-1l at FSU. of merchandise on lend lease, I ran KMT.'Ike ". Fans
% : AI t "! her freshman year '?' i-v.lor. Plaintiff ve. Mary Fe. I i I S
"O.en.* J nor..ln S".- TEND TO anyon'. baby Davis and Mrs. Smith will understand whv the rest of the dor. riefenden r'n.e Sr... ml ofORDKR I
Riy 'r. and on. 1WIt.L >'r"Uerald ttrs. world doesn't trust u*. OP PfBMr-ATIOK'" Itcautiful t
iL Rn5e, I for II a day at mY **"*>* and will attend t4
$.." 'rum ffr n.. % : Rot.eruL. ....r Bar Edwards' remain In Tallahassee Of I could send 'em back> AUTO IXOTICK: TO APPFAe!
course 29.50
Tracie Fl... Stp .-4 exercises of STATE ElF' PI.ORIDA tot. Mary :
4t ..'. fltnrlt. tbe graduation to the manufacturer with 33) cent I'.r.' whom ...I".n.... ,le 119 Ka.nl ; I Porcelain Finish- IS

M.E. ;; Fram" I'I U Pi*.. 4 mo. old. theIr daughter; and sister res- In or coin and they will 141.4 $"...., r'levelan'l. Ohio. I I In
BALE stamps } '
FOR on .
hsth. ... A ml.from Miss Marjorie Davis. You are required to appear ----- "" -, '
I .d !Ire.war Iumb.r.j Call at any time pecUvely.> not for named. 1 t
roof aU Ch.ap. In "'P fix 'em "free of charge" .Sfllv ft, I.IR. In the above ___ .. ..
'. ., .. Plumbing fIxture.1 "'tark". Rd. 10J ; Men' shoes ,& 5.: BarkudaJe'-. lifetime niirt. and cause wherein plaintiffeka .
f. .. Pipe .Ink. .1.... ton. >lr. Charron. :III'1 a 1 month or a year or a ..> dlvorre. Strait' ford Cmintv
... .pace bot Water heater and i. modern Mr. and Mrs. Junlus M. Smith but forever. but that Im a lot of Telegraph. shall pnlillch this Order IT'S A FACT YOU CAN DO BETTER AT

mt si.> haat r J-burn. I FOR RKNT Attractive '"- will move tomorrowto and who want to delay In i newt four weekly l..ueWltneaa ..
f l.t furnitur and led fVrnl.hed, and nnfnrnl.hed ap. and -family nuisance my hand and official ...alat
1111 e .c.. ) Will' ."'11 corn-I mente: aJ.o .eparat. :I.roomland.balb cloee In the C. A. Futch (formerly U signing the mail until the pen t Htarke. Florida, Ibis June 1,
b.WH) Vhi.BIumbln> ., alone I home; shady yard tt on Klngsley back from the factory? "'.. Denmark Furniture Co.
Madlion. cottage
ADoI l TOoTS to your I R.a.onatle. 101 W. A. Davis) comes fO..ICtAL PEAL) A. J. Tnomaa.Ae .
.. CIt:'cr/Y: 1 h.w. nil. I: 7H" Lake for the summer. Unless the situation improves Clerk nf laid Court. ,
8t... Phone WANTED: w. will pay you from Rivers Anderaon O r n Cove S
tt a pound for oM cotton raa-o. We Mr.: and Mrs. T. T. Long and any letters you may receive ".>rlnee' rI.Atty. PHONE 151 STARKE FLA. '
ftn I prefer them clean and buttOniesLNo moved last Friday to me In' the future win probably tor Pit. 1.4 4t 1-15
:0. '81mrn ot la... l.m. I pant. Bradford Counlygraph. Tele- faintly notation. _
1I'blle poInt.r. a., about I Cinciley Lake for the summer carry the rubber stamp I.t n.rviT COCRT. imtnronnrorwTT. k zI t
8' about..o Ih.. An..... the T. H. Slad TfcU letter was dedicated' written n.oHimi 14' MAIfvtt -
'1J T nfl loliar. Probably In I, FOR RENT: Nice S-room bungalow.flood and are occupying and NOT toed." flary
.. Stak .a. lohrrlll 0.'a' location.: In. Btarke. I'hnn.Itp guest house. on a typewriter )I ;Eberle. plaintiff ve. Otto1.>
1(1 II. 1

( id-


rnc : sLY

I If 62 Seniors Will Receive .Dipomas In U S LI T"1 oni&53M

., I 1, 4 r
r G
::4t ZACII II. IKltUSATTORNEY : 4 t k wr ', k e e T r,
t fr
PM* e .a r 1 1!
w .t Phone 5-1315' : t'a' ,v r iy II fhlsel
: 33 Went Ashley' Street ,, a to to 'v 4nw, A ,
+ S
e a +
,'. JACKSONVILLE! Fiat.1utcc 1A3TOUB
: (
!, r r .

; I t I flfLfflpl

w wrkq +/ e ?,$ ;, a '
5/ t : ,
S !
; s .
1o 1eGRiDSO1Zk \ N ,

,'+k t t
4 d, '


: t S :.: :: : ,

I';*' .\..ther .11........ : f : / E-1I4 rY ',

t ,; nest LILtDCAilO. hi* n.it... 1 I Commencement ai

l' a 4a name signifies Is sot ll
end but the beClinninthe .
'i For years you'vebeen
t working and beginning of a net

.r, hoping and now you ( : r adventure upon 111// '
reached itl I p t you are about to embaAm

,... .. .. .... .. -- _._
-- ----"------ --- ----- -- ---- -- -- close the
Our heartiest cOIIar.tuJedona. you doon a

t"i graduates of 19481, ---' Members of the 1948 Senior Class of BUS are pictured above in an informal photograph on the school athletic your high school COM
May you reach and tourney forth
of excitement and confusion. Next t field. on the
very!' milestone you year's seniors busily made out 1st Row (left to right) : Elizabeth Griffis, Blanche Nazworth, Donna Lou Cannon, Miriam Hornsby Jeanette Priest new adventure, wt vcj
.i act out for Bra dford their schedule for 1948-19 and Estelle Prevatt. for you all happIatM
the Alice Holton] Sharon Hall Frances Morgan Margie Manire Alene Starling Bennett Carolyn
on road of Iiela Hi LitesNo planned for the summer. Eighth 2nd Row: Josephine Johns Agnes Crosby Helen Stewart, Ona Demortst, Odessa Thomas, Margaret McKinney .uee....
graders at last were thinking of Conner Joyce Ward Marie McKinney Helen] Adkins Marie Roberts.1. *
admitted to the build-
Ing.being Everyone waa glad big at last 3rd Row: Maurice Edwards Eldridge Hayes, M. L. Johss Jr., N. G. Hayes, Jr., Btrnice Brannon Veleta. Hodges
more schoolt! Hooray! to be able to go swimming on hot I Ir Cecil Davis, Lucie Mae Barton, Edith Manning Ray Annette Gunter. .
a Graduation Friday night mark I afternoons with out skipping 4th Row: Iris Smith Hilda Brown, Helen Whitehead Mildred Mann, Spike Vance Ronald Griff. Lee Taylor.
TheST the end of high school day foi r school. The teachers, I Imagine, 5th Row: Audrey Ann Prevatt Mildred Thomas Don Neel Sally Ambrose, Mitchell Brown, Billy. Smith John J. P.
ol f t ROBERTS
the Senior and the beginning are glad that they can do the
R STORE vacation for the rest. things they want to for a change Rivers.6th Row: Clement Raley Rex Brooking, Bobbie Frazier, AI Stefanelli Rudolph Sapp Henry Manassa\ Jr., Ernot MOTORS
All last week exam were giver,; and not have to put up with the Wells Edward Shull Julian Green E. W. Hodges.
and the school was *in a turmoil student's antics. I Seniors not in the picture are: Minnie Lou Hazen, Eva Mae Triest, Mary Allen and Wm. D. Faxon. I
-Photo by Hollywood Camera & Gift Shop
Bye 'till
now September. _.
--- -- -
h ------------------


4G$ .. : 7uIue7a


.,.. ..... I .


I !



of jet planes, buzz-bombs and other scientific I : BIG GAME NOWand FEEL pretty good about your education I
the hard of study
I I over long days
the ball it in hand! you graduates? Want tu show
miracles. To keep pace with this astounding age, your it off a little? If you do-and what i you can eagerly look forward to a
We in the home teem root- young grad doesn't'-drop in when
aim high and maintain a steady course. ing lection will be watching .f. you have some spare time and well i promising future which those hard days
conduct a powwow on cabbages and i
the signals with eager eye kings, or choose your own subject. have assured for YOU.

..cK.lk.d .. enviable record You have proved to the rest of us that I wad
Yo. (h. up and cheering your every Congratulations, boy girl
have a right to with
you your say-so
to .turning'' this miUitene. end. w.trust your lu.yrHorH gain toward that goal linefor your own knowledge and courage be- I graduate, and please count us among
will meet with comparable _c.... hind it. You already have our respect.
a touchdown of luccess.CARPENTER'S. Now congratulations.please accept our most sincere I your favored friends.FLORIDA .



t F. D. I. C.
The Rexall Drug Store Starke, Florida Member Florida National Group


,, iir ..--. _._ -
.. -5fl1fl ----- -------
-- I r _._._--- .._.__.._..- .
S --------weet' .


,f.{ \ \ Y R uAPJThe / .


:f w




diploma tchich you to proudly :J1limulgJtadaa.&
display today it more than an engraved -
:p This for the first time you walk down the street :THIS IS 194
Is .
itl! This lathe one we've been waiting scroll lied with fancy ribbon. .

working for. This Is G-Day, U-Hour. Just a final after you've doffed your cap and gown we
" the It U a symbol of your fist harvest, rrprnrnl- fill'
briefing now before you "bit beach. boy and girl graduates,a year
Ing lh. output of the yean of .'u.l,. and effort are going to single you out for special
Cheek jour equipment. Yea should have Joure..ale. rnlailrd In your school, ...,......The.....1. of high with marvels, full of opportunity
ambition, energy, knowledge and good Ideal, lull honest. ';, perseverance1, faith and all attention. We share your happiness and and full of You"k
p Jodrment. It's the best eqmlpsneni. there la, and the .1..... rudiment uf a .mnl ""'P"-"WmttanpbjntMl problems
sense of achievement and our sincere congratulations |C
It should be all you need. Tear objective Is Mount hi fvm htrtmm. th.a..bel'oar.. -are bein'l"adu.ted now most
Success. You will encounter some opposition but Carry Ih... seeds wills"you .. you journey. Into and hearty good wishes are \1 the of the tiros
tpt challenge
keep going until you get there. she world and all your future h...*",. will b. .
fmllfal. wrapped up in this message. hlJp',
Dually Ire ,
Th .', all Coodby and good tuck. tcith you courage
\ Joy suereas-and godipr"i'


:f Florida' SERVICE Plumbing & Heating ANDREWS MOTOR CO.

Starke, Florida



t. ., 4

:assw.s,,,,., : __

t : ,L*


E: these 'questions will be found Lathe J..*.ph Fell Andre Peu Duvallon, Aa Clerk of said Court.T. j
Seniors Plan College Poll Discloses Senior Class Officsrs whom r..ld.ncs and address !.: %! Frank. Landrum 8tark, Fla. '
r reply gjpe student put on the Hotel lafayette, 'th Mouth. andfnlvcralty Attr. for Plf. 6-lt 4t I'll l'
Place N.w York, New
"J 1
hoe much to.Year's 16 percent haven't fully made up tend College, while TO percent of quentlonnaii'e! "Tell you in ten Tor It. } i
- arc! count Graduating claw their mind. BO perhaps the Coun the girls aren't considering a :years!I" Jun.You SI are, 1'.8.r.gnlrrd II ool ty can entice those and even higher education at all. and cniB. ., wherein plaintiff l
I* cincriT county
tend conduct to remain. eeka annulmeat and rvatoratlon of HrEyW. adlthUulIr aaatfarUn- o tar
more FL.onio.ti IN t'ILty. .. .
In a poll Aa to life careers, both boys maiden n.m. Bradford CountyTvlvxraph asW aa4 aaliia W Rnwinuuum. Anbiltw.t
flaY 18 Going: to College? Yea, said 63: CKHV. abalt pubiun this OrderIn wwrnta ....iaaa.aaia) ) ,....er 1I..nIIIIa' try *
Telegraph, only about and girls showed a great deal of nnlat ,Renee Baierqu Duvallnn.Plaintiff ? next" four weekly l..u... ......"Worka timmn aba......hiss atoaa
percent of the boys and about Indecision. vu. Joveph Fell AndreIVu lealat Melts anavtatlo* aalai aa n aaai
class ffl'lal
lIenior Fifty-five percent of Defendant. C... Wo' Witness my tend aad o ay
Duvallon ai/naBlr. i iV
CD of tile Starke, Florida. thU May 1', "',sly Ilt.a talMa>ware a
a in Brad20. 18 percent were undecided. Only the boys In fact were "undecided"as 6S4. =.Yd Se degpm a.e.y.Qetuc. a. t }
to remain ORDER OF PrBLICATIOMANI : IM 41sW sMl..--w was.?best...........
the other hand. 23 percent of the girls plan to at to their future means of live- > NOTICE TO AFPBAK (OFFICIAL. SGAU A. 3. Thomat sN ,
STATE; OF FLORIDA te: Mr. II II ..1. ,ft

T :; I I'
t I''
I'I '
f, S .
>M hr I ds I
flu fluI + I \ '
r' ley y' 8 GRADSTimes t
: Yawi'r '

11L::1:. j"! J

js 1
$ ; i
., .
1 ; 1+ 4 '

t 1 6 t i Hal Ir r.I, '

} t''i
iiAD ..18GXADSThai 4 e4 I '
: I : j,

-l lmade little y..... ..4e6.tl she | 1 1i | f f" tI ,

I OJC. GRADUATES you've BLACK SPOTla II liii 11111111 III have changed since ,....,..i, ./ lb. ,.*. f Youha..Juattumeclapa.'I t' I
i ,\ "
olftilag. the grade and here are you look "omt ovgr headlined
; the ernler of the target la Officers who have guided the destinies of the 1948 Senior Clans your parent went to school. I' ....,ry bel.w ..tl e. "Graduated from High i; I
three rousing cheers for each of are: (top right) Bobble Frazier President; (lower right) Margie ,. tttr blabs vittit school ,*..." I"'. a preod Ie' I
i nei hard t.hit, but keep year eye Manlre, Vice President; (top left) Don Neel Treasurer; (lower left) Today swift competition I o ...ht tt>., k ch' pace and w. congratulate t'. i

whitOMr you. We think you're Just tops oil it. _r.d..l.> of 194SI. W.j..t Audrey Ann Prevatt, Secretary. demands that you be pre: ... tbllfifftt Sttctutlooking rout. 11" t..

Lb and we're willing to bet this halfcf kaaw jw'r golmg to Uhood. The girls took a flrnnei.|career, and rather than go into pared. i.I."i.busi.rss..' .,"1_.1......pro.." and. ae row hopea takewteca. ', II
the' issue and only t2!: nebulous definitions, the Tele. may we voice ow ; .C e
world It. ,Any further on --YE-: elw ys.sJw.ys IH '
the on that the same spirit t
make jrour mark !I.tfcla world, percent showed indecision. graph listed her.under housewife! hope
Ib intrusion of thi For this poll 49 out of the 62 *pl And ft yaw that baa animated you to t i f' t
proof you care to bring to bearon aad we wUk yo world .f hand Barring of fate the, the boys aide of thli. member graduating class were CtHlV-.ltIIIiofs, are in or to tigtrr.ffH ,wllh"r.+.e.bre ore achieve this preeeat tureen ,', ''r.:i'l. : rl

ax the subject will, be warmly good lurk.C year's graduating class will pro questioned. Of the 49, eighteen Jtr,.*J w.migbly prowl our with you every foot ./ will. carry' you on to tot ,t r 1 ,. t
duce an Army man a cattleman,. were boys and 31 were girls a greater [,
welcomed by all ol ... I a lawyer, an engineer, a farmer. <. group which was fairly represen- .W hippy to .",,.] bens! IbfC. III.". 1," I. I t'' .t I! tI .I ,,I
teacher a salesman, and a doctor, tative, according to Principal : 1
The girls more so than thE I C. S, Partin. "When we lined METHOD't,: : '; ;
; ( )
boys pretty well know whatthey're them up for a practice march, we H. DRIGGERS NEW ;
sandwiched in about two girls to .
to do. This year'iclam I
EASTERN every boy in the line" he !said. f ; 1J': :
nurses ,
TS AGCY. will bring forth seven I CLEANERS ,
H. C. WALL INSURANCE four housewives, three officE i That's the vital statistics for the FURNITURE CO. ', I I'' I
; I
workers, three embarkers on bust l. 1948 graduating class. But as & AUTO II III I II
) Starke Florida AUTO SUPPLY and one schoo:I some philosopher said 400 ,I I., 'j I
ness careers yurs'' !, I -q I
1 teacher. B. C., "All Is flux and : 11'' \ i d

- One girl gave "marriage" at I I So perhaps a truer answer 1Nl:, I '!I It'H
I .,' \'
.! '': i ,,1

.. I ,:: ,f.f, : t
TOT t t i'':

k )'1Lc !I S. IT'S "h ftiZe $ COMPL1M ENTCf77 \\" 1.i: : f n ', I

\ QY.i: v OU1l ( \\ 1 f I J/Y'i / i:', :i f f i l, :tlfi t': ,'t,

,-'vVJ 9 (#1' ''j". };, !'

