I :MtTIl'K; Is IIFIIFIIH'I; S that \0. 405
II ELU t KOI'S sf.KNn : : 'iiniti i and. ti\ \ 111 Ills nl. Mini pursuant SIB, of rioi ldH. .. u'
\' K\I>:NSION \'\ OKKF.KiAINKSVILLE -r I in that .itilain. final df-uce of I '.1101111101" .I. Till III i iWhflBt '
tor., |lornrr' mid nrdt. 'i nt. talM' dated
NEWSNews Apt''I 11 :.I 1H7 iniulf mid fiitcrnl I l>vthf by .atirfsriiifrt
( ; r : Floilda's 1937! :! LIVE STATE : ltnnurahi:; ,, A. / .A(I 111 MB, ;1)111of;: ; {' made' to the '
FARMERS SECTION thf JuilK'. ." tif the Eighth JiiOlt"'lttl tffli to apptitiniiaii .
m .ii 'ige: in genetsl: 1 (tell l crops will i'in lilt nf Floiida, In Chancel, In. a "lll.V. >' und tho ,I

be. target than it hits been in many of Florida in Short Pi .."", ..h. : iiiiitn, iHiine In the/ pfiiilintr JIlKhth' Judicial In Hiadfoidinilliu I'll-/ I'Ila'k.MASK, Floi: ,''Ida.AT' ST ami .'

Conducted by DrmoDPtration Airtntu Vins. lepoits teceiveij by the State I mi nt Flnridn, In Ctiiintrv, wheim the L.u\\t* of Floi, '. ..
\\Uli all the
Agncultuial' Extension Service in- I m l 1IUMI2" t. itUNKllS': 1.th.N; "I'olil'OU- |pout "
I I ATlti.N;, a t nlpuretlan., ., tti. wan antis I'e complied ujth I i ,
dicnte Mauled: acreage increasesin piiiintiir iinti 1 1 .\ i:. nrxiiA.vi:; Laws of the State' i .
Sea Island and short staple cotton .;.- & :Ml-;: "l' It iHiUT-l: and husband, a .ipany,.. Khali i ii I". "
nniiiif Ihe .
hn' 'n
II Htiit'IS.. and It 1'1.VAS.-
ill, types of tobacco anil, peanuts I ;Now Thi-itf.ii., .
1"u'l" :; " i RK\: !SHIPMKNTS: : ; sr\KT KII.I.KII ItV tlort.l'S ,
I have been noted by.1 Lee whi'ifln I, T Flank I.Riiditiiu" was ruu'pt' 'iillihv of the ,
KROOKSVJLLK! Bean shipments Miintfr In. .'huh'I t'il't l''lit, nf t Ille I, .
RURAL II Hints To Housewives Smith district! agentKaily : I GREEN: COVE: SPRINGS; Mal- tippomttilptulal, a unn
I slatted from Heinando, "'i \' to exei utt> said, decree, I have l'\' Si-it Ion 11:11:; 1
Minted to
: season indicatedth.it <.1:10.000 bourne A Anglf'r.11., li'Vlid upnli all the following du- ili-nfia! "' | '
COMMON SENSE reports County this week the Duke tobacco family was killed 'III >.,'i'itifd line, triutb, 'plft'i, 0"i puri that the FLo1trt '
from llnnie I> 'mon..tratlon : aeies, of Sea Island cot- i.f,IH ni. laiifl, Hliuuie' Ivlntr, anil. .liuIIIK ST.MIKi': or Mtarki
UfeUy Ion would! be planted. in Flotilla by the accidental discharge of a j III the County of Kriiritoiil, State lillidftiid I and I the S' .
ny srrns JOHNSON Sp'''' lAll..tai Tallahassee IIKI.I OS ( II \IUiKCKKAHWATER : II shotgun<: tieie. The firearm dis-i of Flotilla, mid. more pal tlclllai"ly IM a ntluii'Izfil, tn i.,ini'KB L
this year, but recent cold nights described IIH fllllciUHlnlM nf I'lllililllM" '
: : Circuit Judge charged he lifted it from his au- alin\e ,
,, and heavy rains will I exult in ieductlons ,il and 10, and the South:; il\t'ii with ,t i
dOOl* LOOKS 'rilK; HKYOK : IIOMK-: FOR I ItlRI II.. from that figure "St.imls John U. Bird ordered Samuel 1 automobile Angler was In ('hIlI'R"// right feet nf L.OIK 7 aid X, KNTY-KIVH I : 'Ii.llUfli .. ,
Cummins! New Yoik motion Hlurk """, .lniif Addition tu \ I IIIIIM| nix I.i, '
HOUlt 'ro1.1'1 Y are poor and must he replanted picture of the approximately' 60,000 uie'J'own of .Mark", Florida, ..rn'P. ihl. I Fl lIST dn

IS 'MN V F.tlt:\t < 'KOI'. There are economic! .is well as I I some, stands are bung abandoned, distributor tlll'n..rJ1'1' to of the Durham Tropical Land and that I I nil), nn ih" 3ul Jay of It Cltif' .. TlHiiiMind" N
Hade County authorities 1 on :May, 1U7! within the legal hums ThlllS.I M-II.
for. building !
North. Carolina.
hitc leason of Durham
I accustomed "
lies and' some growers nol. Corp nf Half, before the rag ('uurthousedour hiUj \
best foot foremost birds Minis exert asteady '' charge of exhibiting a motion pic- i'nnlpll'nlel l "
(Putting onoM homes for in growing cotton, are beginningto -.- in the City of Slai-kf, Hruilfurd i

to make a good Irnpiesslon is a ,' Influence, fIn keeping down I I thin It. Thinning the cotton now i tine" ( "Kcstacy": which didn t have \111 tiFl.F.lvF.3k1JACICSONVILI.F: : : ".'"ulI Y. Floiltla, offer sell land for I ,1-J9-flt-5-14; ,,
| I .ilt' and sell the I ease to the highest
practice us old as the hills In the swelling tide.. of In.-,.. t life II'ortyeight I II II .s mistake,.., because many of the ,, National. Hoard of "'Vll'III'PI'Ov,1., I Flunk P. In- Iud, 1 bent lilddur, lor ,iaih to H.itlBlv Sill It II: 'I,n> niiiiii i '

,il I<>llI'l'r days fur In''" IIn'''... no mater different, species of'I seedlings, will/ ptobably' us iecinieil| ( by Florida lawOI'H for theiVcnks i.id, tidy Haiti 'd."'ee.., ft,us, nut all "" 1 elld, I |pay"d1| l I ,
Young; state administrator rl'
I iginm. : untI' nhttt .and rxpt-nxei. M. i nin' 1.1 nronl i I <
how pnmitlviIns, Hutroundmt birds in the United, ) Stales' ale d.imp-off All these things will .-- \ Progress Administration' ;: T FIIVVK: : : I..\ :\ "liUfMriiixtti : ft' lintl l.f t to uI'u I ,, ..
U'll'iv. would always I to have nested in homes < Kit; 1'.MIMt I ; 1L'Iil''I'JACKSONVILLE ; & Clayton] 1"I" rindfiiiii: i i i
I young known! i educe the anticipated, total acie- Hiij.l about 350 non-.chef aupi'ivl-i I .. ...Ill lllllllllllK "H \
IMuiiitirr l li
\tlllr" mi
',ill,l < .-is 1)" b. fore ho Went a-'cmrt- 1 built for them plods tiequently .ige and l yield," :Mi Smith s.iys ; : J n eke. "II'YOIk..-" onVPA projects In ) .'|. 4I4.40MIIKI): sirunm. ItlllltlillK' .l' II I II1 It

nK Boot World l he bl.ickc'J and] using nest boxes air, bluebiidsvuns. .1 Urown, Jacksonville,' police offi- t Jli Inl, ,In t Ill I 'llll.ll I
lelcii-srii during'the
Shot, staple cotton acreage isInrger /Florida WIMC being / a prupnsnl l.. .Inilltlnf
,rli"'then wo ii 111 l hP> bi'ushnl, In rltse n \ .stailmgs lire .,AVHlluws iei Is in Jail chaiged with grand The action : 411-, 11'1:-iic tints .I'lllillf Ill-tl neon ,
Ihnn it but pl'I'lt'nt pi-rloil
was in KO6.\ puy roil Tea i \ItI:1II. : :
of di..linn- Was to I hi- 1.1 k."n. and Also larceny and bit. along nnd If I .1.11.Ml,1.
I p any minting, song sp.inows stands which were lull nted befotvthe1 was necessary under nn older! Issued l finale. Hill ". Hill: '
the horse to In1 li'Mcn or driven included ,,ue chickadees, titmice, Ing. Chief A .1 I Koberls .nlt"-I. \li .rl''I, 1 : i IS iici.r.DY I: : : ii\; "i\: That. -hill I I. '"
Han L.. I.au'd' .if
spi ing/ ruins III'" also' In pool by Y Hopkins n.itlnii.il I'lllillt.I : I II
.. ,
Pfiil-till, hnltlt-i nf Tax tVilillilitf
llnlpli -
imiii'il and lulihul, until and, otherwuiidieckfis. Hrctwn and thief '
list \VIIH fllckeis others( I fnid''nnnll ,
: nHlhaldlC'H. weie' '' antl' rleIit i
rondo Much of this acreage 11'-1 administrator, he suid It 'reJuices ] ;\ii,", 4;!'. IKXIIII! thf" 'nil I tllivnf
it I tiiirlv shone | screech owls', npnr-' rested In ,'onnecllon'I'h' the such about fifty lnl\, A H l'i',.4. hn. > nlfd mi mi- \ .1.I III; 111''I-. tMIHKin '< | "
however was planted lifter thepring c-mploves: : 1 : .1001,1/ -luill l la I.. ,
In ninl fli? antl I IIIIH' inliilt.) niplltHlitui -
KarmiTH h.ive I lund I hut the low husks .mil wood "lurks, rams and the average ;i U'gccl theft clothing/ from store per, ec-nt Ingram said' 1 the administiatlve 1 I fur, a i lax. tired tti In | IH.I'h"I' i heck fni, r> !in t i

'jc"rli" who buy their produce. pie-) A \\tll-built bird hi])'use is dill a. stands will he better than: thoIf : here several week ago The otheis I order 'iecUii| .,s ninety-five i mi. Slid i eel tfb uli-" i.mliiai' .i-x I.u IM Innihli, In I k
the iliHillliftl. ., ill t I"1'1, t I ,
1II"'Ht..d"e fnlln\\lllk-
ref to have ,tech them In nttrartlve "- hle. ram-ptoof. cool and readily accessible I he long staple listed as LtlioyI'lelce per rent of Will hers on a !projectbe !lh '"11111)' nf 111'Illlrolli, lilnpflly, :M.llf<, nfFlnililii. \\ It hill fit f dn \ <- .11 I'' .

fo, m. loud looking/ conlCntMl! for claiming Wood Is the / blue mold the I Chllrli.I.tk.: .. and l JeaLuring "ceitlfied. tchef I ,, clients. I lunllVtiM .- iit.H-M-H-f I, Hint 'M Ml" Tr
\ Despite, damage rili' with \ .1 I IL'I; ,
n trim neat! piiikages ordinarily" I best building muter fiTT and paint 'blight leaf tobacco will be _. --. -- lilt i.f : in demand and bring better acreage ... .. tfi .f Nniit h-1'.INI: 1./.11'1"1'/ >vrTuintv Hill prre'uI I "fh'' .
ate more greatly Increases I the weathering - ( 0.IIi..: U\I'FUITI'; : Ii. | iit.
about I sixty per cent higher than I n Tnuinlifp >f\fii, 'luilldliiKI'hltls .
el, 1 prices than stuff that 1 is< unattractive ([Utilities. Modest tones as brown, .NO ISI.XVIK: : FI\U: : GAINESVILLE; : Cows like their >.inth., 'ItatiK: Tw t.lity-t\\ n, I Unst:
that of JU3. The
is due "
increase "?"iuluuug. Tflit)' ailfM nuntil '' **!1'? II .1 '
and panty packed!. giay, or dull green are generally: to the fact that farmers planted ST AUGUSHNK A coronet's. mottling grapefruit, too They take1! ,. 'IfMIt hail at tin- .nfll' ., .d! *. ,
3 Onre it was believed by many prefttted. In general, houses laiger( seedbeds' than would be nccessaiy I Jury repotted' It was unable to fix' it fresh if they can get it and let i Thf .PH."H.II', "f tllf ftlllll, prop.rr'ty' lit nt.(lIlMt:schools. U' 111 nl I IM..IttuulI'ci I requ| ,.,t II

.. that only the whim of buyers wore should he fa lily low, should not be to supply t their ordinary "the blame on any pal lIcul.u' pti- the juice squill where, It may. Hut 'sued unilt-r was In tlir the fall naiiif) ,errs,tit l lilt Ion m" It (I"It- hug nf .pl.lim Jllltl, "i'.. I

'J" conformed with when fruits vegetables put up in dense, wood1, 'and, should needs and to the cessation of blue son," for an automobile collision Ihniea a compaialively new in-1 .Adams nf'l'h.'I"h'Public l hvlrnu.l I IK 'l reu I i i' i iniini tl -

and cither. farm were be lather thin on trees If I'nlfKv Hiiltl' e''rulfh i ,'alf shnll 1 bo rr-
on poles
crops mold damage soon enough I! to enable Sunday in which I Three men were Justly In Flolld.i that would give ," df, mini, aii'iiidjiiK, tn Ian. the prnpfitv 't I in 'e" '|1"i ,

: put up in a pleasing! manner So possible, they should btpl.iced with the plants to come out in spite I i killed. 1>I's. ,Edward l :Morr of Cincinnati bossy her monlngclll'ull Knack tit.ilhfd' thf 11.In will lie Mull all Iti'lItnl'" -
:( far as the real' 1 worth of the the Item prevailing to th* highest' nlildi i at tin' rnurthmiHf nil' I'" IM. KMnlill.IV .
opening: away of the only survivor, testified and letuin ,
the eventually I
f 1'1'0-1 fungus. !Slight;) increases $1.500,000 tin.ii, nn t hut-. UrM Monday In '" ..II.I ..> I
/tr.'f i duct was toneerned. most ,' vvtnds. in acieages! ol sun and shade tobacco she saw' no cattle on the highway annually to growers Tests are being Hitmini'h' nf Mitv 1 I.7: alb h I I" 'Ihilltl \ ,ill In ipfin it at 1 1.-
felt I that the looks. counted but little day ..f M..\ I in'7I iin- n iht, riiti. ..r
I Suggestions for bull.llng1I""t.- al I I I'in,,,it d, rule ''7 'h 1 din| "..r Vlaih, ,
I fence there, grew up the custom ] boxes me found, In Kmmers, Hullo- "Funnels are spacing their previously had! expressed) the cattle with excellent results experimenting i I'llDKFIi-. I: .1f"I'* '.'' mil)' Sea' ''I'

t of placing the smooth, line : tin No UiH! "}10m.." for Birds! ," plantings. thicker, this peanut and belief cows on the load had caused) !: stations icpoit Already l .\l. M 1\1.1: v '.1. .n'i; ,irn.. sui| A
;year .\ I THOM\ '" I'nlill I I"Md
.primens' on top and filling in.Mth which is for sale by the Supeiinlendcnt will harvest larger yields as a the Clash The inquiry heie was in commeiclil ,production has stalled 'l. '1 k 'f' .Ii u I' >f '""11'>'. Kin

'. mdifleieiit m.itin.il. of DO'lInll'nl"'nHhlng'- result ( of the death of. !Paul G Jeans editor on a small scale Two factories I trail, fna'I'. ', Flnlld.lI .1 I II I XI'l I.I '
'ompn'AUve'nlll.s peanuts 2 it 4.30
That plan didn work m> well. ton I D. C pi Ice live cinlsicnt.igc for grading and harvested, of the :Miami Tribune, aie' mining out the pioductIIIMI I 1CWHAT

Sales" were made, it olten happen- | A -.- . -
---- --
pt'ami Is and the( availability of -
"n to i'ii>.t<>iniiH who never catne, \ : or \1'\ '
I bin, k for mure Gradually it her / Is dlsciudid, us culls ('011' hogs" for fattening will determine : Screw Worm Work I colt 'i' t \ 111:1:11I : :
whether peanut will be used for i \ri11i1P inn' 'n. 1:11 i
time clear! to 'the thoughtful se.uenlly| /glowers now seek rust To Be CurtailedSince I Mi'i in': i-' iII :Itlilly < siv' UN;: Tlmt
I I' 'it.I among the sellers thut the appear- mite control because It\ pains them stock feed or for sale A laige, ,K: I'rtasl! !. huller..' nf 7.17 ..t '1"11"I"
pardon, of the peanuts will probably "c'i i I",rt... ,i.. Nti; :."(, I IsHiii'il the 2,1., |
lice in reality wiis aotptfd as an fu'W'ial limes the cost in higher farmers i and stockmen, are. I".1..\' of July' A II 1114. hits fll.tlinn
liciitlnn! of be fed to hogs however, as ,III 'buy offi,'i. mill hits' mil '
rimlitv TreY began assured the Inherent ajiHI
| prlees' by merit .
now well-lnlotmod! methods of
there" will be mote hogs: In the state mi |pth!| 'Inll till .1 lieu deep" I. ht I iKHIIt't]
'to study the situation keeping of the pioduct I)ii rinse" .ii"ryweather p"'v'nllnInJurleH" which. cause I thtifiin" Suit) i nrtlf Irnti* iinbiiic"

hut rnnditlon! Uipcimof|' in theirmails. p.iitlc'ubuly, in spi'irg. ., this 1 year than in 103ti. of I fidlimliiK' tit'H< i'lltcil publicity" 'In IS YOUR
cases screw wan on the I lie i.'niiiitv' nf 'liiinircinl .Mnti' ..if
] Things wtre l ained that they are, watching their young I Coin acreage is expected:: l to be proper' methods/ Heating, cases Kim iila. ln-\\ll, .

'IOA' hive nn important, bearing on fiult, and either dusting ot about the same us that of last yearKdimeis J Nurthwr"1Juu; tr'r nf ;-orlh\\""f
"raY-I in iniinuls with hcn/.ol and, pine ijnaiicr, >,,iiili nf liniili-il" Pond
hi inolilem! of mailing' f.unin+ and Ing/ with smile form of sulfur as i generally. me using )| tai oil, the Intensive screw woi mcJnt"ol lf'>t Kmiil JllKht nf WilY"Si'i

groves pay. soon as Mist mite infestiition wui- more fertilizer this year than they 1 dun 1 12 Timnxhlp, 6 South fungi
program is being curtailed. iU!/ Kar: I. .nlllIIlIIlK JS .'c I'-. 'a I
( Ilius flints air)" .in example ot lams' have In past yea IB and, with nor- lllltll. Ill .has.

hvidues' found to exist in looks Hepotls of I the lO.'iti\ : ; belli fruit mill l weather conditions. should harvest | \. 1t.'IJ.; G. Hayes Aho has ') tie IIHMI,.;.HMnt:>iit of the fiiltl: prop
I], been !;,'rvlng011 this work in BI'IItf01'l1 !- ity und the said' ieiliriiiir I In I
Blight oranges find< 1 grnpetrutt nonoKir piiigriim show that it really prodm larger yields on practically all j sunw'us In the 1I1I1II.e 1 Kinnlt, '
County, will continue his k
I ate sought/ simply tit "pleasepiiiihnseis ,ed I CMi 111 s.I'II.H11i'uI.. field ClOP! It piices me 'as high Siflnnr j
until 3D I l'nl"HH suit,' llriiuli' ,
April but after. that no orr> shill I.
In lenpeit lo .ippenr-' --.e __ this .year as they were in 19T3! clfHinptl in't"online tn h.'h"t prua 4
(nee. CinweiH; have asceitalned K'oiIdH'! f.inifrs should "receive aI I ie : .
U 1F.11-Ui.O:
tin highest MiMfr .
services in III the
connection with demon- ntui hntiHi
thiough experience, confirmed by ( '01.1'\1111\{ I'MCMIIC: s\lx 'laiger, gross" inrume for theiiLinpM Mi atidiia dour nn th" first .Miuiiliiy In Hinn.

Mr: fmlth1SH"l't.... .. I and meetings .Mill. nf M.iv, 1117.: \ hleh
winch, that when the is ... i \ ]if the
crop IM\KK: .ll'11i: ( Is 4.001); iI .1!nl, day nf \111"' 1 1117
rtejit' flee, from rust mites the glove I Dealers are now purchasing b..n7.111 I'JII.-il' 'IliK 211h! .11I..t Mill) YOU WILL FIND IT HER
II t holds | and pine tar oil to be sold tofarmers 1937.
utput Julie IlIngan,1 givi'Hustomets : < ;.\ Ir'"ILLI'11111': : : he has VuFFtuI.1t., I snr.
: > more.. for their. who has: lived mi' the same firm ; and all stock own..r"tre .\ i '
money' always planter) cotton as a cash I I lurk iiio\t\s! ,
] 1 "''h..:.' have learned, too. that rustti (..re.p.V K Iiinnaiil, b I-\"a '-ol'I' for the past sixty-five years stead\ i! urged to buy sufficient quantities '. of I'lrciiit fi.int ..'
Brad toil "
. llf \ ,d fruit comes Smaller, Ii later C'oluiiihl.i County .f'limi'i. aim. beii to the Kim. id I,i Faun Hour IIlIdi-1 1 of the materials so that they can 4201430oilii I'ounty ,Klnrlil.i. a Cou3lhyUome

rnar : "I've alwn> s plantcnl some prevent screw worms. from :
magi :
: ity, furl In '
1' goes pieces' -< in diviis'' I 'ttinn mil pi ac-, Hf1NDER
.. Ilion i When a farmer\ dlversi- I losses IIO..nth'lr. / livestock If \ .I : oi' \ 'I.It' 1'i i IDi \
i nc .
j, quicklyll'nh I IIr'" n I ]
, smiilli-r" fruit It takes moreill Speaking" the ii.i lie, foi, Hn 'ii-] In. dies' t hove 'In ,t"l"nol'n.! 1 unusual numheis of screw wonn .>.>iitifi* innu.. iii.it t'>n@ $tOTy "'r.

'1 DH iiox and j fast 'tS"11' occur< in any locality or if :vn'iK'i; ,.: I 11,. I II II' jiMfw BLJ FARMS
u greater per- ( tlmt In his hf. then tniinei 'ti : mi, IUM "n< i op : III'IH'I : fiivuv TII.H'
11 ,I --- --- -. .-- -- _. _. there Is need I for additional information l.auiM.tli-' ]I". Ivllnilltl: ho"I0.r! Tux, *. '-S .'Ol-BNAl
- .
I it ft..II. ". :"IliT. Issued! th. Idat .I-
on control of the pest nf !: !; ; ;
Anvils A I' I1':!", luiTTIftlNaitif
; [ijFi.O DAH1 H i I IGS H.t 61NN 'mil M4m stockmen should tepoit these fads In. nay ...trl t. and, ha*" miiili, ip

f I+ C. b M K aMR.tlI. : through; the county agricultural ,tiiftl lillrat ihtlftni" fur, a Said tux' tfltlfliiltt tired" tn In "
agent to Division of He'ew'orm I Itl .It. t.. t Ihr fi.lln\\' 'Illlf llf m'I'lljf il, )I" "il- '..1 Amer!. r S
"t I '\ III Ihfl'nlllllv. nrilllitirc.nl, .. Sl.ifcif Boy a Yr 4 c,01r, I Peg,,, Joem
Coin ml. Graham Budding, Gainesville l-'lnl,"ida ln- a'It paa'tae' anti 4a a .6 M0' ro0n a/ 7l, .

