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!\ A:# .r.:< '& if 1< I How come your sewing That's easy .I I hove ,
' ,"..".,\. ..1rJ $" ...-'''' is done so quickly J. & P. COATS best c'In'
,, {- .. 1"1: ,:",> <"<:t1; ;, SmLt, "
4: "W"1!<. ? "? 6-cord threod-i' doesn'tbreak at
' 1 'i'0"At." '* .: : to
..',, ;:r<""h.4t4. I 'IS ':.$ every minute!
t..J}; >>' ';.
'>i ,*: ,..>.

\ t. ..,., .<"A : /C/ t
p j:' ';', },f efcWiweo4T paatt..r::
'7w if/frA.twetaatpJa/w.fM f,k3e ,"<.;;>i Il'y
\ \T IIQ_.,fTJw'f.......; t:;>
: > c- _._"" "' .-. tJ:. jM

' PONTIACsi \ 4 'a : ,,3.ae.w/{J>._..._..aNmMcderwnefa .... 't,.:\.'.''
d-H..r.. '
;' ''''$'"$-4 ,,"" ;$t,:?., 1t'F ..: .
I t ,t.,;.,"'7': eft \ em l Lto
f ;1 'il -
;: 1.%>
" ... t
% t..v .... ;";I ....: .n: 1' .( S. : q
.t; :!{ : +;; < \ rJ
't;... f. z'i vit.y4."i'...<:> \
; ,4. :: ,j>> Vi br b

t Register Motor Co. rust ANY I,

Corner Walnut and Madison \

'-. :: Starke
I ... ,


", "., jr4 '...'r t\-\" \ .Ij",; < f\'r<(!/'\" "" '''.'' \" )'0'"v"/ ,., ....'" ,, ,
"" r.i- .r r.I ? f ttr< Fuph na+ ,k''' ehl1rVM'iar-7. ,w a+ ekt ryl +ryM"yN nnuluar q X tf, aNm >,1jn ptY



-- -- Ir -- ---.-- .- -_ .- .._ ..._ .. __ _. .. ..- .- -..- _'n _"_m .. _____ __ __ .... .._ _______ '. .."

'Itt. -- CHURCH DIRECTORY Conducts Revival At Kingsley Lake Church f. I
:: ,

"$4)natty$'litI geV ndaY nST C.a-uool.j.VPTlSf U. .Price 10 o'clock, Pastor. a. m.? the I The Story of the Bible Told in Pictures I ,

I Tbolla Supt.rnJI1I' Tae <4ll>..lrt.." nf i
\ Worship, 11 a, m ante Cauanl N ><

P. 11 Worship 6:43: p. m 8 ,p. m. "J=T E

1 enIDS' Meeting, Wednes. Br OSCAR JOHNSOV: :

S Teachers JI1 and KENT WAT.ONTALLAHASSEE"Leave: S d

Awe p prayer service, Wed- I I : <

""4p tair I'a'y. 8 p. m.-- it tithe t ,. .' -
Church people" seems to be growing --4
Methodis I In1 I Idl _
Montgomery, Pastor, last resort In legislative determination s Ij, I rM i )
M 'll
I r ,
It.It. fndnr a. m. of major problems that base ,.,
'h.I.' l'XVorshlp-11 a. m.pworth the majority. Dope now is that the< I"I I I I n I it ,' I F 1: '
League-7:15 p., 01.enlnll' assembly may submit the sales tai e II ll. 4. 761 A ..
Worship-8:00: p. m. question to the electors. If this I: All 1 S' tl"i.4er .

'.14cl. invited to all these servo done, consumers in the meantime) r )
ou will be o
probably subjected to such LL
a levy over a 'temporary' period

>11IOj, Presbyter Church of two years. It's no secret that

ohII.. v George H. Lowry, Minister the membership is by no means 1m f '; rr

:::00 a. Il.Sabbath School. 'pressed that the people actually tl

III. 1:00: A. Morning Worship; favor a sales tax. They are convinced -
..rip. on by the pastor.Christian Kn- however, that many so 1 f

NsI 30 p. Il.Junlor called leaders of economic thought' ,

.. vor. Worship and business are strongly In favor i4
30 p. -Evening A somewhat hesitant attitude ot t

: the,, part of legislators Is In evl Ytet
First Christian Church dence. Advocates of the sales tax rF"I 1'

W. ''. \McGuIre, Pastor w rr ', '
iiev feel no better time than the present ,v s M
':ible SchOol 10 a. m,. will ever present Itself, what 1

'ommiinion, 11 a. TA.hristlan with the prospect of the elimination .

Endeavor1 p. m.Wednesday. of all state taxes against real

raycr meeting 7:30 I estate and a twenty mill coverall

!D. levy against ad valorem for all
Second Sunday 11 a. I *
reaching I purposes, state, city, and county
and 8 p. m.iEWOOD All of this In addition to demands!

-- of school leaders for $10,500,000 Instate
aid for teacher pay matching

v., i. O Hemingway, Pastor of FERA funds, increased ap.

services every Sunday. Bible proprlatlons for' g o v e rn mental Tb. Last S..ppar.-.Tesus directed his disciples to prepare the passover, and when evening came, Herat 41 t

udv 10:13: a. m. Morning Worp costs, etc. In the light of theRe down with the twelve. "And as they did eat, lie said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall EVANGELIST!: A. V. UKESKIlHiidrrMomlllf !: fi3\:

11 a. m. Evening Worship, circumstances, sales taxers are betray Me. And they were exceeding sorrowful, and begun( evoiy one of them to say unto Him, Lord. Is \ N. ti.
3pm. to make the best of their going It IT Ar. 1 He answered and said. Ho that dippetlt his hand with Me in the dish, the same shall betrayme. Evangelist! A V. Reese Is doing the preaching in a revival meeting .';ja(t

If op. The Son of man goeth as it h wrlltsii of him but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man .is this week at Kingsley Lake Baptist Church. Pastor!: V M. Taylor !ty

ETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH portunity. compromises are necessary betrayed! it had been good for t t men if he had not been bom. Then Judas, which betrayed Him, and his people give a cordial Invitation to the public to attend in, :
will\ to
they yield the Imposition g
Rev. L. Donnley, Pastor answered and said, Master, is it I? tie raid unto him Thou hast sold."-Matthew 23i 2125. Christ then "

Services every first Sunday. of a two per cent sales tan blessed and brake the bread and gave the brcoj and wino to Ills disciples, an action from which the modern TEN COMMANDMENTS! of business be short and corn pre- :!$I'henllive.

unday School, 2:30: p. m. as against the proposed three percent Communion service is derived. This illustration Is tl'om1\Ierlln'l\ story of the Bible! in pictures, engraves1 In 1745 :f4'!'
and Prayer Servicesry levy on every dollar for e thirteen-year-old boy
Study 1625-1630.
ibis Saturday night. "temporary" period. They would In I wrote the following ten commandments 7. Strive not with your super* ':/

I further accede to a referendum to In his notebook setting lora In argument, but always submit '
determine whether the people are er of the present house. Superintendent .of Palm Beach la"also being speculated forth a few principles of human your judgment to others with .J!

in sympathy with the Idea of a Cawthon will have opposition on. The senator who presides II TheLetter conduct worth repeating modesty. t

sales tax as a permanent featureof and no doubt fully expects over the 1937 session must 1, Keep' your nails clean and 8 Speak not evil of the absent, ",

I! SOB JONES the finance structure. It, since he propones an amend. come from among those who are to BoxStarke short, also your hands and teeth for It Is unjust. r,
ment to the constitution providingfor
Comments On Here 1 Dope further baa It that the legislature the creation of a citizen board be re-elected In 1933. There are [ cleanyet without showing any 1, 'Let your recreations be manful j iu
great concern for them. sinful '
will be asked to add another of education not associated with eighteen seats to be vacant with not ?

, And HereafterIs "temporary" one cent to the the cabinet, as at present, which the expiration of present terms. Flu. } 2. Be no flatterer-neither play 10. Labor to keep alive In your \}

gasoline tax If a two per cent sales would itself elect the state super. One member of the present leg. I May 4, 19M.I with any delights not to be played breast that little spark of celestialfire 't,
tax is found to be to withal. t;
Inadequate call Conscience. ,
islature believes the present to be
dictated In the I Mr. Eugene Matthews, Jr.
is being I meet the appropriations deemed the most perfect*"rubber stamp"legislature Editor Starke Telegraph 3. Let your countenance be The author was George Wash l{!.
,dst of tho Bible Conference necessary. Feeling is. that the of the pleasant, but In serious matters Sanford Herald. /
at theb SPEAKING OF CANDIDATES,, In the history Starke, Fla. ington.-
dlY Ich Is being conducted public is less opposed to the somewhat .
gasoline .
If It not grave.
would were
The writer has there's not the least bit of concern state resign Dear Sir: i '
> Jones College.fascinated the dlf- tax than they are to a coverall over the probability of a multiplicity for the fact that he might be re I was surprised to see In your 4. The gestures of the body In a cracker-eating contest nt ,4
en greatly excise tax on retail sales. The of aspirants for Gubernatorial garded as deserting. One senator about said about must be suited to the discourse you Bell Buckle Tenn., Virgil Evans ;fq
ernl- have onIr paper what you
; rent type speakers we gasoline tax is now eight cents,,
cent and Cecil Penn tied for first place y
honors. It Is regarded justifies his 100 per support are upon. '
most Interest- there were no houses to rent in
It Is of which to the state
platform. made three goes probable that the next Governorwill of administration bill on the Starke and new families could not 5. Show not yourself glad at by consuming 150 each.t(
Ig to note that God never for '
idiin alike. Of road department highway be selected from these names:: ground that the legislature will\ come In here because, they could the misfortune of another, thoughhe .
, la people lust exactly maintenance; three cents to counties to cut after It were The only sponge/ fisheries In the
millions who have W. C. Hodges of Leon, presidentof have no jobs give not get any place to live that was your enemy
the teeming for bond retirement and the the senate; Doyle E. Carlton, of adjourns. The bill to make It possible decent to live In. 6.Let your discourse withmen, United States are In Florida. : T
Ian ed, no two persona ever had theme state ] .
seventh cent to the general Claude for the State Auditor to examine t,
former Governor
Tampa, ;
rll'fex thumb print. My experiencea fund. This sevenh cent is also a"temporary" voted out Into the accounts of cities Now it Is true that there are no
of Tallahassee
proved to me that the preach- tax, but there Is no Pepper, mansions I know that and every.
and towns has aroused the opposition AGAINST DAMAGE
of the senate last year by Tampa'celeven PROTECT IT
who lives else knows It to rent
who knows the gospel, sign of its ever being removed. It body
and Certified
Peter of Mayors : public
ne, and dares to be natural in his would be the same with the new I "hot Latin precincts"; Starke but there are several to.ray e ,
Sewell ol \r1 \
V\ l\\\\
accountants. May.sM0
Tomasello, of Orlando, speak. y / From
r \
little that
In'rt. yle, will be 'a successful minis' proposed eighth centHere'l of knowledge nice places t///
D. Lan I Miami, chairman the legislative
er of the 1933 house; Cary
r. gm Jones. had an originalvie. would look pretty good to some. Sum- "
what will happen if a dls, Volusta' attorney general; Nathan council of the League of Municipalities
He succeeded. The men body who didn't have any roof over
sales tax is enacted, and certainly Mayo commissioner of agriculture is bitterly opposed. Members mer's
. Ho copied him failed: "Aren'tu : their head at all. /
so If It is three per cent tax: ; Fred Cone, Lake City, of the' legislature suspect inRohlneeu's
: afraid that some of the minis- the It this letter meets with your Blister- ; '
bill to abolish long
banker anj
to schools former senator, now
95,000,000 now going
rial students in your college will approval and I think you will see I
r automobile license tax Pat Whitaker, Tampa,, Inactive state Board of Motion Pic. /
from the lawyer; ing
ry to copy Billy Sunday's style of "nl am right, I wish you would printIt
who ture Censors something a ,
beer sale and interest 1931 of the
Income revenues president
who ;
visitor to the conference In your valuable columns so that
on state monies would be diverted : will\ crusade against Peter O, gerlntbevootlplle they are unable I SUN
new that we had quite a number Meat folks away from here will not get
to the and utility rates; Truman to place their hands on. I
from schools general Knight high
f ministerial students inquired of to the Idea that there Is absolutely no :
income to the O. Futch, of Leesburg, president Packers are preparing bitterly
fund, the present
ie writer. "Indeed I am not. We place to live in here should they i\
general fund enriched that much of the 1933 senate; C; B. oppose the Grlffls bill imposing on \
ach our students to be natural, so desire to move here
"chairman of the retail stores $500 special licenseto PAINTIT
replied. Comptroller Lee has repeatedly Treadway, Eustls Yours, AIN =

.. e stated that the general fund can State Road Department; Henry sell any canned or otherwise. C. B. M.
spare the one cent of the gasolinetax Tlllman, Tampa, member of present processed meats produced In foreign I

slnl Preaching the gospel Is great with Its $2,300,000 revenue If senate; Judge Raleigh Pette- countries. Senator Shivers !

ustaess. A minister Is an ambas- the legislature doesn't go on a I' way, of the Criminal court, Tampa bill requiring a painted stripe attend recently, were noted this

dor of Jesus Christ Ambassa- pending spree.Prospect I ; Jimmie Whltehurst Brooks- around state city' and county week and a cordial Invitation Is
extended others. who be Interested
'I s ors In the capitals of the world are exceedingly brightfor I ville; Carl Dann, Orlando; Vernon owned automobiles ,Is making pro- may

re treated with deference and repect. Increased revenues from heavier Hawthorne, Miami Attorney; Dan gress. Such cors,,.re now only in the vital teachings

The humblest minister olhe taxes on Insurance ,premiums Chappell Miami, member 1929-31 identified with the motor' tag the Bible. REPAIR your home's exterior for Sum

gospel has a position that It.. and 35 houses Pete Roblneau, Miami which bears an "x" and there'aresome
from boosting the documentary ; Tit A IN SCHEDULE: mer. Brush it up give it refreshing
: Shivers
igher than any ambassador in our stamp tax, the inheritance tax, the member 1933 and 1939 houses, 4,000 of then. saysIt Southbound .
atlonal The business of leader Red Is much harder 'to see the "X"on cheerfulness and color Shield it from
capital. chain store tax, and a one per cent present majority floor ; No. 1-Due Starke 11:31: P. M. .
minister is to deliver God's meange. automobile finance Gautier former Mayor of Miami; the tag than It would be to seea
tax ,
against with
.1 of which NO. 11.Due Starke 11:00: A. M. the hot rays of the sun
Think of entrusted Fort Lauderdale stripe, the palntug
being concerns. All of this will\ producean Dwight B. Rogers No 107-Due' Starke 9:42: A. M.
Ith the responsibility of giving estimated $2,000,000 to $3,000- I author of the homestead exemption would prevent state, city or county No. 191-Due Starke 10:57: P. M. R "

, he message of God to menl I The 900. which added to the general amendment ratified In employees operating tax-pald-for. NorthboundNo 2-4-1 Davis Paint

minister Is human. The message lalivlne. fund would give that fund for the 1934; John Beacham, Palm Beach vehicles from using ,them for personal 2-Due Starke 5:22: A. M. i a

\ od to. How marvelous it is for fiscal years 193 -36 and 1936-37 member present senate; E. B. Don- wants pleasures the world or purposes.to know Shiv It No. 12-Due Starke 4:39: P. M. A Full Lino of I*..lnts .and. Enamels for Every Purpose fl'
commit the Palm Beach, former circuit ers
message upon not less than $9,000,000 more than nell West No. 108-Due Starke 5:11: P. M.
. hlch depends the salvation of Is now actually needed. court judge and a prospective when a public owned car showsup Starke and Wunnee Branch
ouls to frail human It isoil's for U. S. Senate In 1934; at a dance, or at the beaches,
beings That Is the situation as the leg candidate No. 101-Leaves Starke 7:00 P. ){. BRADFORD HARDWARE CO.
way. Think of being en- I West Palm Beach, at a baseball or football game, etc.
islature began its sixth week of P. D. Patey, No. 102-Arrives Starke 1:80: P.M.
rusted by God with the gospel and the session Monday. former chairman of the State Racing He thinks his bill will save the tax T. J. GRIFFIN.

1 ben giving some other message In. Commission, J. Turner Butler, payers about $300,000 through .

'teed of God's message. Bootleg. GRADY BURTON, one of the long senator from Duval; Harold cutting down the use of these cars '

I I ;ers and harlots will stand a bet. most able of the twenty-eight state. Collee, of Jacksonville\ ; retired Major for private purposes through criticism.Bill fear. 10 YEARS PROGRESS IN AUTOMOBILE VALUES I 1'

1I I er chance In the day of Judgment attorneys, Is believed! to have def. General Charles P. Summerall, of public detectloQ and

nan false prophets.S initely decided to make the race native of Lake City and resident of written by Alston Cockrell, of i.: I ffl.- A striking example of how ?

next He Jacksonville; Grady Burton, of Jacksonville, will be enacted with- -"S much more the automobile'L.Rr
for attorney general year.
I H someone should commit fundl mentioned asa Wauchula; Comptroller J. M. Lee; out much change.., Only fight will In leas Thl. nmoal owner gets for his money today
; bas been frequently from the :i T.do. Cora Cat IOM .a was pointed out by the s
o me to be used for a definite pur- prospective candidate for Cover- Harry Wells, of Chipley and Tallahassee be centered en exempting [ toe rcK..,. local Ford dealer who said

? e and I should use those fundsor nor Fuller Warren, popular young former senator, former excise tax such liquor that may / / "Not only does the laSS Font ,l

myself I would be guilty of Jacksonville legal light and councilman chairman of the state road depart be sold In Florida and designed for ..iow, TIM M* Tudor r.r. V-s cost considerably models ten less than
moezzlement. In any other state; ... I:ale orgy sue .a similar Ford fears
of the >
We put men In the ment and twice chairman < modern
cold shoulderto of its
Is giving the to or revoke licenses b" UIe r...._ so but In spit*
nltentlary for that. There are a importuning that he also .seek state democratic executive com the power approve streamlined 0eausy. V-S cylinder

otof respectable embeazlers the the attorney-generalship. In the mittee; Senator ,Hayes. H. Lewis, and a one man director- performance and big ear
"" Is expected to roominess together with iU
"d. This flgbt
, God gave to someone who event Cary Landls decides to aspire of Marianna, who will run If Ver- ship. wonderful riding qualities, the
IU 1 read these lines a good voice.meant for Governor, the field will be non Hawthorne makes the race; prove unavailing, however s+:a.'_ 'Mc' IMS Ford V-s actually eot-tn

for you to use that with candidates to succeed Charlie Durrance and Stafford
It Dice for Him. Instead of doing iver-run him as head of the state's legal Caldwell who failed to make the MISSION announced HALL for Tues- d a s /krW Tend ever built.,

you took what God entrusted division. No opposition to Jus- I grade In 1932. The subject I<;
au with and use It for yourself. day evening's Bible :'- "" wr.l
B. Whit-
lces Glenn Terrell and J, xr'hM"
God gave : I held "Pre" or "Post" and proved of t j rr. :
you life and health and MANY TALLAHASSEANS
field of the State Supreme Court,
intellect that It will be continued ?
He meant for to Columbia lottery tickets on such Intercut '.d2y .
'you British r .x" y 4 M ,rttktY$ ?' rr1 M 1'e
use these gifts for His cause. You the outcome of the Kentucky Derby next week by request.
mlMppropriated! \ that If one has not made a study of
these gifts and Saturday. Which means
candidates for Supreme
used any subject they have
this Important
for Florida were
yourself. Why don't intentions two holders throughout I
must declare\ their must
you give back to God all that He all of which supplies missed a real blexsing.
candidates for other numerous-
nontbs before I' much of the fact of
gave to you? ammunition for the legl..la.tont I have thought tfs'
to. more
be required l4i
state as Christ's return, for he mentions It a
that inasmuch
who Insist
Every Indication is that State times In his writings, while
COMMON CAUSE OF Treasurer W. V. Knott will have the people will gamble on lottery he fifty speaks of Baptism but fifteen
plenty of opposition In 1936. His tickets to enrich foreign fact writer and
times. In every
BALDNESS be legalized as to
to be Cyril It should
:>ipponenU are expected that state needs book In the New Testament refersto
Baldwin, Highlands County tax assessor to the end it except Galatons and Phile-
L'l': : "H" rouses ./ prmutar. (rmlitaH" > be better provided.
Sumter Couny night
k si an'rulaos5 and ald ". Sam Getzen, non. Three hundred and eighteen
ia tile ecalp. and possibly Clay -
legislator, subject
,,,, OS h idle sad brine as .....da... speaker of the SPESSARD HOLLAND, of Polk; times: Is this Important
wls of Marianna. New Testament
.... lilt ...I,e as elra001re whit jah. 0la t x louse, in 1931. While there are rimmle Sikes, of Plnellaa, Stuart mentioned The "Blessed in the Hope" of the Chris- ,LET US DEMONSTRATE THIS MODEL FOR: YOU 4-

