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Mrs. F. F. Hump. Sq. High Quality
Mr. and Mrs P. O Orr ol family
WestinghousePORTABLE North BrtiK-h. Mloh. wil Mm Frank' Fvan of Miami Home-Air.Conditioned Look At These'Features!
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their" rotmln. Mrs Carrl' were weekend !AWe BRICK cmntlrnrtlon, -entlm hares
Ward while cnroute to thel Tur*ti of' Mra. A. Z. Adkins. I'. H. STT.ri KTtim thro Klioa. &-motpmof. t< winter, home In Onto while|| vl ttln. their mother $$15 990 proof. IM rrwkJnc. m tln. .r warpla/r/ *> TV Mr. and Mrs. J__ !New' ind elMer. Aft\. a J, U VUkr4it i h.rwtt" atreagth In .ky.eraprr add. bridge

_wn and Mr*. Mary Dtllrk the Rtark Nursing IItl\h'9.| \\Cr.UC.If: : MTAlfDRD: PLt'MRING VLVTCRFaSwalFkaag : -
WithFREE were vUltln% Mr. and Mr Mr and Mr. J. U ""y- toilet n w phuahtagOn '

MoilU! Wlllum and familr rwiur or ntatka and ort Your Lot (;T. 1a.: ". itKCTRICt. IIRATINU aDd Xlft-tOJUPT-
In Polkston o*. over lit 'JIIUJlJ..... of raO spent the TfDMINO: MT'frt31' HKAT PUMP. OR OAS
STAND wwkend.Mr vm-krntl in incaluoiia.. AM' HEAT MriTII A.C.RLKCTRIC\
*. Lavrrn Outlaw and!tMr tttrtulinif I ho U t>f F. ..nl'" See The Model I GYNERAL J .: BtTLT-IN RANGE OVEN.Or.1iT.RAL .

.*. R. H. Outlaw" of Jrkaonvllle Mn Gladys Hoittniitou and I IIr. ra.-I wHk i_hwMt
spent Iiutl. Monday toThursday \ *. Carolyn 1t""MI"" welt Didn't "FLORIDIAN"Sunday I I KUECTRIO BI'ILT-IN DisirwAsffTRARMHtHONQ !
cocoa over the weekend'
Rtatnvll) N. C
.> VINYL JI'I.ooa
attrndlnv the Purnlttm Mart vl.-ltm. Mr and. "Mr MattonYI.ur1n.t""I We Found Out Too Late! OENERAL'IlLWi'Rtd' : : HOT WtTKH: HCATCKBMLTIX
\ and Mr and Mr ,
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Mr. and Mr* Rmm"tt: tl VANITY I* iMMtar beak dL1Trtl
""hull.. reesiag ram
1 : ten and of d11&1r.Iand Jckonvllto Pr4Orrrn were and likrrMr Mra Vrrnon Ml d November 1 1st t U r.XTF.R'Oft w.t.u LYy[' arltb t..lterb..a

i weekend of Mr. and este. I>r. and MM. M. U. Ad-'' /wea.Onrahtg n..rat-
Mrs. W C.fuels Townawnd 'nx, and Mr. and Mr a. Otvnmark : 2:00 P.M. :MtrTw: AU. tu AVD riZ>RID\ RtlLDiNGtout
.. :
Mr and Mr, l-awm, out and f min a.irnlUw
l I
weekend 'tn Itninuwkll.O BOXED r l1'r4 with IT* _rrKuiC-rou|>lrtt4y .M-
Uw aid. ehiMrn aprnt" thhweekend
.. wish Mr, and MM J. M
at Hors Rho and I t4Ut.
other poim 01Uw ault.I Vk-lnv. ..... and. Mra. t:. M LOCATION! u. kf/Gr-sphdl XlMlM-lw.rlrr than tires
r Wllllum, aad' Mr. and Mr I I 'sun'I iliap"'r _Mol tar.
ONLY I Mr and NI'tI. Jo Martin Turn Right First Street' Fast Of Bradford
M. II Mtn ardBd roR."I\ M1 srirltTOPrt
.n.t anndrtaushWr. 1i.ty I ty Ho-piUl-Model' llotne In :Middle of
r Jane Marlliw -'t Miuvlartn t T Prwvatt underwent \F7TT.TDI"F.Rf:" CLAM MUOCCd' Oats. r.
were' wultlnc Mr. and Mr art nr Monday hn .St. Vlncrof Pint Block. r..yo resew-.aa... M MMVT hnlr..qROOM .
5. I Hcwtg"" .ktbonoriU.. t- I Lma L\CNVRY
Uw 1 j jaJ
Joe rum In Tampa over .
''lII"f'f'krnd.I Mr and Mra J R. Martin r.t.tu: LIOImNO n Tt'RF

S149a95 !\ *. Bill Oraham* slid r Tampa, A. +n| ttw weet.M a"e4iv.r ++ ILnnllCS HAH! BREAKFAST:..\ M>4 lavyUlTXIDC es
,I dauaht.r( .. Olkla. aaa UllUnlUcharda I with tee p.renh, Mr. and ta. = '. rIIIXN. ..aa .M r.n.r
: .....1tJw- vwrkrndtn I II Mra. J. ||. n.-Mt. 1 ; U AIL Or URIC K basks ... wish J-ke
I: Tallahaiwr* with .....U...j MtasMtr4' Mamest tJlI"' : I Ma..... *lTmg++.... 1 .InrW sg .-.{.....
,. and brawihi back Mr Ira- ,. .. Mte* UMU Kay Mir Funds& Arc Now'' Available' e .l..rft.M sa.-_ HntrtalMr. fed raps snerw

ham' mottttr, Mr*. lletta at Cora" Math orrrMr the -' and I* '5. On,mm kr.*, fiery ............ WIll{
Puller!! for a week's tail w.ekenl s ForNEW 1 eat ..arhl'ag ... .....u.c eswl* ky M<.

M Xlr. R. A. N wonwtn warn *. Paul KhlriiU cot M. i HOME CONSTRICTION t ?'J : L's' _.ocN !UT"IUL niftCIl CABINET M .It.U.INt'C ......ell. ky MMrtr
We Can P" 4.ni.*Tpartita. twt' \
Soh All Lakeland last seek "1II1'-j ,.,. e "lNOO"
.. ),U. and Mra.tfaya Idrrrstl
= Your llratlng.. Problem tag ref mother, t.rr'a..J. Al IU'NI MUHMXNT IKKMiH
-Economically.Efficiently; How. Mr, amt Mr*. K. kMatthews __It. ..metal. last -, L.J [:( )IUTua Ny MJOW MlttTTCJMCHOfCK : ,

and Julck and Mr*. It It Mr*' '',,"., J, ICW*'*"* ,pent" Federal "U.Hltl" m"SIHno
ay FIrst FLOOR! 1'1..\S
Mr*. Olady WeMon had a* TtHir .tAW to fHtMay. In m or OH4MC:* W ki*..**.. .......
Quality Service weekend hetast.r. 1MterkatT. -kltwor durh- Q
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Mr. ri.11y Ann. sad .MelMtrdMlllftc ,
Irs. W J. Hurt of
& LoanAssociation
Call lra
Ortffln. 0.. her' daughter arms' fv. 5 sloe* Savings
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tirurua CWhq.
and family. air aM Mra i iCiiarWrs I
Mr and Mr M' ... Ural' .f #
Paattm af Wrt Pine I I M..rk* and 1h. Weotbvlnttrrser +j :\. Whitehead
SladeGas Ida, and UocUr. MMI M.rtha ,; Brothers
WrkJon of JacluanvtIV. i I of Orwn Mar Of Starke
$wlats wtw tn Clearwater'
and Mrs AUf'IIIoIn \ HUM-
owr the __."" attreraat11w :1r.: ...,.. \u. !'toe. "1.0104
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of Starke Jortita. Mr, -



Tnmsn!; 'v., OfT ?9. 196. RR\nrnnn' rorxTY Tri.rr.itArn., STARKK n.onm\ PAGE! TiIREIdr

Woman's Club t Public InvitedTo urk in. Sannrtanti > l DC" To Meet at the home of Mrs. E. K
in IM to{ 'i n< 140: { Pprrvman with Mrs WallaUpaey
Scene Of Lovely Junior dub u m : : I .I t< tm .
I r \W. r W "ki .t\Rp'( :*> CDC and Mrs F B Beardas
LuncheonOne 5.l Debate John.- iiik i r' i I u: ,> I t* '0:
Bridge Programi .:-; MI.I I in W'-dnesday afternoon :o-no ti'rset
( No 4, ni :< 30) o cock:
- of the most delightful i i I' Junior' Warn ins Club

GLADYS :MOOTY\ affairs of the social, season n.r.: !M\ il,1 Hi November! mertlt Starke Elementary --

.: Phone! 964-0651 was the btldur luncheon given >< Monday evening it 7:30: PTA To Meet
by the social\ commltte-: of ") i I' club house.

the' Sta.ke Woman. Club rC eu 'iker will b" Ri-p Arch' I II Th:< SUrkiK', :. nu'rest\ TERWILLEGAR MOTORS
Wednesday! morning of last l .' nn\ Jr., !It'l'lklnlCOI' thl'JohlllonJrIlR1phl't'y
Little Women Luncheon Given !I1A will nit ,'t Tursd.n' ni!
week at the club house" ticket, In a
7:30: p m In the catfta'lumChiirlt :
Use Halloween For Bride-Elect I Guests! were ,greeted al the a d.'b.tlIh! Or T O. Kltch
I | > "I'anc.11'111\ !show a
I door by :Mrs J. A Oilffln. wi for the Ooklwntrr-Mlller NEW 1964 FORDS
Theme At Dance ; At Slade Home film on tin -odiillon: ti'>
president Mrs. J. E Hardy i (:('k. F. L. Matthews! will
chat: man of the committeein irlvi brlff talk on proposed :Modern Math And will gle! a LEFT!
Oo.11ns, ghouls and I Miss Barbara Blankenshlp. charge, and MVs W W amendments to the' Florida <11 pl.iy of mnt 'II Ills used tot
fhost!* of Halloween were' the prospective: bride of Nov. 27.' Hood, social chairman Mrs.J. the nutxleot
roruutiitlon to be voted Oil To
Women's Club dance held !tarn Jr. registered. guests t : with Mr! Nell UncklhlU.ehnlrinitn. Below Dealer's
Saturday a, public I U Invited\ to attend Buy
fcust 4 urday night at the ; for the door prlzos.Quests II7: will serve rrfretdimenu < 3
club house for teen-agers. 'j jt.Blaiik I H. Slade with her' daughters I were Invited" to the th" debut Therewill\ during the wxOiil hour CostFACTOIIY
cats witches, pumpkins Mrs. James' Garner and Mrs. I tea' table' upon their arrival boo a "short business meeting
ack-o-lantern! Charles Sawyer, as co-hos following the drbntpHoateonen .
rand i 'where they were served coffee Executive BoardThe WARRANTY
decorated the walls state, tesses. or tomato juice ,with for the evening I
fcnd- tables carrying out the' The Slade home was decorated dainties by Mrs. J W Kln- -- will be MM. Klcnd flitch I 21,000III.FS: : OK
St.arke)1u"n'. Club
Halloween' theme' Happy Jack for the occasion 'with cald. Mrs. Tyler' Jones and :\Ir... Kohrrt. Hlgr. a native' ot Japam llluntntlrH. the art of chairman. Mr, Irvin Cov- '
kf radio station WPXE of seasonal mirton Mrs Hill l>Hld. and executive' boa.xl: mill meet 21 MONTHSFlorida's :
Mrs. Julian McRae. The table Oriental flower arranging at \Vonian'. tHub bridge hm..h......
Spun the discs for dancing! between flowers and foliage The I was overlaid with a white Miss' Barbara BlnnkeniUilp Tlmrnrtay morning, Nov 5, at
la t week house
the hours. 7:30: to 11:30: luncheon table was covered cutwork cloth and centered' The club\ will nerve boxed 10 oVliH-k In the club !

p. m.// and approximately; 230 with a beautiful white lace I with a three-tiered arrangement made one arrangement an.i' .
nt young folks were on hand to and embroidered cloth and ,I of fall flowers' and fruit presented It to the club. Mrs.

- enjoy'the affair. centered' with an arrangementof I Three!" progressions of bridge'', Biggs, Is a charming additionto
" Dcef, Walters and Susan peace roars In a gold container were played' after which the I' the '. oimnrr set of Starke
Wiggins 'were In charge of re- Bridal place cards i one with the high score at and hold much love and affection -
e frenn ent8. and credit for decorating marked the seating arrangement :
> each: table was given a prlz : for all America SheIs
goes to Terry Barry for the 20 guests. PI'!-, Mrs. Tyler Jones chairman a native' of Japan and has

and Jayne Hardy and their ceding the luncheon tomato and her committee served a had !special' training. In flower
committee. Juice was served on the ter delicious luncheon after arranging In her' home country

Chaperone. for the evening race. | which !Mrs. Klncald presented ='

were' Mrs. F. W. Strickland Following luncheon, the Mrs. Robert Bigg. who Approximately '70leltA
) Mrs "Mylrder Cuttlno, and guests read the fortune' cook-I gave an interesting' ; demonstration I enjoyed this delightful affair
John (Buckley. ies which they were on the artistry of under the' chairmanship of
This was th.* first moneymaking and also! played bridal bingo. I flower arranging In the Oriental Mrs. J E. Hardy and Mrs.
project of the' club Among the guests were Mrs. I l otvlc. Mr*. Bla< then Tyler Jones. ,
year far: the Little Women Edwin Williams mother of

and their current project of the bride-elect' : and Mrs. P. Selecting Outstanding Rural
I replacing' the old flooring in D Reddish mother of the r
;the cJub' powder room has bridegroomelect.The! I Urban Family Set In November Is ( ,
'been temple ted. hostesses presented' the f kite
At the November' 9 meeting' honoree with two linen' sets
the' Little' Women will have a as a memento' of the occasion.! Selection: of the Outstanding !the halls! of their all-around I
fall'and 'winter' fashion show I Farm Family and Outstanding contribution to the community 0 ./

with clothes furnished by I Urban Family will including (church\ civic '' d'
Starke merchants Birthday Party be a highlight of the National and youth program activities "
FarmCltoWeek to be Thl'Y11" \ be presented
For MooreSally
Methodist Women I observed here. Nov 30-26. rertlflrab by the Bradford +

Moore celebrated' her Initial plans for the obnrr- County Fann Bureau, and 1
District Luncheon"Methodist vance were set at a meeting the Staike-Bradfoid! County
... .. Ing 13th when birthday her' mother Saturday Mrs.even-' J. I I held Tuesday:! morning in the Chamber of Commerce. In Success Story Is No Accident! .

Women In the for I office of County. Agent O. T'I, ol'd.to be elliitbie for the
T. Moore gave a party ..
'Gainesville District au invited at their home on Kingsley Muggins. Phil Cronkhlte. farm award", the family must. .
to attend a covered dish manager. of the Starke State' > have a "1't'8>oon&bl. portion" '
'luncheon 'on Thursday. Nov. Lake.The Halloween theme was I Farmers Market' Is serving I, of Its Income from farm pt- 8th KiiKfMl t Mate' in the nutlon ;

L, at Wesley Memorial Meth-' I carried out in the decorations: as local chairman of the natlonal ducts\!!, but It U not necewaty Industry U. at an all time hitch a, If"I S
bdlst .Church In Lake City obwrvance. that be full-time farm
| they .
In the carport with black and .. .t ,
from '.::10 a. m. till noon. A i mange crepe paper streamers. I The" public Is Invited" to ers. 13 Slalc Park now in .'Iernllul'd Yo.' I ,

nursery. will be provided. I I scarecrow, witches, pumpkins submit nominations, for.he\ I CKlier features of the week '
Theme for the will Space and .MiNin-Shot .I'rourum Center e
program outstanding families and
and baloons. The refreshment ; will bo<< a banquet, at which s J
be "World Federation of these may be mailed to Box j will
the families
table covered outstanding :
was I An accelerated for education( fe
Methodist Women.' The I 08, Stark!" It Is not program
with a Halloween cloth: and I necessaryto be honored, and a conductedtour ,
meeting Is under the directionof centered with the birthday I give reasons for the nomination of outstanding farm operations IligheNt", .Mandard of living& In MaloryTouritni t. lt
District Vice President' i I.
th'1( cake. although this In the county. t .
!Mrfi H. H. Adams done if desired.' A special: l booming with 15 million l..llorH r
\ Sally and her' 29 guests> enjoyed I Burke! mrtrhanta are. planning i I< > annually
I{ games' dancing andretrmhmenta I'Ommlttf"t'.1Ilnveltlllatf'\ a special sales event i ,, tit, '" t / f'I I.t r 1
I the nominations and make Inland "arr( ".>'>" and harltorn Improml hy. ,1 million dollar'
during the party during the three-day period.

ConsultChmrUy houis. I the families\ final will .election t.>- judged! The on ,, \Nov. 23-34. as a feature of I Veterans ho..pltnl..lnC're-a..d. l b y 17 million dolUr. in "(\IIAltri .. 'q" t tr
the week-long<; observance. I a'r
t 9r? -' ti .Itt4 SlrIit '
Doctors Hospital I Th purpose of Farm-City'' business", HUM u ronnnmrr Milne' In rvrrnM nf. three liilllon dollartHrrord ,,. .
: ? ? 1 >,4l .s .Aw n
Mrs. Manning 90 Week U to UItt.ooort"\ >
I, Staff EntertainedDr. rrlallanshlp between Ui* rural + building |rullr.lni. for hiuhwatM, rx|>rrN..wiiM" "", unit. lnler.latp lilihFlorida's | ,,

..... C.3.r. Passes Friday.In I and wban population.YA'LL 1 t. ; ,r 'r1_.. W jw a I
I and Mm. lloupt Mtlja
were' hosts to the Doctors Macclenny ,' rid''' i r'iM )e : l

s, Hospital employees at a steak i I
Mrs. Delia Thornton Man N
their' patio last Saturday le
fry. on ning; 9O. of !Rtarkc'! died last
evening. Friday In a Macclanny hospital COMESee
\U I After dinner' the guest' ,
after' an .xt 'nil Hl illness Bern j
Invited Into the Houpt t
John were ; 4&!
In Baker County on Nov 4.
home for a social evening 1873 her parents w.r. the lut. ,
Arrangements of mixed rows Our12WIDES ....:.. '
1964 Federal Taxes Were
: this question! : WIlliam .K and Margaret $1,570,000,000 : r J ka<
about were used in decorating.: .
;, Bryant Thornton. 8h. was a ,. ...
I. *OurrdoK got excited when affair The' 40 were guests employees)enjoying, their the long tlm resident of Stark. 1964 Federal Expenditures in Florida Were $3,338,000,000 '.

.Ihe children were rompIng husbands and wives. and a member" of the Churrhof \a .tj i

::1y and bit the neighbor", I Jesus Christ of Latter Day i At10Wide i4 !* r
changed to 8 lnta. 1 it., I *\\y \\
We Just
with Beta Phi Surviving< are six dsughtm.Mra Prices :
Sigma .
e Hogneowner Policy Edna Hart and Mrs. ;/: s *bite -
Will It pay ., .....
)our altenc 'Ritual Of JewelsYellow Edith ChrUtlafbton. both of M.H.M.A.Approved. .'
I. '41 and '
,1 h medical costa '''.rk.; Mrs. Kits Moody,
damajce from this dog roses and J Jeweled Green COY Springs, )0(,... '
./bile>> ." part of the family pins were presented" to two I Maud. Strickland.Vild....o<..l; Florida's development .* the fattest growing large state require A : .

,JlabiUty 1 I coverage:" i new members' Monday of B.U shims nlirtit. Mr*. Parl CoUon. Brooks. I TOP BRANDS partnership with the Government through new roads, schools, pub- I'

Phi sorority ceremonies i],I and Mr. Dora Beaal.y, Ualnvlll lic expenditures. keep with the needs and demands of the kind
In pKial
Oct M. .
Charley E. John 'I ** *; on. llr, "'r.. Eva i'8 Years pace
held In,, the home of Mrs. Ben Stafford of Ui. Stat Farm; 33 Financing of growth never before experienced by any State. ; .

Agency. Moxley The annual. Ritual of J we...| chtldr.n..nd grandchildren for ft5 gr..t gr. --grand-gre.t- ; Available I 4t. I There are men and women behind the Florida Story who played an J if""' .

131 S. Walnut St. cvrrmony' was conducted bymemwra ranck'lUldren.' important role in its success. They provided the leadership to gel the .i. r" >
964-0201 of O mm* Theta Funeral ..rrlce. were held at ITSK' : nun uE'rrtr.1'1'ItCHASE. : -

PHONE Chap!'" of Beta Sigma and Phi 3:30: pm. Sunday In Jon. Memorial : "PLAN, ,T rTAI.I( job done. These 1 leader have been! traditionally elected by the people :I ;
for Mrs. Ellen Curtis I
Mrs. Brenda SlmAFolUnr" Chapel. with KMtr: W, COST O F rONTKACTi! from the ranks of the Democratic candidates. *
tna the randMteht ritual. W Jordan officiatingInter. WILL HK: '..tS.t.CfI : (I't: Htitt
I ment was In the family plot la o t
the new members received' a i I .
Win South C. In Baker
I yellow row and their Ritual Prone mtery af

I I of Jewels'dinner. pin.A honortn. the new" DeVVItt County C. under Jan*dlrerllan Funeral of Dad & Brad i

I I member was held .& Noe' .l'. Home Artl."* ....IUw.r.. 1 ; TO THE. : .'(U.lS TI'I: lll.lY AND) VOTK: FOU LY.NfKJN) ) 11. JOIINWON: + J'UlC PIIKX1- ; '
101 Reetaarsat after tM certmony. \ LarsenAT .rr '
, ilejt i ""and.", .: CI."'_. W teas- j DE.NT:: ..- }tcl'f>WAIII' I. HOLISM/) MMt/ i.MTiil;: ,: MTATKH' : HKNATOIC ||AYIKNiirii.ss ) 'w ,
I ley Jr. Larry Manning W C

t Halloween PartyThe Manning. J... Gary IH I Donald K. SinckUiwI.. and
, Wayne lit rWiI s...... Lake Geneva
Stark! Ootf and COInCh.b -

KOCHCASH try win have t Halloween l- itnartealvei

I party for mnntoer \r SEt: I.,M cut HOI Trailer Sales
and guests on turdr even-
let at > o'clock Own In roe- n.-J.JJ Cfturrli In Clay oxni. us continue to 6t///d a-tetter ftOXWAI

tunv* County win b.*. M* *JUUM(
HormvonMng on AutMUy N_ '100-1 )fli. S.E.

Recent Births *. TIM ch.rrk .. 114. ,.... K"7--' HrifhUAvory
POT .M. L*__ will be revnf att upset

...._ I. "t.Iv.. !tdM. Mr. and Mrs RawwII Rarfrnn o'clock. ant MVII.** wan bealo.0 R.rdly1 sad E..r--.
of Orlando announr, M tile an_ kw..rye.M -
!Mg !. MrH. >. ,sta..p. !. IINLj5rfr I !
Urki. X* OWIt.lt.... Jt the birth of a chtlK." .- raMiatly ...... ..
Krfcrtlnr. fcnrn Ot. l.1
c .1. Krk: Mwl k N ..
......... T...... I I.** ajUWek (... Th crantffMrvnts are Waftd
l J.tw. P O ArmAron" and
"1'eusb rrlTit'b.I.
1"-r, .PSI E Mr and Mr. Ro. tt Wake. > C. Slade Plumbing

l on ofBradford KIn.sMy Lake. ,
1Jta SMHfe. Jr. 1Ia4rtW4 ('--7' Resident r.r ii. Tears

*:& >*r1k Street. O Ittf"lynonunrr .--"al foUon. HAH GUS Oil( oS A 1.1 Mil ALL THE WAY rfr ON NOVEMBER 3

MrllwMr :
Cih Pot NOW ...4 Mrs tease Irtert- TO r.lVK: TilE llfJfT HFM\1CK J :

... Xattlt -.- y ....rt.. 3-Piece Colored
;$25.00 a toOL tmoe gtarkum KfKhRr 250

**. YL 0-.. MMr Cast-iron Outfit
4at47 ...... .M q..aty and .*-. .....

..'..-" .,...... ,......... asxocws ,.,..... A....... Br-*.., a gashed iM. n.'ir Lat.pn/.
D an;_
eOe. Wtmas Pvwsikes AD-
......, Tw >...l K* /laid ..... Jr. Ort. n. Tee ,....,... s''. I"'m-'Wfaf.-: r.t.' ('.MZU.. ofI Iork1mwanes.

KOCH'S Mr a*>4 UJ "Ti i MenrrMa Call MaxvilJe 289-4491 If Go-6r-;, .lIIooe.- .... M (...._se. Yb. Cassam reab f.. .......". ........" ,
i.ngry. .m., a s... CM
Alter f a:*S P.11. .
n. .
fs1z: nnxiur

.. "


TIU"R"ID.OIT.:" 29!K) 194t !
'' >f AS1l. FOTTt _. BRAnronn corvrr T'l'fF.t111ArD': "TAKRT. 17 ORmt

f.f.1'lub. Tl!
-, and make usa of your countrv: .
t Tie Palatka/ (1-0 Tonight, The time is 8 p.m Games THE RIGHT POINT for ttarf

I I. tun and prizes! for all'' way you write. Come In and

1 Set To Spoil See you Thursday Ladles select I your' favorite ifCSTER-:
,trig>> fted! Day. BROOK F'.nni tn l..r-m.I TVLB-:

Victory, Slips Froir/: Grasp Of SI Lfye Q4ak Homecoming l Carolyn ,

., ", '' f JL It's Homecoming{ in Live Oak tomorrow night andStarkc's

Time and fate conspired to take a big victory from ,rl Aa A"' Tornadoes are bet to make it a disastrous"' affair A

I the hands.of Bradford's' hard-fighting Tornadoes Fri for the tough.} .}Bulldog. I

4a1'night in Palatka ,when officials ruled quarterback tr The Tornadoes have their work cut for them too.

Donald Falcon did not score last-second\ first half .) 3 They will be facing probably the second toughest team I"

,.D. on their 1964 schedule' Live Oak owns a 5-1 record VI

Ending( : In a 0.0 deadlock, I I ItJI. was a team effort," he om- ha'lnabeen' unMet. last week 13-7 by an underdog!
mented; "When one man + -
., coolest WM probably they;I made a mistake there was .t Pen'-: Nocgcl/: and GenII Pass and
hardest and meetsapt.breaktng at Live Oak
fought J Homecoming
Elder and
usually another white JerseyIn Dwight
Ji of any tie] tomorrow will be 'IJm'what
Donald Falcon.
there to do the job. .
played. Tornado coached i itf i of a replny of the 1983 meet .
be blott-
The Tornadoes will\
The Tornadoes gained a
players were dingustedttter i : r ing of the' Tornadoes and
i' tal of 146 yardu agltmat to-I : pi lied again this "'''f'k1th the I
'' and'then % which the Tornadoes(\
,. -the game; Friday arl\.v II.by far the Bulldogs : services of their cool and
when ? L 12for, s HO \
even more BO game I won victory
number of yards gained against speedy junior quarterback
alms showed' quarterback r and probably: their biggest. j
I ? .W quarterback !Donald
any team this season npeeJy
take the ball inside I]I win last 'ar. I
falcon: v i
well veteran .
Falcon us
the -
but it came against' toughest na
the one-foot line, I The will be ,
Palatka Bulldogs
team on the 1004 ..chedule.I Donald Fallen as wel as veteran -
atep to hU right, and disappear even more of a threat this
0 ralcon retur-
The Biff Red of/enjie passedand t3'.4 Phil Elder
.completely. r.,Into"the, pile ran the ball through the .5' : + year with a break-away back- ned to the lineup last week a-
U p., I nK;'lrt that "can kill you any ,
Braves' defense although they galntt Piitatka( In a surprise
Officials ruled that Fal- time," according to Coach
did not throw an much as they I move and led Tornado ground
con' head was across the nurse, head Tornado mentor.
would have liked, lluise says, :llnjrl wlt:1lI.: /. 53 yard aver-
but that the football was "It's the finest backfield J
gpal because of their unfavorable age In 10 curries for 53 yard!
bald he thinks we'll all he good citizens of J:rad.
not.. Falcon ? field position. see year. "YII'I u Mont of It came on swift Once again, thank you
however, that.. almost hli entire Both quarterback" Falcon 'Any of the four men U a turns round Palatka s rugged ford County for retaining me a* jour County Commissioner -
to his kneel, .. .. .. constant. threat play. .
up -- -- -- -- ( every 3.
ends too. li-trict
hud success
? and Phil Elder : ; :; ;: ;= : ; : Box la the fastest back you'll ,
the line
wi" across throwing against the Braveson Qiinrtertmrk PIII. Elder t palled hard by Paiatka defender inu'Ve attempt t run Other than the alternating the American and Demac-rutic( way
To er\e
u. !
'tHaguatlng a complete the Tornadoes' 73-yard the ball from hlsyi" l own goal. line'rtnrlng the sevnarf half. of ''the m.orelev. tie game Friday. see this year. The coach was quarterbacks the Tornado of- pre return to the polH! on November ;3
waste of 'time," Big :Red Coach I talking about junior left halfDAI -, of life, please
drive to the ,goal In the waning The. play lw an /.ample' of the lame crushing .tackling. with Whlrh both teams pauade each fe'nsive team\ will probably be
David hurse said of the game' k Randall Box a 170 I w-ek, and vote.
seconds of about the last
minute and same as
.("We,, moved the ball on the second period. In their other. I pounder who has averaged at Halfback Elder will probablysee Thank you\ f.r your vote;, and.support! on November

them better than anybody second drive to open the third 32 In the third/ l least one long run each ball- i more action on offense :3. "

thin year with the exception period, a 59-yard effort that The Braves ongest drive of game this year. this week Junior Mickey Ag" Sincerely,

of I Gainesville,, High School ended when Falcon fumbled the,, game ,,1/1:/ .1' after, they Right halfback Johnny ner will be at fullback and -JEROME JOHNS
la'ClaM AA ,)" the Tornado ,Hurst. 'a ISO gonad senior, Is;
Inside the 10 yard line, they received .the >penlng kick-off senior Eddie Xorgel at left
mentor .alL. JIurse also also real quick lIe throws!! the :
went the entire distance on i and drove All yards to the r w..I halfback. Offensive ends> will i
prated..) hla entire defensive the'ground., Tornado 19. 14 turko' was unable halfback pass and punts> too, be Junior Eddie Douglas> and ,
line-up, eipedally the' end, : according to the BH1!'! scouting I '
the ball at all Pass with
Red offense piled I to move A, I senior Gene along
The Big Fullback Len 'I'II
who he had said last week report
final lod but Palatkahurt Thomas and
I In th. pe tackles Tommy
111 ,yards on the groundand WHIlHmson is also a good '
had t come through better up 'II
a hard l i i time too and I Jeff Warren, guards Leon
then ever to hold the powerful 3fi yards In the air with could never neoiint a drive of .. x 1 1u runner ''and a ferocious block- Thomas and Bob Reaves and I

Bravo. three pass completion. in nix 'I more than 23 yards. The .d A er. He Is a 175 pound senior 'i Junior center Butch Redding

'The coach did My, however, attempts. I'nlatka gained 143 .. had the bat four u Quarterback Malcolm, a' Live Oak so far has beaten
the Tornado line had trouble yard. through the stubborn'' the final period but the til'a".j rs !1, x !18O-poiind senior, can run. Montlcello Madison Macclenny -

"with blocking atnljrnments agatoet Tornado defense that Hurie serious threat was puss. and Is also a good blocker Quincy and St Augustine I

Palatka's 6-3 defense has praised 122 on the ground when Tornado cornerback He will throw long. or Their store over the
even though it had been atresad'ln and 21 in the air. Sturke held !Intk-Jcepted Ed-I f chart. the scouting teportiHtHtex. ) I Yellow Jackets was 14.0 while
BUS practice sessions.Td the Braves.. to 17 yards gained tile Noegul i BrAdy Is also a workIng -'' the Tornadoes topped the Jackets -

'.*: have. to Bay, .though,. It I In the second period and terback Ken ifwiry'n, / pass ., quarterback who plays 27-O The Bulldogs scored. &$

both cornerback ways He Is a defensive I 4) points against Monticello Q1Q 1 n

and 34 against Macclenny' ,
Left tackle Bernie Weaver, '

n 1KO pound .senior. In rated however

:: THE; i 'BIG I LIE'The ..... ..__..,. ._ "" v the Bulldogs'' best lineman Inn I I: expected Both teams to have. tomorrow One offensive'are 1111i l

soll'l forewnll lie plays bothoffense .
(Donalil'. returned'. machines and tough defensesAllinall .
t'atrun; Junior quurferbiu'k Mho ,duty' tines'Ms I'
sad defense
fur Ilin first tint uliim the opening, g.ma with Mw,'li-nny, at tackle It should prove to j
counterpart right
";., -- ''Mtt; lie', smear technique I I" being used fly never I before awiinst, tuunde. his left mil' to pUk up yardage In the wos"l half Donald Robinson, a 1SV' : i be a real homecoming thriller,

.. Harry Goldwater. It's being used to distort what he way .' to delib. "K'iln' ."t the tunch Brave
  • frnw.. Falcon gained' a total. .fM pound senior, who Is at middle I I

    .. erately hiUrepreuent'hi" views to deliberately mhdl"nd'you.. LIST'S; yards In '10 *rtei.>irt| to "k>s.
    HEX-THE RECORD; SXUAKillX once and for aliI! I I !tight' end Pale McCullorsft : i 'S

    ,, "If the goal.Put round with their arms In the 1MO pound, senior, Is the 11 IuiLtfLU1WD
    In bud field position nlr Inilltutlng they '
    tenm number receiver I
    The 'big lie': "Jtarry Cold; water b", Bgalnnt Social Recurity"; early 'In the contest by the hail" itrnred.lt I and I is>> n tough linebacker. ond.f..n i r

    Braves' long drive the Tornadoes \ The. TRUTH : lie U not He has voted for' IncreiiHcd payment: .* could not work out of touchdown" the Tornadoes Eddie : -I pliant "Brbo's" little brother. Lrith iatfot I S,. 1

    HillMl each time they came up. lIe voted for them thin", year, but I.JJJ'II the hole until mid-way the Novgel returned the Is a fixture nt I left em!. He Is
    '" stond prlod. whon punter llruve kirk off 20 yard to Ot
    whips killed any Increase for this year. I the only sophomore on ,r r
    ... Itolxirt. Nelson who had. his own 41J( yard marker 1111 starting trsnf ,and weighs a t9

    GoWwHter'n; platform' on rage 1.1: nay: "Wr pledge.reyWot} the, bnnn r ni/Jht/ a (ernglng 43u"yardi'iilf nine plnys the Tornadoes tore linigh 173 pOUndf: t

    r .j social Sec.frit. aytiteni t Callow higher eurninitM.; without\ ; I ION of rive punts booted l lone ,l 'through the Brave .ilvfennreifur Senior guards>> Mike\ Kttwnrds I

    ."We an'endto 60 yards and' It. rolled M years brfur. Kuluon'fumbled IRQ, and A\I\ Thursday tho Ladles
    benefit, by our elderly people"; on Page 115: pledge WalTy n. Next
    dead on the Palntka 27 Inside the 10. 150, are light but very quick Golf Association. meets ut
    chronic deficit upending, proudly reaffirming our belief in a balanced \
    Warmed to their Job by Making'" headway steadily and center Dwight (Btancel!! l. 12:tn p.m, for a covered d'sh,
    budget./ Hint time, the !fled! defense ,
    Oil the ground Fulron, Phil 117 pounds. Is billed as "a und the hovlestes will furnish
    held the tlrnvvs, to minus two Elder: Agnrr. and Crawford)I real tiger" Edwards plays the meiit. Make plans now to

    The big' lie "fioldwaler: I I. against medical care for needy, elderly yards In three .downs and I I talk I turns grinding out yardage linebacker on defense oppo- atteml.A I

    pee>pl..** Charlie Psyne's 41 yard punt '. behind. the'FIII blocking The Tornadoes will have an I lo, be planning to go to
    rolled dead. at the Hturke 32'for He"1
    of the Dig forewall. Phil site NlcCupers.advantage Pulntka for the Golf-A-
    4' The TRUTH lie I I.* not; lie want full medical and hospital A/ 2o-ysrd advance for the ., Klil"r made. the t .longont. run I again thl. week In I I Hound on November 19. Entry

    coverage, controlled at the local level. He doe MT'\ ) want to bank Tornado. on the exchange. I, of the. game on the drive ona : meeting a line about their. fee should be paid by next! I) itay
    Th*' Rod. offense had l oleo keeper around his left end will be different to have a good lu.i9ap2rJ ,
    tacking unworkable no-called "medicare" In : own size but it a wrek tope ic.
    rupt the HyoteM by on warmed the went I "hkh ,I I
    to oc a..1on : went H yards to the backflrldwhere I
    m the crowd
    which the poor:who ran't afford It are taxed to provide "medicare"for almost 73 yards: In It playa I I, "I'ulatka. 3J: After losing live I! story the Bulldogs oulwelgti I The barbecue last t Sunday' Sensational' ;

    the rich who don't need it. In the roiling minutes of the Falcon then tarried the ball I the Red bucks. an average olIO I'WII" w success. not money. I

    hilt With' goarlerbarka,' l>on- 12: yards to the 2) wheref to 13 wine. but there were over 100Inlrlt'.U TRADE-IN! r
    pounds.After +
    Goldwater'a,. platform on Page 13 says: \V. pledge full outrage ofall r; ,
    aid Falcon" playing his ar.tgem. ner took. over and punched and
    families gaestawhil
    medical and honpllal coats| for the needy elderly people, financedby sinew a knee Injury In : his way to the 1] yard \line of I last week's conte' < uttentled The oclu

    general revenues through broader implementation of Federal- the _with | with PnUitka, and the out
    opn r MaciUnny.nnd : the brave In three pluys.\ Committee thinks using the
    State plans., rather than the compuUory Democratic mrheme cover* l"hll Elder enrhannlngplniee I With a seroiul down situation standing effort turn* I In b) ,TUN\ and, enjoying that use I"

    lag only, a small percentage of Much cowta, for everyone regardleM at the helm almost I on the Brave 12 'quarter his defensive,. riven! CoarlDnvkl I, the mast important thing and I Ir ,
    of need." evtry play the Toms'tne" begun : back Donald. Falcon the Irml- hut will hose everyone ..cem to enjoy thea e 'I It
    | 01 l lI r
    trouble sthrtlng part
    th.ll' relentless march Ing Tornado ground g'lnerFrl.lay I' Imff.'t'
    I I
    his line-up A. Not Friday
    The lie' "Goldwater I I. rullrMtck Mickey Agntrwan night, skirted hu will with eni. The next social event Is 1:0:1: : yoJ: ,
    : 'trhu( r happy stopped roM' on first right end and was inside'' the probably (o r
    and' Rnttirjxy night; a Halloween p
    I .Eddie: Douclrts Mtekei r
    dawn"" but right. httllb..k Larry { 10 to about the five when the mtut) etc HEATER
    The TRUTH: He U not! President Eisenhower called thU. charge Crawford sbxit through the I, tlvslve pigskin was knocked Agner' tackles' Tommy Thomas '. Party.' It in for the It ,I
    and. Mob R-,vee. middle n mfcers! gusls
    nki. .ll. of the llrave forv sllon early purcliateol
    : on
    from his bend.Falcon
    when the Informed .
    Momniyrof. The! blg lie wan exponed. public wan 1 'iruvrrl Hutch He-1.'Img. hue, I I" a ''die! up'\ costume party the new' 1 uakerChllcnger'Oil.
    recently in several magatlnew. that the NATO Commander "HAS the neat pIA" for 10 )'"hI.. : gained :VI yards !In vetkere Hte,>.. TllWy! and Jet f ''t..>-ky" party or come a. fit.
    Qrtt down. Al'n.r eaRl.berk 10 around the .
    HAD nome discretionary authority under President tl"ho.r.K.nntdy. : ", ands I rrrls niontly Warren \'Orn.rk.! Eddl'I 'i I i 'II' ore party So come on out Plied D.4u.e l ieater.ithAutomatic
    then for eight over (tbe end.l. for a leading 5 A yard
    and Johnson on ue of small tactl..al'nudt'llr' weapone '-Air-reed" and y$ l
    some left tackle) hole In average for the Tornadoes I .rtt..
    when attacked. by the enemy with such weapons.. Thlt Id what ahieh he had Wen topped| ......'..1 night as well as th"1' I Cuiulauni Fan