I 7J.1E WJlI7ENGSG !Kloiida.Ml .I.ni 'I"hit." Ill"",'1 U Knri\-tin" StlterNOmtBtd 6 Met t:: f'Y NomeAmeq Prde.,

"'''4:. ty OF /TS r .eAL : .'. Hayes wishes lo t take, this op- Mll.-l.I.K. liiu ll\"tnii.'l-lnll Tiniiv\tillhfllHI;
$NUV $ It-l, nf N'nll hi-llft Fto+'n a sal. .l, 'It. ///l M
GAVCS poitunity to thank the people of IJIIIII' III' lit Set .__
7HE. linn 2*, 'l'n\\ iihlilp, Ii smith)\ Mde .2' C'0rira' -
f R02/M-) lliadford County for their splendid KllllVf JJ JIllHt'Ilit : Mobon Paton ..
j: ; T : .r cooperation in the woikStWA'l a*** Hiiifnt. nf Hit oil ld P""I'fo'" i i C dlecntt M
ts-2 d
tntidfi' the itaiil rortlfltatt I ,Ie.urdens ] Nee goad ) M llfvlf+frd +Oari1I =
..,' --.- In th,' iiumf. ,nf (I'nkiiimn 6 C Lephsrl Mrrhanlrt
:: .6".42 I iilti-, -,,1,1 l l ititlfitatf' *hall li> M. Oa90ttumtl 1 Yr'
I lUiOOK FARM ilt.fulfil rnrilniK', In 'law, thf plnii-" inw May. (r5itttil 1 Yf MOthrry NOm. I ,
FRA6/2AN'r A7! :Mr.. ft K:, ('rn.h ( ,itdfHt' rllii-il. I,', thfi-tln will Inmill' l ..__ Yr. Plymouth t
I'Vi. > 'orrespondi'nt, tn the highest liiiltlfr at tIp mil't t Patnihi : -- 1 4Sl v ally R0r1 MO mry..7 I YrRIr'i't
it 4 i 1" S ri&9 'htitiMf' dour nn ihf flint Mnndiiv In P. -- 2Yn r4ewr h
t N/6Hr+ at'l1:: ; I Friends of Misses Neta Kelly the innnth' of :tiny I'M";' which I. the RpOtaultwlt 1 r Ahoa i,rarmrr

..,r and Feral, Jones ::1",1." .In,'" nr Slay I 19:IT yf'' p 7
) .f \ f are interested to lUllfil, this mill llav nf M.I,. : "n I. G iSp4aiio 3 w0ma'r War/dr Jrmrnal' Yr,
know that they were honored Saturday 1017IJ 1
.I I.,, I night by broadcasting over II II'I'" 1'1.. !SI I IL) Tue o- Y,.
t A .1 'Tini\r\' ,
ladio, stationHUK' in Gainesville "I"I'k of rlrrult "'.nn.i .,.I
'I Hrmlfniil, roomy, Kim,..dt
$' :Mias Jones ant :Miss Kelly .
I' -1.4 :::11 S S. a af
,. : favored the radio, listeners with a

'_ tr.yr vocal number entitled "Old Smokey' : Mi I 11< i; crrtH NO. iTh Cntn NO .
U'i'i: I Ie t"a' ,isUK' run ) All 8.r
j ; accompanied by their LiorjnTtr.v OF ,.. a AU Tr
guitaisn Tin": ; .: : N.w.Fop.r I Yr. rOt Only nIl! Niw>Fap.r, 1 Yi3Maqaun ] er ct
e:( the Orange Grove Sting Hand f'flft1'Iih1NI'r'ouNO; IIcI: } }
-f f\ ., Ik
program ;Nntl.t:MHS: IH AT hrrrliy TAUKK given: ,;, 1'L that(>f1DA.the 6 I from (ran.v B j $2 .. F $2.40

? Mr and :Mrs IT G Sapp' of Lake, Hank of stnrkf. n banking. cut' pore-

1" Butler and :Mi-s ['lIl1ekDunal,1: tins under the Notes ot the 1 state (,f
Flr.' 'lil.i and doing bit**hneas ntstaike crrrn NO. a crrrn no. 4
if island Grove, were of Flni Ida, This 1 Yr.
)guests UAH pin rBd In llqiltittitlnti Newspaper } All Four Tfclt Kewipoper 1 All S
r Ml and I"H. nn "Pflnunry I'. 1917.: and 11I.r. +\ Maqasiret Y"l I
Floyd Crosby Sun- [ A Tot Only *. for On
i inlMvax 2Maqoiln
I npiolntt| ttn Llquldi 4. from Croup } A
clay afternoonMi tnr thr..fur ,... 50

and. Mis F'jnie: Norman and I j I..r Vint any and''kind ear, nr'h i..t nature vim haIntz atfnlnutittl< lit. ,tj Ii 1 M tom qa.ln.Coup B ($2 125 3 loom Mogmtaq Croup C9ggjf r> I J.S .J""....

nil en of Gainesville were visit- ].rtiink if Stalk.are: hfrtt nu* .Mill, s a....:

ng ".,parents. :.r.... and, :Mrs. .I.I KMI :. :that,', ,'.t'I hf.' flu anil;i:'it 1 I l-uriil with,: II pi nnf:J Pau'i';'f ', I i.' gfS BelP883 u.pt

.;'. men here, Sunday aftetnoon Liiinltl.iit' .i ?..r. the 'Tank to( "xta-ki, '
Its :Maud Proctor IIn,1lIsl1: hiM i rili.... in the Blink if !I'h''IK'lnillilinK :! & American Boy! ,_ _, 12.00 [j Modern Mechanlx & ln.enticnej
u nthiiwlce" your claim- IIl American Pratt Grower_ 1.75 Motion Picture; __
(It .. -H Mae Norman attended Ihr l r"rel.nTr"" ". American Mayaxin 2.95 7 Open Road for Boye S yr..
Th above notice Is given In n Belter Homes and Cad.DI_ 2.00 Opportunity Mdqaxic _
hui < h at Long, Bridge Sunday pliant f with the inoimr' nf -ttlnn Breeder. Goo.". 1.70 Farnt' Maqaxln .

owdv night I mn" ,ind "Sutlin 01. e4, 0:1":: : I Cnpper'. Farmer 175 1; Paihtmdor <( i R. Ofiuiiil' I..iw rf "'h.rldl.1 \. Child! Life __ 2 U c: Physical Cultur. *
Kelly spent the tveek-en'I .1( :Sr LEE Christian. Herald 2.SO Photoplay -. --- 2CaW.
n Luke Butler with his wife whois : Ci mptrt'llf r. State of F"r'la.: .. 'W..Ur 250 Pictorial 11..1... ?
3-12-9t-5-7 Country 2 1.75 Popular _,
T"- MecharUce
] "I"llInghEr parents :>Ir. and CImafor' _. ;
2.23 Popular Science) Monthly' *_. -
:Mrs A. L.. Drl :geis.O Ml I II I': III' I'l'l II V I llItilt Dtxi Poultry eurnal 1.75 f Radio New, rhrlfglj,. ,___ *
M Bennett spent the week- 'I I \ \ Itt:I-:IIlOflllllf Farm Journal. 3 yt. 1.80 Fedbock Maic me> _
Fluid' and Stream' 2 63 Review ol Reyt.ws.. _
nut In Luke Butter as guest of :Mr 11111 \a, 111.11vi : Flower. Grower _. 2.43 t.e..nland:
and Mrs U. G "IT" ,ii T: IS i HKIIKTIY: : \' ;X. T I f Horn Art.NeeaUcrart 110 1 Screen Play 9
Sapp Mt- Lola Mutt hnlilfi if Tax .. Hue. and GordonHousehold 3,43 Silver Screen ?'
Tan) Lanier and Buren Brown of ilflialt. Vn Jt I. NNintl the 4Th dny MaqtujncLiberty 1 1.70 Spurts; Alield, -
Plant if .1111)\ H I'i27. ha. fllnlur' Weekly 2.30 ucceisful FarnUng .
City spent the weekendneic Ill, innf fit'A and IIIIH mauls., 111|>plllatlnn Literary, 1)1'1' __ 4 SO L. True Story Mcqau0iC .__ 2MeCall'
I itT H' with relatives fur a tax ilffd tn he t N tied Q Wa' aiioo 2.00 Woman'* World' _
@J & NdjlIM7& I ihfrftui. > Rev J E: Newton of Green rove i Ihr fullntvfng. tire, "11.bed rirnpfrty'. n

Springs, filled his regular appoint- iht Plnrlila.. (I'niintv, tfiwltnn nf' Hiudfuld" "Mati "f THIS OFFER

y .. ment at Corinth Baptist Church I...... Vinrtrrn: Tw.nty Twrnty-
l' ftC t ..h r .-__ =.1'1''5 1fOST /GJ./LV Sunday morning and evening >. plank' tight: ward "it>
:s.'ellun a Tiiuin-hip 7 !Smith,
J-..: UL) TtI.eTLE I1I11'eseta l Kelley and Ferrol }tang

.. ; lones and Tom \\'t'lchere visiting! The avitfwMiifnt, nf the until l ptnr"t '
---- I t\ "HI..r the null teitlflinte, i" led' I nco! trr which please tend me !
in Plant City Sunday \\n* in thf nf
naiiif t'nknnwn
'ie nocturnal t tl)'.n-'anc": oi' the DOGWOOD ant turtle to be found in Florida water-" It ---. -- ..nl..... ail i ertlficiite shall n'"> -. the rnagatinci I have checked, together with ayear'i

a ,-.\'PJ' I is Its oninxthdd of The Sunshine Plate stands ilffnifti aiinirlmir. to 'lu\v, the }>ri'Iifiti subscription! to peter newspaper
attracting'ijrhftlvir' ha bttn known to reach a weight of SoO sec'I'nd ilf-Mthfil rhftflnvlll In- sold '
in 'he \ of tn 'thf hitthfMt' bills at 1 the art '
production Fullers!
I'' ; ? ino.that: pollinate] it. It is in .ii pounds but the as erage market size!' pped Earth. having( ;":ft hei, putrninence ti'u'' ,"nth. nf May. I'll! : whli...h its Name_
a "11I,1.:11' ti fet Tati, >rtl\ after daylight .
G from Key: West ranges from 50 tc. tai(I\t I'nt. "' 'Mr aVlh day nf :Ira 'h.At.
C: \\' i I' I !I.' :'axi'itnce. entirely.L .-- -- I '7 Street or R. F. D..

pound*. The Green Turtle its ni( than 100 .;F-F" F".\r.> '
':air -'. ,'Ir.'mercialt'aluetl.e. pets r.arne mule commercial J THO.MA9. ..OMI '

( IitFI'S: 'I 1 i !HI'' -H,' .tt most inii"jrt-' from the color of its fat. aux .iar> and municipalS Braciford Jerk of c'ircult County,('jo'I'rttJ.(''art if Town and State *

t..Gt.4.30 1 IB-BM iv ae -- tilt. alto.lD i

: ,2' < _.,""+,*....""'"" .... .........:.'..ru l? ;ruzrol'',, ? >

:;;....:.. ,

-.l,,,,...., '. .. .'.', '" .- --


r.\OF. !oooF.'T.'IfIII :'
1931 RR.'OrORD
.rt" \PRII.30. _ _ -
mi'' -


1It.. It. ..rh.... .*....ti)r

1 __ _,
.1| 10 "i clock n. m.. -, _. u --' -

51 .- \ "i.i i. \ i' i, 'oci.'ii, t t' u I |I" i, '
i hip. 11 n ;m! 1 n "I'1 : IIIN/ Week 1 ,, "III to pe : .

)1 in.-eta at 15:30: p m. SHOWS $300,000 SAVING OVER 1935 Bradford MoneyIn Relieved Of Losses mil, ? "le'lli'tnellt I! of leai" .K'lH. lit SIXt' "

8 .- ship. 8:00: p. tu. I BILLS IN BRIEF ] vi. ii ot age, Thi' eluration, com I
Court Costs
G' -; nitr .',1 its on thpen <
1"etlllg."eolnes. lippiovnl
weekintroduced > plai: ,
rt, Senator I Charley Johns |I".t: t
; Tin1 Flotilla I hg; ,, i 1',1--ibililv, that the 'I ate may ,
I .ions, i'lll.; which i ont.ilns a prMsmn i
I I bill C A
i I .. a relieving 10:
the demand of O.\ : into I I I the I slot miuhinhusines.i
ver serviceVed. The State of Florida! will have Bradford Tax Collector reiiulrini; 'inirhtrs' I to, quit .t'
: of the definite Knight./ County
it t the start itself in spite of very
511, 1m'' est possibledegree" ii' .Itl"n that the .devices\ : will I to )beat the expense's of iiimin.il of $ $$3S:! :20!\ in State Motor Th. [louse. has. twelve I a ldl seventy! I It I would I appiopi' I iai I l!

-- i cases beiueen pt isunets. which originate Vehicle Commission funds stolen drafieil I i li>. l promote I the pl.intuig t ); $ $()(),OOO) for each of the next twyears. >
II wetk had, the 1 st be outlawed! was seen" by
\It 1'111"* pil'.T' ut the State Penitentiary, from. the collector's! office here in'e'niir and! prdouc'-um' of H,' i Island! cit Thus money, with contilbn i
.*....torol lions bill, before it )() i sidi.'nt Stuart' Gulls of the sen-
foe'1 j ] Montgomery If the Senate votes favor-ably on II L : The till 1 was rl'fell'ed tOil The bill wruld\ pinvt-lc' for; lions fioin teachers would, 1.1 oval"P'flsil
".' Me of
slice off of the l : I told a proposal to give
10 a. m. I \ 1)\III Introduced the first of the present 1111 the committee on pensions nndclaims. l lI growers to be proti'cled, by the 'till on a sliding scale.: The !
1'1'1.1 Mot machine
:.S1.070.00U i a year \ <' a monopoly 1
;, A Mship- 11 a. m. budget.; A ; : ,. to brillgIn $10, \tOO 000 session, by Senator; Charley K. I Slite against hybridization: nnd I .reduction measure must go befoie the approprlations l
'..eague 7:13: : p m. Johns of Stat k. Senator Johns value of the cotton committee before nreaches
1':1'': '" tul an the bill was $ ) year t levenue from the operation i Other 1",11In.lrolu, ,',d recently!' : on
Airship. R.OO p. m. I I here, for the ,-,'k-elld said. the Judiciary :Senator; Johns were.No through the establishment of cotton the fltetA House cornmitlee .
Ev' I I 10.COM) I machines.Bills l\V:
vtted to all I thee scrvChurch Spur IIlti i to 8t.t similar I ILiii.
"U" committee in Tallahassee earlier approved a I
', control . I tinued, failute: to to make operation of slot I 3t>7. Johns of starke: F.xemptmg production \
to which his lull was assigned! 4
'\ i Into hln"H a dangerous* venture ) private traders of )less '
piograrn led favoiabl.Friday! after It Committee -
.!> t..rl"l1 iutiuns 't iVi'lt'i) for punishment of I repot than, SOU( pounds from license The I House( Motor Vehicles
rri" > pi I regular session. thumbs down Monday Old lIt';: pensions of .tL'.II* a month
;. -gV H. Lowry, Pastor I tinned the bill .. one to five years in Jail fine I ch... g..s To Motor Vehicles. tinned
with the State providing :$:.13 of th>>
K "The of trials of 1 bill to reduce automobilelicense
t Mom I $1.000) to $5.000. and cot>- I expenses prisoners I on a
<;un -> rvicea; cr.d adjournment No 3(H". Johns of Staike:: nt>- amount and the J-'edcrul I CloverHUMI t .
Sabbath School 1 1, <:..1 Ion of reul i estate for chili I who commit additional tag chili' gets to $r Governor
n members \ to of balance of .
luxation latlng payment
I I ) :$15 I is the aim of four seiui
seemed headed for crimes after thev enter the :State; made the $5;; I lag 8 plutI -
ii Morning Worship. to hi lag Into !' 5 legislative: pension due,. for eioct'ti seit'\ pensioner, Cone tits Introducing t a new old a gei I
,,1 Young People's' Ves- piogi 11m. >. A house committee inti o- penitentiary Is nine borne I h%' Bradford To Pensions and* Claims.No I foitn in his campaign' IInl I recommi slst.ince in the Sena'' 1

--vice.: : such a hill as 11 compromise or Union Counties. which ever I IK led it In his message: to (lieLegisiutuit measure
Whatever '. :IMS.. : Johns of Staike: : Fle- afternoon.
.nette by Pastor.service /{ ''' afiei studying, six or ",'V- I one they may iginate'! in, Ihe Members who made Monday
i out ami a ,' .aid of the Ciiliing| I widows! Confederate veterans -
: measures befote It Senator "Many casesstoic an investigation; I reported\ to the
bills on finances shall receive $50 month. To Florida House- ', end, .n"i :
murder bt'' The Otl
u cot isoners.have the redurtion -
pi ,' Committee
Mission Study Puring the l.is-t week* the senate .. .1,101''hlel "
c'ruyer Service.' fore the end of tii) to limit all rent estate taxa I' cost the two counties many I Pensions und Claims: of tag pikes to $B would I i i the new Townsend lecovery lid',

have to supply lIst'i. I 10 fifteen mills; voted to le'l humlreds, dolallIle! i the Inmates | lit 1 ). Johns! of Starke: Relative I educe pulilu I nchonl revenues now awaiting. fonxresslonttltioii ,"

"; > ,"I! n."u..t Church/ [approximately $ .&*/ ( '" advei Using of all local bills : who committed, the citme. ( p-iyrnent ol wages in pilvate em- about $'.' (nOllOfl1i) a 1 year The. liy iidi'pling a "n-iolutmn .'

H'" 1 JI"lIIh. \\.. ......t..r old. age/ pensions i. .It to submission,, to the legisl't-' : were sentenced from other Floridacounlli.s plovnu\ .\1 To Lai, ot and! ItidiiM- .i. .o'Is now I li.....ive aluH't. S". Mini,,' fin I I l Inc ;, present ''tue MaitiiiI I .1I

,.. ., y Sun..ay.' Bible lime If place .. I t I. unless\ a refeiendum vote has The prison I Is locatedIn I III.I I i Oo' i M II' t Iou I In en-1 i '': i I 'l I"" "n .; :! t '""::1f\!

i' m Service at 3.aOI is lost tit I I he end of l ,. ti held on them ; voteil to \limit I'nlon. ;\ :"is i : .I.liihrisf,! : i :Si.nke; !J.lu,,. ki J

i ,ernoou. bernli.se of varied .'" indebtedness oC any bond It is believed Hi it !us bill will bepiesented < ; .ii.'M'' c:ide : : -.1"11| n ,illjL." II. ,'nt -.' .

\FTTsT' ItCH: I The senate area to twelve per cent of 10 the ;-<" ate, i toi a v.i'e', t ''i n ;i'. ''i''>i; '1,1' u is '1'" Misiellune'His ELECTRIC

i-.KIllr.i\ ; r.iitor VOted t to kill the g ; assessed pioperty value ; voted 'Hornet line ne-vl\ v "I'-. !iI 1. Att.iii" -
i" I \. Donidey, '
law with its! the to -- --------
give leglhl.r: I lie authority ---- -- --

:oc ..elvlr"t mill. 2-30* p.Sun ni.lay. ,10110.(1111It year, '&' apportionment. schedules* for all | Favorable Reports Believed In Prospect p XlP : IRT1'fMIlV

transfer 1'1 urn I the I i laes and voted to put Bills
Service; Hazen
.- ,:" and Prayer : fund to schools I Ihe money distribution on equal ;| For Two Important I Ii :
diy i -.- '
the R.i.-H'liue lax. with other" of I
): expenses i! > \ l.i : 01'1.1.. I Kr: .s.HMt.K. I : I.KM? 01 l; T\\ 'i 10 r.r.: BOO..U.III )
st t.I1..1''''* KilH:| or.il| Church about $2,7o.ouo a ) .itt- giitii nment. All must bt \ ; I C
lls.llMM I.)) KK: lio- :.10 I'l 1 K( H.NT.; II' MKFavornl.Ie : \ -
MI nj(! prayer and Sermon, on While this was ; ( ln>itte."I i lo a \ote of lint ida elec III1U I Ell: I t"l I 1:1': : I't:..

n rind fourth Sundays; at senate committee, I If they pass the house.

i I Holy Communion Hunts; wus ,. ,. The house. had! before It a pro
gioup I bolh Sen:; *
and. choir A bill with good 1 strong teeth. :, : reports, by /
10 a m. Litany constitutional amendment to
i vorlte plans "
7:30 restiicting I t the sale of all I I frenh water ale ami I House commiltees I me t epecteil \ -
-. -rj Friday night : Comptioiler" .1. M.l ) liii> the one mill tax for schools week bill I I Inlroduic'd I
I / fish was ,dioppe.l into the Icglslati've this on II : :
I a b.ll to p" ol all si '.\'I.it'"i I by the constitution. nn hoppei Monday, by liepresen- by P.epre-.senlatlve: Fred I Ha/.en, ;

that from I to give su-
I increase ot fit
( lirl-tian. t'liuri-h( lilt lye I Hu/.fii: providing I for a fl.it I '
Proponents, of the I I "'lilt i out I t a seventh justice. and 1 .
the Christian churchnita ty t in Ihe I g/ ,1I..n..gla'
it Much l I minimi IU -I\ "' than present pttill --
.'.1. however, that I 1 I I t "' setting up congressional, :
and evening now It \'Ied on all hint wine" und I I. .
> morning I .statutes.t Mi t I I.t iens lull I wouldpiohlbit i iI -
back to the loot t I ii,' t 11'\\ i lesiiicru: <' re.juitemefits t'oi .
morethan one i
i .. \ "n ,o ducl1"1'1'' I t the sale of all flesh water quoi containing ,p.
with the Ha nit 1"1' ml"". nl.i tile i o irt
fish except ealflsh and garfish ; cent alcohol, I It is estimated I i i hath
--- -- -- '- -- -- --
caught I in any of the "" .t>tis. in increase would mean $ I3rti:! >

-- (ion* aJditinn.il ....\... .ii'toi the sti' !
k. streams. eiee-Ks.. ca-

t.al.s. sand I in Florida annually f
1 '\1'1 swamps

BOB JONES ECONOMY FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS It prohibits not only Ihe sale, I In discussing; his. billvilh/ I 1 tli.TeUJonph : .. W

-- -- bin also the possession. of more : this' week-end MIlia I

On here C;, i\vrn"i> tVreil ( ones' tom.... simply S.'iro.ODO, ::* ) I in I handle, unforeseen, contingencies I than folly I of such i Iresh i.e "'' I /.en said I that it *1,5. iin-t th.. ,ipplovnl
Comment n
I Worded' I rcriimrnendations' for The present( law I ust' 'I'IIHh'l of leadeis in both' lioiMrand '"

t /1(1(! Hereafter financing the state for the next 10. I I'ut all state officials and I the sale of liii k bass has lti.it. he has hopes of its i>,ul I. I engines crack .
two yiar.i t weie in 'wot' king model"form employees on flat salaries and discard I loopholes. L'ndet t it several i large; enactment! into: law WHEN : !

German poet befote the Florida legislators. maintenance and living expense i bodies! of water! such It!' Lake 1 As Ihe bittz. >.icv stands. II..- tax break or bum-

Wne" Schrller' said.the "I see everything aa they resumed! activities :Monday tOStH.I Okeechobee and p'lits of ttii luLlSrivers on liquor sold In the state Is tight need repairing ;, :
dying he pers ,
was* .
ty cents u gallon/ and only tluity-
danylYing 11 I Reorganize I all Inspectionfunctions have been deflated, to be salt
olearer and clearer. I luiuo- ...oldfOI' them
seemed to look The chief/ executive s definite i of the department of oglioultuie water., Thus it was possible for a two cents a gallon on don't throw away. ,
( men have the state Mr Ilazan M'Kt. : I M.I.KOV : "" I
; othei world. Ot ten I they i I views, on Ihemallt.r.a..w..nll1Otho. to eliminate overlapping\ person. caught; s'lIinfl'"h, / water use out of We can repair them perfectly ;
Into the Iti I His I bill nv.'It'1i.
i (it' LiSttitkllt
loved ones amideceased .... of members of his cabinet, duties! uf inspectors and cut about fish, to say that he had caught Hit li ( I'MtM .j'i
talk to departed tax" of :$1 t 2'') II )gallon; on I and give them theist j
f f1
friends "All right; I'm : were given in response! to request :S'JOO.OOO:: II year from the department's Ih11In uniestricte-d water and it

John There Is Mother.'onol'r ., by the sen.itt finance. and fixation budget would.I be almost I Impossible to all beverages; containing: more than ;\ *IIl :<.tI\: strength of new parts. Call : I
coming. I I tout teen per" cent ulcohol.. whethtiMild I
T'.iere: is darling and generally weie commended by Legislators,, received the 'outline prove otherwise! '
Sistei my
\ *is tor use in or' without Ihe! 120J and ask for an est .
nab> Expressions, like these I the I k-Rinlatuis who sought, an r received with thanks. Its specific recommendation I I !Mr I lluxi'n'.i mu including nil slate This would prevent tin i't!

nri' often )h.-anl from, the lips of fiom tile governors pattern was just, what they bodies of wuter In Florida: would pi'ieticc" uf lapin' being bought mate.SM1THS. 't, I

U tig Munv' lymg saints talk 1 for the legislative activities to- wanted. 'go far towaid 1 eliminating this evil s.ippo.sedlv, fur 1' use outside theM I

,,', .1 '' 'iKitifi into, l.ia.en and of seeing I waid balancing Flotilla's budget In :Some; of the" cabinet\ membersiift'eiet I The le-detinition, of "fresh cc it tel' .'i )but ill it ility, meiily to ,liCulI :

,., the next few weeks along the governor's extent with i i the will it-suit the building of I GARAGEUK
'lie S ,r. .i i I 1'" they reallyovi : to an governor's in up ( avinir the, hiKh I t.i\" :.Nil tI" ,n ...

8 ,en' u !lilenii, : ,.n.\l "-eirI. economy plan suggestion." large: I leserveof' i game fish which I

I. >ri'' 'hi ''I''ll" -t I"ii is often .iketi I Here in I brief! are the govetnor's: Heel:ietuy: of State R A. Gray will eventual! be I n-all/ed" in all 11"1"1|-" .- i I

I I nbserv.ilion.4 on Fbi ida financial: I Florida l odi I of water. -
< ni.irufs. I believe dying with othe-r' > i. -
while many .

'i'II I l -' ,MI.- i,tt-ti'y Hi -11.lw'ht'oIoorrpen" ..oil' into!' heaveni : I ni"lpi.1. .Retain, the one-half of one 'points I of fund.i:.,agreeing took into issue i.ne un"common the ii tifli 1 pot'LIla: \ TAX CIJM": : K .I 11 : SXJ.INSiOM '-'-: -' 1T-Fi:52 u ; : hJPr fqY H1-. /EN : .rRI& :' ? rJ Ii!

i 1"-, at the Father's; { percent rfioss I it-ceipls: tax fOI two t.U I IN 1 Jll. ,11 I.' ,. "
in "
i When. ..111'| ( :" .thlllg one '
I > --:4-:4Zo2DA "' :; '
II ii.u' 'I 1 i Inearer we gotI J )'.'::11>* ) \'n'.1e' generally I i" esdm.Ued pot. you .' ill! I have the worst meaa V "'i'' I M"I n "p.i. "sed by ti.. : ;..:, :' "" 11th

i"'.11 the I Is.fnnhall. ..t $:!.UIO.LIII( ,i je.ii., eleik of: -F. ,e'' 1
pi'ice : : 11 iite .:'ivein.\i m yi 'u eve s av li-giNlalire p l venting;: Itny .-"' j

I \ :\( the welln : 2. Cui nuto llcen.-e: tag, : price\ tll'' ''ri- laid, lilt< i item! i :U t it I in Florida! t r\oni .. 1f '''" ;... j -

',' ""i ">'ht.und i UihJe tench- $Ci, with I l.-icica.-e in ga&oline tax Comptroller .1. M. Lee said., In selling\ l.i\" I' ,rtif.i, II". until alter CEH,2 OFE: .

