St. Edward'sThe Kingsley LakeThe aramIrs.! Olson used John 2:1: and Claude Johns to Tallahassee I S duy. of ''I,I,.,,, ,-r I:mil.lltKFK'IAI ,:. I
I, HK.\r.: ) A. .1. ThomilM,
to 5 verges as basis for her devotions. Martha Home and Buddy Clerk. regular Saturday night Canova family had its Faxon to Florida Southern and ( ..unly" KliirldH.. 11.11 4t U-30
continue to be a first reunion Monday at the homo and Howeto
bingo Alma Lucky
games Circle Two met In the educational (*%,.I* Full 111115NtIem. I
popular feature at St. Edward's of Mrs. R. G. Kldd at Kingsley Bob Jones College In South IH Iiei..iy, l *I Veil that the
recreation hall. They are held Lake. Among those present/ building with Mrs. J. B. Carolina.Mr. I Flonrrt t nf ('''UII'. 5 Coin mlHNt oners. ofHinrlford Gas & Oils
Cottrell and, Mrs. J. II. Fields as futility' FlorUIa will rwofivw I
: :
every Saturday night at 8:30: o- were 87 relatives and 15 guests.A hostesses.In and Mrs. Jim hUtch Charles hlil; .until 10: A.M o'clock on (,c. I
I Is Invited. / toher. 3, I ini'i' for 1 ilia laM by It aICHIRO ..I
cloak and the public lunrh Miss Oarnlta GREASING
: picnic was enjoyed on the absence of Mrs. Lorenzo Parker from month to month for WASHING, POLISHING,
Last Saturday night hostesseswere the lawn facing the lake. Hutto celebrated Mrs. Rltch's net IfMM than 3'1 l month nnd not I
Green Mrs. W. E. Mlddleton pre ,nrt t tliitn' |I" monthi I from delivery I I EXPERT AUTO REPAIRS
Mrs. H. A. Manasaa and The Canovas plan to make this : 8Ill<-d. After the song "What a birthday at the Embassy Club In whh-h t"f rlod fthiill b.. upwlfl bv
Mrs. T. F. Grady of Starke and a yearly occasion on Labor Day. Friend We Have In Jesus" Mrs. Jacksonville last Saturday.Mrs. ; the hlII< r( ..,".1 with an nptlim.. In. Goodrich Tires Tubes & BatteriesTEMPLE
(the IV a"Ml to iHirrhiintt. and apply. ,
Mrs. II. L. Morgan Jr.. and Mrs.V Among: the out-of-town guests Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Clifton Mlddleton led In prayer. Russell Judd left Thursday .- all r*.ntflM I pnl'I.t l utmn th. purrhiiHa.
\ J. .Sipielle of Keystone Brown announce the to spend a few days with her price, op ant for iho followlnic for AVE. OPPOSITE COUNTY JAIL
were: Mr. and Mrs. Johnny engagementand i Mrs. C. E. Hernwall gave an iiMH I with the lloard'a exlHttnv ...
Heights. approaching of husband in Belle Glade. She was riilpnttitt' 't. .. .wll ,.. I
Drummond and Mr. and Mrs. Al marriage Inspiring devotional of "Faith. | One new .
were won the trip by Mrs. vrmlf r w itt t..". eyllndrr I>..t".1 .
last Saturday accompanied on
Prizes yin Chase of Jacksonville Mrs their daughter Florence Marlnn. "Ruth the :Moabites" was Interestingly ........... ,--1.. it..t .... thou : '
-toy Anthony Cermenero. Annette to Dr. Thomas Griffin Rltch of I given by Mrs. II. C. Harry Welbcr who will visit b.rnriav.fft Wtt rull ..... 'TCARPENTER'S
OI-lara A. S. McCay H. O. Gladys Canova of Gainesville friends In Miami. .....it ruin .'.piiplete wltK.
Jacksonville. of Mrs. N. T. :
son Rltch. Lessons In Spiritual Efficiency firm. with ,.hR"I.//
t't lay delivery
Bates. Walter King: and Mrs. T. Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Canova of Ritch and the lute Mr. Ritch of was well presented
C Chastain of Hampton. Winter Haven Mr. and Mrs Starke. The dnp( of the wedding I Miss Florence Wood. for Olmstead 111, where she will *.(Bid...Iv.I *M|will fur mils I *"mh,.lm, then equipment HPparatolyr on SPECIAL for FRI. & SAT.

Among the prizes to be givenin Preston Ward of Douglas Ga.. will be announced later. Circle Three met at the homeof visit her mother Mrs. George Hitch... l I..f.M? "lid) aI I Ith t t the bidder a.,-
the next few Saturdays are a I Uliey. "lIn ml fffdltln upon the rent
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Canova of Mrs. Robert Green with Mrs.J. .
to BcrriiH with the major credit
men's and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Futch and .
washing: machine. Circles C. Hobbs as co-hostess. I within tlu. flrnt 15 month of the BOYS'Dungarees
ladies' luggage and an electric Tallahassee. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baptist son. ]Mack returned Sunday from l"a..I..rll1.l hum "lInwln jr exlntfnicffiilpmtiit
Lovely gladioli and .. .
chrysanthemum -
| Hiild Hrmrd. to-wit:
of Jacksonville. visit with friends In Miami.IcI.ums .
mixer. a
Simpson Have
MeetingsCircle .were used as decorations.Mrs. One rnferitJIInr Motor .rnl*>r :Motif
Milllb: .'.....hn..nt. and with
J. W. McIntosh gave the & Overalls
I Three. of the Baptist .
devotional. Mrs. Slade presented fonrt. llrmirurdIn Cuu..ty. -----------

WE WISH TO ANNOUNCEWe WMU met :wIth Mrs. Maxie Carter .- a portion of "100 Questions" Muriel.rhiil P"I..ICN, I-.hnnrrry- I I....-. Pliilnllff* Robert .

on Tuesday afternoon September based on the Bible and Mrs. J. II. I.! ..<., l rrnilHnt. I'UBH. s.,. 7M3.
7.After. Order .( Puhllt-KOon N..ih'. 1uNriTM
are moving: our Fish Market from the Depotto R. Wainwright the chairman App...... OF FI.OIIIIIA tat SIZES 1 TO 5
MrR.V.. J. Eppersongave gave a reading. K"t,trt II. Lv.., w huH.. r..Httlfnc I IH
the market formerly known as The MagnoliaFish "oko..w,,* .
the devotional Mrs. Hazen
You required to ONLY
are on
appear .'
Market. We will carry the same line of Fish presented the program. Mrs. Ortnhtr '10 1D4U, In the ultuve namerl
Young Folk Enjoy Court nnd .., whrf.n|
cats plaintiff -
and Seafoods at this location.COLEMAN'S Carter Mrs. Daniels and! Mrs. ...
new H .k_ Jlvi.r<-.. & rvHtorutlon, ot prnvloim -
R. A. Thom'as discussed the Scavenger Hunt ala rri.I. flu.nie. ITjulforil.
Cnnnty. Tel.*irruph; shall\ publish this
Globe.topic. GIft. That Enrich the Misses Mary Ella Turner and Oril.'r WltneHH In nest my four nnnd weekly:and: l: official IHNUP*

FISH MARKETCall Carol Gunter entertained Friday seal At Mtarlte: I"iorida, this "Hvpl.It. B\: 98CRobbins'
Mrs. II. L. Brownlee circle HMD.CtFFlCIAL! .
evening with a hunt at .
leader presided over the meet- scavenger ( SRIA. J. Thomas,
Street Starke Fla. the home of Mrs. Peggy Tilley. An Clerk of said Court.
Ing. This being the last meet. By Haven Trosliy, I>. C.
ing of the year various committees After the hunt games were A. .1. ThnmnH, Jr., Stalks, Klorlffn
I gave their reports. enjoyed by the 13 young people A II y. for I'lr. 8-9 4t K-30

present Delicious refreshmentswere In Circuit. C',,".,. llrniiroril ('.,un.,.,
Mrs. Brownlee was presented /served I"l.idnl In I Kwiit'rry.

with a flower basket by themembers Those present were: Harold v.HiTiili-f.. I I....her Jlliinlta. I I'*. "'"Hhl..lPI..lolltt.....1..11. \llefendHlit. ,, .
In token of th.ir love I I Lennon \ Sue film :--I... TM't.!:
cA/a#Pci z'j and esteem for her. Mary Epperson 4)..,.. of I'uhllrnll.in nnil %ci!..* in PRESCRIPTION
Theda Braden Nancy Du Pre .\P....... "1't'IIDI" K1.OHI1. \ tot
The meeting was closed with Vernon Underbill Tom McClane Uuiher \VniMell.. Whose r.'*ltl."nue PHARMACISTS I
unfl atldrRHH IH tinknuunYou :
prayer by Mrs. Epperson. J Patsy Benton. Wallace Whlttlng .nr*. r*'niilr, <',l to uppenr" on

( The Business Woman's Circle Marlon Harrington Billy Cress- nrn.hni'unil I in, CIIUH lui'i I .,..i liithfiilMivt.iinnii.iltourt whi'reln I ON-TIIE-MINIT; SERVICE

of the First Baptist Church met ler, Martha Landrum Dolph Reddish *.>ekM "Iv...i''.... I Ira.1 frI,' .
and Hollis Knight. TplfKi'Hpli" chilli ixilillfih. PHONE r
: Tuesday night In the Church Plalntlt'l
i In niM' fdiir "''','it Iy I toil cit, The
Store of Values
-" -- educational building with 47 \VltiuHH my hum. .) nnd 64
members onl nt Stnrka. "Florida. I : Day Night
present.The Birthday Party I 7. tunOPKICI" ,

Circle Chairman; Mrs. C. ( .U 1. SiAI.! : ) .\.1. I l'ttnnins.t'i.'k ', I ...-.-..-.,-..-..-.-..-.-.-..-...... .. ..
For AlanVhiting \0 .r.hI. t ""'1.
A. Knight opened the meeting, 'Itv HH' \ II ''roxliv J). fT '
!Hiss Rons the Frtrilv,:. I: :,tntr: ,,;In.; stink". }Kli'l, 101..1
.. Dorothy gave Alan Whiting celebrated his ,\tt'. roo, IMf. ''I 1 II !9.'10
-. \VlIU'atchword of the year tenth birthday with a theatre ,, .. BEAUTIFUL.
mid Mrs.[ T. I K. Jr.. \ 'It0 f- \iillitl| n t r 'I l>r Hl
McCIunc .
party on September 5. After Ni.ti." \* htirh, frt\ih, ,. rhitt I I.. (U.i I. '
gave: the Devotional.Mrs. the movie the guest of honor anj I['.." pt",. 'ttolI. i :,t Hi. rolluwlnn i illlrd 1
'''I'f If .1'" 'ii-, \ nnl.. I certlfl-
:::; E. Lnwson the report his. frIends ,. ..
gave enjoyed the bil.thdIlY'' lfl.' r." .1 tax di'f'd 1 I. IIP tunned -1ebuiIt
of the Community Mission cake and punch at his home on ;I.'h. .. '1'1") "l'lltl. nt.! i timl>trH ,
"d l >'i'niti .if 'iHHiiuiii'C' thw d"H.-rll"| i
work for August: und Mrs L. \F"Mnk'ns West Madison St. 1,"I"i n 'f Mi \uperty., .ind it... niinieHH ..
reported on the work on Helping Alan celebrate were: Invlilcl" UIIH itHKvxHfd aru im ,- -

the new Year Book and reminded His teacher Mrs. \V. B. Sewell. ,---o

enrh member to give their his aunt Mrs. H. M Bcrtlne and MARCIA JUNIOR

money before October 1.nri'lnl daughter Carmen. of Gainesville... '

BULOVA and ELGIN WATCHESFor A I rollerInn! was taken Donny Me.Rne.Vesley King, BY LADY FAIR $ ? 4C/U( \

for State Missions. Lamar Shaw Henry Lawson, BEAUTY SHOP I.

The night/ circle will be named Sonny Tenley Bud Lawson and S

those special occasions that call fora for n Missionary who Is from Tommy Hainemi.Barbecue vi; /

"special, gift' give the timepiece that "Virlda." L ;
The Treasurer ]\\.frs..1. D TonightFor )
each > cur sets the standard in fine watch-
Viyle gave I the yenily' report ol GuardsmenMembers =

making: artistry. the circle's finances. Mrs. T. K 4 oiI

\itcOlnni'[ gave ,it brief summary [ of the local National 5WjffiITbey S 5-Yur $.rvletntM gust. CASH
See these smart Hulova and Elgin Watches.As pi
of th,' year's work by all of the Guard 1111 It. their wives and molar ,
S-apttd tontral
"seniceaMe' as they are beautiful. Priced Circle Committees.. friends will enjoy a beef barbecue -t 'IMMEDIATE'' DELIVERY NCW ilrplam lug-

from S.'i..7.: :! ; and up, including professional I The Installation of the Officers and dance at the enlisted l'' gap tarrying cats:
for 1HIO-nn\ ) of the Business, '" Wom men's club on the shores of :' EASY TERMS NEW 11w-tile.
models for doctors and nurses.
I an's Circle and the newly organ- Klngpley Lake this afternoon .' Liberal Tridi-tn' All wanei .
zed: Night) Circle was... conducted ( \Friday)I. Festivities. will beginat ACloI VACUUM STORES Inc. I

SEE; OUR WINDOW DISPLAY by Mrs. S. K. Sparks, Presidentof 4 o'clock. and continue Into [ 412 West Forsyth St..

the WMU who gave a most the evening.The < Jark..onvllle. Florida

nsplilng message to officers and Company recently receiveda nm: I would like a free home dpmonstratlon of a

members.At gift of a fine beef from the I beautiful rebuilt
Singer Machine
Gem Jewelry the close/ of the meeting Battalion Commander Col. RcibtII. HOME DEM NSTRATI ION' I for $1.1.:50.Narne : .
Mrs/ C A. Knight the retiring Darkness of Lake City which 49

ChairmAn. was presented with a wax thu Inspiration of tonight's _____________________________ ._____ .__

STAIK E'S ONLY AUTHORIZED IIULOVA beautiful handmade linen handkerchief event. caa'l mat us... I loU !theta" wedbe USE COUPON ZJIF"AdII'e.s, _____________________________ ___. __
a Rift from the circle. wearing; gardenlai

_. .. City ________ ____ __
State __ _
& ELGIN DEALER The hostesses. Mrs. O. 1... Lin- ---"- r --es- r ---------------
rr r r r
Bin, Mrs. Kit-van! A. Yanrey Local News LADY FAIR FEAUTY SHOP

Mrs. llnl P. Gillen Mrs. Charles _., _._,_._._ _._._.._.._
anti Mrs C L.'IM... served refreshments. i
returned to their home Tuesday KM APPOINTMENT PHONE !. .
i I ,
STARKE after a two weeks' trip to St ,

Beta Sigma Phi Augustine Bench They were accompanied I

To Mold by Miss MadKCBrownlee Coty's Toilet Water 750 Bisma Rex 690
Wed. 13. It t MeetingThe I
Saturday, Sept. 10 Sept. Mr. and Mrs.[ 11. CStlth W'i; WISII I

IXUl/E/ .FEATURE DOUI7LK; FEATURE (].mnirna Theta Chapter of Bob Jim. anti Sandra T O .ANN O I'' NCE $1.85 60c Alka Seltzer 49c
Uetn Sigma Phi Sorority will Stlth and Mr. and Mr II CStlth I ,
hold its Miss Peggy Taiker. all o' \\irn .\T() IIJtJt: ; {'ol'lll" '
regular bimonthly meetIng 1 / T II A T : ,
ALLAN'ROCKY'LANE / :Moniliy! September 12, at 8 Washington, D C.. and Jim Chan-... Choice of World FamousFragrances
Lu. in IIUUM hACK JACS I I6UE131F ___________ I o'clock. In the Woman's Club! I I teen of the State Farm. \V K .\ R l E; A (J E N T SPHELP'S I 75c Dental Cream 59c ,

__ : who has been _ _ _ _ ,
Building All! members are requested Charles Knight

.'. to be present. attending the summer session at' .FOR ________________________ SOc Listerine a.-- 43eppll' ,

.\ BlossomDeodorant ,
_ _ _ _ _
Jainen ('agiey-WlIIiawn RPn.U, ,


FABRIC $ t50 : {)('It ,

; ; KAZANDnniifMitxurll( : ) Earl F. Miles ( ri-aiu .\: ('ol.l .Kn" Combination ICE CREAM BAR r

-- Fur TONI Special Offer Half-Gallon Home pks -. 99c
Jlu. L.m.t Hrraiiw" ('artOOfl& :- I IIt ()l' \CKSONVII.I.E:
Thurs., Fri., Sept. 15, 10DOUIiI.E 2.29 (Package of 12 Cones!' FREE:!) t

Hutnian &: llohlii" Serial ; FEATURE CHIEF "


Sun., Mon., Spt. 11 12 SCOTT-RAINESV ( :MAY HE; SEEN: CREAM
NOTICE "Starke's Richest & Best
By Taste & Test !"
\Ve have remodeled our PRESCRIPTIONDEPARTMENT. ; ; I
POLICEIn N-O-W ; : Now 40c per PINT
;you may Rive your _ _ _ _ _
Prescription personally to the Druggist Sealtcst

Two-Day ServiceOn and !sec it carefully and expertly compounded Home Package .

In the CityElection All Patterns EXACTLY a" the Doctor) has 30c per PINT .

;- -t'; ofSeptember written It. _ _ _ _ _ ,
; ,

ic'" )5.AIJi .. .. .' 13 .
M.O-M p.m.ts Sullivan'sDRY Prescription need are nur concern day and night t



An Honest Fair, Im CALL "b4"CARPENTER'S I I

: -.. partialdmlnl>ltratlon I GOODS
4. _
Office if Elected !
of the ,
-Itn ,
._ 147 West Call Street

I'lu* Cartoon "la. The Poor lluf' vl!! mm.\TI.Y APPRECIATED Starke! Fla. The Rexall Store Phone 6t -
I Slarke Florida''
falo"; And News :: ...... ((1'<1. 1'01..IY..) "" ___ _
_. aa ------- -- -.e.-- ...
.. ... ... .go


1WO"" .'-" -.. _. --- -. -- ._-

t I l'

19 IJ-OAY.- SEPTEMBER: 9, 1919 BRADFORD COUNTY TELEGRAPH. ST.\RKE. n.ORin\ ____ .u ___ r.\rE nv*
i5 a.I

l jjj' and Mrs. Lemuel Colson Misses t June and Dorothy Patelvlsltl'd Mrs Howe Moredock and children DIr. and Mr*. K. L.. Starling; I Billy Miles :was the guestof Oi-tHlirr 10. |19fQ., I In .the uhi>r>> nami'il I In Irriilt CHUM, nr.ilr..r4 Cniiatr.rinrlilat "ain" ,,il I'mii' and niMi" wh. ..mluhiintlff
re- I 'Court and ,
" turd l to their home here Fridayof Mr. and Alma Merton Qal- returned to their home In of Miami were weekend guests{ Ward Edwards In Butler. Gn.. I.' divan ratine ItrHilfitfil nhrrrln. plRlnlffM..pk" County. ir .VoiilfKltlt.; 'I* bantcrr.. I fliilntlfr, viiviKn riO :: T..i liKraph aka ilivor.'mhull pitbliMh llrudfnritcninty : .: thaw;

ast week after enjoying a loway in Palatka Sunday. Dor- Miami :Monday after spending jf their son-in-law and daughter: last weekend. Telegraph oral. four hall weekly ptihllfth.! INHIIVH.vitnf .tits. OrderIn \\ N''lilf.lt.| 1.'f..n.II., fax N... Otilfr In. n.'xt f.ur. weekly IKNUCHWltn ,

,',. weeks' will attend the Palatka several months at Klngsley Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Deaver. They Mr. and Mm T J(. MrClane \ .. my hniiil .and official 7.',10. .RH >nhanil, and. official
tw vacation spent withth' othey *<-n\\ MI Htink", riorlilu. ilil "f
Laborl I r,'nl! 1 Kturki'. . ..I.r or I'lihlli-Ktlnn '
" son-in-law and School this Mr. and Mrs O. J. McGriff.I were accompanied home by Lt'II- of Lake City spent the at Klurlilii.! tins.'pt' tnt Nollrr; TaInp.ar. H. "4Q.
High year.
daughter 7. 11119.IOFPIt1.tL. 'lair tiff Florlila T .
is i .
' Caldwell lie who has been visiting weekend here with Mr and I ,, .. 'lOKKU'IAI.KVI.i: A.r Thon. .
June Starling .
Pat McGrlff. and Miss : Day .
-I M and Mrs. E. J. Wilt and fam- Sgt. John D. Anderson of the I I SEM.I ) A..1 1 'rhniinm.AH : :N. Ilrel.lt.ho realdnnre l- AM Clark "..f nnlil, unit,.
' spent Sunday afternoon In in Starke. Mrs. T K. MrClane. Jr ,i"lM'k ."faid' t'curt i- f7n2 Eighth' :St .V WVili ll Haven. .'r.'e1v D I'.
:i ilj; in Willis Mich They were U. S. Air Force, Is spending a !Ry Haven 1'''.bv. P C \ .hlilKl..n.' '. Ti'>' J..>III! J II. nd.. .r. -en, ,, KH.: M., 'hum" -
I |
ai'impanied by Bill Colson and short furlough here with his par- Gainesville with Mrs. Y. A. Harris Mr. and Mm A. J Thoina and T Kuink" I 1..1.< wit., Slui, k. F'I.n. i,..lila.Am ,. I Y"ti ,it..> "iiilr'd| t In "PI"| *n "'I n lU.ljf ,. I I.i.. kcnlivillr. Klorliia.M .. .
'. L-VI. Cainea."I and Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Mc- son Delano attended the Graduation In llrrult Court, llrailforil t ..uny.1| '. ha'. i I'lf i it i ::11 "u. ,t..h. r I'llli I'U1. In the """". N i.,r p'r( '>.'! \It 1 ()
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Antler
ents, Fl rlilat In 1'haace.r.
Griff Jr. ; ; I ... ... ,.. ... ... _
I Jay Mullin returned to his son while en route from West- Exercises at the Universityof Ii"l.'thru' Mattltl, I'liilntiff \ H, Kiunk1Martin r. --- .r __--------.-._---_.------

hoe In Media Pa., Tuesday !over :'<[ass., to Orlando where he Chesterfield hats for men Florida Saturday evening September girder. .wf.r..n'I.1.I lul.lti.>Mlton"rniN...... \.".llf. ;.'.11!.' : ..

her spending three weeks here !will receive his discharge.Mrs. at STUMP'S( DEPT. STOKE. 3. where Mr. Thom had \""....... 5r11tt OK .'loll I I' % t,"
vth his Mr. the unique experience of witnessing Kriink. Martin. elms.' ,I'-1deu', '" ,mil,,I r PART-WOOL.. DOUHLK Tilt: FAMOUS: BURTON' f fi
A W. I
aunt Ander- M. H. Colley and son. Mr. and Mrs Glen G. Scaring uOitrnxx. Ix .">.H Ati'lnli' I. IH..klMi, ,
-a. Sr. He made the > the awarding of the Master Ni-w V..IUVnii :
trip by and family of Jacksonville were
i Hoi-cycle. Jacksonville Jerry were recent visitors to guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam An Degree/ to his l8ter, Mrs. J"8Rle1orllan. l>, ate III, IIM'I I't'"ilill. Hi,...1 111't I"I".iil"""."'iuiin.il'" ,,iituber I BLANKETS $6.95 Goose Feather Pillows 2 2Ihnlble f

dermm. Sunday afternoon.Mr who had the Degree of Court and. Pall.w' h.'rrt'ln pldltitlflxi i
New shipment 85.95: !);) dresses Mrs Effie Johns. of Macclenny Education confcrrrd ,'k" .11\. .." 1-.,..It..1. i .''iinlNTohtriapn
t STUMP'S: DEPT. STOllE.Mrs. :' and Mrs. E. M. Edwards Master of .' shall.. cubit, .lt ,HUM' tiidfIn $9.95 per pair
arrived last wek for two weeks
a and sons Bobby and Billy arrived upon her and hilt daughter, Miss. nvxt font weekly |HHIIVltiiinii I ;
1 Joe Martinez and A. w.1 j jiedfrave visit with her snn-ln-law and I Clarice Thomas who had the Degree \\ my lianil" iiml ..,.fflrlnlHoal "
Friday for a two weeks'visit I at' "Stark: '. Kl.'ililu.. llux. .-apl, If >ou need nice pillow, now :
spent Friday afternoon|daughter. Mr. and Mr* Claude of Master of Arts in Educa- 1. I'M'i '
with Mrs Mae Edwards.Captain
11 Jacksonville i Johns tion conferred. Both Mrs Morgan I 10..1(01.\1. fll ,\t.) A .1 1 ThuinanBv :: Bed is the time to buy.1111 Mould t
and l Mrs. M. C': Ford .\. t'lrrk "I'' said. t'uurl
and Miss Thomas are employed haven Cronhy, P >t expect to pay much more for ;
and daughter. Linda Suzanne, of .
I ; .
:, ., .
Pub T Kriink I.a inn. MtinHi KI..M.I.I' 1 Fire this pillow.
Sumpter S. C., were weekend i by the Duval County Atlv. for I'lf 'i It ::0. inIn t
Every Branch ofINSURANCE guests of Mrs. W. D. Faxon. I lic School System In Jackson I 1 !

ville. circuit. t'oiirf. Urailfuril I .iiinty.lli t
A Mr and Mrs. Carson Roberts \ r'y and t
.., In <*< hanrrrr.John t
visited last weekend In Micanopy !! Charles Parker, Carnita Hnlto, K Mtirphflnlnnir, t. Mm. I ',vl t / Werl!' C'LOSIMJ: OUT Our
with Mrs. J. A. Roberta and Mr. Warren Wlnkler. and Sue Williams \ fha, U Muiphy\ U f-moot .t-.J i'
;Nn Ttl.lirilir \ Juhlt(
.. and Mrs. G A. Crahame. i spent Monday at Silver ill l>.>,tire. tll t ICE HKFKICIIKATOKS15uy : :; t
I Miss' left Wed- I -\tl.>.*.... e'r\I'M: OK Fl.ol llt % too''
Peggy Wiggins Springs/ I .
M.nxhn II Mtiiphv.' u hi'xi "r.thl.H' : t
) Thickness owt Reduced 1 Trice!
i nesday to begin nurses training : Mr and Mrs. Charles Farris I tttnl: ailili'uxic IK 1'nkii'iwn ,
I C. WALL AGENCY BBS You' are reiiulreit to appear on ,
at St Vincent's Hospital In Jacksonville -
and Jerry and Betty Lou Harris, I ... I
D. C., Start liui/ing Your lilankels i
I Washington/ are guests = -:=_-: J
--- ----- -
-- -
I PLEASE PHONE 116 Mr. and Mrs Harley F. Strong of Mr. and Mrs 0. J. McGrlff I Early .

