was not egotism that application for tax detd to Issue In arcordanee I tit, widow I of K R. Johns, deceased sod i iA I: .Said lands to he sold by me for the purpos portion of lot Seven <7>. described aa fuloW' ..
made me know.I I with law Raid certificate embraces the following I M. Pettit. her husband, of Gainesville.Florida of satisfying the aforesaid jmlnment or dnflcli Commencing at the northwest corner HILL TO QUIET TITLE ETC.
had 1 his love but rather a knowledge' described property situated In Bradford I F. M. Johns and Charley Johna, of 'ney decree. and which said shove ffoeerlb- Seven < cotS run Eat 12'4 teat thence NOTICE
gained from inner County Florida towllRnuthwtst : t..k. Florida, and Thoma! Williams and cd l lands are subject to the lien thereof South m feet. thence West '7IIJ feet 'i'he defendant' Bryant I. G"r..n. aa)
an cpnsciousnoss quarter of southwest quarter of A. William, her husbsnd. of Alachtia I II W. .I. EPPFRSONAa thence North 12% fet t point of beginning. scent and Individually. If life. and If dttad
that strikes an answering chord section townehip A. south range 22 east ('nun',., Florida. heirs of A. II. Johns through of Bradford County. Florida of the above being Block ( ) thi-n hi. Holra at law, tei.et'a and asuisna! |
Shorll .1 Fou.t.n4
when meet the 40 .. 2.. said being assessed at the F C John. de... and to laura Con 7-2.St-7.t the orliclnal Town of Strk. Ti" Ditvlsff Life T.n.nt and lt.mu ndwrnien*
wo In"o
one in the .
person date of the .." such certificate In the I nnd M."u..t Cone whose addreaa I unknown I Do appear to the said bi .' on under the Will nf L... harlittt Qlanman. .
world for whom we were born. name of Columbia F.r Land Corporation to their he.iw dwlsevs and I.".. NOTICE OF BIIFHIFP'S 8AI.R or beforn the Third day of Au"u.A. D lOtti. I d..-.) | before the Court of
I fell asleep with last Unless said certificate shall be .I.ma socording tree if dead To J.f Johni If Hvlntr and If and In due course define up what uunty Ilradfurd' County Florid.
my thoughtsof to law tax deed will lea th.rn on dead then of Stark, FlorldH. I vv.r claim or Interval which you and eachtie riff.rded V..I.I nth. I imi" In I.wl.t.|
Curtiss Wright. There was not .h. 17th day. of AU"lt. A. D. 1929WftneeH and It I ii ..W.'knJ an I' aworn bill of omplalnt Notice Is hereby given that under and tiy you may hav to the ahov described properly Will, and Eatat-ii. No. 1 I. i>nu* *a,A

one night,: since we had discovered my official, ., .t". and seal this that to h.lr or t the virtue of that certain execution Issued, nut of or the said bill will b I.kn.. oon- (' nirt Rw*,>.l.: the Hrfm' At law. Devlae
our the Hlh tiny 01 Jul,,. A... rained h.h. who. reald<.nre I I. .1..0 unknown the Circuit C.ur of Hraitford county Florida. tossed against >ou. nnd Asi., n.i. of Lul. (titgmat or Ix>ul.
love that he had not A2.LnrRMxNSt that there I I. In of in thnt wherein John flhrlvertrad'nv .
come to me in a W. no p.nn .etal" 0" It t I. further ordered that this order bapubll.het (:IOm."n or .lomal. or Lou I**
my dreams. And because I loved him < >al> > Clerk Circuit Court Bradford rlorfda th' sorvlcu nf a subpoena upon whom I aa Bhrlver Comtinny I. plaintiff and once a week for Right eons-ratitlv m.n.ma. duceasM formerly of Lawuy,
County. Florida. would bind the acid (Infcn.lnnU and that it Tl C. Rrunlnir Is deffnilant. I have levied upon ,: I Florida : the At Law.ilevlser .
week In the Bradford County Tlet.ranh. a .01,1 1.1.
more than any other person or thing By C. A. i is believed by the complainant that the nameddrfenIttnta I .nr will si II to the highest bIdder for of circulation.nuhllHhefl and .,.. *. of AdolphDroUhauaa.

in my life I was thankful for even KNIGIT.7.17.St.8.1 CI.rk. are Intercut in the property Involved 1 ... front of the ("ono lions door In wtrkty newspaper In fltark. ".n.rl.. count. Florida.nils and of Ouatav DrulHhauan, In
In this suit. and !Stark. Florida' MondayAuirtut
cnmplalnant alleges on
n.adn. County the 8nd dy of June A. D 1D25O his own eight and l cirate* or Denise., off
that. that he does not know and by dlliiront Marchand the name twine a letrsl Cruise Charlotta and of LouisaOlanxmann
NOTICE OP APPI rATION FOR T4X DEED Inquiry has not born able to ascertainwhether unle. day and between the legal hours of sale W. ALDBIMAN. m.nm.n. .
f Bradford
dec-ased >
It "
was not for me to find SEcTION' 575 OK Clerk of ( I.l
easy UNDER ( .
TiE the rcal-eatnte sot CI,1 8.,0
any of the d.l.nda,' whose .Idvn. folowln. d..lh. rwrsonal S.I County Florida ', the Devise
work. Father and his friends looked I GENERAL In alleged n* unknown. I hi
upon my serious intentions as a I In alcK| .Ml by the eomplalnnnt In hi. sworn to-wltt Deputy Clerk. ftUMlav ) dea<>. lat. ofiirslftetl
e Hereby notice U given that Mns. Covln- hi of complaint that It* bvt.cvm thrr .. Real estate doser'bed as follows Ten acre A fl. CREWS. County.. Florida : Sophie Olara-
Joke and on all titles I heard that it1 ton purehaa.r of tax caIn rortiliratre numbered ron. I Intemti'l I In the said property lnolnd off of the east side of the southwest quarter 'Solicitor for Complainant man. Mnx Much and Nicholas Bach, If In
would not last But I was determined I reapoctlvvly 100 101 and 102 Issued by In I this auit. whose names and awe or nf northwest quarter of section seventeen Ill) S..Ot'-1 I lifu. and if duad, th_. their respective heir
the Tn Collator of Bmilford County. Florida flu,*. and whose residence are unknown tor'mplainant township seven ('Ti.) anuth ranue twenty fIt At I.aw. Devlaaea and Assigns Wrren P.
to do something worth while and Said crrtiflcetc'e' bring dated July 2. A. D : and In said bill' relief la pray '..'- NOTICB Ward If In lift, *nd If df>ad. then his licksAt '

with the some tenacity that I had t 1923. and have filed .mid eortiOcntp* in my against such known and unknown per- Personal property described .follows : Two I I.w. Ifevlsee and As-ill n* : Thom. W.
I have made apiillcatinn for tax dud i .. mules. sulky In th* Circuit Eluhth Jud cUI Cir.eutt then hi.
office and i.d one plow one buirizy one slnal Cour. Klo.dlnir, If In life, and If d.s.l.
formerly expended on having a good to lulu In accordant with law I THEREFORE: it .* ornemi' tnat all waron on. double' wagon one mowln. Bradford ,. Florida. In ChanocryMary heirs At (.aw. Devl.. and Anilim All

time I hunted for something to do Sod] eert.flcatM rmpootlvoly embracf the nuns named In tills order. If living, and pr chine one eow sis acrne of wrow E. Edw.r. Other I'monrlrm 1 and Crp..tlon

that would absorb mind.. following lands In Bradford County. Florida.Mwimed dffid all persona clnlmlntr any interest under Inir and ether farming Imulrmenta which I et .nl. t Removt Cloud. J. clnitnlntf I by thrnuiih and under :
my hive taken Into possession and made levy Thom.TMxon. of said dufomlant named herein- '
at the data of the Imuanee of ..u.h.nrino.t I the .nl named) d.frnlanta. aforesaid, my of the snore
Finally I started a kindergartenfor In th flumes roBpctivt herein .. otherwise and that pers"n* on. anpearlnir from the .1."alnn.. the lands or any nt then. .l.twHWd In *
.1 : W. J. EPPERSON worn Kill flied In the .bv. 'I. that .if and the Whole World.
.t.I' Mill
the children act forth to-wit: whomsoever wh.wc name age .Id.no. Complaint :
at the .
poor plant. pol.ul..I and to
af. are aliened to be unknown U. complainant and 7.J-JH-7-S.1 Sh..11 Bradford County. rlorlria the .. who alairn any rliiht tttl or Internet In
The parents:!! were delighted., not so rttfleata No. 100 embracra with ... .omm.n.lnl. nil persons whose name ,Is .1".d.. known I wit Thornn. Dlxon. Simon J. Temple. John. and t.'n8' Unda dfer.hed In thIs 111 of
north Chart J.un.
on fe' DrkoF.iivnlwth
In. p..I.1 whose resIdence la beyond of Florid NOTICE OF MABTrna l.v.n. complaint herein darlbed a* alti
much for erudite I II HAIR .
reasons but becauseit .rth .. corner of northwestqtlarisr d. 11. James W. .""."" B l.nl. lylrttf and being In Bradford Cot.nty.l"i.rlIa. .
*, thnt may b* or are I Interested I In the HU
kept their youngsters from under of block 1 south of range I runt and Mary R. Gibson John W. forr John Cr. I I and being part of Section 81. Town-
south parallel with railway 165 fe-t h..I.nf.drser "l property or any part I Ith."f. Police ,fa hereby given that under anti liy Nloholaa P. Arm
their feet. My education made the thence. cant at rtffnt antflca with railway 310feet I b.ln. In Stark. Bradford virtue of a Anal deere mads and .nd..1 the stronsj.rnen. E Arthur Psyon W.Smith 1.lr. Samuel C. UltMun situ HcriU.I|. 0. Itanir M* No 2.1. and a and more No.4.particularly In Block ..

actual teaching an easy task and my thence N parallel with .alw.1R5 feet, (Tharln W. 0.1. D Con. Thm. J. I *. ,,f the. 'F"wn of awtey. Bradfjrl County .
west to bwlnnlnir : .1. half of HurHn. ." YO.n""I. 10"( Plat of d
thn. Mordla. or *a
natural love for children kept them half of southwest quarter of block I NOTICE rood. I.eonora M C. n even when boisterous, from gettingon south of range 2 put belnv R214 feet north I NoUP" ,It. hereby given that the followIng described lactIc b .t nubile suctIon A. Splndler J.m. B. H Smith, Albert n.1 County .Florida, :
and loath by 310 feet eat and w* t Mao apiece nn the FIRST MONDAY In AUGUST. 12S. It being the In .I .Id.0'mnn.h. h.ora the Samuel A. Swann. N. D Hniraman J.m. Are hereby notified and rr-i'.lr-. each .
my nerves. of land 32 feet north and south by *'!n Courthouse 1) at Stark.. In B.rford .,n 'y. Stat0 of Fiorids. 0. much thereof Gates. Jnhl Alexander. Graham Samunl C. all of yon to appear to the Of ComplaintIn
My little school( room was almost feet eat and w at on nouth iidiof north will b necessary to per the fat ..set opposIte 1k.same 1. I..h.with Fan. J. n Enrlr. J. I D. Mcl.mor*. J. C. Rl. the above entitled cause 011 Brd day of
half and) aouthesal quarter of block 1 couth cost such sale and .dv.r"ln. C. A. FUTCIT. T W. Pitt. J. M John. Chart August A. D U.6 and inns you Udu
by /glass and therefore, rantc 1 rant In 'r.mol. ..Ilv'lon. I CI.'o"see n. FIIworth Ann lfotnw John C. Amt ndt.K course and a* prci>. .dOf by r:1 In

was constantly filled with sunshineand Action 21. township A pouth rn" Description 5... T. R. A O.ne Caste I'uddy, w. R. Lane. Ellsworth Trust Com mich eases. s t-up and d fln* whatever otalra
light. I made, it assessed Mutt O."on and Annie Tea I Lot. I bile 1 original' town .___.__..__ M. M Morrato n..n___..._ 591I pny. a corporation F. I. McCall) C. N. Hop of right title or lnt which you and
attractive for Certificate No. 101 cm),rae.*a .Ruf. I L' 3 bib 1 original town ____ Mrs. Elaine Moran ._.___._..___ Ill kins. E O Hubbard. N. W. Haekntt. A. L tach of you. may. lay "and claim the stovedvMcrlhed
the small classes and taught them a line runnlnir parallel with railway U I blk T original town __.__._._____ Mrs. EunIce C.n.. ..___.__42.4S Von Kin Georgia Trading Company. two iota of land and any t and all
first of all the o fret north of southwest corner of northeast I..t S-it bUt IJ J. M. Johns atM---------_._ R. M. Sparkmai __..__._____._ I can U Fletcher TruatiStark. Lumber portions thereof And that ecrtaln newtpa
Importance of soap. I quarter of block I loath of range 1 east and I. 7 bite I L. T. (' add._______ Frank G.I".. _______.____.__. Company a corporation. V. J. Bhlpman.) laid particular stress on morals, north on nd! line 122 f*M. thence eat at Let 12 blk L. Co' Gates. fl. P. Gardiner are sit, un Florid known and called CeuntyTvlefrraph .
feeling moat responsible for right angles l to line 810 feet thence add .____.._____________ B. S. Wheeler F.. __.______ know.. and that there I I. no person In the la herwhf .)-r..lfon* newspaper
the lit ninth parallel ..10 Ant tine 122 ft.t. thence Lot. 7 blk $2 L. T. ("0'. ".___.__ J. A hove .____..._____.._____._..1.8 .fat* Florida the service of *ubpo.nsi upon In which this notice shall.b* published
tie men and women whose future development west mo feet .to beg In Temples Lot. 4 blk 1 L. T. 4 Co' sub whom would bind .Id .f.nd.n", and thatIt week for H unseeutlv week

was largely in hands.I Met ion 21 to win hip 4. south range .bolv.... div. _.___n. .__ '_._..___.__ John .... _______ 8.71 I I. bllevd by the that the one This ft 21st day of My, ItUO WUnea my of 5,
my an.wwd Mettle GayoiuiCertificate All hilt 1 L T. 4 Co' sub tl. __- S. J X.I ._.________.._..._ said named defendant whose rldn. and Ilcial band and ""
loved, my work. It not only em- north half of 1.015 1.2 bl 2 L T. are unknown to O W ALDERMAN

braced the youngsters of No.aouthenat 102 emb-acea. of block I sub rlv -.....___ ... .._ Mamfe Dl .....__.._.___.__.1.8 Mitvd In the property Involved In the ... ( ) Clerk Court tIraiforjCounty.
themselves outh half CI..1
qu.r. 52 2... 'F. Co's and that complainant d ea not know and ha* IS.1 Florid

birt, reached into the homes and my outh. couth of rantr by 390 1 feet seat. and" 2',feet In Tmp-no'h.nd I L'bl11.bl- --_--.--.._-_.---_ _.__ urn. Santirti _______.. U7 not been able t aacertaln whether any. of .I. D 8PARK3.

little school room became the confessional section 21..township ft. eoutnrantra L. hil U L T. A Co' said known .f.nd.nt are dead or alive; and Attorney
lea tub-Hi assemed OuyonaUnlea l rv. --- ---.-.-__ Al M.lel .__.._.-..___u.n that It I I. complainant In said 1.231.lfJllB
for all neighborhood disagreements 22 east. M.t. b reienm'i r N"j 8 L T. Co'. sub I .w"Bill that there la a parson or are per OC OUAHDMV SALE OK KEAt

and petty strife. The mothers ..10,. .rlf..I.,. will INCH* thereonon I v. --..----...___ R M. vn... ._._.____--.._.____ Int.1' In th property Involved In ESfATKVutiee
aecf>rdin.r 31.U I. T. sub dIv __ _. and
U2ff "Il C' O. __ _.._ ._ such .ul. or name axe or -
A. D o.nkln
as they came for their children, Witness the 10th my day "of. .Au..t.'" and seal thin I 2Q 1,. T. Co' di. __'___ E. E Sn.1 ..___.____.__.___.1.81.41 ... whose residence are unknown t la her/ given that the underslanrl -
f te 2-3 bib 41 L. T. It I I. ordered that

would and chat. I I complainant: T..foro. Isaaa Williams
stop C' for 5
began saving 'th.h of A. D.26. Kuanlan lun.U.
day July 0. w. AL.DERSI'.N. sub dl. --- -.-. E. E Sn.1 .___.___...__..__ 4.1 said known ) who a. heretofore will apply to the Ilimornbl leo. A. Gardiner.County .
simple recipe and hints on how to I Lot 8 kilt f L T. C. sub named In thl'.nrder If living and If d*>ail. all County florlila
Bradford of Bradford
< ) Cterk Circuit Court dir .__ .__ __ IntwrMt under the saidknown Judge
beautify their homes. I helped them .I County. Florida o"lh. Bati. '_ 1.48 parties* clalmim the loth of August 1029. for an order
WI blk U I. T. & Co' aub dl.. .. a" ___. ____ and named defendants afore said tie, .n sell .. rlcht title and
C. A. KV1GHT. 1.1 to st
try new seed. I hud little time for Deputy Clerk 811 44 L. T. Coaeub dly A. O. Jenkins 141 eased) or otherwise, and that .1 pemon Interest ,th:I..I, a :lunatle.
7-10 Bt-ft-7 bib f. '. C Co's di. fl. fy. .___._ whomso-wer name or .. Heir" rlb.:1 toNorthweat .
thinking during the day and there a .ul PI"f" 1.41 I w. In and tu
I $5 P..k' ._ th d..Jbd I.nd.
19 _
l.t .0" Mantle ).nlk _.______ to b* and unknown to complainant ,
were so many persons depending on NOTICE OF GUARDIANS flALBTbirty iota 123kiln a wp.. I' may b* or are Interested In the property of Section Too, TownshIp .

: .. _._.._.... ..... involved In this ult. described follows. qnm. .
me for various things that were intensely al. ------- I. *1k. Sp.4"" '.SI.tO aa *even. .. Twenty eonl* n-
: after d..on to-w t : th* tenth I I' 01 land bun r N h" All of s.ftlon on. fli northeast at.art.jr of In all R. or 1 lees. situate
4 vital to their happiness that c) bib erlg t.. E S by northeast quarter and west half of north le Bradford Coanty riorltl
antI being
at night I had to have reat and sleep R". W h" T".o .- I M. 'p.4m.. ___18.1 e.at quarter and vast half of northwest This the loth dy of July m*:
Cur Cold In On. 1
To a I Lt 1.aU.n n quarter mn4 northwest quarter of northwest before m. d.,. ofROnOT
to remain fit. rait LAXATiVE BROMO : Habletantopa 1, I eec of 5Eof Quarter and sciuthesat quarter of aouthweatquarter I.rbo t MAHIJ.

The old days seemed far behind. th. Couth and SH QUO word, off t hiCoJtL 5E4 29 I ___...29 I I a e It IS? and northwest quarter of southeast for. Issso Wlllteme, Lonatl'I" .
Lola L. T. of sectIon tw. ((2) southwest Gu..n
C W GKOVE s-ignatureoiieach bo*, SOc 1- II C' quarter : qtaar
Curtiss had left Jacksonville for t .ub''. .._n....-_..--.-.__._ Alfred Dames _._._...._._ 7.4? l. of southwest quarter and l"tl ihree .-101.7I ,il.

J' ..

-_ ... ... ... j --, .
.II p. I l -
,,: .;.. ,';, :" _-, .. y '.. -' ..-t'P"-'T." -. ._ .. r : 0' .. j1 f l .-a-:-. : (; t : A. 'J

.. ---'

I, .


---- L v ,

r. h) Bradford Counly Jelegraph I on Mrs.business Lizzie Saturday.Albrittaln who has I I Is Your Health Slowly the subject a Pitcher was of, "The Water.Man: Who' Carrier c-"DelIo w--" .,!) 'j jfotetmWrlgeYY

_._-_._-- -- "I been visiting relatives and frends !I Plain and life like pictures were I
-- -- -
here for several weeks, left Tuesday Slipping Away? drawn, illustrations being used which I IA
Published weekly and entered as for her home In Wymauma. I j made the subject very Interesting, '
second class mutter at the post Mr. and Mrs P. Dekle have movedto I and the sermon helpful Slip a pack9 In

office at Starke Florida.E. Watcrtown where he has accepteda Starke People Advise You to Act !. Mrs. II. B. Peeples, and daughters, ) your" pocket home when to- I vw I
Time.Is );;u bo I'j' t tI
with the East Coast Lum- Ruth and I jIA
= .. -- =-= position Annie Virginia, are spending nmvl.Ohrathe.

8. MATTHEWS__..._____.__._____Oirn.r. ber Company. I'' falling health making! y u uneasy this week with Mrs. Peeples' par- 7s I
3. C. ROBINSON._______Managing- Editor. I and unhappy Are you tired, weak ents, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, of IIa- youngsters
UKOOKEICOrooker and dispirited? Suffer daily: backache hira Ga. This wholesome-lon- I
I I and stabbing, rheumatic twinges Mr. Butts of Macon, Ga., has pur- lasting sweet for I
EVERY: FRIDAY :.. Then look to kidneys 1 The kid- pleasure s4 taawfll.orvrnvn .
PfBLISHED July 81. Misaes Mam- your chased of Mrs. E. P. Dicks a nice :
of and nasa neys: are the: blood-fllt. Once they 1 I
mie Mills Graham Rey- : lot, on the border of Hampton Lake I
t SUKSCKIFT1ON RATE I II'er nolds and Messrs. Viloce and John You weaken have, the dizzy whole spells system, headaches Is upset.and fronting the Beach for $1100. He j I

._ ._. Stall/ Reynolds all of Duytona spent Saturi urinary Irre larltle... You feel all I contemplates improving his property i I Vre tt yaemtf after I Ia I II
k Year .n. nU !i I day evening here. I worn-out. Uae Donn's I'n: : stimulant I in the near future. slnoklntj

t Six Months u_. .__ .____ 75cr II. 1' Gainey attending to bust ': diuretic to the kidneys. Thousands Mr. Frank Adams entertained as j Work Its* I
_. --- I I ness in Daytona this week. i recommend Doan't. Here U guests this week his son, Barnett Ad- j STMtUHU frnkmv/ I ke youseekingan \
--- | !Miss Eliza Dukes, of Dukes la theKUfut Starke proof: I ama, and family, Mrs. Annie Adams I, I.
of friends and relatives here 'II Mrs C. L. Underhill, Cherry says his daughter, Mrs. Ruth McPherson I Investment Field? :
"When I sat down, I had to brace m! I,
1 this week. I II \ arms in order to get out of a chair. I and children Elizabeth and Beloat, I i iI
\ LeRoy Wasdin of Gainesville, was felt tired and I had to hold something Mrs. S. Futch and children, all ft I Come to St. Augustine. f
i a visitor here Saturday evening ] to keep from falling. Duan's Pills Gainesville.Last It ball the prestige of centuries
!I Miss Opal Ilnzen, of Gainesville, from Mitchell's Drug Store cured the Thursday Rev. E. S. Taylor, t I and yet Is as youngas
ia the of her aunt Miss Eunice I IHazen trouble." +rymral" Florida today. Its historic
I guest : pastor of the First Christian church, jteros
i Price COc at all dealers. Don't I assets no other city
I ah'.s: for a kidney remedygetDoan of Hampton, delivered quite an in- can have. Its modern advantages -
Mrs. O. G. Struyhorn and Mrs. M. simply a Pills-the same that Mrs. teresting address to the Y. M. C. A. are excepUonal.InUeslmcnls
e F. flaxen of Waldo, spent Tuesday Underhill had. iter-Milburn Co. boys at Camp Immokalee, Keystone I

here. I i I Kfrs., Buffalo N. Y. Heights
I' o. 4U34 | Mr. Izak demons moved to his old Mrs. Crichlow, of Jacksonville, who I I of