    (Coldwater; has proposed.' I \Mlh two yard. In a'1 for t most yard gained by a ': !, T. L MERSEREAU PLUMBING

    ..' another drat down>> r..hoon. hit halfback harry Crawford had Wwn?f''
    l l..n..1IOI1I.. end Jo r R*..*.. a IT four far''
    ysnls In carries S1 '
    The 'big lie's: "(:i)ld water N against farm price supports.-: V' c
    .opbtewov.'paa"eatcbtng'wbtt i| a 43 average. fallbaektI; *- '
    Httil.NMNH: ; : : :\ OCHMIKR( 1 12MI.I
    for It yards on the right .IJ. ky Agner 2,* ynu In nine EXCtUSIVE
    The'' TRUTH : Goldwater believed farmers nhoukl. govern lhea,. I to lIMo Brave 33- Phil Khlerrame : rarrlvs for a 3 J average, > UK: O.N:'\ CALL Avftff 2.V/AY a

    Htltcs. not 'have unwanted control clamped on them. He will let I t j right beck: on th* ail quarterback. Phil. Klder: car .Ucnay ,

    farmers determine what they want and don't want. He op,oeM !r pUr a. the. rl ('II' tkk.<| on tied sit time. for l\ yards, Ecik SIMMIES=

    the present' drop In parity ratio to Its lowest t level since 1919 and mercilessly to hit end O.non amt a IS average and halfback 24-HOURS A DAY 3 7 I.tatnfD acne &
    I'aee the left stil' for 13 :Na. .. A
    farm K:>Vtle t. who playe -
    the government's dumping surpluses on the market lowering
    more .
    to the 20. j l an o tstan a D.\" CALL !9ei1.3291:' >rw e.r fen
    Income. Falcon came' bark then gr' r Ma.t M ,' |
    toj\ game with 'his gnej 'tine Interception g rdR'n.YINCY :

    ftoldwater'a; platform on .'... IB pays: "We pledge! to provide our shirt Ms right'" end for' six carrtetl' three time :MTE' -*VA ,I. 9bl.i91 1 1 U.X, ,

    farmers with the maximum opportunity to exerche their own man )'al'\l. to the 14. end two for ." yards' and a two' yard gif
    plays later hit !*.... ...in on average.rumbtee. l.ttl.lHm
    nutmeat decision em their own farms, while resitting all efforts to -
    the right for eight yards
    ..... Impose upon them further Federal! controls to the PaUtaa stv ysM" nn.. atatl.lk entis I
    Only it .roiinere .ln t 'JILT Lilt THE 1.iGU'MODEI 1 1ii&IAti
    :r: The 'big lie'Cold: water ts against, Ina on the rlotk', then as A| *rgot (1t>"" "a 1nu.Mag 0 l' .I
    'Inside l the a". yard U"el e S ': ll-re'i he rally hntec with inner body eomp, tY

    ant l the. time read :M as Fsl-' raetnn J 1 Genie weld d air tight into one piece for majunutn sab./
    Th TRUTH : He in noU! On 1 19. hi. platform says. Wepledge says:
    page ran skirted hie left en4 fr ......... 0 1 ant g" wtesl fuel I.vwaomv. >

    "' continued' support of farmer-owned' sad operated' cooperatives, ave te pHiee the kn I........ Total Tc1 .. U4n U3 I Vv
    eluding: rural electric and telephone ru III tI...." the one foot hue A funMereiwe Aa.hlag. UIn .1i
    21 FHlKNDSriELIKES:: PIlls iJlSt: C T3TAU 'U1tIiS: : :
    tlt_ ..... the bait bA ts> reatag 35 i

    He' Is the working red. Into the eel aosie wHk t- Pa41npb d s.. S-4 '.. S o.. Webs t:.... ti.ele ..c... '.
    e' The "fioMwaler against man. a&Ic
    'big. : '1'\_...... en top anti Br.4. .. Last By 1 t 1 e tjt'tn" a .
    *-i. I I'\oftta 3-4 J. I 1J. -! ..: -"t.i Pw"ee. C ...... isle", tJae
    ford tone tno *M It "a a
    .. The TRUTH : He Is nets! He ha*. said "The working man most. ,.aria. A.*'" but tK. onirtetathe \\ rs>.ee tat. Bv I' 1 Natural Gas 1".1.... ,ke Aa.w" Csr&.l v.;..,

    be>' protected from abase) and ei>lo lalUie. > whether It stems from reh. .1 bait d...! wttereMl 'I Y>... r iMts 4 S3 40 t.e P. ... t.Iet: ... Cents'. ..>*.". t

    his employer* sr onion. e>ffi laU.. II. voted. against t the CKil Rights shekel. foot. hurt e( theTb. [ Jirwre By, Quart.NHt. ....: Jut An M efl .h I Do. "C..a I to, d *i .. .U\ Aseis.sJ he Setet/ t
    eo1. -
    I ,.a I e
    It calls for racial .....M. In employment. .
    becans s
    "....' bill COld wfck-h otasxy people. their. Job. aJax-e the Aet cronies. SM, new" J john! ritMte. clock wcwvi tok while,e4 as the_* aIC.pr.. ; ri_ o 0 0. 0. If yew are hi. .sle. .M ab.ol .t.ra1 l Ga; !iI' .flnt ash t : : rtIUY= 1un-UUu.: tU .1t Rt..S d
    .prevailed. sM Mty.to I two y.80r lri.nd.tiI Mlghbom that .e get .Jt'a A Fact You Can Do Better At"nrmuill'k

    ;. PO.VT LET THE Milt(<<; MB: MISI.KAll YOl') I --. rwwaiwd wbe, i'aII I tI,11eK1': UOelHINilI "aad I.formallien as I. Ha cee.venienc f ..-. '

    ;i"w JsCyn-7} : The aUwe ws carrie\ in all the South\ Varvkna.. I I roe trawl. h a -.U.. .t pay. | Tbr sic be a workbag a'I economy and.. effnUewy( M* are sere yn .U1 wad

    I adnrtlllf'ment by the South Carolina Republican I Party Ve On what pruv J te Wyl theblgge.l U>* ........ ClMtrva. 1H44erT cCLaY' -.-. Natsu-al Caa to.STARKE. Fii1' ) (Co.
    ;w.,. papers a. an I .v e< ta. ". ': think it eo good We h.\. taken the liberty of reproducing it here.IM i '11--. talcum .cr.... fete the .mm : SI C..Rrtcyoe.ty
    a.-, Nluv.n f_.M e..4l or.efals .
    :"; : 5 My 1 .. rat l tkere Mel. os ........ while. t_' .is r.gvestoI. ta go sethelp cmr IMLI. PHONE:' : "..:331 I'iioNi,4s.ia' : : ; U. 5\. CALLST.
    Pol .
    ( 1\nIoIfu pbaytr.. et.aheg, aS j !Ie*a tke e.awc.cytt I
    'e.:. .

    ( ..dew



    OCT. 'I.19(54( ) Tri.rr.n\pn. !liT\lUU-:, rt.nitin% PACK rnrK
    o -.,,____--: :2-=.-__----,--''.:- _- .- _,..:._=.,-- =_=.- ---r.... _._- -.-:=--........._ n =F--=--=-- _-==:-=-_-. .T _- ,...'---__=_ ..- .!;"'_:'-,=".1
    I'I '

    a r
    Ii I

    : II IIi'IIi
    i I

    * -. *---i-. ir. * *
    ,. : .
    .iI '1-:"t'.':
    ,I'0".0'..'.}''..,.,;-'l/A"f.".r:";...,/.."...",";'I tow-.V.'<:.':' ...


    r I, tk
    r rn
    R M'jjlTrM'
    * * * * /:.







    J \
    ? ;,

    r.. Your Answer To

    Above Questions is ..r;'



    rrLocal 8, Goldwftt Headquarter.,... I I
    1 I ..Earns: Itn) I
    Bradford County Citis.n.. For GoidwaUrTJu''R..qDAV. It1.tr' MMIOtr.u & I


    - -"- -- -- ________-__
    .. .- ,. .. -
    .... __- """ .. ... : .

    .I ; -I

    r"OE six MtADrrmn COUNTY TELKGRAPH.: FIT \nlH-1, nxmin\ Tnt-n. n." OCT. zt. 1364 ,

    ;El tory nt High Springs, his former Brnntley A In. and Mrs. Cuba .-- I, at 11 Communion service 6 p. ,
    Thompkins, itnnie.Thonipklns. bean Luverne. Ala. 4'ic-'j: m. All members and friends
    I NEWS OF INTEREST TO COLORED are Invited to attend. ';56 Olds '55 I Pontiac
    wag a respected Gruvcnlde funeral ucrvlccs

    RJE Principal, citizen and teacher, and School i i were bud] at 4 p.m. Sunday In News CITIZENS OF BRADFORD COUNTY ITA Meeting: '55 Rambler Wagon

    \, "Dies Superintendent H. I*. Morffun Evergreen Cemetery with IlovI 4- RJK Hign :school:: PTA 51 Pontiac '53 Olds I

    Of Illness said ycsterdny that ho would I I C. H. Rhoden ufflclallng: Interment \NT.\M f'OYrU.\LI. meeting will be held Wednes- '
    UVddlng AnnounrrtnentMr ant Grove Friday night, Oct. :52 Cadillac!! ]
    be "very much missed, und was In the family pint un- Results: Friday, Oct. 23 'I day. Nov. 3, at the school. All
    < arid :Mrs Melvin Davis SO starting: at 7:30.: Admission '
    h..l<:rldld Tliompklns, 53, prin- difficult to replace" In the 'I der direction of DuWHt C. Jon- Lawtey 7, Cators 0. Saturday. announced the engagementand free. Parents are to I interested parents are Invitedto Choice$100'

    \ -etN.(! or IUE High School Nog ro school systern.\ 's Funeral Homo. Oct. 24Southern Discount attend. Mrs. Sarah Morris, I
    marriage of their daughter. please bring the children and
    :, at his home Fair 0-1; Gators 0-2. : president.
    tlnre 1049 died Mumle Davis. to U. C. Mc- join In the fun with them. I Trade Up or Down
    lit ftpno Tuesday after an UlTncsa Robert King, 19 Standings: Southern UIM- Cutrlum the son of Mr. "and, Joan Tyson. reporter. 0 0t.d&rn I
    of grweral months. lie Mr. Wicker 44 l count 2-0; Lawtoy! 2-0; Food
    :, Services Held Ml'8. Sam McCutChen of :. Star I 3-T SHOP
    'had recently undergone major Fair 02; Gators 0-2. Starke. Dull Chapter No. 168 will THE RIGHT POINT for the
    Schedule: ''Friday, Oct. 30. way you write. Come In and
    :"surgery In thu Galneavlllc'Medical Services Held
    Sunday Afternoon The wedding will be at FreeWill meet.! Thursday night. Nov. 5. Hwy. 1008 Miles
    I seelect favorite ESTER-
    Lawtey vs Southern : :your
    Baptist church at two All members are asked tol I
    \ : Surviving! ..: are his wife Kr- Robert Hardy King, 19, of 4 p.m. Hut., Oct. 31 Gatorg' I BROOK fountain pen. TELE So. Starke
    Verffle Glenn Wicker 44. of Outlaw Heads I o'clock on Sunday Nov. 1. please be present and on GRAPH. .
    "/le&UneV.; Thompkins and Dundee, died In the Veterans I Lawtey. died In a Starke hos- II j vs Food Fair 9:30: am. I I FrHnds" of the bride and time. Sister Helen Smith A.

    "]fl\b children. Hospital at Bay Pines on pltul last Friday morning af- First Baptist$ JI I RECREATION CENTER: I groom are Invited. W. M.. Rev. Hell W, P. I ._. .

    : J'unorn.l services' will be Thursday, Oct. 22 !after an\ extended -|Iter an extended lllnesH. Hei Funds Campaign I Open House Sunday. Nov. I \I"rl'll;( N.. 'It (;r..lrrII'n Chapel ,'....l : _-__._. '_-: -_,.:' ..>o--" :; ;. _-. '"
    1,. 2 to 4 p.m. TIe) public is 'I
    i horn In Oct. ; I
    \ held at 1 p.m. Sunday with illnosn. Mr. Wicker wan was Lawtey on The WSCS of Pleasant Services; will begn: Sunday

    j( :"burial Tallowing in the ccnie-! born in Druntlcy, Alu. on Aug. 27, 1944 and attended the The First Baptist Church view cordially the new:invited building.to connami Refresh Grove Methodist Church wUl with Sunday School at 10:00: : TERWILLEGAR MOTORSYour

    t 0 30, 1020. lie was a DaptlHt! and Primitive Baptist Oiurch. I i i announces that 'Laverne H. ,i ments. hold a Halloween Carnival at with Miss[ Fannie Bell Frazlsr:

    .' a veteran of World War II. Surviving are his parrnts.Floyl > Outlaw will be chairman oltihfl Water Oak School in Pleas- In charge. Love Feast service

    SHOOT and Annie Mao King. [ )
    are his wife Martha flnancll1cltmpalgn for
    Saturday( Oft. 31 / Crews Wicker of JLawtcy; IlIn.1. two brothers,of John and the coming fiscal year, Mr. Jaycees Set Sale Last Chance To Get A
    KlnK. Lawtey;
    Outlaw li 'the
    chairman of
    1 ::110 "'.1\1. two brothers, Hollls O. Wicker, 1 Of GarbageCan
    and six sisters Mrs. I I!
    the trustees and chairman of NEW 1964 FORD BELOWDEALER'S
    t LYMAN (JKKKN'SIWIVEIN Montgomary, Ala., and Morris I Baron Jacksonville; and Mla- : the budget and flmince.com J Holders MEN WANTED

    Wicker Red Level Al.i.; two see Judith. Diane JoAnn. : mlttee of the Church: Other

    In Lnk Butler slaters! Mrs. Liller Holmes, Cleo und Shirley King all of I workingwith Aim! will be 8 The final. door-to-door) sale 1 I/o; You Have A Job With Security, Fringe Hene- COST!

    I Lawtey. L. Peek, O. B. Newcomb" One of the Jaycees LlUIe Giant
    Funeral nervier were held Wiggins, and.X.. F.// ,Dlnlclna. Oa1Wfite Can HoLd<*rs will beheld fits, flood; Income, Opportunities For AdvancementAnd

    at 2 p.m. Hunday in Union I Charles Hardy U treasurer of In the near future a-- Are Working In Your Area? ONLY 4Pfe LEFTFACTORY

    Primitive HxptUt Church with the church.Mr. cording to Treasurer ChuU

    Rider John Forsylh anti Elder :I Outlaw has been ,:chairman Parker. .. If Not, And You Are Between 22-40 And Married,

    Herman Moody officiating. Interment of the trustees! {or the f'oceedlf: from the sale will Let Us Tell You What We Have To Offer. 21.000) Miles!

    woe In 1'yal' Cemetery II past two years\ and ban aerv- be used for the annual Jaycee -

    under direction of DeWitt C. IUI music14hector, ', of the Chlldreh'a ChrUtmas par Call Gainesville 376-5811 Collect WARRANTY or 21 Months

    Jones Funcrul Home. It'd He Is also superintendent ty. The stands also are a ,

    I'I for their Adwt B department health safety measure because

    I! 01 the Bunday they keep garbage cans off

    Services Held School A long .term resident Uw ground and upw Ight.

    AT CITY FISH of Stark, Mr. Outlaw manager The stands are on sale from

    For Mrs. GreenIn of the' North. Florida any Jaycee or can bII' purchased

    Lake Butler Lumber Company. He lives at the Bradford Bar- ij
    with his wife-Alma and three t bit- Shop. If 8

    FRESH MULLET Funeral sorvlrnj for Mr BODS. Tommy Jimmy and
    '2. T.11.haR...,
    Laverne rinrlilu.
    dlp.d Jr., at their homeon
    !Ehila! E. Orren. 81, whf Highway 301 'about five nlph' R. nill''' ''r 20 Word or les, one tlm.______ .9." !Memorials Resolution .____ I 5c per wont
    Saturday afternoon In Btarke. I Kxwullv: Ulri-tlor
    .after an extended Illness. miles south of tarke. It JO/2B It not paid In
    Activities during the financial Knynl or Blind Ails< ____. ______. 1.2.1' Over. at) _
    were held at 2 p. m. Tumday 111 Tfc. t'lv'f'u..t;;.;, Of 'I'S hKlk .MEiuli words _____.____ 6c per word

    $ in the First Chilntlan Churchof campaign! will Include a ). .k Jodlflnl Irmli In .'"d! additional word over an____ MS Display ads In Claa..lfl<*d.... ___-1J5O per .Inch
    Lake Dutlor with Rev. C. Lovalty Dinner: to fci" held In for' Br.df"rrt, t>u.lr. ftnrlita.tm .
    -- -
    I, 8 IBS. $100 F. Dance offlrfatln' Inter.! mid-November, a Demonstration 4'lmnrrrr Hoi.tnr.Vo. iiUT'JC'ulvln fUlntlff.: : VM ,

    merit followed In Mount Zion Day offering, to ice how William Tynon. Jr., mill.. J jHtroy Expert Recapping '
    Swift Creek Ci-metcry with much the offerings" would. be Tyson I>.r..n.lnnM.,, Dy Glenn FOR SALE: HASTINGS MATTRESS'
    NOTION. OK' HAT.BPublic !: FE'I' Ready mix
    If everyone gave 10 per'i cent concrete. concrete UPHOLSTERY WORKS
    Brannon Funeral Home of .mil Ira I. hcrol.y iclv.n I (Pee! Wee) Crews I block. house piers sand
    cement -
    of his thcome regularly/" There Palatka
    Lake Duller In charge of ar- that pursuant to and In crlctKixonlano Also Full Un of 710 Lemon St.
    will be movies demon tjatlons. with -I It In,. Klnul I I'. mortar'mlz., rock steel
    ru'KrmentJI., NEW TIRKS: TRUCKTRACTOR Furniture Repaired,
    rrn of FnrvcliMiur .n..r.1 in Read The Classifieds! erster shell llmerock. roof
    Mrs. Orren was born In presentations and a IMtt UAUNM on flctulior I 37 I'I04th '' All SIZES gravel BnUls. BRADFORD Upholstered & Refinished
    special edition of the church's .... .. IF YOUR NAME IS
    SALE! she ".uh'n. nm Clnrk "
    PORK where
    FRESH Bradford County newspaper/ 'The Bulletin" ulil ('"url, Mill I I I ....ll nil M".ndnNiivxlinr \ I'ennsylvanla & Unnlap ENOR. CO. Phone 884-2531, :MATTRESSES REBUILTNew
    had resided her entire life In 0, 1D$4 Kt I 11:00: Albs :M HARDY BROTHERS FOUND AMONG TIlE Starke. tfcha Inner!>tprlngs
    I II the Luke Butler community.She nev. W A. Hogan. pastor follnwlncr I ii.ow'rli.p.I| l r..uipr CLASSIFIED ADS' CALL
    I i of tM late of tile church and O. ... Jar- ..i"irtr Kltunt In I llru.ir.. .,nl! SALVAGE YARD and Box SpringsDrop
    tho widow
    I U via 'Jn mlniwter'' .Music. and County flnrlrtii' ln-wll! U.S. 801-Nortk AT TilE TELEGRAPH Va A Card or Call
    !( BONE Joseph H. Oreen. and vfiu a Two (121 "' .r.... In the :NKirnr I BE SURE TO SEE World Book
    BACK member of the First ChrU-\ Education. ,'' of ,lli. i'I-" nf tinNK1: ', INSrilANCK! OFFICE FOR A FREE before buying. any other En- PAI\TKA KA S-9IB8
    of His $.E..t. ,Hutl"ii. ,, "u M. A. MHS. PEGGY RIIAI.LEB
    49C cyclopedia. Payne, your
    tlon Church of Luke Butler. AT REDUCES) VIES TICKET TO TIlE FLORI.
    Township N.iith. KHIIV :saKnur ::
    OR liArLB.' 1 Survlvlnn are a son, Wilbur Chapter Farmer' Ixilnw touih nt >'.., ny At'TO. FIRE, StOAT IJA THEATRE. local representative since 1958 209 E. Adklns St.
    HollUter and '.r.iliiil... iimil, .mill |I..I"1f| >", ,i"" P. O. BOX 603 Phone 064-3794. Starke. A..ntHO
    : Orcen' of : a IMYLK: K.; I'ONNKB
    I Degree Received'By "...lot lend liy tvot. Knot: tll'lVnKt .. tfch*
    brother' Seth Floberts of Pa- \, and 4 3D) ,....t N> ,n,'th .mil .IN.MfK.VNCE! AGENCY OFFICE MACHINES
    33 FFAei-s Siiiilh.. CLEANED REPAIRED
    FRESH I hokce. tfohe IE FOR SALE4 bed
    at pulillo auirtlim to the hiKh 8TAHKE TYPEWRITER
    eat. and br.t bll'lrr f SHOULDER : Cub Scouts Thirteen mrmbrs of the! th. .Mi.''eth i front limn ,"I t th.Hradforil (Insurance Problems? SERVICE 119 S. THOMPSON ST. room. Uvlnu room. dining
    35 Bradford' FFA Chapter recclvH t'....nt" Ciiuriliiiun.' In B,. 1, Box 61, LawUy PHONE 964-4155 fenced back-
    CaU The Man From room. kitchen
    Klarkirlorlilii dating tli<-
    (OK I FKDSII( Hold Carnival | cirarter Farmcr( .I>,qreefi.* l*.iil h...... of ..Ie.l to wit I "TRAVELERS"GEOIIGE, tf r NIGHT 9A4-S891 or 969-10' vard. double! carport. O. I.

    Church the hhrhfst honor which' nlorsl I n..1. this (tit itt.l>.T IT. 11)14) : K. LARCE DISTINCTIVE: FLOWERSWe fln."dngCan 964-4273. tfhgCHARTJC3
    SIDESLB. I ( chapter; can confer upon IM t'lurU(:A 1.\ A. '."rhv. Krystone Heights Wire Flowers. Anywhwetfchf

    I Cub Hrout Puck 70 hold, atliilloween H* member at the second An .I".lc l .., th. c'ln-ull. <'"nrt I I I,1 ,"Traveler Insurance FOR SALE-FU1 dirt top soil : MCOI.AVE
    mxetmaof theyoar la i% PrtJav. C, MpB..fnr. -rVnin-ty n.trtda. I' I tractor' work. new and used
    CarnIval T".ttdnyi .
    I' \ Thomai, A "Pluri'n. Agent for BOBBY flOGS AUTO
    fiCHUCK STEAK i night In the Methodist Fellowship < ion.ID' Vi.rih T..""l"> Avxt Companies"Tel !> building supplies. W. T. Jackaon FCKR OIL COMPANY BODY REPAIRS
    Vlre-prfdWont/ Otis Mellon .rk.. KlorlrtmAtturn Building Material and Ma.
    Hall. 1 for
    45 473-4692 Day I Two \bar service station AUTO PAINTING
    presented! tho 1064-85 'chapter .r* for l'i.intIffs'
    fhona 9A4-
    During tho awards ceremonies ',111$ l III' 2 473-4325 N1USi chinery Supply. rent at State Rd. 100 and FREE ESTIMATES
    ROAST LB. 0 0I
    CHUCK Proyrum of Work for
    4001. tfch
    13 Hohcat pins were given dOlttlon AndIt was approvedTlrn I i Auto Fire home Business. \ Walnut St. Lame volume lo- 411 S. Walnut St. Starke. Flatfcha.
    S Arrow Points i Monthly Plan cation. Paid training avail
    ; promotions I'armynt
    Starfce Chiptir of FFAFrldwvi STARKE NEW & USED
    nnd A moved toWchelos able. Call Jacksonville 359-
    ; up .
    SIRLOIN 'c I d 11\\. conferred upon 30 of FOR SALE -- Good] 'U8lnc, CHAIN SAWS 1331 or write P. O. Box 3157 FOR SALE Approx. 4Haerea
    Its mrmbrrs/ the Chapter' and residential properties In I' land with six room
    o station F. tfchg
    -TONE About 110 ,persons, Including BUSINESS I $50 Up
    g *F rmer D'Wee. Sturke Impropd and unim house, bath and screened
    <<; cult svuuts nnd parent. To receive the decree a I I proved. H V. Knight P. O. I Repairs All Makes 'MITS.. ROSA VANPFY porch.: Central heating. Recently

    JIOUND nltentltHlthe. carnival, which' Kturtent' munt have. been a 1 drive
    I DIRECTORY Drawer F, City. tfchuIXn McCulloch Dealer landscaped>
    fen..lured n llmise of Horrors, OreonhwHl, for one jrnar and 1 I REGISTER NOW FOR added. Termite treated.

    STEAK LB. genies and entertainment have MtcrasfuUy. completed\ \ SALE :3: acre 'Jot two Wisconsin & Ilrlces I II ADULT EVENING CLASSES. Hollywood drapes In every

    -, The next park mnntlng I U his Supervised Pj'tmlng.; Pi-o- mites: from city. Phone dr A Stratton o -Biulc and high school re- room. Ilotpolnt stove Included. -

    :ALL MEATSTEW Nov. 34 nt 7SO:: p n,. At that AUTO REPAIRS 964-5174 nIgh 004-6171 I fresher' << courva. Individualized Call 069-3831 or M4aaoi. -

    time uniforms will be Inspected Ject.FFA members John Odom I 1 tfchgWANTF.lt Myers Power Tools In.tt.ruct.lolStart. at any time ttch"

    Lb59< by a Scouting Official. according and Wayne ciemons aIM reported Earl's Garage TO BUY 2.10: N. E. 16th Ate.Calacavhll. $3.00 per course of 18 werka..1!
    Negro adult students apply to WILL WASH and Iron or
    to Pack M".ler J. \KTomllnsun. :. to the chapter! on ,
    ; \ 378-3 II t
    their recent trio to the" NntloniU A 1.1. KINI"S or $ \\% IXM1S A; TIMHKK :1 Principal* office! RoTE: mend. In my home. Call 964-
    ALTO Ktl'AUt: WORK Vann Lumber Co.. P. O. Box High School. White Adult students 3534) 4tchg: 11'3
    Convention In ItanmnCltys FOR SALE: OR RENT 1
    F1LSII ..
    I (JltOUNDHAMBURGER All Work OiarnntendU. 1111. \Vhttrhous, Fl Phone apply to the Adult Ed-
    Mo.C'ARD store building. 1 furnished I
    Halloween PartyAt FOR SALE 4 3 fuU bath
    I Phone 0f1tu.! 3W-t019 12tp 12.24 I 1 .. ucatlon Office! SE Wine USO -- Br.,
    'u Brooker School "" Walnut tisxkeAIT'TO apt.. 1 small furnished house. I I BiUldlnc rear 1 to .4 m. I CB home: panelled den 2 car
    >. 39 OF TlltVRH I I _. WANTF.D.-To trade IumpTr'llt'k I all at :331 N. Temple Ave., dally or write to Adult Education p. carport: laundry. room; cluun
    9HH-3H8I. tfchg
    'Set Saturday W. wish to express our appreciation for Pick-up. Apply at I Phone Drawer. 1 100. Btark BuM- link fenced back yard: partlal-

    for' the many act SKKVICE: To-R.na Motel N. 301. No, FOR RENT -I-cl.h' room ness foreign lanJlU....... and!, Iy sir conditioned. Attractive

    The llrookc.* Junior llluh or kindnma' shown us daring. I phono rait. Ifrhg 'house.\ Also 1 eorapHcly" I I 1 mink courses avallahlr" tfrt) price. Call 378--O93S. G-lne-

    PTA will\ sponoor a IU1lovtrrn our recent bereavement.. Ed Gilbert S. Brown furnished' small cottsurr.' I I rtllt. tfchgFOR
    SEE W II NOU.MAM forturnl..tl
    ; Camlvnl, on 8 turdr.. ; ChrtstUiuwn.. Mud MlrlckUnd. I ltantlrd. Oil Morvlo* !Station Phon.. 9H9-I3IH tflxIIFLP FOR RENT: One bedroom I
    iirtfurnUhcd a. .
    Oct 31, ActivKIra will startat !. KIU: Moody, Edna lUrt.l '. "TI.I .\<"H Will sell I trailer trailer spa<< irlth pa- SALE. x 35 1 Bdr.L.iti.rty

    4:30: ) pnw wlllt costuiiM l*..rl O>t.on. Dora B.ail.v.TO TlRr.t \rrr.uir..H! partmPitts. you ahoWf' WANTr.D MILE: tlon and ovemlirht parking. Trailer. Ideal for couple -
    closing cost .
    ,I wL STOCK A COMPUTE: LINE OFliROCEIMfS parade. A chicken pilau supper I I Budget; Ttrnu _.Ro
      tVSylo'.,. and easy tVTmfUU )lobU. Home Court.
      ) will be nerved at 5:30: |p. Hl It. N* I t tMal.I I :31 to ::1$ with Chau.fft'Ur'a -'Phone M9-33.1:! or M9--131. .
      5th.,I PINtsiu. riwute I B<1 .7071 G.ln..Yllt. Call 312 .'121U. tfrhg
      (Quantity Illjjht ReitervHf.07 { m. fix 75 cents a yUt Sp>'c. 4..IIwI..lous'mpIiu.v. MORSE FOR RALJE: -Very Ltcciuie. KeystoneHrtahts \j tfche I,

      lab events will litcludo a cakewalk .. .s.i.d. ....1. will 4 M Mtarkr I irntl but plritt> 1- ,
      Itrtmnlee Phone 969-1093 dance" conust. and i Iwo rotv.a if tI.. l5i.S.ai. oI f N.HURST'S IWHS41. tfchirTTr.NTl 74B Itch 1039RKNT :J JI HOUSE FOR HALE Large .
      1 InMIKillnil. *. asiul| le CS A. litIi"T. I 1 and 2 bodroom.. Ntce-Fnr
      k other attractions .. I J bedroom and'den or 4 bed
      : haw
      dat. for Ilu. Lew-Llcnta an. <4 water farntuh-.
      _. I .51._ .5ple.,. '"".r',. I .* : -- :Xur.mh. .. .. I.... Pits. Hum. Service StationS wrmot.riany.. nrp VT*I tuTn1IIhtod house :3 block 1 W :- 14' lrrln.-dhn<< ed. Call 964-7 19 1 or M41M3.tfch" : .

      Get First Choice At Fic stoneAYAWAYGIPTS .Bit IIM..-IU.xli...liit.* "*..IU..... sad I Oil Lubrication, I| jrou can ram moi\rr\ tot your from Call 8\. Call ..f4..IOI.I room wIlls flrtplar' rVnced I *

      IL''..,..",."..... usap lie .btatei.d. rhhlWP"Iee'- Chrfc>lm.1 ahopoin: tor a'll. :Ito IO : yard. Larve 135' 137 corner FOR RE.YI'T1Io bedroom
      trsi.. $1.'. I"U..II." ,'.... O4MI4YwII, 'flrt4 ,. ItiIItCf'il'. toUo1 I lot. Low down parnwnt. 744
      zi .t.lts' .in. 1..1", ft ll.tM. ... ins Avon Ct 'nvttand\ houM conveniently/ located -
      tl..l. "'.1.)6"I ''" MulllllllSHI ROAD 8tR.ICEI' : 1 Inca In jrour """cltyV, Wo FOR SALE -Nf'Wt r painted 8. WMtmoritand St. or phone!' M. A. Payne. phone
      "i *.M. .tr*.t .W... ttoont II. !%. Ualaal "''I.,,,. "'.flU I ICZUBN. Mrs fluIds Rwrt, P 0 BoX M4- M4 itch
      ) :}I bMtroom boo*' Buy our N4-I'1.4 oftor S I p m tfrrIfCOSE <(
      I '-40 I tvtsMilE Oalr .__ MM... anA *....*t..... IWlsssf. I_
      '4' -- -- -- 194
      RACE EngltMt'
      FOR -
      ,r FOR RENT J
      : : IIFLr \\".' 'T' () monthly paymnKs. Prtr-tv ForT T Lorm. 315: W b-Ch_ unfurniritted house.

      for everyone: JOsjr : Men In rood: ..*.. tt.h. mint- Thorns.and. very. Sum reasonable.Phone;< 94tf TM: Whin ton Are. Phone 94- at 311 N Cherry '.n..t. In-

      ) (\ U r i mum rdu.t41: a-.h .nod.*. IlLS: '''. I 151. ito 1* 99. quite at Bradford Enll tnrrtn -
      see' 21 to M Contact the' PTTonnrl '.
      Company M4-U3I
      \ TOYS GALORE NEW SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED! 'it: -- a-. t L>rpv. lineal at Bun- FOR RENT- roomed f\U''W'I.' LOtTTtab whit collM. :Nettle> black: I'k'octy.' sad iC Sf1411

      )land Tratnitvc Cfntrr P O
      : srw tment I'nnOS tmUv.
      ant U.. Contact Jack
      Boa 11 SO. 0"_..Ul*. Gas hU Mr*. D L. Stlco ': !lEUt.'T.o.H.'TI: {' !l1 Gr.a
      TIm: TO USED TIRES ..FkwtdaH lIts.n ""-S"1' 110 I lit -, asedie!
      ANTLFREEZE 4!. | 3I 1 n.It'Pt Hern ; "* SVtm ZltI
      7... rrp 'r We C'nn Check To RETIREIHKF. <;CMM| Selection ItT.\.Iuh FOR BALE -13O pUoo\ gee !I -
      11E IIOMfj: INThrre : OTG:1FENrca f *<-i: stltcttr, sews on bu-,
      I Determine) If You 1.1.11 *nd 15 InchPIUCKD tank M*. Randy t.IUn Drf,
      < Ixstrwrot. to Inlha.ir I toaa. nsa-s b>.t hDln.
      SALt TirotK.l tr Uer C-3 Et.a8&. or phon*
      Need To Add QADj "' m ;;:.. krlnt: I'CX't'arkh} lbhrt4urr
      Oxxl eondlltJtv.' Sujtsb'efoe 4-.4'U
      Oi7 .:' TON JORDAN ;.ocnu rdoxi flonr e*'ntraJ (to Pu: tO-. of IT* 12 or
      ONLY Ittultnc. er t..u1tJnc. COa :
      B FoR) THE IIKST heaL lane VH 'vtth }lot : from Lake Srdftw4 aMMOM p.:y-oenta ef M It
      (%! .. Ito
      31 Watt UPI
      II Iteg. $2.23 ME of T4n trr.*. Uu *id. In a''. Urrr ajvt wtitte f-mato point* ) Wrtt Box 'A' S-.rk... FU.

      I Per c:m1.i.We 1.lfE:0:: TIKE And t I'p ,You PUk.'Km spurt nrferitwrtoooaPrtc.* tfOt.18E AnrTUfO Jnddoo or I- pro las ca5ar. Call "... 2tePse 11 _

      Also Inxtull&A r.KAl. IN TOWN Out "atCO OQ Rr xon i hW Vt lt <. X-i-fXI. Ito
      rut by aa tsprt.
      -Thr. Vd room tuantf. t.tporrh. > rR\1CE STATION MAN-.
      FRONT END ALIGNMENT ONLY $5.55t tn,..... Ue' fliw: f'Pnco'l 2 bsat. rr* Ptx>B .44Ot I 5).Irrtilsci FOR BALE -4OondHton. drt- AOCR: _rtt...,. Inquire at

      ._. TIME MakVXour( i1me' ruth lJ' air son1ttw'd. very !'lanCE Jeep Olyid Call SU H,T: DL&Ia P...... 0 S 301

      .. .. Sea-laos. .0S.'r s .in hleP.a ""raj'iHOND4 lkbc
      t lit. fttOdotorft awe McO tff TT-dln*' ) rt.aM
      Price On Other MaKen On Request' attUp
      : Ford or Chevrnl-f!' r-$
      t l.D.1)e3 earI Court at. 81.,... PU. W1O be
      IfeUnre% 1.50 I'n'h"II.Inc. Win. AXT CTFOIWaATtON M-3TCWCTCIJJ:
      P"fcnced beet yard. Pavri It
      TIME toon I nwrUtrd.. OIl hitJ>4 ran
      : \ ot tu.:: ....ve ,..,..aUiaJ > btr eArta fcrv m4s'age jaM

      ,-,- Your Fuel ''t Prtc sit 104 JOlt A.UJE: Btr*. errrnorkta 01. wtot rstaMtr ,stationw _foe aMI eo naouskk ''ftJp ea.ry .
      DEALER on at tr.. F'Ia. Btusk. Uonctev -
      F\naI'c'-' .bHUtrr .. azane,4el 955.2)5 Mt Carte : a2fte 00. JoI.cOr1If T7wagt

      Y .e st we ...... ...........,... or bath .f thesebttrr JOhaait, Lstvt-y Pnon* TV}. r'a. BMrsunir.....a4p' II 'M a t...m... %.- 1M !IIr C'arS 11eh4

      : STOREYour ___ a ; hoow and any on* ntt 1mroR.
      ... 'U. ..._ LJ ht'54&3 .b.. fl 1i4: to _> "llhrrft row' R3. T Tfmtstod r
      : ru,OAfl.._...... c.u aa a >patfitMMa IUN'T4 ._.. ..- -'\ ftsrrae Ft'S5ttwd 2ba 3 fceUruiKsi air t'UI&-

      Store of Quality Merrnandbw anFriendly Service get ....... "Lt.G.SLAlS At ,_ ,..at N- .. L..... 0..1. see them.A WWdI hour JOt S Truer tsi.ItrlVT. .s oi .rtM t ., 7O tSKMvd b0m. on pavntM4.
      ;312 Vest :Madl-on Street Phone ''l-tHU? SUtie. I1t. J. Thorn, R-aMDT trr m. Inr* at td* at Crr.*l I*.- Ito e'rritSa.

