. natural! source of wealth. It corn- The gum itself! i? very valuable and .. ,
The u.-" i.f onu kind; Ii r.iai.ureon soils with cri.s; for the pause of in-
: two varieties, the jellow pine, supports the great naval! 'tores industry /' FERTILIZERS
Ir"e Creasing the \u-ld- goes back to ancient tine- \\e know that !].liar ancient Js.
more elevated! ground l, of nwuit'dctu : :: : of 1
which o-i vig i prit ,
grows In'IIJt.; applied animal munuie- their! soils fur this puipo-e The I'luneM.centuries While the basic elements arc the same the:
the lash Cuban, which turpentine and rosin. Formerly it .
and : or pine, I ao, applied mantic :s of various kinds to their soils and !wardens! and! :';) amounts of the ingredients! virv.
in wet places. There are one was the custom, and it is not yet abandoned i
grows with Ihl'nom"nal results. I:: Von T.-hudiV Travels in }'f'ru1' find that as
or two other pines clashed with theyellow I I to cut "oox ," in the base I/f FAVORITE FERTILIZERS ARE
I early a> the middle of the last cl'nturnutes were being taken on the actual
pine," but they do not cut ''of the tree in which to collect\ the \alue of Guano by the 1'eramns. 4 \ MADE TO MEET THESECONDITIONS.

much of a figure, at least in Bradford I rum. Some big trees had four or i Bou;,r.gault speaks of seeing fields in Peru on which wheat grew: every '

f; county. I more boxes, the standard size of a l box year for two centuries, and! the yield still high and! the growers prosperous ,
:;: The yellow pine begins its existence -I, or pocket being 14 inches in width, 7 The P'aiCof using mineral fertilizers was introduced direct from Peru Each sack is marked to shthe importar:

, as a bunch of long preen need- inches in depth aid 3: 1-:! inches from to the United States in the year 1S46, and was based on such reportsas elements.

les shooting: up from a very stout front to back. These boxes sapped we find rbo\e. It had already been used in England before it found its i Special Formulas (for All Florida Crops

stem. In the center is a big white : the vitality of the tree, made them way into the United States, Lut Peru seems to be the country in which the for Quotations.AGRICULTURAL

. : bud much liked by goats. The first I liable to break off in a storm, easily application of minerals to soils as plant food originated. We do not Write .

; growth pines, which are now rearing: I destroyed by fire and except the first I know this is true, but all evidence points to this It is of greater interestto CHEMICALS.:

extinction, were of very slow growth. year, furnished only dark colored rosin Us therefore that we know about the customs in Peru INSECTICIDES. -

Survey marks made r 3 years ago are I About 1902: the agricultural department I The First Use of Peruvian Guano. 1fflPEPENDENT

sometimes found on pines not more i in Washington hit upon the system I II The first man in the Southern States to use this Peruvian guano was David [ [ [fERTIUZtR{ [ COMPANY

than eight inches in diameter, and I of using cups, hung on nails, and Dickson of Sparta Ga., who saw an advertisement! of it in the old American

they must have been nearly as large I metal gutters for the collection! of the Farmer published in Baltimore. The South has perhaps never had a JACKSONViLLE; FLORIDA.GOTO 11I

when themarks were made. Such slow pum. The experiment proved so satisfactory more s-uccess-ful farmer than David Dixon. who made many millions of '

growing trees are found on poor, flat that the old way of !boxing the dollars farming and who was a pioneer in many other lines as well as in t- : _:- f-

land, but on richer and better drained trees is now almost obsolete. By the the use of mineral fertilizers. In the year '1S4G the year after it was introduced I r rIII

lands the growth was!' more rapid, as modern method the trees are made into the United States, he bought three sacks and used it, and on find --- o. -- -
is seen by survey marks made 8. to longer lived, .nd by moving the cup ing that it paid him, bought it in increasing quantities till the year 1S55;

90 years ago, where one must cut into higher up each year, to save the gum and 1S36; when ]lie "went into it fully." A> is suggested above this is no i i

the trees four or five inches to leach I from becoming discolored from the I doubt the f.r.st instance of the use of a concentrated: mineral fertilizer on

the marks, showing that the i heart wood, better grades of rosin cotton in the United States

trees during that time added eight to ; and more of it is lenhad than form- The universal success mth which Mr. Dickson met in the use of this Pe- Ii

ten inches to their diameter.. The erly.For avian guano led many other prominent farmers to follow his example: U. D. MINER i

tree is a poor seeder and sometimes ,i many years yet Florida will\ and in every reported case, success followed its ueVe are constrainedto i

several years intervene between mast continue to export great, quantities of' believe that the application of this mineral fertilizer to the i I / t.

years. There are two seeds under I timber! ties a'nll rosin for there i.> cotton and! other crops in the South could not possibly have been an acci I"

each scale of the cores! and each seed still an immense amount of virgin dent. Its success was unquestionably based on the actual reeds of the soil. : FOR SPECIAL BARGAINS IN I 1..

has ain ', so well contrived by nat- I timber st.mJingThf' hairing now so A quickly available manure was what the crop needed, and when this was fI.

ure, that after the seed has fallen a generally practiced allows access io once applied re-ults1'1' evident Watches '
I After time it found that the Peruvian which contained principally Jewelry Silverware -
short distance it will shoot off to one the slash pines in the swamps. The a was guano I :
I slash. This nitrogen, )produced too much stalk and not much increase: in the I.
side, so as to produce a scattering young pines are mostly
growth. The seed needs not even to : tree in its babyhood! is not so stout as yield of fruit, and hence its use was somewhat discouraged for a season. I and Novelties. I f
The First Use of German Potash.
touch the ground in order to sprout, I the yellow pine and puts forth Lrarcho.i ''
It at such About this time the war between the States began, and at the same '"iI!' '
but a little rootlet comes out of it and immediately. grows a
that which in time the discovery of the potash beds of Germany also, the offering on the
enters the soil. The tree attains a rate trees l'eup abardoned -
after the market of various kinds of mineral fertilizers resulting from the teachings One 16-size Elgin 16-ievves! adjusted watch : !
height of from 70 to 00 feet on good orange groves i : regu I
: :! of Von Liebig of Germany, who was at that time the greater champion
freeze of 1S9G their
soil where the trees grow crooked are now yielding
I in the world of agriculture! and its possibilities As a result the popularity far S26. will sell for $17. i I
and stunted and have moss on the owner a good revenue in box lease .
of Peruvian --ubsidod and more study was to the .
I for As it takes the tree : guano given general
iimbs the soil may be known to be tuipentining. ; I i
As a rule the sap wood is not .i from 20 to :)o years before it begins : question of the use ot mineral manure, both by farmers themselves + +
poor. I and the students of agriculture I One 18-size 17-jewels adjusted, nearly new for $S. i !
thick unless the branches bem lowdown to form heart wood the second growth I I
Two great contributing factors to the rise of the fertilizer trade in the .
on the tree, as they io when no ; pine timber is all sap but is Useful I' K
I South are lira the abolition of slavery, and. second, the rise of agricultural -
other trees have been growing;: close I i for inside work. After being creosoted educa'ion.! Before tl. war tre question of (land'a,; second'v. If One 18-size 7-jewels in god! -fil'ed: case, only $6. :,
by. Tie choppers( look for tall trees it is also' useful for many outside i
growing: fat m crops in the South \\uie the !land out there mere plenty: of
with small tops, from which protrude puipose! In creosoting the tim- : :
sia\es to take hin-l": It cheaper' to take) land than
in more was in to pay
A!! and i
snags of dead limbs as on ouch trtv.s iter is t-Mclo-ed in huge iron cylinder; rings jewelry, except contract goods at cost I
for any sitificial manure. In 1S6J:, the I.inlI (mil passed r.-nsovs.-,
the sap wood i is very thin; turpentinemen und steam is admitted under pressure, :.I ,
creating agricultural! colleges n the \anoutales: nflf'rh C'h titer.be! for short time. !
to the contrary, like the tree j which drives out the sap. Later cre- a
gan a rnmiain for impro\in;;: tact hods in isrict.liiie:; peonsrts at
whiih have big top, as such trees jsote oil. which is a product from coal : 5
public f'xpf'noel'n' begin on ;> small scale and the !public: was mdutel to

yield more gum. I tar is injected into the wood. S iu lit) I I Tnake greater use of plant tn.dof all kind :!<: wolf a- to irip'ou- method; Three Elgin and Waltham watches in ladies' sizes. ; t tat

