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.. "........_..., _.........._______________" ___ .,.. .,. ... ;'" ? ''r'''' V',. .,''' .W Fn.' '


_ ID.\\'
01_. _.
1942.OFFICiAL. Congress ot the I ,"
DIKF.OI'ORY OF tine wrnJam,*>n. whorsO fealdenco. I. embraced under .ald c.rttlcat" No. wit: tembor SEAL) A.S.: Thomas .llht1 UnIte
of SE'4lice. ( I
Unknown. 311. 01 SE'ff 1 ... .ltistlcos II If iu.
Court. of the
SEIW1CfSrIRwr You are re' ulr..d to appear on Lots 5. 1 of BIl I Lincoln City 34 Twp. 8 14. H. h 101., con-. A. Clerk ot said J F.I of the State of Ruprenie I efCdc d ; I'' ,
8 a3 toJ.. Is taming more or Irs'. I. 1.2 4 0-11 Flnrld. lal
O'I'I'IT 'ov..mb..r 2nd.. 1942. In tile above Hoc 3Z Twp. .m.I I acres. I j.'or Two ltlilrOai Comnuissjuners I nlcQ 'r'',

lie." A. I. 1.1..Uo... Pasikira.i named Court and cause. wherein I braced tinder said certIfIcate No. embraced under said e..rttlclie No. (.llll I'l' l'UIIIT._ lilt 41)5(1.51)OP of the State of Florida. pro1", I,. "Jrdln.<"
N. WI.int ririet "llt'nUtt' .....k. dlvorc. ltradfordtoiinty 319. 325. 1" I'S l' I'S15K -, For One Member of the J iota ". "d
"hur I,!
Wor..hlp 11:00 A. M. Order III next four weekly. I........... 'w" 8 N. It. 22 T". I. embraced \ Ad to hampton SIlO. 30 1..lnseiih plaintiff V..1 State of ,
: Wnotes.
MurnlDIi under "ald Nu. 320. 14. n. 22 N.. Allen .Iorld. l II
Witness hand an.1 oIfie'liaiseal ( .mbrle..dund..r I
my ;
1>. T. U. 1OU: Y. 1\1. 'eI'IUc..t. Wuoten. County Commla..lonerll. : Ilh
.. No. 357.The l'o.l..r Vrf..nualt. :
M. at l4iarke. J<1"iurltIt thIs $eq.cruller The .I..m..nt said prop.vrly said J"I'1 "
P. .rlrlclt. Two
Evening Wor..hlp 11:00: For ot } .
.. .. .... certificate No ... .. the said prop.eriy No. 2150.OItflEIt J.mh.rl the County
W.dnuday Worahlp IIUO 1' M. ( 2)41) 1 h., 1943.IO"'Jo'I'IAI. 118 ..n'.nt CI. T'Llff.14'ATION Hoard of InstructIon. r."
) SiA1.) A. .VAs Thoma... Ild 13 were In the name ot ( I under the saul certificate No. .' A I Per eonela lu"lu and (: I
Clerk of said, Courl. 10.3 4t 10-33 Y".nM the assessment 01 saint 32r, Issued was. In the name of Carl ANI NOTI'J TO l'I't J for the 101. In"I', ,
lfF-.OIHIIT assessment ut ) Aar. l"wlll ullte. DI.trlct.. viz: .
rIRI' .a"l certltlclt. No. An.l..r. And the TATI' ,
...... ......0. h. I under the said Woot..n .whose r.lhl..nc. I 'I
1'... u. C. .1. 1'\1 (111(1 1'1' folilr. II" 11)50111)lilbil' 214 was the name : the said property 10&1..1 In fo I I"lei
1:11' N. ('.mrr. ..urrtC'hurctk (' 9'I.OItlil I II 1.11\. the .....e..m.nt of sai.l property I certlflvatp. No. 357 I..d WaN In the No.2. J1.cky ltluiiiit. lorth herCunto Testimony set ... I have r

Nrho. 10:0U A. M. I'.:II\'. tinder said certIfIcate No. 317 was name of Mallie Williams.linIess CiirlIna. my hand Snil affixed
$Hunda Worah1p 11:00: A. M. itolan.l M. Cox Plainlif I ? FonIeeIlcown Iii the nana of Joe John..o'; tha said certificates ...h.1 he You lire required to appear onNov..mb.r the (lreitt Seal of the State of .Or1( I:
Youn" People 1:00: I>. M. Cox; befendant.: Vt'gee No. assessment of said property under r..d..m..d. according to the 2nd,, 1542. In the ..bnVename.l Florida. Itt Talahl..J. the Capital I FOR IW \PPtl,
8:00 P. M. .. certificate No. au hI the I therein hesiltl Court and cause wherein thIs the frllt .
oJv..nln" Wor.hlp : 2171. .Id was prnp..rlYn 'lescrbed) wil ".pt.rber. C' .t
W.dn.eda1 Worehlp 8:00 P. M. IIlUUn OF' l'onT.IC"'ATION name of Philip Joe Johnson: the tu the highest bIdder the plaintiff: secke divorce. Bradford 'A. P. 14. .' 'An hii brt
,.., fIrst Monday ('irianty Telegraph shall puitlieli this (SEAL B. A. CRAY I I Th,' '
the -
ANn NOTlf'l' TO AI'YJ< AH8TATI property i urthouse door On .
011' FTAJlUUA to: 1'unIee ::ri": mt'e: No, 320 was in nfl : In the month of November Order lii next tour weekIY issues.Witness I Secretary of. iiiii., 1ii II." ''IFII 1
: liT. "A"K' 1 flISCOPALII. oiNov""b..r. my hand and'offlcl..1 Tn Hon. A. O. x r .
Brown 00 x whoes residence I. WIn. Md..od. 1142. which is the 2I1d.. day tlat.'j ,
... Ev4 y.r. It..r. Avenue Hotel 81914 Central Avenue. .._" lald CertiticitteC ..hal b. 1943.Dated seal at I-Ilark. Florida this September I' Hn..rll Jrndfort County l' .,11,4 h T.

::II"' N. Cb.reh Atrrr M.Hund. hot l'I"rlnl. Arkan_". redeemed according to I theproperties )his lat day ot Octob..r.Ufl. 22nd., 1942. 9-1 'am. n, ( hit
Chureh School 10:00: A. (oFFICIAL SEAL) A.S.: Thomae. I I :
U.4tindIY You are required' to apDear on d..crlh.d therein wil bestitti aJpl Clint MIl.'
., Wor.hlp 11:00: A.U.i' November 2nd.. 19(2. In the abovensine'1 to the highest bidder. thecourthouse (OFFICIAL SKAL) A. .1. Thoma.. A. Clerk of said Court. Ol'JK OF APP..U'A'rIO d ihtis',, II
1:80 P.
M..nl" Court and call"". wherein door on the fIrst Mon. ("I.rk of CIrcuit Court ut Bradford 9.25 4t 10.14 : 'II'S iEKt emt.ravpr th. n.
P. M. )
,' FrIdiY venlnlr 1aO 1.lallult seeks dlvorc. Bradford day In the Ma'dh of November. "'ounty. Flol'lda. 10-3 I 1023l IOlt. StIll prop-r1 j In '
Ne. rOlo"'I'
Holy Da,. 10:00: A. U.LI County Telegraph shall publl..h this 1942. WhIch I. h. 2nd.. d.y of November 0'1'1.1 01-' .:1.(1'10' NOTIC"C. IS HERERY 163) fird.. M Iii
+ Order in Iet four wekIy issues. A. n. To the ot I'ounly. (lIVEN. .Ilal. Pinnidi
FIIUTif ....F..OyTF.RIAV! Witness n15' hand and official. ." thIs 142.Hat. ,. day ut Dctoh..r '\ f'IU.t'IT ('01 H'J'. ...'OFon.. of t h. th..rlf 'Iorlda$ : That 1.1111: Crosby holder 8.0 Tax I I (if .. ot, 1101 ,.
CertifIcate r
No. 68
and SF ,
..... c..... ... AU... P..... asal at 8tarka J<'lorI4a. this Sop- A. I). 194.gl'rIMr ( .'I.O"IU\ \ (31'S. Be It Known That I. n. A. ihe 2nd.. day 0' Issued. I ship N"Uth ; ,1
( brrr, ... tember 301h.. 1942. ) A .1. Thomas f'I". ORAY. err..tary 0' State of theState September A. I).
rorI 10
&UI urtJo Auf 1940. ha's flied talnlnr H.nl'l
I !
t. Church h"ol 10:00 A. U.undal A. :So Tflomaa.. c'orl, Bradford U.rb.rt )11111.. Plulnttr.v. of Florida do hereby give and baa. made same In my Office I: .
) application .amismeni .
$ Wor"hlp, 11:00: A. M.S..nlor Aa Clerk of said Court.OFFICIAL. County. Florida. 4 10-2a JanIce 11Hlbl.. notice that aOEEn.r. drool to issued th..r..on.for a tax I .ty mu5 the ollt
Case No.
h. Said
Crutadam. 8:00 P. M. ( I4hAL) UIO.O'I'EI ELECTION certIficate. embraces Sited wa. 'r ,,
I "
Int.rmedlftte Youth 8:00: P. U.EvenflE Knight 5, KnIght. Hlar:' ftIOJ %0TlCK APPI.I,1'ION 1"HLlfATION will I be lucid in l4ruilford County drtutrlbsui property In the folloWing I \.b".r 1lis n." :
; "
i County I
M. NOTI"I' nexisucceedIng i
worship 1:00: P. Attys. for PIf. : .' U"Y" I HTATJ 010" FI.OH1DA ': JaniceKiolno State of Florida. oil Tuesday 0' Uradord State of Florida. to. l'nl.. .ald '

(Si-flOSS' Hill the first Monday In redeemed" "" l.t'i
Box I II Route .No.2. I "Ot
iv (111(111' 01 liT. .H..O" .11 Hlbl. 14wi
rAT..OIolC NOTW": I H II : IIVKN. November A. n. J92. the aid ot RW Section I Property drhil.rjhd
Welch "lrlrln"l.You
EDWAItDM ( .. Twp
'OII T1.0111. I \1 ii t- 1 sold ,
.. ...... T"o.. 01. 1MI.'p. 1'0' ('Y.ItV. Thut 10'. A. l'ackharn hol,1..r 0' Tax are r."u..d In appear on Tuesday being the 7 5. n 20 31. containing acres. I rourlhn I ''h. hIMh.1'b
'rrpI ASflri .. William lImit Plaintiff, v. Ruth ('trtltitates No. 125 367. I..u..d November ., In the abovename,1 Third DIY of NovemberFor 1110(0 or less, I. embraced under I day door an 1.
Early Maiua 11:00: A. M.111"'De tlrotl. .r.ndant. Case. N.. 2110.Oltl.Jn the 2nd day nf l'I.pt.mb..r A. D. Court 'alllo. wherein. J4epreseniative In Congress, said Certificate No. 68. 19(2. In 'itt I I
,.i.rvler. OF }''IIJiI.U'ATION 1940. has tiled same In my utth' plaInt 1ff seeks dtvor'e. II'a.lord State ot FlorIda nt large. In CE.4 $E1 ol. See, 18 I "" .hl.'h I tonlh.
- unda MaAI 9:00: A. M.W..k AN" NOVICE: TO APl'lo AnHTATI' and hal made application for a tax ('ounty Telegraph shall publ.h the Seventy-eighth Congress Df Twp. 7 $, it. 5.. 34 I 1943. :dc
Day U1e8:00 A. U.GONPFL : OF 1o'I..rlUlI 10: Hllih ......) be Issued h..r.on. Said this Order I. .pxt four w..kly the United 8Iat..... acres. more 0. less scnttn .. I 1942.'ated th'M' ht
certificates embrace the following4esirihed IH... For jtepresentatlve ot the Second I .
Scott whose residence I. Unknuwn. un..I.. .aid C..rtltc.. IN. ((, I
ut the official (( DistrIct of h. FIC\
RVACLFJTllbl. You are r"'lulr..rI In appear onNovemb..r pro".rty County Witness my hand and 'o""I.lonal t the propCrlF REALI)
.. tlchoul 'erch. Lurd'a Vay at 2nd.. 1942. In the abovenamed of Bradford. Stale of Florida to- semi At Iltarke. 10.1011... this II..p.to State of Forlda. In the SeventyCW under the said certlfleatee No. eO"n. Floid.llr ult COUl'.

Court and cause. wherein
3 ivangrUPtlO P.; !( $orvic. Sunday plalntlf' seeks divorce. Bradford
8:16.Hlba. : .unty Telegraph .hall publish this
evrnlng.. Ktudy Tu..day. Evening Order In next four weekly I..u.
J.J 1\U."lon 1111.hlIdr.fl Witness. my hand and official
8J&-ln: Biie I..on II Choral .seal .t tarke.. FlorIda. this Hep.temler ,
W.dn..da'$ 3 P. M. 811th 1942. WfiflA. Pbe .,"clstui'. o 1941 the investment or .In.lnl funds. h.r.fe owned or used fM mcb Filed ID office .l.tr o St.te the touvttrry Imleod

work Victory l'r..y..r UI'OUP Thuredayjvaomiriltlc lU1.'I'IC'IAL. S1AT: ) A. J. Thomas. Otsi.Mnder the o. Cnstitution.. or 1815. *. lbs 'Id Board mar the .lnllDI funds purp. thi Stat. 01 Florida. .1.1 June 12 1941. salfl Electici Pnrnii, I.
A. Clerk of said Court. JO-2 4L 10-23 Pese 9 'OID' created ror said bondS aWt seated ID a DommIssion to to 112 incisiVe SRI as

a ; \ Meeting Friday -- Reenlutions orPIDI amendments to or specIal road and bridge : known a. the Game and Fresh Water A JOINT RXSOLUTION ProposIng and eucepi curb Dana

11:1&. I" f'IIt.IT ('OIIIT. llRti)144)Rl) U. & o Stat. 01 P1cc. other unit b.r.under. t purchase the P1"b CommisSion Such CommissIon an amendment to ArtIcle 7. Section 3. clocte biiizbered a g
night : _
('o.'ry. FiURIIIl I" III 1J4- ,1 &d th. W..r. a 1 bY maturd or m.turlnl bond Dattlci'patlng consist of n.. members. on. of (be ConstItutIon of the Stt of east of the *551501 U

4t (''III'IU' OIIlarry (" "IIIIT 'EltY.'Thomas Yt o&n.nttt o.1 m..m.l beretS oth. ountv m .. eacl congresaionai' district. Is FlorId RelatIve t Clbsus Apportlonment. Ba,.
pl..P. MIDI..r1J. 11L aland..t..r Plalntltt. vs.Veda al.cte 1 "'D : that the other ececial road and bridge Januar' I. 1941. who shall by Section 3. Aflothet

..........,. A.... U.I..III. )4tandetor U..{endant. Case o Joint Resolutlone were 0? other special ..Inl district there- b appointed by the Governor. subject of said Article Am..ndlDI e DesIgnate District,. simii of the M
Bible 1 Study 1000 A. M. No. 2188. et..re upon their respectIve 'oiirnsls of. pr..ld. that said matured. t eonfrm.tlon bY the Senate The Braward County a. a Senatorial 0,.. which wss compti,,

Morning. WorIttP a n4 The Lorn DitHER OF' PITAf.JCATrON ItD tl. y... and D.. thereon. and .th. thereof. &.n inern.ment o.mb.. e .bal annuallyselect tre and designate Calhoun County 1941. embraced on the lit 94
supper 11:011 A. U.Icventn ANI> NOTICE TO APPEAIt the determIne and direct that eal be the once paid tb.reo..hleb one 01 theIr .Chairman Dull County a SenatorIal Di.t tnict No 2 Is Coitii
Wor.hlp 8:00: P. M. RTATFJ 0'' FLORIDA 10: Veda said Joint Reaoluttnns. Ub. not exceed the or the Commission. A of a. damb

'l'hur..d..y. Wonhlp 8:00: P. M. Stand.fer now n.You whose residence I.. tin.ii mltt t the .,.l of the t .t Investment plus accrued interest and that said 3 T. first :.mber o. the Coat- Br 11' RESOLVED B 1 LHOTSI.ATUBE : missioner.the Mtnuu of said, at Ct'jity Di
Shall bear interest at the
O..D.ra eppolnted on Januan -
let et
TltAIN SC1IEtUL1: are required to appear on 112 I raM of thre. (3) per cent per .nnum 1 1.nl': end shall serve respectivelyfoi' That tle OP THB STAT 0.? ID seq.the drool th, tet,

November 2nd.. 1942. In the above NOW 1'HPFPORI R A GRAY fo). '. said, shall two. three. and fire t aforesaid 5gt
southbound nantrol Court and cause. wherein t Bad anDu.l. 0. for Section 3 0' Article 7 the numbered 24 and S .
.t. 01 of the "(Ste u. Said ,sare. At eplr.tlon each of.uch the Co..tltutoa Election
of State
St.t fd aunt. a. & PrSClnct
plaintiff cocks .
No 1 (local) due Starke 11:1S: ('ollntl' Telegraph dl"orre.shall publish Bradford this Polda d : 1... notice that O COIDt r.. oar current terms. successor shall be .. Census and o.pprloDI.nt Polda ,uaat 04 Ii. Cuisra IpubU sianu I
Inte. m.turln" If an,. o. .Id pointed serve 5 term
in \ fO designating Browsed
Order next tour Issues. o
weekly CUlt: Bar.Tb.
GEERAL EECTOI aDd gasoline or other fuel td
I'M.No. Starke Wltnss toy hand and offIcial I Y.. tblrt-nlnth f391 District. Counts
191 (MiamI) due seal at tark... I"lorida. thIs 1:1.: .". w ti. held ID nb cnt In PoHds% ty anticIpation or e..r'fclt"' ot suCh 0mm.. 3 The. m.mb. of the Oommlsllo' and Oalhoun' County and Gulf County shall be elected in 01mm Dshc
the first .p"l.l bridge dl.trlct. recei,. no the fortieth ((40) SenatOrial
10:38: PM tent bel' 29t h.. 942. ne' edlnl abal tbel Dttrlct general election ID 1943 m,
due Starke 9:28 A. J. Thomas MondaC In N.mbe I Ia t.sd o other a"cta taiinq. .r"lc. mcb. but each and tile same I. hereby .1.d t lice for the
108 local) district term of
No. ( A. Clerk. or said ('ollrt.Oto'FICIAL T..da, being th..ref: t6 estab.itab "c.i.. his ne.oy ira.elin5 .- and shall be submitted to eletr. which lliey Shall hi,,
a account to meet .. Ins
'nllnl rnr nr expense. while oC tile Dr Florida for
All. ( SEAL and
) Incurr St.t their ,
Northbound Kllllrht 8 Knight I'4tark... Jo'lorlla TBD DAY O. NO'EBE fulur. .qulrm..t or said bonds and engaged .n .h. dlab.. b. Of. 0" .. .. et the General Election o be affected term by this of site
AUa. for I'If. gasoline tax antIcipationcertiflc.tej .ucb shall cc- be held on the first Tuesday after theflrst t
10-3 4t 10.23OTl'K fo the re3eetlon ci lb. flcla dut. thereafter there
rtlnc.tlO slit
No. 2 (local) due Starke 5:45 said 0 oroposiniSmendmeQtm income Where I .Po..ar. the roan an.ticipated tl .UI o 1.0 1 any one Monday I November. 10: .' the Districri, netahijild In i,
fo.n. y.
014FOIl "I'PI.II' ,'rIOll: the Constitution 0 follows J pursuance of.

