|The giant oaks with and when she tossed it back from Mr. and Mrs. John McKinney number speedy of recovery.A school children Juni-. lir.t. ntherwlHi. the nlli'gn-.

rlda. Now the stately her face with a shake of the head, have received word from their have been unable to
attend class
It of my home here. In I was captivated. She was as son, P. F. C. Ottis that he has left -- --
es on account of measles
| This spring: I set out near a perfect child as I ever his Regiment/ In Korea for the U. I -'

ullow Yes, trees have taught. I send my congratulationsand S. A. He has been in Korea for I Let Us Thoroughly

light me joy. i God's blessings.Don the past 21 months..
had lots of rain here has gone to Sioux City. Mrs. Russell Starling and son HAMPTONlly Wash Your Clothes tr'0e

.. and so cool. I love I He will soon be home for lunch. 1 James and daughter Silva of
the full Palm Harbor is visiting Mr. and! :SI. SuccneyFelicitation 9 Pound
but it Is not so good like to cook and enjoy to

tiers. They cannot get est each, meal :with Don. It is a Mrs. Carl Jones.
d to plant corn or even holiday when he sets foot in the Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Rattlff and *: For 40c!

lever our lawn Is lovely: door. I sing and laugh and talk.I tnvutlr, wore r'I-!t'r.g Mr' Best Wishes for future success FREE Bleach If Desired

ire In bloom. I like to am gay. Life for the next' 20 Ratliffs aunt Mrs. E. L. Keene of Is extended to Hampton's two Temple Ate. Starke
trio lawn mower. Does years together should be the best Ftlatka Sunday. graduates from Bradford High la.d Avupaeut .er aerl-554 eta ie.dn.W art MI/M(/
| so short that It' gets In all our lives. Yet I know that Harley Starllr.j::; i III .on.f sick Miss Joan Sweeney and GeraldL.

a velvety green. It my happiness can at any moment !Tut thus welt. Brown, who will receive their .

|arm enough to sit out come to a close, as God wishes. Mrs. Louie Dempsey was visit diplomas tonight at Commencement ,

on the white lawn Then, one must hunt a new life. ing In Gainesville Monday Exercises in Starke. Last We Will Dollar forHaUr:
years' graduates, Miss Helen
Jean Parker and Eugene Mead I Dry Your Clothes 'Ycnl.cant Ijeat a .

have left Florida for the "outslde
world." Miss Parker has an/ office For 20c A.....".'. ........1-.1'1..1 KlrmlillU" Kluht'nr .

1 h '% To Limit position In Flint, Mich and Eu 1..1'1..1. with Gel hydra-Mail.. :
3erte 1 gene is employed aa an oiler witha In New Automatic Orient llrl\ Nlpu.aeuIOUOat11'oar /
N'r t 'h..I. ,....... ""1110.- P OIUOJC
fight Quantitiesa. Ga.Construction Co. In Brunswick, 9 !'in@htlElahl@ : a.. 10'"

IOAraf Tim :Moat llonnllful Thlntf oil SteelsMcGRIFF
O.Tar, Itlrthday Sulm Party

Sue Chastain, on her 9th birthday -
The Washeteria
anniversary Tuesday invited: MOTORS t

a dozen of her friends to a swim

party and wiener roast at Hampton i
Stockist Lake. 1- -_. ....' TEMPLI] AVE. & I'RATT$1'. STARKC FLORIDA

Fish 29CIe Accompanlng the school children' --:1
and teachers on their bus trip to+ --- -

Can Foster Memorial park Saturday I
i//s !
were Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Brannen, I wAre Celebrating Our % Anniversary

Mrs V. J. Slade, Mrs. T. J. Alder I

Tall 16-oz. Can man, Mrs \Williamson, Mrs.,
Grapefruit Van ('am"s! COMIJINATIOM: : PIIIIX'O RADIO

'E PORK & BEANS 2 f for 25cOld Bobby M. B. Jernigan.Layfield and Buddy and TAIiLE; MODEL JUST AKKIVKff .. .

2 No. 2 cans 19c Mr. and Mrs. Fred WhldJen! and F VALUED AT $J9.95! !); i

children returned Monday to their : ree AS DOOR PRIZE! JUNE: 2,

,L.\SS I Vlrjflnlrt CORNED home here after an eighteen day ) 4:00: P.M. BRAND NEW

trip to northern points of InterestIn REGISTER; TODAY) I 1

tit Butter 29c BEEF HASH,16 oz. can 3l Michigan and New York: Including '' i iJ
a brief visit to Canada FULL SIZE iI

cc also Port Huron, Buffalo and New I

York City were on their Itinerary kIr&i r't

12OZ. CAN Mr. and Mrs. Whldden with Mrs. -- f CONSOLE
d'B f 3 9 Whldden's mother :Mrs. E. Van : *:, J

rn e ee Fray lientos Brand I spending Alatlne relatives.and a few brother days In, Larry Cocoa with are I \ AT THE PRICE OF

Buddy and Bobby Jernigan of 4'' I
OO!) htrawbrrry In Beautiful Ire Tea Ghee Clearwater were weekend gueat of A TABLE MODEL

LE PRESERVES Ige glass 39c On their Sunday aunt Mrs.the Raleigh Brannens Brannen enter- ,' -H' t,
[ JELLY 21b 29c .
jar Italned their visitors at Silver I .-

II IILEMON Springs Mrs. Jessie Morgan of Jacksonville l ..z r 1
llUIt, The Great Big Tender" Kind California Sunklst 1
spent the past week here with 1I

i,303can19c dozen 29c friends. S br 99995

Mr. and Mrs L. A. Wynn were'i I
visiting relatives In Starke Sun- I

day.Mrs.. C. L.. May and Mrs. J. F I r.re"cote

born Johnson spent Monday with Mrs t

offee Chase: CSan 83C J.Smith G. Lamoreaux Lake. at her home on I I f eg, i I IV

Mrs. Dora Munson will leave e ... ,_,.... NEVER; BEFORE: : AT THIS PRICE
Friday for a month's vacation m : : ejj'
Mew York State. Mrs. Munson / :: : Exclusive: Balanced Ream Picture

has been employed for the past I Plus Electronic: Muilt-In Aeriu!

TVKKLARRlb. year at the Florida Farm ColonyIn I r.1; ,, // ',.+ .:

23c Gainesville Don't Settle/ for Less!

RCD, qt. size hot.17cO.qtsizebot.15c v.v.Iliiii see' I

I : +rr ,1.:1::' :::'' IIMCR: IT IS this nuwt sensational| trlrvUlonalue) I
BLL.4RD'9FLOUR,51b.pkg. : i ::: ?iFiii: : :::::!:!: I of the year fr in I'hllcn. world'' largest TV and) raillonutniiforturpr.

53c llr Mr'.. J. L. !Strlrkland :i j Think ..f It. aluiiurlou. HKlWHEE.VronHole I
I ,:/ .. +sr/e ,r .. ) ) ym, J.t.....L1IIZE'l&h"KllnJ'/ : veneer cabinet I

The Baccalaureate Sermon wa pr ri11 now jonr AT THK.: PltlCK OK. A TABLE :MODEL

preached) at the Clay Hill School !

Colored! in Qtrs. the Sunday Rev.afternoon Percy Knight at 9 o'clock There are byl I IC 1 f li L,:t:" ej..e./:j, C'ha"h'Amt l r'llalanrfil with IhU Heat"sensational,. |ilrture-price VO, BLtUS jou jet: N Phllyds<1 !SMEAR! : *t-!

LEO 29c two graduate from the Cla> Hill'': Hailed everywhere) the insect picture ever seen on any

I I I'our this year Ella May Ostpen and j v/ trl<>vlKlon. serreni! Plus miirp\vrr rlrcult, new luxury

LB. Mildred Manning. School will be features, kn'I I famous I'hllco EWIronlc Iliiill-ln Aerial

out June 5th. Nafl'm that outperform all Other by an much a* S to 1.

Prayer meeting was conducted ,, On every rount. Its the greatest value ever la a Imurloun -

Package at Lljte Carter's Wednesday night. A upe .,TXA Cello 23. The meeting'was conducted
W88h A Lifetime Sparkle'OLlgebox I Fancy Long Grain P May who ; lay? be among the flmt to see It ac NASWOIITIIY'S.
Vondee Durrence
25c Trade In your small nrrrrn TV art or old radio.
RICE 24 02. was ordained a. Deacon in the i, EASY TERMS
25c Long Branch Church not long ago. I
: Liberal Trade-In Allowance
Mr. Carter Is very 111 and has been

small boxes 23c TREET Ige. can 49c for Mrs.sometime Louie Carter says everyone :, Luxurious Full-Size Genuine

are did miss Rev. Strickland' Mahogany Veneer Cabinet C. H/N AS WORTHY

s't the Homecoming services at 1 \ The erWMlon. of muter drslgners and artl....Ji... I

Lon Branch. ThIs scents to be .. f.lranIaholany: veneers with a'_' I Idl.f1JKotive
Male of nrl r *
>ty of Everything -- Including LOW PRICES the he Homecoming organized first time the he service Homecoming has ever here misseda since services i amen modern Mahngnyanlch ihMtlgn. reflects Instrument. Phllro'n uniiimlrhc panrl. It's I I General I Supplies, :

I at Long Branch and also In quality all.1 .. li,,'le features. that assure utmost :I \

this part of Florida. Mrs.. Carter! dependability and en.J Jn..nt. YM. the trealMt of Phone 198 232 E. Call St. Starkr', Fla.I..t. .

PRICES teemed to be at a loss too because all TV m-tsj IKN"T SETTLE FOn LESS. I I '
COMPARE OUR __ -- ------- --- I IJUN11951 In
Leon was not present this __ _n._ -' n -
too was the first time he has been

-" It \1\c'
[ .\, "

,, ,. .. .w._ '" .. ..... .. jlj... . . 1. \J XfiI:!-.. ._... ".<. .w ,_ .... ._ ". .. .." .. ...... .. --. "t'iI.: : ..._ 1'._._, .-.--. .-.-..---, -. ,' .. .... ."..,.. .r..." __ "...,-- .. --- ".--- ,...".. .. '.F.. .. ,u

',,"t" >

: .

;;/ -_ _ f'RIIJ\1',

' -s-as__rt srprsrrssrssrr__S S St rrerrser rsrrj !,'Recently Wed -. DRIVE ECONOMICALLY 62 RegisterFor mentioned all) organizations above, and and In Individuals addition,,\ memberIt class, hilI.! II.;. 'tl!

Cripple Clinic the stenographers, Mrs. Clifford '
DS.IVIRNUMSIR 1 .32M.P. :. Force aUri :
Hazen Mrs. Robert Turner, :Mrs.C. \1,11
Here Last FridayA Lacklaud teptcruit ('!
:\ I V. Englerlght, Miss Sue Biggs, AF'13 In
and Mias' Peggy Caldwell, who devoted tt5lning .

... :) :, 1 iti.42M.p.: G. very successful CrippledChildren' their time and efforts In din Ralph will i nuglOTs,, and
Clinic was held j l in the making this clinic succea ful.I Ira v. SatuM't BIi;
.. office of the Bradford County ward Hornsby ,,,
Gladys Mooty I Health Department on Friday, bert Ha1.I'n and ry De,.
2 I Five GraduatesJoin ClIQI
Phone 35 I .'. .:. '12.50Q M. P. G. Avrag May 23. A total of 62 crippled and are schedulpd to I.av,
physically handicapped children Air Force Flee the
------ :'
-- - \'tW::
from Bradford, and including a
Portable ntJlJ.
Circle MembershipIs 'Mr. and Mrs. Shull ., 3 to 9 i : : special) group for follow-up ex Six young men, five of them ford Ci'iinty TlH'1rll'r "'"
\ M. P. G. Average .
/4 F1 ; .:. 3.47 amination from Alachua County, TI'I.l'apb,
: ,.
Announced Are Supper Hosts ; : were examined in this clinic] A

Methodist WSCS Honoring SonMr. I \ \\1 ''LI L ,, complete report has not been re Family Out of Town for

I 1 By I lOto2O21to27 : ceived on all those examined, as Vacation? '
:. 14.43 M. P. G.A.'A .
.: The membership and place of and Mrs. E. T. Shull entertained i eO yet. Make Your Summer
meeting for the new circles of for their son. Sgt. Edward I : '" Including the parents and other, Head

the Starke Methodist Woman'* Shull, at a fish dinner Tuesday children in the family, It ts estimated : at the

Society of Christian Service waa evening. The fish were caught by : I ,. 15.24 M. P. G. that there were approximately .
released this week by :Mri. Titus Mr. Shull Sr. and Ion while on a : :1 1.- Average 200 Individuals in the office @ GUIDON I '

t Olson, W. S. C. a. President. deep sea fishing trip Thursday of : "I'- during this time. Sandwiches GRIt
There are to be five circles this last week. prepared and served by membersof EAT! AT THR
.. 28 to 29
.. : REST:
I year, a morning circle, an evening Enjoying the supper with the _:!.e'-' ,.- :'i-'li j : J6.OO M. P. G, the American Legion Auxiliary FQRGI

circle, a home circle, and two honor guest were Miss Alice Lappe Pictured above are Sgt. and .. ,. : and their ;friends were well re / TilE II'

afternoon circles. Kenneth Gilder, Evelyn New. Mrs. W. B. Bowling whose marriage I ceived duing the lunch hour. OUR 50c LUNCHEON IS STILl. TIIF ESTr

., Circle No.1, the morning circle. some, and Mr. and Mrs. James took place In the First Bap.tlat 30 1' ,- : I Dr. A. Y Covington, director,j BUY IN AMERICA;
: 17.28 M.P.G wishes to extend appreciation tor'
i wlttv Mrs. U A. Davis, as Circle Phillips.Sgt. Church on Tuesday, May 8. V }
p Chairman will meet In the homeof Shull Is spending a month'sleave Mrs. Dowllng is the former Mills I .. ._ -
---------- ----- -
Mrs. L. D. Vining on' Monday at his home here after a tour Elaine Edwards, daughter of Mrs. I I 31 '6_

morning, June 4, at 10 a. m. of duty In Korea. Mae Edwards of Starke. I
1 MILlS."UON 10 II 12 13 14 15 16 17 .
Membership Is as follows: Mrs. II I Dowling Is stationed at Fort Monmouth No Matter What Day., the
I H. Adams, Mrs. A. W. Anderson, WCTU Members N. J. HERE'S PROOF that your gasoline mileage depends on your Week YouBht
k Mrs. J. L. Anderson, Mrs. W. A driving as much as on your car. Thirty-one members of the Pittsburgh No Matter
a4 Bessent, Mrs. Florence Brown, Meet In TabernacleThe Section, Society of Automotive Engineers (indicated by numbers at 1_ What Department You Shop
MIa Amy Coburn Mrs Charles Young Folks ProgramAt left of diagram), recently drove the same automobile over the same ,.
May meeting of the WCTU course. Their results (shown by position of autos above) ranged from --
Darby, Mra. L. A. Davis, Mrs was held 1 la the Tabernacle Annex Baptist Church a low of 10.32 miles per gallon to an average of 13.60. to a high of -' A
1jb4 Lloyd Farber, Mrs. W. O. }Halle laat Friday afternoon with Mrs.S. On 8th 17.28. High scorer got 707o more mileage than the low. Gulf Oil laboratories I & P Has the Valua
June -
Mrs. Carl Johns. Mrs. Charlie E. J. Grady and Mrs. Rubye Good- i which supervised test call it evidence that.any driver can
i1 Johns, Mrs. T. T. Long. Mrs. EL. get at least 10% more miles per gallon by observing economy driving
man as hostesses Potted plants The public la invited to
4..: Matthews, Mrs. W. E. Middle- and cut flowers were used Indecorating. Church the Baptist rules. Shop whenever you choose" ,',??,"?, I\halflll
on Friday, June 8
1 ton, Mrs. H. C. Ritch, Mrs T. H ... need you're sure to get outstanding
Slade Mrs. Smith, Mrs for a young peoples' program A Plea Bible Alone .. ... A &: P 'Sits,5.
Hogan The Essay Contest Committee presented by the Royal Ambassadors To Leave The Customers 9 Super Market. For A &: p gives your,, fond

Edwin Torode, Mrs. Pauline Mrs.To-3. reported that the decision of the Girls' Auxiliary, and Sun (An Editorial from the! Louville Courier-Journal) ? .:E( more pun-hanln power by taking )less promfni
rode, Mrs. L. D. Vining,
judges will be handed to Prof. C. beams, ages 4 to 12 years. ->> Corner I offering you hundreds of low prices In ,,
R. Wainwright. Nobody would question the high tutlon of "pods" for "husks. ??-> every irp
S. Partin so that the awards mightbe The first appearance of the Sun- )>. A.- I every day. In addition, A ft P mark .
Circle No. 2 with Mrs. H. M. In the pH.osOBJ
made Friday evening, June 1, beam Rhythm Band'will motives of those who want to "od- There are some passages and gives "
Rlcharde, as Circle Chairman, will at commencement exercises. Members this Ume.Another .be madeat erntoe'- the language of the Bible. King James Version, to be sure, Knowledge is a good ,' can you an Itemized cash regUlcr n-reta.

meet in the home of Mrs. E. K. of the union were pleased at highlight of the I They believe the old, sonorous Eng that are deeply obscure, Many good thing for shoppers as well see that\ you're payIng no more than A ft rt

Perryman, Monday June 4th ftt the number of contestant entering gram will be a talk by Sgt. pro-Edward lish phrases set down by.the translators Christians have heard and repeatedthem aa students. |M 4tpV 3p.m. I of the Seventeenth all their lives without ever you pay for. Thl, ,"Low-Price
__ essays and the fine spirit of Shull who has recently returned early l TAe more you understandhow I Low.Prnftt'
_ Membership la as follows: Mrs. cooperation among officers, teach- to the States from Korea. Century are difficult and ften stopping to reason out exactly what your food store operates tII4"UI'f'1It you of getting' more and spending. ,ice .'
S. J. Benton, Mrs. A. L. Crosby, ers, and judges.Although The O. A. members will present confusing to readers of today. they mean. Scholars have shovn the better you can and MW what a help It can bel! 't

Mr. Maude Fields, Mrs. Robert there were invitations a playlet, "We've A Story to Tell They want more people to read the that such dark passages are almost
Green Mrs. T. J. Griffin, Mrs.C. for the June meeting. It was decided to the Nations." Bible. They reason that It must always the result of faulty transla plan your shopping. t&8wjul
K. Hayes, Mrs. M. B. Herlong, to meet again In the Tabernacle be made simpler and easier for tion. 'When the Book of Proverbs l% That is why many of the I A & P Has the VALUES

Mrs. F. C. Holllngsworth, Mrs. annex, which Is a more central .Eastern that purpose. speaks, for instance, of "apples of letters we receive from j in TenderFLA.
Berry Johns, Mrs. F. H. Long, location. Star NoticeA Yet We wonder If they do not gold In pictures of silver," It Is almost customers are requests fdf

Mrs. A. D. Martin, Mr. J. C. regular meeting of the lose more than they gain. The National certain that the word "pic i information.%*Qjj* -* 5H.| GRADE A .. D &: D
Moon, Mrs. J. E. McRae, Mrs. W. Council of Churches of tures" was a translator's error for pretend
Newcomb Eastern Star | t We don't tt
Byron Chapter will be held '
H. Nollman, Mrs. W. N. North, "
Christ in the U. S. A. has
authorized -
on Monday, June 4 have all the answers but FRYERS
at ,
p.m. LB.
Mrs. Bertha Pearce, Mrs. Daisy Honored on BirthdayNine a revised version of the It would help modern readers of ''we are always QIad to do 4I I Ii 49c
Perryman, Mrs. E. K. Perryman, scriptures which will appear In the the Bible if such points were covered -
Mrs. Rosa Phillips Miss Olive young guests were on hand HINTS TO Fall of next year. Some of the In footnotes. But the worthy 'i our beat to give you the information SUPER RIOIITPICNIC'Slbe

Ray, Mrs. H. M. Rlcharde, Mra. Saturday evening to help Byron planned changes in the text seem effort to clarify the text in the you want. tfggjf

Carrie Ritch, Mrs. J. H. Pitch Newcomb celebrate Ills 14th birth HOUSEWIVESPROTECTLNQ useless or worse. What modern Goodspeed edition, and all other |5. So, if there are any questions

Mr. George Sherwood, Mrs. J. T. day anniversary at the home of mind would fall to understand the similar efforts have drained the you have about youi -

J I Stabler, Miss Kate Struth, Mrs. its parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. \ phrase "portion of goods that color and majesty out of the King A&P dont hesitate to aa)
t# .I W. H. Struth Mrs. John A. Newcomb, on Orange street. OOLFJVSA falleth," but grasp the revision, James language. The richest flow ,us. Please write: 49.<**$**( HERMAN'S
' Torode, Mrs. Noble White, Mrs. Several lovely bouquets of roses good wool coat la an Important "share of property that falls?" erlng of all English proae becomes SUPER GRADE COCKTUL

Olin White, Mrs. J. L. Williams, were used to decorate the New- Investment these days and de- Certainly nobody brought up on flat and Jnslpld. Surely fewer people CUSTOMER- RELATIONS \WEINERS

Miss Florence Wood. I comb home for the occasion. The serves the best of care in the sum. a farm would misunderstand the I rather than more, will read a DEPT. 8 oz. pkg. -4 3

Circle No. 3 with Mrs. A. Z.i refreshment table was overlaid mer.: The same thing goes for passage that speaks of a man fill Bible that Is stripped of the mag- A&P Food Stores ,

Adkins as Circle Chairman will I with a white appliqued linen cloth suits, dresses, sweaters, socks ing "his belly with the husks that nificent music that has rung In 420 Lexington Ave...
meet. at the home of Mrs. Adkins centered with the ;white birthday gloves, and other garments made the swine did eat"and there la certainly I the ears of our forefathers for so New York 17, N. Y. Wisconsin American

on Monday afternoon, June 4, at I cake embossed with pink and yellow of .wool To protect such articles no advantage In the subsU-' many generations. CheAh

3 p, m. .Membership. Is as follows: rosebuds, with yellow candles from the ever-present clothes -. .-.--.- w->>. Medium Flavor
.Mrs, A. 'Z. 'AdkinB,.:'JTell' I r rtnd,Manked' with crystal holders moth, entomologists of the Depart Funeral Sunday ------- .- -

Andrews, Mrs. J. B. Cottrell,*Mrs.P raiding burning white tapers. ment of Agriculture offer the following tift ;;',1 I Will Graduate A6.P Wo. th. VoI"e. InFresh I CHEESE lb.