(Membership in National Highway I homo in Jacksonville. Tuesday. has been visiting her father, W. E. i Values
Association) I Mrs. T. P. Ward and family left Springvlsitlnrr her cousins Min Hutchenson for several weeks Jupcrlor
Friday for Jacksonville where they nie and Mattie Odgen. turned home. re-I N ii BUF" APPLICATION FOR TAX]
to her On FiorI -
I I. DEED: UNI>BK!: SECTION 67S OF On Bny and Ocesn.
a Illuminated stacking 1 is the latest I will visit friends and relatives for a Roy Wasdin and Leola Fogg, who ,! Dr. Middleton, of Starke was attending THE GENERAL, STATUTES I Ida East Coast Railway hotels.andBplend
Parisian fad. Snnwkil irln-'MCH for few days and while away they will are attending the University in to professional business here Colion I Highway.back-country.Finest Real
I that U. B.
Notice U hereby given
the men will follow. I visit in Tampa and other points of In- Gainesville spent tho week-end with I this week. purchaser of tax certificate No. 120. dotedthe t estate activity unprecedented.To .
home folks. I 2nd 1 lay of Aamist. A. D. 1920. haa filed take full advantage 'of the)
terest in South Florida.
-oA Rev. N. T. King, of Tampa but aid certificate In my office and haa made I Florida, nod ru h" como to
most cordial Invitation is extend-1 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brown and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dyal and chil- formerly of Hampton is spendingthis application for tax dead to liuut I In accordance I 'St. Augustine.
I children Iris and Artford Friday dren, of High Springs were visitors with law. Said certificate embrace the For descriptive booklet and
eil to the new Chairman of the state spent week with his son, E. J. King. following dmcrlbed properly .,(u..d In particular Information address
roiid department to enjoy a ride over in Starke. I j here Saturday. Mrs. Mary E. Thigpen, manager of Bradford County. Florid., to-wlt I
Miss Josephne Chesser is spending I, Mrs. Sallie Saxon of Pompano, is the Lot 9 of Blk. 16 In Ward City. Section 8, CHAMurn: OF COMMERCE
Highland and Hampton Pharmacy, who recently .
the boulevard between ( I Ti. 7 S. R. 20 E. I I O. 110X6X3StAugusline:
Maxvlllo. a while at New River with friends spending a while with her son, I. L. I visited New York, and other points The said land being ......od at the dab of
I and relatives. Odgen. the luuance of ueh certificate In the name
at interest in the northern
-0- states has I ofFIoretu Ward. Unl!,*s said eertiflcate ehall
state' Miss Leota Osteen Is the guest of Miss Lois Moody, of Jacksonville, returned to her home. be redeemed according to law tax deed will
Another newspaper man" of Goode the M. Miss Alliene Surrency of Graham is visiting relatives and frends here Mrs. V. B. Wheeler and daughter, I D.Issue 1925.thereon on the 31et day of August. A. I:
has marked{ up "thirty.
this week. for a while. Miss Annie May, were business visi- \VltnM my official signature and seal this
of Guerry Florida, one was of the instantly bent known killed writers In an Mrs. L. A. Prevatt of Valdosta I I A large crowd from here attendedthe tore to Waldo last Saturday. h. 27th day of July G. A.W. D.ALDERMAN 1925.: ___ I

Ga., is visiting her parents, Mr. and annual meeting at Little Rock Clerk Circuit Court Bradford County FloridaBy
automobile accident this week. Mrs. Mott. Sunday. CHURCH OF CHRIST C. A. Knight.; i A SEA-SIDE CAMP
7.31-M.R-28 Deputy Clerk.
t'0 r -- Mrs. D. II. Commerally, of Okee- Mrs C. Fogg and children attended Bible study at 10:00 a. m., Com- I
Some of these little towns with so FOR BOYS
old chobee Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. church in Gainesville Sunday night munion and preaching at 11:00: a. m. CARD OF THANKS I
much publicity remind us of the
Mott. The friends of Mr. Oldham
i many Everybody should attend. Sunday
time the. whistle the kind friends LET THEM ENJOY THE OCEAN
R sU'iimbout. Every We wish to thank
to hear of his death which
regret night services have been discontinued Boys Work. Inc., St. Augustine Florida
{ blew the boat stopped.-Tampa Tri- HIGHLAND occured here at the home of his son, during the however the who so sympathetically assisted us maintains a 120,000 camp on AnuUsl Island
summer, ,
bune. Some of those "little towns" .- Thos. E. Oldham early Saturday during the sickness and death of our completely equipped with pavilion kitchen -
minister will next Sunday electric
supply bath houses
k' of ten years ago are going to regelate Highland July SO.-Friends of Har- morning. Mr. Oldham's health had night for Brother Starnes at the baby. Especially do we thank Dr. ItKhts steeping, pure quarter and competent caretaker.Ocean .
the so-cullei! big cities into the little ry C. Wimberly, Jr.,.will be Interested been bad for the past few months, Middleton for his untiring efforts inI beach wn'dr e Bathing, fishing i canoeing.
Methodist church. "Service.
Subject accredited
All boys organisations dully
1 class before many more moons, by the. learn of his marriage Tuesday but thought he was Improving at the Text Acts 13:30.: I I our behalf. I and properly sponsored are Invited to
same publicity process. to Miss Meatrice Rork of Ft. Lauder- time when God called him home to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Crew malie application for .... of this property.
A good attendance would be pleas- Address Boy's Work. Inc.. or Chamber orCo..m.
dale. The ceremony took place in rest. His home was in Ashville, All are invited to come. ...... St. Augustine Florida.Colds .
ng. Bagdad-People of this part of
Uncle Sam Is Jacksonville and after
experiencing a serious Immediately Tenn., but was spending the summer
disappointment In the returns tho ceremony the happy couple left months in Florida. He had won many The Quinine Thai Does Not Affect The Head Santa with Rosa county are looking for- Cause drip and Influenza
from recent postal rates. Instead of for a trip to Richmond Va. and adjoining ward pleasure to driving over
friends his
during stay here and totalise of Its tool and laxative effect LAXATIVE the LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE Tablets remove
increased Income, In some instances cities. After the first of the UROMO QUININE (Tablet) can be tale $1,000,000 bridge spanning the
community. The remains the cause. There ls ooly one"Bromo Qulnba"G
t without
there IK actual reduction. It has almost August they will be at homo to their were shaped to Tennessee Sunday 111 by the anyone bead. E.W.CKOVt cauflfntt: S DprvouttDesaonioning lUluatuie on bo*. WoT Escambia river at an early date. W. GROVE'S 'slgn.*ii on bon :SOc.

stopped the private postal business friends at Doctor's Inlet.M. morning for burial. Mr. and : -- ----- -
and has greatly reduced parcel I and Mrs. A. II. Wilkinson are Mrs. Thos. Oldham accompanied his
y't post shipments. This is not the first announcing"" the arrival of a baby girl body there.
timo increase In price has resulted in born Tuesday ,

/decreased profts.-Holmes County A. A. Mvrscreau and Anthony Mer- : HAMPTON
Advertiser I sereaumade a business trip to Avon :i

-oA -- Park last weeek. I| Hampton, July 31.-Misses Paul
Union county man, who was Pat Heard and Paul Thorntonwere and Nora McGumery, of Jacksonville,

,r tried In county judpe's court this visitors to Jacksonville Satur- are the guests of their cousin, Miss "
week, produced a buttlo of "mcdii day. I I Estella Hobby.

;, cine" he was taking, and the evidence Visitors to Kingsley Lake from here Mrs. C. E. Harper entertains her ,
t: brought out showed it had the same Sunday Included: Mr. and Mrs. J. A. ', sister, Mrs. W. W. Evins and children r"

"kick" as moonshine, caused him to Heard, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wimberly and her brother, Mr. James Turner,
k forget that he was a married man, Misses Beth and Winifred Wlmberly, all of Leaksville Miss., this week.
,, that he left church on Sunday mornIng Miss Mildred Heard, Miss Ethel I Mrs. W. L. Bugg was shopping in WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT. BUICK WILL BUILD THEMIone

and with a woman companion Ricks, J. C. Holmes and Joe White. i i, Sturke last Monday. -
the Miss 1 Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Hall of Nichols
proceeded to "joy-ride" highway Mildred Heard, Joe White and ,
,. until he overturned the car In the Paul Thorton motored to Starke 1 are visiting Mr. Hall's father, H. 11.
ditch. This prescription will make Monday. I I Hall this week.

him a fortune, If he can extract the Carson Griffis, Doc Carter and !I Miss Emma Hicks, of Plant City

TNT from It. Rob Carter spent the day at Kings- Is visiting friends and relatives here ,

f, _o- ley Lake Sunday this week.S. .
The growth and progress of a city J. C. Holmes was a business visi- B. Wooderd and family, of South
'' is often checked by owners of prop- tor to Jacksonville Saturday. Florida are visiting here.

erty placing too high a value upon Miss Winifred Wimberly and Miss I Mrs. E. E. Morgan, who has been
their holdings. Outside capital is Ethel Ricks visited relatives at Waldo the guest of her brother Emery
i sometimes kept out of a community Sunday Priest, for several weeks returned to

by the refusal of owners to sell their I her home last Saturday.W. .
:' property at a price that will enable GRAHAM G. Seals, and son W. C. Jr., ot

"? the purchaser to make a quick profit Graham July 31.-Marvin Odgen Jacksonville, were visitors here las
on his investment. There have been left Sunday for Pompano where he Monday. D uco
instances of Florida cities being keptin has accepted employment. I Misses Mabel and Beluah Horn, of

the small town class by this very Mrs. James Reynolds and children Alachua county, attended the Bap-
thing and it is to be hoped that Perry Vloles John Rose and Cleo of Day- tism services here last Sunday.
n ; will not belong to that classification. tona spent the week-end here with I The attendance at the Baptist Sunday Glors
Let us welcome the investor friends and relatives. school last Sunday numbered one

from outside and give him the same Jesse Byrd and daughters Pearl hundred and fifty-three. The con- .

z chance that Is offered him in other and Gladys, and Dewey Murrhee, of ,I testing classes manifested much In-
of terest. The Red and Green numbered
; parts state.-Perry Herald. Tampa spent a few days here last !.
--o---: week with relatives. 07, and the Black and Gold 66.

Go out on any highway coming Into Miss Ruby Dyal spent list week in I I Rev. Hicks pastor of the First Baptist -

Jacksonville and most of the cars you High Springs with her brother W. A, Church here, preached last Sun-
pass will be loaded with tourists Dyal. day morning and evening. The attendance -

coming to Florida In the middle of Miss Mattie Odgen returned home\I and interest was unusually
the summer. At the railroad station after good. At the regular evening serviceNo
spending several weeks
the trains also unload visitors by thel1unlrcds. I Pompano.. 1 AND .
Worm la a Healthy Child
Newspapers the
North are givtnb Florida columns over of Mrs. I. W. Dyal spent part of last All children troubled with Worm. ban an nj> other
week at Ziff with her parents Mr.I healthy color, which Indicates poor blood,and ass many igz6 improvements .
publicity and a greater part of it Is and Mrs. J. W. Lewis. > rule, there Is more or leas stomach disturbance!.
very desirable. Never before In the GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC elwnegW.rly
history of the Mrs. Rosa Jones and daughter Hazel for two or three weeks will enrich the blood 1 Improve
state has there
of Nichols are the guest of her ;the dUestloo.and act al a General Strenjub- .
B'ich a movement of tourists during eainaToolstothewhuhe.y.tem. Nature will then .,
the months of June and July and it parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Byrd. I throw off or dispel the worms,and tfaeCliild will be) Q4juaust
a begins to look a" though August and Miss Margie Bower, of High la perfect bealtn. Pleasant to uke. SOc per bottl.

? September would see an increase In I 0.
the numbers coming to this state. --

;. Stop a car and question the occupant .
I:. ,yid likely they will say theyI GET YOUR MONEY PROMPTLYINMAN .;

I,I are coming to Florida at this time in
'. order to be on the ground In time to & RITCH ,

!I." prepare for the winter. Many will REPRESENT THE nEST LEADING The Better BUICK

: Bay they are coming to buy land and INSURANCE COMPANIES FIRE
'4:'r. make permanent homes In the state. I ACCIDENT LIFE, AUTOMOBILE

f.1t' The tourist movement at this time is BONDS LIABILITYADJUSTMENTS '
,_J nearly as large as it was last November ,
,'J,:, and December. MADE PROMPTLY .Ist -.*'

j"o.. -
f".':. FIVE MILE .
Five Mile, July 30.-Our school is 1 'w ,"
progressing nicely under the efficient !

new.R.management.. E. Parrish of and Miss family Catherine attendedthe Ra- I J. R. DAVIS I & CO.. .

annual meeting at Rock church I .
Saturday and Sunday. INSURANCEAGENCY -
Dewey Duke of Olustee visited his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. L Duke Sun-

', day. ESTABLISHED 1886
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mott, spent the
y week-end in Miller. LAKE CITYiBUICK; COMPANY

Mrs. P. P. Dekle was a business
J. M. Smith, MBM...
visitor to Lake Butler Wednesday.
t': Joe Dix and son of the Bluff Creek '" Baker, Bradford, Columbia and Union Counties

', section, were visitors here Monday .
Murray Thomas of Miller, was here When better automobiles are built. Buick will build them



l ,
"" c..., ...u. ,. ..,........... ....,..,\ :'': It '''' d --, -
; It ____ _

Bradford County telegraph
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-"- ''''''-;:' -:' -;;' 4J.; 1ij.'' '7-: ::; fT'''' f ;';;';:;' ':: : :-\:: ;; "' f;: : "f'fI"1"\ ; ;: 9If -'

\ '

iBrnbfnrb "Ctnun4J! rrlr-grapl1 ,

_. .. .
.. '- -- -- .
==- =-= '- = -= == -- -
Established 1879. Subscription er Year, $1.50; Six Months, 75c.-Payable in Advance. E. S. lUtthe: ,,;, Owner.

'. .. .. '. -:..
.' --- -- -
-=- ="-' = --

--- .:
1, ..


W. Oldham One of Jackeonrillea .- Florida Instructors Now Must Crop her Florida .
Oldest CitizensRichard Stand Rigid Examination I PASSES OUT WHILE ASLEEP Run Oi Old Line To Waldo Then : ;
---- I 'IhrouKii, City and South-K\ttn-:: Frequent aho\\'ver all divisions,
W. Oldham, 68, 1305 West The Department of Public In- I I IJOlliS'fOWl't sioii To Run (In tver'fo Cedar least in the southern, with heavy
Church street a well-known resident struction Is sending out instructionsto Dayton, Tenn., July 20.-William GEORGE W. COFFIN OF Key. 'Said. rains in some, especially over certain
of Jacksonville for more than all county superintendents of public I Jennings Bryan three times presidential : SECREARY OF I west-central counties featured tho
I I GKOYELAND;! C. OF C. Gainesville July 2tl..TlieSea! week ending Thursday In Florida, A.
forty years died this morning at the instruction calling their attention I nominee of the Democratic ____ I
home of n son, Thomas E. Oldham, to the law adopted by the 1923 legis- party and known the world over for Formerly Secretary of Union County ,I board Air Line to Tampa through J. Mitchell\ motorolotdst, U S. ;y.
at Graham, Fla. I lature requiring school teachers in his eloquence died here this after- Chamber of Commerce.At Gainesville beginning November 1 I. it Weather Bureau Florida division, do-
Mrs. Oldham is en rute to Brevard Florida to stand an examination onI I noon. I I wits, learned yesterday from authentic Vlarod In his weekly weather and

N. C., and efforts are being made to I the Constitution! of the United States' Thu end came while the great com- u meeting of the directors of sources. Rumors of the line have I crop review.
get in touch with her, according to -not only must teachers pass such moner was asleep and was attributed the Groveland Chamber of Commerce '' been curent for some time but final ) While mid-day! temperatures were }
Judge J. J. Beckham, a friend of the satisfactory examinations but they by physicians to apoplexy. He held last Saturday evening in I'announcement has been withheld until \uncomfortably high during several
family. can call for the "teaching of the had retired to his room shortly after' the town council chamber Mr. Geo. I all arrangements were completed. I days especially in the north and west,
Mr. Oldham was born in Knoxville, I Constitution of the United States including I eating a large dinner to take short W. Coffin Secretary of the Union I l I The road passing through this city ,! tho maximum reported was O!.

Tenn., on Sept. 26, 1807. Coming to the study of and devotion to rest. Mrs. Bryan sent the family t county Chamber of Commerce was I I will branch off from the present. Other ilu-momcter readings as ra- :
Jacksonville in his youth he operated American Institutions and idealism chauffeur, Jim McCartney to wake elected to take office here August main line at Waldo and will run thru ported were: lit Apalachicola Ul high,
a large livery business for years. He I all the public high schools universities him about ::::10 and it was learned 1st, at a ,salary of two hundred fifty I: Archer Inverness and Urooksvtllu. 72 low; Jacksonville !III 1 mid 73; Key14'eRt
later wus. in charge of the city stables. and colleges of this state." then that he was dead. I dollars per month Mr. Coffin was i Only 22 miles of the track remains I DO and7il; Miami DO And 73;
Besides. the widow and son already "Notice should be given prospec- Dr. W. F. Thomason and Dr. C. A. born an I laised at Eustis. later going I I to he laid on the stretch between Inverness Tampa 89 alw70; and Punsncola 88

mentioned he is survived by a brother I tive applicants in your county for Broyles, who examined the body, expressed ': to Bradford county, now Union with and Brooksvifle. The re- and ( i>. '
George Oldham of Knoxville; u Bis teacher's certificates of any kind the opinion Mr. Bryan had : his father who owns extensive interests maindur of the route is owned by tho Total weekly precipitation ranged
ter Mr.,. T. J. Yoemnns of Tampa ; whatever" writes !Mr. Cawthon to been dead between thirty and there. Mr. Coffin is a live wire ', Seaboard and much of it is being re- from one to nine Inches, tho latter oocuring ;t

two other song) Leslie and R. D. Old- county superintendents, "that they live minutes before they fortY-I and well known In (West Florida.Mr. I tracked with heavy rail and passing. over n limited portion of the '

ham, of Jacksonville and two daughters will be required to stand an examination I'I Funeral Plan not Made Coffin is a young man about tracks west-central peninsula. and chiefly In '
Mrs. T. V. Altree and Miss on August 20-22 1I25.!> on the Funeral arrangements 'hud not thirty years of age, of splendid Christian I Double Route Ilillsboro, Plnollus Tosco and ad. fiI 't'
Katherine Oldham of Jacksonville.The constitution of the United States and I I but Mrs. I II character, -and a hard worker. Tho.now route will furnish the jucrnt counties. The amount of ratnI -
been completed Jute tonight, Seaboard'; with a double road to Tumpu I fall was light In most southern conn
and Leslie Oldham in ..
daughters are to give you writing satisfactory would be He has not only hud the experience as
with the mother in North Carolina. evidence of their loyalty there to." 'I Bryan indicated interment Mr. : Secretary of the Union County Civic 'I, to Waldo. The single main line I I ties: whilo several Into-stations reported 1
in Arlington cemetery. Bryan line track from Jacksonville to Wal I no rain during woek.
Funeral arrangements will be an- "Applications for Graduate State I body, but also in an administrative
nounced by the W. C. Cooper Jr., undertaking Certificates" Mr. Cawthon writes who was a colonel of the Third capacity in handling his father's extensive I do will remain as it is for the presentthe I At Pinallus Park I Pinullns county,
braska Volunteers during the No-I main line from 10,2:./ inches of rain was reported and
whom is II I present runs
firm to the body "meeting- other requirements cannot real estate business In that
being .sent from Graham today.- actually receive their certificates : ish-American war, on several county. Waldo through Ocala Wildwood and lilt Tampa, 0.0 Inches-the highs for t,
J I ions had expressed desire to be
lion on the Constitution of the United i a The office of the local chamber of I Plant City. the state. Other records: St. Leo,
!Mr. Oldham's death was caused States at a county seat in Florida at burled in Arlington. I I Commerce will be located temporarilyin I i The plans for the road will include Pasco. county 5.2; Hat tow, 2; Apalu
from acute indigestion, and came as I I until they have passed an examina- I Mr. Bryan's death came on the eve the town council room.-Groveland a single track from Jacksonville to chicola 5.H; Punsaciiln, :2.4; Tltul-
a .shock to his son and family, whom tion." of another crusade he had planned to Waldn, ns at the present. At Wald yule 4.1 I; anord.1.1 ; Lake A If or J,
he had been visiting for a few days. I I I carry before the American people a I Griiphic.MRS. one track will branch to the south! Polk county fi.O; Rustle. 3.3; Key I
Mr. Oldham was in Starke Friday apparently DEATH OF. MRS. :MALPHURSMrs. battle against modernism. He returned CIIKIST1.NE JONES and another will continue .straight West .-I., and Jacksonville,, .01. No rain
in the best of health. to Dayton this morning after hauling through: Gainesville to Archer <>n part full at Miami according to the report" 111I
The body was shipped to Jacksonv- Sallie !Malphurs, one of the made address yesterday at Jasper Mrs\ Christine Jones, wife of Mr.\ of the present route to Cedar Key.It Swt-ct Polutov. iniMl.;
ville Sunday morning Funeral Direc- oldest persons in Starke died Monday and Winchester, and after having J., T; Jones passed peacefully away will branch to the south at Archer Sweet potatoes niudo good growth
tor DeWitt C. Jones in charge. PallBearers morning, July 27th at eight o'clock. completed, arrangements for the !Monday afternoon at two o'clock. at and two Imes will run almost parallel in the northern division. and other
Death came as a happy release as early publication of the speech he was her home on N. Cherry street Her '
were: J. W. Anderws, Sr., J. I down (lie state. Tho eastern track were favorably affected by rain. ,
M. Mitchell J. E. Corpenlng. N. D. !Mrs. Malphurs was seventy-nine yearsof to have made in closing the trial of famly did everythng possible to relievo will turn to the west. at Plant City into Crops. are mostly !good Citrus grove
Wainwright G. W. Alderman, P. E.. age and had been an invalid for the John T. Scopes, who recently was her .sufferngs, but death came Tampa. The traffic will probably were favorably affected by rain. The
Canova Jr. past six years. I found guilty of violating Tennessee's after several months of illness. IIP equally divided< between the two' weather was too wet and, cloudy much,
The funeral service was held Tues- I anti-evolution law. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon I routes, about half of the total business of the time for' cotton. 3+
The funeral of Richard Wilson day morning at ten o'clock from the I Despite the strenuous program Mr. at four o'clock from the family to and l from Tampa passing Damaging ruins occurred, In the
Oldham who died at Graham Saturday family residence, Rev. L. W. Kick- I Bryan had been following as a mem- residence, the services. being con. through this city.It west-central portion of the peninsula, a
morning took place yesterday af- liter, of the Baptist. church conducting ber of the prosecution staff in the doted by Rev. L. W. Kickliter, of I was also announced that many low lands being too wet to set straw
ternoon at 4 o'clock from the Church, the last sad rites. I Scopes case and as leader of the the Baptist church. The interment of the fast trains. which the Seaboard burry plants and, make need I beds
of the Immaculate Conception the Mrs. Malphurs was born in North I fundamentalists he appeared in excellent was made at Prevail cemetery, with will run during the winter .months Cotton was unfavorably affectedby ,
Rev. James J. !Meehan, the pastor, Carolina in 1846 her maiden namebeing health. D. C. Jones as undertaker in charge. will PUSH. through Gainesville. going cloudy and showery weather In,
conducting the services. The pallbearers Miss Sallie Fowler. She was The active pallbearers were: A. M. both ways. Through freight will also tho western division the weevil being
were B. S. Catlett, P. A. Dig- married to William Malphurs and I Dayton: ; Tenn.: :July 27...Wutched Darby J. F. Kickliter Sr.. J. r. be routed through this city. Just moro active. Sutsumus made good
nan. Judge M. B. Craig Frank Jones, thirty years ago moved to Starke, by his Dayton friends, the mortal Quigley ,F. A. Scott, N. D. Wainwright which of those trains will be put growth since the rain.
T. J. Golden and Dr. W. R. Grutzman.The where she and her husband were noted I form of William Jennings Bryan, II. B. Wiggins,; honorary through the Gainesville route could Citrus trees pineapple plants. and t
interment was .in St. Joseph's for their many kind deeds to all whose. .spirit fled as! he slept late yesterday pallbearers: L. C. Powell J. W. An- not be learned, yesterday.Lay avocado pears Improved in the southern -
cemetery. The arrangements were around them. Judge Malphurs was I, lay in the front room of a drews, Sr., J. W. Morgan and G. W. Heavier Rails. I division, although .showers would!
in charge of Moulton and K'le.- county judge of Bradford County fora simple Southern home tonight while Alderman. *> Heavy rails are being laid, from be beneficial on some uplands. Low i Y
Times-Union, July 28. number of years and also a Bap- the invalid widow worked out plans Mrs. Jones was born in Bradford Waldo to Inverness and on other "lands in the can district are still too i