; and Mrs. Kitty Andrew "pOnt' :Maiden Form Bras. Stump's. j i

y Constant Service Over 50 Years Monday with friend. In Palatka. Cotham; Gold; Stripe! Nylon Shoes Repaired .
Mrs. Edward Burns left Monday -
I i
, hose at STUMI"S: STOKE. I
by plane for Dallas Texas
9 :Miss Janet Anderson .spent' Regular' $22.50 Value I
where she is visiting her mother
who Is 111. last weekend with her parpntR'1 I

Mrs. Fred Stump spent last Mr. and Mrs. Sam Telephone Table & I Ip
Miss Anderson Is a student at
TO MY FELLOW CITIZENS week in Monticello with her son- : Business College In Jackbonvllle. I FBI
: in-law Massey 'j
Mrs. W.and H. daughter Thomson, Mr.Jr. Mrs.and I New Low Prices! Chair Sets

Miss: Audrey Newman visited
,J Stump was joined for the week I

OF STARKE end by her husband and daughters her Newman parents in Madison Mr. and last Mrs.week J. J.I, Half Soles $1.50 WALNUT FINISH, h,' Ill i II' I

Misses Evelyn and Lillian end. (;ten's, )

Stump. On their return Monday I

they. were accompanied by Miss I $15.95

: On Tuesday, September 13th, you will Marjorie Col. and Ellen)Mrs.Thomson H. C. Wall and EXPERT Illilf( SolPHWomen'*) $1.00 1 He Sure And Sec Trislar- ,,, .,;

children. Bill and Nancy Dee returned ,

elect a Mayor. If you are generous enoughto Monday to their home In aain ( ;

St. Augustine after spending I (3d10 Ladies Lifts 25c; up I

elect me I will at all times strive for several ,weeks at I Kingaley Lake. ,
Mr. and Mrs E. F Mlles were I Iweekend I SHOES SIIINKI: IT. S A FACT YOU CAN DO RET T Kli: AT :

your progress and betterment, consideringyour guests of Mrs Miles I .
mother Mrs. A. I. Brown in -AT-

wishes and remembering that the Warner Robbins Oil. I, Co.
Denmark Furniture
Miss Joan Carpenter left Tuesday I I
office of Mayor\ ; continues to belong to the for Gainesville where, she 1 1I
will bf the /guest of Mr. and Mm.Glen elJaSERVICE PHONE 151 STAItKE, F'I.A.

people. Mr.Duke and Mrs for. a E.week.L. Middleton I REPAIRM. I II ______I '--1 ..____________.________________________.________.

and daughter Marjorie Sue were I I
Labor Day guests of Dr. and Chas. C.

Mrs. W. E. Mlddleton. !\ F. Hudson, I Proprietor

J. R. (Nookie) WainwrightP. Rev. J. B. Dixon former pastor ShepherdAt I Acr'wH St. (unit I'urk Theatre

and Mrs. Dixon are vacationing CANOVADRUGCO.
Gay's Service Station
of the Starke Christian Church, 1 __
i in Hendersonvlllc. N. C. ::= .::._ =-=_ : -_ =-_ :_ ::.=

S.: If you need transportation to the polls phone I STAll BRAND dress and ,
I work shoes for men nncl hays( ii r k
1 179!) Tui'-daj' !

I Mrs. Effie Johns spent last I Tiht04: :: All: cositirioNKitl'UIDAY Federal. Excise: )

1 Thursday and Friday In Haw- l Kesi'r\e! l To Tux On All '.

'I;I Webb thorne with her niece. Aft's F. "V.I Limit

CLASSIFIED I Mr. and Mrs Jim Dcavci are.

UI.mll.\U:( 2ic: SIll: --
spending this week In Brunswick :
__ ------ I
i, Ga., with his parents Mr.

Foil"AI.K" : I I" il I rallo.. phono.Itruph Full /HM.K11:: ..11. t.. Blunt .'."11ft<'I I"1 i and Mrs. J. O. Deaver.
p"'I.dI, "+ I IntI : :. up. I'han I'lill. n rcfrlm-ratiir. only 81::\ 60 CITRATE OF MAGNESIA .12
Wm. Struth and Miss
I Mrs. "
<* St.,. ph.'d.1 HailloH be.it Cavern d"1. pint' All ilrlux featuren. ,
,'niI'" I /Ii1.HI'Mon: Sir, tf Nuvworthy llenvral | Kate Struth had as their guests

)pll.-... i- "I'I(I. last week Mr. and Mis. W. L. ........ -'"","" .

I'l.elllgiIII.. : "'III'I'\C) (0 SKW:I Ning Edwards: and daughter/ Frrrlrika,
.T Sewing Mnohlnes
; ; : !I : LI. PAi'K.\i(;i;
(null & THrinp, Bra mul In I LI. InI and Mr. and Mrs. W. a. Struth
y.. |1d I-lrit.! A" liilillii thi. H.>,tlon only 'through HlngerK. '
'liKtiltlril. ,t rriMilml .-",,IM'", Machine I'0. 4"I; MII, of Jacksonville and Mra.V W.
1 1'10.' n.. I". "r W..If'0: I In. .
M "'I. lake Oily. lie Phonetco
.1. t. in iixi.'i rMIL Page and daughter Lynn EPSOM SALT .33
(>. nlte or vlolt our whop, ourS ..
: I,, !"rnny Kla Jtflvr ..I... & Prvlcn, ,tarn will .1-11, | ,, of Lake City Friends will be Interested .
\ "ur lime uon| retiufnt "TfKifP. to know that Miss Fred-
I ::: ...
SELL YOUR TIMBER: i .SM.IO -"- Conn.I .radio., At rika Edwards leaves today to resume =cz HOME py, NERsHIPwe .= ---- --

NOW I t>)""ii,.tiriiiph" run he K-pn at I n It I her studies at the Cincinnati r $1.2.: >> :SI/.K; : ItLUI.AltABSORBINE;(:
Alvircr / JNrIhigh
& Hon Wnri'hniine
Highest/: Cash Prices Paid itis, Phone 9105.:; on ,tl Conservatory of Music -
Mrs. Pate Gassett returned last

WILL Ht'Y IN HULK I rtv\H: .JI un now llonilnirtnn.. port Friday to her home here after JR. .77
1"1"' | witter." For limited) lime wet
I IN= UNIT ,. two months' visit with her son- .
OR t -.ollltifr Ihc n*>\s 2-Tone delur.I ||| a I ,
MI., ,il. MI-IT 114,27)) for, only .|i
in-law and Mr. and
daughter SAILING AHEAD .
i i.ix 'lu,'l.I. Ti-rmn" If .1..lr..d SeoItruilfnnl SMOOTH -,_...... -
EDWIN W. PECKOr I I .. Cuunty 'f'I"M'.a"h.| | __ Mrs. W. J. Carson in Pittsburgh

John W. Turner I Pa. Guests of Mrs. Gnusi-lt. last, when you rely on STAUKK: IHIILDKHS. : mruirric) : TO) KllNC1'SROAN'S. :

I P. O. Box 463 I'I'N.I.>>u ISC:i Hi'illlnKlott: MArill.NKM: tnoflMlN Fun ai low S.M.K MM:' weekend were Mr. and. Mrs. K. SUPPLIES for help with your home building

Gainesville; Fla. : l-trinlfiirrl 12" Inhln tag fountv). Terms Telegraph' It d".I"| .d,,|, W. Witt and son, Dav..). of Jacksonville needs. We hate all the quality material* PILLS .47
James Gasaett
I and Cpl. .
need including a complete line of concrete
Send me a postcard and I KOI 11 /SM.K Ira M I. ,tndnraon prnrl ,.- U. S. Army. Washington D. C.. you
| > M4-acre farm.. pitHtiir.., products and famous: "Fairbanks :Morse Water
"ill\\\ come see you. .oni", hlI., .... good, Ines| lien. Twp. K, who Is upending a two weeks'furlough
0,1 i 2 ranitc 20 K.: on hlirhwuvloi with his mother Systems. 125: -I'OOT) ROLLWAXED

FII.MM I F.VT IlKKOIIB...:... .. li'O P.\H.''i '.t4),.ml.,2 'ml.to I Lake to New nutier.River I Thin star'In'Inn at 'I I Mrs. C S. James of Starke F.II.A.. Remodeling or Repair Loans can be
% It
i. K\r
n.nn1' H \ .-ruroorl, buy II' 1:1,000.:.. .1 j 'and K..ysone Heights Is vacationing -
.ll-T !WHOP.SrWANVKK 'I I obtained. Let us! explain!! to
UtllMK.IfH: I'Mitii, .. KrokerVanll. )I. (*ari.r you. PAPER .19 1
I i In New York City and
I .Hiilixman.. 115 W In.l.v.. ,.., .
COI'NTY r.1VFSTIH'K' I lU'lunil. .. Kin, __ GtitMrtnAT'T will return by way of Chattanooga -' .
MAItKKT: Amtlon' alt .-..cn WcIowned Tenn., for visit. with
k nfrrntra' hv 1. f>. OdomIr. ,, KCilt HFNT: turn 2 ,ems ..n" a TARK&C *
Ph 21"". l.lviOalc.. Fla 4-1.1Fult _K- .-IHI-I. 8:14:01: r'hvrrt NI lip friends there
Mrs. Effle Johns hud her lit)'I'Tl.E: OF 1000( ) I IHISSACCHA.RINE;
IlKNT: < rn'i '. h ""'"< <2 'he.'
inir>'hfH, KBhtH & wai"r i ). Inn'iir1,. FOR SALE by Owner: guests Sunday her nephew and C SUPPLIES f
.it Th. l.ltlliHlMiv .tnl wife Mr. and Mrs. L, C. Smith TABLETS .59
nn std 11I.lIn" rd eIp5'2aTraa.'r :.1-room HOld 100/) S.A.L. .
I cottage on : and her sister Mrs. Carrie Smithof DEPOT C7'f2phe.IL45W' .
... Full HFVT: : I'lili.-. I
spit? ,,, '. ) :'t-mi. east of Keystone Fitzgerald, Ga. .. ____ .
hur-t TiitiilHi' i .nn' .l IT 'J""I, 1 --------- --1 I II II ---4... .
flub| .HI Ul. IOn !Stark 2."I')1 Heights. 2 screened porches I II
I I SI.25;) Sl/i:
rsln'I'1'Pis. : :11'ItITRita For : deep well modern Im-
t Itmul' " ond| I7r A I.!>I" 1 R pro\ements. electric pump. I

t'I'r;:: : ford:( ''oiinn used' T.Ieern Ilk! nnw. ph::1 I Corner lot 70x1 0, on hill I pJTARKE ILC ANNOUNCING OPENING SIMILAC BABY FOOD .79

well shaded. Abstract up & FL-:.' --__ -or. -- -- -..........
WANTED to date. $2900 $<))0l>
Due from
i, to many requests our $1.25;); Sl/.i: ISOTTI.K: : OF I 100
down ha I. $25: I'honeStarke
Turpentine! Leases mo. I Sun., :Mf: >n., TII,-..., Sl.| ". 11-13

WILl.IoSO BUY 173-W.: old customers, we will open our CAROID AM) I''LH:' : TABLETS .98

tirnlMhHil. or unfurnished. ..,n.'.
In Hulk or Unit M|>artintitff. A horses with i .\llll .....
l-OI.I.KV: InoiTAI.'IES': V 114H BALTIMORE Curing Plant on iOCTOBER p pl --

With or) Without Land Walnut Ph. it, Xlarki' Flu. IIOMi: PKKMANKNT(: : ; ; (Curler
1'onHi'lenrloiiii ." ..rl. aHMUrMd tn Itiiht. Voting, !Shirley Temple :Spin '
WHITE CALL ivtitlnir wuithy tvnanti. It>> Jtf. I II
or I Also ShoneR

Full UKNT3rm., garage ant <|MKt 1 lst t TONI SET
W. PARRISHPh. .,v.. 'h ..atm, .I..t rofriif.' I'vl. I I 2.29
lHih. Mra. J. L,. HlmmonH' ill WMiillHon .
:a 1 Lav. ley, .Fla.Kiirnlnhfil /Ht. lip| fTlmr\ ... Sept. 11-15 I

i Knit HAI.K.: lOll N;.w rinmp' <>('KI.K' KKATI'IIK: I II --

Apt| I'OTt IIKXT. rail .m:\ in,). uM II.i: .a. II.I I Reduced Price DKOIXWA.NT: ) ISath & Toilet SOAP
..t 221 TViiil'l, Avr. 0 'illK I F: I'lolK rlturk. ( ,Klnniilejr ljik> Special : \ \

''n R.ll.K 392 I.Itfayrtte. :J-li,.ilrm. I I
shady lot. Hanlwuod -I Fu 11: IK\-T.: : t rum., houlniculey .. ..n DIAL SOAP .2[
F'IIA( I Ih'I; '. ;.,,.fry hot water tirmtvr.'Irciilntl .I I I.aki. I'liittihlnir.watir. liable }
1 ig. liiil. ,r. Serer n.d porch, ,'I ,k' Hintrunk Feed .......,,1 NIGHT : 2/c Per Pound .
trae.nabltermp '-
-furn >.r unrurn ] nl. hard IM..hart, gull IIriul. !>

ItO KM It SALIC: Farmall uh Ira. t.r. .* .\:\uGod's ,
Tall mvlvn iiMilliilMc I "Miidfrn Man- all oqitlpnicnt. I'ntrtl. all) n"w i PINT=" ) SI.KMILK; __
: '>tiilHon: .tt&:! Mr: .m" I flilOllV.. H N.w. >omr. lit' 1l. I
.nr"Miilt. *,+....., swt.-r.., ltnirrl.... 1.0" ll'i'l.! Plark._. lip| Countryman Either Sugar Cure Or Plain Salt Cure
Mliv 't to 50.. hvaullful mut rlMl \\ lilt Tom KcriiiFrl -
!Pork I'ln.. Stark. II Knit MAI.K: III ttrltrr, ru! u, t -. .21
314 .
J. rMHVH Ac" tlnlnlrlnN, Abt 14 inn
Fuld KKNT 2-btf'lrm. furn houno.Klrrl : bid' Treated for ItanKH. Ill.'"., fur Same Competent Operators We Have .
hint IIV.. II. NewNoa', Ht I h..,x2i'
{'>,,,klnii. 'rllC.. Newly. Sac painted. wa..1. ". Stark, _1tp| I .. !Sat. !S..pl. IN11INf'BLF Had For The Past Five Years
nth "t 1 1
I'MVTINO-Innlilo Aof.. Sit'| ,alien ; KKATIUK; : I IAM) 2-roUND KOXESWHITMAN

\e. Hat 'rll Perth W on ptil| /pl le work. l let mi .10 vour i
,It h'e Ii "t" IIY 11/11 5E:. Iii':at wall lioanl. writ R. J. Bob Hhan
1 I[ non Ht I. hop 4.1.| ......k. Ito| BLUE STEEL SAMPLER 2.00KKKULAIt

FOR H. r.K ige gee ranee.n"1ronrt. All The Year
llarvain. f..r ra.h. ,' I I| Ff>n KKNT: Ort. 1 tit June I I. lacKingsley l I Also Private Lockers .
.. Lak. nttair.. Miniuminnv
'1'.rv. I.xwtnv FI. 1iP,, .*" *...*.. Contact Itonnl I. \\lih John Wayne s
bad habit. I..nnl.l store lip AMPAROLE: > -
nn _
Elderly.1..ndM.I.mite. handymen qul.q about thhnme "f I (;( l I5c SIZK:-!J'jOX.TINCTURE .
end ran of 'hll.lr.n If Frm r.KVT: : Furl l-tm apt 41* Star Ice Co.PHONE .
..I. .. fair rook fair I xv "'..n 'St_lipran INC. a
.n.r..esry.........Uon. '\'..".. .bah, Jnl,. or portr .
have ynul M.Myer. HALE: 2-rm. robin r.epntly I I.I I. IODINE
h..m.. what .07
.. I1'h1 O'Sha.. Turan Hey
onnn"... V.131 South t.'h..1' Nt Rlhp" Stark sear.nlftr re.l. Moltt.l k patntcH 505 W A Madman fern. Mr Ht lll%,I'. Alow. Serial. i II 12 .

Nl '. ot. a>- n Nat. I.
pvt hmh.; .I.! ..:. (ire boa, "J; n'NTKra-Paintina Wnr any kltiilPrlro : -- it I, I II ,- -
receonihle. I* 5' Hoe I -- =
_t.,v.. Mr*. K H. Johim, II.., l 1' lWaohlnKion
$' t. '




n___ ..
on for a short time about five, some dark spots.. Clipped the. the contest with a B-acre patch. to bind the bitten leg and they Wynn and Mrs. Olive Burkei
when it went dead again and we "wolf" teeth which is supposed I Said he would
FARMER'S have been In this I rushed Ben to the Starke hospital There will be another sing at'
sat practically holding our to make It easier on the mother, year but he had his land made, where three doctors work. GRAHAMBy ',
breath, shelling crowder peas for and also lessen the effects of up In cow pastures ed with him until 9:30 Mrs. Abernathy' next Sundaj
: !
DIARY want of something better to do. their biting each other with sub that night when he passed from lire. John McKinney afternoon at 3 o'cock. Everybody -
Gusts of wind tore through our sequent screw-worm Infection. WORTH WINNING this life. Is invited to attend. I
By Sam Mcflaney( I place sounding like the Silver Have another gilt about to far Make believe those prizes ford Mr. and Mrs. Austin Fowler
Ben Is well known In this sec and niece of Orlando the
Meteor Just sat In candlelit row In an adjoining pen, an Corn Contest Winner spent
aren't'well The
Feet Know
r The author will be glad to receive room, glancing frequently at barometer we're going to catch her at thn' worth winning! Imagine tion of the country, having lived weekend with Mr, and Mrs. John Your
of Interest, concernIng here all his life. He was 29
Items years McKlnney.
had "
which fallen
steadily right time If we have to lone planting 0 acres of corn next Difference
the activities of farmers InBradford all day At long last about 6:30: sleep doing It. Some folks pooh year, getting a lot of good feed old and Is survived by a son Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Starlingand
County. Suggestions' may the barometer hit low at about Charles, his wife having died Leslie of Miami visited
pooh the idea of fussing sn much for your stock and hiving: a son, ,
be left at the Telegraph office or. 2f 3t and then started to rise with a hog about to farrow and chance to win S1M0 Or se'ond just 13 months ago. Mrs. Lizzie Dryden over the

mailed to Sam MrOaney, Law.), slowly, and we knew the worst maybe they're right, but )oucan't prize of $."11, or any ct the I Also surviving are his parents, weekend ,. '1 wrt.
Florida .I was over Shortly aftf'rwardmaele hate anyone for trying: And prizes. Everybody!: ought to get Mr. and Mrs Vernle Padgett of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Youngbloodand C q
an attempt to milk, but the chances are that 1f we'd Into the cu.ttJit, and try to win Clay Hill; three sisters, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Victor McLeod, 4p
WE' SWEAT OUT to the kitchen, heard a terrible Joy had apparently no faith in tended to Mrs. Arbuck-| at far. a prize: Lavina Lang and Misses Rosalie all of Wauchula, recently visited
OUR FIRST HURRICANE I crash and discovered that the entire our buildings, for she refused to rowing time, we'd now have six and Lizzie Padgett; and seven Mr. and Mrs. John McKinney
come Into the cow shed. brothers, Oscar Harry, Willie, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Starling "
Reported last week that we I root of the chicken house : pigi, instead of five ar.d that's Tom :McClane stopped by fora ",
Next day after surveying the a big difference while during the week. Just J. T., Tracy, Martin, and Luther of Miami visited their son, J.
had a hurricane scare. What t; had blown off, knocking down Your
all When Bring
this section.
pf the weekend.
damage got the power line from for the fun of It, told him we Starling over
really happened was that after power line to our water system. A under :Funeral services held at Mr. and Mrs. A. Padgett of Work To
the chicken-house roof, put After rains that we've hid our were going to plant' oats and rye were Shoe Repair
mailing the column In from Law, little while later part of the front up the poles, strung the wire, fields were rather soupy but decided In one of our fields, and T. K. 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon at 'Hugh Station visited Mr. and BAKER
tey, got home just in time to roof blew off with a crash, and and about six: o'clock the power almost had a fit. Asked him the graveside in Padgett Ceme- Mrs. J. H. Surrency Sunday. BIGGS &
Bee the front porch roof startingto we wondered just what was go- went back on and we had lights the tractor might as well what to plant. He said Kentucky tery with Rev. J. L. Strickland Those who attended the sing Every Job large or small s ten"
tear apart. The storm had Ing to happen. Wind blew harder and water again.. So, all In all, get In there and see what It 31 Fescue and we'll officiating. at the home of Mrs. F. T. Ab- our .bent workmanship with thetw..t
Increased quickly In intensity, and harder, until It seemed thatIt came through without harm, and could do, for It hasn't failed ui probably take his advice. I Active pall bearers were Louie ernathy Sunday afternoon were materials.Don't .
and we had a rough time getting was determined to blow us were always aomewhat comfort yet. Have a 4 1-2 acre field Frigo, Luther Grlffls, Frank Car- \Mr.' and Mrs. Flake Watson, Mr.
ladder up and nailing down loose Into the next county. Radio went ed by the thought that we did next to the highway which: tvtd Walter Wilkinson. dropped by ter, Louie Carter, Horace Whitehead and Mrs. Joe Call Mrs. Millie
metal roofing. Upon going in off at about three, and came back have windstorm Insurance and sweet corn In It and was badly for a talk during the week. He I and Eldred Mosley.

that we would be recompensedfor overgrown with weeds." lot: in Is tied up for the same reason
I there" with the trpttor and bush Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fields
I any serious damage. most farmers are around here: '
came from Jacksonville recently Your Dead Animals
bog harlow Mid trlplo rut land too wet. Walter la "sold"on Bury
with Had been watching Mrs. Ar- it without !any difficulty. One OIC hogs likes them better ,I to see _Mother and Dad Strick-I

Build it buckle a gilt about to farrow, corner of this field la end very low. I than any other breed. Difference I worship land.I rney and stayed sing Mr.lor family Fields I FREE, PROMPT, SANITARY REMOVALOF
practically swampy, the of opinion Is what make I
very closely, us we were determ- and
brought the bedspread cen
tractor not only went through It the world 'round.
ined to be present at time to but even dragged; the harrow go. terplece he has crocheted to DEAD HORSES, MULES OR CATTLE

8 lErlDli dry oft the little pigs, and see right on thro'iRh Reason why Neighbor O.V.. Smith also ahow us. Really beautiful work.
Mrs. Walter Lang is visiting
that they not smothered. ,
were our tractor will! work In very= bogged down by wet land"Wash" ,
But when the storm hit we forgot low land thing fi home folks for a few days.
wo are: > Big got a late start last' PHONE STARKE 189
all about the little gilt, and rubber tires, 11x,10, almost filled spring, but he worked hard and: Little Jimmie Lang, who spent
jf course she had her pigs In with water and (2)) Hydraulic really Improved his place a great t the summer vacation with relatives If You Have Difficulty Call Our Jax Office Day
", the middle of the storm and we lilt which enables you to lift deal and made some good In Lutz has returned home
,,- dtdn' know cropsHe's to attend school at Clay Hill. Night, or Holidays
t about it until the when start
implements you to going to do quite a lot of
; f I .I. I I following day. Result, one of the hog down. Su hl think a tract'.r planting; this fall. We are Informed that Homer JAX PHONE 45300:
:I' I'
\ ;I1i. t J six pigs she brought was smothered I" the answer, tt' getting more Padgett, who suffered a severe
I. Y f:\ ", ; Jli and we felt, terrible aboutIt. work done, und the farmers n. I .. Injury some time ago, is slowly
.M.. A ,wflrt ,.
; rttc.r.a
1. iII .. five that survived are round here who :'lave tractors'
;I ;\\ P 4 I I1fn.t healthy little rascals, led with feel the name way about: it. LONG BRANCH pital.Mrs. .
Gertrude Faircloth Is
,: ;s very
: .....::..,.1Ii '. .".. For Instance visited N. J. Ily Mrs. J. L. Strickland weak and ill. She Is staying Inlet Fla. Ph. Orange Park 219

t.- i (Jeff) Davis over in Graham with her son, Buddy, at Hugh at
,;r' and found out that he practically !SNAKE BITE FATALTO the present. ----
HOWARD'SC'all BEN PADGETT Bill Lang came from Lutz to
did all the work on his prize- ,
CHAIN STORE BRANCHor winning patch of corn with his On Thursday, September 1. spend the weekend with home
tractor, Jeff has high land tom- Ben Padgett went to work saw- folks and to attend the funeral !Z
size store! of Ben He IDIJNT '
any Padgett. returned
pared with others around here, Ing and hauling logs, near what home NEED :
and he raises tobacco (maid he;ila known as the old Byrd Field, Monday. )

for lower namtenonee, for lire safety' for structural' beauty did "all right" with It) has a we understand. His brother, BUDDY MOttLEY r 8l'IFNt' TO \
build it of CONCRETE BLOCKS. Its lower insurance rates and pACSC small herd of cattle, o\er forty I Willie Padgett, and two cousins Buddy Mosley died in the r i:
greater resale value mad it a sound investment. head of hogs, and a very tine red Edwin Padgett and Sidney Man- Gainesville hospital Monday '
brood> sow. Enjoyed talking. to ning, were helping: him. They night August 29, at 11 o'clock. Ji TELL ITS
Phone ......... for complete details. We deliver .
Mrs. Davis
and their son, Busll. had a full truck, excepting one He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. -r 1
Incidentally. these folks wore log, when Ben saw Edwin was Son Mosley. He leaves his 8HDf'mYFNESH"3x;
worried during the! storm because standing on a huge/ rattlesnakeand mother, two daughters and many
ILOCKS IIICIS.IASIS of a big oak next to their. told him to jump or the friends to mourn his departure.The BEEI
rCONCRITC\ Call on tin for reliable drug home (one oak fel': over on their snake would bite him. Edwin funeral was held in Pad
e' AND ROOF Till home some time BCI and caused| Ben
and. health need worthwhile thought wan teasing, and gett Cemetery. \
L"yr"sY III'J DY.MXD.CONCU1I: AND CIMtKT a lot of damage) So beautifulold didn't move. Ben told him a- l i

