f u 7 f. .4 for tlie ,arletla will) State Fair Times. T. Llmkmnirh. re. card 0 < reI'. tut

ft.'f hIt' 'fJ, ......... will be held'' November 22 to December -., o A.. C.f\ Brown Jone.,, In repairs :t ...Itl','ti Rooks .was well chosen 1. The Democratic vice president nominee asks the Demo- D. C. .10..... Incld.' < -- ----- t
J I Oh C'. .loa..., Incld. IT 380
.. .. T--J ..
-- -----'' __ .. ._ .. ,. -
:. .

F 4i! ,I lfJ

:I '\, .P I' ",' .. ,_ ., .. .. .. ... ,. .,. ,

., ',',i\\V;'\ ;
,1'.I" /
1 ?, I;,

J' .I I.

; ', 1 '
'"' -- -
""""" 1 ,
"""" AD3..U R4f OfttilTH TEtJrCrViflt.' : !! 1E\!, TTCtP&, : IAG'F.nmgs': ', '
1"PTF.\m1m" as. HsaS _. .. .._ ., :
. .
rnTn.\'I' __ J --- -- ---
_. _ LO' -- C'.l
.. _.._ J. -
....... "' --- ----- -- --
_- ----n------' __ ___.,_, .... RAJnl'onD'R sTOim VICTIMS DfttTJI T.1nWnCUN: LEE: When cut little/ rappers stop flapplii' CLRRK'9 REPORT-: NOTIM I OK APPUOATIOW! FOR f '
; lnrl..., | J. Mil : )
deatha reported In lastweek's nl'lll'f'Cl farmer K>plr !" at I>oo.tor'a And tbe farmers all welcome a Report of the (Fin11' Circuit\ ,\
News of Florida in Short Paragraph The only Bradford Inlet. drouth; Court In .and fur llradford of County, Nptloe IH h"r.by given that J. n '. ,,' d
of former Florid lujoount T5z.a .
storm on "
Powell holder of VrtlAaate No j :, '
1"\ TUX
all things repay happen .U \ ,. \ '
county people lit the Okeechobee When theno the your 18! 241, the 6th day" p. 19Z1 f \ a
Slink' rin Rent.K 1 1928.
section were Mrs, Rowe of Lawtey ,,JJ\l'IJlollvllIe.! Sept. 23.-Tbe W. HAYHia.T] .. CoileetorI'nanry has fire niett and nmtle Mid I .PPlt..unn J } for mr TU of I" ,',\ "
and a colored man Billy Roberts death of Morgan Washington Lee Then Hoover will carry the South ,I I>ro.arTo deed to l ISsne'th.renn In a"'or4an.| .' I 1.,>1,l ;'.s i.v t\

State NewsTOLD I Bljw of the Lawtey section. 1>11'. 79, a retired farmer wha\for\ nannyyears : Sunset News niueHeld, W. YaIIIMPTON hal.,Hint due'.ill AUK lee.t ml I. I1US31X7__!I____ U17.7H.ISIty With\.. following law. Said denrrlbed rertlflrate. \ embrarertb ', : ( ,,.: ,. '
[Live To tin.1.) due H.> >l. |I. 192S __ __:3019.HitAarlrultnrnl property
family had been resldeiU! ot Doctors | J.m
and Mrs. J. R. larnae| and / a situate In Jlrudford County 'lIfrlda .Ituy:, ()':.
of 13 children lost everything 'In Inlet, occurred at UJa home Tn; bAl. due Aug. I ?- 41811 to-wlt: 1
IIIIU All Mouth half of Southeast liuart.tl
1'nll.rtcl .. : : .V 1
Hv ,
) Cross la early this morning following an ami. 13377 .
(Jhe blow and the Red To lull, due 11I..1.. 1. 1958! Il.Ir..9I mast. of Hallway equal 6 cores Ir .' Ii.
furnishing! them transportation, to lln| as of |long duration I Mr Lee i Mr. and Mr. J. C. Keene haven Road nud DrMa-e Ileade ill Townnhtp 6, South. H.inn.; ,,l \t"' d1
Ga. He To bnl itiie AHHT I, llfiH ._ _SHS81: .Iff 22 Hunt, 6 Hi-rex. The aHNemiment nti 1\ "
with native of Statesboro. 1'
BY OUR EXCHANGESPlant f Starke. where they will be was a new sop, who arrived' Sept.' I8ii.( II>" mill, collected __..__ TUI2IO amid property' under mid oertlncnt* (' ,
tbelr brother W. F, Harnage. was a member of the Baptist The Loyal Sops and Daughters Tn l"nl. due Kept, 1. t IHU711Q\ iNened was In (be name of 11..ltord"I.. \ :/ ""I--
i (church also of the Free land Accepted WUon'n. l......lnM F..d.. C.'nllnlvlank. .. "
--r-------.____'..._u ---.., EXAMINA- clans of the CJirUtlun church had' To ,bat. due AUK, 1, IBS __ tU.76 llnleaa Raid rertlflcato shell "
._ TKACHKRHTIO.V MANORS of HainptoQ, Fla. an outing'at Hampton Beach on llv Hint fnllorlvil ____ __ 12277 deemed ari'ordlnw to law, Tall 11..1. ;y'1
CityDevelopment of 10,. St. p.terBburg-The St. Peters. (Ue, Js survived by his w.lfe. three Friday night.; Bathing/ was the order To. Itnl. flue Kept, ]I. 102!) ____ 300,119Onu.ty ) October will Imme A.therenn P. 1K28 on the let 3 j

000 acres of J lands in !eastern Hlf le- burg Times Thursday published a Twenty-seven applicants! were sons, L. C. foee. who la In :tbe' gen of the evening. Ire cream nd To sal dun Auir. 1.flrhool m>> 8(175( .BU lope thla etth day of Aurunt, VI I "1 ',
borough county Is being plannedby dispatch from a staff
concern which for many years ant at West Palm Beach which given>> py; 3upt. Wiggins, last Inlet; 0, C. and W M, te Jr., Theodore) Sparkmau and family To but Tola dim Hppt Huh.lrhool I. IflJH !_!..*.6HK.TJ (S..I l) O.Clerk W. AT.PRRMAN Clrrullmtf: k i

bas been Interested in various pro- said sixty bodies were burled I 10 week seventeen white and ten colored. olio of Rectors. Inlet; one sister, of Dranford are visiting here this To l>al. dun, Au r. 1. 1928 ,__, 3 511 5.SI Bradford. County, Florida '' '

ducLlpn of orange groves dairyingand one huge gray there yesterday; I' \ Examination papers were Mrs. II. A. Street, of Register, Oa. week To My but tunt.sit itnllirteit.. SxI i t. 1.. __ ._ _? IOIH.M | .Jl.gt..2H.NOTICn. ,

stock raising are among the grave that waa dug by a steam sent to TaJl) hju ee by Supt. Wiggins He bad a vide circle of frtods: and Mlgaea Mosley and May Total> ..!:::0..i.UMQ. i
tentatively contemplated. shovel. lie said bodies were \ for grading and report back arauaintuQovs.! ; Clyde To bat. aim Ant., I, 1525 IU.11.S4
things Jone* were shopping In Gainesville lly unit follvrted $441.51. t Qt '
-- --
e brought in so rapidly from the to Mm. Funeral tervlreii will be conducted last Friday.Mr. To |hut, duo H.iit. I hula UOni.lJ OP 111I.11.011I:
lake region that a crew of carpen Those taking were: Messrs. Mel.! from the graveside at 10 O W. A1JhlIIMAN, Olrrk -
U. Petershurg--Col. L. M. Oabi (sera vln Futch.James} W. Zalfcler A. J. and Mr*. W. O. Bennett, lly Plead. Al.lprininu 1>.,O, |
was kept busy buldlng Mtd-
roagroffliiH. o'clock Sunday morning In To the Sheriff of Bradford Pourttr,
t '
U ft. A., medical! reserves was Ohms, L, II, Futch. Mrs. Ploy dUbtirK The Rev J. F. and Miss llarhel Bennett of Hawthorne FI'f State of Florida ,
cemetery. ('I.nK'1l: Ae'tfl.'
In a serious condition here Saturday e Sullivan Mr". i4aa. Wells. Mrs. of Peoria will conduct were the Kif Hta of Mrs.J COUNTY KIM III''TI.ME\I'>SMonthlr : Re It known, that f, II. Clay Crawford r
McBride ) ..
I N of Hills l of the State
| fever
with high resulting I. Tucker thin week
1 Kdna: Hart.. Misses Lois Oalney. -\01'1\ ..
la-YeslerIIlY afternoon the the service. lie will be laid/ to nf "' <.I'.IarI. bv rive notice that ,
bum, an Infected anger, which IetuSfwl ) Pearl Galntfy, Inez Carmichael lot with Masonic )lr..*. W. .C. Thomas spent the fliiftncmi statement eft'IL ( TI\N\ will! I>.> held. ,
In the
while dressing the woundsof southbound nine BUS was rambling Mottle Norman. Lubedla Plnhol-- rent!' family week-end wit It friend In flalnaa- Bradford county. fur (h. month = along into Ocala on her way honors The Sea hole funera.l parlors 192$. I'I'AIIKI".t 'on Tiu'Hclay next eupfnedlna. the n""tMon"y
storm' victim In the Lake 01le ster, >OdnaStricklapd.: | FredrlkaBtruth. of the .: p.n.rel ........ l In November, A. t). J1I21. i
.. In
to charge IIrral1lementll. : -
Tampa when L. I{ are
Martin the vllle.O.
,. .. _...__ .
hobe section. : Eunice: Perkins and visited jiai. jiuy i I. IBIIX .rnfi0,60i.ceipl Ilia said. Tuesday bring1 the Kltth day;
( A. Dirt family
driver, was startled to see one uf ire*' Wynn I | ., during month .___ Rt Marlon county's motor on his 'Minnie Druber, i nirt'a fatrar W. P. Itlrt. of Mr'l I Warrant ilurlnw! month _tiiMB.U United\ Stolen. Senator from t 1
Augustine-The .ttt. Johns Simeon Williams; Mellnsa! fly chua last Sunday. Hal. Auir. I I. JIIII:! .-J47H,inKU the State of Florida, tOI' Kilt yearn C
St. lie .
trail. was allowed to come onto wiittv{ 1IK( )VmtVII. ', and Korrrltar >... '
from March 4 1989.!
county board of commfa.slon was : Ocala where he and one of the ers, Mattie /0-. Hepdley, Money C. ('..\"It Y TILE] HOtTTlfWhen Hev.,.LawU of Waldo, preachedat 3151.| .July 1 I. IOU __ _101B31rrri : : For 8U (I) .'"..,ld."Ual Elentors' .
Mildred : >litH during month __ 1Il1I.111:
faced Thursday with the necessityof Blue Bus officials arranged: bond so )Jlendenion( ,, A.. Evelyn James. the First Baptist church lout VViirnnilii iiiontli 1IIS.1Hllul. For Hepreeentntlve of the Kerond. '
borrowing $25,000 with which that he could proceed on his Paul A. O.; Jenkins, Pearl Sunday morning and evenlutc. AUK. 1, 1112.> ____- UtlT.1S( Comrreimlonal nialrli' of the> State j'' '
county roads damaged by ) way Illll, '[da. Hankerson\ Flo"sye Kel muley row hook like the Cleveland Sullivan wan a biinlnBa ifti5Frad_ of Florida/ .; ths vp.niy-flrM Conj i 5 ,
repair to the .
Tampa. foiled
U> This afternoon he plead : l nl. July 1 1. ._'lOUO grew' uf rltute I : j,
wind and raln'Sunday and Mon guilty before Judge Futch to the ler. devil; visitor hare this week. ltor.I lpiM, iliirlnw month _____ Governor of the State of.Fnrt| I.
The necessity was made e And Jo day. charge of reckless driving and wa HT.UIKH MINIHTKKIAIi: ASSO- : When) election are held no tbe Who teach Hal. AHtr. 1 I. HUH: .. .. _704)01 For Herretary of Btdte of the Stale, f
known at a special meeting when fined $6 and! costs. The speed limit Pitts In the punjlu Ouii>ill.c, Fund. of) Kloililn. i s y $
County Manager O, Samuel John- for busses In lower than that for t'lATlOV! JUKIOTH: : level; school here, spent the week-end Ital. July I, 11/28/ ._. ._ (2.41 For Attorney fleneml. of the plate i ?

BOD reported that, after a thorough paasaiiger cars and Martin wa And bed lings will rock,, :your, to with frlenda and relatives !at Warrants t nelpi during durlnir, ,month month- .__ I of For Florlila.Comptroller' fit the State ftC|,' 'I'' rob

Inspection of the entire $2I?>00- drifting along a little faster than The .Ministerial association of sleep; Lawtey, Mill. All Jr. I I. 1BJH. ...___,_ 12,41Widow1 Florida. .'
Methodist mil sings Yan"kee- I ...1.l n For Treasurer. of the State of JTIor1 1
Btarke met at the / When Kaiser Mr and' Mm. P" A. Scott and ,
road the above !
000 oonnfjr system the motor cop thought was safe Pal. July i. lUll .__ ..-isu.i4 ilia.
amount was needed Immediately and sane ('hurch. Wednesday Sept 19th at poodle; Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Quigley of Idrnlptfi diiilnn"" month ._ till.4 It For Ruperlntendent of Public In. I Ii I '
11 'a. m, Kev. E, M, Rooks, the Ana night i Is an bright aa the day; Starke, spent the evening Sunday Warrants" during inunth -,_.. 21,00 atruollon of the Ktale of Florida ,
S e e .
e eClalnesville HH| Auir. 1. lil.! ( c. lH7... For CommlHiloner of Agriculture\ ;!
membersof president\ presided. When' Henry Ford blows pit his at the home of Mrs.. Scott nod Aurloiillnriil. Fund of the State of Florida. I
TollahalllleeTweJve -By special jiermls+ The following member were boodleOn !Mrs. Qulgley's brother L. J. Dill. July 1. 1HSH: .. 484,1 For Two JIIII"".. of the Supreme ( "
the local post of the American/ stun ItoiPlpin iluilnw month ..__ \
of the federal radio comrolsEk Court nf the State of Florida.
present: Revs. Rooks, Lowry, Lit in a new Chevrolet;, __ _
Wynn. \V..r..nl. mirlMHT month Itn.oA .
i For Two 1 Railroad rommlmiloneriiof
Legion an undertaker and six assistants n tht i ...vly cjti'.nuotecl !r..lIl!<. Klckllter and Raymond When the Dead Sea U embalmed Mrs. T. F, Brown and children llul. AUM. I, HUH: .- .cIII.61 th.''ilIa'. of }'lor...... ''1
l left here Sunday for the broadcasting; station (>( the Uni of welcome were or" cremated \\III.I AUK. I, IIUS: __. ''___ ?.bl( Fur NI...'. Henatnr", for ISth li1..na.,itorlul r .
Expressions ; shopping In Rlarke this .......
in to ". Feed of the / of '
I putrlrt 9tale
a request t'lorti
storm area response versify of Florida was permitteeto Juiartily Klven$ by all the ministers And cramp colic no longer cramps; week. nil July t, IYU ..__.__- 1.U Ida. 1

from Howard Howton. state go on the air' Sunday night with to' Dr. Lowry and the president When men. are, no longer elated Mr. and Mm. P. I). Hunt who warrant Receipts during during month month- .__ For: One Member of the Vfouee'ftepresentatlves .'' ; 1'i4or
of the Legion. Attorney of the State of I-'lor
adjutant appeals for aid for storm suffer welcomed blm into the association, At forma displayed by the vamps; have been the guests of Mra.lluut'a itiiia of Florida i Ida. 'ifl
General Fred }JI. Davis who now ers. The commission also granted; : time expraaalng appreciation When bunions no longer distress Bradford Count)', )' roans Judge. .'
at the same daughter, Mrs. O. P. Hasaer,
Ana-lint 1. 10J8 ] ,
Palm had asked
IH at West Beach the station an added ten kilocycle For h..rlrr. r fy ,
of our former Presl- you ; their home here last I hereby cxrllfy that the ln. '
returned to For for the tnr"\\
that the party prepare trip, In order that the plea for help |Issued statement of the n' oelpte s 'I''
moved :
dent Dr. Tucker who baa ; And Burhuneles are .greeted with, Saturday. :. : For 'ounty A..ol' of Tit"" t
and l the 12 men left today on receipt Dr. unlii iMMuetl i Hln t the fund ofrndrnrd 'or. '
by J. J, Tlgert. president Tax follertor.For 1t.
to Lakeland and has been appointed bliss; of < county tor the month' of
Dr.; W. II. Parka, Starke was County! Superintendent of, 'r
advice from Mr. Rowton.
pt of the university, might be given on,the teaching staff of South And chiggers Implored to, carreRS attending to professional bualitetiu AUK. 1928. IN trim anti' rnrri-rf ti> Piil>ll.i Inructlon. 1 r.
.* added distance. The station the best of knnwlmlr and belief'' For ( J 1
ern College. Dr. Lowry replied you i here last Sunday. ll. W. Ar.DWHMAN' County .. I, '
For Five <'oijiml Klon '
Tallahassee-Ice cream manu- ,vn UFo went on the air at |180< thanking all for their wholehearted And breeches look cute on a MilllI; Mrs P. J. Pearce and children Clerk of the liruilfonl Circuit Court For Three. Memnere of the C'oun-"riv I b

fatturers of Florida are either and the program continued until welcome and for the pleasant When divorces pass out of fashion! ; of ,Btarke, ware visiting here last Blanche Alderman. D,oounty.C, ty Hoard' of 1'uhllo Inmructlon.. .Ii: q"1
"asleep on the Job/, or have established after midnight. It was not scheduled For Justice nf the peace In and +If.
tendered to him at his And moonshine IK made without ,
surprise Saturday.W. for the following Justice/ Districts,!
JOVCI'I'U'I') Ilex 11\1"\ I11.CIIAttp1I4I
such prices/ as to enable I to begin broadcasting until church by the Ministerial assoclaon -. dope; Ii. Alexander and family, illy days attar date hereof, on visNOK.: 1. 5. 1. I ,,I ,
competition to "come in and cut October Dr. Tlgert made several o-wlt.. aha 21nl day of November For I'onstabl' In and for the fol-, .
In united service of welcome When Berlin In' Belled with a piu-; '
a "' were shopping: "1 Htarke: lust Saturday IA25 I the III"h.r.l..nl'I| Adnilnlx- Iqwlnir Justice UItr.o"" via: NOH.'inTeetlmony 1
under them Commissioner of appeals during the evening as did '
Sunday evening Popt. 9th. eionToftlaK of llxtute I. '
on tutor the ; of J. W flatten, at
Agriculture Nathan Mayo declaresIn Bobby Griffin tbe announcer. Music It decided to have our next dominoes with the Pope: It. A. Green of di>r..an..d, will apply to the honor.able Whereof. I hnv 1 thereunto
was ,
Congressman! .et '
amass ,
l 41.... A. ilarulner, County Judreof my hand' and I !
an announcement from his de- waa broadcast between talks. fellowship meeting with the min. W Lindbergh/ rlattt ou a ; ni- bltll'ke1111 vialtur to our town Bradford Comity, Florida, and r .M. the partment. Florida: the commissioner isters of Penney Farms Communty cycle? ;, ,: thin .... present my vouchers and final, jiu- of "Florida at Taltn. \; f
Wit. hiiHHee, 'the l'a!>lt"I, thinthe "i,
count ax such Admlnletrator' and ask 1'
said, will be surprised to Tallahassee state-wide plan at the Methodist church I And liiv.u iiurliu) bacoltie tit" .--- --- for their approval and my dlnrhnrnw. twenty-rtfth day. : ofAUHUMt ; ,
!learn that at various points over for continuing improvement of the Uarke, on the fourth Wednesday .K;,cK, 6'.rt' Mji; ,lil- -'Work commencedUM Tills| Kin day of "l't ,bid: II. A. I), 1021. t "
: H. CLAY CKAWFOnp.Herrelarv :
the state right now Philadelphia teaching of reading, English and of October at 2:30: p. m. Dr. Lowry .11.01 tiro araat.4' hc.rme4Ga. ctru.tliQi: of new TumlumlTrsll I AdnilnlMtratnr fit IJ)lIt..t...U of. J. W. of Stale. il'}; t
and New England ice cream Is actually arltmetlc In the public schools of was unpointed to present a paperor "':.le] : (, bridge across Callooahatcheerin. Xllllrn. d..c tt.ail.' To W J, Epperson. Mlivrinf, of Brad)f' ., """

on sale Florida has just been formulatedby aQdr.IJjs.ot: consideration, at. h7l, t 011 01'!' 1JIat L! Jr .1 1'it'trrt !. w: ; Jt-Dt-lt-td. ford County. l-aOt-M-V.| \. ..,If,''YI

e R. M. Evans state supervisor that gathering. _- -.f---,__. ,...,,11- .I I'. I i-'of'' i' '.;
Tallahassee barago of eggs of elementary schools. The' plan, ,4. \ '
broke up former Oov. Sidney J. authorized by a committee ut the KKW: IUVKII: ASSOCIATION! ;, M'r

Call II' anti-Smith add r e 8 a conference of high school prlnclr MEETING .

here. Tbe egg throwing began pals and city and county super s '

when Catta took up the religious visors, held at Gainesville, some Program of the Fifth Sunday r

question after he had been speaking time ago is being distributed by meeting of the New River Baptist 01."

for about 30 minutes. The Mr. Evans to all county school of- 'Association convening with Hell-

address was being delivered in an ficials. It contains an introductory bronn church on Saturday and

open air bandstand. It was said statement I. followed by the suggested Sunday September 2820. A the

some of the eggs hit him. Catta plan Itself. A movement to Saturday. to editor
came down off the stand and went Improve the standing of the ele. 1011. m. Devotional led by Charlie -'f message

Into the crowd with an offer of reward mentary school pupils In those sub Carter.

for tbe location of the egg jects was Instituted! during the 11:00: a. m Sermon by Rev L,

throwers. Jle was !Bald to have school year 192627.;! At that time O. Sheffield,. xf this &om. ,

challenged any man in the crowd more than 60,000 children In t lr.ty.seven 12:00: Noon-Refreshments.
to fight him singly. The rest of the counties were reached<< 1:20: p. m. Roll call of churches paper

address was called off. .. .. .- .-. Sunday. schools, B. Y, P. U.'... and

e I' Miami-The last edition of the vy. 1[. u.'a. ,

Tallahassee-Anyone using tim 'Everglades News a weekly pub. 2:00: p. m. First subject. How

her lands which have been sold< Itched at Canal Point on the shoreof can we get our Churches Interested GENERAL. MOTORS 4'
In the Co-operative Program: aa
for Issued
tau and on which there are Lake Okeechobee was
suggested by Executive Commit/
any unredeemed and outstanding September 14, two days before the
lee. Opened by P. W. Moor
tae isle certificates la subject toa disastrous West Indian hurricane n
Second subjact. What ILH
3130 m.
fine up to $1,000 Attorney ravaged the lake area. On the p.

