CITIZENS OF BRADFORD COUNTY --R K.:. }JIIjjB. l rt'ndanl.1 feet to a lighter hub which b I fid State Road N" 13. theme at the South front d.M>r of the
%OTI( : TO .
House Intark. ,
tilt point or beginning, 'Of1tain- run North 17 degrees 3* min natty Cmirt
TU KUHJK.M K K. :1IILLEU2JS j jIfss utes. Ea..t fur !lI.n feet alone Florida, at 12:90 u'cliK-k noun on
By.Ozora Shell : Olnry St. -- mg 34 and Sfi.lt'U noes more ury the West right of ,way line of 'I April 19, J9 0- hat the high hidtltr -
I 1'roUtlriue. Iihr.de Island.Y '. EXCEPTIXIJ< a parcel of I cij. State Heart Xo. 13. is required to deposit 10', of
. . .'. . ,... ... . . :rte ->u are hereby notified that' land which Ig the property of the! run North SS! degrees 06 minutes th..n..1' ire amount of his hid at the! sale,
Aaa&aaaaaaaaa&&A &&& &&a&.a&& ,L 11lAlkmake '
nut for divorce has been filed against <':tr ..f l. wty and lrs.Tit.rd as'fulious '! West for 621.7 feet to the point', ..nd to t-rmiplete his hid within (betinio
you .in the! above named of beginning, 4 allowed by said Order of
Fiesta Club this a great birthday cele- : Begin at the one-half i i aenx.m..r. )
< m i and cause and ..
you are required mil> cornerbetween. Sections6 or less; and lying In the Tourt and to &'nmply"Ith the othertrr
The regular meeting of the bration. Mrs. Ethel Young, president to SUa copy of your answer -, and 27, Township 5 South, lunge I North portion of the Northwest .'is of "hale contained in said
or pleading to the *
Fiesta Club will be held at the ; Pernella Cummings, re- the complain :_ East and run North 81 dt1Srees Quarter of Southwest Quarter!' order of Court.
m PlalntlfrllturnI'Y, John J.i
I .. iXWU of'SWVi) of Section 26.!
2J minutes West for 33 .Sftet
Waters School with Mr. and porter. Crews" Jr.. of 1f..d..nny.1o'lorila,1 j 'I is) fItrothygnu Swanbom.AdniiniKtr&tris .
a. and file the original in thence run South 5 degrees)! Township 5 South, Har.ee 22 East
Mrs. Blye as host. The Jan., Feb., Thurston Elementary of the Clerk at the Circuit the Court offie J7 minutes }Vest for 2100 feet, <.nu also In the Northeast cor- de bonts non.
Mar., and April birthday party I 1 Principal S. C. Price is an- on t>r before 2Sth! day of May. A.D.mo .. I thence run Suuth !86 degrees 15 '! i.er of :Northeast Quarter of with Will annexed E. \Vhelan.of the estate
minutes of Evelyn
East for 336.S j
I ,
be held the 30th. at the the following activities : otherwise the! allegation of 15i f 4-31 : 4-ZS
WIn on nouncing I -a..I Complaint will be taken as thence run South 8 degrees Southeast Quarter (NK1* of t
fame place. All members are for May: A primary play, "The confessed 1 by you. I

asked to check your "Secret Pal" Circus,' will be presented on! ., Thin notice shall be publishedonce I r
each week for four
Iud get the gift)J necessary toULALJL Wednrsday, May 4, at 8 p. m.i 1 the weeks In the Bradford County
1 'I b 'v, t.j\.cL- i Telegraph.iXited this. 12th day of April I I Your Guarantee For A Sound'And Impartial

[A'.l>.. 1969.\ i
Womanless Wedding And FashionPictured 1'! OFFICIAL SEAL)
I CHARLES A. DARBY Administration Of County Affairs Is
Clerk Circuit Court
left to right: C. C.i Jessie J. Moore; Jr. Isaac Duhart, Ey Marian L. Crosby, Deputy Clerk
Anderson, Jessie Lee Barber. Lin- I Walter Perkins, Clifford Kelly 4-21 4t 5-12 A Vote To Re-Elect :

Tvood Crawford, Archie Kittles,,and Elmer R. Shellwho will perform .
Ainett Thompkins and Roy Williams -I;! the ceremony for the wed- -
V who will appear in a Wo- ,I rlClg. Other men in the community la The Count Judged Court OfHrndfard
I Count?, Florida
manless Wedding and Fashion i and i'county are being invitedto la Probate.

( Y/tout/ Show on Monday April 25, 8 p. participate. For a real eveningof IX UK: Estate of EVELYN E. Harold K.
limb WHKLAX. also known
I m., at the cafetorium of C. C. Anderson fun and fashions. and hear WHELAN and as as EVELYN
Junior ''High School in XORSTADT WHELAX. Deceased.
I this program. No real women willappeal'
J1 without NOTICK OF kLK
Lawtey. The program $s being
on the program but men Take notice that pursuant to and
sponsored by the PTA Hobby in strict accordance with the Order I
laundry appliances? :Club Linwood Crawford, presi- will act as both" menand women.A tlf the County Judge's Court of
I Bradford ('ounty. Florida, enteredMarch 4 -
small donation will be taken
I dent. Other persons who will be 23, I960 the undersigned adinintaratrlx -
:presented are: Robert White,'1 i I !at the .door.. : will offer for sale atoutcry
pilolie to the hieheM and I .
i The characters1 Morris A-1 was in charge of the I Lest bidder for cash, the-following
USE THE NEW are: I activities parcel of land situate In Bradford r s
&ron, Mr Clark; the bandleader,.'\vith Dorothy Ann Hankerson at l.Uullr.o'iorlda: to-wit a ev
Ronald Strong; Flora Mae Fra- the piano. Annette Shell appeared IAKC-IL 2: .. YOUU
Begin at the one-half mile corner -
eonioiwa4h zler-Ro11o, the strong man; Car- : in a guest number with "A between Section 26 and 27. M
olyn Brown -Linda, the star of Meditation On The Lord's Prayer Township 5' South, Range 22 ;
East and run :North $4 degrees
the circus; Daisy Belle Coleman I ;' We regret the illness of our 23 minute West for 660.0 feet i I l County CommissionerDISTRICT
SELF-SERVICE and Shirley Ann McDougald. pastor: Rev. A. B. Vinson, and to a lighter huh thence run I .
South 0 degrees 04 nlinutes East :
wish for him
Many other utpbers will be a speedy recovery. for 1,462.3 feet to an iron thencerun \
presented on the program. On Pauline Marshall., reporter. North 88 degrees 07 minutes '
COIN-OPERATED LAUNDRY Maya' Allen East for ,60.0 feet to a Make, ONE COUNT LARGE
My 10 at 4:30: p. m.. the Chapel AME Church Rev.L. thence run Xorth 89 degrees 4) \
t Day activities will be presented' A. Sampson pastor, will hold minutes East fur %:i4.7 feet to
on the campus. This will be avery regular Trustee services on Sun- :he right of way of old State
Road Xo. 13,. thence run Northeasterly -
311 W. Madison rare treat. Lincoln High' day starting with Sunday Schoolat along West right 'of
Scnool Band will play under the J0'avnv with Mils. Fannie way of old State toad Xo. 13 '

direction of Jerry C. Miller of Belle' Fxazier'irr' charge; 11 a. m. distance for 463.0 of feet 463.0 to feet a stake is on(tills the __ __ : HEART" ..
Gainet>'Ville. ,During the Easter and 6 p:'m..worship services with outside of a curve), thence runNorth .'.'
a vacation Deacon and Mrs. S. C.i i' the pastor; 'in charge. We are 17 degrees :39 minutes '. ::1y. ?
: for
j'alt a distance of 943.2 feet f
'NOTICE Price 1 visited their children in grateful tto. the parents for the along the West rijht of way of \. .
Check Record .
Let's His
Durham, N. C. and Richmond line cooperation giyen in the j -

Va. They) were accompanied by'"youth program:of the church ands I
April 15, 1960 their daughter Sylvia, M. Price, sk you to .continue. Junior u Has never missed a regular meeting: sime'elected in 1956.

Upon motion,of Mr. Norman seconded by Mrs. Chas- teacher, in :.Levy County,' They; Church meeting every Monday. s Has served two terms as Chairman, and one term as Vice-Chairman.

Lain and, unanimously passed, the Board instructed its regretted to' find Herbert Price, i 5 p:. m. Prof. Eddie Thompkins, Fought for the four.laning of U. S. 301, North.

Clerk to have the Fine and Forfeiture Budget publishedone a student, at Virginia Union': chairman of the Trustee Board is Helped create the county recreation program, with full time director.
University, ill but well ony thej I jacking all members to cooperate j
'Assisted. the negotiations for the Development Commission to locate its
time'in the local in order to clarify
paper, way to recovery. fully this 'Sunday.. E.; J.. Givens, '
office and warehouse in Bradford County.
as to the Sheriffs BudgetESTIMATED Carnation Club I':reportEr. : '. '

There will be a ,call meeting ,, ." ; '
EXPENSES I Thursday tonight] at the Reno : HAROLD K. NORMAN WILL SEEK ,. *
FINE' AND FORFEITURE FUND Theatre to Complete plans for t tI'Charley Johns Is A Friend To

the observance of the 10th anmversary I Everyone >. Rich Or Poor Xo .
A-C Classification 1958-59 1959.60 ". President Brooks 1 ijs :, FavoritltisixTShown. Vote For I A boat ramp on every lake in Brad ford''County.

315 Salary, 'Co. Pros. Atty. $ 300.00 $ 300.00 asking all members to attend. And Support' .Tour friend, I The four-laning of U. S. 301, South.

321 Fees & Costs, Clk. Cir. Ct. 750.00 2,000.00 The regular meeting was not held ion Charley Johns.. .2tI ,

323 Fees & Costs Co. Judge 10,200.00 10500.00 Easter Monday so please be II
THE RIGHT rOINT for, tht
326 Constable 2500.00 500.00 resent. The Eapter Tea and 'I way you ,write.. come In and se. Harold K. Norman was born and 'reared in Bradford County. He knows

327 Tonv. Fees Co. Pros. Ally 1,500.00 2500.00 Style Show'was' very .successful. :' lect your favorite ESTERBROOK WE RE-CAP the problems of its citizens, both rural and urban. He graduated from

328 Witness Fees-Jury Fees 500.00 1,500.00 Mrs. Mae Lois Pittman was mis-! Fountain Pen. TELEGRAVII. TRUCK'TIRES Bradford County High School in 1950 and now owns and operates his own
tre-ts music
of ceremonies by
329 Other Court Cost & Fees 1200.00 1,200.00 ; M] farm. He is married to the former, Loca Rafuse and has three children. lie
Mr W. Brooks. The refreshments From 7.50 20 Thru
361 Inquest Physicians Fees 200.00 1,000.00 were enjoyed by all. A. R.. Jen- 10.00 x 20 is a member of the Heilbronn Baptist Church, Bradford Farm Bureau,

SHERIFF'S BUDGET kins, reporter. x Starke Golf and Country Club. ,He believes in honesty and fair play.in the

rip Club STOP TAKING performance of his duties of public office. This he pledges to""do fo the best

316 Salary of Sheriff 7,500.00 7,500.00 The Fiesta Club will meet on I Elect CHANCES of his ability.

316-1 Salaries of Deputiesand Saturday, April 23,'-ut' 8:30 p. m. WITH WORN *
Assistants 22,014.00 22014.00 I at old Wateroak School Mr. TREADS Check The Job Check The Man Then You Will Check
364 Exp., other than Salaries 23,154.05 18,320.00 and Mrs. Eugene Blye will be

365 Investigations 550.00 750.00 host.}; to the group.: All members Let Us Re-Cap Your

771 Outstanding Indebtedness 16,764.16 ale asked to attend. P. Cummings Tires. For Economy And HAROLD K. NORMAN I X I

824 Equipment (Such as Cars, Public, reporter. + v FLORIDA'SCANDIDATE Safety!

Radios, Etc.) 2,350.00 6,888.00 The Bradford Dance County Teachers ". t Dealer For YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT ON MAY 3 WILL BE DEEPLY', APPRECIATEDPd.
> ( Pol. Ad.)
Total Appropriations 89482.21 $74,972.00 Association is sponsoring a public
dance on Friday night at RJE ir FOR NEW DUNLOP

Reserve for Contingencies Cafetcrium. Tickets are on sale
951-County 412.13 468.23 for this dance. Come out and

952-Sheriff 4,431.95 4689.95 have time. a ."mashing potato" good STARKERECAP I I

TOTAL BUDGET $94,326.29 80130.18 Young Men's Club SECRETARYOF

The Young Men's Club of
This is a true and correct copy of the Budget as adoptedby Starke is still open for new 00. rWEUWHEM
the Board of County Commissioners of Bradford members. The club Is invited to STATE BAXTER, TbU'RE EATIH, THAT'6APPETITE APPETITE' WHEN MOM I T

County on July 14,' 1958, and July 13, 1959. attend the Carnation Club An- Temple Ave. DEFINE THE WORDAPPETITE! 'w'OU'RE 'APP'. PUT OEUOOOC FOOD FRCH1GrtyHshfi
niversary on Sunday at 3 o'clock Phone WO 4-0221 .r i

CHARLES A. DARBY HAROLD K.NORMANClerk In the RJE Cafetorium. The club ,
(Pd. PoL Adv.
Circuit Court. Chairman having the largest attendancewill (Market'
receive a cash prize. All

members 'are urged to attend. J44t 0 N 7HE TABLE! J=
I Tne Young Men's Club, with a AM WHEN Y4ET
f fI fi fi THROUGH YOim
total of, 23 members, meets every
I Friday night at 8:30: p. m. Rufus .'IGE'.MTOR.IREEZER I GHT.i

Rjley. reporter. t

Red. Cross(f. Anderson DriveC. chairman of MOlE USABLE SPACE !

the Red Cros* Drive. wishes to 4

r thank tyeryone! who contributedto I PRICE !

a the drive. The following I L LOW BUDGET .._._._u ... -_ t ---- ... .

ir sihools contributed a total of''' i TENDERIZED Half. or Whole FRESH GROUND
5185.23: Anderson Jr. High I'I

$76.50; RJE High, $59.38; Thurs- I t ae

t ton fHURClI, $35.35 NEWS; Hampton, $14. I I II I I HAMSIb.. 39c. BEEF ? Ib 39c

(iir Ebcnezer Baptist Church Rev.E. .
D. Robinson. pastor held services I SMOKED
all day Sunday starting or 3 Ibs. for $1.00

I wth: Sunday School at 10 a. m.,|! PICNICS lb.
-, Supt. Harry Bryant in charge.J I I 19c
-- I During the morning worship hour

"Don't worry Dear-there isn't much that can hurt the Easter Icfcson was read and t e SPARE RIBS lb. 29c

, that composition roofing that we bought at StarkeBuildet'S explained by Pastor Robinson I 1* SMOKED

Supplies. ana the choir presented a short I 9<
1 I ti; rI
program which included: solo,' BACON lb.
Bcrtis Robinson; reading. Ozora CHUCK .

Shell; solo, Ranell Englishread- 1" ,

NO MONEY DOWNRepair rig. Elmer Shell. At 3 p., m. the .

I Easter program was presented by ROUND ROAST' -, lb. .49c
the Sunday School with Flora '

Belle Hudson and Gwendolyn STEAK lb. 69I
Robinson in charge. The outstanding .

I feature :was the piano'I CHUCK '.: '' '

Add Rooms solo, "The bId Rugged. Cross," I Medal EZI21 ,
Sir --- Carport -
played by Gwendolyn Robinson. .SjMf9 AS cfofen snakes every Inch ujatfe' BANANAS lb.
Supt Bryant passed out the"Easter / 1 lOc STEAK lb. 49c

S Bath RoomINCLUDING I eggs to the Sunday School : r-1; ; 81G 12.1 I .

Scholars and urged them to return - to Sunday School next Sun- -
TUUES) day. During the evening 'worship r FROM THURSDAY THROUGH MONDAY NIGHT

the spirit was very high. Rev. I OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. CLOSED ON MONDAY
Robinson preached a powerful $$288.00
Time To Re-roof
sermon after which Holy Communion '
was given to officers and ,

members. A large .group" of visitors I

were present and welcomed !

STARKE BUILDERS SUPPLIES come by the again pastor.. soon.We. Ranell.hope they English will,i t INKIER% ; ELECTRIC SERVICE ,,,, I WE STOCK COMPLETE LIKE OF GROCERIES! I

leporter.-: i !

Phone WO 4.4201. Starke, Fla. I New' Bethel Baptist Church I 23flC
Temple Ave. Starke.Fla
held tne'Easter program'at 11 a.' .. ...._, \o' ,._" : I

m. Suaaay -'1.na. Timmnns; -.. "
"' -J1.


. .... >-- .

f f


." '". .. ... .'.- -.. ,. .:..... ,- ; \ r
:,' ,
: : ', : ,: "": '."" .



.. ,, ., ,I>- "i.. ...-.. School ft'
Enforcement '' ....:;.' f : f '," .'' 'P", !. ,:-. Keystone '... ax.4..
Council Sets ,
,. .. J -
Keystone \ .j.,. ..t.t i f > : '. $ "..< .> I j., )r ;
;t. ." y 1 WY .;.W S .
'X i. :;, '! [!.i.// Bid Awarded
.... -1 ;'.' :1.1 'j"I' I

Of Sanitary And Safety Regulations : : -ri., .;.::. j, To lax Firmt I
$ L
r : J1' I

Stepped up enforcement ofsanitation 6-1J: },. jfter which it is plannedto -- j The Clay County Board of Public Y5.rr
Instruction, in a special meeting -'
: and safety ordinances move against all property I
held Monday, April 18, accepted -
unanimously approved at a owner who still have unsightlyor f
jvi The May- ; lF a bid from Don R. Shelton I I
unsanitary premises.
jneetins of the Keystone HeightsTown :
1 a. Construction Co., Jacksonville! for
Council on April 12. The e.:'s committee wif? particularly
was taken after recom- critical of conditions in the busi- f- the constiTictlqn of a three-class.

yrtion hendtlions by the Mayor's Aq'lfOry. ''nss; district caused by accumu- t .1g. t k. room addition to the Keystone

Committee criticizing lax enforcement 'lated: trash an junk items as / ;i Heights School The successful bid
of these areas. I'I ell ali the burning of trash in __ __ :yam ,.t I-was 2374000. I mw ,

![ this area. Cpnstruction or tnt project is
Enforcement of the ordinance ia4 rrI I
governing the licensing of dogs in 1 Councilman W. M. Beam, to be completed within 90 days "s -t 'e --'--_ ..,. ; 'V : jS
12 it :chairman of the sanitation and I from date of contract.At .
ffce city will begin May ,
safety read the report this meeting the board also New Melrose FirehouseI
paflscieed. After that date,.stray : Committees
dogs in the city will be picked up of the Mayor's committee I instructed Supt: H. .C. Long to I
Starke and moved its approval. Council : : ; consult with the board's attorney I
and impounded at the j above is the new Mel- gan, and Claude Eaves constructed
kave endorsement to I concerning the injunction now in I
Veterinary Hospital. If not called : I sose Volunteer Fire Department! the 'building and James
lor f in four days, they will be de- the pro-p I excessive speed Board of-Public Instruction relative .
of _
stroyed. Complaints R- ",,-" ,to been completed. The building, a the high school bOY>$ helped.
21 in ': transportation of
licenses be obtained and: noise along Highway 't.. pupils
Dog may I
i e ; 'i( modern concrete structure which The Woman's Club lias decid-
between Bradford and 'Coun |I
Clay .
for Hall. In order the western part of town were
the Town
$1 at I .', "'
( .. ..... _;,. .'. ;... .:.'\1 houses two fire trucks, was build 'led, as a project to'beautify the
to be licensed, the dog ,must{t made by a group of residents on -- -- -- "AI ties. The attorney will, be requested -i b7 funds contributed by peoplein I .

)have been vaccinated. | Lakeview Drive. : Rescue Unit Ready TOGO to be present for an executive I the community and the sur- grounds around the new fire- .

On the sanitation front MayorM. ..;;Carl .Piper, spokesman for the Clay County session at the next board meeting rounding areas. Some contributed i htuse.} Last! week they purchased

L. Beasley wap requested to I,'I group, dti} cribed excessive speed to discuss the present status! muey; others their experienceand i:a table and chairs which now
proclaim Clean-up Week, June I (Continued- On Next Page! 1 clay County Civil Defense Re- ance where necessary in emergf-i i send the donation to Clay County labor. Tom Odom, John Re- '!stand in front of the building.
t ,''icue Unit No. 1 is ready to answer envy by securing specialized equipment Rescue' Unit, Box D, Keystone of this injunction.

II; emergency calf|>, not only and training men in their I, Heights. ward's on Friday, evening.On lalasaaalaaaataaaakaaaaaMELROSE dinner began at 5:30: with the

in Clay County, but In adjoining} use.At 1 I The unit is available for emer- Monday morning, April 18, .peaking}: beginning at 7:00.: The

portions of Bradford, Putnam, the first formal meeting i gtnci&j in Clay County or thea'ljacent the ladies of the Altar Society ''I'ailv was held on the grounds

;and Alachua. I held in January, it was agreed sections of Bradford, held an Easter egg hunt for the rounding the new firehouse.
I! In above photo Ray Chance that this service should be available Putnam, and 'Alachua. It can be pre-school children at the church, By Joyce Rothhammer Length of the speeches was from

I C\iliaa Defense. director, for Clay to all of Clay County and secured through the County property. A lot of the boys and three to five minutes.
I County tleftl. Bud Ownbey and also to the neighboring areas of Sheriff's: office, or by calling gills; in that age group were feel- taaalaaaaaataaaaaaaaaaaaFire Proceeds from the ,tipper will

C. J. "PETE"Real O'CONNOR I Tony Baker' are dressed for action adjacent countiep. The unit is Keystone Heights. 4260. 3923, or! :Lig the effects of the day before, Department Stages be: used for maintenance and the

I displaying': some of the I not associated with any other exiting 1304,, I aad were unable to attend, so Political Rally I upurchase of fire equipment. The
: service and "In any emergency, contact us Melrose; Womans Club sold pies
equipment the unit has ready for ;: organization Lie ones who could come werehappy The Melrose Volunteer Fire Department -
) Estate and Appraisal Service Uoe at a moment's notice. In the is not in conflict with their par- immediately:"! Director' Chance to have David and Hubert sponsored a fish fry and cakes/' Coca Cola and' Pepsi'

'background .is the '"crash truck"'uelf. poses, but rather is an additional sas.. "A few minutes. can be the Few and Billy and Laurie Beam ar.d political rally Tuesday. Some Tieie also sold,
parked beside the new \aid to .them in any emergency.. difference between life and death I Hawthorne Defeats :Melrose
,help them hunt for the eggs. After .23:} candidates, most of them seek-
Lawrence Blvd. Keystone Heights I Civil Defense headquarters in the In order to properly equip the I arid our unit is equipped to assist I the eggs were found, the children :rib; offices in Alachua county, pith Seventh Inning Homer.

PHONE 4297 : Walker building 'on SR 100 at Rescue Truck, letters were sent hi cases of auto accidents, gas or ", and their mothers enjoyed I poke to a crowd of over 200.Serving Ronald Smith belted a homer
governing fume conditions, drowning", or
organizations '
Keystone. refreshments and child got
every ]
I of the $1 dollar-a-plate [Continued On Ncit Pate
S i: The Rescue Unit is the reali- groups. and business owners in other types of emergericles.I i a prize. \ __1

ration of a goal set in the summer Clay County and the adjacent In addition to Chance, Ownbey First Baptist Church I. -- -._ .' ___ '_'_" .Ji'_ ._ --'-.1-. .-,--- ....-:
| of 1959 when Chance re- parts of Bradford, Putnam and and Baker, other members of the The'' Women's Mfcsionarary;

: LISTINGS WANTEDOn i ,'Jgnized the need for rescue Alachua Counties. Request was Rescue Unit are: W.: M. Beam, Union of the First Baptist Church I $7.50 Per 10'Lb. cylinder GAS
J '
I equipment in the county, and set made for equipment or cash do- W. B. Belote Dr. D. M. Christ- met on Tuesday morning, April

i the wheels in motion. nations toward,. the purchase of offers: E. R. Fox S. A. Gardner,I 12, at 10:30.: "More'' Than aName" NO INSTALLATION CHARGE ..1NO

Lakefront Property Improved and Unimproved i I With the approval of the Clay equipment. R., H. Jackson C. J. McGIave.W was the program topic. .
contacted ,. H. Redfearn Jr., and G. B. CHARGE FOR \
i jfjpunty.Commission, he obtained Several of the groups t Mrs.,j. R..Smith led,the program, REGp/AfpJ!' .
Residential Farm and Business Property. ;a surplus Navy ambulance and responded and, with the major Schaeffer. They ,are all contactedby assisted by Mrs. C. C Ashley; Within ,-
i some equipment from Camp contribution made by the Clay I'I'I a telephone' relay system and i 1.\lIs..E.. J. Falhn;\'and Mrs, A'. A.I Delivered Anywhere IQ MHes I

WE HAVE" INQUIRIES FOR ALL TYPES, AND .Blinding! and recruited" 11 other County Commission, the Rescue in test alarms have all reported ,Bamford! AJ\] overed 7.dl&lf luncheon FOR FURTHER DETAILS CALL ,:::
II[men who were eithetrained or Unit, is now ready to serve. One :|I in as little time as eight minutes. served T riobn'with the

INVITE YOUR LISTINGS interested in rescue and .first aid major piece of equipment still :All;l members:are now undergoing,Nell ws Pearce'Circle in charge.

I work. Thus, Clay County Rescue needed is a resuscitator and any : training .In rescue .and first .aid j Members 'of theJPrimary de- REDFEARN'S--'Pli.4252
Unit 'No. 1 was formed.''It* put:[individual or organization wishing techniques, and are ready to p:1rtmlnt of''the Sunday School
: ,
r pose--to provide aid and 'assist-f to contribute this item may 'serve"'; when called upon.CHL'RCWNEW' l. Easter egg hunt at >1
I [?iijpyed an .Keystone Heights, : > = -
... ,
a; .6 .7.11 I -- t '- .. .
._.....' ''' .. ie'chtu'ch 'on'.saturday III
GREENDEATON St. William's Catholic I Church noon Aptll 16. The hunt was
McKINNEY planned and given by 'the/ Primary -
KEYSTONE HIGHLIGHTSBy St. William. Altar Society met I department teachers. Billy

REALTORS m the. Recreation Hall on Mon Belote .Jr... won' a large. bag of
Mary K. S<'Nlf'Jfer' day evening. New officers were candy eggs ,for finding the largest -
(!elected:Mrs. Joe Pawlikbwski;, will number of eggs. Cup cakes, cookies :
Gainesville,: FloridaANNOUNCE be the. new Pesidentl 'Mrs. Leo served by I
I S and .drinks were
Woman's Club Elects I theme will be "Building Beauty I Blanc will be the vice presi- the teachers Mrs. Corbett Terrell -: : j. 'D ';

The Ke3l' tone Heights' Woman's through Gardening... ," a seasonal dent: 'while Mrs- George :"Clemens Mrs. J. D. Payton. Mrs. Jennings I Ii. '- '' ,!

Club elected officers for the I topic. 'will be- the secretarytreasurer.Cn Murrhee, and Mrs. Fred Ellis. t I

1960-til season at their last.meeting -I Incidentally, the garden divi- May 25 ,the Altar Societies. of Mrs. Waren Brantley Is- Sunday :: 1' : :
St.'W Iiam's and of St.. Edward'sin .
The Opening of Their on April 12. Mrs.,, George.LaPue :[sion of the Keystone Woman's Starke will hold joint...installation -, School Community superintendent.Church Not : ii. .:t!': ,!iii!! !! '._":'!!i"-1--: r
will be the new president! Club Is busily preparing for a
I exercisesj; Further information 1 Circle No.2, with Mrs\ Olive
v succeeding ;'Mrs. Roy Watkins. : to be held on May 17. Any- will'be "announced
5how on this
T Stevens leader, will hold
Fist vice pr-dent will be Mrs. as
BRANCH OFFICE T A. F. Crosby. The second vice i Ole in the area is invited to enter .- later: Plans were made for a Bake I. postponed meeting on (Monday, I

resident office had not been fill- plants in the varous groups. Sale on May 14. The "floating April 25, at 1:30: at the home of ,

Highway 21 Melrose, Florida td on that date, but we hear that :There will be. a bulletin board at prize" was' won by Mrs.. -Paul Mrs. Frank Egan. Mrs. Nettie j

someone has accepted' in the I, the Woman's Club and one at Harvey. Following the business Smith will assist. This meeting I Ir
Phone GR 5.2981 or 5.5172WINIFRED meantime, Mrs.Henry Mickle will the Post Office to people can meeting cokes and' potato chips will be in the form of a birthday I -
were enjoyed. I
II. WFORD-Assoeiate hold the office of treasurer. Re- read what to enter. More on this will be .here party. A
The Archbishop
cuiding secretary will be Mrs. later. i The regular supper meeting of
I this weekend to conduct the Confirmation Men's Club will be on Mon- I
George Colgin. hilt% J. L. Smith 'Birth Of Interest
Barton ceremonies at St. Ed- I [Continued On Next Page]
";ill be corresponding secretary. S-Sgt. and Mrs. i
FOR SALE |Mrs. A. A. Bamford will be the of Tampa are the proud par- I, iI I ,yea i
new member of the Board of Di- ents of their first child, a girl,
lr LAKE PROPERTIES ACREAGE 1* lectors. born on Friday evening, April 15 McKAY AT KEYSTONE .

FARMS RANCHES BUSINESS \ The club decided to work toward ii MacDill Field Hospital in Tam-
named LAKE JOHNSON Big Sandy point, lots of waterfront.
having' Clay County join pa. The child has been I
I I I I M I I .
We Solicit Your Listingsof the Regional Library. Tcnda Jo. Bargain'at $6450 thrown In free, furnished ramp, bleeps 12, I ,
the buslnes meeting,i Barton is the former JoAnn .. I,
Sale and Rental Properties Following deepnrll, bath boathouse 20 down 10 yn.to pay. "
tea and cookies were served, with Ridaught eldefjt daughterof ; ,
Mrs. Lutheria Horsfall and Mrs. > Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ridaught LAKE GENEVA Restricted lots, sandy beaehes in town. .

Donna: Walrath',as hostesses. '!Tunda Jo is pot'only'the Barton's $3973. Other good buldlnlots with lakertew $600-41973.
11'Junior Woman's Club 1 first child, she is also the Rid- .
What's the quickest wit to get Installs Officer}* I tijght's first grandchild. She Need a nice home? See us, we can arrange financing with low :

that monthly bill.paying chore I Thursday evening; April 14, theKeystone i weighed SIbs., 12 oz at birth. down payment. u
Heights Junior Wo- Rally HaVj Good Turn-Out j
done?* I man's Club held Installation cere- i Saturday evening was a fine S. E. MCKAY REALTORKeystone '--- tl12A

l monies for officers for next year. evening for a political rails, ,
'I Mrs.Leal Hayward of Ocala, district weatherwise and otherwise and '
What's the easiest way to have director, Installed the officers. :according to the gals from the Heights, 3071.2391.4151

record of "Conditorei", they served over Melrose GRanite 5.2968 .
a complete, accurate t -...
Mrs. Frank Harris will\ be next ,330;) plates of barbecued chicken, '
expenditures?** year's president, succeeding Mrs. All of the Clay County candidatewere BIG 12.3 cu. ft. Refrigerator., ,

.... Tom Garner, Mrs. Richard Mur- I on hand, as well as candy '
IW 1960"Spaca AQ. model
see will be lute' tire president. datese for ttate offices. John Me a
What's the surest way to have a :\ Tom Garner will be second I IIrs. I Carty was there in person and+ AQUA POOLSAll J jCn tab for Iht frit time Hurry, SAVE $1 00':00
of the,woo't bat bog rt> this tigpktdiAi '
; receipt for every bill you I vice president. Mrs. J. 0. Mur- I there were speakers in [ :
I rhee, Jr. will be recording secretary -. Farris Bryant, Heydon Burns, .
pay? |I while Mrs. Charlie McGlave',and Doyle Connor. We couldn New. All Shapes i ,. 40 b.''J.vrithrr.w..J(! ON THIS BOX

i !will be corresponding secretary. attend, as we were baby-sitting, and Sizes i. 17.,d IIef Iror V
I Mrs. Corbett Terrell will be trea- nut thanks to the public-addres! '1 I Deep loot WIt..
ALL BILLS BY CHECK-by mail surer. I i system, we could "tune in" mere I f\llIwidlt, C! pe1 List Price $299.95

tl1'**PAY ALL BILLS BY CHECK emu Retiring president, Mrs' : Tom lj by turning off the T. V., and< e ilrrMop idoot)
her president'spji the backdoor r
Garner, was opening
.I transactions on checkbook' stubs. to keep.Duplicate ;. Th' Brownie troop will star. s Red earn's
I Rnnltt :1 working on plans for their fam
*PAY ALL BILLS BY CHECK-auto( 199.95PrIce
y I At the last meeting of the I lily night supper" on Friday, Ma] :
matically-returned cancelled i; Duplicate Bridge Club .on Thursday 20 at their next meeting j i rp '

checks are themselves receipt, I evening.:April 14, Miss Sarah that date. does not conflict wit] ,
Mansfield and M$} Emery H. i ImJU; of their amilies. If parentof AS LOW' AS

WHY NOT OPEN YOUK I Cooper were holders of top score, the Brownies find that the $2,000 No Trade Needed
Mrs. Alice. Ketchum- and Mrs. 'cannot: attend the supper on thl: .
CHECKING ACCOUNT I second high,, are urged to contac PHONE TODAY 12 27 Size
a George Phelps were 'date, they : $
SOON, WITH US? s II The Duplicate Bridge meetings Mrs Daurer so another date ma "We Service Everything We Sell"REDFEAR'S// V
I ntinue to be held in the Masonic I may be s stituted. The girls 11 Keystone .Heights 4305 .io' Money Down

further notice., would like all familie
Hall until the troop
Collect Calls ) To'5 Yrs. To
( Accepted Up Pay
Play begins at 8 p. m- every present.
I j Thursday evening. I -Fly-up" girls in the trop

Member F.D.I.C. i;Luncheon To Intmstt&f Meeting'Promises. Jliave\I 'completed necessary,almost to all fly-up the requirements t TRiEST CONSTRUCTION. CO: ,

A Friendly Bank in a Friendly Community 'i Tuesday AprU.2ff.the Woman's''jthe i intermediate troop.: A fly-u] c. .
Keystone Heights, Fix Club will hold their regular j 1'ceremony will be planned wit!] P. 0. Box 557 Keysjene e Heights- Fla. I I Ph. 4251 or 9391 Keystone Heightst
monthly covered dish'' luncheon 1 troop 190 within the t.:acct :ta I .
I' L .
rs 1tart1ng.at.l p.)a.-The program weeks. ....4 :V -,. :- .