.altvsvi '1* xa h..". Wit pride ourwIx'H. on [ shade trees are rune: until again to jump, that the snake Mimeograph: paper, either letteror L

kAj MEETS ALL A.S.T.M. SPECIFICATIONS the scrupulous, exutne": uhlvligoes that demon wing. starts. to: blow. had already bitten him Ben. legal wise, carried lit Mock by
Edwin used his and Ben's belts The Bradford) County Telegraph. }'es tux Beers wade SkJW AHd easy 7J.e"
Into every single preaeripwtlnn At bridge just before you reach
Aiuiis Building:: Supply Inc. fill. Graham saw a lad fNhiiK'Any: .1 its t oll/d liNt I'NS'Hedlo your deafer -
we "
luck? we asked him. "Yes Sir! I '.. '
1636-1018 W. Main St., South PHONE 79 he replied, "just got a U 1.2 In R.B.ALVAREZ&SON TRANSFER AND CO. 6reweryfr'ey!\ \fexfawfour 't tIt-alerfct f;
bass that gave me quite a tussle STORAGE
GAINESVILLE FLORIDAP.O. Temple. Avenue Starke, .'1.... I !" Almost made ua forget about -
..... "
Box 62 Phone 217-218 1 going to visit Jeff 1-. ':: ,,:. ". We operate local czissuchA
( fil Tsr. .r- ( J3x
.. R.IALVARE26$0*. St long distanceanywhere
------- ---------------------- ----- --- ------ --- Reversed the gang on the bush ; "a sra..rrw.w
and bog harrow and re-made q : I MOyiNO''
In U.S.
-' ..... ..--
some beds that had over frown
with weeds Land was really a I EXCELLENT tcc
little too wet, though, and although 0v '
DON'T LET RENT we finished the patch decided ,t STORAGE GO \

to re-make the beds when FACILITIES
the land dries out more
Same day made some "Beds, for Agents For Per
.., .a neighbor but while nicking
hem the sky grew dark and the See us first!
wind blew and hud just "!>')lIt folded

.u, to stop wh"n a bolt sheared JAX 1REWINO COMPANY. JACKSONVILLE PLC IIDA I
off on the harrow, so then ctrl
ed it a day. Will go bark and -----
I finish up when the land duel elf
"& better,
Believe It or not, the mockingbirds
were singing 'here early the Greater power per gallon
morning of September Int. At
east, it sounded like a mocking:
bird, but It may have been Mrs. Lower cost per load

cam a- Casey just trying to prove her
point that mocking birds return
: by that date.
h *

ffivr We' have a red low named Lily,
who might better be named Mrs.

r, Stalin. This sow can get Into 1i _
more trouble anti cause more .
I fuss In one dny thnn any othei
875 TOTAL COST animal In Bradford County, and
i that's a bet. She goes where nhnleanes <

,. when she pleases Fences
mean nothing to her. Electric
fence? Sure, that'll hold her for
a while, but let the power go
.ff for a time und In slit comes. -
full of trouble and ready to makeup _
for lost time. Thing to rend I j4 >ej _
her a couple of rhuptem of 'How n :
toVln ,
Friends and Influenc' I i _
People". Hut 'If she doesn't refoim. _
she'll end %lip In n mok( N t tm
house and then let'ti sether ge
nut of that'Speaking! .

nf our ,.sn""",1..
Pride our 6-months. old' .teerl I' ;t. ,., +se
calf has grown up now and has
been put out In the field. to take>
euro of himself No mine petting '
for him lies on hi..* nivn
now, and we're hoping I that
grain, cottonseed meul and minerals ? ,, a % You've found the answer If you're looking for a

plus. his grazing will brine r truck with a master load of power plus record-smothing
him up to a good weight In another I1L:
economy. That's what you get in Chevrolet truck with
six months and th..nYo'II
eat! That Is If another fellow their Thrift-Master and Load-Matter Valve-ln-Heod engines.
\ doesn't come along and up the These world-famous truck engine develop more

offer we had this week of a heir. power per gallon of gas and deliver the load at lower

There Is absolutely. no need to worry shout rent I r -: ;'W-I IOW' PRICKS' ON- -, er calf and $30. *for* him | cost than any other engine of their tiie now (in me!

or your future housing security, when you can buy I ll.W.NC: l'IA'nIU1.i'I) I Ia UOICT1I IS.tI'ITICITIifl: : cAttended Come in and see these Advance-Design truck todaylfeatvlng !

beautiful pre-war-quality home from one of the s Pl.... xrnil me lull details on Real Low. I a regulur meeting of | VALVE-IN-HEAD
fine Camp Blending buildings at this unbelievably I I Cost Flouring I the Farm Bureau this week HAd gallon, lower cost per load DIAPHRAGM SPRING CLUTCH-power per
Name. . . .. an Interesting time talking to ..
Smooth engagement SYNCHRO-MESH ..
low price. Just clip and mail the coupon for full I I the farmer TRANSMISSIONS
I -Add-ea. . .. . ." ., . members about problems Quick, smooth shifting HYPOID REAR AXLES-5 times
detail 'L - - J that beset us all Going to, stronger. than spiral" bevel. 'type DOUBLE-ARTICULATED

.- Open Monday Through Sat 8 A.M.: to 5 P.M. (.I..ed Sunday. Investigate the advantages of BRAKES-Complete driver control WIDE-BASE WHEELS_
membership and If they appealto ADVANCE-DESIGN Increased tire mileage ADVANCE-DESIGN STYLING-With
us. going to join. Learned CHEVROLET the cab that "Breathes" BALL-TYPE STEERING-Easier
Leaders In REAL Low I Cos 1 Housing 1 1 J that the Farm Bureau 11 the TRUCKS & -----m- handling UNIT-DESIGN BODIES-Precialon built.
largest farmer's or"unU-tion in

members, and there must .be
ARMY CAMP WRECKING CORP. something to It If that! many

work Americans together farmers b..lunta"1d/ TORODE CHEVROLET CO.

r AMI' BI.ANDINf.;. FI.A. O. BOX Sriy STARKE FI.A. PHONE Ml Talked to "Mitch" BM'.sards a-
bout the Corn Contest and he STARKE
lays that next year he'll be In ,



:3... -



.. ,
-- --

Baptist Church At The Tabernacle sixth birthday Saturday, September son--r-Alabama "spent Labor Day

3, with a splash party at his,weekend with Mrs. Patterson's. :\Ien's Cl thln
September Studies of Sins of Edna and Leonard Norgol wentto lake front home at 4 p.m. Aftet parent, Mr. and Mrs R. E. III I. II ALVAREZ' STORE Established) 189CONWAY'S *,1 III I

the Saved Is the subject for the Toccoa Ga., Friday to enter swimming the children enjoyed Clnpp.

month by the Pastor at the First the Toccoa Falls Bible Institute games Michael received many Alfred Watson. Jr., sustained

Baptist Starke. This Sunday for the coming term. Edna will lovely gifts. Birthday cake Ice injuries In a bicycle mishap on

morning: at the 11 o'clock hour be a College Freshman, and Leon cream and punch were served to Labor Day and was confined to
the Pastor's message. The Sin of ard will begin his Junior year In I the guests who were Eddie the Shadycrest Hospital. SERVICE STATION

Sensitivity. The choir xvlll be High School They were accompanied I Sturkey, Bobby Redfearn, Paula Mr. and Mis. R K Bepdle of
AMOCO Gas & Oil Electric Welding]
Brown, -
Darlene Jackie
directed by Mrs. Lucille Green by Mr. and Mrs, J. T. Wilmington Del., who have occupied -
Family- Day At Heilbronn Revival and Mrs. Mona Canova will be Qulgley who returned to Starke I Parker, Bob Morgan, Roget one of the White Feather Washing Groaning Tire, Tube &: Batteries Are
Pangborn. Mickey Baker, Dickie
at the Hammond.At Saturday.The I Court cottages for the last four Sold on BUDGET" PLAN.
Methodist ChurchWe and Mary Jo Siprelle, SusieSpencer
the first service at 9:15: the Young People earnestly months, left Tuesday morningfor PHONE 117 FOR SERVICE
Agnes Watson andMlchuel's
Pash>r's message will be "A Hidden carried out their program Saturday ,, a vacation trip to New Or.
are asking families to come sister, Kay.
o4 Cup" and the youth chorus night In the absence of some leans and then will motor to
and From Toronto, Canada coniesword lUlUF'.OIUnA: GREYHOUND BUSSES
sit in church Sun-
together will be directed by Mrs. Mona leader of their group, and show- their home in Wilmington. Mr.
Aldrldge. -
day morning at the 11 o'clock Canova By means of the two ed a determination to "carry on" Dcedle Is with the tin Pont Co.,
wife of the pastor of the Community
\ hour In observance of Family J Sunday morning worship hours and develop leadership among Church, underwent a and was at the Trail Ridge Plant

Day. The vacation season Ij. .. the church Is able to accommo- those remaining. Such a spiritIs serious operation last week. The during their stay here. LEARN TO FLY the easy way. Pay
over and our college students are date the great numbers who are commendable and deserves
Aldrldges were vacationing In learn. charter and .
still at home, so It is a good time attending during these summer backing by the older people of Canada when Mrs. Aldridge was Royal: Standard ((11",1)) Typewriter you Special trips sightseeing

to have our families together.The months. the church and community.The stricken. Her address Is 43 Or. vtllh 15-lnrh carriage. trips by appointment. Phone 117.\

sermon subject will be, "The t The Sunday evening Happy Sponsor of the Tabernacle ley Avenue. Toronto Canada. Good condition. $73. Bradford

Christian Family." Hour Service has been set up brought messages Sunday at Fourteen covers were laid for County Toll-graph.

The sermon subject for the half an hour for the fall and both morning and evening hour a turkey dinner at Keystone Inn I
evening service at 7:30: will be, winter months, and now this popular I and Communion was observed at last Friday evening, .Se'tembr-r''
"The Book of Life." hour of requested hymns andponpel the 11 o'clock service. Special 2. Mrs. N. A. Parker was boat- y fhAifXb

Sunday school begins at 9:45: choruses begins at 730. :music for the day was an organ ess, the occasion being Mr. I>arker's Pontyettoto
solo the hour
at Miss
morning by
This Sunday the Pastor's message ;
birthday annlverimry. The
Sunday morning. All adult I 'Wallace and a Trio of small girls
will be "The Peace that
classes affair was a surprise pnrtv and
will meet In the Church JtaJ/BZFOKS 7rou6e90 / ;
Auditorium for their opening exercises. Runneth Understanding". Evangelistic :1 sang very sweetly a special number was complete to a large birthday ; ?
at the service.
The classes In the Youth A In nature Inspiring m cake with candles,
Miss Martin who has .
for believer and unbeliever Phyllis
Division will meet In the auditorium rower Mrs. Tom Whittington has returned
of the Education Buildingfor f' alike. The youth chorus will 'Tabernacle been of much work assistance left to the for from a vacation In North %/ of! all tire trouble occurs in the last 10% ) O
directed by Mrs Canova. Monday
their worship service. ThereIn sing 'Taylor University, Uplands,, Ind. Carolina. Accompanying her of tire life. I If! tires are worn, bring 'em
a class for you. Rev. Franklin, pastor of Hick An amplifying( sydtem cares for was her niece, Miss Eleanor I I your

You are Invited to worship ory Grove Baptist Church Green those who In the cannot main be audltol'lum.1 accommodated I to continue to taking her up studies her duties preparatory in Crews who will of Winston remain Salem here ,as N. theVhlttington's C., in and we'll buy the unused--mileage .

'WIth us Cove Springs, will conduct revival Foreign Mission fields.R. Trade for new -
and an air circulator helps keep \ house guest untilIt '
services at the Heilbronn J. Gomes, Assistant Pastor,
the building cool. { is time for clauses at FSU.
Baptist Church beginning Sunday -, the weekend in :
School In Its spent Asheville
Sunday gathers The F. M. Walraths, Jr., andchlldl'ell.
St. and Temple Ave. September 11 A cordial : 'N. C.. with his mother and sister.
new spacious building with departments Ann, Frank, Kay: mid "GOODfi'E4R TIRES
Sunday School 9.45; a. m.; Morn- Invitation Is extended to the public : II' I
and classes for all Michael spent several days this
Ing Worship 11 a. m.; Evangells. by the pastor Rev. G. E. CutShaw 1 .
ages staffed by more than 6011'Christian ChurchA week in Royal Pines, N, C t.I
welcome.tic Services 7:00: p. m. Everyone to attend any or all of I. teachers and officers. I 1 Major and Mrs. Leroy Patter- ,_-

these meetings. Training Unions gather at 6:13: i special treat Is In store at ,

,\\\1 (new fall time) to meet in Unionsfor I the, Christian Church Sunday low-priced

FIRST various ages with an active night at 7:30: ( o'clork when Bro I ID. r a good
enthusiastic Adult Union. A, Clark the supply pastor i PHONE 218 ear's
Rev Lewis D. Haines. Pastor Midweek service attended by ,sill\ bring the Masonic Temple ,IffffIsr- Thong et G ood Y

33 last .week, continues to high- Chorus: down from Jacksonville COLONIALFLORIST tire?
r light the work week in importance for a program. All members and \ L FAMOUS
"In The Heart of Town And In The Hearts
and blessings at 7:30: on friends of the church are cordially

of The People" Wednesday evening preceded by : Invited to attend. fflhfIL I MARA..OR.

6" rr, r I Teacher meeting and followed Sunday School 10 a.m. MornIng .
A Southern Baptist Church For All People by choir practice. Worship 11 a.m.Voman'.

I A cordial Invitation Is extended Council: Tuesday 3 p.m. Prayer I quality

Morning Worship-11:00( ( Happy Hour 8:00: I I to traveler and resident alike to Meeting Wednesday 8 p.m. Chil 1 d4q Goodyear ebu\1d1ng\ methods
,worship at the First Baptist I dren's: Hour Friday 3:30: p.m. (j) and a
Sunday. Schad-9:43/ Training. Union: -8:13: ({Church and make it church home ; 10 95 make Marathon on to ..t; and

Midweek Service Wednesday" 8:00 l M. while living in Starke.Presbyterian rilt'RCII OF JESUS! CHRIST can depend cop 1n and
,, OF LATTER DAY .SAINTSThe ( r oday
I6,00xI6 ads
TWO GREAT SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES: Church Church of Jesus Christ o' FLOWERSFOR I 1 tires

Later: Day Saints will hold Sun- twoo .,ad.n!
9:45'-"A Hidden" Clip" lI:00-"Sln of SeniHMty"Sun. ALL
lay school In the USO
11:00: a.m. Morning Worship.The building:
Evening Happy Ilr. 7:30 'Peace that Pasxr-tli UmlorMandlng' church invites visitors In an Temple Avenue every Sunday DISH GARDENS New flra d..rye new Tubas

r Starke and all other persons who it 10 am. A cordial Invitations

t "Visit The Church With The Visiting Pastor" have no church home here to i extended to all. POTTERY :=:::; r:. : 1 .\ 1..

r worship with us. Sermon by Mr. CONGREGATIONALMKTI10UI.3T
Kaufman, the pastor. I CHURCH
9.45: am. Sunday School under -I I| Servicesv first and third FLOWERS WIREDANYWHERE

direction of Miss Evelyn Saturday night Sunday morning

Stump. Superintendent. and Sunday. night, 11 am. andS U State Itoad 200 (U.S. 301)) at South City Limits

10:00: a.m. Friendship Class, I p m. at Congregational Metho- Nona St Starke GOOD/YEAH
DUTIES I an up-to-date Bible Clans for men 319 Church on Brownlee Road.Kev. .- YINC9 Seeher 1). Goodman. Owner Starke. FloridaREELECT

and women taught by Charles M. Ernest Grlffla, pastor. I M&s '.i''t'"W' : '' .Q

conscientiously performed with modesty Turney. Join us on Sunday.
- - - - - -
6:30( p.m. Westminster Fellowship .CATHOLIC:: CHURCH .
of expense'and no lessening of composed of Juniors of St. Sunday Mass 0:13: am.
Mark's Episcopal church and the I
Sunday School 11
I Service have for
won us an enduring Church We also
Presbyterian Week Day Mass 8:30: a m.

regard in the communities which we invite young people to visit our (dayBible

meetings. Study Is every Wednesday -
l serve. John Warren Kaufman. c at 7:13Cllt'Itfll:

DeWITT St. Mark's Episcopal OF GOD
nev. B. E. Simmons, It. 1)., Vlrur Rev. L. S. Williams, Pastor
8th &\; St. Clair SU. Carl Johns H
7 Starke, Fla. Sunday. September 11th. Sunday School 10 am.

9:45: a.m. Church School. Classes !- Sunday Morning Worship 11 a.m.

Funeral Director Ambulance ServiceOur for all through the Junior Sunday Evening Service 7:30: ( p m.V. .

High grades. P. E Sesvlce Tuesday 7:30: p.m..
local funeral home enables. us to offer conveniences and 11 a.m. Morning Prayer and Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30: p.m.

services not otherwise available. sermon by the Rev. S. \V.Cr..asey. .
.,. ( F.lIF.TER"ORK1SG
6:30: p.m. Youth Fellowship In A working will be held at the
We furnish the highest type service at lowest prices, and cooperation with the youth of Elzle Chapel Cemetery on Friday,

accept ANY life Insurance policy In force, Issued by ANY the Presbyterian Church at that September 16. All Interested persons .

company, as payment in part or In full on a funeral. church. are asked to come preparedto {a

Consultation I..., no obligation. The church is open daily for work. O. P. Hale.
prayer and meditation.

There will be a cemetery working .

I at Beulah Church Saturday City Clerk

i September 17. All Interested are

$ Invited to come.Keystone. Heights

My Mrs. II. L. Morgan Jr. Honest Capable Experienced Courteous Successful

........ DISTRICT (iOVKKNOIt; .: IIKKK: :
-' .
_. >> ......... EI
9 w. .; .." ..., /4W..u MEITKMBICH: : 16

Next Friday, September' 16, i
fIOO' '.3 CARSAW'cotff&rEnter Dr. L. O Gratz, District Governor i
<< LNJn : of Rotary International will I I Duties OF The Clerk: l lTo
'i{ .., TVf'V I IAf.
: \
\ be In
)<; /tC! ,. :.:1: Keystone Heights for an I I

..,: ;' : ...,...u.",: .;'. I evening dinner meeting of the
.'.o.>iI .i: Rotary Club at Keystone Inn. IIUUIHiE |
"k"h, ,' ,..............<"''' ....>, I, Keep Adequate Records Of All Monies Received And Disbursed To

I 1"v; ,:::.. "; ;: ," I. Now! I P.RTYKeystone Inn was the setting Keep Adequate Records Of All Meetings Of Governing Bodies To Operate -

.NWC ", for a lovely card party given by Business-like Manner Office Hours
The Office In A Keeping Regular
fed .the mho Cat your entry" Uonli and fre*
:25 !- --__ L> check now. Yu can be one of the leaky winners I w I I Ing, August 30) at 8 o'clork, Operating The Office At A Minimum Cost To Taxpayers With In-

I HGMSAaYov/ Orange table. marigolds decorated each creased Work There Has Been Only One Additional Employe Books
NwfMlr j

f.) .. tJ; (No matter what make of car or truck you own) I 1\1 I'll.'eek's extra delicious Audited Annually By Certified Public Accountants.

4.door Custom V.3 Ford Sedans ... Ice cream pie wan served with I'
J 0. i in to ford Blink.
equipped: with Radios. "Magic R: 3 DtUr displaying' positr tn .or....any. _... Entry I coffee to the following guests: I Wish To Call To Your Attention Especially That The City Clerk Has No
I 3 then In SO !
: wont let
or on
Air" Healers Overdrives, andWhits :2 .Ask forftur FFM C r>Safety Cheek.W enl' blink. finish. Hi Mr. Al Nelson, Mrs. N. A, Parker -
'ry "* lUiammt"
5 Sidewall Tires. .|"|teak"bfhe add: 'r.wv.......,- *All serf and hitch' ihoulif b a NMI' ''y. Mrs. F M. Walrath, Jr., j Voting Power On Any Question Affecting The Citizens Of The City Of
lit : ... ........ "
llniijg tirvs torn
| lifltits muflUrt .kld p..odco"yr"L. I I
I ttI .., f' farm,,, t ,and shock *b.ortMrt. ,. ',:,df. ; Mrs. W. J. Slprelle, Mrs. H. K.I Starke. His Duties Are To Keep Records And Be Able To Furnish The City
r J thiaid wifw Ii..dh.'on' 'Jimut 4 Mall entry befor midnight. Miss i
1 -#IUUQ .ml othtr Mfaty' "points-1"at no eo"lor October 31.to Ford Car.Safely CtwiiritHeadquarters. I McKay Gertrude Houwr \Vith Information On He Has Done
And Citizens
Council Questions Arising
,... '
1a..w..N ot>li'| tton" to yiut well five .Bus No.722. Chicago 77. Mrs. P. If. Klaustermeyer Mrs.
you s frol Safety' |main,", Oftd'" Illinois.M Si H. I.. Morgan, Jr. Mr A n.I I These Things And )Is Qualified To Do So From Actual Knowledge Gained
I -
Watson, Mrs. J. L. Kill. Mrs R.
1' l.1) tfw only offMal. entry blank. ..ntatl f Iv*.Only.. mtry_. cap E. Clxpp, Mrs Lydia Hurley, 'I From Experience.
'21:: i t ohUinvd" at any Ford Ite l*mhipdutplHymit or trurlc may .b* ..nnid*r...t. AllMilriMi '
Ih. ahowrtb4ow. Mm. Kyle Mc.Murtry Mn MsrgTracey '' ,
bwom. Ih. f
,. General I Duty 'Model I F-5. V'3 '; I j Print clearly|glee:your nwma Ford Moor( Company.property('"ni,_"epubject 1.f and Miss Gladys Tillis. DON'T FORGET STARKE IS A GROWING TOWN AND NEEDS
1/t0 engine stake 1> 158 inch 1 4 and nddrnM.b ] to I'd'rW. hf t and s
r-&rat wheelbase FORD Trucks % < ) Cnntfwt tlmitfld to th* continental Ivral r'tula'I"n.blank.and to eontwurulra I During the evening iced, fruit SOMEONE WHO IS EXPERIENCED TO ASSIST IN DIRECTINGITS
:: U. S. and Aluika. on fntry punch was nerved from a Urge
and i
equipped' with Radios t.,-}. /elblank.Prlw.tat.d! oa entry /dlwln.Ma.m./111b.pa.d\ JOHNS IS A TAXPAYER A PROPERTY
Magic Air" Heaters. Optionalas will, h* award on the .t Ul Ford f>mil..>r.'not.bar than. I crystal bowl. Nuts and mints WELFARE. CARL ,
prizes to the top 5 of the 25 r, b.....of ainrvnty.watnality..nd, Jmber, 1. le Ia. were on the aide 'I
car winners who specify preference ",J .p'n_ Jud... ....,..1".. .. f.1) Content. in opn. to all r.efof I 1'lect's of china awarded OWNER, AND A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MAN. HIS INTERESTIS
final. l>uplwat. price In ma* of d.ti LnitM states, -.. were
for a truck on Contest. ti<>-. Coin**.mi&t b* .uhmittxi. : .mply..*In'' .Ford Mobr-t 4tn|>* as prizes to Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. '' IN STARKE, AND HE HAS AND WILL AT ALL TIMES
Entry Blank. w{ In th r *;Jaur Ni0wo paity fi < Jw', thcwr advr
I: 0a I Here's your chance to win .. j or hi* lwenaad' rvpre* uelo. a.*aci,. or their | 700 valuable
:.- one of these prim :
'' and make the highways/ safer : linen guest towel as a draw COUNTY.
in the bargain. It.H It.Hyo /.far foRD prize.

; .. .
.Oo.OCL est ": Mrs. Ray Heard has received
-... (a, word from her husband who is
2OO 35O 7HlSA".AC1fV'YOU on &ft. In New York that he haw receiveda Let's Vote for & Re-elect Carl Johns
iaI R
iSQ' ."...,,. T c.u.II" c promotion from Lt to Lt.
1.w.r8lt JMJ&.t touttonVUIOMIA 'Ft/: IaYI ae i.r h.. _oMf.ey rh...h. ...i.,.tkd wd.y Commander. Commander Hearst Your CITY CLERK
I ,. .. ...,
l /' 11 k ell/0OlrJes' ys_nth ,..1.,. Is now In New York for two

weeks but will go to Philadelphia
ANDREWS MOTOR Co. I loon for about eight months. He (f'd.. I'ul..Iv.)

expect to be home for the

Phone 118 Madison & Adams Sts. Starke, Fla.I Christmas holidays.
I Michael Walrath celebrated his





---- -
----- ----- "
-- -- ----- -- -
::: --- --- ----- -
------ ke on an acre but where perhaps an ter for raising I field I corn, but and baby of Marlanna and Mrs.CSiarlle I Service Officer i Deeds RecordedMr.
T. I( McClano np > '
Corn Yield Is Topic Agent many as 20.01)0) stalks per acre: I he did stress the fact that: "you I McMillan of Baton I'I C 3 r.I
results of Corn Content and theirf were present. HP contrastedthis have to have the stalks, before ; rfouge, La, were visitors\ of Mr!\ Has Forms For and bits J. K. Luu R I a.< oC
For DiscussionAt significance I According I t to Mr.f with the record of the win you can have, the yield." and Mrs. J. K.': Chambers froin Insurance Dividend I t 1 Starke to Mr. and Mrs. N". G.

Bureau MeetingAt McClane the stalks must be finer I Il of the Farm Bureau Corn I McClanc pointed out that in Saturday until Monday. Mrs I Stokes of Brookcr( Line N of
there l before a grower cnn expert Contest. "Jeff" Davia who hud, \i many Irmtancen "firing" of corn McMillan and Mrs. Andrews I A.. J. Thomas Jr. County Service I r SAL, Railway: For point of beginning
the regular; : monthly me 'l- a good yield. He cited. lnHtanrfH an CHllmutcd 8,33 HtalkH per I la Himply due to what in known formerly lived here and during I I Officer announced this start at SW Cor. of the
Inl of tho Hradl'ord. County Farm whore up to 278 fcunhfls acre and winner of the BpcondPII.I Hni-whpre, In tho country as their stay. visited briefly with week that he has an ample supply NW 1-4 of SW 1-4 of Sec. 9 Twp
Bureau lni>t Friday night County per acre have been produced from :..-, J. K. Kelly, who had about "nitrogen; hunger". Thla condi many friend of Application Forma for the Recent births at Shadycrest I 17 S. Range 20 E.
1.031 t stalks per acre. lion starts at the tip of the !bit\ and Mrs. Robert Taylor of special dividend recently declared Hospital were: Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Kliid.
I Ha did not compare theRe re- leaves nnd works down to the I Appalachlcola and Miss Mary on National Service Life Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Leo I Jr.. of Bradford County to W.
cults unfavorably becauwe con stalk and Is nut caused by dry Taylor of Jacksonville were Sunday and payable to all Brantley of Starke, a boy. Kenneth I Hogan[ Smith of Bradford Coun
I ditions. ardls etc elsewhere In weather, but la accentuated by It.Correction I visitors of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. crone holding NSLI between vet-I Oliver on August 20. ty Lots 4. 6, 6, and 7 of Block

KOCH I DRUG STORE the nation are undoubtedly betNotice Is attained by eitheror WIlllamH. tober 1917 8 providing, 1910 and ouch December insurance, I: Mr and hire Aloyalus Eugene 1 of E. S. Matthews Addition to
methodn first
both of two : Sympathy la extended to Mr.\ Barnish, a girl, Gloria Ann on Starke.
Wits hell! a minimum of threw
cover .rropn: of lupine or hairy and Mrs. L. F. Chapman In the September 3.
Indigo, Hecond: by side dressingsof I death of the former's mother. months ( __

: CUT RATE PRICES I I I 'noili' Mrs. L. F. Chapman, which oc- Mr. Thomas announced that his Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Dukes of W.C.T.U.