General Fred II. Davis says in an front page was a news story to J the la the Scriptural Authority for '
rivaling with private ofTencea. Opened -
opinion rendered Florida tax that residents whjx previously -
a as effect .
sessor. This Includes the removing had planned a joint memorial : by R... 8. 8, Proctor. TUST about :year ago wc.,puWJahed, in your and express an obviously sincere appreciation of t tIIdWrttaine 'l)1

of timber on such land or service for the 300 who had lost 3:00: p. m. Report on W. Id. U. I columns, a manage in which: we the character of General Motors' advertising in v '

working It for turpentine he add- their lives In a storm and flood disaster Work-Mrs.8:00: p. m.T, Services Terry.by Jacksonville J sought to give you and your reader an idea of their publications.

ed. There is also a law providing In Moore Haven September Evangelistic Brotherhood what General Motors is and what I it 1 b toaccomplish.
a ISO tine or, 6 months imprisonment 18, 1926, on the second annlversaryof trying For our advertising blenpa/ much concerned

against anyone or his the disaster, bad "decidedIt I J, T. Quigley Sunday director. : .At that time the public was purchaa- with giving your readers facts.of helpfulness 'to'', 'J a't' '

np agents such or?, .lands servants after using'six timbers months anedr was,'' 'better puttti4i to""4 forget e4-r---:: and goon+ t18 ..:.AAgsl, ; >.>: :: a.rA itOtloraarrtl( >( U. inS our car* at tb*rat*of abpuj)one In t eVertf f &r> &;rt?'>-::\ .J'q thh4sQJDf.I; b.iJ.et". R WJtb Hie k

following! the sale of ''the, land.Lakeland hind them." Two days after publication T.wls. arldour Frigxlatr automatic refrigerator and merit of our own products. Our message b.avDe1coLiihte1ectricplaatswatlndincSnpopu1ar ;

e e e e of the article and almost J0:00: a. m. Regular Sunday set forth the principles of trade-in transactions ,

Belated hurricane uu tile anniversary of the had previous resolv. ent school of lesson Hellbronn lad Sunday by Superintend school. preference in their reapectivt fieJda. and used car allowances.} They have dealt with 1

news reaching the city points to disaster wheh.citizens 11:00 a. m. Missionary sermon time payments ''and the change in the public's
the finale of a "tragedy' dating ed to live on with past memories Since then each of our car division; has introduced i.

back to boom days The big wind burled their hopes were again by 12:00 Rev.: Jae.Noon Godwin.-Refreahmenta.Si00 nw, further f.improved modeU and public attitude toward the used car: Other messages

tore to flinders the Ill-fated dog dashed by the heavier second toll storm of life.that : p. m. Explanation and the patronage has reached: the point where: almost have told of tha policies of General Motors and I "
race took even a
project's grandstand on the organization of a ,federation,. of automobiles is General of how our resources are being employed to effect
road between Lakeland and Win- e e e Or. W. W. Willian. ope out two purchased s

ter Haven built and almost finished Okeechobee City-A fisherman's 2:30: p. m. The opportunitiesand Motors car. Frigjdaire and Del :o-Ligjit products them. t '

along with, a number of other fortunate possession afn_ radio receiving possibilities of a federatlon-r haw showed. comparable increasce in sales. That General Motors enjoys the goodwill of '

buildings just before Florida put set in his boat has added' By L. O. Sheffield. .: the people in the small cities'' and on the farms of

Its foot down on race betting. The another bright episode to the,story 24S; p. m. .B. Y. P. U. demonstration The reason for this is two-fold. First the public'/' America gives especial satisfaction and
Handstand the recent,tropical hUt : us an
andother radio
equipment of
\ by Senior H. Y.
never '' Ivlng et'' U cred program .wants wits for fta atttomobUe doila and re.cognie : .:: confidence in the future. ''is jn
once used have stood tha ricane. The tecf |I'. U. of Pine Orove. ; ft: the country: .
blows of the weather for a,coupf Iced with baring saved, many;Jives,' 3:00 p. m. Baptist Home, for ralue when it i Is givtnSecond.. General{ sections.of the United States that half our population r

of years and needed no great push,) when Jack Ifendryi In whose boat 'Children: by Mra. Mel C, Leonard. 'Motorv is 8 eldna so to conduct operation as lives. It {II there that the whole industry '
[II complete the large l loss already/ the set was carried, beard the hur- to doMrve the of the. Public':
incurred by the promoters. ;. ricane warnings broadcast last MIC4.! NKHKNA:: JYAL goodwill ;. must look in increasing measure for maintenance j

e .' Sunday by the Miami radio station.Hendry .' of volume which
We ttrc particularly impressed with;th .number the production upon : high values
West Palm Beach-A soldier on had two boats and a crew Jacksonville Sept. 26. .The cl' 'IioMr / 0 tr-y; '*' and !low. prices depend. And it is there that J
1 t > l
t1r ; 1I
dilly' In this storm-stricken city of 20 men on the lake at the time. many friends Of&fr"'t's; rena Dyal ; :!:iri" '::1 -Trl"Tf: ; 4 ... 4ifir t f .t

today shot and killed a negro who lie turned his vessels toward the'neareat 78, will ( of her J, t101l'I'' P.IIJI 0 t fnonthd., General Motor., is. paying particular attention to t

was alleged to have attacked him harbors on the western. eatlr.fi!leaf' ;jnlgbt at the residence rah IE1! tiiffl4 t U ,N-t: !' 1 facilities, for sales and service.To .
m the shore, spreading the alarm to other or her* daughter.; Mre..7. r. WIN! ,.
negro section ,the city. Ij a
military officials Sunday of''announc boats encountered on theJray.; clnson, 2703 Buckman: street. af j =! J' b J" ,. pI. .J V(1L hic .. ., out friends in your cctouounity' ..we express,
ed they had been advised by civil I As a result of the wajMtaC only lee an Illness of several months. '1oiatsrt their communities our thanks. i

authorities: The' report tbe military one fisherman, Tom Dykes and his Tile deceased was a native of Brad .

said had been made to them i small son are'known to have lost ford county, but had resided In **. ." ; :, ,. ,
"an,that the soldier, Whose name their lives' on the lake during the this city with bar' daughter for tbe 'J, ." .. .)' I (i

was not made public accompanied gtorm. Every vessel,( caught on th.i past> four ,..ara. She U survivedy << "'- c; c .

a policeman/ tq the negro ttectio? i lake by the hurricane, except one three daughters Mr. R. O. -.=..--- -- .-...;, CLIP THE C.OUPON----------_.. I;
") arrest a negro for petty'/Ur- ,of Hendry' wa destroyed In the Cobb of Sanderson. M,.. J, FsWll.Inson / .. ". .( )

een y.The negro denied the charge. storm but most of the crews of Ja ksonvHe| and Mrs, a .. ;General Motors wants you to know what 1 I.doing; to give value to purchaeer, : 1 f
tllll report stated and asked to go reached safety by slinging! tq C. B. PJunkatt of Plant City, one .* It. prWwct*. 8nd in ttve coupon. There will be no obligation .n.........

In a nearby home for identification boarda and dbrla. It wa' aold on, E. Vt Dial of Raltord, two aia. Gf1Iaa5/ s i' asetee.M.. OCTftOrr, "'at.. P CHEVROLET" p PONTIAC P j OLDSMOBILE CJ OAKLAND

10 th. officers. The soldier accom. here Sunday: that a plea wilt be era, Mra. John Rapp of Sapp and ...................... .,+ty.t/ns....--..... liter.. .
PUled him In the borne and while made to< ,the governipelll,31 Wash.- Acre, Rbo4l $app of Ralford. Jibe .... *>e. .c..n--. prod we* I....e Q BUICK p LASALLE P: CADILLAC : s
Ihre. th. to establlstt weather bureau was a devout member of the .........- .. .. Tift r........ ,
report. said, ,the negro ington, guards< LakeOkeechobee. GwrwB"aa4"1'r...tf/.raM/'MM/pd. [P FXfClDArKE Ai. .'"* *.r*,-ir Q PV.CO-UCHT..... '*-*. 1
attacked hint with bottle.. Armed a04 : !life pJ1. I Methodist church Soath and bad r

with rIfle! ; the Midler' shot ia .ong) been .actlv In the service of ''t v

u-deofense.. military authorities her ehorch. The body ia In ear.of ffam. .. .. ...__ Addrest..._..._.__.._.___._._____...._..______.., ,.-... '

were advised. The' aoldlerbe wasIPlu.d Fort/ "erg-.l3pec.lt, P..u...- : C Burns eV Clymore. morticians. | '

under err.aL. 4ra ,...... ..t facturin eoeapanjraddtlon eoestruetlug i,PuBral ."neJnctnt,wan b. an- lla i
will b.ldl.te tomorrow. ;- to local plant. I\ouneecllater.
I 41, ,


.5 L. I .


., .;' '"' r-'",y""""''' 'r.; i '" ,.. ,

wq! ,/

pAGiS ndtii: "BRADFORD rom.rifr1/> : ltaiLUh.-"tA.: $:;: 1ttLdflThA ', -" 'FRIDAY, t3EPTE11

_. __ _,, >BEn _.. ...-
---- .
4 ', -----:z= ci _-- -:-------------------- ---------r'--- --- : -- --- -------- -' = ===:o. = ':_ _' -- ..1
? Mrs. Johns served refreshments tunes of tbd atlei'h qn was the tin .4i.'y'. o .. '. '

consisting of Jellied chicken! saltines rav'elfng of a mammoth spider web .

anchovle rolls, olives, potato' made of all colors of thread which EVAN'S 1

: chips and Iced tea. began on the porch and was woven Church Services 1

Those playing were Mr. and Mrs.J. throughout the dining and living + ,

E. Corpening. Mr. and Mrs. D. rooniH. At the end of each thread + e + + + + e + .
A. Montleth, Mrs W. P. Randall and bidden from tho eye of the

Mr. R. F. Demorest, Mr and Mrs keenest observer was a prize, a BAPTIST Independent

-.. -.u --. .......W J. C. Robinson, Judge and Mrs. A. ball a mouth organ a horn or i iI
Z. Adklns and the host and boa- some) other object of just as much Sunday school 'at 10 a. m., J. F.

\ Phone 29 tesa. Mr. and Mrs. 1 at 11 arm. and 8 p. m.
awarded at.tho end of his Journey.
---- -- --
t The little hostess II On Wednesday evening, at 7:30
BEN.;.'IT PARTY : wan showered STORES
teases ...d Mrs. Duvls served, a. I i
? TWENTIETH CENTCBY tempting naiad course. A pleasing guests.. meeting of the church. Reports
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Inman received feature of the afternoon was a The Baptist Young People's UnIon Mrs.\ K. M. Johns, Gloria's mother will .be presented from all departments
i;' the members, of their t card birthday shower for the mlnUter'u gave a lawn party this week at and MIIINlIlurlab.Veeklt of church work. Refreshments I '
1 looked
club at their home on Thursday wife, Mrs. E. M. RookH. TbjB (time pastorlnm for the benefit of after the :po( aure. of the young will bo nerved during the SPECIALS'forFridayandSaturdayi
came as a complete surprise to the an aged minister.
'lf evening. there people and at tile, end of their evening. All members kindly
r Four tables of bridge wore In recipient, who received many Twenty-five persona were gnmes nerved them pink Ice plan. to attend this meeting, and
i dainty And useful gifts. and spent the -evening playing DRY SALT BOILING ---
r play throughout thn evening and : find: cake 'Iced In while everyone help to build up the ;
}1' 1 appropriate prizes: wero awarded at Mrs Halle's guests Included games and contests. fi lor la'a. guests Included: Tom church in useful service. The B.
the close of the eurneH. Mr. and MuHdauies R. A. \Veeks. A. Wood Mrs. O. P. Raymond, and Miss amid! N. T. Rltch I> dna, and Margaret Y. P. U will attend the Union BACON Derlb. '
)) : ; Mrs. F. V. Stump were winners of A. "'. Redgrave Thelma LaKlle" Lena Belle' Shepard were In chargeof Pearce Jack Hallo, L'Ktla meeting at Hellbronn Springs Sun- 16c' ,
,' + and given box K.!) M. Rooks, L. A. Davis K.) K. affalra. ,A neat sum was realized '
j, high score were a Compelling, Jean ""Davlti, Margaret day afternoon where State Superintendent .J..:.
: of powder and u smoking: ; stand Ferryman, Wyman, H. M. Snyder for this worthy cause. Ann Mai pas,' Ruth Wyman Junior Mr. Wllllau will FINE COBBLER i ,
respectively A vans wan presented Noble Ray White W. I IJ.) i .
AdkiiiH, Inman and Edwin speak
rtlt'i' g i to Mrs. J, W. Atidrews! Jr., and Parka, II. II. Launt, S. 8.-Dowllng.A CIIU.-LK) NO. OHKKNTKRTAINKD; Ida.. Lula Davis Mack Futch, Helen POTATOES,101bs. - ..1ge '

,' r,, ; an ash tray to Mr. O. L. Be.asley W. Anderson, L. It. Green and and Marlon Dowllng. !Mary lIar- MUTHODIST CHURCH:
for their low scares. Mlss(Amella Ray. I riett! and Harold Bishop Edwin I KELLOGG'SCORNFLAKESnkg.7LLZc-
Mr. and Mrs. $. L. Peck, Mlua Mrs. W. U.! Mlddletou entertained -
i : ----- Jordan of Ovledo, Clara Flume (Enoch Marvin Rooks, pastor.)
; I.V HONOR OP .MISS!\ AI.tl.IMH Clrclu No. One of the Methodist
F. K.
Mabel Weller, Mr. and Mrs. Nettle Dowling and Murlali Weeks. Sunday school Sunday morning
I Stump J. J. Truby, Mr. ant Mrs. Missionary\ Society at her I at 10:00: o'clock"E.. K. Perryman, I }

N. Sternberg, Mr. and Mrs. o. L. Miss Ethel GriQln entertainedwith home Monday afternoon. HUpt. I '

4pY Beaaley, Mr.\ and Mra. J.V.. An- u buffet supper Thursday eve- The program of the Missionary! IIIUIKJK<< Hl'PPKK; Worship Sunday 11:00: a. m., CAMPBELL'S ,
+j drew8, Jr., and Ur. and Mra. E. L. ulng In honor of Minn Mara Malpus''' Voice was carried out at this and 7:30: p. m. Morning subject:

lr i r. BlggB enjoyed the hospitality of who left Sunday for IlarrlHonburg, mooting. The Jubilee boxes were Mrs H.C. Hitch ploauuntly surprised "Steadfast: Unmovable, Abounding. TOMATO SOUP
k { Mr. and Mra. Inman.t Vu., where she will enroll\ In the I given out and a sliver tea was her husband on his birthday ." and that for' the evening is Be !

__u_________--_- State:! Normal College to prepare planned for October 9. at the home Saturday: l by- -firlvlrmr: -u -him----_ n._ brides____ ..Q.,,'. rn.."nlvnVEpworth'
+ l' CLUB .; ;fI:ltT.\i\KIMrH. > for kindergarten work. of Mrs. A. Z. Adklns. supper> In tho evening at their League 'Sunday eve- EAGLE SELF.RISINGFLOUR

The dining table was (centered<1 At time close: of the- business home on Call III reet. ning at 6:45: o'clock, Murrah

O. Jj. ndusley onterlulned with a beautiful lace clolli and meeting Mru. Mlddleton werved the Tables were arranged In the living Hooks, leader. ; 24 lb.sack---98c i
a ) at auction bridge Friday afternoon a bowl of coral vine und fern. After members a whrlmp salad course room and sun parlor which Mid-week devotion Wednesday iI

m r. }1 at her home Walnut Street! the guests were nerved they repaired and a. pleasant social hour. was were attractively decorated for the' evening at 7:30: ..o'clock.I'RKSUYTIilllAN. I

which was decora d ,wit li baskets to tho. Jiving room where epent affair. After a two course supper .----. CAMP '
of golden glow and roues, the occasion sewing, music and conversation JIUKTINU: '" 01'' P.'J'. A. the guests spent tue>evnlng playing $ / 5 tall 4ge
'(? being the regular weekly filled the remainder of the eve- bridge. Illgtrprtze: for ladles I

td d meeting of the Afternoon Bridge ning. Miss\ Griffin gave Miss Mai- tho'.4ParentTeachers' proved to be a bridge net while low (Rev. George 11. Lowry, minister)
The members of :.. :
club. pas a dainty gift as a memento of Wednesday was a tea towel. Men's high prize < 10 a. m. Sunday school, Mr. J. SUGAR 51bs.- 29cSTKINi
fe association met -
Three tables were laid tor bridge the occasion. was an ash tray and low, linen M. Trilby; supt.
.( and the bridge talllea were done In Invited to be with the honor .afternoon. 3:30: o'clock at the handkerchiefs. 11 a. m. Morning worship, Her-1

deeltn of old fashioned Rlrla. Following guest were Miss Madge\ Middleton, high school auditorium with about.hlr'ty ." Invited to 'share this pleasure man by, the pastor, 'The Supporting SEW-WELL MADE MED. WEIGHT I

1 several progressions, Mrs. Miss\ Claudia Ollchrlst, Miss Minnie in attendance.. with the hostess and honor guest Arm."

A. Z. AdkIns was awarded a jar Gruber Miss Myrtlce Jackson, Election of new officers, 'for the were Mlua Madge Middleton. Miss 0:45: p. m. Christian Endeavor. BROOMS vALUE, 53c;
diniere for holding high score Miss Margaret Long, Miss Myrwln coining club year was"ibe, important Myrwlu Jackson Mlaq Margaret 7:30: I p. m. Evening worship, '

;x while Mrs. N. Sternberg wan given Jackson. Miss Florence Matthews business of the 'afternoon. Long Miss Ethel!: Griffin, Miss Myr- gospel song And' -nernion.' WHITE RIBBON
a band embroidered card table coyer Miss Blanche Alderman, Mltm Following Is tho list of new officers tlce Jackson Mum Harriet Hitch;; Prayer meeting Wednesday eve- I

for aecond. May Patchett, Mm. C. N. Christy, :; Mrs. K. M Rooks. ", president; Messrs.\ : T. T. Lung Hamilton, I IRitch ning at 7:30.: LARD I'111411.' : I
Miss' Mrywln Jackson, ,vice president 121.2c 1 2 '
Hard caudles were nerved Mru. J. F. Klckllter, Jr.. and Mrs. John Powell. Huxley Coul- i i -
I throughout the gurnet and a chick C. -Knight.. ; !Mrs. M. S. Dowllne, secre- ter, Ur. B. 8. Carroll: Mr. and Mrs. I'erry-Ground broken for erection -

en salad course at the end of the .' _. --.. tary;. Mrs.\ W. U. 1IalleI treasurer. C. A. Knight and Mr. and,,.1\Irll. J. of J150.000 dimension mill as unnv's
1 progression. KNTKRT.UN AT IlltllMJIO: Principal S. 8. Uowllug and Rev. M Edwards.!: subsidiary: holding of Graham-

,! Besides the regular members, U. P. Raymond addressed: the Paige Motor Company. I SPINACH XNJ: LAUGE

r'. { q Mrs. E. L. Dlggs. Mm. J.V.. Ani State'o Attorney rind Mrs\ It. V. members on educational' subjects WOOUMKN: CIRCLE: Daytona Beach-New white way ]6eIELLOW'S

.- i i drew,. Jr., and Mm. J. A. Sails Knight received guests Tuesday pertaining to the school. I INSTALL OFFICERS lighting system to be Installed
&xta were Invited to play bridge.; Time committee on work being I here.
evening and the time was spent In
------- ---- playing auction bridge.A done at the school house reportedthe --The- Woodmen- Circle, Grove No. ('1'ln I"I"1"nnw..., a m 1 am
I MRS. 1IAIL14 IIOHTKMS! TO walla of the principal's office 27S Mtarke. held the Installation
CHICLE? NO. TWO note of color was added to of officers 11JtUJJtU WHMipHg.-I !!
and two school rooms completed. with the following offlcersln !-
% 1 the room arranged for bridge by There being no further businessthe the chair: Mrs Annie Reg- CENT A %
floor baskets filled with coral vine mm
Although there f Lake
wan a uteady meeting was adjourned. < Jafer, 4> Butler, Guardian; I
i "$' bv1.. rain, Monday afternoon, seventeen and fern. Hand-painted tallies dl- I".. l>". H" '- Jt' i Jlru. Mabel Crews, Lake rtiutler.
members gathered at the home of retted the players to their places.: BIUIKJJoJ 'I.un' ;" Guardian; Miss\ Amelia Har COLUMN Corn 2 No. 2 Cans 25c I
per -
went Miss Florence [
High to
scores -
Mrs. W. O. Halle and held an Interesting UHIIXI.I.NT AFt'Alll Attendant;; !Mrs. Mildred Rivers II
Matthews and Ur. H. D. FOR RENT Furnished
Me- apartment I
at the
tl meeting of Circle No. 2 : piano.Mre. .
of the Methodist Missionary Sop : keudon. Mlto} Matthews received a ''The Woman's club house was k J. Register,,acting Guardian, In town. J. F. Klckllter
.,, ciety.Mrs. string'of beads and Dr. McLeiiidou tho Weue of u brilliant affair pened the meeting; and conducted 8-3-tf. All Five Cent Crackers 2 nkgs 5c I
of socks. Low ,
Hall, leader of I the circle, &,pair scores were when' Mesdames D. A. Montleth he Initiatory ceremony In a beatillful WANTED-Second runner strawberry --
--- --- --- -
I presided over the buHliiesx meet- presented in a novel way%- ,Mrs. Oeorgo'KlVniu',''V'. P. Randall andHTOVWall and Impressive manner, Mr .. plants. T. S. Williams, _I
; ''Jr', lag; Mrs. 1C. !M.'RocM led the devotional O. Kirk. Lewia.made low, but Mr. gaye-an auction bridgenWfrtoriatatln' f. 8. Buller being Initiated In thee Starke.
.' ,r i service and Mrs., L. A. LewtK w"MvvreB&oied with art ash : ( *".or eleven tables. : erlll| degrees of Woodcraft. and 9283t. I

Davis! aanlsteiJ by Mrs A. Wood, trat..conllolalJolt. Dr. B. K. Car.roil *. Wed&esda'y afternoon. deceived, congratulations.. FOR SALK) Horse and wagon. ii'I

t Mrs, H. 1<:. Pferrymun and Mrs. also held, low and 111111Mar- The spacious auditorium of this 'The attendant presented' Mrs. See Olin White. .Starke. 9-31: *
> R. A. Weeks, gave Interesting garet. Long wan given a dainty building lent Itself favorably tothe' Ella ]t, Strickland: state president/ 3t. Who Wins
;ft ketches of our work In dlrrel'pnt'parta crept do chine ,handkerchief t decorations,which consisted of mad utter receiving"grand honors I The Battle ?
1+ In vlted to share the pleasure of / FURNISHKD Apartment for rent,
ti of the world jardinieres; floor baskets and wall (Was escorted: to the rostrum taking
During the social period the hoe Attorney and Mrs.Knight\: were pockets .filled with: golden glow barge of the! Installation of ofn- also! desirable furnished' room.
Mr. and Mrs: J. Maurice Edwards Mrs. J. S. *
Malpas. 9-21-21 -
..... and mangolda mingled with fern.
---- -
------------ teers.Tlie
Mr. and Mrs. O, Kirk Lewis Mr.
---------oi' and Mrs. C. N. Christy, I'oJIIIIEthel, On comparing' talll fouild. flvMyr-|* failed following Vonda officers were In- FOR RJoNT-Two and four room In banking or in other business success
Win to : Itlmdn. Guardian
Jackson iold
I wua;. > )| ; apartment with
CJrlfflii, bites\ Margaret Long Miss private bath,
r --- high and was pres'eined ;vvfrl i a IInnlelnyrler:) Adviser; Lula Hut- is due the We
furnished. Mrs. to behind the
Joesphlne Edwards men counter.
I II Florence Matthews, Dr. B. U. Car- o'
CASH! II colonial girl door: utopf Mrs "3. H. tSecretaryj Louise Williams. Starke. '
roll and Dr. H. B. of
II I Saute captured second high and anker; Sinai Moore, Gladys WJ1- take pride in the statement that employee
the State Farm. every
}r rt I Ralforcf. Was >awarded hand painted! wall 'lame and Edna!: HuttO. Auditors; FOR SALK-Shafting, pulleys,
I 51 KKtixfiHiV W, \I. H. candle holders and.candles'-; Low, ."Amy' Moore, Attendant; 'Lilly\ speed pulleys and hangers dls of our bank is instructed to be courteous
a hand painted pink crystal bell, Thomas/ Associate attendant, Inla Curded In remodeling' of out'
t I Tlie regular business and pro,: went to' Mrs. II, C. Rltch. Mrs. L. Klmtmll, Chaplain; Mae Bryan press room. 'In A-l conditionand to the public and to render every reasonable

j gram meeting of the Baptist W.M. A. Davis won cut prize:: which' Outer Sentinel:; ; Dover Flume, Cap- will be sold cheap. Telegraph -

jI H. was held Monday afternoon proved to bo! a corsage of artificial ,tal"i; Margaret Butler, Organist l; Starke, Fla.. lf. service.
,Lena Overstreet- Chairman of
4 jI I at the church at which time It violets. FOR KALi: One Itt
ft. Oltown
w decided that they would adopt At the end of the progression ubllclty. canon We take officers
I for was the ensuing year, Viola Smith the tiostesutm' served a salad courseto The State President. Mrs.. also one 12 gauge Winchester pride in the fact that the i

I,, I7 -./ an eight year old girl, from the which their follows many: gueill.I' ,,' Hsl 'of Strickland Vonda: lumaii presented I the newly the Beetle Installed to Roth In pump first: gun class model condition 1897. stockholders and directors-the men
Baptist Children's Home In Arcadia -
Thoseinvited: I. I to playbridge luartlUn. who called upon tbe priced very reasonably for quick behind this 'bank- the leadingmen
visitors sale Harold Lawrence are among
for short talks, and Keystone -
nominating were MeBdames K.) M. Johtu, J.H. our
The committee
} : the following sadist for presented the Hauls J. 'W. Andrew Jr,,' l'I. :'V. late president delivered ail ad- Heights. Fla. Box 3 7. It* of this community men who can be

I P I office for another year: Mrs. tl.W. I Knight, O. L. Ueasley. J. )K. Cor- ,f'IreiMt.of love and. Instruction, and FOR< VENT--Furnished! apartment

Alderman, president; Mrs. Ueo. polling, A,| J\dklnn, .1.:"'S. J uler, ash of pf tlie-tlxitoM(expressed! : their"' with modern conveniences depended upon, men who make this bank

i C.t'hlte, vice president; Mm.\ J. \v. M Wnlnwrlgh. F. F. Htunlp.N. oy being'with'ns.The II.llIo.K seven room house with
H. Lord recording secretary; Mrs.C. Hternberg, J. M. l Edwards!, C. and meeting was, brought |10 a sleeping. porch, garage, etc. S. what it is today-:.a strong,, reliable secure
I' The A. Kulght\: J. C. Robinson J. M.IlItcbt.'U..l1. lose a nodal hour was enjoyed.
) A. Knight\: corresponding sec- The social !street Mrs. S. F. lIam financial institution.
1 KirkLewis. It. M. Da. commltteu>serv-
rotary, ; Mrs II. L. ,TIrownlee, $ rick. 9-26-lt"
-rt BANIt; t treasurer. Mrs. Alice Langford. director ylH. 't;, M. Johns. II.: II; Young. ed made walnut "ice cream and homo-

of young peoples: work, Mrs.J. It. N.' Carleton. U. M. Slstruuk./ C. 1$ c'uke.f FOR .SALK-Thirty head of hogs, WE INVITE YOU TO OPEN AN

M. Brownlee, leader of Circle A. Fiitrh.- I"rank---- llooverJog. .'L.'n.t' ;'.'..',.''."., .....................l.4itn..........,;. suitable for bacon or _uork.-- _All___ '
; of Service No. 11} \Mrs.\ L. O. Powell, of Circle ,. hoover Kdward: HnrnB, II. .J. Da f l- Ol' ('OXHTIIMTION In good condition. Please call at
Uo. :2 r; Mrs. A, M. Darby) of vis. L. Wyman., K. L. Biggs.; Jl; L.Frazec. ... -,';' -, 1'.1"" J. it. Moore's near Camphor ACCOUNT WITH US
When you send your ,boy Circle No. 3; Mrs. W. J. Kppemon!: ;; .. N. D.) Walnwrlght./ S. L. jj A Battle Creek physician says Mann Clay county lt-
or any messenger; to this Intermediate (l. A. Counselor and Peek, L. F. Smith. O. M. In man, :J'Conntlpa.tlon la
for FOR :
,S bank, your wants will by tlll- !Mrs. P. M. Barefoot Junior ti. A. J. I... Plckerlll, T. .J. Alderman. O. more HALE-F'ordeon'lructor Harrow
mUery than
i u 1't ed as accurately and prompt Counselor. Mesdnmes C. A. L. !Haynes. D. I. Ames. A. W. Au- cause". any other and, double plow and wood saw, raBANI\: OF STARKE
pulley for ualo.
;m m ly as though you( came.personally Knight U. P. Raymond, ''. L. dei-Hon, A. H. Crews. W. U. Parks, Hut immediate relief has been for short time. Jack Used only
b Wall and O. J. Griffin were appointed H. C. Rltch. C I. Ames ot Luke ?found A tablet called 'ItexallOrderllcti Graham Fla. Padgett it* :a
The future won't take fare on a committee tn'ltrrRncetor Worth. Nolan Canova Granger has been Uncovered. '
of Itseltr You've got to be a social l alf'hour _to follow a Junius Bmlth. W. Jolly Lakey all This tablet attracts water from FOR RENT! -Furnished apartment A ROLL OF HONOR BANK I

prepared! business meeting of the church on of Waldo, 1.. M. trey and 'N. B.Uiistmore the t system Into the lazy dry 3 rooms with bathroom, :a