'I'L..... "DOW ......_--Iorita. to Comptroller 31Uls of Walton and Truman G. His
""'" of ... umblings of opposition Ian is Christ's return for
"I" .. .. conspicuously
N =:01..1&,1& OIoppona lln a..ir.lass Lee and Secretary of State rutch, are being the church-the "called out' ones of

.. _"__'d.I,! bald ..... .nd! Is h--s.I Jray nothing concrete in that di- mentioned connection with The 01 tribes and nations; and many J. W. ANDREWS Jr.
J raa, Oil sad I...... "r..' ection has developed. If Nathan residency of the 1937 senate. "Looking/ up"A ,

..".'.ra'nu.er. eye. II.!but PN Y.....ny... T dreg.u. yen Mayo doesn't run for Governor tut eighteen holdovers of the present ire now number of new faces, .. well
1931 -
the presidng STARKE'FLORIDA' w
ua4 pK will make
: Write J6. win undoubtedly be opposed by _Ion who have been unable ton .,
:.,0\AL-.555- .RT.rrIDT nasal.rho.ce.. 7At huddle Bishop of Jefferson. .,..a1t"t.t.J. officer, as always. Besxbam II rte,


r dq''' ; ;:., + r.. r ,taw, ,y :' ,rya' r! il'e :il
'\:, "': i',1:, '. ,:1:, '",1""',,,,,"',,'M'.I',;;;. '. Ii"",,+'t,.,tr 'w.af, ,;'!\II :, "" ...;, ,. '1..,,.,.<',1,., 't..J";" ,'"',; r, } ';*}:$'.P y ryP..assl. ( rJ!.y.fnIMeira4't, r lr I sty 'n; ? "

<: : : ;: J; ; 1Jt"i .i t ; _ti.:,..: '
,', .... .., 4., ', .,.. r r, ;; JY ii.j _

', \

., __ ,
----- --
'' -- ----- -- -------- --
------ --- ----- -- ----- -- '' ------ -- ------ --------

'( Bradford County Telegraph A the LEADER present time NEEDEDAt the Boy Maybe [ i -

Scout Troop here ia having hard
t Established 1877 sledding

,f:, The Scouts can't find enough Heard It : :
MEMBER grownups who will take an active ) I

-1: V FLRIDAPRESS( ASSOCIATION Interest In the Trop to keep the I I
alive and unless matters
I ..3otcoa1935act 6 ; take a turn for tne better it Is CAN 'YOU SPARE !
".' ." possible that the organization wilt And the chain

_. --- ---.,. '" .,-- -. -- have to disbanded as many of merrily along 1
t Published Weekly on Fridays and Entered as Second Class its predecessors here have beenIn laughing scornfully, .

; Matter at the Post Office at Starke Florida the past. that It won't 'Wjrlt -
+ .,. For want of a local leader the slipping arou a' ,the :::: (
---- -- -
Troop has been forced to go out of sending five copltts
E. L. Matthews...: ____________________..Editor and Owner I, town for a Scoutmaster and no j(with a dime I

I, --- .--. "-- -- .. -.- matter how capable and now much them. So tat most :
SUBSCRIPTION RATE an outsider It to be Commended locally seems to be i
for sacrifices of time and troublein dimes away we
j Yearly. $1.50; Six Months, 75c: -Payable in Advance attending meetings In another many folks who are >t ,

Advertising: Rates on Application town he cannot take the place of $1,562.00 back yet. \
___ __ ____ .. ,_ h.. __ ___ __ I a local leader who can be In con N. Sternberg Is
tact with the boys not only on ing a secretary to
Be thankful if you have someone to honor on Mother'sDay. but correspondence-he !
meeting nights throughout
the week. things In one day ) ,
The Scouting movement means Wiggins eaYII'hebaa
and ty cents out of the "
much to young boys they
d l A poor way to stand for your rights is on your hands and should be given every encouragement sent away anything.

: kick with both feet. In it by.their elders for it Is Biggs received a !
certainly one of the most profitable timistically asked
0- ways ever invented in which ,. dollar." Rumor on
,' It's pretty easy for a politician to cook himself by get- they may spend their spare time. Monday had it that R.
ting stewed too often. It Is hoped that a sufficient of the Torode'
J r number of adultc here will come to had profited to the
." 0", the aid of the troop before It is dimes. ..*'
i If all gossipers were laid end to end they couldn't whisper again disbanded. Continued failure closed that It was

in each other's ear. will kill any movement no Jacksonville who got
t matter how commendable, and She did get the $40
t' o Starke Is certainly large enough to though and this Is
,: The successful politician uses more care in selecting cigars have a first class Scout Troop.A amount we have had

!;' than his opponent. little Interest Is aU that Is dope on anyone
I.. asked of you-It won't coat a cent. game.H. .
i" Get in touch with some of the boys C. Wall'received
The fellow who likes co-operation will get plenty of it if i whom you know to be Scouts. Talk ter from Mrs. Dale

he starts the day off loafing. the matter over wltn them and Hollywood, Calif., t
find out what their trouble Is. Ask names of Jean
when the next meeting will be celebrities. Chlco
The man with a get-rich-quick scheme is usually broke held and try to be there, if only for was at the head of the

,, until he talks with a sucker. a few minutes. old put a dollar to
,,\ Your backing will mean mure will probabaly use It
41 0-
,\, than you realize. It might mean lighting purposes.
;",,k Escape-proof jails seem to be on the same' plane with the life of the organization here.' Some postal

< theft-proof automobile tags. : --0WELCOl1E- that the whole thing Is
BACK don't seem toi! be: able
(Yy o '
about it. The
.t What fun it would be plowing under every third. Huey I Because in for strawberries of a little money, beans coming and-1'however__ .-. rAn'f- -- --ee- 'anv-._-

Long if only he were triplets. other crops the Telegraph has had I and it's hard to tell

\ '.-O the pleasure in recent, weeks of where the thing will

!. It is best to read between the dotted lines before decorat- scribers welcoming many back old to our friends list of sub-who Ing Meanwhile of starting,'we've bur

ing them with your signature.. have not been with us since 1930 "send old shirt ,
that old bottle of
and 1931.
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;g 1 About the only way nowadays to keep up a good reputation Of course we are always glad to that you'paid '
receive the money that Is paid to for and only took one '
f .' is to be a successful aviator. us for a year's subscription but We like the' first one
o aside frcm this there is the pleasure can never find a i

\ No matter at what life begins it ends with of knowing that our paper is when we want one
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15,823: : of them
; entering ;Just that many more I
, (! some-unfinished task on our hands. homes each week. In a way a larger the house should solve
0- subscription list is an added lem once and for all. '

The "cash. and carry" plan works out so that the wealthy responsibility for we are even chain idea is good we
C' more anxious now to turn out an cause it would enable
J}: carry the cash and we the plan.
carry Interesting paper and one that we cine fiends In (
' o will be proud to have go Into the stances to tryout 1 ,62 I
,\"" Termites Invade College Library."-Headline. Well homes our our new and old friends!!, concoctions without ,
and one which they will eagerly al expense th s
,( it might as well be of use to somebody. await each week. be cured of their

0 We want our new readers as put out 'of> their misery

?, A smooth path will be worn to your door if you can sell! well as the old ones to feel th.it for all f"i, _. :;
the Telegraph is. your paper. You I.. It''A"I
'ht an expensive article wrapped in cellophane. ::
o. pay your good money for It and IT'S EASY
,vf 0 you have a right, to be pleased After seeingthe ; >

\\tt One.composer says that music is as good for us as medi: with'what you get. It you don't five pictures with .
like a certain feature of our paper, we've decided there's no '
1cine.. And some of it is just as hard to take. !
don't fall to tell us for that is the professional writers to

cnly way we.will. ever know aboutIt. dough for throwing
Some people never run ,out of something to say. Too Of course we can't promise to popular atar's :vehicles.
obey the whim of reader, for () (
k-t; often they never run into something to say. every low directions closely
f' the tastes of some few might not n't amateurs like you or :
d l'tI,1' 0 be the taste But ,
of the majority.. on stories for Will? :
" It isn't BO much that life is a stage as that foolish people' we are quite sincere in Inviting following outline will !
. > constructive criticism for we real should decide to t
Ii you get
are always ready to make a show of themselves.
,d ize that this is the only way In racket. !
1 o which a better paper may be built. Mrr Rogers, who* takes ;'
11.t The old-fashioned girl is the one who can mend a broken So to our old and new subscribers of the village.(horse .
J,;. heart without the aid of a breach-of-promise suit. : Welcome backl! The Telegraph newspaper editor) is a
)'!! la your paper. You can ms>ke of acter who loves
"( o It what you will. Hell bent.-to seetithat .. I
r Aviation has been introduced in Notre Dame University. -i OMOSQUITOE3 --- umphs over.allWill! Is I

y Parachutes should .be provided for those who flunk the ON INCREASE a child (female to rear, :
i :Many local persons have become the picture his.wife has ( :
,41course...: alarmed at. the gerat Increase In naped died a natural ; I
oq 0 the number of monqultoes. that has down the well! -:! The ,
"t. If Huey's forces and the Republican par'tyjoin hands i in I been noted here this spring.- Some tioned (daughter, niece I <;
' I..": the people scratch their heads (as well in love with the son of
next election
, wonder if we'll have to share those "two
I as other parts of their bodies) and banker mayor, ,
, ;,' cars in eVery garage"? say that they cannot understand drinker). ;

i{ 0 the plague since we have had an arise here It.
exceptionally dry season. But this can be stolen; if ;
it money
;:; need faith in leaders declares.
a politician, As well very drought more man anything Will can campaign ;
lti as we remember, however, that l lamb got into plenty of trou else perhaps Is what has contributed If a' jullp-drlnker, a
r 41 ble tagging along behind Mary. most of all to the prevalence bout for ,the county :
of the mosquito pest. might .be In order.. ,
o At the present time Alligator :. make a couple of
.,fr Perhaps the reason that agreements between nations sel Creek la so low that stagnant pools gets everybody' laughing

dom work' out js that they are written in language that 'no are standing along Its bed Instead he la doing won't be ;
of Its being filled with running water presto-reverybody'a ,
one can understand two weeks later.
as is ordinarily the case. These the possible exception of
0 pools form excellent breeding ence who would like" to
ti The world might realize that honesty' ia the best policy places for mosquitoes. characters die. in the

' after everyone who buys credit has i The matter was discussed at the change). .
on contributed to
the Monday meeting, of the Bus In_ ,-- :
ti:, financial downfall of those who sell that that way.' Men's Club and It waa decided to 'Pet ,hates'iwJbaephlne;;; '
'oTher ask the FERA to take the matterin son, the girl who played
hand under Its mosquito control Powell In "Happiness .
is something to the old saying about "spilling the project.In expression "many :

j beans. A Birmingham man who robbed a grocery store was the meanwhile private cltisen the simple "many other"

y trailed to his home by lima beans that spilled from a sack. can do their bit in helping to as well. No matter what
control this annoying pest by seeIng ion 'boys' say black
a that no water 1. allowed to white 'ties will always
A Lake Worth Herald columnist.says that another advantage stand In empty tin cans or other height of bad taste to

of the newspaper over the radio is that the paper receptacles around the house and for weeping and gnashing ,
doesn't start that frogs and flan -of various Ruth Etting plans
playing "Isle of Capri" 800n'as unfold
as. you kinds that live off of the mosquito screen radio and
It. larvae.are kept (in decorative fUn ords 'at a' very early

0 poole' These, garden pools were I phine Dunne is nice to
Plenty, of recently condemned In GainesvUle we'll never forgive her for
publicity given the man who is revived after.
and owners were ordered to fill ing "Smoke Gets In.Your
death. But the farmer who lifted the mortgage on the old them up to prevent mosquito "Roberta." .

home gets nothing but a jab in the ribs when the taxes come breeding. It would be a loss to Ltraherger;
due again.A many attractive lawns If such a '
can get llnaberger
measure was found to be necessary
0 here. The Spotlight now-that 'I
writer is convinced arc fIDe of the few people:
that modern youth ,has more -----o--
1t- pleasures. ''We've noticed that it sometimes'seems to push the HOW TO READ lung-suffering.university I I '
If you want to get the most out
young folks to complete their and college student sit ;
day's entertainment by three of what you read don't curl up In with such hard mats--
'. o'clock in(the morning. a nice easy chair before the radio comfort tends'to

i 0 with an apple In one hand and awake," ha ays.-'
iw How book in the other; rind an upright The learned Doctor
many people will be left to carry on the business of chair, the harder the seat the better but
right w* shudder to
f the country when the number eligible for old age"pensions is advises Dr. Francis. F. Powers, the extreme discomfort In '

\ added to,those now on the government payroll and. those who assistant professor of education at the 1.200 odd page of "

ii!. cannot be employed according to the child labor laws? the Dr.University Powers revealed of Washington.at last why, I and Adverse foot stool.without,-benefit.'

: Ad 4 q 4 -fl 4 k ,, E .',"" .' ,,,,,. "" 'f."" ""J''; '!"' ,oj"'-' 'tI' "" ",, .,
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., :;. ,'o!.'"" ,",",,",- ..:\( :.... ,--'t..t.: *,!. :'',,,'hii>."" ,,;

Bradford County telegraph
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Publisher: L.C. Webb
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Creation Date: May 10, 1935
Publication Date: 1888-
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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1 .,? .,. c ._. .__ ._ _,._._ _"_ l .. .. ,. """ "'.'""" "' ''''---''''''''';'';:'-; ,'P' ,
)'I' ; '
;, "'\ '" }




--- "J "I

aWiShed 1817 Subscription.-For Year. $1.50; Six Months 75c-Payable in Advance E. Matthews Editor and OwnerNUMBKIt i : ,; //j

XlIEFIFTEY! ______ .___ ____.___ _.__ ===-___ ___.__STARKE: FLORIDA FRIDAY. ,_.M.n'.IO. 1033 '0' .__ _____ ._ __ TWENTY-MEVEN. } ;



TURNS 'Not only the honoring of'mothers -septicaemia, also Infectous, .remains OFFICE I of our readers who happened -- nomenon visible Sunday night can DUVAL ,
on one day in the year but con- practically unchanged l' I to look to the skies Sunday I occur several times a year and usually IV
stant striving to protect them dur "The answer lies largely In thfact night' about 8 o'clock were treat- does once. However, they

BILLS ing the dangerous period of childbirth I that to prevent diphtheria all I ed to the tare and beautiful sight say it la seldom that the moon and GO TOGETHER 1 '

: TRUE should be our goal Miss that Is needed Is the Injection of BUSY HERE, of seeing the mono add to its own Venus seem ao near and so exactlyon

Mary; Lee- Wynn county health an antitoxin-no other effort Is re brilliance that of an exceptionallybrilliant tho name line. There la no special -

nurse, said this week in commentIng quired. star. The effect-In the significance attached to the

\Negro Murder Case on the observance of Mother's "We are people who like Despite Brand of"Illegal" clear evening sky-waa that of a occurrence and it has no effect on Johns Makes Fight

Day on Sunday. quick results that can be easily golden crescent set at the tip end the weather. On Redistricting
To Come Up "For the first time since accurate achieved. The control of tuberculosis Game with a dazzling solitaire dia- Although the brilliant star

MondayIIRD statistical records have been presented a problem similar Goes On mond. seemed to be hanging on the tip of Measure

kept there has been a significant to that confronting those wish- -.:.... After the first breathtakingglance the moon, we are told that when
SCOBY" decrease In the maternal death ing to lower the hazards of child at the H.avcns-purely ac- the apparent meeting occurred HIS AMENDMENT IS DE-
rate of the United States" Miss birth. It required continuous efforts cidental-the writer called othersto Venue was 26.000,000 mlle from (
WEDNESDAY AS CHAIN' CUAZE ,.HOLDSA of the Earth while the moon ,wa FEATED lIT TIE VOTE ;
FOR Wynn said. "A slight downward and progress was slow. Pea enjoy the sight without, -
had to their habits of ----; what accounted only 240,000 mile away. "
trend Is to be observed In the ple change course knowing '
In tlTDK A decided lucres*. in atam] In spite of a strong fight waged
Irial criminal cases If The rare sight was seen by
of what.
figures since 1929. Where seven living to effect early diagnosis and for the phenomenon or
term of Circuit Court bere I mothers died per thousand who prevent infection of well persona sales Incoming and"outgoing' mat any, significance attached to It. many superstitious darkle here by Representative Charley HI iJ! ,

I under way this morning with gave birth to live babies In this by those having active disease. was reported at the post office. The next morning the dally papers who of course concocted delightful Johns, Bradford County will be J 'ft"

I following on the docket for to-< country the rate diminished In I I "This campaign against tuberculosls office authorities here this'week continued as government to attested to the fact that the .stories to account for the occur- placed In the Second Congressional 'f I ;
i 1933 to 6.2 per thousand" has been conducted vigorously sight had been enjoyed by many ence. One Wall heard to say "I also '
the dime letter chain Hie District with Duval If the redls-
and Mfuyport. scared dat the end ob the p
Ivery robbery
Waters, through the United States for observer in the South Atlantic wile l
truck while; She continued: "Efforts to im.prove gal. However Postmaster F. F. when I the old trlctlng bill that passed the Hou a''
driving a quarter of a century with a reduction and Middle Western states and world was nigh ''ff.?' t "
maternity care are actually had received \ Instructions
xicated of two thirds the death Stump no that It was caused by the moon, in moon tryin to eat up dat star of Representatives Tuesday recelvaa r..
dge H L. Sebring of Gainei translated Into lives of mothers rate. Comparable results may be to attempt tat halt the craze. Its first quarter converging with but when she spit her out about approval In the Senate and t'
saved at thetime when they are and was under the Impression' that '
tbe mlnutea later, I knowed we .
on the bench during from nation-wide con- the planet Venua.Astronomers twenty
Ie expected a
most needed within the circle of If such steps :wen made they :becomes a law, : 'k .
for little while longer.
of Judge A. Z. Adk1na.e tinuous campaign to improve maternity say that the phe- I wus safe a "
88 following cases have been the family. There is no available conditions. would be made ,bye" regular postal The bill provides that the Sec ','

data as to the effects of the deprivation \ Inspectors. ond district shall be composed of
for Monday: wortl) of a mother's care early In "What do we think of a man Although work at the post office LINESMAN the following counties: Alachut, r,
H. Donaldson, Issuing who sends flowers to his motheron LARGER LOSS I
V. childhood, but It Is common knowledge has materially Increased it has not Baker Bradford, Clay Columbia + ,
check D. C Chase, larceny Mother's and forgets her ELECTROCUTED
i ; that of Day the where extra Dixie ,
a large proportion reached point helpIs Duval Gllchrtst Hamilton.
embezzlement; W. C. Hunte, the rest of the 7 Yet we, as a '
J year
persons retained In institutions necessary Mr Stump said. He Shown In Lafayette Levy, Madison, Nassau ,
feny and embezzlement; Clyd nation 8,000 new white car EUGENE HEIBEROER ACCIDENTALLY
have never known their mothers. has already ha4;one application for Suwannee Taylor and Union. Pop- J
Intent to -
assault with con nations each Mother's for KILLED
ne, breal "Within the last decade a seri Day the job, however, U the dime letters ulatlon of the proposed new district -
Joe Pollard who have died In child- NEAR HERE
: murder; Clonde ous and destructive disease diphtheria women should swamp >\he'present CENSUS RECHECK would be 329,194: persons aa
Mike ,
and entering; birth during the previous twelvemonths
A. has been pretty well conquered lorce. w' Eugene Heiberger, 28yearoldUneaman compared with 200,778 persons ai I
apparatus; been
could have
Ipirg Baubling who save
in the United States. This News came thlaweek. that thIS employed by the Key. the district Is now constituted.A .