AM.No. Starke .. 'iA-,; ....:..:.. the 8tat. o Poda e Sic: 0 thereon will not: and equal th'r4."h..dul..d t.m..ntl' 4. Among the power. granted t tile : SetIon S. 'a taglslstiIrs that Shall I County Commujuloog thu .44

192 (through) due (11..t. lull on. .113) A JOIN'! RESOLUTION ProposInsan .nc. out or the .1" .n' said two CommissIon by this Section .hal b m.t regular session A D. 1925 and I In his Diitrlct bui who V.1

6::28 .AM. NOTII'Io HI HI/IU-WI' nfV" N. Amendment to Ar'cl. or the ) cente ot pro.ed monthl the power so XIS bal Imlt ad t fx th5 shall meet every ten v.ar natod and cloned true th,
I '
That Kiva' Hulllvall holder of Tax ( .10 t". .hal open and Closed .
Large ,
Starke Constitution of the Florida the .. 10. a .tt. thereafter .ball apportion the repre- Prer Count,
No. 108 (through) due CertIficate No. loll. Issued the 2nd Stat durlnl b .mltte Iy .10
Heisting to Ta..tlon PID'DC. by as follow.: regional or basis. it .ntatlon In tile Senate. and shall Dade Count, wi'o hull In
6:43: PM. day of H."I.mb..r A. H. 10411. has AddiaM Thereto an Additional BectionVr.atln5 cent to the Stat. Eobt. '? ,to be appropriate. and 't"regulata provide for forty (40) Senatorial DiatnIcts. the general el5tltn II 1144

filed same In lilY office and has a or AdminieIration the construction Of I manner and method takIng. 'Ieh b. nearly after shall ilnid ohm is
) due Starke Stt Bod or DI.trl"l t .
No. 44 (through ma" application for t'nf
a tnx deed ; and State and Iran iportlng. storIng and using bIrds.game. equal In pr."tlc.bJ. four yean The oovtacompenastion

3:28: PM. to b. embraces issued h..reon. Maid corti.ficate Duties. sod rDI''or :use ohProceeds count,Rad.for the .e. pu"h... fur barlnl anImals fresh water 1 but no County shell divided inmaklzug of such
the following desorihed o. ( fish. The Such and missioner.
train nr bridge. 000neCtiflC hIghways .ptl" .mph'bl.n apportIonment. shill 5 u ho.
Bradford.properly 01n !the County of the Oeaoiine To Other Motor '- 0 within the County and twenty. (201 Comm.loQ alo 1... the power each District shall have one Senator: time nrnvided by its
Starke and Bell A .strip State IOU 't Wide Florida.. "to.wit 200' tt: for UI) tb. Pam..nc aDd Rt.m.nrof per cent I the BOArd oh Conntr Corn.mIssioner. acquire by purchase il all property provided that Browsed Oounty. Lion- Approved by is, Ottini
by All Outstanding Bond, necessary. useful eonveni.nt Ida. abatI the 1941
Starke 1 AM. r.u..d emunt for use 00nads "onlltu.
No. 101 long In $ lueh TI.tY.Dlntb
W14 of NWV recorded
ao: Any County Road ..ndBrldl. aDd bridres fo the use of the Commission In Ibeex.rel. f39tb) Cat- Filed In olfIt. Sectj S
In Lecd Hook 7, 5 22, o Spcl.I' thprln.Idl .. DI.tl"t.
No. 102 arrives Starke 1:50: page pub- of ot Its b.r..und"l. hon Cult Cohn' 25. 1041.
II" DI..tlct Po D. pw. Cunt. "orlda
records of shall
r..dtord bare thepower
Counll' Sid Dard 5. .
Juij' A. Road and the For-
BridgsPurposes. 8h.n
PM. .Inrlda Te appotnt Porlda.
lIne 33 Twp 7. 1:1.: It :U F.. enforce all rules Cmmllol
fix .
The assessment of the said. l irop- and fo 121 Pbla Bllb. and rlatlon necessary. to the full .C plearire no.move. tl..tl SenatorIal District: sOd e A
a suItable same time the Legislature JOfN RE.OLtO
arty under Prp. ." s .
the said certificate issued "II. powers hereby Dron. DlrctC.aud .n I I
To relieveMlecry wall In the name of J. A. Itlil- REOLV B,T LKGIS.t.ATURg no 'leytalation shall b. .. .nt" such a.n all soportion the. r..pr..ent.tnn It X of th. 1 S
ILgan.IInl..a. .. this and duties as b. prescribed House or Con.tlutoo
; COLDS 0.TH. tTA1'BOPFORIA; .nd. amendment .f full fn.r pwer R.lr..ttat.. :
Chow three .tlnl t ld
iii pall certificate shall horedseinied I'hsl openitIng effort t..m and Commission In pursuance o .h.1 RDr.ntltlv. Permit the Iga
accordIng to law the Article IX or the Con.stitution or tbt.sts .JAnu." lit. 1943 LegIslature. its duties under this Section Su< 0' the five mnC Income from any ..turslDue
property described therein will beeoii $ Of Florida relating to Taxation .bat) continue the levies. of said taxes Director shall. subject t the .ppr.1 counties. and tWO (al Renresenatl.esto to any PerioD the Ball
liquId to the highest tidaer at the sad PInanc. by adding thereto .n additlonal .urln. the life or this. Amendment. or thei Commission. .pplnt each or the next eighteen more lly as Provided a

666 'labirtsONC courthouse door on the tint Mon. section to b. Snown as S.a.tlon ..hll floe enact. an. law basins .alar. of. and ss PI..ur. r..mo. fabulous counties. and one R..p..n.t.tIV. Subject of Tr
".1... 1:1.1.hf l month of November 56 or Mid Article IX crestln9 S the .. or the proceeds. ..Ie"\t. Sod other employees who to each 01 the remaining coon- of not mrs ". 3%\
IrOpN : l Is the 2nd.. day o St.t Board or .tdmtntstrstlon: Dr.. nt Said two wlhdra.lnl. aald taxes such powers lad duties a. Plea of flue Stats e. the time n' Suchsnoortlonment tnt Cnuir'a 01 this SlatsProvided
(21 ..nt : may be .I"n..d to them D. the Coinmission Should the Lewisiature'
l'goh Jr.pa Nov..mb..r. 1942.latei .crlblnl Its power sod dutl. end from the this am..nd- b. L.w for lb.
1'1''' itub-My-'l'Io.s'-is: w..rrr.1 thIs 24th dti3 ot S.pt..m. providing 'or tb. use 01 the proceeds mimI. T. n..rtnn nay refundinsxnense. : or the Director. Commistinner tail t.nltlnl the representation .in any OhliustIotl Artolni I'Implied
l.inanieust ber. 1542.Ol"Flt'IAT.. g: two cents per gallon of the gasoline other saneness. for son.. Shall be eligible fto any such the the Ho'ua n' RIp- Stbeds
( SEAL) A.S.: Thomas other motor fuel tax for 41) Lb. Ices rendered. snecificelt.. for Or which .PD'n'men&' or r..rpt.tv. .1 any rol..r Session. nt Cnlrrt ATm

I'41lllllT: ('0 I'H'I'. 8ll1ll1OiIl. ('I.rk uf CIrcuit Court of Bradford p.men and retIrement or all Out- are properly rQesbi. to. the acenuinsof I T. rund .ullnl the ...L..o'.IUure' at the times Adopton. Proridint Fempte
('OIIN'I'"LO''I I'%I 1'\1 lIlA'I- COlillty. lo'IDrldl 9.28 .t 10-18 bnd Issued b. any counts ,h. county from funds distrIbuted. opr.tlcn of and from '. d..n.t.d., It .h.1 b. the duty In .. of Inmm. mlTwenty.fIve
( Kill.Maigaret. or special and bridge dlt.lalprior to Inch "nnt.: but of the la". and ,0' the t.pcisisture o 111.Iatur. sue''eedinf C. CollIe hi
; liur 1\11111kln. Phllntlftlv. !%0'rUI' 05' ;Ai'PI.ITIO., I to the First Day or July. .f the Board for ...nl..n..rl. a"o..n.. all reguIati.ns pertainIng to bIrd. game such regtilar .Ion the 01 tin lit. 5Defined
... ....ur..1 Mike I\IlIlIkln. 1)efendgnt. 'Olt 'rA.nl. \ lEFI. 1931 for road and bridge pur_. th. counties. .. alike shall<. he moral 1.mnnl fur b.aring .nlm.I. fresh ester fl.h I '.".."... either In 5ncJl o R"I"- .a to. NecentIrl.
...... .. Sod for reptiles and .mohlbl.n. together with ....' to 0" the t"III'
e".e .No 2115.01t1)IIt 11111 'II. 11I:1: (121) pubIlo highway purposes.Is them and nail nor nr Said .r annnrtlofl renro-
0'"' l'IJlILIf'ATION' NT111d J 1'1 IIEItEIIY (1l'EN. hereby agreed t and shall b. subinitted nn the 'amha.t... 'ald PAS pro."scud an. other funds sPeCtticiiiiy provIded ...nt.ton In the Senate and In the tiP IT RESOI.VD B? I

ANn NOT 1("I;: Tfl Ai'i-'HAIt That '1'. .1. Alderman holder of to the el.eto. or the State or are ",.. inmone the se.. for Curt purpose Shall eo"ttll the "ni.. PPnreinentattyra.. .1 hereto, LATURE OP THE STAl0n

Wl'ATF: (II.' lo'I.OItIDA to: 'urr..1. T..x Certlficites 'iitmtered. r..p..rt.Iv..ly. Florida for raticaton or rejection .1 mat .. ".t'lbut..1 prvided. escort. aold ? Sta. Osme Fund and .hal tised fpoh'-d The p'.ced'e" reeuiisr Fed.eral Tha lbs followo'd .

Mike Millikin. whose redden's I" Nu. 186. 172. a 14. 317 r 3111IInd the nose E.CtIOD b. bold oxpoespe made tn each. Commission .hal deem n. regular Stat. C.",.".. whiebvef I Article X 01 Di
care of lIlr.. IJayhi J. Millikin. 326 issued the 2n.l. day of I 1942. follows t 1..I." ... .hal the 1.latnr. fit In carrying out the .." shell have. been taken. fle.lest of Florida suthoniilnt IS

Moth..r. 1I0ut. No. I. halIfax North. I t4optetitiei A. n. 19411. has tll..d "S.ctloD I.). That begtnflinq .nd the 1.lr.".. limit th. ox..wnaea hereof and for no other purposes The soy sopo.-tiernm.nt 0: R.nresntstivos. bent ot any WUP UStirdue
C..rolhla. same In my offIce and has titatieuppilenitlon January I.t.11 1943. 'Dd for flit 4501 of the Posed"Anproved Comm.lon m. hOI oblllt. itself In the Senate. sod In the Rouse nf any oercwi .M II iSfsmli

You are required 10 appear on for a Tea 1).ed to b. ,.. ther..aft..r. the : I by the Governor current r"ou.ce. .r ;h. I..Dr.A..n'Atl...... .h..1 control In m.t. .. .orc.dd, IIITISIS
Nov..anb..r 2I1d.. 1It42. In the above 1..1 t h..r..n.lIald ( proceeds two May 13 State Op.me Fund unless -or such Tn the tent or 25' thereof i iiiIs
named Court and cause. wherein pertifitateN. respectively rio1race cent per State gSilofl. of the ttl taxlevied 1941.Ftid aUthnlzed by the "clfc.IY. the .n.rtn".nt. to resennor.'inn hereby .need I. itilmitted
pllllntltf dpek. .. the following law upon .IIDe 10 Offite Secty Stat. Mar T. The Legislature x".latur.. .1 to the.
divorce and restore- : ilescrihod' prop- sod other lik. products ot o may enart an. I. r."r..nt..Uo. In the Levis .1,11 0 l
lion nf Maiden Naill. Itradtord cities in the County of Bradford, now known .trol.um. 13 14.anA "vs In aid 0' but nOI IflOosi.t.nt. 'hire Peoulred' "y this' amendmentShe the O..npr.1 Bolo 0
County Totograph. shall. publl..h. thic Stale or I"lorlda. to-wit: and 0. With. the provisions. ot this amend. Governor .. fWlth'n' thirty. dcv."ter lives In 194a 1.1 I.
Order In next four weekly lsues.'Witnerns .. E14 of NIoH. I-x.. JO A In NE: ('or.. motor upon.hlcle. ehall fuels ia t propl JOIN'! RESOI.V1OS Propcein inept and nil .I.tlnl laws IncoMI.t."nt the Idl".n.nt.h.1 II? th rm'lat'esslorl I.tlnn: that I 1. Id
roy lu".1 and official seal R..c. 23 Twp. a "t;. H. 23 )/;.. con.1..lnlnar .. Amendment to the Constitution h.ewlth .h.1 longer. remain Leelaletuine .towetlier 0' ArtIcle' X 'Pd'41
placed th. .
at Starke lo'lorlda this October 2nd. 10 ..er..... more or less. isisinliraced DIstrIbution monthly ndl.nln the State State Tress-Roads the Stat or Florida to be mown o In penalties'' and All lawl fixing '0 ""'",tal pdlnnr Cession to c.i4e'. thereto the foliOwilil, S.

1942.dos'PICIAL! under saId certifIcate No. cry and divided Into three (31 equal .. 0' Artlci XVIL Relating e for the violation the proVisions 'Ite <..tln" r.envwwtinnm.nt end Section I.A Bit i
J68.NW1,4 which .. t 0' thla amendment slid III ..r" xtreorciinsrv session. the tag.'stature and income
parts shall dupes
FI..1Af.) A.S.: 1'homRAc be distributed .t
0' NW. A N'4' of SW'Of tmnoelng license shell be '
Clerk uf .al" Court. JO-9 4t 10.30 monthly among lbs countissS. BB fT RtSOLTED BY I'HS t. enPctj I. hereby ".n".tor"" .nulr. whatsoever due and
.NW1,4, "See. :U 8 LOtS.LA3URR by
JoJ.. containing 80 Twp. 1'1. H. 22 follow.: .v.ra OF TilE: STATE OF FLORIDA to Um. L..I.tur. from tIme to r-a"'on the .., .. .. come due and "Inl 1 i I
HeroN more 01'I. esnhuirNd by this betaadtnhPynipuvt broil .1 I
amendment who I. the Ill
That .
l "I"r"IT"' COLIIT. "RADFORD less I. emloaced under said c.rtlU. One part area. on. pert the following Amendment. to "'. .
accr41nl t the shill
Ooernor. f.sni erich grtravurdi.'tsr
cats No. 172. b. knowD 8ectlon 3 01 Article XVIIof Pr".d.by May 5. In this iarn'.hm.nt
( sod one pan 19I ,
'OVNTY. .ccrdlnl the
FI.OltinAI IN CIIAN- eeseian raIled for In
WIf, (If NWI,4', nt AEE.... the th. present ConstitutIon b. and o r.a""on. :
('K about & counties OontribulIons i .
U Y.Hnward office 6et.ty 'sent not I'- limited tn 5''be be Dm
5l1veter Wlillam"on. Plain- 10 A coltS Divers l'er.ons 14cc. 33 t cost or 8tat. rood con. .the same hereby agreed shall be.ubmttted 5 ; I o S.at. U Ihal' tw.st. d--. etc .c .1.resensertionmet Qtate the. II' m. not I
the :1 .n"
tiff. v.. Tw8 tI. 22 K.. containIng 10 Irctl.n .n the ratio of distribution t .I."trs 8t. .. innsids ... '
fendant.014D5R. Annjll..tlne Wllllam.op. D.. acres. more I or less. I.. embraced I Chapter 15659. Laws OS a. the ..nerl .Ietlon R.pre.nt.tlv. 15 .fM... --1 such salary .__-
under said o Acts : co b. bold UU t1 70151 "n .. ". than such the 01 .n' o"eby
OF certificate No 314. : 1931. and for the pur- I & lt RESOLUTION -- implld
to-wilt Pp'nl ... .. or .
1 A In SW Cor of E'4 of .n Amendment to Article eO"
STATE AND 010'NOTICE'LORIOA TU APPEAR of 5E14 14cc. 32 Twp. I 14. I NW1 1.. the cunll.& apprtlonm.nt ba O SectIon 3. f'.t .n, ape.clal :onttutlon 01 FlorIda Adding -.r..d by the a..ro June 1 sequent to the .dDI"
to o
: AnnJu.- amendment n"ld'
containing 1 Acre toad tflflatfl.CNnn thaamount or .
mol. less e. Sta. -- .ar L."II"ur.. .l..rto.D .dltlnn.1 Section Raiat.' 1941.P11,09 ,
.... __ OP eontrtbutions..tab.Ilehed : by iota three-fourths 01 t lv' Secretary the Lel'RI.t. hli D
w m.m. ni tl. Eectlnn .rnee St.t ?
_._ O Clr"ul Judl" o o right nf
-p ppS --S- by, & certIficates m.d. ID 1931 be. elected t each House. .hal d. BS IT RaBOLVED (ROIB.ATURR lune I 114a vided where. the. ..I'11
said thu
PUru.. 15859. t"rmln. emergency op
t C.pt. THB
..bal .eulrnl FLORIDA week comB nIl
taken .n decision 01 per
Prompt Service Careful Drivers computIng the monthly amounts dl.. Silt.e.rl.diets. .n by. the eletr this nUl 11"ArtIcle.. 01 I of the Cntltut.nn .. A .OIN REOLtOI Pplnl : l mn. terisittila.Anpuoved from time. toby UI ,

trIbutabIe according t said Contribu.lions. CD.ttutloD dealIng with the subject lord. In VIJ the
Buch funds shall m.t. .m..rpnc m.y b. 'ddlnl th..rt Secilno Conatitution of the State Florida b. tIle ol
b. administered b e dl.trlbute 01 and.lcb the pro. Inow. Section 4 or said Relating to County and MunicipalGovernment. i041

Admln"crtO : &..81.1.. Br b. agreed I by ord a three-fourth.Amendment sot. Irtlole Judges the Electlol of Cir- .. FlIed tn offiCe St, 0!