The ouly way In by sating the first: Wednesday night In Oc- of Gainesville; Misses evacuating.bowel called tHe colon front sad private back entrance. | E. S \ B
Matthews Cashier
to regular part of your inCome tober. The following wf-ro/ elected Minnie Gruber IJllzRb'thndrews.! The water loosens the dry food Mrs. Ed L. Browne. Madison Prcs. n. J. Davis,

ever11\'t'ek. delegates to the- Annual' Adela Florence Andrr-ti. Mary Canova waste end cauaeue a gentle street near Simmon's: Filling 3:

y It'a not hard to do once I ties W. \M. U. meellnfclo be'held Ruth Sternberg Harriet 'Rltch. thorough, natural movement with- Station.: .9-2 8-11 :a
In Lawtey October the 6lh: Me\ Ethel Griffin, Mabel Weller.! Myr {\
you get started! forming a habit or never In- 1 525c'S7;' ?52.5ZS75752525257SZ552.m ''S' '
damea C. A. Knight G. P. Raymond win, Jackson. Myrtlce Jackson c5Z5Z5u2! 525ZS'u
tereaslng tile
dose. i
And j Junin, one dollar U. Jamea Shepard and 4M.. Claudia GilchrIst, Florence ''Mat Stop Buttering from ''I rb'! t R L' s m I
,(enough to start constlpaton. Corpertil7t
m Darby Margaret Long, Madge Chew a. rtexall: Orderlle at --, ----- -' t
Do It TO1>"Y.rou will At the clone of the business ,Mlddleton and Virginia Weeks. hlght. Next day bright. Gel 34 WtttN 1 .f'f'\I:
'tie surprised bow quickly meeting.. :' a ,splendid program was The tea guests Invited! ''wereMemlanies ?5c today at Mltcbell'r Drug Store for, ''You DIDf4T HAVE A BUT ONE MOVE IVDRAL

your ;money! will accumulate rendered and enjoyed. JIt .. J. M. hi- wnletl. I B. K.Canovn. FRIEND IN THE WORLD OVER SWEETEN(
,at 4 %! Interest. You will -------- :>-..-,-:-- 1 i.. A. Davis, .r:'Y. Klckflt- TTT STATK: H ifrHMi .-<<.i !!UR; Hp. HE'D STOPPED
hare a new confidence' In ('.\ )> 'LVU K.NTKItT.AIN: ; ) erA, K. Wall P. E. Canova. C. N :Mlsa'P'loraVlllialns., nurse from You'RE, ME BEFORE ROVER/ FAC: .ftlff..

yourself: when you know that -M.'Jobuseatertalned Christy Hubert Smith, JV. JT.( nd- afce State Board of Health, wilt'be RIGHT. AGAIN I GOT TO TM* WITH A eo"
Mr.( and Mr K. )
tM than a niwt-egg laid & dletoif. located hire for l\to
I Karl Mlddleton; .v. :'JI. AI- weeks and V'' PEAR' Of FINE
abide for use In any their bridge club on Thursday vareB! W. L Wall, L. a. Powell "will'] visit *'1''' fk-ho J..t in .tbe.eoJitUy HALTER

4 evening at their home on Walnut and R. A. Weeku.IURTIIDAY having one or two teachers for the MFR M...

ency.He wno has emerlt-I' street. .: -_..-.-- ::urPQ ...of yvetjhiatr... ; nMa"uringan4 0 _
fink roses and tern formed th" TAHTYMian + inspecting the -
lesson of thrift la pupils. Since
I I gated! This bank decoration for the rooms where ----- moat of (tle schools have not!been -1S! i

1 t ly welcomes l1ew'a; count,. the gUesla enjoyed the evening.t. Glortda Jobna celebrated running for long she hopes to find STOKJCorpening's
auction bridge. her seventh( birthday anniversary the defects and correct same dur- !
I When scores were totaled*hlre. I with a party given foi,her little jng the scholastic year.

Bradford. County' A. Z. .Adklnv was found to hold : friends % Mills Wllllamu, expresses a desire :

;fir i 3anh"..... .' >'v high aud was given a rose lent A pink and white color scheme to get In touch with the parents Loving consideration
} boudoir pillow.. Mr.\ R. )'. 'Demo- leads
I I way carried out In the roses and of any of tbeKIJ cases and also many The desire Store

),. Yf f 4 Bradford County's ii.nanrlal1't' rest made high for men and waspresented other garden flowers used for dec- hops to cooperate with any local to please her-the plan to please him Drug
> with whisk broom In brings
a oratlou. A huge white '
t cake adorn- people interested In tbltt work she '
r ;, ,It!; ron A-bolcl. I an alligator ,case Decks of cards: ed with seven pink candles wan I U carryfng-on In the county she folks,to-this family drug store. Things at pleasing "The 1 Service Store"; .

went ,to Mrs.: J. C. Robinson and placed on the dining table. 'will be located at the Rtarke hoeduring prices to patch
1X.+ 'Mr.. J. E. Corpenlng for low ore.. I[ One of the most Interesting tea-I: : ber. stay here. up a quarrel or an abrasion. Starke. Fla._

( t
1 '
1' +

1 ,.

., 'I' .mJ'.,
-, .. .. ;, ,. .'--. -" .. .

I- 1" ,
I. "f ,"' '',''',,,,,\,'''''''' \,'[,' -'' ,.. p' ,. ..


j ''i" '.'Ji\'t\:
;' I". ,
1' U" '\tfIm't2B.U'2 BR.&DI'ORD: com TT *ZL]GIUFH.. .'TAU' VLOBIDA PAGE! FIVB '" !
! 1 : i
1 .. ,
--- ------- -------- ------- -- ,
Mrs. J. C. Rampley Is spending aer. grandparents aud going. to( have their committees ready for Starke, la enrolled at the
SPECIALS 6r a few days with her mother( Mrs. kindergarten In Starke but due to active duty for the club year of Cincinnati Conservatory of Muslo\ {
S. F. llamrlck while on her way llnoas!! was ,obliged to withdraw. 1938-29 by Die time of this meeting for (becoming year under Marclan
to her home( In Sebrlng from a vis. -- Thalberg, Internationally famous I
Bits of it to New York, N. Y., and Wash U. 11. Moore of Philadelphia --- Swiss pianist and member of the 1 M
At ington, I). C. who has been visiting at the home I Artist faculty of the Connerratory. 3
Milliard Malpas, who spent llle
f of his father J. It. Moore, near week with his ltr.nts.fl'! and Miss Alderman In also taking the jj ,4, ,
1 Comptroller and Mrs. Ernest the old Camphor Farm, was in course: leading to the Bachelor of s ,1 nt"
l.ocall\I Mrs J. S. Mnlpna. was Joined here
dtarke Wedu sllay. Mr. Moore Music degree at the Conservatory.
Iternberg'sfor Amos of Tallahassee motored to
L Thursday' by Mr.\ and Mrs. S. H. t
: stated this was his first trlfc here !
the State Farm and spent the Thomas and Mr. Hall who came j u
for fifteen and that Starke ar
They were accompaniedby
from Miami and the party '
Concerning Our People Butlneti and
a party of young ladles emply and surrounding section had made left early Friday morning for OFPKKS: : $::'j Hi\VAIU: >
Progrett of the County and Town. ed at the capitol. wonderful stride since his last Birmingham, Ala., where they re- I
side. Mayor DeWitt C. Jones Is! offer- ,s '
Miss Lucille Moore of Jacksonville I ._____ __ __ ,__
57 lctQQQoIt; : CP; O; fl I
-- -- ------------------ after o lug a reward of $25 fur Information'sufficient
Yee ---- an extended: visit<< with Mrs\ N. D. Walnwrlght as chairman Mr. and Mrs.,G. C Livingstonand
leComing .. \vu.\Tiuit,) : 1I1':CORD: FOI"- WEEK ily to West Palm Beach where be friend and relative. in Clearwater of the Starke Red Cross chap- Mlas Josephine Bullock of to convict the party

KMMMJ! : HUrT! : S3, 1WSS: will teach in the public schools for and later with Mr. Regis. ter asks that anyone wishing to Tampa, were In Shirks a short or parties who turned In a false ti''

the term. ter of this city, baa returned to make donation of any kind to the time Monday\ enronto to Jacksonville ,lire alarm Friday night from' the '
Remarkable values in Southern Forest Experlmeu her' home. chapter to' be sent to the storm sufferer where they met Mrs. Merle emergency switch located near the I
Station Blurko Brauch. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. .,G. C. *, leave name at F. F. Stump's McMaster\ and Miss Margaret Llv fire siren tower oli Jefferson street:' '

j(dli! iiuiest merchandise Se1/t,1 Date Max win. Preclp Gambill and Dr. H. I). McLendon Mrs, J, 11. Fields and children, store on Call street .Ingston, who have been visiting l'ie switch at thta location In not 4' L
18 79
that meet com- 68 trace of the State "Farm, spent the Charles and Helen Irene, have returned relative In Pennsylvania for the used lu tilt regular course of turn- rF;
prces dept, 1U 85 Glepi. week-end In Marlanna. from New Smyrna, when An Executive Board meeting of pant six week. The entire party ing In an alarm It having been installed .
jiliort.llcfis. :.!U$1/ 05 u.n they were guests of her brother-in- the Woman's Club of Starke. Is stopped a few, hogs here while on to use In case tho regular ,
tie JI(l.. :21 /88 G9! W. M. Bryan entered Into law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. L. K jailed for Wednesday morning, tholr return trip to Tampa. system should( be put out of om- ., r
22 70
-- duJ.l /SO 0.11
the Miner. October 3, 10 Woman' It not until Supt. k
mercantile field at Lawtey, at o'clock ---- mission was
23! 81
Sept.: : Ct o.B -
Shirts in white opening his 'new store near An- club house. Mr\ *. 0, M. liiman. Mona Alderman, daughter of Clark discovered this switch closed M
:21 7U US U.IJ
drews Garage last Saturday. Mrs. Emily Phillips of Avon president, asks that all chairmen Mr.. and Mrs. U. W. Aldurnmn\ of that the noise-maker\ was silenced.
Sept:) :25 111 Park, left after
d fast color fancy patrns Sunday: spending {
-- a week here with Mrs. C. L. Peek,
\ easily worth $1.50-- Total rainfall 0.65 lu Mrs. V B. llamrlck of Savannah -
for Tallahassee, where she will
tia. 1f
spent a few days hero !
visit her and dsughter In-law,
son -
r price Col. aud Mrs. A. S. Crews upon this week with her mother-in-law, .
Mr. and Mr H. F. Phillips
Mrs. S. F. Hamrlclc.;
:duuday'iii: Lake llutler.Mr .

$1.00Ouli"g .- Mrs. T: J, McBoath, who was en-I =-. aAir x xf
*. Charlie Jolius and little ou We make a specialty of clean route from South:; Carolina to her
of Ualdwlu. were iu.Stark* Friday, ing and pressing both meu's and home In Fort Monde, left here: I
women's clothing.: Latest Improved -
after few
Thursday a days visit
\ Flannel colors Charlie Brooking of (ialueavlllo machinery .J\f. Leviton. with her daughter, Mrs. K. A. "
f wan In Starke Satul day. Weeks. .: : SHIRTS and TIES : j'
hile pink and blue a Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Phillips of

\\ru good weight. Mr. and Mrs L. A. Uavis spent Tallahassee In spent the week-end Mrs. C. I. Amos and two sons, 5'c and Everything for Men and Boys .
.. Thursday in Jacksonville. Starke the guests of Mr. and Irving Jr., and Billy arrived Sat : ,
Mrs. J. II. nitch. Who Like to Dress Well '
I urday from Lake Worth and are
1ScI Mm. J. L. Frazee was u visitor guests of Mr, aud Mrs.D. I. Amos. .r. i
In Jacksonville Thursday. Miss Flora Williams of the State Mr; and Mrs. Ames mud sou were I '' A great variety of haberdashery of \ ; '

Board of Health will be in t Starke In the eat storm and suffered '
rtn: distinction available at extremely reasonable
Col. and Mrrf. t>. E. Knight for two weeks on professional duty losses.
uptut: Thursday, Jacksonville.Mrs. and Is staying at the oturka Hotel heavy I' prices. Shirts ties underwear

\\A beautiful assortment while here. Mrs. E. A, Jonen and son. Marvin socks handkerchiefs all at lowest inw'
felt hats in all thew Louie 11111 of Lawtcy, walt of Palm Harbor who have '
?. '
\Htv6 l'
\, a visitor lu Sturke Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. 15. A, Towlo and been guests of Mr. and Mrs. Itoy town prices-the quality is the highest '
tan and brown daughters, Elisabeth!: and Mary, in !
Edwards for a week, hare gone to town j jI jJ
\ades. Oulou nets at Klckliter's. left Thursday for Jacksonville( Mississippi and were accompanied

where they will make their future by Mrs. Edwards':; mother, Mrs. E. This is the shop where those who YF
Mrs. J. II. Carradluo of Lawtey, home.
C. George, who will spend several
$2.98$ was In Slarke: Wednesday. week In'Laurel", Miss. dress well Ret their clothes! "r
Mrs. )<;. V. La File and her 4 '

Mr. and Mrs. Waas Praetorlou slater, Miss Lula Kedgrave have Miss Margaret Long has moved r i
have returned lu their home la returned from Petersburg Va.,
automobile tag office from the

\ Ladies Patent Leather Cocoa. wlioro relatives.they spout two weeks with Wall building Insurance occupied company by the to II.her C. I J. M. ALVAREZ .-L. I s 2' "

Slippers in low and Mr. and Mr E. M. Davis and +
rap a. home on Walnut Street Anyone Florida I '
itdium heels neatly daughter were visitors to Jucksouvlllu Miss Free Wynn of Hampton wishing to purchase a tag Is asked ? '
Saturday.; spent several days tho latter partf '
: to call at her homo until December
\\adci the week lu Starke: taking teach- 15th. 1'.k.,

Mrs, C. A. Knight and Mrs. A. examination, before acceptinga w fir
Z. AUklus motored to Uaiitesvlllo position lu Buniiell. Word has been received here
$$2.75 Tuesday and spent tho day. that Dr. and Mrs. E. It. Marab- .
Mrs. It. F. Clark returned homo burn[ of Marianna, are the proud f ""
Mr. and Mrs. G.! C. White and Thursday from Angola Indiana, parents'of a fine baby girl born r tF A 'F

W. M. Wuluwrlght were visitors to where she speut several mouths Thursday September 20. Dr. --.... -,- -. tv o- N
Work/ shirts for men, the State Farm Sunday. with her son, Morton, who Is attending Marshburn was resident physician ; d

college In that city. of the State Farm for several
(pie,, stitched and with ; (
Miss\ Claudia Ollchrlst spent fears until be left to practice lu
wo pockets; ,reg. $1.00 the week-end ill Fort Lauderdale The new Standard 011 Station, 'Marlauna': ,*
whit her mother corner Walnut and Madison streets _.._
opened for business last week. It Mrs. U. Lt Epperson of Jackson '
Rev and Mrs. E. M. Rooks have will bOI, lu charge'"of":Jesud'Newaom., : ,ville,' spent: the week with Sheriff

89c had as their guest tier nephew, :t.---. : -- I And Mrs.\. W. J. tlpper: uu. She was a
J. M. William of Panama City. Dr W. B. Parks has purchased accompanied I home by her daughter -
-- the .'__,,_._.__. properly mi Wuliini Betty, who was .staying withFINE } FOOD: 1 g '
Mrs. W. K. Mlddleton and Mlsa street next to J. Corpenlng and '
!Madge Mlddleton worn visitors In will remodel the building Into a
.t .very good assortment Jacksonville Saturday.Mrs. double apartment house : WATCH ntI'AJUINU

ladies felt hats in .-
a E. S. Matthews and Miss Mrs. l';. ti, Matthews Mrs. W.: K.Mlddletou. .'Irsi. nwtl a man who know
{Assortment of colors Florence Matthews spent Friday lu Miss Madgo Mlddloton bow. VALUESCEHZSCfiJ
Jacksonville. and Miss Florence Matthews spent ,aI
-- iuuday:; afternoon at the State:; Kerund, the weler'* tools to do f
$1.98Ladies L. A, Cunvoiv of Jackswuvflle' Farm. It rltli.

sport the week-end with his mother .Third, the material or a knowledge I I Il hh
Mrs. Eunice: C. Cauova. Mrs. F. A. Moore and Mrs. T. A. l
of how to make them.
1 ._- Steele and children of Gainesville. .
Rayon BloomS I
Judge A.: Z. Adklns and G. W. have rturned to their home altora Yea may depend on aU thcao In
made of the best qual- Alderman were buainoas! visitors visit of several day with Mr. and HUrkr. lnvlufllnj'c: :, engraving and I I FRIDAY and SATURDAY N :
Mrs. W. U. Mundy Jr.
lu Jacksonville Friday
y rayon in a wide va- optical rrpalrlng. I especially ask itsV

my of shades. Paris Green and Black Leaf Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Jordan and railroad tntA for their l witch work.I .

"40." Klckliter's. son. Edward left Friday for their have R xxl' loaners always on SUGAR Best Granulated10 Pounds60cCABBAGE N Nt
.. home In Oviedo, after a Visit of hand I have; been railroad watch t ,

$1.00 Mrs. W., E. Bradley of Miami, Is several day with Mr. and Mrs. T. inspector' for II years and) know
he guest of her brother-in-law and J. Grlfflo..Mr '

sinter, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sapp. Small Green Heads Per Pound 3 1 l-2c jj 1
-- *. N. A. Odom of St. Petersburg -
Shoes for tile, children the first few of how.Wm. .
spent days '
Mian Lola"Welsh of Plant City. --- --- -- -

t a wide selection of Ox- Is visiting; her brother-in-law and ter.In-law.with J. ILIFFE -
Mrs. Martin Oliver. P & G SOAP 6 Bars
rds slater* Mr. and - - '
and shoes ranging Epper on. Expert: Wattli Maker.
- --- -
n. L. Epperson of Jacksonville, -
L price from spent Sunday with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Hummelf of Htarkc, "'111. 1I

: Sheriff and Mrs. W., J. Epperson. Brunswick, Ga., arrived here Sun- Next door to Steam 1'rennlng Club THREADS of GOLD FLOUR
$1.39I _4 day and are the guests of their

M. W./'Pender of Portsmouth 8on-in-Iaw aud daughter Mr.' and I? '"
Va., has been a recent guest of his .Irs.\ J, Shannon Butler ItlXJISTIlATIO.V; ROOKS Ul'E14Registration : HKM--UISIMj; : l

I thread silk hose- sisters, the Misses l ender.It. The member of the St.-" Marks -books of Bradford 6 Pound Sack{ 30c. 12 Pound sack 55c I

O. Drown and son of Punta auxiliary will hare their first business
famous f EV.KRWEAK' Gorda., spent a short while In meeting of the new club yearat county will be open. In the voting '

nC- Jacksonville.Mrs. afternoon at 3 o'clock. All mem- 3rd to Oct. 14th for the purposeof

ow they wear, and costal : bers are urged to be present. registering electors In the No- _w -...... _...w___ __
It. vembe election. The following deputy ,
D. E. Paul Knight Ernest Mrs.Knight Miss Sara Mai pa* left Sunday for registration officer will serve
V. Knight and Malted Milk Crackers National Per Pound 25c !,
spent Saturday shopping In Jack- arrlHonburg'Va.' ., where sbe will In the district named: -

$1.00 lion vII Ie. enroll In the State Teacher' col- I, ert*. '
ege. She was accompanied as far No. S, Lawtey-Geo. W. Hob- '

Mrs. Jack Murden of Savannah as Jacksonville by her parents Mr. No. t, Starke north-Kay New Cut String Bea 2 2Cans25c c

i Ga., spent Sunday and Mondaywith and Mrs. J, B. Malpas. som. nsJDIsceoIaJio. ,
fast Color prints; they her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.Irf. No.3, Starke sooth-J. W. Mor- -- .. --

r ,-(tndy! (or "making, : Alvare. The of Southeastern American Foresters Section held Society 'gan., No. 4, Graham C. B Hobertt. 25c '
PORK and Ritter 3
C Qol dresses 0 No S. Hampton- J V. Jones. - -
-a,nice se- -- }ft. and Mrs. J. .M. Alvarez left a meeting In StarfcoTFrlday, Sept.. ,
tiOll of yesterday for Savannah. Ca., to bo 218t. with J... Wyman aa chairman, No.8, Thereasa-Mrs. J. N.

,patterns.,-., .r, Murden with, : their, who daughter>U 111. Mrs. Jack at Dinner the noon waa. 'served hour: to the member. Dlckerioa.No. 7, New Hlver-M. L. Johns. PEACHES Georgia Belle- Peeled No. 2 2 Cans 25c e i f

\ 22-C'" 4. '. _-4.-- r -- No, 8,,Brocket-O. B. Colson. ,
:. ... )t.- !Mr. and MM, Paul Greenway L. D. Vinlng V. L. Harper and 9IiStlOltSay
of Macon, Ga., are 1:. Wyman were "SVayeross. Ga.,
aid visiting young:\ '>tr tlQD.. CreenwayM! father, Sept. 19th to :32nd in charge of F e POST TOASTIES 3 Packages k g 25c !
lle more tlrat'y'ou tradetthb d. W. Snellgrove. the Forestry exhibit from,this atelion -

at the Georgia. Stata Foreut"air. t;
,( -

'll" Bloree: foal'more" you MM. Sidney':' Church and Heights son,, ..,-._..__"_, ;. it with Flowers 25c J
realize Kenneth of Keystone COMPOUND LARD Pounds
were, recent visitors of frlendu.' lu Driller want :.*ron ntnttlurry .
llPajsToB It Starke. I "tata, the mount yon have pi to a over. OccanonsGertrn4
Chickens wanted. We pay cash, o,,ddrrns Bo: 3::. ninMnorev, M*. _
O.7-'It. M
J. F. Klckllter.Mr Godbe7ftdfnon .: : :

!\ Earl Mlddleton of Cocoa. The W. T. We'eka Chapter U.
S SISTARKE Is the guest of her husbands parents t>. C., wilt meet next Wednesdayafternoon
Dr. and MM. W. E. Middle- October 3rd. at tbree- Where Sctisfaction Is A Certainty
ton. thirty, at the home of Mr*. A. M. Pheae 9wUda, n*. ,
arby. liostemteii: Mrs. Darby and
---- -
-- - --- -: -
hi fam Mr. 8. L. Peek. --- ---- .
moved .
baa ,
FLA. S. D. Jewell - - -- -

t tf"F

r <. .. _ _
-- .
'- --------------------- ,- -----r--I. il1r'rdl?" .L_ '

( f' -'--


) __i: ---- _... Im r.rr.nJJ r rvrr rrrrnprH. STARKF: rr.onn. rnnur. A'M"TnmT'

.-.- -.- -. _. ... _. -. .. "ftA'''.
----- .
---- --- ---- '-- --- -- ----- --- --- -- -' -- '--- -

tL' ii 'JILi ...- .:'TJ<:\j04IfS| DIVIHIO.V Bulletin HasInformation FARM LEADERS' J Canal Polnt- -100 new )J"oJDe.j : West Palm- RI'Brb. "-

ITIII.ISHIX IirM.KTIN j .posting! 98.000. ( will be erected here fleach Water" We.
ov uRoivivrj uri.nn for workers on Southern Sugar 30.00U ootnDllI1,
( for ? ell
Farmers & OnBerryPacking ) flew 1n1.
Farming Company' plantation this season' stalled' ,in Pal 1\\, 10
(Jalnesvllle Fla.-In order to I BOLTJOOVERDyer '_ Rt'nph-.. ..r.,._
the" _._ _. ...
answer numerous Inquires Llp- -" _' .W __, _..___
: (By Agricultural' Editor) coming In almost every day con- _
and Reed of
cepnlng' the growing of bulbs In of Indiana, PLANET. JR.
... .. ._..__ _.,_. __,. 'Y ; PLOWS
-- -
-- -- -- --- -- -
l .Florida, the Agricultural, Extension (fl.ltllhur of n..r'H' NlionM (loP 1)lIn4 Minnesota, Declare for PLANET, JR. 'FELTILIZKH

; Farmers and Truckers Are Invited to Contribute Articles Division/ has Just published |Ia }.'...Jd, I'. i H, Iturenu I'4t41,8. 'r.' Smith. TRIBUTORS ffl. .

a bulletin on the subject The) ......
t of Yam Experiences and Methods Found -
number of the bulletin i la, 48, and
To He Rest, Suited to Our Country Its title IB Flowering. huh Culture Unsatisfactory conditions and RASKOB EXPLAINS POLICYC.mocr.tlo At New Low Prices
grades of strawberries sometimes
_. _ _ In Florida
---- DeWitt C
-i ; I'' -- ,,:;. ==_ -,. ----------.:.--- '1 1H"J.UU T. A. Rrown county agent of found In the markets .Is Indicative Chairmen Stresses ,. Jones
the need of attention .In standardizing
; IH IIERH'L'R Volusla county Is author of the Need for Program Which Will,

Chemical Warfare i'J.NT1G DIM MKKDCalnffsvllle .: ; bulletin." For the pant few years and better handling Bring Farm Prosperity-Urg** HARDWAREHAROLD

he has had rather wide experienceIn methods according to the bureauot Tariff EquuJrty. ...,.. ... ,, ,
of the -- -- --- -- -' ._
; :: Proves Deadly To : Fla.--I
pickles are reminded that October his. county and during the time has United Staten department! of ag Further evidence that sentiment ... ..., .,
''''''''" .
riculture. '" ''"''''* /
i4jth Each Tree Borer, 'Is I he SHUHon for planting dill seed. gathered much valuable Information for Governor Smith I. sweeping the IllIllUI..IIII11I11111_

The Information comes from Dr. 13W. which he pauses on to the Growers, the department"says i I Middle West i II contained in the II C.