[Irk Rosenberg Julia Cunningham, Issuing worthlet first dIs < decrease means'the saving of thou- ed"Means by adequate used maternity to save care.mother's Poatofflce Department In Washington stone Heights Power Company,, ENUMERATOR- THANKS bitter fight developed over

; sands of lives In the next decade had made"A public ruling was accidentally electrocuted last an amendment to the bill which
murder. bal I II a result achieved by the general lives are not unique or novel developments. declaring .the "dime*chain mall" Friday afternoon while workingnear CITIZENS FOR THEIR If It had been adopted would have

Itandel[ Scoby, Tampa Inoculation of children with pre- The simple' principalneed illegal because It violates the lot. Swan Lake in Clay County,, COOPERATIONRechecked placed Bradford and Duval In different 4'
t In
with aiding know
Ijsman< charged Is merely for parents to laws of the -- districts. Thin p',
ventive toxold. tery and fraud postal He was the son of the late Captain plan was
[escape of Harry the Sltamore Florida' ,Stat Jew "The United States has a lower a few simple requirements, early service. However, the attitude n{ R. C. Helberger figures showed a do- sponsored by the bill's opponentsed

thief, from rate than most of the and regular consultation with a the man in the street seems to be had evidently come crease of 087 persons<< In Bradford by Mr. Johns, George W. Sco-
Ralford, will be trie diphtheria The linesman
m at competent physician; day by day that the chain business Is a new tension County during the past five year 'laid of Citrus Dan Kelly, Jr. of
for the' third time Inuit other nations of the world and a advice that into contact with a high
aesduy following his exactly does. decreune that Nassau and F B. Harrell of Ham-
roll. >aatlma-merely a game-he It slightly greater
here. Two prevlou higher maternal mortality mothers fit for line carrying about 23,000
Court makes the
Is what
n't much care whether he loses his officers. the number reported In last week' Iton, but was defeated by a tie
Yet medical authorities tell us Is said by Investigating
Is resulted In hung Juries. her experience and gives ample he has the J. Turner rote of to fortyfourDuring
lime or not as long as IsHiie--R. census enumerator forty-four
that at least half of the women discovered suspended -
The was
the in session MOB at body
jury, of danger
grand warning possible
excitement of playing the game( said yesterday the tense debate thnt
[ with Barney Arlu who die in childbirth could be save If when the by a safety belt near the. top
and Tuesday the crucial time. '
ind he can't understand why the Figures for the town of Lawtey 'aged in the House Mr. Johns
of New River as foremai, ed by adequate maternity care. baby comes, arrangements have of a telephone pole. ''
government should be so "het up"over which had not been tabulated *eparately 'layq Duval County declaring
limed true bills and not "Sixteen thousand mothers die advance for H. owner of the
twelve been made well In W. Wiggins
it"The last week show a declineIn that the other counties of the projoied -
[ngle no bill. Indictments mad every year at least eight thous- medical and nursing care and the chain letter scheme," the power line, stated that he had left population from 554 In 1930 to district did not have "aled's
I lost persons who are not yet in and needlessly In the land, where mother remains under the supervision Heiberger about thirty minutes
government ruling .ayn, "is a violation 444 In the present census, -n lost thing In common with Duval
Italy of the court were: Mother's Day I fa celebrated of her physician for at least of the lottery law becauseit earlier to go for a drink of water of 110 persona County," and went on to say that'If j

it. C, Strowder negro, breaking "Why Is the toll from diphtheria six weeks, or until the doctor says the time a person gets in on the lIe cautioned the young man not In spite of a big loss In Hampton you put Duval County In the n

1 entering; Horace Morrow, exIng as well as tuberculosis' and other she may resume her usual responsibilities ::haln he has no knowledge of the to go up the pole until he came precinct, the town Itself suetiu district we are ruined."

poisonous substance.to an- Infectious diseases goes down each then motherhood can be extent the chain has already progressed back, he said.Funeral to be holding its own with 311 persona Defendants of the bill charged Y,

tla; Elton Jones, alias Elton year, while that from puerperalCUCUMBERS made safe." .and In parting with his \ services were held Monday reported In 1930 and. 290 at ,hat the storm of opposition to the \l

Imams, shooting.inlo. autoniqf !: ,.. ..... -- money he has guarantee that afternoon at 2 o'clock at the I the present time. edlstrlctlng measure seemed to be J

; Lee Johnson nesro..bomtn.e "GET YOURS" IB will receive anything In return home of F. M. Walrath In Keystone The corrected figure as1\ announced ''''a congressman' fight C.C Fred J s|

i and detestable crime agalns "It Is a violation of the postal Heights.. Interment was In by Mr. Turner this week Vard of Orange '''who Introduced fo*

are, and assault with Intent to MEETING HELD"IT'S fraud statute because the schemes the Keystone' Cemetery with the and compared with the 1930 cen the measure, referred to 1931 lobbying ,

nit murder; Bill Murray' ne. economically unsound and It DeWItt C. Jones Company In BUS figure nre as follows: by the "congressmen. from ''k

>,breaking and entering; GeorgIdl.h Are Moving DUE YOU" ADVERTISING annot possibly work out an contemplRted charge of arrangements. Precinct No. 1 (Lawtey) 1939: ,, the Second and Third Districts," e

breaking and entering. HANDBILL because there are, neltlir Survivors are his widow Mrs 2,0581930, 2,377; Lawtey (town) ater referring to them by name,

vll cases occupied the docks t SAYS > people nor money enough in the I Marlon Carr Helberger; three sisters 1935, 4441930, 054; Precinct No, R. A. Green and Tom Yon. In a ,

f dnesday and Thursday after the. IN CARLOADS ountry to assure all the participants : Mrs. Julia Forsyth, of Keystone 2 (North Starke) 1933: 2,952-- ater speech another proponent of ,'
that Congress
the fact Louise Cernl
nil Jury adjourned Tuesday af Heralding receiving what they are : Heights, Mrs. 1930 2,721; Precinct No. 3 (South he bill stated that he did not believe -
non has passed a bill to spend premised." of San Antonio Texas Mrs. Margaret Starke) 1939, ],493-- 1930. 1,619: the House members "should

-. SHOWERS THIS WEEK $4,800,000 and asking "Will You However If you think a little i, Brewster of Miami: one Starke (town) 1939, 1317- -1930. nmpoHe ourselves Into a society t,

BERRY PRICES SHOULD INCREASE Get Your Share?" handbills were thing like government ruling lot'' brother, Lieutenant C. B. Heiber- 1,339; Precinct No.4 (Graham) for the protection of Incumbent

PRODUCTIONThe oing; to stop the dime letters just ger, United States Navy Yard 193 214- 1030, 324! Precinct No ongresamen." u t

I HOLDUP distributed here early \this week tana In the postofflce for about Norfolk. Va.; three half sisters, 5 (Hampton) 1939, 540--1030, 609.: The defeated amendment would

cucumber .deal opened hen; announcing a meeting that was en minutes and 'watch stamp Miss Emmie Heiberger of Jackson- Hampton (town) 1939, 290--1930. ave placed Bradford In the Second p
iiUT: ONLY A NOMINAL held last night at 8 o'clock in the ales. ville, Mrs. Winton Carter of 311 ; Precinct No 6 (Theremin) District with the following r
this week with one car out Mon .. Marie Freeman -
Gainesville, and Mrs.
AMOUNT OF FRUIT 1933. 3481930, 318; Precinct No
Masonic Hall under the sponsorship ountlen: Hamilton, Baker, Su-
COMES IN day and another being loader of The Junior Order and I BillyJrou'nJles of Tallahassee. 7 (New River) 1939, 348-1930, rannee, Columbia Union Putnam n--

Tuesday. They were reported 410; Precinct No. 8 (Brooker) ilachua. Gllchrlst Lafayette, DbIe. ,-
: that dared tTW < Daughters of America. Brown, 70, long time resident -
very strawberry hilly ClinicDr. total
Attends 919 193O 962. County
bringing 25c: 40c and 75c: per bush. 1935, s, Levy Marlon, Citrus Hernan-
IU head In Bradford County ."Are you going to sit back, the of Bradford County died athis 1935 8.818-1930, 9,409.
to the grade V. G returned Sun do, Sumter, Lake, Nassau Jefferr.
el Bratley
according Frl-
hamper Theressa last .
s being picked this week aces same as you have in the past and home near Mr. Turner states that he and and
for fruit remained at a fall This crop was grown under con allow some one to get yours?" the day following a brief- illness.. Fu- day from a two week vacation his helpers have used every effort lion. Madison Taylor.
and New Harrell of Hamiltonspeaking:
el here In spite.competition tract ,with the Manhattan -Fruit' handbill further asked, and then eral services were held Saturday spent, In New Jersey to Include every resident In the '
of the amendment was
In favor
im other parts of the country. Company of New York City who urged, "Come and register your nt Hope Cemetery He lc. survived York. While of away tha American he Col.a county In the present census He the first to refer to Duval County's) Neclusion
Hiere Is very litte'frult( coming furnishes Bradford growers seeds, name and be ready to get yours by a wife and, several chll- ,1 of In Philadelphia also thanks the people of the county under the original bill's yrovtslons

now-about 100 crates a' day fertilizer and hampers In exchangefor It's due you. dren. ega Physicians for their cooperation and an- In the Second District. r'

ring the past week-but it Is half of the crop and pays the stance In helping the census takers He called this fact "tha fly In the j

nglng around $1.50 per 80-pinl above prices for the growers half In their work and enabling Intment" and went on to say that

ite and last Friday reached a Many patches In this county lhem to complete It come little If;' the bill became a law "more ,

:h mark for this time of year of have been lost entirely because ol II Proceedings J Lime before the deadline on May than half of the vote In tile dla-

25 a crate. the dry,weather. H.' D. May', whc Legislative 15. trict" would be in this large counr. -, '
It la likely that will sale (
pickings has charge of the deal here, __ Later In his speech ha denied '

Jctlcally cease at the end of thle yesterday.- However good showers I "FOLIES BERGERE"AT that "th* amendment ill for the gu
k for dry weather, bas great which ,began Wednesday are construction or maintenance of converted to> the surrender of a (
HOWARD W. HARTLEY) protection of the congressman l
nim limited. the productiveness' of expected to .materially Increase the (By(FN8 Staff CorreitpoiNlMit) roads and the 'retirement'of roador penny' of their counties'', ga* tax RITZ SOON from the Second District. Anther '&

yield. TALLAHASSEE; May 9 (FNS) bridge district bonds.' On this money and the diversion of this JOHNS WINS speaker charged that tWard >
Returns to MRS.: F. B.
Bradford for
grower understanding, the
6 -The Florida supreme court will distinct Income to the chool fund. But CASH NIGHT bill's provision were not
berry crop this year have beer the present gas tax law .'
umated New*Lake Home declare as unconstitutional thestate' upheld when the Sumter County bill liter PRIZE fair to the present Second District
at very near $185,000. gasoline tax struc- I is It pertains to nix of the levea and appealed for support of the
-- ---' S. T. Dell of Gainesville has if present the legislature reallocatesany cent levyThe, ''seventh penny, ally let the cat out of the bag Maurice Chevalier has his first small counties.

Mosquitoes DiscussedThe torn down his home on Kingsley ture portion of this revenue for the provided In a separate law' that there were wholesale desertion lual role as Ur of "Folle Ber- Passage of the original bill was) s

Lake and workmen are now busy of the common schools must be extended every two year, from, the compromise program ," lavish plcturlzatlon of the regarded aa a victory,for Central t
"18 increase of- the .- mosquito! on>a. new.house at)the same lo' support This Information transmitted to goes to'''the general fund of 'the camp. ger.famous French musical comedy tnitltutlon. Florida ,.lnce It provides that sec- 4

In this community came up cation.: It 'will be 'a' twostorystructure the floor of bath the house and state under the guise of an emer Since the supremo court pondered which comes to the Uon of the state with a rapreseoava -
consideration at and will be an attractive
:bt the Tuesday senate from a source as yet undisclosed gency. long and deeply over the prevent flits Theatre Sunday for a two- In the Congress of the United
meeting of the City CouncilS addition to the lake colony. but regarded as extremely Regardless of the wording of tho gasoline tax setup because the lay run. tate. Since 1931, when a fifth
matter was referred to thet statute, many counties have used the made available ;,,
If was
authentic may become the barrier Justices wondered money The star plays both the gay mgressman
d efforts Committee of the Council Makes Blue Key that will block the adoption of any their gasoline tax income for everything would be used only for the pur- itraw-hatted singing actor of the for Florida, effort. have been t
will be made to check under the sun except defined In the 1931 made to establish a Central nor-
rapid Fielding Chapman student at compromise school financing program pones clearly how and the be-monocled. be-
re Increase of- the .pests the University of Florida In Gainesville Involving the shifting of gasoline roads bridges and road bond act then what, legislator inquire nuHtacbed baron who I* noted for Ida district but had been unsucissful -
the This has been common knowledge b their decision In passing until this week because opponents 'r
and son of Supt. and Mrs.. L. tax pennies from gen would his amorous aacapade: Chevalier
of the Florida State eral fund and the counties to pay since the law passed four year on a new gas tax allocation that Is supported by Merle Oberon, of redistricting had kept +(a .
F. b
In TournamentDr. Chapman been tnttlated Into Blue school teacher and bua drivers. ago. But definite proof was writ- require ,the ue of this revenue* lewent sensational beauty from the matter on a bails of tha state ,,

3. Sternberg., of Daytona Key Farm honorary has leadership fraternity Legislators, notably those from ten Into the records bare of this week I for the upkeep of the school? It cross the water, and Ann South- ivtng the fifth representative a. e

MB and formerly of Starke, it was learned this week. the smaller counties, are using the with tba publication an expanse bill la a. far cry they argue betweenthe Ira of.musical film fame. a congresaman-at-Urge-
fled for the final in the '- threat of destroying the entire gasoline account attached to a I little red school: house, however The star sing ,five new songs Under the new bill besides the

IIIdAor Hotel spring bridge tourk tax setup in\ their argument that released Sumter County gas beloved Is that institution and the jid the musical number are aald Bond District, the state' will' be

,went JeW In Jcksonvllle last Marriage Licenses against a program of school: financing tax accumulation. The bill that i payment of a gasoline tax conceived to be some of the moat thrilling strtcted a* follows: j
* issued un- became a law after swift passage for the construction and First: Pasco Hillsborough Polk.
This net was said to have Marriage license have that the administration only eve. teen on the screen.:
,? one of the moet Interesting by Judge E. K. Perryman to doubtedly favors. They have good and signature by the governor Leon was maintenance of highway Next Tuesday. Cash Night the Manatee[ Hardea. Highlands. San.sota. -

Well aa one of the largest tour- the following couple: W. Brady reason to fear an adverse court decision immediately attacked to the Brown-' So the situation here, as the legislature tits will show "Ten Dollar Raise" DeSoto, Charlotte tAe Hendry. -

aenta ever held In the South- Baxter Brooker, and Bulah A. and cite ample precedent to County circuit court'by bond-holders's a nears definite action on irlth Edward Everett Horton Glade and Pine lias.

Lewis, Brooker. on April 22. A. support their contention Crummer company. some method of school financing, trhlch feature will remain through Third: Jackson Calhoun. Gulf

J. Fender and Anna Batten both For example the supreme court, committee solely on. the ground be I* one of fear and trembling. To Vednesday. Mra. F B. John won}Ibarty Franklin Gadaden. Leon
.27.Comparison 1931 session of that,, this revenue could not involves given at the 'akulla, Escambla, Santa Rosa, t
Priest of Starke. on April shortly after the paw the compromise program the $43 that was away
To Move to spent to pay fee officers expensesof all lialooaa, Walton Holmes, Wash- '
The the legislature was called upon the risk of losing gasolln ,! theatre last Tuesday.
re Van i PrIest Ten Cent are odious but study the present gasoline tax Insanity hearing and to hire tax revenue. To reject It I Inl'ton and Bay.

k will' move from IU present Florida ha more railroad mileage structure whereby three out of the attorney bring up the question of the general i Fifty-eight cattlemen In Polk Fourth: Duval Clay St. Johns 4
F southWalnut\ StreetbCoCng I the The attack on- the Sumter coun- of sold to the Flalfler. Volusla. Seminole, Breyard >
than Georgia. Florida's mileage six cent levy that Con to sales tax or the' tapping i tounty Fla., recently
man' R: A- Green' 8.820 miles Georgia's 7,700. counties was apportioned on the ty bill sent shivers down the spines other new' source Federal Government 4.790 head of Orange and Oacaola.
on Can Street of the smaller county legislators Fifth: Indian River, Okeechobea.. f
lOOn road mileage 'catUe receiving $82.540.
of population the legislature ,
he basis Consequently,
r who lean- L
those were Palm Beach
building :Martin
8t. Lucia
Is completed It/ law particularly .
allocation specifically
Tba suffer from an aggravated
e war'in area. a whole- *
kayoed Greece's of the as .
this week.. The civil provide that the counties Ing towards the adoption of chronic Jitter; Florida ball only 5 1-4 per centf
thought to have been on the level thelr'gasollne revenue compromise school financing pro case dttCTUsetr. foreign'l born i population! (ConUaued" Pee Eight)
Tamps were hall not use been whenever tine subject: I*
Is her of them bad
the largest manufaecigars as the bulk other than the gram. Some!
rer for purposes
of out-of-town contracts;
la tba world working on'


"\f1/" \' ,Wj.j"-\: ",."..''''1r'G' () ",' i

'.. ,

,. ,; ;.;; .;iI.L.iII.X4a.ni: ;: ;; ; \ :: ;:;;;;: WIll1 ..,.;,. ''''
-- '''''
.", ,_,.. '" ,_ "" .,._._-_ <


.\ .
FRIDIy b1.1Y

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,I hi Telegraph By Special{Writers Live I Community Happenings Items Us by 1fusl Tues. Rerce Noun '1 I

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M -- -
-----.- .----- ..-. --- -" -__ h J JI under the Maid. cvrtlflcata |Issued wax ( candy case; 1 vrnpi| "?
-- --- ?
: In the name of Livingston, Truby & .afltl 4 serving
niOOKEKMHH chairs and all ( 'tab'R, ,
t HIGHLAND MINUTE ii COunll'." -alit. certificate .shall be redeemed In except 1 radio "ni

M. E. Crews, t'orrcNpondrntCommit Veru Oulne.v, (Corresponileni Economic Highlights | I ,AMAZE A will iMBue according therpnn, to on law the tax 16th deed day A.Chief L. ALVAniZX of Pollc

.suicide Mr and Mrs:-W.:"' D. Webb and, (Industrial. New. Review) SCIENTIFACTS o BY ARNOLD ot Dated May, A.thin I>. 18th 1935. Jay of April. A. lIa6t681.It.City.ot sturl": Ida,

