
- -'' Invitation To ShcwerOn To\\ n. Ohio. little colder on Friday night 2. Tlii' mi, -.r,1! "111.1.. -,- ,stiitlllu ,,
1'umela. ,,... MITCHELLOffice
I vi'ttpiiiiHlliii' lor, I M ,,1 oT
TUl'sdaNo:\. \.' 15. at Mr :Piitl M'-i t' Dew-It t It.'1'- here for our Homecoming .. .
:Mr. and Airs. T. V. lIuck nil niiiti-l-liil-: I l.i.tliiKH' diOirlM.
Serving Florida 7-30: the la lies of the church i-ev n'' :Martin of Gainesville! : name hilt .v.'t t; we"saw'! lots of took I aim: a. Duck's:: mother, Mrs.Vc.ru ,.|1.,-.. fl r.aaaa' till', 'a illl.nl a .I Hit.. .iaah,,) I e Phone )69-S281) : P. O. Box 238

will -iivp a bridal shower in I vMted Mr. and Mrs Clyde I bees from this area. Thescore to her Mjiue Hhiill "UMIVI. llii* im.i a ta'sa''" i..1. ii-, 110 S. Thompson St. Starke .'1a.
Since 1950 Utookuigs >d. I. ,
1 40-8 In Starke'sfavor. |ilt! ) I tin. Miliji-t liulldinu In
honor of MrWavne Ilerseywho Hersey Sunday ntaht. was in Columbus L.U. und spent tile ii rli'im. I",,,1",1-,I ..' r aS..,.'..1111.I ... \
:rNl 3 ,, gIN before: marrlaue' was I Mr. and Mr. R. O. Zeleler The frame will be in weekend there.Mrs. ::1. Tin' mil? -'aI| nl 1 l.liMi'i, -,,..11; AVe Are Chamber of Commerce Members Are
tg :Miss Peitxv Crf'nsh.lof of Gainesville! and :Mrs. Rho- Lake Cltv thly Friday. Nov. IUIVH n |i>.n"il, I i MO, .I| a 11, > i .0// '".,
/Ud: Noland and duogh- .
.. You? If Not JOIN TODAY !
..... will 11. Lets out III\H|, from, II.). ..\\ ..rl..r' iniitrii-t I -
... ..... Gainesville. The shower da Dntrpi were dinnerguests everyone teis of Jacksonville spent the

be in the educational bulldIMB Suncliv niaht of Mr there surmorftnu) our BRADFORD ueekend Aitli. her slstut'n.. Mud. .
:Mrs. Carolyn ari Cordially at the church. The lad I"s and Mrs. J. D Griffis and STATE CAMPS who roll ",tiul Cindy lJul.k. a hUe .- = r---=- = '-______----::: r- .d- .

Ea\ esRepresentative 1 of the church have stated I 1 fcmlly. can't: be bent: !Irww their paiLtUs I were away.

i I Welcomes that fl'l 'nd" and relatives of ) Mrs. Clyde Hersey ani: ._._._._._._._._._._._-_._._._-_-_._._. .Mr.: 'and :Mis. L,. M.: McClel- JACKSONVILLE
the (couple! aie invited to at- son William Newham were lau visited! Rev J. E Lln el'- BUSINESS DIRECTORY
Ph. !'Hi)( 1-12II
You and Your >end.Sympathy. in G. ln sl'lIIelondAv: to leit in .MiddloburgWediiewlay.. .

122 N. Hay St.Sturke Family to Your take William to the do'ctor LAWTEYIII \ Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bennell

:Mr. and Mrs. 0 L. Llttsln for a check-up. spent Sunday afternoon with
and Larry left Saturday.! Nov. I Mnrv Lou Gnaiiti was visiting "iv En'a man'hard his mother, Mrs. Troy Bennett,

!5. for Rockville. Md.\ :! where I Butch Redding' at Tam- at the home of her daughter TilE
Mis Linsin's father. Robert .4..44.4.4..4..4.4. \f1'". Glenn Williamson in I Q'lJ R: S For Best In Hearing S_
The State of FloridaIt I )pn University. on flntu! lay I Kongo Pet Shop
Ta 'IO!'. passed! aw.iv this Macclejiny. j
I Mary Lou went with Rev. ( IUII ,\CTI'IT.SGrlloce BoughtSoldAppra SONOTONEOF
Is Our Desire) To Make Yon Feel Welcome! ani week He had been ill for a and Mrs. Rertdlnu of Staike. !CVIelhodist: Su.nc