JOEL W. MALPHURS tist minister who did much good in for bearing the body of the former county, }Florida sixty-pine years, ago parts of the route. !Mile sidings are wet. Planting activities have suspended ;
the rural districts.. Mrs. Malphurs Secretary of State to Washington for und, has always lived In this county. being constructed at the present andit ; It Is now "between nensons."
Gainesville July 28.Joel W. Mal was a member of the Baptist church ultimate burial in the resting place Before her marriage to Mr. J. T. Jones Is said that these will bo built
phurs, 74 years of age and lifelong and was always a congenial helpmateIn t of nation's military heroes, Arlington the wan Miss Christine Truelove. She every five or six miles. These can MRS. E. A. IIAINEY: i

resident of this county died at the her husband's work. A strange cemetery.\: was a member of the Baptist church,' easily bo used as part of a double On the 21st of July, (ii"d in Ills Infinite
home of his son Marlon Malphurs in coincidence took place in this family Humble followers of the Great Com- a faithful wife and mother of ten track .system should one be Installed. love and wisdom fit \III-
North as just two hours before Mrs. Malphurs' I' moner from the tree-clad Cumberland children five of whom survive her, The which saw to
Gainesville yesterday mornngat came new route will rl'cl.lv"l. it the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L.Rulney ,
7'30! o'clock following an illness of death her old brother-in-law, slopes late today to gaze for namely: J. C. Jones, Fred Jones, of approximately half of the burden of of Miami, and took from their
Joel Malphurs, died in Ganesville. I the last tme the faceof him who *Starko; O. J. Jones, of Dade City; W.
six months. Funeral services and Interment upon tralllc in two miles shorter than tho midst, his mother Mrs. E. A. Rulnoy
will be made at the Antloch Mrs. Malphurs was buried In Crosby was their champion of Christian faith C. Jones, of Jacksonville and Mrs. J. I ono now used. This will make the who hud been confined to her bed for,
Baptist church between here and La- Cemetery the following men act- I and to pay the last tribute of honor B. Prevail of Hampton. Besides her schedule between Tampa and Jacksonville nearly three weeks.
Crossee at 11 o'clock this morning. ing as pallbearers: N. D. Wanwrlght, and high esteem. husband and children, she loaves to about the same each route, She born
I i was in Georgia In 1813:
G. W. Alderman L. C. Powell, J. F. Tomorrow mourn her departure her two sisters. 1
Thomas Undertaking Company hal I afternoon under a and in addition will serve a much and in her early childhood moved to
charge of the body and will take it Kickliter J. ,V. Andrews Sr., and N. spreading maple on the lawn of the Mrs. Josephine. Edwards, of Starke larger territory. 'I' Florida with her Mr. IIn.1MI'II.

to Antloch for the funeral. Rev. Nor- IT. Ritch.* D. C. Jones undertaker in I Richard Rogers residence, where the and Mrs. Julia Knight of Jackson- There are between 25 and 30 ears : Jim Ilalliwuy,parents where she spent

ris of LaCrosse' will officiate.Mr. former Democratic chieftian spenthis j I ville. of new rails In the Gainesville yarns, her life time In Bradford and, Ala-
Malphurs was a very prominent I last days and breathed his last Relatives and friends. sent many and 500 curs on hand for the Brooks- chum counties until about three
farmer and mill operator of this LAKE BUTLER CHAMBER: OF breath, a more formal ceremony will )I beautiful! flowers, which were used ville-InvcrnesM stretch. The rail ago when .shim went to Mm nil to years make
county. During the last 20 years of COMMERCE BEGINS CAMPAIGNLake I occur when the public is invited tot I I to cover the newly made grave. through Gainesville will be entirelynew her homo with her son. At the time

his life he resided in Gainesville. Ha Butler, July 28.-An view the remains of the dead leaderas I LAKE BUTLER PHYSICIAN: ONBOARD and, heavy and, capable of carry- of her death she bull reached thu age
leaves his four enlarg-j he lies in state within a metal ing the heaviest of traffic.
to mourn loss sons, ed budget is being prepared cas- OF EXAMINERS: of H2 years 5 months and 0 days 'm ;
Maron and James of Gainesville Jake Union County Chamber of Commerce ket of bronze. I May Build New Station She was united with the Missionary
of Tampa and Jasper Blackwater the for which is being subscribed I I Tallahassee July 23.- Governor It Is hoped that the Seaboard will Baptist church in her early day
,Mo., and one daughter, Mrs. Minnie money by the business i Washington, July .-Near the 'John W. Martin today reappointed build a new station In Gainesville be- and was a faithful member. She wait
Holder of Gainesville. One brother, The campaign for membership men. and crest of a swelling slope, where sleep''' all members of the Florida State Ca- fore the main line opens. It is felt In married. to Mr. Jack Raincy and to
Isom Malphurs of Jacksonville, nad subscriptions was launched at Rai a great company of the dead of many i I I i nal Commission to succeed themselves. ths community that the present this union was born two boys and
one sister, Mrs. Sarah Holbrook of ford and Lake Butler Monday and wars, the American Government today They are as follows: John G.Auge, building/ which is used on the branch three girls of which only one survived
Santa '}'e, also survive him. continued today extending to other marked out in Arlington cemeterya Apalachicola; Mrs. F. R. S. Phillips, line from Waldo to Cedar Key and her. She leaves to mourn her

COTTON PICKING TIME parts of the county with special meetings final resting place for William Jen- Tallahassee; and E. W. Bailey Fer- Inverness is entirely inadequate both death besides l a number of relatives,
nings Bryan. I nandina.i from the standpoint of the businessthe
in Providence section and one son, R. L. Ruiney, of Miami and
The cotton fields of Bradford ace Worthington Springs.The His burial there late Friday afternoon 1 I| Other appointment announced by Seabard will necessarily handle a number of grandchildren
beginning to whiten with the first principal speaker at all of with simple ceremony, will\ fulfill -I J the governor Include the following: and from the point of civic pride In Her remains was forwarded t<>
his own oft-repeated wish. In lifea Dr. John W. Mann Lake and Gainesville.The !
opening bolls. In the Brooker section meetings was Henry R. McKeen as- Butler Worthington Springs and I laid to rest
the estimated yield to the acre sistant general secretary of the Flor- crusader for peace, he chose n Dr. E. G. Peek Ocala, member of new line will furnish Gainesville in In New Hope Cemetery Friday af.
is reported to be from a half to three- ida Development Board. I dcathto lie where the tombs of military the State Board of Medical Examiners with main communication with ternoon. Rev J. L. Norris of La*
I men look down upon the capital I to succeed themselves S. M. Bryant Tampa for the first time. Tho additional
quarters of a bale while some of the Figures are not available but it Is ; crossee Florida, officiated.CON !.
in the Starke-Lawtey section amid the beauties of the Virginia hills I Wewahitchka, member of Board of main line communicationswith I
growers that the funds of the
reported organization -
expect a still larger yield. Damage for the work of the next but yet near by the towering memorials I Public Instruction District. I. Gulf Jatksonvlllo will make this city : FEDKR) A'l: K MEMO1tiALCOINS ;; .

from boll weevls will be comparatively few months have been doubled.I I reared to Washington and Lin- county A. H. Cox, Sarasota county; I I much qucker and easier to reach from I rr ,
coln. I l R. M. Middleton Justice of the the Gate C'lty.
peace -stke;;
light on the early planted crop. The Bank tins received.,
However, it is bclived that very little HATHWAY SUCCEEDS PHILLIPS The right he thus asserted to a District 0, Levy county; J. Y. Bridges, I This nwve on the parr of the Seaboard I another .shipment of Confederate Memorial \ .i
cotton will be secured frem acreage I AS CHAIRMAN STATE place in the nation's citadel of military justice of the peace District 4, Polk should do much toward the Coins.
ROAD DEPARTMENT dead was his. by virtue of those county. growth of this city during the comIng will pleased to supply -
planted these coins to those. that did
i months. when not
of 'US when i the tourist
stirring days he wore the i season
has of
D. who charge
Bowers Fons Hathaway has formally assumed uniform as a colonel of volunteers.His ;METHOOI.SrI : I will be heavier than ever. get one from the first shipment. The v
the Starke stated
Hickeyfarm east of \
first shipment of these coins
his duties chairman of was
new as grave will be in that communityof Communications with St. Petersburg -
of week that indications I eleven
the o'clock
first last
Sunday morning sold In a few days and the bank
the state road commission at a death where through this line prom
special main
; sleep comrades new service -
are no\v that he will exceed a bile many Mr*. A. Wood conducted devo- ised the large number that doslred
re-organization meeting of the of the will be by of Tampa and
Spanish-American War not way ,
to the While his is tional services and made excellent
acre. acreage an coins but
board summoned by Governor Mar- far from the Dewey Mausoleum and around the shores of Tampa Bay I were too late thIn they y
small the stalks are large and heav- < talk, and in the morning Rev. A. would be supplied. The second
ily fruited. Mr. Bowers also has one Hathaway was forced to start his died monument the Maine.that honors those who Wood preached a spiritual sermon DUIiOSK JKOWM TALL COltSToday' shipment has now arrived and would r
of the finest corn crops of the countyon administration in quick time after the on that was appreciated by his hearer. suggest that those who have not pur. j ,
this place made without the application abrupt dismissal by Governor Martinof SPECIAL SESSION OFLEGISLATL'IIE Although/ the pastor Is away on Times-Union carries a I chased these coins to do so promptly '
of a single pound of ferti Judge Henry B. Phillips his predecessor CALLED | his vacation It i II planned to have the largo and attractive picture of a, I if they desire.. We cannot promise i'
lizer. regular services at the church. Next portion of the ten-acre field ol
corn to
because the latter refused BY GOVERNOR MARTINA I I get any more as the three million
1 Sunday morning there will be Sunday J. I. Dubose near Worthington,
to tender his resignation when re- coins allotted to the Southern Stats
MRS. ELLA MAY WElL quested.A special session of the legislaturewill school at 10:00: o'clock followedby Springs.' He Is shown standing among', I I are rapidly decreasing. *

DIED FRIDAY temporary lull In.the bitter strife be called by Governor Martin to preaching service at 11:00: o'clock.In the corn, which rises. far above hit''I I I These coin come in half dollar I
Gainesville, July 25.-Mrs. Ella late in October to act the the o'clock head,
that has marked the affairs of the department convene on evening at eight Rev. I| pieces and sell for one dollar each, v
May Well of Newberry died at a for the last week was promised bill to create the Monroe county water W. E. Daughtery has kindly consented Mr. DuBose Is a Confederate veteran -, the premium going to the completion {
local sanitarium yesterday morning when Judge Philip announcedthat supply district. to preach. and devotes much of his ti..4In | of the monument now being carved on
about 7 o'clock. The body was ship he would co-operate with his Announcement to this effect was Sunday afternoon, at three o'clock growing corn. The Times-Union I Stone Mountain, Georgia, which com-
ped to Raiford for interment it\ the in was possible. made by the governor after he had there will be service at Emmanuel :1 says the crop In this field average I I memorates. the valor of the soldiers
family cemetery there. successor every heard a verbal petition from a delegation church. Rev. A. Wood, S. S. Dow- I i 10 to 15 feet high and DuBose ex.. ,of the South. These coins were mint.
Her father and mother Mr. and LONG EAR OF CORNW. of Key West citizens headedby ling and O. W. White committee In nect* to harvest 45 bushels to th e l ed by the United States Government
Mrs. W. E. Thornton, of Raiford and Senator William II. Malone. Definite charge. acre. It was our pleasure to meet t; for this purpose and will lie looked ono
her husband Joe Well, of Newberry R. Whitehead brought to this date for the convening of the Monday afternoon August 3d, at I this gentleman at Worthington tw In latter yean. with inestimable value\
were with her at the time of her office a ear of corn that measures 14 session will be determined later it was 4:30: o'clock, there will be a business I I weeks age at the Chamber of Com ?
death. Inches in length and fully developed announced. meeting of the Woman' Missionary, fierce picnic and he informed us h., NOTICE f
Mr. Weil was only) 19 years of showing what Florida toll ean produce Society, at the church. was with Gen. Bragg In Tennessee
age, and was well known and loved lathe when mixed with the right kind the best we've had this season. Mr.\ and had a strenuous time.-Johns," | Teacher examniatlon will ba held
community of Newberry. of gray matter. He also presentedthe Whitehead has one of the best farm: 1\11'1. J P. Tomlinson, of Lake town News. i at school building In Starke, begin
All funeral arrangements were editor with two rich red-meated in Union county and i Is one of those Wale, Mr. and Mr. Cox of Worth I nlng. August 20 th, also for scholar
taken care of by the Thomas UnderItaking melon, and It Is unnecessary to who: "lives at home and board at the ington Springs, wera here Monday Carl Courtney has returned from a L ship examnUtlona.

Company -"*5HB1 state they were greatly enjoyed and same place."-Johnstown New with friends. trip to Hollywood. --=. II. B. Wiggins, Supt. )




., ......._. ,.
.. fcfe
. ."", -''. .; :.\.1.I""Z.! ( L' -.-.--- T--"....- -. ....' .,.,;.; b":} .9L.L"-i! ; -, .-=-. __ _____, 4.- L... --



l I !I .


.- .- -.---., ----- -- --

< As pn.r .ii


Society and Living Conditions

t' .
goats, chickens
Good cows, pigs
The early settlers of Bradford coun be had near at hand. A sale
s. f ty were respectable people, who came stable in Starke deals in draft animals -
here to establish permanent homes -
a anti to better themselves, There wo .
little laws those days, but many un- N BUYING AND SELLING

", written ones, enacted and agreed on to this section
People moving
by the settlers themselves-and they should not make the mistake of lugging -
lived to. Quarrels: were In-
were up
lot of surplus
with them a
The :
nnd feuds
frequent the clothing, furniture, stoves, tools and
based on
unwritten laws wore
in the belief that they
goldon text of the mount, which Better sell
be found here
could not be Improved
meant that they
before leave ,
such things you
The children of the
upon. need. We do
and buy here what you
f to'obey them, and
were brought up here.
not put on much style
glad that they had
later settlers were for
1 Y This is a shirt-sleeve country
come among good, people, and ,
x ten months of the year and coats are
-4 of the first
fully adopted the tenets
seldom worn except at church. Dur-
comers. The people here have always
the cool season sweaters are
been remarkable! law-abiding. Even ing
in heavily
used. No one goes
when the cattle Industry was at Its
furniture small portion of
? as only a
height and there were many temptations -
indoors and thereis
the time is spent ,
for men to
and opportunities
furniture stores in
one or more
enrich themselves 'by appropriating town. Unless the family is a
rattle owned by others, such casts every
oil stove is sufficient
the large one, an
very seldom appeared for cooking. All kinds of tools can bo

courts. bought here, also farming Imple-
Later addition to our populationhave ments, and at, probably, less cost
been of people of good character. than in the North. Unusual articlesnot

1 Our trucking Industry has not yet kept in stock, will be ordered by
extensive to necessitate -
e become sufficiently the accommodating merchants.As .
S the employment of the nomad
to eatables, every grocery
j of low character, who flit about gathering '0 store is well supplied with guaran-
' the crops In the !great trucking teed goods, at living prices. Of dry

,, NI k and fruit growing districts. goods, shoes, clothing, hats, millinery -
I Methodist Baptist, Episcopalian, the stocks are very large and
''' Presbyterian, Christian and Advent well assorted, and no fancy pricesare

'J' churches arc within easy reach. asked. The same also applies to
Bradford was one of the first counties drugs and drug sundries.

of tho state to receive free rural As to selling, any article can be
t mail delivery. This encouraged/ subscription sold by inserting an advertisement in
to newspapers and, magazines the sta -ke Telegraph. Chickens and
which has clone much to educate eggs always find a ready local mar-
the people, and those who were not ket. Vegetables can also be sold to
able to read, could now better than buyers at the depot platforms, or
,, before nee the benefit of schooling, shipped to commission merchants in
and became eager to have their chile the cities. though most producers

dren put In schools. Not many years prefer to sell to the buyers.

ago there were nearly forty schools t-, Every business man, professional
In the county, and owing to the difficulty 1 man or mechanic here is Interested

of procuring good teachers, few v in farming, and therefore sympathizes -
were of a high grade. Often teachers with "the man behind the hoe.
quit and school had to stop. Many Scenes At Hampton, Florida
pupils had to walk a long way to IMMUNITY FROM PESTS

I school, and must stay home when the This section has, so far, been re-
weather was inclement. By judicious markably free from the pests that
maneuvering! by superintendent and injure crops and trees elsewhere
U school board, the number of schools
Men with spraying outfits have established -

has solidations.been reduced This enables to twenty the, by board con to showered upon the new comer. stumps need not all be removed at ings are not necessary. After the themselves here from timeto

{ and enough of once-only the smaller ones, to be frame, cheating and floor are in place, time, but were compelled to move
+ hire good teachers distance LIVING CONDITIONS; used in burning out the larger ones. pulp board will do for partitions and elsewhere from lack of patronage,

, J ride them.to Children school In living busses! at and a no timeis Those who have the stamina to There are men who will contract for ceiling and roofing felt for the roof. for there was no need for spraying.

lost on account of bad weather. adapt themselves to new conditions, grubbing up stumps and roots, breakup One of our contracting carpenterscan Flies and mosquitos are here, as
I .. Every family In the county rends and who have a little >money to secure the land, fence and ditch it. By plan and build a good enough everywhere else, dependent on en-
t i the Starke Tl'le/traph-whether actu- a homestead and to live on until liming! the land and pulverizing the house In ten days.Prospective vironment for propagation. If stables

nllv subscribed for or borrowed-and something Is realized from the land, thick turf with disc harrows, after settlers should bear in and pens are at some distance from

.profit thereby. Hosldes general! news, can get a quicker start here than elso- breaking up. the "sourness" is removed mind, that this. section has never the dwellings there will not be many
; the Telegraph: always has plenty of where. The "unrest" that is nation from the soil at once and, by the been sufficiently visited by touriststo flies, and if the doors and windowsare
there will be
valuable information for farmers!, wide, has also made its influence aid of some fertilizer, it !i ready to develop any "skinners." Nobody kept screened,
i a which has done much to teach them felt here and, therefore, farms of produce crops. But farming here is tries to take advantage of any none in the rooms and kitchens.
the fundamentals, of their vocation different sizes are for sale by owners, pursued differently from what it Is stranger's inexperience by charging no stagnant water or close allowednear growthof
r' and to introduce modern practices. who wish to go elsewhere or to enter at tho new comer's former home, so extortionate prices or fooling him Into shrubbery and vines are
there will be few
What the Telegraph has preached, other occupations. The buyer of such he will do well to ask tho advice of spending money unnecessarily the dwellings, and
oil Snakes
the county agents have demonstrated.Tho a farm is able to grow crops at once older settlers about what to plant and for the sake of securing a job or a no mofiquitoa.
I exist picture
II I result haM been that the farmer and the dwelling and other convenIences how to plant it. gators mostly in
and the farm in
post at gator
I can think and judge, and plan for are ready for him. An established An open well may be had by digging sale.The new comer's women folks will Jacksonville. A man whose business
V himself, instead of to slavishly follow farm is the cheapest in the from twelve to fifteen feet, and want rose bushes. Any flowering
it has been for the last 35: years to
tb practices that were all right In long run. the water is soft, cool and pure. Ora shrub, several ornamental and fruit cruise through the woods, swamps
IlranMnthcr'K day, but are Incompat- But the new comer may prefer to driven well may be had at a somewhat trees, and any vine can be propagated and Jungles of Bradford county, says
Ibln wllh'mndarn Ideas, and he has "start from the stump." The raw greater cost. On low-lying land, from cuttings' which the neigh- that he has yet to meet up with his
left tho old ruts. land is cheap and he can, In every and when but little water is consumed bors will be glad to give away. A first rattler.

Home demonstrators have taught case, pick a location that suits him. a driven well Is preferable few fruit trees may be bought from There are no groundhogs, molesor

t, our women bow to properly cook Clearing the land is easy, as the In this mild climate, immune from the neighbors, but if many are desir- other burrowing animals to injure

food, as well as food hyelene, anti second! growth trees are small. The disastrous storms, substantial dwell- ed, nurseries are not far away.Woman' crops in this county.SECUIUTY .
how to preserve meats, fruits and
vegetables. As a consequence the OF LAND TITLES

farmers' tables are well supplied As a rule, land In Bradford county
with n variety of eatables, and health
r hd changed hands but a few times
and strength are evident In young secured
since the original owners
N and old. s # nt their titles from the United States

CHARCTEU OK TIIB PFOI'LE government or the railway companies. -

''I Political bosses developed during No Spanish grants with nebulous

I tho clays of "reconstruction," a time F, boundaries exist within the county.
when the hard tried Southerner was ,o s The abstract office in Starke keepsits
particularly susceptible to advice and Citw books up to date.
I truidance. But for the last thirty years The old-time Floridians had more
there have been no political or other land than they needed and called it,
t: hawses here, and none are wanted. In See rather contemptuously, "dirt." Sur-

.fir fm't, there is, not a single politicianIn veyors being seldom accessible, land,
the county. Tho Bradford man when sold, was measured off in anything -

lovix independence, ; he can think for Kph t but the right way, and the
himself; ho strictly minds his own kti ignorant justices of the peace, who
business and he concede, to every drew up the deeds, often made "con-
other man the right to do as he a4 t fusion worse confounded." Thus today -
> t
pleases, as lung as he behaves himself new settlers are often exposedto
",' He Is lawlIbhlinnn.1 the casts expense, trouble and annoyance
before the circuit court are so few when they find that they are on

till two or three days are enough/ to( someone else's land.
finish them. He Is honest and reliable ; J This state of affairs does not existin
nail he values these traits so much. Bradford county. One or more surveyors -
till a candidate for office must, like have always been ready to
fnesar's wife, bo above reproach. measure off land and furnish proper I
3 Misfeasance and graft in office have descriptions, and, in their honor be
r, ", never been heard of here. it said, the sellers of land whether I I I
One of the Bradford man's outstanding owners or agents, have always seen
characteristics is his kindness to It that a "good and sufficient" ,
to strangers The Inter are mach deed has been given. lie who buys :
i, to feel lit home from their arrival. land in Bradford county gets what I
4 Their political I and religious belief his deed calls for, and if the corners .
are never Inquired Into. If advice Is have not already been established, !
n.ked for, It Is conscientiously given, club House Starke the seller will see to it that they are I

and courtesies Of many kinds are< put down before the deud is delivered. I!, J

This Is One of a Series Of Advertisements To Appear Each Week For Ten Weeks and Paid For By The Following Public Spirited Citizens of Bradford County: ;


C. L, PEEK & SON. Real Estate J. W. WHITE & SONCORPENING'S DeWITT C. JONES, Hardware E. H. SMITH J. H. and J. T. MOORE 1# I





.'i"' -. .....
. : :._: I. ... .l e :._ ___ :- -- :" -- _. A. .. _
: : ,. .. > ._ ._ _. .
., cJl .,
: _._. _,, == ........
___ ----=-_ _

"" .- :"'"" '\"" "" "" '\" .. .""':'" >':"T- ..,.. '""" ...:. ,,". -- Y' "' ..: .