Carl Adams of the Clay Hill sec- children spent Sunday In Jacksonville D. 1D35. _
suicide Snturda; frlenda and relatives A. j .\"'I''' It... sulkderaandCbytvirtueIi'
tlon, committed with Cleric of Circuit (Court
afternoon near the home of B. IIHlgglnbotham. Mlui Lucille Webb remained for I a Ifapprnlnir'lset Affect the Dlnnel Bradford County, Florida knU'

o I; No motive coul
be found for the act. Interment Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Mints of and Inlrrnallaiial FrnnlenMInneparable Welfare F/ : MVIICIJ hy Judge the: of Hnnnrable the circuit A z,, Adki

took place at Long Branch Cemetery Jacksonville spent Sunday here at From Local '-\ Notice In. hereby given(that I to hays all Judicial. Circuit, 'f orrt Flnrld: nand
whom It may concern for
He left and Mrs Bradford ('VUII' .
Mr. ,
Saturday afternoon guest of her parents rilud my final report and application dated April 1n! t' .,'
o..ry. 23rd
."W(( to mourn bin low, hU wife his parents L. R. Galney. The average citizen has a vague t for final llHrhaifre. an Admlnlntrator ol'rtaln cause t item." ii busty 5 In. I,

O.1 4 who reside l at Doctor's Inlet Rev. G. E McCauley and daughters knowledge of the fact that the I fiwwN.lme" of the 1;anti slate will of apply Caroline to the OerowMulphim County hl'tw..l'u Ib,' Fail.., ..Ld sing ,
t nt Columbia, 1'1
' several brothers and slater Jeannette: and Connie are Federal government Is levying .Judge, H. K. Pul,'ryntnnreport Mat Burney. et at.. Defend nln lift .u,d. 011.
grandparents Mr. un. spending this week In Georgia. processing taxes on farm commod- .61 h. Ki'da for and .lornltrned, who was Ui\ "p","? ",
and hiit. .
y the wherewithal \ for Final Discharge. Thin 80th day jd aw SpucliU Mntlei 'ii"'J'
Hill. children In order to produce
of Clny and Mrs. Crows mid ities
Mrs. E. H. Carter Mr. of April 1935. lo execute: the HIIIIII 0'. !: '<
of Starke were visiting her parents for pursuing: the Agricul J. Jt MOTT, Jay, the and day nf I< Ray'

.. Friend. of Mr. and Mrs. E. Curter Mr and Mra. Will Malphurs, tural Adjustment program. What \ / -3..41-11-24 AdmlnlHtrator. Inn the the Court leitnl house hntin d I. ,u,," i I'*VI,

tt will regret to learn of the Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mott and he doesn't know Is that these taxes : '" r-r| >i-l
death of their daughter, Mrs. Ruby; Mrs Florence" Vnra.idoo: moto.-oJ to are now one of the largest revenue .' !1\0'1'111 I bidder for rash Hiscribed :Inti'sdh
Sutur the government To wham It mara rcimnernlNotice lands, hl" "" tlr.ji']
occurred producers
Pelplnbrink which Gainesville '- I. hereby given to all creditors County Florida. lo-\v '
f night at their home near here farmers around here are has--and that a bitter war is slowly of'the late frank. Sw..e".v,, Boll t heart' qiinrtvr d! .theY

day Interment took place tat' Long; very busy now gathering truck getting Underway between the .' ..i !iJ \ A SUM. within loreaned.eight to month present from your date claims hurt ,,- quarter wont iunitor,and West of K,Iml tills), souri' I

', Sunday after The first Irish potatoes of friends and opponents of the tax. Judge of BI'udfol'd ter, Section u.;, dun, i,1
1f Branch Cemetery crop .. OF IRON / > to the County I. TuwiiKhlt' *"
', noon. this section were dug this week. During the past twenty-one A :bounty: barred or by your law claim"" will foreverbe sec Range .21 Kast, r .t. hip, "
;i( The Rev. S. E. Godwin of Max --.-- months, income taxes brought f Mrs Frank A. Sweeiy, with the appurtenance "III"',
\ vide was a vlHltor here Sunday $760,000,000 into the Federal till. n' IRON ONLY Administratrix. lie Ih""u tn uild' Deire
.j Qrlffli ZIFF WOULD COOL TO THE 4l4tB10. satisfy Name and utiK.
and J. F. in $792-
taxes brought
Thornton Processing .
\ E. S. K. PfJIlUYSIAXAa ="
,' were business visitors to Stark MINK Iii In >!.... I...,.l., fi.n..n..nt' 000,000. And, whether the tax Is FREEZING POINT IN 4. MASTKH'S! SALE Special Strides, ,,m
:, ,, I undented tallthat YEARS. NOTICE) if hereby given that under 4-20-51-6-24.
Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. flirt Stokes are the good or evil it Is an and by virtue of a Final decreeof
T. T. Blackburn Mr. and Mrs of a baby boy born every" cent of that threequarter Foreclosure made and tendered al ""'I'" II''' Sib:
j of Lawtey were visitors proud parents billion came from the pocketbooks by the Honorable A. X. Adklnn,. NOTICE' ] In hereby Rl.it that.
Ellery Groves May 4.Those. Judge of the Circuit Court of the tier and by virtue of n Fina' De,,
:- here Sunday. attendedthe of American housewives. In 26th Judicial Circuit'of Florida, lu of Korecloiiure nmiln ind raid, ,
Wilkinson and chll- from here who the tax falls AN and for Bradford County. In Chancery by the Honorable A Z
'Y J.1.. Mrs. Gladys theory, of counts, up- /ISLAND GOING 'n) THI SLAHELGOLAND Mk,u
Sat dance at Fairbanks last Friday dated April 83rd 11)35.) In that Judge of the Circuit Court of I
'!I dren were vlnltors to Lawtey and Mrs. H. H.I on the food middlemen of the na IN too A.D. NAPA certain ratife therein- lately pending 26th. Judicial Circuit of Florid.and ,
urday. weHoward Mr. tion-the producers of smoked CIRCUMFERENCE O* (UO MILES SLIT ? between The Federal. and Hankof for Bradford 4'nuntv, In on,
sir, Carruthers of Jack- and daughter Miss Mar- handlers of the HAS BUN VMHtD AWAY UNTIL NOW Columbia Plaintiff and ItaymondCrosby eery dated April 23rd" 1615, |fan,
JJ Mrs. J. B. I Inez Prescott L. O. and meat sugar et til., nefendnntu, the undersigned certain cause therein lately PYh4,
imnville, spent Saturday here ,, bakers, the cigarette manufacturers. who wa therein appointed IBSpiMla between The Federal l.unil keel
;; Ruth Marr. Johnnie Lewis, Lloyd Padgett, Joe actual the cost of I .- \ Master In Chancery to execute Columbia, Plaintiff, and Hugh
Mrs. In practice,
,.\<: tier sister visitor I Cox and Paul Prescott ::: the name, will Monday,the 3d Brownlee and Inca DouKlirrty.vt,
I'} F. M. Crews was a business of Starke was the tax is simply added to the selling day of June, 19.1G. during, the .legal ow, Defendants, the "d."It,
': to Lawtey Saturday. Miss, Irene Forbes price of the product Exam- hour of Hale, before the Court Houxe who wan therein al.ol"ol. u
Laura Howard re- Florida, nell to the del Master In Chom'.r '.
Miss In
door Starke ) ii
J. F. visiting t sir
L Mrs. L. J. Cast and son ,, ple: On April 1, 1933 Mrs. America I.IFIE CELLS highest and bent bidder for caxh the same, will, on Monday, tit ;,
and little daughter Elizabeth Ann,, cently. paid, on the average 6.4 cents A MAMt BODY was ABOUTTMOUSANO the following described lands situate day of June 1835. during the I 1"
visited friends here Mrs. Nola Williams of Lake bread. In 1934 lying, and being, In Bradford1 hours of Hale before the C,,
\ty of Baldwin Butler is upending a while here for a pound loaf of 1.6 MUMM UUS. County Florida ,to-wlt House Door In Starke. Florida,.
f Sunday afternoon. she paid 7.9 cents and today she f Southeast quarter of Southwest to the highest and bent hlddr, 1
"; Charles Barber'' of Macclenny, with Mrs. Lonnle Mann. I is paying 8.3 cents. Not all of the lrrarwqH quarter ectW'.5'n\ 6 cash the following deHctlbnltuate I.
i.f! Saturday Mrs. H. H. Howard has returned Mouth, R'n ; lying and being \in lJ..df. ,
;';!' waa a business visitor here : Increase can be laid to the processing I II Inc 40 acres County, Florida to-wlt
1 i home after upending a few days I Ftr'Jt.1 Hold Hale Northeast of
I. tax on wheat but a substantial with the appurtenance quarter Ruuthae
fa Wimberly Miss In Fairbanks with friends and they are unable to aell--and they to Mr. Lippman la two-fold. to be made pursuant to said Decree quarter, and Northwest nimrtir
Mrs. W. M. and' part of it can. Deal Is runningin to satisfy the name and costs. of Southeast quarter, and Wnt
the New
v: Louise Snyder of Starke, 'visited relatives. hundred million dollars of begin to doubt the wisdom of the program E. K. PKRRYYMAN, half of Northeast. 'qunrtor
,re'frlonda and relatives here Thurs Messrs. L. O. and Johnnie Lewis Two tax. circles and no one knows what A* Special MuHlar In Chancery Southeast quarter and Southeast .
V: attended the Ice cream supper at the $792,000,000 the processing tax la going to happen next. Businessmen 4-Z6-6t-B-a4. quarter of SouthiMixt gue
''P<< day. has raised according to the U. S. Housewives discover that the ter and East half of South-
Orange High Saturday.Mr. bread are afraid of new and strange NOTICI OP TIltHTRH' ELECTIONS went quarter of Houilicimt ,
of imii.
Manvillet ,, tax forces the price
"t; Mra. H. D. .Carter of News, came from hogs. Two hun- up all In Section ...
and Mrs. Edd Polk and Mr. legislation that will wipe out the By the power vented In them by ter II T"
here the guest of from cot- and pork chops, amounts to a hip 6 South Range 21 Eu.
: apent Saturday Mrs. Earnle Johnson of Brook- dred million more came made. the lawn of Florida, the Board ott'uhllo
Carter. and sales tax on the basic necessity of gains Instruction of Bradford containing 160 acre,
Maxie wheat.
and Mrs. from
Mr. ton. A little less
< came
"j their parents Mr. be with the appurtenancen Said .
visiting County call election to
jr were result of that Is Second the Administration is hereby
and The
"'I Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Green Stokes The remainder came from sugar Ute food. held In Hampton Starke, Uraham to be made pursuant lo mid I
;?:f., children of Starke visited relative/! I and Mrs. Blrt tobacco rice and peanuts.Of a gathering of consumers bent on deliberately incurring the largest and' Brooker on Tuesday, May 14, cree to satisfy the name end i iB.
Rev. G. E. McGauley filled his corn the tax. Even hog government deficit In history, 1DH9 for the purpose of electing K. FERRYMAN.A .
Y f here Friday at Deadon the $792,000,000 $700.000.000 eliminating three trustees in each district, and'leteinilnlnir Special Mauler In ''h..
,:|i i Mrs. H. C. Wimberly and C. M, regular appointment and Sunday.Mr. has been paid to the farmer.. It is farmers, who are generally sup- without showing how or when It the amount of mlllugsWo 4-26-51-6-84.
1' Church Saturday the will be met That creates: a fear be assessed in each.
(' to Starke posed to be among greatest
t Crirtla were visitors J. W. Lewis and son, Johnnie paid to him in fulfillment of a con- For the purpose nf holding said MASTKH'S! "11.K:
du of excessive taxes that will make
of tax are
bet- beneficiaries NOTICE la hereby given thil' c
Monday. tract, not to produce more or election In Hampton the following
'W were in Graham Sunday morn He bious. They thing that pork processors business progress and profits impossible ,munaKeri are appointed: Cecil Malure der and by virtue of a Final 0
;t. ng. ter food, but to produce .J V. Jones, T. M. Hasan andH. of ForecloHure made and renhy .
down the '
4 __-?. _____ gets so much an acre for not producing are cutting price H. Wiggins Clerk. For the pur.POHO the Honorable A. Z. Adk
GUM BRANCH much for not they pay for livestock In order to Mr. Llppman who Is certainlynot of holding Bald election In Judge of the Circuit Cu.i.t of iVeth I
cotton so
,; MlM KHzabeth Ilarnnge' Cor. I/eilbronn Springs raisings hcga. And therein lies compensate for the tax and so are an enemy of the New Deal (drnhnin appointed, the Hiram following,Wu.manager.dln, Riley1Vaedin are und for Judicial Bradford Circuit County' nf Florid, In (Inciery |

bliss. Thclnui Hhodcn, C'or. it out of the farmer Insteadof John dated April 23nl, 19JJ, In 1certain I
'\Y of Woodlawn one of the grounds for the battle taking 'and is the first to praise its W. McKver and Sur'i.m -
,) leva Hilliard ,
Mliis and middleman. Clark. For the purpoiteof l cause therein lutuly |>
, spent the week-end with Miss HelT Mrs. L. L. Bryan and daughter, that la getting underway. A the consumer! achievements thinks that the Ad- : election In Brooker the log between The Federal Land I
f5. people think It not on- All of this ''la felt back In Washington mb iatratln 'should Immediately lullnwf.,1I\' manager. are appoinfi-d of Columbia, Plaintiff and >lo>
\, { ,en Norman. Lenora of Raleigh have been great many I <'. K. n T. Oiteen S M. D. Dleott and his wife, Harriet., I
.:M;!1 Mr,' and Mrs. J. k Sapp were spending the last few days here ly unwise, but actually criminal, where Senators and Representatives settle the doubts as to the future of Mott and'IEnT: Stewart, Cierk I Forth Olcott. Defendant, the under ied

\;' ,the guests of Mr and Mrs. P. D. with Mrs. Bryan's father W.' C for the government to payout keep their tars to the legislation and the deficit. Busi- ..Htarke purpose the nf \ 'fn..al'managersare electionIn Special, who Master wan therein In Chancery I appoints to o I
' good to "bribe" producersto ground. Result Is a growing feelIng ness says a fervent "Amen" to F. Klckllter J. E.
1 Reddish Sunday. Rhode.i and family. money appointed cute the name, will, on Mondar.ll
?,;t,. Mr. and Mrs. H. Keene and Mrs. Ida Harvey returned to her cut down their production. This on the part of many Congressmen that. Sullivan Clerk.A. Ju... Hornabr and F. A. 3rd day of June, 18:15: during '(
Hcvlt before
legal hour of Bale,
MJ';\ ,family were the dinner guests of home Sunday after spending a few group is now engaging with the that the tax should be re- J. nniFFIS, Supt. Court House door. In Ktarkt V

> Mr. and Mrs Irvin Norman Sun- days with her sister, Mrs. Eva group which says that non-pro pealed. Some of them are begin- Poatofflce receipts at Orlando W. (r. MANNING.> > Chm. Ida sell tn the highest and bml' t
q: duction I Is essential in order to ning to talk about it-others will for the first two months of 9135 4-12-5t-a-10. der for cash the following do"'"
day. Robinson and
3 ed land, situate lying
..h; Miss Elna Conner spent the Mills Vide Hodges spent last raise the prices of farm productsto line up behind them when the future totaled 3808081. This .la $3- 1MOTICU OF MALE In Bradford County, Florida. t..
p a profitable level. of the tax comes up for Con- 643.44 above receipts for the same NOTICE In hereby given that un- Beginning at tb. NR cornwil
,f., weekend with Louise Sapp. week In Jacksonville.Mrs. for last der and by virtue ot that certain SWVt of NK% of Section n
'-:,1'' Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Norman were Mattle Parmenter was visIting That debate Is largely theoretical. gressional consideration. period year.NOTIfH ...-rlt of execution Issued on March Township 6 South, Hunui/ V
',' H. M. Me- relatives In Jacksonville But there Is much warfare to IB. 1936 by and under the hand and Kant, thence run Went M W
.1 ,vlnltlng Mr. and Mrs. APPIl'ATfov Heal of the Tax Collector ot the City rods, 0 thence South 60 rnfc
" Rae Sunday. Sunday.Mrs. be anticipated over purely practical In a recent article able publicist FOIL OP-TAX mIlES of Htarke, Florida wherein City otHtark. thence West 63: J-S rod'" to W,<"
. ... Florida In the plaintiff and line of ald quarter 8..ctl<.*
Ella Kite and Albert For Instance in the
son, Issues. Walter to a '
-:; Mr. W. H. Carter and J. D. Carter Lippman pointed NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN C'orpenlnK'H Drug Store now known thence South 20 rods to 8ouii
: of Jacksonville are here visitingMr. much of the American cotton' He said that That Wiley Ireon, holder of lof unclli(
of Hellbronn were the guests of past strange anomoly. a* Urown'M Pharmacy I I.* the defendant line of maid quarter
Kite. tl.I"i"tl.N 494 7th day of I have. levied upon and will Hell thence Kant 80 rods to .:..0111..
of Rai- and Mrs. D. L. production has gone Into export business Is getting better almostall DriA.. has tiled Bald certificate
. Carter
,- .Mr. and Mr. W. J. to the highest and beat bidder for I of said quarter section, these'
>,j ford! Sunday. I L. C. Clemonw and Guy Norman, trade. But, as processing: taxes lines are up, and some are at In my office and made application oasis on June 3rd A. O. 1935 during' North 80 rod. to point of irJle l lnine.
) for deed Indus thereon
Jim was visiting of Miami were visiting relatives are added to the coat of cotton. their,bellt level since depression In acoordanc-e tax with to law. Said certlfliate -- the legal hour of ale, at said drugHtore I West 8-4 of .NW Airs. Hersey 6 .1*
located at the of Call Section 32,
here last week. must and buy- that confidence the embrace* the following described
prices rise foreign began-but on situated In Bradford and Walnut Hlreeta. Htarke Brad Range 23: East and -..ontalnlwSO
property -
Sunday. '. ers don't like that. Production part of business men is conspicuous County Florida' to-wit: Lot. ford County, Florida, the followingdeserlhsd acres, more or lens
II Said wb
Mrs Clarence Hutchenaon of Florida possesses three ports broad is stepped up as other nations by Its absence. Cash registers &a&.4 Company'of Block* Huhdlvlitlon 23 1.lvll1.utun of Northeast Truby- thereof .s In fixture essential or to satisfy 00 much maid with.. made the appurtenances pursuant to said p.amasatisfy

a Rising section spent the week-end with channel depth thirty feet or seek sources of cheaper cot tinkle, but Industrial leaders still Quarter nf North-Ka Quarterof writ and Coats of execution of name the name and ruts
more and seven ports with a depth ton. The result is that farmers refuse to show much optimism.The Section 2S Township 6 South, to-wit: 4 show CRBCHJ 1 nda fountain E. K. FERRYMAN, .
r 1) ,with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I ) lUnge 33 Kant. ; 1 net of wall fixture on each As Special Master. In Chan"
v L. Conner, of twenty-four OP more feet.. find that, while prices are better, reason .for that, according The aHHCHcment of maid property Hldr of wall: 3 cash reglstera; 1 4-2 -6t-B-24.

y children Mr. and of Mrs.the State J. F.Farm Shaw were and I,I "--!- -ill!;' MAIN "TiiUNG UIN IVlAiiN :yiJtULJ:; jBy L. K.*.*Vflnetm I

__ .. ...
t visiting relatives In this section I I y s-.r

Sunday afternoon. Utah Buzz cRtet1DS, I'M IMB iHqutaiMa RB- / i ilk! in.'Ie'' or J 1 LIT l'P' t L"
Mrs. Carrie Browning and children ; p0RTEA mOM THE DAILY BUZZ A / THE fAlLtf BSST / B69T .!CAUSE: DAImHLIONSM .

ai of Raiford were visiting her MAIN STREETS "/ QUESTION TODAY 14 I 'CAu e i BEEM THS BeN4 CHIC) BCSHT

; parents Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Edwards PAPel2 \ MARRIED IH *EM V .
; Wednesday afternoon INQurI1"IV6 1-7 "What 4ind of OI'ot. d4 MAVE KM F7q fit
M ,
--.-i .- a lJu. &li a N d. 1 ? -\III-CEI-

e' Dunedin. Fla., Plnellas County, INQUIRING REPORTER

; .reports the largest winter business SPRINGS A NEW ONE /

since 1929. All hotels are over- Lii'- '.'- I
flowed and many people are being ,
Whatjjtn I ;Mtt '
4'' QUESTION 'lw lI
accommodated in private homes. ,. )

-.- da you.ki&t r 2- v
M r
i. 11. G. Wells, now in our midst, { -. amd! uAu? r

,"," predicts a "swell war" In 1940. Ai3

,fi Maybe he read about It In a book -
by H. G. Walls.f .