The slash pine aluajs has a big p( UI..b to the cubic foot. If properly of tillpjrc, This of ('oul'-P, caa-'J an Jiunii..;Sate incrt'ain the use of mineral .

butt caused by the great number ol done the timber. thus treated will last Plant: foods, and out of which grew mands: ; fur great quantities of cost. $8 to $12. i 1
roots emanating from it, which are i exposed to the weath:,i' for 13: ,o 2."i fertilizers Front tinsriai demand there ,.rang up fertilizer! tacoue.in I!

necessary to hold it in the loose sod yea rs. all parts of the cmrntiy All kinds of ma'e'iaN were tried out, some was --- _. -T' : t .
-- -
in which it grows. The surface roots Ar n..tancc1 of the toughre3; of this I good, and one was rot but much of both !kinds UM'd. The factories had I --- - JI

often cnok upward, so :r. to !be above sap timber. was -ecu ir tarkome no re-triftun.s and many ol :hint palmed i fi on the farmers anything; that I .

the water for taking in air, and thus time age when piles! were driven foil wouM: smell strong: and that could, le put in -acks This condition on account -; -,,-, -- __"d>IKL--= "

keep the tree alive during long protracted Alligator\ trestle Creosoted piles: of j of state laws did not a-t! long We le-'in the next article by giving a ;.

inundations, similar to the !! sap logs, averaging ten inches in di resume of the )part taken in the ne of th<' trade by the states them-ehc.s. ; B. Z. MATTHEWSArtesian

function of the "knees" of the cypress -i :Olncter1'1' driven from 12 to lt* feet .

tree. The slash pine grows taller I into the ground, through hard clay )i iI

than the yellow pine and on account I and hardpan, and even, probably, ;t'' Uses and Abuses of FertilizersBy Well Driller ;

of its more rapid growth has a thicker I times through buried log* and stumpa.I Prof R, J. H, De Loach, Director of Gcorgia Experiment Station. 1I

sap wood. It i is a profilic seeder! and I :Many of the pIe; icccived several !' 2, INTELLIGENT USE OF FERTILIZERS IN GERMANY. I Have Had Twenty-Four Years e i<
its progeny are mostly taking; possession hundred Mows each from a l.'OO-pouinl '
The Second cf Scries ci Six Articles.All /;
of the yellow pine's territory on hammer. yet not a single one cf them ,
MSImtutii>n", ha\t- faltered tin fertilizer trade! since its origin Experience In Well Drilling .
the higher land. I l broke off, splintered or '''tl'!".*{'opt''d. _

The heart wood! of both the jellow The pine useful I troe. It furii in the early httio- Slate: org.nizationof: ali kinds. have taken a lively I
I is.:1 :
and the slash pine; us \ery.troncr! and, hes t'm'Kfuel: l, turpr Hi!:e, tar 7:'v: part in the timiding up of the trade and in I lr.; 'r y .ir- the -tale, !have taken): In Florida

as a rub, durable Yet there is a 11II..<;t. Its irbri j!e a tjlrtitutc for I r for g-anu'tl thai t'x In.dc', i- !,rofi',Lbl.. I.> iarm..r,- and mercbnntahke.. I .,

great difference between individualtrees potash the trrea:i nr(.ilk-s\! n\i\' be U"lJ j! end have therefore framed |laws: to nRu'"o: its manutacture and t-ale. In I I / Guarantee to Satisfactorily Complete 4// til'--:;

in the latter respect, as anyone I for fertilizer and the dead Ftravi' e\try Mate where tV-rui.ye: i:, MH.I in nwrecr.Lle;, q-iantitie-s l.uhae been
i j
may see, some of the dead trees turn- m:.kcs a passable paving for sandy pied exacting certain rf'lJuir..mpnt of ihe manufacturer Pto analyses, I CONTRACTS t .

ing to "light wood," which i.; almost roads. Air filtered tln'ougti the nl'ed-I grade.ic.. ISesuUihe ti'de. merambitioumieht forget its obligation to : < J :
imperishable, while others decay in a los of the pine! forest i- health-giving the consumer and offer for ,.:iK' inferior mp.terial under the name of fertiluirs. :11 o .

few years time. The age of a felled and the icson has n.e lical jiropertie- I \ We nuya: > wi'lunt fear Ilf tucce:,!'mi! contradiction that tLc .. ____
pine may he ascertained by counting We could not well (:v.ithojt the pint staid t'leni-eUes are largely u-ponMLle! for tho I1 i.-c anti volume of the 9-- --- -J .*

the annual rings.; ,Each year a whit- 1 tree jet every year we allow millionsf I i"iiili--i! trade1. I tI ,
ish and brown It has !been 'ecoirnizetl that Germany lea-Is the world in many
ring of spring wood a lon; '
( th" tve to lie df'i ': ')1'I\1, by lir '.
ring of summer' wood are adJ.-d I to the n. B. L. I I.l1l'i I ill .--citr.<',>. This i- joilTptiue in rczud; to the use of fiH..izir,; in I

tree, and by counting either: th whirr --- -- I tally jiais German ii.! .>'.'Ottied that mineral salts aiheJ; to growing ; .

or the brown ring the tnv'.- air<' is r i.i; .)i>- inouv-ei* the \ ielairata'n'ely, and gale time and study to the underlying ,4

vcaled. The ummei v.ng; ., ro'i titutf JA. ( all-*"'-, and huvtzeJ to the othei parts of the \\orld mary \aUj t'fj- :.

the strongestco.L Tl't' r tvctrefe (li.e! N ,.ITon: her fiii'hnsVon! : Liebi; ?. Through I his: studies and 1-c- I ;

leas grown the eider are the iintrs. JliI'"II modem! :t:;rieultllre, has made knov.n much ef the v.oik of Gernnny \1 y -

; !' of tit-! of l'1r.1I"l'li:1 1 itrtiliz; "rLie'i:, that ,
In choosing timber for Deities! or Ii Worn Out? n : .1' 11 '" In-tory u-e city
other works \\her.-* great s>t :?.irth; is Uuhl'iian.! : Gp'iuan a rkal' :-ral scierti.ap,'led :'lammrniac! to a mt'uhnv.: t,

required engineers will not a\c"pt! timber I1: i hi' >' a: IS t:; and IN!.;, and u.u.vl that on a Iware (-'j: fcre<) he I gath,

showing leSS th'lll: .-'\ l II O'Ml I'M'!".. No doubt you are, if I'u 1 l'i ..Mindtjf! I l\.... !::'iie than 0:1 tie! s-rrf> kind: 1 of ir.oa-ieiw where he

to the inch. P you numercu suffer from ailments any of the to mi.; : t t-, t i.ic: salauui.u': n"!! secured this result ]h\ u-ing aboa :"UO: -r r

The strength of pie twU' !i. re which an wC'menaresub- :''iri-i- 'laiiiiiioni.ic 'o Me rcre.