:'D. Fancher, Mr. W. F. God- Games were played during the suggestion to those who For Thos. L. Monk, From U of F 6
win. Mrs. L. D. Green, Mrs. Shel-i evening and prizes won by
; -were are storing clothes at home: ': VeteranFarmerThomas : I Fruits
lie Hall, Mrs. C. E. Hernwall, Mrs. |j Joan Smith and Nancy DuPre. If The .following are listed among
you are storing woolen | AIXGOO.D
J. C. Hobbs Mrs. J. G. Helton, I IMrs. Helping Bryon celebrate the occasion in an garments L. Monk. 63, a farmerIn the 1,153 students who will receive and SLICEDBACON
ordinary which VegetablesThrifty
L. S. Hutto Mrs. Grace Jordan I were Jane Rlcharde, Joan will be In frequent the Heilbronn Springs section degrees from the Universityof

Mrs. M. R. Judd, Mrs. L A.I Blade, Joan Smith, Nancy DuPre commercial 5-percent use DDT spray solution a for the past 30 years died In the Florida In commencement exercises Prices plus Farm" Fresh Flatormake. Ib.Sunnjflrt.1 4

\ Jackson, Mrs. D. E. Knight: Mrs. Patty Lawson, Judy Green, Mar- on closet walls, baseboards Lake City Veterans Hospital Fri- to be held June 11: A &: P's Fruits and Vegetable* .

I AlbertLee, Mrs. Ovlti Lewis, cue Rape, Billy Cressler and) Bert on the floor,, or on other surfaces day, May 23, after a short Illness. Starke: Donald E. Champion, IIIIC'h'onlerful Values.BANANAS ,
Mrs. E. S. Matthews, Mrs. Grace Newcomb. BSF F. Lowell Douglas, BSF Fancy Thin Sliced
where insects may be developingor I He was born In Birmingham ; ;
McComb, Mrs. Q. S. Newcomb, utiere- they will come in ( Ala. and was a veteran of World Barney K. McRae, BSP; Minnie
Mrs. C. II. Quick, Mrs. V. 3.fl Farewell Party with the DDT deposit that contact is War I.Besides. Lou Patray, BAE; Edwin Spencer 2 Ibs. 25c BACON Ib. J
Rape Mrs. George Russell, Mrs. !I ,
A. F. Sauls, Mrs. Foster Shi' For Mrs. Charbonneau left after the liquid has evaporate his wife, Gracie Monk,, Sheppard, BIB. ,
l. It won't be necessary to he' Is survived by four brothers, Lawtey: Ovid Leon Futch, BA.
Smith, Mrs. Charles T. Wade, Mrs.E. .
C. Williams, Mrs. JeannetteWilliams. I Several members of the Catholic spray the closet very often, as the Arthur F. Wiley John E. and C. Keyatone Heights: William C. Texan Yellow Red PERCH

.. Mrs. Arthur Wood.. I church delightfully surprised Mrs. DDT solution is effective for several C. Monk, all of Caatlcberry, Ala.; McCrary, BA. ,
I Edward Charboneau weeks to several months. i three ulsters Mrs. P. C. Manning, FILLETS
The membership of Circle .No. 4, Tuesday eve- Earleton: Brady Greathouxe, Jr.. ONIONS,3Ibs. 25cLarge lb. j
the evening circle is as follows: ning by dropping in for a farewell- When closet walls have been I Jacksonville Mrs. Dola Mae Edd, MAg ,

Mrs. L. C. Champion Mra. Del get-together. Mrs. Charboneau sprayed, moth adults or larvae 'Castleberry, Ala., and Mrs. Sarah
soloist at the Catholic church crawling over the treated surfaces HeadsLettuce
Colley, Mrs. Juanita Phillips Mrs.
along with Mr will will be killed. Brooks, Hacoda Ala. RAJ.411
W. B. Thompson, Jr. Mrs. Eula Charboneau However, since DDT
leave today for their home In has no fumigating effect, larvaeIn Funeral services were held at 2 for.. 29c
Whigham, Mrs. Olin White, Jr.,
Mrs. G. F. Odom.Membership Providence, R. I., expecting to be untreated clothing will not be the graveside( In Conner Ceme- Graduates SALAD DRESSING Pt-Z

of Circle No D, the back In Starke by October. killed. To treat clothing, spray tery Sunday afternoon at 2:30: ,

Home Circle Is as follows: Mrs. The group presented Mrs. Char lightly, all over the fabric on both o'clock with Rev. Sam Watson officiating. -
boneau with a gift of perfume as sides, with 5-percent DDT solu Gasp CELERY Ige. stlke 12e
W. E. Middleton, Circle Chair Interment was In the Quarts I 4
man: Mrs. W. O. Aldridge, Mrs.. a gift, and In appreciation tion. Some products are made -. -
of her work In the church. Tempt- especially for fabrics, and of family plot.Pallbearers.
O. W. Brown, Mrs. W. A. Colley, with pleasure when they
ing refreshments were also course do not menbers of the Fresh Yellow Crooknerk
cause stains Keep were
Mrs. Mary Ferry, Mrs. J.. F. receive a new Remingw Sparkle AssortedGELATIN
Rouser, Mrs. Laura Johns, Mrs. A':I brought along by the women and away from fire when using an oil American Legion Post 66.\ Funeral ton Portable Typewriteron
enjoyed during the evening.
T Shelp, Mrs. Winifred Wimberly -, Participating In the surprise spray. arrangements were in charge Graduation Day. SQUASH lb. 12c Dessert
Miss Beth Wlmberly. Articles stored In a trunk, chest -
were Mrs. J. W. Wallace, Mrs. of DeWitt C. Jones.
Additional members to the circles i or wooden bo*.that Is reasonably
George Plotts, Mrs. Anna Hale, '
will be added later. tight can be protected perfectly rlwlitt
Mrs. Steve Simmons, and Mrs. during the Peter Pan
Paul Keleher. summer by scattering PEANUT Butter-

Duncans Are Hosts one pound or paradlchlorobenzene of either flake naphthalene be- pJIj1STARKE Vi'P ,". ..PRitbMtBk i91i: 1r'

At Stag Supper Junior Club Plans tween sheets of thin clean papcif BABO CLEANSER 1

Honoring GraduatesMr. Benefit Masquerade Keep all covers tightly; closed _
Four ounces will give protection I Fri. Sat. June 1, 2

and Mrs. K. G. Duncan en- Mrs. Vernon Silcox, movie under ideal conditions These I DOUBLE FEATURE Spic N Span CLEANSER 2
chemicals are cheap, the entomo.
chairman, will movie
tertained Wednesday afternoon, present on
legists point out, so it to Machine Gun
at the Klncald summer home, on travel at the next regular meetingof pays '
overdose and be safe. A & P Prepared Fruit DREFT 3'
Kingsley Lake, at a stag swimming the Junior.Woman's Club, Monday Mama for dishes -

and supper party honoringtheir evening. June 4, at 8 o'clockIn & Wallace Ford
With ArmMat : PECTIN
son, Kaapar. a member of the club 'house. William K. Booth lOc

the 1931 graduating class. Plans will be made at the meet. Wins Honorary ANDBlazing C OXYDOL Soap Powder"3 3
Boating, swimming'and other Ing fur a benefit masqueradedance
water sports were enjoyed duringthe to be'> given Saturday evening Award In ScienceCharles Frontier

afternoon, after which a buffet June 16 at the U. S. O. Eachmember With Buster Crabbe QLJARS.ldoz.87cPt.JARSldoz.72c; I LAVA SOAP 1

supper wax served. About 16 will be responsible for S. Partln. principal of .\lso Cartoon and Serial
were present to enjoy the party two tickets. Proceeds will go to Bradford High School. announces I REMINGTONporfabf
with the honored guest. the mental hospital at Chatta- that William K Booth Is the 1951 Camay bar I

hoochee. winner of the Bausch & Lomb Sun., Mon., Tues. typewritirHere' I Toilet Soap, bath
Hostesses for Monday night's Honorary Science Award Medal "
Breakfast Honoring June 3, 4 5 '
meeting will be: Dot Powell, chairman for achieving the highest scholastic % 3'
Baptist GraduatesRev. Nina Bishop Hanson Mc record In science subjects ,
Millan Fran Ward Helen Adklns, during his high school course The MilkmanWith '

and Mrs. L. D. Haines and Carolyn Keene and Martha Smith. Only winners of this Award are Qt. 20c Ivory '
Soap bar
Mr. and Mrs. Lex Green were eligible to compete for three Donald O'Connor and personal
hostesses to the '31 BHS graduation en eid to higher grade*-die
Annual UDC Picnic Scholarships sponsored by Bausch Jimmy Dur.nte finest portable nude for mooch, -

day school members at a of breakfast the Baptist at Avery Sun Set: For June 6 A Lomb of Optical Rochester.Co. at the University Also Cartoon and News clean fawrpmc. Come in and try Armour'sCANNED IVORY SOAP, large barWoodbury's -

in exclusive (remit,! Curing UM MEATS
Inn at 8:30
o'clock.Sunday The annual picnic of the W. T. The Science Award Medal' Is Wed., Thur. June 6, 7 included ]

The beautifully appointed Week's Chapter, U. D. C. will be presented upon graduation. I DOUBLE FEATfKEOUTRAGE Facial SOAP-J
breakfast table was centered with held Wednesday, June 6. at 11 Choice of Uw winner Is baaed up- with Tab 89.50 TREET, 12 oz can 49c
o'clock! at the Kingsley Lake home on scholastic achievement In acl F*
an arrangement of white and pink Price shown In this ad are
of Mrs. J. H. Ritch.BartonFutch'. ence subjects. with Incidental con- without 82.50 .
carnations. Place cards were used from through SatUn'A
CORNED Thursday
sldertlon of records In other subjects BEEF 45C
to distinguish the places of the
I qualities of leadership and )Mal Power and Todd
honored guests alone with favors extra-curricular activities.The Andrew Terms If Desired
of key chains, embossed with rose CHOPPED HAM 59c & P Food Store
udar for the girls and InitialedtI. Mr. and Mrs. H. A Barton .o' Honorary Science Award ALSO SEE Them TODAY! I -
clasps for the boys. Starke announce the engagemen' Medal was Instituted In 1932. Its CEatS. *
En Joy Inn this delightful occasion of their daughter Thelma Ruthto presented In thousands of secondary WATERFRONTJohn VIENNA SAUSAGE The Great Atlantic and Pacific: Tea

with the four hosts were Clara Robert Lee Fitch, son of Mr : schools throughout the Carradlne, J. Carroll Nash BRADFORD I I 22c I .*-c....... c.vrW5t I
Thomas, Montle Hutching. Sue and Mrs. Lee Fitch of Rush City country. The Bausch A Lomb 300 East Call St..

Biggs, Billy Danaby, Tommy Minis Science Scholarships were established Plus Latent New County :Telegraph Corned: BEEF HASH 42c STARKE FLA.lY .
I -
Herding Jerry Lawson, Joe"Warren No date far the wedding hat In 19..-.. Tile three Scholarships : ,I ""II. nflIrssrsssrsrrts_ ,
and Roland Andrews. been set have a value of $3,200 each.'' --- -- t -S .tran.


:If' -


.JUN1-1951 ,


-- ---- -- -
---- --
Mis- Ruth Edwards a student I Mr And Mrs. Garland Parnell f R \. and Mrs L. D. Haines and Mr and Mrs. John B. Dye of n. .)k.4. ''n, th. i.i.iiir. .,.ni < >,,,iintvI I I... iris, _. ,. ...r, j
nurse in St. Luke's Hospital or weekend family" loft for St. Ft. Lauderdale have d to r I ,'I. Ki,..l>h. II
I spentthe Savannah, Go will be I Monday niov. I'U..I.. nil..* nth' ilin" <,.f MHV, 1U51IOKKICIA1. '
I weekend with her parents Mr. guests of their brother and sister- i tine Reach where they will vacation their Klngsley Lake home tor the SB:.M.I, A J. Thorns, Order ..f Puklleatlon and Nollr TAi
land Mrs. G. c. Edwards. It wasRuth's in-lnw Mr. and Mrs K. Q. Duncan, for a month at the Brown- summer. IU. I| ""IMrk' 'of tin.. circuit Court 'i'er T"idhlrlny
"MU ''shy Oentity Clerk
only overnight pass she and will also attend the graduation lee cottagp They will return to ai| 4t else| I AitdreM W.Unknown Tuck

will receive in six months.Mr. exercises of their nephew,. Starkc on Sundays for services Mrs. Marian Howe spent Tuesday -- i iI Vou urn 'htirehy, notified. that th i ..
I I till NET'at. .-wiinnFlmldii has been filed aa'alnut' yon i"% ILIlalMilh .
IN THE NEWS Kaspar. Wednesday at Bob Jones llullrond I : and I'ul.llo OtllMlKSCommlxBloti H Tutk' In the Clriull I"" 1111of I
and Mrs. M. P. Hazen had Dr. M. B. Hcrlong returned University Greenville, S. C., visit tlradforil County Florida: InC'lmno'ry. ,
4MI' as their Sunday afternoon Is visiting home from St. Vincent's her Howe Jr., to her (Complaint, \ and that
guests i Miss Mary Ella Turner Sunday ing son, Raymond Hi-nboarit Air T.lno Mailman1 Company -. the relief\ therein prayed (or If Kdivorce
and Mrs. J. E. Hardy had Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Green, Mrs her sisters Mrs. Bill Brinson hospital where he had been confined who Is a ministerial student there. :>Norfolk Virginia I .

-. Brown has Monday visiting II as their Sunday guests Mrs. Charles M. O. Hart-ell and son William and Mrs. James! Reddish in Val- for the past ten days The While there she attended tho All nthur tntrri'Htea And 1'l\rlle. i Thin to file In, your therefore. written, ti nppcaran. .nmmanflyou ..

-hursdny to Hardy Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Beulah Harrell and Mrs. Lillie dosta, Ga.Judge Herlongs had as their Sunday Shakespearean drama. "Merchantof NOTIC'M: IB heri.hv, given. that the In ald/ cause on or before Monday I
Mrs.' J. J. Fitzgerald Cone, all of Brooker. guests Mr. and Mrs. Frank Her- Venice", on the campus, and also npiillcullon of III' Hi-nlmnrd Air Une June. II. 1951 and you Mhall then ,
J. W. Mc- VV. H. Byran and children of I Knllrond COIIIPU.IIV Hocket' No. 1291- after on or before July 1, IHG1, *erva
tel', Mrs. Gainesville, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. A. Z. Adklna was in long of Jacksonville.Mr. attended graduation exercisesWednesday liB( for authoiity, to reduce the fu- copy of your defenses If any, on
evening. 'iiuenry of operation, of tnlx pa. hardy of Hampton and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Andrews and Tallahassee Tuesday and Wednes- I line. 101 and. HU ln.lwi.cn Stark alnevllle. Florida. Attorney fur
Mrs. Charles Hardy of Starke. son, Edwin, of Tallahassee were'! day on business and Mrs. D. A. Montleth of I mid Hell, .I"rlt"10...* been withdrawn the t'lnlntlff and: Immediately thereafter
, Mra Nate Dyal Misses and visiting friends and relatives here Eustls were visiting relatives and I Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Mundorfand the Kxamlner'H: bv the npi-llrnnt.hearing\ on Therefore said apPllfnllon -, In my file office the Opon original failure of the to same com i

i. k Casey and Theodore Schaeffer of Montgomery Monday and Tuesday.Mr. Mrs. C. H. Hall and Mrs. Effie ,.friends here on Sunday.For : family spent the weekend at which wn heretofor net ply with either of the above, a cte-
Duncan by the Florida ttallroad and I'uhllc will b entered
Lavonne Ruby Johns' little San'ta ere* pro ronfnn *
and cottage on
rare Ala. was the Saturday Hall of Newton, Ga. were over t't lilt lee CnmnilHiilon for (110: AM: MKnlnHt you nncordlnv to law" ,
outboard motor and Mrs. of Mr. Mill be proud to Fe Lake. tune' 4, Ift&l. In the Woman' W1TNKHB my hand end. the peat
Beach Sunday. guest of tile I* O. Hazena. O. J. Phillips, Jr night guests Wednesday prints you ('II'1r..t: :, ;. ting, Alnrhiin, Florida: IHHI'TllllrV lie our Clrrult Court tbli, 8th day
iirslcy Mr. and'lot of Macon. Ga. are spending this and Mrs. J. H. Ritch at Klngsle I how your frlendn. Bring us your .. CANCBI.I.rcn. nf May 10(1.OFFICIAL 1
Ined there by week visiting their Mr. Lake. films for developing And printIng. % ADDRESSESOF \MTNK the hand of the Kxeru- ( .8KAI. A. J, Thomas r
of Orlando and Miss Alice June larding an employee parents tlS.Mi.tnrv' of the Florida Hallroad Clerk of the Circuit ('ollrtIrAdr.,1I ,
Neeld of Western Union In Atlanta and Mrs. George! Flynn in Starke I Hollywood Photo and Jewelry. and I'liltll,1. ttllltlt I >* CoininlMloil ( County FloridaFly
Vestal, Lynny and Mr. and INTERESTMrs -' this -"Mh dRY ..f May 1351 Haven Cronby Deputy Clerk
,, and Mr. and Mrs. Ga., arrived home Wednesday Mrs. O. J. Phillips, I Pat Lambe, Dolly Sullivan and linlllnir (' Stanley Kill 4t lit|
on Sr. In Lawtey. Mrs Carrie Edwards was the
Bobble in Galnesvlll
Mapel were '
H of Jacksonville. Mr. to attend the graduation exercises of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. HuttoIn !: Viola Strickland change r .
..cted in the 25: h. p. of her brother, Thomas Monday guest of from Starke to 3033 N.V.. 23rd FARMERS NOTICE!' : i I
Friday evening. Miss Harding Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Davis. Jr, 'I Jacksonville Tuesday night East Miami 37, Fin.II. --- ..
last week while In Jacksonville on
and Andrews and I
will remain here with her folks son Greg of Tallahassee arrived Mri. Guy son O. Brown change from
;rf v V Hazen and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harding for a i here Saturday evening Tommy are visiting relatives In business.A Starke to Worlhlngton
Sunduy guests. of Mr. week. spend ten days with Mrs. Davis' Wythevllle, Va. this week. Mrs Mrs. L. H. Jennings, 2026 11th ,
In Ocala. parents Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Davis Andrew, sister-in-law, Mrs. Malcolm group of friends gavo a farewell E
p Hazen Ave., East, Twin Falls, Icvvn.
Jacqueline and Marvin Ogden of In Starke and Mr. Davis' mother Sander, will return with her ) party for Albert Crews Sat. Famishing 251bs. Poison to the acre,
E. loC:. Ferryman Jr., 1773 W.
u Ritch returned home Pompano Beach, students at the I Mrs W: N. North at the State for a visit urday night at the Pelican Club. Union Blvd, Drthlchem, Pa.

iff spending three U. of P., were Friday evening din. Farm. Mr Davis returned to his T. H. Onborne. :5802 Soul hurst, S *lPA* **
Dr. and Mrs. C. c.1 ner guests of their cousins, the V. position In Tallahassee on Monday Miss! Odessa Thomas a student Hollls V. Knight was a business Houston 21, Texas. 2.75 oer acre
Jacksonville V. Hazens. but will return this weekend. Mrs nurse in Alnchua Hospital spent visitor In Jacksonville Monday: He
H. G. Davis and Greg and Mrs. R. the past two weeks visiting her was accompanied by Mrs. Knight. 1

J. Davis were guests of Mrs. W. N. mother. Mrs Mallory Thomas CARD or THINKS ire\ have all types of dust 1
North at the State Farm on Wednesday Miss Thomas, along with :MisFrnnkle Mrs. VV. H. Nollmnn spent the I wish to express my thanks and I
Morgan and Miss Helen weekend at St. Simon's Island, appreciation for all the kindness I GUARANTEED COVERAGEJConwayLibbySL:
Stewart left Wednesday for ChAt- Ga. visiting her brother-in-law and and expressions of sympathy extended II

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Plaster of tahoochoe for three months train .sister Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Oliver I to me during the'! Illness I ,
Jacksonville Ing in the hospital there. while Mr. Nollman was In Sebrlng and death of my husband ,
were weekend
Oracle Monk.IV .
Dedicated To Community Service Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Douglas on business.
"Mo\lc Are Better Than Ever" Mr. and Mrs. Claude Garrison Mrs. G. T. McClure and her Clrcnlt Court nrndford ConntrKlorlitni Sex Lacy t'nnway at Han Station
of Havesvllle, N. C. spent several (grandniece', Surl Broadway, and Miss Dothan Dell of Jacksonville In Chnncery", "* NTrVX or I. I* I.lliby at Tempi Garage

Le;; 2 ONLYLE Sun.ONLY June 3 days last week with Mr. and Mrs. grandnephew, Stevie Broadway; spent from Thursday to Saturdaywith Herbert l I..if Oodfrey llmtfrev Defendant, .T'talnllff VRrhvlla r"" -... -......-- -- PHONE 117-J
J. H. DuPre. are unending! two week with their: Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Wells. ( ..... No. 41tOrilen
FEATURE L. Of r..ItIl.'."". And 'Notice Totppenr
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.
:BELLE Broadway, at St. Petersburg Mrs O. L. Dockstader and son. I'hvllH T.. Oodfrev. whone residence .
Miss Dot Johns and Miss Hilda Frank Broadway drove his family Billy. left for the North Thursday. and address IH: 22:1: Newark Ave,

Watson spent the weekend with down on Wednesday and returned for a two month. visit with Union.You N.are J.:required I tn appear nn DIFFI'Jll K A TStrickland's
Hilda's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. the next day. friends and relatives.Mr. June 18th, 11)51 In the itbove named
IE: GBAHD Watson In Lake Butler. Court and cnnae. wherein plnlntlrffieekH
divorce Tlrndford Countv f
Mrs. H. A. Durden and children and Mrs. Carl Johns and ;Telegraph' hnll nnbllah this OlderIn Landing
neat four weekly iNRliefl. :
tarring Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Charbonneau of Jacksonville Beach spent the children Sandra and Car! T.amar Witness my hand! and official
VERA are leaving today for their horn weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. are spending! this week In ,New enl at Htnrke, Florida.. this \May
Worchester, Mass where they Ritch at Klngsley Lake Orleans where Mrs. John. Is receiving 12tb.(OFFICIAL 1DM SEAM A .T Thnmnn, Hvol Hickory
JOHN CARROLL I will spend the slimmer months. a checkup In the clinic. Ae'Clerk of TourtBv lAdhlug
Haven. CYoenv Deputy Clark
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Lee and two Alt-lt-(1
Also "Egg Hunt" Cartoon and Phn. R. 11. ... 904-nn atinranly Life touting ,
Mr. and Mrs Randolph Crosby .sons Robert. Jr., and Alex, arrived Mr. and MrS Lax Green and nodding .lerk.onville, Fin
Latest News Attyn. for Plf. |lU tt a18| ti DINNEIt.Hl
and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dobbs 01 here Monday from Greenwich children Buzzv. Lu Bill andMichael KUIilniCIlimllnK ,
Lake City were Sunday guests of Conn. to spend a month's vacation left Wednesday for amonth's 0..1t'11 TO ,PIF1 H
Mon. Tues. June 4 5 In Circuit Court, nrndford County", r ..
Mtwuc.riouu Mr and Mrs. Alton Dobbs. They ) at the E. J. Dowling Sr. cottage vacation at Clearwater Plorlilnl In (......rry. y >t Uot Serte
also had as their weekend guest on Kingsley Lake. Mrs Lee Beach. Mr. Green will commuteto Marsh K. ]HrR...., t'lnlntlff, vs Elmer
-AND- 'Bob and Sally' Mrs. Dobbs' brother, Hubert Kellyof will be remembered as the former Starke several days a week to A. mace. Defendant Casa No fmNolle I'lo-nlc rK w Your Party-

