servant In I voter vf
problem were Titeeday said FOR nepnese'rei'rvo: Ih.mo'rlt.
provided bv Ctiuptnr IHS1H of the KiKKlflM. st'; U.) '0 ) thus 'Irooleer
not enough each year more I 11.17: act nf the upon In.nontli.accordance The .aid election to hi h.14 A. J THOMV1. I am n 4rdld.tte for your- Kepre- in.iry. I ..m.I I Ilv..
and the i in ... I..ol..I.tul.I. with the law governlug f lerlc of Circuit of Marital I from, Bmdford (County I Respect fully, for hereby ." 1." caartM'
r.l.w estate [ ,
wore cooks ore going to for In nf .,11".1 ,,1 nenerat Election. Bradford C.u.t. subject to the t>,'mocratle Primary, ic. f r-ee<-tlon for tiounry ".n.ml'-.
o.nty I'Ml'd. atate ot ()'iy! nnallffted freeholder' County nl n-r If !
' farming on a Florida, elector IU.3t4U.'o'ru'l. MJT Df School Hoard Member. 11,1 re-eJectKl. puvql'c
scale and : District
eml awLs t.-wl. r 1mlt he permitted' l*> vote In lb. fe.i that I am experienced No. I.I'OItOtSTV J. evetythln In inv power Vt.t the
wanting a leave ;. Section It Tp. (iaest
absence Election Interest
from Special for the a: '
S G a. n. 51 I.:.. 40 Acre .10 '\IK OK T T ouullfied to hold this Important of ('O5fWl'4Sl05ii county. '

their jobs during brr season more. _nr lesby ou"lnlnln.. ...'._... ,J-J-f-COYORl"rmmlstaiflfler. .f _. ___ 51'EC flee :...I.I.h.v served an TteatUI DMTIIUTI a .w'te'epiI. "n"... b"_.worked'_LUn. >for"_the,. .. _,> .tind .
The unfortunate -I r', n. 10 II5 MIStS! ".' .' .n.nn :tlTICIS IS HBUKBV OIVB.V that I TK or rn9 ifii and 1M7: neiv I i nerenv candidacy continue'ti". L. .--
who employ I I certificate No*. M of"mn; respectively Florida.ATTHST *, Bradford Couafv. H dwxrd" Jr. I lins file wl'h I, Mv'inns| of the house of Hepreeenta for nomination olu.n''oJy C'oinrolMMlmier : '(. .11 Jo .MO 1 .1

them resolve over and over and represent unpaid : written request t that the taxi: and wa' .d".I." lo Brad of County from 11".colt your u.utlloI't.TItl'tIAX. .

to fire them but when the pick- IMXHS for the year I Oil to IS.11, A. 3 TlfOMAS. .,Ufl..t.. together, with nil suii-1" I j rOIl If elected Countv ..,..'. fI'wtrlct'' tine. subject to thn Demom'r.iti -- --- ---P. I>V \I
I h
; log season Is over the housewives j/I L h.th** I'.I 1"uHlye." n".UIUI/, .. I together 95R41.L with I. Ho lx. :M'd officlo. of ('Clerk U'ld Commissioners I .Miditnr' of h-I innuont") bv on.il.c he or advertised. levIed taxeaj and I Mr Free,re money tnr will the favor:.al.; It f am Primary elected. Blectlon I pledge the people Two tho
are 8 Kl"d to get their cooks back j! all. .subservient omitted, or Levied Ii..nlford ountY Florida inld. to the hlwhest, bidder for cash I' .anM': of In! dIstrict that I ulll work In England are women.
that I txes will I be sold to the highest i Cou" provided liv Chanter M21H of the I wI" .Ih. farmer; for tin the best of my ability
( they forget all about how mad .t.I.,' I sets of ) roads showing -
1. th" Courthouse dout, III I I ,PPTIV'5TIO 3 the Legislature. upon I ; partiality tn non*>.
\ they were. I I-Itm-lie on the ftth div of May I5J8, I Iit "f'.r.n..\, IlItP: h following desci IHeil real estate Pitvrirahl* I'h"OI lnlatlon ; Year "'.tu' aii'l utipport will he ap- E: :. Add cau"
I I I-00 uVlock A. M I VOTICR I< HHRnBY/: : That 'u I h. I'nln, .,f 11'a.H.ro. State of feel liko I am acquainted' with P""clal"c. FREE I .
I luted" lisle th" I nth day of A I 1 r>. Cr"wfont. holder OI\'FV. 'I.I" tolt: i 'hr poplo of Hi'mlfotU County and p. n nnnnrsH. )0"paiI
IS- CerIflc
; Jon E Wilson our authority "1tIoI'I.'l'lI. 1"1. t ", No. 17R l ( Si. i.f :1. of NTJ'i or Siu of j 'h"lr ",'oh''n'' hecMUHw I have spent C
ued Ulcer. lnclJ.stoP.
I. ti. 4th.. day :N'4 of I i iiv' ||i with them. ron ,
for the statement that RK\M "f! .Inly A. I). 1037. ha > .1'31 less ft In 'I, Ir" I will endeavor toivrv ( \FR
; at least a A. .1... 'I'II"\IAI. t n mv office and haM made. B.m. S\V Cnr Her Tp 4 S. 23 u 'tn. the cltlxcnuhlp a coopera I take Hi In 1)1,1 'OU"I..II' Bloating,Ca,Heartburn, CeTcKitiir-
(, dofcen people are thinking of Cl< i It It ( ".., of I for a lux deed to be issued. 1-1... cnntalnl.. !. 31) An'OB, "R" ,.. tl\ ,. Imiippt. and fenrleHn reprenenH'U mv candM.cv: for r..le.I.1, to the Nausea, get a frtt aampl orl>OO) t
I l'l.n lass.Th" *
I'liuKurd '
building new homes Coui'ly t' Pnld certIficate I I' 10'I am a boonter Mud office. of County (' .
In Starke. i 1-2'; 1"11" embrace he'lpe i omml""lnn.r. Dl and
ts.s to trlct No a Free Inter'it' % StCARPENTEWS
". Well, let's get started 'I.f-8. I I the f'-""wl"l described' tn"y In bv ccillflcnta h"t..1 n rl evidenced" ) "plnL Drndfo.t County and her I One f ), and respect. ?
You '
can't -- -- thu. : 13.1 &
tlradford, : of fUly .nl.1 your vote and
build "n'rvt : "Florid.. of I mil I n'-d 1111: rei-pu-tlvely; I I will|] your '' .11'Pot. '
a town out of blue prints to-wlf: tool rep-f I n"p".eIII. vote and r".1 'h' with n exp rl nc<* In
: 1 MRR'KPV resent .
NOTI'I : OIVKN to ta H for "IP""I.I the "
alone. ; T..I 't 'In Woodlawn Ilplld .. the years am better !
84 iiualfle l
i > M 1'.1', ,. mid "lnl"'I. airtilnht :; T"w".hll South. R..I.n I 'I lo I"t"1n'II.h". | II Olrr H. IN. .\V.HOM t.> serve You than I have evr ',
| 'lie :. ., of nnln I n.ng. 2 Ir t<> JIO'i 1 a"u"I'1 I I solIcIt I..n.
I..J : 10 your vote
"o.kl.I. __ and
F" "*, upjmrt,
.1'.1 ti fIle| .. .ollRlnlll Plaid
It Is .111' ) ,, le* 1 tat i'< lllrIJ"I.H njcvtl ii"d esti only promIse von thin, VOTE: FOR
refreshing to see candidateswho tn """'"" l' 'u, i ill I If that
.w.rn Inv 1u\v. with The ** nf ..|.. or Levied I vftti honor me Ith
the Maid tv thin
are thr C",iiiiiJtuli within .,. : propJ J a t ieee will h* wild I r TIHIII utr'iln' I office D. GILLIS
turning against each other fr eight tv tinder .t'na' Certificate Is.ti"t j I I M.liter, ', the blithest I 'Ol : -: tvlll d 1"'hA"I'" I the distis'ss of STUART
"..1" ni 'h. flrft $ of aC the (Miirlhniis I xntd ,offUe
clay 0: (tiertily terms and act bin 'i i *,.. ..r t lie olulni 11..11.. 't tnhv.l'a In 'h. name of T. B. Hlnrke on the J'th d-iv door In !,, OBI .r."v Inn""o.. myself a. a 'ibillty,I to Ih. very he"t of my CANDIDATE
.nt April, ."d"l. Trustee
as If will umor !> I sit-I! at I It I 00 I.ut |(I lon< from
they and o'ctrxk n1
belonged to the sumo' hB.d void fnli'H said certificate he I I A t lei Vo. S. y". renpect'ullv, .
Phli. AIM II 2iut. ( I' r.l-emel! .hnl | Pitted this the] nth clay nf !ll'ointv." Flu, Broker., )
big. happy family. For Instance irvzr.r. I re.1 """o'dlnl to t the I H. A p'I. '' I If elected I 1. AC nnIFn. rT-1 ref
to ,
11.1 11'I!1'S. iropertv' d.. therein he {I' ftlthfullv pet form the ---
Frank f.nd'O"1
Lnmlium anJ W. P. Smith' I. A.Inlnl"al.I, : .old, tn the highest bIdder wIl the1 1 OKKICIM. RR\ <-) I I. "rlh'd by tills office run rO\T%' <' i I.' j :
often sit! nrt' house. d A .1 TIIOM\". 'n'.1 InfereM I hrtebv 0'10' I '
side by side -lor on the first tf ,.
at the : every otvs'lf 1r
Rotary Moni '
I M11HKItv Kt'TlOV : i Clerk of v. d; a"'n.. a can _
01 liiv In the Cuir' i T d"! for, ,
Month I of
of May, I ,1.'lel. nm a i itlve of .
Club th' 1515. Bradford county "r |
and n"w. 'In llr..l ', .
seem nmdr.Jid .mn.I""lon.r
to consider V".I.t them. The '5. .
the d I I", in nixtrh
i f
hlv Ot
t. of .
f .
theli '.r.if PMM .Ins.. ''tl<.n of Itrudin Mnv. H3*. I 'l-i( II .4-81 FI'ld. uu.i a resident of ':. ,., ( "Y) iil,*
HUM tnI the State Legislature -. 'I .1l55't' l"Ii't.li' fl'I t.l. 13th: d.L''h A. ___ I f the Hi'i'Uei, Me'tlon for th* pnst -'t, ( the ivlll "I'' the 0.ni'H, tic :? : SUPRBMBCOfTRT
h".h "IIM I I ISIS fv x.nr- I f..1 l that I know \.1 t fn the prlniiirrtration ,;
n ". i the _
,portnl matter Irstead of held on orIn Ttf IM Or" di If l Miv
Q ... 'f TKH1IFIC \ nt if rll-4tii-r and h'Mior with -,
'I"ISF"I. I solicit !
sitter life and .\ >th 11.H nt the siIu's'i : ,'rte: '(ppuu-u, ) your ) t. I 1""ln. I hil
death. Quite j .. IA vnf I I on thO b".I. nf at .rt. promIse I Is' he _
J "I' fillowmn dls- T: I 1-4: h"vlnl .. peo
.nn..d CJork of (' : that h i"-t 'h "r (mv district
-rtnt ;0' Cmirt nf IFrnry'r V'lfuie and
fiom tli* case related to 1 (three' '', HI..M mich Bradford 1.1 I. T Ilennett. :With ",it .*.. ant ". of iinty In the the entire -
..0 acs '<- li. nilllac for .lie County. Flu'lda I 1 written tiorY of mv abilIty Group
en- 4.1 St 4-39. r".t| that th. tax ,
I tn
...lt'al"* 'loiti-thrr wilh all *uli
U. UATLIN. all.'p.


iiTr .
;. '-- '.:", .' ._...,_.. '
j '- -
J .,.u_ '-
------- .
o .l.--o-- sti
... --

: ___ ___ __
vl. ------- -- -- -


flptl, \ -:9.. J038 ----- -. ._ t.\nFOnn COUNTY TELEOn.\PU, ST.\IUE FLORIDA f?A G .1
p Vegetable Field Day I Women Help: To Pa Mexico's Oil Debt 'f t T I tI

.................:-. ,__ "",- y N. Y. A. CAMPANNOUNCED

May 5 In Gainesville 1 1I I I II r

Interests Producers ,
( '1''ro/ BOYS AND <;UR1.* ,!', ( ,, '' 1

II..R: A vegotnbltt I I !
: ; !

t !" UnlveiaKy of v."1 .
nltiiral, Experiment I i'vs .ovl( 1 j>lrN 01 l I t', .r.' I'' '
,m."l r, for May 5, midi T\ y v hu! nro IntorcHli-tl. in ::11 .: i' I
4 i nark, crops from aunties h % \D.p j NY A Getup| III c.unp. Advertitemaiu Paid Foi, D> Friend of' Eugene S. Matthew I'' I''

BP i i .'..It bi'tmntns! about! May I I. ;
,, ,, are expected ,. if ifI'
., -- - ,
r It I' --II mid get 111 touch IInl11'' cI- I M I ;
p ji
i vcqHable( filed plots I h with II. E. Dean, Area 8uI I
d l ,i, (/I i that/ morning while r n r yv i ,visor' of the National Youth I LANDRUMFor ,):I',1, I.I I. !

i v ,." will be devoted to + tlF'ae 1=y,. y i w7 I I \ imln ration, 232 North Vlrgin- I,,, 1\\
ti :
t I i.i laboratories of the .1 I Av, nuc, at Gainesville. I i

and to a discussion 1 i j
'y Tills camp for the eligible boys I ; .f
f'f'III' f'l
_II'' ,.bmined from the exper- V
(n .nd: girls who lire now working on
) lIP Itt'I! ', plots and their application NYA work projects or who have' !'*

"> mniiTClal, production. previously worked on NYA work I, LEGISLATURE t

,p,, ,F. s Jamison, truck crops (projects Is a resident project for ,, l .
heft,' ulniriHt with the Experiment 1L the youths who are interested l In "

( staon,, will\ be in chance of the ;! learning a trade such aa beauty '' .. ,
1i"rI,' ,day. assisted by the State {L culture commercial subjects shop s
,,Knnil) Extension Service. I work or auto mechanic, 3 HE QUALIFIED:: ; : \
__ ...... '
.. ., .,
\VI"h l lI ,xpected to be of partlcuit.rvni -- -"- -- .n """ "-- ""?-A"; -" To be eligible for this resident l I Ii
I ini,, to vegetable produc-: :MEXICO, D F Thl went OK the Feminine rn.nniKre, ; ten ..i.minu:., funds for the payment of the camp, the boys and girls must be ''Jfj i j' j
n'' hides/ the fertilizer place- jil debt headed by Mrs Amnllii Solorzutio de Garden.IH! uif ot "arts M, .kui, President, (light fore- single between the ages of 18 and< ',
m 'i, ii',,st t with beans, cucumbers" ground), started the campaign in the Palace of Fin A ts hero! icuently ( ont'lbullo -.. placed! <1 in the 25, and from certified fumilii-n ot '
Ill ii-ppi-rs, ; cover clops studies urn above, were very copious in jewelry! and. mom!>y. Women of all classes participated, the StuLl'Velflll'e Board or from '"
-- --
_._ _._._ ------ -- --- -- -
and tomatoes -- ----- ----- ---- -- ---- ""I. '
'n rn i,,< ii potatoes families where the Income or resources .. .
I 'rip grown following differ- KISING for the entire family is (
10 Final To
May Day ,
fertilizer I iAIEIT I ,
n+ ,'II' .it' cover crops; ills K HI t watermelons potatoes OFFERED HELP File Work Sheets In needs of that family.It t : .

i I.,,. ,m- and/ cucumbers; soil end Mrs. H. II. Lewis: Miss (I is expected that nil of the t I

-.purlmenta where beans Melva and Dorothy and Miss Etna FARM DEBT ADJUSTMENT Conservation Plan work at the residence will be done I ,.2:

"tomatoes, and eggplants Conner Miss Vera Lee, Irene COMMISSION NOW IN _. I IGAINESVLLE. by the boys and girls themselves I It
,,, produced on plots hav- and Edna Lewis spent Sunday at EFFECT] HERE May: 10 has similar to any other camp :
of undel'l you jour
levels acidity and
ii'' ; Barbervllle.Mrs. the of ; 1
supervision a highly
Assistance in the adjustment of just been set as the final\ cut-off | i'
i tlli'! experiments with to- Ruby Crosby and Miss Dor- date for accepting" work sheets in i i -upervtsor, who has:: had COnlll< You should have his protection by all means an, "
which threaten foreclosure !
othy Crosby were visiting in Jacksonville debts the! 1)36: a rlcultnrn' conservation. able experience in directing lI'I'-1. .
i ","n. there will be a num- Monday. Is being offered the farmers of program, urd Flcn inn'\ furmc-ra who I camper the cost< is: comparutUfly low. ,I .>
of tomai
lies potatoes -
n ,
Elder Bradford County by a voluntary expect to participate: in the program The youths! attending! ; will re-1 I ; ,
tubers i and other crops! :t and Mrs. W. E. Hall of Sec or call us: today.HAROLD .
cl1mmltte'e of the state Farm Debt thin year: mil11 I have u signed! celvc subsistence Including room I
ration and study. At Green Cove Springs! were recently 1
i work sheet on file in the county and board, medical and ""f
< should be at their visiting Mr.. and Mrs." R M. Adjustment Commission, in cooperation emergency :
n."' crops
U.i-r.t'i office by i hat time, says dental aid and a cash payment
of development fori' Crosby.Mr. with the federal Farm Security -
stiige !
MI.I H. C.
Clayton, state administrative each month. i
responses to the various and Mrs. Johnnie Goodman Administration, accordingto off'cer.' ,
The cut-off
>'. interested HIVH: Dr. Jamison, who to and children, of Madison, On., Nat Sternberg of Starke, Chairman set by the Southern Region date dlrcc-I was this As camp the number IH limited who, nil nan boys attend and. \ C. WALL Agency "( ,i" '..

I grower spent the week-end with Mrs. J. of the Bradford( group. tor, anti notification has ,TI
I interested in this i. ; "
< proJ.'ctshould '
VV. Drifters." : to ] All lines of dependable INSURANCE ,1
Applications for assistance may county;: committees! !
i get in touch with the Area I
-- ---
Miss Melva Crosby, of Jacksonville he sublmttPd either to Mr. Miller \ Kreiy: farmer: has IIn opportunIty ']I Supervisor at once. '
"I by in Tallahassee, to iMillclpatc: In the progrnmj -- '- ---- -- ----- __ '
) is to switch to Mr und Mrs. R. M. Crosby. of the local committee or and\ reoi'li'i'\ payments for carryingout : ,
palm for 1938 produc- Elder> S. .1. Akers and son, Millard I : '"
Lucian 0 Hazen, of Starke, County recommended 1 prai'HrcH t Mr I .
of Greenville spent' Thursday Supervisor' of the Farm Security Clayton says. The Secretary of I I' I :

night with :Mr.: and rMs.: It. Administration. Besides Mr. Agriculture, however, reserves" the 6 Bottle Cartons EASY TO CARRY HOME : ; r

F7 f; }{: II. Lewis. Sternberg, members of the local Ijrht to withhold payment from' I

........_ _. <<-- !la Miss Elna Conner of Gum committee are H. L. Brownlee, J. any PPI'OOIwho fails. to file any I Now Sale the EASY TO SERVE 'I' : '
To.:..t HId of \rlJ. Branch, spent Saturday night with M. Brownlee, H- C. Wall, D. p form or furnish any Information on at '"
Awl 5ior..O.M.1.- .. Miss Dorothy Crosby. Carpenter and Fred F. Stump, all with ,respect to his farm, and to :

i '.Id.. .../. h.'ip to kw'p you, u.ll!! R. M.\ Crosby, R. R. Crosby, and of Starke. refuse to nccept any applicationfor following places:

i 1.* ill/bloa't.f.1".lnl! IF your waxen kidney., matter get H. H. Lewis made a business trip This work has been carried on in payment if Information required # I
..Iy diai'rilnrii) end 'full toXCM to Jacksonville, Tuesday. is not submitted to the 1 kl
three and
impuriiipn! there "..11 be I Florida for post one I I
of" the whole yatfm' end: ---.- half years and has resulted in the county office within the time fix- .

,11.: n u s or too fr.qupnt ...t. LlSTES.'OJTIJ! settlement of 1,877 cases Involv- ed by the regional director. I I

,. nV;'*> iliuturhanr i i. rainy. of.ume. 'kidnvj You are standing upon the ing $5,078,180 of indebtedness. Al- -- A. M. Darby '. I II'

i '1..y mj.'fer! nagging' barkac-ha* threshhold of life. Only two roadslie though the scale-down of hopelessly The city of Vienna has one can- .
tfiv' h&li p. a< io before One of them
rtwclhnft, puffin*** you. 1 excessive debts In many cases dy store for every 738 people. \4't j ji
'\ 7crrhfaywahfa4. weak nor vow" ml !seems very pleasant and easy to I| has saved hard pressed farmers Tip-Top Store I '
p,I ", I ,, ', t
mob travel but it will not always beno \ tt
$872,588 this method of adjustment -
nutta Ill. bet to rely on a KILLS CEK.MS l i
m,< ne tbnt haa There are and morasses -
won countrywldqe swamps
I is when It is
I elm than on nnmi>1htnir 1 Ian favor, attempted only you buy Ml 31 Solution : A&P StoreSistrunk's .
.' ''tmwn., line/Jwin'fl hi lit. A multU along the way in which hidden evident i I that the debts are beyond full $ p
you get a pint bottle at i
/a price
It. r/atoiui p-xiula rvconnucnd dangers lurk. Many young people the farmer's No
ability to pay.
u1 iron nnnh1 1 | that ,really saves you money only
have started down this wrong road I, assistance Is given anyone seeking 49c! And it Is double : Store \ '
1a J thnt seemed so' fair to them. But strength so I jJ'jJ'I' .
{ I to avoid of reasonable ob-
payment .
1 '; that you can dilute! It with equal .1.1I I I'' f
alas, they have been overcome by settlements ef-
.. fj ligations. Many are parts of water and still have It kill I 1 )i iI
enemies who came to them in the
I fected through voluntary J. W. White iJ
gi-i'ms" in 5 seconds Buy Mi HI :Solution ; :J
110-__ _... ______ guise of fair friends They prom- 'I sion agreements with extl'n-I ) at the tti-xall Drug Store I t tGreen's
ise them pleasure if they would The debt adjustment< service Is Carpenters I PI'III* StonIn Stnrke,. I = ib
BUSINESSDIRECTORY I but yield by taking the wrong II available without cost to any farmer I I ._ __ :_ Store -=== 1'
road- There era certain things a it
threatened mlth...... !ova of his 1'
Some of these young people who ,property, or to any farm cre ltol. RELIEVE MISERY OFS woman can do that make a bouse

started upon the wrong road have ': It is opeiutcd. under the direction I H. Hall more attractive and comfortable. ll} !

turned back and have gotten into ,! of J. A Texnda, Jr., of Gainesville And one 01| the best ii to have I'I'A. t t' \

DRINK the right road. But those who ,, state director of the FarmSecurity : S. R. Johns Store Ice-cold Coca-Cola always ready ; (
heedlessly remain en the wrong II 1 Administration, which finances (for any occasion. i

road will\ find out when it Is too the work. W. B. Cone tif i And II'. so easy to buy in the f '
@ {fi late that they are hopelessly en- Tallahassee, is chairman of the I Suwannee Store'' bandy 6-box i! 1.
!;! tangled in the morasses of bad state commission. S. Lehr Miller, 15ca I !) t I''
habits, shattered health nnd weak- of Tallahassee, is in direct chargeof ICI-COLD COCA-COLA IS IVIIIY PIACI ILSI, it i'

:Li Iii Sterilized Bottle ened will.Listen the program as state supervisor FULL Smith's StationStern's I IT BILONGS IN YOUR ICI-fOX AT HOMI I'' j.I j.
youth! It Is fa si;'-"able l for" the federal agency and executive DOZEN 25c I
The Pause That Refreshes to drink cocktails today. There | secretary of the commissioni I f I'

are many parties and social gatherings i is assisted by Gardner! Bennettof INSISTONOSNUINI BAYER ASPIRIN ; Garage I \ ,

EVE ARE where beverage is serve I!. Tampa. L I I I ,
I .J
PKESCUIPTIONEXrEKTS It Is one of the chief enemies you ---- -.- .----
.,.. I
will encounter upon the wrong -v- f : t

CARPENTERS road.Alcohol seems to be such a jolly -

THE REXALL STORE good fellow. He S wearing a t

mask. If you cultivate him, that

pleasing face will change and some
FARMS' A LAKE! FRONTAGES day you will know him for the J

HAROLD R. LAWRENCE friend be Is. If you listen to his I ,9 eIl
slrene and follow him he'll lead

It'KUtrrca. Real E.4.<. Broker. I you down to disgrace and depair;
KEYSTONE. HEIGHTS. PIA. 1 perhaps a mad house or an early ._. .t t
death.-Georgia Cracker. / .

F. C. HollingsworthHog No. 205>>-Due Southbound Siarke 5:13: p.m. STARTS MONDAY May 2nd ii}

And Hominy No. 207-Due Starke 11:45: p.mNo. !

205: .-Due Starke 12:15: p.m .

FARMS No. 201-Due Northbound Starke 10:20: a.m. Every All Florida and Southern Georgia; are cordially invited! to be present :,.11 1 1Offering

No. 202-Due Starke 1::SO:; p.m. at the opening of one of the South's most impressive sale events, beginning i :
No. 204-Due Starke 4:13: p.m. a Prize- / '
t Monday morning at nine o'clock. 'j : :
Denmark No. 206--Due Starke 9:13: p.m.
No. 208-Due Starke 3:00: a.m.
Furniture Co- No. 214-Due Starke 0:20: a.m. Winning Value We have planned this year's Blue Ribbon Sale as the greatest of 1 :

Stock"e' Are Receiving New Starke Bus Agent: Beasley's them all a dramatic demonstration of Cohen Brothers remarkable ) i1. ;
Every Day.; De Sure to Service Station opposite court. in Fashion in
See It Before Von Buy. bouse. growth as the fashion-right, quality-right and value-right center of this !p

Quality in f vast community. ,II;


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".' ,._. .... .atone-lYY. ,1..r -,- '-" --' lr.y 1
::-::' : -- .-- : =-: j-;; =m_

. ... . ... .. __J... ,_-:- -;;; :: : '
P" "'' n. ,. ,c,,, ., /ti 3Li; "" ''',1''f''I :'' ''''11'> '''''''"' ''''1i "r "rr->

r "I'I'IO'i"I..t.:1:

-- --
--- --- -
,r Fiesta Dancer : 1 District Meeting EngagedFriends I I Highest agf'

To Be Held FAVORITE Statistics just relensI,r
II S. Department,of Lah?..,

1 lJcll1jij ; ,. t >"; A. 'tr : St. Maik'a Episcopal Church RECIPES I women employed in m w. t er.
# >>; ; >." I Women's Auxiliary, will entertain periodical printing <''it ''''I I
\ r"'; ": : the women of this District which _
<< ,.. '. : j I -- -- receive the hight i 'nn, ,
.:... .4i'. ,'<: 1* extends from St. Augustine to I wage of women t>mpi) 1...
... I of readers have requested -
-- _<
The Ri-v. :Mr. Fischer, To. I \v. M. S. Circles; o :Ii; .. ,; t-' '1 nan'jlh will At this be present meeting, as Bishop well Ju-usi I ,rerlpe for Mrs Iell-t P. punch M. Barefoot's and It is Their average wan .> ,,,

Preach Sri'mon On Will :Meet\ Monday I '"0I 1 i i Mrs Ruben RAfrland, Dioceani whit! a great deal of pleasure that $!VI2.. The average WIP' ,
'. $rO a week in only I Hdnstrleu
Woman's Missionary Pii-stdent of the Women s Auxlli- we are able to present it us
Circl<>H of the i i I
drpsnen ,
FraternalismThe I i..i I
I Society of he Methoill t vs'F |I'II'Y 'rhe services begin with the I : cotton i ) and sluuglilt"

R.'vV.. A. Flschoi. pastor Church will meet Monday May 2, I r-elebratlon of the Holy Communion 2 packages Jell-o pocking' The 1 lowest, .
\ of the! Starko Methodist Church, at three-thirty p. m Circle Number at 10:00: ; luncheon will be a. Juice of 4 lemons ported was $l1GG In ,

will preach on the subject of "FraternaliHm" One will meet with Mrs. W B served at the Women's club forI 2 cups sugar d Parks Circle Number Two will I I I I the District members. A cordial 3 quarts water
night at 7:45: : I These figures wenhn
Sunday ? .
meet with Mrs. W. P. Smith. invitation IH extended to all Inter- One can pineapple juice "
at the Methodist Church. The ested to attend the church ser- Juice of 4 oranges ports from 1,659 women ", ?t
r National Fraternal l week will begin -- -- I vices. r Dissolve Jell-o In hot water addsugar in newspaper and perioiln. ,1, ,I', ,

Sunday. May 1. and end Sunday Starke Grove Holds MeetingThe I II ---- aV__-,___.- e pineapple, lemon and or- ,InK plants who work ;.in <, 'g,
4 37,7 hours per week ,
I May 8. Fraternal societies In Woodman Hall was she Memorial Day Program ange juices. their average hourly ell I nll1Jl f,11:. 112 nr

Starke Include Woodmen scene of much beauty and dignity, d Under the auspices of the W T. cents.