.is .1 ti' i ml of the writer and 1 even<' to make: up the I luss from effect!' "certainly we -'unI't/ along the fust' M..ay. in .I'lly! Lund-' CITRUS ..n4C'PYG A4C"lJ.fE'y" i ''tl

> i ot' the Hoard (ifTr I :i'I lSlrir! iuacketed pi ices on existing revenue, particularly' owners r.in i .tnt. in t ti' to tedeemtheir -- LJUSINSS oPmE uI.Q2O/ .e i j jI I Ir

"i' the tii.b[ Jones College !, 3.\ Appropriate: necesinry money ,f incien.se: in gasoline revenue\' Is own pi i pel ty. howevi iM ,.r' t'a .
'' .,
'. I ,,,-to, livi-il the reve- than .. r ..--- 4.Idiii- '
10t' oerW for schools tI I I tim sttieial I II u.teil I for some other purpose --- !
> I ni : OH- & fi'i.ii' \ r ION I .f'
'hen ,he was ,'lghl '-.el'hlII I I' iiue fund' leaving: the' governor and I being divided!' between the road de- fou luflIi: : > ,
ibmel' the tn.-k of making upI of administration ,lf-lllll<* Itlll \H. tHIl I j
'. the college anti cache :Ills c lilt' t tflient and the boaril' -
1'1 < ,
::1'11'1"1III'IUBY" : : IIIVK.V.: ThAt .11:H
i week He tie.l: !: about I uny '''l -uf-ll'l'm shortage. for bond debt reduction" ,> l 1"11 I,. II, .'u-ri-, ,, iVi-llfl. at.
1- I. Tool all revenue into the would appropriate ''X"\ I r,. I'..,"..t i ',1 II Ii, ii..) ..f ii.-in.'inii' ,-i" !
-n as if It were just! around The comptroller i iIi
A I Ii I :> ::: li.i" rili-o HIIIIHIn' ln> ill I It
th 01 net (toni his home. The general I lund. abolish all continuIngapptpl let'inrteamounts to the road department flic llllll., ll.l- "I'lEltle lil'lllll Utldll 1." .. ,

the lath. n", .n-.l finance;: all depa and to bond, reduction I..'1 ill. IK I I'l tsMi-ii l thereon i I S.I ,idil i
wit was as real to him asthi. ,
.'I, un., ; ."i l.rtiee' the fnllitWlliKfl :
'ne One day Columbus look itnitnts from, l.ua tund by legislative flom the gasoline money and take i'I, liiopertv, I III, the I'uuntv, '''I| Ii I'j
act. /III'ii eel l ut horn his ship and, sawbranches I' overage for other purposes ::. 4. :. 6. 7. M. nf IM.n-k 10. ,
of trees! floating on the H. Abolish t''el'YlSI'I"M" ho.rid The governor's outline; set definitely \\.llil I'll, NHCtlf.tl' 'I. 'I'lIM. ll.slllll. : :
fusteied I 7 1 S'lit Ii. It.iiiKe: ,' 10!'). I';..islThe J
wnte' Human hands must have bureau and i commission : cons 'II- : at test the report wt'--n'Hiit, i".f t tht* ,iilit' ini-i'" ,

'ihnwn' those branc'ies into the I date all Inspection services where by his critics that he had m tie only IT, 1\ niiili-i, 'Hi"I naiil I'HI, til' Ii'all' l Ii .
of his Ideas, : I .*,"u.I| \\ .0- in, I II... II......* "f1" I S K; Jfal'rn-
wuter. he sild. Go,| oiten gathers | duplication exl.sts. I II a skeleton outline Molt 7WO I4 ir i''

(tint from the Tree of Life and I I 6. Retain the state milk control ,,for the! sl, le'8 fiscal: welfare and I .. \rnl..>.*.I I.anl< I ns I. .j'I'
casts it out on life's ocean to give <: board, but consolidate It with 'ht'l did' not have. specific i suggestii .1.-..-, ili'-'l'' Ihi-ri-in, illn. ..nl.1I. 77.44fji ; .4 i.4as.. ,
In i of agriculture. to make. Governor COli"1< $ explicit I In. the lilKli- lilil.l-r. at I Ihi- cuurtIn. 'IYi, : .
still department: : ,
hll I t )
: ll'en who home
< are nl'allng I .tl,,' ili.i.i, .'n lh.* first" M.nut' iv inI 74cAW aN. O'V4E cAsr I
foretaste of the matchless' glory; :1 7. Consolidation of all dr .sf/72fr
)f the ,I boards under one !hp'lIl.| to ellminate I I : preceding his announcement i hi. "ih' rt.iy "i I .'lu'',''. in!"::? 49 V :4Z'L ItI
heavenly home Columbus 1..1 'thl- .Hilt' .I.y.of .\f..II.| || 1.d7: ,;, t I
tars: a light' on the shore. "A burn | duplication of attoiney's fees I of pl
u und other costs! toni to dictate to them in any way.that A. J THOMAS. r''
bunds he
holds that light I Cl.*rk of 4'lrrillt I Court ,4\- I
s Ul i God 1 holds a light in Mm I H. Abolish or combine the! st.itc lie had no "p.!t bills to maiie, of lirid tr1. County Florida I ,' uI I
state and I that he had refrained, ur.tilihfii : -:j : -." -ij-i' I IMIIII .:, ,'I : ,: :;
'""' so His( .. children on theirhome I h tel commission with the i .. .: .
I made. from enlaigiiig :
lequett wiis -ie,4 I Iac.
al. 't
1 may read, their ti- beverjge department. r or-- C i'i'i.ifIII \ ;
the te.l of his legislative 'i' C \ in.tit:
i nit
"trou; upon
"l 'liar to in the 9. Set I up) an emergency ,
mansions! sky. ;
< Hilln.,, llt.llK.ilph : I
on April ii | t-liiilr
message \
'olumbus neared the shore a I ble shooter's fnn-l it $2.r'.000 to SI"I"I : I 1- 1 1I1'IIIln 1 ; i : nl\I iv: TI., ". .. \
I'. ..11NI .1. Ip.l'l'-r" "f 1'.. i -n i \
of birds flew over. As the ,
>"r" i- I >I' <. ,INHIII-.I th Tin diy
i"each the other IIhol C. God i I lerniire fencing rf highwai: jy the
rt-eeplion committee of. an- No-Fence Law I State to ktcl'.t I":' from the mu Is. III my off i i.tthiii "nl', ll'-'l h",s illill.iippli.I.. ll.l es' 'lJ..1. lil.Ii > ( : L

11 welcome them home. La. Gets NowhereThe I I "ThM hill wOIIII I 1 just make it unlawful '.iii fi.lII, :-.0\l X cert Ir leal.' endirae, I ,

t .l'I I for cattle to mini at I Ii-ge I Li.r..i|i..a liu, ,n ilowrllii", I pronorty, Ht iir "
''ie begijnr at the rich mans -
I lie ,iv.mil- )Hr.ulforil Statel'ioiidi .
co'ild :
'i.id: ,Ik reception when he went House livestock committee on the roads" The owners lo-w. i iHiiurhlinl' it- .' : ,
I'decide how to keep their ,aOl, ni ilst "f =Ni rlh-Ai--| Qurirw t1i
'tat: no eaithly king ever refi voted.I nineteen to en" against II : I 't rt i.ii" WeNt ijiiarti'i' ni. .Si.. 1 "I

>ia moital, men Lazarus bill m.lklngown'I': '' "f> livestock t i off the toads." he said.I tl.ni :SO' 'I', "" 'UHlilp, 7 Siiilth. Itnniliutaliilnu tt ,i I to'

'; ,iodbye to ilng I und ,orumbii: i;i civilly Ii II liii. if their animaU cause i: Questioned by Representativei niori 2'J:,: l.I: 'i. I t'' .".. -'ii A t i- 4 _. I :11 ,1'41ecozZ; :'- :I fl! ,

i of L Holmes C'ou.ity. MeCatty ,'' -I'tit of flu- "'i .1! i tt i .1 -. Y'4 2
utfering und was rarrn.-J by : accidmia' on Florida hrithwuys.Uepiesentative I [iiuramonil! i iI rH| miller ts-' lie "ttli' l <...''ur..l.nl.llllll" .- 0 .".., ... jj 'MQ3( ; 't"'
rid ol-tv I
Into Abrnhitm's! .hosouiup McCatly of fHL.UIIU : tea I I his inll In effect wo HIIW'I, ii" I IITnlHII I !Itil "t I IIKII.I .", S CCO,4- I '' ,
1 i iti'ein..I li. i.c > 0
saints eif, fliMl' A hew County v. ho i Introduced. !' till' require owners to fenci" their l.ve toil- ,llnir I'lTtlfl'-lll-ti. i li"S'"-holl. H-I |I' ,c, ."."jI".i'". i' Y(7R/o i' '"
'lays an I then home home m<'f' KUI','. pleaded with the (,01lIm1t1' Mto'-k in ordei. 'to nvoi I civil "re.-p IP- Ui"i '! M"lo "! Ili-r-lii will, !II., ,01'1... I .r: \ \... 'It J efl :: ;' '
ll- Father and all of God's cae ot accldeniu, ; to 1.10 Hie blat' 'I *l.iiM-r*" urn" .I. :
for favorable; >s'bility .n 1 .. tV' I" (
(' before' th'ule a lioumilii.r. I .ii thflrhl Mon.l.iy I' i !' \ ,
home and! I. whli hi. II.I11'li .. ( i : ..;r. :': I"I: >
t rli1 t'i-17. :
no more goes icport on the bill so that ill Representative o HI" rn.'nih "' M iv. .. 1" I btr.' 1ft 1ftj ;

ino no more Weeping.DRINK. might rernnl their I -Thin! thing is dii!,!julse; I af II c viJ i I iln\ I il."fliuli.l t i-\1111:1:7 t Ulh I :.11\: .1. 21 I".I, I, \_ V oIl".r.'J' .!.f"..ot:. "'. f'J- 4, "
--- it l.v a ,, ,r:,.. \
It but actuilly I
-entlmerit for or !against: Ili.-ibdity: 1:1.17: ) It .Ji"/t' LD,4p4Ai ,
t-iir. ?
Mcnxiires repotted unfavorably rigid fencing bill" nail. [)rllmmono1.i 0.1..1.1. ..'\I,I,: 'I..1I "111, .)..11,..,.;-, L1.L :_. ,f I !

.., nil I..r, .
committees s,,l loin me t plicedon i I I..n. '.. l-'loiiU. of TAK1N) J TWO U \ SMOF
fy : ; .t l iFlorida's uccomplinient
tLI'll'rNu' ,\ "b ol'i ( 'U'i": IT 'I' UI.ltn I In Ill'* :III1"LOIt: : : \ I).-\ i is located the Klor I
calemi'ir. and if they I WKIC.IIT; ; 00'1: ; ".
the House 1.2 r.I 1.1.1 KXAtTI.Y; Till. SAMK" I IcsT
is ] A mass! Townsend' pieetingill) ,id.i (',tI'U' Machinery: Company, world' argent( :
chairman required !
.ire. the committee temperaturefor most unusu.il feMt. While flJ'"n.c. on 4L'Iake
highest (
; n a
the court house Sunday: of fruit and vegetable parkingduii '
I' manufacturer
indefinite be held &
by the rules to move I I wa" 107 degrees I I'oiiuetl near I 1)<0", a party (rOTC .'....k.on.
clock thirty years .
\ 9. at 2:00:( olticial of foreign; joverrlll'l..ni.ttIntprIHt.,1
when such a ,iftem, on. 1'1Y >mnt.. Mrali; .
postponement i recordedit K.: Sm.t", Mr.I Uo<
IIIIot'stIoaK 0 2 degrees of Dr Itulph:
'tatoHlc"r" and ,, .is to this rhurminif yule, composed .
ATI.I'NC UtiLe pending before hntp.; Some \ in citru I culture come :
Mil is I reached TalUhHisee- 1599. and Mr. Clt"-.. lledduw, well known
address I well King
nthor ncted speaker will ,, of the earth. An a result,
other committees would require I _. __ _.- ____ little city from all part Uow.iuij.Mieh, ; : >
RECESS munufjeturer ; i
H ta-kle : !
invitut \.
A he-irty in
owners, to fence livestockwhile the meeting classifications of I I tli- machinery of this Florida concern 'lit operation -
three when
U extended to the general public 7..alan"II''tn.I\ : l ilf.in, were. greatly surprised( anil!
would have' New ,
Is one that soft und : in Japan, Spain,
SCHOOL there ,
AFTER phosphate lnd' pebble member of the party. Carl Smith; sue (i
the Ptite fence Its highways. .o attend iird) rock yielded. more than $V Jam:>l oA. Cuba, lile of I. en, Puerto Kici, amimany a fellow the
did, .---- -- ceede.l: in landing, two l'I te pounder* !at! suite
McCaity said his proposal! no.OOO In 19'Jo! : with a production oih.-r countri;
Florida's, etim tIed wetltil rtirtcu pwitn"w.
of tune on on* ,
not attempt to require fencing! I .u iuost! :.OOO.OOO long,; ton.. l
BOTTLING CO. livestock by the owners nor did It l:13J!: was 2000000000.




... ,,, .- -- --- --- -

,, '' ,.,. .. ""
'v.w..;", -

; 'W:1:

I f iMckaonvillf spent the week-end Tuesday HfteimAirs. ,
Bradford County Telegraph I 'ieie with' filends '
.. .. I
TOO LATE I .1. Phillip*. lorrr | RITZ --- !Miss Ien.! ii 10' Ti-ny who 'Is vmplojfd Luke was VI8it1"1"ue"IIIIY
Established I 177F.SS i slrimlM-rr.v I SI-IIHOII Closing. 1 In .I l III ksunvlllu spent the afteino 'i I
I One of 1 the mofct disappointing uc-pk-rml at! IH-I home hem ------ -- --

;. \ EER i tip III'sot-'l,I. K' vfrrrrrfarr SHOWING AND AIONPAY St'NKAY; ; seasons, on lecord here is now cloning O J. Amli'i'H who ivccntl.v w.is
Klorldn I'rrww .'u". for the eilcnl M raw-berry" growers i-onlmpil to a tike city HoH|>itnlriliitiivii ,, KEEN'So..tl
7f"l.ORIDA Pr :: I\SOCIAllON. ; 1: "c.tirn Light", thut gtlnlngl who have been expecting to ti> Ills home heie Pililiiy

\ l tniy nf hi.-ioit.ni, saci If k-e and i-i'iu-h n leal Heasoii "since January VVouiliow Cutxhnw of Gii'1-nvllle
::J Vld 7 C1 ; L. !i The he all boys hot up and in bntheied Talliihassc-c over seemto this love, which hud tunny Illlnlll','"'' ofIhousnncla which up to the pieseni time has TV mi., Is visiting' .. pim-nta. tin
of leadi-is, in its hook failed, to got: I1011' Most glowerssliow .
slot machine question, but the answer II Kev mill :Mm" O K CiitHhiiwKtn
Class fotrn nf on II'" I it loos for the 'ac-iixon Reveialcms
Published \\ei-kly on rrid.i; >'1'I and Entered as Second to my mind is simple. All ii couple YI'III" 1/,0.' < : I "':wards of ,'Usum-llli
have moved from heie the
is to hiIMr,: Theatre
a I
Starke.! Florida they gotta do Is tutn the whole >ent Hie WN -'nil here with Instu
P M Office at | -
:Matter at Sunday anti :Mi.inlu.v' a fuithlully III<\\'k Iml pi' 'lies have been low,
mess over to :Mr. Mayo and forgetit II nulyMIH .
m.idi1. Hl'll'n'lhl1y.rllsl t Cosmopolitan rinli'H Hi-lling nt an Iveiage/ of
E. I.. ;Matthew- Editor and OwnerUB'lm'110X If beans nnd pl.nlH'I..ne pioilurtion leleitUMl by 'I1 0'11'Na/ % \ ii,") Ills experlt-d thut Saturdayuill (n.i W. linlintM nml :Mii. KM
peppets/ egg t Ion,11Kiiol I be the lit"t of shipments to the HennHt weio MhoppiiiK In J"l'It I
under the li.-a.l.. of agilcultuie,
nol tllt'l'n m.okets iind. that the local invllk-' \\ ediuHil.iy.W .
KATE eilalnly lemons, c.hcric.s! ami :' Kljjin. I the' young Iilsh-
tnukcis and the col.I! pack people II 'Kilwimls. Jr.' was a bus I
who Hi'iixational' hits In ,
similail.iRHificatiun man
in Advance plums ought to enjoy a
Yt-arlv. SI.30; ; Six :.MonthT.'c; -Payable < "Captain' liloini" and "Chaige of I will h.indle the balance of the n'AM'iKilol' I K) Jacksonville VVeilnp.sday -

Acherti-iinu; Hates on Application Of coiuse. if von want to cet;: HIP Llfht!; 'Hiljfailiis the. m.iscnIme crop' as long us: It lasts .
technical, you; might term the slot M.il of Lloyd (' Douglas'. giippmff I -: :- :- MIH. J. I1. .\\')'1'11'111..1': HiMnVVyiUk : ,
I 'Inillir Top, still |tti.tLiittH'.V .
''machine tale lie (W. "1'alge, the und :Miss 1.010tin Smith
; a form of mechanical pl.ivs'
TIM: IMMCI: : (OMis): :: ; IIIMI( ; OX i.i:< ; isiIIMIIIMSY:\ : : : tiiiffic ,police nnd. :M.iyoiV '
running, hut "is fai as 1 can BOO, srn.-ntl.st who 1111110"1 l Hives his lifein wen.Hhoppmjr Iji .I.lark.ionvilluWrdnosday
\\\. thouyrht it \va" ;il 'nii tinu- forOIJ1I.ltlll':\ in tht Iccrilalure : Ihc lesult I'torn the player's stand- iI'si-tirche-s doxtim-il to alleviate \ IJloore: me still v\aglng; n ,

t to> break\ nut in a rash: nf whim....\'. wa-tint),' his timo ( althoujrh j point is about the HiimiIf anything huinin BiiffoiinK heie vigorous and :Mayor war' oti:Moore traffic-states violators that .Mr. and,. MIH. U i K 1 Ked.lisli, of : (-.. :M \.... 1\1 I.

loss illoonlt' instanet-s' ) | / the dirt turm..r takes It on The Jill he wln is th.- lovely little J.irkiuinvllle weie visiting icl.itivcH '
I this mik'lit not lu m-uh: a : : he is /going to keep it up until the I'l I.I.V DF.sli.M:! : .,, ?.
I tlii- chin haidei and oftener In hisgamble I .
blonde! Anita Linw.. who h.ul aipcent help TwsdayMix !
ridiculous liilN,; that screno pulllc teams I to abide by lules. of ;
and tin* taxpayor.s' money on I I than does the guy who tiliimph nl hei" own an the I, this clt1'kkl'lll weie .Issued, tothlity \\. /II HlKK: ''Old. :Mis .MH I I.K 101 s ( .\ h t. ,\.11101':1 \
than to dl'llIomtratc: the legislator's .sup.i -ticks to mechanical I'lcullul'e. mother of Adveise" In''
more useful! purpose "Anthony mntoilsts during the past 1 \\ .-..1"l..re vlwltmg in StaihiYdnesilny .\ : : '10 K'\.I.I \
The city Hlickei diops/ flock ofbutfalo the filmeision' ol,t' that book uiulhiui'8
wit oit'ony. \\'t't'k.
: ld| I'lair for \\ nfteinoon.MI.H 1 .
nickles in a slot' machine: Htelliohunu1' with l-'lynn. !VIOIMI.I> ;'s, uKEEN'S
A IJrevai-d County repn-sentative: the first,; to !Itl'> and If luck Is with him he may /get: ,, -- H. I U. AI'W"ud.I Miss/ Gi urAmo.id
riayftiK foi the last time to- \ t.iMe
i r i "Outlook
and forth with one of the.se ma.si i ('rop of cheyles 01 plums or and :Miss Ui-tty, "Phillip."
the pixie* come ( .
; "ic-hed by 'ny Is :Modem' I mit-s' w nil The local vegetable outlook ,Isvery BAKh .y
i 'i'pieces Unit make such tfoud ivadinir in the newspapers: and I, maybe On the a othei J.ick-poi hand the. dirt faim- lie, Chaplin' and c..nmmf:' to I the Chltl'-j good'heio at this time dejpilethe weic :sluiijinc'' | | ; in .Ial'llIl1n\'I11<- > .
TII"Id.I..111.1 Vs e-lnt ---- -- -
u'h Roodeepint! ? on the pait of taxpayers. 't' plants a mess of seeds beam "si-ri-en : ( I coldvct' weather that delayed i I m----: ........._
The Ciieat U'Mnlli: with PatO'ltrien
: tin- planting of 'Lim.i beans ,
1 the wrists,; of leiri.-lators: ,; who 1 town 011 the old' hoe handle and IfI I I crops I
The bill designed,; to !slap : I IIH' Is lucky may make enough tiom .ind corn ate looking good and it IHexpocted F. H. A. Loans
-Cased, to listen to appeal from :id\ncates' tll'a no-feme law. 1: A that a bumper! clop will I I
i :.IM beans or cabbage) to pay tin,; '
"ropoM-d that a inonument lie elected: on the! capitol grounds,; | /'I'ntLilt! bu>' the baby a new: pair I Made AH Kiel iff ! 1'111 I
local' ,
gioweis aie planting I
Florida legislature, the jrolden calf. It nt shoes. I The Interim of Miiiht-H'! PIIIJJStoie I
"the idol of t tlie |I
t t' i cotton to t tiy untl l make up toi I the
v ('nt on at Kreat li'iijfth" to pnn ide "That the 1 people, of Florida Of coui.se the oddi aie against wns fuilli'-r" hrnutified UiHwcok loss mi sltuwheriies I[I 1,1 ,"Ul/ < an luiy ur build u I home on pavnuntsthan I :-_
.ilm just us they an- against;: theour with an inlaid l linoleum Hour ,
to the --- I rent t \\v lend Mcr) with
'1 l'adar to make a piljot''imag-t! jou
-nail lie, tii'tred once: .' boxo who confines his agriultuial covering In an attractive mIll hl-
state cui'itol )Kfotinds,; at Tallahassee and bow down in wOI'-I'' :: adventure to a mechanical izeil gieen p.ittein 'I'hl'01 k was ami. Mis I'erson.iUMr Veinon Hue ofThere Ijl 0 Years To Paj' liulance
calf tli'l their ance.slors: in anl' levlce. The wheel' of foi tune spins dime by Hint Kuimluie CoKl.uK'a .
ship of 'the Roldeii as --- --
to ) and, instead of gettm' three beans F. C. HOLLINGSWORTH
deseited, the God of their fat -- -- --- weie lu: pi-opie on the
rael 1 when the chosen people ; \ : III
: n a "low" with a nice/ Juicy pay-otf, has the commercials I flower
}, h-I only when it .sailed. fiom' STAKKE. FLORIDAELECTRIC
I.. t'rs.J ." he farmer leads the lecoid,, (I and | nnjte fishery in thf United! Plymouth Knglaml: in September I
;Now': we !know that legislators, nvist,; ha\e their fun. l> inds all he diew was one hail .JtatI'8. 1I :::1J -=-='
tnl'lII. one clio.ight. and a m.uket --
J until ten o'clock in I the morntiiK --- -- -- -
t since the Motive iloes not cotnene ( slump.
.lice, playln' pokei. buyin! sweepstakes
( and tIe: Senate even later) and adjourns fairly early ev- Hut It Is nil In the game, and 1 tickets, bcltin' on the : I

PInftrriioon.! it seems as if tin-re i is,; plenty of time for frol\ A hen the fanner' in "one section I ponies' Jabhin' punch' boa
Il'kingI..fo'l'\ and after hours.,; Why should legislator\ waste, 'oscs all he puts In. the gtoweiii IIIlh..I' I slot machine ha miles HOi ''I
\\l-en > sections cash in by geUlng1.1""el' i long: that all the ,laws In the uniI I STARKE \/t: ; \ .-. : \
his and\ his fellow members'! \ I time with stub triviality .t't.11".m: \ \IM:
piiccB on the stifnsjth! of a I veiie can't 8luhm.\ : I II i iI \Mxuir.K.; : c.-r.. ir.it\' I"U i: .must.AIIKAI .
there are really important matters\ to be .settled ? hoi t 11'op. I Mi.s. Ameilca ..lips hei. (loomhange "- PRO G R A M'iHI I ....ltHI'H; "" "DIt U u\\ ..
Then too. it must: be remembered! that no matter how Hut 1 the slot riiiicl.ini-s" ale wickd ./ on le-h bndjje! table peddles : >*>.

j looli-Oi a bill i is.: !sortie tax-paid attache must ,spend )Kood, time because the smart gmvi who opiate lottery tlikets foi the Woman's 'lix.riti.M:, {. -'!)-311 KITCHEN
'cm and ..
the rn"ll'halll.h. Au\tl.ury. Hells rluim-es.. heihocolale "Modern
I ; l 'ping' and preparing: : it for introduction, a tax-paid reading piovide the location make on I I'I Times I
(* .1' I mom'yh..lh.I' cake at the County! K.m i < li.irles, CABINETS
<'\l'l'kJI1I..t\ read it, and tax-paid Il'g-Ilator, must,; waste,; 11lt'1l' | \ the playeis' win 01 lose I'I and wouldn't min-< "Kink Night 1 ( h.iillti I

l .' valuable! time laughinjr.and joKinj? oxer it. On the othei hand the commis 01 CI eeno" for tm w-oild. but the s \l 1\\ .:U \ \ '. \\ I,.. ,
'''mculmnts. the IIII'UR.JH.., the Jeat soul would, hei out I I\: TV' ;.Modern,/ Iliini. )* sIIM| ||,| >,. t'IIIII'-; |
:So; whether, the Koldi-n calf bill i is; ever I.eard of atfain or fei tilix.er cuml'lI nil.... get their civ eye-s Double Feature
if you accused hei ot gambling |1.,1 \\ 1111 An Allructlvf Kill'hen ('lIbIIIt.t. .
not it will be \rtmemheivcl that it cost: Florida taxpayers a .dough' "1'11 mortgage 01 somctlirnj;; 'Song of The Gringo'
But gettm' back to the slot machine .
lew more! golden dollars.HAEN egatclless- fti ..of how I the pool dntfarnnpt question: The situation In 'l.-\ Kilter lli>>.\' !S.IM> >ti-H; unil lii-i-p( I'oiull
** _
-- : this state \M1 .ii-..li unit Cliiill.SUMMER.
------0 at present is .1 mews everyone
; :SHOWS; ( UK: IS ON :SIDE; ECONOMY!: : II piuhlbit If we prohibition might p.issu would law really mak- I admits thnt even the operators "Under Cover of

,. Iliadford's: ,; Itl''I'j."t| entathe Fred" Hazen: aligned\ himself.su're : m' it a ciimmal ot'tense. to engage themselves Night" .