.. > .. -. .... .. .. _. _. -" .. <-,' -- .... -. --._. ," -'" ,. .- .._-



...- t


Keystone Council I I man Gene Williams replied that i iI I scent. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Simon and fTTTfTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTrrfT School had an Easter egg hunt In The Court Of The Ceu.l r I deceased *

Chairman Ownbey recommend-I family from Jacksonville and J llradfvrd Coaatr. Florida, First 'publication March 31,
I h: had arranged with the county ; and party Thursday. The fourth .Jud.e'l 19(0.
; Jed that code be !Submitted Lynn Coles and her I I I. Prybae.In I, il It i\tl;
a roommate !I
Sets Enforcement to secure a drag line to deepenthe I I fifth and sixth grades spent Re: Estate of Guy
I to the Committee on j from Southern, Georgia COllegein Thursday in Marineland. licet, Deceased. I!

channel to increase the outlet Laws, Rules and Ordinances to i Douglas Ga. Mr. Coles is Mrs.WrJdden's / Friday and Monday holidays I To All Creditors And Persons
.(Continued from Preceding Page) flow. (Continued from Preceding Page) were Hating Claims Or Demands Against I Unwanted Hair
make recommendations relative brother, while Mrs. i for the students of Melrose Said: Estate:

W, H. Redfearn Jr., representing t3>> adoption. Scheel Mrs. Simon and Lynn I :Schoo j I Ycu and each of you are herebyn Removed i
by motor vehicles in this area the Keystone sith two outs and one man on -,:iied and required to present
Heights Chamber
and asked Council action to reduce 1 Councilman Williams reported Coles are-'Mrs. Whidden's s4 ters. base to give the Hawthorne The choir from the St. Johns 4 zany i claims and demands whichy MEDICALLY
of Commerce, asked for a plans to experiment on several Also present were Mrs. Whidden's I I I >u. e>r either of you, may have :; "-.. :.
the speed and consequentnoise. I Hornets a 12-10 victory over the River Junior College in Palatka I against the estate
of j
Guy Hadiey
statement of policy from Council ,streets with kaolin in an effort to parents, Mr! and Mrs. C. D. Coles, \ APPROVEDMETHODS
Reec, deceased, '
Mr.Piper i also recommended i I Melnjte Bulldogs. performed; for the Melrose School late of said County. -
relative to industrial development I II I effect more permanent street re- trcm Jacksonville; Mr. Whidden's I I to the County Judge of EYad-1 '
resurfacing the highway to at the Keystone I The. Bulldogs took a 2-0 lead ,students in assembly Thursday. fi.rd County Florida, at his office a
I Airport. The I pair. He a\so stated that drainage parents, Mr. and Mrs.T. D. Whid- I I .
reduce traffic noise and vibra in the first j in the court house of said County I II
I matter was referred to the Airport I! conditions on the lane ex- den, flOp Jacksonville; and Mr.I I inning and allowed i iI Mel- I at Starke. Florida, within eight I Edmund '
Irtpe .
tion. The potential danger to Committee for study and tending" from Lakeview Drive to S. C. Whidden also of Jacksonville I thCj Hornets only one run until :| and surrounding areas in-I calendar months from the time of

children playing along the high- submission of recommendations.A I Nelson thrive will be investigatedwith who is Mr. Whidden'sgrandfather the: bottom half of the fifth inn :cluded. Jackie Stinson, Joyce the tirst claim publication of this notice.Each DWYER
or demand
I shall be in
way was alSo cited. communication ing. Then Hawthorne broke loose David Kline, Maxine Jones, and
from the a view to improvement. writing and shall state the pUce ELECTROLOGISTTeL
Mayor M. L. Beasley ,stated Bradford County Recreation I Bob Morgan from Bolles Schoolin with 7 runs and led 10-2 going 1 Jerome Ridaught. They offered of residence and post office address '
I several selections. of the claimant, and shall be FR 2.8039
that this matter had already been Board requesting a meeting with uauaaaauuuaaauaaaaKEYSTONE into the seventh inning.
Jacksonville spent the Easter pwtrn to by the claimant agent, For
I I an Appointment
the Council to discuss possibility Melrose Miss Ella Jane Wesley of Gainesville attorney, and any such claim
discussed with the State Road the holidays with his parents Mr. managed to bring 3 or
spent last week with her I Ii demand not so filed shall Ue void. 107 W. University Ave. Suit 204GAINESVILLE.
)in !
of establishing park facilities rollS the top half of
and Mrs. H. 1. Morgan., and of the
Department and that he had been ;i brother-in-law Btlva C. Reece .
and sister, Mr. FLA.
on Crystal Lake at the Airport eighth only to have Hawthorne Af '
his brothers, Pete and Hank. I executrix of the Last Will and .
premised a check of the area was referred to the Airport HIGHLIGHTS4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.AAAAA4 We are happy to hear that Bill. spoil their chance with the two- &nd Mrs. Glynn Rothhammer, Testament of Guy Hadlcy: Reece, I

would be made to determine what Committee for investigation. Bessette is'making satisfactory run homer. and family: I

steps should be taken. The mayor ,Councilman Williams, chairman I recovery in the Lake City V. A. Pitchers were Joe Angle and Nola, Patricia, and Henrietta I II

raid that resurfacing is a matter of, the streets committee !I (Continued from Preceding Page) Hospital after becoming ill at abowling Larry Strawn for Melrcfe and I I Mullim of Hawthorne spent the
reported that had been| Smims and Barry for Easter holidays with their grandparents -
a survey I alley last Tuesday even- Hawthorne.
for state and road
county departments -
made relative to additional streetlights aay, April 25. at 6:30: p. m. Dr. Funeral Services Held I : Mr and MiV. Mullins. RE-ELECT
and that it would be scheduled -
ing.Mr Gene Rivers of Tallahassee
) in the area recently an- Oral C. Brown, of Penney Farms, and Mrs. Marvin Wicker For Joe Hanks
as funds became available.
Easter with his
epent grandparents -
J, F. Mulling Stated that recently nexed, ant submitted the .following retired field representative of and small daughter Karen Ruth, Funeral services were held at I' 'Rev. and Mrs. H. W. Tyler.

a. boat equipped with a recommendations: Taylor University, Upland, Ind., of Chapel Hill, N. C.have been graveside Saturday at 4:00: p. m.
Spending Easter with -
That incadescent lights be installed -i 'visiting Mrs. Wicker's parents for Joseph J. Hanks. 60, who died I hfs parents
heavy motor had caused considerable and former secretary of the Mr and Mrs Morris B.
at Highland and Garden; Mr. and Mrs. Don of after illness .
Pangborn a lengthy Thursday.The
distrubance on Keystone is 'John who
Storer Storer
Board of Missions of the Metho- Hirris C.
Grove and Pointview; Garden Keystone. Rev. Fred Yerkes, archdeaCJn I 'LongSUPERINTENDENT
Lake, and asked it such a situation dist Church, will show picturesof rently is stationed in Key West.
Pointview Lakeview and
was controled by ordinance. and ; i Mr., and Mrs. Milton F. Cro- of the Eastern Convocationof
I the education and work of an Rev and Mrs. Millard H. [Bill
Fairway; the area 'serving theAnthony I well from New England are viist- the Episcopal Church, offici-
Chairman H. L. Ownbey said that African Christian. Supper will be Bieyfogle and family spent last I
Walker, Egan, and Lou ing Lt. Col. and Mrs. David A.
the town had jurisdiction and the
served by Mrs. J. O. Himble's Circle ated.Hanks weekend vacationing in West
matter would be investigated to dea homes; Lakeview and Point- : Nelson on Lake Geneva. The Nel- who moved to Melrose
with Mrs. Crosby as Florida.
see what could be done.A view; three on the so-called Nelson chairman of the APf supper commit- :son's daughter is married to the 25 years ago was born in Mis- Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman and

Question was also raised as to Drive; Lakeview Drive and Crowell's son but the families isouri; in 1899 and was a soldier in
tye. Reservations may be made family of Cocoa were weekend
Nelson Drive; and convert the have been friends long before the World War I.Pallbearers .
what was being done to lower the
with Mrs. J. W. Warren by call- guests of Mrs. Hoffman's parents -
existing Mercury vapor light at I children met and married were James Eland,
level of this lake and Council-
ing 2&5L Mr. and Mrs. A. C, Spires. OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION
Grove and Pointview to incade- Mr and Mrs. A.. R. Marwick of Maurice Chiappini R. V. Ford,
The Cottage Bible Study and I.i Mr, and 11.1">);. David Hinnant of -
Juniper Springs, Fla.. stopped in Ray Ford, Earl H. Eland and:
,, Prayer Service will be held in the Elmo Middleburg spent the weekend
--- --- -- -- ------ -- -- '-- -- Keystone Heights on Monday Yarbrough. Arrangementswere
Parsonage on April 27, Wednesday visiting their respective parents,
evening, en route to Jacks nvie 'handled by the William- .. CLAY GOUN.TYI'
Albert Hinnant
at 7:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs.
They visited in Keystone with Thomas Funeral Hcme in Gaines.
Vote for and Elect Your correspondent wishes to their daughter and family Mr. ville. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morris.

apologize for the news of the Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Rothhammer -
and Mrs Fred Dodd and children. Survivors Include his widow, and
Community Church being omit- and family spent Friday
Mrs. I The Marwicks took'the Dodds for Aiiges B. Hanks; two sons;,, Mike .
ted last week and to absolve I Saturday; in Gainesville visiting
WILLIAM E."DUKE" dinner at the Park of the Palms. and George, Melrose; a daughter -
WEB"B David Nelson from all blame. friends and relatives.
X I Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Carver and Mrs. Yvonne Johnson, Gulf .
Mrs. Nelson mailed us the news I 1 Mathew and Allen Taylor who
on Monday, and we mislaid it. five children of Orlando visited Port; two brothers, Raymond I!have been visiting their grand- The Voters of KEYSTONE_HEIGHTS are;
Mrs. Carver's parents, Mr. and Hanks. Moses Lake, Washingtonand
It was our fault entirely.No :parents, CoL and Mrs. Ralph A. requested to support the man who has
Mrs. Charles R. Bisbee, on Easter Grant Hanks\;, Bristol. Colo.; ,
from St. Anne's Epis- returned home Sunday. .
SUPERINTENDENT OF copal news Church this week. We double weekend. The Bisbee's son, A- E. three sisters, Mrs. Orpha French ,Stevens proved he wilt :work for the improvementof ?

Bisbee of Columbia, S. C., was and Mrs. Ola Moyer of Bristol TRINITY EPISCOPAL
checked the mail but could
also visiting them. On Saturday, Colo., and Mrs. Mary Tunnell of CHURCH, MELROSE your school: .
I find .
they entertained their guests at Lamar, Colo.; and four grand-
10 a. ,m., Church
Sundays -
and their Jacksonville home and children. I. THE PROOF IS IN-TIIE FOLLOWING ACCOMPLISHMENTS
COUNTY Mrs. Lawrence Boyd School. 11:15: a.m., Morning Prayer
brought them all to their Lake Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Dunkof
daughter, Alice, from Clifton, N. i and Sermon (First Sunday, AND FUTURE PLANS FOR THE'

For Fully Accredited Schools Under J., have been visiting with Mrs.Boyd's Geneva Easter home weekend on Sunday.guests of :Mr. weekend Memphis with, Tenn.Mr ;., Dunk's spent par-the II Holy Communion). 6, p.m., Episcopal KEYSTONE HEIGHTS SCHOOL: .

mother, Mrs. Rohmlein of
Experienced, Courteous Leadership and Mis. A S.. Leath were their ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Robinson. Young Churchmen. ACCOMPLISHMENTS
/ Beach Apartments. They :
Holiday _
10 Holy
a. m.
fiancee Holy Days -i
son Donald Leath and his .

Freedom Or Dictatorship aa expect tp stay in Keystone for ten Miss Frances Wells of Jack- Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Whitney, Communion.The 8 new classrooms have been added (On April

days.Mss Gladyce Bachmann and sonville and their daughter and who recently returned from aI Rev. Millard .H. Breyfogie, 18, I960 contract awarded for 3 additional

I family, Mr. arid Mrs. Ernest Pitman trip 'to the western part of the Vicar. be within
classrooms to days)
GIVE ME A CHANCE TO PROVE THAT: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Conneen were completed
and two children of Gainesville U. S., left last week to spend the
1. No school employee Hill be fired or asked to resign because oinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. : / summer in Connecticutt.Rev. tin)' claims: and demands which Lunchroom and modern restroom facilities
Herbert Nelson on Sunday even- either of have
of and his and Mrs. B. Stedham you. or you may
politics. A 1-C Ridaught Ray a! r.inst the estate of Florence installed

ing.Miss wife from St. Petersburg spent I fpent a few days last week visit- "'(.lIam Skeens, deceased, lte of
2. No teacher who has taught' three years will be asked to Ann Marie Geiger of Beaver County, State of Pennsyl- Installation' of central heating system
the Easter holidays with his parents ing Mrs. Stedham's mother in
sign "waiver! of tenure.'* i Green Cove Springs will spend \ania to the County Judge of
Mr and Mrs. H. L.. Rid- Fitzgerald, Ga. I'.raHford County. Florida at his
i this weekend in Keystone Heights office in the court house of said Enlargement of school site ,
his five sisters.
aught, and
3. School Board employees will always! have the right to voice I with Darlene Campbell. Winners of the Melrose Duplicate County: at Starke, Florida, within
their Mrs Harold Ridaught left for Bridge last week were, 1st, calendar months from the
political convictions without fear of revenge. Dr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson eight New and modern equipment in every classroom
I Tampa on Sunday afternoon to Mrs. Alice Ketchum and Mrs time of the first publication of this
and two children of Atlanta, Ga. police. Each claim or demand shall
4., No fkhool Board employee "Ill ever be asked to contribute were house guests of Mr. and Mrs. meet her first grandchild, the Helen Phelps; 2nd Ms. Robert be in writing:, and shall state the Establishment of Library (1628.00. spent. for

to my campaign. .. new-born daughter of S-Sgt. and Hollis and Mrs. R. W. Becker; place of residence and post office library books alone)' -
Roy. Watkins last Monday, Tuesday address of the claimant, and shallbe
5.- Buses can be used for field trips and other school arthitie&v '," and-Wedn13day. Dr .Johnson Mrs. Richard Barton. 3rd. Mrs. Mary Cook and Miss sworn to by the claimant, his '
; 'Mr'andiMtiFrank; Thompsonand Sally' Mansfield. The 'Bolivia agent, or attorney, and any such Nina / Grade added this year and additional

I I is Mrs. Watkins' nephew.. daughter ,Cheryl Ann of winner was Mrs. Helen Foster. claim or demand not so filed shall grades to be added for next term. '
I will ask a legislative act or School Board resolution Mr. and Mrs T. D. Whiddenand be void.!
pro- Chicago were recent guests of Memberts of the first, second, A. J. Thomas, Jr. By George H.
hibiting political sign carrying by school board employees family of Santa FeLake had Mr. and 'Mrs. Robert Dodd. Mr. and third grades at Melrose Pierce, Atty of administrator of Improvement in math and science instructionby
quite a lot of company for Easter. the Estate of. As executor of the
funds under National Defense
Thompson is Mrs. Dodd's brother.A Will and Testament of Florence securing
(Pd. Pol. Adv) Guests included Mr. and Mrs.
ArthurDodd been WoUam Skeens
3-C has Having Claims Or Demands A- Act.
and two children of 14, 1960.
Charles Cols Eairst Said Estate First publication April
two week leave from :
-' -, ., -. ,- .. -- High Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Keesler htmeon Field a Biloxi, :Miss:, and You and each of you are hereby 4)14) 4t 515 Quality of 'instruction improved by fully
... notified and
," , required to present
- --- -- - Scheel and family of Jacksonville;
and certified personnel.
is visiting his parents, Mr.

Mrs. Robert Dodd. I i
-'" Case Records FUTURE PLANS
Visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Char :

les Wallenius their son-in-law on the and weekendwere daugh- Of A Chiropractor High School is plannedDue

vP av
ttr, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lambert + By Dr. IL G. Bollinger ( to the growth in your community-we

rr r :, and children of Atlanta, Ga. "R'1 11 Case No. B-810 planned for a High School by adding to

4w Mr. and Mrs. Irv Stumberg- of Retired nurse buffering with arthritis the original school site. Rest assured that

Cincnnattl. Ohio were guest( of t weak heart and disturbed sense of balance.
4 wt : : every effort will be made to bring to you
: .1fs. last
Mr. and } Joe, Daurer ., forms of treatment had failed
Friday. Many fully equipped, fully staffed and fully accredited -

2 t Y+' 'Y { to bring results. With proper vitaminsand high school)
Mrs. M. A. Widegreri of Long

island. N. Y, is visiting her son minerals and spinal adjustments to restore normal func-
Ernest Wiedgren, and'his family. tion tills patient made a remarkable rerovery.
For further information on Chiropractic benefits phone or '




Organist and Choir DirectorS 728 E. University Ave. 426 Jf. Walnut St. "Southern Association regulations Principalsand
day School .9:45: a.m. Morning ,
: Worship 11:00 am. Gainesville Ph. FR 6-3238 Starke Ph. WO 4-2881 I Standards of the Commission on Secondary

Schools 'for 'the years 1958-59 state: 'The Administrative -

h 1 17 ,x r, :cu>, n 1 r 'f3, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH head of the system (superintendent *

a c J KEYSTONE HEIGHTS ). shall have received a graduate degree. The

J. R. Smith, pastor, Ralph VOTE FOR AND RE-ELECT provision goes on to say, and the major portionof

Copeland, Minister of Music and year of such advanced study shall be designedas

church organist .preparation for' administrative and supervisory -

?A t aSA Services: Sunday School, 9:45: functions.

a. m. Morning; Worship, 11 a. m. JACK WILKINSON\ I X .* V

> ': Training Union, 7 p. m. Evening Test cases of the ,ruling in Tennessee culminatedin

', services 8 p. m. withdrawal of Southern Association accreditation -

$ t affair."Make" church worship a'family MEMBER I from several, t member. schools'f ".




Sundays -. 9:30 ,a. m, Church .'

School. 9:30: a-m.. Morning Prayer t.t ; MRqx PIUBLICJ.NSJRUCTION ((1)) A student transferring to another school
and Sermon ((1st Sunday, Holy : i ,I in any part of the world is acceptable at

Communion). 6 p.rru. Episcopal : face value if the high school from which

Young Churchmen. they come beenaccredited by the Re-

Holy Days 7:30: a.m. Holy I gional Association. ,
Communion.. yl 4

Third Wednesday Parish = ., CLAY COUNTY ((2)) It means the school is doing Quality Work

Covered Dish Supper, 6 or 6:30 R District 4 as 'j dged 'by Outstanding Educators.

i pjn.The Rev. Millard H. Breyfogie, I {-_.. (Vote County Wide) ((3)) Every school in Florida which feels thatit

I Vicar.St. Lynt can meet the HIGH''' standArds of Southern

I During 12 years of Clay ,
i ar Association Is a member.
-=tItt 13t11A WCU William's Catholic Chapel County's greatest grow- '" *"* *

i ( Keystone beirhU th he has worked to The above is of particular significance to those,

..- students 'desiring to attend, college.
Sunday Mass at 8:30
: 4 : a. m. build classrooms and expand -
Holyday Mass at '7:00: a. m. '
Tuesday Mass at 8:00 a. m. DO NOT TAKE CHANCE ON A MAN WHO

, Confessions before' all Maser i' to. I HAS ONLY FEW 'HOURS TOWARD MEETINGTHE
Plenty of piping-hot water means! better happier living.You're sure with 1\. : I
:Baptisms;'Tnarrtases and instructions t ,, : riu[ REQUIREMENTS FOR A MASTER'S
.. automatic Electric Water Heater wonder- DEGREE -
dependable Sleet
-completely I by appointment the needs of ever increasing number of childrenseeking '
((36 hours required):
fully'cean, fume.free-and flamelea-asie for your peace of mind.. Just I education.A .

I i," .i install it any place and forget it! Round, square or, counter-top models J Milton Mosier NOTICE will not be re- lifelong resident of he is I I AM I
I sponairle; for' bills Clay County 'a suesessful SEEKING RE-ELECTION on the basis of my
; any debts
we the display now at electrical appliance dealers'and plumbers. or
made in by name after April t, timber-turpentine-cattle and a success- I qualifications as well as the PROGRESS'made in the

r{ FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY ePu.m.ue dweE UU by la anyone 5!J S. except Epperson myself St. Milton Resl- ful member of jthe Board of"Public Instruction. entire school system of CLAY COUNTY.I .
Hosier, Jr ..
at. 4t -%5
HELPING BUILD FLORIDA % I yT'f solicit! your vote and support on May 3rd.
His Record For Itself/
.' ) C"L ipso rndyl's IM' !. The C..rt Of The C.mmtr J.**tbradf.rd Speaks .' .
w1d"'Wlh'S C..t7. FUrid. I.P..t. 7 r ,
4t aTt .. % ? ?< IIIKRIS C. LONGPd.
> (Pd. PoL Adv.)
In Estate
re: of Florence
__ e S :' ,a.. -- ._ T,' <>- '_ '", : To !AU. Deceased Creditors And l'enou. ( J"ol..Jv..)



-__ '_ __._,_- -. ",-- -'- -_ ,, _" _, J .

1 +

,APRIL 21. 1960 .
-- -- -
--.-"- -- --- .. -- -
-- -- -- n ''*
.tyyyyyyyyyyyy..y.. services for the day. I PTA for purchase of supplies..andrt y YT '.. !Y..T YTY ; r 320 S. WALNUT. Ski _
I .
The lajst "Joy Club" meeting equipment. I STAKE FLA. --- -
Birthday Party QUANTITY ,
I before summer vacation time'washeld HAMPTON -
at the church'Monday afternoon Mr*. James A. Gnann Sr. -enUrtained RIGHTS 6RADE'-J"FLDRI. R WHOSE.

By Ruth. Griffis April 18. Prizes were awarded with a birthday party ,By. Mrm.. D. E. IHU RESERVED -
r. to the children and a honoring her daughter, Mary Lou I II > .
I .
fTfTTTTYfTTTTTTTTTTTTTYtHope ricnic for April 30 was announced ri: her 12th' birthday Friday j ULUaUJAAAA&afaa11Supper

Baptist Church for those who have attendedthe night at the Community Center.. I I II. And Political Rally
Sunday Sunday, School, 10 I Bible Club. The "Bible ladies About 35 young'' people attended J t At.School Here Friday.Nite
a-'m./ Dale Bradley, superintend- ," Miss Anne Bell and Miss Re- this occasion. Many games were i Ii Politics and food will be the
ent. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. ba Thompson, are busily engagedin i piayed and refreshments of popcorn drawing card at Hampton Elementary I( .
Training Union, 7 p. m., Wayne I sumer camp plans for boys i I cake and .punch were serI I School this Friday even
Hersey director. Evening Wor- and girls at Polk City., We ap- ,vcd. j I ing:, April 22, when the PTA will I

I ship 8 p. m., Samuel S. Cuthbert, predate- the faithful service and I Personals i I i serve supper before, .the political 0 ess
I pastor; Fred Dodd choir director; work these young ladies have An Easter egg hunt was enjoyed I I hopefuls speak at the evening ,
Mrs. Janice Hall, pianist. contributed to the youth of our I by the children of the community I rally. 1 drar r7t I V
Wednesday Prayer Meeting. community. Saturday afternoon at Serving of the ham supper will ,..., rcernEF00D5 arw. Jifi V
7:30 p. m-, followed by choir! Political Rally I 4 the Community Center. Games 'I begin at 5 p. m. in the school '
practice. Supper will be served by the i and refreshments 'ere'also V en- i I cafeteria, and will continue until I )44iIL l.1l I jft' 7

Communion service in candle- PTA &t Hampton School, Friday I joyed. 'I[the rally, which is :Slated to V T
I light on Thursday April 14, was April 22, from 5 to 7:30: p. m., I We are rejoicing over the happiness I I!gia at 7:30.: Pie. cake, coffee be-I 1.\cUw p % ;
attended by many to celebratethe preceeding the. political rally. I that has 'come into the i tea, and cold drinks will also
origin of the Lord's Supper. The price will be $1 for adults i lives of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Her- \i available throughout the even-
l Inspirational worship service and 50c 'for children. The menu sey Jr. A baby boy. Mark Ran- 'tna'I / FRESHLY CUT FRYER PARTS
through the medium of music will include ham baked beans I son. has come to blocs their I Easter Egg HuntTwentyfive i w 17 '
has enjoyed Sunday evening salads and rolls. home. 'children of the I LEGS Ib. 49c WINGS Ib.. 25c

when the canata, "Hallelujah! : Parents and friends of children Mr. and Mrs. W, H. Hall Jr.I Christian Church"attended an 1
What A Savior," was presentedby attending Hampton School are children last .Easter egg hunt on the church
:ud spent weekvisiting
the choir. A candlelight devotional urged to donate pies, cakes and Mrs. Hall's parents Mr. i grounds on Saturday. BREAST Ib. 59 BACKS Ib. lOc
service concluded Easter. salads. Proceeds will go to the and Mrs. Sam Rollins in La- I Helping the "Easter bunny"

Grange, Ga.' II with the hunt and refreshments .
aiterwards; were Mrs. Frankie y ... ...'
Rev: "
and Mrs. M. L. Packham
SEE aad children of Haines City visited i Jean Keys, Mrs. Marklee Norman, : P5G useuOfee.S lJaa s __
P.sv. 'and Mrs Carl Clarke and r -
relatives here this past week
Mis. John White. I ROUNO ,
end.Mr. Personals
and Mrs. Jack Jerrell and Mr.and Mrs. Marvin Mosher .
"Riding California Trail"SATURDAY Mis. W. W. Packham of Jacksonville I made a trip to ,Matamoras Pa.. r tr

visited relatives here last week, to move some of their
Monday. furniture back to Hampton with
,MORNING, APRIL 23FLORIDA Mrs. W. H. Hall Sr..Mrs. ,Jean them.
Wainwright and Mrs. B. J. Hall Mr.- and Mrs. c. L. Shealy arid
\rere shopping in Jacksonville Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Shealy spent
Monday.R. last weekend in Ashburn, Ga. t.
THEATER C. Dampier, who is undergoing with lelatives i

I treatment at the Veterans Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Jones and ,. .s ,,, tt4,
Hospital in Lake City, spent the I children of Holly, Mich spent 1t
weekend here with his family several days here last week witt, .M
10:00 A.M. and looking after' buisne& inter. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Hill. Both

ests.Guests families drove to St. Augustine' '4C i4 J.
of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. on Friday. Also visiting with the+
Sponsored by the Following Merchants: Griffis on Easter were Mr., and Hills on Wednesday last week

I Mrs;: W.. K. Griffis and sori of were ,Mr. and Mrs. Gene Clouseof + V :, fT }
Gainesville, !rr. and' Mrs James Bradenton. Fla., and Mrs. Alan V .,
GEM JEWELRY WILLIAMS JEWELRY Swindell, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hiil and son of Holly Mich. V V V"y..
Griffis and children, and Mrs. R. Here for the Easter weekend V ,7
LOCAL FINANCE CO. snl IONS' KOCH C. Dampier of Starke. from Homestead were Mrs. Rich __ _
.. DRUG STORE Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Phillips of ard May and daughter, and Billy!
CRAWFORD BROS. Gainesville visited ,Mr. and Mrs. Home. James Home of Orlando i
GULF SERVICE STA. DENMARK FURN. CO. E. E. Triest on Saturday. aso spent the weekend here with 1 1I fly

Delores Cloversettle and John his parents,. Mr. and Mrs. J. W i
TERWILLEGAR ACE ELEC. SERVICE Dodd were among the seniors Hcrn All 'were'dinner guests; ..
MOTORS STARKE TELEPHONE who had -delightful but tiring Sunday: with Mr. and Mrs.' Rob. '
trip to Nassau last weekend.Mrs. ert Barksdale in Starke. Miss 7.>""..- .,' .
I. CHARLEY E. JOHNS .STARKE BUILDERS Hattie Jones: of Jacksonville Shannon Cox also. was at the ,- -
Insurance Agency SUPPLIES is visiting her son and BarksdaleX sv> 1:
t :daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Castle Jr, WESTERN) pN -
H. F. Cloversettle, and family of Lochloosa were Saturday 'visitors Itr.
I at the home of Mr. and Mrs RIg.

VV .. V ... .. Leon Sauls. Sunday visitors at Ki
the Sauis home were' Mr. and! c!t
1 : Mrs. Henry Castle 'and sons olLochloosa
: and all drove to Law-
tey to visit"Mr. and Mrs. GUY; iI14L i

.1 ;OF ,BRADFORD COUNTY Futch'and. and Mrs.family.Mr. Lester. Slade left >+r CDUh r<

on Monday'this week for.-Illinois
to visit their son. C. W. Slade,I I
who is stationed, there with.. the SPR IGS390gxzP4
I, W. C. (Billy) Powell am running for reelection;; to your army and is confined to the hos-

School Board, Dist. 3, County-wide, having almost completed a pital.
first term. During this first term I have not always seen eye Mrs. Marklee Norman and Mrs

to eye with a majority of those with whom I served but in I Robert Cox visited .:Mrfc. ,Arthui /
Gaskins near Raiford last Friday
the final analysis all issues have been resolved,. with harmony' j The occasion was Randy Gaskins'''

and dignity.' fifth birthday.Mr. 1 -l:<
and Mrs. Johns Woods.anc

If re-elected I will make but one promise and that i is to children, and Mr. and Mrs. Rob- .
guarantee that any matter that comes before the.School Board eit"Murphy moved to their former I LB.
home in Stewart,. Miss. last
will be thoroughly aired, both pro and con, before a decisions Thursday.Mrs. HICKORY RANCH SLICED __ _

reached. Otis Howell and grandson, BACON 21bs. 89c % I 1 CAN f. '
Don Adam." of Ellisville, wereguests -
When I ran for this office in 1956 I spent six solid weeks of Mr. and Mrs. ML..
visiting all over the county. Although I gained many personal Watterson' Sunday- afternoon r : ; ; *

friends and had many enjoyable chats, I feel that I cannot take Mrs. Howell is a cousin of tMrs. A _
J y1T
that time awoy from my work and my family for this campaign. Watterson whom she had not L 1I '

I also feel that in local elections most folks know who theyare 'seen for 30'years.. Mrs. Lanie _
of Theressa was also a dinner I
going to vote for when candidates announce.' In so thinking, guest at the Wattersons or hllff TrYcS!!fooa f 1 1ae

these weekly ads will be my total'effort to solicit your, support. Sunday. ,. '
Charles Prevatt spent the Easier I
I have no intention to take part in any vindictive' petty, weekend at St. AugUstine

back biting politics. The only thing I have to say about my op- beach.

ponent, is that, as far as I know, he. is an honorable man. r I ,I TH __

As for my qualifications, I have only to point to the record. way you write Come In and re. .. .
taken since 1956. Letme led your favorite lSTERBROOKFOUDtaIn
i Remember, the changes that have place Pen. TELEGRAPH. _
list a few of the problems that confronted us then: I -

I 1. Insufficient supply of toilet paper, .towels, and. soap. : .