i, thti Tut Collector of Bradford County Florl.la f NOTICE OF APPMCATTON FOR T\ DEEU
Hall's Catarrh Medicine : Said I rertlflcatea being; dated July 1, IBIS.nnil UNDER: VFCTIUV: ITS OK TUB w.
I have filed said certiorate. In my eTlo( fahMuRAL" 8TATITTL3
New. of Florida in Short Paragraph. Thot. '.' ho lire 'In a "run-dun-i" .,,..It- tutil. have m.d. application for tax deed l to .ta ;
tlon "II ilco, that Catarrh ouch' ta them ,N"M in accurdan with law. Hereby nQllea U given that T. J. .\101."" .". 1'1
...r..awe..w..wruwwr..wr.e..n..u..w..w. --- much mor.. than when they an* In gnus 1 !Said. certificate reapi-etlvly embrace. th* Timhftvrr ,nf tot mlp tfvrtlfloatm iMimbvrvdirvtipMtive.ir
health Thla fact p'owa, that whit r.II." iim lands In Rr.dlnr'l I Cnnnly Florida, .MM). 19. 20. 29. ea. 72. 100 101,
Catarrh .la a .local dl"....'.... It l Is RreatlyIntluenred rrrtitlcetnl! the data of th. laauane of cook 163. Ittrt 207 and hued. by the Taxt'"Hector 1 ,
Live State j by nwt1tiitlonnl' oonilltlon In the namea reapMtlxely heremnflrr : of Brmlfor.1. ('.,,,nl,,. Florid BaitlmirtiHeata
News lltll/n AT4IIIIII '". lrlNF.. la n tmrtlriilarly ash forth to-witt. numbered ill'" but on dated A UK tint
i L Combined Treatment. tu ih loral' and Internal <,'rtlncate No. 141 embrace ton acre 'Inuiihraat end 1020 and im.'l ewrt.ne. numbered IW r. :'_
bna horn 'cesaful In the .nrl\pr..1 northwest quarter ofnuiliwrat 1*
and am 20, 20. 80. 7J, lOrt. 10.-. tftH. 1HH, HUfl. 101 and
trootmnit, of Catarrh for over forty year quarter. being 504 flit out and Jll \l.cinn tlitictl. July. .Mul.. l 1U.J3 has sled Midcfrttnmtif. w
Snld nv all rirua-fflit ss:i t by :l feet north and \o. In mx olflort and l have mad. op
Told by Our Exchange: F. J Chenov. & Co.. Toledo Ohio I is l tossashIV touth range. tj rut ( acrm.awnutl ,plirnilnn for tnt deed to lasso (In eoordtinc
c. C Orltrls.Cortldrah with, thu .law. J I
SPIRIN Ni>. 14* cmbrage north half oftoiithxveat Salt >'<.rtil.cnU. >*t rrapMtlvfly' tmhrnTM th.
dren of the state and the increase in ( quarter of northoatit quarter. .*.,.- folloulne. lands In Bradford! County Florid *'
lion 5. dmrahlp 6, south 22 rut 20ttrrtei ......
i rang ii >>d Ht the riMtat of 1 the iBnimnr* of BiicH
of this of ed freeholders electionsin the appropriation for the payment of anfuvatrtl I.. A. Donnaly. .
Bagdad-People part by at recent rtlncHn( 'In tbs nimw respectively| h rlniifur -
higher salaries for the state employes, ( .tlft.... No. 179 rmbraee rest IS 1.1 imrtieularly set forth lowlttCurt
SaiTta forward ; Bayer
Roaa county are looking the county.TampaLuther. Say Aspirin"I acre of aonUieajt quarter of Mnthwtat .lea .
with pleasure to driving over thus insuring more efficient service I 1.3 acre In southeast corner <.tf .aama action I Urn,11* No. 29<" mnr.ior wmlnuatt

the $1,000,000 bridge spanning the Crosby, of Plant and greater contentment, I have been INSIST! Unless you see the .JO*....tanruhlp.od J. V.T,Jon.intith raniio 21 reap 13 .0...... I i, 4, *
Kscnmbln river at an early date. City, died in Gordon Keller hospital able to reduce the state millage, there- rtiricato No. UK embrace beginning at east JlJfi 110_. tunn.ced M.I"", Manufaetur

from injuries received when his foot by carrying out my pro-campaign; "Bayer Cross" on tablets you I northeast corner of southwest quarter. of Inn I'nniiianjf.Cirltflcitto No. I IS fmbrncp mt quarter of
northwest and
Orlando-Abolition of all Federal was mangled by tractor machinery.The promises to reduce the taxes of the are not getting the genuine thence aonthweat quarter 684% run feet south to east 314 aide feet of outhwtvt qtmrtc-r- of northwest. qti.rt... eea- ".

inheritance, estate and girt taxes is youth had been in a serious con- people of the state. The facts as set Bayer Aspirin proved safe by j railway, rlRht-of.way.4IS feet thence thence. northeast northwest 884H nnritfhtofway HC lion...IT amffufil,. townhip: H. 7.C:. Mouth U run inn.Crrlitlcalv range. 20 ta-ii. 10 '

urged by the National Association of dition since he was taken to thu hos forth in my letter to the comptroller fret to north IIn. of said, forty tht-nco raetJ84H : Na. to vmbracm. out half ofimrihiiut
will I millions and prescribed by physicians \ feet to .bevlnnlnir, section. 66. tnwnahlp quHitcr' of northva.it quarter and) .
Real Estate Boards, according to pital. Crosby sustained hla injuries speak for themselves. They I north half of northwest quarter nf northaaatuunrtt .
south ,
7. it eaut S aaawaadJame
Realty Board who attended the Detroit while tilling land with the tractor have no doubt prove gratifying to the for :24 years. | Jon.range*. sere 'r of nnrttirftHt quart.tr atlon at* j
towimhlp 6. south r."... lil rut 26 aorai, a.. 1
Convention, as a step towarda about four miles beyond Riverview.His people of Florida.! Accept* only :* I ITnleaa old eartlAcataa shell b* redeemed' ae. .,...i-tl Klohanl' Orlilia.Orllflcato ,
t eordfna tti law. tea deed will I..... thereon. on No. 29 rmhraon southwest "ari .
distribution of foot while q
more equitable tax- slipped standing on The in conclusion stated .,
governor the 17th day of Ana-uat.. A. I>. 1921.Witneu .
Sxj : i Ire i .I touthwmt quarter. section M town .:
ation, Federal, State and local. on the tractor and was drawn into that before the expiration of his term _Bayer p3ckatewhichcontains \I my oftlclal. signature and seal thla .h," A. south. rnnu 21 east 42 ..... aM****
the machinery. Ills entire leg, from that he would be able to make further the 14lh dry: of July, A. P. 10211. ...I lE.: Groan.t'erNOcnle .
O. W. :
Arcadia-What many local people ankle to hip, was badly mangled. and more substantial reduction in tho proven directions \ (Seal) Clerk Circuit Court AtDKRMAN.llraiironlCount i.f ti<"'h".1 No. 88.,...embraces. ... orctlon northwest 0, townchlv qu.eIer .
declare (U the largest sunflower they .. Florida.' ... '
I people's tax bill. Handy "Ftnyor". boxes of 12 tablets 7. uiuth range 21 cast 40 assessed Un -
have ever seen was brought to town By knownCvrtlllrnle +
Avon Park Reduction
of the distance :
Also bottles of 2' and 100-Druggist* 7.11-5t-4 Deputy Clork.NOTICF u
and placed on display at Ford's store. between the.coasts by rail by I 1 __ No. 72 embraceeoulhwest '
Aspirin li 'toe .irmle murk of Darer Matin* quarter of northwest quarter of aouUtweatjiltiarter
The stalk moasuv res 10 ft. 10 inches I eleven miles and cutting the time a S FLOIUU.W'JoKLY INDUSTRIAL '.otlo"* of Mtuoaeelleatfli.i of Maj.lcjrl.oai.lj. : OF APP (IOATION FOR TAX DKF.D aectlon J.i. towiiMhlp. n, ."".h rans '\

in height and the blossom measures full hour, the new Valrico cut-off of IIbWIEWPalm II'1 UM)GENERAL FK 'ReTTIOV STATUTES 8n (it'' THE 22 mat 10*acre No., ItlA amtttuirtl.mb.J.....It. east.\brabamtcrllltrat half. of ; '

14 inches across the center without the I fresh fish\ of less length than ... ofnorllttaat
Florida Western and Northernwill water n northtnat quarter of .outl." quarter
the petals. The stalk was 3V4 inches be finished and ready for servicein that set forth as follows: Catfish. llrrrby. notice la iiivcn that L. II Hill purchaser quarter, and A acre In nortnwaalftirnvr
Circle-Contract let for ho- of. tea eels eertinrato ntintbfrt'il rettprctlvely >r Huttllivnat quarter of nnrthrn't quar
thick at the ground. February, it was announced here.S. tel as part of $7,000,000 city Improve- rough, ((10)) inches from end of nose tin MA 17. AS 0.. and 117 hutted tar. itoclltin 27. townahlp.. 5. south rans &fl
David Warfield I fork of tail speckled perch, seven by the of PradTortl' taut, K ..".. UMpaacd W. M llryan.ItrllHiale .
president of the to ; I
T8:1"ci:1.I: : ; .
: : 0".1:
ment ; 'In
Gainesville hotel coating in the program. rliirltln. I nttnilteret' 1M No I Itm embraei 4lii\ sores
Seaboard, passed through here July .P ((7) inches from end of nose to fork UK bolnir tlntftl July 3, 10112 and aald certl- aouthcaat corner of northeast quarter. of
neighbor hood $20,000fill;; be erec- 20 on his private train after a few I Frostproof Citrus crop of 603,000 of tail; bream four ((4) !Inches. long flcntMi rrl n7. flu. ft4 and I A7 iHlntc dat- ...".h..t inmrtor, .Iwlnic. S acre north and
ted here by the Elks, it was announced. days in Miami. The boxes has local from end of to fork of tail black I oil I''U2li: hit. flirt aald; certificate .In south U> Pj aen-a met and weet. aeotloit. S7.
grading on brought $1,200,000 to nose ; my office. end has made. appllonlitm for tax township 6, south rang 22 east. 6 .0'I'h.o. -* a**
'. The structure will be situated on cut-off is rapidly nearing completionwith growers. I bass, eleven! ((11)) inches from end of tlwri to Issue In oeordanc with laws' ttttiMt'tl. '1'1'0"I-
the present site 0f the clubhouse of Hah Said cortiflratiMi ....'....(\\v.lv emhracoa thefollowing Certlflcat No. 181 embtncoa aotithvaat Q"."
six lines to fork of tail. If such
drag drivers .
'. two.pile nose any Inmlfi 'In Bratlfortt County Florida. tot t>f southwest quarter auction 2, townahlp j
Gainesville Lodge No. 91>0. The matter 100 teams and 250 men at work be- New Port Rlchey to vote on $10- measuring less than the above size is .........1 .t the dam. of the Issuance of attehcertlllcateM 7, anuth ranutt III ....1., uiuxMtl. Unknown.
'. has been placed in the hands of I In tho .rvaitictlvely herein iVrtlrlealo' No. IU embrace .Lot A block HO
a nami
1. tween Valrico and Welcome Junction. 000 bond l issue for sewer system. caught such fish shall bo immediately after pnrtloiilnrly net forth to-witf In llaniuUtn OHCept seat SO fat. section 80.tl. .
committee of live. The hostelry will returned to tho water, while alive, Crrtlllcate No. l1l! embmcra north half or Stain.Vrtlllrat, .
i; be from seven to ten stories high. i Jacksonville Three deputy sheriffs Dado City-I'asco County Tele- tram which it taken by the I northeajtt" quarter of ttouthfaitt quarter olanuthwott .fq..t. { No. S07 embrace cast CO feat
was per- .. ,
(I. ... section 12, township S. of ."...h lOttO fe t of north nst quarter of ,
," Avon Park-The sole of Park and two policemen who hurriedto phone Company to erect now build. son or persons catching the same. I itouth rnnir. 22 emit. 5 Koran, .......<1 Frank t.iithwotit quarter a acre end 4 acre. .Inaouthweat l
Baldwin to take charge of Barton ing Stallitnl. corner of northwest quarter ofloulhoaat
;} Ridge, reported this week by W. A. Copeland in size Ortitlrate No Ito( pmbr..... nuth half nr quarter "being 3iO; feet act and west
a whep a .
fact north and aouth, aeation IK.townahlp !
I V' llatchell of Avon Park to a syndl- telephone call to Jacksonville reported San Antonio to pave 13 main To Stop a Cough Quick I I quarter north half aivtltm of louthwrttt 25. township quartrr n, of..,,"th ttoutheattlI rnntrt hy fiHfi H, otilh ....n". 22 eat, 10 aura* aatiaaetl *- I
f f'' of and, New York .streets with bituminous asphalt on J. 'D. Thoirtpaon.Unliva 1
cute Sebring inves- the man was raving and take HAYES1 HEALING HONEY 22 P..(. 10 acre nuacaitptl l C. S. DtirlimrCertirirat .
I crazy No. 57 .mhr.... tots B. e. II, U old. ortlllcalo. nlmll .b* rtnli-emed' a*
"L''tora for a consideration understood walking around with a cross tie under rock base at cost of $30,000. cough medicine, which slops' the rotiiin by In Womllawn. Hncllfin 1.1: townithlp n, antithrnnao rttrtllitir to. I...... tax, dual. will 1 t..... thereon on i

;\ito. be well in excess of $300,000, has each arm, had to call in other New Port Richey purchases firefighting healing the iiillnmed, and Irritated tisHura. llama 22 east 40 servo aiaeaaetl J. II. Wit- tlu Wltnea nth alit':i'y": olTlolul August:: : ,aitfnuttire A.; D.I : 1D2S and, seat this

I :; been followed by two other sales! reported help before they could subdue Cope- equipment.JacksonvilleFour. A box of GROVE'S O-I'EN-TRATE (...rt Iflcat. Ko 6.1 embracra. lut MO In W..I.Inwn. iliu 11th day of July. A. P. 1>25.U. .
;tf in the same neighborhood land enough to handcuff and tie him ALVE for Chest Colds. I load CoKU. nnil Mfctlon. Id tnwnahln d. math range 22 \IDEnlll.\N., '
:I/ft bringing the total to more than $1- (coup IH enclosed with every bottle of rapt. 1O aort. .......... Mattel O. Sherman. (!Hial) Clerk Circuit r.iurt. UrailfordCotiniy
for his trip to the county jail. At the filling stationsto AYES'[ HEALING HONEY The sulve (',.rtln,.,. No A4 embrace 'lot III In Florida.
000,000. bat should be rubbed the chest and throat
on range 22 ....t, 10 aerea, .......01 Florence. <]I. 7-17-Ht.H-ll Deputy Iorle.IoUTU" .
yf Palatka-Palatka is to have another everybody awake in the jail with loud each. .,f children Buffering from a Cold. or Croup. Ilayra.t .
singing and noise of the impact as he Tr,. heeling effort of HXVIIS' lli-nllim llnnry In- '.Irtrnle No. 07 embraoni. lola Bit It In / : OK AI'I"I'A riON. .11I. TAX DEED
[ industry added to its already large UM" >KK SICIIOV: un OK INKOkNKKAL
Venice-Plans for new hotel underway elite. the threat romhlnwl viih the hrallndilTi.rlot WnIlewn atetlon If, tttwntthlp B, south
variety in the shape of a large oil hurled his body against the walls of Oron''a o-I'.n-I Iraia' Salve through the I"r.. of range 2* cant 20 acre*, ...,..." C. J. Kattin, : SfAi'UTESllnrehr .
his padded cell. A blow on the head h. akin ran atopa n cattuhfinth UnleM. aaul. ..rh6.....* ahttll b.. redt..mtMlaccnrdlnir
distributing: station. The Standard not leu !I. iilvrn that N. P. Wain !
rtnrillra are pat'hint In ono canon end the to law tat deal will .uP thereon
'r,\Oil Company has been making a sur- received about fifteen years ago was Lake Wales-More than $500,000 coat of lh. LtimbliHtJ troaltimnt. la:IV tm the 24th Hay nf August A. D. 102B. wrluht.. Jr. i>tireha,i'r of part nf lax ale) I
of and the real cause for Copeland going on (wing spent to Bridge Just ask druggist for IIAYFS'IiEAL1NG : Vilna my olTielnl aluttnture and ...1 this errtlilcat. niimhorvit. rriiwvtlvvly 843 sod. 810IM.III.MI
vey the advantages the freight prepare new your the 82ml day of July A. D.I 192n by the run Collector of UrmlfonJ
(|rates from Palatka to other points In rampage, his employer told officers Manor subdivision for the market. HONKVNOTK O. W. ALDERMAN County; :l .Florida. Said. cvrtlrtcato numl'' > r* 't' ho believed. Over-exertion brought on ,tHt-al, ) Clerk Circuit Court, Urailfnnl. wing rintod July 4. 10-'I and e.rl.r.eat*
the state and have decided locate ''
to 'K OF GUARDIAN SALE. Count I Florida. niinilM-rwl 210 "'inn dnlod. July -, 11UI, has
their state lubricating oil station in cramps and then Copeland became a Tampa-Tampa Industrial Develop- Dy C. A. K NIGH r. filed. laid eartineat4. In my ofTIc. and navmnil .
steel .* api'Mratlon for tan dead lo sac. In a*
madman. ment to construct
raving Corporation 4Bt21 Deputy Clerk
;;Palatka. Thirty .1") filer Into hereof I the undttr .. rd.n.. with law '
I plant at cost of $1,000,000.St. .luticd iuanlmu; .. of Cecil Whltohvad end >Bald rtiilcatti rwipwtlvuly .mb....... thafullowtnir ,
I I Titusville State Shell Fish Com- STATE TAX MILLACE: ; ttmlce W hll,.hp.... Mlnora, will apply to the NOTICE OF GUARDIAN'S SALE ( lands. In Uradfurd. Count, .Florida,
I CUT TO IWi MILLS Petersburg-The FloridaSpanish lonnrablu n.! ... A. Gardiner. County Jutltiaf ......... at the data of th" (Muanctf of ......
I Imissloner T. R. Hodges is irt this port Uratlfor'l County Mtirlila. on towlt: the crrlilleMl't. In the namm. r.II..I| (horwin.
making of the I Tile Company to erect new plant. 4lh day of Auiitiat. 1025) for an order to ..11 Hiirty ...,. after aide, on to-wlt on th. lath iirt.-r pmrtlaitlarly eat forth, to>..ltl
,I an inspection fishing Tallahassee Governor Martin fix- lit 'orl...* aalv tha following d."..'..... 'lantla. tiny. of Auirtut A. D. 1 )28. I will apply to th.Honorable n>rtiilrat.. No 244 mbraon west halfiHntliwnit of

industry and putting Into effect the ed the state tax millage! for the next Lake Worth-Work on sea wall, to-vrlt I \ tteome A. :tartllner.: County Juda::' q".r of .Kiiithwtat quarter, ._
,' new laws for the protection of small Liota 8.\ n end,' Klicht of Block Two In the of liratlfortl; Cotittly. rldt for an ortlrr to tlon 12. township 6. south range 2.1 east, HOof
fiscal year at 10'/4 mills, a reduction, from bridge to Twenty-ninth Ave- Town of L.....,. llraitford" County Florida, ttpll at private ..1. one eighth undlvlilnd. In. ....".. aMft..ri.il M,.. Nai.nU V. IlnniSlfiy.
I fish, passed by the recent legislature. I of one-quarter of a mill as compared nue, to begin shortly. according to map end plot of said town aa I....... rash of Italia Andrea, Kathnleen An ('nrtillesa. No 210 embraca north half
I t One of the leading dealers here was recorded! In the 1'uhllo Ibtronla of the Clarke dreu, Mulba Anilreu. and Henry And...". Jr., oti.hw-mt' quarter and ..outhra qunrt of ?
; with 10% last year. OITIcr at Starlt. Bradford County, Florid minor hoira of Franck N. Andrvu.. tlveeatied. ., nurihwt .,,,nrtoor. atwtiiiii 2.1.:. township .*
I ;.1 arrested for having small mullet in I The millage will be divided as follows Bradenton-Plans being made for This KJrd day of Jol,. A. D. 1825. In and to th* following daacribtl. landa ....-..It'' South' roo... U east, llo serve. aMneiwcdluinbla Co-
A! his possession and three barrels of constructing three temporary school REUECCA WHirEHKAD' The northeast qtmrter of the aotithweatilitartwr harm Land Corporation.UnliMU "
: General revenue 3'/4 mills Guardian for Cecil and Eunice Whlteh.ad
i ; of sections twenty-nln township alx
.. .
octal" evrtHlaatvi shall be r 'li m d a *
contraband fish Buildings.
; were seized. The state school tax Constitutional 1 7-2<-6t- -lil. Minor South range twenty-two seat ontinim forty
( ), eortllnir. t<> I.... tax decal. will I..". thereon em
dealer was tried, convicted and fined I and alxly-two one-hundrcritha aerea more or A .. A. U.l lUJfl,
mill the 24th daY of ".1.
3 mills
tax boardof
sand I ; pension ; CIcnrwnter-Construction on new NOTICE OP APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED leaa, said lands lying. ; altuat* and. .being. In Witness otriolal. .mtnHltiro' and seal! this
the fish confiscated my
,'( by the state. health % mill state federal aid UNUKR 8KCTIOM ITS OP Tll. Uradforil County Florida.
; Hotel Fort Harrison progressing the ai.l day of July 1V2S.
I road tax, 1 mill prison tax %. mill rap- GENERAL STATUTES Dated, this the 10th day of July A. I). 1026. (21 ALDEHMAM.Svll I
: ; ;
Jacksonville of idly. ,
{( Thompson 1 CUBA ANDItF.U. ( ") Clark Circuit Court. Hradford
/" Jacksonville who drove his from tick eradication tax % mill; free It>rtby notice 1. siren that D. w loor Guardian, for Ro..ba Andrnu.' Melb Andrati.Kathleen lousily; Flnrlds.Dy ,
car : .
school text book % mill. Total Jacksonville-$32,000 home to be urfhacer. of Bale oertllteaU. numbered i Andrea and Henry Andrea, Jr., C. A. KNIGHT.littputy .
*I( Miami to Jacksonville was minus his I tax, _"..U.ol,. 147. 14H, 179 and III "laauad by .lo-6t-t-7( Minor*, 7-a4-Bt-8-Ki Clark.
lOVa.i constructed on Richmond street be- I
V: coupe shortly after arriving here. lie .. .
In connection with his to the tween Talbot and Van Wert avenues. --- ----- -
i letter
picked the road and
up a stranger on
I i brought him to the city. The Strangka !i comptroller fixing the millage, Governor Fort Pierce-Bids- requested for .I--- iii

er went to the garage where Thompson -|I' Martin gave out the following I construction all roads and bridges 1926improveme1J
left his car after the pair arriv- 'included in the $815,000 bond issue
,.f. ed in the city, and told garage emS I "Notwithstanding the appropriations project. improvement
,. ployes that he wanted the car for for the institutions of higher

/( Thompson and drove it away learning for the year 1925-1926, made: Jacksonville Peninsular Lumber
I by the recent legislature exceededthe J1i
:. : Company building finest lumber and
DeLand-Over a ;million;; dollars is amount appropriated for the year building materials yard in Florida. 1LH e

Jj: now available fdr road and bridge I 1924-1925, by the preceding legislature WHEN BETTER. AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT.

t', construction in Volusia county, it was J I by more than one million dollars I Fort l'lerce-Southern Bell Tele- ,

announced following the sale of I for buildings and equipment; the increase phone Company to construct modern -.Il: i'" BUICK WILL BUILD THEM M

bonds during two days session of the in pensions for the old soldiers office and plant building. 4 1'tr )
I board of county commissioners which I and their widows from $25 to 7 Aw..es

? ended recently. Bids were opened and $40 per month, which will amount to Fernandina-First National Bankto N orteJjuofon '= H'

bonds totaling $945,000 were sold. an increase of more than $000,000 erect new structure on southwest 1
corner of Fourth and Center streets.
Time warrants make additional '
up an -.providing ;

., 125000. These Issues were ratifi of free school books to the chll- St. Petresburg--$15,000 filling station I i ia 4 ,

-- to be constructed here. .

Tampa Indiana Capitalists to

build $250,000 residcntal section in
H I Suburb Royal.VIOLATORS r

ARE WARNED-HY WARDENS -Gl n ,J/Yt"t"1 f: .

) Promise Prosecution to Full Eaten llraksCleaner'

In State. I

Tallahassee--Came and fish war- Buick.has

dens warn violators of the game laws D" .

: MICHBDlN l of this state against Infringing upon

; them, and declare all violators caughtwill
be prosecuted to the full extentof built I
Oil !
: :; "Comfort" Cord the law. It has been learned that H 1 i.,

young turkey quail and deer are be-
i I. ? ing shot in certain sections of the her Gas

state, and that venison is being soltl -
I You can now get These violators will be hunted down better Jilin-

:: and prosecuted, the authorities do-

balloon tires for cleared.