: (| : >''y with the forces of economy in what i is,; said to have !I .1 iccauae aii.v kind u lot or of Homing faimers' operations!have lost I i million.Vc cr..ako; dollars! II.-.i tryin'ik.I.: Ui; enforce spend tdmulld t.l..r..II.: ... Ixme.V.OIO.V. .u.... PORCH FURNITURE:\;".tIPJ.{: .

I 'if been Ihe' iirst real test; of the | lesenl: lo is.itisession.! ,; |I 11 nev but we U.eii: this "pioluM- 'lie I liw Lut we A-on t change. hu-

It has long been the custom,; for members'; of the legishi1ture ,; 'I tlon 'legislation in a g Mt big way .m-tn nature lint! we won t stop :' ': : : .. :\1.\'\'. ':..!

;\ to vote themselves: each u set of law I books vvoi ti! $125; 1.|,!I. ;. nl loiiO.ia" ii, piovetl Hop in be .1 giand aini I uumblmfc.: : ; :but. we will LO-K: TMHfiKVKNUK Green Light"Kriol

'I ( although, : the state gets tht m at the bargain price: of !$?;))0)<) ) Try ami Ill: ihe iiveiage Aineil-I Cn the othet l-and l, we can devise : Kl.tnn

( Kadi IcgUl.itor receives; '; a :set. no mailer wlu'tr.er he' already; ( can he CAN'T and l he 11 ,ilo it in :Vglsl.ition th, :it will i-ftectively! 'M.irK-irt-t Anita I.oulsn I.\lniltii\' .

'I owns' one\: or not. It i is,; i J't"I'"rh'd| i <1 that many \members car, 'I'.iu nt lull:. and high water. and,,. Intelligently\ control and "ffgn'ate I

:'1 no'h'ng: :ib"tit' the bo-iks,;, which are promptly ,sold to :.someonevv ',.. hcl.ier it l.e phI II tin' see-U and '! these machines, eithei' ,' ". II KS.-UKI:. :M.\\' !-.-> I
'km' .1 oh-nte with tin; elements operation or rigid bst'll"1 I
ill I:u has nioie n I"C for tln-m. It is estimated, that the coU ofMII he N.olir'-t. tin. .i.n: kit. ,mil .ill tI.1 lerive stitf'oii'nt' revenue "Great O'Malley"

I hf 1 i 'vng! the'se *e's runs to around !:?;S.ino.( ( I IF 'h.1 i h.i ,I-.H in 'i.SKI.i: .1 dim.op 'Very i.ted \l it'I'l, any new" foimf '. I'.it OT.iiiMi'i

,' It was !uratifyin! >r (to liiul lt'pn.pntatin' lla/en's namt I ,:;;t ';> 'Clldt| '/' .11 :tin' : ,
I "OUI/ i :Jt. maybe; .void i'.ttlu-i' pav a The Avenue" DENMARK: FURNITURE COMPANY
1 among:' the forty-five who voted against, IJII'ingthl'l11'ch'l'! |I .VI Ann, in" i hat !)"<-n / .1 ..iti income 01 atales I ix
the 11"1-..<. L'nfortun.itely.( v\er! outnumbered by two I It .. -'- --- ---- ..... -......_ _.... ..- ._'llffllr.llli: :

t : I votes.' The legislators who lined lip| c>n the :side of urineces.sai I yo', wo.. .Z'.:. ._.L"t .- -x...... ', ....... ", .r -:- -.'-._'. _- ,._-:r:1"" =T-.1- --.7"-" 'c--1"Jr'c' .
t : '.\' (extravagance. totale-d fort.v-seven.. i

The vote on the I law' books; might be tetmed a test;; case: "

fiom which! we can )get a pre'ty'! good( idea of ju"t how !each! I Iintri'btT

will :.stand when it l'Ol1ll'to .spending the taxpayers' |II

I tnoi,ey. Uradford: (County citizens w ill be\ )glad to find that ;MrHa [

I n i is, on the side of economy. I

__._____....__ t

It i is much easier: : to put on long \pants physically than

mentally, and .just,; because,;\: man can raise a mtisache, it

doesn't! nu-an that he has; put his childhood behind him.

The period of prolonged adolescence 1 : that some individuals

must,; undergo! i is,; well illustrated by the two newspaper

editors in a small California town who began bickering: back

and fotth,. at one another through their newspaper columns

and continued this typewriter fend! until one\ of them became

so enraged that he walked into the other's\ home and shot
him dead as he :sat at \the dinner table.

The man who was killed had been amusing himself with Starts 3rd
Monday May &*
the almost imbflievadly childish practice of sprinkling! his tf ,

newsp.ter| with little items about hero* who hud the same,

name as his (McCracKon) and thieves who had the name of ',",

t his rival ( French ) Here ii'a sample: : Cc2 Sunday's Florida Times-Union for Twelve

"The last man hanged: for horse stealing in Teton county

Montana was named IStirr French. Former Congressman J :

Itobert :McCraeken of Idaho observes his birth- r.-' .
: sixty-seventh of Values--Plan
Come J
.5 Prize-Winning to
clay today." .. .. Early 1 \

Surely readers\ of the newspaper must have been bored

with this sort of thing after the first two weeks so no )purpose '
,; ; could! be served in printing the items except to satisfy,; T>; e B'ue' Ribbon ?oe! of 1937 at Cohen Brothers is A CROWNING EVENT in the "

the editor's own infantile instincts. They brought him to avery entire history of 'The Big Store". Blue Ribbons are the symbols of this annual seven-

poor end.\ day merchandising event, and every item in the Blue Ribbon Sale merits prize-win

.( t o ning honor for value and quality. _

A c-i'i lespondence,; "school in the =North offers a course: in .

lion tHmill It Mmnlcl be easy,; enough unless! ,; they send a

[i8 lion along with the last t lesson.No ; -0-. Store Hours Monday, Opening: Day, 9 A. M. Until 9 P. M.lf

: .sjt-dow n strike has >et been reported in a taxidermist t

.shop.Ve ,suppose; ; no 'one has,; nerve enough to sit clown

around t'-ere for fear someone will come along and stuff him. .
-- ----.f'- olJtul1iPtlJ f'JACICSONVILL'

j A c-o.leffe: recently! bought a house but the wrecking l'I't..oJtZl',1 .\.

,. ) the wiunu cottage when sent out to work. First timive

!..nt'tI'at absent-minded'
ever professors" went in for
cal'IIlt'n ( n.Ott'DA' ---
| er work. J



Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: April 30, 1937
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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I itroofnr (itrnzntg mel grup ; : I

t.I.Jh/l./It'd: / / I I'll T Uh"l'I'IItiun-rCr Year, $1.50 ; Six \lonlh-. 73c:; -Payable in .\thanreSI : E. I.. :.Matthew Editor: and Owner ;

,Lt'II. IITV-KIiilir: \KltK; FUHtlU.11111)I .\\ ,11'lill.u; ', l 111:17!):< M I 'ICFit: : lt,1'1':


.. .


PROTECTED !I LAST WEEKj WEEK/ I AWAKDSFollyseven BrHiluntos: und in: j jiiidiloiium \ ...... ''It ,,"':JI.1( )1Jf:;''''riH' -+ IS I PREDICTED l:

filled to ctipiu-lt/ with. j i ,

pnients. alumni and friends of II j f.., ,

.//11/1"// ''< Would Prohibit 'j /hire'ruslu'd Prices linage F.omj !tl 1 :S:I. heard Cary D. I.andls, atioi- ..':'If tJ Swill Sfill on Civil! ..

(!flit'/ I ariclien In LourVia / I' Jl(>1l'at/1/ Pile of To $2.2.i; ;-MarkrlImprove) .1<'Y geiu'tiil! onuiH'iu-eenent of "F'loridt: dellvei,iiddtess'.nie anuspliing ', <<",4/1" '" ..... .111(1'ritninal Iiwkels I i

pie Areas!! i' Cross TiesiOiSTurrni .11all ., Thursday night. Mr" Landix | ., \ /) !. i

-- is mi excellent spcakei. and one ol \ ___ .i'

Il\ ,\, MX.nsKNCK: ;:; :: ( : .LKAVKl"i .: I, ( : I'I'.11L. LIMIT :si\SONS: :; :, itniritNs: (:,\ is-;: the most, popular flguies In l-'loi'Ida I! FFASD.s' ( : ; : '10) (0\ll t I i :

| ,)]{ t\II.UOAI: \\OUKKKS( : :; ( '.IIISIN.i'IIEN'I'( : (; ( :: IIKItKI : : TIMATIM: T S22:':!:!:IH\O.lHl( I lllilli life.A i I I ISDI'OKI: ( ;illAM: :" ) .11 I ( IMThespnng 1--
t Ihlily-pu'tt'. on-hesli'i I lioni i
I I -- -- | --- -

pi' .tf'd the Sea Isi I elessne.sH. taxi the Inn' il I\M til vevi" M .;.us" nt sltuwheiti ,.. .\iidii-w ,lii>'ksoti High/; School HI'ImKHonvlIlp 't.I '.; f' lfr""\) I#< !ti-emot i remit" i "u a "I,

i nilusti. y whuti (Ch.iiles. II Higgenbotli.ini/ _': .,IM hit the all dons 1 Uiinlliiid .I 1 luenished' the nit -If fi' 1\ will open, lien :Mull.I.Iwith. r i ',iI I}' !

Hi 201)) ai.ies ,in ha"l': : Hal'K\, I"l'Idll.Ilighl.. v Ii n i ?. ,lulu Mint e Tliuisiliv. nl la"I'' lines the dliectltui ot Mis 1.llhall, : I name Munilel Soby still on ii.i', I

n nil' 'I I l.lOl acres' was fatally Injll''d i l Ly 1 I. ,t.i.i., ''see s 4. '" ,' d, Starke 1111.1! l.uwtey being, 'I..1\\ 5 elite I' civil and illlilin.il doiltcts. lur..

iiltoul ( 'ounly alone truck (loud. of iio--i Lies I.ill 01 t lop' j ,tt ili, '11 equally' clivideit m the quanit The' following 1"'s'''gin rn teas en i piohablv lot the last linu II .- .

iearl.y: K Johns has tn,1)111 of him ,t v of production! Pour. quality of joyed.Invocation'. i believed that the name "f tinTanip.i 1 !j

prohibiting' the The lend, youth and Kcl: Hani-i + 24. 'nut and large volume sent the tho Ilev C. U Pine' ;i I bail, beadsman( cliaiged\ ,; with : i

.t othei, varieties. of cot- Green Cove Springs, were hiving, 'IMIII. tumbling to I u low of $1.25: a Duet ",1 Midsummer'' :Night' I s ''aiding/ )jewel thief llany/ Sitanmre 'I m.

am, Iii eas of I the state two ticks loaded with ties lo Pu- It takes all kinds of people to ite heie. early. this, week How- ;, Dream" i :Mendelssohn\ )I. Mrs" I K fI1I1"lIn ; k\ < In ealaping/ ; front I the Stale, !PI'III"n( ''1,:, 'i

frcelioldeea, I'Vei. since thill tune It hiltsln'ngthened \) nml, Mis: I I';! I. Farm severe veals" ago. will In ',
i !- pioposul lutk.i. Hauls following the red tail make up the wnilil. but .it 19 hat:<1 d ,to HiggIntlodia / '< I
would be somewhat.. bunging. /: \ a tioit .of "PIIIUI "' 'phtrrd'tl tin' ;absentee, dm.. ket lit ,, :)
n any county [, lamp of Higgt'iibotham Font and lee when some. .of. them fit' 'in" l'otin.st.ime. I i I speaker I H 1 1I
n. petition county comroi I onc-half miles from ,';tit rice on the the odd ihaiartci. 1 ihown.ibove I|I !lint. glimmer of hope [to gtnweisj ; pal' L. A. r.niyAddieHS ._- .. tei this MCSSIOIIAttei ,.t, M n,

the eatahllfhment" of Palatka load harts claims 1 the taillight .1 who visited. our office lei'intly I j I henwho, me loath to give: tip and" .\1..en nteyGe'netelI'ty( '.... 'K'1 two inlsti Inls ln.'.ie Scoby J : U'Wl
"liS Commissions would I I I "mill its quits for the seasonI II. Landis. failed, to show' up foi I the I limn. '1
on the (J1"cl'dlngll'Il! ilis.ip-\ '" He wine long Inn a IWIII matter to the State com- peiiit-d Supposltig It to have gone( I'end: Havels blue-footed On his i I The aveiuge price during theweek Otihestia) ""J.ipane Inteinuv round Jumping his >:'; lnuu' 1'1'1'1'i' i

i of agiiculture who over slight/ use Harris found Ihe ,I I left coat ipel I he wore a badge, ': Is said' to have been aiound, ?r>" I \\'hartoll"l'I.ntI111..II..f .a. ,m+ ', eity bond, which Kradford Conn l

iiithorl/eil to Investigate ti tick dnectly in front of him, | with the In""II,1, jon. "The Cross !Is $2 .a. ruitp,, which would mean a le- Anit''I'il'lIn .Legioniivards 'ty has so far been" unsuccessful in \ "fl

the I land involved l In Ihe and, in the Malk of the I'.euxl He did turn t;? giuwtis ppio\ltnatelv) / and honoisPie.sentatlon collecting On the civil dot u'stilt I :I
had stopped J
*'..2ii\.tal1(1(5\ ( :; 'IIROII1' totals thus roar is listed, as Stale of Kloil.ltVH .. v
I IW; would be mutable for .! I not pt' each in Starke: but whenever ( of diplomas Slum
Hauls had tn'idvettently
of the cot- flagging tar me exteemeled 1 lit 2.)0.1; :: ... M.mdel, 1 Scohy'; piimipal" one :
long staple ,ihe does he false fJ
ing hidden the tail light with his body. wains against/( a A .J.I (jiillis and Mr (;say (' \1\ n. I.NDI':
he .commissioner repoitsht Hauls swerved sharply. lo avoid. a I Chi'1st who he siys will come to pl'll' !!. with total I KIIISS;, .teielpts tilShipments [' initiates' of I the Jiinioi' -high J I II! :Mcyet.. J K: Itanios. and SM J \

> .county commissionuea : collision and the load of ties slid .Itiusaletn noon and will succeed: in $225.0011 ((1) lit hool also. leii'ived! diplomas' '' wa. iiu-t,I 4 I 'ilitineil' (nl a peten I Mlllei. studies' \ 1

is adaptable to the 'off. burying Hlggenbolham i tindeihem l lerelvinff 11 laige number ot people will I ptobalily eonlinuethioiighoitt this timeNo .I.,",,'a d "I t "Li \ !.ill.i\\ HIM i i lilt\ diol i.-<' Onlv( '. seven olhei cases have bee ; I 11'1. 1\\ :

""f ihe cotton then spe- ( He died, a short while litct Hut: what was strangest of : this wttk. but niitheiii : tiai' i .laiitt .ite net. nioti nl\I li'nt', .is., ,I .(,illi.ll inenllli I' ... .i-d HO fat on the ciltillnal, ,dot, 'k J

,ionwith fu-eholdeia only 1! .ill about I tin.ttair.pir.s piopiic-t inters not sliiipei.i| ate m ikingKIIV '. .'Ill t tills \ in Dr \\ K: !Midillelon's office Funetal / .
ui'| be h.'hlln the contiol 1 \\MS\ that hi- left til" Tclejjiaph: of- pit-diitlons utter lh.it I Plant \ .HI'.-!ltlf 111. unlit will its "I.iiily 1 1 1II
I seivkes in chat /ge of the Ho- !fur wlhollt1.111, I }; fol "tWo-llit (City tins dropped ompletely' out 11,' .''ri, In,,Ionthe end of I In- w.-ek .at; ,

'.on, ts designated as a I .lee Funeral Home were held, Sunday I fut .1 i'III'| "I: mi",. and dunh- '>l I' the pictuie, utlei' grossing tell BRADFORDNeeds r SELLS BOLITA II I hi ot In-t, Casts ale tholge'
at the grave in the Long
..u the ct.mrnissionei. oflie over I $2(1(10.11011( ( ) taint the dealHowever JAILED ;' Future" negio, assault I 111 I
I (Branch Cemetery HiggcnbottwmIs : I .
,/ would have supervision! survived by his father. David I heavy shipments' weieeectid i with Inteni to commit murder. J ;

eel! type ot cotton could, Higg-enbotham. five brothers .mil nuiCOLD'PACK | to begin lioni Ninth Ca- I lINil.F.\l; : \ : : I IIF LDTTKUVGKOI'P : I Teliv" 1 gt.tnl( I ,1.11ceily. John Ma : '

wn in the district / ,iolin.1 t this week ,,and LomsiaiiH bail ,\ml': : 'KD: IN 1.1$> an. opeiiiting; an iiutonmbile 1111 "
four sisters' all Maxville!
Si]-OOD!) appiopilatton is sug- 113 cuts out Tuesduv' JACICSONVILI.K, : : ,' the Int'liiente of ll'iinr.| causingilamagu '

''i toi 'the administration of I .An inlet national ;truck and trullei This! hits been one of the most ADVERTISING to piopeity' 1I1I(1"'I'K..n.( V : ;
nmInbound with oranges. tinnedoer For Berries lecoid.; IIn,1 l et'Cott I Ruth H..I".III., 'Hi-no, ;' negiess, '
0/ a> uposed law peculiar seasons on Cj !\Id ..y. grand Ill .'l'IIY ,, (.Claud ; i
resulting from a collision witha ,reviewof wan at tested i Saturday; by :Sheiilf
.. / .Pievatl.\ Intent to commit niuiderThi'odoie \
seek I mills for GrowersSenator ;
I cow l'ul'ly'edne"dIlY morning .\ (11.> Amli en I'm selling t ha net's or'tiuinbeis' l' '
IN OPERATION it are not allied any by Intel- LACK OF INFOltMATIONI.OSKS : (IOI1lIl'II)'. opeiatlng! unaiitonioblle
Johns also Introduced a this snle of Law The driver in bolila. a Cuban lot-
just ley. views with prominent glowers andshippers : UKSIIIKNTS.UOTAKIAN. : ; I under, the Intlnence of )
bits" authorizing county commis- had two libs und a collar bonebroken all the let y. in and. Hboiit Sturke/ She wasleltMsed
Opinions vary ; .-; TOI.H liquor, causing/ damage: / lu peeper : ,
miners! to make expenditures fur but his name was not ascertained way from one man's statement''' under n Ultill:\ bond. The[ ty F.noch: Tyson negto. poisoning.

the purchase of poisons and fungiciik's SIIOKTACI.: or FIUJITFRARF.n that It is the woist. season in his At the meeting of the liotuiy iniiiiiiiuin Henleiue lot this nfl'eIse '

or disinfectants "for the use' ---- -- ... -. : BY FUOSTKI memoiy (rclutad by estimated figru'es ,I Club heie Wednesday a tommil- is one year in jail in a $1.000 tine foodThe I. f ',

of farmers ftult growers and live.' Music And Pictures CO. OFFICIALSThe : furnished l tnfoughout the season toe was appointed to investigate or both following cases are on the r '
civil il.Kkel. Louis llerlnhoiit
stock owners. In combating or suppeessmg I the ad- I' i Acting on liilol million ginned
to the Telvgiaphl.l to the need of advertising mut..rllli I 1 i
otitbeeaks of serious Insect Mr Geo. F Tlbbitts world traveler first' lot of struwbeities for miiHlim the of few that Hr.ultord (hat he alter the, .wrist the Sheriff Inn.I a I I Ieorgl" 1Dteblow. on putt a Ifut I| County can Abe Set/er Thus. .1.I1 Illitch\, andC i
pests. plant diseases or dis- und missionary with his young the Frosted Foals cold pack plant. they have come out "all light. One sent out in answer to fiequent) requests negio' named :MrNelf. of Jarksonvllle W vs i
) L < :
rusts parasites. of IIvellloC'k.1 ," men assistants! will lender an inspiring In Jacksonville were b"ght'e.l. bright, exception is Felix /Sapp:: an ;:, fiom intoiested. individuals, 'taken into custody. there and I. Johns' player\....damages: ft.OtM ; i iI.

Askn l..*ave .rh..I1.. me' educational i and I enjoyable nesday at I.avvtey by J. L H'tiiell inilii.sti IIJIIH young fui nll'l. who : I liilioii.ls. 1 tiavel" hineaiis. etc It I held' lili'li'l a $."Ion him,I charged\ I as GeoigliiSoiithernK.iMwav .

Wednesday li'a ford's senitor, gospel i' piogiam. of pictuies andmusic I '''A top of five cents a pound foe states that. he has made mine I I I! was stated.I by speakers that liiadtoid : lI l- IJI'lnII./ ... InjilendiM: in the distil' 1L, kofl'n. ,-I dani'iges anilina/ : Chemical to "l..lc,1)1) at the court home Thuts- number one fruit u said to have linlton ot'. bohta thltits henand. ;
'introduced a bill that this. than time Count .
pioposing money veil" i any v I N undoubtedly losing! .
I J ,
A .1 I 'Cnfiis: an C Ih rvalt rI. }1n
'iii oad c impames be forced! to day evening May I 0 at 8 o'clock. bctn rail I Onlv about "2.TiOO. p' und l -leu' f he has In. n glowing lassies. It Inge iiuinbei, of peirn.inent ... 'in .1 tarlctont'llb'' .I. l >n.s vs Jolin II lieiimnk aIn ,. \

leave of absence to tegulariioyee Some who have seen those pit'tines wise bought the fit-st' lay: One of I ii petted, i I I' trend yearsWbetiieit' i lents as well as! l"f"I. bei. .11.1 I lli: .litii Is I yiulr' p.ipul, moundStiike !; ,nniuk, Fiiinituie, l''u ilimm-. ? t
the special motet: tutnlshel:! !Vv theompui.v : pc-ililK ill Hen. the mlon
collection ofpteturvs Its filltue have '
finest III' to such male
elt-tid I ot appointed to say they me 1 ot a giowee' made'' ; ) $1 I .ooi) 'Jtf
to be shown heie holds on outage 0I.toe' typ"nd hind The committee will "t lesldentnl/ 1I..tllIlIVh'n I 1 1J
al ", (II"r ,I" ,-lei'led to the There is no ihatge I : ot oft.'rll1un"/; MOffirtdla on whetlii'i, I he tail an eaily clopind \.t gate the possibilllli s ot 'trill'"' nf. the in s'ots. t 1111.. Week one I t ball/ Jlo'iVs 1.f;.'
i' i If the i ompnnv' l I'l Lawtev the in.i such trait tilts piepi'ied,'. I v< .ingiugiesi: 1 1'inaiked. I s ully 1 lli.it, (/
n L 'iboi' and Iiuiu.s- i| the piibln is I ol { IVUIMU will :lie -pecial, f'- .tuteI l.i ." get the .''enl uidi-ivvay ex- heavy. i.iinsrfci 'n. A tow Panniers( ,\ Ivto-mmute voiatlonil I tolls I .1 'town without,'' In, I Ito! just am t I kr.i I Tvili-l 11 III.U ,Hive' I"m .1:

I piehsed the tear that they might I with tciil I carp bellies ate soil was given by II. e.'ull., InNiiiamemm I I"i.o town attillllnnt't'f' :N.ulirrtyAnaduy; ; : '! ti's' mu mp"Is,.. ; I I

1FSTARKE HAD A "GENERAL REPAIRS"HERE'S not be able to get enough fiuit 5 I Itill > lo h.l\'" ."IPad"t( thele money In an mteiesllng' too thud hetiiid I .__ .'d I the'anti; 1"f\ to P'.v' I ..''lit' /t I

/ I their need They: were told by I It'k, out ol them before the flint : pioHpectlve honit'o'Viiees how ,, .tuned DirectorI hog vvllli\ TV'II"' rnrtnig: luwar'Slaps ,t''

THE WAY IT WOULD RUN some glowers that ptodnctinn is cold weather I Ute In January Oth- I lli<'\' toiiltl. keep then insuiancei k. true" //.tI oll"llh' w ..uld. It'll I 'j

----- about lives while others limited. I lees wt'ie Lila, -t ultimate In mulching i low by conhtiuctmg toots and J I (t' II' 0\'", vv ,IH 'li-rti-il' a, one uwve hh I Iluk and I Iiutri, "skin :-j 1;;

H K LAGERGRFLYticksunvflle : ,ant afford to buy wood l. but hive i hat a new crop l.s coming on One I tlitii!' patches roily tiff l having fines propeely and bv having theiebtntiling 1 'nl the ten UinitoLs, tint. which the "l'l1t."t "f tho' 1'1101 +an.1 lIun' t'l I:

Journal has imilepaitment to !K aiound with my wheelbar- thing is sine, the officials said, ,mad' clean tiillt when plicesi lot of the n"lCS"'U.wldlh' nl'licei.s' will Ite Ini-'li lute" by olhe'I, ,. note h'I'lf, A I I AIII..u. It I

styled. "Genernl I tow. pickingup wh.it furl I can they can use all the henries they .e.icbed tog h ""f seventeen cents rioml.i pin.it' og rapltl. < who .in wits lull' ed 1 to I oIcl' t" Ihl-'hilt' 1 I.. I 1'I',
can !get in Bradford CountyHepieventntives i 14 RECEIVEHONOR I holding ailed. touisi.. at\ ('..nullit'aae'vt'l \'o'coision'I Thnl h.tU...", ''i!
'us piesided over by an an- find If Orange, street was extended i it the beginning: of the heavy rams: 1 ; I
g, ntpo -ted. from. the Land of north to Pratt street, a good i ,>f another company in Kelmiaey. und tlaeih AWARDS "enHt T.vner $ IO! !IIi fin.' anal, "'JIILt ff j!I -
0\11"> toi no more. human could many fat slumps would K>e available : weie in tal Wednesday Altogether Ii scents that before I J