--- Merger who Is an authority on -arowers- of- the state. should Dim' to produce berries of announcement that J. Vi Reed, for WALLINSURANCE

1* '44%! Lord Tells How to I'mnrarl| <1*, the ubjrt of dill pickles.Sftflil ) AIl of the flowering bulb commonly such uniformly high quality that even year president of the Minnesota I'!

'2 4A$ lo O M *HIP Jlori"| IVcilDuring planted now will produce !grown In the atatf'i '! are ds| no hand-grading .'In necessary, as II Farm Bureau federation\ ,

: October.ftalneftvllle matured dill lulling next May or 'nlllJlIl.! but special' attention Is given extra handling adds to the posslblllty and John Napl,r Dyer pi Vlnceonts.

: 4 4 h early June. The seed should be to Gladioli, Narcissi.' Easter of decay. In many Instances, Indiana, director la the American I TAnKFJ, rLoRmften ,

.* Fla. The annual Mowed In drill or rows and the Lily, and Amaryllis. These four the department states, hand grading Farm ;Bureau federation will support "

4: .4d 'i light agalnflt th. ppiirh tree borer young. plants later tMiined to three are the most commonly grown In / Is necessary and profitable. but the Democratic candidate for the Brat leading Insurance Companies

ic will soon' be started by peach grower Indies) apart. On rich ecu, with Volusla county and the Iramecllata this, should take place 'In the field. President. "FIRE' ACCIDENT, MFE. AUTOMQ IJ-E. BOND.
; of Florida. Th mOAt progressive freciuent" cultIvotIon alllillomo fertilizer section. Others discussed include) Whether! graded 'In the field or not Both Reed and Dyer; have been J.U81

1t1 :L(: growers are finding that the plants will grow to .a Crlnum. Hucharls, Freezlas. Montbretla however. the department adds, the lifelong Republican Each baa laI s ADJITSTOfENTS/ 1\(APE BROMPTLYAn

bent way to fight thin borer l In to height of five or nix' feet Watnonla, C'alla Lilly, hyacinth berries should be graded and classified I sued a statement vetting forth that __ "..' ..''''''"'""""""''' ....'.......'.... '''...
line chemical warfare Instead( of Dili plants are ready to he bar. and tulips. before shipment. the Republican party baa turned a -- -

the '-'1 method of digging!: (hem vented! when a small part of the Mr. Brown gives advice as to Field grading under proper deaf ear to American' agriculture

: i. out, need present shows idgim, of ripen- what type of bulb to plant when supervision' the department says and that the championship' of the

v InK by turning brown. The ma- to plant If. how to select the soil Is preferred to grading In the packIng came of the farmer by Governor
Tbe chemical used In thin
+ warfare
and fertilize It, how to cultivate Smith now compels true friends of
turing plants should be pulled o.ut shed because It Involves lens
? .1 y c! Is paradlchornlienzene, often and for each of the agriculture to enlist 'In the Demo- holDS!
of the ground root and all. and harvest more handling and therefore lean, deterioration
iki t( railed paraclda It lit a while I"
:* crystalline -
'In important varieties. After being use of cratlo forcee.Meanwhile. ,
allowed to dry Home nhady In transit The \s E;
ti$ substance /and )\\OH a peril Raslcob -
John J. ,
'All of the dug the bulbs are taken to curing recommended. '
place. parts plant may standard grades 'la ( C"'J
liar odor. When exposed to Ihe \
4 bo used but the roots sheds where they are allowed to Chairman of the Democratic Natlooal .
should contain uniform
Dozes a
air 'It slowly given off a poisonous the
to contain but little .If any of the dry In bins. Suggestions! are given Committee, was asserting
should he
!; of berries and
The fume are heavier than grade
f' !pan. national policy
14 need for- a
dill flavor. The coarse parts of the for the construction\ of these sheds. urgent
air HO they penetrate the burrows fllled no there Is no slack, nor yet and
should Into During: the pant two giving! the farmer prosperity
plant be broken suitable / year Qr
'i crushed
of the borera and kill I him much too BO are -it'
tariff equality.
there has. been much 'interest In
M T4 more effectively than |It can l bit pieces. when placed 'In crates. The crates for. out
'bulb culture 'In the state. The "Tbe greatest assurance
Dill also be used! with vine-' new
I : done with a knife. may should be loaded 'in earn so as to said Mr. Ras. .---: :
future prosperity. -
far: pickles, producing "that dill bulletin will answer many questions of cold air -
I' free circulation
Professor B. L. Lord of I the department permit kob. "will depend on our ability to "
'' for those who are considering
?) : j ; of horticulture at |the I'' flavor.! and should be firmly stripped HO Increase the purchasing' power of '
/ROlnn Into the business. It ls
) i College of ARrlculture given the fJ.fOITUUHTA: I-IH NOW free, and may ho had by writing as to prevent shifting and damage!; the farmer. That can only be done up :.;:e$--'O-! j;' ..."."'.-,,,_. .. ',':1'\l.Lf. ww

rJ following' suRgestlonn for applying TO ('ON'IROL WKKVILGainesville the Agricultural Extension Division to (he load while In transit. through giving! the farmer tariff 1t, ':/ "J\1; .".. -,

f _ this chemical: The earth should Oe'lIe' vllle. Detailed( 'Information of the gov- protection, thus putting him on an ,_ mil ; "l"" ii, :.. JI'. ,l

be banked up around the base of Kla.---The most ef. a ernmentH survey on this subject equality with Industry and enabling : ....... -:
'I I the peach trees t.o tbe height of fectlvn blow to I the boll weevil can "'1<110: t'mil OM4: TODESTROY has been published 'in Farmer's him to pay till high wages fpr labor :/ /I -

y he'blithest; worm hole In the tree, be dealt right; now by farmers If WKR.WORMH bulletin No. 1560, entitled "Pre- which he 'is compelled to pay IJI t"t:t'oi; ,

______ ; then smoothed slightly and pack. they will Immediately destroy all paring strawberries for market" competition with' industry"

ed. In the top of this mound a cotton stalks from this year's crop, Oalnl' vllle. Fla.-The webs or and copies may be obtained from Cycle of Prosperity

_ _______ small trench I la made, one and one- says Kdnar; F. flronsman of the flOats of the fall web-worm can the department at Washington D Putting our farms on a profitable I

_______________ bait Inches from the tree. Florida Experiment Station. frequently be removed from pecan C. earning basis Mr. Raskob pointed entirely UUP refine of 'iMily fines and
i_ _: The paracide 'Is then placed 'In While It Is true that West Flor. and other trees by means of a out. would give tbe farm population contours. the
1 this small trencb three-fourths I more who( have expressed/ an Interest mist!; costly pending env
ida cotton suffered more this year long pole, such an a bamboo fish "which constitutes 30 per cent
_, ounce per tree for theme three to pole, Dr. E. W. Rerger entomologist In this line of agriculture ployed '
from storm' and flood damage than says of our population tremendously on t ittn/ itt )I/tf.L//8 in 1he
five old and tor and will soon be listed among the iworld
years one ounce "
of the State Plant
the! of the boll NQ1I/
1 from ravages wee creased purchasing power. /j
those older than five yearn. The vII, such a condition Is unusual. If Hoard.Hy beginners of the winter legume purchasing power means consump \ > and: flic/k-he'' ;.t i!|>ho?: f feries; and

chemical In covered with dirt, farmers are to continue raining co- reaching; up and thrustingthe growers. lion and consumption requires pro '
which 'IB packed with a fthovel. ton profitably, they will find that small end of the pole In con Since the time of planting Is ductlon-production require laboi appointment' . c1 tippuisfi 'Bm'ck.'inew

Thin IB all that In iiecennary except they must light the boll weevil at tact with the web and revolvingor near at hand. It In urged that all. and labor employed again meant Mastcrmt'ee: BOPK; $ 6. FISHER
ts: l tearing down the mounds In about every opportunity. Destruction of twisting' the pole', practicallythe those who are 'Interested In plantIng purchasing power and thus the I

t4r.t4t; a ,.,ooth.It stalks 'In the fall deprives the 'wee. whole nest can be wound!'onto winter legumes for soil 'improvement cycle of prosperity 'Js completed."'

ftL'if' Is Important to see that theparacide vII of much food and thereby sends It and be pulled to the ground; he during the ( p Is placed exactly according winter and explains.The get 'In touch with the county be non-partisan. Utl.Jliull uiorr iiit'."%--.1111'.' iuiliorr ( liu.il rl/UII"'IiII/1..U/.llhcb..dya04/ t,t> /. |
him to early federation should
t fl to directions Professor Lord quarters of twisting and agent at tile earliest date possible $ P'"i'1"| l" Ilu Ji;..|I.111! nMiiim .Ii, "lift |Il4r! I..... r (fritti.. the upxr|' |
hun process Mr. Reed has resigned from his position .
1' 4t explaltm. It It 'Is put closer to thetree (try.; and obtain information regardingthe S iiimiiir. ,IIVITU i"rufu..> "..II..lIr."t.I ktr'n line. ull ....I.urt un iii l *|
If the rains continue It'will be winding the web on the pole will as president of the Minnesota : .
.. tug. :a iluiiiviul/ ml 1 .1.;"i nil auiiixtrnt .>> t/lli ID '"IlIU'j".I",1| l l l 1..u1r,
than an 'inch It if) likely to the also kill nearly all the at matter. bureau to the course oC sup\ ,
especially Important to destroy worms adopt tl..L. HH ,'I.l ->" t IV"i<>*i IaN
trt hurt (Ihe tree. It It IH put too faraway stalks as they will stay green the same time, but the Job can be NOTlel'] OP APPLICATIOV FOIl porting Governor Smith to which hi &Ii4v rwiwtuil i"M 1 I. .tI!, "I' |1.1'O' II.'. IfDU wnnt, bvnuty-if" ;J'OU wulliiufivulijlit

I 'It will not kill the borers. longer. As long an there In green finished by stepping on them. The r\x I IKIiwmcn say* :be I* compelled by the present tion iu laivnipHPH, U J.. ..!' ).Arc, '. | > .if you ".ut uHI. .

This. treatment should not be given foliage on the ntulka they are fur. mass! of web and mashed worms I..". between the Republican and tl.i ininiile kiuartln'M tbcrill,
; i( : _ trace under.two years old. with 'Ideal head. will be found tightly 'II.JI.4around > tsi unnKBV: OIVHN Democrat. .-ell\b-C a'J' I Is n.'t, '\"!v,le|| 'tuoHtbrlllmnt I only'. one luiite the iW J
nishlng' weevils se
\uiilna, ,
That T. J. Alilrrman. holder of TutCertiorate : fM.-rfui,iiiiuir .'ilaptik,) if( t thit!SIucrAnrnvrnuq
k The proper time to apply para- .. the that sharp knife "Both tbe and the quarters. Weevils that go Into hibernation pole a No. 2M. Gth Uy of July platform : HUM k willl ii-w Mmtcrpinllby !
j . nun lied Id .rtlVate( tli',* tluy, liut U141 )t.U"ti it ,
strong and vlgoroua are Is almost a necessity In order, to In my 1520.nidilul nitula UK applicationfor dldate. of Ute Republican part,, a stew siylo'-'. H'nlJii'K/ <.ir.v ji"iJ>- !I'tMht-r. It'* tliv. n<.* it'<'lr-tbi]
\ October 20. according' to Professor much more likely to emerge! than remove 'It. tax deed to I..HU" therwon In "<.. says Mr, Reed "withhold from agri, of uir,, Hcii'rni'ire( b a'It.,1.> nt-w ILUI4!JIn!! motor. ntn''

r Lord. In North Central Flor. those which are forced In by lack The method might be employed oonlant-a. with! law. Said certlflrntnibracps culture any promise ot an adequate mi'I i S |lu..c.d.( HI,I'd iiiijn- ;pnu. fii',,'IiIs'

ik '. ida It can he put In a few days of food early In the fall.KILMNC1 on a large scale by working from a property, Kltunted the, following In Bradford iI.srlbcd coun remedy for existing conditions, confining ,ant' t 119. 'wrl.I ".I..u""I,! lilt '| L\rK ANMVlKSUKlBUICK
I late. There 'Is no danger of hurt- truck ty. Jo'lorhlttowit: their agricultural pledge tc
S wagon or automobile provided .
*' 'Ing the tree It directions are fol. 'OlIN AVKKVII.H: F.I\"* halt of Southeast quarter of \II .aiiitriq, rJrw "eittIPV.. s'f I I.Hi) ( I
with a platform, no that tile Koutliwext quarter Section T. Town. vague generalities which 'In no way !.urlIf"I ....'.I..ul.1 ".((11 ly I l"UllCf, I
lowed. and .It 'In n sure method forgetting higher parts of the trees muy be ship 7. Mouth Jlange, 23 Kant. 20 define. nor suggest; nor promise the .1I'rl 11U1.rlo. II" ""'0" .......11- cSep:. .

_ \ rid of borers. The damage and destruction to' reached. acres.The. a""e"8ment of Kalil propertyunder remedy long sought by American ,ply>..... .i..' "a'' 1I..r "'" It "u-. V':ill A1.-I..puou l | | IIv4i.' bl fil..
t WK: "'tlOt'...) noT corn In the crib caused by the corn Another suggestion from Dr, the xalrt certificate iKMUVil wan .rlculture-'Control! and orderlymarketing

: AVI: KNOW TO no ANI) weevil in not new to the farmers I Berger is that the shotgun might' In the name. of. UnknownITntenM ot crop surpluses? with
Miklft .martIflnat Mhalt HA r... ,
g s, ;r\OT TMM HO :MtVHToday of Florida and yet too often we, prove an effective weapon againstthe d..m.R.. (. -orl ln'l'--to- law,' tax-(deed adequate provision for tne aiitnou .. ;
', I neglect a simple means of control, worms. The worms rest la a will IflHue thereon. on the 29th day lion of: the costs upon the marketed Register Motor

, I read an editorial 'In a I thereby suffering the loss of a considerable bunch 'lu the nest during the day, of october. thin A 25th. n. day 1921.Puled .of September, units of tbe crop benefited,'

'1 Florida paper about% an organisation amount of grain after .Itlias so It might be a good Idea to try A. .). 19J8. Hontsty Compel Endorsement ,
.J of men who "talk little but do O. W. A ERMAN.. -_
't been produced, harvested and shooting them with fine shot -
very (Soul) Cleric of Circuit Court. "The platform the Democratic
t much It seems to( me that one stored. a flradforrt County, Florida. party and the pronouncement of Us ...... _
: trouble with im farmers Is that we The method of control Is simple Much favorable comment Is being By C. A. .KNKIHT --t-r---i--_l :
candidate upon the questIon of agricultural
c know we ought; to do certain and of little expense when one considers ; heard concerning the Orange !il.2.lit-10- Deputy Clerk. 'equality embraces so d flnltely .

i I things and say we are going to do the Ions experienced whenno county exhibit, which was shownat \OTICR OF APPIJrTOXNOTICK : Jl'bn'r. and clearly the principle'

'e itl ; them but never do. control measures are taken. the Tornonto Exposition: 'In .Aug J( Di: held vital to any adequate farm reIJef

_ i.& 'There are any number ot things Corn weevils can be effectively ust. People from all over the : IS-IIRUl-JHY. O1V1N.: jlan by myself and tbe farmer ,
; that we know should be done \In controlled by the proper use ot United States visited the booth.. That T. J. Alderman holder of Tax of the state generally, that candor
tJ our farming work that have been a Certificate No. 2ft!. 6th day of July
and it 'is
carbon the
bisulphide and honesty compels me to endorse
Despite unfavorable weather A. I D. 11126. has tiled said certificate !
told to us and shown to( us as be- only material required for fumigation very In mv oOlce and made application for tbe platform and tbe candidate ol
,Ins good practices to follow, and and, every farmer baa Buffl- nearly 1300 people attended tax deed to liifiue 4hereon In accordance the Democratic party." I -I IYou
Farmers' and Fruit Growers' Week with law. Said certificate 'embraced
we have made up our minds to follow dent equipment on hand fqr fumi the following described property After reciting the failure of the I

tbem, but never have. Or gatlon. This material evaporatesvery at the University a this year. Florida situated, to-witl Ira Bradford county. Republican party to keep it)

perhaps we have followed them rapidly 'into a heavy gas and CIUPH Went half of Northwest quarterof Pledges to agriculture, and the repudiation I

', .half-heartedly for a while and then penetrates downward through the Southwest. quarter Section 21. of the farmer's 'cause by I
L I ,{dropped! .back I Into( one! d.il. habits Township 7.. South, Hung, 23 Past ,.
corn, .killing all 'Insect life. Fumljradon Hogging; down crops U a good 20 ncren. Herbert Hoover, Mr. Dyer announcef >

__ I (I I FomMttinoel.wo IIlDt''trtlWd.aumme: luG :that weiould ,," dues not ''a nJur6rtmfrro t1!'e fiotfac.( wayto-il1'A)01','\ .'w.4tb.'H8Sr.k lao...'. "under;'Th, 'the agftcMinent said: tI.t.; --.11u.: ... f was that be 1. Quitting the ,Republican : ; ,i.'
germinate if It Is thoroughly
I In the name of Jennie H. Ijir..en. party; "disgusted' with' its ""-' '
,t 4 ) % guni* crops and tty to keep our dry and mature. The chardcter, sinew,, and braIn Un I... Mid certificate shall be redeemed lack ot honor In the repudiation of "'oI """" _"";' .

: soil productive. Yet it Is a fact Mi. Powell of Starke. has his of America l Is a farm product.Dr. .- will iHHue according th.r.on on to the law.29th tax day deed of its solemn pledges to American

: that all-too-few of us actually do bin built as near air-tight as .Is Frank Dohn. october, A. D. 192M.r farmer, and I am aligning myself

1 ; plant a. many leguminous. crops possible and Is now harvesting' the A.. I>Ht). .Io3
1 an-we ahould. Some of us do not corn and filling the bin after which' Never a cotton crop so small'but O. W. ALDERMAN.. faith 'In It* leader."

- 1ik ;, plant any at all. he will use the carbon bisulphide' that a smaller would have broughtthe (Real) Ttrailfftl-fl Clerk. of('ollnh Circuit,. Klml.1aBy Court. Mr. Dyer, operator of a thou and. .
%Wf \\we know we should rotate our method of treatment for wee.,11control. ---- --- "-- acre farm In Knox county Indiana- --
_ growers more money.-Dr, W, C. A' KNKIHT.
fWt: ________ crops, should co-operate with our Mr. Powell will be glad J. Splllman. !.ES.lt.jO-2g| ) Pemity Clerk1 also states that he Is a dry and I CAN'T Get Better I

neighbors< ehould get better Implements to discuss with anyone his 'Intentions Road tax payments to the a Protestant. Ha 'is president of
; va.
j4t't for our farming and better for weevil control and the the Knox County Horticultural association I.
4 Club girls of Volusla county are rious' counties of Florida from -
It equipment for tbe home county agent will likewise be gladto and is one of the leading
much Interested 'In news writing which' the state obtained .its pro for the MONEY
4' should! do lots of things tbat mark advice fruit' ot
give and assist anyone The August 'issue of their paper., portlonate share proved the great growers .the country.
tbe"prolrretl lve farmer and yet who be 'Interested In this ,
The Voluala Club Girl, had 14 est single money-producing Item
t talking about these things 'la too
; phase of Insect control.
often far as'wo pages of club news. for the state treasury during the We firmly believe that GOODYEAR PATHFINDERS
AS go. In using carbon bisulphide we GOV. SMITH VISITING I :

"Do the best you tan with what must remember that the gas form Farmers of Santa Rosa countyare month of of State August Treasurer the monthly John report C. ; "/ WESTERN CITIES I are the lowest priced quality

'i. M', you bare" 'Is the motto of a well ed Is luflamable and lights and now placing orders for vetch Luning shows.FARMS. : tire on the market today. That's why we

____ known editor of a southern farm pres must be kept away. seed to plant this. fall, says J. O. .: ; Cltlie'ns ,of' seventeen? cjtl ell them and we are selling more every day.
pap f. Jt IK a good one for us to Hudson, Tort Peopl who want value at low cost fare finding .
county agent. 'Indicationsare between, JNpw _anJ( Jlelena" ,:
c ti follow. ,Jn our farming. Jacksonville Sunshine Products that a large number of farm- Montana, will have :bad\ a closeup -, out that Goodyear Pathfinders give

- I'' OVK THH,YOVXn a la'M.KTS: corporation will Increase era will plant winter' rover crops view' of Qovprnor Alfred E.. more mileage, greater economy and com

r ,, 000 and will enlarge output and I S will be in a position to present campaign tour through
: Successwith fall and winter expand sale territory. TLANTIXO WINTER: MXJt'MK.S the West. you have never tried this tire, come In

't t ogg.prodactlon.! la going to depend IIomoMssa-Work commencedon handle 15 or 20 farms ranging The Governor's schedule calls and inspect the tough substantial carcass,
new schoolhouse here. The time for sowing seeds for for Omaha I the durable made.
i largely on the quarters In which speeches at Oklahoma tread-see how well it is
Palm City-Work will start soon winter cover crops la almost here from 10 to City, Denver Helena Minneapolis What it has it
'_ the birds are boused saya N. U. 80 acres, priced done for thousands of others,
Mebrhof poultrymaii; for the agricultural on construction ot new Palm City and efforts are being made to have and Milwaukee. JU.IUDerar1' I will do for you.
bridge. quite a few of the farmers begin la follows
extension: service. right, These farms will be as :
Any sudden change of weather Fort Pierce-White Barrel Com. for the first time, tbe planting of Sept. 11, Chicago' ;, Sept. IS, Goodyear guarantee Its performance and

c : conditions' will have a direct bearing jiany erect. assembling plant here, winter legumes 'in Bradford coun put in our new catalogue and Omaha: Sept. 20, OklahomaCity we help get the "built-in extra miles"out of

I on subsequent egg production. 'crowded bousa. ty. A fair' number of them haye ; Sept. 21, Newton and it with.our friendly expert constant Goodyear
lined up with the county agent 'jn if Dodge City; Sept. M. La Junta
4 1 : Tbe yoanx pullets should be pro- Some of the things to eonslderr.latl.e you can include growing rvue.ThatgoeswjtheveryuzewcscILWe
putting over this and Denver 23 *,
very Important : Sept. Caeyenne .
_____ J Tided them with comfortable.' a bouse tbat will keep to poultry bouses are ventilation phase of soil 'Improvement. Those I farm Sept. 24. Billings Dlltte",'&ad '. have your sUe too-no waiting at all.'
contented freedom of crops or equipment it
drafts dry- who have BI.marck"an4 .
', already expressed: Intentions Helena: Sept. 2 I,
I7 'pullet U a profitable one. ness sunlight, convenience' roominess .
tq be the Minneapolis
pioneers In Fargo Sept. 27.
tba ;
f Tile birds need plenty of ventilation will help sale. .
: and economy. > .
glowing of
winter legumes here and St. Paul: Sept. 29. Mllwau.kse
thIs making It necessary not Look around and see that everything In tbe county are: Mr. George Uu- : Oct. 1. Rochester,. K. y.' :

to crowd and also not to make the .U ready for the pullets ''ten, Mr. Math Grlfflj. Mr. A. )..t. E. A. STROUT FARM Governor Smith's .,...cb...' will
y ( house too lightly constructed. about to lay. Egg production |this Lewis, Mr. Wiggins Mr. Robert I,. bretricM* aver a book-up 'I.! 2

; ; 9: On the other band. Ilia birdsmust winter meaiu more money for the of Graham Mr. O. \V. Hlnson, Mr AGENCY **cfi. ....... rascliiag 4r_ geese. Supreme Service Station No.
not be allowed to roost 'In producer Greene, who runs the largest 41 (O C04MC. ,
t L' draftf. A great percentage of Keep the birds and houses .
clean.' In (be county, and Mr. Powell "who -
_: h eolda are brought about by the Do not allow parasites to retard .la possibly the first winter' legume G. M. !flit n, Agent STARKE, FLORIDA
bird "being in drafts In
or a too production. grower' In this
;1a T section. :.There are Starke, FJa. Subscribe for The Telegraph

: ... _.J.. ., ._ _. f'.. .. C .. .' I., ..
-.- S --- ________" '-. A a .

