Lyone In Melrose
Saturday. ,I I nate. I Inn alt a platoon leader ami I IKKAI.ITMM I < th. fir** puMli'llnn of Ilil. .1.I *
I Dan Walnwrlght U vlslUn .1 one day's pay to this m Evening Prayer and KYC.i the duties of a newly commissioned I ""II... leu" ," ."n .., .1..nu..1. .

L A S S That s Our Business his parents. Mr. and M.... T. worthy cause. I 7 p. m.I Infantry officer ., I IHI IT f..lnr ...'
L. Walnwrlght this Lenten. Devotions Including Weekd.,11>-11,. r.... .....' ... .... ,, "
"If It's Clam We lIne! It- I week. Mr. I Momln'l A \gradual of Urndfonl .
Stations of the i mi iir 1 .1 K ii "IIM 0 O) M I I* L K: T K:
CALL WHITE VISIT and Mr*. Donald Knliht and I Cross and I Prayer. ::30.. m. High School. M. Ooldwlre received HHwruHii i ..i ,'r.. riwH. J
er children of Jacksonville visited Benediction will be held every I Evening Prayer. B p. m Holf I a n, A, degree In 1".n'.... .'M| ".. I*. I
FOR ANY GLASS NEEDSHEA'S the Walnwrlghts and Monday evening during Lent. I IMcharlst. W !>>ad.I. 10 ... nodolonjp IT. Septic Tank & Hauling Service
I' Mrs. I lit ISrtJ/ frv m the Unlver.Ity ...'1. 11. _....
Knight's brother-in-law airlsister. I starting\ Feb." 17' Catechism I: m. of Florida. ........u,

GLASS CO. Mr. and Mrs. Emory I I das*** far High. School: and W"..Ilium....., T.Tyw....>.n. Jr ami.tt Fur llrndfurd County and Area

NOT INC. Bunion. Sunday afternoon.Mrs. Jr High School students will: COMMITNITT niriu'n : Tlioma* L ll r<1lti, aoiiar- ..,.... "'"
( ) I Oscar Carter spent lost be held Monday evenings from : KEYSTONR HKIUHTS I man ataman. USN. jmulualedJail. .. .. "' '''I.... '" ...,..".. Kill Dirt "Peal Mi"** Kami'* Itork ,
.. ..
Fermerly Joe Petera GUM OWe I ':ll till 7:18.Mlns : 'I'll ".111'' To. ''''. h. .1
week In Miami with relative.Mrs. I. 29 from the Bsl Enlisted :;. nruvrl Top Soil Solll Ditrhlnir .
Dealer Modern Store front* Marvin Cruce visited U held at Bt. William's Sunday School. 0:30: .. a*. I rto.'r."I.i' l :r>n I I each 11 .. Submarine School at ............,l, ih.,ir unlin. ..wn.. k.'lribrwwah. ..
Jut Mail Urn A Pattern For friends In Augusta./ O*. over Tuesday morning at 7:43i : I MorningWorahlp.. m.TouU the Karat' Submarine IUn.. ...,...... ..,.....-.. ,...,.... Drain l'Ipt'1i Water llol.* Foundation
i Choir Practice Is held after > Fellowship. T and 7:30: 1 1p. II ...... ,.
the weekend.Mr tr.-" -1. r. '"
Table Tops I> Mass, starting at 0 a. m. Choir I I m. j jDr. Clrofon. Conn. The school prepared _. ." .,to... ......"' ...,. ..... nile Itark.llo Wurk O>.tr toIh''...
1313 N. W. 4th PI. Gainesville' Fia. Phone nt2-4.i' end Mrs. Cecil Olsen o? him for duty aboard 1nubmarlne mt"..r or ....iimllkm.
Jacksonville was a weekend Practice la also held every I Albert C. Holt. mlnUtar; of the Atlantic fm4 till p.rll>. kn..ior ..
I visitor of the Lee Oreen fam 'I Sunday at 11:30: .. m. Mr*. Oforgt Canov*. organist Meets. orra..lfle rlAlinlna': I tw !:" Any l SEPTIC TANK INSTALLATION
Inducting submarine .
I I' tr i Ii* MM Nm4 kr mfivi4
St. William's Altar and choir dlrvrtor Mr*. Wrn.Warr. .
UFo Friends are (lad to knowthat Society ; u iica.. fuvigatkut. wrlk 4iti'ir ,
I Mr. Oreen Is at home and wlU met at 10 a. m.. Thurs : .... church retary. t ti and sdmlnUlrsllnii A II 14 HKIIKHV:, "''liT I IIh.l AND MAINTENANCE
i II* la the """. null In Iwf*, tu. I
Gas Genie day.
J says: getting on nicely.Mr Feb. 30 In the RecresllonHall. on of Mr, and Mrs. I.. v ,.., ...,..," ......... "......
and Mrs. L. C Hllllard I nRltT! n\rnr niriu-ii! Hsrdln ft Orvett Arr.. Mark "' ........"... '.. ..... .... ,........ Pump Out H.rvl It. Drain Field. Mr-Umn
MEET" MY GIRL New* Frnm III&. Anne' KKYHTONE liriUIITNrhool. : 4 In MMitn4' i M vk < .
and children were visiting I I I Iftu" l, .IIHI.IU: t., .,.,1. ,.( lir*.r.( .. 4C. Filler Ud l y.t......
FIUEND.SIIELIKES Rev. L. T Howe and family" "'. Anne's Church will observe .>..nlv, rl'>ri4.. |>< IMP*
'' the following LenUn, ., <% 0-4S a, m kro...kl In lk> I'... mi ....r.
1 In Gainesville Sunday after Morning Wnrshlp. 10.:BO a, m .1, .?.*H .H..r ... .ir ii.. ... J',."'",,, ........" ..........
noon. I; Schedule: .. .? ro..... ". .11 iiu-i %i. In "'k.... .r.. nr I'AI.VIM' IIIMMKII. >, BRADFORD SEPTIC TANK
Bundsys In Lent: Morning I Training Union. 1:11: p. m'l i in i i-r it, *,, rttT. : .... riwl '.'1011".. ,..'" ...'..
i George Rstes has returned I Prayer Evening Hervtce, 7:30: p, m I IMUWMk I .. ""'." ." *. !...... ....." .... .... .....,.... I". ,....
: Natural Gas from Church Hill. Tviin. and Church School at I Prsyrr 8cln""' .. "i? Veil".t..."*"' I .- .. 4...>rlb.4 ,U.4 In tir. .4I < AND HAULING COMPANY
0:30: .. m. Holy Eucharist and I r..r where he has been vteltlng )MIl! Wedneaday., 7:30: p. m lUlphfCoiMlatkl. Mia. .!..,' fl.....' ,In.llll I T.. ill In. MMi
riH> in
i *
Sermon at 0:4) ..
: m. Evening!: I,... ... .......,..... -
fithtr who has been very 111Visitors Minister of Musi .. I i ..f,,.. ,f lk> k'<. "t. W C. I'OWKI.L
Just As Well As I Do. Prayer. 7pm. ) I....."'. ..r II.... 'Itwmh ,......10.. iIi
of Mr and Mr* M > .
i I Daily during Lent- and Choir Dime\ tor.NOTICK or.W lun i II knit. k. i iMoiilk |'hon 009 2.111 Htark t1i.
Morning llo 207 .
> \
M. Jordan and children were \ II...11I. ... i if l':.:nl lra44 H.i4:
If you are in doubt about Natural Gas aak Mr Jordan's brother and als-j' Prayer, I::10 a. m, evening \ f.vf.lld4Mtori ..." ...,- ..., '.1 ., I...... .it)
that it and get firsthand Praver, 3 p. m.W.'WOIdap M in* ., ir I .' .... ..... ...., ... 41* ,
your friends and neighbor une ter-ln-law. Mr and Mra. OeM I

information* to it* convenience ctcanlinewveconomy Jordan of Erie. Pa. t', m.. Holy Euchartet In Lrntr; 7-JO: : la .p. \ 1

and efficiency.Ve are nure you will want Miss Dcbbr PhUUps. Mrs. m. LlUny and Addre g )II I will not bot repnnsiu<, for I

Natural Can too.STARKE. Dunn Henry of Dunn Jacksonville and Miss Sandra were, .I pm.. coffee and) discussion any debts m.d* by anyone. I Remember that wonderfulWashington's

Dally office ss above>> uthar Utaa .../....U.-D r.Oriffls. .
vlalUng Mrs. 0..1. Phillip*,
NATURAL GAS j jMr. Address** and dlsruulnnson :
and Mrs. Oscar
c.rter'l', Wednesday evenings during 3

PHONE 961-2331 and Mrs. laU Carter Bundsy. Lent will bn I Sale
CITY HALL I on the Uibllc*! Birthday
; !
Mrs. Joyce Futrh and Mr i Book the Revelation of IU I

i i John the 1)&"In.. A number. .

of profile have vtprcued their I (.... r..... ,., 11.-4. ( .....

I complete confusion about this last !
hook. In OTd T to clarify this I a.... N. ........ "..... All year .

as w.a a* to attempt some I Id..pth
study of the Italy Scripture j (Complete with Cherry Pics)
thi.* has b m planned.Cmumtlly .

Cfcarrh New* I I

One hundred and Un mitabor

and friends of ComnunIty -

Church Women STARKE Well her. thi time
the annual luncheon ..0"1 we are, ready to go again only

the skntary Palms.meeting....,. 10.of The surf.. BUSINESS it will be "bigger and better" than ever more bargain t tSTARKE

dm and tragic 4tA of Mr*. '.

Laura Buiwfcfland. and &be DIRECTORY more pleaj I more people I

critical: Injury of Mr,

mm6 vs .r th.1Jt&ndn.1'land.

Keeps pasturescropsGreen :' had a s4rj njng effect on thi* I AfTTOamo REPAIMI'a


Clarence Jon** of 'Vote '' Ca,
and Growing of Ute Amtoe" rsxit* cUon inQuito. au. &1II'De' ""

Cruuwlar: gv* an In- utpAoi wosi SOME UNHEARD-OF BARGAINS TO ;

tputng ---... IU and hi ..
d .... O.Jilll A1" -
wife haw |ust ompl.to4 "
13-snonUi tow/ of g) covntrtM ..... ... :

round UM w rM. aa4" he 4*_| IIa ....... .... CELEBRATE THIS GREAT OCCASION

BCflbPtt Ir.ropIo .. "Uw ......., : -
AtnnGtltxnrt"rR'1or .
et miutan nsld m tne w* H" -

For r pW growth, (rreewer a4 bl her ,M-Ula. AUofft4IInC """ I S. Brown ,. ...

...... ..,. .--.. I mm Part-
put_,.. aad aaiaO rraJa crop*, top drIth ... .... .t.".......... --e rtosa otitl fAIl ...... ...... :
COME YoA' '.
of ...... t.1Aastrl AftMTIaU.
a*>4 ene fr*. Ytr ..
NHroce .
Crrrm Charter .
*. who to ..... a n. .Mmtl U"IT'JaUa roir :
'() YCM'ltFIK5 '
of "Itanu Fe L*.... ...... '1_ .... ......

la a sf>ert "spatlnxa gMwUnr, .-- ....tm : ".t1'1.\I..M' b :

Uw pr...hV.t. Mr*. WWuasWate. ... .,...... ...... ..

r.Vrt d* snttt Mto ..

LET US SUPPLY your Green Charger ammonium nitrate (po* r- gwisU to *4.M>4 tne IMA Hunt'cServic -..

annual HOver T* **i MarrfiIt ..

packed to produce yield breaking crops) Station .,
Dr. JS.M* ... burxhua*! s>* 0.. ... .. .... ..'

Mrs ""w-wd """" "'- ...... "'. ("IAI. Sale Uuta 3 mil Day* Feb. 20. 21.22. :
dtion& ,.' "I .. ,.... ..
W'l' .. c.1'JV)4"-' "". ..
Green cfareer nltroctn. avaSabJe&: through your local Cooperative _. ItCIIYMC w

and small grain The awvtlnlr s iitivr .4 ,.. IlL ........ ____ M441" PI.. will be mold for 29 cent on Two Day*, :
better pasturea
Service Agency Is the surest way aM etrrtoe via W k.*>MDarvl w... ( .

kxal. store todajl. "r, 11. .. ,..0-., ..,.. HAfHATOH ,ulOrSWobo'
crops. Dial or drop fcy your ItasraVs. ewtle, M a. FrKLay.nd Saturday During Sale. :

.a& tmmt e4 Mr*. i>c nfstter Car... ....

ta PN1I4tt *-+.&*+. f fw ."...,.,. Il fr ..

k Mi* O sM C* I'fUnaa (1 I -....-' __ -

FARMEIS MUTUAL EXCHANGE tn...><.. Mr.*. J. A. *3TV t, It or (__ ..

....... cirrt. t 91 ... ate c a.&.aA L .vro ......... Watch for The Shopper Next Week! :

-..-. / Mr* WaMr ... o..er. ......tM. ,. P
Mart*. Ha. ..... n. "T MMra. ...- .. -'- --
:::c N. Tea. Are.
a .....-. ..,. twf4"1:



-_ I- .. -,--- -. t "' --i-o- "- .. -*----'- Li ... ." -u ".. .. .
-__ _ - . __. ... .. .L...... __ .

i r: : : : :,


.. ..................,

"HAMPTON' M V w\GV wlt.r, W .iV1 wt 41v! w\4. W\4V{ W 4V, wlL V, w\YavY ,,,\N, w/ w W 41V! W'4v{ w\U vY w! ,. w*L.r, w\4v1 wl4vY GwW4V1 wl 4,v, W\4v1

I I I n I I d I I Y I I I'i F I, a J f I I IORlN
By Mrs D. E. Hill UFlN 4VIN (.NlYN 4MlN I.MLrN 4RLLN 4MlF LWN G llN ,IN G./M1
Phone 468-1160

t..................... '. .: -;<;', "
MiUIPMENTJS SAVE AT '' ; +1r :, Center

Purchase of firs equipment 1nelYded
we tgain the main topic of t Only the top grades of U. S. Government
business at Hampton's city r i I Y graded beef wear the
codicil meeting last Tuesday f/'p r ,1 a ,,, VV-D shield. Placed 'In temperature
e '
,+d +f 3 RRAPl1 controlled cooler, W-D beef
evening at-the city hall with [ ak" ) ,- t Ij
still no definite action taken.A ,A I r u S 's tanpl",1Y'i /.., aged to the very peak of tender,
pick-up truck fitted witha W f R flavorful/ goodness by noture's own
pump l. and: tank arrangement .., } K process while still fresh.
I was discussed for purchase '
t d'xs ,f TST
since! funds would not permit
the purchase of a full-sixe! lire
Although the phone booth M
has been set up for more thana ;r ftr
month at the postofflce no a
actual telephone has been Installed QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED

aiid councilmen are to PRICES GOOD THRU FEBRUARY I I5THXIC S I k 8 8
I tec U.
push for the telephone to be "" TOH... IN9. -COPVHiaMT-Isis nd 1
put in and connected Imme- }

Present for'' the .meetingwere "
Councilmen Johnson. RE3 S9< GROUPER FILLETS Steca It LB.e 881
Lott; Hill' ahd Wadsworth. Smoked .
Mavor\ Cox; Clerk Maxwell and: Fish 39J BONELESS ROUND
Marshal Phillips, with Councilman . .
May abernt.-,Visitind at I fB: ) .& 08
the meeting were Mr. and RtG. 45* SUNNLND FRESH PORK /; l't 0(J S LB, 1
Mis. A. C. Dennison and. Mrs.
D. H. Crawford. t Shank BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP
Sao L>. -,91.
'MOTHERS' MARCH age :1 1
NETS, $21 HERE HALF Half IH Roast LB. 881
The'Mothers March for the COPELAND DRAUN 5' .
March of Dimes in Hampton FRESH GROUND DAILY
m-tUd $21.3 here the l last LB. f .5
391 49Lt
,week[ in January according to Schweigeru. LB. ; G $98

Mr} Donald Blade who was 'Its r PKC.
In charge of the local drive;'
Mrs. D H. Crawford assist ,, ,, ..
T .. "warW ":
ed Mr's,,Slade, and they expressed 3ft .-.a.u:4IO: : t'.. n....::: t"I"t..i.U.7 -..:..-__ngtWNOlyrP.-:.._.".'J'"I&j ,., ,
their appreciation to! Roast..uREADY ;
thrum who contributed.r ; ;
J xs Allen'lion of E. D Allen TO SERVE ( ) s dpn : : ., -

,:'M I 'Hampton, and Miss 'Detty iJFj9sl ; '
Mar of Jacksonville were mar. oC ta .
fled ortVllle.ijev.Friday. Jan. 24, In Jack- 44

; the filngta-rlng ceremony at I

'the Trinity Baptist..Church. In 3 ; s1.i
Jacksonville e .
They are! making their .
home in Jacksonville, i '' MORTON Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Salisbury, Ham; Meat Loaf
where 23 EXTRA STAMPS with COOK QUICK Beaded REDEEM THE COUPONS ; (Reg. 59jt< )
Mr. Allen hilt !ben I
I. ; employed
since his graduation from Veal v ,l-Lb Pkg 69'SO GOOD THE 3rd WEEK S ALL FLAVORS SUPERBRAND Danners 2FOR, 89x
high school th re. They vllt- a
edMr. and Mr*. E. D. Allen EXTRA STAMPS WITH TARNOW CHIPPED' THE sHam MORTON Apple, Cherry, Peach, Coconut
and. family ,at their farm or Beef 3 Pkps.I:: 1.fSO 1. curri; Ice (ream

home near Hampton the'! & 'IvesDinncrwarc Fruet Pies Family $1.1
weekend following the wed- Size
dine Pd

was! Mine of honored Mr.Joanne and with Mrs.Slade a J, L.birthday,daughter Blade, WITH Extra THIS COUTOH&W AND Green PURCHASE Stamps OfTMH ] FROM BOOKLET WINN-DIXIE YOU RECEIVED BY MAIL. P GAT.!t2 I 49/ 1it,1 1"// 0 ranne NIp 212-0,%. 99;

party at the.. Slade home, Saturday I r.... .Oll N TATC O CCA S
Feb.I I, with 17 present Fish Stickste.N NI I

Gifts, refreshments arid .
games were in honor of her I .. .. '
fourteenth birthday. .. t AT ANY WIMN-DIXII ,. :"",", .-. :' > .:i,1: -':' :- :lf ; >11;';.... \ :I'( f Ajl.t.-: '_ ':.:-.: ; ". '

rtltsoNAI.A: ( r. .
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Holingr Harr bp, Wit' ,
of Scaly." Tfxa. spent Wjd- ,
nrtday last week with Mr e SAVE 5H* EACH VAN CAMP, (Limit 3.with. $5. order or more)
Bolinger'a! aunt Mrs T, 'F, 50 Extra& Green StampsM
Mr. and:! Mrs.!! A. M. Bryant Pork, & Beans 9-
received' word last week that ON* Ktm PnatlN Con
their son and dau hU>r-ln- Bar-B-Q Chicken

law Mr. and Mrs Al Bryant aooa TMIIU P .aUART 15TH SAVE 14* ASTOR VACUUM PACKED (Limit! 1 with $5: ,food order) y,, y tk
are the!! parents of a lon AT ANY WINN DIXI[
born Saturday, Feb. 1 1. In N 2 '
plus J Italy where he is la- Coffee tiN 491
tloned with the U S. Navy
Their younger son, Homer. 1 II' d7( .
BSO stationed at the earn
IMS. at Naples! and visits often 50 Eitra !*.>/ Oreen Stamps SAVE 1 10# DEEP SOUTH EXTRA FANCY RED DELICIOUSMayonnaiseQT.391
with his brother The AI WflH nits COUPONEitrt AND PURCHASE OfTwop.

BryanU and their new son arc ... ::;,tli u Ha
to be back In the states the Hush Pupplos i APPLES
ensf'of this coming summer\
Mr. Bryant said.: Dees TRRY F..aYl.r lint
Mr. Dumoi. Nolan AT'ANI? WINN1I[
Mr and SAVE 10< KRAFT
and children IJve Oalc 8

and visited week Mrs with here A.her Sunday M.parent Bryant! of, last Mr. 1 d y'onnaise
Mrs Jessie Client*In and I 3V/:Green Stamps
her Inter, Mrs. Douglas of.
high Springs, drove to Clftr- I WITH THIS COUPON AND ruRCHASi orONI SAVE 12, EACH ALL PURPOSE,. (Limit 2 wIth $S. food order)

mont Wednesday l Jut week to PM>..H SOUtHUN 1 BAKING POTATOES U. S. NO. I
visit their sister;' Mrs Eva I Coconut Cake '.
CJmncey, who had been very Astor Oil ; 25'SAVE Russets .1 o a e 59-

111. On their trip, they staird ,j .0 TMRY P..YI.riTM
overnight in Eiull with an, AT ANY WINN-DIXIE FRESH RED RIPETomatoes

ottier) sister Mr, George Cottnmn. ,I 1U EACH ALL PURPOSE (Limit 2 with $5 food order: ) 'tTNS. 39x

| .
D D. Johnson wa taken tr> j' .
Bradford County Hospital on I d Wesson Oil 2a, 281

Sunday list week' and has 50 Extra d N'Green Stan s .
been III there
wry seriously II
Mr*. Truby 81ad was taken (
tb Bradford County Hoipttal j DN a.01. Ja. DIUP SOUTH "
Saturday for tre.t.I> 4fim.tlp. ... "''
morning SlrawborryPrcserres =
4. .,
m nt. after falling from a I,' ta. .. sirs + :;
horn.. along Highway 331: west 4AT /c. --4 .
of Hampton. The hone drag.ged
her for nearly! 200 frt '
with her toot taught InhI
breaking; loooe near :;
tae! Carl 8<'<11'1. j j a"? BLUE or WHITt ARROW a e VACUUM PACKED
50 Extra 3W Green
Tilt niorrr MINT for ells WITH THIS CCUPON AMD MUCHAit If 1M I ID.e

way yen WTt... CM** .. ... I ....t at.IN.00. DetergentGIANT ig Host.I Coffee
Ctaet" r..r farorll KSTniDBOOK ,
rBUia r.*v.. TKLB- Big Family Cremes ,J _
OltATII. .NS TINY pn.Ye IstNAT ltl .

/J. ANY WINN-DIXIE dX BOX fJ! I..l 10-oz. JAR Sf
i fYPIPk nf l.'Tr'TI..* I 48 89
!. i TWIII .
.10. :....,..," ,.,,'T.,.... \ SAVE 11- ltII SAVE 20 1IIIi

\Auss...... ... -
Mal"' la 10. .1. that T !!fI/
nm,1.r.dUN.A.t nutt1 ii... fir.. 11 Ali 1lDmRGENT. /
rlvKMia ..f Chapter. l.,..l Ijiwi.at .
4Pt..r/d.,.. /. .. A,-l.. .., I.... will.) I 50 Extraa v/-Greta Stan! Sow 2UCUNT l1tj] In,.. Max. HOUM (On Cof f fI Mo1M) "
> with th 4't.Y nf J
r ttt t'r tN "H
... .... TNts COuPOPI t AND pupO
r..orI.In and f-.r t t- (' ...... I"I"'I") ., ..Hr Tide 58 10.0z' Jor J'
Coffee S12 i
/.Ipt tub.. R et I4.proof'r fhh..t fIo1111..MY pisblle.t/....._lOt J;1 as lotion m* 26. .
-MAIilkllAr iUltT. I ItaiHT Limit I .ith S3 00 food ...:::;..nt l"nut I with 5500mor .
i...I.I .wh< >" t .m .nK..... !. ....hMlh.wa..Ii.N *.. i 0fIIi
lM..in<... .l Hi. Nil.' J H.. II*. AT o dr cr mor l +

a.at.e1.Nt.n A.P'YIlda.Hi'.1..1'KlMlint I, _! I.HI...X........I N.S.. ANY WINN-DIlE Y ij} ? .1 *''' __. T Tfl

..>HIM| .IM. T'h 4.yr at p.h- : '
..ry A. IR.. .ads. .t .'tareIra4t..rd
1" t.....J'. rl.r.....
I-ll .l" Sir


i '


.._ __"' ... ._. _A..' . ,

Bradford County telegraph
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: February 13, 1964
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
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Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text
--- _. '.
. .

C. Yonge

U. of Fla. LibrAry ?History! I

i,1eR\>: ,,\\R'i Gainesville Fle.1S ,

I Sheriff Reddish Announc For Re-election] Sheriff's Race Will Be \ \ F\J\r \\ Jennings Starling Will Seek Sheriffs Post I IJt'nnlnoto

Sheriff P D. Reddish announced 'ng to keep pace with a growing "" i< iHiiiius, ntnrlinR of Ora- her' of the Graham Baptist

yesterday that h. I county and to prevent the "The Big One"Traditionally ''tuin .iiiiuuinfi.. ' would be a candidate for re iro1l.th of crime here by maintaining i ,ill,ullduG( for till- office Ofhi [ and a member of thaI
election in the May primaries an alert and competent i .-! irt ul Uradforrl< County In I Cattlemen's Association
Stating that he intends t- staff of deputies." the big vote gt't I.'r" on any primary i hi' \Iav prlmuilt'H I[ starting Li a high school

run on his past record at.htrl1f. "I am very proud of my lction ballot Bradford County's 1961& race for Sheriff In .innoutuMnn' hu cnn,1l-:! Kruduntc. and also graduated
Reddish aald that he Uaft," the sheriff said. Combined holds promise of befog 1\ real "Ponnybrook." duet Stni-llnu mild: "I first from the Florid Highway Pa.

proposed "continued operation with our first class Two announcements this weekone from incumbent WMIII tn tit.mk you. my I I trol Training School: Ho served
of the office la ,' with the Patrol for two
a progressive Mjulpment. this personnel insures ii'irndA for tho strops support
P. 1)) Reddish and one from hi* running mate
and efficient man. a safer count for our f von.. <:ivi me four yi'itrs uuo I and a half years before! returning
nero In view of the fact that ;Itlze ns." .r of four years ajjo. Jennings Starlingbrought u m.- i wnA. a candidate furl" I., to his farm at Graham
our department\ responsible Sheriff Reddish is a mem- Y r the total to three candidate\ Rln'lllh! vying in the current 'Hii,tlrii

for the safety and welfare o Vr! of the Florida Sheriffs A*. ''Ir""""""" ), i ""herif!'" t"'t'pltltkeTh..> third.\ announced i b I ..er my cAmpnlRii on the I would Ilk* to add the:

Bradford County citizens." ociatlon. the National Sheriffs candidate Harold ;Norman former county commissioner rMrrW,,, nnu' ,Inform,! as Detore1 f hrn I I left the Patrol 1 was :
will not cater to nclecttt ; lit food standing with the Department
r any
The sheriffs office employs Association and the ', and strawberry grower. who was first in thefield e+r+ I
I nip mil uill bl' asjtoi'lrttisj! of Public Safety"
three full-time deputies Florida Peace Officers Association. ; 0\, ) with an announcement three \\ t'd:4: ago + ivirn\ ,, HUN (pitrtlculur, Intrimti Stalling. laid. "With this Ti

Russell Redding. \, E. Brown He Is also active in the '!' A least one more candidate I t.i. make it an e\"en I e wr '. Mill tM uvnllabli\ to M-rve siu I training and ccxperlence. I

and Robert Oreen-.and several work of the Florida Sheriffs t-- foursome I I" predicted before the field clones > ruirnt of the count) ant capable. and qualified to

part-time deputies Jailers beys Ranch at Live Oak anda With competition so far, exceptionally quiet for 'mil impiirtlulty at all I serve! you In this law enforce'
r (lines. I will I- a full time meet office of confidence .n 1&ru"t.
and office staff. member of the Union Primitive other courthouse offices: voters are looking to the Shi-riff & ."

"I'm conscious of the problems Baptist Church. sheriff's race to provide most of the color and excitement .
Starllnn Is ntnrrlod lei th. Starling said that durlnt
presented by our Nation'* I Sheriff Reddish Is marriedto I 1'. I U. Iteddish in the forthcoming campaign If tradition hold!* / !\ Slarlinjj hu'uu't Mt>,rli> (plum of Ilrnn, the campaign ha would try U

rising crime rate," Sheriff the former Ruth Sapp and true they will not be disappointed ford and thry Haut there chlldvrn contact each voter for thapurpoae

Reddish said "and I am strlvAccordlng I they have- seven sons. F.iMlr.: 3D: Dlnnv, 18. of discussing his can.
RivlMU'linrl. :3 ll<' U I a mi'mIV dldl\c,.


Our 85th Year Copy 10 Cents

Official County Publication KttablUhed, In 1179STAKKK. I

VOLCMK: ElOIITT.rr-nD "' F1. )ltIUTill'llsl D11', .'.::11. IS IIMil' NfMnr.lt: THIRTY-TintER' : 'I

First Estimate :' Two Injured I, ;.,. 1, Three Youths "Politics" CharRed

In Mishap .' Plead GuiltyTo I

Puts Courthouse On U. S. 301Two i B & Count Roads Roads, WhoI

I ,,, M j
persons received- minor I Throe llrmlford, youth*

Cost At Injuries Monday afternoon pleftrtrcl guilt to breaking. and
n aV
$804,460 11 hen a 1950 Chevrolet driven t 'f entering the UHO: bullillng ants! Getsrrhc Roads?

by a Hampton man turned + IF ,t+ Mai+ Bill's Ul'lve.lnCOfore\ Count:' I
left' Into a path of another / t nt Judun T A, Ywwn but Thursday -
The Bradford (County Commission and Frank vehicle at the Brooker-Hampton t,I

George, Palatka architect retained to design the proposed ,': Intersection of U 8. 301I 'i it On was arntenced to theMarlanmi ('hArlet' of "ixtlitlcn" ruled the floor\ during\ u bill began again when the

new courthouse, had a "meeting of the minds"Tuesday I and BR-18, ../ miles south Of + \ Rrlurmatory and Npr( cinl\ uuu'tlnir of tin* Itrutlfonl\ County CommUnion! I ninth rood project for the secondary

and will continue to meet at regular interval | Starke.Mrs. f I\ two were sent,, back to J.I1.- "ltt' 'nl1.\\" IIAt road. list fought f..r ,
Tuc.rttiIlY.+ when u necondary, HUM was I
hart been '
vM where! they al"vl'1for
until the courthouse Annie Marie Kohlor ,1 I | survival after a "point of 01'
mands for reality.. "dream" can meet the de- I,I 69. of Johnstown. Penn? and 'Z'I the past t two Nrrke. Th.I'/Ind.l.tl' to the nlrmtdy-Ptlittinir\ fl%'" (uivlnir rojfct j> net I cier": battle .I led by Johns.