Ii'i' luch a goo -naIUle. patience for !skinning Please see what making tentative arangements foe i the season( heie gives It. last gaspeelueeis OUTSTANDING( SHuliT HAND"

r sympathy as he evinces. Hems you can do. Chips. 'renting/ a building! nejr the depotfor Itutol:' Mill have surpassed" STUDICNTS CFT; : ci-it-: i [ WHAT DO YOU THINK? ] ': :Jltl i i.t
at' I
to be constantly singing, Ans. Dear ('hips: I refer red cold pack pueposes They were i the :SZIII. fJlI that tanners, are estimated TIFICATKSSeveeal :

11ye disconsolate, come here I your .request lo the marshal. who to look the I situation over here und to h.ivi grassed in 11416. .
'. commeiclal I students In
v' iry'' and they come If the is also the city engineer He went it has not been decided, definitelywlll -

Tf ifgraph should ever decide tocanv there to investigate but found nostumps 1 whether I hey operate or not Asks for Executioner the firidfonl High School have Noticing how the chain .. I chants, but now prices ale ...t i
: ,
peen awarded certificates of meritin
H similar department, what worth skinning. They were --- question has recently been brought, cheap h'rot1.1 they are most ny- 1i" .
follows would give an Idea of IUcontents. already skun. G.-U. Representative! Fred Hazen In. Shul thumJ. ticcoiillng to Information forcefully to the public's, attention I where else. because of chain f I
TOWNSEND xluce bill Wednesday pravld- received Professor J,
ti a Just
The requests are no more again we naked the "people we met j competition They employ" local ';\ ;
I for state executioner whose H. llrnson their Instructor t
a ,
Inane than the generality of their fine MASS MEETING ng the following! tui.stloii; "Do you believe i h..Ibuy, electricity' ice and IIM'!at '
I have two
Dear General;: the : f'
to execute
duty It shall be The students thus honored Include '
'piototjpesdear I the elimination.. of chain stores farm produte.' ; f
roosters' that have quit crowingAlaimeii } f
all Hen-
death warrants on the followingMisses: MyitlceKillmgsworth
SEVERAL: "HIGH-UPST WILL persons in Florida, would do more good ;, It. M. CROSBY, farmer living, west '
over this I investigated iced death the electric Leola Norman Ethel )
to by -
General live In ADDRESS!' GKTTOGKTHER than' harm to ten "t..t.Vhy ?" ; of Std tke I In the Watentik, section .fl
: I do not and found the reason to be that my This will would "
chair In Florida. Taylor: (lets Smith Irene Da \
stoke but I often town HERE Only one .person expressed. a desireto was the only person our Inquiring -
vlait your spiteful neighbor give the roosterslumps /make It unnecesiary for this duty'to via Margie McMillan: Kdith; Hoillngsworth banned.The i I
41 nights'! hunting coons and flnielik'ng of tallow whenever they entered A mass meeting of the TownsendRtx'overy be executed by the various: Katie F'uglle, Iieta see chain stores' reporter met who favored I I i I
In the dark over the rough his garden causing their musical ': he held at Independent! merchants oft I eliminating the chile "stoies."Chains 'I 11
Plan: Inc. wilj county shriilfs, ui Is provided under Saxon Beatrice ftfoseley. Grace Arwart I
i very troublesome. There notes to stick in their thioats. the court house here Sun.lav aft 'r- Ihe present Uw.Trespassers, l, Ethel Packham Vest' Me- ,
ihniiM'" be a light at the west endSecond What shall I do ? Lizzie Crowell. I noon. May 9, ut two o'clock. It waiannounced I __ _,_. Rae and hIlda Wytlck. the Recovery Act' pushed' by the i icurrent .t that they undersell the InilepenJent nett i y.{
'I which would j and eventually force ;
the l.tt'Jr"' /
street to Improve Ans.Dear LUzie Crowell: Your I i this week by W H. ArrestedNine In awarding the certificates ofmerit 'gl
visIbIlity' In the jungles, so I would- prohibit one nuinagement: / from operiitlng j him out of bimines or make It .. r t ;I!t
was referred to Dr. Wig- district supervisor organizer the make thesecomments
grievance Hayes sponsors \
n were arrested of | for him to live cheaply t i j
or andnib ntgroes than one store a necessary
tripped wiles more
up by old gam the eminent psychologist and : of Gainesville J, J. Golden-. : "As sponsors of the Rs-: :1"
I'll let you know when I hear from berg of Uaytont' Beach, and other terbrook N-ttlonil Gregg Shorthand '\
011 I fence luwtlMhot.I lor teesp.iii.sing, snit! cutting ties on for the owner of the )| possible to do he ulu. .
posts I think your him. In the meantime I think a well-known Townsend "pep" speakrs Contest, It gives us keen plea- necessary f
/' I do to attract I hind owned, by Hogan Smith. The store to residi. In the, State. [ NAT WJl.LAPtJItark./:: horvi 'I'.:
something : good plan for you would be to con- > will be on the program. care: to present' the members of I
tills Coon Hunter ntgroeM were employed by A, K.i Largely by the pressure exerted and faint trader opposed lemovat f' (
-\" iwer. Dear Coon Hunter: I fine your poultry to your own This Is the second mass meet ng i i Urlce nl Uilceville. Florida, large your class with merltoiious ceitlfIcutes by I the Independents' and "partly to ,I of the chains "It's Just ** 4 t. t fright

| sow the superintendent of the light premises.G.R.. i to he held In this district. since the dealer In ties. The negroes were Each: om I l-i a etlbute to raise. revenue, the legislature>: In its for person to hive tw )r' :;t
knowledge of Greeg Shorthand -
4 I :
pl.nt, about, the matter. After : convention in Lake City April released Tuesday for costs following your last assmbly passc-d: the gross receipts or mole stores 11" It Is foi n fur ijo"

"Pen'Jmg a day In quest of Second Dear Geneial! : Almost! every. time The theme of the nine.ttng; will be an agreement reached by Smith i, and your .ability as a teacher tax law. It turned out that iner to have two or mote |;irmi," J i
'automobiles collide or skid they: "The country's economic ills und I stated with t I
Street! without finding It. he be- I snit Brice. i the independent had to pity almoHt Indlgnitlon.FHFU "I
h., there Is no such street. If : turn over and t roll Into the ditches. t how they may he cured! painlessly. ----- -- .-.- --- "You are to be congratulated as much tax a.. the chains, which : ) JON ;S, farmer living just '. ., '.

t*' < is, und you can direct him tot I Why this is allowed to happenwhen ."' Tomato Plants and i your students! commended for made l their situation even worse north, of St irke. favors the ch tlti 'b\\ir" 'I'I'be :lj
is preventive Is ------- having learned their lessons well ,, "
It will there a sure But now to the answers. \\ atorr. He said "Chali] price coal'c'
ft! Star what can be done 'past understanding: Pave the roads, From Had To I Worse$ \'. 1-:. J\hrr. I icpreientallve subsidiary "t. "We appreciate jour "participation post-fully. refriiined. from questioning ,petition keeps the I Independent' ft tpriers j' :r
Instead' of Libby :AfclwIi. und Llbby ( contest and that 1
with crushed Iron ore It's H Kie.it I life If you don'tweaken. I m our hope the operator! either of a dowTi. :uf'l' ,I l
nJ Co of Valdosta.Ga. .
slag or diet. I. and magnetise thewheels of e'3 u I as a result of the competition( interest .\ S !STP.ICKI.AND., : > Klnslavl..tke '! '''I \
General I have the cutest M F Brown. oral( ultoiniy .. in Sturke. Monday and chain store or an Independentstore 'f
will then wts shorthand his been i't
II on all cars; they In given resort proprieloi' Th- l ii
doggie! too sweet for any-, ,' and truck !grower Is havIng A. .1. Griffin; In knowing that their opinions fo
nut alas she is taking/ them stick to the pavement und there the experience of lots of other Tuenday to impetus among your pupils"This would :2-TOO: tomato plants 1 1and
!K<-' 0, what shall I do:? I cannot he! any skidding or over founds this! yeir He siys he shipping suction-- of the country. yen Shorthand tlt.sseIn JOHN UGI.Oretln'" farmer living ed the (poor people of ,F'lori'n' '-g i!!
hit, Please lay this before theproper i variouS Bradford High School weee the .tit., :,
Beard that an overdose of ar- turning. bought a blond of biddies to take in Stake'; declared 'Itw the competition' between the 1: .
Griffls. who foresees! "planes: by I i
Commonsense enrolled here Therelwere
authorities largest ever .
given to a mangy dog. will i his mind) olf the curr..ntotl'llwher- millions" fo- Bradford, has a I mid do\ more harm i for the chain storts" Uienuelv-s h.i. Si""\ '

k 1e mites that cause the trouo ty -easnn, ar..lllow'. all of his chicken ontnict the with I the company calling twrnty-foiii second year students chnins to b>> banned i Thi chains eiKmany, .good. wldo.vs/ nn.l. "n'> ;; {
.it Deer Common Sense I and forty-seven begmnets ut h<,m'j Usedto childien hunt vii itu.il -' -.t
will not hurt the dog. Ans. .. lie, dying 1 for 70OOOO) pants this "f'a.on. Another I help keep money :
R' do you think Gush'ng' wrote( the state road. departmentabout III before the chain stores came Lion f

C *. your suggestion They assure Hirth "111 be shipment ma le III"*IY.< larje It was or leatno ger I 1. School (;eta .done,, I to Staike. most 'peopl" woulJ 1 go BEN HOI Kt.V. foi met. l iy a rum,, ,'1 !

4 Dear Gushing Gussie; Give I me that they have referred Strick -- 4" --.-i ifieo I'radfot,I County schools "last' j I to Jicksonvllli to do mist of CM ,iid; elimination!\ >f the ch ili.i

iI Hsrnic by all means but not the matter to the proper committee M-. and :Mta. Clayton 'OMr ; raphicilly, Science professes week lecelved $ 'H)22I, their share their buyln! sad save more than: would 'I'-jve. vac tnt bu I H\p.': '

doseO.R.. at the asylum at Chattihoochee. land Kingsloy Lake buy, April :: ( than 13//)00.000/ of the $O 1.7I3 special( apportion-1 the to I Florida Is more'
N Law t.
., Hasi J:1
Mrs >tm
and '
1')1' When reply.O.-R.reaches me I will 'I toy. boy April :i. wnes .11. neat: mid by the!
General: :mm a poor man; let you know. : i
w ;,'



r.>"' ....-,. '4.i. .- .... .... ," "" .. ,'. ,', ... .... .. _
",' ",-. ,<\ :. i. II "', ., .......'. ...-, .- -',__ ,. 1(.' .."_" 'tb.-::ret"a.""" .-: :Aii.1, ,:t, ";:!".<.ltl)''.",,._ .,.-, ." ,... ., '... ,7' .. = '. M' :i""; "" ,",I. ,. '.,.. '"

TWO BIC\nrnill COfNTV TELKGKM'H.; STARKK. nnRro.\ I'"IUO U'. \1'1:1)) I
-" :
IIIK: i inn. \ E.\ft I trig '"n 1 nI 19 i \atinns nol, I 1.00 I t'""- : RKOOKERMis : GUM BRANCH HAMPTONMisses :II.IHS: H.\ I... nutoi KNOU in,, ';
'tlllol I I al"i i illi\ .... A very, pretty little service lion- JoI.UII: Ii 1
I I "-urtu' mips .. ( or.H ... .u..d.
(1'" i 1111 va.lnlrn i : \\ )I"eh xistidi \ert <.ilui-\. ( orrPspgndent| \H tIIJah..th: lliin.ige. lilac I.In.m. C
"i aka Puri'i'" > Iuli >. tin VI' -,.1 i" I I". I ",'In,; the oldest member ot thenusHion
'l i\iliin ( onsi'rva / -
tin 111114'id (
i 1.< -
u.m" Cut' p" on :Much, ;.list. when Iull5' ) and I 11.iv, all lut-idiv, night/ : April M: Bart Keen and sons: Vnnicre, l\u : Edna Pearce. Dot Bishop, group who has been an Inspiration We thought we u

''ii- fourth year! of that organlya- The work program calls for the : \\',liters tntei tallied his friends witha bin and Harley of Shamn>ck spent DoMhtu. Smith anti Flimces Peek Of I I and, spiritual help to the miliur with Flondi, 10 K

I I'n.. work was. brought to a cloneiptoimatel same types of work as performed pound party, given al the homeof the week-end there with lends Starke.ete dinner& guests ut :Miss 'I work was used In the opening of until the Florida" stu, '' ,

..|" >' loiioiiiouriK men in the past, namely reforestation his parents, :Mi and Mis: Pa- and ,lelatlvesMr i Miriam nuy last. Sunday the Bible study meeting Tuesday Commerce sent nut i

.nd, w.ii.r vi-ii'ians in. given, an op- IM'union control drainage cnntrol. leigh \\'"iti'ts Many: outdoor games : and Mis A .1 Yarhrough: ofVVomllawn There will be preaching the I night Mrs Feeler. lovingly callIed Ida geogiuphlciU" tin' :

I"Tttmlty I t"enhsl, I wild life conservation, work on nation were enjoyed by the guests before were the guests of :Mr :Methodist. \ Church, next Sunday 'Cheerio b> these neatest loali/.i-il that line- '

1 1"110" in i h.tg. i. ul t Ii.. ("CI' il and state parks. and iccli- supper! waSPIVPI| A large crowd .tad, :Mrs U I Knight/ Sunday:; after morning. and e\i-nmri; : having 'leached her 83id year; was Florida to New Yin." ,
'. mill Inn projects. attended and everyone ,repotted IiI noon MI: and :lira Irene t>avl I.. of .naked. to the platfotm and! after cngo would Inclosi '
, I .1111'| stall Hi it t is tin tilth! MMISIK
t M.I' si.lalt4U. 111.,'I ti, u ill h.. aunt.' I Aside from the relief angle ofwOl'k I nice time :Mi itivI :Mis II Al :'>lcH...? and Tumpa wc-ie visiting fiU-nds, heie quoting, clearly ami ,distinctly a cent of the nation |I" ;

'! tinar this ,, In which dependants, at Mrs H t-i Crosbv! entet tamed a family <.f Pine Level wenthe a this weekMl whole chapter from" the Bible was eighty pet tent of ,l1.,
i ?" n it
Imp in 1"1111 of .
t Iliumgei $25 monthly from" euch number of thi- young folks. of this ;;ueHta (of Mi. and :MM 1, O N Norman '. and Mrs: GuoifteBirt seated i hole while twelve! fine boys (Floilda then, III"d I t I''

,' "IN'd! 1',0'' P.I. "h d h' ; ,.ii. iHJiii ', f II taut' ket,., we believe that the conitiurtlve community with a party at her. Sunday:; : Lake City were the guests of Mrs and gills Mission. Music MakeI'llmll'ch..d a funnel I which IN ,, ,
," blsltw I' ,HIM(' 'Iinn'' j. in kULCERS 22 I llva: Uirt and :MISSda 1> Nimmo and their birthday of the peop'e, '! and '
I work done hy these men home Thursday night April Miss: Fil: th ILtnage! Is sang
---- --- ------ List,. Sunday the United States .
,is. width all It is costing the rnunti :Many indoor games and contests "p"n.linga]> while in Luke City theguest wishes to the tune of a beautiful '
r v' were enjoyed aftei which delicious: of her uncle and aunt. :Mr Mm: .las T Guy recently enter- elI I F.ngli.sh air and at the close. vantage-oils location g
mined Miss: Lena Dudley, a nurse'In '' provide the
cundlpII't'rt' served l'lI'sie.1(11l1't'Clllly as each means tin'
home made and Mrs: J. D. Dobbs, / presented
/II else were done by the
nothing 1 he many guests'" by the hostess' the government hospital at an Easter lily and spray, of of our state ,if we u. i o'
t ct'C fulcra except the teforestii- Mr and MID l P. D. Reddish werethe I
nh"c11"1'1"8. : Vera j Luke City. and I thus our potentialitiesHow '
lion work it would he money wellInvested ,1..ted: I by her guests' of her patents. :\1 r. rln.111' pink purple" larkspur
Uainey in'd! Vesta CrosbyFvery: afl'I"11""n. Sirs Matte AValcl of Tallihnatfc forming In her aims a lovely corn- many of i MI i
: -
Past generations haveleniiili.il \ .1.I S Hupp Monday
themselves and daughter, !Mrs L. A bin color that Florida
millluns of acres. of viluibh one seemed to enjoy ition bouquet u thtI, _
j to tae invited ,1'iliifiK', of Lawtey visited here state east of the
and left a request A rend ttibute Mis"1
PfCuEss; IfSOAT: :Q d for trees. needed not alo,1for :Mr" and :Mrs U :'>1. McKie unitchildren I poem was 118 u
this week Formerly they wt'reI that it Is four
MOM \( M OR hen I lumh1 supply but as a l igain PlmLevel theguests I and an originally: worded song by times I
of were j
"III"" \ : .11\ t'MtI Miss, 1L7..1/ Cunningham of :Mi- bOI residents. of our town and Holland und contains
V I' "I' ,21' Kiv M Ilk '.' ol' wla. onserv.ilinn. .,nd.ntol. oC.I. A H, and family the pimist was gl\en as a quuilette -
,. mi ns : i I linage
"IC1 while here have host of lends Ilt'ehl, ) arealways
( .canal (I .Itsn 1.'II 1.t |1. I mil --pending a as a A gift from the mission us Maine. Vermont'
t I "f> Il tlrnb.| ,, l
,lug.. :No
t I I' ',11..1""'I I 1.1 ,, .-.| ORt gfitm' P'P"'I\"on' guest of her cousins, atlases' lelell Sunday 1 glad to see them, was presented and and Rhode: Island"Have
r ''II I) '* .\,.,II" KI. mplishmi of tin' NVw IjenlMM Mrie, Louise IVnm.nk ol J:icksnnvllle group graciou-i-
'i WitUinl f>.'.". [ and, Lucille WebbK Piuf VV N Motion: ( of Jasper ly ocknowleilged In it few well you realised I IUueclly I''
t ,, III ...'......"11 rUlel.I. '. I i'I ives sui. Ii gent 10" and 1 umvi i t- A. Oalnp>'. who H In the, proliK wan. visiting hei )i parents. has accepted the appointment of chosen woidsThe .. south .of th <

1.1; Jatt "1011. sal! ,'n'na4'ment' .n 's.i 'turk. I "f t tini I 'e business in South Plor, id l a."I'.nl Mr, and Mrs J. H S.ipp' Sunday I'lincipul of the .lunior High School illation of the 'r I
(I'I'" '1'.111"11:1.I :t AilVIH ;Mrs \\'. (V, Hitn.tRe was visiting Bhl.ltlldy was Jeiemiah23td It
,- imp h! I the weekend here as guests and, has located! In the Gould! resilience :State can be reach, I h.i
chapter and dealt with theprophecy
ItKOU: "'. I'llInl \( 1' ate of his parents., Mi and :Mid II. PJalnev .' the bedside ol her daughter, III the eastern part of town. of the reestablishment, of night's, rUI" hv. "..!.y' .. ,, Jt.
:Mrs C. I D Dobbs Sundayutter- i
"t.lrbe. I Inn. II i iI ; -
--- -- the .
the Th'"'Il' of t>avldeiy ,impmt- people" in thi i" '
---- -- Mr and. :Mis V. V 11-i/en and no<''lI.
II ant In the light& of current events To he( visltoi (
"' ""!" ,ibv of LaConihee spent the week- :Mr and Mrs Marian Browning
r r- TheLetter
: 'T.J'V7"0 I I The m.l'llnWilli/ well u'U..nd.lund ,,,1(dent the st"lit' .offer" '
.. .14! I i nd hi-ro\ with his pitents." Mr. and Iof rt'lfoideie the guests of her
t1.t: Tr. .: a i-pUndicI interest" shown In the Bible of climate: C'ontinentii,,,
Mis 1lit: 11.1.en: r.II'enlll.11': and -Mis It 1. IM-: '
I I Ilrl; 1 f.i<1.1 I 01'i inni VrrdI ..--.,- ...., ....... ; :: I BoxKditm nll'11"01 k. 1 kill und Hiibtinpit' dan
Ynnun.u. ,,: ..\ "' sKiatJeasi. 'I'll(15(5. from Druokoi who attend vat die Sunday nltutnoonLittle I ,
I. v / ..I I the miscellineous. s'io\vcr' given Halley; Keene of :,ho1tlll'I'k Of especiil int-iest will he the "? tst IIlld I 11'p t Igulf i
or"" f-l I" "> p .011 wnll
lid( .1. ?" "ri r, x10'. ,manor l" I I 4".s' ( "'"", -,,,,,,Msfny I lid, iidei: and. Mrs. set11: Moody: is sfiencl'nff' till- week with his. met.tlngn'xl week when three' ''. stream flowing. 01.'Iy .
1 I"m 'hi hi"ii'f If v iir n in >' ,::1I tf mound II. its loi It"",
,it LaC'n.sHt Mrs, IIl' mothci who has been here fur the young men from C'amp lit The
f awl' .I I '"<| .I I un.1 I )1.,1 to """""of Piklayveie : Telegraph
",.,'" r,,"fir ,,Ir, /pure'na, Ili.' r' m.> l b. '*. T s i ;ialtie>. :Miss Vera :\118.r pa it month. Stutki-. I'larIda.10otlce Palms. will conduit' the :.seivkc- IttS. to, laigi: h uln-.
I r., aeI ry Invwa.f whulo 4)11010 andrl ':. m p"r"'iu.r7r.' '. I which will' 1 be an evening of 'flospcl make this tho m
I ij v. I /-b : K lIa"'I'n.Irs: O \\ Haren.i MSH| Alice Edwards: spent thewttkend "
I. 1:urn A Jrtrtty ..r tore frequent liH ]&&#"& MI.I.M: >*. I I ml Mis, T W. :MarkoyMis !1 I In the papeis' that .some : music and TeMlmonj These .stateFloiida
..A' ir, my t h i* A ",warning aumu kidneyor In Kaifotd the guest ofher I
.1.1 I ff dotter, .h.nt,. II P CJauie-j und daughter. biother-in-law and IIISt er.11':: hum, hits, estimated l tin I six million i assistants of Mi"I'. Tlbbitts sue bus. mm"

p r.lslnnt foil' may 1I.IArh.niter Oll.rk.nrtftK'nff"r bftrk..h 01.",..,_.. (Kv: i Fay. and,! Mr and :Mrs. l Ii 1 B. und Mrs :\lal'lnn owning/{ JulHn would! fence the highwujs splendid.. musicl,ins and then Cunning 1\0\ .nt'I' and I II-B-: u' '

8"n"( ui n..hu. willing. putHnuMi, ; Iltlll"wn and! children were the Mi' .ind :Mis VV. < Con HIM' of !' and, "put In the cattle gaps) bespeaks an Inspirational) en- I the lull lhern slate. ,
under the vyw -lard trek nervouM, ..alaaajjj .
1 : out 'iiests of Ml and :Mrs Pv WIlrannenol I You WIICin.1\ out when it Is' too I Ijoviible evening. A Page, attend temperature thin t
.j rawn it l I. h tt.r to rely on a KisiiiS, weii1 the guests of'11'. andMr. auce Is !anticipated t 107 deglies !Key; \\',
,. tb. be : Lake Huller, Sunday af- | lire! that it will cost mound fourteen I
t won country.liba I .
R riI/ : ; S. SIII'PlInoluy ,
I I'I, than on Homviblng; 1 IH M (svor* !1'1 t non, I million dollars to fence the -. --- liost-proof, etty inStates '
ti* UM Ooun'c 71 it*. A mulU- 1t.:; :Mi. and :Alra..I I F. Shriw of the '
r.- Id/ qn.r:e: I"pl? .L..J. ,.... Hun H. f' lla/en an.Ion.. I I highways from i stuck. and after! i I IIC: \l\ M'Hlasl'LF: : Hvcn: in no t tthete !>
I'lIl'm1'110' late f Mr
.,, ; Mate guests" c>
1' i
; '<.u!.las, of Tallahassee! spent) the i they ate fence I. 01 most likelybe. little fu-ezmj.
-7f and Mis L L. former Sunday iiftei I :
1ij'% v li isei'k-end here with Mis HaenMi I lore, the fence is completed!, jou Om schedule chanses April :23tli!: Know your stale an

r ( and Mrs SinfirJ:; Kilch and noon will wild' up some inuiniii. "; and | and\ 1 tiains' will run as follows.5oalhbound Mintages Tallah'iss.
t I A large crowd" attended the ,
i ...1 b,.; ot 1 I'.iifoid Spent| Sunday here timl fiomme -
to miles offence
--- ;ohthiliy at. the home pf Miss | twentv '
IK guests ot her parl'lIt.Jr.. : and patty I cut and I tonfi-iaUJ> in cliffeient p N"i o 1 One Starke 11:31; PM I ill :->it.\M U 01 It IIM.I:
Mis. I L A. liownl Atelbu: demons Friday night I' I :>;0. n Dice Starke: 4 '57 PM An old lady w "n'
of the vtate Since
puts no
.1. U. and ,
IHiiliunKtoii duughUrKuniPstinp
{ l 1''I1't i f"lgtt the P T A meets wenthe: guests 01'11': ,I doubt! acme of I the stock .ownciswould I.K. luT Due, I ttaikiH: li> A 1\1 Quinn Ding M' i
: For next :Mi 'ndiiv Mav :J Allmembeis No 191 -- DiliStuke; 10:M: I'M und said; to Mr () Quit
like to have his stock
Expert granton
} RepairingSmith's and! Mm T N Noun in Monday
pn, 'ase .11111 ) ,II first' one slit, : of the toad" unJ
:CI 0 :2! One Star sick I
> "ke 3.to; AM lint want tom i
___ then the othiri
- ---
y Scale. :No; li( --lJue .Stnrke U :JH AMNo the old man and soinithe ,
it, : .n Jua' efgR; SPOrQ !loii'la! Is an Impel! tent nun-nle- 1! There is only one solution to this : -
IOH Due Ftu ike' .' .()0 PMMirUo home and be .ur.
: ..,p .na' A II .q 1 'he Ann uillit mirunl PIIMIUCII.H Mate ami
\ : that is
Garage on I hw Dug nf m il'ioblem' and a btule-wlde : und Uanii"i' Hr.iin 'the bottle winch I gn l
s.5.,1>1: 1 has nhU1undplol'I' no-fence law'
: which is fill to
ev- )
OUARAPcTeaaONEs1'er : : 'O IlIlL..a.1t StilI lie 7:0oA.a.: man and the one ti, .
,. d'., con many untapped. d'p""lt.. 'i i rijbod.v' The time Is closeb> that : 1"! -Arrives Stirke 1:50: P. jviOailv 1 sure can.t gel al "PLI IFl I. Ii HILLS .
-- --- ---- ,,,
Phone 120 FI-.M4.LlC4, I"f Hc.......% orlll'lhlnlowill\ have to be done be- sxcopt SUl10JlI\'s. I horse at spring" pluuinj.Ta .
aS. and ma* ... (oquina was widely used by the alder.. pacing taxes. all the time T J. GRFFJN. j lor County New

i I' r ri first Florida e.'.I"ol" >I' in const" i'IK A. S Strickland. -- --- .
', Wrecker Service Day or Night ":IU lll.l.l.'x: : DIM Ii :-..TURt1" ; lion i'f theli. toils because. of its I ---- --. Kl.ulda, has mole I han 1.000 difteient I The Yosemite- Falls- of
lapucity to absorb a cannonballand
< i 1 I'lotldn annual manufacturing, firms in ced River in the Sierra ,
:s menn tempetai'uie a
:s> rl. -, lorlela' not shatter upon its Impact. 193:>. '
i n .--1, is Com bS V* degrees to 723 are the highest'/ In the wilt
;1 -f'l' I II ''clegteea' and the annual l'alnCalavo\

I enige for the past thutythieeais ,


-------1:, My :Many leurt E ; II .. .
-- I.t'rl..II.f..k..M rosstlilf for )! to lung-"

rloiida nearer the Ttopic of KI'KKIKNT, l'io>IIT IHul! oriJTCOl( > .SKU\'ICE
Cancel, than any other State and !MODERATE PRICES
!J? the suns. lajs teach n betote they DeWITT C. JONES ,.

t'nited,teal h 1111\Mates: .othoi "SIH'I t'n: of the Stll rkp. Florida' ---I

}, td!: q \Vhat Do You NeedIn


:," I! ';. ,i Printed Forms, Office Sup pJcs!; or Social Stationery?