      .. .. Oorr flt, Uro., Mutta Uc<_f ., Fttonie M4-X3M.; 1UIJc.

      S -
      C -

      -- -

      :;. ""'; """ .,",,,, ... "'........._..,,.... ....__ ... J. -- -- -- % -


      ____ _u_

      ' torl1igh;' Springs his former brantley. A In and Mrs Cubu .,. Recreation at ll Communion servu. 6 p

      Thompkins, iinrtteThomphlns. ()lean. Luverne Ala m All members and friendsare
      I NEWS OF INTEREST TO COLORED invited to( attend. ;) Olds! '55;) Pontiac
      a respected OruvCKldo' funeral services
      wag }
      RJE Principal, I cllUen and teacher! and School i iSupeiliUcnclont were hild at 4 p.m. Sunday In NewsB CITIZENS OF BRADFORD COUNTY I'T.\ Meeting Rambler Wagon

      : H. P. Morgensaid Evergreen Cemetery with Hev RJK Mign school: ; I Pontiac '53 Olds

      Dies Of Illness ycstnnlny( that be would i C. II Flhoden ofdclatlnK Inter- TA M .'OYfU.\Lf. meeting will\ be held '
      ( \\'I'hlincnnoune'em..nt : ant drove Friday night Oct. ;52 CadihIacChoice ]
      bo "very much missed und ment was In the family pint under Result: Friday Oct. 23 I I I day. Nov. 3, at thn .
      | Mi and Mrs. Melvin DavUannoumcd 30, starting at 7:30.: Admission '
      Eddie: Thompldns S3, prln- difriuult to replace" In the direction of DeWltt C. Jon- Lawtey 7, Gators 0 Saturday to'' :interested parents are '
      the engagement free Parents are $100
      'cIriI.!" of IUE High School Negro school systern. Funeral" Home. Oct. 21 Southern Discount to attend. Mrs. Sarah ,
      and( marriage of dau/h-I/ please bring the children and :
      ,-lure 1949 died at his home Fair 0-1; Caters 0-2. I jircsulent
      ter Mamie Davis to L. Join In the fun with them. I Up or Down
      Mtt after UI- Standings: Southern Din- .
      ppno Tuesday an Robert King, 19 I Cutt'hen, the son of Mr. and Joan Tyson. repot ter. I'
      ricas of several mouths. He Mr. Wicker 44 count 2-0: Law-toy 2-0; Food I
      Services Held Fair 02 Gator 0-2. Mis Sam McCutchen of Flit tern Star I TilE RIGHT POINT for 3-T SHOP
      ''had recently undergone major I ;
      No, 16fl will
      Starke. Dell Chapter ,
      Schedule: Friday, Oct. 30. I way you write. Come in ,
      Biirjfery In thu Services Held Sunday AfternoonRobert The be at FreeWill meet' Thursday night Nov. S. I
      100 R
      Medical' Center. I Lawtey VB Southern: Discount, select your favorite E ). Miles
      church at two All membeis, are asked to
      Surviving Kr- 4 p.m. Rut., Oct. 31. Gatorsv ; Baptist BROOK fountain pen. So. Starke
      his ft
      / are wife VerRle Glenn Wicker, 44. of Hardy King, 19. Outlaw Head' I o'clock on Sunday. Nov. 1. please be present and on GRAPH. <
      Food Fair 9 30
      : a mItRCRRATION I
      ''l1cfjllne, W. Thompkins and Dundee died in the Veterans I Lawtey. died In a Starke hospital I'I Frl"nd3 nt the bride and time. Sister Helen Smlt1A..

      1h'p children.unwnl ; last Friday morning; ftcr First Baptist ,. CKNTKK: : I Rev. Dell %V. PGreater !
      invited.ituirihi \V. M.,
      IloHpiUl at Bay lines on groom( ore .
      Open Rouse Sunday. Nov. I --- ::o.-_...,.,
      services/ will be I an extended HlnesH He (:' 1''> f' '" Alli-n (Impel -----i--------
      Thursday, Oct. 22. after an extended Funds CampaignThe I
      1, 2 to 4 p.m. The: public In I
      held at l'' p.m. Sunday with Illness.. Mr. Wicker wan I was born In Lawtey on Oct invited to ti'ul I The WSCS of Pleasant Services will beg.n; Sunday I II

      'builul :following. the ccme-& born in Bruntlcy, Ala. on Aug. I 27, 1944 and attended the Pint Bnptiat Church ,: view cordially the new: building< come Refresh : Grove Methodist Church wUl I with Sunday School at 10:00: : MOTORSYour i

      30, 1020. He was a naptl and Primitive Daptl Church announce that Laverne! H. ments. hold a Halloween Carnival atWater I with Miss Fannie Bell Frazier
      veteran of World War IISurviving I surviving are his parents' Outlaw will be chlrrnn of I Oak School in Pleas- I In charge Love Feast service

      TURKEY SHOOT Floyd and Annie Mao Klntf.nnd tII3 financial for
      are his wife, Martha :
      two brother, John and the! coming fiscal year Mr Jaycees Set Sale Last To Get ANEW
      Saturday Oil. :SI Crews Wicker of Luutcy, |
      Tommy KinK, all of Liiwteyand :
      Outlaw Is 'the chairman of
      I ::00I1YMAN |\M. two brothers Holllfl., C. Wicker, i, six sisters Mr.*. Helen ,, the trtiKtrc' and chairman of GarbageCan
      CUKKN'SDIUVEIN Montgrimary, Ala, and Morris I Baron, Jnrkjumvllle; anti Mil- the budffot' and tin'incecom- HoldersThe

      ) Wicker Red Level. j\U: two I sec Judith, Diane, JoAnn, mittee of the Churchv; Others

      In Lake lititlcr. slaters! Mm. Liller Holmes, I Cleo, und Shirley King\ ail ofLiiwtey. I woiktnvwUh him wlU hf S.; final door-' to-door Kale lit) You Ha>'e A Job With Security. Fringe Rene COST!

      - I L. Peek, O S. Nfwcomb. One! : of the Jaycees LIUle Giant
      I Funeral cervices were held I WlBlns, and'i,. F.. Dinklra I Garbage Can Holders will be fits! (Good; Income, Opportunities! For AdvancementAnd

      at 2 p.m. Sunday in Union Charles Hardy Is treasurer of I held In the near future a-- Arc Working In Your Area? ONLY LEFT

      Primitive Huptlxt. Church with I the chuich 1 cordlng to Treasurer Chula

      F.lder: John Kornyth and Elder Mr Outlaw has been Parker. If Not, And You Are Between 22-40 And Married,

      Hermnn Moody ofllclatlng. Interment man of the tniftt!!!ei! 'chalr-I F.oceeds: from the sale will Let Us! Tell You What We Have To Offer. FACTORY 21.000 Miles

      wns" In Iiyiil Crmetcry I past two years, and baa served be used for the annual Jay- IWAKRANTY'

      under direction of DeWltt C. M music director of the eee Children's Christmas partly Call Gainesville 376-5811 Collect : or 24 :Months:

      June. Funeral Home. church. lie :la also superintendent The stands also\ are a

      for their Adult B department health infety measuie bccauM t .

      of. the 8unday they lt "T> garbage' cans off I

      School A tong .term residentof the ground and upwMitht. ---- -
      Services Held
      AT CITY FISH Btarlte. Mr. Outlaw J nwnasT I The stands are. on sale from

      I For Mrs. GreenIn of the North. Floi' "Ida- any Joyce or can be purchased -

      Lumber Company. He live .t the Bradford Barb -

      Lake Butler I with his w'iIeAlm' and three .I Shop. = 9 ij

      eons, Tommy, Jimmy and
      FRESH MULLET Funeral sorvlrfs for Mrs. Laveme Jr., at their homeon If ?.n..h.....,.., "'.. iMulph .. I

      BillE. Orren 81, who died: HlRhway, 301 'about live R. flfllrrKxccullve 20 Word* or lenn" one tlme_________ .9," Manorial, RmoliiUon, Sc per' word
      Starke. : '
      Saturday afternoon In I birector
      extended lllnpgs, miles south of fitaike It& 10/29 Unlit paid In advance------------- 1,2" (Hirdt of Thanks, up ,__.?_ 2JM:

      after an Activities durIng the financial _. Rayed. or Itllnd AdfiadditloniU ____.._..____.. 1.2\: Over 30 words ____ > word
      were held at 2 p. m Tuesdayin II. 't'h. Clr-ult' c."ups or ihe5I$5lk per
      Stfoo the First. Christian Church campiilKn. will Include a .: "......Inl..(.'Irr.H. ,I.. .%?"! Eai'Ii' word i>'er ZO......_.__ .0" Display win I In ) per 'Inch
      Ixj.-alty Dinner to tin held in ..r "..eI,....". t..mr. "'h..", ...
      of Lake Dutlor with Rev. C !- fkun-rrr So. I.I-.TII: : 'I '
      8 LBS. F Dance offlc-latlnu Int r- I mid-November a Calvin Mounter, Plaintiff% v", 1
      ment followed In Mount Zion lion Day offering to see how William Tynan.*)jr., an.1 Jmrov Expert Recapping I
      much the offerings. would be Tyson "Krfvrulnntii. I II Dy Rlenp FOR SALE: :MATTRESS
      Swift Creek. Cemetery NOTU'W'' Hf MAIM': I I iFRElI1Read Ready mix concrete
      Brannon Funeral Homo. of ) if everyone Brave 10 per' 'icent Pul>ll. iiolli-H( l. hi-roliy given (Pee Wee) Crews I block house piers, sand WORKS
      of his income regularlyThere palatkn
      thut uur-UJtnt to and In mrlcf' St.
      Lake Duller In charge of 1101'rRnlwmf'nU. | Alm Full Line of
      ment mortar mix. rock
      will be movies demonntj-a- ai-.nrilnm with '.tlio t-Mtiul, I't'
      : I ff l"orl''I"MU". *r.1 NEW TIRi.S" TIHTHi- enter Repaired,
      rrttm .nl* In The Classifieds! shell. Umerock.
      Lions, presentations. and < I
      Mrs Ore n was/ horn In' a I lhf vlll** on ")totn'l, 27 I HMthft TKACTOR All SIZES: gravel. HnteU. : & RefInished
      aperlal edition of the rhuich's ulld.r.h'ned, UN ('IN ik r IF YOUR NAME IS
      FRESH PORK SALE! Bradford County where she "The Bulletin" oillil, Ci.url', will' sell mi. :Mun'livNovrliitr I'rnnwylvanla. Se Dnnlap ENGP CO. Phone I ; REBUILT
      : had resided\ her entire life In vfiimper! II, 1BU4 at 1 II 1 :(lq.M HARDY BROTHERS FOUND AMONG TIlE Starke. ; Innersprings
      Rev. W. A. Hogan |Is pastor .. ..
      Luke Butler community. the fillnwlnir il-w 'Ih.' r "I CLASSIFIED ADS CALL
      the ,
      of the church and O L. Jar- property Mltuat, In Iirui.IfI i ( SALVAGE YARD and Box!: Springs
      She 1 U the widow of t.he late I County, Ktnrlfln.. "Ki-wli, / AT TilE TELEGRAPH
      V.ft. 801 NorUINSI
      I vU In minister' of Music and 1:. A Card! or Call
      ... BE!: SURE TO SEE World
      Joseph H Green and WM a Two ((2l cu'rnll In th% Mwrnr
      BACK BONE member of the First" Christian Education. ut, the K:<* of 'tinMl. -:' : / it\N l'I'i: OFFICE FOR A FREE before buying any other \ KA S-DI08
      of the MCI) of Hwrllnii I I- cyclopedia. M.. A. PEGGY RIIALLER
      49C Church of Luke Butler Tnwnaltlp" 6 .....olh. ItHnw' i* AT RRDf'CF.I) It VIESAUTO TICKET TO TIlE FLORIDA Payne

      OR HAM LB. Surviving ore a son, Wilbur Chapter Farmer Pu.r 'ting Mouth of i' tmivOrftilml '. "'IUr.. O\T ) THEATRE. local representative since 209 E. Adklns St.
      ftirnil KIII! hvlnic .ti i I',mU P. O. Box 603 Phone Starke. Agent
      I Holllntpr end a DOVI.K K. ('OX F.R
      of :
      Oreen, Degree ReceivedBy | Of lltlHl, III I(II)I fffl. I'.llfll: I III,'I I IU '
      brother Beth noberta of Pahokce. *.t a n.i 4 lIP" f..M, Nmili I mil. l snt.'Sl'r.F. CV OFFICE MACHINES

      33 FFAers Wi.ulh tfchK CLEANED REPAIRED FOR SALE4 bed
      FRESH at pultllu auction. to I h.. ,IIIK) STAIIKE TYPEWRITER ,
      C .m, end .livnt btl'ler" l l f"i.,. .to I PEYTON FLORIST 2 tile baths family I
      SHOULDER Cub Scouts Thirteen ml'mbfors of the ft th. Hoitih, front it'HH t ., "lllradforil t I,II,. Insurance Problems? SERVICE 119 S. THOMPSON STPHONE living room. dining, j
      35CHUCK i Hrtdford PTA Chapter! received / ('onnty Oouriln'I ..nxffinrkfj I". K',. 1, Box SI, Lawtey 984-41S5 back-!
      fenced 1
      frinrlilii ihnlnirl i" e..to Call The Man From kitchen
      OR FRESH Hold CarnivalAt Clianter Farm(/
      Church the hkrhi'st honor which. 11..1 \ nmul' this 'Ihtulirr 21.I". \ <: K.: LARIK C. C. STRANtXBERO DISTINCTIVE Can 9434-4275.trhg: I
      SIDESLB. i chapter can confer upon (H :"L) We Wire Flower. ,
      Keystone Heights
      (Churl* A. -
      t'Re'k 70 hnld .a H' member,. at the secondmeetissof An ('I..I i.f th. C'lr.'ul i ".lit. I IC MTru eler'H Insurance FOR BALK-FU1 dirt. top iou .'? KffOIAVTC
      Cub Heout \ th* 'v'.r 'la pci.d3v. ........,...,.,*"" .....v.' .ri..re.. % tractor work new and used U)6
      Hullow- Carnival TII' di"y Th"n..t rl....... Agent( forCompanies" BIOOS AUTO
      STEAK night In the Methodist Felluw- 1 VI'e.pr.Id4 Otis Meltonprenmted } ....'k.. "'l"rl.lAltorii'X i Building Material and Machinery service
      45' ship Hall.TiurlxK for ruin ffi,. Tel 473-4602 Day Two\ bay AUTO PAINTING
      the 1904-05!
      chapter ,
      the nwards reremon Mi 1",, ; 473-4325 NiU'SAuin I Supply. Phone 964- rent at State Rd. 100 ESTIMATES
      LB. of Wwk, for
      CHUCK ROAST Prosrrom a-
      lee. 13 Hohciit) pins wcio ..Iv.t'n .! tlon and H warn approved I fire Home RiifilnrsitMiiiilhlv 4001. tfchffl I! Walnut St. Large volume Walnut St. Starke Flu

      : 5 Arrow Points..; 4 promotions I rnvm-nt I'lnn cation. Paid tralnlmr tfcha
      Th Stfuke Chpt4T. of( FPAFiUJmvi STARKEBUSINESS NEW & USED Jacluonvlll
      able. Call
      SIRLOIN ( .; IInd" moved up toVil I conferred\ upon' :20 of FOR SALE Oood 'businessand CHAIN SAWS i 1331 or write P. O Box SALE Approx. "'..
      \ eU s din
      > > ,Its, members the
      ChaptrFsrmcr residential properties In Station r land with six room
      About 1 110 Including '' $ OUp I
      -T-BONE persons. Diree.
      g I Starke. Improved and bath and screened<
      ; cult Bfotits and parents To receive the degree I provtxt It V Knight. Unlm-I Repairs All Makes\ I MR;. ROSA VANPTY Central hf'a ttnr. Re-
      JIOUND nttemtml the carnival whl<'hfenturvd student moat h\vn been aflrteflhaWl
      DIRECTORY Prawer F, City McCulloch Dealer I landscaped and a I louse. of Horror, for on> y..ar and II I REOISTER NOW Termite treated..

      STEAK LB. I.n'. .... and entcrtulnmrnt.. have 1tU"C'lJIIful.1y'OInpletMt 'OR SAI.E icre lot. two I Wisconsin & Ilrljrcs ADULT EVENING CLA. drapes' In every

      Tho noxt pack meeting \Is his Supervised Ptmlng.; Project ml>s from city. Phone day A: Stratton Bailc and high school I Ilotpolrvt stove Includ

      ALL MEATSTEW Nov, 24 nt 7.30:: f m. At that AUTO REPAIRS 984-5174 nl.h" 864-8171 fresher courvn Call B69-2B31 or 964-

      lime uniforms, will ha In-pvit- F7A members John Odom tfchgNrrii Myers Power Tool Instruction Start at any tfchg

      Lb. ed Scouting ornclal. atcoidlng --I mid Wnyno Clemens aim !1 $::1 00 per course of 18 ,
      by a reported -
      \ > 59'iKOUNI Earl's Garage w",\ TO i 230 N. E. 16th Ave. I
      adult students
      Negro '
      to Pitch Master J, K.: to the chapter on 1"I I Gal.ille 376-3411 WASH and Iron or
      TomI Insofl. their I'Pr"ntrtD to the Na. 411. K1NI H OF It \\\ MMJ. A : Principals office I In my honu Call 964-
      AfTO RCl'MK: \\OKK Vann I-umtx-r Co.. .
      llltrh( School. White Adult : 4tchg' Ill
      tlonnl! } Convention In Kansas FOR SALE OR RENT 1
      l (iKOUNI) All Work OnarnnteedFhnno 9$. Whltehouxw. Kin I'honr dents apply to the Adult
      Halloween PartyAt City. Mo.CRD tore building. 1 furnished I SALE- Rr., 3 full bath
      389-4019 t2tp 12 24
      WltttlHHI Office SE Wing
      1 small urnLihed nouae.
      HAMBURGER Lb.> 39c Brooker School or Tin N KM'" ,I .*... Malniit. StufkeAirro ', \\.A NTF.t> To tr da titunpTnick all at 331: N Tempi Ave,' dully Building, or write' rear.to 1 Adult to 4 p. ; laundry; panelled room den.; 2 chain car

      for Pick-up. Apply i rat Phono BOT-.ngl tffhg '
      Set Saturday We wish to express our ap- I tion Drawer 100. etarke. yard; partial
      SItyljGilbert: : To-norm Motel. N. 301 Nn
      .I predation for the many art FOR RF.NT1llIh' room ,, ness foreign langu.nes. ;I conditioned Attractive
      lite Ilrookf: Junior Ill.hri'A or klniliwna. shown us during I 1 phone ""U. tfchgSEE ; house Also 1 completely ,I mude. l courses' avallahli Call 37ft-093. GAin....

      'wilt I sportMir 1& llallc I our- rtN-ent bereavement. RdIth S. Brown W II N01.1.MAN forfurnltlimt furnished small cottitre.Phon. I tfchg

      .rn carnival on 8turda> I Chrlstlanwn.. M."u<1 HirtrkIn 'iMtamUrd (Ml
      A I ii. A Oct 31 AeUvKle* will start nil. K1U: Mixxlvv Edna. ll-rt ATI.Tiitr.H .\" and unfurnUhrd a-. trailer. trailer !space with SALE- 8 X U 1 IHr
      part menu'" Will ell' you ahouse Trailer Ideal/ for cc>>u-
      at 4.30; pnu wiut a cuflluin Pearl Cn''...". Dora B.i".l.vT A ii \rrr.H I F.4! \\.' TtULF.: : loot and Crt-ernljfht .
      with no cloMnu stu 1nt, Very reasonable.
      WE STOCK A l>.ra>k', A chicken pilau supper ''I' Two bleb school graduates' Weetmonlandrra11er <
      OMPETELNCFCERI1uantIty Sudjitt Terms __.Road Survlcerhon tithe ,
      lvs1i.s nm es.Trw fast payments 25 with Chauf M.-3291 Mobil Morn Conrt.
      will be served at 8.30: pm I I Mate I :21 to : Phone or -

      ( IlijihtM ItcHened fur 74 rents a plate\ Elp.'C.I' < I HIS.pIMlNSIt.....o u.1011 .. hORSE FUR" *SALEV feur's Urciu Keystone .. *. Call 312- 21U. tfehc
      '" events v>lll Includo( a cakewalk ,' <,.p.llilv.. | .....,l-d. IU| .. Will ,.IA1. N.! TN"oMI..k.) ,-I I ,gentle\ but s\>>rtt-d Phone Heights 473-4991>> P. O Box RFNT Famished.
      GOT IJn> nlce Phone 069-1093 dunce conuct., and I I'>a. r*. .tv..a ky to. 'iM.i.'i.n ..r 944.1311.. tfchTTT 74 1 .
      In.tiiutn.n. until !. CC .e u HURST'S I 3 bedroom. NW-w-For
      I i other t attraction! KT. ... "i-t. ......... far .ii". I, 3 bedroom and den or 4 set" water fnmhUi-.
      I ."!. .urrlu, pru...rifrVuv .* >:NT10N WOMEX: FOR R.F.N'T-3 bedroom un- i rG< <.-.h. .r .. I4 l. -I'm Hum Service Station WITHOUT aMy P'IpeTteTIC. rurnlaihrd house 3 blocks' area. 3D* x 14* 1 "- M4-719I or M4-1M2.
      ....a .tt. -..,n... tfrhg
      Get First Choice At Firestone Illil .'1...,.... '.... *,<., l'Clt.U..Ml. m*r ... ubl.mrd. I'Inu.4 "iw- *horotnii' : br ."11. 2tp 1329 i yard Lante 131' x 13V
      RENT!: Two bedroom
      from. $1.i. tur-K.l$.. fumIMllX Q.....,..... TlrM' .) llattrrtr. lolloUK lot. Low down payment.
      lug Avon Coraf-lt"* -
      ... I"1.1.1..r IKXIIU. conveniently! lo-
      lion. .M.l. >If"; Mwlldin. ROAD SPRVICEjUe : In J"Ufclnlty" Writ FOR SALE -Nc-wI' paint.*) a. Wmtnvoreland. St. or :!of. A. Payne rhnn.1"4 *
      II.i5eisi. .lrr.t >\n., loom II- ""I"., ilrk. IN', < Mrs OukU Himtt. P
      i our
      ,,1 bortronm' hooe Buy after( > p m tfchuy
      IAYAWAYG1SJOijr 11..0 i I itvw. n"ll. equity and assume low
      FOR AALE: l.i. En
      : FOR RENT :I
      n 'nUily payments Prtr' _*- -
      or... :Mill: iirtrtti. ) \ Ford T T lor*. 215 w'furnudl.d house
      nd"" rrasonahi
      -.1'tV.-\' .. Men' !I" co4 lv-J m'',,"- Wacbincton: Ave. Phone N Cherry Street. In-
      for cvenjone Thomas Street Plxxw Nt-
      mum rtluiUn rh( .md'. nu tC'he ISal -to at Bradford: Enraln..- r-
      J .. M tile Prronnrl -
      awe 31 to Contact M4-U31
      LOUT Male black :
      SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED! t1rp tn mt *t Pun- twl\W\ '
      TOYS GALORE NEW run: RI'fT-4: mom tfpti-.
      [! T white co40 Name I'< : _ _
      land Training Ctntrt P 0 .d: .pct'tt. 1't11-t'S' (bath CuiUr' and U*. Contact .
      ft: .. -...-. 1-i, Box IIJO. O&liv''.U>*. norkta4tcH" : Gas IMrs.. D L. atlco 954-571. i (, .o.UTI(' "1 Gt"al
      ANTLFREEZEV T1MK: TORETIRE USED TIRES f. \,, .., -........ '' 1113 Ml Oar- 'Pt UfHr fle l ri rwtm noodle Zli

      <; \ Cnn Check To IT' S TtRI& -
      5 MNF. IIOMrM: IN !$ ) r O rr.orroR I rMsttr, e- M-ll I and IS Inch $ tank MA( Randy
      Determine If You
      '" 1 Three telr-mu two malTb>ittonhntr.,
      wtwl tni lrr (. ., S L St. or'
      SKKRSTOX : ritU'KD RICIIT( ; 8ALB-Two 03 *ur ,
      Need l To Add Sit! '? L.:n--.. Ftorid Oxl cooJKtjn. Saitab'e XI444.1ILOnT t awndt' sew or-r, p"x
      $$1-89, : JORDAN 'ocnv hT Nxl llonr-s ('<*\. Pay bUn of .7a 12 or

      ONLY KH) THE .IIESr. $1.00 : -. tr-4 heaL Urr. VH" wnh 'lot* for hUlling or huntln CaB from lAg %1 *. ptym-nta" of M 19
      w..t tn. Up
      TIME a* 31 lau
      Re*. $2.25 ; of rn* tFsR1'.d tn a __ IJrrr tnt whu* frcnaV :' Box 'A1 sr.rk!'. FU3trho
      Per Cut.V TIME AND TIHEnd "I'p You "Pick, Prlo .
      quirt nrteritwrtxwd 't HOUSE PAINTING ttMkU or t. No' t... CoIr: CaR : II t

      > <> Alto Install HK.M.: IN TOWN 'Km: Out ...90c.. $1500 OOThrr rut by: aft txprV RraaonaN: V1.m<. 44-.V 1 '? .

      ,I -.... .... .. ...;:_ e bxl room' ) '--. two .rats's. Iflhlp i.$445 1t) STATION :MAXnt1
      FRONT END ALIGNMENT ONLY $5.55 ... .. .111 1.-' bsiPet liI-. Ik'.. ..nr'l r-- FOR' SALT -4h.t Inquire at .

      TIME MakVYour rfdrn J rrtiyIf edvtnioiv-i.: "'"rrjyW .,rn.J''("1: n-Ic E J- p livId CondMian. ':.r Bulk P&rc U S 301

      IIn modern It.. ....... NkOtff Thduba t'ir .i41 .n-r S t> a% t Itdtc ,
      t ''r-.rlC'' On Other M I"ken OnItaUnrt Itrqu.t. Wlnter-Tloht Draft-Free ,
      Ch..PftI "
      Any Ford or .. ,, ..1' .rn.ned potTJt. d. C'V!' 13* court at. Martl'. r..a- '
      \ SI IJO I'er Wheel-In*. VIs.frflofte. p1. f'tnrf4 back .... It ANY PCFOWMATtOft : iIIOTOIRCT'C1.E-
      TIME to \ P.T 40% \ .n-wM" AM Ml and
      < -n tow
      1 -- Exluslr *dtu nuVac* sold
      CUT ..
      :iu,T of wMt ramJhtor
      on Your Fuel 0 rrttco.. Prkv> 'ITM4rUhr Pots WAIJC" atrawtarrryCantm. $ 00 Por urk, ....
      DEALER AMOTAC .._ti at U- Ft EHnku
      In oi1ivOuI5ln ?1w'wVs.. C'a" bus arranged. rkarkta Ml Cark : .eo UcOrm Tradkn<
      dir manunc. 11* :M *.
      A..O.-. WlfI.OO"Stv< CII\ or bottt' of U_.. John-orv. try.. Ptwv 712. f-an oae.7ae 110 N C"'IIU'rt' -. unIt

      STORE __ --... __ S % i AaG ooo" i b.4t.r homrt end anT ant ..1011 Ito

      I a n. QI.-f\c.. Ie ...Hew atwacil bo. ,U4 to ova *rthrr RENT< -- Yr roas4.

      ru,oan"w.' OUt ftr ap5Atflwl to FOR RCNT -4 i fonct flya.wlyd P'O"t" 1tC'lT 2 tk4.__ a. ...,..

      -:* Your Store of :MerrtuuMl-w\ and Friendly Sen ke ... ....... ""*.0.' .LS "t Y.. 'H" IS.- a. ,..... D..f UV-, now JOt 8. Water M.Itff 4wrn z'e4 at .."..,.. ;.a..a. nos1

      312 \\'...t M dln. Street "1'hor.e !hil.till| Slarke. FU. A J. TtMt-M. R5L1' ('petT !It. 1a, '.. as crr..1 Late. $34 pr:

      CrMrr at. :5tsztn _. Pra ...s-uas.; .&dIeI


      S.S.. aS


      -. 4 -

      County Telegraph

      RT.VRKK.' TORir'._ TIIl'RSU.OCT.. it. 1Q tI 4
      .. -
      --- -

      Ir with courage A man who will hover Administration and Ike more!! tnxea I will not only fall to help

      I I I not shut out a whole segment did not know then nor docs It Is LJBJ himself I with but will probably! aggravate TEPUstlo Notebook 12.20 at
      , ; 1. I of the population reintrdtaa hr know now hthr\ he I III aDemtwrat constantly used: But when you think the TEI.EC.RAPn.
      of the area In whlrh they live. or a Republican in power and influence to < I I of) It 1'lght"OU must Admit

      1 1.Oct i I regardless' of their race!, regardless his views. In feet he In' more Individual. legislative I[ that those who put a dollar 0-HM or I>'PK'>TION" To
      I I I of their relltilon. of a Democrat than he! Is a companies and corpo tUieiul of spiritual and moral H Fats: I'fn: KH-I I trial .\.IMH
      Which Will You Choose Next Tuesday? I How ('aIour President cam- Republican\ lo bow to his polk-los.) L :' value should perish In their' Nalco: ,. ,In ratty" .given' 'ha''
      I 1 I the usd r.lan'd under
      I i pahiii on a promise to be the These calamity howlers\ do Johnson has constantly / folly I regret that the Ux) vlclnnnI'lreult "r'hl' the pi
      run 3D.953. Lw
      24. 1964Dear 1 President of all the people not know 'A'h"t1' were going. tinned and In many\ ( !I l': payers. have. to pay sonic peo- ..r 5'Ioridn'. v '11. of 1941 will

      Only four days remain until we go There would be no Bradford Coun- Some Mr people' Matthews. refuse to see when lie has never demonstrated lJuoullh'hf'n Roo vt'IIRId.! I urged Individual and i pie for such lirnonint! promo- regl.ter' "'with. ate,u and I'I.rk for ""r Urail thi'nun '

      to the polls in what could be one of ty Hospital to serve the nt'ed.of. our the swell' of public opinion this. He certainlyhas "I see one-third of a nation to brrak the law and I tloniil services Cord. e'onnty Pu.rl.l.i." upon ri.
      had the oppoutunitv I" ill housed Ill\ clothed. and ill the, people who seek" to I Oosh1' lucre Is something >'Hut of pr| d at Pllbllllltlonuf
      the most fateful elections ever held people and to benefit our local doctorsin toward the preservation of .agovernment thla ,. ,
      opinion the NVtrroex II.'I.'P the flctltliMiinnni
      my cnn with the" Democrauc themselves through the else, It I Is SnturvUv p m and .
      in our country's history.It their practice for it was built *o dear! to their gain the! moot from the type Party lie" put In to help illuni of "(' \ ; the news Is coming In What? ..r >tvhuii uf Mini'I KIAcc,sin .."..|.itanr.....1< unil In

      hrgelwith Government funds heart This republic of ours of government Senator Gold-. dense m'"pp| us people; I I and order" II urge IWJ It Is Olin of those dear old l"""Mln.l >.H HI, .itiV. Matimon St..

      has been a strange, and' some-Concrete clearly "socialistic""' in the eyes of Sen does seem threatened Individual by the water can head Did It take might addget better hou..\1. srlf who said that !the \ DrntocratU! party member I Hiarkm. l IC.( ruT .Html.. Mr 1410 E Call.

      what disappointing campaign. ator Goldwater.The elimination of an art of Conirrex. to liberate better clothed, and! better f i issues! though they exist in right first and foremost by., Nat King Cole Jimmy Brown. ,, in the 1930' Uie averageold I' alike 1 t: nil t the prnpli, I the dear' Hlnto of Florida.say- lininl thin liiiil day at lU'to.' .
      abundance have hardly been dis City of Starke would not be I the very fact that the freedom Joe U"'''K, White. May.: and aged dtllll'n.'ho was I Uila would tx- 1'III / trig\ If Horutu voters fall to r her ford. A Ooitniy II l tmii Klurlila*i ....rk.. Hr..J-.

      cussed. There has been little] if any. planning a much-needed $675,000 allowed In this government Is many marry more I could helpless' niHl mnrrn. got S3 to by. "Taklim fern the vote for .Johnson in the cum- I 1U/I1 11111'\

      high level eloquence of the type that sewer expansion program for 30 per being exploited by Ute faction rwme These and mauve more ', *4 pet month. They hall (olive fund giving to I Uw ,' log t-l.-rtlon Wet\ t there would _
      I t that cannot allow as apart Negroes h.n. gained auoressen on their kin who themselves I I ay to this i bo txHiiKimlcal 1
      enni protmbly reprl -
      was brought to the 1960 campaign by of the cost will be an outright ..
      cent of their government.freedom Th. t'uray J..il..'. Innrt
      that you and I have never :I I were! In m-ant Today. tl\XAotllll1 h no different. :> John Indeed' in Iuaas rluhia
      Fitzgerald Kennedy. Federal
      from the government
      grant of thought dreamt of., I lay they were I| these" older cltlw-na" are pretty communism by ,' 1 of the present adnilnlHtiivtlon.I In 'rohat, -
      the closing day, we find Republicansin and Senator Goldwater remem- upeeoh Let me say fIrst If i i grained because we err' on well provided, for with Incomes I :Most people have II i I I 1 'OIyhlll' | 'What would \beconvt- Inl fiiHaiat. of Frn.iman.

      desperation' for an issue to Stir ber? says state and communities you put a frog In a pot of the road to the society'' that tip to SIII: |M'r month plus their llvei' to altar in or i UM CriMM-rlorlchi barge Uva-Ktue.MI,-t.r are. ..1'.lno! > known known t>.> IfU rKoaUinr .

      the emotions and prejudices of the should take care of their their own : boiling water the change I is moat of Ua aspire. to They did I some fringe bi-neflt. They I wt'lll.of\ our nation, I MlII\I? The upaco program\ at

      elE'Ctoratere80rting to the makingof needs. I, great' enough to induce an It. In a country they loved I look better They fare better! | this l 11\ the way It I ClII' Kennedy?" Well dId you NOTION. TO cntcniToua'

      pornographic' movie completewith automatic reaction 110 that and and hope to return' Will/ Under' Wie Democratic Pnr- I Mal't'd. Only a blind ,m-t tlvit?/ The Commiuilstfollinrrra lfMtmnil All" p.re.nu. .H..nin having>t ih. claima n Ial.' i or uf

      girl in topless bathing suit to"prove" U.S. 301 would still be a narrow I the frog will jump out of theboiling they ty. Ublanks which wen I can fall to sir. that/ the clothed\ 'in 1><'1110. ...to..mrt. trnli.tr. Sr d.c.a..Ut
      water and probably If laws are" made 1 "lUt-1 .... h.r-l> n Miri.<4 and. '
      two-lane highwayIf it existed at our < falling by the hundreds. In the1030's sent admlnMration hiM cnttk' clDthtiitf. HIV UuiHvtrnIntt y rI.1 \" "
      that the morals of America will not get hurt, But If you I ..1 l tn the ih.lr. rUima' In Ih'nfflu
      in the limitations of the Conntltutlon : ., will ..
      under a Republican continueto tax the voter of this t state. of ,
      all)) for it was Federal aid highway the fount Jud.a il t
      would somehow be the a
      uplifted by cold
      of .
      frog In a pot
      put a enforced bv the local 1 I i Adrnlnbttratlon. were given upend billions of .k.lla. "Ily Ulr words ye stall know lily rlorlit. in
      election of Barry Goldwater and Bill and drew heavily on Government r water and slowly rise the officials not afraid of federal new life by the mic. and appeal! to shiftless\ ; them She'uunlr i-nurt hauls atalart.