Orlando. Helen Dowling, daughter of the care for his business here, :*Elmer To: .,linene.To .A Hrttce. whose re*), (Ir"uids. \ lArge or Small

Also "Road Show" and Latent E. J. Dowllngs. ilence. In 410 flare Htraet )Klmlrii: ,
News Mrs. Jeff Johns and Mrs. Maxie! Mrs, Carl Jackson of Starko and New York
Carter visited their sister and Mr. and Mrs W. E. Dowlin "daughter, Mrs. E. F.:Cain of milt Ton for nre'hereby Divorce has notified. been that filed n

niece Mrs. J. Gross who Is ser and family are moving: out to their! Atlanta. Ga. snent the weekend against von In the almve nnmeil Catering To Church and School Groups .
lously 111 In St. Luke's Hospital, summer home on Klngsley Lake with Mr. and Mrs. Morris Jackson Court nnd CBine and you are regnlred -
WedONLY June 6 to nerve a. copy nf your nniiwer -
Sunday evening. this week. In their new home In Jacksonville .1o pluitillnir, to the comijlittnf
on the rintntlff'n Attorney RnyHeliten ON BEAUTIFUL KINGSLEY LAKEFor
Meld I'n TiulldlnK. Onytonn
'Rebecca'Laurence Miss Frances Morgan, Student Mrs. T. T. Long and sons, Tom Earl L. McGrtider Is now stationed Peach II'lor"ll.1 rile the nrlvlnnl
nurse, returned home Tuesday and Dave, and Flora and Susan In Tokyo AI' one of General In the office of III" Clerkof (hi'Circuit further Adurnallon'SVrite'
before the Ind
Olivier, Joan Fontaine from Chattahoochee where she Slnile spent the early part of the'! Rldgewav's Honor Ollar.'... HIs <' dav of" July Couit 10111\on; or olherwle the nlleiratlone -
Also 'Wide Open Spa ea". Cartoon has been affiliating at the Florid week visiting!! relatives In Bacon thp grandson of Mrs. HettlA of said Complnlnt. will b.I"I'.n I". N, STRICKLAND. Starke, Fla. I

and Latent. New I Stat'! Hospital for. the past three ton and Albany, Ga. Jones and nephew of Mr. and. Mrs Thin R.notice confessed shall hv be you.piiblfNhed, .
months C. G. Manlre of Starke. nine "R"-h week for four ,'('n"'i utlv
D. Green Mrs. C. D. - - -- --- -. --- - -
Thur. Fri. June 7 8 :Mrs. L. .. .. .. "' / -
.. .., __ 0tIIIIJ 11IIIII' _. 8. IUI R
Williams and Mrs. J. F. Hunt -
: Breyl D. Casey wllf return from
; 'Europe June 4, and begin a 42 visited their brother and IIlster-ln-
)'Q \1tttR I week schooling In Washington.!: D. law Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Dees i In
You Can Now
DO SALLY f' t.'iJ: J\tA .. I C. He has been promoted to Fire Mayo. Tuesday and Wednesday of BuyS
J I Control Technician.Miss last week. They were also guest
\S\.ANO I of their sister, Mra. Irene John

IMHFORREST { PYGMY I Lucile and Thursday Mitchell spent with Wednesday Dr. In Green Cove Springs Saturday.Mr. Any TAPPAN GAS RANGE in Our Store

j and Mrs H. B. McLendon In Or- and Mrs. Chester Moody 41,
I''>'s weal Deril" Caranue Also "Inky Lion" Cartoon and
lando. and children of Lake Butler were *
Gentry" Serial "Three Blonde Slice" Short- I Sunday guests of Mr. and 'Mrs.V. 11 N t (with complete hookup)

L. T. Crews 'visited relatives \ T. Jackson

I I I Convention and attended In the Orlando.Pharmaceutics Green Mr Cove and Mrs.Springs 7. spent L. Byrd Thursday ot- 'a z-: For the Minimum Down Payment on Range

of last week with Mrs. Byrd's

anks A Million"ugh :Carl Robert Jackson Jackson has been son called of Mrs Into. mother, Mrs. Nelma Keen. I i iGw ie

served as 2nd Lt. In the 227th Mr. and Mrs. Martin Land and And up to 65 WEEKS TO P A VI'YOU !

AAA Group stationed at Camp sons Robert and Edward spent
Stewart near Hlnrnvllle Ga. Lt.I the weekend with Mr. and Mrs
the Divine Guidance of The One Above and
Jackson who left Thursday of last Levie Land In, Tampa.
wonderful cooperation accorded me by the week was a member of the National

ed policyholders in the Massachusetts Pro- Guard
:\ssociation. Inc. and The Paul Revere Life InCo !llvini with hH family In Keystone Mrs. Miles' parents, Mr. and .Mrs. .

i. whom to date I have had the privilege of Heights. 'A. I. Brown, In Macon, Ga., Sun "

if. selling and. serving, the following has been Lester Crews, pharmacist at day and Monday. PRICE OF THE RANGE ONLY 1 > l
: Koch's Drug Store!' has accepted Miss: Margie Manlre of Jackson

n position with Moore's pharmacy villa spent the weekend with her You {Will{ /?? Furnished .

CONGRATULATIONS In Palatkn. Barney McRae a parents Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Manlre.
graduate liv this year's class at

1 X. Prevatt, 1016 N. E. 13th/ Place, Galne'"Hlc IT. of F. will replace Mr. Crews at :Mrs. Louise Moore of Klngsley. INSTALLATION E E !

1:-It h a pleasure to congratulate you upon your Koch's next week. Lake has returned home from a

ord for the| month of April. You attained seventh. two weeks visit with her daughter g Rt4i

nonif the learirrs of the company's entire orfanla-( Mrt T,. K. Whitehead underwent Miss Hazel Moore In New York 30-gal. Cylinder FREE ; -
Ihe produrtlon of new life buHlnens. an nneratlnn In the Alachua Hospital and nIece and nephew Dr. and

Monday. Mrs. Grenda.
Vice President. Mrs Estell Westerfelt and Mrs. Paul Knight has returned to WE BILL YOU FOR GAS FIRST OF JULY wed '" +"'t rt+

Jean Schoffleld left Saturday for New York City after upending a

Hendersonvllle, N. C. to spend the ten day vacation with relatives In
he present and future potential prospects-:May summer.Lt. Starke. For a number of years '
'ou in the following which we have to offer you: he has been a Production Director THIS OFFER GOOD y'' '

icellable. .and Mrs. Crosby H. Daw- with the National BroadcastingCo.

kins and babY daughter, Janella. .

'amily Group Hospital and Surgical will recently spend of the Cherry weekend Point.with N.Mr C.*., Mr. and :Mrs. T. If. McNeil! MONTH OF JUNE ONLYa'a: : :

ndu idual Hospital and Surgical Dawkln'H parents. Mr. and Mrs spent Sunday with Mr. and Mr..

)Ptional benefits Catastrophe and \yo H. Nollman, before reportingto A. D. Wear In Branford .

ol'omyelitis' Coverage.Surgical, Quantlco Va. the first of June. J. H. Gannett, son of Mr. Pate Act Avow Don't Wait! j

"dividual Accident or Health and Accident. T. E. Duncan of Gainesville will Gsu ett, has been promoted to
be the dinner guest of his brother 'argesnt In the Air Force. He la

and slster-ln-law. Mr. and Mrs. stationed In Washington D. C-
groups of 10 or more Hospital (and at your 'opion K. G. Duncan tonight and will also LIST PROSPECTS BELOW

> ) Accidental Death. Disability and Loss' of attend the graduation exercises. Mrs. S. V. Andrews spent a few In addition to the above, we will give you ABSOLUTELY

it Rht. Weekly income Benefit, Surgical Bene- days last week In Morrlnton visiting __. ___u___. ___.__ _____u_ _______ -- -
Medical Benefit-dependents may be in- Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Barksdale relatives. FUEEoneSEUV.A-TnAY& GRILL .

luded for Hospital, Surgical and Medical Benefit. spent Sunday visiting Mr. Barks- -- -- H._" ----- ____uu____ --.--- -- -
dole's brother J. 70[. '}lark..dal"l In Mr. and Mrs. Charles Myers of COMBINATION SET for each prospect you turn

forms more. of Life Insurance. Term Life in groups Dunnellon, who has been quite III. acksonvllle were the visiting weekend.Mr. the..Junun In to us to whom we sell a range. Thi.4 set re- -"- -- --- ----- -- ----- -- u

Smiths over .
-- -- -- -- ----- -- -
"IX Mrs. Ray Mapel Is spending next tails! for $12.95; but will cost you nothing If we -- -
MAY I SAY THANKS A MILLION week with her mother Mrs. Ruby and Mm. Sllaa Corley of --
'anizations Ricks In Macon, Ga. Tallahassee. were glints of Mr. sell to the prospect you give us. --- -
have Agency Representation in the'lhe and Mrs. Roy Ward from Sunday .. .
-- --- -- -- ----- ---- --
's. District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Canada. Friend of Mrs. J. D. Smith thetorm..r tn Tuesday. Little Myra Jane

Julia Tison, will be happyto Ward returned to Tallahassee with

Massachusetts Association hear she Is being: released from her uncle and aunt th. Corleys. ;MAIL OR BRING YOUR LIST OF PROSPECTS TO
until Sunday,
Walter Reed Hospital Washington on Tuesday to stay
Inc. D. C. this week, and will return when her folks will tall for her

Paul Revere Life Insurance Co. Her mother.to her home Mrs. Laura In Jessup.Tlson Ga.of Mrs. P. D. Reddish Mrs. Richard Dill- SLADE GAS COMPANY
has been staying at her Ray Mrs. J. S. Sapp
AN N. PREVATT Special Agent daughter's home during Her ar>- spent rilley Tuesday and Mrs.In Joe JaeksonvUle.Tomlinson

E. 15th Place. Phone 8331 sence.MHs. the Miss Ianea: Dodd a student at PHONE 121 EAST CALL ST. STARKE, FLA.

Lillian Stump attended j jMen's U of F. spent the weekend with - -
Gainesville, Fla. Apparel Sho v In the San W J. .... omt-- .- -1II'IP.IIi'--1III' -"" ...
Mr and Mr! ,.. - -
her parents
_. __ .. 'h I Juan Hotel In Orlar.Inndl'' ;' and Jr ... -- IIIfIII -
h_ .-'
-- -- -- Tuesday.

-. 1
,,,.. \ ii''Jf .
'"," 11!
",",, ''It': :r-,. ''!. 3 f

., ,\\'ft' J. .. ... ....... .,, .... . ..... .
. .. ,. .. ... ... .
_. .
IWf.Ur "p. _' '' '''' '' 'P -_ ..... .. ,, . .. .. .. . . ....
,.. ...,/ ,. ". '_" _' _" _','_" '_':'-''-'.-'' ,, ,.. ... .',,. . .. ... .. .... .... .. ,.....,. ."

':: .UUN1-1951

'\' PAGE SIX ____ _ =--_, ., 1
I : ('II''.' Cuurt on or before JIIOTJC TO APPEn I
"Iork ff ihi- '
Ing Into a nvult: All of v.hcfc iitntng! or some other cause sc the 11th day of June 1161: I. rin-silt c.....t. Bradford CovMr, r. ("Ir...\'I'II'p'... ( To ""
h tree should be cut down allegations of aidComplaint I Florldni I* tkasjverr.Marv FIiri,151, "".1. h, ..'1
; a th. :
that modern breeding has uv .ihHv.l / In i .. .. ...
FARMER'S'DIARY proves RURAL will be taken as confessVh Mable Smith. Plaintiff V*. 'viili, ..,
: a lot to offer to farmers. : as: soon as possible its bark peeled <.< >' ou. I K..l,;rrt William ""Smith Defendant.Case [''''Uli", I I'' "i.1 I ...
II COMMON SENSEBy off. and Its branches cut Into short H< notIce. shall he published No. 8449ollre 1 1"1",
consecutive \ To Appear 'totl.e.
achv -k for Tndtn '-
I lengths and scattered In the sun soI flfll'e. William Smith, A I' '" ";
vUlt from C weeks In the Bradford County Ttle"niuwl To Hobert whose To I'.., .
I Had a friendly Spuds Johnson I I thvy will dry out quickly. The Extension residence and address Is, Unknown: ", Letsch who has been farming around I' also emphasizes this f>th day of May. ISdl. You are hereby notl'led that a To u ". ,
By Sam McCarvey We forester (OFFICIAL. SEAL) A.r3.. Thomas, milt for Divorce. has been '11.,1alraln.t CUlt r. I I[, I
I her for many years. trees that Court. In the above I ;: ,
| the need for handling Clerk of the Circuit you named a"alnnt ,
The author will be glad to re- I enjoyed his company and want to RURAL ELECTRIFICATION known to have been attacked Dy Haven Crosby Deputy Clerk. Court and cans and you are required Court 'n,' I....l4I..
for the be I AH** CITIZENSHIP AND \ are al1! 4t 811 to serve a copy of your answeror ed t.. "'UI I''...
thank him tip gave
crlte Item of Interest concerning i'In the same manner and. If poeIsable -- pleading; to the complaint nn the .' 1", ;
; the activities of farmer !. I us on farming. But we were par- IIPRO'FD11: LlVL'iGNearly removing them from th In Circuit (....rY. Bradfetd Co..,?, Plaintiff' Starko Attorney Florida, T. Frank orPinint' W.,:" 11.1 I :,,:,:;"p""t,
Lnnclriim. and file Lafldrin,
when he
Bradford County. Suggestions maybe ticularly impressed gaveus everybody knows that I vicinity of healthy trees without SSei-ll.lo"'pSMittff. vs. Louis. the original In the office of theClerk the orllll, "ftl.,,I ''It
left at the Telegraph office or this message (In about the following rural electric cooperatives: have I' delay. As the pests will breed in Lanyola, Defendant. of the Circuit Court on or before Clerk n' .h. ." 1' "tiIt'I.
No. .421 the IBth day of June, 1951 fore lOt "l',
Cue : ,
worda) : "You have every I the tIll 0 "
mailed to Stun McGaxvejr: LawfTiFlorida. rendered outstanding: service to !t stump, he recommends peeling Of Publication And Notice To otherwise the allegations of said oth"r"'i.. dt2 or
Order Ih.
opportunity to make a living hereIn farm people of the United States I the bark from these also. Appear 'rATIII or FLORID"Te.. Complaint will be taken a* confessed (',,",plaint tIlIl b Clip1111,1
1 I. ) residence I* hy you. ed ..
Bradford County. It a gvx : Loul. yola. who. hy.ou.. .
during tAe last 15 years in pro- I Because: the pests may develop : This notice shall b* publishedonce 'Fbi. noll.o
then harder than kill place to live in and if you can'tmake : additional hired hand Unknown required to appear on each week for four con.ecuuv.w..k. once eAch ,.,. shah _
are ever to are
The five head of woods hog: viding an tin stumps and tops it Is best tc You "k 'or I
. named Bradford 'n.
a living one way there June ,KI>. IBM, In the above In the County Tele Week In tht ..
i1I1v which have been raiding our: All we can say la that It i* a another!I" ThereIS that works for a small fee and I I carry out logging operations In .". wherein plaintiff raph. graph. Dr'dl.1'c.! .,.
neighborhood for the last ten days never-ending battle and we caD is always yet makes it possible to do many 1 winter when they are not as active seeki. rdlSoroe. care. custody and control this llth day of May, 1951. t'stecl 1 tho I iti th U
!BEAD! A. J.
restorationof OFFICIAL d"ntk
opportunity for everyone of minor child and ( Thomas, (OFFICUI.
got into our potato patch for be'glad that we have thousand of tasks that formerly required as in warm weather. To avoid prior name Brandford County Clerk of the ..CircuitCourt..I'I'Va..d !:'I.rk PEALI \.1
w s about the tenth time and Alice scientists working daily on the In Bradford CountyIn Florida much time or .else were so burden 'providing breeding places for them,I Telegraph shall publish .:,hl. Order By Haven Crosby, Deputy Clerk By Haven Cr.'b.o..f lbs CI,;,..
-and in the rest of our Country. four weekly Issues. ailS 4t CISR.B.ALVAREZ&SON'
1R and Sam chased them out with Job and that they somehow or some that they weren't done. But[ Mr. Nelland advises farmer not In Witness next m" hand, and official' seal "I ii

hammer and hoe in hand! and other will com' up with the an- CS S few of us stop to think of the I(to pile tops and branches after cut. : ,.tStarke, Florida, this May 'th,I -

31 blood in their eyes. And determined swer. But about our corn we plan Did some discing for Elijah contribution electricity &:'d the'ting trees, but, instead to scatter l( IOFF1CIA.L PEAL) A. 3. Thomas,

. that if they could catch up to use the mineral oil treatment Wilkerson and during a rest operation .of electric cooperatives them so the sun .wIU dry them out. 1 As Clerk: of said Court.Clerk I TR.NFSTORACI

with the blankety-blankety things on a small patch and we will lee while a rainstorm was in progress are making to the development of nay By Haven Solden' -Crosby("Helen I Peputy Building |

they would kill them In cold what result we get from that. enjoyed stories about this citizenship in this country. ,I: o.a.,1 Daytona Beach Florida. 8111.

rt blood. TWO got through the new region covering the last SO years Electric power has done much !Florida. CIrraJt Im Co c...r*,.....Bradford,.. Attys. for Plf.- 11 4t .
;- .
w1 barbed wire but the third got Atlajt we got some rain and. It Told us about the year of the BigWinds more than eliminate long hoursof I h..vine K. Walters.. Plaintiff, vs. I >OTICE TO APPEAH ,; \\e npt
Did which blew down the big Jam. (rarey Walters Ixifemlant. I. Clr,-nH ('.'urt. Bradford Connly, ,, 'iIflg')
t1N; : caught and lay there helpless. sure did help a lot. Think that we : hard work and replace awk. ,, Case No. 8428 1"10.10.' I. (hanerry.Fiorenre pIsrirv ) B.ALVAREZ toN ( f ,
w* kill it or even strike it In need more but at least what we trees! and thus shut off the feed of ward and cumbersome ways of OrdeK or Publication. And Notice '1'0I Hu.h'arroll.. plaintiff, v.. p-f'' ,. tiMM.n anl'lthI.k! h'

t anger? Heck no. We cut our wire got should tide us, over until the the' woods hogs which at that doing things. It ha brought auch I Appmr'rarvjr STATW Walters I OK ,KI.OHIIK1 whose rest Tot'jam John Carroll Defendant.Case No. .m() tt'Lu.--. .'l MOVING"" *'. j J.

and let it go. Day or so later the regular afternoon showers b.gln. time practically overralthe. things as radio and provided the d..n. .. and address. In Unknown: >otle To

owner rounded them up and carted Otherwise the weather has been County. Got a kick out of the ex I leisure to take advantage of them.It JamIXth.You. are. 1961.required In the to above appear namedCourt on To. :Edison Mr John Company I'1.; \ ,of c o New Consolidated : York 4

Lk4i them away and we hop we just about perfect. Hot during the pre.slon: Cold enough to freeze has made the farmer Increas. and cau.e, wherein plaintiff Irving Place. New Yrk> 3. New ST0Rl

Jiave seen the last of them. The day but cool enough at night ac off a button. I ingly alert to national and world I iaeekii divorce. Bradford County York.
Tflofrrnph' shall publish Ol'd..rI Yoii hereby notified that a
"no fence" law Is really a Joke that you can sleep. S I S Issues and has made him' a" better ,, n,-xt four weekly Ismies.WltnenH .I. suit for are. flvorceIK* been. filedflBHlnct FIG

zI when hogs on the hard road are .. -. .- Left Katrlnka out in the rain informed citizen. It has Improvedboth 1 my hand anil officialseal von In the above named
this .
at Starke, Florida May .. required
+4 violating the law and only 20 or Have been hoping that we hough, and she developed some rural living and citizenship. llth. lSl.OFFICIL.'. Court tn serve and a'H""od.J"7."u> answeror Agents For
not. would have of toma- ( SEAL.) A.. J. Thomas, to the complaint on the
SO feet away are a good crop pleading
ii trouble with he distributor and "Actually the cooperatives are i i A. Clerk of Court Plaintiffs Attorney. T. Frank DELCHERBROS. See
I CS, e toes, and we may yet but w* had to be towed into Tanner's bringing about a quiet revolutionIn Br Haven Crosby. Deputy Clerk Landrum Starke Florida and file us (n
have some sort of brown rot Carlos Jo:. Harper 204 W. University the original In the office of the _ _
blow too iarage. Learned that the points the rural of America / '
ft But /iw* don't our tops areas Avenim. Oaln.. v lie, Fla. Clerk of the Circuit Court on or before _
, 44'4 ) much about other people's stock which cornea on just about the' were burned 00 had them says Knox T. Hutchlnson, Assist ,I Alt)'.. for Plf. Ill a 4t 81SI the Kth day. of June 1951: I'

] because our own get out In spiteof Woe time Is the us tomatoes! If It Isn't are one ripening.thing ed. rePlac-j I ant Secretary of Agriculture. I I In rlrcailt. Court.-Bradford Cou.,T.I Complaint otherwise' will the be allegations taken as confess1Tnf of said. ,

everything we do to keep them S e SHave "Not only are they recasting the I Florida In rbanvrrr.i ed
least going wrong. It'I bound to be an- i Nevl. t'. Uobelc, Plaintiff vs. Stanley ynotlce shall b. publishedonce
; in. We have at pinned up other. had several physical equipment on the farms, I J. Duliitk.. Defendant. each week for four consecutiveweeks

our big hogs and they will stay I S black-eyed peas and heard that but they are turning over a new Cat No. S492nrdrr In the Bradford County Tele"nnVid ATTENTION