Starke Taxi Service 'dr.Cb & pr or House all the the m..mb.. elected to each -.d"I t .b. sod shall the b..me lubmltt..d f h..rb. 1 I RI IT _AC BY T tKne.I.ATE II. 1941. -
shall OF
) n. a.emO as ChaIrman. the .m. be entered upon .I.to. the .. or Florida 8TATEOPPORIDA'TU '
Otat. th..1 respective lournals With the for O following
inc State
traIler r..urr ahal a Cor. .d naps thereon. Thereupon. at.e General Election 0 "Jetlo st the ViI nt tile ConstitutIon t AI.the A JOI' RBOLtO'

poTare .Cn.tltu"as b cr. em. ..Ion the Legislature .b.1 pro fires Tuesday after the nn the Stati Porlda relating t Cunt. the theIda. COU(
fIrst XVI ot
Board AdmlnIstratlofl ride for a sPecial .I.ctlon .. Monday and ticis
wc" n November
150 O 1 b follows a..erDrent. C T."I
: not less than II2 : c
.hal .lee. t all the pow. ninety no mol. than numbered 8ltn 1 Atlal. Il.tln. ."
authority the statutory one bundre eighty days after ad. .Seton" CircuIt Judge. shall VIII. be I. hereby of : fIttIiit I
RoililOta I
o. .AdministratIon.' Board Dr for publicatiop or n..ne. elected. b, the qualified to and shall' b. submitted to 'l tions 1
D.... In addition Sid .b.1 notice ther10f a. which special alectioft elet. O their respectIve Judicial tars 01 State for ratIfication or pal. Ilue.Uonl Lt"o
t &
Day Night may be conferred upon II bY p.. the prpe Amendment shall b "r"ll Other e&at and County rejection the next general election .' l'tIfA'i1YRM

management. euperviston. submitted & u. elector. of the 81. fr"I.I. are .Iet \b. held, In "n.mb..r. : Bm F pggfl1Vti
Of the d'ld. ro rejectIon n. fIrst 1943 wi OP !TTo
Iwo 42c. oeot. apprv.1 : D.vld. election of Circuit Section Ii. The County Tl
--- of Mid that a general .Ieotion of shall D. bold .d' Cmmf. a
-- laze.
--- p ___ __ 'ld moneys and other ,.. I RprD' lbe O.nera sioner* o. Dade County who Section Berth'9Xvi
pp.p p p-p -- is 14' OCCUT withIn In to .hal to
the take amendment
.t Wh''l O efiectIv date lIa .t the 1943
.rn general election (
Such 0
o Amendment .Iete
ehsil D. after the rnn.elmtO
Ui are r"da tb. first .
or Monday
become .PPlcabl. to the at web ebmllO 1940. Immel.t.l" Iftef the beginningof ( ..' .."
.... .pple.bl. to bnd ot the 'on.' .I.t .D.'a .. of for a term Of Sic yeare tbe. Of office. rediatniet of .rld. or"rto"
this all
such pronert"
.ra Ste. any .. OUI" as tIreS Intel fIve County Corn'miaslnneps
SAFE! FAST road and brIdge di.tylol. If a majority 01 the elet'tays' .otlnl shall severally exist 55 the tIme .' numbered exemptions rorO'
COMFORTABLE! Other special Uxlfl5 district o upon the propoeed Amendment shall adoption Of this Amendment o by the said DI..tl t b from n'elp.1 "r.U.n.1 I..

..me prior t Jill I..IP31. fn t..r adopt the Amendment. the aspic 511.11: end they are berebS extended.h.1 b n... Commllon.delineate Oneto thebOlifl&I7I. '. 0. Charitable DUr

brldo. PUrO" Tb. word "om. a pars of thIs Con&tutloo minate on the first Deeday after tl. I Ppt..ly. ald District. In suchmanner sam. iS hereby :

.Bond". .UI 11.r.ln shall In"lud. Tl. Amendmeni shall held fi. Monday In January .- t. to include withIn the lee Submitted_ .h ". ,
b IIP.Appr".d
AND ECONOMICAL! ", .."" l" ... so .la aflVWia.' I bJ '& Ov..nor. 500011.. s Districts territory _. Stats or ) flTTfl'
form. "un.
lnd.btedness 1551104 .xistinc' o' the Constitution II1. U ..oln rejection .t the nl.
ro ra pr.\lol One 01 th. saId 015-
sod lS2
.pecIaJ 1 rd.lu county : relating 1 Amendm.nt. but .h.1 b Pie In office 0 Secretary o Btat. tr"l compHse Oommll.on.the t4 b. held In ,.
RIDE =rIDY dIstrict regarded .ddll. lu. lOlL .b.1 tritor the said Pectin0 1'
THE BUSSES otber. sPecial out. Amendment tl... me&O .hlel.W. Of the within ill d.y Vection Aml. the ConStiflitiOfl 50followil
OD l11. .br".d amended
.ndlnl 1t1 0. any r. APD..e ties A ,ide b.
& .
O"'ID .on 24 32. inclusive.and
fndln. Issue, .h..f Said Board '0 RILtO" Pr0poein; nu.b..d t
tOll.Flied .
Courteous ... the & Sixteen 04 Flection Prorifles.
Correct .h.1 Statutory offlci It viiIporatiofl5
Information power. Sets tb
Bord nt Cunt. Commisslonere 0 III I 0 It.k .I thereto Constitution additiouat Florida. by adding :i. .t numbered 55. 50 and 81 "Section 1._01 t'.
& Section Permit. of the western shore of .
of BI
Given You At Authority of ..peeiai road and'ny .Ib. A of tins lbs 1111.tu&'eat the Powers cavil. Sac .n a. establIshed b. a rl.Ittlon rorporation V Iol.

districla. and_Other ..1., tlta bldl .n .On REOL tON P"'nl' mal to .d Regulations ae 0' the County CommissIoners. ship or ,.ra, till
Conservation Said Count, 14. .
UNION BUS STATION mou.. tn.( that with ,. "ed sold Con.tlutloD o. the State o. FlorIda Water Fish& Bait W. 0 Se' t. designated.dop"d Nc..mbe HeAnoyh .r. ..!

ad ..'.nept t..... I. .xpreIv power Withheld so Isss by the. Ixecuti,. D""m..nt 1 a Bd .CmmIloD Puce J : RolutlOQ .'o.Id. .. In.-, '
from Dnar.ii thereto .n 81 the ,t Districts shallComprise r t. 1sviltfrl tillleast
slId shll BO
.10 tat. o.ei RBLV tROTS. o ,
paper.. ton .t Create a Oame and Fresh LTUR. T and onlY the held. and I. I
doum"Dt sad record. Comnulpelon. BTATaOPFORmA' .. trt ... .. 551et
Article ,
cn.rnlnl Bald Board .rtO. Iii. 1.C dsp ,
eec lb. power.m. from IT RSOLVXD B1 tutlan Of the o Cnnl. 'Mi. Oommi5- m"nl"I "
SSflSSSSSr_ lime T LRIS "I."ttn"
Ic LA1'UR. Btt embre
rssn-s flns __ OP TUB 1
Are-s-is S rr_ tIm. So tleu. refundIng bonds SAT amended by b stoners District Cnmmis'InneiV ersrV. .
That an
ma. .
Wth'D the (lOt the tlon.1 Section to ter..t District No 5. dsecitbPd In ,lwPs pmvlded'ncrt ...
Regular Plate plO .n. o.Id. tfy outstandin.'Par Stat.Article at IV Florida of lb. ,Contltuto o t 3 of said Article b.kown lUthorising.8ectlo the Bol 'p' o. the .Inut.. t the Coca' alusil. .,1 and I'n '

luret Ihl.eD and 1 .. tire Department adding t. r"e. Lel.lau and to vest t. power of maa. page Commissioners los as 0 C. .t nf the PeCti"flC CM"'o" n
n t.m 0' rl. seq.:
DINNERS LUNCHES Die" 'Dtltp.te .ddll.n., SectIon to b. 000sbr.stlon .rl.tlon. relating 1 b' 0"
.fuel.IDt rrm b. 0 otl. o. said Anl"l. IV. a. sail o .a.e fish Arnth" "f the Saul Omllo. improved -
t.. distrIbuted Game creating w.tr Druet Dlatla' .bal comprisq 1941.
a com.
count. herein provided bur .ucl b. FreeR Water Pb Co. .m.b o & first day nf Aol FlIP4 .,fe !tlun.
GOOD a. mlalon and the agreed h..b. 1941. I
OLD FASHIONED a wi'a'er same t and Commie.ionerV
noiJ Inl..r.t &" Said agreed and b. 1 : the ..1 to Intro .mb.ce 0"- it. 191
D.d. : .h..1 .ubmlt. .I.to State descrihed In Book In "
b.r set) the o & .
Itehanee 0" t count. o for Beo" o & St. o POrd. 'o rlllc.tlon 0 rletloD o Floid. at the minutes the County Cornmisslonere Te P0PIIy5as. .01. ."odm
COOKING Unit for 'b. Wile, o .tO o "Jlon & of 194
lO.JE purpose B.ton held .1 page .
t dIl.ttn.tb..of.
Ott. .
O NtIID. On..1 held .. 0 .1 .,
10 bnd. Issued 1. t al the fl. .f.) the fIrst .o and aU whIch ,
.)- --.-s.o3NOEGEL'S ''Cla. special rd and brd.ecl dltlc. o n.No..mhr T.d., 11..f tho tollowe'fins Monday "tIDD November. 19: .follows;MODea: embraCed.. on the ID first day .f ApiL III ,...,,u.iicns. .h.1 dr

fasoline o other.1. dltl< I .,.tetan Prom sad ifter J.D. yes. In 3 T. legIslature "r..r to 1.10. Plnl_ni" Sided b Is' ":

CAFE Cerltru. ". r.1'nUr. .ntcl"t.. lo.a&O. 113 tIre m.n..m..n." r.t.. 'y now created o thet m.y 0 Comm.loa. ; .: by the aforesaid InI..t.Rlu.lo. a tb-10, the Sts'" of.Ts1ThlO!

mo (31 cn 0 is. make c.t 10 II ..
such a. bearlnq .utbot t and ..ol'
Dur dennminufnns rr .tlm.I. i
rl. of
and fresh nhUlon without Anoth" said .b.n sthU
turtne w.t..r D' the & and
222 Temple Ave. such ,inte fb r.td Dtc .
within the flfts Itat. t the _
Starke, Fla. 'lot lorld and the 0 1 'Pplctlon empr 5,511 "
.p period as' & tetr wl'eb .
the \ .
Board mar : 'h d.y I.h.t.
fle. J.tSrSrfls tensrrssssrss a rrrpssr drln. ii, addItion t """IIDI m.. cntr ad_ m.nlm..DL. 0 dta:-:otuductd .at nab Cemlllln AII. 111. .mbr, S Os'a n ''
as ri Dow .lrt nr lD II
D.. provided WID".h Glf. _
1: .tlUM "UD and all o. upV" Qv", .June 1 .Count the. Count B.C..lnn.. lr o amid. /

a.. _

\., .0...." "" .

.... .._.."..,, .".... ._...._._._.."._. ".

-- ) '""": ''': ;' '_,,.' ".."J" .. .-" .... ... ,.d' .. -. '" "''" "' '';'' ''''',1'1'''' _.. ,n e". .. .,..1.. .. .' .... ",.''-"it..+,':, ,'-"....w.....,..,.,...........,..._ ... ... ''''''.--.on. "-"of1Iit..


I iiKR 16. I9" ""A"""fRfl rot...JT.. TKf.FflK*!.*.. .....""... FT.ORin PAOB SEVEJ*

BROOKER PIN 111'8' KtllKIH'LHr You to on
Ideal LaundryHas appear
FpUR SERVICE MEN LEVI'L NO bpae2.rum In the above ,
II Ity :Mn. L. O. Ilazcn Hy 1\11'\1. II. \ >.. .hh. ..i mdM 11:30: P. M. named Court and cause, whereto '
...ma of .n.t eonrerninaprn.Irnrd Local BranchThe 4:XI A. M. U'vllle only plaintiff. soaks, dlv.r." Bradford ,
.. to
I ......I. (.00111, h011 now ...flag. l ..1. I Rev. and.. Mrs. O. J. Rauleroonof 10.00 A. 10 10 P M roomy Telegraph shall publish this I
: ...1 ........ :. urged toMsrena HALLWVK'KN CARNIVAL 1 :0.1: I'. 1\1. Not by Ocala Order In neat Cuter weekly Issues.
Purenl11 Ideal of Gainesville
.sm hr .I..lnlC I. news and letlera The Brooker P. T.-A. plans to Laundry Jacksonville were guests at the 1:20: P. M. Easlbuaad Witness my hand and official I'
Ihr burwRY from bona NenlreF04I01W G Fred Cone, manager, recently home of H M. McRae Monday. IU: P. M. 400 A. M. seal. at Htark, Florida, lhl" October
from' ... sponsor a Hallowe'en Carnival on 2,00: P. M.
also w. 0th.rrY0 7-tO: A. M. 2nd. 1943.OKFK'IAF..
110'' rtIng a.ado .... aethIllen Saturday October 31. Contest- purchased the machineryof Nancy Owen! little daughterof 8:20: P. M. 11:20: I'. M. '
'1'elr. .ru Y'" ] the Robert Green Dry Clean- ':03: P. M. For St. ( 8KAt. A. J. ThnmitHAs
of '/orrrot. I ants for the King and Queen have Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Owen of lilt: P. M 7:20: A.Auastlm!St.U.uthhaaad Clerk uC kald Court 10-9 4t 10-30 ;
three miles
west f
Ing plant 0 Starke. whose mother Is ill in -
already entered the race and a 6:U > M ---
Arthur H. Hall of Starke has Starke on the Raiford road, and at Ocala Is 3:21: A. M. For Palalka
hospital spending
.Y valuable awards will be to
given 8.S5: A M. -
enlisted with the Seabees and will took It to Gainesville to Incorporate W..Ibeand Beware Coughs
the winners in both the Junior few days with Mrs. H. M. McRae. O'vlII only
leave Jacksonville next Tuesday and Senior it Into the plant there.It Mrs. O. R. Alvares and children 10:35 A. 1.10; A. M.
A beautiful
for a six weeks' period of basic races also took out a lease on the here 12-40 P. M.U'vTTie 8:.10 A. M. from common colds
were relatives
quilt has been made by the ladlesof visiting Not by Tally. Special
training: either at Norfolk or In branch office ,on North Walnut Monday afternoon. : P. 10:40 A. M,
the P. T-A. which will be
Rhode Island. Arthur starts out given away. The, P. T.-A. la ask- St., where Robert Green has Mr. and Mrs Robert Myrick 240: I' SI2 7:10: P. St.Ovule That Hang On
with the rating of Petty Officer maintained his branch. The build- only .:30 P.
ing for volunteers to out were visiting relatives at Keystone 7:51: I'. M. Tally. Special:
come Creomulslon relieves promptly because ,
1st Clasa. The Seabeea Ing is owned by A H. Green, and i,
construction Heights afternoon.
and help with the carnival. All Sunday to the seat of the i II
f men whose duty it Is to efforts will be appreciated.Dock the terms of the lease were 123: Mr. and Mrs. Owen McRae of itbright loosen and expel .'i I'

build advance bases for the Navy.M. per month for two years with aDoption Hampton accompanied by Mrs. i IN CIHCIlr: cl)1'a'r.. HHAItPOtUICO germ laden phlegm, and aid nature ., I j
for a longer period Mrs. 'MTV, FLOU1IIAI IN (''''''11. to soothe and heal raw tender !nom ;;t,, i ;
Waters and family recently Mr M. McRae and Miss Odessa ('.:"Y. named bronchial mucous mem- iii J ,' "
moved here from Gainesville Green stated Monday. Miss.Grace McRae Mr. J.rry Olrtonato. Plaintiff .. ,.: I
O. Williams sharecropperwith were visiting and v hay branes. Tell your drugffist to sell you \ ;
F. P. Flume 'for the and have an apartment at Green, Roberta sister who baa Mrs. Jesse Conner at Lake Butler No Nrwlverl.'lddonalo 1175. Defendant. Cane a bottle of Creomulslon! with the un(0'.(. t. i (
past been at the branch derstanding must like the It ': :
Mrs. Lee from tbe beginning you way "
*our years, was paying goodbyeto Galney's.The Sunday afternoon. OKHESR OF prnLifATIONANI quickly allays the cough or you are ,I ',

S4 friends along Call Street "Saturday bridge Club met at the the Ideal has accepted a place with L. L. Conner of 'Gum Branch BTATK NOTICE OF KI.OIUDA TO APPRAll to: Kay to have your money back.CREOMULSION. !

on the eve of his departure home of Alias Madeline Crosby Laundry and will con- and H. M. McRae enjoyed the day Newborw Dlilnnnto, whop rvnldvnr !
tinue to operate it. In Cur of lloltivlllv I Sanatorium.UoltMVlIlA ,
for induction at Camp Blan Thursday afternoon, Oct. 8, High fishing on Crosby Lake Monday (PHtftingru: ) ImnMT IslandIsland : : '
titiWam ding. Originally from Kansas, prize went to Mrs. Guy Harrell The Ideal bas no trucks. operat- We are glad to see J. R. Hall Huffulk: I'ounty, New Yurk Coughs.Chest Colds,

Mr Williams has been In Florida and consolation prize to Miss ing In Starke, Miss Green stated able to be out again after several

for the Jeanette Robinson. Refreshments and there will be no house.to- day's Illness.
past ten years, living in
Sanford and Orlando before com.Ing of salmon salad saltines, and tea house canvassing for laundry or Mrs. Jo:, P. Gay is spending a WinofVictoryElectricity

to Starke.If were served to the guests. dry cleaning. It must be broughtto Tew days here with her son-ln- :'

Miss Lubedla Plnholster and the branch where It will be law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.J. .
picked up and delivered.) R. Hall.
things at Mrs. Tom
keep up this rate. Markey were shopping :
Starke will be well representedat i In Gainesville Friday. We have the new addition to helps make America's war planet some of the world' ':.1 I

the Coast Guard's baste" trainIng The Little Women's Club Deeds Filed the: Pine Level Church, with two most deadly weapons. Here are a few of the ways in which Q-E .
seals held In the I In
( Morgan station at Manhattan large Sunday School rooms That equipment serve air. ;
is, l the son of Mrs. Bench i Its meeting Wednesday night, D. E, Knight and his wife, N. were very much needed, and hopeto '. ,
N Y. Buck
ere of Plant City, ArmonJ Alvarez Bill Beatty, Oct. 7, In the Community Club. L. Knight, to H. V. Knight and soon have the work all finish ; 1

[f Bradford County. Thomas and Ruben Several tables were set up for his wife Merry E. Knight Oct. ed. Como out to. chinch this ) \

aboard the U. S. S. Keene are already there and bunco. High prize went to Miss 1: week-end. I
three more young man led men-. Hazel Crosby and low "
jna and received hisSing to Mrs. D. E. Knight and his wife, N. I Im
Earl George, J. W. Morgan and Mike Tilghman. The r
hostesses (
at the Rising L. Knight, to Mabel Sullivan, a RISING LJ
Herbert Cloverettle-left for Mrs. Resale Colson and Miss", J.ft ::J i
there Tuesday. The Coast Guard Frances widow, Hugh M. Sullivan, and By Mr. Eddie: Norman "t : ,r..
Tilghman served sandwiches
Jack 12.!) Sullivan, each single, Oct. ( 'I; J
seems to be a popular branch of
()\'S IN TJ<:X.\S the und cookies to their 1; Mr and Mrs James Norman of ', If
service with Starkeltes. guests. 0' I,
atthews: Callie D. Gay and husband S. Jacksonville are spending a few !

