Fast n..s

A-No, but elimination, of through studand make an effort to answer I settle down and start aom rral..d Mer'IsaSMS '. Air tM.Jnl..ingahs.t .fl4l! IOB.I' per .-..- Til\ *
been greatly appreciated. (bu.
I traffic would., Also return to diagonal the questions frankly and ...In.ct'reb' AS In order to go forward. we' 100 OJKSN: CKRn, O\ltWOI Mater Asphalt Til* mart at I fe jx' t'' Mayflower Inc.

' parking-get the traffic parked Instead When the answers are in, we'll rJ',1t, have to'f'ntur.. Into new N, MokaOoloeovUt t Tile | Call Collect J7aiJ4. :

of circling around town. know the scored! We will also know in i flelda..w.w.w.wvw..fw..v'. .n.-4J1* 71.I N. M.!. Ua1aMlIlet)
MJO N 11th T rrafcllllMVUI
t' Q-If parking meter I ..mil I
were removed which direction to move in order to 'I ( ,. a?' ,pAINTIa'
l. would ij ijJAUDKN
you consider returning to reclaim some of the business! that has I e JKKP 171,.tt u... J74-XT4 Horn I'' J
!shop here? tl ( : HIJI'Pi.lKJi Paint Co.
been lost to central WfcM Drrv Harper
our business dlA- ruwlly 41f 1 \ _
A. _Yes. Jf-parltfnr'were available trlct, In the m'rchandfllnw'olutlon SEE HAMPTON RAMBLER l< I ; Fal-; ;:Inc t L. *vwt .ur.

for shoppers, and not just for tore of recent year Am..."'.'. trwt lk-on>im* CatUlM Aato..atle Traiwn.baton [Johnson & 1 WALLTArriuiAKWrrnoNO
Bv Mr P. ft. HIM. a4 Korvte" 'I C"ftmr'.u' lAne a*
IT rb.a."' 415.1111taaaa.aSaaaaaaasaa.aa| I I Mrni AND

I A Time For SelfControlIn I Ridgway Motor Co. City Automatic rI.aT1uLEllttl..e / J Dtrrni MST FAIWW'

I By Phil Crotikhlte r.XTKA WIIU1TK 4kkla.-r.4 ..ptea Psl1.Ve. .........

a Fourth at July speech, Senator ruled upon by the court, such as the In order to *.pt>rrrUU on.* Hampton racldenrt. u.-d| Ii 1111 R. Mat TraiumU! Inc. "W. Itonl rmrtltlicr 8praklnt"[ 10.. W Ttk IRr..IOswtnnl. .

Spessard!! I.. Holland who waged a question! of segregated! public schools I home town. it la gad to b I hearing the lumber mill whU- osl vn1.511-5451 114 N. w, am A**. .

militant fight against the so-called and the question of "segregated use, of ,' away for a moiuh I have had I tie morning. noon, and lido'. I I I ..pal, A Rs.Isag. Pn1VmT1.411 ',

Civil Rights. Bill on the floor of the public property. Other most the privilege of puttlnt on afternoofi. may well\ bare boof'n'. All Magee aiU M..UUTUfiltl I (I''PAINT' A r.iAs.qLiddell
U.S. Senate for 83 day.., spoke wordsof objet.tionable market pr mo lr>n forh.* .artll'4t: Ian! week. upon hrln 0 & G Motor. Co.VAPIUAOOf.nUloan. 0.11',
features, such the no-call-I *. CAM
I and III
eats loot at !
nonlfay Biat Psrmer. Market an Paint &
advice to the people of Florida ed public accommodations title and the I' In the .e..trn area o' p m .. Dyn m.<*v rehTestedwnaa (LADIKM) WF:ARCherry's I|
deserve repeating. The Senator FKPC: or equal employment practices: j Florid Then wt vast a week It *eem. that .tra work I -- Glass Co.
said: title will IM promptly subjected to I and drove up through Indian: order uuHd a nljM shin tilb \i OIA.\NTtr.: : 1 kv.n'gll\ rAivr:

"I deeply feel that coercive and vigorous court challenges."I Into Mtrhliian. and back,, It ,I put on at Uw mill. four day I II. .. It.a.n. l'... rare I'' I t(da.a. IbI.c.e.tb11.I I'-'"

t compulsory legislation! in such a fieldas believe that the pendulum of amaaln to watch the lro."W> lad. ...C'II..nd the refu'ar. T.h.'. ('hl (..u... Tr4 HttMlKTI44 ,'.AN I(IaU.rvUIWi' Mast ,....It na..I.. .. Trrb lts.l.e.rr'r.e Nh..vpIi.os
this i.i wholly inappropriate to carryout national philosophy has too far of crotM from her to the 'I rumn heir wnllltJe aim .bl"sfro. toO N. W, lit*. Rt. 441 > a Males '.Mr_ r.e. I.flaUN 'Wteda.e. "...... .
I swung -
the desired results. are*. ..,.,In. here corn war' night rrrw 'lunch hour kara'n-nl'ITN-45)AT: .
For we" cannot to the left too far the ""OH& 110.111/ B.Iw.If.. ITI-4IM) .. .. asses.'east .
to aide
bv coercion make of too eared out and allklni: but The ex.lra. shift nay continue s I, Mtrrn4rfV WEA: IMvp.I Wad.. '
I people like each great haste-too great cOt'rdon-too when w* arrive! In Ml'hlianIt .1thOl b .\hort.* of loss ap< I ('_ ." -'

other better or work and live together little persuasion. tolerance, and un wa f mm the stage of the.to ... paremiy .111 limit It. Ui owe or An'CMJOKirj| II* *..1'w. .,........ It.i.&asgUJS .

more cordially derstanding. I (believe' that It will 1! flv Inrhe Ull\ Th cherry U.,... dr a ....k. I.Mr.l.feerierytiaraIaEIi (.P.AUTY SQIOOLCm lXt( W Un4v.*..ly.Gritlley 0&lIMrr1PI'i; 111..1.T.SU ..

"But the fact 'Is that the Civil swing back inevitably and that the tr.K were b utlful. JuK be- rl taorAI.s vans i

: Rights Bill has now passed the Congress final standard far* plrklnt. and one of tnt I visiting her lad wrkerr1. A.t aorlMr| ..!.. a ..me* \I11M11'' KI1I'I'UF.14 ,'....\ ;
which will determinethe ..,.. Wat ..( CMlwr. I
in the regular Urcert crow that they! havknovn < with Mr and K n I, ea .
our Constitution. way prescribed by basis on which the two rare. will in a many year It I' tenon were her mothr, Mr CraneLincolnMercury few'. W.r0w1 W. Music 1 Ocala Chrome

live together! peaceably in our nation an tnUrextnt trip to vlaua'JM: Ann* (Mman. and hr" brothI tattbw Mud4.ted -
Snare of this law 1 G good and ac- must depend' upon what both race! '' (hi'* pttenranena *>t growth I WlUtam):! Ott.i.n. r4 North Co. Inc.a | Plating Inc.

ceptable. Much of it. In my opinion find to be tolerable."In Although w* have Hve h"" I. view, V. Mr. and Mr. WttnOfraan .. relta rf.ArrxaNv.p.el. C*wt, tn..... ChiomlurrtI

is had and unconstitutional unreason the meantime I hop we shall only wnen month*. SMark hat \ and *>A. and Mr anlMr .. ars-Up Oaw- (.1reTnAt.. pa/t"U"A" I Ca4mium. Metal! PlretrhbdAratuw

able, unfair to the Southland or difficult not resort to bittt'rn.mu..h less become our hurn, and w. t.tUlnly : Oeorg* CMUoan: atvlUuclrf 1M r. retwHW'f A,... ('..,1.,. H.... SINS. adtin4Ant.que
if not impossible, of enforcement toviolence 'HI.| kinship to th ,, < >r .M her nan4 of I!I *ta.**IM. 1114151R.gw ..-- >y IIeMwiis I CtoanlnfWlv
\Ve hate the clear right to of any kind- and I hope we' peov> In this area Whrr rtVriaAond Va On *u vl"y'' .....-'.....- Central HaJrctyllng I.._y III noN". II.y r. Mel 'r, Ura**. C>i,pL *,,

persuasion attempt by shall always recall that when JrOfIlI l w* went. U waa 1 tns>r.iUnc Itmn 1 they drove to A'Her' lprlnt r... (We -.,..... Inftu trUI ".>r4 Chr .

which do to repeal 1 those portions citizens do not oley the law they help that Utrouah our mrawberry for a MrMwln*, UlpI IJI I ...** Mat College (>*|.j>* .y .!..w.*. 4). f'-' UJ| :off: tm4 A.... 0 ..t.I ..

both the we not approve. We have 'to bring about a breakdown of govern promotion. fyept ha 1 I I, reed r*>rpta. +. *on of M-. J..nwto. 1115awaaPA /I th4 III u...... f.......... I UUIt.S'rt 110ai1Si
right and the duty to chJlenire ment. This is a time for patience, reed abnu tb AegOf rn 4
in the Courts those portion flown In this grew hi* family, alter" .nmpletln NillMnth.nlNr ,
self-control and .
restraint tolerance .
I aT-. 1004 N Mala)
which w. think are unconstitutional. Th optniwM liMt are pr". .b.M. tralfvln at OrIl 1 i'
But a. law.. Somehow I feel that even In this dif "lent Hi the northern part ... Navel l .IMotlon. TU. Iii PI > Mad.. TRCCSWI. I, 0.1-114 llkepp4y o-ua William.

no right ItS'fittans{ we hare fknlt! hour our Florida people, both | of KorKU In uw> MrVstltaralrVM 1 I will, .k-av. ... 7V>*4y neat ..,raarrlo BLTTIJIM Neon Sign
to ) I
to defy aid BO choice but white and colored will respond in avery far *urp *s anr are* thai> :, w.. obey! this new and r. tsto0 War Up with WUII.sia"iseiIe '
ful law. Several of its highly distaste fine way to this challenge and I i rat real i2'H In In lhRorufay / for .n'l realer.h.wraks.l. ...... .A !''II_ IM.M.
more contro that -e shall hare a minimum of difficulties : arr*. M KM own pr. .., : J6oole-Geb1e Motor. ..
I I ,ra". Osle lIreortOf'/ \ IfatM.n.lice
versial! features have already} been in toatn. ir'Jy ewn.trnn"' and a Mr aM Me K-nrwK/' > ; McCoy Building Nt'uar: r
our road and lovely .tate.MAaVthod W4uluwaTyuet.
Watt -
few ...*tl>.lra grown In nmn and f.rosy .trot ,... Lillian'. Music Store -
tit a set A** o a *m*''j _.J'-.t
hap-aroil.n oror taws 1 Ths>r4r ts.( seek lint' Supply Ctmterwrwrnc. .....,..
Methodist Church ..t Min. O_ afcnnrrand 1 I' nav,*rs m M44 O.MM a m. Prays U* tta 1 =3 s tv.tsw.Mee. y..r. habeen ,......, Y\AMUoc t.i.tn.e inCre .
_mln*** antu. In Fel- 9 m CJvanrel I Cnoir KBn.rl.JI *e.H Mtr.hq.M's *>*r 111III 10'4.|< a Min ( -us.
nondr. Jaly 12 Chore' I nan alMWl In rK" 1 A orrr: a *. II. rt... ... im....ee.t.lM4yfa.ot4wolM 1T100
1tohlp 1pm at.Tbure. .. of 0- I
frs* nor gv w* It .la rm > J""'" CvMn
fldxioL ..s. ... MacalacWor Tae dar. July 1e CTrr:> I Jail 14-Churrh U. reel tb. .* .pl--'W ri. .t, C C .asst two Mrs I .ru.n."b .crfJS { r'yi'rwamiutHancock :

J /lp. 11 a. a*. Saack Beeper _.et..t bom o< Mr. U D Wkjy open -ll a tad l-t ...... r-IIIC ,..5iVe.satin. Mr* >*H. ...- wtth\ Mr. am..*I Tropical Pontiac MAKITW 4JUI

for WTT.. 1 pas TwJUt'..Valag.: C. rto IV at bean .' p. m. Junior Ctxxr pr..ccie.. S w to *nor iMt. In u.. Ofba tin <( JoI"'f'UftS".. f 14)M pw. EirndIItWonII JIlL A. U Cr**+v, and CUcte .., ( _II. .'...* k.'... d.r. 'toor hn", U a laa .r aes tiwartTi [Mw' .... ... f1e a.ee5rarerural. Typewriter:

-. t., s> m. f.Ut .b 1 V at horn at MIL T T Lang, oU> the .. amr4>MM, when h. Nvel! THt'CX owe "./..,*A .. 175.41.1 c.-- r V.... ..a..snfrm.U t rCfASGB; (
Hour a M p aa.Mwwte .::a., 1* ... I I(1sb itt5. ohirn taw. offer" tf )*>*.. ... 'I

., .1ta:7 II--CIK WHno'.I":'v II -c'Ift rate. I -... W. arv (.Iy) .-*.. UM W Her fir ih* wek*n4 !Mw rOlT'IC! o.11ue.COscarr ...... u,........ ......' .mltgs.Coaat.M s1.'Authota.4fe

..eqt. in rtOowthly IUBMa .t.u m wU rot. ., n..i. 0 r Mr a..... "e aMaa w G-4.....fttmm.. AM,, pry Utnw sad one-hotf ...-. w_t ...i Mr sad Mr J .L. ::e N W KA AT. O.iftrtC* fII."fWlH'1'f MtVTt1J. VM1ef 1Clary T.leS.M41a4 .
JoIn AnArrw MI* MCO :. heft ttesit, an* Cart.: TT s( I Ic. ttM wC a.,. ais.M taiga, a Jrwraai *n4 fwwflyMr m.JMJ
..__ .
ar T'i'- U aUb A ,...t. Wed WM'bt...>. (Qlallllllre
g *>
T W.. .. 0 seras. Mof /*
< Isa..s '- of U- Rrrv p..d. .. 1 I Want :AtM row..M"t slier.In. OMniwi >
Ill W rB4_*Mr A**. AUM .. ncs- tuD TAt<*
.. rnM and Mpt.*.:. w1.Ary p0ertasn1 wssAA M.Ml i. :- C rnobucnMT
.fItt U" ..... wh.ies .'vlafc n.--sl. .er.1Na ..,,'. TINA'-iMewa rse ,..
.., .. I J ......_.. alas us ft*.4.4Jt .
W, _c*O'4' the p"eosealo"I. Mr, ..,_ *. MaM ,ALTO JItAI.VACRPaul'
... ,,'. I ., TotalwNtlrTa MOVER N Main. ..... o..Ja.mn.
THE BrtAorortoCVTA0tJH COUPITY TuatAPHt !'oft win a )era fu* fry rat -- a* e t> s TIIAT AiX
; on k. In* cn4. rW -t Kl Nra.awCJr Mass ttiMlof W1utl.y Phna. V14UM4ITIHEM
< .D ia're i wow** OM> M tai Mot o* B..w.tc.. f .r.rars4! Auto Salvage. rettlnfaAP : Security Transfer (

.. L .."" ...s. --- A.. "...... w5arie .... Ira .r 1 i.-w t ,1.1 ..Id- W* Hy wow OaM Al TIIII aicarr rmo.
,1 Sass qlP bee. ......, a I.-rwn. lessS 70 f r RICKStwv4n, & Storage Inc. I r
.. -..-.. wa.av ........... ...,.,__ Town Tire Co.a .
WarT .
...c.,. ... Ute w.Vr...i MIL M/ *.>! Mrs Harry t* w 1Ar ....... c.; .. .A fJ D'I'It PCJII
-:=.-.. ..,.... M .... MawrWIwass..e ................ ... 'cft s.Say of ITaaM VnttM *"' .i 'sew4nMrw C
c---'w' )D'9's.' c. the *Jo.raM_ .U* w*** *lw! "'- taa.Ma.//MW
L Ttrsw.wre .... fa+,M Am I u._ pure 55.- M ... .. .. ... Inc. .u..

QS ...... a. ...... pi... .,.... ... 0. __ .. r.S.D5 .-rlib.awM 0.1rIunJior../-, ..d u a.r 14atta.chef M Ja earl nw wo oak* raaMBtMhf lo a* I M e., i.,.i Ise r- Supply, ..-.. A -. r...* *.... i*..t..j'I I amppse1. (tip.-tease SERVICE.

1RA11a AtN4. Ii..aw Mw . as ldq..T_ ea.CH. N "".e.tt..e el ......... W 0 Jell.. Pw. -..r Wftfov ....... ILIaa. .. CrA.o-e..MMT4V-ewesrb. ONE DAT
n a Mi a JT4444 ... 9f. w. as... rw-YeIe
... ..
.' .. -. .. .-. gal* tmui ... . RK IM11e p35 p.rbs a.t IWrt.. toewajn- tnv .. """'" HN. r..4 ....* T'*4)) ]
_. sa- ..,. Asa cerely bSs.I .. lag sad. Mhup.rt lit ft' '*. .-'" ".. t44 ... Mai. o.banel; Tel. JTu*<> 6fJ.urJBradford


. )

j I



STAKKK.: FLORI"\. TIltnsUJ.Y 9. J96&
-- -

I '

rrr.KEYSTONE rr9TTTTTTTTTTTTT HIGHLIGHTS TTTTTTTYYYYYYYY : Volunteer Fire Department Drive -\WHERE ELSE! Benefits Of AARP Are Discussed Keystone Bustin' Out _AD Over

By Mary K. Schaeff For Associate Members Under Way By Ann Pitts i At Luncheon Meeting On July 2 With/ Summer Softball Competition

I talking sortball: -
__ __......._._.A ......A..A.... The Keystone Heights! Volunteer year, and more than the SS Everybody is Twenty-three members aHe mm m m '---------- these days Inatead c/f politics: ,
Fire Drpts 13th annual fire calls prospective' members of t.ho1 to attend the July IS mertln?. I Recreation Program ha Othsr leading-. hitters ar
AL NOT EASILYmSCOUKAGEU mistakenly given our number dilve for awotiato member-1 I The emergency: ambulance and ,meUiinku it is a welcomebrtather Keystone Chapter of AARP Mrs. Ejan has Issued' fio! cored a 'home run" wit> Reynolds and Homer. .416Bunco

\ rather than the Civil D-fensi hips Is well underwav wlfiretiHn. donated by DeWHt C Jones of Got a large chinte: (American! Association. of Hi- following statement.: 'An erroneoua t res:dents, and produced sVen: and S, Brokas. 400
In an effort to Improve the Number for Keystone Height' .'* from the first I:tttrisolUltaUona I &bii: ke, alwuys gous out with Tuesday nUM when I stoppadto tired Persons! enjoyed a covered and misleading rumjr softball teams tor night-time. Wilkes and Akdridge. 384 Th

appearance\ of his corner, A! when we said that "help !111 a. bilnglng in ov '.' I qualified liiH' aid attencUntj. watch the girls play for a dish luncheon in ttii I, has been circulating In th.s; play and about 200 spectato-3. men's teams! have 19 paye! ; ;

Watson had 1ver.y nice clone as your n<*are t tr-lj-[ tl.OOO The a ambulm.n: service ancl! ftw minutes. Community Church edu:atlcnal area, First: AARP\ not a 'I The four rrun's teams pLi.v' each and are observing! slo*
"planter" nlmllar to the onas phone"' In lima of' emergency Tills Is still not the amount I fire department Is considered I Seems like all the tovu building on July 2. Senior Citizens Club It \Is an on Monday and Thuisda! 'II pitch, softiall rules

fit the post office and bank- Of course, wa weie, unawair needed for Fire" Dtpaitm a 'model" operation. housewives! practlcfd: Sun-, President James Puckett association of retired person* I nitfhtj. and the first plac" I \\omen's Trams

built; along .the side of hit that, we hurl
ctoie.! last week, with the in will oay that the Keystone will be conducted mis. week of homes that have been all right; but didn't manage to discussion of the values 'Of'' flllated At present there an* I ( the Indians, a team teanvs are in existence nov

Jti'nilou of filling It; with at- number to call Is 473-4200, The department asks for sup i S4ved: because the equlpmen, get to first base. Too sore ta membership and chapter serv I no local dues, and cost o' made of KItS football. pUyen.] with a fourth team "hop ::1 l lfor1'

active'. shrubbeiy, But. alas It was probably force ohnbit port only once a y<"ir, Kilo I I'' 'wal available to extinzuisn I run! ice in the community.! w.ashld membership in the National I I Belote's Pushers and McKay's { by Coach LeI Rhoden

the next morning before tha for we always list 01: "scll!!" associate mcmfltcrships, I grass and woout Lies tha, The other team called the I followin the luncheon AARP. which Is a basic raquirement I Marauders. The Blaz?n. com- The gals- who evidently tile I

cement was dry, there was u number for intoicBtcd pcr'omlo or makes people "hon
Raping hole, and biltks scat fill for information on Ey members for a $5 tontjloutlon :.i Fire Chief Everett Fox sild., made. up of just about. all'teenaleJ"8. I that the chapter ho.d; I family, Local dues w.lt; b* men, have an 0-3 record teams have. come up wl "
teird about on the itldewalk Wills, Excuse, please? I The firemen also put on ai< The other tiam afternoon meetings with th'! nominal and voted on by th other three teams hold 2-1 Th"1 the Innocents! and the Sot
Was it vanrtnllnm. or' was ItAn CUV' UAH, It U thn only fire flghtln: ? annual Fireman's Ball, which appropriately named the Sor I first Wednesday of eac'l membership [St. Peteisburf cords. Spot

accldi'ni? Was some child We not' It(Hi a photo In the service for a large art'lt.hat, will be held this y ax onAuKUflt Spots, was on the loblnif end, I month being a covered dish I Chapter dues aie $1 per year 1 The leading hitters are V II | The third team\ as yet unnamed
unable to reul.it the urne to Gainesville /Hun hint week. o' Includes miuiy! lakefron; 22. ISncloHcd in th' It looked like gi eat fun, ana luncheon at 1230: and the' The AARP chapter\ a civic Walker with a 769. L. Rhod.-n.' The Irtnocmls.

walk along the top of' thbilckg. the Cltv Hall In HlRh Sprlrui hom.s. Laot/ ycnr, th3 volunteers. letter sent out by Fox, arc decided I would try it; myseltThere's \ third Wednesday a businnn! i social, and recreational 'organization I with 730. and J Muir wttn: |I mainly of local teen-ae composed .

or whnt? However Al It looked about the size of the II.Mwere4< 53.. fire calls, 1 tickets to the bill which may still room for another fInd social get-together at 2:30: made available to- I 636. followed closely by rt, gills, are literally runn'ng';

prefer to take the optimlstl' Keystone City Hull, and fit Tile volundueis! also have 0renuvlUtor bu puuhased<1 for $2. team so let the dishes lit). pick o, m, Meetings will continue I II older persons to be a part o' 'Brokas with an even ..60)I I way with the lead so far a-

point 'of view and says he wlV: first (Klanre, we thouahit It wan to i aW In revlvln i Membership donations! car I up ycur but and come on to b9' held at the Community I the community and exerrU? Walker. Rhoden. Muir. ant: i iI The women will play 0:1' :i

try It ono more time, So, our awn Wo wonder how a drowned Rfisona. and man a1rmernpnty -, 1 be mall-d to the Keyaton> down I Church until. the new C1J.' I their Ood-Blven &billUss! an-1! I Brolcas have 10. 9, 7, and 61 I Tuesday and Wednesday nlgnt!
please kids, keep your d's' town of 2088, persons" FlOCtnsiiB ambulance, They Heights Volunteer Fire Dept | About 100 kids -and somo fo Hall Civic Center is completed Interests for the benefit o': ,I hits respectively., I I I Anyone wishing to join ca,
tnnce.iAicnnv. figure 1 ran do with n aniweied 05 rescue calls. InsNoibett -, I P, O Box 570, Keystone 1 mommies too-turned "The City Coun-11: beIng the entlie community"' In runs scored. Walker anRhoden -* still\ do so, Games begin at 7
rum BRUMIIMr :'\ Hall that si/e. when Key. the free swimming le.eon4
( City : \ the sustaining sponsors' are tied with 7 anAlITO pm,
Richard It, Schnebera.rr Hone's 307 souls r Talxo 19flKUrel ') The minnow class, that's "ceglnners. with Comml&iloner Otto Mur- I
A, P.irker and, daul&h- Adams
80 memr"'erland |
has about
of the Park of the Palm have outgrown their'so .
I trri of Tort tuuderdnle: ; am' Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cooper rhH's name being added a 1
WM linstcss. to officers an I long altO? We are ceitalnly I had to be divided into two wll '
County Representative
Keystoners. Mlsii OertrucleI and three: children of Ouil i '
board of' dlict torn of the Oar not advocating !that Kpypto' groups. KEYSTONE HEIGHTS MELROSE
provide the future Chapte -
I I HOUHLT', Mr and Mrs a. E: pent Uw) wetkend of the 4t"pt < Keith, the junIor
cli-n" Clubof the Lakps'at n "make do"ith ours; WP home" according to Mrs. ? ,
moth'er homes of Mrs. Cooper')
McKay, Mrs. Newman's >t; the I
of theo PitU
brunc1ml'I'>Ung on Thurwl.i;' firmly believe that a new cltj member
P Egan, organizer
moo nln//?. July 2, hnll is Indicated at thin time, Mis.' Oej-tiuilo Chil.itoffeii. I parent. Major and Mis' Ron hold, U a minnow, He says h Tho next ntepting will b* I BUSINESS DIRECTORY
urn! Chuck's mother, MMI'm eft J\l.IkllOn\ : of Lake Krystano: mommies for company
MM EJchneherfier who 1 1flic SMALL WOULD LPT. Newman. and Mr Cooper's parents. Mi i has some held at 2.30: p. m, on, July ]ISMis I
ma ( I who also minnows.
club president for th" Recently, when toimer Key.stonrrs. U the former I and Mrs, Kenneth Cooper o' are Helen Pinion wl'l be incharga II
Mrs Who could n'*lMt learn:ng tr> I RESTAURANTS;
turning year, called tho mpetIntc Miry and! mil SlpreVle HUP Hlpielle, daughter Of' Mao Brooklyn Luke swim around here? of the program-ent'r- Air Conditioners STORE

for the purpose of plan were vUltlng Yellowstone. itnd Dill) Mrs. Fied Blair and chll Found out why the Lion I talninent, and Mrs. OladysHaberstroh \

nlnjf the program for th* Paik. they heard somponn I'e- Mis. Spencer, better known dren of Anthony, arc vlsltln' Club Is out to make money and Julius Han I lOrAhcl.e; Coht Western Auto BeJdler's
IJ! 4-65 season. of' activities.MIIS. maik, "It looks like Mary son are Chapter representatives I
at "SI1I)" to all her fan. Is, ofourso Mrs, Blair's p ANGrLA: n.\lUMUUI i But Jt can't bcl"-But U WA? cclcbiated But Mrs Grover Davis. In Keyrtonc part i to the City Council an I II Associate Store '
(: the Rue Is writing a play) Seem \\Biln>rColored T-V ,. 'I
Fl lendi of' tho James Ou- and the speaker was the civic auditorium "
Mary, book "Afttean' Also, Mr and Mrs new p o
whose ,
Spencer 6th
that this club came out as K'rl""I'R'On- at DixriMiPrlmi
bOOMI family of MelroRO wilt none! other! than Louise Nol necn bncnmo ChRiles K Diker and son o'Oklawaha !gram, Mrs, Fgan will gladly Appliance* Major or "Small'
Cieiks I IIm\u Up, bert in the state, t Where with ServiceWheeler's
T'lfrc-t- to 1 Ic.irn, that Mr. son who with husband A1 n bext-SPllcr.! In January spent tho I E! e1 .I arrange for new member ap Auto AoceMorlea, Tlrva. I Fine Food Moderately Priced
Oiifjoardl's' mother. Mrs. Anttda also visitors at the park
were nnd wns recently sold to a with the Oi wer wCPkllnc'1 Batterloa.Sportktf COMPLETELY BEMQDELKD
Gabonidl died at her What nice reunion they I And. they want to run
a Btudlo. In Hollywood to bi Baker I Is another OPEN 7 DATS WEEKLY
ton and
Charlie McOtave for dl tile son. Scott of cOI-1 Discount Store
home in Oanbury. Conn on miutt have hadlNI'W1IANIi Blryclea.
Wednesday'' rooming, July 1, : KNTFIITAINMr made' Into a movie. thSpencers ', the DnvlsesMis. OeoiKC LaRuc> drove ta governor. umbia 8. C, are vlnitlnn I...'"...." ;MrlruN<< tt Kevtonr I Hardware Fun Dtnnera LjOMibesi. _
this summer, Falnta, GardmsSoppllea.
Later I parents, den. and Mis. Philip I
There's alno
some craz" I Ala .
Bhe was 81. and Mrs. Cliurk' and the Blprtlles wll'!! Walrlo Monday morning to .K. S.UOIIELUOOoJJo'; Oart Italia* radsi.
: money-making project of collectlnv .
Mrs. Gaboardi survived 'j.vn man and famllr N"'V.I 1 1at I' probably be KOlitx to Aft'lea. to mrt't her mother, Mi's. Mar pennies from member Mr. and Mrs. Bob Buel an I I 1 Block North of RdKET8TONK bt

number, of children en their Ij ke, Kevnton their home In Sti-ra. I/uinc. Twill < irarrt Ahlers! who arrived vli who don't wear blue nho" spurpla family spent the weekend with :, AUTO SERVICE KEYSTONE HEIOirTSVURSEUY : HKIOHTfl
grandchildren, ono Ki'andthll4 nn Saturday. July 4, bi! Mrs, Blpielle's fl"st trl.i train fi'nn Ivr houn In Baltimore sucks and red tin. on relatives In Lake WttlrnMr. ,
being Mrs. JTrnitnan Pi'event o' sort of reunion-picnic for Huioup I ,to Africa, althouah Bill hii Md to up*'nd about two' certain days and Mrs Tom /Stockton REAL ESTATE