I there until we can get one pasture Alice used to be school teach. hey are rather scarce. All ,of leaf In the Nation's thlnklntr n- ,j 1 01 STATK Publication OP FI.OHIUA And Motive Tol'IDAppear this 18th day of Mar, 1051.
at least hog tight, and we plan to a which reminds us that If bout life on the farm. Today people $ residence (OFFICIAL, PEAt' ) A. J. Thomas
.. j build another temporary pen to er and used to tease her pupils a- you Including young people are and :r.lr.tt'09wR : h St., Wllintngton. Clerk of the Circuit Court., TOBACCO GROWERSLet
bout being afraid of being stung knew other growers were skip- Delaware: By Haven Crosby Deputy Clerk
J hold the 14 head until we are ping a certain that could fast recognizing the farm as a You are required to appear on &J1B 4t 6.8NOTICK .
_ sweet by a bee, "what are you afraid crop you June 18th 1951 In the above named
ready to turn them into our choice place on which to live as t/a 'Write Your
plant it and do well. Can that be '. ,
,_ of", she .would say "it's only a ( .urt and cause, wherein plaintiff TO APPEAR
corn and then hog off part of the the reason most farmers are well as a place to make a living." seeks divorce. Bradford County I. Circuit ('our', Bradford County.Klorldnt .
We do to keep our bee and even If It stung you it la Telegraph' shall publish this Order In field corn. try pointing out some of the 400 I
._ won'I hurt much! But this week rather secretive about their plant. In next four weekly issue*. W. Robinson Plaintiff, vs. Bet HAIL
j stock in and we will keep at the while blackberries Ing plans? And we have had known uses of electricity on the \Vltness my hand and officialsen tv Lou Robinson. Defendant. INSURANC
picking she
anImals was nt "Htarke Florida, thin May
job until we have our farm Mr. Hutchinson adds: "The Notice To Appear.
stung and it hurt like the dickens many requests for Kentucky 12th insi. Case 8427
, under control. And If we can'tJceep Venders. achievements of rural electrification -, (OFFICIAL, SKAT.) A. J. Thom,.. To Lou HoMnfon whose NOW Before You Need
and she has new for ltettt --' ItEvery
a respect
some of our hogs from '. I do not stop with electrification A. Clerk of said Court. r.. fiOflS K. Dartmouth
.1- the bee -- I By Haven (Crosby Deputy ClerkChan Street Denver Colorado.You .
busting out we will take them to alone. It aids in soil R. Hess 804-OS Guaranty Life are hereby notified that a
J market. Here are two incidents reported servation, in pumping Building I Jacksonville, Florida.Altys. suit for Divorce has been flled-l Branch
She folk for Pit 6118| 4t 6S.NOTION | against In the above named
made blackberry ( faithfully of what happens ta con-I you of'I
In .
dry plots in .
5. irrigation, ---- Court and cause and you are required
call them briar-berries here) our Country. (1) Customer buys TO APPEAHIn of
over-all plans for water to serve a copy your answer
Our sweet corn is a mess. Wedon.t dumpling and with a big helpingof cucumbers in a store and ha to rin-ult <'o..... Ilrndford Cum.tr, or pleading. to the comp.alnt INSURANCE
know how much we will get development. It simplifies farm Florida' In ( h.neery.Amelia on the Plaintiff s Attorney, Zach H.Douglas .
hard sauce on them they area pay lOc each for them and (2) diversification, making It possible 1\[. Thomas, Plaintiff, v. R05-507 Lynch Building
out of It and all we can do so real treat. Don't know how she farmer take a of I John E. Thomas, Defendant. Jacksonville, Florida and file the --- -
far a* that particular crop Is them cucumbers to raise poultry and do dairyingon Caaa No. 8423 original In the office of the Clerkof
makes but
they are good to a market and is offered what formerly were one-crop \Ktlre To Apprnr. the Circuit Court on or before
concerned Is hope that we will do eating. $I for the whole hamper. To: John 1'f.i h.O'l'.ir residence the 11th day of June, 1951 otherwise .
better next year. We understand 5 eAU farms. j and a r Strand, the allegations of said Complaint H. C. WALL AGENCYPLEASE
.i' of But thla farmer refused to "give And last but not least, it give 24 Ka.t Park Avenue, Long Beach, will be taken as confessed
; that there is a bad infestation I LOUR.
3 folks who have started up. a ; Inland.' New York. by you.
away" and took them home farm people experience in workIng !
i You notified that a
ear-worms and that even dustingor are hereby Thin notice shall be publishedonce
small business and see it grow and made pickles. together, In running a bUSI- bit for Divorce has been filed each week. for four consecutiveweeka PHONE 146
spraying with 9 or 10% DDT I and prosper will know what a airnlnHt you In the above named In the Bradford County Tele.
: has not controlled them. A* we e e e ness. What they have done on the Uoiirt and cause and you are required .r.ph.
I kick we are getting out of our farm through electricity they can ,, to serve a copy of your answer r'.I..d this 10th day of May 1951.
understand it, trouble with Insecticide new roadstand. It Is a lot of Bought 4 rolls of American or pleading to the complaint (OFFICIAL, SEAL) A. J. Thomas, Constant Service Over 50 Yean
_, is that after a while the' cue* wire (4ft") and had to pay do by similar cooperative actionin un the Plaintiffs Attorney T Clerk of the Circuit Court.
work and takes awful lot of
'I an Frank Landrum, Htarke, Florida. and By Haven Clerk
other fields In the Crosby
i doggon. insects develop ...1) Immunity -, our. time but it Is one of the $26.30 a roll for It. A year agocould community. file ii,.. orlirlnn'. In the office of the DeP\'\ 4t Ci' I

to DDT for example and greatest satisfactions we have have bought the same wire GRENNELL -
ever had. We grow the vegeta- for about $18, so that la about a

ALL KINDS OF bles, pick them, wash them put 50% increase in price in a year !) TO 8EEO PREO'ENTLVPlNE _-----I Ib

I them on the stand and ,sell them We used to say "do without It f LOSSE..IBecaue |

I and that Is fine. But the real kick rather than pay an exhorbttant Florida's lupine seed|

UPHOLSTERY.WORK 1.- tovhavefolk comenckj,and price", but something you cant crop this year la considerably _

tell you that they enjoy'ed what do 'without and brother that's smaller than the past years be. ,

I they got. After all each of us when you pay through) the nose I cause of cold damage to plants ,

tikes to think that he i* doing S S S I during the growing period, epee!
Expert Craftsmen something worth while and it Had a freak storm which hit al care should be taken to prevent

Best Materials' Used certainly la basic to help feed here last week and brought hallo seed losses in storage Myron

people. a wide strip of land extending Grennell assistant agronomist

Chas. C. Shepherd S SOur from the southeast of Lawtey.( with \tAte University of Florida
. Understand that !
Dan Wain.wrlghta
; chickens are doing (well. Agricultural Experiment Stations.

11 Radio T.V. Seat Covers despite the warm,weather. Only a pepper was bard hit, and point out today.

: 307 W. Call Starke few of our nock are broody andso that a lot of corn was damaged. Most of the seed crop has been "New to most folks Is the tftdleti Florida "I grow 'tin pack 'em, and ship 'em. Keep me "My Ford Pickup has the Power Pitt*

I far they show no signs of go- No wonder the farmer goes around harvested by this. time as recent orange called 'Connors" say W. L. Tyler of hopping. But that's where. my Ford Pickup come what makes it so economical,says my Ford I*
I with that look on his ,warn weather dried out the pods Odessa, Florida. "}'_ people have heard about It, in. It.aavea me a lot of time work and money. John Strickland.Whatever it i is,I do knowajlit
- ._.... _- -_- -.... face of "now what will the next and caused them to mature rapidly. but it's one of the best juice oranges, in Florida." I proved that for myself. 1 la the Economy Run." economical don'jive meal u.epo.l i
- - -
trouble be V'S .. I .. -"-:--.

"It is very Important to dry out 0
After putting up with a make. seed and place them In
Marlin Factory Service shift rusty cable for towing for storage," Mr. Grennell said. The Jl:. fC

two and a half years, we finally moisture content of the seed 1

Invested In a good 14 logging should be reduced to 15 percentor haul 3,000 for

1 WATCH REBUILDING chain and expect to save a lot of lower for safe storage If artificial oranges
time every time we Use It. We facilities
are not available -

:1 126 Court St. Starke, Fla.L&Izd the knew we needed ,It with all along Is but It'a advisable, not tc
big question us : can harvest seed until they are driedto less than 2 mile

I I you afford to get it now? If a a moisture content of less than cents a

farmer buys, or tries to buy 18 percent In the field. After harvest

everything he needs, he'll have the they ahould be spread a few .
sheriff carting! him off to the
poorhouse. Inches turned deep at least on once a dry dally floor for and 10 (': W. L. Tyler was one of over 5,000 owners who helped

e e S

Titus Olson told 'us he has a days.When" artificial drying equip '. roll up over 50 million-mile in the big Ford Truck

hog which Is doing fine on noth ment Is used, the moisture Content Economy Run. lie 8a)'., "My 1930 Ford Truck with Power
log but clover. We don't doubt it
a bit for we remember how greedily of the seed may be as high FIurMa citrus grove owner W. L. Tyler, ha. Pilot costs less to run than any truck I ever operated!
GEN ERALELECTRIC as 30, percent at harvest but they been a Ford Truck user for 15 years. H. says,
our stock ate the rye we should be dried to a point below "They're so economical and easy to handle, I
planted for them and how well 13 percent. recommend Ford Trucks for grove work."
e O "
..Ilerv. I..... they did on it. When the moisture content has

e Ckteme.rfle, ,.fleM4C ,'..'. $ 95 S S S been reduced below 15 percent _'I'a..---- .-_.- Truck up 5$11liil
_ 0.... C...... 79 We are really selling berries the seed after all foreign materials I- Th1. ;ic "I'll put a Ford the MP I
'.live CKelrOKU.. now that most else 11all '' C other in sand or mud. or on
everyone have been removed L JI" ,
S Plee e8SYI
_ ..... C.... done with them. Getting what them should be stored In elthet 4' 'li nays W.L.Tyler. "And Ford \"
I in nano
we think is a good yield now andgla.t bags of bulk In a dry, weU ventilated 4-. 4 makes it ideal to get around
( L 1fo'Of1j that we listened to a neigh. lanes.
? storage room. Bagged seed I- that pi
or's advice to stick with berries "Economy Run record
should be stacked so air may circulate M i
year after year. Our having ber- around the bags. and repairs cost me only SI.4087./: ; / ,',

G. J. McGRIFF rica now is just a lucky break I miles of hauling. I credit this to and. '
(W didn't mulch and thus we've I construction, >
HARK BEETLES ARE a Pilot to good truck
_I 145 W. Call St. Starke been able to keep down the THREAT TO FINES.FORESTER _ 0 ; .5 ., regular service checkup I get frofl1
weeds and it is all the
) more ADVISES!! _ .040 -I Dealer.'
welcome because It was just plain p1,SI'_ _ _
dumb Yankee luck. Bark beetle area more serious

S I SHad threat to Florida pines during th. I-

what appeared to be avery summer than In other seasons of : -

prosperous looking lady ask the year, Forreater Louis T. Net ,._ -- .

us the price of our berries and land of the University of Florida

then say no because she thought Agricultural Extension Service -
FULLY EQUIPPED the price too-high. Then she ask advises farmers. > !?i p- Src

4 ed when w* allowed people to "Folks who have pines shouk i ;
come In and help themselves* keep. an eseplcolly watchful eye -j : :'

the most modern and efficient equip promptly answered; "never". We on them In warm weather," he ,::te: _

know that some growers do (but says, "as bark beetles are very .01, i I To fit your job Ford builds over Jj(_
ment available to the profession Is we think they restrict it to their active la late spring and summer from 95-h.p. Pickup to ln'J.bnd*vf*

'amlllea' or friends) but we think Affected tree.. should be removed Chooa* from two V-8 and two
t this funeral home in maintaining berries with Power Pilot Economy
used by are a luxury and thatIf as icon as possible to prevent the Weal for grove work or' any other kind of light duty
this fine lady wanted berries pests from spreading to tRicking ta this Ford 7-1
Its well known standard oDeWITT other Pickup. It's easy on th.pocket.
she would much rather get them healthy trees." book with features like the Power Pilot. FORD

Service. she could have paid for them but Bark beetle are tiny, brownish- **'. -".u handle n tight grove lane or' cramped TRUCKINGCOSTS I

for nothing. And If we let her black Insects but they can kill loadinf dock,with feature like the new steerlnf column
_nhda. If.
pick all she wanted for free this easy to dries in either of two fin*cabs. the.earaa
C. JONES large, healthy pine If they att.ckthem because .
and the 5-rra says* (added eoet). And its pew LESS ,i.e
would *h* buy them from h
rear In large number feed Buusiv stjrbac makes It
I'hone 7 Starke Fla. They easy oa the e>.|
anyone next year? In living tissue of the trees Just ........ 0
S e SHad
below the bark and they breed
Funeral Director Ambulance Service a card from Joe B. Oliver very rapidly In warm weather

Our local funeral horn enable n* to offer conveniences and Fort Lauderdale, who farmed onetime Tree that have been attacked by

services not otherwise available. In the Southern part of large number of the pests Can be ANDREWS MOTOR CO
Bradford County. H* suggested spotted by their reddish-brown .

,. ,. the name of "Bunky" for Joy's needles, pink drop of gum on their

We furnlah the highest type icrvic at lowest price and calf ((1f it is a heifer) and sothat's bark. and fine sawdust-Ilk material

ANT ute Insurance' policy In force I.neel by ANT what it will be. Thank a near their base
accept funeral. lot Joe; It was good to hear from The beetle usually get startedIn Madison & Adams Stat STARKE p
company a* payment la part or in full oa a I FLORIDA
Consultation carries no obligation. -you. a pIne that ha been killed b,



.- -.-..- --
-- --




[I Christian Church M. Blanchardu on Sunday. These weeks. In lh" Bradford.. (' tt>py ol ''ir diifcnaaa.' If
.runh.Tmtoil. Pot... tIll, I inih day of M"... 1911.rlAI any on H T. i- m.H, HOK Ill,
STATE FARM people<< were residents o( Lawtey this fth day ")f M.,. '" 'I ('->JI' : HEAL) A :I. Thomae. nalnenvllle. .'10' I... Attorney tot
Bring the whole family to the before going to Orlando. (OFFICIAl. anAL) A J. Th.immi, clerk of the Circuit Court the Plaintiff nd linmadlate!
Clerk of the Circuit Court Rv Ha\ "Cro.hy.. Deputy Clerk hereafter file tl, >rlirlnal of "m
friendly Church la the heart of By l\1n. Bryan \\lilineld Mrs. Mae Wells and Mrs. L. H By II.T.n Croiby, Deputy Clark SIM 4t til same In my 'off l<., fpou failure I ''Jp
town for Bible School which begins Hill attended the closing exercisesof 5111! 4t I1 ,,mplywith elthei; >r. the abnve, a
decree pro confeHHo '. HI I I li. entered
at 10() .
a m. every Sunday. C. the Hellbronn school on Mon NOTlrtO AI 0 f.( 10 TO APPBtR aa-alnet you aooordln- to law
W, Colson as superintendent.Since Community Club Meeting; day night. !Nolle I U hereby. ..lv.n that thiKlrmlHnod I. rlrc.l$ r. jrt. Hradfertf C....,.. WITNKHfl my hand and the seal
of ar. *ntnt.d In bulletin K-i.rldat .. tka.eCry.Iteic j
Interesting of Our
arrangements Circuit Court thla 7th
SunMY school la out many are planning Weekend guests of Mr. and .. under lbS fictitious name of ,, faulln. "'0...,.. Plaintiff ".. nf May, dlo"
I vacations:: but let us keep up summer blossoms lent color and '. n A. nvntm, m..nt {'no at th" Hrv. Robert 1. roy, Dtfendant (OFFI l 9lL.SEAL) A. J. Thomas
charm to the Club Rooms for lastTuesday' T. L. Wainwright were Mr. I II'. Center Station Stark. JTadford CAM No. 943 7
record and have Clerk of the Circuit Court
'Methodist Hour'Series our not a summer and Mrs. Jack Brassell and Miss (fiunly, Florida and Intend to ne1.1cr 'V ol Ice Toppr.r.
Church slump. This can only be done meeting of the Community n..lil irtltloua n.m. in the of. To: Robert I.. Honey whoe) r..l- Bradford County, Florida
by So to be Club. The president Mrs. Judy Wainwright of Jacksonville fIre of Clerk <>r the Circuit Court ,Unce U R, F. D. No. I, Manaaaa, By Haven Croahy Deputy Clerk
Will your presence. plan
Begin ot Bradford County Florida Virginia: till U I'l'
this R. P. Mc.LeD.don, directed the impressive 8. 1) loodman, You herehr notified
Starke this present Sunday. Bring along Stark, Fla., on. cue that a
r8t Baptist Sunday Morning friends. opening ritual. During half Interact; dolt for Divorce ha* been filedagalnat -
the message will) your T. C. Haivn :Jr., Stark. Fla. one. you In the above named C
rflIfl g who will Morning worship begins at 11 the business session a decision to RISINGMr half interest Court and cauna and you are required Used
bY the pastor recess until Fall was reached. Jill 4t <|lCAM. to carve a copy of your an.
* vacation being am.Lords wer or pleadlna, to the complainton
111 W. B,&ch. Supper 11:13: : am. Visitors present were Mrs. Ldllle' *. Edward Norman I row mn the Plaintiff. Attorney. Zach TELEVISION
|st. Augustine Services 7 Bowen of Orange Park of Sealed l blda will b* received. by If. l>nu.I.., 605-507 Lrnch nulld.
will be brouKi.t by Evening p.m. guests : Ih. city Council of the. City of log, :Jarkaonvlllo, Florid. and tile Sets
Ic Prayer meeting Wednesday at S Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Hubrecht.and Ntark.. Florida! at the dry Mall In the origin! In the office of the
Ith Mrs. Mona Canova -a p m. Our study Is the 24th Chapterof Mrs. Enlce Bradshaw of I Family Reunion tark*. Flnrldii.: until S:on P:M. on Clerk of the Circuit Court on or b*.
e, ti,.ad y the 5th nay of Jun. AD for the Hth day of june. 1951;
Acts. Plan to attend every Caracas, Venezuela! who was a'' Mrs Maggie Norman celebrated 951. at which Urn and plao all otherwlH* the allegation of *ald $59.95Up
n.evening the Happy service. former club member. Mother's Day at her home with hIde received will b* publicly opnd Complaint will b* taken a. con. S
begin at 7:43K : : Through all and read aloud for the aal. ofon. feuat by you.
will her
ft Homer Swlndall Minister. questions and answers Mrs. Brad children present. used IOU Panel Chvrolotrurk. Thi* notlo* Khali be publlehd
service led by the paa- shaw Those who enjoyed this occasion Truck ran b. >..*n at the once cacti week for four conaecutlv
duo bring. delighted those present with City Until and Water Plant weeka In the Bradford County Tel' Chase C. Shepherd
with \
were.t.:! .
the honoree
I piano-organ descriptions of life In South A- Sgt. The acid City rrv. the right Dated thl* Hth day. of May 151
LiBic The youth choir Airpark BaptistSunday mertca. and Mrs. R. C. Thomas and children to accept or reject soy or all hI.t. (OFFICIAL SRALt A J Thorn.. ,
At the refreshment hour > Clerk of the CircuIt Radio T.V. .
Jonen. will of CITY C fI' STAHKB. FLDRIOA CourtBy Seat Covers
|v George School at 0:43: Lacy the hostesses, Mrs. Lawrence of Valparlso; Earl Moore Ily: Carl John., City Clerk.. Haven Croaby, Deputr Clerk
307 W. Call Starke
|:le orchestra ;will play. Conway Sunday School Supt. Dugger and Mrs. E. F. Reddish Mango; Mr. and Mrs Buddy Wllk- _____ IllS It |1WOTICR lli! 4t 'I'|
L, will bring an evan- served eriton and daughter Mrs. Ray ..1vw
a desert course.. TO 4PPBAR
Morning Services 11:00: Morris Earnle Norman and children I. rln-.lt ("....t. .......r4 r.. tr. Order ef P.blleati.a lad Settee T*
Mage. 'the .
at 8:45: : B. T. U. 6:13: During week Mr. and Mrs. \ FI..I..., !. (.......,.. Ap>p_ir T.iVaUree
School meets Eunice !Mr. and Mrs. Wallace White .. M. Rnctiafeller
Bradshaw Wlllard
7:30 and their children H. Olhion. Plaintiff ve
all ages and Training : Evening Worship : who and son, all of Galnesvtllo; Mr Alice If. dlbaon Detendsnt.Ca. 4 are visitor. of Mrs
Come with Lakewood ViliugeLong
worship us. .
,ers at 6:43: : for "train- Bradahaw's parents, Mr. and Mrs.R. and Mrs. Willie Jones and sons V flre T. nr. No. 1140 Beach H, ('...lIto.n..oy. .
urch membership" A Rev L. O. Hemmlngway, Pastor H. Cox of Lithia: Mr. and Mrs. Jake Dan- To: Allo 1r. ;"on, who.* r.*ldvnoa l- .... are hereby notified that therehas
visited Mr. and Mrs? been filed agalnet by Flu-
I I. Unknown: you ,
Icome will be received. Gerald Cox In Orlando and other lels of Davenport Robert Nor You are hereby notified. that a gene f. Rockefeller Jr In the ( Ir-
ending the services at St. Edward's CatholicRev. man and Joann Norman Mrs. Cult for nivnrp h... been flied cult Court of Bradford County. Flor.
relatives In that section of the agaInst you In th. above named Ida, In Chancery him Complaint and
japtlst Starke. State. Laura Jackson and Joe Normanof Court and and that the relief thrla prayed for
__ .. """: William H. Neuhaus you are required > la divorce.Thie I .
--. -ia pas Jacksonville; Mr. and Mrs. Earl to carve a ropy of your an- a
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Brannen attended la, therefore, to command you