ig you a .!little poem Miss Jeanette Robinson was G. Gay to Orange Lines Inc., of days with relatives here and at j'j'i i '
e i fellows in my outrolt Robert L. Kirkland, son of Mr. visiting her parents In Floiahome Duval Co., Lot 12 of block 3, City Lake Butler this week. ,,, ,, ':\, \

from our hearts and Mrs. R. F. Kirkland, has over the week-end. Park subdivision of & The week's meeting at Corinth t I Q 1\1to
heart ofJng successfully completed a 16-week Weatherly 1. Limp are the eyes of the plane 2. Radio combines the voice and ,, I'
Church cloned
In the Miss Nevada Palmer Sunday at noon '
deep was visiting Carmen's addition to Starke in ,
in size i from the of the
course of Intensive at night, ranging ears plane, allowing coin- ,(
training in the
cactus from our relatives in Blountstown over SW 1.4 of SE 1-4, section 28, with a large crowd present and cockpit lamp no larger than a pea munication between the pilot and ,
jday. school for Machinist's Mates\. at the week-end. Township 6 South Range 22 dinner on the grounds. T 11 e to landing lamp of more than his squadron, and the ground and I

Ink of the folks backn the Navy's Service School a t Mr. and Mrs. Hernhel Layfield East, Sept. 28; Bradford County Singing Convention half-a-millton candlepower. sea force I
tee from the Tele- Great Lakes III. He will now be was held In the afternoon.
attended church at Corinth Sun. Kqullla Roberts and'C. B. Roberts .
-- --- -------- -- -- -
[hey are doing their sent either to the fleet or to an MI' and Mrs. Noon Mott and ;- + :tY .' ;
her husband, to Q. W. Rivera
lanai Defense. advanced school for additional in day.Mrs. family of Urooker, were visiting.
struction. Ralph Hazen and children and Olive Rivers,. 31 'acres, Sept. !, ;I !
"" Mr. Mrs Emery Lewis of
Icpl.; Eaton Jordan and Mrs. L. O. Hazen and daughter 28.' this section Sunday. I)1'- ) I

[Camp Hood Texas. Promotion of Pvt. George H. were shopping In Gainesville Burnett Roth and :wife, Rose- Eddie Norman and son, Her J .;;,i." ,
I'B Crews Saturday. belle Roth of Dade,'County to tlrq( 1
HITCH"here ,, formerly of Starke, to the bert were visiting I n Brooker '
[ thinking of the grade of private 1st class has I Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Crosby and Charles Rosenberg, of Leon Co., Sunday. : ';" i 1,

[ left behind, been announced by headquarters Miss Madeline Crosby were shop Oct. 3; Mrs. Edna Thomas and little '. i ;,I. i

o put on paper what of the Oklahoma City Air De. ping In Starke Saturday.Mr. Morgan Securities Co., a cor- son, Wayne, of Brooker were J \"

pg through my mind.a pot. He is a member of a repair and Mrs. Talmadge Kelly poration of New Jersey, principal visiting Mrs.. Thomas' parents a ,, .. !

million ditches, squadron at this newest Air Service have gone to Willlston where Mr. place of business Union County, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lewi, last ""1!h, r

[ a million miles of Command establishment for Kelly Is employed at the Air N. J., to John U Hall Jr., of week. .J I .

the maintenance and repair of Base. Duval Co., Sept. 28; 3. Instruments the icnutive 4. I '
Supercharger are the lungs of I.r}f t
aircraft. Before entering thejMmy A. M. Blanchard and Anna M. WCTU GLEANINGS brain that relays to the the .
\\T place, this aide of 'Mr. and Mrs O. J. Mott of menage plane, pumping extra oxygen to ,; ;
he was a cook at Camp Starke are visiting relatives here. : Blanchard his wife,' transferred pilot from all part of the ship and the carburetor, giving our planes i (//i""': I
is waiting to bone TODAY'S CHALLENGE: TO help him to control the In the t
plane altitude
10 to modern
Blanding.W. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Mott and Lawtey property to John B. Dye Its flight. neccary i 'i( .. "
warfare. "
\\OMEN i'
children of High Springs are and Susie Belle Dye, his wife, of \ c.,'j.
consolation, so C. Rhoden, stationed at visiting relatives here Ft Lauderdale, Sept. 29; ( from last week) General Electric believe that It* lint duty a* a .'I k
hlle I te11we'll Camp Rucker Ala., has been pro Wotnrn'M Vote Feared by "Weta" good citizen U to be a good coldler. ,' I
J W. Prevail a widower to I
Mr and Mrs. Earl Green announce : !
Friends and foes of suffrage
to Heaven moted to the rank of equal
corporal General
go the arrival of a baby William Earl Goodman and wife, Electric Company ScfeenadorJI.II. Y. ''t' I
done hitch InUt to alike predicted that you .
e our according an announcementfrom w.nnl rlt
i girl. Linda Gayle, at the Al 'chuaCounty' Annie Goodman, Oct ,1; : I
Hq. Co. 1st Bn., 322 In- I ,, would not stand for the existenceof ''' '
a million kitchens fantry. He is the son of Mr and Hospital Saturday, Oct. Mabel Sullivan as Guardian of the saloon and would solidly ',.i. I.

cooks to stew our Mru. Wm. C. Rhoden of Starke, 10. Mother and baby doing nice- the estate of Hugh Sullivan and vote for prohibition. The politicians GENEL-ELECTI1c I
ly. Jack Sullivan, minors to R. L. II
and before induction Into the feared your attitude on this r

I Army was employed as an arc Mr. and Mrs.. J. W. Brown and Batten, Oct. 1. Issue and did not want you in t't f

a million guardand welder in the shipyards at Mobile, daughter of Hawthorne were Michael C. Sweeney and EdithM. politics on that account. They

cleaned tbe camped Ala. visiting Mr. and Mrs. Guno Sun- Sweeney, his wife, to LeonardT. found a way however, to kill ,; :

Johns and his wife, Cvleda your Influence by tying you to CO/JIPLETR'LINE OF MILITARY + i

a million mess Tech. Sgt. Chester Moody ar- day.Mr.. and Mrs James Cason were Johns $30O for three acres Oct. the major parties, so the dry SUPPLIES 't (:;.

id peeled a million rived last week from Canada and shopping In Gainesville Monday. 2; a women of the North voted the a :i f.

is, spending a furlough at his Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sapp and J. P. Hammock and wife, Ada Republican ticket and the dry FOR THE SERVICE MEN OF CAMP IILANDING 'r R.".

the floor and shined home near Long Bridge with his Mr: and Mrs. Harrell Sapp were Mae Hammock, of Duval Co., to women of the South voted the WE: OFFER FAIREST PRICES AND if. ',kt i

'K, as bright as Uncle wife and relatives. visiting relatives here Sunday. Marcus L. Conner and wife, Lil Democratic ticket. By thus keepIng FRIENDLY SERVICE ':' !

lian Conner, Oct. 3; the two groups voting against 1

bet of parades we've Sgt. Jack Sapp son of Mr. and Farmers AdvisedTo Drew Reddish and wife Emma each other, they destroyed the P. S. STORES Inc. I j\ 3;

i very hard to tell, Urs. M. J. Sapp of Lake Butler Reddish, to P. D. Reddish and effectiveness of both. The result .

are no parades In and New River, now has two Cure Pork wife, Ruth Reddish, 80( acres, Oct Is shown by the fact that while TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU i' j

more"'reasons to want the tend 5; national prohibition was accomplished ,
and we've done our .war For Home Use Vlandirtff
Hell. .. quickly so he can return ,I W. F, Galney and *WIfe Callie under male suffrage, repeal Center flits Station ) ;

I a million bugs andt home. On Oct. 3 the stork left By L. T. Dyer County Agent Galney, to G., B. CollII n. 120 acres, was brought about under And 145 W. Call St., Starke, Fla. ',

cry out for our eats, the sergeant's wife pretty twin Far too many farm families Oct. 8;; equal suffrage. I //r''

a million centipedes daughters who have been named well their hogs when the price 1 is E. W. Hayes and Ruby A Your threat of rebellion in 1032 r I

it our dirty sheets.a Agnes Marion and Jackie Ruth. good instead of butchering and Hayes, his wife, to Eula Mae rejoiced our hearts and had It I d.\

million miles of Sgt. Sapp is stationed in Virginia curing the pork for home use As Roberson,. Lincoln City, Oct. 6; been carried out, would have We Do Superior Work- \,"'i.,
result have to Mabel Sullivan, as Guardianof marked an epoch in American r (
built a million a they pay a very
camps.the 1st Sgt. James H. Moser, whose high price for the pork or do the estate of Hugh Sullivanand political history. When the major CALL FOR AND DELIVER /i 1

Texas cactus from wife is the fdrmer Miss Callie without 'Jack Sullivan, minors, to R. party conventions were held
of our khaki pants.our Strickland of Kingsley Lake has1 L. Batten $667.67 for 100 acres; that year and the beet and booze .
Now, aa we are facing meat
earthly work la John C. Hall as Guardian of hosts descended upon them, the
been of Better
the rank
'r promoted to rationing and high prices, too, Cleaning :
behind will master sergeant at Fort Den every farmer who has hogs should the estate and persons of Mava- women put up a stiff resistance, ;; \ ;
delle Maxine Hall and Gloria but were overwhelmed by the '
ning, Ga.. His regiment la part of '
ed save enough for his home use so
did we went to Heaven, the infantry school command at that he should have about 150/ Alene Hall, minors, party of the power of wet propaganda and TRY THE f: .;. :
our hitch In Hell. first part, to R. L. C. Thomas money. Both conventions adopted
mal Benning. Ibs. of meat for each member of NEW '
taps are sounded $11400 Oct. 3; wet platforms and threw the METHOD CLEANERS ,1 ; J'
the family.
lay away life's cares, Mrs. R. A. Thomas, widow, Kenneth prohibition Issue overboard.
our last, but greatestupon School Board The following; good reasons why Thomas single ClydenelleThomas' Your Indignation was aroused 313 !Wr' and Mrs. E. Edwards, Owners j : :
Temple "
those golden Met MondayAt farmers should butcher and cure single, all of Starke, and you organized a conventionof Avenue Your Patronage Phone .. I,

an adequate home supply of meat Bradford County; Lucille Thomas your own. In that wonderful Appreciated( 1M 1 I. '.

there will welcome of Boardof are given by Walter J. Sheeiy, extension .. .. t. ,
us the meeting the Fowler and her husband, Charles Fourth of July meeting at Indianapolis ..- l< J --"" "-000 ., .
i harps will start to Public Instruction Oct. 5 the animal husbandman: Fowler, of Hlllsboro Co.; Herbert where more than five I ,,ixuumunralawnulsuran : I
County Superintendent was Instructed First, it is safer to produceand Thomas and his wife Peggy hundred women met, representing, aigiaauuuluauuuunauwla. < -I% 'c

raw a million canteenand to notify the principal cure meat for home use than : Thomas, of Marlon Co.; J. C. as they claimed, fourteen millions -sidi-A: j': .1

spend them In a of B. H. S.', to open school a it Is to sell hogs with the hope of Hall, husband of Ruby ThomasHall of American women, you adopted Civilians ; i iI

little later than formerly so buying the family meat supply I deceased, of Polk Co.-par a new Declaration of Independence I ,

n we'll hear St. Peter that the children coming In on next spring. i ties of the first part, to R. L. C, and a ringing platform ,

proudly with a yell- burgs would not have to get uThe Second the demands for meat Thomas and Helen Thomas, his which In its assertions of truth Always Welcome At

front seats boys from so early In the morning. for our armies and lend-Iease will wife, of Wildwood, parties of the and Declaration of defiance stirred

for you've done your Superintendent was also requestedto tax the capacity of tbe packing. second part-lots 25, 26, 27, 28, the soul.

Hell." Instruct bus driver J. E... Brownto plants and the railroads. 37, 38, 39 and 40 of block 3 In You said: I I'j

e Boys of the make the route out on State Third, higher wages will increase Dowllng's addition. to Starke, Oct "We pledge no allegiance to MICKEYS ''r J
"l h
Tank Destroyer Bn. Farm aa he has previously done. the industrial consumers' 3; either party as they stand today, I'

It WM voted that the Levin demand for meat and Increase the I Tax deed-tax certificates 114, but as loyal Americans under this r.

A. W. Anderson, Jr., Griffls bus route be checked and price. 115, 116, 118 and 119, to J. S flag, we will defy and defeat any

P Shelby. Miss., new straightened out. It was also decided Fourth, congestion of transportation Eunice, 9103.45 for 140 acresOct. man or woman who attacks our SERVING \ lr.'

'he' 31st Dlviaton. He that the R. L. demons facilities during the comingseason 5. Union to bring back the curse S

1 >n at least 600 miles route should Include the Moseleyhome could easily prevent adequate of liquor through state or na' \'Ijti i

In case that furlough as that was at one time transportation of meat WOODLAWN tion.' FANCY WESTERN CHOPS & STEAKS, ;:

around!t" the route Mr. demon Fifth, farmers with an adequate This meant, if It meant :<.1
original fly Alice CloverMrs. :; anything PLANK STEAKS FOR PARTIES ITALIAN :
of wouldavoid
home supply meat ,
each month that would j
to be paid $2.60 extra I you not support
ck) Alvarez left Sept. for this additional service.It tbe possibility of being ra Delia Thompson Is spend any party standing for repeal or SPAGHETTI. & MEAT HALLS, I ", !

e Coast Guard and Is was unanimously decided thataU tloned on his meat. ing the week with her husband, for old reactionary programs. MANY GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES

Manhattan Beach. N. children should attend the l" rlltrl'IT ('Ot"IIT.IJFOlln Ancll Thompson, who 1s employedIn (To be continued next week) i ;f.f.J ty

leaving Starke he Wall school In their own district unless COUNTY' FLOHIUAI IM CIIA.-N-: Tampa. From National Prohibitionist. HOME HAKED ROLLS AND '

<* Darby's grocery. physically handicapped, mak Paul CfR5': t:. *Fisher, Plaintiff v.. Eliia- Mrs. Mildred! Silcox of Lawtey The Annual National Conven'ltlon PASTRIES. I ," ''I

ing It more beneficial to theirhealth beth No.MurphY 2110.ORDER Fl.l .r. Defendant.CAM spend the day with Mr, and Mr s. of the W. C. T. U. was held i I. !
k Clark ton of Mrs. to attend another school. Of PtTBLirATIOV Luther Milliard last Saturday. In Birmingham Alabama October. i
! left last Friday to The Board agreed to pay $11.22on ASH NOTim TO APPEAR Mrs. Geneva Milliard and Mrs 5th etc. i ,
Navy at Jacksonville.. the Shell Oil Company bill bah Murphy Flxtivr. Number .21: Gladys Carter were shopping in The State W. C. T. U. Conv'.!n- ALWAYS "

8 r.the rating of junior which was undisputed, and to pay QucfnK 15th Avenue County, Jaek.nn, Loner Island.,. .. aM Jacksonville one day last week. tlon meets In Gainesville, Fl a. ;! THE lEST THE MARKET AFFORDS i .I!

1 and being "on the half of the balance of the bill York. Miss Alice Graves spent! Sunday October 27, 28, and 29th at Fel- ,

e' be nothing new to provided the Company would pay November You are znd.required, 1(42. to In appear the above on and Monday with her aunt l lowshlp i Hall 1st MethodistChurch. L

years with the other'half. The Board unanImously I named Court and ".u.., wheroln and uncle Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mrs. :Mary Scott Russell I

"he' 1 annex Since Jan- approved recommendationof plaintiff Telegraph neeka divorce.shall publish flr.dt.ordCounty thle Graves. President of the Georgia W. C T, Mickeys a t,1!

has been a civil the Lawtey School Dlatrlct Order In next four weekly !laau.. Junior Wilkinson of Jacksonville U., will, be one of the many not l rj
Witne hand and nr'iolaleal '
r the at the new post- trustees that the Janitor's salary at Stark, Florida, iota October spent the week-end with hlaparents able guest speakers pre ent. In
title of Fireman be raised from '40 to '50 per Ith. 1542.fOFFICiAI. Mr and Mrs. Bennett (Furnished and paid for by Blanding Center Starke
SEAL A. :. Thoma.*
month. Wilkinson. Starke W. C. T. U.) ,
Aa Clerk of laid Court. tOt 10-10 'eAi'Antlhamrlr'nurm 4u u"n.pIr11n rmnwnlet'


.. .. '' ; : ." .' .se rd'
- :\" .. ": "'' ''''''':'h'''

,.".... ... ...... .,'- ... ..__. ..._.. ........,,_.._-_. ,
". ."......-- ...,. [I BL __.b.A.l",. ., .1<1 J ." .... '1''.' TL I. J LI.' Y ..' It : "IIV"4 "I".'.. I" ,,,'",. ',.,.. ) -''', '' I JIIIIIIIIt
or' ... .'.. '


i P.G" FIGHT BRADFORD COUNTY TELEClCAm.-"..,.''.'RI<. FLORIDA ...lilt).".,
.. OlTOh11i
0-------.- __.... ... IE
----< _
for his sermon the __
i Joct eloquent Observe Anniversary _
: Good! Food word "Defend", which Is used in
R CLASSIFIED ADSFOR the ancient rite of confirmation. Mr. and Mrs. J. H: Courtmanch EVERY BRANCII OFThf3tLHCZItce
their 42nd wedding anniversary I
Following the service, a de- celebrated
At Harvey's Cafe llclouu dinner was served on the Friday Oct. 9, by tak-
SALK--Killing station with I FOR RINT.6.'oom: house, furnished rectory lawn by the ladles of the ing the day off spending the day !)
living quarters coiislntlnK of 8: hot and cold waterC. J church. In Jacksonville. .

room, lights. and hot and cold R. Whitehead, Lawtey. Fla. It is vitally Important that ....,-_U-_..--_--_-_-._.-_-_-_ -_.-- --._----,
water 2 1-2 miles south of tf school boys and girls who are
Starke on Road 13. Marks growing physically and mentally, "WHY GO FISHING ?
} Rltch. 10-2 3tp NOTICE to Sgt. and Mrs E. R. should have good, hot meals two
Brock: If you read this. please or three times a day.It GO TO NEWSOME'S MARKET"Fresh H. C. WALL
rooms get in touch with M... O. H. is a great deal more trouble,
m WANTED One or two
equipped for light housekeeping.Write Johan on, General.I Delivery, and nearly as much expense, to Water and Salt Water Fish, Shrimp, etc. /
Starke. Itp off school witha
Write Box 431-C. Itp send your child to Live and Dressed Poultry, Fruits and Vegetables Agency
cold lunch under his arm a.*
LOST OR STRAYED-One dun- him email amountof ..
used It to give a rEWOME'S
' FOR SALE-SevlJl'al slightly colored steer, one black Angus money and let him come to .I. Constant Service Over 50 Years
single metal cots with mat- heifer with white face: marked Cafe for
the Harvey's a good MARKETNext
Like new. $7. O each.
under-bit one ear, under
It warm meal in the middle of the
Telephone 176. slope upper-bit In other Branded -
p L. G., looks like L., C. One day. Door To New Method Cleaners On Temple Ave. Please Phone 116
stress the
FOR SALE-Seven email Shoats. black with broken back Leading physicians .._
//J cow importance of good warm meals -- ----- -------------. -- - -----
lOc M. Crews, High- --
grolls.-F. and white face, marked crop -
to a growing child. And even
land. Itp split one car, under slope split
adults; who have done most of
in other; also one red cow with
BUY House trail- their physical, as well as their
er.--Guidon Grill, Starke. Itp calf, mark'ed crop under-bit one I mental growing, need nourishing '
: under In
t slope upper-bit '
food three times a day
r 4 Owner hits gone up $tOO. but it j other. Branded figure 8, alsoL. I It would be tragic, Indeed If / ;
Is still a bargain! 6-room house G. $10 reward.-L. J. Green, In order to save a few pennieson 111'8REPAIR'
t P with large lot, $1,200. W T. Green's Store, Starke. It a meal, your child, should have
t Cline, Realtor, 119 East Call his resistance lowered and becomea
w St. It IF YOU WOULD BUY OR SELL prey to the ravages of disease.
milk cows. stock cows, beef Economize, if you must, on other
WANTED TO BUY Frylnsr or cattle, stock bulls or hogs, get less vital things, but never allow
roasting chickens and turkeys In touch with J. D. Odom. Jr., your child's physical and mental
live or dressed, any number. Also Box 247 .Starke; Box: 204 Lake development to be retarded"becnune Tallying won't !iix it. but wartime economy requires
milk fed veal. We pay mar- City; Telephone 481 Lake City. of lack of sufficient warm tm }
ket prices. Guidon Grill. It Auction market every Thursday appetizing meals. V ? / put everything serviceable back into
on all classes of live stockat Send your boyar girl to : working en
FOR RINT-.new: 3-room apart- Lake City at 2:30: P. M. Harveys where full meals can ;f rfSSSTN
" /,1 d ment. Bedroom, living room, be enjoyed at a reasonable prier k It II you don't have a regular electric repair d.alr lab
r kitchen and private bath. Bill FOR SALE-Strawberry plants, -Adv. I A of this sensational new oiler by Florida Power 10'Laghl C
Powell, back of School house on\ second runners Levin Crlffls, :6tt t Bring your damaged appliance to your Doare.t FIonda
Yq' : I 8 Light office
Washington street. It I Lawtey, Fla. Itp Bishop Confirms c / i _wed, t.lephoa.Company. 01' if the appliance lIoo-1._..