Keystone ITelwlvU.cnnitbciiov. of former Kevstoner* I! been thsre:: on busliuns K numbi months with \Ury and 0.01'11'" Good lurk to CliarlietKevntone and children of Hendnsonvllle. : Terrell'* -

: J'hllillfl> and some "old" Keystonersllmt -' "r of times. We wlih them ut their lovely horns on Key bM a potential N, C are visiting' Mr an'1 1 Gulf Service C. J. Pete O'Connor

We were vaguely' surpilspq' is, of long-standing. I CVxl HpoKrtlItlRlll I .Ntona>> I/uke, sumnu bowling league wlnno- Mrs John IlewanRH ( ,
lust work when Civil Defm.i| ducats, Included Mr, an 1 1Mta. OF INTFIimT: I MIMISuun\ Bird, dauifhter Tlll-r I N_ A Vied Tim* REALTOR
too. Reynolds Iru u>nuice too': spent two week 4 '
Stock Thousands Of
Director Hay Chance ('cnllai( | mil Slprellp' and! mi, I'RI'c nnd MI.... Michael\ W of Mr and Mrs, John BUd, 1 Ksptullng over' the \lrd last Mondaj In HartsvlUe. s, C with Mr. FYrnn" taoo Up All Size Vuroery REAL ESTATE

find said ho rind an omeritencj:!) I Mike; Mr. nnd Mrs. O \ry On: Mlinnowlcz' lire hnppy! over th week In Saras" .>tn night from Draw-Tlte o' and Mrs.\ Johnny N''wssom<>, I i Lnhrtoatlon Battrrlra AC_ i iI Plants A Fruit Treea, TIChoun > vfORTOAGES ArrmAISAIJ

to report. AH we could savwws 1 I nor and three nons, Mr rdMrs. I birth of thnlr Ilut child/ Hdiumhter .j with her brother Pnul'! .. Starke. For the p\ot: sevrt' Mrs. Bobby McPurlnnd, an1 [I OPEN 7 A. M. 7:30: P. M <: From. NIc Bkvfa Keystone HeJghta TaL 475-4291
thai we wo'a soriy. bu* Ocne Whittle nnd chili born FlUInt mo n mother-in-law, Mm, Helen weeks the two team haw Mr. and Mrs. Jack McElvevn |I lIe.toa.. Height, *734279bAPPTJANCES !
"My husband", Isn't home fioin' dim. and Mr. and Mrs. Bo'i:, I Ing. July 3, nt Tliadfotd COlin Prlvctt, been Jurt about rven, and children Laxlseap* S. E. McKay Realtor
work ).et," What, he was tryIng Spencer nnd son. All of Jantsonvllle. ;- ty Honpltnl In Stnike Th-I Tommy Birrl. son of Mr an Mr. and Mrs i I If ,
All of the other Keyntou" Oljrtnn: Roth-I| flont. All In Container.*, riant
1 tell us waa that we had Also Mr. and Mr child has been named Hha'lwyKnrtn. Mrs, John Bird will lenve tlil4we team* hive bern pulllnn for hammer and children spcmthe f Ico"Hrllbh:

<< 'kcnrt for thn WoilTi Fai' the. Reynolds. tram since the I Fourth of July In E nOallie I''T V Service Center .\nytlme. Camcllla'a la Bloom k-booa 4734S14SPKI.NO

i, Mrs. Mlranowlca U thfoimur In Nmv York with n Hroini ofHoy are the only onra with .' with Mr. and Mm F.ugriie Let Va Do Your Landscaping. .
Sunuii Divls.: daiuhj << fl'outs, Art-r fhls ll1t.1' chance to win utterUntf and family LAKE ranI"h..d

j ter of f Mr and Mrs, Omvei rift trl;>, he will attend the. It's not thut any of us 4reallv .. and Mr. and Mrs, Lam I i. R. THIEit, Proprietor O. C. Carnes Nursery cottage with, _ndJbe..h

-TROUBLE WlTrl BEING A i Diivls of K yatone HrUhU, I I Boy Hcout: J.unboreo! st Valley prejudicr|, It'" like" title Thompson. and children, Authorized Motorola PhllcoSalesi S55M. |..... dowa
150 09 .
| The father Is/ ciinenfly Jbonid Forge, I Kevstone" S'ste Bank .i IWall11 i Mr and Mrs, Oronre Rtpt and Service M AIL East Of Btarka OnIlw7 mo.MODEMS
GOOP SPORT IS THAT tin US1 Kitty llitwlcI dur..t at the Oeneva B''nc'i of nsliiesvllle : : : 3 BR -3 gcrrened
/ TUItrd
i Jewelry Sloie n iwracr their
Borvloa' ...
On AU Mo* 100 At _
Flonshome.BualoMsi .
patio paved' street
hut weekend "
YOU HAVE TO LOSE/ I hut will arrive In Krvntoiu/ t t.1 i imert Apiirtinenfs' werMr the bottom.; ) Com o.i 8O -ln-l"w and.. daughter, Mr
i t his/ muljtcr" some tlnn'thU i iI und Mrs Bob Soencer anI I Ions RynoldiMELROSE' and Mrs, II C Beard. Jr, and TV RADIO STEREO PbiMM 6M-M8A looking Lake Geneva. FIM
TO PROVE IT Jtf A-S! month, about tho 20th. of Jacksonville, and of I family Saturday afternoon.JMU COLOR TV Slo.ute.: I3SO down.LAKK .

Ny&f( I Mr, and' Mrs, Dowavne F.ld'r I Ml"" I>bor h OHIO' "81vunnah. Ala, Is vMtlng hrr parents Keystone Heights 47S-4841 Night' TIme and. 7 t. S a m. sandy, ahady be rk furaMtedno

( J are Hit hlll'\'y pnrrnts" of thrl:' Oa", Is the s ummeRiiest !: pr and Mrs OUnd, Wilson.ris i I eaba.-BaI'CaI.' lS.ooct_

first danulitrr, born at Tliarlfoixl of her aunt and unclv \ : Cpthy Perry c"'ebrnte' I Ih
>? County Ilixniltiil, I In Wtmk,. Mr nnd "Mm. William Uowllniof "r seventh, blrttidtv annlversnry
I on Tursrtny, evrnlnn. June :30 I Lake ttrnokl, n. Lou' w..k 1", :\11'11. Grant Rolhhammcr" on Sundny, July a.I .

Mrs, KldiT: is th* former, Jnn"t Mix J"YVllI'C'tt wa.h" ........,.... ......... | U, Col and Mrs. Edwin R

=nr Marks of I"tonl'l' lleluluThey : III1 IIof the twllnllllI"/ I The Mrlrone Simmom and family of For' : messy defrosting
h.v. two son*, bilnuln-' On t the weekend, her pnrrnU Junior Wom.an' HU1. 0Jc.1&hll", moved! to Melrose -
the total number of chUdrfi I Mr and Mrs John Vlwolt. Club Ul meet Thuradaynlgltt JI recently! retired, from
July 9, at the Woman
to vlilt the Dowllny*. s
to three. The nrwert arrlv* I came th, Army. I
?> hu brpn named Dunn I.enore iin<1 tnk' Joyce back to thetfItome I Club at S p II.JiOItI'lllIll! wll.be > Mr. and Mrs, William l
Nrrn JiMkle Beard. Mrs. Diane
", In Columbia. 8 C
I't' UN\I.H Fra her and childrm of Port'fmlth. t
!Mrs Ell Andre, another TLwn.' Mrs. Nell' Ret. n I }
llrnry Hill and rtatmht and Kstrlle: Bua Ohio "spent a werk' with \:
is-rtsj ,, rirbn. and Reba's frlrnd HInn 1 former K..y..ton..rlpt'nt. / itwcrk I her parent*. Mr\. and Mrs. H
i < rtrrnMy with h"r 011 I Ifrlrnd Wlnnrn of the Mtlrasrf/ C > .
*w **4You'll nmkts. were lit K< yIAW I tlc t&ur.Mn.
> Irt't: vkcck, vlsll bill tIj *\"; and nt-hdibor. Mrs Nellie WHit IhipUciU Include Bridge Club for IKS; Pat OIlMon' and da'hI'-''

,wrriioe I*:Nine. fiunlly, former fJmyiwn. on Bnmklyn nn/ the following trr. Mtlanle. joined. Mr', Oil*
:\f trl .
Kev. Uitirrs who now It\.*.. Circle, On Sunday, July 1. her Frye and Mrs 111In Axl-nrUm.: Va .'te-

there.<<, The travelers\ also drovous wt ano.'If.. ., Mr and M*.. Walter. J, Orolh-k. flrrt pUc: spendins; fite mottths, with, M r.'
far us Key West! brfmv laiils Andrr, and their" snrmnd > I Mrs, John J. Brrnnan an 1 1I 1Mn and Mr\. Bunyon' KcLry: *nj

com Inn<< home, : wife aiul rnd on, M* I Emory Cooper con1' other reWJv... her ;,
ht a %vInner. ihoiiKh, If you u''* Mr snd Mrs WilliAm 0.. i al\d Mrs ItoUnd Andre. .njson. i pni'e, Miss Sillle: Mn f:eM Lorn. Mark\. and ErtJI> I;
Slrtte Iliink rherklnir' nccounl. and Mrs lltibve Lre Oxfotl,
KejHlone -
ttiiirr sr. vl"ltln, thflr pu-I all of Jacksonville ( Jaoobv are1aIunc' Uiel'if !
How ran jou IONC. K >ou "woe" tlm, i>hi" ent*. Mr, and (Mrs' Pmnk Oh i .urw a t tht Graywn horn", ] V third pUre; and Mrs Oilb-rl ther.- Jack Jco*>!y. in Crysta' ':

leather, RUM nnd energy hy |l'lt> Insc bilU. linger. wh) live on Uik*I al\d took !\Mrs Andre back to Allrn.*. fourth Jr and place.Mr Mrs. Raisnir *\ Lake. 111. ,

by check Try It! O'nt'V1WilliAm is-as recent: rkminvllie' III tlh thtiu, MmAivlre Mrs. A. J WiUMrspnon I UI I
and Mm, Allan Tflrlo,
discharged front the Al* pUn to return to Key* tioro* after' *UUn! friend If
Force, snrt he and his .If* wll" I .ton "UUr 'lit the UU ftevlsK : IIlIc1'\....children of l'prtn..n.'dM New Port niche*. Mr >n I
be Bumts here until he 1I1AI'U< .h.! a ..hll lit Cliarlotl are tlrttirn her pa""M'Cui Ur KutlK. Q Bi>nnrM In iPviMMcaU i
and :Mrs 1 lUJph A, SIvei *- 4t
KEYSTONE STATE BANK to the Unlvenlly' of Florid .In N C, JrRrcrnt : FUv, and Mr .
January '-Irl. Btt Mordent> an1ehlldrvn s. Olvnn Kttlmi. In Waco. Trva, *

i. c. K1TSTOM* Klr.NTB Ml.** Nancy Fisher of WhInet of Jacknonvllle" hu. Ir"'u' of Mr'. and I and ait au<*. Ura. C P.O\Ilh. J._

'" __ __ T 1 ., ... T. ;in, D C Is A r ntltn thsuminrr \" bftrlIaltlne the Ct>*rl.iVXwtrr Mrs Dwk L T* n were MrsTlwns rif. In DitDas.Mr .

.lth her aunt .n I family on Hvilchin"iiI sister. Mrs A. MiIt and Mr.* WillIAm Ha.-
""..I.., \fr mvli t rl'll. (}o"'u'i ..ke for *.vw.l works.. Mnt ->..rl4 and fMnlly and h* ,, glund and family of CMc"*, I """'If'r' and Mrs f<)lnte. art" .''II\&. :MIUrtU> Criiunbertln. Mr
and :Mr,. Melvln- Mat. with a modern 1| ND-FRDSf]I cectrfcREFRIGERATORFREEZER
/ {
I .1aI..... Mrtonlrnle a ,hutmnd. <> of MicanoprMr alund and rhUdrrn- erf Nrbrala. *- .

M...Jor Jo* MortVnt" *, Ucurrently and. Mr*. John WUlfeni/ and :Mr and Mr.*. Kotwrt '

In VIM Na", and *on. of IHllKiale. Mlcrt U Jones -buQvw... h.Tbrrn .. .

Mrs LJmU O
Rh-haiM* and bhr of KlrktvtUe *. T A llanrorkCarl frtrnds hr. including U .
)I,). are st>rndui enme ..1'1frl.. tarl| C rUorot Toda,. mo-frott --wLa ho1d .1\M the rIch&.w sief Umperature -
Urn* with hrr imn-nu Mr Aiasnta.. O.. ttaud, Mr an'i 'Continued on N."t PcMURRHEE > : lrnty, of rr rrthlruf.exorpt froC kcvpa cwry type of food at

.nd Mrs I Otrwter Moody anCsralvn Mr' Clarrnc* C IfjUcnThurmUr & j lev _ve n>nm in .ettnrr Ih.w.ro peak freahneaa._ADd rvrrytbJnc'a

1\l1ln na, C,, JtoUbil Cap*. Carbon J,"' - \ J.-.nol MlI"" rrlumml r""m1" !''fain No: m-rapwi or' rruiffaf.' bit Irv ruriMi' glnref)

....UlhU U. Ch. ftX .JUI", 'Lr and __ of lb>ii&. No mopptnf' up puddh' (ioixi.by You 11 low lh* emart *tyth>C
:U .. tIQ oln"'S. muni. Ttx**. and Lr* 9t<:> Insurance Agency i furiiWr to a rtMty' chore. and butlt-ia look.. variety ofcoiora.
TTM mfldrrn ehftne llfr
**ratorFrr toow
rwx on Jun IX t. iv** ,*' of Qruxt ..r. guF* a of \
*rr rombinatktn boU ::0-. the _
General -/r..t .w.rtrie.
Opt and Mrs John O L % Insurance
Itunrd' Lic'Uan.t' Am. incnr murfi _yrt tk. up Imnlutclwk 1Wri-.renen and .

J TP....... .. wJotI' "" CarltyKtyvtoo Mana. a. af VoulX noy lrnvrhlmarfy > .... Kmorrs. ft your srpfit..-
and Mr Jamra Hind
rn''n' 1T1' trlol'-.d frrracf
.,.. |*w drafera. Uvnrrmw traoV-ta allow
...... *
//i it ... Ctvsrl W"u..ntu. arw, th* parrnta of dau "halrmAn .f th* un'C bum July I In Atachua H.1 l<<*'". T>-4TMFLOWaTUB

C'hul''h'Ift'.n.' htdru a __..' {)(on..". a1. ......nt .........................................................
,. '
b>_ oC Mr*. H A- fUonttuvta H Cand. and Col. .MI| Edna \V' 1iam. .: -1O MILLION RATE REDUCTION :

..,.. "-.I.nn.a. kfr*. John K. Dor hUrr of Keyti I Now_t"A.. -"'-' n..1Dt ct pr to ft M.V CLRTWCso ..

.i "''I TtrnJmc .wvrMr -- >n* llrUtita are UxWrnal ....... n.o.'t.1UInw : : p 8QII tIC MnC.... __ .. .... '"" :
: *. I
tn >#T. Mr*. Plant Kounanj and Mr*. Atnoa "'.C-. ...........................................................
Mrv A% r C. UotVCXfV and ru.t1"f'tUu' ,.

r f<.nr Ui* ccwnUvs yvsrr WW.. vMu...t oW r .., &.: vA'fast./m flits & &
Call 961-3965 .. fk-mttnrtm) CtuiroMi.XI Xl trw UM ..*k. WhUr hrlhr ... *&
,. .. .. ._ '*
m. c. t *
.r.- Mntvrt n>xMxt: > *.fTMr ** r4 at Ut* hum* +tMr .

CU SU Starlr. FU. A CHIMiCAL COMPANY' *. C H Hk> rtrali Tr.... and Mr*. CA. Baar Mr*- FLORIDA PO WEI i LICHT-CO'IIP.I II Y
539 E. 11"u."- ..*. 0Ia. VTiW. to Uw tare** Lout .. &.I ..-- I -
'f \\att.tl fta. Mr ,...-1 1C" l'\c'hu"w'' 4.--- .......: oa ..un
"t ;. .UJ11'4: oe J .n ....... Mr*. IIt"\IfWQ SWl7 .


l i -

.\ .'. -. .

TIU'Rl on.\V. JULY 9, 1961 nR.\I'FORD cot 'TY TFLEGR.\P11. STIKRE.' n.oitir. Ttvvv..vvvva.vvvvvv.v \. ,J' .VINB}
--- -

of Albany, Oa. are spending
this week with their parents. i I
Bayless Hiway
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Sapp and(
Mr. and Mrs.\ Lloyd Padgett. .
By Mr*. O. E. (;...:.y They all enjoyed a plcnio at

u A*..*.........*.*....&.........., the lake on the Fourth. :
Mr and Mrs. Nick CroaS)
Church New and children and :Miss Doro-
Sunday School. 10 a. ru thy New-some spent last WeUnesday -
preaching 11 a. m. TI'a1nln.j: at Salt Springs
Union. 8:30: f. m. Evenlrv 1 1Service. I Miss Karen Callahan of Ml
7:30: 'p.'m.-Rev. C. A : ami is vUtttmr her aunt Mrs
Crosby pastor I Lucian Conner! and hi-
Stork Shower |I grandmother Mrs. Bffle Cros-
The home o* Mrs. T. N
Norman waa the setting for a I'I by.Mr.. and Mrs. Charles Crlbb-
lovely stork shower honortnj of Oainesvllle spent the
Mrs. Rudolph Sapp of AlbanyOa. I Fourth with her parents. M"
The party rooms were decorated I and :Mrs. Oordon Jones Together '
with arrangements oftpibv with Mr. and Mrs. EJ- :
( :? flower O mes wen I "ward, Norman and Mr. and --
played daring th? evening I I Mrs. Herbert Norman, they eONEI.E5f? ROUND
,' .. .
Mid t \ h"-" presentedMrs. enjoyed a picnic at Sampson
: 3.k..p 11I1.h a Lively bas Lake.
lnc>. R-f. ''esiunpn s wer' I
< Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Kelly SieGImK 88
"":.vrl! to the 25 guests enJOy: and daughter! of OaJnoiiviUd { LD.LD.. .
1M this occasion with, toe: attended! services at Bay less a
hORO1t1I. Hlway Church last Sundayand
!Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Vo'eredtnnt'r guests of the SIRlOIN

ani: chlH.-rn: of Waldo. ani M L. Conncrs at their horn; (. Bli0V1 NMINT
Mr. and Mr.*. Jerry Dyal anJ Crosby: Lake 1
children enjoyed a picnic at Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Stanley 'e& 88
Klngriley Lake last Friday. and children of Jacksonville { f.
Fourth of July guests olMi spent part of last week with!

*, and Mrs. O. E. Crosby her parents. Mr. and M-M BONELESS RUMP, ROUND, SIRLOIN ,.TIP
were their children. Mr. and:! Flo\d Crosby, and her broth Special Offer your kcalWlnn.Dlsl. )
Mrs. Sherman Crosby and:! er-ln-law and sister. Mr. awl star* manauxhat /
children of Oslae.vUle. afar; Mrs. Harold Crews and faintly :
a limited supply' of iciltno R 8 8 .J
Mrs. Joe H. Oreen of Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Podgetj r.<.lpe booklet "Mow 0 pt f LBhe ,
I ..b 1-
ville. : .
j i, and Mr. and Mrs. O. E Crosby to hove a Luau Irxtoort." I If
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Sa&pMELROSE were hosts to the G. A .
of' this booklet
you con pit t on* Ire. by
prayer retreat and hamburg'r, Whiting Lb.10t! writing.. Potrkk Collier, e aOol
fry -at the lake place of M- Coip., Fifth oral' Vir- to. $ 95
and*Mrs. J. N. Hopkins 0,1Harflpton REG. 431 SUNNYLAND FRESH PORK P. alma Streets, San Jot, B i! f 5 t 1

parents: (From! Mr.Preceding and Mrs.PaRe Car. ) Lake last Thursdayevening. I Sausage u,. 39* ) California/ 95108. eeu PKG.

Our deepest sympathy i
Hatcglund, 8r.Mrs. extended to the family of (fO. REG. 69# COPELAND FAMILY PACK

Mr*. Belle. Pete Ford Nicholv visited> frlfndi and suddenly. Starling on who July paaaed t.I away. Lunch Meatu. 59* SA..r S3:I lit ,. DOLE HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLEJuice

and relatives In Tennessee. I

Georgia and South Carolina I ..... ............. REG. 39* PALMETTO FARMS 3ss1.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Robernon( '
spent last weekend with hi* Cole Slaw u, 29 e ,A41e IA. DEL MONTI PINEAPPLEGRAPErHUITDrink :
LA W T E Ytor
mother, Mrs. Ada Roberson. IMnky 1'IgFRANKS; I 4351.
and other relative I .
Mrs. Daniel Stafford an Lass BlanchartfI 1 LB.33C
daughter, Barbara Mrs.\ Jim .
Smith.'of Bethany, Ok la. are! 25 EXTRA STAMPS WITH SUNNYLAND Loaf Tomatoes 2i.A11NS? 251.
spending two "weeks, with Mr Miss Joy Starling was the! *
Statft>rd's parents, Mr. ante I inspiration for a lovely shower Cheese.39. ; ::
Mrs. Walter Mann. :Mr. and given recently in the home of{ I .\
Mrs] Bill Seaward of Jackson i Mrs. Leon Starling. Hostesses
Corn 29
1 2cAN
vllle and Bill Nuckols spent were Mrs. Luther Hintard e ,:
the weekend with thrm. ; Mrs Oeorge Shuford Mrs MORTON FROZEN ALL FLAVORS CREAM 1 t t
SAVE 10, ,
Evans Spires of Tallahawe] Emory Eunice, and Mrs. Robert :
1 I., visiting his grandparents.Mr. : Norman. Arrangement; o. '
and Mrs. A. C Spires.Mrs. 1 summer flowers rave a festive Pies; 2F Yi191 k ,r '" .. 391.
\ Charles Reinhardt 01 I appearance to the part SIZE !
SAVE 10 .
California arrived Monday t> roonv Mrs. Donald TJiunvi o e t I I
visit her son-in-law" and i: won the prize in a contest enJoyed "Ap' 39SAVE
dmnrhtf-r, Mr and Mrs. Carl by the lI'ueo.t.s. OlfU we'ei MORTON FROZEN ALL KINDS MEAT Net J /

lUmelund." 8r. i presented to the honoree and! e" t ,+tl 20, CUP SOUTH PEANut
Mr. and MI'!. William Parker I I everyone enjoyed a pleasant

Jacksonville and daughter" were Nevll weekend, of I eventntc.punch: were Pound served.cake! and fnu' Dinners 2 FOR -I: 9, t! Butter 40.os.AR 79xHr

guests ot her parent Col. antiMn. Tilt MKhodM Sundiy '\ l\t\ DIXII) DARLING RYI
T- A. Hancock.Varnl'a : School picnic' 110 111 be held at FROZEN
Intrram of Valdosta, etrtrkland's Landing on; PINEAPPLE-ORANGE Bread.-t
Oa., Mrs Viola Irmrura of Bar- Kln %ley Lake. Thursday, Juli- <
wick ()a. and Mr and M'* 1 18 in the afternoon.! Otlie-- 6-os. I +? +
:Manuel: LuU. of Thomasvil'", i Sunday Sc'>ocls' ore irwtted. J 4 $1 J M t2tr. .Nl4...|.. _llh tie"I''' elate* .|
Oa. rfctted Capt. and Mr Don't fonttt the MYF bake! ulce CANS 5.
John B. lie last week. sale on Saturday. July 11. POTATO CHIPS TWIN PK.59C
Mrs. William Christian and I The Lawtey Ba...HxiU train, ,

rblldrcn guests of of her Tampa aunt were, Mr.recent and won tram 12-1O in a over game the played Ma*there/HI* ;:::.t J: : J J1= =t J: :t J= -=1:1: : J1:

Mrs. Dock I* TUon\ and family l Sunday. Next Sunday Lavtey -- -- -- -- -
1 1 1
will play double header. I .
a II 1 1 t 1
Hntnur Le of Jacksonvilledied I First. Stark win meet them I nr .. 1
Wednesday. July 1. and,Pin Lawtey and later they wli! 1 'V .. j 1t
was burled a* Melrose Cemetery 11'0 to VUxville and play thel- / t //
on Friday In aenrtre I team. j tu..
YAstor'i 1 t
condurted by Or. Oland WIN! Sympathy of friend 'U extended KAXWEUMAXWELL 17HOUSE 1 1 }e 1 t
on. Two> slerv Mlsse Anti to live family of If. D I I ; fa HFS j ..
and Attle Lee, and a brother Starllrur in hla death Ut 8K c I ae ,yCyO : .e /
John B Lee all of Melron-! urday, Jilt had lived here' all
survive him. Another Mater\ of his life 1 1
Mrs. Viola Ingrain, lives In Friend" regret the death ..f j /
Barwick. OaIUnd. Marlon Carter on Monday 1/ wit / I 1
Caneert Mr Carter.. a Ilf-lon I 1I
/ 3
The Melrose" BooMer Club cKlien of the Law-toy vicinity / I

Band provram. presented by Gainesville spent Uw we kenJ f
the University of FlortU. with Mr*. Effle. Miner. Sunday COFFEE : i CHARCOAL
Band on Frtdty evenlne July afternoon they visited Mr,
10. The program l Ia for the and Mrs Bill Reid and son. \ Con j Sov I4, 1-Lb. Con Save 6( Twin Pock t Sav S 'I [4. 3C3' Conj j I sow I lltf l C...int Box j jCI..p jI { .Ova 21* Giant Bat I''lop. ant 20-Lb.

benefit"r the of direction\the Mill of bend Cdwarr und > in Mr Jackonirtn*. Clefnmi- of Erdrm': 6.9 // // 1 I :;

59 l 16,0.$1I 481 i 58 1
Rolf Toeman's A door Klertrle price donated Store! ", win by (Continued On Pace Ten /1 1 ; // j I

be" a traiutotor radio.( A4mU- /
'In"l .U 11 for adult and SO KEYSTONEHILITES God. T. TN Loot 0r0t j ft.. toey Olean CanEXTRA I: Limit 2 .'(*! 13.rr ..rley...t'oe.I I I ...gSI.y.d. .Ate' I .Ir..a1 1 wink 114 wttw. .....,. : 1ke.. A t,_ ..Ct.S fonar o
for BtudenU.