markable. Somrt'irt's'! ", hillIIU1: ject. Headache, back- In icKi'in-n'ms! upon this Con I.iebig !:ath" following to say: "It i is

dead tree is seen, the base of whieh ache, sideache, nervous- Waite ler'ain, that in the acuon cf the guano, which produced the crop next

has been burned around till only thneck ness, weak, tired feeling, iIghe- I after the Chilialtneier! an unnn.-t.kL'o part was: placed by thin.in.niia Delicious Drinks :
are some of the symp ; contained in it. On the othir h..n: !t. however, the experiments j
ten inches in diameter remirsto .
toms, and you must rid wits carbonate and nitrate of ammonia how that a quantity of ammonia, I
hold up the enormous weightre- of them in order
yourself ar that in 20 of and employed under
nitrogen equivalent to pounds guano
sted by the leverage. Log cart are to feel well. Thousands .
? 1 the same: conditions, was almost without effect" Our pure ice cream and real fruit .flavors
made by !Mitt in Starke entirely o of women, who have .

pine, hub spokes and felloes, and theyare P been benefited by this Fertilizer Experiments In Germany. make the refreshments that you get at our '

fully able to withstand the immense remedy, urge you to A little further along he says: "The most recent observations on the I '

strain often put upon them. TAKE j comportment of the soil towards the food of plants show' how slight is the ; fountain really nourishing food. And we

When a tree is being, felled just before ii i knowledge we !possess of their mode of nourishment, and of the part which I t
it strikes the ground and it takesa the soil by its physical condition, plays in u. The comportment of the try to keep our serving dishes and recep. .

leap forward, splinters often two to salts of ammonia, of chloride of sodium, and of nitrate of soda, towardsthe tacks as clean and wholesome as the best

three feet long are pulled out of the Cardui : earthly phosphates in the soil may perhaps assist us in throwingsome .. ,

log and remain attached to the stump, light on their action, or one of their actions, on the growth of plants." housewife in this town keeps her kitchen.

which shows the toughness and great I This statement was made because it was always found that when common

strength of the wood. When trees salt was added to certain mineral manures, greater yield was obtained

are broken off during a storm, splin- The Woman's Tonic and Von Liebig came to the conclusion that this was due to the relation of Stop In Hereand =

ters sometimes ten feet long are thus this added material to the liberation of potash in the soils.

pulled out. Such splinters, when they Mrs. Sylvania Woods, Only a short time after the war between the states the German pot 4

happened to be "fat", were formerly P Clifton Mills, Ky., says: ash beds were discovered and by rapid leaps and bounds this material gainedin get a thirst quencher; then take a pail

used by Florida boys for bows, to propel "Before taking Cardui I, favor with planters as well as experimenters. The necessity! for find

' the arrows with which they shot I was at times, so weak 1 ing a combination to liberate the potash in the soils was now removedand C of cream or sherbet home to the .family.Mitchell's y- Y

fish. This is a lost art now. could hardly walk and thorough satisfaction was found in the use of the nitrate of soda and .
the potash salts, and here the industry stood for a long time. Liebig does It
When ditches are dug in the alluvial In back
the and
soil pain my claim, however, that Tribasic phosphate of lime crept into the formula and tfi
of parts of eastern Bradford coun- StoreStarke
head nearly killed me. was found efficient. This fact is very significant and happened to be discovered Drug
ty one frequently finds pine logs that
have After taking three bottlesof by a constant study of the use of the nitrate of soda and potash
been buried in the for
ground Cardul, the pains dis salts. Liebig thought that these two plant food materials had the powerof
centuries and the wood is
sound. perfectly appeared. Now, fed as dissolving phosphoric acid In the form of earthly phosphates, and thesein Florida I

wen as I ever did. Every turn added greatly to the yield of farm crops. *

Log houses 80 years old are still P suffering woman shouldtryCarduL" Germany's Crop Yields Greater Than Other Nations.We I.. '*ilPv'
found in Bradford county, and where
they Qetabottle have here many hints of what afterwards really developed to be .
are covered from the rains even
E-63 that the three elements of food should be
the I today. facts-namely great plant that !
sap wood is sound.In Method. Repartee at the Card Club. /j
applied to the soil for good crop yields are phosphoric acid, ammonia and
choosing timber for rails There Is no one able or anxious te At a card club (be other day a woo
potash. For many years these three elements have been the essential e
shingles it is customary to pick i1 elements of plant food in a fertilizer formula. ;I deny the value of a method. But there in tried to add tie score, failed, and
out suitable trees by cutting are many who realize that method Is passed It to another woman, who like
chips Today Germany applies more mineral salts per acre to her crops than !
from them. If the not everything, and that strict adherence wise failed. The'ihird added It without -
chip splits straightand any other nation in the world, and partly as a consequence gets higher 1
free to It sometimes becomes a nuis trouble. "Pardon me Bald ,
the tree is used, but if"stringy" A Big One. yields of farm crops than any other nation. It is significant that these
it is I ance. There Is a madness In hard and sweetly, "but wood", you mind telling
discarded. For purposes "Italy, though always clashing with two facts are so closely related, but it must be remembered that Germanyhas c
'fast rules. The strict adherence to me whether you *'re a bookkeeper or
requiring strength the stringy Austria is still preserving her neutrality. learned the lesson of good Ullage-deep plowing, the proper use of married
wood is the best. some method Is almost as bad as having a teacher before you were
i vegetable matter in the soil and the dangerous of
"Yes. and doing her preserv. practice method at all. We should remember "Neither," was the reply. "I was 1
The substance that makes the yellow ing like a housekeeper." "How's cropping with any single crop. It is also to be remembered that the landson no educated" Kansas City a
: that actions have at all merely
and the slash pine so durable and that?" "In a Jar" which the most money can be cleared without any kinds. of fertilizers our circumstances.i i Times :
times, to be guided by
are the lands that will give greatest profits with fertilizers. I


t a

1,. at '

'" --,-,-...,----
-" --. .-.,- .. -- .: ..- __ ... ..... "i.. -:.-'" -
r : n'e. '
< : ; = -:: -, ""
.... --: ::' ...., .... ,.. _, "".,,.t, :>< ..;..< ;:" ... i ::", 7a. fa-". .' -
..-. "' t$, '' ,,-,< ,' -- -:: > ;; "

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Ti. ..

_. ._ .
-- --- -- ------ --- -
-- -- -- -- ----- ------ --

I I -- -rJRiRt i MSK.Z' =1OV.as C.Y ..fi...pTS7 ,__
I I .
I .
A r : I '\ i U cf A'} A ;
Early HUtorj[ Al-cut TK ( : Apaliu-hieo'a boasting I v e-

' I ; : HAS LARGE HOG I I'I i i :,pan -.h Grant in Florida- I j i I ty iw has new found found a oil new well form, Bradford of well iouii-;hat ;' :: '. .." I r rf K.1; yourself j r '-1'

!,I j bid!;* fair: to make her the most famous ... 7'1 ******.--J'.r.J_ *....,. ""
.. R. Walker in Tallahassee;: R<' ,i agricultural! district: of the world. i': 'D s

'I; RANCHATOCALAi I, i ; .... .... 6 if you want personal and t;spsve information '.- ,
The source of title to many !1 formalion I ; II
'! l I ...ir; : 0 '
x nd acres of land, which include ;, .. r. :.? cs to how delightful I nJcc.Abert! ,
I throughout the mot of Bradford .I
\ of Franklin and Liberty counties, :|: county, which makes automatic irrisration ..t.:.<.,. 1f..j really is, smoked in a jimmy pIpe cr rolled into
AN IDEAL STOCK FARM !' of Wakulla. except the small 1 I y lit' }
I possible.: :'" t; lJ the best rnakin's cigarette you .r/er set-Sre-tol 1
"ear'of the St. Marks river and i -.. s
FOR ANY KIND OF STOCK : I i The! surface of this section is, forty *. ? t .
southern portion of what i i" now |
--- i I ;as Leon county, sprang from what : j I S cral inches, a Mry rich sand;; (can:. :+":';-. : .', {"A ; Y For, Prince Albert has a wonderful: m::;sage ;:

known the Forbes\ | p--culbrly adapted to sugar cane, com '. .}; cf pipe-peace and makin's for
i Brt't din Dunx Thatezh\ 200 to | 'commonly as prace
j every
chase, and is aKoo designated\ I i and vegetables. By deep plowing! '. :.: ,. *. .,fcW'W'-a'. 3 I man.. It will l revolutionize!
i : ycdr smoke
rfjsi **: ideasixd
I 300 Pounds at Nine Months at 'a this! -oil caW I\'l' made any: depth desired. 4 > ?..- ** ".
United States of Florida and ?,! .S: rsji- %
maps > : J
; Cost of 3 Cents Per Pound couit records which give the L'r.dc-r this rich surface is a strata -I'I t?"J;;'t ..., ,.. t"-tw.011:;' ". ideals. The patented-process fixes

( of this \\undeiful Forbes Purchase, of line sand, containing a lar e'Fw'ntle ''I ::...v-H.H1W..P''I: \ :i' ; .: .,. I that- and cuts out bite and parch !