... . The Florida POI'.
--- --------- -------) Class Of -.,. ,. !S' Light Company will IaV.'011 the
IIoth.1' of
looking up a service d8QJer who
coo do
; ,( FUNERAL DIRECTORMy ,t.v ., and that will help save your lire.Your and qo, too ton
Many Yearn Experience Make It Possible for Me to Render The Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan, ,' I_ \ % a w ; appliance will be turned over' lo aa avthaM i
EFFICIENT. PROMPT and COURTEOUS SERVICE D. D., Bishop of Florida, officiated -/ \ ,}Y 1 naconable appliance repair d.al.r-on. you .elect if '0u wish"adv
at a confirmation service p time you may pick up the
N MODERATE PRICES at : \ $ and be a..ured the repairing ha. beeaTdonf L lor tyu
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Sun- rt, t Y'J electric 'a
h f ; :w repairman.
DeWITT C. JONES day morning at 11 o'clock, with
k 'kpt Bring In the damaged pott.
; Starke FloridaTHE the Rev. Fred Yerkes, pastor, presenting i be Mat to ". factory before M.LTLobtained.
OCO--------- -__ ____ A _., the following candidates: a a
." ,, r v Rawson J. Davis, Mr and Mrs. ; /ffh Start using this urviee today .U rotae..g '
Glen Duke, Mrs. Alva Enzy, Mrs. s ; gag for you and the daoJ..., ,him?
s ; your service .lotion for
E. White Miss Marian Brown.Tlmmle oppliaoct npaus
CITY TRANSFERWe Scott and Fred Dickman. We make no charge to you or lo tho d>oUtka
I t service. Tou pay only lor the actual
npwN \
Bishop Juhan took as the sub- t 1 I ,
Haul Anything / a fi 1FLORIDA
Anywhere ,
IV (-''I'RT OF (""NTY "IXJIO.:.
1111.1'1 COf.VI'Y. StTATK! OF
Phone 132-J In FLON11/1 re Kiitate, of ....f.!iLiGn e/nni

I STARKE, FLORIDA deceased.Notice "
IM hereby given, to all 'mi
whom It may .,concern that on the
Owned And Operated By 16th. day of November I I '
I hull apply to the Honorable M. TODAY, !
K. Ferryman. Judge of euld Court _

: I MALLORY C. THOMASTHELMA'S an dlm-ha.rK Judge of an Probate ttxecutrlx, for of my the final I.ant :!1 . .. ''' < '
.< > > ; ''
'' >
CH Will! Hamrlck and Testament, deceaHed.of Sarah My Fran-final 'ti1K'M 7'\.ft.g; ; :",F<,;f"t.: '. ., ) >..:,'k'.<.,;:>:'.,,..:: ..N ,l.T<'({,::,:,'.;{::.h':.=_*>.''".< ; h*..'..b./,','" "
oCo .... ._._ _._._._ _,_ .. ..... "'" ... _ charge report and are application now on file for In final the dln-of- (: ft
fice of said Judge. ,
Dated October 13th A. D. 142. ;1" .
PLACE Nelle H. Nollman. ,
A. Executrix of the Last Will and 't ,
TeKtament of Sarah: Prancln Ham- ',.
DANCING EACH EVENING rick deceaaed. 10-17 4t ll-( \ .. ''i .\:;(.:'.' *

Till 12 O'clock AUTO PARTS ... .


2 Blocks N. of Courthouse On Temple Ave. AUTOS
Operated By Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Lightsey and Soh ,
0-'_____________,_ _ _,__,,___ _._.e.nInUIIII' Used Autos $2:> up

"WppNIllpYlru'.IIIIIIIIpNIpI, ,,,,, "" ''' ''''''''''''''"''''.'.'''''nn11I'1"1'1', '' '''''''' '''''/'''''''''' ''''''"'''''''""'"' ', '''''' '''' '','''''''''''''''' ''' HASKINSA .

:\ WANTED : .40 GIRLS I North of Town PARTS on Road IS


To Operate Concessions, Punch ;q

Boards And As Dancing Part. 1t .f Our boys are fighting on the battle rubber and gasoline, Shortage of manpower

,t Hers For American Theatre BacKacheMay t.fronts of the world.: Wherever our due to enlistments personnel

; Opening Saturday. 'Army: Navy or Marine Corps go into in the Armed forces-and, faced with

Kidney Warn of Action Disordered 14 :!:.", action Southerners are in the middle unprecedented demand, we have increased

Apply Mr. Campbell If odera life with lt.hurry and I '. of the fight.
'IrreIfular: habits, improper ..tln and our production to the limit of

AMERICAN RESTAURANT tion drinkiegItsrl.kof.apo.ur..ndlnso I -throw; heavy train on th. workof
fi the kidney. They are apt to becomeovertaxed I Here at home Southerners are ourcapacitywithoutsacrificingqualitycarrying
and rail to Alter exoeee mold
+ Adjacent To Camp Blandingfola1..IpNWeseWYNNI'YYWIWINWWY and blood.other impurities from the life-fi vlng on in defense work of every one iota in order to take care of the

,/ iWIWIYpYYN1111aIIpINYIA headache You may, olnlnen Buffer,sagging! backache,, business that has formerly to
LYNIYYaYWIWaIIWNYIWIIn I YWIptdIaWN.YNaYNWIININNYIIWWNIYYNWINIIYJ ''' IRK pam, ..welhnt-getting feel constantly up night description with the same enthusiasm gone

,lJQ "i) : of tired kidney,nervous or bladder all worn disorder out. Other are.*emetine 'lirn our boys are showing on the fighting competitors who have abandoned this!
burning icanty or too frequent
urination *. a fronts.Every defense plant in the South market and are now devoting all their
Try Do* Pittm. Doow'f help the
'J USE OUR LAY-AWAY I kidney to pa**off harmful *>CM body
PLAN century waate. They of. public have approval.had more" Are than recommended half a has had to overcome tremendous problems efforts to serving their own home com

** your by MI grateful 9 Abo rDOANS/ uaer everywhere.A in bringing their production to munities.

I FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPING f fI fI. PILLS the record peak necessary to supply the Realizing that the demands of the

r; ever-increasing demands of war. wartime job create_ strain and tension

which make all the vital the need
-- ; Here the Atlantic more
}} Company
I Make A Small Payment Each too we .for a relaxing glass I of good Ale or Beer
are meeting the

}} Week And You Will Have JI INSURANCEjiASK ; A 'b y the war in the problems traditional brought'South. occasionally,' we pledge I ourselves I toe

Your Gift Paid For When The t i, ern spirit. make every effort humanly I possible to

Holidays Arrive. insure both our customers. and trade

i! k':+"..!r. Shortages of metal for bottle caps, alike against any avoidable shortage of
..9 \ restrictions on deliveries to conserve Good Old Atlantic Ale and Beer.






Fresh Hollingsworth and Whitman ", :

Chocolates, Just Arrived about ..J/"
: ,
Charley E. Johns d ; I4IEI4'ND WEERAaaae.

J AgencySTARKE :

KOCH DRUG STORE f 119 East ,Call FLORIDA Street !

9; Telephone 13
STARKE, FLORIDA 0 Reprwentlnfl

THE TRAVELERS, Heitford .Ca em.M.,h AS M,ck.l.tt,,trr.Ik,Od ad.xt4 .
!! i
?t W t

-I 'LM' .tk? >I

Bradford County telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: October 16, 1942
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text
...__.._-_..... -_.., ,.- .. . ---.. .. ....--.... ,.... ,' .........-..'" I..I."I'n'' '' '.. ." .. .._.. ..... '..V'1''I \ ,,.......,.
"" ? .... _V'.. '11 .'_ -."" .'. .. "" ,.:,., ..... 1I"if" .'W., """' : :'t.. -' ''-'' '. .
,," T 0' l1 "'" "'" ','''''''''''"' '
.' f" ''' 'f"'i''i'' ?: : """ "
.;,r.' ".'.,". 'V.. ,J. \' .'. ';. \ .... ;-I.' ,1'I.' "".t' J" .,', '1r't.\ 't. ","'! \'; (" "fi.'y ,' ,. '" t ,.. ,\'II'' .... .,,; ,., ; t .. '
I 1 r .\ ', '" ,

b- 4


lading; and Home of the

tan; BLANDING tenter for BRADFORD COUN'TY TELEGRAPH Sweetest i Strawberries i it '

This, Side of Heaven

Official County Publication =. Established In 1877

_.. ... cne11L _
uT uVP. irrxkRfnA.. I1RII1AVYTIVUla1R. IA. Loin _NIIMItWIL. __________ _IrIITVJV11I.t n _._ u.!
E= -

It t Facilities I Tires From, Geo.Wheels AndersonWhen Stolen Major RotariansMajor Scott SpeaksTo School Children 100 Homes Started j

Mr and Mra George Muirell C. Scott Executive -

quate, Anderson, Church and 7th streets, Officer of the 404th Quartermaster Get60000ibs.;
went out to get into their car FHA At King LakeOil
and drive to Sunday School last I Battalion, 79th Division. By ley > i

>ns Say Sunday morning, they found the wan guest speaker at the Scrap MetalFrom _

two beck tires, wheels and all, Rotary Club on Wednesday and
retired Seaboard mipsing, and the rear end of the]I Dealers Want Observers !
mnolds, I I was accompanied by Capt Harry now on the slogan will Will Be Rented
car Jacked up on two concrete Who Will Stick
and| Starke propertyho Sleven Special Service Officer be: "If you want a job done well, a
blocks.It I of the 79th. get the school kids to do it,"
} is competent to view About 23 persons were present f
was thought,, that, In order Students in Must To Civilian
[lion from all angles, has Major Scott discussed a phase every, part of Bradford ( Register at the meeting of volunteer airplane
to insure their get-away and not of military life that has always County cooperating in the observers Monday night In

circulated a petition re- lose their Jack, the thieves "bor. been a source of wonder to the salvage drive, have gathered 60.- Dempsey Sapp, Secretary of the the Courthouso.

I the Florida I Railroad rowed" some concrete blocks average civilian- ,how the Army 000 pounds of scrap metal duringthe Rationing Board, announced yesterday However, according to H A, Defense WorkersMonday

[on to 'use the necessary from the Bradford Engineering can supply its men with wholesome past two weeks, and all returns that all kerosene and fuel Carlton, Chief Observer, there ure

bring about the erec- Co. a block or two away. Mr. I rations, keeping them strong aren't In yet Because of oil dealers and distributors must still several vacancies In the

train shed not less thanin Anderson then went them one '' and healthy, even under the most the late opening of .the! fall term, register the following information schedule which' should bo filled morning contractorsKli'kpatl'1ck
i better he took off the B. H. S will &; Pierson of Gainesville -
front adverse conditions. He brought continue Its drive,
with the local board He well
immediately -
length on each main rationing was pleased
wheels and propped the front up!I I ", long'"amples of the different through another full week and the Taylor Construction
October 22 the of those
It the local Seaboard de- I on : t-plrlt present Co.
continues: "To- also.. It is understood that they types of compact field! rations, I With the drive at Staike still ((1)) Total capacity of all kerosene ....they wanted to keep the tower Miami begun building 100
petition new
doubling the capacity were practically. new tires having!I opening a few of the cans and let- I unfinished the Brooker school and other fuel oil storage operating nt all coats For the Lake residences on Kingsley
jig and erection of been driven only about 1,500 J ting the club members sample hold the record at present with facilities; time being, the shift from 12 midnight according to Information
room given to the
1 waiting rooms on north- miles. the contents. a reported total of> 27,000 pounds.As ((2)) Inventory of number of to 6 A. M, was cut out; but FHA Administrator Telegraph by State
M. 1Pur-
While the thieves left Major 'Scott and I estimated this week, the of oil the 18 hours A
In track to Insure then no clue Capt. Slvers gallons fuel on hand an of remaining from nab Of this number 80 will be
of the hundreds of I Sheriff A. 0 Andreu Mated that I were Introduced by H. N Fair- figures were to:follows: October, 1. A M to 12 midnight will be 3-bedroom and 20 will a be 2-

Hen as well as civilians' he secured their fingerprints bunks, program chairman of the Whitehool" : "Vppltcatlmv blanks will be distributed manned without fall. bedroom houses The larger
club Vanderbilt 100 Ibs,, Graham 200 to Those who business'
station daily", consumers through re- are houses
r will rent for $33.99
IDS per
Drucker Boys '* Rising 1,200 Ibs, Lawtey tall dealers"" Mr Sapp suld. "who requested to get In touch with month
ally! every business man Junior Mr Parrish stated while
High 11.876, Brooker JunIor wilt be Mr. Carlton
supplied with a sufficient. at the Bradford
has already signed the Buying TripUnsuccessful the smaller ones will rent for $34per
Serving High 27.000.,
number to accommodate all users County Telegraph phone 29, or
and those who have not r Colored S!< h.>..l-. of fuel oils.. These applications I Mrs. Grant Evans, secretary of month.
..1 1 will be given an op- and Mrs Each house
Sigmund Diuckerrecent New River 60 Ibs, Sampson 100 will be furnished
B. H. S.
I I must be filled out and mailed Into or Edward Prince at
> to do so, :Mr. Rennolds comers to Starke Mr. and Mrs E. A. Winkler Ibs with a cook
are re- Water Oak 200 Ibn,. Lawtey the local aliening board on the Slarke-Blanding Tailors on stove water heater,
fcdnesd.ry, This is not a. making a large contribution to I turned Monday from a week's trip 1,200; Starke 2,000 Ibs,) Hampton or before Oct. 26. Coupon ration South Walnut St. at once house: heater and Ice box. Some

*him on his part. He ., Amei'lea's war. effort by sendingtwo through Alabama, Mississippi and 2,000 Ibs. *' books. will be Issued to the conlumen of the units will be completed

i thinking about the mat- fine young: sons into the Louisiana. They visited Pensaco- Well Organized on dates beginning Oct. within 60 days, while all of them

since Camp Blandlng midst of the fiay. They have la. Mobile Ala, Biloxi, Miss., and At B. H. S., where..,he drive is 20 and running through Oct. 31. Lightfoot Elected will be finished within I four

bUshed In this vicinity, been visiting their parents in New Orleans, La "We were still on in full !swing! the drive An adult member of the household New ModeratorThe months. The total cost of the

[the part six months has Starke this week. trying i to purchase merchandise", has been headed ty the follow or other unit concerned must project will be approximately

I close survey of present The youngest one, 24, Is David said Mr. Winkler, "but we had no ing committee: ]MiS. fCf F. Dem-' appear in person for the book. new one-day "streamlined"plan J350,000. Mr. Parrltih stated.! All of
8 and, needs. After aheck Diucker success", There I IE' of Associational meeting was them will be rented
Captain in the MailneCorps | no such thing orest. chairman; Marvin Rooks, "All applicants", continued Mr. and a small
of passengers com- I who is now stationed at as buying radios, refrigerators, Miss Faye Peterson Mrs. H C Sapp, "are urged to get their acclaimed a success at the close percent of them' may be sold ;
going\ for the past six Plymouth Mass. Captain Drucker washing machines or other elec.trlcal Ritch and Miss Evelyn Stump. In by the deadlineOct. applications of the evening semlnn of the an- under certain conditions The

|Mr Rennolds stated that enlisted: almost three years ago appliances, he stated Three large piles of scrap ( 26)), as no fuel oil can be nual meeting of the New River houses will be owned by the Individuals -

ge of more than 200 per- when he lacked only six monthsof "When the present supply of metal are steadily growing on,the, sold 1 after Oct 31 without coupons Baptist Association held Wednesday who own the land but I
In i and out of the local completing his Law course at merchandise I Is exhausted", het'3ld campus'at B H. S. and there /Is ." at the Star'ke.church. in no case may the rent exceed

urlng every 24-hour per- the University of Miami (Florida "we can just call off the a heated contest to see which of, During the dliy) reports from, the figure named above. i;,
all of work In
). .Me is an Instructor 'in advanced dogs and close up for the dura the three unit buildings can pro- 'Thanked phases connectionwith These houses may not be rented :
Mrs: Rathke the Florida Convention
e of the congestion at I: flying. He came to Starke tion". duce the greatest heap. Baptist to families of ordinary civilians,

on, and the fact that Monday and left Thursday Although the school childrenare Staff members at USO Club No. 4 program were brought and nor to those of the armed forces. I

i no adequate sheds, Mr '''I' Joseph 1, prucker 26, is a 2nd Evergreen Cemetery making a thorough search of (YWCA) wish to express their the the high work peak of the was Woman's a report) Missionary of They are being built exclusively

stated that passengers I Lieutenant in the Army Air the community and are bringingIn sincere gratitude to the wife of for "civilian war workers" and
Union, read the
led to all kinds ot'and Corps."' He enlisted 18 months Mrs. C. M Burnett has announced practically. every piece of Junk Lt Col. Rathke, "who gives so by president may be occupied only by them.
Mrs. R. A. Thomas of
I frequently have to l ago, and until recently was at that an all-day working that can be moved, the public is freely of her time at the Club Starke. By way of explaining why they

get off a train In a, tor- I Dover, I>Deleware but was tians- will be held at Evergreen Ceme asked to cooperate by throwing every day, giving instructions on may not be'occupied by families
aln, It Is his plan to: erred three weeks ago to Jack tery near the State Farm next scrap metal on one of the three Red Cross sewing and knitting." I The Rev. A. K. Llghtrooe, local of the armed forces. Mr. Parrish I

the petition to the City sonville. He Is a pilot on twin- Thursday. Oct. 22. "Bring your large piles near (the highway on The army wives also wish to express Baptist pastor was elected Moderator said that both the War and Navy

[for its approval and, sup- l engine bombers! Mr. Drucker tools and wheelbarrows". she requested Temple Ave, bet "fen the school their appreciation to her I Rev C. A, Crosby o f Department Instructed the men to

I later to ask the cooper- 'said. He'made a hurried visit Basket dinner will be building and St. Fdward's Cath- for entertaining them at luncheon Brooker Vice-Moderator and T leave their wlveo at )toms, and '

', Camp Blending Officials. home Monday.! .Merved on the ground. olic Church. Wednesday, Oct '7, B. Plnholster was re-elected clerk.S. If they take them with them they
K Sparks! Starke, was elected do so on their own responsibility.