.... i/I 14(1fff' ;(,, '.,, ,'
(;; t r'l
o 1.VI r >: P, 1Ff: u : it:,\ ." ,
;:::.. : fi I' II'r t.
; '
.r I >>; : I ., ""r.
:; \L: I :
,. 9 : !i:!
it 1918 G 6flflDS ll 11111, 111n ;

; I t ,','
CLASS of 8 ;
1 I ''i '

TAKE A BOW! 1f, t t U i

SHIP AHOY MATES CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU. We're on the sidelines Stand up, Graduates of THE THRESHOLD .1 j' }f:

You've anchored your ship of dreams in the CHEERING YOU ONin 19<48, and take a bowl We're carrying you from ;t1

9 all clapping for cheering ,I i
ILrbor of Accomplishment and are ready to you school day Into the J

embark on that long voyage in search of experience We could be cynical, instead, and offer you sympathy this game called Life. You'vescored 'and whistling I You've adult world, pl.... add t ,..(

and and commiseration at thin commencement time butth".1 one major victory, as done it, and we're mighty our name to your list J "I ', ,I
success. much cynicism already and too little room I
it too
diploma of all of Need we of well-wsher! May h; :
for it. Granted it Ian t a very pretty world right now represented by your proud you. U
Ire wish you ban voyage. May/ your course -the one you'll be meeting oon. But it'. the only for to that we wish you el! the the full measure of susan t1 I i : ,i
and we're say
be charted through smooth waters, and may ono you about. have Improving and. perhaps it. you II be able to io tome- rooting you luck in the world? b. yours in ,the ,' (k I t t : ;f.

you face with poise and confidence those days thing amass many more in the yearsto to come.GREEN'S. r,1 ; ,,1f. 'J,t
year '
.. it a goof,hard try anyway, will you ; .. ,
when the waters are rough and stormy. come. -f.-.1 I ". ''' '
_ I' I I''': "
STARKE :I'j I r', 1,1'
'I ;I { : ,

GRO. ;;, !/i' ;

Starke Florida Starke, Florida ; f ; '
Starke, Florida I \ I::';

- ____I' ,... _,,_____ or_. ", +"4; 1':.\
ill,. ,\, f

-- .... ,, 1 J 1 1 ---- GS : :
---------- ------ -el1:1.N: :fJ; iin: '

.' ",
;f rlJ:

t ?FryeQe ,, ". :r ,, .
et + .t '; iI. ; :

e j jN .'Iof"f'j, :, .! ',.:' ", .j'
t. ,\ '

IjtW2Jalute .0{,,\1.{', "} r: /.,:,' ,..,
,0(&I ..' 'II I

._ i f I I, ,
r. q
) I N o YEI ,' ,' "
: ""t : 1 !
or ,,
I I i T' f' rI 4/I,
I ill tl' I
If I
,1r; '

As you receive your diploma we We have, wafchaxl your progress from I 1 "1.f f.{t I'I'I :

would like to say this: the day you took your first faltering j J:

4 It is difficult la a message addressed footsteps to this day when you stride ', i.
In Book of Memories, Graduacion t You tbt numbers J
your for WHEREAS: I
to all of you. to express confidently across the stage! your I ,t i fr

Day will long stand out as the pride we have in every one of well-earned diploma./ of the CUit ol 1948, ,h..,.lllIMtuJ ;t'I..,I." ,r .1 t.
a red letter event. It marks the t ,
fruition of of dreams you graduates. All we can do is Whether your step now turn in the m mjor milestone in your ....ft'.. ';, ':, f i.. 'II''
long years tell how honestly tale :, I It. I .r :
try to you direction; of another campus" or \
and effort and at the same time happy we are over your success. the road toward the business world NOW, TIIEREFORE: W, tb* :. ''f r t ;.,rr.
signalizes' into the II I
advent J I
11'" world of adulthood.your and to wish you uninterruptedsuccess our very best wishes go along and.. ......."ft''. of ibis tommtmiiy, join/ : ,F Fr

in all your. effort as the hope happiness and; success will mark! ... J w it''
eongrttlut t
in txttnJing
'P" May tbt l stun bold in store for years go by. your every undertaking.BRADFORD J t ;

,,J! you many mart bappy pages foryour but witbtt for tin future. t.;; r 1U :

Book of tAmorit 4b.t isour .. ....':. 1 -J,
utiib; on Ibis Joyous oar 11I0.. Feed Store -': t" I,
1Carl John '} "


Cold Storage &, Market .;. ; ,1

THE WASHETERIA i Starke Builders. Supply Starke, Florida 'Lawson! Dro t f /' $ft 4 (

I. f : 'J
Starke Florida ; itJ; : ;/ 1'" 'i
.- .

I \ Ir.rie I



r '



I, ( __ __________ _. _. I -,_, 'st
:t'' ):AG E EIGHT THANKS VOTERSI Or THE riTT OK STARKK, BRADFORD two cueeeaalve week in the Bradford Telegraph
.... I Strickland Brings Italian Wife HomeOne I WILSON COUNTY FLORIDA, IN County Telegraph tn n..t four per uh11qmy
.J1'I Green"Banquet ties within five years. Sgt. wish to thank all the people REGULAR 8E88ION. tt A. Can ova. Wltn... )' 4
'I: Florida Florida Green move SECTION (1) All persons, firmsor President of City Council 8eal at hft4
The Keep Bradford flbunty Htfh-. : who voted for me or helped In any corporation Att.strCarl 15. late blacks, 1'10'14...
Florida :r"lm'd
';l'' Attended By ment Is sponsored by School graduate, like many of his way to bring UI the victory on business as dealers In petroleum John.. City Clerk Seal) (OFFICIAL
Forest and Park Association a can and equipment for the TO TIlt HONORABLE YOR Aa Clerk BE.\t,
rNBradford\ Delegation organization for the fellows has traveled far and May 23. I thank my opponentfor u... of awn Kite and persons Installing of the City of Starke. Bradford .. of 01114 -1 s
voluntary in the last few but ; such appliance. on the premlieant County Florida) I, hereby certify p1And. '-,
'; Bradford protection and Improvement of hU, tenderneaa. I have no the ultimate consumer of .uch that the above and foregoing Or ISS"-! | U "i
: A large delegation of establishment and A. J. (Buddy) Strickland rates va.. shall file with the City nfStarke dlnunce Was duly paaaed by the jl
the forest; the malice toward anyone.I evidence allowing compliance '!
citizens attended than usual because he I'ltv Council of the City of Starke. -
ki 1, 'County Green" proper development of parka and higher am a Democrat and it shallbe with the bonding or Insurance Bradford County Florida, on the iv ("IIII"'I'r .' ,
; : mammoth "Keep Florida something new to the of Chapter 6S3 Florida April roi'VTI ?"It'l'
1t', of natural scenery brought provisions 20th. day of A. D. 199. *
In the the preservation to serve all the CEHV FLOll/lt"", U
held my purpose tatutea Annotated. .
.' 7 banquet and program county an Italian wife. Carl John, City ('I"rk.
Hotel. Jacksetravne and historic spots. people and serve them well according SECTION (1) Any person engaging THE ABOVK AND FOREOOINOnnDlNANCR Dora Egan 2rtrntr.!
r.rgeVa: htngton and the banquet and When their Army transport In the business' or bu.'lnev..en : WAS! KFCEVRI| RVMH I- mlle barrier, ,
Tuesday afternoon Those attending plane touched wheels at Westover' to my ability. enumerated In Section 1 of thin : AND APPROVED BY MR THIS No. 8673 Ga7rra' .
from, this county were: 25 It was Sincerely, Ordinance without" minor" with the. OTII. DAY OF MAY A. D 1,.4H. ORDER l'P'
cwnlnjB. program Field, on April ; Prh
Cltr of Ptarke evidence of their Harold C. Wall AND N; ih1
-Ira Wilson. OTIf'p'
Principal speaker at the event Mr. and Mrs. 'Douglas; Sen. and{I Buddy's first trip home in three compliance. with the bonding or Insurance Mayor of the City of Starke. Flor !STATE' I!: Of' Fr""ltI\4",

vnut George Phillips of Washing Mrs. Charley E. Johns, Kepresen-I years, and his wife Phlllls (Fede CARD OF THANKS 55.1.: Florida requirements. Statute Annotated of Chapter shall ida. J-28 1 It <.4IV ,known e'. whose -reldmn( ,

ton. D C-, assistant Secretary of Roberts Mr. and In Italian) had never seen the he d..m..d l guilty of a misdemeanor CIHCriT roi'MT. BHADFOHI I You are
tatlve-elect J. I' We wUh ti to our conviction shell be fined l ,,' I '"
who disrusned< thetenaiderful ole U. S. before. > express many and upon (nt v rY, KI.OHIII IX CHV-! June
Agriculture Mr. Lucian Conner, Mr. and Mra. good friends. our deepest appreciationfor not exceeding,; One-hundred Dollar I ('BHVfliirenue: ell Court fr"'feAtty. ,1 t
possibilities of Florida Resale Colson, Mr. and :Mrs. E. L. The pert and animated 22-year- ((110000 lor imprisoned, not ..xc.eding n. Flke, Plaintiff' vs.Theresa tiff .. .
beautiful flowers and the fine
the sixty days or by both such .
4t teI 3. K. Douglas of Brooker la County Agent T. K. Me- cent, that she likes what. she has the mayor.HECTIOV 6578.ORDER OF PltlMC\TION next tour werkl P"bl"h,,, t5b
the recent death of our beloved Anu.on.. firmor "...
CJtalrman!' of the Bradford "Keep Clane Jr.. A. J. Thomas, Doyle seen of the U. S., but that It's wife and mother :Mrs. Leona corporation(3)holding: license from STATE ANn NOTICE OF FLORIDA T') APPEAR to Thrreaa Beal Witness.t Starks In) bnnd a,

R Florida Green' Committee and Conner, and, Freddie Watterson. "hot" In these parts. i i r. "ib O tecn. the business City an of a Htarke dealer In to Moulded engage" .' petroleum In-I Pike, whose residence I ,1*:. Lawrsne.burg .- nt Stay un, I'IwIdL

the goal of the statewide organ The banquet and other events of Buddy, 23 who graduated from -XV. F. Osteen and family. gfiN' an herein. .defined shell You, Indiana.are required to appear on A.OFFICIAL Clerk of liP-AI.stud, Grassj
isation Is to have complete fire the day were sponsored by Ray- BUS in 1944. joined the army and comply with nn the or provlnlon before ISth.of thisOrdlnenee dayof : June 28, 1(49 In the above named John. ,1. nenderoll E"'I.,",

control In all of Florida's 67 coun- onler, Inc., of Femandlna. Nation- was sent to Italy in February of EDWARDS THANKS VOTERS: May 19441) otherwise., laid IIcenaea Court seeks and divorce cause. wherein Iimdford plaintiff County ,tin. ..Fla for Pit
1943. During',his foreign servicehe Dear Voters:. shall be revoked.SKPTION I I.l8 I.

\ covered various parts of Italy.. I wish to express my sincere part' of ordinance(4) .All In ordinance conflict herewith orI
: M Including the towns of Naples thanks to my many friends for are hereby repealed.HKCTIO ; Phone
SPECIAL SALE! Bar), and Trieste (now N(5) Thin Ordinance shall OY.DEF SERVICE [
Fogg ,1 your vote and support during my become. effective. ISth. day of May,'I ) Mrs. n
I Ha
an International zone). He was for County Commissioner as4t. .
campaign W POllOU" yes eQee
( TIME ONLY SECTION (8) This Ordinance
at first a supply sergeant but !
Dlst. 1. I also wish to
'I of hall be Published C week O
became acting first sergeant and) congratulate Mr. Prevatt and wish 11I :,: :- - - -
later the Company clerk. In I 1'-' '
I him success while In office. 'II'IIT
March of 1948, he married the C. Edwards
t i SeatCovers former Miss Fede Plzzamus of Pictured above are Sgt: and I

Trieste. Mrs. A. J. (Buddy) Strickland, at Angelus'
iv riRcrrr rornT. BRADFORD TEA
1 The sergeant now on 30 day the home of Sgt. Strlckland'smother OVVTY.' FLORIDA IV CHANKUY r

,I\ 4 leave, and his wife are at the three miles north of Sadie( Neely Howard. Plaintiff va. A ; MarshmallowIScpkg

f{' home of his mother three miles Starke on the Lewtey highway Rudolph. Wilson. Howard, Iiefenclant. Half Pound Pkg.
Cs. Nn 8380
: out on the Lawtey highway. Bud- They were! married in Italy in ORDER OF Pt'IlLICATION:
dy's Army service will end Oct, AM:' NOTICE TO APPEAR '
31, and then he says he'll be around March of 1946.Funeral STATE OF FLORIDA to: RUdolph 49c
Wilson Howard, whove residence Ia ,
a bit. unknownYou
are required' to appear on 111 / '
'.; I Il"t'A> Right now it's nice to have the June 28. 1940. In the above named
''E WIDE SELECTION ., sergeant nearby to do the translating Services Court and cause wherein plaintiff.

'II.'' '. but Fede Is "learning English Held For-Mrs. Osteen'Mrs. .e*k. divorce name. and Pradford restoration CountyTelegraph otmald.n White House MILK 3 tall cans - 4
',\: f fast" according to Buddy. shall putillun this OrderIn ,
,i I next four weekly laaues.Wltnena .
M. RIDE'.c I Leona Osteen of Graham my hand and official -- -
: m : ANDREWS EXPRESSKSAPPRECIATION : seal at Stark.', Florida" thin. May -
: 25 In the
died ,
Tuesday May
: 148.
I TO VOTERS" Shady crest Hospital following' a 28.Aa(OFFICIAL Clerk of SEAL aald )Court.A. J. Thomas, Ann Page BAKING POWDER 12 oz. Hk '16 601- i

t IN COOL COMFORT To the' Citizens of Bradford and brief Illness. She waa born OcL T. Frank Landrum, Starke, Fla. ,
Atty. fro Pit B-2S 4t 6-18
Union Counties:: ,10. 1908 at Trenton. I

),.d q t It gives me great pleasure to 'She Is survived by her husband, -
-' l extend my appreciation to eachof ier% Comet LONG GRAIN RICE 2 Ibs.Anro
\ Wm. F. Osteen of Graham, three ORDINANC91 NO. .
you for the nice support you daughters, Mrs. Joe Yarghn of I "IV ORDIYANCR. TO RR: FIRM OR CORPORI'lION. '
.iM ga"e me In the Democratic Primaries Waldo, and Bessie Mae and Mazie I, ..040..0 .N H1'1I1"M)1Ae
Call Or Come Bp And Make for the office of State both of Graham Dr.. LIIRS iv 1. 1 n r IVIFID
Ruth Osteen. ; '
Senator. four sons, S. J., Marvin Franklin, MINT, FOR Til RITMR OF ""'('11 SLICED PINEAPPLE No. 2
.: f An Appointment I shall always cherish your kind and Jlmmia Osteen, all of.Graham; (1.4'CH$ AND APPl.lAVCna PRRMOV4 IN8TALLIVOHI OV THKPHHMI4KS ; can -

) 1f consideration of my candidacy for her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe OP THE: t'l.TIMlTK -
this high office.
Trenton brother,
Sheppard of : one PILE; RVinlCVrR' WITH THK
Sincerely your friend. lames Sheppard of Trenton, and CITY OP VTARKR THAT THKVHAVR j

r! Chas. C. Shepherd O. Fred Andrews one dater. Mrs Raleigh Cooper-olHllllaton. I i AVNOTATPORRI.ATIVO' (IUUI.O'"P.OP FLORID novn...," WTITII OR TATI'TK TO prni.ir rilAPTHR THK'PILIVO -,.'I'i 1' Fresh.Fruits. & Vegetables Super Rite Quality Meal 1

al Container Corp., of Jacksonville, Funeral services were held LIABILITY OR orIR'r"i!
:V and the Hudson Pulp and Paper Thursday May 27 In the Graham AOR ivsrR Nrn
Court & Madison Starke
f:f' Comer Corp.Around, of Palatka.1,000 people attended Christian Church, with Rev. C. B. 'of WHEREAS the State of the Florida 1'47 enacted 1A"t"r"' Into CORN (Yellow) Fresh Ears GROUND ,BEEF, lb. 4

: Phone 10 Burton officiating. Interment was law. Chapter 653 Florida Statut..sAnnotated
the banquet Tuesday night said placingcertain. regulations 3 for 25c
to be the largest ever held underone In Santa Fe Cemetery under the upon dealore, In. liquified pe*
:, rM"nm ana. and WHITE BACON (Streak lean
A lJ roof in Jacksonville .direction of DeWitt C. Jones. WHEREAS that. any p"r..on..sP..
;T; string to engage In uch business
must post. a aond and mifflclenl CallICEBERG LETTUCE 33c lb.50's .
J hand In the p..nallm of Twenty.
s 1 five Thoueand Dollars. with the 2 for 33c
tate Fire Marshall or file K pub.
si4< \ lip liability and property damageinsurance Brisket or Short Rib
policY In the earn amount ,

; i k '".79 .. ', : ,with..d to an do Insurance business company In the State author-of I New White POTATOES (Wsh'd. STEW, lb. .. 41c
-mIt .., )>'Io' ,! ; ,1 >> \0' Florida 1 and, I
WHEREAS, after due : : :' It IK the opinion nf the City So. Carolina or Fla ( )
:"I 4J\ 0 I.. Council of the City of Starke thateeir I AU-Meat Skinless
nt'In rhuelnee.. a..ordeeelereeinliquified 10 Ibs. 43c

petroleum gar and equipment WEINERS, lb. t
for 'the tine of mien "fit and
InMalllna piirh npnllnncean
) r s4.t persons the premises nf the ultimate conumer j 1 Calif. Long White POTATOESMesh
,I of such gee should file evlnce -
t "- with the Cltv of Starke. that j 29c Spiced Luncheon Meat
Bag -
} hey have pomnlled. with the bond. 1
nn" or Insurance requirements of 57c lb.
('"han.Mr 653 Florida. Statutes An. j
otated.NO1V.. 1
Fresh Dressed & DrawnFryers

j \. ug\M\ ,- Golden Hearts or Pascal ;Ib. 71c

W. C. T.U.NEXT 36's 2 for 23c

"Lwvw''S' Chuck ROAST, lb. 6
1 CARROTS, Fresh Bu.
A Fm just a friendly cigarette-
A .
..a 1 don't he afraid of me. 2 Ibs. 29c Beef Rib,ROAST lb. -

Why all the advertisers say j
; 4Ai'oTlfA'I5 I'm harmless as can be! 1 .
f They tell that I'm your "&lItFriend" Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib.
Calif. LEMONS, 432'sDoz.
: (I like that sunning
n f lie):
MilJt{ And say "You'll walk a mile for .' Fresh Neck Bones lb. .

s me because I "Satisfy". I -

., So come on. girlie, be a sport! j Fresh Crowder PEAS Beef Rolled (Bonele2 :\..-)
Why longer hesitate? I
With me between your pretty I lbs. 29c .# CHUCK ROAST, lb. .

lips you'll be quite up to date.

,A f.Z You first may,find but not you very like Just soon me can't right my: pot.You'It get at. I OCTAGON SOAP, 3 large bars 24c BAKERY Dl

,. along without a cigarette. Call
... Dessert Layer

I, So You've smoked one package so I II Ann I 7 oz. 29c
1 that more of our employees may enjoy the know I've nothing to fear: I Page Spaghetti C&II8. 23

When once I get a grip on girls
advantages of a five-tlay week, we are joining: they're mine for life, my dear! Orange Coconut T(i]

x the many business firms who are closing on Your Irwe freedom the very you day began we met to, Sultana TUNA, 7 oz. can 39c Coffee Cake, 11 oz.

Offices will be 9 A.M. 5 P.M. When I convinced you it was
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i\ Mondays through Fridays. Of course, in emergencies cheeks color's your fading finger from tips your are Wilson's Certified Corn Beef 47c 12 oz. 29c

t you can phone any time. stained:
And now you'd like to give me
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m ,pale and thin and havea MarvelHomestyle

d located: al our office door. Full detail on deposit Mo t convenient of all you need never leave cough the doctor: says 'I Jt Ib. Glass BRE.\

if envelopes furnished at the 1>0". Just drop home. Jim mail your bill stub and payment He T.R"says: you can't expect to j Ann Page GRAPE JAM 39cNet Wt. 1 12Marvel la

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early grave. _
IN EMERGENCIES And now that I have done my VIENNA
r part to send your soul to hell, A & P FOOD 1

'i YOU CAN PHONE FLORIDA Pflff\ | I piiHT'( COMPLY 111 death-leave you hell with come my for partner you..., STORE Net WU 1 Ib.


1 b mil. the by Elisabeth HasseltNature's TIC & PACIFIC TEA CO ATLA1 .Jane Parbrl Ett Wm.

( Path Magazine. 300-302 E. CALL ST. STARKE: .., .
:I .:* :May INS FLA. S 1BRADFORD -% .
L hww.txA _._...'-_ _'L A A

Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: June 4, 1948
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text

t f'l'.,

of : ,I

u Cross To Close Doors : :

.. marked the slxrtI 'and National cannot continue t< BRADFORD COUNTY TELEGRAPH :
1 month
I Bradford County has en. bear the burden of the County." -

at Red Cross "lc he said..
alone the local Red In 1946. the County missed $2-

nth handled' 120 need 048 of meeting Its $6,700 quota Official County Publication E.tabllshed In I I
(Ice 1811 '
{ In 1947 Bradford County lacked ;

the Red Crow, $1,650 of meeting ,Its ".000 goal ThIi'3iuiEVENTt' -- '
month ELURiD1CiflyJt4j
ST.'RKt:. r
8 14UMBER TlnRTY-'I'1IREE ,;
Its doors. In 1948 the County lacked $4,801 ;
,,11 cloKe the closing IstundK. of meeting Its ,$6,780 goal. The : i''
for t I
reason!. .since for the past goals are computed by estimatingthe Mart l Guard Unit I City and County Set Records I

Bradford County ha actual cost of the local unit City Ordinance 62 Get Degreesp'r

ara meet its goal in the an- plus 7 and 3-10 percent which ia In 100 Percent Tax Collections
o In fact to national Al I
drive. sent headquarters. Leaves

_d nal croSS Red Cross-/ office sent! most 93 percent of the money July 17 Hoth City and County property Collector Knight did not have Passed To Stop '

a4 I year to keep the local raised In campaigns remains In taxes were paid 100 percent this I the figures available for the total Tonight at BHS \ I..l

; full time staff. the County. For Fort JacksonApproximately week aa the result of the annual 1941 tax collection (Including amounts Excess Noise

Jets came to light when "Despite the lack of funds, we sale of dU.nquent. tax proptrtji paid by bidders at the I

I Executive Board of the lust have tc keep some kind ol held on Saturday by City Tax Col I tax I
,jIjI met for a luncheon and office open." Mr. Andrews com 40 members of lector Carl Johns and on Monday y'&,' was around 95000., An ordinance" prohibiting the: Home Talent Diplomas .p I

MofldRY[ Guy Andrews, mented. "Bradford County needsa I the local National Guard unit, the, by County Tax Collector C. A S\I Tax certifies, purchased 1 bj "creation of uniciutonablloud Program I :

n of the Board. presided' Red Cross., We are tlll serving Headquarters Company for the Knight.A I the bidders In Monday's ante, bear any At Rotary Wednesday.