I more properly spoken of as an of humus and u d'r thi.I .- :' i.i:. ,.,>I""';"" _-v.w: \ ..... \ ... ..

:' t "Want to ti.ke a joy ride to Ocua! I Spanish Grant. The true hi.-tory: I! at a depth cf from two to four feet, I \.. "'tl.of/{ \ I' '

, 'j .' tomorrow morning in my racer," said \ \this grant i> still unknown to : I is i either clay or hard pan, generally! i .,"!.'.' .,"}. ......y. t'(.<.o ';;=fi. ......... .,,;.
my young friend, young Williard : the former. I' .. /-; \ i'll'
of ov people. A further body of l. .. ;:'i : '
: I l : BIcod. "1 want you to come up and'i! Forbe. Purchase( : lard lies west of i j Thiclay gcrtrally runs from l-i: I ..:.'\, ', ", ... ."
+f, j ice my hog farm. and what I think I feet thick and i underlaid! Ly ":.: 'iot1 ., j' .
\hattahooihee rhcr. to :L'O ";.., ., \ .. .0 R1EI
is \, f' :
, is the finest piece of high hammock I j To give a full history of this : \'.'..,(' Bearingand.; and! it is to this ,, ..\, ': :-, .;!iIfi.<" ,
g I j >
} land in Florida-an ideal stork faim Purchase, or more properly :: rand thi.t mot of the wlls are dug.Tho ,to'. ',>}.., \ \ 7j. ;,

, for any kind of stock I this great pram of lard, would : water level of this'! section 5- r t ,\.I. ".. Y""I:..' J'; i '\ xrliff. '"
t Hiawatha Lake Stock! Farm from1 to '., feet }below the surface. ''\, / > '1"....'(;,. '.' .
t-om- man'olunms.., and the half \\ i \ < \ '. ,,< ,
t. I Irises fat acres of hill and valley, not then be told. 1 will however The underlying! stratum of clay or I I r4\/, .'!"i J:""'.'... \ ,-' -.. {. .:

t I'' I hard acts a ; a water shed and ;
Hearing ar.d wood, located three milt. ]particular and as brielly as pan '11.! "'" i
J i southwest from Ocal; I mention the lands of this: purch !I IthU iun> off the surplus water and, therefore ..{,Jt '"' .. .<" .,,;

.: of : were in the counties! of !.. i wi have only! the water that i, : F "r "
I I "Here. said Blood, his the head | -
Viand' WakulLi. lorida, the Land 'helll i n the two or four feet of :soi'j;: :+
' our herd The prize of the rest, ova rI ; I I I I'C.pyrl 'dIr + _
Howeisvhi-:n !it walieiv, was: ,al o T. t
I i I
Orion +IG
;t Tippy the bsst bred boar in 11/ .
I I j, sufficient moisture is i: K.,1. :\\I 1
Spanish pc.sr.iu'i.! : "Pque.itly+ Ord'p'iily.
Florida, but he is only one of our ] ,I lirynullr II 't.. .
winners. I was held by Fiance a.ul afterwards I h held i 1.1: the !I'ountl! to suffice for all 'I -- To c Io'e... the national joy-siroke ti

I prize Great Britain und then again ceded ]plar.t life, louti\ e all other regions, I '
: I "1e weighs 1,200: pounds;' stated the latter 'otmtrbark to Spain I', to the detrimentf'
( drouths will occur : is
'; I Blood Camly, "and cost $1.000. On \\ho.-e hands it remained until 151!' I Io i I : so friendly to your tongu3 :And taste that

1 i \ his sires side he comeP|! from the ISn'h'n: the United States 'I Raiford has in :Mr. B. Z. Matthews .[, ? it is mighty easy to get acquainted: with.

Ay [ Grand Champion, St. Louis World's possession by Treaty of Purchase." not only an expert deep well specialist ;I p 1 You'll like every pipeful or cigarette: better

i I Fair winner Top Notcher, who sold It may also be news to many but a geologist as well, and he I than the last because it i is i so cool and
1 afterwards for $5,000. His dam, MuI that old land I
learn owing to has not only studied well drilling, but
(I leta, is sister to Col. Willeta first made by the Spanish government also conditions generally in Florida, i II : fragrant and long-burning. Tou'll just sit

i prize winner in Northern State Fair, great leal of the territory of and especially in Bradford county. ';, back and ponder why you ha: kept away .

11 '- bred by Ira Jackson. ida never passed:: into the Now Mr. Matthews comes with the I I ;' from such joy'us smokings for st long a time I

"Our other strains are from the of our Uncle Sam and these old suggestion that Bradford county, especially {4 .'.

Woinders, the Volunteers, the Cherry grants were afterwards recognized the region about Raiford, can I : 'I I i\ I II Men, we tell you Prince Albert $: all we claim ;
the Models the Colonels, '
Tennessee ,
valid h Court.
} our own Supreme be supplied with automatic wells \\;thscar'ly 1 i: for
all blue blood strains as any one familiar tory tells us that many years any cost for boring and none I You'll understand just how differentour H

with the Durocs know. Florida was discovered and whatever for maintenance.His .{ "" patented process makes $rince Albert

"Yes, our sows," he went own, "are the Spanish government obtained @@1 quick
plan is this. With a posthole MOI. as you smoke it ,:
from the same 'blue blooded' strains. tle to various large tracts of 1, 1
: digger make a convenient sized hole ,, :
; We save no 'graded' hogs on the through treaties with the Indians through the surface to the clay or .'1:.C'GAREnE' 1oBACCO Buy Prince Albert everywhere fo&aceej: seldrie
place. These hogs are from the that later the Spanish Crown loppy red bag i, 5c; tidy red tin,, JOcranttiomt .
farms of such noted breeders as Ira ( hardpan, then with a two-inch auger pound and half poand tin humidors arjt in pound
into contract with John
a one crystal-elan humidor
with rponpe moAtenertope
f Jackson, S. H. Stanburry and George of Edinboro, Scotland, to allow ( conveniently attached to a piece of tha: keep the tobacco in such prime-co,},'.'ion.Li .
known .all who know iron pipe, bore through the stratumof
Gra ,well to to trade with the Indians along
blooded stock clay to the water-bearing sand, and I Oi the goer ride cf A\t\ iWr rea tilT R. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. a
entire gulf coast from the village .i will read "Proce.. Plicated Judy N. C :;
: ( ', "Do you find the full-blooded hogs Pensacola to the mouth of the { at once the water will rise in the holeto 39tb. 1907." which ha.nude three art ,':
I within few feet of the surface. I coke pipet where one mold! before I
more delicate than the graded
any boro river. This Scotchman was =
Then take bunch of _
animals asked. I a Spanish moss -
I adventurer and had befon' coming --- --

a l "No," he replied. "If perfectly sanitary Florida been a fur trader with to be found anywhere throughout the I t

conditions are kept about the I Canadian Indians the country, and wad it into the two-inch ,
on upper I'
place and the hogs properly cared for John ( Canada) l' \er. hole at the bottom of the large hon! f I;

there is little danger of disease. We ; Forbes established trading: posts I: to keep the sand from stopping up t.i

do! not permit any person, dog or virtue of his contract at & I the hole, then fill up the large hole