Eastern Star, Woodmen clrcle'l' Tuesday night when the mem- Weeks Chapter, United Daugh- Another treat for the ramlly: In
I that will
months soon
entertained ters of the Confederacy a beauti- the warm
of bers of the Starke Grove M1TH'13Hv
World. Modern I follow is the Ice box
Abbie I ful Memorial Day program was pineapple-nut I the power vented HI, 'tit h.
America, :Masons, Yeomans, Odd in honor of'I ty.Above at Crosby Cemetery Sun- cake that you can make success Hoard of Public InHtni, I n, ., ,
given I .
Holden, new state manager Bradford fonnty h reb) ,u\ u e,
Fellows I day afternoon. fully If you follow the recipe given election In Una t drain. Hni, I,, I ,
Members of these and other fraternal Florida. I In Bradford County of below by Mrs. L. O. Hazen: District Net. 17 and Stm,,,, ,is .,10
Promptly at eight o'clock the Mrs. E. K. Ferryman chapter Mr and Mrs. J, R. Sapp and fam- School District No 8, to 1 h, h), II ,
Starke are
powdered ,
in l'i 'cups sugar
organizations 1938 In the Flontiliuli
and called on 24.
Invited to attend the service. guardian instructed the attendents Is pictured lovely Miss president presided ily will be interested in the follow- 1 cup butter House and In the City lion!' .
*-- to escort the national officers, Grace Dew, who sang and dancedfor the daughters to salute the large ing announcement: !'a cup chopped nut meats town of Htnrke' to deternih, ,," ",
United States which floated er or not District l No 17 hiHolldata .
Miss Holden and Mrs. Vonda In- the Spanish Fiesta given by Flag Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sapp of MI- 1 cup drained shredded pine- with Stark l>Mi,"," :
Gill-Silcox were In the breeze. Mrs. L. A. Davis of elect three trustees .11,1,, \ .i ", ,
man, to the stage where they the Jacksonville Women's club In ami, announce the engagement apple to
been made ofho 'I led in the salute which follows: "I mine the amount of mlllng Ho
Announcement has EsthEr to
honors.Miss Glen ,
presented with grand the John H- Swisher gardens on their daughter 2 whites nxxftHHed against said| | ,
MISS Alma Sil- tlajIrvA_. It iirrl n vt A A ttttl A 1'Ism n' __ 'L" egg _, i' I
< marr'lage of Holden an inspiring |the St. Johns River Thursday ait- r."p. -- --- --- Jonn T. xoung, 01 iranKiin, IN- ':'. Vanilla wafers district' jar the ennumgThe TV" \ '
gave lt d-St-t;; ; .
for said ol it
-d' "
cox Prescott Gill, both of 21. the and (he Republic The marriage will take place on managers < \
talk on the subject of "Loyaltyand ernoon. April Whipped cream be:
" Stntke, Monday, April 25 in for which It stands; one Nation
on 1938 athe Coconut BOATDRAINR.
Cooperation" During her talk The Fiesta was described by the May 15, Cream together the butter and Lee
with and
Indivisible liberty jus
Butler. Judge
, Lake she urged the Staike Urove to at- Times Union as "one of the most Grove Baptist Church. ReverendJ. sugar, add the nuts and pineap- W. W Ocili .'
for all. The then
performed the ceremony tend the regonal meeting to beheld elaborate and successful affairs tlce president H. Puddlngtvn, Pastor, will officiate ple and blend thoroughly. FoldIn Eugene drift i iKlam
Mrs. Gill prior to her marriage, called for a salute to the Confederate Lewis
r of In Louisville, Ky., on the 14, ever given by the Woman's Club I the stiffly beaten egg whites. STARK
which also floated In
vai Mlis Almn Sllcox. daughter flag
! 13, and 16 of June. and the last public event of this : Line a cake pan with vanilla wafers. F.., A Scott
late I n. OroenC
llrs W D. Pender and the the breeze, and the Daughters responded -
Mi- Silas Silcox. Mrs Gill attended After a few other talks by members season was the Spanish fiesta I with "I salute the Confederate \VOKD TO TilE VISE Cover with the fruit-nut mlxr J. W.Powell .

Bradford County High of the local Grove the pro- staged Thursday afternoon: and Flag with affection, rever- POLITICIAN ture; add a layer of wafers and Olin Whit.NOTl'E

School, where she was a popular gram committee presented the following evening in the river gardens of I ence and undying remembrance." In the desperate days following repeat, having a layer of waferson
numbers: Violin solo, "TI- Mrs. John II. Swisher and Mrs offer- the collapse of the Florida boom top. Put Into the refrigeratorfor ,
member of the younger set. I The Rev. L A. Shepherd
Mr. Gill, son of Mrs. Fay Gill, Pi Tin," by Grace Dew, flag drill Carl S. Swisher ed prayer and the hymn "How any state or local politician could at least twelve hours. This

}r, otao received his education at by Staike Drill Team; song, Miss Dew song and danced "Jar- Firm A Foundation" was sung bya get elected by cussing out the cake cun be served garnished with

Bradford County High School. Mr. "Don't Be Knocking," by Stmke abe Tapntlo," a Mexican number quartette composed of John I bondholders and promising to help whipped cream, or whipped cream Six Bottle Carton (X)( V

, Gill Is a local carpenter. Woodmen Circle. I and was encored, the number be- Powell, J. H. Benson, L. A- Shepherd -I' his constituents get out of paying can be mixed in with the fruit-nut COLA, are now on mile tor

Air. and Mrs. Gill have many After the program the social ing so well rendered and received. and L. G. Powell. their taxes. In those days people mixture. S5o at-

friends here who will be Interested committee served Ice cream and I Admission was charged Mrs. L. G. owell read the names 'Just couldn't pay, or anyway a .-------

, to learn of their marriage. Individual cakes to all present. / of fifty Confederate veterans bur majority of them, and they wererebellious I A chemist who Is optimistic pre- CANOVA'S FIIAKM.U'YCoupon

\ TT. n. T. Will Meet led' at Crosby Cemetery, and prefaced I! against unreasonable demanas. dicts increased development of Arc RedeemableHere

f \Ved ;sdAft : the reading by the following: 'rare earths." This, however,
II oon "These are the names of those Thus was established the habit doesn't mean there will be an I

TALL The W. T. Weeks Chapter, United who round about us sleep; the or the tradition of not paying "After the Good Earth."

i MILK n, 18c GREEN'S STORE I Daughters of the Confederacy men who carried the Stars and tuxes But the number of delinquents .

i will meet Wednesday afternoon, Bars: has been growing smaller
and smaller, while the number who
I May 4, at three-thirty o'clock, at FLOWERS
i ,
Cash &
5 LBS. Carry the home of Dr. and Mrs W. E. I They know 'ere this whose cause resumed paying taxes has grown AS YOUR TELEPHONEFOR

i Middleton Hostess: Miss Madge was justIn larger and larger until the latter
SUGAR 24c Starke Fla. Middleton. God the Father's sight. probably constitutes 00 percent of ALL OCCASIONS Call 123-J

t ------. Here shall they sleep 'till the the: population.This ALL ORDERS FILLED!

W. C. T. U. MeetingThe morning breezes wake the Is just a hint to candidates ARTISTICALLYECONOMICALLYPROMPTLY

I ) eternal day for political office, who will descend 1
I Interest and pleasure of theWoman's Then in the }
Flour 68c kindling Rust shall upon us In large numbers a
Christian TemperanceUnion /l
lbs melt the bars Before weeks have passed.
this week will be intensifiedby And in many MRS. L. G. POWELL, Starke
an unending sunrise set They can't get anywhere in this
the and of the
presence singing
i the stars. election by catering to taxdodgers. :
members of the L. T. L. under
9 What a gathering at the river Those days have gone forever:
9i the leadership of Mrs. R. L Kemp
i MEAL 10 Shall the last re-union be the state is solvent again, and
20c I GRITS 10 Ibs. 22c and go-
Miss Johnson directors
,; j Gladys -
Where falls
no shadow lies no Ing places. The 90 percent who THE WORLD'S GOOD NEWS }

I I The meeting will be with the stain, pay taxes are tired of paying higher will come to your home every day through '
I Where those
who meet shall part millnges because of those who
FAN11Ylcerns.16c president, Mrs F. A. Scott, at THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITORAn
no more get out of paying. And there are

I R- :; :; I 3':30) p._ _m.__, _FridayOrdinances.._. And those long purled meet so many of them that their votes I International Daily Newspaper' .
/ --- -- again." will count.-St. Petersburg Independent It records for you the world' clean, eonalructlvi do In".. Th Monitor
(loot not exploit crime or teniatton; nnllhrr does It Ignora ttiam.but .
I AreInvalidated deals correctively with thoin. Featurcn for bait nun and all the
Names of four SpanishAmerican r lamllr, Including the Weekly Magurlna Section. ,
----------------------------------------------- ------
t 2I-O/ I soldiers burled at Crosby were Modern airplane power plants
The Chrlei"tan Srlenre '
Ptibllhlr 8ortity
I, OLEO lb. 122c! Apple Butter 12Y2ci We Americans will legislate at read by Mrs. J. M. Brownlee; weigh two pounds for each horsepower One, Norway Street, Boston M..eh".11I<
the drop of a hat. Let an unkemptand names of sixteen World War sol- produced. Pica. enter my nibacrlptlon to The Christum Science Monitor for

I I Insolent itinerant peddler try diers from BriuUoul County who a I perloit year 113 or: 00 9 ironthn 'n 00 3 month n 00 1 month SI on I
i to palm off an Imitation Orientalon gave their' lives for their countrywere ,c'rH'B Wedncaili.it i.iue, Including, Mogaalne Section: 1 year 13 00. 6 li>ue.2So ,
No'rfl"I IH HKRICBY tllVE.V:' Irt
the missus and we condemn all read by Judge E K. Perry- whom itO may cmicci t the Name,__u_ ________________u_________ .
t COFFEE OltOliN U, 9 direct-selling. Municipalities are man, also names of let Juno, A. JJ NA.OJ' will
I'OI'NUI l C like that Because few seven WbnuWar apply l to the County Judge for AdJresa___---------S------ __--____- ________________________ ,
just a companies soldiers buried at Crosby b'Inal nixclmrfrc tin Adrnlnlstrstor of I Copy OM Reyuer
B I or some salesmen have employed Cemetery were read by Miss Olive the lactate: of 'I' :II. pagan ilfcoastnl
'It L). :.rA Y. AclnilnlNtlBtol28 '
I questionable methods cities Ray This was followed by the - ::;;.r.......... _.> _""' .... ... -
I and towns in various parts of the quartette singing "Tenting To- ---- -- -- --- ._ -.:......
} JKKSKY; TACKK 3 1.0.\\Ktt I KM: -._ -
: United! Stated, Including Florida, night on the Old Camp Ground I
( CORN FLAKES 6cBREAD!: _-__ 25c have rushed 10 adopt the no-called In a graceful speech Mrs. Ferryman -
,.' "Groun River' ordinance, a measure introduced the speaker of

BKSTw i which forbids any person to the day; A. J. Thomas, First Lieutenant -
.ippronch your home with a sales Company K, 155th
Infantry I
BACON d mrr:. 12k
. 1'l11' 1) I message unless you have given American Expeditionary Forces. SELLING EVENT
Invitation. Now
him a specific Mr. Thomas made an eloquent and

the community-mad I III' wearing off moat interesting address to an appreciative -,
CAN IICK ('UEUII and many of the original proponents audience.As I

,I Charmer Coffee, lOc j I Powder, pkg. 5c are admitting the measure a closing number the quartette -II I -
has UK drawbacks, not to impressively is
I4! SttlFT'S: :\\' ; constitutional weaknesses. Dying In the West," and the Rev.
I Within the past few days there B. T Culdwell pronounced the ben- I COMPLETE LINEOP WELL DRESSED

have been several Important court ediction. LADIES
LARD Ib. lOc
decisions bearing on this ordi- Men of the Jones-White-Lang- I MAN

nance. The United States Supreme ford Post, American Legion, at-
. Court, in an unanimous decision tended in a body and Boy Scouts Ladies 2-PIECE SUITS STEP INTO A

: Salt, pkg. :3c ;i Lemons, doz. 15c I handbill in case the declared Griffin that Georgia no city, were Just also before present.' the decoration of and Children's At PAIR OF

I could forbid the house-to-house veterans' graves with flowers and

distribution of printed mutter the flag under which each one SHOES and 1, 98c to $2.95 FRIENDLYSANDALS

NO. 2 since that was guaranteed under fought, the impressive sound of I

TOMATOES STANDKUPACK 6c "freedom of the press." While not "Taps" rang out on the still air I I l FIVES

-CAN directed in the ordinance, it successfully Taps were blown by a visiting Le- I Ii

draws the teeth of the gionulre, Major Taylor Belcher, *f I -

measure by striking out the neces- Garrison-on-the-ITudson, I .
I JT. \\KSTEU.V : bn I sity for an Invitation, in order to i LADIES :: MEN'S WORK
20c[STEAK 20c
call At the same time, the Supreme MISSIOX HALL

Court of Florida, following The Bible study this week centered I BLOUSES I SHIRTS
j on the heels of the high courts of upon the subject "Scatter- I

G. NORTHERN Maryland and South Carolina, declared ing To Keep:: ana Keeping To i. At 98c 50c .-. 69c ... 98cMEN'S

BEANS H. E.; I'1sA51tAllY 41c the measure unconstitutional Scatter," and, although' unusual I $1.98 to $4.98

LIMAS thus Invalidating it In every and Hounding contradictory, it I

I municipality in Florida._ proved fascinating!: : and broughtout LADIES WORK

.- --- a vital teaching: The Disciples,

t FEED BnOTSEY'S REACH for instance, was scattered that SKIRTS I PANTSAt

Miss! F.fflo; Crawford, C'or. the Word might be preached lu '!
many places and a harvest of At
-- -- $1.19 to $1.49
Mr. and Mrs. E. C Johns of i louis gathered tor the Church
't Mash, $2.40 Scratch $1.90 (His body ; and so, as seed must''I -
' Lawtey, spent Sunday here with --y--
1 nr.u UOSB' his brother and IIlslt'r-ln-lilw. Mr. be sown or itterej that there LADIES -MEN;;
itr.n KOSF.Growing
and Mr, Bartly Johns may be a harvest to reap and <
Baby Scratch, $2.25 Mash $2.37 I Mrs. MacNeal, Worthington keep. Special music and a beau In White and Rose
Springs spent the weekend here arrangement of flowers were
i PENSY: I RID: ROSRStarting with Mr, and Mrs. CB., Crawford. In order in iccognltlon the I at

Laying Mash, $2.12 Mash $2.63 Mr. and Mrs J. B. Gasklns are SUb birthday anniversary of Mrs. SHIRTS

I receiving ronitratul'itions: on the Feeler, who was\ not only able to I
bo present, but White and in Colors $1.00 --. $1.19 .-. $1.49
,arrival of H llrtUson born April gave testimony to At
Agent For 17 the goodness 0.. Cod and HU keep.I i

I Mr C. U: Crawford was a bus- ing power, closing with a beautiful -1 I At $1.00 : See Them $1.59 _._ $1.95ALEXANDER

Int: '-i vtsltoi to Ocala Tuesday. poem. ,
r-i ; Vr ,.- .' Mrs Sullivan --- .- ---. .
Phillip -- .
: i.iAH' llUliuZilR CO. -- - .
d} In 1880 --- ---- -- ---- --
at ..1 I II and family, of Jacksonville, are .unucl P. Langley I

I visiting her mother, Mrs. Jeaa built a MrvtMn-powcr *.lrpla.i that |I TOW SAVH WllEBf YOU Bag AT
Gaskia4 hereMarket flew for six seconds.If .
Better QualityGet I
----- --- '
women of Cambridge. one had; had the foresight to I

Our Low Prices Before Buying England, sell butter in rolls that save bill calendar for the year 1M>7. & CO.P.tor.
measure a yard long and weigh a Is will be correct for 1940, 1957. .

pound. 1908, and so on.

!I ;" ': 1M i' "r"-. 1 V -.+


: : ;

trRIL 211. ._ '_ ._ ....m... ... .. .. BitADFORD COUNTY TtCGItAI'1., .TAJUa:, FLORIDA PAGE FiVIl
1 -. -- --- --- ----'------------ --- ____ co-,= _____ _._ __.__ -.. -
I Elmo R Struth pent the;; weekend 10.. H Bennett; spent the Mr and Mrs L. D. Vining spent Mr .n P carpenter and MM. I .V- ffcc Tn Woodmen{

in DeLanU with hm mother I +Ai'i'k nd 'n rackRonviiii' with i he week-end in Dublin QA They 'i i I ., 'nn 'in!?i "Il| niln| t hin ,'. h j| : p pAll

: and iutiiti l.l..I.\\! 11<11'. and Mae! . i of the. Wnudmenfni

: Bits of ,; J. H. Tiitum. Mm Randolph Borer. I !Mis Vlnint s mother, Mrs. W. L. V I ii, -lit UiPii mothoi Mil W t."I' ..le and, tin. lunloiH ol the PotiHt -
__ ''' .lolner. who hate spent the past J.ki,'kson. in lltironton mid! are urged. I by the ""e\"l\ !ury,

Mr. and Mrs Charles Way and II. H Stromon ;Utumed I 'three weeks heic. brothci-tn-law and .winter, Mr. and MIM L S. Hullo to have dues In ,

children, of Gainesville were the home after a visit In Tallahnsa. Mr:i. D. C. Forehand, In Albany. to her not later than April .'30, na

II local Nes guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.: H. with his brother and ilster-ln-law, Mr. and Mrs A. II, Hall and While In Albany they attended reports must bo made at that
I L<. Brownlee. Mr 'and Airs. Carl StromanDr the Ol'orglo.Voml'n'" Club Convent time.
daughter Sharon lire spendingthis
---- Ion.
OUR PEOPLE, BUSINESS ANDOF --- week 1n North and.. South ---- --
> ;( and Mrs. W. E Mlddleton
( ( Mm H. Ir Brownlee and daughter I Carolina. While In South Carolina, -- ---- --- __. m _"" _. ...___
THE COUNTY AND TOWN attended Homecoming services at
"JoHESS" ( ,; Madge, left Thursday for I they will visit Mrs. Hall's sinter A vote forV.. I'. Smith mean
the Mlddleton Church In Hor- <0;
Tampa, where they will\ visit Miss Miss Carolyn llutto In Columbia. :MOKK pension money for our aged
tense, Ga., Easter Sunday. I
Mary Brownlee. ----.------ and lillml |x>ople. lie 1 knows how
lo go\ nlmiit gelling It ami MILL "
o 0
I Mrs. Myrtlce Hawthorne, of U'llhV.. I" Smith In the LrgUluture 0 '
dI"s H A. Bishop spent Mrs. J. C. Adklns, of Gainesville ; ,'n,1V.. 1' Smith to the Ixgllaturo *- Lake City and Mrs. Mabel Cox, we will never have ft nofeneo \ GET IT.

:11,I'' ,,I ,? Jacksonville was the guest Tuesday of her sister ami get the appropriation of Aluchun, were guests Sundayof luw lit Bradford County. -- (Til- ._Pi.llliial--.-_I I,1)
( ---- Mrs A. Z. Adkins. for aged mid needy old people In- Mr. and Mrs A F. Saula. IIM Political Ad) 00

I Mrs R. C?0. Buford creased.. BirthsMr. '.

t M'[, ,Jiurday m Jacksonville. Mrs. E. R. Struth Is spendingsome (Pd Political Ad) Senator and Mrs. C. E. Johns Mr. aral
it eel time In DeLand with her returned to their home here last I' Mr. and Mrs D. Boree and children Sturke, boy April 13. Somebody'seyes

!gprbtl| orders taken for any parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tatum- N. Sternberg T. K. McClane and Thursday after spending several and Miss Irene Hogan, all Mr. and Mrs. Pete Crawford

,1tle rotor. length or width wlnjiiide C. H Nasworthy attended the Rotary weeks In Miami on business. of Jacksonville, attended the grad- Heilbronn\ girl April 10.
ot mod reasonAble Convention In Ocala the first uation exercises at the Bradford
Friends of Mrs. A. H. Johns will Mr. and
w Mrs. L. M. Simonton,
Store. of the week. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wilkinsonand I County High School last Thursday -
l" rl.oMi.S.llInp's regret to learn that she is confined Starke, boy, April 11.
Mr. and Mrs. H J. Wilkinson, night.
'" ; Moore, of Lawtey, left to her home because of illness. Mrs. W. H. Smith and baby all of Palatka, were guests Sundayof --- -- --- Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Coleman. maybe on .',

I I to Ft. i Joan of left Mon Mr. Starke, boy, April 7.
uftlav) fot a business trip Sampson City, and Mrs A J Wilkinson. Mrs. D P. Carpenter and Sirs.
feolle i Mrs. N. Sternberg spent a few day for Miami, where they will ''T. T. Long left Sunday for Bacon- Mr. and' Mrs Hamp Andrews, your car

-- -- I days this week in Palatka as the visit relatives.Mr. Miss Louise Marshbuin and ton and Albany, Ga., where they Starke girl, April 11

Stlllev, of Jacksonville IsLading guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wells. Miss Lucy Marshall, of Jackson. I will visit relatives While in Alba- Mr. and Mrs, Harry Sterns now--

IBIS week here with rel- and Mrs. A. H. Hall and ville, were guests Tuesday nightof ny Mrs. Long and Mrs. Carpenterwill Starke, girl, April 12.

e ,'ices Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Mlddleton. of daughter, Sharon, left Sunday fora Mr. and Mrs. Levy A. Canova. attend the Georgia Stale Federation Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Harrlss is it fully
visit in Columbia S. C. and
Jacksonville, were guests Sundayof Women's Clubs Maxvllle, girl April 13.
i Rosalind Jacobs and Miss Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Middleton. Chaburn, N. C. W. I*. Smith will represent A1J.I Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harrington -
Lelvn Stump spent Tuesday In people of Bradford County I 14. insured ?
Starke boy. April
I.Ir and Mrs. John Uglow nn<1Mr
;8In',.'Vlllr! J. F. Klckllter Is spending this Mrs. Edward Burns arilveil My anil Impaillally in the lyTjtlnlatnre. Mr. and !Mrs Russell Carter,
__ and Mrs. C. F. Ward will attend -
-- i week In Sanford as the guest of Tuesday from an extended visit .
Heilbronn, 22
April boy. Johns & Wainwright
Thomasvllle ;
In ,
the Rose show ,
with relatives in Dallas Texas and (1'01. I'nlllUal Ad)
U. I' Smith your Kopre.fntitthf his sister, Mrs Jim Cunningham. ,
rlrt : _.. and While Mr. and Mrs. Floyd dough. PHONE 13
---- -- -- ---- Ga., Friday Saturday.
in State Legislature El Darado, Ark.
Sherman Bales, n student" at the there they will be guests of Mr. Dinsmore boy April 9.
Bead No- 13 completed. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guy were Mr Mrs. Charles R Alvarez Starke Fla.
14 t and ,
University of Florida, spent Thurs- and Mrs. W. E, Bullard and fam
1',1 i i Political Ad) week-end guests of Mrs. Guy's Miss Mlna Manassa spent Sun- of Starke. gh'l. April 22 .
day through Saturday ns guest ily. l.
In Fernandina with her -
parents, Judge and Mrs. A. Z. Ad day -
B F Kane spent the week- Mr, and Mrs Olin White and family ---
i klns. brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and
I Daytona Beach wltti his Mrs. Olin While and Misses Carol
J.nd ;m Mis D. B. White.
I Btimilv md friends. Mrs. Peggy Blanton and Miami ------ and Etholln WhIle Olin White ZACH H. DOUGLAS MAKES
Mr. and Mrs. R. .1.I Davis and .
Jr. Sherman Bates and Lynn Crosby
Mrs Leroy Roane, of Jackson- Mrs. Olin White, and daughter, ,
Laura Ford of st. Louis, daughters, Ida Lulu and Marjorie, visiting friends! In HastIngs -
Mis'- MISS| Carol, and guests, Sherman were
ville, were visitors to Starke, Sun-
I Mich was a recent guest of Mr. day. Bates and Lynn Crosby spent Fri were guests Sunday of Mr Davis'grandmother Sunday. Walter Savage, of GOOD IMPRESSIONTHE 1 ..l
Mrs. B P Smith, In I ,
..n" Mi' lohn Uglow. day In Gainesville. Hastings and Lake Butler, made"
-- Daytona Beach. with th..m.I .
---- the return trip
Mrs. Evelyn Madilx, of Miami I __________ ___ BAKER COUNTY NEWS SAYS:
R. L.
Mi and Mrs. Kemp plan spent the week-end here with her IM :NOT.; :MISS: THIS !';I.tn1.: .
i Imlay for a two weeks va- Mis J. D. Doyle and Mrs E. T. I : ( 22nd
April )
a i father, A. F. Sauls and Mrs OFFER Merton' Clark him" recently arrived -
King, of Jacksonville, attended
i Sauls. 3 Handsome folder Photon and from Miami, where he spent
the graduation exercises: : at the
-- --- 1 Ignite. IViuiMtl Portrait, all 'I the winter months as mechanic in ZACH H. DOUGLAS SPOKE
-- returned to his home Bradford' .. County High School last '
County Agent T. K. McClane, for $3.00.1I00.t1t the Miami Airplane Training
I" I 'k-onvllle, after an extended Thursday nl 'lit. i I School Mr. Clark hllll accepted a I TUESDAY
Jr, spent Monday and Tuesday KKOS. STl DIO. I TO LARGE CROWD
I n' with relatives. business' matters In ____________ i I position here with the City: Power
attending" I
Mis and
Mr. and Mm. J. D. Mills and Mary Kelly daughter. plant and will make his home with '
Ocala. Gainesville Attorney
I Mamie, were visiting her grandmother : Col. Zach H. Douglas, a prominent? ;
('O IE I l'I'KIirp"t."t !
children, of Green Cove Springs I his parents Mr. and Mrs It. F
------ I for the Eighth
Mrs. T. J. Letchworlh, of and a candidate for State Attorney
| Til'i ( Special: \\e have ever Chi ik.Dr I
of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Burns returned were guests Monday I
offeredi Greenville, who Is very sick, over Judicial Circuit which includes (Baker County, madeu

,: IIinilHonw, Folder Photos andI Tuesday after an extended' visit I Mrs. A. J. Wilkinson. the week-end. J. P Tomllnson- of- Lake stirring address to local voters from a sound car at I
with relatives In Arkansas and ---------
I 1 Large Fnuned Portrait, all Dr. and Mis. O L. Haynes and Wales dan many friends In Starke Powers corner Macclenny; Tuesday night. Col. fr
for $3.00. Texas. son, Othma spent Sunday In Jack B<> nun to rend \\'. 1'. lIIlth'.. who will be glad to learn that he Douglas is one of the host speakers' to invade t the local )tI

IIMOIKR( BROS. STtDIO. letter to YOU on I'ug.6 In thin Is able to be field thus far and popular with local L'
Mrs. Viola Sellette, of Jacksonville sonville an guests of Mr. and IHSIIO. out again after re- I seems' very

was visiting her uncle and Mm Haynes Grant. i I'd Political\ ,\,1)) ceiving treatment in Riverside \voters! some of whom arc already predicting his election. dI
M md Mrs L. F. Dinkins and Honpltul in JnckHonvllle and be. 1
aunt Mr. and Mrs. David Kelly, -- ------- ;
| M I "I id.' Mrs W. F. Moore spent log confined to his home In LnkeWIII..R.
Tuesday. Mi'e. Tolbert Black and baby, of Sherman Bates, who la a student Col. Douglas: left no doubt as to his ability, aggressheness. -
) -. 'm Jacksonville.. I Macclenny were guests .this weekof at the University of Florida, Dr. Tomllnaon and his I> fearlessness and fairness to amply qualify ,

---- --- Mr and Mrs D. S. Glenn, of Mrs. Black's parents, Mr. and' Gainesville, was a week-end guestof ,| family moved from, Staikn many him to fill this high office in a capable manner.
M 1
Dorothy Sapp and Miss years ago but the news of his improved -
'" Long Valley New Jersey were recent Mrs T N. Kendrick. his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Paid Political Adv I
Kllllngsworth spent Mon- I health will be greeted with ,
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. bi's. O W. White. ,
'ti.-moon In Gainesville P. Smith Mis E. J. Dowllng and daughter -- -- -- I much interest her. ,...,-, -- I
-- --- -- ---
---- ---
'" I Miss Marion Dow ling, and Mills Dorothy Simmons and -

'I i Mrs T J. Griffin were Send; \\'. P. Smith to the Legislature I Mrs. C. A. Knight spent Tuesday i John McDowell, of Jacksonville

.1 i nr and Mrs. C. C. Men- and keep the open range.Pd : afternoon in Gainesville. I i were dinner guests Sunday of Mi. If'1 II

I'' iHckaonvllle, Tuesday ( 1'011.1, Ad) I -- I McDowell's grandparents Mr and d,1))

-- ---- --- Mrs H L Burton, of Arcadia. Mm. John_ n Uglow.
''I spent a few days here the first ____ I

NAT SEZ: I of the week as the guest of Mr. Mrs. K K Marghburn and ,,

i ami! Mis II L. Brownlee. children BellY and Edward of I
.'01'111'; '' the business. turn In I i, _-. .- -- -_ Marlunna an' gueHts of Opening a,

to\\n hutried to Induce HDIIII- i Completion of Komi tin. 13 Mill Marshburn'x parents, Mi 1\ll's'l)

k Industry to ronm to star!...., figuring I bring hundreds of Iruclit" Into !Mrs G.V. AldermtmMr ,

n Unit n weekly Ilu31'01ioulll ; Bradford (Count; to purrlmsi nil _--- ---- I

v sy help l>ii"liu'HH., So; fur we h.iM'ii't the IwoIII1""III', county can grow. and Mrs. II. II. Ford and

( made- any progress along those l son, Bob und daughter, Beth' of I ,
V :{' lines :My plan now, is to have Lakeland wire( recent guoslx of I Monday May 2nd ,

'Allll two or Hirer strawberry teason i tENT'I"'W'oun Mr. und Mrs balm Uglow and Mr j I

each ;sear, which would help everybody : and !Mrs CVlfrrd. '

I don't Know how to go 'I I

about ir, hut that's" my plan. :tail : COLUMN !Mrs Ethel nigga and children. ,

your HiijjRestlons to m<* nt Chal- Dot do Sue and Bobble, spent the THECJar

irhoorllee.HEADQUARTERS. 1 FIK-RO< >M bungalow good condition week-end in St Augustine with
Corner lot 100x108 well Mix Griffin's" mother, Mrs O J. I

'I In iti-l Prked, to sell. Wilson Griffin and Owen Griffin.Mr .