The commissioner warns the
I peo-
ple to take certain fresh water fish
; your present car of prescribed length, and calls special toico c

attention to Section 21.
without changing Section 21.No person, persons,
-.. ..... e/01T
firm or corporation shall take, haveIs eswntu oaROR

I his or their possession, buy, sell or Wes

rms. offer for sale, at any time unneces- :'

I sarily destroy any of the following ,; e v

cree it today at the ? ;

r0art.eraLM5kep.e.avaalsf" t ....
Jit* _/-. pi.a yearly _.... fImiuimte COFFINS & CASKETS Buick showroom AwpAMy
./aoUan I* Mr and car A'a ::: --v
Ioou.-....45." eta sae KhgUS And a Fall LJne of .. OT5IA MAffYVTHia.DUrirJCTIVt 1
Comfort Cad fgrn yea ''<,win '
mi Me..enJJnory cord* U Infaltdto ,. U"J..J..ra' Sappfia; tVATVM tlATUa.0
rut half ikf prejem and. .atmlxml 1
At tarn pros.SMITH'S '121'e
Always on bead- The beat .u-

tie* at the lowest pricM Special

attention to tdtrnph or- 3 '
\ den.J Registered Embalmer }

J. M. Smith Maaaf.r. '

I f 1 JJ II ..FLA.j DeWITT C. JONES Baker, Bradford, Columbia and Union Counties ? !

j A STARKE, FLA When better automobile are built. Buick will build them


._. ,_. .. .. ... ,
... .. L : '-- -- -- --
-- "f1''I '" .. 11 ;;; ,
: : .
.. '. .. .., Ll.tl.o.;; .
; ,i1" -" : . '
>;:" 1"10 11I1l.Jl J .. ::&tBRADFORD -;:. ."d

a .w+. .u. .... ._. ,.. ,- .. ,.1'.-trr'r 'nor-ne..emYr-rq 'nr4'a'/Iap' },e'' gq nT'fr'A ar 7'w'l'1\'


+ .9r

,. FRIDAY, JULY 31. 1923

rAGE FOUL ---- ..-w.. .
..- "Jt -- ...;..,



' Builders Supplies, Lumber, Sash, Doors


__ _
__ ...._. _
_... __ .,...__--..:- w 'r _. _
---------- -- -'
---- -
be Interest- ers' 'Week, College of Agriculture
Florida dairymen may
F. was
1 i brother Vasco Hazen of Waldo, George Young
InI I of Florida Gainesville
University ,
here with relatives.Mr. business in Starke Monday. I ed in the National Dairy Show at
pent dianapolis, Indiana, Oct., 10-17, 1025.: !! August 1015.
: and Mrs L. II. Fute,-of Gra- -
of Jacksonville,, I
Miss Lena Frigo
ham, spent Friday evening here. > Attend Farmers' and Fruit GrowTilE, TELEGRAPH
home of
i :Mr. and :Mrs. Sam Driggers/ of was a week-end visitor at the

U Lake Butler, spent Friday here.O. her parents, Mr. and Mrs Dom Frigo.

a visitor. D. Abernathy here Saturday., of Daytona, was .I Robert Dinkins, of Jacksonville wth, "Could Better Fertilizer Be Made?
until Sunday
from Friday
Tues- spent :
:Mr Wills from Tampa spent I

h IM.om-H> 29 mid IOn day Quiet here.a number of young folks i I his A.parents.N Jones was_a visitor to Bald- We Would Make It"

1 from here enjoyed bathing at Hampld -
... Beach Sunday evening. win Sunday. SIMON PURE AND GTM BRANDS"Time
Tried and Crop Tested"
\ IN HONOR OF 7th. All come prepared for all I R. W. Whitfield of Wildwood, wasa July 1st 1925 New PRICELIST of Regular Brands Just Issued. Get

. MISS BECK HAM I work as there is much to be LAWTEY visitor here Sunday. same before placing your order. Send orders now for FALL deqalremnts,
1. --- Carl Norman.J. Lawtey, Fla., July 30.-Mr. and save delays and be ready when Fertilizer Is needed. QUALITY first, FAIR
Mr. L. G. Powell and John Powell L. D. Dorman came from Baldwinand
i entertained delightfully Friday evening I W. GREENJ. I :Mrs. Charles Tenn.Dinkins where left they Saturday will spent Sunday with his family. I prices, PROMPT shipment. _
I Nashivlle
for ,
j in compliment to their cousin, W. Green,; resident;; of this spend a few days with their daughter E. O. PAINTER FERTILIZER COMPANYJacksonville
1 MtlteV of
Beckham, of Harder Roger and Awbery Savage
., Mill Katherine tion for the past fifteen years, Mrs.'Ed Galloway, after which Duval Florida.
Va. spending a few ,
C. Whaleyvllle, are
vllle S.
11th after an Kansaa
Saturday, July they will extend their trip to
, Tho party drove' to Davis' landing weeks with their aunt, Mrs. G. T. '
9 ,' of two days. Mr. Green was and Colorado. They will be gone
Lake and enjoyed an Pearce.
at Kingsley with paralysis, and although he thirty days. -
swim, after which they en- .
from physicians r
the best of care -
home from Jacksonville -
Shep Sapp came
joyed a picnic spread. nurses, wjs unable to survive Mrs. Mattie Frazier came from I and spent Sunday with his
shock. Jacksonville and spent Sunday at ATTEND !
Mr. Green was 5U years of age the home of her brother, J. B. Rowe -
Y K1NGSLEY LAKEIn ;' moved to this section form in Mr. and Mrs.-W. II Edwards and The Lawtey Junior High: Schoolis Farmers and Fruit Growers' WeekFOR
compliment Mrs. Stanley C. I living a part of the time scheduled to begin on August 10.
' Cornell, of Ormond, several of her : county. He moved to Bradford children of Jacksonville were guests Everybody get ready and let us
r friends gave a picnic supper Thursday ty and settled a short distance I Sunday at the home of \Mr. and Mrs, make as big an enrollment as pos MEN AND WOMEN

f evening at Kingaley Lake, at I' of Starke, where he soon won the 1. H. Moore sible.

V the Klckliter landing. utation as a honest and J. J. Brown of-Ozello Is spending College of Agriculture, University of Florida, Gainesville

I After a refreshing swim In Lake ing man. He leaves a wife and 1 a few weeks here at the homes of :Mr T. J. Terry was a visitor to Wild- '

Klng ley' clear waters chicken the party children. and Mrs. Enoch Griffis and Mr. and: wood Saturday and Sunday. August 10-15, 1925 _

' I ,11! enjoyed a spr nd of pilau, Mrs. Silas Brown. '
ham sandwiches, tuna fish sandwicheD AVERAGE MOTORIST'S! ZIFF Hear noted speakers. See demonstrations. Attend special

salads, jelly, pickles, biscuits, CODE IS A \NGEROUS Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hudson of Clay -,- courses in animal husbandry, dairying, poultry, farm, truck,

9 1 '' i cookies. Creole cake and watermelon Have you stopped;: to consider Hill were visitors-hero Sunday. Ziff.litle July sons 31.-, Tommie Mrs. F. W.and Reynoldsand Leslie, citrus and other fruit crops, and home economics. Take a va

Tho Invited guests were Mr. and signal code of the average motor : :Mrs. Ury Gunter and children of Daytona spent last week here with cation.

i.l Mrs. H. L. Brownlee and children, I driver? It is a very simple code are spending a few days at the homeof her parents, Mr. and !Mrs J. B.

I Hugh, Jr., and Mary, Mr. and Mrs. J. not in any sense dilTcult to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Thomas.Mr. A SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR WOMENNo

I I T. Quigley !Mr. and !Mrs. J. P. Kick- It follows: Futch. and Mrs. -C. L. Atkinson and
i liter, Sr., Mr. Cunningham, of San- To Indicate a right turn-stick :Messrs. Causey Atkinson, of Waldo, fees. Room and board in College Dormitories, $1.25

ford; Mr. and !\Irs.o'. A. Scott, Mr. your hand. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Newsom Thursday of motored here Sunday and were guestsof per day. Visitors must furnish bed linen, towels, etc.
Starke visited relatives here -
and Mrs. J. }<'. Klckliter, Jr., John To Indicate a left turn-stick friends and relatives. I
Powell, William Fripp, of Brooks- your hand. afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Hodges and MAKE RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCESee

vllle; Clifford Butch of Raiford; To indicate that you hand.are about Mrs Colson Miller and children, daughters, of New River, spent the County or Home Demonstration Agent or Plant
stick out your
stop- your
Misses Mona and Blanche Alderman, of Jacksonville are spending a few week-end here.
a I + Isabel Bullcn and Free Wynn. To indicate that you are about days here with her mother, Mrs Messrs. Pervis Lewis of Waldo; Board Inspector.A. .
back-stick out your hand. Sallie Reddish. and Mr. and Mrs I. W. Dyal, of

FORTY BOYS LEAVE To emphasize your Graham spent the weekend here A. Murphree, Pres. Wilmon Newell, Dean

I : FOR SUMMER CAMP with your fellow passenger_ Mrs. Carrie Starling of Highland: with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. '.
I e out your hand. was a visitor here Sunday. W. Lewis. I

Jacksonville, July;; 7.-Prepared for To flick the ashes off your cigarstkk I Mrs. Bill limes, of Largo, and little -- .
I. what, to many of them, will bo the out your hund. R. R. Thede was transacting business son, Ronald> are here spending a few '

a first experience of its kind, more than This H a generally accepted in Starke Wednesday.Mr. weeks with her mother, Mrs: S. L. We charge O
the Under the circumstances It Is : can your
forty happy boys, ages and Mrs. C. J. Hoffman, of Prescott.
t of 12 and 10, left Jacksonville early markable that accidents are not Tallahassee are spending a few days I Miss Ellen Howard and brother, I YES IIRS

yesterday morning to spend two frequent, although/ the present i here with friends. Gid James Genam and Mrs. Howard In USmith's I
. t weeks at Camp Immokalcc, the Y. in human life ami limb is I I of Fairbanks, spent the week-end here I. Storage Battery .

M. C, A. boys' summer camp on the and steadily {trowing.-Fred I Mrs. J. E. Goodfellow and children and also attended the annual meeting I

banks of Lake Brooklyn, near Key- returned home Saturday from Fort! here Saturday and Sunday. I II
stone Heights. They will return to COUNTIES: IN GEORGIATO I Valley, Ga., where they have been Mr. J. W: Lewis. was a business :
't Jacksonville late Saturday afternoon, PROTECT I visiting several months. I visitor to Waldo Saturday afternoon. Garage StFTakeyg al

July Id.The Epson Dukes, of Little Springs, I
' tion. but steps have already I i returned home I
Miss Terry
trip to camp was made In one and Frink Groover, of Brooker were
en to regulate/ fishing,; in several ,
Inst week from Alexandria, Vu.,
huge bus and several automobiles I here Saturday afternoon. I 1- -- -
ties of South Georgia to assure
and many of the boys were accompanied tection the coming two where she spent several weeks with :Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dukes of Dukes I
+ by their fathers, who returned in the event no state-wide remedy her sister, Mrs J. P. Wyrick. attended the annual meeting here I I 1i
, \ later in the day. Tho first touch of I and '
) effected. Mr. and IIIrs.Ry;; Buss, of Zephyr- Saturday Sunday. i i mtrusooorzl
life of the summer for the boys Mr. and Mi's.' Malcom Hunter and i '
camp I Charlton county is proposing I hills arrived hero last week and are I ,
. 5, was the noon meal in Camp Immoka- the home of Mr. sons, Ira and daughter of Hague'I P 9
r, i 'change in the cloned) season pleasantly located at : Roos .v.>:ltI
lee, which was plenty to appease the spent the week-end here. I I
Mr. Base
1 April 15 to June 15, of limiting and Mrs Charles Dinkins.

' 1 ., appetites ride developed from Jacksonville.by the long automobile ing: to certain days in the week, Is relieveing Mr. Dinkins as depot CARD OF THANKS I I

'' trying violators In superior as agent,; at the Seaboard Railway during -
k The boys entered immediately Into as county court, anti of placing a I a thirty-day vacation.Mr. We wish to express our thanks to:I p r
the which includes
camp program, limit on fish. Other counties in those who were so kind to us during' 1r
o ? classes In many subjects, well balanced section are introducing local I and :Mrs. J. H. Moore and son, the illness and death of our husband ,

, 1 with play and rest. tion in the general assembly, to Paul, left Monday for few weeks visitto and father, and especially to Dr. :
e Periods at Camp Immokalee begin ulate fishing in fresh water Tennessee and Illinois. Biggs for his unremitting care and f
I ;
July 6, July 20, August,; 3 and l August
17, coming to a close each second A litle typhoid Inoculation John S. Andrews was transacting Mrs. J. W. Green and famly. Bank Your Cash 5iij
business in Hawthorne Friday.
following Saturday. The final day of prevent a lot of suffering from I ,

camp will be August 29. phoid. Your doctor or state Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bennett of REGISTRATION BOOKS OPEN I I

) The camp is In charge of Fenner officer can give I it. Jacksonville visited relatives here The registration books of the town' Roosevelt '
E. King, boy's work secretary of the Sunday of Starke, Florida, will be open at j I i Says
r, Y. M. C. A., and ramp director, asc Ask your county agent or I the office of the Town Clerk from

, fitted by a strong personnel of leaders demonstration agent or State I J. T. and J. II. Moore were trans- July 10th to August 9th, inclusive, for i
and Instructors Board inspectors about : acting business in Starke Friday. the registration of electors. la many speeches In his strenuous Career

Week at the College of C. A. FUTCH, President Theodore Roosevelt urgedon

ti WILL OPERATE; LUMBER YARD Gainesville, August 10-15. I Elam Rhoden and Jacksonville Mrs. Larramore I Registration Officer of the Town of li his bearers the desirability of bank
I I Roden and baby of are 7-17-3t. Starke, Florida.
r DeWitt C. Jones has taken over the I HKOOKERBrookcr spending a few days here nt the homeof accounts.He .

f. Consumers Lumber Company lumber July-21.-Mr.: and Mrs. Otis Roden. I Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Day said that bank depositors make the
and supply yard and will operate It J. Morgan and son, Clarence, Draittliti>refund money If PA2001NTNENTf.lla
' a under the name of Jones Lumber and Miss Eldridge Reddish of Jacksonville to curt Itthinu. blind bleeding or Protruding best citizens.
Saturday for Miami where here with her Pile. Initamly relltvei Itching' Pllr*. mad you
Supply Co. Mr Jonuji will carry a will visit their Mrs. l spent Sunday I can art restful,lm,>p after Br.. auplkatlno.' Sue.I '
k complete line of buililpvs supplies at daughter, I mother, Mrs. Sallie Reddish. I II I Are you one of the best citizens Are ;
_.. .__
u the In I bank \
yard. connection with his a depositor
Mr. and Mrs. L. Morgan went C. R. Sapp was transacting business I you
hardware store, any kind of material West Palm Beach last Saturday in town Tuesday. ACREAGE
I Slut with! .
I an account m today.
or equipment for the home and farm
Ing for a location. They will
sc can be secured. their future home there. Mr. and Mrs.: Maron Oliver and WANTED No account Is too small no account too ;

CEMETERY: ttORNIM; Lucian Hazen, of Gainesville, children of Baldwin spent Sunday in We are interested In buy- I large, for us to handle.Bradford ,

Ralph Hazen, of Cedar Keys, I Lawtey with relatives. lag acreage in Florida In Ii

To whom it may concern, and all Sunday at the home of their Mrs. Hiram-Bennett returned large or small tracts, but.

Interested. The next regular workingof :Mr. and :Mrs. G. W. lIazen. I home Sunday from Jacksonville, will deal with owners only.

the Dyal cemetery will be August (1V.. Hazen and H. P. I where she spent several months at Please Kin full details as i "" -

wore attending to business in the home of her son, Henry Bennett.T. to location, legal description 1
1.i Saturday. price and terms. Address County Bank
. Renew Your Health Orvil and Roswell Ward, of B. Adams of Jacksonville was a

sonville, spent the week-end visitor to Lawtey Monday. JACK O'BRIENBar I l1
Bradford County' Financial
; by PurificationAny their mother, Mrs. T. P. Ward. : Harbor. Maine
James Pitts came home from Sarasota -
Willie Clemmons left for Established 1889 STARKE, FLA. I
ville Sunday where he is and spent Sunday with his fam-
will tell
physician that
you I Miss, Minnie}Hodges, of New ily. ---
"Perfect Purification of the Sys-
tem in Nature's foundation of i 1 was a visitor here :Monday. |' A TONIC ::jI': :, ". ::" -_ ''' -,-::,:, :,'_,: '''" ,, :.'- :.. .. ',t .; -':ofL'p.: : : .. .- _:"' ..'" :',,"'.,;-, -:,: ,:-11
Carol .\ iN Perfect Health. Why not rid of his sister, Mr. Russ drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores

'ourself of chronic ailments that ,: II P Gainey and Henry Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
are undermining your vitality were attending to business In Enriching the Blood. When you feel its

Purify your entire system by tnk- sonville Wednesday. strengthening! invigorating effect, see how

ing a thorough; course of Calotabs I Rev. W. M. !Moody, of La it brings\ color to the cheeks and how

t;; -once or twice a week for several : was'a visitor here one day last It Improves the appetite you will they

weeks-and nee how Nature re- II. F. Gainey spent Sunday In appreciate Its true tonic value.
v/nrd you with health. ton a. Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply PEEK REALTY COMPANY ,

fnlotahs are the greatest! of allr" Quite a number of young folks Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
joyed a party at the home of :\ pleasant even children like It. The blood
.* -in p'jrifi.'rv :l1't" family ....., .
Hell Th Saturday night. needs QUININE to Purify It and IRON to STARKE, FLORIDAI'
packs :l'. contaiuiun full directions :Mr T.'rrv. of awtey, was Enrich It. Destroys Malarial germs and

prioc :Ci: ("*. ; trial package, i' '" t" '-" h "l't t1'edm! . JO cts. .At my d. ;g store. l lAdv.) : and :'olr"1.. F. Hazen Effect. 60C. ': ","", .1;;'" :'::" ,-." : 'n. i' '. ; : :A : : ", :' :.' :::,;" : '. .. -. '

-- -
":" -:': :t .' .
._ .. =
---' _..Y"i
-" h4I ': ..... j j'o...,__ ...._, ..-

'-v', .,
r"'c rv y

1 1I

i 4

PARK Fit a
-- -- -
-- ------. -
-- ---- -
r. Sirs Stanley C. Carnell, who has I PREVENTION I St.
;- FloridaSpanish -
I been her Mr. and I market. Well located and doing alroUti
visiting parents
'- b \ Mrs. F. A. Scott, returned to her >,are not only.r.IIUIdr! far bat prevent reason furCelling. .
.t. '' Bits home in Ormond. She was accom SICK HEADACHE Luke Worth-Work on sea wall, W. M. Edward, IIillhwayIark..t
of LocalInformation panied as far as Jacksonville by Mr. W- caaitipiliua; ..
and Mro. J. T. Quigley, Mr. and Mrs. to begin shortly.rENTAWORD. SALE-Missionary Strawberry

,j'1 $'. A. Scott and little Miss Mary Pillsgrain plants. E. Citssner, Route, Starko, \ I IFIn. '

Brownlee. 7-31-3t.. I :'
% >!:I IFOR
: C\J\t.\ .. Concerning Our People, Business, and .JMJ Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Livingston and is well past the ronntiiiir oar : SALE Uonuino Missionary! ; :':
Progres of the County and Town. daughter, Miss Margaret, and Miss stane. This will /ho indicated, bth\! Strawberry plants from Salisbury, ,
Louise Garcia, of Tampa, spent the color of the outer shucks! on the car. Maryland. Leave your order early I

,,.f weekend here with Miss Kate Livingston The outer shucks should have lost Kd: L. Browne, Rt A, Starke 7-2 i-tf
". Monday the party returnedto all of their preen color.If .

E. K. Perryman has returned from graph office. Tampa acompanied by Miss Kate your silage crop is sorghum, the FOR SALE-Missionary Strawberry
,HIT* 'a trip to Lnurens" S. C. Livingston. seed heads should be almost matured I.OST--Un July Kh, bll'klnd Plants By 1,000 or bed. J. N. Nor
when put in tho silo. white m !
spotted male hound wire
Mrs. M. J. Stone and children, of ,
Alias Inez Moitt, of Jacksonville, Alachua are guests of Mra.Stone'ssister Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Griffin and To make silage of good quality the cut on right hind leg. Last hoard!
is the guest of Mrs. Ned Wills Mrs. E. M. Davis. children, Ethel and Owen, motored to crop must be well matured. Immature of on Little Black Creek Mlddlc- FOR SALE-Several nice young
Jacksonville Sunday and were guestsof crop make sour and mushy silage of burg Liberal reward for returnor thrco-fuiirths Jersey milk cows. \

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burns spent Mrs. F. L. Turner, Mrs. Mamie Gar- :Mr.'and Mrs. W J. Griffin. They inferior feeding; quality. information lending to recovery. Good milkerx, Gentle and will eat
Tuesday n Jacksonville ris and Lillian Garris are in Jackson were accompanied home by Miss Cora In operating: the silage cutter, be Notify W. C. Park Middleburg or anything Fla. :Sec; L. V. Moore, Starke,

ville visiting Mrs. W. J. Green. Dyal who Is spending the week here. sure that the cutter Is set to cut the C. 51. Redmond, Palace Theatre, 7-21-21
Dr. Gus Bird has gone to Miami silage Into very short pieces from 1.4 Jacksonville. It* SEED PEANUTSN.

for a lengthy stay. Mrs Z. ,J. Roberto and children, of Mrs A. C Durden, wno nas oeen to 3-3 Inch in length FOR KENT Wall tent with
Hastings, spent the week-end with visiting her daughter, Mrs. O. L. If the silage has a tendency to be at C. or Florida Runner Seed Pea.
Kingsley lake $5.00 week,
Miss Hazel Middleton is vistlng her parents, Judge and Mrs. G. A. Beaxlcy, returned Sunday to her home dry, acM sufficient water to make it unfurnished. Apply to E. W. Hayes. outs $1.00 per bushel (Four conU
Alias\ Elise Jones at Kngsley Lake. Gardiner. In Tampa. Mrs. Durden was accompanied pack well In the silo. or C. A. Knight. It* por pound) f. o. b. Lowell, Fla.
home by Mrs. Beasley who During the process of filling tho II. T.-HALL COMPANY.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Taylor, of Law- Bruce L. Davis, of Arcadia, has spent several days In Tampa. silo see to it that the silage: is always FOR SALE-Grocery and meat 19tf. Lowell, Fly'
tey, were in Starke Monday.D. been here this week on account of kept higher In the center of the silo I .

the Illness of his father, \y. E. Davis D. P. Carpenter and J. J. Truby will than at the sides. Tramp the silage i
P. Carpenter and J. J. Truby mo- leave Saturday for a trip to North thoroughly during tho process of
tored to Lake City and spent Sunday. Miss Loiuse Mims has returned to Carolina, going first to Black Mountain filling and do most of the trumping f." '1

her home in Jacksonville after a visit where they will visit Mr. Truby's around the edges of the silo. THE SOUTHERN SERVES THE SOUTH
Legal blanks for sale at the Telegraph with Miss Virginia Weeks at Kingsley sister, Mrs. J. W. Killian, and later to
office.A. Lake. Winston-Salem whero they will visit U. S. LAND IN FLORIDA

I Mr. Carpenter's sister, Mrs. C. S. TOO VALUAnUTAKEN
W. Stump, of New York City, Mrs. C. E. Harper and Mrs. W, Lindsay.Dr. FROM: HOMESTEAD: LIST
Is the guest of his brother, F. Ft Alexander of Hampton, were D'I -

Stump. Monday as !guests nt the home of Sire and Mrs. J. E. Maines and Washington( July 10.-According: to

W. E. Middleton. son, J. E., left Monday for Kingsley a statement by Senator Fletcher tday,
Mrs. E. II. Smith was in Jackson Lake. They were joined there by Mr. the announcement of the Department Faith in the South

ville last week visiting: her sister, Mrs. Annie Turner, of Alnchua, and Mrs. D. E. Knight and sons of of the Interior that homestead lands
Mrs. E. W. Harris. In the State of Florida would be with- I
Mrs. Robert Berry and son of Pierce, Starke, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Eppersonand
were !guests last week of Mrs. J. M. daughter of Starko and Mr. and drawn from Homestead entry means
F. F. that the government realize that these and to
Stump and little daughter, Brownlee.Mr. Mrs. P. M. Padgett and family of courage
Marjorie, spent Sunday In New Smy- Palmetto. They will form a house coastal land are far too great to be

rna. and Mrs. J. E. Wilson, of Cocoa party at the White-Peek cottage for allotted to homesteaders! hereafter.
were here the first of the week two weeks.-Lake Butler Times. Yesterday the Department of theInt..rior back itIt
E.'J. Voss, of Jacksonville, has been and were !guests of Mrs. Wilson's stilted that these lands, numbering
here this week in the interest of the father. Col.! W. T. Weeks. GEORGIA; SOLON ASKS I thousands of acres, would be
withdrawn from hut did not at
Hollywood Company. STATE LINE FENCE TO I
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. McMillan re- STOP .'I.OIUD.C.TTLE the time indicate just what specific

Mrs. A. G. Murrhee and children, cently had as !guests their cousins, plans, might be followed. It now appears took courage to turn more than a
of Mr. and Mrs D. Farrar and son, Atlanta, Ga.-A double line cattle from what Senator Fletcher
Plant City, have been visiting Mrs. hundred million dollars of the earnings -
Anna Murrhee.Col. Charles, of Atlanta. proof fence and cattle !guards on the said, that the government wants to
highways of the Gcorgia.Florida make all it ran on these valuable of this railroad back into the

Misses Olive and Amelia Ray were state line along the border counties land. Therefore, they will no longer without dividendfor
and Mrs. Joe Hill Williams of property paying a
guests Wednesday and Thursday of would be erected to prevent rclnfcs- be homesteaded but will he retained
Lake Butler, were visitors to Starke Mrs E. L. Biggs, at her Kingsley tation of Georgia cattle fever tick tar the present by the Federal au- thirty years. It required foresightto

Tuesday and Wednesday. Lake cottage. under the provisions of a measure introduced thorities until plnns are worked out insure the wisdom of such courage.
In the House of the Georgia for their sale.Senator .