J other animal to enter the farm from I Apalachicola: St. Marks and: at I I I with the same material that came out

1 any infected district that we know of. i i other places. lie was invested" II I, of it, and your well; is complete and AUCTION SALE

"We have our litter houses;' he authority which gave him 1: r.o room is t:+ken: up in your fifld. Ail'

went on, "and enclosed runs from each ,I rights to this trade. No other j i I vegetation: as well as evaporation i itself iY
_- litter kept separate from the others, except through -ufa-leave from ; j acts as a pump and Mr. Matthews -
These litter pens or houses arc kept is cf the opinion, from careful I
was permitted to carry on: any :
perfectly clean. Look on the skin of ness of this kind along this I!: ob.-ervution covering yea: of eXP 'ril'r.'e New and Second Hand Gbods

this hog," ho directed, "you will find E j I cos>t. It is recorded that (1)I j!: that one of the:I' well* p\pry ,

; no itch or dandruff. Their kin is I i; owner! and controlled many -!:ip:: I thirtv f,vt will:! kerp a !fieH \\'!'II:1- ,

clean and healthy. I|I which; h? exported large cargoes! i iI tend, and assure at least noble! tv! ri

1 "These fellows will be ready to >hip I|I merchandise sped purchased and yield over that of th" unwdt-r''d field.

in about seven months, as a hog is in'''1 tel(d from the Indians, from i When it is considered that all veg- i j Saturday April 8th. ;

ket.his prime at ten months f for the mar ho realized great profits. I j, table growth is 95!; per cor.t water it !;

We find also that under the (' !!: fan be readily;} understood that water j .

"That brings to mind," I said "someof tract Forbes had with the is the chief requisite: !:: in all agricul-i A VARIETY OF
a the questions wnated to ask I .
you I
;i crown he continued to trade with : tur{'.
and they are, what feeds do you give :''Indians: along this entire west (' et Now that Mr. Matthews has solved ] FURNITURE IRON BEDS. CHAIRS {
them and what crops do you raise here I i
for that ?" of Florida until 1811, when the the, problem from the point of expenses '

I! ; J "purpose olic monarch of Spain ceded, there is no reason" why Bradford I LOUNGES, WASHSTANDS CUPBOARDS TABLES
"Well, he replied, "we feed the little ,
I and confirmed to the said John county, with its peculiar natural conditions -
+ pigs shorts until three
months on old. Then comes they are the sor bald Forbes and to his assigns all should not }become the great SEWING MACHINES, STOVES, MAGAZINE STANDS,
lands as now located in Franklin }
I est agricultural section of the state.
e ghums: corn and what they can gather
out in the woods pasture then swe?t Wakulla counties with the Experimental wells will l*> bored in WASTE PAPER BASKETS. PICTURES, LAMPS, DISHES, |.LSO A
of the lands up and down the Raiford at once and the results will be _
1 potatoes, peanuts, barley, oats and
I rape, and just twenty-one days before Marks and Wakulla rivers for the carefully noted. HANDSOME ORGAN AND NUMEROUS OTHER ITEMS, SUCHJAS ICE :
tance of three miles and including
J marketing we feed them to hard Mr. Matthews has been: advised to
t en. At the end of the twent --one days town of St. Marks. These lands w have his idea patented, as it bids< CHESTS, TOOLS, FLOWER STANDS, ETC, ETC. EVERY 1qTICLE

i# i: 4 they are prime for market. That also subsequently granted to fair to revolutionize agriculture, but J1

roughly: is the program. To carryout by ida.the This Spanish last Governor of West he prefers; to throw it out to the agricultural WILL BE SOLD, COST NOT CONSIDERED. SALE BEGINS Ij3 A. M. _
grant was
; these feedings we raise the following interests of the country i
declared invalid upon the ground without and takes this means I j I ,
r ) crops: Sixty acres in oats and charge NEAR DEPOT THREE DOORS
when the FROM WILLS
United States DRUG Cl i
I t. barley, sixty acres in rape, one hundred of gi'ingon(' of the greatest discoveries -
Florida these lands
belonged to of modern times to the world
acres in corn fifty acres in sorghums i
W t Spanish Crown and was a part of the columns of the
twenty acres in peanuts, ten today through
r acres in sweet potatoes, fifteen acres territory purchased by our Tribune.-Raiford Tribune. : Th Sho
; With this exception all the land. Variety
in cowpeas, the Clay variety These -- --- -
of mencing at St. Vincent on the FOR YOUR CHILD'S COUGH
crops course rotated bcth as to land I
i and to season. SO you see that we tern boundary of Franklin county, I If your ehild ha" a cold, nee runs or '

have very little feed to buy" eluding the whole county and the j I coughs much get ;> mall!! bottle of Dr. ;i iI

"Have islands Tong: the coast with what i I Bell's l'ine-Tur-l'.o..ey.!: It.- a pleasant I i \ 1
you figured out what it costs; { "
now Wakulla county, to the mouth PineT.irHoncvyrxin.: : lust what child '
you to raise: a hog for market ? I' :
asked, "that is. how much per pound?" the St. Marks river was confirmed I | ? eri like; and nxt: the medicine iO (,
our own courts as the original i outh" th! > cough; ar-d ch""k thecold. 1 ,
"Not just exactly, but. I have figured :} -
-- -
purchase or grant. After Ui-'ing, children stop frettine, !'
it around :i cents per pound live I
After the purchase of Florida sleep and W.I.l:1..it \. -
good p.re con entirely # :
y weight. As a well-bred I Duroc: at nine =
Spain the negotiations of which i on Dr. Bell'-\ Pine-Tar-Iiotev.= ,1 I fb.
months of age will weigh aroirdcr :5>0 l 4 # _
ed from 1819 to 1821, it "
: was -tr.at your Druggist. ((1) i
300 hundred pounds live weight "
1 _._ _. .
that there acre also many other -- -- -- '
and as the market is around Z tto: .'
sonal grants or claims made to Now is the time; ;o per your strawberry -
6 1-4{ cents per pound you can., by a vate individuals. Some were j I! tickets. We print them for you I, SOMETHING NEW
;, I little figuring, see what the profit'is.The i bona fide while many were :]: cn short notice. :
I price of dressed meat is 8 centsper -------- "
pound in the Ocala market, but fora There being so many of these j'i I. GR.\II\M: .REf,15TR.HIDX., ROOKS. .
asking the I 1 The registration books fur District No. 11 !
government grant
while I do not intend -:0.:
into the
to !
go were iv iv< C. \ Knight,
ters to such lands that it :
patent 1 KKL-tration 'If'c.'r( and immodI
,; ; dressed meat market confining myself cnjy was -
I! lately forwarded! to C. B. Roberto it GrAham .a
to shipping. ample romm at the farm forthis, |I who ha-t been aproinirj deputy reiristrationofficer HAVE AN OAK FLOOR FOR YOUR BEST
"It is my intention to increase the it will work in well with the hog for the newdistrict.. The voters in OR HALLWY-
I i I the new district should call on Mr. Robert* ;
herd until we have an output of 1.000 dustry. Thus in time the hog and gorge to have their name; transferred

hogs: a year. We will sell breed hogs come to mean in Florida what he on the books. "OAK SURROUNDS" DOES IT. |

end: meat hogs only. to the farmers of the northern stateI soon seen that if something was notdone ;
is the
average "the mort age-lifter," and many \\ under these conditions the
Ev asked, "from the Durocs, and why do their all lost on the gamble crops best lands in the state would soon be NO! THE COST IS SMALl. *

you prefer them to other breeds? again find their feet on the rounds held by fraudulent claimants, so i in ;,
"The Duroc sows will average eight the ladder that leads to fortune 1828 Congress
r- pigs to a litter and will give five passed an act that no >
r you A. Moreno in the Florida Grower. further patents should in future be *fc.
litters in two years; forty .pigs in

that time worth at least i cents per DANGERS OF DRAFT I I grants granted, unless confirming the rights these of old the SpanishI claim Lumber

i pound at ten months. I prefer the Drafts feel best when we are .'I ants be first ascertained by the Quigley & SupplyjCo.,}
Durocs, as I believe them to J r perspiring, just they are courts.
best and gentlest of all the high grade
most dangerous and the result is j i Considerable litigations followed after
Y breeds again they are all foursquare -
e (' ;and upstanding and good'hog' meat raisin sometimes Stiff an Neck attack, Sore of Muscles ,i f this last one act to which the old was law but and annmrndatory Starke, Florida :