4-15: 3t --- --- --- .- -- '
Rc-ilty Co. Jean
I-- and Mrs. L. A. Rennolda" Shoppe
II I FOR SALE Flowers for every pont Sunday at Crystal Beach,

For Good I 'i I'' occasion attractively arranged, neur Clearwater visiting Mr Ren-
and' reasonably priced. Mrs N. D noM ther-ln-law and sister., ,

Wainwright Phone 102, Starke, Mr. and Mrx Fred MaicotteMrs. I
r F Fla tf
WORK SHOES I ___ ____ __ .
MlUe/ Dew and daughters,
Fcr ; WANTED: Old cotton or linen
A' .I i Misses Grace and Arllne. were the Flowers for all occasions. Gifts---something new
MADE BY FKTEHS: I rags at six cents per pound.
ls guests of :Mi and Mrs. E.!
I ] one and two Inch tld-blts wanted.
CarlelIn Jacksonville, Wednesday -
ALL LEATHERCONSTRUCTION Bring them Monday or Tuesday If
:I possible Cash on delivery. Brad- through. Friday of last week. i and different. Children's Suits, Dresses
; -- --- -
ford County Telegraph. tf I
Itoud 13 when
completed i
Ty PRICED AT I FOUNDBay Mare. Is at farm of will bo (Ike shortest routi' front I and Playclothes. Berkshire Hosiery

S. Whitehead, Rt. 1, Box South and :Mldtlla Flrlilit to the I

$1.98 and $2.19 I 123. Lake Butler. Owner can have North and ulll bring thoniuuidt ofGurhts '
Handkerchiefs---a wide selection I
for COliC of this ad and feed Itp through; our C'ounly. I I J'I
1 ___ ____ I'd I'olltlcal\ I I01) I

0*. Others at $2.39 I FOR five-room SALE-house.One Good acre repair lot with Is Mf. -and- -Mis-- John----Uglow-- and I and many other .

north of Starke on Road 13. See Mr. and Mrs\ C. F. Ward will .

I Mrs. H Heiueman, cure of K K. spend Friday and Saturday In itemsA

III'' Penvman, Stiirlie Itp Thomnxvillc. Ga, an guests of :Mr
\\ -
and Mil."! W. f. Dullard and family
1---- -- -- -- -- -
Co-on> SAJLR 1932 tOllr-door De- ,

SHIRTS WORK PANTS I Sola sedan In gnat: condition( .___ _u_ __ rI

i Si'ii Mi, i. H Houseman, care of Mrs. Martha. McCornuck and I I

69c $1.00 ; E. K. Perrymun, Starke. Itpj Mrs L. E Deudon have returned
I ___ __ _____
to their homes In St. Charles and Featuring
-- --- 'FOR SALE OR TRADE-Guinea
j Elgin, III., lifter a plaasant month
I Pigs for cash chickens, ducks, I
!0 00.1M u
FULL CUT spent with their friends
here and
BoysOVERALLS etc. ENOS HAYES, Starke, Flor- in South Florida Merchandise At Moderate Prices .

Ida. ltp __ I
-- -- -----
I FOR SALE -- Large, beautiful, Mrs. Hazel Hocking lIue"m.a.n,
A welcome] awaits
$1.00 OVERALLS59c white, perfectly-formed Easter of Montana, Is a guest at the homeof hearty you

I Lilies. Fifty cents per do/.en: Re- Judge aad\ Mr. E. K

duced price for quantity orders. man. Mrs Hu'demnn Is perry-I

; We deliver. and accept mail orders. up the estate of her late

Ladies Joe QrlffiH. Rt. 2, Box 295, Starke, Benjamin HtieHcman.

8l ,\C'K' OR BROWN Mens & Boys I Fla.---- -- --- lip w. P. Snilth .has been-working 'I

WTSLI. MADK i'OR RENT Furnished three- toe more I than( it year to get Road G Jean
WORK SHOES Trunks I room apartment with private No. IS completed Ian.IlOW him I lar- Shoppe
: Bathing bath after, May 1 Mrs. J. L Fra- lOMltKn 1/JI."rlU1'e it will be comKled -

$1.00 i $1.00 :*CP, Uf N Wiilnut St Itp ", ,In in.).). '
--- -- ---- -
I cP'l Polltl.nl A4
FOR RENT: Unfurnished apartment > I

Mm Kate KIHIngsworth, W. A. Scott, Bales manager tot :NEXT DOOR[ TO CARPENTER'S DRUG STOREt

.It Pays to Buy atSTERNBERG'S I 327 W Call 8t. Starke.. Itp Thomas Lumber Company, of Orlando

FOR RENT Fumlsbod apartment and R C. Baker, bookkeeper -

with private bath, extra for the same firm were guestsof

room If delred Locked garage. Mr. an* Mr. F. A. Scott while r

F. A. Scott, Starke, Fla. Itp enroute to Jacksonville this week. {


I '

,. : '
-- c- _

__.._.Jj;; _, .... J_. -c.;. -----------I---roo.... v u : : -. ,._"'.._-
-. .. --- .. ---- ---- .-... : .."' ,_. ... -"' ."i;;..:;: : -...,.-,..-.,....",....,... ....,."..." ..... I Ir

r'I :]


!I'' FARMERS SECTION 1- Plans Big Stock Complete Show For and II I I LIVE STATE NEWS stiff 650.000 pumped north Into gallons breeze tho fire,of anti, I ,< ''I

Rodeo At University I :a i time threatened ;; :
One fireman, ono, ('
GAINESVILLE. Finns are M./I .,. ..rsn.t* whn
I now complete for the seventh Little : BOY IKO\VNS: "' .\S HIGHWAY their:'aid":'were I Injured; I t ,,

Intrrniiilonnl\ Livestock und ,r SONVttiLE. I I'I'm"'I' President Roose- ously.: In the fire first ) "
Housewives RURAL r,,itit Show and Rodeo to hI'
Hints i y Nlne-year-j ,
I oM Dmd! n, bol'son Invited to officiate at 12.10: ) a. m. Their
COMMON SENSE. t.ig-c'l' In the University of FloridaTootljiill I In tltf St. Jrt; >JJMi! River Friday the formal opening of the $7,500- mostly caused by
\\eokly from Home Demnnntra- stadium on Saturday. Apr I when he! fare.JWm an oM 1 boat I on I' 000 Overseas Highway connectingKey Walter Parrlsh, Jr,
U I ::0: the Block and Bridle Clubof
hy buildings'I
(inn 'lpeclitllt TnlJnhl''Keo i Ily SPUDS JOHNSON the of I I which he andi several University's College
were playing .The body WAil not I Florida on July 4. n committee pouring from the )rear ,
( HIM HEALTH 1)\" FARM: JtfJS .\n'J1 THK.VDS:; Agriculture. I I! Immediately recovered. i representing tile city, county civic Thooias Hardware <.:
May Day l III Child Health Dny- TOWARD \\ IUErt FIKLDSAS :'I For the first time since It was j: ___ .. groups and the bridge commiH-II after midnight and he
i. one day eneh year set aside, to emphusfzf KOIII.KMS :MULTIPLY Inaugurated seven years ago. the 'Nn ntnKftH I> Iofl announced this week. the flames burst forth '
tho of "Healtl show and rodeo will be staged in -- -- -- -- --- before lie had I'
Importance LAKE WALES. The General The official opening ceremonieswill building
for Children Good growth and Research seeking solutions for the University's football tndlum.Ht'retofore Synod of the Associate Reformed I be attended also by the president able to reach the fire
health In children, depend,' farm has been it bus been held on a which three
good pressing problems barns' Presbyterian church opened In Its l of Cuba and his entire cab- was only
however, not on one big: celebra given new trends and, enlarged field near the college cattle I 134th annual convention at the I jlnes, if they accept the invitation the scene. Chief Ned
tlon a year, but on a day-by-day, proportions during the past few and pens, but, because of steadily Lake Wales Presbyterian church, which has been st'nt.0 them by the Gainesville Fire
ycar-ln-yenr-out program carriedon years. Funds for the increased IncrcuHlng attendance and lack of said the fire originated In
April 20. for a four day session I the committee. ;
through all the yeara until 'activities largely were supplied seating ucconimoiitlon'| for the The Moderator is Rev. E. N. Orr.of of the Thomas Hardware
reached. crowds! the club decided this year All work remaining tinder contract -
adulthood the
IS through Bankheud-Jones Act
Charlotte N. C. Noted speakers I ny, one of the seveiul l
to stage the show In the stadium will be completed by July 1,
of the 74th United States Congress -
Good nutrition, which is fundamental from all over the south will deliver '
j B. M.
authorizing a $1,000,000 Features of tho show will Include Duncan chief engineer said.
for child health, IB being appropriation addresses and about 200 dIgnitaries ''
recognized more and more ns ft responsibility to be Increased a million exhibition of fourteen classes of the church are In at- And it Is expected that a surplusof Ir ,' 'e.' 1
'which must be shnr- a year until the annual total of beef nnd dairy cattle three tenlsifleC______, ,I funds will permit the buildingof ). tttf2i '> 'i'ippi=
becomes classes of class of suitable comfort nfnttnna emI .. 1. \
ed It is Important that we recognize $5,00,000. Expendituresare hogs one sheep ------- ----'-" -
F, the signs of good nutrition forty percent under direction poultry and egg*. In addition to ----.--- ----- I I' several of the small islands for c

_ ___ ,.J i I health, which are, : I brWit.; t''othe: Federal I Department of these and for the first time since :SCHOOLS FOR :\CCXE.NNV the accommodation of persona motoring 'AVE
_ ',' al'kling I ,eyeH, rosy checks, red Agi(culture and sixty percent the show was established/ as an MACCLENNY.-At Mot the over the nearly 100 miles ofi
',ps. sound teeth, clear, smooth through state farm service agen- annual event educational exhibitsby Macclenny-GIen Special Tax i the only seagoing highway in the
akin. fh'in muscles, good posture, ncr, principally (the Experiment College of Agriculture and: School District have final approval : wot,'Id.
.< itt'iidy! Increase In height and Stit Lions. State Experiment: Station wotkers, from the Public Works administration -,; ---.--. $ oizI

I ,,,.'''ght, and a good deposition. Activities Indicating the changing on,, livestock and dairying will be for building new school PLANT CITY SEASON
essential shown Rodeo reaturcs will include buildings in Macclenny unit Glen I PLANT
Three things are : tendencies have been reviewed CITYert.y figures
First, the right foods to provide by Dr. James T. Jardine United a barrel race, whip cracking St, Alary. According to a wire i for the Plant City area this year I YOUR RWFLORIDR
_ __ i he materials for good growth and tales office of Experiment Stii- exhibitions, roping, steer riding! from Congressman R A. Green to 1 were released last week:
,, II.>. :Ml. !r"is chief Conservation! and wild cow milking, steer wrestling ,Joe Milton. Chairman of the Board j I|I Figures For Comparison kI CANDIDATE
wiRe utilization of land resourcesho und bronco busting. of Public Instruction for this coun- Season Pints Ret. Gr.
i I
health habits
ini'l I,
i j last the P. W.
AI j
ty Saturday
,, to the appraised as the most wide Ocala High School's Ihlrty-flve- 1931-32 -.16,317,232 $1.611.80268
iv 'i n h 'j'a"> help
spread. Uses for agricultural piece uniformed band, directed by gave: an outright grunt of $24,543 / 1932-33 _20,355,642 1.37,715
tni d i turn into strong muxcles I a1
products not heretofore known rocclved --Mrs. B. G. Cole. will provide muHC und a loan of $30,000 milking ,, 1CI'nnt:: :: _.9eziv1__ : 1n'nt-, > ..
nti'iitirht linnon.. sound teeth. fiteadvnorv ---- -- 'uy y v.uv..u ---- -- .n -
of which will be -- -- I .._.m..._>> ..._
-- ----- for the show und rodeo. total $51,543 .
."< nnd well functioning org prominent position nmong ,19343517,237,975 1,719.511.99 I 11'1 I'oiitteai Announcement)
other forms I The allow will under at spent on new buildings in Mucclen- .
.in*, of research that the get WilY / 1935-36! .13.740.G50 1,272.7319-1 -- -
farmers are now demanding. Development 7 o'clock in the evening and .will ny and Glen St. Mary 1936-37 __18,045.240
ilefeetH ThIrd which freedom remove from physical physical barriers of crops resistant to be broadcast over WRUF, State .? ._---._---- .-__IJT ._-- -'38 _17,157.219 1586130.26 1,847.275.67l937 JIzePoilltojViezcJ ;

I 11> normal gains. disease and pests also was given and University of Florida Radio :MIAMI: Sl'IT DISMISSED: I Comparative Figures \

When this responsibility is gen- high rank among the Investigations Station. George Walsh, ace sports, 1\HAMI.-Ch'cult Judge II. F. | (Pints Marketed) ,
erally accepted, every day will Indeed In which growing Interest announcer of the WRUF staff, will Atkinson has dismissed a suit by ,I Last season to April 21__18,045.210'
has been exhibited. be ut the microphone. which Miami sought to force the This WIFE
be Child Health Day! season to Al'rll13 17,157,249 71ie
I Studies concerning consumer Admission to the show and rodeo -Florida Power & Light\ Co.. to open

I preferences, marketing efficiency Is free and the general public records to Rate Expert Thomas E.: Behind last season__,. 887,991
j 6t 6. COLDS 'm1 lilplnf| economics, continue particularly" fa,mer's and cattlemen Grady for an Investigation of reported Return To GrowersTo sometimes condemns / 7 >

UI nn.IFEVER I to he i-itremr-ly popular Relations are Invited .to attend. discriminatory rates. Judge ( April 13-Final) the husband for crcat- / / a"

between the fact and the burden- --'--- Atkinson dismissed the suit on the I Last season final____$1,847,275.67 ing an adequate iiisur- // f 'fyancc ;-

MilHl.t.. Ttiblrt. flr.t dnr I lomc surpluses, crop control meas- connection exists, he seems to feel, grounds it did not appear any attempt -I This season final____ 1,586,130.20 Estate (( l .
1\.."uh'.. .....p. lI.n".h..30 iiilniltrf ures and like efforts for maintaining with the struggle/ for sufficient had been made by the // j -t
-Ituh-Mr-1'l..iii'--_World'. nut I prices, are somewhat puzzling food products in which an estimated to prohibit unjust city// Behind last season-$ 261,143.41
l.lnlnirnt 'I as Doctor Jardine points outA seventy-five percent of United In service or "rates. In the -_ ._ '7'11"XTTnfIT -i
---- --- --- u u
----- ---- States citizens find themselves en- of any ordinance specifically forbidding OAINESVLLK FIRE tJ"VT .LJJJ V
---- -

KEY-McCABE FUNERAL HOME gaged.Conformity with the changing Judge Atkinson rate said discriminations the city's demand -, which GAINESVILLE-A left In its wake an raging estimated/ fire always praises the ) >\

Sins. L. C,}. BIoCABE trends naturally required modifications I- on the company to open Its damage of $300,000 or better, virtually wisdom of the husband
Lady Attendant
"is and therefore
records premature -
In the methods
I employedby
destroyed an entire/ city
JACKSONVILLE, FLA. ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. the man dolnp-. research\ for unreasonable." block in the downtown business memory lives
45 W. 'hurch-Phone 5-1538> 30 St. George Phone 27 agriculture. Joint endeavors be- I -_.-.--- ---- area here early Monday morning. through Monthly Income 1\ ;

tween states and regions Doctor HANK NITE :MIST GO Gainesville firemen assisted by Insurance.
Jardine considers as especially sig- PALATl<:A. Theatre bank I townspeople/ University of Florida,
nificant. Laboratories in Illinois nights In Palatka must go. The I students and two pumpers and
INSURANCE CO. and Mississippi dealing respectively city commissioners petitioned bya sixteen firefighters from Jacksonville i

L. C. McCABE, I'rcHldent, Jacksonville. Flo. with soybeans and sweet potatoes gioup of local ministers, voted I' and Ocala, fought the blaze '
afford typical examples 'last night to instruct Mayor John I for hours before It was finally I'

Industrial Life Insurance Florida farmers who depend W. Campbell to act through City ,j' brought under control.! Better than'
upon the State Agricultural Experiment Manager Ingram to ask the local --- ,
O. L. I'j --- __ ,r _-
SAM', __
JicpresentatkeREASLEY'S Station for the findingsof theatres to do away with the past- I .tr
-- ---
science and the practical applications time. If the request is not hoh- { "=-- -=..

-----------,--,...._,--:. thereof take pride in the ored it was decided, legal steps i r n---j
fact that along many lines the exIsting would be taken to prohibit It. Although ,1i
SERVICE STATION tendencies regarding rural directed specifically at''
research were anticipated by that bank night, it was understood the

agency. request would include "screeno" ij
AND BE COSnS'EDATLAS In the celebration this year of and all other cash give-away af

the Florida> Experiment Station fairs. Rev. Fraser! one of the II TO VOlI
I System Golden Jubilee a record signers of the petition said in an //I

TIRES BATTERIES TUBES will be presented which! shows numerous Interview with The Daily News today .. .
I / fields where pioneer work that it was hoped the move w w -

1 Tires Unconditionally Guaranteed: for 1 Veiir and 18 Months has been done by the Institution. would include similar cash awardsIn "III
other business establishments
"' The) 30 minute ITCH treatment. .

No Only ureune.ONR No implication me"8. No neonBuary.offensive !MRS.- KINO UNO r LOSES YOU PERSONALLY BEFORE MAY 3
Call 60 For Road Service odor. NEW YORK.-The Appellate I
No anllml clothing or bed llixrie.
I Nu time lout from school, Division this week affirmed a decision ,
Easy Payment Plan On Tires and Batteries Auk about Dr. Stutta Uermlcklal- denying Mrs. Emily Ring- I
LACY CONWAY, I"LOIUIJIOTOIt LINES AGENT!* Sulphur At irnml Soap drug/ Stores everywhere ling widow of John Rlngling;, clr- j I'I Knowing that it will be impossible for me to see every

.. ,. t\1II''J'Ii' T".U'I ))11 t.U STOIIH cusowner.adowerrihtin the j I ,
"'-- "'- ---- -- voter in Bradford County between I
and the
May 3. .D'..-5.The .1I...... .".......n.-'-...._... _ft>. -"'nn-_.._--_,._->..... 'CO..,..... now primary.
S decision unanimous and with May 3 I take this means of sending an open letter to
out opinion. upheld State Supreme
Court Justice Peter Schmuck, who the public and hope that if you are one of the ones I misson
: WOULD YOU SPEND decided the case In June 1935.
> Rlngling died between the time of my rounds throughout the county, you will accept
trial and the appeal and the executors -
this in
message place of a personal visit.
of his estate John and Ida
$ .75
I Rlngling were substituted In his
, y What I stand for and what I will
place as defendants on the ap work for can plainly be

peal. The decision sustains an seen in my political announcement in this paper. To thisI
agreement, signed by Mrs- Ring-
TO MODERNIZE YOUR KITCHEN ? ling on August 1, 1932, at Sara- have nothing to add except to state that while all

- I, sota! waiving her dower right In candidates are TALKING about old age assistance I will
museum, which holds valuable
paintings. She charged in her suit do MORE THAN TALK about it for this subject is my

I Certainly you would if it meant economy of 'PVROFAX' Gas Service. from that the her agreement by duress. was One procured of the PERSONAL HOBBY since getting an inside view of it whileI

gleaming walls of Faience tile, a new "PYHOFAX" Gas regulating equipment considerations for the agreementwas was serving on the Social Welfare Board. Isn't it
Rlngllng's withdrawal of a divorce
. and grander sink,a linoleum floor and is provided to you at no charge; action he had started in logical that a man will do more :for something that he

, -I perhaps a new set of kitchen utensils all you pay is the small installation Florida thinks about ALL THE TIME than a man who thinks aboutit
iJ- with red! handles! charge of $9.75. The gas itself costs FVEROLAUESFIItE ONLY AT ELECTION TIME?

: But would you. .will you, rather, as little as 3At per person per meal. MIAMI.the dry-Everglades Flames still with crackledIn little I i It has been said of me that I do not "need the job .

spend $9.75 to accomplish something Then you can select from the beautiful prospect of rain assisting state I That is right. I DO NOT NEED THE JOB AND I AM PROUD OF IT.

even more fundamental to put behind modern Magic Chef "PYROFAX"Gas and night county battle crews to extinguish In their day them.and I Going to the State Legislature should not be looked uponas

you forever, the labor, inconvenience, Ranges just the one you like best. Guy J. Bender chief of the Ever a remunerative "Job" anyhow, but as a chance to serve

discomfort, the time-wasting food- ... glades fire control district, said
there was no danger of the vast the people of the county. I have made a fair success of

wasting extravagances of obsolete In any case area "being destroyed" but public my own business and believe I can make a success of
I cooking methods? cooperation In fire prevention was
we can arrange deferred payments to necessary. A succession of fires representing the people of Bradford County. Not need-

> .. Will you call us and say, "Yes, I am suit your convenience. were reported to extend from the ing a Job, I can devote my ENTIRE TIME
looking out for
southern end of Broward
through with County
'I. wood-boaes and coal If facilities
cooking mod-
I Into Palm Beach County and to instead of looking around for
employment -
scuttles and soot and ashes and kinern, your kitchen is modem. Think it Lake Okeechobee. A pall of smoke for MYSELF.

1 dUng and wicks and fire-building... over tonight. white 10*',. getting mUes covered of more South than Florida.200 square Winds

I want the speed, the cleanliness, the Jier.PYROFAX. blowing from the sea kept the

smoke away from coastal cities.It SINCERELY AND EARNESTLY
-'- was feared the acrid fumes
would cause suffering If the wind
changed to the west or north.
Guards on Tamlaml Trail warned
.""*.'..... motorists they used the highwayat W. P.
DEPENDABi..EaASSERVICE' their own lak. A: dVy. hoe: afev SMITH SR
cauHCtf the unusual condition.
A deficiency of six Inches of rain- ,

See QUIGLEY & DAVIS fall in the Everglades for this year (Paid Political Announcement)
r was reported. This would equal
DEALER FOR KLECTRO-ACOrSTIC lAB., WILLISTON, FLA. many billions of gallons; of water, --- --

f: .. -..., ., i

Mr1'- ,_ .. ,..._ __h,... ,... ,....... .... ....... --l P -. -SPmMMlM.MMiy.M.HM. ........ _' "': ..:". ,: '.,...:...:':: :.- ___. -. ______ rd1L

-. ...
y u, rmr .' ,

I r R


-- -- lash of the selfish tyrant m Florida Press Sees Colored Movies TUB DEATH OF A CHILD -.I ter ',n "'m'. VIII''''' nvt the'! ,.'II Lr.o,,,.. v'niiu, ,ri* thi bnn' nt the
poised above their ragged harks,,
00 LATE that heavier burdens than they -- ---.--.- Old you (ever !see a child die ? I c -t-> i In- four wan, ,it t \\UH l ", ,{''d. f'm, ll1'., <. istincr. ,11 "i (daze i it
,a Oh If you only could If you m.i'lo.' the. actual ntuuK pl4t now sweat and strain under are __ i .in t H" Lh,'o'lgh in cntuc /liouso
Tt) CLASSIFY about to be Imposed on them that could start but five minutes before I {: ally to i ...I'.lvinitlw, : llnK" Hi-

their weak and aged i he call to the scene of the tragedy 1'ieived seven years penal serve ,
parent ire i1
KAY tilde, two of hard tabor and i unseen.Cranberry -----
It> n"'I'LLren"ar amout to be driven from the where a little child' life 1 Is years ,

,, '. florid. Pre.. A..... homes and the nation Itself restson lp'N passing out. twenty strokes of the cat-o'-nlne-: sauce Is a colorfulind
,, fur bilked sliced -
tads. He was a Wellington ( 1)l- tasty topping
the brink of nut the
chaos-these folks picture SCl'ne--a scene
ikti lego man, and, had lived' for sometime hum Aid one iMip of ounce lo a.
front refuse to lend enacted 10,000 times each
,Ih political their ears and even nearly ,
,' '"Ii ( # '.. in the United States and pound ,met-a-hali ilii' i ot ham ..iftei -
din and thunder of Dat- have the effrontry, between their short yenr--think of It! Ten thous-
'' the ham has hnk.'d (m to mln-
ftwdaily more intense, It business sessions, to cavort in unseemly and boys and girls dying through Canndn
j/ enuln. relief to spend a fashion in an effort to someone's carelessness. David Wllmer twenty-four, son 'ute H

I. "I' 3("<, with the newspaper folks master the "Big Apple" or gatherIn A busy street! A passing car! A of a Brigadier General and a grad-

y. mlxi-vcnr convention of the rooms to exercise a cork screw + careless driver! A boy, Just like uate of Rundle School received

Haa the State Press Association and inquire as to whether or not ti'r a fd"t your lad, carefree and happy! five years' penal servitude, two 1
at Ocala you have heard the one about the 1r years' hard labor, and fifteen
h,I !ihif veer A cryoil.. God, look! 'y'4'
L the trail} of candidates, dur- ,, "two chorus" girls and the stenog I You drop to his side. His curly strokes of the cat-o'-nnle-tails : 1 1I

the beat of a political cami rapher. head rests In your lap. His bodyIs Peter M. Jenkins, twenty-two I r1a '
l Is a1 to gather the And as one Journeys from the son of a deceased woolen broker I l
one I torn and bleeding, his eyes I
*get that the and of Harrow School, lSC"
peons impression sullen atmosphere of political tur. bright and questioning look into a graduate ,
wJng( winds and menacing moil Into the sunshine of such yours. He can't understand whyhe one of England's most aristocratic

Cm clouds that envelope him sanity and fellowship It serves to Is hurt. He had never' been Institutions received three years' j i
the state' entire area. restore his faith and drive penal servitude and two years at 1
(o blanket away told, In a faint voice he whispers 'I
d It |Is refreshing to find that his\ fears, for so long as Americana a "Mother" hard labor. fiI

fury of the political elements as a people possess the ability Your eyes are filled with tear' John Christopher MalnwarlngLonsdale

I! really but local disturbances.Im to so lightly cast aside the and your heart overflows with the fourth man, a grad I

individual storm centers conted frightful and alarming bugaboosof pity But It's too late. The deed uate of Radley College Oxford )) iI i

to the limite territory where political agitators, to nee so I Is done. The boy is dead. Parents found guilty only of conspiring, re. I r

j, ,:-andidates al t the moment are clearly through the fog and smoke I teach the children in their ceived eighteen months at' hard

I orking screen that despite It they can go I j I play to stay out of the streets. labor. I i I Ir I

,!In spite of the fact that five calmly about their business of !living I Teach them by your own acts British. penal justice may np r

Inatorliii, candidates have been a normal life, there Is really and words to cross the street at pear cold hard and rigid, but It [.