[meeting Navy families as well as disabled. 2nd Battalion, will leave! July 17 record was set in both the un interest rate of 18 percent the< noU<-. in the City lnclu>ltn I Be Awarded

dt-clded that volun11 veterans. and the office has workto for a two weeks summer encampment City and County goveinments. foi., first year and 8 percent thne such item as unnecessary, hor A "home talent" program wai ITo

1 Slightly paid" workera do" he said. at Fort Jackson S. C. The this/ year i Is the fifth that the City after which must be paid by the blowing radio\ playing. and the staged at the Rotary Club Wed-

Monday,, Guard unit now has a member ha:* collected 100 and the ne.-Hlty when Lex Green had
on percent
the office Until this week. the local unit owner of the propel ty concern shouting of peddlers, was passe JnUSOBnilding r.
laY. and Friday after- had two paid staff members ...: ship of 55:) County just passed Its sixth yeai"If he exercises hl.s: right to rcdienlit by the City Council at its me charge and called on three men\ I.

enlY. The new system will Mrs. W. R. Morse, on the stall! Capt. T. McClane: commanding of complete t"ollecUon."Don.t I within a two year period I If Ing on May 18. bera of the organization for brie L :
the speeches on topics of Interest Tonight at 8:15: is the hour that ;
effect next Monday at since 1944 on a full time status, officer of the Starke Com you folks get mad at the bidders had not purchase! Other ordinances concern the I
the Clinic building. pany announced also this week me this is the last sale I'll con. of the land for mile Rev. L. D. Haines spoke on the will mark the climax of the Bradford 1; ,
,win and Mrs Gladys Mooty on a part. any Ial.t up posting ()f bond by gas dealers I In
located In Church Street.e time status.The that Al Kay: Carlisle, a former duct." Collector Knight( said good,I lit would have reverted to the the city end the restricting of one Importance of vocational guidance High School year of 1047-4/

iJ staffed the Red Cross bombardier( In the Air Forces, has naturedly as about 30 potential state. tor young mea and women grad, when sixty-two graduating Senators f..
"/ Red Cross "Giay LadY"corps l block on Went Call Street to the: -
for six been and buyers pressed him into tinting from high school and form their Processional and
workers promoted from the rank of eager i suggvsted .
paid Clerk and Tax Collector .
|with City construction of residence alone
| workers who visit : down the .
volunteer start aisle In the School '
Andrews said Mon- corporal to 2nd Lieut. Lewis a' coiner of the Courthouse that the club assume some

Mr we no longer have the Lake City veterans hospital. Haines son of Rev. I.. D. Haines vestibule at the public sale.Ir! Carl Johns said that, Inchicllnj The ordinance to prohibit noise of this responsibility! as a part ol I[ Annex Auditorium. Following the .

But the paid staff will continue its work. of Starke, recently enlisted as a Knight was not a candidate for, the sale of tax delinquent proper; states that "noise of such charn Its program for the new year. I l custom of recent years, members r, t.

to continue ---- private In the unit, Capt. Mc- re-election and he will be succeeded last Saturday. all real estate tax. / ter, Intensity and duration as I to Lucian Conner tolj of a recent 'of the graduating class will make 'o ,
| been k the be detrimental to the life or health the commencement addresses. t I If It
Clam said. next January by J. R had collected m a Ing Chamber of Commerce! meeting he

Ips Revived By Recent Rains; An advance guard, consisting ofa Kelly, Democratic nominee for the collection 100 perctnt. Tho real of any Individual Is prohibited" hal I attended, and Guy Andrews I Their graduation comes as the 1 I< i,
estate taxes amount to $10,41304. It Includes the Unnecessary blowIng result of twelve
truck and a Jeep and their office. donciloeU the! Keep Florida Green: year of study 01 f
_Hook For Tobacco Is Good crew. wilt leave Starke for Fort Every parcel of the County tax "after a few personal tax matter of vehicle horns, the playtn, movement and 'develpment-for' It is I I'f I ,

Jackson the before the rest delinquent property was snappedup are straightened up next week al of musical Instruments (Including the end of the ,road of formal t 1

Agent T. K. Mend "In general. all crops in the day as soon( as Collector Knight collection, Including persona radios) between the hours of ]11 education -, others will continue )
County of the unit follows rail. Over
I Market Manager R.. B. county are showing Improvement." half of the Starke members by par. read off the description and cal taxes will be completed" Mr 11 p. m. and 7 a. m., the keeping of Elections Today. their work in ,higher fields of fa

& concurred this .week In,, the County Agent noted. have been led off his final "Who'll pay the Juhn't said. He estimated that noisy animals the use of vehicle study h
Llclpatlng already
He said that the rains were too processed collections will I be aO) out of repair as "to create lou I
fnlon that the recent rains to and taxes? T. J. Alderman appearedto I total City tax < I The Commencement tonight .Is "

lip snap Bradford ,Countyone late to do berries squash. and records. as The remainder Jnnoculatlong will complete be the heaviest bidder. around $16,000.W.L and unnecessary grating grlndln For Court Justice the second part'of the graduation ,* t
that the rattling other noise r ,
of the most backwardin cucumbers any good but ( or con.tructlon ceremonies, the ,first being the 'It.t .
rain would help most of the fiek processing soon. work except during day 'Nork '
i Baccalaureate services held In the
years.been the wettest andeeaaon corn "considerably." "In fact I 11 All of the activated units of th< Children's Society Blair Dies hours the shouting of peddler Bradford County voters will School' Annex Auditorium last .\ ,

11&I I've ever seen" reAgent will save the field corn" the 48th division plan to take part' In Requests Homes and the use of nolsemaklng gad- make their third trek to the poll'I Sunday nIght. Rev. L. D. Haines. i iI
McClane.' ,( agent remarked. "And the young the encampment. sets except by permission of the within 30 days when they come pastor of the Starke First Baptist ; I'I iI

_ket) Manager Alvarez,noted sweet corn which is not burned Capt. McClane who served over For Needful BoysThe In Car Accident( Mayor. out today (Friday) to register al I Church, delivered the Baccalaureate I I,

lie rains were "very good will come out. But we don't know five years In the armed forces Children's Home 01 : ; Violation of the anti-noise ordinance choice between T. Frank Hobnon'' sermon which was en. t I III ;

He said the what the market will be after II during the recent war, la .now acting Society Is punishable by a 150 fine or and J Tom Watson, for justice of titled "Life's Great Decl lon".
I enough. cucumbers; doe produce." He said that the commander of the entire 2nd Florida which has five Recelvini! 'Services ten days Imprisonment or both. the Florida Supreme court.: I I :"J
u too late for Homes in various parts of FlorIda ; TodayWilliam Only from. trinity of "morality. kI
|uuh but that I it, would help rains came too late to help the Battalion during the absence o( Is making an urgent appeal The second ordinance require The! race for the high court ,prosperity, and happiness" can I I

-a tremendously,' i main sweet corn crop. I LUut. Col. R. B. Harknets of for good homes for older ,boy! all firms engaged In the dealel'shlpot bench. will b<*. the only contest on true success come asserted Revs 'e, I
The wet weather benefitted the Lake City. The 2nd'Battalion liquified petroleum aa well the brief "second primary elec "
the corn gas f
i rain on half qf from 10 to 16 years of age .- boy! L. Blair was klllec Haines. Material success: without ; t',
but have shed consist of Co. F in Jacksonville those who Install tion" ballot. The first special primary
fordhooks many as equlpmen
o late but the *Jater corn who ate utterly hnmeiesn -, boy! Wednesday afternoon In an accident : the moral and spiritual uplift is 'r
Idped. Our corn'acreage labout both their buds and beans. A sec Co. 0 In Gainesville and Headquarters who are eager for love, carr,, mused when' he suffered i for Its use, to file wit hthe city: was held on May 25, coinciding not the reality, he pointed out. .

[ 1-3 of what we had last I ond crop will be forthcoming barring Company In Starke. Co!. education and a chance to be ac. cerebral hemorrhage and his car evidence showing compliance with with the regular second primary Only the non-material factor of ': !I J

fltr. Alvarez said. ,Farmers! mishaps Mr.\ McClane said. Harkness Is on a 30-day special cepte I In every way as perms: plunged Into a standing railroad the bonding or insurance provslons election! of the Democratic happiness aa expressed In morals I F

ill receiving good prices fort I He noted that tobacco Is turning duty tour to the War DepartmentIn ent nicuibers of some kli.illy, foot car near the SAL depot. Mr. Slat of Chapter SS3. Florida stat party. I can .make prosperity a true suc

the Market -- $140 for I green and showing possibilities Washington. __ hearted families of good Chirac. has been prominent in Starke statutes This statute require.. Hobson Is now seated on' the ..:- And the one true way to ''

I corn and $1.75 to,,$2.00 for of a'good crop. Half of the ter. since' 1938 when he came from dealers to either pout $23,000 bon Supreme Court by virtue of a.guotrnatorlal achieve. happiness\ to accept the ,i I'I'ce

I com with the buyer fur- tobacco farmers' are In the process Rites Held ThursdayFor In peking of these boy. Marcus Augusta! Kansas. or to file a public liability and appointment to ,flU principles of Jesus Christ. :

[ the bags. of harvesting and curing War VictimZ. C. Fagg for 37 1-2 yean Funeral nervlcen will be held property: damage Insurance policy the vacancy left by the recent re-, R.". Haines drew his text from '
it tot amount with the Utut
tobacco and readying for that of Justice Rivers Duford. I
their alcntUon
.e peas and butterbeans were the Stati Superintendent the! this afternoon (Friday) In the the Uth chapter of the Ckwpol of ,
while ford- the market opening In July. Wilbur McCall Fire Marshal. 1 His I opponent Is Florida. Attorney I
by the rain. Home Society\ writes. "We now First Methodist Church at 3:30: Luke and retoldtb., story of theRich ,
"Tobacco prices show excellentprOspectz."the Dealers who do not ihdv the General whose titan expires next
fire coming In this have lbout 30 homele boy:I o'clock. In the event that the Ruler who was both prosperous .
completely.out Agent aald. "With Memorial services for. Pvt. Z city evidence of compliance wit January. Watson dirt not seek and moral but who lacked the
> mel! are from 10 to 16 of age yh< y left a'$6 market. hi i. smaller carryover from last year Wilbur McCall another of Union constantly years pleading with! into <, who is attending( a Miami confer this Florida statute are Uibl to reelection to his post as h* was ...., element of happines I Ir Ht
I *, the tobacco companies and World War ;II dead,.were are a $100 fine or 60 days Imprisonment a candidate tt, Oovtrtvcgr In. Vtvf) i .
County's '
/ y find good families who wlll.jjro, ..nces! unable to he present, Rev, .. 1 ?llogb the Rich-paler,.,. II I:
with the European Recovery Plan.prteeahIiod1 conducted at..5.,,o:clock Thursday, or'both. y'primaries.. "far .1> ? .
itjr Agent, _;.wi vide "reasonably! good homPsVoilove / L. A. Shepherd offjclate. .: eOvHty-&li4 lptlrltJ'Ie. had,: .!
; ( maintain a, high afternoon, June 3. In the Wilson The third ordinance restricts th' Officials here predict'an, extremely ,
I all day Tuesday eioarrtlnlng : care and education with,J 'Mr. Blair was war-time administrator not happiness) for .'he went away ;; (I Isorrowfully'
level." Funeral Home chapel'in Lake .. north !tIde of West Call Street between light voti in this county
std that the field (yellow) good hearted families who w ill accept > of the local rationing board from Jesus. The need
Two AAA inspectors are now City- Interment was in the Mc Bay and Broadway Streets perhaps only 10 tu 15 percent of .' I
Is "coming out beauUfully. them as real l members of the and for the past 14 months had of the world, the nation and the
llnted out that both sweetand checking the Bradford County tobacco Call ,family plot in Bethlehem family in every way. been employed as a mall messenger to: the construction of residences ',he' total( number' reglntered. I Individual today is i happiness and f

tobacco are turning acreage estimated' by Mc Cemetery. "None of these boys are angels, by the post office. He was an Piopoxed residences must be valued As In the regular primaries, peace of heart. That I* youp nee-*-' I .'

again. and that the presentof Clane to be 260 acres) and claim Pvt. McCall was born June 23 and all need the patient kindly active member of the Methodic at I,,nst at $ .OOO. This re-' Kills. open at 7 a. m. and clone at now' and will be your need through (I I r''

fordhooks Indicate a that the local tobacco is the bestthey've 1919 in Union County and was care, direction and discipline Church and served on the Board of gtrlcted ar"Ion which the con 7pm. I life for without peace of.--heart \. '

1 crop. seen In the state.. married to Miss Selma Thorntonof guidance of parents, who desire to Stewards.Mr I Ktructl of businesses la forbid Clerks and Inspectors at the and peace of mind and hfiyplness. '
Starke in 1941. lie entered ten, embraces one city block upon there ls until t
eight polling places in the county no success. ,,6nly It
service for dome Blair was born In
helpful f
perform a
xervh-a with th-e Army In 1942 and which are lots owned by W MEdwards have chance to Jesus U accepted Ir-lneart mind, !J..
Starke will probably a ::
Warned Missouri He has been In
Farmers deserving boy. ,
men To Meet I was killed In action near Nency for 10 and lived near the C. A. Knight, and the oaf t little to make up f jr. the and life will the rees of heaven I

ourthouse Monda)r, Of 'Staggers'; France on Oct. 31. 1944. The Society of these does! not ,require but does the cltv limits years/ on the Lake Butler state[ of Emma Jones deceasedAll hard week ant long hour they and the goodnr/i' of happiness C

Military rites were conductedat : adoption boys thiee ordinances panned by< put In during the regular firs ant, rill your heaihe told the graduating 1 V ,
..1 Animal Disease I IVl hope to place them permanentlyIn highway. Council have been acKertLsoU !' .
er Mlkell. Chief Wildlife Ol the grave by the Lake City .he City secoi'd p. irnaries. *
homes of families of good character When the accUTent occurred,
baa called a meeting' of al !I work animals have died <'W' Post. In full In the Telegraph. I "Thla I taen; Is 'Life's Great De ,
A few and habits. on a trial basis I .fr. Blair was enroute to the rall-
en In this area to be hel I the cision'- lo take Into one's heart IIc
Offers '
recently In various parts with the belief that most of them way station in his capacity as U. S. Army I 1'the
court house here Month of Jesus and to let V"
county with suspected 'staggersor i will do prettv well. They are all mall messenger/ Witnesses! report p
Turned On Tough I
| June 7, at 8 o'clock.. encephalomyelltls." County :' 19 Scouts Leave In good health that he appeared ill and his Power Special Training HIcu' command and empower" one's '

a letter to M. L. Johns stated GradsWith life and order one's way, concluded -
McClane yes-
Agent. T. K| In delinquent car narrowly missed/ / direct collision School I .
UKllife: Officer. Mr. Mike; :i terday.I "These are no with another and a Rev. Haines. :
that the of th !11 For Summer CampOver or problem boys but are simply car For Humphreys the nation's colleges ;nd Also at the Baccalaureate Mu.'I' p
purpose ,::1:l "This is the season of the year homeless lad, legal( wards of pole. The vehicle finally struck a
'Ig, I Ie to discuss the regula for the spread of this disease, aa In most Instances because standing railway car. universities iitill overcrowd highchool It. A. Canova played, the piano
I tor the 194* !I t our Society havu an and directed the Glen Club I
hunting season think It may: graduates now opportunity prelude
most veterinarians two-thirds of Starke's Boy of broken homes or wilful Th. attpnrt'ne physician stated! The Humphreys Gold Corporation -
I:-a hear recommendation I I I insect to continuetiielr education In "The Green Cathedral" by Hahn
1be transmitted by biting Scout Troop 70 will leave here neglect. They daserve! a chance that Mr. Blair hud apparently suffered llmenlte mine construction/ ,.
j sportsmen concerned. In some of the bunt technical ind "I Heard A Forest Praying"by
I such as mosquitoes the Agent Sunday afternoon for a six day In normal homes, where they can a cerebral hemorrhage but project east of Starke on the '
representative of the Gam: explained. I encampment at Camp Echockotee go to school, do the little odd that the accident woa! the immediate Camp Blnncllng' reservation was chooU In the wuild. run by the. De Bose. MISS Barbara Moor ,"
8-Sgt. (KUas\ HIrand. for the numbers
38.00 will be present at th:I He recommended that farmers Orange Park. The Troop now hasa jobs that all boys are expected to cause. of death. hot" With electricity for the first U. S. Army was accompanist t.
US & US Air' A. W. Bates directed the band,
:g to discuss these matte I Stark,' Army f-,
work stock vaccinated 28. homes. The deceased Is survived bv Inva Tuesday night an the F'lorltill -
have their total membership of do In their own
local sportsmen, and M.. Starke Force Recruiting Officer said this and Rev. L G. Hemingway gave t ]
unless wife Eva Coburn Blair : Power A Light pullfil
; against e n c e phalomlelltla While at the camp the facilities "We will be happy to give complete .' the Invocation and benediction. 1
urges all Interested persor. Blair of Wichita. truct.'*'! week J
they have been treated in the past which available to all Information to any families ,n 0 brother George witches on newly con
of are
Present, Canes; and two daughters( Mrs/ lines making 300 KW available as'mporary Un"'.t a new pro-selected school
months. the end of the present
12 the '
for a nominal sum. who at ;
Scout In all phasesof school term would be willing to J. Dorr Smith of Eldorado Kansas -j ;, construction", power plftii., qualified young men with New Officer Assumes ;j.

i. Boyles Dies Lacy Silcox Buys boys Scouting.will participate including training and take a boy or two for the summer and Mrs Don McCann of J. 11 duPro, manager of the heir ilgh school field diplomas of specialization can pick Duties With Police 11,
Augusta, Kansas. Dlntrlct. Florida power own
Brief study':\ In all fields the passing of on trial. Handing\ and then be as-
Jer Illness Magnolia Fish Market testa and amusements. Echock "All correspondence should he Interment will be In Eldorado. ..EC Llht Co., stated that erection. ured before> of enlistment alignment to schools A new, police officer, D. T. War- \
iCansaa of! the temporary line was smarted assumed duties with the -
third H. noted for its emphasis on Marcus C. Fagg en.
Boytea 76 die 1 formerly with the otee Is directed to me their preferred occupations -
Lacy Silcox. It wll! serve caching J1t I
I Building hrce : ago. Uarke police force last Tuesday.
I/, May 28, In the Shadycrea t' and outdoor life. at 403 Consolidated following completion of basic
Coca-Cola Company
Starke Vacation BeginsFor he Humphreys Corporation with H" replaces Bert Johns who recently ,
I tal after attending Jacksonville, Florida"Scoggins ,;
a brief Illness. with the Joe Ra- The 19 Starke boys raining.
recently un-
more emporary construction: power resigned from the force. 'i
1 former resident of Middle- beck bottling company. purchased I are: James Newsome, Billy Dodd,'I BHS Students I .11 I the F P L completes a new Some 60 fields are open to grad- Mr. Warren who was appointed

he baa\! made his home i ifw IIe 1 both the business and building ol Richard Kldd, Johnny Kopelouaoa,' Aboard iut> station which' will make 3000 uates who can meet the high en-
by Mayor II. C. Wall and
Mllligan, vacation for 1,040 students approv-
the 18 month Fish Market last Delano Thomas. Richard Summer of the standard, 8-Sgt. Brand
past 1,1( 9r Istment
the Magnolia : Orleans K' available operation
New '
USS eel I the Council. for-
J, tired 1 by City was "
and one
Henderson 38 teachers;
I'8t Madison Silcox recentry sold Billy Bulce Richard .. .. Among!: them are
St., near thol & Friday. Mr. t nine. the ftrrt of next year. xnlnlned .. :'
I officer In
when 'nerly a police Levy
Ronald Andrews, will begin today !
'lICe hU daughter Mrs I' interest in the Rabeck company E. Tomllnson. chief quartermaster principal r'Radar meteorology, photography -
his Weldon: William B. Scoggins. last school Around 75: men are now employed County.