::=i -i.-1..::=;-;::":",,, "l.--.=:...... ..(i'-._ : -- r-r: -v- 1--' -- -, t--- -\ 1 _-
-- .- -r .... _-. Jo 4.. w'" .,J. -

(From Pr re un. PM!1band.

STARKE !\.* Telephan. "'re. Mr I 350 EXTRA Yellow Solids

tarns Orennan; Publicity, Mr, I sac GREEN STAMPS,
BUSINESS Pranrl EIIea. -- ---- --
Ywe .-0.Y. _.
Pens for the Ornerai: STAMPS
Church Wonten pro r.m MU [rklmorPl.r OLEOLo.10
DIRECTORY .. /Mans and Pair .**. &.. "
cumJ That circle *O ha1 I :=: ;1
4UTOAirm XJElA1Earl' aS I l'Ichani of the Kinchean 04 the
Baaaar In WorflrTrtrr. and win
a it Urn Walurr OreOck't EX..RA.tbI. EXWIF .
ii '
earap circte an Uk tarry rtxxl< I -gfcj
booth. Uea l>rr* are remind dI. .. ----- -. eo -- -- _- 'a. troih Florida
ass II1WDe or b* *iaJtin. tatty art*lea 5._ c_ .1 t .O.w o.Candy .
A"O meal ..O&KAD rolWcOnc whit Uprtant ant '- F-:

wait Olaara.r.4rt. Crab .bat amides d-arln .a Hawaiian_ Punch. ,w .... .... sweetcorn
Ilg1p"us cotton Un r.
L= : II .. 11 liMIT TV/O V. TH J ., tR: OA MOAS
-...... itt.... Th that grnrr*! martin ol .. -a.e .i ; t
the Ctuirrb Wan m win b* at?
flrF.RnrK 1 M p. m. B T*. I'. wtitrlk mnM : EX.--"
EXTR A.thi '1wiT "t, Y ha.f.f'c' 4PIums.
- j be p---'jj b a w rtstryia '
Gilbert' S. Brown .trtrw Boar' as..t1g atI eta( GULH-- STAMPS-- -. GaUN n .ANon._ .
rt eo a 2 491 .- .. JfIV
. a. av inept. T. ,. us JnJU-.A' : "
IaaMN M M.l.. (1aatM Mrs nubrrt ti>..warnd ith..1aM. U "...s.. ...... .

ATtA Uw UnOeal Center In Oalnr- S...rtm.. ) Din..r.. ..- Fit Darr '> '. f.J ? t .c ,..>. VLettuce
-- sta tw.M. 's
!'t=i3 a aATR>ttlal1. .u:. Las Jaly' t far **sot MTI > !

..... after .... .levto /'rr. Pri.ad' -r real. tu4b .. -- u .. __ J.EXTRA.. 2>S 39/
.-... ....ftn M K y bw MtWftUMr ..wn- r
.*t H. Twaaa. gabHunt' *. L sra Pe. .a .t. r.owvled i
afteto ....... V tauraJ E TRA.tbi : '. ;t. ,KF *orjBakers: '*-,
s, aeries !liras sad Gtf'N STl.MQSC. 4$ QII" STAMPS.
h..MtaDaattaa. .t rOltlo1 ri ___ c_ 5. 49t
ona"a a, 11i1.t.rs saw ; ..... ..... a. lase .4ad
Service Station WQlftda a4. .ad Dr leis ; RIA.. I Chunk Tim.

Go* oc. twMarassaa) .,.. ana *BM. a* 7 >t Pa* _._-- ,- I -.-. .... ..qr set''+v .ar+tS '.11.aadfe
MXCXAIB. 1MeeS L JtCI itra )4 17
......- no. ..gi.......... .. r5.7 a.-aA.. v.eegee.ett.t w --S -- .U <'te f ssj 'w4f' t Teo
ROAD ..an'JC: tr UW -..grgMawat

!..._.. "..... ....... BM44II1 arraktt, sexatJ. l.at bl. atar. I


.-' ... -- "' .. . -. . -




1 s QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED ;. ;;.o. :....... .... 1k
I (Continued from Page 0)) 'j "';', ,.
I, .' ".
Oa. Is spending this week f.l
, : with Mr. and Mrs. R, E. Lei }
, 1'n.3k 1
, and family. The Lee family ; I
and Lorain and Lamar Pries; '1110:
I visited Fort Caroline Sunday I
I afternoon.We -or w "
are pleased to know that q Jr ',J:
I Mrs. Susie Prevatt Is improving "

! I pltal.In Bradford County Hos

Last week visitors of M! I
; I and Mrs T. L. Walmvright
j were Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Knight' and children of Jacksonville -
i and Lawton Connerof 1flLB
j Starke. 'L
'I Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Win
and sons were in Opp. Ala
last week visiting Mr. Wine's
'j father W. J. Wise and family
t. "and' other relative They ale
visited his sister Mrs. Olennle
Peacock, in Crestvlew. She li

recovering from an Illness ''''.''w_....''' :-- : f : _: '''' "'"' % po ::" ;r w 'rrr1F"I @R $ PR'I@ ....,I .-..,. .. 'i'S'lr"'....., 1Ialk! !
They returned by Mr. and Friday Mrs.accompanied ArltsiNowlln ,E::___ '._ Q.T'$,,,*,,-tJp' @ h tlt/ _<1$'/-'N' '."" BIJi! ..... ,.. "

who spent the weekend -
with them. Other relative'


of Clayton Nowlin Troy of,Donaldson Opp.Ala.,About and and Mrs.35 family Ruth-S. ,I].I PIES VALUE 49cIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII:: WHITE BREAD 2 20.:s.41,1 c

creel at the Wise 1- 1
family reunion dinner home for the:a 1111111 '.'.............. .I.. .. IIII 111111..1111111.. ............... .. _ _ _ ,
on IIII I. .. ............. ... I II III I II .. .,.... .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiIBLUE 1 - ,
''Fourth. I -Ji- 'AiIR'U.'U. ,
Mrs. J.O. Pone and children : rQ: : .

!spent the week with Mr and RIBBON QUALITY WESTERN : FLORIDA GRADE.*
'Mrs. B E. Reddish and th7
attended the Rowe Family Re- r-, GRAIN FED BEEF : FRESH MEDIUM
union in Macclenny: Sunday. .
A. D. Dobbs, who is employed :; EGGS
in Oainosvlllc, U enjoying |
his vacation at home. Mr, and l 1
I Mrs. Dobbs visited Mr and \HUCK :
Mrs. Doyle Parrlsh in Lake
;" Dirtier Sunday ;:2Doz6g

I Mrs Untile Dnrley Mist ,
Blnntrt Prenrott and Mr and *r 18 .
: Mrs. Itirnm Bennett and children -
spent Saturday and Sunday 1 ? :
j with Mr. and Mrs. CH'onje FOR YOUR PICNIC NEEDS
Lnstlnfrer and Mrs. Alice Au.-
tln and other relatives in Daytona g

I' Beach.Vlr. _. ,, COLD( ) CUTS
\ and Mrs. Elmer HlKRlnfcoUinm : .. :
are managing Waiters!! '.__ BLUE RIBBON QUALITY ROAST
Ororery whUe Mr. and MM.
Waters Waters are on li vacation.assisting Michael BLUE RIBBON :.. BONELESS CHUCK : STE! LB 69 .: 3 60& 6g

Miss Vei-a Crews. of Jack.; QUALITY GROUND I. < '. PKGS

,sonvllle vlfitted her mother ,.. ;
I I over Mr.the and weekend.'Mrs. Amos dnrrlnonrd BEEF3us9g GROUND .- __ .t"jii,:,., PP-

children of Freemons. : CEDAR KEY LARGE RED ROEAtULLET
Ohio arrived Jun' 20 for a ilBoM' A"fsr
LEAN LBriJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 69
ten-dny vinH!
with! Mrs. On
rlson's parents., Mr.-and MM . . .
Orville Biirmjarncr' ; 1 iii :
Mr. and Mrs Sidney JIan.srnenjoyed
the Fourth of July 0.' BLUE RIBBON QUALITY RIB SMOKED 0))
Lake Swan where,'the AUian..::! 15e
Church had their' rally: amt" CRECNDELL FROZEN LB
plcnfc.! About eight Churches + i. CHOPPED. FORMED PORK CHOD : CENTER CUT B 79J40R .

l were represented.Mr. BREADEDVEAL v : :. . . < i
and Mrs. J. C. Tvo at, : .. :

union tended at the the Dutnns home family of Mrs.fe1 ; / .IIe ''STEAKS I COUNTRY HAMS }S B"79 .i .' .....'..-. ]j.

Tye's uncle, L. A. Dumas and:! .WHO.E.II ..
family In Hlrmlnglwun. Ala er : GREEN STAMPS..... :
over the Fourth ..NOCIM.ETSII 2'4.. : -1..INtt or Cri Ca.-Gr.-"-.'A' ,...h.
( Mrs. W. O. Rhndon of Ornln [ 0LB69awvrs I Ft*. .r-CA. SPLIT BROILERS 33 1 SPLIT BROILERS I.
Mr. and ; :
wrlsht of Mrs.Bsrtow Clyde, and Wain Jerry CRADE/A' FRESH I I. ?-......2'4..-TO...3H.-LB-.AVG.---... .-.
-------.1-U-' ---- -
O'Hara of Fort Mend weHILlnll !'... PLUS 2S EXTRA STAMPS WITH COUPON
vl\ Mr. and! Mrs. II. C -- -- -
; Wainwright" Sunday. -
t Church Activities .-, -
-- rww.ww-rr-r.-.r-
i Methodist; Sunday School "
l 9:" a. m., Mornlrw Worship ALL PURPOSE COOKINGOILS / a 1'e

'" I 10 a. m, Evening/ Service 8 p !
m Prayer Circle Monday
morning 0 a. m I 0
1 Flmt! Bnptlat: Sunday! GREEN STAMPS
r Hchool 10 .. m.. Worship 11 a ': FREE EXTRAMERCHANTS ;
i m. Training Union p. m UIMlT-l.,', Of YOU* .r
Evening Services 8 p. m., Mid- : GREEN STAMPS ; CMOICI WITH 5)Hi ,
J wrrk services. Wednesday' 8 p ,,1 It MOftr OFlOfBIG *
YWA first
f m. and third
Thursdays. 8 p. m. Youth ,15- 2.i CANS FYNE-TASTE, ; WESSON, OIL F F DELUXEFYNETASTE To
meeting alternate Saturdays. IE
8 p. m. ; I BIG _
I U ANY VARIeTY. 24 1 1 2401eTl
7-15-64 *m mm mm mm mm--
Effective June I, 11184 our offices
will remain open' Mon.
r day through Friday and close I ,$100
,i on Saturday of each week. .

THOMAS & PimCE.: _. .. _.. .._....
-------------oo..oo oo ------- -'--- .
Attorneys | : 0... :
Btarke 203.203, Florida.North Temple Avt. 1 -\d M.R..h_ I i : I:u:II I: GOLDEN CREAM STYLE FLAVORS FRUIT DRINKS.iiminiiiuiiiuimmmitiniiinnituintnnin


1 .-,AQUA- NIT----- .. : LAD'--'AI.-SLICU'UNC-*"""""-"" s I
Consultabout rJtJ HAIR SPRAY : 1 g ONION BURGERS 1 ;

I "" ---- ---- ----.-II..
Ii i --------7-n-------. ".-------oo.. '_IS_..-- --- W 1 EQ 1 .f
Ii''r ._ .__._ .
i ----------- '" -------- '"
j I IilD .I IPnUIUITIeA : -- : 2 .i 39 29cl

Charley --I I: .1iI.I -.... .. T IN BUiTONI", ,zTINS s PJEACHESL
L------.-......-" .I PUSS.' ..,"' ------ I .S "C"TTIAtfO SEEP CMCfjeI : >" 'Wy- J L
GjIEEI [ *
..... .
-- --- ----- .
: .1 tJl-T'l: : : 1Ui. JAR .CARNATION | s KING Sill 2 89Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll FYNE-TASTE THRIST-QUENCHING 1 1
-. ----- -.It1., .. -- --, ---- ...
thb. -----e--1.1561iai ------ ----- -.w -J------
.nNtloa: ------------- ______________w_ ---... I i $
"I 1 )just! diwco! errd that In I11I1I1111I111111111111111111111I111111111111111111111.--
writing my auto in..urunce $): I I !

the finance ... FRESH PICKED
; .
-- -
company i .,.. '
did not U"4"! the Si ar. Driver : rnciMERCHANTS[RTRA ___ : P"' .. .
.Tlanwhich would : : : .
have cut my premium .1 I j.i wwrw.Lk.r.... i..........-... : .. IZI --SIZE--wrr- 1Ra4O 1

N about 30'!'. My local independent 1 CZXD OLEO I : 1 IPANA : WATERMELONS. 49
... W.uJ
agent has the : .. .G..INIOUI... ,..: .
:. ----- ------ -- -- ------- .,
I Safe. Driver I'Un.; 'an 1 1I .--------1.I5..41., ... --------,-J.... ------ /
I ------------- ---
insist that I trade my cur FRESH CRISPCARROTS
,, only' and not my local : : :
: agent?"

--.---- .
I 1S1 R. Warn. .* R*. I S CANADIAN BACON : LB 1O LB 25
PHONE 9 4 0201U '"Io .r.wr w..yrwwl5i.1. ..' ,
-------71....------ PKC . If -

-- -_ J

J 1

- -
--".W PW1.id.t

Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: July 9, 1964
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text
;.,o I L L J .. .- ..... L ''L' .

Julian C. Yonge

PKY LIBRARY U. of Fla. Library History

of FLA. HISTORY Gainesville Fla.




I Official County Publication EttablUhed In 1S79STAKKK.


VOI.OIK EIGIITT-StX :. tlOKIUX 'lllKs\| '. ..11'1.It.. Iltd' vC7tBLIeS1i0:


At Budget HearingBoard

,+ Against Railroad

'. Hears Pleas ,. .

$21 250 Damages

F I Iw ,

A ,

t A ;1 r For Increased Funds 4. ,A' Awarded: I VictillOf' i

-- ,

Sheriff Joe ('rna". (renter) o( AUchua County shim Outstretched hands, hour-long plea+, and tunesof 1 quests were" the 'iuinv, as '".. ;

sample o f pornographic material' canflMraUed IB UaiiMUIn **- "this increase is due to this necessity":! left Hrad- year The Santa Pv He-'i. ', n\ ,

\ to Pete :Novak (left) of tINt Mtarke CUItan Club, and ford County Commissioners! choosing the only route Library axked for <11IU", 1961 Accident

I trad ford County !Sheriff\ P. It. ac........... Sheriff Cretan* ', left to them by mid-xfternron of the ten-hour day i allo.: .Uon. and did 11 inI : >r
I time of two minutes tint
"oke to the Clltan at their breakfast meeting Monday, I I they put in at Tuesday's budget request l1e+illn. Clerk of the Circuit dmCliarlf '

Htutinr that kit arointed. rltlwnry In the only fertile ,
'I They aU decided to Much< Dolby. saId hlv I"!Dorn. T"'t>n-njrfr lUrh.ira: Joan ( dffl... wa1: nwsrd ,her' hoot .leading n normal Mfr
ncupim against the ale of otXM-rae magazine and book ,
i oporatlng expense* i 1.)1 t uflee
i LOOK Irwtead of cry and turned the $21.:.:.V 0> tlanllltll': li"t: t t'rul.u in n HiilitnionI,, hnndettknvn Two other t* n-i agrra. Kan'Mle -
1 will remain t the winSome Canon IT at I the time and
I Who's Talking! .deadly lit business! of trying t. ', of the exix-une! of i I' ( h)' firruit .lintiro l.ooriro 1 I. Pattfn ajfiilii lt f the driver of the i-ar and Cornell.
numerous atrtxles'throatw
rleik's ofllce are iwl,1 i t'nl"'llrtlir I uu' Uiiilronil: u-+ the result: of u Kradeet "
.Millce, in
then ,
'' I wer Injurnlin
( cut the budgets into
City Plots Action I Mho .a. >* wiuiien talk, -- through fee railecird fron / 'nselnlt arciili'itt. ,, in n"l't'mh.'I'1'11.\\ '; 1I1'\lI..nt.:\
the most congenial commts .
meet than. men Auk theBradford -- //1"
I ( documentv
lltng Thr rather,
Bnl'a LiitneiIVt
The bill of complolnt, main
: .. toil af'II8Wlof the election !
C'iMmty Conmdaslonerr i Itiitonl MltrhellNew
I embittered Public Defender RAn""" i, "l OilffU. wit' awarrlrAtl3SU I talnvd. that the rallmad wm

they know.The I yrarI I nyl Omen Jr wants S3.JJ"frnm : Ii'< Site Donated :.: damages. .. in "it arparnM,1It Ilex I ,. In allowing undergrowth.
Only submittedlower
..horte.t 1 biidget request one agency
I RrnrtTord this v.-ai, ,. President ,,, .
Obscene 'a thaw im i-iiiiiirti4AtUin| for nieil- .sleet It* right-of-way to
budget request : ; :
or thi whole dnyruenday .
( run the newly orented d 'fi, -uier's ..
I i< il expenie th'IffN, ali iiiiiiiiKtit lock the vlwv t the croiulnjr.
the It received from thf ; *
wan. delivered. In money II t ti
office ,- '
I rounty Ira year It"as th'1 The other 01 111 U. Urges RotaryTo ToCofC : lhi suit for ht* lUuglti laud' that" warning uevtc" thirnwrt .
I two minute by Ira. \\T\ i I
In the 8th Judicial Cnviilt
a i niiii-ii slm in. a minor lnnduiiiat< ..| ,
Florida I"oJ"l"llllt Service with a
glnia Smith, Stark UbraryIliMtrd i I eta suppxwed to contitbut 'Face NfiHi nrlftl received' a fear i- I The .rtMrtont occurrvil .t the
$398 reduction" \ from 13.308: Ia.AI Up'1'11I11h'IIN.
Books Chairman.She j jyear
Magazines Last ymr. hU n-quffit "WAI fo tnrrANull! ttiul uther. Injuriestli nAb (KN
to $2,000 for this year i I II spur track: .I n, !3R AI
!' wa accompanied by I Awlwtant. District &IP; { ".&6:1.: which, he rrmhrdOrcen For BuildingA lu' iii->-.l| .lnt which i-lnlmuil. I (Orlffl''''' l..iopl I, leutllng form
e\eral other Indie. Thrya.knl told Uie Puol'.c fvfriulpiit A fur>> meinbe ?
r\'lt.1 / (iht life '
or Nelson Blovker !laid nUnyla' Kelly, a INtarr :Irks taste her t t.t tIN Camp
Mayor Randal ClUlty ape I citizens of Stai ke that corrective fur' one mill to help i lowvrrd budtret wan due to no: Awiirtntinn will lohbx o row St.\!k."- Koury Club t kite on U 'M" 301 fin' r -.1,1. trke. youth Th bill Mlan.ling/ ,,_ryallo1l1.
operate''' the library and Irft. < 'the upcoming I 1 h-uMUtlvi-. i>s. i iiilttii llviIliKuiv! In theli' deli' 1 > li le l u tI i home. .r I I ,
Courted; a Cltlzerui Actto:1Commlltf.'e : measures' be taken to spending iialary toe | OA > 1.r ) .mpl.tini .11,1| that |uriii Hvrl other suit. wer flleil i
on PornogiaphlcIJtcratuie ': remove obsene llteiatur The men repreoentlngmore several. motrtha after Fun, for awlitanre" In runnl't1 lUt-ii wa .M>unde l by llufon'Mltrhell ..: 'he Mtnike-Uindfonl" CounlChambei < '' .i ,Irin, oar |p.nnan.nllyhndhapprd ., s* a reilt. of the accident'hut

Tuesday night, from the ne tand5. Ihnn IO tartoun.. agenele Ftarwter Don Champion resigned ,, Uw office from !Uie ..t"I' tlu< club' flea "f( Comnierro will Vtkmxtt'd na' a remill of, th* this I I. the nrtl. to .br *"ttied.
.. reqiu-MIng nlCl.n"Iokl'l Omen mid hi, thnuwnt t'itfatr I'C'I'+lA.-III. HI a luncheon"Wi r
I bv the Oulf Oil Cal ,-,
after the City Council voted The committee will reportl Bkx-ker ( '.1Bradford' w ulrni whlilt wiiulil p.v.nt .
for .about. SO minute, should most of tliexptMiMes 111.'f'1hWVl'ln..t"v I
per txirnllon The nmuiuncimritia \ \
to set the .
up committee.Taking i l directly to the Mayor on the new Farm threat
on' the a'eruge.Mrs. I II. Irr and all U IxwtPl"I :\\i. < rannut real until "w r- ui a do at a meeting n
the oath of or flee
''matter. Novak brought an: .
the i Jack Bamhart. to the i I thmoney UOI.OIIBIU. do everythlitii pMnlble 69 Cents Left(
during the session were Rev ; Claire Knight can admire you Dint i chiuitlMT. illrrvtoni. !1..1 Tlittra ,|I
armload of to the
John Babham. Chamber of! magazines only other woman present troup I i you contribute will ifl Ui rshiblish. honesty' an4Intenrlly 1 clay bv Freeman H-nliiter Jr
Commerce Manager Pete No ; meetlnc to Illustrate what U requesting, money, delivered County Airent George Hun- i I JOIN"l in Hractford County" i iOreen in btiKlnr ..11.1I0Vl"rlll11C'nt I erect. (kilt( Dll itl.;+till>iitor
being sold locally requested t a very mlrai I IIncrraie Council Still
gins To
In under fir'minuka cold The whale Trying AdjustTo
vak, and Col. Harry M I her request In lunch from til I! OUt of the UUimular 1'110'1Ihl.h ,
The Mayor remarked world nrexli these If It la i.
: Civil tv/rn Director: Car: ;
Hatcher Mrs Ann Godwin t tle JuH $1SO Tao re has w Si-foot franker, ; I
another member of the com; "We've tried to do something<< ounty; .:-... I Roberts winks an Inrrrarrd, survive, 1lItC"lW'1l.ltl on Trnu>le Avenue I lU A :Jill
about this biMlgnt to start purchasing ai A wurnlnii' against "Gil'l'tMtllrtbll" New Curbs On Finances
mlttee could not be present problem but \0'1'won't .U ruiittlttunal, 111'0'

Mayor ChUty laid it wai get anywhere until W" USO .i communicationteni. faA was vtWird. b. i'I token pa>nt t by the chain i iboor. '
Board Considers Renovating .,... the sMker.. who>> said: '
Atord flv" |
over a pr.kit. tt'
"to the welfare and best !interests mobilize the community to a",1 l the pruvlnkm' Drat
of teenagers, and tVie! action.:' H>* I irqueirled S4.AA) from. negloot+ of our civic! .reapi' wlbilllKs never bit u' e\t' by a iiiKMlrn '! The problem uf ..d/u.Un/ uf IM-UIKTUT thai wen. itenard >!

the county ern bo a greaterdaiuier oil nNltptny. Th rice U Jut to (financial' rurlM IHII'IMHI uiUi ) for Uw rrrrnt IlrafM.itlu I

For Use As School Board OfficesThe A Chamber of Commeie.fleleyatlott to our aoelrty Ih"l'hr..t a with of and{ ..IJolnl,.., I( ,,, City br U1A11_ bun .4 |40Jecl.UMnnl .

School Board livlmllug Char.Sawyer. frmn forelun puwcnTtw ,, MeUio1 ClranernIn oittliutiM/ fur the M>wa,* .y. aim told counct: !
Principals, Brad-fotd County Commission house .. Manger Prte Novak .. really grrwl tacit. Is !fo.: lhanki (fur N.W// (ken" Deice a<*ln cam to th member. an..ht, lld oaks
|III A Hlfthop. and 8, (1 I 1)0"11 Individual. who b'lle"e U. < faiefriint. a I the. "I..". C..< up UM>IT mlinl whi to **-
decided to ask court It would true the count/: ,
.. .f'II A nl.ohul>i | Jr.. peal l
mark ntade an appeal to thcutnmlMilun >' the Uie. of pxmtnat resoonaflUy. Oounrll! inwHln Tlr. +rda. tonfor >
ea pelt
haul architect: Frank o.-oral'i cult a bit of rnonry HpaciJ. Arid. of the chamber" ., I
Purchasing Agent At Busy Meet to mak preUminary eatlmatrof temporarily alkicwted for therjiool .. for tT.OOO. or a i iI i ': who CTSH''* kitowled, that a Mter" of rulireLUntt aakUj nlihl akxitf with .a rrtxu'' IkMia au Hull pxopl wouKI)

: Uw offlre In the $2.000 tiirrea. over laH yea' : and DM II;...,' dllocll>>Ion renovaUrw
the cmt of \ cyiitem I! l I.f wtltlen to Oult Otl. an *
All the Id.-**, and who realtx they) ..", IIIJrf'I"' .
The Bradford I UFO toulkllnv on N. Tempi! propomd! now structure wu I l J't"PM'.nlall't.I I alao to. llerrule |*owtr| CowhKrh I Th* Cuurvrtl \ruled.. ta salt
solved County8ctaool.Btutrd "al'W"ot we can work somnthlng out Ave. for us 0 bv the CourMSchool / over '3000 rowan .ere t.. whlet l,i Vr.tw'A Notk', fforV* durtn- non. m.tlPK LhtI/ir tUrgrlrr.l! <<| ,, ro'ntly' 'M' .aled 'lhr>w- Karl: l%>*.riil. t Mnlt.ry ,ngtnerr ruf 1 i Ar pit 3 AO i hoc tr po w-
a then,1' H. P. with
problrma Monday when' said Bupt. Morgan I superintendent. .fuwhool would C'OOIto 0.0,000.. the pat year'ai4d convmnd I r malt 1 by aetlnir other ,In kama odkUtilUlli. ).. to flu I fm. I toM him for tripling; >)eniembenhlp b-twlf of t'eonMnictlv fdauallA b I wackier., with cltv offUla.tn .
three new! principals weal I offlcUl tentattvely oferrd -" 8upt H. P. Morian rhamb i iTt IU11 ltoa er old U
The School Board wo eel t 1 preal' In IJvtnt
to locate there lrurtp:3 KNmnlIOTier. "It would bchesprr They also 4. programs the .*w.r pro le rU. err. would. rnat shut IWO( to I4Ui )01
named a central 1 purchasing I b.I1.lIn"a .lll be of fried ,
Heed last sptlng. bv the Stat! <. >CP > .
rumrt. althvu h It >U the group that a new bmtn- ) yl.naor' th* new InOO 9V .' lit oilt-oC
trlarA for repair present
of In the taw "01.1. *)
agent was selected, a new'xchtrol Auditing Department for no'having pro mainly up to Tom Celery .ln. will be kTatlng h..>re wan. til.* "lilt! -" I 9) also l railed. fnr U.tft for eels! ny MNIK| | bid s' awrrn" tieatntrnl plant ..' order far fto_ sent he Ml
calendar was adopted a central purchasing nf cr.nlallon .n cult drtr. .nd "prcreetl. .
n..t- all
will OOOII
I cwt nrtwern t'O :
her bv July :3?
rwAr lu
and fees and aboenteea werejdiscussed. system for the trhooUl.tor I'll be leaving *.Don.Moryan tr-.s who. will 'her m! the will b. emtrkei. | for tl<- 110 been wink hla' peraonat raaA
Hears mtlltiin for' ru I.JJ'Uo"and t : .
hid will bat \1 fur Uv
Lawtey on ... niir fot'
std. this would 6"sn a *i rt ( ear Nr
I tan was also authorized toe will employ 40 prop!, bilrva ate) { mf..lonll'' l I ICr rhamlHT' r btilUiliwi tuivl (Artr end opriixl AiMI, 3) _
Named to head the Brooken adv nta.re In running the *
I the clerical help needed by I T II niad. rtMirtcd on a
school war, Ewtn D Land. Otbuon to set up the system school ey tem since *up"'rvla (Continued. on I'..* It, itlnued on Pa.* MUI) recent ttw...1 ln. with t lh" trail( Cull,to.I It{ Chairman Hub Ttw toUrwU dockled! 'to {Alt!!

afro will take the plare of Jim The board: .lso voted tc, Help AvailableFor ore pctl'JlQnneI would alao b --- runt County fwe.iiirn( "n JuhlW takl .*.IM> wuukl call > rnr bkH rvni thoutrt II minnl ,

Temple; the new BUS Junior! open school Thursday.. Au.< I kxcau-d there "!t'a diner v> AuOwrtty. In ...I,1C't1II", \ tlr.' '|iMH-al| ) amuiliin' to rice ,tier, "*". the nvxiry to U*<4<.*

hluh protrrum principal Ru.- I 2T Instead on Monday. Aug I ,, work with pmonnel) whet ph.ae of a ";irroll bulMlnpnxram .aVVruval" l of plan oral call f*> tiff( for a rl.w on..

sell E B<>dell will fill the spot 31 Labor Day. which.. fall onSeptember Fire Truck' they are net door I rut*ad of wai a"ll", rl.e'1' at ariMt bid. on III.* pro),,,ilClrrh A r''*''wl w*. Iward frnntCt

at lawtey Junior High let 7, this year, Torres I I 1 miles axe," h* saw x dl bon MlaiU *,,11'| the ClW" Merrill.' ,K<'*.MlJ .. Attorns (i-...* Put.HI. t

vacant by promoting Connie the school to start the week' Rtrp that moat Dr taken ConunlMbntera wanted to .dl.n.1l1oo firm of ,MurpMAi rrlarrtal that tli*' ."",111' 11' 01.1 rhr trrnpartp errttlntIho :

Clark to the top slot at BH8 before before ,the Florida Fore H.rv. know "who" would per tot eat h) Ixxuo had betel' Mlven. III-. in Ih* ftoiMval lund, In "(*' Irow Batt ere r.*tlorvMUkltnt

And In Hampton, rcplacln The unusual calender yea' ': Ice c.n nep! the town obtalu "11 ht' Morgan toM them throunty rn-ahrad l ilanal: on Ui.. per altor. .p.."Inl all trio IU o turt not p...UI! kiosk,

promoter! Charles Francis WI'1i will allow for two' four-Qtlr. i!i fire Tlghlln/ equipment wen should par for reno r '/ref (Mill* Ui* new nretlll..".... r* btMiniNHM. bill owed to them

be RMiard!, E. Jockel. ,,' wl'f'k.4nd"IInLC.lon.. during thn '' tlllIC".1. l at a mertmr. of tttl vallng 'th InnUle office. apac Niadr rarrwl| Hi 1..1.I. thct rn I 'lulrect| .** .t e.-l\&.. 'fh. J"n" 'for work ""'U tx ttuwtucllyb .