[ about the state for days little to worry about. ]I: the crossing only, looking first to does discourage crime and thatIs 1,

Knowing" ( like a swarm of angry It is not that the question of left and then to right.; Teach themto what penal laws are for. ; !1'I

Li, Caving their arms thump- selecting a United States senator I Ak'4 4 save themselves.Mr. + .. (vq v qsd

!. I hell munly chests and tear- Is a mutter of little Import for It i I : ': I Driver, pledge yourself !that minutes murder I
Every forty a
ton'ih gu ,'n hair in an effort to 1m- Is a problem that should deeply '! 'I through no cureless act of yours is committed In the United! States I I j i

L ,, and alarm the populace here concern every Floridian. But In I I'holo by Wilton Martin. I I shall any child be made to suffer. --- ._, =,.4jm* m thi1

{,..? .,'.,e lays a group of severallunclrecl reaching a decision It is well that I COLORED MOVIES of Florida sceni-H wore .shown to delegates tot I -Flu. Safety Council. TK.AI.V 1\'IIEUlI.E\ ,) I !'
well Informed and intelli't we do so with Intelligent judgment /I the J Florida Press ___ _- .__- n___ Schedule of trains arriving here
Convention at Ocala and Silver
gather to talk calms and )' ; to without I There's far more real pant in a
't. it'zens' after calm Karl Lehman BRITISH 1''' N.\I. JI'STICK: dally. Subject change
by of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, shown .
.;,' t such trivial and petty prob- After all it Is a dellberatl"n'l' Three young "Mayfair men" of notice. i gallon cart of LOWE HRO1II.ERS 1,

j'me 19 collections, Job work and remember that above, furnishing the sound.for the silent pictures. ___ ___ I England, all of them from well-to- SoutlilHMind-Duo Sturkn HIGH STANDARD )House

tcwspapei, make-up. end are but human beings like you --- n I do families",, were recently found No. 1-Local_______ 10:48: p. m Paint than there Is in a gallon

Totally ignoring the fact that and IThey are not divine nor 70 percent franchise on tobacco guilty In Old Bailey of robbery No. 107-Through____ 9:03: a. m I can of cheap paint. HIGH

are they necessarily devils all possessing culture, and-- with violence and a fourth youth, Northbound-Duo StnrUii STANDARD covers more aur. '

good nnd bad qualities. I From Other Pens I NO TAYLOR COUNTY FAR- from the same social stratum, was No. 2--Local_______ 6:15: a. m face-Is easier to apply-cuta

fRESH :MULLET And the problem of the voter Is MKR: WAS GRANTED SUFFICIENT ( found guilty of conspiring to rob. No. 10a-ThI'0Ilghn__ 5:0.: p. m. down painters'time and wears

to pick the man that In his Judgment : ACREAGE THIS YEAR These young men were found Sturke and Wiinncn Branch longer. See us before you do
SEA TROUT possesses more of the good Sl'U'im: PACT TO FILL A SINGLE BARN. guilty on the fhnrgn of stealing No. 101 leaves Staike 7:00: a. m I any painting it will pay you)

BOTTOM 1 FISH- than the bad.Fu"lamE'ntlllly.. 1 (The following article appearedas Fill mers who had cleared ground eight/; rings worth 13,000 pounds, No. 102 arrives Starkp 1.50: p. m : W. A. BessantJr. Agt.

them are two \, an editorial in the April 21 Issueof "'or the) crop" and placed timbers for ,: from a person! whom they had lurid I Daily except Sundays : ,

Also ; types of men in public life: those I the Taylor County News pub- lohnc<*o burns gave up In despair, to a Hyde Park hotel and<<1 attacked II Seaboard. Airline Hallway.I I Fla.
who In their hearts want to serve lished at Perry) If thi.y couldn't< plant HM.t! II WATEU FISHMIKIMI' I I _. _._
> -- - -
the people, and those who put their They call it the crop control law fill one barn all e'uly( built why seriously. - ----- -

: & CRABMEAT: own personal Interests and the I when Harvard graduate meet up I plant any at nil ? It was so dls- I I Found guilty of a felony were

selfish desires of the privileged I with the Washington farm boys couraging that many. gave up tend these young "Majfnlr men" coddled FUNERAL DIRECTOR

(\KANTKKU J) FROM: few above everything else' who do not know a tobacco stalk tho editor of thts paper who has lectured! to, and turned over I My Illlny1"11''' Y"I..rll'lw"llIle.| : .." It PoaMllilp for lie: t to Render!

True democracy I IH concerned'': from! a dog fennel or a cotton I ravelled over the county talking to the probation officers hy thecourt TiriKNT: : 1'KOMl'T: mid ('UI'U'nr.UIS! SKKV: 'K'I'J:

j Magnolia Fish Market with the welfare ,of ALL the people plant from a cottonwood tree. with farmers will give you names an (In too frequently the casein MODKH.Vli: IMtlCKS m
PHONE 37 '' if wish. this country? They were not! :MODKHN ('11 APE" AT POUR
I'I' and Its practice demands that ,,, Down here In the section that you
., a government, while respecting must suffer from It and pay for it The farmer loses, the merchant Lord Hewnit, Lord Chief Justice CONVKNIKNC'E WITH NO l'1 L\HmO;
r--- I IM I them heavy sentences, remarking '-
the name should be the THROAT loses the bunk loses, the filling gnve that the advantages of DcWITT C. JONES t
CUTTING LAW. station loses, this loses
I newspaper StarUe, Florida
them less
I their upbringing gave
I South Georgia and north Florida the railway loses. They lose not i>nr l I..li. 1 Malt ith. Ia'J: : .
crimes.. He
excuse for their pun .
aa. farmers were emerging from the only the dollars that would flow
ished them more severely' than If n.____ __ ___
of the boll weevil and in, hut they lose things of -II ;
perhaps ,
ravages days ,
they were of the average run of I" I !"ni I' I' l' Ono" 'Vmm'H'' I n' unluri" 'ui oUi"''i "" '" ""''II I the bad times of the depressionand greater Importance they I I
had just dean the rising of a lose HOPE they lose COURAGE thugs tried Paul before Harley this, court.Robel.t twenty-six Beautyrosf Mi tre ss f axSpl 'srlbySIMMON 3 4

new sun of hope In better cotton they lose VISION, they lose that

I nnd increased production in their PEACE OF MIND and! BODY that ,B ,; ..
I section and were not much con- fills us through and through whenwe arms of a mother to a pedestrian

I cerned with programs In the Carolinas know that ALL IS WELL. seventy-six years old who was
New Mexico and California.Two And the cotton business! killed us he stepped from a bus. I Ii
'Several of these were killed by II
years ago north Florida be- Small farmers in this section :
.. gan to find Itself In the productionof have*' received cards telling them : running Into trains (trains don't
:; run into cars). II I
tobacco and last year Taylor how much cotton they can plant
County entered the list of producing this year, and they are SCAREDand ; A number were killed riding bicycles -
counties. Locally the crop DESPERATE. Most of them I at night without lights. In

was a blessing to the farmers, think their acreage has been cut none of these 76 fatalities do we I

who found a new money crop that so much they won't be able to live. 'find a mechanical defect. In one

I "went to town" as the best moneymaker In the first place the cuts are Instance a drunken .driver killed

.7T Jr Z-Z-SfW r 1 1I I they had. Taylor County not consistent.And I his own father.

I tobacco last season topped the the outs are out of all sense There were over 2,500 people Injured c aS fu I

Floildi market in prices, which of proportion In relation to the j during the month In traffic i r
accidents and over 400 of thesoweie _
meant the highest of all, for the smell fields devoted to cotton. v
Florida 1 in ready for market and fine I' permanently Injured. I.sn'tthis
crop A farmer, as good as
l vsSS *? before the Carolina crop Is mar as we have in Taylor County, was an awful pi Ice to pay forsp..ed : : !
I ? A Standard Drivers License -
SH' till e. and consequently the Florida n caller at our office last Satur $ 39.50

V yr&t \ irmer,, skims the cream of high day and in tunes of moderation, I has Law reduced with accidents proper enforcement In other r I

pi'Ices. and without bitterness toward ,
states. It can be done In Florida I
-H&fi '
Taylor County farmers made knifed him, told
those who have
i '/ i f i <* 1ir [
9. 4k. i also. candidate for the
money off tobacco last year. Old his experience the past few weeks. 1 legislature Every should, be pledged to u HART FURNITURE CO. j
debts were sqirned) convenienceswere As staled, he IB a good! farmer, '
Standard Drive License Law
bought for the home bigger and has always made a good! and I
.. ] I A Frank STAUKIC. rrxmiOAti
+l and better plans made for the future honest living on his acres He has I| i .

',meriCalt 8oY. 6 Gardo9 8 mm (!J] Amozran Pou1t Crow.r' I 1 1 Fe Farm life seemed more secure had good years and bad years for ,I Fla. Safety Council .''''JII !l.'I'!'''ui'' unti'' iiiiitiiiiii!!!'!.i:'in!.'n:! [(HJwiiiimitniii'iimiiniiMtuiiiiitmiimiiiiiiii! !!'! ''!;'!I!'!!!!'!!'''' ,!!,!" __-"n" ,_'," _'.___ -2'''' '!' .!wonan''''
att.r 1S' it.tald 2 Yea l7 Dad.! az.lt. ITj than for years. New ground more than a quarter of a century I ., r.I ,,
-- --- -
-- --
I Chd.ipn burns 1 7 pole t count,,d Ham.T.dq.r_ .., Ip 1 YrclEom. r was taken In, wire fence bought living/ comfortably through it all. I ...:;- --- -=- -;.-- : j,

Anen..di.aratt ads. I7rarm IOarnal "- I and the boys took renewed InterestIn HE IS NOW READY TO GIVE ; !"
0 Row.bold M a 9+1neioY' t Ye. i o Q Clod atod.. ----=: yr the old farm.Merchants UP, and If he must give up he will I F l& .a ai \
0 Mccan'e torMaq ] m. Hom. Artrtr. I pr of the county felt the do it quietly and without a whim [ ,
s MI.rat
Aoad 1 "* >'b. ,
[]pp.n M t T1 '-.' Hoa rd.nd.. I I ,e stimulus and had a good business per; but when I heard his story ELECT .r, :!
GFar.el. l wa tlYl- a ,' a -IYr rrpathaed.r : last August and September, even through. I said to myself: "God, I I 1'1' { J, '

pletodaln dl1"Trauma 1I 1et I y, though the plantings were small as have seen tragedy; help my people ,k Ali ) 't
+ fe I was proper for new program. !" ;;
p 5OIna.dfl etods.1 ye : / Small planters in the Carolinasand NO IMAGINABLE increase in 1
ci at I 5 e.oak t i< ; -- ,, In Georgia were interested I in the price of cotton will enable T. E. DUNCAN
I ? to this section leavingthe to make ends
ci d.ql a Yr. n soUth j 9rfcuJri1fl,7" Iyet S migrating small farmers
V zm """ ,
nhm matt t, fields for ;
Agd c 9 fJlF __ ern blue-mold Infested meet. v
men. *
y ; .I'.
-I TF new an virgin fields. The pros- This farmer commonly grows 27 [
pect was bright for all of us, witha to 30 acres of cotton each year. YOUR r

of activity and a year of willingness to com
year He expressed a
AS A IL 1t M PROFIT in sight. I ply with the law, thinking they r ATTORNEY'A I

OFFER WO. I OFFER MO. 3 And then comes the deadly would give him 17 to 20 acres. STATE
Al FIVE All FOUR "crop control law,' sponsored by' They gave him ten acres after ,
Thl N.w.pap.', 1 Yr. I TOH ONLY' This N..epap.rI Yr. I FOR ONLY \' \
would wreck agriculture the ,
people who that farce of voting on question
4 Magaxtn. % ?$2e10 MaCJalln.. M }$2.40 in the lower south and who i on March 12. So he went out
from Group U I Iron Group r* I were aided by North Carolina big and measured the ground to make YOUNG

I financial groups looking with sure that he wouldn't have too .
Th!.N.w>i>ap.r, t Yr. \ A'l FOUR Tide N.wipop.r Yr. ALL SIX alarm toward the new southern too much. HH put In the special I
*> Magailn.. / I FOR ONLY Magerinn I FOR ONLY horizon. North Carolina gets a cotton fertilizer on those ten acre '
f-m iron Group f% S'i t.'xr 2S teon.Cr.upMogailn A }$2 55 ------ and planted. I 1;

IMaqailn. B I r4. ., : *. B \ LAST WEEK he had received! ,inotice I
I whom Group I Ii I ii||v :ty and freedom, does mull stating that he Or the J 15: State Attorneys 10 were under :33: years old when elected and 0
Interest by
''w ALL PNECounln I I cense any selfish group or that are must reduce to SIX acres He. were under :'SO! when ('led I'd. None but the State Attorney for the 8lh Cir- ?

,';-- 'I'ru.Houl.bold Slory Ma\lalno_\ 1 1 Y Y', rol!. 02NJ.'lS I: unfair with and npi-cl.il detrimental' privileges to the best went out end plowed up four acres! cuit has held the job for 1(5( years. All others either have climbed on a

:i''". Good Storl.. 1 I y'yr }$..ntor.1. ; Interests of all. of young cotton his HARVEST upward, or stepped aside: for younger men. ,! p r
,. {' ::!. Hnm. as MONEY that he would spend with
1 III o6II should apply
r: -,: ;,, THI3 much This to policy labor as it does to capl- some of usGONE WITH THE The tax payers already have paid the State Attorney for the j flth! Circuit I i

ALL FIVE I I tat and as equally to youth as to WIND. more than $32,000.00: and they will pay him over $5,000.00( more by the I
Woman'Maqailn Woild I I Y'Y' FOR ONLY' r6J I repo I I age. For selfishness intolerance And, to think that any of Florida's time he gives up office. And that is a great deal more money than the I i

Oocd Ff.m Start Tnamal. I I Y'y. }."..2.10 1 I and greed is found In the hearts of so-called servants In the national average voter makes! in a whole lifetime of hard work. It I
I the and Senate should
THIS NEWSPAPER I Ys ga.aealrasata.waifacaaaftarslalatla I little men as well lid big-In House ,(
old as well as the young-among vote for this monstrous crop control Rotation In office always!'! has been and now is a good Democratic doctrine.: I U

I laborers as well as employers. Any bill- T. E. Duncan i is asking the voters to elect him State Attorney. He has I

ul advantage gained by one group at This SUICIDE PACT! practiced law in d'ainesVllle; for more than six years, and, at the age of 32,
arG.etl.m.al R. L Thompson, I
only -
the expense of another has achieved success.! I yY i iI
a to check the welfare and advancement Front page of Taylor Co. News., 114

of all. Apr. 21 issue I The job of State Attorney is a young man's job. The Judges of the Highest l I .

I .neo. which pU .. Bead me A good citizen who would cast ---- ----+--- Court in HorUa: can tell you that T. E. Duncan Is qualified to be State!' i ; ;

the m.ff.zin.t 1 hive clucked, toi.tl..r with aA y r his vote unselfishly with the Interest MARCH ACCIDENTSMarch I Attorney. I t
cub.cription lo your newspaper. J of the Nation as a whole at was truly a, bloody month I IWith

Q Horn O'er O Story Oil'.r heart will not blindly vote for the for Florida Judging from traffic the continued great;: help from all of his many loyal friends in Ilrad- ''r ;y 1i.

candidate who makes extravagant accidents. Seventy-six people were rue; Ci.c' 7. H. Dunran will be elected State Attorney on May 3, 1938. I i.
1 9 1f.m._........_..................... .. .. promises as to how much he will killed In March which Is the largest y, 1 d
+ DO and what he will GIVE but fatality list\ Florida baa ever It'4 r

2>r..t or F.F.D ... ....... will take steps to definitely find had during any month except De- (Paid Political Adv.) mr
lout HOW he will do it and from cember. Practically no county es I

Town and St' '* .. J whom he expects to TAKE what caped. Again the ages ran froma ---- t
--- -- -- -- ----- -----.- ---
= ---' -- --
= I --::---- : ::::: -.::. :. : -
old child in the '' .
Iii 7111 Giti 2__m ..ss'I _L f>e he promise to GIVE! fifteen months ---

.. .. . : r #

_.________.___._._,__.______._... .....- '. .. ., ,... 0_ "._ -__...,-" "r", ,M"" .. r"m..' .' .. '. .:. .. =::;;:::.-' :::::;;-::- ::;:: .- ..;;.,.: ':'."'-.',"-,,' .- "" "", ;. .--- I,


-PAGE---EIGHT- BRADFORD COUNTY TELKGKAPII.. STARME. FLOR tOLD -"% ____________ _ FRIDAY.. -th'IiI',? ,9h. '..
-- -- ---- -

YOU READ? CANDIDATES KATE mo JOB A ii icAD I omltutl or levied taxeS. held by the both Invluwlv.. 11"",
AGE AIDSTATISTICS HAVE SPANISH 1'1055HISTORY snito I I l hn 1vt>rtfHi>il und nold to 111"ilKhriit A r.HOV': i "r \\
COt'KTKSYMany Another year'n bu Road h iv ,'h"I""" 18ZDB of the 1937 acts 1'1",112 Tp r ii ,, I ,
"BALLADE IN O-MINOR" people, and among them adopted by the State Department TOLDThe oI f 1 iln> T.rnlKlnflH't upon 'hifnllnw- tug 20 A--, _, 'H" ,
By Ethel Bolleau some newspaper editors arc quite -a board starved for fundsin nit tli-ni'i' 'llinil ral I I'MtattIn the The taxoM inl t I .
NEEDY IN BRADFORD A distinctly refreshing family prominent, assume the attitude of the midst of plenty-.and FloridIans gray "Spanish moss" which ,ounfv of Hradfnrit' "Hlnte, of Plor- l hy eei'tlfi-.t.. i ,s ,"
r festoons the South Isn't t" : 11.1.1: mid' 1UJ7: ,
in i iiiHcnt
when for are rubbing their eyes and trees : of Lot 14 Ami All It
$3,675 novel. Lady Bolleau writes in a boredom a candidate I.ot II Wi4 the ,
Spanish more than Irish potatoes f.nt 18, 19, 20 & H''<( of Lot 83 inn. 1
vein, offering a clear-cut. public office visits or accosts wondering why "my road" Is not any i yearn 1032: to I I'
light 6 8.
'In Womtlnwn SPP 30 Tp H. iimoiiiithiK. ,
Residents of Bradford County them. going to be built this are Irish in origin. to $1ALSO >; i 1
well-bred creed for living. year 22 10.] conlalnlnii 50 Acres, more
The moss Is a native -of America : 1 DinK I
[ will receive $3,673 from Old Age This altitude feel Is not i We know it Is Important. We or I lss'I'll' l.awtev'iv ,
we InxflH to l te nM ore ei'iIniicOdittIfIente of i:
Assistance and Aid to the Blind not of Spain. Irish potatoes, I ,,. 8. H. 23: is.
only Insult to who "my road" will save lives I hv No 17(1 find H40 of
an men are
Two hundred fifty-nine person "DRY GUILLOTINE"By time and We know the by the way, first were found in l 11127 ami 1933: ,..-..",....tlvely. and. reprpHKtit The tnxBN t,, I h,,' I
Rene Belbenolt honestly seeking a place for public money. South America tears for Iho years 1028 to l b v evrllfloatc :N(,,, .
will receive $3,570 as Old Age Assistance service and offering their qualIfications State Roard Department knows I 1038, liolli inclusive, umountlnir to npepllvi-Iy, and i-,.1>. '
A remarkable
and seven persons will receive story an es- Nathan Mayo, Florida :ommls'ft SI 181.8(1( taxes for I Iho ,. > TOA1..HO
these facts v
rnnn from the Dertal colonV Of to be passed upon by also. & __ '..-...o.i..... .. ..hllu". Salt! tax c'oi'tlflPBte. together with Until ,lnoliit.l. ,.,.a, ...."...... -tIlt
$105 as Aid to the Blind. aJ.v." --- .u. '" .u' ..u .u.- "
Devil's ex-convict each voter, but It Is a reflection And the State Road Departmentwould all nulmpqiicnt nmlltcil" or T.ovlmlInxpH : 3 ( i,, ,'
Public anslstance In two active Island by an ed a history of Spanish moss "to will be sold to the highest NWW of N"KIw"' I
branches is the half' who tried to escape five times and upon t the good breeding anil the like nothing better than to Interest the curious and Instruct hltldcr nt I the ("o".thnllH" dour In Tp. 6 8. K 28 E ''I I
now Hearing succeeded. moral status of the person ap build all the needed highwayThey'd "Htmke on the lith day of May.IB18 Acres, moip 01., 1 Ii '" I
million dollar monthly total in finally those who are Interested in it asa : at 11-00: o'clock A. :5!.
proached. It is dangerously near really like to rebuild the The tnxen to I-----1 i,]
fluted this the 23rd clay of April.
Florida. according to announcement commercial venture. hv .
certlflrnte ,
an admission of an Inferiority com Scenic Highway and all the other 1 Has Nstiectively :
here today of Clayton C. "BOW DOWN TO WOOD, AND Spaniards discovered Florida (OFFICIAL SKAT.) and i "inpnld Is.
I roads.Meanwhile taxes
necessary A, J. THOMAS!' foi lit- ,
Codrlngton, state welfare commissioner STONE"By plex.Men and therefore were the first white l't'18.: both IncluxK' ', I'
Olerk of Circuit Court of
Josephine LawrenceA or women who offer themselves as we ponder, paw men to se the gray moss in this Bradford, County Florida 1787. "I I,
as applicants for public position the earth tear our hair and what 4-29-31-5-13. ALSO: SE'4 of i'j.
I State. The Department of Agriculture -. "
April checks for Old Age Assistance graphic report of three sis- & 'VI(, nt puiof If '1'', "Kit"
of trust and honor must first not-while the road departmentburns WI'
and Aid to the Blind will total erg who salaam to the false idol I says: NOTICI1 OP II,"." OK TAX NE1,4 & sici 1 IIr M'W'l,
believe that they have the necessary the midnight oil trying to "Spanish moss Is just one of NEI4 & NIt. or I'Iw"' .
said. Of of needless' suffocating self-sac- < Hno. 27
Codrlngton qualifications to fill the stretch pennies into dollars IH HKRKrtY UIVEM that Tp. 8 8: R 2; I ii :hi,
those truants of lexicographywhich Ins: 90 ,
this sum, $428,572 will go to 28,337 ifice. Of'j -prop-j T, J. Terry baa filed with me Acres More II |I'HA,
fice. In itself that state of agahda for continuing the The taxes to he lrt
persons receiving Old Age Assistance a---. fl-h ...,. ."a ". ""a "" .1.. &____..__ got started. wrong and has written I, .request.. .' _that! the tax. _oertlfifnien -I by eminent N'o .<>m., ,,' ',..,. 'Of.
and to 83 y o nu --'-S."j 'u" UIUoOY" VL LU" "'LaL" Lr".ury .no .ne never correctea Its ways ana ifiKciiivi wnji Hit nuuH nupniomltnd .P.ctlvely and reCreate, > ,..,.", ,.,
of Aid to$14,757 the Blind.? recipients FOLKLORE OF CAPITALISM"By of all of us. And in seeking political highway coffers goes merrily on. doubtless never will. Biologically, Htate be or advertised levied tax and.* held sold by to the the both taxed inclusive for the, years. "inv 'c II''Iq3 ll

Thurston W. ArnoldA preferment, each man or Schemers are planning to compel It is not a parasite but feeds from highest bidder for each an provided Hald tax certlflruu amounting' ,_ ,, 131l! :
The average grant for Old Age penetrating and exciting political woman exercising the glorious l bv Chapter. 182P6 of the 103T acts all subsequent ,, ,Mb, I
the Legislature to legalize diversion the air. When it Is seen on dead of the irlHAture' ] the following | atnlti "i .
upon I.
Assistance is $1512 and for Aid taxeS will ha
study which is sensible and right guaranteed him or her sold i I" ''I I
by our of State Highway funds on trees it was there before' the tree described real estate In the bidder at the ('ow I II h, h.1\
to the Blind $15.29. (County of
amusing. The author is concerned form of government. died and though dead Itself It Bradford State of Flor stiirke on 13th ,
even a grander scale than ever ida, to-wit: .o' kd Ma7:
According to estimates furnish- with how things work rather than There should be a welcome accorded before. will hang there for years." J' iL of SEHi Sc 22 Tl>. 5 S. n 11125 lIsted, at thin 11-00: the 23rdI I \ "

i'' < d i i the State Welfare Board some th moral principles people claim candidates for office a There hundred Thus the department acquits or lens.'l'he containing. 40 Acrei, more 11135. -I \II'U) ,

83,000: persons will be granted Old for t'-em. courteous hearing given them and are a In powerful Spanish moss of the often-stated taxes to he nolil nre evidenced (OFFICIAL A, J.BRAI.)
organizations Florida InterestedIn THOMAS;
Age Assistance before the list of an honest made charge that it kills trees hy cprtirk'Hto NOH 670 ot 1933 resieetIVrty .- ('lerk of ,
response to their better and safer highways upon | | and represent the unpaid f-i|" -

eligible applicants will be exhausted "THIS PROUD HEART"By requests. Theirs is a hard tusk Their strength, properly co-ordl- which it fastens Itself. mxea for_..the. __yearn. |OJ2 to IUJ8 4-29-3t-6-ia.Bradford 'oni 1/,
while 1,000; will --
approximately Pearl S Buck at best as you would know if you oted and The plant spreads by means of
aggressively directed
be granted Aid to the Blind. Leg- The author writes her first novelof ever tried a campaign on your can foil the looters and guide the seed and by being blown from tree -
Hlatlve appropriations were basedon / own behalf and to tree In Birds
American life-Its theme the you rate yourself legislature to a proper solution ofthe fragments. spreadIt
a social security survey made with Illuminating candor by carrying fragments for nest
psychologic split in the life ofa by the
problem. But there's
a big job I
ry the former State Board of So
I Io woman who wants to be one manner in which you meet them. ahead.-Avon Park Sun. building. '
('jsl'Iflll'e which forecast a case and still have artist's Leesburg Commercial. Dried moss Is used commercially
1 1'111'1 l of 27.301 in the Old Age As8'Stnncc -' career. -. for many purposes, principally I IRflYPS

category and 1,280 In the The finches form the world's a filler in automobile seats and inpholateretl
Aid to the Blind There are two distinct species largest bird ,
categoryThe "ACTION AT AQULA"I family with more
I ftft, __' ,_ ..__ u "'H __ .. --- furniture.The .
v. (I&SACI ILL 'U" VIU wonG. une nan .
Hervey Allen I species and sub-species. Department of Agriculture
wife of .1 notpcl golfer sued The author's first book since Is the Arabian, or one-humped I To this family belong such groups again :
I says
for a "ilvo,",', camel, and tile other Is the Buc- as the :
'vo'n though he Anthony Adveise. Although this I goabeaks, finches, sparrows, "Though some have estimated

wasn' a bud li-IJow, ) as she remember i Is another Civil War story It is I terian, or two- humped camel. I and buntings. I Its annual value Into the millions, : lfU.A&U II '

eii him certainly one to be read before
It: might as well be said once and I I :
-'--------------- swearing off blue and gray novels. fOI' all that no quick fortunes walt J .