.. p.\; __ J
:' : r- __ __
., ,< -- P- -
\" /' _ _

..F:. ,

I ,

Ii.--. f tIFPTF.mR ,

: '- 28. J98, BRADFCRD rOtmJI'Y 'J'EUi.G1UPRo fllTAnn"F.. n.oRm.\ r.-\on sr.vrx: t ,

._ _._ .
---- --- ----- -
-- -- -- -- -- ------- ----V.-- 5. -5 j-; : i4f1fS? 7tI
'T Of I'IM.HTH F U nil in full upon the Journal 'of the
SOllKm'M'3: :
PRESIDENT! FARM AND LABOR LEADERS 'I'U'H 'fIIKKII Mrnat* and of the Houaa of KepraNajiitatlvea : *
July 18th trains ) which fnlrl.. shall Immediately
follow t .
I run as follow: ) !ice la hereby Riven C that) ... (), 'he Introduction of the antryahowing bill. 1)1 'li

holder of Tax t'.rtlh.I. No. Provided however, no publlaatlon of nlp
LOYAL TO GOVERNOR SMITH No.1. Southbound Inrnl the lltli dny of l '2A. any I..a1\ special law la requiredhareunder ,f
aabl certificate I In offIce
; SII.. mv .h..n suCh 1".1 vr vpe-
Starke 10:45: p. m. I 1.11.'II'aUo") \ I for Tax I l 1..1) i-lnl law contain a provlalon to th. S

nulbbound loral, ( ". t 1..0 ", .... \1 effect that the name aihall not becomeoperative S
Nov I I

I 0 P. 'MEN ACCLAIM HIM SUrke 11:23 a. m. I ) $ < e.rtn..nt. embrace. *Hie fol luis been I or rot I effrctlva illu.ui, or upprovrd until the same by a 1; S
proi| t>' situate
j : :: :: majority of the 'u.III.,1 electoraparticipating ; S S
No. 2t Northbound local ) Iliudford 1 Cminly t Florida I to-wlt : In an .llclln called In I' .
beast qunrlor of: "SI..t the saul -
Starke 8:24: a. m. of Section it Tnwnnhp! lal L..rlory .1.ct.. .pat S
F t 0. llHiiitD 22 Hiiet.: rqiml I 411 acrea. "I JO'al I.w.
William No. 12 northbound local!
President of ) HMHeHHiiiiMit ot auld) properly un.
American GEORGE WASHINGTON ON Starke 3:06: p. m. ",10 (..III.RC.biKiied was, lii the A JOINT RESOLUTION prnr'Qlln. I S ,
Federation of of .
; : No. 107 Houthbounrt limited l..nln.nt S
RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE llnleNH eald Certificate hn h'I.1 I CoiiHilliiilon. of the /
1 Labor, Lauds Governor's Starke 1:20: p. Tn. .t..1 according to ..hnl. Tax. lt 1'h.III. H"ICrna tf> JMnuatlon -
.- : I ITI M No. 109 northbound, limited' l wil (iMHiie thereon on I lat ; Division 0 .
Record.UNANIMOUSLY As a reply to the bigoted I I .f *oIiei'. A. 1 Ii. IHZN.liatcd of CountIes: ( Into Mpaclal Tax l>ln- S
Starke 5:44 p. m. ( thin 2Nlh) I day of AugliR L..I..t.; 1''ovhl"/ I Ihn Klectlon S
propaganda, attacking Governor Wannce Dranch-No. lOt ( l>. 1)2K.V T..u"1. ,. .. Tetm of

ENDORSEDBY Smith on religious grounds Starke 0:30: a, m.; No. 102 I I ) l ( ) fK Clerk W. At.nRRMAN.' Courllrndfnrd itllce bar at,anc) Collection Jitiss; ,und ot a for District I.evy- ,

S which I Is being distributed -lve 2:10: r. in. (?,,i, 1"11*. rlcboul Tax for School Purpnsea.. f S

STATE FEDERATION through the South by various Intolerant T. J. Orlffln. ) :m_t-St-fi_-211. __ n_ __. __fIorhJI._ ___ Its It Resolved by. I the IjealNlatura :
of I tha HI.I. of ''Iorhl.:
organisations, the Democratic ) ) '" (' Tluit tha ,,.
'I'I'I'II" \PI'I.I 'TI<>'FlaIl tolnwl.1: to s,
60,000 People In Demonstrstlen at National Committee has '0'1'11'10'" nti.n \ iiiiit: : Hi-i-lloil 10 ..XII of .Ihe ConHiltutlnn -
: \ :: ': II ,of I the tate of Florida, ralutlnir :
State Fair; Demeeratle Candidate issued photos'tatlo copies of a bn and the ..
underale-neil; will sell to Nollr-n In hereby. given that T (1. .d".tOI. .
Utter written Washington Tha '
Acclaimed: by Republican' by George )hlKheal. bidder for rafth. nn Ike. 21)1) t 'I!. hnldfi* of Tux CerllllcntK N... milted.hereby) lo uMr..1 10.,1 Khali hn 6
of the
Farm Leaders at Syracuse.Twice to the members ot the day Heptemner./ A. H. IB**. I : !, I Mh day of July A. I I. I'IS. at lbs rienernl .I..tor.': of .
New Church Baptist eleven n'rlnck' from of thn $ I Illed pin Ccrtlllcate I .I In otllci S
a .
congregation Inndo tatives to be held) In 11138!* lot ., A
in Baltimore. In it, the Hoor Hradford of the Court, Florida Unit*.* the iKMiie Sh..n'"III..lu"I I I .. for tax wll dee I I It proval I or rejection. That) mild 4 1' '
In hie own State last week County I
.or..lr. I 10 sheLl bo
"Father of the American Republic" 10wl..e notm niorlKimep, .. \V Said Certificate I '." .. I II I.. 10. Follows.Hfctlon al..I..d HU ma S S S
and among two distinct classes nienta. tax ...rtlti'a.n, anil reid "' I I. wlnir I iltt"ci'lbd I I 1"'OI''Y.u.I t ... .. as :
the farmer and>> the labor man- said: 1 tale for the nnrpoH of .... .* I I ttrai't.rI "'..llly I h.I..I., li..wlSoiitheiivl it: provlilo to.|the o. "Thn TI'al.tltr. .
"In this enlightened age and Ihe. affaire of Iho /$tat t I .. S
nf Hampton 'sl'H'.r NI'.Chw..1 .
ty ciiiintlen Into
Governor Alfred E. Smith's popular. HRh It a..IM final .. It lenient ... \\... O0 ( .,'' 2 'r'.wtiMhbih' l l|> 7, Mouth. in ..v."I.n. tMul'i
Alfred E. SmithBBCaMBBtfBBCWW ity was ao spontaneously- so In this land ot equal liberty it is HIM alockholdera. : r 1; [ :1.23 j.I:;: told;) I I. 40.* ,ilcren.Tlit dlnlrlcla: nnil three for achool, lh I.1..C<,n,
our boast that a man's religious HHHeHHinent, of nulil sllnlv.1 ..
BBItELICANS enthusiastically attested that any Mai of Murlaairea I. be Sold. .:,* hI : ) .h.1 ) their oincen for I two lljojs
Kill I Certlfcnte) issued I
lingering doubt of his tremendous tenets will not forfeit the protection ] '. J. r'hOHKH, i>rinol. |>al tu.., Uti. ; I on Inc of UNKNOWN. wua"Ir who vhall h'LV. t his "" t S
Int. due 11'0"Iart. .. A, 11124. of the within the
of the laws nor deprivehim I'nleHH, hut cortlllcnte shah .al ..hnul.
ARE strength among those privileged to of the right ot attaining and T. B. Tl'tear, principal. .l know him must certainly have. beendispelled. m..la.. 'irut din from Mart 2! I I I IMHIIH t" t the I mit. iliiy "r 1."Uon a I lax
holding the highest offices that 1IZr.: t .. ..-. A. H. I 1)2) 01. tha exclusive line the Ilbl. S

HOOTING SMITH Governor's Day at the State Fair are known the United States." mnrtfrnite T. U.. Trlext., 'tnt principal du. from due March, '1 tOO.O ; :. :' I :;:i I iiled PI3S.! ) thin 2Xth day of August, A. ever achoolM.it VliepvciF, majorIty within Sh"t of tIts linw the| >'<|,iuiLtIiIl'toe ,ni. 1 Stots

at Syracuse attracted more than 1.926. (i. w. A1.ltTt5fAN. .. ; -; ;
-- i'i.lfl.'ri f ;t0iW j
iMpi'Hoiml vhull
i | ) v<
( l ) Cl rk
(0,000 people, from the rural districts W. A. Mnyn, principal dil<*> $ 1 ; nrndfurd, "< ClrcnU Coiir, .1. favor of slid l levy.
VETERANS FOR SMITH nmrliiuffi't I Int.t dn. from June County, 1"luii.tui3ltlt.9 :\ I
and to be of the ill.
1 proved one 111_'*. 1 ) '
prominent Men Through. : A JOINT $ Prupn.ilogPill I
most Impressive demonstrations J. N. Thnmae..principal due. Ol''lnl '
A nn ndin J* >iirC4
14)11(51' I.I'O: .
1..11. 1
Illation Break Ute.Long I ever-accorded. a. preIdeotIalca.ndt- (rhHttel Int. due trout Jiinx iI. 19 : 0. 1. AS'Ucl. Thrt-n ( I Ih.. Car..

date. Again and again throughout Disabled Sol- "lH., IfarreH) principal' due.! ( | | ,utlt lit .. of I tin Slum rf .'I..I"t q,
Ties. Say Hoover Ignored S Int. dii: .. from January I. 11)17.Jo AR. ''ht r.PII.'alur.' 01, Jt.lutlnir "to tIlt! I'ny, nf
Party I ) WIJn' I.mb.r.
the day the fair grounds resounded .. ......
dlers; Attack Red-Tape and ,. lift.IT! the (: of tlrn HVunlw tuul of
Renpett, principal due, I....
the Htale of l Flurlda, did four of I
I with ,tumultuous cheers for the pass
l.Ik ,
Int. lne from February Itf l
Bureaucracy. I .
n t IteaolulloiiH I t MIIIUIK! It ItoHolVHd hy S hl Legislatureor l .
S Lreds of Ufa-long Republltnaay guest of honor. fl. Iliirry\ principal due, SZK.fiO; I I I ",. I to the Cnn"IS p..I.j, of the the Hi.atn of :
Labor Demonstration Endorsing Governor Alfred K. clwttvl.( Int. due from May 17, 1126.H. ( : of In.1 I be name were Thnt Hurt Ion ,.! <:>, MI.i. '
of them of national M. KlnK: prliwlpal due, 32.00< ; ) I l'l In by a vote of throe-fifth Three ((3).f the Ion 'I
Itieace,.are swelUni each day At a meeting of the State Federation Smith as a tried and true friend of Int. due from A4..r<'h I I. 124.U. all. the members elected lo ench Hlal' Florida r.lnU.1 to flt. pay S

army ot voters who believe of Labor In Rochester the the ex-service man A group offormer M. Klntf. ......o..r. H. ('. .. i "; that"". wets the Votes entered on upon anld Join their) of "llnh." |-.ItriirKiKintutlvrit of .Ih .te and, of the tmiMnlttoil ,

soldiers of national reputation principal dU. UIiO.OO<> ; Int. du. .., "v.. Joiirnnla, with lbs .. .hal >
it Is Iha duty ot every thInk. Governor's name uttered by 1 15, 1124. 3 3 ) I to I Iho 'tor. the

Imerlcan to support Governor Green President of the American led by General Henry T. Allen Aug-uxt l..... I.. Olftyton principal dua, $n9Int. : 3 nays.. ,and thereon ii ....t ant I Ih.t they I Ihe did aah ds- Mtat' of.1"lorhl., xt for KKiioral adoptIon election or rjAQtlnn P

I federation of Labor brought former Commander ot the dua from July 2G. IK24.! JteHoliilhma bo xuhmlttuil t 0 nf ltpprMntn.t. In lie hli! nil the '

Hong of lead- an ovation almost unprecedented InS Army of Occupation has formed J. U. Pollard. principal dim 4 ,IV2I.1200.00) ; 1 .I..e..'. nf) Ihn stats at the 1..1., firSt TuvMiluy alter the fIrst Momlity
tbe most recent Int. dua from Deoemher ) In November, iII
the National Democratic Veterans' J. n. Pollard principal. ilue.$KOO.7ft lnW : i'&aJ.hnth& of November, A. !>..
Republicans who have publicly labor gathering. TIIIOIIKFOIIH.: I II.I CLAV meld) Nnotlon Knur (4) i
listed the Republican canal- Congratulating the State Federation Organisation to direct A campaign 17.; morttciiKe Int. due from WI.'OHI H..I" ) of Htnte or ..h.1 !>. am.n.I"1 So read fnllowMi

upon having obtained "the best on behalf of the Democratic candidate J.192. principal due : : : lea ML.lo'that, S'iorld., 0" hereby give ... .'" and member of I the Italia
6. .
Bit I Rudolph Sprockets widely 10101'.1. .. it (if )( | riuntRllvrM h. duly, 1
the veterans ot the 36: I. due rrom ( (lilt: iItA I. : .. .hll ,
la tanker and business mann body ot labor laws of almost any among nu.rl"RM' II.I'IO" fiuitlttlnd .I..t" Lh. respArtivecounties
7. )
1112. b held In each county In Flor
In the Union. Mr. Green said country. endorser A. (I.With. And "1.trII. for which they 4
Francisco owner ot huge State Polhlr. u" aucceedlng the .
.. .. n..ll ar" rlioni.ni I ') of of ,
those who attended the .. due 1411(1.00( ; mortfrage n."nh.r.
1 jlaatatlons in Hawaii and he realized: the State had been Among 20llll'l. Monday In Nnv.mber. A. 1>.. has Honnt .n l Jloima Uepr...ntatlviin -
irljia fortunate In having Mr. Smith as first meeting of the organization In )., tnt due from NI\"nh..r lbs mild TueMilny h.lnl thMivrii Hliull no: axcend twolva dnlInrn .
friend and advisor
close tv .tot
New York General Edward A. \ Parka, due 200.00 I 0. ,.t" and fifty crtiiit (nl.60) a day
l-ildent Roosevelt.fctierInfluential Us Governor. were v. n. principal f ; the 1111.1 tJ" or .J..ton of earn iluy i.t .. ; Mileage
Int. due from ( I 9), 1923 for .
Republican to Instantly the 471 delegates and Logan of Boston Commander of the ''ho... H. llnwee Hept., endoraera. : ,II..J, tl tn the: I Conxtlttillon 1 of and from t heIr hom.a to the ..ul '
1 almost as many 'visitors were onth.lr New England Division In the World A. ., J. F. W. II. Parka Htuta) of Florida.l of Ouv.rnm.nt not tu extend c.> t l
be is Iow. lou..r. ;
fat Smith Spencer Pen. tnt ( Joel a mile ouch way by the
L feet cheering wljdly. For a War; Major General John F.O'n.aD iliac 110.00; Int. due I : I : JOINT: I 1 JJJ Iropo.lna )icsri'st und, must rout.. i ,
( Colorado. mining engineer October I 11). p.n.t."I.
: i to .
u'iiis ,
Ibrolhor ot the late Senator Ions time, while the speaker waited of New York, Commanderof A. A. F..t.h. principal due, $100.00Int : ) .. mend..nt of at f..ndl"h ) 80 mb Inl. ..r.t..t
I FenroHe Republican leadeiJnnirlvanla. tbe demonstration continued.Than tbe 77th Division; Major Bern flue from January .lt)', 1926. ( hi, )11 of 1 .. C..ttutu.. 1.'aUnl to 112*)!*. without the of"r!-"1.
Hrnwnf. n..I lj
J. II.
Uen Hrown e..lor..r.<, 1 ( and )
Mr. Green said: I ard Ryan ot Albion. N. Y.; Con- H. Hrnwn due, J ; .. U.vern. imitation
He will serve asharmanfor p..ln..llal 61,001Int. ""' iI!
"You have been fortunate Indeed 1 mender E. C. Kay and former due from 1)25.I It Henolveil by the Legislature of ,
his State of the J. ...c... principal due $ ; of Tha vot cant In
I Commander William Jones of the 21.011 tate Florida Compliance with
Independent League. In having as Governor" one who was Int Oil. from May 1&, 11)24.) the following amendment to said proposed| und thamiivunM .
in full sympathy with your social Veterans of Foreign Wara; Major P. J. P..r.... ..endorner I'. B. Hunt ., 24 of A r tic lit of the Con .1..ratl".t.lldn."t.. .. return ((4)
[emInent Financial Figures justice program and who assistedIn William f. Deegan former Commander principal due. ''. ; tnt Auicuxt 14, ) \ to County and gov- same regulations and reistrirtimis on
i Republican ot considerable securing this: legislation. of the American Legion; S K J. Pearce.r'.IO""P JT. B. Hltaon I nl' t. I In hwrchy) ngrel mlnl..lp..1 to and are provided by law for Kxnorul elect I

jqueice who has Just declared "Great Figure""I Col. J, Monroe Johnson of Marion. principal due, $ li; Int. du aiihmltled to lh. electors of tlonx III I the Htatn of l'I.ldl. '\
Outstanding from January 14 1024. : Mtnte at the next general elao IN -
ernor Smith Is W, B. Hlbblrglnll. that study ot the S. C.; Col. John Noonan ot Spring- (J. P. Neal. "n40rs.rs< O. W. Iln. : .. tit UapntHentallvaa In 11)21, for f>''JJITIAONY ... Met.by "
president ot W. B. am glad a Held Mass.. and Jamas" X. Hoes aon. P. II. N a1. principal .U' '"1.00.; .. or rejection. hand,. and. .allied the
S record shows that the working men vice chairman of the Democratic tnt due from July 12, !192$ \ u'rtioii :24. The Ueitlitatura shall (Urea Hnnl of the titateHIcAI.
i and Co., bankers oC Wash and women in this State showed II. P. Nenl. principal due .4.711 uniform system of ( .) nf KlnrldH, at Tulluhoa.'
D. Cii National Committee. tnt dua from July I. 1926. )' and munlclrial,' the (' tItle the
their appreciation by voting for him .Replying to the "specious arguments" 4.! N. William' principal due f IOI.US. | hull be .uv.rnm.nt. twenty-fifth.. dy. of July.
i prominent New Jersey Refans Ppl.I..bl. .
John almost unanimously in every election of Republican speakers that rnnriaraire.. -- Int. due from July 2L02& S"S I I I : where.. ':. r .I ._luwa for A.. j!; }!!.:.-. '
J. Stamler jireslHot ".. are priiviiitMi ny 1110 i.varia- n. ; "urn'. ;
In which be figured. 1169. ; i ; ..y .
M. William principal' due
\ S
lIe, Governor Smith had been unfriendly S that may be Inronnlxtent __. '. ',
Broad and Market Ma-
Oft tnt, due from May 1? 1.J.H.:1..L !!!
Bank and This great outstanding figure to war veterans tn crltlclilng ih.tel.; .. h. The J.eglHlaturn shall by ; i"UI"'U'J t tn
Trust Co. of New.d
.rRI law citlva and !
called to a larger 1S24.A. classify
has been .
Uzal II. now the alleged economy of the Republican Si. 'William ..nd"r..r. A. A II to population,, and "
McCarter. prest.o
field. I convinced that Governor principal due, ; Inl.d" ,
Administration General O.I..h.n. 111.0f jaw provlda for I heir In. .,
lot t Circuit Court, fur
the Fidelity Union! Trust from May is, .ror"
Smith's speech of acceptanceand 1 : ) a"vfr"ne..t. jnrlnOla- Coil n ty, I In ),
Allen said: A. M. William Kva 1..I.'oa. I'hln..r
tit : .I.t" privileges )
Newark announced lastS ot powers dul.. .rl TIIM ; toI.
the abuse .
his reference to William IIKO.UU" ; In). "1.OfUIA.
"Governor Smith in hie speech of : ? !: aiioh and no .
{that ( .IR..II".I.n. J. N. ::
they will support Coveriailth made deep Impression due from May I 15. IHHII'N. 1..1.S; S
'injunctions has a I C. or "
100,1 I.w" ,
: acceptance instead of finding fault .H. Johna, endorner, Ada johnnirlnclpat or town., providing for their J Cllp""rlll Iy nppendodn
State. .
on every Industrial due ) mortKnjte, Int : 111) ft f'omplnlnt thatcaitrif I.t
with the appropriations for aid of 'fIO.Ct. t, JiirlNdlctlon,
r.lier. Republican banker tope .. I.ow.r. In tha Circuit fourt I
is the of the American due from 1V24. 1'.I"1 "
: "It purpose disabled war veterans approved R. endoraer, H. R. John ., and prlvlleirei shall bo iiass. for County, Klorlda, ; f
campaign to elect the to acquaint J.hn. ) by the Leglslaturs. \ : : :
Federation of Labor Int. due from 'hiincery, whereIn (lladva ( I -
them. What be did criticize: U the rlnclpal due 1168.US; nIr Ir
"ratio candidate Is De Lance tte members with the speeches of February 7 1D25.W.V ('omplalriHiil, and J. N. l"rd.1 .IK. t J '
intolerable 1 '
Chairman of the Board ot of both candidates andS 'red-tape technicalities (laIn.s. principal due flB.tftnt. nF.HOMJTION Proponing friuliint, ill II fur Ulv.r. I hit '
Iud acceptance and bureaucracy' which has marked duo from Ueoember 20, 11)24.: Amendment to Article III, H""-. riMldenra nf I Ih* d.tpn.l"nt h..I/ 'I
Raynolds Co., ot New their records in matters affecting the administration of these funds J. T. Hardee. principal' ..e. ..CORt. ; ... 31), of the Conetltutlon'of the N. 1)lrIlefl IM unknown. In,1 I'I'J. S5'
here IM In the atl"lorilii
no pemoii '
and then leave the subject to due from Hept. 3O. 121.w. ). of Florida, n.laln8 to the
labor under Republican rale. II. l1'.k..., |)rln.-l. |>at due. 79.1St *""," -' by the 1..gh".tlr.or fipa- the Mervlff. of n Ktibpnartai p
Western Firm Leaders the political conscience of.the w r1t. "In his speech of acceptance Mr. chattel 'nt from Meitt.) 14. 1525. or Local '.aw. |>'' whom wnuld hind' Maid defendant II
anil Hint saId la over
', ot America. Jonea, endoraer W. J.Jon. If itemilved the Legislature .t.I.nt
k and women .ya.M.
Murphy chairman ot lag men Hoover completely Ignored the ,. Jale principal dne the of Florida" : I h. age nf I yenr It fherefnrairtlerld ;' .'. I
n..y"oll. alI
egislative Committee ot the "And I am satisfied that when plight of the disabled war veterans f81.1118t.! I" October X, 124 the following" amendment to Bul"l .t.rpn.l"n. I lie arid ,
they will standby < ... W. J. 81 A rt his I of III. CU us In reoulred' I ) II appear tn mild Hill
JBelt Federation of Farm Or. they go to the fells throughout the nation. 'oneM, .< due,"tor..pr.Int. dueCom Ut.loll" of.r Hlate JI re n-). of Cnniplulpt) filed lit .said catiee, ontonilay
pilona, and a member of the those who stood by them in their "That Governor Smiths fullest (Mtnbi.r,3.principal $1(124.( 73.10 1 In t paaaaka. bv 1'IISI.II.this the let duy nf Orioher A. I'. "
of need." C. OwnUy. principal due $ 1 of .1 | >al ".1. .19214 ut the Court. hoiiMM Mlnrk .
hours ; ttpeflal
ota> ; jni ,
delegation tO'the RepuboConvention. sympathies are with the war I.due from Mept. 21. 1024. 10.0011 [ : ." the same la .hereby. agreed.to, Hr..lrn1. I'"ully I Klnrldu, otherwlr' *.

has renounced<< alee endorsee Governor Smith veterans and that he believes they Hoy HoherL. principal dua 123.50; : ahall bo aubinlllod, to the aloe the said bil of foirl-.,. II
to his nt. due May 1. 1S2.V of the Hint" of Florida. for ilnlnt will he tal..n 'lnr..1
party and'repndi- A resolution endorsing Governor" deserve the fullest measure of assistance t..or ap
I). J. endnreer f.l Owaey. or rejection at the next gen I IN further ordered hS' ll
{Hoover[ as "an enemy ot the Smith and calling upon labor everywhere from a grateful RepUblic. JhllJ.due $52.12.J Int. due \ :, Kindlon; of UepreHentatlveM l lie. piihllKhed. once w..k for.'
r." from March ,.. 124.I the tire our) 'onseatlVe weeks, In the tiradord
to support him. was unanimously I. shown by the fact that under his on TuaHiluy. after %
ft. Harry, principal dna ; HrHt Monday In .., A. I H. County ''pl"sr"l.h. a newKpnperf S 4
er farm leaders to bolt the passed by the Committeeon administration as Governor of 1 In. due from November.. ID, UI.tO Thnt tu Nay Nov.n'b., that Hectlon general "' lull bhitii'd Iniruilford I f

llcan party were Governor Resolutions of the State Federa New York State he signed legisla.tion V. K. Or I III"principal) due "10.01; I : a..I'I" III of the (;"I."tll..n county) Klorldu.Done S
h.t. due from Jun. 2V. G. of Florida and ur.l.r.< at II"rk.* Klorilu f4 ts
I McMullen Republican Extcu.t providing a liberal state W. A. Jonen., .."or..r. W n. ..1.. th... ".fCal.read aa .hal.: thin' 2Utl day ., .., A, l>.
t Nebraska and L. F. Shuttle. tion.Another demonstration occurredat bonus; special recognition undel".tate'clvU principal due I1S7.SO* ; ,.). due from I 21. In Jll cases enum 935. I S
October 2, 1D24. : In tha ,,. ..., ft. \v.rierk Af,1)ii1MAN
I ot
Indianapolis Governor Smith service laws: providing preceding settu
former head when
Syracuse J. 1;. Phllllpa. endorser II. R. shall ba general and of unl- riruult Court fir 'Ir.dr"d 4
( Purchasing committee ot the addressed an almost] solidly Republican an annual grant of 1500 A year to 8"lnl.l. princpl due $17. O; Int. ) oporutlon throughout the State, (.SKA I.) '.CutityIclori.ta, 1 ,
I ,blind veterans ot AmerIcan 1924. ; In all eaten not or My ( A. KNICIMT. S
f Federation of Farm "Bn- audience of 250 farm leaders any en..t.et -nt-RI-a-21 S
$. $ $ ; In that .section 11.rk
at dinner given in hll'honot by war who are residents ot New York Int., It 1"lld.l. prln..lpl.CI..r.IOI,. ... may paaa apeclal or lo.al 1.,1." S I

Jerouft D. Barnum publisher of State: and an appropriation of M. U Hwlndell. andoraer H. Tt.wlndcll. aa now or here after other- I JIr
14 .' principal du... ud.oel; ltd provided In the )
for state veterans'
the $((10,000,000 A Cunlltulonj
|ELS REBUKES STRATON a Republican newspaper due frmu, Juna 20, t(2t.V. : That no COFFINS & CASKETS 1
Post \ K. Allffnotl, principal dua sloe; shall ba puaead. unless notice uf
Standard.'I chau.,. 'Int. doe frRn June 11. 1S25. to aonlv therefor S
andoraer, Carri.I K.: -been locality.1,1 and A Full Line
EIGI- K.-I"h pul.lit.j.he o I
N. C.-Rebuking Dr. due 1434.65: r..t. the to ba af.
loach Straton for expressing I gars and chattel, November 9. / may ba nltuatd' which notice Undertaken Supplier S
diet that t<*. John, prln"lfal$ due ,11.1; stats the sutstaneo of the con
my old friend due from 6. and bo publish
UI Daniels, would bolt the Republican Editor Assails G. O. P. Tal c.rtln>at. No. 230 1921. I leant l.w1 rt" "h.1 prior' to the AUTOMOBILE HEAR3BAlwera ,
raUc I a 4.435. I"t. the Legislature of .5
party the
former Sco Also the following real estate lyIftir In the manner to ba e. S
at the Navy has agafn ...n.iIly > I In Reply to Letter Asking Support and being: In the Count of Drad- hl.by.1 law. The evIdence that al the ....T...

declared in sr letter to f.rd and Hlata nf "Inrlda.)lo.wl; notice nan been published snail teallea la telecreefc I
Three InBlock the aSGIITIRSD *M SDBWI17
f." fork Lol. (J) )" .tabl.h"d In Legislature
pastor,that he wlfl Thirteen$ .In the Town ofHampton shAll ba passed by w
Governor Smith. Mr Din- WASHINGTON. attitude of mortgaged up to the eyebrows and ."crd'ns(13 to the Knaey affidavit or proof of publi Sp

rote: the Intelligent Western farmer who farm work begins at sunrise weSr. lurv"y. Ah. (1) and Twen attached to the proponed bill c JONE
f t on tha West aide of Lot ( 'f the lain ,la Introduced In eith
lie v, I can serve the cause has studied the causes. of his pree- so opposed to a continuance. of JT" 012>.of lllnrk Twenty-nine In of the L"I.laLur., and BAKB JI :.

blblUon and ent predicament and who realltts the Coolidge policies that if I lantou'" adlUnl to the Town nft..mpt.t. vitich .* ,' con.Ulutn.
temperance bet. "
wrote what I think 1lo..I"a. In Section 20, of publication
remaining in my party than what A continuance of the Coolidge you It 'Wouldu.'tlook Ea.t. .hal .