Mss Clara Louise Peek has returned Dr. and Mrs. O. L. Haynes and State Legislature Fletcher stated that these Faith in the South stood back of this
from a visit with relatives in Jacksonville children! left Thursday for a visit The measure would appropriate $1- lands in question will probably In the
'WIth relatives In Atlanta and Fair. 000,000 for the purpose. The counties rear future, either be sold In blocksto program. Now, after thirty years

burn, Ga. would pledge themselves to keep the development companies or possiblyin this faith has borne its fruit.
Mrs. J. C. Robinson and guests, Mrs. fence in good 1 repair for a period of smaller tracts to Individuals, although -

Wilbur, Archer and Mrs. J. P. Robinson Mrs. J. P. Tomlinson and son, Lau. five years. The bill would authorIze no definite announcement has The South is prosperous. The Southern -
motored to Gainesville Friday. rie, of Lake Wales, and Jerry Well]] condemnation proceedings againstany yet been made by the department.The .
of St. Petersburg, were guest Wed- land owner refusing permission most Important feature to the Railway has come into its own,

J. T. Quigley and F. A. Scott wentto nesday of Col. and Mrs. D. E. Knight. for the proponed fence to pats over entire matter Is, that Florida real estate and Southern Railway securities are
Gainesville Saturday on a business his property. In far too valuable to be longer:
trip. Sirs E. M. Johns entertained at homesteaded hence thin practice will taking their rightful place in the investment

auction bridge Wednesday afternoon, ;MAN AND SON HOUND not 1)O) followed. markets.

Oscar Alvarez, of Jacksonville, from four to six, at her Kingsley OVER ON CHARGES OF
was here Saturday at the home of I Lake cottage. MURDER IN DISPUTE August 10-lSi! -Farmers' Week-
Mr. "and Mrs. J. W. Morgan. Gainesville.Its .
Gainesville A. Conner and Hoyt
Mrs. Oscar Alvarez and son, J. G., Conner, his son both, of Boll, near lucky for some folks that peo-
After a vacation of two weeks, Al- who have. been spending several here, were bound over to the January ple are not jailed for robbing tho
len Thornton has returned to his weeks with her mother, Mrs. Lalla]] term of circuit court without bail on soil.
duties at Mitchell's Drug Store. Chase, returned Saturday to their
a charge of slaying D. II. Robinson, I
home in Jacksonville.Miss of Bell, at a preliminary hearing this Like fun, entertainment, and instruction SSOUTHBRN
Legal blanks for sale at the Telegraph I ? Then don't miss Farmers'
morning before County Judge BryantD.
office. Week at Gainesville, August 1015.
Virginia Weeks entertainedher Hiers. Willie Conner charged with I
I friends last Saturday evening at being an accessory after the fact was
Miss Nellie Lewis who has been the Weeks cottage, Kingsley Lake
I being held in default of $1,500 bail.
the guest of Miss Madge Middleton, I the party being complimentary to The slaying which took place Juno ,666
has returned to her home in Arcadia. Miss Louise
Slims, of Jacksonville.Dr. .
I 11', according to testimony at the preliminary
I hearing grew out of an I. a ..._rtp* .. I.*
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wainwright, and Mrs. E. L. Biggs had!
as argument between the elder! Conner Malaria, Chills and Fever RAILWAY SYSTEM
spent the first of the week at Jacksonville
!guests this week at their Kingsley
and Robinson in Uell. !Sirs J. A. Con- Dengue or Blliou Fever
Beach. I II Lake cottage, Mrs. J. M. Oliver and ner, who was! injured, when resisting II kill Hi* gmrta.
I children, of Baldwin, and Earl Rob-
arrest following the slaying
I was un-
Mrs. J. E. Corpening will leave erts, of Lawtey. able to be In court. Habitual C.... .i,.,allon Cured .
noon to visit relatives in Maron, S. III 14 La :1: l Days wA.__
William Douglas son-in-law of J.
C. I Contracts for deeds chattel LAX-FOS WIHI PEPSIN": j it n siwrlnlly-,
mortgage -
A. Conner, arrested at the time of the prepnredSyrupTonk1nxutivufor! llabituu'Coiiatlpatlon. '
blanks, option contracts, warranty affair charged with assault with In- It relieves promptly and
James Shepard came up from West I deeds, retain title notes, tur- Keep Your Money in This
tent to murder Grady Robinson should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days I
Palm Beach and the week-end
spent pentlna leases, etc., for sale at the
brother of he slain man, and who was. to Induce regular action. It Sllmul''ell and
with his family. Telegraph office. released shortly after on $"00 bond Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. GUo I

was in court but was not brought of- ocr bottle. Bank--Not In Your Pocket
Dan Turner, of Jacksonville, "Is Fifteen children gathered! Tuesday afternoon ficially into tho proceedings.
visiting his uncle, F. L. Turner at I
on the home of Mrs O. J. FILLING TilE SILOIt
West Call street. 'I Griffin and listened to stories told

| by Misses Ethel Griffin and Sara is just about time for filling the
J. L. Peek was a visitor to Saint :I Malphas. silo. This is Just as important as M Almost As I
Augustine Sunday, and on MondayMr. the growing of the silage crop, 8ap Easy
Peek motored to Palatka. Mrs. Sara L. Hamrick has returned John !M. Scott, animal industrialist of

from a visit with her daughter, Mrs the Florida Experiment: Station. As Balloons
Ernest Winhovel, who has been J. C. Rampley, of Avon Park, Mrs. Nothing is gained In !growing a

visiting Joseph Malphas, has returned Ifamrick was accompanied home by good silage crop and then losing it bv Kelly-Springfield's exclusive
to his home in Lake City. Mrs. Rampley who is spending the not harvesting and I handling It prop new method/ of construction

week here. erly and at the right time. Any crop! loops' the bead .
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ware Awbrey and to be used for silage must be well matured right Into the cords of the
son Spencer, spent Sunday in Jack- Mr. and :MM.[ L. E. Miner and if the best quality of silnge i'i tire fabric itself. This I
s sonville. daughters Miss Nellie Steams and to be produced.If .
makes the new Kelly HO
Pauline Miner, returned to their your silage crop I is corn, it flexible that car can I '
Mrs. R. P. Mattox, of Jacksonville home In New Smyrna after a visit should not be cut for silage until the ride your the air in
is spending several weeks at the here with friend and relatives.E. now upon
rather than
home'of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Snyder. axgtrsLtr IL1Q1.XIf I the upon I
the bumps in the road.
A. Strout E. C. Frost and Mr
We've heard tire users ,
H. C. Wall, of Jacksonville, spent Marshall, of New York, spent Sunday FOR i I that these Kelly Flexible
the weekend with his parents, Mr. here as the guests of G. M. Inman, nay Cords almost! as
and Mrs W. L. Wall. :Mr. Strout is president of the Strout are
Farm Agency, and Mr. Frost Is gen SALEAn easy-riding And that Isn't as the only de- The proper place for moneyIs

Miss Laura Wynn, who Is attend- eral manager. Hireable feature about In the bank, and the proper

ing the University summer school eight-room twostory them. Like all Kellys they way to pay is by check. Why
the weekend at home. The ladies of the
spent Presbyterian I
give the long, dependable take the risk of robbery or of
house two lots
church will have a food sale Saturday on corner. t
mileage every car-owner loss! by accident? A checkbook '-
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Davis left Tues- August let, beginning at three o'clockat Double-deck porches front i.s easier
wants. /! to than roll of
day afternoon for a motor trip to Hull's store. Delicious home- and rear Including sleeping 1/\\ bills! and offers carry no temptationto a
Ashville, N. C. cooked food will be on sale. Come porches. House has pick packets.Hesides .
and get something good for your four fire places, lights!' 1!
Mrs. Hilton M. Barker, of Plant Sunday dinner.E. 'I bath and toilet. One grapefruit KELLYFireproof the safety afforded,
City, Is the guest of Mrs. A. S. Crewson r two orange, four pe- l! 1.a1a0rllta there 'is!' a tremendous gain in
N. Walnut street. S. Matthews and son, Eugene, can and several peach FLEXIBLE convenience.

left Sunday afternoon for Orlando, trees all bearing. Thlsu CORD Think It over and come In and
l Mr. and Mrs. John Shriver, of Winter Haven and I other places in property Is located close In ofk\ have a talk.BANK .
Brooker, were in town Tuesday after- the southern part nt the state. Before on a wide brick paved \

I noon. returning home, Eugene Matthews, street, paving all paid, and
Jr., will visit Sam Mitchell in L ke.1' has fine evergreen shades, (
Legal blanks for sale at the Tele- land. with line homes all around ; j OF STARKEThe

:Mr, and Mrs. W. M. Lane and MM. it.The
of two lots alone are Bank of Helpful ServiceWE
O. A Thrower Jacksonville mo-
worth .1.000.: but for
ITCHKilled quick
Starke shaking
tored to Friday and were
sale .3.7:50 will buy It. If
hands with old friends. Mrs. interested call phone 119w. Garage PAY 4 PER CENT.ON'SAVINGSPTY'IIV k kU
In Thirty Minute With Par- Thrower lived here for many years, I
a-cit-i.eide 50 cents at Mitchell's arid :\Irq. Lane was formerly Miss STARKE, FLA.
Drag Store. I :Mardie\ Thrower. 'J r1rYlMl"Ir ll1t..-" ..JL&IaJ'X i


"--,-. t .: "" -' '-1""" -" !"' '''''''''''''''''' r;; ..'- T. t ;:ts.- y L :;rJ n --- I j .-
: _.,. t _. : 7 <. L lri" 1___,_. _J--: .-Wt"yya -_-

.,. ,



-- --- -- -

A. A. burden Eap..... truiUe meeting .............._...__....-...| '.DD Aduma aud Sander Engineers ..tlm... road 14 .___..__-____.__::- 792.00
W. E. Torode. Exponae truatee meeting .__..._..._?-_........-...._ ..OD B. Fla. bavltiBi ani Trust Co., Engra, eat.Conner bridge 466.74
K. A Weeka, Bxpenie trustee meeting .-....-----...._..-.. .__ Bradford County Roll ___ _=::=::=:::: :
i C A: Fetch: Salary Secretary December __....--....-- .....=.--...,. ,:.:: bank of Starke. laykhoii; ___________-______________________---_- 224.18
FARMERS and FARMING Conaumer Lumbe__r Co., bridge lumber Hampton and Graham road .... 1J.80 J. W. And.._. Jr.. Supplies __________._________________________ 1599
City Light sad Water Plant Llllht aervioe _____________.______.. 11.81 Smith G....."., Suppliei ___.____----__ ---_____...---......... 7088W.
J. F. Colley: Rop.lrlng road drav ......... -.. ................ 100Inman E. Green Labor road 8 Adorns Evan and Co. __._--________--___ 960
4k Hiuh. Pnmlutn on bonds, RI ah: Matthews and: Week ___,-_ 15.00J J. J. Rlgdon Labor road Adnma Evans and Co. __--_._?____- ..______ 8.00
-. - -- W. Andrewi. eV. Son. Store. room rent _______.__________..___..._- 10.00G. Troy Norman Labor road 8 Adorns Ey.... and Co. ............._..._ 87.00
( W. Wainwrlght A. don Bridge lumber _____________....______._ '.20 Frank Morgan Labor road 8 Adorns Evana and Co ______-________ 18.14It
AND TRUCKERS ARE INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE Starku Telephone Co., Phone mvlce ,-____________ _________________ 180 M road 8 Adama Evans and Co. ___---_ ...._, _. 6.60
FAHMEItS W. K. Torode. 5uipliat. baa and 011 __________u_?_____________ LOS J.: W.: Crawford: ; Labor road 8 Adama Evans and o-_-----.::. ----:::.. 200:
ARTICLES OF FARM EXPERIENCES AND METHODS FOUND T. J. T.r..,.. Sui.phpa. Una and oil _________________.______..____..... 8.84 ., O. L. rown. Labor road 8 Adams Evans and Co. nn........._______ 2.00Haullgun
...._ __..__.. _. ._ __________
J. COUNTY I Bradford County telegraph ublllhlng notice 00 -- 8.00 Cooart, Labor mad H Adams Evans>: and Co ...- 1660
10 BE BET SUITED TO OUR D C, Jonas, .Suppllea ___________n_ .___________.....__________._... 1.1a C. C Lynn Labor road H Adama Evans and Co. ___----.....___......... I1).00
Town of Hampton Pro Rato Road and Bridge tax ?__._.______?__ 138. a Laurie Carter Labor road 8 Adams Evans and Co. .......__.......__ 1800
I N. O. Uayn. Ib-palring bridgi __.__________________._.,-..-.-......... 2.0D Owen Carters Labor road 8 Adams Evans and Co. __-.---___________ 8.00Adnma
Adama sad Sandfra, Engineer. timato Dyal bridge ____._._..____..... 87081 and Sandon. Retained percentage road 7 ____n_______________ 86U.80
+ I.RIWEUS rEAllKE is a possibility that we may get Hank of Starke, Pay Holla _____________________._----.--__-...__-. 151.73 Adams and S.ado.dv.. on retained percentage road 8 ........__-__. 7tU.laAdama
PECAN d safe. It is It'l Bradford County Bank lay Rolls nunn__.........._____......... 171.41 and Sanders, Adv on retained iiercenuge road a* .._._____.._. 702.18Adama
FAIL UlLll' I'KOGKAM: an it pays to play Smith 0.'.... Suppllea __n___. __.._.___.__........_....-.._.....?. 8488 and Sandera, Adv. on retained pircentage. road 2 .._......__.... 60.00
er to be inoculated.Of J. W. Andrew., Jr., Huppllti ..__----_____--___--_--_.__________..... 5477 April 7, Ivl.6. '
the inoculation is a little J. W. Andrews Jr., raid car and truck ____....___--__--_....-____-_ 1,84.1,117 K.: Fla. In..ml, Trust Co., Engineer estimate on Conner brldy.609.17
,r r J. M. I'alterMon to Address Gainesville course I Adama. and S.nd.JRI.. on Englnee* eitimate Dyal bridge ____.______ luO.OOnbrUKiy W. L. Wall. Suppllea __..___________._ _________________________ 285
10.13 painful for a day or so, but it does 3 W. 8. Futch. Kimce peat and labor' 30.70
Convention August 1925 ----- -------- ----- --
i not cause anything like the sufferingthat A. A. Durdun Expense. truatee meeting ____________....... ....... LOG J.ir Perry, Fence post and brace! _:::.:::::.__.::..__..=.-...::.. 49:86 *>
y n would I believe W. E. To..o".. bxptmie truatee meeting ___...-.?-....-........._.... 8,1)0 Coniumera Lumber: Co. Supplies: : .............._..................- 1:1g:
'' Gainesville July 22.-Pecan growing typhoid cause. K A. Weeks, Knpenia truitee meeting n_.--___._._.__.......___-.. 8.09 .1. W. White and Son Supplies ...::::----..._-----,.._.-.-----------
.; attention that it is a good plan to have every C. A. Futch Salary Secretary: January -.-..___...-___..--._......_. 76.00 C. A. Fetch Impacting Lumber and piling __.....,-.___..____... 20.isAuarna
in Florida will receive special Adams and rlandura, Engineer estimate Doana bridice ....__............ 495.60 and Siinuere. bnglneon estimate road 2 .._...._.....-.-. ...-- 1.C58.71Ailama
member of the family inoculated ev :: : :: :: : : ::
on the program of Farmers' '1'. D Ural, Hal. on piling Duane brides ._..-_...____.........._... 10.00 and blunilen.: Engineer! eitimate road 6 .........-......-::--?- 477.01:
10- ery three years, and not take 'lany W. B. 'lorodn, 8uppll __________________...___,________ .-.__._ 26.74 Adorns and Sundon, Fnvlneen eilimata' road 14 _?.-....-___________ 1,000.45/
and Fruit Growers' week: August chances with this dread disease.A I 1) C. Jon... Suppllea .._______._________.----__-______--__.___ 28.85 Aduma I and banden. fcnglnecn estimate road 0 ............ 8,260.06
15, according! to an announcement today Kicbard Bennett Hauling lumber .___..___.__.-.---........__........, l.aOAd.m. Oscar Carter, Labor road S -------__-__--_-_ _::-,-,-.._--- ::::=:-:: 1 :18Smltha
11. Clackman cul- mighty good way to help prevent and Sandals:) Nalla. ____ ___n__________ _____ ____ __ 1.02 : Oarage, Suppllea' ...... ....--...-..?--... .................. 68.63
by O. pecan typhoid also is to keep the house J. 8. Austin, Bridge lumber ___-_._----_.-___-.-___-__.--_____- _..__ 68.00 J. W. Andrewi, .Suppliei.'I'7: !
l twist of Florida Experiment Station. Duke Lumber Bradford County Bank. Pay Roll ____u_____________________________ 208.1Hank
screened and keep down the Infesta- J. W. Co, ,Brldira lumber ------ --._.-_-.__..________.... 17.28 of Starke. 'aY Roll ____n____________________________________ 80111.82
Andrewi '
J. M. Patterson Putney, Ga., presi ft Son, Store room rent ........... ........_.......__. 1000:
: Bill Blade. Fence and braces ...........____.........______..... SS22
Growers'Pro I tion from flies. No filth should be Stark Bradford Teliftjhone, Co., Phone rent. _._____.......................... l.MO, W. S. F'uieh. Moving poeta fence on road 19 ________________>_.__________ *."0
allowed to accumulate about the County rltwrapn. I'>!n.la" aemi-annu.l report ............_ 7500
Association will on the C. A. rutch. Incidental ______________________._____ Mar 6. 1928.
expenn-a &3
appear B.. Fla Savlmn Co Conner bridge ...................... 05Adami
place the drinking water should be Anderaona Large __ ._ __..... ... Engra eat' I.m
other interesting Buppllva 00 ... ..._..._..___.. 8.25 ..... :00
gram along witfi l J. F. ___ __. __ and Sanden. Engineer eatimate 6 -- -- --
Colley _
lU'paira _____________ _
protected from surface drainage and -- -- 524 .
....... .
Adorn and Snnden. Engineers eatimata, road 0 ___............ 1,181,14Adams
p speakers on thin subject. O. W. Wainwright Gas and oil ..__ ______....___-.-..._.._._.....__ S. I general cleanliness observer. These J. G Engineera --
Chrlatopher Co. Sho.. and __ ......___._._.._... .
"Jlr. Patterson is a large pecan axes 00 _? S3 6-1 and Snnden. Engineers: estimate road 19 ..___._................ 810.20Adama
and has had precautions should be carried out In J.Smithy W And.G......"_.. Suppllea __, -__,__._-.n. ___r____--.___-_._._._.._.... 9el.71 and Sanders. Engineera ..Um... road 20 _...._._-.___.....____ Uo.00Coniumera

grower of South Georgia addition to inoculation. Bonk Jr. Supplies. ___n_________--_____--_-_-.-.._-. 70.70 Lumber Co., Suppllea --__,-_____.._._....._...___......... 2::0Smitha
' wide experience with growing and of Slarke. I'ay Bulb ---_____________._.._..__ _______HIT 14.40 Garage, Suppliea __ _______.__.....__...........___.____ 6u.J4
-- --
c the Mr. Black- After u loved one la stricken la too J.Bradford W. County' bunk, fay Roll -----___________________________.... 1J.74 J, W. Andrew Jr., Supplies _______n___..._..__......____-_______ 1I.8S
' marketing crop, says late him. The is I Andrew-. Jr., Ford truck dump body and cab .................... 765,00 BradfoKPCuunty Bunk lay Roll ________u_...___...-.._________...___ 124,38 .
1 morik in making the announcement. to save time to act March 8, 1928. Bank of Starke, lay Roll -___-_________u____.__---------------- 168.14
"Tha National Pecan Growers' Association before hand. A. A. Durd ua, F:.porn. truatco mratinir ___.____..._____..._____......'. 800 Jun. a. 1926,
W. E. 'Corod."n... truatea meeting ..........._____.....-._...... 8.00 Adams and Sandon. Engineer. eatimate road 20 _._......___--___-______ 1.82'.40
' of which Mr. Patterson is 21. A. Weeki. .;.I' n.. truitcei. meeting -._._....._._......__........ 0.00 Adams and Sandcn, engineer. ..Um... road 6 __.___.-_____...___.__.. S67.91;
) president IH composed of grow- FAKES AND) FAKERSSTILL C. A. rutch Salary Secretary. February __________________.___00... 7J.00 F. D. LonK Lumber ______-_____00______.________._______________ -'J-JJ
pecan C. A. Fetch Incidental ______,______.........___._._-.-....____... 881) Hampton Telephone Co., Moving telephone line ___-.-...._____ .
rts of the entire south. Mr. I'utter- PROSPER INLAND J. W. Aad....... &. Son Store. room rent ......_..___.-__._...._.__._. 10.00 J. W. Andrews. Jr. Suppllea ".}J
Bon's talks arc sure to be of interestto OF EDUCATION J. It. Dnvia a> Co. 1'remium' on bond Torode and Durden .__..._.._... 10.HO Smith 1 Garage, Suppli .-__::::. :::::::::::::::: :=:::::=:::::::::: ,12'Ja

Slarke Telephone Co. Phone ..rvl.. __.-___.-.-.....--.-.__......._. .95 hank of bturke, lay Roll __________-__.__________?________ J .
a, large number of growers and Pity l.itrht and Water Plant Light, service and supplies .....__........ 7.0.1 Bradford County Dunk Pay Roll ___________--_____.________________ .38Ailama
prospective growers in Florida" I Within the past three months there W. E. Torode. Suppllai _________....-.....-................___..._____ 7.83 and Sander, Kutalned pcrcontaiie road 8 .........______.______ 1.081.1S
bun the attention of the FlorIda O. W. Walnariglrt 11111>1111.. __n_____?_____________..__._____..... 297
I One section of the program for I come to Auto Inn. Siippliei _____._un______......__...._..........._...... 1.65 Total Disbursements ____--__-____________________--------938,003,83
, Farmers' week. which is being held Experiment Station and Agricultural H. Ik W II. Drew Co. Suppliei ___________________?_____.____________ 8894 RECAPITULATION
J the of Extension Division several J. *. Collvy Suppllea' -_.._- _.- _..?..._.._......?.__ 195 January 1. 1B85 to amount on hand -..--------- ..- ----------.4 ,;7'J
at College Agriculture, ia to I Bradford County; Telegraph, Adv: for bida --._ .-...._._--.._..-__. 8U:00 June SO, 1826 to amount ot receipt : -:::.__.....- ? "
be devoted to pecans, truck, and small fake prays", and "cure all,, for plant D C. Jones, Suppllea __--_.......___.........___-.___._..._.._..__ 1125 June 80th by amount dliburaementa _________............_..___.. '38,083.33'Si.
fruits. Thursday's of this I diseases and insects. Most of these f.. M. llvvlll.) Lumber ________ .____n_______..........._______.______ 4 14 Dy amount to balance _..______________-______________ 7.084.7B
program Town of Lawtey Pro Kuto road and bridge tax .._..................... 147.119 "
,, flections devoted entirely to pecans. I art neither helpful nor harmful, but J. T. Moore Work on road _____..___...____..._._................ 14.00 848.148.J2 145.74812
, Among the to be like patent medicines for human ills, Smithy (:range, Suppllt __________.___..._____-.--._...__...._.-.... fij.97
! pecan subject ;i I J. W. And....... Jr.. Supplir ________._._.-__......--___......._?. 1U4.t) Jun. 80 1925 to .mount caih on hand ____--?_______.-__--..._.....8 7,064.79
taken up on this program are varieties arc bought and used in quantity, and Bank of Slarke. lay Itolll _un_.--..__.....__._.._....__...._.? 874.C-t
"' and soils scab insects cultivation in the face of expert advice. I llradford.. County: Hunk Pay Roll __--_.......________...-............ 8X6.93 INTEREST AND SINKING FUND SJanuary

and cover, crops, fertilizers, and Ono of these mixtures, made of 7, 1928.J. W. And......, Jr., llal.. on Ford tractor. .__.........__...._________... 209.00torn R.t.lpla- 8. 1025 from E. W. Huyei toga ____________________u________, B8 ..-2