2. Lack ol replacement light bulbs. 4 V ?5
PALMCanned TOMaldUlfEfJiJRQy.L
I 3. Faulty. wiring.. :
.. .
I ... Inadequate fire escapes. ""-:"". ?*,.,.!or Drinks 5c can .
,.. ,. rY :1
V. :
i. 5. Total absence of maintenance, funds. ;; GOLD EM ROSE: Pt/llJ/4rr M ,
!JcE-: '
6. Almost non-existent Home-Economics; and :Science. (FROZEMfOOOS J 4I
f' '" <-\- *
Departments. e iAi.
'' ', I t' oz I
7. Leaking roofs. -- > > >-?- LEMONADE
M *> CAN
.8. Worn-out buses. .PAR-KEN DELICIOUS! FROZENLIMEADE ,.I..P' '.
j J bAV. V 0% .. t 1.1 V L 1
9. Lack of class-room space. CAN
I -> V ., .. 1 FJ.AVOR\<.$." .t WD1"f
s .s V GOLDEN dORY $
10... The biggest High- School, .. 'in the state. 'without. an 1 DRINK b OZ C
'auditorium. V CA I
'. '1"a

In every instance the above problems. have been taken care ..

of except: the buses, which will,be ,corrected by next school term. ..1t

with $30,000 already on hand for new buses. VoteO. I '
wIn ; a ,
I 1" t
the next four this School Board will I
years, among ROBERT J ..
other things; construct new classrooms and a library at South- -
i ..
side Elementary; construct a gymnasium and new classrooms
' at"R.1.E. for our colored students. The total budget for' the .BELL

seat four j'earsill, be almost"five million 'dollars..With WESTERN C


these thoughts in mind, I earnestly.. ask ,you to con-. '
sider my candidacy for re-election. ," FIRST DISTRICT MEAT,

An experienced Attorneyand I

Combat Veteran '
4 _Whose Opponent is a HARD tt t ,; C

W. c. (DILLY) p O'W Collins Appointee. :RIPE'TDtRSDAY. A .cJI JF' -

(Pi Pot. Ad.) .
PoL'Ad_ _,_ ..._ .: ass .ton ., .. ., _::.- : CY, .... ...
.. 0 '._. _ __ ,_ ._: __._ .. ,_ <_ T .1 _I .or',":"=:" -..'.I... h-



'c .- _.. ,, .. _. '" .- -- ., ., ._ ,._._ _j .. _. _. ..;J

_________ ..- .
--r : -- --- V V -- _
-i---- : TVT

I-:: :. i-7: V -I-

FOURTEEN 'BRADFORD COL.NTV TLLKlittAl'll.: sTAUUK, 1LOU1UA:\ Ttii.UbO.tY,- AflilL 21. lWU- pvvYvvvvvvv1vvvY. ----


.., .. son-in-law and daushtcr, :Jlr !held al Hampton school. }'irt and family of Hudson spent the .'OR, 't'nOOL HOtHDDlftTHHT "-

and Mrs. Lamar Reddish of ;speakers will be candidates for weekend with Mr.V Starling's par- POLITICAL randidate.'01 K : II
I am a for School
IIEILBR.ONN Umatilia and their son and i County Commissioner District No. ents. Mr"and Mrs. Don Starling. (',(lard, fist 4. and earnestly I solicit I

dJughter-in-law.. Mr. and Mr .I 1. with Carl Prevatt leading off, While here they attended the ANNOUNCEMENTS v'iir support iq the May primaries. I

kin. McC&rtbyryyyyuyyyyyyyygyyyyyyyy Clinton Norman of Jacksonville.Mr. followed by Harold K. Norman. fjneral: of their brother-in-law. .Having.'hool, I children am keenly of my interested!.own in in

By llarrej and Mrs. Sam Mitchell Well guess that's all for this H. T. Markham:, of Gainesville. the continued growth and improvement Progress

and sons of Jacksonville visited time bye now.YYYYYYY.TY..yyyy.yyy.. who! was accidentally electrocuted I V 1..Ih!POfl to announce KTATK $K\ATK to the peoplef and pledge of our my county untiring school efforts system, if o III IIIIN .

r with Mr and Mrs. Cornelius !ast Monday evening # Union
Howdy Folks. Hope you had an Moore and family "on Saturday.Mrs. .. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Euban' Piiat Im be a candidate for reelection native of Bradford County and ;
enjoyable Easter weekend. artive in PT.V Church; and civic 1:1 1:1II : 1
Lou Norman visited recently were *n Miami for a visit with to the Florida State Senate affair". I assure you that your I THE
Very glad to report that Rev. from the l$tti Senatorial District.I trus.i in will not be betrayed.
for several days with Mr. [ S % IE Y Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Kuck during me
Otis T Jones pastor of Heilbronn LAW eel that the J. D. Griffin
twenty years seniority .
ihe Easter
and MrsSinclair Mo&ley of holidays. / .
Church, was able to ,pl'each Sunday I' V and pre..t\ge\ that I have in I ili
Jacksonville.. Everett Burney of Jacksonville '
giving hU inspirational Easter Mrs. Joyce E. Futch the: Senate l' of untold value to my FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER II
i Mrs. R. L. Morgan visited in .visited his mother Mrs. Georgia I-
message. Rev. Jones recently ppr>p> and I am asking you for DISTRICT THRF.BVo E"
Palatka on Tuesday. .AA&44 ..&A.6I Ann Sapp on Friday.Mr. :vote and support on May 3rd. .the citizens of Bradford'

suffered a back injury and we'reu Harvey our sons Richard and I I and Mrs. Ed Durban and Charley E. John County: V V
happy he is well once more. I Mr. and Mils. Jimmy Johnson [ V Fur the first time I am coming I TJI
."Wayne; my mother Mrs. Maude :: .sons cad as weekend guests Mr. FORREPRESP.'TATIVF. before you as a candidate for pun- (

Others on the sick list) are .Mott, and I visited in Fernandina land i family and Misses Melvane !I I and Mrs. O. J. Boyetle of Val- j "J .ant ,a ,candidate for. election toFtnrMa lie office. I will appreciate your ..
Sheila Norman. daughter of Mr. and Linda Wambolt spent the :. I,the House of Representative careful consideration of my candidacy -
Beach Sunday with Harvey's mother dcsla and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
from. Bradford County. for the office of County Com-
I ;
and Mis. Harold Norman who weekend at the Scrub. '
-tll3.> Leona McCarthy and I[ Williams of Jacksonville' This Is my first hid ;for elective missioner, Dist. 3 (South Starke). i iI L
came home from the Doctor's : Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rosier wer I.I those public office. If'elet'ted, I will diligently realize the great responsibilities |
his brother-in-law and sister Mr. I Among visiting Mr. and
Hospital. in Starke Tuesday of iu Jacksonville Sunday for a and impartially represent of this office and pledge to you j
,. and chilI I on i!,Mrs. Harry Wilkerson and Bradford ,
-- - und Mrs. John Stillwell daugh- County and It's citizens. I that, If elected I will do every
JMt ,week. Shelia's brother Mike. ,dren. I ,visit v.ith Mr. and Mrs. Steve I I ter and Mrs. Kate Padgett during ,' 4sV your support and vote on May thing In my power to give you ':

who was accidentally struck in Starling and family. rrd. fair. Impartial, economical" and ef- ,
I Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair Harley of ;i i the wpekend were Mr. and Mrs !'I A; J_, Thomas Jr. I' flcunt service as your Conimis5100F. -. E EI
hand with a pitch-fork, Is better Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vanzant and EI
Thank for encouragement ,
Jacksonville visited Mrs. Harley'su.1cJe I ; Marcus Griffis. ,Mrs, Laura Manning you your
also. Besides the Norman cliin !-! family were weekend guests of FOR STATE RF.r"p F"o1 and support.
and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. ILL | and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry : I am announc W. Hogan Smith
tfi Mrs. Lou Mrs.. L. 'Mr. Mrs. 'Smith : I
Norman and Glen in.
Reddish. and son, Keith, Saturday. Padgett. ofV Lake Wales. lag my candidacy I
C. R. (Bill Reddish and Sneads. mother.i (or office of
Sarp. L. ] i Mr. Vanzant's .. I
Mr. and Mrs. H.'E.-Priest and '. ... ',
State Represent. -
fOnt Keith are all recovering Mrs. Annie Bray, came home with I I hereby an-I 0
Also visiting in the Reddish i family visited Mr. and Mrs. Ernest alive from Brad ioun.ee my (' -
from their illness. j them for a visit. ford County. ThisIs lacy for Sheriff
home during the week were Mr.Reddish's Williarris and sons in Lake first bid ._ !
Misj Marilyn Cox and her i relatives from St. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carlton % my office : \f Bradford Couny -
City on Sunday.- for public subject to the
brother Pearson both of the : and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Emory life long -'
j Mr. arid Mrs. Bryant Reddish Being ,8 !.P' .vill of the votersin
Petersburg.Miss I \
University If Florida, were homeulih : Duncan and family of Jacksonville resident! of Bradford S ; \ : May Democratic ,
Marilyn Cox and her fiance I guests during the ,last week were County ama t Primaries j T
; their mother. Mrs Lola Cox. ] visited the Frank Cruce family working man. ) '
Mis. Jack Pons of
visited Mr. and
Earl Norman, i family I earnestly so-
and sister. Linda. j I during the weekend. feel I know th ,
licit and I
I vote
of Jacksonville Tallahassee"Mrs.-Mamie Andreu
and Mijs. Stephen Kelly ; need of the people
Visiting with Mr. and Mrs.. E.j! Sunday-:) guests of- Mr.- and- -Mrs.- | and If elected ;,:;, ,. promise to perform
on Saturday and on Sun- 'ana Airs vacco Anareu or oaae I WIt!. the duties of i
C. lEmiel Johns during the O. J. Anders were Mr. and Mrs. I will.. devote thE :" '
festi- Reddish the Sheriffs office V
I day they attended the big 'City. Mr. and Mrs. Roy ; fair
weekend their and Jenkins and family of necessary time to do the Job in an efficient 1
were son :
val inSt. Augustin of Webster. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby 1 anti Impartially. Your vote and businesslike

daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Weekend guests of Mrs. Annie Jacksonville.Mrs. i iI V Reddish of Eustis Jimmy and i support is V humbly solicited.i manner. I hope I

Morris Johns, and family on Kelly and son. Warren [IScobiel I Daisy sutton of Atlanta!,[Cheryl of State Farm Mr. and i i F. Prevatt c.)'"t .1 can meet each and everyone

Saturday; their son and daugh- and Mrs. Wingate of Jacksonville; | I cOIMIS5IOER I I of you in person before May 3. :
Kelly, were Mrs. Kelly's son and 'I:Mrs.'O. B. Nail of Orange Park FOB COl'VTY_ .. Jennings Starling. GUYANDREWS
Ur-in-law Mr. and Mrs.. Clifford visited Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffis' IJI"'TUIl' 1'111'4
daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. I Mi. and Mrs. Ray Dorman! and I I

Johns daughter and Mrs.family Lois; ',aiid Henson their:[I I Gene Kelly and daughters ofBarto and other, relatives here on Sun I Son of Jacksonville., 'Mr.: and Mrs.'I fLy,i :hereby County announce Commissioner my ,candidacy Bradford BRADFORD FOR SHERIFF COUNTY I

I Warren (IScobiel Kelly day.Miss 1 I L. W. Baldwin of Starke Mrs. County Dist. S (county at large) in In announcing my candidacy for ,
and son on Sunday... All .visitors Barbara Starling of Jacksonville I I have been a the
visited in West Palm Beach Sun- !I Susan Kohl i and son and chili i the May primaries. of Sheriff of Bradford I!
of Brooker for It years
were from Jacksonville* I I day. His daughter returned with : visited Mrts Joan Rafuse dren Talmadge Mullis and Ray during resident which time I have been a County I would like to take this

Easter guests of Mr and Mrs. 'I on Friday.. and seed pro [ opportunity to express appreciation -
,: him to visit his mother. Arriving Reddish of Kingsley Lake and l farmer, cattleman. to friends who 1
Roy demons'and family and Mrs.E Mr. and Mrs.. P. L. Dinkins "ducer. If elected your.County Cornmissioner my many supported -
1 Tuesday of this week from New Mr. ReddUJh's mother, Mrs. Mary. r pledge my best efforts I me In the last election.
; W. ParrisH were Jfrs. Prank I London Conn- will be Mrs. Keliy's weekend guests were Mr. and Mrs. Reddish. ; for fair and impartial conduct of They did not let me down.- I do not i Your

Parrish of Miami and1" Mr. and Paul Dinkins and son of St. Augustine the affairs of the entire county. feel like letting them down without i SENATOR15th
Loretta Mrs. Walter Whitfelt
youngest, daughter. I I Mr. and ;, and support will be giving ue another chance. Your )
: vote
Mrs. Junior Parrish ef, Jackson- and husband Mr. and Mrs. Gary I IEhaw : Casey Dinkina and family cf' Coe3a spent the weekend with deeply YDUT appreciated.' vote and support and confidence In i
iille. .1 and Miss Adel Dinkins of Jacksonville Hamilton me on May 3 will be highly honored ,
Mrs. Florida Wilkerson. Zedra end deeply ,appreciated. |
Weekend guests of1r. and Don't forget the political rally ; and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Prevail and I -. Yours, i iH.
] evening to be Cox Mr. and Mrs. Carl Grif- DISTRICTV
Mlf' Frank Normin! :,ere their tomorrow [Friday family ONE: SENATORIAL
Mr. and Mrs.
...... jfis I and family and W. E. Gault
-- ---- Britt Rosier I I
and family of Palatka I enjoyed a picnic at the "Sink I I I am a candidatefor I hereby announce my candidacy BRADFORD & UNION COUNTIES

; and the Ray Rosiers spent Hole" near Gainesville on Sunday.Mr. County Commissioner ((.r County Commissioner District :
District Three (South Starke). subject to.
I Elect "Goodman"FOR Sunday with the Cedric' and Mrs. Owen Carter: 'and 1 (Lawtey), the will of the voters in the May i I

a family. Mr. i position in primaries. If elected to this? re- |
Sunday were
guests on
Andrews Will// For
I have
which :
Mrs. Arthur Pearce and Mrs. Denmark and the suonsible office, I promise to give f Guy
and Mrs. Earl >een privileged to* my nest efforts toward a progress
I'll'' Troy Bennett were in Jacksonville Leon Starling family of Jackson- erve in the past. ive and impartial administration ot.

on Saturday to see their I. The knowledge; the affairs of my district and the ;
who \iile. ;if county affairs;county as a whole. Your vote and 1. STATE PRISON FARM : 40 Hour, 5 Day Week.
brother Marvin Thompson,
and were busi! rained!, in these, support will be appreciated.
: Jeff Prevatt son. Increase in and Merit System for employees.
will undergo' surgery on Monday.Mr. trevious years on -Seeber D. Goodman I pay
nessisitors in St. George Ga. he board should I Make $20 month deduction' for laundry and V
Thei J b! ( and Mrs. Andrew Wilkerson V per ,
nahle to
and family and Mr. and Mrs. Berry Mrs. Joyce Futch" and Ralph er serve you and To the citizens of. Bradford' one meal optional. Full cooperation with Ad-

Wilkerson asd daughter visited I pledge my dili- County: :, ministration. Adequat appropriation for opera-
were shopping in Jacksonville on rent efforts to Your support Is earnestly re-1!
: George Wiikerson in St. Vin Friday.yyyyyyyyyyyyyvyvvvvvvYvv. I \\01.v.- I..... ucst interests of the i i,Quested in my campaign for re- tion, completion, and further expansion of prison

Seeber \ cent's Hospital on Sunday.Mr. entire county. Your vote and active I I''.'plt''tlon.all. Tax Collector, Bradford I
support will be deeply appreciated. County. I appreciate this system. -
and Mr Billy Torode and opportun-1
J. C. Prevatt ity to be of service to

sen of Gainesville were weekend of Bradford County. and pledge

"I guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred FUR COrNTY COMMISSIONER! myself to conduct the affairs of 2. SHOOLS: Work with School Boards, School Officials .
the office with courtesy and effi!
LI. Moore and V family.Mr. DISTRICT THREE-- .. ciency. Your vote on May 3 will be and Teachers to supply needs of schools

.... and Mrs.. Bryant Tucker -- 1 am for a candidate County deeply appreciated.Yours sincerely, and personnel. Help make our schools the best

and 'family Mrs. Leona Edwards Bl, lira. Cordon JoaN Commissioner. J. R. Kelly in the State. I
DI t. 3 (South
'GoodmanFOR V V and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edwardsand .............. ......' .i Starke) In the FOR SHERIFFIn

daughters of Gainesville .1 :i was May born primaries and: placing my candidacy for reelection 3. ROADS: Cooperate at all times with County
spent the weekend with Mr. andMrs ,Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norman before the citizens of
i | reared In Bradford -
; Pradford County I would like to Commissioners on their roads and other pro-
L, L Wainwright and famils i County;
and Mr and Mi Gordon I owner and renew my pledge to give the people Assist in getting adequate financing for
op grams.
I : in Avon.Park. ,the highest type of law enfarceiiient -
and daughters Carolyn and Dar- erator' of Alvarez '
I Mr. and .M s. Jimmy Crawford Store since 19S5. personnel! and equipmentwith roads.
Icne spent the weekend with 'Mr. f a minimum of expense to
; I I feel that my
and family were guests'of Mr. ": .... to the county. This I have ,done
successful business -
a.id'Mrs- Gerald Starling in Jacksonville and Mrs. Herbert Norman and :17.--."....... experiencewill during my three terms In office, 4. ROADSIDE PARKS and PICNIC AREAS. Work
will continue to do If
on Friday evening. family at Oklawaha and,Mr. and L.. .... _., be an asset hcnor you for S. 301
COUNTY COMMISSIONERDISTRICT _In n the un ,norfArm.anc _.._....., me with re-election in the two on State Road 100; two on U. ;
Mr. and, Mrs. Gary Bennett and Thurman Jones and familyat May Drimaries. Your vote and suo- V
Mrs. of the duties of your County 1 port will be greatly appreciated! and two on State Road 16..Also work for Roadside
son of Macclenny spent Sunday Lake. Commissioner., I believe in better and confidence will not be
Lady ,. things for Bradford your Park, Picnic Area, and BOAT LANDINGon

3 County at Large with Mr.tand. Mrs.Burnell Troy Wilkison Bennett. Mrt and Mrs. Edward Norman through. a fair, impartial business County misplaced. Sincerely.B. Crosby Lake and State Road 100.
Mr. and'.Mrs. administration of its affairs.
visited Mrs. Maggie Norman and Your vote and P. Reddish
and family of Miami Spent theEaster V support on May 3 '
He will serve the entire county impartiallyand holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morris in will! be greatly Sincerely appreciated., FOR STATE SENATE 5. ORGANIZE BRADFORD COUNTY DEVELOPMENT

to the best of his ability. V Mr.and Mrs. Walter Wilkison. Gainesville on Sunday.Mr. W. H. (Pill) Graham ford To Counties the voter: of Union and Brad AUTHORITY. (Union County alreadyhas

Their guests on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Royal Minzel of I wish ip announce that I am a one.)
FOR TAX COl.LEe'roRBR.flFOfthi candidate for State Senator from
V P (Pd. PoL Ad,..) fend Mrs. Cecil Dobbs and familyof Lakeland visited relatives here COUNTY the 15th Senatorial District. In f V

V Jacksonville. and in Ganesville last week.V I hereby announce my candidacy making this decision I was motivated 6. WORK TO GET a JUNIOR COLLEGE in our
V for Tax Collector Bradford by an earnest desire to be
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Starling Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jones FtiLJect to the \\iy of the voters In of maximum service to the people District.

and daughters visited Gordon's the May 3 Primary. r feel that my of .tur two counties. Having always -
t experience as 'a buslnexs man and as a private citizen, takenan
father In the
,. Gainesville ity background 'training qualifies active part In efforts, to develop -' 7. AGRICULTURAL and EXHIBIT BUILDINGS to
-'u--- Hospital Thursday'night.. me for the'office. If elected I will our area, I feel that these
d.- everything in my power to Insure ffforia can be greatly expanded be used for offices for all agricultural employeesand
the through my service as State Sen
people of Bradford County
thar the office is conducted In ator. Your vote on May 3 will help as exhibit display space for Bradford County

an efficient manner. me help you and the entire dist Fair.
rict. I thank
The Florida Board of Forestry -Jim Chasteenline
Guy Andrews
a body corporate under the laws

(If the State of Florida hereby is on oenterline of paving of FORBRADFORDCOL'NTT-SHERIFF 8. NATIONAL GUARD and ARMORY: Assist and
given public notice of Its Intention Slate Road 209 as now constructed)
I. 10 deed to Foster Shi Smith and i'j ,\ point wl hlch is station 30-/-63- cooperate in every way possible to improve and
Maty Anne Smith husband and .2) of State Rd. Department
section FOR SCHOOL BOARD further these activities.
By getting
wife, the following parcel of land. 2019-1502. This point Is the intersection DISTRICT TWOI more appropriations -
4 -. 4 ltutt-d and being in Bradford of two lines whose delta is hereby announce my candidacy and using facilities more fully. Thus
C<.unty. State of Florida, to wit; 11 d-gre and 24 minutes and 20 f-)r member" ,ot School Poard, Brad- bring
That portion of the East Half seconds left. This more employees to Camp Blanding.
point is 3.467.O'North for ((lunty. Dist. Two. I am a vet
(SW 4) of the .Northwest Quarter "4'f..d South West corner of Sec sons now In'Irbool; am a
V IXW ) of Section Thirty-six Township St\rn (1) South, Range Ran;e 21 East on a true bearing if elected will serve my district
and with these
Tw>nty-one ( 1)' East, lying West of Ncrth IS degrees and 14 minutes and county to the best of my a- cooperate facilities in every way

; of State- Road Number Thirteeen Cast. This point has coordinates ; inty, ready at all times to advise possible. .
ill), more' particularly described uO'ler the Lambert System of X with my conetltutenU for the best
u follows: Beginat' the Northeast equals 2.741.7S4.1, Y equals 314.- interests of OUT schools. I Invite
<-orn T of- ttir'gmithwe<'t- Quarter 472.: *; thence proceed for 'a distanceof your careful consideration of my
10. WORK
."... 4.t\VV 4) of the Northwest Quarter 211.38' on a true bearing of CONSTANTLY to bring new industry

fix(XWU(36)) ,of and the said Section Thirty-I N'nriH West 11 degrt'l'r and 41 minutes qualifications your aad vote will and. deeply support appreciate on- into the District so that our boys and girls can
run westerly along to an iron pipe on the present '
the .North line of the said Southwest westerly right of way line of May 3. V W. E. Lawson stay in the District and make a living.!
Quarter (SW'-4) of the Northwest j SlHie Road 200 for a point Of be-

Quarter (N\V 4), a distance 1 gnn'fig; thence proceed a distanceof '
('t ninety tSO) feet to the West 13 .19' on a true bearing of I hereby announce CIRCUIT my JCDGE candidacy 11. HOLD PUBLIC MEETINGS before each session
margin of the right-of-way of North 6S degrees and
Slate Road Number Thirteen (IS) West to an iron pipe three; thence rolnnte fur the office, 'of Circuit Judge of of the Legislature and ask citizens for suggest
EUhth. Judicial Circuit of Florida -
f.>r a point of beginning. Tbence proct+d on a true I I
bearing of North ions and ideas
Group } Your vote support concerning things that they want
in ccfo
run a westerly direction along degrees and 54 minutes Eastto will be i I
V : V the slid North line of the said the: north line of the E % of THOMAS appreciated.BROOKS JOXES. I for the' District and State.
S Southwest Quarter (SW'H of the I' the s: W. 4 of N. W.i 4 of Section II

VV $ Northwest Quarter (XW'4), a dis- [ 36 Township 7 South Range 21 FOR.rOl'XTT- -COMMISSIONERDISTRICT ;
tame of five hundred seventy (370) i East which line is at a distance of OEI 12. REPORT BACK TO THE PEOPLE at the closeof !III''
V feet; thence ina. southerly direct- approximately 438.0 at which distance wish to candidacy
i'\n along-th* WesuJine-of the East an iron pipe Is set; thence for re. e4.'tlon announce*. County my Coromissiuner each Legislative session to let them know II
WELL TONIGHT n Half (KH) ottbe'lIaid" Southwest i, proceed easterly on the north line what '
SLEEP District One. county-at-
Quarter (SW H Of. tl e Northwest I (If the E '4 of the S.V.. !i of N. large. I hare tried to serve you goes on Tallahassee. II

,;. Quarter (XWfe), a dlstaneof I W. *4 of Section 36, Township 7, well and faithfully in the past and
: eleven hundrett\: ninety and four- South. Range :21 East for a distance if honored by re-election to this I
tenths (110.4) feet to the West I of 314.20 on a true bearingof position of trust, I will continue my 13. ALWAYS LOOK AFTER the aged people of

knowing that margin of the right-of-way of :\cnh is degrees and JS minutes efforts in behalf of the people of our District and
your I the
get Increases
V V Plate Road Number Thirteen (13), East to an iron pipe on the my district and the entire county. they are en-
thence Northeasterly along the \\'ut right of way line of Sate Your favorable consideration and titled to, when 'needed.

V S safe : West margin of the right-of-way Road too as presently constructed; vote on May 3 will be greatly ap- .
'l' day's receipts are ,: ; (St the said State Road Number,' tb..nce proceed for a distance of preciated.
: Tolrtetn (II). thirteen' hundred 347.41' on a true bearing of South V
V thirty (1330) feet to the. point of I 11 degrees and 44 minutes West 14. BE A SERVANT of all the people in the District

V ) tegiuning. along the west right of line of at all
:At the close of your business hours All of the above described land \ ;State Road 200 as now construct. i DISTRICT TWO I V
lying In Section Thirty-six nu. ed-to a; pipe set adjacent to the
V VV .: I am a candidate for re-electIon ,
today, deposit cash and checks with. Tcwanip Seven (7) South Range point of tangency of a 2 degree I I as School Board Member District 2.1 j
V Twenty-one (el) East and ,eontain.ng cnrv on centerline: ,of State Road in
: subject to the will of the voters I[
us. If it's past the close of our public '.' nine and twotenth.9..!) 29. (sliouM It b found br a later : tht May primaries. If re-elected I

S : acres more> or leis I more accurate survey that the dis- ,will continue my efforts in behalf (

banking hours, simply: .VV : 'l' except the following described S lances of 4.e' and 347.41' are of the school eon.tructlolprogram., "I I L
.' I.- 4. parcel: not the correct distances to extend and will work to Intensify the !
,V. "; Start at a concrete monumentwith Je the north line of the E H of I .III-.V......-....ft UIQ_ f"-UB u.Huj_ .-.i Kit-" _miiuuw_... .,. I i .
a disk in the top of ...me S. W. U of N. W. % of Section 38.Towiuhip in tilt county; purchase Dew busses '

:: USE OUR. NIGHT DEPOSITORY! : rV scribed fill n'Mitch monument la 7 South Range 21 East with nUll already available by ,
V .K- _5 *. one of a series of monuments of then tne call of the north line E H next term; and maintain a firm
I (Florida Geodetic Survey Alachus.K. of & W. U of N. W. is to take .lan4 against any form of Integration I .
-J R. Van Leer 1)14) The plane .precedence. The present right ofwar In our school system. Tour to the FUtURE 1
coordinates of this monument under line of State Road 200 on the :continued support and vote on May
the U. S. Coast and Geodetic west side Is 100' distant from the will be appreciated. V V
Sur.ey Lambert System are X ceaterline of present pavement; 11 -W. a (Billy) POWELL.
equals !.'i3S.4 I.e! s Y equal JH.1'Jt ,- thenc- proceed a distance of litU' I
.OS; thence proceed %01.'* on a (m a true bearing of South 21 de. I and contains 2.H acre more or WITH A VOTE FOR GUY ANDREWS
FLORIDATh1I1TL1 grid' azimuth of 273 degrees fifty grees and seven minutes West to 1
eight minutes and forty five seconds I tile point of beginning which distance I lest.Th above described parcel of I
which Is a true bearing of I is measured on a cord of a land was conveyed by Foster Sht I FOR STATE SENATOR ON MAY 3 I IIb
] Sooth U degrees and fifty ORS eurvkwhose radius Is 2,784.79'. I. Smith and Mary Anne Smith to .
: : [ minutes East) to a point thence The property line is the are of the the Florida Board ef Forestry
-- --- proceed a distance of J.S8S.8 on curve which is south east of the without cost on February C, 113),I V H

S'4S1 U lAW or THE riomo II&TlOhAL CROP MIMIU uouu tuow UUIIMCI COlA V a grid azimuth of Ml degrees ando cord measurement of 179.41. This for be a* a loweraite. Ib (Pd. PoL Ir
minute and 27 seconds (which parcel lies ia the E % of the S. W. FLORIDA .FOREST SERVICE : V !. ,
la a trua bearing of North 13 degrees U V*f the 3i. W. of Section n, B. CLETXJCS.: FISCAL AGENT :V:_
I and -minutes East) (which Township 7 South, Kane 21 East 4/7 2t 4/1 -==-- :r -, :
VI "V V '" V -J V .. c .,,:J.. VVi
;- V
.. V
....:..4 V '\


___.- -, ---. --__,____. -' J- --- --

Bradford County telegraph
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: April 21, 1960
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text
Julian:; C (XJ

tfet I, Library HiorEnAORD


-- __
-i: ;


Official County Publication -, Established In 1879 ._oJ_ :_ I--h _

i.' 'fi FIGHTY-OXE __ __-=- __ 'ST RK&' FLORIDA. THURSDAY% -,' APRIL 21,-'19CO P -- NUMBER FORTTWQ,. -2; i ]

n_ .. '. .. ,_

: I Council Tofd _


Gas Service


____ I I In Business 1 "

I r f :

Ii i Area StymiedNatural 1'I __

r -' ____ I pas service in "the business _

district mlbe: delayed because ..
; of difficulties- 'in obtaining j< -_--_-_ __ _.__ ._ ,_ .
fr '
L_ I easements from proPertyoners, Starling Reddish LawsonSh'eriff's
; ':..p'' I j I Oscar Davis, superintendent 'of!II

.' <,' 'f the new natural gas department: ,!
f::. ';t. & -j-- -4 told City Council at its meeting
;; "' : Tuesday night. i Budget MixUpighlights
r i'L I The city is asking a two-f OOr|
f7''- t : easement along the property line
L _____ ____ r fr1LL ___ I in the middle of four businesi

Buyer*- and growers croud around this beautiful load of straw- blocks: with the property owners( #
on each side, giving one foot. E, Political Week
from the field of Leaton Morgan Jr., as the belated season Berries FinallyHit
I'I'I W._ Hayes was employed by tbfi
Into lull swing here thl.t't'k.. City to obtain easements 'but reported '

that although many merchants -
L'" .
yI .it., Market could not wanted' satisfactory gas service, he-: Apologies, r tractions, corrections, and red faces were'prevIent I' AtLawteyRally '
\ get commitments -
;',;' at Bradford County political rallies during the *
from some land1ords)
I .' In Big Burst i I ,about' easements across their pro- past week-due to a $20,000 mistake made in presenting the :

t perty. total figure of Sheriff P. D. Reddish's current budget to a \ Johns Says Andrews Pitting

i i Davis said it is costing the city'' rally crowd at Graham. i .'......--'fl '

w I Bradford County's long overdue ,!I:. money for every extra day that Caught in the middle was ClerkDf I 'If jou elect me your sheriff. !I Iiril .

strawberry, season, delayed:by the gas line contractor stays, here the Court Chas.: A. Darby who j! be out there with them, help- One County Against Another .
I late cold and rains, finally'- got and Council members, instructed J had certified the figures taken'''ing to make some of those ar-
'V414 U1.dei' way this week "with 2.898 h5m! to have the crew finish what :!from! context.. of the Fine and 't !>
le, ts, Starling
) said.
Hats 112-pin! cjates on the they could and then quit. ;:Fc'ifeiture budget for 195960. "If you call I "Who was the 'nly> senator to
I won't send State Senator E. Johnsat
Starke market' Monday and 2,803 In a written report to the Council The figures were asl ed for by yne a deputy-I'll go Charley vote again t this ]t4islation"Andrews :
oilered Tuesday. Civil Defense Pirecior Robert<:H. V. Knight, Starke attorney j!myself. ,, Tuesday night's Lawtey rally asked, and added: "Any
Moiidaj's fruit, averaged $2.90 Mclntire said that in order for ;and later used by Jennings Starling \' Refidish and the other man'1in : accused challenger Guy Andrews teacher ran ten 3-011."

per flat for 'a return to growers the City to take advantage of CDi.']l candidate-for: Sheriff. at the the race, H. A. Lavjson made of pitting one county He said Johns was taking all
: comparatively another in the bat
mild current
of $8,431.68..whjje: Tuesday's average matching funds for radio equip-C I Graham'rally.;:Due to the error speeches. the credit for the State Prison
was $2.86, for a total of $8- meat it must have a stand-bytc 1'l gJ, told the crowd thatSherifl Reddish 'Quoted the correct fig1 1 tle for the Bradford-Union Senate construction program at Raifoid.
020.60, generator. Mclntire said a like- : ,Red i sh's budget for ures fcr hjs budget and reviewed 'seat. "Our Senator doesn't deserve

Figures for Wednesday were'not foP5 kilowatt unit. still In pack.1359-60* totaled $80,130.18. In reality circumstances of a murder case' Johns said Andrews went from credit for the State Prison being,

'.,', ,;;- had
believed to run about the same surplus property warehouse: ,, could; :i under the F & Ft successfully'solved.. ;that it he had been senator he 1913! ," Andrews said. ,
I >f :;J.;..' as the first two da:'s' of the week. be obtained for ':5125 and Council budget,, including fees and costs i j I Lawson denied what he said aould have placed new Florida Johns countered with the state

Wednesday's price strengthened a, agreed to investigate 'this possi-,I the. county judge. j 1 were rumors 'that he had "sold :Development Commission surplus ment that'he got an 8 million dollar
Doris IVndarvit and Bonnie I'matt, two Lautry farmerettes offer lout I and quit" the race, and said warehouse in Union
]little :with, a $3 'average reported. bility. Reddish was not present at the ; ;property appropriation for the prison
red, ripe berrta for !sale along (T. S. 301 sure sign that the ; :'lie knew as well as any man How Peak. of the season will be; Mclntire could not attend the.C I Graham rally having had to appear m 1958 and 7'-2 million in 1959.
Bradford Heavm U under way once more. reached within the next few days, meeting, as previously requested : i in Federal district court m to trim a budget. i,1 ,!, :he heard Andrews, at a meeting He said this money didn't come
i I and a short shipping period seems by Council and submitted a written 'J Jacksonville"that day but Clerk in Starke, say the new warehouse easy -' "I had to fight for it"
Seniors 'Wonderful ; in prospect due ;'to the latenessof i report! asking that a Council :Darby said audibly that the $80.- Red( Cross Fund : l 1 :must go to Bradford. Johns said that every raise that

Report Time'i the ,season.. ,Bradford berries ,member be named to the Civil ,Defense I(OCO figure wap not right for the |! Johns has been criticized by the State Prison workers have gotten
i iU e being put on ,the market executive board. Councilman i s s eriff'li part of ,.the budget. Hew T o slOOO: I Ijt. i! Union County Times for not using' "I got for them."

with competing aieas In Louisiana. Ruby Johns was appointed to.\ s JOd''.by:.Starling's supporters M.> influence to swing the surplus Andrews proposed that, if elect
On Weekend Jaunt To Nassau I .- North _Carolina,_will ,also 1 serve. I*that .,he had certified to the : E. EdmQnd on. chairman of: property warehouse to the ed, he would' hold a conference
w. b i in production, shortly. ,: Mclntire reported that in* 'ent :1 figures ..and they had acceped 'i line 1960 Red Cross fund drve.} .-, old Lake Butler airport property, with prison officials each monthj

-' ;tire i held'aboard ship after whicha ouAty..Ag, .L J.:,'. .Jl I''.ergency! .200-bed.}!hospital javail1 lic-in ascorrect., 'expressed appreciation'* yester-i('recently acquire: by, a UnioniCounfy" ta find. ja heir* needs and '..
By llarf aret ;Ann: 'iii 1ifns ![! buffet' dinner was served. At 1 I.aid weather thjaj'spring: hasibeencm : able through Civil Defense if,and'I' ?OnMo. day:'Darby released "an';' Cay ,to, cltjzealTrf, the coloredtpopulation : development "'gr up as, a:troubles. "Then.weVon't need outsiders -

Complete with sunburn and :,1 p.m. everyone donned bathing of the .rouih .stn he has ex- ..whin'4,500 i cubic feet of storage 1 1I open letter to' the'citizens of of the county for their i site.for possible industry. i coming in to investigate
rolorful straw hats members of :i suits and boarded glass-bottomed perienced. Heavy rains' arid late' 'I space is provided, along 'With 12sJ Bradford; Couty ,over the' radio fine work in raising 185.28 for i I' Andrews spoke before Johns,'rl' Son conditions," he said.
the BHS Senior Cla.as! and their j I'beats on an intefsting tour of the I frc&ts set the 300-acre crop backa : cubic feet of refrigeration. I M:and through the newspaper stating : the campaign. This amount brings'and ha'no opportunity to 'answer ;,. Round six of the colorful An-
sponsors returned late Monday famous Sea Gardens, viewing the' dozen times; .del ytng the sea'- A spokesman for residents, oflj' : 'that the,certified copies were the., total Red' :Cross fund j I to drews-Johns bout will be foughtat
from a wonderful weekend mj I i ocean floor and many types of son's start. morethan*month.. I II I Pine Ha'en"S Subdivision! ,requested| :misleading and assumed full responsibility -,,1010.20 up to date. : the charge at Lawtey. He opened i Hampton Friday night when
Nassau, the first time that'a
trip has been taken out of i 1 ations. and plant life In the clear VFW Officers; 'aeep I i drainage canal: that runs: I II !offered apologies to the ,three chairman, the colored groups! Johns' vote against the minimum.' house. Supper will be served pre
the tciitorial limits of the U. S. I j waters. I i through the area and posesa,I II candidates- sheriff' as well asthe raised contributions as follows: foundation, program for schools. ceding the speaking.