Porting Mr. Hoover who eat policies wo ld mean to him. Is good In print, and so I shall Also| Northwest. dimrter of Nortfl :
In letter received modify expressions."Under PaNt 'Sla..lr. of aectlork 29, Twp. 7.
cabinet set forth a my
with strikingly .
Harding with Mouth Itansra Kast.Alco
COrrUptIon) and with Coolidge by Herbert N. Btrause. ef the Coolidge policies that certain Judgment against 1 We! can charge L

::1,( !the '"orttUm-the two ad.raUone. the Republican Business Men. lae. which Mr. Hoover Is pledged to of N. Circuit P. C'authen eour r..ordt n..k No.1.In Minutes Pane : i your 8 URS __

which by flagrant from Wllll A. Wilts Republican continue! we have had more farm S77 of the J'"hl. Hacorda of Bradfnrd .

t to enforce the law or to editor of the Webster (8. Dak.) bankruptcy existed and more rural distress In6. (damages'.un'y. U2"51 1011'., dated.',).lt.Dec.$...S.14. STORAGE BATTERY s

legal and moral support, Jouru.aL than has since our pioneers 1. M. JOIINH >

one more> to harm prohibl- The South Dakota editor bd came West In covered wagons and >-21.2.t.U. Attorney'SOTICJl _

"an It. open foes." been asked by Mr. Strause' to sop.. conquered the prairie I f .1.

port Herbert Hoover and to send "You really have no realizationof ke ______

T. U. a reply which eoa14 be published what these Coolldge policies Blda will ha received from build- l

WORKER FOR SMITH JI.ro I. the rsplyXou : have done to A great and flourishIng : log brick coniractora.xt..lo. and for the frame erection Interior of a ; Garage ;, ..

lVILLE- "./t* ..- that I loin the Rei agricultural section of the school .,''Un.) tn ha erected at ,
IIelllbel' Teu.-'fr.. Lacy pusUca Business Men. IDc.. ef country.fFsrtn. l 1..1. Dlntrlrt No. '. by HI'
of Public Inetrnctlon
of -
1 r thlrt1 of the W. C. T. U.. your city. la promoting the election lands hate depreciated Dradford County, at Htarke. Florid. : i _

11 years ao *C"T* pro- Mr. Hoover upon the sole groMdthat $30,004,006.000 in value. Fifty on the 3Jrd day of October, $It28 and I I' '
"orkel' JI of opened In publIc at 12 o'clock noon II
ef r an ardent .ap- Ihe will carry eat the CoolIdge thousand business men have gone on sail data at the office of said j
e Mrncr Smith. A. a Your plea leavesme broke. Tour thousand rural banks Hoard located 'In the Court House. [
J. R.
Dry policies. DAVIS & CO.
sa" at uhi th.cliaUbs the U1511 I ae cold as the lee neWs ot a have tailed. amount All contractors.. ba paid., StatS them In under bid. cash the 1 : 4 I' ; .

Republican, arti. Coolidge President uiiual .
a: "While was eon"'lon. for sad work; also I
Ith lAd'"Is Ihe adds< < that Gove- *ejf.tiinn.bHcan! I enthusiastleally Congress representing the peo$J.. am..ne, t Iloml."voted Board for for'aald thapurrhaxe ) I _

1. liwa"or honeat and will .* decline to do aay such tool passed<< farm relief bills twice, aajd work if paid In Hondo, and state the : : \ INSURANCES !

Hoover Just abot twice tbe man higher ap Teta fi difference In cash ba paid to
Utac. I am tor Board over and above the caab price l _
.. far aa yon can throw our party them. That Is the paramount Cotyidge J' for construction. I

t AU. Alt for Al'! II the ..10IoPtl elephant by the pin feathers withronr policy.: We have been'tooted. sold PLAN. work ANt ran> 8PECTFICATIONI(0'( ESTABLISHED 1886

(! by tIl. Smith tar arm broken U four places.I twice. Don't think, my Wall It. .... of ||. B. Wiggins' aecratarr loxaUl _

tit eluba inTenneis. where men are friend you can do It again." "0.1' at Stark.. Ytat14 or
.. I "Out. In the West i iBebriot from m ea of rtl-era. atld 5 5 _
oeai"baU 'll*.,, Archltecta. 202 STARKE FLA.

Icleultd Clt,. .W..t Reynolds .t,,, TftlpSeveatb avenue. to be j : .? -L< park b1BgImproved. .Tampa.161."h..t 10..1.upon*60.00.Jra"ll.parbla a., :

ano1lmpl'Oye4; Improved; ._ ... t. 8" ckack wlU W ---- S 5 5
S--- --------5 S--------S- *


,' ','''. + ,,:,"" --..,,,,,.c;. ''l'i-T"''-''',.-') -......I '. """""""""r"' '1' ''.' '


s" I lAO. Bon wrs.araawiar .. BRADFORD. COUNTY TELEGRAPH. ; B"'AMM. FWJMDA' __ F1UPAT.ii gtpTC51g '"
-' -, ""
-- ---- -

.' Bradford you'll miss a lot of good things in this world, followed by an- rnouD OF HIM : : -- .

County TelegraphEstablished other down of his streets I
paragraph saying a trip one city's (Miami News,) rANDREWS

1877 proves that Santa Claus put some good looking presents in With the characteristic clarity,.

1 ___ .. -- ... -.-- hundreds of silk stockings. Avery purchased a new pair of strength and definiteness of statement STOR

Published Weekly on Fridays and Entered as Second Class specs shortly after leaving Macclenny.It that niado him the Democratic -
choice for Governor Doyle
Matter at the Tost Office at Starke, Florida o Carlton bas'declared his stand In

E./''Sf Matthews__ _________________Owner and Publisher is strongly suspected that .a good many of thy! fellows the'comlng national campaign. General j Merchandi!
who are making so much noise against Smith and Robinson There Is no "beating around the
J.: C. Robinson--____-_____._____________ Managing. Editor bush;. no equivocation. lie offers
in this campaign voted a Democratic National ticket in
r.. t ... no such ambiguous pup us Cool- STARKE FLORIDA
i' :- -' ir SUBSCRIPTION'KATE- their whole lives. They are not bolters from the Democratic Idge's "I do not choose" to confuse ,

: party at all, because they have; never been Democratic. Our and set bin constituents guess- 'WE. ARE PA PING 'FOR_
l.GO Months 7Cc-Payable in Advance ing as to what ho Intends to do.
Yearly $ ; biz: ,
old line Democrats might just us well keep their for EGGS clean and fresh
i t f', "' Advertising Hates on Application. eyes open None of his many supportersand ,dozen
aa .
.. ___ _" ,_ _ ._ ._. '.__ '' ..____. __. n. ___ campaign tricks of this kind. admirers ever doubted DoyleCarlton'i Fryers, per pounds --
loyalty to the Demo-
0 Hens, per pound .
ti :. DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES cratic cauHe. It is not news to -
,.' THE PROHIBITION ISSUE them that he is faithful to Democracy Leghorn Fryers, per pound -
,-: : : .(National and State Offices) because' he has been BO all Leghorn Hens, per pound -.
W '.. ,, Fur Presidential Electors- The Times appreciates the stress in which many sinceremen his life. There Is no doubt as to _

';.( ; CLYDE W. ATKINSON and women wno arc heartily and honestly in favor of pro- the staunchness of other strong PHONE 151
"' .- SAUAII LANDKUM CAWTHON hibition and of the constitutional amendment and the enforce leaders of Democracy in Florida.

-x', ,' S. W. DEE E ment law which establish legal prohibition in this country find With but few exceptions they, too, SPECIALS FOR EVERY DAY (Our
,,4 r ;, ", J. WALKER KEHOE themselves in regard to a choice for the presidency in this have made clear their positions In the 1'1',
I ROBERT O. PARKER year's election. We would help them in making that choice- the campaign. are same every day of the LL''k)

t ,1 ro STEPHEN M. SPARKMAN. SIt. help them with as much honesty and sincerity as they enter- Doyle Carlton's loyalty to biB '
tain toward that party Is not swerved ono whit by Sungold Milk, tall, per can _
L ; For" United States SenatorPARK prohibition. To end we are submitting some the fact that some of his views
r ; +, ; TRAMMELL facts in the premises and some conclusions therefrom. differ from those personally held SugoldJbl11k; > small, per can

'i I I 1 r Fur Congress, Second District. I First of alll we present the utterances of the republican by Alfred E. Smith lie admits ho No. 2 Can Pie Peaches, 3 for _

R. A. GREEN I and democratic platforms upon the subject, in parallel: "vigorously dissents" from some No. 2Vz' size can Pie Peaches, 2 for

"4 t.. For" Governor- Itrpubllcuh. of them and reserves the right to
riatform Deinocrntlc Platform Seedless or Seeded Raisins SUN d1
defend his own views. That maybe ,1ID i
DOYLE E. CARLTON Law Enforcement.: Law Enforcement.
expected In any thinking man. 3 oz. pkg. Sungold Orange Pekoe Tea \
For of State- [ We uftlrm the American conThe republican party, for :3 for
44' ; It Is inbred loyalty, not born of Maxwell House Tea
i H. CLAY CRAWFORD utitutlonul Joctj-lne aslimiounculght years In complete control selfish per can, 1-1's
coercion persuasion or
cd! by George Washington in of the Calumet
government at Washing- Baking Powder 1
For; Comptroller- hopes of vote-getting, his statement can
V his Farewell Address,
to wit
: ton, presents the remarkable
J, ,', E EUNEST AMOS "The toiiBtltuUon which at spectacle feeling compelled shows.Surely Rumford Baking Powder, 1 pound can

t" any time exUts until changed: lit Its national platform to Florida's next GovernorIs No. 2 Size Cans, Lima Beans, per can -
AgricultureNATHAN ot whom she feel prouda
by the, explicit and authentic promise obedience to a provls- -Olle-true, free-thinking may son of No. 2 size cans Olympia Peas, 2 for -

'' .5 1-f For Railroad Commissioners: act by the whole people Is" eaton of the federal constitution Democracy. His fearlessness in Good! Medium Weight 5-string Brooms
t t crodly obligatory upon all. which It has flagrantly dlsre-
I MRS. R. L. EATON < expressing his opinions his dec-
r ;
Wo also reaffirm the attitude
garded and to apologize to the
r ..t A.'S. WELLS "J' laration that he Is a 100 percent FLOURS
4 of the American people toward country for its .failure to en-
't : Democrat, his meeting Issue
'For Attorney General- the federal constitution as doforce, lawn enacted by the con- squarely| compares well with the Quality Flours are guaranteed to give you absolutj
Y a, FRED H. DAVIS dared by Abraham Lincoln: gross 'of the United States.
strong qualities the nation has already isfaction or
"We are by both duty and luSpeaking/ for the national declination your money back
; ; For. Treasurer j" bound to stick by that inocracy, this I convention: precelved nominee.In the Democratic Diamond S, 21 pound Sacks for _

: ) ". J.:C.-LUNINGi constitution In all Its letter' and pledges the party and Its uoml- presidential Diamond S, 12 pound sacks for
\ spirit from beginning to end. 1 noon to an honest effort to en- '
in ,, v} ,. : I For Superintendent Public Instruction am for the honest enforcement force the eighteenth amendof 1IUIV TJIi; I'HKMIDUNT: : hi Diamond S, half, barrel sacks __

.v ; ; I W..S. CAWTHON the constitution. Our safely, meat and all other provisions ELECTED!: !: Guaranteed to the last Biscuit

N ';''j, Ii : For; Justices of the Supreme! Court- serving our liberty the, constitution depends upon of proof the all the laws federal enacted constitution pursuant thereUulled and- Each state has as many presi- Morning Glory, 21 pounds for __

+ t .;. ARMISTEAD BROWN States, as our furefalhto.. dential electors as it has senators Tops All, superlative, pounds for ?.
LOUIE W. STRUM ors made it Inviolate." I and representatives In congress. Why rush in with the crowds on Saturday. OurpJ
: In .Florida the number Is six. On
.1' The people, through '.he. ; ,. are the
same day.
; the ballot there will be six democratic every
Senator- "
w For State I' v "' .
t method provided by the con- :'j-
and six republican electors
: stltutlon, have written the
I and six of any other political par- EXTRACTS, PEPPERS SPICES
j \';' For; Representative eighteenth amendment into the ETC.
( ty that runs a presidential candi-
; I// ,- %L ,. GEO. W. IIAZEN constitution. The republican date. Instead of the names of the We have picked a good line of Extracts, pure(]
party pledges Itself and its >
candidates themselves. imitation) sold under our back
i"" .' -' West.,.Palm Beach is down but not out. nominees to the o.bserwnct and The electors meet at their state money guarantee.
i,; V/ 0'' vigorous euforcement rot this capitol on the second Monday in LEMON, VANILLA, PINEAPPLE, BANANA

+ provision of the constitution. January after they are elected In STRAWBERRY AND PEACH
1 Florida will remain in the Democratic line-up.
: (Editor's note-:.-The republican apology "to the country November every fourth year and Regular 15c Size pure extracls, each
0 cast their votes for the president.
for its failure to enforce laws enacted by the congress of the :
Your old clothing will be appreciated by those who have United States" referred to in the foregoing excerpt from the Their meetings constitute the elec 3 oz. Jugs Vanilla or Lemon ext. 3 for
I lost all. Send it in today. democratic platform 1 is contained in the plank of the republican toral"Three college.certified copies of the Glass Shaker, Pepper, each __. ,. ,

?, o i platform under this sub-title "Honesty in Government.") votes are made. One of them Is Reg. We size Pepper, 3 for __ _.

s Times f the editor's best friend these It will be noted that in both the party platforms the plank sent to the President tho United Ground All Spice, Whole All Spice, Mixed
;, Clay County
1 says dealing with prohibif jpn appears under the sub-title "Law States Senate by. special messen 'Picketing; Spices, Ground Nutmeg, 3
days) ,,ja.hia waste basket. ./ I I' Enforcement:' l undeniably packages for
\ mall and the third Is filed with __ __ ____ __ _.
0 that prohibition is not a party issue in this campaign. the federal district Judge In whose Ground Nutmeg Ground Ginger Ground/
.>,Lightning, bug operates on an alternating current.t .- Democrats and republicans have made "law enforcement"or district the electors meet. The Cinnamon 3 for
Times-Union.: Single( ,phase? prohibition enforcement you had rather call it that-an votes are counted on the second ,
r ; t ': \ issue of the campaign, and the only issue affecting prohibi- Wednesday In February In the 3 oz. packages Borax, 6 packages for

I 0 -- tion in it, by the solemn pronouncement of their respective presence of the Senate and the 8 oz. package Borav, 3 for _

; Palm Beach Independent arrived only one day late in conventions. Keep that in mind. house of Representatives the per Aspirin Tablets, 3 packages

*L' spito of the storm which swept that city. If, however, prohibition; is the issue we make bold to say son having the greatest number of Quinine
that the democratic platform is a more clear-cut, unequivocal votes for president shall be president 3 We size for- _____-_
1 o If- such number be a majority 6 packages Salts 6 for __
avowal for prohibition than is the republican one. You have _
+ It-you believe in dreams you can also. believe there will only to read the two to see it so. The republican platform tors'of the whole number of elec Vick' Salve __ __ _

f come a day when dreams come true. deals in platitudes concerning the constitution and the best it If elected.no one receives a majority of III Spirits of Turpentine and Castor Oil end
does in .regard: !prohibition) 'is to pledge enforcement of
votes for president the house of 666 Chill Tonic bottle
t _____ _
? 1.i t i According to some California papers the hurricane left CONSTITUTION. The demo- Representatives will choose one I
1 cratic platform goes further. It. pledges "AN HONEST EF and If no one receives a majority IRON CLAD
the Everglades: and the Gulf of Mexico here
1 '. AMENDMENT; for vice president the Senate will

-o AND ALL LAWS ENACTED PURSUANT THERE choose one from the highest men. If you have been wishing for some! lovely liosien
tat'I Denver encourages the shooting of husbands by forbidding TO. Antonla .IJrun In Plant City of
sr9 the securing of divorces;: until a 3.cnr'trom date of marriage The difference between the two Is apparent. The republican Courier. service beauty combined with days and days j
platform is as silent as a grave regarding the Volstead and comfort, your wish j In now come true.

ft act -the law enacted pursuant to the eighteenth amendment. VIIU1.H) 1\I.SI'UGl: A glorious hosiery is IRON CLAD. It {fives a
ri' The democratic platform pledges: enforcement of the Volstead (Avon Park Sun.) sense or refined shapeliness to your ankle and leg.
: -. State Superintendent Cawthon says the adoption by the law as plainly ru if it had called it by name. graceful curve is
Voters' t the' proposed educational amendment would be "a What a difference there is, then, between the two. Any Thus is a critical situation mastered accentuated.
by Doyle Carlton. unmlstak Though this'8
delicate and sheer in ,
Junior high school student whohas studied the appearance'
backward. 'step{ educationally. constitution ably a Protestant assuredly a dry,
a knows that constiutional able hosiery is enduring. You wash it attain
0 a provision amounts to nothing, or and a white man born and raised! can :
less, without legislation carrying out its intent. The enforce In the South, a Baptist among Baptists .I again. Soap and water will not fade it. IRON:
To remove telephone poles quickly, the T-U. advises putting ment law' is the heart of prohibition. Yet the republican and at whom not even John is guaranteed to stand rigid tests of wear day after

j 'r 9 a, gallonof gasoline; the automobile tank and a pint platform only pledges enforcement of the constitution. Thinkon Roach Htratoii:! can point his hypo and washing then
t4 ;t of shine in the driver's tank, this. critical 1 tingor. night after night. For fifty years

; ...i..: o Having shown enforcement to be the'issue in this campaign Here we see Florida's expeeledGovernor IRON CLAD has been a guarantee of the utmo
t9 we assert that better enforcement'is' to be expected of turning back to (he foundation hosiery value. Why experiment with unknown van;
ti ,I' All of the speeders arc not in the cemeteries by a jug : Alfred E. Smith, democratic candidate for the presidency, if of Christianity-the Golden Your .may buy IRON CLAD hosiery with Cflllfidl''

full.-Times-Union. Some of them wouldn't mind going to. elected, than from Herbert Hoover, republican candidate, if Rule-for guidance. Even: as manypeople and wear it with assurance. luxurious beauty
the cemetery J if they were assured of a full jug. elected. The proof of this is in the utterances, in part, of the probably voted for Doyle \
two in their of Carlton with reservations as to appeal of your hosiery will bo unsurpassed.: :
; o speeches acceptance, also presented in parallel:
some of his private views so will
907 Silk III
Writer in Public Pulse, Tampa Times says: "1>r. Straton Smith Hnld: Hoover Said: Doyle; Carlton support a big, worthy Ladies Pure Silk, light weight,

L It says 'AH the Forces of hell are behind AI Smith.: Dr. Straton If, with one hand on the III- Whoever Is elected president American, though he may dissent hem mercerized top and foot-
ble ami the other hand reach. takes an oath not'only to faithfully from some of his personal Colors-Champagne Atmosphere, II'lute'
wires for reservation!, of the same hall in Oklahoma' for the views. { ,
ing to heaven I
up promise the execute the udr
ofllue of Silver
1 president I. Gray Parchment French.A -
..night following Smith's appearance there.. Nut tted." people of thief country that "I 1 but that oath provideswill And dissenting from personal ,' ,

o faithfully execute' the of. still further that he will to the views reservations as to personal Black, $1.50 per pair, 3 pairs! ff?

..r d.r We agree with the editorial writer whq said breaking up I, JU.e of and president of the, United best of his ability, preserve, protect Ideas Is ,not but surrendering one's Democracy 811 Pure light weight silk to hem withf**
mules tu the best of my and defend the preserves Democracy tic our.
L of theCaUs meeting in Tallahassee by the use: of eggs was infringing ability preserve protect and defend of the United States.constitution I should No man can please all people. mercerized top, fashion marks,,

jJ on the right of free speech., Jjc'toro J we decide whether (the constitution of, the be untrue'to these great traditions The voter who seeks the candidate ply heel and to, double-sole, pointcd he"
United : who can agree with all /'elk' ,
I Statesyou: may be sure people IslIeeklllg perfect fit footing. Colors Flesh
it was also a "wanton waste of eggs" we will have to be untrue to my oath of office :
that I will live to that oath whose agreement -
s, given some facts on their history and age.; the last degree.up I shall to w Ise., were _I tu declare 'otherto '- whose word whose oath is White, Parchment, Skin, Blonde, 11Imo9'! A

.' 0 the very limit executethe- j worthless. phere, Black $1.00 per pair, 2 pair for?*
pledge of our platform "to make ,. American leadership requiresmen Also tor Wand "
the cheaper grades of Clad Hosiery |
Worthy of mention is contribution made to East an honest endeavor to enforce who think for themselves. We Iron

,, a Coast sufferers by the little colored Methodist church of Reno the eighteenth amendment and ,. .r4. can,thlnk-for ourselves and If our .Men.HAWK .

1 Starke's suburb' which gave the J largest sum so far reported all other provisions of the fed' 'resident thinks against tin. the > : WORK:. CLOTHES for men and
oral majority rule-not the President's
constitution and all laws _
by any church In' Bradford.- Five- churses, reported "' will-shall prevail. 5 Gallon Oil
t enacted pursuant th relo. The '. Cans for ____ _
i collections. .' this purpose, one white'and four colored., president does not make the ."' ._ ; And. Florida's Democratic nominee Full of Kerosene for _____ 3<
s. J h l .wlI. lie does hid best to execute ''' 4 ..a for governor closes his statement I
0 them, whether he likes ,' ti'; : In nicely couched language Gallon Oil Cans for ___ ___ __

Tarpon Springs Leader runs 'a story headed "Is Thirty them or not. The corruption'' In ''.w; ;.Q' .','. .. which only means If you do not Full of Kerosene for ____. ____ __ -

I tlic Love' De dli e1" Well, Jiggs, since you ask, our candid enforcement activities, which,
_, S _p Opinion is that love has no deadline. They act silly 'before caused..administration former republican to state prohibition d" k!,' a'., ., with white him supremacy Jionestly you and can vote differ'for Tablets, 5c sizes,'6 for __ ._ __ _

thirty; and foolish from that age' onward until they reach that three-fourths of the dry ': 14; him with all his human frailties 10 Qt. Galvanized Buckets _

their second: childhood, then the process repeats. agents were political ward heel \:;)-"', '. or you tan expect the super-human 8 Qt. Galvanized Buckets ,
ers named by politicians without { ho; ;' .', and vote for the nominee of the I
o regard to vlvll service law t party which has throttled the For Treatment, ;
IJ; Quick ]
:IBM Ex-Governor Catts says it is because of Smith's connections that prohibition la the"new ... '.".... Southland with a bought black Courteous Prices-Trade

that he will tour the state and speak against the.Democratic political pork barrel" I will vote paid for with the blood money ity Merchandise, and Fair

't nominee for president. The. old gentleman's morals are condition ruthlessly cannot stamp and out.will Such not manhood of Southern collected womanhood by Ben Davis and Andrews Tutor

t improving', for it has only been a few weeks since he aligned exist under any administration and Percy Howard. and their Ilk.

Y' himself with "jailbirds and bootleggers" to secure their vote. presided over by me.Undeniably Tarpon Springs .. .
.. .. prog.svtoelni -
f| )> :W .- ji ""_ijf. "(J' I Jo. maU different
-7 the Smith'statement f* the stronger of the on construction of and buy a Ford with the
,. .i1 Avery Powell.ad viaes taking good of the Gulf Refining Company's new all
tare eyes eLej| (Cuntlnu.4 ou past' 3) I docks at foot of Lake -Boulevard. ..::: .
1 r --- ,- -- ...,. ..... .. "' .

Bradford County telegraph
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Publication Date: 1888-
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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r' ... ..." .
I I,. ,' --, ---r-------. ., .. ----i---- _JL__ ktL .
.. ---------
.. : -- ------- -- -------- -L-------
''p-t;; ." -,'o.' ,," J"w.' i. "V"'F'" '- ..I'. .) r.. ,' 7n- ,,, _V.,. ,',p-- --. ------- ------- ---



,.. ,


rahfnr 4u

il I !