.PTION HELD SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN U. S. O. CLUB NO. WAS HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL EVENT I president the Association of the, Brotherhood of The a tract houses of land are about being 800 erectedon feet

VIIQ_ u. ..." ..u..u..5. ov_.o. '"uw, .... .. .... uvw".. ,.. ... ........"_._. served Noon by and the evening WMU of meals the churchIn were South of what wait known as"Wall's
vents of the Fall season was the from bronze to light yellow. The filling station", along the :
c Deception Sunday afternoon for bowl of flowers was flanked( by Mis n most pleuping! manner and road l which connects Road 48 with' i
Forrest Schoff was guest Road. 261.KruiMoiiM .
the new director ''of USO Club allvr candle-holders and sliverdl soloist at f
the morning session.
No 1, Julius L. Thorn and Mrs. hell holding Felted nUts Pour- For Choosing Klngvlry ,.I ,I
Visiting workers (presenting
Thorn given by members of the Ing at the tea table for the first the denominational In Mr.. Purrlsh' proceeded to explain .

Woman's Service Organization of hour were Mis.. L. A, Canova Dr. program why he decided upon a
eluded Thomas Hanson, *
y r the USO-YWCA from 4.30: until end Mrs. Luther O. Powell; and 1 of Main !site at Klngsley; Lake for the
tot Street church, Jacksonville whole
f S second block of 100 houana Instead
6.30: o'clock. for the hour Mrs. VV. B. Rev.
; Theo Fair, Field
Sewell and Mrs. L A, Davis of distributing them and
The spacious reception loom of Secretary for the Florida Baptist
placing some of them at Starke.
the Federal USO building was Those assisting in wrvlng were: Convention; and Dr. J. Harrison
(1) In the first
he sold
beautifully decorated with arrangements Mrs Ethel M Hlgg", Mrs. W. B. Griffin, State Brotherhood Secre the unit place ,
will be I..
of peach and white Mundy, Misses Betty Green, Ab- tary. Also present were Chaplains tance" of the base'walking where dis the

wttrr nt gladioli and huge bronze chrys- ble Harley, Marguerite Deyorlo, Rich I ardson. Frith Willis tenants work ,
f anthemums. Greeting guests at Frances Lee Peek, Elizabeth Brown, and Holland from Camp ;
((2) The houses be
the door were Mrs. O. ,.L. Beasleyand Joiner, Irene Matthews, Della Blandln can only ocn j
cupled for the duration civilian '
Mrs Edward Burns Rosenberg and Arline Mann. The next annual one-day meeting by

iS a The receiving line was composed Assisting in e n t e taming the will be held at Antioch employes the base; engaged In war work at ,

of the honor guests, Mr and guests were: Mrs J. W, Brownlee. church, LaCrosse' 0 c t ober 19, ((3) They
Mra Thorn; president of the W. Mrs. E L. Matthews, Mra. A. 1943. can secure water
transportation to and from
t Z Adklns, Miss Madge Middleton, work,
S. 0., Mrs Frank Wilson and thus saving rubber
F Mr. Wilson; and chairman of the Mrs. Leslie A. Shepherd' and Mrs. Dyal Boy Dies ((4)) There have; never been
L. H.
YMCA USO Committee of Man- Jennings
df' '
enough houses
After at Kingsley Laketo
agement, Jos. K. Wilson and Mrs. Miss Jewell Presnell, assistant Accident meet summer demands. and

Wilson. Introducing the gueststo director of USO Club No. 1, prevented George Washington Dyal, 17- therefore the salvage there would

those receiving was Mrs, J. an exceptionally fine year-old Starke resident died I be much greater than at Starke,

W Kincaid. musical program given by artists Monday at 6 AI< M., In list Vin thereby saving great Ions to the
Mrs. Grace Wainwright and cent's Hospital. Jacksonville, us a taxpayers
y Miss Evelyn Stump Invited guests from Camp Blandlng. The numbers result of Injuries received in an (5)( ) Suitable location could not

u to the tea table which was covered were announced by James automobile accident on Temple be found at Starke which could

Inured mmao the held Sunday, afternoon InM with a cloth of Italian cut- W. McClelland, who was prom Ave., Saturday night. be purchased for what they wouldbe
'e are members of the receiving line at reception
work with Inset of point de Irerft In radio and dramatic work As near as can be determined willing to pay.
t N<.. 1. From left to right: Mrs.' J.. \\', Kincaldfo... E. Wilson. Mr>>. Ulkon Juliiw L Thorn,
Venice lace. and centered by a the accident occurred when a V-8 "There are already too
"urn. Frank UlUon..Mra. Wilson, 'Mrs.. Edw-ird Burn, Mrs. O. U Beasley before going Into the service, Ford in which Dyul was riding, houses In Starke for ordinary many I

and the following performers were driven by D. I(. Lee, ran Into a times", said Mr. Purrlsh. "which

featured: Chester Mann piano; parked Army truck, In front of condition will be a distinct li

i- Alex Szuhay, violin I I I ; Charles the school building Ue Is being ability after the war." He stated

I r Gwynn, piano; Byron McLean, held In the County jail on a that only one or two persons had

tenor William charge of manslaughter. A car ever secured an FHA loan In
; Schaefer piano;
oner's Inquest has not yet been Starke who had not lived here at
Richard Farrell ,baritone; Tony
least three years. "We want tot
Stravarace violin.Invitations .
wrz young man was a son o 'be reasonably sure that they are
were I Issued to Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Dyal. around 230: .
guests.Tornadoes and la survived by his mother and I gardlesit of what happens to Camp I

several brothers and sisters Ha islanding", explaining that the
r ;: Lose had been taking care of a route loans were for from 20 to 25 !

To Lake City 24-0 for the Tampa Tribune. years and the F. H. A. didn't C I
!I la'J Funeral services
1 and Intermentwere plan to be left holding the bag

Before a stadium filled with 1- In Dyal cemetery Wednesday after the war was over. I

000 spectators at Lake City last afternoon at 3 o'clock with .

Friday night, the B. H. S. Tornadoes the Rev. A. E. Lightfoot officiat Star-Filled Movie ,k
ing. Pallbearers were W E.
suffered their first, defeato
fthe football season 24-0 In a Thornton, Roy Fillyou, Robert At Florida Soon

V name with the Lake City High Hastings Tommie Colson MurheeHatch
"Tales of Manhattan", which
School. and John F, Toole. De
f Witt C. Jones. was In charge of will be shown at the Fldilda The ,
T The line-up Friday night was: arrangements. atre at the midnight show Saturday '

r- 4xr"a Bobble McRae, center; Parker and and also Sunday and Monday J'

Ferryman guards; Dudley and Koch Rents Oct. 18, 19. is an all-star
Crews tackles; Wasdln and Lan- picture that has more names thane ,

nler ends; Julian McRae' and Gas- W. Koch has rented the Hollywood benefit production. I

sett halfbacks; Green full back, space in the new Lex Green buildIng The cast Include such headliner ;; j

and Colson, quarterback. on Court street, formerly occupied as Charles Boyer, Rita Huyworth, ;i.
Tonight the Tornadoes will play by the Clidden Paint Ginger Rogers. Henry Fonda, I

Gainesville High Schoo I here store for a stroage and display Charles Laughton Edward G.

They will need your presence, room. His business has expandedto Robinson Paul Roberson, Ethel
> howr here pouring tea during the fires hour of the CSO; reception' are Mrs. TL. G. Powell (left) an.ll"-. A. Canov (right) ; your cheers and your money! "We such an extent and he has Waters, Cesar Romero Roland r

"lMlni" |I.entertaining were Ml I.N Ellzabrtli Join -r. Mr,. K. 1. Matthew.. Mr. L. Shepherd, Mrs. J. W. Brownie, want everybody to come. We purchased such a large stock of Young. Eugene Pallelte and some '

} It.' Ml.ldlrton, Miss Betty Green' Ana. Irene Matthews. Ml Frances Peek. Mlsx .Manruerlte Deyorlo. ) ",. Ethel SI. Uigg. don't like to play out there with Christmas goods that he had to 21 or more leading players thrown

11J a RosenberK. JAbb.le" Ilarley, MM. Grace Wainwrlgli :MISS. Evelyn Stump Stand;hig at right U Judge A. Adidas. ,out a crowd", the Coach raid. have additional space. Into the bargain.


"'--"" '''-'-'-' <. = '" ,. ,. ...... .__._. _.__.._. ._.._u .. .... .... ..-...- .--- -
. w == .
.. .. .. .
.f" "_.'"" ;...I 1"" .,. ''V!'' ,''' !,,' ,- J ...,. r', "...+.,,",-, ",-'"...." q.; ----,---- I ,/'. .',;, r \ t .,. e.,. "1\'If'\ ''':O..... AIIIIIIII


!1 4

01 TfII'i'h. t

according to present prophecies, around thing in this country YET. In you tt
The Bradford County Telegraph Letter BoxDade Russell Kay America WE are tIle governmentand Izes INDIFFFR C
60,000,000 must be engaged in the war effort whatever Is done, WE do. the IIbel.ty !kp. ,

KnUl>U bed 1877 another. Latest predictions -- But unless WE wake are fighting and dying :
in one way or up, unless Ing for.
Yearly, *1.75; tin: Months ...411. are that we will need an armed force City, Fla. WE assume our full responsibilities will be because; lots !tqs
The needsof Dear Editor: as Individuals, countless you an4 r
of ten to thirteen million men. each and others
one, like
m i Entered Second THEY took over Luxemburgthe overcome our
Published and M appreciate
Weekly on Friday ,
such an army would be almost insatiable, I've had your novel notices: other day. THEY made it a INDIFFERENCE and do our part, RstUJe the n u I bless
ond data Matter at the Pout Office at Starke. Fla. The one, the two, the three. THEY will duttet I
so it is obvious that every pair of hands, part of the German Reich. THEYdidn't conquer us and then tlon demands their i
But, where the dollar'd come all that WE might have done And
consult either the peopleof or TREY
capable of doing any kind of work at all, are 1IIt!
Action At Home And Abroad from Germany or of Luxemburg. could have done will be just so WE fall to counting eve...
will have to be used. The only way to obtain "Twas hard for me to see. THEY Just "Took it" and that much conversation in a concentration A lot cast ,

1 The new anti-inflation bill, speedily maximum utilization of our manpowerand My folks suggested, even was that. camp. were of fOlks am
and into effect by is through compulsion. The enslaved people of Luxem- On November 3 WE will holda vote
passed by Congress put womanpower That I let the paper go when they Ned 6,
burg didn't like it. Workmen general election In this bad
COun- But
Presidential directive on October 4, is one also evident that Congress will soon But to this admonitionI what the h _
It is "No!" went on strike In protest. THEY, try. You and I, as free men, can different- _
quickly answered,
more important link in the long chain of have to pass another tax bill. Althoughthe have a way of dealing with such I go to the polls and cast our bal- can if WE could.It ''|, hapPtn

"total war" legislation. Giving the government last one was the heaviest in our his- Said I, "The year preceding a situation. THEY promptly lot and make known our will. On let, It )011 tIIC

Which I spent at dear ole Starke, ordered every striker shot. that ballot will appear nine Office
almost limitless economic control over Suppn
doubt its ability to produce
tory, amendments to
Produced such pleasant friendships THEY look forward to the day our state constitution County

' the individuals and industries of the nation, enough money. They are also convinced i when THEY will "ta'.ce" Americaand which WE must ratify or Telegra/t.. )

such a bill would be unthinkable except in that the unpopular sales tax and forced 'And withal was, such a lark make it. too, a part of the reject. The questions are of THE OLD-=----

time of great crisis. But under.present conditions inevitable in the long German Reich. When that day grave importance. They affectour RELIABU
savings are That, as long as Mr. Matthews comes If it ever does, THEY future welfare. We can say It you need a good

there was little opposition as economists both as money raisers and as aids to the Continues, (as he will) won't consult you or me. THEY "yes" or "no." What will we do "tie. to relieve headache knt rca.

of all schools are agreed that inflation campaign against inflation. To gather all the latest news will Just "take" It and we can about it? i'or that lazy tired ,

I'm sure I'll spare a bill. like It-or else. If you are eligible to vote and feeling aye
is our greatest internal danger and that Yes, our troops are about to see more : temporaryconetipatm;
WE are all that stands In their fail to register and cast your ballot be sure l*At
laws and administration of So that I can welcome Friday ;you let .i
tough tough civilians
action on the war fronts-and our way. WE can stop them. THEY on November 3, you are not a

+ them is absolutely vital.It might just as well make up their minds to And the the news Bradford is ail TelegraphFor you'd ask for fear us and hate us because we're good American but a slacker, and ALL IIERBIN Ditto

is easier to pass a law of this kind see more action on the home front at the And C. Callstreet Is a laugh. WE. -- STORES-.-
this all Bounds like
than to enforce it and still
effectively a unanswered same time. So, here's the old 'Mazuma' double talk to you, but it Isn't. -

question is just what effect the Which says. 'Your paper's fine. I'm telling you straight, as -- FronrrjwKerelsit.

+ legislation will have on the formidable and The New War-Time Speed Limit "If anyone's subscription's cut, straight as I know how, for it Is .
to be either WE THEY.
C growing "black market" in this country. "Be sure it ISNT mine." going or
executivesof Marcia E. Sparkman. WK' are the United Nations.
like chief
Governor Holland,
People with money in their pockets and a WE are the free people of the

desire for scarce goods will offer higher all other states, has taken steps to en- GRAHAMBy world. WE are Democracy. THEY t .bY Joe Marshpounds

than force the war-time speed limit of 35 milesan aret the dictators. THEY are the I
f ceiling prices, and unscrupulous sellers Mrs. L. C. Smith ..
rubber totalitarians. THEY are the en -..orHAPPENED
hour in effort to
will be found to an conserve
bootleg the goods law
or Mr. and Mrs. George Rivers slavers.A to me only :
g "" tires. Drivers who used to consider it yesterday. heavier-stralght
no law. lot of us still don't under- I step the starter of tni
and daughter, Selma, were visiting on my tar. and real sure of J
Within the next few months a number smart to speed must either slow down or Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mott stand. A lot of us are still confused Engine turns over O. K. but she Army's done a lot lmrtf.for Chas. 1

S hV of other unprecedented laws will be passed. place themselves among the undesirableswho in Brooker Sunday. in mind. We say THEY won't start. Made a man out of hin-ui
when we mean WE. Too
are offering "aid and comfort" to the Mr. and Mrs. Austin Fowlerof many So I look under the hood just as guess that goes for toll of 4
Most .
I important of will be the of to the
f course, total Fernandina are visiting the us are willing accept if I know.what'. the matter. Tapa young fellows, too.

"; manpower mobilization legislation as called enemy. latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. glorious rights and privileges that few things with a wrench.While .
WE fail to
f i" for by President Roosevelt in his radio A. McKInney assume enjoy the, duties yet utterly and responsibilities -' I'm standln there, wonderingwhat The other day I read how*

a" talk Monday night. The draft is depriving American Housewives Please Note Mry. Annie Ward wan visiting that WE must accept if to do next or young soldier folks worry about the tolfa
her ton and daughter-in-law, Mr. stops alongside havin' a glass of beer

industry and agriculture of sorely-needed American housewives who consider it and Mrs Henry Altman, of Nichols WE are to survive. "Need then. Well, after setm'Chardon't no.\
ih THEY say WE are weak and some help! he asks.
workers. Farms have been particularly Wednesday. think there's much aunt!
somewhat of a bother to save their kitchen soft. THEY are wrong, for WE
hard hit because labor is leaving in drovesto Mrs. Jenny White of Brooker are neither. WE and "Got her almost fixed," I says. people to fret.
are strong
fats waste and metal should "
paper scrap "But still she won't start.
and Fred, of Jacksonvillewere
take advantage of higher paid by son courageous, but we do have one Just like Charlie uyi-ld-
take a lesson from their English cousins, visiting the former's sister, great fault, one handicap that If "Looks like your carburetor's can trust us with lUlU iii*|

war industry. The total mobilization plan who use four receptacles for kitchen refuse. Mru. P. O. .StarlingSunday.. left uncorrected can and will flooded," he says. "Got a screw and tanks, I guess j lot> oitn

f would make it impossible for any man to The first is for waste paper alone, the second Mrs. J. W: Dyal spent several bring certain downfall and defeat driver handy" us with a glass of beer mob

change his job without permission from the days recently with her parents. : INDIFFERENCE. while, if we happen to viol er
a for bones, the third for scrap metal, no matter Mot and Mrs. Johnnie Lewis, in If WE That young soldier knew what
are to win this war, WE
War And
he I know tbs beer
Commission. doin'
all lidiA
It would was right. Went to
industries prevent how old and rusty, and the fourth is for Jacksonville.Miss must fight, WE must buy bonds work just like a professional, Is co-operating with the Any

from competing with each ,I i waste food, which is fed to swine. Madge Johnson spent Sun and stamps, WE must save scrap the law-enforcementoffiCfntD

other for workers. It would force millions The British Ministry of advice day with her uncle and aunt, Mr. metal, rubber, fats and other "She'll be O.K now," he says, that beer Is sold in good dm

16ia of people who are not now working, or who Supply's and Mrs. George Johnson, in needed materials. WE must do tralghtenin up and smilin'. decent places.
+ to housewives across the sea is brief Jacksonville.We our part-you and I. S e eBoy's

f' & are employed in non-essential industries, to and to the point: "Don't say 'my little bitwon't are sorry to report the illness WE must serve on a jury and From where I sit this IOIt1ri

go to work in war plants or on farms. of Mrs. F T. Abernathy, thank God for the privilege. face looked sort of famil never. seen a finer,cleanerlIdlbeh..ed
count'. That's what Hitler would iar. And darned if that soldier lot of men thin Una
Although such who at the present 1 111I with her Above all WE must VOTE, for
legislation would seem like wasn't Charlie Jenkins In uniform today...i'n ml urnIn'
for you to feel. You would not throw young from
daughter, Mrs. Forest Reynolds, the ballot, the right of expression,
to be Elm about 'em!
"dictatorship" of the most absolute Street. Used to be'a round-
away a bulet, a bomber part, a soldier'sblanket In Jacksonville.Mrs. is the symbol of all that WE are
shouldered kid
of those
kfnd, more and more authorities are coming Lonnie Hinds Is visiting or ever hope to be. -one jitter
or a pig's dinner-and those are bugs you hear about. Sayl! You
to the conclusion that, in time, it willae just the things that your household waste her aunt, Mrs. Martha Scott, In The"THEY other day I heard a man wouldn't know him after six:
Daytona Beach. say are going to draft
: unavoidable. By the end of next months !In the Army. Fifteen
year, provides. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Graves and men for service.;" He was a prominent