P .--.- MAIN mEET IN FRONT : -ts .1'

f Hazel and Brazil nuts rank OF SNE FLORIST' SHOP.AYSJ JACK Rai ; W /j.

U6 ,first In food value followed by the flwnvtn

I chestnut, almond walnut and
; .+FQ S QIG +T.OVER ;

i I dse e'C_- .. ____________

JflTflIflhIT Till 1 >< UJ\.nnlJ. Viurifu
By:Churles-'jMc 1

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The Charred Remains r

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-f.asf..huddr.afas.U_mmwHm d.
\ Gaud,.. .*ml.f*._!
Y ...._... ISO _pie\ wotnM tae tit.s..I .
1 ..MelIo_ Fir. hrslM eMl JLi---S
_.11,. s.s..d ....... .r
4 e.p.l 0-.. -".) 1..rd s. :
h J..sd tisM ...lop a fr.5d ....,L I41L jAr
14- sets lass d.5..l.iwlas. -
....d-all __ .. s.rtit.
--lee.. .a.. phew

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dot ......-.-. sd. wok oJgm.aM
ar.i a.HAROLD..1..a..a...-- r

C. WALL Lt 4x UL



'" ....-'! WI.,, I !\\i.Ji: r.". \\oI.q'! ,,",,.+l'I 3!


.. ., .. ...., .. p,"' :: i ; :: ; :;;: ;;;, : :i : ,,,,,\.1,61J.J, ..J,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 j Ak f\I'1"o'/1>*,"" 1!
,jjw.! m'l'.....". ..... jl'"I""I'I..p.w.-,...'" \\Q,.'.."',"":'r ,...."L"f." f.'<'i' 4.*, I.J liIfJ' '' ,, ".., ; j :; ; ,,; '" ;



. -- -
10. lags -- -- --- '- -
-- -
Mv ----- ----

pt1', r -- -- --- Old-Time Negro der' Is symptoms capable ,of it causing Is not aggressive thesesevere were There meant is this to become.old saying In the MALARIA in :3

Week\\\1 From Other Pens II and will usually tty to hide DiedJLast disturbed. However, It la a good carry In their hearts as they deal I : y yftr.t
,wit r Simon Hankerson who la said policy to be able to identify it and with their older children: ear 'ILIHt'ID

ors give It a wide berth when it Useen. "Limit not thy children to thine 'rleA
by friends to have been "about StBJECTt KEEPING BATCH I0J'il" Tonic and
.-Tltusvtlle Star-Advocate. own desire, They were born to ; .
brBtATPi. old, died I found it to keep Laxative
seventy-seven years necessary tlm.-Farmcr'a Work. I>HI.I>.
FABIR Thursday of last week at his batch for ten days while my wife IDEAS different
hem thoW.tsa.Glalclw".W..r WHEN DAUGHTER II\S
/' Plotui home In Reno negro settlementhere. was off visiting her kinsfolks In I R
; Jane and her mother werea
_.. I IOPFh June. Instead letting her kinsfolk Betty 1 :
-- each other, and I
them loudly. I Simon came to Starke when he I come to see us, she went FUNERAL r
had applauded
bar .
Branch young, old and served and Them a visit but they looked it. for Va to Bender ; I
James Admiral Byrd takes was sixteen years down paid Year Experience Makes It Possible '
: "No wonder our Many '
editor", baa at.a I until a few back slightly ahead of The daughter, after a busy year SERVICE f: !
preacher she
nlttllttIPnlr Branch sighed as a Baptist came EFFICIENT PROMPT: and COURTEOUS) I
trips. ,
/Iul quarrel with her fir- all those ago. He was well-liked I time and found 'things kinder out in school and club work, had some I MODERATE PRICEY f: r i :,
"There's no privacyleft years
furious mournfully. and y'
lovely sO'I..Uy prominent. In America." among his people as well as among of order. new ideas about home-making DcWITT C. JONES COMPANY : I;,,J JSTAJtKE.

the NIUI'ott from iMpaler.. They walked back to the table the white folks of the community She took stock of the various wanted to try them. FLORIDA 'i j

ron dllK'overlng she delighted sidelong glancos most of whom knew him by name. and sundry kitchen and dining Mother a good home-maker In 'i',1'

on Iktnnuter whom he at stealing each other. 'The waiter who had Funeral services were held Sun- room utensils she found In the her own right and proud of It, was '/ >

10111nlY begevtx to be Involved around started for- day at the Mt.. Nebo Baptist kitchen sink on her return as follows piqued a little by daughter's Suggestive # : i
\dently\ break any moa burled In She held back I .. :
lIt'andai date to ward expectantly then hurried out Church and Simon was :- suggestions. WHEN YOU NEED LUMBER 1
r Induceher, by ruse, tor food.Branch the Clarke View Cemetery southof 19 dinner plates her consent. '

,ri M to her Job. He Is determinedW for the lowered his voice. "Would Starke. 19 supper plates Betty Jane said something about VISITBENNETT'S { ;,;

the Inside ol the 19 breakfast plates "old fogy notions," and mother replied -
get to a
civil answer
ve her story without her know- you give me a 3 heads of cabbage with something about "half- ; : ;

nlNter alignment. civil que.tlonf""Yes. in shells baked Ideas." For a time It looked LUMBER COMPANYi
nature of her ." and there was a peculiar gleam 4 pounds of egg ; i ,
the with her that rather stormy but tongues were ;
Club her 6 frying pans
me? eye. "
River "Will
the she drovers that he ball "No." you marry Bannister was thinking hard as 19 knives and forks, held and In due time the two were One Block South of Depot ) J

ht her. "I'm looking at the "Do mean It?" Julia approached them weavingher 19 spoons, saying they were eorry and wiping \' ,

feat lead liar In the world" she tell. "Yes.you" way through the tables. Sharon 6 quarts of coffee grounds, their eyes went further. "Maybe ALL GRADES I'INE AND CYPRESS LUMBER 1 ,: : i

meant it last seemed frozen to Immobility.But 2 coffee pots But mother
"As much as you '
?" to the former's infinite surprise 7 cakes: of soap, you're right," she said to Betty AND BUILDING MATERIAL I. I II
night relief Julia was unex- 19 dish rags. Jane. "Anyway you shall have i I MOTTO : '
Chapter 19 milk botUea.V s", chance to try some of your ideas QUALITY
"Mind if I pleasant when she finally
smiled happily pectedly '
I TRICK He 3 mice, t'W; And there followed a time of experimenting -

ask you often? arrived. 7 pieces of light'";read., with thin and that, of :
Branch protest "I expect you to. "What's all this tablehoppingmean value In
Ion come noW 3 pairs cuff buttons finding that there wits ,
I "You're taking In too She burst into laughter. Her she asked Jestingly. 4 razor blades, : both new and old. They also found Dk

Ich territory. They tell me there smile died on her lips however, as "I saw Sharon sitting her alone" 7 cups and saucers, happiness! in doing things togetherfor i't
that have for- I the of people com started to explain "so I I of homemaking I
I liars in Europe she saw group Bannister 6 fish heads, the Improvement II t
iten more than I'll ever know. ing In the main entrance. "Oh. thought" 8 empty sardine cans, standards. I

the brushed this aside. ,"You Branch turned around to see "Why don't you Join us, Shi- 2 gallons very old 1 water.I Wise parents are they who know
on 'much betteren Bannlated entering with Mrs. Pat. cordially. of house-keeper to children the chance
Lw we'll get ron? Julia suggested ain't much a how give
you give It up." terson. He turned back to meet Sharon was a little embarrassed either. She found*3 pillows In the they desire to express themselvesand

Iril never do It again," Branch Sharon's fixed gaze. "Thanks, but I-" sitting room 9 ginger-ale bottles to become the individuals they.

fervently his hand raised. "You knew that Tommy Bannister Julia Insisted. "I'vegot In the parlor, 16 towels, 3 bath ; t '
d i do
"Please ,
him skeptically.. going to be here tonight of underclothes,,
baron regarded was much to talk to you about rugs 6 changes r--
lint's the story you were going with Julia Patterson," she said ac- "JULIAI"so and 9 wash-rags on the bathroomfloor. wNERVEL1 SQ;() j

I work Oil?" cusingly.He around startled Only 9 light bulbs had
with I think you sincer They all turned her absence but
I Well to start answered with quick drunk had ma'l burned out during .
zht to write a few sticks about ity. "I'd forgotten all about it- Patterson quite back to the electric fan got broke somehow

architecture of this place. I'll until Just now." I his way to them" "Come said unpleas- or other. (We have 7 beds,,
Mind If we your table Julia he 6 of them while
>w you what I mean. "You flatter me too much" Sha- but I slept in only ,
Irt outalde?" said sarcastically determinedto antly. she was away;; the her one stayed

to leave, the waiter ron "But 1"Come-" made ). .
]\i they rose hide the hurt she felt She shook up
made no
As she household
lived\ with an enormous covered head at the waiter who had back. I The balance of the-
her and
wrist the
snatched about on
move he were scattered
her cllah with the food. He replaced goods
Good. Very good. Beautiful,"' appeared the cover visibly distressed. "I attempted to drag" her with him. different floors and on the beda, *>!

anch complimented him. "Keep "I told you I- The water was running In the upstairs -
Ira hot for us." want to go here?" "Never mind what you told me:' bathroom (just like she left

The waiter's face dropped with "Because Bannister's she Julia managed to shake his hanj It), and the telephone receiver was

.appointment as he placed the "No because you're here loose. Then, white-lipped she bow- down The grass In the yard was '

_Ker on the dish. "Y-yes sir." said heatedly, "and false because pretenses.you I ed to them. "Good night, Sharon. knee-high the cat had disappeared CONCRETE HIGHWAYS: ,

On leaving the room they came got me here under made use Don't be too long. Tommy." With It had rained a right smart In
I the open air terrace. Along thelie I'm not accustomed to head held high, she followed Pat- the company bedroom and she got

wan the decorated gangplanker of and I don't understand like It. =:I but don't I consider ex-- terson back to her' table. everything cleaned up and straight PAY FOR THEMSELVESThree
to She'i
which arrivals were reaching pect you shuddered a little. "Poor ened up in lens than a week.
|e cafe from the river. Branchd what you have done a cheap Sharon mighty good about keeping an orderly P TO rear ....' ta WGDat. -

Sharon stood against the rail contemptible second rate trick. Ju"Let's Bannister said Impulsively house.- Union County Times _very nerve high tension. resions why concrete i* the ferior lurrtces. The 1.011111.'
And now I am going home"She go floe wife elreaandcarrepasts. r, e'
-- oil
I'klngr, the water.It water- ,
out over to rise as Banntater "We can get a andba0satchildren.. moil economical pvcmenn gu
\was she who broke the silence started beautiful moon." FEAU KVLES WORLD business' 4
taxi. There's a force of fear In International Watch ontl OrenrottwiMTMI 1. Long life sod low upkeep1..Concrete builds promotes ,
"I HATE the moon. Sharon The potent relations Is clearly may lead to Eleeples- (fund which; would otherwira be ravel A town on con.
with passionate vehemence. Nervous Headache, Ne*"- closer all
said is moved to
Great Biltuln's recent and host .* peal for repairs may be used to crete
Inside the telephone booth,, shown by oo. htdicwtton. a i"
watched Julia Patterson "white paper" announcing that other unpleasant dlstorbanoMu complete our highway system market.

Branch and her husband leave. He lookedat England Is going to strengthen at once Why Effervweesrt. oonH you.Nervine try' TabUUt Dr. Maw Scientific investigation has And In addition to these im.aey. '

them In bewilderment as he her' military establishment are Jut. one In a half rlas. ewater < proved that !il costa motorists reasons concrete p.vemcoli gift

noticed that they were both furl because other great powers spark- up to 2: cents per mile teat to motorist relaxation e > comfort
He would have been doing the same thing. delightfully. oothfa SAFETY!
ouslyangry. lug drink drive on concrete thin on in ... and
much Intereated in what Patterson The paper mentions, among others to over-taxed nerves.

very was saying to his wife at Germany Russia Japan and Dr. 1Iu..' Nervine I. craw "AD Open letter to Henry Ford" 'la a booklet worth having It's FREEPaier I ,
could have States as nations whichare made la two form*-Liquid Md
If he United card
the moment, the armaments. Effervescent Tablet Both haw akin tau o" on 4 portal _
increasing their '
heard. Ute same soothing .et. Mail C..p.nl I
"Your dear friend Tommy Ban- And when you examine thingsclosely tIM at rear drag *.. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATIONHurt
nlster'll catch on too," Pattersonwas you will discover that each Hldg, Atlanta G*. k

sneering at her "when I divorce of them Is doing it for exactly the OJ:., MILfCS'0tt Send Freel "An Open Letter to Henry Ford.:

a you; and when he finds to he- same reason that England Is doing '" .1 I ""'................................................ i..

w has to get somebody else support It-fear. .....................
her ling of SlrttlCity ......................... .
him. looks at NERVINE

Leaving: the booth Branch took potential Germany enemies and feels the r.MU.Isv. i .... .............. ,......... .f/.I...... .. .. ... .. $

a last look at the departing fig- need of weapons. Russia looks at .-

F Stt ure of Mrs. Patterson. But when Japan In Manchuria and feels a .

ti, J he arrived at his table he found similar need. Japan looks at pow-

_ tt f',p $w n Sharon and Bunnlnster about to erful Russia: eyes the United orYOURFAVORITE

leave. States fleet and open the throttle.The N

"Tommy Is taking ,me home, United States, with a Jittery

Sharon said at the surprised question glance at Japan, builds up Its fleet.

in his eyes. And no It goes. Is there a more 4
They moved off and Branch expensive emotion in all the world
Will you give me an answer to '" civil question?" Branch asked. stared after them open-mouthed today than this same fear?-De- I

"Yen." "Will you marry me?" then .slowly collapsed in a chair. Land Sun-News. r MAGAZINES T

who had been lurking -
Hello The waiter I
[Black water at night under a fulliwn came up. "Hello now approached BLACK WIDOW
Didn't know you ever; In the background THE
-very banal, but very beau Branch. the platter again. of the receui oider placed
business hours. with In view
tful' went out during look at It. "Nevei I' ,arslty fora NEWSPAPER-1 FULL YEARYou
"All of Mr. Branch's hours an Branch took a to a mldwestcrn v : AND THIS
"And very romantic" Brand and ," he snarled. "J 1 of "Black Widow"
hours" Sharon said curt eat ham eggs quantity Combination Offer
folded lof tly.I business hate them. spider with a reptile expert at Save Money on this Amazing

I He received no answer for Bbs ly. The waiter, convinced by how Silver Springs considerable Interest .

"n had l shaken off the momentary "But I'm even more" surprise that he was dealing with a mad has been again aroused concerning 4 Leading Magazines and Your Favorite Newspaper

Coal ana was taking a email gold to see you here Sharon. man, sadly walked away. this peculiar Insect.

l ncll and notebook out of her bag "I'm a little surprised myself. Sharon had fallen back against of the wide distribution
In spite
he made some Jottings In It. "If I'd had any idea you weren' the leather cushions of the water- of the black widow spider In the

'I never saw so many odd pee working tonight" taxi then relapsed Into a brooding" south of the United States com Imagazine Pick 3

lie.1 she was muttering to herself "I didn't know it myself until silence. "Where are we going, sh paratively little ,I. known of Its life Pick

01there's' Mrs. Brackett. 5 I the last minute. I'm through nov" finally asked Indifferently."Does bl tory. It Is usually found In dry,

pndor who dug HER up." and I'm terribly glad to see YOU. It matter?" Bannlstei dimly lighted place such as tree agaaiIest

I the table]< with an attempt at bright beneath; .
Branch walked away Sharon: A page appeared at asked stumps, abandoned shacks

retended to be so absorbed thai summoning Branch to the tele ness. rocks, and has even been found In

|He didn't notice. Tearing off the phone. When he had left Basalt "As a matter of fact. It does, old clothes closetsIt may be rec

I P page she folded It Into her baj; ter turned to Sharon.' He seems< she said i.Tm starving""I'm have remembered '' ognized1 by Its Jet black color and ,,Ii
nil started her sarcastic sorry. I should hour-glaiji, design on Its e e
on a second pager Then to have mistaken I the red
he looked at him. ," Bannister said The mate Is smaller and .
| up startled. A screen shot all being directed there's an I abdomen. I .
Tim a ship painted on It was xav- wrong?" hi getically. "They tell me weaker than the ,female, whose 'S p .
"Is there anything that new : Dl A iSsJB _
at C .
dinner coffee .u.lT,.
shore of =
th..lae a Cardw..lYt.
excellent e"lA.Men
ng toward her, apparently of it'an asked anxiously, "are you annoyed Point""Oh I body 18 about Oe1 eWt.ttN...,1 Yr.a !
volition. it turned. revealing here with Julia?" place at Flack bean QteBaaH ...." IYi. Wo Nxi WORw ed0 ]
because I came Sharon wailed "and to. ... : foY I CoMa : ks... ...I Yr. "
;ranch. He carefully set It down "Of course not" she said Impatiently dear set on ham and The name "black widow spider" DN.tae ............... .1 Yr. r B : .1 Yr.a ;
etween them and the arrivingrests I've got my mind las arisen from the black color o: McC.U's \Weekly.1'I,. log. L tD hp'') Am.dcaa
\ JloarW.:
FadoAsdet : Te:
cannibalistic :
"There are a dozen other: people eggs.Bannl.ter whistled "You're the the female who has the 0 I ...Ie".1 tat barmam' L1GDne'ePO irm.r..n.,1Y'.
Why, the Patterson; habit of killing and eating the Y 0 .
fleet's In Sharon ex- Including at thla.very (1107..2) ...
> the party In _
In ( .
girl Bead .1
luckiest the '
fertilized ... tsM01porte rQ1Pwau'Mlat
lalmed. bo has .. j
out. after 0. .M 41NiIN01 CcIoct
I himself," Bannlsted pointed moment." male / .e\\De...... '" 'Y R 8 ...........1 Y..
"Yes and you're blockaded. He Sharon looked. "So I see" nh< He made a dramatic gesture eggs. The female lives the about a .... ......1 Yr. ( u.. afi0Y9 [] H...... CIre'. ....... ....2 Yr HIA.1 c ''
In spring JUIo1cl. Nouuhotd
t 4ughe-d. "Laugh again-please?' said her mind on Branch. "Without fear of contradiction 1 I rear; being hatched the following al ............" I Yr. Clalwaaed. .'t.-.I! Yr.
smile laying eggs Sa. ; M.abayaalYiOwomr
Branch rewarded him BannlPtcr stumbled on, still mis beg to Inform you Madame that ,. maturing and dying soon after, a Iii." + Wor........... 'I'" 0 )folJae' H...... IJ.I Yr.g .
seized her by the waist Juli cookeron spring ,
I can't let best ham and egg 'I 0 N"d1
v.N gi
the Ja.am-.2
ng nd hll11.Swung her up to the rail Lao down.understanding.After all one has to ba de I am Manhattan Island." either in the late spring or the JIouIOhoJcl ...........tytm. e e 811Cf1uI Farmtav;:; :;,,""' : r.a .. r
"Woo't he Dummer. alt 8 '
sit down T" boathouiaand ..io L..ryb.dr.
you ..
ens""You're "We'll, go to my thU spider ...2 Mrs Pool *. Yr.Dtow. .
tied with i : best Regarding the poison of ..,w-I ... Wo .V"1
mock .. .aW
gallantry. the ld ..
de ". .
Thank you 8O fiuch. right and you violently ARE I'll wamblo oofs you you ever up tasted.. ', it differs considerably from .. -v.. cltcle.; ..........2 Yr. [J AIII.It","" F l-r.l'.lZ ?
Now win cent" Sharon burst out Jumbon and of the rattlesnake being severe tha CI Check 3" _.!.. a.
you listen to me* A1 trace of hysteria At the pier of the boathouse they that Rattlesnake cheek I _.-.. .9. N Glee O)
to There was a but rarely fatal.
change the ? watertaxlThe
.0,7 :
wouldn't let out of the
"YOU climbed chiefly -
I'm In her voice. I. hoemotoxlc acting
a ofa renom ;
"You.re a woman newspaper first. anyone down." place wan not unlike under the the garage residence on the circulating system de- w. ;..r..'.. 'TII" Allen USK THIS HANDY OUIiKa UIANK TODAY t

kNew.pap.r: woman 7" Sharon Bannister started a little surprised hillside home On the timbered' itroying the blood and the blood 'CAecA Me lour magazines deal, sf end return lift

hobk her head Stubbornly "You'rj by her manner. Then a proper.porch. there was a single /esMls. and causing death by hem- Our .rrangem shelf-like
.b.Ong' Newspaper comes first" pleased smile Came, over his matter face scull resting securely on Its >r>'hage in the Internal widow organs.spiderS The representative enable. u. to mJt. Gea.--, 1 ratrM t .., -- ..........ay fN..w....- .
a black
started to hop off the raiL ""I should hope not. Put as poison of the this remarkable offer, h.is J strictly chch4 '"at a y"ra e.lsenee.. .. pea --
Braces ;
They called hypnotoxlc
warned It's no use. what may be you
you, Branch: said. H< of fact Bannister pointed
he "Up that way. system and all subscriptions. / will bUr ,
av. besides respiratory
bel' a slight push. She could quarreling again and In the corner asbe icting on the guaranteed, "- .-

fly rave herself from falling looked at her earnestly "It's too to switched a stairway on a light. Sharon and the reflex centers causing a > .el promptly If you ..r* at pre- +,
bloodressure s" ....D.
I really low w
kwards! Into the water by apt to Interfere with what carted up the steps. "Right 01 weak pulse nausea, Hot lent a wbacnbcr to my of UM m.gtlnft. .. w
brOWlog world and- obdominal palna
her moat In the .
arms round his neck. want- w sr.te
Phera Sharon through. from the. symptoms : time will( I..stand.J.Taw
waa ten" second of ..UU.eaa. He broke off and gasped. desire to get' batha give relief your
J Sharon's
then B seemed turned to (Has and neither the stimulants SENT ON REQUEST
nd ktased too; looked and with Branch led her Into OH MAGAZINES HOT LISTED '''ttrt
.er tun on thecmoutht Suddenly Frigid stone. For making her way even Den't mis next nor sedatives should be given. QUOTATIONS
was trouble the black: widow .ol
-way. startled. A group toward set week' Installment.)
People wags them from the lulla Patterson. Her Jaw was