This is essentially a moving picture the gatherers of Spanish moss. I

story ; One ton of green moss will yield Now On Display $27.50 and up

: bout 300 pounds of dry moss" :

"DARK ROSE" Gatherers receive about $30 a ,:
tOil from moss glnnera who pro-
By 1ll1ul'lct'Vlll h I ;,
i OV'3 If'Ir/D I II cess it and ship it.
Phis ;m a swashbuckling roman- Df I i,
u, of the d of Montroxc Spanish moss grows In the |I Attractive Bargains in
tory :lys I
( .e told with smoothness and gusto, I )Muiie Features & Photo Syndicate ntltll____ _11_, r_m m Mit m_. _nl",1._u.,__) -!fiurawtn: ......... -nt. I In I

and omitting none of the custom- FOR convincing proof of the short ting All My Eggs in One Basket." Virginia to the Houtherrtrnosttlp BEDROOM SUITES

irv furbelow of the cloak and of a popular song today, because The latter number could no more of Florida and along the Gulf I

: 'sword of radio repetition one needsto have been written thirty years ago Coast from Florida to $49.50 and
i romance. look no fur- than "My Wife's Gone to the Cou.i- LouisIana Is the largest TeXRA'j up

iI ther than the try" could be written today. ducing State. I

I Of the books listed best sellers survey of network '
as perforniJ' John W. Rabb. writing for the ;
In WHAT AMERICA IS ances conducted Slow Hoofing Favored State Department of Agriculture j'

READING ( of which be I j each week I The selection In radio editors' booklet estimated I'
copy may by the of the value of I
polls Guy Lombardo's I
seen on Library door) you will amusement publication as the favorite dance band of the the Louisiana moss crop at $750- JOHN H. DENMARK FURNITURE

find twelve of the Fiction and Our old, Variety.friend country is convincing evidence tho 000 a year. Florida ranks second ,j I Iand

twelve of .the non-Fiction books in "Vieni VienI ', vogue of swing to the contrary that South Carolina third.EUTIFI i ioricu

your Public Library in the Wom which the slower style of hoofing Is moat COMPANY
was securely I
an's Club popular with people in general. ( ( \TFJ"
building. Open dally except -
on top i > or IVI.H OP T\T
., Sundays from one until six dl few weeks ago, Lombardo, whose earnings in the NOTICK is: unncuv GIVEN that
last I

o'clock p. m. Get a book or -join Louis Reid is nowreposing_ b..nel'----ton-. ',,avana_years'___V'top ftlnu V'.JU any.. .".other."U",,,.. .i L..dance.._. _111"__ written L. It. Denmark request that ban the filed tax with certlf-ma STARKE FLA.

i I today 66th place. "Ten way down" In mantle moods of the public Therefore I Ic..tee together with all subsequent
Pretty Girls
an. _.
JUDGE ELWYNTHOMAS -__ .-- other big favorite a short time back, the public must be given romantic I _______----,------ ---------'__---_- --
American motor vehicle sales in is holding JIlt position As for the music. And romantic mUsic

overseas markets during the first Zippy "Goodby Jonah." it if nearly cannot be played rapidly for people

six months of this amounted out of sight-in 77th place. Charts to pant through. Seventy-live per
FORT 1'IEKCE to I in the ASCAP Journal show the life cent of the popular numbers today COME AND HEAR
units a gain of 28
per are ballade which
Candidate for of a popular song to be about three can best be "I
cent over the same period last months. treated In a slow, soothing manner.

Justice Of The Ileal'. to Maestro twenty minutes Lombardo to allows a dance fifteen and I E7 OIT1 IF 1T
The Irreverent
boys the
'; Supreme Court The Cincinnati Reds and the .In... .h ... .._ ....._._ "__,,operating.. sometimes stretches__out his. nuin
; --- .u. u..J'
: _ uers ia iniriy minutes
New York Giants were so sore at got 3 No one save an ath-- I!
LL.nUfiLL: I '
Group 2 each other In 1919 that when Cincinnati jletlc' professional can ,'

13 Y.'iir it C'Irrultl'HKl Judge players visited the Polo am's IIroundtOSChUbert'S9l A dance thirty continuous i I
grounds they their minutes to a fast II
own tempo.
< "I'"Mil 11 i.11"' Ult n'j II I
supply of bottled Inking water. ; 3 Ii -
j .:''''. '"_,.._ _L ,.._ _. I
--- --- tax trot. !' t j viflcwo -
I I Si': plee clubi, when well- I

The young tanker and. Directed and enthviim-

economist/ Paul" War- ,tlc, ore the top in amateur
buiff ttat <'< '
I allocation oJ ,\ ..gwrittng. - ."
Not so lung ago. Can it be there are /

under the name of Paul any college glee clubs
\ James, ha wrote several that are unenthuaiastict I

I numbers, in company -

\ U'lfA Kay Swift for the '
I .Joe Cook musical allow, Abe Lyman Bobbins'Music publisher Jack ; _

-'-> w. ju** U15 uio iucti&a VIa
In Mi fall Frank tferrlwell tvi tin- new is
long to hear it lung by.an
VOTE FOB AND ELECT Questionably Yale' /greatest press artIst in public: He gauge the num
t r agent. Now I suppose Rudy Vallet ber's possibilities by the reaction of
can claim! the honor. Or is Vallee the audience. H. recently decided

; WILBUR C. KING rather a press agent for a career that the old Scotch: ballad "Loch I't
; ; that lift alluringly/ open to all college Lomond" had sales counter possU

;If; T-T- / mete bon4-iclliny being/ what kilities after hearing a night dub
: .U < f .
kEMBCR THE Most picturesque name of torch-linger tear into It
d mtuieal' t-r:
i organisation i the-jo- reasSB.li. ''''''''''''
\ COMMISSION motes Besses o,the Barn band, heard _. i-------J
occasionally from England./ It takes No musician has hadmore
its name from the Lancashire village young a
, GROUP TWOA of Besses o' the Barn ErIc than rapid rise during the past year
Larry Clinton. Without benefit

'0/1/1/ / appropriately is the name
Native Florldan with a record of Public Service Worthy S London aanccbani leader of of the usual publicity build-op. .

of your confidence ht now not only enjoy a vogue asa MEMBER OF CONGRESS
: bandleader with
:cIrs. Net Revolutionary a special knackof

Your Vote and Appreciated The Russian that has garnishing his musical blue
Support Sincerely new music with of
plates large spoonfuls paprika
been presented in this country U but be has the proud distinction -

PRIMARY ELECTION TUESDAY, MAY 3RD anything Russian composers but revolutionary.may have started The Doodle of" seeing listed by his ASCAP tune. as"DIpsy the WHO WILL SPEAK TO TilE CITIZENS OF

off to be revolutionary but their
(Paid Political Adv.) current No. 1 tune of the country.
technique hasn't been equal to their ,
ambition and they have had to fall Only..a 'year ago Clinton BRADFORD

I ii7, ,,-7; "r'i,,,,, ;;;; ;;--",,,3 "ii "iiiiiii"II"'I"I""I1I1I"ii"' ,, ,,,,, iiiiiiiiiiii ,;;iiliiiiiiii,, iI i1'f'III"! !'' "' back pretty consistently upon conservative chiefly known In the music wa'i COUNTYTONIGHT
instrumentation. There are as a deft arranger for one of -

1 far more daring experiments in form leading dance orchestras. In hU
J. C. ADKINS nd coloring in Stravinsky and spare moments he set down tunes I

Richard Strauss than in the new of his' own under such titles as i
Soviet music i men. "Satan Takes a Holiday," "MidnightIn I
;- Candidate for a iliad house," "Study In Brown"" ,
i and of course, "Dlpsy Doodle." Having '
The will" \ be
present season
qualified, with five regularly

.. STATE ATTORNEY ;;: ing marked forward in musical the first history song as hit bring.devoted published songs his application for I
membership in The American Society -
to the economic-sociological of Composers Authors and (FRIDAY)
viewpoint of the so-called proletariat. Publishers was favorably acted

I Should the law violator invade your home and commit Two of the most popular upon at a recent meeting of the
numbers in the Garment Workers'revue

Robbery Burglary or Murder, you would want an EX- "Pins and Needles. by Harold Membership' and now Committee Larry will of be the Society AT THE POLITICAL
1"PERIENCED, ENERGETIC FEARLESS, CAPABLEand Me J.a Song Rome of, bear Social th.Significance"titles "Sing royalties for the performing right

UNCONTROLLED Prosecutor. The organized and "Doing the Reactionary." to the Ills honor songs of Tin saying Pan that Alley hIs did music him

criminal' army of America is no respector of persons. It p-Ii ,,. was "different. At any event, his CANDIDATES HELD AT CORNER CALL

strike The ambition of moat dance numbers clicked, and shortly ha
may you. maestros is a million tollars-ana was heading his own orchestra and

no encore. featuring his songs In the way he AND THOMPSON

A VOTE FOR i believe they should be played. HI* STREETS IN
A whole clviJiut on'8 history is newest tune goes to the heaven for
embraced between the thirty years its title. It Is called "Big Dipper.

JC. ADKINSwill of Irvine Berlin's "My Wife a Gone Strangle!!: no on. has thought of It STARKEBY
to the Country" and his "I'm Put- before!

be a vote for an experienced, energetic, fearless,

capable and UNCONTROLLED State Attorney. His EWAHD AX'fEIPlmRY SAID; 'Tear have been CARPENTER'S DRUG STORE
/ started, hearts softened sorrow soothed patriotism
record as a Successful Prosecutor is admitted.
( klndlct], tenderness aroused courage( steeled religion MEETING BEGINS AT

t I (Paid Political Adv.) deepened aspiration awakened by music." 7:30 P. M.f. .

., I

-- --'. .:... --

"' -'-
'"" .. -' ," w ,' -_. --,,--- .,.. ,.
,'"' ', \ ,'rr' 0 .. "b;fl.-n :v.. .. '
"" ""'" .
;: -. ', .

: : ", -- Wf l"" .... ..... .. ,.J;;._. ..... J 1. l l .....
,, .;;;;;;: ,. .. ... "' '' -- .. -- d
V' .. .. .. ... .
.. W' '" :"'''''. '''1' "W'r', ,'''", .." .,..... .. '" ., ,."" "''' p-

1 ,


,\ .. .. .. .. .
-- -
---- -- --- -- -- -- -- ----
-- -- -
------1 1DB I 1 1I
7 DOATDRAtN Bethel, were visiting Mr and Mrs SOUND WAGON --I I as he pedaled off. "Any of the sta \:, ,

Mrs Z. Z (3 riff In, Correspondent I Arch Prevail, Sunday anl'rnoon.1 For the Information of t110swho A YANI AT OXFORD dents can direct you" I 1:. ,

JONES Mrs P. B. Pievatt, of Hampton, 'I probably don't know several I ,: "I'll bet." Lee muttered to himself ; '

Mrs H IV Bennett, of Dunnel- wan visiting fliitiveH In this section Flin'ila cities Tampa anti Fort 1/

On Here lon and Mrs. Elinor Chastain and last week. i.I :Mycis in particular bun the tine I ....,.... "ALSEY" -RAINES.- .. .. \Vli-n he arrived at University '! Y
son, of Jacksonville, were visitingthe chattel Priest was: visiting attar : r i.f Houtul truck! except under II- nO: M1 r. 1"0" 'yleAfznni 1,,'e Field H few minute later, the

And Hereafter' bedside of B. L, Green last ; and Mm. Joe revatl's of Kotie- censed regulation. And, in ('II lie /1-n: j-;.... .' _'-'t-.Ji.1.. -' (cuq9JkI'ln'N-'CI.!! 'quartet-mile was just about to I.:

Friday. wood, Sunday. our people' haven't noticed It, those ... ... .lilt... ;.",;;;3i... ;" --- IIaNM start. Lee smoking a big cigar, {t i

writer bought ten Mrs. Ida Chase and Mrs. B. L. Frankie Jordan spent the past candidates which have come this .. -- dismounted near the Committee. .

!T'"" hi' and when he > Green were visiting Mrs K. L. week-end with Mae Prevatt I way this early In the election campaign -I \\ II\T HAS, II. I'PENED "You make it sound very tempting Standing around were Paul, Wa-
"t K" oiine have been very particular ." She to her damaged vertree and Ramsey. '
Griffin lust Sunday afternoon. Margaret Griffin was visiting SO FAR: pointed
I' h,' bill it suddenly occurred I not to offend public opinion by I bicycle "Do you know anything "So sorry to have kept you waitIng If'
I Mr. and Mrs. George Bowers Gladys Lee, of Bethel, Sunday. lAfi Sh'rld..nml'rh..n
and "
almost one dollar of broadcasting continuously about flat tires?" Lee remarked sarcastically
j'him that were visiting/ their mother, Mrs- Arch Prevatt was visiting Mr. trucks I college athlete, find hlnmclfon ]
from their sound
raucously as Paul called out for the
the contest-
amount. paid would go to :Myrtle Priest Sunday afternoon. and Mrs. E. C. Hogan, of Lee the out with his CngHHhrliisNimiteit "I ought to," Lee said with a
for prior to the public speaking. ants to get on their marks. j 0('
.rand national Kovernment MlHses Mae Prevail and Ruth Luke Sunday afternoon. at Oxford University tinge of bltterneHB. "I've met ./
The writer la not opposed Morrell were visiting in Palatka, Albert Griffls made a business The reason for this: Down In who resent his boimtlng enough of them In the last few "If you want to run the fourforty

rS"yUIll taxes, however, It seems Sunday afternoon. trip to Gainesville Monday. Fort Myers Mr. Moore was almost and "If-"ul'llll", After days." Sheridan, you'd better get

,Im thai we are building a gov- Mr. and Mrs. Joe CHIffls and Mrs Ralph Gainey, C. A. Grif arrested for ignoring the anti-! finding himself deserted by She Inughted; heartily. Lee stop ready"

mental machine that we can- children of fls Margaret Griffls and Gladys sound truck ordinance and nearly !Molly Beaumont, a very pretty ped short In amazement "Ready? Why my dear Beau- y
Clay County, werevisiting I
That Is the tendon every paper In South Florida has he mont," Lee said, In mock bewilder-
friends at rocxlvhune friendship
.ustnin Lee were visiting Highland -
Mr. and Mrs S. F. Grlf- "W&ll. I'll he darned! he ex-
!human nature. It I. the ten-I Sunday. had something to say about what values above nil other, ho Inri claimed. "The understands ment. "I'm always ready."

J% of the Individual and It is fis, Sunday. Mrs. John Prevatt and son Earl a nuisance the sound truck Is.- I >iuly to /gn home. Hut at the English. Say woman I'll bet you know Still smoking the cigar and 1

f,, 'the tendency of groups of In- Mrs Ralph Gainey and children lire visiting relatives in Oviedo and Ocala Star. I lust tnlnutn he hears the ringing what "flinging woo" means." wearing his gown Lee joined the

'dunls A young man starts and C. A. Griffls were visiting Sanford for a few weeks. I of tin ceremonial Oxford other runners at the starting line.
home and Mrs. E. E. Lee, of Bethel Sunday. Z. Griffis Sunday. She smiled knowingly "I thinkI
rife with a simple I 'hlml'M anti ...mnl'thlnwithin/ They loked at him In cold with-
I tP Mae Prevatt was visiting in Mr and Mrs. Dun Boree and do You see, I love Americans"
Miss Lee .
He saves a little Gladys was vlnltlng i mull' him deride to remain.(11.PTER drawal."You'll. !,
,mull mcome comes his her sister, Mrs. Arch Prevatt, Sunday Jacksonville Saturday. children of Jacksonville, were visiting "Well, then on behalf of myselfand I
ne\ <3ood fortune I' Frankie Jordon and Mae Pre- I relatives' in this section last my fellow Americans let's pardon us for not laughIng ,
and i '''i' begins to accumulate I FIVE have look at that tire" ," one of them said. "We: Brit
'v builds a home Mr. and Mrs. Elam Lewis of ]I vatt were dinner guests of Mrs Z Sunday.
Then he ish have so little sense of humor""Don't
with m __ ___ I Lee was not sure whether -he- "Sneaklnnr for Great Britain.
iteh becomes a burden. Groups regretted his decision to remain tine returned, "I'd be most grate- apologize; Lee said! will
people start out with a grandiloquent gesture. "You do
Christum ful.
nt Oxford or not. He knew that
simpl religious organization. SAMPLE BALLOT lie i undergraduates, almost to a lie took a bicycle pump and the "running and I'll do the laugh-

,e Blessing of God rests upone man. disliked him, but bit by bit started to fix the tire Ing.
after a while the Paul walked to Lee q
and over
"I'm afraid I didn't catch
group he was finding new and subtle at- your
Wp builds an ecclesiastical maine OFFICIAL PRIMARY ELECTION BALLOT tractions i In the century-old land- name" the girl said. 'You" can't run that way SherIdan -

.o large It takes the entireoup murks, of the school. One morn- "I'm afraid I didn't throw It. It'aLee he exclaimed. ; .
hold up the machine so Sheridan." 'I"Mine's "Of course not. How stupid of f(,
to DEMOCRATIC PARTY ing, crossing over from the library, "
will\ not fall down on them. he was accosted by Paul Beau Elsa Craddock . me! Lee said, moving away from it

wce and Rome built governmen- mont. Mrs Craddock," she said perchj j the line. He handed his cigar to :'
1938 ,
a 1 machinery so complicated the May 3rd, Ing herself on the edge of the RamHcy. "Would you mind. holdIng .1.i
men could not live under "I seem to recall vaguely that counter and revealing a pair or'' this for me?" he asked. "It !.
,erage "
They said 'Let's build us ampler Precinct Number 8, Bradford County you run a bit. Paul said coolly. perfectly formed legs. might stunt my growth. I

house,'' and they wrecked "Just name the time and the "Holy smokes! Lee rejoined In Ramsey was too surprised to do

ieir complicated civilization. Just Instructions: To vote for any candidate make a cross (X) place Lee replied with the equal demon frigidity mock terror. "Are you married?" anything but take It. Before he J J
\ "and I'll provide
certain as other governmental the of his "You're surprised, aren't you?" could protest Lee was back on the .t"
at name.For stration.
acliines have come to ruin, so 'aligned Elsa "Most people are Of starting line. .
to "Splendid! We're holding fresh- .
odern civilization Is going 'course my husband much older spluttered.
trials In half hour
track an
rumble We have built a house men I than I I mean, I'm much 1:
I is costing too much to sus- United States Senator For County Commissioner at the University Ground. I'll put i younger than he In" "Pay no attention to him" Paul '
Itch District No. 1 you down for the four-forty. If you said to the others' "He knows lie
of all nations are I "I'll bet he doesn't understand
iln Th people Vote for One: for One to us" ___ ____ A.L L
Vote : care Joln can i so has
raining under a burden that they I you Lee said mlschlevoualy run trying to coverIt
-- --- ---- "" "
."e .,ooner or later going to cast T. C. MERCHANT P D. REDDISH "So Rood of you to ask me, Lee "Oh I wouldn say that. He justforgets up by clowning"

.f. What this country needs 1 Is -- .--- -- ------ mid with heavy Irony. I every so often, that I'm He raised his pistol. "On your
n, sec( hack to simple life. SimMcitx FINLEY MOORE J. M. ROSIER "The field's about a mile from' voung and need excitement" she marks Oct Met. ."

in the home, simplicity In -_. here. You'll need your bike." I laid, looking ut Lee meaningly.; The runners crouched, grim and

orihlp and simplicity In the bus- CLAUDE PEPPER T-i.. WAINWRIGHT "Wrong again/: Lee replied. "It's "You ought to try a mn-ln! with taut. All but Lee, who remained
erect, the old-fiishlon-
-- -- ---------
the Dean time
who'll need their some
nfps world. DAVID SHOLTZ the other fellows I
a hikes." "Why," Elsa proteHted "lIe's ed upright stance. Disregardingthis v
Paul fired the starting shot.
MARK WILCOX even< older than my husband. She
"Why live In the capital If you J. for County Commissioner Wearing the customary lower- blushed slightly as she realized The runners streaked away. Lee

lever see the king?" Someone District No. 2 clasRman gown. Lee mounted his I her faux pAS. "I mean my husband I deliberately started off late, taking -

shed that question. In other Vote for One: bicycle and slowly started down doesn't quite understand how a clumsy leap forward out of

iords, what good Is an opportunity the street keeping on the right sympathetic I am You see, I love his extraordinary stand Every

If one does not make the most For Representative In Congress, L. L. CONNER side In a moment he was going to help the undergraduates eye was on the overseas boy as he
known Dte'rtct" full steam. Behind him he suddenly "ant rtd about ten fifteen
If It' The writer has Second Congressional especially the new ones" along or
W. M. ()MITCH) EDWARDS heard a Turning, he saw .
.any men who were used of Al- Vote for One: .. cry. "Probably the mother In you,"' yards In back of the pAck."You'ro
for him to
--- constable waving "
Ighty God who never had a a Lee said with a straight face right, Paul, Ramsey

hence but he has never met any R. W. FARNELL ---. move over to the left. Finally understanding "Now I'm afraid you're pulling said. "He can't run a stitch" f ,

nan whom God ever used for a ", that traffic here moved my leg," she said with a smile. "He's just making a fool of him-

ong period of time If the man reined R. A. (LEX) GREEN For County CommliuilonerDistrict toward the left Lee started to "I'm restraining myself as best self," Preston sneered.

to take advantage of his op- No. S i move over. as I can" Lee murmured Paul said noting watching cu a

""ortunity Young people who wastheir ____--.---- Vote for One: I The next Instant, however he Elsa smiled coyly. "You wicked riously. An the runners reachedthe ,i
i had crashed into another bicycle mark Lee still e
sacrifice their half-way was
opportunities I ?
boy! Where was
J. H. FIELDS i and was lying flat on his face, his about ten yards behind And then,
Future. It does not take a pro- Justice "You were still very young.
Court --
For Supreme I wheel almost' a total wreck. He
het to know what la going to No. 1 F. C. HOLLINGSWORTH "Oh, yes. But don't mlxunderntund. of a sudden something happenedThe
Group while the second par-
> rose slowly had quick
be-gowned figure
iftppen to young men and young Claudius -- that's my husband -
Vote for One: ty Involved In the colllxlon lookedat ened his stride. In a moment he
omen who could equip them- MALLORY THOMAS Is really a dear And so
elves for life but who refuse to BUFORD -------- him In disgust, then pedalled clever! Why sometimes he sits up I had panned one runner, then another -
RIVERS Picking up his bicycle Lee and still gaining rapidly
away. was
i'o' It. These people who. and reads all night long.
young ---
""- around. Ills face
are saturating their bodies with D. STUART GILLIS looked "If you're asking me, I think theguy's I p n'n'gasped.
I up as he Haw a bicycle shop nearby "The man's a freak! Ramsey ,
nicotine and pouring cocktails For County CommissionerDistrict went In. crazy.
and he pI
!''ov.n their throats and living wild No. 4 Elsa giggled; nx the mechanic
A frail, emanclated little man- in hoots and bag's"'
"A Mercury
Vote for One: turned from the back room.
sensual! lives them-
are injuring the mechanic- looked at the wheel I.e-I Wavertree In. r,
--- --- put
and "We can put your bicycle
elves physically, mentally,
Fur Supreme Court Justice FRANK T. ABERNATHY: nd shook his head I he said to Lee The others remained speechless
spiritually and they will have to sir?" sir :i
Group No. 2 "Had a bit of an It will as Lee drew up level with the
"Good! But hurry up
pay for this youthful dissipation VV. II. GRIFFIN final I' 'I
he asked' leader and then In a glorious
Vote for One: __ ,,11'111" I
with draft, their old
n i age. --
upon understatement
I -- -- of Into first
"A master burst of speed, went
We'll have It rights
N'o voung person can play the' FUTCH R. S. WASDIN dolefully. "How "Oh, yes, sir. across
G. the
TRUMAN Lee responded in fortnIght." place and snapped tape
-- -- rain for a
--- you
game loose and win. thin?
to fix
will It take
LACY J. WYNN long !" Lee's face fell the breast.
"A fortnight
ELWYTHO IAS "111 'ave to ask my mate, sir, two weeks Wavertree began to laugh loudly -
---y -----' "That II make me lust
They about the mechanic replied, pushing the J J"Bless
are talking: now mo minutes late for the
ratorium on preaching. Some J. TOM WATSON wheel toward the rear of the shop. and ten trials" my celestial soul!" he x

preachers are saying, "Give the CommluHlonerDistrict As the mechanic went Into the freshmen Elsa Intel'l'lIpte "Please, tuke burnt out "This Is the first race "

people a rest." As a matter of: For County No. 3 next room a girl entered. She was bicycle" she urged./ I've eyed enjoyed!"

tact. people are not tired of real Vole for One: pretty and about twenty-five years my"Thanks a lot, but I'll rent one Lee trotted over to them. He o
gospel] preaching. The are tiredof '. Court Justice for the old, with wandering eye that Im- stopped, and pretended to shiver a

false preaching. Many peoplehave t.nnplJ't-d For Supreme Term of Fred II. Davis, deceased T. D. DYAL mediately took note of Lee. Beforebel' withL here."Oh. I'd much rather you'd take bit.
the she was pushing a bicycle "Brrh!" he muttered. "ThU
wrong Idea about preach- she Insisted. "Then you'dhave "
Ing.I What Is preaching? Preaching Vote for One: H. P. GAINEY m flat tire. She coughed to getLpo's mine.to return It, you know." English climate of yours sure gets ;
smiled as he in
then Next time I'll run
attention down.
Is telling a good news story. ROY H. CHAPMAN "Say, you've got something me "
The good news story is this: turned and looked at Lee said taking the bicycle. my overcoat
"Jesus Christ died on.the cross Utare I JOHN UELVIN HEARN "I beg your pardon," she said there"Thanks a lot. and I'll be lie wandered over to his bicycle,
Beard' "You haven't taken overthe and without further pause started
men. That Is preaching. Anything For .Member County iweetly. teeing you."
else given from the pulpit Publlo Instruction, District No. 1 shop, by any chance? "Cradclock's, book-shop In off

h 1 a substitute for the gospel. "It I : Vole. for One: "I might,"' Lee replied customer."If you'reToing the High," she called out after him (To Be Continued)
-- ---- be a steady
pleased God by the foolishness of I to
preaching to save people." There I For Railroad Commissioner M. B. FUTCH

is l no salvation without preaching. Group No. 1 BALLOT
Of course one person may preach Vote for One:

In another person or a preacher .. .
nay stand In the pulpit and preach BRUCE DAVIS -- ---- -- SAMPLE BALLOT OFFICIAL BALLOTElection

10 the crowds but remember It
W. E. (BUCK) HANCOCK For :Member Countv Bonn)
takes preaching to save people. lliblin Instruction. District No. 2 '

The world never needed gospel EUGENE MATTHEWS Vote for One: to Determine Whether the '
Preaching more than It needs it ---- ------

today. The trouble is so many W. E. MIDDLETON Territory Embraced In Bradford County

ministers have quit preaching and -- W. $. SIBLEY Official Florida} shall be Constituted Into a

that 'Is the reason we are "in a Cotton Production Control District.

mess," If this nation had fifty For Railroad Commlstionar 8. E. SPARKS

Jonathan Edwards properly dls- Group No. 3 Primary Election Ballot May 3rd, A. D. 1938

"tmtad: In the centers of population Vote for One: -
to-preach.th* gospel for five 'ter BRADFORD

Yore we would'liave the' greatest JERRY W. CARTER F<*r ,Member County Board May 3rd, 1938REPUBLICAN

revlthe world ever saw. Public iMtrnrtloa. District No. S F I' :M&ke'a Cross Mark (X) at the right of the-

Last! year the Bob Jones College\ WALTER KEHOE Vote for One: Proposition of your choice, either for or

tnculated from/ four hundred stunts WILBUR C. KING E. J. LEWISJ. against so M to Indicate which way you wish, l
thirty-eight states and PARTY
from two or three foreign coun- A. J. McKINNEY JR. to vote. rc

trlea. One hundred these students "

were young men preparing A. B. SURRENCYFor FOR constituting the territory embraced

for the ministry. The writer tells State Attorney AI. WATTERSON HRADFORI) COUNTY within the boundaries of Bradford County, y

these preacher boys that there Is Silt Judicial Circuit Florida, Into a Cotton Production Control
renl gospel in our modern Vote for One: District of the State of Florida as providedby

world and if they will go out and I Chapter 17803, Laws of Florida, Acts

wlU Preach the real gospel the crowds J. C. ADKIN3 For Member Rourd Of Bond TrusteesKMrht INSTRUCTIONS: To vote for any Candidate of 1937.
come to hear them. These the right of his name.
I (IX) at
No. make a cross .,,
ministerial students are preaching ZACH II. DOUGLAS Vote for One: I --. --- -

nU pa keel houses everywhere.: The --
rple? want< the gospel. They co! T. E. DUNCAN W. FRED MOOREO. rou PROPOSITION

not want a Substitute.TIIREESIINl1TE. For United State Senator

-- --.. -- -.-J. -PHILLIPSFor Vote for One: AGAINST constituting the territory embraced s

: : RELIEF: within the boundaries of Bradford County.
For RcprewntatUe In I.eglslatureVote Florida, Into a Cotton Production Control
BITh..e minutes after take SWANSONALLEN
you : E.
x to ,_for. One: ;\ Board Of Bond Triitlei'4DlHtrlrt ) THOMAS District of the State of Florida, as provide J

liap.feel better. Blsma- CEO. II. INMAN No. 3 I by Chapter 17808, Laws of Florida Acts

t" goes to work promptly and Vote for One: -- --- E. WALKER of 1937.