I I Burhman Charles Clark: 68, of I ID-rrar-olA-dy, snitrncrd Id 'I ry lh n ..,ran.1 11 nN t yro v. 5l.__.. Chaalaln wants. ) .roe.i .1
to prevent estimates I space in the county courthouse Starke were treated and released r I reform school was on probation I CommUnlonrr (Irulg W ,< I rid/ "fur. the veer. of polltlea;. i i In her dlatrtct aOouiwl Little

C which will be scaled I and rented buildings from the Bradford from an Octolx-r drllngurncy Roberts blanted the. .,.e Kel
I down. it was Midi/ tlw"dream" Estimated!: needs to date compiled County Honpltal. Investigating charge t t naming road projects In .* dli- I i pb.linn aWna-Ndroae'' aria nam.slilh .,.
would cost about 1 on the basis of Information offloer at the mlalup wsi I I The other two boys w..", I I "lloada, .h'\.W.Jo't' built on the "secondlist., .
I $804,780 Just for the build'Ing : by county officials are Trooper L. N. Fowler of! the flat jffei>d.,.. Jiitlne. Yawn I where nrednl. (not by IU. Johns hoW, !to hit objection
not Including equipment for 35,083 square feet of apace; Florid Highway Patrol. wanted" to routers the Unlvrr* New I I riot" .lt<.rf>erl&* .aolil.Over and voted against. the project
or land. Oeorge said. The mishap occurred! at approximately slty of Florida Mrdlral Ontrr's Isle objections cf Hob- ".nn though I am a property
t Architect George told Commissioners The architect said that the 2:13: p. m. Mon 1 pnychlatrlo d.partmrnerrllMhte 1 Are rrls and C'umml..lnne ..UruoieJohns. owner on the proposed roe.l'
his preliminary county will need about 33.83g daj when the Chevrolet driven the l4-V.ar-oUI buy .. Chairman Carl '''.n'''. John said h_ hoped thai Inn
survey- revealed that working square feet of office space In by Walden Beven Wadsworth and find a salable place out. For Co. Fair I II. broke the lle vote. on Nobertr'nsollun : Commission tally fell thai'

area needed!' "right 'down" tjy.Bradford Its..courthouse by 1913. when St. of Hampton, turned side, of reform school for tr>* to hold 'the countJ"1 thU ruw ahouU co ..... sum, e
..., : officials I* two arid h. estimates the population of left Into the path of a south i 1-year-old boy .I... levered. tn.h,1 l secondary Hat for net.ra' I Iy I bcfar the prnpowU !<*..<*.
r a half time the amount' act. Bradford County will be 33.- ':. bound 1(68 Pontiac driven by II, fln-tUU. Th.ftTwo n.w fvalurvs to the !flue prulvrU already 'I: "">e seventh and tlgltln pro
IU44 Itntdtnrd County Fair I
fully available. I i I I 000 residents.Adding Carl J. J Kohlrr 67 of Johns I other Juveniles facsit) ant up.CummUaloners. lease were named without
At present there is a total about 20 per cent "'I| town Penn. Both vehicles Cat I J rhartra..Inns with the three this spring were planned at a I tmeeting .. J'Mle' IICtia.lalu fireworks. *nd are the Mat of 10.121 square feet of usable the 33.838 figure for hallway. fled' passrngrrs In the rlgbt boys. charged' with th. UBOIncldmt :I \ of the annorUllim dlrrctiir and lUUMell Or.... /l\oa" Ml U to U,

and storage, the total .of 40. front. scat and both were in II I of inking 'about la I tat Thursday .nlgtit, Wilt I': wanlfl other i>,ul.) "'. sd-Uid e. Awl tiirawah BUrtae, ami.
I, 738 square feet .comes': 'upOorge Jured. but the two; drivers es. I from a pin-ball machine a'i Among Ihlt Innovations after the 'lop>> five"Thai's the UiuraChiirch tlosMt (lOMfioadl '
Jan. Sales Tax estimates that,, jt 1. will'1' caprd unharmed. mil's Urive-In lAd month, I'I be a pulpwoixl ruttinif. nuvl.rla : only fouling th' I I. /I.
.. ."t.*l,
+ < a
take $20 per square foot to I According to the report of Ona was t !3->t''-otA ttawbi 'ty .t'IIII public." ItoberU leclartil. "Wi, Number"" nine dra.; A battleClreen ,.
Shows Jump bluld the new coutlhauv): Trooper Fowler, the Chevrolet lath stleiullng.. a .local, rU! ', strawberry where auellnn atrawhrrryahorkake aril aCmse.aabn :, dent evnt have &Ihe mousy la' << move<* In" p'v. 4 Hard
That's a total of " Over 1963 The Commission will begin 301- and the pontiac south. rrerlrlnt' rouruHttig'' throuali will be tin .1-.1A much !Irta ..tel. bunch of with a leg going to the new"
the "trimming" discussion i Use arhool .,Um for the peat J '1'homaJr vice pretl-
at I) Wadiwenh pulled his Chevro | otter roads JiKl for the sak Hampaon. 1'01> stamp bal( l lto IfI
a special''meeting next Tues- of U evrtal month.. ttr,, Florence. Amt or the Fair umratlun< |. i ,"
Bates tax collection In I I l ,, I.t.Into) the Interaction: of adding roads to' the list b+ bull'" sumewher im ""u
Bradford County reported In.Janu.ry day. 8. 301 and SH-II and proceeded Jennings rrpnrt that he had .announced that the nn.UI"cll. | "T7'.r.'. no money to pave'' I I I lake by the Oarne and flats\
December _Ie.,, Oeorge received favorabte! to turn l left Into 8R18. I Continued un (1"':..* Hl 1.1 l County PlliwtpaU AAMK-U-. ant more, an why .a.te paper Commlaaenn. -
totaled 111,775.8a on substantial comment from t board members I i lion plan 1: lo" have the while" and time?" Cummlaaloner' I I Joruts and. nriberis a.kd lM t
for tilt suggestion that local I I Kohlrr applied brakes tai I school, student of Ihe enmity Johns .II.eI I and puss, adnvin*
over the i19 1 m map,
gain Ins an "agricultural center" at'' his Pontlao and skidded 18 I participate by entering exhibits GbmmWMnrtr..n. thr..'Vened "
9 ICufillnued lee. "la'I
Me. 11 reported during; the I the Bradford falrgroundi'mlcht '' fret before colliding head-onwith Ditch Cleaning Relieves High [Boy, \ In the fair for Ihll (llr l \ lo "... t<* TatUhaaaee" It'1', on j
same period last year. ''' ,
save the county considerable the right rear side o! time They hoi* lo enter the hla llalrmt. err -diar, .,ar.tod"
The Florida Revenue' Com money.! The Fair Association the Chevrolet hlch spun around KVmentary: .IVH. <,1 I prrlNn| olIhe John a.tar! llre.n lo rtedrvl / License Tag
mlwilon reported that January has already volunteered I and traveled 31 feet. Water In Saratoga Heights In Accident Annual M
collections in the ataU totals to donate land for locating after Impact coming to test *. It ... ...It'l Ttw' rulord I flren rrV11.r"rh.l'a/ m> Sales Lag
'U.IW 1.304S, the hlgheet In Uf I efhnnla of the. county ,
County agricultural of on 8R-I8 The Pontlac also i "bwln.( I I
history of the tax. Field reports flees there. Oeorge aald thU spun around and traveled 82 City officials and property Uon rof f owrvrrihlp and respnn* I Michael) Conner. Thorn. a.yr have been muter ethlbtlmt Chairman .Itevall. eiud Deadline Near
indicate that! the In has been done with success !In (I(, fort after Impact coming to owners are pictared above slblllty !for the ditches. When r e..*.*. was due to a booming other surrounding counties. !J rest on U. 8. 301Wadsworth. viewing with satisfaction the. finally runvlnred .It hd tltlla )raw TMrmat whtJ r..W. be .IVte Ninak, C of C mail- a'lJIIbmal |\I"l |, wen thuu. .! I
ChrUUnss bualiiMs seal early Oeori said that aO his (wren Ilio-ikrr, and l+Crow The, ......on''''." dr f' '
fig- of "No
driver of tilt bnt-dr4rrd clearing of drainage a malts pot lion In* urn. was aptnilnlrd cl ..lrm.n'j ITevall admltlxl w
influx of winter visitor are were Jut the "beginning Chevrolet! was charged! with dlttfJvfa. through PlnehavenSubdivision tajetftffil& the BtaUt' toad IH .as killed ".&&aml., at.riiuu./ Uv pr mlum b .M>hle| amitdneatlnn dun t have, Ih.. tnnneyTes llraitroril r4."' .n'. lo parole
The comparator statement basics" for working with what' failure to yield the rttht-of and tMtralogsMelghU. partmvnt movwj In heavyrqulpmrnt hen "furrU f frum a lratt: esMblU bulkllngarwi > u... 1044 .rata and truck tag \M
rent tax CollccUona Bradford might need and that Ulv.r. br hU lalher seal W4 only one reef awar.' ami onlvndlf
of Ifuollne
way and wrnt lo clearIng C>*vr s. |t"4..rta was nam ThC lrromlatWntnalll r
on tlions old daring he realized compromises would I The group Includes City At two weekale.. The project run ovrr ba. teed sutler beIng rd chairman ul' n,mmer.l.l reed. to vote lx) l"t /fl*" Via< of Ihe sspMUd .U< arM" .
December also ehowed awnooplnf haw to be mark "It's up to 26 Votes i! torney 0..0,.. Pierce, who : la now ainvnat eomptrte pulhrd behind. Ute Iraictwt e.tllbU ...... ', )ecU, In. aiwl n'.11 i make an have"" been f..,ordord l by TColUrtor 1"
increaj from 11.9OS4I .- the Communion to decide was Inatrumrnlal In getUm Clly effWiata eipr.aj....l beUrt lie wa. pnMKMMred dead o*> 1 Tyler" J_ ..'-S lo flNt 1: additional hat. Tit wvtry J. H. K,Ur,
tor December 1/*2 to what the County can afford' tM work started. Councilman that this la the tint Urn arrival ., tf>e> Unlvertlty of I protests| for weolulary, nerd 'OW_ will M open all day
/n Brooker ; FV,r1dA lltMpltal abm | out ataMt iwrvxirlng the p>4ltf' ofthMlnif
tM1. against what U 1Weda.h* had W..lnead..11 I'I IrvtUad
f 1.414 45 for December Cart hunt City o>p rtmn' 'the ditchave> e rust rultlnt rarNtt arwr11dn living are
the added. In 10 ISyears. Mr( TTlumM Mid the trr .. ttmdIhe : / al IUMWI as we usual!
sold Morian-Ctiurth
Total gallons during hrads, Owar D rls and 8! R inorouth cleaning or I Hue Cronahlle I /
month was reported" at aTT.8J Oeorge said that JO ,..ar,1 I Only 28 voters turned out : Hicks and Joe,.. Kay Carter. Watrr darted' .moving. was ,Win, on. the I, tfacUir' wiU, >d In thaus at pvbllclly was, WN t farUr. '" cpntracl I*. e prcle' .I l .Ube > do.;' Kelly s.id. "Antt wall
from now. the ratio of proplr I at the polls In Broofcrr'a "un a property owner.The off al onre. fluking.. n af.Hood :, him while he rut ...At In a "let auun, .,..l Ihe Cuounie ray open" as laN M inangvti""
... ... ..... errnlTfe '
b -.- -- .-. pasture II* Mitt the Ira/lot ... ,ft..line Tnu"4., .
/ VM 4 U* Mv WltJ Vft Barre ** contested trctlon TueidayIncumbmt work te.11... daM bv l't'nd'UIn' the two : new fair deter are AiirllIt / km pajMed a LM11utWta. lalevlo on
Y. W. A. the rest of the County might >M. O. lUrrtll the late Road Department, ... t."vln. In and owl a. Uke Ihe nwiney nut fl seerfwiery I 4.01<111_.
... lN/ air! beltir4 t".1the 1 Utrough. Mar. >
decline unless the City limits mayor. tea Drnadutktt; and and Inrhide alnvMt two mile ar mart .pine. l<_ ...*n the turf roed fur" t. tot lhproieel ,, Kelly/ said he sspMt lo ..I!
At+aodatMlt.li'ateaat arc moved to aecoromodaUsTowUi Victor Jones", marshal wm of dllrhtng< front I BHIOO g tad- ovenlrg dUbe! will esp.dar .KIA'.nllr .Mel hi below. rbnrl.3ao U<* by UUThurwUy
around 1 aI1t.'. perkneter. r re-electMi by rots of 24. U ; rues aim*} through lUatoga tfrslnage from U fl. and felln/ the path of our,", 'County eceivet f I The IM/MI. l tUXUII | but an fsf only' J.t4 .-

-li'e sosnrtUn for' U* and 24 rwpreUwly, ( and on to the city IlaaJU; set I, ehlrh tie In wlUl trteUUbo .Het 'l&IIa-r. Race Track Fund! I I (urclt tl ad fr m OflffUI I ,.... here .been sold "T7.,

"0 Zion H ute" City and County to think about For amts an the ceunrtl. a 'IIt. and from Orajige Street ( U,.,.*h sn .nrle* hrallWtYk_ for tlw .b." \ ,Lop 'I U4. minute, run' has 1rM

.- M eald Orven and K. L. Omm",, reretvMi through Ptrwr Haven to ron1 round drains** .,tt.... Inferent .". held. at 4 Po 1ft..4.r.. ra= ,s> vt /'farWe'r 47 ewe1. I 1 ] A rtwd tome W AIII'- .-," "Re Mid
U4baot Street The archtoet Mid be wouldcom 24 rots vuttt _hUe M ,1 ( In 1..r ,lt''v r IMlHtot, ClMMCA I lie |ttrr ,......... I 11tC.aJ. III ,, un Juniur Huh Mchunl. Wi I' A reUnwM" from the ttfttr of
reefs with the l 100 fUah tkrdfwr. .
up wlUi a parkin sp c* D. Kartell ported 2$. A.r.WBsdlttb. leers .,th Ive, W r_ Aeflni9 ant I Ittfx /tf.tMM at. rwe IfmhIIOWW (uses i 1 I l.eteyI Motor VehMIe CmtlMlMkJN'. .
lUptUt' rknrchThar & lUur for the propoxd bond "Nrw' trraut of Broofcrr ofrtrtsit brett ronwnon ._. TrmpbAtrmte N.r" t.ranhr rrri.r .,,w.. IArr. ywe mr 1..1. I 4 The sie) tillle. lt >*l. t Anti tJvUi.*Mn In T.-' .

*.. Feb. 13 ing. oVtrrmlnrd by the fvornon start the fin 7tard./ .. The t>"rJ>> eUfed al- I Ml I aftrr heavy- IKuUl& ei. In Nrw 'H,p. ,.........../ 41.fV>g ..IM t.m. prM 1 tJnrelA City Hue*!. trW. .hat Governor event
.. ''OMIltn-.t htr gl, In Uirr-h. epees a. rsr due b a er +_ hNaaap Ararr.n 1a.1 yMI ,, Tory u rtrwuasalnwrr, HrvaAl. ivae st.ed al a event
zsa r.". ...*. nffenee Mal. he eouMIfiin
wllh Illlle, <|MMMI>JI.. net !
Tb e.aitU For Central Business District W.e rarAt shy wanletl. art "*. .t no firatimataneealh

CGt"IIIaJ1 Invited, Bvt,, _fy load IM\ tu etwrftl .bIKe .> could screw. tension ef.
.. Wtele MAM (*|> rti.mlMtt the IMettae ..IU deedjlnerVnOnr
month for p.vtfM( by the MUM. l..... any nuvlortal
Ken Griffin *.*.. t lvln< .e eMele. wl tien
Face Liftin Project Is Endorsed l Tlw prerrry. rnr. ) pr.lwta. I e>|,rt.,ed la. after Ml< '''1''

Show g n.evl by thee Cwunwkn en r... M will be. avbfeet. loKelly

At The BUS ., .fe ief versus. Iran NMt laver suet/.
A.dflarl.r3lewdal U M/ JOI. / _,.. I MM 18Mte. gave several Up* lor
trreorsrrrnt of a prelaeerd'faceCttrst" allow rotisiturr" V&.* .U r., *.t*!. who ae.td the J
..... 17I aMrt ferMarked praM uw rfrwn&s re+Drttrw ___ Cbes: .b.. of Cummn n sealed for I>,., J... ..nerrMh rtthM aawsl A+'NNwqrush/ b tNd lot u... ratht. pw.w. / 1ft... at- Cs.r line 1 ,.,.. /rh effle espedlt" iiMnae plalaMayaN
1:30 I P)C.F'"I cmtraJ' bwrtn.. ..a rise. ee ettbrr xrdesrade/ atr.ollvraelhr prgrct, tuW wrurat_ tn, +rhrdw U s..y Uu* enMMer Oert/rr, awrMat.d. ,..**.. ....... .isatr grrM'ewe. ,INrIM \ .
fears rNt read. al a a>ee rowprntllees .,' retraraAra .t te4r. .s.-ttM| .... .KHefcttft In M/ief S44IMI WM diree4n. srartrl err p4tM. 1t {wtlw. ... They are I. lirlnj your ,a..Ia..o' .
>dIIf'" By rsM w ,__.-w4 II Mf rut t MtirXM eJ *" Ml and all 'll0n> (..... U you h7 .M.If .
Il.ltart cit. / the ..,..-Bradford Mere 11. start treraTier ., M t3v tlndtrrel t9ernt/ baMteoawM .re.ewttrrr (sad h.trMifrw.wiarr ..... 1:..,." Fh>rVI.. .Mrssaaaxte nt. lie Me gw-, >luii,> OA less no4. O.Ine t<*tr BradfordCuunty

ty Cbsnabey *f Oeaiuairia d.. The fetus. r>s Ysrr.Yi retlr WA else lrrt/w1. .i a, Ae..M/Nh. (H to ptaretlw3rretUtel otwo..tIto W wee..t Crrl I (Un>*ClMAly Uix name. tI......,. Kelrt'i
TkU So*** CoetrftotcdWewktr peter lever. .. ttrdaTOrn1 ,. .tttat IN retell s+wdsent' .crisps arlrh. tar try cwt. reU. He .ina .iiWd lii.>4 well ewrtA. .*e 1+Iaaa, rtw rr.utlr r.arerw/- J../rnt Mfa| he part ...rnldw office p/nnju>l son louk noPM >>
t* PabHeiz 4tra tar theM 1rw4r sari. -her Orrtrw. poor htot. araraUrl. ... 4J.-.. aM /nwrMaMa. anal w awMt. rrN reA IrrA rtry arrNrtf d"R M W MMlMeMy larr.irorr.ral NaAe I',1.. | re..ie4.allca U tea nunv.b .
Gmmaaftr Evtt. 'y defer are fears Marctttermatft >Ie Ckeir WrMr.rt J 1a dr tar ty'.t earrwetlt.i. Irprreaaaerve. ire WMta 4ry, ...... eai in UveI4M + Jar M turvurre rwirlsrtrl ...* The repnrw Mnt't elUM4JMt. *. the !> '-. .v M "..lleb,., I If you' bav'"
Ajwfl.. 3a. lartsdedIke lit era uw ter(+rNar "r tlrrr .. Atrlt+tre/1M. WI air M.s .- .. .. N *"'ry .......*-. I'j sew. wM be. iii4e ey' .IJheWe ....., era. .f parry" load. In I an eef-.oun'" lessee. and
The Community ansninl I r a pea I* vhit. tar w.an. a0 .+at er.rsrrall<< .+..... .... etl watw r-w" pwst. ..dlnarirrrrwr two ...... 'sari ,e.. ..... !. .J Oarrrwnrrturer ,...,,, far Ihefli.(e p..vtn4"" I I'dis not .have your pant. re.i''-
tar the oRrwsa ofMartera ",.*.. ..." R.reet J steeple. .....' lit eM1 Alrr *.trf. Uia., fyMMra Yea Ivtrr V sit af... W .;rtaa*ela .her Me 1-. iM. Jar INeakrle ... I l/allun slip. lea tawOrin... .
State Bank peeMt ...ans or AA .ur- ., the t+... ruKN.rlttd ell N. trtaM. r.w/tter.. flrrraMtstrr CC Ffni" ..-' M A. larfroV. .. .- .r/r. eat IArweels. l 114.**.4 erMrIse. Jar +M". I I.... fehukr tale as proof ef
asses. t>prrslera. rte fad teknr ti. w LLsaaa+ie A a.-. .-. w 14 ta+/ tar .rrasJre d'r/ last >Mn prrralW eat rips aomeIhMH. c.--. e4 0- lilt IAr --....... ..... ,...... I,nefthlpk' If your past U4
ter. Mil prwgierty. t* a..nt.rT-ri->.Mf., ...... JM J.dl........ ter arUrertr.l a. Ra.. the ae..019 Mf. wrrta (*..... ..>..... T>-* ,*W ...... ,.., tr.." The 4.M foUUftt fu 4- {Continued' on lees ate|

,i I
r .JJulieq


, J L L "" . J J 1 L ,..- L J.. L. '. L J" I L ..J ,> ., .. J J .. . .. .. .. .------..."'--_.

..-.... '.' ,
'. /

,.. .

.. I'AGFTWO: nRADFOnn>> (,,()rTNTV 'tri.F.' SUPII. MTAIU r.. "..ORl" TtirH ".\V, Fin. 13 lor,;


Mrs. Harry Tltton of Fairbanks ] Civitans: Plan to be used as prize money In CARD OF THANKS words of comfort, cards floe

t her mothir the As oclatlon', drive to have food sent to
was visiting ,, The Telegraph Salutes ers, and us at th
Thanks to everyone
".., II,. I, Mra. :Maurice Wingate, and'' Steak SupperThe every bull In the county t kindnesses shown j sad time have meant mo
w I Sfra.\ Kenneth Grlder on Tues- purebred or registered animalby their many
us during the extended Illness than we can express in wont'
lay.(: Our Senior Citizen Of The Week Starke Clvltan Club next year. mot'Mary .
In the and death of o"r Mrs. Alice Coleuiu
mrt morning
I Mr. and Mrs. J. V.. Doyle Tuesday I The Club also finalized plansto I Naomi Brantley.. Tta
were in Green Cove Springs)I' Oarden Restaurant for a business apcnsar: a queen contest at
Gladys Mooty ., daclded that ,
i i Mr. and Mr'*. session and : the Bradford County Fair .thu, I
Sunday visiting MIC. J. T. Ql'lGlKV I I: which contains the chapel is
."V', Phone: 9G4-OG51 :C. A. Geiger and Bill Doyle. \ Several music boxes, a phonograph the sanctuary where larger )I i Christmas the club'a losing sale team of Claxton in tin I I spring.:: / Winner of the contest Madison Street Baptist Church

i Cnpt. and Mrs. Vernon( )I over 100 years ola/ worship services are held; and' Fruit Cake will fete the wln- | will be crowned as. Miss North Iwo( Block {I'. Madison Street

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Water Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Blood- ,, Glenn and family of Tampa I German helmet from World which displays the beautiful: nets to a steak dinner. 'I Florida Strawberry Queen a Kev. W. M. D(;\.\OAS. Pastor
wrltfht and family 1 I pent Saturday to Monday with I War I, and numerous .other painting of Bel hRZzar'. Feast name selected jointly by the .-- --
visited the worth i
and family spent the Wives will also be invited to
State ;Fair in Tampa last weekend with her parents, Mr. Mr and Mr*. W. F. Glenn. I pieces are housed! in the very and the Handwriting On The the outdoor cook-out. Civltan Club and Fair .Assoc. SUNDAY SERVICES

Thursday.Mrs. Com. Fred Glenn Is In the Interesting museum which J. Wall. This was done by a lady I i I directors 0:45: A. M. Sunday School
and Mrs. C. W. Brandon Sr I yer.r1
E. A Raney of Freeman In Quincy. Jacksonville Naval Hospital T. Quigley enthusiastically! well past her 80th birthday '' The Club In its first 11:00 A. M.--Morning Worship
'" Va. spent Friday to Mrs. J. L. Stith and familyof for observation and treatment shows you through, in the rear I I with no previous experience in of selling the famous Claxton 6:15: P. M. TrainingUnion
Tuesday with her parents. Mr. Mr, and Mra. Edward En- of the chap! of the dopseli) I painting:, from a dream which iJIbe j Fruit Cakes in Bradford Coun. TilE RIGHT roiNT for toe 7:30 P. M : Evening "Worship
Macon, Oa. were vlsltlnz : '- ;
of write. Come In and
I Tabernacle Cherry Street had. You should net this tv reunited a gross Income way yon
?: .and 801' and Mrs Mary Both Peacock
Mrs. Floyd Oreen. The her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. over 1500. select J'ourIo.orl.... ESTER. WEDNESDAY SERVICES
In StlU ke. painting yourself to appreciate
'- Greens afsb had as Sunday: F. Dlnkliis over the weekend and children of Jacksonville Each Sunday he conducts1services !' its beauty, and we In Starke'can i' J. D. Odcm. member of thi BROOK Fountain. nIL TELE-. 7:39 P. M-,-.Midweek \\'ornlilpC'OMK
musts! Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Dit- Mrs. F. F. Stump and MIOH will be Friday and Saturday -
tmar and family of Jackson Lillian Stump visited Mr. and guests of Mra. Bertha'' of worship In thli \ be quite proud to have''' Bradford Cattlemen's Association GRAPH. : : AMI:- BE OUR; WELCOME ( UE8T-(Tualm. 122:1I : ,
ville.! chapel) built' a few years ago. here In our midst thto Btblo, was a guest of the club ,
Mrs. William II. Thomson In
r' yt and where the great renowned j stcry told in picture so graph and asked for a $25 donation
.; Dr. and Mrs. William Monticello over the weekend. Capt. Dan Rankin of Cecil \ -----
evangelist, Billy Graham ically.
A'I Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wiggins Field wn visiting Chaplainand
,. .. Hartman of Lllburn, Oa.
preached his/ first sermon : Mr. Quigley is a member ot
Mrs Dora Fender, and Mrs. Charles Phlppa and I |
'If ovi'rnliiht guests Tuesday
while attending ecnool: in the Ministerial! Alliance of
last week of Mr and Mrs. Guy Fred Vining of Stockton, On. daughter Carol, last Friday Tampa. I I Starke and with other ministers _______ 3 BIG DAYSThursday
.... '. AJ1drew.11' .. were Sunday gucnts of Mr. evening.
'I Mr. and Mil. Quigley were I of our town, Is a frequent -
\ and Mrs. Willis Evan and Mrs. U D. Vlnlnff. K. T. Prevail entered( Bap- I married here In Starke over >speaker for the radio

-. nnd daughter of MdVlanna Mrs. C. O. Stevenson of I tint Hospital for observation I 50 years ago and have contln- I: program sponsored by the Association -

wire' weekend guests of Mr. Greenville, S. C. Is upending find treatment on Tuesday. ued to make their home here 1 I each week day mornIng Friday & Saturday

?a, and Mrs. Buford Mitchell and ten days 'vlth her grandson I Mr. Fred Guy of Gainesville I on our local station. He hone

son Mike. They all attended and family, Mr. and Mrs. was visiting her mother since that time contributing Indeed of our SENIOR Terrific Savings On Fi'rsf

.._ the State Fair In Tampa taut Charles' Sawyer Mrs. A. Z. Adkinx, Monday I Iand I In no small way to our community CITIZENS of whom we are.

.Saturday And Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Caldwell Tuesday.Mr I life. quite proud)

Mist Celeste DeVoe of St visited Mr. and Mrs L. K. and Mra. Walter. S. I Also: in this same building -Ruth Haddock Quality Merchandise, !

Joseph's ...Academy.St. Augustine. Mack In Mlcanopy on Sun- Vamlerllp of Decatur, Oa are 1!,

I 'was home for ..the week- guel of Mr. und Mr. Harry Monday Rites | Mr. McGee, 73 + r

end.Mr. day.Local udmittanc-ps to Bradford Mooty from Thursday lo "Bal-' I {I Services Neld'Thursday I II I I

{. and Mrs. S. O. Denmark County Ilonpltal thl* urday. Arc Held For J
and family vlMted Mr and '' Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Culd- Feb. 6 $
week Include; Detty Jo Grlf $ $
Mrs J. M. Vlckcrs in Bruns- $
'I' flu, Mrs. Ida Ruth Taylor. well attended a family reunion Mr. 93
; wIck<- Oa. over the weekend Mrs. Junnlta DlnklnM, L. M i at Mlcanopv la.t Sunduyat Finley, Funeral services for Jo epr d
Mills Sue Morris of Florida- of Mm. C W. McGee '13, were held
the homo
UulneH, Mrs. Hester E.
Southern( College spent the brother and Sam II Flu ley.! 03. a natlvl Thursday morning Feb. 6. In
townkl. Mildred O riff In. lt1wtII'1 I
weekend with her mother Mrs.' I
nnd Mr. Laurence of Bradford County and lifelong Macon, Oa. with Rev. Jimmy
Mrs. Ellen Stedman, all of
Mrs. E. C. Morrill.I Mr. and Mrs. Kddle: ,. << resident of Half old. died Waters, pastor of Maole White
Starke i Mr. Elizabeth Wild.en ,
Miss Henree Lou Dennis of
I '
Saturday morning( aftt'r.'J Church officiating
attended a meeting In Ocnln' Baptist
of the Staff Farm WalterF. :
rStT was. !home for the week- : I ,
Florida brief Illness. !He owned and : Interment and grnvesldj aer-
Fob. 6 of all repreiwntstlveM
Cockrcil of on (
KeystoneHuIghta I
", rid.JMrI.. I I I of United I'.etmAgency. ,operated a farm until III vices were held at Empire Oa
Al Harley III and family ; Willlnm Q. Crucu ofLewley .
health forced his retirement! Mr. McOee was born Jun:
Aliens have -
I II The represented
of Merritt Island spent ; Corlno Janet Rob. (; hare during several yenri ago. He wall a 2'1. In Monroe, Oa. and cam:'
Hit week! with her parents I frt* of Raiford. I the agency! I member" of the Pine Drove to Florida In 1040. first residing -
Mr. and Mrs.. Barney Mcllao.Mr i Mr. nnd Mrs. T. H. If.itc-h- (; the past year. Old ConnrenBtlonal Metlio- II .
i, Mr. John Miller and children -I << at Lake Geneva. YJCi 1E 'S 3-.T R E T C-H
Joined his Innon of UiiUeliind Wednesday
Harley family -
were diet Church near Ralrord.i later moved to Starke, and<: -
.ver the weekend. The; Mo- guests of Dr. and Mm I' Kevin and Mary Anne, i Surviving are his widow' returned to Macon. 01two -

t hoes also had as Sunday C. J. Iloupt I' will leave Friday by plane i, Mrs. Mary '1 rIley of Ralford; '1 years ago.Surviving. .liNEE TICKLERS

truest Dr. and Mrs. Barney<< Local admittance to Doc "i from Tampa for Sacramento.Calif. i three! daughters. Mrs. Elizabeth i are his wife fFIRST QUALITY

McRaa Jr and family of Lake tor's hospital this week In. after spending the past I Tutrn. Jacksonville; Mrs. Frances: four daughters, Mrs. \\tJ r REG. 2.99

City.. ? etude: Mrs. Edith Meyer of I two month with Mrs. Miller I Nettle Carter. Macclenny: and Jimmy Swindell St ark: MarJorie S e a ai l e s s '
: Mr and Mrs. Roy J, Andrews Lake Butler; Lester Woods, parents, Mr. and Mr, I B! L. Mrs' Mnsellne Thornton.I I and Rose Ellen McGee Sanforfzedwash'nwealstfttch, r $

of Jacksonville Mr, and Mr*. Margaret Lee Brown, Matthew They war ncromnanletl I Ralford; Hire sons, Jeff Albert I Macon, Oa.; and Mrs. Johnny denim.I Permanently 2

: Mr*. J. B. Dansby of Perry Kenneth 1... Robinson and ," to Tampa by Mr. and and Billy Finley, all of New berry, Bunnell; one son. Y I o s f sewn crease. Sand black, red

and Miss Carolyn Burncy o' Mearlean Crlffls, all of' Mm. Matthew and daughter, I f""ford" I ; one brother Adam I O. O. McGee Melrose; on3 .A "" and rnaJras blue: Sizes B to 15.1
Tallahassee were Sunday Stark.. Betsy, Flnley, Oalnp vllle- 44 grandchildren I brother Earl McO-e, Atlanta. rinr Tim. AThl.. I. Prl.t (

guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. 0 Mm. Dora Stuckoy of Coral I and 18 !great-grand Oa.. two sisters. Mrs Clifford

I Durtaby and son Micky Gables is visiting' Mr. and Mr. Vo-Ag Farm clilldren.CJraveiide. Speer, Barnesvllle, Oa.. and r \Women's Dresses
Mr. and Mrs Logan Baldwin -
Jack MuComb for several services were held Mrs. Lizzie Collier. Winder Prs.
were Sunday evening/ dinner days. Stresses ForestryTop at 2:30: p. m Monday In Snpp Oa.; 16 grandchildren and r ENTIRE STOCK REG. 3.99

guests of Mr. and Mr. Mrs. W E. Middleton hap :,: Cemetery with Rev. Andrew two great grandchildren. M".. .ree..mr.a .,.ml;... a... ,
i A of'
James F. Brown In Guinea monry-makrr among, Varnes offlrlntlng. WlUon k I. be..lIr.1 ..w sprint' .C.d. .. large tariefy
villa.SUUIDWIGK. had as visitors Judge and I Bradford. County Aarcultul..11Ilrodupl. Brannon Funeral Home III... 11\10 .. u. ..,., hU.. osr new styles I In''a Km $
o cur
I SASS Mr.. John Ilodg of &Iat..al. ) ... I I Buford Mitchell se....1.1' '
U I forestry 1250. 7
['= -"'-==T'-' =--- 16 I Luke Duller! was In charge of complete, size ff
fast Wednesday and Mr.. Ma.. 000 per year buslnea and arrangement Named President **

Jones of Jackmmvlll on Hat4 thut'a the rell"on.1t. receive' I I range,

4 rday.Mrs., !sup blllliiif In, the Bradford I Mrs. Byla.ka 84 Eject; uQf, Rotary .
Luul Belle Park hum and Blarke'! PFA Chapter dl- 'l\ en's Bprinic

returned from three weeks versified farming pro ram. Services HeldThursday I Buford Mitchell1, personnel $3.SLACKS
visit with Mr. and Mr. William Even Bradford. County's ,I, officer for the Florida fltat* Boy' Sport Sox .
+ I MorningMrs. ; Prison named prlIlc.1rntcoleet Re $3.99 Fine
Parks In Atlanta (M.< famous strawberries have a' was New Quality

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Law. long way to MO before they I ot the StarkJ Rotary Ivy & Continental Styles 5 PAIRS $1 II ; ,
AUTOMATIC Latltln. Yeoman By- at the annual "electionheld
lion of Tallahassee and lofr.an.1 reach the tI M 4 mllllun mark I I Sj. 29 36 eft T T 0
lank*. 81, formerly of Fort My I Wednesday. He will tu'ii n
Mrs. II. II. Hancock of and according to Ag Initruc-I Mnrrrrlard ['otton In
ers, died Tuesday inornltv I I office at the- tint meeting I in :
tort Curtis Marlowe and Paul .
Lakeland were weekend! gusts" mad Novelties I
GAS RANGE of Mr and Mr.. H. A, Luwaon. Hutclilns that's why the preponderance I after an extended Illness at I July, Ituy's) SprinjfSLACKS 2 PAIR sasStrip. CI lafo JO n D 11.1 I.S 1
the home of her daughter
Mr. |U. W, Whlffen underwent of the 170-arre) i Elected as directors Wed rr m-a a !, '
Mrs Morgan Darby Little
sinus FFA farm. 1 ill devoted to tree on nesday. In addition to Mitchell $5
In the
surgery farming Santa. Fe Lake. I KnUn Andrew Carl St. 6 to 1H Entire Stock
Gainesville were : S
Medical Celnter on Mrs. Uyla tAlca bol'lat 1d..
with I Wednesday The Bradford and StarkrPFA was Minx. S. L.. Peek Jr, II. II Girl'sPANTIES VALUE 1
..;;. Chapters Land Laboratory Everett and John R. Urfcb-
\catt/s/ Mr and Mrs. J. R.: r
\ Hardy County, on July 12, 1819
U I and family" as It I I. properly called, In BOYS' LONG SLEEVE M........ ..4test
: attended the HUteKalr I I She was a member of th.: bam.The .
and .. and Uaxparllla In Tampa| 9| about half way" betwre.lStoke Episcopal': Church club voted to change SPORT SHIRTS I l.jwr l Trimmed. Koyon. *- e-..I. -p.r w

on Hunday und Monday. i and I twtey Just off U Surviving, besides her lit. meeting time from 11-15: : Cotton* In SolM. Color.'I: :c .p:t. +y.
S. 301 Ilesldm lier1of
: % Mr and Mrs. Vernon 1t..1.| '' a daughter la her husband. Ra-, Wednesday to 13:15n: and Print f'eI.ro.l
% dish Mr. and Mr. Aberdprti-Anitua beef eattl monet three Monday starting with th REG.
Arthur Dylaaka; brother
; Sz. 2 to 1 11 t
.11gr and M small acreage In 1I.11t' ,
Oanklns. Coil Mr. and MmHlrhard Theodore, Lee, and B'-d: Yeo- first meeting In March. 2 S3
crops Is maintained! FORMen's $ .
I Carter spent the the farm.The mans all of LaBrlle. and a I Preceding the election A 1.99 3
weekend at the Kixldleh cot Kg I slater, Mr. Pearl Curry of 1 Thomas Jr.. Institutional representative i

; I )ago at Cedar' Key, trees> first were stand planted of plantedpine on, tht'l Turn pa.Funeral. .. for Boy 8cou! Wash 'n wear plaids, solids and fan Unbleached Muslin

Mr. and Mr*. Arvin: Anlrewal, rliuol farm In J 1053.: and sluice 1 services were held 1 Troop 70, outlined needs of cies. Regular and Ivy styling. Sizes
at 10 a. in. Thursday in Jones the troop for which notary
were weekend K"t of Mr. that time over 100 liav.tbeen I II.MEN'S
acic i 8 to .
0 p ii I and Mm. 'Hill at New, : Memorial Chapel with Rev. i la the sponsoring organlsallonThomas C YDS.
00 t tie "I'P| utllmrd with rtlflelat.. REG. 21e $1
Mmyrna IJeach. Fred O Yerkrs officiating,. i said that Stark
.r refureatatiun. Another tU I
Mr and Mr. Yileitnrnt was' in llopa Cemetery | has around 80 ScouU and I
Howard 1111.|t cries have iM-rn left to
.reestablish at Theicesa" .. with DeWIttC should'' have at least two MATCHED "Y.1 '
berg of 1I"ver .Falls I'a. are "' Itself naturally ,. Our finest quality'tO-tquire; fiorl!$,;
Jones Funeral Home In troops and one Explorer's Post\ \ Women's Shoes
liueiil of Mr. and Mr. K. II.KranIC.r This year five more aor> woven. 3Mn. wide. .
out the adauately -
chart of carry
arrangements.Active program *
.. '
I for several ....ka.I are. scheduled to be planted In
Mrs V. V. llna.n .1I.nolN11) slash pine to bring the total. l pallbearer. were! 8 lie said there .U atreat Bed Pillows i I I
U Perk Jr. Charles A. Darby nerd for adult Irad'r- VALUES 2. PR.
.- --- i the funeral ot an aunt MmCalo number of' SETS $2
acre planted" I 1 J
II S Huidetle. 1>1'. O. U. ship. Including two additional\
Laurll 10l'. In trees the TO 5.99 PR SJ 1.39 VALUES
Kruuker on farm to I 100 Tin
Haynes Jr', Maxle Carter Jr : adult Scout leaders and threeaapulanla.