Although a little nausea got Boats then carried the group to 'I serious problem to the safety of'' .< Board of County Commissioners Lawtey,' $76.50; RJE (Star e),:
Are Elected
mixed in with Nassau, due to sea i Paradise Beach, where an hour children in the netehbor.hood; .'It '< :'for any. embarassment $59.38; Thurston Elementary New Code Book Band ConcertSet
u knqs. the trip was a gay roundof was spent sun bathing and swim. was said. It waspointpd..bu t : that I Is Studied
activity from the time the I nIng.At. Lewis G. Harper was elected I the canal has been condemned, Darby explained'that whUe> ton Training School $14. By For
busses left Starke at 7 1 aJn Fri | sailing time :5 p.m., native Commander: of newly chartered I three times by health officers. ''t that part of the F '& F budget Mr/ Edmondson said that the Mayor And Police May

day. The group reached Miami at children came to the 'docks, to VFW Pdt 4319 at'a meeting'heldin 1 According to Council the ,canal!M I copied and certified to did showa cit'anupdrive is still under way. [
3:30 p. m.. where ,the Seniors unloaded -'j dance and sing for those last the courtroom here. Wednesdaynight. drains from U. S. 301 and is.owned -;:! totat of $80,130.18. it failed to 1 and anyone missed may leave) Mayor William T. Jackson and' The Bradford High School
went through Customs dimes and quarters that the passengers Other officers elected at' by the State Road Department. |indicate that this total figure contributions with Miss Lilian,police officers had a lengthy ,:Band will hold its annual SpringConcert
then aboard the S. S. Florida:.i threw to them. The re- this time were (Councilman J. D. Doyle said Sen. !![included: experlses of a portion ofF Stump at Stump's Store. session following Mayor's Court i iI I in the new auditorium

which embarked at 5 p.m. I itutn trip to Miami was rather Jack Ferber-,.Senior; : Vice Commander Charley E. Johns ,had pledged .his{ !the & F, budget preceding the; I I Monday morning when they reviewed -'on Thursday, May 5, starting at
Friday night the students and quiet with everyone trying to ; Clyde LaMee.. Juniar.\ assistance in getting the matter 'Sheriff's part. The correct figure Mrs. the new city code book. ,,8 p. m. Featured on the piogram
chaperones enjoyed dancing' m avoid sea sickness. Vce Commander; Kenneth'Ne' why, remedied. Councilmen said that*for: the Sheriff's department was V/imberly I The Code of Ordinances, City will be solos and ensembles that

the ballroom. where two membersof | The class. as a whole, wishes to Quartermaster: ;. Glenn Wade, the City couldn't touch it, but It'! $$60.16L95, Darby said. 'of Stcrke", was adopted by city recently made superior ratings: in
the class. Bob Smith and Jim i i thank the chaperones, sponsors. Cnaplain1;* Law: ,Post Surgeon; wpuld again bring the matte,- to [ At,'Tuesday: night's Lawtey rally -;Final RitesHld [Officials! on March 15, 1960 and the contest. ,

my Lawson. -aided and abetted"the ;a.d the travel agency fpr helpingto George Simpson,.,3. year truste; the attention of the' Road De-|I Starling said he quoted the became effective on April 14. This marks the first time the
ship's oichestra. make this wonderful trip pos 0. J, McGriff Jr., 2 year trustee; partment. i figures:in good faith and assum-; ,, TUesdtiyt 1960. The book is in loose leaf BHS Band has ever been able tou'.ve
The Florida docked Saturday sible. Emery Lewi' one year trustee; ;, Henry Griffis, property owner-t,ed the $80.000 total was correct I t form so further additions can be a concert, in a large audi-
morning at 5:50: and, after an Russell! Eberle'Judge: .: .Advocate, I i appeared to request payment .for!: early bieakfast. the group boarded I The charter pincers will be in- a portion of Pratt Street we5t said he accepted Darby's state- 1 8S. widow of the late Harry C. ,,ions. thereby eliminating the cost upon! to perform for the various
two sight-seeing buscls: and began t CD Alert Set !:Ulled at 8 p. m. next Tuesday in of Orange Street-which. claims I jment. of error. Wimberly died in a local hos- .)f restating the entire book. oiganhations all during the year,
a three-hour tour of the the courthouse by'-Tony ,Miller of is his property and was never Starling continued his attack on pt t21 l Saturday after an extended The Mayor: invites all local at- i U is hoped that they will maket
Inland.: The afternoon was free;, For May 3rd 'Jacksonville B ach, District Six deeded to the l'itJr.' Griffis said mounting- expenses of the Sheriffs iIne'! ( I IMrs. ''toiney* and interested persons to : & point to attend this concert
for students and adults in true ;: C Commander. Open .llbuse will beheld he Opened up the, street :himself : ofuce. ,however, and said it Wimberly" was born in review 'the new code hook. It is nd show their support of the
tourist fashion, to voit the fabu- : The 7th annual National Civil at this time -and 'the" public many years ago when the area) Could not ,be laid to the increasein jrin&field. Ohio on Oct. 24, :on file in the City Clerk's office ,!band.l -
market and bargain i I i in'the 1811 Her late
luus straw Defense exercise operation aleit is invited. i i was sparsely settled and he want-' population or newcomers parents were the and can be. seen by contacting Tickets are priced at $1 for
'i '
hats. bags shoes, jewelry, 1948. Sheriff William and Elenorah Chase
for area. He said in
W. Sweat.
ed a road through it'so: he could I Police Chief Riley adults Proceeds from this conrcit -
:Opal 601 will be held May 3. 4,
; office,, Wimb ,
and souvenirs. ar.d 5. with exact time of the initial FEA Convention sell lots. He said that he paid taxes -'A..O. Andreu's last year in The City of Starke has also will KO: to finance the band's
Saturday night found the which in the Camp Surviving are two daughters,
.was still received of the 1959 Flor-
copies the band
annual This
on ''the and .thought year
i : warning unannounced according 'W- property .
at the Cat and Fiddle night | the pop- :Mrs. Nelson Green and Miss Beth
roup period when
Blanding 3.
:. to Robert Mclntire Brad- The Florida Education Association .he should receive some compensation. -- Ha Statutes 1. 2, and Any will go to St. Petersburg the first
club, largn't on the island. where t1lation was greater than today', Wimbtrly} of Starke; two sons,i inteested in examining .
referred to person weekend in May.Barbershop
ford County CD director. 4s holdiJ1g; .lts annual meet- i The matter" was II |
Calypso singing dancing under sh iiff' budget was $4. 69.75. Harry< C. .Wimberly of Eagle
the & these books is requested to contact -
Public will .r.g.in Miami Beach Thursday (!City I: Attorney A. J. Thomas Jr. *
the stars and a native floor show I i I warning system de I '1949, ReddisMs 'first year in Lake and W. M. Wimberly of
,were enjoyed. Back at their float- I''wjjnded I some time after noon on through Saturday. Local* dele- :,,and Surveyor :M. G.. McMillan for,Tn office the budget was $10O 9,40. E rtow; one sister Mrs. Elsie Chief Sweat. Chorus
students enjoyed I I May 3. Mclntire said the advance sates: attending are P. T. "Nolin investigation. that riesbeih of York
the : New City sevengrjndc'hidren
ng hotel at Starling said,:and contrasted ; Well ReceivedIn
a midnight snack and dis- :I notice was being given to avoidjurdue and Mrs.' ,Ruth Frazier from the! Junius M. Smith 'adVised Coun-.-with the current budget of $60.- : and eight great'All But Handful i
alarm on part of the pub- Starke Elementary School; James]icil I ITempk that Starke Dry Cleaners is; Concert Here
playing. 'grandchildren.
cu.-)d the bongo I 161.00: Get Exemption
services were lc. and Bruce .Rosen, from now offering uniform rental service -
Sunday morning Starling also quoted figures Funeral services were held in "
attended at the various churchesof !1 The CD director said the warn- Lswtcy; Leah Sutton Marty Ro- and requested city business: !' tSken fromOhe record which he tte Fit at Methodist Church, of On Homesteads j I Harmony reigned supreme In
the island or the special serv- ing siren will give either a series tier, Phil', GoWhagen! Delia Ro- when and if needed: Smith said >said showed\that Sheriff Reddish vhich ;flhe was a member, Tues-:: I the BHS auditorium last Friday
,of short bHts for five minutes ienberg, Catherine May, L. H. that "since 1929 I have been trying '. had personally made only three day afternoon-with Rev. Herman'', All but 31 property owners renewed -I night when members of the Jackfonville -

'I'' I the'SIgnal for take cover at Gibson H. B. Ingram' and Elden to keep money in Starke'and;t'arrssts' 'during the past six I 0., Boyette, pastor and the Rev. their applications for Chapter of the Societyfor
oncel or a long steady blast for Mathews from, Bradford High to bring more outside money in" i months. During. the same' period I Clarence: Knight of Highland, of- '.Homestead Exemption by the '. ,the Preservation and Encour-
BHS Band I five minutes' I the signal for eva School.-- :adding that his plant brings in1 Starling).said, state officers had iCi tirii. ,deadline of April 1, according to agement of Barbershop Quartet
I jtuation.1 Mr. Ingram a'memberofthe;' about $3.500 a month, from Gainesville Singing in America, Inc. presented
made '27$ arrests in the county. Inteiment. was in the family Tax Assessor Gene Long.
I II 'These tests _are necessary to FEA board of' dlrectofc; and Miss alone. He mentioned his] sheriffWdeputies made. 340, and169'wr ""Mot, in ,Highland .Cemetery un- '1 Long said that, as of the start .a program of familiar favor-
ConcertThur. 'check cur communications and Rotenterg is>> a !member lof'the. 90.000 annual payroll and large I I dci the direction of DeWitt C. I Ie March, there were ,about 400 i iI ..ites.
naming' system." Mclntire said. rlaisroonr} teachers'department. : of tax and utilities bills. Smith add-I jofl :complain by pri- Jones Funeral Home. I iwilo; had not yet made applicant -, In addition to the chorus numbers -
There will also be a Conelrad 'he board. '(Continued on Page 6) -:I I"ate 'citizens; for a total'of 784-' .,, I! but that during the month, there were specialties by

., May 5 ladio,drill for 30 minutes on Mari ,- [Two Cases Heard ,all but a few made claim for the mailer I groups, including the HiJacks
\ : Starting at 1 p. m liTo Avoid Embarassment'Sheriff : I exemption.He and, The Florida Keys. The

8, P.M.High I. In County Court I Ii said that he was well pleased newly formed' Starke chorus also
I with the high number of applicants sang two numbers which were
SchoolAuditorium. FFA Parent-Son Takes Sign From County-Ownej Automobile !i A Bradford County Negro I out of the approximate .I weU received.'.

Banquet Schedled, 'James Martin was 'found innocent ;,3.000-eligible. I A. J. Thomu Jr. served as
28th'The r jc!' petty. larceny, .following trial I j "Its: the best record we've had master of ceremonies..
Boost The Band! For April Sheriff>.vDReddish, yielded\,toa sjgri; on the car, but to keep down ceived"--Tue..cday.: however and in .county judge' court last!. to date" be said.Absentee I After the program the out of
request by-the..Bradford'CounY' rcitioan: :I wffl take it off.' said: "I: -know"of no provision' Thursday town singers and their wives, as
-r annual Parent-Son Banquet Commission) Monday night and County Attorney T.. Frank the state, Election Code :which Martin had been charged with Ballots well as local chorus members
i of the Bradford and Starke ;jgieed:I to remove politicaladver-' Landrum likewise {told the boardhe deals! '*rfth thfc particular quest- taking household items 'from a and their wives were guests at a

This Space Contributed Cliapters. Future Farmers of A- thing signs from the county-own- could find no statute relatingto ion.,, There does. however. seem home near Lawtey belonging to Being Called For ;( buffet supper in the Starke Elementary

Weekly to Publicize I nerica. will be held in the high! ; 3d car used by J 1m elf. the issue but that aQ county to be. a, fundamental corollary another Negro Jesse Randolph. cafetorium. The singing
'school cafeteria Thursday April H. V. Kn1gbt.; Starke attorney, ,property was under, the jurisdiction stemming from, the provisions of a&t Sepetmber. Sixty-three absentee ballots continued at intervals during the
Community Events by 28, at S p. m. had notified tHe board last week ] of the Commission and :,Article IX Sec. 5, Constitution of I In another case .curtis Muse have been applied for in Bradford supper, as informal groups got together -
Principal speaker will be James oy letter that :Sheriff 'Reddish.i they had the final say as to:.its :. the State of Florida to the' effect 'charged.. with unlawfully depriv- .,County according to Mrs. Marian i to harmonize.

THE COMMUNITY Tt'mpltfonner football coach,' was.soliciting" his i fe-election' inj!I I pioper use.Lanarum. that ;county equipment may not ,iag, children of food. shelter and ,.L. Crosby ,Supervisor of Regtstra- Proceeds from this event will
I aiid present principal of Lawtejr' the coming primary with signs had 'written'Attorney I!Jfce I : used for private purpo ;. It ,ciothins .lasi 'October, was ad.idgedguilty.by.Judge'TherOfl ]|]ition.I the' lued to help pay for the neW'
:STATE BANKOF Junior High School. Wayne Par- }jxisted on the county 'cr., j j I General' Richard Ervin for an !!(I would, .therefore' appear to be : A. )I The deadline for application is[ l1ter-commtmlcation 83'stemre*
rlsh president of the Stark' The Sheriff told'the Commission. -:i;! opinion. but had not received '& i! improper for the sheriff to' place :.Yewn, 'and held for pre-sentence i i April 28 at 5 p. m. and the dead- I cently Installed( to the elementary

STARKE 't Chapter will serve as master of "I could not 'find any law i''!Reply at the time of the'board'sJ I I'meeting. |Signs 'oh a county owned vehicle 'I estimation, line for casting: the absentee I/al->!, school .. 4bilge

--- ceremonies. i saying it waJllejal, 'to' havea I'' ., ,Ervin'a: ,:reply "vas n- J!i during his re-election." I' lotaiaMay2atLp.nl.


--- ---- --- ------ _" ," L -- --
- --




;: ... -- .. -


.,. .,.11 II ... A 1.1 ,..T_.. .._..,.,- .T I i I Mr. and Mrs DeWitt Sinclair Misses Harriett Powell and dash with a time of 10.4 trailed eSlow I "'
i Toro de.Elected., Pitch. Softball. mace .at 7. p.m-l: )londay, April
and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown Carol Temple were given the -" -
of'BHS'l : in %& : of the
by Marion Cottle 2s, the anJjC3pnT
I i ii Godwin of the State Farm are In Pepsi-Cola merit award this week. -' League Organized '"
Sfote'Heoi/1/ Lee 'milein Garden Restausanb... c"f
Cogdill of BUS ran the v
Biloxi Miss. and Texas this weekor. Mrs. J. D. Warren Miss Betty :

i 1i 1 1I business. Little Jimmy and Jane Morgan Mrs. Randal Chitty i 450.8: for first place, with Plans were made to form a slow :The quarterly--meetings the board of directors
approved by
flheryl Godwin are staying with Mrs. Lavern Outlaw and Mrs, Qt OilGrouo nderwood-: of Ocala second.OcalatooktheoA8areiayJ. pitch softball league Tuesday a means of bringing

I their grandmother Mrs. Logan R'chard Cauffman will attend with night at the Recreation Department I theCC as -'cIoewte --tlw.

Baldwin. the Florida Federated Woman's John Torode local oil distri- a time of 1:37.6.Bradford's : The First Christian, First i members program will attend and. give,the
I Mr. and Mrs. Harold Godwin Club convention in Miami ,Apr. Methodist and First Presbyterian I "
butor, was elected president of i Ronald Crawfordwas ,board the o.ih.e. suggestkais. -
...,.,..-,_. .'. _..... .u.......... .,-.-.....- .w and baby of Palatka were Easter 2529. Florida Petroleum ( first in the 440 yard dash churches of Starke have, entered : -. '. "/;
Marketers -
.-' weekend guests of their parents, Mrs. Arthur McRae returned t.c j i with a time of 55.7. Clarkson of the league, but a fourth team is j. j'inty. :during
Miss Joyce Pamentier of Fort Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Mack Williams and Sunday from Bradford, R. I. Association at its recent annual I II needed in order to round out the Refreshments -
Ocala ;
was second, and Richard J discussion-
Lauderdale" was a weekend guest i?cn, Randal, and Mr. and Mrs.Harold Mr. and Mrs. Logan Baldwin. I where she attended the funeral neeting in Tampa.. I I I schedule.At I' the informaj'c{ : a
j BHS '
Duggar, third. all' rs'ind'pr&'
of Jss Virginia Sewell. K. Davis were called to Beginning May 1st, Slade Gas..lof her father, Edwin B. Lilli- Prior to being elected president -I Dyals of Ocala was first in the t the meeting it was decided!,period and m Ht -
Mrs. Henry Stefanelli. Deanery Marshall, N. -C. last Wednesday is reducing the cylinder price of! bridge. She was accompanied on that all games will be played at I pective members-ark;)nvited1"
J! the group, Mr. Torode has 180 low hurdles with time of 22.7; '
treasurer, will attend the 30th by the illness of Mr. Davis' father gas, [within city limits of Starke the trip by her sister Mrs- C. K. I Tom Smith,' BHS second and 6 p.m. with a time limit of one' tend. ..-',-
anttual NCCW convention April H. K. Davis Sr. Mr. and Mrs. To $6.50 per 100 Ib. cylinder.Mr. II Andreu of Panama City. served'' as executive vice presi- I[Buster Hughs, BHS, third. ; hour and a half. Each team will t
25-J( .at the Robert Meyer Hotelin Harold Davis then spent the and Mrs. D. E. Adams of Mrs. E. S. Matthews arrived dent, 'secretary-treasurer, and di- I i play only one game a week. .
Zant of Ocala ran the 880 in
(Jacksonville.) weekend in Charleston. SC.. with Jacksonville were Sunday visitorsof (Sunday from Orlando for a visit rector of the organization. He The primary of the Driveways
for first with Mike purpose Asphalt
Thirty members of the Pauik relatives. They all returned home Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Adams: :with her son and- daughter-in- has also served on two occasionsas Darby and Dewayne place McRae, both slow pitch league is to" give everyone I .
family enjoyed a family reunionat I Sunday. Mrs. H. E. Bradley and sons of !law Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Matthews. program chairman pf the association I and
of BHS, tied for second. young an oppor- .
Jhe.Dave Paulks1 Crosby Lake i Miss Marilyn Cox and Earl Leesburg were weekend visitors ; Sgt. and Mrs. Donald N. Hard- in arranging the two I' tunity to play softball. I .
Ocala took the medley event
home on Sunday. i Norman visited Mr. and Mrs. .>f Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Shaller. i enbrook ofFt.. Campbell Ky. annual meetings of the group.In Anyone interested in joining the .
IWith a time of 2:07.7. STARKE ASPHALT
Mrs. P. A. McDonald is return Stephen Kelly in Jacksonville on Seniority Will Bring To the 15th I were called here by the death of addition to the presidency league should contact the Recrea-
ing*to-:her'home in Albany, Ga. I I Saturday and spent Sunday at Senatorial District The Next I!Mrs. Hardenbrook's grandmother Mr. Torode served as the group's Jimmy Malone of BHS ran the tion Department. PAVING COMPANY
this weekend after a month's I St. Augustine.Mr. Dean Of The Senate. Vote For;I Mrs. H. C. Wimberly, and will rfjicial representative; to the National -r 220 in 24.2 for first; with Tuttle
visft and Mrs. H. W. Townsend This with her Oil Jobbers Council, which f of Ocala second. 213 S.:Cherry St.
with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Charley Johns To Achieve ;remain ten days mother
By num. ,Perkins. cf ,Atlanta are spending several For You. 2t j Mrs. Nelson Green. Others attending represents the various state mar- i Bradford's team (Duggar, Foster CC MembershipTo Phone WO 9.2011

&tra Bobbins save time-Stock I II i days with their daughter Mrs. Beginning May 1st Slade Gas: funeral services for Mrs. keting groups nationally. Darby, and McRae) won the Meet
op with Sinter Bobbins at Den-i 3 I A L. Crosby. Jr. and family. is reducing the cylinder price of ''Wimberly included W. F. and L.I Since becoming a member in mile relay with 3:48.8. MondayThe I
tfijr. 4 i I/innic Lanestonjof : ] ''E. 1653 Mr; Torode has been activein The high jump event was a 5 Evening
FurnIture Co. Mr and Mrs -- gas [within city limits of Starke Wimberly. of Madison, and first of series of I
and Ms. J. EC: Hixon spent i Lubbock: Texas were recent To $6.50 per 100 Ib. cylinder. I Mrs.-- -Emma Reyes 01 f'T.<. AUguS-' -- I affr.irs of the association. both 1ft., 4 in tie between Helsabeckand membership get-togethers quarterly will- j Phone WO 4.1563
.i E. L. on a state and national level. On Seymour of BHS, and Sum-
Friday to Tuesday in Chattanooga visitors of his father Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Hartman, tine. be held by the Chamber of Com-'
Tenn. visiting their parents I Langston, and Mr. and Mrs. Eustis of Lilburn Ga. were overnight ,i Charley' Johns Has Stayed With one occasion he delivered an address merlin of Ocala.Florida ,

Mrs. Alice Hixon and Mr.I I iMcKmght.I guests Monday of Mr. and Mrs. You Let's Stay With Him. of lubrication to the American .
anct Mrs. W. P. Moore. 'I Charlotte Bradley of Leesburg Guy Andrews. \ 2tp 'Petroleum Institute which Memorial i

Mr, and Mrs. W. V. Green Jr. [ spent the weekend with Agnes Franklin Ritch and Marilyn j Mrs. Nancy Gunter of Miamiis received wide attention throughout '

of Raleigh. N. C. were. Friday to Douglas. Cox were elected members of the visiting her sister, Mrs. Robbie the entire petroleum indust- Day Observance

Monday visitors of their parents! :Mrs. Shirley Wisner of Pacific Executive Council during the Shaller. 'IJY Scheduled Here TERWILLEGAR MOTORSWE

Mr. :and Mrs. Owen Vaughn. !Palisades Calif is visiting Dr.' sprms.elections at the Universityof Jerome Edwards and Miss Judy

Experience Is The Know How To I and Mrs. H. G. Bollinger and Florida. .Meyerd:! of FSU spent the weekend I:BHS Trackmen Florida Memorial Day which
Get Vhat You Want Done family Thursday and Friday. Prestige Has Made Our State 1!with Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Edwards falls on April 26 will be observed -- -- -

Vote For Charley Johns To Get I Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barksdale Prison Modern Vote For Char-! Defeat Ocala Sunday afternoon, April 24, \vitha : SERVICE WHAT WE SELL! '
This*For You. 2t Easter guests Mrs- C. G.i It children -
I had as ley Johns So He Can Keep Mrs. Steve Walker ceremony at 3:30: o'clock at
M>'. Lucile Davis was visitingher i Barksdale, and Mrs. Lula Mott of Modern It Took Prestige And I of Fort Lauderdale are Crosby Lake Cemetery. ----- -- --
aunt Mrs. E. O. Causey, in Starke, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Experience To Get It This Way. spending this week with her par- The BHS track team totaled 64 Thera will be a short ,
Palaflca over the weekend.. I[Home and Shannon Cox of 2t I ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Moncrief. points to outscore Ocala, with after which the program of Vet NEW CARS AND USED

Mr.1 and Mrs. C. C. Hoppe of _Hampton, Mrs. Richard May and 2nd Lt. Oliver Aspinwall Jrfpsnt I! Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sapp of j 159, in a meet ;between the two erans who fought graves in the War Be- TRUCKS 63' CARSTQSELECT

Tampa were visiting Mrs. O. L. !i daughter. Melody Bill Home of last week with his mother,,I(Daytona Beach were weekend schools. Wednesday of last week.I. tween The States will be decorated -
Beasley and Mrs. j. W. Kincaid(Homestead, and James Home of Mrs. Margaret Davis, and his guests of her paren Mr. and Ocala took all three places in with flags and flowers. FROMWsi't
over the weekend. OrlanrJo.; c&i sister Peggy Davis. Lt. Aspinwall Mts. W. J. Dodd. the broad jump with Kusheba I!I The. is by I II

graduated from OCS at Ft. Ben- Mr. and Mrs. Dan Priest and going for 18 ft., 9 in., followed by the W program T. Weeks chapter sponsored U.D.C. :
Motors !
FACTORY PRICES ning, Ga. on April 12. I children of Live Oak were visiting : Dyals and Sands. I and everyone is cordially invitedto Terwillegar Today
... Beginning May 1st Slade Gas i'their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. The pole vault was an all-Brad attend.
ol I.'I Clyde ford event, with William Silcox,, '
is reducing the cylinder price J. Dodd and Mr. and Mrs.
Irwin :Martin, and Lynwood Wal- $95.06 1951 Plymouth
One Quart With Each gas [within city limits of Starke] Priest on Sunday.
FREE To $6.50 per 100 Ib. cylinder.Mr. Little Ricky Johns, son of Mr. ters making it a three-way tie at -

,, :or Gallon One you buy. 1 and Mi$. Lavern Outlaw and Mrs. Randy Johns, was admitted 10 feet. Sam Gardner of BHS ran I' 95.00 1941 Ford
0 had as Sunday dinner guests Mr. to Baptist Memorial Hos- true to form in two events taking WILLIAMS

f Prices Start at $2 qt.-$5.95 Gal. and Mrs. B. C. Outlaw of Jacksonville pital last Saturday with pneu the discus with 123 ft.. IVa in., $95.00 ,1950 Chev. Sta. Wagon
;, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. monia. and the shotput with 46 ft., 4ft

r Thomas, Mr. and Mrs Bill Dodd Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Denmarkand hi.Ocala'a JEWELRYWATCHES, '
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hazen and family Miss Sue Morris Mre Miller too kthe 120 high $145.00 .

-.501 N.W. 8th Ave. Gainesville, Fla. FR 6-7588 Mr and Mrs. B. T. Thomas and I P. S. Denmark, and Dr. J. E. hurdles with a time of 16.0; fol- DIAMONDS
families. Denmark of Starke and Miss lowed by Tom Smith and Harold REPAIRS $495.00[ 19.54- Ford FordorTERWILLEGAR

Singer sewing Machine Needlesat Bettie Sue Alderman of Lake City Seymour, both of Bradford.
--- ---- - -- --- -
Denmark Furniture Co. ti spent Easter Sunday with Mr. Miller also led in the 100 'yard All Work Guaranteed

That's Our Business Mrs. R. A. Newsom attended and Mrs. Joe Thomas in Crescent .. -o--, A. C. Williams
the funeral of her sister, Mrs. H. City. --" .-.- -- ._- MOTORS
W. Call St.
r. If It's Glass We Have Its! W. Shipp. in Jacksonville last Mr. and Mitt David Montgomery I 112

CALL WRITE or VISIT Friday.Mr. and daughter Janet, are i I Starke, Fla.

I, and Mrs. W, D. Thomas visiting:: Mr. and Mrs. Robert By- Florida
Joe Peters Glass Co4. and children were in Washington rd in Panama City from Tuesdayto Your Authorized FORD AndAj .

n D. C. last week attending Sunday. .
e fee National Life Insurance who is interning -
Liberty Miss Jackie Colley Used Car

t' FOR ANY GLASS NEED Co. convention. in Jacksonville', was.home i ._.. _. _.. ,,-: '. ,Dealerln*, A{ \iiI
We Design Modern Store Fronts Beginning May 1st, Slade Gas for the 'weekend.Purchase '
:u';? Just Mall Us A Pattern for is reducing the cylinder price of< any model of Singer'I'TheatreSAT. r nii; KELY'EARNESTLY I Bradford County j jWAYNE'S

rl.. Table Tops gas [within city limits of Starke] Sewing Machine at Denmark I
1313.: N.W. 4th; P!. Gainesville.. Fla Phone F3. 2-4353 To S6.50 per 100 Ib. cylinder. Furniture Co. tf --- .... -
Miss Frances Landrum of W. H. Nollman is improving in -
,.., -- Florida-Southern University was Bradford County Hospital after APRIL 23

$1.", home from Thursday to Monday. being admitted with pneumonialast 1st Feature
M. W. H. Thomson and children Friday. The Nollmans'' Cash SUPERETTEOwned

II"eelect of Monticello were Easter granddaughter, Janelle Dawkins,, w
GEORGE L. PATTEN weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CrosbyH. *

F. F. Stump. Mrs. John W. Grif- Dawkins of Jacksonville, is
.. and Operated by Wayne Douglas and Cecil
tin has returned to her home in confined to her home with
I'II Ohlocknee, Ga. after several hepatis. Douglas, Formerly Manager of Suwannee Store

weeks with the Stumps. Mrs. B. T, Thomas and par- I 671 W. MadisonPhone WO 4-9231

CIRCUIT JUDGE Replace your old, sewing machine ents, Mr. and M$. F. P. Hines of
:+ We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantity
belt with a new Singer Belt Branford: are spending Wednes-
e 0 from Denmark Furniture Co. ti day to Sunday at the Thomas Itiii AUDIE MURPHY .WE GIVE FAMILY STAMPS

EIGHTH Mr. and ,Mrs. C. M. Fowler of camp in the Scrub. ItiIhl JOANNE DRU
i Winter Park were vjfeiting; her Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knight GILBERT ROLAND Ca.; Red

mother, Mrs. R. A. Thomas, overI and children of Gainesville were TOMATOES 2 for 25c
JUDICIAL, CIRCUIT I he weekend.Mr Sunday visitors of Mrs. D. E. Al it r

and MrsAlbert Stefanelii Knight.Mr. r
SUGAR 5 IBs. 29c
t of Jacksonville and Mr. and Mrs. and Mifc. Guy Dyal and ,
Robert Stefanelli of Gainesville baby of Green Cove Springs spent 2nd. Feature With $3.00;) Food Order \

The only candidate in the race having Judicial exper- and families were Sunday guestsof Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. M. L.
Maxwell House
With $5.00 Food Order
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stefanelli.' and DANIEL!M. ANGEL *
Lawson family. (peso >
ience in the Courts of Florida and experience as a
Mfs. Sam N. Igou of Reddickwas i Don't Be Misled By Wild Promises I KENNE 7tl DATE ir INSTANT COFFEE '6 oz. 63c

practicing attorney in Florida. Wednesday luncheon guest! What Charley Johns I MOREMANSFIELDRHCIBREDIAI r, I .

Qualified Impartial ExperiencedYour ot Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sewell. I Promises Charley Johns Ful- RICE 10 Ib. bag 89cVila
Mr. and Mrs. George McDanielof fils. 2t SOLICITS
Vote and Support Will Be Appreciated. Tallahassee were weekend Mr and Mrs. L. E. Jordan and t I FoodPEACH
visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ben daughter of Jacksonville were
Your SupportIN oz.
Pd. Pol. .
( Adv. Rowland.Mr. Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs.J. .
and Mifc. Norman Bullock G. Holton and Mr. and Mrs.
of Tucker, Ga. were visiting Mr. Eston Jordan. c--s.: QaMsdbVz:: :E COLOR CenturJ.f tvoeutxe<< HIS CAMPAIGNFOR SUPER SUDS large 25c

and Mrs. C. R. Scoggins and fam-
Mrs. Henrietta Hunt, Mr. and
"Don't Settle For Less Than A Jim Toney" !Jy on Sunday.< Mrs. B. T. Thomas. Mr. and Mrs.J. Cartoon: CAGE FRIGHT RE-ELECTION AS PRODUCE
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Reddish
L. Gentry! and Mrs. J. R. Kite I -
and* had as visitors Thursday Mrs. W.
JIM TONEY HOMES $1495 attended the Grand Chapter SUN. THRU WED.
H. Edwards and'Mrs. W. R. Roys- CELERY large stalk lOc
: session of Eastern Star in Tampa -
April 24 thru 27 TAX I
up ter of Jacksonville and Mr. and last week.