Walter tor. wor or pleading to th* complainton
Dr: C. Gum. district the Wiliams-Nelson Proctor and daughter of Jacksonville the Plaintiff\ Attorney, E. K to fll. your written appearance In
Church wed-
ist superintendent of the Richmond .sunday Mass at 9:13: a. m. ; Mrs. Marie Rowland and i'errymsn Htarkn, Florida, and file aid cauee on or befor Mnndny.
Va. Weekly Mass at 8: a. m. ding In the Southslde Presbyterian children of Gainesville Mr. and the orIginal' In the office of the rt"IJ: :I.Y'j: Iha\l.\ there-
District, Richmond will be Church In Jacksonville ; Merle of the Circuit Court on or 1961,
,,1 t Itfethodist Churrh of Confessions Saturday 5:00: () to Saturday Mrs. Robert and and before
featured on the first of eleven afternoon. O'Bcrry son, the IHth dur of June. lISt:
lally Invites you to at- Methodist Hour begin.ning 8.00: P. M. and 7:30 to 8:30: P. M.Children' I Mr. and Mrs.! Bud Alligood and otherwlee the alle.atl"nii of laid,
of programs Friends are glad to know that Complaint will b* take a* oonfei-
'ollowlng, service Sunday June 3, at 8:30: am. Catechism Classes : little son, all of Ktaalmmee, Mr. and ..d by you
June 3. The 10:00 Sue Mosley was able to be Thin notice shall h
Saturday : a. m. published
n Sunday Mrs. Thurman Jones and aonsMr. .
Theme of the series will be "When WELDINGWe
brought from Gainesville once each week frir four ooneepiitlv
tiool begins at 9:43: : Adult Religious Instruction Hospital and Mrs. Gordon Jones and week In the Uradford .
need God's Help what do you County Tel
you to l
lay morning. The Sun- courses every Sunday 7 to 8 P. M., I the \1Qme of her parents Mr. daughter Mr. and Mrs. Herbert graph.imted. I
doT"The and Mrs. thla tilth of Mar,
L. E. Mo ley. Friday. day 1931
church services Is and by special appointment.The Norman Mr. and Mrs. Ed Norman .
iiU programs will be broadcastover I (OFFICIAL 8KAt) A J Thomafi,-'
o'clock In the Woman's public i is cordially Invlfed, improvement In Sues condition and Mack Norman and Rev. Clerk nf the. Circuit Court
station WJAX. Is slow but It lly Haven Croaby, Deputy Clerk
will\ Is hoped thatit
11g. The pastor Thomas and granddaughter, all of 111 t |S ONE
the subject. "Marriage Church of ChristCorner will constant. Starke. of the bluest

rrship and special rec- 'At The TabernacleThe Mrs. P. S. Crews was hostess Iii ("I...... Court, D..d'... Commit 'vn _s..... ,.*.>-
The 58 guests all enjoyed eatlnj Klnrldai .. rkaejrery.
most at a Stanley Brush party at her bargains in Insurance i I.a I.
111 be given 10th and McMahon dinner at the long table spread No'rlC'.1 TO APPpt
Wednesday afternoon Bible home Thursday afternoon of last Carl 'Welnheraer Plaintiff. vsD.'rothy "
tarried couple present Bible School-10() A. M.
under the big trees. Mrs.
pecan Weinberger efendent offer the people of Starke
Windstorm !
members held meet- week. policy.
Club a special
longest married couple Preaching A. M. and 7:30P. : Norman received many nice gifts C.*. No. SillPolice
Communion will bed Ing this week In the Tabernacleannex M. Tn A.......
[ly To Dorothy welnberver whose kn4 tlclnlty one of the moat
---- --- ---
at the clone of thee under the direction of Miss Prayer Meeting and Bible Study II Clri-Hlt Co.rt. Dradford ("...tP. reiHdnc and .ddr...... 1 I. 11* Bait See us

pastor will take then Edna Noegel at which the mothersof each Wednesday 7:30 P. M. LAWTEY Florida I. ('haneery.tioI'it 162nd Street. Bronx, New York: modern anil finest equipped
You ar hereby notified that a
J Wlllele., Plaintiff' V*
to shut-Ins desiringIt the children were guests. Aftera Everyone welcome. MonA M. Wllt.l", UofendHntCaae milt for Divorce has been filedniralniit
during the afternoon. delightful program of music Nn 14)1 you In the above named welding! shops anywhere.All Charley E. Johns
I.. II. Flitch Order Of PnfcllmtloB And Nolle 'I'. runt and cause and you ar. re.quired .
day evening Church story Bible drill etc., refresh- CHURCH OF GOD Appear "PATH OV FI.OHIII4 ToMuna to curve a copy of your ..n..w.r Work Guaranteed

I be held In the Woman's ments were served from a circular 8th &: St. Clair Sts. A(. Will.,., who.. realdenfl' I I. or pleading. to the complain. Agency

{ o'clock at which time table in the back of the room. Sunday School 10 a m. Friends of Mrs. Catherine Connecticut 8 llawkln :Avenue. J,;..t Norwalk nn thePlaIntiIfe.... :Jr, Starke,Attorney Florida ,and A.file JThom. SMITH'S GARAGEAND Phone IS STARKE FLA.MearvMntlna .

homas G. Mitchell will This closed the series of school Sunday Morning Worship 11 am Teare regret that she Is confinedto I You are required to appear nn the orlirlnnl In the. office of theClerk

the subject, "Christ at term meetings but another sense Sunday Evening Service 7:30: p.n) a Gainesville hospital because June 18tp and, 1351.ruuae In, wherein the ahnve platntlfenekn namedCourt lii-for of the the tilth Circuit day of Court June,on ItSli or; !MACHINE SHOP .

Special music will bev will begin soon. A Christian award r. P. E. Service Tuesday 7:30: p.m of a fractured hip suffered In a divorce Bradford County otherwise the allegation of Maid. ..

the Youth Choir. was presented to Miss Peggy Mitchell Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30 p.m fall on Wednesday afternoon of In TelHRTHtth nnxt :.u'.h; weekly publish lieueVltneie Ihla*. Order eIb'Complaint you.Thla .will b* taken a. oonf.. Temple Ave. Stark '.. ....

for the most faithful last week. I \ nolle* shall b* publishedone
ilnr and IntermediateYouth being my hand and offlcla I Ttta TMAVELCIt Hartfor*
Miss\ Ann Wells neal at StRIke, Florida. thl. May each week for four coneecutlveweek
Fellowships will girl in"attendance and also bring- Mary Is spend- 14th IDIII.OFFICIAL. In the Bradford County Tel.-

f p m. for worship and ing the greatest number of pupils ing the summer with her parents ( SEAT.) A. :J. Thotnaa. .

Following the evening I during the period. The outstandingboy BROOKERBy at Juniper Springs. I By Haven Croahy A. Clerk, Deputy. of (Clerk Cnur -_ _-

vice all young peoplely in attendance was little Billy Carolyn Kelley Donnie and Ronnie McSwaln Ray. HMilen. !Hclden! Building-, pay

Invited to the fellow- Nelson who was awarded a New are spending the summer. vaca- tone, 1I..rh. Florida
I Ally. for I'lt. ilia 4t ala!
1 In the Recreation Hall 'Testament and Psalms. As memento tion In Fort Pearce with their

I Pat Sleg serving as I of the occasion each mother W.The M. Women's S. Social Meeting Missionary- Society grandmother Mrs. Thomas Ko- In Circuit%MOTH(..,.'.rt.] "'0 llradford APPRAII c.....,.. t

present was given a beautiful den. Mrs Roden and Mrs. Pearl Klorlriai lo. t h......,.. !
I'.n.1I' Hour for all Perma-Plax Motto. met at the home of Mrs. James Hill spent the weekend here and Myrtle Oeraldine Walker Intake.. F SPECIAL
XV, Thomas Wednesday afternoon Plaintiff v* David Watt Le.ke. D
(la 12 will be held every The return of the college stu- the boys went home with them on Candiint. I _

morning at 9:30 dents the first week in June i Is be. May Mrs.23rd James-WV at 8 o'clock.Thomas. I L Sunday.' Nolle. T.. A...... Ca*. No. UU ONE WEEK, ONLY fILi

),frs. J. RrWatnwrlghtrIterian fg[ anticipated and plans "being program Drand Mrs. W. T. Walters Tot David VVntt Leak., whneresidence .
work. chairman was In charge. The npent several days last week with I and add,',.., lei Unknowi i
made for the summer's You are hereby notified that a : TODAY I 1 I _
program wad opened with a song relatives SUPPLY LIMITED ORDER _
Church Miss Edna Noegel together with In Saranota. suit for Divorce, and reetnratlon. oplaintiff f I
Underwood and brother "Rescue the Perishing" and prayerby Sunday dinner guests of Mr. mulilen name hn. bee I
Miss Joyce filed npralnet In the above
Mrs. Earl Willis. A very Interesting you
day School. Cecil Underwood Jr., of Pa- and Mrs. Fred Moore were Mills I named Court and. cane. and you are
Bible Class to attend and program was rendered Rachael Boyer'of Jacksonville and I required to aerve a ropy of your I 1951 MODE
Friendship latka. left Thursday
bv Mrs. Dave Green. Mrs. James anawer or pleading In the oninpicInton '
I Services conducted by participate In the commencement Mr. and Mrs. Tom Casey of the I'lantlff. Attorney. T. Fran -
W. Thomas. Miss Lubedla Plnhol- Starke. l.andrnm. !Htark! Florida, and file'
| M. Imbrie of Penney exercises of Toccoa Falls Insti liter and Mrs. Wilson Green. "INeed the original In the riffle. of the I _
tute. Leonard Noegel a graduateof Mrs. Alva A. Cook and small Merk of the Circuit Court on or h*., .
Thee Every Hour" was sung left last for.. th. 11th dny of June, 1951:
meeting 8 o'clock every II February will also take part In and Devotional were given by son. Charles Saturdayfor "therwl.a the allea'iitlon, of ."Id
Ight. the closing activities of the I Shreveport where they Complaint. will ba taken a. eonfenced .
Mrs. M. O. Harrell. The SEWInG
I program expect to spend some time with by you. mRtRlnEWITH (
School. was closed with the singing of This' notice Vhall b* piihllxh
.,"- ::':: : :' "Break Thou the Bread of Life" relatives. one each week for rour cnimeeutlv.
CHRIST Mrs. Joyce Futch and son U

I PHONE 218 OP CHURCH LATTFJl OF JESCS DAY SAINTS and Delicious prayer by refreshments Mrs.\ Gene. Ccitt of I.Ice. Ralph were In Gainesville on business J----- ___I-- A MOTOR MADE BY THE FAMOU5.ONL1(

Sunday School every Sunday tea. tuna fish salad and saltines I last Saturday. DELCO DIV. Of GENERAL MOTORS
|L0NIAIORIST I Mrs. Howard Horkett of Fort ACME
morning 10 a. m. Sacrament ServIces were served by the hostess. Lauderdale WANTED to BUY 10 DAT ". ,
I spent the
cordial InvitationIs
6:30: p. m. A The"Women's Missionary Society -
with her slater Mrs. Cullen Mc TRIALTUN
extended to all. buslnesi meeting will be at the I I! : PULP WOOD
Swain. Lieutenant! Mockctt who
Baptist Church Wednesday, June !
PENTECOSTALI0th IIOW'ESS I J III stationed at Fort Bennlng Ga. CROSS TIES
6. at 3 o'clock.
St. and Temple Ave. i I I met Wa wife here for a weekend
:Molt Reunion
Sunday School 9:43: : a. m.; Morn- together.Mrs. and Pine Timber
LOWERS There was a reunion of the Sam
ng Worship 11 a. m.; EvangeilsJc I I W. B. Harvey of Orlando _
Mott family Sunday at the home f-S
\ ALL OCCASIONS Services TOO: p. m. Everyone of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mott. Mr.Mott'll was recently visiting her parents e
velcom Mr. and Mrs. Carl Prevatt.
63rd birthday was celebrat I Miss Eula Mae Eunice of Gainesville s-
ed. The children of the family are: Will Pay I
the weekend with -
Mr.\ and Mrs. Howard Mntt and spent '
( FREE I I her! parents Mr. and Mrs. J. S. -
j) Prices -
six children of Brooker. Mr. and Eunice Sr. Highest Cash ,- 1
Removalof Mrs.\ Resale Carlton and four chil- -
For Prompt FREE Mrs. and Mrs. Edward Schunkof FOR ANY SIZE TRACT ''ra'a- I Year $,nlse Sp _
of Brooker
dren Mr. and Mr.
JI3H GARDENS Dead Crippled, & Worth. Ralph Mott and daughter of Sti Orlando .were Visiting the A. SisratitiS II _

POTTERY less Cattle Horses, Mules, ver Springs Md., Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Earl Green Sunday --I liberal Tr 4*>1a _
& Hogs Mike Tllghmann and three children Mrs. Rosa Plnholater attendedthe -SEE- ,- .- All.waiieM

'M'ED PLANTSWERS StarkeWE of Gainesville! Mr. and Mrs. pastors deacons and laymen's ..- -

Call 132, Eucy Mott and two sons of Gaines! conference In Lawtey Monday _

WIRED ALWAYS COME I I yule Mr. and Mrs. Pasco Mott and night. A. McKINNEY 9r S
t .
ANYWHERE three children of Gainesville JunIor I Ann Vickery of Gainesville

St Florida Renderers, ( Mott who Is home from Koreaon spent the weekend here with her At Starke Taxi Stand "

Starko INC. a 30 day leave and Pvt. Elbert cousin Linda Gale Green. Ik\ .4*
PHONE 150:
from Fort Bennlng. Ga. on a five Mrs. Rosa Plnholater Is spend

I day leave. This was the first time ing a few days In Jacksonvillewith Starke, Fla.

all the children had been together M,.. Mana Wiggins who Is In

In fifteen yean. the hospital. -

Others attending were. Mrs. I -
Rev. Lewis D. Haines, Pastor Mattie\ Sowell Mr. and Mrs. Law-

horn and Mrs. Mary Mott.

T BAPTIST CHURCH Starke Home IVnionittratlnn Social Here's Your Career Opportunity!

The Brooker Home -

eron!! & Court Streets In The Heart Of Town tlon Club members and guests en- _t t. .5

PHONES! Office 231 Pastorium 130 joyed an all day picnic at the

Memorial. White ,,
Stephen Foster c.,,._. S

Springs on Thursday May 24th. feeler* _
'NDAY SERMONS 11:00 AM.. 1:-15 P.M. A delightful meal was served on CflOOse

r School 9::15 A.M. Training; Unions 6:13 P.M. the beautiful Swannee River. A FOR FREE HOMEDEMONSTRATION $ 95

made to the famous old
WEEK SERVICE WEDNESDAY, 745 P.M. I visit Sprlnm was House and one of the local. 19 .

gift shops. Those attending were:

LOOK FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF AIR Miss\ Dorothy Ross, Mrs. Lawrence

Wiggins. Mrs. Truby Hodge.! Mrs.

MiBill Bigham. Mrs. Robert

[ TilE CHURCH WITH THE VISITING PASTOU lien and Mn. Henry Hodge.! _ _

Mr.\ and Mrs. M. L Ogden of

I Pompano are visiting relatives

here this week. S

Mrs.\. John Freeman I Is a patientin U. S. ARMY OR U. S. AIR FORCEGood - -
: :
SERMON SUNDAY NITE 8 P.M. the Alachua County Hospital. ACME VACUUM STORES,.Ic.I ;; I

Mrs Jessie Vanlandingham of pay the fineit of training and the chance for unlimited 408 W. Forsyth St.

Jacksonville Is spending a few all offered to men by the Army and
'Who Touched Me'Hear advancement- are young I Jacksonville, Florida I
Mrs. R. T.
weeks with here lter Air Force. And. these lame benefits and opportunities are

This Message i Me. Mr.David.and Mrs. T. W. Markey returned open to America' young women in the Women's Army Corp Without obligation, I weuld like a FREE home demonstration of the I
and the Women' Air Force. For a future as bright as the I
home Monday after a few wonderful NEW PORTABLE Sewing Machine at $19.95.
ST future of your country choose Army or Air Force, WAC or
BAPTIST CHURCH HamptonBOB with relatives In Geor-
dtys visit WAP. Volunteer for this great team of men and women whore
---------------------------- I
I ----------------------
CRAY, Pastor cta. Coleman of Galnesrlll serving their country while serving themselves. I
Bible' School Mrs. afternoon visiting Address _____________________________ --------_____________ _
10 Hill. Supt. Sunday
A.M. Don ?. spent for full dtlallt contact

.T. U. at 7 P.M Otto Hicks, Sr., Director I relatives. your I City _________________________ _______State -----------------. I II Ip -
I 1\ra.\. Lubedla Plnholster was U. S. ARMY AND U. S. AIR FORCE RECRUITING STATION

0/ 150 in Our Bible School This Sunday I vlsttln. relatives -In Alachua Sun- POST OFFICE BLDG. Starke, Fla. p L If R. F.: D. Send Specific Directions.: I

I _ _
I u, -
Morning" I' Mr and MM.. F :M! %'l>*ery of EACH WED. & TIIURS. 10 A.M. TO 12 NOON

''Calm! ..svtlle were guests of Mr. and I I


'j! : .. i\1i.

.. .. "'.. .. '" '' ''' ''.''''' .. .. '. .ti'I.' ...,... .... ...... ,. ...: ': : .. .. ... ... .., .. .... ..... .., ,.. #
.".,.,.. r' _.. ... ._... ." .... .. ". .. . .. ..._ ..(" . ... '.... ." ... .. .... .. ,;., .., ... .. ... ,.. . ... ,

. ,..

I yUNl-195

.. .... __ ....__ _. __ __ nll'\ll'
--- -------- -

Beef Ceilings Everything Solved By Record Spending Bill I I Public Is Invited To View Program I

I Now Under Way In Teacher Workshop Here
It Must Be Posted Except "Where's The Money Coming Frcm?

Pi By Next Monday i I A record f 274.<)MM4 two yea r I $(22 .'>*> diwn $25 OOf) Ourtng' the three-week period I State Department Education 7W >|

I general fund, apending Mil was Agricultural! : Fxperlmenc .-' ft.fl, May 28 to June 19 the teach- Tallahassee. Florida; Dr. TadSrygley. :
Retail cttHng price* on bf of Bradford County are enroll- I Director of Instruction nRRlV
: pajuMd by the JT rtda Legislature I lion $ft.S&A.127: name aa twn >" ir rs !
must b. pouted on all nn.KohfJ I this week. ago However. the new bill w.>1... Min. workshop under the direction -I tate Department of Education .

E .atablUihrrumt by Monday Jon* I Finance leader in both houses alienate $1,200.004 for new buildings of Dr. Kimball Wiles Collegef Tallahassee. Florida: Miss Char l\t. ind

4, A. RMd Mann. District Director predicted that enough money win' at FSIT > Education University of Flori lotte Lenhaus Florida State Department God ,f lIra \\till

1 of the Office of Price: Stabilization be provided to cover: the appropriation da. Other members of the workshop of Education; Dean J. birth Pllatq I
SdwJofor Deaf and Blind r.
N In Jack on.111e announced thl In fun, without being too $1fH3.900. staff are: B. White, College of Education Alae'l1ua Q 00 II
down $53,000( for
we k. tough on the V. Professor of Florida University of Florida 1lospi. I
i 'I' hard-preamd taxpayer but there la $59'T, QO in the Mis Johnnjre Cox ; been de, Ided
t OPS regulation. alo rtqulrt, .. They hope to accomplish i bill for new building*. )f Education University of Georgia. and John Lovell. P. K. Tonga Is the funnier uP9o. \
J that retaltor dlaptay Ui.ir Bailing" thl* by the paage of two bill I School. Gainesville. daugh 1\11
4f. prlcm for each grd a 96 cut of slightly' broadening the present Florida A. and }or. College for ; Dr. Kate Wofford Professor Speaker at the general assemblyon and the ot :!.In B.-

beef of or near the product Consumer .alell tax and putting a three percent Negroea $1442407 up $941,000 for of Education, University of Florida Tuesday, May 29. Will Dr. Kate Afr. and alern.1 fJI1

may check: the **UIng, of levy ongroa* receipt ofcoinoperated operation There also U $1.75O J. B. Hodges. Director of Special Wofford. During this period! he State Farm.or Mrs.. 1. a.
l the ported 000 for new building The extra Greenville. South discussed "Factor That
1 offering price again phonograph and: Service 00 To
ptaball funds win finance establishment Dr. 1. B. Make A '-- +
ceiling$ price non-payoff machine j Carolina Public School.: Up Learning Situation. ---

In t-itlnsf the deadline for porting Comptroller C. M. Gay estimate -J of professional. acnoot.. of pharmaey I Gilleland. Professor of Education, The workshop Is organised Into -.

cejjp..tcca: : Mann point*:! oat the.se two measures will law, engineering and a University of Tennessee. ; Roy the following special Interest QUICK LU''

that the calling price ahowa In bring In an additional 4OOOOOQ graduate school of agriculture. I Bergengren, Assistant Professor, groups: Health, guidance and FULL
Ceiling Regulation 2$ were changed during the next two years. Highway Patrol Get. BaJ eState > jot Education University of Florida -: promotion, arts and crafts teach M

ii.fj In ....eral Instance by Amendment The big pending bill, calls for Beverage Department $1 / Dr. Pauline Hlllard, er-pupil planning, and music..
23000.000 901,9 6" down $113.000. MK.A i> >IK MIA*: K.LO"'I" are pictured above with their youn{g
On, *<) retailer should be more than the 1940 Prof of Education, ASlIoc'l The public to cordially invited
careful to pout only th. latest calling : Legislature appropriated for thi* Motor Vehicle Commission $3 son Bill a pupil la Miss Madge Mlddleton' first grade. The tw 51 I Florida; Dr. Ned to attend the general session

c t lute and only the llt applicable : waning biennlom. Part of the 149,072. up $640,000.Department basket! of flower were presented IL the class by Mr and Mrs. Klon,. ifpngor of Education. which 1 I. held' each morning from
1 ; I I IS I
iI to their particular JUne group i extra I I. In a '10.000.000 allocation of Public Safety ,f 'des for use in decorating for the Children' Operetta staged In thCSO < ,I Florida; Miss Sara Krentzman 9 until 10 o'clock.

and zone.% Maximum price vary for new Institutional building. and Highway Patrol $4,100,000 up\ 1 building recently.

.lightly b,. cia of the *tor* and The rest I I. mainly an extra f 17. 0.000. I I J
Ll- Aims To Make It Worthwhile
the freight. zone. OOO.OOO In State contribution* to Florida State Hoeplt.l. for op1eratlon J Uncle Sam ,

J4 1 county schools.I budget $13,124.900, $2. r I Those Bonds Now
Retail| celling price on beef now I Fund up For You To Keep Maturingpounded
for aid
to dependent 814,000. The construction: ,
will be reduced on Auguat appropriation I
in .
['Children/: and old age assistance call for $2,700,000 worth t the first ) for a full 10
October I to bring If you were among year more.
1 and again on Hot
$ t111 price back more i in line with pre- 1019 were trimmed below what the of new building at Chattahoochec :a ji: I I buyers of the Series E War Bonds 2. Exchange them for Series 0 to be weather call,
legislature appropriatedThe and $376,800 worth at the Arcadia I enjoyable.
Korean lvl. Universities., mental hnepital branch. I en years ago you may be wonderIng savings bonds which run for 12 dine on good r fw

. and custodial Institution got J what to do with the money asI years and bear simaje. Interest of cool. pleasant
Florida Farm Colony for Mentally I
/ sun,
,t Navy Has Openings I more money. Most other agencies'I Deficient Children $1.228,560. I your bonds mature. 2Vi percent! Treasury check: for 'of Central Restat

For Immediate were allocated about the samea up $184.600. In addition, the bill I The Government in the Interest the amount of Interest due will
they had been promised" by the Here you'll find ,
11)19 would provide 1890.000 for construction of keeping inflationary spending arrive by mall each six months.
'ur2LJ Enlistments] Legislature, but were not allowed of orite foods,
a new unit and pr
to spend because. of a fund down, would like you to continue: The G bond are expected to attract I
. other expanded facilities way you like. t tit
Chief Petty Officer L. p shortage. the Investment Instead of cashingIn. people who want to spend. I best of
of the navy recruiting office announced Ratford State Prison $1,927,130,r all-our|l'',
down $370,000.Glades To make It worth .while their interest while retaining their always
yentcrdar< that there are Major Item.* la Bill reasonaUt
many opening for Immediate enlistment Here are some of the major State Prison Farm $819.f ,- treasury officials have worked out investment. The E bond retention I Drh'e.in

*. I: Item. In the new bill comparedwith 10, up $225.000 plu 200.000 for' these two deals! : offer i la aimed at those who I for to C fo

Young men between the age* what the Legislature gave new building and equipment. 1. Keep the matured bonds (nc prefer to bulld.their Investment by a sandulch ,

of 17-31 physically qualified and I the same agencies and institution Institution Forest Hill Female correCtiOnal'' -. I I paper work or reports required) letting the Interest pile up- I course dinner.
for ,
with a desire to serve with an organization i for thIs expiring btennlum: operating 11.50.000'1 .- j and continue having interestI
,_-_ _- clean healthy and adventurous allocation to county schools., |117, two year ago, but not spent 'I -. 4 I 12>i percent (simple Interest) for billion dollars worth of Series If Restaurant

H life, may qualify for on. of 62 000,000' UD 17.200.000. because the Institution hasn't been t -.L___ each each additional year up to 7 1 bonds bought after May in 1941 I
will opened. The new bill also -----------
ii trade training school which Stat Welfare Board $34,618.392. provides or 2.9 percent interest (com- I will mature In 1951. Drive-t
$1,913,083 for young Bill Klonde the costume inwhich !
unit for
i cmallfy them for a skilled trade down. I6.30O.OOO. The bill would new ,
upon completion of their enlUt- provide 121,300,000 for old age assistance white and negro women prisoner.' he appeared in the operetta. He took the part of Bluebird. I a1' ----

_ L mont or a career In the Nation' compared with $25,414 Apalach. Correctional Institution Broader Powers Given sa- --rtrrs.rr rrrrrrss.rss.pr.L ...