I on Mr.Man., and"lay Mr.afternnon.IllUv llurbank i school acirn l but Cern taut. was year originally the Iliad J70. and Lritcr CrewsImpromptu ,.I Scoutmaster.. He David said the ManUcxn.ery present. ;::": hl.s e l lee t 11.11 i of, dress O:4:: piiUws.fifty (feather:full size, $1 i

Jr and family of F'IV'nandinei| tad County School Hoard\ sold Talk .Is. working under a great assn.rest.'' ti. sty.es, sports and fUlL Com- DuraMe striped ci",.

leach. and Charles Lnnoe of 100 acres of the farm r for 110. handicap b. not having! the plate file /Ulge.

:CRISP MODERN.. I 81 RlniiHi* Island" spent th.lweekend I' OOO. a major portion of which Wins Prize In ajutuiance" that hilt reeds.

STYLINGALANCBDHKAT' '" with. their mother had been planted In pine hy Thomas. said that Rotary: 550 Ing.lirdseye
: ., Mr.. M \V. Lance the rrA boys.Inetnuelora DCT Meeting I! should. provide active &\ujTX rt I 1 i Children's Shoes Diapers

: *" ; Mr. and Mr.. Ray L.yriekl' ) Marlowe and ,I of the troop r* yield its spon.sorshlp I an -- i

: OVEN i of lake. lUrbor ire vuutnn Forester llut. .l ln*Don give Champion County murkcredit Farm "Proper An: laiprtMiiptu Can In Failing speech on a'i to some other organisation. C. II. VALUES $2 2 PR REG. DOL $3
Mr. an.1 )1,.. W ; President CltjirlfsfUvtyer ... 2
r 11.1'10'1. .4..d -.
dol- TO ".99 'R. SJ
: UV.-n.AM. Senator and Mr. Charley with tn-tl>i-ftfld rirnvonstratlcu Olrafft" won three sliver assured Thomas. that L. st.rd ..OS 1.". DOZ.
of U,. lori for Maltha Susan Rltchof I e. e
: BROILER i l:. Juhnu attendoil th'"> Mlalel teehnlqueaof the Bradford County Utah the necmary support would :::. tl.r.-' I.I' Super soft absntart caftan
Fair ttllnuUivtf and Dl4U'W'II .be given In rxpandUic the r.... n N u.
In Dress and sixes III N
: iH>-PD TOBURNERS>> : Tltnl" frutn "Sunday' timber, DCT Club at' the annual! DCT Seoul orwtnlsatton. hen>. sDert 1' Kenned sit 21t2I-tL.
to Wedn..lmy Dutrlct II meeting In Ocala I.td 'ItsaP.4ea4J4..a.y.e! stytes. -
Accordii\j to the yO. In.
I Sawyer' aLso asked that the Underwear d
: I Mr. and Mr!' *. Roy Wlngate' .true ton, torr trjr Is th* mostImivrtanl Saturday, club enter a tm In UM PTO- Bath t Towels

: KXCL.UtlVK "IN-.OINT of Callahan spent the w.."., acrtrultural ruterprl OCT club from the urrtwindine. posed City Volleyball Lru COTTON T-SHIRTS a.a..l.a M, a pair
I end 'with" )fro and Mr. Tyler e In Bradford County .to.day themeeunt .4 .o. :a' a .a. ..d
ama attended and .atd that Ervln: Andrews' .
:. PILOTSUOVT1MP Jones.Mr... and with the FutureFarmrr and a rr. welcomed !I had. volunteered' 14 serve a* ..u.. I ... til 3 *.. 220 ebSid.pate '.. .NI. ..-. at 2 59c 3 $1
and Mrs lt of '
n Hall and, America tralntntsludenla by Name \VUUard' Ajrre of captain. VALUE
: _ _
granddaughter. Debbie, Khu- for a future In forestry OraU. Keynote speaker for AtHLETfcsHiRTS'

: ; LIGHTINGNARDWICK i fort. prnt the weekend at It will .reaukin w> for the event was |TTidnt Jwunesfl Building Permit ltt.t 4J" "ttmti"' '
Men's Shoes ;4 I'
their ramp on the Ovhlawth" Tear to come. Hlrhardaun of the Comnvrtl a.L It.. IU 3... 140 b si.rfe.. ,.rtens.

Itlver.Mr.. *! Yank and" Trunl Co. Taken For $15,000 -

and Mm. SUnfonl Hitch' I Reno FireIs in Oral*, who talked U Uw Bessent Rd. HomeA KNIT BRIEFS n'ae) : JS4 Dish Towels. I

w eel grandd..ghl.t. I' Group about Job prepartnf. '
>, DousedThe
CAS RANGE Itllrh of U lnvtUe, wen San.cue Vr.n Impromptu speeches permit la eoiutrurt a "'... I Iw tM 3 *" ,180 a..'. a..e.e. w.w.
"....\L -
day *!. of Mr. and ,.1... Fire' Department putout were Steen br aadenU after a f IS.000 borne or* Brwent Road h w.::::: 101

J. W. Hitch and Mre. DaUyrvrrymaa a bias In the Welch honf subject' was drawn from a hat -. taken ul tit,. VThitrbead BROAD'CLOTiiSHORTS

OOIy Th y .had a* |..e..1 i at 14 U bull. 5%. In the Renjvctton Vllvi R u.Jt ran second piece Brolhrrs Cnnstnsetlon firm f. Sager _.w.t, f fke ..." Ct''

from MundUy to We<1n..
..r ( ....$-. hltle Tom,I neday An Orala club member was Can-.onWalSwt N t a.. Ie N 'M! Ib>>iIL.

$ 5O Juhn vt JarhktwiviUe.Mr Firemen Mid the fir start- Hnit pew of alB slirrrMh dollars took out a permit" to rrmod! -
1 19 <) ..no..ho \\OMEVSPANTIES GIRL'SHollywood
.pt' tb Interior ,f ,I.L. feubvna ofr
and Mr* J. H 'harry Jr ..t tram a fauItVand hewn Bw
With Trade briefly to Uv stew were Wu. I 1 c.. Brief
of Annafolia.' Md. have ban,I burned out the --.or km County ViMul 8upc Juliet I Olhrr prrmlt for eoottnwUon I
.ue.&a durlaer the rut week. MI' th* moot .f U e "h uie Twee W J7e<< q.lit -
$*at' awl CVaUEWrtwul Huh! Issued by (11y Clerk In.
of Mr and 1 Mr, w. ... ; till Cd ard, were nxitm. and
(tins L. IV Orveti rat.rwl, minor The ertH4i eeJ'yed a luncheon" tarKHi two prrmlts foe. "" 4 FOR Jl
Sladt F.e g 1 .lit t i t n. .. trical
A1.dea O* rffuixtajr Ilwptal on at Mdntwm Cafeteria' after roofina hoes* ."h'U. afDIM y ; 4 $1oJ
fur obaervatkMi and .seed ,- ...,. Mtic r.tl
Ute MHtl(, atett t'l\Y'IIh..t' 1ft..II..tJTe1. tM.f fIwy. stJIt.
I.-It. A-sr'a.N. Cartni.. ... ,.....tosse.gw f esve .s..n. firs ._?
A srgup.1 Si students trowRMS A J'It'1NI was 'Issued Ia Ps
... ... .... ... ...... rate asd 1Ien.. SUn S 1.1 _
.Of Starke Mr. *. Wale U..., lel 'v1ad. '-lla $1J4 M.MUf attend l!>* -'. tiant Sutras Cafe far lreogtaC!. ad t .. Of n

l Ing )(,. W O Wilson In Wt". .1 Tfc* TUdfLI,... wen, DCT e.-ardnator.< M tea. an .ati1r. 41..n. *t a ae.% ...be .e T I. It

:: n. _.. _113-!' : .'" baton this. week. A Pass" atvi B X: Coeteilo. row of U34

\ "



,- -- ---- --- : PAOB f IlnCB l_


m1llll'llB! I .incla I lutchcson I Eastern Star I Kinney Staike. a daughici
St. llark.sVornen Paula Elizabeth Feb 6

<< Plan Suppers w !Is Honored Chapter Installs I Mr. and Mis JosephV
9tJ t 1 n Jackson. Lake Butler a ion
it J Mew Officers
During LentTh I\With Shower I Joseph Randolph Feb. 8.

B Miss. Linda Ilattd, "'sot4 brUleUi Sturhe/ Chapter No. 221 O.
Woman's Auxiliary 01 Bradford County Hospital
t i d Ki-b. U XMI. honored R S held Us Installation of officer -

Gladys Mooty St Mark's Episcopal house Churchmet at \UU i hiiilnl' ) shower. on Thn- .. .* on Saturday .evenlnjr.Fab 'announces the folluwin:
in the pariah births:
Phone: 964-0651 l 11\\ cvonmK. Kvb. A, at the 8. at the Masonic Hall.,
7'30 p.m. Monday \IIlth1"0: Mr. and Mis Julian CI
,,, the Installation 1t a
Maurice \Vlnll\tp. p..l1lnll' .
!i ne of
Julian McRae and Mrs. James I Green! Br Staike: a ton lul
Mrs. Walter SmithComplimented BInckshear as hostesses and II.>itoise wire Mr: *. \\'I"Jrl\tt"". trio from BH3 Mrtrv Bollinger \- ian Cecil OIPCII Ji Fpb\:

!Mrs Cljde) B. TerwtUegar \kits Kwoll Lawson Mr Tyler Jiinelle' IUil11ntnn.{ anus Mr aid ;Mrs Carl 1 Fran i iMcldnley o;

president presiding ,lams,, ,. :Mri. .1 T Idiwaon. and Mm, '\Inn Oioen. sang "So Sin! ,, Lawtev a son.

Mrs Edward Burns and \Mis, It A Hi'ecu. Jr. I You Ebbl. Dwavne F'bMr. 1\

At Stork Shower Mrs Terwtllegar gave report:. Tinlerrpuhment. table wall The. grand In.IAlllnlrn.\ .- :\ and :Mrs Barn L W'-

6Ruth on the 121st: Annual Council iv.iliu.llth l an Italian riitik rr.. )fr ,and. Mrs Vincent man. Keystone Heightv i
Mm Walter E. Smith
wa of the Diocese of Florida. and .\", I cloth .and centered within Drlie of Waldo. E W Onrrlx' I daughter Robyn Louise: F-'b!

honored at a stork shower recently -. the 74th Annual Meeting: of uniMKi'Mifnl., of pink .nweetirii ,if Ornla.. Mlas Mary Lnuru' :3 I
by :Mrs. Hiram Bennett
the! Episcopal Churchwomen I.. .i IMHI-< and white pomi \ Johnson. hind Mr*. .'"nl. tjimli !Mr. and Mrs Escoe Start-
Mrs. Milo Smith, Mrs '
of Floiida! held in Jackson- 1'i, '.mi'' 'r''", bililnl thi-nio wa .i f Oalncsvllt lntalled. the following -I Inn,. lAke Butlei a son David
Brad Norton. Mrs. Carl Orlf-
villa. Jan. 2830. Mrs-'Oeorg- .iri.,1" \. nut with n di. .i .'i..itivoAi officers.LVnrthv Manning:: F.b.;: 8Mr.
Its and Mrs!! M. M. Jordan at
Winkler altar chairman. reported >,il Lang bell flllnk ,1 by a sllirrr Matron."' Evrlyn A : and Mrs William Edward -
the home of the latter !in
Lav*ley. on her department c w i nnilulabra. on live buffet Ittnev' : Worthy Patron. Jimmy Flakes Jr. Keystone

A covered!' dish supper was -- -- -- .iul II pink brtilal iirnbrclla penury; Auoctnte Matron Heights a daughter Debit

During the evening. games held at 6:30: p.m. WednesdayIn in the ,urn wheia the gifts tjtvon. .Feb 8.
Associational YWA Will Be
were played and prizes were the parish house with Mrs Pageant dlaplsyed.! DES Notice t Mr andII'S! William Ruirll -
awarded to Mrs. Gene Norman and Mrs. Ter w 11Iroar Oitlln. Starke Wllllnm -
BUtckthear Presented At Madison Street ChurchThe The punch table wn roveri a son
and Mrs,! Spurgeon Massey.The .
After Riiimoll Outln Jr Feb 9.Mr .
as hostesses supper -
i> with a while cutvoik Ilnrniloth Tlii fciitem Star will meetMnnrltv
gifts were presented to Rev R E. MacBlatn con- Young: \\'o01"n'aAulul.- Church at 7.30: ,, took Following the pAjionnt ,I.- : "n.lctiter>il with n : at 8 p. m In the :Mil-( I : and Mis Ernest Wellhitiiien

the honoree in a baby bassinet ducted the Litany service and tory Council: of the New River Thirty-five \'. o\g' Indies' (rtllhn"nu111 be nervml li pnni-h howl aiirroumtei! bv .5onh'1< 11.111 Maxvllle. a son Feb

decorated in blue and pink gave the Lenten message Baptist Association will prefrom. Lawtey ""''IalrLik... the .annex" pink; cnuu'Ulas.. and torn. :\lr..1. i 10
pleated crepe paper with .*. will be held each :Mr. .and Mis Robert Home
upper sent the pageant.. 'O. Zion Hampton Mti<1lani\\ street and hi- Tyler June and>l Mm KwellUiw : I Recent Births
large pink satin bow in th Wednesday during Lent wlll\ .' The puhllc I. 'J"'y' SUiku. duihtei. Feb 13
will, a {
Haste, tonight (Thursday) at First Baptist i nun-hea I ."n \pifKliUul. nt the sliver i ileu
center.Refreshments. WrightIs Mrs. Winkler. and Mrs. Peter the Madison Street Baptist participate lt"1 <10It..nl.. nrrvlc amt 11re.... H Aprrcn nl''h'I"( Hospital armour
of whit Notak as hostesses on Feb. Cash rakl for Laud, ('1.>nn,
/ Jr. pieniiltsl. nt thepunth -".. the follow I 1111, hi i'tin) .
frosted cake squares decorated EngagedTo 19. and Mrs. Julian McR' Stork Shower Madison Street Marian GreenIs It"... No Khitklt. or \\....1. .Ml
I \ l"0"l I. (imrtng the *vi< :Mi and Mia: John W Me- '
with pink and blue roses and Mrs. Herbert Thomas on I ('niton. tiring to rrk>grnph.TOKTX .

and party punch were served J. V. JohnsonMr Feb. 26.Mra For Mrs. JordanAt Baptist Youth 1 Hostess I nlngr. punch served and with Russian assorted ten

to the 35 guests attending. Walter Richardson. ; Cheerleaders ': were
and Mrs. J B. Wrightof Mrs. Winkler and Mrs No State FarmMrs. Have Banquet To aiuhtti-be. rpkea, nut, amimint (

Senior Adult Starke announce the. engagement vak will serve on the altar I nf I'Itftl.' ." :Mia :Murtitn 0 Jreen wits t..
D. R. ordan was honored An "Evening wasthe
and approaching' The hostesses l'o.tll'nh..1| | |
committee and also as hOlOtI I for the annual", hostess to the H "MqiiA'l'I ehovr-l
at a stork shower Wednesday them
TU Has SocialThe marriage of their daughter. for the choir during < eases |i
|I held for Iwtdors. at a slumber party
evening of last week Sweetheart Btin\irt()\ .
Ruth to Joey V Johnson son March Mrs. Ben Rowlandand I .iia .a memento of the o<
home of Mrs. J." of Madlmtn: ( Filil1tvenh'g.'' < l.n 1". f"llowing l|
at the C. the people
Johnson and the young '
of C. E.
senior adult training Mrs. Mrs. Carter "will, be boat- i raiilim.Aiproxlnmtc1v. .
Union of the Madison StreetBaptist late Mr. Johnson of Lee. Fla eases for the March auxiliary Johns at the State Farm. Co- Street Baptlut Churth on Hut- 'the :March of Dimes 1 |' AT\ 1 gn.*tstlrmliil t.
'' hostesses were" Mrs. Elroy evening. Krb. 8. ar'hwl o.nre
!! Church enjoyed a turkey The bride-elect will graduate meeting I I I unity with tK-twwn the I hour of TODD

dinner and social at the I from Bradford HighSchool The World Day of Prayerwill I Chambers and Mis. Jim I A pink color motif was Rnjilng: the .affair Tnn.I.1'1". I 1'l0..n,1: \ p mI
J. this June. Mr Johnson Brown Godwin.The carried. out In the banquet,. arrangements Mmtitn wets :Mlsaes
home of Mr and Mrs. W. :be held Filday." Feb 14. t the took \
I ML only
Johns home decorated JiuinVllllniti*.
Dodd last Friday evenlnll.Twent.yse.ven attended school In Madison. at t the First Methodist Church was with the walla of on.
I School PTA
members at- and U now employed by the from 10 till 11 am.. Mrs for the occasion: "with" arrangements the room covered with cloud, Klnnvv Martha. itnllinl.r/ .In- liKh is expensive
I of pansies and camrlllas. .
tended. Ooiman Company. Inc. In Winkler. Mrs. Rochardwii.: I of sliver Inlernparseil, with i ValkAfter The Orailfoul Illiih. School
The refreshment tabl
Melbourne and Mrs. John Simpson will pink and blue III...,.. The tiitv
: was covered with a white. cut- br...ukfat 8.Uirit, PTA' will hint Tilrmliiy,' at R\
To Observe World The wedding will be nolem- represent St. Matk'sFollowing lea were rovrrisl with pink F 4k' 4Q'
wok cloth over pink linen and morning. the glrla manned the p. in In the school cafeteriaA
Day Of PrayerThe 'Ized July 18 at 8 p. m In' the benediction by centered! with a stork Flank- and whit. linen eloth and road. bliM. .k for the ")(,u'el\ oftNnlea" program on the 14'h".1 i| / k
I Assembly Rev MacBUIn, refreshmentswere centered, with one arrangementof
I the Highway Chapel i
I .
tug the centerpiece were pinkcandles rullvftlonLnnier I.Uol'hl'oOl1.111 bt presentedThe v \ l l.
of Ood Church In Starke served by the hostesses pink camellia. and I anotherarrangement .
World Day of Piayerwill In china Cupid hold- I lunch .u".att\ will bein /
All friends and relatives or' earring out the Valentine of pink rooca A .
be observed at the Pint I charge of r..h'.hm'IIa.Services
the couple are Invited to attend theme ersTwo during garland of pink rnmellla ex- I I Birthday
game were played
Methodist Church on Frldiy.
Feb. 14. from 10 to 11 a. m.. I I the party hours bY the 26 tended, down the length of lhtables. Is Observed Held \
Mrs. Ken TerrellIs .
sponsored by the United guests attending and pilse* \ S / /
CitHh. Paid. for UINM)I. Clean. UDC Chapter Sunday For
Churchwomen of Staike. The ,I HonoreeAt were awarded to Mrs\ J. R The young people voted fat By

public Is invited to participatein Itag, No Khukl. or \\'IM.I. All Hitchcock and Mrs Nlta Bow their favorite btlY sill 1 girl and Mrs. VjerlinR 33
Stork Shower .1..1.01 l lion n A I liunagan and l Mrs L O Powell prenented ,
) this observance. ( .noll. Bring!& to Telegraph" ersThe ,
hostesses presented.. the Richard Srolt aa star and starlet a hlllt<\lll.1 program on "'Kidney Mrs Mnilcn. II Vlrlllnw

Mrs. Kenneth J. Terrell wn honoree with, a high chair asa nf the evening ; 1-anler" whose. birthdayfell

honored at a stork shower memento of the occasion fjamea, special niualn!, group Ul Frb 5. at the W T 3.1: died III Muml Thin"silmr
>b e. after brief illn. .*
GREAT TV IDEA Thursday evening Jan. 30. singing, and a movl. "flit.tee Weeks chapter UDC meeting a
given by Mrs. V A. Nichols Blue And Gold Wednesday. afternoon of t She wa born In I'rnaatuluSept \
Fruit were enjoyed during
and Mrs Neal Lyon at the lint .week ., the home of Mr. | 30. 1 I0JI.: the, dniiHhtriof

home of the latter 135 N Cub Banquet the evening by the young I. (I Powell with Mra. .Mattl' the late LA"rflll..r Camp "fr
folk attending. I'earl. Norman
: bell ami Mr <
Church Street Oahacait. aa. t.hosleaaMrs (
Set For Feb. 18 I I Gordon. who reiiUlva. .. In :Miami, I
A pink and blue colol'mo'it II
Powell gave a brief review .
Garden Club I Hiirvivlii. hmidea her ntoihr
was achieved In thepartr .
Once a ilroutltur
life and
year on the port's
More U her luntviml' JumrVlerllritf. -
People Own d, ontlonll. An arrangement famine I look forward to February Sets I ofMarah. r
Workshop read two excvrpla "llrmna .... and tuna.. tatiaht,.
S WSAVlCTORTha of pink caml'lUueent.rt"d and their traditional\ ,On Flowers .." and "Marali. of Mae (..,.Iolln. Vlerlln*: one
the mantel In tlieliving Blue and Gold On : sh.
Banquet I Olefin, and by rrqueat itrp'dauihtr Pamella AVlerllng .
Any Other room. The dining room this' Oceanian, the Cub are) I Chatla- ,
TeUl.ion.{ h ht read 80". of Th and", nee son Prank'
.. of the Stark Oar.
.. f table! was covered with a lace Members "
joined by mmbr of their IIn.lt'hHo all of( Miami
Norman Vlerllng
I centered ten Club wllI-tlaM a flowt
Bbck'and. cloth and was witha |!
t t. tall. Stoik.Games families for a rovoNxl dl.h'aupper arranging workshop Saturday. Mr. l.lItcor Crtw. vUprealdenl. -,,-

or Color I'I'I IIa' were played during Cub Tack and: get-together.70 will have It.banquet Feb 13', all day, at the 'mark presided l over lh" i, Ofsvrsld wrvlee> wr held

I Uie party hours and prl... ,, Elementary: rafvlerla/ reach business" meeting ., .4 p in Mumlay In Irystu.nt.lrry '
on Tueaday.' ".10. 111.
were awarded"" to the "winners." member. la asked to "bring a Attractive arraniemrnl" of veer Htark with\ I
In the Stark Klamentary
I The hostesses presented the I I Hrhool ra/ftarium starting. at4pm. aandwlch. Joiuiull wen used to highlight hey W"ltIlIIW Johnson nf-

honoree with a high chair asa Th. group will have a bud lrMuu pains of Interval In the : flrla"11i atonal was In Ihk
committt -
'' Th banquet
memento of the occasion Powell horn. for tl>* m>cajorTh : | family P">"t under dirvrll ... In VOUMSTumi
has established a f** of 1 15tenta m tlng al a m sup'
Assisting" In serving the ISluest huateaami served a a..11I1 I (.f tieAteC Jonoa ruixtal. P
per .person. for thus'. If'D\.nl> the postponed Jan TiMbf aav-aMai hnraly' I.
were Mlaaes Kay 0.1'bett during' the social hoar
and Charlotte HoweyVA ,--ndl".. 'II 21'' meeting which' wa* ranrdld Clear MarUy >Aaanrlat lemon' Home / aaarhMM ...hnol Dw.: p.4i.tef'

Anyone wishing 'o help prepare by bad weather.
n.asue. r..es.5t I f> L Klgby. "N.rr.lary. |Iw.e ,I n.ur 1'IINICIIi4\ rIJ."I" loa oIo'lt\htr..n' \ Y- I
J Banquet the dining room shook) beat I fra. Henry llaattama of I- othy Alvares: Treasurer 'III'IU' 1\1. e.A paAh7., prlN" ., ins _IooTMI

the cafeteria after 1:10: p. Craw will" conduct. Ih. work (Cilarfy Oiliiin ConilurlleaaKlal S17 U-. '.II!! lahraJMl I
/ < Ml. ,. .,1,0., w any seines .
RCA U! Highlight nt. on the day of the banquet.All and' It.""", n.'r.I. flnwerahow
"op :\ .. Norman Chaplain. hum liibl .
Hcn il. 013
< .
VICTORTV Cub, their. fntlll I In. a m p.ri.dy. ml ask. fmlrf] am HIM, lot
Df Focus Week practice. | I.l .. Kit. Organlat.' )H.nrt.tU Mortiln Wor.lilu.' IONS: Iltatl' .
t..I.. al& .
.A chiding grandparents) sn<1anyone Inf all_ .n4 l ... rhatating. /
w Member ar* asked to .bringrnatartala Plant: Allah, LJIII Morgan fkll..1.l Youth .FtlUtwthlp.. >.Jt I
Interested In becoming .( Mao Cram blu.. 1..1 lI |
Table TV high-fashion wood Th. Young Woman' Auxiliary for flo*.r sang> | Kutb. Mildred W>M.lbum, ra p. in rwnin' Norvte" 1 19t (t tp if *aw an. ,

."eon Metal Cabinet ol base on of the New River Bap- a tend.Cub rout la invited to at- Irlg. .... they l......... Martian. Martha t m All Youth 1'ro.ram aen I |..LI .h'... .'". Saw' 10 to W $12.99

tilt Aamiclatlon held their annual Rva flvntrjr. Klvrla.: Wllllo Wednesday, 2 to 4 I IS p m.
23" overall drag,) 282 In. plctufo
tub ( sq.
r eu. Week -nq..t st
Brenda Sue 1 union )f.. Oilman. Wants, rila/tya
Super-powtrful New Vista VHF Tuner led ", ,..t Churrh on' First Baptist ,
Baptist NEW
/i)..r>'., iwotliv!. "Ned' | Bingl -
Friday ewnlng." Feh 7. with Young People Is 1 lonor Guest ('In'au'..
OUR ,. 88 Mlaa Brenda Lewis praaidmt. At Lovely Shower Oun 1af School: It a m
a* mltra of rrem>nlaa.Kntrtahim Enjoy Banquet .
218 fatal .... UortilnWonhlp.. It a. MITalnlng Inc.
.wo .nt, ..IngeIng I.ah for U..r. tNaga. .1
J group Mlaa nrenda Su tUnaim ofHampton
PRICE T. and the .,....11.1' of the Th youth of the Flrat Hap. 1 N. .U...... w "..l, ,\I1 Union. 1,70, pm. Eve. Your Ifl.ndfy' SlorBadcoch .
list Charth were fetal f l at awe ....... marrlaga to (..l/) .>.. lIt_. !I. fi>lrgra|ib. nlnaWurtnip.. T,)o par MI4

evening. Ray. Peavy of 1M .lharf Ilaiwjual Saturday Sam" Gardner. of KayaloiwIfvlgMs .a*.] Prrr Itorvlc\ Wad**.

We Do Our Own FinancingAt Kin.....y lAke Baptist Cherub. 'night, r.11.l A. tn th churchrser.albn ( will .. an ...nt atII far T p on Kvr.>nai waloomax
all highlighted' led thane I, roum.qa .....u........ .. r.brs.ry was lh.*> In....ra .

Low Bank Rates ")(1..1on. Throughout" the .*n of the banquet was I.wM.rg.tet shower" gtvm
floe for a krtaty
Yar." | Colon with Jell 1 I ....../eye ....
Warren aa king Thll'''''.' afUrtrwtun" rb 4 1)1ln

Apprnalmately &0 m.mbsru An latervallng program' *f .. staff ifintnaT mom of TRADEIN SALE !

Winkler Electric Inc. from Ole pint Baptlat. )....,. game and aklta %.. pr-.1 I llra-fforrl C'Xtniy, ll

no .ltr.*.. Kingalay Lak. .d after time> baitajitot., whtrnaa i Th r.frr.hm ril table ..i

1 Kiarkr. ..1.a.I Hampton and Law1.y Bap- prepared art arvtl by ...,...... wit'A awhile" 1110-
231$ N. Temple Are.
Mra. CharWa HaMjr aol kecommlllaa
tort thurrhM atln< catered" .UII < r alal.
eld* >
Y. :
*. W II.C. HaUa- -at.

I .r, Mr*. J. I:. "."''J'', )C,.. II.. B.IV-B.> *..*l. winch .aa ar s .

I A. "''c--.s. WI" I.ad 1>> ..... re.ned by af>*rUn*.. .am.th.e WK: FINANCE: 1 :. a .S

I oyr aiM. W,. II M ,Yen.ab. tit varied _MMa MI a...t ot '

Mr. sad Mr* B.a O.all>... (out /OHXAITOIJ.NTH ,. .
'.,.. F
..... 11M a4IItt ....--. fill '1M'
TIM a.*****. Mrs f Ilseet. "18 '' rt
Tiratk CMnra wlaUD had full, I ray, rl wemrt r I Ice

Moved Up .....,.......nt' roe tha *la'"a slat wart s*_*ta4 the MN.ewevita ta.ael a.a.a : -- /
'LTT- A- jry..alvN
,.. "..ra.... The \t(..t.* e
i ... II. A. Mtf.- .. pink>' ttnMlMia. ...! IM gr.erbass r '

The Street ? 41E ...,. Ik. ....ak.r foe t lit* _a- <. Mr. ...-.... chill .() IIFtK10eoln: ; .' .1 ''.,

..... .... JoSe. TewLMrvv, site .... ,....._ .... Wt.I KROEHLE
TO re.ad.nt 4s1. of t. o-( .1.1Hr. / :.NO.NO 'INTT11Eltwr" .;,, SURE im
i I H_ Ths.ap.na anu.la UVINGKOOM
.. ftra,U Hail at the Cal: 2 PIECE
.. Stewed). U ...-nfI1f 'isa .ItKO( :. TAI'EOI'KS : e .
CALL ST. erlet7 fill *Tnr**.. ) ', .r.gZuset. I K. 1iNU ;188.00

167 W. On thee..,.. wvr lima, y1 g-'e *W. were ,....... H.-' ,.,.

tow (;Jok grill(; ,Ude.) fT. eI ... ,...... Melee. a< IWfclta '" .steers trI HPt./ _. .tJ\joIIt' L.,.... CMW Inllatv0l.e ,. 23.00

.-... wtN .... p.r1. lot fij-

...,.. Pie .v.r.g. .flewnt'Fjigitgeinent : AN: I a. :; 'E"":=: '
,j $
, L 1-43
Told ACC'Otr.NTTOI :
Bro wnle'r Circle : :-c-
LARGER QUARTERS awls aarwU. fte.qseas. .
WI .M Mrs Wliar. 1Cha.a' "AYt: r c dr..5 WI"". nee.

flnvnlm Cull. el 1M P\AI > ...,.....m asa le

s11AT WE MAY GIVE; VOLT fl*.. ..
of Mr* OU 0.
.,. t
UwV dies Mel Cwk4wpr.an
I.\REN; 1'AKIL'fYi.RGER T .*4.1 an.r.nh Pl-L i.m M )M..ftMlaa 12*' M.' Ulnul.Mlr' "' ..tOW
,,.., we.vug see ... od GIBBS FURNITURE I
Cto.a.eh". ;
(; PRICE' R.,\(..E Saul ;
pr.tr Vr> Mr Nag.can. ... bb Ise .ns4 ... ............a ru I.. Tk*..lrIOWIST III..c.,

nrERKF.R1'ICr.Betty's ., ttr Tow nta..taM '1 ttar VaH..anV W mere.I.

....,.... 1/r., h..a l.aeu..errlIt. .. ...._ eC .... .........*.> > -

...--. uw ,....,.a 1opk. aftII a .rase ell IA..... -

*I M*.. .. lAf...... --... Ct. !

Tot Shop Jrrte4 .... _YJ huwA. W,.. ."... r'.4. r icts : a > *

creaa sense ,.,, +..arwa4 tea. F.S .MT It .t tM ....,., .

the ,....... I/MIUL caa-a .s .,...,y.

1 a

I ,

. ((0': _
'. '" "

---- --- -- -- -

BHS TrackmenSet Cage; 'fop Pirates 51-50, BHS Athletes Train Under MAYOR'S COURTMayer

__ Randal Chitty found

r I SPORTS I I1 For 12th Win Of 'Season i a local man. F. R. Coggins. not,

Time Trials New Weight Lifting Program I Ii charges(riiilty of against two out him of In May-three

Coach Erwin Land's cagers,,who have been edgedin 01 s Com t Tuesday night.

r WitbGHSToday i six of nine losses by a: total of 12 points, will go ''i A new weight[ lifting program the body weight and tl.e second Ccgglns was charged with

.. ; into Florida Star Conference Tournament play tonighton has recently been m.\de the total poundage lift displaying a firearm theft of

part of the training of athletes ed. Present listings are: a television, theft of a dress
: a favorable note after winning a 51-50 squeakerover
BHS Vs. Lake CityLoop Alter winning the Class. A'' | at Bradford: High School I Gold 110 times)-none. I II and simple assault.! He was

.. State Track Championship in I' Fernandina last: Saturday. under the direction of Athletic \ Red (nine timesl) -- Mike ,, found not guilty of the first

1961, missing/ by 2'/4' pointsIn Coach Erwin Land's cagers. second win In nine games. The I Director David: Huns Maruca, 186 1.681: Ton: ( three charges, and was fined
1962 and by just a single who have been edged In six 12-9 i'I By totaling the number or! Gardner 170 -1.605lIckey; I) $3760 and given 90 days pro-
own a winning
Cage Action point last year Bradford( of nine losses by a total of 12 record however and ther! I i I pounds they can lift In a series Anger, 155 1.452; Henry bation for simple assault.