      Miller. Fortunately thd movie created funds. I(I temperature sou probably can intervention, in 1way every bank executive In U', i/OOd-'or.n.thllllt 101"| | Hes|,,ftfullv Your. ..l..1......innntha irtiirl.U.. from' within IB. ala ilat! cal.uf|

      such a storm of indignation that it cook him. This opinion U not that every person regardless/. land \knows that this wan and are happy to live on a 1 I II H MuttBroker 'h- firm publl<..*ilnn "r this nn,
      There would be no Welfare Hospitalization ao apparent on the surface in ot color or station U. equally Mill Is their I IN*** ir |IS. ii.ni" will' bacon,
      was "withdrawn" even' before it was salvation I out, and whale Till.. yi.1.1 xMianllnc, tu law,
      shown. Program for PAR (Public Assistance an area where' one party poll- affected, then our protrren InI I Our poor and our sick In wt w"uM give a '" '\Itnla'I I t'lrnt. l-iililii-atlun" Dotubcr. I,
      Recipients", ) which last year 'i tics Is ao dominant. It can bedetected a free-minded. Ant-tent will l tux IIIJOS' had net ntetllcalhelp vantaireI itutI ..
      the candidates Bradford by the professional! know no bounds Our Ux-nli i and I for .lie I rrmn. ll..'Utor Jr,
      Though themselveshave totaled around $45,000 in no\ WRY to get It Our think that Clue !" Tlir KKIIir POINT .
      Adminl.traror| 4 'lh kluata .ifKrnemitn
      not brought the 'issues forcefully County- most of this money goingto politician In power* evidenced official here<< have ,rornptetelyfailed ( school children had no well. I nryant and l Mayor | you write Com. In anilseelert I H_a-lHi.e MrM..III. a ...,,_...1.

      in focus most people realize from our local] druggists! for medicine I by their demonstration ua in this re pert Itadlthere prepared' school lunches, we Burns" have given the I your favorite. KMTFKItltOOK : < i (. .., V KnmhtAltorn
      effort to .lark
      of..ll out Florida
      / been a two patty system had .
      | no public health service logical wagon for voting fountain pin : Knrii. :-
      I reading the news analysts from study- Senator. Goldwater says "let welfarebe squash the! opposition. No amount I think they might not have I no Health Clinic!, no honpltaLi. .i o hnalm, In ewncr I .y f.r ih* sdminl.trainr. .

      ;( ing the voting records of the two men. a private concern." of money or lip erv-'- been ao prone to do" on n>e no I'" V<'d't'ada., our people said that they didn't 111/1 II tats

      and their pre-campaign writings and Ice can turn thla opinion ao color of a man's kin In .1 were weakened" by malaria Uie Demoi-ratlo\ platform

      utterances that 'voters will face the There would be no$600.000 coming filled with patriotism a trmt society surelycannot I and pellagra, and our livestock since Uwiy' had always l>. .
      most serious choice of modern time into Bradford County annually in old true demonstration of thi*. I .restrict a nian> jrroirreiu was I Infested. with aorew OemiH-rat and always"

      : when they enter the voting booth age &!assistance aid to dependent children point you to the Nov. i election \ ,- of 1 itself. This Is what'we '' worms' in fact, wewere a I Demorrade. ticket they \ TERWILLEGAR MOTORS

      Tuesday.The aid to the blind aid to the disabled that will live the con. envMlon, and aspire. to poor,, sick dlM-miraged, and have to \"Ot4t for the
      and payments for nursing! home aervatlve party' a victory In Almost everything the. liberals lH>p<
      choice fs cle r. Senator Goldwater calls such assistance Bradford County, the State of in power now stand for All of the measures which pay, very poor crew for
      care. Florida. and the United and exctntdify etu, ages a Roosevelt put Into effect toshe honor or Integrity. and -ONLY-
      It is a choice between a candidate payments. "Socialism-throujrh- elates. of America.JVople person with a vision and analto us .relief were sponsoredbv chsractera should not IM i

      (Goldwater) who prefers to see rural Welfarism" and says the person who \ read and read and establish honest' fair. constitutional Uie i Demurrats and OPIUM-! lowed to vote No I :

      America without farm.and< area 'development accepts' such benefits\ "mortgages' him, read some more. Then they l"y..rnmtll1t ed by the Republican Party heard one reason i that ,, New 1964

      programs, and an incumbent self to the Federal government." Iet .re.d a document' like "Free There to no malice In mv Our Bradford County 11.'"- any ..n.| why anyone | FORDS LEFT

      President who has said and has welfare "be promoted by iiulhiduwls+'dom: From War". publicationNo. thinking toward any minority pita I was made jiosalble by I hrvea Uie liberty and ( ,
      1377. U. 8. Government or majority. If Dm election .. II 111.J\11I1nl\ I
      shown his : and families, by chul'che.11I'I.att8. ixspitals funds--a IVmo- to pursue\ happiness ,
      by that he'aeesthe:
      ; Washington.Then of Benator Ooldwater U I 3
      service organizations Printing Office. crattr measure opposed. by vota' for Lormlnn Johnson -- --
      necessity for ft combination>"of commodity ... anti other institutions they are fed up with thwarted by a bloo vote there Uie publlcan (Party i fUr If you and tours :
      and community development community charities the apparent disregard. of will atlll be no maJlce" 'Then Our widening. operation nn like to ..t.r1'111 lluy Now Itelow

      programs for rural prosperity. that have been established' for I west people think U gnat. for will be pity for all of u* U & 301: was mad i>oaah>lv' >' while project! in lli-a ( I Ieulcr'li. CW

      this purpose. says Senator Goldwuter. their country by our official thotuh. by legislation uponaured' bv'I County I would aiHia>*t I
      President Joh'risoh# ha'RJIM\ r ob'lnrural We wonder just which group would be''I In, Washington This Ubllc.UOI .- I am not blind to the things the rvnrHirrata and.. opposed you build a 'Nuthouse"""' -- 3 --
      Ampflcm. He recognizes that ha to. do with the com that the Nearoes have withstood by Uie. .
      willing to pick up this $60O.OOO annual \ Republicans" thOM who are ... ,.. ..
      h agriculture haa the ability to overproduce tab in Bradford) County Perhaps : pJ.'&.' disarming of this countnr They have done tnem- Clay Clrrtrk Cooperative I buUdlnc a Lyntlun .. l'..cli. ..ty. Warranty

      even the best farmers into bankruptcy Senator Goldwater would have a sug' In the hopea that the aelves proud for a long timeI Keystone Heights was made, t."yerty amp In this a"" 21.000) Mile.

      I i if controls. are 'abandoned. as gestion. eommunUta will do the .aame. have often -twurit! and yes possible by the Dvmnrratl' j as to brtn* tn a few or 21 I :Month\
      | Goldwater advocates.. : How d"" thla Idea sound Mid to my friends that to Part and optioaed by the Republican and a ('(In.Irltn<'"

      Starke would be without a City Hull now 'that their ace In the have. beer black and lust my Party, and the nor,I white black and mlinl
      / To counteract the economic threat would be without hole h.*.,been ao swiftly removed father at the a""e of three. would destroy It now If t Itonuld. venile delinquents wlUi a
      and Bradford County TERVI1LLEGAR MOTORS
      of 'President'Johnion from office? would have made llilnaa of headarttea and '''' i
      overproduction. a courthouse annex and a health twice w hard. I was, always .
      -like Democratic 'administration "before How many, of LawkiN" I Our Health Department was I that "W..hll\lIlOl\ !
      department building for these< him- ha* ,spcnMH'ed and signed built.with public 'works funds in orderto pollrjr without the public being ot atiam that my .k1 i I I Crafts. Party and opixiaed .by

      laws t6 cut downs 1 on surpluses, yet give employment 'to men without appraised of the real warn not Mark. Miam* for I the Republican Party like go6Gn''withCHEVRON.
      maintain fair prices for f_rm r.. lie jobs during the depression-and Senator atgnUleanre of such a meaauret the cofvditloiu thai were rre- Our PICA loans and Mir Nothing refs around a

      is also] strongly behind programs( such Goldwater] say. such expendituresare flow many are. actually sled by our forr/athers t both I rotC: were put into effect' br

      as area development and rural electrification ] because if anybody paMefl into' l w-wllh& our North and South Bui IMherttave I the tlfmnrratld lade. and eta
      unnecessary the
      also Inclildtnl
      (opposed by Goldwater] ) which he does, elected o<ul>IMlai"| Par
      doesn't: have a,job it's because in J lobbyUrt* of fellow par right to admit a wrong correct ty,
      build a stronger economic base for the n't want to work. .realhM It, rrpent for It. and I
      &.. mfnber they.tall to Our Crom mate Canal', ourIInl..lllnc
      entire rural economy. that they are) Jeopardising reach out for the dent an-
      Wet' would be without the servicesof with a eourat InatlUedby ... pace al Cap"
      ewer ,
      Senator Goldwater he dMlln.tknow OIIrOI"Y ,*! Kennedy, our courUwatae. a says
      out Soil Conservation office staff, for theadminbAratlnnl\ that apetlrnce.1111s i samecourage
      anything' about firming and apparently of whose I I polkr la with trom" Thur- our )housing protirainawere .
      and our ASCS office staff, all goea' I think that they con.rider :' all atntuMired by Uv> I IIJrmnC'r.Ur
      doesn't care to learn. This cent by theFederal public too narrow to mend Tom Blade, William
      salaries are paid 100 per the I Party and ovfmaed -
      self-confessed' ignorance was all too Of there digest< the true meaning of Miller and many other Only
      government. course by UM Republican rut !
      evident in his. book "Conscience: of a much of their pouer that tune with a man like Oold.I. the LIVELIER gasolines '
      would be no need for an ASCH office' ao out<< Ho I ..". lfa" keep ttwOtrwvratio >
      .Conservative' ," in which h. said "-. administer the they only "let, them hear water will to w ny path Party In control .
      force since they government Wehave
      ; '
      the of price supports and about that part that U ape, for a better auIrrnmetrt behappy
      policy production farm and Senator for and b* free, be priMpvroua.
      controls. has, been a colossal I programs pealing to the greatest. maJortty the Constitution -.not Irt'i. keep the
      failure." One has only to inquire of Goldwater Is against those, too. of the people. TTUa don this and lit fan be curs Ulat' "......-.18.. of' the ftnmtiltean. Gay otttMttHW:: cn: for thaw; new anti

      Ui-o Uiln* for them ensures we will uae HW out ".eWrr* o* U* furU, w> right fur Uial.'esislR 1
      the nearest tobacco grower to learn Other offices' and services that favorable conalderatlon. at (bo'' *ffl a8 f.n-<1 e lrem- Pares>I front 3. .
      -A J TliwmaaOH U... CtwxM a
      the untruth of that remark. would be partially curtailed in their next election, and more than I hula .uwr-atrnhI. or evenrrarkputa. _| P "* .y. \
      tannot bCotnmunM "' j pat..1.1wYrun. f a4In..* Iich: |itck* operations since they rf'C'f'I&Ome' that keeps the publle out of but we
      But even made more convincing Senator than Goldwat the portion of Federal. fund.. Include the the way o they' win not sloe called or athe- 34 Ito q wills. B....fonmuti-B kmc.runuliif cunuiny.

      statements!' by Public Library, Civil Defense. office. dtren the i'roM that la ao I> a.c.aNow ,I Attention rdMGf: ..Mie. ... in CrMrvr.,*i alai> Clwvron 8upr mi. jrartMI i .
      er on agriculture' problems are his ._._ary to what O.T untlknotk
      Alff'ntand Home You have etprwed yourdlMnrtlonal "'riA- the. different :
      votes. He has voted against recent County Demon..tra-I I People ran atlll put Inter*.**,In this P llieal rare I .
      price support pn rmts' for wheat, lion Agent programs vocational home ]pnwreaa and 1 together and com up I should J b* 10 a.U your papers ..,.ct. to the) ar view. lW wilt.l "Mneafn.mka. re- that Mldevelop. rill. tl... power built Into y %UT

      feed grains anti cotton among other. economics and vocational agriculture, vtttt four I for; all this U r..aUy g eind ''t :. whlrh have cna<>* tat. slop at. WcsunUril.. CA> /ity/ with Ctwvrunf
      He ls also on" record! against Federalaid programs In the school: and the public Take Uw Medicate Wit &N'| eon Could this. b yon hirer I timely and rightful ..pp ,
      ( health nursing i i 1' What art>eme tn "" .,.IV' to you4ttVinala / 1
      program. .
      to depressed areas and against iI headline shoed good this b*o''' srvwa on u.. merest Pore
      I!I. really do? Ho .. ? I mtrr I like **"* f dewfurs
      area redevelopment grants and loans. dnm it you rofIeftn.I I weld to .pre a WataklbfttWcwrof your
      could and are
      list you
      The on on.
      go knew a person who U with .retardIs """n4NMM -

      Indeed it .b hard to find any ettouvh to qualify for K that mne. with moat of your rvad-lletrhal .... and letl re mw+rln* In
      thing the Senator fan't against. Senator Goldwater* defenders' will really needa lt, Jwryn e.. t* tv hon t1 '' your paiirr .....11.... Uboukj -
      be quick' to .sayas in the raM of his In the cannery wanU. (for the"eloerly I" you wrtu.. IK your 'di." < and Irvine tn bran. U-

      Here are a few of the things we opposition to UK:A -that a President. ) medtral ear, and I UirUlafUany prwra f.4..r..t l pnlKleal ..t.
      wonder, bIlL wewlU
      now enjoy, which wt would not have can't stop all thee thing .Inlr hand- many oOieT. UMn* ao there, I j I Of know III how tees. Inill lllitr.U,1I and tjrodtm OIL (

      had if the Goldwater philosophy of edlyanywajr.. And that is true. Rutwhyxmay to r, "medicare" gels werwtwkwine / MMwr M. hewa will. react JMhrwwt
      "every man for himself and no asUt. we askelrrt a man who p-Jblle awpnrt t hefor ,..11' (>n4in The" brwe.. onJr re.t'Asrst" eM"I
      What r...1 Br: .dr. th. bla *9 when fol. enrrflrm, cadet has b'..*. ..Ir -
      anee needed or wajited. from the Geyerllment" would<at. ta-Ue ,art Ianroaof ... the ar.eT "'-. ,cuss/ or.rlad In "" -eop. O'n j

      ws actually In effect: and especially one who has no program Ow "'I' line WUl th e WU .,....,'". will net hew balVM aid meAsltwhr'.Mh ''ultilt.

      There would be no hot lunches for except generalities such a* "freeenterprise" wars) .. a tear 10 re.r. from ,:|1 I ruff i*' vofB IHOJITti inwirr TOO ,.,..,..", tar pests fV.. t td'
      and 'state right< with rtowT fow this la onty one of K1 Bradford County hoot children at a ..tt..rt. II .**D>r. Jr ,
      whkh to take their pJare. the mainy bites that the JM.s.> jmtfilatmfcyrk j I set ,...,... "1(1)t1_.* .aneetl I
      nominal price of 30 cents for much of gava In Onttfreae.In I r rt,t in st.rtsPtw : sear whale. an* m at -

      the food served. come from surplus' The Issue tn he faced next Tuesday the teat aujth '"'" Cowfrnm '., otrnkMlnni'isot" If U-'

      commodities. prodded by .th. Government -as we see itIs whether we will .ye.. .,.....s. with pearoeal. CH. n. I... I Aau..fltsn i o01. f6A""s4' let
      and Senator Goldwater wants elect ''a man who has consistently opposed ..panrt Ih* ra+ ,si. Mr MalUwwai .... tna |>"aHwe ef a.. ".. !

      the form programs stopped. programs which are vital to the .Mil, tnairf fcrra" thai .be I t.... t.ed, ...0.. ary1nar. IMiMal enrvtltMin Ilw'segh off ,
      of the S.tJonM especially ataaw p-wpi. stn. a.gpn 'd _f 01 &hot .ketmfr'Ma "A eonaitHSflnkUmi, srrr. ,
      There would be no plan on foot for economy whether w.ill Uie*> e-ia _lr rae when C..... ..ho'W>e tees. then wu ..... le ...,,..., ,
      I rural America
      an adequate new armory for SUrke's -"r --- ybpta ell less. ...* are a.twlW4 1".,..... .. ew (...., .. *.-
      National Guard unit. for a major part elect a man-President Johnaon-who ewlk'Itsd after 0.. .t-iJnft. Lead .* th.h../ add Us' I. m. aar with> aU r...atreher /
      has demonstrated hU concern for our e.-. terns' etrr'e K ess Can .,... .
      of thin will be paid for by Federal H">n* ef Uw Nat l>a>< boa said ebWt
      fund*- and Senator Gold water thinks problems and chs lien gee.. a ss td ne wr a px< a canna They to e-t is ..... a a? Les*.t JaM.a.s, thai ebst e '
      'We win lot with the Democratic oot. la M... p,..a<... a* tA ti
      111 each state and cast our tmc j r.sbs' t--- etikla ? ... ... saM. ..y aa Me* "I
      of iu community should takecare nominee. ft*** 'Uwt **>. bier t,.. awa e .,f e.saeb If the t- ae5. aaa0P lIItpur1e' a. trtu.t
      own need r of thOett ..->..*. .hIe dhoti .I J t1 'y1. llas.e0 .. itw ..w.- bb'aa.N

      Dywa.tw. ditrnntt-- aN rrataM"B..*<.. sata.arste. amt
      R i ......? I de ..4 ku..I Wwr.w.,1. as- Let.Iastl..rew. .Ise.. Sass a waves ra* N t I t'bu

      !'T THE BRADFORD COUNTY TCLJCORAPHCSTAMJSHCD ... ih... ew'Md .aw .ew flirty C'a/. are it.-V reR +1&I
      ....,... INS I *' a..4 a_4_ .w s.--at--r 11S .-.rt&, __ tat UIOW.Nt
      1 an : IhMS M I1aat ... aaw ....... ... .'e w gaA ..s .",.,a ........ Mat "" ......

      ulr.'I CIW fI' /w.a.e tart ... tar .?we .. .,.. W.. KN4kal. >.. ..< U. f...it54. it
      I' C. t_ M.arm.,... Kaxreo *Me wam.ienea' 1.te g.. .bl""s't Ks1. .'ed4a. 'w...' 's'.-4..ca........ ...4to !. wwt aid. ...,.,... tlafY4 .

      .- a tea IMP .ri.a .,..... JIIw__ b.Ir baser"- ....... --.r- :,
      tee.Or..e.e ......r ..___ IveROw. C- I I w4 M ... .ntp M..., __ ........ .... w are e140 .. Affigv f. Jfta ....... Shat Vie ,.

      .--LT U_ T.s 3.e MvrMa '. bat I ........ I-...ally. sea 1.ft Our I- ........ aw earui ... ...=.... ". bran. W IheU rbe. .......

      I-C..Mf wU Irr I5 ..a ,... MrM.r .*..., ........me
      Pvsaa.e t.csa Ti.w./Ia.e A.. ._.._ .. __ Ciaee a*.rre. A* T.erv .,.. gash M a. ....... W. .. ., ""- ... steno Tl<.* are *a wa toaJTi ,

      I4).+ Owwe A* .ea.... UAC9 Or rs.ita s. 5.r. I wtwt. a p..1a east ..,. ... e..4e'. Aerws.. t.... a.d.n r .. t...MwJ. ",.
      ... -r* i. e S M Ilsbep 0. 4W sell I MOres., Yes -S.. awe ........, .....,..1 Iia.a. iMV.o r' "altMrt; /IMr/s s J.A s
      J'If:' trr '!R QRYif31 (tent TVAH me . cot woffnm> .>*e Ovid. see .....,.,., ......... III let**. ..,."., M. L5 Ht1 .,.,. suss oar'wa .,... .+wbeiw.
      0 ott r u TkA 8 AMA Off* TBAJt. Me . .a MOMTKB UJ <., A__ u. iAaM It. saksa.a-. .a* eaI <> Mir aMM I II K. G. DUNCAN, Agent( '--SUrkeBradford

      UMe AOanaasYefetM A ... llstYe.A. .. 0..... Pw v. wags.I 11s* .**... elf what U J aaret I

      ,I .

      ) I e

      .r r .. ..

      -. ,.TIIURSDAV, -OCT.-S9;,U84 ..
      ' !Aids: tUnT; ; BRADFORD COrvrV TEI.rr.RAPri. 8TIRKR. FLORID -:-- T
      = -
      '........y.............yy..yy.."., e.vvn..v.ev.mv..r Sample, Ballot, .. .. ;

      V V :.:.'.:. .... '-, .

      Phone Mrs. W.185.2368uauuAAaauuauuu E. Starling By Phone Mrs .n.468.1160taAaaa.aaaAaaaaaa1.1a1 E. 1110 <" > ,IN"OVE"ln"R3. 1":1"" -,:'.,}'r..r....;....;. r.It""t.:. .. ;"" "."''".' ""'" :' j J'' .

      "I' <; PRECINCTf NO:<15B '..

      Et'wln(: Wasdln of GalnesUl Don't forget the PTA Hal- To vote for a person whose name Is printed on 'the' ballot, place i a'
      \ vLilted his grandparents lowo'en carnival at Hampton name of the person for whom you desire to vote. ..TonroU/ for...a person whose name la not printed on the ballot write V I
      Elementary School tonight, . .. .. ;
      Mi and :Mrs Math. Wasdln, [Thursday] Bprvlng of the his name in the blank space provided for that purpose : .J. ,

      0\.'f the weekend. .
      box chicken suppers begins
      P,-v. and> Mrs. Clarence Tyler out- ELECTORS STATE For' Supervisor of Registration NO. 5 .
      5:30: p. m., booths open CONSTITUTIONAL'.U36ND)11CCT, 10, .
      of Jacksonville!, and Mr. ,
      side at 6:30: p. m. :Bozo; the for President' For Secretary of State J
      and Mrs. Willis Dyal of (Vote for onef) ARTICLE jX ,_ .
      I r
      vllstor clown will be there from 6:30: and Vice-President '(Vote for One) of Cyuaty' NcboofVf{ 8.pee
      Situ Ice were Sunday' Appointment or elettlon
      of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Star to 8:30:: and Mr. Kegna and (Vote for Group) D.1 In certain couaU .- Proposing' Aa
      at 1::30. JENEVA )or. FIXN'N (Dem)
      ilr his gymnastic! team -- TOM ADAMS (Dem) I Ia I .m.ndrment to Article ,, XII of the Stat .Coast.t
      deMorllltl'a'Lion .
      Hampton home Democratic Superintendent Ot Pttflllc
      :;Sunday guests of Mr. and .t t. tutlon providing that the
      M.II:/!:I) parrish, were 'Mr. and! group met : I IFor I Instruction shall be,appointed by'th. Col1tttySOU4:
      afternoon, Oct. 22, at the LONDON B. JOHNSON Public instruction in the couuttes: Epeawaia: << ,
      Mi' Bonttz and son and their city hall. Miss! Dorothy Ross !"<*. President I I ,For County Commlasion.r of Lake Martin Okeeohobee, 'Palm Bach. ..rutaam
      'Mrs Jewel Hamllen, of ".
      'lire Comptroller
      IUlfoiddby (
      demonstratedhow Is
      county Kent, Seminole whrein 0 proposition
      and ( f
      Plnoview, (}a. I to accent. with room ac:0flsorlca II. JlU trIlREY I I (Vote for On) District! Nd. 1 a wajortty rot of. the qaaJlffed ilfcctort>of says ,
      . :unday guests of Mr. and and make compotes. For. Vice-President I I such county making the offlc AM! JIolRU.a> aa4Vp.o.

      I Mi John McKinney were Hampton city Council will T--- Ilepttblican E. GREEN (Dem) |I I II II (Vote for One) viding that any county.adopt tag this 'proposrt\j\ ,
      'Mi and Mrs. T. L.. McCreary hold Its rwiular meeting RAY may, after (tour yearn'',' return Jo Its .fonuarjltafua
      end son of Tampa. Mr. and Tuesday evening. Nov 13,. at HARRY ..At., GOLDWATEUFor; I I D. I. (De) SIIUFORD (Dem) I I by the same procedure fot.adppUny:;,; ;, :."'.:
      I I
      !MI' J. D McKinney of lIBWt 8 p. m. at the city hall This For President\ '. .
      tonne'\ Mr. and Mrs. James Is postponed a week,from the! 1 IFor I I FOR THE AMZNIThfENT ".';
      McKlnney? and daughter of usual first Tuesday due to WILLIAM'FM: ILLERFor I For Commissioner of,Agriculture ,

      Staike: :Mr. and Mrs. V L,. the general election hue next VicePresidentFor<< -.. ('Vole for One) ,- AGAIN 'THE AM 44'MFNT .
      McKinney of Gainesville, 1' 'J' County Commissioner
      :3Wi Alice Kite', and Mr. and Tuesday. next Write In 'IJ I II : oft rCoNSTfVTiOYLJA)17tN1ItEtT_ -
      M.: Vincent McKinney and Remember NO'V. 3.to vote Voting for Electors: for President and DOYLE: CONNER (Dem) District No. :3 I ; r Tb ',

      daughter of Starke. Tlienday. VicePresidentVole. .. \ ,AJlTI'L1\tq!\ .* t
      Intermediate OA's of Hampton ,.. I (Vote for One) x (fAppolntnwat
      Miss Sharon Cain of Oaln- 'Church who attended ( for.Each) '., or election.Ceuirty School sup4netendept -
      'ivllle was a Sunday aftcrnt Baptist t Taylor.CoestZproppleg: an .a1l1.n$**?*
      part of the weekend For Staid Treasurer* f JEROME JOnX (Dem) n''t t'fovi.l'Itg'' '' OUt
      'TJ visitor of Miss Sharon j' I f to Article :Xtt of (flee Constauti* > <
      Cjtln. program of the OA House- : (Vote for-One) th. superMtendaat' Of:!"'ublle..inlta'eot1Qa: at:"T&.float}

      Mr and Mrs W. A. Uavls party at First Daptlat Churchin / ,,. 1 I I County shall J appoiated.: ( by 'he' CountyBbawJwf/
      of Waldo visited Mrs. MattleLavis OaJnc vllle, were Elizabeth!: I I II (Dem) I U. } Public Instruction provided the proposition. Is
      Other Jones Mary Hartley, Wendy J. EDWIN LARSON firmed by a majority vote of the q.altTlei
      laH Saturday Hill Debbie HHl. Debbie I For 'Count Commls81oner electors of the county and tbat til*-county. 11).1''
      during I II I"I"II
      Davis I I
      of Mrs. I
      urs< : her sister, Carter, Pat Raley Brenda 1 DiStrict No. Ii ,jafterfour years return to Its form status t 1ItiU.>
      tho week were Brown, and Carolyn Kennan. r ''vi.procedure outlined, for'adopting- ;'tt._ 1 r'
      Mi Sarah Dear of Jackson- Accompanying them were For Attorney General (Vote for One)

      tile Mr and Jacksonville Ml'8. J. M. Band Mr.- : Mrs. Vernon Forsyth. Mrs: (Vote for One) ?OR THE AMENDMENTAfJAINST "' .H

      und If ;fur Mrs of Prank" Reynolds of Don Hill and Mrs. FosterlUyes. I I I II I IFor z. w. HA\Ur."TOS": (Dem) + :I t

      n,'-Idlck, Mr. and Mrs Don- I EARL FAIRCLOTH (Dem) THK' AMBNDMKNT ,
      Waldo, and Mr. Mrs. NHa Johnson, was In Ll .
      rild! Boles of I r.I r. 'VCOSf NO.1
      and Mrs.. Jimmy Davis Jr, of Bradford 'County Hospital,, last I I' .. trrbffoiYAL AML'1fDMLNT"1O" 1'ART'1CL6

      UMlnesvllle. week for treatment For Member County. Board of Public f XVI ,
      Mr. and Mrs. Basil Davis Joe Call wa taken to the I I II State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Continuity of Go..r.m.atPropOlllq. an'5tulad-

      islted the Wiley! Lftnllfords University of Florida Medical Instruction ment to Article XVI of the Florida Constitution to
      in Gainesville recently Center last week for treat I I (Vote for One) District No.3''tAe provide for means to Insure ontlmilty of state CM

      Mr and Mrs. Call Brough-, ment. local K vernmental operations in periods of emerf
      ton hnd as recent guc"ts Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Baker r---T I I Iv (Vote for One) ency resulting front disasters, caused by ,enemy
      and, .Mrs. Wchard Drier and'IOn. .and son of St. Petersburgwere TOM D, BAILEY (Dem) attack. r.

      > .. of Jacksonville weekend visitors at the ARTHUR HOLLIDAY (Dam) I r : '
      Mrs.' 'Alice noblnaon had home of her parents Mr. and I F I I : FOR'TfU:: AMFINDMENTAIAINST .' "

      }her pother Frank Hlnos, ofMloanopy Mrs. E. D. Allen 'I:] ..
      Public UtilitiesCommissioner .
      as Sunday' guests. n'II For Florida !' TH1r. AMltN'DMmNT' ( t .

      Mr. and Mrs. Durwood .
      FIRST! I '" 1 Ref.
      DorUh' of Waldo visited Mr. Clll'KCH ,' (Vote (for One) For Member County Board of Public I NO. '.'. _-.salt,
      and Junior Dyal Sunday :' A\JEND'ME.'IfT TO
      Mrs. .Instruction. -. STnIJ'TIOX\L :
      f II. \Vsltoit Grady, Minister I II ARTICLE IV >0RCTION 34
      11 nfternoon. +
      There will be n Halloween Schedule for week of Nov, I r rI EDWIN: T.. "ED" :\IASODem: ( ) District No. 4 e"V CuramlMloBer. .AcrhiilUuv.. Dotl .,:- Pr09NlnI'

      Party at Miss Elaine Smith's II I I (Vote for One) amendment to, Art'fl' rv.,",".cti9D''24,of th.
      ihouw\ Saturday. Oct. 31. for 1 11:eundaySundayr School, I f Florida Constitution relating( to tB( Mtee' t.Oa
      school classes So Commissioner of Aftricunare. llmlAtinff Mi 'm-
      'tlui unday1
      iirvone try to coma, starts 9::4a.! rri. Morning Worship,, CONGRESSIONALFor ( For State Attorney UOD EY'P. HALL (Dem) I II I II psrvislon\ over .jnatttrs p rtalnin 'to IrtibUC'. ; l latads
      Youth Frllowshl -
      11 a, m. and the
      nt 8. -p-in.: Eighth Judicial Circuit Bureau Immigration.; ; :.
      : Sunday Itcv.loVa Tw-. 5:30: p. m. Junior Choir. 6:45: .United Stated Senator (Vote for One) I I -
      Last .was Worship 7
      ) / \last Sunday, with us. Wore p. m. Evening P \ (Vote for One) 1 FOR THE AMFYDMENTAOAiNBT'TW10 ,

      sorry''' to know,, that lie m. IFor I I ..,
      Dem For
      won't be with us anymore Tuesday Deacons Meeting SPKSaAUD: L. HOLLAND (Dem) I T. E. DUNCAN ( ) ". County Surveyor AMFNf11'FNTS. .,

      nut will be a now 7 'p. m. Bewloli Meeting, l.- I I (Vote 'for One) .... .
      Bunchy 7:30: p. m. .. .* % .... _
      prear E.er.there this Thursday Choir Practice, CLAUDE; H. KIRK, JH. (Rep) 'I, i : JfO *** *< .
      I and< hear CO.NSTITVTIOafAI.: AM>rNDME.1TTQ
      ::0 a coino I I -
      .sit. message. 7:30: p. In.MADINN. Public Defender :\(. G. MCMILLAN\ (Dem) > ARTICTJR.XVf ... ?., A

      Glad to )hear that/ no one EJSTATE Eighth Judicial Circuit ni Civil Trials la. branoh rmurlltntiMMto.. t.de CafyITProposing +
      NfHKKTCHl'RCH; '
      1 .
      week an afliendHMtit to .A.rtlele XVI +t. lira
      on the sick list/ this (Vote for One)
      netting BAPTIST Florida Qo tlhU\\>>.., ailthorlainr\ civil'rtliaLfLt r
      ,. Davis Is
      110ft nlon: real well, and Math 1(00( W. Madison! Hi. For Governor I /i I ._. _'* __ ._.. ..... ,. .. branch eQ\U'tholl> In Pads. County; .V1',.LTIIF .
      ROBERT A. GREEN JR. (Dem .
      Wasdln Is/ reeling much brtt ) PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL: '1",
      '(Vote for One) "
      Sunday Services 9:45: a. i FOR ASrhMENT .'
      r.The will bo m., Sundny School; 11.00: a. r---T U!iI" AMENDMENTS:\ "
      Mrs.Tom m., Morning' Worship; '' 6:15: JtAYON)) BURNS (Oem) ., AOAfNlT 'ru AMP.NIrooIr.NT M r'!' I
      here Friday Nov. 1I..t Mark a cross (x> mark In the plan at the RIGHT
      Lcfevera house at 10:30a : 'p. m., Training Union; 'JIO; LEGISLATIVEFor For the Amendment or Ag ln. ,U1. Amendment. -- VV4 "
      r rI .
      m. p. m. Evening: Worship.Wednenday I CHARLES R. HOLLKY: (Rep) I RtaU Senator .. 0o t ". :nijx'!iw' ,-"t .'ertS+vt. (.rTe
      Clarence Tyler and Srrvtces 7:30p. : NO. '1 C'OSSTntT10: (AL."\\IL>n>Miurr TOJ{!
      Miss Mrs. Elaine Smith had abirthday I m.. Mid\ week worship. Rev. I I Fifteenth Senatorial District C'OX9 Til IJ'I IOXAL AMKXmiCXT' TO f ..tRTICUt V..SCCTIQS: a.. ; ,/:

      this week 1-folder rowan, Pester 11lThe (Vote for One) ARTICU1 VII 't r"r'l'Qx W: : 'rt 1.:'t;' .

      remaining offices. riulrsU by law to bat ., nU1kI \pportlonlUf'nt-PJ'op( alt amendment to Ar- InrrnMl.g aamsei. *f-JNi4lrUt flteett.Prapeelril! *;

      I this election, are bolng sought by only one cane CHARLEY E. JOHNS' (Dem) I 1 I .tlrle VII. of the ,Florida Constitution stlatlng to' an((1)smendrneat.to'of Article V 8< t'
      tlulate for tech ofn-.. Tn vot for thM. r.madningotaree -- Apportionment and Census, |the Florida Constttutlpn 1ncr sainr.ttnuutWr
      NURSERY PLANTSStEl place: a cruse (XI) mark in the square\ to the 1 I. House of Representatives shall prwtdinr right: of the nsm. of the oundldnt for whom you and the Senate shall consist of providing. that there 4111 be Do ed'4tJ.04lj11.
      number cttWit
      rostra to vote. To vote for a |per..n. who*. name Is members and furtherprovkwtg that the Legi latur of Judreadivided residing ailt !; nl-
      not printed! on ,the ballot, write his cams In the< Fur Member 'Honnv of Representative shall' apportion at the 1.71 regular/ senion-< ty formerly. a part. of a ,ltitll..Jat clremt'heIffef! ; !
      bUnk space[ provlilail. for' that purpo**. Bradford ,County and wary ten y..r. thsr.aft.r. cns.t.d Changed.or rsvtied. : ..r

      l'ONGRISIONAI; ::: () (Vote for One)
      FOR> THK A.trifoMiNT .. .
      For Representative In C'onjirew F FOR TIne AMFNDMT I'I!I4f1rNRT : rla

      Over) 100.000( Nlt'e Plant'/ To Select t'rum. homeOwners Eighth ConKrrHMlonal District A. J. THOMAS JR. (Dem) CI : : n 1lA1NaT'TH1C: AMo'\o.'JMDrr) '. .'
      ( and Home itutldera flee UK. Now (Vote for One) AME\OMIr'1T. : :

      I I L .. aurn'-mb'[ :; L'1it1MftY6L.r'7ti: "' '
      ( :
      '' t
      : ;ul.. Can Keg. $ ; n fTO )

      Varlety( .
      India NO. t
      ). R. (Hilly) MATTHEWS: (Oem) o AKTKUf X\1IJ .
      i NOW 50cKITB ..
      AZALEAS f- ------- ('ONiTrrCTIONA1..111ENnMINT': '

      Can HUe. ,$2.00 5lt<.M.b. I.ard (Can SUe .3.00: For County Judge ARTU1.K \\t, SECTION': 1 \ddIUaJ )_..t...... .t R.vt.iag a. A-.tIIt.. the

      (Tallon Cam'lFeu.' LOO) -" --f JUDICIAL (Vote for One) ., Term .f nra... rrMittsI I by ii'....1..."' rropollina' XVII rmlltvtlo of LIIo Florin Proposing OnastltatlaH an sm.ndm yravUlafraa.!at to Ariklo ad

      r an amendment t. ArUcls XVI. a.cllo5 7 toprovlde ditional mth BOXWOOD ---.--- JL- 50c For. Justice<< of the Supreme Court, T1IERON: A. YAWN, JU. (Dem) n, of Ute that the Legislature l1Iay extend l< Ue terms, ; proTMmg that .tth.r broach of U>. l>r-
      --- --> '-?'- (Croup; No. 1 nicmbenhlp on the board, !( $LUIi
      (:lion Cam
      *- ( nspolildbilit for collcgM<< and "","l'IIttiea (met tn. of the .
      HIBISCUS 50c!$ (Vote--for--One- ) /:I .linllBginu cnlKtgm) t. notlln..... 111.5 nine svgs.f' oft entirConitltstlon any, portion and or may a rrruloo direc{" ab4.t<< asas.etn.nt Pc'vld.
      -- ---- al.etloa .'" ""i.
      tw .n u.--L' e
      2.30, -'in. Gallon: ('Unlt-atfar., .fI.oO' ll. K, Roiiiit1s I: I ((1"01)" ) II I For Sheriff) FOR THr. Awo.1UENTr : I ;

      7Sc ---- ---. Vote far One) r : .
      ( .
      ---I IAnAlst'1'
      - 4
      TUB: AMKNTHTKNTxo. :
      (Gallon. Can*-:Utf $1.IMI i ). I II r "I
      1'. I n. REDDISH:::) (item) ", r 'nf1l: AMr'DM1'4T(0Nnmrno' ,
      BOTTLE BRUSH: 75c For Justice Hopreni Court: .