All the "promotlona.-I( >rlmt. soda holiday 4tIc111: l lwte>' Clt\,' Council Con rommlaalonwere U,. pro|.rt il.-|>eiil' on com. Mirplti bar. Md burl .tII ", fnro iMt e..ny tent rhr

which, arts actually filled with month euelrt! Fetjruary, whlc- ilfht I uppoaed to provld' uf p\rt\ cfonieratton un lit*. par,, | "mliM'l 1 ret .real uf tlM money "they "h",.

newly' selected personnel sp-1 l I 1s a short month.Th I In a lclal mf'.tlnA'r prvl- \, fire\ pact, of' tits eiifnniantl)' Mirin th. Ttt", lll-fl'.l *** th.rP

proved by the School Trustee* pre>pbinnln session tri fusty' Itrailford County Komrtrtanicer .W,'... alrradr! re-rooHnt / .th.iM' lit. stein *(fnrt, .11I\! | only bo pllt two .*ay. <>n ...T Up.' pVrerplATtu ,

'c*ine from within the Brsd j I I teacher will be eight days In. J C. Prevail had toW | the bulWlng though. Morgs.said .', 4r be wNtrd IAIrAr f Half. or :!It I. rent. lu the CiHMH-ll aUo h ari' | *

ford School system I I .stead of the usual ten and the. .riHinrilmnrt that th. town rAe atrrlarrA. Ih,. imcral' fund. fur normal' r/' rtwnptomt. form W. C J

The board> onto solved the'1 earlier start will allow fo. could obtain nrplu cavern I u will: sun: aid In plannln-i I r h. rMmhrr rllrranMa, emNlArrrrqul ..prrrlbwr.. aryl. the otfiiIM > IfcxuH' Uil M.* utUll bl''Itliad

problem of hiring a center, I IplU''haa1JI 1 weekend "straightening out"by i meet equipment. thrrainh bl* ''the 1 tier ourtlmu whkhalmmwbtttrl 1..Ntrn rTry /cart a'hr |" to I Ih. renewal, ,arwl prprnmrnt < BKiuntxt IrtnentlniMl/
scfaonl tfT member to fret /'j'..*'d. cal l r to II agent by shifting ;( I!d"I""ln..nt.) | but 'h. firt N.pnecravey rcpert Ire It.lahrNrpaintrN/ / trwrwl. { Ul.ly, eomint
'I The new ld*" were garnered again shnrUy The TIN 1torte .UnU.., .. Jonni ware I
L> H ()tbertn. already In a wiper bark to ttr J T Qt.lc'l and Qlrutar' mw ith Mr
Lwt rt. a
>1ioi7. poatu n. over tiduties from teacher who turned wand' oe tnt y .*T. already r.tw'd rah ru laiD .( ,prmvfM In The l/.syI ITl I won t help fly impi rl.n 1"n I II ireel \him' lhal' tilt matter would

>> *s a purrhulng tent In recommendations\ to Caw:: tn o'l.nle! a volunteer flr.' tin* dT..n the bulkUng fro..' TTMrl... M t .INwk Jr wrr> I fwwl alt* *>t whk Ii coma be ,n....ka
County School Superintendselect and dark on what& the/ department elett: nfl! <'.ra. .. rawA> HnmtMto ha rn/nrr w poll, trNr Irrlkr. t Oiairrt.er- of Ctwnm" ,"r,,.
>iai < tit a *
Tom Casey was then thought would Improve th' 1! rue tM( area. to be protectedn4 need Thl would allow thJOOO apf to.rtarAlr tArWM1. *> Mwmatter two. rM. ,. a ..,rle'. enlrbrwl. l.le.alkm axkeA for a n "(Jot

named an admtnMraUve aa school system to>> vet MI trie govern' purer feH t to be wet y lr.n the skate. air! rr1\ {wrrr*. 'tn the ertre annwrlronlllhrrtkrrt

Slant untU January and wir ,, Th new all-at-once fesynteni. ..._t'* rrVirtty list. romnrhrr. tor' IwthTo ( M uy tMnabareuppnrh ,

do mo* of Oibson's old dutle''I, Initiated last yer .*./! At MoivUy' '"..tI"/ Corns Recreation Award A n.w ronlrart ..Mh iM4Nwaa m.tJJ" m.U.ritw .'' II..was pdnhd.. eel
until th. purtrMUinr system !haft '1 given *+nw. yaw .pprvrsl l b, tat Chairman !II.". Knifordifcowe4 Story Hour _r.<.rr-n.aiMM.r n' fetwral' fuiut La Very .Wwiarr. ,\ Ihsl thAmnnr... enrmbrrrhhtwwr .

up the Br+atd. aJUmurh no form I member" a pamphlet. IUr.44 IM/r! .Hl> reete..| a < ."tJ'Wl* .ftlMt '.pprrlr. lit* rn.mo r wsa ainMVKMl 'fo.ftllM IhU. b I th. cnrl o* the
"The purehaj&nc) ; may none al action was required. 8tu > prepared *y the fttai' Fir ''To Be Resumed rr_ Ik* %altMi..l ........,.... twMrUllMt at a reveal. errrth'"r era tnrNrt t.rr 1Itw.at.; N dterror. rarrl. +lr 1 and that, acre molt

a fulMlm pottk. Mot dents pay aT rte and rtret't' CoUege outlining ,the ttep toM IAt Library hrwl""r. iweettag ** .Ike hr..lmtt f w.!, NeeeeallMi Ill rrrwllw AuA Irrl'.11.,, .nU'.. t: lint, bnNl. t wdenArtatM *y W nMMtMl. k, predate.
moet of th* work can b* don an acttrtty twtf to .H h wn* ( taken In orCAnlJ"! a d>- "...... IM .prewlalMrr .M Ire .I1F.........rla. w tar rould Uan.r''T m n- obit. pradtM" .

In sit ,mnnth thne Oibon' fooUtall tam and oUw'IIl"hooJ pmrtment l The nnMKord Count Ufancy ,.......r .....,_. 11 ......, .. ,.... ......., r-IrwI1rM AllfMMla .\\11" Aa "r Moor t1y power"" plsM It T1y re/rrrt. mat .with I.I

ran remm hl old dutl*. b'th aot. vtUea. Th* moo* The Fere Herrlc*" willhelp i Atop llmr *WI. r e unrr ."....... .IN1a. .... ..... rr/he .M the. I...... 1 Lear A. !Urerwl. t Olrw enter.4{ bf Atltrr.lI (,... 1*_'<.> run-t a( an? /ur. varabte yr.prrrw. c'am.t'l'
tune Cksy lent*. n nor .bo eon for tnstrurtlonal aid' u. get a tier truck." Ahr UiM Mdar afternoon from 1 IM praeMrr later A d.nrtwill 'Ow ani d .. .... .M*. . pr irrnr
needed bf the studeou ,ttant acct -but Itr up \III uan I 114 .. hould Ihant.tofewl .
4 ...Ior. AU rhlldfn be : to twl4 .t.( twy arruM o-n' wNerrMrd. tar. Rl, ; ItIfI hlp
Th Board !held a otsrueilon ( tint mak* ... effort"ford Nhw. .- .ee+ee4 I. Ile h'...'.N -'t ....... T11Parfar CrrArnrrlA '
....11 the ae. or 1 aM I atmvtted li4 t U 'art ,cry rhrl. f.tQMrt 1 wrote. 'ro.rl.rnr' dtrhwem + I C'M) Afanae
American and on bwntetwn at BI18 and a, I read taat flr all mm- 10 sttrrrrl ....... fee N* r*rl.<__ IH I be s....gr.ej>. ,. '* 14 'rt Inlrt lit. f-fW'W. .. for 1 tlr*. -
National League greed IbM tf a atuo-rrt tMk ':;ken of rhr t cou
prrwll+Ian f.bla parent" | pcmpMrt. a* will < sit a | C'ruwlan' \ J....... hl 1A ate *n4 K w** _*t,*.S| fwi
Playoff to go dow>n''r..n during' a fre-l[flt+eUna! t. Nava It f.f.v r drulM..akrrt when" eta i n.*.
I .t 'rnlwi IK* r+tr'awe
period. Un b* sriould I fet al In bit prv M-etin,' _ltkjffc .nt f r .'f .. brxLot contra tIP fur r-
Saturday. July 1lAioo ._....; 1 111m lfnnvntt l rir 1 .Ny ,,
Iow.cl0 go ; rVunrtl. ,*,...u Mid that +r'rao..r
: PJ\/I. Carv and C1attold% the Uto rorect N.rae.-* tug j "'I : .. ... .."" t elho -.,.... ... ,rNare .
tMMTd that th* students wer- priority U ousts waft .>...r :. "( National/ Guard
jutred' to hor petmla k o --
1..I.y.na. oner*. Tba..n. .' .r to 111
I f 'I cool rerrrarrno Ww
tart "y*>%r Board oraUyr 1 Rodney eu Ibm be Yard. f fta <: ..." ".. -. ra ... r.ra clef .." 1 ,.. Te.t' Alert
4wtAtrrl RAn -Id.. 1 dMn'Irnoow \ ...n -
RirroirllIh11 l ton rot err 4l .vW -
1M. C'rr.'trt.rrrrnxlo: wWllrvr.d Announced
that my*..*f, t thou4t .. ...< 'r .
prtrffUng p.op..t N .
A rpr'Arl' sorrel el.l.
If' ..
LelrneIl went of th* ertUriMB was .bee. .... rat t+r.rr.r'T w. 11 r I II. .
+ I .tae. ..10. Arc ihr ruAl.'a. lit So.a' ()ooft n..nry w. "I'
N UM> no permMiloa wee r -' rrw/rrt. .* r1lrulrt vrfr M tl.n.rrl. .fnnounM
1: r wrantlrrr. ereoMteurHel ... .Uutanl
athllli'r.tl jtttrvd" M-be cart. a )art .. t4a ..
ftr Me arnn. 4
that th<*
1 1YI [ r e M br set M InrM l /4or1Ar. *
Slreet' of trloaaurtrrsratn." parent frsvsawtal <**.t' Ar'ir/, i i l'1o..w. A..jf Hl!. iMl f>.r1I
and the irraUilr. __ ..... ... .... _. :.4 .
taw '... terraeaairs Mtrl rrrA .... I .,(u (orMflr'"* *U(,wtd4 prIM
J"byrT..... Dr.rntlMd, f fCCT" ansnettf[r+. orrwt.tTnlrrrrt .r- e.f ted ire Y *. ***** A 1"' c- --rrr M .,rerrtalr4. !In t.:>- I tk. t..t a>rl prior to Uon-

ta. dMaOee- )Novae f *<*wa > .chat': 4wM tMrn "' CM Art
otted dswrlarwn, W the after ...l far UM t-_*.. **d. w*.. 4 ..... It .b Hf a* r, tM b. M kf m l4-nl '1'M ar. leoana tn Mm. Aku.paslnr Cwt n' .... .. ... ..*>< .... .
M *
This Spf Contrfb r a .' *.( 4 craw II* MU. .hl reseal. iulrnivnl trd art
t dWlly a Int *ar VMgo > Ktrfrrts. Irate rwr e e4 ....... ......,..,, t I __ T >... .....,....,.,.. .*mU. anvlit tn.. (ChwrdMn to..IM their

to PubUrfx Irrreae for hsnrliUana "AMtne AW prrrwt tawM, rw .1 ; t" "lu ....110. ........... pNtMrt.rwar aofIRr III .*.-bl. rapidlr, IfOm
? t* UM Uk high rrilw.sMr
teN wr w.nrrpU' re,- r"s ..roIho- Ihr> IarwrrN .........

Ommanitr EvrtrU trw .1L Wh rel u..rre.. weer tees roM owt M1rIM" : Off To 4-H Camp tea b* .rnnlartwt. Th C*.tfkJTU VUUUO.. wild lhotIM .
/ IoN ......* anal A''e kirk te+r.stn .
sa. /'w1'r'o' J"oral" do MM .* a
The Community Sri. I/rero tgrnes. e.rwt hrtrN rrWA fceort"MtldYe U ... .e.e CW trwk "rrMarawl n-t, ...w 4-M few,. ... 1t M gtr*. s.#1Mt ...,...., iw y.//s ..,. ....-T, ....... h N_ lawaar,. M. itrrrrare..lrNlrw flrwM ,steer: tnfcl pre\ irovO Ilrn" RLad la apprU' > llt+
fee lhr++/ BMIrwgatl the Itlot Irw.aarrr IJIIIIMW d. rhea r n<*pp nlit ,
IW rNrd Lo .. tar .... ......- rf tar -- M 1 ewer ....c. .... M.Ir Tortes, rwartrNaNy ....... ? a
trsar awra+.r 011 Wr.aat f rrrlh rf rho MMrrstl'Mfvw .u prlreM I S3tOnMnCAn41I14,
State Bank )1rL will IJMi tsdrtrtr. tf M rr+rt.r+tU .. Lac w in u.. Taa k. IS. a...g- t* .. .+.* NMW n'1 wM r.._ .. w brr ..... IrMry r/w.r.w. rn <<-t.cf'ftth- 'rt ''III Into 'pfiwtVM ..*'cilia.

tOsrwlml.rll ea t'rIe es) .re ewrwp Its bwe. .one* par ParlrllM frarM' far i

.. .



.., \ Ok -

y .w 1 I rr

Pvt. Jimmy Wiggins of Fort \I Mr. and Mm H. O OavU I Col and Mrs. J A. Griffin I Rehearsal SupperFor ;'Christmas-Chitty i,Little Leaguers 'Recent Births

I Bcnnlng Ga. was home forth Jr. and family of GalnenTllle j returned' Tuesday of last week!. Bradford County Hospital
Have CookOutThe
1 I
I, weekend. and Larry Smith of Paxton ,'' from a ten-day trip to New Starling- i Wedding PartyEntertained 1I I I announces the following births

(iroiip! ol Ladles Mli.m.*. *I'.<1 vbiited Mrs. Lucile David on' York and the World's Fair "Thomas Party I Little League baseball' Mr. and,1'.. Marvin( ii'.

r .4 to to.-'lId.. $1.1)1) at Sunday. Greg Davis! remained They visited Mr. and Mis. R team enjoyed a hamburger Elder. Ralford. a daughter

>. u I HTI'.MP'M.): "' with his Krundmother Mr!!. { E. McDaniel in We.itcheM.er: I Rev. and Mrs. Roman Alvarez : Mr. and Mis. J. A. Cl1l'13t'l cookout Tuesday evening at Dana Lenore. June 30.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Nav Davis while Larry Smith l Is | Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. J E 1:. entertained at a buffet I mas entertained at a the home of Mr. and :Mrs. La '

.. GLADYS MOOTY worthy Mr. and) Mrs. AI Carl- spending Monday to Thur Sheridan In Washington: D. C supper Thursday! evening. Ju'; 1 supper\ Thursday evening I II vern Outlaw. 1.... I'
Phone 961-0651 ton nnd Mr. and Mrs. J. K. ,day with Mr. and Mil. L.. F. Richard Watnwlght. Jim- 1 2. In the educational building i July 2. In the Madison: Stress I Hosts were Mr. and Mr.

Smith of Winter Park were : Smith Sr..t their fishing my Smith and Robert I Nelbo i of the Pine Level Baptist Baptist Church, educational: I Outlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest I
Sunday guextM of Mr. and Mra. camp.Uce. are spending this week In th' Church honoring Miss Linda building honotlng their son. Should the seed
Mra. W1Hi Mae Judd, Mr. Mr. and Mrs R. H. Outlaw I Trlent, :Mr. and Mm. Carl We Rent''
C. }i. Nu. Clark of Eau Gallle l III Smoky Mountains. I Edwards and his fiancee
worthy. and Franklin
end Mrs.; C. A Parljahv.) :and and Mrs. Kenneth Johns and Sue Thomas { land. Mrs. Jean \Valnwrlght.and Crutches & Canes
and (spending the Hummer with Mr. and Mrs. J. B Baklfnend their Miss Janice Chltty following:
Mr. and Mrs I Mr. and Mrs. Don Neel e'a rUnIC before wedding Mrs. W. H. Hall.
Lacy Mobleyand son of Jacksonville wore Saturday I Mrs C. D. left lust Friday to' '' I I I'a1w
daughter Janice attended and family visited. Mr. and Mrn. her great aunt sons rehearsal. their wedding rehearsal. Among the 35 members enJoying 1 Koch DrugsFrrnrttrtlo
night guests of Mr. I
In Jacksonville .Vllllnmn.) two weeks visit with Mr. an.i! The buffet table was cov- '
the Parham family reunion I Mrs. L. H. Outlaw. Frank Ucmmlngway! I The buffet table was cov- the affair were CoachCharles B.eelall.t.
Mr. and Mr. Hnrold, Godwin Mrs. D. Rltth Green In St ered with a turquoise damask I
near jSneada on June 28. I Mr. and Mr*. Gilbert New- laxt Kriduy. ered with a yellow damask I France. and Mrs. Free Prlrtery
and Mr. and Mm. A. Q. Charles Mo. and! with Mr. anJr cloth and centered with an ,
Gene..tCarnell was vlnitlrvg, co'mb and Chuck were Mrs. John Love> Wilkes a I cloth and centered with an Francis. I
son. Smith and families. spent the \ >-s. Bakken Sr in Wahpeton I I arrangement of pink rose
Mr. t\ff 1Pa In Hradford, County arrangement of white chrv-: I
<'t'; .t.o.J. T. Rulgi Visiting Mr. and Mrs. B. R. patient weekend at Fernandina Jieach. N. n. The two guest tables wen I.
on luty4.nraule.te. Jxi komu. Antonio Hcmpltal has had as victors, ranUMfnums flanked by yellow
.Newcomb In Sun <
Mr. and Mm. Jack Sumrall Mrs. Merrill Strirth ant covered with white linen
in Daytona from O.ilnrsvllle. Texts rerently.Susan 'I her daughter, MI' Frank and family of Klllsvllle\ Ml..... daughter Vlkl. spent th tapers in crystal holders! cloths and centered with bridal A GOSPEL MEETINGWill
A front The Tabernacle In vlxltlng rovuns; of Miami, and, her ala The dining table were overlaid
group Wiggins
lden.t. are weekend with Struth l.i anJ
I former Btarke re Roddy centerpieces of white
attended tho Hlble Conference I her couMln, Junlo Moyer In ,, ter Mrs. :Mubel Roano of ,spending this week at Strick Atlanta Oa. 1 with white. damask cloth pink mums and fern. Be Held_ July 26 Thru 31

at Lake Swan near Jacksonville, thin week. Jaikxon villa. Mr. and Mr. Howard Schact 'I and centered with arrangements Mrs. C. D. Edwards ani
land' Landing AT
Melrose 4.Mm. Mrs. Cell Jones of Staiko! II I of yellow and white
on July Mr. and Mr J. D. Smith ( 1 .
Mr. and Mr*. W. C. Townsend of Brewton Ala. were weekend Mrs. W. A. Dockstader pr.*
Baron1' Purham Mr. and family of North Bellmore. is patient In the Starke Jr. and daughter of guests of Mr. and mums. 1 sided as floor hosteflss. Southside Church of Christ, Starke

Willlo Mao' Judd, and Mr. andMrs. Long Inland, N. Y. are guests Nursing Homo. Jacksonville. are vlmtlnn Mr Gilbert! Ooldwire Mr"1 I The 29 guests!! attending Included Attending were members of

Q.. A. Tarham spent- Sunday I I I thin I week of Mr. and Mrs. Loral 1 admittances to Bradford and Mrn. Towniienrt 8r. at Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pau'I members of the wedding the wedding party and the With Evangelist

at St. Augustine; ,i Paul Hutchlns. County Honpltal this Kingsley Lake. entertained at a family reunion I party the Immediate I' Immediate families Raford Petty of Coral Gables

;Mra.: Denver Dovrlck and \ Mr. and Mrs Carl Mathews week Include: Thomas R. Tul-, Mr. and Mr.. Jerry_ Holdenof I -at their home! on Crrmb.- !\ families, and out-of-town
eon, Mike; MM.... Guinea, and were Tuesday evening nipper' I ley, Mrs Helen Willis Mra. Opnlocku were visiting Mr. Lake over the weekend.. En gueets. I|' Mr. and Mrs Michael Wal.'t..r Everyone in invited to come and search: the Scrip.
Chuck: Newcomb Wed. I( stn of Mr. and Mm. Bruce Reddish. Mrs. Annio Assisting !In serving<< were Mlranawlcx. Keystone
spent ru
{ Kathryn
I und Mrs. X. M. Smith last loving the affair were Mr. and tures. Services each evening, 7:45 1 P.M.The : .
11<'", lay at St. Augustine._:|Mathews' In Oalncavlllo. i E. Wllkes, Mrs. Ethel Harvey. Wednesday to Friday. Mrs. Jeff Paulk and fourltiUKhtprs :, Mrs. Owen Alvarez and Mrs Heights, a daughter. Shelly
P"tonV.: I'arrlsh/ and Ou Lucian Conner. Karen July 3.
mornlnt \ Mr. and Mm. "Klden Mathew of Pearson Oa. Mr :
Wynn of Starke; Mrs. Florence and family "spent the and Mrs Brooks Pnulk and J i'::. = c' -_- I
HAVE: SING They were returning( to thclrhome : -
Silcox of jAckMonvllle; CSa. daughter of Lake City Mr. -
In Cordelo.
long weekend |r
A Sing: will be held at Host. from North Carolina
Henry Allen, :Mrs. ConnieI'udgi'tt. with Sen. and Mm. K. W and Mrs. Ronnie Bauhn o! !
drain Baptist C'hurclthJ.l where they have been
Mrs. Mary Jane Mathews Perry. Mr. and Mrs. ROII 'e.! I
Saturday night at 8 o'clock In Youth Camp Work Urn.
ReddlKh and Ooige M. Norman J. R. Hlxon will be Paullc and children of Daytona -
Several group of singers ar. Kreft plays the. accordion ant
of Lawtey; and Wllllant her mother Mm. W. Beach Mr. and Mrs. State
expected to partlciixite. Every both are talented singers Tli visiting Community
one welcome. Sponsor brought a prophetic Bryant Redding of Lake Butter P. Moore In, Chattanooga. Clifford Paullc of Ormond
Beach. Mayor John R. Paulk
Tenn. next week.
IJ1A8liallC in/ the evening! I
ASSOCiATiONAL Admitted to Doctor' tog !' Mr. Lois. Moore was vl.it- of Montgomery, Ala.. Mr. an 1 i I

imoTiirniioon IIEIT: MADISON STREET pltiil this week were Harry Ing Mr. and Mrs. Dilly MooreIn Mrs Edison!: Paulk and family I of Starke ,
All brothers of the New KAI TIMT CllttltCII! : Dortch und Mrs. IJoiotliyUturllng \ Madison last/ week of White House, Mr. anJ 'I'

River DupUst/ Asonclatlon, ore Sunday Serviced: Sunday of Starke. H r .ld Tyun of Florida- Mrs Billy Manning:: and fame

Invited to !the First Uaptliit: School. 0:43: a. m. Morning \Mrs. Marcus Brawn and I Southern College\ < will be horne llr of Jacksonville and Mr.

Church in Stark! on Frtdv Worship 11 a. m. Training children of Jacksonville visited I for the weekend and Mrs. Ervln Andrews and I STAHKE, FLORIDA I

July 17. for tho Asnrlatlonal! Union. 0:15: p. m. Evenliv Mr. M. B' Brown from Ronnie Baker of Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Redd'sh I I

Brotherhood ml'eotlnrrIn\ I Worship! 7:30: p. m. Mid-wet!?t Monday to Thursday. ville 1 III visiting Terry Minx at and families and Mrs. Margh

hamburger fry following the Worship Wednesday 7:30: p .MHfrtlon. i>l Men's ltuilM.value KJngsley Lake this week.Dr Unrlerhlll of SUrke.Mm. I Statement Of Condition June 30th 1964
meeting. Members m. I.IH) Stlth 0' : O. L. }fayn !s! Sr. Is I
are requested to $1.113now $ and Mm. J. L. I II
I visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
to aulve'at 8 m. weekend
p. scent the
at MTTMI"N. Macon Oa
FIRST BAPTISTClll'liril I Hrnnluii and.! family/ In War- RESOURCES LIABILITIES
I with Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Dine
SINGING ( ONVmcTION'AT HTARKKBorvlors : Mr. and! Mrs. W. R. Royntui- rlngton, Va. for a month.