.( flmt line of defen.e--the United 000 Iwo year. ago $7,000,000 for for Men $147.500>O up $68.000 Do You.Have Of ,
Any These Counties Under State
for There Symptoms? .
State* Navy.ChiefCain. aid to dependent children compared operation also I I. $200, L

,wUhe to remind anyounlC' with $12,016,000 two year 000 in the new bill for construc If So-Then You'd Better See Your DoctorWhile Constitution ChangeThe 4FULL

men of the many career ago; and I1.3OO.OOO for aid to the tion. '-I PROTECT\

offered by the Navy. Thfy may blind. compared with $1,339,992 Industrial School for Girl $255-: we still have a great dealto getting an annual physical examination Legislature agreed this week -::: )c

qualify for training In radar radio two year ago. tOO, up $14,000 plus $100,000 for learn about cancer, the outlook are apt to discover! cancerif to let the people of Florida decide at ALL TIMES

S tetevlalon! dleael electricity State Livestock: Sanitary Bard new building and repair for detecting/ and arresting the it should strike in an early If they want "home rule" In their .5

clerical field*. accounting and any $1,704,000. down fl.2OO.OOO (mainly Industrial School for Boy $854- d...... baa brightened considerably stage. This is one of many reasons counties.A # S",, ,1 I S'S
of 09 other trade They. will tlao by elimination of an emergency 906. up $79,000 plus $32,500 for In the past few year Although why everyone should have a proposed constitutional: amendment KNOW that pin*:

be eligible to complete up to two fund for tick eradication that was repair. and Improvement*. we still do not know the medical I examination as a matter I to allow counties to curacy and fresh potept drugs are essential

p' year of college credit throughthe not used last year The State Advertising Commission cause of cancer: recent advance of routine at least once a year. operate under charter. just as citiesdo ing prescriptions. That is why our phannia.:

United State Armed Force I State Board of Health $4,812- i Crippled Children' Commission In medical research make possible Whether or not It is time for a has been approved by the trained to
203 up $828.000. Board of Conservation and earlier and more accurate: diagnosis yearly checkup: any symptom House and Senate. Since it does measure accurately and to doubled

.Institute whilethey IK'rYe. State Tuberculosis) Board $ ,618.. Hotel Commission, were allocated of the disease and Improve-1 whlc i might mean cancer: calls not require the approval of the suits. That is why our Pharmaceuticals an i

The recruiting office: I Li open 990 up $2,400,000 over the current virtually the same amount they method of treating It. for a prompt visit to the doctor Governor, the proposal will go fresh and potent. You can depend on us to In

from I 9 a.m. to 8 p.m each weekday operation budget; but the board have had for the past two year :I But one of the most significant |There I I.a no pain In the early stage on the ballot In the 1952 general when illness strikes'

in the Jacksonville pout office: had $$8,000000) In cigarette tax receipt -I gain mad a.lnsL canceY has when cancer cells first begin tc election. .

to spend on construction 'The DuPont Story' been possible because the people grow. But there are other warning Sponsors ot the measure saidIt I

which will not be available again have had a more intelligent attitude signals of cancer which include: would prove attractive for the ,

Forest SeryUw Oet. Leu To Be Shown HereSaturciay toward the disease. Not 1. A lump or thickening In any larger counties such
buiWingW.C.TU. I Forest Serylce. $1.703.000 down June 9 long ago because of fear many' area of the body particularly In Dade, and Hills rough where urban -

$219.000. people who suspected they had I, the breast Up or tongue. growth has far exceeded the

THE FOHTITUDK State Park and Historical Mon The public I I. Invited to witnessa cancer kept away from the doctor I 2. Irregular or unexplained bleedIng limits of municipal powers. They

GOP OlE f$RNIHJRB TilE umenta A90,000, down 5000. special showing of a 72-mlnute But today more and more peopleare r from any body opening. or point out that It would help cut

TO CANNOT HECHANUKD. University Florida $14,230,000, technicolor feature picture. "The coming to realize that cancer: sign of blood In the urine or stools. down on the larger number of

TII1NOS WHICH COUUAOK up ",Mf.OOO. DuPont Story." at the Florida can be arrested when it la found 3. A sore that does not heal "local bills" which flood the legislature SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTFLORIDA

r AND TilE THINGS Agricultural Extension Service Theatre Saturday June 9, at 10:30: and ,treated early and are checkIng particularly about the tongue calendar, each
TO CIIANOK' with the doctor at the first mouth or lips. since the chartered aeSSlon//
!1 WHICH HHOUUn BR: CltANQKD am.The hint that \
TIlE' WISDOM: TO KNOWONV. Invitation la extended by anything wrong. 4. Progressive change: In coloror pass ordinances to guide THEM

'i ANt) KHOM TilE OTHKR. C. R. Hager, superintendent of the Cancer I I. a wild or weedllke size of a mole, wart, or birth operations.The ..

BISHOP OLIVER *. HART Trail Ridge mine east of Starke growth of cell in some part ot the mark. sponsors! explained that the

NEWS.CLASSIFIED. an operation from which E. I. Peflslstent Indigestion especially chartering of a county Is permissive 5 5(1TRUTHJUSTHOW
FLORIDA GOOD body. which unless checked, grorv"' MON. TUES. JUNE 4th, (
not that
DuPont de Nemours & Co. obtain in people over 40. mandatory, a .
_ llmenlte for its pigment or spreads. until it cause deathAt 6. Constant change In normal county will be granted a charter -

plant in Baltimore. one time; cancer was almost' bowel habits. only after voters In the county "

Invariably fatal because It was 7. Chronic hoarseness have approved. The charter would
I The picture ..wa* filmed In :Hol sore
and location difficult to detect until the disease throat or difficulty In swallowing regulate the powers and duties !'
on numerous
wa far advanced But today If any of these of all county officers and providefor
symptoms appear -
lUmpxIiIro lt >1 throughout the country where the
foil HAUU--N w there are ways of detecting cartcerearlyso the the manner of their selection
4J fryvfu J. tf. Whtu, lit t, '' company has facilities. It highlight ; person should see his

_n___MVCrkC__ ____.________ _________tip___ till__ DuPont' history from the that treatment can. bej 'doctor without delay. The individual and compensation. Under no circumstances
tarted while the malignant ( charters to Impair ,
growth thus has his are -
with mean best chance of
nKFINKft COUPLK? start In 1802 to the present, featuring I
will take, small child' la r..ln an I I. still confined to one area of the ,catching the disease, If It should the power and jurisdiction
their own All nr..pflndaflrC the steady developmentfrom body. 1 be cancer, in of any constitutional court or to I
nnnridanllul. Ad'lrens D.i. 4al."iI modest founding on a stage early enough
.murk. ') tH! a People who form the habit ot.l I for successful: treatment. affect the levy and collection of
Brandywlne Creek near Wilmington -
State taxes.
I.ADIKH I.KT' MID f O all ynur ".(nlIng Del. to completion of the huge
Aperlm.flSI. .. nnljr Itv and per rivomsHftiifnnlil hour, REMINGTOfPORTABLE/research experimental station Tornadoes End Season As Runners-Up

HntlnfAtitlon .""r.nt.I. I..AV. .d.4rea which has Just been erected on the Outstanding 4-H Girls
Rfl4. Churoh Ht. Cull rr In Group 3
at historic site. Tourney: With 3-1 LossThe
1'ntf. f will see. you as coon a* same To Attend Short

"..ul...li._. _Up I TYPEWRITER DuPont began In 1802 a* a Tornadoes ended their bane- Courses At FSU

lientos Rllr.pU"r.n. manufacturer of black powder. bull schedule as runners-up in the Here' how the Tornadoes bat

1'....*All....,.*1.rttmrmr h.. All- M.9.S.mmr*..rr*. Today It I Is one of the nation'' Group 3 tournament last Saturday ted for the season: "Working for world understand

t a t M Mmll'.. ."....*. iirt m..>..tii..Mff'oor ..... .p>". ,..*. ,-. largest producer of diversified night In St. Augustine, when they Knhiirr PI.,..Manning. ft AH It II Ace. ing" will be the theme of the
chemical with some 75,000 employee 4. a I .600
lost to Ketterllnus 31. .
Bradford Jack
flaxen 90 U ts.. 36th Annual Girls'H Short I
_ _
_ I COMP08ITWTHJM.. tsl nf'lofKIQPrl for small: bu.ln HYII-.... *. entered the finals with an easy Jimmy Hud Use-knit Haw II'* :t e .310 Course which I Is to be held on the _

l,lv,.rrthlnjv you ft..." In fine. honk.il7 I e6a44 All employees their families decision over Fletcher 14-7 on Harold ('"..1. II.19 44. 10 S I 16* .250.114 campus of Florida State University .
I 14cc. II at llrsdruM CuuntrTel and friend of the company will Thursday afternoon. Dvlanu Th.iiiia. tl 84 II 1.1 .200
,,fh .fWIOmNtJ Tallahassee June 11-16.
_ ifr want to witness the showing of In the finals the Tornadoes h'RR"9. (1 10 43 .151
Hilly nan Five
AND HIHTHDAY. Dahnier'PAKEM *" USE OUR NEW this entertaining film. played good ball throughout the Handall Martin l.jr. JO 43. 41 T I 3 0 0 I .U.143& with the outstanding home demonstration 4-H girls. i't1J' !
up Orffvrs taken st Wiley Col., '
_ I I Olft i Bhoupe, Phone I".J. If Ticket may be obtained 'at the game except for the 6th Inning Ijirry Van "AlBtlnK It 17 10 34 5 6 I 4 ...111nT agent Miss Dorothy Ross' and .

TYPEWRITEREASY the Bradford when Ketterllnus scored their' 3 Paul Rivers (It II local
Fort IIKNT YunlahedhoOce '.r..nm Florida Theatre or 55 065 leader Miss Oleeta Green, .
with b"th. H.. \\llllnni HIIm County Telegraph.ffi'fbACT. run.. Hazen was great with hlpltchfng < ament and Ketterllnus will attend the five-day session
_ I ot lllsrlt, on nMHlniMlnir will repre
f nil mum for 6 Inning.,
I fllwsy lip! out 10 striking sent this district at the State meet receive further training, to make '
batters and
letting up one on June 12 In ft. Pierce. acquaintance and have fun. The j'lI
I .
hniine, ik.rlrle- hit.
_ roll RRIOTrn Harold Davis relieved Hazen
Ity, run nine water III 10.. roomhnimt girls receiving this honor are: : -
sll onnv..nl.nc... gompleteh PAYMENTPLAN In the 6th and with one out and Post Margaret Hersey from
I ..ih> U.. .L a. Jordan lit. I.ttnl I.I I. the base loaded, he retired .with 56 Juniors HamptonClub I V
HIM. lt" Shirley Rosier and Janette
no run or hit forcing .the next Open Season Blount from _
I UK,,AT MAKKINO IWK-Ou..r..nte.4In batter to ground out to short Sunday Lawtey, and Annette
I9LIA1Pt Pd1i stop Green and
imnfurm too I?. M. fiept. nl AvM.rwllrtm Against PrisonThe Katherine Harrell from
.n.rlflestl, ..n*. 4 o*. hot- Small Down Payment and struck out the next man up, Brooker.
tie. 70 KrmHlar County Tel. Balance Monthly I for the third out.
I Every morning after the
rftnh tf The Tornadoes Post 56 American open-
scored Legion
WI,.", TAKE CArtB of ehlMrenwhll ASK FOR DETAILS r71z1; In the 6th also when McRae their was run Junior Baseball Team ,will Inau. Ing attend assembly, each 4-H girl will
two of
.. "' "'"... work, t ditysweekly. hit by O'Connell gurate the 1051 season Sunday the 23 various group
II by the week. or II Inca Ketterlinus afternoon Instruction unit The afternoonand ithic
.. nfieennnn Mrs. Merrill rid.V Yet, by. nilng our new Type pitcher and went to 3rd on Davis when it meets the will
,. evening Include
Florida activities
w4e tv..s. Mr ArC State Prison _
write Club Plan. a tmall icwpeym.nl second single. of the game, then team at Ral- as a trip to Wakulla :
WA"f1-Whl.", woman. In take will the world cored a. Delano Thomas was safe ford.Coach Vesper Service a r.flf.r.i.
levqI.l tnt.. home fnr eare. n"nd put at first on a fielder' Herb Thomas a.ks.1I In the Amphitheater -
tier. h.. ing Davis Junior
irnlehe4. r'nn'itnl Mr* It MPrsll at second. Le of the FSU
Mms4.rIV. an! ChrUtlenII. R.lDlacoa-Jato you horn In the game With glon Team also with those boy Campus a visit tc:
..,., every the
nowl-and you have a full Tornado collected who want to play this Mansion and anevening's
at least year, to
one hit.
,;.;'" the balance report to the .' Fun Festival In l Camp-
frtt H.rmtmh fnrnlehedMnhlne year to pay plus with the prison main
exception of gate at
....... .._ two when bell Stadium. The
I heilrnnm* I I.rthu. 12
.r""r." _iU ..,',,.... ho. wntfsottlI small carrying char,.. So why they banged out a total of 13 hit. noon Sunday. They will then inspirational and
...A Pt p." ,...*....... HN wait?<-come In and taut type thIs with Bud Beckett getting 3 for 9 play a game early In the after Candle Lighting

11'- TnP"tl'"!: .... n..I..n portable beauty to-day-try the trip to the plat. Haaen, Dansby noon. after which the prison will close Program the on 1951 Friday evening will
*.u.- .!." PetnlntPort" and Davis took be their host at a big dinner Short Course.
,. 12_.excliulre I..rq-.m. hurling for The
'uI Me Tvn.wrlt.r'' Hee Baseball Girls' 4-H Short Course
.them... at Bradford' ('nunl, Tel* log Miracle Tab...Finger Fitted ; We know hi.w to handle, your Bradford flaxen gave up 1 hit, 1 lisle) Chairman Al K. Car one of many opportunities avaIl-
A..h. UenneI. run: Danaby 2 hit announces that the
Insuranceproblem*, Whatever3rour 4 runs; Davit first
.. ... ... ...-.. .. ........ Key Simplified Ribbon Innuranre nee.U, we'll 2 hits, 2 run. home game will\ be played Thurs to Florida' girl under thea
n. ... Chan r..AND MORE! Its day night. June demand at ,the present time
r..n..n"'twI" puu.a. > 7.
.. ......Si r.. ti............-. I work out .1"'Iualft| protection.Don't The season record. Including club when the loca1 "
|iut the right tlze foe fiucett... : tournament meet the famous \
r.e c-a Post
fceC _.........u..a'pu'w...... .....ow. I beta typiog performaoce take rtuuM-e*. Art this. 11 I lost against game very, was good 11 team won' Colonel on the Stark field at 9 List Your Rentals '

f'Orl flAf jSl-.B.-rrtnm "..."..., 8 .cc,.. TRULY nil ONLY 01'fICBTYPBWRITEl w..k. 'P'y ''Only' 3 seniors are on this year' 8 o'clock. The public I* urged to All persons! .\ ROGER T. MILES
All m-1"i .convenience S mlnl \ IN PER team but Haxen for 3 give these boy a good turnout, having unfurnished
year ha
..0St '.rk. snnn. r..h n' for their first apartments or houses. for rent TNI MAN WHO CAUS
rn.a.-.r'ta r Bh ".,... 107 ONAL SIZEtBradford been no. 1 pitcher and hitter and home game I asked to list are ASPADIAfrADIINVIM
: them
; ; ,
._ TIh..ne Davis has been session for theJunior' with the
Captain for hi* Chamber '
: Team began last: I of Commerce as there 'Is 0< lit Att.nda'The '
itA",'*1 lf'"""lAlx1'v row1en flPN'""' CountyTELEGRAPH two year and on. of the main Tuesday after direction
..1 .> ...* modern, tile' rmttttt cog of the noon and Wednesday and ] of the State Home Dem
.Cn.. h_"..* air ""..'..1. F...,.- GENERflLINtURONCE team. The other .senior day I Thurs onstration Agent. Mis
.... .... ( !* Billy' nights.Midget Anna
,4t.*> f -' ". e "| tln nf"'W. > ; teUlv.MIIT Dansby mad. this hi* first Mae Sike.. broogtl
Ji4CICV dinette' hltrhefl. year of high school, baseball. League practice con Story of Bob And Sally" i is betn
Si7'rnsIi" Very l I.Pe riorlst. rla, "Nona* .40 Kt SUrke. Fla. The team will receive a trophy. I tinue on Tuesday and Thursday I obtained from Coach Florida Theatre because of its 'ducalt7jtiH'

pltf Ill.) by mall a* runner-up In the tourn- afternoon. Chairman Carlisle or Thomas, both young and old alike. No one should i J

Further Information may be Leglonalre. any other unusual production. .

I I- _

_. -. .- -" .
. ,/ .____

... ,
.. -
.. -

.. "

Bradford County telegraph
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Publication Date: 1888-
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Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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.11).., ... .. .",.", .. e.. .. .... -'4
.,<"' ", '''"'' "p _.__ ._._. _._ ___ .

::/ .. SECT1DN .K: PAGES

.JIJN1-1951 1'



Official County Publication Established In 1879 '


NVl\flnR: FORTV-SL', ,.
S -. :


To Plea GuiltyOf "' Hospital Bill H

Seventy-three members of the Graduating Class of 1951 will receive

Manslaughter (heir diplomas from Bradford High School tonight in Commencement Exercises -
< Provides
to be held in1 Memorial Stadium beginning at 8 o'clock. In case of For '

states rain the closing cerempnies. will be held in the USO building.
Attorney T. E. Duncan .

fJ1i' sail yesterday that Leroy Colling. A symposium on'"Democracy Can Survive in the Modern World" will

jS" 28-year old negro, charged with be conducted with the Vote
the slaying: of Sherman Duhart following Seniors taking part: Harry Edwards Marvin In MayA

4j also colored. last Christmas Eve, Warren./'Leslie Sapp, Catherine Judd, and Dolph Reddish.H. .

will plead guilty to
4 4 In Circuit Court here manslaughter Monday. P. Morgan, Superintendent of Public Instruction, will present diplomas

Colling who has been held In while special awards will be given out by Chas. S. Partin, supervising and bill providing race track funds for the establishment ,
operation of a public hospital in Starke
the county Jail here since was expected to
the principal of BUS. clear
December the Florida Legislature Thursday.
spree, :was
originally\ charged with first dot. The impressive scene will be more significant than ever this year a.'f The statute will carry a compromise clause providingCor

gree murder. Duncan stated one of the largest graduating classes in the history of Bradford High a referendum In the Primary Election next May.-

yesterday however, that the State Members of a local committee
gathers togetherfor the last time before charting various into :( primary will
courses a
wal willing to accept the plea of advocating the establishment of. greatly embarrass

guilty of manslaughter which world that seems mote uncertain than ever a* to what the future hold a hospital at the earliest possible I county candidates."

A 1ir!! I can, carry a sentence up to 2C in store. date had objected vigorously to Senator Johns also told the
4 years. any "delaying" referendum clause, Telegraph that he had changedthe

Collins was charged with fatal. Last Sunday night the Seniors gathered in the First Baptist Churchto while the Bradford County Boardof wording of the bill to placea

Iy shooting Duhart with a 22 caliber County Commissioners soughtto Ceiling of $20,000 on the amount
.1.1I hear Rev. L. D. Haines preach the Baccalaureate Sermon appropriatelytitled
that could be
automatic rifle following an postpone the vote until the spent by the pro.

argument growing out of e "Which Way?" General Election In November, posed hospital corporation for any

Christmas Eve drinking bout Ir 1942. existing construction.