.-----.. '. --==-.-::"=:-. '" _. -
Established! 1877 Subscription-For Year, $1.50: SI l\lonth8.\ 75c-p..ble Advance E. S. Matthews Owner and PubI1h j '
'I '

'i\ I ... .. .- -.. .- ----.--, '.. -.'. .4.. .- -ii'. : 1
l 1,I I 1 I .Emergency) Needs 'Y' '

0 I .J.JI 1 I CALL-FROM- RED CROSS I Attention, Democrats;: i ii .TO FINALLY BE SETTLED OCT. 5 --Sent- To Stricken: ZonMm lir' ( -

buBlclrnt Clothing' for 400 Persona Mrs. Cobb Quits i *tor Fletcher Rays Control CONG. ;I '

bhlppcd to Storm Area lu I. That I* Last Day On Which C_ Lake Ok l1oaUrll"J1t CASQUE ,

Addition to Ca h. \v. C T. U. Position I.I I 1 MateO For Offlc May FmlrlitlVmt N N'cl. TOSPEAKHEI1 '
lion J EDkor Xan&4 '--- .
di C. Hardee finance director in the ,.Mt.I' .
lu rcapouse to wires from Tied of Florida for the National Democratic'Campaign \ Palm Bench Nept. U. _ I I. ,
('ruM headquarters In Washington I Atlanta, Ca., Sept. 21.- John n. I ''Tallahassee. Sept :24 The -Or. E. D. C:In noon, head of Con.roumalAliard M. Gap '
1ug and from Governor John W. Martin Slater chairman of the democratic I' has asked me to act aa' chairman of the linwice I Florida" .tate and national ticket the lied Cross. medical r U..fconimtttra of South Carolina will! speak''' ,..

committee working under the i national campaign: In Georgia' committee for Bradford County, and I have aceejt- lor' the coming general election h"I.... tonight placed Starke Saturday afternoon (t6tb

::1 direction of the local chairman Wednesday' announced that Mr,. ed this call to service 'lu behalf 0{ the great part Hilt bo deanltel established 011 the death list from the :2 o'clock p. in. on the co .:
American lied Cross Mra. N. D. I Betty II. Cobb, of Carroflton. legal I t>:4. 5, which will be tho last day. tropical liurrlonno In FlnrUl house ground in tbe Interest I
WaIO'lHlgh't. started at ,work so- adviser of the Women's Christian to hich our tale belong' by interest. t and traditlon. -. ill which caudldat. for offlco may at morn then 2,000 11011kDI. the Democratic candidata ,

Halting funda and clothing for tho Temperance Union of Georgia had enter, their tUmwi. It was' announcod Dr. Claw sou' said his figures president Alfred E. Smith of il
rcllef of thom! In the storm-ef resigned position with the organlzatlou at the! offlco"' of the secretary of were conservative. and as nearly York. All are Invited to hear I'
' fected area of South Florida. Up In a letter to Mrs. Marvin Both of the National parties are carrying state here.Twenty!. accurate: as It will ever bo to get rlpeaker. '

I'b b( until Wednesday\ noon a totul of Williams, president. expensive campaigns and, this expense must )In ; days prior to the late of them. lie mild that 7119 bodies >> : : :; "4
" ., $l OG.31i had been collected and The announcement said she paid by voluntary contributions. Mr. Hardee the closing' of the entry lI.t. Hire had been burled In West Palm 1j---s. ; : ,
Jr wired to nod Cross headquarters wrote that she would have rogistercd I I' parties the Democrats. Republl Bench up to noon today and that ''l'"
and six large boxes of clothing sufficient a protest had she 'attendeda yines 'that an allotment of $1,000 has' been mad t cam' Mid Socialists had establish very lose' to 1,600 bodies had been Harold C. Wall landed'tbo : f ,
to clothe 400 persons had meeting of the board at which I for Bradford County ttnd' am asked.to call! on the I II .d national tickets mid the Democrats bulled elsewhere, cremated and end big bass to bo brought ''I' ('+1

been shipped to those In charge of decision was reached to support democrats of'the county to make ) and Republicans had entered !lot located Of the total about Btarko during the past ; .
relief work. The amount collected the presidential candidacy of Her. I up ttya sum* | i full' state tickets! 700 were bodies of white persona one weighing 10 '/* l,< .
docs not include Hampton and bert Hoover. hopo that the response will be<
Brookcr these towns. not baring It was added that Mrs. Cobb' now in order that contribution to the campaign ex" tho secretary of state from the "No absolutely deOolte check' the now famous l t'

mad their report at this time. ball volunteered her services to i forward without I Communist and Prohibition par can ever bo made," said the phy- For several weeks ; I, ,
trense may go .delay. *
The county quota of $600 will bo the democratic' campaign organ!- I. tie. Tb.former had submitted sician.': "But the figure we have. have reported little { :!
easily reached due to the untiring xatlon of t the stale and thatheIs Contributions may be forwarded tome by mailor 'It* national entry but It had been' ere conservative and as nearly "4 member. of the ilnny auglort"h> i
11 efforts! of those at work on these actively engaged In work of thj< left at the Dank of Starke. 'fI tu.ed by the secretary of statbocauso cuiato aa It will ever be to set following tho cooler' "
committees. women's division. I j of Improper certification them last week neverul \' ?

Her letter to Mrs., William stat' I E. f '" : fho secretary of state was pro "As rescue workers pushed their. havo been reported. ': I: .5'
G. M. Inmau :
Mrs. president I
od: 1 pared to forward' to the various way Into tho storm country and receivIng tho usual ?'
the Woman's Club. had charge of e counties/ a' suggested' form of ballot tioii. from Iliji brother t'S. : .
"Permit me to lender to you my found the number of dead mountIng :: ,'
the committee whose task It waste
; I which hud been! prepared by ----- .-.- ---J '
resignation as legal adviser to the. Into t the! hundreds the only ,
S. ,
solicit clothing. Following receipt .. HT\RTj!
._ the attorney$ general.; "This ballot) hiEMODiCfJNOp : .g.
W. C. T. U. of Georgia. : thing that, ronld be done was to ,
of a wire from Governor "I have greatly enjoyed iny eon '---- -. >. U'adopted! by the'counties.\ would dispose" of them. quickly as ponIblo. --- ,
Matrln !stating the urgent need of "( list the presidential electors of all Smith &: Thompson started & ..
nectlon with this band of earnest With a number of crews
clothing. dayorVall turned the Christian women but Undine myself See V AdditionalBeriy Sebring Given .l'| partlm first ,beginning with the handling bodies It was Impossible day on remodeling< the ,CO i ,", 't 'I
wire over to Mrs. Inman Friday biilldlng' '
at such variance with, the t sit who will represent the Demo to lIell111 accurate check on the formerly occupied'bti!< ''f'
morning and that afternoon four \V. Whlto & Son: and to be il'
present political policy of the organization Facilities New Stated: Pos party, with the Republican dead. "
Urea boxes containing clothing when '
I feel that the only hon lIe.t. Socialist next and no on. "Of tho bodies sent In hcru for by Corpel1lI'II'f(' ., ,
suitable for men. women and children : ---- ". Theh electors, however,- would 1I0t Drug Btroio, The old sbolvlng | 'f ;
ext thing for me to do Is to resign : burial, a definite list was kept
were on their way south. "My position as legal advisor The Interstate' Commerce Con Villtrtct'. FoAiT4n&qer.d b.. divided by captions giving tho Tho only way wo pan ascertain ulterior woodwork was .torn J'
Among the first wires received I mission h* *et'October 18 aa the name of the partlvs' but would be and upon arrival of the steel be: *'
gave me aa understood a vote on I"rom 'w'nq; Uh1tltJ. ; the number of bodies disposed of '
here from lied Cross headquarterswas final& data for hearing the old walls the .,
the executive board. I was Rot argument I I ran together on the ticket. III other Is through reports on front and d 11
one inquiring If the hurricane for and .gainst adoption 1> that to HtIa rk*- wills be torn out and '
called to the meeting of thts'bcarc Y The electors! will not bo found lualllbabetlc.1 madq by the several rescue crewsto replr// ,:: '
bad reached Bradford county and body of,t, rocommcndatloa with plato glass. '.f "
(one order 'which Is toan )
when the vote was taken to bolt! their superior oflleeis.! s J\f.:
If assistance was needed. Mrs. Of Its tfcamlaers. that additional facilities Transfer o( 1I.,-,M. J4ebnusf; dl* I rod In the Domocratlu. primary :" '
the democratic party and support all the dead In the I.I I.
! Nearly wero r.
Wainwright being advised the national Mr. Hoover. Had I been present for 'the transportation 01 trlcl foreter ,from th' *" 1tfllltern)' only.. If they were to be entered Lau Ok echob e area. Attorney Generd : ; 1 1)1) ; ;
organization would assist the I would have been forced to have trawberrlca from Florida and oth- district of the *tat* to th* lt'ero I lu alphabetical order the RepubIlcan ,,' :
local It conditions here er states of the South division, wit( announced,, I r! 'I '
chapter 'now to the eat M9nd7 ntry, which begins with the
with desire
differed you.andl Tax
were beyond handling by the local to register my protest. be provided.Tho by Harry Lee Baker, s\at.t foroto" Utter .'"A" all the way through hire )Hii! |>|)llc
chapter and emergency funds were ."1 do dot agree with Mr. Smith :! case' originated years ago I of JackHonvlll, would, 'top tho ballot Palm Beach Sept. 24--
needed. Bradford county being In his stand on the ciitt nth when! the .Interstate commission' Mr. Baker spent ..Mlulli.In; Tho Republican party has 'an While survey of the needs of the Must Be Reliev.Homorniug ,: t '
fortunately beyond the sweep of amendment but I am 'at greater was petitioned ty Florida for such Jacksonville at, *b* ,Carljni' << UoU opponent 'In the J Hold tot every hurricane t'avalttlll area went (or- '-._- :J t.t
the storm. Its citizens'set to work 'facilities$ )but and Tuouday was' In vonferoucwtth Democrat state uiurrt 'icitInY. II'lorldlanfl Doured _, . tlfL: .
with only recently was d cooking represents.ttcpst. -
variance on .other Issue Mr : must Do done .' :
at once, to do everything' possible Hoover .and the,party whoso too4 'nIt.ol| )y: proo cute\ for those In loss .taking,,overupervll & the most surely stricken : JIf i
fortunate. cnuutlos. he will boo And realizing that wo mission Included I In Its Invostlga l u <.o CoagMsIonal l district, till Urst and Into of Hi "lax burden,"* ( '\ :
are not only voting a moo Into of- tloot the (stites or. Georgia'North fire prevention' Unit*. third.<< lathe fourth district Wl|- districts. tate U to continue It* \\.N'" "
bfflcera of the Bradford County flee but a party Ipto )power 1' am Carolina, *tjouthi: Carolina.; Alabamaand The state lor"teI.returUlII.. Ham C; Lawson. of Orlando wan Evacuation of some refugees and prosperity, Attorney, Ot,0'1- }
to bid h_ In /T ll.h...... lines of communication ,!
Virginia dquarter ((0 continued as
Chapter desire to express their forced to stand by the party luwhlth i In addition to FlorId nominated oppose Mrs. Ruth Fred It. Davis advised P*.,( ', '
sincere appreciation to thoso who I honestly believe. *., from W.yfJ'o."Oa.\'here: ho'al t, Bryan Owen. ''of Miami the Demoeratlo gradually were opened by'the Meredith of Orlando ; I 11 ,
contributed: so freely of money and "My admiration Is challenged by Th* .Florida Railroad Coromls tended a torf1ltry.laJr. nomine$ and In the second crew of tho men who have been secretary of the Florida' A'lIc' \
clothing: and to those who servedon the work that lisa been done la the Ion baa Uk;n an active hand la Mr. S40brlu.d/ .() ,Mr. Baker Thomas Peter Chairs of Oldtowu feverishly-. endeavoring clear tho lion of Iteal Estate; Board, I }f' /

committee In the different localities. past by the W. C. T. U.. tad. bad tbo 'pro!:oed1ngs.' anda hearing will be stationed at HUrk *ad will to oppose the Incumbent R. A. debris! cluttered' roads. (Others letter to tho realty organlsatlt,. ,,', i .11,'
have Appreciation for good It soon fit tq hare: continued to was conduqted J some time ago by Qreon. of Starke. were moving Mr. DaviD laid he would be j "iable ,
work done Is also extended to .irs. fight for sobriety and righteousness an Intervtato comtQluelon*' eiamlu preveulloq work lu.th* M.t..idl. 'Aft.r Oct. 5, no candidacies will was established; to tu attend the state eoofr( j-! '1 \
1.. II. Hill( of Lawtey and Fred 1"'. within our own party I would or at Lakeland.' I vision of Florida. i be received: 'the secretary of state Belle Ulado. but no telephone and on taxation to bo held at T.'! : ,re. ;. ,
Stump of Ktarke these two work. have. been glad to have continuedto The (/ntcreatato! comml *ion; baaJu'I' Two trucks, containing ati.od'u aid, and. a* quickly thereafter as telegraph wires am working Into September 25, under tbe au'p'; 1 '
-fi. ii'
"I ers having charge of committees serve It: but I cannot efen.'hold beeu'a4vl.ed by the examine catloual exutblt and. motion pie possible the suggested form of the area.A. of the real estate association, ., I L
In their respective towns. The following the coat of the Pharisaical republicans that .should flnd ,that the' pres. turo showing the nature pf Or. ballot will be ont. out. I I. Hchafor, director of disaster canto of offlclil l busln* exp.,'' "" ,
list of contributions was and the rpMgloua bigots Mt.I'f'I'bttII*rvco| for tho" traDa.orta.Uon' prevention work are'' to be .aut ( relief for the national Red to come before him at that till 4 ,

turned Jn by the committees Wed of America as they stone to'death. of straw ries from over Florida' under auspices of the Sta.te'TreasurerJ Crop. wont... ..back. .....Into..__ the.h'ACIIIlOS fnr.: "It Imii been suggested that ,3, ,
nedicynooni I tho party of my fatnero." Florid; ftortli Carolina, So.th A merican. Forestry: aitooclatlon, theFlorida1"orestrr WILli ur. wnu' ui .r.ic.i.modlral -', relief can b* secured by abolUH''i
F. A. \ Carolina and Alabama.. to nntntu aoelatlon. In ,;.n.. officer of the national organisation
.Hweezy $35. Quigley ftuavla ; number
a of In.peo.1
$III, It. F'. Clark 15. J. M. I DKW1TT C. JONfcS; north of the Ohio river; and est-o t ;uporition'with tha ,VJr, C. Luning DiesJohn and John Ileudrlcks( board and certain bureaus Judicial j 4l I "

Mitchell }&., Fred F. Stump $5. II. TAKE! I'fUHOGainesville. ; >.\ CHAVWE the Ruffalo-itUburgh line knownaK catty serylce'Mr. II*keif *al C. Wall $Ii. M-C Store $I). Bankof I the "o.fllelal l; claastflcation: terrl, trucks will. begin, their, tour C- Luning. state treasurer survey the tragic ruin reported In his letter. "A study of the aci;1 I i
Starkq $10; Bradford County Sept. ::.-DeWltl tory,'/ 4n Bank $G, J. If. Hitch $5. Butler's C. Jones!, lifetime resident 'of North ,Carolina. .ud South Car*.;. Mr. Sabring accompanied Mr at Rapid City B. D., while Governor 1emvu for JacksonvilleAfter that if every special board I, : '
Pharmacy $5, B. M. JohnS 15 J"". Starke where he controls aumfcr- tin \d th\* same l destination! ui "14. baker to Jacksonville and wilt' Join out riding the mountains with a making personal Inspection commIssion lu Florida .er.\'1 t:t
C, HolllngBWorth '$Ii. J. W. Andrews ous Interests has moved to Galncavlllc. : Inadoquat, t.,".tho,repqrt oC the eiamlner the state forester' a tour of hla 'itt.t of IrUnds." Mr. Luulng left of the situation at Belle' ishtd today and If ouo-balf of1\[ : t'' ',

jr. $5 (I. M. BIstrunk $2. and la temporarily located *a>4. district tills .we.k.ciimplgn .' I Tallabassoo last. week apparently Glade, Pahokee and near Okeechobee circuit courts and all of their / ,
3, M. Alvarez $Ii. II. Bell $Z. Hamilton with hiD family In the Arlington ;The commission I also should Cud. In good health, to attend the annual City, and Issuing a call for chlnery were abolished, it "If', I ,. .
i. Rltch 15 L. G. Powell lit' 'Apartments.Mr. the etamlner added. that "(he car.rlers Inr ForeeUy WW, LeSt Convention ,of the National tends' Governor John W. Martin not make maximum of ono ,

W W Balsden IG Mts. A. W. Red-; Jones, a mortician of over serving such' territory( bo required Three' rN r.. # 1 Association of Insurance Commls- leet today for Jacksonville. dIfference in the tax levy on, f '
crave $S, Cash II, Dr. Holland U, twenty years experience, and rec to equip themselves with Wayrros .G*., .$ept. 24_Tho loner* meeting In Rapid City Before leaving Okoechob City] people who own real :estate :t :
It, F. Uemorcst $2. ,G.- M. luuiau ognised as one of the most capable express! refrigeration ear suitable close of the ,Forestry' fairItr. Way Monday; The body will be sent to today, I the governor telegraphed pay taxes on' the saute,"' ''l.t,
12. .B:, K. Ferryman $1. ,A. M. undertakers of the ulato will here. for the. !handling\ of trawbrrfe3 cross bI'OUI1it'thfl launching of the LAMburg for burial accompanIedbY' I the highway department to send Local Tax lllunixl ,, ,
1)arby'I, H. t. Brownleo 12, C. after have complete charge of the I and dewperrles) la express &- Famous Trl-State Forestry odacatlona three Insurance commlnsloners' men and equipment to clear highways / 'High taxes, ho added ,are '
A. Futch $2, Cash $1. 8. f.. Peek J DeWitt C. Jones and Company of sretQy carload service and that ] campaign that I Ii to lest- tor alteildlug the convontlou.UAHOMM3 and also asked tho state rectly duo' to local assessment I' 4
St, It. A. NewBom U, Cash 1. J. K.lutvla this. clt)'. such--carrier.." be required to' eqtabllih three )eara. drainage board to Inspect tho lakeshore "Local authorities are not,, ,,
fc Co. $2.GO, Orrle Wlggln* I Mr. Jones. feeling his Gaiueo- ; express refrigerator carload The five truck to be' ,ued In --- user Okeecboboe with the blame for this because he" j
FOll ,
13. T. T. Long $1, Mrs. P. E. Ca. yule branch called for his personal service on strawberries and this[ campaign 1>ave been on exhibition -' view of restoring the dikes brokenby merely responding to the. wl| '
nova .$4, liunule Canova 50c, .II.J. supervision decided to move here dewberrlra!'! from and to the point all thl* week at the fair. _.T_ this tidal wave during the hur- the people when they provider( ,I ,
(Marling $1. William Edward> and give bin attention, to the busi under Jtt lder.tlon." Sunday they went to.Fargo tor .e. Icane.Declaring. rlou form.* of local linprovom "
II. O. W. Vthlte ,$3. It. M. tow-) ness. A *co|rAof the report -aa re the work In the Suwaune Fofosta. The report Issued by Sue Iq; $ that control of Lake all of which rot money t
lIng' $1, Dr. W. B. Parks '$6.; Red It Is his purpose to maintainone ceived. at Mtate commlasloii hoad.ltoarleT" Monday they went to 110m IIt- spectlon) bureau, department of agleulture ()ke.,cholj"n In' an urgent federal "l1 you will consider the his'I, .
Cross Roll Call $9.; II. A. Bishop of the most modern of funeral here. The onteomo of the vide to visit the 'reforestation prolocta shown a consumption for problem Senator Duncan: U'letrjier of Hit past tea year' you
15. Dr. Carroll $1. f:. M. Davis homes. where service will bo given proceeding* Is of vital Interest to of Alex K. 8esom On Tun- Bradford county of 11,299 gallons lit( Tampa said that readily acquiesce In the staten
J, K, Klckllter $2. C. A.. J< $1'1 at a reasonable cost. Florid,, state. commission pffleUlsaid. day they start for their' first engagement of gasoline and 7.1118 gallon of steps will b. taken at once to solve. that the number of bond Isi. ,,
U..T.> 'J, Griffin $5. O. W. Ambulance service is now being .:bflcauibo.. they declared nponth In the. three-year cam- kerosene. for the month of August the matter.. Senator Fletcher.. said which has been defeated la V. 4,
man $5, p. M. Barefoot $1. Dr. maintained and within the next *. ultimato decisi lon of the lutpr- paign. a* compared, 'with 80,971 gallon that while storm can not be stop- 'Ida In ten year can be con: ,
Mlddleton 15, Clover Farm Store several weeks the very latest am- tat. Commission depcads'whetb Too three tato* Included In the md' 7,469 gallon, respectively, ped.: disaster could be mlnlmlxedhrouch ; on fingers of both hands. 'P
il. N. B. Hull $5. Mrs. K. M. bulance of limousine type will be the strawberry Industry of the campaign are Georgia Florida and for the month of July Duval couur << control of the streams "The Ate of Flot'itlA. with ., ,'
Johns $5, A. K.: Wall Sr. I3r K.: added'to the funeral equipment. state will-.enjoy. an appreciable expansion. Mississippi.Iii t bled the tutu with 2.97.i.4tn!- emptying Into the lake its, -.bo.rd-- -d 7 commissions- :; I
M. Georgia' there bo .;allona.. followed b--Dad county _
will two
Thomas $5, R. A. Weeks $6. 5 Nthks to Former Eatbateth1ist.r spector and what not. Is on*' ,
Steam Pressing Club $2. 8. It. CATTH HPKAKS.HKRK! : : MONDAY Specifically, the case I Volvos trucks. The North Georgia., truck: With I.63S.928 gallons and IIIIH- : : held to his estimate ofttae the most efficiently managed.; ,
Johns & Co., $5, A. II. Green $4. Sidney J. Catts spoke to a large tile question pf the "reasonable goes first to BlalrsvlIIo In Unlou borough 1,<20,04ft gallons. known dead at 1,200 persons, stltutlon lit the United 8U! ,
M. Levitonll S. S. Dowling 12.60 audience at the courthouse Monday peas JuHtttouu and adequacy' of county. ,U has C. D. Deal a.graduate Total. for the state for August but Howard W. Bel by, chairmanof Moat of the ,pl'rtallpllpectors! B'' ,
It. A. Green. $5. A. Z. Adklns $G. evening. his visit here being the present freight service on of University: of Georgia,. a* WB 16,170,217 gallons against the Palm Beach! county Red than earn their compensation'' _
A. i S. Crews IS, N. D. Walnwrlght to reorganize the Guardian of stra"berrlea'll, ) carload from tie unit director and ft. R. Ozmor, a UJUUJ gallons for ,July. Cross? committee, announced' again collecting moneys dUe the *t.ti! _
15. M. W Hale 12,. Dr. Biggs $6 Liberty and to speak against the six Ut ... and dewberries from native Georgian- aa lecturer and .op- -" ': --. oday that surveys of casualties way of Inspection: fee which wH ''
VH.. Smith $5. Mrs. IT. li" Knight Democratic candidate I for presi' North'',' Carolina and Bout Carolina erator. itt, 90 the men can live In the completed for him by O, J. Gelger otherwise not be paid at alt T'J ''f i I ._
$2.60. Cash $2. Bonnie Sapp $1. dent. Alfred K. Smith; Mr. Catts to the "official classification The tfoutb' Georgia truck goes rnck. Th* Post per truck, completely on.. of his wprkers showed a total compensation 1 I..* not provide, 1 _
i K."rcss Omce 11. J. M. .Truby II. gave an excellent talk! stating his territory td'the necessity of e,.- Nut I to Jackson la Butts count,-. equipped! Is 3200. of 15,200: personii. Other ojnclal e stlraatvs tax levies"' ,' nor paid, by taxe '
ii i ". f.. Hllcox $1. Louie Kabr iSt. reasons why he could not vote the tabllshlag .*press carload service 1& has John Oastoo .s.aDIt director W. C. McCormick I I. In charge of ,varUd from 1,500;) to :2...I Iccted out of,real estate.". l lMr > j ,
Mrs. )K. t:. Canova II. Postal straight Democratic ticket and on itrwberrles and dewberries and W. D. Young aa: lecturer and ho campaign' as reglnoil director. OOi'), the latter figure wired to David ventured the pngl j :
Telegraph 26tt II. V. Knight $3. urging his bearers to bolt also. He from and.'to such points, wIth the, operator Roth are graduate, of lie will maintain his headquarter- frf'l'ldeat' | Coolidge by business tIara (hat the people thoqui! I' I _
L. C. Powell! $s/. John Powell $5. stressed the danger to this countryby view to establUblDR. neb 'June ha University of Georgia. t'Thouaavlllq and from this city ,wen of Oke vhob e' City. '_ "do, not want any ,tIU ndllq''
Mrs W. L. Wall $5. O. 'L. Beasloy voting for a roam controlled by ieaMII..i., and adequate Mrvlce.rtber Hoth, of the Florida truck! go I the entire-'campaign will be man- The search for bodies still itwntforward" bncauso every tlmo-b\ t.ax.lnulsl; 1 ,
$3, Hoover Bro $1. T. tf. Kendrick the Pope of Rome. and his views; of | freicht or express, all may. 1Ir1t' to Hiiwanne! county.! Karl! T:: .*god.< U. Harriet Kltch $1, Murla the immigration / uestIon. According by 'the ,record be warranted, andrequiring Taylor 'will be the unit director The campaign I ii* being (nanc-ed hoc d, that any would bo identifiedor ratify It and thereby to jne1'k ______________
Weeks Be, J. W. Morgan $5 J. to the speaker Smith. If elect the express contpaale. .n4 fa.!: P. SUmmons and ,Ja S. Norman '5. Mr. Coulter $5. ed. could lojr: tho'ban between' or I'&lIro.I'to provide th m telvs the lecturer and ojp tat** the American Forestry As- bu iat. Rellf workers said they He warned that adoption ptt _
Mr. Bennett 15. Mrs. I.. N. Wagner sessions o" "lgres.'sod flodd the with **4 (furnl8arefrig. can e."to. orlatlon and assoclato are put. wero' disposing of the bodies anb proposed constitutional; am',J _
Brooklyn, 2 packages clothIng country .-f.: J'EatholIc* : in order properly 'Jilpjied. for ue la the truck &II.leud to,Mlsslislpft tIng up $10.000 a year for three ..t they could. 'I meat .t tile coming ,election 111

white churches St. Mark's to mai tbollcVTa power; press acnrlc If that service I I. will go Atilt to the northern oar*. This I la matched by .'.500 : tJrctnt need of clothing was viding for more' revenue In .p<' _______
chorea It.9 T. street collection eovrp (oa* J to 'b* eenSary *odraated 'War. part of the state with W. R. DunUp IQ the stat. )Mississippi' qualffled stressed |In appeaLs citizens to ai school district would e.nt| .
$..23; Lawtey $151.00. Colored t.fstablUttBrf !IIf. Q9l.nty\ 'fUTlLlZER used 113 tons t>y* too reeord." aa unit director and S. B. Tour for one truck and Georgia and give their discarded garments to "nu limit whatever" to th* Jt Ii! '1.. _
People; New Hope church. $3.55 U as lecturer and operator. Florida for two each the hurricane sufferers. In several tlon. \\, I IF
'A. M. E. church II..0; Mount of ff' '- 'llrlng 4 August Issued forth ae- Palm City -1160.000 to lie "- Each of tk.* five truck la equipped Tho purpose of the campaign lao Instance, aid was asked for "People are rather generot*; .t,.,
M rlah M, E. church T.70; New cor; .0 1 report bur ended. for constructIon. of Palm I with a motion' picture pro carry the message< of forests asa I communities. of refugees stranded voting at elections ,to tn.." ): '
Inspection -
Bethel ne.Star" )4yor.-B14he City Brldg !Jeetor capable of showing picture crop to every man who nan tltn- In the devastated area with little property owners. and tf. ;'
,*ff company (t of agriculture C 'either Indoor or outdoor, In day bered land and1-particularly rations [
to theboy and Inadequate shelter.
amendment 1 I. the ,
ratlfled) by |It. '
: ,
__ 1J'n to local pUni l Inclcded sales oft Cl rmont-Automatic electric ,
Standard. Oil I Com- light or at night eleven thousand ___
and girl seas to build up a Roofing material and building sap- pie, there fa no ,tIIIQC"wb.t : ____
Play erecting fllllng aUtloa at eorof. of ono ton and ean net ftladlaon and Walnut street post ,lI1 .. truck ha a complete camptaff out-. lure year. hoed peclal tax .dlstrSctt4"
1> _