CI'8 WllJUnoon.Bowles to B. F. Miles Arthur Winkler Thomas Billy Harding,,, USN. of Route 1. students trek make to BHS their in order to re-I on the mine construction I radio, electricity, drafting.I Mr. John, a permanent mem'I
Henderson year
was born in Colum- The fish market it located on Billy Tom McClane Lev:]" Starke Is) serving aboard the destroyer elve: their report cards. project. cryptography, engineering, ref rig- ber of the police force for leas '.' 1

I* C., NOV. 17, 1872 and wawnsr CaD Street between Gassett'st'Hardware Gene Shaw Douglas and i TTSS New which recently The 1947-48 term has been notable eration. water supply power gen than a year, resigned because of '

,nember' of the BaptUP 't' Store and the Wall Insurance I Canova. Davis.Jr. Wayne I jvls'ted! New' Orleans for a fourday -'. for several Improvements. Bible School OpensAt ration automotive mechanics' and 111 health. I :. ,'

He i la survived by hi* wlr Agency. Mr. Silcox said Richard E, break in operational training. .1' The High School Band blossomd armorers. <*. ',.
Laura would re remodeledinto I L. A. Canova. T. B. Harding. of the largest Baptist ChurchVacation Is available to high .4
% '
nn Boyle an I I the upstairs and A. J, .His ship was part forth In colorful uniform for The plan Double Header Sat. 'r
|ughtewj Mrs., France Wil_ apartment and rented. He .,T. Shull. scoutmaster, "" force of combatant ships to enter he first time A Student Coun-, Bible School begins at t school graduate betwee o'he age, 1//:
transportation f'
I" of SUrke and Mrs.. Claud s i will continue running I the fish Thomas are furnishing this port since Admiral Farragut I :I1.: undergraduate governing body, Friday of IT a. d 34. who enlist for three Bradford Park will be the scene '
MJddleburg. will have fresh fish for the trip. It during the War be- the First Baptist Church Non-high school graduates,. of
stormed Softball
and double-header Sat
( market and the Beta Club a schoIs.eticI I afternoon, June II, at 2 o'clock year education a .. ,'
rat lervice were held b 1 i and shrimp for sale at all times. tween the States. They had been I honorary society. mad* their bows and a street who can pans an equivalent urday night when two pair of 'I

liNt PUat Church wlOLt !a The property was exchanged for Conner AttendsC undergoing Intricate task force red took a prominent part in with registration examination, also ar> eligible recently organized Starke team ,'f I'

D.,, Haines officiating. In_ the consideration of, 4000. Convention operation when they paused at I(ampus activities. The athletic parade. In addition to the opportunityto clash. The games begin at ?:30. '
of Monday
CJV WM j In Crosby Lak New Orleans'" for logistic supportand I department put a baseball team In Regular classes begin will >> chx.sethe field of specialist and there I Is no admission charge. \) ,
for their seaworthy time In 20 morning at 8:30: o'clock and voU.nteer, Coca-Cola will National 1.
IUIder the executive seer shore liberty he field for the first training today's Army play
direction : Defeat Conner.
FttC weeks.
Lucian for two
continue dally
[ Jones. SfarVe rhumb"ol f crews. fears. who meets prescribed qualifications Onard. and Biggs Baker will :f! "
the '
the for
10-3 tary of There will be departments lect trainingIn swat It out with Rosier Gas Com r j 1.lflY .
1 *bearers Starke Lions attended the '"Cf'nt( "I feel that we have accompllnhd I also may pre-s 41
t under< were R. H, Orlde1 Commerce o* the F orid a Davis With Telegraph I a lot." Principal C. S. Partlnrommented four age group from four years one of the now Potential Leadera' The public i Ia Invited to ': '.
Clarence Meltor between """'JS I prevention 'old through: 16. conducted by '
RoItaeIl Sunday afternoons game Commercial Orjra". "But there is always Schools being turn out for the games. I '1: f
<1ort. Ben Hall an and the Association whograduate added. Mrs. T. D. Harding will be Ground Forces.
Jr. be
Lion .
Bou1ngawol'th. the Starke Executives In Daytnw H. (L (Buddy) Davis. next year. the Army
turned Into a Izatton from the School of principal of the school and will ThIa .leacJenhlp training progrsni'.fi8gt TO RECEIVE: !: BIDS It 1
Dixie\ Lily Miller Beach.Secretary. University of be a sl ted by a ,e-e rp* of 33 serveSnot FOR POSITION t
at the said.
Journalism Available ;
Jake fna1 Brasses :
't To battle between Conner. renorn' or '
Close1Vahnrrtght pitcher" meet- Florida next Monday ha joinedthe I teachers only to train enlisted men for MAIL ME8SKNOER -
Fuasell beneficial
Keene. local twirler. and ths: wan a very U. 3riwnher editorial staff of th* Telegraphfor Improved pasture grasses) win be An invitation U extended to the responsibilities of noncommissioned J I fl
'' 'h. beat Pealed bids for the of
eJo.e florist bualnea l s for the visitor The boy on the Ing. t/lth some o.'luring 01C olC the summer month available to farmer at the Florida I Boys and girls to enjoy this period officers but to prepare outstanding mall will be position accepted I .
after June 13. Mr. J. H well matched. Keene men 1 : experiment Station In Gainesville I>if Bible study.Bubering. soldier for admission! to messenger iIi1
t mound were Activities! and wave and meansof He hu been working on a part by the .atmaster for 10 day be- )
announced thi* week bits ''on 14 and June 28 If the7wtJ1 School and ad-
9 C June Officer Candidate
'JIns has been opeIUnler r striking out 7 and allowing out Improving local Chamber\ work tin basis with ,the Telegraph go after them. Varieties Again vancement to commissioned stat.UI. gUialng Monday June 7. Postmaster ,, L
struck Engineerof F. r. announced Thurs
walk*. FuaeeU Bryan. Dtvurton winter and U Stump
20 year.. and T Norman throughout the part kvailable include Fangola. Coastal
N. S kit andS. walks. the 5th District gave an excellent most of our 99. R. J. (Romey Andrew well- l. day.The e
D. g allowing already well known to : termuda. and Bermuda .
Walnwrlght. 8r. State Leaders' L
what the barber, The six-week Potential messenger Is to carry j
favor report on Bradford County
bt54 3-10 In of I IlIelp known
the> final score was do He has written many Interesting Growers should take plenty mall between and .
florist buaineenU The plans to readers. to new recruit the Post Office : '
Road Department became associated with courses are open only
be week
should also equipped ,his
lbace her death In Novembei of the Miner the next few years la the feature stones for this\ and I proof of the depot and the position has to j
within furnish
shake the who
fork to Barber Shop can
rlth Friends
It baseman potato ,Jie Three be
first filled from sealed
hat Lion and readers a choice of
System. our
been operated by. Kn Buddy Bishop and 1 double, Florida Highway Resolutions paper In the past .oil from the sod a* It I* plowed 4 m Call Street and will\ welcome leadership ability. These school: bid. Mr. Stump said. Those seek .. J
'RAlmvTtght. S :2 .Ingles.' served on the look forward to many moreover '
got Conner ran station personneLrhe.
by potential
11 Leonard of his many friends will turn out some 6000 further Information may con
Tom 1 Jie patronage linK
%JjWwrrltfct batting In 2 runs Committee with his by-lln during the sum .. are the last two days thIs I tact the Postmaster.ck .
to exprewe* he Sunday. June I, the Uon.8.. of Perry and Lester Bush otpaUtka. ear that planting material will I uid former customers. leaders a year I
.; *u customers foi Next mer. -' I be available Ith'
P\tlollace. play Arredondo here.

: A'

.... .
__1 ..-........... ...::-:-:-.>. "''-r .



t r be glad about. How wonderful Is Mr. and Mrll. Lutht.r. Watter6on. attended a celebration .t the home
Telegraph this world of ours. II George Matchett ot Baltimore, ot Mr and Mr. Marvin J., Eiland, Welco"'e RegIrr

..4 Bradford County Clay Hill Hue Is a thought. To impress Hampton Is v11l1tl1a; his father! Earl :Msth-: : Lake Geneva, In honor of their BICQCUE
others we must be In earnest; Mn. M. (. Sweeney son, Terry' first bIrthday annl'ersary. -
r'teh/Aeked Every Fdday and Entered as Second 11.1 Lura BurrMohr to amuse them, It la only necessary By. . Mr and l\trs. Raleigh Brannen t II .....11I.,
!4j+ r at the rot Office .t Starke FIa ronca, N br. to be kindly and fanciful and family attended the Dinner ..... lira"
''Y ;, 0Hatt B\CC.\LAVRE.\T SERVICE .Iven to Camp Standing empllY- RULED PRACTICE PAPER, Jt1IT II.IN. etWlM&.I..lhlll
Richard Cabot says: If we find for .school child rea. 730 .I -- tM., ,
pea on the grounds last Sun Brie aream.Bradford ..
SUNDAY 1 tld.
Wh .ln I help< lay away those .... rap.iM '
1948 III
the e
MEMBER Job where we can be of use, ph
who paa"ed away., and I clean Wilbur A. Scott pastor of the lay, The Brannenl hays ns theirruet County Tele- as.aia. ?.....tIti
we are hitched to the star of the .
Church will deliver the : thIs week, 1'olrs. Brannen'aparenrs erapb. il..1isotht, .
Annually ....0 For SI, Io.tb. house ear g the lovely summer world and move with It. Baptist .,III
g.awsdptkm $2 ",..th.r. main address. when Baccalaureate 1'011' and Mrs. M. B. Leyiteld -- ....
Helpful hint: To carry stamps Services for the graduating eighth of Trenton ar.,1 Charlie Lay- :
The fields\ croas-lItltched With put a piece of wax paper In an field of Galn.lvUle.L .
grade will be held in the School
7 ..
Lie bright beneath the Bun newspaper to polish windows. I 8 p. m.Monday. his home after a we'Jk's visIt wIth s

From where I sit... Jy Joe Marsh And over them wind-footed. wash wIth dreft and dry wIth a night, Graduation Exercises relatives In Dade City, Tarpon
The blue cloud shadows cloth some and polish with
run. paper. for the thirteen students" Spr'nllI and BrookllvJII. He also
t have always kept my sewing leaving this school will be held lttt'n..d the Townsend House Annual Transfer & Storage
Timothy-pale, wheat golden
hallket near when I Iron and sew CO
Corn with school closing for the term Reunion at Spring Lake
colored lie the fields
Three Mighty
r on shirt buttons as I Iron and any
Last Mr and Mrs. John
Tuesday, June 8. weekend
Split rally and boundary thick- AGENT FOR
other rip that can be sewed DELCHER
etsMark EllaRtI of Deland were guests of BRAS
.l.i r.r
; Important Ideas quickly Hilda Brown, Helen AdklnlJ aod the L. D. Eiland"
each farmers
yield. Here Is my lIon'a wife cake re- Rex BrookIns, Hampton's three John Lee Eiland celebrated his Moving aDd Phone 9105

But lip pine hills the tumbled cipe. It III new and she says Is graduates from Bradford High !
unth with at
In between and birthday a picnic $1
Truth lag,.
r alabe: you r..d. where a great Then' lepe beera Adventurous stone walls Bay: good. Eggs are high and this doeR School, are receiving the congratu- Hllmpton Lake on Wedneoday of We Operate Local and lonr
; t .seyelopedia bas! .ortf'd' all b."ie pn out that two nenr Come climb UIJ and discover not call\ for egKs. CHOCOLATE lations and best wishes of their tance Also
troubland that last wef'k. His mother, Mrs. F. Hauling
r ... aII into a few' select der '''Ietter"'f'' they have: .omebody'. trylnc to distort the ____Franc Fost cle WhIp Salad drecaing, 4 tbs wen-earned diplomas tonight at D. Elland served refreshm..r.tolt to City Limits.
f.cts. No. there ahouldn't b. a law cocoa heaped. Mix throughly 2 Atarke Commencement Exercises.A the youthful guests present Tuesday SEE US FIRST
This -
a great _
Truth Tyranny.'her. farmIng country.
9 Temperance should 6"Truth.Fou.da Here the farmers think nothing cups flour end 2 teaspoons lIoda.i. large delegation from Hampton :May 2:5: the Eiland family

: like a funn combination. From where I lit, those Ideas of planting a hundred acres of Sift together One cup warm water attended the Fifth Sunday
.AM to philoeophire a little, notice are arranged Just right. Temperat. corn. The tractors hum and pop au:& 1 teaspoon vanilla. Mix Convention In Graham. / / ?

Truth Is in the center-be- once en one side, Tyranny on Ute and snort afar oft and sometimes anri bake In a glass bakIng dish. Friends of Mrs. Florrie Belle I; Any Type Moving & Hauling
aea Tyranny and Temperille. other-and Truth In the middle-- go roaring past the house In t Here IB the Icing. 3 tablespoons Brown will be glad to hear sheis

How and then you hear folks .eeing that Tyranny never .n- great hurry. Behind the tr..torIIJ ot butter 6 tbs of cream 9 tbs of ..-getting along nicely after a ,

r'v eritieize temperate people who en- eroaches upon T.mp.r.nc.. usually a piece of farmIng machinery brown suar. Mix together and major operation, Saturday In I Let Your Worries
bring to a bolt. Add 3-4 Ib Moving Be Our
moderate ,1.1 of beer. that rattles arid; bumplI, pow- Shadycrcst Hospital, Starke.1'otrs. Troubles
g Joy a dered BUr well 1 van11la.
beera".ttin. The farmers have .kost aU of the sugar tp Ann R. Guy has been visiting .
__ about"two
talk Spread on the cake. Leave In the FOR PROMPT COURTEOUS SERVICE
sNeee One Into trouble, and claim: 9'e corn planted. n 's getting pretty glass dIsh. relatives In Gainesville and I c.i .

........ought to be a law!" dry here frY my garden. Rain fo'rultland Park. This week she .
has. fa!;c'{aU around UII though. Birds sing flowers bloom, we Is attending the Methodist An.
This !rt wonderful weather to clean are still\ alive folks and Isn.t It, Billy Jackson Moving & Ha
C"ri_"", 1941. United Stator Brrwera ,...."...&011 nual Conference In Miami.
.tht.se and I am about done. J great to be alive? Summer Is Mr and Mrs. Ernest Riel and i
sang al I washed curtains and h.re. God bless you
family, who have spent the win
waxed floors. Life III such a precious Love -LuraRising ter In 1Jampa were weekend Phone 163 STARKE, FLA. Phone 49.WeeIee1n

Come In And See Our Line of NewHI.CYCLES Martlnllburc: thing. A about lady dIed four over in near the . . guests of Mr and Mrs. B. L. Hin- ,, ,, ... Ii" nOn.",, l u MINI I-, .I nYNIIIlYY1/INIAWI"''' /' '_YNIIIIIINIIIWIIIWINIXIYII11NaI111NIYIIIIYIINIIIANItlI11NIN'''''''' '' INNIIIYIINNNNIIW'IINNYIIINIWIWIIellumm''''''''''''''' .u"", 'w'' ,W?,_"-
eon They were en route to
afternoon: J got the message and their home In Dayton, Ohio. Mrs.
Don was at the store. When he
Hlnsun and daughter, Brenda Sue,
reached home I was dreed and By Mno Edward' Norman accompanied them as far as Lake-
ready to wIth him. She
go was land. Ga", where' they will visit STOKELYI WEE
82 years old and had reared a e e e .
Now .on dfs..1ay at our store Mr. and! Mra. Audrey Turner
f TERMS TO SUIT family and wall living alone. J Mrs Maggie Norman and granddaughter Ruth Riel Is remaining for a longer -
combed her hair and made her Jo Ann, are spending vIsit with her cousins, Bert
i'c look nice and the family was three weeks with her Bon.ln.law and Peggy Hinson.
1 ALSO. USED BICYCLES AND> pleased. I now like to help tn .thls and daughter, M-Sgt. and Mrs. R.C .
?r ns. .",."' BICYCLE REPAIRS business and to think only two Thomas of ValplrallO, Fla.Mr. Eugene Simmons and friend of. SAL
Winston-Salem, N. C., and Washington
years ago, I wall frightened and and Mrs. Albert Griffithspent'
D. C., arrived for _
V' ./ In awe of anythIng dead. Yes, Sunday With some friends
a visit with R. O. Simmons
life has its compentlons. at Lake City. Friends of Mr.
Mrs. Lynn Hall returned home
& My IIIJC baby chicks arrived Grtftlth I will be glad to know that
Sunday night after weeks visIt
i / a
1. .L BIGGS BAKE from the hatchery. They were he Is able to be out again after ,with friends In Macon end "'alttsNa .
free. It was a chilly: morning when another serious operation In St Ga.

St. Starke. Fla.CONWAY'S they arrived In a 60x. The chill Luke's Hospital. Mrs. Jean Warren and daughter t 3 Sole Doy
must have given them intentional Friends of Herbert Norman will
Calvlnette, of Alachua were
sickness, be to know that he Is In the
... The little things sorry
I' ------------------ poor guests Tuesday of last week' 4.f -
drooped their wIngs and I tried hospital In Jacksonville for an aw

=- ---===- =- ;;: -"- to give them to someone I was 'Dperatlon. We all JoIn III wishing daughter spent last Sunday with N -

so busy However no one wanted him a speedy recovery. MI'. and Mrs. Robert Jones and June 3.4.

SERVICE STATION them and now I am glad. I gave Thurman Jones was visiting hIs family of Brooker.Mr. .

them Llptons tea to drink, and'wife, MrB. Jeanette Jones and and Mrs Woodrow Thomas .
fed them and kept them warm. their children Sunday evening.Mr. and family of Brooker were visiting .
T1 rhone 141 Temple Ave Starke, Fla., They are aU alive and look good and Mrs. Gordon Jones and In this section last wet'kend.

are feathering out. I have them .
WASHING fOLlSllING WAXING +------------
" GREASING ELECTRIC ARC WELDING down on the lawn In a bottomless BargainsGalore s... ....... _,..J., E-..., y_ e...
box. Love those
,' pet.
Ise Vfeosttrized Car-Wuhl" To Remove Dirt Vacuum Cleaning I had another pretty pIece of Have Your PICNIC At. -" Store

'u; e>< IlpholstM7IJiprrf: : Painting -'See U. For Estimate'r goods from Hazel Ortfflll who has 4 Pai

the store In' (,Highland. I have Dose''
"DRZS, TUBt $ : written her twice to ask the Strickland'sLanding a
Small Down Psyments With Smali :Weekly Paym ntl. price With' no definite answer. I Miss It! Pries

SEE US FOR 'Qt."R CAR NEEDS have the pinafore made and everyone t -i list
HURRY! 1 1 1
remarks how pretty It Is. I
I am 80 happy wearing It I do not
feel so far away with It on. Several -

'i BATTERIES $1.95 up EXCHANGE new housell have been built at

N,, TIRES $12.75 and up EXCHANGEr Highland which Is only stones KINGSLEY .
I throw across the way from Clay
.. .
: ._ = -:: :;::;: Hill I hear the Ted MannIng" LAKE

have a new baby girl.'

Letter from Lula Mae Mosley HOSPITALITY ON

. that they are thinning out the
UNDERSTANDING ,corn and that her sister Margar- BOATING COTTAGES

.. ette from Miami spent the week- Write: F. W. Strickland, Starke, Flan, '
based upon long years 01 wide, experience end at home. They were so happy
and Serving dignifies his funeral to have her. A letter from Mar- ------------------- .. .

home with a superior excellence in garette says the crops looked THE WAY HOME
handling affairs of sacred discretion. good and they were making the
j new road past Clay Hill to Mid.

dleburg. She waB going to a beach SAPP'S STORE
'I party with her boy friend and

others and have a cold water-

}, DEWITT C. JONES, melon. She la the daughter of SPECIALS FRIDAY & SATURDAY JUNE 5
STARKE PHONE T'I Harrison Mocley Nice letter from
Dora ,Joh" She says her Bon
Marklee Is now In the Navy In
Funeral Director school In California. I am so glad. tl r al
He went to school to me and I
Our local funeral home enables u. tot was always proud of him. I wish

I offer conveniences and services not more of the boys could see their ..