I the; home of Duhart's mother Lula Senator Charley E. John cleared This would place restrictionson

McFashlon! In Lincoln City. the bill In the Senate Tuesday. any, deal now pending for the

At the time of the arrest Seaboard Changes Mind About Cutting! 'Peggy' ServiceThe In a long distance telephone con. purchase of the former North

Sheriff P. D. Reddish said that versatlon with the Telegraph Florida Clinic building which was

Collins reportedly went ,to his Thursday morning Representative I offered to the committee last
Seaboard Air Line Railroad at 10 o'clock. that the hearing next Monday was
fTs. house. got his rifle and returnedto I \oyle E. Conner stated that the I week by the owners for 67000.
Co. has withdrawn Us application No explanation for the rail- accordingly cancelled. I
the McFashlon home where he hill was then "between the Senate The equipment! ,was recently sold
fired' through the closed door for a reduction In the frequencyof road's action In withdrawing the Once before bark during
three times, one of the shot operation of Mixed Trains No. application was given. but residents presHlnn days of the early 1930's > < Its arrival momentarily. In the meanwhile Mrs.' : Lex
101 and 102 (Peggy) between of the area served were the Seaboard asked permission to I
... ...... __._ lodging In Duhart's stomach. the and that hq felt sure It would pass Green, chairman and S. F.. Simmons .
Duhart was known as an Starke and Belle.Notification preparing to protest vigorously abandon the line entire, but the the House sometime Thurmlay.Conner co-chairman
expert of the
m Corbin (left) and Claude James McCool will be presser and had been employ. of the railroad's retrenchment. Resolutions to that I request was denied.In stated that the referendum -I promotion committee stated hospital thatas

iday afternoon on a motion for new trial following ed for many yeats by cleaning action wall given to Telegraph effect had been adopted by the I recent years freight shipments In the primary was. a compromise far as they were concerned

iviction of first degree murder in circuit court here plants here and elsewhere In yesterday by the Florida Railroad Board of County Commissioners over the line have Increased arrived at In an'attempt with all the restrictions and
and the Starke Chamber of Com delay-
,>Jr the March 3 slaying of Claude Beaver, young Florida and Georgia. He was 43 a: Public Utilities Commission, before merce. due to the large volume of tl o be fair to those who wanted no I Ing referendum clauses that are
iver. years of age. whom a hearing on the application referendum at all and those who'
pulpwood handled.' Growers also being tacked: onto the bill the.wh
have been heldIn In Its notice to the Telegraphthe
notion will be argued before Circuit Judge A. Z. Ad- Two civil cases, Oran Pappas was to wanted It In November, 1903. Tilt ...
Alachua next Monday morning Railroad Commission. stated ship watermelons over the tine. j thing might as well beI
etime during the early afternoon. Exact hour of vj Cecil VVhitehead and ArthurH. compromise was agreeable with I I dropped. They had hoped to work
Ball vs. Ben F. Hall are set for Im, Conner said.
has not been announced. out some deal for purchasing the
ing |I

motion is deni d, Judge Adkins will sentence the trial Jurors here who Monday have been morning.summoned I Senate Passes Resolution Urging Use Of. Blandingsprings I Several presented months with ago a petition upon ask-bong I I former hospital building and reequipping -

imprisonment in accordance with thejury's recom- to serve are: Carl Ritch, Joe I ing that a special election be called| It, since' It would be

tim of mercy. If the motion is denied; attorneys for Noegel W. B. Mundy. Jr. Mitchell I I several years before Starke could
on hospital Issue, the Boardof
land Corbin might carry an appeal to the State Su- Brown, Gilbert Gay, Frank LTomllnsoQ A concurrent resolution Introduced vatlon. all suitable for swimming. Commissioners I hope to get a hospital under the
by Senator Charley '"Citizens of the surrounding fishing and hunting activities. County set theme Federal aid program.qtr .

jourt. L. D. Vining, T. C. Johns was unanimously E'I I cities and towns are familiar with The secretary of Defense, Secretary of the vote for the General felli.' however that itwil(4..a
McCool-Corbin-Beaver has attracted Crawford Ralph Darley, H. C. ,
' widespreadji
.; case Staff election In 1992, That when
by the Florida. State Senate Tue.day the activities of military personnel of War and Chief of was good thing to the
both the trial and afterward. Two writers Kelly N. O. Hayes Elbert Sibley
during urging Federal officials. to and these citizens during World for ground forces are urged by the hose Interested In a hospital were bill and start building
J. T. Lawson T T. Blackburn up a hospital
jjitive magazines have been in Starke recently gather- reactivate Camp Blanding as a War IX gave of their.Urn* and resolution to make a thorough Investigation suggesting that additional county fund that may be used if and
for( storie.8 on the gruesome crime. Elijah Prescott Crews, military training center. energy.to provide recreational and of the handing facilities mlllage be levied for this purpose. when matching Federal funds become
Jennings Starling Albert Grif I is. -
trial body was found, burned to a crisp. on the back Clarence Hutcheson, E. 'D. Jones.Sheriff's The. measure co-Introduced by wholesome living conditions to and put them In operation. Now that the proposed. plan of available again.

! belonging to McCool in the early mor- Sen. Johns and Sen. J. .,Slater said personnel and are..hopeful, of again. flnanclnlC'h..'.wltched to the Use The fueling ttabu" wark4 -

iurs of March 3. An autopsy revealed that he had Smith.Jr. of Green Cove Spring, fgalifc., having the privilege of du.'hg Senator Wayne E. Ripley of of race Oracle! !, onim" .the 'Co: -;Amlrfntonete <1 M in-+- parts o..s.f t"-t'llue

|stab'Wounds .in, th -<.Abdofnep before his slayerso j Pay was sent, Immediately"* to the same the resolution declares Jacksonville also urgd that the sVtf.. stilt advocating V IS JadlcatsO.!.:. by.th following, nu' ,,

destroyS his body in" an automobile that had. been Would Be Raised House. It points out that Blandlng Is that camp he be also i reactivated trained there recalling as a... delay In voting until the 1952: 1 age received byh' 'Telegraph

l,ji with some inflammable material. I House Bill Johns said the big Installation located on "beauUful JSIngsley soldier. General Election. from T.: W. Robert. of Heldelburg,

|If 12 hours before the crime was discovered. Beaver By which prepared thousands of Lake, complete with miles of Senator' Smith said he too had, When It was learned that Sena MIca. who ordered his paper' stopped

;wn his first pay check of $102.29 from HerculesCo. A bill designed to raise the pay American soldiers for service during white sand and crystal clear water helped landscape the big camp tor Johns, proposed the primary In apparent disgust over the

No money was found in his pocket or in his char- of sheriffs in the smaller 48 of World War II Is one of alght and within a reasonable distanceof I "a" a private" shortly after It was referendum of the Board M. O.of Harrrll .chairman Com- situation. Expostulated Mr.

let discovered the the burning autoAKE Florida's 67 counties passed the beaches and epened. County Roberts:
on ground near now being considered for reactl- many lakes ocean mlssloners
House of Representatives Mon dispatched the follow-, I "Hold! For Jesus' sake forbear.

I day. The measure simply raised InK/ wire dated May 29: "County Why continue the torture? A

J the fees to be paid sheriffs In all Grocers, ButchersTo YOUTHFUL Sgt. Shull Describes Commissioners stand firm on posl- community, Starke cannot afford

counties under 20,000 populationThis ARTIST Korean FightingAt lon as resolution submitted you a hospital but Rtarke can boastof
would Include Bradford. ,. proposed hospital bill. Desire a new JAIL. I trust the community -
The 1931 Legislature atread Jax Meeting Rotary ClubA referendum freeholders Novem- hall undertaken to acquirea

\ has passed a general bill allowing htfr> 10.12. To Vote on question In Mad House."
. in your opinion, contributed the most worthy and sheriffs to keep up to $7,500 ol Independent grocers and butch- I 4H firsthand report of the fight-I

i service to Starke or Bradford County as a whole the fees they collect. Present law era from eight north Florida counties Ing in Korea was given at the

the past year? stipulated that they are to keep will attend a meeting In Jacksonville Rotary Club Wednesday, by Sgt. I THINK YOU HAVE A TOUGH TIME?
Edward T. Shull son of Mr. and
Rotary Club sponsor of the annual Citizenshipwould the first $3,000 and some fees at 8:30: p.m. Wednesday, .
Starke, who
Mrs. E. T. Shull of
like for you to express your opinion. Making collected above that amount on B June 6, to hear three representatives '
lation for this important award is the privilege of any sliding scale arrangement. : of the Jacksonville Office, hits Jtirit returned. to the States So you had a tough day today, did you ? Everythingwent

pf' the county, and deserves to be given serious con- However, many sheriffs In the I' if rrlce Stabilization explain ceiling -I after bring 1948. overseas since September wrong no doubt, and you came home to snap at the

' by all. smaller Bounties never receive the price regulations that affect vivid word wife and kiddies, or vice versa.
pn Shull a
amount authorized by law because 'hem. Bjft. gave Well, at lea.st weren't bitten by rattlesnake and
you a run
this annual award, the Rotary Club emphasizes picture of Korea the country and
that the person so honored i is not selected on a "pop- the fees collected are not enougr The meeting sponsored by the Us people. He said there are over by a train at the time, were you ? Then quit feeling

onte8t' basis. The selected for this for the lawful salary limit. Duval County Retail Grocers Asso- many Christians especially In ; sorry for yourself and harken to this story as told by O. A.
< man or woman The measure passed; by thehouse "latlon will be held In tHe Semi-1 North Korea. The soldier In the Uric1 editor of the Lake Wales News:
on may receive only one nomination but if his con- and sent to the '
Monday nole Hotel. The Association re- fighting zone usually appreciateshis "" thought we were hating a tough, day Huniluy \\h..ne
n of service to the community has been the most out- Senate would allow the sheriffs Ir. luested the Jacksonville Office of
went out to find
said. The the
religion, Sgt. Shull car battery di-atl ram .home at nsit to
g in the opinion of the judges he will receive the smaller counties to collect large : Price Stabalizatlon to provide the I
O. I. prays often and attends service find. the wife's electrlimove hixl. nhortnt "hlared up and nearly
In fees. Most fees are hiker hree speakers to acquaint gro-
k sums as often as they are made set the> kitchen on fire, and then an ailing baby that afternoonner
"lag is done by a committee composed of a representa- from $3 to $!8. I. ers with price regulations on| available to im. Ha expresse( .-..Hlt bMl a rail to She d'H.tor."We .
each of the The measure also provides ar terns they handle. In
jpi several civic clubs. surprise at seeing empty pews
[l winner receives a handsome plaque, appropriately. Increase In sheriff's mileage frorr I The speakers will be Ray D.Remans churches since his return home fjtkHand changed railroad our' mind. though when we> read about ISo
I 13 cents. Another I man who ua bitten by a rattlesnake ami
,d I. which will be presented at early meeting of the 12 1-2 cents to price executive, and Sam -- and stated that In his opinion th! I
' an of the measure Is the then run over by his own train.all at the Hume tlnu.
..Club. provision ... Sheftall and W. F. Cox. price people on the home front should
granting of $1,23per day tc I specialists. I Now that school I. out, Eddie take their religion more seriouslyalso. "He> really had the tough day But like u. he survived and
Citizenship Award was instituted last year sheriffs for feeding prisoners. Al Grocers and butcher. are asked Hardman. promising young Junior had. a much mon Interesting story \\'e think for a real sxrliltnt .

lor Rotary Club, with the honor going to Mrs. W. R. present they are paid a fee based' '0 bring written lists of the ques- High School student of Hampton The Sergeant said that the story It's worth rooming."The .

; her service to the community through Red Cross on the number of prison en. I Ions they wish to be answered will have more time for his. Chinese Communist troupe are railroader wan A. N. Tmvn.* n, brakitmaii. who was
*'r civic hobbypainting in oils and wat..reolor.
enterprises. that when they attack helping switch. a train ne.r As
tnd the ors has announced usually doped Mulberry. he wax standing be.
the of B. H.
Eddie is
( son
"ne desiring to place a name in nomination may d i> Dr. Nix AcceptsSurgicalResidency he three speakers will remain as Hardman. who a fishing especially the first (suicide) wave side thn trark a rattlesnake struck at him Imbedding" its. fang
""mo llln; the blank below and bringing it to all that Is sent practically unarmed In hi .
mailing or long as necessary answer on Hampton Lake. He of. trouser leg but not breaking the. akin of his leg

Bradford County Telegraph, Alvarez Stote, or Slade ]u stlons. I I I!camp ten goes on boat trips with his against UN forces In the hope of "Another, trainman ran to hi.* sasietani'e. "'hUe the. two,

1 A nominations must be in this weekend In Atlanta HospitalDr. Retailers from Baker Bradford father. but he likes to paint the overpowering them by sheer forceof of them were "battling. the snake a second train rame nlowly up

71ay, Duval Nassau Putnam, !St.! lakeside scene while his father numbers. The Communists car the trark. In the etolUnwnt Townnon never noticed. its approach .
physician at the small kits containing equipment
U Nix.
D Union counties are to ry
Johns and Eddie
fishes. In. the above picture until It knocked him ""WD.
Prison at P.alford since September with which to give themselves
NOMINATION BLANK I State attend. Is two of his water '
1. 1949.! will terminate his exhibiting ) shots, he said. 11ft kept his \head however and lay flat between thwNtheel.*

ANNUAL CITIZENSHIP AWARD services there June 30 to accepta seenes. The principal of the Hampton He declared that the American until hi* friend managed to get the train halted after two

! ROTARY surgical residency at Georgia Funeral MondayFor School. Mrs. Ola Perkins encourages soldier Is afraid of no Army In the ear had pawed Aver Sin.. 'I didn't know whether the train or
I CLUB OF STARKE him In Ms Interest in
Baptist Hospital In Atlanta. He H. B. Purvis, art. I I world and Is willing to fight If he the rattlesnake was going to get .....' he said. later when. fellowworker.

assumes his new duties there on knows what he's) fighting for. got hint out without an Injury."In .

! I July 1.Mrs. Tourist Camp OwnerHenry I Sgt. Shull was Introduced' by all the erltment, the snakeewapeil..
TO Men May
Nix and their two children.Margaret Young his father, E. T Shull. I "Bet lie think* hn> had a tough day too."
will leave B. Purvis,, 73, owner and
and Lafayette
Continue EducationIn
of the former Purvis|/ 1 I
'- Atlanta about June 13. and operator II I
(Print Name In Full for nr. Nix will 1 follow at the end of Dairy and tourist cabins north of( Marine Corps Rotarians Win A. T. Green Promoted Fall From Slide
died at his I
, Starke for many years, Donkey Game 2.1
month.It ; .
To Rank
""andlnrr been announced tome Saturday May 26, after a. Young men iwh, arc being Corporal Critically InjuresJ.
CUIzen of Bradford County For Year Ending has not yet | Lions Take PoloA
3l*. Dr. Nix at the ''onf( illness." graduated from high school this
9S1. succeed L. Alvarez
My reason for this nomination lit M follow*: who will I Aubrey T. Green son of Levy W. .
will find ample opportu-
Rlchland, spring ;
I prison. Mr. Purvis was born In In large crowd of funseekersgot Green of Route 2, Stark., has recently
Oa.. on May 23, 1876. son of the nity to continue their education their money's worth of laughs I been promoted to corporalat J. L. Alvares, 20, son of Mr. and

Transfers late Luciu A. and Mattie' Snelling. the U. S. Marines according .to attending a donkey-bicycle soft- Fort Jackson 9. C. \Mrs.\ Rufus Alvarex of Starke. was
Property David O. Sauls,
of the Master Sergeant
Purvis. He was a veteran ball game last Friday night be- Prior to his enlistment Into the seriously Injured when heell
the. War and was Jr., local leatherneck recruiter from a giant slide at a Klngsley
are amour Spanish-American and last Green
The following tween the Starke Lions Army September Cpl.
--- transactions recently recorded t member of the Baptist Church. | Sauls also pointed out that Rotary. was engaged In farming. H. Is a Lake swimming resort Thursdayof

- I Walter O. Duckworth to F. Daarda. community for the past 23 years, and of year high school preliminary donkey polo game bya 18 months In the European Theaterof the wooden support struc
courses subjects ture.It.
Lot 58. Sec 13 Woodlawn.I coming here from Miami wherehe score of 2-1 but the Rotarians Operations.
, SCOUT I level are available to those .
I NEWS Aboard CarrierThree $3 !500. operated a tourist home. to complete I eked out a close 2-1 victory In the He I I. currently assigned to Tank wa reported that young Alvarea's -
have not )been able .
( Fr..nrii. and Cecil R. Whitehead Surviving I. 0 ne sister Mrs schoolsAt main event of the evening. This Company. 91st Regiment of the Injuries' did not at first
Saturday the Scouta wn Starke men. Harold L. to Vernon A. NlchoU.. Lot S. 7 Mattie K. Darts of Fellsmere. their education In public grand finale was played with the famed 8th Infantry Division at .:appear to be .serious 'but that

"g'l.y Lake all cuesta of Gray husband.of Mrs. Inn Gray: of Block 10. original Town of Monday | the Starke Poet Office Lions astride donkeys and the Fort Jackson. several hours later he went Into
held -,
" Blackshear. We an Carrol D. Baker. husband of Stark.. Funeral services were in the nesday from 9 a. m. to 1 wed-I Rotarian. mounted on an odd convulsions and was carried to St.Vincenfa .
at 2 o'clock
go to Cedar )Cey. to Ms. Phoebe Baker; and Glenn Fonnle Crew of New River to afternoon with Rev. Sergeant Sauls will be glad assortment of bicycles with eccentric Childress Home Sold ,. Hospital In Jacksonville
DeWitt C. Jones Chapel where It
bgbthouse Marines the was determined
of Mrs. of Miami. 100- ( plain to prospective that
there. If anyn Orvllle Scott, husband Philip Martlneau' wheels.. Fortunately no
I L. D. Halnes officiating. I to practically all the blood
Interellted Joining Ruth Eloulse Scott. are serving acre tract of land near New River educational opportunities open one was slaughtered during the Mr. and Mrs. John O. Childress. '
t lII..t USS Following services here the ,them while serving In the Marine In his right side had been. broken.
J.tonday carrier
: 3:30: p.m. aboard the aircraft 5600. evening. who recently moved to Galnesvlll.
of the L. Ma goon body was sent to Miami to the Corps. He emphasized the fact 'He was operated on at 2 a.m.
Pariah fourth tour to C.
I It House 00 Coral Sea. now on Its I Walter Sibley Both organized realized over have sold their home on Road 100
last Funeral Home where serv- of Friday for removal of
curriculum a large
Lanier that
live Week Mn. Elt of duty In the :Mediterranean. of Hampton 2 acres near a complete $30 each from the encounter to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney GrUfla.
III ces were held Wednesday with academic studies Is available toj I blood clot and at last report \la
son on Jr.Brandt. airmen 4000. which will be used In promotingsome Amount of the transaction was
and Baker are M
Fr. Gray I 20 interment following In the Old. Marine, as well as the finest In| Improving, although not yet out of
while Scott. an aviation machlnl V J. Slade to C L. MaZ of the worthwhile projectscarried t 3600. danger.11m .
lallt road. Miami Cemetery j military training.
both ctub4U .
Scribe. .,t's mate. acres i.soo.on Hamptoa-Ther I on by

.. .' -
.. S
-- -
.. v."


:tIft ,,\ JJ1

'/ l lj/ Xi '

''f!! ....... .... .... .., ..... ..,...., ..... ...... ,..
., ,,,.,, :,. ,, .. .,.. .... '. ., .. ... ,..... .... .. ..... ....-_..... "
.. ,''' '' .1:1 ,, p' .J. .. ..., ,, .." .. .. ... ... ... .. _., ''' .. ...." ,,_, ,11'._,. ... "
",... .
., t

, ti JUN1-1951

'co'it";$ !It PAGE TWO You are hereby notified that ,
__ Clerk. a wi.
r Y ro.ldrnre! I Ie 81 Lincoln Av., At- "I.k l of the Circuit: Court on or Icy Haven Crosby 023 U 615OTICB | null for Divorce has been filed plalll'' "I ,:,1... .,
before. the 25th, day of June, 1 B1otherwlna : alralnot you In the above named Iby lo, r
: bang. I New York. I y I .
Bradford; TeleeraDh Heihtsl Y..u are hereby notified that a all alienations of aaldrsmplnlnt i \ TO APPOARIs Court and cause and you are required Thl.
County Keystone iiult for Ptvon and other relief will bu taken as confessed Clrralt Court Hradford County. to serve a copy of youranswer il a ,: \
to the oomplalaton
or pleadlnf elAt/1
hue been filed atralniit you In the l by you Florida !. l'baeeery.Willie '1R
D. McDonald above named Pourt and cauae and This notice shall he publishedtive Woods, Plaintiff, vsllufui the Plaintiff Attorney, 7achH Telegraph;:
E. MATTHEWS. oWNEN-EDltoaA By Mm. Mara I four ronnecti- Sun :; : 1IIiii
ESTABLISHED 1878 you are required. to nerve a- ropy rcf weekewnethe for R Wood, Douglas (05-507 Lynch Building Pnt, Ih
a Bradford CountyTflerraph Defender 8461Nnllre Jacksonville Florid. and file the ( tlth
your orjpleadlnsr" to the com< No OFFIf'IA!. .
tan..rh Plaintiff' Attorney, Appeari original In the office of the Clerk : tsl'y .
and Entered mm Second! Cliurrh JVotes. Al L' Sihitelder, 831 Lynch Build, noted this Und day of Mftr 151 To: Rufus To R Woods, whore re>l-. if the Circuit Court on or beforethe Ha ,.rk. nsbj 1 hi ,J
Published Every Friday :Fla. The Catholic Church announce In*. Jacksonville, Florida. and file (OYFIC!ClerkEoftthe! A. J. Thorn Court. dente la l : Unknown. Iftth day of June 1151,' otherTETLEY .,
Office at Starke. Circuit
Matter at the Post will be resumed this the original In the office of the .
1 plow hat lunday services In the Inn at the usual ...... -A JItltat' --,. ,,. ", :.,.....:......, I ".. !.it:'i.......:..:. .., "' '" .". :: :.;:. '..:..rili': ': ..' -..:. :" -.;;,::..::

MEMBER @ 1951 time 10:30: a. m. .
Remember the Dally Vacation
8ub.criptloa $2.50 nnually 91JM For Six Mont Bible School which I* scheduled tc''
open In the Community: Church i
on Monday June 11 for aU children
1 I
DON'T BLAME TilE FARMER between and including; the
r ages of 4 and 14 year AU children .
Y Practically everyone blames the farmer for the high In the community are Invitedto

price of farm products-particularly processed goods. It is attend.
only natural that the more hands a product goes through the The Community Church has
higher the price must be, but few realize the small part that sponsored a troup of Boy Scout
of America which was organized flAI.UIS
goes to the farmer. last week. The first meeting; will )1ITTANlJINIJ.
Based on recent prices, the U. S. Department of Agriculture be held In the Woman' Club Fri
I Bureau of Agricultural Economics has come up with day June 1. Dr. J. Ralph Neale IN AMEAtlcAtc FINEST CANI/ED FOODS!

the following interesting facts and figures about certain is Institutional Representativeand I "'.",11""''''''''...........
# processed farm products: AI Watson la Chairman of
the Committee, which Includes Dr.
wheat in 16-cent loaf of
the a
If the farmer gave away e
Musser Medlcal-dvlllOr Llndaey
4 bread, the loaf would still cost the consumer 13.4 cents.If Walker and Don Pangborn, transportation YELLOW CLINGNo.
the dairyman furnished the milk in a 22-cent to 23- ; C. Baatedo and Hunt- C

cent quart of milk absolutely free, it would still cost the ley Redfearn advancement;

housewife 11.5 cents.If Frank Walrath finance; and E.

+ the farmer would give away the beans in a 16centcan H. Martin public relation
t of pork and beans, the can would still cost 14 cents at Club Noted.The Keystone Height Woman's 0
the grocery store. Club held Ita annual Garden Party yo'a es
And if the tobacco grower gave away the tobacco in a i last Tuesday at the home of Mrs era.