---- '-'-- ___.-_ ---i

.. 4 > --, '"::1.' ,,,,,. ',':'."7," 'W"'":", "' ''''"," '''"'" ,


t ,tt? ;i




-- --- -.. -- .- ---- --. -. .. .------- -- -- -- ..- -. -'--'- -"- ------ ------- --- -

-- (Continued from page 8))

I i
1'r' t two. And J it must be borne in mind, just }here, that Smith I 4 YI
promises "an honest endeavor to enforce the eighteenth

i' amendment and all laws enacted pursuant there to,"

BRADFORDHigh 1 while Hoover-remembering no doubt republican platform .

upon the subject-refers| only tq the constitution. Let us say I

that there is great difference between the two things. ... .
again : a ',., < .
School Journal Great light i.s shed upon what may be expected from either ; ,":.;.:..' ., .<"f1' '" .. 1':

L of the candidates in the way of enforcement by some corollary .' ,;,... i"1"> '" .

t facts Afred K.: Smith is noted for scrupulously living up .

to his promiHes Herbert Hoover endorses in toto, the Hard ;.

ing and Cooligc policies.. Who i is there that does not know : '." 1 : "

i e ,,Although; the newspaper club by tha team a. business manager. those policies so far as prohibition is concerned ? They constitute "",:J-j"< I

toot yet ben organized a num- looks reporM no recent developments one of the sorriest chapters in our history. But what else I 4TI- I
r of UK have taken the liberty In the building of the sched1 was to have been expected, with enforcement under the direction [
publlflhlng the term's first l Is..ue.fote 111ft 1 games with Cedar Key Lake 1
of Andrew W. Mellon, formerly one of the largest distillers -
: y the election of an. editorial City Ocala Inverness, and other
..JK; In order that the feature nearby towns are prospect. in the whole country? ': ti
)ss of the opening week would Another corollary fact of great importance is that the fr } a 1 Aitl.

Ipi Yt t be delayed.0PK1IXCI ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS nomination of Herbert Hoover for the presidency was not determined _

until the Pennsylvania' delegation was swung in behind -
:' IMY 1)ELAYKIA > The school J js ready for football. him. Aa soon as its position was announced his nomination -:

r I / Themes. no doub about it. The became foregone. That delegation took its position at

' ti9 .! lip and a roar greeted the new indents want It. They're out to the behest of Andrew W. Mellon of past large liquor interestsand

it' m. la fact, more! genuine noise Jet; 11. All summer certain boys connections, and William S. Vare, the republican boss who ,
Ubrated its arrival than at anywtcdlng have been planning, preparing for
was denied a seat in the United States senate
year. the coach's first call to action. Ten
: ''r ..:r.oo.day; Sept 17, scheduled as days before school the ball was whelming majority of the senators thought he had campaign

t ; a i p ,M' opnlng day rolled around In out lobe kicked: and passed.: One lously bought it and whose one and only issue in his

a ; if $m midst of a recent hurricane rather unwise .two-hour scrimmage for the senatorship was "repeal the eighteenth .

P 1. ,1I It pounded Its way upstate Rain ayeil up some for a week-end, but Under these circumstances it is reasonably sure that with I : .

)i 1 'd' wind swept Heroes the campus prepared luern for more sore days, Hoover as president Andrew W. Mellon will he continued alI I

1 j t td whined around the main bulldire levertheleis. The arrival of Coach secretary of the treasury in charge of prohibition enforcement -

\ .;I, throughout; the day. The Ray into town added fire to the en- and that William S. Vare will be one of the chief ad-

q haduled program was Impoaiilble buslasm. liy the first practice visers 6f both the president and the secretary of the treasury.
', 4 f "Ii.. a rwsult the new Rementer'atrltl : thirty or more boys were rarln"to w u r... e;' ::e
little for under
, Surely this but hope prohibition an
w I .' | ., got off to a late Mart Co. When coach. ran the entire presents
administration of which Herbert Hoover is the nominal head.
} S u.ldaY. lot of them through painful limbering -
t ) Xtosplte j .thin handicap the faculty > up movements did they While it is not directly ,related: it is not unenlightening i ieft
;ports' an unusually smooth start mind the work-for it was work, to those who would be enlightened-and it is for them that ifl a

w i ;W) 1 ,th. term, students finding their : alright, and far from recreationdid this; article is intE'nded-that in connection with the corruption .

'' } tjract: eourees with very little dif- they mind that No, the funds used in the naming of a United States senator from

f Ulty. while the claHH nrheduleaa next day all were bock and more Pennsylvania by means of which Vare bought a senatorship --...

t 1 1+ 4 unusually small amount oftly besides, and HO these dally workouts which he has not yet; been allowed to have thanks be, off the w
$ ,*.a.on conflict go. The boys have got bard I
auction block, Andrew W. Mellon said' that contributions to T
; Double that. was eiperted with days aheadthe worst Is yet to I t>pus ao or r o t
\ such funds contributions for church work and
introduction of Ihlt Junior are as proper as
i e owe. They're Out of condition :
? 'Y + '' Jj/ayitem wan not In evidence, and while 1fpw have the I support.In ..... .

'J'' "Alirfe Ray, principal of he I dir ability, all arc green; but the considering enforcement it is well enough to give fur- ,

r tploa wait quite 'impressed withmanner roach Is with the boys and the ther econsideration to the platform utterances of the two par- I eccwo Ix w I IJ
;//J :tfll+ a", In which students of boys with the coach. They want : ties concerning it. The republican party declares for "vig- I Watt nlow tau "
1,1, e three grades took hold of a football for the school, and they're' orous enforcement ''The democratic platform pledges "an J 1 1_ .!
f+ 'k' t1': '''nation new to them. going to got It, honest effort to enforce." Such enforcement as republicanismhas "':r.rfX: i LISII, llRlt'K'NoMFI: : -ters' -Inlo---a--small vestibules: ;-thus--- the--nntn. TWO 01- me DPd rooms
,,|n'abort' prospects for the y..arIrlI1 closets and (the
that would ordinarily be generous
'i The selection of Murrah Rooks
already given has been vigorous: enough. It has not been space
:' ;' i' bright.teachers Students are am- aft business manager for the team either effective or honest. All of us know that The republican (By It. C. Hunter&Bro., Archt, used for hall space !is given over third has a large wardrobe- lighted
boas: arlllopllmh.Uc.( was a wlsb one. The job is not New York.) to the living room. There is a by a window.
and the candidate admit it. If the
; 'I 'sty early Indication point tow easy by any mOlln"! It takes a fellow patform republican re- Brick houses In general and large fireplace In this room where Within and without the house (IR
? I successful term, and pulican party is successful in the coming election it promises
'li arda highly 'warmth and .
the attractive
: enjoy compK'I.giving
tt I : } with business brains, patience, English brick houses in particulargive one may at once
t!' Ttainly a great improvement over nothing different from what we have had-with Andrew W.
and energy; Books has these an appearance that might be flow of the open fire during the a maximum of spare and
.', :':11 9 ,ill&f"AI, !\
iKW( UNHOIXMICNTJ : le'll do all he can to see that the considerable part of his immense'fortune, most probably, in ry an air of permanence and dignity opens. from this room by French money expended.For .

t ''i ", \nG" T IN HISTORY Tornado grid schedule has all I charge of enforcement, as he has been. Honest enforcement, a feeling that the home IB doors and makes a fool and rest- a proper setting thin house

,,'" hat's desired.It we take it, is very much to be preferred to vigorous enforce- well built and will last for generation ful retreat in summer. >. should have a lot with a frontage

i"AU past records were broken ment. Maybe "an honest effort to enforce" will bring to the *. There is a good size dining room of not leas than 58 feet

..ttke! largest high school! enrollt was first thought that,there bar of justice some of the leaders in the illegal traffic of liquor The house shown herewith is of with an attractive window seat anda Complete working plans and

t < In history was registered last would be a big handicap In material instead of shooting down innocent men and women travel- brick on the first story and weather kitchen with every convenienceto specifications of this house may he
Tuesday, Prof. fowling because of I lack of weight boards above. aid the house-wife in her work. nominal from
k. By ing the public highways, as "vigorous enforcement" has done. 'obtained for a sum
tl' iFn enroll- otherwise The plan Is BO conceived thata On the second floor there Is a
the Senior High Jut practices are! proving
1 But it is contended Alfred E. Smith favors change in isgained the building editor. Refer a maximum of Is given the small hall from which access
bat., (10th, llth ft 12th grade) There are few big men out, I apace '
? 1. ,:',d climbed to 82. while the num- but most recruits are reasonablysolid. the legal status of prohibition. Personally, he does and has rooms. On '""the first floor one en to the three bed rooms'and house HA162.
\\4r of Junior High students (7th, The team should average; frankly said so ; st tinir the while just what he thinks that -- -

1 tr 4 ',lk 4k 9th grades) was 108 mak- 135 or 140 pounds, which Is fairly change should be and declaring himself unalterably opposedto such calibre as Duncan'U., Fletcher and align with such char- ,

1 &g'a total of 188 for the advanced good for any high school the return of the saloon in this ountry. He at the same crats of Florida if they will leave a party composed of men of '

jUl 1 r fides.'t4 time stated and truly, that the president' cannot make these actera as Fall Daugherty and Sinclair. More arid more of FLORIDAHome; I

fwfjari; THAIXI.NOGKTH 1 It Is a sham that so many good changes, or any other, that their making is solely the prerog- our citizens are realizing what folly such a step would mean I
men are Ineligible because they ative of the
"J, UNDHK WAY congress and believe few Democrats will do else than votea I of Vitaphone
refrained from study last year. we fully very
We assert that Herbt Hoover not frank enough to
I : espousea "
1 Dome are not at school this term November 6th. :MON., TUES., WEI 1
+ straight ticket on
+ \,With the new semester came change in the prohibition status has by avoidance and im- 1
because of that. If they were back
,4 ball. With football came ached with and HglbU Bradford's plication suggested a change in it. What else can be the mean- o
r .t 4''pain But football brings oth- chances\ would rise 60 per cent. ing of his declaration that "our country has deliberately un- A little Republican paper published over in Jacksonville See andQlea?

t blocs than that to Bradford dertaken a great'social and economic_experiment, noble in mo- asserted last week that Rev. Sidney J. Catts had offered to
gh. It brings ambition energy
p I the tive and far-reaching'irvnirpoae.' ft must be worked out
This is early in con-
,enthusiasm for certain boys, sell)) his services and influence to the Republican state organi-
?( ? What is the constructive
to be making any big statements structively work that needs tobe
ll' ,% excellent, a new figure mark for In school our midst spirit-, but Home Impressions arrive early.If done? Is it to provide 2.75 ner cent beer, which Mr. Hoover zation for the sum of'$25.000.00. but said 1 the offer had been AL JOLSON

I h' Laurie Kay. you ask any 'toot ball man. or not long ago said he favored ? Does not the suggestion of declined and that Catts would stump the state for Smith and ---IN"THE -

r 'rt 4 -,Football In going to do lots of any pupil of certain cllUlllea."What' such, work let the bars down as completely as the would-be Robinson. As the Rev. S. J. showed up in Starke Monday

v rT ga for Bradford High; and its happened" the to bast Bradford thing ?that" You'llhear fiver I president can let them down? Why his assertion that "com night and made a speech against the Democratic ticket it JAZZ
I otteDt. It U, a* everyone known, mon sense compels us to realize that grave abuses have occurred SINGER"On
w ,aristocrat of all school athe-, Coach, rlgt: 'o Q, "The ilog-gone arrival good ot -abuses which must Be remedied?" Whefe is the as- seems fair to assume that our Republican friends reconsidered : the'iOTAPElONE
Ray, a
Ua. and U something that 'Brat01'4 !- Scout,. surance that if a start is made to remedy these abuses by legal and took him on. I

f' kl' baa needed for a long time. enactment or constitutional :change,the result will not be to '
i i elm baa It now and the Rtudently TF1ti11'rOPI'S H"Uonl. BOARD MIMUTKH: I"wl.ur..I'n. Infill A __ 1.60W
enforcement laws
: repeal existing and attempt to remove the
If with I'. flHinoiix.: Incl.l. IS 10.31
prepared to greet --
1' < In eighteenth amendment from the constitution ? As a matterof I>. t.. Jnnm, Inclil.:| __ I.25IjwlM
t (most spirited term since the Board met Sept. 3. In regular Km-. C'o. Ini-l.l.. C 42.5.1
Lading of tae. Purple and Hold There seems to be. a fine spirit fact. did not Mr. Hoover rather suggest this latter when N. N. Tlionmn, Janitor 3 __ ___ 1H.00 DeLuxe
among the students this year. llf. he said in his acceptance speech "Change in the constitutioncan I4AfIINI01wlt.h all members: present t', H. Cannon, toilets II 1.0U
verythlng point toward it. And ferent from our rather notorious via: : L. W, KIckliter, II. D. May )(. I.. Johns, brofks 13 3.00 i 4 VitaphoneActs
ty' J. .,:'football obligate many of and must be brought about only by the straightforward and A. H. Snrrt'ncy.Mlnules A.. C. Pearce, rrpuli'H V __ -_ 1800Milieu I
fIIe.Nt terra. We hope that w. are __ '_ .
brocks IK :,1 TSII.
methods of the There ,
IVboy.! to live under r"Cl11at.d'orrlld not stretching our Imagination constitution itself are those who do of last meeting read II. Rrowit, tritnxp. 13 80.OO
living for the lint 11 math not believe. in the purposes of several provisions of the con- 1. A. \V..dln.. K>upirx 11 430
when we seem to see more ambition and approved. C. H. Roberta meld 11 _. 8 00 OF SPAIN
,} of training rules. Not I VISION
r form energy and falrmindednesacirculating stitution. No one denies'! theirright to seek to amend it? Resignation of D. K. Knight as The siiperlntenilent and chairman -
,,1-p.t; ly loea this sport 'help the about, the classes and Only the Lord and Herbert Hoover know whether that 'trustee of Starke ,school receivedand were ordered to make note LEO: CAKRILLO

Chool. but. It will belp all boys for Indt-It. on the campus. It would seem that implies a desire or willingness upon the part of Mr Hoover to accepted.The for $today's payroll. Italian HumoristBENNETT
.ddualyy aDd they: are :
v '1'' 'lien'"' on the (first Wednesday: everyone baa had their fling lu the change prohibition's present legal status or is only a sop board agreed that the teachers There being no further business", TWINSIn
b' aeb Ray Untied the call for ,It'trult"aa'lel. past two yearn. and has found out thrown to the American'people 1o "catch them a-coming and of Bradford county would attend 111* (hoard aljournpd'to meet' the i
l, .. than thirty boys of what pays and what doesn't, and a-going" One thing is sure: To use an inelegant but quite the Central Florida Teachern'Association (Irtt! Monday In October.L. I Song; and DanceYACHT

; t : S1 belrhtl i, age; and weight appearn are out to use their experience to American expression the republican candidate presents a at Gainesville In Oc \"". KIckliter, Chairman : CLUB BOYS

f .,_;* the Tornado gridiron. They an advantage. We predict a rapid marked case of playing both ends against the middle in the. tober. II, B. Wiggins, Secretary Vocal Croup
rite In grades, a lowering of failures Heilbronn was refused an extra i I
I. Wre subjected! for the remainder above. quotations from. his expressions. ----
", .tP 'd the ,week under grinding txerJ and of demerits tbls"1".r. Turn back and read again, the platform declarations] teacher. For the eighth consecutive year, i The Miracle of the age-plf-.
'J jibe,. to which all responded. The Watch and see. above presented, on prohibition and decide out of your own The superintendent was directed Manatee county shipped the first I lure with n: voice and a "oul.I
Wcrtuic was widespread, but to get prices and If possible to buy car of grapefruit out of the state. The greatest theatrical event
A new Interior of the home of reason!\ if the republican platform did not Jet a great gap own'for I
three Oaliien-
truck bodies from the Oxford
The to
#'tu-n. the next week arrived all shipment 'was consigned to that has ever come
blrty. 'boys were limbered and In the! Purple and Cold greeted us those opposed to the eighteenth amendment to pass Body Co Savannah for distribution. The '; yule Hear and see Al Jnl on
this year. It is a patriotic interior through or, else, suggest a modification of that amendment The widows You
1. }' [in! condition and ready for work. following were shipment tills year was four days i sing; "Mother I Still Have
i too, and wa are co reminded !- or its repeal-when it quoted Washington's saving that "the for ,
!draining: it now In full sway, and territory pensions: Isabel later than last year, when a rec- "Dirty Handn," "Mammy"AiOVIETONE
r flgarettra. sweets, late hours and of the sacred we constitution which at any time exists until changed by the Lang Mrs. J.v.. OaHkliiH, Lou- ord for the earliest shipment was
ther mild vices are successfully are In when Wft glance at the wall.It explicit and authentic act by the people" in connection with ana Rrlflls. Mrs. L: D. Dormnn made. Terra Cera Island produced -

robJblted.Tbe WAS readily recognized that the prohibition.enforcement.. Mattie Wilson, Annie Ward. Mrs.J. the fruit, It having come Reel
,'; necessary physical examlnaatlr dark cream upper plastering resembles As is well known, the president cannot change the status A. Howe, Ida Wiggins< Belle from the grove of W. 11. Halsey. The Talking; News

crew settled down under cold, and the lower plastering of prohibition. That is for the congress. And only by a vote Thomas. Mamie Mead Chris Pad- There were :Boo boxes In the shipment NEW PRICES
Is out out
an purple.
gett Hattie Bennett.Nettle Starling .
training of Coach Ray.
pable of two-third of both houses of
\ resolution _
Purple and Cold plastering for ns : congress can any
r Clara Crawford Ruby Green. Night15.50e
j looking over conditions it I III Imoaslbl i Matinee
1 this )'ftlrl! No more defacing; of the toward the amendment or repeal of the eighteenth amendment The fallowing bllllf were audited e
_ | /the. to present stir too iieaaon much Fact opthnillmep can walls now be even HO much as started oh its way. It is the con-. and ordered paid: ,I With 1,810 students registeredup j 15.60cContinuou6

gress' and the congress alone, that hold power and responsibility Hr t. while mont of the
i ,lOt ) dodged Our population Is growing inthi *.l.rlN h_______ _iUlt: .no Florida officials continued to he
irtys, have ability, hardly any of yearly : matter. ; If. R. Wig-Kin, !Held ________ 1'0!
'hellJ Ibav. any exprelence.iTiey I At the present writing we No matter who is president there can be no change in the. H. H. WI.aln..salary, ?-______200.00 swamped with applicants for admission Ioia; 1:00 to 11 P. m.
bavC:>D't heard the exact enrollment I. W. Klcklltrr, I><1. >.r. ____u 4.JII'' throughout the week and
'constitute one of the green- constitution and laws relative to prohibition without the con- U. D. Mar, Wd. m.r. __________ 6..... unofficial estimates'
fist\ bunch of athletes ever annem- figures, but 'we do )know that we gress Is willing thereto. Congress! is responsive to the will. A. B. Murrency! : ..?.. ..... _,.___ S.00, placed the made Saturday : GAINESVILLEIt
have never seen our balls and classrooms Truck' drlv rn ___5HO.OO total enrollment of the
I -.-----
vd'before a coach' They realize of the people. Therefore there can be n6 change in the legal PhnrUUt h nM"tip" Co. slate' institution at
the i
crowded over 2,000
"';%,bUt/ they are out to work, and they have so continually bu> these first few as status of prohibition unless] the'Am r <"an'"eople want it. nn report.ral Ranting!curds _Co.___,u win.u_____ 0.00 mark.

;]lt it; off this handicap. If it canb' weeks. In view of all this The Times has no desitancy in expressing .h* '' dolls they will do It. Every The Rflord Co. i..l.r _____ 5.U
the opinion that those who honestly want to vote according I.. R. l-Mwmrdu, bun repair ___ 100
i::107 nt'UsrraH oat'''body\ as, realize well as that the the entire Torna-stu- We've seen genuine freshmen to what i H best for prohibition should have no hesitancy in J. 'W. Morgan Vr.w, hun Hut material.? 13.60 easier- .now, to kill insects

: ':r a..lehante -ot tearing up ,the In our time, but don't believe that voting for the democratic party unon.its present platform and K. M. Halcn. :y'.Ilnt_---__ K.50 n4 keep',hem.", .,. B*. Brand Insect Pow-
_ : we or anybody elM has beheld past performances and Alfred E. Smith its tlrailford; Co.: T 1J .00Kraifford e'er or Liquid kills Flies Ants, BEE BRAND
f candidate for Ro.cdeePoultry
edule of this year is slim but ( <>. T.l. printing; 6 __ 76.00 ;
fact that we have a team, and any group of children so 'plttully president, as against the republican natty, upon its present Kriuifonl ('0. T.&. prlotlnv 1 __ 91.no Lice,Mosquito**,Flwts.B.d Boesand oth.clo- pwjer Liga4
green-absolutely raw-as the Floy Hulllvan 'arhtna I ____ K.notlamptpn .ectLWon'r'(* C orstain.Use powder on plants) to.arzte, 60.871
: och Js sufficient. This is, after platform and past performances, and Herbert Hoover its can- t....h.r., tcarblnir S flOO: and p.tcotJfe /or fREE imtct booklet. It 'toa) Hr's
rata of Junior High the seventh ,.. ___ seer
f. IJ..tJae gnat year and It is better didate for president.We (1rah& teacher do U :liI.IIOflrn..k..r d.der 30.larn.Gad tie
grade. As these little ones latterwlld.e4 t.ach.ra do in ___ ___ Ei.00 with'walshipbypuelpost.t:
.tart now'than not at all. Work cannot close without insisting once more that prohibition T. H. Plnhul.t.r' d. IS __. __ S8.00 prlor.lrln C- ; 4C CCX.n.ltun_.......
( ab not issue i
: the corridors midst the upperclassmen a proper in a presidental campaign and re- Arthur McRae. d.. P -. __ f ft.00KlKlna A4 ;
: } V tackle It as It conies. that .. ..u---___ __ rurao dONxsmutlaerc0
It makes us all feel that affirming neither of the parties have made it an Issue in ; tracker d 1* u 85.00V..nd..rbllt
{T ( this writing, there bas been ttaehcni do 19 JO.OO
,I t ioAt ; w* hays been demoted to the their platforms, but have made enforcement the issue. But Hollbronit teacbwr dpi h u.__.. 40.00 -.' .
: Ia tf.;. few any one to display iaIrLdaaJ .. .. __ I
"h grammar grades.LeesburgLake. let's admit that it is a proper issue In this campaign-and the I-jtwtey t aoh r do -.115.00
: .':! chances. Conditioning Wb l Kranklln.' Janitor it Si ntV yenltaoalA
.''t7 only issue in it. We still cannot see why sincere prohibi \ WColemao., repairs 1T->.-:: a:00 trr 1
I iM nA up the program so far. 111411011Growerl' __ ___.
:I.if \ county; J. V. .I"" *. repair J, J1.74,
tionists '
asst week. iowrver prospect Association organized for can or should. under all the lights, vote for Herbert II. K. The 4., Incld. I _____. 3.1! 11,. deprntaer 5

'T "S "y 1 v''t ,,7q 1M,,1* evidence, and ''csndlposltlons marketing" production.JacksonvilleFlorida. Hoover rather than Alfred E. Smith upon that issue.-Tampa ljnvit D. C.pnea.