{1r 4ti7a + 4te .., 'ykt'," W ..r. ".x n .11'v4 ;1 d ti';,,

''I'.. '''' c'WI..,...)"')"'/",11'''))1t"1'c. \;:'", "'. : ',.t,; ". ,.\\r .., !" ,,:\>,:,)\ :

!,:Mw, wy '
.,, 'i;; : ; \ _
... $ ,
,, ., .; ',,, ".. ,,..,,.,.,' ,f 't"" '-"" :'-''''''' ''''' ''''''''!''I'1'1'I..or': ''\'',''' ''' '''I. i' 'y r ,,'"
''*fJI ''''' '' "

I ,

PAGE FOUR _. ___ ______- ---.-----_. -- .--'---" ---..-- I --------:-- i-:-:-: --::-----
. ------- --- ----- the next meeting. After a chapter ea me decorations In this hn;1

from the Study book was read and Mrs. W.
4 STLOfliDA WGUllGUJS.PLANT 1 ....M4y/EHN #fkt discussed! the hostesses served refreshments leader, presided Alexlln during<1er. Cht
to the twelve members the
focietyJ and one visitor who were present. tlonal and. business mccim.
The remainder of the afternoonwas several plans for work to i iii
spent In sewing. In the near future were al', '
Circle Two, was entertained byoll'a. by the members nnns Warr'
I! E. C. Priest at her home on made for .helping deoora

Presbyterian Auxiliary Announce NumbersFor Can Street where arrangements of church for Mother's Day 4
summer flowers adorned the liv- During the social
Musical Tea period thi
Notice where the members were teases
ing room served a dainty' I'1r! _
The Ladles Auxiliary of the The following program was announced seated. ment course..
; Presbyterian Church will hold this week for the Musical Mrs. L. G. Powell leader of the .--
Tea to be held this afternoon at Circle, presided during the 'devotional Honored With Party
next Tuesday -
iU regular meeting: 4:00: o'clock at the Woman's Clubhouse 2A2E and business session. Mrs.
afternoon at three o'clock at Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anderson.I
: rY C i A. M Darby, president of the Society
the residence of Mr and Mrs John Reading__..Mrs. Luther O. Powell 'l' met with this Circle and gave tertalned at their home laRt'rut.M
' Uglow.All I Piano solo: Valclk-John Makrejs, FOUND cSItiIOSONS { a'very interesting outline of work day evening In honor of Mr AI.
: member of the society are Mrs K. O. Duncan 'ONLY \ ICILY t it needed to be done by the Circles in derson's mother, Mrs. Emma

" \ ) urged to attend. I Soprano Solos: IN the Interest of the Church. derson of Archer, whose ii' .
The Moon Drops Low FlORIDA ( a During the social hour Mr. eighth birthday anniversary
.Ii : ; 1110
From the Land of the Sky-blue zEP/Irahv1NEj r Priest served the twelve members on that date..

I : ,Sub-Deb, V Club Meets Waters ...___._______-. Cadman I' r Ey, .. s4 ., present a refreshment! course.- A pleasant evening was BUM J

1 : Members of the Sub-Deb Club Mrs. J. L. Brlggs w'Oir' Circle Three was entertained by ,conversation and refreHhnwmi Zl
Violin Solos: Selected- Mrs. Warren E. Perkins: and Mrs. .Ice cream and cake were 1
the P. S. Club' enjoyed a served b,
It.and Miss Lorelie Talt G. A. Anderson at the Perkins' res Mrs.: Anderson to the |
f: marshmallow,roast at the Bishop tolloWlni<
; Soprano Solos: idence. Mr and Mrs. G. A. I
r, cottage at Kingsley Lake Friday v
f One Fine Day from Madame Butterfly 0 Easter lilies and other'summer and Mrs A. W. Anderson 7.1
: 'l evening. _________....______ Puccini flowers arranged in baskets form- and Mrs. Ellery M. Davis. >
: I.' After a swim these young folks The Wren .____________ Benedict /1
I enjoyed toasting marshmallows Italian Street Song___...Herbert .
I" over a camp fire. Games were also Miss Virginia Peace '>/

,Iv enjoyed during the evening. The tea is being sponsored by Sultan"
" of the Wo- Wr k
., the Music Department 'Armour' Star Smooth tiled
;\ man's Club.Methodist.

Ii RIIUH&RE Honored On Pastor BirthdayThe : Y DOCTOQ BEEF BUTTER

adult members of the Meth- CXARLESA
r\:, PROGRAM odist Church surprised their pas taTA nara I-lb. Jar x Ih Jar
$ BEGINNING FRIDAY tor the Rev. B. M. Montgomery 2 No; I 270 ss.r
t > e
\ Wednesday Cans |j! | || I JO"i
; with a birthday party rwMFBF
FrnMnuv miirt
r FlU DAY, MAY 10
evening at parsonage. :
' "Scarlet Pimpernel"Leslie Following the mid-week prayer !

,.,i/-/ service at the church the members ___ / MARY ANN Old Fashioned
! \ Howard assembled at the parsonage, L- 'FAMOUS MEAL 5 Lbs.. 12c
Merle Oberon presenting to. their pastor numbers -
11-' Also (Serial and Comedy of lovely gifts.A 1- -nriswr *vlt FLO&IDA
" ".. enjoyed and IDr NATO 4 Ibs. 15c
social period was I4LIST BANANAS
J;" SATURDAY, 2MLY> 11TII at a late hour the ladies of the W. f' .

:( "Trails Beyond'' M. S. served delicious refreshmentsto f DIXIE CRYSTAr-GRANULATED' ,

i: John Abo Wayne! the forty- -members.?... present. .. --- "-..- "-'.......,...... .......-.., "' .. .......,-1.0<""'" SUGAR 5 Lb. Bulk 25c

;I j' Silly Symphony and Sprint Waits-Hitch Marriage A very interesting plant known as 1Simpson' i. tributed much to the world"of science. WINNER' ROCK GROUND

'i ., MAY 12-13 Mr., and Mrs.' T, -J. Griffin an- .. Lily and found only in Florida : Coming; to Dade County in'1903 after GRITS" 5 Lbs. 15c
nounce the marriage 'of Uieir slater was discovered in south Florida by the'r many years with the National Museum,

. il "FoIiesBergere"1Maurice Mrs. Carrie Darby Rltch, to world famous scientist and naturalist, Dr., Dr. Simpson was promptly lured into a ION A

.::1..t Chevalier Henry W. Waits!, of Gainesville, Charles Torrey Simpson. The plant belongs career of research by the enchantmentof TOMATOES 3 No.-2 Cans 25c

' Merle Obron-Ann Sothern Thursday evening at the Metho- to the Amaryllis family. Its stem, Florida's vast tropical wonderland.
Also New. and Comely. dist parsonage, the Rev. B. M. and pinkish white flower are out of all Following: a period of exporation, Dr. 10NA BRAND-Wltb Pork and Tomato Sa.uce
J the ceremony -
', TUES.-WED., MAY 14-15 Montgomery In the performing presence of the Immediate proportion to the bulb. Although it is Simpson wrote "Ornamental Gardening BEANS 4 16.oz.'Cans"17c
t family. seldom 'seen in northern Florida one of. in Florida." Next he produced "In the

? "Ten Dollar Raise"Edw. This marriage came as a distinct these rare plants grows in the garden of'' Lower Florida Wilds" which is knownthe IONA-Plain or Self-Rising

.' :' Everett Horton surprise to the friends of the con- Mrs. W. D. Diddell of Jacksonville. world over for its colorful nature pic- 6-lb. Sk IZ-lb. 8k. 24-lb. SkISlb..

,: i.1I1; TIIURS.FlU., MAY 16-17 Starke Mrs. Waite has lived here naturalists of America, Dr. Charles Tor- ;'' by "Out of Doors in Florida" and "Florida -

"WOMEN MUST since childhood and by her'unall- rey_ Simpson who 'died in 1932, con- 'Wild Life." JEWEL or SCOCO-Finest, Shortening
suming manner and lovable disposition 1-Ib Ctn 4 Ib Ctn 8 l lb. tin
DRESS" has won a host of friends.
',, I retirement about two years ago. owns valuable real estate. W. M. S. Circle Meetings
/ Mr. Walts Is a retired railroadman COMPOUND 14c 55c $1.09
Mr. and Mrs Waits will, for the
f! Minna Gombell ; having been superintendentof For a number of years Mr. Walts
Mrs. Carl Johns and her'mother -
present, make their home In
,,, the T. & J. Railway until his has lived In Gainesville where hew Starke.'h Mrs! A. W. Redgrave were hostesses -

."r ., Monday afternoon to Circle EIGHT O'CLOCKMlld Mellow Pure Santos

,. .Woman's CJu&! '' No. One of the Woman's Mission-
I 19c
Per Pound
,' 4*% I I Chooses Sponsor' ary Society of .the Methodist

' church.. The' meeting was held at -: .--___-
: :The regular meeting of the Wo- Mrs. Johns' home and'her attrac- GELATIN DESSERT or Chocolate Pudding
man's, Club was held Wednesday tive living room was' beautifully
afternoon with Mrs. D. P.. Carpenter .- decorated with baskets and bowlsof SPARKLE 6. PkgSe 25c
In the chair.. Easter lilies, larkspur and gladIoli .
r Mrs. I... D. Vining, Heart Chair- -
man, presented the following pro Miss Olive Ray, 'Circle leader GRANDMOTHER'S-Fresb, Plain 01' Sliced
POSTS gram for the afternoon: Piano solo presided over the business session 14-oz. 18- z., 24-oa.: Wn. Wht. Cr. \Vht.

t IGN Louise-A Stern.Swiss Merry-G-Round- and retary Mrs.pro T.tem.J. Grlffln'acted"The Gospel as for ec- BREA D 6c 8c lOc 8c 8c

All" was the subject of the program
Milk Chorus-Sara Barefoot,
which was carried out by ANN PAO'E-Delleloua.,Pure Fruit
Virginia Anderson, Ida Lulu Da-
Miss Amelia Ray, Mrs. A.' W. Anderson -
n vis. PRESERVES 1 15c
Mrs. J.'W. White and Mrs. 16-oz.jar
Songs-Hello, Mr. Toothbrush,
!i. E., Edwards.-! The devotional
and The Very-Gt1 a"Cow-played
i 'r service was'' conducted by Miss ,
't ,
'" By Fay Yarbrough and sung by
", Olive Ray and Mrs. T..J. Griffin. '
Marjorie Davis, Ida Lulu Davis,
During the social half hour lit- 1 OCTAGON A G.:
I Sara Barefoot, and Mary Lorraine I
f unfamiliar at night tle Miss Barbara Jean Johns sang SUPER. Naphtha
: IMAGINE yourself on an highway ,3tockwell
"Jesus Loves Me"-"School Days"and
h in the country. You want to go to Allison. You come, Rest Stockwell.-A reading by Mary Lorraine "Little Boy Blue." The hostesses '

'to a forlced'road. No'signs!. Which'way? You turn "Fruits-Reading 'by Fay Yar- derson,,assisted Virginia by"Anderson Mrs. A. W., An-and SUDS. 25'P. '

left and come to a crossroad.. No" signs I You turn brough Kathleen Chorus Stockwell, Marjorie,Fay Davis Yar-, Barbara Jean Johns, served a 3.. 12
tempting sweet course. ---
,'a right. You come to a town. It proves to be Liberty. brough all in costume. Package J
Circle number one was invited to : =
You go back to the'fork and turn left. A mile or 'so "A' to play the entitled shut-In'"Taking was put the on pienlc by- meet in June at the home of Mr. MUNNYFIELD .

farther on you come another. crossroad. A, sign Myra and Myrna Frink, Audrey and Mrs., T. J.,Griffin CORN FLAKES 8-oz.,pkg. 7c
Carlisle, Frances Hemingway Alma Easter lilies, larkspur and a pro-
three miles; ." WHITE HOUSE 'aEVAP.'MILK'
pointing right says"Allison n.......,. Thornton, InearDempaey, Mary fusion of other Spring flowers dec- 1?
,. Lee Wynn and Carol Inman. orated the home of. Dr. and Mrs. 3 T. Cans =
t ,During the business session of W. B. Parks where circle number 'OUR OWN BLEND i ,
r sign-post might'have traveled miles the' club the following)announce- two met on Monday afternoon, TEA i .. 25=
that you i/2-lb.pkg.
But nenta were mydeNTheartists; for with Mrs. Parks,, as the gracious
: -spent hours:-.and come short of your destination. .j A":1II1... t T84. to" b '"'given at th<9 hostess-; ,, FANCY MIXED tOe

Club house Friday afternoon,'May MVS. A. Wood led In the program LIMA BEANS No. 2 Can *

o'clock, will be Mrs. Ja.k 'The .
10 four Gospel for All and was assisted IONA ,
Imagine yourself in need of hosiery clothing break Briggs,Mrs Virginia. Peace, MUsLorUie by Mrs. J., F. Colley. Mrs. BEETS No 2 Cans 10cENCORE.
Talt., and Mrs..K.. ; G. Dun- Wilbur A. Scott Mrs. W. A.'Bes '
-, fast foods or anything else and this newspaper can. lent,," Jr. and Miss Kitty ,,Hogsed.Buelness PREPARED .

', out advertisements!, Think of the number of stores .An Evening Musicals, June 24, session was prelded over 'SPAGHETTI. 3 Can f' ., 25c
Irti will be put on by the Philharmonic by Mr. A. F. Sauls. It was decided 33c
.',' you would have to visit, qualities and prices to check Society of Gainesville- Artists to to give a silver tea for the ben- BISQUICK 40-ox.: Package.

;u -,.,. reliabilities to consider.Advertisements be announced later. efit of the local work, and Mrs. L. RAJAH *
All musloIovers'are ,invited to. A. Davis offered her home as. the BLACK PEPPER 4oz. can tOe
; both of these musical treats. place for the .tea. The following 31b.can53c61b.can99c
Miss Hazel MIddleton has been committee was appointed to arrange SNOWDRIFT
are sign- osts. The -are informa chosen as Starke's official sponsor for the tea: Mrs. Davis APRICOTS lona NOe 2/ can 15c

i- from wandering aimlessly from at:-The Better Home Festival in Mrs. C. L. Stockwell. Mrs. B. M. .
tion. They save you 19c
,' Lake City Saturday. May 11,which Montgomery and Mrs. J. F. Colley. COCONOG i/2-lb.can
store to store. They keep you advised of the newest Is an all-day meeting to. which the Delicious fruit punch and wafers '

products of the latest values. They save you time and public is Invited. were.served by the hostess and her MARSHMALLOWS Mb. box 15c
.' 'The hostesses for the afternoonwere daughter Miss Kitty Hogsed.Mra. .
7 put greater Buying power in your dollars. They assure Mesdames H.'C.' Wall. W,. L. E. S. Matthews invited cir-

Z pf 'quality and service in merchandise only Wan J. H. Ritch C. F. Hoover N. cle number two to meet at her SUNNYFIELD FANCY SLICED
you Sternberg. O J. Grittls, C. L. home, the first Monday In.June 40c
honest goods honestly advertised can stand the spotlight Stockwell. W. A. Bessant. Jr.? J. _:' BREAKFAST BACON Lb.:

r of publicity.*" i'a .. H. Ktnlaw and Mina Rosalind Ja- Baptist Circles Meet BATH'S CEDAR VALLEY '
{ '. ;. cobs.!! 20cA.
4." ,, 'I'., Circle One of the Woman's Missionary PICNIC HAMS r Lb. .
Florida possesses more than 30- Union of the First Baptist
000 takes Church met Monday afternoonat .* P. FANCY TUB OR PRINT .
.. -E...-. y' the home of :Mra. S. F. lUmrickon BUTTER Pound( 35c
: #-' ., > More than 8,000 I people visited South Walnut Street with Mrs.
,; the Southwest Florida Fair at Hamrick. Mrs.A. H.-.Johns and WHOLE MILK 'r ,. -
: READ''* .THE ADVERTISEMENTS Fort Myers! on .openlng day Mrs. R.'R. Hutchlngs as joint-hos CHEESE Pound 23c
February 12th. tesses.
j ? Baskets of Easter lilies formedthe THE NEWNUCOA. ,. "
decorations for the living room Pound 21c
ro OPEN DAY AND, KIQIIT of this home. :Mrs. J. M. Brown-

lee, leader conducted the devotloa- OLEOMARGARINE ,

H ALE' SON al and the.topic. for.the afternoonwas NUT EY'* Pound .t5c
"Healing. Ashort business l
session following,Land Mr A. A.