High's 1964 thlnclads began points, will go into Florida: play has been', a lot better I of exercises prescribed bv 'Thornton. 145 1,372' and ) City police arrested Coggins ,

r their season today with time Star Conference Tournamentplay than the record Indicates :, Coach Hurne the boys will Calvin Varnes. 134 1207. I about 2:30: p. m. Friday for ,

trials against Gainesville High tonight on a favorable i I strive to reach the highest I Blue (eight times)- David an Incident occurring on E. i
I The
Tornadoes leading by
M on the University of Florida note after winning a 51-50 I 1 i goal 'of lifting /1):/ t.mes their Loper 183 1,557; Tommy Call Street. Coggins allegedly[ : t
a comfortable nine' point
To TonightAction : track. squeaker over Fernandina last I with Just minutes remaining : body weight The new pro. I Thomas. 180 1.482; Eddie "kjnockvd" the driver out of a j
Coach David Hurse's thln Saturday. In the contest were forced to ., gram ts' expected to pay large I Douglas, 159 -1,272; Roger car that supposedly belonged ,

I'I clads won't have, as much Center John Williams with fight off a sudden Pirate up- I| dividends In football and Chiton, 142-1.262. and John to Cousins.Cogglns .
I in 17 points and forward Harold I i track, especially if the boys Bradley 142-1.183. i then drove off with!
as previous seasons or rising./ Within a space of about 'I
: In the First Annual Florida Star Confer- any real outstanding sprintersor Bishop with IS led the Tornadoes -I two minutes the Pirates had I|'', carry on through( the long Green (seven tin'esl) -Herbert ,, the car containing a television
over the Pirates for their months/ Sellers. 182 1.262. and a new dress belonging to
summer ,
: ..wce Basketball/ Tournament scheduled here will get field men, but the exacting narrowed the margin to on? i I tI
I ; ,
mentor hasn't counted them I' "A boy who can lift 10 times Nurse noted that under the Joe Greed Several witnesses
point\ 81 the Tornadoes tough:
: wider way tonight at 8 p.m. when Bradford's Tornadoes his body Is tremendously It will harder quoted ,Coggins as saying at
weight new program >e
P'' out of the race by means. I
_, .... any JY Cagers to keep the lead. ,
meet' .Pak e' t''U''i1': s ,up. h "We must put together I A basket In the lost minute[I'I 'strong" Coach HurscI for a larger boy to make It to.,. the time that he had a gun

: Falatka. 7-1 in loop play la morrow night A consolation 't 'tr three strong relay teams In i PiratesBradford's by big John Williams was all I I'I says but so far none has accomplished i I the Gold category since they
w toe top seeded team with St. Top that feat at BHS i have to lift so many marl!
contest Is set at 7 p. m. Saturday order to be a contender, and that saved Land's five too..as I II
Augustine fi-3 seeded second and the championship' If we can find another 440 I I Fernandina' narrowed the lead Some are only a few pounds i i pounds than the smaller boy

: Live Oa.t.II, third Starke game at 8. Winner of the man and' another 220 man,(I Baby Tornado to 49-46 before Williams sank: off, however A boy that can I1!ft 10 times''

... 4-4, fourth, and Lake City. 0- tournament will also be winner we'll have a good chance for' cagers can now ,boost a respectable -' his' basket to make U 51-48. 'I I Boys who can lift 10 times I< his body weight, Hurse says ''

: 8''rated last. The top three of the first Florida Star the state". says Hursc a veteran i 13-6 record after an It wall ell Pirates In the Fem I I their body weight will be put I Is tremendously strot g all over i' .

r teams all drew byes and will Cohference cage title. r of seven years as heal easy 29-17' win over Fernan- l11.1nll'; few seconds as they'i I In the top or gold category, i his body arms, legs and I

: Jay>) In. the double header .The Tornadoes ate col Id I track coach at BHS. dina's B-* uad last Saturday. stole the bay once for.an easy,. those! who lift nine tlmta their back. '

.. scheduled at 7 and 8 p. m. to- favorites to beat Lake City II* has ben pretty oucss-I night In the local gym lay-up and drove In for another I body weight are /In the rid i The exercises the boys hav II i ii

-a. asM tonight having beaten them ful In putting together "good" Coach Bob Palnc's five' before ihe final; whistle I I category; eight times the i to perform with the weight t

twice this season 65-61 here relay combinations and hi* I coasted through their 13th blew. :; ;,; r blue category! ( ; seven times | are designed not to make Charley ,
M holding Fernandina toa fcreen. and six times -w'ute.I muscle men necessarily but to
r and 73-49 in Lake City St. 1103 half mile relay team of win Mike Cook' was high, man'
.. Augustine and Live Oak will Ken Terrell. Tom Gardner single point In the that period for the Pirates with 15 points 'I I Coach flume says tl1:1t.lIm: '- ..trrn-"- -n p" "rt9- of the )

.. meet at 7 p m. Friday night Gene Pass, and Freeman Register then keeping the Pirates while Steve Becketts had 9. :t a boy gets Into a category he body The program also teaches EJohns

and Palatka will play the winner holds the state Class A scoreless In the final quarter Joe Thrift had 8. Ronnie '|r will receive a ribbon of the them the proper way to

;xl JD, :'of the Starke-Lake City record of 1:306.: Pass and The Tornadoes led 11-8 at Sapp,'7. Richard Sapp 6, and i appropriate color to indicate I lift heavy objects without inJury :

F Fr contest at 8 p. m. Oardner will be back this season halftIme and;19-17 at the end Richard Schram 5. 1 hla strength." I to their backs. i

.; Palatka also holds the top; but graduation has of the third period but held Guards Bobby Moody ant ;i Names of the hoys in each Exercises the boys are required -i about this question: i

season record at 17' wins a- claimed Terrell and Register the line there as'they romped Richard Hobbs helped Starke' 1 category will also be published | to perform in the program -

... Kalnst only 3 defeats. St. Augustine The 1884 thlnclads will be over their opponents In the cause With 7 and 8 points| In the Telegraph every two, are the bench press, "Insurance on my home .

is 12-6. Live Oak 10- able to boast 11 returning final period to end the game while, forward Ernest Jenkins weeks. First" number rill be | press dead lift, squat clean (II auto i medical expenses .

.... 8, Starka 12-0, and Lake City letterman In field men DUI with a 10 point, } lead. added 4 and Donald Falcon::3. and jerk and curl. j ji I II income sporting goods .

.. 615. Starke and Live Oat Phillips, Jimmy Dowllng and Wayne McLrod led the Tornadoes The floor play of Hobbs was llama! had a 409 set for the i Tom Gardner, an all conference I

... both hold Identical 4-4 confer- Gardner who Is I also a sprinter. with 8 points guard i, especially' brilliant' and the former and E. DeVoe was fullback and a sprinter personal liability can the

... pw ence records and drew for Sprinters Larry Crawford( Dale Crosby added\ 1 6. David shooting of forward Harold I high for Gem. Picking up discus and shot-put man'Charley E. Johns Agency

third and fourth tournament Leonard Dinner, George Sees Slatrunk 3 and Robert Powell Bishop was uncanny as ha I splits were C. Ollsson. 5-7; D. in track, was the first athlete survey my risks and give

.r. seedlngs with the Tornadoes Ie). Eddie Noegel Pass and and Bobby White had 2 each dropped In baskets from either I Stevens, 2-7 F Pats, 3-7-10; to reach the red category last

.. losing. Always m brilliant ball handier -I Oardner will be back along The 'Baby Tornadoes will side of the court about 15 or and E. DeVoe 310. month and the 170' pounds of me complete coverage thru

.... "Don't count us out of the guard Kit-hard. lloblm. ,In, '' a with distance men'Jo*'Brown, pot see action, again until the 20 feet out. SUndlntsVon Lost muscle' has lifted the second its 'one-stop' insurance

.. conference yet" Coach Erwin scoring threat' from Mywhrr* and Hal and Tony Lawson varsity resumes February 21. After the loop tourney this Gateway 43 24 highest number of pounds at.I.service"

rwr Land bas said of his Tornadoes on the court. lie and partner Hal Lawson a senior holds Both of the two remaining weekend the Tornadoes will D as; W Auto 38'4 33..VtTllest \ 1,605. Mike Maruc.i an all

r a who have lost six of Hobby Moody will btu'k'up the school mile run record at contexts will be on the road meet Santa Fe on Feb 21 and I Const. 3a
.... y 4 their nine defeats by a total In 1101'* lag mm; Rriwwt ..IrnMam 4:386: and "could be till In Santa Fa the 21st and Green Cove the 24th. ,both In. 38 34 I the highest number of pound-i

.. of only 12 points. John William, iiiul Ifartild top distance men in the state" Green Cove Feb. 24 games on the road. Gem Jewelry 31', 35*W : to date at 1.682. But he weighs AgencyJNION'E

Palatka is the only confer- Ulnhop. But he''is expected to be pushed I' Andrews 36 38 14 pounds more at 186 than

E ence squad the Tornadoes I closely by sophomore Tony Sleepy! Hollow( 33 39 : Gardner and It will be harder! 964-0121

have not beaten this season by two. Lawson who came: along real! AA:. i Goodman's Gulf 30 42 I for him to obtain the coveted 131 S. Walnut St.

1r losing to the Maroons 65-44:! As Coach Land said before well as a frinhmen. I Starke "66" 30 42 i Gold ribbon.
.. ,
.. In their first encounter on th, his team's one point 51-50 win Sprinters Leonard Dugger a sA BOWLINGLEAGUES Wells Elec. 28% 4354'

1 rpM Tors home court. In the sec over Fernandina last Saturday senior and Larry Crawford, y e COFFEE LEAGUE '!

M ond outing however. Lund's "Our boys have been a Junior are part of the 1963 Keystoners stopped the Tea-I 1

.-. r five came within thrn* paintsof coming back strong after every mile relay team that set a I cups in their 4.0 win In the I I II

... taking the Maroons on game and I see no reason school mark of 3:30: flat anj ?art thGaro' I Thursday Morning Coffee

their home court losfng Just why they shouldn't con track fans can expect to see I League last week. P. Brownled FLORIDATHEATRE
: ::,nuarll hobby l Moody (above) 61-58. tinue to do so." them"lain" thin. season In the the Keystoners with a B3S I
.r od Itii'hard H.>bl". .nt r.xpMtto 1 MEN'S COMMERCIALFirst I
The I while
Tornadoes won their Trophys will be given the same c.paclty.DuaAer. series II. Holtzendorl

: ml give Tornadoes a lift during first game with St. Augustine conference champion and run- Gardner and Pass ; 4j GYQ5 place Coca-Cola wld led the losers with a 315

r ../ tourney. Moody I. shown 46-44 on the local floor but ner-up, and the tournamentball will also be part of this year's ened the gap over second J, Wells' 429 series was high

: ...nln' for lay-up .c lnHt M.ry lost 41.39 when thry wnnt to will go to the third place sprint medley relay team, wet Saturday, pUce Lake Geneva' by stopping for the J it; M's In their 4-0 -

: nJ1Y\'* 'j to ..,. -.*. the Jackets'; ,,coyrt. In the second squad. which lent year aet a school the After golf a eoutw yery was*..<>PeiTtd a .Stark* Ttlephon Co. 4- win over Cool Cats. B. Wlnk- -
encounter record of 3,03 flat 0 In1\ the Men's Commercial IeI' with
r the Jankela : Dinner few "ducks" 311n .. slowed the game down and First Baptist Church and Gardner are seniors and I when League last week. H. Davis led the Cats" and also picked up
.. hard to play golf you
r Black HillsPASSION made the Tornadoes play It Puss Is a Junior and all three i "Ideal weather conditions Coke with a 503 aeries, While I the_ 5-7 spilt. OPENING TIME:
their tnu will the sprint medley are J E.!: Fata was' 'high for the los I 8 A L'i :3
.r. PLAY way a tactic BHS Sermons for Sunday "'b. run on golfer..' So hope to see ; won points from MONDAY THROUGH FHIDAY
used at times this season according: to Coach era with a 490 set. 'the Rebels 8. Ellington had 6:45 P. M.
16Morning: Guest speaker, out to playespecially
'- more
rr r FEBRUARY APRIL 1 1AT The Bradford five alter Hume. Paced' by J. Saundm 893 hlRh'set 382 for the winners.
ii iia Rev. Marvin Btrdhnm. rtrld.rcret.1' the ladiescome clear: weather. SATURDAY 1:00: SUNDAY 2:00:
LAKE WALESAMPHITHEATER topped Live Oak 65-44 In the I A freshman Lamar Sanford aeries, fourth place Blackwell'sKsao' while F. Hardenbrook led the
S.w ) Florida Baptist Con I
two teams' first meeting hero Is expected to help out Pan : 'dropped Lake Oene"a'II.. losers with a 423 series
vention. Evening:: "Make The The past few Wednesdays
but lost two points. 44-42, and Gardner on the half mile 0. H Lawrence led Geneva.
.. Pttl ruilMAN ltft BAt H1Tus Tree 00 w ly, Thur dv, Saturday when they played In Live Oak. |I relay toam th'a'! season JIOIbit with a 501 set ,
.. 8chedul. of enjoyed cards In the"fdend"I' Keystoners
.. 7:30: P.M.Stmdsys To sum It up three of thn regular/ services: one of the fastest man oh 1 Btarke Motor Parts topjxld 4 0
w. *:OO P.M. I Tornadoes four conference defeats 'Sunday Worship. 11 a. m..I the squad and will run the 100 bouse. Both bridge: this Food Fair 3-1 behind the J Ot; M's 4 0 Double Feature Program

have been by a total of 7:30 7 : p m. Sunday School. 0:451: I i and 230.: asta are being played: and bowling of Frank" Jarvis who I SAL 3 I
a. m. Training Union 8:15: .Is to' be a, regular event:JBo If Rebels 1 :3
p. Ncn-lctterman who had i 475 scries B. Lawson
rr seven points. They lost to Pa- sr expected
m. Mid-Week can get up a table to play Cool Cats 0 SEF.TliE: TMIHC WITHOUT A FASEl! .
l..tir.. bv three markers, and Prayer Scarce to round out the quart. you led the losers with 5C1.I I 4
r Wednesday 7:30: p. m. miler senior come on out around 1 p. m. I Nix-gel's Auto Sale drew Teacups 0 4
.w IB M. Ananstlna and Live oak I I rr corps. are next Wednesday. If you are
the 13 this week for an
r Oorge Sec ley, and sophomores lucky
.. I unable to find out who Is '
Jr. Hi Cager
i Ronnie Harper, CalvinVarnee t automatic 4-poInt win. t 1
1 playing' call Verne Odom at
r John Bradley, Douglas Draw-TILe, led by P. Bartoii Lose PointlJradford'
B64-3801. By
r Conner and Richard Crew 'with a 625 aeries downe l
r f Thursday Feb. 20. la Ladles
r NOTICE According to Coach Hurse, (Tom's Shell' 3-1. Pete haf'i>
: Gold Association. meeting ., Junior High
,, Harper' I II a potential prospect games of 247. :243. and 138L.
12 noon. Be thinking about ::niters lost a dose one 29-30
to bl'Comehe fourth member\ Noegel led Tent's with S0>
In Pa r Luke City Tuesday afternoon Plus .1 1Nft1531iTTiR
Invitation to *
our -
.. .. Ute squad. needs for the half this Oem Jewelry held filth -
latka the last of month In th.lr final outing of
r rr could place by beat In_ \tjoneham'r;
mile, and mile relays. lie
r let Gladys: Hobbs \Uie) Utl4 bivk bail season.
r b* the "one rood 330 man" for so you can. '" I Healing 31. M Evan led tnGems The
.. know If canto. Tarivad were down
which Nurse I is looking. you with a 511 .-It.*. while
rw. .
Make your reservations now; J Jl.ai. at lialftm but outtcOTd -
w.r. ... Prospect for the half mile Schaeffer: was high for Ute\
Feb. 21 the Tigers 18-9 in theLHojid
r.w for the card party on
._ are letterman Joe Drown an.lLron lasers with a 487 set
.. r. TOWNFINANCE There will be pl'an4' refreshments half and wen ahead a
Thomas JOth Week Won It
both juniors.hlal
.-. at no charge for ,I point at one '1111.. The locals
Coc'a-coIa 5315 IBtI
Lawson may also run the
.. both brld* and canasta player. also\ missed two chances ta
half mile frequently: In fact. Make your reservations I I take Geneva 45 35 win the contest In Ux clo: : tnnia'tti ::'.s nah! .,'ulW V'rtitt3 Uafln 1
I Motor Parts SIH 38 srBlackwell's
It could turn out to be hit
w with Verne Odom at 984-2W1. 31 tau\ second but mIMed the 1 Is.
major race. I
Let's make use of our spacious p ,
: 42 31
An al-round tarckman Malar ],
.. \ Tom Gardner was last''Iur'a club house> and enjoy th* t r w-Tlt# 41 39Tom's Sun., Mor: Tues., Wed.-Feb. 16-19

r best shot and discuss i fellowship together I Shell 36 44 Regional LibraryTo

rw FINANCE COMPANY man. and he Ia I on top ao fa" 'I See you In the clublouaIunu.J I I Starke Tle. U 45l4Srgel's Buy Bookmobile '
It dries on the teal SIN-BIN!
this season Ills best toss of up 'Auto 84 4.rOl'Jl.bam'a WELCOME TO THE
the shot la' date la 4a"l 3-4" .30 54 \ decision! to purchase a ./n .xi' sal1 _

r.. but his best lad araosn was rood fair 37 53 "CO book capacity' booknvv" y' 'Of.- .

JIT Hurs lay h* Is .I.t. Jan., Rainfall, LADIES TV*.U GMT 'I- II soon a* it can: be mad I o '''3 i '. "
Unit good start this sad ,... J
a year First place' Gateway stopped ivafable, tlt.Ilatttttd11! tu I .:.:, ,
w HAS MOVED TO will pick up" U.I dna Mm Averages 13 In. TrtMt CunsUuctton 4-0 In thKthv -,ua, testy meeting' of the SntjFt .' (; .. .
r out at the shot put are Dill .
Hlonal LIbrary Board at ,
w wk of UM Lair Twt- .J
PhUIlp a senior" who --show Th three the. towers In limbs Lea u* this week. M the Start Library Sunday af ( JFff
w promts, and sophomore David i
Bradford County bar reported Janis' W4 O.t*'M 'with a 17} Urnooo.Drtetatn.

r UH"r. PhUMfM has al-, an .n...... of tl Inch* of'*' series. and filth urn for Lisa t t33J. were appointed' tithe .
w rrady ,,1tr 10thia *r,
226 N. TEMPLE rain alnc Jan. ':' -hla la almost I IIWtt. B Sprow WM top Florida Library AuocUttoo /
Gardner, Phillip aid amVor Convention' which will b. ,
three times" as much ash tar TrlMt Couatructlon1: wltb
Jimmy fowling are lh held In Paint Reach April tII 0"1 ,
.. Uv normal rainfall! for UUperiod
'84 teams 'dttcua provpfrts.Oardnvr ;,
a. and plan ware tllti-intnl : ,
((1- Bro-en. with a SM let. .
.. has already thrown for National Library W..II 4' 'tIie 01J'SffC'
During th* week. Fb ,. -1t'1 t fcfurrtt Insurance In a Ir rd mi' '
: Ln* diM UO( feet this. inuaian 1 Since Flortd .U on. of fear lisdl t 't s'1i
Phone DAW Asia a.-'L
964-9091 1Yw fiver lower recorded toO vtetoOT ever
Ared i.,
.. whit Phtlllp and Dow I Iha. lira scat.& library tnci ... Cot
a< parllet- L
.. .. Ineltee. iruhUnd, had 14 In- J:,Ward led th* losers wiuf a I"
reached 1J*.. paling in the at 6"trwid. pilot
.. 4 .1 ''-. and Santa F* 3 tarh4M.Sine $10'aeries. ..r,
Other field own, all uv- presrsm' of Ut* Jay r. Goad .., -
and Andrewstlrmta
Jan. I, Maw River' hail W>Us ftectrto 0
: tried In vfxV'y' cocn tftiuoit recorded *II t inctM 'HwtUarMF won 2 p* rvU .*ch X.Bcw heeding for Youth CoounuiU- i .

.. *. EASIER PARKING I(,"aBrood: juagp. Hootvt* lt.rp-I I Ill IMIwe. and aanta 14.3 I I .n rotted a 4i FVJUM' _I" f... ty Uvla\. FrcwraM.resi: WMi *j the. affirms Itbrarkr *of-*. ninon,... ItV

.. lrsehta Wtfc CUrtn: ups
R. No Cues wr.* r.purt- liu (or Wills, ...... U. nrUv. *UUa la th* Jaycees In pro ,,

.J"oIf vauB-BUI Jfd..e'ds'and cod by Uw Florida Fcrwt *.,.. 1w.ua.; 3-1: O. slid"& aoUnc uu: p.gISt tfurtni the

: SAME FRIENDLY SERVICE Mlfkry CaUsci." tlUxlk sloe in live county dKwtnc Iii.wt wad roved blab a4 Off fr period Asll 11.10Ufa Sa [ .
)urnjv rt nk Ooobbor. | Seth Darn M. reaIanULtranara. I L
*.fk. Bine Jan. I SPi.T, Andrew Dnkn. P"'tnt tippU.u cy\iJJ
r Caltan and Wayne rttlppa.. ,
.. hat been tour rtrra with 1X1 fen AAitfW were 31tM4.rbgl. rrfnnm on.n.U.- DenztJOOcS" .,
0ClM't **n b.r of U>* 14squad | turn of ih* rrtto-i. and 361st> .
amt a. Moor,
sir's burned a. eo.PSJ4dlwits ) J-7.
r \ are Ttow&yn J< 35 ttm and III 1 N1. h'M+ tt
: LOANS TO ManliaU Ba a. Charts ItMr41. act"J| tl rat .
$25 aria r nuw r. FlnrVl
r burned 1ft th IIU&
sane ptW I az..p, 1iot2e..a a pants
r Robert T>n.n. Larry Lbw. Stale L'1It'UJ. r>pk rt4 m Us"AyhsJteeu3rl ; oassS''r" f.iJ.
year O'em.an'S. Owtt wilt" r
MW : art bleb .
Wr, Raymond a..n. C4u'1 lID.a ttllCU"
1&,1Inoa voilm u.. Kbat '--
Da'-1 be the H ffvrwtatsv's
Mo, and Jaja N tt> .1 5.JKEl
,r' TII1I iturr rourr' .w *. I --. 47*. whits. J, [umttelsled '" Jswary.tare. .Lp>al"srww.MM.arla9lei11r1Yaf'!
E Th quad'a first com.-. wa. few wrt1. paws Aa. sW 1M krseee wtl5: a elf ptI J, W. "'vu.Jr .-o-7.;: ; ; :: alzl..s1II(71If3i.71'' '

L glom tM seam Is ....-u.t to) ...... r. t .--. .a1RBU11o0R ..j I Fscius4 I up epMe ..... T+,,1 fabrn.t1ef "h it sm t4 tf1 ittartr :.. -

; "COME AND SAY HELLO take plM It* 21 in a ..611> TessM a .... Ta.a-I J., aixl 34.Yxtri: tetrads ., 1s Lresary. MuO .

meet with OJnnUt Ii.aa: 1LU'1I. .-..1.. 1 U1&w, aM tart Roarer FREE MOVIE' THURSDAY
.. h.". Bkhooi. Start 44 and Mew JMW? peed. serial rvf-e.'uhant ..

a von J paint .*wA. )L Wli' UM ITTMtpk. Stews at ; 3'16-1:00 t
rw .







Tllnt D.\Y, FED. 13 ]00 l BRADFORD (,() 'TT TTLTOKTO.: ST! .\RHR. FLORIDA ._ sac ..I't'EI ;

....... _' ... __' ..r_' ''I''_ ___... ---__ .......-- .. -- --".- ..-'nK ''''' ...a...... ''
Antique Show oii ;s'GIi'pscInto -.

I Bradford's By-Gone) Era RECREATION NEWS ___ I HUNDREDS .

A fascinating glimpse Into another.
: .
HITK: FI.YIM1 CONTEST:' : Fridays at the Armory
Bradford County's by-gone era Other items included a 300- .
Those who missed: the kite 3:3Q: ) p.mForty
was offered In the second annual vear-old lamp that burned '
t M
flying! contest last: Saturdayrwtly boys are r.glst..recand OF \
Antlqu Show staged by I whale! oil ,a baby's milk bottle vfl
missed some fun The they have been divide
the High School PTA last I from the 18th century r
I lutes were ,11y.bl&n! and Into four trams: Canova Pharmacy n
eekend. England. and a handsome t
> Oil Co Southern
Historical relics of two desk made from an old harpsichord low.There Register L&
pioneer families the RichI I'I were small kite and1u&e Discount:! and Racket

ardes and the Andl'l'USIn- I Mrs A. N. Holliday president kites flying around hawks.
Inert were 25: entries at We need a couple! of adulU
eluding Spanish land grant of the> PTA said this
dating back to the 1700's. were j year's show, although bitter the contest and w* were glad : who would like to coach them
on display. I I than the first, was not as successful to see parent take Interest!' in I boys. So far we have only one
Other Items of unusual interest ,- financially due to,poor their children to bring them I roach and, that 1* Frank Owa- IONTEST(

Included early tools and 'I attendance attributed to bad 'out and help try to get the, ley the Recreation Director At TERWILLEGAR During Factory Contest t'LUat( ; IAU., Iff
implements for making hand-1 weather. Last 'gear's chow had kites. aloft. $o If nit>'0ti" U interval.!
hewn shingles from the old I paid admissions over $300 The winners were!' as fol. please Jim Hoi'nsby farm: an ancien*"I i while this sear's'gross was a- lows: MEN$! "OL."II.o\I.L: ,
buggy from the Walter Man- round $217. including! the sale Homemade, Kite Jimmy We would like to organize a '

*ell farm; and the .Lavender of food. Crosby Larry McLeod Clvlo Volleyball League 1\11'
"collection. of Items !either Mrs. Holliday expressed appreciation Smallest Kite -- Rltymer) soon as possible and the different I FALCON SIZE FORD GALAXIE SIZE CUSTOM FORD
ed mainly from the old to the Starke Police Howell :JrHighest Civic organisations areb

homesteads In Bradford Un- I Department who( provided, "a- Flying Kite-.Jerry .ln contacted.If .
ion and Alachua Counties.! round the clock" protection Lee. you belong to a Civic or-
SPan for the first time b\r I foe: the.valuable, items' on dis- I1AT.YM PASKF.TB.I.LDat ganisation town and wonKi" t I HIGHEST
many young foCt were a black play. She al lso' ,thanJced all pet. <1m Basketball League, like to play volleyball ron- S S

smith forge, anvil, and other sqns who plhced'itetrls! ,on. display gyts.,underway, this week with"I i tact your respective Club and
tools! placed' on exhibit by or a.i.Kled t in any wyMrs. game scheduled Tuesdays: and_ ortfknisa a team
Delbert Green The items' were Billy Dow Jin*' was TRADES
utfd by .hi*' fcrandfather oh cUalrmnn lit 'the show-r' Airs.D .j '

his farm pioneer' Bradford, County P. SicL >radon 'had charg 9'O'Mile An,Hour SpeedersGet 1795 2195

of food sales: Mrs Randal 1 1I
Included in the Richard WHY PAY
I I i Chitty coordinated workers: '
family xhlblt.! ,placed by Mrs. : Hard Time' In County Court
W --J Epperson! Jr, was a le- and Mrs. Sherrad/ Hamilton .
gal document in 'which slrtves with Mi's. J. B. Tally win in MORE !
were) wlllvd from one owner to Charge of placing exhibits.. I I County Judge T A Yawr ed to "net an example: for MIM
continued his watchdog effortto others'! by Judge Yawn Harris -- ,
keep Bradford's highway* was worried about the ef

Small Liberal Arts College 'clean by sentencing four 00 fret of 'speeding ticket on !
rh p. li. 'a ders'to five days his admission to the Florida
I fncl In the County Jail during Bar '

Planned At ParkofthePalmsKeystone plea day Other 'l'nt..nnsAl'I'1'\ COy
One of the excessive speed Marcus Williams, driving on'
ers Juan A. Dies of Tampa the wrong side of the road

Heights may be- before' a press 'rlt'alleA\ a.. v.ai !given a further choice' of' $35 or 5 days; Clinton Kellyfailure .

come a "college town" on a made, but the news Just leaked paying $500 or spending his to yield right of way
email scale by September 11 cut prematurely We are I five days in Jail. Ha Is a jail while entering< U 8 301 near
If all goes well, according to not actually going to( have a occupant at present Rome's. 135 or 5 days John-

Gordon Purdy director of space one.college,,just a good ,Diaz was apprehended uy Roberta, failure! to havevehicle
Purk-of-the-Palms ')1Lake! liberal arts junior college I speeding st t' 95 m. p. h. on U. under (control causing -
an accident $35 or 5 days
Brooklyn 8. 301 South near the Hampton .
receive I I 1 A 13-year-old boy caught
The Gospel Volunteer( A religious Ualnlng, ; Pur- cutoff on the BradfordAtachua ,
driving s motor scooter without
'' said I There
non-profit organization, plans dy County line.
to establish a small llbeiai u.*., ,, Puidy enUmatrd! that th" were other occupants In the a license was given asuspended
Junior college, with emphasis'I present buildings' on the .site rental car he> was. driving frem sentence One cane
continued and M bonds
on religion, utilizing the pres- ''would hold aboftt 100 stui BBVHrtnsrT. Os.
ent Park-of-the-Palm site' I I i dents An auditorium, lodges, John;..Dale HaynieT: 22 of were estreated 1
Purdy said. and a dining hall 'are already "180 8. W:35th: Ave in Oaln-
The group hopes to obtain 'I located on the 180 acre ''slf' esvlDe, wajl sentenced tp five MisdemeanorsNot

a high level 1 faculty and the which faces' Lake Brooklyn. dayslnlall for d..lying at l Mm. To .
proposed school will have a No additional buildings an}, p. h' on U. s. 301. The two Subject

provost if established. Purdy planned st present, or until other cakes were! Luelous Ruling Court SaysA
also sad| that an educator the college program gets "off I II James Mitchell Jr. and Robert & When You GO FORD
from Atlanta*Oa., experienced> i I I the ground" Halnex. both Clainesvllle Negroes fltate' Supreme Court decision.

In setting up curriculum and I Purdy plans to contact colleges who were on their war handed down lust .week, "f
administrative procedures wit] / and universities throughout to a dance In Lawtey at 00 I tape that the State of Florida ., > !

visit Keystone!' soon: I''I Florida In connection with, m.p.h. dim not have to provide I legal sr: ': ",.e W'- ..W'L"e. : r'JXI'Y"".'. ','
"Nothing'> is concrete Jet,- making sure that credits from Two cities were set for a aid to penniless awbreaken rwA'O. +e"1
Purdy declared. "We hall the proposed Keystone. Junto' j. prrllmlnarv hearing so Judge charged with mtademeanors Total I --9 J
hoped to clear up; more! details I'College will be.accepted.. Yawn could .determine whether 'The rat brought before i f. '4 Wins All/ The/

or not the defendents ,, the FktHda\ Court was a carefully FORD 'BUILT RIGHT
Ministers GetCertificates Stump. the occasion being tire,'' should be held over for Circuit! chosen teat ca.e to find Performance I
500 Mile/ Races
33rd anniversary of Stump' Court trial. out whether the U S. ftuprrm I -
I Store- In Starke. They!' were: George Washington Cnurt decision regarding In Of It was announced that the Early Jr.. a negro ace gent ft-lorm applied to every T
Koffee Klub session In March cuaed i of aggravated!' assault one." Public Defender R. A 1 r N rr
AppreciationCertificate would be in the form of a .wllh's .13 cslltoef Disk. and IBuxcyl I Green Jr. said +

conducted tour of the Slat! carrying concealed weapon The case originated (fr Ala
!' !'* of Appreciation Prison at RaJford. and"' Joe Aimmons. accused by I redo County, part of the
were prevented to U.. ministers Mildred Ayers 'of stealing: an Eighth Judirar Circuit of i!

of Bradford County at City Policeman automobile. which Bradford U a' memberTrw'ruJmg a flr.ltw
the monthly I Koffee!' Klub' Washington pleaded guiltyto c.m.In the cam" ,
meeting In the Florida Theatre Prove To Be carrying!: a concealed weapon of Dale T; FUh. sentniml to 1

Thursday morning Feb!' I Good Samaritan and was sentenced. to 1100 dg l months' in Aiaehua County
6. or 30 dAre In jail but pleadednot Jail on two roudrm'unorcharges '
I tulltv to the aggravated checks.Juatic .
pf writing bad
The citations presented by
City Patrolman Don Hall recently
', assault. charge.. Simmons also B. K. Itoberta. who eIivy
the!' Starlcl-!' r.dford County played the good Samaritan n.
Chamber of Commerce, werea to_ an Injured algn p.ln.'tar pleaded not guilty' to the lar- wrote MM d. iolwl'- said that
renv charge. Aggravated assault of the Cltd-
careful reading
feature of National Clergy who1 1C'r..IIn.. atang s
Week Feb 2-'. and recognis US. 30C.Ui of town near and auto theft are both on decision showed nothlns
ed that America "Is foundedon felonies, and Judge Yawn will that eonrhinively' '. Indlcatrd Uws
freedcm of filth." Rev Alligator: Cre.k.Pasalng ', assign the cases to Public Defender IntMlded0 apply to ..11rrlmr. tl .
John R Brabham expressedhis motorists had fail.eel R, A. I Busty: I Oren .. h u
to stop and help U>. wounded I
Jr. if the are unable to .
appreciation' on behalf! of mm A U S Supreme Court dr.
the Ministerial!' Afl'anee. man. ..'" In counsel' cblon last March; In UM rs..* I
I J V. Phillip of Jacksonville Judge Yawn ordered that
Featured speaker of the of Oldeon \of'nUII Wl n..rlCh'-!
session was HowlanJ Sarra i a sign painter for Lamari ,, W. E. WUon. ch.r.PCtUI! director of'rtortda's corrK I
representing. the State Insurance I I i Dean Advertising Co.. was putting auto theft b. held over for turn attutons. _let that ail
Commissioner's\ offIce. up a, billboard (o the Circuit Court trial after near p rMMt charged with 'crun-
right of the creek when, II... from two witnrwt.
who dl USIIf'Ch..lth and accident Inc testimony Insl offense tug to .b. pro'vtded
policies for persons over : Udder") fell, and b. fell with It .. Wllsoo's plea was not with '5 lawyer by the HOW FORD RACING' HELPS the following changes in'tho' Fairlane 289 V-8 :t
Phillip* began ciawtlng towards guilty
more .and( more companies art town for help. and hd Sentenced to sis months In ""The Rttt tigkdstufeerected engine: better block, improved pistons, improved :
now writing non-cancellable struggled along" with a lwl'-t.dtg jail for participating! In an the office of PublMDrftnoVr1 BRING I YOU A BETTER CAR
: Eouinu) Mid.,, valvo train stronger connecting rods :
polkCor. this Me group tor about SO ,Klnut when affray wa to aid sit Indigent ,
,I Hall happen.d to Artv by on who U lIMo Sarr declared that the eat felons not charged Most automotive engineers tell you that and bolts. Such improvements contribute not [
of medical in rerenlfears his way back to town. with Mlanu' t>. .ilco*. for >
can CrimeWeocr.harred
has Increased more than I T I Hall took Phillip t. ndf l"wd and 1 U>c1vious>> bhavlor. rapual with, asap- the track is one of their most valued testing only to Ford's winning track record, but also' to :.