; nd are the best sellers for that

." purpose In such cases apply Sloan's : applied not only to Florida but also -1

+ It stimulats circulation to the sore to the state of Missouri and th!! ter- t J
That afternoon, when i.i tewn, I[ painful part. The blood flows ] !I;i! ritory of Arkansas. The heirs of .

::"ked some questions of the other ho g- and in a short time the stiffness 1 1 Forbes the. original grar.tees, filed apetition .._-.....
breeders and raisers as to the hog sit- pain leaves. Those sufferings I! the state .<
.1:1 courts prayirg I
l intiop. and found them all enthusiast j Neuralgia or Neuralgic Headache that their several land claims he ad. wore fought by the ablest lawyers in heirs. President John Tyler finally hands of a rf'fiver and the hources

They confirmed Blocd's figures ,: find one or two applications of i judicafc-d which was done and the de- I the country among which were Daniel I signed the patents; to these rants, of all titles t>. this land in Wakulla
fi-oni actual sales made at the Ocala : Liniment will give grateful relief. i stator: went against them and an appeal I Webster, who represented the Forbes ;< The several heirs of the old Forbes
county was 'cod into
p John Beard,
platform, and all had made in j
; agonizing gives to
money pain way a tingli ; was duly taken. This heirs and other almost
case! was equally able
he business. Later on Mr. Blood! i informed j s er.saton* of comfort and warmth I important for it Purchase later disagreed: in a partition receiver, who . very involved the 1 lawyers: the United States
and in the court of chancery of of all of them .
me they would add a line of I quiet rest and sleep is possible. I validity of the titles for one millio The final decrees rendered inI I the ; ; This title dates back

i Hereford cattle for beef purposes, and 1 for Neuritis too. Price 25c. at \' acres cf the richest agricultural: lands 1836 and 1840 which were confirmed the ) circuit court of middle Florida in. to the year 1! 2-the very year that
i stituted further proceedings. The "Old Nat" firs
perhtps for breeding alro. There is Druggist. ( ) in the state of Florida. cares''''' { :opened his eyes in this
These : 'validity of the claims of the Forbes' lands were finally placed into the old world. "Old Nat.


Irt .
y r j

1h -... '-"'-.' ':;. L J ...."'.. -- _. ....,... ." ., -,...... ._.........-.....'. -.... ..... '_, ..--= .,
: .: :..; ,; t. "-:=- :.--" .- "'..&I .. --- .I -'..:.-. .: c try\ nA 3 v. ..L_ ,-_ _._- : :,." .,.. ., =& -;,:;-" ,.. :-...-,:.. .

..- ., '- -a,1'. .. : -
.. ." -
"" iI .' ,,. .'. '. ':e h-'.,;.:; .L. 'I_ -1:1->'''':r- ,

-Y'H, .--' .- __ __ ..- _, :. ._'. "_":. r -__' -_._. _, !'"' "...-. _: ., : _-. ...... .._. .. -,;;-,_ -e> '.' !; :_rd "-- : -; "" '-





--- --- -
_.. -
--- -- -- -- -- -

,.::::) .. ome.lr.. iLy niht. Ail + + + + + + + + + + UKDFN.tNO* NON -

..:..w. :--,...._.........,... ._.- ?> S. J. I.f>wis. repre.etin: the pro 'rrni w tt' i ] ; !: NOTICES 1 OI>!N\VK: 1:1* : : ; .. ;.;. p\n-.
_..---.a--- .__.._ ..-......,..: e Ali-on\! coRimiion hou of NewYo.k and .": ;'.- IN <1 \11; in : \1:0 o. .tw.o'
r-- r'A'J G'X : enjoyed + + + + + + + + + "> :i\i.s: t: s \ (. o/ .;. I : -oss
f'i ily: arrived !:l're:1st\ week and Mr. Elisha \ I I' Mm--: .T) 1 IN Ili. VWN 0;' T! .'.r:,
II.t.ni:nUN Til1' H [ o TIE
l t.fUr :spending a few days her: he \:c, k 1'.1; .a ;'- NOTICE. : ) .Ui. I. :\l:i-* .Lall. < OM-

!News itemsInteresting \wi.t to I'.ubhrcll to leek over thetrutk :Mimdav.Mr. !.".,.- *'"urt. I-u M l .'ir.ty. j'j\'o\m. 11 E"I: ) \ )i'l- 1\1\\. !.i NEU

: ; In aV. IX Ho T OK .:. Vi\i\s fib mroMOTIVVS -
I farming situation in that sec Jim Mott, \ ,.f J Ir"\. Innd 1 .'.'. :;- >! :: \\' \ 1 .Nt \IP| TitEET

tion. in. toni! in : "(..rII. NiaV! 1 1'-: l-.n,'f..r.l. Tt) .iw: I'WII'II I l.lr:I ,? \ :v\\ :\\H -

l'n"iei1g'i n,1r II. G. Davis; of the :M.' ':' -. II-N '-;' : lanufirJ..lohn. l'u'l. I.a'i.- 1 INOK TII: : .\ri'io-: ,, HIV. T0
fact Gathered During the Week by Our 1 llicdarj and u: nthir mt. r- j I : I'WI'10 i : \ :Orn S.-
,1. II.: church, south, was a visitor to IVvv :\Il'I.'II.j} ;;: .. .: I II JKO\IOTI' < .
THS CI: ; 'I 11 1:1
Regular Correspondents. f o-i are hereby nntifitj that TO : : 'xl; .\ : T.ML-
'...v.-i.'y Monday. tored down to > I Ti :,: : \ } I:
: as a.lmin.:.tratn\>f the \ l <: f'M-
A son WPS born to :Mr. and Mrs. J. :Vis* :\! !' : I.atiKfonl. thoa-nl. latf "f \, \COI'.1: .rtt"I'III". TIl ,
: TI&"ltH. :1IEltFO"

U____ P'I_- B. Dye, of Jacksonville, Thursday ing in \ I Klurula.". ha- tiled Count;in the alov P.or-' I \\hinas. the railroad ,.i the :a' ....rJ Air