MO. PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $37.50No Mis. Nathan, Dela.Galbreath of Wilmington Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Douville ORANGES l large doz. 35c

Mrs. J. R. Bolick will return to and family of Pensacola spent ,
her home in Lewiston, Idaho on !he weekend with her parents COLLECTOR BANANAS firm, ripe -Ib. lOc

A.r Saturday after Mr. and Mi's. R. H. Grider and
: : an extended visit U. S No. 1 MainePOTATOES
with her sister Mrs. Jesse New- I
a some. I Mrs. Carrie Ritch will return TONY / DEAN JANET? Bradford County 10 Ibs. 49c .

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Outlaw of I Monday from two weeks visit I r I cURTIS'MARTIN'LEIGH

Jacksonville were Saturday even- with Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Ritch I I s MEAT SPECIALS I

:ins guests of Mr. and Mrs. La- in Hialeah.
verne Outlaw. Don't Change Horses In The I l \ He truly appreciates: the't

Lester Crews visited his father Middle Of A Stream .' Cro'-81 I F: friendship and support t Meaty

Thomas Creaks, in Venus on Sunday The Stream With Charley. 'Johns.I I NECK BONES Ib.
tl I II
% that the people of Brad .
Money Down No Charge For Travel Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Martinezand Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hardy I .
Fresh Pit Nic Style
f : .
4 ford have al- '
of Mandarin County
family were and family were in Palatka "Sun-j
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. i
cay visiting Mrs. G. E. McCauley,
given him in the
P.O. BOX 868WALDO ways
Joe Martinez.
FLA. Mr and Mrs. Garl Mathewswere Guests of Mr. and Mrs.. Frank i I Cartoon. : past and would like RIB & BRISKET STEW ; lb. 29c
Barker last .ereMiss I.
Please have salesman. ,call on Easter Sunday dinner guestsof I I I THURS., & FRI.
Mr. and Mifs. Bruce Mathewsin Marie Chester and Miss Annette the opportunity to OLEQ2 Ib. patty each 5c
28 & 29
Nama--' T------_. Gainesville. Fowler of Palatka. April

Address ___ Mr, and Mrs. Albert Beyer and show his appreciationby I BREAKFAST: BACON -- *- Ib. 29c
family of Gulf Breeze 'were last IEST.tWlt
Softball League DE 1101 to l .
continuing: serv.eyou
Approxhnate Location ,._---_.-.----.._" ..-- Thursday and Friday guests of UPlf'JS GI tIE StD! : Streak-O-Lean 1 :
i: Mr. and: Mrs. Barney E. McRae.Mr. I Schedule old as Tax Collectorand WHITE BACON lb. 25c
r_____ __- and Mrs. R. M. Lee and I !I [n awea_ -

I understand. I aia under no ,obligation. I will be home children of Lakeland were week- The schedule for Softball league j friend.I .
: of her parentfe, Mr. for next week is follows ; COCA-COLA plus deposit case $1,33
on __ ___. ? :4.1---..31. I tnd guests games as : I
and Mrs. E. J. Dowling.. .. TheDowltngs Tuesday, April 26, Lions Club vs
also had as Sunday PEPSI COLA plus deposit, case 1.33
AND.INSIDE FINISHED Noegel's Auto Sales at 7 p.m.; I
PLUMBING, dinner guests Mr. and Mrs.: C. L. L THANK YOU,
MATERIALSCAN, BE.ADDED AT SMALL I I Currie and daughter, Janice, of Waldo vs Camp Blanding. 9 pjo. s I Bijf Dip

,ADDITIQNAL.CHARGE. ''L Lake City' : Thursday April 28, CompanyC I ICE CREAM Vz gal 59c

If You Don't See Us First, We Both Lose Money Mrs. Bessie Sapp and Mrs. Belle vs Garden Restaurant, 7 pan.; J. R. KELLY
Kelly of Raiford were Monday Camp Blanding vs Noegel's: ,Auto I A DAYLIGHT CO.OP STORE
JIM TONEY BUILDERS visitors! of Mrs. Effie Johns.
: : Why Take A Ounce We Sales 9 p.m.Friday 'Cartoon: Hare-Ahian l\'ighta I OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. .

CALL COLLECT PHONE 110 g:2781-WALDO. FLA. Know What We Have Vote April 29. WaMo vs. Car-; : c' - J I (Pd. Pol. Ad.) .

W\. For Charley Johns, %t.l den Restaurant, 7:30: p.m. I. I __ L !iii 11' Tl .

.' '



-, _. .-
I J ,. ,,. ... ..,. - -A .. .. t'
.1 Three Hostesses +itrict's I seeder cultipacker to plant I by C. Beeding would not have

'Argentine Bahia on one of his :struck the cable which was ex-

1 I Fete,Miss Sewell k ? fix- t :I trf cropland fields- l, tended across Weldon Street" .

At LuncheonMrs s I I II B. c Holtzendorf and Leonard where the accident occurred.

I j I Gnffis used the District's ferti- '!'! William Malcolm Ross, running

Johns J. lizer spreader to fertilize their la I red light, $12.50, bond for- -
Charley E. Mrs. "

W. Kincaid. and Mrs. O. L. Beadey dw = OUI $OU. oua STIEKTI= ,:;ixituies.MAYOR'S. felted.Koran Arbetman. improper: '

Glad,. Moot" F 1 entertained at a lovely lunch- : I COURT passing causing accident, $27.50

--- ver eon Tuesday at the home of the .''f Soil Conservation I bond torfeited.

:after for Miss Virginia Sewell. a The following cases were handled John Lyons, public intoxica- ..
Alpha Delta Kappa s N-E-W-S
I tioa$27.50, bond forfeited.
jnde-elect. < in Mayor's Court Monday I'
x -;. By Bill Haas [ Herman White, possession of *
Elects Officers
Artistic of Spring morning;
;- arrangements 4 .' Soil Conservation Service, [ ;stolen goods, turned over to.
For New YearThe flowers in shades of pink and j i! Dillard Richardson charged :j I county.

white were used to advantage l Fingerling: Bass to stock fishponds j i with obstruction of street causing I i I ,

4 Alpha Gamma Chapter of at decorating points of interest in .,', :; were picked up from the I au accident: while 11:,; cable truck i I| III.'KCH: OF 4ES1TS CIIBISTLATTFH
.FPatricia United States Department of the was pulling a tractor out of a DAY SAINTS

f.ti the Alpha a reception Delta Kappa:Monday Sororityheld April lie party rooms. I fntericr. Fish and Wildlife Ser- I bog, pleaded not guilty, The court I Services each Sunday in 014I -

home Miss The attractively appointed buf- vice, by George Ellis, B. C. Holt- found Richardson guilty and Masonic Hall on E. Call! SL Sunday -
18, in the of Madge I
Middleton, in honor of the outgo :et luncheon table was overlaid zend01 f, Claude' Rowe and Orville fined him $27.50 upon the' deci- I School 1L m. Sacrament

ing and incoming officers. Host rich an imported outwork cloth Buingarner. sion that had the flagman given ,!''I Service 6:30 p. m. Everyone weJ
9W The Bradford Soil Cohservation sufficient I I
I warning, a car driven come. .
esses for the occasion were Mrs. aid centered with a Victorian ar-
District: and Soil Conservation
E. R. Moench and Mrs. Jeff N. aigement of pink carnationsand -
az I Service are cooperating with the -
4 Hopkins.The pink champagne roses in a Department: of Interior in sup- when needRELIABLE
business meeting, conducted -
Chesser-La wson Jresden ,bowl. Flanking the ar- &- plying fish to stock ponds in this you
w..c Sit by the president, Mrs. Moench. '> j
included a discussion of nextyear's angement were porcelain rose- Pellum .
yr Engagement ToldMr. area.Verne
budget. Mrs. R. S.MuUins' haped candle holders with sweet To Wed Mr. Cromer I E. Davison Regional '
pink tapers. The large mirror Biology Division Soil Conserva- GAS SERVICE
chapter chaplain, gave the de- Earl Chesser of
.. ', votional. Starke announce the engagementand ntr the 'buffet reflected a beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Frederick James tion Service, stated more than

4"I'" r The following officers were approaching marriage of their arrangement, of white stock Pellum Sr. announce the engagement 25 million Americans hunt or THINK OF
', and giant pink asters in an an- fish. Still more would enjoy SLADE GAS : :
daughter Janice of their daughter, Patricia
: :. 'tt elected and installed' in,, a cere- to Henry Lawson ,
.ique silver tureen. hunting and fishing if they hada
.k- \ mony conducted by Mrs. Mullins: son of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. soup to James F. Cromer Jr., son ofMr.
: : f Mrs. L. B. Register, president; Lawson, also of Starke. Guests were seated at four card and Mi*:. James F. Cromer of successful place, to do po. De- TANKS FROM 5 GALLONS TO 1,000 OR Ui-
) ; :,f rabies which were centered with mind exceeds the supply almost
?r I:' Mrs. A. R, McRae, vice president; The wedding :Krill be an eventof Ocala. J
.;r:-A% '-4g.;.J'J gold bud vases holding a rosebud Miss Pellum, everywhere: unfortunately the
10. graduated from PHONEWO 4.3551
\ r;. : Miss Madge Middleton. recording September All friends and
IMf< : .,- '.: "" relatives and, pink sweet peas. Attractive Bradford County High School supply Is spotty; inadequate and
toO" fecretary; Mrs. Wayne Haines, are invited.
:.: bndal place cards marked the and poorly developed.We -
: 'IR corresponding 'secretary; Mrs. M. is majoring in Elementary .
t! { cJf I A. Payne, treasurer; Mrs. R. S. Eighth Graders seating; arrangement.The Education at the University of have had a traditional beliEf -lLADIES-& --=
-- --" "--- -------"-
,t : honoree was presented with Florida! that everyone is entitled to I..
Mullins and ,Mrs. C. J. Frazier,
Robb-Newcomb chaplains; :Mrs. 'F. 4- Pellum, Have Bunny Hop a cymbidium orchid corsage anda Mr. Cromer graduated from hunt and filch in our great
personal from her hostesses the fields and
gift Ocala dates across
High School
and from the tie
sergeant-at-arms; Mrs. O. E. In
old Gymnasium as a memento of the occasion. University of Florida. He is now through the woods and down the
Engagement Crosby, keeper of the archives. "- -
Among the guests were Mrs. employed in Melbourne.The streams and around our lakes. All
', Next month's meeting will be a [ The BHS eighth grade class, Jefferson Powell, mother of the we once asked of ourselves was
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Robb of for members and their [the wedding will take placeor.
picnic seniors of
64, gave a delightful bri egroom- lect, Mrs. L. K. Miller June 17 at 8 in to buy a license, obey the laws,
m. the
Antonio Texas p.
annonuncethe families. It will fie held at Key- L w
Bunny Hop last Thurs-
and MJs. James Sewell of Street and limit our harvest to some- SERVICE
engagement and approaching Baptist Church in
stone Beach.
day evening, Apr. 14, at the BHS would
Jacksonville, and Mrs. W. B. Starke. thing less than a glutton
of'their Linda _
marriage daughter,
sym. Proceeds will go toward Sewell mother of the bride-elect. It becoming evident .
home. is
to Byron R. Newcomb, son of carry ti 8 AT ITS BEST
Mrs. Bishop Elected trip in 1964. Assisting the hostesses in serving Ladies however, that an ever-in- ,
Mr; and Mrs. G. S. Newcomb ofStake. Featured'entertainers Of County
at the were Mrs. Clyde Terwillegar, creasing number of people can
; Auxiliary HeadMrs. Hop were Bobby Dee. disc jockey Mrs. T T. Long Mrs. Logan Invited To Tea find little if any hunting and
The wedding will take place from radio (station WADE, who r i? rrr r r rIt
Baldwin, and Mris. W. B. Mundy. fishing available to themselves_
Sunday afternoon, June 12, at 4o'cJock' H.,A. Bishop Jr. was selected played recording during the even- For Mrs. BryantA and their families.

in the First Methodist president of the ,Bradford County in,; and Elbert Hersey tenth

Church Starke. Hospital Auxiliary at 'a meet. grade student, who. sang and Woman's Club tea honoring Mrs. Farris Conservation is not enough- i

Miss Robb graduated from ing' held Monday'' night in the played his guitar. Bryant will be given Wedn day Conservation means only to I r

Alamo Heights High School, SanAntonio Episcopal Parish House. Other Richard Shiver was the lucky Elects OfficersAt afternoon April 27, from 4 until sa'eto guard-to protect. We A

class of '59. Mr. New- 5:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs.L .
officers elected at this time'were: winner of a live rabbit given away must turn now to production r
comb graduated from BHS in '55. Mrs. C. A. Knight, vice president; during the evening. The the April meeting of the A. Davis' 833' W.\ Madison agricultural production if we f I ,

No invitations are being issued Mrs. Joe Arnold, secretary; Mrs.J. Home Economics girls made aabbitshaped Starke Woman's Club held Wed- Street. .

but all friends and relatives of M. Smith treasurer; .and Mrs.S. cake which was nesday afternoon oi last week No invitations are being issued, want good hunting and fishing. .
the couple are invited to attend. the members unanimously elected but the ladies .
of the county
A. Weldon was re-elected as given as a prize'in a dance con- .
the following officers for 1960- wishing M. L. Conner used the Dt -
to meet Mrs. Bryant are
director. est' and was won by Gayle Ed-
Beta Sigma Phi Mrs. Bishop reported on the "vards. 61: cordi.'ly invited. ..
President, Mrs. D. L. Thomas -
district meeting held/April,/ 14 at Bobby Dee presented records to [ ?
.''The Beta Sigma sorority preferential the Duval Medical Center in Jack- th(' following couples in dance : ; first vice-president, Mrs. E. Garden'ClubTo

tea honoring ri hees sonville. ,Attend g/ this meetingwere contests: Andy Strickland and A. Hall; second vice-president, Meet You are cordially

w&tbe held at the home,of .Mrs. Mrs. Bishop; Mrs. H. B. Marcia Whittle; Gayle Edwards Mrs. Hollis Knight; third vice- Monday"In

':-'H. Slade'Sr. on E.,Call street; Hamilton, Mrs. J.'M",' ". Smith, and and Mark Flanders; Bobbie Faye 'president, Mrs. Clyde Terwillegar; invited to meet
!tourth vice president? Mrs. Harry a Spring Garden" wiiroe .
Sunday afternoon from. three to Mrs-J, D.Doyle Smith and Elbert Hersey; An1y i .
H. Rabb Jr. the theme of the"Starke Garden
; recording secretary
four'' o'clock. An isolette', '''for1' special care of and Linda Strickland; and Linda I Club :
Mrs. A. Russell Norman; corre- meeting Monday evening at MRS.
premature 'babies,, was demon- Kay Alvarez and Bill Flakes. 7:30
sponding secretary, Mrs. T. C. : o'clock in St. Markfc Parish "
The sorority model meeting strated and purchase of one was Refreshments were sold during House. I .

will rbe held "Monday evening, adopted as a ;project for next I the evening to raise more money Hazen, Jr.;, treasurer, Mrs. Herbert Mrs. R. F wife of the leading candidate for "
Thomas. These women will Young give a .
,Apr.25' : at 8 o'clock at the'home year. Also on display was the for their trip.Chaperoning. talk and demonstration of flower
be installed at the annual May
ot/isfrs. HowaY4.14e9er on'E.,Call anatomical skelton given the hos- the dance were : GOVERNOR :
beheld arrangements. Hostesses for the :. ;
Day Breakfast which will '
street: with Mrs Mike Shepparde.1 pital by the ,';auxiliary as last Mr; and'Mrs., A. N. Holliday, Mr. ,," \'" j, '' '0-'
this year at the Officer's Club at evening will be Miss Dorothy v t\ <.
\ "
co-hostess. year's project. and Mrs.' Bill McCracken, Mr. at the home of :
Camp Blanding.Mrs. Rc| .
and Mrs. Jack Trawick ; and
\ Ferguson. ;, ;. H. B. Peyton, president, ,and Mrs. Wayne Haines. Mrs. L. A. Davis, 933 West Madison'St. .

j conducted the business meeting
; when reports were given covering Junior Club I :

: i' First Baptist toe club year. Mrs Peyton extended INFORMAL[ TEA

I :.,NOTICETO Circles, Meet"The appreciation to those who Has Egg Hunt ", .

', ,', ut had served with her during the '
Members of the Junior Wo-

Missionary Home" was the MA two years. ,,. man's Club gave an Easter egg Wednesday April 27 4:00 'til 5:30 :!
program topic used when Helen Mrs., R. S. Wasdin, Mrs. N.; D hunt Wednesday afternoon of : : .p.m.
Thomas, and Mrs. Smith DeVoe ,
a, THE CITIZENS Wasters Circle of the First Baptist last week in the City Park for t k
were elected to membership in
Church met Tuesday at' 10 a.m. in children of members. Sponsored by Women's Committee ,
the club. .
the'recreation room. Mrs. J. E. The 50 youngsters enjoyed an .
: I Uiidebran, program chairman, Prior to the' business meeting, egg hunt followed by refreshments Bryant for, Governor '
OF BRADFORD COUNTY Mrs. Lex Green gave an Easter .
used a display of fresh fruits and of cookies, drinks and colored ,
devotional and presented members -
vegetables to point out the necessary -I of the Cherub Choir of the eggs.Madison. Pi PoL, Adv. >I
vitamins used for physical

The following is reproduced to correct mis- growth, and flash cards illustrat- ,First uusic.Baptist Church, in Easter St. WMUThe ,

information that.has been given out concern- ing vitamins needed for spiritual Under the first'vice-president, '

growth. Assisting with the pro- Mis! H. C. Ritch, the program Madison Street Baptist EXCERPTS FROM
ing the expenses of your Sheriff's' Depart- gram were Mrs. J. E. Hardy, Mrs. wrj? in charge of the Conserva- Church W. M. U. will hold its regular BRYANT'SSTATEm
M. B. Jordan, and Mrs. W. B.
An- business and program meet- I
ment for 195859. tion, Department. Mrs Guy
Mundy Jr. introduced .ig Tuesday evening Apr. 26, at
crews, chairman,
BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 1958-59 Ida Darby Circle met Tuesdayat Wayne Hook of Lake City Information 7:50: o'clock at the.church.. Circle WIDE TELECAST Mar 28 ;

BRADFORD COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT the home of Mrs. Floyd Green and Extension Officer 2 will be in charge.of the pro-
Mrs. Joe Wilson .
with as ,cohostess.Mrs. Fresh .r un.
with the Florida Game and <
1, Sheriffs Salary $ 7,500.00 L. G. Powell, program chair- Water Fish commission. Mr.
man, introduced Rev. L. D. The Altar Society'
Hook spoke on "The Way SITDOWNS
2. Salaries of Deputies & Assts. $22,014.00 Haines who reported on twochap'ters .
Naturalist Sees Co servation. .TWO weeks ago in Tallahassee, certain colored people!
of the book "Partners St. Edward's Altar Society will
During the social hour the went into a store, sat down at lunch reserved white
counter for and
3. Expenses Other Than Salaries 23154.05 with God. salad course.Birthday net Tuesday evening, Apr. 26, at a people,

Auto $12,589.75 Brownlee Circle met Tuesday hostesses served a 8 ,o'clock in the recreation halL demanded to be served. The manager of the store closed his lunch counter, but

Travel 171.21 with Mrs. L. D. Haines, "Missionary Party they remained until the police drove them away.

Rao 798.73 Home" was the topic of the, I Presbyterian Church

Other Criminal 1,292.54 program presented by the hostess, For Brad Carter What happened in Tallahassee is a'direct, unvarnished, frontal attack on the

Food for Jail > 3,351.93 using posters to highlight her Sunday Church School, 9:45 i institution of private property, on the free enterprise society in which we live,
subject MT.J. Maxie Carter, Jr.. enter- a.m. Morning Worship 11 a.m.
Care of Prisoners. 102.52 and on the fundamental constitutional guarantee that no citizen's property ;
tamed at a weiner roast and Serm "Education Is Like Play
Jail Utilities 966.90 birthday party Saturday noon ing the Fiddle." Youth Fellow- shall be taken from him without due process of the law. :

Jail Supplies 354.03 ', tor her son Brad who was five ship, 6 'p.m.' Evening Worship, .
I reject the contention made by some 'that there is anything immoral about a
Telephone & Telegraph 934.03 .
DI\EB.IC years old. 7:30 p.m.. "Now Let's Get Start- .
Office Supplies 241.36. The party was held on the ed!" merchant selecting his customers, or laying down the conditions under which .

Other. Administrative 2,351.05. STARKE FLA. lawn: it the Carter home on E.I Tuesday Women of the he is willing to do business. :

4 Call street and the Easter motif Churcn 8 p.m. F
4. Equipment $ 2,330.00 ,vas attractively carried out in I Wednesday-Prayer and Study This is my stand. If I were your governor I would use every power of the State :
Auto 2,000.00 decorations. The 12 little guests: meeting 7:30 pjn., "The Nature of to preserve,the law and order, ,and use the full prestige ,of the governor's :
April 24 25 & 26 '
Jail 200.00 Easter hunt witha '
enjoyed an egg The Church.
position to sustain the of
integrity the institution of private prooerty. -
Radio Slaughter On prize for the winner after Friday-Men's Work. Night, 7

t ,Other .. 150.00 10th Ave. their weiner roast They received pjn. Choir practice 8 p.m. ,
favors of piggy bafiks. Centeringthe SEGREGATION.

'5. Investigations .-,', .: 5 550.00 Richard Egan and Jan Sterling refreshment table was an Midget Baseball I believe there can be no doubt In your minas

Road Man Easter birthday cake set in a as to my position on the question of segregation. I simply believe that seg-
6. Contingencies $ 4,431.95
.' e- "1 The Flying MonsterAlso rabbit Mrs: nest Carter' was assisted by League MeetingSet regation i is the soundest policy for Florida, for both its! races, in its public H

TOTAL. BUDGET' :- $60,000.00 Cartoon her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J., B. For Friday schools and out. As your governor :I will exercise every constitutional powerof

Less Actual: Expendituresfor Spencer of Orlando and Martel that office to maintain segregation,

?,sink of Jacksonville. The Jaycee Midget Baseball and to do
958-59' 53,436.77 WED.& THURS. so peacefully. I am determinedthat
League, which is, by
"\ .. April 27.28 in that effort our schools shall never
Recreation Department, will have

I. Balance of Budget. $ 6,563.23 High School Big ShotWith Recent Births its first meeting Friday afternoon be closed.
I Tom Pittman Mr. and Mrs.: David Wilson.GainesvnIej'ann at .3:30 at the Starke Elementary -

Face of Fire unce the birthof School playground.AU .
Francine Helene, boys who will have reacted,
a daughter_
Actual Expenditures for Sheriffs With Cameron MItchel
their tenth birthday oa or before
Doctor's Hospital.
ou April 19 at I r .
Office For 1958.59 $53,436.77 Also Cartoon 4.A
June 13, ,and who will not reach

Less Actual Amount Turned into Bradford County Hospital announces their thirteenth birthday by Au-

County For 1958.59 ., $44,359.17 FRI. & SAT., ,April .29.30 the following births: gust 5, 'are eligible to play in

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eugene the league. Further details will
Taxpayers Cost to Operate GAZEBOGlenn Coampion,. Starke. 'a daugher be announced next 'we k.

Sheriffs Office: for 1958-59 $ 9,077.60 Ford t: Debbie Reynolds Susan; Angela April 13. The Recreation Department

The Wreck Of The Mr. and. Mrs. James Aubrey plans to form two or three teamsof

Signed P. D. REDDISH, Sheriff Davis, Starke, 'a Son. James Aubrey eight:: and nine year,old boysto

Bradford County, Florida Mary DeareGary Jr., April 17. play daring the summer. These

.... ,_: .. f : (Pd. POL Ad.) Cooper & Charles Weston Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. teams will be formed at mater.. -w w.i .r.wr N w. w r m r.
". I Also Cartoon Prater.: Lawtey. a son, April W date: C---a..... 'r...S. r.c--

pry".'$ ,"FI ,
t .
I +
.. ,

f .

,- -, ..... .. ... .,... ... .. -- 1'.
n r.6-; :: !_._._..,_. .. .,... ._ ... .. _! w '."_,-.._..-,.- _" =::r- FloiS ='
editorialr. s Building P rmitsIssued w ar ., W. Call Home Burned all of their househbld u1shin.
Street, install boiler and remodeling and clothing were lost in the
Fa mer s Diary:? .to' In. City $3,000.John Ask For AssistanceThe fire. They have- four children.
Lennon frame residence The Waldrons are staying tem-
-s The following building permits 10 by 32 feet $5.000. Contractor home of Mr. and Mrs. porarilj at the home: of his
Dangerous PracticeFrom San McGtroy have been issued by the citycerkis Bill: Gailey. Harley Waldron on U. S. 301 mother Mrs. Ruby .Waldron
office during the
past .two Mrs A. W. Redgrave Water North' was totally destroyed by 1014 Thompson St.: They will appreciate -
time to time on the highways have Meanwhile one of our greatest months:, Street repair and add siding to' fire on April 1. The Waldronswere gifts of any kind that
Frank Mitchell lot 3. Annex' 2
crops, odr pine trees, are putting not at home .
existing building $1,500 Contractor at the time: and .ill help them m thife emergency.AMBULANCE .
seen children being allowed to ride in a boat of
on new growth and you can seethe Green 'Acres' Subdivision. CB Florida Housecraft Inc. .
being pulled on a trailer behind an automobile.The new "candles" on the trees residence, 25 by 56 feet, $10,500. Robert E. Read, Jr., lot 2-of ---- -.-.-- '

danger of this practice is obvious and was everywhere you look.f', \. Contractor Whitehead Bros. Greeri Acres Subdivision Annex, SERI' U i '--J 1

dramatically illustrated in an accident that took Millard Judd. Lafayette Street CB residence 33 by 51 feet, $11,- .
place near here recently. The tire on an automo- Alice read a book this weeki.bout addition of. kitchen and living 000. Contractor, Whitehead Bros. PHONE WO 4.2600* F I

bile blew out causing the car to swerve and ...--4 the days when England rrom $750.Clifford Pierce. CB residence: Harlow B. Tra ott, N. Myrtle DeWitt C. Jones Funeral Home
crash into the side of held the Romans ( Street CB living .room addition. f
a boat and trailer, ripping Warm weather is here at last was by about 22 by 26 feet, $5,000. Contractor 1100. DeWitt C. Jones funeral
Registered Director
out. one entire side of the boat.It hut with it comes'the host of 2,000 years ago) and it told thai; Jim Walter Corp. j
is easy to imagine what would have hap- bugs, insects flies, etc. that can they were raising corn! We'd always Willie Lee Pearce, Nat Williams Starke, Fla.

pened to any chi1 renfhat might have been joyriding really mess up a garden and thought that the crop waS ." Mrs.' Sarah Hunter, residence Subdivision, residence 20 by 26 Rental 1 Service: Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Crotches, i
first discovered in this'countrj; $-OQ. Contractor, Thomas.
in the boat. Undoubtedly, they would have ruin the ornamentals around your feet, $1,495. I

been killed, or perhaps maimed for life. home. .', and we could taken be over'wrong.to Europe, butS ..... ,...... .' H- -- ,

We presume it is against the law 'to permit We're ready to do battle with ',' --_. .,...... .....--:;-. .,.. p l,srr
children to ride like that. If not then laws .
them this with '
: year liquid insecticide See where the USDA scientist. .,.- '- .
should certainly be passed forbidding, this 'pract and an spray attach- who worked up the successful .' ': .::. .. '0
ice. Thinking parents would not permit it any- ment which fits on garden hose. program to eliminate screw-- '.' ,... ,.

way, but a law on the subject would bring We gave everything within reacha worms is now working on house; .

penalties to bear against those who are more good spraying, andJt already flies and: fruit; flies. We'd suggest < ., ,..
careless than careful.8arbershop seems to have helped our camellias tfcit they get busy on those bigmouthed ,. <

and dogwood.. ;' sharptoothed deer flies, .' "
as when' one of those demons r '.
HarmonyTo .
At the berry market Friday we take :a bite out of you you really. .
talked to Mrs. 'Harold Pierce, know it. .I ,.. .
most of .r: -" : 1- l
us "barbershop"
means only a placeto ,
who sold "
a small load of fruit at "
get a haircut-but to men who like to sing it S3 per flat [12 square pints : 4.
also means a song style of unaccompanied four- Mrs. Pierce said she thinks "she'll And did you hear about the .

part harmony, a style that has been popular and be lucky this season if she gets Indian botanist who believes. that :.....- .
will continue to be loved males her back from her music will speed up the growthof
aslong as get to- money planting. ; '
.* plants. According to" his fmd-
gether in the spirit of good fellowship. .
ings; you can hasten' the -growthof
In' fact, these l lovers of barbershop harmony tobacco by 50 per cent with
have gone so far as to band themselves togetherin W. C.. Ward is still setting tobacco violin ''music in 'the tobacco : F'FRESHMENT.\

a national organization with the imposing plants.: He finally located patch. It may be so, but we r
ogre from J.
title\ of Society for the Preservation and Encouragement N.' Davis' over 'at shudder to think of 'what will,. ,.
Graham and hopes to finish upsetting -: I ." ..... .tJ
,of Barbershop Quartet Singing in his allotment this week. happen if some of this be-bop..is; .

America, Inc. Last Friday night the Jacksonville c' broadcast over a 'field of,plants. I ", ,; ,
chapter of this organization gave -a concert in Potato growers S. ; '.' ,S .'
over at Brooker .
Starke that will ,be long remembered. Their who have red, spuds planted and And there's the experiment of I Vj'DE\ [ ; '. ,........,.:'!

amazing feats of harmony have inspired Starke"barbershoppers" growing'may' : strike, it rich this feedm newspapers to cattle. According ....- ,. ', ." -"- >
; '.. ;:
to form their own chapter of ear, Fred Moore, manager of to tests; cows .do pretty .. ..i't. "I.. '

SPEBQSA. All you need to join the, group is avoice the new market in Jacksonville, well on newspapers but we like' ,to ,'
= bad says the price i$ good on reds. .'!
good, or indifferent You're,, eligible I'h
.' think that it all depends on
even'if.you can't sing and just want to listen. '
The hog market is somewhat what paper is used. It seems tow FOR THE HOLIDAY
The local group got off to a good start by :
stronger. One producer said it that most any old cow would :
singing a couple of numbers at the concert last '
was $15.25 during the week 'and from" ; .
eLjoy chewing her cud a '
Friday night.. With a little more, practice, they thatV'a big improvement over

will. { take:their place among, the barbershop: "im what \it. has been. nice juicy copy of The Telegraph ,.. .

mortals. Ifow about; joining the'group. .? S S BANK HOLIDAY .;-: :;w:'
i /)
Everything is new this year '. ax'
Coffee And, 1 Conservation. with berries! First we had the The Community State Binkct I ... I. >,or"<
1'In v'J r fc * > >< f
i j
new plastic mulch, which practi- Steike arid the Florida Bank r \

a move to bring the work of the Chamber of> cally eliminates hand hoeing, a* Starke will not be open for .. -' .. .i
Commerce closer to' the general public, the boardof tnen the new shipping containerand business on Tuesday! April 26', -
directors decided at its last meeting to holda method of packing and now f=K
legal '
Confederate Memorial Day 'a
some of the
The first growers are trying a
membership get-together"quarterJy. .
===- :
new plant, the Albritton. Saw a holiday in Florida. ==: '
of these informal sessions will be held Monday -
planting of them at Harold Nor- ;
night, April 25, at 7 p.m. with coffee and conver- man's farm and from what ..weM.W ?

sation expected to flow freely.A and the little we know a- s'I- --:' ,
lot of good can come from these membership bout berries, they looked good. -- :

sessions if the general public gets into the spiritof .
the thing and drops around to "chew the fat" .\
and give the board of .directors the benefit of ,

new ideas, as well as fresh approaches to unsolved $50 REWARDFOR FORTME..BUT THIS'OHt'TINKNC1COMPANY WoRI: 'f ff4t,o;: f : :

e _
problems. / 0 = ,
From time to time remarks have been heardto -

the effect that affairs of the Chamber of Commerce

are conducted by a small group with the

general membership having very' little voice in OFFEREDINFORMATION f.ll0 ,

the program. Perhaps this has been true; not t, {
from any desire of the small group to "run

things," but because lack of interest on the partof

the general membership has caused this load Leading. to Arrest and --

to fall on the board of directors. Conviction of Parties

The latchstring is out. 'Come around for a cup Breaking and Entering .

of coffee and an exchange of'ideas in. the Pecan House Trailer and Shedson NEEDA END.IN .