20-cent pack of cigarettes, the girl behind the counter would J. F, Fredricksson on Lake Geneva -
for the purchase. This was the last meeting of -
still ask 17 cents ; No.1 1 Tall Can No. 2Va Can
Of course not all of the extra cost represents profit for the year and new officer were In-

those who do( the handling and processing. Taxes tremendously.But all along. Mr stalled.*. Sara The McDonald retiring;turned president over, 19CWho. 27c We Reserve the Right 152 Call Street Prices Good Him
the line increase the cost of processed goods the and I I
gavel to
key the
Y it should be clear to everyone that the! farmer. or grower president, Mr*. F. M. Walrath new, to Limit Quantity Starke, Florida Sat, lune 2nd

is not the one to blame for high prices. Sr. Mr*. Detweller was Installed Spi. Peaches
We think that if anything must be done at all, it shouldbe a* secretary and Mrs. S. Kennedyas .

in the direction of seeing that the farmer gets an increased treasurer. The brief ceremony BANANASGolden BANTAM
portion of the consumer's dollar. Statistics show that for waa held on the spacious porch qced4v
money invested and hours worked the farmer gets less than over looking the lake. The tea HES No 2/ Can37C Ripe Fruit
table was placed just outside on A -
I the average non-agricultural the lawn. Mrs. J. Ralph Neale 2e. 25cTOMATOES II
As is usual, when facts and figures are brought out into poured tea and Mrs. Bastedo pre- IL G
the open the public Is quick to( understand. So stop .blaming sided at the punch bawl. STOKELY'S Finest FruitCOCKTAIL No. 1 Tall u
the farmer for high prices. Llona Club
ed later. .-. ,, 33c 23c

WHY KEEP IT A SECRET? Now Item) Firm and Meaty
STOKELY'S Finest Bartlett
The school year la drawing to Fresh Roasting Ears]
Florida has kept a big secret for a long time, and we a close and the 8th grade of the PEARS NO. 2Va 39c 2 for 33c IK 19cCARROTS
think it is about time now that the secret be disclosed to the Keystone school Is preparing for
rest of the country. We refer, of course, to the fact that closing exercises. Dr. Neale will .STOKELY'S Finest Red Sour Pitted V +
has fine 'round climate, and not merely a preach the baccalaureate sermon ;;
Florida a year PIE CHERRIES 23c
on Sunday. June 3, In the Community No.2
i place to run to when the rest of the country gets too cold. Church. The graduation Fresh. Green Top (or

Trouble Is, we believe, that for many years Florida has exercises will be In the Woman', STOKELTS FinestORANGE

been "sold" as a winter vacation land and most folks up North Club on Wednesday, June 6, at JUICE 29c 2 bc .. 19c
merely think of Florida in that way. Visitors will ask: "but 8 p. m. The speaker will be Dr. Cka.
t doesn't it get awfully hot. in the summertime?" and show Ralph Page of the University of STOKELY'S FinestCITRUSIP

by the way they ask it that they are sure that in the sum- Florida C. B. Bowles County tt>'' 29c DIXIANA Quick-Freeze, Sliced, SweetenedStrawberries
mer Florida Is a steaming jungle land. Superintendent of Public Instruc 48-0. Calla
farm tion, will present diploma to the
The truth is that. While we do not have the following students: .STOKELY'S Finest Strawberry"RESERVES

+ figures at hand to prove it, we believe that the summer tem CarrMsv Margaret: Eleanor CeclJ.Lamar Chew 39ciPEA5 12-0% Pkg
peratures here Intbls.aectlon of Florlda'compare favorably IncjtonJ; Evan Merrill'Dykes. Joy 12-0.. Clau
'""""'with Those fourit\,most anywhere along the Eastern seaboard. ce1 Maria Fiedler.. Dorothy,Alice
"j' In any event,'we think that from now on an'effort must Owenb,-. 'Hayden Haskins, Mich- Picnic Style
let ,that in addition to being n wonder- act /Stephen! Redfearn Jessie Lou x
>> : .
;gtl fOEk, lib">Zo" 't1i '!S.v S. tllre.( 1 ,' e" ':' Rowland,,"t, .Wallace,..-. FraekUa ELY$ .. Pork Roast Lb. 43c
: ... ,. ;.:: :""" MJ. 1+p. )v '''Jf'1 ry + : .. ruve.iMack' Lane (Siblajr, Jr. Small MeatySpareribs
DIRTyfnUSINESS 8uzann4'Siprene'Arthur Ruacher',, A A"Sunnyland"
soy ITS. A 49c
and Alfred Bemford Watson Jr Lb. 1
'.-- on' Dr. Neale, Don Pangborn, Kyle I
Commenting the crime, vice and gambling combina- Boston Butt
McMurtry, Eulle I
tions and rackets in the United States and corruption in Beasley and Bob Rushton Croosdale Leslie made ; Pork Roast Lb. 49c or

some political circles J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal up. party of six who went to
Bureau of Investigation rays: "There is nothing pleasantin Cedar Key last week for some Meaty PorkNeckbones "Jack Spratt" Smoked Picnics

any discussion on the subject of crime. Crime exists be- deep sea fishing. They came back Lb. 19c

cause of failures-failure to prevent delinquency and failure with 30 trout. We will not mention No 303 Cans 5 to 7 lb. Averar'b39
z to correct delinquency. Beyond that, there is a failure to any'name but we understand "HONEY POD" 39C Mt. Vermont Grade A, Dressed
prevent crime a failure to detect crime a failure to prose- some of the party were not such & Drawn Quick Frozen Young
cute crime a failure to properly deal with crime and a failure good sailors. PEAS 65c
The Ducklings Lb.
l to take the profit out of crime. park benches belonging to '
"The solution of the crime problem is a simple matter: the city have all been repairedand
repainted and No 303 Cans Taste O' Sea Dressed
put back on the
I Enforce existing laws fairly and impartially, vigorously, and
sidewalk about the This 2 49C
city. Is
relentlessly, and mobilize the full force of every medium of a big improvement and one which TINY PARTY Whiling Lb. 19c Grade 'A" Quick.Frozen Chicken
education as to the facts about crime. I have no sympathywith has long been needed. PEu PEAS Taste 0' Sea Fillet of \\h..
the position of those who constantly are urging against Mrs. Francis O. Clark who ha Red Perch PARTS MEATY BACKS .\\h..
the publication of information on crime. In fact I would been visiting/ for a month in Oklahoma STOKELY'S Finest Extra Large All-Green Spears Lb. 38c LEGS & THIGHS '
urge the dissemination of more information on crime which and Tennessee has return. Taste 0' Sea Fillet of Hickory Sweet Sliced Mt. Vermont

puts crime in its proper perspective and reveals >t in all its ed to her home on Keystone ASPARAGUS Me 2 CanSTOKELY'S 47c Codfish Lb. 35c BACON 59c Ib.
horror and filth,and revolting character. Only in that way Lake. lb.
can public lethargy be forced into action. There Is quite an epidemic of Finest Sliced or Cut -_. .----

"The evils of gang wars gambling, vice political corrup- measles In town now. A lot of the BEETS 2 No. 303 COM 25c ;
tion and organized crime be eliminated from the American young fry are down with it. I
,, can
I New arrival; Gall Ann Burson STOKELY'S Finest Shoestring Diced MIRACLE WHIP I : 3
scene. The fundamental solution lies in aroused and ''IS lt>. 6 oz, born last Friday, or Dressing i P
awakened citizens, militantly! demanding the action which
,daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick : BEETS 2 No. 303 COM 23c
t will eliminate the gambling czarthe crook and the venal Burson. Cheese
' politician. Blast the foundation of the local gambling czar. The Keystone Heights Baseball STOKELY'S Finest Whole Chee-Zee 2 Loaf 7
i by vigorously enforcing the statutes' against gambling without team suffered a defeat at the : BEETS 2 35c Food
ij_ fear or favor and he will collapse and. like a house of hand of Micanopy lust Sunday. No. 303 Can
cards the vast pyramid of gambling will collapse. The score wa 5 to 0. STOKELY'S Finest Tiny Green "
"We can never have a crime-free America until all who Mrs. Ewing has left for a visit 33" BLEACH 2 Quarts 2
l stand for law and order are united and determined to mobilize In Dunkirk. Ohio. She will attenda LIMA BEANS s.NO.. 303 29c

a against return those to the who fundamentals constitute our upon army which of lawlessness.this Nation: Only was she and family will will visit reunion be also In In Forrest Indianapolis Ohio, STOKELY'S Finest Fordhook I' Tl I 1 E A Dazzling Clean Wash 2

t founded-a moral reawakening revitalized spirit and a weeks. gone for several LIMA BEANS No. 303 25cCLAPP'S I O WITH| OR WITHOUT

rededication of service to our fellow man--can make this a This year there are three young RINSING Large BOX

d reality. people from Keystone In the
''i "No nation ever. won a war unless its people were united graduating; class of the Melrose
and dedicated to the common cause.." High School. They are Betty Row.
land, Anna Walrath and Tommy

Men's Clothing Hearst. SUGARS::1 5 Pounds 39

ill I ALVAREZ' STORE Established 1894 Ilijl PINE, LEVEL

IMW..1 By Mm.. II. M. JHcRae


where I sit Joe Marsh The Services were well attendedat efp FOOD COSTS' BALLARD'!
From _. Jy Pine Level Baptist Church with Strained Baby 'Food DOWN!

211 In Sunday school. Three members Dressing
were added to the member- FLOUR :

Just "Can't Get Over"Easy's ship.Miss 4ft os. 10cCLAPP'S ,, SPAGHETTI TEft t
Glenda a.
Crosby who has
: ; Fence ,been attending the Bible School at gea.IBlem DINNER Plain Self ros::
; .
: ,
Ft. Worth Tex. arrived home for art gut 10 :IfSI01
t .
., three lbs.
'-- months vacation with her 10 k.
t Few years ago Easy Roberta coat lees than ordinary fencing. parents Mr. and Mr*. R. R. Cros 38C .tdnllt>iCE sues )
took a lot of kidding when h. (Might be well worth :your while by.The Chopped Baby Food 1', Ib 64 $511)
II;I planted that hedge of Multlflora looking into.) ladle In this section are
roe* along his property Mae. From where I sit. there' no working hard canning bean, 7V5 15c 69C ..,, 41c
Folks' laid he was getting pretty enae In looking down on something corn tomatoes and strawberries. ox 32-0
bICIa-bluUm'. Just because if different Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Sunshine
11 But today plenty of people who from what we like. For Instance Mrs. H. H. Lewis were Mr. and ZEROHousehold Nabisco
laughed at the Idea slow down some people think Ice-cold lem"". Mrs. B. M. Thomas and family DIXIE DARLING EnrichedBREAD GRAHAMS 33LB. RITZ 1b.J .
when they drl. by E..,'. place ad.'. the beat ""cooler-offer" a of Brooker. Mrs. Irene Bonn of 12c
1 'L -just to look at those 1'_. Most hot day. Some of ua would rather Hellbronn Springs Mr*. Robert FamlIy Loa Cleanser
beautiful tight :you ever ..sw.Practical have a glass of beer. The Impor. Lamb of On. Mr. and Mr. W. 'DIXIE DARLING Enriched Whit
tant thing .to not te "hedge ourselves C. Conner and daughter and Mr. 25COld
tool The b- Quart
hedge a I In" against other people'. and Mrs. H. M. McRae.NOTICM 6 10c -
four foot
good high now, and at for tJ : ,
leaat fire foot thick-eyen shoat Ideas and preferences6e'7l I 1 i-/ MAMA GEr.J"J
couldn't gt through that prickly ,I TO APPRiR DIXIE DARLING Enriched Raisin Iced Dutch REAl.-Kllt
IK rlrrmlt .
mas of ahrubbery. Beat of all, It ( u(, I .'I.rld.l 1.CMr Caa..rr.Bradford C..fF. 18c
Hlanlvy: Arden_ Palmer Plaintiff .... BREAD :P1cdD toed LoaI 19c Cleanser 2'" 25c i BUG KlUER.1 "
-- lor.ce !>>ul 1'aJmvr, Defendant
,,,,,rifht,I9S1,United Slant Brmtri Feeaduwe1vTt N.Ile. T. A....... C... No. Ilea -. . .
I T..t oro Irfiuls Palmer, whose . .. .

t .' ." .
.. .. .

'. ft )I:


--- '- -
Digger is down, in the yard. Hi
absent from a Homecoming eerl'ice t\r" K,"H| t imi'UInt Will' I I". In The Circuit Oinrt .l Florida.
Is fine --
Had such a lovely Mother''' At the l.ik.n in .r..d, li>' *ou luhlh Jnillclnl Circuit. In ...f forllrnilfnrd !
Day gift from my son and wife LAKE GENEVA present he Is In Austria Thin. not tee elicit lie l>"hll.h..1"n. <........,.. In t.hancerr.Ill 1IIII
rL nice He ha looked upon) the each week for four i HIM-I uHM Mill* U
perfume and two pairs of > neeka in the Umdford I'uunty.
silk hose. Made me happy. One By Blanche CunninghamThe Whit. Cliffs of Dover and many teamen' atnrgnrot" .r, nn Mnrkhnn, Plaintiff. ATTENTIONIf
w Cntlle 11-uuKl Markhan. Dcfndant -
other wonders since he has been Dated| this 3.1rd day, of May. 1K51
day this week a girl of 18 whomI (OrriCIAIj( t'mALI' A. J. Thomas,
had helped get work when school Patrons of the Lake Geneva over mean He has alllo seen more Clerk of the Circuit OiirtBy To. Rat Ciirtla, 1Iownr4 Markhan. You Have
snow Haven Crosby, lienuty Clerk 1 bl Hhornu Kraion I'nlt AI>O 15914 ,
Post Office well he thought possible.Well .
Is out, came to are pleased with ,
me weeping. Her alas I 41 6111 ( T'naimiiMi-r.' San Francisco, Cali
gy Lure gurqess Mohr Mother died when she was small, the efficient manner In which he haa learned, as some other torn iii. PINE OR CYPRESS 6 i
and Mrs. H. J. Roper, Lake City (Star Floridians have that there Is now O'f'I"J J TIn ) APPJII"t You are. hereby notified that
PONCA. NEBRJ now her Father has cancer of rlrvnll, fnnrt. Kmdfortl County them hAM boon filed hv MarfcaretJean TIMBER TO SELL {
somewhere in the
I Route carrier) and her world and that '..,.
assistant .
the Kidney and has only a limited "IA' In Cnnneer? Mnt-khan In the Circuit Court
i time to live. [I Mrs. p. A. Roper (her daughter- what some of >m tell about snow Heutrlrn June. Plaintiff, v". Ilobert ..f! UrAMor,1 County. Florida herWill
celvbrsle. our wedding furniture. Life Is good and I plan Things that try the in-law la not all a myth or day drpam.L'on' Jan Jones. of Cmnnlalnt against you, and Large or Small Tracts
enjoy molt to Just\ take time to be happy just soul. My near neighbor a widow, ) handle the mall. Both are: Defendant.CUPO. No 8459mtlre that the relief 1 therein: proved for Ina
I work pleasant In address at the is > To dlvore'INCi'I.O' MATniMONll,
their dealings with, the present : tppeurlTo
sitting and dreaming. Ha Whoopee! weeps from loneliness. We have We Buy All
militate and pray. Pvt. Leon : Robert Jamea Jonen, whonAleelilenre from you and restoration of her
t.1 I shall just be thankful that I am burled her husband, who fell dead public and try to bring the mall Carter B3003203 and address I..: tae( KrlKice maiden name of Marirnrot. Jean flra-
Ill I of you. from heart attack and in on time which certainly means 818th Eng. Combt. Co.. A. P. O. Avenue. cn| Klein nron, New York, ham.This PAY TOP PRICES
alive. a daughterIn .
neighbor You are hereby notified that la
fgood 541, of a therefore to command
a lot to folks care Postmaster New you
away Yesterday we celebrated our the thirties. What can one say like myself und suit for nivorre. and ruatoily. and to fll. your' written. appearance. In
lashing others who York, N. Y. control of minor child has been filed anld 0
to those patronize this office, rituaii on or before Saturday
whose ?
hearts sad
I great anew swift and fifth wedding anniversary. We are Mra. The airaln you In the above named June, n, ] 5l. and that you. ahalithereafter : I
did nothing so different, as our I say "Pray for strength." Roper'a route Is from Lake we had Friday and Court and cause and you are. reaw.rdnr on or before. the. 14th
City to Palatka and Saturday sure helped the of July 1951, serve Write or Call
labors. work here must go on. We were Our lives are a mixture of sor returns each crops plealing to thefcymllaint a copy of your
at his well defenses If any on Samuel W. I
an -Charles Malam. just unusually happy and gay. We row and joy. Only our .Saviour day except Sunday. So to the us as the people In this vicini on the Plalntlffa Attorney T. Frank. fietaen. Attorney for' the Plaintiff. ,
can bring to hearts. Ropers, we say keep up the good ty. Our crops had begun to look Iwtndrltm Starke. Plnrldn.: and file P. O. Ron 11|, nalneavtlle. lorlriii,
had funeral in the afternoonI peace aching original ,
life I have a the in the T. THOMAS
[ thru all my work. a little pale and wilted, but the off of theClerk and Immediately thereafter file the B.
friends, made myself look nice in a sheer God bless you all of the Circuit Court on orbefore original In my office I'pon failure
-eclous are my Stanley Party rain has revived everything until the tsth day of June. 1951': 10 comply with either of the. above. ,
mllY, Next In Impor black dress with my pearl beads LOVE LURAGRAHAM On we are In hopes of a good crop otherwise I I the allegation I or aldComplaint .. a Decree Pro Confeenn. will! be enterod LUMBER CO. t
t-Ware trees. To me and earlnga. Don wore his new Tuesday Mrs. Raymond will h. taken a. confenaed anHlnat you "",'n.llln"*", to law
Mann now by you. Witness my hand and l .al ..f
gave a
been friends and watch I gave him for the first tIme. Stanley party at her I Thin nolle shall he. publlahedonce Circuit "Court this Hard day ofMny PHONE 211-J
The att
and ate them In the evening before bedtime we home enjoying her hospitalitywere Junior Training Union each week for four coeaacuttve A r>.. 1051
I my eyes the the Mission Station Is startingthe I ,,'..k. In the D.'adeorll County A J. Thomas,
life have been my had ice cream and chocolate cake. guests; Mrs. TelearaphHated Cli-rk' Circuit Court.v P. O. Box 733STARKE ;)
> and Thus we started on our sixth Mildred Hastings Mrs. Ada Loud first book In their training, or this Sin <'lay"of Mar, IMB1.OPPICIAT Haven Crosby, Deputy Clerk
and Important year. lly Mrs.: John MrKlnnyWedding en, Mrs. Marie Parker, Irma Alt. rather have already started and ( SEAL A. J. Thnmaa Hatniiel. \\-. letaen FLA.
of minds Such happy years.HELPFUL Clerk of the Circuit CourtEy IMiilntlff.
for my peace I Attorney for .
The first tree I HINTS: Use a chore I man, all of Keystone Heights hope to be finished by the last of Haven .Crosby Denntv ClerktltS : 6S5! it eta: ..,.:- ."' '. .,- : .
l I Mrs. the week This Course Is 4t alit' -
Lucy very helpful -
FInley, Mrs. Catherine II
tree I to take from windows.
(ias sweet gum boy paint
a Miss Arlee Burns of North Davis Mrs Martha Thomas and In the training of young!: Christian !
that shadedthe I tie a clean cloth over my dust
vas a tree I Carolina and Mr Leonard Mo and Mrs. Mary Root of Hlllcrest. *. Some show much Interest !
farm In Decatur mop. Tie the opposite four cor MOSt
Mr. and Mrs In these courses, and we have I
married T. J.
of Sanford were I' Johnson and
I, where I was born ners. I drop a few drops of Kinney
]ma, great hopes that will make
Clyde Austin
succession of applet ture polish on the cloth and furnl-I')Saturday May 2Mh In Folkaton, children of Jacksonville loyal
servants for Lord.
a hickoryg dust the floor, also the Ga. They plan to make their home spent Sunday with Mrs. our "
and a large
alone la a field on well. Sew about six feed sacks I at Daytona Beach. I Johnson' and Mrs. Austins par 'U'TU'J11 TO APPP. IIIn Ih'jsesulablt' Can; in Allle..ieI
('nts, ..,,
Mr and Mrs. J. Austin. TlrrnK ('o M nrsdtnrd (0.
Sm of my fathers inreea together and make a big sheet and I Mr. and Mrs. Senter of Norfolk, Mrs. Flnrlilm In <...........
I have plantedthat lay it down when pulling weeds, Va. spent a few days with Mr. and Bishop Myrick and baby Marln Kllxnhelh orh.... Plaintiff vn
daughter of Gainesville James Orben. Defendant
l Rotidoli'h
Albert's Dad and or grass. Throw the leaves, 'I Mrs. Fletcher Griffin. with Mrs. Sue spentTuesday Care No. S46goitre Before you start naming all the dependable car in America
In southern Indiana in plants and clippings in the old Lonnice and Willard Hines Myrlck. To tpneneiTr
Out from Jacksonville the >: Roudollih Jam." Ortten, whnsereelilenre roiiHonn you would like to own a
over Pontiac'sbeauty
with in and
foods my father deededut sheet and carry to the trash pile. spent Sunday in Mlcanopy weekend and mlitrees le: 001 l F lltll .. "'- 1951 Pontiac why not talk to Then come see
were Mr. and
| tree by the well tin CLAY HILL: This morning an their brother, Frank Hines and Mra. Ar street, New< York Cltv. New York. ( ,. who have been inside I pnd out-drive it
thur Wild low
and son, and Mr. and You are hereby notified hot n a owners
Iierage that my father announcement of the graduationfrom family. Mrs. Wayne Major. snit for IMvorce and award of minor ( << ') Pontiac drivt-ra for years. Auk for the shier fun of driving, -get
a boy. So goes on high school of my dear girl Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Henson of children has been filed against you the fnits and figures and you'll
n liko I'ontiac.
Friends of "Uncle" Dave Baker, In the above named <-onrt and causeand thorn why they
fcry. An apricot tree in and beautiful child, Joy Wilkinson Fernandina spent Sunday with t know why dollar for dollar,
are sorry to learn he isn't so .well. you are required to eerve a cnpv. rIJ''UII' You'll be urpriaotl how many really
Missouri. The cotton Harris I do not know when I was Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Starling. of your answer or pleadfnr 4n thepnniplnlnt cant bent I'onliact
the He will be 91 years old In September <>n the. plaintiff Attnrnev -. l owners say: "I'ontiac is tho mont you a
jot( New Mexico, where I Ihoo ever made so happy.'hen firstI Mrs. Forest Reynolds spent and Is a old T.. Frank Landriim, Starke.Florlda '
here with her mother grand man, loved and file the. original In the ..
!. The pecan tree taught her she was in the thirdgrade. weekend ,
by one and all. Everyone wishes "fflr "f the. i-lerk of the Circuit .....
''icks in Maxwell Field She had long curly hair Mrs. F. T. Abernathy. him a rniirt ,'n