      -- .- --- Croup(: 1\... X I I i :' a ""- ,, n _- ...
      (,-alIon. Cana :lUetf. $1.50: t) I nni"Tnt'TIoS.\L .U'.1AMTICLK &.. D"J:1'IT' TO
      Vole for One)
      ( "1. AIRtDVUy-r 'TO' \
      For Clerk Circuit Court ABTtfBJB IX. axCTIOX .1
      V _

      Heavy flushy' I'luninrdi, :<: :.('an'IiR. j''. )(t- K. )HARRIS DREW: (Dem) J t tf (Vote for One)" 5, ....... D.adt Cm' r.(I."........O.tlay(III'', ropo-ng an Fstvaeui'p/1.a'': ;.tMd Vsr;:....... 0. .T.4t si..:! tPrepauns

      LIGUSTRUM 50ciitiTon V am. HSm nt to Arttols XII of th* !florid But Qoft..UUtioll an an ia to Arttrl IX, ..ct'.p' 2.
      .- - 11'or I-f! CHARLES) A.: DAUBY (;[ m) r-rf rJ r.utUK to tlte tt.o .< rut of tot nv.no.r .( th. Flonda OtftaUtllU!*."latllilc 1. .41strG.ttw.
      (; ; Cana--:ltea. $i:<>0 i Jn* 4 from UM Ik.attttg of MOtor raici a foe and \u. of gasolia. sad life tas.,Incr* ..ag INa

      TEA OLIVE $1.50 Justice "f the Supreme\ Court; I f I (.pits! ..tUv. aactbC- "rT\n and otl .r oh.o|. :94 ta n ,.... n-Mn January .. 1tu. UedU11l. perte4
      L .,. Croup: No. 3 pwpo.. fcJdixg a m. bo<1 of eomputlar the ....- whirl pro .KU of ta e ..ra*. GAa Ta/041:

      fort) Auntralfa" -r.l5;-"if a'nTfll, (Vote for One) }'.,. Tax Aa.....or I tw ate, .p.rcea&f tMtnKtkM per siwuw oniu: !*MJ*....., btter..t rate to loa"'-d-ptaNot.. 1& &..NatAte flood & .tr'Ibetlo.. n..
      .st.odag maturay
      PALMS ._- $5.00 (Vole l for' One) bte on! boo fei ta. January I.THK 2esa. -
      V-- -- RICHAUD. KRVIN': (likmlF ) 'U
      Spiny Creek-( a'lU.ttS: : FOR TlTR AVCTDMKXT
      $1.00 r.KXE: LONG( ( ) *1I FOR : AM.DMrNTIlAlNitt'
      JUNIPER r, ,
      Al41Nsr Twf
      lALEN11111.A; : > CAItNATIONS.. -- ____ __ PII i I tF .,.,IE'AWrn' MTCNTNO. .i-t, AM1LN'DtLrr -. _-l--l

      .r Judge' DMrict Court er .lppeal .
      doz. 60c ...
      PETUNIAS '
      PANSIES I .r.
      Flrat .lppellale UUtrkt. !%0. IS .
      V- .rT.a\ L.u.ct.r: 4t0tTTttT10lL ro,.rnrvTKR(.%uARTICUC ,U'>CtdiEt to
      NIIN'EAST Vote farJOHN One
      (Uvular $5.00( ) ( ) '
      Pole fr'On' ) x. U
      y ( ANI: DtL7tT TO 1Q.\ "
      PALATKA HOLLIES $3.00 I I ARTICU: xn '..east. (" I.
      ) T. WItifUXTON: ) (tl(>.m) I! f -'y 14.wt..d'h.atwsarsea

      ,Limited' ,Tim- .hush On. Out, For ThU aleQ. .... _J. H. KEIXr-: -, (Darn) f1 V, ................. d 'al.. 5..6 lead .. ...... ........... ..J"1oInSa. -Coa.Iitatios- Ce rfial11l6 Ankl.tlto. ..m.ryydTtlui / fIt.. .

      t4 1 ---1. ..---- R.pea.R am nen4a..t 1. Aruc ;: prtretdag. We .....ra....... O.smey ..A&Irwt!:
      t lit* rUM I < IM 41.tt.1n Cleft tnuuen setaretas n toe .e tM I .
      Citwct ... lea tat petadp.l .e u.. ....Ie ..... aa--- yallMu.. sitsWerya -.aa; _
      C. CARNES 4 or iirruit JMC e I .. anal f tars Itfus., reel prupst7 ...:J M. tAa.a!:.-(ae n-b..al,
      : Eighth: Judicial Or.-lt t.w Seperiatende.t, Paine ialr.etlo' oapasl for u..aJ .stay ......3'' of IltAte 1.r1o.ss.sly sad. u. m.Iaptam abal .-
      I ;, t.&eu..aIrIttH: \ spa j t.u..
      (Vote-for O M) (V.l. for. OM) 'c : .. sad e.p.taet2.,.. l.e para.-reema a art ltaIsreorw8.ti sett a r flee 1.-tte.L.the.tne! .Ist'ire' tw- K1bet1....... .._.,

      NURSERY J. C. ADK1NS. !N.. __._ )(Df.tn) f I II T. .t_ CA$).Y. JR. .. (Deal> I _f FOR TIrX. A1t tMllNT i I l lIAOAl'T r :THE AMPTQMHNT .{ j jTHlt [
      -' --- -- -,-- ...
      of Stark," Hwy 100 at Ftorahon. I I !
      23 Mile\ East Phone ft!',.541415 I i Tit>e AML'tZaM11T Af1lPCl.1 .VTCXPMlJfT:: -.t t t. I



      m NJ -- -- -- -

      f r

      -- -'
      T1It'1tSDAT. OCT. 29. 1984 RR.\OFOUn C'OrST'TF.L1GR.rll.: STARKIX n.onin\ h PA01BtM! .

      "'.-:..;.c'k;' -. ,. :. ;-- :- .- -- ..... -- .t ...---- M1iw, ti5" I.

      QUANTITY I"OM i 0> RexKveu-rnl' Ti i5iiilij! : '.

      4 q 1 ikifi,a r!!.a::.:igtE; :3 1i.. "" ;,
      "i.t '

      .---4 '. V' .

      I t .

      i:' : I ",
      f't i '.

      ..". ? ;.._

      ;X,: '
      :. .
      to> '
      'if:" v J .. r

      n. \

      .,, Cttok* f fI
      a..: { ,,, S1 KT ) SMALL GOVT INSPECTED .. \
      r r
      r t
      > 4
      "I-.(;/ ,V W T Sunnyland 'SmokedHAMS

      :. ,,:..;. .... I ;;
      ::/ I t,

      .'", V "Pr 'f..
      : ,
      ,4 ( '

      : PIt .
      ".' I

      , <,' ,' _. R WHOLE 4- t,;
      OR, HALF ;

      J._._ ___ ----- I.o.f 5'i
      t ; .e
      .v hs... 1 t ;k
      Corn 29 t '
      J 16-01. '
      |00 BXTRA STAMPS WITH COUPON 66 .'''''
      BRACH HoJIowMn M.HOW PINEBREEZE Grr "A" Fresh FI a, i 'M'L. .
      i.-' Cremes m 3 uN 2'BMCFd 1

      (."'10.:oa.SIJIMlxEGiS( \ ( 2- 79"CanH couP J In ,*:COOK QUI<' .f

      5 tHAl01N .. 89r. f#
      BRACH : \!
      '. .. i. t
      ?f I
      :: ? : .. Disc : ", _.29' .'
      r. BRACH 101 CANDY U. .
      :--.l,* ;; .I Treats: i.u79- 0 r .
      <" I \\oj
      4itlf;; BRACH CINNAMON ;
      .. CHUCKI"
      Balls 29t W-D BRAND
      ;} BRACH ASSORTED Roast u. 48<; '
      Toffee 7 ..,29*, r
      .lRORTOIV .onf/ cnlcKlrt. ....",-. 0-1' '
      .. : '!; Pot Pies .6"o' .
      .. .., \ 06 .
      ,",'.f" .' '::;; i Roast.58'I ; I i MORTON( FROZEN FOR THICK OK TREAT :/ 'I'' '"' "n''''''''''' ..v
      t t .. .
      t ,
      ;' Donuts
      _. W-D .1. .
      .f..y' 'nl_'.I...E : ; ; .,\\I t
      1 PAMO'VAtUY< >RO: N F"11'40'' WYPotatoes :
      . Ribs..i>. 3.8' ,C L
      .JIG.-:' ."r f BETTY CROCKER CHOCOLATE. CHI1 I I 2-3,

      , CookiesGrouper PKc;. 2.5'. I. 100 EXTRA STAMPS WITH COUPON *64 GROUND ; -
      x d1'OA rI 1Cl1N OIAP4 l

      hH'fl.UT : .39'' Beef. 5+. r T5, Juice. 4 as 9t(

      ILG 49. ..COPELAND COUNTRY, .. 1

      '' a_usage 1'S,91., : B'-- .fJI'2!
      + "
      '''IESH BOSTON BUTT PORKRoast. P 4


      ij Y OK BAUARO i. ... "
      JBiscuits 4 NS391rowels'; 2 .OU PKd' 29, *

      paG.91. .PALMEtTD REGULAR 3/35 CAMPBELL'S TOMATO tiel. ,I-
      Salad :;:'::::29! ,h
      Soup "" CAN 10,: +
      ) a .

      Cheese 2.Lb. 3 9.1 REGULAJl.,49 cup SOUTHMayonnaise cr ..AtL WtFO'A, ro. T KK o* THAT -

      YTR_-::;s* .\'lG.2".Ot'"',DARUNGtG. Cw:-w_ ou"' .39.1. Apples 5iiiAc49/. 'J jhANt

      .F"' \
      luns 2. '''' 29 : ldWA R J/it:1.1 ,. HAWAIIAN t L'> 9 > '
      ..3J< DIXIE/ DARLING J Tomatoes 2 i" ,

      ... _.._ ,Buns .P4'-c,.. 2.,9; Punch._ 4.CAH $1.' ill. a J. KJ,i orpwyA RED. 'WIlT 1 ,
      ? 4 59x
      ;. : i' Potatoes LIS- .
      : oil..
      , .... 1'P.' r
      "*.....,...... E",.. ..,..
      I h GRIIN: ITAMI........ S l ., wy
      .t Jslc GAi! s TAMK .. ..... t --..-- \ 4
      --- .
      PEGUt, el l CHASL I. W.9OAN!
      Gt- .. ir'cI.bri1Z, QP.R114a y H.Ikw.e91'' Cs+r +...
      t* .... .. u Z: -,-_.na
      ter.e.q. 1wp. tiN..w) ... CoffeePCGIAAP 6 X
      -- HI.CAN.
      Li :;, :
      ... _
      ...... ._ EXTRA: EXTRAS: EXTRA 77 ASTOCoffee(
      f th! CU1TAM S
      ? b GItlIN; !> STAMK iJ' GUIH; STAM11 ------
      '. ,. ..... --_-_--_..- t' ---------- .-. .... "" Hi CAM 5 9 i a.

      '..,,;..'-....'.: :.'". .I >x a: Clleeelal_....-_-:-''qu&.'U... i ,-. .1i'.1;.....--i.-"-..'-. ..._....... ...,..wR..,..-.--"---Go.It.w.1.w.-. -It .. atacl ;lM'Yllllf* O*. "yHtU" tAJIJ'N /,

      I!! UT48'i "
      .. r EXTRA EX. Detergent
      / .: TirEXTR/ .!1!!!: _
      ; .Ii.c.a.: !!!. '
      / .;ii. ._ _. *_ ... ... w<6jt>a 794 ,.cru&G04r "'r.t
      ._. --'" '"
      ; .. ._... .... --- a. -
      x" ..Ic.e w.w Onar I.... _ca.n..4.__loam I.M J'" M..w Fig_ ae..Mr a.-' Cheer. SIAPRM. PKG.A. 5 8,J. '> ..fi"1 1.f ",."
      r !... 1.l p---. 1.. _, -- 1a --..;
      -. lit:;


      f !

      w._._...--, -_.," -,
      ,..,.. --t._ ,
      .. .
      --- '

      pjR 'rE!(. .<_ __ BRADFORD COrfJfTT' TKI-FflRAPII.: STARKF FLORIDA TIIVRSDY.. OCT. 29. 1984

      I LI


      ! For Continued :
      !\ r ,

      ; ;7-






      President THE OF United States '

      .1 L.


      FOR THE FIRST TIME in more than 100 years a PRESIDENT JOHNSON has won the admiration of LYNDON JOHNSON the Democratic nominee is a THE JOIINSON-LED DEMOCRATS have a record
      Southerner occupies! the White House and has a the world by the manner in which he led the nation man of proven legislative experience and ability. As of solid accomplishments in their short White House
      chance to win a four-year term in his own right by -and the world-In the uncertain days following the a former Senate Majority Leader for many years he tenure. They have moved to eliminate waste in government
      a vote of the American people. Lyndon Johnson the assassination of President Kennedy. lie enjoys the possesses administrative and executive ability and and have strengthened U. S. armed mightson
      of a farmer, a former school teacher, CongIWIMconfidence of our allies and has earned .the, respect 1 is an American leader who has already achieved while actually cutting defense costs and reducing the
      man, Senator, Vice President, and President is this. of our enemies. .t < world stature and international respect. number of government workers by 22,000.

      man. .

      t '

      .. .. .. .
      .:: .
      .j iV"i
      . -

      'y A Friend of Florida Vr .tfff i The Democratic Score Card

      xLyhdovi '1 ;:s,." ,
      Johnson, the first President from the South In '1 Here are just a few of the recent accomplishments of the
      a hundred years. ha* clearly shown that he Is a President \ Democratic: Party-the party of President Johnson: .
      +' alt the people and has been a great friend of Florida. '

      M While etervlng with Florida's two U.S. Senators he support. '' Educational Opportunities Pioneered the Nation's first
      ed them In their fight for Florida's needs. Both Sen. Holland vocational and adult education programs and school lunches.
      and Hen. Smathers are personal friends of President Johnson Voted to construct libraries, classrooms', community' colleges, ;
      .; E and strpngy, | .,endorse his candidacy. and graduate schools. -
      I .
      A. Vic President, Lyndon Johnson continued his leader HEARRep. ..
      I chip In the "space' program as chairman of the National Aeronautics Ralph. Turlingtonof Farm Prosperity Promoted fair prices", through farm
      ,and Space Council. As Majority Leader In the Senatehe support programs extended credit to farmers provided soil
      sponsored an investigation of the space and missile programs Alachua County conservation programs, originated ILEA-and TVA. Under the
      and recommended a 17-polnt program that brought Speak Democrats, farm income rose from $1.9 billion in 1932 to $12.6 ,
      America to the leadership in space that it enjoys today. Florida ,Tonight" ((Thurs.) billion in 1962. .
      became the new frontier for the apace age, and Cape KennedyIs at 8 P.M.
      _'.: the site of the moon hot program-- n economic stimulusfor In The CourthouseYou're -
      all Florida. UnemploymentTook the lead In the War on Poverty.
      InvitedTo Launched Area Redevelopment to create in
      Jobs depressed .
      a President Johnson's record of accomplishments in Wash
      area, established
      Training .for. the and
      Ington for Florida ,include revival of the Cross State Barge unemployed. unskilled.
      E Canal a project that leaders of our state have been advocating
      't,( for'a hundred years. Under his. leadership actual construe. .. Coffee Hour
      '( ion on this vital project in under way. -.
      : Friday. Oct. 30 Housing and Urban Development-Consistently fought slum .
      Florida; now stands at the crossroads. Will we keep what 10 Till Noon with modern low-rent housing programs" and voted to eon-] .
      we have, and continue to add to It-<>r will Florida begin to struct housing! for middle-Income groups and senior citizens, to -
      Jose ground We have so much at .stake the industries .DemocraticHeadquarters protect open spaces in urban areas, and to build better community .:,
      now' thriving In Florida because. of the missile program/ at Cape facilities.
      Kennedy.... 'our numerous. defense. bases. ., reaching from Pen- Cor. Court. & Jackson
      "ascots to Key West .assistance" to education through the Ladles. Especially.
      school lunch program/ construction loans for higher education Invited Economy in Government-Started economizing on military
      and school aid In defense Impact areas services to expenditures and holding 'down the Federal payroll. Appropriation -
      agriculture and citrus. assistance to t the aged slum requests' for 1965 are $I billion I less than for 1961; 'f'
      clearance. better housing urban renewal prOlr1'amand, ) E : ./ \ the deficit will be cut $3 billion by 1965. "
      scores. of other vital projects. Florida needs the continued .e'.. ...
      help of a friendly administration,. In Washington.For ),',-
      .. J Tax Reduction -Won a 1964& tax cut'whlch will pump
      nearly 100 years the People of Florida In free and $11.6 billion into the Nations economy boost the grim national/ '
      open primaries and general elections, have looked to the I Item* '""'144" ... .. ._, product by $30 million create between 2 and million jobs.
      ", ocratlc I'arty for leaders who will get the job done. Ninety I Also provided a $2.5 billion tax incentive to business for ex
      nine per cent of these. office holders who helped plan and build pansion.' Under the Democrats the average persons disposable
      Florida were Democrats. It Is worthy of note that Florida's "' income rose 8 per cent in 196063.
      greatest growth periods! were during. I Democratic administrar .. I
      r r. ,. done. In Washington with Democratic: : Senators and Congressmen
      ", working diligently and unceasingly to attain valuable pro .- Compare thb, constructive program with the negative program I
      t a' jects and funds! for the ..tate.I. .. .. of President Johnson's opponent. ,
      I.... I ... I :

      ':, C. ) ,

      + : '


      \ I

      Never before in history have the (people of America enjoyed such a pro. This. I Is the reason that hnl'lln.and financial leaders, who have been lifelong .. *% IV I''
      longed period prosperity. Per capita Income of Florida residents rose from Republicans" are turning a cold shoulder to the GOP; presidential !nominee, f.
      IS U a year In 1910 to $%,.0 II In 1962. ranking our state 33rd In .per capita Income and are openly supporting lreddent Johnson. It .ii h..''' I
      the 50 .tat .. .Ii"'''
      among .....' Financial analyst Sylvia Porter says: MAt the heart of thU phenomenon isA I
      recent: {Gallup: poll showed that .II. per cent of the Nation's voter* think ; the fact that these. men and women accept President Johnson as a 'true conner-, I
      ". the Democrats. are the host party to maintain the peace, and 53 per rent nUn: a sincere defender of osir. country version of free enterprise man -
      think the Democrats. are the best party to keep the country prtll& ......*. Only ft. who understands the crucial role' that business confidence and adequate> profits I. {\
      I 20 per cent thought the Republicans were bent for peace, and 21 per cent thought play& In a prosperous economy.* That U. why they support President' Johnson and r.? ,
      I.' I hem best for prosperity.As
      usualJ.' ., the voters know the -core. All U. businesses, from the giant '": Porter add: "A profoundly significant fact Inherent In 'baaine s.p* ti 4"f" I
      operations down to most of the smaller shops are showing record' earnings from r+. port of President" Johnson .U that the Democratic administration' Kenaedy . suck Democrat-MponMored benefits .a liberalized depreciation .Investments credits &...._... Johnson has done more for buxtnesn than any other .in memoryT ..+; x.
      ., and lower taxes. ..'" ;
      ", ;
      ,'f,. '


      't; ,'t'- ,; WHY TAKE A CHANCE? VOTE DEMOCRATIC ON NOVEMBER l : 'J'i'': ,

      ,.: .If'' ". ... ,. 11"" v -, .<,-., ,. .. ..'- .
      I. ,,, ,,. l' \ + '"
      '''4 :
      This Space Sponsored By -

      CI"U4$ had e.t .)

      =. "-' .:.- .. ','" "",", :,:",:", .--:::-:.:::) :;;:: t :''-'- -t -::-::...... ,:: -==-6.. ::.,-::: .::. :.:-:.- :=:..:'1:. ;. '!' .-- -j

      ::- .. .-, ,
      ... 1 Iw

      .. ...... .. .
      ,'-. ."-. ..."...........)..I. J".,.. nr :;;::--....... ..-. .-. -.. . .-. -

      COUNTY TFI) Ff.RAPH: "


      STARKK. FtOmbA T1I1RSD\V, OCT :39.! 1981g.vvvn.

      .. .y..y...vnvvvvvvv.


      Uy Mary K. !!'lchaeff.rr.aaaaaaaaUauu Illlan II. ;Mann

      Phone 473-471.1 s ,

      ua 1a.aaa.aaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaarford .........*. JAAAiAAAAiCORRECTION e f

      NOKKIS-WALKER High School in the class fa Th t busy

      Mr and Mrs, Harold W,. of 1983 The torlde- lect is : Ann Cox mentioned in
      KorrU; of Jacksoru, and ( employed In the office of a'' w t'k.s news nult"4IU

      of White Sand Lake, an- Jacksonville Attorney, while Mis Patty Cox' Ann 1 is vIWa ,.
      nounce the coming mania j tht. -. groom-to-be attends- St. Flo d F..tor. himimdcwtfi : I
      of their daughter Linda Elizabeth -| Johns River Junior College in 4" t and nether gi(

      to Robert Veaaj 1 FtUttka.\ 1t, MM L t. N. 'iame at t d
      Walker son rot Mr and 'Mi'*. ;, ATTENTION ALL g, (' m'I:1"I'I: the \M*,'k /
      R. Lindsay Walker of Keystone KEYSTONEKSThh < s .' with her pi,'c"tt. Mr
      is !Important I Contrary: K: C t> k. .
      Heights. .viu > "- -"' -- "-- -- -
      The ceremony will take to last week's announcement. Mr>,- Qeilrutk Nichols) and .
      Itlunempitun, 'Minn i't'h.H.1 Spirit, and I her covet
      place at & o'clock on Saturday THERE' WILL EE NO PTA CV Coiaouit.tvv. \ !
      fe.H\llle) .. .at Idleli.t
      IIoxtail{ Timlin, mltil aver lloimH-miiliiic
      afternoon Oct. 31. In the HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL) t returned from a fi"w days .
      Avondale Baptist Church Tins YEAR. This may seem ,k. .. t with relatives In Rome. t "....k..I. _\| right A g nnl rv"n<|ilx of M .IIIHI! "|>lrtt InUitlun

      Jacksonville. like'a letdown at first BUT. l I.. il.>....."..trilled. l by hva mtliiifiliMtli* ch.wrle.ulerat.
      All friends and relating- t there WILL[ be a FALL t MUNICIPAL BUILDING Wm Baker was re-ck-cto! I It.n..w. 'e.umisg gale Led. I*'rlltltt' IllUllt. .

      the couple are invited, to et- FESTIVAL sponsored by Mayor :M. L Brunlrj (..renter) and boned. Chitlrnuin. Kill\ I........ ( \ '('\ VIce PrewldiM ot

      tend. A reception will follirw. PTA' on Thursday evening. ptctuml setting th. romerHlnne In place. at .w..nl r.Tni..nlr... ...n National League of Post Diane And Wilson
      Miss Norris was a memberof Nov. 12. It will follow the! tt'rs *t the convention In Chapman lyre
      municipal under ..Crllrll..n. lHht-r In .
      Hal- IlrlKhr n\ | building now" can
      the Keystone! Height High lines of the preceding: ,
      School class of 1963: Mr loween carnivals. sans the the planning and building roninilttre. (from. left): Dick\ !iM>-Thofiia" "Uncle! 'fl1nnle( \ )' U re-

      Walker graduated at Brad- costumes so far *-s we know. I lIan....... M,.,.. Dodd. Nel|.+..... and :Mr, (''hlU'l."U..II.. ., :Minbpr.. ('. l l ., U) treatment satin Rule Over Homecoming FestivitiesThe I

      Please stand by for further 1..1. were not .present at ...,.........y. >And It feeling much I broke. lose! from the hold o*
      " publicity on this unprecedented I accenting to report" the! Indians and crossed the
      KEYSTONEDriveIn I ] turn of events.COINCIDENCE Women Golfers I hi* daughter,. Mrs Infuses'. II IIII'I'\mlnJ\\' 1 hiweoming activities. th- veal I fine Fallluu" to make th*

      I \ Dyal Mrs.\ Pya l visit Activities. IxiiAn Ttviv.:.luy "nftet'neeot parade Ixrttrtri uta etrpollt.-) Dragons then hat
      TheatreFrl. On Friday" when. the sirens Start Fall New him MondAY at Lake CttyContinued evening' Ort :XI at 7, oVIixk : 30 r'Ulny' afternoon Attut- a .-oi-i (It> 80.

      were blowing and .- Sat.- Sun coming Parade was making I'' where the annual snake h">rt> lwit.M' by F'ltl' TruoptirJoiitn lI"nll'.II" 'Ut a fire' under

      i i in.aital IU way along the streets of October 8. the Keystone The .... was .dlO'dIlI.-d to tak pUrr the iMrmh. started foiKfyatonc's the Indiana and after thekropvionvnts '

      Keystone Height, etc.. we I Helfrtita Women's Oolf As- Inw of .tvYvv.v.amywvvt.rt'tMELROSE TliU. yntr'a Ctvri>rlr c1i>ni.nnnicly Main Street Pol-! had got their. !second

      \ oncer'sluntaln couldn't help- pondering for I soclaUon started Its first Votunu-er Jane. MoNt\irLry! lowing the Trooperwere urorlnir. gain. of the 1fII1IWt..

      were carrying the funeral aeaion. The matches were the fire Dolores. Minrtw. AMhonY'1 Queen aiul 1 ciHirt. football do ..(mi) services for former Pres. Her- held on three" consecutive w dent l.cUn" BlinUitJinr-wy bench" Wilkinson players" Principal| Willli 1 Oary Cooper\ Intercepted, *
      /J bert Hoover. It made UII remember Thursdays. Oct 8. 15. and 22. Mr. Irani RolhhBim June !thought, and Hirn-, : Knuth and l School Hoard. Drawn pa**. and Oho crowd
      : the '63 Hcan!!coming In the 18-Hote Group, with \ absent I a a....a u...&.a..... ann Nelson lixwdml the I Member A K Anthony, and leaped to trwln feet, txol'lll"iI''
      Showtime 7 P.M. which took place on inthrouuh. the starts" of th. four clM" f"", la. Kxrltoniorit few
      parade. four teams the winning team ADi1Rp, COUNty. T The I .. AL MrlroiwMelrose (t I for a touchdown I In a
      November 22. immediately with 14 points consisted of : Keyhini. nhoutln Indian" WM felt erorywhe.re, nvlniito, their pta was an-
      r I will hold ,its 111-
      Yes We Have after the atwlnatkm, F. Mrs. Whitney Wyman 1: -,....... .. .I Sept. 4. 1 ...." Carnival tioturduy: Yt l> until they arrived at I Jwj the crowd of by"UrwVrcmponikxl .' ewer..d, .when a pa** to Cooper *
      ofour President' John points; Mrs. J D. Henderson! iH' (c.Ii&IUIlI":! P on Santa I 31. starting; at 5 p.. m. the srhuol< Tlw ate dents thrnaMirmblctl with appUuiM anc. by Stefan Broke. moved
      i Kennedy.' Everyone was so 8 points: Mrs. John Wllhelm St- I on I the blanchT d .>rr... Then tlioiiirhU lurniK1 the ball! .111 yards closer to
      Sandwiches Pizza Mrlroiw' flohool
      Hot lUtntnirii-
      tunned they seemed to gothrough 3 points; and Mrs. Fremont .;;, .. ......... drownlnu. i / .mill to watch a skit, The' Last of toward the rvvnlnf. game the ....,. In two mor play"
      coffee and
      Hot Chocolate Coffee .... '
      ' of having I "
      the motions by ami the crowd began k 1) breakup first
      Tolles. 4 points. The next fie UM Dranorw as pmuMxtrd UrokM had scored *
      ,j Cold Drinks, Snacks fun automatically. Let I i team with 13 point consistedof 1'' "' ,'... Sept. 12. _*' 1. Booth of all kind of the NUJon.. With to prronrit' for tho \1'1'1'' down for the. Indian. Then.a .
      -J and a hay rid. for UM Skltooli
      us hope that 1965 will be a Mr*. T J. Hawe. Mrs. E. : :..,: : lake, I ." .* will boo available. pint running\ | ltm" frstUUlm. good running play by Cliff
      t I I F Alken Mrs Huntley Red- : '., .'fJ :Jt .;; J for this l II always. tie country Clt .erlr. .ra let the tmmp u> Eight: chirk eamo at last Chapman put the Keystone
      I fearn end Mri Raymond' 'f' rhen fire hum lhm-flr whom a IMrll, and MM. biwchcni at 1.11. Rosmrvatlon flail" In throatenin! UMTUUTA
      fINew 'b* upon. PYlwa for
      Stamen The next) team, with I dmruure. will. be awaxded Dummy a. thrown Into Uw I .. were pocked with I.The fans were cheering
      11 mints consisted" of Mrs. &- ... > Rev, Jean Chancy I I. In. tomes(> U) 'bbtirruHt "UtMrmtmllilnii aortap roger fans The Captalr 1 foii mUfhtlly. On the nett piny
      Alex Brokas. Mrs. Frank Ottlntrer. Included \ hopes of )\" gsnw, Mouse Mom and ,Groper waa seen mnnlnu. around -
      gftfe 15 MUMAM. ** of arrangements'!' .
      TO In I'nolilit' tilt. the ( loss and crosaln
      Mrs. Ed Hunary, and I Bmrtford : ( vIe4ony the Onrtyt' Cooper won the DM fnJ.
      BUT GENE$ Ai.LY A MucllS'rT&R. Mri M. J. Harnes The team Soft, 10. 'A at Fellowship Faith Presbyterian Dinner. win rdhlwl"l' rvrnln. Wilson and Kf'yaltmlt rvcvlvrO. the (tool' .ulna, giving& Wi* in.

      EXCUSE ISOEMANPEO hatlnr' 10 points Included County Tyr, warn wb"'trd .J. ""IT' Cliff Chapman, Mruretl. Mwflr dlnn thekr first II points of
      Newsboy Thursday ()a'& 33nn '
      Mr. Arthur Ketch Mrs EdDwyer. : I colored (... ".... Next Fat:elI ) I School ",)lrU." and Inane,: down for the irMUns Uu game. TM), attempt f<->r'
      v a Mra. E!:. P. Menxvn.- ervkw! I Oi prtw>n. ... '""HM HrtmitlftplrU but ..vnr l lltrornplvt' paln **- Uw .xtr.. point was good. ant I Ih
      and Mrs. Raw. Olen T..n-'Par.old Mike Paa-i Tnemnta I Details can boo obtained at I ," The two wr .profifr. |I Ii attempts put UM ball In. |''If''IMMIM toured few the
      in the 0-Kole Group, the I water! son of 1>Lal1 r winning .beam Included John Pa.swaU-r. of Lake den ) noon, Tuw....Uy thru =,Mal ,.' aluitonU. left to irmtnwi tintwil. rtriiool, ,,... After t UM "Uanu hal, "left
      v Fr. hw ): Lindsay Walker. .M.I'II'i| Geneva Trailer Pork ls I'' to Rtarke. work on thlr. floats for Uwpanul "Dravttn*" from' Mt Aiw' .i the 'H..!U. UM .Kiyator.* M,.-

      polnta. and Mrs. E. T Martin;j,\ Telegraph newest new.tsy.l :3A. !' I City reserve the right. thee following day, A tine moved the ball sldlr4 /jot1.tt. started \t H..UtlnwIIh

      with 6 point. making a totalof ervlnr the trailer park and I Keystone > reject any and all bJ fs.CMiy I solid ttmehod by all. down ue flrkt' thnuutt I\nII 'C.,, bey I their HIM
      j'y 9. The team having 5 town of lake> Orneva. It wa I j II Jolt IJU I and a .ver' was runnlna4ua.S.l Mean ttt>i*><\ many of th.'I.! bnlftlilnig'\ "M n ling rotTh -
      points, Jncludud Mr*._ Jaul Anyone !In the Like Oen' .va helmets CorL2tehg .. ..U."plInr( large yardage ",,",' gtwn anti her
      It 10 I3a>tts. and Mrs. J. C Wallac i Community! who would hilt to I and aWl I it'a 1 TIM arcotwl ph *. of the' Rain HofnrlMm, a red, dragon |Contlnuil On Neat Pigs
      have The Tftl.rspldf'l1vf'nod' i iJo
      Uiem I
      Mn Marshall Oallop and "
      'J to tltelr door I'IW'h ThuJ'lIda'l Prico".v, -r-
      Mri. E. P. Wright had a total l I
      ,. of 5 points while Mrs. David afternoon may contact Mike th a ('
      : : --- Parks, and Mrs. W I Smith at the trailer. park New .......-
      lUnrm of Like O nova may left by
      had'a total of 2.
      boo ,phoned Ut Mrs Ulllan ptto & \ Vote DEmOCRATIC
      +, Mann *t 473.4155 or left at I floor '

      bit more joyful\ We might Mann'* PUinr I wbukTW ,
      even win Ute garnet t '

      e va a. A.A.Yen. EASTERN: HTAR \ AARP Chapter tlun 1.'
      A Memorial ServVe. was 'I tn.m1< ..vs
      held on Oct. 20 for Mr.. r>llIlaynor. Holds MeetingThe to All The Way !
      EVEN bankers are human. We J who succumbed to lIoy.tarvo Chapter of Jack .
      Injuries. received in an automobile ) that
      AARP met Jet M: In the *
      may not be able to .ay 7eM" to every accident on Oct. 15. butting; of thOnmmunlty ,I brnum
      Tom MnVy was reported to. ] with
      financial aid-bat we've a Church .
      request for M" entered the Veteran imnwn
      ironpttaJ in Lake City having > president Jamra PurkHt pre.aiding. | r n,<.cVm. SUPPORT YOUR DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES
      sympathetic ear. Come in and tell UM become 111 while on a trip 8 I IJ read ;and. Trtrv tabled. propuMtU until' wr UMKor T1wse '

      :. Kennedy I* atlll In Kmorflloapltal pnlnlrd /
      of needa.KEYSTONE. S luncheon-buii n wrrteetlnc
      your In Atlanta ufldrr* crest\Ion
      The membership approved *
      going t't>atmen&. Mr Helm' cof Charlie'
      th* purchase of a '
      STATE BANK I Iar Kennedy': father. David Baker .try / I
      for twat year
      f<<'lDl* lrr UMT
      who I la 104 year old Is m '
      when the .
      not too. well In a nurslna' team
      in the new muntrH_l President Lyndon U. Johnson
      In Hark Building
      _41r_file. aaranaar home
      Du to the Iou of Sofas bulldln) and fat !
      Continued On N' ..t r..., 1 I Th 24 rnemftx-a attending nnntt Vice President Hubert II. HumphreyU.
      eojoyvd *jam *. group 11I1\4' Beans
      .. birthday saJtii
      I a tiwr
      I to Mr. Annie Iff Dunw...dyi coat 1 tome of l S. Senator Governor U. S. Representative

      KEYSTONE HEIGHTS MELROSE i r r i whoa. btrthciay, WM. that day diteotloo

      I fVfrtahinvnt by Mr, *. WlllUm wen Dram.provided Mr lrtr : Speuarcl L. Holland Haydon Burn D. R. ( Billy) Matthews
      '"* "
      BUSINESS DIRECTORY 1!; Camille Stewart Mr*. Or> Carr
      tntd Chn-wt'.n..nd Mnj State
      I{I I trif'IItc.an.. j I I II Clay takln*K State Senator Representative

      AITTO REPAIR j I 11"of mrmbrni rosort{ of dated. I Charley E. Johns Louis L. Huntley
      Ala ()nmosrA" RESTAUHANTS .led were Mr. Julian KJsg Courw
      ANNOUNCINGGoetzman WAMIICK: I keystone. and Mra r.u.booUIl| rear :
      M.Kset nf U'4ear1ln I .
      Bro. TIU\-IOCIUS; .tt frog
      Beidler' 1, MrChranrr. who with |I If fits-own "" ALL JUDICIAL NOMINEESAll -
      Garage CCotor-.BUrk' */ W1IltetIILI.FKJOr.a'TU" f her tnKtasnd. are n*.convT. In this .

      ALL KIND OF : 1e Kry Cnn*, attended tie I vaota.. State Cabinet Nominee Tom Adams J. Edwin Larson Ray E.
      REI'AIK WORK ALL AT DISCOUNT Holiday InaRestaurant jln"f'w" Mrt''*y i Ia : Th ,

      .... .. .,.mrMI.d. with P.rt-of-\bII. I .
      ,. NNa fa.r.k.Wheeler's
      MOTOR, BOOT PAJNTTTtO!' t p. a
      Tom D. -
      rala aTb..o.w.d '' inrac Green, Earl Faircloth Doyle Conner, Bailey
      I'ORT ABU: WELDilehOA Asnrhnon'j
      dash of WI .

      O -dboard "... real Mo6o Mowvra
      { c J> pcrr will b* ttrld at II JI') war ALL COUNTY NOMINEES ;
      MotonHW7 Discount Store :mWPL&'fD.W' aaIor1:2'f ololrJls ,1 saes .... Ho 5 rum
      *l-- K.jr>tanfla. It tgtta I ar**<4..* ar.* ..tn *mt l..
      Hrl store to t.--. : T OATS ,rw' :! LT UP owed ........ Mr ("Ie,. Hrf.ll Caxirtfi:4iu "t41..lff' "Iwp.rvbor'(. .
      to Th r.a ...... t -. .. .*4.rtt afth WIMO.V
      thorn prt .. f. U. ( !..LmU)
      L& .11 CM. HtallJi1fRSItR ./a1: .
      AUTO SER"CZT At. Cr*. I..... dl".as W mn. Out 0-. d- "-I. .....w lMlrwclt' (.naty" J.....
      Jr'.HHK: : f, TY.NKH.:"' JM. THOMAS J. IIIVKIU4T {
      I _1k Han* ed .... Wit I It." ,... "4''nun rui.a.
      U' .
      ? t dTwiu"".8 tnIOfrTW CAlL rb ,,. .")11 brat. Tai AM __nr *. (''''''lrt_ c.'ourt ledge

      Gulf s.'d Semi **. wUI BMUw ,..rahdh of..,.. )riM>: i'. MI mi .... WAY. ': ,:awF"C:/ : JUUJi T. NOIC'1'O
      r .f. k.y.teww. awl .
      JIJr..m71Mirnw (I....., ...... Tb"- oe air noM .
      REAL IBTIT .
      .. ItM UOPCTf > .Jta 9ra.rE.arksalw .' ,...... ...6 rv.N ....... ,. i4'tebI. at 1 M p. M. Tt..+ / rocvrr ('()WtllMUfElU4-e:' f'r' I:. (I......") WII......i. |).UI.. I IIHt. I-ilarvla' f;".... 1)1.1.. 3-
      ......... ...... .r
      '(a beans 111., cab Tfaac. f. II, ((1--! ,) laseaeI.v t lS l Ulrc( | 3.
      T A. M. t4 I*. M.
      ........ira< *.....*-*.. *ta-..ntAPTUANCES ')..,._.._....Y.. .fr O.oannbsm". 1---- ....1 MOMK ("weedy ..rabe p 5is Frigidaire Maytag J4.IIOO( tUt Mill )''tmr.J.. <;.U. An,.... J- leant! A. Ilalky. l 1)4.1.l. .I.
      Piss'... ....... K. Obi ....gs5.Luis
      ....,l' w ..--a...f\! I ........ ...... sY Motorola Zeigler JI'1I'' $ OF Tin: 'IT.AtJ: -HiU. T "....fI. ,11...... I .Art"" f'ad1Ht. Jr. VUt."" 2-- CalvlrtDUI. '

      T V Service: Center'L84"r., .. Tw f.M.erPrg.;..., Co ...... -se o4... Fedder A. OMtr. IM>*.. 1: -IU ClM. .l_. |anal I1.AaL "" 1. |M.... ,.