Pft "[ght! on working, for proonted I T. FRANK LANDRUM
t(. L. -- -
; ._ -- -- --
relief. -
Blnma-Rex acts four"ass -- ----
to i WP. SMITH ----- -- ---- --
relieve acid-Indigestion. --- R A WEEKS --- -- AGAINST PROPOSITIONI'nIL
Spy r II bottle I __-- -- --- __
of 50 doses for SOc ate
I -
Rexall Drug Store Carpen- -
t ers Orug store In Starke. I P -



,.. '
..>. ... .. "" ." / ""

,, n .....-"IJI,....... ."..o;-""" """' Yth"'F'',"".........,......,.,...,,-,,-''"'''''.'"'<;":''1''TI.'I'<..'1I'X'III'W''X 7 ,r'f 'Ie anea5. yn"I i ,.+"""vemiTn rm,"._. ..,.Mm ....,gA+77 7,v""""'CP.,. m. ,;' ........-"I'F"' '.rnPrf''e'1""'!' SR1. ,1''"'!'RN, '.T'....""..,.."...:;;;;;:' "i .;,;;;;;;; t.,'I\It!\'" ,., j _,...JJi-.\ ,r ..

t J"

PAGE TEN.. .. .. .._ _. ._ .. _" I
f<0.'I.-.---.-------.......---.---.----'- Remodeling RestaurantThe Card Of ThaI/kit/

Bradford County TelegraphEstablished EDWARD\ A. PACE VOTING PLACES Magnolia Cafe on Call We wish to exprcs ", .ace
.appieclatlon! ,
Street is closed until June 1 tOll and t tin",'I,:
1877 .I I'I The locations of the voting centers' in the' eight' extensive remodeling repairing those kind friends \ i i '

IN WASHINGTON Bradford County )precincts were announced Monday\ by and Improvements James Putray, sympathized and M, "''n,

I Sheriff A. O. Andreu. If you live in- owner of the restaurant for: mor !' MIsted us In out 1 in,,,, :'t"

Published Weekly on Fridays and Entered ns Second Claas i DIES TUESDAY Pifciiict No. one, Lawiey, vote at tne City Hall. than a year now, said yesterday I and bereavement ,

s Matter at the Post Office at Starke, FloridaE. I Precinct No Two, North Starke, vote at Court House. that when reopened June 1, the and death of 0111 .,", ,.11 i *"I''

--- Precinct No.- Three, South Starke, vote at Torode Chev- restaurant would have solid plate 1 Alva Stilley,
I rolet Building.Precinct windows across the front, Mr. and Mra I ii in, j H ,
____ .. ....Editor and Owner glass "eJ
__ ._ _
L. Matthews Former Slarke Man Was No. Four, Graham, vote in Wasdin's Garage. with entrance to one sde! rather .and th i 1'1,?} ,I.,,

Known World Over Precinct No. Five, Hampton, vote at City Hall than directly In the center. Also -- .

SUBSCRIPTION RATE Precinct No. Six, Theressa, vote at school house. there will be ladles and gentle- Church Uomecomiiia

Yearly, $1.50; Six Months, 75c-Payable in Advance As EducatorFriends Precinct No. Seven, Brooker, vote on the depot plat- mens rest rooms, air cooling, and I There will be horn, ""mint
redecorated dining
form. u completely Hope Baptist Church i, ,
ApplicationA rheret
Advertising Rates on '
here, among will be
especially Extensive
room. repairs on the second
Precinct No. Eight, New River, vote in vacant store Sunday ,III Mav T
the older residents, of Rev. Edward made In the kitchen also former pastors and fnpn.th, ,

FINE INVESTMENT: ALWAYSThere's I A Pace will regret to hear .. ..-.-.--.-,.-building.-.--.--..-.-.-.-.-..-.,--.-.-..-,.;, ... _. .+____ -.-- I vlted and all menu ). i of Ire\'I
of ground large of his death at Providence Hos- 1-- Cheese consumption In France church are asked to,> ,,m,
no excuse for anyone with a plot I Ipltal In Washington. r>. C.. Tuesday amounts( to sixteen pounds per cap- bring well-filled basks"' ,

enough for growing vegetables not having a garden, and no I I following a lengthy Illness. BRADFORD IS HONORED i I ZACH DOUGLAS I Iitn annually I ner will be served on .u,,. ,.
1 (Continued from Page One) KIOUtBSQCEST '
76.. here
this moment it He was Many persons
at ,
matter what the weather conditions are '| know the Pace family, who were moots last week from Starke and SPEAKS HEREIS I

is not too late to start one t that will prove a fine investment among the founders' of Starke, Lawtey were the heaviest this d

before the coming summer is: over. Not only is it a good investment i I and who still own property here year. It was approximately 32,000 STATES CANDIDATE ATTORNEY FOR 1 v
healthy and wholesome exercise Rev. Mr, Pace was vice rector orates and WAS estimated to re- t+ ,ilk
but a garden affords! emeritus of the Catholic (Jnlver lI l- turn to the growers more than Zach H. Douglas fifteen years a ; r

and since many people fail to get a sufficient amount of I I I ty of America, and Is noted $120,000. Gainesville attorney and a uniclu.

exercise! it may also prove economical from /still' another I I.tandointit 1 throughout the world as an educator Last week's production broughtthe ate of University of Florida and .f
satisfac- and philosopher.The total harvested in tills section s
doctor bills. But it is the v"olumbla UniversIty of Tennesseelaw
) may save tor the to 2,949,200
following tribute 'comes season up schools has been actively r tt
the dinner
fresh home-grown products I crates wIth' estimated $259,050 a
r ion of having ,from the columns of the Times an promoting his campaign for nomi-
instead of out of profit to tho farmers for their la-
able right out of your own garden your Union: nation as State's Attorney for the
This Is real gold from Florida ;
pocket, that stamps a garden as'! worth while. We know it 1 Born at Starke, He was educated 1'or.'a soil Each year more virgin Eighth Judicial Circuit In Bradford. I

is pretty hard to keep from "burning out" under the hot suns In the elementary schools of Flor- I in ds are cleared In Bradford I County this week Mr. Douglashas
ida and In 1880 Was graduatedfrom I spoken( In New River, Theressa -
arid it takes a lot of fightingto County fo planting Each year
later ,
little on
will _
that come St Charles College Ellicott Hampton, Brooker, and Law
lick weeds. Hut there is always more genuine pleasure in City, Mil, with a bachelor of arts new Far-seeing markets men clamor and for institutions the crop i tey. He will speak In Starke tonight to t

doing (something hard than something easy-and that is just degree. Three years later he received realize the value of this important,, (Friday) at the political
the bachelor of sacred the- rally at the corner of Call and
of the reasons why the man or woman whois phase of Florida agricultural de I I
one more "
ology degree from the Propaganda Thompson Streets and will speakin '
not garden-minded is losing out on a fine investment.We University In Rome and the doctorate velopment. They are encouraging Graham at one o'clock tomorrow .
Its growth. Among these supporters -
noticed the other day that Jesse Alexander has a neat of sacred theology In 1886 Is the Barnett National i (Saturday) afternoon. Y,
Shell Petroleum Co. while five years later he was Bank In I Mr Douglas holds college degrees -
small garden growing on the Bank Oldest National
though awarded the degree of doctor of dedicated I i In oratory, and Is an inter
Florida, and nn Institution -
clean vegetable
grounds. In our opinion, a well planned, philosophy from the University of to the task of serving this State I rating speaker lie has made thlrI -

garden is almost as attractive as a flower garden and is an Leipzig. May 30.1885 Monsignor ind Its citizens: with modern andomrlete I ty-nine speeches In the campaign

economic asset, which is more than can le'laid/' for most Pace was ordalne l to the priest banking service. so far nnd will make fifteen before GETTI r iliE

hood In Rome and returning to the ..--- +_.---- May' 3. Friends and supporters in
flower gardens. United States, was appointed pastor CANDIDATES SPEND; Bradford predict he will poll more T.HS '
I of the Cathedral oft than his third sin of the .
o Church one re ,J i fJ L'
(Continued from Page One) CUT (III
FREEDOM; OF TilE J PAMPHLETOnce : < Augustine, remaining, there until ror county commissioner, $29.25. votes In the primary xy 'fir Ys.
I 1888H's : --.. ._ .1:cn T nrz C-'t ,T'l' !
J. II Fields, candidate for coun-
I more the supreme court has handed down a decision: studies encompassed a board ty commissioner, $23 Cant lfeo "('ii Up" tr
reaffirming the time-honored constitutional right of the Held. While completing his studies A. A. Durdon, candidate for i NEW STORE

'freedom of the press and expanding the definition of that n Europe and carrying: on his pas- bond trustee, nothing.: OPENS MONDAYWILL
torate In St Augustine, he prepared 0 J. Phillips, candidate for bond
all kinds of -
right to include the distribution of any and printed
for the post of professor of trustee nothing. BE KNOWN AS T9MAUTHON

matter without restraint. psychology at Catholic University. W Fred'Moore, candidate for I[ "CLAR-JEAN SHOPPE"A

The question came before the court in the form of an I Two years prior to entering bond trustee, nothing '
which upon the professorship, he studied J, H. Moore, candidate for school new store and a new KIND
Griffin Georgia -
ordinance of
from city prohibited
appeal a is a research scholar In physlcho- board member, $20 00. ft store will open In Starke for

the distribution, either free or by sale, of any circu- logical laboratories at, the Euro- The next'statement the law requires business Monday morning, it was

lars, handbills, books, advertising or other literature withouta pean universities of Loavaln, Leipzig -i candidates to file Is the learned yeste,.lay from Mrs Jeanette -
and Paris. He WAS a pioneerIn Kincald: and C. C. Hoppe,
license from the city authorities. This, Chief Justice I firpt after primary statement, partners In
many activities and was Instrumental jj/hlch mutt be In the hands of the ownership
said in delivering the court's opinion, The new firm will 1
Hughes supreme in laying the foundation'or ',lerk of the court not earlier than leature flow
"strikes at the very foundation of the press by subjecting it the Catholic Encyclopedia, with May 25 nor later than June 3. ThIs ers, gifts for all occasions some-
which he was an associate editorIn 'c7 following the second primary.This thing new and different In chlldien'a -
to license and censorship. The world'* largest tin
wear and
1904 and was prominent as 'a statement Is supposed l to be many other articles -
"The liberty of the press," the chief justice went on, "is director In the work of the Cath- made whether the candidate wins often wanted but seldom A buiMrr makra the Mart

not confined to newspapers and periodicals. It necessarily I olic University Bulletin, the Cath- or loses, but very few losers make found.= The building housing thenew S... AS LITTLE AS thou for nr.nd dimlunnenarrn
olic Educational Review, The New business IS located betweenthe
embraces pamphlets and leaflets. These indeed have been "he statement as a general rule, nalei nil ,
Bakery and
.Scholasticism, studies in psychol eputy! clerk of the court JR.. Carpenter's Drug
historic weapons in the defense of liberty, as the pamphletsof ogy and psychiatry and physlol, Celly said Store, and was formerly occupiedby roMf to permit lo offer

Thomas Paine and others in our own history abundantly I ogical monograms, accepted today A statement political workers the Suwannee Store It has r this great new lire M rocklioltom -

testify." I is established periodicals. In 1024 I Host be/miulo by candidates using I been completely remodeled, repainted .. prices Tliat'ithe .
10 was. vice president of the American hired to assist In the and decorated and 1 I" most ;
This is not the first time that the chief justice has I Council of Education< and two ,,persons No'f county candidates: campaign soar motive.( Inside and out. A large BUYS Tl TS TOP whole town U liirnlii

found occasion, in emphatic terms, to render an opinion of vears later became Its president. at Is known, are hiring assls- announcement advertisement will QUiIIITY TIRE'' la this oiie-qiialit. otif
i One of the founders of Trinity i bo found In this Issue of the Tele- ;l price tire. See your riceREGISTER
the high court upholding the right of any person to print and 'o'lego.' he also taught at the ,I'aph. j jtC

publish by any means whatever anything which is not obscene I "uthol'c Sisters; College and lec- ---- ----_..-- ---- <
or offensive to public morals or that advocates ureJ at the Catholic Summer Gasoline: Consumption a
unlnw-I !hoot of America In PlaU burg, MAY 10
ful conduct. The belief that this right is a t
: Gasoline
i M Y., as well as e.t t Western\ Cath- consumption in Bradford '
l newspapers alone has sometimes been advanced by short- lie Slimmer Schcol In San Fran- APPLICATIONS FOR 1938 County In March was 109,418 i H

sighted newspaper publishers ; but the chief justice! makesit iseo When Catholic University MUST BE IN THEN, gallons! or 13 3-" gallons to every I
an'led on extension work, he gave McCLANE SAYS nan, woman and child in the I
clear that "the comprehends sort of publica-
press every
lectures In New York City. It was Bounty an increase of several ,
tion which affords a vehicle of information and opinion" ''In 1920 that he was awarded the May '10 Is the deadline for thousand gallons over February. i MOTOR CO.

There exists no power of government to restrain any- papal medal pro eccleala et pontl- Bradford County: farmers to file 'Kerosene sales In the county In 1
flce and was Invested with the applications for cooperating In the March amounted to 18.418 gallons
body from printing and distributing! by any means he chooses
ank of monsignor 1938 soil conservation program and 423 tons of fertilizer were sold PHONE 103

anything within the bounds of decency and morality, and During 1931 In St. Louis at an sponsored by the department of to Bradford farmers, according to

this will be true so long as the constitution of the United annual meeting, the Catholic igrlculture: County Agent T. K records kept by the Department of Starke Florida ,
Clane, Jr., said in ,
a statement AgrIculture In Tallahassee,
States remains the supreme law of the land.A Philosophers of the United States ...
mule their entire convention a
o I' "1n rOw he said
a days "we
to Monsignor Pace and his
MEMORIAL TO FOSTEROn cork for Catholic philosophy In will be receiving checks for some
!seventy-five farmers, in Bradford
the banks of the Suwannee River, not so very far 'ho United States. from $2.00 to over $100.00 for VOTE FOR

away, a monument or park will be erected in honor of Stephen For many years he was honorary complying with the 1937 soil conservation I
president and director of the "
Foster at White Springs.The program Farmers who
International Federation of Catholic -
have been mailed ,
Tampa Tribune, although far away from the Suwanne Alumnae He held membership blanks are urged to fill them in f: DAVESHOLTZ

River, editorially discusses the memorial in this refrain: in many learned organizations and "return them to the agent at I

"No happier, more appropriate idea has been advancedin as America's and was outstanding regarded generally Catholic once and certainly before May 10. I
Farmers who have not received :
Florida than that sponsored by the Federated Music Clubs scholar In 1933: he celebrated the application blanks may obtain

p of the Stale to establish a memorial to Stephen Foster, on olden annivaisary of his ordlna- them at the oflce of Agent Mc- ''

the Suwannee River, which he immortalized in song. .Ion to the priesthood and by spe- Clane in the courthouse along; with .
,1"1 l t of
dispensation Fope Pius XI,
information desire,
"A ten-acre tract at White donated for the auy they to
Springs, pur- va permitted to celebrate mass know about the program, !I
pose, is to be beautified and maintained as a park in honorof lit tin;: down.Georgetown, "Filing the application placesno .

the composer who wrote about a river he never saw. It is University the same responsibility whatever upon
year conferred on him the. decora- the farmer," Ur. Mediae stressed -
to be the Stephen Foster Memorial Park, and will become one 'Ion Camillo Cardinal Mazzella "and the application will merely FOR

of the scenic and sentimental meccas of the state. Academy of Philosophy in honor be dropped It the agreement la

+ "It was a chance selection that put the Suwannee into ,t his forty-four yean In the chair not fulfilled"

i the songbooks of the world. Foster looked on the map fora of philosophy at Catholic University .
and In 1935
he was awardedthe
name that would fit the score he had written. Suwanneewas honorary degree of doctor of JOHN LESLIEELECTROCUTED U. S. SENATOHe 1

chosen-and this little river that starts in Georgia and 'laws: Two years, prior to this.
ate had, as vice rector of Catholic
ftyws I''bctw.pen>> wooded banks Florida's
i' ; : ) across northern tip University presented President WAS KILLED WHILE AT

into the Gulf soon became known in every land where musicis Roosevelt to the chancellor for WORK ON POWER I wishes
.repeal in Social
present provision the
played and songs are sung. For this, Florida should honor ilmllnr honorary degree I POLE

Foster and perpetuate his name as he perpetuated Suwan Widely known and jreitly be Johnnie Leslie, 3.., of Green I' Security Law which gives the Government a lien on the
as as highly esteemedlie Cove
nee Springs was accidentally
VHS at all times of kindly dencnnor. electrocuted while at work atop a'' homes of those receiving Old Age Assistance.We .

oTOWNSENU patient and tolerant. He power line pole In Green !
' PARDONED !llsplayed! keen Interest in Florida business, district I need more people and in Florida. Give Dave
Tuesday | money
-. t" people and rI..v.nn".n'n. ._........_..... : Cove's'I I
Y l; The good! doctor Francis E. Townsend/' patron saint of MonsIgnor Pace Is survived of I Is widow the,daughter Mrs. Pearl of Ilornaby James Hoins- a chance and he will help bring back better times. REVIEW g

r thousands of old people, has been pardoned by President :mineduite relatives In Washing by, well known Brndford '

Roosevelt.! < He flaunted congressional investigators and ton by a sister" Mh's Elizabeth! C. farmer near Starke. County : HIS RECORD AS OUR PAST GOVERNOR [
Puce, and I a brother Churl
i thereby: incurred their wrath. As a penalty he was/ required Face, for nnnv years disbursing:F !his Also step-father surviving and the mother deceased, Mr.13 AND YOU WILL FIND THAT HE WAS ON THE JOB

to spend :CO days in jail. I ricer( of the! United States Sen-
and Mrs. -
J. 'D of
: I
Now- that it's ,ite The family are among those vale.
over, we suppose that it is all for the best ,
that the President pardoned Dr.> Towns-end. Had he ,'amlllcs who pioneered In Florin Willie, also of Rustelvillc The 'I
not and had VOTE FOR DAVE
done I much to do with the SHOLTZ FOR U. S. SENATOR
BO, the "plan" originator would have gone to jail to -nouldinK of Florida history. electrocuted Kentucky and man had was been a native of 1 I I

martyr, and the fuss his followers would have stirred upi I Funeral I services will be held I Green Cove Springs for living the past In
would have been terrific. Idav morning at 10 o'clock at twelve .
I The
years. body
I was
in National Shrine of the Ira- placed Paid for
by friends of Dave Sholtz
President Roosevelt his In charge of the Key-McCabe Fun-
by action has therefore helped Tculate Conception. The Most
:.,; t to prevent the spotlight from again f'ussng't'ry! strongly Rev Michael' J Curley Archbishop I, eral Home In Jacksonville who are interested in the welfareof

: of Baltimore, will preside The in School of PI iiphy-; ; will' Florida.
I I I Rev Dr Ignatius Smith dean ofi I i I preach the sermon. _

Lt .- I

.-.,, --' "" """ .,,,' .
It R : :' .{ '--""':::' 2- -" --"' ''''' ''''' '''' --
w. :_' M 7' .., 411: ; -. 'ok ::':"":"

Bradford County telegraph
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:= := ;: = :::==-=------- -- ---:::.' .
----- -

1877 ___ _. _Subscriptlon-. Yea;, $1.50; Six: Months, i5C-Payab in Advance __ E. L. Matthews Editor and Owner

: = --c::: 0=--= ==-=. _

: ;: _. _..___" ._ . _.__ STARKE. FLORIDA FRIDAY. APRIL 29. 1938 NUMBER TWENTY-SIX: t;
. ..
--- __ u .- ,


RALLY many: friend here of Mrs. TWO PROJECTS IcouNTv

Jennie L. Card, widow of the late I NEXT THURSDAY


April 18, at the home of her son, i I j CHIEF A. L. ALVAREZ

C. C. Curd Sr. In
Cleveland, Ohio
Stores will close
on Thursday
AND THOMPSONR Funeral services! were held Wed- afternoon In Starke
1 beginningnext SPEND
I $756.56
nesday, April 20, and burial was Thursday afternoon, May 5,
in Woodvale I
Cemetery in Berea,
j and continuing until next Seplem-
Ohio >ho IH survived by her on.C. I -- ,, ., iv .
MO Chief of Poll A. L. Alvarez
> A.\ "Lex" Green To lIe,,! C' Card! .Sr and by a sialoi No Vole Soliciting Within Work Progressing Rapidly .>".diluted the petltlo.. .ng local I Deadline For Filing Expense -
I Ilit and b'othe.VilI, .
Featured Speaker j a .- : Hundred Yards On School and .. ow'; .'hants and had little dlfflculin Statements

_;> \ getting the
\I necessary coop-
Event !
Of Polls Market Buildings 'rill Ion Was April 21

-.- I \ Speak Tonight
The following business! holmes -- ...
exciting series of j I
i nmuxlng nn Supervisor of registration for Work, on Bradford County's two The
candidates In the I signed Hart Furniture Co.. LI'lla'sBeauty thirty-three candidates run
rallies 101 county communities Bradford County N. D. Wainwright pet projects Is progressing rapidly Salon. Three Friends Barber ning tot- county offices ( with the
varies Bradford and political get-I [ Sr yesterday released the toward completion, us an average Shop Stump's, Denmark Furniture exception of the Democratic Executive

big ipeaklng" for "rules and regulations governing of fifty men; atbor dally upon Co Jacobs', H. C. Wall, Su Committee member candidates -
to-gothei la staged tonight tile primary elections In the following the two structurp',' ) have l'
at the Interaction wannee Store Alvarez' Marguer- spent $750: :56 in their
I iFrliliV'' downtown l letter, addressed to all The Farmers Market building, Ities' Shoppe. White's. Gaesett efforts to be the peoples choice'fnelections
Cnll and Thompson
nf i flerks -
and inspectors of primary located one mile north of town between _. Hardware Co.. Alexander and Co.. thus far In the campaign.
opposite Carpenter's Drug : 'lections NEW YORK. CITY. Francis
In :
Streets County: road 13 and the railroad Priest's Five & Ten, Siatrunk'sFeed These facts were revealed by the .
R A. "Lex" Green will be a Warren: Pershlng, only son of General .
Store "There will be three ballots presents a grotesque spectacle at & Seed Store A. & P,, Wes. sworn expense statements which .
speaker at the time along John J. 77yearoldWorld '
featured I found In the various ballot boxes prerent with its gaunt beams and tern Auto Store, Holllngmvorth'a! the law requires candidates to file
candidates for county offices War commander, and his
with the for the First Primary Election in crosS beams towering Into the air. Shoo Shop, City Barber Shop, on record In the clerk'a!! office In
candidates for
the three the former Miss Muriel
and bride
this County May 3, 1938. It Is expected to start work on the Johns and Wainwright, Stem- the courthouse
Attorney.The I I II Bacho Richards leaving St. Thom-
State's "There will be the regular Democratic roof and floor soon and the whole berg's, Manning's, Tip Top Grocery The largest amount spent to 4
be heldat I :ts Church on Fifth Avenue last
,rally formerly to primary Election Ballot structure Is expected to be completed week after their weddinst, Many Star Worktngmen'a Store, date by any one county candidate 4

the high! school auditorium but which will\ be voted by all duly within six weeks. The completed till'wedlIng Bradford Hardware ('0.. S. R. Is $57.00:'$ and that by T. Frank
changed to the downtown location ] qualified Democrats. building will be about 240 prominent p.rsons Johns\ & Son O. K. Barber Shop. Lnndrum, candidate for representative .
I which was the most Important -
early this week, is expected to "There will be the Republican feet long by 00 feet wide; a prlmeter Edwards: Meat Market- to the state legislature from
regular one of the season
bring out, a capacity crowd, as Interest f of 680 feet for Bradford
Primary Election Ballot, loading and Housewives should remember to County Close behind
----- -
in the various campaigns Is 1 which will be voted by all duly :: unloading trucks and wagons. The do the shopping early on Thurs comes \V. P. Smith, also candidatefor

high and the event hag been well)) i 'qualified Republicans."You construction Is mipervlHed by WmKoith Another fig Egg days. "i'epreat'ritativgwlth n campaign -

talked up by mouth. handbills, and j will I The project was first okey- Competition between the hens, _. _-.- -- expense of 1300. Geo H.

newspaper advertising.The use the Primary Elec- 'd l in Washington in Auguut. 1937, Mrs. Inmiin, third candidate: fur this
at __ Hon Ballot Box for both the i IK keen them- days Tuesday
rally held Tuesday night at M1I__ ____ and Republican Ballots.Democratic and will probably cost over $20,000 Floyd Green. brought In nn egg I LEX GREEN office, has so tar held his corapulgn -

Lawtey in the Junior high school before completed A paved road tiiyed by one of her Barred Rock "CLEARS" LANDPAYS expense to only $3.1.00.