I the Circle to meet with theM for


,. d
rYl ; _; .. ;y :, Js" ,, i rye

.-- "
.. ____________________________________
_ _ _ _
''. ,\ ', ""iI"
'" ,,' : ;' '
tH' ,,' '
t i'

t, 1 I Ip.lY It

11,1Y 1 1033__ _' ..___ BRADFORD. .. COUNTY TELEGItArn. RTAkIU!:, FLORIDA PAGE FJVIG -& I:
-- .. __ _.
----- --- u -- -.- -,- ,-
I Mrs Ida Wells Tatum has re- sEi; LONG SERVICE'--- Columbus. located onthe east side Florida produces elghty-Cne p_,
turned NAT SWell
to her home In Jacksonvilleafter
:: I of the Suwannee river where the cent of the phosphate mined in the
LThiitsoi a week's,.visit here with her :
Seaboard crosses It, It Is now buta United States.
daughter, Mrs.,..R,.,J, Davis. 7
.- folks, Sunday Is Mother'i small village, but I have the authentic "- .----

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Briggs and Day-ana they Certainly: deserve story that many years be- Florida. received $H .OOO from
children of Jacksonville, wilt It. Some sons and'daughters seem fore our Civil War when it was a the FERA In February for emergency -
to think that prosperous and Important town and transient relief.
I this week-end at
Ne spend Klngsle
IDCW Lake at the Adkins cottage. Mother Is just i Stephen at Foster came there and --.-
kind of a machine stopped a hotel conducted by
my grandmother, Mrs. Thomas E. The blooming yellow jasmine is
CONCERNING Mrs. William Dobrow and young bangs their Hardee Doubtless the beauty and the first harbinger of spring In 1 i :
TilE COUNTY AND TOWN son Jack Stephen have been re- up Florida : ,
PROGRESS OF clothes tucks grandeur of the river made suchan \
moved to their home ?
here from St.Vincent' his '
mind that afterward
Impression on
them in bed at'night a {1
Hospital, Jacksonville. Florida observes both Eastern "
and cooks R 4H he wrote the famous song; '
i r 'Way' Down Upon the Suwannee and Central time. The dividing :, : :, ;
Mr. and Mrs.,W. F. Barefoot and three meals a River." line I* the Apalachicola River. iii{I I
L a vla- Miss Patsy Brlnson of Hugh,, Mrs S. A. Barefoot of Sanderson, day. It's migh if. :
"Columbus started its decline
ra,JackeoovllleeThursday.. was here Tuesday visiting her sister were here Saturday afternoon visIting ty nice0' hll'gea [ on i if.
when Governor Drew established :
[to .Mr. Hulda Corpening. Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Barefoot. machine like S .
,- ,...-- that, but did It I his larger lumber business at Ella- \ "",,"
and Mrs. W. E. MIddletont Congressman R. A. Green of aver occur to vllle on the opposite aide of the y-Y e I"., .

t Monday In Jacksonville.! Mrs. Emma Tanner of Baldwin Washington, D..C., has been spending you that she might tire of the job river, but when the available tim- 1'1' \
spent the week-end here with her some time We're just thoughtless ber In that section got scarce and! I ,
a few days here with his parents i\\
mother, Mrs. Laura Powell. the sawmill had been moved
-that's all, and It's a good away
of Keystone Heights, Mr,,and Mrs. W; H. Green:
E, Cnrr Wednesday. thing that Mother's Day ,cornea Ellavlllo too became a place of departed "

I victor here Miss Evelyn' Halle, of St. Pet- Mrs. S. P. Vandlvlere and Miss along once a year to remind us to glory. .

"'ifack Hough of Brooker, eraburg, was a guest Monday: of Etholin White returned Saturday give the machine a little attentionor "Governor Drew himself was :

P' here Wednesday.lrs Mr and Mrs. W. G. Halle. from Tallahassee, where they visited : a little gift to show our appre t splendid machinist and in an em- ,
a visitor Mr. and Mrs. George C, White. ciation. ergency was not too proud to don

HLF, Wiggins of New Rlv- County Commissioner R. T. Oi-' : The Nonettt in' J. W Morgan* for the past.nineteen overalls and crawl Into one of his
here Saturday,, teen of Brooker. was attending to Mrs. William Sapp, Misses Hel- years clerk of the All Friends! big boilers and repair It."--Tampa

vas a visitor official duties here Monday.The en Prather and Elizabeth Williams, 1 SILK'SLIPSWhito ; Camp No. 138 Woodmen of the Morning'Tribune, March 28, 1033.MO > ,t !8,

;f Lawtey was aLr spent Thursday In Maypoit visiting Mid T ea Row World, who was honored, by' his You
gurney 34 to Iff*;: lodge brothers, recently on his 'm'H tIn '<. ('Iunl'rou t ,
Tuesday afternoon. : W C. T. U..will meet this Mr.and Mrs. Kenneth Harrington. ,
hen usual seventy-seventh birthday'. County Jinlae'i Court DrndfuiilConniv Look ; '
week at the hour wllh the $1.95" Florlctu.
'" .
",was President. Mrs. F A. Scott.B. : :_._ --- In rat Kutntt of Mlltlrftd Strode' ,

Indlng B t to business here Tuesllsses Mrs. Charley E. Johns and son, "Special' l'" "' HTKI'HEN FOSTER SAW d..d.TO. TIIH. CIIKDITOHS: OP Still Right UtiJyou

.' F.. V. V. and Alph Hazen, of spent the week-end In Tallahassee i LINEN SUITS SUWANNEK ESTATB:
Brooker, were attending to business visiting Mr. Johns, Bradford Coun- The generally accepted story U: You amt ouch of you are hereby
Hutto here afternoon.Mrs to the Legislature Service and Style that Stephen Foster, author of the notified and ftxttilrcil to pruHunt AllY
and Carrie Monday ty's representative
Edna ClHllllH and ItMMKIKlH Which YOU, or and SEE right ",
shopping In Jackson- $3.95 Immortal Suwannee river song, either or yon, mny have *BrHln.t the
It Friday J. D Doyle, Mrs Fay Gill, picked up the name off a map be- .05550 of Mildred Strode., deceased. in a pair of glasses from
.. BeautifulFast Cause it',had a rhythmIc' sound, Isle of lliailfonl: : t'ounty: Florida i S. G. LEWIS. Our thirty i'
Misses Florence and Clarice Gill Mrs. E. S. Matthews, Mrs W. E. In the County Judge nf llrnilfonl
Harrell of Brooker, has spent Tuesday In Jacksonville. :MIddleton, Mrs. H. B. McLendon, Color ,Prints tuning In harmoniously with the county, Florida, nt his ,office. In seven years of experience ,i'
other I the court houim nt "Mini' kv Florida<<
attending court here this and Misses Madge and Hazel Mid- words of his refrain, But Joe within vlflrht. I'lilcmlar menthe from as! experts qualifies us to(
Mrs..Slna Kite Blitch of Ocala, dleton were in Jacksonville Wednesday 15c Yd. Spencer, of Tampa, has It 'other- the elate of the firm publication' ofthin fit you PERFECTLY- t'
k. uotlo (May 10, 11)35).
in Starke ',- wise. His version: All models available

are now
was Tuesday visitingMr.
-- Each ilomnml h.. 1..
Get Her a BOJliMunsingwear claim or mime
R Ga.ney'! Brooker, was aoesa and Mrs. H. L. Brownlee. "I have noted the recent claim In wtltlnw and meet ntl'. the piece. :,:;,
visitor here Monday aft. The Woodman Circle will meet Hose that: Stephen Foster,never saw the of residence' and gnat office niMronii ,
of Ihe claimant mid must be sworn
n. Betty Green spent last week In Tuesday, the fourteenth, at eight Chiffon or ,Service Suwannee river. Maybe we shall to by the rlnlnmnt, MN mrent or hiM \,
Lake Butler visiting her uncle and o'clock p. m, at the WoodmanHall. 79c and $1. yet ,be, told that Washington did attorney or the Mate shall Imromovoid S. G. LEWIS

..'.. Thelma Johns left MondayNew aunt: Mr, and Mrs. R.,S. Johns. All members urged to be Pr. not ,really cross the Delaware to I 10th, at'oordlnir 101ft to Law. This 'May Optician and Watchmaker
capture the Hessians Probably no 1'AfT.INFl 11 BftlODBAdmlntMtratrlx ,
[ Orleans, La., to Visit pieaent. EyeletDRESSES" :
present of ot the eHtateof 118 S. Walnut St., v
day map Florida wouU
bidseVltt. Mrs. E. b.f. Rooks and daughter, show Ml Id rail Strode, "e..a...".
Rebecca, of Green Cove Springs, Mrs. A. H. Green, Mrs. W. M. that we have a place named 5-10-41.5-3.

> a Jones of Gainesville were here Friday visiting friends. Wimberly and Mrs L J. Green All Sizes '"'- ((1NASWORTHY'S
to'Starke in Sunday $2.95
i a business visitor were Keystone Heights -
irday. Miss Beatrice Uoseley spent several afternoon visiting. Mr. and Mrs. F.

-- days last week in Lake Butler -. E. Carr. New ScIit'tion'WASH SHIFT'SGEM

8 language: of flowers.Is love. the guest of Miss Eileen Rivers. DRESSES

Mr. and Mrs: J. G. Lynn and little 16 to;44 SUGAR I P T O
:J Alderman of Melrose, was Mr. and Mr G. A Anderson are : daughter Shirley Jean, spent I }
siding to business here Mondaymoon. ,spending several weeks at the Ep- the Week-end( In Lake City visiting $1IT I NUT

person cottage at. Kingsley Lake Mrs 'Lynn's mother, Mrs. Roxle G ROC E R y
Axnerson. I
'ol, H 0 Brown of :lake But.was Mr. and ..Mrs. Frank Carpenterand i FINE FOODS OLEO25c

i a professional visitor here little daughter of Jacksonville, ..Mrs. James Fredericks, Mrs A.
nesday. were visiting relatives here Tues G. Meister, and Mrs. Lennon Richardson SPECIAL PRICES Pound

day and small son, Kenneth, all Starke. \
|lee Elaine Wynn of Hampton of Miami, are guests of relatives 15c
here Tuesday visiting; Miss :Mrs. Herbert A. Durden and Tit here this week. FRIDAY & SATURDAY, MAY 10-11 j jBROORFIELD
Miss Hazel Adkins spent several -
by White. tie daughter of Madison are guestsof -
her.parents, Mr and Mrs: J. H. Mrs. S. C. Carnell! and children days in Tallahassee last week
oL Joe Hill Williams of Lake KJtch. have returned to their 'home In where she was the guest of her FRE"11 1'INEBUTTER
slater, Miss Lois Adkins, a stu- BANANAS 4 Ihs. ISc
ller, wan a visitor here Thurs- Ormond after a visit :here with
dent at the State Cojlege for Wo-
f afternoon. Flowers mean Love' on Mother1" Mrs. Carnell's parents, .Mr. and
Miss AdkIns Is enjoyinga APPLES
Day. Mrs,,F. A. Scott.: men. pow r
-1 yw I visit In Jasper the guest ot 2Ilss LEMONS
Uo'rep.ce Wiggins andi' ippltcP ,. i Harrison.V' "
ker,' were visitors here' Mon- MillS KatherIne Dowling Lake ;:Mrs T, S. Williams, who has Sue Pound 35c Each lOc

f afternoon, ; Butler, has been a, guest :for'several been seriously ill in .Jacksonville; J ,
days of :Miss Ernestine. An- hospital following an operation The ordination of =newly Tender SQUASH, 3 lb. __lOc

r. and Mrs Howard Mann ofmpton drews. several days ago Is reported to be elected elders and deacons at the CALIFORNIA ICEBEUO

were visitors here,Saay slowly improving. First Christian Church Bund-jy Fresh TOMATOES, lb. __d5c .
afternoon. .Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis spent night following the evening 'service PRUNES
the week-end In'Apopka with Mr. William Duncan Deft Tuesday to by the pastor. Rev. W. T. ::Me Tender BEANS, 3 Ibs. lOc LETTUCE

Ir. and Mrs.: L. A. Johns of Lewis' mother, Mrs. Llllie S. Join Rlngllng Bres-Barnum. and Gulre, assisted by the elders from

pton, were visitors )here Wed-. Lewis. Bailey Circus In Brooklyn N. V. the Christian Churches .of Sampson 2 lbs. __ 15c NEW POTATOES, 3 lbs. lOc Heads 15c }
ay' afternoon. He will be employed In the Pub City and Long Bridge.'

;Mr., and Mrs. ',J. J. Canova and licity Department.

|!rs Tommy Lane of Gainer son, John, of Gainesville, were 0 ,__ Order flowers Tram Mrs.TU O, 21bSe 25c A2c
la the guest of her mother, here Tuesday visiting :Mrs. E. E. Mr. and Mrs. L.:.F. Dlnkins and Powell.
P. J. Pearce Canova.' little daughter. Jo Ann of Lawtey, --- Lard COMPOUND ;
were guests durhlg the weekendof Mrs. Emma Anderson,.returned

(ra, Pate Gassett and children! Judge A. Z. Adkhn has "'t>een Mrs. Dlnklns" parents, Mr.. and to her home In Archer Friday,after.
enjoying a visit with relatives confined to his home rqn 'Walnut Mrs. 0...A. Andreu.Dr. a several days' visit here with her Pound 4 Ibs. SOc

zark, Alabama. Street for several of Illness. C. C.MendDza-of Jacksonville Mrs. Sam Anderson. ,Mrs. ,:Anderson -
r.and Mrs.J. Godwin of:the and his brother, B. B. Men- was accompanied ,as far ItS '

te Farm, were visitors here \ Mrs. S. P. Vandivtere was in doza, of New Orleans, La., were Gainesville by Mrs. Sam Andersonand MACKEREL 3 cans 25c'IPEANUTBUTIERlb.19c

urday afternoon.. Tallahassee the latter'part-of last guests Sunday at the:home of Mr. Mrs. N. D.,Wamwright, Jr. : M

week visiting Mr and.Mrs.: 'George and Mrs. T. J. Griffin. '
Mri. 101.!: C. Stith and Mrs.
you need stationery White., Tomatoes No 2 25c
Thomas Hansen cans
by and seethe variety of sanest Mrs T. N. Busch and twin sons MATCHES
> the Telegraph office.lour City Manager and TMrs. CharlesLarsen Thomas and Lewis, of Tallahassee, : Mrs. W. H. Tucker ena Miss Katie COFFEE
Weeks of Nno> Mrs
Bee tirnry
and addn-ss printed on reach of Lakeland, 'Were guestsof are guests this week of Mr. and I
t at no additional cost. Col. and Mrs. D.;E.JKnight:last Mr. J. H. Ritch and family at their S. E. Brownlee and Mrs. ,J. M., Com Peas No 2 12c
Brownlee, were luncheon guest Can 15c or can 2 15c
I Ira Walter Alvarez of'JacksenIs weqk-end. home on Temple Avenue. Friday of Mrs.: H. L. Brownlee at ___ Pkga. __ ,

t, spending several' days Mr and Mrs. J. .M. :Brownlee Dainty Corsages In ,white and her home on North Walnut Street.

e with relatives.lr. spent Sunday Jacksonville visIting color Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Peacock POTATOES: 10 Lbs. 10c

their daughter,,Miss,Martha of Atlanta Ca.. who were
i : and Mrs. J. D. Doyle ands Brownlee.Mrs.. Mrs. Kate Kintngsworth andgranddaughters married at the First Baptist z
Patricia Lambe,;were visitors O' M-tasea Myrtlce,
Church of Atlanta on April 29 KELLOGG'S {'OUN BEST TABLE TOMATO
Jacknonvllle Sunday. Hogan Smith,. Doahlanith Florle and WUlavlda Killingsworth :were guests Tuesday of Mra. S. E.
and Merle"Brown ...,f ,Sampson have gone to Jacksonvillefor 'Brownlee and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. FLAKES PEACHES No21/1 15c CATSUP

'"cent Alvarez and..Merrill.Mcn were visitors here Tuesday a few months visit'there .with Brownlee. Mr. Peacock ,Is a 25c can H-oz. Battle fiY
of Eunnell, spent the week-. afternoon. relatives. grandson of the late'Major! Bugg 3 for
Hero at their honnw. who practiced law for a number SLICED! OR CRU811ICD I2'c 7

Rev. and Mrs G. H, Lowi>y and Paul E. Knight of Tallahassee of In Starke. PEARL \'IIITI!
daughter Margaret;;, are enjoying spent Saturday In Starke with his. years --- .. PINEAPPLE N o. 2 can 15c SWEET MIX t tGRITS

ENT A WORD a two weeks' visit in MaryvllH. parents, Col. and Mrs. D. E. Prince Joel) James Gabriel' de : PICKLES
'Tennessee.. Knight. Paul la an attache ot the Mlrza, of the A 'YroCbaJdeanProvince ;

State Senate during the legislative of Palestine1, was at.flyer 8 Lb. -- 25e pork & Beans 16-oz cn 5c Qt: Jar 15e
COLUMN Miss GulUa Marie Tbede ,of session.R. Junction, Fla. during February ,
it Lawtey was a guest 'of the Zeta : seeking a location for a colony of SODA
RENT single' I'OOIar Tau .Alpha House la Tallahassee I F. Demoreet spent the weekend his people,who are Christians. :
partment W. Call, Mra. JL :II. Young, this week-end. In Aoooka with Mr. and Mrs.: I Box 5c TOMATOES, NOe 1 can 5c 3 for 10c
9SpALINO J-.C.-Bobinon: and was accompanied Fat Folks Read This +

CARDS auy. size, Mrs: Jessie Mae Blskely was to home by Mrs. Demorest who SHE REDUCED 14 BALLARIXM' OR AMERICAN HKAIJTV 6 LBS 12 LBS. 24 L SFLOUR .
for bpi; J50 Lake City Saturday visiting' her had spent the past week there visiting -
:190. Mono- IN 3 WEEKS
IIIDled stationery/ 100 beets brother ,and sister-in-law. ilr.::and,, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. LBS.

100 ea'\'elope., J2.T8.' Bradford Mrs. JobnoyBaisden.' -'
nty Telegraph Phone 2' tf. Mrs J W. McCaU and ions",of Paid No AttentionTo 25c45c87c

Any color, of ink any kind i,f Jasper, were guests last week et Envious Uoaslpers .
"Sectional Beok.Ca;; paper.iany style of printed MUM Mr, and ilrsJesse Newsom. :Mr., -I
ad large efcctrle refrigerator, er monogram! that appeal to yearfanoy McCall spent the week-end here Mrs. J. H. Valentine of Freeport.

Id exchange tot emaD -.,*. .-4n ('ol nlaJ stationery at with :Mr. and Mrs. Newsom and aecompeaJed N. Y., writes "I lost ,14 Ibs. with

W x. 496.; Mrs. Annie A. nazee, $l.t5: a box.' Bradford. County. his family home Sun Krunchen and my husband took off Brookfield Mavonnoise TIP TOP MARKET
Walnut StreetS Te 'fIIIPh" day afternoon. I 12 Jb. In 3 weeks and Intends
keeping up the good work. I think Vas Pt. Mayonnaise .. .15c
THE ***** will like Beef Stew all Lean lb. 20c
very' Mystery Clock. George Johns of Tallahassee You "Cblo-cneck Blue" Kruschen is simply wonderful. 1 Pt. Mayonnaise ,25c ,
purchase counts. Bread. the weekend with name attractively printed Intelligent folks like Mr. and .
Starka during your
was in Western Rib Roast lb. 25c
Extracts, Candy, Cigar. most Palestine don't'listen to Pt. Relish 15e : ,
sad visiting' his grandparents.' Mr on each sheet.The polyalar Mrs. gos- / Spread _. "
ee, abort Other sandwiches, best and Mrs. W. H. Greta. stationery with MH younger sIpping folks who tell them it's impossible 1 Pt. Relish Spread .25c Picnic Hama, lb.I ,. 23c '
ii orders and plate girl See sample at the Bradford to reduce ,safely '
3Oc. I Ibs. for 35c
N_ ChIli| 1Sc-: Hot Caketl Carpenters 'are busy this week County Telegraph.The Kruscnen Salts is one safe reducing Qt. Jane Good -Relish .. ..25c Bologna, 2
poP corn-peanuts. treatment-it's a health Beef Stew Rib lb. 15c
and additions
rtey repairs ,
Cafe. making some Pt Jane Good Relish 15c
Lawtey, Florida. to the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. many friends here of Mrs treatment-physicians, prescribe It -_,.. Breakfast Bacon lb. .35c
who baa take half teaspoon In Jt _
Tenth Street. Mary ,Weeks, of Miami -Just a
bRICE SuPpLIEs M. Davis on
&d Un. machine Typewrit- 1 been seriously 111 for several cup of hot water first,thing every OATS, 100 Ibs. .,__ .$2.32 Steak, Western Round lb 25c
!Iota ribbons. Lee weeks In a Miami hospital will be morning-tastes fine with juice of CORN 100 Ibs., ''
.aneS..Jamelt $1.80
Miss Jeanne ._,-_. Roast West. Chuck lb.,20c ;
or machinetypewriterpaper. In the glad to learn that she successfully half lemon added a'tf jar lasts 4 ,
Butler appeared
of Lake ,
II Oil s.i, .t thar,Bradford piano recital given Friday. night underwent a second operation weeks and costs but a few cent-, SWEET FEED, 100 Ibs. .$2.10 -

1117 Telegraph offlc nODe at the Woman's Club by the pupils Monday and to reported to be slowly any drugstore Mitchell's DrugStore
veils lots of it.t -Ad/,<
** L..A, Canova. jb provlng,
of Mrs. ,
... ,,.,. ? : .