Room of the Garden Restaurant next :Monday my Premises on '
night. U. S. Hiway 301 TII ADS RUN 8Yj|}

North of Starke y_

Highway Marking SNAFU!. Contact S'S ::

Sometimes it is difficult to follow the reason-

ing of "the powers that be. Several weeks ago

we explored an undesirable situation at Hamp- Paul. Parke" ?: ,

ton Junction where an almost obliterated yellow

"no pass" stripe on U. S. 301 was causing confusion Boa 44&, .. Starke, ., Fla. ..J
on the part of motorists. Seeing the"fading

yellow stripe, motorists unfamiliar with the road

assumed it was all right to pass the car ahead L .

and proceeded to do so. Of course, ft is unlawful f

to pass when approaching a highway junction,
but many of the drivers apparently did not see ,.

the small "JCT" sign, or, if they did. were not CHARLES A. DARBY' ; t
Clerk of the Cirtult Court ; '
aware of the no-pass restriction. .
: '
We suggested that the State Road Department BRADFORD. CUUNTV I

repaint the yellow stripe so that motorists would t Starke! Florida I : .
clearly understand they should riot pass in the ,...'
Junction and told Road 1 '. ... .
Hampton area, were by a
April 18, 1960 :
.. y fir .
Department official 'that the department tad .. '1. ,' ,

abandoned its policy of using yellow stripes at .,"' ,,

junctions.Now AN, OP.EN, .LETTER. .. TO. THE CITIZENS'OF. :. ,. 1 '
to add to the utter confusion of the situation i. -- i '" ,','n '. 1
the'Road Department has notified the AAA BRADFORD COUNTY .

(who took an interest in the situation) that it -. .T.
has "obliterated" the faded yellow stripe and that '

everybody is "happy" over the situation. ''"Slap- 'DEAR'L'AbIES'AND'GENTLE1tElY:

'happy" maybe but certainly not just plain f

happy. 'In :the 'Certified Copies of the Sheriffs expendV !.- '
? ?vV ? .
An inspection of the junction area reveal&that tares. furnished! Mr. Jennings Starling, under certificate i,. t ,J i .
the Road Department has not only "obliterated"the : < .,
yellow stripe,-but'they have'also obliterated of April 8, 1960, and, quoted, by Mr. Snarling i in. .. I $ ,

even the broken white'stripe that used to mark his speech at Graham, on April 12, 1960, the same is : C- .;.'-' '._" _

the middle x>f the highway! Hampton Junctionnow mis 1
-leading, though they are copies from the records, "
there are no stripes-period.; Motorists on ,
301 are seemingly free to have 'a field day at in that'PART of the records, duly copied and erroneously -!

the junction, passing each other in gay abandon, certified, expenditures, T of i } :'NG
without even a marker to tell them where the I SIZE _
middle of the road Is. the Fine, and Forfeiture Fund in the amount. of'f'" ,, '

To make matters more puzzling-while we 80130.18,' and. .that 'the' he 'ff s part of. the'Fine- .....and. ;
are told a yellow strip at the junction of'301 and Forfeiture Fund is $60,161.95. ; 11;.umHAS OFF.

18 is against Road Department policy just fiveor t,

six miles at the Theressa junction of ioa<<
I take'' fall :
responsibility for this mistake and : MORE
and 18 there is a nice, treshly painted yellow very. FOR YOU "

stripe right up to the intersection. humbly apologize.. to Mr. Starling. ., Mr.. Lawson' Mr......7. -
When and if you get this one figured out, Reddish, and ito the Board of County Commissioners eL.

please give us a ring.' i for t any embarrassment r .I might'" have, caused them. ? :G T YLUELIFTREFRESHMENTlJ

f ;
'i' *. i .' A' ,
.. .
t f' : .,-
D COUNTY i : TELEGRAPH. ? ... Yours very truly, J JVi ,-w t :,.loL'-t, ,, .'.<''7.t '""_ _____ .. .. ".&.i-".
: *? .. \; t >. .. jo.
EST. 1171 CHARLES A.DARBY < ; ,, ." ,_
] .
TH. !' .
1ot: '
.. .. -
.. :
nORIDA".OLDEST'WEEKLY HEWS..TAPE :: !': Clerk Circuit.Conrt. :' : !
; .
h.\llAlf4- Each .....,. a.1 Eat.r4 .* Iee..tt MASTHEAD ClaM K.ltt ..- ., ,'
At Ik* F.M onic ai tazke, FU. ".er Acs .l *u. S, in -. Bottled under ..uthority... of The Cora-(: la Vompany by STARKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY
-. '.',' ',-' ._-:- .. ,


".. -- '. .

V V. U I w
.. wtrai

-,....;.- ..... ., ,
PAGE FIFE '---- BRADFORD COUNTY TELEGRAPH STARKE, FLORIDA ..... '_" ., v" Tnaei5vrr: : Aprnt 21,196St. .,; '
= ---.. ..- '.
--- --
: W'aiiRBAPTIST GRACE METHODIST CHURCH Services FridayFor PUBLIC .NOTICE, I!:{lv (should, it be found by a later I trurte I \vh'e' 'radltiasia! .II4.'P'. :

If CHURCH I The Florida Board of more accurate survey that the dis- Tlwprvpeity line Is the-arc of the r
LAWTEY., FLORIDA I Mrs. Luke a body lo'orestrY'1 l.inces of 43k.0 and 347.41' are I cur. which i i is scuth BA.-I of ill:
corporate undet
!:; cord lOf )7';' >.ti. Tu.a
Sunday School 10 a. m. Worship j I luea'uremuir
I Sunday -.Sunday School, 9: uf tlio State of Florida hereby not the correct distances to extendto parcel lies in tIler. 1- :* \\'

CHURCH NEWS Hour. 11 a. m. Evening Serv a. m-. Morning Worship. 11 a. (5i., Services. for Mrs. Edith Cavell gives public notice of Us indention I the nqrth line of the E k: of 1 I >4 o/ the X. W., of eetlon 38, ,.
*.e, 'i p. m. Prayer Meeting eac. i 10 deed to Foster :Shi Smith and S. ti.t 4 of X. Y.I.4. of Section SIi, I Township 7 South Kant.- .. Ea..tand ..
Evening Service, 7:30 p. m. I{ Luke 36,. of Brooker, who died contains :2.34 acres more or
", Wednesday 7:30: p.m. SlalY. ADne Smith, husband and,Towu!>hip 7 South, Range 21 Ea..ttht'n
: Wednesday Youth Fellow, Tuesday April 12, after a brief nhe. the following parcel of land, the call of the north line E 4 less.The
t<.'iup and Choir Practice. 7:30 p. !iI:ness,. were held at 2 p m. Friday -' Mituitd ind being in Bradford of S.C, I.. of X. W.t Is to takepircedeme. above described cart-el ti
I HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH Ct unty, State of, Florida; to wit: The present right of land was conveyed by-Foster Ski'
-- u. 1 j in Dekle Cemetery, Lake That portion of the East Half .way line of State Road 200 on thee ,
Smith and Mary Aura suuua u ,
10 >
Sunday Sunday School ; Butlers,. I i IE32) of the Southwest Quarter 1 \\ t tide is 100' distant from the I ,
: HAMPTON CHRISTIAN the Florida Board of Forestry
Mark's EpiscopalET. IIIWAY CHAPEL I (S\\ I,.) of the Northwest Quarter centerline of present pavement; I ,
a. m. Morning mesage a. 'rru I without cost on February 6, 199
CHURCH Survivors include, her, husband, \\\','*a) of Section Thirty-sis (56)), tbrni-e proceed a distance of 1i9.41'1 I ,
RaymMid &. MacBl&la I Sunday Bible; School, 10 a. Training Union 7 p. m. Evening! ASSEMBLY OF GODD. jf Diew; her father Jimmy Lee;i I: 'I'uvi'iiship Seven (7) South. Range '.on' a true hearing of South Zl degrees -': for .se as a towersite.FLORIDA
P. Burgess Pastor j, i'urtnty-one (21):! East, lying West and seven minutes West to FOREST
Sunday Services-9:45: aim, m.; Morning Worship 11 a. m.; message 8 p. m. I Hand of West Green Ga.; two of Mate lload Number Tbirteeen!I the point of beginning which distant I B. C. LEYXES. FISCAL AGENT

i Church School; '11:00: aja. MornIng Evening service 7 p. m., and Prayer ;, Monday Bible Joy Club 4 : Sunday School. 9:45:: a. m.; daughters and three sons, all of (13), more particularly described s is measured on a cord of a 4/; 2t 4'U
.. ,, ,,
Morning Worship 11 a. m. Even- i.s Ho\\ : inrvui at toe Northeast
Prayer and Sermon. meetng every Tuesday at 7:30p. to 5 p. m. i iI i ii Jasper: two, brothelS and a sis i-onitr of the Southwest Quarter I I
m. John W ite. pastor. genstic Service. 7:30: p. m. Wednesday ter. ,'v-.) of the Northwest: < Wednesday Prayer Meeting :
Holy Communion-First Sun. I weekly prayer service, 7:45: I I (Xvi '4 > of the gild Section Thirty-
day 11:00: .Lm.; Third Sunday "i:30: p. m. Choir Practice 8:30 I II '1 six (36), and run westerly along LAKESIDE SKATING RINK
!ao a.m. ST. ANN'S EPISCOPAL I[p. m. Pastor: Samuel S. Cuth- Rotarians Hear the .%''I.th line of the said Southwest I
i! Quarter (SW>4) of the North-
ChURCH KEYSTONERev. '11)lrt. Dodd.I
Wednesday-7:00 p.m. Choir Choir director: Fred I Lawtey | o.rbt
Practice; 7:45: p.m.,. Litany and M. H. Breyfogle, Vicar I Invitation is extended to all i I A. E, Massey. Pastor j f UF Testing ft ninety t/O:/ leel to theest of LAKE BUTLER, FLA. ;

Bible Study. who will j join us for these ser- : school j j I Program MethodsAn ,11Iirgof! the right-of-way Thirteen (13)
Sunday-7:30: a. m., Holy Com Bible U) a. m. Mate Road Number t
:vices. or a point of beginning. Thenre
AIB PARK BAPTIST CHURCH munion: 9:30: a. m.. Sunday e BOATDRAIN BAPTIST CHURCH Preaching, 11 a. m. j talk the run in a westerly direction along I Available for Church Parties, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
; interesting on
Sunday School 9:43: a. m.; MornIng ( Evening Service 7:30 p m. i! me i-Hid North line of the said'auulhnrst
School; 9:30: a. m., Morning Prayer Sunday School 10 a. m. Morning State-wide 12th Grade HU'i ) of theurtimfit
Bible Testing Quarter (
Study and Meet.
Worship 11 a. m. Prayer i Parties etc. at Special Price of .
Training and Sermon [Holy Communioneach I 11 Training < :\ Quarter (AU'U). a distance Birthday
Worship a. m., 7:30 i Program was given at the Rotary ,
.ng, : :,
Union! 6:45: m. Evening Worship pm. Wednesday. of five hundred seventy (570))
p. first ) 6:30 : I
Sunday : : m.. ,
P 6:30 Evening Wor-
Union m. Club ,
p. Radio program, 8 to 8:30 a. I II Wednesday by Vernon let., hence" in a southerly dirtctj -
8:00: p. m. Midweek Prayer Young People meet. limp, 7:30: p. m. I n. each Sunday over station Voyles of the University of Flori;taa along: the West line of the East': EACH FOR PARTIES
Service Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Holy Days-7:30 a. m. Holy Halt (E H of the said Southwest SOc
Everyone welcom I Prayer Meeting Wednesday i I -VRCrt, Starke. II da. ,Quarter/ (S\V 4) of the Northwest ,
Communion. .
7.30 p.' m.Pastor i aiavussed Quarter (N"V\J,,), a distance of
speaker the relationship -
I I I Rev. Barney Sweat. CHURCH OF GOD I| between the testing eleven i tenths (1190.hundred" feel ninety to and the West four- Available Any Time Except Sunday Night and
i.I i. STORE g I Everyone Welcome. Sunday School 10 Morning and grades made later margin of the rlght-of-uay of ,
ALVAKtL* Established 1894 1 1i a. m. I: program :Mate Road Number Thirteen (1*), '
I i St. Edward's Catholic Church Worship, 11 a. m. Sunda : in. freshman courses at the Uni I' lln>nie Northeasterly along' the Wednesday Night.

Starke Florida Evening Service. 7:45 p. m, YPB versity. A, question and answer i'f West the margin said State of the Road right-of-way Number ;,, -

Sundial Mass at 10 a. m. Service Wedaes<1ay, 7:45 p. m' period followed his talk. / rnirtetn I (13), thirteen hundred J

i Vote For Holyday Masses>> tt 8:30: a. m. & Prayer Meeting Friday,-7:45 p. m :Mr. Voyles was introduced by I j thirty (1J30) feet to the 'point of.I ,

R. H. (Russell) GREEN Jr. 5:30: p. m.Weekday. I Tom Casey, principal .of South- beginning.All f the above described land 1 VOTE FOR

Mass at 8:00: a. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH side! Elementary School. lyw* in Section Thirty-six (36), I

r Confessions: Saturday 7 to 8 Cor. Call it Christian Streets Preceding the program a :;special Tl'whnip'en (7) South Range

FOB o. m. I' Bob L. Badgelt. Minister musical number' s 'sung by Tu ?nty-oue (21):! East and con- I
Baptisms marriages and instructions nine, and tuo-tenths (9.%)
; taia.iis
Sunday School 945a.: m. Worship !. EJdon Neihoff, who is Assisting
by appointment. acres, more or less, I
Commissioner and Communion, 10:45: a. m,;I in a revival at the First Metho-
County except' the following\ described i
Chi Rho 5 p. m. Choir Practice,+, dist Church.
6 .m. CYF, 7 m. I
p p. concrete monumentwith
CHURCH :Start: at a
DM. 5 (Brooker,and New River) Wednesday, 7:30: p. m. New : a disk in the top of same ,
I 900 BOCkV.. Madison St. SPEBQSA Chapter tHiibrd UH 41 which monument is
Training for Service.
COUNTY AT LARGE I 01e of a series of monuments of -s,
Sunday School 9:45: Joe Wood, '! Organized Here Florida Ueodetic :Survey:; Alachua,
Superintendent. PENTECOSTAL HOLINKS* P. K Van leer 1934) The plane
Believes in All of i By Men Singers I'ntrdtnates 'of this monument un- zy
Representing Bradford County Morning Worship, 11:00.: CHURCH ilrr' fie' L" J?. Coast and Geodetic .
Training Union 6:15.: Jim Har- S.rey: Lambert Sys-tem are X
I Will Appreciate Your Vote and Supportt Director Sunday School, it *. m.; Mor' 1 A local chapter of the Society equals :!,.: ',16.1; : Y equals! 311- 2
ocn. (
Ing Worship 11 a, m.: Evangelistic I for the prevention and Encouragement l"NOj.; ; thence proceed iOT.U" on a .'
I Evening Worship 7:30.: I grid azimuth of 273: degrees fifty
Wednesday, Prayer Meeting, .services 7S p. m. I f of Barbershop Quartet eight minutes and forty five seconds -
Wednesday ,Pmyer Meeting I I Sir.ging in America Inc. was (which Is a true hearing of ar r -

7:30.:J. H. Mabry, Jr., Pastor. t fanned Monday night at a meeting Sou'n Kiinutes M East degrees) to a and point fifty; thence one I

< H. A. LAWSON Drivers License I in the BHS music building. proceed a distance of :3,885.89' on

The group was, organized under a grid azimuth of 211 degrees andS t
.i ni.iiutes and 27 seconds (whichIs
e I BAPTIST CHURCH Examiner DueThe i the sponsorship of the City Recreation I a true bearing of North 33 degrees -
o Department. and 9 minutes East) (which I
On May I Sunday School ":45 a.' m driver's license examiner i Ime is on centerline of paving of
i Morning Worship :1'L m. and I Next 'Monday night the group :tale:: Road 200 as now coiistructed
veil be in'Starke ,,every Thursday t<, t point which is station 596SJS010U02. -1 r? e
plans to leave at 6:30 m. to .
7:80 Prayer Meeting each I : p. 4.
p. ; n..n..t.
8 of State I'd section
and give him Rev. and on the first and third attend a meeting.ot.the, Jacksonville : :
Wednesday, 7:30: p. m. I This pont Is the interaction
$ II"e p/// George Chism pastor. Everybody in each month. Thursday chapter in the Blue Cross of two lines whose! delta ia I
I :
i the job as your hours are from 9.to 5, and Friday auditorium there. All members r4 <]'3rre and! 24 minutes and 20
welcome. i "uoi.ds left. Thin point IB 3,4670'
I : from 9 till 12 noon. 'pnd prospective members of the :North' East of apparently ac-

CHURCH OF CHRIST 'e+,ted South West corner of Sec-
'-611 II' I Starke- chapter are asked to mefet ZedraHamilfonFOR
tin; 6. Township 7 South and
Charles Thorpe, Minister CARD at the music building for the trip. P.an.fe 21 East on a true bearing
What Stand For ..f Xcrth 18 degrees and 14 minutes
Bible Study, 10 a. m. Preaching I The revival of ancient andmelodious
sincere the
We wish to express our -E i>ot This point has! coordinates
1. To cut the budget., and Communion. 11 a. m. Evening I o art of barber shop uiulir the! Lambert System 'of X
assisted us
Bible thanks to all who rni-als 2,741,78'. Y equals 214.
Service, : m. :
p. singing has become a serious hob-
2. To try to protect the 11re1'a .. distance
yeti. I the illness, contributed 47d.:; : thence proceed for a
Study each Wednesday. 7:30: p. m. during by among men in, the,U., S. The of 211.98' on a true bearing of
3. To be fair with all e lleern d. flowers, and shared in our sorrowi first group was formed' nTu1saJOkla. \ BRIGHTEN UP! West to iron pipe the '
an on prevent
4. To look out .fat the peoples' Interest. the loss of our preciouS wife in 1938 and has spread westerly right of way line of i.

Painting and DecoratingAt and rapidly (since State Ttoad 2/1/\ for a point of be- County CommissionerDistrict
k, 0. To not abuse my &uth rtti.. and mother. The kindness I that-tine. :- srian'ns-!' thence, proceed a distance,

6. To cooperate with Hil'h"'ay'patrol at all times. I LOWEST PRICES sympathy. of neighbors and Recreation DirectorffBo5'B'enti t .if i5oL19'; on' a true bearing of

.. ,- fjriends.will jalviay remain: withus 'urges all men wh&like'o"&Jiig-to :North' 68 degrees and ; h'roe" mien
7. To ("Oo rata""ill.StataT'ATtorney, ;Judge, the Mayor "of CallDAWKINS :; : precious-memory-. B. >lout the'group and mtfke th'etlffp: '*H i> U'ettu-an iron pipe: thence
The Painter ? a pnxeed on a true hearing Xorth 5 County at Large
the City and all Law Enforcement Officers. i Edwards and family. |Ito Jacksonville next Mbrfflas* tern degrees and 54 nifnutes East
414 E. South St. ''right. to the\ north line 6f the E % of
8. Operate the oMtebusinesslike'economical: manner. he S. W J.Tof X't'. t.& of Section' e
t -fi> TranahJji. T South, Range 21
9. To be loyal to' my' job and the public. Kasi, .h..h lin.e i is, at a distance of Zedra Hamilton is not connected with I

friend"to" *,' Social SecurityA approximately U6.1I at which dlllo
10. Mr alf'If
'.n;'a ->n iron pipe I is set: thenceproceed any group and is asking for your

you want a cool, even-tempered man that you Elect' representative of ,the Gainesville the E easterly'- of the on S,the W1 north t. of lined X. vote on his record as 'a citizen of Brad. :
Social Security Off ice. will : W 'I.M Ssdinn'. 'i. To-wnsJiip'' 7:
can talk to when in trouble, that does not get ex- i
I be at the courthouse .in Starke jti ; Sou+h. Range 21 East for a dielance ford County. I :
cited. Vote for,,: ,IL, A, Lawson. I | | of 314 !II' on a true" bearing
9:30 Thursday Apr. 28
m. ,
: a on
i ftf :crth S4 degrees and 3S' minutes -
YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT AND CONFIDENCEWILL fjr: .",the purpose, of conducting; Eat to 'an iron pipe' on theftt ... :
HIGHLY JIM\ social security business. The pu >:. *' ile-ht of wav Jine of State HE PLEDGES FAIR AND IMPARTIAL
BE HONORED AND DEEPLY Road 200/ as presently constructed,
I I, APPRECIATED ; lici Invited to ,contact the representative thence proceed for a distance of CONSIDERATION FOR THE ENTIRE ,
I,, \ at that. tune ': ''7.41' on a. tr'le. bearing of South' .I
1 I IJ decrees and 44 minutes; West COUNTYPd.
(Pd. 1'01.dv,) ." ['Rii-rIFIC.tT19 OF 'nnrOIUTt; t.aUuig the nest right of way line oftite ,r
ChasteenYOUR UI"'SOU'TIOS'' '' : Read 200 as now constructed -
U Toe" Name lad Br Tileutl...*- i tn a pipe set adjacent to the ( PuLd.) ;;
'point of tangency of a 2 degree
Mr Of The State' Of Florida
1'" All To Whom These PresentsSh ; curve on, centerline of State Road "" :;
-" r--wr. Greetings I
; Southern States ,Construction Co. Whereas.. -= =
3 a4 ;
i Allvrt\ = istpptnfifld; L&ntey, Florida< .
K. Carl Harris. Orlando Florida ,
I tr S Harry A. WIle Y. $tarke, Florida
HOMES did on the 7th day oC!Ap/iU A. D.
: $ AND BRADFORD 19is: cause to be incorporated under '
$139'5 I the proislons *"of*Chapter ,<08.
UPI I !Florida Statues, A & C. Associates Roaches
LOW AS $31.16 PER MO. COUNTY -s' I Inc, a corporation; with IU principal !
place of business at Lawtey,
I 4 Bradford County 4n.the State of ,

TIME PRICE SAME AS CASH PRICE LLj officers Florida of and such whereas corporation the did proper on

the 18th day of April A. D. 1960,

: Only 6% interest. All Homes with No. 1 flooring and 't-ausc th- Secretary to be: filed,Mate in the of office the State of AND. OTHER HOUSEHOLD PESTS

1 pressure treated., Floor. joist on 16" centers. TAX. COLLECTORA i>f ! rcooiution: adopted by the stockholders
r under the provisions of
BLOCK OR I said Chapter 608J Florida Statutes.
.r.ouing the dissolution of such j
DOWNI Vote for Chasteen is a Vote 'for corporation. _

See Now, therefore the Secretary of ,
; SHEET ROCK ExteriorELECTRICITY Courteous, Faithful, and Honest Service. State does hereby certify to the ,
foregoing and that he is satisfied

SouthernStates Finished Many J thai been! 1 the complied requirements wIth of law have We Can GUARANTEE To Control ALL Household ;

e andPLUMBING Ways Even I Jim Chasteen is: (SEAL) -

i ; I I With Carefree S A Veteran of'World War U. hereunto IN WITNESS set my WHEREOF hand and have I have affixed Pests for, What You Are Probably SpendingOn !

: I Sole owner of Brownlee & Chasteen. the Great Seal of the Stat. I
IF Alcoa Aluminum Florida, t theCapital
of at Tallahassee
Married and the father of two children. -
I !
i this the EIGHTEENTH Ineffective Home Control Measures
I Alumni of the University Florida. .
day of APRIL,, A. D. 1S&Q.U. .
: Termite Shields At No Extra Cost Alumni of Georgia Tech' [Industrial Management. '49] Secretary, A. of CRAY State. r

:I We Do Repair Work And Build Any' Design Jim Chastcen will: ;* :>OTICE It 4/21 CALL FOR' FREE INSPECTIONS I

i Call Or Write For Free Information Run the office or Tax: Collector efficiently and :. : XO71CE IS HEREBY GIVEN: that .
I the polling places for the various
fan time. r:

Southern States *' Not let his'prewn&, business interfere with the" office. .- I May prtuucts 3, A.in D.the mo election, are as to follows be held: AND ESTIMATESFlORIDA I
Construction Co. '
of Tax Collector. ; Ao. I Lawtey City Hall
I Wlirnot embarrass any Board), Agency, Commission, 'G No. J North Starke Court
d ,
; ,A BEAUTIFUL BED ROOM HOME ONLY County Official or Taxpayer the retching or Xo. J South Starke TerwiHegar t

1 di..bunJol' of tax monies. Motor Co. 206 W. Madison St. PEST CONTROL.
$2395.00 FULL PRICE
No. 4 Graham }Irs. Katl.ffsresidence. ;
t Will perform the duties of the office of Tax Collector. .

; Only $t9.86 per mo. for 6 yrs.-and you get many extras completely as prescribed by law. No.!\o, ;5*; -- Ha Theressa rant on. City Community Hall

I \\Iu not let the Audit reports of the office of Tax Center. AND CHEMICAL
; Jft 7 New River Former Community COMPANY j
RAY D. FORTH Collector be a discredit to 'Bradford County. Center. -
>'b. 8 Brooker Community

< Phone 1307 Keystone Heights, :Fla. I YOUR ACTIVE SUPPORT AND VOTE ON MAY 3 Center.By Order of i Poard" of County I

I i WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.Pd. Commissioners. Bradford County. (
You Also Get Free Mortgage Insurance With Ffcwiaa. 352 W. Madisoq Ave. Phone WO 4-3965

; l' Southern States ( Pol. Adv.) SEAL. ) Charles
A. Darby,
I e Clerk
e 1t .. ;;?
'- -- -- _
',, ,__ __:- __ _'_ ',' -- _- ____ : ,-_ ___-' ___ _. :, q.. .. =_____ __u ', C ,'_' ',: _ -q __ ,__ _, : __ __ : .. :_ : =:= : ,= ::: e1I

I I I .it JENNINGS ELECT I S- I A 4I I N C.. i : 3 1i i is 1 I

I (Pd.,PoL Adv.) ,.. '

j } tIA 1i1J.lJ., .'_ .,..." ___ __ _...:., .. .- :.. to -'- ..
-- .. ._
-- -
-- -- --
-- -" --- -- -- -,., < - --- -- -
11:1 '
-' ,- ,_-, -. : -- -- : -::r--' = o, '- -- -..'_--_'__ -- =, -=: -;_= =, __ -=- iti _=<= -_- _,., _=.- _,,' '" _--_ __ j.T- _, _' __ _.-- _--,--.__.. __-,-,

r-v-r-w-----J-------w- -' -.-.--" -- --- ---. -. -V ,-V1- -5-------. __________ :i iV
_.1. .. __ ____________V __


*. _...- n ..- ..... .... ... .... '
i-.ur.4i> cci. 7 \ r-. -- -
---- -- -- -
---'-" --' ------- -- -- ---- -- --- --

Chitty termed. the writer a 1,|[r work. Only $11,000was budgeted I)!Funeral Thursday 'OTI'I: 0. .',ippnrvri; \ FORT J"I'l' t.f Bradford Tounty Flontla I h.. in nrillnc and must .state. the.
"covjird" for Jot signing his for this! item this while the : Terwillegar! ,, Hi.'iS. : 1 1'1 his irffk-e in the court house of i pJa'f'! or residence and post-office
Gas Service year .
I j i For Mrs. Ward I **. 15M.I. P.S. I i saUl Vunty at SIttk.I..ri.l. '....v...> <'i "if rUinuni and mutt
rame and pointed out that he had j I.I.j actual cost will be in excess of :N i.ifre i. a-iio*- gltrn. HuH R.V : Mitt.n tight calmdar monthx from I I... ".vuru to by the i VljIniJfltag'aVV : i ij,
.':een interested in low rent hous- 22000. A committee was namedtn Qualifies In \ Khtrs |ho. lftJrr .f the foll.m05 -!I h. till>- i-f tht first publication uf .
hill atl"n. 'v -'r it u ill
V L.fit-t.; hjs Lt-d! said : or
n tins
Scnices for Mrs. Lollie L. M rrR' i nutite. Each :hum or demand :
In Business Area I II ir.g for more than a year while conf'ult the bank concern rW I'.f' f"T a to&1I: d..d t,. btt i- I ...h ov .a untiug, and hall .tate I btq'oiie \oid acc.- rdlng to law
'ard 76. who ditd at ...rt .. .*!) 1L R. 'nlrt'ir''.
he entered the appliance business the possibility of receiving this ilonday Champ Flight thereon. The certificate nuns'id .-; pace uf r idrnwe and pox I uf
"V -- -if '. the d. I Administrator of the Estate
s"ti'"no< -< t>J last week.It ... .... uj all advance against 1-ie: i her home in Palm Harbor, were
I only .k &Tipon!| of the property and the I fhall. iw sworn to by thelaiman?. of'(i. W. Andrews dewa-'ed.:

Is I has been repeatedly emphasized new Improvement fund to be accumulated ;held ac 2:30: p. m. Thursday 'n Clyde : !i..in. ..<<.m..ncCerijtjcte,.,'hi.h It wa* aot. et.>wj are '!V. .h.. '. jigciit, his .alt rn"y. and any I First publication on April 14,
Stymied Foud ""h r.uiHt "r il maud not k<> fiirdiliill
that integration horn the higher wate/ V ...... 4.lt U
at Council meetings ; .._* nope rruuiiue Baptist dealer. qualified No. .:5.i be \<"i<|. V l 11 u -
is not an issue in low late and sewer charge. i|I at ..t Lsabance 1958. A. '1'. I'aill.l .\!! Administrator: of !
[Continued From Pare One] lent housing since the program is j The Clerk reported that build- '(Church near biooker. Burial was attemoon in the championship "Dcs :j ;I.n the .adjoining ;light of the Florida State Ama- 'r of \pn run W 605 ft fur ut-. f-a'Il-d.
that while he I Is tokeep administered: by a local housing ir.ff contractors have been piling cemetery. POD. N. 1SJO ft. W 55 ft S 1557 ft. Fira publication April '14. ISoO. Florida needs(
cA fighting
authority. up trash building material fcrrapa, I II Ij 'I Mrs. Ward was born in Brad- teur Golf Tournament, making :Ely; CIS E 18.5 ft to PCS S<<. !t _ 4t 5-5 J
in Starke. one I,I i\the grade with a score of 75. TXS.R.I, :. I his 20 yiars
money I iCiu ,
Clerk Edwards said that some ;j,'tc. beside city jeets for the Cuumy aiiU U/t-u here uiiul V.- |In which assessed KeystoceServicea. ia toeatp.tadge.. '. Cturt la A.d
ofyour city.eouncilrnen U serving I I residents had asked if there would '''ntv to haul off. Council agie.'d ,..",-,u0' 10 faloi Harbor seven There were 32 low qualifier Inc. I Pr.bridford. CuuBli. Tiurida. : of Uw
rom !a field of 136. of said property being In the In r Estate of
.4 < G. W. Andrews.OTICR cndPuhlicSerYki
S.agnt" for an out-of-town fiim." I Le a sewer charge for unused that the City is not responsLl" :!i"t.i i ago. I: inly of Bradford. State of FlorIda Jr'eiBrt. !

Council Chairman Randal: Chitty toilets and Council agreed that or required to carry off this:': ti.u\'l\Or'S': include three 'sons Match play started Thursday I \ TO ('RI.UITOIitl: :
with Terwillegar's! be- clegs such certificate or certificates Alledtors cf the estate cf Q I
was incensed over an anonymous the charge would apply if sewers I material. k-I I&lht ax oaughteis.. I imj Chamberlin of : shall be redeemed according W. Andrews: deceased, are hereby I ExaericnciI. ... :
letter: received and read by Clerk are used at all including! drain- The Recreation Department a Jerry Timuqu- to law the property described fI(tlf''d and required! to file any V
I !ana Country Club, Jacksonville in such certificate or certificateswill tlaiiiis or demands which
ed permission to buy light bulbs they may
Merrill Edwards stating that age of faucet water. be sold to the highest bidder I
Federal whose qualifying score 13. tae against said estate In the of-
". people do not want I It was brought out that the from the City instead of at re Judge { was Hi" "rt hous dnnr on thefir.t 11 of
do govt'rn-I within the tail, in. order to save money. Superintendent .. I Monday in Month of May Jvrd-o the county judge of Brad- I
ment houses I City will need $11,000 I960 which I is the 2 day of May: ,I County. Florida in the court-
Ne roe& and whites living together -' next 60 days to pay the remainder -', R. S. Waadih was Gives'Advice, { Mrs. Edwards Escapes mo. linnse at Starke. Florida! within
to assist the department ted this 4 day of April, 19&0.IE.AL eight. calendar months from the .fi. I.d PUBLIC UTIUTIES
I given permission -
Mr. Chitty wants this on the new deep well that is Injury In Accident I :; ) Uai. 01 me first putlication of this OMMI IONJI N M Alt

to sell his appliances.". I I new complete except for. exterior in this respect. ji j I To Witnesses CHARLES A. DARPY. nonce. Each claim or demand must I

J i Wasdin's request to move the -
------ --
Mrs. J. M. Edwards Jr. miracul- :MVTICE: OF :AHlM.irvriO* FOR __
L c'i- '
I'I no-parking aiea back one space 'I Fern* straight-from-the-shoul- !|'I TAX DEED -- -.. :: .-..- -_ '. _ ,' .. _*TrIr _o
,; : on Call Street in front of Bullington's ''ously escaped serious injury when hev 1"' .111. F. S. -

I and UcGriff'a was granted'The ,-der advice was given to seveial! i she losL control or her SR'I :Xptlre: Is Hereby Olven. that:

E I. Clerk reported that $40- > peared uiaOioiu in County Federal cul/ens district who court ap-in i{| 100 near Keystone Heights Tues- ,I following Ralph Williams certificate, the holder has filed of said the SHOP !! C LI

21Mfi8:: of the city's 1959 tax roll I certificates for a*tax deed to be
o of $43,411.10 had been collected., -u,... jnviile ia.'. t week as chalI I(flY afternoon overturning three I j istbed thereon. The wtifioate num-
I times and hitting a telephone., Lets and years of Issuance the description -
a<"ter. witnesses for Vasco Forsyth
Taxes become after SHOP
delinquent of the property and the ir1.
April 1 and will be advertised in. of Starke. who had pleaded nom pole, breaking it in two. 'I Iaf.names in which it was assessed ar..j

!deIeul e a moonshine eonI .str.tp Trooper A. S. Mauldin, follows,:
I May. 'I rtaicate Xo. 43. !
I piracy case: 0: who investigated the accident]I' Tear of Reliance usa j

/ i Federal Judge Dozier A DeVane -H.ua: M.(t. Edwards was attempting ] Description of Property Lot of
I Block 1 LT4CO'S 'SD. See. 28 T 8 .
BHS Losesf I Don't Your New Caron
t I fa... tuai. me vase involving'! :For- to pass'another car. The road SR22E Buy

t. ';, MVJ. ;y flthar defendants I I was wet and rough at that point :Xarna in nhich assessed! Elizabeth

;/ 3-2 DecisionTo [and lost control of the Mcl'oy, Agent.
:was one of'the biggest conspira- j she car All of paid property being: In the'nftty the First StopGO

i H..J h; CUuiU iillliutucr tVti fOlUng -i leaving; .the_highway on the left Ida. Bradford.. State of Flor- : ..