HETIirL"BAPTI'W for Sunday Julj Jr. and family of Augusta, klns. Connie ChanUIn with them return for a Beth and Puane Jordan. Cash due from Hanks :332,951.75;) :; Deposits _. ___ __ _-- 3391192.31
Bethel Baptist Church .willtc ) : 12; ;Morning Sermon by Rev flu. spent lost Wednesday" to rd to Macon spent the past two weeks In

host to the Bradford Coun Gnarls, Petersen Secretary o! Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. several wccka1 visit with Terry Miami' with their uncle, and ; U. S. <;ov. Securities __ 2.077,130.32) Unearned; Interest __ ______ 51,700.15:;
tv Blnlllnlt.-Cwlv..nUon Promotion. Florida Bnptl'e' Drew Reddish. and are spmdIng StIth. MV. I
/ aunt and :Mrs. James
., other aprC1.IMlInRMA'Vrf? SUnday Convention. Evening SnrvliM! this week nt the Cuoleycottage Phyllis Darby In visiting l Tucker B. Loans & Discount: ___ __ 1,190,933.2.1:;:; Capital Stock __- ---- --.--- 100000.00
"12 Dinner conducted< by Oary Cllett I 4* on Klngsley Lake. Piitty Bl l\am in Athena Oa.
nerved, July on the;firoundi. will Everyone b'. Florida Christian Alhlctc Tom Hitch will attend. the this week.Doris vliHlnu. Mrs Louise. Ohio Connelly and Mr.ofYnungetewn Furniture & Fixtures( 20,557.62: Surplus _____ ___ __ __ .____ 65000.00

welcotnV> +r JICV. W,, t,.;, University of Florida and ai Athens, Y Camp at Talluloh I I her Rranclpiirpnts Spongier, Is Mr. nn'l! and Mrs. GUll Butmutn of Hollywood Ranking House", Owned ._. 16512.27 Undivided; Profit: ___ _______ 40799.45:
Newman r .% >>awioclnte. Young people cupoj-" Falls. Oa. next week. St .ere visiting Mr. and

. lally urged to attend. Charles Phl/im| Jr. Is a : Mrs. R. L. Bpenjjler. In Vtrs. F. J|. Kramer for aovenil Other (Heal Estate; .Ifil2.18 Reserve Account ___ ___..u 32,168.22
NKW'WfX'W'nVM.''rl4' ". Jthfulnr': nrrvlrrs' for th"'II..k staff nmmbor, at the West Augustine this week. ,I\y.
: : "1 f ; Woi-ahlp. 11 a. in. and Florida.. Hupllst AsMemhlyOrouniln : Mr. and Mr. O. I.. Jarvl' Mr. anti Mrs. Dennis Williams Other Resources", _ u 1835.06:
Reovt".crY1'e".. > mart. Mori'WISBISSwBK ''Jr. and family attended the
7:30: ( p. m. Sunday Sunday In Panama City for and
I daughter end. JIK

day Church. ... nrJUrontlniif\ Pttl' Scflflo Union!,... 9:49:6:15: a. m.m. Trolnliw Prayer I three wenkg, ., Jnrvls Lake, family Orlando reunion, on at Be-Jul.) I Sewell of Atlanta, Oa. were Total _____ __ .__ 3G80,860.1.1: Total _.________ 360860.13
p. Archie flreen of Chicago weekend guests' of Mr.( and.
througlf W* 'week."The annual t alerting! each Wpdnrddav! 7:30: 1111I spent tho long weekendwith I Fourth. Mr.*.. rim Graham They went
HomerciiBliMr"will ha'iifld S tl.>r pjn.W A. Ifonan Pa3tuWOKKINU I I I Mr and Mri. Trd William'
his mother Mrs) I deep sen' fishing on Saturday
ehay t Ju*" CO. or Tallahassee and Mr. an"
who had a family conic.out Mr. and Mrs Tyler Jonasspent .
( :
M o' part M .,_, ,.. _._, A'* NFAV IIIVtn: 1'Vldsy night in his honor. were! weekend mi"sta of D.. the weekend, ) with lIIr.!
..,-. .+r..--.-..... ?. -A.oemdery..workln8. will b" Mrs. Charlotte Banders'\ of,,i and 1\11"11. A. J. Barry. and' Mm. Charles Godfrey In Friendly
AT TiIBTABRRNACI.G n hold at the New River naptl.u Vnldostn la.. and Mrs. Utfcrn Washington: ; Gu. I Bank"I
Brv' and Mrs. Paul Kreft (Y" I Clunvli all day, Friday( July Van JU'Uli-r nt Morgantown, | "'Ir and Mrs. Leonard L.CUI. .MrK.-'al.J011".. of Cnll.i-. + I
o! )rpy, Fla.. home misslonar1- 10. All interested persons ariuiiird W Va. wore Sunday guosts v ..>. spent the weekend In hnn Is :ppenilfa thin week with '

i lea brouuht and a program dfniynlc to attend and l ltuolit brhU jof'I Mr. and Mr.. Jess New- I the Miss Smoky Janet Mountains 1 lardy I III,visiting: I Mr. and Mr. Tyler JoneH. Total (Resources! Today ri $i3; (650,860.1(

- nv-nwiKo at tU1, to work with. 'I,some Mr and Mrs. J. R. Wllmm In Mr and 1011'1I.V.. O. Lambert ,

Tam" this w".k.RobPrt of TallahnsHre will visit theirson. '
-.- ---- ------

- .., .4&V-""a,.,.. Mr.ton. and la stationed Mrs.J. Thornton FJoert Rot the E. Thorn Pacific son o' (I IHIiindlng,John, ,Henry C. during, Greene find Jfr the, at and weekend.Tamp Mrs.. One( Year Ago\ a - $82S09Lj, 07 e59!)

A '
Henry 'In the .
W w'.. Missile\ Itnnse.' NA3. Point upending minim
,- ... ...N. '.' Mum. Cnllf. Ho U In training r with his uncle and aunt

".:. a& the Dim* dispensary, aIt. :Mr. and Sirs Grmne.Mm. .

I\a' In Ilovpttal I Corpnmxn achooclasws I J. II. Fields. visited' A FULL SERVICE BANK

'::M. .. .r \ I to convene Sept. 4 In '
,...., ..5 San DleKo. I Tanner I

't : .'. to Monday.Mrs. .
Mr. and Mm Kd Haddnrk

w. e of Jacksonville.! Mr ant Mr 'I Mary L pr>. grit i Drive-in Teller Service Bank Money Orders

t \) Luther Addlsoii and f mly) or'I daughter Kathy hav moved
v/ 1 4o O1' Orange Park' and Mr gal l back to Starke after upending Auto Loans Cashiers ChecksAppliance

"t "a, ; "' Mr. Inn B.: Beam and f.mll.' two years In San Jose
't\AtM .. of Jurkvonvllle were 4th o' ICahf. f

1 .w r 05'1 NO0t July irumts of the Eltwrt K 1 Mr. and Mrs. W \.... Ward Loans Savings Accounts l Iii

'" G' Thorntona *t Klnitiley Lake I lot Aytmny ita.
are vUiling
..... .. ,
--- Personal Loans AccountsCommercial
a.e 'to Mr and M.... Edward Mr. and Mrs. W K Glenn thin Checking
lea' ,_ YO ftchwab and family of Merrttt week.DLrnntlnlspJ.

.. ,-".,.al'.t; I Ou_ It"e. Island client the weekend with 1 p...ttrrn.., thin Loans Travelers Cheques

-'r' ww., Nom Xfr !Myrtle\ Anderson Anna Klter ",,'..rlal. \ ah_ In KMrrnl
: : tJoO" l Ruth H4-h.*b stared with Mrs Real Estate Loans
.. r. t \yau now 119 ,rents per Financial Advice
q.e.:r. I e ... o\t ..,......ofr" \\ R. !M\ Davis and family,. land l .! HT''!!''M.

evil..oa." \, \) J mOUr I, Itm.'k* Flvnn. Bryce Tltu. Can. ant Mm.J Fred Glennof Safe Deposit Boxes Complete Bank Service

- II \ ... ... Pa and tkinald &pp are at CltmflnhnrkOCJ'tO Klngnley Lake had a.

.., '....... ..{oo CG'am.. this week gunrta/ the past week' Steve
"'to" "" :Mrs Edward Burns and Shy Glens and 0.; x>rr* I"'*ni. of.

: tot W II At"l1tl1llnll aliened th* Tamps and Mr and MrsFrrdrrlch GROWING WITH BRADFORD COUNTY ii ,

.i, M dams >1 JWrIno"1 l library M..n,.,. amt rhIM- ,
... .- board staff meeting In O.lne>- r.' l of lno""n"......... ImLMr III /I
.- \llle WediieMlay .
morning *. Clvtl Slnclulr. amiIrtiiCftler. I -"' -- .- <', '. ,
Mr and Mr. C I. Cwjx" ; .. Kvelyn.: Joyr tWn- TV'
and family spent the Fourth murk Ann. Ttrwltlvgitr. Jan P ,

at the jSuwannev RI..rMo ''IUt.ii, Sally TonMto and Janet
and :Mrs Mania Stewart >
William will leave Tu *Uy
of OMliwOTllle. were (Sunday .
1 for four "" *..k. al{ Camp ChlIOORH. I
evrnifli. "m,- t. of Mr a".
TnlluUh Falls (1.. I {
1.I..tn" ( '
gie. k rIII
Mr*. W S f\1.I.l U _, ",n.|.
,11.In.. up !. : perron aliI I"1
a' HTI'MIH.f log a month In \\"yn..Y1I1.. !III !
N CMs'
:\ .. C L. CVwper +iI I
Walter Jarknn of !u..
Mr and Mra' Orort Hut .
....tc1n. i;. Mr. gout Inn Dan
Ins and family .r..rU I H*'
WUIoth of ).lams.la.. ant
-- week at Black Mountain! I
JIfL: Mr' and Mrs M.k O'lIrWa 1
C- Linda lluiralivs entered theDell
- Medloal TferhnolrcOrhcml / and )'r. sad Mr Jin CUrn.r I 1
In heTlle.! M C o\ )takkateera. sweet! Mink. '

.. :. NO MONEY DOWN MA* TNtt COUPON NOW KM NU CATMOOCOMtltVCtWM July 1fr.I Bra. vmtnr tlj*. Julvt s.l.-

\ and Mrs. f., ..... at 1'fT"1"II.' I
Our rrtwmMiof "
MIAat AU I InCTMtl -- ":
. 100% nNARCJNG-ANYWrlEMI I = i iOUttTtOMt U .. :": aNt JarkvonvUto visited :Mr an1Mn. of .1.tll.aUe wee* ...,.HkI __ t>.. :

MiaTONYOURLOT-ANYWHEREI I i a_ AMI c_'" -- David Brovnln and M- -a <* Mr. and Mr% T. Ifbig. '. ... 1 .
_wno.ca ... .
SCNSIIIY. PRiaD _I." ..' and'onda",.*. Ctrl Edwards 04* Mr and Mra. Roy RkU !!:..: !.! :: :.- ..

'J .. .M I_ .-. .
VV Mr. and N".3, coI Weti.t.r ...... welted
EASY PAYMENT PLAN -- -. -. R: )Hard
r; "twnt Uw wee..vnd In &nutHrkxfd I! TWH4* PI1...... A. R: MrKUfn
--------. .
.. I *. ,. Mr. aryl Mr. la.*nilrbirtn Directors
Wll- Jrrv and Diane lUniy are and Mr' .. Mary' K*<*.
vwa.. c.-.a.. I Tlmtiit" their "1iII' .
/ wn&n ". Mr I n I
conhtrvc110n, m.nWth. ; many )'.0" e.. __ _._ I Xtr. Purrrn lUmmond. h Mr." and :Mr. R.: J. Ic.I ._ 11. H Adams M.D. Leila S. Mundy l '

p.rnc! .-yowr oiuironc of' complete \ .-..... Winter H.T,n UUa .*r*. ,- Ortanrfo _}r'* .'ernlglt.
IGtMod'' & I Mr. and Mrs. June* V c7e. ....c. M<*ktay of Mr' A. JI:. E. M. Drinson D. B. Odom

hr and ton. Jimmy and .Jun- x.-Kteia.y! .

I' Hardy .>r* aprndln" to _h airs M.*ry OlUr. .. ....,. Pete G. Felos. M.D. S. E. Simmons

- I In Mew Tort and lh. Wortrs in* Mr. ..4 31(,.. finals' P'eaen'' .

r irq I ..... .-. I Pate .into Jeclw+awl1". tVv Tu..Mp Charley E. Johns :Norman: H. Willis
o.'t Cfcjwra U .'
-----. Nxn- Tksr.My.
- mjCTx-.JTjrr rfy rV-.j J ter' wnplrtkra ...o ,..rs ol
--------------- wn kIn tl.. Arm. rvir 'OW Mr*. "Htu Oteu,*) .i* an--. Thank You For Banking With Our Bank.
tag tN MMkuAM C .*w... .
.. tart .... '- monUM JM h" .
awCk1l1lftt laIt. Arsb.c.l Wart_ tsetter.se. M w... t

JACKSONVILLE F1..1. .'.\I.TK.1.1.\. (kAtmy, Its r."p to TMun-

...... N..t .....'H "'I.' '". t). Iwo ,tit and Mr Jar MUVr c rv| day "OPEN FRIDAY 4:00: TO 6:00 P. M."
r. U. Hat .J4SltMMM I IUI return to ntnv .ksee l :Yaryt.l U ew.aat" :

>l U7-IIII. I's.., Kt ""nI UAi1W on July IS a n.> a tw wtwa* vitst Mr and airs. ,.
n -t-. ,,' ""Mt" wt'Nl an4U. \V H Wa....U.J'.n tAtc. ... .. "1!- }I'IPAGI !!',,#-
........ -
I i. .-;' un:: "'-

I .

-- -
- -

I Mary Ruth \Vright. Mr. Johnson Rev Hall HonoredOn Dorothy MastersIs

Exchange \ ows in Church of God Birthday lonored

1 / At Bridal Shower
'Q'6LADYS 1irr with matching streamers n.V R Hull, w >q hon

t Th' bride. given in ma.. M tn-ii, "n )HIM S4th birthil.iv. Mon '
: rlage by her father was lovelin .1..* n my':,:; *,lth n ..v.',...1 vinmi-MKt ninrrlHite Dorothy, \ to Master William -

MOOTY: I a floor lt'i\gth white lac- ,ill..h iipp"i ",',-\'p.1 In I the \,\mli I
will be
,., Edward Starling an
J Phone iXi4-OA.il gown over net and taffeta M il I Mis, :M.iiriix, -v. nt of August: 8. ass hono.I
The bodice featured a scalloped I I ii ''i,. 'inon <'ro,hi.uki'
star '.'
I n 1 lovely bridal
- ( a -
neckline decorated wit < n Mil',,' -. ,iMVOit .IIId lll\. I H-i, r
.. I 'u' iir sequins and seed pearls and > iiMiieiiiln.ini, .ii
pi + i < II'I i i the- home of !MM Harley
t sleeves The ,"kl<- .
tuna 'api'red .t''vr1V 1VM 11,111I '- n lin\ ,* in Oraliim llostesute : -
which ,ended in a train ",aoid..orat..d .
I r.' i'i 'lovmg' this hnl'I"| \ :Mrs. Jean tf"vei. <.
with three roses, ., i .i. and tucks", in the front. Heronly ;Mti IU'1'I Mi' and' Mrs: :MinIIN '- ,tin-fine, \ UynlAttmctlvp '
'Z ornament was A tiny cro.-i
r. carried'. I'.nttiiM' :Mike and l .I inn-o. : arrangements of ,
I Is
on a silver chain She ; .
: \ a white Bible topped with an (',"111'a: ,uml :Mm nI: 'rwent'" used 1 in the living
:Mi'KmVh: IIn,1h"ft: ,KarliJiMKliniin : I "uem. and In the dining rooia
Str arrangement of while earns
Illusion I'nrol. :MfKenslcMr \ '' t'\.' i'i-f re hmiMiti table w i.fiid
Ions Hoi long veil of .
41K I : and) :Mrs Austin' Vender, ,'.,. 1 with a white lace
was held in place by a crown
ot seed pearls. Iiil Jnmei Kemler, :Mr and l :MrsWtofreil !nth centered with a throe
; (lead, l'nk.I''d\ In blue and
e :\tl'SVrllht! chose for her I .I T..mll"'n ,and< Urn
.(Masters-StarlinR white and toi> M< daughter's wedding1 a Navy. Ward-Hovey inv :Mr end :Mrs Leon Oun- ( |
r mvhlfl, The nvstal punch
< Smith-Hartley
blue suit complemented witha ""I'. Sholln" and Helen ConnerSheilff Engagement; Told I .
1 aM bowl. was pUiocd nt one end
pink ('81'nlt1olcorsaae% iMrs i Engagement unit Mrs: P I> R.>*<"l-
ikl the tableiwnes Mi: And Mis Robert U
: Johnson mother! of the ,, dish, Ijiwtmi eOlln.11'. : .and Mi' amt Mi-s John U1Vrlls
Miss MarRuth Wright Smith': of KuiKsU-v Lake nnnouniv -
1'Oon'Ol't" a llttht orchlrt i I :Mr and Mrs. Wi'.lUm: n :\\Mrs Kellx. \ Snpp. :Mm RoKilminN. \ .h of Staikr niinonn.- ( were played during
daughter of Mi and Mrs J the "nuiuement andNppionrhkivK
lair dress with a concave o.: Ward Sr. announce the ...n.lIalll'nlellt : tin: and.111'11.l : Kilt the i natifinrnt. and ap lie l evening and pries) were .
bit-am- uf tholrdaughter.
B Wright of Staike. awiirdod. to the winners nmivmRr'
pink and white carnations Hrmvn. hole llrown. and Rontile in.iirlsu ot heidaimhter. :
and approachln': roMChlnn
V. Johmo.tol Elvira Air-
(he bride of Joey The hontcsMespresented" the / lane to
Following' the wedding a I; marriage of their dauiihlr.. ( Thomas.Christening. Dorothy Ellmbcth!
of Mrs. C
Eau a.Ulie. son the. )honoree with. a toaster. as! a nuin Harley\ Flmlnci Hartleyson
held at
E Johnson. and the late Mi-, m-cptlon was Carol RoberlA to Donald1- to \Vllllum twiti-il: yiflillntc 1 nirmt'iitn of I the occasion\ ...f1: r.... Thelmu Lowe of
Johnson of Lee. Rev. R. C home of the! bilde's "parent. len Hovey, son of :Mrs' :Maurice I .stet of Mr and :Mrs. Jonntnii.atwi \ .- Mnniitoii.|, and Kenneth Lllnitlov ..
of gladioli The Hi) mii-xU Invited to
___ Crawford Jr performed the where arrangements L. Jewell of )Klf,lmmi'* 'llnil of ttnthtnn.\ ut JiirkNonvilliHoth .
and and pottedp'rltns ,i-nll between the hours! 7'M
nuptials on FridAY evening. pompoms and Donald< H. llovty ot Surasota. Infant JameM PutteriioiiMiller \ The brlile-elix-t! In' 1IIl'lId MUM. MniiOi in.l Mr
S June 19. at 8 p. m. ii) th' were used in deroratlnx; : ; son of l.t nivl :Mrs state o( Urndfortl. ('oulitv I'" KUli to 9'31Incllll..d Mr! John bailey. graduated, ft'OntlrA.t.-
The bride's table" was ovcrUM Jack .K. :Miller. of Jmv11' ,,, : Wells\ mother of the honoree "
Church of God. Staike. The wedding 111 be at' chool. Class of 19&1! r ford County !HiKh :Mrhool In
with a white" linen cloth and and :Mrs' Jennings SlMrllnj
.1T The altar was dcroiatc j! threetieredwedding l event of Saturday. Ann 2?. "'"I -. Huso, H centered wlt.h.
mother of the biktftiroanielixt .
It with two pt'destal' baskets of cake topped with a at 8 p m in the Fh -I t (:h'I.' and nnind.Mon, of :Mr and, :Mrs. In mill and uttriidnt, ( thUnhrrslty Airman Itivitlev i>. utatlonednt
:If' gladioli: and mums ajalnrt a .. with tju-klaml, .\ "'U. Texun until
Churclu Stal k. a '
miniature" bride and groom A tan! O''I.It'' Miller of Starke. was \ "f FlorliLi\ He "

i..:, background of grerneivpalms ciyMal,", punch bowl centered! reception following III tlv ,rhtl.ti-np.1 Nimiluy at Ht now ,'an )I"Yl'dlIh Starling: Srnior Citi/rns h" e'tuupletea l basic, training in
branched rand .
> : and the. punch tubleOieetlng Uiels of nnihumI AiiKiixlTh
....Jt la bra. relatives of II,,' I wetlttliiii will Nike D1sreat woil.llnjt". will take place
the door friends and
Ji.i' :Mrs ,
'' '' Raymond 1\foody.orllonlllt. (;iixl|>urents' are Mr. and The Hrailford (('saint y Senior late A 1111111"t the Kings
rendered nuptial music", !aa the were :Mrs Ira Cowart and Mrs' couple are lilbtted to Ittpn'MI.II 1 I'.ul I lIul'hll'11'11.: .1111..111 7 30 pin HutuiiliAIU" \ ntliioti. Club will hold a plrnlr IfV. Lake lliii>tUl. Church
guests", assembled and accompanied I Ann Ooodge standliiK in th"receiving Ward graduated from; alder, and l IIr. T. O. UUeh M. in the <1..1111111.. ., ,tI t. nt thild ..lead| Hriim-h State

Linda Sue Thomas Becomes Bride Leonard' Moody solo- line were the brideand Bradford High School. In t'hurch A reorjrtlou. will follow Puik on Ttiemliiy.. July, IAll ii n F.NTMl : I\IIUII

Of Franklin L. Starling, July 3rd j list. who sang. "B..t'1&Ulit'"* and and groom the the groom's bilde's. mother pwrnis. 1003.: and is a member of Elks Notice Brooni-elert at .the home. of rte bride member* ,and frlrnd, will and Mr Wtllliun, J.

I 1"1 Love You Truly \ sleet, sl l 10 :HO n 111 nl' Kevntonti' :Moody. .lnrk imv-IIU. announce
Phi sorority an.
the Beta Sigma
CoKdlll cut
Miss Linda Sue Thomas and was covered with a white organdy Pnt Welch served as bci Miss Hazel The" Slat* F.lks Club will) All runts amt .relatives of II..IlChl'I.ch' and drive to t the htrth of a "..n. Wllllum

Franklin L. Starling were cloth, over white satin. man nnd Hayward! Johnsoi'! wedding cake. MIA Llnd Is employed at Florida HIM; hors a Hw-lul fur. mentliersmill the couple anmvltrit, Ui. attend the "pink I'hn, I'lwu. horn June ::10 t In t.h1U"
uriltwl' in marriage Friday The front of the cloth "wa: I, and Peto Coleman were ush- "Sanders and' Mis kept Barbara the brides lame' book presided Control and Chemical Co i.i\ l their wives at T pin Nat '...r',. IlnspHalBY'

evening July 3. at 8 o'clock lit decorated with tiny white ro.1- Gainesville. ..
ers.Miss at the punch bowl | uiil"y. July 18. al thn U IH" ,
the Pine Level Baptist Church buds and garlands of fern and : Phvlli Miller attendtMan i 1Ir.lovt'y\ gnuUinteii Rata I .
The jcnin couple" Is residing\ :tin. Titus ONon won the
with Rev, Roman M. Alvarj. in the middle of the skirt was maid of honor In a ballerina I '| ) short |11Jlt" University of Florida Ii.l .
11F..u CKilllp after a .
nhlnll' outfit given awuv by
officiating. a white! wedding bell with length lavender dresi
wedding\ trip to South Florida l June IQiU wllh a lai-hrU o'
The bride's parents are Mr. white streamers and rosebuds with matching headpiece Sh the dub at Us "legului tne.lIng

and'Mrs. Woodrow L. Thomas attached, Centering) the tab' carried an arrangement o'' The Mr Johnson Oorman Is employed Company with In: Alta degree. on July, tl. !! NOW!!

and the groom's parents aiMr. 1 was a thrcs-tlered: wedding lavender tinted carnations
.'and. Mrs. Joe S.: Starling cake flanked by crystal can I

alt of Starke. delabra holding white taper 1 ae

Centering the altar of the and decorated with long satin

church was an archway dec I\I,. streamers rosebuds and fei.i THURSDAYFRIDAY

orated with satin roses andgreenery ,I Crystal trays and compotes

and centered with a '. held decorated cakes nut MOtt
single wedding bell. Across tbe and mints.

background were fern balla. I' The round punch table! was
and branched candelabra SATURDAYThese
palms, covered with a yellow organdy

with burning taper: : cloth over white satin anj FAMOUS BRANDBLANKETS

Flanking the archway were centered with a large crystal FIRST QUALITY,

two bankets holding gladioli. punch bowl. Around the xklr fsu. r .--

pompoms. mums and baby was a garland of fern caught .imu.x Ir
breath. The family pews were at Intervals with rowbuds anj
marked with white satin bows

C L. Kelley of fern.On
JIIl.It'1 the piano was a larg "
sonvVle. organist | arrangement of gladioli\ ;wA
nuptial music and accompanied )
mums! and fern
Marian a lo.
Miss Cty-een
; Raymond Moody rendrre!
who "Bccawce"'OarRand ]
Lit sang soft nuptial mujOc during the
;; One Heart and "Th* !' reception AN OUTSTANDING VALUE

Lord's Prayer." i i iOlttn Miss Sandra Shealey kept
In marriage by h:r the bride's book. The Ubl FAMOUS PEPPERELL

father; the bride waa love!) | was covered with a yellow organdy

In a gown of silk orgama ova,- 1 cloth over white sail.

taffeta" with re-embroldererl i itact. and held a single white rand: are the"Lemons"

J pearls. and In a crystal holder Blankets
The molded bodice We'reStuck v. ,. 4
Mrs. Paul Faulkner aunt of ; Irr
rounded nl'ekUne'a lout ,
slnevea that cam .to; calls' the bride. greeted guests at But Not For Been So Reduced in Three t t
pointy and fastened at thewrlat the door and presented them',I With Long, They've -
to the receiving line com road

torui. The with princess amall covered llnrd skirttermJfnated but i Starling of ,Mrs and members Thnmat. of Mr fr, In Price They'll Look Mighty "Sweet" To You and Your Smart ": &

In a full chapel i '
wedding PArty
train) tier fingertip veil of 11- Pocketbook! r
Swiss Mrs O R Alvarr Jr ant: New
luslon was secured to a
ChantiUy' :Mrs Wallace Oiliras cut th
crown of imported
t ':: brides cake and presiding a''
lace l and pearls She tarili'U a' I LOTLADIES
prayey* book topped wtna the punch table" were Mtase Itny'rrSPORT Styles

white orchid and 1h09.t"rs 'of 'I!: :Martha Susan rut<'h ant I II SHIRTS l ..lUIESJamaica GIRDLES

Mtln..ribbon. ]lll] -of-th ral-lIry I Marcia Iljynes" Also awlstIrwr SYMPHONY"
and forget-me.nots. H'r In .serving w re MUse PEPPERELL "ROSE

onlY'''ornament was a, ilng<* I Carol Farr. Lynn Dlxon. Mar C Shorts llrnkrn. Silo.Iliseonllnurd Corjfoul rw prlnli M ,,Mel, wkjlc background. '
Cotton | :N'unil>.r.
strand of pearls a rift f"1 I BoCinger.: Kathy Myrkk. and 10f) ndl. L IX wild A
-In.. white nylon .... f4X talon, nylM

the groom Roman Alvsre. sister I I\I Jessie After Parrillh.I a short wedding trip Cay: Color* BB- 100'' (rot1onS It.-I'Four: I1,1'! $$1 00 f famous "SuPfrlof'( /' flnhh for tttri wirmlb. /nato In.IXIM '
Si/e* B to 16 1'laldw--rrlld.- ,
,, .. .
to South Florida the coupt"will w.e.ala. -- t >* *
of the groom attended ai ('holer ; ,f.: .Itl***' ww.i.
matron of honor in a streetlength : reolde at :3IT N. Mrrtl A $1.19Value I'anryltilee. ..... .'1". I.... .... ,Iw
sheath drew In matte. 8t. The bride trsteled In ail I M to |I" I I.AIIIKS: .,S U (IIII.UKKN'H:

permanent flnl-.h onrandjrstyled aqua silk shantung sheaUi: PEPPERELL "PARK LANE"IS 1j)

with a sabrina overnklrt n-cklln accented ..I with white accessories matching. Jacket romplemer ant BOYS BRIEFS Uu'. 77e Flip Flop Thongs $ % u,.... 1SX Kry detachable
and at the .aUt with handmade led with the" orchid fran he. II.UO f.M 100'<)' (',, ton. ,Xfe I lo I I29c 12 All MUefjirie\ Selection" f
flowers of the samtmaterUl bridal bouquet Ian added .ir.,m. lOiT k tight" ku"M| stl'4celtn. '

Her matcninc veil of The, bide is employed b, VAI.I'K( : H'*. .19? .

illusion wt'. attached<< to hen'! the Agricultural ExtensionBervlce Value

tnd flower In her hair and at the UnlvrrsUr of For
4 88C
art* wore organdy mitts. B1 FlortiU." and the groom It Only jJQc Pair
tarried a bou r (H of Trenched" employed bj Tint FinancefMarke l..\Ill I:'i i CoJfffui." told' itrlp.t M ."Mlf" keukqround"" .1111 ItfI.I Cute

artt' led rariurtkxu 91tb a 1)<... bMiA... H% riytn, *W i\ ayb. with

Serving as brideonwUls wet
Air Janelbt' BuHlixton o' Shorts '..\1),4)( ; AM: ('IIII.HMK.NMSHOES) :

fitsrke and Mr*. Oarrln Comixnd l/uron ('"tt_ PEPPCRELL CAR'SIIMIUM MUir-Of'TMMOOM.