1 otherw:se availabl way to get In the Navy or Air 51> :cIA IS
Forces or same branch. Now the

i f'W.rrant the hlgbea: type lervice at the lowest prices art pay Is good and the life would be

rS accept ANY life InsurllAce policy In force Issued by ANY com eallY. You could go to school and /
ha.ve plenty to eat build Wild Rose
'pM1y, as payment in part or in full 00 a funeral ConaultaUoD"canf. your
body up until you will be proud CRIS I CO

t .. DO obligation.WLa.ratllNll'INYHYW41Ui71bUN1 of More youreel new babies The MeivinPadgetts S Y R U P Shortening

have a baby girl. Buddy
--- ->
: Padgett has a baby boy. Letter No. 5 Glass 1 lb. Tin
I ,...... ,,, ,, ,,. ,,
'. "" ,I'' 'i..7." WiI.WIIYNWItlIIYIIIYIUNIa/W1IIdIdIIW1INNI11XIW1141uYYYYY, '/ ''' ''''''''''' ''' '''' '''''NI ''NINIIYIIYIIIAl1I411uMIIIMPYI1171JIW''''' from Elnt'I' Lort'ne Padgett and

( ": .Jost Everything II .he had been to Long Branch on
S8e 45e
Mothers Day to the service and I

\ To Build, Repair or Remodel dinner. She said they had a lot
to eat. She put flowers on her
BUiLDER.'t nE.lnux moth r's 'grave and her grand- Any Brand

mother's grave Reveraod Percy, Any Regular

H C Knight preached and was assisted COFFEE
/ I
'"'" ...- by Raymond Strickland. She aaysl BREAD
A 0 school will be out May 2&.They
had a big teachers meeting at
:: N 5eBELOW
R Clay Hili. ThIrty one teachers, 14e ,
C were present. The PTA served ea.

D. dinner and Mr. Bowles the Co. Regular Price

NOW I.IIICA" fIY..n R Supt. waa there and they were
I all so happy. Jack Wilkinson is
W loun rAINY 111" YSU E I again elected member of the Overseas Brand Flag :

school board. I have a card. with

A TR his picture. I have always been PORK BEANS DOG FOOD
l 'IIIA. E 80 proud ot him and his family.
God bless tbem. Walter Lanl"

wife wa able to come home from 1 lb.
YEAR DFIIEAII11'J can 3 25c
E CONCRETE the hospital. Blackberries are ripe cans
at Clay HilL We do not have Wild x
ITIA88 AND B berries right here, and how I mire 2 for 23c w <
them. Letter from Aunt Lilly
D W .&IA.. L Wilkinson says she I. well and 10
happy In her Forest Home Her Orange Brand ALL
0 0 house Is neaUed down' among
pines and friut tree. She lives PORK
alone but never ia she Ion.ly. WEINERS 1
She'is very reUgous and a pre- SAUSAGE
: ANNIS cioQ dear soul who does appre- 24-lottl. Case

K'S 'date the life God gave her. She 45c lb. 'JOO plus tie,.,I'-., your dealer
bas been picking buckle berries SSe lb.

,: BUILDING SUPPLl, S and black berries and wishes I
Q10. w. there to roam the woGU with ,

''ftr'l--' 1..IM8 W. Mala 8t.. SenW P. Q BeJt 'be. I have other letters telling We Featly Appreciate the Patronage each 01 10"UO UNO" AU7N011rr 0' 'MI COCA.CO' CO.'AN" 1Y

; .. OtINCSYILLE FLA. a 01 new clothes and gardens and customers has STARKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING
." ....., our given IU. COMPANY
10 \ ,,", church and a host of things to
r .
....'lel.l. _NanaenWNalaWNa' "aneaalu o"..."...cPBB& '

." "
.. \ .
#' I, .

__, ,"r'r", '\ .........J ,.;t"t." ., !,,



JC __ I I,
The Methodist- Hour Baptist Church 1 Mrs.\ Ida. Craig in Newberry last 'Mrs. Mae Wells, over the week. !Mrs. Frank T. Abernathy Sun-, times.. It is sure to be--popular; 5 r. .

Pine week end. I Ja>. ''omc.n.g the devotee of option and i .
News Level I 'i
arch Beginning this Sunday morningat Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sowoll were+ Rev. C. B. North pastor of the A large crowd attended the 1 susptnue. ,

11 o'clock Rev. L. D. Haines By 'I... II. M, McRae visiting Mr. and Mrs. V. V. lagan Lawtey :Methodist Church is attending j tifth; Sunday services at the Chrls-I Next: 1I c.day. and, Wo ik pastor of the First Baptist Church Sunday. I the Annual Conference of t L.an Church 1 ) i '
t lId enjoyed the ,
Church will bring the first in a series of . the Park will show a brisk comedr'l'; i i? I i ?- .
terian Miss Marie Edward! of Jacksonville Florida! Methodism this week In x.untiful\ dinner I i
messages, "June Jewels frogJesus" Rev. W. E. Hall filled his reg White Temple Methodist Church II III romance, "A Likely Story", afar I illK'l '
spent the weekend Mrs. 01' -
Ministerll'orshP with Mrs. 1\1' IUou n haufman. These precious powerful ular appointment at the church Ivottle Kdwards. I Miami. Rev. North hits been pat-, I;laughter. Kiltie and Mis., Mar- ring BiJl: illitms and B..:1Ht.r.. ,';, "

and Sermon? at pearls from the teaching of the Sunday. morning and evening with: The Woman's Missionary Unionof tor of the local church for two ,luiet 111,1''e: ,p In a.r.eavllle I Hale. '
1'h1sermon: will ( Saviour will deepen the .spiritual' 200 in Sunday School classes. Two the Baptist Church will meet 1' years and his congregation would r .'.sii.i. I 1k .
rk. Realities", life of the Christian. new members were added to the like to see him, rvappolnted for
,f nitlM a Wednesday afternoon June 9, in' 1 l l.u r.numi'y: wan a".lened
secondary things The evening Happy Hour begins ohurch roll. the Brookvr Baptist Chvirch. another year. t o learn of the death of Mrs. I HI'd ,,' '
men whl' we fpen'r' too at 8 o'clock, for the heart-warming; \\'e are glad to know that ill** The R. A. and O A. will meetTuesday :j Mr. and Mrs Da'idV.. Moore of () te.'n."Tycoon", EXPERT : ;.
mention In fact song .service of request hymns and Mary Lou Alvarez is improving Jacksonville was the guest of Mr.l,I ,: 1 'rl
and night June 8, at 8 o' '
ourselves out gospel choruses. The Pastor's nicely after an appendicitis op Moore's parents! Mr. and Mrs j 4 1 : Ip
wfa'' clock at the home of the FeaturedAt /I .
uJ and neglect the evangfllstlo message will be a eration last Friday in Shadycrest leaders. Mr. new H. Moore, last Sunday. Ii | < :;
thing and Mrs. Barney An
1 ble and the more abld- text garnered from the Revelation Hospital.Mr. drews, for a social. All 'i Dean Harley or Gainesville was Park Theatre : r r
of Jesus Christ to John "Falling and Mrs T. N. Norman and people are invited to be present. visiting his grandparents Mr. and : ,y. \ '
0.echoed r.f: Bring Rocks" son If Hellbronn and Mr. and MrrBarney Mrs A. H. Harley over the week-] Tough terrific action Is promlsd t
945; Miss Lillle Linzmyre and Stan '
( / in "Tycoon", the technicolor I II
Sunday School meets at 9'43A : Efcgers/; and son of Jacksonville l
for the Bible Icy Crosby of Gainesville w e t' end.Drr. .
r .
stay that
at the Park
n and M.: continuing the atudy of were dinner guests of Mr. and :Mrs. R. W. Mosley had opens I
refreshI visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. A Cros
Adult will Daniel with a full corps of teachers and Mrs. Owen McRae Saturday; by Sunday. as their guests last Sunday 1\Ir.l I ;rheatre Sunday for a two-day rSERVICE '

,I t.
meet at 6:45.Midweek James :I featured roles In this l'lIona'kelt -
Mr. and Mrs Bishop Thomas Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Crosby attended -I little daughter and Quotes J ,
Fellowship in the \ service Wednesday t is and children of Brooker were graduation exercises at 'tall of Orlando and Harvey LIPI I> drama are portrnyeil' by

I later,, each Sunday. Young The guest of Methodist Hour. directed by the Pastor with a weekend visitors of Mrs. Thomaa' Lake Butler Friday night. of l.iM i, pett of New York. ,\;'Jonn:drlr Wayne Hard ,. l l. raine Cay, Sir :: i .t..t.ChUR.
: and Jud Ih
SIX study of the Outline of the Bible parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Lewis. week j R. R. Thede and Richard An. C.
Thedel 'r'rShepherd
find this a helpful listeners on Sunday morning, June ,lerson. It Ii: n rugged!) ho-man t
n I and the meaning and background Mr and Mrs Billy Crosby ol''of Jacksonville were visiting '
discussion. 6, will be Or Thomas BradleyMather :h'ama conctn'ng men who face ,
,dy and of each book. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myrick and Lake Butler were visiting: Mr. and friends 1 In Lawtey last Sunday Lhe f .
native of England and To each of the church services I daughter enjoyed the birthday; Mrs. C. A. Crosby Sunday. | pfternoon. I rigors of nature to timid ruilpoaiM. 1. I i" I I
ry of Central Methodist there is a cordial Invitation to alto B. M. : pausing in their gruelling At Guy's Service Htatloa. i I .
now pastor I celebration In honor of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Jerrel Roberts ol' Miss Mattie Harley of Jacksonville I 1
Church Kansas City, Mo. attend worship, Myrlcft at her home at Lake Starke were visiting Bert Stoke I'I was the guest of her parent) J pursuits for a bit of romance be- !, i '.r. I
l 1
pill Dr. Mather, one of the outstanding Geneva last Sunday. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Harley, last -- f \ rl .
At The Tabernacle Markley Crosby of Tampa was Sunday. i :
leaders of :Methodism In the .
and .
recent visitor of his uncle
a Mrs. G. V Lee Is confined to ( I
y .l ;
mid-west, will speak on "Unshak Lewis, Floor Sanding & FinishingPAINTINfi 1"
I0g Lovers of Prophecy are thrilleat aunt Mr. and Mrs .H. H. ) Riverside Hospital, Jacksonville :

able Serenities". the message being delivered and was accompanied home by; Lawtey where she underwent u serious op- .. t. I
This increasingly popular pro at the Tabernacle. Such messages Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis returned eratlon She is reported to be tlonll'ly i f -
Is heard over station WJAX are conductive to Bible Study home Saturday and wax accompanied 11, I" II. Kntrh Ing at tills writing. Rev. i : :
gram *
each Sunday morning at 8:30: o' and heart-sfarching" Meditation.The by her slater Mrs Alice I I Lee.. and two daughter Ruth and PAPKR" HANGING ,$i ;' I
f f3i
Young/ Peoples' Meeting, Crosby n.\sl'II.\I.I.' Joanna 1 went to .see her on Tues1 -
Brit COM ((2-p ce clock. \V. Boan of Hellbron'prings INTKKIOIl: DKCOKATINCCALVIN : ( 1
Mrs G.
Saturday night ,
was an especially The Keystone Heights hint I 1 I I
and day Her friends hope foriher
t ,
0eur' lo "' many
IllO il happy one as they are looking In. visiting Mrs II. M Mc school baseball loam conic to Law,' I
; Masan I speedy I
til 1s&itoftil y ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL forward to greater things In the Rae and other friends. in this sec, try lust Sunday afternoon to mee!t 1' Mrs\ G. W.recovery Roberts went to DeL '.. ,J. .1. F :
future. Visitors welcomed at all tion this week. 'I. w
ti.e Lawtey school players In i I' land last Saturday. to lie with her
a Sunday: Church School 10 a. m.; I
services. Rev and Mrs. Hall attended the hotly contested At th<.'
-" father J. H. Tatum over the week-
Morning Service 11 a. m. Fellowship meeting at Bearea Bap end.' of the game the score was I I'end.1'' It ; i

: Friday: H'estry Meeting 7:45p. : Methodist ChurchIn tist Church In Tampa last week to 5 in favor of the visitor M JOHNS .

.a a r t m. They were accompanied by Mrs. Brown did the pitching for the . . .r". r 1 !
> Rev. S. W. Creasey the absence of the pastor David Kelly of Starke and J. W. local nine and Roundtree was th< I: 'fI 'f-ft I
who is attending Annual Conference Hall of Jacksonville. They stopped visiting pitcher. These teams haw Graham PHONE 41 i t ; ;

in Miami this week, both by Orlando to visit the bedside a game scheduled for next Sunday, ', I !t'i t ',I
IALt ZINC .,. morning and evening services at of Mrs. Robert Hall who has beenin The Lawtey Home Demonstratlon By Mrs. John McKinney KTAKKE, FLA. :.

CAPS !< REAL TE the Methodist Church Sunday will the hospital there for several Club met in the School Cafr.teila . I "

Rubb tiny Uat your property for sale be In charge of Rev. L. A. Shep' months. ,. 'I I I last Monday afternoon faa Earl Starling of Galnenville was '
f1 otsi for a n.ra.aI MadgWhixham < I. ,
Mason i.rs. with me. I have sold many herd, chaplain of the State Prison woik meeting. the weekend visitor of hla mother, '
.il At the hour Rev. .1 I taught the ladles fabrU I .If.
piece of property and haw morning : Mr*. Kate Starling. He plans to
e+I buyers. A herd will use as his topic, Shf'P-1+ I painting at this meeting. spend next weekend In Daytona I: ;
prospective BrookerBy
.... square nany dead la guaranteed. A Touch of the Master". BKVNSTO MARKET Beach. EARN While You LEARN to FLY : ,!i:1 ;j i'

Ut',.11'0".........0""s'' fair commission Is all that I re- At the evening hour the guest. Helen HarryMr. Lawtey took on a new look last'1 Mr. and Mrs Lconaid McKinney 0 2.. t
.00;: aa : +a..?. ., As a member of the pastor will use as his subject "The Monday when the farmer begar, "Mrs L. 1>. Graham and Mrs, ;

Noe.............. ?:Ir:c.OIAM"." .... Realty"assured Board that I you will represent may be Glory of the Human Spirit". i I and Mrs. J. R. Crews and of I I ket.to bring Several Ford-hook hundred beans hampers to mar"I Martha the Scott funeral, all of Daytona services attended for On The G. I I. BILL of RIGHTS f :> :, ::

SptseE; ; IUIotIA) you to the best of my ability. PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS Jacksonville were visiting Sunday Mr.after I I were picked on Monday and a few. Theodore Melton here M'nday. | .J "
CHURCH O. W. Barry
u""tIIIi N. D. WAINWRIGHT Jit. Ave.Sunday Mrs. on Tuesday with prospncts of several .'! Mrs. Milliard BroiRhton oft, f j I
0tli St. and Temple ,
6/11I, -- ---Realtort-.- tPhone 1 154 I'" School 9:45 a. m.; Morn- noonMrs.. J. E. Hardy and daughter, next days two of weeks.picking The during bean bolt the of Gainesville Mr. end, were:Mrs. Cail wirkcud Drcughton.lWe've guests| We are now Approved for the following ;it 1', ,

Ing Worship 11 a. m.; Evangelistic Janet were visiting/ Mr. and Mrs was put Into operation and ran I had some nice rainfall courses: ._ "1 t I ,r, ;;
Services 7:00: p. m. Everyone Douglas Hardy of Hampton Saturday Haste Ground and Advanced l
nearly all night. One car was, this week which was badly neededby Primary I j

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH STARKE welcome. Dock evening.Anderson of La Crossewas loaded and smaller amounts were tur crpps. Everyone is busy Flying: Also Private Commercial --......... ... H i'', I
shipped by truck. The price wax harvesting peas and corn, andwtl and Flight l i Instructor ,__ ... '
here Monday. 4' :
"In The Heart of Town And In The Heartsof "ST. visiting: and around $4.23. :' soon be In the tobacco. Courses. Approval No. 5650. ,a,4W .. _---
CHl'RC1iSunday Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Markey : 4
The People"A I M,'. and Mm. Juan McKlnneyand ,
Mass 10 a. m. Malcolm Lewis were visiting in Tiic Lawtey MY/F/ went to Wal Mr, and Mrs. Bonnie Hines 1 1 R
Sunday School 11 a. m. Tampa Sunday. Mrs. Tom Edwards do List: Monday for a meeting of were shopping in Stirke Satur Class Room Instruction Tues. & Thurs. i t : '
Baptist Church For All People Week Day Mass 8:30: a. m. accompanied them but will the Garfield Evans Sub-DlntrlcL" '
Nights ?:30 P. M. .
O'Dowd, Pastor for few days day.Mr. t
-Father John remain in Tampa a New officers were Installed at and Mrs. 1)uddy, Hines of '

unday School 9:45 Training Unions 6:45Kvenlng : '. visit with her son. this meeting. The Lawtey Church, Jacksonville were visiting here \ ;1\ "p,
.. T. B. Plnholster was a delegateto was honored by having three ol' Hunday. Mrs. Llzr. lines, who CONWAY-LIBBY U-FLY-IT SERVICE : j '
I Morning Worship Happy Hour Farm, the National Baptist Convention the .fficers elected from Its mem. bpnt) the past three weeks In PHONE 147 OK 32 f J..,
State> I I
last l'
11:0 8:" 'V held 'In Nashville, Tenn. bership. Jacksonville visiting )her children 1 i
week. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bale and two' her home. CONWAY
\Vhitflel returned with then to AIRPARK I
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sadamolne daughters of Palm Brach were I'I For,'.ter Reynolds of Key Went '
Morning Sermon "June"Jewels: From Je us" : of Ft. Myers are guests of Mr. the guests of Mm. Balsa mother,,, \vatlHiting his erfinJmother, i f.? ..1

Evening Sermon "Falling Rock*" BRVSH PARTY .and Mrs. C. A. Crosby this week. I i I
Mrs. J. A. Bouvier and Mrs.M. ,. Mr. and Mrs. J. F Parrish of it
\acatlon+ Bible School, June llth Through E. Griner sponsored a brush Lacrosse were visiting Mr and jj. '

June 2 thI..lt party at the home of the latter Mrs. J. W, Thomas Sunday. \: '
'Friday afternoon. The interesting Mrs. H. B. Conerly of Ocala Hear YeHear : ;>
"\ The Church With The Visiting Pastor" demonstration was given by was visiting friends and relatives .I e. ?MU

Mrs Mary Turner of GainesvilleAppropriate here over the weekend. t,
awards were made In :Mrs. Mattie Sowell; was visiting "

contests: and each guest was given !
TARKE BUILDERS SUPPLIESA an attractive souvenir. The
Complete Line of Builders Supplies hostesses served sandwiches and .e.CARPENTER'S $10,000 rJfi ;
||1\'\ Across. From S.A.U Depot DrlUery Ser lee cookies: w II t tsly
Summer vacation has begun/: for iilig '

|Paint in-Uilliams Pay tour by The House Month Paints I Home_ Fal rbankA-M Water If Desired SystemsPay one lores the Dobbs Farm Union Ann and boys Wainwright Tommie County and bowling girls School, Kenneth who. were De-attend : .... l YB SOLD AT YOUR BID < :!:f a: j' ;I Ik

those who completed the

METAL & COMPOSITION ROOFING among eighth grade at Raiford and are' SATURDAY : !
we Asphalt Shingle ale( ) Building liard- now ready to enter high school. : :

-Hdnluari- Cloth Comrgon and Finish Nails A8bea- Herbert (Sandy) D'Alemberte of j
t Chattanoochee has been the guestof \
">N Siding Cement'- Mortar Mix

IBER All Grades MOLDING All Kinds week.Mrs.) Mr. .and Waldo Mrs.( J.Prlnnle,C. Wallace; and son this, I U!< ONLY!' ti i \ ''I :

Harry, of Auburndale came Sunday \ J JI.
\ to visit Mr. and :Mrs. P. SCrews PRESCRIPTION 'I.. I
and Mr. and Mrs. C D. I w i i

ONZE SCREEN WINDOWS & DOORS I Sellers.MI'!!. Gerald* Cox and daughters PHARMACISTPhone i We Have Moved Our Green Cove Springs Store Here To Starke :j i,,ii ?. j I Ii :.