... : ,-ht, at thhonit1 of Mr.[ a'HIlr: <:. Miss Julia! :\ I !: Bruj'r.t onlrr of this F.ineHallway C."n| any i- '!--e-> over and across
.;. .,. ,.. !' !"!' '!' /> '!' '!' '!' '!' '!' at the hotel Saturday, and had as her i : nir Tall Street of the T..n i>f Starke-. BrM.r.1Counly.
A. :M. Blanchard.Messrs.: ToMadron: ; autnunrmKad piti-
i i Florida in the l4 iniM. a.Cti.'fl of the
.,;, guests, Mrs. A. A. Durden and children 5 .i ln uf aid t1 accord-m- .:
,; Roscoe Sapp an 1 AlbertJennings school. to' n.And.:
,;. WOODLAWN PARK. Miss Clara Hunt, Mrs. Harriet!'. ) \in dr-criUd n.,1 l c-tate as \\ h..nlth.T t.-. Constant and considerable -
returned home i LIt week The services a>>.H* of the taiti "tae of hams and au-
0 Geiger. Mrs. Mary Louisa Geiger, d, eaH'd said real estate I ly- travelf |" Ji ijians.
from near Fort Pierce, where they at the Free Will ; tOmobuI,5 over said lall.itri'et!! in Miid Townat
.?' 4 4 4 !) .i, 4 Mrs. Jennie Mrs. A. A. McDonald : in Kradford county. Inrida. .
.1 !) <; Roper, the point whiTe the tan railroad | "over
have !bern employed for several weeks. urday and .: Mr. J. S. Norman visited relativesat Mrs. Elsie Sparkman. of Waij;j half of Number One and aCross paid Street.And
I Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Redding were ton, was well Wok there i. constant and gnat
Williston Saturday and Sunday.Mr. do. A delicious dinner was served and ] visitors Starke last members ; on of EI. of SEt, in danger of\h'n's.injury from r sing trains and locomotives -
I !i Saturday. were
I -hip 6, Kanvro 22 Ea-t.
J. C. Prevatt was transacting enjoyed by all. The hostess had purchased -' Mr. Reason Laslinger went to Jacksom'iIle I Mr. John Shr of paying Sulh.inl..bl.dm'ss of the along said on street said: TFiFlj'KOIlF r.ilni',:i to :th..- )> 'ini;

business in Starke Saturday.Mr. I.I. from that "most lucky fisher- I last Saturday and broughtIl'ack his son, Lewis, pcr'osal with l a axsels"portion of. the rotate real SECTI ," )NK I

Charley Phillips, of Theressa, is. man," L. B. Hall, a fresh water troulweighing four horses to be used in the ]I Monday \'. of said estate still FIE IT ORD.\IXEI. l>>
and friends here this 9% and reserved it the Town >('urd County. Honda
visiting relatives ; pounds, (
'I new livery stable of Mr. A. A. Stokes i The Woodman and each of you and all that from and after KI>I*,: into effect of thus
week. I for.this occasion. I II I ordinance. hereinaftit provided all cen-
Marshal L. L. Sapp wa stransact-I afternoon.: parties are commanded that.
Mr. 0. J. Phillips visited relativesand :I ----_ _ -'- i businifs you will ductors. engineers. ( I i'hen in rharof ;
I business in Jacksonville Tues- Prof. L. R. aidl. b
friends at Theressa Saturday and ., ,$, .., <..) i. $> <.} .-., .$. ,?. 5t' ..., 4. .!> I ing on j II! me at my office in lrrn and lucomotive-s. :.>r Iilh'r eif them
'VV"V" acrosi Cn'\:\ Street in the said
I I" day of last week. a very County Florida. on Thurs ras-smc over or i
Sunday. I I I e 0 County Commissioner S. T. Howling has returned of March. A. D. 1916. at Town of Staike shall !.: required to send a
il front of such train
There will be prayer meeting at thr i,I LAKE BUTLER. > of Raiford, was ic-electioneering in his future home. .why on said I should day. to not how grant rauce.the and footman lo.moth.or runner,. or Jii--t eithilj of them "hi.passing .

night at 7:00. All I :*> <$ across (a,1 Swtet in To.n to
tent Sunday are over or
last week. Rev. G. W. S.
Lawtey one day I IRev.
invited to attend.Mr. I.- &.. i.. .s, ? .?> hand and seal! at Starke. give notice*. signal or wc/ninir, to all part of es
John Mullady, of Hampton, interesting Florida. this 23rd day of upon or appmach sai-> rin.aJ rll.inl
A. Green was transacting business ]I The new telephone system has arrived was a visitor to Starke last Satur- day. 1916 the danger of the al rr..chinl trin : locomotive

in Lawtey Monday.THERESSA.. I and is now being erected above day. I Miss! Bernice ( of C.F.O Uiadford A.- GARDINER.County. Florida or either; SECTFON5TWOlhat of .;< i.

-- the Maincs and Ding Drug Store. The Mrs. L. Alvarez of school. In
S. and children conductors ( I.in1 or 0111

4 t + + 0. 4 t ;. ie : system is one of the latest types and Starke, wereisiting relatives in and .ir. IL D. \ - chime ,al trams and lucy-.notivis.e'r ,'illr of
6. i( FOR T\\ DELll tbini. the I rmii>ns of n one
is the for- i.lllinl
a great improvement over I rear: Laielast week. I mer living ; TOX CIIAVTtR of this ordinance sha' lo punished by "n.not

1 :! mer one. Mr. and Mrs. Baumsteir.!' of Stark :' Monday \WS OF FLORID\ greater than one hu.lr"1,Inlars.I by imprisonment -

4, : >y ruen that T. J. Aliirrmm. not vci'j-ilij"'; sixty day. or Ly
I ,; ;, ;. .* -;. <*. ,$Nfr.. 1 *' ; "!. 4' : : ; s< :| The strawberry' glowers ::re now were guests last Sunday of Mr. and i I I Miss Hattie Cirtitica'.e No <'t?. dated tH I Inith finiand iml'r.'n"'nt in the discretion
start in j g to bring in a great many Mrs.I A. P.osenberg. of Miss Myrtie : \ .\. 1) IHU. hniliJ rani of the Ma>'or. -

Mrs. A. Sullivapisited rvialivrsat berriesand: it is hoped that they willbring Mr. N. T. Ritch, .Jr., of near RaiI :Miss Mae (' office. ant has made &pp'ta-, SECTION Il REF
;in ,
Heights this wet-k. I!( I to arr.rllnr. with Xi.tice rf theraavi .ind nn.rn',1 of !<
Orange 'i good prices.Me. I, ford, was a visitor to Lawtey last Sunday. vaster; Mrs. I. C. '.embraces the f.I.n. iu- "rhnanc. 5h..1 I. yivin. 'o the Sal.t.r.1ir t
G. :M. Dennett was transacting business I i Or.E.. { Mlui'tid in .unty. Railway {*"ml'l bv a copy
.=-rs. Tommie Hewitt Willie Andrews Linl
in Hampton Saturday. !I thertof und.r tho haiJ /nd seal! Town &
Ellsworth Harper and Misses County ClerkV.. T.Veek*, of with J. M. : lk 10 VNorthmctnn.. ,'r. :1:. Clerk U'lni deliven-il! 16 lier-on to t.1) local

Arthur Bennett was visiting relatives -|I Bessie Kennedy Estelle Dekle and Starke, was .in town Tuesday shaking tion of a drug! K. The said land lin. u.1 freight act nt of tin' (I'd I ra Uay company
in Starke this week. j ij .of the issuance of -ucn c. residing in the Town 0. J. of Woodlawn :!|I Mollie Thomas motored over to the j I hands with his many fripn
Mr. Phillips, State Pri.-on Farm last Sunday after- Col. J. C. Poppell of Starke was a : Mr. and :Mrs. b ndxmcd urcor, J'! t) I.i't-. its ta-saire and J.:>iruval. and that the
visited relatives and friends here I I ue thereon on the lid d I of I > jjJ 'lwa
Park. i giving of said\ \ notice to ra > company
i ..10011.Rev.. visitor to Lawtey Tuesday. i down to Staike shall I... deemed and 1.1..1: I a.s notice 1< all its