Uii' : \'t1 ( Don't tell us you do :'t need ANYTHING !)

unrnu: HEADS urimu STAMPS: AND 1'\11"

1 For LuMne, purpose's\ and social u=age Y'Hi find new uses every day r

--- Special attention given to work in two or bnitamps .iriJ] the time you san

't:1:: more colors Your letter head should be a (pav tnr them. Also. Iw-i quaIl!

. ; J Big, roomy and smart, with OWNHtS say there has never been V-8. Same powerful brakes with oft." work nlrit't of ait. -got away from the scratchpad ,}.ill".

I : : before like Ford's Same noise .dl ted
i,{I> ; the very last word in safety Thrifty easy pedal proofedr -

1 l "60.l They report 22 to 27 mile per structure. Same Center-Poise riding
; : and modern features. It'sa gallon of gasoline An "economy car' comfort; big bodies; outside luggage ENVELOPES .

Of course you knew we carried j ::r.*,
i'J j\kll\ 11.I car you'll own with tlJoII4Jk'"f1"pologieljlJrhffJMI), bluest compartments on sedans. It's a car so Sine you can buy them already stamped vvnUr! ribbons but what about the aJJ.n, :

&J.j I or cnmfnrt. A money..uver-uilh canaltine and priced so low you simply can't from the Government but they will have machineVe have them too and 'It' "1>

:I'I'. plenty o! pride and drivevrilh ern smooth {l'-8performance. This car is picture it until you see it and drive it about) as much personality and individuality per rolls upon which you add up .< s''-

I ," as another striped suit at the State how much money you'd have if eWI'vor
.1.,i' I lots of pleasure 1 the same sire ;as the brilliant "SS" *",., I .Si/: YOUR FORD DEALER TOD IV Iiaon i Farm. paid the bills you send them and, y; !d I.:

I( n't have to (pay the ones they send .-.01SKCONIJ ('

"i I I I l l t- t .
A:$ I I ; _.: t. STATEMENTS:

: r.a..r 1 I li -rs- Y SHEETS
Some business houses stopped:I sendingthese

out during the depression, but the N"., use: to buy expensive rapcr- \I' r

;1 Mme has: come when you can reasonably t'ppi'jiance' ( ; cW.sn't\ count but if d
T ; : epct a fair return on your investment:' in tv'p-1 the" I best we can furniolh: watemboml

iLky: a: t three cent stamp We have a \ery spe- 'in all sizes-even that extra i I'', ,tK' "'

L :
= friend Also ..
\ your !< that thin OUIII'r.''

F\! m : ; : CAUDS f.>r staking copies.

For business: political and soda! uses.:, ODDS AND ENDS

"Kithcr: (printed, engraved or embossed.:' Rubber: bands, : gem clips, all Kn

Too many styles to name but samples: are bn'iers( ; even ink in quart bottles, w 'J

here fur your inspection[ and all price* are pare you money\ on all of the,.
reasonable.U ..,t tin other thinirs that escape' !'

I now, but you can ask.I.Ef.'AI ; .


,,.... ; OI.ANKS
The folder' type in white or the
fl. I dirt bum your I legal blanks- -I)1,
:-i>ry COOi, you must, economize on this ...

,4 The Quality Car in the low-Price Field at the Lowest Price in Years! THE THRIFTY "6O" iU-m we have a line that looks like engravwhether fnn'e" have evtrythinj Volt' .3,
.vou're haying' a cow or m
,1 t V-8 .n' in.*- moath, quiet, i.ipon .TSl LUJIUIIOUI upholiUry and fins appointment ing, feels like engraving, but doesn't cost: ;1'' r'" nr home Our blasts!: will d. r.

I, .ll.tta.lonU.l body construction Cntii body mount.d on "ptllows" of rubber FORDV8 r like ('nl ra\"ing. thin"r but pay the mortgage:

I i 'C.ntu.Po... ncU. ; seat btw..n the .mU. 4 double-Acting hydraulic shock tbiorber

I t =i Bodiit. innuUlixl aw.nat moles, lt.at cold Dash st.rt.r-button; parking brake at leil Get 29 On The Telephone, Please James

OuUt.J. I"WllaW. .dnl ,
I( eomp4rtmnt on V-windihield that op.n., on clo..d modeU

S23 A MONTH after usual down payment, buy soy model! 19)7 Ford! V-8/

LoOt through the AutborucJ Ford Finance Plant of Unieral Credit! Company.. Bradford County TelegraphPAE

'''_ IIIII1I1I111t<...........__"..._iII, _'''''''''''''''.''aN''I''M'MNAeWYw.W'eN' ''''' 1J


...,,,.. hp1.2' e)". d .. .
._ ..,ia..uig..lwVn'" .1\ ,.. ? ; fn .t r I IrY"trA7 ,w. e. wrV. n V, .

'f' ............. ,', ","I,

U ....,.._: ..It'm"1"! ;: ';;;;;":!c"i1rJ ,... ,. '"_.

"IT rhl''+ \\ vt'IIL I .30. 19:7: IUt\FtHU C'OI'TTtl.F.tiR: ; \1''', ST.\Rh.t:, nAIIUn I'til: 1IIItt':
---- --- ---- -
= =
Issued note dated Jan !''MIOti R P Lewis Janitoi 35.00 00'' '
Teaching .;1) 'III ''' It'R"hin/ 11 SSUGS T".II ".o
Warrants ) / i Ming HOOT 1"S IKAC'tI :
13 15137 I :
4329: 09
School] Board SH07 V R Reddish roadpatrol 3127IIIt Luc-ili' f'lummei : Maud H :Neal '\:'ll.Mis! :\ Ira lliale.. '.
By LSlti5 151tH' Void A. I ift.00S60S I Teaching, 4437''' Touching _. __ 47.SO I Teaching {. ) 0111 ;> I_ Kflle: C'rtt1ford.. ( or. I I', ., 'I

I'IIIId"rr"ntA Roy Benjaminaichitcct fee :: I, F A Scott. Rent 2.0411 I 312S Mm Kunlct, Kelley, 31(5( Mildred Hogan :\224Jj: Hope/ Ha 'nu. 4 J H Oasklns;-;and Ueneva: /Mil) I 1 ;
?' ..I i)' p Wnnen, ofS11ik 2000 I "tiOIl( !) Enoch )Kelley; 2 colds I Tiwching fIe() 00'' 'rraehing--------/: 4000 I days Sub . _. 21 : Hardcrc united! in marl! sag;:l" m t
151iii( K. A. Sct.lt. :.I. Y. A. I I wool ._ 'h 12001 I 312!) Mla L,. H Kutch.Teaching :3170 James Caddy.Ti'dehinjr 3225 Simmle Hindford.Teaching LIke Hutler last' Sunday Apiil :'K: > .
-$ 8500 Supei\lsor, .__ 104)0( ) I IIr,1I17 I S610( Smith's, Service! Rla.I / 5000 ,- .___ 4000 I __, 10OOO' Their friends 1 wish them I a long ,mil ''t""
i. .lllfls, salmy. C'Hnov-H Phaimary, I 2 payments on tank 3130 Mia On I obl'rill.I 3171 J. A. Jones, :S2Srt" lltyimt t IPHItII'Y.TPlH'hin.r happy life ,

.. 20000 clinic drugs 'h 1390: $33; sips to plant days sub UtilelcHIl": IS.00 I Teaching! ____ .0001 I :,,1) fill Mrs Sallle. Bliu-kweKlei r.'III'n' I 1: s

>, supply ('o. 15111'illtclwll'N: !)rug Co 135l 3tf 50 3131 Mtlvln: Kutch, I: 3172 Unnle Kelley, 3227'old.. l'tllure with 'her slang&;:hler and sun 1 1In.I

TOpromise settlement_ clinic r>iUR| 7.7H Mill J 1. Simmons. ie- j! Teaching __ ._ h fill 00 Teaching/ __ __ 4O") OO :322N:! j 1"'lIn 1h'UY.. ,,\\'. :Mr and :Mrs I' K: 'I i t\\ ,. .
,'t for sips' 101.34 151.60\' :MIR Clemmie Hickok pans to toilets -_ 4.50 3132'UklnNon! : 3173 James, WilkinsTcuthliiK 'reaching5011) 1t'ndmII'V'I'III months I. I.. I
ford after
it Moore( 1 day .. ; 1. 1I / I
Clinic Nurse M CO 1\612 .1. I.,. Simmons
repairs __ _. i)00
J Service 5.50 : Teaching ( ( | -' --_ u 60iO(' :32211: hiss Willie Mae llinmm in I'lHpt City with her daughl'-is' t I ,?I '
15170 J. K Pub. Co.
Flings to toilets .
H 121(11( 3133 Miss Mary Faulkner. 3174 ;Inl. Mabiey.: Teaching 1OOOMis :Mrs Fletcher Butler and MisCresee I I
,, I Lewis, 1 dAY In full 0 c for mips. 71 42 S013. P D. KeildlHh: '. cord, 1
mtt )al ,_ 800 reaelling--------- 5000 I Teaching u. _. ____ 35: t>:5 I 32..0: ) )Douitby. H.ill. King': 1 lI" I:
service 15171 Rducatkmal Music woml! ____._ _. __ SOD( "
'u 3175 C M. llcmaril.Tiadiintf __ .. '
".,.?, c I'i :Manning, 1 day Hm eaumuslcsupe. 1(5( Oil SH14! Paul Stevvait, lepniisAi 3H4V. S. Hlblt')'. | Teaching 12..o i1isses Iiva., Inez and PenthynaIlillianl ; ;r'
r Service 4.00 15174 II & W. B Drew Co. pails for Ll plant4 (MlStjl'i Teaching 1; h_ 5000 31 iLt'.n, A. -- SI (Ml :3231: 10:1 n"1 "111\)1\ (')', of Wdo.lliiwn section and .[

I,. 'Gilffls, Car on account u__ 00 40.34 R R Thede. vv. id. 31.15 H/ C. Brown orderCAK 'reat' Cray aching 104MI, ( ) MI. "Winonii and llelh.i' Bradley 7 ,

i,nse u 30.00 15173 (' A. Knight" it-fund ('01. ___ 'h __ ____ 2.50 for tag __n iHtiO1 3177 .1 I. II ting-------) Benson: )(50(45) 323.;: : It. I.. Smith, near Statke were vlsitinif) Miss Ef : 1 yMit r..

,udii. Nat Bk, paynt on poll tax for :MIH..Innme SOlii, Mitchells Drug Co :.11:lit Miss I Coilie Faulkner I Teaching _._ !1100OM17S reaching Ins.! 4 35 fie Craw fold Sunday (afternoon \ .f }:!

on $5000.00: Wynn _, 1.00 Dings ___. 57(1( Teaching SO 00 : :>hN1.: I I. CinpenUr h' ( :!223I2il: : I'euil I I Smith I Mr /and. Mrs Claunce Moon. l t., ) 1"
I 15171! MIH Lioietta .Jc-ffcud MJ17' Clayton & HaxterCompromise 3137 II. H. WlgRlnsTenchlng ,, Teachinjr ___ 70 (on3l7' 'I'eu\ hln"", Ins. I :35IJnnle and !MIH. J L Hawkins of UH.I, ": i
I Refund Ksttay: Cattle 1 I netllenient __ fit) OO313s :!l ') Mrs, M' .1. Long/ : : 1"'II y.TI'ad,1I1g' Oak scntion W'I(' visiting; fI'lI>n.l$ I '
i __ Mil) |I of account Keaannec : Hairy Sapp\ Teaching __ .0110 I I31hii I Ins. 4 :3."iMildred I 11I111) I lelillven' of this sect mil Sunday : :.

15175 Royal: Metal M.mufac- I Holler Co ..23150Milx Teaching! _. "').00 :'11 A. Dell' howling. j .1235:: llcigan. 'I
tilting Co on 'ace t- H' A3 E.1 K.Pelrymansetlle-, :3115)) Miss.. Maiy \\iggins. 2 Teaching 550001 I I31S1 TeiuhlliK: I Ins .I :35Altumewe ""'. and I Mis: Phillip Sulhx .,inanil 1:,

1517: Void ment ol account Tiane days nub H/ iirv Sapp, 7.do31li : :.11.... Dill) !tlovvllnu: I I '123(5::( Chandler.. family or Jacksonville an. visItlng ;
r .Y 15177 A J. C3ilffln. office I Cu. Note .. ..21(5( .ISSli ) Mis. Lubedin' Johns 1'y 1 da\s' sub tI))3s ', '1"'IIt'hlnlC Ins .I.,15Simmle her mother Mm. Jean .,.nkins ': .

+' ev expenseKenole ((5 20 ( ) A. J. Thomas, r"c"I..lIng, Teiii-lung __ SO OO) :'I1H.J Mis Dell Dowling/(, Hduys I 1237 L. Lliadfurd\ thisM'ck.. J,
Ir.I'i!! Chemical Coon I deed from CIIIIJeIay: till: Lucian Alvarez, .I days", 11.-... Ole Jan __ 62.25'' TeiichinK Ins. -I Kt :\11..10,01 Mis,. U L. Pilvill .11' >'1, .: .
account ,11.11; & Wife to lagan & Hub Lubeilla Johns. 1500 :'S1VI: Mrs 1 Hjmim; Peikins, ::123 Minnie, G.iiMy, turned' many/ of their friends .."tI t I t tla
1+155'Mj 1517"\ Brndfoid. County Telegraph I' Wife ,_ 1 .:35siiL'1 : 3112 :ME. H \\ell-s. reaching uo 00 i,I Teaching ins I 135 dunce last. Thursday. : h; Mlicpoiled 1 J
): on uett .5150' \: '! A J. 'Ihomas "lecoiding Teaching __.._n boos) ) .TIM) Mis. ill ynnt Heaaley, 323: : : VoidMiMied \ t a nice tune.Mis ,ilf'
/ rsBafBFOR.; a 7411p 1 ilh0 C ,\. Knight. trip! to ; deed from Hill\ 'UI3: :> A'lhul'lcrup.: : Teaching __ 655001 I .12: HI : I,. Paul\ : Sampson Cieus and 1111 {

Jacksonville 0- '3 OO() j, to HIM id 1-25 Tt.achll1g' __ .H;() (00 :'UsMis. Ciuoljn Cray" Teaching lim .1 I I:1: :. dun' cif Miirrlenny are vpemling, /: n t 1
I 15181 Mrs I :Mabel Wall, expense HG21\ CJassetts; .. Supplies 4 151 3111 Miss Bevelly I'ndy TeiulntiK BO 00 <,I :J2"01.1.I i \\ here with her daughtei;: mil) !.
ti'Ip to convention ''bl'a: (Jassetts. Supplies' 305: I Teaching 50(10, :11 s1.; :Mis Ruby M.ie lYiluns .).1212J2t3 James UuiKly, I miii-ln-lHur Mr nnd Mrs H L I'ri ij''

JACKSONVILLE I ___ __ 900' "i23 U.l.II'IIA. I'ump 225Mj2l : 3115 :Miss Vcina Lee Lewis, I "cH< lung f,0 no31s" I Teaching In.s _. .,3;;, Mil ,'j'jhh'
J 151SJf'ti Statke Telephone Cotelephone First Bun,1 edit Corp, 2 days. Sub MelvitCiohhy / ;; Mis. l-va: AndriKiiii, : : Cringe 1 I'MsMirds: !
FLORIDA ( K: Crawford, W It ( Siecn.: 'f'
service-. 20! or 2 payments. on holler., 52 ri2sr,25 _. h______ 750 | 'I'.u dung: __n 60 OO3iss 'reaehingln54.I S. 0001; ) I i {
and H. I.. Pilvltl of this seciUmbiiHini ;i''' lIf 1 1m'ule'
GARNET ANDREWS M.....' 1513! FIR Bunk at llIlk... : K. A. Winkler, repairs :31IH :Mis. Ethel Raymond, 2 i J Mis Veina I>c''molest. 214:: .'(''''HIo' H M.ison' 1 '
\ 'ss lo JadcsoiMill
n ttip
EMJOY SUMMER COMFORT .i lUwoat" payment of script.ti2.3I i Ai niateil.il. .. 1093 ,
fc'tpiool' hotel in itit hurt ol downto. / 82 : 111. H I ._ "(\i2ii; J. I 3iv ::12. ;, Maude last Satuidavtlr : ,
., klUcHmlU. Evciy loom with" tub and/ ) May 371J.J37 Wannvlight. 3 : ." -_ !BOO I I Mis K.lna Maycn. & It Neat: .
,'M.e loll ."!"',ctilin. lilt ,.c//,'., lUll.d J 10;. Adkins h n : Miy Diums oil __ __ 600 :J1I71114: t "Maltose Buwn.Teaching Teaching. .CO: Oil 'l'l'lIdllllg Ins I :,15 j c '
.._.. dos/ E vary Bed with 'Innciiprinf 220 II M. Howard u 245 hi27( J. Wainwilght, I .__ SO OO Sl'.Ml Mrs I'auline howard ., 32I(> lossiie. ML-U-ndoii, I fa.tJ/.UI : .
axes v..it* on and our.110..dft,,,. '...p. Running, a. 22!' .1 I. H:. Adkln.s _h 2828 floor oil ._ __ __ 12.jUI) 31''IS :Mia :\1..Ibelill.. Teiicliing n ___ hOOU Ten' hing Ins .. :3 MMis "> *. I.. 4 "inllh. ,-4 .rr-Mi.".'..1 'f r "liJll .

AIR CONDITIONID 2H8! J.\1.: Reddish 14.:Off: S02S "'Ia. Ptmet & Light I Music K.\pense __._ ". 1030 3WIIIA.l : .Icanelte, 4n'HlI't'eicii :32173J4S\ I. H Kutc-l, Mrs ,C I' .1"hl1"HnolfumIV', "f \1

COCKTAIL DINING LOUNGE AND MUTING. cOlin ROOMS/ SHOP District Fundarriints I Co Current u.."_ 30 H2SD2' 3111 G McGauley, In .. h ,____ MOO Teaching: t 10() noMISM ) /o'I"lll"( win-' visiting Mi and MIN ', .1 \
__R.'....Sai&e, olih, Pn;..t. Beth S5t!1 I!J N Thomas, Janitor 54)0) ) Kin. Power and Light I ICo I Teaching _ SS (4101 i 31SI2) Mini :Mu.lge :\ ( ton, Mdtk'lme I la/en, Ceolge: ; I0: \',-'" Sunday. ''I( .
n Room tJ700 80 Room $7.50 SfiOOxtiOl John SUl'I'el1l'Y.00.1 I 160 I'uiicnt/ __ _.-_ 1112'SO 31."iO llaimon Mmgan, i iTenchlng I Peaching" h ._ 50\ OO T"lId1l1l1, 10) on' :Mm' Ccnevalnhnsunfu\Vlnder- :
.0 Race i J300 I4Ro iMS350 I I1C Tjpewnter Service Cot'pket'p l ') 7. 7. Ontfis, ., 1 cordWood .. _- M;1) 0031"il ) 3W:11"11! :\ : Hnby I.illcy.reaching 7i7; light's Supply ('o. mere \\eie i in oin section, SundavMm 1

SI S'_flit Ia l iMrffwf Reams lot wlA.devbht/$..M......nw1'Odu1 $400 I IL. & RepansCal 3300 Col ._ ______ liOOSO.'ll :: Miss Russell Norman, .Mjoti31H -1.11. for bus ttcp, 72 |tr> LI//II- I iyden of Starke .' I
I POUND H.I.II H02 I' GlDiion. Janitor 3500 ]: lies bect Prescott, I'" Teaching. __ ___ 50(10) !' 1 Mis i\vljn: Hitch, 748 Wade. iMkins: tians( 72.OOV spi'lit HI\"el 1 al 1 days \Mtli I her daiighel. I I
.ClltPA .... HO'tl DISOtO htl03; :-;. Thomas Janitor" 23.05: days Janitor foi Chs- 3152 :Mis.. Doiothy) Hull Teaching h ._ 5iiO( ( "d'l N \ ((1IPr11tr11na.:, 2(1( :3O ( ', :Mm! lltivey Stalling, l.tst : '
0--.. 'JTIH." ........ c,. I liOl N Thomas Janitor, 1000 son ____ __ .__. ___ 263 Teaching SO HO, j j"iril : a HI.'i1 i".. Kitty Moused, 77(1( J K:. Ailkins tiiin.s, Ktnoo: \\ eekMm L ,
.. .
--.. ---- - (003 10: M Bennett Janitor 40 00 SG.-12: City Light; Water : "'I"" Mildled. :Morgan Tt-iiihlng 5dOO 771 I' I.CSUI. Stilt k'. bins. fi211t1; ( .1 I II Suiiency Is. visiiing. )) If
___ ..... __ ._ Plant aJuj! \1... : 772 li i 1.. Tluniias j
------------- --- --- u. Light & Water Teaching __ _u 50(1031.i4 niicl Hijies, tniliM Ml to I her father. H.or Ostee-n who has

| service -. ,__ "o 7513'J Mrs 1' dnl1 Pievatt, Teuchmg, 50 Oil 773 Jelly. / Mouie" tiiniH .r.1I1I brrn sink fur 11\,1, d.i>'s in 11:
BOREE FUNERAL HOME <><; : :.I. Thomas Janitor, _. 2200Sd.'il Teaching ____ 50) Oil,) allj11.!, : .." Willie M.ie lltnson.Tonchlnfc 771 II A. I'K'Mlltl.. I"HUM 2112 IliookerHev )l'i -1 .

full tin nf Caskets. \ 1'nclrrMkem !Supplied I : /II,il r-Mwaids: 1 cordwood ..11''lit.!! Nelt.i hem 50 oo31tiS () 775 .I I W. "lOdvMiids.: Mans "Oddl ( I.. (C Ilimlnguny ot Staikilillid ''I'F
.ISlit'I..INUE: 1 SERVICED.1V Col 500 Teaching -_ __. 50) Oil) ) ] : :Mlws .Madeline lUcn.Tenching 770 l H It Cioxliy, tiniiH KIIMIIIJ Ins.. ii-gulai appointment: "I 11 1 1
ANil: ML.IITr i eO3;::i.'i, Enoch Kelley, 2 cords :115ii:: ; Peal I Smith. Teaching-II (I1)1 i / :Zk: ) (10) 777 I r! Hnyil lliins. 1(1.(,,1111) the Ha..U,1( cliurc-h Siilnidav. and ;
3 .PHONE 53 1 I wood .. __.__ 9 00 31.i It. L. Smith Teaching 40 (10,) 3MM) :Mrs Leol.i H.ihotsi, 77* K 0 JiincH/ ., linns' ) 4(1() OO) |

Ii. II. IU::.ISETT. IKr. 1"3'I; ; / C Glee!). Janitor 3000' 31.1 i A O Jenkins.Teaching ) I'l'Hching. n 50554) i71! C M I Phillips/ / 'linns' :HO (Oil SundayMiss Mill LIMalluWH;:| uf Stai ki ." J Swill S
".\ HOME-LIKE: INSTITUTION": I'e.n.tier's. :*>altr.v I FIIIII __ 1.1)00) l-'dil):! :Miss hurter Allkln!!. 7!SO Mm c A Milt hlll"i.r,1I: visiting, Miss Alta Smith, Sun ;

..- Jll'i! Ernest Mubn-y, Teaching 31V) Mildred, PaulTeaching Touching' _. ood(JU( 7817S2 /H. I; Alili'i" 11",111. It'mm. |"IIMI:: :
.1000 ___ _. 10 ',Ij'' 3J01 Miss Lucite ":dII rIll,, J I II.) I Vile, trans 125 OO day. ';
- - ------ -- -. -- 61 r. ''tn.111': :''. !toy 1"YI1"loI" inelhildiin I 1
a : :1I2O Miss Juanita MrUauley 31M) :Sarah; Jenkins/ Teaching _. h"_ r,0.OO3J02 1 783: J/ S Austin. linns III till ( of fiinip rue visiting hoi .f.1" )

: I BEASLEY'S SERVICE STATION""We sub, 2'.; days u IJ3! Tenchlng .. IS.l'M :! MISH r-ine.slln Lin.Uling-! i 781| !SV.; \\'hll"'IIII.II'Hn.. :'JO On .parents. Ml, suit. :Mm. K: Stuck: ,. ,
,JU1 :Mis Iabd \\ 'ill, 31 il I Mosaic, .McLendon ton.'I'euchug., 55)(55)1 I I "Sri"Sti L \I.. Itinlroe, IIIIIIH' 3(1:\( oo I !