Ulss\ flu Manning 0# ( ,. .MtnA
|10. l'otton-liollda. I'Uirfa N, I
.. attirettl ,
Oatnem-Ule\ Ther were
fowns kientlraj &to to th" ,bra 29 l lo 34. al'oloea and Val. I. .,.'" ELECTRIC QUILT

the honor" *{me attendant's bni |ixts and rtrept earrt'l In a ,+ S2.WValu "$1' ,k'sIl.g 2 Pair For $$3.00 Warmnight COVERLET

tshUr shade" t SuMrt FtunttvrMrred $1.88 BLANKET

.. flower |1rl la a sown Only $2 00
to m trb the ferldAl attendrU. IA u." .
',nd rarrtrd r basket of ..Ol'lc HACK TOWEL SALE 499 599

row petals.Marton .
T71antatv1'.ed a.' DISH TOWELS raw

rtix p''arcVMAIW1a1. \TKA: I..u..a/ ; : II/ nil .w. ....e.rI. 12'9 l.&flM,. spread. kf i1.

Harttrw wa. hit E 7. WI ip. ..HI .,.r Ataenlir.ntSa.itary Towel. For -
and asher* Glut uc 2 $ t.OO wares CI,.r it t..lit. l LICk
Hothfr'i bt man I 1.111 I In*- H-IU-
wrr. t Ronald --... &-$2rt/ taetl.rswan.le.d.. 1 l.urSles tdowd .f U4f, a./ a./ N w nrtM4 ,for l lMf.r M9ar._
.( Vw tarid o'. Harry Lop. Shorts I u,,,. 1%' \ _1.1 1- K...< .ky imrki'lttt\ \\

fwS fkarw nd Manor. 5 For 37cHALF fits]" TIWH Glut. '.1 .....w. hi IUIPI..., ry.. *W iMi nlhtl wlfa.azM1 ,, Wnk. I .I.r.'tf. Nor. gnM...ill stfg quarenket

ai'.f.edhW!:MiX Thorns d..lcw: a bptn**- sad TEE: : "HHIUTSHi and Holt" ....Though..- All Maui/"'inIwIiIy.,...1] .s enwr ,11. F ktalaht! kcal. (Mh..' '' .1prrfecl It.trj. n.rl. p.ttcrnt. satld

ft...:,.,w.Ut .CUt safoMs asr.aorY. ,_ Y.., eha.r.. I a .i.rk. Vtek ufl w.4aq. iU. nfgkt.. steepklqcmfgrl. color( kC .,.,. 1)) reniDl.,
troenolPr...rr.t wit. --.-------- -- /..'UI/'I 3 !Ir *X .... 11-! i 11 I up- .
.''parw orrbtd MATCIIIM/ / 77jttta. 7 7CtUrt. "' w.si tall ad. ..... .11,.e. ..9(.ttMUit. wlhbIL. h.

mnUwrW Vv.. Engagement SUPS II,,,.
ilaosi iWnt: vonw a Boot tatty na- hue 1 68C 1 Hand Towel 25''C kip tt Igkt t f tt*. .
J4r. p Or PrUWaJavrtoM. aannrtr.s Fill *si 4w !I.. vrl. t+r* -'
watt He J-V Sal.
Maad.. .d cotton rea $.tlet ---
dt.e ats..rrv+. ... a purple th. -._, .4 tu Triww.d-Na.' }(.\f.I.

r 't'ool.. L.tao, vY Du.f Matching; W..h Cloth INSULATOR BLANKET ,

...].A itinavt1e114K-tm waa heM IB< Oa tb.dreans.a..- T L.aj .. .s.a WsYswnelt* sg/. asiAin rL.wtry A"""tO.\L SITKK": : 77c N.tf 2 For 25c I I k/inM/ My kcal lit Utt."ft'*' Nmklng". watbi a./ryakle.. Unt. 7'J'ln'R "

.'- ryvMrt. .) wturh waS T. w.6m.g ... N i.r .If.. ltq. ntsfkpr ..
Un elwrl.aal, wtahd ...........
Wtdal n-- Mu 8IWI .. ....t ., Jarwr.i. i

:.. tact/ Tthrttr's tee. ,t




FOOT BTt nroRn COtNTY TEIXGRIFII. ST.1RRr, FLORIDA Tln-Itsn, tT 9, '' ,"'
-- -

School Board "We did this so parent! : bid had been overlooked T1, I
I could keep check Maybe they also turned out !ito be the low. Board Refuses filed suit against the comml.-/ Mrs W Q. Strlngfollow/
Names : RECREATION NEWSREYNOLDS \ slon since the Tuesday me 'ting. Mrs. Louie Bell Park: an
Just don't know how to checc'iand ; est bid, so the hoard voted to IRON
I the courthouse speculation sister Mrs. Effie Johns ,a.
see if their children ar" reject all bids a nd accept bide Extra
(Continued from Page One) Pay 15 that he will do so soon Starke; flue: grandchildre'greatgrandchildren ,
In school or not. Maybe W: all over again. WOODS
and '
I need some report! card public i i' It alKO tad I LEADS! series. and
five Pet cent are turned loos: was v ) ; to accept For '
.at' lunch, it'. notlceab.o.1: ity". Casey! wild I bids on pest con tiol service for I LADIES; LEAGUE Next week's schedule is, HardyThe Group Ponders great-great grandchild er

Oasoy said. He added that 1C- Other Action I a five-year pe ttf )d at A bid i, Reynolds Insurance from Starke Motor Parts vs. BU; Funeral services wereat
Keystone took over the seisawlng : Dad aw-Tlte Oir.i Bradford County Commission 4 p, m. Tuesday In J
port! cards, whlh list all The Board opened bids for opening seHKlon' on July 21, ; vs. Reorganizing
absence, were not held up at, halt-pint cartons of milk for I when budget aeasures will '( two team lead from Jewelers; Lake Gene,a vi voted unanimous: Memorial Chapel; with

the end of a slx-weeks period the coming school year and also be dlrcuwi ,,ii: ( Diaw-Tlte of Starke Mondarnliiht : i Food Fair Tuesday. after hearing a Charles H. Harvey and
I low In the Ladles Summer! B\SLK\LL! : committee report: net to pa" Bowling AlleyA Weldon W Johnson ofl
for any reason, although they apparently accepted the Florida Pcs1 J Control surveyed 1
HandIcap I Leairue ing. Burla Iwas in Dyal Ce
were at the end of school If I bid of Gustafaon's f Dairy all t' f f. needs of th.county .< Revnold* I Florida Little :Majors 1v Charles Hardy. Bradford's r-' A / of local and:! area '
I '
now stands at 27-9 and Oi aw- Southern Discount;: ; emergedas cut- districting plsn-man, the extra tery under direction of
It discovered th. ; citizens: the.
such things a. library funds Later was but //ld, not list the ? I are investigating/ "
I I The at 26-10. I the American Leagu- $2.330,64 bill he sutmrted ; ,- i Witt C. Jones Funeral H
were not paid. the Suwannee Valley Dairy price that > / job could l I., possibility=( of making the
I done for tit"/ the bidding Nor+gel'e 301 Restaurant I Champs and Lawtey as th' to them last: month. Etarke Bowling Center Into a "
-- ------- ---- ------- ;
must be co f ftpetitive, Morgan/ took third place with a 20i -:e National League Champs lathe j' The committee, compose! community-owned entei!prttcIn H.: D. Starling
I i utandlix, and Andrews Dru;,. I Florida Little Mao; :. of Commissioners Jessie I
nald It f cost several: I order to keep the alley open Dies On Hunt
thousand WI/'id/ and Gem Jewelers are tied fjr Baseball piogram Chastaln. Jerome Johns, an? her .

The Boa-l | referred bids I fourth "pot with 19-17 record, I Southern Discount had a By IIOMKIt WOOD. Russell Green Jr.. reported::! (, The center went under nw (!For Prisonersi
school aulleg! to on They are followed by D <& VII total of 18 wins and 3 losses that all the things. Hardy. management in Fetrunr; i I
a pr'incipal'scommittee I Auto Parts with a 18'j17'record ', for the season Lawtey has a claimed to have done "extra' after previous operators had ) Howard Daniel Starling 4't;

/for study before ac- and Candy' Gulf from I record of 12 wins and 7 lossas Friday: morning at 10 o'clock were actually covered in the to close the lanes due to theI of the State Farm died I
crptance md discussed ,
| prosperthe I Kcyctone with an 1818. with a couple of games more i> a team of eight Junior; Oo.fe.-4 original! agreement with him I center's financial: difficulties arrival at the Medical C

near\the p-i'-chaKe Staike! of two houses Other team standings'' ara; I to play. : from Ride} Park Oolf Club or: | The report/ which was aI ;- Skeeter Webb, a Wa cuss I i| In Gainesville Saturday n

I ElementarySchool. i Clay Electric Co-op anj Final standings will be given Jacksonville will be hen t > I I cepted;: by the board, sail that Oa bowling center ojiner, j,July 4, following a suddcr(

LASTICARM 1 Gateway. Chevrolet at 1521. 'I next week along with All-star I compete In an 18 hole match: the $6.500 paid Hardy for re- 'bought! the center and equip Hess

SOFA BED Other' teachers accepted bv I Sleepy Hollow Motel at 14'-' selections from each league I against eight of our Junior. dlbtrlctlng Bradford County ment from AMP when th'I :*"" A veteran guard ati

.Medua. Styling the Bori'd as recommended b.' '' 21 H(i; and Keystone Stale ) Tournament Week : The following Friday we wit 1 'and his employment contract I alley Closed! Webb has been i State Prison near Ralford 1I

.lacy t 0 dean t Ploitle In the, Trustees were: Mrs,, Nllda Bank and Keystorut Jewehvu Tournament week July r 6- I give them a return/ match. Also I 1 I as such covets the bill SJD: operating the alley here per I Starling was assisting)!! in '

Arm a nd front D Hopn and Mrs MarllvnRobef both at 1224. 101) Is in full force at Pratt I I am scheduling mj v mltted by him. :, sonally since thenBusiness i search for three eSCdrlsonel'lI >
.41 Crad" Frlii Cover $5995 *! for South"ld Elemfnfiv. Bowling pass winners fo- Street! Playground with an matches for the summer. ;i "Tills rovers a ten-month has: tncieasad m In the AlA'
Mrs Wanda Join, overall registration of 65. Tli I The Club Champlon.hlp U period and amounts to $650 I
having highest! scores the past six months, but d\i\ Countv area when .tl'l' r
,Colon..l9. .0.IJTurq. $1 1. I Down Hamp/xjn; Mr, Ruth ReynolJK I Margaret Miller, bt werel: I pace !is fast and furious with I near! completion. Clyde Ter- ,I per month or $3.69 per hoar to past liens against equloment near WlllUton He was >J''

,. .. .Irawnl and tJUn.. ( Nina Mary Williams 228, 2nd game 189 and Ram"1 interest and enthusiasm run | willcgar.( the formr club for an eight-hour work day," I and the alley It 9'11'; i lii Bradford County on .1.1i J JI
,..l.ik *.<< 814' e-rreptlonal: child teacher. fling high among all compet- champion, played Richard :i the committee reported Ir
I Mlct+ii tel l series, 622. Francis Raby *: need further/ local support;:: I 9, 1918 the son of Mi ,0'
Sexton playground h itors. I Hobbs in semi-finals Wed- also said that one portion
/ \ .
Mrs. Jjonzo of H -
the third and financing to continueprofitable ( Starling
game with a 221 I I;
director) Mrs Bettye H.ias' and I with the of Hardy's extra bill had
We are pleasod! nesday The winner will play nothing brown
Unusual I service to this Springs
splits area
were/ made by: I
MIsEddie< Joyce Murphy: I. I turnout for this tournament the present club champion I' to do with .his duties of
hrwr'" BADCOCKFURNITURE BH'3. Karen Sue Morris. Ron- Mary Jarvis, 13.7; Nell Oa: {1 I' I I Webb saId. ,' 'Mr.. Starling was a '.et'i r.,"i iI
will be redlitrlctlngI l .
tq, Another tournament Harold Bishop, in the finals, a I .
net and Freda Hardenbroolr: More partlrlpitlon: and mrrMippjrt of World War II havlna >
aid 'E. Mlnshew. flora Rabell.IMs !, held later this summer at a.i l 30-hole match to be play JdI I Hardy attributed HHOM!) o"
Woodaid/ David Andrew 3-10; Joyce Ward. 2410. f j TI "al! r-tr-ns 1 Is ed in the U S Navy HI'( Yo
announced tIme. Sunday. I over-all extra hill to whii
Jnf, 'ibnen. Tony Griffith, Au. I Next week's schedule Li.IMeW I needed; for continued; : sue e.>i a member of the StaifI
GIRLS SOFTBALL I I Tea-of time for the first IP he called "compl Uon of votI -
I The alley has had flnan-la' I Church of God and a m-nib
Ilolllfleld.TMK : vs. Keystone Bank: I I
drift holes will be 9 er In compliance with
a Monday, a gills softbiU I a m The seci purge ,
And Appliance I3raw-Tlte VII Sleepy' Hollow: 'I ICandy' trouble since opening! a y: rand I lot the Florida Peace Oftr '
team, captained by Sharon i I ond 18 should begin around :2 Florida law between the first ,
; 'RIGHT POINT lor tit Gull va Andre a half HJO Webb, an etpeilcnred I Association. He had! been *
m. You cordially Invite 1 and second primary
A -t>ciute Store wtii yon write Come In and Drugs; Reynolds( lOll vs. Oats- Howell with tram-mates Sissy p. are I / lane operator. said I guard at the prison for o\
long Carol M Klnn<>y. Belly to come out and watch th' The board of commissioners
iel .. Chevrolet most of the trouble was due '.'i 12 yean
r yonr fjvorlt FITTER' way ; Clay Co-op v-j ,
Ph. 961.2111' De>Vuyne Cowart 3I:\ "r. nil OCR r'.aat ln fen. TCLKON :> Keystone/ Jeweleis; No' el'., Jo Warren Sue Hurst and battle for the championship sold they feel that "this por leek of experience In promoting Besides his parents, h" 1 1I I.,
Homer lion of the bill should be betWeen
Jane Dees -
Mary :
.A PH.BE vs. Oem Jeweler. i I the spoil of bowline; I I survived bv his wife, Either
Patterson, captain the Supervl of
Marilyn i ii
Webb he hopes to -, KIrkland Starling!!! of Starke
says correct i I
-- .. I Mrn's League Cheryl Phillip, Terry Rob Miss UniverseDinner i Registration! and Hardy as thl;{
this and "hive all ofEtal'ke four daughters Mrs. Clara:
Men' Summer Han-llcin( erts. Robin Warren Jano! I pertains to the duties of the : .
I : and the rest of thprrti > Rfddlntr.Wlldwood.; Mr Al
League standings are: Starke Goodman, and Brenda Manning Supervisor i, .
i To Be (, enjoying bowling! soan:> ,i, lie Mile Murphy Lake Bir.le
Motor Parts and Big Dad, tin I ''
: 10) to 12 This yiir all Under Hardy s cmmoym-nt
Free instruction is offered t < Mrs Mary Crawford and M>
for first with 28-16; Draw | frlrts Softball trams arc located al"Pt'mcntlth! \ the commission 'I .
Civic EventA the public bv Weio. a pro.1fesllon1 Sylvia Blbler.! both of Oauuvllie '
Tlte at 24-20; Gem Jewelers. at the Street Playground he
I Pratt was supposed[ to local'and :
; five brothers Ma kee! >.
:! b.Jwll'r. ; :
WISE 23-21 Luke Ociieva, 18-1(1.( I'' rather! than the separate j jparks. define the physical resl- 1 I Paul, L R Jr. Vernon an,1,'

and Food Fair; 10-36 For this' reason w"+ chance to sit at the!' same ,,, di-nce of each qu'' Iified electoi .
all Stark
I M. D. Carter Harvey Starling/ of
1 1[
Pass! winners were O .ryElzpy. would like to nee a big crowd< table with beauties from all I,, of Bradford/ Count: ; provide a
seven sisters Mrs Nettle Rush:
r 214 In the let "game; R 'i earh Monday and< Wednesday )|I part of the world U. bring offered I I I proper description of district!r Services Held 'I Kllklamt, Mrs. Inez: Batter

a : SrhalleT with 235 In the see ,, from 3 to 8. The age limit 'i l to citizens of Starke an I boundaries sub-divide > 1 anti l Miss Naomi StarUn: ; all!
oiut. O. 235 In the 8 to 13. All girls come 19, trlcts Into TuesdayMarlon
MAKE Johnson are you I' vicinity on July On tint precincts and pro I of Stnrke; Mrs Marie Bi'ant-
if third and B Wolfe with a 820 nut and join us. date. come 20 contestants fr i vld the proper boundary der \ D. Carter 90. 1.f"1 Icy and Mrs Ruby a.ifflj.
e I II the 1964 Miss Unlvrse till varlptlona'; : nsada4,l In S'lcctlnT, a
both of Jacksonville Mrs LMt
long resident of Stdrke and I ;
YOURMOVE Case DismissedAgainst will be In Starke and will te polling places and; furnish thrnl'Ct.'lIIIary
1 1p 1y Grand Larceny I Bradford County, dieda'Mon( ei\e\ B.ixliy of Sparr, a;adMil. 1
honor guests at a 7:30: p. m Information anj ''
Two : Dclores Parrish of Lake
day imrnlng: in a local: hospital
Charges Filed dinner In the Starke Oo'f & provide the required assls'
Butler Also sixgrandchildren
after a short illnoaa. : surviving/ ara
Lawtey Youths I Country Club. nee for the Supervisor of .
Against CoupleTwo Mr. Carter was born (n
Registration In setting/ up and
I i The! tl'l..lof two Liwtrv The Staike/ Jaycees. sponsors establishing the Bradford County on Oct. 4, Funeral services were hsUst !
E new precinct
NOW charge! of grand lar youths, Richard and:! Roru':" of the!' Miss Universe vl..I'I I books. 1873. the sin: of the lat !10 a. m. Tuesday In thrtaike '

reny have been filed again! Starling, ended In a mlstrU': urge the public to attend th '' Hardy's additional bill listed George W and;! Jan Au tin : / Cluir-h of God al l"h

A. J. and Louise Stilckhnd of and the case was dl ml&e11 dinner as one of the outt'1nd $339,04 for cod'fyln! aivl Carter He was a retired famcr Rnv L S Williams officiating
Orange Slrert.. by Donald A, Monday In County Count ing' civic affairs of the yea end a mrmbrr!: of ti-: Burial was In the family plat:
Identifying registered votersb
t tt Diamond, a representative ot The Starling boys were ac' Reservations may bo! made:! Uy precinct The Com miss'onclaims Hellbronn Springs; Bipt'si!' In Klnvsley Lake Cenvter
Eastern Oil Co, and Erneit calling 9A4-5151 or 964-9291. > Church. under direction of DeWitt C
cued of sK ullli>g Darin I this Is covered under'''
W. and Jewell Allen Phillip at the Biooker follt f Dr )Harry Orui'n. Jay ('<' the "locate and define"! sec i Surviving are two daughter Jones Funeral Home
DUimond Urges that the vice pieitldent said that, lu.:
kcal rally lust April 10 I tlon of ,the contract and ha ,
----- ------- ----
StirickUruts, former operatots! Bradford! juries found:! thiapemoiui year's visit of the Miss Unl I i been paid. i
of Eastern 011 Station onE versA contestants brought I
an) on trial 1 guilty and nNegrem. Hardy says the pnmmlsMon
:. Brownie st.. were moral' CaUicnne. Banks not Sfarke! widt+prend publlcl'.yjnnd 1 owe him $1.015 92 for transferring
t than $300 short In company' guilty of petty larceny James was' described bv the Rlrlra :
I voters from o'd to new FLORIDATHEATRE
funds and that an attempt L. KafiiHi was' found guilty on one of the hl hlUhts u'1 I precinct The board dls
was made to rover the shortage their tour. '
two counts of tronpn-ssUig on pgrees' and says that this u'
,\ Eventually o. with two checks supposedly II I- Rayonier Inc property near j j "We want this' year's dinner part of the employment agreement

signed by Ernest Allen on a I' Sampson Lake He was not to be even more ouUtiiKlln\ and Is covered under:

local baiUc.Alien :. sentenced by County Judfej' than last year's luncheon," D:. the section that says Hardy

say he had aaleisl 1 t to, T A Yawn, who ordered a i, Oruen said "and the Jayee.alappeal ; must furnUh the information --

I let the Strlrklandi have tomM j pre-seiitenoe/ Inventlgatloii. I IOnrnrll to the Ci\lo) pi lie o' and assistants to reIatratlonl,

Why not now ? money but during hU ab't'nre Hoimton was found |i I our citizens; to attend th! supervisor In netting up new i O F.SISG TIME

from town they went. to his I guilty of driving while Intoxl |I I event In large niimin-rs. W- precinct/ books |

home and persuaded till'!! rated and was fined $150 of,, know that you will' not let .U< The board claims Hardy MONDAY THKOUfill FRIDAY

daughter to sign his name u 1 60 days In jail and! had his dow;n," $17928:! tar Identifying voters I, 6:15: : I'. M.

Capital subscribed in the Savings and two ehtockll--one for tlSO al1"> license suspended" for thr' Arriving here Sunday J.i:; nail niaklnw c-ieclal roll Us: ; I I SATURDAY 1:00: SUNDAY 2:00:

one for $160. The checks were month. Jimmy :Merell Burtonwas 19. the girls ....11b\ entertjln-! cornea under t--.th< "10 ate an '

dated Dn. 31, 1903. and written I found! !guilty of speelln: til at the! dlnl 'r and will then'
Loan Association to be known ,as First on the Community Hta-te and was "sentenced to 10 diyijIn I i spend the! night at The B aj-: nv'Uance..' Thurs.} Thru Mon. July 9-13

Dunk where Allen has no a.ocount. :- ; Jill! lie also received a fin ford Motel whose mtnai'>met> The $47808 Hardy ..':,..1 l f.ng ,<

\ I of $1SO or an additional: 6" U donating the II'. of trot .,. -'. \ a special ma ter U.

Federal Savings & Loan Association of Bond was set at a total ofi I days In Jail. n" far !the mtestan .. f "ntt'ra for pelt wor ers .a Big Double Feature

I.(100( by County Judge T Two colored men Lonnl '! They will ben'! :''aln d n -' n'-l.l'red'! a're''' dy oatd: bv third '

A Yawn.A i James TUrtale and bI"NUut: >n 'U' marnlng: b >" under th' Informatlo; r. ....

Starke will pay dividends retroactive to petty larceny charge has1 I Bhx-ker changed pleas! Lue.H'1 The Oirtl-n! It..,"+'a'irsr'l: ani and .s.!.tan-e. ,clau. ; { .! .

been flU-rt snoinrt E. F. Wa.. I guilty to guilty, TlMlale was: mill spend an hour visiting Ilirdr\ Hilt11: for an 11:1": t WnHQIsncyPI

son, by Albert B. M I"1' Sr fined $100 for contributing tIthe the djwr to' n district o') lonnl $''98 III 0 fi; r-'I" ckl'>, I _

July 7. for the Guaranty Life Insurnce d..lInqll.-nt'T of a mlm Starke before *.vln< by b. end onk, dl iflual) r !iltonasuia1W1tetCOIGR' ,:: .
Co.Meaner. Backer w' sentenced to ;J6; 'I for Miami. wee: the MI.Untverne r ..rte uf 'c' The boat! J1"

llpgm that Watson days In Jail and given credit flnflta\ w'.ll, :: be held t'<' It l is unlt-t: 'lo 1 it ., ,
You still become Charter Sub- ---- '-- ----
may a fr iKlrd $141 In Union ant* for the time iperit there since The tour Is spoimoted ant defining voters' and: .--- -

llrirford Cinintlr SSe 91 t twa his arreah It was :US day, a"> the U S Highway; 301 A s: s t

scriber if your capital subscription is re- lit Bradford, ....rrordlit I' he was\ actually fritrd tlon. A OMV'h Hardy la. n US

to Meaner: Bond lias been set ;,

at SOO for Wt on. ) He ras as FEARED as JACK SLADE and WYATT-ETRPfa. !

ccivcd now. Rites Thursday t > i \.\ ., '

For E. B. MooreAt 2lues.

HighlandEllery \y9 ,};

WE THANK YOU FRIENDSFor ". BivwnrU' Moore. i.1 '

of Ljktry dU-U\ TWvUy at hU' 4"'K '
hone, after an evUndrd 111turn .

making it possible (for us to receive the lit was m retired uu>- A. ROROAI.HOU

necessary amount of subscribed capital in such fiber Church mobile of merhanki the! KiUford and a&mem-ptL: : ', r UtlI'!r i-jm ffljijN} 1 .

a short time. You will be interested to know Bunlttmi +
are nu moths

that w-e are already well above the amount re- Mm. 0. H, Moor of lake But ( f4jx I f / IIL
.Jrr: hU w".. Flort Manning : ., Wed July! M15HOLllEN
quired by the Federal Home Loan Bank, but Mi\>or of l>..trjr. four brother 'fr

*. 8let>h.n 8. M we -will be happy to receive your subscription Hrler II Jcme R.. *nlHrilxTt I I .i, aJ

II:.. Moore, all of HE; RN
at time.. Tam-I 9=
any P'; four I1at..... Mrs. /
HJctMrd. Ijike Hut..., Mr I I eg ,wsCa_71L. '

Your, warm response re-confirms our belief Iterate DubbMt and Mr*. J V' : rI r-- ?1 PARISWHEN 11'1 i

Cary,'c both of "aC'kaonYllk ,
that a Savings and Loan Association was an..t. Mrs I:. W Tnompkln I \ \-

NEEDED and WANTED in Starke and surrounding Jr, Len>bunirunenl I frthnLL& IEIR80M All CONDITIONER (! IT. I

errtr w.r. he:Ul IZ2I.E5f
'' trade area and we wish to thank .% 1 p. m ThundAj in Uu r t
you n.i kfc.l t hntnoe of \ sari dchwnidk +
)KUhUtU lUtHM Churrh' eI lhliev : wt G, v
ucW; .
for the confidence you have shown in us throughthis o.-ocU Chasm' otkUlixIlurUl W akt w COVnottl$ ,q b b'..,. y'Fns.. I u... tIh
.. (
period of organization. ..*s In U>* 'HmhUn $ Intent Intaaaoxaat... btaTril sitiy //starts .l.. 1 "tslawM .."
C lne4ery ixfcr ct1rftCt.x0,* l..Jt.J1 ... .. I
Bedroom 0 .t t $ Ii ,.... A. \" ,
-Officers and Directors 111oW\florae, c JIMM runrrti, $119.95 .... ..t..n1..f.-.f...... I I
to ha : "
\.ict1t--Ieht...easy scLQvicIty 'f 1.t'A

MFMORIVM" ",4 fM'OVed tot $Ion"Bullington J

rJ t
tn memory of our MM and -_ r ,

broUter. amy winder Tr'-' 'l-

W'hot away two yar'a.q .....- -. -. .--=- '

WATCH FOR OPENING DATE wn July more 8. Your prtrtous' Mrn _wttitecl W ,I Ia Appliances ee.agueerraMJ mG..aces a.eue-, _tr. M-/.wwy- I

p+edt>tf ..., "Rtsad'Ttteet
ram: :1 Plus Cartoon "Loopy'. Hair

f1 Do"t I fPACE f

... .