Buy "Certified Seed'1 advldea carted., at her home in Orlando) office will be open) Monday New River, announce the arrival
McClane If you want good re- Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Chapmanwere through Saturday of each week ".IRYTi\E SC.'t; FU\I: SPIRITOI'S -
HUlts. He told of State regulation l in Orlando tor the funeral I with the exception of Thursday of a aen, Randall Kirby, on ; LH I'RS IS THE BEST

I and supervision of seed services afternoon and urged Bradford Thursday September 1, in the S.U'F.O U.\Kit TO DIUIAL5,
KID AY & S AT U Kit AY ONLY which la certified and of the W. O. Engram was called to'' County Veterans to file their applications Alachua County Hospital Gaines I AM IIE.1LT11IiORERT
inherent of hy as soon as possible ville. Before her marriage Mrs. E. LEt
dnngem buying Panama because
JL $******% G brid Need which Is not certified of the Illness of his mother, Mrs. Dukes waa Miss Madaline Crews (From 1IEFESI1EB Magadi".

7 Other biiHineBB conducted at E. 'r. Engram. Friends regret Scouts AdvanceIn of Starke.
Sk ------
51 (Jl'AGE' ,, the miyetlng) was approving of that Mis. Engrain, Sr., succumbed
It Fclanu: the results of tho Corn Content to this Illness and sympathizewith }'esThe Tourists And Transients Like
'/ NYLON I and Issuing the checks to( win I relatives.Mr. Court Of HonorA 1
) oars Our Food .
O and Mrs.!\ Charles Clover-
HOSE Mx I Present were the following: E.I'I settle and their three children. of District Court of Honor was 1 Y, Hut "e. ntlil hate time to catf'1'I
held Sunday, August 28 at the I
I Crawford J R. Kelly Marcus 'Tampa spent the Labor Day
\II R I Conner T C. Crawford L. R. weekend with Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Methodist Church for the New 1 ?r} ti> the home folks We appreciate !

98c.I I Starling. Jlike Gilhooley, T. K. ,', Fane her. River District of the Boy Scouts. a ,.. 1 your bimluem and always

o ) 4 McClane. C Letsrh, N. J I... Dnvls, I With Mr. and Mrs Alex Yawn Boys from Troop 70 coming up
I e to plcuise our friends at home.
Davis, CHter try
1\ LIMITTISUcrsroueu L Basil Davis Ralph of Starke, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. tor advancement were: Steve I

1'\In TC, .\ I Crosby, A, D. Crosby. "Mitch" Caldwell and Frances Caldwellettendwl Davis and Jerry Colley to Second
% Edwards. the picture show in Class; Billy Dodd for two meritbadges
: ; ; .- Gainesville Monday evening.. swimming and cooking: Still Serving Our Famous Business 11en'sLU

S Tom McClane for two merit 50c
K CII <<
i STATE FARM badges, pioneering and awlm-

i'' lly :arr4. Bryan WhltfleldHIKTIII
s --
f iI lly Blanche' Cunningham GEO. KOPEi-orsoa
B.75 Lifetime PEN $5.00 fi', 1 1r p
The C. D. Sellers home was the
C. J. Forsythe, "Dad" to his, S
I'epsodent Toothpaste 50c TII (Ihr \oters of the City ofNturkx setting for a family dinner Sun 'many friends celebrated his 87th I
$1 Val I Both 69e that I know, uiid tIliuw .. day, September 4 In honor of birthday anniversary August 31st I I
I'epsodent Toothbrush 50c
Mrs. Emma Rivers of Auburn-
/ Unit I have not had the at the home of his daughter, ,r TO ALL THE VOTERSIN
I plrUKiire. of meeting, hem l Ix M dale. The occasion was her !Dire I. J. Snow in Sarasota. -
I ? Val J JEUIS' TONIC Both 99CI brief rpminip of my life amiqiuiliflralUmH birthday+ anniversary and .she re- Dad's health hasn't been so good t 1"I b M1 :
$ calved lovely gifts. At noon
... AND nuusJI I I II : these last few months. I
Flu., dinner was served on the (Awn. ,N CITY ELECTIONI
1.8\\ THE
I I I11" born In Io'y. Terrill VV. Cunningham, Ordnancrman 1 I
Out of town Included Mr
$1 1 Val.CS I LADES Both 49c I were Nov. the S, lute t91K.Iy. Dr.! and !Mrs.parent E. and ,Mrs.Mrs.VV.A.S.F.Rivers Thornton and children and- August 30th, NAS aboard, Jacksonville the Carrier, left good farming
I U HlggH. In 19! 'i0 they moved service to the peopleof
.. Mrs. G. P. Tarrlflh all of Auburn Midway on a 10-day cruise to am offering my
In :>ituk.h., .. my falhrrprurllrvvl starts with/ good plowing
New York.
| medicine until tits. dale; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Atwoodof Starke as your Chief of Police. I will
79c Mexican Heat Powder S9c death. In 19:111.: { Jacksonville; Mr. and Mrs. D. Mrs. T. M. Finley and daughter Dearborn LIFTTYPEMOLDBOARD
: I graduated from llru. CroHae; Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Hamm and little daughterwere PLOW
High School' In 103.1: and theCnlMTnlty
I Outlaw and children! of Hague; Jacksonville shoppers Sat your peace officer to be on the job
of Oeorglu in 1910. I No malUr bow much din and l bantow
75c Squibb's Mineral Oil 69c Miss. OcU'HHa Thomas of Gaines urday. you
pt. Ulth tlilt education<< I lirllevt you tum't correct a poor plowing SOIJER at all times and show no partiality
that I am qualified to hold I ville.: Mr. and Mrs. Leon Klling- Mrs. L. N. Wagner and son Job. So wh, not |*l a plow. IMII Area,
thlH lniM| >rtant office of City ton and Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wilfred spent a few days last you a food Doarbora Job la Molilbuo'4 Ihi. am Plow.pl..rThh us oo in my line of duty through fear of
C'lcrk. of .Stark.-. Rivera of Graham; and Mrs. Eeater week In Palatka with Mrs. Wag I altachod .o a Ford
75c Listerine Antiseptic 69c I MIII innrrlrd to the former I Thomas and Mrs. Fronle ner's sister, Mrs. S. F. Baker. Tractor non ..I.. politics. I am running on my own, and
lilo.' llfta aa4 low .
Killth: \ ItOultllllfht'r of Mr. demons of Starke Those from Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Major .ro 'bf Uio ,.o the Farm who were present were ..... any
,1. H. Kim of Sturke. We who have resided here for several xreroanr 1'
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Crews, Spencer Control Do.li 1 *** I
children.During have returned to Jacksonville j other hear..
75c Bayer's Aspirin 59c burr luo Mr"V.. K. years to fit* you nna I 111. '- any rumor you may
Crews Feagle
/ Ihi 'text war I .nrrvnl where they will make their doptb. and steno! .
for tan yrar a.. a mcillcultffhiili and MHS| Helen WhitfIeld. future home. woll-turnod. f.tr>.b u n ..om...1m
with risewtU 1 <' rl ndtlon
row a yo J
'inn In tho Army.I Mr. and Dire E. F. Redding Mr. and Mrs. Giles Phillips and of ttaoii and ....?./(. .pr.bl.mi.bottonu .
We Meet ALL have no ,portion. at ttit Mrs. P. S. Crews, Mr. and Mrs. daughter Jackie, and Mr and son .0adl.I,. fit_.err, Vert you, booor.lib <._lino* Vote For EARL F. MILES
Unit, therefore
prcwnt' your W. H. Williams, John Godwin Mrs. Arthur Wilds and son of
tuftulll .be doubly appreclar- and Mlsae-8 Betty Williams and Jacksonville spent the weekendand 'I
Ernm Jean Godwin attended the Labor Day at their home DIXIE
For Your Chief Of Police
at the here.
'd.LESLIE evening services Hampton
i LOCAL PRICES ''I Baptist Church Saturday I Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Forsythe EQUIPMENT, Inc.

En route from his home In I and three children and Billy Rod-
.1. .IFREE' 1138 \\'..". !Main St.. South ((1'<1. Pol. .\<1\'.)
BIGGS Lon::tvoud ValdOHta, Ga., L. J. key returned home Monday from
: UF.LIVF.RYPI10Nf: 51 :,, North was the simper guest of a week's visit with relatives and (;iainesville Fla.

I (Tuiil. I'olltliul Adv.) Mr and Mrs. VV. N. North Friday frlenda. In Connellsville, Pa. I
I --- -
Mr. and Mra. Ray Foisythu --
I Mrs. Vnrena lCO"\ of Mont left Tuesday on a northern trip
I vprdc I ., visited Mr and[ Mrs. R. H.I which will be spent with relatives

1 I I Cox from Friday until Sunday. i and friends in Pennsylvania and 4
Saturday Mr and Mrs. Cox and Ohio. Mr. Forsythe Is a retired

their visitor were supper guests/ B & O railroad conductor. They ( I r
I of !Mr, And. Mrs. Ralph Cox In expect to visit Mrs. Forsythe's 1/

IJve Oak mother at Banmock, Ohio. She /
I !Mr[ and Mrs[ John P Turney: Is 98 years old and in fairly good \
I, and ,i-hildi'en[ of Jacksonville were health
Sel.'erJ.U-F Before You 1'-Id-}" dinner gui-sU of Mr and' Mrs[ C I \
M. Turnev Frld.iy night.\ The! I
Shirley TempleIn .
'gathering WHS in honor of Mr ..f.r
And Mr Nexvton V Turnoy and I Gay Comedy
tliclr ,'''II E.TZERJ'SUPER i I I their' home In Dallas. Texas Saturday Coming To ParkA

It i following a visit with Florida
II t ; relatives.Mr girl's efforts to live a militant

I I ,. mill' Mrs. R B. Rauleraon { life motivate the gay comedy -
STORESYOUR of "Adventure In Baltimore"which
Pdhokee were Thursday overnight -
I laf will be shown at the Park
I Riicnts of Mr. and Mrs. K.
I IIV. Brannen. Theatre Sunday through Tuesda. /
Robert Young, Shirley Temple
!Mr and Mrs. J. R. Chustern 4t
and John Agar have the star
MONEY'S {WORTH{ OR 'OUR MONEY BACK and Jimmlc Chasteen wart among ring roles. ., +L

TIIKSK: : Si 1\1 \"oIY: MO.ItK' : OltOCKltV: A: :MK.\T: SPECIALH SEK: I.\X:: PAl'KKS reunion those at attending the Atlanta, a family Ga.. A minister's daughter with advanced

(' PKIDAY SATURDAY.I SKITKMIJKU' : 'I &: 10 !Mrs.home J.of W.Mr.Lee,Chnsteen's during the mother Labor rights and Ideas her own about career women's, the Plus Comfort

) ; :; ; Day were accompanied weekend. The by Miss Chasteens Madge heroine by a scandalizes series of exploits her hometown that I \ Super|> ,Cuache .nio.t of them fully Youuavrll-IOnditieneJ.Silhul.. in Cr )Lounl,

: Fancy RICE Pound Package 29c i Brawnier of Starke Involve her family and her ., in deep-cuihioneii comfort ond let an expert Jo die drivinf.Frequent .
- I !Mr and !Mrs.\ C. H. Cope returned friends In continual hot water.

I Monday from St Simon's Young Is cast as a preacher Plus Convenience Jay amtf
Island. Oa whore they spent the sympathetic father of Miss
Libby's CORNED BEEF,1 12 Oz. Can - 35cLibby's th..1 r,Wpl'kM' vacation.Mr Temple Agar has the role of f nielli Jf|>arturo.. !Short:> direct route Many Etpre*
I '(| and !\Mnt Charlie Andrews her much-abused boy friend. ISoiMtvp. kusei. You can forget your parking problemi iu
ov.rrr..ded. lullic.
.- .. .. -..
--- -------- ---------

;. PEACHES, Nor 2% Can - - 25c J ELECTRONICS & AVIATION I -? Plus Extra Low Fares Look .'

lh<. uiviiejr you ...... Your tlollurt Mill\ take you. a let

Golden Anchor l White Meat TUNA %'s sCan 29c ENTER: THE: :MOST I INTERESTING AND PIWJ< r 4 f.ir, ther for a lot. lea by Greyhound. Co more plures wyour .

: AIJLE: ; FIELD: OF ENDEAVOR; TODAY! 'IT'I 'It ,. .Mvint| ,


SLICED BREAKFAST BACON Pound 35c ,. offers a six month's Radio Technician I
- -
anti Operators Course qualifying graduates -

to obtain employment as:, a Ship I
Radio; Officer. Aviation Radio Officer,

PICNIC HAMS, Per Pound - - 35c iI I Rrnurlcast Station Operator or a Radio 1 iilrtl

Technician.Our .
,i.ition Courses Consist Of Private And +

ALLMEATVEINERS\ Per Pound - 29c I Commercial. Seaplane, :\ -inline, And Flight

I\ Instructor HatinL*. Greyhound fares are still WAY DOWNI


- - -

VETERANS: : ADMINISTRATION.[):\ ;; Enrollment is now WAT 1RIp. WAr TlIII

i SAUSAGE Pound 29c available to anyone meeting the requirements I (GAINESVILLETALLAHASSEE; : : .50 .90 OIU.O JO 2.65 .um
Bag - Eligible) \eterans may receive training at government ; 3.10 5.60 T"IPA 3.25 5.A5

i expense under the GI;I Hill{ of Rights DELANO 1.95 3.55 1"EW" YOnl17.60: 29.90

and may receive subsistence from $37.50 to LAKELAND 3.00 5.10 CIIICAGO 11.95 32.3:
Golden Heart CELERY, Per Stalk - - lOc $120.00: per month. MIAMI: 6,55; 11. 0TLA TA 6.8; 12.33
I Free housing. is furnished by the school for students

SEEDLESS GRAPES, Per Pound - - lOc t living too For great complete a distance information to commute.write for a GREYHOUND BUS STATIONN.

descriptive pamphlet or see ROY Temple Ave. Starke, Fla. Phone 117

Srnlrist LEMONS Per Dozen 19c
- - -
> I Florida Aviation Academy GREYHOUND

Fresh PRUNE PLUMS Per Pound Keystone Airpark
- 121hC L JNES


j I Keystone heights Fla. _

+wr.ynr. +. .o,. ,..,. ? .. ..:.,,tn? ..u ,+..,:a..w".. ., } S.,

Bradford County telegraph
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Publisher: L.C. Webb
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Creation Date: September 9, 1949
Publication Date: 1888-
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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-- .-
... .


II' P. K. rongo L1br

c/o l"7
I1nlvors1t.. (.I ,
.t or 1'18.








r-":' THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN Official County Publication Established In 1879 COURTHOUSE 4 p M.

' .
--- --- ---- --
--- --- ------ ---- ------ -- ---- -------
,' VOLUME SEVKNTY-ONB STAIIHK. fl.OICIUA. .'IUIt\}', !SK1TKMHKU: : $. 1919 N1JqIwiIFftttf:
',t. ==- .- -- --- ---- _._ ___..__ .._ .__ __.__ .___. __ _... .. .. _____.___ _______ ... .. .. _. .
-- -- --- ---
" -

5 INSpurned Negress Shoots Mate Parking Meters I Record VoteForecast Giant Rattlesnake Causes Death

n With Shotgun; Burns Down HouseWhen Yield $1,266.78 For ''Of Young J Clay Hill Woodcutter

In Three Months City Election -

: When the janitor at the little Clay Hill school lookedup
a man cornea home after I
.a hard day's work and unlocks .. ... Tourists To Receive from his work and saw Fred I.anjr's }Ford car go !speeding

the front door of his home he's City officials announced yesterday With around 1.50votl'r)\ !, qualified I by "about 60 miles f I ILII hour" on the .. _

mostly looking: forward to the that Starke's parking and Interest n t a "fevPlh."t" | Special Invitation graded road, he knew Homethinj wast, 4
I i meters have yielded n total I of a record-breaking, vote I Ielevteii III I
peace comfort and rest that he ?rom C of C
In the City Election oli
$1.266.78 the first three wronjr.The
: during
will find inside. ( I car didn't even !slow down for
I months of their i next Tuesday., September 13. Thrnhnenteo I
, Quite likely that was upper. 1 The operation. voting period< ends: today 111 l r. ?ti. liuIlinve.. executive I that bad place in the road) just west!
retains half of this
most In the mind of Sol! Williams City Friday. ..'cr.i lni.of the Chamber. of of the school ground It wasn't like
; amount and the BO I :
RO-year-old negro as h.. unlock. fimmpw" Is getting: ready to ''Frl'll
to drive like that. "Something
percent to the Installing Adding to the Interest and contributing
ed 'H >ml rordinl. Invitation. to nil
the door of his well-furnished "
I must be bad wrong, the janitor reasoned
company until the meters have to the h."wy01" expected I
I .urlxtM' who here lastwinter
I registered
cabin several miles south of Key.
I been paid for. I I IH the fact( the there i inH and he was right
atone Heights, late last Friday to I etu'n to StiirUc ugalnv
fternoon. It Is expected that the City lively contest for every Job oil 'h'n the cold weather sets in tip| Inside Fred Land's car was Hen

But and comfort are far will expend funds derived from the ticket north. Padgett, 26-year-old woodcutter, with "
peace the meters In "traffic Improve- 'tments" The list of candidates IK as ti tightly buckled leather belt above and VICTIM
from what awaited Sol as he A accord of tourists spending
and for paving certificates follows: below the throbbing calf of his left leg. Forty minutes before
loosed the chain and swung: open Home, time In Stark last season -
It was said. For Mayor: J. P. Robert, in.t'iiinlieiit -
the door of the house where he was kept by Mrs. llruve. ,and slid ( that lIen had felt the full, deadly force of a giant
and .1. II. \\ ..lInwrljtht.I.'or _. ....
lived alone since he and his mate SYMPATHETIC NElGIIBOIt F O'Neal and his son, Ben survey the feels that the special,I invitation --- -- '-"-- diamondback rattlesnake's tanM'il

Joyclc had separated several smoking: ruins of what was a few hours ago the comfortable home of Rites Held Sunday City anrl Clerk LcHlle: Curl Biggs Johns Incumbent now being nmllt'd to them will Mobile X-ray Unit as they sank deep Into his flesh.

months ago.\ their friend Sol William Sol's estranged mate, Joycle, shot him For William ; "lesult In a large p'r""tllJ"f;\ I By now the powerful venom was
NoegelWilliam For Chief of Police: 'V. E.
As the door opened a shotgun with a double barreled shotgun and burned the house down becauseshe I 'rho,'11 ton, incumbent, ; F., F. Miles them coming back ngnln this full At School Sept. 13 taking effect. He already began .

blast filled Sofa right arm with says he "kicked her out'Disappearance Noegel. longtime resident 1- and U. C. HoltzendorfFor and winter I i : \ to "feel paralyzed" and between

bird shot and as he turned to of Starke, died in a Jacksonville The invitation of con r HP. will i The mobile x-ray unit of theState prayers he urged Frert
Council P. L.
run, the second barrel was fired hospital Saturday Sept. City : Bridges. feature II picture of those famous I Board of Health will return Lang to drive faster.

Into his right side. Incumbent, ; Hilly Jackson George Hnulford County Htruuberries., I to Stiuke on Tuesday Scp- | "It HOIMTIS like rattlesnakeshave
3. He was born in Baltimore,
Executive Sr. W. : ,
Young I Flynn M. KdwurdH, It J.
tember and be net tho
It seemed that Joycle 59 year Md on June 3, 186.1: und made Andrews, S. ..;. Sparks, and! At I| school up on got so they don't care

old negress had made an unscheduled -: his home with a son Joe Noegel I", Ciirllsle., Cows To Be Tested high grounds. I whether, they warn you or not"
return from Tampa, of Starke fur the past few years I All students 13 years of ageand the school janitor mused as he
Solved Suicide In Houston TexasA ; Polls open next Tuesday at 7 who did not have
where she had been staying.: By For Bangs Disease over a learned the details of the tragedy
Surviving are three daughters j a.m. and clone at 7 p,m. client x-ray during the recent I ..
While Sol at his some time later
was away customary -
MIH. Lulu Jones, Lake City; Mrs.. October 10-14 "
will be I'll at r
mutts survey 1(-I'II Y
occupation of tending I I This one, apparently, had
J. C. '
nerve-wracking joh that he 'leave of absence with pay for as Downing. Sarasota and Searing To Start tills time. Aim included will bo
T. K. .
yards in Keystone. Joycle rut thescrl'l'n Mrs. A. M. Mixon, Gainesville : County Agent JU'Claneannounced struck wlthrVut the warning "rat.tie"
took too much to heart is believed long an he needed It to recover ; : other school personnel Including
at one of the windows, today thnt Dr. Hopkins i '
three Joe Starke Street Paving com mllf'lly believed to be
sons Noegel :;
to have been responsible from his illness he resigned from teachers bun drivers, and cafeteria
and ferreted herself In the house Cedar and Veterinarian with the U. B.Department sounded by- rattlesnakes before
for the disappearance from Key- the company sewn after comingto Henry Noegrl. Key, [ At School MondayAt workers.
awaiting the return of her mate Ernest Tallahassee and of Agriculture will they strike their victims.
ultimate suicide because he realizedhe Noegel ; The carried the I
stone Heights and Keystone unit will be to
whom she accuses of "runningme of Gerald D. Bird oil, a could not go back to the job. two brothers C. H. Noegel Ce- a recent meeting of the test" milk cows In Bradford county Reno negro .school for one hour I I That Thursday morning Ben
off home" disease
No from former personnel director for the and did not feel justified In remaining dm key, and F. L. Noegel, Lake 1. City Council the Glen G. SearingCo. for Hangs during the during the lunch period. II I and his worattMitting: partner, d.
knows week of October
what 10-11 Farmerswho
one just was
Bibb Manufacturing Co., of Col- on the payroll under the i City.Funeral ., of Jacksonville was awarded, i ,win Padgett had felled\ a tree
in the mind of that afternoon have to he tented
Joycle COXVH
umbus Ga. circumstances. services were held at formal contract for 7,007 srjiuiro I anti were sewing It up Into logs.
but circumstances indicate the In Mt Zion Cemetery should l leave their nnm' ,.!H at the I finished\
Several months he graveside yards of paving north and south Bradford Solons j As they one section and
that (the might have to I The young executive together ago disappeared County Agent'M office so as tuItl't
north of Lake Sun .
from his home In City, of the Staikci school groLinds.Searing were moving from the butt end
execute a "perfect crimp" by killIng with his wife and eight-year-old< Key I them on the list to bn tented
stone He day afternoon at 2:30: o'clock entered the low bid of of the tree tf> begin another cut,
Sol and then burning down daughter, came to Keystone several was seen boarding a with Rev. I... Blxler uhllo Dr. hopkins IH here I !
bus there and was later tracedto A. officiating. $16.3:10.73: on the project which Edwin stepped on a locust. ThoIna't
the house to destroy all evidence. months ago to recuperatefrom Ocala. where his trail vanish DeWitt C. Jones was in charge also Includes some 4,200 feet ofconcrete There Is Ill) charge for thli l'r'l Back In Tally miulM, thu dry rattling
The only part of the indicated a nervous breakdown vice' which Is offered only. eiiceI
of .
arrangements.Storm often throws
ed and trace of curb and gutter, and that a scare
no him found
brought on by the strain of dealIng was '
plan that didn't click was that 'each year and farmers HIV urgedto Into .
grading. Inexperienced woodsmen.But
her amateur marksmanship failed ( with the personnel problemsof until Thursday of last week. lie necesHury take advantage of this freetesting. Senator' Charley E. Johns' nmlRepresentative ,
2.0OO of the was discovered dead In a room- Mr. Searing stated that hU J. P. Roberts left Hen knew the difference.
some employes
, to kill Sol. He Is rapidly recovering i Hangs disease in hiinanbeings
Ing house in Houston Texas, Damages company plans to start work on I "Get nut of here!!, rattlesnake," ho
from his Injuries in a large manufacturing company. i : IH known as Undulant fever j I early Tuesday morning for the
i Palatka hospital. Bird selected Keystone becausehe where he had been living under I the paving next Monday I' anti IH. almost always. Hpitmd \ special session of the State Legislature joked.