Misses Elizabeth and Lois Irene 64 STARKEOntheMinit

I t and and Cox,Mrs.Mrs.were J.R.overnight M.H. Bradley Cox guests and Wednes of of Mr.Mr. Servict \ Complete, And Beginning Saturday At lOA. M. We Will Sell : ( l ;i

al $ &h I day.their Berry: ,home They Georgia exercises In were to Orlando of attend en Martha routefrom to the Mount Berry/graduation The ENTIRE STOCK At PUBLIC AUCTION :" '. .,.:' :

High School. Miss\ Patsy Cox
of the graduating' '

was class.Mrs a J. Mrs.B. Treadwell J. M. Bradley accompanied and : 1 k You Can Buy Any Item From The Finest Quality' I ii1i:1. :'

Mrs! Cox to Statham Georgia ;
where they spent about a week 1 Electrical Goods To The fl 'i, a
at Mrs. Treadwell's home. : Smallest Purchase AT ':i; 'I I i'It
is retained Miss Pauline Brannen of Jack- :

hy modern Mrs until sonville R Sunday.was W. Brannen the Jack guest from of Nelson Mr.Friday and of.: \lz'YOUR: OWN PRICE .;1, i i ti tit ir t\!\'

Jacksonville was also the guest of ,! It'

((1'' w methodsGood Mr.and and.children.and Mrs.Mrs.Brannen Celia George and Sunday.Mr. Manaasa George visitorsof *ceWSGeeft 1 Anything & Everything That A Drug Store Selk ;;( ;; ..I;,

were :
of Jacksonville
clothes deserve the finest dry Jr. ,

cleaning care ;less exptnsive clothes Mr. and the Mrs.past W. week.G. Stringfellow "Setten. I;;. :.'

demand care it.always Clothing gets the left kind to our of dry expert Mrs.during Saturday L. W. Fleming for a week's of Orlando visit EVERYTHING GOES! We are offering you the opportunity of I: ;, J:: :'

cleaning that revitalizes fabrics with came her parents. Mr. and Mrs. when you have enough a lifetime. COME EARLY and spend the day.Koch 'f l' .""I

accentuates colors--and makes them John Godwin. Windstorm Insurance. If 11 : .,
smell fresh, look fresh wear fresh :Mr.:\ and MM. J. A. Bouvier spent t t'j; {! !

and ',fresh .longer. .Preserve! and Thursday of last week with Mr. I \
stay We Sell it ; ; ;
In I t
Bring Cecil
-wearables. and Mrs.
protect 'smart f
them in today. Mrs Bouvier was among shower thosejresent I" f'it; !
at a
given by Mrs. William Christianand Charley E. Johns Drug Store t
In honr -
MM. William Wynne
PHONE 135 > of Miss Betty McRae whose of Agency I!
to David .
marriage FLALpw
315 Okeechobee will be ,an event of no-! 11 STARKE.iirtlnc .t t ) ,l

Temple June 24. and I
Mr.n Mrs. Ralph Cox STARKE, FLORIDA '
PrU- i
Are. daughters, and
their If

;Spa. of Live Oak were Cox visitors from TWIT AVILIna' .M* tf *< f ''ft ij 'ftl l ly
Friday of Mr. and until MM.Sunday.R. H. "- i :,f j'j'f .J

STARKE FLA. r' /*;: \(it:

r.t-, ,

.. --.- ------s- -. -- -
-j--- --- --- ----- -

F l

FOUR I Mary Louh e
PACK I Ylalntift v.--; ,.n'.m Ily I
Operetta Cast pber, Jr., n"tendant ...:

I Ij I 2.CIETy and CLUBS Conrad STATE AND 0",10.I'OTII'p OF Roy: ril". ;Pt+RItI.1.ro'I'A"11I'r."I I',t

Mooty Residenee ;; d.nre You u are'unkn, II .tlq

rhone 3.s May 3rd. |ni'
.n.. Editor: h :._1.:
: 1'KonaKindergarten* seeks l dlvoiTelcucraph' "'
--- ,
.'. hal| !!" ',,,
In next for 'iI .,
Class Miss Jane SheltonTo Witness '" "....
: : anal' at Htm !'
:. Wed Lt. GaineyAt f' y April isle a
1 Holds Graduation : "e OFFICIAL I liAa .
Ft. Sam HoustonMrs. Clerk >f
r kindergarteh + t lohn' .1 Horn
Mrs, Eldridge Smith # : tine Pin, It
class known as thE 'Happ; Atty. for PltProves
Hearts School held its graduu 1 .,

tion exercises Wednesday after : FAST RELIEF;
week at 3'30 o c l'io'k 1 a
noon of lust M1yay'
k immediately preceding the regula ? A + PfllHMISESI
TeacherAsmoclxtiam '
meeting of the b
\ : ( el Rheumatism Neurilelt i,
following program wn prc Mutcltii\!
The JUST nib .r..hina,
S ash
', tented. Ty.i r t x t h. oa.. .pot. Intunnhtt4. .
I' dale Hart to tell. the pun
A a u
''V, The Butterfly 4 BALM 10 in ha. 1..1...lot.
.O_ln at
tnann, Bwnnilatlafaction "setBACKAC...
Bob 1
Peter Family Tree i .
;( t -- .

w' o Smith.Shopping Song -- BUI Green vr -- Some of -the 200 asalaaaa first and ,1 Bee:and grade pupils who took part in the spring operetta, "The Trees'' gWek

l Kay Hart. t :i I Secret", are pictured above In thl lr brilliant costu-nes Included In the group are frogs, sun Matthews_beams, =aria..Paitu eomtortlna, Imbtu,Oettlo boIp, fir I I

k, :4 Only Just Me'Dave Long. breezes, columbines, buttercups, v lolets, and many others. At left Is shown Mary Agnes written and euebi nadir.u. sadstlr't,
Linda Sale. "Miss Spring"directed seated on her flo er-covtreJ throne. The operetta was -1'I1IDIe and Sao-. .
/ .1 c Class Will n her costume as Ladd.: troubi..,
,I "Graduation Hay" -- J e a n by Mrs. L. A. Canova, I nuxlc director of BHS.Driggers. a or z.,cnrrrrgl bay
S ., ---- -- your' dniiitet for Cress is ,

t JIi Hiatt.Clasa Poet Mary KatherlniWalnwrlght. WCTU Meeting Held Home Near Completion


I '' Following the program Mrs Friday Afternoon .\\B1L1TY ISBIgtS 1
to the
:" Smith presented kindergarten diplomas pupils:: Elizabeth Tindal Sheltonof An Interesting meeting of the Although not rllmpuM

( 'Ir following Linda Kay Sale, Jean Hiatt, Eddie San Antonio Texas announce local WCTU was held Friday much safer to 1'8FrJI..i
:, t Smith Barbara the engagement of her daughter afternoon 3:00( o'clock with Inmiranrp. 1 r"p..nt II
I, Hartmann Ward Kathleen, Conway, Flora Jane, to Lt. Homer Perry Gainey,, Mrs. Jennie Thornquest ViciPret'dent. line, r..lluhl,. shack C'IIIII

Slade, Douglas Seymour Mars son of Mrs. Homer Gainey and '! presiding in the absent Your bu.lne"11I Ii Ii
{ Katherine Wainwright Jimmy the late Mr. Gainey. The wedding of the President Mrs W N. ated.

Lawson Ferman Roberts, Hank will be an event of Saturday eve Johnson. The meeting opened with I29!) \\'. Call Slml!

Graham and Marsha Kay Bennett ning. June 19, at 8:00: o'clock in the singing of Temperance .Dongs Opposite Bradford Co,T*!
the PTA meeting which the post chapel], Ft, Sam Houxton, after which Miss Kdna: Noeicel a
During Phone 1 1M
"J'tt over by the president Texas. 't member of the State Youth Ternperanre -
1 wan presided .4n 1
'Jn:, Mrs J, :M. Smith an Inter The bride-elect the daughter of w trx' Je Council conducted a very N. D. Wainwriuht

t 1 eating, report on the cafeteria Cot, Joseph Richard. Shelton of beautiful devotional service.

't wan given by the principal of the Clarksvllle, Tenn, attended Kulllnx Routine business was transactec

!, high school C. S,.FarUn.Mrs. .! College. Bristol Va., and is at find, a letter was read from Mrs.

,!))1i T. T. Long, in an Impressive present a student at Incarnate Kate J. Alonzo, of Orlando, State ,
ceremony. Installed the following Word College. Chairman of Christian Citizenship FARMERS -

'L': \lT new officers for the com Lt. Gainey was graduated from and Legislation. Congressional

I Bradford High School, Starke v matter were discussed and other TIMBER OWNER
.I r.;":, year. T B. Harding. and attended the University of Important Items of business handled Pictured above is the attractive new home of Mr.[ and Mrs. Cleve-

1' ,; Vice-Pres. Mrs. L. A. Canova. Florida where he was a member land Drlggeis at the corner of West Call and Westmoreland Streets Let me bring my tpes\y

t, I Recording Secretary Mrs. R. ''of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon 'fra { I Some of Interesting Temperance In the Pinehurst subdivision. The Inside finish work is now nearing signed, pat entml, PORT,

1 ) P. Stubbing. g PurcelL ternity. He graduated from the tracts were presented by Mrs !: completion, and Mr. and Mrs. Buggers expect to move into their new &AWMIIX to your lop
Alexander Academyat Noble who closed the meet-
,t;; Treasurer United States Military White
home within the next two or three weeks. Raw accurate lumber tal
t" Corresponding. secretary Mrs West Point In June, 1947, and Ing with a prayer.
:, E. L. Matthews. Is now stationed at Randolph The session was held In the 1-- -- needs to jour KIJI'tInIai

;;i. \ Field, Texas.Annual Chapel of the Gospel Tabernacle lCIHt. :LIT rOl'Hr. DRAUFOHDOIMV. necks divorce Bradford County
< FI.ORIU\I IX l'NAt+ i it Telegraph shall publlah this OrderIn
!' Circle One Met Tues. 'I.HY.William: next four weekly laauea.Wltneii RATES: $18
'f } D Krlth. Plaintiff v*. my hand and official meal
t WMU Picnic Announces BirthMr. ...'ini'. ti. Frith, Defendant Ca.. at atarke, Florida thin April 2nd Per Thousand F j

"i J. ,' i 1. met Circle at the One home of the of Baptist Mrs. Maxier Held By UDC Miss Gainey To Wed Miss Marjorie Davis and Mra. Al Kay Carlisle I No. ORDER,454. OF PUBLICATION 1948.OFFICIAL SEAM A. J. Thomas Write: Alex H. Sit|

r ; Carter Tucntlay afternoon. Mrs. At Kingsley Mr. M. D. Spooner To Wed H. G. Davis announce the arrival of a son, S1'ATE A\l NU'I'ICE'iu OF FLORIDA APPEAR: Nancy Joseph K. Skipper A. Clerk, 7 of Went said FornythSt. Court. Lake City, Pi

:y d Powell the leader, presided over Laurence Keith, on Thursday, May H Frllh, whoa residence U: A JOW ? Jacksonville Fla. .
i I"l the business .session with Mrs. .The annual UDC picnic wan held Mr. and, Mrs. Rawson J. Davis 27 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Kin. la Chunh Street, Miirtlnivllle, Atty. for Plf. 4-' 4t 430iv Phone: 463.RYES

{1 !' a Beard program chairman, leading Wednesday at the summer home of Starke announce that the wed Jacksonville Mrs. Carlisle was You uri required to appear Vir-I tmfiir GelIIT. nmnpomiCOUNTY.
', 't in the topic of discussion "Thou of Judge and Mrs E. K, Perryman ding ceremony of their daughter, the former Miss Katherine May Court 10 and 1944, In the shave PI.OHIUAI) IV: CtltVtKHY. -
cause, wherein
: t.j art come to the Kingdom for such on Kingsley Lake. ( Marjorie Lucile, to Horance GLbbi' Womble of Jacksonville. ---

*: a time." Talks were made by Attractive arrangements of, zinnias II Davis, Jr.., of the State Farm, sot .
1 Mm. L. O. Powell, Mrs Jesse used In decorating of Mrs. W N. North also of the
and gladioli were
r .:t Newsome, and Mrs. D. W. Moore for this lovely affair. Th 'X1' yjh14 Stir State Farm and H. Q. Davis ol Get DegreesPictured BE WISE! YOU SAVE AT THE TIP TOP

.Jj During the social hour Mrs. large fireplace and mantel were vr, v Rocky Mount N. C.. will be sol below are two of the ,

;f.. 1! Carter assisted by Mrs. F. P. banked with palms and ,other 'P ntv emnized on June 23 in St. Mark'i many young men and women from
;; if Flume, served tempting refresh Episcopal Church at 7.00: o'clockin Bradford County who will receive
greenery. Table Talk S. B.
manta.'I Best Meats
the evening. Rev. Fred Yerkec Quality
'J" Following luncheon the regular degrees from universities and colleges ,
--- .
and the Rev. S. W. Creasy will
this weekend
held and :
Mrs, H C. Ritch; accompanied business meeting wait 'FLOUR
the double
; by the president perform ring ceremonyImmediately Oscar Meyers
presided over
s by Mrs. Morgan Rlcharde of the was .
,.tlfk State Farm, spent Monday In Mrs. Ferryman. 'A nominating followin gthe wedding 25 lbs. 1.63
't Jacksonville committee composed of Mrs. ceremony a reception will be BREAKFAST BACON lb. 79c

W. O. Halle, Mrs. George Roberta held at the Church Service Center ,
No Invitations are being Issued -- _.-.- --- --
ATHLETES FOOT GERM and Mrs J. Brownlee., was ap-
; relativesof Square Cut Country styleLean
but all friends and
HOW TO KILL IT. pointed. J
+;M the couple are Invited to the,
""{ IN ONE Mrs Halle and Mrs A. Z. Ailkins
II HOUR to ceremony and reception. I WHITE BACON lb. 29c LARD
IT NOT PLEASED your JlJ, back were elected as delegates -
A.k an' druggLt for this STRONG attend the annual convention to Miss Davis will graduate from
li, nn'tungIcud..lcohol1.1t TIC-OL.PSNBTRATLS.Msd. with :.=- be held In Jacksonville in OctoberAlternates the school of Home Economics at, 3 Ib. jar 89cCalif. (
!, : elected were Mrs. FSU Tallahassee, on the morningof r Round Loin STEAK lb.- 69c .-
George Roberts and Mrs L. F. Mrs Homer P. Onlnev of Brook June 7th. I -

j Chapman. er, announces the engagement ant Mr. Davis will graduate from -- -- FruitCOCKTAIL

an Interesting of her the department of Journalism at
\0 Preceding adjournment approaching marriage
\ program on Jeffersor daughter, Eva Fay, to Melvin D the University of Florida In Brookfield BUTTER lb. 79c
\t. G. F. ODOM I Davis was given by Mrs. L. A Spooner. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Gainesville in the ,evening of the I ,

ff Davis, Mrs. L. H. Hill and Mm E. Spooner, Sr., of Pahokee. same day.Three I lb. 1 lb. can 23<

: DEALER IN FRESH George Roberts. The bride-elect, formerly: ol Parkay All-Sweet _

: twenty-five member Brooker, Is a graduate, of Bradford High School Pork
344 i. AND CURED MEATS Chops 55c

::' were meeting present at the luncheon and State High University School\ and Tallahassee Florida, Graduates HonoredBy OLEO (plain) P EACHES

qE where she received, a Uachl'lorot: Methodist Choir lb. In H<' ny Syrup
tr i SQUTtl OF STARKB Science degree in commerce. She ,

Mrs. Haines HostessTo i Is. now employed by the Chris Miss Ono Demorest, Miss Sharon Fred A. Shaw of Drooker will Neck Bones 17c lb. 37c No. 21-2 can 2(

", j,: All Meat at Reasonable Circle Three tian Chevrolet Co., of Pahokee.Mr. Hall and Billy Smith, members of receive his BSA (Bachelor of Science

I TriceMIOLEHVLK Spooner Is a graduate of the graduating clans of the Brad in Agriculture) from the University
R Circle Three conducted its regular Pahokee High School and attendee! ford County High School and also I of Florida

yh; \ & RETAIL monthly program and Hoclal the University. of Florida Gaines members of the Methodist Choir I SUGAR 5
\ afternoon at 3:3C: ( honored at delightful covered I 39ir
., meeting Tuesday vlllp, prior to serving three yean) were a -
'tl o'clock. Mrs. L. D. Haines wan dish last Friday evening
t' In the U. S. Navy as Pharmacist'! supper !.
t 'I' hostess to the ten members at. Mate lie \ID now associated wit at 7:30: o'clock in the recreation -
Walnut Street.' Adding to center This lovely affair -- -
North --
Burn's Dry Cleaners in Pahokee.
";1 D .B K' tending at her attractive home or The wedding Is scheduled to take was given by the Choir, Mrs A FANCY FRUITS AND SAVO Bleach
living .
of the spacious
the charm place at Pahokee First Methodist Z Adklns. director.
"t .
\ii( TARKE FL':.' room where the members assembled 'Church on Sunday, June 6. I Uilght yellow marigolds\ and. A Half gal. 20c
were handsome .rrang..mf'ntof Shasta daisies. were used, In decorating
| No formal invitations are being
; and gladioli. the long tables. and thelounge
:! hydrangas
l but all friends of the
Sun. Mon. June 0 1i' Usued Golden BANANAS lb. .
1' Mrs. H. L. Brownlee, assisted ate, Invited. and banquet room. 9c MATCHE
Mrs. J. E. Futch and Mrs. W, !Mr... K. K. Perryman had chargeof Safety
I : TYCOONJohn J,'' Epperson Sr., led the ilevo. Circle Two of WMU the program and each arriving Fresh Crowder PEAS, 2 Ibs. 25c 2 pkgs. 15c

tlonal. Mrs. Brownlee, Circle guest was presented with a card .
Wayne, Laralne
,I Alto. "March of Time"Day leader, presided over the brief Met Last TuesdayThe telling him of some particular performance .. Fresh TOMATOES, lb. 15c
he had to do. Thl afforded
business. session!
And New
4 During the enjoyable social hour home of Mr... P. M. Bare much amusement throughout Yellow ONIONS I lb. Scratch FEED

Tu..... %... -Jan8; that followed the hostess, assisted foot was beautifully decorated the evening. Group singing 6c 50-50

by Mrs. Freeman Register, Jr., with orchid and yellow gladioliand was also enjoyed. LEMONS (fancy doz. .
) 1.50
it; Likely Story and Miss Helen. Haines, served re hydrangeas for the meeting of ', Those present to enjoy the party 24c 25 Ibs. -

) freshments. Circle Two of the Baptist WMU with the three honorees were: the )'kOxydol

1tJ. Bill William" Barbara Hale Mrs Freeman Register, Jr., will Tuesday afternoon In the absence Rev and Mrs. W. J. Church well. law

'1'!s Aim Tex William be hostess to the July meeting. of the program chairman, Mr and Mrs.! L. A. Davis, Mr. A.
Hratern Carnl\al & News Mrs L. D. Haines Mrs. A. A. Pur- Z. Adklns Judge and Mrs. E. K. Duz or Super uds33iMaxwell
1 The Business Women's Circle den conducted the devotional Perryman. Mra. J. W. Klncald. John R. Hargrave, also of the ,

fl, \\'ed. Thar.. June 9-10 met In the church annex Tuesday Mrs. W. B. Alexander gave a very Mr*. A, 'V. Anderson Mrs T. H. Irooker section, will be another to,

; S. DOUBLE FEATURE night with the leader, Mrs. C. A. Interesting discussion on training Osborne !Mr. and Mrs T. T. Long eceive the BSA degree from the'I -

THE BRASHER Knight, presiding. The devotionalwas young people to be ml llionaries. Mr and Mr*. Gilbert NewcombMi University of Florida .In gradua- House or Chase & Cock 0' The Walk No. 21-1
s.I1, given by Mrs. R. F.J Young During the business svsnion. ', and Mr*. Craft, Mr. and Mrs Ion exercises to be held Monday .

i; DOUBLOON and after hearing from several which was presided. over by the Nelson Green Miss Oleta Green, June 7. Sanborn COFFEE, lb. 53c Can Calif. PEACHES .