--- P. K. Yonge : before him. i i side. The! car rolled ov!r threei Unless such .
1f1; certificate or certificates 1
and went for distance of
... "There's not a line of testimony times a shall be redeemed accordingto
I '1197 feet before breaking the tele- law the property described In '-'
P. K. Yonge of GainesvlllesqueezE'd in this case that is any refection HUCU certificate or certificates will
............ { j i phone pole. be sold to the highest bidder at ANYWHERE FOR A PRICE
out a 3.2 baseball win I er1fi." the
""X'. on your Hio hniu, door the first
I :.;. I The Edwards' 1957 Ford Station court on
over BHS the Starke field i
., on
Monday In Month of
May IStffl
; V
,., >; judge said. "But they made a
: was damaged around $900.
wagon .
i:Jt >: : Tuesday afternoon in a Keystone whi. .1 the 2 day r.f )lsy, I960.! -
.px liYi" Conference tremendous amount of moonshine :Mauldin said and might be "to- Dated this 4'day of April. 1960. BUT
t ,, : :t:> ;;4 game. I, The driver ch (SEAL) I
Y""Y" w: -" Charles Layfield went all the : wruskey in your fine county. taled! out. was ri- i

Mr". V j.V.V .; to notch his fourth You'r all citizens.: I :jed with failure to !'aave vehicle CHARLES A. VXARRY,
way victory I prominent Clerk of Circuit Court of Bradford I
ihe, i. tor PK. He gave up' only four hits don't know whether your sheriffis 'I under control. County, Florida. 4.7 4(4.23") FOR A BETTER bEAL> SEE

and no walks. _
t I
running for ic-election or not. I
I "I realize-.this case is a political In ,
i the mart vi the CouMy Judge
firSt inning on a single by Larry 1
llrudferd ('0.."', Pl rlda.
Bratcher, fielder's (choice and hot potato. Judge DeVane woods fires were reported I. PI''''....

All-nylon cord Milemaster tires by Cities Serv- singles by Marshal and Layfield. continued. "How about going back during the past week, with 17 In .re.ar.V: Estate. of James Bryant De- I Billy DowlingAcross

John Devore doubled for the and seeing that whoever: your acres burned. Rain was reported TO ALL CREDITORS AND PERSONS I j

ice-last and last and last. I Tornadoes in the first, and later 'I{sheriff is, that kind of thing Istoppt'd. on only one day during the HAVLNf. CLAIMS OR DEMANDS -'
I scored the tying run. ':; \ weck- Monday, when .80 inch ;(
Tube or tubeless new Milemaster tires are You arid each of you are hereby j
PRY muffed threats every in. !. Included. in the group of character was recorded notifirj and required to present any The Street From Setzer'iLiiiii

poun for pound stronger than steel resist ning until the sixth when Layfieldled witnesses addresed by the So far this yeart there have claims and demands which you or'I Ij
j 'itlur! o( 'Ofl. have against theextatc
off with double judge State Senator CharleyE. been 66 fires, with 954.9 acres V ) may .
heat blowouts breaks..cushion your ride and a went to was : of James Bryant deceased. .. .
'- ..
third on a wild pitch by Star-he Johns who alia] appeared as a .' ,..,,6j pin: ? the same oenod late ..r said County, to the County --- --- -. _. ,-,-'-- -_ .
-- = '" --- J
L reduce squealing, too! Yet they're priced amazingly hurler Bill Jackson and scored I character witness for Fate Brown. last year there were only 21 fires -

low for such quality. on a single by Clayton Mathis. i I'' a former Bradford chief deputy'''with, 117.5 acres'. burned. Sell It Rent It Trade t II PrYToFLORIST>>.". TIIOUP' (<0> ST.

1 Don Mullin flied out by a'i sheriff who was 'convicted of be- PhONE WO 4-Haa

SU6d. throw-in but Bradford's outfieldergot I ing a member of the moonshine j I U P. \UlSTI\'TU'E\"HttLOWERI4 rl.U'1"p.RIi

away through the Tornado infield I t..lSpiracy-: -Bradford Commissioner -jI j n'HF.RIaI

You Can't Buy a Better Tire to Save Your Life I with Mathis coming home. E. L. Crawford. and Lucian I w. c. T."MEDICALLY U. WITH A TELEGRAPH CLASSIFIED I t-I FOR B4LKxew tfrhg

The Tornadoes Conner.Besides:
came back witha. .I
SILCOX run in the last half of the 7th i Brown and Forsyth, the \ MKMORIAtS AD BESOHJTIO'! _______u_______ 4 c.... P.r 'W.... I,rle 'fI'IIY"scd Pipe.Buflding IS" IwgthV Supplies.U.2S

but fell one short of a tie. indicted men were 1 Noonen M. AND SOCIALLY 20 WORDS OR LESS, One lasertUa (1111.1... Charcr) .n per son_/SVMf'B Pulldlng Billy Supping.SEWl.VO Jackson. Jack-

BHS now has two wins and six Bradley ,Jr:, J. M. Edwards Jr., THE CASE AGAINST ALCOHOL lfrhgRIX.ER

losses while Tuesday's game was Kichard D. Foster, Ernest E. leACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 ----.. _____ .* ftr WoK MACHINE -

CITIES! SERVICE PKY's sixth win out of eight Johnson Ralph E. Mason and IS JUST AS CLEAR AS $0% PISCOUNT ON REPEAT INSERTIONS! 34MC AOSS C.representative 2.Iondaya and wilt Fridays be l Bradford For

nlayed.' They are undefeated In the Charles M.,Rogers. They had previously ,. ADDITIONAL FOR BL1\D! ADS OR ADS HOT PAID IN ADIJCWEV '\1(' on 'anymake Machine write.sre --
Keystone loop. TilE CASE AGAINST OPIUM. I 1"1' call SllIlI'fr Sewing Machine Co.:
pleaded guilty and are
: 4Q2JL..3iirion
I. St. or Phone
705: Temple Ave. Starke, Fla. scheduled. to be (sentenced on [THE NATIONAL VOICE.] t HAVE a' new I loan'program fo HOUSE: FOR RENT Inquire at |! Lake City Fla. Tfchg ggtf
farmers. Loam ok 1 to 6 yea" Piii Station tfchg1 :
Curtis A"rM\ .tin April 25. I. fur the entIre credit require V I WANTED Lady or couple to live
ments of the farmer and his family. IP.\\ HI10DKN M'RSrRY HOME : : Private
In New Comedy *' Gainesville rroductlon Cr, dAssociation. il-jod Care for your child. FairRates.Licensed. i ?nei7jytJT\ Rt. 2 roomase Box 72. 4
no North fain / Phone WO 4-3031, I mllf'1 out of Siarke on Raiford

ELECT. Coming To FloridaTony RADIO I DISPATCHED,, Gainesville.RADIOS Fla.REPAIRED tfch i 1126 N. Thompson St. tfchg. I Phone W04--S031.; 4tp JT2jOP.ESS :

AU Makes AU *e4elUaioaable Fun N4I.R : MAKIXO, .IIP cover,
,3 Curtis. Dean Martin. and p-- Chare ....r..UM Ready mix: (concrete concrete block I drape.f and general alterations.
i" Janet'Leigh form the -starrin! SERVIC tiHKPIIRRD'8 RADIO TV "ones, fence posts sand, cement fI"ln I a. In. to 4 p. m. Mrs. Aita
Combination in "Who ,. V. lama Ureea OT ..T Motir ml*. rock steel oyter shell Mnreira on :301) next door to B. T
1A1 412 R. fall St. ho.e WO 4. 901 Ll-nerock and Roof Gravel. Phone Thomas Lumber Yard 4tp 4/2J
Lady" rollicking comedy playingat gtarkc, Pie.V W01-2521 Bradford Engineering
the Florida Theatre Sunday (.I,. V tfchg h.ul'c FUn RENT 4 room funishedaijd
COLOMAL FLORIST S room unfurnished
through Tuesday. Only F. T. D. Florlat In Starke. l"I1I1fO Apply 308 s. Water St tfchgWHO.
Curtis, appears as a mild-man Fowr! Wired any place. Flower
V for all occasIons locally. Phone Complete T"ee Service .
nered chemistry professor whose WO 4-8J91. 606 East Nona St. tfchg KEEP CHII.DREduring:
life day in my bom Mrs. McGee 749
goes completely haywire
Orange St.
." when his wife becomes jealous of FOR RENT -Furnlahed apart Pruning Bracing Dt.- [OKII. 2tp 4-21

one of his young students. I From SALES menta. Reasonable ratea .Near lag Cavity Work Tree Removal On .f Tows OM.PI'lu.1 Sell
ahopolng renter. Phone WO %011
.... there the plot ,moves from one cr WO 4-0771 evening or call at 213S. TransplantingSapp's 'eIy::I Arrrs fiiilkbed iKAO'2 off bdrm.3fl| North .

.;", rompl'cation to another finally SERVICEI Cherry St': (Shell Oil Co. Office.tf>hi) Tree Surgeons 1..NiPl5p., 41./.1 Will borne rossideehinie. InS

;landing Curtis and Dean in what V PETE S.-\PP. Owner II: Trailer au 110M 0 psyse,.,
: ml. Nerlh off SOI. Tur. right Ut
they believe is the engine room HASTINGS MATTRESS\ STARKE PHONE WO 4-3963 I road berond Farmer. Market. 7tk
of an enemy submarine. They h...e es rich Sip S2,
P ;
< '
r-atrioiically try to scuttle the c.O, .. FOR RENT
2 room furnished
it actually isj I 710 Lemon St. Poldtka
j place unaware that I imriment. Private bath and en-

.! a sub-basement of the Empire I A RADIO WOodland I SERVICE ON Furniture Repaired, Upholstered )- Jlmons;rUlt.,.., Also 407 W carport Mrs. J k.,,

State building. SALES A SEP AIRS 4-69O1] ALL MAKESSHEPHERD & Refinished Washington' 4tchp 5/13

\ ,#'on SALE uh i
New ? washing machine 195; Zenith dm-
Somefhing R&ATV Innersprings !'i>le Tullabye} crib and a blue
,..'fa and thalr 'Call 41$?. Keystone

_INMANDA.CREENi.OVNER_ V 412 E. CALL STARKE and Box Springs Hl'lht. ltl'hg

Under The Sun! Drop Us a Card or Call .FOR.. SALE Large 4 bedroom
.U'fI. jo acres on paved highway,
PALATKA EA 5.9166 In fIght of Lake BantaFe Fruit
nut and shade tree*. Write P O.
Thomas Jr. 1 bL(4 SECURITY GUARANTY STARKE WO 4-5934 F.arHon.IJo 544 or call llohari *4542 tt'he,

Agent For Expert Tree Surgery Call Our OpPOHTtXITV
Incorporated -
YOURSTATE Agent The Whelan home located fine
VS@ V V \F.\ Eft TOO LATR TO JOIN 224 N. Temple Phone \\'() 4-3965 mile south of La*ley on the lid
VV' EVENiNG CLASSES for adults. All La't\ tey rad, will be auctioned off
V OFFERS subject Credit If wanted. Write tO the hlfftlOBt hilM.i. An Anrlt *>A
: Director, Box 1180 Starke, or call FOR SALE I! ft. Penn-Yan at ]{ noon; -at 'theUco t ;; In
REPRESENTATIVE' woon; or visit Adult Education ouat with windshIeld and wheel. Stark.here is your opportunity to
Office L'SO Bide for additional Mr*. Hobble Thaller, W045934. Bet a well-furnished' house. a dou
Information. tfchg tfchg ble concrete block garage a .Concrete
The fast ckan pump house, and 32 acres otluurnlfolon.r.I.ln
1. He's not seeking He wants do !h % FOR RCN'T Furnished 2 bedroom SlUX FILE land. You don'tnan'
job to
: a a job. lazyto paste... I houte. Phone WO 44411. Od! Saws reconditioned. Pick tip '. to ,miss the opportunity of
tfchg rying to
2. lie's candidate in this and delivered. Phone WO 41441. get this lovely place foeyour
qualified .
race; 1 BOUND IH Calvin Johns. tfcbg home. Come to the auction and
TAILOR MADE DRAPERIES ml For more details about this
Qualified as to Education- PER ANNUM ''.e labor. Mrs. Peggy Shaller, 20) place, see Dorothy Swanbom on L'S.
No__ a:. Adkln St. WO 4-5S34 tfcbg FOR RE.'ITTo Adult. first floor Highway half
_Dever Jeab, : phone 311 tour and a
Bradford School and of Florida
High University tfchg 3 room and bath apartment. Close miter l nnnh of Stark. 2tp 2S
graduate. I'UDI up or driea out.: in clean, desirable. 510 X. Cherry

Ecoaonjcl: .too FOR RENT-Two bedroom laketrcp.t it. tfchg WRiNGER: WASHER forsale
Qualified as to Experience "'peApo )t" the gsatatzctiy INVESTMENTCERTIFICATES home on Klngsley Lake. Completely take up payment.. Dahmers raft
when d.vaiJable to FOR RENT: 3 bedroom bungalow Irhfnf14>. 11? East rail St. H'hir
it is
Practicing attorney 1948-1960. :201 Lafayette St. .Call Jaclt-
a.ed June 1. Call Carl John. WO 4-401.
,d without 4\111. 1<:\' g-ilim. tfchg FOft SALE 1 Burrough <'ash
County Service Officer 19181955. .ut. Absolutely PAINTING -. and Paper Hanging. I -ffister. 1 National Electric addIng -

Starke City Attorney 1933.1960.. bontozic.Over 5,000 Ratelgn Zlke, Phone Keystone JS61T WANTED: Secretary to take machine. 251 Westmoreland St.
V shorthand and typing. 40 hour nr 'all0! 4-!*!>31. Itp
RFD 1 Br! 470 Keystone
County Attorney 1959. p W4 dots Withoutre4Jina Height! 4tp 428; work week. Hospital and medical T.- Yertow
...Drica io tjHicflts. Paid vacation. Salary i fAtS and Green Parallel
t Qualified as to Community .Ser\ ce1 .IeCODda....RublOffily. open. Give experience in first let-! wHh vend around tool. Answer. (0
tf'r.It& P. O. Box 8JJ-B, !Starke: name of Pete. phone W04 !j'>
Past State Commander, The American Legiori.i" .cleanly.WrPP I This is not a formal offering which is i made only by WANTED 2uhg 4/21. 2tchg 4 28Adding

Past. President, Starke Rotary Club. prospectus furnished on request. May I have the information ,i
,. 1041 JOIS Help Waited ".1...... or Ac.... machine like new $SUit
Past President Young Democrats. ,' offered? Lake Dahm.T Gift Sh ppe. 112 East
"" KADtWVSCtpboQk1MhctAl. Property !fj.ifc per hour or more for part or 6'tII Si., V tlt'hltI'OR
full time route work. Large repeat

3. Ife's not obligated to any person or group. .. NAME _______________________ 30 or More orders. Man or woman. Write Me- RENT 3 room and bath
L11lCkl1esasdCift NESS CO. Box 276 DeSoto Sta., furnished
.4. His 'record is one of accomplishment. There's nothing !f School Book ADDRESS-.L------ ___ Acres Memphis 2 Tenn. 2tp 4:21;: Mr-it Jessie l apartment r-ftmitajn, la 2tchg42 Hampton.*

in'his record to embarrass, PARENTS'. co.m: .Ms 1M ClI1b V With at kiMt 600
you. ;, :; HELP: WANTED! MALE I FCP: SALE Comfortable 2 bed

If you want intelligent, able, honorable, and aggressive CITY_______________ V T feet OB lake., FEMALE room n. frame WO -M45 house.. soy Alton 4tp Read.Pti SIS.

representation in Tallahassee then, 'taAL omt PHONE NO. __ ____.___________________ F. B. HERMAN MAN OR WOMA.V to take over I V
nn Dealership In Htarkf. Product Ea- !* foot HAW Admiral refrigerator
MARK faste Pen with .. Offer Limited To Residents Of Florida Only. PHONE SP 1-2064 [ar.li..t.ed.'pekly profits of $5800 i am new Admiral :40' electric
YOUR BALLOT: WEE 'r more at start possible. Xo.car or range lake up payments at Da
Refill... SECURITY GUARANTY COMPANY Bovto 4, Box 563 ,tbei Investment necessary. Will i hmots Gift flhoppt. ItchgAVON

FOR: ,STATE REPRESENTATIVE I JACKSOXV1LE FL\. teln you get started. Write C. it. .
Incorporated !Ruble, Dept. A-J Watkins Pro IS CALLING"
du't,. Inc. Memphis 2, Tenn. lIp
(Vote For One) Bradford CountyTELEGRAPH 215 W. Ashley Street Jacksonville, Florida i In your neighborhood throajli
FOR LEASE Drive Inn and T V. Be the AVON REPREI -
V Phone EL 4-7858 EL4-7859 date ball 3% mIles S. of Starke FOU SALE Twelve I*- Pyramid ,I ,
A. TENTATIVE in neUhbof-
J. THOMAS, JR. IXIPd. ou I8|._Phone WO 8-2M2. Itchg unrrete house pillars. Some used your
YOU MAY START ,YOUR INVESTMENTWITH tough house framing. Also 4X4 |i hood &Bd. turn spare time intoi
FOR 8ALE 1J ft. Plywood Fishing 10.1 larger hewed barn timbers.
( PoL Adv) $35 UP TO $25.000 Boat. PkOB WO 4-4123. Don Cyrus E. .Beam. Rt 2 Box tZ-R. i I money Write; Oulda C. Sweat
hCe. ftp 421 Starke ltp ? O. Box 540 Live Oak. Hi.



___ .. .
------ -
-- :_-___ --- -a ----- -- ---- '- _
--------- -0


'.. -. .. ..., ;, '.il4 21, iwo UUAii'OUl) COUXTY lEU&UATI. 'STA Kt FLUUiDA PAGE SEVEN
---- -
-- ---- ,
-- -

TYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYTI i the highlight! of the Grand Chapter Baldwin Girl a attendance ster' Sunday. They|Robinson's mother, Mrs. Dorothy 1 and family. and returned home Tuesday norn

I convention held in Tampa had: set a goal for 175 and went Waters,,and family. j Mr. :and Mrs Lyle Schmehls and ing. '_ _" v
BALDWIN\ last week. over. 198 ,were present. i )[r. and Mrs. Leslie Sweat and I
Sets Enviable children! of Laurel Bay S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nettles and Van Jones spent the Easter family had as their Easter dinner.i]:I 'l'Ut. .+: ";'.iGlaT 'POINT' fed _e

By Mrs. C. K.j Nolan) holiday here, with his parents 'guests, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy' spent the weekend here with Mrs ,way you MTU*. Come in and so-
family Miss Marilyn Thomas School Record \ Mr. and !I Schmehls parents, Mr. and :\ rs. led taorito ESTERbROOK
Mrs. Van Raley Jones. Baker of Jacksonville, Mr. and jour
&&.....A.&...... &&&.. enjoyed an outing at the Jacksonville h We Mrs. Junior Buford Higginbotham. Fountain Jrn. TELEGRAPH.
14A3. I i! are very sorry that Mrs R. Goolsby and son:
Zoo last
...,, Sunday. Friends'of Jimmie Bell will be
wr- When Mary Harris ["Beep" to I;; V. Wilson is,ill again and confineJ little Willie of Baldwin and Mr. ;
Mr, and Mrs. Marvin Braddock
that he is
glad to learn getting
and have .. her friends Robinson graduates : to bed. We wish her a speedy and Mrs', Rudy Higginbotham and : CVPKESS
son returned to their well inV
from Baldwin School this recovery. daughter;; Robin. along. following, surgery
High :. ,
home in
Winter Haven after .
a the Methodist in Dallas
1t spring she will leave behind a ;,,: Mr. and Mrs. Claude Oliver Mrs Helen Sweat entertained Hospital .GARDENS
visit several and
: 01 days with Mr. His
Texas last Friday morning.
? P. record of rind as their at her home last :
i' seldom if ever gut for the week- Friday night,
Mrs. L C. Oliver
mother Mrs. W. J. Bell, flew to
6 I r r Mr. and Mrs. R. v. Bradley of matched in the field of high end Mis. Virginia Higginbotham. April ,\ with\ a ;weiner roast.There sNw ld ana_
Dallas by Delta Air Lines Friday
Jacksonville spent the Easter Vhool athletics and other acthi o. Fernandina Beach. ', were about 20 guests pre- U. aNrktsr.HELP .
On .Monday Mrs. Claude Oliver sentor the occasion. I
: weekend here with Mi .. Bradley'sparents t ties.The --- --
IT-year-old "Beep" has and Mrs. Virgina Higginbotham About 50 children enjoyed an
Mr. and Mrs. Harrell -
,.' ., Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Vandell =' .1a t attended: school' in Baldwin for visited with Mrs Higinbotham's Easter egg hunt'at the :Maxville: ELECT : I
; Bennett! returned home with j.11 of 12 years; was a' member son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Baptist Church Sunday afternoon.We .

d the Student Council for four Mrs. Billy Lotsteich. in St. are sorry to learn that little
them 'to
visit for few
a days.
+ o We are very glad that Mrs. years, holds an honorary B Club::Marys, Ga. Clarence Barber 'son of Mr. Dorsey J. Motes Jr. : ki

llasey Reynolds is much improved 2u tirae membership was an annual 1 Mr. and bars. Rex Oliver and and Mrs,, James,'Barber was' hit ,

y from a recent serioifr illness. staff member and has received i children of Jacksonville spent last by an automobile Monday afternoon r

Little Norma Petrey is much six letters in basketball ,weekend! with Mr.- and Mrs. 'while crossing highway 301. JUSTICE of'the PEACE f .
'improved from her recent illness. Mary Harris Robinson grades 7 through 12. i i Claude! Oliver, Sr. We are glad that he was not -

She made all for'i, Mr. and seriously' hurt. He treated '
:one is the daughter of Mr. and conference Mrs. Claude Oliver Jr. was at District) Three .
Mis. Wilbur Petrey. I j netday and Thursday with Mr. ;.four years captained the basketball -'motored to Bushnell for a 'weekend the hospital and released. A tour- ''

r Mr and Mrs. Tommie Herring I and Mrs., R. V. Wilson and fam- I' team for three years and ., visit with Mrs Oliver's parents ist was driving the car. II i iI DUVAL COUNTY
"as named i Mr. and Mrs. Fussell.I ,Mrs. Raymond Harris returned t4
:and son Mike,, of Cocoa spent +jily. While they were here Mr. most' outstanding i E. D. I Ii I :

last: weekend here with Mrs. Herrmg's I land Mrs. Wilson accompaniedthem player for one year. Beep has received -i I i Sorry to learn that Miss Mary i I II|l hom'e-'Ionda'y afternoon from the' He promises a Fair, Impartial and"Business Ljke

Rev'Moody' Adams will be the parents Mr. and'Mrs.. ', to the, beaches the jetties five letters in volleyball :Jane Roberts is confined to St. i I Bradford, County Hospital where:

Evangelist Bud Welch., and the Ofcefenoke Swamp. and captained the team for three 'I. Vincent's Hospital and wish her i i,i she had been a patient for a week. :, Administration of the Affairs of this Office.
at the Greater
Bald- Mrs. R. S. Mills and family of \ightseeing. years; was captain of the softball a speedy recovery. j I II I We, hope she will get along. well i

win Crusade tent revival services.i.'' Savannah, Ga.. spent the weekend I MrsWade Green and daughter. team four years; played All I I Mrs. Grady Robert. Is a patient I I! now. *, I Your Vote and Support, Appreciated

to start here State basketball AAU 1959, 'In the Ed 'Fraser I I' Stork Shower L ,
Sunday. May 1, here with Mrs. Mills mother Mrs.J. Melba and son Wade Jr., in Hospital j j, ,
Meetings will be" held each' night A. Clark and 'family.Mr. i PEnt Easter in Jacksonville with where she was rated Free Throw in Macclenny.. We wish her a :\Irs: -Willie Godwin entertained ("Pd. 'ol.d. \'.) :

in a big tent located on Highway' ,and Mis.; W, W. Higgin- .Mrs. Green's mother Mrs. Sidney Champion for the State in that i iVfar. j speedy recovery. ','at her.,' ,home here* last :Monday: -

t 80 and Main Street starting at uctham and famiy had as their '; Sears. "i I Friends of Mrs Earl Wilkes will night, April 11; with a stork1!,
1 She has received the DAR Citizenship ', regret to learn that her mother !'I she,wee .
7:45: p.: m. and continuing guests,i l for Easter dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Eula Rowe had ajs her honoring Mrs. Raymond !
!! Award. Pepsi-Cola Merit Mrs. Maude Glass is a patient in' Harris.. Games were played and;' ,
thl'ough'May 15. The public is in- Mrs. W. C. Eageiton and family II guests for Easter dinner. Mr. 'tto; "
j viied and a nursery will be',provided _- oi Whitehouse and Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Rudolph! Surrency and I Award twice, and recently appeared -! St. Vincent's Hospital and will';;': prizes Vere awarded to Ollie Mae '! ..Ii.J.,' .:., V .

in the Methodist Church.. I Everett Higginbotham and family : daughter Lynn, Mr., and Mrs. on Channel 4's Eye onj;j undergo surgery this week. We'Cannon Elsie Mae Cannon and' r ,('.. I'r

The Baldwin OES'chapter met -i of Hawthorne. Fojd/! / Fields and Miss Joyce Youth: program. Beep was presi-- ;.hope she gets' along veil, JuanitA Harris, :Due ,to the illness! ,,

Monday night and everyone enjoyed :, Mr. and Mis. Shelton Merritt I I Rowe of Jacksonville and :Mr. ('ent of the GAA for the past four i, Miss Janet Jones- of. Stetson.,of the honor guest, who had to1 i ,,:',

a report made by Mrs. Alma and daughter. Gloria of Buffalo 1 18ld'1\1r>. Hugh Rowe and daughter -:. years and received that organi-i i University spent fhe weekendI be faken'toi the hospital in the I'

Nolan. Grand Instructor on N. Y spent last Tu day. Wed- Tresla.Mr. 'nation's high point award for I I;here with her parents. Mr. and afternoon, Mrs.: Godwin opened I

and Mrs 'C. L.' Johnson, Three dears :Mrs. Robert Jones, and family. her many: lovely, useful, and attractive -

Re-elect Mr. and Mrs. Vandell Bennett Beep received the Best Camper I Mrs. H. V. Daniels is a patient gifts. Enjoying; this occasion ,

V. Roberts and Charlie TUUs enjoyed a delightful Award at Camp Seale Harris in !!.in St. Vincent' Hospital in Jack- with Mrs. Godwin were

Emory fishing trip Sunday out 1956; has received 31 track ribbons j'.sonville. We hope she has a Janie Higginbotham and her I

on ths River ,Road 13 trophies- for GAA, bas- speedy recovery, daughter,. Merle, Helen Wilkinson ., \

ik A The Methodist children enjoyed 'ceiball Softball and camping; Gla: that1 Mr. C. V. O'Berry Elsie Cannon Bernice Bramlett'I ,

I r CONSTABLEDist. an Easter egg hunt Saturday and 10 medals for basketball, eems to be getting along nicely Virginia ,Cannon Mary Carolyn ,4

I afternoon, at 4 'p. m. at the old Softball and other sports. She following: surgery in a Jackson- Combs Juanita Harris Ollie Mae 1 1Zn .

3, Duval County H' ool grounds.. was selected as most athletic in .\,:lie hospital last week. Cannon,' Helen Cannon and Annette

Homecoming Services the Senior Class and is also a The Junior Minstrel will beheld Stubbs.

Honest .. Efficient -- Capable Homecoming Day will be ob- Gator Girl. Her high point aver- at the Baldwin High School We are all very glad to learn .

v served next Sunday April 24, at age helped the Baldwin girls Gym on Friday night April 29. that Mrs N. L. Cannon's mother,

12 YEARS EXPERIENCE I the Orange Street Baptist Church basketball:. team win the trophyfor E*. sure to attend and help support Mrs. I. A. Bornstem. was able togo

IN LAW ENFORCEMENT wIth! dinner on ,the ,grounds. om more year with a record the Junior Class. home last Monday from St. \

r, ,_ .... ,. .Iwwws.r i There will be special services and .of 17 wins and one loss. Beep's Mrs. W. J. Bell returned home Luke's Hospital where she underwent
Your Vote and Support on May 3 Will Be Greatly singing in, the afternoon begin- hgh; point average was 50 ins Tuesday morning.. She had been surgery .

Appreciated.Pd. l iing at 230.: The public is invited vera I games this term which ViSting her son Jimmie:who un- The'Maxville school children are ,

( Pol. Adv.NNOTIC'E.) to attend. went a long way toward winningthe deiwect: surgery last Friday enjoying a couple of holidays this s.

Mr. and, Mrs. Wilbur Petrey St. Johns River Conference. morning in the Methodist Hospital week, Thursday and Friday April

.I and family enjoyed Easter Sunday Beep likes all sports and enjoys in Dallas, Texas .' 21 and 22 and while their teachers

1. J' with Mr. Petreyls: mother, taking part in them. At pre- life and Mrs., Harry Bell spent ] arc! attending the FEA Con-

\ I Mrs. Wilbur Petrey, Sr in Way- rEnt she is learning how to bowl, the weekend with ..frs. Bell's parents ;, vention in Miami. .