4, But even though her aim was remembered it as a quiet, an assumed name. Indications The project includes thr..eblol'ks through) drinking raw milk. i In Tallahassee., Edwin laughed and pointed to

t bad. Joycle evidently thought\ it restful place from his visits in with were a that he had shot. himself I REA Lines PolesAll along the of south West side Washington of the school St.. Called, by (Jovernor Warren, to the locust: under his foot.A .

i would still be a good\ Idea to former years with several prep After pistol.his disappearance Mrs. grounds from Temple Avenue to School Board Sets provide more revenue to meet. i few minutes later the uneasy -

burn down the house and that's school and college chums in that' the State's $210,000,000() ) two-yrmr joke had turned Into grim
Grand Street :
t Bird and their had services on Clay ElectricCooperative's and F.lghth Street '
\; exactly what she did. I daughter Christmas Holidays ; appropriation' uct the special reality Hen had been struck by
community. turned to their former home 1,8.10 miles of line along th south aide of the school I
1 Sol managed to reach the nearby 1'.1 I session will be confined largely the huge rattle whose head was
Although he had been given a Columbus. In 11 counties .were restored by property from Temple Avenue to Reappoints Green
home of relatives under his j I IOU large as the palm of man's
,j' "' .. --- '. .. Wednesday night\ AugUBf 31, following Grand Street Also Included' I ia I" : to livi matters. j a
own power and they carried him ---I the worst storm damage pickup area 55x180 for loadingand It's a little early and warm j I Before leaving, Senator John I hand." He yelled to his partner

, to the hospital in Palatka. Sev. L. F. Smith Jr. Heads yet to start, thinking shout stater' ) that he lied had lit- I, tr> "Get off that snake; he's bit:
I in the co-op's history unloading children who ride very |
] eral hours later Sheriff 'V. J. Lions Will Close !1 fin'iHtniiiM., but tha L's what I the" tie to his Inxt'' me." Edwin looked down to sen
A. G. London manager of thfl tchool busses and private cars. reHpoiiHH requrmt
\ Revels of Putnam County apprehended Protection huge REA Installation at Keystone The paving will be surface treated : School Boaid, did Ht its I.abi>r I i iI week. for expressions from the that lie. was ..standing. on the tall

Joyclc at Florahome, Unit In GeorgiaLeonard I Heights,, estimated the ('0- llmerock. I I: Day meeting here Monday" morn- public on the matter of new taxes !I end, of the reptllu which was lying .

where she had fled to the home Season Sunday op's hurricane damage at $10- Ing. I Ii to i'inin'e the growing needs of'I' underneath the felled\ tree

of a friend. F Smith, Jr.. who re- 000.) Effects: of the storm were i' In Nplte of the heat the I Hoard" i the! State Thu Senator mild the with Its head extending over on

The regress\ !' .In now In the Put I I cently left Starke to assume his! general all over the It-county Rep. Bennett Plans !tot Yulellde-minderl, mill net reaction wan not sufficient to Iniliriito Ben's slrlo

nam County jail charged\ with The Starke Lions will close I duties with the forest .service in : area and virtually no spot wan Visit To StarkeOn I 'h rit 1 lila S I HnliiliVH' for I 11I...
assault to murder and arson. their baseball season here Sun- :! Georgia will head the $l6,0)0,( untouched London said. Fiftyto County Mi hooU us fol lows. I from of hlH constituents .wereLii oiioni'il| | a giiod keen knife on hintl'fit
I day when a rained-out with forest September 17thRep f.'rld.Ih'. l "' I in. I Ihiotigh Tuesday .,
game II protection organization in' 6O( poles were blown down and II Hales tux or lint. c, t tilt" Hchool hoime J n itor

Home DemonstrationClub Mandarin will be played on the I Stewart County, according to an I II line damage was extensive. Charles K: Dennett! announces Ian: :3 s oimlstliiK. ,; it' I I' Henatur, Johnu Htateil, that 11".1! said in talking it over with some

Members local diamond. I I announcement In the Columbus I Eleven: crews worked day and that lie will .speak (briefly school rlavM i |ci'Himitlly> did I not bellevn I here. friends, that afternoon

Last Sunday afternoon Mac- Enquirer. He will have offices I night .some as long as 2'') In Stai ko at I m., Saturday: Upon million of .1, K I lrown: wax n need I for as much, money j jon I Hut ns hick would l have it.
Attend State MeetA I clcnny defeated Starke :S-l; In a 'n the courthouse In Richland J p seconded, by I.. T .lohiiH.,,, Lex '' three sales tux I I
hours at a stretch to icstore September; 17 and nt the sum., II ,percent neither cif the men had a knife
1 North Florida League tilt at Ga. tjrcon" was .ieap}>oinled I UM attorney I would I nilMH, ho which. .
service to the co-op's 0,300: customers. time will bo glad to receive: any : although\ recog- with to slash th fang

A / delegation from Brad- Macclenny. The program to be headed by I oiggeHtlons or requests from con-i lor./ for the Hoard until June 30 nixed. the necessity of having marks. HO that the poison could,

ford County attended the 25th | Doss, pitching for Starke. allowed 'Smith will Include the construction Mr London stated that It was Htltllo'ntaIoho have not hud the /) j hurtle" additional funrli' for whoolH, lie mickud. from the wound, Kd:

anniversary celebration of the six hits and struck out )ITMacclenny of three fire towers and his the worst damage experiencedsince opportunity to see or write tn ""IIUS..' of overflow "condition, I, nml oilier t ha, ..
State Council of Home Demonstration batters. The, Lions unit will be equipped with three' he came to Clay Electric in him Washington I In the Mill C Crmli: at HUH Hn additional tied It tightly above the punc-

Work which was observed -, got only 4 hits off Finley, who jeeps, radio sending and receiving -! Auguat 191(). The co-op was The Congressman It visitingnil I I I l"II'h..I', Oliver I i Kdwnrdu: The Senator snirl that he did : tured calf. Two other nearby

at the annual meeting 'struck out II Starke batters. sets TO.gallon water tanks, established in 1030. county Heats In his district I v ho came here" from the Universlty not know whether the session. woodcutters Wet e culled I anti one

held August :30( to Sept. 2 on the and other modern equipment for I, during/ his stay In the State He of Florida, will nin|>'lnyerl.1'ievliitin I.I I. would. bo opened. to the passage ) of them supplied another belt to

University Campus In Gainesville. Starke 000 010 000 1 fighting fire. In addition to these GIRL SCOUT will speak and meet constituents I to his employment, the of local hills (it' not hut If it fasten below the wound Then
_. NEWSThe .
.. '
Macclenny 103 010 OOx 5 two 8th Om. teucherw Mrs
Attending the meeting from duties Smith will assist and ad- j In Lake Butler on Monday Sept were permitted ho Intended/ I tn' they put Lien In a true:k 'and
here were Miss Dorothy Rosa, Verna Demoient, allMr". llu/.el. | ninlrn' another Attempt to get drove fist the
vise Htt as winding
The Lions were scheduled to farmers on all forestry j scouts had their regular 12. at 3 p.m. '
hurl 51 I students In
CreHftlcr mch
home demonstration agent and : through n lucnl bill to continue' road I would the IvaMoore
play a non-league game with tho problems. 'II meeting Wednesday afternoon. Hep. Bennett will speak briefly 'permit
her Thu maximum
the following club members: Miss Gainesville Merchants here last Smith received his degree in [ The baseball team played the In Home down, town location following room number paying members of tho Brndforrl NU win ill I near Clay Hill I,
I of Httirtents. recommended, fol'each
Rosa Moore and Mrs. K.': I... Cox County Hoard of Public Instruction .
' | even so, It took around 10 jnln-
'night (Thursday), but the score forestry from the University of Graduates. With three membersof which he ,will have conferences i :
I teacher IH :a>
llellbrnnn Mrs. Pete | ,, !ill)
; Walnwrighl team with I $ per! month after January I titus to get there from the Isolated -
was not known at press time Florida. our missing the score anyone wishing to
and Mrs. E. M. Blount t The Hoard completed Its routine 1011. Under ofFlorida's .
I-awtey. I still wasn't too bad 6- In take up some matter with him. I provisions spot fin the cast side of
I ,
"The Home Fountainhead of I Hr will biiMlncHH by noon unit ml- < new Hchool laws School Black Creek where they weie
their favor.
return to his duties In j
Democracy" was the theme of District Governor New Stop Light Nancy Du Pro vice presidentof Washington In the evening of jiiuined' for a half holiday |I 1 Idiird members will not draw I "InKK'ng"' that morning.

the m..eUnA' and special guests. Pays Official Visit To Be InstalledOn the Senior troop took over the Sept. 17. j ,1111111'1<'" after January I. 10.11 I Fred l l.ungIllS sawing lumberat

included Mrs. Flavia Gleason meeting Wednesday Jimmie Softball Playoffs j Rep Roberts .stilted. that he'I the mill when the frantic men
:Mima, former State Home Dem. To Rotary Club Highway 100 wail still to ,
Ab personally opposed itHnles
Johns arrived.
Moncrlef the president .was off Found ; Now Under Way : He put' lien In his car
onstratlon Agent, and Mrs. Malcolm mission. :i. I tax and expressed belief and began the IH-mlle drive tu
on an Important
Burns president of the Na- Dr. L. O. Gratz of Gainesville, At Its" regular meeting Tuesday The hayride has been moved' Dead At HomeAb In the first playoff game to I that t nit rrlcit'h t revenue could >h. !StarkAlthough he "held! It

tional Council of Home Demonstration governor of the 242nd districl! afternoon the City Council I ritlHcd, from other sources |
I I up to the first of October. Johns, lifelong: resident of deride: the City League Championship over 70" on the hard road never
Work. ''of agreed to install a three-way He Maui 1 that he having
Rotary International paid hi I traffic light\ near the Burns homeon The girls are planning on a I Starke and veteran of World' Hlggs A hiker ilcfeated -: hnd those 18/ miles seemed lunger
tn leave Starke before the
;: official visit to the Starke clut I camping trip somewhere In the War 1, was found dead at his National Guard 9-1 Monday' to Fred Lang or his suffering..
Highway\ lot), coming Into I Inight : Klectlon: ,, ,
Final Rites Held City next Tuesday as Iii i
i| at Its regular luncheon meeting i Starke from, the'west.. I near future. The camp site will home In southeast Starke Thursday | ,. pa" enger. They made It to
had not had i
For T. R. Moseley I be near Kingsley Lake morning. Funeral arrange I The remaining' playoffs will nn opportunity' to ,Starke In 30( iniautvH.. and Ben
Wednesday.In It was stated that the light I I eec everyone he would have I
I Scribes Mary Sue Epperson. ments hud not been completed at he played Saturday' night litH I received treatment: in ,ShurlycreHtHospital
view of present troublcsom*t would he instnlled In an effort I I otherwise called on. I hut ,
Theodore R. (Buddy) Moseley Agnes Lawson press time ycnterduy. o'rlot tnideadly" venori
f 47. retired contractor, died In world conditions Dr. Gratz I II In to reduce speeding on the part I I had ton much hrutdwav! He died

It Oalnesville Tuesday Au g. 30 his talk here emphasized the,. of motorists l'omlnInto/ town I American Oil Co. I 112 hours later. ,

n follrvving native of a long Clay Illness.County and He waj the 1 others united efforts to promote of Rotarians International and I I from lot provides th's stretch. direction an unobstructed Highway ,i i Davis Wins Corn ContestA Rebuilding Service I'tag"It un sure" the must Hchool have house been janitor a I Iench

straight at this
point, :, Station Here said. tell I the two
son of G. W and the late Mrs "They me'
and amicable relations
understanding i
which Is a great temptation to | I M..i.. .-.'.... ... I... ..I--. ,.. .. ..
Georgia Moseley of the Clay Hill between the peoples of the I I' Cfl "'Y '" ""'I'' w..uI
section.In world. drivers to enter the city at a | measured yield of 63.8 bushels per acre by N. J IJavIx of The American Oil Company ( as big as an old-fashioned

addition to his father high rate of speed."It I 'I haw announcer! Its intention to match stem and were spaced an
sur- Dr. Gratz Is assistant directorof Graham won first prize of J150! In the Corn Contest sponsored by "
vlvnrs Include two daughters( wouldn't/ do any good to' I remove and completely rebuildIts Inch apart."
research of the University of the Bradford County Farm Bureau. Second prize of $100 went to I .
Miss Pauline. Moselay of Doctor's put up 11 caution light, a :I service: station at the Intersection S

Inlet and Mrs. Mabel Fender of Florida Agricultural Experiment man for the city said J. R. Kelly who produced 52.2 bushels per acre. J. S. Austin of 1" of Tenth St and Temple "Hen's wife passed away l.'t:

Jfaxvlllo; four brothers Ralph I standing Station and Florida has Rotarian been an for out-22 don't "pay a bit of .. SPfJk".1 Lawtey came in third with 38.9 bushels and earned third prize of Avenue. month ago" said Rev. J, L

Mokeley of Crystal Springs them. '50. : "When completed It will be Strickland venerable pastor of

:Miss : George and Irvine Mose. years. The city figures. that the I I :ti' ? an entirely modern station"" stat- '' the Long Branch BaptistChurch \

I ley of Starke, and Clyde Moseleyof I Following the luncheon meetIng three-way stop light will be the j A tabulation of those awarded prizes and their respective yields <*d Lacy Conway local American ," just three hours after -r
j Lawtey; and two sisters, Mrs. the governor met with President only solution to the speeding j follows: ,1 Oil dealer I I I the birth of their son. Charles .\

I:. II McCauley. Waldo. and G. S. Newcomb and other problem on this road. "[ tJj'l It IH Mr Conway' request ,,, "Funny thing." the preacher 1

Funeral services were held at officers of the. club In a special 1 NC( J. Davis 63 8 bu. per acre $150:; Dixie IS If' "- ; (Mil his customers continue to loused "Ben ,Has helping

the graveside in Padgett Ceme- assembly to discuss the Rotary 2 '- J. n. Kelly 522 bu. per acre $100 Dixie IH t trarlH with him while thn old stni me d Ii,) some cemetery work threeor '
Parents of
I Cubs .
1 Mrs. Apple' Boone Jacksonville. ': program of the local unit as well I 3 J. S. Austin 38 9 bu. per aero $!.10 Florida W-l .r.. airawt: ."v. i tlon u being/ removed and re- four months ago.' We passedby

: tcry. near Clay Hill on Thursday as the International organization Urged To Attend I C. I.*t ch 37.3 bu. per acre $23 Dixie 18 t/Ujli. II | the grave of his wife and he

Sept. 1, with Rev. Percy Knight I 5 -- W. U flenfroe 312 bu. per acre $25 Dlxlo 18 I ,, \ r 1 "We are placing gas pumps I topped and looked down. markIng "

I officiating I War Films Booked Meeting Tuesday 6 E.': L. Crawford 32.7 bu. per acre $10 Dixie 18 I air compressor, and other equipment ;i out a diagram In the sand i

I 7 '- U R. Starling 30.6 bu. per $10 Dixie 18 .., at the property line of the with the toe of hit shoe. 'I'm goIng -

I For Legion MeetingAmerican Parents of boys, ages 8-11 8 -- J. C. Sapp 28.0 bu. per acre: $10 Dixie 18 p. Union Eiiis Station, and It Is our to be right there beside herIn \
Mrs. Lee Winner are Invited to meet at St.Mark' .
I 9 -- W. E. Covington 26.1 bu per aero Sit Dixie 18 ( hope that there will be no Interruption less than six months he said
Legion Post :Ofl; will Parish House on Church I
At Appreciation DayMrs. 10 T. C. Crawford 25.2 bu. per acre $10 Dixie 18 IJ. of our service station "I thought he was just depressed -
nold its Street next Tuesday evening. <<
regular meeting .
Tuesday .
11 Marcus Conner 23.1 bu. per acre $10 Dixie 18 t. business while the new buildingIs and might .be thinking-
'Ij night at 8 o'clock. Sept. 13, at ,8 o'clock to reacti- ... .
T. L. Lee of Stark was Program 12 -- Lester Crosby 22.0 bu. per acre $10 Dixie 13 ''''' I being readied" Mr. Conwaysaid. about suicide" the whlte-beardetl
Chairman vate the Cub Scout Pack No. 70.
Albert L. Crosby an.
j ;wInner of the Appreciation Day preacher said, "so I told him
afternoon. flounces that several combat Parents of Cub Scouts are Purpose of the Corn Contest was to get Bradford County farmers .
drawing Wednesday The WINNER "I take this opportunity of that was no way to be talking --
Holding a 10 percent ticket, she film have been secured showing especially urged to be present, si I to raise more corn and to get measured data on result Farm | thanking you, my customers for that taking his own life wouldn't .

received $34 In trade coupons. the Invasion of Southern France, that the den may be organized I j Bureau official expressed, satisfaction with the Interest and r..- The pleased gentleman above the very pleasant business relationship -I help a thing. But he told me heiida't

Names drawn before MrsLee's operations In Burma. and one on at once, and meetings! planned. (t. in none other than N. J (Jrffl I we have enjoyed ( mean that. 'I've had two
iponse to the Contest, and asked that their thanks be extended toMe
Japs U. S. Task
Ii. but who were not present attacking Attention Is called to the new Davis of Graham winner of through the many years I have I dreams lately,' he said 'and I I

were Hazel Bradley Judy Elling Forces. age limit for Cubs, 8 to 11 <: contributors who made the Contest possible the first corn contest sponsored I served you In thin capacity" the know my time Is coming soon.'

ton. Mrs. S. C. Harley Lillian U All veterans who served In years old. Jack Trawick Is Cub- Factor which went far to aid the winner, according to T. K.fcClane. by the Bradford t County Farm agent si ld. "H told me he wanted' me to

Hall and Edward Johnson. these areas, as well M any others -i master. New Den Mothers will. Bureau Mr Davis. .la holding It is hoped that the new sta. preach his funeral." Rev. Strick

Next week the treasure chest art Invited to attend this be appointed next Tuesday evenIn J County Agent, was fine cover crop of lupine which was some )t the Dixie 18 variety that tion will be completed within 60 land said. "I guess he knew whathe

win total 1326.21.:: I meeting. I :. I urned: under preparatory to planting corn. helped him win th prize I to 91) days. Work was scheduled was talking about."

1 to begin this week .


..Jo -

..... 4

__ -- -_ -
J- J- -

TWO _. .._ _._ _.. __ .. __ ..
u. .. .. .
-' '
...-- -
I CunQ sad ] :, Conn, : J>M) ,-.aa. k..... plalattff!f JC.p, ;.. l"4,. In tli. atrf.". named t Kt1rVi"I :' ", "". a u.and.'
enjoj-- a ti&rthity .4.k. di ........ 1i.rdrr tuIvTt.cTp : c:....,". a- Bradford luactwon with her ... Brm<)f.r4 >:.,untx You art required to appear. ,n
County TelegraphCSTaeUSHCD atAI pabh tks Ordr.a -k dlworc* I
HAMPTON LAWTEY\ .. ._ .h.)ll pttbltiih th. ur I, Mr*. Don McMahon* "Wn last I' I st ( .r IOt, s. '( TI*o...npli t fvar wMliljr. ,.,aUWftna ** ,:..urt and tee.. wherein plain iff
1 .T. C L. MA.TTMCWS, O..ED''IQoIt llr Mr. M. C'. !'..--,. |'vk' for Fort )I.n. to Jrrtn br L. II. Fvtr* ..t Wttt.Mark WhY'.. PKwMa b.a1 sad. tkiaUFPI'IL >ftcaI AsgetL sa1 mr hand and official .*. .! I., ...minor.. 1I..r.. ,,"e 114.ft....uao.2y. Bradford a: Cot trnut ; .-:ayTlrrph .1|
I hubtn.t who t.s no_ f' ..r'o.dt : ,... at mark. Florida tbui AIIc.ut "hmll put>lln IhU 'r rl
E'.ti ..4&m7 .... r.a........ .. t thrp.I SEAL* A. :. TJoc-.....*. !.. UH.OFFII'.AL. II I III fleZt four w..ly. &91i4Cu. r

t"- Mal...t.t IW IVn. Oftkoot at Start. rta. (1..1".1TI''" 1UKTIIO ". I Mi** Cr c. CrtwtVf of L.1eTqvlt Clwrl and Jottnaie R.e.4gTTtt Hsra A Oro* Ol kr.'rk I o4>. c.MM Ci'art.Py ( 5EAI.I Clerk .I A..1.f .oaid Th'.maJiA '*<>urt.. I WItn.aa. mr hand and official "dl
:; I Clarke. Flur>4*. thu Aut'
Labor a& t
J.dtTiU.t Day '
> J..kn J t4.et..r.o. KM. R'har-. p" Haivr.' .'r...br I>. C. 1 .
cf Ir *Uy myht o( !atlw I">>
Sandra s.dau.Jhl..r > : 2.
- Kla I
n Uavrty With their crandpareu iva B-a.ldr J5atttiIl.. FI'rdk.tS WiL.&i!< -; V Lore. ..m* TiII .
MEMBER Q!) 1949 j \" n.a1s.ft., cot rNn.,........ nk'N --I ...k w1t! )MU H.>a Jean PmrWr Mr. and Mr*. OJ.. Aadrr*. a f r 'ii.. 4* *43 .&tty. k-r Pit .-* uPy -.

U bia her *itJ. brbLty &.IUU- I Mr and )Zr*. W. H. Joov aadaiUrvn ; lo ............ C_.... ._.... c_.,,.. In rimlt <....... Hrmdford (_..,. Ian Cr .br. I>. C
;; I! Mr nod 3.Lt., Parts Hann aaJhikir ..... i ...nd'...... Xtmrk.
ctlpu.s LJ4 Aa..Uj .,.s. ... St. )Idoe : Yrry at Uv* h_ wl h rfattr. ,1'1U'I.' .. of St. wrKnit .. a'I I ..I.. (c- .. .w.. In tfcnn ry.Ltkl T Frank Florida
AucuMin .
!: ; *n wf Oeaia who IUT. fcMivprntttnc I R..wn ........ Boaltl.g'.r. Ptta- > Mab.* Cam...la. Plaintiff.T AI5T. for I'll. -l It jj
R. Y SAi, ",. US Wtd- ; ..r c-su: O< 1- H. Halt last -,,f. ... t'v'i*. x.. Iktagr. 1"_ .. K>!ph ....._or... Pd.nd..nt. Caw: :
| uhU Si. Sandra Uv' holwUj-t at HantpIvn t........... 1'.iPO4. :::0..... U,""'. 'f > fJ4 a I .clre .f A..IIf.r T.. 3,...
Mdr] August Lake. vnUi Mra4 SWaday. : .. .. -.-.- .- .......... I.VTE __ .. p.bII..fl.. ... -..... .. Ho.... Kill .No. IIZ.Notfs. ,
TILE iitr OK THE rIt'IINtNt tuk: twm "$"tn-kftIC* UM ua>- pat UI7 M_ Maxim Rtcfearvi ot Lakey '_Po .. ..r FL."UD" _. "T %rK of I'I.UK.a ,..13tapla 4 j ; .. l Ia herebjr .I..a that W HI
nluwf.r". who, aNot1) .... aw.. (a llamptvn After op.ee ft.Clwl' Mr.. 1.. JVynn_ 1__..... ... JtIt.r. __ .e, p 'Vmixola. _...... r..,d.n... I "''bI.". ,IIa II..ldar of 'b. ,...Ih..lnre..tl..t. ,
Ttt'Mr aU 1"" "'* aN' )II'. s.4I&r& .. riled ntld
: Utbor Wf kMkJ vt tortnciuJxd ::It waa U rv of 4'ei* ..feaow. addrr.. D. ** E. IT* B t.. Bronx. nan c*rm
ty .
I kw' J:. VaU UveMr T."I" .. ; CiiirTon
..."' tMotr- r--u.r, ;. \Vv4siu\jt who will i.L'iisertT J Sr. durief 10i pr'r1t s.T'.tk !
: W. 1
Mrvl Mra.V certificate
in *rrnm< *c# f. .s.1<. ,a ft.. ....... .a4 ar* rwi.tr* rwoA *., tfew tna HWk. J chiMr Brunnrtck.Ca. .-.L. I"-n a.id i58ti .bWt. ,..fc.r X l,l'. in l.... afc c::11 ", j WBt. X.c .u (tr' ir w fVb* awl' aa< a. .la.un "
y jtw ... and fcrU k>* cve _II... ......... _*'_ and _a_ wh.r.in plaintiff' I lion of the property. namei
.. Jofcnai s..1tIWo. PLata )lr aad Mr*. FVjtl Rc.er and i ilaq"trr. C.t1s.1 .... It wa. a._....d .,.. .
: ; off In which >
.. t_ af .ra"
C'oN'h",,, I -.u.t. s Aa: *rn*js.. ta y wUinsd tTV7 C4e thtL gw.c.n. an nJuig : t ta on_ k* dlTurc r X... 474
ajulMr : and 3lrL A. & PVf'* and tua.a2n Aia. w,,iw UiUaf to 1* .tt I.Sr : hpti.. ...nvr n.._. Bradford t0unyT.3.grap I follow.: e.ptifk't. Teir
t t ..,..t t* V-id ofiv*. '(*ir wwr: ).II' Saxen. Mr ._ Wttat.a. ""' sd 5.5 i41'aI sasiFIum' a. >aall pttblt.h. 'bl. OrderIn I.| tf !>. W P < :'cai toe k ad.
Jt *. K. C Morn Suw Mom*. E.41. *; H. V. 8.11._ Poati.'o dtirUS .., a..li.. .*... ,.ia A s.g.a next for _e kl7 l..u... property W i of :' at Wl

*..I a.&r--." .. t.... a Matt "So run f.'rfcaav .rt'iA.. >. INrajMIut !\R rjvr s..._ Mr aast )In.. M ""' : V. C. Bzrtoti. Grahsmzs3 : .).t.4 June Bollard ot JteiuonU : U.vFrK'J..U.: E.U..I A..3. .. 9
f?'"""" .a-b... b. *UM tAtet K.. cwuld do a gu'4= >>*>. ,\;tR..U.. )&r*. May S' H. }'...... *i KNam' In whlrhMnwd.
., nk VTUbam and ctulJrwa. i... Ian SuadayM f'r .taea .. ,.. r. e. orrnriAU KB\H' A. 3. Th"mu. I .. unknown. All at
X'iU ** of IW rv<**MV bop wr#* out kn UM. o w aad. .ny sv Tai ''UIooI liaot&tt-r. C *w w. )lrI IUd Fh ...-... .! ...,._ S*&. t1:,.,........ Aa Clfrt ..r ..1&M Court.r -I .aid property. being In tb. Countrof .
''It, t:: Jv* Ka-And-4KKi, J.a .v4." ?W.. \\>... .tur. .*.'*.*, oft mm** tx I I t.fn.' S. O. rVttiuar* and *ML, Li.xi: ).ft''. and :Mr*. P :m ArUtuna B2aoK&ard of I -. I 1t'Wi.,. JratwtD.. F_.. H' ..T.n Cr- r. 1). ,*. Bradford. 1't.t. of Florida. Cn.I. .
J:, Grttnn. )II'. aa4 Mnu Jol AaMAIW Ja..nn..l, Labor Day Alt$. for ptt too! at "4' T. Fra.k l...ndnnn, "tark. Flnrlda !I. uch certIfIcate or certificate.
;::t ),>\*.. AI'aS ,.. 1'_' tJN btm ,,_Its. Mi* oj fwKMat* pwtiu. trtm :$t..WSI..It..* Mr aad )IN. Alt, f.* Pit '-* 4i .n I hull. be r.d..m-l a eordin to law
and .q 'ttt'. ).fl'' and Mr. ftwnr wit& feer azt& )lr. aad "_;;:a- d. -rl_ In licit. t...
ilL ..... .. a Ww e...rr.. w tA :a &i *MM l bac"k cTvund. a p l"UlJI'UW 'Jo. TWrna* andaed J-IIM! Ls 'Vzt. )In.n*> '' )Zr*. A. M BUactsard.Ti : l..._n..H_. ..( c-... .... ( _.,, .1''I. ........ C-.4.;: .... (._.t,.I llflrat the property or r.r
ror.-- tikI.I Oroiyia: Aea. )ts: ua : i II i.r' 3a'. c'Jtata.. J&,5i.fi.'tt. ._ .-;...r1O. Jot,* 114..-.. PlaIn ttff. V.. hou_ door on the fleet' Monday 'rmonth
ftwar JiiI tW Nttow. wa* k'...... hk.. a Br&a-j' I of 00-,,,".". l*'*. which )IsI
* JtwvJ l prt'ur;: MUKOH 101THA \Rt" r utucf aa.1 MI:. FV"IIJN'! I: Bc lfi""tl Suaday taLdwtry ttt4at ro."I m..__ .. Bail..', t Iorl..a.. Caseh. ;

.....tf *!b>*Ps bat. Su.* nw(5irr .tarv M ax* .\t. a...*.Jfwwj C' tw.. l*rj. xunttNrr vifcwow I"'N'''"- VtK:.=
,"_.. tt"'" "''Vt1''' t c4u t* Tfl*$ "'"f nu ti"""", ,_ .........,:".,. a mu1 .mtxt Nt !' "* A. H. HuWy. aLar.. L..... ""' ..aJY>" "' ........"" _Ii-a.sj.1 a.'T..: or IIAJKIIt 5.1E.aae .Official H.ali A.S: Tfcoma. Clerk
vtoa .. .. .. ,. ... __ .. -.f Circuit Court of EYadford ouctt,
--.I. b5t* b ...._ .. .too i4 &d.n Sa ;
<," ."" !t>.s __, -U.. J"""u.* $ ort! Xl"!! ).u.Nt al t*. turn* of Mrand I Mr aad Mr*. Erf at T Ovofinr'aikd T a art* ",,-,*_ ttt 'pwiaf ala ....._ ia )Laaattaa.0 iOta' It.... Florida. >.* t -SJ

( :_ ...... b1 "'III eo..r wa\d, !tIta ."" .. t.et ,. ". lQ t_ :Mr*. JV ti- SUNNYBROOK:I' II'.. Kart Mt Timpia w ae ,

:U'& I Iy Tfl&mv4 ***fstH>l rwoiJ (Il ti* L. H.