      *. aX. THId. ih.gr.1.Ietaa.renl ;j-'. wrt.ew.1 1'- fO\MTAIII.ni. J._ 1Aawtea. (,...... I .C'."I .,.....,. f e.l. I-I",.. "a4l1eU.( 1--R. D.

      ......... rrsaa,'0. C. Games N urHry....., l'aataraglaw) (t11.1. ,.-H.ary 1........_, ll'l.I.( << Ie
      .... s rllrssn I YOEMAN'S yes

      ....._ t.. All aw.TV :sa' nra ... a naaw o.$. E. McKay.Realtorf .

      aaoo. .-1r'nIIISD' ,. 5w AS. ertllr r... 1IEI.kO'tpell.' .. CLAY COUNTY DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMmTEEA '

      .... tturc... lr-.- ssa.r .....y'R -_- Itlsyla. ,
      war o.r<:I 1 I 11Laga.L.yarr. .' s Auer Medved and ;
      ... M1gt4. 4tiNaI 1--- 1a.. wt f M a a. a.ti.r" ...... IIQuality Adv, P*il >W By (.byaantr f.m.xnt1c f.'iacutiv Com.)



      -, >j f" !:.SDD.\'JI nRAUFOnn TOITNTY TELFORAMI. !STAUKE.' FM>Rrn.\ TltrR'IOAY"OCT.. !' !q. 19/11/

      Improve their cooking arts. I, Mr Ulnck was woiklng in I at 7:30: p m, A missionary Sprlnll'lJ. sponsored by Ross CIILRCII OF COD fli>rk of the' Clnult TuurtBy The County offers for ."tone ,
      Two Houses 442 ,N. Oalloll, (llAUrr Mud'
      ht. CUIre SUrke |
      KEYSTONE Accompanying, the 00... ;I Korea and had been gone' program: is being planned by Allen. October 23-2S. ,JJoy attending '' HfiUHli' Clerk:M Moody.I'tputy which, muy be ....n at '.li.ty ..

      were Scoutmaster Barry WyI since Easter Monday 1963 a* the 2nd vice president Mrs. -were Lloyd Baldwin Sunday School 10 a. m 1<> t2 It t it 012 I .barn on ;Sortb;; V\ui, -iTh

      and Assistant Scoutmaster terms of hi Lost In Fire ''.. trad* In wilt lie th, itlinytnent (
      HILITES man | per contiact. The :' Arthur Brainerd. <' Eddie Rothhammer. Pat liartin. Morning/ Worship 11 a. m. C'".i, "-'011 ninTh I and th* halmii. '
      Miller Wrinkle I i iOf United States and Florida'I Trustees will meet at 7:30: : : ,,, .
      Billy Schoeneman Woody Evening Worship 7:30: p. m.t Floaut, of Ontlty'' rcuninlH pam In two equal TuiaJ3:

      course the boya were weather look nighty; good ,19'' p. m. on Nov. 2. Bryan. Ricky Gam9o. jpllly At SaeedviljeTwoSwmfr !!! YPE. Wednesday. 7:30: p. m. t I"n.ro ut MrHitfori ('Olltll t."I, with U" Interest.
      .. HVril.. .d!! bliiHHI / "IIF be tnitilr,
      'Iu"d. will fMelVft P'm'ntll ,
      disappointed tInt thei r him these days. I2'v1r11. | Nov.
      (.From: Preceding Page) Cam pout at Sliver Springs\ Amy Byron had an' Day with Mrs Raymond I, Clifford, Yarbrough and their house* barned to:>> j I p.,m. JSveryone; 0 welcome. 10. A. !>., 'IYlt. Ui. Ihe I Iiiiiurtro.mi ", on "flu B'liars'/ to. 1"I
      'bml for hon was called off and Scoutmaster unfortunate kitchen accident' Starnes as chairman. This ls |I Scoutmaster, O'.nn:, Bothhammer. the ground Tuwday..,Oct.: 20. Rav. L. S. .Williams, pastor.I In the coarthutm | >.. on Jan1\\."iy 10, loTh tI.
      Dill Ha\nor plans folloMlritf, plo..r l I Iqtiipm Dnard r.wrvn. ihi .,.
      fur th I *
      in I Iahe In epwcxlvtlle, ,Negro
      wishes that on Oct. from 10 settlej j
      mlT. 01.tna1'? -tbe Master Mason ot Wymn Saturday 17 when an all-day meeting! I : : : to TKif'. t my ."'l. nil bid 1 *

      lltt'lrose Masonic 'Lodge has ''the' future. otganleatloruiI 'splattered; 'herself with a m.. with members bilnglng >Many, Meli'ose residents. jneot In.toe southea-n tip of .. j One New Tanden Drive Motor :I (OKP1CIAU SKAMChnrlea

      T.p be i rtpontponed.. The new date I' woi king with boys will please hot ham fut and fell backward a sandwich; beverage lumIfhtd employees> ot>.-.Sperry :R .fEadfoi'd. County Just westof Plastic Notebook $2.20 at &he'r'1'UEGRAI'U. UraUor. ojulukiuu al,with not <11..1'leu.*l A.A. D/VJiHV Pnrbv,. 't,

      .JLNOV.. 10; after. the Ma onic give, them an' advance notice *'and broke her arm. It'I' Following the meeting attended tbo Open: H e'4UId; I Keystone Heights. | ., ,., I Ir nalrie thair 115 ratoil KNwli..l JIuntrpoWKr.lit i CHAHLCS. 10/JJ 2t i

      gl z l.od !holds Its regular tnc tTlnae of at leant a week on any 'may be- In a cast for sometime all circle chah-men will meet Sperry-Cue! Sunday at the '' TUa fUVarted about 9:30iaJlic : r i iI. ISOO ni'.M. 2l-vu.lt <111'I.

      C, [ to' bo announced I activity that may Interfere\! yet. Her many frtendj i at 2 p. m. for final reporting plant 'grounds, on Waldo toome of JuUu>> Speed. AU"rutto: >>.;FE.II elm-trU etartlnv., 1IOO.XJ4. l I
      hj' frunt nid reur. n<
      "' ... r with scouting. Of course, be wish Her a speedy! recover)'. on the bazaar, which will bei Road. AU !kinds, of ame* ,who Uvea..alone and work-; !inOainaavlllei llrcHlt tone:!. 'HrfulfordCvitBly. I tri tlrex>< nmmrr i-lutph. I\

      a'Y a'w Jjjnr.COMING WEDDING V rcllzen as no do we!, thatthere ,_Lorraine. Dy:_a.mcmbsr.! of I I&nJJ i I held Nov 12 and 13. I i were enjoyed .and Banner It. ,spread, to the : : .Cjiwe florMMi Nu. 'llZ'lit :t**..."...., The vrurtcr will:i "'Gllh l. not'i '
      lin bF ''INTEREST'1 aren't 'enough lays In : viavs 01 1110.< was nonw' Hal was --There. Plenty ..f..eat3 >rtieartu: bouse of liU Bother! :, 'nrrnnlit. U Wnjofmio.' tfntakltt. 'II i I.! .. than,H.il 311)00 ,i-ontrol pouna liyrtr j

      Atr.. and Mrs. Frank Ugenof the week for 'all that goca on trom FSU In TaUabasHce laat and drinks- were enjoyed, by>> J Jall. Leroy .Speed, who. ll>veaajo eland \ vii. Abralimq.. l;ulouion.', ,'i"f* <.H>J- ull.n'ally b type
      t.I'I \ .. ..... .DOt at home. aL Uie I I .>**. ''Ah withafoty
      '! Brooklyn 'Bay Circle''an.- In our little town. weekend to attend the K-y-1 i Homecoming ''J' ,. 1' > < , MEET EVERY .Uma.-JUeFoy >Mturned> while'Ills' | .. II hi 8'. h"ur miter !
      11 curve the Coming marriage SCOUTS atone Height School Home i M,'. and Mrs. Faulkner Carter I To: Abiatmm. !!vlomon.Y. 11 root hjdritull' ]lileKhlrt"I ,
      ...! .

      clc| tlr-'di--'Lucr; 'MrA. I1llcl'l'lr a ''Owpenter.mother.- Mr.to.I WEEK Boy Scouts of Troop 103:) comlnar name Sunday and, Oct.telltlvit1es.25-i.ir.1: I IOn Festivities Set i of Oca m' V s"ecJ..Mq..O'T' ,IRobll1ll 1 'house ag d to wa<.*ve burning c some and. clot man->hl\g. a ult Manln.l for r'' h'roby''Ptvorce t7; nil nullflvd III.bum.tit. aboT tiecufllail tbat,* mnldboard.Tbl* pur.-lm. ... will egrtenient.1 He under: ,,' t It I

      'I \
      h "Fhoma formerly meet each week on Tuesday and Mrs.: Bill Suneral) of'' Mn< and
      I S Bryant evenlrut fiotn 7:30: till 9:30: at Lake Brooklyn celebrated' of-Middleburg 'spent the broUier'ci...house.Sparlcs you lire requJl'rcJ' to. .erve, a j'
      81 of Alnbe'mll. now of Badeii- I 1 L-uuy of your annwef or >ulvadIn .
      cl the ,Community Church educational their 13th wedding annlvereaiy weekend'!'wltre"their, ',parents. from the house ignited to II"., 'noinplalnt' ; on the 1
      Scout Camp near\ I. .
      Boy (From
      ow lr Preceding Page)
      ""r"ltolle. building. Any boys with a. dinner for !some I Mr; andMrs., Albert Hlnaaot. surrounding brush and Plaintiff.. 4t
      Ife The wedding will be 'an who would like to become of their ft'lends: at their court. escorted onto the,, and Mr. an* Mrs: Howard I II p XliM.spcaad>> .x>ver:o th .,.ground,\ hue, fhat'Io1I'torllla''and 103-20J' ;; N. 'r"1I1'e' Ave-file,' $1 .Per..Day: ';J;, l

      > membrm and join in the fun home Bcsldev the delicious I were Morris.Mr threatening; other house ,In lh.. original. In the" otfl.-f of tlioOl : 8 ..Ks
      'of Dec. 5, at RT
      event Saturday field where they were :precntcd rk of the Circuit' Court an : .,, w l
      I .The. I
      are Invited to come a-t .that dinner, Mr and Mrs Simcral I *. J. S. Evans of Miami the .neighborhood. Keystone ) ,
      c 'tne!' lUert" home with Reptlou dur of ::
      \ a flowers by the chcrrladcr i I'll' b'or.he Slrrl: NojveDibt : ,.
      afterward lor." the time. together, had baked a wedding :! vl"'itd Mr.. and Mrs. A. C. I Heights fire department ftc < LOVEI/V onN': HOUSE! cake with three tiers *. The 1963 Homecoming Spire Tuesday. i received a delayed call and I l vwtlone. of mild Complaint. wlltt. :REPAIRS fJl:
      ; ofmple. oueats will fconM\l>y. queen VI Rldaught stepped |'I !be taken aa euafeaiecl by yoli;
      brush fire
      { '-to AT WOMAN'S: ci.rn and decorated it. as well Mrs. Elizabeth: "Melton is a manatcd to oust the W.\TClLES-m.VMONI .,, ? ...
      1nyltaton"only'. ? : Into the spotlight/ and I Till" nullu* .baU I \\tf publmtief .,> :
      On' Sunday afternoon the Dinner guests included A'bcrt patient in Bradford County[i before any other property od*e es<'h' week, for tour!' AH Work Guaranteed' '

      bJ1 Tlw? brl-Mlcct' baa lived In Keystone Heights Woman'sClub [ Slmlone. of Lake Van3 at ed the n<*.w queen for crown-I 1I0 Pltal.'".'* "9Mrll. I I f was damaged. Forestry" Seurv- conM-utl. week* In the) DahmersTV}
      hM tor' aVmunU : ,
      Kfywt\ tM* Kol : season. Queen Diane called Ifrndfttrfl Cnunty Te1pffrahHAteil A. C. AVilliama
      held a lovely Open Johnson Mr. and Mis. Nettf Mann of Jack-l I I ice equipment wa aleo I
      thin 15th tiny: of IIt'lo.t' -
      11t of yeara and the groom-; House at 'the hom of thrlrpresident. ols s Neola of Ocala. \ Nleh-1 man. Attendants and court sonvllle vLilted in Melrose I, in to throw up a fire break her, 194. 142 W. Call ,$t. "
      lo-be came to this area re- for this Dolores I 112'E"c: lftJii'969: : t71'It
      year were: .
      Mrs. John Bird.Hostcflftp and Mrs Victor Belnano" and ) Sunda)". !''I around the burning area. (.ilEAWCIIMU.CS Starke. Fla. '
      i ntly to serve as a ranger at, Mivrhce. for the Junior t' A. nARflY' ;i, J ,
      ,, for the afternoon son Mailo of Oalneivllle. Misses .Dculnnd, VlKflnla'/ ...-,
      multi-million dollar: ,
      new Class; June Rldaught for the Methodist -
      Powell Scout were Mrs. Arthur BrainerdMrs. and Mr. David ROM! of Ford of the University of ,JFirst. -
      irjon Boy Sophomores! and Diane, .
      J. A. Williams and Mrs Mr'j ; F ''f t ri'i"F* ;
      rose did not attend the Floilda upent the weekendf '
      ramp. Prior to this asttlgnin / I Thomas for the Freshmen: for the week:
      Julius Hanson. Our.ts were but with Mr. andMrs. .
      ner sent
      a their parent tl.
      nt tie worked for -six! (years Photo! were snapped and the ) ; Sunday Church, School 1
      ureeted at the door by Mrs bridal bouquet from their.. own C. A. Ford.Mr. .
      In Jacksonville with teen girls were! escorted from th?. 0.4S: : B-m. Marfltog Worahlp.
      Alma Front who then had flower garden I and Mrs. C, A. Rodl-
      ers: and Boy Scouts. field with the cheering of the \ II a.m.. MTF-/ Council.meetingS .
      them sign the guest book. We ,
      wire happy to hear MUlCh of Indianapolis
      After/ the wedding trip the crowd embedded in theirm..mol'l..s p.m. Snack Supper tots: , Mrs. John Kargps, seated that Mrs. Eula Walker I are upending their thlid winter
      0 ;iipU- will Wilde in'Keystone for all time. '.. 6 ,jp.m. Youth i
      at. the head of the refreshment home from Bradford I a-t Revels Camp leetlngA'1
      HdffhU until a Ranger'* County The flouts then made their! I 6:30: p.m. evening. 'Worship, I I7:3O
      table poured coffee for Hospital' laat wrekrnd.! much Mr. and Mrs. Fred1 H. AbeII '
      at tho Scout .
      onu1 is appearance, and the first : ".m. .
      I the gucttts! many of Whom Improved In health and 1 Sa returned to Mclros Tuesday
      CampI'Oi.i.s prize trophy was awmrdi'd,: the Commission onI
      Monday --
      I were husbands of the members i now at her own little home alter 'p ndtnjt: the.summer InOelnvan
      OrEN .
      : Junior Class Thrlr flout ahugp |
      Education meetingT p. m.
      and friends.The off Lawrence Wis. I
      Blvd She ,
      UltRARY CI.OHKI: I IIIrort.unate made of tnblffnapklns I
      dragon .
      ; I Men'*. Club executive comI -
      Ideal and
      weatlur was In having Mrs Mtss Kathy Braun and Miss\
      'On Tuesday Nov. 3yElcctlon : the Birds' spacious home I lithe Josephine Firming to be a and chlrkenwire. was Pat Miller of Gainesville'I mlttea meeting '7:30: p.m. OfI -

      Day tho XeyBtoni, distinctly different from other flolal Board meeting .in aanI -
      Meal place! for holding help and spent! the weekend with Mills
      companion to herduring I
      Bianrh of the Clay CountyLibrary floats. In that. the float required I 8pm, .
      affairs of this sort; hence U her convalcsence. Braun'* grandparents Mr. I chary '
      will be open lor peoplr < "Man-power" to propel
      1 I was a social miccem.HEMMKTTKH I NEWS: ROM ST. and Mr*. A. B. Axuold. i Tuesday Executive Commltee.meetlnff -
      in. this area but the Library l It-and not horse-power, of W8C8 .8:30:
      : HC'OKK AGAIN
      WILLIAM'S Mrs. C. I* Ufci-rls of Welaka. -
      will bo cloned!' ln-" o-fiMi. It )looked like some large ,
      ronJ This past weekend.' Ward : For" the benefit of those Mr*. J. V.1"o1'd" of Pa1tatka. | a.m. W8CS Study Course, 10 i
      (1'' riiprlclnif out books Is "thousand ,-uirrdworm
      Evelyn and Penney Bennett.*, -who Mrs.O. of ) a.en. Biislnesa, session at noon.
      ,O. Thlgpen
      run camps etc. torYOUI1I1MI'8.
      cei'rtrd. Plea e do not takrbooks' r with all Uie little feet running&; '
      of the Keystone Ceramics I I Cat Palatka. and Ralph Bring a
      Sunday Muss at.
      4 off sholvcs look a beneath It) So haU off to '
      Shop: took part In the Cera-1 Canon of Sliver Wednesday- MeetIng -
      lplnped i flt. William's Is at 8 a. m. Lake spent
      be mll the Juniors for job well
      thnm, as they may a \
      mlcs Carnival for Central I| There was a time pcrhapr Tll11r day with ttielr parents. 7:34: I p.m. Chancel Choir
      when them done I ,
      I put
      you ] Florida In the Longford Mr. and Mrs. t rehearsal l. 7:30: p.m.'
      II I| last winter when Maas wa R. M. Oason. to
      II I b 1k.; You may, however, per With half-time accomplished
      Hotel In Winter Park. And I I it 8:30. and! so often groups celebrate Mrs. Cason's 78th'i Thunwlay World Federation.
      mi\ the titles.om \ the Indians ran back on ) '
      I Methodut'' Vlom.,, *. what happened? You aUI.'fIIII.d I| of children' who are attending birthday.
      PHOTOS orKIYSTONE to the field to continue their ,
      I I HI They came home with onmy at one place or another Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts .''at Lak CKy 10 ".m. ." .. t ;'.'
      drills ,
      : ON DISPLAY for the second half t
      I three blue llbbons (Iflret.!I.- two i-oms strangling In at of Hlllcrtut visited friends In Children and -Youth Choir
      I Hurting tills week am) I. Ing behind by only five @ vm n.;
      second! place red ribbons one 8:30: Until further notice too Indians 1111.1. Mel rone Sunday. practice. .3:15: : pnu
      continuing everyone were more
      third plac*I yellow ribbon I is Mr Nancy Bas of Oalnesvllle I i
      Hunday Miss at 8 a. m I -
      J hni, > hod a chance "to seq! .ready to get down to Call 9643965S39
      'and one fourth\ pUce" white The weekly Tuesday mom IngMIUM spent \the weekend with THE RIG In POINT for the &
      them, there will bn, a, display\ tacks. Good carries" byi} Chap ; Or'
      'ribbon. They' also home her nephew and 1 write. Come in and
      I came Is at 7:45.: niece Mr. way you ,
      j of photograph* taken In, thqr I man and Cooprr continued to I|', E. CaD St. Starke FT*.
      with two of the four trophleigiven. The ladles who run the I and Mrs Olypn jWthhanuner' select. jr ur favorite ESTLK-:
      ,ly rtsvs, of Keystone I move the bull townrd the .
      One was won, by VCVH I IOwnbry's Whlto Elephant' Shop hope ,j and family.' BROOK Fountain Pen. TELl: I i
      IMrtlits./ This dlNplny) has been* goal line, but the I'f'd and' ,
      i ti4) work of Librarian llelerq entry and the other'I Hint you will sto>'p In to aotect. white Dragonji repelled any Oeorce Oortunan of Campvilte -<

      by Penney Bessette's rnti-y. jour Halloween Costume this spent Thursday with Mr. ;-_ i--=_
      1 awrencp. and It will bo sectlut coring attempts. Both teams -""- -t': ---
      Vera Is a pupil of the Besset- ''! Friday" or Saturday the shopbnlng and Mrs R. 'MJ Cason, .
      I Uie Keystone Library. made several, 1 good plsys, but I I Inrmltles I
      tea: Prnnoy their duughter. open those days from 9 :

      fllmc* Keystone U! OHtx 40 ''V In .this .how, Evelyn advanced ,| till *.- ,_ stopped any rea1thl'l'at. I I DIRECTORY
      /i*** AREA BUSINESS
      okl. at the moM. don't I
      years, -- from teacher to pro- I St, William's Altar Society The fourth --. .
      ox port to M-! photos of lartlm frsslonsl closnlflcatlon. This came Lake Geneva
      Invite all .
      pnrlithoners of StWllllnmi ; ..
      in fcuatles. or folks riding in meant iliat she 'would have with 1>&0 only 5 point* a. ,

      u nurrywith the fringe to a special evening<< head, still-but not for long I IWithin __ u .
      on : rougher competition. Even noMhe meeting at 7:30: p. m, Nov. several minute. ofplav. f I From Precedinc Pace] ---,- --r ----;--

      1r>U. etc. You tnv>,.w e some came out first In stonew -

      you know/ as they Wo6ked' re and third In sculpture! 13. the Dragona had I Veteran Ilonpltal. ;\AUTO SALES &: SERVICE AUTO SALVAGE FLOORS

      tome 30 or 30 )fetu.G.. At I Congratulations, ) At this time, Father Kelly trctchrd Uwtr l>*ad to 13 I1 I[, M..... Vene> HodKes of Pa-i I I

      f ,my rate. it promise to be GARDEN: CI.UB; will In the dlsousa) the n vw change* points\ and tills they rrtalnndj 11 la-Iks and Mr.' and Mrs. Paul'''Barkley Motors Inc. I Paul's Auto Salvage I The Sinclair Eaton
      MaM and In the administration
      iiit. T atlng.MOV till the end of thlf as me. The I Iflnnl I DrsymaUa of Jsctnonvlllo i if ,
      The Garden club of the ot the Bseramrnta. I r Wa Buy Wrecked Car It
      buitxor thej
      sounded with f tlirlr
      were vUltlng sister and Co.
      4J RC'OUT ('AMP OUT Lakes mrt for their first A soritil hour will follow Indians score at 7 points the :, brother-in-law Mr. and Mn.I TRIUMPH T O I I. P It ICE S

      J On October 24 and 35. nay meeting of the 10)14-65) sra.ton' In the! church hall, I FIAT -
      Drsirons. IDAlthough I Raymond Mann. last week AU Make* 4 Meelcb Ve4Part FLOOR SPECIALISTS
      Scoilta of Tioop 10H hold Thursday: afternoon. Oct. i An we have said bforei this t IIIIXMAN 81'NBEAMWe WIIEX rrs.TiMBt. TO
      was end. -
      !Mr Drsymalla Is --
      J tlnlr Campout! of tin 22.: at Uii homo of Mrs. Ira I There aren't enough day In a retired Tile Call :
      defeat for Keystone the fans r superintendent of Post Office 8peflaHe In Teletype Service-W* Will Vynal Asbestos
      Fnll arason at thrlr company Haye in Melrone, Mrs n, pVogh 'Uie werk \1Kl"'.'.lon. UNESVIIAE
      were proud of their tine Vehicle SALES & 8QIVICEFactonr : "
      Service of
      niea on Crystal Lake. of Mrlrose, and Mia. R llrliihU. The above1( \ mention JsckKonvlUe. Find Any Part Fr Taa.GalnMTUk For .Floor of
      showing According to Coach"hadf'n. Trained Mechanic* Inc..
      il On Mandl,. Mrs. Mayflower
      'H. HohneixM'ger\ of Paikof.thitPulim nraoly and Durability ,
      OrlHlnal plans railed for aCunp ed Hireling Is Thuivdny even.Ing. S74Sia
      Gary Cooprr and Hodire* and Mra.. Mann drove IM CLEAN USED CARS
      \ Out al Silver Spilnirs 'rre co-hostrsaes Nov. 13- Hind so I It the Cliff Chapman playrd UMb to Biunswlck.: O.1: S2C1 N. MAIN 441 N. Paat Stock Yard Special 109c per '"xfl" Til 'Call -Colloot878.8334

      with the Ross Allen Camper, with\ Mrs. Rsye. Eluhttfiimnnb I"fA Pall Festival I What abuxy *t game of their carrer*) I Like Oeneva' Trailer Park OalowvUto 171-4171 Asplialt. Tile Start at 1.2c pot r II"AI1r.UAA:> ,
      but this was canvvlird brruu >. rs were iirvnrnt.. and towntCOMMl'MTY Air Conditioning. lleatiolrRUSS'S '
      Not only did t they play good I new*; TUa.
      of school football two new mrmbcrs were voudto -
      I practice. ClirilCIINKWM bull. but Uie "nUl't..llm" I The! Andersons and their ''OaiDentU., '
      7U N. Msln'
      mrmbcraliip! : Mrs. IMct'BuiKVrrland : I JEEP SHEET Liddell Paint &
      showed "'Ndmpol'o..ml'nt\ (lI'u..t.hi" been busy flnli- 370-8221
      I At any rate thow who and Mis. JOl') !' The Men's Club hi'ltl an Im in If am 1>1.,.. E*<*H iwflr. thv ([,; Inn and touring nearby points Family of 4 Wheel' Drlv* Co '
      cnuld Uk part had a good StrhMand I ports ot monthly dinner m"'etI > I "wrin to play \brlter together. ;:. '. Of Interest. METAL. INC. Claw

      time at CrY'al Laka. Tht't E, C. MrCall. Cl.ir Count* 'I Ing on Oct. 3d.. at which time Howrvrr, lark of experience) HAMHI.ER GARDEN SUPPLIES
      Avent. lO poke on pririinlals InUiis The Ray Etutfiltng family KTA.V1ZB PAINT8JGU )
      were checked on their eainpI"R I 1 I wlvrs and frlrnda were Invttrd. and player! for the Indians! I who have been renting at the America Flneot Economy! Oar UU.c .- .
      sbllltv, and oorkfd to area.Tb Prayer at'O\rpa are' bring .TTr factors contributing! to gale* and Service .
      ho tes delirious i. Park for the past two Mlrran 8UU c 0III.-
      s served Air
      held :
      as anntmnrrd
      previously \
      NOTIf'R OP the Men victory.\ months 7: harp .moved : Johnson & Paris Inc. .....
      INlfeNTlON TOREOIHTtn rrfitwhnu'nu. to .
      I TIM Men's Group merit about A special | :___. ; ""
      dance, 1 .
      : : MC'TITIOl'SNAMK The next meeting .'lll b* I sponsored II > Ciln' "vld to live In th-Hr |Ridgway Motor Co. I. !>&....t
      ono a month arul the Churrh I br the Athl tle Department, Comc&te LIne of DaMn WinAmia. < -
      : on November 19. at the home brand new tnobll* home. Wr<
      Women meet each Thurs-Jay I was held in the1 rhool tate-' 11S1 S Main .. ;.. s,""" .
      & w.. .
      Notice Is hrrrby given Uiat of Mrs. J. Ovitrr k-hvr, of I at 9 a, m. at th* homx of i wlah them tba very best of CMIaN.W. I7t-I413 232O: N C. lltfx Terrac B EF: O-PtAXTSInaxtlrldm -
      the I r torlum. following. the game Juc-k: and F&RTJLlZu.. fr.ta( Cn.alUtl"n.
      undrtaltued bop that they. will
      under the Paj'kthe'Palms.( at wlvlcb { Mm. Edward: firth on Key I I.Th Phantotn_ band fnwni otiNr.Htiu.:

      provisions of Cliapter 30.953, tint Mis. Puley' !V>vd will tone' t-nkp. MUuwm Anne IV11 Baldwin 1 com.- Net, '0 '"IIIIU UL 'Ita-A!'" a-. S7Vt7 M i furnlshrd the mu- : PeW ...,.0..
      LAWS of rlculda.! Acta of 1841.\ "UUc" on the. subjiTt of I I net Hrbuk. Thompxon in>oke to I'I sin for th local nm-cutler.* Edith and Arnold Larxra B & G Motors Co. ,H nt rrttU3Pr Bprraderi* OAINntV1LlB 312-11111

      TrnnsmliwlonCity .. .
      will wrre
      register .llh the CirrI! III. the club urpnrd with a dinner / ,&
      I on Tit work of Chll
      At ,
      mktnluht. I.he ("tndfoe'"I' '
      of the Circuit Court In and ri.KMON.\I.H party given by Mrt ohm,.. :834 WW Bill Aile.
      d.tn'a lllbte CADILLAC
      Mlolon In Kry. !'" sla.rtd for home. IM4 -OLI> MOBn.E
      for Bradford Coitnty.' Florid*.1 I Wwkrnd 11""h of Mr and' stoni.> 1101\) Morvan. arrhltrct Homrcomln. anxiously awaited llaasler on their anniversary.Tliewday PIIONK 17X-47I

      tlJuh receipt of proof of pub- Mra. Jimmy Hir *ere Mrsptueiits for Uir nrw rhurvh sHJirtu by all. ..... over nlgbt. Oueats Will? BALES: A 8ERYICC: Automatic o. JI'\a\

      Htlon of till nutlo. the '' B lN". Mr and MIS. |' Brad and 8ui8ly< Laracn.Nu .
      sry. In Joint MSIOII with the naturallv. much too MwnIf Fine &1 lecUon of Used Car. Ocala Chrome
      fiftltlous name of KvyiUmtf I! 'R bt'rt nitx oi 1\ of Largo andh..r Uopkliu and JACDUfibn Transmission Inc. 1.\DlF. .
      building. committee, held a YOU grt rmted ben WEAKCherry's
      Taken .
      up 1 Oa Cat Ua Tnul
      Drive-In sod Premu Carter_ The food *
      Theatre brother and fa ,
      under mil). Mr Plating inc.Ct
      forum typu program on this "" now"" and tomorrow. .
      ''hlrh I .eimaged In bual.1 l |i and Mrs. Robert OUJo o". Jr. project, toh. mra McDonald's (Friday) night, whv not join I i' ''-iu de-lkloua. the company SMt X. W. Ilth. Hi. 441PIIUNK Reaalr A Ih ""' ..

      fir,.. at liuhway' 31 North. and con. of Mon -n, Pa. ,i grand, and a good time was : I'.UUu..taMIft.Cet
      M 1 AU : /
      rtrrle In MaUM and Uodt't.Tllt.C&
      wa* rharr* off thl! the Indlsna hen they plavthrlr : >!>p T, N1ct ct1C'admi
      Krystone. llrluhU, Florida. 1 I Tit Junior OilMona ",'n. on had b.a U. During tne etmIng. PUUsblnc
      IU''IlIOrI next gam* In A CARS .
      J"IB.. Dti kykrr' ,OUox FliMhia i d visit acI I> Jim Hajulor" calrd from
      P. a taratlon .1' f
      Hutrh M
      niU>lMttt. lradr uT ,,,CM" i "tt1t\c\
      un. Ocala.) Fla... aole) Pd t both In Keystone 1If'llhU l he Youth J"toUO'IIah1&onl.r'\ '' Uhut lhn ,[ Pltllad>!pha... Jim\ trMnd* t'SItD CAJM8a DpnOl11ltn pzy.naWI Oalt:1f'a: llotDREH. "': JoDabr r "" "TIQ1' ('t.L\.....""

      ')iwnrr. I I and Largo. I tiefore>> tuing Group reported IS In *U n.danoe 1 I ar* all 1 kxiking forward to the AuthOrtafod >* S rrice WORK r.rARcvr ;n>- -I'W 1 _lion&. Ba.''S. COPTE*

      IWU'd this 15lh day of home: : Urn !around UW fir_ of De- I *
      !I. *
      Bunttar .nont"l at'DO&Y I'LL'" : flF. HITT*
      Octobrr.. A. D 1004 At K*)'- Mrs. ldU r>... arrlvrd ls.trek !Mm. MlUrr Wrinkle had 11of i o 'mb ri I when h* wlil be Crane I, 14M 3 Main )( _E.,. lilt NK 2a4 A_-:o.aIa
      'ruu( > HrlihU Clay County, .. .lth hrr son aiul f"mlly borne for quite spell.THK IT1'
      in* S.T.au.radPf.* in her I 0......... 17t-4IM ,DU1 _
      MELROSE .
      PIui Ida. : A !'O.IT.A
      Mr. and Mrs William gniup.' These teftlatlW. art. Lincoln-Mercury

      1011' 4t ll'.t: rrw, who 1U. on Ca.t X..k.- I I vry bit_ mall I". artKl. for ttJUIIT roiVT (f. U* ,; W. OrUvanilV. .

      vlrw' l>.'lv*. Mrs J"tow mill pii>- Vv'r booth at U> b ..aarClrcJ f fI iI way m wri'" C_ !. aarft M*) E. rtlr*<.U A_ I I I UFo.\ lITIIOOL jTlTEWKiTEILSHancock. :

      Edna Williams I b4bly remain for the '" |nt"'r, 4 met at tl\e\ home -or( I From Preceding P.s.l II | ..lr t 9.ar f.--' *THTKK&KIM o.I .e J'n-t.>>1 MUSIC. SUPPLIES; !I IvW .. ..
      thrrrbv. : avotaing Ute try Mr*. Margunlte Ortimaniwith I 1 )*; l>.*Uta ,... TU-t-< 1".1II.... ......V.h_ I I .-"' .te ......ty ; [ Typewriter
      j4Ck W WlUUm .
      | ofUle o.
      .'LORIHT-Nf. ualY: ,, ..atlwr In IIde".. Ark >ln Jack lUberctroh. at a Kirn. men ("Aa. i iII' ,Culture- Ctrl- -Woeivm_Man j EXCHANGE
      tb .
      *I. Makrr. Mr* ', .* .. l" 1D: I
      from hen ah 1
      | ... ...
      ro-hootOOI. .
      txm r.ita: Afvr rrfn b- J.nx R. K a!JIo and i ,
      Mr, and Mrs. CverPlt F\>>>. menu Mr*, noueri Dodd WdUie << n 1713411DOPGC I'UC PLACCMCXT 8aLO..bOXr..bertaed
      ; D-fol\llC'lWr _n b.Joo&- : I Galtar* I***** -.kwet X.Mr\\
      TfkiHl xl |In Port Laudr
      FARM I
      mrmb'n In a HlbW studj Special.Bfuat>-Cp Courie : .o..MJ
      dale. attending a CVNA Mutual'Inc 1 D%.T_ atbGn n1I.q ,
      "hich hAd brrn -
      written by '
      f I Y"Mr--T"' '
      f Convfftllon, Evervtti' > W\ftnfn Of 1.,1.Duplt.. POIKiK TtUYKS i iCA (Central Hairstyltng J
      Mr*. A ClIun., mirMualch LilIW1. i )tac'h": CaJrWtt" cate Bridie Club for Mtulc Store
      won a policy Itoldrr rrpresnutlv lnn n. Th flrcl. ha two..* BM I LOANS fIa I &U.DJ ;..saancE-: RKXTAL9Town
      fnoaUw NotUiOnljal bxluO UM (ColKmtn College .
      Inocw'aa.ldncllilt". nED .S TOO I

      ..... ,........... 'j Florida" Cltap b\tUduW Mr. R W rrkrr *n
      ......... ABn UK ...1111 Cl"f'dlVnl.lft... On (tumUy fund The ntetnorr he.. Will Kroovrr. fane ptoce, ).Ira. Poole-Gbi Motors III *V J:. l-t<< O laerm nr* 133 i, ...-.", a. ..tla ra&.
      > Ckoocy O o"r and Mr. R P, tUiry Farmtlanrhr i 17..1.rnsnlr.n I.& 1 111 .. ,
      t. a
      I i afurtvoon. UWT drav* "to N.- llt\f'd rtuoVy cofTe* ran., \ lt. a. II:. IX ..h.. -. \ rtr *. (h u iaStreit's AI ) .a&.. .
      p).s to Ult\ .,rrlatlrr and Vo h.ki1 Xlr( sue Dwrrr Jr
      ,-- I rtturoed\ home Monday thm OM artd Mr*, H C 8v Mran Part-llga P1IO C lTt4l I ItlUICK .... .... ..
      MMtvtnis .111\ floraliml : pRonrcrsf
      Mr*. H. rbrn NrVwn came ....*.. to b* flUXI. .Uhhoovnowl l UrV. J Oroltrk and (:General Farm* : A OPF.I. i n

      PdUREHEEInsurance : honye Moiwlay .ft.rnoon. f.*J- rookie Ord< Mr FVw r U.. u..t. .-.-1 I t tI <

      lag murh brtirr after a r*' for UUrd aaa8aU Urv, 1-. term* am ..attjr IXJMST THAT AU.cu TOCrcoorcrs BJcycJe Shop t tI
      may .b* pla< Agency _1I's stay at the u.4.C'la1 I IOnter of OrrW. 4. _t"ti Mr tkvor led 'SiJIirh '""" t c.J't&: I I *

      In atlnevvtlle.ChJtrlk ''' WaUVnlu :Mr OaitntTVketa \ al aroAMMt M a lrronfrrvnre Inc. TT-'.run A Teta fcootor* Tire Co
      or FF.DlUt.VL L.MHVNK > '
      General: Insurance UKict artlrrd In for Uw Ba *r IUm nd feu** ASSOCIATION( ARC TKX Mar PROM I I I i>.,tl-&< *.,, *- --

      """t..o".Ult via plane fiomKprr nci_ on N>nr. IS sr now bat: fk-tory ..rr Wflroa*. TRicK owe C oo I&oftrUXl'lAC u............. I .aift.' .....) a. w. cootMtcn *

      m+* au.lIIttKf'.ua. -. MMtn" .U.t AstunUy evening, oa afc* al II each.In Pitd' y lUtfltt.
      \4A ...JKa4(9iuC and ..a. ariortiv therrafwr 1\10I1'1\1\ II"'C\ft"a1 qwfl. five tourhdowna.toy 111* .', IMft M.U Supply. Ltc.n. n. At! 1..c-. '

      4TI-47M fft&a1Mf'd with baa fmikr" atin of ("t1It'rlW\ .UI beat ... ( Rcout TMMPibe LH* ''''1 t:. XW kM At.* 1> a ,. Wwk OKXat 4r ..Nanez

      .. -\ ,. .' t ..t.Ir' !w M w I'\u& &acW Uk.* c utrte on No* X 1" .Uf'fIdrod SLbOxaawnrtil 'AUI.I61k" ... ... ow. A_ 1 .... .- tn..... .11 .. '--9 A_ !X.' W ...... nsanr< neo

      :! al eu..r n'J"IT""I .r... ''Pt ..., .... ,.,....,.. .. ...,.., ".,...
      -- -

      "' .