II a spraying demonstration. In Paris green, crude carbolic acid, etc., A. A Durd.n. Rxpenie triutee meeting ___...___.-___-..__.__.____..... 8.00 January rubruury 3 8., lu:8 llliS: from from E.E.W.W.Hoya Hay,taxea taxea a::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SlvJ:!

tion Mr. Patterson others will addi-I is said to "destroy blight germs,, W K.; 'lorode r.xpenie truitee meeting ___...__._..--._..__..._.__..... 800 March 8. 1H25 from E. W. ho... tam ______00_____________?_______-- .
K. A. Week, ExpenHe truMee meeting ....--.._____..._--.............. 500 April 8 19J5 from E. W. Hnyn laxca __________.______________00____ 6.8U.8S
ion the program, are Mr. scale, fungi, cancer, insects, and R. M. Honey, Dragging otf dead cow _____........_.-_.......__._.... 1.00 April 11, 1U5 from S. A. L. Railway Appurtenance taxes 10..3 _______ U2.86
R. E. Nolen, II. E. Bratley and R. W. nearly all disease of trees and };. It. zoj '''r. kxpenr.ee: from Miami, Beach to Starke and return ......___. SB.BO May 4. 1926 from Comptroller. Railroad, tax _____._--_.______...._. .
City Linitht and Water Plant, Light ..1'.1.. ...____._________.________ 2.70 May .. IU28 from E. W. Hayes tax. ____._____--___________-_________ J'JJJ.JJ
Ruprccht. shrubs.! The only thing omitted and City of l-.lr.rke, 'r. C. Pipe/ ___________-__....___.___________......___ '.40 June 4. 1926 from E, W. Hoye taxes _________________________________ 11,610.70Total
of greater importance was that it U. W. Wainwright Suppliea ..__________________________?___.... 8.6'
7 'OUNTY AGENTS/ HELP will whichIt C. A. Hutch Frelnht on Creaole ______..._00_..............____....... 1.it Receipts ................_______._______________.-7=7l
certainly kill the plant to Quigley: : Broom Co., Concrete pipe -.....----.---....... _.... 4294] RECAPITULATION
BUILD. IIE'l"nlt: DAIRY Is applied. There Is a 70-acre or- Quigley room Co., Concrete: pipe I t.01,1 Jall..........*............._... 84.00: January 1, 1925 to amount on hand _.___-_____.__,______________. l .
I INDUS'IKY IN FLORIDA chard which test!. Starke Telephone Co. 1'hone ..r.i.. ___-.___._-__.___......_...... 1.41 Juna 80 1UJS to amount recclpla --- .--.- 28.837.78
stands as mute J. W. Andrews' a.. Son Store room rent ____ T--T-.__i____...?___ boo 80 192 by amount dlibunwmenta. Interest ;n--.bond :::::::::: ',uinooo.
I I I mony to this foot.i C.. A. .Fetch Salary: fcecretary, March ._......_..................__.._ 7500 June amount to balance _______________.___--_______ 2S.817.0'
Promoting dairying in Florida Is Another which is find I). C.. Jon., Suppliei ___________n_i__....__......_____............. 8.StW Dy --
one of the important line of work 'i preparation K 'loroile. Suppllvi: _n___ ._n__..____........___.___._____...... 53.HO 839.817.05 130,817.05
ing its way into the state is a spray Smith Garage, Suppllea ___. ____n________________.........___....... 6081
being conducted by the couty agents. I, said to kill all kinds of Insects either J. W. Andr..... Jr. Supplies n_____________._________..........______ 160.08tank 8. to amount hand __._______ _____._---------4.83,817,05
June 1925 on
I The average Florida cow Is a poor ( of Starke, lay Kolla ____ _________--._____________________.--__ 649.38 -- Eo S. MATTHEWS.Bvcretary. .
producer, and the production of milk I chewing or sucking. This material, Bradford County Hunk, Pay roll. ______-__.._________.________________ 600.88May C. A. FU.CH. Chairman.
I like all tho others of its kind, carries 5. 1926.
in the state is far below the demand. with W. E. Torodo Expinae trustee meeting ..__...__...____....--......... 8.00 ,
; The county agents are working to it no recommendations from experiment It. A. Week*, Expense.: trunti.,. mrating _. --.__.____--____._____....... 500
1t i stations. In fact, the agents C. A. FetchBniary Soor.t.rI>rol ___. .____........................ 7600
get more of the milk that is consumed for these and wonderful discover- D. C. Jun_. Supplltx" _______._...___....._...___00__._.......___.___. 2018
in Florida produced in tho state, ando I new Andirloit bang. tiuppliea) _--.___.__..........._._................. 240
helping I ics usually stay just us fur away W. E. Torode, Suppllea ____n_______________?____?--_._?. 28.26 : Puzzle
are with feeding problems, from stations II a W. U. Drew Co.. SuppliM _00__.__._____?___________.____-.__ 1.OS L Our Cross-Word
c starting pastures, creamery and experiment as possible, C, A. Fetch, Incidental expeniea. _-___________._________________.- I.U
market work other I i I In many cases refusing to submit Bradford County Tclviiraph." Blanki .dvertiiing. etc. ._............... 40.21
and dairy prob their product for analysis and trialin Standard Oil, Co. 0... and oil ....-______----........_............... 131.96
lems. ( W. 14. (Crawford 5U fence posts. at old Jail _________.__.___._______. 17.7<
"A great deal of interest is an experimental way. On the Starke Telephone Co, Phone aervlce .............n............._... 1.20( '
being other hand the experiment staton and a. W. Wainv.right. Lumber ----__________.____________--___________ 2360 This cross-word arranged because Mr. Lunsford has
taken by the farmers in the no-fence ; Baldwin Lewie I.... Co, Fence wire ____n________________...?____ 17861 puzzle was very easy,
law election August 3 i agricultural extension workers are Bond Truiteea, Union County, Repair .to Scout Hole bridge ....___..... SOU,19 by Harry William Lunsford. I included several Latin words-rand
says a report I doing all In their power to protect the J. W. Andrewi.. Jr, Tractor fender ___._____-_--._.___._-..______- 8500 We will enjoy it be they will give you the key to the oth-
f, by C. It. Illntt of Marlon county to M. D Moody Road King grader ________________..?_..?____.-?? '40.80 are sure you ,
'r the Agricultural Extension! Division I,, fruit and truck growers from falling. City Light and Water Plants Light aorvioe _____________.____________ 405 cause it contains some very interest- MB. If you don't know Latin, you'lling
Mr. I prey to the talk of !smooth salesmen. J. J'. Benjamin 'Ihree way road. drag -___________?__________.___ 17460International information. If you know Latin i know a few words, anyway, by the
adds that the outlook seems llarveeter ('.... McCormick Dcerlng Tractor ....._....... I.IUSUOBond I
to be favorable to the law. I'I I Here is an instance of how agricultural 'I'r......... Traniler funda ______________..?___._____? 293 8(8 words, you should find this puzzle time you have completed this puzzle.
workers of Florida are try- Bond Iriuteea, Trnnifer funda ......_____._......._...._.___._._ 2681!
One dairyman cut his feed costs 10' Smithy: Ga....... .........n___.........._..........___..._ 4 79
per cent by home mixing his feeds ac- I| Ing to help you. A county agent inI J. W. And......., Buyplles1.s ______________________________.._ 19.39 I 2 6 7 $ 9 10
!I central Florida sent in to the Agrl- Bradford County Bank. Pay Rolls. ___._.......______--____-_.-_ 880.11 iI
cording E. Matthews to a formula Erowurtl furnished by C. i I cultural Extension Division some literature Bunk of Starke. I'ay Uolla. ____________?__________..___________._____ 88763 I 13 14
County agent. I
I June 2, 192S
"Accompanied one of our dairymenon concerning one of these un- A: A. Durden. Expense trustee meeting ___.____....__.........._..... 8.00 17
i known sprays seeking entrance into W. E. Torode, Expenae truatee meeting --_.-__________________-_ 8.00 15 lb toId
a trip to the Experiment Station the K. A. W...... Expenie truitee meeting ......______.__.__----.-_..-. 6.00
At at Gainesville, where we secured several i state Inquiry was made to the C. A. ......h. Salary Secretary. May and Incidental _____________._.... 79.81) LO ZI 2t:
bags of Extension Service and Experiment J. W. Andrewi, Sr., Lumber for tool box ______...____._________..... 8.71!
grass roots which will Station in the W. a Crawford 22 fence posy ________________________.____.......... 511 t3 24 LSZ6
; be used In starting a permanent pasture state of its origin. The Harley Padgett.. Labor on road ___...............___......__.___..._. 1.60
I I I reply was : "The worst that could be D. C. Jonee, Supplies _______?_?_______?____________ 2145
says a report from J. O. Trax: said about the would Mullen Broa Clearing right-of-way ___________________.._ 12.21 c7 tti 9 ,yl
ler, assistant county agent in Duval. I! spray not be Starke lelepbone Co.. Phone aervioe ._.__.____.-_.__.-.-.-. .61J )
+ W. L. Watson the { far off tho mark. It is apparently a F. Colley, Labor and luppllea __.__________.._.??.-..........._ 8.91 32 33
county agent, adds '" 'shot gun' mixture designed to H. e.. W. B. Drew Co. Suppliea n______________.-_?______________ 1111
4 : that the dairymen and poultry-men of cure rmnlre: Lumber Co. .'.n.. posts. .,ump..,. ..........__........__?.. 1081 34
the county are I I all and cures nothing." It Is difficult J. H. filch 26 finca posts __________________________?________ '.as 35 .3tl 37 Sd
l progressing to understand why farmers will Standard: Oil C.... Ual and oil __.____________._____________..._ 134.21
P. L. Craft, county of Alachua, Is some Auto Inn Suppllea ._____..--..____.__.____.-..-..,.-_____-..? 2.28 39 911 91
hvlplng his farmers work I purchase some untried, worthless or J. IL Saxon. Plow __________00___________________._____________ 7.01)
' on a creamery dangerous substance when they haveat A. A. Durden Supplies ____.....-._________?_...-_____ '..UConoum. 43 4T -
: project, and recently made a trip ... Lumber Co.. Shinglea. -._______-___________.__..-__. .91 45 46 f
to Ocala in the interest of the I their disposal without cost expert City Light and Water Plant Light aervlce _.---..__._.--_-_..-... J.S6
7 advice and personal aid of the men at W. E. 'loiwle. Suppllea ______-.-______________________ 6181 48 4y 5
Alachua creamery.WHY" Smiths G........ Suppllea __________________________.-___ _-___ 111.81
I the University who have no motive Bradford County hank, Pay Rolla _____00__________________ 'H4.U 5.: S3 64 b5
+ TAKE A CHANCE other than helping the grower. Bank of Starke. Pay Kolla. ___.___________._____________-..._-._.. 491.81J.
WITH TYPHOID WHEN I Subjects of this kind will be given H. Saxon Labor on fence ______-..,.................____...__ 8.00 56 ,,

1, IT CAN HE PREVENTED? ; full discussion at Farmers' Week, Total Dlabuneminta .....______________________.815.4U6

I { August 1015. If you have troubles, January 1, 1925 to amount on hand RECAP1TLLATION,__.____$.0. .3.06 VERTICAL 18. Meadow
(By Spuds Johnson) I i come to Gainesville and unload them Kecelpta to Jun. 80 IUJ8 _.____.____________ Mt.21\1.111
One of Si Smith's children has a at this time. June 80 1926 by amount diaburaemonta .._________________ 115,488.83 I. Changes 111. And ( Latin)

serious case of typhoid fever. The '' By amount to balance _._..__.........-_________ 18.878.61) 2. Tidy 20. Meddles R J

neighbors around here are all scared FIRST BALE GEORGIA COTTON $31.SHa.23 831.362 3. A tin container 22. A state (Abbr.)

,! up, and many of them i 4. High noon (abbr.) 23. A limb
are being Inoculated ...... .
... .10,876.00
; against typhoid. Si Is hav | New York.-The first bale of cot- Jun. 30. 1025 to amount on hand -----BGNDFUND" --- --------- 6. To wander 24. A snappish bark

:.,' ing the rest of his family Inoulated ton from the Georgia crop of 1925 Ricelpla 6.. Nickname for Irene 26. Perceives with the eyes .
i i sold received. from State Road Department engineer. Salary..8 100.00 I
was at auction the New York February 21
28. Unit
[ in a last minute attempt to prevent February it. reed. from Hull e. Jun.! for wire and ataplea ._____. 4W.60 7. Abbr. for our president
,' the rest of them from getting sick. I I cottgn exchange today 'at 58 cents a March. IT reed from State Road Department/ Engineer. salary _-.__ 100.00 8. Whole quantity 30. A tailess, jumping amphibian, :
I pound. April 17 reed from Suite Road Department Engineera salary ....... 1UUOK
I can't understant'why It is that April 17 reed from Wire ..1 .________ 261) 9. Settlings of liquor; dregs resembling the frog I
!jJ" people-and Si Smith Is not alone In'', The first bale of cotton from the May 9 reed, from State Koad Department Engineera. salary ..___ 10001)6tU 10. Laden 32. Flexible stem of a palm .
this-will Florida crop was auctioned at 50c May V transferred from general fund ....___n_...--.-....-......__ .6 33. Grain be I
not avail themselves of a May 9 Intereet from Bank of Starke ...---.-._-_-_-__________-_- 9760 13. To make ripe to ground
,,' the oportunlty to prevent typhoid pound. May 9 from Comptroller T. e.. J. Railway tax. ______________________ 17619 16. A loose or ragged edge 34. A girl's name I
'I'i rather than take a chance Juna 19 from State: Road DeparUninu engineera aalary _n_______ 10000 17. To endeavor 36. A child's game
on having Ctirus farmers truck farmers 1
t ,
;, It. Typhoid Is a serious nilment.and ton farmers and all farmers will Total RecelpU' -1,830.27: :20.! To make a will 37. At sea
J' Imperils t>1.b..m.nta- 39. Stand (Latin) .
the life of the affected person find much to interest them on the January 6, 1916Adana 21. To fully satisfy .

": We may take a chance and go program of Farmers' Week at the and Sandirra. Knglneera ..Um... Roads 2.8 ___...._._........8F.bruary 68468 23. Bends for support 41. Devoured
1.f! without Inoculation and not have ty- College of Agriculture Adams and Sanden. ."...a.... eatlmale Road 14 ___._...____..-..__ 2.6JO.61 25. A squad of men 42. Bachelor of Laws (Abbr.)
phoid, hut on the other Gainesville, Adama and Sanden, Lnglneere.: eatimate Road 6 .____________ (.004.84 27. Before Poetical 44. Fit to be eaten
hand there August 10-15 Is the date. Adams and aandnra, Lngmeen eatimate Koada 1-e _______ 481.6.! ( )
C d. Kelli. Excavation.: Koad 1 ...._____________________ 193.-6 28. Smallest of the five Great 47. Abbr. of famous president
J. E. Roaiar MoviOK barn on road 14 ____.___u..___.________ 60.OD Lakes abbr. 48. To move or pass over with
>. ItEI'OKT OF THE HOARD OF BOND TRUSTEES OF fl>. %Walnwright. Srcunng right of way deeda ...._______ lionlaa ( )
Coniunitfra Lumber Co. Suppli.------------------------ .___ 29. To urge and pressure
J: imADFORD COUNTY FLORIDA C E. McLeod. Lnglneera eatimate Conner bridge. _____ 91.80 31. Devoured 60. He asks (Latin)
FOR SIX Bank of Starke. Pay Roll ______u_________________ 2301
;MONTHS ENDING Bradford County BankPay Roll n_________________ 801.64 3.1. French painter who founded 61. Epoch
< JUNE 30TH 1923 Sniitha 0........... Suppllea ___._____________________.......... .___ 7J.06 famous French school 62. A single person or thing
_____________ ____ _
J, W. Andrew Jr., bupplteaAdama __ ______ 4001 64. Relative Abbr.
( .
3. 1112.. 843. An ancient proverb

t. ,' Reealpla GENERAL: fUND and Bandar Eng'neera aatlmate Road 14 ....-______ 1.0111.11 38. To charge with gas of air SS. lIe will be (Latin)

.... January.. 3 E W. HavreIHye. TaxiTatea _______u_______________-f I t.84 Ad..... and Sanders. Fnglneera. eatimate Road 5 __?_ 1.811.UO 40. Used for rowing 66. A manufacturing city of Japan
January 8 E W. Adam. and ttandt'l. bngineera ...m... Roada 1-16.72 ....______. a.ISAS8
________________. lanes/ 67. Last
41. name a president."li.X.'Jz' .
January 11 Abate Road TVpartmenCTumber -I___ ...... ____ ..10 East Florida S.vint. and Truat Co.. fcnglneera eatimate Conner bridge 26161: (Abbr.)
; January. .20 State Road ''''r.rtm.nt. Gaa tax for November? ..____ .. .. I.IP"< .411407S fca: .t Florida bavin-a and Trust Co.. Balanee on bridge on contract of 43. Goddess the moon and months

'"r February 1 E W. Hayea. Taaea ----___....--__..?.___..___....-.____ / Adama Evans and Co.. VUlla Sana and McCarthy ?.________ 1t7.711 43. Mosaic Law
F.bru.rt1.J R. r>a.ii A Co.. Returned premium on Truatee bonds __ TltOMarpn Qulaley room Co. Concrete pipe for road S ____00__?____ 11I.00 (Hebrew)
February 21 State Road department. Gai Tax for D<<.mbn _______ !,15097 Kufua 'Croeby. Moving barn on road 6 _._________...?_._______ 3500 46. A soothing application S I G N D u P PLAT
March 3 B W Hayei. Taxea .... t-ut .10.. Savlngi and Trust Co.. Hal on clay on ....d1 _..__ 1786
Mitrch' 8 Clar County. nrantlnir-road ..____- -----_-__-___ 14250 18 811 C. A. Futch. Inapecting. lumber and piling ___u_______ It.il6 47. A set of three A D A L q A N O 1ft E
March 17 Comptroller \uti Lleerue tax 71.84 I Conaumera Lumber Co.. Supplies -..__________ 1724 49. Large GA RL
tlI Stale' Road Department. Gsa Tax"for jVnuary"IIII.I.I.! _!.__. 1,411 81 Coniumera Lumber Co.. lumber for abed road 10 _____ ton 1 C ROBBER
51. To
4c April 8 Comptroller. Auto LI...... tax __ ________ 77.0' Bank of Starke. Pay Roll _________ __? '''.88 go astrayPreposition E BAN If
April SEW. Its,. .LZZZZ.Apd Bradford County' Back Pay Roll .______ 53. g u R E M
I Taxea _.. .... _..... 1.2 9.75 ----r. 461 71
II c."m':'>'roll'r, s A. L.--Rij;s; tax (Appurtenance- -: ; ) -192S ...... ; 91 J. W. And.._. Jr. Suppliea .______..._____ 63.r* 855. Half l4.? E E 0 9 6 V
I Smltha 0....... Supplies ....._ _...__.._ an em
J Comptroller., Raa Tax for February _____________ ____ .1II4.lt n __ 7364MOD'
"i May 4 F W. Ilaa. T.... ---?-?-..-._.---.?--'___.____"_00'''_____ 90410 J. W And....., Jr, Ford ear 00__________________ ___ < HORIZONTALImplement 1NTEN T NEC 4 R
May S 8. A. U Railway. Taxea _____ .. ,. l.tlt.78 Adama and aandera. Retained percentage road 1 __ 640.35" : '
.. May R Comptroller Auto leenae' Tax ___ ? 845.1 Adams and aandera. Retained percentage road 15 ....._______ 30444 1. used to hold ship f'E: : '

).. = May 21 Comptroller Gaa Tax for March _____________ t,819.0) Bradford County Bankenc. on. property of Mra. Murrhee 400.OH in one place. E R S O N C M I N 6
May 28 T a J. Raitwa Tax _____ __ 3891t Auto Ion. Caa and oil road 18 -----.____________ .. 1..6
jJ." June 4 E W. H.... T.... __________-__ .557.94 A. K Wail Lumber ________n________________________ J38 6. To recollect T e o u S A C
June 19 nmptmller. Auto Lleenie Tax __..................______ 19140 March 8. 1928. 11. Not fat N M E E
'. Jun.' IM Slate, Road 1 1.rtm.nt. Gaa Tu for April .........._____ 1.190. T J. Perry. Fence poeta on road It __........oou_.._____ '..40 12. A Q s p E
Bill Slade. Fence poet on road Id ---____________________ 8e.UO native mineral L U M N I P E E r
r Total' R.-celpte, ---------______?_______________ ______Ill.SH.18 Conaumera Lumber Co.. Suppllea road 8* __ ___ 369 14. A col ', name 6 aF
R. A. W...... Expellee connected with assuring Uurrbee. deed 22.3 16. A color q LI S 0 C q 11 0
DiaeaneaenteJanuary -. Ada.... and Saadera, Engineera ..tI_.. road 8 __ 1.14K.11 O E N
,t, f, 1926. Adams and Sandara ingineen easy road 8 -._.-_-_______ 1.386.61 13. To spoil N w E E
___ _



4.s --::..' -- O ,"- :__'. 1> -- ..... ., --'-" ....., .... ..",. of 3
!;JZ.JF ,n i ;. 1 : -WC : r r. ;.. :.:: ana:*";I = J : ''II!! ', .:. .-w
;: : ) ,,
____ ............ _. .... t < .. .


. "" .,..... .. --- k----------
;!\ "lf'\>' -- ----- _
) .



;. ._ .._ .. ._ __. .

l. day of AugUht A. I. li/-". I will .1'11)to .h, C 'tint'*'' FKiklH' dt I ,crlbd. 110 foflwu Jfih ,lnj' of Junr. A. I). 1021 by Judge A. Z. i.uarttr of snuthi-At-t qunrtfi ori.uarttr aottth.taa'
lion.rnbl* George Oardlnir. Jud lot' Two .f't, and I i",.ui (idi.> and ntrip I' Alkln ne of tho Judge of the Circuit of action three ..1) ; north half of
c,f Itrndford County. Florida. for an Forty feet tad and went by Ninety feet Eluhth Jud.clal Circuit ot 'Cour*, north half aol nouthwo i.uurt,, of south '
I mil at private ,,.Ie a one twentieth undivided north and south' beginning at soutnwcatcorner and for Bradford county Florida \In Chan w..st qunrtvr anti wrt bolt nf ., ...,,.. q"a. 1.
l Inures of W. B Andrea a m. ._ldentn of block Hffr. <(161) and nm thence rely sittIng In favor of Walter M. Ferris, tar and southeast quarter of ." 'ho. quarter .
tr lunntlo and heir of Franc I N. Andreu. do- mat Forty <40i ft f.t. thence north Ninety complainant, and agalnit tilusenp. Campo, of section four ((4) : northeast quarter *n<|
c.a. J
to-\vtt : lliomtwon ....ot. thenc. Ninety fet South, Norman d..noan", the will I offer 'met quarter quarter and north
Inn.1 tn
1 northrant Qu..te of the eonthwnet quarter I. startIng ,tnt. the nf".n8)( feet norU for the ..ndonilna door al hair of Rout In. quarter of section nine (tl> i 1 1no..h
of section twenty-nine township aU south of the above Forty bv Ntntty feet lot I Sto..k. Bradford.county, Florldn, between the half of n.rht qu.r.. of section i
ranKr tw.nty-two east .ontalnln. forty and rr\ed for nlUy purpose ". hou.of sale on Monday the Sid day of ( IP. all In ( ) south range .,
I alxty.two ons-htindredtite acrea or MM.. tu aiiptai to the said 11 of complaint on "" I). tills to tha highest ana beet twonl".lwo '2tst.\ .onl.lnlnl one thousand .
I acid lands lying. being and sItuate In Bradford or before the Seventh of September A. blildir for cash. the following described lands ..,'.n hundntl nlnt (1.7 OI sorts.