.. : ..-. ci ess, Ga. ,MI j play tennis and golf She'enjoys : Mr. and Mrs. ,Raymond ;( Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cannon and I

'Mr., 'and Mrs. Bud Welch. and I!working when she is at school, Cowart in Glen' St. Mary'' r family motored into Jacksonville'

Air and '!.Irs.,. TommieHerring ,''lites :all subjects but is' parti- 'A.picnic and egg" was held.i last Friday and 'joined Mrs.. Can- ''

DOG VACCINATIONS md' son, Mike, visited- Mr.'cularly interested in the science at' thij 'Mt, Zion BaptiSt'.Church non's. sister. Mrs.. Vivian. Reid. of

Wri h's si&ter M*.,Henry Whid..1: '!field. She- would like to become a on Ester Sunday: j I Plant 'City, and -her uncle, Mr.
don: mv.gt. Vincents Hospital<
I Sunday ,afternoon. We are glad Beep's fans:will miss her greatly son, Tommy had as then: guestsfor a visit.* They' visited Mrs: ,Can-|

FOR RABIES i I IJ (: to hear that Mrs. Whiddon 'is after she graduates this Easter: Sunday dinner, Mr.: non's 'other,* Mrs.' 1. A. 'Boren-,

'. I improving. spring especially her famous and Mrs. Lamar Clark' and chil- stein,.at' St..Luke's Hospital.Mrs.EarlCannon"and norid 's Cabinet System provides a continuity ,

BALDWIN CITY I HALL Little"' Melanie Meeks daughterof jump shots in basketball. They dren of Clearwater; Mr. and Mrs ;: son,,Earl.
Saturday of i leadership which State
J t 4_. -3si: Mr. and Mr!. D., C. Meeks.. all join wishing her success In Engen- 'Crews and son, little Al,,Jr., Mike April 23 ,9' A.M. 3 P.M '-von fit''''prize-iri'fliejea' old; whatever career she choosei'to of- Jacksonville; 'Mlss'Bonnie': !FPa-df etrreigoj re4"'TJfe-1- races* '' t'Speedway' government on an even keel-Experience: is the ../

; group at the Jacksonville Beach ::ullow. Jrlffis of Glen St. Mary; and' Park.:"in". Jacksonville most important quality which we"must demand'in

Easter Parade Contest We are Mr. and Mrs.: Sammy David. Little Saturday' night. the, man we elect as our State Treasurer
m and was assisted by Rev. I
all very proud of Melanie and Al Crews was christened at }Ir. and Mrs.. Buddy Bradshaw

MAXVILLE SCHOOL HOUSE her mother, ?:who te,;an expert nion Mason and Simmons, Rev. Billy Rev.Patterson.A John :Ben-. the service*, at the Methodist i and son,..Monk,motored to J. Edwin Larson,, for 19 years your State Trecp-

seamstiess. Church here on ,Sunday.Mr. Sunday, for.,a -visit' with .seville'l veer has that experience!
held at
Easter hunt
Saturday, April 23;... 3:15 P.M.: 5 P.M.Let's Miss Shirley Sigmund ,and Wil-, tie: Orange Street egg Baptist was Church 'and Mrs. Garvin Harden Mrs. Bob,Nolan and son ,i, toad Political Arfvtrfii,m.nf
lie Noblifc were chosen as dele and family of ,Sanford spent the Miss.-Patty P rrish' spent lastweekend'in '
.Easter afternoon at 5 "p- m.
gates to represent the Baldwin weekend here with Mrs. Viola Seville... as the guest of .
I: Next Wednesday night, April
D. C. T. class :at the district D. Brinson and Miss Beck Brannon. her uncle and.aunt, Mr. and
27 second pre-revival rally will
C. T. 5 pper'held, in Jacksonville a .' Bob Nolan, and son, Robert.1\Irs'l
ib e held at the Orange Street ......ttf1T '117.tl 1..ft
will also represent I
Monday night. They : [ Miss' Alma Sweat and Sam d
Baptist Church at 7:45: p m. Ii aJleit
Keep .' \ the class at the State :with the Rev. John Bennion, I IHopps of St. Augustine visited
Convention to' be held at St. MAXVUEBy !
'pastor of the Baldwin Methodist< here last Wednesday with Mr. and ,
)Petersburg on May 1st. I
Mr. and "Mrs. Clifford Sumner Cnureh bringing the message. Mrs. Riley'Rhoden and family and
The Brotherhood of the First Sirs. C. B. NolanIAAAAAAAAAAA.AAIAAAAAAA
and grandson,. Clif. motored to Mr and Mrs. E. D. Higginbotham
Baptist Church met at the homeof
Fitzgerald, Ga. last Tuesday and !! .
( Flojd Cone on Tuesday night, i -
L 'C. Oliver f Sumner's mother,
brought Mrs.
April 19. Mr. and }o's. Rufus Chance's(I T
Mrs.. Donle DeLoach home with "
them for a visit The B. W. C. of the First Bap- guest for a couple of''days last,

children tist Church will attend a banquet week was Mr. 'Chance's brother )
Jr.' and
Mrs. Earl Allen,
I at the Main Street Baptist Willie Chance, of Georgia. I I IMrs. I
I Cathy and Curtis visited in ... lifi d-8y Far
Church in Jacksonville next Qu
Jacksonville Friday with Mrs.' Leon Harris and :Mrs. John

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE Allen's mother, Mrs. M. C. Griner. Monday night April 25 at 7:45: D. Padgett were business visitors I, 'tbx
I p. m.
The Black Creek Association in .Jacksonville last Friday.
Mrs. J. J. Nolan and Mrs. Gene
We are to learn that
Meeting was held at the Orange very sorry
I Street Baptist Church on Tuesday Stokes of Whitehouse attendedthe Mrs. Rufus Chance's sister is ill
-- Eastern' Star Convention Jn
April 19. Everyone enjoyed with the flu and wish her a speedy
k Tampa last week. Mrs. Nolanwas Ys
dinner! on the grounds.Mrs. recovery
introduced the Grand Instructor -
Annie Bell Lucas returned Thomas Mathis was guest g
of District No. 21. Those
I home Tuesday after spending the speaker Sunday night at Max-
attending the end of the conven- -
Easter weekend In Orlando as the ville 'Baptist Church.
*, .
He Is Experienced I tion on Friday and Saturdaywere
guest of her sons and daughters- Mr. and Mrs.'Theo' Byford and K
in-law. Mr. and MJ& Mack Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Gordon SU- family of Jacksonville visited herewith ,
35 Years as Mayor of Baldwin. cox of Whitehouse and Mrs. Jim- ;
and family, and Mr* and Mrs. friends Sunday. ,
{ Years as Justice of the Peace. Leslie Lucas and family. mie Rentz, Mrs. Theo Taylor and Miss Violet Burnsed and her I '! l lV
Mrs. Howard Evans.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Sumner brother Ray Burned, of Jackson
I and family, has as their guests Forty-peven persons gathered vile visited 'here Sunday with I ,
:f. He has been instrumental in obtaining at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- friends. "e r
for last weekends Mr. and Mrs While here they attended -
for Baldwin during Williams on Easter Sundayfor f
many improvements Ernie Herring antchildren.. zar the Maxville' Baptist Church.Mr. .

l liiai i long career of public service. Kathye and David, of Brunswick, a big dinner. They enjoyed and Mrs. Louie Rawson and
chicken and rice cooked in a big,
children of
Daytona Beach visited 4
Ga.A iron out-of-doors along with i
I rally was held at the Baldwin pot here with friends Sunday and also
:f. lie has valuable friends and contactsin I Methodist Church-on' Wednesday thicker and dumplings and lots attended services at the Maxville

high places that helps Baldwin get I night April 20 ,at 7:45: p. m.|lof other foods and desserts. Out Baptist Church. _
of town ts included Mr. Williams' -
things it needs as a growing; community. .1 Rev. J. Tom Harper, pastor of ( brother-in-law guf and ,sister, We are all very glad to hear J a;
the First Baptist'Church, deliver- that Mra. Ann Mosley is back
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilmore and
I t\l the message. This was the home from Doctor's Hospital in _

lie gives full time to the job and main- rim rally held prior to the big daughter Noreen of Middlebur Starke and is improving. Surely
The Otis Road Church of God
tains a centrally located office that i is city-wide Tent Revival which hope she will be well soon.
was in a contest on Easter Sunday -
ready to render service to the public: begins on May.1st. with other churches and won Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wellhausen -
Easter Sunrise Services' and family had as guests for
at, all times. for having the largest attendanceat
Easter ,Sunrise Cervices were Easter dinifcr, Rev, and Mrs.f
Sunday School which wefe 209
held on Easter morning 'at 6 a- W.' O. Mathis and daughter, Betty,

He needs the job. In helping him you m. at the Baldwin School football In Easter the'afternoon egg hunt. they enjoyed an and her children of Jackson"iUe.The' .
B- Gamble of I
Maxville Baptist Sunday
will ,not be, hurting anyone else;; as he The First Baptist Sunday i iCs
Atlanta. Ga. delivered the main School is. proud of their attendance -
is not trying to displace anyone in any 1 School was very proud of their very
on Easter Sunday. They
: other employment. had 143 present; 116 of them were

YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORTFOR members and the remaining 32
were ;

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Waters and

family of Jacksonville-visited Sun-
EARL L CANNON Sr da/; with Mfs." Dorothy Waters

and' attended'' Easter: services at V

FOR YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT CANDIDATE FOR the .MaxvUle Dol'&rdDatioa Baptist -Church. A Vt

All dog ,owners;*re requested to

Always Your Friend, CONSTABLE. ,, Dist. 3 Duval County bring their 'dogs to' the Maxville

\ School House-on, Saturday, April I
23, between the hours of 3:15 p.m.
L. C. OLIVER AND WILL: BE DEEPLY APPRECIATED- to 5 pjn.' foe vaccination against
1t 9
MAY 3rd PRIMARY rabies. t 0

I (Pd. Pol. Ads.) '.,)[r. and Mrs 'Bill Robinson and 1I :

,.-., ., .. ;. ,, (Pd. PoL Adv.) daughter;. Mania' : ,of West, Palm I : :

Beach are vision' with: Mrs.. 4

.. '


-'. '" '-- .- -' -. .




Trrrncn.tr-. APRIL !i.. tnnn1Y'tVYVVU
'\ -----'-- -- --- ----- ----

I .. .,_ ,
.y.yyyyy..y. ., days with their parents, Mr. and Fred Clark on Friday.Mr. I and Mrs. Ernest Edwards( arid 'SOTICE OF APPUCATION FOR j AU of said property"- ielnf- in-" the claims or demands which they may I address of the claimant and must
Mt s. A. I> Green. tamily. TAX DEED j County of Bradford State of Florj j have: against said estate in the office
and Mrs. Charles, Perry j Ida. be '.vorn to by the claimant hi.
BROOKER Mr. and M>>s. Dan Thomas and Sr.. Mi. and Mrs. O. C. Hayes andamily Allen Lewis of Chiefland Mrs.J is Sera 1MJ8. P.S. Unless such certificate or certificates of the county judge of Brad- agent. t>r his attorney'or It will
Notice hereby ford
given that County Florida.
R. in the courthouse become void law.s .
Bjr Shirley amenAAAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAI i beys of Williston visited Mr. and and Mrs. Edna Hayes all Iva Mae Lewis of Gainesville, and W Hirers the holder of the following to law shall the be redeemed according' at Starke Florida, within ) R. R.according Andrews,to
Mrs. Fred McDavid and family of Gainesville and Mrs. Fred Lit and Mrs. Lamar Hall and i certificates has filed said certificates Ja.cn certificate property or certificates described will In i eight calendar months from the Administrator of' the Estateof
Sunday afternoon, Wilson and son of Ft. Lauderdale baby daughter of Starke were the for a tax deed to be Issued be sold to the highest bidder at date notice.of Each tbe first claim publication demand of this (.. W. Andrews, decaed.
thereon. The certificate numbers or must First publication on April 14.
Miss Barbara Sue Davis of enjoyed a barbecue supper at the'j weekend guests of Mrs. Amanda and years of issuance, the deIWrfpUon' i the Monday court in house door on the first be in writing and must state the 1966. 4.11 4t 5-5
Month of
Mrs. M. P. Wiggins and Mis. Gainesville was home with her home of :Mr. and Mrs. Guy Har-II.e\\\. ', of the property, and the which the 2 day of May May, 1)60. 1)60. p1a'.'e or residemami post-office-1
I in which it --- -
Fred McDavid attended a" tea in parents, Mr.' and M fs. G. W. Davis rell Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. j. T. Taylor and names follows: was assessed areas Dated this i day of April 1)60.

honor of Mris. Doyle Conner at for the Easter weekend. Mr. and MIl/;. Fred Clark send I family. of Palatka were the Saturday Certificate Yea,..' f Issuance Xo. 65.1958. ( CHARLES A. DARBY.

the home of Senator fihands in Mrs. J. H. Sullivan visited Mrs. children visited the Drew Luke night guests of Mr. and i.k Decoration of Property Cora at SEC Clerk of Clrcuit Court of Bradford
Jane Tate in Gainesville Tuesday family in Jasper Sunday. II Mrs. 1- W. Mar ey. I i.. -.r 'ofVE'4 run W. 505 ft for i County Florida.
Gainesville Thursday afternoon. afternoon. I FOB..X. 1320:! ft. W 65 ft. S 1237;; ft. I' 4.7 Ui:
Mss Mr. and Mrs. Ida Beaty of Ft.. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tinney I SE1.V 113.5 E 18.5 ft to POB Seciw 24 Customers
Judy Kelley of Jacksonville j Mrs.,O. H. Chambers and Mrs. Pierce were guests of Mr. and !lard! boys of Gainesville and Mr. T. S ;j5. R. 22 E. NOTICE TO CKKDITOUS ,
: was home with her parents. ;E. D. Eaton of Lake City were sad Mrs. H. C. Douglas Name in which assessed Keystone .. The (card of tie C'ouBlfBradford .I.cla-.
Mrs. Guy Harrell and girls and fam- Services. Inc. look
on for
Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Kelley for guests of Mrs. Fred Clark and C 0. '". Florida. your
the Easter weekend. Monday night. ily went fishing Saturday after- 411 of said property being in the !. Probate.In .
children on Tuesday.' noon. Connty. of Bradford. State of Florida re: Estate of James Bryant De-
Annette and John Green ofGainesville Rev. Barnes of Lakeland was aluncheon Sgt. and Mrs. Les Hardee 3r. of Mr. and Mrfc. Alan : c-eased. l in the.
spent the Easter holi Pdris I ;land. S. C. were the Fri- and Cnless such certificate or ( TO ALL CREDITORS AND PERSONS .
guest of Mr. and Mrs. f daughter of Jacksonville and Mr.! ficate shall be redeemed .t'rtl-I : HAVING CLAIMS OR DE.
I j.'ght guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. MANDS AGAINST SAID
ing to law the ESTATE:
r.r and Mis. Wilbur Barry of Gainesville property de
E. Bigham Jr. and family.Mr. in such certificate or ct'rtlficat..s'' You and each: of you are hereby
W. R. BUSTER and Mrs. W. E. BighamJr. visited Mr. and Mrs. will be sold to the highest bidderat notified and required to present any
EHANCOCK( Lloyd Barry Easter Sunday. tile court house door on the I claims and demands which you. or
and family were guests of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell first Monday in Month of May eitl.tr of you, may have against the
and Mrs. Lester Hardee Sr. in Douglas 1SS9. which Is the 2 day of May estate: of James Bryant dt'Ct'Ui'dI
Jacksonville I and son of Jacksonville wereguejsts 19c6. late of said County, to the County
on Saturday. They of Mrs. Iva Douglas Dated this 4 day of April, 1960. Judge of Bradford County, Florida.
helped Mif-' Bigham's father'Mr.Hardee. on iSKAL) at his office in the court house of I
celebrate his birthday.J. I Sunday. CHARLES A. DARBY. said County af Starke, Florida
THE ONLY FULLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATE Lloyd and Harold King of Clerk of Circut Court of Bradford within eight calendar months from
E. Townsend and his son County Florida. the time of the first publication of
FOR COMMISSIONER OF Jimmy of Palatka visited relativesn I Gainesville were visiting the G. 4/7 4t 4/26 this notice.: Each claim or demand
W. Davis family Saturday after- shall be in writing, and shall state
AGRICULTUREServices i Pompano Beach over the week-j noon. I I NOTICE OF .\PPLI.ATIO'OR the place of residence and post. office .
TAX IJKKI1Sec. address of the claimant and
endBob Hinton of Tampa was the | Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Davis and 184.16. F. S. shall be sworn to by the claimant
to AgricultureDIRECTOR !daughter were in Windsor Sun- Notice Id Hereby Given, that his agent his attorney, and any
Sunday luncheon guest of Mr. Kalph Williams the holder of Mich claim or demand not so filed
day afternoon. the ,hall be void. PROMINENT pispLA! OFYOUR
following certificates has
.- .... filed said ;
Florida Farm Bureau Federation I I Miss Judith Ann A. T. Paul. As Administrator of
Bushloper of
I I certificates for a tax deed to be the Estate of James
l issued thereon.
Jacksonville spent the Easter The certificate numLers deceased.
Council made
Florida Agricultural up .- and of
of the 36 State Agricultural Organizations] holidays with her grandparents, f'1'ription years of the property issuance and the de the First publication April 14, 1960.4t 5-5. WILL BRING YOU YOUR SHARE OF '
MEMBER AND SECRETARY- :Mr. and Mrs. N. J, Davis. names in which it was assessed area
,) Agricultural Services Committee (Helped Plan Sidney Moody of Green Cove Certificate, follows: la CoBBlr JadBr'. ,r mrt Ia Aid THIS READY-TO-BUY MARKET
Reorganization of Deportment of Agriculture) 4pis 43. For llradford Couatr. Florida.
Springs; was the luncheon guestof Year of Issuance -* *
Chosen Man of the :Year in Agriculture by Progressive 1936; i I In r 1956 Mr; and Mrs. N. J. Davis Sun- Description of Property Lot 2 of I I ,deceased. Ba there when the lookst for !
Former Magazine -- Block 1 LT&CO'S S D Sec. !8 T 6 NOTICE TO CKI'.UITORS'I prospect you
Received Florida State Veterinary Medical' Association riay. SR22E t, All creditors of the estate of G
Distinguished Service Award 1959 Guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Name in which assessed Elizabeth I I W. .Andrews deceased' are hereby,
Received the Agricultural Outstanding Service Award, Harrell on Sunday were: Mr. and JIcToy, Agent. ruffled and required to file any '
Florida Agricultural Council 1958 Mrs. Drew Duke of Worthington
4 State Farmers Degree in the Future Formers of America I I
Mr. and Mrs. James Han-ell and
SUBJECT TO KAY :JBfc DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY s.m. Mr. and Mrs. 'Curtis Beach

-: LU .. J' and Beach.son all and'of Gainesville.his mother Mrs. Give A Young Man A Chance

Harry Edwards of Jacksonville
s. spent the Easter holidays with
: : !hs mother Mrs.Lottie Edwards. .

Guests.:: of Mr. and M$. Dave JENNINGS
Green during the Easter weekend

were: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Karkuttof STARLING

N Judy McRae Detroit Mich., Mr. and Mrs. *

Wilson Green and girls, Mr. and

Mrs. Julian Green and son, and .
Speaks For Mr. and Mrs. Alex Williams and I. ,
soil all of Jacksonville. -

? Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tinney "
Farris '"
Bryant and bays of Gainesville. Mr. and BELOW IS A LETTER RECEIVED BY JENNINGS

r is, } Mrs. Earl Green Shirley Green, STARLING FROM INTERESTED CITIZENS AND
AT LAWTEY RALLY Cherie Hinton and Carolyn Mc-
\ David had a picnic and Easter
egg; hunt in the woods Sunday

,zM It's Time For Kay Elzey Linda Green. Virginia Starke, Florida -
... f Parrish. Mary Ella Green L
Juanita 'Stalnaker, and. ,Dick\e April 10, 1960 ic
Davis returned home Monday _
from their Senior Class trip to Will you please read and answer the following:

Successful Former, Business Man, Educated in QualifiedBY NassauThey reported that they questions at your next public speaking for the 'benefit sR .jrb1
Florida! Schools, B.S. in Agriculture, U. of Flo., e.y
I had a very enjoyable time. of the citizens, tax payers ;and \'oters'of Bradford coun- k
Marine Veteran, Family Man, Long Record, of FAR Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perry of ty, similar questions are being and have been mailedto

Selfless Service' ,to .Florida Agriculture. Gainesville- were guests -of her each of gentlemen seeking the hon. sheriffs -C
'J .- .. '', FOR GOVERNOR parejOMc nd J rTM. O. Har- .
: r '''
F u ?.office; we as citizens of Bradford County, will appreciate _
rell on Sunday honest convictions in'
Paid for by W.o.. Dal jr, Cimpilja Treasurer, \ (Pd. Pol. Ad.) Mrs. Malcolm Lewis and chil- ypur answering the following
\ dren spent the Easter .weekend questions.

-- with her mother, Mrs. Eva Crowl, .
Q.-What are your qualifications for sheriff?
of Largo.. Mrs. Crawl returned
.-High School Graduate.
home with them for a week's
Graduate from Fla. Highway Patrol Law En-

He Stayed With Us visit.Miss: Lucretia Cumbee of Jacksonville _' forcemeat School.

was home with her parents '" Served 2 1-2 years as State Trooper. 3.'t'L

Mr. and Mrs.,Warren Mi- :
zelle this weekend. Q.-What qualifications will you require of your

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Branum deputy sheriffs?

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Taylor and A.-Young men and that they shall get training before & _

Let's family, all of Palatka, and Kenny they can assume duties of'a deputy. -- -J

Green and Mary Rowe of Wild-
wood were the Sunday guests of Q.-Do you propose to use any of your' immediate

,, Mr. and Mrfe. Roy Green. family or kinfolk as your deputy sheriffs?
Rudolph Stokes and childrenof A.-No, I will not.

: ____ Alachua and Wilma Fipps and ,
Stay H children of Jacksonville were the Q.-Will you use or permit the Hon. Sheriff's officeor ForSHERIFF

Sunday guests of Mrs..H. E. Stokes. powers of same to be used in the embarrass-

ment of any person or persons?

The regular monthly meeting A.-No.

waft of the Home Demonstration Club ,
iJ I was held Thursday afternocn. Q.-As sheriff, will you or will you not allow your-

Plans were made for the annual self or any county tax paid employees of the Farmer *
No favoritism between picnic and for the Zinnia Show. Hon. Sheriffs office to' partkipate. In any I Family Man. ExperiencedLaw

his two counties Mrs. Dave Green was in chargeof person's political race on a local level, City or

'=: not even adividing r" the meeting. County? Enforcement Officer

line-Just #' HimN'T A.-No. FORMERLY

the" 15th Senatorial Q.-Do you at this time own your personal or family
District: car, if so, for how long? J- S

I JffiSKSAeredfycMiot A.-Yes, 15 years. i
Q_If elected sheriff, of Bradford County, will you t'

GIVE UP 22 YEARS not use, the county tax paid and owned cars or Office Of

vehicles, for your own personal and family use? DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY

i A.-No. My family and I will use personal cars. Tallahassee

Experience Seniority Prestige 4J4 Q.-We believe you stated if we' are correct that :March\ 2, 1960
yop would, if elected sheriff & Bradford County
cut the operating expenses and cost of said TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

sheriffs office in behalf of all tax' payers of This is to certify that Jennings W. Starling was

EXPERIENCE, PRESTIGE AND SENIORITY HAS electors Bradford? County, please explain briefly for we I employed by the Florida Highway Patrol as a patrol-

man September 17, 1953 and resigned of his own accord -
BUILT A MODERN PRISON WHICH TOOK ;:. A.-By reducing overhead expense and by workingand December 16, 1955.
being active myself.Q. .
KNOW HOW TO GET THIS ACCOMPLISHED I Mr. Starling's services while with the patrol were

THE MORE MODERN AND UP TO DATE THE F .-If elected sheriff of Bradford County do you i very satisfactory. He performed his duties in a

have in mind any program in behalf of the boys courteous and diligent manner, and was a gentlemanat

MORE JOBS AVAILABLE FOR OUR PEOPLE. ., and girls of Bradford County, with reference i all times.

f to juvenile' delinquency, if'' so please explain, : H. N. KIRKMAN,

\ if not why? Director.

STAY WITH CHARLEY E. : .> ? ... A*-Yes. By organizing and working with a Junior I!

\ Deputy Club. '


Our plumbing is THANKS FROM Your Support Will Be Merited and

JOHNSFOR Do you shout oensorable thing BRADFORD COUNTY :

at your plumbing? It's bad for Jennings Starling, Deeply Appreciated .

your blood prepare. The .best P. D. Reddish,

thing to do U call us and before H. A. Eawson, : ; (Pd. PoL Ad.)

you ran say Freddie Fii-It, your .
worries will be< over. r
STATE SENATORHE i Following is his radio schedule:

< WKG.R.fJQ _.10 3fieutes .rP.SSIXG: STARLING
a 1:13 P.bL ___ 2. 1:0
April A.1L __
AprU so
: 70 A'I. -- April 23 1:30.'P.M. ,
iU '
'. P3[ -\pril-I
YOUR ACTIVE SUPPORT AND VOTE ON MAY 3 Off/Of SetTfC rAMtCSEKVfCE- .T : 70 A..1L -\priI l s 7:2031.. -----. May Z
.. %:05 PAL ____ April :7 ----_ May J
EARNESTLY SOLICITED AND DEEPLY APPRECIATED I 11:30 A.M. __ April 28 6:0.') P.1I. ---____ May x

(Pd. PoL Ad.) 'f 1U P.U. __ April !9 l2 0 A.*: I II "_ May S



.. A .. ,



I .., ,_ ' : '_ '" :' __ ''' .' p' ,' ,' ,i. -i ;_"'-
m ville visited her parent, Mr, and at Kingsley Lake. 0 ,varezere visitors at'church-last' .' __ .. . ",, .'. -
Mrs. J. B. Gaskins, and her I Sunday church services remain f'Sunday.
!brother and sister-in-law, Mr. .the same with Sunday School at! THE
and Mrs. Billy Gaskins, during 10'a. ra.. preaching service at 111 j At The Tabernacle VALUE'rain
the weekend. a. m., Bible Study at 7 p- m., and Westinghouse
By Mrs. Sybil Griffis
I Mrs. J, E. Norman and i eon: I r-rcacrung service at 8 p. m. ; After Easter morning servicesat
eA1 iA.a.u.a...uuaa.. I James visited Mrs. Norman's Everyone is welcome.yymyyyyRy1TyAyynty. I If j' the Gospel Tabernacle, con-
I sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and f ducted by the sponsor, a beautiful -
Visitors of Mr. and Mrs. ClydeC.
(I I Mrs. Allen WaInwright, and family I dedication ceremony was performed comes to
Griffis Sr. this week were Mr. in Jacksonville on Friday. by Rev. W. A. Scott of I. C o.
and Mrs., Eugene McDonald and .I Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Redding and; PINE, LEVEL I\Gainesville for Robert Edmund
family of Jacksonville and Mr. : family attended the Bethlehem I I31rs. young son of Mr and Mrs. Elmer
*nd Mrs. Bobby' hosier of Lawtey. .I Church in Lake City for a sing H. 3(. McRae i Johns of Apollo Beach. The service -\
Members of the church enjoyed on Sunday afternoon. : j was performed from the Bible 220 N. TEMPLE AVENUE
an err: hunt at J. I. Rosier i Your reporter's son-in-law, Eu 1AA IAAlWA11A1AA1 1 before an altar arrangementof I

place on Sunday afternoon. gene McDonald, will be baptizedon Mrs. Hall, the pastor's wife, is white cross, Easter lilies and r '

Miss Betty Gaskins of Jackson- u day. April 24, at 3 o'clock'H1ll in Hilliard with' her son-in- day's greenery..services Special included music for an the instrumental -I I ; AND BRINGS YOU TERRIFIC SAVINGS j 1

law and daughter, Rev. and Mrs. .
duet by ,Mrs. Hipple
J. E. Murrhee. She is missed in
| I aud Miss Wallace and vocal so- AND EASY TERMS
I Pine Level and everyone wishes
Re-Elect I I la? by MrsE.. L. Johns and Mrs. ri
a speedy recovery. !
H. F. McGee.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Broadwell
jkF j4; RAY E. Mr. McGee is holding a seriesof
i ft { \'!'of' Jacksoville parents visited Mr. and'Mrs.Mrs. Broad'LU'S L.- meetings in St. Petersburg. SMALL ENOUGH" TO KNOW YOU .

__ !A. Crosby, and her grandmother, ; S '
2I : .Mrs. H. M.McRae. Methodist Church f LARGE ENOUGH TO YOU!

Members of Bayless Hiway
COMPTROLLER Schedule for week of April 24:
!Easter Sunday Church School, 9:45: i
i hi IlMri.IIa Effetacy Ec/aea.y a. in. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. I
1 (Paid pol. adv.) ments last Sunday afternoon. '' WESTINGHOUSEw. ..,t
-1 .t revival. MYF snack
: .. Final day of
Mr. F, I Connors of Jacksory 'I WESTINGHOUSE -
Uille; and Mr. B. M. McRae of supper 6 p m. Youth Meeting,I Ii
1 1 t. I Staike 'visited -the McRaes and !3:30 i p m. Evening revival service LAUNDROMAT
!Crosby:. on Saturday. ; p.
I Mr. and Mrs. Gene Petcher of Sunday Methodist Men's i
Jacksonville visited relatives here Supper, Fellowship Hall, 7 p. m'l (Model L124))

Announcing . and Mrs. Margie Underhill in Tuesday Cub Scout

Starke on Sunday and Mondayi pcting' in Fellowship. Hall 7:30! :.... ,.. "Automatic Lint Ejector .
i and Mji; Loren Conner of p. m.
'DOT. AND BILL DRIVE-IN Wednesday Prayer Meeting,
| Miami, Mr. and Mrs. Dubose and
I 7:30:: p. m. Multi-Speed Washing. .
'367 N. Temple Avenue daughter, and Miss Patricia Al- Thursday Prayer group in I J svj* Action fj
1 Ladits Bible Classroom. 9:30: a. m. I
FORMERLY HERB'S DRIVE-IN Chancel Choir rehearsal 7:30 p.! C j 4 '
_ r .._\ii 'lSuds and Water Saver
Please Vote
Fpj m. '
__ PADGETT CHURCH ; :{ Look-in Door

'I IX'h p C
fr Theie will be preaching ser- 4
I vkl13 at the Padgett Church on. .

Special Plate LunchesMR. Sunday, May 1. at 2:30 p. m. J.: ,. a........
L. Strickland will be the speaker. .
1 ) 'Everyone is invited to attend this .Draw.... 4M t II M, puUundrom ..
,,; ep-
I service. t m lady d' & MRS..COLLEY UNDERHILL, Managers I j I The road is passable unless we _Ckn.. ciotiM ....
dual I eIf autDIMtbiIJ. -
y rs have more hard rains. ..u IOi. ua.t.
I ''r .Halt usd ICUIII' p. -
I dow w....
I .r With Trade RNRA
I x> ..er.r '
I Sunday School 10 a. m. Preaching

HEAR I 11 a. m. Training Union 6:50: : J 1. WESTINGHOUSE '
p. m..Preaching 7:3 9. m. Prayer ii

DOYLECONNER I!I I N. D (NOON) I'Meeting Wednesday Wednesday- Bible 7:30: study p. m., I30;,- ;" '1"'E: LEe T R I C iU N 01.I. E .

S I p. m. S "4
: WAINWRIGHT% o Model KDA40)

; I Surface Heats
FORSecretaryof Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Mora- '
,ng Worship 11 a.m. Evening j 50- bs.:Frozen. ... Storage ? .
Commissioner 'L f Plug-out Heater ..
For .
Service 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meetinf. .
of AgriculturelocahM I State each Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Every Adjustable Rack for that Large Package *. Tilt and Surface '
: !
: .
I one welcome-Key. H. H. Uott, Units ,
He is qualified through paator.

experience in City, Countyand $

State Government. ...... CARD OF. ,THANKS I .$
"y >* i ,
: Listing 1 lie' Vill vigorously oppose "on. < S153 '
any attempt' to inte- Our heartfelt thanks are ex-' 248
grate our schools. jvessed to all who extended comforting -
sympathy and help in our
A.third generation 'I recent soirow. For the beautiful

t County native he has !service, and other kindnesses, we With Trade
Saturday, April 23 6:10' to 6:15 P.M.
your interests at heart. j are deeply grateful.-The family With Trade .
WFGA CHANNEL 12 Please tell your friends I of Will Andrews.

about him and help him ___
Saturday,.April 30 11:15 to 11:20 P.M. get elected.Pd. II \OT1CK ;'0 DKPKNU :. .'=-. .- ',_ -,, : _. .. '- __ __ __, ,.', .. ._-'-:: -- ,' .. __--, : .:'.- .. : ,, -- -,..' :_ < .i'-==->.

(I'd. I'ol. Adv. ( Pol. Adv.) !.Florida Ori-ult* !Court. CkaDrfr. liradford). County, -

... _____u ______ I Xoliie XOriOK Wiggins TO I'PKAR 1)t>nham, Defendant, Westinghouse Freezer
To: Xolhr "Wiggins Denham,
\\hPse residence and address is Un

:. known.Yoc are hereby notified that a (Model CSM15))
suit for Divorce has been filed against -
: FACTS : you in the above named .
: ., Court and cause and you are required ". .
Holds 525 Pounds ;
serve a copy of your an- : : ., ,
ewer or pleading to the complainton '
the Plaintiff's Attorney MackS.
"' -.' A Futeh P. O. Box 347 Starke<")a. LIFT, OUT BASKET
and file the original in the office ,' .
: ABOUT of the Clerk 'Of the Circuit Court I
r on or before the 1C day of Mayl I SEPARATEQUICKFREEZER ,
1HO; otherwise the allegations of .
raid Complaint wil be taken
cont'ut'cI by you. I s- '
This: notice shall be published i.b i '
: :{nee each week for four

: 'Slade Gas Telegraph.ti\(SEAL Dated< weeks) this in 7 the day of f 'eonl't't'U-j 1." : Mo ; COMPARTMENT

Clerk of the Circuit Court ,, $
P.Y Marian L. Crosby, r Mme.
Deputy Clerk
414 4t ib

W 4.\ T
1. Slade Gas is a stronger .company today than it has .ever been. I ,. \

We will continue to serve Starke in the future as we have in 'Accomplishment, : t '
'1 tii' : s .
,' .. .p.: :
the past -- with the best gas and. service you can 'bb tam any not authorship! ,' ,; ". -\1Jl "','1.,<>' '';..r"i .; ,

place. J don't WHO ., 0. "" .ii. e'j.. < : r. -, .
care 'zx- ; :'! ., .
i .' ,,: : ;

2. If you wish to convert from natural gas to LP-Gas,: we will authors a ,.l'w.. ; ., ,-(a'..O.(t '


change the pipe in your home without charge to 'you. legislative measure t, With Trade

_ .only HOW #
4p 3. We will be in You won't .. ------ -- -- -
competitive price. changing <;
save money '- .
-- ,.
.. n.r
-- -. -
: -'- -
from Slade Gas. it benefits the ',. 1'' '. __ __ ,-- '' -- "
., ,, ,' .
;& > : : ":" -.r.{

I 4. We ,sincerely believe our service will be superior. You can now ,R QIQ.TERO WITH

get service from Slade Gas on a 24 hour basis, seven days each :{ Two 4" Treble '. ('
i AM-FM Radio. A I -
week. : I -; $ Speakers
** -- 1
Stero Hi Fi
5. There is no gas better than LP-Gas. The pressure is steadier, R.''&. 60 Output Watt Peak I

J Jt is a clean gas, it is hotter per cur ft., :{ Two IT Base -

1 .- Speaker > ,

6. With Slade Gas, you will continue to be a part of the great t The .Mot, Beautiful Furniture. ; Ever Heard! l L' ,
free that has made Let's "..
enterprise system our country great. ,. #

let other .countries have socialized business we don't believe l'1 .


't in it. ; FLORIDA F SUPPLY C 0. '
1 nest
You wail l Iwww J
I 7. Slade'Gas is non-toxic.
.. } 1m -' uscften,, -1.
'" p rw' r
220 N.

AlL S SLADE E !CARL TO Na you 1>>- \ ..SERViCQtr

Fr 1 ie Finest; in, Gas S Service. e '

i < -n.JtfEXT '-" .,. ';' ;II"f ',' "" GOVERNORruo u_ ,r'! SURE..F..r. W sti ngho u Se t -

i JNJQR \VINN-D1XIE PHONE \VO 4-3551 -- ... "

rouTKU.uvnmuntirrH '
l ... c.a+tall tan '.et.f.UUIIII r



PACE TEN u ImAlJl'1Jt(1 CU11Yt'Y '1ut.tiat-"rJt. SIAUIUJ, "LV.lun. ..u ...i'haL 21, 10

.._ _
-- ----- -
--- ---- ------ --- ------ --
TTTTTTTTTTT.YTYYTTYTYY.YTYYTTT T T ...YTY.;;;; ; 1 I. The Circuit Court I. Aid F..r old Slate Road Xo. 13 to a ; minutes fUt for I-." ft-et. SE',) nt.'SeN.nnT: T..+" ..",hill i
Bradford 'O.'T, Klurl'U. stake, thence run' North SS dfKrf -( thence run South U degrees 15 i J-outU, -Jiange :2:: East and lyinf
NEWS OF INTEREST TO COLORED Il'bitu..IILI.Kt:. Plaintiff I minutes East: for 51.5 feet to h rM <.. ..iu Stale Road No IS;
"'AFI.OL ** IIi minutes West for 621.7 ;
; Ilif"e right at way lintof i n.ntaininy S2 acres, mur.