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CYi.&t. m fv ''iiI.... .. .. 'W ,.brd....,. rd>>w p fI1I tOW- T U C.ai.y. the .L gtth gm.:

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aii. Th3 iattk. JCVIMvftwMw AmJ may Ua* & 5 funt wta'! 1 Harry: Broad-ray ""' 1: T J Dujtc tax LaJk. BtrttSxtu -

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RTrne C 4cattEt, izTwA I" Mi* Ftt! >.: Ma aaj Mr A. H. GRAPE JAM 1 lb.
K&rtry A** Ann Page
,,'C' 1.Ic-! n.:1J..IQI. : CC.wtOt .. W "" VwaValins .f Lit* BuAf f DRESSING ,
U. iI
MICHIGAN RANCH c.cat4 iD 'IIILU.at's..w :
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HASH 1 lb.
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I LEVEL Cizc Sia &tI" tit.... :2-:; SUGARED DOMTS. DozenSOUR . .

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w. .U Mtaniiint:: Ituii :$ uiiay ANGEL FOOD CAKE. 7-Ouixe 37

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)n': .irnf! "'- ... r" X :-10.1"m.a.1J TEW.rmc.urt Star 33*

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I )QJon": x.lI.r :$tttJI1IIfltILfltL : PearsBartlett3E29c
I .. ______________
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"' 'C/IIG/ JIJ ;&.f12' L.US .. i ) .% iQi WT: x..I.t.aw '1J1Lt1Lfy illl1'. &-11 Culliit..tts.APPLES .. .
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""\w what: 'Lbui.L t DUJQW- D'i-; I I, Recent Bxt.si : Each 25ci ROUND) STEAK lb. 83c

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% ... ..CJtII" # itH.i4lt. ..11.,1.... lliikMt iiIIUi ; .ifsthwq 1J1to & .. :: !u.tt 'iL ::t.,. RED PERCH
'h FILLETS ,IK 33c
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18 Kf ,J'" a'f. *>-! K, U-4S
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: : ; 'rimpii I ._.* ..." ..".. .... Wti4AuIII... .
GREEN BUICK CO. 'tllf""it.n_ ,..., .... 1........ W..rnisL 'itiii i'I P & Go 3 Bars 20c1".U'a ,
.)...nuw I.uw .. itiiftwt N. i4"' 'II.....'
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--- ------


-- -

last weekend.Mr. Crosby and daughter are spend I preciated on September 13. Court cdivorce. "", wherein plnlntlfiek t I llillirivit| votom- on Tll...ilay. Sip- Al Clrk' of nnld t.;.mrt
and Mrs. T. B. Crosby ol f ing: a few days with Mr. and I NEW r --Ben C Itoltzendorf shall' I'.bllsh BrMdford this CountiTrlncrnph Ord.,r f .Holier.!*.(ttnir 13.the 1941 following, for the ofriiirn purpoM. of Atty Iiv llavnn ror fit('roHby. bcpuiy i'ii.rk,
I Tampa visited friends and relatives Mrs. J, W. Thomas due to the In next four weekly IHMUIIHVVitnoM Two Alilornivn for Two, Y mm. IU"s.tIn
? By Iva Mae here a few days last week. Illness of Mrs. Thomas I I FOR CHIEF OF POLK E my hum. and offlcla I 1 I lln Mayor ror Two. 1".".... ('I...... ('....... Hradford <........
Lmvl i AND LONG mUJ}( i iI sent HI Hturko. FltilHlil, thin Austin t t l'ne'hl.n' of 1'ollcn for TwYeon Florida .. ( ..
.. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Raulerson A large crowd of people at By Mr: E. A. Sapp ,! I hereby make my announcement IH, l 4t.OFK1CIAI! A..n'I: 1 Y 4l rk. Trtmur; ': or Too Oartruilii aaneery.Jennie bovine, .....llItlrr.
$SJr. and Mrs. of Pahokee visited her mother, tended the big annual meeting I to succeed myself aa Chief ( Hh.Al.: A..J. Thorn,,. 1'rars. and Tax Collector for; Two vn. Arthur Thomas, l>evln.. .....rnndant. -
Steve Hague orHi At Clerk' of said Court,. .
Cane No
Mrs. II. P. Gainey a few days I which was held at New Hope I 1'of Police of the City of Starke ny haven Crosby t). C. In.pnrton l or unlit election. : 7474.
o visited Mrs. FlorenceVfiadoe Church LaCrosse Mr and Mrs Curtis I KmMiiilKii.1 1 Wi.i.lou. Klilir, nayt.inn{ r.. 1 M. VVIIIIama order n( Publleallon. and >otlctliprar. <_
last week. Baptist near and I
Monday. will greatly appreciate the I ,lioiu."i. Klnrliiiu, I''. ,il I. Hi'iuliiKway otate of Klorlda <..
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. McDavId ofLIiCrosAe. last weekend. nounce the arrival of a i vote and support of each and Ally' for 1'lf. 8-2(1( 4t 0-16 -1. M Spark. Arthur ThomiiH b..vlno. whoin rakldnnev /-
'.. H. P. Gainey visited Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Van Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Dukes and on September 1 In Alachua I' every citizen In our town. I have I'' .. 1'ilul; Ilii; 'tn.ih'l I. unknownYou :
I In Irettlt' Tnart. nrinffard Cady, Oforiir Hvnn, Jr. are required' to appear jn
ar Mrs. K. M. Collins or Waldo Sickle and Mrs. Henry Coleman children of Dukes visited Mr.\ and ty Hospital. served you for 23 years as a member l...li....da. IH (........,.* / II. VV. l.nt.iieIt. September '19. 1049 In the jbovnaineil .
.... .of Gainesville visited Mrs. Doris Mrs. Roy Green Sunday. Mrs. Vernon i|, of Min-n-n.. :Nxlxon. I'liilnllff.' VM. Ttonaublitikl V llnnmrtnit 1 your police\ force two of /; N..I..,". Uefeililniit' CHINo ." In tvHtlmonv whereof I lilnlntlff' peeks dlvone. )trod,ford
Kelley and children Sunday Mrs. Veleita Davis of Jacksonville Brooker Is visiting her these years as chief and have endeavored 74KII. "h"cl'lh. my' Hume and h"r"nl"l County Telegraph. shall |iul>lli.h/
Roswell Kelley of Jacksonville has Mrs. Laura Andrews, for to Order til "'."""."". ..* :Nvtlreti I sent. or the Raid town to thiN cirdur' In next 4 wniikly. 'II.HUWHVVItneiiN .
returned! home after help every man Apvcair nnlo' .nfflxiMl.,, this the Utll day at my hand and off Ii'lal/ seat
tINSURANCwt visited friends and relatives here spending the week with her husband days.Mr woman and child\ In our town at ,,'rvrn OK ti.. iiii>>> flit AlurilHt .V. H 1149lOKHl'I at "Hmrke., Florida' this AtiKuneIUKKICIAI.
last and Mrs Charlie ICime Xuhltttkl. NIIMIIII.hOHi. lCfl-. ( VI(, "ai'.tll), U. 1I.9.!
weekend all be It
times whenI
Cecil Davis of New day or night
.LleintIM Houlh. Hnpliieiltlotv trftl, Itohertii' Mayor "MKVI.: A..t. Tin.man
Mrs J. D. Dukes Sr., Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. C.f.. Chambersof and baby of was called I repotted to you. It I SlfilMl.ury. ('..nn..t: Attenl I'm. I i'hr... City i-jerk: An Clerk of mild. i "urt
M. L. Johns Y..ti are required. to 8-13 6t 9-9 My, Haven (' Deputy' i flock i
and on
Mrs. J. D. Dukes Jr. O'neal visiting be appear
might not for
Jacksonville possible me to :
were dinner j , CI and Evelyn Dukes of Charleston guests of Mr. and Mr. E. W. for two weeks. see each and every one pel.son- (.'....rt and l Ottilia, wherein plaintiffieekM In 1'Ir.-ull ('''.:;: llrniir''ril' ('ooon.,.. tona 1';; r'hl.rl"rldlO., .
S. C. of Mr. and Miss Ida Merritt and tllvoreo. rtrftdford County Klorltlin. In t Atty t 8-l" 41 9 BIn
were guests Hodges Sunday. ally but should I miss you I still nnnrvry.
T" l.Krnnh, Hlmll, puhllah this 1 .
Order TlioniK imt ii. .. .
Mrs. J. T Sowells last weekend. Mr. ters Mrs. Ljnnle Drake will In .. I'lahitirr.. v MnrKiiret 4 Irenlt 4'inirl.. llradford. 4
and Mrs. Harold Dukes 1 appreciate your vote.Sincerely > next four weekly! ( .uu. VV. Ijinn.. li.'f. n.lnot..'. CUM. iiunfyr
Miss Evelyn Dukes of Charles Lettie Huckleaby visited 4 4tv. mt IIDIII my hand and official No. 747B. Klorlilai It* 4 hamerf.Miiijiiile .
and Mrs. Lizzie Green cf Lake I yours Boat' ut Htn eke, Klorliln, this' AIIKIIX/ I,..,.. "r I'uhllratlon Adeline Welch itlnfi, known
r ton S. C., visited Shirley Parker Butler were dinner guests of Mr. I aunt, Mrs Ophelia E. i Ebb) Thornton P/! I'i4'i" Ippar. Nlale xf nnil..10..1.N..llri. >In nMaritarpt ". '''rJ''rl.01.11... .... titanlny' "Plaintiff -
I Race Pond, Gan last week.Mrs I I OKKlCl\T.; : SEAL) A. f Tlinmsn XV. I.no whop.. N. Thomas Charleton Woluh. ,
Saturday.Mrs. and Mrs. E. W. Hodges Sunday. :'r-r' Ir--i.-; ; ; s..J A> Clark of i,,I4 Court. la unknown: if noililenvv Jr.. nlno known its J..PN* Thoina
Earl! Green and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Slkea and I Nora Sapp and Mrs. TOIL C'IT'COrS("". Hv Haven fronny P. C.Iliillli Staol.'V: 1'1'1.' ,' Coon No 7473.
V Knight.' Ht arks, ., Kl..llitil.vnv I You RI'" r..qlll.,1 In n.penr" nn Order. o( I Pnblleallnn. and %.the. ts.I .
Ernest Edwards were In Gainesville son Larry :were dinner Mott of Brooker visited I hereby announce my candidacy J "I.I.b..r 19. 19t9. In 'the nhovtannu ,
guests rm pir I n.sn 4i (ii-111 risen l r. Mime nr I-l* rliln li.r-
I .. '
of Mr. j' A Sapp Thursday. for re-election d 1 aurt gad. ,'a"... wherrlnI 'riioniiiH 1 '' ('h"h.t"n, Pei-h. lr" tlikiiiiun .
and Mrs. VV. R ni City Councilman -
Friday. Hodges- In Irrult' ...."... Hrniiruril. (.nn1Y I 1.1'nllrl' eel.kll divorce. Itnui. .." I IIH .Ii,'HHe ThonuiH Htinjnvnhowe ,, .
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Barry Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Floyd i promise to continue to un t-li.rl.lin' In 1'hanrrer. "1'unnly T..If.AI'h. .hn. 11thin 1IoII.h reHlilenrii' ,In UOIIIH' t n:: >..
Little Larry Sikes of Alachua and Mrs. Rosa Pinholster vote my full time and l efforts t,'j rnlllliif, I i* lliliMl.,, I'll nil,,,Iff. vn Hn1uman ,Outer, In next 4 ueeklv. 1 Innuvn liith I IViinnylviinlaini '
In Ga. I VV'llnenn bond offlr/nl. .
were Nashville Tuesday. mv nod / Meal to
K. i II." ". Dcrviiiliinl, !. I iu-< No am required nppe| | i? ".nSpi. i
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Barry is spending this wek with nil tended the funeral for Arch the betterment of Starke and 71 Y'1. .nt l Mlnrke' Klorldit, thin Annumlil'PUMAI. inl.or I IJ, till l, In I Ih.' .1.! .. ..
... In Morrlston Sunday' citizens Your and Order uf Pit.hII.51Inn nnd.nloi. So 17. UII" 'luiioid Coin'I and rim**, wlo'i ililalntlff ,
grandparents vote
Mr. and ,. .
visited Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dees Mrs. t.ni-nr. Si' "I.t! op H'lOlllnv lot ( xl 1ALl ,I. J. ThonmnAH ....k. dlvarcn. inrindv 'n' -
ASK USabout of Branford Sunday.Mr. R. Hodges. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. I be appreciated Si.limtiin, ,r ".1.'... \\IIOHI r..MiiliMti.i1 il I'loik.. (>f nitlil. (ouit [ and mntrol nf minor' .'h, : Mrs. J. D. Haen of Sarasota spent the weekend with Paul L. Bridges I !IN Soil "I'ulk. .\\<'Iu) ,'. 'llliitkxliniiiYou ', '', fly IIn\','I" iVoNhv, Peputy", ('..*.k i"'ni"r ,,'11.., II l r a il I,,r ""r
and Mrs Kldon Hardy of I Ih..r..III'. i I'IH II. 1 1I"1 n. 2114-08' iluaiHiitv" I.lff' i1"nnlTeli. -graph. | hall i r 'Idlph.
Is visiting friends and relatives Mrs M. S. Hayes In Bra reoolrt'i' I to upponr' onKiptftnlitr I lioilillnic: dnekxunvllle,; ; : k'InrhhlItty ,, thlu" order. In next 4 weekU '
Starke visited Mr. and Mrs. O. here this week. I Mr. and Mrs. Claude May, i-OR CITY (lll'Y'II.As .. :'n, 'I'll" 'lit IIhtOv.> iinmiilCourt fur I'lf 8-19419-1 "'ltn..." Ills hand' and' nff I ,il I lalal
W. and I 1 Sliirku Kl-.rlda, thin \/1'/ '" 't'
Insurance Barry Thursday. hire Mae Saucer of Baldwin I Norma Sweeney and Miss a citizen of the City olStaike ...k.. illvorro cnimo.. llrmlforil livruln plaintiff iNMintvTelvwritpli In 'I..oolt I 4........ llriulfiinl. 4onnly, 1(1( .I'i 41.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Holland of and Dr and Mrs. Sweeney attended : I am announcing can. pins. ,piilillxh this Order : l-li.rlilui In 4.h'.......... :Iul 'iA I. KP'': VI.i A. .FT.'' ,ao,
Robert Lee and I my KlBle: Ai 'I'lerk ..f mild 1 r'.urt_
'In four IHRIIIIVVItooHM I 1'iiniinny Plaintiff vn. AI A\
noel weekly
Agency Wauchula and Mrs. Allen Con- children of Miami visited friendsand Long Bridge Monday night. I didiicy for member of the City mv ,humid. nnil, orrlclnljni I hert Connnuy.. 1>" '..II.I'.nl.' Cune. NoOrilrr Inv linen' IVonhy. 'Iieniity' ', 'I..k
nely of Leesburg visited Mr. and relatives here Sunday. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Council In the City Election of >nl' in I siiirkn, Kl.n-lila' ''' Ihln "Vnwiii'tOFFICIAL 1188. II,lll. V Volant' Htarke. Flnrdn.Atty. .
Charley E. Johns 2fi. I\I\ Pl 1 nf Puhllentliin and > .5 let t.itlipriir. for Pit n-11 41' t."
Mis. Lloyd Barry and childrenlast Lea was formerly MUs Janle tended graduation "-,((' Sept 13 1919 My candidacy Is ( SRAI.) A. .' Thonnin. vgMe ..r liirliln. tillitrlt l
Phone IS STARKE, FLA.fyftiggsf week. Mae Quarrels. the University In Gainesville I' bused on striving to make Starke A* l'l..rk of *nlil Cnurl.loni ,\ .. C'otuiwiiy, \% hon. rvMlilMlirv. TOR
'In unknown ASK 1
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Miller of |>h .1C Hltlppcr. 221 flruhntnlltlllilltlHT l
Mr. and Mrs. urday night larger and more You .are r"'I"lr..1 I"
B. F Hazen prosperous Till kHonvllllKlin''' I "I IllH appear "n CHILLS
Jacksonville visited Mrs. Lottie and Mr and Mrs. : and Ally. for fir M.ZdU. Srtenorr, 19, 1l1I1.! .In thu shove
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Ritch of Brady town also a cleaner and 11",1" t'nurt. and, '..01..... n.h..ln
.. Edwards Monday afternoon.Rev. Gainesville visited A 11'. and Mrs family of Palatka were I decent place In which to 1.11111111" s1'1.k. 01 lvnr1'n. IIm.ltor.l 666MA.
C. of Linden Mil'I'h'6: Ole, a'I.ItI: : "'"II"V ,I'r.....r'lI.h' { .hllll EFEVERtoCQOK.
I A. Crosby I"bll.h
L. A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Melton Kerre '. Your vote and l will
1 Sunday. ( support I .I. I'. KohKIIH.' :Mnvnr' of SllirllK. : I iii,. lnirr.' Inn..XI 4 wkly' iNMileH.
.N.pm ntlna THE: TRAVELERS Hartford visited Air\ and Mrs. J. W. Everyone Is Invited to attend day. : "sincerely, appieclated. Thanks! k'Irrldil:, Iiv vlrluo; or ;III* nut horsy; :,:; I I.1 I WIIII..8M inv Iiiind, .and. "'tlcllll.,1 A AF
Thomas last weekend. Mrs. C. A. 1, \iitiil| in "ale l 1031'' Ill"' ilu i hi'rfhv "mil nt 1 Hlaikv, Florida, lids' AiiKimtOFKIl'IAT. ,
services at the Brooker BaptistChurcb Obey Moody Is on the --W. T. (Billy) Jackson nil .h'cl|"Inn| to lio Itt'M' nt tin City' U. ,1419 HI A A r
Sunday Sunday Schoolat i I this week. He has been I I hill 'hi the nrorfniihl' lows h)' the ( KKAI." ) A. J. TIliMliilM

10 o'clock with departmentsand I trouble with kidney stones. FOR (ITY (V)('. CJi.

classes for all ages. Churchat I are glad to say that he Is I I :wish to announce that I will
11 o'clock with Rev. Donald ( better and we hope he >e a candidate for City Council!

Martin, Pastor Training Unionat ,, well soon. the forthcoming City Election.

-e 7:30: o'clock. Church at 8:30: I Mrs.' Mona Wiggins and i 13. I solicit the vote and

COMFORT o'clock. The midweek Prayer Mable Sapp visited Mrs. I of all citizens who art-

Service on Wednesday night will Johns In Hampton Tuesday I In progressive and eco-

AT ITS BEST be held at 7:30: with teachers noon.Mr. | administration of our city

and officers meeting afterward.A and Mrs. Pete Sapp .
With i Plastic number of people here attended Jacksonville Visited Mr. and --Geo. B. Flynn
Shepherd's funeral services for Elder Ira Merritt over the Sur
Dan Harwell at Plant City Fri I FOR CITY <'OI'.SOL
Hinton of Waldo. He was
SEAT COVERS day. He served as pastor of New I wish to announce that I will ,
I ia resident here. He Is the
Hope Baptist Church for several a candidate for City Council
I I 1
of Mrs. Earl Green and \
years and has a host of friends. the election of Sept 13.
We ore sorry to report that Earnest Edwards. i j ji I I promise the cltlzcni of this .I

CHAS. C. SHEPHERD Mrs. J. W. Thomas Is a patientin POLITICAL ;' both old and young. a fair kWy
Alachua County Hospital and i honest admlnl trallor.. 2

Mrs. Roy Green Is still \ill and I Thanking you in advauo: for
confined to her bed at home. We 'our vote and support.R. .

& MmlNon StIle Sturke, .,... wish them a speedy recovery.We I J. (Romey) Andruw<
regret the death of \\". H. ,
I hereby announce my c'IIH\I\ Hut CITY ('ot.S'U.

I r I _for. ..L rejection_ ... _to H_the_ _. office..._uL.of ; Tii the citizens of Staike: I
cierK 01 me t,; vi 'IarKe.
uy I am a candidate for the olfli c

HOME T A R L I IN G STARKE city ing' served for the the past City several In this ''' '' 'City' in Councilman this office a and numhrr na\lii of>. .

I feel that the :[ a
experience '
CO s '', I believe that I am qiinli-
OWNED FLORIDA have gained, will enable My if Lord while In tills of-

Market discharge the duties of this it[ I.. an open book and 1 Inuit

Grocery portant office to the bent thorough Investigation( of snitir

eats of the people of J 1 elected, I will nerve you U8 I

WEEK I ENDING SEPTEMBER I 10, 19.1(1&WE 'am a life-long resdent; of the In the past.

RESERVE THE RIGiiTTO; Street' of Starkc, a taxpayer and sr'I 1 will appreciate your vote uiuli
LIMIT: QUANTITY! Cor. Call & Cherry tire Interests are located f i .. support In this campaign; ,

I(Starke. Since beginning my '! r ,

as City Clerk the duties of I t: W. M. (]Mitch) Edward ,

LARD 25 Pound Cans Each - - 4.45 I office have Increased ,
but even with the Increase cult ('try (ror.Nc,

coats of operating the office 1 I \\'hen you go to the polls on V It INS

The Great; c ; been kept at a minimum. 13 elect, /a business

one additional person has i to handle your city's III fairs ,
New Washing employed In the office ) your cooperation and sup-\ \

Powder! I Your vote and active I will strive toward an eco ;' qi
will be greatly appreciated i businesslike administra :-

TIDE 24 September 13th. fur the benefit of nil,. I I a -

LARGE -Call Johns AI 1 K. Carlisle, I II I \ ,

I i.'on ('i'rv CLKRK ..Itirliliil I,Irettll..III I.< .himeery..... llrnilftirit, ( Nunty ,

BOX I will be a candidate for I ....,.... t'orb, ,... I......". PlaintiffH
office of City Clerk of ,!, I 7r l.niiir. .I't-remiunt. ('it-. ;Nu; ,'i iI

the City Election of SI I '.".' "ln Se of YlnfldNnl.
l' Irma.. \Vh.'... r."lvn r ,Is ..t
13 1019 .
.... rh. .NINiliIed,, Itnu' a. "Ilex 1211.,1,
I need the position and I I ........Iown. Knlllh e..r..llnll. .