      'T. OCT. gyy\ i<>64 .
      BRnrown corvrvdJ T1':1.r.rtrn.: : VTt1IRR VI.onID.\ TAGT TtClRELLN
      ., .
      --- -

      .. r I : .
      I .
      1 =
      .1 --
      Y in*
      ''y a
      e -- family f4t OMhY Utor <
      -- f.d...t.!..! .
      t O.I.rom..t tY LIIM. $u ,...

      , .. -=

      \\f THE FIGURE 19 DOESN'T WASH OFF YOU WIN $1.400 I = '

      ... = .
      = .

      iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 11111111ff(-: ;


      : ... .. .. wwr

      _! SpqL1 d PicQicS: .1 Jm I Merchantf' I

      : ,1 IGRCCN&TAFREE :.. ,
      "t EXTRAMERCHANTS ; 't :.if,,?I II

      : : GREEN STAMPS :
      'L 1 r I LaS 0_ \In. .
      I g. BIf POT ROAST I''
      29 .
      BtIP RIB ROAST *
      B X OUtONI01..M"'OUHC.I\I'W'"yOU.'U.CH.Jf I : :
      rRAOE'A'egg :
      \ I4..__iMMiBWNOMII*. U.4-44 ---... yl
      .. .
      'IM : ; : : .

      tot CARTON IM ,.. 49 0 : '"---" tlMIT-1 I WITH .,.000_ MOC 0OM : RI88EM ,Be eE: ;Sale. !

      : iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 11111.
      f. Oc i IUU rREciPECIAL STAMrS W1iiILA. ,


      : CHOICE!
      LEGS of U59 7 .@
      t; .. ""
      S90 aq
      BACON Lrl=98'' : ..... BTL 4.. AR rc< : GROUND OR>IICt? .
      : V BONELESS
      : I
      PEELED A DEVEIN' We : "" 690
      SHRIMP FFOIL4 69 : I
      r \
      tun sin, "' I ..fJ1"
      i. !/ RIBBON OVIN RCAOV .
      F'a; ; i y <.* JAR .' ,
      ; LIMIT!WITH' tS.IM OH MORE ORDt .... L79(
      LIMIT $ 0
      1 WITH | OR MOTE OIR
      CUBE STEAKS.89jIIIIUUIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllll; : "-" ...u ...".. : : .

      : ,..- '__4 r"... :"3 ..: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii( iiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuinimmimmniiniiFANCY .. : w .'"
      .k>it.iUUS ROAST
      !: : : BONELESSCHUCK .,

      .SPECIAL! SAVE 10< EACH : : CORN 6 AN11]100 : .D .
      B Itotex
      Iis 3 Loo: .. .. 'jiiMitiiMMiiimimimiiiiiMiiuiii' ,' .
      IIII IIIIIIIIIIl1111111UI IIIII llr"e'; 0 "
      << : :;&. d1ll;; 9. :

      MILK SPECIAL. : {' : PUNCH 3 a;, .99 : 1. V. TRAY TABLES


      4 al"RED : ,1.

      GREEN BEANS ]100 : ,.. >> .


      PICKLED BEETS a It 100 : fLUKlOA : PAPER TOWELS 3 J'ilir. ; l 100,


      BANQUET TKOZEN : : { M.299 r .
      LUftCiOO) .wEITARTLETT : 31' VGluel .(.IMfT4 4 WITH fS.001N
      "Din : .: ADDITIONAL& PURCHASES+ *
      ...... ..
      ALL ;;;. : f J.- : '. : ''uUIlUIIIUlUIlIUIlIllIlIlIUIlIlIlIllIUIIIUllllllllllllf" U'UI".UIJIIIIUIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJI' "$ '. ( IIIUft"III'vur !
      Z ic .
      I-:-_ r o ; .
      # : IAICO>> Y LADY f Alt Rf CULA.*NI
      41 1
      .;. '
      ; -n- G ...n *

      : : JCMHArfT'JCANDIES : II"UJ P&I. ,.ca ..'''. :

      '* 49 : 5se : .. "OIf'.I..I1"'I"U/ fLIO'CMOCOL *C4. v'.._ II'"' ''C'' """"j.'flJl! l
      CA''KES' SAVE It, EACH 0 L11 I '. ,.,. .
      r Mter/f"
      LAYER CAKE 65' *'I
      GOLDEN ...... ,. LM .:.
      ) ,
      .. .. .. ... -----Ti.f---.t.-
      N. ---I--- -- ------------ ---- M--- ,.. ..
      ----" ----------1M ------- ----

      .. ..,,.'' ......J._. 'If: )Fc!$".: : 1.-: ... -' :

      4= I/lt! P T.IA / AN f '- ---....: ........!- -- _-v : r.tr .uJU. : I-...,... -- s 1 ;'I I ..... ..cIrEtlcluulls .. 4.A.w..r.1. !i iJ rrp ..r//... --. :
      Wlul Stns' .= ; IulaMrn ii1a avers. ; ; mi cv Aim.to, l1M.S. 1 .f MiWI1 TS t.iJi., ..._s i ;: saw. s cull. sr A.VS J MiioaimcirtwfrAn- :J I RItIf 1fAMTf IIMN! lNI I
      rwr..r.Ir.r .r -
      r. .rrr -
      : Aw..IrrL.T. .
      v- "
      11- czx:: : $1M-M4LL09U" li. 1Qtile0. I" IS/ n..12. .y '.................. L.IfLNIrIJ.. "-" : S. Tn>-w Clue.rrr.. : :: .MII..N.n.-.w. .N./w.wr :
      CANDY : : IU"UIN ./, CZ1Do..r..I. : : czrtJ: SNAlIP00I/lt/ 0' CZIIJ: '"'" / 11111P t 1111. 1. '.w'
      .:',CZ1EJ____.___. ....../t.. ____ __ __ ___ .//. ... ...-...-N.1.. ___ ___ i1..,?, NAMUIC11 .LLts: 1 IMIyI. '. : ACIt.II, :.
      ___ ., .. ----rtr.4 .. ___ :." ___ ... '. .____. .__._ : t. w. ..
      1 w/1.M u -- -----:-I V w.-- --- ) '; j;;.N J.' 1 .;.;:;.;.;. :('a.J: : : : .r..ryr'Nw ..:0..... :rrr; _
      n,. r-ty r..w rr.... ... rwa-.... pw,1.,... ...--.. on a-,. ._ ....,.....g tw........ .n..A... II ,...... .,...... w..w' ,..........
      I IVORY SOAP tOe ZEST SOAP .. 4 Ban 70c DASH. .. Box33DREFT < OXYDOL .. .__- Pk.,i3a

      ttr '-w H.-T .ry "",....il ?t+. HeM "_ 'r *!* M.... Iris AA..r MI A.M Mlp... +4 IS4 ..t-. //a....... iMM
      IVORY: SOAP 4 Ban 27c LAVA SOAP 2 B/B25c I Plcc. 83c TIDE P12g. 79e.M
      .. .,.
      lutww, rre.' r- A w a-iI I_ IIsI. ... 1.Nr i. & **" &_.. 'A ....MI.1.-...... ..... 11S. I II..S.AN. WM. .. Tw WMaY. NMIN' .I ,1...w '"."......
      IVORY SOAP 2 Ban 33k2Brr3l IVORY FLAKES Born 3Sc: CAMAY SOAP 2 a.,. 21c CUEER.._ ...,..Pka..1h 1

      'tt*'r*.r T. M i.*.*r...- '..... .._ .AI. .... ". 1. ... /.b.. MM. .....-- 4 -*. .......I 4..... Lid .M...-

      I ,

      J It I I I .. .j... ,

      I- j'l

      i '?. AGE FOURTEEN .BRAoronn ", miTT Tr.t.F..Fn. "FA RfiF. .oRm, "

      -YYVYYyyVYYYVyyyyyyyyyt... '' . Ish Bryant. D. Z. Young, i/ fourth Thursdays for those I'I children Mrs. Gilbert Brown Elmer Carter of Clap Hill. |I..dipped in sugar. If desired, !!lPlastlo: Notebook 1.20 at the

      I principal spoke oil the use of I needing medical attention. and children and :Mrs. Bobby Mrs. Thelma. Williamson sprinkle tops with untoasted. TELEGKATIl.Should. .

      MAXV1LLEBy the bu.ldlng.: Benediction was The doctor will also be at the Godwin and children attended and David of Green Cove coconut. Bake In a hot oven I

      : given by Rev. Jack Waters. clinic on those mornings. For a barbecue given by their r. COUNTY Springs spent Sunday with | 1400 degrees! 8 to 10 minutes I.

      , : Following services open more Information on the company Saturday afternoon WITH, Mrs. Williamson's parents. or till lightly browned. Remove the Need'

      ..., .' Mrs. A- C. Slade house was held. Teachers and clinic call your correspond in Jacksonville.Mr. AGENT Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Padgett. at once from pan. Cool. I Arlvs We Rent

      i : Phone 289.<<491 workers were on duty at their" ent. and Mrs Ellis Olddena YOUR t, Mrs. Marie Wright and Makes 4 dozen I Crutches & Canes
      working places and everyonewas ICEMINDER and family of Jacksonvillewere family of Jacksonville spent I I I'I I
      a a.AAA.Aa.AfcA A.A Aafca4A 1 invited to visit the var- The Maxvllle Civic Club Sunday visitors of Mr Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.l I I' : Koch Drugs

      :DEDICATION: SERVICESAT : I Icus rooms 'throughout the I will hold their Halloween and Mrs D. B. Orjffls.' Henry Mosley. THE RIGHT POINT for the Pre.rrtetl.s flprlall.,

      NEW SCHOOL SUNDAY' building. Refreshments were Carnival Saturday, Oct. 31 I i, Mr. and Mm. Dave Cover- Mis.: Irene' Padgett entr- way you write. Come in and I I Free .IMItery'

      \ .Dedication services for the served In the cofetoilittn.TAGGAKTC'IIOWK starting at S:30: p. m. Ze" sure I I dale. Mr. John ;North and tamed at her home Saturday Bfrltct. your favorite! ESTER-!! :

      (. >pcw'Mamie> Agnes Jones Elementary ': to attend. Everyone is invited. Claude North attended the night with a party for the BROOK fountain pen TELE-:
      The next Civic Club meeting I Fiida teen-ager' of Clay Hill. A TEI.Kr.RAPII.
      School were held Rev and Mrs. R. It. Tag- fair In Jacksonville' :
      i! Sunday at 3 p. m. In the gart of Mlddleburj former will be held Thursday.' i night. Mrs. North! reports the :large crowd attended.

      I school cafptorium..William pastor of Maxvllle Baptist Nov. 12 at 8 p. m. Everyone I. Baldwin FF*, and Baker Mrs. Nellie Wilkinson was !

      :/. / Charles Directorel Church announce the engagement phrase try to attend as this is I I County dlspliyed cC very nice In the hospital. In Jacksonville : -

      Elemental Educwtlon, was of their daughter an Important meeting ,, exhibit. but Is home now.

      the presiding officer I Minnie Marie, to Benjamin .- NEWS I I Mrs Dons, Hiffginbotham has Ry Mr and Mrs. Hardy Pad- FLORIDATHEATRE

      .Prelude was by the high Wayne) Crowe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, 4-II leader, J Just returned from a visit to George T. gett and Mrs. Howard of Clay
      and Mrs. Joseph Lucas met I Hill visited Mr and Mrs
      St. Petersburgwith her son
      brhool bind.: Rev. Clarence Mrs. B. W. Crowe, of Chelms-
      Thursday afternoon with the Dawson Padgett in MHdle-
      Weeks gave the InVOO itlon. ford. Mass. and daughter-ln-Ia-w Mr and Huggins
      girls at the Civic Club for burg Friday afternoon. Daw-: ,
      The Pledge of Allegiance was The wedding will take place Mrs.! Franklin IlUffinbotham
      Office i son Padgett 1* still ver,- 111.
      their regular nrwetlng.
      i Mrs. Waters
      Dorothy was
      given by the audience and the November 6 at 8 p. m. at the ( -.
      band played tht'nationaJ for the year were elected admitted to ixival Medical i little posters hanging on the have several acres! art Bradford : Those from here attendingthe
      an- Mlddli" Baptist Church.
      burg as follows: President, office. One read, County Li now known funeral of Patsy Sapp: in I
      last wall In
      The welcome address Friends and relative of the Center In Jacksonville: an I
      Martha: Thursday. She Is expected to A Friendly Smile Is Worth as the Strawberry
      given L.
      -was by Mayor C. 011- couple Invited to attend. OPENING
      are Susan Lucas; Secretary, One read. A N'ortli Florida. Our goal is to 'Mr. and Mrs. Louie Carter. TIME
      :I\er. A. E. Stokes spoke on NOTICE return to her home this week.The 100 Frowns. I l
      Lulla Austin Letta Mae Carter FRIDAY
      Angelic Palmer Publicity
      ; Dealto make it the Strawberry Cap
      ,the naming of the building clinic community :extends Smile Can Add a Great
      Mrs Montgomery Mr and Mrs. Hardy Pad- 6:45: P.M.
      I Chairman Marian Palmer: sympathy to Mrs. Elizabeth Your. Face Valua. One ital of ALL Florida. We have
      5nd a response was 'Riven by nurse has announced that Song Leader Teresa Watson; Edwards on the) death of her read, A Smile Is Your Best:> the good soil and we have gett Mrs. Howard Padgett. SATURDAY 1:00: SUNDAY 2:00:
      Mrs.! Mamie Jones. The dedication Maxvllle! Clinic will remain and Recreation Leader, Peg- Just giveus Hlldred Carter, Millie Wllkln-
      aunt, Mrs. Ella Crawford, of Seller: the good growers.
      of the building was cloNed all during the monthof gfyi Lucas.The Macclenny last week. Just thought that practi- a little time. son, and Louise Johns
      made by Superintendent, of November The Baldwin girls are divided Into Bradford County had an exhibit Lonnie Padgett and Leon Fri. Sat. Oct.
      }had' whether 30 31
      Mrs. D: Z. Young the cally .11of?: us, we ,
      :Instruction for
      Duval County, Clinic will be open second and junior and, senior groups. An- in the Greater Jackson. Carter have been ill this past
      mlflrortune to faU last week work with people, for people Double
      gello Palmer and Susan Lu- in contact vine Fair featuring 4-H'ers week Feature Program
      end' at the school, but received or just work, come
      cas, junior girls, demonstratedthe only slight injurlei/ with other'pople. We can ere PRODUCERS. We are 1 Mr. and Mrs. Slbesrt, Youngof

      AMBULANCE SERVICEPHONE making of banana milkshakes help our attitude and most proud that It won, second Bowling Green Ky are ,, M-i.U
      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lucas
      964-2600 and served them to and family and David Jones: times the attitude of others place managing Florida Reptile Ulrnit h O n
      the the meet Land while Mr. and Mrs. Eugene -
      group during ; 1
      DeWitt C. Jones Funeral! Home attended Eunice vacation.Mr.
      ing.Senior about' like a "grouch try a
      Saturday niffht.Mrs. and M"s. Charles Mos { I irDUi.EA1ois EtlC10NS8w't
      girls are planning a EVCI SN
      little smiling. It may be just I IUU
      DeWItt Randolph Cronby. visited -
      C. Jones Registered Funeral Director
      Jacksonville visited in
      trip to a coin operated dry HILLBy Icy of '
      : Starke. Fla. '. cleaners. Sunday afternoon in MId- a !grin at first, but it will develop Clay Hill Sunday. ;PANMISWN' MIT8000IUa 3, I 't

      dleburg with iMr.and Mrs. as you practice and
      Girl Interested In joining The football game at Clay
      RENTAL SERVICES. 4-1T. please contact Mrs. Leon Butler. then watch out for the Mrs. Howard PadgettIvvyvvvvvvvVVYYYVv..vs Hill 'was a very successful

      Hospital lied< Wheel Chairs CriteliM Joseph Lucas' or Peggy/ Lucas Patty Parrtoh of J. V. spent habit Ican I one Plus -

      Anyone In grades 7-12 is eligible the weekend with her parent picking-up time Is 1 Miss! Patty Jones of Penny

      to oln. Mr and Mrs D- J. Parrlsh. here. Pecans, Just like toma- The Clay Hill Baptist I Farms" was '"Visiting in ClayHill 1
      They attended the Jacksonville toes or steak or pork chopsor I
      The monthly meetings have Church School had 87 in Sunday afternoon. p ail I
      must have -
      chicken Ili
      Fair Saturday night. ; .
      been changed to second and Sunday school last week. Mrs. Homer Padgett was
      fourth Mondays of each Sunday a group of Patty's quality for the bent price. It Hope to do 'better next week. visiting her mother, Mrs. Jennie ''r 1 yRomancet
      wT friends from the university has also.teen suggested tha.tplck'tm ,. .,
      month. uP'and clean 'em Rev. and Mi*. J. L. Strick Green, .t Doctor's Inlet
      Joined them for dinner.
      LINEN SHOWER last Friday.
      f land from Highland Baptist
      Mis Marta, Taggart, bride The ,tcommonl'ty( extends up' before market time. Mrs. Polly Prevatt! of Law-
      auction sale was Church came in by letter<<
      elect of November was honored sympathy to the R..L. Auatln The first I tey visited Mr. and Mrs. Robert -
      ; the'29th. There will Rev. James Saunders, pastor, Sun. Mon. Tues.
      Thursday Nov. 1 2 3
      THE at a linen shower Saturday family onMrAustin's'' death Carter Sunday. ,
      machineat Hill Hfj-ndon, and Tommyand
      night at the Kilgore Saturday afternoon In Jack be a pecan grading Mrs.! Burn ice Coody and
      Y the market if a grower de- JVmmle Bud Lang sang a
      home. Hostossm for the sonville./ children of Green Cove
      ; ilrrt' to have his pecan special! Sunday night .
      W newer. were' Mrs Raymond Spring's visited her mother,
      SPACE Mr. and Mrs. James Peterson i
      graded I We tnvlte you to inquire Happy to have Mr and Mrs. (
      Kilgore and Mrs. Shirley Mrs Ella Carter last Brlday.'
      'spent tha'-weekend at
      about and use Starke' Charles Mosley of Jacksonville 1 I /
      j L Johnson, Sunta Fe Lake. ircarketi. with us Sunday in the Mimes Nadine Strickland 1

      4 PROGRAM domes. were played' and Mr, and Mrs.t\ E. D.; Hlirgln- pecan Strawberry setting is still morning: worship. Also, gladto and Eunice WhItehead have
      prize awarded to several! of botham and sons of Hllliard Lent- rented an apartment in Green
      have Mrs. Gladys
      going on. No one can guess .
      the /guests. Attar the guest' of pent last weekend with relatives Cove Springs where they will
      has millions into Florida's of
      poured( economy.HOLLAND. yet 'what our acreage will be. uropp and Mary Waters .1
      honor opened' her lovely gifts, here. bP close to their work.
      but we can sure observe some Maxvllle Baptist Church. Mr. I"laesr7
      V refreshments were served to RECIPE FOR THE WEEK
      ) commercialcompany' a.ndorll.) Buddy Parriah' are w
      the guests VVYyVYBR00K'ER". ". ".".".". ".".". ... Increase) One Mrs. Coconut-Oatmeal Cookies
      back in church now. !
      reports that they ; :
      PERSONALS 2 Cups quick-cooking rolled "EgUllLwPSSJlSIIJl'
      for Parrish has 'been ill and In
      have fumigated 300 acres
      Mrs Joseph: Lucas pent ;, oats. 2 3 cups flaked coconut
      Monday with her grandmother strawberries.! the hospital 1 cup butter or margarine 1
      "> Mrs Mary Mos y. while -This year; for the first Mrs. Evelyn Monley to a'patient cup sugar 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons Wed., Thurs., Fri. Nov; 4, 5, 6

      is a member of this Important committee. Miss Penny was visiting relatives 'II"..J.yA.; Caa/k. time ;Ithd' J. 'can remember' in clay Memorial Hospital 1 milk. m teaspoons
      we hav 7 'plants to !spare.! In Green Cove Springs! /
      in Jacksonville. vanilla 1'i sifted all-
      .: Not only has the space program 'benefited the Mr. and Mrs. Gene! Maier .'0.. 4SS-2I11 Strawberry plants, Just like We wish, her a speedy recov purpose" flour.cups H teaspoon I TWO OF TH FUN.WXS TWA.T MADE I THEM 'FAMOUS1KKA I

      area around Cape Kennedy, but it will continueto and family of Jacksonville saaauuu.Uua11u1REVIVAL, tobacco or(pepper are. betterIf ery.David salt. .K teaspoon soda. I

      pour millions more Into Florida's-economy. were' Sunday dinner guest. of you get them M that you and Harriet Meadows In oven, toast oats and coconut RWRIIN JL JKftYUW1SCADDV
      Mr. and Mrs. Vince Taylor know' they are 'in good healthy of Jacksonville spent the till golden brown. _
      The Brookar
      It is Important to all floridians, Democrats and and family. will begin .revival Clnwcho1Christ \ ..,r- condition. ,and free of weekend, Mrs.with Mary their Etta grandmother Wor- Thoroughly cream butter and

      Republican alike that we preterv the senioritythat Mr< ..nd.Mr.. Claude drum" vice at the local& church. Bun- parasites., 'I I sugar. Add eggs milk and

      gives Holland a seat on the Aeronautical and Mrs 'Joseph Lucas. and family day evening', Nov. 1 *t T '0'cloCk. plastic.Plants will set ,make through better tM dan.Mr.. and Mm. Carl Taylor I vanilla, beating well. Sift together r
      Space Science Committee whose prime and David Jones attended a j a Add
      rtlponsibility Service, b.(Hn each Jr And family of Jacksonvillewere dry Ingredients. to I
      is to serve all matters In the space field. family reunion in Starfc Sunday week day at T:4At: Hiram start. I know from the past visiting the Clifton Car- I creamed mixture blending 1 YOUNG 11

      Every resident of Florida shares. in the. benefits Huttof of the Northeast! teir family Saturday night. well stir In oats and coconut.

      that have resulted. Mrs Homer Thomas spent Chureh' ell, Christ, In ;:Oaines- .Ily.l"rday.. Sharon Mos'ey' and friends I Drop from teaspoon 2 Inches _

      .. Tuesday through, Thursdayof vtllr, will be the >p iik.r MMi( We are. glad to nee<< Flan attended, the fair in Jackson apart, on ungrtiased" cookie Isheet. I

      Florida needs Holland's continued ,influence on last week in Roanoke. Ala., .ventngBong' ', leader will be O1'8elhome after spending vllle &tllrdlnlllht.. .. Flatten with a tumbler

      this committee it Is a valuable asset to every visiting her mother, Mrs. W. Frank _aclof ,ChUn vUI.. several, days In Alschuit General Ricky Taylor of Clay Hill

      : citizen of Florida! and ,the nation." II. Rape. Everyone U .ol'dlaUy Invitedto Hospital.So / !spent Saturday night with

      PoW Pnllilnl, Adv.rll.ament rata' Fur >rllmlxrt Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pad attend, long .for now, see you at Terry. Mosley! of Hliihtand.Mr I

      F Wolff, T...... Ift'tt.nd family of Middle- Marriage. Of Interest the Halloween Carnival and Mrs. Buford Hi I

      burg vllvted laM BtmdMr with Marl" $torsnet, daughter .be stir* to com in time for I Rlnbottiam of MaxvUle, spent I

      FLORIDA'S Mr. and Mrs. Harrr. Padgett.Mr. : of Mr.' and >Ir.. John C.Slorm. the parade stnrts at 4 ::30.<> Wednesday\ with Mr, and Mrs
      CONTINUE PROGRESS and Mrs. Hiram Jones: .' of' OalneirUle. and'

      CONTINUE FLORIDA'S SENIOR SENATOR and son of Georgia went Ronald 1,1, 'folk mm of Mr.
      Tuesday to Thursday of last
      and Mr*. K'ld Polk, of Orouk-
      week with. their son David. se
      L. The .:ron... were Tuesday. er, wee united in marriage.
      i, on Saturday Oct. 34 in Kingston.
      nUiht guests of Mr and Mrs.
      Oa. They were attended
      Joseph Lucas family ,
      by Susan Thorns and l Olan o.rrary.,
      Mm.. Ella Mf Crew of
      I'olk of Uitlni>*vllle. Ae1 -
      Jacksonville! visited Saturday ARE i.
      Cathy HIM A Birthday
      afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. '
      Cathy Overturf wa 11 r 1]
      Claude Green YOU
      Mrs Oscar Wilkinson ands years! old Bundny . and p ,,
      I'' mother Mr*. Shirley Overturf t \

      1 treated. her and aUter Chary' w I..w ss.sd i I. 71&1..d a H e.'Awd N..d.. ..... STILL o ,
      to>> dinner out at Jacksonville a....... UI fowl*' UL*Nn.'.. 6e..sN..w r
      low..4 f kid.
      llearh. Afterwarda they VIMlt. MISSING r

      e.1 l with friend. ,

      Hunting Triphunting .eeryFlorida THE f

      *...110. i* her ,
      I and Mr*. Eva Ilarrvll and -' Official' BEHERi ye I

      brother 8. I. XXtward!) "" of

      Tampa. aur are; enjoying Supports

      hunting a.|ulrr.l*. Mr Kd- .

      ward. will' be remembered aji. President
      the eon of the Ute Mr. and i. -

      Mr. Tuna Kctward He and Lyndon B. Johnson 5SSi -;- -:_:.:...T I.ssS.

      his wtf cam up rot a few

      days visiting and sure did en

      joy the country )Ir. and/ )It..

      Kdvfttnt: have two eon*. El-:| +

      wyn. wh. I Ie a chaplain" .. 'In the N".t

      AMII.U In Oertuany, and

      Ronnl. who .U with U,. Army

      In Japan. White hi. air
      and Mr*. Edwards visited

      friend fend ''relative. -
      many' .. 1.... Ib... e N1 .. .S e . ..
      e. A.d.w
      Truck '''It InC Mr. and Mri. Edit a.s CaM' we.Mea.r
      New Car Or
      : Iulk and, family Tuesday werMr T..w' e hb M. d e w '' make i your new setCOLOR: TV : -

      : Save With A BANK AUTO LOAN I *" IJ..t" 0.,_ )Ira. ilea *
      )lluklen. (Frank Pulk. )II'. and .,

      Bank auto loons con sore you money on lira Mo** Bay Mr*. HaJleu. (wry -1cM .Igsbl .focted .......... eet.s"
      n. T. W, I.... and MmBetty ,
      truck I ... ,..I.en.a .1. R.. dnt JoII'flectI n t
      the over-all cost of( your next car or ll nn and! faentty. ofNewbvrry. "'.o..a b.'e.o $fete ..d. Nn

      In addition to tho low coat. you'U find our ; .. -.. .Mo.b. ../tee"r. .._'-.. el Mate :your MW set Color TV. MOT the oU art Into the klU
      plan and quick service most lie sure to r.m mb".r our .acne- .... pre.._ f.wskla Ied..l de..Mar "
      payment h... t..., re.psaN. / Rands s room or dm few added ItARMONY IN TUB HOME.
      I"' Halloween Carnival' Saturday

      attractive. See us first. before you buy I Ii a.a el sir ..... ....-7..tatala.uw e..nad'lpde..k4w.M Color teirviiioa pike Mart low r than ...r DOW ... and It
      nigbt. Oct. 91 (v _c. .......... a.MWN. r.e'..
      > 'tag to be .toad of fIAtI I hear' ,w.n .......... .. C'_ sad .ens '-'-- roata :yon VM. to mjoy.$ HoniiM. UM rvrnit 910 mOInn rU.rrdortkMt .

      for unYtuItnci: and ccmwatp Ct! a trail. wl t feanl. and yuu can buy chtraenipper. ; rl.nrf: .hs -.-...... lot se..Aw r.Ir- --..-- now makes the awrar >prir pU r*, rraidrntkl.

      hot dog, drutaa .d a a.rg a.w I kilowatt hour 31% LtiJ: than it WM 19 y' ar ago.

      no need to eta)' hoc. and. ) .

      reek Spencer| a.t.rday Crew sr of bt.Jackson, l_... .rd fa sdwtre L.r ea4.Mi.swss.. .. ;,

      FLORIDA ..u... wa e1 Ueg Mr. and" 1, -irf ... Marie" 3-A I'll "...., '-- O..

      Mr*. C U AtkUnaon M' mtay.Me 5'i'j" (D} :: 1fi-Zi..d C..*ar TV.Stf YUC PEA taJt.fl HGiw'kr.4L

      sad Mr* 1a:. 8toe J!: }

      Jr, sad c&ikirvei were VMttiac II | ; ,. mrfrtsFLORIDA la d .. -
      BANK AT a
      STARKE Mr I *. J..y*.' C.Mte and awe' ,. ....... ..... ,....tI

      "Wllda,. ,
      31 Bank of ih Florida National Mr. and VTL T. W Rae I POWER UGH] COMrANY
      One of Group
      I :
      set. Joe ra.. *..... Itoaa of Nero :
      estirs.. w.aw
      Wiry wr -1AIoC Mr. a. I.. ,.-.. y.n,....- e.d .. M- ed.W taros Larr .
      Member Federal DepoeJt Insurance Corp. lira. KM Polk sad Mr. *..i a '. ..a -R -.. ... t.w....

      lira C. J.. T ttuM aid ra

      '. .
      l 1

      w . .. ..... -- -- .- ... .------- i
      rv'. m'II' _"'''w,'''''''' S:

  • Bradford County telegraph
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    Publisher: L.C. Webb
    Place of Publication: Starke Fla
    Creation Date: October 29, 1964
    Publication Date: 1888-
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    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
    Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
    Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
    Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
    General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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    .JUlian C. Yonge

    U. of Fla. Library History

    Ckinssville Fla.

    Our 85th Year COUNTY Single; '

    187919M, BRADFORD TELEGRAPH Copy 10 Cents,

    Official County Publication Established In 1S79

    VOLt':1iR C1GRT T-SL[ .'
    STARKE.. TLATHrRSDAV.! OCT. ;9. 1<) 'it.IiFR FUGItTFP'Y; ;

    Two Knifed I No

    Argument In Bradford County

    After Friday Bradford GameTwo Night men Clyde I Attorneys Named I, 4,000 ToTuesday ('fPKY.LPRARY(tslJI'r'-'JUS' ]' (' .: : .

    and Elbert HerM) .were stabbed -

    with hunting knife hi By Commission

    A fracas while returning from

    the Starke-Pslatka football j 1 For PresidentAt

    game on SR-10O last Friday I! Gene Shaw was named J, Hearties home, between Midlakea -

    according to the Bradford Coadty' Attorney and George and Silver Lake had!

    Sheriff Department.No Pierce,. County Prosecuting been threatened and that sev ,, I
    action .\Attorney' a special meeting'' end people wanted it Closed. -
    ha been
    llni.lfonl ('ollllt l\l\.. vv ill trr to the polls next Tucalilent. -
    circuit the Bradford County Commission Commission opinion 'thatno I
    or was
    county court.
    Demo Rally lay unit help elect u Prwl a t'nitrd Stuten! Scnn-
    Tuesday has .
    Clyle Dewitt Her hat one a right to clone
    cy r t 1111', tutu H (,io\orru>t* on) th I' Inrgt.st 1 ballot used| InUre
    signed a complaint against' Th. motion to !hire the two the only road! to another per- ..!.:! over

    Carlton Lamar Varnes charge I 'attorney was made a* the non'a home and the clerk I .thl.t. county.

    ing the latter with assault meeting !opened, by Commto- was told to give her a letterto I I round 4.1)1)0) ) voter! aiex- atate's aa-solinc tax fur
    ; anothfif :34 U.irtpirutton
    Rep. Turlington I termed) to visa the poll UillnuUorU yearn beyond
    with intent to murder Deputy aionw George Roberta *econdad that effect.In ",proem' date of

    Sb rlff Robert Green by Commissioner, *. ( other action the board!: Civitans Hear Rep. Matthews appruvlmately\ 70,I' 18113 This I fa of Important'
    who Ch..ln.'Illd paaaed with no 1 Gave unanimous per. cent!' of UK total nunibetI
    Investigated I
    the .
    cutting. endorse-1,
    I Ito email counties. btraunewltlj
    "aid ClydeHeriay waa'out dlccuMkmThe atnooth procef.f' roent to a proposed Job Corpa (Io>nr .miui |u. H. (Hilly) Matthews. (cad.ei. ) dlwn..e.posslhllwtk. .. *. To Talk I I quUfld-3,731: In the t'1'11Id1'l11l..1 -d I \ only 39 more years. und:
    juwt above. Ma belt : tore came a. a surprise aince Training Center that tile : Toniirhl rl In-JJett for this ullliIVIrr
    of n Job Corps Training (Vnt -r arch the ptf>ikH! >| ,sd, -up, they can
    All ado. :3.840 Ili-adtovitUc( voted I.I I.
    aide attempt to the position Chamber of Commerce
    U !
    and Elbert Heresy wa I j trying J. NnvHk (rlahl). Ch..mlxr' nf Commerce .tvn-'.r\-iii.. ...- I no lunger plrdi. these fund
    rnn-ewenllnu 611 cent of
    tabbed! in the. cheat.Both failed at, the. last .,regular; ), to obtain for this area | .pr
    step and Marlon A. Payne, prmklont of ,lies HUrkc. ('hlt.." the total inuubci' qimllfkHth, for the liuuanr* of Sn..rI .
    meeting whan one I
    men were'hopltaUdFriday / no. motions j Voted to close a street In j Hop Itaarh| Turlington -ofOnlnravllln tr at the (corner of Court bonds fnr road ontructlon.
    ( lub. The conference took .. following' the CH lien hrrakfnKl 5.415.'
    night Clyde was released could: get a aecond. Hampton now that all qua place will, apith for UuIhmocnitilc > and Jrckaon Srrwt All wonttk I The state AMOclatlon of
    I .from the Bradford I The appointment\ were claim. :! deeda are in. liiHt nek at "hI'h ('..0............. )tU thiv. rikM-imoml. !"..- ) nntlonAl ticket --- of the area- -and m.'" "10. If (}old*'l\t''r crtnliHraU' i County Cumtnlaaloner and

    mad to Oil til. caU I Agreed to let ,the. last .salon of OiMignxM. lli wild \iJohnwn anti font County" Turmhty.' M ix mo:
    County Hospital Monday and vacancy *> Attorney Ulallon .passel Hurliic I Humpitrey: -eta If they ale,, to attend arwcordUllj I entail county inurtiita' are r*..
    Albert Tvenday. Th. cutting i ed by the resignation l of Hole! Knight continue with' anveralraae the. _,'all..., "tI.'prty| bill MB the AdmlnUtrall. effortto publto m?Hli. In the onurthousr invited.Rotary predict It will bu the tint I t'VPUl1t"Idln. a ya vote on

    took place about two miles I V, .V. Knight, who held both !, on which he has already a train 'pmipl* fur J Jo..lw In today technical. world "i> they j' tonltlit ITInutwtayl at.I8 I unit** the county' has'' ever this snwtultwat' Newspapers
    poaltion. Hi 1 done considerable work rod I o'clock., The "11I1It KrtHibUcan. itntuyears I
    north of Keystone Heghts on re.ipaU01t.J) need nut remain on relic roUs. i : niertln Uinxwiftorrd In the KbU eountiew". oppose
    8R-100. The two ,,HerfyB re- effective: ', Nov. 2. the county. s by t lh. RI..dI'untco.'y I ago --*vn wilt attronnrrllulcum \ i: the anionrimvnt bwamn they..
    altlon John
    turned to Keystone Heights, PoaalbtHtie that the Brads, Approved paying $tao anprsl..r'a Drmooratkj BjicuUvti t AdvisedOn oH| > ti> I want the formula. rhangtxl to
    1 "
    when they realized they were ford County Department ofPenMooa I I fee for court appointed ; Committee f Kennedy, the IVintiorailai rive them a latter share of
    Melrose Abandon Effort nttinliice rrtvlvrit J.531: voU i
    Voters i I
    rut seriously and a Florida and Security [WpJ-I, appraisal on A. J!;. H 'p. TurUiiicUm has been Education ,I to Nlxon'a lI3l--about :3lti ', the rae. taxes' at the aprn' *.