auditorium there was crowded to "There will be the Ballot pro- will run tl'OlU'the hard road (13)to ) \liens weighing 3 1-2 ounces and .1 The least spent bj any of the
I R. A. "Lex1 Green,
the doors and all candidates except this congressmanfrom viding for the creation of Brad- the, railroad, with the market WHS 7 5-8 Inches In circumference.Enoa TAXES ON LEGION I candidates la nothing, and this by
district and candidate
J. H. Moore and W. Fred : ford County into a Cotton Production building situated beside It and a Hayes brought us an egg almost HALL GROUNDS thoso running for Bond Trustee offices
for reelection, will be a featured
!Ioorp.. running for school board Control District, which may I concrete "yard". will extend sixty as lirge several weeks ago, HERE except H. L. Gutlln, candidate

and bond trustee respectively, speaker at the rally tonight The be voted by both Democrats and 'feet from the building in all directions and lust week J. II Fields broughtus In district 5, who reports $.1
political get-together will begin at Republicans, who are, free holders, The last obstacle blocking actual
were present and "In action. A. making the platformperfectly an egg weighing only 155 grains spent. Bond Trustees receive no
7:30: o'clock at the Intersection of and It Is your duty to call the voting construction on the new American
H Harley, prominent Lawtey business accessible to trucks from (1.3 of an ounce.) salary I
Call and Walnut Streets. of this last Ballot, to the at- .. Legion Hall at the corner of Christian
nan acted as master of ceremonies all points It is said. ------. -- -- Four candidates! for United
--- -- - -- and Call Streets was lemoveil
tention of the voters, ascertaining
or chairman for the eve- The new school building ad- States SenaUn have
this week when It was learned spent $10-
Yom the enclosed list of FI'ee 'f
ning. mittedly the most needed structure 162.19 so tar In their '.
Holders whether they are Free TEN SITES that R. A. "Lex" Green, candidatefor campaign.
As the rally tonight Is the last SIX CAR-LOADS Holders or not. in the county at present, rap- renomlnatlon to succeed himself Dave Sholtz hall spent 678291. ;

planned before the May 3 primary Idly makes Itself recognized as a as representative for this district Finley Moore $1,624.58 and T. C. "
candidates will doubt "A Free Holder Is a man or a Work under the OFFERED Merchant 126708. .
the no dig BERRIES OUT building. super- In Conpri-css, would bear the Thomas E. ;
bottom of their woman who owns real estate In vision of Jack Is Swanson. .
to the very "plat Thompson going burden of removing tax find pavIng Republican candidate \:

form sacks" and bare the secrets his or her own name. ahead faster that was first believed liens on the property amountIng : has, so tar, a campaign expense ,'

ao carefully hidden there to IN PAST \WEEK "If you find that some freeholders possible on this first $25,000 FOR POSTOFFICE to several bundled dollars. of $487.02. These reports were filed

the attending voters and opponents names have been left off unit of three proposed ones to cost The lots were donated for the In the office of Secretary of

There Is no doubt but that I the Inclosed list, you will add their over a total of $80,000 before completed building by Floyd Green and subsequently State R. A. Gray last week as required

the mud slinging, if there Is to be names to the list and furnish them and already all foundationsand the board of county commlsnloneis by law.EXpnses .
Will Be
When Location
any at all. will begin tonight, and Price Average Of $1.701! Ballots. the first floor are completed, have donated $200 'the of other candidates for

promises will\ flow like Alligator Per Crate "This last. mentioned Ballot maybe and plumbing, and some walls can Selected Is Not I City of Starke $200, the AmericanI.nrHnn high offices Include J, Tom Wat-

Creak after a ,cloudburst.The Brings I handed out after the regular be defined. This building Is located ,___u .trtflO and he WPA *!"S.nilfttor son, for Supreme Couit. SI.2fU.an.

spectacle 'In Interest, real- II I "In '$.T,85.5.00 Democratic or Republican Ballot In back ol''*tilt present consoli- UIIUU'- the actual"construction" T-;and: I no contributions; Eu&ene' S. 'Matthews tii' ,

turn and excitement will exceed has been voted, and will be placed lutrd Bradford, High School and I equipping of the hall, a total for Railroad Commission ,

am show ever seen, and anyone With six, express car-loads! out !'n separate Ballot Box provided .vhen completed (tail three parts) Ten sites have been submitted to of $6,000. The Impediment blocking expenses 1408.30, no contributions
who I for will be much larger than B. II. S Fred V Stump, past master ofHtnrke Waiter
same. Kehoe
mIsses It will be ignorant of In the pivst week the 1938 Brad- completion of plans up until for Railroad .'

history In the making. Who ever ford County berry season made it I "You are specifically Instructedto covered hall with facilities! for postofflce. as the location tlil.s work were the Hens against Commission, $911.06, contributionof

you are where ever you are, andno known that it isn't over by any separate all Ballots In both loading and unloading school buses of the new $70,000 poHtofflcc to be the pioperty' which Congressman/ $250 from Kehoe: and Kehoe of

mattei be will connect the two buildings built by the Federal governmentIn Green out of his M linn I; T. E Duncnn, for Slat
what you are doing, means, ns low quality North Carolina boxes before you begin tabulating, paid own pocket
urr that your face Is one of the and Virginia ben-lea. made a and if there are some Ballots placed making passage' between the two Stnrke It was learned yesterday Work Is expected to begin; with. Attorney, Eighth Judicial Circuit

humlr-dx at the big political! rallyat heavy demand for local fruit on In the wrong box, through error convenient, especially on cold and The reqneit for bids wan announced in ii week and when completed, the $870.43, no contilbutlona.

(he corner of Call and Thomp- northern markets. / it III your duty to properly rainy duyi; two weeks ago and alltubmitted combined Legion Post. Scout Hall The deadline for filing expense
bids will be investlKated. -
son Streets In Sarke tonight (Fri I group and place same in the proper Work on the two projects has I /; and Rotary Club center will havea statements was midnight Sunday.
Three of the cars were shipped However, of the bids
none I
day i beginning at 7:30 o'clock.BRADFORD one : group. only been under way a very few unique log finish and will be In However, all reports were In Sal- ...
from Starke. one Saturday '
i to the size
_. -.. I TiieKdav and the third Wednesday, "A copy of this letter Is being weeks In each case and the W. P. came the exactly requestedby dimensions 45 by 60 feet by one 'inlay.\ Clerk of the Court, A. J. 1

and contained a total of 1,720 placed In the Ballot Boxes of each A. Is furnishing the labor as wellas government. story hlRh The building will be Thomas, said.Amountl :1 j
I most of the funds. The.. Farmers It Is not known just how longa one large auditorium with a modem -
and if do not clearly
crates. Forty-six crates were ship- precinct you by each of the
time will lapse before one of the ,
Market when In and
operationwill singe dressing rooms and
IS HONORED 3ed In small lots by express and understand the procedure, you will county candidates as shown! by'' '
sites are selected or a request' for other
be under management of the up-to-date conveniences-
call at office ur at the the statements
approxlmntely 600 crates moved : please my expense are: <
additional bids is made. The bids .
State of Florida.
-- '---
HISTORY REVIEWED IN irom Staike by truck, making a Clerks office for full explanation. submitted were by: W. II. Griffin candidate for ;

TIMES UNION LAST ijrund total for the week of 2,300 ''I I "The husband or wife of a Free SHORT TERM school board member $27.70. i
WEEK Holder should also be allowed to C. M- Ritch, Ownpr-Nol.th..utt
crates. Lswtey has shipped three W. E. MIDDLETON "
corner of Jefferson and Thompson CIRCUIT COURT L. L. Conner, candidate for ;|
Sat- I vote on the Special Ballots, and
this week also, one
Bradford County was honored cars past to be tabulated SPEAKS' IN JAX Streets, 105 feet front by 105 feet county commissioner, $23.
and Wednesday. the results are on
Tuesday KLONDEZ:
In a very large advertisement of urday I I" shee by that AND HECK W. i.. Wall candidate tor oon provided
and the 122 cratesmoved separate
three deep.Wilson
Burnett National Bank of Jack. "SCREW WORM" IS SUBJECTOF Realty Co., Agent IniHtee nothing.
truck total purpose.
there ,
sonville in the Friday. April 15 crates. "Yours very truly TALK TO RIVER- Southeast' corner of Madison And of the shortest.. court sessions L. J. Wynn, candidate: for coun- t I
Issue of the Times Union. Sectiontwo. 1,634 SIDE GROUPDr. 'ty commissioner, $27.90.
for "N. D. WAINWRIOIIT. Thompson Streets, 105 feet onMadl.son In several years was held
page one. Prices, have averaged $1.70 and 145 feet T. L. Wainwright, candidate for :
on Thompson here this week when the spring
strawberries "Supvr. of RegistrationIn W E Middleton addressedthe !
the seven days, some -
The Street. county commissioner. $30
advertisement !session of the Eighth Judicial Circuit -
addition, the following law staff of Riverside Hospital and
bringing $2.15:: and others
and short history of Bradford was I Court convened In the H. D May, candidate for bond J ;
Is A. W. Anderson, OwnerSouth- court
$1.25. It 13 estimated that Starke passed by the 1937 legislature fever a I invited guests at the reg-

entitled "BRADFORD, The Straw realized $1.914' and Law pointed out to candidates, who liar meeting' In Jacksonville, Tues- vest' corner of Cherry and Mudl- hoime here. trustee nothing ,j
berry Center growers M. R. Futch, candidate for '
and of North Florida tey growers $2,811, for thla"bumper" m'ght' not know of its existence: !ay night on Streets, 105 feet front by 105: Judge A. Z. Adklns )presiding school board. $27.40.P ,:

Immediately beneath was a Sect. 0. 17899, laws of eet deep. oo-jrt with Rev -
remains ( Chap. opened prayer by
Picture of crop. Quality ; DI'. Mlddleton: chose as his aub- D. Reddish candidate for
the towns Bradford County, withIn excellent and money can be made Florida Acts of 1937, House Bill )lect .cre'''' Worm Infection In G. M. Slstrunk. OwnerNorth- \v. A. Fischer. The first case on county commissioner; $3?. .1f- ,
and roads marked.
The picture at $1.70 per crate for berries 421, reads aa follows:) The Human Bring." In his talk west corner of Cherry and 'all the docket the State of Florida S. E. Sparks, candidate for

strawberries was surrounded by shippers nay and "the season will "DISTRIBUTION OF LITERATURE he discussed the origin and manlier Streets. 105 feet front by 105 feet versus John lIege, charged with school board $27.

catching" both and was very "eye go on one more week, anyway" as I NEAR POLLING of the attack of the crew 'leep. MSHiiult with Intent to kill was T. Frank Landrum, candidate '
from an advertising aed. PLACES PROHIBITED. the bad S. Inez Green, part owner and continued on motion by defendant ..
and one Starke .shipper! expre worm. Dr Mlddlcton has con- tor legislature, $57.T. : .
I The news standpoint: Estimated tabulations for the I (lay of any general, special or primary "pr'lble] experience: with IIcrewYoI'm Agent-Northwest corner of Court The only other case on the criminal D. Dyal, candidate for county i

reading matter below the election It shall be unlawful'or Infection in the last few and Call Streets, 120 feet on Court docket that promised Interest,
show \
the Telegraph commissioner $28.
I Picture was a big boost for our season kept by any person to distribute any and was therefore able to ind lO'i feet on Call Street.S. the case of the State versus Mike .J
to dita. 3,883,852 pints of years W. P. Smith candidate for '
that legislature
county and fully appreciated by have been shipped from political pamphlet card or literature !handle his subject with great abil- Inca Green, Owner--Northwest and Gladys Klondez charged with $43. !

eVeryOne who read It. The Times berries of any kind, or to solicit corner of Jefferson and Court murder of Mallle Groves here lust ; 'to
with a return to H. P. candidate tor. .
County Galney.
UnIon Bradford
has' by the way a daily I //ote, or to approach any elector ty.He ,Itrpets, 123'.i\ feet on Jefferson July 3. was continued on motion "
of $363,297.Shipments also presented a case for commliaioner '
county $33.
lrculatlon: of over 50.000. more ',growers or voter in any attempt to solicit 10:) feet on Call Street. by the Stile due to the fact that t
have study In which great Interest was A. B. Surrency. candidate for
ten times the population: of from Plant City otea, within one hundred yards C. A. Futch, Agent-(All of block certain witnesses needed were not '

Biajford, County. Here i Is the .| ceased and North Carolina and of any polling place. It shall be manifested.Dr. 21, 105 feet on Call. lOIS:' feet on present.The" school board $26.00. ;

article: Virginia berries are termed "very tho rititv nf nil nrace- officers- and Middleton has promised to _&f9flimn..__-!--...... 210--- n.fet- on-.. Cherrv-'" n and.... civil docket... .. wan.. .... nn.. .mora..... .In.-- J. A. J. McKinney, Jr. candidateror

i Here's Real Gold( ui the Fertile poor" quality. election officials ';arrest any per- ddress the staff again and dis- 1 210 feet,on railroad. terestlng than the criminal In school board, $26.

Solli of Florida I Local shippers estimated 10,000 on guilty of the above offense In f'susa other topics. .. N. D. Wainwright, agent for / the brief argument of Knight and M. L. VVatternon. ; candidate'- ;for

Bradford County was created In hampers of beans have been shipped tie presence, .and to vigorously en- ..::..-.:.----_.,. LJJl- ., heirs of J, W. Alvarez, deceased, Knight versus Claude Prevail, school board, $24.
R. A. Weeks
candidate for bond
1861 by Act of Legislature the In the past seven days the .'orce this provision Any person Ask For Ballot Northwest coiner of VAilnut and judgment in favor of Knight and trustee .

parent 'I' lowly slxty- this shall be jefferson Street 105 feet front Knight was handed down. nothing.
counties having been Co average price being a violating provision County Agent T. K. McClane. by|I E. J. Lewis, candidate for school
lumbia, created In 1832. New River .Ive and seventy cents per hamper ;jullty of misdemeanor, and shall I 105 feet de-p. The case of F. L. Don. versus
Jr. today urged all free holdersto board, $26.23.Mallory .2
County and Suwannee County created -.I, hardly the cost of production ocelve the punishment provided! remember to ask for a ballot E.: W. Hayeu Agent Northeast I John H. Denmaik was continued.The Thomas. candidate for

from Columbia County in Reports from Lawtey say ty general law with reference to corner of Madison and Bay Streets, case between Shaw anil, Keeter :
P.t the election office this coming I county commissIoner $2i.J .
I8:*. Baker County formed from .ome farmers have had to take nlsUemeanois 203 feet on Madison, and 200 feet Motor Company, plaintiff, and S
anti to vote for districting -
Tuesday :M. Rosier candidate for
New .
River and remaining portion their beans home again. The ---.- .--- -- on Bay I| E. Canon, defendant, was decidedIn
County as a pure commlflfllnner. $23.
of New. River County changed to reason for these ruinous prices Is Unusual Advertisement 3ea Islond cotton control dl.itrlct. p:. W. Hayes, Agent Irregular i favor of the plaintiff. Oeo. II Inman candidate for

? foil County on December 6, nothing mere or less than a badly of tract, "L" shaped on Madison and! :, All case i except Alle Seti: >r versus -
most unusual advertisementwan This will nu'fin a treat representative. $33.
18GI.lI In honor of Captain Richardf'rwo.d flooded market A Bay Streets: 105 feet f-ont on !i Thomas J. Blltch and C. W.
received the other day by C. money to Bradford County If the R S. 'Va ,thl, candidate for
the first Florida officer One hundred hampers of cucumbers I/iaill.ton: which excepts one lot In Taylor; were haird( Monday, the
store owner, of Lea Island cotton It
local growing commissioner, $30 80.
killed In the Civil War. brought $1 to $1.23 and 200 .S'.rner on l\1a1hwn and Bay 98 | Utter came up for triAl yesterday
will be able to
Yom a buggy and wagon manu- continued as we Dr W. E Mlddleton, candidate
In August. fifty and Met on Madlaon by 200 feet on morning Thursday p
1837: Starke deClared of squash forty
was :
hampers East Point, seed free from contamination for school
'iicturlng concern In produce pure I board, $25.40:
legal' the local platformthis 'ot:; - -- --- ---
county seat of Bradford sixty cent on ('...orgl. The ad read: Let us all from any other co'cn.f W. II. Edwards candidate for
County 'I --- --- -----
In the Western portion week. ut our shoulders to the wheels of : there Is no rather cotton fla't- Unusual Flower county commissioner, $33 40

mostly of the county farming ia ---..-- White Hickory" wagons and I ed within the county. 'Tlr-ae be1 I II ttcvival ServicesRevival An Easter! lily stalk with twen- i"'. C Hollingsworth. candidate'

*nu general wlthjiome tobacco! Plount' buggies, and push on to I sure It you: are a free ho 1 to,.' I II beginning at Pleasant t '.two blooms wes brought to :or county commissioner! $I 1.00.. '

Part ck-ralslng.there In the Eastern Sholtz Will Speak prosperous limes. Freight fates I McClane: sail I. "an 1 era l-tereat- alley, near Long Bridge, next Carpenter's Drug Store Tuesdayby II. L Gallin, t-on-l trustea candidate

farming Is considerable general Sholtz, candidite for U I .'til soon be higher so you should ed In the progress of Brjdro 'sturdily night, April 30, service Mrs Din Moore. The stilk district. 5, $3:

ric Strawberries and especially strawber- Dave Senator, will speak over radio I buy Immediately all the wagons County to ask for c b hit ant mducted by pastor Rev J. K. had thirty-two bud. Mrs. Moo)e I W S. Slbley. candidate for

from this section S. Jacksonville tonight i nd buggies you can sell in the /ote for d.stilctlng. to mike! Ci1.Old CiHiigsworth.; Special music and said!, hut ten dried up Mrs ichool board $27,65.Frank .

important make up one of Florida's most station WJAX) In from 7 until 7:30: next twelve months, Let us quote : County a pure ....n Island .ilnglag. E"erybody extended a Xoorc has a beautiful flower gar- T Abernath', cand''! T'.e'
crops. Berry ship-I ( Friday lato i vised pi Ices :ottin contiol district." mot cOI'I.1! welcome. I, del at her home south of Starke. (Continued on l'affe Ten) .
Continued on Page Ten) o'clock p rn. .

..,. . -
"!, ; ...

'" --.. '''" ..----- "..... ,- -: _'m ,-"""." ,-- '_.. .. y--. .......-,' T- '''-.'," rv. ,".... --.... ...............-..... ,ii "-.""-"".' -' -\1. .. k: I fJ.JlJ.. ij" '" -. .
...... "- -r5.yr .., _. ... ..,,,,,,,, ,,," ,-" ,"'If '_''10 -\.


.- -__ __ __ ._ __ .. . _ .__ u __ ._ ._ tin, I
--- ---- -- -- -- -- - --- --

PINE LEVEL H"'I I tat) years: 1 0'1'1"n smimiit rttiii, I sql .,' tiled taxes blddeiat I the, CourthouRe door In held by the Slate I I.,. ,,d i .-

I hi- i Isu I'll'| itNt' of .hol.111. I HI"I NOTICK". IS IIIY'ms I To I held liy the Sttiif' he ndvorllMOd and HInkion', the 2'Mil! dny of _\IH'I. sold to I the hlirliem, | | 1

STUFF Mrs. II. 7.!. Mcltae, Correspondent tltcl loll In en<'h (llnti I 'h. (. :ill flnhlorH.. of the E.I sold I to the 5 hlifhi-Ht I bidder for, ,'11.. hIN liKV 1 at, 1:00: o'clock A. M. us provided by Chus t"I 1"00. ',, ,

low In if isa gore ai"o appoJiitodfflll I .. Toindi*, d's cawed, to pav t nil I a' I" pi'Mvlded, bv Chapter 182I> of the 1..t the Kilt day of April, I li.li! sits of t the LI>KI ,; ",; hi
; : ,
,\\H' OIIIKB due nnd toying the vu ld' *- I, I l'i.7':! u-ts of the r.virllaturo, upontin !! :; ). 'Ih.5 follriwlnw I iloscrlh I ''P.
ABOUTSTAHKE Mr and Mis. E J. McRue, of \.nd"'hil., i Afuna,.!'". Kllery tale the 1'ndarBlnrncd, an I r.II.111 I I deBi 11,." real I ctHtate ( UI'I''IIL SISAL) n the Countv of ni.uli si l,,i I. ,' ''It\:.

Waldo and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie 'I'" lur"h.B.rfi. Hum 'Ntratilx, to to all cnd In t ( nf 1'alto'd., Stale ofI"lsuridut J. THOMAS, 1"1"11.1.| to-wlf: ',0: ,.. "'I
h.'dd., "1" ( & .liilmaiitH ,. claim.dmil-// lo-wlt: I'larlc of Circuit Court of 13015

JiickHon.: of Gainesville were the New Hivcr: 1Ia"/'... Whle-j' .onnt, duly fie YOI'S 0. 0'it iS the \V'' of Lot Ii7 In Voodlawn Sec. Urnilfora County Florida. Addition I. a-to 3 H."t"RI'' <. J,, I d' 1

I of II. M. McRae Monflv. H..I"h 'y Judire of Uracirnril County, wlthi .. I-1B-3I-4-SII.!/. I i \ I
.\M: BR.t1)I 081) C0NTYWork guests Sunday 20 Tp f S 51. 23 13.. .nl.III./ Nwy J4 Pert ,r\\ '
iiflernoon. I 4MP!>;. _. !! '.Johnt. ;. .: (lKht mrtnthH from the f Ii'*t II-,! ft A'.,'nu. mnl'A or 1HM.Ihe W itf its iv M5.; .. .. 1':1: :
:: "' I luniloii nr 'Urn nonce or PIHU innald luxes tri i be Hold me" ,'\' ,. flbv T60'l'I'i'7 NWL4 Sec. r. iiV"' -' i
: US
1'i,: > "b.jr' f .
> llcildiBh, N and I < ,liilm against the willImned : ,I. I
; A I3lll. 1418NOTICH '
..t"l. ceitlflcnte No. till and BUI of Ill-It The '
Mrs. F. M. While of Jacksonville I I. It "I .. and uncollectatilaPAl'LINR taxea t. ."M ., ,. .
t'121: and lli.'l.t and 11KIIEBY J1IVICN, to11 '
represent bv '
of completely ; If certificate 11''
remodellingand of last week hel'ewih ItlMlnK: rRI' Drift ..Alvases1.cisi i TOKOIH3, No. I :'u ,
spent pail ( ''. andI'otry unpaid I"xo. fnr" the yeaml)22 \ I II t ."y i'one'ei'n I that I, the un- spectlvely. and J I
of Mrs. Alvurei,
lopiilrlng the home 1'llw'nrd. Adml"I.I'al.IX. IlilH both Inclusive, itmountlug (lei'slH'ied.vlll' nOI.. responsible taxe for the 1'"t', : l "t'

HlUlnbello Benre on Madison Ave.. Mrs.nlatvls.Chits McMillian, of Lakeland 1.0.1.L.wl..: Managers', Clyde Kellev -1.5.41-4-29.- to $44.84.AT.S1) for ally .I.h. l.nd. bv 1' wife both In.hl.IY. a"'I". i, I.,,,. "'
I, : l'-j nf Lot 67 In Wood- Clara or 'r. Alder-
HaitI tax 1"1''
has recently been finished and spent last week here with Hlowart.P. .w. I. L. lluuith mid IS. T. %:o'rht09' Otl.n 01' 'I" \\ lawn Hec 20 T.... 6 8. It. 2 iiiiin. .h. .r 1.my 1.0 and all siihseiment '' 'I' ,t"b," /

Mrs Hence now occupies the beautiful ( KiuirirtTKHN'OTICK : I n:., A'res. moro h..rd. luxes bo ''11.1 .r'lbidder '
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Jackson. A. J. ORIFFW.Secretary.. IM HHHK1JV (1IVKN' that lens."nlalnlnl I 01 T. J. ALDRRMAN. wil sold i I n i-,' ,

renldVn.ee. There is nothing T. N. Norman and ,, of Bradford Tile he 4-14-4t-r Inn Couith.u." ,,.,. ,t 1"'Obl, I'!
Mrs daughter .1 It : ;. Chairman. I Th. Lhltildntor I tuxes I, sold are "vlt..dhy SliiiUe on the 2'ith dm, ,' I
like white paint to make a house Helen and Oorthea of Gum "- MOOr 01 n'.nk., hits filed with le'Ifh'll., No. 308 ass 8r8 ---- tittth. at ll'flo, o'clock A. '. .r'",
2.4-f.13. I'mi written request that the tax tli.12, : respectively represent \ .1 OK 5 tI.t-I OK T.' X the M.
show up Branch visited her parents, Mr. I. rrrllflcate. together, with nil unpaid taxes for the years 0.1.1.'KIl'I'IKIf/t'l'HS ))9nu: .I"d lhll Hth .1.\ \''"

!!, and Mrs. H. M McRae Saturday A.. .CKIITIFKATEINflTICK _. .. ._ riuent.... I... omitted. .._ ..or_ _..levied_ _.. .lh-1 1:1: to 19:IH. .both l"elu.IY. amount- VOTICR IS IIIORKHY (lIVI1I' that ('I.'YIlI\I. SKAL)
In 118.20.Said Front demon has filed with .
p ".r. vr
r..r J.
One of the more accurate signs I and were accompanied home byher I IS HEHiHT C1IVEX Ihnt Hold, 1 i to; the; i, ;I; .i"'b'ir'i;; for cashas ; t.tx celtlflcntes together' with 'me written requalut| that Iht taxeitlflcates S THOMAS' ,
I ,
of spring Is evidenced In the fact I sister' Mrs Audrey Newmansand I,,0 W. AI."al nan filed with provided liv 1S810 of theI'1.17 all subsequent omitted or Levied .. tnirethnr, with eubsefiuent Hrndford'lp'k. l-lrtiiit( ,," r
that the I ': 'acts of the Legislature, taxes be 'OUII t i Flr"4a] ,
I" wrll.n rmiueKt tax upon wil sold to the highest omitted or levied taxes 4-I 5-It-4.29.
lost flock after -
that Sunday brought / little son Hurley [ ",'( together with all mibHoiiuent Ihe f"l"wl"l described real estate

flock of visitors to Klnfcsley Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Jackson omitted or levleil ,laxeH In i 'olnly of rtiailford 11"1. otl"I"'ld"
livid liy the he and I :
lake. Several house parties were anti' little sun Ronald. spent Sunday Hold I I. the 1.le. ,n.le.t.,1 10-\1 I ANNOUNCEMENTS-I
/ rah 3s.of, NW'j of N'lli: of BB'i
In full swing In spite of the unexpected -: with MI's. Jackson's mother provldi-d, liy Chnptcr" I clue! of the Nl'5'i' of S".r Si'i', R'e.25 POLTICAL

chill Bathers combed the j Mrs Eva McMillian at Stnrke. 1 t'H!' ",'|. uf the Lefrlfilatiire. U"OI 'I'l'Ti, S. n 2J I':.. .o"lalnln&:
tho folloufnir I real
beautiful lake shore and dipped.j Those from Staike who attended the h'"siIthV of doHcrlhed f.df.rll., Stale eMatein of The I ft A.e.I"ass tnor i bo nr sold less.me evidencedbv I I 1 FOH "' l'0lt KCIIOOI, ItO till> iou t'orvrv ,'4)5i ,

and dined the '' riortitn.' I I.-wl'' "' I. Nns 2H4' and 2nd, of Subject the Democratic Prlnmiy I I hert'bantiiince myself a can- I hereby" aniitssu, ,, SIiSt.iIt:9 i, ;
throughout "
the reunion at Barber- '
family S\\ rlt"'nt. I Klectlon I hereby Announce Pd vfe for member of the SchoolPonrd I fni, .1.1."
\1 of Sl'4 of Ry Sec. l'i 112 I I County '
The uuual luke dwellers are IIlY'I'I' hue! Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. H.H. I ::1 i |>. .A S. It. 23 K I., c'on.lnlnl; I i Msent unpaid, r..I.h.II taxes, )the ami rep- I. mv candidacy for SCale Attorney. from: Plstrlct Number One .mitt t Two ( 01"1"1". h sin'','' i ", I ,.
H A.'. tOI year lcitrltt' h J11'hLI: circuit. cnmpo..tof ri and North ) siibii'ct ,
ed to begin moving out shortly Lewis, H. It!. McRae, Miss .. more or less. tall lo I'l.ts.! ;: hulls hlll.l.e., amounting Atutchusa. iiutey HI.rk. the lieniocriitli' 11"' .'
I'n .
} Th. I'ixeK to It- Nr>ld, are evidenced I' $75.67Suld Hak. ndford. (711- to the will of the \"t.r. In 'Hie )."- lie held May ::1:

close of school. Edna Lewis Misses Melva and bv celliticflts" No. SOD and BOB or I tax certificates tiiR-ellier, with / christ.. Levy and Union Counties.t.tlt. 0"i-atle Pci sun 5 9' Mm .1. If elected I 1 liloniK' ,. i,. ,,