twice" as much percentage I .rtl County. Hospital for .- ,Judge Yawn set a prr isnlnsryhearing Itsl attrt. who are ynabt to I I
laboratories. :
'far' the trw tvhawarehsrg the total so important to your
wise, ss the coat of living H mergency' tN'at.m.lIaW he pffDvtd |.btr own .Its.! svtsr performance

warned aisiSM buying any was late sent to Jackanvtla Katj.riae*, manses' Wilson AUcox...r.eelredrwlxnded and provided towjer''. br thr For example, track competition led directly to everyday riving. Come in and see! :
without I
Insurance "by mall" BISU.
personal contact with Uu Olustee Battle II Ii I I WnMnrtt f. per. awe thr creation of the

agent" or a representative. tirlpvting In .n Tfrsi. ',, rgol+e Defeorter .Uwe three -:::
During the, KoTfe KhiaeaslOB. Exercise*'Set i i fprrOrrt I f fit tut Rj* a- beers. soove ur.Uun a* b rjz ::::::: For Tho finest In
I', ::
I were> Daniel Kelly\ ttf. >JO or
m birthday cake was not ths ttrriaiun
I weather or
presented U>' M'.ss UDtanYtf [February 22rseteurtei 1 d.*.;: PaaaI l AlnmnArt ift .yhrhided rrpwsnt.tlan rot on a
for dsirtng A) m 9 h la.a eharln. I AUTO BODY PAINT t
!: eomn.whorstinSUe..Centan51a1 MCKUP Utvlii ere nwr lira, .ktudemo.... g iro ta. used
,. lute PvMtetaw E I
."or ;>f th* Battt it,. aM or 19 dare tat stewing did ..n( csO for eams*tjng SAVE good TRIM SEAT COVERS I

A F : .,otuste*.''jtorkU's most MporUnt M m p h.Rrc'iring, perwM ace,. al of ........ '
encsswsMnt ot the fine vf PI'*>rA 8I I .*<.ori. Mn for lru "o4fshsns. CI UPHOLSTERY ,CONVER.
Cent dm War via br held l'a Urdr -i I r. to jail f. ..-. uvg wr .- Or*._ said
afterosxm. FV* M. at 2: r: J tnuar OtiCTts.: VUL Drirw "U VK. nortrfs SUuwtn
p. m at U* Batts.: PVld laMscrtoiny lUwkt.; Anther lW.... {tsr.samd Cart hcle' \ had born for TULLE TOPS ,
cai 1.4 ____ fat. City: ee4. D,-" tin tort JCu..n. an.w-d at uUA4 NaIL Uv 1961 VOLKSWAGEN KOMBI WAGEN
Yoar Ho*** CM have"COMPLETE" oo RLcmsr 5S V. T on_: t>-M rirtv. t Jr a->>!a.... -W hate "hat
LIKE; 4'1os.: .: IJW) ';''c" HAVE nm See NowffNKW
8 epew.rd U&rA.11 a'' Dale Bpitwvt rn.JIfJMr7: C .. ....... less tea ..,... TERWILLEGAR
the auin .ddr'ea, Olftit, and. !Brit ...4f.4wnu r-.M rw- 4.f it dS

Peat Ctrel l Srrtif Cor ages* of AUanla.KaUMfttw great P\Daca1i CT.A..I T&Tnrrrrry tiMd Jr, sf norVtoStwMnU we a et.4rarararr..".... t'ar7withtale Oren. 1963 FORD FAST BACK390 ENGINE /: lrU.V( | :, Ellltl'MYNT': : ::-

DIM e.. M. ail TMTim daughter of line, o-n. Jw.phPtn.un revved. MlM a< $Jor .JIM.. Yitp.e.4 T.s. wile. N.e4.. l_t 'IQO' Warranty KXI'KKT: KKIMIHMK.N; / : "g
>. M.rwW ... tr*.*n. Cbasaano of theC.ed.d.ret. 4f M >all. CU MTi. a In'Cna.Ja. 'CJIt'C'II CW Goem
..... Koolr* w.. t...d kfJtXM
.. fere.e In VW "
'q.la.iy ,-. treed .sad .r.MM .- c.. via be. an noOMx fretere Ta*n tor >...**. Uw JL 14. a.. t16. 1963 FORD THUNDERBIRD DEMONSTRATOR Your One Stop Repair
rte. s.ee.t
y..e y.e ... ._
.. on, rr>*>n M. totrt a ho ass Malt. .. Ie
vIE tl .s.
+ tee tjrr
ydb. Y ... ..... mm rw .. W...J,.: II Ua/rs
wt < (rrrtn l** f a* p Marwb'4 a "lf
..... ... Male Nspmlmn raAmon > rnUI :::: 1500.00 DISCOUNT Shop In Starke!
lw .,- M !>.. Ut rrpi UM M.eei. when "..tIC .e-.dl.d,, glee E..arne bolo 1:8d: p a T1K ,'.+rr A Air
: tb.h J.b .
gran tnnfmn vturtt ear"u1brAed < ws. 4.iel.e st *.1le.v.t -.JII W.esrdmr. .1:M pR e
t.the eat mart ..r.WsrM >.tt r Mi fums Ira rwr' M--.. 'P, ,
Fforirfa' fig .... Is* *..*.**. "was j.lOIii' 1.38 p-_ 1. I. t 77i.r.

rw- .......nK4 rrs.*r of --
Pest Ma.eLiay will pea... .. 9* 'a. tb..! -.***
.seee.... TA' Betts wi 'oa..cp.t w.. TtsK CMtstUt or 000 TERWILLEGAR MOTORS !
Control Praedwd. > Our Ot...... fir&S p..rar. rle tgs .wess-' Of P1u".y. .
CHEMICAL. CO. *.r.14 evvte+r .... ... b idu at ,Aba p..u was 1 y. Cew.avert ......-. ,1.
& .. .. sa4 Ikwat ii rl1.etln4
Ii a as Sa I'W CM O-< ns.res 4 r.dies. Beater .
rb_ M'39Uarb. ...", at Las. C'IU whre" r.arM3i. ef uW' ee..ert ..'. M e.eG j.- e a
.. .......... ..tIe IiIIIII& tfwrt err ..n.- W' a BaJM ... .r__...." -...-, 1 Mt.gM 'Your Authorized Ford Dealer I In Bradford and .Union Counties;
I !'&- ru. OW WtT>. gee 1ra.trf. coa -.- prvoeutl.t h VIMI a.aT+ ia Yhraa4 14 sti.dJ

.,......: Btty ".r1.__ :. a.: z. J It. II TL/5tc.o. Ile part '_




", .
1----- --. _,u-v-u-_ .-u---- .
.- u-ww. - w--. -- --


PAGE_SIX___________________BRADFORD___COUNTY__TKLCflR_.\r-II_. STARK_ FLORID_ _ THtTl: DAV. FEB. IS 1964

Three Youths \I -- -- -- -- and helps do whatever she electrical maintenance pla their loot were quantities of ,II. I ''j'ILr',1' ,.. .01".. .i 1" '.r
Who Get L he said. Guard Mini. '.IID.W.T i,, pletclliuc, i i ,,..
can, Superior toon. .
chewing gum candy. oranges 'inil.'lHint in ,tin Matntlfr.. .M
Plead DudKett thinks that most "This will give persons interested chickens beer and a pistol. I till"'ney' (Jreen Oreen a r fr.n.
people realize that a preacher I I ytHrke. Klorlda and file the n-
In auto mechanics rlaln l In the nfflc** nf the ('...rk
The Roads? U human, Just lUte they are.'But' In InspectionThe welding machine, shop work- I rif tltn I I'lrpult I Cimit, on or Iror. lit-
"' She I lAth dav nf
(Continued from Pane One) Mar'h.
I he Maid "you have to 'artillery and repair. >orie: TO I>K.KKMIS > ,
weapons 1K8H >'ihera'I.l the all &iiti.'nI ..
have a fantastic memory to aircraft maintenance, radio. I rinrt'lT COI'RT IIKAIi0 i I I of valil CnmDlnlnl Mill lie tukt-n
I Continued from been responding to counseling, i I r''un ''''NT?. KIXllUUA' IN I 1 I ,
) Page One) i-onfifaii by '
remember all the people you local National Guard: an yuThis
: radar repair and other tech- ,'IIAs'.tnr.'
i and Judge Yawn gave the boy I ,
| notli-e .h.L'I I hf r"IoII"'don. 1
ished them with, "When I a warning. are. supposed to remember. Unit, 622nd Ordnance CoOS nical skills offered a chance(: to Harvey I.. Mill, JrI'lalntirr na<'h week fur four ,.onM.i-
bring "I goof at the name and ( ) received an official report be assigned In the fields most cutlv weeks In the F1RA1E'IIItUe.rN'rv |
up something eveiybodywajqts I I I S .
The Judge also! gave a Bradford \H Ca. N-i 13-S3X 1 TKI.WIHAPIIPatvcl :
from Third
to drown me out." 1 face game sometime People Army Headquarters 1 desired," Crosby said. "Very I Knits" | Anna Huhmnnn Hill I this I 11th day ..f Febr
High School athlete, who wilt to that I ha.en.tlIeen | that the unit was awarded !I.ndent.XTI'E ,
Roberts replied, "I wint. to: come me few units hay: this wide Variety uary.. 1554.
turned IT years: old a weekafter in a Superior on Its an- I TO AFPBAKTo ('HAIU..IO A
know what I'm voting for : I two or three year, of job assignments to offer : Karl Anna ItuhmnnnHill RARIIY.
.and there's ,! the Incident a warning and then maybe met only one* i nual General Inspection by their personnel. It It. K. Val para I..<>. Indl- Clerk of the Circuit. Court
just too much un- By J"n"l.I.: ('lIrt"rO.lty
and to be around
him not
;ceitalnity! as to where tha told or twice and expect to be re : the Inspector General from S The unit is Interested in finn You ar.. hrr..liy nutlflrd. thin,, <"I.rk l
when "things like this happen that last Decem- (SK.\I.)
headquarters .
road would be membered. I try to avoid letting I t cull for Dlvori hllll he>*n
again" Two other youths were having personnel with any of filed RKalnm' ynu In the atoov. 1-13 41 311Bradrord
Green accused' anyone know I don't know : .. ,
Roberts oC( ber.In these nan >*1 'oitrt, nn l 'nu. ansi you
found "not guiltof beln.r expirtences, come by for
"Jukt not wanting to Ro along i who they are. I grab somebody forwarding the report ts I
Involved Intel views
In the theft. to discuss what
with! anything: 'I .nay." 'Johns who doe know after they j the unit commander, Capt. ,
usa Theft grades; they may enlist at and Health Facts
and Roberts voted against the leave and ask" he said. ( Drew P. ReddIsh, General I what opportunities; are avalli cJ :
proposal with Mrs. Chastain The three boys who were 1 Does Rev Bob Badgett. ae Robert Ballard Senior Troop able.

''and Green voting for it. I planning: to run away took f:5 85 have a pet peeve? "Yes", I II Commander for the Florida i 35,000,000> PATIENTS

Chairman Prevatt broke the I from a cup in the usa build --I---- do. It.. people who say this is Army National! Guard said: F

''tie with a favorable "aye" to ing and $10 from the candy I ,1 they way we've always done I "Your unit 1 Is to be commended LawteyB&E ; 'cr; ;; can't be wrong !

Oreen's motion to make the machine last month. They entered The Hadj I through the win. I I rating./ The continued excel Jails Three
Sampson Road numbei nine. open agralst change or anything dif tients have solved their health problems
Johns dow in the men's rest room lence of your unit points I
rebutted with a pro. ferent. up
posal to pave five mike of I and found a key to the building Typical Clergyman Leads Busy Did the native Ohioans have to the outstanding leadership I' Two Lawtey men and on? Wz_ __ through the modern science of Chiropractic. I
The Chiropractic Profession is justi- I
while there. They "ditch I enthusiasm and esplrt de .
streets in Starke for number: any adjustment to make in
juvenile have been by
cd" the key to the building Life Aided Wife of jailed Dr. Boiiinjtrr that within 68 it has :
ten on the "second" secondary --- By Busy i changing to the Florida way' corps jour personnel. the Bradford County Sheriff's fiably proud years

'list, and it panned after a- and the look from the door in of living? "We talked a little : Capt. Reddish stated "We Department on charges of become the largest drugless healing profession in the I

:.mcndment by Green to add a muddy ditch nearby. ,I BY ANN PITT8 must do I. to keep up with the different at first" Norma are most fortunate to have the breaking and entering Arnette world.

three miles In Lawtey two Deputy Robert Green Investigated ] latest professional aide that a I said. "You could say language caliber of men and officers Thompklns Store )just outside Over 500 Insurance Companies pay Chiropractic
miles of street In Brnoker and the thefts and Bvb Badgett, pastor of the that we have In this unit. I
denomination have to awhile.
might wa our problem for the town limits on Feb. 2. 1 claims.I An increasing number of industrial corpora ,
testlflc'd at the First Christian Church. : They have fine
two miles in hearing. flay leadership
Hampton. I "
"But Bob
offer. not Walker
anymore The two men are Joe I
Number eleven to the lint. there Is an old<1 proverb among ,' "We do a lot of youth work," said. "After all we have two qualities as well as being I Jr. 24. and Horace! Holmes,I tions are providing Chiropractic Services for their

'came when the Commission preachers: Norma .said. "We both like cracker children out of our I qualified In their technical 17. All three are awaiting aj employees. I
reconvened after CourthouseCost First y nr_ everybody pat I' skills, and they always at. I Chiropractic restores and maintains health in many
hearing young people and enjoy chaperoning three, and we all Dke It here. j Feb. 20 hearing In county I||
Prank George. the. Palatka the new minister on the back. or taking trips with tempt to dd a very fine Job." I court. They are charged with instances after every other method has failed.

Architect who la surveying I Second year-nice kitty. them. Sometimes we sponsor The unit 'personnel officer Intent to commit petty larceny Consult your local Chiropractor with confidence.
Estimate Third __ Rabid AnimalsOn CWO A. L. Crosby Jr., pointed '
needs for a new courthouse year poor puvxy. beach parties or just partlm. according to Deputy

her*. Prevatt asked Johns to I Fourth year- .-scat! And every Wednesday after. out that the unit will carry Sheriff A. E. Brown who investigated The Clinic
Bollinger Chiropractic
take the and But, Badgett and bill family much the same assignments ,'
chair then Pre- rcontinued from Page One] noon after school we have an IncreaseRabies I the incident.
'vatt moved that the Jules have panned the "neat" mirk when reorganized in March i I, The trio stole "about anything I j I

Eunice Road that loops near ber of people who would work and are on their flftn year ofresidency I open neiMlon.. house" teaching and fun a.1 In addition to many additional i' : they could !Ret their I is located at 426 N. Walnut St. in Starke

the'Trail Motel at Lawtey be< In the new courthouse, multi. here. They like It Is Increasing assignment In an aviation hands on." Brown said AmondFHII
plied by four. Norma taught ceramics for mong Florida wildlife and the maintenance platoon and area I
designated as number eleven I that way because :t given I
the City Recreation Department _J'!
George also aRid that State Board of III".th ss,
Other Action them a chance to know poople I
last year and has a collection possible precaut'.ns should be
whether the
-The board voted to Rive building la one better and thus do murj, productive '
two or three stories tall would of 40 molds and a kiln. taken to protect domestic an. ,
the Florida Game and FreshWater work.A. .
not change the basic cost of She makes everything from imals.:
Fish Commission Hart il l.
right f rt ella
a minister '
of for the structure very much. "Onu expennlve-looklnjf/ lamps to a "The spread la principally = ij !
.way an access road to little bit of everything' andA
cost will offset another In 20-plece nativity *c n.. among. racoons and the conCentration s
Sampson Lake, plus about an lot of Horn thins1; "When '
working with materials and On living-room tabl*:sits Is mainly from the \
acre of land. The Fish Commission .
womsthlnjf break during the
design," he said.Oeoig : / a musical ceramic teddy bear central portion of the peninsula
is planning to build a ladies meeting get called to to Word or If**, one HIM ..a Memorial Resolution a* per WeIO F
bank. And northward with some :
also the
boa ramp there, for public' reported' that. fix it. I even play.d Santa on living-room the Panhandle" said Dr .If not paid .la advance. -_ .. r 1.00 Cards of Thanks s y to 51 word :XJW ,
under Department of Commerce wall hangs, two" coppe_tch-:
UII*;.f figures. Bradford County Claus for the Jaycee children' Ing picture Norma did one James M. Nichols, director of Keyed or Blind Ads 1.00 Over CO word ____________ h per west t

-Voted to name three! does not meet the require party last Chrlittroa" and Bob the other. the Division of ,Veterinary I Each sdditlooaj word ever 20 _ 04 DIsplay ad. la Cla-lfl U**) par aas- I

i>nds in the County. 1. BA 125: menta for a direct federal Something Bob Had ett doe "When she tries something, Public Health.

to the Bradford-Clay County grant of 60 county dollars to In a lot of vlnltlng. Last monthhe I have to try It, too," saJd Bob. "La.rf'lor-11'- thought this INSURANCE: ; : I FOR SALE-3 bedroom Unfurnished I County The County I
line formerly the Tim Blackburn clocked 300 visual, !
rabid would
wave racoons
40 federal dollais. A of5
"I help with ceramics also. AT KJUDUCED: KATE house. Screened t of Planned irTOKreu/ stamp
road, all the James RosI Lat week h* wa radio devotional move: Into Oeorgia. Many did
or city, must bel considered" AUTO FIRE BOAT I
Norma has designed. a special front and back porches. tl.14 at Telegraph.Mrs. .
tor Road. 2. ER 125 to 8R 225 "lmpovarl.hed" \before the leader and also hospital ashtray with a trawber- but a great many remained In DOYLE: t. CONVER/ Hardwood floor Nice neighborhood I
as the Willie Reddish Road.S. federal government will Rive chaplain. Mln'ater' here the northern part of peninsular INSURANCE AGENCY Blade ,
adornment to Shopping Ceu.tel'
ry represent near
A stretch along SR 100 take thin Florida." rbe. t64.4501 WE iiA'vE'-a selection of used I
aid, and then It's to Congress turn doing community :
up .
Stark at the Phone 969-2831 tfp
request of the _ tfchg |
from _
Hampton to SR 18 at ,, h* said. aorvlco. In 19$3, 2,951 'animal specimen > refrigerators. All in working I
Therewa a* the Thomas C. Trio location of. the propos. Badfretf/ family often goes Chamber of Commerce. She wr examined in six REGISTER!: NOW for Adult Read The Clasifledsl J FOR RENT!: -2 bedroom nicely)' order for S40 up. SLACK OAS
alHo drew
Chastaln Road. Both the WI!. ed courthouse was not'dl.I'Ws. visiting with him. "t think a picture of the board laboratories over the Evening Classes Mall course furnished house with carport. of STARKg tfchg

,lie Reddish Road and the ed at,th ;'meeting, except that there are acme visit that. the Christian Church here to line itat*. Of these, 88 positive, selections to Director.. Drawer IF YOUR NAME IS| Newly decorated. For coupler -...
a* the church letterhead'on 100 Starke. Fla. Apply In HASTINGS
James Rosier Road of rabies found. In per. or with an Infant child. No MATTRESS
are near Commissioner Russell' Oreen whole family can enrich, Itud- diet were
1:30 to 4:30 FOUND AMONG
La wtey. aid "I believe. It, should. be gatt said: Utlonury., 1983. the laboratories found 73 I: son.[ J.: Negro adults: p-m.contact U3Ofrsarl. T"EI| pets please. Inquire at 733 N. r',& UPHOr3TERY WOKK5
Heard discussion on the located dovmtowii."" Ills family wife Norma and Bob. 'tot'ether.dNI&ned positive case in :35(0 heads I Prof. Thompklns. RJE High CLASSIFIED ADS, CALL ThomPlon.! _t fchg 71* Le*_.. .U PaUtka
and drew plans for
part Bradford County will ,! t Lilmlu., 4, and' Judith D, pIus the new saving/ and loan bank, of examined.'heads ..xamlnd're The! vast majority i School. tfcbgCO5rPLETE I I FOR I!ALl: Furniture Repaired.,

have to "chip In" to the third''| License Tag baby Thomas William- rail"iMtme" that will go up her later but aom" o.h"r* Included racroon .- ,' WOOD AND FIBCR : AT TilE TELEGRAPH! Ready mix concrete.. concreteblock I Upholstered & Refinished

Circuit Judge named by: thtj the pantonag. that situ this year The plans and wildcat mdnkey, beer hot.mala I glass boat service. Expert OFFICE FOR A FREE house piers, sand ce-
governor In December. Johns behind, tt church Wt ment. mortar mix. steel. .IATTIIES32S REBUILTNew.
> : rock.
\Sales Lag ketches: ''' they drew* w.g* ,pr.. .. owl. goat dog, cat ani 1 repairmen plus,modern equipment ,
pointed out that t law required \ 1, Cull St.The sented' by the sponsoring, ; ocelot. at ra.onabl price on TICKET TO TilE FLORIQA Oyster shell. Uxaerock. roof IanerprintT
Counties to pay pro rated biggest problem with all make THEATRE. gravel. !Rntets. BRADFORD I IENOR.
and models of mo
group In Washington D.C.0 Dr. NlchcU said especially and Box Spring
hares of the Continued Prom faff Onl CO. Phone 984-2531.
Judge's expenses the 'preacher'. 'kld,, I la that tors. N. Florida's. largest Mercury I
but because get approval for the loan .*..0- that huntIng does or pets that I Bfarfc_ tr'he Dr. Cm A Card CaJiPALATKA
money was not they want to go with "dacldy" Dealer We sell \ p r
I 1 number Is a Florida\ number rtatlon."Right. rUl1oo la the ntry. more I II
budgeted for the, FOR SALE- Solid tile I KA .-'!"<
additional\* .V rywhre. If (&I\er. I 1. a boaU., and motors to morel! rubber
brlrtU ,C thftUJ* \ldtfFff. 6.Z;. now w'r drawing shoUld ,'b* brtrnu., I I WANTED Farmers to save I BTARKR .44SI34MRB.
expense, It might create 3 8" thick. Beautiful eolotl.Dlrt'ct .
anCVeexpendjtur "If motorlat WP1Ve.Ptfl.. I: ni,"Tvrrie' <;tlng at the church to the*. animals, fruovent'y' act nrupl thirt anybody in North .
plans ) MAN
r-d* Ign a church In i MUSCLE:
; I MONEY and ..
la from FEGar BIIALL. .
that department. I, UJrHtihr ", 141& factory pricesyou I
: ( Llndft nnd Judith QIn.;: In and see the
pal' d" $htly'I\1.\ w.y.&g1I... ? : Miami" Bob said. Into IbthtiH'Iu"bl\ .W1W, life *
: ( : can afford. )M, R. Judd HOURS by using/ CPA'a High SUrke! AgM
K lJ; d, wftril.ti\ <*to. oo.l 5tdbecfl.1if.cU4 t ) J. It inaJy: : mini bargains. Jimmy ISn I I8ports.
.. c'l: ) / ; Rv. BadK tt hail another In'tereatlng ) 127 Lafayette St. Phone 9645931 Analysis Fertiliser 1 10-10-10.. ',,
: jpeclded' to wait until neitj I .1' ","e' ''; .II<).nl pQ a i(if0)),,'"ami' Linda bays re)14 IJelins.. (!.'. Dr.Cran ,A'lumanbvh.' .,, 114$ br"1rt.. lIo +: ,, .__ Jtchg! | Call evenings tichs. 82424. 13-24-241 QREXNjj!: FOR 8ALB S x S3 ft. Liberty

Tuesday to determine whs?!.1 tQ''I'Iteh'4'' \ '' ,' \ 'ihe'1nlkln ..) / ,rie) and four year PunuyrVhortl *'* ,murrlAg rounaelor for tf n by' 'ant arqroal\ ttrtpected' & '' ieAE4f..1 HELP w ANTEDKxptrlrfioed -- !- CHAROER Ammonium Tfl.I>Trailer. Excellent for coupl..

funds to contribute to the ?ij-i I wanting, ]. t hw, !>,.:-pori'V! ruifjt* ( l'' attendance pin*. this are. Dr. Crane I Ia the "bens* ribld. 'nmir tikf {"antt-.." \ << typist and general! FOR SALE 1950 Jeep. Ex. trateAll Granular Contact I il Phone .Keystone Height 473-

wannee Valley Authority.Will off( .untJ1th)1Nt4a, : l ; y.ht; 'Ttiouia William neven-month I man who writ. th'. column torp"p..rll rabies shots. to .wsfd 'off ;'tas1albllity I ,Uc' :work. Salary open. Apply -' ccllent condition. See Shirley Farmers Mutual Exchange ,',4731SERVICK.

_- meet with Palatka I akt. ':, ,r olif, hn. .niUiiod Sunday. School of the diie ..,. '.at'' In own handwriting to Box i iCO Johnson, Lawtey Call 78332S4 4I.ch. 2131: I' --
on rnarrlsg problems, _______________ ; STATION ATTENDANT : I
architect ,8. 2 20
Frank George next. : I. "'co: tag pilcei haV tone only) one lnre 'hi was born and' ul.o ham a fit* that he n. hots- are painful and f'XiM'n.i ,s''f J) Bradford County Tel-'II -- -. _.2tp. SPECIAL Neptune- "Tilt I

TU*.(1"TOsvh up since >last year. They are. and that was the Sunday h* .a to rod people and thentrU tvf. One the' discs**.becomes graph,.Drawer A, stark. tfchgIruumnce I Lovely iyr old :1 bedroom Trailers. Regular f 168.SO. WANTED ApplyMoore's

....0. tot a 'D'' Ut for light. wa In the hnapltal after his established" In man or animal. home on nice lot, near town. Jimmy Otilf. lichgMrs.
l"aJol for n 04. Clean to match them by .I limited time only $146.SO -- -- ""--
I"-.. No Khaki. or 'Wool. 'All er car,. 'Instead of the 11060 I worldly ntrnr. tralu.. personallty I K la 100 pet' cent fatal Florid I Problems?:'' excellent condition. Jimmy Moore's Sun Sport C.- F. Miles-
price of last yenr, 22.11 for haa had no human rabies Pretty 834 land high -
0/....... Bring t* Telegraph. "I'm very proud of them" I It's very Intel-eating aom** deaths. tn'80me' Call Th. Man From'TRAF.IXJL' acres I tchg FOR SALE-'55 Chevrolet 8.
w.ihcar aatlrutIIS but
an last
average years and dry. Nice for home.
spot -
says Norma Iladgett... 'Th.y tlm.. Moat of the who gets excellent mileage.
'W" II) $ FOR SALE-Ready move In
60 ,tint year,anj aeries year peftoru took Immunl. S Only 13.000. terms i
are' very good In churrh and have contacted m. In this are George K. LaRue 3 bedroom borne, nice lot 2* Call Mr Alexander
SEE The ORIENTIn : tags are 130.38 this year sation shots after exposure. S Johnle Hansen. Realtor 9843071Up
against the 120 50 price of last love to go. Thorn William$ are well-edurated, and very rs- In 1963. Unitarians ncr thc Keyvton Height Agt. For'Travclere 54 ml. So. of Starke on 301. ml out. Small down paymentBill .
I' Ilk** church too, an.I.I I. beginntnir pectabl. Some have been .
1964 year. state recorded 30.054 animal _. Pbone4OS-1768 Waldo. : to suit bu>er, See Eaton: I I1
to keep Urn with the community leader who -- Jordan. Alton
were bites and made 69.554 'vUit resnpanles" -- 1 385 Rd. or LAKE GENEVAINDUSTRIES

FIRKT BAPTIST CHORCHKKYSTONK raualc." seeking; a wit.," Ba.ltrett said. I, In connection with them. Dr 'r., Tl "3.. 92 py !I r CLEAVED FFICEMACHINE3. REPAIREDSTARKE : I Starke Builders SuPp. Phone',

VINITl "Onr In awhile Judith They writ lo. Or. Crane. M4-420I Itrhg
Japan. Hong !: IIBfOIITI i Nichols said much money 473-432.1 Nile ;, ,
Kong, Hlngapom, Thai Sunday 'School' 1:45: a. m would call out 'there.'. ".,I\Jy'\$ WhO sends, |hm a form to nil could be saved the state and Ant Fin Hunt Kuolneit: TYPEWRIT.RSERVICE FOR -SALE Must sacrifice MOBILE: IIQ1IE3

land.. TMlwan." Philip Morning Worship'10:80: .. In. when I wrtuM* aarmy aermoo. out that Includes tor* pronal individuals If children wrmkli 1 I ....ChI1 lymenl ..1.... Rt. I, Box 51. Lawtey I II 1963 Falrlane Wagon automatic AUTO SALES

plnen, and Hawaii. Training Union. '::1J p. m, Of course that was when references. Wh.nhe :i not play with or molest [ trans. white side wal' USED FURNITUREAND
tf f fI
Kv nltg!)) Bervlc" 1 7:30: p. ,m she. .wa* younger," Hob *..1,1. person **nd. the form back. strange don orc: U; if noi FOR RENT FURNISHED I __. ____ tires radio heater. Will ....1' APPLIANCES

89-DAY AIR TOn Mid.Vfcfk' frayrr' &rvlre" 'About the "prwarher'. wlf" j Dr, Cran glva 'them my i on* csmA doss to a wild an.I lovely modem<
IJ04MNU Jl'LY I Wednesday 10.: R rD. Ralt Normit ndgtt has a *pecla name If they IIva In this ares. tmsl .which seemed, tarn*' beL / Dupte apartment. Large FOR RENT: Nicely furnished St.____Stchg 220 and CI-EAN-

Copeland, Mlnlatcr- MusiC. ( talent flh*'* an urttal. H "I check the references and! I L cause a rabid animal loses all olo.rU. private driveway nice 1 bedroom cottage Large living BK: nCRE: TO 8EB World
I *I ,:la, nrownell and ,Chntr.: DirectorJ': ;- comes In handy for teaching, I send a "'por.t. k to Crsne.I 1 sense of fear: and If SW\I'.wn"I location near BUS. Well- room and kitchen. Modern I buying: any. other En. OBEY That l..paM"Drl..e .

Tour r mplrt. algliteelog children fllbU atorte She "rises I They then take personality 'lnoeulat. :-each yeajr.Dr. heated. Rcnner apU. Apply conveniences Newly painted I cyclopedia M. A. Payne your a I.I:tiStve

atml *p clJ enterbUnmeat. IWMoM'AMJLYAT ''H titik- talk* .to aid her hum.b4niI ., tests anti Crane' orranliatlon '. Nichols had. JJiese further .I" IcVUhon St. tfchg' large closet 814 Lake St.F local represrnUUv sine 1054 a fAt r

ftoadwt" '.I( .\ ..)*ArU: $'!: will*") their Wwtn*.ly afternoon run* the results through the suggestions foe avoiding FOR--RENT-: Houa TrslterT. I Adult Mrs A. T. Saul 631 1 P. O Bog 803 Phone M4-37M Lake Genera Mobil Hot-

'ed by Mia\ MarV Keg.later. Thikistii'mtJi'' wn1.'bat ', youth group. Ntirnm, file and tries to com up with bite' -When tratrjlng 'your I ran be moved l on your own 10\.1 -McMahon- St.' tfchg tithe and Park

For further In. tn' Air'Park CI\w-eh'Tuu. draWl ,*.n llluntratlnir pictureof ,, omeone. near at hand who
form-Ikon wrllt .*.1X1FnrlMHi du Ftb. lllsa( 1$0p.: m-\tor\ riob'a leMin and" Vhiilki" might' fit the aam type .p.f- Iri) how to get" *>i l9nr with! anImaU. it dig anDFCORATCD tractor work. new and u.e
$trr.. J.k.oavllle a sons rre.TlMy! -ar* a In t th. color I sonality a* th* sppllrankt I Dunt give a do. la a I ?iTWL.Y -turn' building upplt.**. ,V. T Jackon St. Leon Dicandto. Rt. 1 box,

or rail E14U: f.mllof)/ three who( have been They picked. this teachingIHrk t "Hometlmes I Introduce p* *, mall) child berausr he''dorsnt1' Und' apartments. on. and I BulMlnff Material' and Machinery 43 6, "SUrkr.' jt: Z13; For 8.1 Blooming Pot

In a wheel'chair ilnr .birth. pi.. tin I realm how two bedrooms. Is-osonabl. Supply Phone M4- -
ft-0.19.* out of a conference a.. CS.M was a widower rottsrh h* can be Tom Markry Plant Pan.sy Petunia

Everyone' |lito welrom' to .at liNi on leaderahlp last fall d with five foster cohllt'',..... H. In play. Dons ta*. or abuse Lights and water furolahed. 4001. tfchg -n:1'TariO: jST ralendttla. Snap! Dragon. Also

tend. I Something else. that minuter,,r hd to have a special. kind of any pet. Let yout doc alone Contact 431 1 co.n..1 WANTED-- --- -3 potnl hitch for altrutJbr.ry-Wra.. V. R. Per'

I wit.uno.. .ii--. _tn.__...._.. ._.n., _....A _._.__ hi\ he's Mtlnsr.' Sometime Phone ....1IU Ptrmall Super A tractor lit S. TnOMFSOM! T.rnOTK guaon. Raifcrd JUmd north. of

I they, hav* five roat.rgirls; In, do... )tke child"""", .' ri.et'u.: Vette'' Dnlph Red<1Uh. Ri. I Box II- !' "..-.n. SUwke.. Phone ......ISU. Uehrf

ad.lltl. |, th. flv. fouler ton cited while. pUymf and may ZIP COOK TAMV-roR B. surke Phone<
i h. had "hen bite without meaning' to.' Re' HALJC AT BRADFORD COUN. FOR RENT: 2 bedroom ap-rt.
I they got m*rr 2tp 2JO FLOWKsUl
.....- lUogttt Mfct.I strain onmty anlmslaIf you TT TFXJORAPH __ _ W. wn T. &sIFw-- .nl In Retwt Call Whlt..h *dBrw.
must try to separai'n' litmg" F YOU WANT""to drink., FOR SALE' bedroom hou**. 4-OXri. 4ch('. 2.71
I -I'v. only had on. parson 3 ar. ('If land 2 mile northof ur ri
I ,
docs .b cairfal
.v-ry because that's your butne If you _
4* ) from dtark com to m'* botta may' tarn and take ,Utrlr nuil to ttop, that our bulnn Latrtey Can 112->>9' or COUNTRY LIVING

I rl S : '1 through the Crane organisation a"(* !eMIt oft you" *. Writ P. 0 Boa TI. ee Nathan-8t rltn. Jtp 230: For Monument
., .but have had a. S CC ..ee4. .s
I f*>ff t ; RouU t, $l-r'. or phone 473tlM INCOME' TAX SERVICEStIOKT .--_ .....-.. .4 ..--. -
com front town '-rby. amt r Starke Gets orORTT3S tfcbg AND LON(J ftEIIit'rrs's Markers. Etc. ..e. __ ..-lc5 5s .5 ....r

\ I IIt. *. far away *. High ttpetnge.j 1 witiitwiehed : bedroom_1- bUtor A"Pa CAIA .,-,,-
,) J $ h. ....r4. Cigarette Tax
i unfurnUhed CC'1IJD..r: C. S. Newcomb I_ ra_ ,4.
.. ........ 5 .. _. sd.5.b .e __
Art .
-wk. .rrla, I ,Otarka r-reiwd' .'....,.',& '1wclearest. house In 8ara&OC. II"""'*. .Mr*. CUrence F. Rhoden, Ph.. .. 4-.S91 I .... I -- -- I,a.-
1 ,<<. and d. ai,nlng, buildingsare ii .rt. 144.44S4 tffh Ditt .*. M. r. M.II ca _. a. _,
'tax coUevtlons forUrmbV. -- < .-.I .a rSTHOirr --
> -
tile aal1i1111..... ta the( ... n- Mf-JeSl -- -- _. --- -<

'l.r' IVi.1gelt family that e<.'* after Irt* kaaaKMth .?. X. T>.- 4t 1 st-iiroyosi Arn.J4.* : REALTY
UT P oosftunmfi WATER I'U3II''WTKR
the mali$ tiling ch irrh. | r- Good -4. 1-frtcvr.t-ra. ttkr.vtaftom. .