Teaching, hiHN) ) Tenching ._ ._ 10(10"W2 ', :!2oi: ;:; :Mrs KUna Halt, i L. I I.. :.I"II'II.ln. tiiins loooI landMr. and Mm, Uoyd !Smith' and ( ;
: Handle Cold Drinks-Standard Gas ,!]122 Mi Nat Hank pay- : .; Ida Hllt-tei. 'leiKhing, r.o.ItO< 7S7 .1 I K Ha/en, li.ins, KHIO' son 4'haili-s. of Columbus, In and, I. 1blr I
I mem on $sooo note 725375 I Teaching 40(10(, :.il'dl: / Mis smite: Sealing, 7Sh7Mt l' Void. !.
and Oil Atlas Tires Tubes and Batteries. and. !Mm A .1 I Sinith and' Mi I
I dated ]Frl, 1 1 u I :: Mrs J T MO.HI. n: 'hing '10 (OO SJOI: .Mis" tykes! l\'Hlnattht.! IIIIIIH Id) oo) ) snnvllle mitt' vl..lllno11'/: : and. I Ml-- ; ,
: BUS STATION ii i dayIII lull toi MaigaI1 .- ; ,I1 I '..hn"'tn} iO (IDUI Ten,. nun" / ID oo) :32! :
BEASLEY'S 11 : 1 Etta: ICnima, Hill 'Teai'h ila8 tiieugi' / I',. \/trsIs 'l's aching/ __ tiO. (/i0 iU211": K. I!. Wells, ti.ins' WOII I'altiMon, till and Ml' '. arid !511-" I' I
: SERVICE STATION ing bO 00 Teachiiu I'llio :::297! Miss Viigml.i;: :\Ill,<\0( ]ii), 7i37l! H M. Cicwliy.. (inns 2"Mio! l.i my \\'u:<.1I11 of ""I.itk.i wenvi, .. 11

Opp. Court House Phone 60 ::112'lIs! Blam. Edwards. :i1till1( : B H Ueiis 'I'eachslg-------- tiO (OO .| II Thorn..". ti sins. :3U:\ O5V. (slog, their parents. :Ml' and. \
I I I 1 I'at hing 5O OO r"adJlII a.Of( ) ::1201011'8.< : J II. Bi iiHon, 7115! : '1'. HIt'wilII.t linns r.1I1I1I( II ,D Wasdin Sunday

: ..- _.- -, -.-..-.-,-.-.--.- -,-,--,_._,- .. ;.1120< Miss LillIe :\Il'Hat ilil7; ICHHII I iJ) :Mason [> !Sub; __ -__ 71.)s 7flll{ l C' S "Kclley, tiaim' nlllIiit7 ( ------ .. ---- 11'.j.j I IzI1.'I'
III/: !/ :\IIS. I K:. 1 K. Ptnyman.MIH .I I K. I )Oll/ot'('; ( inns 1,5; .(011 \ ,
Sub 0 I ,lava 7"S7S'i; H. I
38.25f2 : Wiggins, tin us 500 "
Vb.. lnht "... I r., I., c...,........" "
; : '1n : iugenp: Matthews. II II huxald,11sma I monoHnv /

tiuh '.j day i f.nMl KIO : T'uiilliisdn. !tians. .Ii.">.oo Services vveitMild ill I K". H !If
:5311: : -..-. MHvu Crosby .Mili02 C A. Jenkins, :Mat ,'< ('h''" I'll Satuiday and Sun Sub!; 1 >12 days ... o OO rep Ciuce Bus 2.:11: Uev. Iliimon I I :Moody nf LaCiossi f I' !
.WHAT-WHERE.W'H:Y ;3212 1 : :Miss I'evcily Caely. J. W A Andiew Ji. and L 11.) Johns. of 4iahiirn" \\IA!

Sub .I days __ ___ to hoses. I IfliNt
1500 reps I 1.(5 Miss Ovid Thomas. t-pent, lilt ,; .'I I ,. ;
., all: : Miss: Hope Haynes SOS J. /I.. A mk'i son.. Inn ., p.tit of this week" visiiinghen I "

Sub 1 112 days __ .. _._ 563 Runes 1 II 1 ro with :Miss Lulu Mae LI SMS /; i'I+
3Ui: I :Minx. .Melvii Crosby, S04M. Niliion Ureen, tinns.__lloooJ Mrs' K: llowaid I ind 11011..1 I oJ ;'I 11 1( !

._ _. .., Teaching ___-..__ 21)) 00 ."> -: A Siipp' trans. (>o.no wile visiting\ Mi mil Mis' I K Ii ,dl .
-- 32Pi Mia: Bryant H'UNI'y, *'iS07>i James Hosier, (inns. 5500: 'ill., m.is SimdiiyL ,i'j l9! :

OF BRADFORD COUNTY FLORIDA Teaching' ____ ____ 5000 / J K Hro"11'I1I1N.. __ <>o ooI'.radfoid 4) and Johnnie' Le\vls mil. } 1;
,, J21H:! H M n'lggms.Teacliing) : fS 1f.1'u.. :Mat Arch Mann alteinled. the ,dam at ".I, ( "
4iril.ISO: < U'II'\----\IES- I -fI.\IU\\\la-FIU.\1T1-- ----: : -IK -KK\L-- -KVTXTK-: -- --- ... .tu.: .. ._______ M.('() for Hun le i px------> .53TuKMlf ,KairbiiiikH F'I, loIay night. : !
:!'I7: MISH .Madeline Haztn !SOIS10 / Chev Cu I ."
-- KepH to It. H hennas$ nil daughtei; Hael "I{I'' 4
_. 1--- ... Teaching/ h_ ___ :2000 Buses 4.11)) ./ wete, in Slits Iii' Saturday
1'1( MIO, ,fill: o 1 .\M I>IC\\\N 3
Pinch Tilir..t iI.althlly \\ .. curly a full line nf 32is Hairy Sapp, a L Thomas' triins. Mr and, Mrs. ..1V.. Lewis ants. I J'' IhoIII'1I
REALEST.'TE OKIK: at 4)iiiDollar). I'er ,.
HKIMKanil: : 1'I.t\F1'.Ilt.: Teaching ,_ n _-_ :2500? tag. Co pt 1020.; < ,/ and/ Mis.s I ll.i/tl I'hoinai- '
I I "11"1.' I \. ISrnlsn.enq..nu'. I
| ::1:11": f.\1: Ilillhltz.Tpileh ) Thomas pt l')4'!() :3n: (WiIK 54t1..nded. the lilithilay runner ,,1'' (
I ({ pious anil repairs 4 It.1.1.. injr _. ____ 00 sit I Aiikmv. In*. MIH Lewis fatherB' .1 .'lohns, at I II r
I 1------- __ :JJO:!: :! :Miss Lucil? Kennedy.nachmg 7.72// h'taike, Sunday al the h",,"' of :Mr ;)1, I
Bradford Hdw. Co. I II IP YOr WANT: TOJWY. is: \tlIO' / _. oOOO The lni.est/ ( i ig.ir: munufat and 1 Mrs :M.illorv. ThomaiRessie J\1 i
e' .Ireshes"' srr.r. on nrNTAEI :: :'U.tMIH: : \ : Floy Pulllvar. i: inL.. < ;::el .II t tht Wf'ill is TaiiipnTn !' I 'Ihoin.LH und IS M I Johns. k1
5)-r That Ki 1. II. ( .MM.11.K:, Oss star I ,
: CS- I I n-mhmg/ _. '.o w I I)2JJ tool I is 1- '
......... /KMIII KMM4I- (l.irgi ft plant' n'lei one it Stai I Iceviit- m thisfction :Sun '
'-- I I ::) < Mrs rhtli/ii. Mve"% : I| ic nti o m la< k1- Milli" day {it t
I WILSONREALTY, I 1.00111:11 111:1-: :... \\u: I ItT- -- ----- --- --. --- I. 11
( XHmmamm-;*
'rF.i UIKI.4IU: I'KK: l.sStern's -
DenmarkFurniture : CO.ItFr.II 1\\: 'I 11'\1.: '1 1

-ht's Shell Station Co. GarageMMCSMMn 1 .A ,;.., WCPRY ABOUT WEAR AND TEAR WHEN YOU f. i;

\Vetf !!'.(.i-lvlng I :Ne" s.pring"Suits i .- .. ( '
..r-llIV4.: --- : .fIa, :. MMWMHMHaMI I : ; nt Your Floors With i ,
( f\erv: 11:0.\): lieiiri- to !-aa--. ." r j

I in.... \ ( old IIrlnl..1. .-. "'ee It Ui-fiire San Kin. *njHIJ: \7ToNs. # ,
I'nr superior I Ki: suits. ) --- .... r t }
.as. and Oil'Iurl r-- --- __. --- I'cr 4ireater t.t: !
-- 'F lt\ I H : .
Ilaat; I Fur Incri'iiMil ....di.factlun 4,5) K: Oils f.j: :: t

st"'arf-\\ iirner 1.frl\"I."llIr-: i I MK4.IM: : \.\KOI: .IV .\ A.V.. Anderson'sService ,
,,' Ilmnrr MVI50, : I Ip.-KIKKMv; H-:KTIMKKsA. ; :d .. I .., ice, rain and snow-grinJ-: solid, colorstrays, brown-, '! f fi I +I
(f 'iiiiii.iTIIK>' I mg; !1uuHlt)" tvtn .hailing. war. ) and oak It (lows on ."' ....I"i)J' r ,
c '" UNK: H'KMri: M. DARBY Station ___- .. r'-.r-.S .A..r, H .. 1.I. n"ki wood, concrete, brick" mc-.ii 'rininpoMiicm 7 ? 1(
K\: \ 11-KM" PhUF; 1.5)4i'Ire'.tonr ) floor indoors or :R r
I.CIU I'KK K-: > I.r i c: turn c'JorarLpoff.:( It',

OrangeBlossom ..... .;/ t rn.dr: .to s.ai.J up. and' /."'. 'I I ''ic"s out. Auel, it lasts io long it's migl. 17 :.: '
E\ .. : fur ccc.numicjl.Pick : I
Hart Co. I f. 'u "s t'f. "i > f.i'f open: 1I
Cafe Furniture 1 li;55)9) I'I.\( 1': TO fires fuliiHt 1as.,. .' t., mjxis I d ,10 u: .ic weathert.i'1 uui your '"\U r'e. U I() 1

r JtIT01: : K I MIKMI-: i 13.28 Service Station furred' to 1.1.. j Ii mf ""trjiric, / from the free tutor card1ITi) ..ii,

-1\.1: -K\M: The SPOTLIGHT I ( flip I :'. ..Ki\l;, K: 'wIlj lukrallmypelnltHour&Irtk, I tin i/eil dealer! will gladly g'e I 1
(Ii..' OilsIOK "tin, Bml lake atlvanu. of the' r Il 1 '
.1. II \I irviN.: : : Inarntl, M a quality product. It's .
I'rnp..FF.D..tI _.. special i I price he it nTcring on "y
lite I (.6ISt'4. Johns & Wainwright I .' : .L'f ftl'\K, Owner \___'__ .. In' >i nh I only theiinsistmaserials I).a.n. Hour & IVck I name I pint Ir

...... :. : ) 1'1.\ MKlrM -' I \ "" awl, mused J with nil the earer'ne" this week. i 'I 4''
IN-l' \\( E .\(;E.('VMl \ my >*) years, as paint maker has //
4)EPREsCRiI'TIoN.\Ia-: .\ \ \ : 4IP (.0 of Insiiriinieith .lUyl.tllle.Ancll'l K> m<"full'e.
Typrr '
"UI.f; I'l.XN: rkuand FFItTII.I'.EIi \ / 'tU"l-V
:"' Old lit-llahle' C'nnip.inlcH / : I11.IRit5I'rIIR-. ri.oFenee \\ .... You Can Find iSjl almost. an-.one can do a good II r;

FAPF.RTsMitchell's I \\ Ire' ,. Sl kk) and I'oultrlKciniHliiH. \ job wish '"ry' little 1I..rt. PrriiJrnlTHE ,
!! ( raffH and ('up_ \t {'\. '. \ II. n. DAVIS CUs'thous
\ 1 K i"'ck is nude in 10 ISahimere.6ld.I
Drug Store I-I.I MHIM. \
White's Storet
What You WantIn ; ; ,' I' 1
--'lulls ,L Ih'pe""I, .t'ril.'t' I <; ::;;; 4 ',' ,:
LET I'- .1\K: \ 01 K l'I.I"\fJU\H. ; : II \\ KII ST 1:1':11'1\\' ;
\ TffOIUII'ifl 1101) '!': f'Ut.1I: STOCK 01' fOKII-MOOK Bradford Hardware
This Corner Company
k ure-fiie results with a CI.K.\MN4i: 1.1'1 nt; \S ...t.tII.: !1"u""I.: | | :

I.rk.t the

,Il he TeUgrept. Prices on re- Plumber Suwannee Store :I READ THE ADSI P S'
II I I k.4El 1'IM 1-.&""' '' 1 ,
4 I !ts1 I t


;j,, a; -,. i .4 '''::; .Ai .
Mt \ ... I :; -,;;
? ; tiw1' _. _-- r.IWwWL
,,,. .,._____. ,," _....._. _.... .... _,_.. .,_.. _,._._ __.____._ __,,_ __,,__ ._ .' 'fI.... ,.._ .._,_.___.__ __ ,oJ +i, Wt""


r. (;r nU'Jt ftR.t.OJ'JU) ooi-vrr] TELEGKI>11, STAKKE. FLORID.* FICIU"'. H All 1/0/ "
--- '" 'rq:

I l'. D.Vill Meet I j W. M. S. Circles! : Meet Monday :Mr/ and :Mr!' Brown Entertain !I Memorial( ) Day I lI/o\'party/!\ ) At Kinysley i the P.tthcl Baptist i-- -,

I With Dinner '\'a.. Tuesday night HI t 8! 4 ->!'1"
II Delightful Party I Observed
: Sunday
The \\ TVoks Chapter U D. | ('II". If ;Number One of the Worn I FAVORITE A delightful houseparty was enjoyed Rev B. M Monlg n hI

will nWl't.dn..day. after nn'a! :Millionary' Society of the Mr. and Mrs :M F Brown entertained ;i i Ii Under the auspices of the W T by members of the youngerset Methodist Chuich hI

noun :May 5 I at thiee-thirty o'clock Methodist Church will meet Monday 1 at 7.30 o'clock Tuesday : Wet kM Chapter United Daughters, I RECIPES l lest week from Wednesday, tho subject "Wh I It
afternoon: at 3:30: o'clock at at the home of I of the through Friday at the Jacobs',
i nt t the home of Judge!) and MI'''. K. night summer Judge Confederacy :Memorial Day I Can Du to Prevent < '. '\
i the home of :Mr and :Mrs A F'. and :Mrs. A Z Adklns on Kingsley i service on Sunday afternoon atI I cottage on Kingsley' Lake day night, at the ,
Ferryman; Hostesses: Mr1'iirjraan Suiilslllj' Mri Saul HII hostess Lake, with dinnei and bridge plll'ty. I Ciofiby Cemetery was marked by''I: :Mrs N Stetnbeig' gave u" a rt'"IJ' Thone present were Misses Edna: Rev C. B. Price. tint,
:Mis L H. Mill, sod, Mr! i Circle, ;Number Two will meet at an excellent program and in spitei I '" for u naiad that ,Is, just as good! /Pearce, Lilllnn Stump Mary Harllet will speak on the su( "I lfj

K H. Lung: the home of :Mr. and :Mi8 Carl The two large dining room tables i lof rain und Ihr'atpnlngOUt1I\ the I i a- It Is attractive or vise versa Itin.ikcn Bishop. Frances Peek, Doshla. Should Fight Clime .\.

. -- --, .- .- ---- Johns. with :Mis. Johns and Mra where the guests were seated attendance! was fairly gxiod! a must tempting salad! for Smith of Sampson City, Miriam pie are asked, to .\m.IngH. ... .,.
I Notice: A \\'. Reds! :;rave us hostessedI I, for dinner were rentere.1 with :Mrs CleorgeV. Roberts of Law- i your putty ftfreshments. and the Guy of Hampton and the chaperon, .

: I I:I Members" of the W M I. S are requested I I I increments of swirl pens, .sta- ter, fhst. vice-president" of the I nicest thing about It Is that ;you :Miss Rosalind Jacobs ---- ..
Mrs. L S Hullo secretary of !l 1' to bring one or more tuw- ticH and coinflower. Chapter, presided over the pro. can make it ahead! of time and! ---.-- -

the \1aNhnen Clicle. riiii| '''itii that i j jill fit to the circle meetings and same j Giant red poppies and lace flower gram the first number being a salute I I won't he so I rushed at the last minute I Eastern: Star Meeting:\ Miss Virginia Max. t,

., members please| pay their duet I will be sent to the Orphans Homeat attractively arranged in baskets I to I the United Statis flag followed It is called Sunshine Salad I Simpson pent Mondaustlne \
oy the Us! tiny "f this" month Henson Springs' !' were lined in decorating the : I by a salute. to the Confederate I'and that's a good name for It. A meeting of the Eastern: Star with the Intl...i -. al*

spacious living loom where six card i,. flag. A double quintette of I Here's' the recipe I will be held Monday night lit S Esther: Simpson tin
---- -- -- ------ o'clock ut the :Masonic Hall.
--'- -- ----.---.-- -.-.-.-.-.-.- -.- | tables were placed for bridge. j I II j trained voices sang numbers suitable i 12 eggs hard boiled. II I II .
,I '! At the conclusion of three pro- I to the urciisinn' and Mrs L. I Salt and! pepper. j ji --- ----- \o'1 If'1: nt- 1r't'1 'n v ,, .
i :' (1. Powell/ Impressively lead 1 Luj 'i :\layonnutBP-- Circles of Baptist W. M U. willml't Knit T % \ iolsrnaee i, 01.
MAY 9 : M'''sionM' of brldgt'Irs.: J. W. Kin I''
f I j; : cian Lamar Knights. "The Tomatoes :Monday Circle No J. Mrs : 11111 \o |?
call was presented with a hand poem 0'1'1"1'< i': 'is! iiniirin"; ': : '
| Old South" i Lettuce 'L U. Powell leader, will meet "', IF 1 South, ll l hiiMfi, f
painted 1 picture fur making* high', I |"' ..
III'' No I ITU l
nr a l
I II score for Indies. and l>i.. H. B :McLenclon ; Mrs. Roberts, in a few well |, Olives with :Mrs George Flynn at Kings July' .X. l Ii la:11.! : In., .I .
MOTHERS DAY : c'holl 'n01'118., introduced, the Directions for making: sloy Lake at 3-3(1: ( Circle! No.2, mv ...HItn,"' tins mini,
tie .
was given a HH a 10- for (I lax llt'pfl tl l I.,
t ,I ward for making' high for men : speaker, of the day. Judge! K. K Put egg through ricer or mash :Mrs.,1. :M. Brownlee. lender, will l Said i.crtlfldiK. ,"'inlirn!><
tI 1'cirjmnn.; who Is the "">n of a Confederate them very fine Add salt and pepper meet with :Mrs J K Wilson, :MisS Idle: .|lesrribI i ,pi ruprrI'| "
I I After the awarding of, the bridge t\ uf 'irniiriii: l. ,siniu .
f. I I I veteian Hn excellent ads to taste and enough L Peek co-honless! Ht 3JO.:: II
i 1 .An inexpensive gift from Ii I poxes' a game of. bingo/: was enjoyed |i Urea touched on the ,lays of 18tll! I innse to huM it together/ mayon'j I Voting :Matrons. Circle will meet ,Situi,, I linnet.. (Judd' 'it"i .
5' and :Mrs K. U Duncan IJIIHI t i 1' nf ,.
was ''to 1Sei5! : and! led! up to the condition water glasses!' and chill over night. I lit the home of :Mis It A. New- T Xuiiih,, honor x i tl JI"
: :Mitchell'swill find its jI t tI given, a deck of'A rtlll for being of the world at the present \\'h,'n toady to serve. slice tomii- i j one nt 7:::30Ir": l'V. 'I,III'111,mlllK* .tom I r es ni" i I..
''Ih. lucky winnerThose time. Sr. HaY'R.1 IIH NNIIII'Ilt" (*f 'II
.. .
to ahntit two inches thick and i II' 'IInd01'h' pntil 11
I way straight to her heart. J I limted In be witli/ the Graves of C'onfederatf., Federal, ''place on lettuce leaf. Then slice, I' -- -- --- -- II....i,. .In. the' 'iiiiiiM .I t t I'
I i hosts were :Mr and :\11 HV.. ;10. I Spanlllh-A l1Ienrnn and Woild \\' the iu,,> i, ,
111"'eolel"lIns egg({/ mixture the same thickness | / (> Crime Meetings) t I'tllf MM HII III nl I"I ill I I ?, .
=North :Mr and :Mrs ;N :Sternbeig" ,1,1! ,, ll ,. ,
I t \ were Decorated with flowers .mil' place on the tomato and giir1 | ". IK lllllllIK' I.I I II I.
:Mr JV Kinrald i :Mi and Mrs: and! the 1 A |itogrum designed to educe I'I III Ml /jibed,' I Ihe r I ,IU,,I '.
tl.ig under which they1 ash with mayonnaise and an olive' Ill" ,.IllUhl. "I, Illlllll I .1'' ,
DELICIOUS I I K U niinran. :Mi and Mis: '! C. A. 1 fought Liinit- among negroes will begin lin.l. "il ihi rl1.t M I,
II -- --- -
I II I..nlghl.uJj"P. / : und Mrs. A. Z. Ad- ----- here. :Monday under the direction tin, nlh., "f linn., I .:'
--- .
Milnt; I kino :Mi and )Ir.V.. H. Si-well. 1 I ,of George V Owens) colored head I oil I l ,ll llllH Jllh ill \
\Vnoclmtn( Circle Has \\"t-cl"I 1 Dr.> John I'
Jack of t tin of 'iKTiriAI.' f-R" \1.1
1)1' and l :Mrs H McLendon: Mr. |i''( CiumReducing' Oiganl/a-
:\ A J. 'IHflMv-
1\\ : CANDIES I and :Mrs 0 L Beat-ley. :Mrs. K. L. Interesting MeetmjrI Friends of Miss Tne Tompkins J tion with headquarters in Tallahassie i-i-rk| ..f f

HigR. ilr and Mis: T T Limp, I i I Maike Grove 27'" of the Woodmen will be interested in the following I' : :Mie-tlnjis;: will bt held at I. :,".*>r I-A-JM of lire dr- r >
t i : :Mis D P Carpenter and :Mi and |I Circle held 1 its regular meeting clipping taken from the Florida -- -- -- --- -

I ti I :Nunnally's Gales and yHoton's : :Mrs K Matthews: Tuesday night wuh Mrs: H. :II.Jo'ullllell Times-Union: -
-- ----. ----_ In the chair All/ officersassisted :Mrs William Thomas Tompkins
I I }I}
; Attend MeetingMrs t !' In conducting: the meet- ', of Still. ko, announces the marriage ANNOUNCEMENTOF
: IngI of her daughter. Air etta Jnl'z. to

,,1.' I I It : Vonda! Inmun and her guest i JIrs L S. ratio secittaiy. read Dr. John P. :Mack formerly of
:Miss Myitle O. Crump, attended! ''a! Phoenix, Ailz. on April 17 in Jacksonville
t 60c $1.00 letter giving: the date of the Distrlct -
$1.50 Lb.
=. the A11-State :Meeting! of the Woodmen | OUROPENING
1!- I 1r convention to be held in Lake '
1 Curie held Ga., i
Waycross The
r.t I Huber/ on :llayO :III's'ergleo marriage was performed by I
r I 1; Thllr..daVhile there, they wereentertained .
Flynn district president, will pre.side the Rev .1 T Boone of the Edgel |
R i i I with a fish fry wood Christian", Church In the
at this meeting :Mrs Hutto I l presence DAY
-- Monogrammed i Mrs John T Yates traveler of also gave a report cm the .All.:;: late of relatives

i! Woodmen Circle complimented i, Meeting held I in Ocala JlIr's.llle: The bl'it1.01.! .. un attractive
STATIONERY ; j Mm:\ Inman district! manager on, Green of the( St.uke Circle\ held! white crepe dress sharkskin
; \ I, the splendid' I work she has accomplished the office of Past Guardian out I with white accessories and THURSDAY, APRIL 29

u l in this part of the state The Glove"tt'd to send a dona- corsage of bride's loesbuds.