::; committee chairmen the :meetingwas leader, Mrs. W. L. Andrews Mrs. Miss Gsmlta. Hutto Mrs. Hazel i I" ('lilt IIi' I..NT. "R'U.........I ,
e Starring Gee Montgomery turned over to Mrs. S, F.. W. R. Morse Mission Chairman, Simmons, and Jim Rich rot *TV. riOHIIIAlKHV I" 1'11\s,_
< :
,pi, -And- Sparks who presented a very interesting gave an Inspiring talk on visiting J.:dwsrd V Entlllrh Plstnrltf .u.1 Jewel

; f' DRAGNETH program. hospital patients and shut-ins Waldo OES Notice ;,N.hod.. 645.Kndllch. Defendant. c..I'. Shortening 4 Ibs. D.r 1.2J
At the close of the meeting Mrs. 'ORDER OF PtTBL.IfTtONA : ,
The Waldo. OE3' Chapter will !> NOT' 'F. TO APP 1ARlI'rATF. -
WSCS NoticeWSCS Barefoot served refreshments J OF FLORIDA -- -
U llroxvm & Mary Brian be" honored visit from -- I
by a .. re.ldenc.l I
d ... .. Also News .. 1 assisted by Mrs. A. J. Thomas and .Rh..d.. Kndllch.... whim .16 oz-
Elizabeth Penn. Grand.) nd add. I. : 374 'Wavhlnfftontr 23
First Worthy Grapefruit
Circles of : Juice .
= Wilson.The \
Mrs. Ira "it b JoHftph Rul"'n .A 8un, 12 1-2c Grape JAM .1 lb. -
Frl. Sat. June 11 12DOUBLE -, Methodist Church will hold pro- next meeting will\ be held Matron on Monday June 7. at 8 N.w. York City New York. I 'I
and social meetings Monday p. m. Member and visitors are You are rvqulntil to appear. on1.Jf -- --- ---
FE.TCItEBANJO gram with Mrs burden.Woodmen 10. U4H In the shove narnrrtimrt ; --- -
afternoon. June 7, beginningat ; urged to attend and visiting members ,:. and cam*, wherein plaintiff Milton Armour's j
3:30 o'clock. are welcome. A banquet will ..>.k. dlvorc PYodford County Peas No. 303 10c) Pure 1.1!
To MeetAll wl.graph. shall publlnh this Order LARD- 4 Ibs.
bv held at Sohenck'a at 6
m, .
Circle One, Mrs. O. L. Haynes. p. In t neat four liuu" '
Sharyn Moffett. Walter Reed. will with Mrs. by reservation only. wllnas 'JfWt.. and official -
leader convene members of Woodman Circle '...I at tI..rk., Florida, this April

r, CODE- Anti OF-THECACTUS Lorenzo F. Sauls D.as Green co-hostesa., with Mrs. A. Grove 278 are asked to be presentat Mrs. O L. Beasley- and Mrs. J. :: JFriClAt 1545. SEAT. A. J. Thom... MILK Carnation Pet 3 TALL 42<
the next meeting.Tuesday night W. Klncald A. {'I."k 0' ald Court Silver Cow .aDtl.a.ae
were business visitors .
Circle Two Mrs. F. H. Long Members of ''1'. Frank 'I-mndrum Stark., Fla.
leader meeU with Mrs. T. J. June 8; at 8 o'clock. in Jacksonville Monday AU:. for Plf. i,J t: 1 *" -
other Groves, who are now living _
Griffin, and Mrs. Carrie Rltch. Starke, are also asked to be Men's shoe-$3 5. Barutdale'a.IALVAREz'STri\ Ladir' shoes MAS. Barksdale's.
.. ._ With Tim McCoy ,. .. Mrs I. P. Shepherd will be cohostes. in Mra. Lacy Conway and -- '- -- TIP TOP_
..Also Chap. 11 "The Black__ .. present Super MRtl
Mrs. Paul Raymond will be host- Men's Clothing
Widow: .A "Hockey Homicide"
'Ladles..* shoe '& 3. Barksdale's. '.',,. ( RE EaUbHshtj 1894 || 1

-- --- "-


iiii-: T I



NEWS L.5IICC bat.s $2.95. BarkM1aI", IM' IHCriT l-nCHT. lilt U..HI. Eberle, Defendanta e No. $610 AND: NoTICE TO AtPEAR In next tUliP weekly \ail"*"
; Mrs. B. N. Shivers of Ashbun. TOO LATE rot'>'rv. Ki.omuti i\ uvJnll ,. OrtpBK OP PHMlaCATION STATE OK P1/-HIIIM to lopul \Vttnvnn. my h",1 HIII! efl'cIial

Ga.. was the I IIIY ANt> NOTICE TO APPRAK Clark whose. rellhl..n'e l l In. nil"10' 3. .on) at Ktarfc. l'IotItl. ;rtl. .. a_
guest of Mr. and 0 CLASSIFY I Uamnt Plaintiff, v.. John !8TATK! OP\ KLOIlinv |10: Otto T.. Hu".II.11.a" : 3 204*. 5 .
' Mrs. Edmond KUwari! Humble" feitdaiit., ('am Rlierle, h..8e ,
realilenre In ST-It .
several .
Tenly days Vmi Ill's. ri. Pp OFFICIAL BEAM
of Jack30n Mrs. T. H. Slade anI little this week 1 By Rwnrll Kay No. HfiKJOltnKK Und "Street., JnfkHon, Mela-ntn.", I."IUMt ( .!uln.' 1945 In the. above named< (
Wilkes OK Pt'IH.Tln'olA ( : I'I ...., ,ml, ;New YorkYou '' .. Clerk or said Court.
Court mill i u.t.
I Monday to her daughter. Susan returned today :Mr. and :Mrs. E. S. Matthew . NOTH'K O ..[ TI AITKAIt I IT'rt Isle" leiiulreil' to appear on K". k... rtlvorriiind i-niim h..i rrxtnrntlon ofmalrliMi Ch..... It. Hiss. ZIH-Oli fluKramrHM .
from few visit $ : OF ..(Itll! >A lr,- Joht I July s, till, in ih. ahove nami'ilOouit .
herelr a days' with Mrs.Slade's Tliu
&) l"n visit c-, -- Edward: nnnif Hrn : a are expected to arrive home Sunday Ouinblv, hone residence I. and ta,ie. "herein pliUntUIxeekH I I <
, *' )"' ?? and sinter mother. Mrs. W. T. Jack- from Orlando \ 0 unknown I ,I Ivir'e. iTnilfonl County. 1..I.II''aph shall pulilUh, thin OnliT Atty for Pf. 1.4 et I-U I

MIthC, ,'rn.IaW in I) ton Ga. where they; .o S You are required! to appear ot I, Tclea-riiph shall lml.h|| i tile tinIer l I .
: SunSi5" Bon aeon I ; ..
h4 .- A ji Adkins. pent the past month with their! June SH, HUH 'in the almve nanietl I In next four; weekly; \l HiieH.Vltnemi .- ,_. -SW- ---- -- ---h us U''
N 1 (J VVUkeaaii Mrs. Court and vance, wliHieln plulntlf, \ .t' '
Mrs. Mr. and Richard Thede and Bon-in-law S SS "inv II. and! nffli'lnl a Mlnt
Adk Ind vlnltmfree and daughter Dr. and H.*...kn. dlvor tint, restoration of1, Ktuike. "'"...Id... t thin .1 ttne S.,
e vill son. Ricky of Jacksonville were Mrs. R p. McLcndon.la Maiden. Name Hrndforrt Counts 1944 I '
I dill guests Sunday of Mrs. Thcde's Tel".icranh ehall publish thla Order I OFFICIAL HAI.: ) A. .1. Thotnal t\K\V\ & iSKI) PLUMllING SUPPLIES S I
|.. } f Mrs. mother, Mm. F. H. Long.Latllt'M' S anil official seal.
and \\ "my hand Carlton ft: llrown. ,IMKx..'hiii (. M,\ o-j. In Miss Lois Newsome and Miss at Still. ke. Kloild.1" thin\ May :26. iS ."ilt.. kxioiviiic.. '. Kin FOIl IMMEDIATE DELIVERY) LI ICI.
Wednesday shoes $1.98. Ita,1dalc's.Mrs. .
,"i Margrle: Eryant of the GeorgiaBaptist 1M1.loKFlCI.U.. I Atty 'or1'\ rt 4 It 62.'tI'd \ : ,k
, SMAI.I: ) A. J ThonmHA '.

!:! n >,Dlng Wilma Dockstader and IToHpital, Atlanta. Ga.. are .Clri k of ealil Court. I tiiurir 1.,1'1' I'. nrivnnlt _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *r .I i '
j; kl spendoaiton !- I C1 .. e I tin \
l I" Ureen v <
aon, Billy returned Tuesday Invert M \iuWrmm.
leE uimllfton young spending few LAVATORYWith .
a days this week Kin. >l > 1'' KIOIIIII | IM t" \N. Complete ItAlllKOO.M Used >

Ga., visit tb their home In New York with Mrs. Eunice Newsome. I Ally Springs* ;.ir flf 5.28 41 11.11ii'l'lfI ..rl..ItY.Jo. New Trim 19.50 >
'i: I'lliic-e. Plaint s'- l. >nl Outfit Slightly Used ,
I tnte after spending the winter l I.. I'rlnoe. I No>/
e linfi-nilnnt t i:MM' I
PrInts of "Senior Clit-i,. anti 01..1 I ::;-1.
with hor Mrs. I All New Trim
"f Is spendingnIR'svUle IP Florida cousin I II. S. ( Or \ I KIN I'Oll 016111OtflF.1t
in.va I : op' 1'1'1"1.1\1'1001: LAVATORYComplete
1. the Murvlit Lawson of Stake: and cretin pictureuppcarlnK. In I hli55414' ., I 'l'1)KHMiTti'R : : > New I
f as. IX IIKKKHV' : O I V n I': \:, i AN'I NtlTII'W' TO Al'PKXUMTATK 99.5()
all! r' A and 3. JI other relatives. All-it.\! Lawnon'a arc avallabit'. atur 1I..lIyulOtlI. that T .1. AWormnn the bolder o, 1 ) I n II.' Kl. lltlOX to: l I.'nl..e _ With Trim S
her ,,,10 F' .. <> a\ullal at 1I..1\\ '\\'u.I ( the following -ertl/lcateii. line filed. I'llmehoHo tlilem-u. In' H.FL'. .J:
families. daughter Pamela accompanied .I ',, '. ,.>ed 10 :No: s. Abbeville.. ... H. C 22.9. upjII
11II'lr 1< Cumrm &: Gift Shop. I S atil cvrtidtutea fur a 'titS 'I I ..... 50 ITst-cl l.K;<; TUBS:; -
Ild .. on
t are to appear
II. and '.Irs.. Dockstader for a visit of several S >>_ l Mii"d theien The t'.tt I iriiNuinher t e \\"lr..1 '
Tuesday of 1.uuanre, July 6. 1011 nbov nnm.,1 New Trim I
pent l.ake' Tear 37.50
; Rev. Hugh Walters of and ;
l atlen busihoei months.Mr. Court and ., herein plaIntiff
'1 1I11hihaJIsee) on City visited his ulster. Mrs. E. D. ;, : the description| at the ronerty, ..nd, Heeke dlvnrre I t-aiiH. i Hradford Counti _ _ _ White Toilet Seat
In In whliri It wax. a..d'
.y and ;t&n. Henry Surrencyof the nameM .t JI
Telegraph shall uublleh thla Orderin
follows: I ; 51.ln. Double Drain Board 3.J)3!)
Tenly, Tuesday afternoon. are a .
dalt'J'" Add, Ga., and their daughter .Kiianilune. 1. A. IX 1545.suant' next four weekly issues.wIt
$1.08 l1&rk ,iesI.. .my. hand and official seal _ _ S
Mr Eustls MsKnlght and her clone 1, A.t.. 11'18. & ;
were Mrs. Joe Hadley, and the latter'sdaughter > lit Mulke, Klorlilu.. t thin. June >. Sink ,Deck Type Faucet

J Mr. L. A. Jackllonvl11e Davis Irene, of Buffalo N. Y., daughter Delores, will leave tomorrow I>I.ot ess-Eiittinfl t. 4, t6.1t": rtr.t: 10 R of I A. J. ThomaS Spray' Outfit Basket 15 & :30 Gallon "
to for S. C. to Itoad all hot's' II. 13. U *4. (
. visitors were guests of the Surrency Klngstree I don't know who the screwballIs Smtlon IJ. 'ituwn'.hil. ;' I|> A. Clerk of said Court ELECTRIC t''
Woodlawn I Strainer and
join Mr. McKnlght who Is In business Even. T '",vlln.... Law. Kxvhanwittldir Trap
uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. P. who writes the advertisement ft lImit it. itange. *2 riivt:. tontnlnInic "
i w J. ChurchweHK. there. Mrs. ha 84 acre more or h...... ., JackHonvllle Kin 97.50 HOT WATER HEATERSApartment 4.
,. t Sunday.Mrs. McKnlght &-4 41 JIIM
Mr! attend M Maref>i> and radio commercials for fountain Name In Which An.enmuMn. ..| ", Atly. for I'lf. _

; 1, for Miami- to HV.. rrigle!: and son, been connected with the Brad pen manufacture but I'll Frank A. Sweesy.Certificate O'IRl'll'r rot .r. "RunrORP !,
It annual conference. ford Health Department as field I No 3S I Year nf l> Cnt..rv.; Fl.nnin IM iasCEIIV Size Electric & Gas Stoves 'i .
'iarry of Auhurndal ait spend- bet dollars to Lichl-ruU he use ,.tutn.e June. I, A. P I>. U4tt S

H. Slade spent Monday \\nif two 'vtcks with her brother nurse and her many friends will a typewriter and not one of the ].rrll'tl..n. of !propertY, Anna Hells O.'re, Plaintiff vs. /
regret to learn that she has resigned Lots ((14. 61'. WotMHawn, Heitltin John H. Uore. Defendant, : dine. No.Oil' : COMPLETE: LINE OF FITTINS: i ,
and P.
Mr. Mrs. he Is
and to 13
L avlItCt in-law sister products trying promote. 17. Townnhlp' K South, Unite
and chil- her position and will not I A.,irH. .mi.re or 81)13.onnrcii ;
l-K.-m and :".1. <
F undrum S (,'r wa. at the State During the last couple olyeaia Pt'nwATiovANO :
return to Starke. teHM.Name is
nl t tie) weekend In with .)lie'| rclotlves In Eiadford I have been the unfortunate InVhkh A....*.Bi..eil: )lliirvc I HTATK OK FI.OUII\: ..loinII ..

Landrum'a par. Mrs. is a formerr Child' shoPs. $1.08 llarkwlule't I.. White. .. hone reMlil> IH. ; Hoi'kInuhHiii :
t Ith, Mrt. County. Pringle recipient of a half a dozen so- All of 'Haiti properly tel t.g I In IhCountv ., .1.I'ii' os ". ole ALACHUA PLUMBING SUPPLIES r i.

\ and Mrs! J- fR8era' >-""':11'. :>lI 1 SUrke Mrs. E. J. Dahmer and sor called fountain pens from though- ,i.f I niKlforil. 10\1.l.II l I of. Klur. Von ,are:N (i.e.iulro.l. I' I l.i appear, ni .

and Mrs. B. O. it from ful lends and relatives who Ulil. fitly 11. I I44H. In the above niinin.Couit ,
(og.\I'n\ Mrs., T. N. Kendrick expectedto Frank returned last Friday paid I iilcon mifli i-vrtlfli-ati. '> ...r IM>'IIIriiM I. '
. ., and 1-niiHe. uhi-ieln' plnlntlfHeekM I SSfl: I I-:. :\h''u.ld. St. {'or. South (hUt 1 It i
mioiillnto l I .
J'oT Pompano are g"es'1'L return next week from Emory "six weeks' trip to the tCoast. heavy dough for them.
and :Mrs. B' JL where she has With Father's Day In the offing law the I>propel i tv. .1..1'11..1. I III shall. puhllnh this. Order, su i
,.r MI Hospital in Atlanta While away they visited I 'I\'h ,'.rll'I '''me or ..rtlf..al.. I .\\l Iii In next fourtmKlv IHHUIIHWltneHH (:uinl''C\'ille. Fla. '
ncer undergoing treatment. Mrs. I fear more of the name will lie oM to th. lilah I <>i.t Milili t .III HIV liiinil. .ami offlilaHeul r
the i-iinrt MOUMB.. ......r i>.n the fli .t .
relatives in Seattle and Belling Ihln Jiln
Slurke, I"I"r..I. .
lit ;
andught'r b The t
T. crowded
Mri Jack Wiggins Kcndrick's daughter, Mrs. H. upon me. way M.'n>lnv I I.. the month of .1 till" r'1whl.h : I"**. Si
I S.
4 ham Wash Rosenburg Oregon: I feel anti, IK. the Alh iluy i"f .1".... I'MO.H.I !' It.I _
Judith of Jack- of Lakclanil, accompaniedher : now, just one more pen (OFFICIAL. SEMA: A. J. ThomatAH I
Black Jilm. I I'040' -
( I I lila :Url luv nf Clerk of .nM r'oiipt.l.vt f :
wore guestS Sunday of molh'T to Atlanta and, remained Laguna Beach and San Francisco I will go: stark staring mad. You 1I'Jo'I"1.,. [ I. !O"K" M.I. A..I Thi.maiCi .". n T Kvnna: I I..ii. uv llmhnnn'HI.I r
Mrs. M. B. can gift wrap it in a straightJacket I rk ..r Clicult I I 4 ..ul'l i ii f I IliiulfoiCounty I *. kH.invllln.' I KluAllv .
I. gin3 mother, with her during\ her hos- Calif., and other points on the : !"'!",rl.la. ((1-4 4t Ii.211 for Tlf. 11.4 4t tI-S 11
have It delivered by two
I'anil Dr. Herlong.ol coast. on -- 4fhff1I
They were white-coated attendants and I will! '0'1'11'1'1: { f
[ !Senior Clown and op- pltalizatHnChild's their trip by Mrs. Dahmer's NotUe U lii-rehy gIven thut. Hipnrlnervhlp IX Illllllr. C. II.H.. lilt 511Y051i. ; :; :
appearing In this shoe "2.49. Barkstlale'M. go quietly.I heretufure cii toilet' log, f 01'Mil. "1011111'1 IM. < ll C %