ORANGE JUICE 6-Ounce Size 3 For - 19c be grateful for your I i .Vuu plrnl.nr; 'ors 19 rrgnlred, 1'119, to ht: N the:;,pear n, pny.l': I II

ment and support and as I I ,,,,-I -Burr. Nod ruunn. <\.10'. ....,,, I .
____ .
l.tlrr' .a.aN dIvor'-e. I '
I will 1 H'H.ar"1
no politician, truly
ntv Telegra ph ehut l "pitIii' '.
your help.I i i. Oiilr. \In next, 4 wm-klv, InU-, J' I
SWEET POTATOES 4 Pounds 29c I Wlln" .* inv hum, ,! and l offl, lul I NaI
Georgia - promise you "Hllllkl.. ., Klorllllt.. tits' AUminii, ) ,
and courteous service. :l. .lAII I
.. .', jAl.
Leslie Biggsion : HKVI.: ) A. J Thomasj|
,\. I'lerk l or until .art.
HI-UP SELFRISINGFL0UR25 l v haven "'."Hhv. liitpiifv rl.rk I.
/ f I roii. KHfi. hnrrifon, t ,
: .dn.I..t' t -
MM on : I 'knonvlUH;, Ftnrl'lii.' I # .5- -
">-,. fur I'lf R. ,II! 41 9-9 .
I wish to announce that I 1 /

be candidate. to succeed +
48 a f ,Intill'reel.. Ilradfort tiunlr.. ,
as Mayor In the City ,: .. ."...,,, lit 4 hnnirrr. ,, .
,,, .! '. ... I f
? ltiiHII| nlillntirr.x' "
13. In
Sept announcing' my ,
'tx llaplllft.. tI.on.11I. < HHI> So.
: didacy for ielettlon. I 1*
...*r t.r I'olillrnlloti end Snit..
the voters that I will continue .. t.//
P" ""' ln I. of 1..101"
efforts to give the people \;:-HI* vffirln" Itnnlllo! : wh".ni' rf.l-
Ilrldgei, I ani 0f its
I xr. i I. I'd ciith.-rliK.' Hi .
Starke a fair and impartial l 'rlanon_ l IIMIIV : course:
ministration In the future 'in II.r.r,-'lul.1 to noti*iir nn .
as I have done In the past. I ( ,lilfitilii, ..r I'I. III'J! In. 'Ihnhivi. *
,,,. ,il 1 f'ouil, add. mine. whirfrlfi' .
predate your electing me to I .",1'1"' wi,,.|4M illvorH' ("lra. office for the unexplred term ....nlv 7'sl.I it mi")I. ch/ill' / i.iihll.h<
nrdnr" 'In OMXI 4 wnklUHMHM 1 i iVVItnfHi
H. C. Wall and now I hope ,mv. hand l and' r>rrii! Inl' HCI"| WLEC1PICf
you will do me the honor of .4itik,|, .. I'turlda' 1101. Anaunt ;
SNUFF Brand 3 Cans For 25c I'M'i
Any for full Sim'.
ing me a term ''''r'r t vi I, ivl.: ) A. "I 'ri'''.mi.i.I.Tk '
Jake P. \ '' or ..inl, court
/II.i > .n i ', .. "v. I H,.,nn, rl,I..rk
I F-tinU. iMiiKlroiti. Start, I'lirhlii. '
I'Oil M It (OH I I., ii ,I'lr i I'i n "i ii

FILLING 3 For I :wish to announce that I CIPrNI.rl./ Rrniiroril ( .
PIE 19c 'nenl7
My-T-Fine, Pkgs. I :be a candidate for Major\. ...It,..."..tolhrk., .. ,( ".l'I'nll".....' ... 1- .:.0..'.'r

tarke I piomise my fellow ... ,Ii..f'lidnnt, fain. M.. 7f'l| '
... or Pnbllriitlon m4 .llrr .
izens a fair and Impartial ... -
5 lb. Factory : *"
c ministration and an earnest T K: iW PLOIiTH.1 ..,

terest 1 !In the welfare of our : :llnr inn: iltiihru Mill. : Alilinion' whouc r. lUi i." "i- '

Pack J I[ ask each of you for your You ar. .required, to ar-p.a. on IT'S CC3LER Kitchens with electric
1 ii". nil' *''r i* ". 19./n itf ) ', I 7
SUGAR With A $;S j :and support efforts in and will behalf. ranges are cooler by actual lesti Too auto-
your my
Grocery Order Ii Ins, you > matte control keep you out of. the kitchen in

(Ciragettes! -J. R. (Nookle) Walnw WELDING KK.. cooler placet

Nut Included) ,,I ()
I hereby announce :o the .r" .00 open CHEAPER..ab.uu..lh.,

isle of Starke my candidacy I I, flame, no tool or fumes. no burnt hot t% conc.ntror.d on th. 'food ,Uu
CHUCK ROAST Western Pound 39c the: office of Chief of Police. I molchtt' 'lying' obout nothing but torol heat it needed .And don Io.g.l, /
- - (
vote and support will be .. # 'fort "l.on hoe Mab.. pOI wooh.n9 the mor UctriC'r you ut.. fh. lo".r

appreciated. eoo.e r, 100 I your a..rog. pice p.v kilowatt hour.
Earl F. Mite

PER POUND C \' offer the people tit '..tarUnd '


Look How I hereby announce my | %l Ic lnlljr one) of the most .. -
RICE Cheap 1 0 for' election to the office of jrjf j I I'

Police of the City of ." '" and finest equipped f t tf
Best Blue Rose ]laving served on the police ffMMM1V

for several years, I feel that ,''' n C shop anjr."..,... .

experience' that I have gained : i i'tGIIT I
enable me to discharge: the All Work Guaranteed i I nORm, PM1YE1'\ } .

of, this Important office to
We Give Those Appreciation Day Tickets bent Interests of the people GARAGEAND : 0;"': ,I....'OIC 6 1....."

Starke. I have been a last

We Also Deliver Groceries! of the City of Starke for 39 : MACHINE: : SHOP II

and Your vote
a taxpayer.
I Trmple' Ate SOrke
active, : support will be greatly 1

- .



. ,
-- -- ------


rI r


COUNTY, Tr.I.F.GB" RT'B". FI"non, .....
...., title' I" warranted, for
I -.pl
Miss Marian Brown Methodist Circles the University of Florida Is I follow.. Certificate. No. 70 Year of knlhloier ."...hm..n'.. In I"warrnntr.apr.ee.d I"1.H.ii.llll.m '.I AililriMinil hide to Hoard! of C.ui11r111nmisNllner. '; ',
iMMtinnt'A May. :.11, A.U. ISIT Ireserlptlon unit without ., rare. Clerk j
visiting his parents Mr. and Mr. [ i l of property: K1'" of NE"of r or Implied, rtrrfl till.' Clrcu'
To Wed Dr. Ritch Met Here Court. Stilt ko, Florida The H" ,IT'
S traded. In ll a '
MondayCircle lie
Hollis V. Knight until the fall SWt> HuctluH 11. Township In warranted. ti the. right tn reject
'' ''''' \. South, Unite. 23 Fast, rnntalnlnur. credit muh remain I ,r.rlla l it pun I reserves I all bids and, pr.ferenc. : oil'i innil
: } term opens September 10. 1 10 At'r*.ii morn or lees. Name. In notion ::d f'r.: Hoard; an ..1 I the IMHHH In bldH ""ma:nirlxin I"
members of the WSCSof nit p i-t tInir
Starke students going to the vthlt HHNttMMuil. 1; Cameron Stove' C... Mash purihHHt prl i* ., ,lower, rental. for. the tmiinthH \* *i ,
the Methodist Church met Fresh OrttflVfUv No. 72. Year of IMHUHIU Willwill, also. hi then. .epniati.lvreceived .: at. !Hie rent term Kxtfitilpnient \: .. 5
'" \ University of Florida for May Jl, A.I '1M7.!' l n Hprli of hv the Kiiaifl r.r( ;. 'th"nilleby ; wf I the l-Vnr .. ,
Monday; afternoon at 3:30 o'- ; lw'II" : rr .vHIHIK
: ; : : Motor' I.
; man Week are Spencer Crews properly; \\ .f rfU I of i i It .i.f tin mid i-.iterpllliu "'i l.-il l' "V order. nt said. '
clock. tlnn< 12, Tnw "..hip 0 South. Itnnge. ,lUrnder" ..r with dl llath hint,le and! with ti,9d"ether" A. 1IM1I. I I'hi.
Pat McGrlff. Joan Carpenter. 22 9:11 Mt. containing 2" acres. more l h"II.I..aH nttai Inn. eta In Its pr"M- ', ..
M.C I I la ri .11. Chat
Circle One. met In educational ... ,rrniin It"
Drew Reddish and Doris Mon. lOr less. N. ''n 'hkh aweeMM"l: i>nl luntlUlim and without!
lenre June Caldwell Of the building with Misses Amy crlef. Others later (I'II neren. SUve ro. .\11 lot said 1 Property ..
returning are
Ph. Slate Farm S3: Editor: I'holw 29 hat tt l" III the ('aunty t of Itrsdturd -
Coburn and I Kate Sliuth aa hostesses Billy Smith Alex Yawn Mack State 1f. )0'1.,101.. Cnless Mm'h Phone 52JMrs. d

II I II'4 PIP1- 6" Flitch. Don Champion Jim Dea- ,..(,.lIrl"IIle.ntiMl. at or...i.Mtlnir"ei'tlfimtHH to .law fthall the propert bnrtlft BB. oyDEF SERyICE I

Mrs. Bertha Pearce chairman ver,, Lowell Douglas Bill Colson v lfttcrllnii. In such fortlflontaor l ltartmannwe
,'i'ertUlfat. will he sold' the
Saturday Bingo Canova Family presided over the meeting. After and Henry Manasna. Going to highest bidder ut the 1..111'Hu"to ." POILOW Tel ITeMS J

ReunionAt I 1R the song, "I'll Live for Jesu,,", other schools. are Madge Brown- ''I..r. on 'inn riiHt Monday. .. In I the
Parties Popular Enjoys month' of Xoveniher llM't, which 1..1
Mrs J.V White led In the pro- lee Mary Weldon Merry( Winkler the 7 day of November 194t. Un1111 .
At St. Edward'sThe Kingsley LakeThe k gram Mrs. Olson tiMed John 2:1 anti Claude Johns. to Tulla- thin H day c.f Hnptetnli.-, l 4'l. I
(iiKKIi'lAI.. $l:,\r.) A. J. ThomiiH,
to 5 verses as basis for her devotion hassee Martha Home and Buddy .' .rk of I'Ir'u II t'ourt uf rtrudriir.! CREWS SERVICE STATION \
regular Saturday night Canova family had its Faxon to Florida Southern, and t'ulla! ly, Klorliln 1 !K-I( 41 It.JV
bingo games continue to be a first reunion Monday at the homeof Alma Thomas and Lucky Howe
Circle Two met In the educational (\1.1. 'nIL IIln" I
popular feature at St. Edward's Mrs. R. G. Kldd at KingsleyLake. building with Mrs J. I to: Bob Jones College In South ntlco IM h"*i tov given that the Oils
recreation hall. They are held Among those present B. Carolina.Mr. Floii...") lot (oiiniy <*omnlHiion| .*rN. of. Sinclair Gas &
Cottrell and Mrs. J. ft. Fields as flriulforrl County. Klortdii will ret**lvehlds
every Saturday night at 8:30: 0'- were 87 relatives and 15 gue ta. hostesses.In and Mrs. Jim Rltch Charles 'until 1 f AM o'clock on Uetoper I I
: 41,1I ;
: : ,: :: I II
clock and the public Is Invited. 3. 1 for the h-HHe hv It ns
A picnic lunch was enjoyed on Parker and Miss Garnita POLISHING GREASING
the absence of Mrs Lorenzo l..re'I front' month to month for i WASHING, ,
Last Saturday night hostesses the lawn facing the lake Green Mrs.< W. E. Middleton Hutto celebrated Mrs.( Hitch's not ItHH than :t td t monthn ami not ,
pre- mar< thAn I I'I* "nionthn, from lOlverv. | EXPERT AUTO REPAIRS
were Mrs. H. A. Managua and The Canovas plan to make thisa i Hlded. After the sang "What a birthday at the Embassy Club In u hit h period shall he specified. bv

Mrs. T. F. Grady of Starke and yearly occasion on Labor Day, Friend We Have' In Jesus," Mrs. Jacksonville last Saturday the t bidder l and. with an option In Goodrich Tires Tubes & Batteries
Mrs. }[. L. Jr., and Mrs. I I Mrs. Rusxe'l 1 Judd left Thursday tho Poitnl: to tmri'hAHH: '' and npplyill
Morgan Among the out-of-town guests Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Clifton' Middleton led In prayer. rntn IN ,tmlif .upon the pnr, hnna
W J. Slprelle of Keystone were: Mr. and Mrs. Johnny I Brown announce the engagement Mrs C. K. Hcrnwall gave an to spend a few days with her pricy with. ot and fot the following for TEMPLE) AVE.: OPPOSITE COUNTY JAIL
; I one the Itonrd existing atndpmrnt -
Heights. Drummond and Mr. and Mrs Al land I approaching/ marriage of Inspiring devotional of "Faith. husband In Belle Glade. She was | .l1wit)1,0 new >l..t..ril
Prizes last Saturday were won vin Chose of Jacksonville, Mrs. I their daughter, Florence Marian "Ruth the Moabites" was Intl'r.'e..tlngly accompanied on the trip by Mrs. ...., .r Kith tour r,ll""l.*r ll.lnrl, r
cnictne.4>y "!*", iiitt lees than tin
by Anthony Cermenero Annette to Dr. Thomas Griffin Rltch of given by Mrs. H. C. Harry Welber who will visit hor..|.....er. t.I.l h full terrhunleal. .
O'Hara A. S. McCay H. O. Gladys Canova of Gainesville I Jacksonville son of Mrs. N T. Rltch. Lessons In Spiritual Efficiency friends In Miami. eanl rate, rotiiitlrlv with. riihhvrlire
Bates Walter King and Mrs. T. Mr and Mrs Nolan Canova of Rltch and the l late Mr. Rltch of wan well presented by Mrs Titus Olson left todayfor sin ri...with, "Kim tn'IfhiliklM .day delivery, ."0.11.

C Chastain of Hampton. Winter Haven Mr. and Mrs Starke. The (In,e of the wedding I Miss Florence Wood. Olmstead 111, where she will '",lvp' .will l \for altm Nurh he then pqulpment npparatelyri on SPECIAL for FR1. & SAT. i

Among the prizes to be givenin Fronton Ward of Douglas Gu. will be announced later. Circle Three met at the homeof visit; her mother. Mrs. George Much' IfiiHmid \\lth the bidder, a-

the next few Saturdays are a Mrs. Robert Green with Mrs.J. Liliey. r epting. andi editing upon the rents
and Mrs. Bill Canova of
Mt. to HfcriiH (with the major "r..dlta
washing machine men's and Baptist Circles C. Hobbs as co-hostess. Mr and Mrs. C. A. Futch and within I th.. first 15 months of the BOYS'Dungarees
ladle, luggage and an electric Tallahassee, Mr and Mrs. W. H. Lovely gladioli and son. Mack returned Sunday from l"''aHt '..rm) the following oxliitlnir
of Jacksonville Have chrysanthemums a visit with friends In Miami. prtulpm, "'nt of HI"Id Hoard t".wlt:
mixer. I
Simpson I MeetingsCircle were used as decorations. One .'nterplllnr Rotorruder 91m1.1

Mre_ .T,_ W.. ., McIntosh "am"a_'V tit e 1IJ: nllh' ii1tavhmnM and nUb & Overalls 9
Three of the Baptist 1:Ireult .
devotional Mrs. Slade presented Court llritilfurd County -----------
WMU met with Mm. Maxie Car- PlorlilNi. In C hnnferr.Muriel .
WE WISH TO ANNOUNCEWe a portion of 100 Questions' /i'tx-des l l.io, Plaintiff, rinh-
ter on TueHday afternoon September based on the Bible and Mrs. Jn rrt II. I I...<.. livfrmliinr. :fun No 7515 CARPENTER'SPRESCRIPTION t
7.After. Order .f Piibllotlnn .tIt N..llpAppmr. to Yw
are moving our Fish Market from the Depotto Wainwright, the chairman !>','."TH OF FI.OIIIKl toiUot SI'l.ESITO5 ,
Mrs. W. J. Epperson gave a reading. >"rt II. Lee whose Hldence I 10
the market formerly known as The Magnolia gave the devotional Mrs. Hazen iin knciu n'You : t.
are required tn ONLY
Fish Market. We will carry the same line of Fish presented the program. Mrs. Folk Id, lain In the ulmvn Appear named onOctolicr
Carter Mrg. Daniels and Mrs. Young Enjoy Court and cause, wherein plaintiff
and Seafoods at this location.COLEMAN'S .
new pink divorce A restoration. of preVinuM -
R. A. Thomas discussed tho Scavenger Hunt mnrilfil' liarriu. ITiidfnrd C
topic "Gifts That Enrich the County Telcgrruph shall publiKh this '
Otdr' In next four Weekly IrinurHWltneBK
Globe." Misses Mary Ella Turner and : my hand; and.: orriclalnenl
FISH MARKETCall I, Carol Gunter entertained Friday ..t Htaike Flur'idn this Sept
Mrs. It. L. Brownloe circlelender H, lltl'l" 98Robbins' I
presided over the meet- evening with a scavenger hunt at OFFICIAL "E.H.) A..1. Thomas
Street Starke Fla. the home of Mrs. Peggy Tilley. An Clerk of said Court.
Tin tho last meet-
Ing. being By Haven Orcuhy, L>. C.
ling of the year various committees After the hunt games were AJ.. TbomiiH, Jr. Htnike, Florida
enjoyed' by the 15: young people Ally for )'1'. 9-9 4t -10
gave their reports.
'' present. Delicious refreshmentswere In ("Ireult Court llrmlforil fiMinO,
Mrs. Brownlee was presented served. rlitrlillll lit 4 hllnrrry, )
with a flower basket by the llrrnli ..liianltiiarlilell./ Plaintiff,
present were: Harold v". Luther l ""J. Wadilell. Ilefxndaut .
members In token of their love
I Lennon Mary Sue Epperson CIIKH No 7'il:IOilier .
(4hheie'th and esteem for her. Theda of I'libllrnllon and Nnlle. to f
Braden Nancy Du Pre .\penr.. oltll(] OK KI.OH1I tat
The meeting was cloned with Vernon Underbill Torn McClane Luther' l K, \VildileII' whoHo reHldenceuiid

/ prayer by Mrs Epperxon. Patsy Benton Wallace Whlttlng address are requited IM: unknownVon to appear on PHARMACISTS I 11

The Business Woman's Circleof Marlon Harrington Billy Cress Oetohel,r III, IDI'I! In the "loov."n,1, ON-THK-MINIT: SERVICE
Court and rn use, wherein, plaintiff
G }jMaia f the First Baptist Church met ler Martha Landrum Dolph Reddish asks. dlv..'...... Itrndfor! County
Tuesday night In the Church and Hollis I Knight. Telt-Klaph' ..101111| publlKh thin I order" PHONE I I.t.
In nex'. '011","r weekly IniiueHttn ,
educational building with 47 \\ IK niv, hand and offlolrtl The Store of Values
members prencnt. "<',,1 I ill Starke 1 lot-Ida, 'this Svpt Day -64 Night
Birthday Party 7. I" 'l'l .t. = = f
The Circle Chairman Mrs. C. (O)PI'ldl" PCAI.: ) A..r I Thomiio.t -.'-.-.-..-?-,,-_ ?-"-..-?-,.- I
For AlanVhiting \ l'h'k "tal.l, Court(. L.
A. Knight: op"n",1< the meeting I ell Il."n/. I'raby n. I'
MIMIC Dorothy Rons gave the 'P. 10.1. I 1."d"11"" '. Slink". t I.'I'rtda.' i
Alan Whiting celebrated his .\t t> I? "I'll. 'I> Il *>-"II) I
WMtf Watchword of the year tenth birthday with a theatre BEAUTIFUL
anal Mrs. T. K: McClane Jr, t r, llee of- \1..11..1. for 'Int IlrelNotI
party on September 5. After "?' in hetehjicl" 'i'i' 'thill 1 I.. Ii.l I I
gave the Devotional the movie the guest: of honor anJ I'ow.tl... 'III holilel .if. tli. riilloulnnI 1
.Ir. a'- Inth Illed 'Ml iettlflit .
"a -
Mrs R. Lawson gave the report his friends enjoyed the birthday I "it, fi.I i a tliv ,I..II"h"I Induedthii.i l, -'
of the Community Mission cake and l punch at his home on a''"' Tin. .I'lliriinu luiinliemnnd Rebuilt
> enl' if ,INMlla lil'( the h'h'I-, I
work fur unit Mrs L. F'Jtnkins ,
August West
Madison St.
Lion i.r ''h 1 pt'iperty' and tit< ininiiii
reported' on the work on Helping Alan celebrate( were: In wlilili ItVilA a..He..,..1 urn UK

the new Year Hook and reminded His teacher ]Mrs. W. B. Sewvll. I

each member to give their his aunt ]Mrs. H. 1\[. Bertlne and MARCIA JUNIOR

money before October 1. daughter Carmen of

BULOVA and ELGIN WATCHESFor A "nei-lwl" collection, wan taken Donny MtLnne Wesley King, BY LADY FAIR r $ ; 2 rc/use

for State Missions Lamar Shaw, Henry Liiwson BEAUTY SHOP i

The night circle will bn named Sonny Tenley. Bud Lawson and I! 0 N LY
Iluines.Barbecue .
(hose "special occasions that coil for for n Missionary who I Is> from Tommy a \

a special gift give the timepiece that iorlcla. c ,,
8 )
(w ,SCE
The Treasurer Mrs. J. D I TonightFor ) JnNhi
each seta the standard in fine watch- '
year Doyle. gave/ 'the yearly report of Guardsmen : -i : ; 1 !
making artistry. the circle's finances Mis. T. J KIi'Olnne ,

\ : cave: a hilef summary' Members) of the 1 oral National. : ; 11YAI > 5-Ynr Sirvlct guar. CIS.
See these smart Bulova and Elgin Watches rrY
of tin year's work by all of the Guard. unit, their wives and antes NEW motor /a1CE

As serviceable as they are beautiful. Priced Circle, Committee/a. frl..n.h. will enjoy a beef harbnruo IMMEDIATE" DELIVERY I NEW NEW S-Jpoid lrpl nt control luj-,

from :1:1.73: :! and up including professional The Installation of the officer and dance at the enlisted it .E'1'MEWltwitItle..
for 1911/! .110/ of the Business Worn- men's club on the shores of ba. I sry EASY TERMS ? .
models for doctors and nurses.
on's Circle and the newly orKunz / Klnjfsley Lake this afternoon'''
Liberal' Tod1-ln Allowance '
..d Night Circle was conductedby ( I Friday)I. Festivities will begin" ACMK VACUUM STORES Inc.

SKI: OUR {WINDOW DISPLAY Mrs S. 1 K. Sparks President at 4 o'clock and continue Into i I 412 West Forsyth St.. ]

at the WMU who gave a most the evening. Jacksonville, Florid

Ilm.plrlnmessage/ to officers and The Company recently receiveda rrm
I would
like a free home
..... demonstration of a
members.At gift of a fine beef from the
Gem Jewelry the clone of the meeting Battalion Commander Col. Robl 101.1' beautiful rebuilt Singer Sewing Machine complete
I HOME DEMaNSTRAT for 14.50..
Mrs C A. Knight the retiring U. Harknens of Lake City which 4q j

Chairman, was presented with a was the Inspiration of tonlght'i Name _____________________________ _____ __
beautiful handmade linen handterchlef TWy can't MSI US...I I told them' w,'d
STAHKE'H ONLY: AUTHORIZED KULOVA a gift from the circle./ event. .b.. wtaring gardenias!" USE COUPON r Address _____________________________ ___ __

& ELGIN DEALER The hostesses Mrs O. L. Llnaln. __ ._ ,_,._, _, City -.-____. state _

Mrs. Edward A. Yancey Local News LADY FAIR FEAUTY SHOP a -- r ,
Mrs Hal P. Gillen. Mrs. Charles
COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE >--------------- ---------- .
lurilv.. Mrs Perrv C Newsomeml ----------:-
Mm C. L. Wltti served re- I
freshments.. Mr. and !\IrR. H. L. Bro.wnlp CALL *T. AT MILMOAORMf I ('A'" '''''n"'s" CARPENTER'S CARPENTER'S:
10 U THEATRE I returned to their home Tuesday. APfONTMENT\ PttONI! ,It I CAUPEXTEUS i j jI

STARKE after a two weeks' hip to St I.
Beta Sigma Phi Augustine Beach. They were 1'- I I

To Hold companied by Miss MiulRCBrownlee Coty's Toilet Water 75c isma
MeetingThe Rex .
10 Tues. Wed. 1:1.: 11 -
Saturday Sept. Sept. Mr. ami Mrs, M. C 1VE; 1vISII I I

UOUJUTlIIu i: : ; Gamma. Theta Chapter of Stlth, Hob Jim and s""< 60c I
7'O ANNOUNCE: $1.85 Seltzer 49c
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority will Stlth and Mr and Mrs,. H lro// I -

1 hold Its regular bimonthly meet- Stlth. Miss Peggy Tanker all THAT UITII .\T() II'-U C't1llult,'t.

Ing Mondiy September 12, at 8 Chad'-teen l I Choice of World FamousFragrances
Al l HI Illiuol IUCK JACKGHE13IFFI o'clock. In the Woman's Club I \tvE ARI K: AGENTS J : I I I Dental Cream 59c

Building All members are requested Charles Knight who tins been

., : tn be prexcnt .attending the summer session at !1 I I SOc Listerine 43c

PHEl'p'SFABRIC Apple HlossomDeodorant
Juun'a ('''II''''- -\\IIIh",,, Itendlv I Ia


S t SO .' ()l'ft

; Earl F. MilesFor I ream A: ('olagne Combination. ICE CREAM BAR
((1)1111 II" Matwl'll)


TONI Special Offer Half-Gallon Home pke. 99c 1
Plus "|jmt Ill-earn Cartoon k I IHI ..1.t'ltSON1'II.LESTYLE,
Thurs.. Fri., S 'pt. 15, 1 16DOULLE $2.29 (Package of 12 Cones FREE:!)

"Batman i.:: Koliln", Serial ) FEATURESCOTTRAINES: CHIEFPOLICE t

: HOOKS Refill Kit & Spin Curlers: FRENCH SEALTEST

Sun., iMon., Sept. 11, 12 MAY HE: SEEN); : ICE CREAM i
I NOTICE larke'8 Richest &
Hy Taste & "
Test !
We !have remodeled "
d N-O-W 40c
\ : : Now you may give your per PINT

Prescription personally!' to the I Druggist Sealtcst I

Two-Day SericeOn and !see it carefully and expertly compounded Home Package I

In the CityElection All Patterns EXACTLY: a* the Doctor has: 30c per PINT

ofSeptember written it.RE.11E111IIER.
r' a o aaA: ug 13
MOMJAMES ......&,. AND Sullivan'sDRY Your Prescription need are our concern day and niohl



1' Honest Fair Im CALL 64"CARPENTER'S ,
...._ I partialdminl trallon I GOODS

of the Office if Elected; .