..,.,ou. JfLY 9. 1964 RR.\UFYiiiDIV)1'h'Tti'TF.1/1/PIh: STXRHIn ru>. .'\(.. ,Ho
:.. __ .. n ___ ___ .____. ._. ___ __ _' __

.... -. -- .---- -- In. m,' of the ''sldeut. A I Iillrn will fiurUUi. muwOrrater '
.r..YY'Y" """oyyyy"""",., and family and Mr. and Mrs\ litag1nbotham.Mra. pt'mi1n1 the wiv>ken1: w tl- :?; Pi tt'1'111'I \ ): for >'I \ >n \MMr l p
I mn'ra: ere asked< to be prevent Bethlehem FI''t''AlJt
Buddy Bradshaw: and sail ] Leslie Sweat Is spend Claude North: were Jerry B y : and Mrs John N, r. i
I NEWS OF INTEREST TO COLORED .and on time for biiRlneo.. Baptist&:< ; Cliurch Sunday
I Irish'a
MAX VILLE spent Saturday at the Par Inn some! tams In Fer nandln'. I son of Atlanta and David Soli !- ,, C her gm its: wore Mr a 1.1 1 .
of vital lmportanr: < The nex: School. 9-43: a. m Mornhv:
summer cottage on with her daughter and son- i i IMH of :Minnesota. Both b>ysi Mrs nay B.inwed and Donn CITIZENS OF BRADFORD COUNTY I i
I'Bii'ar! mel>tln.t will be held Wort-hip, U\ a. m. Tes.tlmcnr
Kingsley Lake. inlawtr.. and Mrs. Janlir i i are stationed now at Ft. Gor Lee of O.iini-jivlUe.:
By: Din A C Slade July 20 "tit the hi>me of the :\1l'etl1\II. 3 p. m. Rev McArth-
Mr. and Mrs. Junior OooL- Goolsby and family. don. a .
Ai -- '
Phone 289-4491 I Cheryl and Jeffery North o president Men Glennls So o ur's church from Newberry
I by announce the birth of a Mr and !M rs. BoTord HlnRlnboth OBI Dell If.!* with' Rev L A o"-
rhapt.tr S.wnpson
i L. W. I Red I Thomt o .JM'kaC>n'l1h'"t' Thurl<,' mUll B p m.-Mrs.. Thelro. \\11" present, and Rev Jos.; jiVVIlllamt '
ya.tuaa.u aau.-a.a. son on Tuesday June' 30 at a and grandchildren ''
/ n>
I i i Sanford was the weckenl I' TheM will fe<> nt mae miv- fhlrUnv\ Burial will be a Omen reporter delivered the meaaage -
t'Greek-Merrill: Fernandina hospital< Mr anJ:! Pati- Da\.td and Wayne Sag INNlt of Mr. ant Mrs Daw I with- their Kr-.unltMrents.; M: in.-, lI'I.1' I < n'. \ \\ \' \yi"", O"b. Ct aI Greater! Allen Chapel AMP Weekly schedule 1\ItI:
Mi8 Beverly Jean Greek, Mrs Leslie Sweat are maternal I .ith sp"nt! Saturday aftt moon! Vf'rdt\t'' ] and Mrs.. John North.j .' ;.. > :S !Ml ,* it :11 \\ i "s ..) I h' t i-!'*ton! Club held lti Church, nov 1... A HttnvsorpaMor div nl*
iugrrter of Mr. and Mrs. W.l- grandparents.Mrs i i at Grandln Lake with! Mri Enjoying an outivx:! dinner j )fr. and Mi-s\. Buddy: Brown: i a h nl"nI "'.' .1 plr.i nt sua\ : i :lI\1': \ m i.iu l I ]M\ >ndny. Julv The Sundny School Tuesday night Story
'\liam J Greek: and Oliver B Lyle Schmell anl I I and Mn. James Waters. t f uni1n at the home' of M-: ins and :Ms: < P. B Colon m'r i \ aura' and I I1.t":1\ : i 5tho ,"i n: thi-, haute o* Mrs Bortli I/tUsUi1. and Missionary Cop I Hi,,ui' Wednradnv night raxu'ni -
Merrill Jr son of Mr. an daughters left Sunday for\ : !Mr I and Mr. J C. No!'*?, II lid11'5.: John North we e 'nid D-innic l l'n, Monday for fall wader ti> \\-'I k hard.J.v.Clrhe'1 K !ttinsoit A dfltdous i rna - Mrs. O. B. Merrill were un.t.-.1''' their home In Laurel Bay S and Jo'v s..;fit the 4th o.Juh : Rev. and :Mrs \villlunn. Wa" ....tt In LIN, .'ui-'on. ; Park: M-;i iv : : : l I.+ nick In th < s-M-il" (\ to t.uvie. 111'lIdln''T'u' ;. in n\; St Paul AME: ; Cliiurh} In nh:lit. Choir No :2 rehearsal
tin marriage Saturday. July 4Sat C after ppcndirs! th' pa t tw artl'l'noon1th the D J h and Jonn Mr: and MiHosoi : '. w th the [IXnulJli E1clwl I "\ \ i"I 1'1: 'lit' 'I\ C, n': *t r 'n "...ah ttli aOl' IMh .J\l'k.\ .>I1vllll' l>...i<' a't"a' fr m nut Uidv s Circle Meetlmr
7-30' p m at St. Patilck.. weeks':' here with her parents Pal I'-Ish family nt Klii re.v' !N',irti:! and chi.dirn::! o nuly.i' 11'1'l "iv lllt and wp no "I, .1,' .111'> IB .\11l1'1\ .,'I1< who Iii,u (r; ,ItAll.'n\ Clupol .n' Fl'Iota y night Prayer Band
{Catholic Church Jacksonville Mr. and Mrs Buford Itlffgli'-\ t ikr J.u'ktonvilli-! R<.ii rnnii > :,"i '...1'i 11 ""'r Is- !t'>-<',i\r. \ 1.'.I'UI'dtl(OKI: a.ll 111\:i III t I") Jo' 'ph, Morris and Fdwunt, mt-Htrui Saturday night, July
i Rev John Lenlhan perfarnedi bot.him Mr and Mrs: Hofsa.d Diu San'onl C tor< tf,>Him and Jar, 8MI1") !",,,' ;:,'1 1'1'11\11', ',' It"I i 1t i: \i. NO'noi : t 1/ I 11in; I''!! .v:r'u.i\ 111 I it"i :M t ti -miih The! Junior Cbor: wl!, 191: lh Twill bo a Fish Sup
I the ceremony. I Mr and Mr J C Hlirilnbothnm tance and son vtilted! Sun.ins 1')1 i Orj' ort of F t Goi, ion ,, -i, l I. ": \h "i- fid '1 ,Ina'\ 1'i ruM'i or r list" \ r i 1'1'I I it 11.1!: I .' 1'I1'.p !Iti ,., : !r''ititiv nluhl Rev. L. \ pvi, Riven\ at the church. atartllMt -
The bride wore a slk: organs and children of Law- FVi "inctina with :Mi nn1 Mi /nd 1\1. 1, f 'But ti h !.' of( i ,r* : ,"n t. 'mo..1 a !I' in. I .'Ii't i w'I''1 1 b1 1M\ : "i' lit iA I 1'1 I, 1 iv.' t h') MI Urn .*..imp. in will deliver the aai at:1 p in In behalf of tho
[ over tifi a town wlti tey visited' Sunday alternooi. Mrs Junior GooHby; and tam We.t.rJlI and Kelly uoppt-d b.ulurno w UbI' H'!" ontt' 11<'11It. \ '., '. .... .1'.11"' 1 I' in i A"I\.I" \ I ii L i "i i 'I 1 h' i : mni' v Wnlneiidnmitn Ir'w hulldliM Rebecca Allen
lilted b dtc o3ped: neckline > with Air and Mrs\ BtiTou fly! Sunday: ::.>nnioute n t t. ad 1I1 I\ i' .M1MK: t'1.i i .1 I r. -,1< ii\' It .ii MI" : The Senior ('hot; 1'cptltterR

C.1.1 lily sleeves wiUiapron ... -..- -.,.. --- ---.-, ---- --.....- -.
fior: anl: chapel train. '-:--:'I: .It\!\ :"' Ifr..ri2! > !".&L..It.; --.:. .;nl..Uilt.k".z.15.r.d1lM. >t''" -- 1'Il' v'l..... ..I: i. .-.lJl.l'JllII! -

Her Illusion veil' was secured
to a wreath of Illusion pearls
Ehe' rted a cacad3 of white
(a 'thered! carnations an.' t
lili.-0, ,,.*-V111t', centered r : t -

with a white orchid
A iec.itJan was n-'d: at tht. MOTORSfir
chuicli The couple left for a
trip to New Hampshire and
ulll reside In South HamptonThe
new Mrs. Merrill 1 18 e

niece Miscellaneous of Mrs.\. Dorothy Shown Waters ...,._"-_. -' ...=..,..' -__. ,""- .,.... _.........a:. 1I:' D ,?1i KaR Iyi t at S3itffi"

Mrs. Ed Harris of Jackson

vllle entertained' at her horn .5-.raises--I _-re..wrrwer__Itrase AM swap+.. ar_- esuv- ..ISw.uAittliWawa .wig
Thursday night l with a mis, NEW 1964 fFORD PKHWr aasa7dtetaas: +er awclwfhr aeNt www: e4 sisal a910saaZaa'
relteneous' shower honoilrv agar amtlr 101rr aloaur.w' aaaa arww W atwe ae1 a.....
.esrrr a.tr ar'sid Aaa$ awmrl
stew aaiaw -
her niece Mrs. William Mclnry tru..A N1 y 1- suu r.a w...... a etiw Iaaarer.Ititwel
the former Lama Nolan. attly sslV IIn' a>nII4t1; Iste IIdMW lard aaatiriJaaasg
: saw race -/ wow aw aar ..onesar w trans -
Games were played and S J O@ aawa..atalt/!" !rte .-....- Ae1tt.... '" -asbe .C' N..rae.w vtrtt+l..raIIsawr ""
prlzra awarded to sevtrague&ts t .. aces rwrvw.artaanrnw-w. w as saes watr.r.rI11aQiaIlMwa.aalUaalae
Refreshments of punch! agar alu- ttiltM
and oak were served. Y
Attending from Maxvllli
were Miss Sue Harris Mrs J.
C Nolan Mrs. D. J. Parrli.:
and Patty Mrs Raymond KH 1 ,
pure and Mary, and from Cec.:! Ay a
Field Mils Linda Galloway # H :
PEKSONAI( .SMuxville 8'
and Law toy team

played a jwime' of baie'aal --. -
Sunday afternoon hen Aftewlimlivz I I

two games In a row Q.
Maxvllle, lout Sunday to Law .
try by a score of 1012. A FULL PRICE
game between both teams 1 Is:
scheduled for next Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Cald INCLUDES nEAR nU I"F.n 'bCo.

well and family and Mn Big Fords
Catherine Blackburn and fame: TURN SinXXL & SPAUK Tim

holiday lly left Thursd weekend to at Spell Ocean:! t')., ---E- _- sratF -._- w t art, .>* Big savings on luxurious Super

Pond. Torque Ford Galaxies, thtImootheat.rldinfJ

Mr and Mri Claude Orp-n THURSDAY cars In their

Mrs. Joseph Lusts: and family t,.... Ford has-won more
CU!?. Mlcha.'I and N.1n.I _
NASCAR sponsored races this
Fr'da' *
Blade act up camp ,
'afternoon at Black Creek\ near: i. year than all other cars put
Mlddlebum and enjoyed the' FRIDAY together-proof that Ford has

holiday weekend fl'h'.ni anJ the stamina and performance'

tamping there Mr. and Mrs want 'for daily driving.
you your
Avory Slade and D<>anne agentSunday
at the camp SATURDAY
Mrs Hank Baldwin and.
duutfhteri left. Friday mornln"!

by train for Vero Beach V. r ---- ---ANew s w t r,. t tI
pend the weekend! with relieves ailraY+s-'rte' MiddlesizeFairlanes
Johnny Dover stationed ala '
1964 Falcon Fordor
Sanford Navy Dune wa
home for the weekend! her'
with his family Mr. and Mn
Dover and daughter pen': Big savings on the only' middle.

Saturday at the Green's Camp: S 6L1OO Si(IZt cars with quality provedby

near Mlddltfbunc 10 billion owner-driven
afternoon vHtors of(
Sunday milsl, Your chance to enjoy
Mr and Mn Avory !Wade and'! *'
children mere !Mr and Mrs w famlly-slie room, klng-slia
Harold Rhoden and children economy and sports.car ,feel..

of Hamoton.Mr eo s Choice of' 5 engines. Including

mined. Willie to B-ipttat Godwin Memo-lit was' ad, ) $ :: (b;:: the same basic. V S thai power

Honpttal In Jacksonville Wed-! _r,1ls r 1, the famous Cobra..
newday of la't week! ,
Mn. Joy, Sherkles rrtumrt I, .
home recently after being con.
fined to NA3 Hoaltaln; !-... !

Jacksonville. for some time I -, .
Friends will be Intt'rt'IItf'd"know CompactFalcons
that Mr*. 8ho"Iklr ru1', FULL PRICE INCLUDING 4'4
Improved and U able! to ws Ragain.
170) ENCSINK; : Ituno! IIKATKII: : .
Mri VturVl B vts anJ Loren
Burnt the holiday eeken' TUHN IMHCATUKS 21.000 Dig savings on America's all-r,
In KlrbnfD, Tr'* vUKlnrelatives
MILK. : WAHKANTV I new compact. Smartest-look.

Mrs Dortriy Wafers war -.- II.- '-w-- 11 lug, quUte ,l-running and

rii wt of her parents. XI' ani pruh4lHldln' too-thanks to
Mrs U A. RhetoWI In Marcltnny a wider rear "tread. Improved
several day but week 1964LICLNSE 1 Irtsulaton.
I suspension and eats. -
Mr, and Mrs RtahrJ No- 1r
Crick of' 17 different
man and Rower Waters dpi tt ItUtuntay a r I II
a< trthna.IAndlntr a 1 falcon model,*. each e proved

money.saver ,from the .od got
Mr"and Mr:! L. U Htranr F t tr 1 ; .
of Miami Crete down for Ui I ,
weekend visiting" relaUvesReset 4 I .
Us1' L 6"---
WaUrt spent _
week In Hlrtland with M- TAO t ..;.;:: -or.I .-

and MTV Richard Xornun ai: s == == EJE.E::: as:=:s -
Mri Dnrothr Waters an'1 .- -'w- T I ::r.. l 3::: -" : erfJ.E':

her Sunday* School A Girt Claw.8Ceft'InUrtnmSUt Your Authorized Ford- Dealer lfi9 ; 1; 9A'I4l1 ITS <<

ru-y M rtrlnd a Land CS <

inC.Mr. In Bradford and Union Cour''c: 1 I
and Mn Tidwtn 1C.nlcm ___
and children of B..:il-lo. ant ..... L --- (;...'I.I'Cl'1o.1 ------T'1"-"" __- ......t.A'm...... -J_..- 9'o"'iiii"-: "" --

Mr. and ),/.... Oem Kaian'
and) thJidrm" at U.clrany w'' r
ftuiMUf .innr, fttet** of M. Nw used C arr porn

and Mr. Ctarrotv ICrikth"Mra. 68 !! B8
: Owen ICAMM and erulrfrro -

.. Katlght.J autMtod Mr. and cb Ur*uxh.' ICle'tet mrViwlU w: No Rcconab/e Offer Refused Duiin9 This on Ford Vocation Sole

-.I. Crmner Booth ape i ._ 1 J JI"t." .......k .1111.... ..4 UIoo i.u.. -
MI4 *w_ In LrnrMmr, %'*

.ette.eft.*Mr.,.to be.:and r MuHts-Md afVraaaa sas amp Mr+he-tl.*.teasa.K.ttorr totor C D t Maea B*.lairs SmC.1'Met'atawMi "'. BUY NOW AND AV $ $ S S A' .

with Mr and Mr* 1Iorw

Ur and Urm. H H Vrwle !
atiaw e< Jatsotrvf9 and W.s TERWILLEGAR MOTORS
a.M7. : 1lriQarw and Dtt',1

atwat tsae+es7 UInudr.nr.. ..
ass 4w.r1r4. resit- Psee 9t
:' age Mr. O .I hn1IL .


Ii V ii
- -
- - - -

PAGE SIX *UAnl"tn'" CKTONTY TKICARAPH MTAHKR':, rixmtDA Tnrn n.\V ..n'r.9.' i9fii)


Board Hears Health Department asked foia I salary 1 is .raised I again on July 27 to try ,I thai T J. AMerman. Hi* h'.ldr.of V i II; .,r #,1,1(1, > ) l I'r '.. r t\ V ,in, i I V H i t, c"r 11if, |. ate "i.,r cr I r
$976 Increase over the $14,- Cletk Darby eald Mrs. Flynr, tho budget requests to tIm.* fftlluwlnir t ertlf l .auhut,. 'ill. i-i.>utHT. lit$, nil; .'oj l .-tiiiit .' > .. -. Hhill, 1 0 ri'fiitMYiid, aoniii <
Pleas For I flint mil4 ufrilflralo I foi, I n indftii > I pinriflii', ,.it t.. l Ian th propertr' dI .. I
010.16 the department: rer.ilvcd I'' Is the lowest paid registration mount of money : ta In l>.ii..1 therein:; Th. I Ic 1'111"' UNl.II.l| ll ( tlllfMfltr, I I r, '1,1 ( .1 I s'. I ,I.. 'l I .n, ....,.h rnrtlfliat. (ot AMBULANCE SERVICEPHONE
Extra Funds last year. Most of it li supervisor in Florida. from revenue resources.Other ..rtiflciit* numborn .nd ytnr. i>! tlfli-utn. shall]| ,In- lHfimil. ,ii'- ... I''fI..II.<.. will bo old to th
I Uiiuaniik. ile. >rrlptli, >n nt Ihi. I ....,..lInl( to law lI,,* pmpertv ilvwrllifil I liiKhetft.. liltlclcr at thc.uu 961-2600
for travel for an\\ County Judge T. A. Yawn ActionIn
expenses I proporty and the namvi In In curb .'...tltl..'am or I )liotiHfI. >or on the flmt Monda
Continued from Page One) bedside nurse whose talary 1 I. submitted a budget that showed other action' the, : which. ,it w..i ntnncd. aria 111- (;iTtlflr.tc.. will l.,. cold to I In niontl of AuKuxt. IftiH whlcl. I DeWitt C. Jones Funeral Home

paid: far hv' the federal gov an Increase of $1,37787 -Voted to have all : follow; ; I hlfih"iit bidder. time ..lh"1 I. the 3,01 I "Iny. of AU'U"l. IV44.Lulled .

NoV'ak .al
4,13.000.III taxes to the county \ control District for salary raises tof or lose them and Ui-wrlptlon or froi.M-ty". ('011 IH I (Ito 3rd tiny nt AUKUttt, I U6I' I ( :.v.) Starke. Fla. i
Jim Bloodworth, reraatlon* .the office personnel. Lay I! extra for tho UII' I K :W :N OK K" ron (>t' Pitted till. BOth' dr of Jam., i 'i,.",1"\ Imrby-
board made Director Jack Tiuwick eskiJ I pay I II :NW I at H"' '-.. \ mo'. K; g.>.. I!"... "i'l" rk nf < '1 Ir-ult Court ..' RENTAL SERVICES II'
chairman an appeal year he received $22,227 to work during vacation H '$I lI.f.: ) "
for what ho called a "llttlv j I HOW" 80', ) 0 f'OD SEC: 13: T Urndford <"unty. Florida f
for an Increase in th> run the office. I Ratocd courthouse f N.. n. 22 ,K, flmiloii, A. .Imrby.. 72 41' '7Z> I Hocpltal!' ] lieds Wheel Chairs Crutches
county recreaition budget that increase. His total request wa I :Nnm In which .......NI Wll- ''...,k.nt fit cull Court u' I'
for 7000. Comml'slcncrs' Road Supt. R. E. Jones ask Eddie Norman's II. ,.. f'carcer Briidfoitl, 'utility Fl came to about' 20 per cent. ed for almost $10,000 m-ra! week and bought ..111 of Hal Don Hill of Hampton came to( Inter discovered thU was twice i 13.000 BTU Wizard the '..unlJ' of ltrisdfurd Mtaio' ", --_- "'-
than last year mostly to hire Klort U. % Of Appil..ati.it fur vo..
What he received list
explain Hampton' position in year. several extra members for th* ditioner for Home!- I'nlwna mi. I'll, rertlfliMt* or ."'1"IItI.u. ",.... I WILLIAMSJEWELRY I /
asking for an Increase. Supervisor of Regis ration: I road tion Agent Dorothy Kh.ll b.. retlwrnrrt' Recordlnr $.s'. l list l"1. I". 55. i FEDERAL QUALITY HOMESInc.
Jeneva M. Flynn submitted a crew. to law th. pr"|icrty rt... N'OTICK" IM 1 IIKUKHY" : (IIVK.V:
Mrs. Claire Knight nuke: flee. crll.erl Shut T. .1. Alf|.rmnn. the holder
Sheriff P. D. Reddish Itetel In lOot ccrtirii'Mi or r'rtin.jil )
wi request for a salary
the group to leave( ; the $500 what 'I -Met as a board of .,.. will' Im HOI.I tn (tti tit I thi* following (rtiri'utf. hut J .
] B0.375 n/ needed ., flli'fl miM. ..rtlfliMitva S for u <.s.loi s.. I
for bcaui.ftcalAon 1- I hike from $000 to 1800. A zation for hlirh rt lil budgeted highway' bill will have to the stat $83.202 aa what he woulJ j'! anyone ; tioumt. door on th. firm, Monilny ,' to i lio 'lumietl. tI..n.. 'rh.' "World's Largest Supermarket of ;\IobilelIomet"
Lat year la the ibud- pass take. and $79,240 ns what h 1 protest taxes.-but no ,In month of \unaul.' IUH4. whli-li, r<>,rtlfli-nt. nuinhrrn .,n.i >'Par" REPAIRS
legislature! before her pay !I. the 3rd .lay .,f Aureu"l. ll'flt tit iHnuunc'ci. I tlin (iRMcrliitlim of '
get for tills coming; year. Th" got met year. The bhllfC" I Formally Dusted thl. 30th the property, I.mitt I thn numwM. I In u, WATCIIKS-DIAMOND
beautification committee seninLy raise will be In elfe.t. Th. I jump showed $35,000 for deputies tax roll submitted by '"84.f8L.II.. duy of June.Churlo which It ..a. .""",..",.'<1 an* a* I I INVITES YOU TO I'I'I i
Commission decided to tentatlvely I. follow '
) n-
$7 last but M's. last year and $47,32.:) BeitHOT Gene Long. .,
year : j A. liitrhy. IVrtlflfat'' No. IIJ. Your of IHnuiirir AH Work GuaranteedA.
Knight ewid they will be ublng' budget $1.57S-$150 pet-' hoped for this year. The department -Voted to pay ,CI",rlf nf Circuit Ci.urt. .if 1116"n""II"lon. Sec It Now !
month for the nine months !in Mack Futch I6SO owed .. of "Property' S: III C. WUUuu -
the money as soon as U. s. 301 i I wants to add anotlier : i Bradford! County FlurlcU
ID In T &
next year' budget and three for condemnation 7/3 tt 7/2T I Ft. of Lot 4 nf HI..K'
is completed. deputy. I ('114 till'Som..1 J 142 W. Can St.
-" 1 months before January 1 at on paving the' Moody ; .... ...... I 'In whlrti aHMPHMfd" Al
'I The commission will 0' A"" ... Ear '1'."
Dr. A. Y \ the
Covlnitort .of ;I $75 por month In care l\r\ J Received two 1- .Peed. !Oertn Walklnn. Stark.. Fla. 7The All-New
Mr<% If'...$. f.H. All nf pMUM-rty' 'b 'iMK In aA
,.. I -one for the Speed ::! :''I10TI(' : I It FrKHKUT; ritVK.V' ;; .tin) ,County: ld.of UruUtord.; buiLt .
In the amount of $ I thm T ,,I. AIJiTinun tho holdi. I .,f Klorlilu. I IG === First Fabulous

one for the Bethel of. .th"I follow-In' c.rtlflrat.. hu I
1' riii-fl.ald, rirtiric-Ht.il tax''' 12FootVide
V I II" Church for 41.290. deed to b* iMuoil. th.reon.. 'or" Tnic A *5 That's Our Business Time

Received a request .rtlfpat| nuinurr, nn.l y"uint .
iMuancn.. th* dox-rlptlnit, of i. ft u ii "if u.8 Gas| We Have u. in this \
RT' was not acted upon the. uropnrty. and, I 11"i, numofi. In CALL Mobile HomeNow
IEVES4' ther Investigation from which It W.. .*..!.*....!! are ... ( g WRITE er VISIT Area!
George Fatten for fnll...W55Crttflqats. ?1: FOR ANY GLASS NEEDSHEA'S
:0;.... .
II. Year of I f.
4- telephone mesitoqe .u.no. I US';).
:. Dtacusfted the (>,,,,rrlptlon of prnporty. ,lo | ( i GLASS CO. On Display At t
rlzht-of-wny holdup 21 In rfown of l I..iwloy K: of Hy.