I lorolhy Crosby. Miss Elinor Connor lino and 1933 leHportlvely and all I I snbsoijuent ."It.I I .,l or Leviedtn'H Vote. and .Ul..l will b.apl'lcIRlcd. I was Kiadtiated, fiom Bradford "people' of 1 lie Set-otul' I l >' "ii ,
ri.rcBcnt| unimld, Ia fnr I Illifh hue worked In all liradford nd
I' sea I the yesis'sISIS I' I be I the Ant "I'hnnl. County at' lit .
I ,illy Graham, Identified as one and MlaslK'rl"e and Irene I 1H1H. l,rith 11.1".IYo. uniount- lifdder wil the Courthouse.. I. ,hllh..t : T. E. BiCANCainesrille
I tug 'to *:M; :n. .I Florida. time ... of the ..hooll of I .
i he moil firm supporters of Lewis day was very much Sinrke on I.. lath! day of .1"1.1 p.OI. l.n.l. .I.ve mv "XI"'I'i i i'" ,.
I ALSONKl'i'' of SRI/, & N'' of I'i'I: ;as. at 11 : o'clock A. 7.1.tuted I Iu I ford ( nt all time. YonI a ",'" of Ktarke f.i,, s u I., .,.ty
enjoyed by all present. N '. ..f vote and will h I
nmmer spo'l and a Hrl4 of $KI Her. 3 Tp. this ton 9lh slay support appreciated cral year ti its'I Ifll ,." i ,, ,

awun overstepped, the KlngSley// Remember the services at Pine OH. It S3 Icontaining 50Acres .ta. >- ofPI'I'i J TO THR OFMfnATt. VOTRRSIF position and I shall ,'. ,'hl')
lean flratefullv "fl" ?
more or < 1 your
line recently and was J Level Church this week-enll The taxeN tu he Hold, ate, evidenced 01.11".I. THO.MH, I THI: 101TI JU1HL'ILClnCIJT M. D (Melvin) FUTCH.KOH supportW.. M. 1:1'I.: '

In ircltlnir full Sized i Mr. and Mrs. B and liv r-ojllflcrtte! :: 2H7, dtl and ".D4'| l'I"'k I (1llc'll i irfiii I.
enJslld n I ,. : .,., : '.. .: __ of ('lr'll Court of h.ly .nnouI"e my candidacy __n ._ 'u.
boar In order. boat Is to children were visiting relatives In .. ''d.' r..p..v".y. utiifirorci "'Iorlh.. for n* 1'1. Attorney toMiieceed MCIIOOI notllll I .c.rv <'OMMOISOM"u
Bly'll and' represent the 4ir.it4S9.uriiK: ) I )'" ", continued I wish to announce mv candidacy I hereby announce .
\\1 I 'I. 'oml. m\ "I i i i ,,
be repaired,. and gotten ready for I "urn Branch section Monday afternoon slvi the years, ID10 to 'J I'owXcr. -.-.- .orne.t, energetic and faith for re-election a member of the fur nomination as "'055"lIT \ (. ,""nl." '''J.

lake tiding, and the affair is HaUl' .mountn/ \ or Ps i>prir \iio\ FORT ful performance of the duties of this School Board from nitrlct Nn. I. sloner of Brndfo'c, Count v t IM'irin"
ore C..llt.u'.. together with lgii, I I office subject to the will of the Voters In Number, ,'Ii I ,
of the "kicker-toting' models, ill ." ""' or Ievledliiie The tn the l'n.l. i ')",
Onll.d (..nat. HIMn. In Ik continued support" of the the IiiMnocrutlc Pilmarv, Mnv 8. Democratic PI'lnl'1' \

with steering wheel and wave-ac GUM BRANCH 'itlddei" wi lie the highest VOTICI, I H.:11HO"'I: that I rieinoi-rats of this Circuit will be HIS. If re-elecled to this office I If re-electod I ",011., 'in, ',..' .
I the ( ourthouiie
door In. T J. (' deeply ,sincerely to to hon".I. I
A.I.rman. h"ll., a.pe'lal.d. 1"I.e lalnBlal.ln. ul.I f. 'I.ful i
tion Quirks 1 on the 21th day of April, I .ontnu. serxlce I ,
tile 2nd. for the best the
I..n.d day work iciulii
tlt"II' hnv" I
Annie Mac ('or. I'llH. at It I ::00 oYloHc, A. Ar. I J. C. ADKIN8Oalnemille. Inl..t ul The 'ihe
larllJI. A. D.: 1114. has filed came M'houl. I In ( p-ist. active fluppoi I
Florida. Irnlol'c .lltY. .i i 'b.|
Pal."I thin
the nth day of April In office and ha voteis .. ,
I'115 mv mud application I J. I MOORK.ioit "respectfully I BOI|, i. .'

Clean-up and bulld-u-blt week Mr. and Mis A. J Yarbrough \ for a tax deed to be Untied -. L. L. 1'0:\1:1:|.
OI"F'II'\\ 'h..on. FOIL M'F t'l'E't .TOt1EY: MC-IIOOI. ItO till)
has arrived The J. M. Alvarez '
end suns and Mluscs WInona and I IRtltha I :' :. Said, ,'.I'ltl.nl. enilirnci-H the fol I hereby announce myself tie cnndldatu I hereby nnnounce' a candidate 1.0& ('ol'\oV <'OMSIIS'IIO'1i'lt

store on Cull street Is receiving anew Bradley were visiting relatives -I of Circuit Court of ''owlnl "I'.ery, In Ih.I for the office of State' Attorney for election m,1 m.mb.r of h..y, An'.n.e I thni' F ,u

coat of paint last week and a f'ndr"rd. Countv. Florida. '"n'v of II'n'I""d." 8111 of rinil- the r.lB-lith Judicial Circuit the. School Board from District Two, a ",,,ldt. for ( '"nt). I'"u", \ii. .t".
I In Jacksonville over the da, towlfNVntlicaHt: subject to approval of the ""1".1100111, Stalk. ThereRsn er r. "", ",,' ,' Tin'ei.. '.' i ,

newly erected kitchen on the W. .vcek-eml. \OTHK ., I rjunttcr of Xorthwent voter In the Democratic Primary ""I H.m" fn Cil. subject lo the the \11 of the voterIn, ,"t''," i.'., .

E. Bryant residence was completed OF .ri.i't'rtovroll Quniter, SectIon 24 Tfi\vnnhii> 7 I May 3 I n1'y lmpolble, duroInl will the In the Demointlc p.lUB"Y., MIIX', I l I' i

J. Harnnge Rlen,1el the tall I., T\\ KIH: jouth. R.n2 "Rant, contain the "ulp"lln. for.. me to meet ", Piiinary, Mav S. If elected I hnxe '...n U'lpd ,to "run f.t t t.
recently The Magnolia Hotelis In Jacksonville week-end. 4Ceuilp Hill "So. t<:) 10"1" nt I. .0.1 ly etery voter, but I aii- promise to woi.k for the best Inter- flee hv ..' 'I voleiIn I,, ,n, 'i.
also flesh, here I vrvricrns-iiKREnir: 11\lS. That The Renment the nld prop stile" 1'1 I the sts of all the nchools In Bradford I trlct, If It I is. u'Nh t '
and thereIn spol.tng. paint and Mrs B M McRue and j.j.Mr. \V IFenrv Andrews, hoh.r 6/fl erty undT the staId certificate l is- I vote and .." '.wil 1""le..t"Iraotoro I Countv Your vote and actIve HUP-- (.hiiiBT'1. at I I"I\'i\ :;"' and' 1 ;I.; :t ",n a*

jhlUien of Tax Cettlflcnte Issued utcd In. In the name of J. ('. Las. County fttende.ZACH. solicited. xx'lth the office, I 1'1"11.( I -.
were visiting relatives In "oJ >
fith, due'
of September A. D. .
("I"A said certificate hall ba re II. POt'GI.AS. W S. I cent of the best '.iy .11""! "
his section Monday night. In'!. has filed same In mv office "..1. a..orl"O, to law. lisa prop I -- "IBI.FV. a-lv* them a clean AId I h, -i ii,s.i

many of the sections of the Rudolph Chislm who has been ind, has, made application for a taxrleed erty d.I..d h.r.ln will be olil I Kon sll0Ot. no Sill "hI""I"n., anti di'\ .,. i .

county farmers are putting in I I 1. IHOI.I, thereon. to .. Mddpr nt the coast I hereby announce my candidacy In tl''ll- behalf Kesldent,,' I Itt I'
employed In the CCC camp In SaIl ..,'ll.nl. embraces, the foll.whA hniiMe door on the fIrst Mondnv In I Knit inpiti: .:. .:\. for nomination as a member of the 4(1 v.'nrs: laxpavei" "7 \ ." .d i,.
from "sun to sun" hours down on : ".. property In the 'she month of Slav ISIS which 'TI"F School rut ted "' .
Cheraw S. C., for the past six I. to the ) '" Prf- Itnnrrl from IHstrlet' Two ommon school of q.; .! ? dM
IlhJ. .
the farm. In mnst places field ountv of nato"d. Stat of Flori the 2nd., day ot 1Iay. 1938. I May 3rfl I heiehy..,announce subject to the will nf lbs Pemocrallc Florida Plant City HIgh "n,"
months returned to his home here da, lo.wl: "nt'd thin 31.,.. y of I"'h. A I >nv c-andldacy for Kepresentatl\e in voters In the Primary Rlec- eta' I t'' s-se I In Tampa BUMD' ,.o.,1.I
corn peanuts and other crops are Friday. I "0. yF. Cor of SK'/ of NKi/i D. ISIS. I,, Hie State -.psls'ntm-e from ",'ad. titus MAY a. If elected I will dlllntlv leg-*.

planted and corn Is described as / Hun' f 715 f'V 4(11( ft. N 746 (OKKICML. SEAL) ford County. .. wrk for better Bradford J. [1. (J..k ) FIF.i.tu.
Mrs. E. E. >
Yarbiough of Wood- R ( to Ben Kx. I
N 1
A. J. THOSfAS ( .
r A.r. i I I vote and
am In favor of and will .nly ..h..I. YOI' sup-
"half-leg high" in the Scout PI.'ly.
Hole Section
lawn was visiting her parents: Mr. | 1 Township 8 South. Clerk of circuit Court of i : putt I n FOR ('ol'\'rv f.O"'I.

AL.River Uh nOI_ New U_ .River_sections. of 'nd" -Mn.V--- .. -R_. u"'u v, lpl.'au RanK.' East' '.. nnlalnlnl I | L'r.-.-"J.Bradford County, Florida.'eo'rl'el |I I w'Hk In..p" ..nr.n.IAI"n. Cfl' lIst' p"r"'LlCd.S.. B. SPARKS. ....!r ciMiniy hereby announce. my. uie The -, 'Ke Assistance aid to the blind and I "omm'.lon"' .
vuuuiy. I 1.31 laths rarrlsn. native afternoon I assessment the said pro"- : POEt ('HOOI. notnn trlct Tlnee subject tn the uvIl, of
farmer of that section said arty under the mild I.- '1..ldP"1 children. I the voter In
,llt."t. I hereby announce a candl- the O"mof.n"" Pri
Cliarney Yarbrough and W. R. **i"d wan In the OK 'I..: OP TAX Hrnstlo reduction In and re.dlstnibution slit. my.el to b
for held
n.'n. election 3
this week that crop outlook was rlxon.I'nlenM. Ofb..t CKHTIKIC4TR* of taxe tn Bradford May UJ
better than last Dixon of Woodlawn, were visiting Bald certifIcate he NOTICK IS HKUKHT lIVEN that I would under no condition favor County Board of Public Instruction Ynl, vote and support 1,I b
by from ,
year a long Itudolph Chislm ahal Arthur i .. dl.Cr.t number 2. componed of greatly ."pr.cl..d.
Saturday afternoon redeemed ""ao.dlnl to the T.ee ha. filed with vote for ANY new tnx.Better South Starke, Theressa .
shot. Sampson
"' ..clh.d be mt written request that the tax .chool. with best teachers subject )OLLISOSWOPTI
0"13 tn the wilt
l..ln of
wil certificate I' tho voters In
the highest the"futtrt together with all ubrfefjtietit .u,1 most up-tn-date school equlpmnt the FOK COI'MTY
Misses Annie and Leila Hal lioiine d"o. on the first. Mon- omitted or levied taxes ohtalnabli with a full nine 191*. O""ol'.atc Primaries May 3. I hereby COHMKI'IOMR, ;

Captain Jonnson, Company Com- nage and Misses Helen and Dorothy slav In the Month of iliac 'IU. held bY 'the state be advertised and month term guaranteed each boy If elected I promise to give date, for r-leotlon announce my..I. adl..
lilch Is the dAY of told to the highest' hldder for cash I and gIrl In our County and State.in'reas.ed an of
8th. June A.
mander of the Veteran a camp located Norman recently visited Sil If 191ST IN provided by Chapter lH24il of the : compensation for the economical.hiislness-lllce Ina.Ull. efficient and county(South Stark.commlMsloner.. l. -i .No 1

at the Gold Head Branch ver Springs.. >nted thin 16th.. day of A. 1137 act* of this LfKlHlnture I upon ,I I. te'iehern.. teachers' tenure and adeniBte the need administration with reared In Bradford) I was born, und
of the
Park near Keystone said In a telephone Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Sipp spent D. Sn\T.) Ap.1 *'.h. fol"wl,1.nIY of d..Bradford cribcd" real, State".Ial.of ,*, .tfacher r.I."m.nt compensntion. In mind schools upper-moat a I la"piy.,.. (C'ounty. urt .am

conversation with the Telegraph the week-end in Jacksonville, as 'fFFTtU.. ,1. THOMAS. ifl.-iilda. lo-wlt: I I I I nm wholeheartedly, In favor of ', ThnnklnA you for your support am feel now that better with mv experi u' .'" I
Clerk, l.ot tl Town of I.awtev, R of 'lie the comingelection, I fitted to sei \ \ "i
Circuit Court of open range and against any "Nn
last week that he would be the than I have
guests of hl.j brnthcr-ln-law I In ec' am ever I..n. antI" .in,
rtrndford County, Florida Ity 23. 24, 33, 26 Tp. I i iS Fence lnw"
to demonstrate I YOUIM very truly promise you that If I am ru-S.! "4.
glad work carriedon and slater. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. WuiI I-2I-KI-5-20 I 23 K.. j I Lower n'onnhl. tact. fir. W. K to stand for the rights ,
by hla In the past In .IJmH.I Th. taxe ,I..he Hold are ,' 'nceII' P"'I.I.IIn 13. T have MtDLfTOX. of district t the 'tux-
company I mv and the
certiflcnte '. PI".r" toun
XCB 217 and 7:12: of "
assurance from
> riover-
an effort to make the park one of Mr. and Mrs W. CPFIIl, S f, n F"rub'V "Tifn, I''!412 and 4H i se'4'r'ttlu'eiy, ant rep-i i ".IIY.' this road will be our complet- n whole, "Ivlna you thlw".
Kersey and NOTI" HRnBnr OTVRV thathoned roit 5t'ltOOt. thin I have In
R 11 notitn
the State's most beautiful He Is Rudolph *", Coiintv CommpsIonsrsii' J ..'n'' imp'ild ,stars for the years.f 'i In the near future and I Will I I
Chlslrn were Mr. Bh.1 nut. a you for xi I" .indsuppoi
visiting 'ill o l'i If. imth I amountil.BT follow up this assurance until :. In.nlt youi
extending an "Open house" Invitation and Mrs E Yurbrouffh and frn"f",1 County. Florida hnn"ilt ;, / $41 45.! 1\lu.lve. 1 1 i-ompletvd, Iold I hereby nnnoulc. myself a can t.

n 1"'n' I Election to lie heM' M. 0S'.j of SSS''., of SRI, of I I''".'"ii"inv' ansi didate for Ih. 10"I'd of Public In- Revpectfullx
to all of Bradford aswell the efficiency In ad-
Chainey election
county Ylbl'ough. Sunday I "1 ,) 1'nsss'tv. .,,1 for the nreclnct" XF.4 N'. of N\ ". of XRl of i mlntBle.lnl our Stale and County I iHlructlon.I ""bJe.t the will of the MALLOIIY THOJIV-1
otheisEslello rurnoBw of de In
09 --- --- HUS e10 : ft of Si" of SRl I t,'-\\hlch would the O..nl" Primary
-- '
/1 .'.mlnln.. whether 0, not B"fo.I. of HW'i' \ oI\; :'/. Sec III Tp. S I IS I I I', .loueilnior", our taxes. ,e.ul I.t.| .n to h. h.ld .
aba I .
I he FOIl
Flexible metal exhaust piping j .d .n"'Into F"'I'L. Production. Control U 2; l 10. ..."I.lnlnl 111 Acien.mcirc I,.h.1 ,"d.n'r strengthen the 1 ifi'eatlv. "0'1 nnt "up."rt will be At the IOt\TY, (.0"1..10':1
nnd Tolbl'j Black were Vslffnetl to endure the Doundinsr. i niHtrlct, pursuant to Chnnter I7SOR. _or....... u i, .In... ._ .. t_enforcement: of_ !the laws .1'1..1.1.1... .. u.'r.ufKOH \. I ten .il..I...oll'II".n. .frl."o."'. .

in town the other clay (driving a pulsating exhaust from Diesel engines j j I wi.,,m\. betp""An of Florida., Act of'I 117. the :.v .certificate'H ", ,( Non n.' ...un 27B nl'"nlld.\"nc'"o,R04 of "! '.nn. .cur natural( miner,ie r.h. Ktinivind t self candidate. far an.the "i, ,

-po:-t ruain-colored Packard 1932 If .ou.e. M'llOOl Ito \lllt County e.mml..lone. foi P "
> is now offcicd hus ai j, ACT to Promote the Plantln and IH3 1 icBpertl\el' nnd repcHcnt elected you Representntlve vouMIHV I Number
to). They have been living in four-wall I ansI Prnd""llon. "Within' the unpaid taxes for, the year ,.1 upon me to make everveffort I announce mvself a can- nf t the 'o.r., ,subject I. I h'S I
idldtite for
I "
Interlocking plant Joint I I I all lo I tuts. lnth ; meet, the 'S member of the, of voter on May ,
a mountIllK Ina'd "rr.
Lake City since they married andStarke Stats of Florida of Sea hlnnd In'I".lv. p"hl.m. a"n". IMMIc Instruction for I If ,1"11,1 I promise' ..(.'.. "
construction that remains tight! deipite Cotton: In the of the tn $82.IK f'm time I time t to tile 11 I.Viimbei::: : 3 of Bradford: : : I lions faithful ndnilnlsti St I
; Fx.I. Cniinly, "in"
Slid tax tlfltstess tel" "st of the -
lost I : ic' tog-ether with people of
one of Its most n"B.v.I Power State of our rOlnty. i 'M ti, r t lh ,
personable constant went Ing. Fli.rMn Ih. all I I MiiliBCriucnt omitted I or reviidttixeM I have and paid InI i. cump.I.ln" Voting tireclnct of affal'* of the offiie S"S >.-5 I
young ladies They're in ... to 1'010. protection( h1 sold tn the I Ivpl last lax.. '}. .. 1ooler. Hampton to n,. and \ "'. _
------ -- for nrowern . of wil hlhe.t f""dr".d (nlnlY seven y..rlI New [ Ind .PIJI
I Icl.d.
Macclenny now, however where I Such Ontton AvnlnHt i.ldder Ih. CnurthniiM0 11.d adjoining Cuuntles more
IlybridtssiOan '
Tolbeit your reporter recently by a coun-- and Reduction In valu-. xi t',ihc 1 on Uv' Sllll day of April.i |, 'hAi twenty years and In the State If, elected I promise a fair and InoI.tal LACY J. IVv- \
thought looked
prospects I In-is.! at lion o'clock A. M.tmtcd forty Will n.lllnl.I'allon of snid
good for the law. profession. Eatelle -; ty commissioner who says that his I I Thereof log for ;('To That of End Cotton ProvM-Pro till Ilia 9th day of AprIl. !, support y.o.In .the Primary appreciate on May. Y'I 3rd.I ,. Interest. wil for the best I Post ror>TY (.0"1..10'.::
opponent of four tilt nf Ihe of I.k. this of (
hated mighty bad to leave I years ago has not duction, Control O'.tI"I.' : Pro- (OFFICIAL SRAT.l I I Respect fu I Iv.IV. f rtl.A ftmntvJ. 1 .chonl. BI.d-j that ll "a.an. .lnOl".., I ih>'

Lake City at first but says now spoken to him from that day to I Platrlrtii hlMtlnir'' the of any Production Type of In Cotton said A. J THOMAS p. SMITH. I .: A J. Me K INSET. JR. ort.. of County. ('ommlol'.ndll"t. 't> r''

thin. Ih. Fourth ,,'*
that town Is all I other Thin n S island Cotton .I.k| of Circuit Court of .
any right after Inn .. : tindfoid, County. Florida. I'nl "t 11001. lhO'stti) County. Fla, .uhJ..t to the Pcratlc .'

you get to know the people. "Iohlbltnl the Planting 4-1 C-4.2D. FOIl nl-PIItSE'Ti'TIvI7 I announce myself candi Primary May 3. 111 I
f- .
Usually when you ask .. .ny ". of Cotton I h."hv announce mv candidacy date for member of the of I appeal especially to the .snp" ,it.
people I f*.*"I ", Pllnl Other Than Sea r.r an Representative Public Insttls'hion for ) 10a.0 of the farmer, and ,.,
the (
why their tind| (' O'I'H'to: OK \l.l-: OK T "* .1..I"n Hlot. No 1,1. u
they dyed (
Your knew you get o.o" 1..d or Plant; 4T.:" rn. (olnly. ssshJ.-ct to 1 of Bradford County. Floridsub- man.
reporter that Mrs. a quick "It a none of your D.B.'j "roYI"lnl: th. Administra NOTICE f'n'flc that Ih.,. nmnrratlc 11"col to ject to .h. will nf the Democratic FRANK T. ABERVAThTK '"
E. S. Matthews is very fond of ton enforcement of the M H. m:. HIJEBY tH\'FS with i i held. on Mnv 3rd If I .1.cl".1 inters the primary to he held
If ,
flowers, but it seems that Espcialy. the dyee is a male. I i I''nyl.l.n. hereof: Making an me written request fl.I Ihe taxcertificates to thin Important" of Ice I will da all MTV .1, I4J. )ll OTM-V ('OM1IIH4IOM'It
she Is Annual
doln.t alwaYI happen that way Appropriation for the together "' siiNe.jut'stt b. <|j I'n' my power to reprenent, fal'ly all ir etMcted I promise a fair and imlsus'tinI I hereby announce' my rnndtdi. *
It just little far Pur none of Carrying out the 1 hal t f our people at for .
carrying a when however so Charlie Pender's omitted or ta tea all time. am adminlstrntlon of the affairs County Commissioner fror, ('
she shows her affection by sprinkling mule- P'ovl.lonl hereof; Providing held bv the State be advertised. andH.hl fur "t.. ndefpinte pennlona for the pertolnlnir tu this Important 1.I.t Four, subjuc-t to the rot n
Ing our column. Charles .nnltlen And Punishment for ''Vr and the blind for office, as the welfare pi'i inm ,.
explained I I to the hlfrheHt bidder for cash : a free ; of our future [ i y election May 3 I '"<
each plant carefully with sugar tills week when nuked, for HereofTI violation' of the Provisions n. provided, bv Chapter 18248 of the for better ..ho.I., for the ...r.nl., clt I laenn are to a gen measure In lao to give a faithful ar.d isi-

No doubt she thinks this Is a confession t'l:17: netS of the Legislature' upon dun of Hond 13 Which I 1M long over the iiundn of this Important branch I lit. administration In thl ti-, "

: "Well. I didn't like the niled? ,, teirltorproponed In to lie In- the followlna-I Hci-lherl real i estate 'j tine; for p".I"1 adequate. lefrlitla of the (ounty'ri government. V.u, support apprcrlaiedR ,
going a little to far also for It dea of the Cotton Production t In the of tlmi to? our ople, Thanking you for your vot and WA niN
being a blonde and I was Control niHtrlct ,U all of that C".ntv n'ndt..d. State of f.n. >
trrrlorv t- '
Insurance suppoi t ,
all am
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an accident, arising from 'I.rld. tn-wlt: f.a.III.nt agents; fo an
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becoming an one. I vthn| ) the hn.nd"I.. 22 Town ) I"i furnlnh free I Your very
the fact that she ordered outstanding tf Urnrlfnrd of T..awtev East of '1",1.10. linnet respectfsulhv. FOH CoIx'rcosstlssioilI: ;
a bag So I dyed my hair black In hopes ,mid bnimdirle. "lnty. which Uv Sec. 21, 24, S3. 26 Tp. S H. ," .. farmers: and for any A. B. SfRItRNCY.FOII I annniincmyself -
of sugar and a bag of nitrate of ass dcilhcd, 23 E.. I ''t''' 1i-irlflitrtii( that will I be fnvoralile h..y'
that it might make [l.nM,1 and net mtt In the JKInte connni' i '
/ soda at the same time. In a hurry up Its mind to I ,.f th- lal. of Florida. d..j The I.tea t to he Hold me, ",'1".1 -Jtni'ft. to of Flf.rldn.Hrndforrt (ounty and the I "('IOOJ. IlOtltlt District county Flv ""I.J..I' ',h'
I grow out at least brown." hy certificate No.. 727 of 1113 r"- ; hereby an"nln. a candl- of the '
Tf I Ir
JNO mYH,1 voter In the Dem '
_L_ to_._get_ .her_ .plants attended. to. -- .J I h. hn.n.I..I.H'h. .of n -.ml'n.--..".."._..< "' !1.Ptvly. and represent unpaid hel'eve..j.-i.-vv' ."In..uii.Hrndford.i cnn C'ountv had. t tL .., d.I htt-.... .._,for. :..I ion R. n''mh.1' of P'hnl.'Y..II 1Iav:1 i- K'..-... ..nt- .", .ivtwivecl
'T in h 'O mime
alto I '* created Into Cotton .x.. yeam l : to I'MS.: ."on"l In"I.I.lon for I in this '
pn-iieu up int? wrong bag anu a Production 11:2 i It' IP '
IKK OP 1 both oniM'hinir for our people In n"'I',1 County, ,. .
"! .
to "
Ttlr'IITIFIC Control nitttrlct Inclusive $H2 57. \hJ..t action nd feel that Inn.
did not discover her mistake .F 0' the nlantlna of anv alnounlhl I |eRlslatur' I stand of well 'riuil ,
until tax
H.I" on my past record O"n..r"lu voters In Primary to know
nr plant of 'lflaa''M needs of "
a whole NOTICK: IN : : any variety kind. all its;"""' t t"l.the. {I i In service i In till* Con a May : J3H. tIle pespksay
row thru 1 ,"hl. district
was nicely IUII'IYI'I'X //'d, species of cotton other than l.n "II.d .r I..t tv. If and of the entire
sprinkle Mm. Menial, tnxeli will l traInIng and "I".I I
with be *" the 01 promise gIve to I .
with sugar and then wltered to m* written K.ly IIO"fl..1 U. luxc'wrtlflcalc fta .island or plant' Cotton.of the will type be known .* hlddnr at the (Ih"u.. door .In. I to sb thin Jjob: for vou, Let :do Ir: other mv district and Ilradford County. an "ty 01" wil nctlxaupport..sincerely appreciate. x r

make stick together with prohln "-iiri! on the 'h T FRANK term of honest, .ao
I all ub- I (ted. 1'.1 of April, L\OIl[ ninlstratlon H P. CALVIN
.tllll.'tlt| omitted nr Iwvled tasem I SId election' to he 1411. at 11:00: o'clock M. I with "' r
-- -- ''ie.l) liv the Mtiite he Hdvertlscd and td held on the t'-it"d thin the 9th of April nil and special ..O.1CI."OI"1 KOR ,
.,. day of May A D. 19.1. the name day prh'I. (OI'TV ('O""I"MJO'K
lil fin:
r A* If the to HIM blithest t>IU