turn mother Mrs. Eva Allen of Cad. between. UH, tile llildt'rniHni-il\ .1.ii.1111.. 1vnv.PrunilH .
am not a hard, guy to pleaseAll (I 1I.y.I..r.. plaintiff, vKlnle >. i, t
t t (ift Shop. Mr. ai.d Mrs. M. I. Lawson and H. Knpler, Htld Mlirvlll I K Itiixleiheretcifure AaJ- .
and Mrs. Wilma Dock- iliac, Mich. in the world I ask of a fountain I'nitylnir I .. on luiHlneHN. uniler I.. lleyder. Defendant. CanNo. '* I,
family I"lie style .... firm, i lOr I It..h.r .\ 14OltDKTt '
stader epi.nt lost Sun.Jay at Silver Mrs. O. L. Haynes and Mrs. pen is that It will hold Ink II...,..., IIIIM. he..n dtNHOlved. hv niiitiiiiroiiNent I I .. TP PCIM.1CATION.. ,
bY TO SERVE YOU tor a reasonable length of time HH. aiul frnn' ; i lit. 2'itn! l Hit V > vi. > ..n..n A P..'. '? 'W PS-A-OA/ST ;<4' ; .
E Spring with Mrs. Lawson'a par Arthur Holiday and. children<< returned of Mite. A. !> 1941. ..n fur IIB run. STATK OP I"I.'IUI I..: 1:1.1.: r,.. i
ents. and that It will actually write ;I i-eriiH the Hild' Janice. .II.. Uonlei., whretlrei ,,11t..r.) whose. reHlileme. IH: loft, c'', q qa
WELLS Tuesday from a when applied to a piece of paper. .* frmn t the .,.aId l fir,,,. I :" Perknnle PuYou I I II
C Mr. and Mra. Gene. Stewart are All ,ilelit. due to sod owlig l 1.:1': theI I me renulred, to appear 01
Mr. and Mrs. weeks' trip to Detroit, Mich I am not a bit interested In what I I a'rt' !Inl" firm will' h.. re.' '.-eil' .."..dI 1 July ft, I 1048. In I the nhiive ,utttiteil I M .1' I r I II
weekend of II
ai trical Contracting guests where they visited Arthur Hoi the fool thing will do at the top I paid. r."Ip'lIv..ly' hv Murvln, I1lto ".. Court and ..use, uheretn plttlntlfneeka I ii I.
Jesse Newsome.Mr. ..ler who will' pontlniie. to tarry. dlvorrn. Itradford (Count;
1! Iday. Sr.Friends. of Mt. Everest or how it performs Ion the said business In StuiUe nn Teleajraph shall! puhllHh: thIs Ordetin 4 SURFACK .! : '
and Mrs. M. Z. Sullivan of n-'xt four weekly Innuen.WltnenH .
under) 40 fathoms of water It I tier the mvle ur firm of ItoHler. lee !
I Range and of Mrs. Guy Sale wllregret I lily hand and officIAl nen. UNITS Ott I
Expert s
Miami arrived this week and are ".tn pta ny.
liur Heater Repair to learn that she Is confined may be. guaranteed for a week or fined, the :S'.lth! day of May A. I II'M .. at Mlaikv, Plot'lilu. Kiln. June tl j! 1 1UPuUT.PIU
spending their vacation here with month a for life or forever IS. <) tDOFFICIAL 3ulAa I !
CENSED BONDED to St. Vincent's Hospital year .',.m.. n Ttoi lerMnrxln ( : RNA I.) A. J. ThonianA I I IDIIPWILL
; accompaniedby
telatlves. were $ '
They but I still won't like it if It : I':. UuxlerUp "'leek f ttnld CnnrtKvnn ,I'
Phom> 199 A. L. Sullivan of Starke who Jacksonville following a minor doesn't write.I T I Kvann, 1nw Kxi-hnnir] .j I I'' ;
F operation.Mrs. I'ldir.' .lacknon\llle. Pin.Atty .
Temple &; Pnatt St.Starki' spent the past three months in am not even particular as to ''''I'If'rl'I.t4''I'IU' for rif. U-4 It 8-S KOOKAU I
Miami with hi Othma Sullivan. W. B. Sewell leaves todayfor ; .. I
son F' H T % \ IIICK.II t. ,
flortda 1U color. It can be aquamarine.tireengine ,. nnci'ir rot'11'''. liutansoinec4).s1.y. ALLON ,
t Tallahassee where she will II........ Hilt \... IHirj: I'll I
red mouse grey or :NOTII-B, 'IM HKItlSHV I\KN> : Ilia KIOHIIItl IM CHAMKHV. THg SAAUtMANOfl 1 !
IL ittend graduation exercises at I W I I'], OiirriM, the ,li..l.Ipr. | .f < !
'h f.l
I'll be
_ ,ted, white or rainbow and I Mary. Alli-e ,Clark I'lulntlff. v" I II
FSU. Miss Virginia Sewell will louliiK I <>..rll'h."I..M I I him' f|]I.'tl| ...101 I -
content If the fool thing I tirii i .1..1. Clark, Pefenilitnt.'' ( .INI' NnOF
R perfectly ret nlHH for a t IMX deeil to l liHKtlid he
graduate from the school of music I I thele" on 'I'lie 'I'fl'l I Iflratnuiiil.erii G811. ::1 ;i'J
will write at the time and t I" $345
LASS at the university. n..n.1 I JI-IITM of ice iii..nt-c, Hi.. I. I
under the circumstance that 1 I ili-Hirlpilim. r.r I the t''''in'ilv, a n.l thniimeH .. I I

IjullrV, shoeS $1.98. Ilai fcmlale'i... happen to want to go. I
FOR !SAI..KS' Olrt'n. bicycle In lroo
VUTTRESSESI condition. Forced to Hell for $10 and Mrs. Edmond Tenly were Mr. "'lIIn,-.. |i)4d) 5
Roberts. 2nd heart brought me one of these Tieio-rlpllnii I I ;
Contact Mm. Krne Property. GREATEST
I ALL KINDS bridge on new tilatidlnff Jlonfl. III'] and Mrs Ralph Seville and childien famous pens that the radio announcers A Htrlp 1 100 fet wide Hi'i-OKii. 8 1 ,
RENOVATED of Gainesville. I end nf WU. i>r MI' ..r :NI/:|; |r.: ,,r "
FOR RENT I 4-roam furnished( have been gushing and road 1 Hei-llim( 20, Township. 6 OF ALL ELECTRIC RANGES I ;

hoUM. with hath, gas move, hot Mrs. O. L. Haynes left Thursday gurgling about for months, From I I Houth Range :SI Uaat, ,'onl"I"1I, | | TO THE POLLS I'I I
Ai-re .
and cold running water. (*ontacMr for Atlanta Ga. to be present It has received more or |IHM ,
the you
buildup Name In whlvh Oo'a t.
U H. "HIM l.lmlne If.
1il : *. Harrington Church 13tf lip] at graduation exercise. whei) would Imagine that it would not I UrlfflH.. .. Here's the range, of ., ;1",1,I .
All of .mild .. ''I
WILL BUY OR RKNT: any"ty of her son O. L. Haynes.. Jr. re: only write but could think .npell of I Hrndfoid.property,. State lielnaIn of r'lorld throuiitv FRIDAY JUNE 4 your Jr, ..- om -"u.1 _ _ ; ..

sowing' machine In ui'od con Contact MTM.. Van Klecrk I I flrnti'M. KhHll I I I lo ri-ileemiMl, .ai>'ruttlln I I''
421 W. M..dl..on.I. Ill University School of Dentlstrj It Is a beautiful little Ktream- to law I Ih.. "iH-iipcrtV" llf-KITlh.il. |In with the latest fra- OIT ALL TMISI ..1 ,

;3 FI RMTUREIREVPHOLSTERED; today. lined trinket. but if the one I'vegot mh rerttrii-I t I'. or i'erlirii-nteii I ,t ...111 VOTE'; FOR hires fur cookiiig coIlFIATURISs I I
'! l i.e aulil,' In the t'. f }
Foil 8AL.K: 2 lotn on Orange St hlirhoHt lild.lrr at the .
I'rli'B ISUO. Krrol Alvarea ADI Men'H, shoe $3.0.1. ; la good for anything but a ,'nil rt h..a.N.. ti.....r nn I the firnt Mon. venleiicel. II niruiis .

AND REFINISHED: Lafayette. St., Stark Id Earl Johnson and son watch fob I'll eat It. Being an day In I the In till,in.mth ilrtv.if. ,,r.Inly.' .liilv, I Idlll i MH.. whIch J. TOM I IS raslrr I cooking I I in I UM-A-DAISY ANOUIT-SIZI, OVIN \t ''t "u.

] Drop ('. .\ Card Kolt HINTInll1l1: : house near Karl, Jr., of Metier Ga., are guestsof Important pen. it will not write Iletert I Ihln Iril luy nf .1 luno. |
TING., MATTRESS co. Hi-hool. Tartly. furnlohed.' Apply Mra. Johnson's mother, Mrs JIf. with Just ordinary Ink you have 1 S 11'1.\ i 1.1 A. .1[. Tlinniii.rlerk '; ; ." Il will even rook an entire WAKT.HiaH. MOIUfcOMCILAIN.ON.fTIH I ;. ..
J. T. (Julvl ,y. liAUIU of r-ln-nit ;:,i..l't, of l-rudfnn 'r; ,
tWO Polatka, Fla. Brownlec, and her grand to fill It with a product made, County Klorhlu, 6-4 Ai 6-2 FOIl meal automatically f 1

an. companion WHITE, WOMAN for: Invalid NF-fDFD::wife. mother, Mrs. S. E. Brownlee.Col. especially for it. Getting; the ink .IV riiK-iir s-nt "'r. mi anq'nrtpl J just set II atul forget CONCIAIID flNKH OVIM VINT \ 'K:

9 FOR SALE Must live on pre nil".". No house.hoiI !. and Mrs., Ralph Cooper of Into it !is not sn difficult, it "imply I ((11: %:I"*", "'I.OItIIUI I I" (' L III! _ _ _ I I'.' :
'rhorpH.-\lr.: and I\lre. B. V 'Kit V Supreme Court Justice
Saxon Hunipton. 11 St. Augustine were guests last Involves unscrewing a cap or two ""1''rov',. .ru,.u? pliilnilff, .... r.eni

|UV: s EEDHOOM! : : residence, weekend of Mayor and Mrs. H C. and pressing a plunger. The real :Mamin. Di-feiidiint "'11". No. 869t ;
LOST. Hun & ITadxtreet. reference I S lit Iitt,: in-i* l'f'PIirt < Tln"lANn
1 I limits if fur!!"trke.half just com- .I book for state: of lleorvla. II Wall at the Dell cottage on trick Is to get the cockeyed Ink I NOTIf-R TO APPRAfl: He In Qualified '

TaP.iiiI 1 rfeSh.Btock. I found please return to iiradforrlCo. 'KlngKley. Lake. out of it In an orderly manner. STATE < .t"! KIMIMliX-' I : |I.eon fIJr.
Ihuppit Teletrraph. Itp Mn..n. wlume rexlili-nre. IH It. K, I). WINKLER ELECTRIC SERVICE
ll-OURS 1 ;:, halt price vlasa I In ,town.2t"xl'8"., I Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Stump spent You start to write with it and: Mo I I. rieniif.n NYou ('. Florida Needs Him

P\ I KOIt RF:>el : HOUHB for couple, furnliihed. -' I several In Lloyd with theiisoninlaw It works swell. for a paragraph or ore reiiulreil to appear" 01 n
j LIME, 'Bment Olan Block. I (Inn. for cflok In"",. Uaraire", days July H, l 1941.! In Hie uhove. 'tlu".1.
mil, Cuiureta Pipe. Stepping. I located. near pout office. Apply and daughter Mr. and HO, then the Ink stops flowing. anil, .Court niKl lanne wherein plalntlfleek Phone liG S
J. T. qulirley" n .* .1 I V.ri'u. I irl, fu'd Citilnt!y (Pol. .\ I Hniint Pleri, :Mortar Mix,. / I Mrs. W. M. Thomson and family you find yourself doing a magnificent 5 ,
Flnilow I Te'legri ph sun I II I piil.llxli I I I tliln I. urd.- '
|:r,tk hauling.* Fill dirt for FOR a A I.IUn: .. large metal J- I While there they spent some timeIn Job of Invisible writing. If In next four .WfrklV iHHUetl.VltneBH friends, ) I 222-221 I Temple Avenue Starker Fb. t. I
door 100-lbM.. capacity left bux. soul and Inexperienced \ I my hi.. ti,1; HIM! "r.1. .. I '"
trusting '
are a .
LOTS I In CIty limits o( "//I. One No. H.wood-burnlna- cook Tallahassee. you $. ..I Bt sturke 1"1"10111. his :\"y' : S SI 'I 1 I If It
Ion high ground 1200 up. stove, $1 6. Koth In "good, ,'"ndl-!l ll Mrs. C. C. Hoppe of Tampa has you shake the pen. 2". hIlt.OFFICIAl..
f, I KO per mo. (lI..n.l K.V.. TonipkliiK. Halfnril, This usually results In a grand ( RR\ r.> A. .1. Thomas I
liny type of bulldlne eon1 .'1.... Up returned to her home after spend. An. flerk of niiM 1 r oiirtRvan .
with her and glorious blot. T. ':v..n", l.:.w Kxihunit' ''
1 MVi'H I Oalvanl..d Pipe. FOR RENT -- FurnIshed: 4-room ing several days here rtl.lr, .lH nimil.i.., l'la.Ally. I 'tu J I t I
brother-in-law and slater. )tr anti Then the cap provides a lot e.f for I'lf H-4 4t tlJiv
sr) nr,8 per yard In house with gas stove and moderncnnventmicAH
-d lI'alf' ( Mrs. O. f.Ilaynen .. Mrs. O. L. Bea ley. Mrs. Hoppe entertainment. When you no to Beautiful Tapestry Covered ) J III
301 S. Water St. trI I niKtir tot HT. lOll t oron ii I t. :
,nun F'>(.IKKHINO" ro. was accompanied home by her Use the pen you remove the cap to {'oi'i.v. 1".11"\ i 1'Ii ('U ,
1d.lrd.: Pki>.. MI
I f'OR. RKNT: New S-hertroom houxe, parents. Mr. and :Mis. A. C. Dur- expose the point and flare It on Allen('EU llnmlllon V. Hmllli. Clnlntirf'
.* WVMJ: tu order: Photo- nicely furnlvhed all modern con-. den who will remain two weeks In the other end of the thing. So far lc1 I: |h.'.. Itutli Hmllli. I li-rciiilunt 'IIMf. Sofa Bed Suits $135 ;
I %''nl..n..n KlttHTHlny" Lake. Per.nmnenr j
Mmtifi' No. ('iniiToriTucn i
eto. I
"uleLtn.r. if mimlitlnir. ", tn I I renter d..lr..d.lrM.l : Jo:. I Tampa. 'While there they will attend so good. Then you try to put thecap OF pi'nr.ifTIOV upSI'ltINC I I

.'frnm Ali work gwarante4d.. I O. Kliirr, Kt.. 1, Ilnx 6J6. lip\: the Junior High School /icrad- back after you have used the ANt .VOTK'R!: ,'n 4PPHAK

.TII'OOD:11 ERA & OIF"P. FOI-BALK: to rolls 47ln.nl'w- uatlon exercise of their grandson .I pen and It won't come off, or If It Esther"STATE filth' OP.Kmllh 10'1.0111110 whoa. r..i<.:l
I fence wlie. Hrndford. Knirlneer Hoppe. does the Inner cap comes with it. and lilrem< IK 'I Illll No \trllrllutstreet. ,' t
I ing Co., I
1.1."Ol'H! TIMBER I M'la.--I. ;;;;; ,. Child',* ttliorN. JtI .49. liarliwIale'H.. I You pull and haul and jerk and lie l. Ind ? P r ii I r
LOST: Itenrilnir" cane and .
ink all fingers Von
Now get over your are reiiilri-it ii' rippeur', 01 I
I between LellaV. DieHH. Shop and, of Mrs. M. B Herlongwill .
Friends July ft. 1"48. In Ih. i.hve IIIIM rourt Wt.
C est l'a..h Tip Top ilrocery. Return tn clothes and just naturally work Aluminum Light \
Prices Paid Interested to learn that she ( anil, riniNe. wherein plaintIff ( :
I.vlla'H prexs. Shop.: Uli'WKltli be .. .
I yourself into a frenzy.If I leekn di vor.'c. llnulford Count y :1
mj underwent a tonsllectomy per Telegraph shall pithllnh, this. order : I
ILL N BULK KNOWN O NATION'AI.> con.r..n : formed In St. Luke's Hospital In you are a glutton for punish In next four weekly lufmenWltnena li Kitchen Stools 2.95 ;
Oft I IN now In position to assign, : a ment reach for the beautiful my hand anti official!
UNIT dealership' for I its products In Jacksonville Wednesday morning.Mr. you I .>eal nt Htnrke. Florida' thin .IIICK. I
Stark. and vicinity. Only manor ball-pointed nlcknack that aunt 1. I.". (Without "biM-k)
\V I 'and Mrs. P. I. McLaurtn OFFICIAL, HHAT.) A. J. ThnmaaA !
EDWI : woman with cai iruoa ret i Minnie gave you. That's the one I If II 1 .1
en<*en anfl .h'..lrto.n exp"rle. pe and daughter Miss. Paula McLau- I Clerk nf .Id| Court And 3.50withback rest ..
P. 0. Box 463 need apply. Write A. C., Box : that will write SCO years without '*. Prank fandrum Htarke, .Klii. .

Gainesville Fla.N 411, !Starke.!! ftp rin. will move tomorrow to their refilling. It gives with plenty of Atty. for rif.I A-4 4t 4.25 (Rrd White) ;
new home In Ocala. i Ink as far as yqur finger. and ..... i I I II 1 1S
FOR SALE: OR THAPB: 40-acr I'V <'IH.'II'r < Ol III 'hVolIhl6nt
me a postcard and I farm' nt>ar Brooker: finest land Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mooty are cloth are concerned but when \TV, FMlllllltl I'M < II'\'. rt1 u'

come for 'farmlnir. high and' dry In wet. upending two weeks visiting you try to make marks on paner f.tH1IIa : V.

see you. weather modern house}ta.. electricity attractive electriCpomp 6-room. friends and relatives in Highland with It the darn thing balks like I fax It Rosen itosenhierg.r. I'"orm..rlv>. I'lnlntirf, known viTrhel an.>. I S Unfinished Drop Leaf

PAID for d.a tobacco barn and warehouiie. Park and Chicago 111.. a Missouri mule. One letter will ro <.1..1.1I"n.. liefendant I *t"f'
n cotton .a... Will. Hell the hou..e and Case. No 51104OltiottE f
'I Pay'move % tttflfl.. No pant.. I I A .....<.. If nrefer smeller place nr Word has been received from be heavy and black the next one OP PI'nl.IC"'I"ON ,

Bradford'0" (T''o..nty.c a Tel.raph pun for I I would consider.. trading mark for com city, Mrs.. J. L. Peek that she and her I light and when you get through; STATE ANn NOTICR OP. FI".JtH'111I TO APPEAR! Mr( DINETTE T ABLES.. S.O.! 41S
I I tuie in
i limit mu N. D. WalnwrlBht Jr., ilece. Mrs. H. C. Wall with whom writing It looks like"yon hll"'l performed Ethel: lelehrter. llonen w ho.e reel'. .
.EXT' '
and: Furnl.hed cabin 2 Healtur Starke. Fla.. tf she has been making her home the Job with chopMIrk "enc" and addreiiii. ,IH. : tSM Wheeler j.
balh. I Itronx New York.
I avenue
"ov'd "a bh..n. 2 week rnoma.. Alifo$31 I I FOR 8ALK AT BAROA1N: .-. 1keroiiane in Newton. Ga., are going td spend I I could .go on and on describing, Von are required In appear on I ('....tlll In Small Jtoon.. r '

AI.o OV.rnl"ht", cabin. I and gas ranges and oneelectric month of June travelling the: amarlnjr pens In my prize colectlon July ft. IMX In the ahove named'onrt r AS
H1t 1 the '' I
: Tourl.t Co.. ( and i-aunn, wherein rilalntlffeek .. .
Court. Palalka I I rana-e. -, Mliule (lee I' efl eeeeeppppspsr ppr-
a n'l from itarke. Itp I two donor' from railroad track on through the Northeast and visiting but It would Jut be reneiltion. ..ihvnrc.Iesdfnrd' frnintv'elevraph 1-

&'CE-I I fall S,. tfWR I the: Rev. P. A. Sherman in West I I have thought of packing' In' next. four nhall" weekly pitMiHh. ,Inline. this. Order JUST ARRIVED t :

Iumobll" .rlt. a II line., for old Vt. 'em all and *hli.r.ii.r t...... ". Witness my hand and official :
e for". lIablllt. and I PAY Toll T'v a pound.. Plea e Rupert but that ...ol at Htarke. ., Plorlila' thin June, I.RAr. I. NEW SHIPMENT
cotton ra n. some place
N' your Insurance I clean waste Mrs. Rawsonf. I Europe or S I
ta 1'91'D. WftInvrIgh. Jr.. U' keep all button". No pant Brad. Mrs. H. C. Brown.Leonard !Smith' : would onlY start another ...... . A i. Th<.m...
bone I" tfII. ford County Telegraph. f. Davis and Mrs. A. clerk ii if .....1 M 1 r->." lesco Table f '
Is a I
'II.! l1F.AI.': nlwar. will leave Saturday for Talla.laaaee. our State Department having 'C *.e.. S indrum. HtarVe "VIi" I ll-ln. Heavy Duty :
[ -
lot" near
191\\ l'4-ton )'flRSA1.l.: Lakefront will be aclompanied hard enough time a* It in without ttr. for I'lf. '-4 4t t-11
Cbk'bh.a"y duty tran..ml. .. Oood road Electricity.Highway .. Mrs. prown
I Ii .. bu"... AI.o. fr ntaire. ualn""n her daughter, ne stirring up more trouMe. I' : OSCILLATINGElectric (: i ii
;. amount "f Used W. a Slbley Box home by kind iv ifart ,'r tot sir Nil 'BPOP1Icoisrv. ) Ranges t
\ lumber p.operly. been out thl! J
Stark, cometed we have dishing .. .
i c. Co. iit ; 1It: Pfark Office t ml. S. ofBtarke bliss Marian Brown. who has ..Offll. I" (;11' '
on HI way li on.