{ er I I Mis: Dora A Talley. national lion from Staike degree! staff to1 i After the ceremony a reception We have moved back to Starke and

'1 piesjdent, from Omoha Neb ac- national vice' ptemdent.' Wllliard. was given by the biides !sister :
: fI 50c I comp.tnied :Mrs Inmnn and Miss for orphan Dequete.im. also to take I Mrs Joseph Tomprano .and :Mis I are going to
(: ;"; ;J UP :I ID II Crump as far as!' Jacksonville on a donation for district orphan Carlton L. J-'mily at Jacksonville ,
,: I J I their return trip home. Mrs Tal- ''How' ,ml. Tucker, In the'oodml'n 1 Teach I

.. I Icy had never been in Florida. before Circle Home.. 1' Later Dr, and! Mrs :Mack left
.' -
b I iI ,I and took this opportunity of for a short wedding trip. The I SHOPYour
-: I Staike Grove is rated as B-
I Cam I \'IIIIIlnour state bride, traveled,! in a
\ontc : /: lovely yellow
plus but expects tr> be placed t in
ft ERFUMESJ : ensemble with brown accessories.
-- ---- class/ A within the
next two
: Adrienne i 'i months Th'y,1\ make their home InJacksonville j business will be appreciated.We .
I II i--wtlIt: \ (' HoardA fleeting

I I'C! J Evening Ip.1 The hostesses' Mrs: L S. Hutto, will
oty -- sell
| board try to the things
I 1 I meeting of th executive Mrs:: Shellie Hall and. :Mis Alma (' 1Bi) 01' 'fll\\K': you
\\ rMI. I' t( K \M) M YIL0t'It 1'1'It'ItAsE' .If theVnnum's Club of Starke will \ipp. served punch and cake after
; be held Thursday May 6, at 3.30:: the adjournment of the bU8inl'ssm..tmg We wish to extend! our thanks to will want to see your children wear
4. ''M : MITCHELL'S I DRUG STORE II o'clock At the Woman Club build out friends! and neighbors for theirkindness

; ing All members of the board ire _-_ -- -. -_ ___ a"d sympathy during the

\ - _ _._.__ __._,__ _.__,_ (l 'urged to be present recent l illness and death of our husband
Andl'ewlIazt'nIal'riuge; and father J H. Hemingway JESSIE MAE'SFLOUR
.t' Also .
1 for the bciiiitiful floral offerings
'j,! Miss :Madeline H.izen, daughter ;
:Mr and Mrs H. C. Hazen of
,IBrooker. and W Rudolph Andrews Mrs Nellie, HemingwayAnd I
: 50 I son of Mrs. S. V. Andrews and the Family, ..

l LACE DRESSES late :Mr Andrews, of :Morriston.
| were quietly married Thursday I -.. ..

:I E''t'nlngprll 22, at the Baptist '
j :
a.'iatts-Standard Pack
I Jpastorium, the eel emuny being p..r1 1 SSe
::1 fHI: I fit met by the Rev C. B Price in j

the presence of a few intimate 1 6c
r ; SPECIAL SELLING: f i lends. 2 1-h lei' can

tI : FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY The atttactive bride was attiredIn I
; : a white sharkskin suit with du.bonn..t '
I 1 blouse and white accessories
ILl I' CASH & CARRY RICE 5 Ibs. 23c
Mrs. Andrews was graduated
.. t 1 i ( from the Alarhua high school in I I'I 3 Boxes 25c I STARKE, FLA. ,

I .' (' ','I the class of 132! and last year attended -

ti.t : summer school at the University I'KT OK ('.\ISN\T10.V KOl'M
98 CLADIES' ; of Florida She has taught

I\t.\ ,. \ ,, I years school being for four spent years as a the member past two of MILK 3 tall cans 20c STEAK Lb. 18c

1"1 I I : | the faculty of the BUS.

1'If Y_ Mr: Afldl't'ws'n" graduated MACARONI, 3 Pkgs. lOc Bf.;...I* WHITE-free From %alt

!Lj : i i I from School the class Bradford of J!>3t County>, He is High connected BACON Lb. 1 18c
SUGAR 5 Lbs. 25c
i i' f SHOES with the WPA as superintendent -
I for Bradford County, with I Ii :1
j;' r In White and Tan
,. i t\ i headquarters at tarkl.Ir .'. i'r:; I'KO CHEESE, Pound 22cMF.UITV

: ;{ -'I. Broken: Sizes, Regular 1.29 :\ and Mrs Andrews will be athome SALT Pkg. 3c I ""IOK'U I :

At- | to their friends at their '
f. : Values--Going I apartment at the home of :Mrs. W ( on HFLI. SAUSAGE. Pound 12'2ctoo ;?

H t p 99c Pr. .1 I Epperson on South \\alnnt St I i iI

11 i --. ...- -.- BREAD 3 Loaves 25c | ( JI'Ji 1tC) T ol:

: I Family Picnic STEAK, Pound 12c;?
1' RON:
SWIM SUITS '1 Members of the Peek family en- ASPIRIN Box 3- ;I
: toyed an All-day picnic Sunday at '

f I K>U t\: I.Ia II't: ':'the Peek Cottage: on Kmgsie.v'Lake ) (l1.\HT -I VK IIEIIII" or jltSA"USAGE Lb. 12c

'( "CHILDREN'SMISSES' \1 i Those present, to enjoy this delightful SA T.A.n DRESSING' 20c I

1.1. affair were Mr<. F H NECK BONES 3 Lbs. 23c
.I .' : .ADIES' ye "IM.l.;... ttuit will Crest the i I ''Lcng.1..8 Allen Lung Judge Lois! Long.and :Mis Billy E and K 01'.\FITI \UPEANUT I hIT IIK.V .V IM>\ ,:.

MEN'S \\.i\ of popularity thi Miniuirr F<-IIj''I'Mn' and suns Emmet,; t and BUTTER I

.' i .. olrrl\\ shoulder .trap." C',mer Mr and :Mrs T T Long 3 for IQc \

: BOYS' >.' tpn tmc Wed boUii Mr and 'oIn.: J H Rllch.11: and 4>JHH'sn /\Jr.1"-I''RF. 12VCMATCHES

x I rent end belts I in contract Mrs J I H. Ritch Jr. Mr and Mrs

wearer .Mrtl-.n onepiece. ''S L. Peek and family Mrs. S R. COFFEE Lb.

I 45c ', .Iu..t "..I Il11nln&;:." > Johns and small daughter Dorothy Lb. 30c
Arc. of Augusta. Ga., :Mr and Misi .
To I; tr i i.J. L. Pl'ekIr and Mrs J L Peek No. 1 1UI>1IPOTATOES iv i-Kr..

I 1 I 1.98 I Jr of Durden the Mr State aad And children.Farm Mrs H.and:M:Mrs Richarde H A 1 10 Lbs. 25c. CIGARETTES. 2 for 25c

Palmolive Soap. 3 for 17c

Oct. Soap or Powder 10 for 25c
I AT 1 129 The postponed business and program ,
i : meeting, of the Baptist W M I >
l' was held at the Church :Monday Supersuds, 3 for 25c lOc
I I9i
; The devotional! was ltd by the Octagon Chips, 2 for 15c JiF 1,1.)4.0'S CORN;
:; :.t vice president Mrs \\'. J. Ep-

11 person The program was I ii. charge Octagon Cleanser, can 5c FLAKES Pkg. 71 tf:
>1 Circle No 1. with Mrs L G.

:"J J P well leader Mrs. Powell, was
ar. 1.,1 (,'Pi' i ssisted! by Mrs S E. Sparks Better AGENT FOR

.. P ,, Qualit
.J: ic were made foe putting' n
.' .' ). 'rxigr:in' at :!hi A-'sooiatlor.al' TRUEMAN
..... .'. h ., FERTILIZER CO.
'' ting t. i be :.e.: at L. w'*v M.iv:

\IM: : IIX>RID\ \UU1"E" ONLY 4. ..rle Ni' .' h: 1':, 'go of 3-9-3 Per Ton $$21.751/1-7-5 Per Ton $24.10r '

the pi 'gTjra ana church ': >v;ers
fc, t the! month >f May! ; - .-. -
- - ..-.:

._ ......... "\......1'"< 't ;, ..,."..",..'i'.,,,,"... 1-_ W\Cr.:I 'O Y4 MY'., r.e4M L".. W. ,. .. '">".II-.. .' .... ...,, ....."........._ ._. __, ,A

.xa.w.r.w"- .

1'tt Ik ,q

[ i l

M; ,;,,,

- Mm!' F G Schell of Lake Butler Friends .of Mr Hnd Mrs M.v : Mrs t) A Monteith Mrs N D I I I '1'lends ot Albeit llaitman will ) fivv.n( W (iiiffin of St Augiit- [::1:1t y

'bO will arrive Saturday to spend aev- Moilow and Mrs. Ualiy William 'alr.nht.i :: !o\1.\ and Joe Wain- ,I II.e glad to learn mat hi is' Impioving tine t wan here Friday nIght (01FedeiHl :
real iliivs. with Mis' \\ J Kpper-: will be mieusliil f tn learn that they I wright: spent 'Pin'sday in JuckHon- ,
' / rapidly following I Ins .i.iiitoinoblle Army Inspection He way aacrornpsnird
tC'S' Bits of son have i-enlly moved, 'n Hampton yule Mi Waimvrlght:: left .'.huksonvilU -
II accident and moved to his his' mother' who .
lit was by '
will he thepilneipul Montana wherehe
--- -- where Mi!J Monov foi Helena.
'Ib Mis K.V: Harris of Jacksonville of the Hampton whool' was t tiansfeitpd' from the Genet I' norm' Sunday I visited her daughter Mrs K I. '

Is the guest, of her sister and! for the year 1P37-3S I 'al Land Office In Lake/ City __ _h __ BlRgsJ '. I' ,, .
u Ne btothci-In-law Mi and MI'H.0\:. -- -- --- Mr 1111.1111'1: .1 Flank folliyIwnl __ _____ ,I I,
'" Local H Smith MIR' L.. A. Davis was In Jacksonville ,, Mis O W "'hlt,.. Miss Hiiinlh} HM their gUt'RtM"w" I <.> K.: Wilson. and the Hev ItM 1 r 1 1

-- ------ -- \ Saturday. attending; a meeting White, Olin \\'hlh', Ji" Mis Peal I 'and Thursday, Mr and Mrs' A I I. : :Montgomery: attended the Rotary .

I, ,ON* '* RNlNft: OITR PKOPLE: HUSINESS A n"JWlnss Mitt. K:: J Dow ling and daiiKb.- Biigiide Number: Two, United : Simpson and 'daughter, Kebii'ca: Spencer iiiul daughtei. Annli-e, and, convention' In Jacksonville. 1'1'Jl
OF THE COUNTY AND TOWN lets Misses' !Helen and Maiion Daughters of the Confedciacvvhieh iveieisitois, in Gainesville Monday Misses' itchy anti Eva, Ftigale/: nil Monday. Mr, Wilson, and Mi ,i
Mix C" A Knight and Miss Loud I \ was held lit the Roosevelt While thue Mrs White called of Jacksonville Mr und" Mrs' Speni Montgomery were Invited to sit .on I I

r-.ennett pent Friday, In Jacksonville Hotel Mil!* Davit represented I thl'l I on Mis' L C. Pieseotl! who has and the Misses Fuga'e: attended the rostrum 811.11'1 ii Introduced! 0 J

state aM chairman of education ; hi'un 111 fur sometime the Ktadinitlon, exeiclses' of the to the assembly" as' representatives ,

I'L ----- --- -- _. Bradford l County High SihoolThtnsdiiy : of the youngest Rotary Club to beoiganired. t /
Kloi Ida factories tuin\ out pro- I
ranova: was visiting B Jacobs :N. Sternberg. C. H'I Fi lends of Mis. \V. Rudolph An- 'I Mr I and Mis. J M 1 Biownlee had night: : !
ill f( I lint.< (S aggiegiatlng neatly $2UO.OiK-) j
\ ;
IITP __ .. ._ ___ _
Sunday N..swurthy.0'\ Stump, and T F. dl'fvvs will be !glad to 1"111 that she as guests' Sunday Mis S A. Hiin- u
r.tit .
Out<) in value nnnuallv -.7.
L.imlium, spent Monday in Tallahassee in Improving! after undergoing an son' of Hainbildge Ga..Mt'. ,. /ant

MIS C A. Knight spent on business' opeiatlon for appcndUilis last' Mullions. of pencils mud In I Kuiope Mrs John Milton Brownli-o of MISS LILLIAN STERNBERG .
\1') .:....___ i,
laiksonvllle.n \ Kt day i aie ot redaihlppml' from Gainesville and Shelton Brinson
n'' Walter Wills has retained to his' -----. .-- Florida who is a student\ at the I'nlveisity OK lilt: C' \ HI.o., v< III,"101. il!"' I) \NANNOUNCES: ( 1Nh I ; i

inith attended several home in Tampa after spending Dl and Mr I \\'. K. Muiphiee.in I\ ------ of F'lor'ida ,t\\: intsk: (11'\I '

I I. ;iaineHVille last wetk. several days here with Mr and pounce the birth of it baby. gill I ---

Mis J. \\'. Moift.inVnndfln U'ednenday In St. Luke, Hoxpital A Mi rod Mis N D). Walnwrlght.Ji : .

">bimid daughter, Jacksonville, She has, hi" en namedMdiv I'I'1 CENT WORDFOft and Mrs. :N.; Wninwright! Siweie I'.
I spent Tuesday' Inn \ H.iile. of Wvst Palm ,, : Kathaiine in 'I'allahasxee, Thursday and mi; OI'I-MNU: (\I' \ i 1)\\'I'.i: ; i.Vx...
,, IN NKKI-: 1'i'aK; : : t
here with CLOUMN
Beach! spentVedn'sday -- -'-- Fnd.iylHitjng/ Mi' and Mis, WM

-- his' parents Mr. and Mrs W. O.Mr I Friends of H. F Demurest will I I -.;...\ I.Jo,1-- ;;: : : l'l.nnts, I \Vainwtight. They wto, HI''oll1' y

\ Tommy l.nlguf, Hitb' ieiet> tu learn that he has beeneor.tmod I 4axat'II< ; Ilan....d'A'.L'e. l',. H I )panted home by Wainwiight i Students May Enroll Now
.. ,. 1 to his home for seveialilny .
"-i week-end( guests -----' -- who has been visiting,!: tin ntm mr I
'01;, s It C Wall : and MIB. J. K.: Wilson,. had' Buffering from a heait at- "'UJi :SALE; --Be--t I' 'ijiiality. --seeds-of i, eral days I At Sternberg's Store ;

as their quests' for the week-end t taC'k. all\ \Biictus Pn/es' rlghl. Suwnnnec I II I II

of Lake Mr and Mrs. L. l>. Wining of IaIlanna. I I ______ Sti tf I ..- 1
I" "Ming I City :: re -- --------- -- -
Mi .mil Mi!. I I.: \ Pin ui. i !ti.iniilv 1 -
-- visitor, here Tties- Friends of Mrs T. K McClane. .
Gmn:, < 'IIM, h.ivi'
.J Ir" will he gis d i to lean that she FLOWF.UH: K-.II.V kind foi e\eiy "I Springs:
iiuniil 1? $: Stuk mil an' now liv-\ GET READY FOR SUMMER
oiciihion APi.iitive
--- :Mrs. J. H. Fields ii nil daughter.Hael lis IntJI''lngaflcl'| being; seilmitdy nu'ungc-:
rid Mrs Fred !1'. Conei \ spent the week-end in Baldwin ill al the home of relatives In I mint! at le.isonabli piui--" MmX 'npullhllt/: Turn"1 I i sp.iMtitiMi
: 1) I'hone 101'( :! ni i Mis' h H Johns Mi Tuiniri
i I edge and Mis. A. and ..Ia'k..mnll.Ith relatives (J.iinesvllleMiss WiiimMifiht WITH A NEWSANITARY
I I 4-23-Jt I yam I? -
Mil-day. I I __ ___ __ __ ___ ___ ".1" p',n tiin-iH mi' will' nave' hi-- Head"
-- ----- -- i tie (l. slate'
Myt Ciump I.'UJ/( :":NT "Furnished I hmisi I 'ipiaiti'is" ''i. fin fli :"' at 111 II' s ;
'.' .and Jacobs spent the i iI. :Mis. J.V.. Kincaid) utut ned I managei of thelolm'n Circle with all modern ronvennncis, -- f.lI
I. Tallahassee with I Munilay. after spending several lof Tampa. was the !guest \\'etln'II.da ,
- hot water/ tto l.'iiKi I sleeping
il.iys, in Tarn p.i with her patents, and! Thin stlay of :Mrs t Vonda l>"iiuh." Also finnlslu'il, .,.ipaitniintMis. /' h REFRIGERATOR1z
Mr and Mis A. C DurilenMr :
--- Inman.
Himilck, 402 Walnut\ Si '' I Id
we Ri'gulnrButyl green mid
Sr. of Montgomery, -- ---- ---- .
> rrv" i''
------ .tr
I and Mis H. A. hadas Mis J T Guy Miss M'li.miCuv. ; -- d l\ur\ runlnaled with hurl
," mlinjj I his ten till)'' VH- I : Bishop F'OHJo'r:: Fiiintshed\ ap'll.' I.
I/ iiMTliM nail I -
\ 'ith his f.unily. their n"l'Sts, Sund.iy Mr and both of Hampton MI.-.S IJoHhiii nu-nt with private bath. extra' I ';;:,II 'U n..tup...-. Kust resistinggilHiiie iiiiisiiviIllai 111
Mis John F.wouds. and Mass: Doicithv "- Smith of Sampson City Miss Edna tI'sll..d. Lixked F
-- -- -- I room is gat age ,! I rims of Miami Beach was \ Axeiilt nil of Jacksonville I-'i-aue and Miss Frances \Peek A. SCOtt Phone .'.4. Stalk FS., 'ill Kin..,iilhnesH mid with 1' .
In Gainesville Mi'"n- __ .
,. were shopping
lIn v III' Sam SternbeiR ot \DaytonaBeach clay WANTKD: l>'I iy ]Bones pay :Ii"! .L.----- .1I1..h'If"r) tnsiilt'. iiml mil

-can spent the week-em! here I .--- ---- -- pel100 Ib8 :M. .J I I'onst! intmtI'heressa -. illlk .-....... ..., ,
II It was lealne i this week that,
Mrs W. K. Mlddleton with his patents :Mr and Mis: N.Steinberg' : Fla 11FOU p 1
I Ml and Mm. L.. I) Vininff. now HONOR. .
.i v for several days (it I I living in la I'lanna. will move to HALlHl'a'y dulyrmr, IIIK 1 : :MKMOKIIIXI l Other Hot Weather Items i

ti i iniui: I Slaike sholtJ '. They will live at irnller! good this. vase, !h))75\JO, :! I.O\K1 1I ONK: lt% :M \KKINHKK : <
---- I j Mrs F.. L. Biggs and LeslieHiggs i Mr. Vlmng's home. just west of Will sell cheap.V I II[ \ri.lnws. L\sl. Itt.TI\H: | : Florence Oil Stoves and Gold Seal Rugs
I Powell loft Tiieauvvin I I spent Monday I in Olusiee as town Luke Butler 1 l'i:|. l I'l.M. K; \\ II II10': I'

to visit her (laugh'Kubtit I the guests of Mr, and Mrs Louis :MKN;:.;'r.Southern And Yard Goods. r
K. Tanner.Hnrwnlee 1 Hill. I Marble
------ ---- -----
Mis L. J. Gteen. Mrs P. M & Stone Co.
,, Jr., of C.iine.i- 11io I ..t Beautiful) Flowers!' Are Crorsn;
.i visitor here Wednes- Barefoot 2nd daughters :Misses ELMO STRUTHKrpreMntatlve 11 HART FURNITURE CO.
Juanita, and Sara sJ''nt'edn(' -
WliUh Are \\YI1 Fil
1 I From 1'l.utl: I
day in Jacksonville i
---- ----- __n_ .__n. __ ___-- __ _ __ .
,ittls and A. .1. Thoiii' J
The W C. T U. will! have ,their
weekly meeting with Mrs NobleVhile Regardless rf then great; variety buds app( ar. Hca\ feeding perennials 111'1111i.n,1, <''\N: \U \ OKI '
Jacksonmars, /flowers have one characteristic in should have 2 ur 3 such feedIngs i
Friday afternoon at the usual common They desire a soil that is ( following tin initial application limn.Made' .IM.t-K. : I .

1 AVnstlen and i hour' well prepared and one that contains Now thot scientist" have given us 1
I, plenty of ,plant food complete plant' food, that contains
.it (Patterson C3a wen The P.ev and MIH B M Montjfomery a
Before Mow -ring ,plants can produce "PIV j i
I -
1 .
-F HIIOIS' here Saturday. have it a: their guests the flowers they must lust build I 'YQ. . ... ..:.;PUN al1WF.y' 0(1 II SYRUP ALE
Rev and.! :Mrs 11 J. H.iieflinger of the necessary "plant, structure A I cs.-.... to . ko'al'a site I IS
I I. < ',M nshaw of Jackson- High Point N. C plant that is starved for in: one of (_-." i'" ..\&tlf > I
i thi Client this week of Mr. the fourteen essential elements of, . <>,,111011 15c.inss ; '
\IlL> s Flutto.r Miand I Mrs' II. A. Bishop md plant food is blow in reaching the S .:' .. ) GROCERY t l
'I stage where flowers! are produced.Moreover X, .i .. \ 'f;
Miss 1III'I'I..tlntl ..
daughters,!: Mary the dowers that are ::( I ) 45cI,1lNSi'.Iti.r <., i KM-:
.. Kiml'ill',, of VVash1 '\ Nina spent Monday in Jackson eventually produced are small in \.:...:;.' ...
i //-1 "1. spend ,i month I ville. sue and few m lumber '),..._.-::: A'MINT 11 '

I". :string iBtivi-s md friends :Most of our sods have been dc r0a5PrCictN rOOO' SHOULD PL.N1$ -' \ : .H.IU r\c'K "MOKI.II: I
) MI'H.I I M Alvarez:: was the guestI pitted of much of their fertility, due RE DUO 'N AROUND .i.
['tr,. Mnrcan n.nhy, and 1>11'. and, I I of her daughter and non-in-law to abuse long We periods cannot of use expect and to often grow of BOC FROM'Ti AfcOUT THE STEM.INS' ,l ).... -",1'r '.'"-'"r-; ''I MILK TOMATOES '''SAUSAGE'I Lb. lOc ::11:11I j+

J S L PC.k spent Saturday, in Mr and :Mis W I' Randall in large beautiful flowers! unless we "...-- ;; :: ..oJ'l.1 (

;,,,../\,111- Jacksonville)) last Thursday teed the plants. In order to be sure ./...,._..,.>. ...:.f..... .,.. "'tiJt__. I Lb. 1C
, _._ of soil, J. ..,... 25c STEW LAMB 1 /
-- -- to meet the deficiencies your -'I. ',.cJ'. ;'i..4.1. I 3 Tall Cans 20c 4 No 2 cans )i iI
'NAT SEZ .it .s (1s..bl to use a scientifically .-; ftAPPLY -*
: ; .
Jy .
; ..
balanced food that contains all of .,:tf\\ ....: F1.1S sf11I.1II'a (
the plant food elements, necessaryand PliMT' foOO 5ETWFEa THEROWS !
I, I thought! '" that long bet 1 ore now in their lIght proportiuns for IM fUOWCU BtOt N 1'\ut'r'l; : I OKMACARONI roil tu: STEAK Lb. 22c ,IS;
maximum growth and beauty. all of the Clements plants must get I !
t the Telegraph should have retlv- All types of flowering( plants respond from the soil its folly to trust our j I ; MEAT 1-1.\. leln I

i\f ,.enough. romplaJntH from RubserilxTs to a spring application of garden pleasure to chance The .
food made at the rate of 4 proper use of pl.mt, food assures an lOc iol/ .
plant 14 Cans
3 tOe Lb. :
,r ailmut seeing that filiin.vInnUng .' pounds per hundred square feet; a abundance of all of the elements ; Pkgs. STEW ); :1: ,j
w second upplic.ition of half this plants must get ..rom the soil\ available -
in I hiuiwr
f IIUIII'H |pirturr amount should be made when flower for their use. : : -ISF..f-Yt.1UE; ; -
tr l everv week, to stop printing; it, but : PCLLItlSMI: : ; i i1l';;:!IS i :

nothing'' hits. b.'eu said ithout it nndI I =--=-=- = "= =-- --

think I have figured. out the reason. FOR. FKAGKNCE i CHEESE MUSTARD Hgf\ ; LDf j,,, ,1,1i
The little Mils win ean't read I
lOc HtittLl L3. JC f.j
Pound 22c Quart
think It's u pvirt of the tunnies. 1, 11
,, makes ot the i
fades and tu i yht.
garden: a fnirv: ./and Some flowers f
whose perfume is no. detected in i .-iN"
I Boys LongiesI the daylight b-.come fragrant st 10 I Llty.. .'o t Lltx j i
\ \ night Other give oI( at night a
I : / perfume diffin" .,it from their daytime FLOUR ij

a far 1 fi.tr The scent cld-fa "ed tuberose which 40c 75c

suffered a '.i|1' < f popularity because
Inr..... I it winI I t' u often used a? a 24 Ibs. 85c '
Ballards Balloon Flour 12 Ibs. ; ,
I IVic1 funeral flower 'returning to favorIn
tr, \ rf', orl t- k a garden be,. K no longer used ,n : .- =- ,,,, .. :. '": '. "' -T.: ..--.' .. -- :" ,.- tA7 1, i t
1 funerals Ii" d.! r too heltfor( the T
l tT'1 taste of mat.,; r indoor uc11 delightful 1'1Iti. ISIIILIVII 'Itrsrl,.\. Miiir: .11eth1.ll
1'1.t1' { r I,i,, .rtused. u. the a.'e '
h .1 4 rang an A" '. bulbs planted along I BACON BACON BACON 1

-S the gart! i a. Adi be deligl i tftilly, LARD '
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