Morgan-Church\ House Ilarher'San.'n. ;... '' .'a'hIch'aapc,1." J. W I (NOT INC.)

project. MHO decided tn;*AH'County of, Ald uf prnpvrtv Hradroril l l.eInw, 1 state In ;i "Formerly Joe Peters Glara O. Federal Quality Homes !

locate boiTow pits for plurlda.I'll) / i "cigJd'; We Design Modern Store Fronts

ject. ,In* nueh ...'tltI....,* nr ,-rrV Inc.
Just Ua Pattern
A For
( .t*.' Dull be rodcenwd.
V -Heard that the ..,.1/n./ ta law the prni| ,.tyrlhyd d.*!u. Table Tops 2117 N. Temple Ave. 301 N., Starke
Auditing Department <- In tuh' ccrtlfli-Hi'
: t to know If they had a :. .' will' b* .old: to 111* 1313 N. W. 4th PI. Gainesville Kla. Phone FR'. .tt,,:
II hlddor at thie'.urt., I ,
tal to a crltlclKm that .....* Hoor on the flr.t Monduy I ,
be listed In the audit mfinth, of August, l 1964.! whIch
." .
Only, one crltkL'm l lh.d thi. 30th day of June,
%:; found which delighted ,
I /. .) .
mlMiloners.\ Trio board
Chnrln A. r>nrl>y,
lowed county employee fl.rk of t'lriiult ronrt of s
Vacation tfme-an/ timo-Is the time to safeguard credit cards for I'U Bradford' County F'1/irldn'
.?. Jt At.. '9Th
your valuables against the everpresent paying mileage. The pr '- -p
was discontinued' ta Tb* rtrvnll. r.wr*. "Nib' tn Word* or IF.**, one time .9ft. MoraortaJa, R < oluUnaa _____ Be per woa

threats of theft, fire, misplacement and ago. ........'..1 c.......... Of riorlilu. *.... If nut pul l In wlvunco _____.- 1.33Krynd Card .( Tlunika, ay to &. word. __ S..w j
Hm .
ror4 ( Ma prying eyes I For mere pennles'a week, you I BVIT, KOH OIVOKiKNOTIl'K : or Blind Ail. __ _- _ 1." Over AO word __._ _ Be per wail I

.. can have your valuables safeguardedyet New President Huttifl! nrown.: on riMimff I'n'.: | v. Each adOltlmuJ' .....0.. over 29 O. Display ad. la Classified _____ 1JU> per :

conveniently available] in a safe deposit; ",.. Drown r>*'*",(Int.,
Urges Rotary
Tile .'.1. u( "KlnrlilHT":
------ --
box here. Why risk delay? aorE* Brown r..lil nt>v wholly
To 'Face Up'rContlnuud nown. WE HAVE!: a selection of used
Tai| are h.rcby nollMcd? th,,' Expert Recapping FOR SALE: refrigerators. All In worklm
Rent a safe deposit box' hero /today 1 j [ from Pate ] .,'11"" ha. hno filed .immnm, Readr mix concrete, concrete order for $40 up. SLAUE OAS
"'1' In 'fh* al>ov. rourt. whwrftln 'FIEIlRead
plaintiff Hitttl In-own fly Glenn block: house piers land ce- of HTARKB tfchti
leaders of tomorrow *,. for dlvorn, Bient. mortar mix. rock. steel j jeytter
organization to be Vou aye th.r.'",*, ordar.i 1 t.< (Pee Wee) Crews > ahell. lImerock. roof
I pl.mllnw In miti ronr". Alno Full Linn of HASTINGS MATTRESS
and suppoited by our th DOta IDiM IT ve1. Hntels. BRADFORD I IENOR.
4aynf July
FLORIDABANK I I ship In this club n4 *.rv. a'eot,.v thr. ."if upivrij NEW Tlllr-M: TltlVKTKACTOIt The ClassifiedI! CO. Phone 984-2521.1|1& UPHOTERY WORK
known .. IC.) rilv.r., rironnon. AH SILPSPennsylvania Starke tfchai 719 Lemon St. ralatba
as The I ,,,..",111, h.r nollrltor.'. nr .n no l IF YOUR NAME IS i
Club." he announced. pro .onf*..*o may b* *nt>r A Junh.p TIlE i, Furniture Repaired.
Supervising ? 4 a.aln>t you.Wltnrt HARDY IIROTIIERS ,
: I .,l ort.ri1 sod ilnn, CLASSIFIED ADS, CALL)I: before buying any. other En- Upholstered & Refinished
STARKEOno ; the four main Sturk.. KlurMa thla llh day, SALVAGE YARD cyclopedia.! M. A. Payne. your

Rotary service for th* '! Jim. .<< .rlm A. r..A.IIKI4Ch Darby rrk| I_U.B. SOI-Nortjr_AT TilE TELEGRAPH local representative since 1936 MATTRESSES REBUILT ,

of 31 Banks of die Florida National Group year Ice. Carl are: Community Minx: Vo 'ousty.. CIrcuit Klorlda$ Court llrcilfnrd INSURANCE': i iAT OFFICE FOR A FREE! P. O. Box 603 Phone 9643794tfehm New and Box Innerapringa Springs I

BEDUrtll: : RATES':! I
n J*til .N. Carter, 1>). C.SIGAl. !
Service. it.
Everttt; ., .AUTO FIRE BOAT TICKET TO TilE Drop V* A Card .r Call
Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. tel-national' Service,' 4/Ia! 4tIS. 1/1 DOYLE': E. CONNER THEATRE. i iI i iNEWLY" FOR RENT3 room and PALATKA F.A 5-Sill
Peek" .Jr.< and Club INSURANCE AGENCY bath furnished house. PhonePM.2261.
Ervln UI.b'I, .. Of A".11.:.lna. Knr. Tn< shone 984-4501 I l> tfchtt STARKE 964-59S4
Andrewa. ..
I' S s''rU.d'a. .' I MRS. PKCOr SIIAT1P.Stark. &.
tf' h. \ DECORATED: '..rn-I
... ....,... r. a. I '
Tirw!': in nniiKKV': ; nrvKV: I 'i i lahed apartmenU. One and FOR SALE ApproximatelY i .. Agent
2 V .' '.' Youth.To Lead T i. Alil.rman. th* holil, I If I Insurance Problems? two bedrooms. Reasonable.! 2 acres. Deep well. and seotlcl I
ti!%. fnlliiwlnif; ; o.rllfli-'i'n;I hat; Lights and water furnished.. Installed. Cau 064-5174.'
11 I Revival Services 11._. a.isl. l I'.rH'ln' !.... for tux Call The Man From orl I tank FOR SALE Approx.4IV'_
Contact 431 Center 8& tfchurCTTON
.. ,.. h..r..n. Tli i
d to n> "*" acre. land with six room
: At First Baptist "rtln".,. nunilri. and years or "TRAVEI.EKS"Cicorgt phone 904-7191 I
I Ij 'w.ll.' ''':.. tit. ..I"'rlpll..n. of I th K. LaKuaKfysitone trth'l! FLORISTtil house. bath and screened
I "itrtyt. *nil, th. Albeit. In Por"Trwvrlrrn porch. Central heating. Re-
A youth-led revival .. heights; Agt. n. THOMPSON ST.
,' h It w4.. a. *..ril'1 .are ii.ukl.5n OFFICE MACHINES Undncaped and drlva
j held at the Flrrt >, In.
I I Church. fcftlfli-ni. No: II. V.*r ...te I I'ompanlpn"Trl CLEANED REPAIRED I rilOVK' ,...tISS added. Termite treated. Hollywood -

July'21S.31. .* nun in l".l-fltv STAnK: TTEWRITLRSERVICE N1OIIT .*..3t91 .r 969-1022 drapes In every rootn.Hotpolnt .
Steve Wllklnwn. a (......rtiitlun' ..t Property. <'oin. 473-480'J: : Day
Included. $10.-
&U-aon University I Ii 45 K A Hit'' :N ", "HA ( ". of 473-432S Mitel DISTINCTiVE FT-OWERS stove
I i r.4wt1'alt' HWH, :V'. 26'nfur 5m<>H. I! R... 1, Box :51. We WIn rtovere. Anywhere 000. Call 969-2831 or 9fl,-
services. Special: mu.la Auto Flri, llomn 11."ln i ilonlhlv < LawteyS.
\ : 1l''0. N 10'. I MO1.. Hl tco' t. .? tfche 8801. tfch:
I I wet by Mint niMcllla |- ,n *Hl' 1*. TIM, R Jl i KN.in _:> ravnx-nt "'1.." _
In wliluh. sams..d CHI:
and Joel D..n.111\ .. r*.rr*. l. bedroom FOR SALE- -Fill dirt. top anil Former ('_.Cola Bulldlnz Btl-LlNOTOX: AFPU.%NCK:>I
I charge of I FOrt RENT OTl SA.LE--I:
fellowship for tractor work. new and used Masonry with concrete floori.I Good used refrlgerfttors.! tele-
; seminar meellru/s" after trailer Trailer space building aupplles. W. T. Jack- etc.
1 14 800 .q. ft.. truck entrance* rUlons. washers radio,
of the servlcea.All rnt. WMtmorrlund ..
Material and M
aim Ilulldlnt office 4 rest room. Guaranteed operating order.
.' tf..h'l space.
pork. full ,BBWANTRO \I
: young people of I chlnery Supply. rhona 964-1 situated cor Thompson St Uthg

rFI5u ,I'" In the area are ): Orneral off ice' 4001. tfclurli and State Rd. 100. Price Ics: '
Join In this Bradford County The Count-
series or : r :
worker ferrule Lao :24 to 30 | than half replacement coit of
Although the 'II ty Planned rTOllreaa stamp
I let! bv the TV 4 Typln fllln and Inventory I i NEW": &: USED Art quick.: tl 14 at Tel ,II'IlDh.
youth, it la .' S day. per wrok. P. O Box I W. T Jacknon. Tel. 9644011tfrhii
youth' meeting.,. but I tfchaMm CHAIN: SAWS I
MO' E. L. Kelly
dude: all aes.Nuruery i '.I''' I j $;)OL'p 1 i '


rrovMi-d.! and 1fI"1c:.. **"' | fj jK t. A K r. VIKWBKACII Repairs AU Make BALE: AT BRADFORD COUN- :2 yr. old Bay Shetland pony
t'lct, rm-h" : i : TVThorn'IT.FOR ApvT
evening at ':: 8nta Ff McCulIoch Dealer Partly broke. ?Mllo Smith. Law

,0rIC.: orHeaIr .,............... $1 Per Day i Bwlnimlnir anet picnic Fuinlxheil ..> Wisconsin! &: UrltifS | ** PuckVACATION' try> ___ItrtiHOME .
I : : .. "' 'k. Ph.4d14.1139. .
ALL NEW rORTAfll.CSDahmer's i i.J coltjle by
Swe'1 & StrattonMyers IV THEMOCNTAIS4 :' FOR SALE4 belrootns : -
Nollr\ ,I. h.r.N. .11.) / ; ) Karlton, :3 tile bntha! family
I 110., "".I"'.',,,.?. ...... ,I Flu.4tthg T-23 Power Tools : ?
_c m..v|.h>". 0' th.pt. I erson] New cotta,,, In Ulue Rldar room. llvlxw room din.nnrtxun.
I.a." fly Yh'rk4.. *..'. :2.10!: N. E.: l 16th Ave.GalneaviIl. t 1 kitchen fenced back
will... P.I..r o .Iflir.dfurd .. .. ,_ I FOR RENT: --Home on Klngf- Mounbalos.. 10 ml. from
fUmblar Classic 770 Two-Door H >dtopsn4 Umad ban FrancitbQobM' car rrodutt'Am.rtt* .n Motor It,. .eir, ,, .,t,. with' | 'h., f"1 I IIt'Y L: )ke.. rtvm st"pi.JuneFurnbshed. ; 376-3111 Rldaecrett on pared hlwayI yard. double earpnrt. O I.financing. .
nitat'v. 04.4275.IchKacreaU00
VlnriaV Can
r..lp of i proof .f .' )) Write P. O. Box J I Bleep 6 comfortable! Completely -

IT ,..I. H.lll .., '''. |, I 103.: O: ln *vlUe or ph. F32H33.1 : AVORY C- BLADE now In full:$. furnUhed. wtth utlll- M4 tn City 0:

Highstvle Hill topper. Rambler Classic V8This p 11am.iind.r.. of Mbich llr.jr.h-4. I am Itarh.r.n.. 112:! K.: Call Ph. 9ft -1771 I : : nr" m aO'1T1. tfchu I time Plumbing buiines 8e'i at' ties 140 per week. July, Sept... *rlt.. C. B. a room anJ.

,.......... at lit %'. ,,' I hom or call aItv6p. m 1 weeks ratlable. Write P. 0 bath open porch. Pecan tree.
Another true (
.tiuitik.. P1'... FOR SALE M."m. :3' -..Pl._tfchtW Dratrer A Btarke FU Itch for ehade. has eaeTIr'* ishrutn
J.nt.a r.Vllllam*. toad son rubber tlto.) :3 J' aol I

aazzling hardtop is the Rambler! Classic 770. It takes offwith JJ KlorM".I.r*. .nt,1.! u,, .... Largest Display I' Inch thk-k. 8'Uln tJ IS V L.KOUSE. MnbltT NCKDED: 3 Distributor. Lo- ; space for VetctaWeBwrden. :
< .
*w" r fln-t-
15 Oirat .
!..>..l 'hi* .Um ..... 'WITH ..si.wwrOVERHEAD per tile. Free stImtex. M. RJu ,coal and aurroundlns; area. '
more V-8 power than the standard V-8 in the top-size Ford Or' .I' 11..1. "'.'11..
(..,. County riori l* 7 an Eli- .3 bedroom. :3 I bath. tore Box 2441 Jackarmrtlle.. Fta.i hoI_. MOOO down.

Chevrolet, parks easier has virtually the same room, r .I I. : !I)41.! kitchen harrtxrood ftoon. V A i 4tp '-2S 100' x 100" Plot 1 rooms ani
ItS4 or .,,," AHal....1* !.1 .t S ..... MWlh. i FOR SALE-a mere Jot wlf-: nrwnrrrt. 13M BUixUnj I I bth. 3 bloclu from ior.a. 1
yet costs over $$200 less and gives you a long list of important rI. "*... T. HBI ,,",rl". V deep well and tepUe tank. I9WCh C"1"1on." > f oW-2194 tffh< IIOfflCWtVE: :* Block from lake. Your 10.-
........... .tr.
riiai IK itD4*'.,."..1 .., I
Rambler .f Ih.. C'I co....... nr .ry v.a Rtandani trant- Fine opyortumtie* for lncom only 13175. and M73. don.STROUT .
with what
advantages at no extra cost. you save on <"-.."..,,. ....,.... .t.....*.. ormTHAIT ('O i mlMlon. 3 UM .,.... ... ('IT or I 1
... .1 P'*.( la.n eN..... 18 fo..sches4ype n.-w M4.U1S t '" handlMx a preaUce Une o'nne REALTY
\ you can keep your pocketbook happy and still add smart 11 } ....Pj'r.:: \ |I.t *Mt : i ilS i I trHarr $L'O I -I Irut. t eoMKeCIrs' for' Avon. Mary Itrvwav Ue.rr rBt.tlTInlerwrlkNi '

sporty options like floor shift (manual or automatic), reclining ..u.s.&, ,4. ., bSJS....., ,.will'for.....| ACT tr is I4.L.SAVOID; 0.rue. CAll WJ4-S174. After .. Errietrnt Bicycle: Repaia 'I Write .Outda C Sweat Boa 1I.,.. Ill I IIILsiis4aii

r..e 4.a.pSb..I *. II I I "VOOp m.es1C44-SIti! tV!1.1* *>nr1r by tactoly trained me- s.e U.. Oak PIa Jb. -n. tU-lItU

bucket seats with console, seven-position steering wheel, power I...,,:its t.w.S.: S. ':.. :; 'elink Pick up sod Aflfrrjto .
......,, Skitido. ......" FOR RENT One bed m home In Sa rtP. K7ttone RCAL E-HTtTE SALES: BEPRESENTATTVrAtrtcukural : -
brakes them. If t..11..... 1, ". your i FOR SALE: Chemical> \ Decree
steering, power power windows-you name you ".. ill ).>. ||H '*.I FuIi'. I1ttatbe furntshrd partfnen Utt P o. Ilrfcthts. Hmrton. an'I -
,..i ... I". <(...11...M .- at. mlranc* *IK| bath. Clli U Lake Geneva. Write or ('**I f'san Cknall tracta unUnprored: Ian! (n AcrtcuSure. er reUVlfield &
like fun flair and glamour-and smart savings, toonow.is I I.. T.. ill .( Mock n sad get (he > toe n. Rnt reonabie" O\- pnrr Klrw Bfytto truCde: and os1de of City. *, rmulrrd.> North Ftorid
.f t ,ifc., t M Joltat a..b J brdrwim hou,*. newly pdrled. Lars* and medtum! at** hou 'r TrrrltOTT- ff..!ary. Auto Expense :
the time to see nearby Rambler dealer. sa. Nrta fUt w, ... REAL FACTS H.bbv SHart. RjoAerelt! MaP ,
your l*. :Norlh K... V'|....'u prUy: fumtahed. A.1"3e" JAC'boll'r' .. Pttone jrr-U nfl down payment an1BonUtly and Irxe'rhw.0)-
I.... Thirly Tkr*. 3IS. sI1 I1sm. a.-- dress from BtH-. Drt. Inn ( I Wttiar- pnrtumty for Ouutandtni
.SsSp. ai,,. ,til. ........ 4tp 130
Y....v.Ss. s... ..* Mil. his w," ... ys. FtXMW 4UI lito W Ci" i, rent. The* ho ._ are snd: CreevAi.. 39 ta U. 8rftot
Rambler Classic-big savings .-.t.. I.... ..,." .. ft C J. Pa Una. ItfMWAVTTO SAtEClU' : NMVW. 1 BO. ID* rm. well built. wtth bard'svotf.a Rnume to P. O oaSLat4on >>M-.
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TW ..... .( .*I4 a. .. I hUt. bitixte. nner rrfjlter | .. tondwraped yard anl F V Jar'-1l1oP.
'V the Rambler -!.. .f rv..i4 S M tk,* ,$...: Aluminum. A..lftl"*. !' -PatunwrIp.. t.j .-*- tor VA rtiuuwvd. rnUly an* pared' ..rta.RecIalmed .. 15505, III
during Big Selling Spree .
v* lit* .'.." ... Ik* 'ar. .". an4 if6..iI j I".W--. $1 n hour pMdallr $M ....h. lilt jmMnc:. 81M4 S t dran boi
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.Comparison bated on manvtacturert*tumta4' ,.''a' pe.s .......... S. ..i a..a I .TfR..-.nl4 and l.-t.Utd_ Plwoo' M4- M1. JU7* '. -..4t. CtMpkkllt Phtppa.. fram and gawonrrdown 1100 10 5-room bouw _trr'IPItre-
1 I t..5s lCs.r N Temple Aft. Ftrdml Qa 15,7)6 and Ml M p 'r snontlt.
for Iop4tn 2-**>> Ham** 'wh A. J. Them*. Realtor'. T,' Inc I ml flUe Strke. M.7O
)3.t 3. rtfcl.r. *.<, U. l I"t 1 AXTIQVI3Mr: been' 1IoS4. HAlt raah. Di on tenn
a..er It.. A M Serrkr& nttery 04-3 '
I 'cs.iia rival f .. Repair FOR SALE Dtntanof 3tx'n. e4 t* our afock of fond oa<4tufa. PTtonr 44S-IMI. OU: ,e R.

DODD'S V ........ ...'.....__ rea.-oeuiWJ* c4U and chair Ltte". stew. *URoU Putwho1 ( Hurry In- FOR RdT FUrniabedly ,..... ('tw55% )Ijw'4it1) 35p 76
t : SALES. j ".5.44. -.-.tK
..It \I....... LItsia LAKE GENEVA C'aD SheFptnL 944TMIWANTTO ath en IIhebw.v tel.... and.... bedroofla. R__ FOR SALE LMirtn* UMAacrUV >.

712 S. Walnut' SI. :STAHKE- FLA. .t ik. c..n I..... A.c.u UrUahon MWATTO"..., S monaa of new rum
I Mi'4l5.4 l'.s'. Mobile Home Sales POR a.uJrI' a rea hu>4 lUr*. 1 r trwwr For' toactavami

-'atdl.! Ilrodw.y ToniKht.- atarrinv Hudy Vatfe* onWednesday l.I Tf'uftlnrIOOO \. TO BUT -U $lak JIaa.t W. 1 In. W.s' wArTR.sr:, A,. twOitrt; 4 cow*. 41

'M .. 0. __ 1 _L ....tli af Kcr.... .:,e on 11e"' ", mild near c* Wat RM4 U $:US P* pit: tn a......... Garden R...t ...>.. bay Jaaa-m FaOrraon.Ha .
P.M. Charm! 4 V
( .
!sass s-. aU s. R.I.',. s- Hlw.T $5. .5.Azt.t. CaI' : H.I at'.. I .1". Call M4-4VM1. UeJw s0L I I

,;: ",'n.-& MKKKT ... .. lit>>

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.-....... ,.

t C

: -
V - -- -

County Telegraph

STA.RKE. FLORin TIII'RD\Y. ..n'L9.. 191\\

I : lelatlvwi I'' was much Improved the first r Carter farm and plan to built !r due to lllnoM in the family

:Mr and Mrs Steve Jerrellof of this! week chicken houses on the land.. I I Mr and Mrs. Bill Wood:!

COUNTY Jacksonville' spent the :Mr and Mrs. Gorge Payne I when the Umber Is cleared. I i have moved Into the building

WITH + fOlrtJof July weekend! here and children and his mother. I' Phyllis MeiiR and Mary Lou j lust east of the postofflc1-

vUKHln weir pnrenuMi Mr'*. :Margaret' Payne: of Col- Cooper of lUmpton left Mon- Jeff Bilker's mother and step-
AGENT and MrA Felix' Dover of gas: diiy for n week at 4-H
YOURii r \uinMiK.\ Onbtted here ramp i i hither' have been living In
They Would Come Back -- "IF"It Onttonia N C were Monday week with Mr. Payne' father at Cherry fake near Miidlson 'Tnllapoonft. On
co' visitors last wef'1c11..\\ Mr llollnn Payne and with the with the I group from Urndtoid''

isn't just happening in Starke. people. ea and Mis M. L Wattvran MrCV George/ Saxons! and K L. Burt I ('onnl vfallin"

The problem is nationwide.The (J-Was there an incident that peeved CO' >e ;, rt hAd been 1''III't'd In th! family :Mr Pnrne had bee:; Keenan. Carolyn rand PiUd for ()". ('Mast
area atthounh he'd made' hUitMne stationed at lUttcnbum\ A." Ktnn n. Di'brn lllck Wendy Rags.. No Khitkla or 'Vnol.11
problt.'mthat is- of
keeping and terminated
you your in North Carolina to Fto-re" H'i.e In Germany. and Iflll. mid Debbie mil left :Monday Cotton. Hrlur to Telegraph
business in the gradually deteriorating ? ; a 4 '
many veurs Mrs Don :MoM. )UM retained with his family" for( a wrk At the baptist!
central business district or what A-A series of gripes-lack of parking 4s 1'tlr hone and noun of Davtom to the U S they: are to bi CIA rump M Camp Othe Su- -

is commonly known as the "down lousy selection in stores, exorbitant -4 \ Beach arrived In Hampton, stationed next In Cttllfornl'"i "'1\nl1p, 'near Ilr'iufordMlM ; "For Only

town" area of our cities. prices lazy, ignorant clerks' who Tuesday for a werk'a! 'I.lt l wits: :Mr nnd o.trR.: Fdu'ird Sitxoi: : \' Hetty Jean Johiwon I

In this respect, Starke is at least are often discourteous and usually t .,,.. i her parents. Mr and :Mr had their home re;;:.taUrcl out who has born nUiylim\ win: A t'ewCenla

one jump ahead of most: towns and know nothing about their products.All flyGeorge WaMersnnI Weenand 'Klo IllstI'f'k :Mr and Mis litiruo Save
T. and stirs oordon Mr and Mil tooter E'1..d. (for several I mouths,, left lastwt'ek
cities.: We have had the foresight to this after driving aorund town for I family. of MUml. arrivedt'tlday ..
I Iluggiaathat hRpUThu"d: prop ttr t'1"ir to toturn to her form
I do away with parking meters, thus an hour looking for a parking place. for n vtolt with hn of Hxmpcon next to the W D honte In Ulrmmahuni. Alit Per Day"Your

, inviting, rather than discouraging, Q-Can we induce you, through mother Ms. T P Brown fo

i! shoppers to do their buying in the constant efforts, to return here to TIIAMC YOU end HURR\ Bob alwuvti. brings home einal days. Home Can Have"COMPLETE"

downtown area. shop? BACK seems to be the sloganof Inns ot mountain water artswi11 Mr and Mrs Ntximtn Brad 11 Gas Gcn/c/
It must be said, however that if A-Why not? every business employee in \ even make a :trip: there-- Icy and family have moved to says:

merchants and 483 miles- 'to refill his JIM', the house on the north part ol' Past Control Service
some professional men I I North Carolina. We went t.Aahevllle < '
HJ.'t1: : : 1r.mL
the L O Johns plac TheM ,
continue to abuse this privilege by And the answer! "Why not" would I to enter Linda In a I ran tell. you It does! makmlirtuy .' > d \)0011111na In 8t.rk? 1'HIKMyUKI.IKKS:: : On* ran doe. .. It all. Tour

parking their own cars all day in probably be voiced just!! as readily in school of medical technolotfj:. good cotter Well It Mr and Mrs Hubert !t.&kl'lAnd timwi iMpertetl amt trentoleefnl
to and good to retain& :
and As I would stand' : good go. ,
front of their businesses or their Starke as It was in Burlington, Wis.: or look x-ray about in a store wait safety home i I j baby. of Tallaporwa, Cl* rly fn r Insect and t ntfent .

neighbor's business' we must sooner But who is to put forth the necessary ing for Linda and Mamn" to We make lUht remark MxMit the math of July weekend w *. Flare your pent eon-
or later consider whether should -.. wltlt his brother and din lad protilMii In the hitniU of
we Gas
"constant effort? get a few )Items, I was asked about things but whenou Natural
return to using meters once again As a move in this direction it is Baker and faml'y: ''Mrs
order to discourage this practice.Be *" The ftlrndllns and \ and the MieHmii. the .*h.. "..aIh.lr Jnh..
you of Just Asill .\" I Do.
encouraging note that the St rke- inker's father Ben Shcalv !
I rarlKy of trees and the contra
that it towns courtesy surely made pool |
as may-some are
TttlUpoo.m. CM Is vlsiitnu
still struggling! with the problem 6f Bradford County Chamber of Com- ImprpuMon The frlt'II I r mence is currently making a survey tltude of the cleric wa th- have NO doubt that there la aSupreme
I whether or not to abolish meters: For Mm, Mli\nle. WI'-'thl'rsb\- your friends and neighbors that use it and get firsthand
of !: Being the maker 01
"customer attitudes" in the Starke ante, whether you bought $10'
I instance-Burlington, Wis. and :Mr and Mr Jim Ila.Kn information its convenience' cleanliness
trade area. Some of the questions!! worth or groceries or lust a all these things and places of of 1'otnunno Bench vlmtrd lastweek an to Control

i The newspaper there recently printed call for frank answers, and it is hoped pack of chewing gum i beauty with Mr snit !'.In. OeorBe economy and efficiency. \>'e are sure' you will want

i a questionnaire which asked: that those: who receive the questionnaires Well, even with all that- 1 refund AORICULTURAL time Is here1'OAS 1'1l1l1r.' TAX I, Axxon and Mr and Mia K: Natural Han. too.STARKE. A CHEMICAL. CO.
Do think
you parking meters are will there must be no place Ilk- L Dirt and ftunltv1m
pull no punches in making ,
the amount gasoline yo i
an aggravation? their replies. I home. The hill and ulin.p used during. the period. July 1 1W3 1. Lester who wa' operated NATURAL GAS Phone 941.3963Starke
The general answer was: Yes-an I turns are attrsotlve for a few. / for ndkIUII at the UnlvrrMty -
and June' 30. I.ti4 Oaroilne on .p
aggravation to shoppers especiallyas For instance: If you shop in a city i days. But I mill like to wa k ,, used In preparation of I of FUnlda Medical CITY 1CA1.L IMIONK: 961 t233tAREA I FKWIIKN
other than Starke, why? What i is at an even pare and not hay :
the store people just feed themanyway your ,1 land all\ phaivji of production i Center on Monday t week
and number one complaint concerning retailers '. Inor to put on brake or cllmiall and har eMing. III| eligible tar _. ... ... "" .- .
shoppers are penalizedfor the time Talk about point I "'" ....11 { v' .t.vine :." :: 7. "
in the city where you shop four rents per gallon retun.t '
shopping downtown. I| mound your elbow to get .t>
Other most Can you give two reasons why On!ollne used In truck on th j
enlightening tion asked your thumb von really d)

by the Burlington newspaper were: you like or dislike to shop in Starke? t f j that In the mountain country or hlah..Itl1tco produce. : to market hauling U'labor nat'' BUSINESS DIRECTORY =: I

Q-Does Burlington need more It you are not now shopping in Stslkeand I,I Fven )set week' though yoi%: I i elliilble.J ,

downtown parking Iota? retail merchants modernized their had to cover up at night with: We have the card You fill) _

A-This would not hurt at aU, butI places of business, would you consider! one or to blankrlaVt slept |In your name. addpesa. number -- .. T--C-_l_-------_-- "- .*- ""' .-
think the old-fashioned diagonal changing your shopping habits to in In a cabin owned by our own i of gallon! and lgn It
parking would be good also. elude Starke in the future? Bradford Ilonpltal admlnUtmtor. That .U all you have" to do AUTO ALBS: a BEKVICK'I Air:. ..!Conditioning.: HealingRUSS'S FI.OOUS_ tiw

Q-Are you (as a shopper) treated The answers to these!' and Bob EVhnondiion There I ;Find out more about It If youneed The Sinclair Eaton sew
many ,
was no round of earn tnickj i to. If you u fairly in Burlington? other questions are the'! thing! we need trains, radio or lexUWn |Ions of gasoline!. that' 13 Jt I SHEET Co. rioi

A-How do you mesa Parking. to know if we are to make a "constant' Just the ale Ing of blrdi I In I your pa'ket, Only takes a Scent T1UrMMl I ,I_, 3 1
wise' do effort" to learned from a neltihbor there rirIIIIX.H4N METAL INC. FI.OOUSI'KCIAMSTfl:
or you refer to Discourtesies woo shoppers back to our stamp to 1111I1It\ ,

lazy' store clerks, and feign> prices? central business district.: |. A IICNaRA11j! \')'n41.hto..OttI. Tile. ( ITU TIME: TO MOVIJ
I Itl
Q-Do you think one-way streets It Is hoped" that then who receive Bradford those aerda. I 1t'. ftfweUIlM. InAALJRH ""ir doors of i iflmtMly Call

would help the traffic ajiujition? the questionnaires! will give them careful Farming We are now acraln ready tt a unnvTcm p pP'aetary altn( : and l>