LEAVING THE OLD California to return for another Job County Florida.DatfnJ D 1028 and in due counu drflne and eel upvhat lying and being In ,. Florida more nr 1 lna.
*hia, <"th day of July. \. P 192SI *.c>r claim ur |Interest which you and each I to.wit : Also north three hundtvd twenty ((320) ,.
DAYS BEHIND in the fall. ills plans for the plant ,I I J. W TURNER of you .,h.v. Ui the abo\o Aoacrtbcd prop lute' Seventeen ((17) and Eighteen ((18)) In of northeast quarter I of southwest quarteranti *
had been completed Just before my Guardian for W. B. .; ; a Lunatic erty, or th talC bill will b taken .confeaed *. Six-lion Ten ((10) Township Fli'* <5) !
"Bob ?" 7.IO-Ot-5-7. against, I' nanKe Twinty-two bast ... Soulh 'oulhvast qunrtr nf southeast quarter ofsttithwest
disastrous trip down the Coast. On I It (I. further that this order bopublished plat recorded In Public roconl of t quarter and south h.1 of northw .

"Ye, Sallie." all sides his splendid achievementhad OP FOR TAX DEED one oro.for eight county on Pairo On (ill. Said lota .on'olnil"8..Mor NOTICF APPI"ATON OF TUB work In the Bradford an..utv.. 2< ncrea or 1. went four ((4)) acre. and weal hal of south
"Can you see any Joyouanesi ahead = received the highest praise and' GENERAL STATUTES weekly nvmpaper. of Colnt ..... pub t.. R A. GREEN I wi-t quartar of southrast .. and sooth I,

for me, I mean tlirilly, bubbly kind ?" his ability was being nationally commented Ii I Ituhcd In Stark. *.. U.dor..n..1 county. Florida. Special blaster. ,1 half. B M flft( ) In northeast
JOHNS except aeri corneivnorth
Ha did not answer immediately upon in papers and maga- Hereby notice (I. atven that W. A. Bcaaent. the WITNESS anid circuit the court and the.official Jude seal of of Solicitor for Complainant. 7-8-51-7-31 of railroad. In sectIon 'hlr.n (13))ll al. .
and I from the hammock lay zines. Jr. pure baaed of tse isle corttAcatea num I no southwest gazing
the Clerk of this court a* well a* his altrnn .rnol
boreil respectively 201 and 2"5 issued by the boa ten ((10> northeast and
at one tiny star that was like an Bradford Florida tun this the 0th day of July A. I). HUB ORDER FOR PUBMCATION : corner
Tax Collector County.
As for me, I turned unreservedly ot I I I mitt half of quarter, and nortb'nct -
I Siild beintt dated August I, 1920 a. W. ALDERMAN. In the Circuit Court of the f
acolyte accompanying the I Eighth Judicial' of quartar, and
moon. .rlfol. I"n'h" .o".h..t
to my work and lived on memories and nle said cvrtiflentea In my office (Stall) Cle.1 Circuit Co." Bradford Circuit of Florida, tn and for liradfont County -I .aiit quarter of 8"Ihw. cmarter. ...*.0.1

Then Bob's voice came to me through and dreams. Then something happened I and h.v. .: application for tax deed to County. Florida. In Chancery.Sara 110, n.. In southrnst corner in sectiontW.'ttiy.fottr
B C. A. KNIGHT.D.put .
the dark. that left mo once sgain flounderlng I.U. In ..er.n.with lawSaid Clerk.A R Sweat Compl.ln.nt (ill : also north' h.1 of north-
rvev'cttely'embrace. the v* \\it quarUr of northrnjit 'tltta' anti weal
I "They've left you with a shredded in the darkest despair. ,I .rln.. In* Bradford County. Florida.* S. CREWS. R C. Hclberger. et als Defendants half and rthwt-at i.unrtor of aouthvaslquarter

I i garment, haven't they, girl? Strip. I I (To be Continued) .folowlnl. at the dnr of HID, Unuwnce of such &1.110. for complainant 7-10-9t-0-4 ORDER FOR CONSTRUCTIVE SKKVICR nf nestlon t'trle'n ( I H ii) : also no..th..Rt .

ped of iduals illusions In the respectIvely her* To R C Hilberger, J. Charles Richard. N. quarter of northeast qunrt-nr and east _
"o'lf..h n.m.
you your \v. of soiithoaftt titttu.t'r nf "
I Ur"I..I, wt forth towltiCortincnti ORDER FOR PUBLICATION 1..ktt Samuel Harris, J Hampton "r.h..a qustr
:I' laughter and faith. Have you ever NOTICE OP APPLICATION FOR T\X" DEED I No. 201 embraces west hal of Mellon, Charles Ellerson I ttr. of station twenty.two !t2t north
thought about the the UNDER SECTION 4TS Of TUB ea.t half of northwest quarter of .., In Circuit Court Eighth Judicial tie Fllerson, Robert Fllerson Augustus .m ttet qunrUr of northwest 'quarter. of s.ctto4
way averagewomanconsiders GEN tKtl. STATUTES iiuartir sectIon 11. township 6, south rang Bradford County Stat of Florida In CI.ult son Mattie M..k.hlon. I M. '" ." ; twcnty.thr.t' (JH. \ oil\\ In I )wn.lilp eight |ill.
it her divine rightto I 22 wt0 acrr*. accessed UnknoirnC ret,. C.n. I Annla k I.. I nuth' of laiiKt ...nt'.I"0 I J.i I east also I
citticise ? Dher I if she could ?rtHVnl, No 205 embrace ant half of I Co rlnne Complainant I Sophia Satinders.k W. Hackett, Cashier !<>ta nlnntovn U0). twenty (201.) twanty-fiin
Hereby notice li glten that N. D Waln- east half of. southwest quarter of aoutheatitnuarter B.nn.tt I of County Hank, of Starke U )) and thirty ((30). In WoolUwn In -

.; only lieD the pompous Insolence of wrutht puroh.-.. of tux flute certificate I ectlon 12. town.hip 0. south rang C. B. Penn-tt, Defendant I If O..Mor, If dead. all parties 101.1. lion .fifteen (ISI. township tlv. 161.) totittlrin.u

her out! By what right, I ask you, numborel respectively Btf and 142 Issued by 'JJ ...t. 10 acres. accessed Rnknown. I I appearing by afTidavItt appended to th* terest under yon or either of you or other ; : ( cast.Hi :
the Tn Collector of Bradford County. Florid I Unless said evrtillcaUMi hall ba 111**] In the causa that C. B. wise. In the following described 'lands situated sod I \Wh.Jt21 am ,' required to apt;1''oaf "

does ono individual judge; another? Sold certificate bclnv doled July >. 1923. and according to taw, tat deed will: t I the av.lt I. In the County of In the State of to 'lit. lltll ntod, In said eaui-e onr '"l.'

', Why," Bob drew himself up in re- have filed. said ....tll"a'" .* In my office and on thf 10th day of Au....A. D .n"I O.nn.l. of the Stat. of n.me, ton Morld to-witt Drdf"r \ I..r.r. ('h. tnl" liny nf \UkTtMt.V* .
'j! have mada, application for tax deed to Issu li it'll' ( : othorwtna the allegations( of lal-l,
\ItneM my official .I"n.hl' and cal reals Mm*. If that the of thl Northwest quarter of the Northwest .
Mi nentment and scorn, "I'd rather tell In accordance with law.Salil thl fith day of July A. Court citnnit be. nerved upon him. and I. quarter of Section 4. Township 7 South Rang Bill .will br taken a* ounf
.3j a person how to spend his money certificate respectively embraces the O W. ALDERMAN over the ice nf twenty-on year : It la therefore aj East It'* (f. further onlrrad, order
that this
V than find following landi In RraHford County, Florida .S..I) Clerk Circuit Court. Bradford ordered that said non-reldent defendant GREETING bei'tthllahetl
to fault with
: way he is ,. Issuance of such Florida. eomptatnant filed her one rncli wtn-k fur cluht ooecu
nase at the date of the County hereby required appear th* T. havIng sworn
;J> working out his life," ho got out of ..rlte'. In the name .o..tlv.l,. h.rln. *By C A. KNIGHT. 11.I.m; : filed In .13 cause n" be. complaint In this court wh..ln she ttvo weeks, In the.Bradford County T.I..ph. "

'if the chair and paced the floor "but "a.t.ul..I, act forth to-wlt: 7-10-81-8-7 Deputy Clerk. ,.. the 8r day AuR' A D. allnge that you and each of you ., or a Ilorlda.newspaper published In n..lur thnll. "
embraces southwest o.arter .. bill claim to hav.. some right, title or interest In 1
then you're tired of this stuff. (.rln. section township will, o'h.rl. .1. and u the lanil aforeaald. This the 25th day of bin A. D ID2A.G. ;
heavy of Norh..t nuartir. 10. 6. NOTICE OF GtMnniAN BALE or REAL ."nf"A.1 by ..11 d.f.nd.nt or some p.r ALDE1MN.Seat .
22 east 4.) acre*. Kay It further : prsrlng for th. quletln of :
I didn't realize I had talked much ESTATE U ,
u..a .
o..r. i.rnn. (
so Milla I publl-hcd onc<. ..for four or.. stick claim or elalma. anti hay ( ) of CI..1 Court J
j. why I've completely worn out." week In the Bradford County Ing demanded th. of this order Ily C. A. '
you Certificate No. 142 embraces south half ot Tol"rph. a m.kln.
Notlca fa hereby given that tfia D.pu' CI.rk.
"Oh, but you haven't Bob, if you .o.'hw"t quarter of S.u'hw... ,iuartor.s.ction 4pd .u..d..n for Ray Wllllnmn un.lo..n.. newspaper published In said County and Th.o.you of you .. hereby THOMAS W. FIELDING ''I
required to
'..: knew how much this talk has meant 1 I 20 acre*33.. assessed township Llsila 8. south B rn..... 2..t' of Atralha Williams, demeaned will apply Jude.of to. SI.tn This July 1st. 1025. the led appear day hfo. thl, I9B6 ourt, being on Mon.the Solicitor of Complainant 8.1.0t7.S( .
I Ion
PI.k.ln. tho o ruble Ceo Gardiner County
.* to me. I had to have it. I felt so utter. Unless said ccrtiflcati, .h.1 an.eordlng i Bradford County. Florida on the 10th day O W. ATDKRMAN. rui,!r.day In said month to answer the com NOTICE J,
B In
Sweat the cult afore
ly bruised and spent." $to law lax deed Issue thereon on of AuRiMt 1023 for an order to sell at prtMtt IS..I) Clerk Cirli Court .. otherwIse P.r the \
the 17th day of Auaiut A. D 102. sal. all the rIght titlo nnd Interest of % By C. A. KNIOI. .. .. empl.ln.n' will proceed IV THE CIRCIIIT rolTIIT IV AN> FOi '
''if! "That's all right, Sallie, of course my official .I"notu. seal this .t..he. ,
.' WI'n. I the Raid minor In and to tho following1 do Dpnt,CI..k It 1 ordered th.t. of thisorder IHI'IRI COUNTY n.tlIA. IN
14th day of July A D 1825O J. T.. /.he. copy
'j do. But remember there crlbod' land. ;
you comes a : W ALDERMAN.Sial I If to.wt "RATEm b. ,'" one. week tot eight consecutive KLPKIDGn .
of north REDDISH
CommencIng yards aniit
..!:,: time in the lives of God's big creatures ( ) Clork Circuit COlr Bradford : treat corner of northeast quarter of northquarter Sol.lto. Cnmpl.ln.nt.8.8t'8 week In the B.of".d County T.I. C.mplaln.nt. I

.. when we must either battle Coln',. Florida' ... and run east Sd'i yardn. south graph Irndford I a County n..p. ..,"bllha In Stark, BRYANT If "ounOANUS. aa
I B, 0 A. KNIGHT ; 1 yards. 82'., yards. north 176 yard I MASTERS SALB agent and Individually, If In Iff.
the dark.! .oa my hand .nti I the seal of said Cir-
through waves or let them pound Deputy I. Wln.
7.17.8t8.1 place of b..lnnln. containing th. acres Slarke. and if dial, then his HriR3 AT
at Bradford
us against the rocks. Work is the only I m..or lows : of cast of north yin Notice,,. tit h..h"h.t under and by .ul the lit day of May, 19.15.O County Flor I.\W. DKVISFFfl ANI AS.
fiint quarter of northeast quarter lew on. I that .rta'n fInal decree of forcliMiiro **- lon. SIGNS : Tlllfi PEVI FFS, lIFE
thing/ that will pull you through; NOT1CF OP APPI.1CATIOV FOR TX" DEED 1 lot 87'6 feet north and -oulh by 137 feet mn.ln and ent..rM on the flrst tiny of W. A I.DIRMAN. TPNANT9 AND nEMAINDRnMFN -

Why even now, I think you're begin. UNDER RFCTIOV m OF THE east and west I In southwest corner containing July. 1P25 by th. Honorable A. 7.. Adktn. Oral) Clerk of the Circuit under the Wi of I
GENERAL STATUTES Judiro of thi Eighth Judlatnl Circuit of FiorItia ford County rlurlilaBy OUISU
I 10 aetna. or lean sttunt and being : (; / ,
; ning to understand. In Section 10 Town-thin. 7. Range 22. .aat, tnUradforil In nn.I. for Bradford County In chancery. C. A. KNinar. \RLO'M'f. l"b.t.1 ln> oe t
"I County; Florida: In thnt cc rtnln muse therein btwrrn Deputy Clerk. COURT TY JUDOK.
do feel better, I admitted Hereby notice Is given that T J. Alderman .n.lnl ..
imrrhnrer of tat sals numbered ThIs 10th dny of July 8. the com pin nnnt*. Emma Joined J. M. CASHIN. of Bradford County. Florida.sni ,
"and tomorrow I'm going to hunt fora respectively 269. 117 118 oo.tlnutO tamed by the Tax 11 A. M. WI.LIAMS. I ny her husbnnd TT .1. Thrnnan, and Attorney for Compl.ln.nt 6.5,Bt-81 recorded Doccmbr-r 8th.1KUJ.

Job." Collector of Bradford County Florida Said Guardian for Ray Williams ntrnlnnt the defendant Martin fiermek. the M'M -. ]In Itcyistcr of Will I anti I
numbered 2fl8 being dated July 4 7-10.8.8-7 Airatha William, deceased undmlanrd Special M.Mt,'r In ald canes .n ORDER FOR PUOLICATION Kstati, No. I. pair 0. of said
When ho was telling me good bye, I .rll..t said, eerttftcntes numbered 117 and I, ".Int. tn execute snil'tI..cres.. trill nn Court Record ; the irrlKS A r

there was ono word of 118 helm dated July 2. 1D21 has filed .Id ORDER FOR PfnUCATlOS Ird day of August. 1925. during the I.AW. DBVI9FFS ANI) AS
encourage-I .. In office and have made I Uttnl mile thereon the eAurthou In Circuit Cour. EightS Judicial '"nNS. of LOUISra OL7MAN..
ment that made the road .tlt..t my ap I ," : Bra Iford .. CI"ult .
seem tax deed tu Issue in accordance p I' rnrke. 'n'lor ,. Florfdn ". In Ch.n.. .. OK lOUISE GLA7MANN, OltLOITI3R
almost bright."Remember. with law In Circuit Cour. EIghth. Judicial' CI.ult I *.1 folnwlnl *ltu- J. 1" Culler* Compl.ln.nt CLANSMAN OH
: .Bradford ,. ..la. I Chancery.N sled nrado. 0.nt.. Fln.ld., to the ) OLANSMANN. dncea
too," ho said, "that SaM .0Mlf..t. respectively embraces the B. Hull complainant. hIghest cash. I.wlt I Goorv W. Cole, et al.BUI. I.OnISI, for..I,. of I.A Drdfonl -

life pivots on tho law of compensa. folo.lnl, the date Br"ford the County. Forda. I'I .. Tot Sixty.tw. In WoodUwn In sectIon t Remove Cloud Ela County Flo.I.W1'IY.. TUB)
.. I.uan. Fifteen Township Fiveotith, Range Twenty It from h hEIRS A'r .
tion and certificate In the hereinafter I i we back
may get more than n.m. .tlvel two Fast. and containing ton more or
.0. sworn bill of complaint In the ANI ASSIGNS of
particularly .. I BILL TO REMOVE QUIET .b. CUSTAVI
we put into loving but ". I I (1.01'0. TILE les* that and ) .
the of th
we never get I C.rll..I. No. 268 .mb.o. all block 59 I AND .IEF.I Paid pale to be made purstinnt to and for see .Id.n.* det.nd.nt.t.wl AI1I.I'1

less. If we give for the Joy of giving In Company'a of north.oist 'I It appearing from the allegation of lb.sworn the satisfaction of snid d.. with rests. .: Drawn.George Jacob W. Cole.C. Drown O. W., L.ln."n. In hi GUS'fAVJ DltOLfAOAN.l ;
and not for what quarter of northeast quarter section 2a. | bill, of complaint In the above K M. rluht... .
we expect to receive E.I I cause. JOIN Brown N. W. Ilachet and A. K. Moltt or l>evle CIAIt
south 22 east, assessed .
township 6. that the and residence of the Special Master In .
rna. age d.f.nd.nt ". unknown and that there I. no person the IOTTE ( .LAN/MAN .
she's *
apt to be pretty generousIn E Snell George W. Col. I vine, and If I>. E. KN.GITT.. Bute of rJorlda, known omol.ln.nt. the LOUISE GLAN/MANN d..d.
return. Travel the broad highway C.nln..t No 117 embraces Lots 8-4 or ,I I Hs heir. divine, legatee and asalgnu : M. Solicitor for ComplalnanU 7.a.8t.7.31. servIce of a subpoena upon t whom would) bind lat. of Bradford. county Florida
/ block D4 L. T. and Company ,l R Daisdon If livlnir and if d,'ad. .
for while Sallie. Get 1..1. said d.f.nd.nt, and that It la by THM; hElloS LAW '
a out and touch subdivisIon of northeast quarter of northeast ,l hol. ..vl.. 1wnte..ii and assigns ; K. SHERIFF'S BALE the that the bleed d- VIHKES AND of
shoulders with the other half of the quarter section 28 township, 6, south i O.w. living. and If dead then hIs f.nd.nl are interested In th.10 property I. win ) )AJ 1 :

world and after all you'll)) find range 22 east. ass<*seil Alex MerrlcVaCertificate I II legalese. devlaeia, and .,,n. all Notice Is hereby gIven: that under anti volv.1 this suit and complainant dose (WS'fAVI( IROLSIAOAN.
more No. 118 embraces north half of unknown. and there I. no person In the Stat virtue of certain writ of execution not know and by dlllttent avaroh, not been d..NI. .I COln.
thrill and adventure in the fellow block 86 L. '1'. and Company'n subdivision of ; nf Mnridn known complainant, the .erv- sued hjr tht the hand and seal of 1..1 able to ascertain whether any of .the defendant tv Florida., SOPHIA. GLAN2

next to you in a street than northeast Quart. of northeast quarter ...- I I fee of n subpoena upon whom would bind tho T Wiv-Ve. as Clerk of the Circuit aw dvad nr alive and that 1 It I fa alleged M \N. M\1 "ACI AND NIC-
car a ton 21 1nvni>Mn A. south range 22 east as anld defnndants : And C. Hodman Jon,. and Krailfnrd Coimlr State of Florida.Co"r th. by complainant I ,In said sworn Mil that h* I Ibellflvea StOAtS life, and If
charming playfellow at a dance." I .ed R M. Ellerson. lnma C Jonr Ms oIL, of lIlt FIg street 4th lay of AllHllsf. A. D. 1018 on that certain titer. are person 1 Interested In the ,drad then their respective I1FIR4A
And he was Unless ..10 certificates shnll be redeemed according I| Ni w Orhmna State I and thefollowing jiidtremnnt or ", decree hrarlniritnlo Hid: property, Involved in thin ault. whose T I.AW. nFVIRFI AND
gone. I to tax .will Issue thereon on I named d.f.nd.nb. A. H John If I the 2Hh day oN, ;, 1914 wherein 1. ham or n.m. and ass or aw** and who*. I ASSIGNS : !. WAHl.
Far into the night, I sat by the tho 17th day of Au" A. D. 1925 I living and tf d then to hIs htlr*. devise B. Rhotlen was Complainant and J. A. Wainrfirht rvaldnno are nnlinowii to complainant and If life, and If d-a l

window, looking out on the garden :: offlelnl signature and seal thin I I And leiiatera .1"I : Jacob Johns i I IIl waa Pefrndant and In the stun nf In ..10 bill nllef ,la prayed. avalnst sunk I'nt AT LAW, 'I'kh rIE .'
th hdavo July A. r> 112SO living and if d-ad. then to Nettle same aiipeara of leord In the of- and unknown p runs. Therefor It I IsnrdrreI ASSIGN W.
172.71 I THOMAI
where Curtiss had first held! me in w. ALDFTIM\N I Wynn Cab Wynn and Susannah w"nn'l the Clerk' of Circuit' Court of Drail- I that all person named In this order h'IFi.ItlNG. If In If

his arms. My eyes wandered to the (Seal) Clerk Circuit Court Bradford I I .1. of Jacob John.. whcte residence un- ,,;I County. Florida t have levied I upon and If living, and If .dead .1 person .1.lmlnl any .1.n.l.i thrn hla HflltS AT LAW
County, Florid I Inown. to J.r M. John.. ifilving and If I sell on Monday. the In day of August. Interest under the .. named d.f.nd.n. ".: ANI AHSUlNStAn
rose bush where wo had stood after n, c. A. KNIGHT. |I. II Johns of Starke, I"lorldn.Fnaey I A D IDS*,. durlnir the lee-al hours of sale aforwald. d.c aod or otherwIse i . .VIBIIS I I'EIIHONS,
the hush of Christmas carols had become 7-17-BI-B-14 Deputy Clerk. h'a nml Charliy Fn. *.'y. her h.b.nl. I thi'rmn; In front of the courthouse In Stark. I persona whomsoever whose name or name I IRM4 AND roitf'ORAllONS,
I I of lack-ontUlo Florldn hi Irs of Jerry M. Hrnilford County. State of "lo..ld., to the age or atre and rrsldenc. are to b Inlmlnir by. throitiih or under
part of the night. NOTICE OF APPLIed riON vms TAX DEED Jhnt : frvin John.. If U\lnir nnd if dead I hit.hrnt and bent dder ,,. cash, the nnhnuwn to complainant that .1"e or .. any onu or mi,ro of dvfen.lant*
I .
He did love me. No one on earth UNDER SFCTIOV S71 OF THE I th<.n to BllcnliPth .'oh. widow' of Ervlnlol.na '' llawlntr described lands In llrsdford County Inivreatml In the hereinafter dietcribed prop- herein above tho I.nd
could GENERAL STATUTES of Stark. Florida Arthur John., of' I PltrIln I to.wlt orty, or any part thereof .lyIng and being in nr any part n.m.e., .'*. "
make ma belfeve he really car I I frostproof. lorldn vl.John.\ *, of Tampa, I A one-elahth' undlvlilcd interest In the llrsdford county. Florida. described .fol.WI in Hill nf aomplalnti ANt .) 7

ed for Anne. Ah, God though, what Notice I I. hereby given that T. J Alderman lorlda. Homer John. who*. addren f I. un I South half of Lots. 8 and fl. and North five Jot On. U) and Thre (ISI and Tit I : WIIO1 I'! WOKI' who may
S purchaser of Tat Certificate No. :210. I In'n. I.v.n. Reynolds and I.. A. Reynold feet of tot H. anti all of I.ot 7 ncept the (II.) ..,.. a portion In the Mouthrant corner rlirht, title I or InUnntIn
a tragedy if hq should choose her for dated 'the 7th ,.r of .July A. D 102'!. has Hied : of l.oll.br. Stat of North I loiith, 10 feet allln Block "A" of N. J. Jones thirnSI) feet north and south and .I.tu Inn.in tn this Dill

his companion to go through life! It said certificate In my office and has made : Carolina heir of :, John. Annie EPel i \ildltlon tn the T wn of Starhe Florida! Thlly.th.e. ( f.t cast and ...Also a I