I Mrs. Novella Abernathy spent citizen, a civic leader. He

; HAMPTON GUM BRANCH Thursday: of last' week in Jack- _was wrong. THEY don't do any No. SO of a Series Comma. 1e.. 1042. Bnmai Industry Food
Fire -
e By U. B. li'IgglnaINTERMEDIATES Prevention sonville.
By Mrs. T. N. Norman
I Being StressedBy Mrs. J. A. Graves Is visitingher
: KNTKBTA1NKD Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Anderson I brother and sister-in-law, Mr.

r Mra. J. W. Home of Jacksonville, who have been' L. T. Dyer, County Agent and Mrs. J. W. Abernathy in !
visiting the latter's mother, Mrs. Daytona Beach.
a group of boys and girls Fri- Our President
T. Overstreet proclaimed the Pvt.
returned to their Fogg o f Camp ti4.P'PlHptilnlj
day night with a lovely party. I home Sunday.Mrs. week of October 4th to 10th as Blanding was visiting his mother,
Each member had the pleasure of National Fire Prevention kr
Mrs. C.
B. M. McRae and children Fogg, over the week-end.
Inviting a guest. Quite a few and during that time landowners Word
Indoor and Mi s. J. W. McRae and was received from Pvt.
garnet were enjoyed, after rededicated themselves the
son, James, and Mrs. Warren Willie Strickland that he has arrived -
which Mrs. Home, assisted by her of preventing disastrous fires .You
daughter Kelly and children of Pine Level safely overseas. cant
Betty, and Harvene which
annually so heavy atoll .
Miss Lewis
Watterson I were visiting Mrs. T. N Norman Edwards of Starke
served ice I
cream, human life and
property. spent the week-end
Sunday. with her ,
cookies and cold drinks. Eighteen I On the farms fires
are usually brother-in-law and it time
young folks enjoyed the i Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gllyard and very destructive as there Is very Mrs. R. S. Wasdln.sister, Mr. and spot every

happy occasion. Mr, and Mrs.. Dewayne of Jack- little protection against the
m. Mr. and Mr04 Lonnie
sonville \ ,
were visiting Mr.
IIIHTIIDAY DINNER Farmers are especially cautionedto Mr.. and Mrs Theodore Melton "TT TAKES something Zu.to makearq
Mrs. J. N, Not'matt Sunday. make extra..a >
Mrs. M. L. Watteison preparation preventing and mother of Waldo attended ,

her eon. Frederick, with a honored birthday Mr;; and Mrs A. D. Norman and for fighting fires. church serviced here, Sunday aft- JL tation that everybody respects. Coca-Cola tog*

dinner Sunday, this being his and children were visiting the Fire is said to be the greatest ernoon. reputation for alwaysbeenmalrthe
Utters Mr. quality because it has
nlnteenth birthday. Those present! and Mrs. R. Saboteur. During this time of Mr and'Mrs. Harry Starlingand

were his sisters, Dorothy and M. Johnson at Graham Saturday.THERESSA emergency, every one should be daughter My- 'e, were visiting quality wayeout quality ingredients

Harvene Watterson, grandfather, especially cautious to pro vent the former's', brother and sis

John Watterson, Emory Brown, fires In the home, the barns, the 'ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Coca-Cola Is an original creation with a van

Archie Eiland, Marian Johns, By Miss. Ida HaganMr. fields, and the woodland. Prac- Starling in Florahome Sunday.

Barbara Horne, /Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. fcj': S. tically all fires in the fields and Among those who attended the special something to offer, found in no otto

Olen Bedenbuugh of Jacksonvilleand Sibley nnd woods are destructive and shouldbe birthday party of Miss Lorraine
Leland Uedenbaugh. daughter, Ruth, and friend, Cor- prevented. They destroy much Rhoden of Waldo were Misses drink.:a finished art in its making-
Mae Hall, were visiting Mr.Sibley's humus and vegetation tHat Is val- One, Mae Starling, Louise Edwards blend of wholesome flavors that crealel

Mrs. T. F. Brown and tons parents, Mr and Mrs. L. uable In Improving the soil. Mrs. A, T. Gaudloso '

Emory and Frank, spent the S. Mrs.Sibley of Putman Hall Sunday. Every farmer should take precautions James Altman, L. C. Smith and, for Coca>Cola a taste all its owns
week-end in Richmond, Va. Her Eggart of Jackson- against farm fires Mr. and Mrs. J.' B. Strickland. that chula''
ville was visiting by why Coca-Cola has the taste j
daughter Mlna\ Kathryn Weest of her brother, Mrs.
having the following on hand: J. Frazier was transacting
Elizabeth S. R. Swindell, who Is 111.
N. J.
her business in ..and cloys.
A ladder Gainesville never
mother there for the time. JImmie Swindell who is in the handy that will reach C re-
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Chamberlinof armed service and la. stationed in the roof.A for thing'

Gainesville spent Sunday at the Texas, arrived here Wednesday barrel or tank of water handy There are many things

home of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Ad- to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs and buckets Sewer "Lift"Being only stands out for refresh
kina. S. R. Swindell. I A bucket of sand to nut out oil Installed one
-- ---
t -
Eugene Chason was Mrs.. John Adkins and daughters or gasoline fires.A ...ice-cold Coca-Cob-Theonly**
Gainesville Saturday of Jacksonville, spent several good chemical fire i extinguisher People passing recently by thecorner' ncI
night. Coca'Coh'Wartime
days recently like Coca-Cola is
There will be with Mr. and Mrs. of Temple avenue and
preaching at the
Baptist church S. R. Swindell. "No Smoking" signs up In all Pratt street saw a huge, deep

welcome. Rev.Sunday.C. Everybody Mra W. C. Rhoden of Alabama barns and sheds.Equipment hole In the ground which made III .
A. Warren
pastor. Is with her parents for awhile. for fighting forest them think a large circus elephant

The people of this flre was) limits th tupply ofCoa
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dyal and community going; to be burled It, s
daughter, Billie, have returned are sorry to hear of the Illnessof Plow fire lanes around fields' there. Upon inquiring of W. F. Those times when you cannot get Ant

from a week's visit with Mr. S. R. Swindell. We wish hima and woods. Hodnett, the ,'J. B. McCreary member Coke, being first choice, eelia out

Dyal's mother and Mrs. Dyal's speedy recovery. Keep fires out of field Company's superintendent In Ask for It each time. No matter how ht

sister in Cocoa and Winter Park. Pvt. Eugene Britt of Camp charge construction of the new supply. the quality of Coca-Cola carrier sit

Miss Virginia Lou Pickren of Polk, Leesville, La., was visiting SAMPSON CITY sewer system In Starke, it was

Jacksonville spent last week-end the Thomas family here last week. By Mr. S. E. Jones learned that an automatic electric .

with her mother, Mrs.\ J. J. 1'ick- Mrs.\ Ethel Jerral and daughters vacuum pump was being installed
of Jacksonville were visiting Bell has returned home there. Reason?

ren.Pvt, and Mrs. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. VT, W Packham from Pensacola where he has been The ground there.Is very low- '
week-end White were over the weekend.Mr. visiting his sister and other rel so low that""gravitation falls *- .
guests of her mother to
Mrs. L. I). Brown. and Mrs J. A. Milliken atives. carry off the refuse from that

Mrs Mary Lee and children of Ocala! were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Sapp and I section of town-a n d this lift ye .t
Vining Is
spend friends and relative here Mrs. Et ing some time In Galneavllle with there
her sister, Mrs.\ Frajk Williams. Sunday. on business Saturday. to help gravity; do the work ofremoving
Miss Alice M. Jones was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bud Slade of Starke's
Mr. and !Mrs.\ S. D. Goodman of refuse.
Starke M.'. and Mrs. O. J. Phillips and Hampton visited Lester .Slade
were visiting Mrs. Goodman's sister, Mrs.\ J. H. Hightower Sunday.
mother, Mrs1. J. Permitsi
J. Pick. Lawtey last Monday. Mrs. Claud Prevatt and chil
ren Sunday. .
Mrs. W. E. Rhoden, Mrs. Paul at Mr. and Mrs.\ Home's home. ley McKinney\ visited Mr. and Mrs. Char On October 1 C. A. Futch purchased A

Medlock and Mia\ Thelma Hall W. E. Rhoden Is now employed Mrs. Chas Temple Sunday. of Starke for J. M. Slstrunk a per- t' / / Eic6rold

were shopping In Gainesville i by the Southern mit to build a concrete block gar poet
Railway at. Lake spent the week-end with I find at the
rela- -
20 What drink do
Monday, tives here. age x 24 feet on his home you afK w

Mr. and Mrs Ned Yancey spent City.Mrs.. W. M. Turner had as her Mr. and Mr''. Fred Ellis place, Call and Church streets. ice-cold Coca-Cola, of course.
the week-end In Jacksonville.Mr. are W H. Nollman on October 3 ood rcfrc hin nfc
guest Sunday her two grandsons",, the proud parents of a son born wholesome,taste-
and Mrs. James Kellems T. W. and Junior Turner of Jacksonville Oct. S at the hospital in Gaines took out a $500: building permit The bests

and family have moved to Jack ville. Mrs. Ellis for the purpose of making a 16x18

sonville where Mr. Kellema Is em- Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Williams Hall before her, was marriage.Miss Mamie foot addition to.;his present build always the better burl
ployed InC on the corner of Madison
in the and
Seaboard had
yard. as guests Sunday Mr. and Carl Wynn of
While in Hampton they resided Mrs. G. E. Crews and family. here on business Tuesday was Court Sts.-this to be used as a
tee ldence.

-. "- .



.. ,, ..r.. "", I .r """ ". III.DON'T .






Sept. 25 Baldwin 0 Starke 19 COOLIDGE: GASSETT .
2 Green Cove 0 Starke 0

Oct 9 ,Lake City 24 Starke - - 0 THIS SEASON, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO

- - - .


- -
NOV. 20------- JASPER--------HERE i(

NOV. 25 ... - LAKE BUTLER (Tent.) HERE


Jerry's Schlitz & Old Milwaukee,Beer Kidd's Sinclair Service

Foot Long Hot Dogs
: Park Theatre Bradford Engineering Co.

Sistrunk's Feed. & Seed Store'., J. M. Edwards
., Canova Pharmacy
City Barber Shop < .: Starke Ice Company

Harold C. Wall CY" <;. Blanding Center Bowling Alley
;.' All Forms of I Insurance .
The Guidon. Grill I "j\, :! \.,'r: Organize A Bowling LeagueCARPENTER'S
: or.J7 Lady Fair Beauty Salon .;':.: ,
Starke Beauty t Shoppe ":;. ,
Denmark Furniture Co. .;.. .1 The Rexall l 1 Store
Torode Chevrolet Co. ';'
Florida &Ritz Theatres
Florida Bank At Starke .
Leila's Dress Shop & Beauty Salon' Member F. D. I. C. I;' >:/' Electric Shoe Shop
: ..:'.t'. Across From Park Theatre
Eastern Auto
Supply ..
Tie Toe Tap ..." .. ,
-,tPeterson's L: :: ':, Barksdale's Store
'"f': (
.. K. G. Duncan .
DairyH.L .;.," Standard Oil Products Union Bus Station
::7"j.: .".,' ," ".
Tucker" ;:;: t ..' S. R. Johns & Son ; ': For Information Phone 147
Sinclair Products ::'-.., {,' i :"::'.". f' '. Mickey's Cafeteria
,f J. P. Roberts Motors ,. ':.';.
Andrews Motor Company'S :,- ".,\ Koch's Drug Store
am Rosenberg! & Son : ::.
Paramount Grill : ,\ :..,:: .-. J. M.AlvarezStarkeBlanding
;" A HartmanMathews Established 1894
Ed. Prince Model Dairy Bradford Hardware Company I

ADMISSION: Adults 55c Students 30c Service Men 30c


,,- ..--. .. ....-..."-
!" .,\" ."'. .;.", .'......_....,.....___. .A' ......" ... ..__. .. ........ T. I "" """ '!1'1' ." ,.\\I'fj ."'.'w. '" '\ .,'I., '
\ i '
I' '

I ,0< -
der coolln' breezes: of an electricfan enuff an' was the. victim of
. SOCIETY and CLUBSJunior Mrs. Young Hostess I Fact is that he lrf t his twister hurled by Betty
To Presbyterian Auxiliary voice yellin' so loud at the football Clarice Thomas declares ,
in G'viJIe Sattlday exercised more during the 1|
Mrs Jeanette Young was hostess night!game. Seems he an' Mrs. L,, week than all the rest of her :,
Club Has Dinner Woman's Club Intermediates EnjoylIamburger to the Ladies Auxiliary of the )
Monk .
Vernon an' Patsy Silcox an' put together Home EC.
Has Enjoyable MeetingThe Fry Presbyterian church Tuesday an' Thelma Dinkins comprised a Is also active Garnita :
of Woman'sClub
Members the Junior
evening at her home o n West j
stadium nlxsome j her just-completed
enjoyed a delightful dinner Woman's Club met Wed- The Intermediate Fellowship Madison St. The Halowe'en idea congenial sayo pot
party at Blandingr Center Wednesday nesday afternoon for a most Interesting Group of the Methodist Church was carried out In decorating the It's a Lieutenant's rating now for Is the first bit of Be win' she .
alt evening. meeting from every enjoyed a hamburger fry Thursday living and dining room, the flow- Jock Griff I popular exStarkeitewho's did, and Margaret Gilpin I' I, ,
Prior to being served, a brief standpoint.A I evening: October 8, at the ers used being the brilliant tltho- been llvln' In Leesburg lo Gloria Buford are prpvln' to : ,
these many years Reported whizzes with a needle and 1
business session was held, presided short business session was home of L. F. Smith Outdoor nla combined with ferns, I '
over by the president, Miss presided over by the president, games were played and an enjoy-,' Miss: Lucile Mitchell was in for duty McRae las', star week Tornado center -, R.'a I I i I ,
Frances Peek. Miss Evelyn Stump, and Mrs A, able time was had. The follow charge of the program, which was Bobby, emerged from the Lake City' I' 1 I f, ...
ing were present: Woman's Club merlin' "
Z. Aikins) aa secretary pro- cleverly arranged to Imitate a
After dinner the members adjourned tem The president introduced Sharon Hall, Frankle Morgan, radio address by several persons. game with. Hope a bad he'll bump be on in the his day afternoon was mos' : \ I ", .
to the Woman's Club Mrs C B Canard, who was a Mariam Brown, Patsy Ruth Hall, I The station WHW was announced nose though 'attendance has been ; ; (
building where bridge and bunco former president of the Pensacola i Rebecca Simpson, Margaret Mon- ; (these letters stand for "What, pink again by Friday too slim of late Lucile 1 ,. <<
were played. Woman's Club; and also introduced teith, Helen LoU, Frances Powell, How, Why?) and the announcer a picture of swank in, ', '
Mra.. Riley, chief of nursesat :Janet Anderson, Barbara Keen, Introduced Mrs. V S. St. 'John, BUS 10\'t'lle. are reachia' for fur muff an* hat ] :: I '
d Married In Lake Butler the Camp Blandlng Hospital. Phil Thorn, Lyle Anderson, Billy who talked of the "Trail of the the liniment bottle this week aa Shoff's vocal numbers \ I I
Mrs C. A. Knight, chairman of Smith, Carl Lamar Johns, Tommy Worship Service". Then Mrs. result of the strenuous programof pleasln', especially "If Thou
Ruff in Thornton, Starke, and program, introduced Mrs. Jeanette Smith, Rev. G. C. Powell, Mrs William Norris was presented! and physical ed., they're bein' Near", words of which w e \ ,
Connie Tyler, Brooker, Oct 5.let's C. Young who gave a splen- William Blair and" Miss Carol gave a review of mission work in poped to Seems Betty eX-I written by her mother-a ,
did resume of the local library White. Alaska, and as her husband work- Wade hasn't mastered the art musician Club members 1:
work, which Is sponaored by the ed on the railroad In Alaska whena dodgln' an oncomln' ball fa still ravin about Mrs., W

Club. Mrs W R. Morse was W. S. C. S. To Meet young man, she gave an Interesting 11II:..... -anyso ,.., t
presented by the chairman, and comparison between -
review of "The The W S. C. S. of the Meth- situa-
gave a thrilling those days and the present
Moon la Down", John Steinbeck's odist church will meet Monday tion Mrs. Chas. A. Allen was! next R. Johns
popular war novel. The book Is afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the introduced and talked on missionary & SOli
SHO EP IR a testament to the faith that a church. Program and business I work in India
I meeting. Circle Number On will

free h Is people thesis conquered., can Steinbeck never To describesthe be"provet permanently _have though____charge___most________of_readers____the_____ program.__will_____interpret __ _n __ session can The, presided"president and at 'this,ver Mrs.time the K delegateswere O. nun-I: Near S. A. L. Depot --- Parking Space For CusloiP

Invasion of small free country -
a / l
it the NazisIn elected to the
as referring; to Synodical
have your To give his story universality Norway. Meeting In St. Augustine, on Nov. PHONE 45
he avoids -- FREE DELIVERY
FALL specific names Mrs. Rawson J. Davis was In 10, 11, 12. Mrs. M. C. Mayhew

FOOTWEAR charge of the musical programand was elected delegate; Mrs. Duncan ,. .
1 presented Mrs. Forrest Schoff and Mrs. Allen will also attend .'
GET THESPEEDY who sweetly rang two numbers: this meeting. The following
SLIRf "If Thou Art Near" and "Sing committee was appointed to arrange GROCERY SPECIALS MARKET SPECIE
DAINTY FOOTWEAR Me to Sleep" (Green), Mrs. W. for hospital supplies for
REPAIRS REUEFFORAC/D C. Manley gave as an exquisite over-seas work: Mra.\ John Uglow, Pillsbury Flour 5 Lbs. 32c Hens live
OUR SPECIALTY piano number "Moonlight Sonata" chairman, Mi's. R. F. Clark and wt. lb. %
\ INPGESTONREX50 (Bethoven), Mrs. W. E.. Grono. Mrs. Charles Flour, Guaranteed, 24 Ibs. 89 i During the social period. an ice Ward was appointed chairman Milk ,. 3,
(Any Brand) 3 Tall 27c Full Cream
Finest Leather Used I course was served by the boat- from the. Auxiliary to look after Cheese, Ib. 3
eHses, who were: Mra. Frank Wil the Red Cross work It was announced Fresh Yard Eggs, Dozen 49c T-Bone Steaks, lb.
,r to BISMACarpenter's- ton, Mra. Ethel M. Biggs, Mrs. A. that the painting on the Gauze Toilet Tissue 5*
5 TheElectric 4 rls. 19c Round Steak
E. Llghtfoot Mrs. R, C. Buford, Interior of the church has been lb. 3St
Shoe Shop MI'''. F. F Stump and Mrs Earl postponed until the new buildingis Hypro, Quarts _ '19c Chuck Roast, lb. 31

Across From Park Theatre Drug Store Searing completed. Tomatoes'No. 2 Cans lOc Pork Chops, lb. 37<

Pure Lard, 45 lb. Tins $7.00 Lamb Chops, lb. SJi.2fc

OPEN FROM 11 A, M. TO 11 P. M. Carolyn Callstreet '" FRUIT CAKE MATERIALS Fresh Ground Hamburger .
: i' II LUNCHEON35c Full Line Of lb. .