The SaU5'S3 .M M.Ql YOUR VOTE: AND) SUI'POHT11.1.. HE 147 West Call Street i

Plus Cartoon "to. The Poor Buf "ll ijj' (:IREATLY APPRECIATED: I Starke. Fla.
\ The Rexall Store Phone 6t Starke
i..J Florida ;
falo"; And Newt : \ t ( I'd. I'ul..1..) ...
I I' --- -------------- -- ..... .... .... ----oQo

,.....-,. ... .



|l and Mrs. Lemuel Colson re- I Misses June and Dorothy Patel Mrs. Howe Moredock and! children llr. and Mrs. H. L. Starling I Billy Miles was the guest ivtolici', in. 1
turd to their home here Friday visited Mr. and Mrs. Merton Gal- returned to their home In of Miami were weekend guestsJf of Ward Edwards In Butler. Ga., seeks Court and dlvorte.cause Bnuiroiil hprclii. plaintiff\...nY II Florldat. H Nord In 1 ha.rrry. TrlcKraph H.clfH. divans flhall. putillnh.MrarlfnrilOoiinty this
fe Idt "
ofast week after enjoying a loway /In Palatka Sunday. Dor- Miami Monday after spending ; their son-in-law! and daughter last weekend.Mr. Telicraph. mini! puhllxh I ml Order rialntlff. vn llflon, Oiil.'i'' In n" rI t four weekly IMHIIQMWltncHM .
In four W. NVIitfi'lilt, lii'fvmlanl' t. l'amNo
tw weeks' vacation spent with othey will attend the Palatka several months at Kingsley Lake. Mr and Mrs. Jim Denver. They and Mrs. T. 1 K. M!
th' son-in-law and) daughter.M High School this year. Mr. and! Mrs. G. J. McGrlff, were accompanied' home by Leslie of Lake City spent the Labor 'at lit"' k.'. Florlilii.. thlK.. in 1. ....... of I'lthlleatlon inil.'' otlte.'Timear. .. 11 cal. Ill li.mKKU'IAI.at. Shu" / rte, Morlilii.'' this lisp'
7. 114 .
\ "
,r Pat McGrlff. and Miss June Cald- Starling who has been visit t. 'ltl..r 10..1. 1'"I M1i.11.t" : A. .1. Thomas
and Mrs. E. J.Vllt and fame Sgt John D Anderson of the: Day weekend her with Mr. and< I.OFFIt'iAL.' SEAL' ) A..I riioiiiiin.A II. 'irn lN.ddteldl:>> whoHiii'Hl- An rlurk of ...Ill, rum.. ; tIn
\ ; In Willis. Mich. They were U. S. Air Force Is spending a'' well spent Sunday afternoon in ing In Starke. Mrs. T. 1<. McClane. Jr. I. .. "I'lcrk, nf snitl < ,, riVnc., !i. 47H3" lOlKhth: Nt. N'V )' llxven '1'ionbv' P i'.
ny llnvcn (',"..hv. P "i' N'nshlnkt.n. lii'You ,, .
Gainesville with Mrs. Y. A. Harris J hn J II mli-ixnn. K: Itl hard
"rl.l' < >
ni'impanied; by Bill Colson and short furlough here with his par Mr. and 1'011'11. A. J. Thomas, and T '. link. I.a.nit. 'inn.' Htmli.' .. I h'loi, iii,> "i.iiitriMl. | In appear on. ,,.,n "Itlilir., la. k'onvlll.ll ..|.. Florida.
Lvl. Gaines. ents Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Mc- son Delano attended the Gradua .,..n ('I r cult In. ..1".hn.. ..Itruiltoril.*.>,., I nuntr.hiirlilai : I Any. f.'i. 1'lf II :I'i III in ,mil,.,' lilth' IIM'I!!, in tinalii.M' ,. \ \ ('''I' I'lf! 'I.v .It :1.1,&

Jay Mullin returned to his Griff Jr.Chesterfield. tlon Exercises nt the XTnlverslty ., _,, __,
while en route from Westover. liolothrn Multlti, )I'lulnlirr y'. I l'iimUMuitln '" -------- 6 _____--------------- --------
hne In Media Pa.. Tuesday' Mass., to Orlando where he hats for menat of Florida Saturday evening' September ; ruler" ,<.r|'fMiilant"ul.II."I"K l "filmNo e,..do ll. <*7MI.: lu d. t

,,Ier spending three weeks here will receive his discharge.Mrs. STUMP'S: DEPT.> STORE. 3, where Mr. Thomas hud 1 l>PP".. ol'tll.1! OP Kl.oil III I tot t
.th his Mrs. W. the unique of witnessing Freak Martin" \\ |IIKC, i ,-III.-u!" uiulatlilri'HH f PART-WOOL. DOUIII.i) :
A. Ander- experience
aunt M. H. Colley and son I Mr. and Mrs. Glen G. Searing I ,, IH 2611v...uue I I. llii>..klt II. I TIIK: FAMOUS: 1JUKTON)
n. Sr. He made the trip byotorcycle. recent visitors to and family of Jacksonville wereguests the awarding of tho Master .Ni.w ''.Irk
Jerry were of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anderson DeRtei- to his sister! Mrs JessieMorgan You mi, 1'lIi.1| t I..' itti..ii) nrthtohrr BLANKETS $6.95 Goose Feather Pillows t
Jacksonville. -
10. \Itll"<<", 'Ill I iii' II.\ 'imm.'ll ,
New / Sunday afternoon.Mr who had the Degree of I'ourt nod vans, \\luivln, ', |'ilu\ .uttftm'rkH
shipment $3.95;) !); dresses"' 1 1iouble
Mrs. Effle Johns of '
Macclennyarrived .
I Master of Education enfelredupon nntTi'liicillpn \
and Mrs. E. 1\[. Edwards;
t STUMP'S; EPT. STORE. last wek for a two weeks Hhllll IMlUIMl, till, t'rio', $9.95 per pairIf f fI
and sons Bobby and Billy arrived her, and his daughter Miss 'In next four weekly lfOiltniHH ,
Mrs. Joe Martinez and A, visit with her son-in-law and I Cia rice Thomas who hud the Degree \\' my Maul, 11,1, ) offli'In)
tedgrave spent Friday W'I)laughter Mr. and Mrs. Claude with Friday Mrs.for Mae a Edwards.two weeks'visit of Master of Arts In 7.,.',,1 154'5IOFFItv1.1T tit' stark. ,', Klorlilii. Oil, .n.'p1| ,. I I you need.. nice pillows!> now :

n i Jacksonville Johns I Captain and Mrs 1C'. Ford I tlon conferred Both Mis.. E.hlt.n-I| sl.t: 1.1 A J 1'10"",,,. Red is the time to buy. You would t
I AH .I..k of said, | (:aurtRv .
and daughter Linda Suzanne of gan and Miss Thomas arc employed llavt-n CrnHliy, I> .rT expect to pay much more for t
Sumpter S. C., were weekend by the Duvol County Public Frank 1."n'llIn. "Still'., k. Fl.'itiln. ,. I 1 .4 1 Size this pillow.We .
Ally. for" |I'\f.\ 4.''i' it :t'i ni 1 4x
Every Branch of guests of Mrs. W D. Fuxon.Mr School System In JaCkSOn- .

and Mrs. Carson Roberta villa In C'lri'iilt ('.....1. HrAiltoril "'""ltl", I y ='' and
INSURANCEH. visited last weekend in Mlcanopy (I Charles Parker Gurnita Hullo John Klurlilni F Miiiph In 1 hnm'err."I'liilnnrr, tom. btu' / .. Are CLOSINfJ/ :\ : OUT Our f
with Mrs. J. A. Roberts and Mr. I Warren Wlnklcr. and Sue Williams slut It Slarph. | \ 1 p 1< r. uiliiii" i i'a'" I i
'' :Nn> 1612. )OuhJl''
-- --- and Mrs. G. A. Grahame. Silver' .
( spent Monday at Urler .r 1 a lIlrnl in. and Voila.. to r e y/ ICE; RKFRHtKRATOKS; (:
Miss Peggy Wiggins left Wednesday Springs. A-.r. wrtlH. OP I-IOIIIIM' In.'
i :M.itKhn" \ Muiplu, \\ IHINI, i r. -,.Io'n. /
to begin nurses trainingat I Mr. and Mr*. Charles Harris and,! n,,,",'"** i I. rtlkliuun, Thickness Buy :Now At Reduced Price !
C. WALL AGENCYPLEASE St. Vincent's Hospital In Jacksonville and Jerry and Betty Lou Harris You are reiiulroil to appear on "

I of Washington, D. C., are guests Slarl Iluiiing Your Blankets t
Mr. and Mrs. Harley F. Strong of Mr. and McGriff. li
PHONE 11(5( Mrs. G. J. ,
) Early ti
and Mrs.
Kitty spent!
:Maiden Form Bras. Stump's.Cothllm i
Monday with friend. in Palatka.
Constant Service Orer 50 Years Mrs. Edward Burns left Mon ; Cold; Stripe Nylon Shoes Repaired Ilii a

day by plane for Dallas Texas hose: at STUMP'S: STORE.Miss ;

where she! is visiting her mother Janet Anderson spent Regular $22.;:>(0) Value I, t
who Is 111. last weekend with her parents WHILE-U'WAIT f

Mrs. Fred Stump spent last Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anderson.< Telephone Table & !

week in Monticello with her son- Miss Anderson is a student at !
TO MY FELLOW CITIZENSOF Massey Business! College In Jack
in-law and daughter Mr. and
sonville. New Low Prices! hi ,1I5
Mrs. W. H. Thomson Jr. Mrs. Miss Chair Sets jI
Newman visited
Audrey '
Stump was joined for the week. I5
end her husband her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Half Soled
by and daugh-
STARKE Newman in Mudlson last weekend WALNUT(! FINISH) .
Misses $$1 50 I
ters Evelyn and Lillian (Men'M. ) II I1 li liII
Stump. On their return Monday II "1 ''V

they. were accompanied by Miss, $15.95

On 13th will Marjorie Ellen Thomson. IIq 1, ( III III :
Tuesday, September you Col. and Mrs. II. C. Wall and EXPERT ilalr$1.00 l I
children Bill and Nancy Dee returned ( ) He Sure And See This liar iiilill ppdttll ;

elect a Mayor. If you are generous enoughto Monday to their home In gain 1 ":

St. Augustine after spending! Ladies Lifts 2."c;) up Z
elect me I will at all times strive for several works at Kingsley Lake. "

+ Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Miles\ wel'eweekend "
your progress and betterment, consideringyour guests of Mrs. Miles t
mother Mrs A, I. Brown in -AT- "

p wishes and remembering that the Warner Bobbins Ga. o o Co.
p Miss Joan Carpenter left Tues Denmark Furniture

office of Mayor continues to belong to the day for Gainesville where* she C STARKESHOE 1
will be the guest of Mr. and,I Mrs. I epa'
\ PHONE 151 TAlUn: FLA. t
Glen Duke) for a week.

people. Mr. and Mrs E. L. MUldleton SERVICEChas. _______________________________________ _________--------------1
and daughter, Marjorie Sue were I I
Labor Day guests of Dr. and C.

J. R. (Nookie) Wainwright Mrs.Rev.W.J. E.B. Mlddleton.Dixon, former pastor I ShepherdAt I M.[ F. Hudson, Proprietor

and Mrs. DIxon are vacationingof ACIMIHH, :St.> form I'arfc Theater CANOVA DRUG CO.
Cay's Service Station
I the Starke) Christian Church i I( .. .
-- -- ---- -- ----- -
In Hendersonville. N. C. --=:
-- --- --

1'. S.: If you need transportation to the polls, phone STAR IWANII dress and( I, ,", .

work shoes!> for men and I>ova I L
17 J !") Tuesday! >

" I Thursday Mrs. Kffle and Johns Friday spent In Haw last Rights: A Hi ('O\ll T ION El) Federal Kxcise t

Ih'!>\l'rH'd T" Tax On All ,
thorne with her niece Mis F.v..
'I Wehb. Until
I CLASSIFIED Mr. and Mrs Jim Denver are I

spending this week In Uruns- HEfillLAH( 25c: HIZ.I':
-- wick Ga, with his, parents Mr.
:I'---I v---:
Flit, SAI.K I'v.d 1 radio' phnno- Fait' s. : ft. giant. ropnoltv and Mrs. J. O. Deaver.
grnphl.r'...blrM 1 'or. up. I I'linn I'lillin. refrigerator. only' 3\:1 CO I CITRATE OF MAGNESIA .12
Mrs. Wm. Struth and MissKate
"". ,I'ln Id i UmlloM Seat CovelK.III pun AM I ilcluxn. feiitnrvH.
,' Stl-\ If f I1}. : .
I f! .MlUllPOIl S'tiBWuithy "l"iifrul Struth had as their guests
plli .
I "I'-I! last week Mr. and )Mia W L. ......- Y
1 1.11 IIIII> V U .;1.1. 1)1111.1.1V1; (0 Ni\V: --. :Singer Sewing Mnrhlne''. Edwards and daughter Fredrika,
I'HHli. Sr Tonne", inn available In and Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Struth 5; Lii. I'.1'KAEEPSOM(;
::1-, t4 'I-Io..h well A pampa| title Hf'tlon. only throiiich' HlnnerK'wlilK
lii.tiillil .t rriuilmlrli .Miirhlnx .. of Jacksonville\ and Mrs. W W.
.. I'o. IIIJ'' N M.r' s
I1 1 t. "r AVrito to: f'J
ne 1 ion IoIt. l.nka City Fla. Phone \
and Merrill
Page daughter Lynn
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tour home upon O rpiiueHl if i to know that 1119""r'd.\' .

SELL YOUR TIMBER; I Molt MM.IJ' (Conmil radio & rika Edwards leaves today to resume --'r OWNERSHIP ---- .. .--
NOW ,.h.'I'h.. Cnn IIP H..PII at II II her studies at the. Cincln- HOME \ .
*1.2ilzr.: : ; KKtJULAUABSORBINE
l lnl rep &: Son AVnrrliotiiiu' on Juxl
Highest Cash Prices PaidWILL hlirhwuriinne. BIOS. If.sn nattl Conservatory of Music ,
I I II Mrs. Pate Gaasett returned last

H1TY IN HULK $34 on. new. lt..iiiln...ton porttviiiiwiltar Friday to her home here aftera JR. .77
I For limited I time wo
on IN: UNIT I in.I t.illlni the new 2-Tone dvluxnni' two months' visit with her son- .
.il. "iK'K.. HI.27)) for. only IHO in-law and daughter. Mr. and
I 11.ix iin'l,, I 1., I I. Ti-rnm", If di,>nlrc. .. SMOOTH SAILING AHEAD "' --.-... -
EDWIN: W. PECKOr I County Tflfj raphIHilMl Mrs. W. J. Carson In Pittsburgh,:

John W. TurnerP. Pa. Guests of Mrs. GaxsiHt last when rely on STAKKK lUIILDKKS l 1)illltisl'IC'l'> ( KIIINHVSDOAN'S :
.\ MArl! ':IIF011 RALKv :' you
O. Box 463 ..rtt'iiilnirtoii niodnlM HM low. HMin weekend were Mr. and Mrs. K. SUPPLIES fur help with your home building
Gaines>'ille, Fla. $ ph", ". tax ). Terms if di>..h'"ilMnnlforil ,. W. Witt and son, Davey. of JAck-
.. ,friuntv. u 'IVlpffrnph. _. needs. We have all the quality materialsyou PILLS .47
sonville\ and Cpl., James Gassctt
need including line of concrete .
Send me a postcard and I Full' MM.17, : Ira' M. Anderson propel U. S. Army Washington D C., /
[ ''t\'. Hi.acre fern &: imHture, products! and famous Fairbanks :Morse! Water
who Is two weeks'
will come see you. MOIII" hllllCH... good. lorHtlon TW|p. fl. i| spending a
vest 2. range 20 I K. nn highway furlough with his mother. Systems.!l.I 125-FOOT: KOI.I( ),
Inn 2 nd. to New River million,
-11."" t K.fT IIIFo IIF: .1..,'M''.1'111 P. M.HKtn ..1 '>Mi ml. to Ijike nutler. This IH .u II i Mrs. C. S. James of Starke F.II.A. Remodeling or Repair Loans can be
YI' IIIM r. M. % \ tr 1 \.M, KU'ld hay at 9..Blfl.:) .1,. .1. I II and Keystone Heights Is vacationing -I
1)\."''':''>'" .ipr SHOP. l'i, IIIIIH.' RrnkerYnt' dle M, CurIi"r obtained. Let us explain to you. WAXED PAPER
I : :Snli-KniMii.'; 118V.. Ind .\v.>.: 'I II in New York City and .19
SI'WANNKi: : rol'NTY I.IVEST-v| nd. Flu, .- lit psctt! will return by way of Chattanooga .
MAKKKT: Allitlon axis rich \\ iilOWIUM I I,11'T Tenn., for visit with
& npernt.\ .d h.l J. H OrtnmIr F(,ilt KRVT: turn" 2 rmi. "nH a TAKKBBUILDERS' -
.. PhICS.l. f.lvi O.ik Fla. 4-ITIIH 1 ..1..i't 1'1f""N. rhcrrv. St lip, friends there.
Mrs. Eerie Johns had as her HOTTLK) : OP lOOt( ) I"? IJKAINSACCHARINE; :
, UKVT 4 "mi h .n-i- <2 !Igo'
l ",r.'hoIlithlK' wall4Iari i I. In.iuifu FOR SALE, Owner guests Sunday her nephew and SUPPLIES
by :
ml !: .I
Tin1 I.iulo stun ., ; I
wife Mr and Mrs. L. C. Smith.
nl 2lp 2llT. TABLETS .59
"ii "M nhuvllnr l '
:3-room Road 100
cottage on and her sister Mrs. Carrie Smithof I ../ S.A.L.ANNOUNCING. OEPOT".C7 45W"e .
IIF.VT: Plne->,
,IM|| ypa. Fan i-mi.
: east of Keystone Ga.
'.. S fil1"* Fitzgerald ,
hur-it t TiniilHt .in' .i' -------------------------------- .
'111"" on Iti. ion Stark 'II1'ITt '!' !) I, Heights. 2 screened porthes I I 11tI'- .
--------- --
TYPi\VltlTRRS F.'>T! Ar.Nti :: deep well. modern Improvement .5I.25SI/I: I :

.I.on.l lt.vul.II.;i tTI.S... l' lii<> 1 urrMter.' ,Hfinlnntonuort ( grand:: I electric pump. I Ij

,. illirhtlx, ui.i'.1.. Ilki ,,,'w. OPENING I SIMILAC BABY FOOD .79
sin r-'nlf..r., "''III"t\ Telegrn pt'''j Corner lot 7!>x 160. on hill, I D I.CTARKE .

I well shaded Abstract up I ..FL-: ..
-- -'--" --.
WANTED to dale. $2900 $900!)()() Due to from
I many requests our $ i.25: si/i: uom.i: (OF) 100
Lea-es down, l>al. $25 mo. (Phone
Turpentine :
.Sun.. Mnn., TIK-H., S<-|JI. 11-13:
wlI.r.J.SO BUY Starkc 173-W.: t old customers will .\l J) : :
we open our CAROID s1: TABLETS .98
YOUR TIMBERIn ; 1t1':NTAI.M' .. LI.t ur unfurnished your vai-un' i ..onin nfiirnlHlivil ADVENTUREIN I .

Hulk or Unit lipartineiitK." huiinoil with P.\lilt
"r(JI.f.HV HKS'TAI. AII. N"\'. 114H BALTIMORE Curing Plant on -- -
Without Land Walnut, l-h. 25. Stark.F'Is.. I
With or
I'onfli'lentloitu pffortii aHHured 'lit Ituht. Young I Shirley Temple IIOMK() : PKK.MANKNT;: Spin Curlers
CALL ,'urillar wurthy tenant. .. OKI
WRITE or I Alto ShortsUeil.

Knit. HUNT.:" : 3-rm. garage. apt. Him. OCTOBER 1 1st-i
W. PARRISHPh. .iov *lr'heater' ,, elni't. refriir' Fvt. TONISET 2.29
liiitn., :., J. U HlmmonH;; 211v.. I : .
:3$ J. l" tt'}". Fla.Jo'I"t"lrtl'l' Miirllxnn' Ht. lip .. Tliun Sept. 11-15$

Poll. $.\l.6.' 100 New TlnmpKhlre [Jot'JlLET..ln:

: 1 .Aptn;|:I FOR Av IIK.NT:/ fall 3t: ,pulletK,. rliittd. m, ;Htarlc, mo. uld.In..ley( 11.21 l fa,lake, IIK ). Special Reduced Price : \ \ DEODORANT;() )( Hath & Toilet SOAP(

l.'nn1.1'" : 10S I-afnyette., : 3-lM-drm. .
FIIA home r rv. "hod" lot. Hurilwond 'IU I':'IT: 9 rum. house. ?nKingelry i DIAL SOAP .25

-I'lraiilatliiK I furn, floor".,.r hen unfiirn, hot ter..water screened KvaHonableFall heater porch- -I t'r Ac water. LakH.$lntrnnk.IMilmhlnaIlirhti.Feud' & Heed lip, NIGHT. 2l/> c Per PoundEither i .

Klih.tnl li.ix-liart' H< oil Iliiult J
,. III'
term Full, N.1 r.5':: Farmalllili trill...lor A II
ntyli.il available 'Mi>d.,rn MMII-. all equipment., 1 lractlcall, nnwIHlOil .\:o.uGod's PINT si/i; : \
n..r"oIt. ")Ia'lloon..U.lr.! .-...-.. I W. II. Newm>m.. lit I
.cult. coat/ M, sweaters, llnx-fr'.. bar. 2"". Starke. ItpKelt Countryman Sugar Cure Or Plain Salt Cure
"Ia. !4 In BO bnutlful mat.rlali>. \\llh Tom Kerne
514 Park i'l.iHtarl >. ItF "HALE: 14 heifer, OUITIIH.lemevii v- MILK OF .21 1

l ,il! HUNT. "-""d.m. furn. holm. *. I .old Treated A llnlntelnx.for FlanKn; A tit lloiiv, .14. mo.for i Same Competent Operators We Have xEAGNESIA .
Elect rerrlir. ..... heat wal"';. .IIV.. H. Newnome. lit 1 l>ox t
.ooklnir. Newly; painted. 405 K.lillh 2'Mi. Hinrke itp I "'.1.! Sat. :Sept.' 1U-I7
The Past Five
'"* Had For Years!
Stwe \
, I'ArXTIS-loI" 'ft out. Sl.'lnll [Jot'nuE..\Tl'IU: : I- AND 2-I'OUM)
, f-Virth. Worm". nn ntlpp0" work, Let me do yourwall
Nut A cell
if. .. board writ It. J. Fob Hhan- I
Sit K'" Blll: '"% Mill aF:. 4 l
non. Ht I. hiti 441. Htarko lip BLUE STEEL

Frionrt'"..\VlaVuIfn. for gas c..h.range.'aSOStiTerrv FOR 'KKNT. : art. 1 tn June I I. life Also Private Lockers All The Year WHITMAN SAMPLER 2.00 i
,, 'I.swtev. Fla HPKl Kln..i.ejr| Lake Cottage. Modern. With John Kane
nvenlence' / Contact Itonnle
bail habit" llrinnle Store. Itp AMIPAROLE -
fl_l...iidablff, handyman. : of rhtlilnn about, thhome. If- Fort riKNT: Furn J-rm. apt nil Ice Co. REGULAR Uc SIZl'VOZ.TINCTURE: .
an.t ear Stark
n...'....Mry, eti fair, wart wfall fit tin INC.
"'.. tafta Hirht J.nit nr EI
r .
..f hotun. What have. you? .M.Mjer FOR SALFrm. : cabin recentlyeolar !: I Ij IODINE
.. MI South Cherry St.. Kl. "- red palnteil A furn. Mr* Michael O'Shea. Tenon Kry .07lIA.
'. .
m.,,,<1. "K liP I 'era ".. Moltt SOS W. Madlion lit.Stark. Its Aim. Serial! 12 .

FOR pvt.IlKNT bath: Nlo elect. apt., (1...Vacant Poi. II Rail.,.I| w1NTF.r-Painting of any kindPrlc I'' -... ..
.tov. ;Vr.. S II. John. "r,. l J"3t reaennar-le. Writ. P.ffl..x I --- -- -- -- -
W..hln."R "t, I :::. ftark, Fla. Itp I j

-- -,. ---- -- 'I''l lPAGE '' ''' -



I tlllo I I. warranted for .. .L.AddreH" .
Miss Marian BrownTo Methodist Circles the University of Florida la follown.: Ortlflvale No. TO. Year oflHmiHn biltl.r .U.rh..nt. in itii pritiit.1 I exr-eiit, all i I l 101018 l < to H",ar >a May :ill, A.II 1947 pen.vrlptlon rnnilltlnn end nllhHiiK w rmntv.
visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. uf property: E' ut NK'lof riprmiu.il or Implicit. ..cept titleis cur* CircuitCourt '
Wed Dr. Ritch Met Here Monday Hollia V. Knight until the fall HWi, Buctlun 11, Townxhlp ...........!. tci I tut trmled In ft* niToilit HI..ko..the right Florida.to The rejnot Fl.iin miland ,.|
Knuth, Kanire 23 KnHt. fontnlnlnir mirh) rental, or nt I hoOI'tl.fl r..HV"
\. 1A 19. upon nil Mdi anil preference mm I l.i
: term opens September 10 H'rea more or 1e.a.lam.- .. In of the liiinril, l so Hredl" uPtfls'h I bids : J
Circle members< of the lease to *f>f tfv
the WSCSof clvcn on
Stark students going to the a huh imMunKHil 1: t-itmurun StIlV" Cu iHirrhUBv. prloiiHlil I lower renlnl I for. the flrit '
I the Methodist Church met of Florida for Fresh Certificate No. 72. Your of iNMunnceMay will also lie, then., lennrnti'lvreceived I ,tog n "f thB rent torn Kxl: ,_- illrliMiulpnienl I cflOlttlM
University :31 t A.1 I.I 1147. HeHrrlptlon. or"r..rry Mr the 1t0H..1 fm' .t theMiilehv I .
:Monday afternoon at 3:30: 0'- man Week are Spencer Crews : W'(, ,.f S\V'4' uf t-K1' M"i'- It of the sail, "'..tet'iiliflI. Mot oillrnder I .. Hy of order I he fViard of said niitiHtieotPd M> ,I..
I clock. tlon 13, 'I'o..nHhlp'Iolllh.. Ititniftt with nltftohnipntN unil with '
I It. l94'*.
Pat McGriff. Joan Carpenter. ... ,h'H' I''"' I1IbHr
22 )o .I. fontafnttiff 20 acreH more I Imlliloter I altilfhim-ntx In MM t pri'itunl ...
_. Circle One. met In the educa- Drew Reddish and Doris Mon. or ltNH Nnnu1 I in whKh aHH..HMed 1: I .condition I I anil without I t ,tvarranlx, t nil I : M. I) I Ilarrell Chi:
June Caldwell Orrlc'e tional building with Misses Amy Others later I'..mpron tit..v,, Co. All of said l.r'I.I.IY .-
crlef. returning are .
Imlnir III lh County of Bradford. r--
Ph., Slate Farm S3: EdItor l'l"mo 2 1) Coburn and Kate Struth as host- Billy Smith. Alex Yawn Mack Slnl s i'f Klorlda: Ci.'I icitit Hilftt -- -
: Phone5ZJwe
... .. - .------ -.-------- esses. Futch Don Champion Jim Denver ofl tiflrnte I' .....r. fert I If lonteN.; plmll bffredfeitieil
h Iii the
n rdlnif to W property 8pBj..' O.DEE' SEVlCE
r Mrs. Bertha Pearro. chairman Lowell Douglas Bill\ Colson ,iloHrrllHMl I In nucli ....rt"I ft.. -'.,In t ra. ar mann J
or ..rllrl<'ot.._ will lie Mold to thtthlKhent
Saturday Bingo r Canova Family presided over the meeting. After and Henry :Manassa. Going to hlildor ul th' Couit. HOIIM" FOLLOW TMI TOCREWS \
the song "I'll Live for Jesus", other school. are Madge Brown dm.r ..n I lh. flrnt Monday In t th.*
Parties PopularAt Enjoys ReunionAt month of Noxember; ]{I4''!*, uhlch. ll
Mrs. J. W White led In the lee Mary Weldon Merry Wlnkler .
pro- the 7 .y uf No- % mb