Fin of al..' .** H_< .." "I[ poet Itnimg ctgsrHt<< smoking ITRIF1ERS: ; :NEW" A lSED nulMrv. r4to. etc. Mary tlrv ttr*...,..&aU_

S a minister 04 In. g-ariaU II.; ta Urns .cancer. What effect.If SPRINKLING \"ST.\I: Guaranteed apwaUnf ocdrFOR I..er..U-i n 8'7. tll. !5
RTETfOUB1E44f4 any, She rtpurt baa baG on.ainktng
Nut Wad htl. ch-nrH. *e-1 1 1I Uthg II.-*<... r-v -41k. 444I444EXPOUEJtCIT
bsbll. wtQ" ttDlft't. SALES:: l> -
4*; S I ( ,, th.sii'k. T.:. a- f fprtMit
the word of let com wt "
RCXT F-nu* ejJ
..l H* c4*..* .n. tr'J.nua.ry. ', Repairs. AH >!I.-keMcCuIIoch -
S.. kvrlfi the ,..r. ant aa"*1| .tIIe" hare not brett I IAawunts $$1Dswtedp. '2l-llMfR( SERVICE: a4 rant .4 sass.. 131 ) aattwr

.. _&a. ,. DealerWbsiriwuiuln N. T.mp4' Are CmJJ' M..X>*I ...Mke. .to kn a I-1 tn

t$ *!A : ? e To do "thl t ar* t. ... dtpadminutr rrteoeil by .u..r Durrtvnce Pump Jt Brier Um. her bra. R* unet*>Me rat**.

kMianry. peyrbaiogy. '--I' ) U-tt"' In th* aura ,tot Deetaoa. A Strait >4 HociT OCLarkricr.. fy*_* contart Mrs Hlclu.W .

.l,,",. MJ' the HgMthla ... r.i&eCt 106. s4q4, ........, & Supply Co. Ie. In bAa. Jlmoiy Uocr' *.*. .** wnd. TraUr Park.

Call 964-3965 o at tit" rlctt Ike" **. sad t3n. ....., "IUM: Florida Saw Co. $hat" -nr. 5'i-w.. .58's. Up
/ ::s E. W_.JiltMi
-- -- ---- -- -- -
.. avoid granietanittug. It ate* Keyltoss. Hghta': iliS$43: im Drive ?s. EGaieeeUh WILL TAKC: tn troruri Nab say PAJUU50 SP' aita&J,.

539 E. can St. rSlarke; FVsv CNCMICAL COMPANY help, t.. "Mr gund. <..u.., Las tWt...r. si.t: iXi Lawtry Stark. fla. 3-:5-3&11: and Ma Miun. atag KentKacUr- Lace. Plun*

Noon plays .erttry a lot | a&.U: ixwwrt Fre caaas.n.. lip w-:2'1. twbC S'1I
4 U; Waldo "" 11.



., -... .. 4 ..----.. .. .. .... .. .. .... .. .. A..,. l J 1 1 i>W" -t ''J

r .

Bradford County Telegraph

BT.\RJ\F.. nnllltM,. Tllt'RSIU\', .'F.II. U IIMIce

: ', i i; of Crescent CIa spent the HKtLBRONNBAPTI3T:

J '. wevkenil with her. parent :Mr. CIIUTCCHSundiy
ant, Mrs XV. C. Ward.

Home WITH ': : COUNTY Mr /and Mrs. Mllln Klly) of : School 10.. m-

1 Lake City visited the C. C. Morning Worship, 11 a m.
,IC' Trninln Union 7 p.m. Evenlnf -
No Place Demonstration YOUR AGENT "lhla.t Sundny I IMm : Worship.. 8 pm Prayer
But JailMaybe : Annie '
s wf 1I I Meeting Wednesdays( 730pm.net .
Notes y to her homo In Liakeland, Tues Charles Harvey. past '
itn\ otter spending sovcrnl, days

you've heard the term "juve juvenile court judge told with tlu> XV C XVnnla.Mi .. 80.U'DlU."t .nirnssTCHURCH

nile delinquency" so often you'd jut father he'd "never send him By Dorothy Ross : and Mrs XV C XV.inl.I '

rather forget about it. that house." Home Demonstration Agent ..i"Ifr: ... Fl"r.MIV.ll<'. ,..nn Sunday( School. 10 a. r..
So had It the first M, rnlna Worship. 11 a- m.
we. was boy's ogle tuinHartlng" : hutim-xt in

But it's scenes like the one in juvenile But will it be his last ? ,Iiks"+nv'Ille "l-it MIttIILi'' !! J Evening!Training: WorshIp Union, /0 7.30':3o p.p. no.m.

court here last week that shake The boy and his brothers : In the potatoes a< spived Prayer Meettnar. XVedn sd..

you up and make you realize the prob- and father had been $ A potato of medium slil'! I o
lem is ever prelentand refuses to woman who was supposedly! i the boiled baker or piestiiuv! cooked George T.t ONE
be forgotten.It after the children. The boy Agent. has about 100 Clilorl''IIthe "' a Ilug1inr

also points up one of the "prob that she "slapped and kicked i\I r lessons with. apple same orange number or half ax<[n a larll"large

lems" related to the main problem. But what about the The grapefruit flied potatoes maybe t

The related problem it seems to us, charged with breaking and '!> in- 2 'to 4 times. aji high! In HACK AC1..11M11l.11nll" frrbitni or Blneb 01 In,' b.'
is underexposure! of our citizenry to two places here? Did he young calorie AS the same w inht! ot work of writing/ has the earn trcptoinycln u also gives v"iu I
"the facts of life"o to speak. broken home? Not at all. I' chool boiled baked or piewmif ccxik-: affect as missing SundaySchool the formal. for (toad nltvouf.i
cooked! potatoes.For 01 miasma Ferns top-dirsalng if you need! ti<
To most of us, juvenile delinquency lie came from a home a delicious of UurcrtU or Catllemitn meet- give the plants a little "Hiulu, .
is. just a thing we read about and exclaim many of ours. His parents had : potatoes that way Include preparing ma U Is easier. \ to HUM moreI I col" shut T1sf

about over our newspapers according to them. Even; ;,; I How, milk try Scalloped<< Potatoes:! do HpprrcUtc.; the severalremindera Our tobacco' men ahoibvUix :

"Isn't that awful)! J. Edirar Hoover. see a psychiatrist. Once. i .. anJ I Ii for a ..hangs.S'AUAPEI __ L. that my. writing. list ,i .. ..>tMors.. L put. n lot of x>_>"'"t
i ; ) nOL orii rexuiiir in recen- I LlUnllll\/I"/ ami writing mil uu Mi --
director of the F.B.I issues periodic i judge had to send him
S Circular 170-A.
jail until the Medical\ With I Two cups thinly: silent<<1 raw |
warnings about the Center
rise' in its
rate- I .
I food | potatoes, 1 tablespoon flour I II Well even though It Is Just WKIA. XVIIKN the w.'athe<
but it always seems to happen "some esville/ could be contacted ,1 ) teaspoon salt, pepper 1 cup little. I tit... I cnn't fomrt th- I break don't be. accused of .

where else" chiatric care. Easy milk, 1 tablespoon butter or recent dinner, for my wlfe'j I getting all your et' rrl*. livjuinpluu ..'Ii ,.
Or does it ? Dr. Florence Jennings, margarine.Put mother Mrs Louise. Jet fords. U coitclusttftis'' lUll .

Oh, sure we do our part. \\'e go nile counselorl&YA she dot> "" *- a layer of potatoes in a'j'i, who wa, $ 83 and: still dare I t nlnn down friends i, side sU-p- 43\I\, ': .. .
a detention home built greased bakln.dlllh some really uoikl cooking. pig rft|")I\lIlblUty. and luuh 1 :d
to church on Sunday, to the civic betterment the I I and I II Inn lurk !:<
What she needs is foster sprinkle with some 0'1'1' fumlly' took IHIU of food
meeting: on Monday to the private homes for '| can flour salt and pepper Repeat I|: and I talk my pill to cut myspixutc SERVICE.Meet1
garden circle on Tuesday and may young !: until all the potato are. used" All I uU. WAS a littlebit ,
and vvvrnV.VVVVVtVVtsBayless
be Wednesday we make a few post- adequate counseling card Pour milk over "polntum' and of Uakeyi ham chicken
ers advertising a drive to collect children from the first grade '. or1 I dot with butter or margarine and diimpllniis! ambrosia ,
for underprivileged children money "To find the problem when I The milk: may be' heated tospued : salad' peat and hAm hock I HivvayMr
provid- '
ing/ the children far is young and not when he's talk: the cooking. cabbage!, thick\ corn bread.yellow .
are enough away- : I He* UttvoriHl with Mr. (1 I. r. .
has all those years of an Cover and bake in a mud' bU Crosbyuauuauuuauaa..a
Afghanistan, or some such place. : red .
entt hen n little dressing and
oven 1350 for'
attitude to degrees F I
be : ,
Perhaps our particular group even she may the : ? 30 minutes. Remove rover and some home made plckli-s. f fflKUird
supports a child somewhere-overseas. continuo baking. until the rake and pk had .VI
potatoes MMlKiriM: Mt.KT:
But how "It took me eleven years to Home. too many, calories. I'm still
many groups in Starke "sup- are tender about 30 j The WMU HitilhvrhiMHl.IK .
port" our children right here in town?" from just one organization. ) : This laU minutes If Urn, potatoes are taking my pill*. '.. )IIA', and nunlwaiii, hM,)
There's of the Junior'oman's Club not now brown rnouuh. on top. '
no Big Brother program ses t 18th Is their regular monthly ni"j.tlnn
a bU tobacco
as temporary mothers for nt place the uncovered dish under (' in Lake meeting the church Mun..", night '
here.There's the broiler jy City It U under
babies fur 9 to S minutes.
I I.t
no foster home program necessary, Dr. Pour serving the direction of the Htabllaa- 31 prviont. .I'h. llruthr-
either.In says.' lion Corporation We will leave .... "rvl'.1 l refri. "' .."II.
Variation:: If desired& aJ<1 a
fact there's only one organization But still there is no little chopped| onion, or add' I, my office at 1 1'30 p, m Any .Lust Haturdity! wa woik ,
that directly aids local fort in Bradford County to I Work corked, meat, diced or thinly i 'obtt'ct.row.r: Is welcome. to 0' lay at the c-rturr-h. and quite a tY
/ our officials, foster homes for children sliced In alternate layers with no anti! we otiuht to at least lot I was accompliahed towunl.I
who must combat or ,
this problem on .' the have a carliM.1 tn rrprrntour finishing the n.w kltrhen and
homes potatoes. Or
rary for all lop withgrated
the local ages. .
frontnot Afghanistan. There ] cheese.Bradford. county Probably A varietyof Hun Yes. Bradford are no county funds : the i I tojilr, will bit llsruMed thatIf l-rli.HON.Mj4"'
delinquency, too.County has juvenile provide foster homes! either. ( of ".... ...............,. ....._. L., ._.". _m.u L 1111Q._ .. oar entire community| witMt < '

A 15-year-old boy It's a troublesome problem En- If you want a good comfortable klnn" l by (the .l >ath i.I l A
Bradford's: product of one we'd much rather forget. Farming rile Tills meeting I I. co- II, {.n...-. loaf Sunday' We all ; .
society, was sent to the on I
sponsored by our Farm llureaui
State Reformatory pretty easy to forget, too .. i, Klrml' our sympathy tu Mr
just last week. organUntlon
Maybe\ if you had sat In court to see attend a session' of Juvenile ty ASI 1 NO PUiWINO TODAY I I. Cruce.Altl-a ,., Johnnie;
Maybe juvenile help the ant )0( Rudolph( Walker
hiM mother's tears delinquency i rt r 4' sign on the gal post al.
hiyou'd feel the Itapp vt Albany (U spent II...
differently about this old adage: If we don't thla writing, Uayb at the .. '.. .. '.
"other w r"
town" kfiil with their .
at have ln-i I I I time of |n r r"u.
a problem then reading w* will have
titude.It to do we ,* ,L I had to data without Mr. ami. Mr.. El-Ion: Hi ri>, and (' ,til )Mm. |IH.IV| f"r' rti.tl.. shakes you Just anything about it. ", *mll'"' laisvOur M.. and Mr I Unyd Pa-lg-tl Still M.'rvu.gull! ) ",> .nUlniillil, Mvina-t on rtutrt.
up. try it. i cattle ln want'
One boy had to be sent On the other hand-if we ; SEE warm day and px sunshine>t Mr most. t Xtr... .>. back to the the problem and I I" so hl".rn". t 10) ;1 iv. MI
the needs- class and clover well and children' of Jtettmn- "It[ ninny oivcruir
,, will
county jail temporarily because grow
. II"o .
someone or some group will Our strawberry want vllle were. vUlllrig her brother
THERE grower
FOR HIM!WAS TO GO.NO OTHER PLACE; ward with at least a partial < FPdra'I I IT 1 a cold<< apvll to hold bark harvest and *UI..-In-iaw. Mr and Mr. COTTON 3 STATES
It's worth a try. of beak's With warm Crosby, recentlyMr INSURANCE
His so-called "home" atmosphere If you need inspiration- *nti,' weather continuing. w* will d' C C Crnnliy' *|wnt from
was deemed !HO undesirable that theme next session of the' By Phil Crmkhllf' HMIIIT pretty& guo Juvenile Court. before Prbruary U aol| ...."lIhI.... Mr I'hon tIll $$4301()
o' tune This would boo. aunt arwl, Mr Oil<<1 Crawford. In
Eaves though It ...,,'\ Iwo week. earlier than we eke J..rk*."nvilh.>. (oviuALVAYS) .: & ..UOOOt) >)> I'CU.I"YIIOI.IJ.US) () :

I I ''nr and Inform.II"., \ toI I look like It nor f feel l 'Uk. II. OXO IILUK: "''OU) wrath.ff .".. Rlhel: ) l..ltoorh. an.1 *"n
: _< I print la a lot. rl Farmer's And then we.1.| i '''''''tlnl' Hm Is sjnlnc to fast.pr.adlng/ tobacco plant

,.. Diary .LINAerr.. .rwtln. there'll. M,.". I : !"" Alao. I It be upon u* quicker than we disease Watch' far II'' Prevention ,I n __k" """t..l'JU. ''f ,.J'.I ."!. f,4, ...;JI.,I I
r By San McGarv.yConservuon .bo. a rnnrriulon-- 'r- ("" .' think." I I. better thin trying t<> |
L strawberry hortrake" I, w. hare had many IrxjulrU cur It You should have out
thin... plus i a bl 1 ( 'In r.g.ril to encumber. new circular on tobacco! I".n''
[ .
I District Super and loll of other .". I' the ...."per.tIt eggplant W peel rtton *ny< vsor 10 at lesst >rd
the a study' of most fiiarantee have ,the opportunity, / to/ sure read the section on using
problem will be! mad< vear'n fair .,lll ba move th...M pnnlurl provHinar -
Then uw. the county torn' breaker i m *.. have' ,them In rolurti .prraibl.. and ",.1... in .lyThl
t mission U sponsoring an Immediate i t .., Those planning' to plant, I.) uu
pro.ramUw clean ]I any one of the. three rrop |>ol. bean price* of the I "".halo" '
>J 1 'nil out of the Creek bjr hind! Anybody want a I .......1It .b. making. their rnn. yea P Y.II,. rraek. .n..k. ,
'a bar after the landowners Inolved nave. a span one I I', : "help tart .through tluHr, plant sup Ki..." I la a ".,,. lrv..|.....lvrrop 1 1t
errant permission. ere recently and 1I
ph. and breaking tlMlr. plant to new and with- thyield I
fin. little fi llow I |
o "
There's a bps crop of ber-1 We .In a vUlted the High &hoo lm Traveler, we n i t are
firs on the way now, accord. TA'a Antique show and la* other dog Ilk* .e .. old r I dealer. In Oil area would bt .In this area, ..s on a
ina to Luther Milliard of the i number! of InUrecUn rx .aln.) lle'a of medium '' I \ ma- "happy to nuke HUM" rwntsetIr. *h.M p *n.rtt.... ran derive a
Lawtey! a< Coleman of the Orlffls Looparea t banket woven from wirea tood watehd, Were and wwhe. hnmrn in advance. IIglv. Mr W 0 WhMtU, (Cheer,
They say the plant* are ',..,., blarkumith' tort. ,he Utter point for .. I". dealer. .*) oppurtunIty ",.1. .*.rm..vMrh..(.... and
biff and load<*1 alLh bloom yhkh belonged to t)-lbrtIreen's itaht! when Sam ft r to to| lift. up !lhlr'. plant l > | sup Mr, O..s II....'.... (',.unlr) Agent
and look like a "field of cot<< grandfather. and ar '.... he ant< nipped by pr anwm loose Mon *
ton Hope .. don't get a tld-fahloned, bu..". If you o o ,_ ran .** the Another crop that w. rhymed. Uy. loW a trip through. aloe
bad freese now a* that wouk TtUued the Show this year iU work *erto MJy .. start pisasin g for I* pole ft.. part "f T..._, sot l
upael the marketing plan. nake plan now to attend e .bwina tIN 1 11 Kentucky. Won Nr.rth and Hontb Carolina, to ...
lent year for It .U well worU> This seek mark Mrs 4.r, wftlrk U a .."Itat.... iorn .,f in* ,,_!. ul "4hr" '
Mare rain !last wee* seeing. Clnnlnc of the B I ...... P.J.. b..... are a very f"HoSo" tn thai we may .h>*v.
brought the tutal so tar thl Olantirui season ,tn I., .pewul.Mm rrro> If lh.y art nut. skate. at bransm! for ta* '
year to II Inches and Uw Another big event camlnt yn r>b 14. when the I pUala1 a. early .M Marti> a. IIr...'...... c".nty .,..
Water Oak Creek area Un IP U the Bradford County farmera... ..It..r. the) f I t.a 1- s:J.vl' 15. : t1 s air
-. ... ._ --- I ,. ..w, ..
oniy plaCe uiai fJOndO'f .U' wnten win oe n*>a in in< make an ..rtr"oo i iberaute < w P T .. "" rl
now There's niter standtn ltra.brrT7 eaaon this fesr '', of the wet ( 'f t.
t.eiysheft' and no place fIt ,,- 'mm April 2. to Mar 2. A 1 I I'I think pUrtUng will r NOTICE: !' "' "r- ..'.#, r.' .!tt.
to 10 Like H A LavsontIc4 Arrhl/ TTMMnaa Jr and a bt| for ..,_ tint \ 1 6. 'ii t... "'WI. ..
.. .
ferd where he oakf hito onualtt III worktn hard ont ..... '
had try to art rid of '1 1M Fair and It proimue law w. have *.ln* of > II.
000 gallon of rain waist" the beet one ever held t hate around ovf plaee I 1 ,. A GOOD

wood tree la ready ,, Ther
f If -:..-4htn. Is Pen. ror etaotpt>. this year trirrd out. the Japanme > of The Office Will\ Be Open REASON TO SAVE !
la be don abmit! drainage be a pulpwond tint Mot of enlar vfct fiia-
at hNwt In Ut* iwrtheta *eIton < jonteat and that ant esnlvord I fotfUa are Mnrvntnc
of th* eetinty. Req_ to attract a tot of U. about ewrythin tn > In For RegistrationOf 'rnelu.e' 0'. k a.; I oJ 'Le kl+. :,nl sonar liatn!, .

for a survey of UP waur Ou '1fI&IoIW.. "have m era a e.tan la Mimn. '- \\ny, a dvDutt.a'1. hit ,ho'. of' a hon. ofosylhinrj
Creek area ..* approved b8) a ..,.. renter of pulpnd : f/nd.
th* taunt raauatMian arc:; *. worked and a eonteatamont Aprknc to wk- .. ran Voters Ifs.a( Berl| o'wayt hat a rood

UUr preaetvted Lobe Seel them ab1uW" eictt- one .ar U 5*m!.. ,.**on 'to to.., ioa'hso : ,. am of .Ih. wottcJ.'u',' .

I Each Monday NightIn ,r...od, of .1""/". (try IQ'Ir" rt-v''f;, h.,.

| .eL.l oad "0o.' 6 r tll't.t.-r'J': :. .l"Jr.tt
i! ..-.,

Li arsr.. 1879r. FLORIDAAT

'#d a 4., *r. L ........-. t0.v.. A.. Iywaa.NyMel N And each Monday and Thursday Night

( eXoama OlbdM5 Wwn.v Nm*.** ia P>w._o j during March and the day April 4th In
1 $ rLw1t ynll Ua T.. _awe ............ .SANK STARKE
.. th* Cleric' Office in the CourtIKMJMJ.
Iv.a.o+ts c__ T_." drq farrow .. -. -. pate Mmes As I t ...J.-
Pw.r O."SS ar Qvsa.L Ito 11.04. A.V 0- ua..r .. x055 -W
,, and MRS. JENEVA FLYNN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
ht TRAXMC AJULa CM** TKAJI UJ. . an MGHTrM het. ,.

OVTSXDC: nuktm AJUL* CI."IIS TUX ISIS . ate MOWTIM Mat M kit --- *Pse' w.tla M Supervisor of Recutration t One of 31 Bank of the Florida National Group


T .. __ s. V 11

..h.. )4. '; .
_.. -.





" STAUKR.. Pl.. lltlllA TIIITRSItAY.; FKI1. 13 lAtU __ ______
--- -- -

;I yyyyyyyy' 'VyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYVYVNyvyyyyvvyyyyyv' '\, Mrs. Southcrland Is Killed I.Honeymoon Over '"I,"."YyVVVVVYYVV'VVVVV Mr and Mrs. H M. Patterson. iMIs. |,V yVVV'VYVYYVVVVV'VVyy1 I
R. W. Stack of Wyan-

KEYSTONE HIGHLIGHTS i Husband Critically Injured i Argument Over Airport Leasing MELROSEBy I dotte.brother Mich and sister-in-law is visiting Mr.her !I I GRANDIN

I and Mrs. John W. Strawn.
By Mary K. &b&ef fez Mrs. AlIce RothbaDuner i I By Cbarleyene BrantlejOrandin
Rollln Fischer of Long Island -
Mrs Laura Southerland 62, l land Va.: and two siatets

1 1 . . of Keystone Heights was killed Mrs Helen Mason Blackstone., 'Fight Invite' At Council '''vvvvvvv.vvvvVVmVVV' I l N Y. has been the guest' \a&&AAAA..A..AAAA.. ".A.
a t-a aaanaaannaan.>A AWAAAA&h&AAS&A. .. A&, Brings of his mother. Mrs\ L. W.
and her ) husband Thomas Va., and Mrs. Virginia Ray. Winners of the Melrose'i had. a little
::1. VALENTINE DANCE Keystone Heights post office 60. was critically injured In an Ashland Vs.Funeral I ,I 11 Duplicate Bridge Club for l loot. Netfus. I ment last Friday exciw.

I : Don't forget the Woman's dally Heretofore there has automobile accident Sunday: I' services were held An aigument between Key-j Bill Dermody would be the ,week include the following': Mr. and Mrs. I... D. Huff and: ( ',when a pulpwood truck aftrloo]

a, Club-sponsored Valentine ; been only the 5:13: out-going afternoon on U. S. 441 north at 10 a. m. Wednesday in the atone Council Chairman fill'! ,co-ordmator and Brune would l ]Mrs H C. Segur and Miss Mr. and Mrs. Paul Huff of I IVaidosta. Waldo caught on fire rroai
111 1 Dance this Saturday evening. mall. Now there will be an 3 i of Gainesville.Mia. I'' Community Church. Keystone j !Jean! and former City Cour.- |be Chief of Police. !Sally Mansfield first place Oa spent the week-i motor and the cab burned the

.. Feb. 15. at the Masonic Hall. a. m out-going mall. Our post Adele Flanders Fox, S3 Heights of which she was a cllman O. Raymond Sturnesover Dermody asked Beasley for ;Mrs. W. H. Davie and Mrs. C end with Mr. and Mrs. Omar The pulpwood did not \ up

: Dancing will begin at 8:30: and office continue to prow in of Fern Paik. driver of the member. Dr. A. C. Holt th, the latter's statment' i an explanation of "co-ordina-] Pridgen and Mrs. R. P. Huff and family.Mr. I Mr. and Mrs. Walter burn

:1 continue until 12 Midnight, to out-put and importance. second car Involved In the accident -I pastor officiated. Arrangements that "the town doesn't own I'| : the music of the New-Four- WOULD DAY nt' PIIAYKU; wai also killed. were In charge of Wll! the threatened second and of Dunedin and Mr. and Mrs. '' Slice-
airport" tl!11 Ing order "I'll be giving the I tied for place; of Jacksonville: visited Home-
Jacka-and-a-Jlll from Starke Friday, Fib 14, will be the Mr. Southcrland was car- l Hams-Thomas Funeral Home turn into blows at Tuesday I oighte If I want you to tell Mrs. Raymond Blames and W. O Stlnson and son of Bikes Sunday afternoonMrs.
Donation will be $3 Annual World of ried to Alacliua General Hospital of Gainesville. Gainesville were weekend i,
per couple Day Prayer n City Council the police department something Mrs. Gilbert M. Allen, Jr.. Callie Rye left
; or $1.50 stag. Dress will be and this year It will be held at where his condition was guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oene ,' last
With 21 visitors I'll 1 fourth place.
melOlIn&1 tell you. But there woelc to gO to PetersburK
..! formal or semi-formal. All the st. Anne's Episcopal described as critical and he Eastern Star Sealey. Vi
i A meeting of the MelroscWcman'
including the pre may be a time when you'renot I to visit Mr. and Mrs John B
Invited. Refreshments Church. The was placed In the Intensivecaip I Eddie Joe Wanwrghtleft
::1 ages Community
will held
Club be
upbraided Stamen for tell their
And sayIng around. and I may Bye and new daughter
unit. He driving the I Estrellitas New York for Africa for
will be served. I Church pastor and members was I 1
at. th ,
Wednesday. Feb. 19. I
l that the Coetin't fjrune. While is in
City own Police department she Virginia :
-i Southerland at the Umr.ot duty la.it week. :Mrs.
PTA PANEL will take part in the service car military
Are EntertainedMembers club house.! The state 1
tho airport and offered to furnish ders will come from me or'I'I program I Edna Smith of Jacksonville ,
the accident, and apparently Wainwright has returned
:, Thursday evening, Feb. 20, with the members and pastor for mentally retarded children -
Stamen proof that the Brune or on i staying with Mrs. Vlra Her-
suffered heart attack you my here.
there will be an Interesting of St. Anne's. Service will begin a
and work at
:t of MelroHe Mnnonlc City could lease land at the ity," Beaaley !said. I her ring.
the crash possible Hold celebrated
during or a Lucy n
:. PTA program featuring/ ft at 2 p. m. Training Center. will be featured ]
panel diacus lon on the prob UAKKIf.S STEERS Impact with the stcrrlng wheel Lodge No. SO of Keystone I( 'site. Beam said he thought the topics and R. C. Phillips second birthday on Feb. 10 I Mrs. Eugene Brantley aM
have Inflicted h "You don't have any business nelson who wrote the paychecks I with Sunday'' Chris, of Orandin. and :.111
a severe
l'!ms of teen-agers. CONTINUi! TO WIN may Heights were hosts to the will be the guest speaker. a family party 1
=. There will be eight people Recently Edwin Baker and head bruise. Reports Wednes- Eastern Star Chapter and Entrelllta saying things like that," was usually boss. Beas Luncheon will be served at at the home of her parents. Ruth Reed of Lake Swan attended

on the panel including four his cousin Donny showed their day however. said he was Beam told Starnes. ley said that Dcrmody wrote noon by the hostesses who include ]Mr and Mrs. Clarence Holden. the Joan Jordan-Terry

: teen-agers and four parentstwo steers at the Southeastern Fat holding his own" with good Club on February 4. The surprise affray, and Council paychecks but he cer- : Mrs. Philip F. Kiomer. Her grandparents Mr. and White wedding at the Calvary

mothers and two fathers: Stock Show In Ocala and, chance for recovery. The Masons prepared and nerved statement by Starnes, came talnly wasn't "boss" of the Mrs. George Rlppey. Mrs. M Mrs. C. H. Holden of Palatka. Baptist church in Palalka

: Oene Masairy of the 9th /grade, came home with 2nd and 3rd The South lands' were returning a dellclousi chicken and rlr at the start. of the meeting Council."I Peck. and Mrs. O. W. Pile. were also present. Sunday afternoon.

J a nf'Y cMurtry of the 10th place ribbons. La.it week Ed- / to their home In Key.tone dinner nt S o'clock In the ban. when Buam called on visitors don't want to create a. Members of all local church Mrs. Tom Spurlock Is feeling Mrs. Annie Bike> and Edward .

Biade Bruce.) Moon of the. win showed his Angus steer"KinK" ( from a weekend' visit to quet hall under the leadershipof to speak, if they had business schism between the Mayor's es will gather at Faith Presby- better after a week's Ill- Varnes went to visit MI
Tallahassee at the time of the office and the Council. So If and Mrs. II B. Bikes Jr.. and
llth and Linda Morris of the at the Florida State Worshipful Master JennlllgiMurrh.e. with the Council. teilan Church for The World ness.
: 12th. Mother will be Mildred Fair In Tampa. King: weighed accident near Hague. Investl- assisted by Everett Ex-mayor Lindsey Walker the Council wants to appointa Day of Prayer services on Friday Miss Jean Neale of Orlandj family In Orlffln. Oa, over thf

V Sutton and Doris SundTlund In at 1,033 Ibs., and won a Rating/ officers could not determine Fox C. W. Owens, W. L,. Own- had briefly mentioned his Police Chief do so. I'll live Feb. 14. at 2 o'clock. A recently visited her brother 1 weekend. Mrs. Bikes said Lila:
Fathers Bill liable Alex 3rd the cause of the collision with it," Deasley said. I and sister-in-law Dr. and it snowed on them all the Wi"i
and place ribbon. Edwin HOC bey, Don Piing-born, .1. Azzle i lust month's proposal to the nursery will be provided.
: Brokas. Mrlf. Mary BI'okaJI 37c for everyone of those 1.03J although It Is salJ that Wllllum, John Klngrsbury Roy Council that the Keystone I Councilman C. H Haber- The Faith Presbyterian Circle -. Mrs James Neale. Jr. from ft.' Valley to BarnesulleOa \

I I will be Moderator. pounds! HU sister Carol show skid marks Indicate that the Tyro, Richard Murrhee, Floyd Airport land between runways ttroh moved to ratify the appointment meeting will be held I Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Fold I .

t Piesldent Billy Wolfe Will ed her steer "Chuckles" at th* Fox car, traveling north wan Kaon*, and Robert Knnla.An be leased 1 for raising I of Brune seconded Thursday morning at 9:30: at: spent last weekend In Orlando, Mrs. Margie Stuart Is confined

V call the meeting to order at 8 fair also and while she didn't apparently partly In ttv this meeting", was) the hay, thus providing some In- by Warren. Council Oene Williams the home of Mrs. Richard wth Mr. and Mr.*. John slm-1 to her home this week
win ribbon for southbound tune Th3: South. and Roy Watkins voted mons and family and Mr. with the flu.
p. m. a her steer, cJoMlnone/ for Worthy Matron ccirne for the town. SchneU-rger at Park ol tho
I ISOSCOfJT DINNER got 40o for each of his 1,140 I erland cur lift ISIJ feet of skid Phyllis Hu Key and Worthy I, Stamen sat through tho rema for the appointment also Palms In Keystone Heights. Mrs. John Bellerjeau and son Mis. Rebecca Brantley o'!'
At marks, Chairman Beam voted "no" at Miss Margaret Blade o.ndM1'8. Keystone Heights spent a tea
a meeting of Boy Scout pounds! Carol's steer was or- Patron Rd Hussey annual Indur of the and A Confirmation service: was I
reports meeting
I Tioop 105 Committee on glnally named "Champion.", The Pox car travelled 42 fuel but Dermody explained held Wednesday. night. Feb Irma Wilkes and childrenof days last week with her parents
were given the I after
V V feet after the crash. The by various Imnnedlately adjourn that he didn't want to "gO Mr. and Mrs. Weldon
February 7. a dinner was plan but she changed his name ttt( i all 5, at Trinity Episcopal Church New Smyrna Beach spent I
committees showing a merit was announced rushed!
'ned for Tuesday March 24. to Chuckles became "It suited Southerland car was spun;: around around giving orders to the Saturday with their Brantley.
with the visitation of Bishop'
marked Inrrensa' In membership to Deam's aide before thit parmt"j
and knocked 45 feet police department." I The James Sapp famIly
raise funds for Scouting.( The his personality bitter" j Hamilton West! Billy Joe Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
ticket committee will b' During the latter part of, back In tho direction from financial obligation met, group. I Beam changed his "no" vote Chance was presented for''' family. I have moved from Orandin to

Scoutmaster Wyman. Millet' Pi'biuary Edwin and Carol I which It wn coming.( and keep Interest and cooper "You didn't have any right: I|. to "yes" and said he had "mis confirmation by his father Mrs. Pat OUsson and Florahome.
Mrs. Southerlnnd ation of all members and officer to treat me the way you d'd' understood" tha proposal Mrs. Dorothy Stokes left
was employed daughter. or
Wrinkle, and Dr Phillip Par; will show two more steers at Rev. Jean Chance. Melanie. who have I
4 sons. Dick Bunderland wilt be the Livestock Show In Mad' as secretary to E. T. *. I've never bothered, you be-I Other Action A covered dish supper was spent several months In Thursday for MontlceUo N

chairman of the cooking committee ison, These two will be "Llttlo t Martin manager of Clay Electric Incoming Worthy Matron fore," Starnes told Beam. The Council passed a resolution held at the parish house preceding akara Turkey are now Y. after spending a couple or

assisted by Lew Muir. Joe", and "Oeneral", belongIng Cooperative. She and her flerthn. Ward announced the take you outside ana show calling for toll-free telephone the service.: Ing with Mr. and Mrs. An-I I months at her home in Grand
unbind: at tim operatedthe appointed! officers who will ," Btarncs tmld. service between Starke
.A. They will bo assisted by all to Edwin and Carol respectively. one I A reception was given In I Kelley,
Keystone Washeteria. an.t verve with elected officers as Beam did.. nut the and Keystone in.
1 members of the troop com accept honor of Mr. and Mrs. John I Mrs. Elsie Dunn of North I!
mittee And all Scouts. The IT'S! A OIKLCongratulations she had also bern a membe" follows: Invitation to go outside, telling/ They voted to purchase two Hogan Sunday afternoon at Eastham. Moss. Is 1 the guest