-li; ; i I"" '':,* r' \ :yrl'j'; ".'""t. .,s.:: ;.. .. .,"..:jt 'fjj' i i} .JJ ;tijj.; ({! ,':"} !I i V q r 'r.i. 'r' b31T ti,. S
.,.I,"u,. \", rlt'l<;" ..;"t_, 1_:,::..ill._r' N1\. _:L-.r> I<'). n.i r''.{}i.',;"1"'>1\..,; I" ';]'':i! I. ,,', rt" "...."",. .. ., ,

.. ," ok _,-----\-.h.".".' ,-.W,,," .-...

"" '._"'.... ';.j-.J" ."(J.I,_ "...,.,......', J', }'4Jo .......'r.i' .,..,iI'I.'f1\'I' !"" ,..........,: '" -':""' 11"4"' ...h,4,... ''v"". !p J ,.",.. ,> "."'. "' '''"f'4: ::; : JJ.4) ::: ; !,''. 1I'"U'i.,4\ L J.I1$1!! ,, \'?'" \
r" !



I"P.. ,0._ h.

Social Service Bill Tourists in Florida ,

qOOR CHILDAND ; f Draws Criticism 000$90,000 annually for) mounting for fishing their'"'lie$I:

$600.000 for boat e'lti


a, t.. AUJBN a IRELAND administration-sponsored
Dow. ,$...'" __ Nti 6IwaW.be social service bill, carrying, $100 a a ,.
) Jws.y r.wr D./.wwa ., raM twaanae of Florida In Short Paragraphs pE
Conducted by Demonstration Agents 000 appropriation to set up a start:

j of experts to supervise the spend- ID

Hobby Horse ing of federal relief funds and exercise e

To ride a hobby horse IB beeom. -, __ It. optional control over local 0 Yea sutler Iturning
lag quite the stylish thing to dC). charitable and welfare agencies, too ICJftty,
: I be indeed GROWS may be approved by the legisla- I&rilNltionhe.deche. /
And not to do it may a OCALA MORE VETERANS -'"
Hints To Housewives ture but it will be to dizzinut, swolla/
RURAL serious matter. OCALA- )' 'Secklll/rlr./ state CLEARWATER contingent subjected a ankles? Are lip tt
this for Marlon World veterans arrived barrage of harsh criticism on the you filed,n..OUI
Look at It in census enumerator of 176 war aU
Weekly, from Home Demonstration COMMON SENSE light. Where are the County, today announced Ocala's here from Washington for conditioning floors of both the house and sen- IIItIInIng? end do.'t !knew "t"- .

"+ lobs for the rising population had increased from 7- at the Clearwater rehabilitation MtIfISJ
SpeclaltoU, TaUuhaaaee By SPUDS JOHNSON ate.This Tbe..lve
1 generations? What 281 to 8,008 since 1930. The coun- camp. After becoming bill, coupled with a companion some thOUgh! III
are the boys and ty showed a gain from 29,578 to climated the men will be sent to measure that would abolish 1"_,.. Be Me thayluncOanpMs' '

;1: FOLLOW SIMPLE RULES IN PLANT GRAZING CROPS girl leaving school 30,685. I the Florida keys to join other vet- juvenile court probation officers I Iylor lasdlonel kldey dilOtdtr

J PLANNING MEALS :NOW FOR ANIMALS TO going to do? Where erans at work on federal projects. and more'or less juvenile judges .... e_wale 10 hey In th.lllOOMd M

Serve plain meals. Mashed potatoes HARVEST NEXT FALLSI are they going? Fred Wee-ant, assistant executive under tho thumb of the proposed a poi_ Md Sped dN" \

//'fr roast ham kraut, Graham Smith said the other day thatIf What will satisfy TOO EXCITING officer ot-the rehabilitation campsin state social welfare board receivedits .,... With

bread, butter, fruit sauce and milk you don't want to "wait table" their natural eagerness for life, CLEARWATER The excite- Florida, said 1,300 former soldiers baptism of fire at a public &he Deems P01r. .Do...
t:I make a plain meal. for hogs and cows, now Is the time activity, and adventure? Facing ment of hooking a 15-pound king are now at work in the state. hearing before Joint commttlees. Iddtlays. osly.. They ...", ,,
;(f. Serve one-dish meals.! Meat- to be planting some grazing crop that problem bring more than a fish was too much for J. 3, Mehaf- tat.--....
The strength of the opposition was Ike wedd ...
: r 1 vegetable stew with dumplings requires for them. I've spent many a busy little worry. It should and does fey, 47, of Tampa. He collapsedand TO BUY PRODUCTS Yoe cm get.lip.g..
": only bread, butter and milk hour late in the Afternoon and ear- give cause for concern. died a few minutes later. A JACKSONVILLE-: The Florida amazing, even among the most alas. ti.e-tested Da'. .t ttl ..
Ii physician attributed the death to ordent supporters.The ...... .
711 to provide a nourishing meal. ly In the morning "waiting table"for The only solution facing the Emergency Relief Administration focal of the attack

,w., Serve well prepared foods. Boiled hogs and cows, and I know school I I. to go into the hobby busi- angina pectoris.. hall been Instructed to buy approximately point the line of states'
;'''K potatoes, cole slaw, bread and that crops which they can graze ness seriously. Give those restless $200,000 excess commodities was purely along t .
and to the
I butter are commonly used foods I' and harvest, themselves do'save a hands and idle minds something* to PACKING'PLANT BURNS from farmers and distribute rights retain privilege 0
cf the of Florida
that most unpalatable unless lot of trouble,, and the cafeteria letting people
do, something interesting!, appeal- FORT MYERv- water front them to relief departments. Her- themselves insofar the
1, carefully prepared. style of feeding'suits' me considerably -, Inl!:. Radio making. Dramatics.. fire broke out here, razed the Lee bert'' E. Godwin, director of the conduct govern of their charities and as wel-

". Serve a food only one way at i a I better. Music. Art. Sports. Clubs. The County,paekinplant and caused surplus commodity department, fare organizations is concerned.

meal. Boiled cabbage kraut and The tendency In everything nowadays lint is long.Ask help of your local I damage estimated at a quarter of who will do the buying, said the .

: cole slaw should not be served at ia to cut down the costs of; or county library or state department a million dollars before it was I authority came from Harry L.

.,. the same meal. production. One of the best waysin of education. Write to the quelled by firemen who battled Hopkins, FERA administrator in FOR EIGHT MONTHS SCHOOLThe I
Serve foods of different textur which hog and cattle raisers can National Recreation Association or from shortly after midnight to Washington.SEEK first definite step
at a meal. Creamed meat, creamed obtain low production costs Is to the Leisure Time Institute, both of I I I guaranteed eight-months termIn
1:! potatoes, pudding with cream let the animals harvest their own New York City. RIGHT OF WAY all Florida schools, lacking as

ik sauce are examples of the same- feeds. Of course range cattle har- Education takes plaet on tKt FIND OLD RECORDS OCALA-Committees from five yet funds to finance such opera- _

,1; textured foods. Creamed meat, vest their feed of grass on the playground at well a* in the clat- KEY WEST-Stained In age and counties the proposed cross-state tions, was taken by the senate _

' ,'!' boiled potatoes with butter and range. but even they need some room. Dr. Inland tacplaint tuna isMs rich in history, old documents and ship canal would traverse have with the passage of a bill sponsored __

I\p; sponge cake are foods of different supplemental feeds during times n.xt articU. papers, dealing with the early his- drawn plans for obtaining the by Senator Lucas Black, of _
when the short.It of and base Oainesesville, chairman of the education _
, '," texture.' grass is tory of Fort Jefferson recently right way agreed on a '
'; Serve light desserts and salads is possible In Florida to have 16 STOLEN AUTOS designated by President Rooseveltas price for the land, Walter F. committee. __

!iU; with heavy meals and heavy den some kind of grazing crop each TAMPA-Five automobiles were a national monument, have been Coachman Jr.. of Jacksonville, announced i Senator Black admitted companion ,_

}!' sects and salads with light meals month In the year for hogs and stolen In Tampa during the monthof recovered by the Army from an after a meeting here. The legislation is necessary tog I I Ir

I Fruit sauce with sugar, cooky, or plenty of grazing when needed for April-and eleven were recovered abandoned stable on the military price was not made public, but provide the $10,500,000 needed to

:I.t ,:sherbet are light desserts. Pie, cattle. Most of us know the crops the report of Detective Sergt. reservation here. Close to 1,000 Coachman, who Is executive vice give each of the 13,165 teachers

:,: cake with whipped 'cream, fruit which are suited best to our lands Chevls, of the Auto Theft Bureau, pounds of books, documents and president of the National Gulf-At- units an $800 annual income, as <

;pudding are heavy desserts. and conditions. Or, if we want discovered recently. A total of letters were in .cu>aked and uncared I antlc Ship Canal Association, said proposed by Samuel Getzen, Sum-
suggestions regarding crops to be sixteen stolen automobiles were recovered for packing cases which have been It "will be fair to the land owners." I ter County. The vote on the bill
A fruit served
raw or vegetable five being stolen from was 36 to 1 and similar
grown for grazing we can get removed to th#Army post libraryand -
'r: with a French dressing completes them by writing to the Experiment other cities. Only one automobile turned over to the Florida SNEAK: THIEF BUSY assured in the house. I

y a meal when the main tour eerv- stolen here during the month, was ERA, for and MELBOURNE-Police and sher- .
e or Agricultural Extension assorting cataloguIng. -I :
heavy. A rich salad is often
Service at Gainesville. missing today. Iff's deputies are hunting a sneak SALES TAX :NOT NEEDED FOODEconomy
ed the main of meal. ?.
as course a ,
I The main thing now Is for us thief who entered fourteen residences Florida does not need a sales
ct.\\' Prepare foods so as to develop here. Only money and tax if the
not to legislature tightens present -
neglect plant these
i'; the natural flavor. White red, graz- AMAZE Jewels were taken, In some instances tax collection laws and devel-
" A
ing crop Many of them are MINUTESCIENTIFACTS
, have the
green yellow, vegetables
' 'iN delicate flavor and attractive already planted. However if we } !I from rooms in which per- ops to the fullest extent its present
-'j appearance sons were sleeping at the tlme.Fo- of State
').i., of the raw vegetable If do not have enough already growIng <: BY ARNOLD sources! revenue, Comptroller -
lice advance the theory that only Jim Lee told
correctly cooked. we should not lose any more newspapermen the world !
1 over thousands
one man was involved in the robberies at recent conference.The A.L :
Y's:'{ time In getting them started. a
:Make the staple foods the main !
I and in all probability the comptroller was reported at of housewives are saving
Crops planted will furnish
. : dishes of all men In. Out-of-sea- now
&; son foods have no place In an economical good grazing next fall when it Id I F [RAIN. l C3 EMAINED ON m **MC. 0tI on. same person who entered a num- work on his own state financial food, time and money with ihtl

l,1 g"l, dietary. needed. EARTH IT WOULD MIMVM TMMI MIT DEEP 'IN A YiAd's T''I.fOOT ber of Vero Beach. homes recently. program for consideration by finance Superfex Oil Burning RcfrigoJ
and taxation committees of
|,1 Secure:' variety In meals by preparing -, DuPONT DIES'JACKSONVILLEAlfred ator. And while they're !
,l foods Report from Punta Gorda states: the house and senate. ;
] staple different = Irenee '
1(v Post In the kitchen ,six to ways eight that Intangible property listed on s duPont organizing genius of the their meals are better too, Void[
I the 1935 rolls In Charlotte County MATTER OF ARRANGEMENTThe i less work and fewer hours ill
wealthy Delaware family who
I IF YOUR up to February 15th totaled El 050 IE) packed Into seventy years the va- prosecutor was endeavor- the kitchen. It costs lest thin!
50949010. Ing to find out through Uncle
W ried careers of chemist, captain of Mose, if "the defendant Indulged in 110 a year to achieve these grail!

ways to prepare potatoes, cabbage, Industry, politician and philanthropist profanity." tying results, because SupcrfeJ

| BREATH HAS apples, berries squash and meats,. died early last week of I "What I mean Uncle Mom, is derives its from kerosene!
a heart attack. Death came at Ep- power
Extend the flavor of the more did he use words that would be
' expensive staple foods by combinIng ping Forest, St. Johns River estatehe proper for a minister to use In his the cheap fuel that is conveniently .

* A SMELL YOU them with cereal products. A 1'.. built some years after severing sermon 7" available everywhere.!
connections with the huge E. I.
small amount of meat combines "Oh, yasBuh," testified Uncle
well with dumplings baking rr : duPont de Nemours company. Constant food preservation,.!
pow- .... Mose, "but dey'd have to be arranged -
CANT FEEL WELL der biscuits, noodles, rice and r. DADE MAY LEAD dlffrent."-Winter Haven ice cubes when needed Atl

whole wheat. .. 1 ; I JACKSONVILLE-Duval County Herald., means, to make delightful meal!
' Combine left-overs that
so they .
Gt When we oat too much our food dean lose may be displaced by Dade as -- from "leftovers". your choice
;'. .0 our bowta. Our trlmtd email| hue their identity Left-over .CARD Oil' THANKS
the largest
Florida having the -
' dmy e.mlaa out of ... all meats may be used In omelets, county of many delicious frozen dcsserol
' 'i.-.o .c We wish to thank
bad bnwk. Wo tool a population, Incomplete returns many
*> dear all o..r oar body. It make OIl'' salads and souffles. from the 1935 indicate friends for their kindness duringthe ice cream; cooling drinks ..illl
*' Vtoony, crouch and Bo rood for ajrthlna. Combine flavors carefully. Sal- census illness and death of our husband these ;things'aire: with JSuperfex.
but Jacksonville will maintain -
t, WtmlmakM the food d_r la u..bo.I.1 men and chocolate 1 yours
i tj *V..II. when wo rat too MncJi. our DlU I should not be ( r leadership as the largest cityIn and brother, James Eustlce '::
ihilnr_ft" dlrat It. What lathe bill luleol served at the same meal. Cottage TASTING Crews, also for the many beautiful -
't It I.! the med vital digs.Live Juice In out cheese and onions 5 BuTT1lIU'UI' case the proposed consolidationof arM- ; i:
: body. UnlMo S pinu of It *ro flowtnn from combine well TASTE City-County governments Is approved flowers. Superfex 'made in five differeD!
:: our liver Into our bomli day outnxmmmibi since one hUll a bland flavor and WITH TNIIR Lilia,WHICH
every :Mrs. Vlloet Crews
4" get hard Mil ..>..&1_ I and. the other a strong flavor. ARf IOOO TIMS* AMNSfflVI J TWO-HEADED BABY by the voters. Associated i models;,, There Is one to SUIIyot. |
;' M eSala'! d.t-.J: our SS feet aleall As TIll MA. BOON. IN MlCHIOAN Press reports from Miami recently dk t< Mrs and :Mrs. A. I* Crews.
i' .
Thl poison recttmr Prepare the greater part of the I requirements.Just ,
::, body e.vy dt. .....- day's meals In the HUMAN TOttOUS. LAST YEAR IT oils HORTLVMltTM. were to the effect that with
II When our Mends merit our tad breath morning.Plan hyT.E fifteen precincts incomplete the Fred Venfach has opened a modern call us and we'll arrange i|
" but vo don't) and we fed Ilk* a whipped meals ahead of time so names of 169,465 persons-had been bakery in Clearwater, Fla., i
IS' >omo >. don't uo a rooiithwub.. or takes that better combinations free demonstration.
i. ......_ Ovt at the MU... Tako Carlar'l are prepared THE taken In the Dade County census specializing on French and. Dan-
1 MttJo Um Pill which gently atart UM : a gi'eatir variety secured, WALKING FISH/ t -.., .. Enumerator George C.. Priest in ish pastries and bread He has'installed A.B.CLARK
? BOW Of (OUT bile jUlOO. But If 'BORMthlB| the meals cost less because : I
It; sNaP fa alTered yon don't buy 11. foi every Till TROflCAU ftATNSM 0tI .Yea tt charge of the Dade count said he $15,000 worth new machinery -
&, ft mar ba a valnnM) /4manury pill vMot thing IN used more attractive rm GULP or MIXICO WALKS vON already had sent 16 ,463 names to LAKE CITY FLORID
IOOMM teeth iiripM and aoalda ....
netvm dishes
are from BWE.VXAir
''.' In many _1>'. Ash far CarUr LHtto left-overs t1IS alA HO WITH TIll e Tallahassee, and had 4,062 addi- R. F. D. NO. 3
;, ,Liver Pill, by nojna and gel whet awe and the marketing Is done more > OP TWO PINNY PEST.i. TELEPHONE No. 1. ELLI.ILLESUPERFEX,
.. .... tional names in his office for
> aak CM- , checking. Kidneys
I __". -- _'_'_'._' n_.. -- t..
',, If :you mold tredn your nrrketcd. tired not

'\.'' ; y ar r? }n'.* "',.,."..'." ",,..-....,,'>.,!"i"".1Y,1U'.h"l" .,t.,..'* |@K-"tire'IUoInll'. you.N-would.."..too
"E =
AsVo '" < ., aontu itching '
s.1 : g
' A na .aA.kn' ; wA; i t",1i '"> &
1 c mi mtmtmiimm t w i :-;< ; ?(( -*, "T( ,:$*.y "w.S&Vyi ." .. al kidney rflMfirdtuIZ':: ** REFRIGERATOR!
' mmi mii i ?**- ? f ,," ib ..<{" ,,; "" ;;ic 'A- doS CYSTTh Prip.
": < called. : : eirtmd.M .
< ,
; %. II. _
\ -J 'A" >'". .! ;:.<<
; I "...': '>""!" ,"... ,'< 1 Ia a dare a money ....... "OIl artsta
,"\ As fast t&'tt :st! r 1;;: -
$, as we can build them .'';>;;;$" :(>,.,,;.,* ::} <', -

,: }. ;\,<<,,'i f;:',$1. <>';:'&1io- "':';\

\, .t ,l'.. ;R<"'<;) 1
. / DOUBT about it-the Silver Streak % ;'f.itt 'W For Expert RepairingSmith's
: America l Pontiac is exactly J what America wants. "..>>""",>.,'"<",, ,, v,.

. : aujc !{7V ,." :tKti i
.cy.t An buyer awaits that leaves ':- i.t; "" "'j;!>
'i"ta a eager every car \
r V "
; !.c i .t .
t y h the ,
and Pontiac
factory; 1935 sales are
4k ';-1)- GaragePhone

a double those Pikes year. The reason? The ar :
: ? k 4f
eta 3 r: Pontiacisvartkthingnewtomotoring-aIotw 'ifi.l RV
i.-S \ \aZ ;v&r % 120:
as .
dm3ih\Q t "" 1> .
a priced. cat; the most beautiful thing on V> W
t: ,,, ; >
wheels.J A I look, a ride, and you, too, will +'<>1 'V.qb'.,,"i.W-. Wrecker Service Day or Night

l',.' tlf'C'i.lc-ru" can't Jo better than a Pontiac. f ..t .\ -- _

;/lf.J.. :.W{, }} < >,,,,(. _
' "'" <<<
:,;; -
, "...:,, ... ::.t'*" \