Monarch Canned Foods Fresh Pork Hams

{ Well, folk ?. I always gaythere's anti he's a Staff Sgt. Instead of a (Whole) lb. 3PRODUCE' .
nothln' like a big tea or Master Sgt., as recently reported "
SHRIMP\ FISH CHOPS SIRLOIN STEAK reception, with all our lovely -. Ivan Sponholtz leavin'Thurs Hockless Picnic Hams, Ib.33<

DEVILED CRAB, CALFS LIVER-2 VEGETABLES ladles dyked out In their finest day for St. Pete to join the Merchant Sugar Cured Hams, Ib. 33(
IS finery and making good use of Marine H, Lt. (Dr) L. H.
NO DRINK OR DESSERT their most charmtn' charm, to Jennings transferred! from Valdosta Ham Hocks, lb. Ik

We Maintain The Cleanest Place In Town really give your morale a bang, Ga., to Maxwell Field, Ala. No. 1 Irish Pot's 10 Ibs. 29c Richmond Smoked

". ,, .. and Sunday' event at the USO| 4 Inman Green (the young 'Fancy Yellow Onions lb. 5c
was The Bacon lb. 27.
no exception moment I i Marine) here on brief furlough ,
GUIDON GRILLOpposite you stepped In the front door to I I from New River, N C., an' dl- Bananas, 2 Ibs. -. 15c Skinless Weiners, Ib. ,.a
be greeted by Bess Durnalookin'. vidin' his
time between home
Fancy Tomatoes lb.
Courthouse Jim Forrest, Mgr exactly like a front cover of Har folks an' Lawtey "folks" Lt. 15c
Phone 90 per's Bazaar in mos' becomln'! (Dr) Purdonf; Murphy shlftln' Fancy Lettuce, Head : .". 13c
black lace, you knew 'twould be from Camp Plckett,Va, Complete Stock .;
a memorable afternoon .* 1 I It Kdwardx, Mass. Leon Moored I Complete Line Native and Western Meati
1 I get ln' )his divj barge front the i Of Fresh Produce Tuxedo Feeds "'
Iiw.7liu' new dresses were the Royal Canadian Signal Corps an'
D I order of the day and outstanding I 1 I'' arrlvln here Wednesday for a/ Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables Wilson & Toomer Fertilize!

BIC I among the galaxy were Madge ,I 1: little vacation before signing with 4 .
I' Midrilcton'a black crepe with i the Merchant Marine .
d | prising front of aqua, flur-I I
TARKE FLA.' tomato red, and Evelyn Stump's I I 'Sn (boy for the Howard (Lt.) WE WILL BUY YOUR CHICKENS'AND EGG

I[ light blue dream with lace top an' I i Mooieri (Ft.. Sill, Okla.) .
'silk net skirt Methinks Mrs. i Congrats:: Hear Bobby (Gor-I.i I.
I' ,. ",. 1: Li. A, Davis ne'er looked moreregal (
PROGRAM WEEK: BEGINNING OCT than In her flowln' green I joinedthe i
". ,,, .. 4. chiffon No wonder a 'newcomer ;
whispered In my ear, want- ''. lbs tother day Not bad for aEtt
Sunday Monday Tuesday-Oct. 18 19! 20 In' to know who she was! ''II. beginner, I'll say Alyeel
Credit, must go where credit Is due 'Graham an' handsome Hank will -
"Ten Gentlemen From \West Point"With so a big bunch of orchids to Jeanette I go to G'vllle to live with Alyce's 1 '

KIncaid for arranging sucha mother If Bill joins the Navy on -
delightful afternoon the 24th, as currently planned
Carleen Land rum !If America'i automotive r
George Montgomery Maurine O'Hara 0311011'111' o""II.1|| : Mary Katherine think tile one' yed 'mouse says in you .r'llc. m.n are ploy \ .
Latest Issue "MARCH OF TIME' News Clarke (Jackson, Miss.) iswearln" cheese factory \ was busy! you a In kig the an Important nation's part war' 1 1.flort

.. '" an engagement ring presented should try belu the .
"' .4 .. mother: of It Is th.lr job to
by none other than Pfc. three children with simultaneous ".0... the wheels that ,
Wednesday Thursday, Oct. 21 22, Roht. G, Green .' Seems the whoopin' cough .. I'll take her serve* America. / 4r,
DOUBLE FEATURE lucky lags was a roommate of word for ill! All endurance ,

No. 1 Sadie(Ky.) business Prince at school Bowling. Green Clara broken records las'for Friday movie-sittln'by youthful were rte"J
Mae Harley sending mall dally Cart Lamar Johns who started : ,
to Camp I Edwards, Mass. vlewln' a Ip-snortin double fea- ,,. k .
Evelyn Stephens (Starke'a ex-C. ture at 3:30: P. 'M. and was found
Fay Wray Robert Armstrong Bruce Cabot of C. sec'y.) now the wife of Lt. In the same spot, seven hours!
Col. Kendrick Pat Lambe, later, by Night Policeman Ebb .
No.2 --- "Men Of San Quentin" Dot Gray an' two handsome Thornton t They had been
young lieutenants payin' a pop searchln' for hours, thlnkln' he
call on Jessie Mae Blakely at two was lost, strayed or kidnapped The Automotive Mechanic of Yesterdais
With o'clock Sunday yawnin' in Jax- Must have, been a
1 J. Anthony Hughes George Breakston vllle Dot Green becomes the powerfulgood
program { .
Also Latest War News bride of Sgt. R.V, (Maxwell the VICTORY SERVICE MAN of Toda

-. I I. .__ Field) Reese! this week-end Hear" A. E, Light loot was the
object of a lot of sympathy Sun-
Friday Saturday Oct.' 23 24 Cluing of Scenes: Buck deplnd
Craw- day, mornin' of
the Just
many how
BIG ford congregation important the auto 54,000
DOUBLE transferred from
Camp thlnkin' his hoarseness Help him to motor vehicles.
La., to Fort Bragg, N C., | resulted from layin' linoleum un- motive, mechanic's work is to on

'No. 1 --- "Hillbilly Blitzkrieg"With help you the nation will be clear to all Six out oretevery 7 len% of forml-fo"

DOUBLE "SAVE THE WHEELS who consider the following I car or is necessity driving.
ROOMS $5 'WEEK facts*: mileage all

Bud Duncan Edgar Kennedy AMERICAN THAT SERVEAMERICA" More than,dS'e%Mdulastcul(
RESTAURANT & CABINS Automobile and trucks form fieoe >nn ,

No. 2 "Texas Man Adjacent To Camp practicable/ / meoru'of nspo plaeclwaPprodugctiontheir I
--- Hunt"With Blanding by getting a killed lotion for war workers and war on trucks to haul I irk

service check-up materials in many communities outgoing freight.

Bill (Radio) Boyd Lee PowellArt Davis DR. LEMUEL- COLSON DENTIST regularly throughout. America. Trucks haul "mosfylo p%J,
Also 3rd Chapter "OVERLAND MAIL" CartoonMIDNIGHT In some sections 78 "ilk supply of I as
r 129 East. Call Street Take: the word ol of the workers drive by and 58% of oil lives lode
'" million: to vital war plants. in the U. S.
SHOW SATURDAY OCT. 24, 11:30: P. M.
Hours 9 A. M. to 7 I*. M. Evenings By ''Appointment MORE PEOPLE e 2,314 U. S. cities with a popes Truciar.ystem the sole ho*.COO
lotion of 12524000. serving our 3
"Foreign depend
Agent"With on
GO TO CHEVROLET private cars for transportation) munities not reached by

automotive mechanic frW trained 's
John Shelton Gale Storm SEE OUR NEW LINE -
OF GIFTS AND Service '
Also Selected Short Subjects Man-is the lifeguard' of America's millions

than to any other and trucks. Help him to help you and America

VISIT THE PARK REGULARLY BRADFORD r NOVELTIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS dernier orgmimti n skilled service check-up at regular intervals.

COUNTY'S SUPER DELUXE THEATRE. .A'..._ Lai M,..rN..wata.l byh./ MaA, I'1 A ti
THE HI"-..,pL.l.M1 Me JlwHllkel e..erw."
ONE! I Thompson'' St. Across From Coca-Cola Plant 1,,

Starke, Florida


'. :. .-.. < **Ut ,,:. .':.":.,..._. '.

'If.. ------- ,.._" .", ::1 -!, II ';;0' .,_ .;::" .,....._.d"" Uff .._.._.. 1 .'. ""? *-''rv&Tfit' >)''Ta.--. _...,."...,........ .... ,,,,.,- .;:::;;,--.J.: :;: .



---- ---- -

BITS of LOCAL NEWS Mrs. D. P.,Carpenter wag calledto I R. M. (Bobby) Cottrell of Mi- Mrs R. A, Gahagan of Savannah Little Tom Long son of Major-

r Baconton, Ga., Sunday morning ami has been here this week visit-J Ga.. la upending sometime and Mrs. T. T. Long of Fort Kenning -
because of the serious Illness of ing his parents Mr. and Mrs. J.
with her aunt, Miss Etta Tlson Ga, Is spendlng'awhlto herewith
her mother, Mrs. W. T Jackson. D. Cottrell.
returned Saturday Mrs. H. E. Mock and Mrs. Bill Frank C. and her brother and alnter-ln-ltw, his grandmother, Mrs. F H.
own he ,farr and little I I Holltngsworth returned Mm Carpenter was accompaniedby MilChailcs. A. Allen and children Mr. and
vile N c. where daughter, Nancy last Frltlsy from a busl- Mrs. L.. D. Vining and they L. G. Powell. I Long
I went to Miami Wednesdayto I
and Mr.
," his. time since Mrs. Bill White and neas trip to Camp Rucker neat
IIIOI" returned home night.
more than two baby all of Savannah, Ga., were Ozark, Ala. While he disposed Monday visit her mother Mrs. E. L. I ... ,
spent away .
nll"1\ an Asheville guests last week of Mn Mock's of what remaining prop- 111,.. Anne McGee of Stuart has', Whetstone I QUICK SERVICEWHILE 'i

vlnp merely cut a father, C. H. Clark and uncle eity he had there and aald he been enjoying: a visit here wllli I H. C. Ritch of Starke, J. O YOU WAIT j
a (rain door, and aldowllh and aunt Mr. and Mrs. W. S. would hereafter confine hU real Sheriff and Mrs. A. O Andieu. Godwin and Robt. n Kite of tM I 0 !
acute Indigestion.Oeaninir Clark. ewate activities to. Floridamost.ly Sam Simpson Is spending several State Farm and W. B. Grainger I
weeks In Brooksvllle wherehe of BollogluJe left recently foi All Work Guaranteed
Beautiful Judge and Mrs. A. V. Long Starke.
I has accepted employment. Brother Clinic In Roches '
But the Starke-Blandlag Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Canova and I' following Starke citizens ter: N. Y., for treatment and ob- Only Highest Quality f
were those who Miss Nettle Dowling toJacksonville
rmk Theatre. among were went :
Ipmolte children, of Gainesville\ were nervutlon.Mr .
recent Jacksonville visitors Leather Used
Monday: Mrsx! Wednesday to visit
D. E. Knight guests of Mrs. S. E. Brown- Wm. H. truth, ,
d Mrs Titus Olson, M... Carl Knight, her aunt Mrs., James' Godbold. accompanied ;
jtlnesday on business In lee and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mrs. Hollls by Mrs. F. G. Bauknlght
Brownlee. I.V.. Longacre has as his and small of Jacksonville
Is Peek, Mrs. h.: J. Dow I Ing, J. l. daughter
Peek, Jr., Miss Fiances Opper- guest, Frank Bennett, of Miami, were' guests of L.I. and Mrs REPAIR t
who plans to be In Staike for K R. Stiuth at Ft. Bennlng, Ga 1
man, Miss Frances Peek and Miss Across From ronioffloet, E
about three weeks. last week-end.
Lucile Mitchell. ._ ...
-- -- - -- .
Hdsalglltt Saturday Mrs. D. E. Knight has returned "' "' . ,,",'- .....,... 0' ....... ..,... *.g.*'r jgr '."T \
from a visit with her biother-la-, j ..
;:;; ; '
law and sister Mr. and Mrs. ': ?-" .. .. .,: : ;;. :. .

Mon. Oct. ::1:86: Charles Larsen In Lakeland.Mrs. I' 'T"H"'I'S' r'o"n. 'f < l
I George C. Powell la In IS WHAT WE'RE FIGHTING 4 E Eh

Mr Lenox.'. D.Ga.L. Griffin.visiting her mother h; "Let' us look for gnidance.to the true principles of Democracy ';,i' .i'j. ;:' ;

A II Tnlloilnfc IIt'aul Uul'Inlng.at the 81arkt'-n. Beautiful'ndlnl&' ",:t, :. which are enduring because they arc right '."t ,:Jf:a{j', ,. ; .'. ;.

TailorM, Oppo-.Uo Park Theatre.Mrs. II J+
and invincible because 1 '' '
... I C. C. Mendoza and son, <: they are just. "t'i \j :; ::' I'
..._.-.,,= Clif have come here from Jacksonville ;e .:?' ',t Former President GROVER CLEVELAND J"'r 'j 1 ', I'h '
==-;-- (.;" yip :
'.'1 'rn
to make their home, for 4Ii.- ,
it!, ,, ., .,< r", ,0 j';, I .
the >
present with her Mr. .
parents s t. :Ii.
tR1RlES and Mm. T. J Griffin. Later they ';f' 'j :. ,

BOYER' RITA HAY I'I will go to San Antonia, Texas f&o. *' By contrast with the American principles of j Vt ': '; ,

GINGER WORTH ; for tu. stationed a visit with at Kelly Dr. Mendoza Field. who ,.rr ,l \1 Democracy anJ FrceJom, Hitler permits only one ":,1 11

ROGERS' in Germany-the Nazi Party-but only a few n
Mills party 'i i irY ;
HEN Nora Anderson and Miss "' f I
\ RY FONDA I Edna Hemerly, employes I of ; of the elite can be party members. The common t : 1'i\ i

CIRlES l Southern Bell Telephone Co., : ,' ,,:' German people have no voice in their government. ,, ; z

'LquGNTON week have just vacation returned from a two- !$ ,> : They know nothing of Democracy and Freedom. y a I ,tViM. [;!, j ji !
EDWARD' .G Beach and Key West.spent at !'4J.. We are fighting for these things Democracy, -i d ? J ,. J

,; ROBINSON Mrs. Edwin Green and daughter '>:',1' f' Freedom, our American privileges, comforts and ,:" '"I i'' '

PAUL Patsy, are spending a few :;'"r111:: high standards of living. Yes, even for the r gl\tto .. '. ", i t.:

ROBESON days in Brooksvllle with Mr. ... t 1 sit pleasantly in our own homes, enjoying our own J ',,. .:j*; :
Green who Is -" I IER employed there. .,"',.'a':..:;' -, ,< thoughts, stimulated I by the I refreshing goodness of i)' .t.'

so tHEl WATERS'R I I"('of f'II"'I'I'r V'1'FLOIU"'I('slu'r. nil 1l'II.t UFOIUI\- a glass of golden JAX Deer knowing that:we are pro 9 {li

STARS I ('.::11\'. i tected from tyranny,party spies and political thugs. ;,
W Plaintiff
A. Gay vs. Carmen i
ANY- Rio Gay Defendant. Cane No.
I'i' '
2193.ORDKK x '
) NOT1OK Tl> APPEAR \ I: '"Ji" I

'enc. you'll .. Klo 8TATK Jay,UV whose KL.OHI1JA. residence to: Carmen IH lldroves Think of the other fellow's'-{::;
"Ht, Kant. PatterHtiii, Ilt i 1111C'onnly. !
forget) ire :: New"' Jerney. M5'W "il ,
:" You. are required to appear tin t I JAR JUMBO ( Softies II
f alquaHJ
.\: I November. Com I6th.,and 1042.ratine In the wherein ahovanametl Ire Buy \ t

a .plaint'.. Iff MeekH.. dlvnr,'''.publtah'IhlaOrder There's a shortage of bottle caps for the ( ,; ;
Tclmraph shall
+ duration butiCyou'llbuy JAX in the Jumbo bottle '
a J ; cE1lt In next four weekly InHUen.. r'
-. f WltneHH. my hand mid official I there'l.jhe| enough golden, delicious JAX to bring
seal th. Kt 1942 Htarke. Florida thin October ; enjoyment to you and other beer-lovers too. It's '\

tuFFit'IALIAW I ) At.; Thomas, neighborly and friendly to buy JAX in Jumbo bottles.: !o'
An Clerk of Haiti Court. When if ,J \
10-17 4t II.H you open a Jumbo, you're not going
; max, to use the entire bottle at one time just open it ; :'. '.
iiitriir l'O1'I'1', ri.imilttl cot iii. jut IN "IIIAN-"'on.. 7tC1 gently, pour it lowly, replace the cap and return it ,;,
I'IKY.: ,,,,[ [ I BEER to your tce-box.. It will) keep perfectly until you're I
John KoMnnon L"yi ath. Phitntlff.Ml for mellow of '
ready next cooling gtjM
Jewel MorrlH l.vyitutll, I)efen- I your JAX !
dant. fiixn No. 217HOltnUll .
: 0"' PtlHMCATIOV. :
I HP AT. 1-1 Lpyttath OF KL.OKIDA Number li 12>. J..wplMOI'rl. PI..Imnnt JAX BREWINO t COMPAMY I Jitkuivill*, FUridiHaslciit9s

Avenue, Churlesh.a l Himth
; I
aithaM11CNEll Carol l 1)a.You .. .
are rnqulred to appear oniovetnLer q k
H' -
!\: 2nd, I94J. In the above i
CLS/tA/ AOMLRO named Court a'1I1; plulntlff seeks tllvotte. BmdfoldCininty ,
[UCl ppNt EISA IANCNESitwiih TelvKiaph. shall puhllnh tlilM
ioNNSON CNOIRtStl Older" In next four wtttklv tMrniei
1NOMAS d 1NL NAIL WllnetiH/ my hand and nfflrlAil Heal.
SANDERS IAiAILN )AMLS ( nt 11142.Ui'FICLIL) Ktarke. Florida, this October 5th., Checkerboard Specials ::1

tLOACE UMaaaoS EAGLE 8KAM A. J. Thomas
+ DgOR15 1U1 d 5 P pr..dtaAet An Cluck of Maid Court 10-9 4t 10-.10


ar amrtK, LIMN 4Yt 4a Symptoms of Distress Arising from At f.
k J.uet.

Feed StoreJust
BookTcllsof Horn Treatmant that
Must Help or It Will Cost You Nothing:
Over two million bottle of the W iLLAR DTK
NAT SEZ: EA'i'M E N'T have l>wn lolil fur reiistnf North Of Town On Road 13
... ..