I puce of ticket will be II.28 are In order of the clerical staff of Brad- Elected officer Worthy Starnea that would. be "no I, 13-Inch: reflectors for the I II the Woman's Club as they of Mrs. Mary Robinson. PAEAN, BAPTIST CHURCBORANDIN

J for adults; 75c for children up for the proud parents of fold County Itonpltal. Matron. Bertha Ward; Worthy way to settle an argument be- I Cltv's traffic light until a new celebrated their 25th wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thompson FLA.

to 12. It Is hoped that Sheriff' their first daughter after Mr. Southcrland was retired. Patron, Lcnmon Ward; Associate tween grown men" I I light' and controller can b'|| anniversary. and children! of St. Augustine Sunday School 10.. O

John Hall who Is also a three boys.' The parents are He and his wife had lived in Matron Kdythe Nicholson; A Irport 1A'lu" I I purchased at a reasonable| The local women's basket- visited her brotherinlawand Morning Worship, 11 a. a

I' rancher will be contributing/ Barry and Jonnn Wyman. and I l Keystone: about 12 years.A Associate Patron J A. Wll- Councilman J. W. Warren prl'-p I ball team practice each Monday slater, Mr. and Mrs. Olynn Training Union 8:49
V to the meat supply for the) their daughter! who has been I native of Chester r.. Ham; Treasurer, Vero. Own- airport committee chairman They voted to accept the: evening at 8 o'clock at Rothhammer, and family: on I Evening 7:30:( p. o
dinner. He will be contactedto named Robyn Louise, wai Mrs. Bouthcrland Is survived boy: Secretary, Beatrice\ Schro- Federal 1 Aviation Agency' two bids received on plumbing I Melrose High School. They Saturday. I p. n
...... ..,. Prayer Meeting Wednesdaj7JOipm. ,
,.. !
bv her husband two Ide work for I. ,
that effect. born Wednesday, Feb. B, at : sons r; Conductreiis, Dorothy reported to the group the will soon have schedule game I I Clarence C. Holden returned : .
The troop committee meeting Bradford County Hospital Paul Flnnecnn, Falls Chinch. Koons: Associate Conductress, answer concerning leasing new library They were a $313 with other area teams.A home Saturday after a stay '

wa In charlie of Committee Barry. local Scoutmaster, Is Va., and Walter Ptnnegan, 'I ClaraMlne Jackson; and Sentinel land to residents for'' raining/ ..., from lames opaikman for 4-H banquet was held last In the Bradford County Hos

Chairman Charles L finding his Scout training Summit, N. J; her mother Floyd Koona. the electrical work and a $506 Thursday night at 1 the Civic

T )fol'd. Scoutmaster Wyman mlahty handy now that he Is I Mrs. Anna Washabnugh, AshMlns Appointed offlerrs -- Chap. hay.The 'FAA gave approval ot f bid plumbing.from Ervin 8 Trlest fop Center In Palatka Sara Baldwin pital.Mrs.. J V. Ford of Palatka DEAD

reported troop progress wa chief cook and bottle washer lain. Krnentlne frinenncher; .I the) project If money would be and Jean Lively of Melrose vIsited| her parents, Mr. and i'|,
good. Attendance. has boon for three lively sons. Anna Bell extend. an Invitation I Marshal PhyllU Hussey; Or- used| to jmprove the airport They vot rI| to pay S190 for ', received awards for their Mr*. R M. Cason. on Thursday Spanish

Rood he ald. and there arr LIDltAItWINUOW to all local youngster. ; "K,.nlfft, Evelyn Puckntt; Adah and If coaled bid. were used I additional right of way needed outstanding. club work In the Moss I Is

33 boys on the roll. Seoul ALWAYS ATTRACTIVE to attend the Joy Dible Cluli.f Paddle Ollrle; Ruth, Genii to determined. the )esur. They heard' for paving A report was 1 county Mr. Lucy: Register of Jack-i I I: Killed When

Week hAil been from Feb. 7. The wlndaSv of the Keystone which Is held every MondAY Chrlstoffersj Esther, Miriam ulso Miggosted: a five-year' that Keystone's pavingnrojeel I Mr. and Mrs. Buck Tiller sonville recently visited Mr'' '

j' 13. and last Sunday all Scout Library Is always attractive. afternoon at 3:30: at the hornsof I Mlng'; lcliirff: Martha Verdoll 1",,".. ..e March 2ft should begin around ire the parents of a baby boy and Mrs! John Hutchlnson.TBIKITT Sprayed By
attended church In unfjoiro. thanks to the clever Ideas of r Mia. Fred''' Dodd The girls ItHyner: Elects Irene Williams The City Charter They also! voted to I Michael Douglas bom Wdncsday FLORIDAPEST

and sat together In a group Mrs Helen I Lawrence, Librarian. are proud 01( Paul Martin. SOD ; and Warder, Bonnie I that any l lease over Provld..j:, put. a and street light at GroveAye Feb. 5. In the Alachua EPISCOPAL

V Tommy Illixl has been appointed -[ However, this week's display of Mr*. Dorothy: Martin wh t Jones. must be brought to referendum -true ted Highway 21 1. and in- General Hospital In Gainesville CHURCH M2LRO8K I CONTROL
i Junior Assistant ; Is the work of Mr. MorJcrlo Is walking hard on learning Dermody to order "
A social hour followed In the procedure no that cltl atop signs within Maternal grandparents CALL 964-.19fi.:>
: Scoutmaster. Few and Mrs. Dee BprucfThomss. his Ulble Verne so h* ran attend budgetary J
tills banquet hall with tho ho te.- Mns could vote pn It. limits are Mr. and Mrs. William McLaughlin Holy Day 10 a. ... Hob FREE ESTIMATES
These uric are Don I camp summer for
Six members attended th* *.*. noPrth"V.rd.. KrnestlneRtsenncher : Cx-niuyor Walker told They also voted and Mr. and Mrs iSundays 10
Mother for the Cub Scout. free. Other children may have the to put collection M a. m- Church
meeting and four were abH llt. so the window display Is on: I I the sump opportunity. Geraldine Smith group that they might not get\ of occupational taxes, C. King are the paternal I I SchooL!! 11:45: ... m. Morning.

P. O. PATRON NOTICE Cub Scouting which U dear to F.Vf'VII.I.! .!! ('tNTINI'E1.ion rind l Martha Snellon Crutch. anyone to take the b4| with or licenses back under the grandparents. Prayer and Sermon fPltSunday.
Postmaster Gladys Tlllls announce fletil serving refreshments out a renewal clause), which City Clt-rk. who Is also! the
)L Jeffcoat
Schaeffer has
their hearts. Of course It U I << I Mr. and Mrs. BUI Wilkinson. I Holy Communion] 9
taat there will be Announcement matte of also City
SupervisorThe .
now was
In keeping with Buy ScoutWeek. I added four new names to his Illegal/ under the Charter
two out-going malls from the open Installation of oTfl! Walker Council asked of Ocala spent Thursday with I p.m. Episcopal Young Church'
Peb' 713. Why not list of donor of eye-II I drop by and give a look. ? for the North florid Ey: vera on ...I
Incidentally speaking of thiLlbiary hank for Restoring Sight, Inr .m., to which the puMlo Is In- cleaning up the airport sal Club president for ifcommendations Mr. and Mr. Leaston A Communion. ; PLASTIC PAINTE

I Edna WilliamsFLOftITNVT It might be or Interest This III a project of the Key- vltwl. A nnrlnl hour will follow then start the five year I lease.. for planting shrub Wynn P M Bullorh of Hampton of Cerro and Mr. Vicar.The R*". lean Chance,, Keen IV-lgalng Neon {tops*...
to local trader to know that stone Lions Club. as we mm- The flmt rhnpter meeting Site t lie the expense. InvolvedIn I and trees In town. Mrs. Bird Oordo.N 1 IIU.
the library has acquired copy tinned 1 before. The Uons en- under the new officers will 'b* plnnUng. maul cleaning/ before gave the Council beautlflca.tloii I I C mere 'Uf'S'of' Mr, snsiMrs. Cnrtlng: MabAMUi

t FLOWERS of "African Creeks I Have deavor to restore: vision a*I heLl 1 ....b. 1* at 8 II m. In the a crop of hAy i* cut. report her club hd made, R. M\ Cason Sunday Mil S Main Oainearil!
along with afternoon. N.ip..ia., 8tsM
llren Up," by former Key well a* to conserve It. chapter room. About :MO) acres of land at* suggestion on I'beee Day 1'n.-soJ
Mr. :
and Ks-reel
toner Sue Spencer Currently New donors are: A. Paul Involve! In the IM needed clean-up project/! Her Wesley Patterson Type. TrpawrltecRlblMMa. '' Kit
) '. aminrnilfunl Sn-88T
i .1.1I group will report to the Coun- and son of New York ream, 1'JIhI. ...... Er--.
Tyre. Martha 8. Tyre. ,
It I I. In our possiNksion, but j j|I turned" to Keystone after County e..rlculturala"'Jal"te nil nest month on th* planting City are visiting his parents.KEYSTONE,. Tk TaXEOBAJTH. ,
lohn Kargti. and Mrs. Ollvon p I ,
we will have returned% It by I I visit with her daughter.& Mr* "" recommended: l $3 project.
Kanes.Anyun Raymond Hrquelgulst of Alvln.Trxa p.r a'rl as a. fair prlc*. The'
the time this The
> to Council
presshoTS appointed John'
doslrlnv Information
\*! "
*. She was In Texas :OQ sere could!
a bring abutS
F*r AD Ooa aMUelroa AM flIUI.AI.WAI'M .* will call Bird to serve a three '
kindly Lion Schaeffrr year
month I\In. Dells make her OCI t to the town each UrIeUTc
Phon: on1311 I I] miA'OMKMl : t at 473-4117: hum with another, or year term on the Zoning CommUslon -! MELROSE
daughter more. It a higher bid U yeceived. -
II. >. Beam Instructed the
** Rcba Thompson and, In Keyaton.Ira.! L. R. BraidS Law
I and! Finance committee
Keystone I Ionia Demonstration
House guests of Mr ani11" The
Council voted' to to
I Clul will meet at Uv :\ put recommend other zoning
Daniel M Pater. Jr. are I the Un.l. out for bids' with
Clay Electric: Co-op buildlni I Mr Pater' meeting
mother. .
Mr* IJ nivnth gr>c. porkxl b.r re Report
\ at 10 <> Due
*. m, Peb 10HH I
M. Pater. 81'
and his uncle.Robelt
rent .
( 'III. .\'"4) riKSO\\l.: Aston payments tart, Uarrvn's Major IW>a,ley will report

: On Tuesday. Prb 4. little :I N J. They have of born Lyndhurst.her legalities committee will ehevk the nest month on I progress In .{AUTO STORK! I II RESTAURANTSBeildler': __
!Mini> Kim with Attorney Myrvn getting sidcvauu and curbs :
)RuthxlR' daughter ,
"OKKV1IUDV: of Mr and Mr*. Richard!I about two. Danny weeks This pastwcekrid. > Ptvratt and will receive shine. the public beach park r V Service Center',IC I I
Paler HI
was Western
sealed C Auto *
Kullr-tlt ol lAke GeneVA,, be1l. a* *u ri a* pntbl *- <: ins tot arrows from City HalllUbwtroh
home from Georgia Tech to .I. B. 'nl..:....
I celebrated her fourth birthday tKeraus pUntlnjf time I.neer .. i and nrssiey ar rroprVt Holiday Inn
Pee the visitors .
1 as well a* his .
: .with a party at her home family i |I working on a finance plan for' AuUwrU Motorola P1LICI) l Associate StoreRattortr .JI I

Quests InrluiVil Pun Croinrr., Recent guests of Mr and j Walker ....._t..1! a .,'."..... i the J'f'nIJOWd' IMW City Hall. Bale* Sad Service. 1- Sr _..J RestaurantLAwtsewwi

wllmn: : DID and Wendy' apuntoix Keystone I Mr*. Bill Bimeral of Like malice> heal to *- ure rent'1 and will have a more drfinit SM.fr m n_ .an. .--_ I- FoftIs.ry
I payment aflrr tit. P"'PGMI nest snonlh. Ilaber- A... Ati-.L.,.. '1'1--.
Heights. and Avid I Prookhn grace .t er.lad. I :: = ;mEO I DtneCt
.1'9 lulls uncle and
,h Uroh TV RADIO I
\\H. YOUTII JIlin: Pnerson ot t M lroa.. an>l I aunt.fr and Mrs. Leo Manley reported that cigarette'Ii *.
; 'UXM I .cx>MrumxTarm : W"D-
Itenr Magnum of tlutchtmort I of PoJIc (lulef had shown a high rt CJM-OR TV I e
Orenburg. III The
F-pit Oewla.tlmr
Lake Also \the mother of th :Vsnley have .been. In Florida' A near mU."ivWr>ljtn.1tng of. Inrreaj over th* *last lee I Work Ge&rnt.wI-TV lUmtalaM Bkyd.4. I, T DATE WDKLTAla
}: .:(:fS: until Imuot year*. and additional$ C +nr*. Patota is.w -
fry Kim received many vl*ltln their du.Mr Mli; : h "kl up the ppr4nt- tires SejsMs. .*..... T44AI Oar r--

nice gifts from her aunt, Betty Li. Mnhry of Jsckaon-l meat of Ouper' Bran a* ternporary from' (rigamt might pay forth I_ f tI.P" ..... I I Ala Wee lID... re***

I)II an>l everyone) enjoyed' Ice- I rill!*. *nd an* drove them to'Keystone '' Chief of Potto.. Chair. H.a. : l'1TO 1 nock Monk ., JU4KKT9TQTUI UC"
V cream and take. to visit the BinveraU 'man n..... ...... "Tb. Mayor Cutting dccii th* teat of ICI'TSTONII RE1OH'T3'

On Friday morning. Pb 7. Mr*. Robert UcCUnUxk ofOrlaitdo Ion a month to iWkW who'I: the City. t UIcptMMM bill U un. ,'T..le>,.Uk>o andppllanc"1 gUrr$
1 fr
Mla Wendy Bpanton. small I and her brotrwr Mr.Robert : 'to rexmmoivnd for appoint corutaleriUon. Removal of .4. .ttw. eteeit ka.* H .
dniuhter .C Oorte and City HaIl ption and ronnretioo REAL RSTATK
Shiv'I Prnar of Long Island. aiht I think the Ownrtl M NURSERY j
will 1 eider MI*
to th
try celebrated" I poUco
epanutn. N. Y. were guests of th* BUI '' ems !take.. a rnraith to think numtwrlUoalon !
Ilunnle. are good at multiplying;, )ou ran thiNS birthday with a peru", I KUiwrala on Lak* Brooklyn , for her frier*!*, Wendy anJ lieu month1 _ung. ,
for several 1 day lat week. I' r..q1 Steak Tbii.PeeN -4ot '
be too IT Tar our many "drpartntrnt' her guekU. enJoyed> oprnlnt'In I Mr, and XIr*. Al Orhuru OfCVreUnd Mayor )t. .... .......,. .v'' Mr Chkrln. Wallrnlua pro Store I I'a Of.; tuJ.'I'Oa UTsVTBMOBTOaGKS

loveh glfu she h4 rrttofd Oh"re" 'plod,*, tNt a* airfm wat t*> posed 1 to grr* a Ttt foot" and a Y5'sew' T.Chease ..

Blore of bank iwrwlce'e'* and )'our flnan- Th rthdy UM <*a* gue U last week of overnight Miss- C I'It. la. ....,..*. oTflr to oo* M foot road' I,* taw cny H rPosooaal Ixloee*) Mitoeni ... K.y.- I ree InN ..... r.-.'a.-.ot_ Hpu- 'Tet. 4734S.

dill problem w ill di< Lei attractive 1IUfn'Ou' and Ann 1VU and Xlisa. Ribs I ) wppear.: sic help bsket.m: of candy for Hell auiaorlty. partlr.- ....."" ic-'...''__ ,

you. small iueI. sad. a beautifn. % !, on ThomlOl'nw thlr\ way. U>o.hltnlts19 th* *tUtm' .,, lIVe ""'"vekw. Eseeytkseg' w. itsU '....... A.II .. fabsee, rs.Iy1. a McKay, Realtor

bta Lhda rake in th* center" of Uw OMO.P bow to bt run the I kral I. Oeeiin.&Mg Im&* Gonsew '*
part .tA" they or. 1,' ...... ti.'e :
OiM.U InCluded Ml*. jrveijrriDart : apiMl vrwrr wtnur 1JII Mt.r Olt TUlt w U1W ga.ia.Uon lor Swrna.Ur AUTO SEBVICE Siease : R. S bsb I.ew PA $11.

and *m Uriuv Mr*. Pa Mr B. T artna. et NorwaOt I. .. sttodin a ZIP O-. and Mew, LtetMt a Let la De 'Ton, 1M.1_ rc..' $4.& 4w.
M UA4t. on vrtrtn**!**. P.oIt. .Jy
kUgiM. and UufMet HMW Ohxv la tuning with, Ur aivl" i iMr ftn"-.DoI" tfu4htrr Catlijmiwsil II LAKH JOOU9MI szr
14t$. Alma Kullrdg. arvltUtwhUr &*. II A 8prow on Lake ,1 la O.ln* vtn*. Th newttng Uw s'ev'k.nd kt SICVwl ,, Terrell' 0. C. Carlle* Nursery:'ID.eb. S ML S bs. veeeI
I i
vb.tch lM
r .-T1lj C smtT and Kim.Uuhlrr.In. l Ems*'m.Mr DipkAlyn. Mr*. Url' U )1iPpt's *.. ,Hit hr twld win at tM OtsarantrPtf a3 4&1.' a* gweau of Mr Gulf Service I''0: Ml .test: 0(? Mart*. 0. I I IIHry -, ---

mother, This\ week' !\ tl amn and lean Utaua at*&rt and .haemal .
'' *. XUry. K tehtrtfrr aiytdaughUr j New Vn.d Thee I PSZ3
"' ..a p. s. C. KITSTOMl MtlOMTl I l At 1_ :
end. Uv* 8pr., .VB art tvp rtkrwr A* n. .bMiklifw.Cart \ -i
-_ ).IIZLh*. Mr*. Millie Mr and Mr*. Larry Wblrr V'pe. I'" Up A* rI ... .
"'f J- s.UTLfi IUyi\f and daughur frctn MeL Sprow! t tt t>r and hehtuband. Darden' and Chain MeQ Mr and Uit. WUaaaa r _.a.S. ... ...li e.*'* .tn-1 a- -_ : ..I

Ostsw.'t2i.. Mr*, oan Vaughav Ur snit NtW A. j t :'T.. pmt .last Satunta* at' M&4nw and threw< chttdrvni. T A. X. TJ P. U.I Itctpw ............ .. UNXliI" I ...--.,...
and KMV Tummy ( b.wn f'e' a t'l'0... IIw" Mai* lleadojuartm of tb* | lLo'y--.. .....ase.
Mrs CHonr VrlU ha IT- I eeie.V. retttn* pointer' on ,C'lJau.-d ea Fag. at t

t .


V ,, - -
: : -- -- -

__ __ -. --_--.-.---- ---_'----'- '-- -- -._-- ___ __... ___._ _.___ ___. .... nHn. n
-J _# -
..- ._W ..,w.-, rU,__ ________ _.
"'-n: ; = : :: nnm"n .. ,
___n___.__. ..'_u_ 13 ____ Ru..._. ...... rOP.T4 TPLrifPIL NT.IRKP' FLORIDA___ P.tGENlmJ

Merchants ,k1 A FLORIDA .




i'BLUE ( SLICEDIb39t l! > '";

P. O'I'I{ (SLICED Ib49t )

L6)ird m&\1&\ R@ Si' .L.B. 39( I r


I 1 5ls e1 b1 ..y. PORK CHOPS.IB: ... 1leI }


i j"/":/"7ft0.: /7 V STEAKS or 0ASTS.,1..59e'

I )

'_ ct ,. .: B1t ) r Q AGROUND BEEf..5 $ 49" h


\; .i.T':+ p R 'ir:; .\fALL MEAT\ fR/\/\i01S. } r,69*
e : l) 4

,1'x .. -:I 4 JJli.l, '. r rlw:, '1. liTO' f1.lf'IA;: J[0ES'\ .

'",,1.' ,' (I"1 j l..'"{ : ; 16ot CAM! (: $ : .
j I"' .".
1t r I "... '" ,'"" emir i9.( MAxwn.LMouir I HTANT
IU9 Air no
; ? COFFEE .
'4. i (;: :' y ;\ '" ':' i.c.N.' I HH i. roooo ot j j j jP

,. ;. 1..1.: ]lttl'l l !t'._ .. .Ilt tJ ft ..K;; $| 29 $AL'i'

ON SALE NOW! '"Ie ..... \, ra i:1V:


11.t\( MFH'EMIY I; ILLVSTIIATEDDEii'XE \ ) .- e mfJ @ IfjtJ JofE '
49. 4
Sri fE tt 8 VOLUMES I 1'rsri lIi U 240:4aU: 2401 Lat4J"1M .
Itrligtouf I tr d.n of not bilk applaud tr
1 *
; + + Illiulralrd I Bible Mary Ubrary /0 FYNE-TEX wMi.. .i BI". LIMIT"" 1 WITH ISMORMORC, ORDER" ( /

I Z w + 4 YOU WILL r EXPERIENCE r ? ; a S I I EFfn v, aI "
.. .. ETERG 'I .c7..48e + r i
", Adira d ll.ddre.lrae P .dlx! y I ITIM '
.' tord"I Aiwrl l FLhInllhe' ur rifle ol l.**c! /
-1 ., 4:1: Jo.-pII.nd lIiI Hro4hrt! Ser .. lad DvliUk
u TIM Ani'l G.lMwlldll.. Mar,at.UM. re.. ol(Chrkl! '
eul W M.41 r" "!{a."!.w ea" a...t'i fi, Jm drl..toK lh. ........,cb....,..>from li.Mf T...,k:. ; ; STARKIST CHUNK LIGHT MEATTUNA
J..W.II..I.u..loRm.nrIIIe.. I ; .ad. 1 / 1 ..A FISH ,...,.t i
4 Jl
Ihn it but a rlf.illl..c I of 'MW superb t volum {. F LJt CANS
I BTTB ffl 3< r /"% EXTRA If vf CUT GP.a: n DEANS 21.. 25C ., ,
-- CAM
*. .hsr M.1.a.I.,1. VOLUMES 2 THRU 8 / d
t SOCTIIKIIN' ; (!jrii.s: : (err V


5 N

. t.;.7 /IrH.t00tt., "BfS 6 T imT EBL
'f r .Ii"couroi "
4 LB +
3g \ .0 IS 041
BAG .01' f'O
41011 R 1 + I


.. CARROTS 8 C"u"

LB PICC "" .! Ur1f .1 WITH IS.00 OM ..0f If 000 00fftor. ,

".CLETO..OW' ,

r FRENCH i FRIES SLO BA&Q9C r "i' ,a ,
.r th i* s 1 ( > ;
.. x; ... ge LADY FAIR. FKOH IAKCD ." ; '

iMi B B*; t if .pACHpIEA.39c -

t >rE: ex s fL r 'S
FR E1111 .
\ w .rr.wr. ---- --
Wi '" .
C\ TGSrIfS'S I- I -'t.1.z.
e ED S ---- : .--Iu .' I' .. '.
tEt T j. .l -3; .. 1../- !11 1 1 / .' +. .. \.t I,' .
fa A l ..... ..-- / ,.. _..--_ .. .. .- I' 1..rw..r... ,. ... -_ ,
I 11 / '-- .r..r h i i .. .*! 'I ._. ....- i .e/.A ___JMtfauns
I % a V 1 G R"K.. ? ; ; ....Ct1I.....non..... : J Jll.tlCJUn1 c.US sii1c< ,., vac! u fn cwanuaji j :i MIBOLUO GIIIII na rPi I 1U..ABtS 68111NTAMPS =!
I y t+...lfgitMCt rtrr rrr U JL1Y tOrOEt/Yt.+ : : iy :AVI- ;;-i is ;;;; : i /i\.i A:"A1-."*'i'c* 4.1? fri} *;;:;;=",; .. i ;: 1 LADY ww "A ;7'--$ : :" I IW
+c ,tr 111 ; \LY "HAIR' ""AY" : COTTAGE o.UJf. : : 000 '" CO//et i
Maay r 12 l i .. yoG ///C.AL c. i IH\UHr !;! ; !l.RAfs' '''' B"UD 16
r r '.-:-.;::-_-_:."1.T---;;': ...;:-:;::r.rw."'1.i'H7'.J; ewe e..u.::--1.:: .r..IMN..w wr+r. -




-w.--u -_-_ -__
5-I..r.- -- ___,*__ -
-.,_ ___- --- -- s-

TEN BRADFORD rorvTY TEI.pnnpn.: "KTARKF' : Fmtim\ ']'nrR n."'. FEn 13 1901(

I 3.Year Old Girl VY'YYYVVVVYyyyyyYyyy (about this Important subject liner due to illness. 'VVyyyyyyVVyVVyyyyyYI and Mrs. Frank Tinney and Center A dlscussian will b" Stj :,IDI ':iB. P" ,

1 KKI) CROSS JMKKTI.NO Mr and Mm. Buford Hlgglnbotham sons and Mrs. Ernest Edwards I II held concerning the town / ," ,, ,,

Drowns Sunday MAXVILLE The Junior Red Crows meet. visited In Lawtey i; BROOKER I and daughter shared the enjoyable : proposed new water system. ,. V.( ..: roii

r i iI Ing was held Thursday after Sunday .with Mr. and Mrs. J. : I celebration with! the ; i. ./ '.. .

At Maxville By Mrs. A. C. Slade noon Feb. 6, In the auditorium C. Hlgginbotham and family, I By Shirley Green Earl Greens. Methodist Church I ,,- .. .

I Phone 289-4491 I of the (;ood Shepherd and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer HlggTnbotham I I Mrs. T. W. Markey Mrs. I 4. ''Ii 1 .,, ,.. ,'t,. .' i I j
Church at Stockton and Park and con I Phone U:>.J691 I Mattie Sowell. and Mm. MaryL. j Thursday Feb. 13 Cottag I

I A three-year-old girl drowned "" .tt..a..UI."' &A.a I II Street in Jacknonvllle. Thoxe Bill Robinson and Oreen went to church at Prayer Meeting at hom> of o.':1 ""!" .\,, J
Mrs. .1.1icT.r
I .... ....4 4 ...... I ? fl...
\ Sunday afternoon at Max- attending wero Mr. Cox. 5th 'duaghter of lake City spent I ,I Little Springs SPtiuday and.. Mis. O. T. Huggins. 10 a. m. / ? ': :

vine when'she fell into an ITA NEWS I and 6th grade teacher. Angel- the weekend with Mm. Dorothy :Mrs. Leroy Stokes \was hostess Sunday. Friday Feb. 14-Woild Day I : .!: ,

open septic tank at the rear The Maxviile PTA met Mon- la Palmer. Connie Hlgg-lnbot- Water and son. Mrs to 14 guests for a mid. i Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Clark I II of Prayer program In sanctuary : I i't' IN

other parents' home near the dny night of last wtek! In the ham Linda Thomas James I Water wax a recent guest of I II night chicken fry in honor of i and son, Mrs. Effle Hodge and 10 a. m \ :

Maxviile Baptist Church. school lunch room and votedto Carver, Honnle Coleman, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Waters In Junior Stephen blithday: I I Mrs. Carol Qriffls pent Fri. Sunda, Fi-b. 13 -ChurhSchool. ;

The victim was Joy Darien buy a record player with James DeCHP.Maxviile I I Jacksonville.Mrs. I Feb. 4. The diversion of the day. Saturday and Sunday In 9:43: a. m. Membership; I .1-t/'fLGRI 1 DI

Meyer. daughter of Mr. and $10 worth of records for Htu- evening was Kin rumrm Miami. They visited Mr. and Training Cla s. 10 a. m. Morning .
: students are making ,
Carrie. Igett and Mrs. l I
.Mrs. Joseph A. Meyer. The dent use. The next meeting. ,' and a good time was had by | Mrs. F. L Clark and thr'.r! new ; Worship 11 a. m. Snacc! ;I
Ing molds which the Rod Groanworkers
"father Is a sailor stationed at, Monday night, March 2 will be ; lions> | Saxon of Jackxonville I all. arrival, Tommy Lewis Clark. Supper for MYF. 81. "'. ,- '-.. .
to NAS I'
Jzecll; Field and the mother la held at the Maxvtlle Baptist I give hospital were recent supper guests of Mrs. Verlle Johns returned I While there they saw othe I II Youth Meetings 6:30: p. m '
to do the finish work.
.the former Edith Copeland Church. The topic will be Civil ,I, I patients the J. I D. Bell family.Mr. home Thuisday after amonth's I relativesMr.. and Mrs. Steve I Evening Worship. 7:30: p. m. Palms ( -s1 \
Valentines also: being madeto and, Mrs. P. M.\. Archers 'I '
Jof Maxviile. Mrs. Fred Langof Defense and everyone In vital with hot daughter -I Pearce and granddaughter Monday. Feb. 17- Wesleyan =? 'f ,, .

Clay Hill is, the child's ma urged to attend and learn more : be presented to the child.rens of Jacksonville were Sunday Mrs. Darrah Elder and | and Mr. and Mrs. BTt Rich- Sub-District MYF met Inn .c

ternal great-grandmother.! home. dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mon in Mobile. Ala. 1 ardson. They also went sightseeing in Fort White 7:30: p. m. Congress :?

_K Duval.countyr.Uwestlgatlna. I The next mooting will beheld Don Jerkins and daughter.Mrs. Sunday guests of Mr. and at Crandon Park and I Tuesday. Feb. 18 WSC3

,officers 'said the child's body 1 to an open ditch about three I in April.IIIRTIIS Randolph( Crosby was Mrs. J. P. Baxter and Mrs. I other places of interest in Executive Committee meeting (fluff .tin., <.!..... .tirrtMin til up? (' a

:'was found inside the deep( feet deep. It Is believed that in Green Cove Monday on bus Ella Lewis w!re: Mr. and Mrs, Miami. I I 9:30: a. m. Monthly buslnes-i ... nntlful ......... aol ftimwith .
... .
.septic: tank at 2:05: p. m. Sun-1 the child slipped on the side I, Mr. and Mm. L. R. (Buck) Inesa.I R. R. Harring, and children of I We wish to express our deepest and program meeting of .II..,.,....1'lr..e" 'r'U..IIII.n..1. ph..mw.... Gl'1', -. .

:'day. She had been missing( of the hole In the ground and Wellhauiien announce the birth Attending ihe wedding of Jacksonville Mr and Mrs. sympathy to Mr. and Mrs :: WSC3 10 a. m. :Ul-lioiir. HttltXihfiMril. .**.. er- -

.about 45 minute In her struggle to get out. of a non on Monday, Feb. 10 I Miss Barbara JoAnn Cannon. Martin Seller and children; i Jesse Thomas and Mr. and i i I Wednesday. Feb. 19 -Prayer ...Ire niMtlniK In .All. |..r....,|....".... .llr pi."tr.,"- i -

., The girl's parents noticed I worked her way Into the tank J I at Bradford County Hoxpltal l lj daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Jeorge W. S. Ray of Hazelhurtt. Oa : f Mrs.. Spangter In their recen' Meeting and Bible Study. ....,...n.1 i.1...........'a j. (}t _-"

her missing about iso: p. nand through the opening In the j in Starko. Mr. and Mrs. Kr- ( Hawarah In Wood- and Mr. and Mn. Charles bereavement. ;: 7 p. m. Chancel Choir re- 1 Itu.i."I.oifI'huar.I. ..ISII ".4'. .........."".'1010.. .'".'''.' #."_/ I

within ten( minutes thE! aide. I nest Wcllhiiuflen are the paternal I lawn Baptist Church Jack- Stone and sen of; Buxlejr! Oa. | Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edwardsand I hearsal. 7:30: p. in .IK ht.....*Inn. ; nrrMn..ril. llun- (r'.1. f'I- <
entire neighborhood had last Saturday evening and Mrs .,.... .... ...........1.... r..llltl...
jointed Funeral services for the granlparentll.Mrs. ] sonvllle T-ouUe Plaster spent the family. and Mr. Thursday. Feb. 20( '- Cottag rciflt "'.'nr1 II...... .... ,.. ,
in the search. At first they child were held at 3 p. m. I Kmnllne: Boll has returned -I were Mrs. C. K. Wilkin- I night with Mrs. rva Dougla! ,I E. W. Hodges and family: or Prayer. Meeting." home of Mrs 4 : I ,....

:believed she had wandered Into Wednesday in the Long to her home In Dullad( I son, Mist Virginia Cannon last Friday.Mr. I I Gainesville visited their par W. E Mlddleton. 10 a. m i 137: S.VN MARCO: AVE. l.'! "iss '" i

nearby woods, but three of Dranch Baptist Church wltnBeV Texan after a vUlt of several Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hargroves, and Mrs. Well! Vickery ents. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hod- I Cottage Player Meeting horn rI
Jthe: searchers Henry R. Kil Melvin Watson officia weeks with friends and relative and Millard Canady. and son visited Mr. and Mrs j I /gee Sr.. over the weekend of Mrs. Charles C Johns 7:30I : / ST. CCN.. .