    Highway ,,Patrolman took I far*) might be evicted from]| Brown property condemnation voted l by newsmen among Ui,* of the small countlca.Am : .
    i 1 1.I 1.
    them to the hospital. Its present quarters on Court o n Mnrgan-Churvh: House top 10 .k>.UlaU. >r* ..1M l lot Amendments I to ndm.nt No I would' <

    *t, cam up wben County road. : To Incorporate Community i five levI ..live n4ona. and i I Prdlctlnna. of wliu'll carr. approve the Stele's nw roeappca'tloP'meu
    Deputy Green said Varna, the" county next Tuca! >lay area
    Clerk'Cbarle. Darby reporteslithat I Adopted a resolution Ap- rarllcr In the catniMkin dobstr >t formula
    whowaa carrying his wife I' 11 P Moran 'p''rlnr..nd.lIt I ,p*1' tbin matter. lfpndli> was.
    the owner'of the build- proving a Bradford County with O and ed! at tot IM session of the
    sisters a* .
    paaaenirerawaabehind tc
    lx r A drive toward' of the committee alno-' ita Inception t Rrp of Bradford Count !; on wliliter you'r, Ulklim
    Ing. Green; want the i Emergency Operation Plan. Incorporation Mallory tirflalaturp'/ and make It a
    the Heraey brother after I lIl"n.snl.. rivommrtMlrd the ., a "unp rlcr of Hrnator IKiklwater -
    of Melrooo (Mat March.nnni r- I Horne In OalnovlU. .
    for Tabled for apparently
    spade other UM a* aoon | more study al! Dart of the ContltotlonUra
    leaving I<< the ball 'fame' tnPaJatka 'f t>*iii' of one amendment or of" 1'rr"I..nt Jolxn.th4r
    .of I .. .
    th In. la lnvltd to
    and a* poaaibte. request that the county p>ir- died u-hornlng TucaiUiy night ted! *! advantag Thtpubl. th4 < courtly not aff -
    kept hie brt..btJllthta 'rte. Jnt"w tae. fwil
    !finally At an earlier meeting, thM '' chase. four mobile radio for;, when frerholdora attending corporation and the! I tvp'. of meting\ In the|' ('m'1'1mr' >m. to the state Cniwtltutloit I .on. f*.t..\L except to place It in a
    on.] the two .
    : and 1M defeat of another tit man IU emit: out 01'
    brother month.'Often" liked the board use. on county road equipment '' an Informal town meeting voted municipal government that I and RpTurltnaton will! an. UIl'.to- GtIn tv-natorlal dutrlrt ..
    let Vame paaa them I a talk to lite Diary: Club top l i by at .least 00 per rent< '
    for peimiaalon' to move the The radio would coat the! almost two-to-one to abamlon might he \uncl. "vwrr" quo 4U l >ft afur hk talk. with Clay and Uninn.ra" .
    and shined their bright. light Mr. I W i1n"" xt.y The two, amrnd"" of the vote. lit' llrartfont.Who'll ,
    the Members of the Worrn'sDIv1sknt
    welfare office into another county *Tewith\ that amount the effurt. Following report | " In
    turn Into the real of'th alar
    rtortiU U
    menu IU be limo>", I 13 on oury
    Varne building he. .also] own. The to be matched by the The vote followed a report r.v" Coopr "made a motion of tit* rxrnKxrattcOnnmWi county dlatrtcl whh Union I !
    car After switching Uw n Drl IClrcUon bullut"r nip and tuk< affair wilt
    Comnrlaaton voted at Federal government.Approved by a cltlxrn committee, lainat, the proposal. which > will he rKwtar. |I a Ion*. A vote on this won'tOwen
    places several time 'Che Hera.ey'5 t TtidayMorvan ''.ly prediction in favor o
    ) '
    time t. J..". the'ofnee the signing of I .headed by Brig. Gene Philip F wa. foixlinl\ and III..n. at an informal' Oof;*. Hour miKh either, wy, alnoi
    Anally stopped their car r..nmend'd" (u'\.uor' hut Inter for-
    It"I. ,Cornidsslonr Chiatam quit-claim deeds for property Krmner on the feasibility of I mended to provide for a secret from' 10. m till 12 nounIhidsy tin recent U. A. Supreme
    of Keyvton yarns y** vote for No 3 whlrll" [ Casts prrdk-tln a Urrul toward
    laid :the county has spent in Hampton Park a auburbof Incorporating the community ballot. Th* vote woe 45agaln In Johnmilt tlssdquurr.BHS ''' Court drelakin. thai both
    stopped ahead of'' the two brother would *tiHt until the 'u, Johnmin l'''till) c ntll'
    over |100 on repair ,to thai Hampton The..p..rt. covering! ai-tivitlea t prnrding with plan. hUIIIMII of state "kitnlatute
    and came bark to theircar 1 (Gnu the present bond pro I i i deles )hitv. CwnrwUCvxl' '' 1\0'
    where the cutting look utldlng,, and ComsnUMoner I for an election'an the tmue' Band gram **r John said he would talk to and 21 In favor.following : I..bsla at population, will. un
    hunting'knlfe', .. |
    place.A twenti' .hlch'td." '* i j III l vuUt. with flesh'dent
    of f
    a .5 3-& inch blada.was ued." Qren about the matter. anno..antem.nt Will fund for publl ai-Nwl punatruetlrm. ;| Johnmui. makliitf hlI > Ackelrteddy find the new forsnrula
    .*.*.*,. .6... _..f..rf Commlanioner RbMU\ O..n'l.tJIoducecS n'r"M the vote, Oen. Kromr augg > Men. tall thill' I: lest ap|...ar.nc* In Jackaou- unrHHwittMHInnal.
    ( A reaolvtkm I .*ate. 1 I
    'I proposing ... .
    .. .. """'"?) of lra Bradford Aff that the. board proceed << a cj. fl,lub, .t the ,, Mass Show iM-hotl i plant 1"1' I I .lv two ether. l"omo(:T.lVmtvlMBie I .oMtMftt\tta a >**
    fond ">' ides lust wini no tmnimtaat seta, an! Amender nt.Ha :1,
    :;;, with.Borrowing for 2
    Win SecondAtJaxFair eonatnictton been """"vrlA'd under V*< I have IVtMtiltrftrntnxiMtllo'i 1
    q ; .. *.. 'rut a n*> 'JOe. 4 No' 4 being .
    ',- : 'of a road aervlag re pnn The Dra I the' FlorIda Hydrocarbon After the meeting on. r**> band will partklpau In a fuHire building' might b..* > urallrrt I H Mnatiir Bi-.rrd| L. ll<
    Plant. It w proposed to f.build ---, lilent cnmmenled' thai MclroI mars bond allow' in TailriM ( union 1 it I Ia .tpnd..d| ) land la oi|KM d by lliubll, lh* acliuaj vim
    nradLforl County'* grtcultural !< ''road to I'a 'a comnimxty of tlrd.. A mpi& ballot sppoar* on
    ibis secondary potMerv' ere on Hatuutay.Th Tin Suj! rlivlMirt. '1'"ftd9d ('- ran Cl.tud.-. Kirk, Jr .l"U'l>
    exhibit ond who want to be left a- i' I of this. UMU. soul,. miyIOT ''
    won e place, : peciflcatiohe due to the' people> bond< whIt IIIA.c the """" l a no sale! for Anvrxtment > lUvdiin! JI....lie of J rkv>i" peas

    this week -lit the JackMntvUleFair. heavy truck travel that 1l'' .. lone." 1, nilM-tlv Oak Mani tnt rrl" "No' 4 hlrh |>ro. .sill*. IVriHirrBtln! ndnnlnreo MiKlkwi' \ for am.ndtnentsd I
    ea""?" ". .WI '; rfay debt .hd then .o on toI "bv It i.....r ln>i>ortitr' aA .''d.. that tot rrlin-tjwl.I *. i c..r..or. l I' "Opposed t *
    The exhibit, titled 4-rTer Outer ri mb.ri of the board i ithought'"It .. ; !I I Tallaheaee. to attend the ,, roil a* the Intrrrat of lies I piiNltr.n rharl H. llotUrrkHh .llt. of the .un. )pr"\ >*''(l aMl. .
    .. .
    are Pnxtucfrfeatured ftp-" was premature to'" atE :"... '.".'.: Sixth B & E '1 P9U baM nay' Ml ".turd.)' Mtat drl'iaiit Purvl. may beud frrmocr" *!* are favurett dates,

    den food crop' that 4-H mamBr.fTOw borrow: Ole money now, since J' I' 'i At ill' will iMrUrJnBU with use for O0".l-"uot Ion of PU'I-' I "rtrlly to win
    ( Since May I'I
    a* proJet-t.. .tnchalS- the tKtard had already agreed ,. | 4'b"nd a from Clottla, Alabama '' 1U. rhoul. tnrliMlinir 'Junior I In Bitklitlft' to thM, *.nj. l 70 Cases

    4ng"' wet potato*, .corn to- to wait until after Dec.: 1 to 'I' Builders Supply and, ""rid. In a pas ,, ra'>i. and unlv/ .rilU'4 '' .tune llal fit u'MNP..1! stet I
    lmatoes. cabbage: pea. .tc!*. tan such action. .. -..... ".U"'d.' kfternoiin iris | Morgan\ sold Ma wmilii., .permit i slid. scanty *an<1uiMUM, Are Heard

    A, turntable showing vegetable "Whgv make pUcatlon'\ to 'I DlllkJlor'. )II. rdwr. hlWb'0t1 I lovrd by the mess band ahow ,'. Uw ..**. or atate-nen.P e V"*'..iMlllot' will eimtiUn. I II; \

    which 4-H. member the secondary trust fxrtvd now, I .- Poet CJJ' aHrcrt' .was at the rNU-iouxrm' pnprtl which nilehl In< or"i'x> Mt ,.m..'v>irt.i".U to UfrlnrfcU r

    grow to'' Contribute: to'tI..\ and jtoperdi&e our chAnee. : broken loin over ttw weekend slid. erne turrty ,11-1, rt aa. really" In mice 'In Cis d4lutlon. Oil' By Judge t

    family budget 1 t. in the centerof _nar_ .tnnim_n__?__* fiLtuh later' 1 l'' and -rcriafvljM| totaitn I Th band will M later year sad in Mr In Imp, rtaw.' 'In rUnul
    the e"J tlblt. Con nu. .r John aaked. New Pecan Grader At MarketPhil 141 60 N ''Is" n. arrondlne to I I marks after the ..nw. arrly i: eggnbe, .would b* ....U., not .*m.ll mntiiM' iM>h B A total of TO (**... were\

    4-H leader I' 'Ch. rnlalll Carl Prevail Mid titimty Hhrrlff IfJMell Had- Ing early Aundty. mnrnlni to dHrwMn. of at this time .".,It", "' U No"' U an tot .\U.|..M
    assisted by Bobby Taylor.Agent'. Chat Ute SJLD dlatrtct oncl.nmc Omkhlt*. muaa-rr *f UM ft( rk* Hl''a'.. .'..- ding I I I M>ran mtrtvliirtHl. llttrprlnrliMl 14 whifli wouKl. rnxtlnuh thi. wok. by Judge 't. A,, I

    George Huggtna County'preparedtheexhibit. hJ said. that In order toM Mark..4. U ptrlumd with pens grader MAMA. MM n*..d MI lh. Th culprits "-nt...*!.**! Uv ,,: City Officials( I Cm"(1.r'' whrfllruae *> present dh'UmUnn w Tawn.Thtrtevn" .

    In roopera-tion with secondary money for( the *aa rit for 'It** tint, tlH r this yr oboe! .p...._ ......* .....WH| I prrmiani 'b T trarlitc. Uirotiuh 'I II. Attend ConventionIn .l a H,'pll.1 l flay In Ihllf unlawful" .pssA> nf>
    and r.",<,lr* were fuMft,. ) Veda\ BInn4i ,
    Bradford County Cant....... road. application\ would' have hr n.,.*..,. Bftm.m>. Tt* mwhl 1 rl*... ami trod and. ,I. mesh. woe .r of a M'tt arh>,mt p.lnca.Children' ,, ,
    1 I down a 3>4 liven a Intel f->, .p.rellfa *
    Dec. 31. '
    to be made knarkln Circuit
    by Jacksonville Judge
    .r. gr.4*. Ik* ..!. k* slabs *!_ Grading. U .....<...,.. sad r_!. "pa.1. .
    It wa nnairy agreed that rtoor*ay ftfrn tot lumlwyard sots with !IM) rtvr
    They prMed appreciation the Cummt.eion.1" meet th* grwr_-half. red pr P I ..
    to the Florida State Prison with Lake.City aRD ofncial I.1| .. .....*... "Ifi.+do M-al** were purr***** m.rlir| (mm brr.klnt a .r-IVirHt "" *.. r 1II"UI4I "H" <.."t., 'through GroupTo I .v. sestina vendee tnalril;:

    Farm' at Ralford for aupply-I to straighten the matter out a frmr perms. buyer .. lake B*

    tog aocne of Ih* prode.ce and and get .,.,."I.t. iaforvutum. BT. ao4 ether fartar ,Ih* ,....... crap !ItI IbW ar*. .to *oly I .....t 1 Th main ftffW of urn b-rtkl- ', atinvvMloft of: ttf.utft r .-as. 'Soak iMtinwxty .h.f* HIM vn ......,. |II.l ....*., roc for

    to tile Ornamental Horucal- ,, 'Tk boars- accented a bM of 1 SJ per real W .jnn l.f j l". ass alw. broken Into b7' a-.... trf 1/+InN,)..!lu.w Th .Hr""tlJfll< l Cmmlr CMl' I .wk fruM WMHW", on 1a.oaug aMVig) ""...rlll........ perenIse

    Cure Department for ptaat L380: from lack BaggettPavmg u..m. a .1*<1.. hamrorr" found ,.. Mayor Randal ChJUyOnunrll '' dv aft a Cv mnI'U' will meet' I .; /nfu'* ClnMll Court i 4rt.*. IwoM detvlaa
    to 4ra up the. exhibit.Baker f I. t-t krwir hotr. % hwi .ipft lie 'foil |Sores .hers "while .Inkralral. ,U-l. and. nJrlvlflf ..
    Co. of OalaeevWe. for In the store C9isin,,.n Carl Huratnd at noon Moftay/ ,N v I, I/ ,
    County lrfait wa ; ""f'tuJIIC.s in Brooker In thpJrwoort Clip (herb %(""rtU: Mrd ,I fJw o.dtt" lu ''ell8nl i:' to. r> N"boo'..,. a About M> Wtl without'' "*...tn..ta'*.

    first place In tb. Grater which l I. located between,, Poverty Not The Reason Castro Thk-... Wok 5 11'''lilt It p trf ** Brtt4n: fmnt" Ifatk. trw .1e l < lose fcf ebMserfa
    Jacksonville\ Agncnltar aM'odlJ.try the Farmer Market and SRJ33. I, rkuMUtrt bdtr'nbnII' trfrtfW "Tl.>.* troop heed.. evdmwiel1r.w ottwr kepvttenl, Melt. lif! tho ..t,*.,*.>i :Meet of ,these. .of.

    Fair W'llIorna... The' bid was' for a. _t. Took Over Cuba, Lawyer Says I awl!.. end three tnrkrt .....,- spook at /h.tiSmtu.t .T>i* "I"e l Uon Army C."mCl .e. ,lot., ftl4t IM. ,lat State, Allures,........ wstmt lee' were. cootie eherges.e$4154 .
    e :.t.v
    J Nme .
    through Saturday, Oct. i. .M IriunlMHr. knlv, Ih'W which. will from nloful spews.n. ..
    | a cqoare yard aad UM nly II I .Ie ".suet up WmsUne l Nary b* sJKiwn In I lot l lust.. Ih. ...... 1M
    I't IV otarMd+ received. wa forU.OOO. Poverty la Cuba was not r,..... how many .kettle thy *> | for .Irk of. evihwer.
    'i I i! sloth.. aK at the .tor .ano;. P.ye.l age. sad. psbile druataeeco.Castga ., .
    or tlM per swan the reason rw-tl C'uU was h l have Joe l. romtnunum"" vtn I ] 'I
    rate trap Asphalt CoartrucU abed to ja** the cn! ntry untr n la entrench. too deeply.. Ube >' Last MarJaycees I .f .ki*"'li"g Ik*

    Open House Oo. ft J* a onvU .. < ocnf...aist. .........""'-.. Dr. ea-pvJfcMl, I weiM *f ..A a.*td..iil and f.iluw '

    Mrs. Arks McKm at. coinI -. Rnrviua Jwv.. a former Cw I>r ems seed< the r.*..f-l.. at Reaffirm '. I* repu,t .5* BxakUnl

    At Tfc. New y health aur*., aaa.4 for Kan l lawyer. toot the lit.""* Cab: before Clan" bed |tIi.1. | r tielre4. stotaot. WUIUm Karl.
    t. Ike week Crntan Ob la T *. Of Job ')S wufawgkby" .*,. dta Stark Recrratio. aoary .FoatUcue a i taymorning am* flli' >g .f cwrtlr !list Approval .... (; !At ;KEltJN "
    asd bunt tri4.On
    .. **
    of a .a.pty formed" Pubic tak.Th : r prwa:.nt tmUy In UM U* r,
    Center IlMHk : urung Cotiaxd. Th l'f po a4sre bas bud th- 't tt .y MnfMMitil ftr ramla Training Center .J ."."j"'f'' .t .B...rc* *f .... A.lhor. ..

    Uar4... gree4 ... give *1M to 1 mtolvl to b" U* that ta. ..- -.u Infirtrat isles' I JJ: it' ly, asflyldg" B nOlI.....4., wee

    the council for pe.rcbe.o farttclaa *r*... Anna ....... Rousts an.Ny 1 The *. stlavers. Tu* I.i... ..,-..-.
    .,. "I'' t .frrewf Ie1s r.l ''t .
    { ..
    Sunday, Xerr. 1 __ : flit... Pive .BMh4r .
    (- B *l ill *etngup ass iworti sxnertitrvae ,t .. re taeeso rherg.n.
    tot IiIf'OSIP1'8I l1Sre'r. .
    rind > u. f'
    a M.ae naming Nf.k1 *. t :
    2 T. I ".)1. ,.....-.II, .ins ..d )VfJtww ;" .''
    Attorney Katsht reported He ..*! UM **t-r. C:-- Keystone Lake I "" CP.lt.yM i.t'U 0 o.''I :i'-f)'. JC It .. .ff teem .bat
    es the tutus at .HHi.......- .,.'. takr 0... earn ...-,. i ish..tr. rsevvIr4 ..Ptj/:( / I_ j wean. I In BUar. tl shore.. <

    Lien pracaeelum* on MargaaRa why .>.....,..; mar- a o rt in Erosion Report nod HsJ.e- #w het with ;. I> \ f*" tot .ta.ie4tt *.*.kIt B...

    UROOKERPTA ....... '''wewVI coaitMt. oath '>.ea 4" ..rb yes from tot 'hoollfnt.\ .e.+.d ......... Jpe.e". : ***** //erls/. 1 ob"

    e cwMiy agreM t* clear oat! Aa ertraa g"*.rf._t.Or a rail1 BAMUO* Ti..**. CThrte>. U-r. ....* A. O 1riYt f!! 1..WItt; ..-... by fr*>vf, di,.

    Carnival a wm'. .,....* 4trb J.*a he bas artk.. alit. the, Keytcer1.1.111.' low Wwlrv. .-..ter I** IrM CtM n uwhlag tot .....' and 1I,1aI.

    Are bee fare. ... a canal toe C..IId'" Plates for leer n. c.I ..- veeosd .. ... <***.*.. *. rn a fe4Nnn. a li lag I of prof... and in...

    Hat.. Oct. 31 'The >(Wf4 aji M.| to ga .e.4' ys.A. .... fis.u t ..t 1 I e'J+ eA'V tf'oort lw a Vet......' t.WM Ih. tls4 twd Name''Mem rent .4eaa'iae.i. taking' gam
    aa 4 worry ....... ....._ H. ..-... binl.f PttvlrM ..ter'egl ...
    vita firaieadjur < 'r ell '" tentpvtLwo. r e.t.$4 .M .et.4 ra.4 ; _$U.." .. 4 l h seee; taking' love

    Parade IM ....x.Cltkh. atkowl lb 4nuaa4 star UlfAertfT d.ty s "'-.. (a. Vats.t27 .- C/( ertn.wen at Kfma.vtwtd Ito. le Wrap et .Rw.1 with uuuwstul ..........., ./' ,

    r. O. IUfe .a..4 eI H.__ cod .. a ewesd.d seed. Pr 9i1v rs4 ....,.. eI .t"lt.talll' M

    S.*9 T for i*. *.-r. sad psattag; e** r 15h. t.ase-_,- ofp7eNa t3.tbl II .4rir'1.g.r. aehQ c......... ,.. kr a i1w. Tuoo.. l1 Ih* .4liiMt M t y ot Bmarwr*.
    the kiteaae M 1M ....,ertctT .,Lod ed Law. H.bopsS D
    S:24 r.)L e..e'b...ewlns' -.c. d.y an.etse.g. as *ht MoUsy"
    pit sad far sow s. t "" as Amwtr.awtaw

    ;5* Per PUt etia* *..*. to Uk k/lrb.a .in artbr y.nr. ,.. I 0.54.. ,.. t ew&.. 'r the a h.skxut. fllr.eaw of taJsws. + Darn Nice Of Them Starke ElementarySet

    H. *a<4 atatejrgK .....-.e- bed tbm ... but... .u4 I ee'dwl Mir. rw MM.1:1arsOf TV *.. ta. ..4 t. .-.

    beet rw .. ***_ IBM prawn a ..... rosary ...... b.4ar. ass. ..la... .....c ........ *4 AMP *MW*- Halloween
    .... far '-. tc.tty us Irb1 the 0..._ ... her ..... Issuer sn.w Nn.ts. w Woeb c Weep. s'loe'.I I r r.rle ........ L.b...ses his.,.. ......./... J Carnival Today

    [ TWa-. Srie. o-bft..1.1 leis .I.... M4 .... set.. soot wee the -y ., brew -are.. .l ......... sweesi i .**. -.... -! ..... f >!-- .*-..*) Ib.t1 ..
    a'm' W. I.. .... .... aes.r.J .....+. tw .1ndr4Psti '
    Wawktr toe ?.nbWarjr far .eeb wort sr1. tar .......i be ..were .".,.. .... .... M .e I* UW. M*. law B4 b... ..*...| b. Th* awartae. ** *Ury
    -p a.w Ue U atle.asta ,, .. .
    "* x OafjuBmlty. Kifjata !ty hood the ....... Der .waea.eN. ea.4 efI the 4 .... Orwia. llesS ........e Napa.N .ere.b.. peee.-..*. .4 l r 0 fe#.*... *.. --......*** PTA. .ka hokMAii .tt. .......1!
    TJ LN ,. ,..... W. reelect 004 eat N al/slog, ... ...
    I d Ord.-. say* .
    Etta taw.dar ash.d Urgrasp .. lads,
    led tubs y-. I .eey have ....** I*. B* *-riaiiii Ik. thee ve. tt..u:1.

    t* CommtttitjrState Mr an epssi..a as..s.. ,'r .ousel d. aU terra ... j I'" edwnrserd. -sa in g.w1hi. ss.wA eta Nord. a Poor..... *-- (*J* !II awes, .* pe.a.d I 1 t..II_ lfcy .... BM4 *...[B) ..* fan.**. W : .. 4 wp

    Banlr .. I .. M Irf (-e. rga t'_. 0... a .. __ ... bsI. eb.e w. M crow I I cbrls.srdstp, ielebl. w ..... w ... ........ a* 4 "'f1WIdf bup""wr will

    ....... IM4 a reed toe led ahe. mad p.ptu .. ..... h..et v..c ta'.th. t1.M..pt' j hers w lie _44Wd,.... Ir m, ) ttuiortn p. at. to I 10 p.II .

    "M. I



    1 N

    .. PAGE TWO BRADFORD cotivrv Tr.f.rnnAPH. ST\RKK_ rnnnin *TUl'R!lO\V. OCT. -9. 1s6<> {

    Mrs M. W. Lance returned Mr. and Mrs William B.is- Fruit Jules: and cake were with Mr. and Mrs. A C.Pearce undergone surgery In St. Vincent I.

    last Wednesday after three coe of Valdosta spent IliaWeekend served to the guests. I Ilo>;apitah He is enjoying .
    months in Dallas Texas with Mr. and Mrs\ The ladies of Hellbronn I' Sunday visitors! of Mr. and visiting with his grandfather I
    with her son-in-law and R. A. Colaon.Mr. Bat:tl&t Church: honored Mrs. Mrs. B. E. Reddish 'were I and aunt. I

    F daughter' Mr. and Mrs. John and Mrs Mack L. Wil- L. M. Norman with a stork W; *. Mamie Andrea of Dodj Mr. and Mra., Jsmy! \ Carmichael \
    P. Ve rovo. llnmu and eon were visiting shower Tuesday evening Oct. City C. M. Barber: of Mac-! I and daughters and
    V -- Mr. and Mrs. }I. A. Lawson Mr. and MI'.. ChaM's Mc- 20 In the Pastoi-lum. Mrs. I clenny, and Mr. and Ml*. Mr. and Mrs, Casey Dobbs I| '
    = GLADYS MOOTY have had as guests! Mloaea Qrialff Waycrosi!, Oa. over Harold Godwin and the honoree -,: Ray Dorman and son fJacksonvUls i and children of Jacksonvillewere '

    = Phone 964-0651 Elizabeth Lawson and Dell the weekend. | won the prizes for the i I visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. '
    t Deley 01 West Palm Beach Mn. H. L. Brownlee Miss. games played. Mrs. Charlie I. Mr. and Mrs. John T re i D. Dobbs duringthe week. ,
    over the weekend and Larry 1 Manv Brownle-3 Miss Joyce Ouy won tlVs floor prize! Mrs. and family were visiting Mr | Mrs Johnny Jenkins and ,|

    = Mr and Mrs James Yost Mrs W. H. Edwards Br. Wads: of Panama City on I Humphrey. Mrs. M. C. Btlth NCimin: received many lovely and Mrs. F. L. Roberta and sons ppent Sunday with' her

    = and children: of Tampa were\ and M'.'.. Drew Reddish\ had Sunday: afternoon and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Chas gifts. Punch end cake were j family In Jacksonville! Sun-. Mr. and Mrs.' O. J'I t tDorenas j ,
    = Saturday luncheon /guests of as luncheon guests Wednes i Mm. B. R. Quinn and son teen and family spent Sunday enjoyed by' those attending;. day.; Anders. I +

    = Mrs. W. K. MidcUeton. day Mrs. S. D. Andrews of of Inverness were visiting hw In Clearwater, Out of towrt 'jriwsts Included I Mr. find Mrs. Bill Oasttiisi &irs. Ruth" Barihlow. Fred l''fi
    w Mrs Harold Godwin attended Wtldwoodr Mr?. C. A. Car u- mother "Mrs.- M. W. Lance. It. E. Firtl. N. L. Wood. M-s.! Jart flelpK! Mrs Jim i i I and children were In Jack- Bai.thlow Arthur Bartlilow + T
    =- an insurance clinic in i tner; of.. Oxford Mrs. Pt"teTodor' from Friday: to Wednesday! burn. and Dr. D. W. Whlffen S?lpJe. and :M:.. Charlie' Guy I aonvlHa eaiturdiy where they! !Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nugen.
    Orlando on Tuesday. Bits' >: was of OMnesvillj, Mrs. W. Mrs. Etta Hoover has had wrre fishing at HomasawaSprlnffs all of 'Jacksonville. Aboot 60 I visited .their'! uncle; J. C. Hll and Ruth were visiting rsla- '
    = accompanied; by Mrs. Mack '3.f t laic;'.e'and\ Mrs. Tom "is visitor: M.s. IllldabollaBpnco : over the weekend! Were'In.ited'''to"1h14 affair. hard, and all went to the fives in Laufey Sunday af- S 4 l

    w L. Williams who visited !her Casey of Lawtey and Mrs. and Mr. NHa Downing Mrs.' J. W. Klncald rpantthe llallnw' *n" Doing. Duval County Fair. ternoon.Mr. .
    niece Mrs. D. W. Keene and Linda Carraddne Ogden of of Jacksonville last Friday weekend/ with Mr. and The" Lawtey Junior High I Mrs. W, M. Reddfcrh 'recently and Mrs. Brlce Ogden
    J. E. Criaco and PTA Carnival Saturday night '
    and Mrs :
    !family. Jacksonville. Mrs C. C. Hoppe in TampaLAWTEY ,, Attended the funeralof and family were weekend I
    Cole of Orala on was 'coaTiderfd' i' success.! ftaws
    to Bradford Mrs. Dudley her '
    Mr' and Mrs. Fortcr Shi Local admittances gi-eotgrandson; Michael 1 visitors of Mr. and Mrs. F. RCarrodine. .
    = County Hof-pHnl( this Sunday. .......... lursrly' : attended end the Secrest in port Lauderdale. .
    __ Smith spent Saturday; to week include: Joel BldivyJackson Miss Virginia Erwin and fWh dinner wa excellent. TheCoimtny While there she visited her.tranddaughter ,
    M Wednesday In Buckley.! W. Va. and Mrs. Addle Hint: of Miami I
    Diamond J. Luke Charles H .wctt of Chattahoochoe Store, hot doc Mrs Jamespobmts. i
    visiting their son-in-law and James A., Griffin Mrs. Esta pent) the wwkend I' 1Hnk stand cake and pie I / During the week Mr.in.d is spending several weeks: I A friendly reminder, to you to go to the polls on
    daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Muy Underfilll and Mary 8 of 0,111\: with lv-r! parents able, ball tossing fish pond M" W. M_. U",Moot'Silo with her sister', MUa.\. O. J. November 3 and cast your ballot for the Democratic -
    Bhlm r. Bu'/ton!' all of Starke; Charles Mr. find Mrs. Bryan Irwin toy BnaaMethmllitt 81t"oe. rwaaaaaaaasaasaaaa. sad holt but not least wahn -had tren; 'vl;tii-;; In1; I i, Phillips who has returned I Nominees as well aa the National Candidates
    Robert B. Peurce of Arden Ray Lawrence and Vernon at th' State! Fr*-in and attended .aa mute *hd.wairon ride with Port Lauderdale; topved by I from several days ill Oalnss-
    N, C. spent Clio past week Ray Bun of K'rtone .! the U of F. I Honvcwnhv W. E.?.Smith,, were all well for a visit with the! Reddlshesenrotrte I vllle Medical Center. 1 will forever be grateful to you for your vote
    with MV.' and Mrs. I* F. ITclBhts, : Mrs. Alene Moseley Gainesville.. ", Women Meet' patronized; '* Costume prizes: to Columbus Oa.. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wellsof I and support May\ 29 and again on November 3.

    Smith. c-f Mlddjletouia' : :Mrs. Gladys Mrs. George Jordan and Tho Woman's Society o warded tote!! children were where he Is stationed. LeeabuiK, Mrs. M. B. Jones
    Luther Moody of Btarkr Jackson: and Cyntlila. Susan won of Alma. Oa. and Mist Christian service: mt at tlv is"oIlOONr.'I"M prettiest! : first Visiting the Ralph Writs' I of New Smyrna, and her ulster Thank you.
    and M'I"s. Beva Darrah ol Crawford of Lnwtcyr: Herman Paulette' Jordan and Mrs parsonage Tuesday evening >i-lze to Robin ingglrvbotfia.ni! family are Mrs. Whe's Mrs. Leila Tumblln of
    Waldo have been admitted te Hodges of Lake Butler: Lu- Sarah Butler or Jacksonville I Oct 20. Mrs. Mae Well led Second Dabra Starling. Most i W. J. Wise, and his father sis I' Jacksonville were visiting Sincerely yours
    Doctors Honpltal. clan p. li-8dlt'y Jr. of Hampton vl:lt and Jonathan Lentz of M!*. and Mrs Paul R\unt} 1 ovef the meeting. Mrs. R. E Smith and second prize Danny Opp. Ala Friends'' are pleased I' week.' : -
    Mrirone.Atnonir. ner over I
    Billy Is recuperating n.tstle Notebook 12.20 at the
    Slade'sBuy.of those attending nvHt POiia and friends, Pox conducted! !the program : First prize Drbra.Sandra : at home after
    haYing TFLEGRAFH.:
    President Johnson's; visit in from aalneafllle spent the' and everyone! joined lr\ a dlscitMlon and Darline! Jordan.
    Jacksonville on Monday were weekend at. his camp in the { period. The hostess Second Ricky Starring. The

    Mrs. M F. lawn: Mrs; V V. Scrub. served' home-made cookies awards. were $1 to first place
    Mr. and Mm. Ouy An- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and coffee and 90c second place. I
    Irrwu. Mrs. J"siilo Young, Mr Thomas had( an weekend Club Meeting' The Intake was! good and I The Fabulous Floridian Is here!
    The Week ind Mrs. Arch Thomas Jr. icupHts at thftr camp) in the La.wtv. Horn IXnonstra. everyone appeared to have a
    Mrs Paul ITutchlna and children Scrub Mr. fend Mrs. Charles lion Club met with Miss ood time.
    and Mrs J. D. Odom Jr Fowler of Winter Park and Emu Blanchard Thurnday Church Activities
    and Mrs. T. A. Yawn Mr. and l Mrs. Bill Newton of morning. Oct. 32. The mont'n Grace Melhodlnt< : Church
    25,000 '=!r. of BtMtKbur' N. Y. are Uavtona Beach. op"nd with' a devotion, :School B:4-: > a. m.. Worship 11 Luxurious Spacious Comfortable Unique
    '''iKltlnti Judge and Mr*. YawnJr. Mm. F. W. Strickland: ofKlngnlev and salute' to the fine. The i. a. m. Evening: senriceA 7:31 ,
    and family for a week Lake Orel? Movrof topic of the day was planning p. m. Prayer Circle Monday "ii t

    Mr. and Mrs. Dick Blef forman Jacksonville. and Mrs the 196&) program book. Mils. i 1 a. m, MYF Wednesday 8 p.p!1 ALL BRAND NAME COMPONENTS 2,113 SQUARE FEET
    fly Erwin and non of the m.
    .: of Tampa will lI ('nd the Pryun ROM conducted' the prorPrtlire. '
    Mr. and Mrs. state Farm attended: "the' Threw delegates.. werr First paptiiit: Sunday
    DEARBORNIIEATE1IJ Mfrrltt jvrrkend Williams funeral of Mn. B. BrvanT chosen to attend' the Putnam School 10 a. m.. Worship! H'v No Maintenance Costs Built To Last A Lifetime

    Judge: and Mrs T. A. Yawn ln in Greenwood last Fri County Fair' as }hids- on m.. Training Union 6:30: p.1;|
    last' Monday Nov. 2. In PaJ .t1ta. m.. Evening services 7:30: p.1
    Wednesday ind to Sunday In day.Mayor Randal Chlt,.. Pnu' Threw member wwe electedto m.. Mid-week. meeting Wednesday I THE FAMILY HOME WITH THE HEART OF STEEL

    Whittier N. C. Humt, and Merrill Edwards represent the club at 7:30.: Brotherhood. I
    and Mrs. Walter Harvry attended' the Florida Leairu' Oalnpnvllle on Wednesday WMU YW A'I. RA's. OA's and ;
    Mr.of Atlanta, Oa. will sprnc' of Municipalities conventionIn Nov. 4, when the Flah it Sunbeam will meet on each I 3 Bedrooms .2 Baths Huge Family Room All Air-Conditioned

    he weekend with Mr. anf W. nitch. '1) Tuesday. Wxtenston Service will apon. !averting. at 7:30.: This will bf
    Mrs Mrs LH Gonzales: of Stork Mr. and! Mr. W B. Bewrl' 'Or a _foot! cooking "school" itown as Family Night./ ?ar>*i W5OTKS
    'turned Monday from Llttl' wit 7artrr and M tf l #
    'on. Oa. was the ww-krn' the dKhrs" demonstrated Mrs. .I otU. S& ..I.W.AJ .* *.!
    tufrt, of Mr. and Mrs L. DVlnln iwltzerland.'! N. C. 'ti served' I at the 1 p. m. VIr Allen Carter of Jack V .,- ,,r*.
    *. Mr. and Mrs Glenn Bal iinrhwwi. v>nvllk> caged on Mrs.\ V R'
    ''inner of St. Parr4i. Ohio ar of last week -
    W. Bitch and Mr. IUVjx 'h.r"On Reddish! '
    J. LJVk. fc !
    jtfkaii.fi .., fr'tj.ddaKitflli
    I -nttng the WMrton anart- and Mrs Marshall Mott
    I nt the first of the week! Tuesday ovrnlna: Oct Mr.
    Columbia H. C. on business. "1tInt. on N. Walnut Street fo- ''0. the hare of Mr*. O"nNortnnn and toml'lV'. end Mrs.. C. L .
    Mr. and Mis David Jacob he winter Mrs. Balln| .er I Is I' wan the setting for Hllllard of Largo Mrs. Dxrrtlcw :

    ''en of Oalnosvlll are .rnUnr nl'tT of Mrs. F. E. BalllngoT( n stork shower honoring Mrs. Sullivan and daughter :

    fhe homo at 808 Plnewoo< t Starke. \Emory!: Eunlo. given by Mrs and Mr and Mrs James till > raftat y'1'
    Drive. Mr and Mrs W. P. Moot: TohniV'. Hazcn. Mrs. Nookl Hard and children of Jacksonville j r.l, ea. # *ar rArWatW.4
    Mr. and Mis. James Alder ,f MlMni we vj Monday after Crawford 'Mr Lola Moore. 'Io '{ atlnnnvlllo\ \ have moved tr "oon vl-lt '
    \ U7 W Wa, -hln ton Htrcrt.Mr tarry Mooty. the guests' enjoyed twc week. ,' t .
    W A. Stern hut )bw Mr. and Mm M. M. )UrfMl tunves with Mrs. Robert Norman VlalUng ttte 11rlCly-S..n.: .

    I 'InltlrtK her brothr-ln.ln'vi' of Attatuln were vlnltlnr Mr*. Harold Eunice win rtKt family Sunday wre Mr
    'M Comer, who U rtauaW t'I'n heir Jl rf'ntA. D.?. and Mr I ting the pri/e; A door piles and Mr. Vaughan Prescott I
    Only I ". K.: Bnlllnarr on Sunday, o'
    Me Uca P.et-
    University and Lottny
    the NU pmentrd to Mrs. Donald and: faintly/
    Center ira.[ Hollintirr'i T9th blrttv Carter Gifts were presented ,, i-ott of KlngHley Lnke,

    1.95 Daniel Tiftlev Of Keyntoii 'ay.Mr. to the honoree In.. bassinets|I, Mr. and Mr*. R W Bsprami .
    $ and J: OrewiviltfA
    Mri. C.
    ,, Sarah Kirhy 8unda
    HeluhU and Mr. decoruted with. pink and blu!'. family spent
    of Btw ke haw been ad \ Lee! parrnUi. Mr. am''qrs.
    w( "mlUed to Starke NurMnj, H. U Ctmnrry In Mont r x +w

    'loinn.FT3U wan! home for the week, -.llo Mr. over and Mr the. werkend.Comer Perry* We Financed Our New Home ]THE' FIRST ,BREAKTHROUGHin; the building industry in 20 years. Un-

    Sanders o'enA. nan of Jacksonville> weee know-how of the U.S. Steel
    Miss Martha excelled engineering designing and architectural
    vwkvnd' .Uf'Ma of Judge and FEDERAL! ,
    While They I I Miss. Madtf MltMlPton an' Mra. 1:. K lYrrvnian. at FIRST Corporation, ,with the help of General Electric, has mass-produced a quality

    I Mrs Willie Ma Dt'nton attended Rev W A. lloiran under.rent the of the house
    below cost
    Last! the dwttoatkm of thMamle nurirenvon Tuesday at home at an unbelievable price-36 per cent same

    I Jona Btrmrntar' taptlnl/ Memorial }io.pltaI.'aeksonvllle built by conventional methods. Look at these typical features of the incom-

    School) In Dsldwln on Buitdar .
    Mrs John W. Griffin o' Mr*. C. J. Iloupt spent r? parable "Floridian."
    Mottdny to Wednesday or last t stw
    Oohlorhnr. O*, U ap 'i dm,
    this week with