( gore. O. L. Harris and D. L. ting. Burial was in the church here.Jack I Mr. and Mrs. Robert North Ernest Edwards an:!! family I Other children visiting were i i jp.m.I I ,,,,,:.,.. '

Wilkinson spotted the body I cemettery' under direction of XdcriH, won of Mr. and and .children drove to Alma. I II Sunday afternoon.Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sievers and ",,, -

J Inside the septic* tank. Brinkley Funeral Home of Mrs Joseph Lucnn, received] I Mrs. Glenn Neely and sons and Mrs. Jessie Adam ion of Jacksonville. and Mr .;:-- '"'

Officers said .a large half| Macclenny. treatment at Baptist Memorial I North's parents. Mr. and Mrs. and their two daughters from and Mrs. Bill Trump and children I -. I

,had been knocked In the concrete i The Meyers have one othel' Ilonpital In Jitcknonvllle for a Claude "Waters. Lake City were visiting! Mr from, Fort Denning Oa. .THE RIGHT FOUNT for the \\.V\

side of the tank, a-- 'I I child an .Infant daughter. I broken finger. Mrs. Olcnn Neely an d ons, I and Mrs. Cecil Stalnacker and SPECIAL MEETING: -/ay yea write. Cone In and \ \\ Wri. for lit.vatur. and n w TRAVEL GUIDE.
The Brooker community Is I select your favorite S3TEK-: \ \\ itsflrg fin. rcotuls From camP to caosP, imp.c.
; patently to allow I .
overflow In- Anna Maria. and :!\frl(. Brenda Young of family Sunday ,
I. bend Mrs.confined John Lloyd to1 her(Ben home) hall Merryvllle La. visited Mon and Mrs. Frank Tinney invited 1 t to attend town meetIng I< BROOK Fountain Pen, TC.LK- \ ted and approved by Congress of MoPer HoI.I,,
day with .Mr and Mra. John and sons visited Mr. and Mrs. I Thursday, Feb. 13: at 7:30:
the put week with an Injured
Bail Oreen and family Sun- : p. m. The> meeting" will be held
NOTICET6 hip. at the Brooker Community .
Sacks of
Mrs. Marjorie day.Mr I -
Ray Barber, ton of Mr. and -=----
and Mrs. Vollenwldei .
Md. met her niece -

Residents of Clay Hill)) Mm..leave J K:, A.last..Harbor. weekend was homeon from Helen Spring North In Washington.and had : spnt and baby the neckend of) Marietta here, with Oa '

i had Homed, to tea hove d AKU a finger hospital.on Ray his lunch 1) was C. and hut In went Washington'Friday, shopping.with Helen a- Mr. and. and Mrs Mrs T. J.W.C.Markey.Mr. Denlson. : I AREA B INES I SRECTCRY = = I

: 'and Maxville right hand amputated when an and Mrs Daniel Denlson and
group of students on a sightseeing i I
Auxiliary: fuel tank fell and ttip.Friends I, daughters of Lake Butler were .
I crushed hi* hand. Wednesday guests of Mr and -

Patty Parrlxh of Jackion- I of Nellie Wilkinson I'Mrs. J. P. Baxter and Mrs. I lunl" Uniting, KLOOHS) )I otorc'c les.S oot ers
will regret to learn that she i In AUTO SALES & SF.ltVICEI Air Condi! _
vllle University spent last: I I Ella Lewis. Other guents of tho

weekend. wIth her parents. Mr. I confined to Riverside Hospitalin day were Mrs. Atha Dval and I Barkley Motors Inc. RUSS'S SHEET The Sinclair Eaton Streit's Bicycle Shop
Jacksonville. I
COUNTY and Mrs.. I). J. I-arrlnh. Mrs. Reba Starling of Gra ,
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph( METAL INC.
\ ham. I S Tltn- fI'1I Cnshrrmn & VH|>a S..ootf'
Arriving home Huturdny Crosby spent purl of lust !' FLOOR SPECIALISTS
Mr and Mrs. Morton Jordan rivri
TELEGRAPHNow morning by Seaboard "unlundatho'r I i fishing nt bike t.ohIonsa.Mr. we"k.1'I'. of Keystone Heights visited HII.I..M\N: & HPMIKASI: : Heating .Vjnnl Asbestos, Tile nratl 1 -. ll ZunUupp

spending. live days In I| and Mr''. B. F. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Markey I i I Kor Floor of Motorcyclea-.BaIee: Service
Washington I l>. C. We HM-clall/e| In \I. Air C..ndltlonlncSh..et
On Sale Each were Peggy and daughter of Jackinnvllla I Saturday afternoon. SALES at SERVICE: Beiiuty, and Durability SCI I WIN?* BIcYCLES
ThursdayAt Lucas, Helen North flail weekend. with Mrs. '
spent the The Home Demonstration Mechanics ;Metal I Special 10.9c per B"x9" Tile Work
I fmetnrj: Trained Locksmith: &, Safe
MrClung Barbara Whitehead. F. II. Coleman and son. I Council meeting was held here I Axph.tlt Tile Starts at 6.2c pet
The Sharon UrirrU at, Muxvlllu. and The Intermediate Training last Tuesday. After the business 100 C1K\V': I'SEI) CAItS 2520: N.K: 11th Terrace Tile 6015 wC: VnlvcrHlty Avo.

Ueruldlne nrlffl, of Highland. I Union Class of Maxviile: Baptist meeting a covered dish 1 :nol) N. Main (;illlllP, .. )
Black Creek Grocery-Clay Hill Mr. and MI'''. R. V. Durrance Church
and family former MaxvlllHresldnnts : the church Thursdny night of membeis and their |

.... Griff is Bros. Store-Maxviile niove l |nt weekend,I last, week ''. guests, Out Of town KJl'Stl JEEP; ; FLOOR COVERING MOVER

from their home In Jacksonville Mr. and, Mrs. Ray Pellnrn I were: Kathy Smith Mildred 1 Family of 4 Wheel Drive Automatic Transmission,

Green's Service Station-Maxviile to Stark. I and children! of Jacksonvillewere : Lye. Eliza niunchard from IlAMHI.KItAmerica's : Central Florida Tile Securty; Trancfer

Mrs. Ann Parker and Inn Sunday dinner guests of Lawtey: M.... Inca. Hamilton. I I Finest Koonomy!: Car ONE DAY SERVICE & Marble CO.

lOc Per Copy were recent supper guests, of Mrs.. .... B. Coleman. r Mrs. L. V. Harley Mrs. Jerry 1 Sales> anil !SertU1- ALL 1oIAKES--RCPAU\!
Stanford and Mn. A. C. ClUa. I CARPETS BTLee's. & Inc.
her parents. Mr. *nd. Mrs. I Spending Sunday and enjoying AND EXCHANGE Storage,
John Thlbmilt In Jacksonville horseback' riding with; all of Hellbronn Other visit Ridgway Motor Co. Monarch Loomweave.I ,
w'ereJ I ors wore 1\.11'8.\ W c. ,flowera. Main Gator Automatic : Downs 1 AGENTS FOR,
Wy .adllh.wa 1132 S.
MI'.. Avnry.Blade. end rhllH- the Bu< I
un visited Mr. and -11'1. Leon Mr. and Mra Paul jones and'I'Ma'. 'A: R. h r'r' ad 1 M'raft. (lalne..\.Illf 37J-H4S.1 .Transmission Service,;I Moore aswan to WaJIInstallation FOGARTY BROS.TRANSFER .

Read the Clay Hill News by Fraser and family In Jacksonville Mr and. Mrs. Randy Mlckler, K. Edmondson Of Jackson Inc.
I I all of Jacksonville. \ and rlr.I Vllltf. I INC. Armstrong and Kentlle
Sunday nfternoiin.Karon Local A Long IHeuuice\ Movtnf
Mm. cuter Lung/ QrlfflM I and Mrs. Billy Rowe of Macclenny. The Brooker Community B & G Motors Co.JDILLAUOI.n4IORILr.. 2575; >. Main St. Floor Covering ('ratIngMtorusgePac&Iflgphone
(IniiKhter of
; welcomes Mr. and Hri. Best\
372-0372 I! OF
Calneivtll 1'HONK CQMI'LKTR: : IJ\fl:
And the Maxviile News by Mr and 1 Mrs. D. Ft. (OrlfrUi rn.turneil Leonard and their three sons. ( > 376-2666
and Mra. K.: D. Illgglnbiithiim ; TILES MARBLE
.. Mr. \ I Gainesville
home Wednesday morning They moved( her recently 1040 So. Main
Mm.' A. C. Slide I from a student trip toW..hln and' family were. In from Tamps" I BALES A 8KRVICB: City Automatic I J'Wn i Walrto rid. O'vllU 376- \4KOAltDKN ( !
Mlddlvburg', last Saturday* t..i fun,
Fin Selection <>/ |
ton. t). C. by jet lrYou'll Brooker U proud of its new" [

.! night. Mrs HlRgtnbnthaiit\ I,I Beauty Shop and the new, Taken Un> C'adllluc Trades" Transmission, Inc. ; SUPPLIES ,;. ..
Maerlenny .
.. last Monday -
S spent comer It brought to u*: Mrs. I 2001 N. W. 13th. RU 41 &: Exchange: 1- *
a I Mra.lUnce II Repair| 1 ;.. 4
with her mother I Johnson & Paris Inc..
I Pearl Colson and son, ,
All ;Makes and Model.TKI' fmi\J
PhONE: 1'78-'SIS ,
Bweat Mary L. Green celebrated -I ('"'' & C.\KS Complete Line of ;!;,;j I
Treasure the of :
: pleasure The community expressesdeepest her Orel birthday on flDf L,*-.-*..* .* j I.rTT.jlfc '
I Dyanometer i'rr-Te.ted l lf Btttr'ilI'IA.'IITSI'F..RTIUZI'UII: 1 *.e>ra.v. \ JIZUIIR.V
sympathy. to Mr. and Frb, Congratulations! :Mrs Llneula-Mercury-'umet<<
I Mra Joseph A. Hindi MeyerIn Oreen.! The Earl Oreens made t''MEi: ) ('.\le<4 \\ >KK tI}t''AK\\T: :.EInrini )- ITs
InClrldrt'4 SupplIes : TIME: TO ;MOVE;
oUllLxHvrnGOutdoor ) : the loss of their little her a blithd.r rake and some, Authorized Sale A Service ; .T 1'1.\S '
( ) ( \V. Rant FerUllaer Spreadcra' Call
ditiiMer l last Sunday afternoon. I home-made Ice cream. Ht Crane HOg S. Main 224 N. W. 8th Av. i

a I .t* IllAur, Mrs. Bessie Brown. Mr flit In..",'III.. :371.11106 fl.M.NF.SMl.I.KMayflower: :
PIKXNR: :373
.. Lincoln Mercury M*. Inc.
Llghtlnj maken your terrace, patio antI I f'artTnn part., of AM K.: I'nUcrvlly. .".. m\!::! iiTY sniooi.() ,

: your home after dark...(ivee you more)living spuce: and more hour NEWS OF INTEREST TO COLORED fl.I".-.,Illf 37..a'.'.M ... Culture 1 INSULATION-ROOFINfi() : Call Collect 370-3221:
a of enjoyment. It tola the nxxxl fur fun and entertainment.t.. F-nglNh: t".rd.191_ > nm Cnmplrt Beauty -- -

: creates dramatic cnntrasui and beautiful effecU In your ftnlen.I CITIZENS OF BRADFORD COUNTY 1'w.l ('.-.> flirts, Wnyteii. Men All American:
Tuition fl.itgetedrita -
I Electric} Post Light at drlvewsy or home entrance lire Mpe Sill !Month :Main'
desiritila for .ail Llon. welcome K I'l.A1KMKNTUruihVp : !Insulation & Hoofing t'.UXTS
: dally safety prot<< They brightly I (laIns'stIle 311..1&&

S your guest .n. ducnursge trvupawrr Nr", modrls. art avsilnbln : 8p.cI" Courses ('0.

: with a "msilc ey." that, autt>mat <'ally turns light ON at dwok.Of' NU lICE '''I meet Friday nltht. Prayer, I New", ".'>Ora Sh'.nglc! Harper Paint Co.
I Central Hairstyling
()IoU Chapter Ifla EasternStar Band "'"'tin.. SaturdatI lULVn.KVI.EDFEAUN; !
S at dlwn-he.h. you're. home or away.
tonlthlI I I Can Circle nieUn al i u. BulltVpttnnl
will meet nluht, '
; Lights for.. outdoor living are easy to install aurprUingly! low I ) JR.Representing College We Stock
I Thursday I .t. p. m. All horn. of Deacon J. W. Prince, iKUilac A Ilep.slrsP"Ih.rgiaas I
In See the fine selection elerlrical .
coaL I at your favonle contractor : WAIXPAPER9ARM.STR
or lighting iiore. member are asked to be present a p. m.-Ml.a Brberra Alien IIS 3. B.: lit. G4nsstiU. 1",110", I
: and on time. reporter. Chrysler. ImperialPlymouth < STO-4105 I Blown or tittC'nnrrartor ( NO; "SMITH, A.YTIUtTCH

: ASK FOR FREE BOOKLET, "OUTDOOR IIGHTINC"$ HONOR( HOI I, Pint" Horn Church of the'! I Valiant! or ItrlitPAY ROY PAINTS:

: _. Fun .( MM la .help.| you III .d.l line Friday nl.ht. FYb 14. a! IU'll.DINO= SUITL1ES or :XJTr Palntrr, !'
I SuppfV
C fur ewe fu., bMuly and Mtty, I>>iu\le Jirkaon. Beatrice : I IIAWES-I'CWKKS; ;
530. when The Howard 8p<
a Cnim. Joan, flanks. Drborah I ONE 17I-IU' 10 S.V TUt StreetGh.e'uviIle
i -t1N1o(7ild J""flt""f'I&l..fof M*r hall. Eloise Cooper M*. clal will be IPpell'tn The B MOTOR COMI'.tNYI ( McCoy Building !.'u.F.: IJ': nr. 0.1..11"f. "'
: 8. Singers will appear at !I I 201& N. Main. (:Calnt'"UIf'I ? \
r'' sells Durham. Alvin Orren. ,,
I a U., tin.. roe Mirth Lane. Carolyn Thorn p. n,. 'on Sunday.. Feb 23. sand!I 1 i .I'hone FK2 231f I II Supply Center (f.\DIES WEAR:
Use, SinalntVondr* will appear :
IL.III' .EI I LICM' COMPANY efrS a*. Juanlta Taylor JormnltCovliifton. at S p. m. on March f I Re*. K*'>" on. 'l3-l$:; &10( i.iMnrR: r.\i.NT: &: ci.ssLlddell; :

ails,.. avii &Otl,.a Memesier lion. AR of these alnttnc coops.I RI1l.Di4l1 scrrucs Cherry'st
or Roll U SI follow I I a: ;, I Paint &
.. DODtiK \ItT-
-- mm front Jrk omtUe. On Feb S II \ltOWAKBN Mast t'qsitk.rbtuA1.tr.sa I
Joan lUnks. Johnnie Covlni ,
1 a. awI Ion. Cerolyii Thomas Drrnd I I 1113 Mother. C. M\d.-f on 01 DODGE TKTCH! *. :\Uta sad 2Sr6 EsoI.rxr'1PIit4 ,I Fur L.Jesfflpfl.fQ! Glass Co.

Jacksnnvtll will be running I BaJ_. .Part- -ServiceS
Taylor. Juanlt Tak>r. Chrj > : SH-4M1 ) ;: VT. .
meeting Everyone: Invited tel I RV \\IZB PAINTHTtth
j lea Klrka.y' Donnle Jnc-kxm.
: ) MaaelU Durham. I altnd.Tlve. o.tzr.." meI' lTT.nMTTl'm: IP..tElvi 1Laa. :SPrw. !SlMII. I
AhiUt Green
Foole-Gabfe? MotonIII '
Rlolne Cooper \ FUlh sunday meetlnj!I ,nO.-.:UOK 115; l.nrl: ........ .....,

11 .. Itrt Ordi A' ((4th week anJHenM ''will\ be held at First' Drow I S. E. Ift. A... ()&lne..U1crUn'u ';CONCRETE PRODUCTBINHtSTT %. ..\fMty.) 4i.atTW'1t.! .p fls.f'.. \L A..t.. _. .\.1... .
J JI Church of "'.rlle. F.1dtor I
t rl Pit DenefleM.., liar U..rd tor. ZephanlatOnratrr I ; J714SUIIBHK (.rp.1 Wa1t.ap"1' !''I'_

1 1T net \Williams Sandra Wlllunt I I Lan. .reporter THAT ALl. TOUK: 'H'sie SUPPI.IF.S t..t (.....1.........
i *. : : N mn! CUNCKCTK:! rwuvers
Alien Chapel AMP: lit >.\\' >l"t wnli lilt.'ia .
Ith Of xlt> !1'lI\, ..ekl I An .
u..I.urrr AIUE TIlE BUT FRO Cridicy Music
Church had. sunday **ntc'4 I t __. S'n-JaI!
Ihony tv9u CUrvnrv) )0061M. usual The Choir Union will I r....,.' to Own .Fn Iv on.,.

Joe Re" >d. Carolyn Brown be M held at MaCtlenny at 3 p, Engin.( L'p Front 4* II PJl Edwards Building Co. Inc. p.E\\ll1TFn...

iIIiJ4 I.Ui" DtiUlna, March ftarty.IVtly m. Sunday R"\ Lery Lnnswibest I 1 :t.... .. ,..... 'u... Supply Inc.
r Atnim. Aildrer' Ortffln. ., 'r.I''m U. n.AISTDASCo'apI'I.
rut'Y Hancock
I .. D.-.. .. peso Everyene Dwtk'dI I Mate- -373-1411 Typewriter
l I.t &m t Anthony: AI altrrd Ttt 8. Mwife' f !Stop
C1te.- l>Aie' .. J.RH'd. Melton Motors Cewts. "4. 1Ma_ fcy l'alot 'iCt.wy ESCHANC.K: :

Carolyn\,,"",. Linda twnin 4 '. &2 HI'ICK & OI'F.L: & t&.t.r". ilesCy t.. SlUt. Chary .- \o"trt.'Jf! TetaIts!:

.. r I.t II *. Mary Seaccy. and Betty TOJ Main (:...n....,"., feaTaso -t'W.... A.W.IVI4JI 3fie t vn.-a, CaJrulat.orlJII

fmith.Mh' WILLIAMS KLECJIIIC MOTORS ( tty OBlifw.* A ("as.4I -8TRvrczRVfTAIJI
.. arad. tth 'HII" nor.erUr -
,1 .. N Ma-S at-
AUTO SALVAGE *_ 4 Cerk O n Oainswi1a
OkwU. Davist.asrv
Lf-vrnn. Electric MotorRepair ,..",.n... ??toe 3T4&S3ITIRES
Pli\>.n. Mary Cundt.' JEWELRY
VUrla! Jefiktru.' IM (.;.emmt4. Paul's Auto SalvagE. Co. !... X MitaMusic ""*
< '__" Rbo0g Centen -
tarry Bru n. lUtrtly lervt ._! ,
KEHAIItSAD w. Say Wve.'ksi r.es A' or n ixis '*l ut. t>CL .
son :'\ AFl ....
.. : (c.tn.ltc' srvt W..TClIss UMNN TOP rRICKSAS : U34PLPt1 a icmicSAiJTS : iI55Gest'stwi Town Tire Co.

Greater l BfthVtwm ft" ** MAo, A ><_*" I "* :\Ie n'Oft << ........ )Is.iI, R F 4i'asDRI(1V<<

.. Will n.pn.1 Weekly erh MuHU.ww VTork GiA.ru.te! ....- AND: SCRVSC* .,,1 U-.rT fVS44. ,"-T'--'I

I .r nttht. ("hOtror.: I A. C .. IIta... T..y,. !&oonar-\ ... ,S -UwU0w. ,. 01JIf LilIi"n' Store --,....... ('.ra-Trs.i.
ftthrUlnt..., "Ia""' .
.. Slur. .Hour. We4>Maay W...MJ 142 W. CftB SC am, ,..,.. I... 7.. Ir1IO.E....... )of........ :;. ..1 e r.- owe Dir HllftvK1lteou

,..,'!Lat Prer. Menmr'ssywia FUri*. P14. .;&...,..... *1-UIt I in-uit saeS IV. 113 K.r M *U G.Men,...

.. nWht CPr 2.. k ill .'. r'I_",. Saa4 le.1O .. Ma, (la4 e 111 "v r. |",TM %*. .... 7s :" ""' j-j \rrjPAGE
t_ and the Ladle arc.II) .: .:aV "


-- --- -


THl'RSDAY, FEB. IS 1964 BRADFORD COOTY- TfXTOR\Pn. RT.\RRK, Fl-Orim n___ _--nr.r ;or.F.\'F.s.: .._

.*t IU JUU -*> U I'' inn,-f, t 1". n \* i.i i i..4IMI.1 ,j .1
999..YYTYY..TY family. Judy Selma E>inlc called on Mrs Circle. 1:30: p m at home of NEW RIVER PT181'CIIV8A'11 > ItM ,. ,,,II
Bennett Sandra 1>11P.! > 11 a. m. Training Union, V. Urr HIT l.\ 1I.p"" I.1")' 'I'l.l' '" < II. TI "
Craft and Mr. and },(1'8. Bobby 6:30: p. m. Evening WOl'llhlP'1 John Cone in Brooker Sunday< :Mrs. Julius HAnson with Mrs !I" "!. VIMII, .\n*\\ fI'li'tl. '1'.. ....If'' in, it-orrii r U.H.. .,.''P "r I II.. 'IIW'_'"'
LAWTEY\ : Dyal and family. More 7:30: p. m. YWA. 3 p. m. Pisycr afternoon.Mr. Axel! Malmirrm as cohostessMi SERVICE MEN Sunday School. 10 .. .... ::I : :'.of: 'lh...' I'lr-'lllt: ; ['\Coll.; i:I ( I I'liv nut,ihi. ilHlinnnt.anil. ,' 'mimf. liln in' iiwt 0"'*''itItitrnnv. rn' '"f<> "I.

Clixle. I SO I .. It will t h". > /.ldi
young people would have attended Meeting each Wednesdl1 \)'. atid Mrs W P Krtnp t Perry's p m'l\ Morning Worship. t 11 a. ai I'ltiiri,oiifM. in MtJirkiiKlcrlilii .. or .itu _
\ this delightful affair Youth :Meeting: and children of Savannah. Oa> at home of :MiJames\ Cook AM \VOMF.N : .|k** *i'rU < r n I I i 'irfllntf. tti luw
tty Ensa BlancbariBIRTHDAY I' :30 p. m on Training Colon 6:30: p .... Eve KIillC.NIV; : ,IIAIIKIH.I..I.I O I jHnnuiv, 30th r",<
II I''I' U June bad not had to *'ork1st alternate Saturdays '7-30: p spent Friday to Sunday with Mra Floyd Koonri" Clri-1?. \ 39 nlng Worship. '7:30: pm. Midweek I'.iiw.r IIS. UiHoluml. KU.rlilnt'lntiii H Tluirlow MimtliAdftilnlNtrnt ',,
........ ...... mother and oth- m. at ham of Mrs ,iff <* ntt"int.. t.n 01wlihh. .
.44AA. m. Mrs. Ktmp's p. Prayer Service.<< Wednesday .. I >r of tri Rntnt: ifOh
Ial''I'I to..r. M'II I I ". ,..ltln... .
Mrs. Milo Smith entertained PERSONALS IT relative. shall Oallop with Mrs E '7pm. Everyone wetcoraa Ntilil i'i>inilitlnt, | will 1I lrpla umi;v II I Hniltll; : .I.! < ctl.TIIOM
I t I V.t I'IKIliKHliirko.
Dempney as co-hostess. Mrs. I u **ll tin "...r..1 hy ymi, iitvl." I
PARTIES \ for her daughter. Marie on Luncheon guests of Mr I i, Mr and Mrs. acorn AUlnon '''.Intlff ..11........' ,.. ........'.... ... I ; I''II''I'1\
her llth of JaclnonvUle visit Charles Wallenlus Circle 1:30: FIRST CHRISTIAN .. Klurldx
Miss Lorraine Priest wa birthday anniversary. George Roberts on Tuesday of were! |r," t AIImllll.trro.
honored at a surprise birthday Jan. 28. with a weiner nw t. last week were Mrs. Manil\* lux Mr. and Mrs John c Ty, p. m. at liome of Mrs Mar- I nll'1tl'U **(ITMfl>iH hv lunil ..lid nf. Atti ini*'%'(imiilli-Hiliin fi i on J orjKlrxi nuiryJ ,

I Twelve in- Oliver and family Sunday. I! as Hawes on Swan Lake. Her ri.'UI M.H! HI, 4lrkKluriiU, I t!'.'). "
party on Feb. 8 from 8 to It young guests were of Baldwin Mri. Morris 837 W tilt Call SI.Bibb ,Ililn Illtli .lav ..f KI-IIIIIHI, ..y. .\ 11* 4t ')
; p. m. in celebration of her vlted to enjoy the gajnes and Pool and Mrs. VirginiaDofchs i D A, Jones spent lIeYt"ra11 i mother. Mrs. Clara Roberts' U l I'. ItM f
( I: hotMs and will be assLitavi \ School. 9:45: a. m. (""KKfi'lAI." .'<>l.1.1'I..> I
18th anniversary. Dancing was I other entertainment with thhonoree. of Live Oak. Mrs. Pauline davs with his father in Louis" I
t ,
r enjoyed throughout the party Torode of Klngsley Lake. ville. K... due to th" sertout I I by Mrs. T. W H.imen EvenIng ': Morning Worship 1O:43. HUh i'l'h"h'0...tt-(< >.r ,th.- .t'lri-titt\ ,II'"nrrtv

l, hour and refreshments of I VALENTINE DANCE/ Mis. Nell Andrews of Stark Illness of the elder Mr. Jones.I I 1 CtrcleRt'bl'cra. meet at:! Schol Youth Fellowship. .::31'p. |II Jnnt'1, \ <*itrt'..r h c
I Recent viMtors of Mrs. Effle a p. in. at home of Mrs. Nor I m. Evening Service. 1:33: II II IIN ., THECHRISTI
cake and punch were served.Lorraine's A Valentine Dance wtll be and :Mrs. Effle Miner. On ,

friends. from Law- | held at the Lawtey Recreation Monday of this week MM. Will Miner were. Mr and Mrs. BUI,;i man Thompson Nurhtengales i p. m All Youth ProHram
tey and Staike jollied In this I Center on Friday. Feb. 14 II Edwards of Starke enjoyed :{ Reid! and children of Jaci.1 .- meet at 7:45: with Mrs. AUllhtry I :a t to 4U; p. 111.i I ,... ...... ........f..... ......" II |

happy event and ''many lovely 1; I from '7:30: to 10:30: p. m. Four. luncheon with Mrs. Roberts. 1 sonvllle. Vance chairman! cohCHtrsii. I II i 1 rtwrl ln IN.: 1'rwlkMlvHAIIl'l. '. n
gifts were received.A tU through nth grade *tuI -!I Mrs. John Tye. Mrs. Mllo I \ Mrs. Don Pangborit. I : A WllOKTKII. ;; : Hlw, ,<
I CORRECTION! Th limo CHURC1I Uti..un. nil M \"10:1.: HVIHIH' 1
dents will be admitted for 25I Smith and Miss Enza Blanchard
surprise party given I .. .....,,
was I >* ***TTV TTTTTTTT1 TKH.: d. -
for Miss June Brown in honor I cenu. Come and have fun. attended the Home Demonstration I for( World Day of, Prayer observance | Summer Schedule: .. pat NuTll'K: Tl. "I'KKPITIlltM' I I SCIEnCEmoniTOR
WSCS NOTICE County Council I KEYSTONEHIGHLIGHTS by thi ProUnUntChurches I All .'rolMmr lh> I0:.l..t.. .if ,
of her birthday on Friday service each Sunday morning.i .
,, ,
I t I hh..I.W..r l l.1." kniiivna
night Jan. 31. at the home of I The Grace Methodist WSCS quarterly meeting at Biooktr of Key.li>ne Heights i First Sunday Holy Eucharist, M..I, \Wonlor. ), ,,...'*imi>4ft9 ., I
her mother. Mrs. John Brown I met Tuesday night. Feb. 4. at Community houne. Miss Rots I has been changed to 2 p. m. I I 9:30: .. m. Other Sundays <> hrolir. n..tiriiMl. MIUI. rwiiutvN '
I .. I II.
Msy 14 at St. Anne's' Episcopal j l lit fill MIIV 1'lnlmN r llm Ie
the home of Mrs. Oeorce Rob conducted the installation Of I Morning and .. I II
Helping to celebrate this occasion I Prayw Hermnn .n44. whl< with members of the erts. The study session ,ill t>? t Officers! for 1064. Each outffOInff \4.6.4&4AA6..1. .I Church, The change!! was I Dally offioM. 1:30 .... ao-i HUIHI. >' lil KBiiitiin' lh ..r I
held at the home of Mrs. Orville and Incoming officer was I I, made due to a conflict with Airman' Thomas A Ketch riio I of \nix I'ouniv I .lint, *., ofl
immediate ; ( 9:09: .
family were June' Continued From SII pm. .
I Page l 1..tH..1 I'oiiniv H'l.irdU\ Inihp I
brother-in-law and ulster Mr Bumgarner on Tuesday I presented 'II'IUa corsage in the open Installation of officers son of Mr. nod Mm. At thur I. i Holy Eucharist Wednesday' .'nui-ih tun* ,it, Ntaili.>, |frlilit. |
1 Feb. 11.CHUItCll. I Valentine colors. At noon a I I of Eastern\ Star Chapter i i2T1I. Ketch of Keystone Helaht Is | tO '. within nl.. .'.itititur, 'niMtiihi-. "
and Mrs. Ralph Wise an.t Polnuiew Road aud am7:30 Accurate
now -
are I from thr iltkli* of thi> firm imbiAini I It
| SCHEDULE covered dish luncheon Members are urged to i being reassigned to LowryAPH
r was living on Hutchinson Lake. : P. m.TIIK' 1..lh. >l.t .hl. ,,"''h..' Io.h: I
I Grace Methodist: Sunday much enjoyvd.Mr I 1 I note this change and come let I Olo. for technical train.ln t .>r *1.nmntl, muit, t h. Innrrltmt

ANNUAL LEF..b. School 0:45: .. m. Morning'I and Mr*. Buford IliuKinbotham i shallville.William Ohio Marshall is visiting of Mari with- : us pray together an a> U. H. Air Force munitions nf rn. ..''il..ttllil it< .* inilal,unit .iiamttf!*(. Ilir ru.. ..ptftU ntlarmi I Complefo

Worship. II a. m. Evening I and Mr and Mrs.Oene I 1 his son-in-law and daughter.Mr. Prsuldrnt Arthur A. Brainerd and wnapons maintenance MTVTK UK KUXlilU' uf thi* i IrtlniAhi' *ml ntuvl' 1 I I
3rd 15th I IWednftllday. I cf the Community ChurchMen's uprclalUt. To \\Vtlll lUnilllon.. at..I". i Service 7:30: m. MYF eacnj English and children of News
p. .
and Mrs. Ovue Bishop; of : hi" .."ni,, nr hl> .il.>.rn..1 .r It
Yarns KnittingAccessories 1 8 p. m. It .la nice |I Maxvtlle were visiting Mr and i Silver Lake. The fact that I Club whotic. name. we|... votil Miiirillnn Inr I
Saving to More Thiui 'OJill' % to have Mrs. Fox at home In Mrs. Elmer HiRglnbotham omitted In a previous t hot Atr Frce a short ttmmi "> : > lhl n null h.*> brvn. til, r !;:.< I II
Mr. Marshall is from Marshallville. ...* ....ln.l r...n In th. ..liovMtiuioa H M>.r*.rt "lpitntUlf I Coverage
has made this
Knit Shop the parsonage after several' Sunday. I IMrl. I Ohio. Is no coincidence. cOlumn'l: >- hm completed' hi" Initial' >.*!>..>. .n.1) r..v ... >.r.| Illom. K:..<...t.1c or
weeks in hoe pi tala. I R. E. Priest Mrs. B. E. I I The town named The regular monthly bsule military training.. lie In li.rri>y r.H.ir.,l m ni. ,....I'' lit*. k:.,li,>t,, < 625 W. was .... ....
University meeting wlU. be h-ld a 1941 graduate of Went Hume iMWi>r with ia l" li of ikiiinurt > -
First Baptist SundavSchool Reddish and Mrs. Mae Well*
I I .
I for IU founder hi father n l in *.trv. ."p| y % i' I'ruviitt
GalnrotUle 10 .. m. Mornlivn Wor- were vi<lng in JacksonvilleWednesday and !\ Wb. 34. at 6:30: p. m. tn th* lUtih Hcliool.: ItoiB. O.. lh.ri..ir unun lh. ivUinilfr nrliUlnlUCa ,Ml"rnry m ,Ijiw
Mary Bishop's
grandfather educational building. Walton ."",n.". wKuxMmo ..%.|nu.. Itvl-ihlfl.. Klitrlil* I
of Last week. > KHil .,iMr ... 'u, .:.. "tr.. I
j' > !I. 1I."le. "'' '''.1' -
Mr and Mrs. O. J. Anders I I Fl lends!! of Jane Reynolds, Thomas of 8pcrry-Iiands .r-I Ml.htel M. CMdwlre. J.6n .\ \. .Miiiluii>.iinjfc tjtf LjmU 'l IU"II BOSTOMtOJ
sonnel department win lliilltlinK.. ., I
J..h..U. >'l.rl4
AMBULANCE SERVICE and Mrs. Hester Hicks vUslted\ daughter of Mr and Mrs. William \ of :Mr. anti Mr. OUbort not Uu.. th.u ..Uri. >h I It. A l> \\m l'Mi4r J..4.i... c...... !. ANGILIi
PHONE Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Rty at I; Reynolds, will regret to j a movie on Sperry\ developments N. Qoldwlre of Starke., wasrnmmissioned "u ,,,.. ....... .,....,.... .....,.
Earlton Beach Sunday. at the aalnravllle. If you. '.ll i,, ilo .... >lft,.rmpro flitrlila.In LONDON
I learn that she had a set-bark j second lieutenant ....r. ... I0. .,rI'll
plan Mrs. Floyd '.. on'. circle ti iim< will IM m<>r l lln r* tt
DeWitt C. Jones Funeral Homo We are pleased to know that and has had to return to theMedical upon graduation tvom <* >l i/iiu r 'r' in. r llf>r il.- Ar.Nl'f.T; II MMITII. i it h,
I will have chsi. vf the : : ......
Mrs. Jame* Walnwrlght U I the Infantry Officer Csndl- tiMiifliMl in ih tiii ti..I lMiitiTli < |
Center In Oalnsvlllefor dinner lTl>\H411 -<
DcWHt C. Jones Registered Funeral Director able to be at home again aftera more care. date. Rchiwl. Fort BeimlngUa. ln_ for ,..... luxirr of ,\'"... .. .r..lltar. ..r .thv ..tm.> of 1YWS11 .,...... ,'I
week In St. Vincent's Hospital ., Jan. U.I ni.Hl f*r |I'i...lWITNRMM Oil,*"_,,. M ..ml'''. tl..r.....<.l.r l. tS.SO
Starke Fla. CHURCH NEWS !liT''NNE'8' EFISCOPAI.CIICRCH. ": ti.n.t .....| r.iulrit
in* i>n.l Ihviil > horntoy nulldud
In _
Jacksonville. .... _
New From St. William's Uork.:'. In 'II.|. ..". '-Uliii. .. tir (Inn c'.. ...... ..'". -.et'- "
RENTAL: SERVICES Miss Arthurlne Blanchard 011 The Orphans and CharitiesCollection KKT8TONBSundays Army In May. IP83 and completed ..".,,10'., tki.. nrlt iloy fir l*>kru >...4. <*lifH| II'.W h...... ni4ht.it. ,, -..-. .... .... -
I Jacksonville and Miss Erua .rx "I'l l I'"iflUIII.KM >..'.' ..(.to In tti> vfflK, "( 'Ih* .... .
Hospital ed"! Wheel Chain. CmtchM will be taken up at Morning Prayer. basic tralnln at Fort : A I'.IIIIHT tfwuuly' iu. >ltrii ..f lir..ilfor l I'niinIV TIM CkHM4.>...lifcl.H.. .. .
I IG Blanchard were visiting Mrs. Mass next Jacksnn. a. C. At Fort Ben.nlng I'lvrk.. i"lr 'ull t'uurll >.'l.irK' .. .In I ho .,imr 11Nil'
D. B. Lyon and Miss Cora I Sunday at St. Wil Holy Bucluvrlst.: Church OCS he received l"|f J.n.l 'N" l'.rl.r.. >il rfc Klnrl.U. ,within u ( .A
liam's. You are advised' to do- School and Sermon. 9:30: a { train- l I'.uulr <*t.rli ![ i l I..n