Sunday.Mr. I 1: Mrs. A. A. Smith and her mother turning Saturday !idal signature and .<'al) flis conducte'r..nginerN alI' olh'r in charge of
S. S. Proctor is home
Chas.' is relatives just fromquite D.
Phillips visiting: \ 1916. trains and IncomotiviM either of them.
:Mrs. John Howe visitors odd 1
and friends at Woodlawn Park an extended trip to the counties were to Quite an W. T. WEEK lasring through the spit town of Start.e-
j Kingsley last Sunday. Saturday : I'rtfk. SECTION KOt'H
of Suwannee
and .
this week. Lafayette.While I A. WEEKS. This ordnance shall; t.-i'-e effect and l-e enforced .1.11
I Sheriff Denmark and Deputy Cameron icy, buyer
Mr. are glad to state that Mr. P. H. !I on the trip Mr. Proctor preached : Deputy lle-k. from and after tin days after iU pas-
of Starke were visitors to Law- was seen : --
three and approval.
limns for the Baptist church bare
N'eal. who was injured in a runaway with about OF ELECTIONS. E. S. \TTFFE\\S..
'at })owlin Park and little ,; ley Tuesday. : forty
spent some ; of the CounciL
accident sometime susta'ninj a Ha.. March 6.
upo, : 1'11 IEs.llnl
I la1(
Charles de of stretched
i j time Visiting old lime friends, the Mr. Beruff, Jacksonville on a ,.(> in thin h> the school Attest : C. A. FITCH.
broken lej rapidly improving.Dr.
was the guest of friends here :Mr. R. L. the ard of I'ulilic Instruc- Town Clerk.Adonted .
and Mrs. B. T. Fortner, of Hon. John W. Day and wife of Day- county authorizes ub-d.- ty a unanimous vote of the Town

attended preaching here town Lafayette county. 1 Sunday. Brooker last \>e ri-ld on the 14th day of Council the 7th day of March. A. P. 1S16.
Brooklyn, on :Mrs. Lottie the of Tax Assessor:; N. D.) Wainwright and :Miss Ro.!'sie frllowina named iiiace : C. A. FPTCFF.
Key, daughter Town Clirk.Approved .
Sunday. :r Collector! B.: M. I Dow ling of Staikc.wore Raiford ; ,' nr discontinuethe ills-
the late Elder I. who near Mt of March A. F>.
Messrs. A. L. Sullivan, M. M. Prin- Ryder, was at
Jacksonville one time pastor of the Methodist in town Tuesday for the purpose Tuesday morninj.laste all of Section T and 13 I9I(!. C. F. HOOVEK.I .
others went to
son and ( r ro''ectin!' n.ul : ssesi't i tax-. :\ >1" (' : :! / Ft 20 north of river and te .ah Vayor.
Frii'ay! to carry Mr. P. II. Neal to the ihurch at Lake Puller. pcnt last and to di t. rmint the .. .,--
I f-- -- -
rr-mindod the has been --- -
While -
here \otc-r- .
they quite
Tuivihy ni' M ;; the of IL'v.b' to IKassessed. fI
a guest
there for treatment. i I ( I
that t C'y'r still;} i-i tho ra.-2 for raiiv-h better. I j I hatter J. .\. .'iis.tt. r. .' NOTICE ft. .APPMCAIION FOR TAX nErnI

Miss Mary Boston i is spending: ; the S. Proctor and family. -election. riai'i"*' thi : :I I notk-e U iri.,n thai .1. 1'. Futcli.r .
'week at the home of Capt. and Mrs.R. Littl. Mi.N'ornu l i Doklo. of De-kit' ; \MI i.tli. in etiirt thu ? j.t T-iv Sic! (Vrti'icnt.s nomUredreiiftivelv

C. Heilicrjjer of Brooklyn this Mill!, ha- rofiiicd home, after a pleasIt Mr<:. W aldrt.j! ). < f I al-- Bull. \va.iitor .. Mr.! ..I'd :Mr.-! W. ; '! |,p I ilitiMtr'nitv rnio'jnt of mili I ?. 41., 4.-.. :". f.1'. 7fi. .i: ii: .

:: -: to Lawtey the fir..I cf the Jig u's, hor b": i I : I -..1 M.n.i' rJ.. F. n tho I 1.1 .it'ith her here.
: \ jrra"dnarents
:: .
\\ ek. I I' lail!! ilralf..rl County. F'or'la. each Ihl said
--- --, ,, nand Mr- S. S. Proctor '.vi'ek. v&s thrown f,' I lib. Io d.\! ihrrc tr"I .- I c. rt'ica". s Kn 'laud tn. 4th da> of August -1

.. .. ,=" .'> .... ., ; .. ., i ,. .0 i Mr. .J..J.Mc IA {,d! wa- :! '> i-Jtor to to th. ground a : "* amount of miII'!j :\. I). I''l1' has f.1 'h,. said .titU-ates in .

(0) .' I IWA'fEHOAI .Starkt- Tue-diY. ':-ror". n. I Dr. Bi lana C. ;'r'!. 1.S: :: .,\ : my o'Tvo! and IIR.S ii.J''' application for tax

: ('hi i..tian ("nurth.Iho 1'wl1 :, l to Lne in actorJinet' with law The .
\. ; i :Mr. Ellery! Sapp. of W..t"l'olk.'a" medLK-ly and \ ; i t. el.ct three tru.-| .1..< cirtificatis nsinrti.ily embraces the fo- ,

..-, services at Lake Butler last I rjrt the iimount of njila.ri.!; I-i'f.! rd Count F'lor'da.as .
; a visitor to Lav.t.-y Saturday.Mr. i;"t i.-id { ) ). i low me! lands in )
.M.iiii.t'irs J. J. Hu'lnjr.! I
. >. ,: ; .. .sEcv. Sunday were :. little! !Better than fcr ; -( .ed at thedate i-, 'he issuance of suchc.rtilicats
; ; s : > f> s- ;' ; ; and! :Mrs. Gieon; Tl' tl)' of .Taok- scoi'Md! much : | Clvatt. hereinafter
in the nain.rtpictivily -
L. A. Donm-lly and Mr. Elisha scn," weok.-, o.-prfa'ly: the tvvp.iiijIlonii'r ,- soiuilli', were \'i--iting- relathtand that he will .o I ; .,1cunt'It finetru.tiis of millaetto an.l Ka ..-p i particular >' -r'h. t-..v.ifi

ilkinson! wore the :guests;: of Mr. ad! srr'icc' !,i friends in and rear Lawtey last wk.i arm again.! IVen Cokon, Allen! Gnx-n. i CerUfcate No. 3 l .I'r'cl the NEv, of SW
I I of Section :*. Tiiwvhip 4. !S. U.
I F. Cooke IC'fkd! j E.l.
Mrs. Erney Johns Sunday. !I' Mir nan i Mr. T. I Wearing was tran.acti.igbusiness ; Mi.! R. T. 4i) aerts. assessed ('ha. A. I'ringk :
'ha* accepted thcs invi ition! of the j \1u'1,11: Uth. 1S1C. t-I No. 41 Iniracus all uf lot 11I
: Certificate u
Among those cf this: neighborhood in tlrkelol1dar.. side of his \ : d"lirnine the
Raiford chuuh ho'd I in rvkli/s 2nd add to F.ake
who attended: church at Evergreen on to special nifeting. 3IcssrF.,; A. Fishr and M. R.i fer :omp time. : : 'p to I I.e. asMg>eil. Manatrin- North of Section railway 51. 5, S. 29 E.
.- along! the \lino.-; of church (..t1idE'nl FF. H. \\ 11.lam.1.1.,1 | Hutli r. FWi.hip r.
Sunday Wl'rl'lr.: and Mrs. Charles .i Warner wer visitor: ;; to Jacksonville :Monday : !' issej.-ed Hattie Wil'iaTi .

Wainwright, Mr. and Mrs. J. 1) andJ. y, liopinninf; with the second Sumhiy Sunday and Mor.iiay.Messrs. I' A i'ar load of i I CirtiPcatc No. 41 embraces. LI in PeKle's ji.
in I/> all' make 2nd add to Lake Kutler. right of.way
0. McCormick, Mr.- J. K.: BlcU-k! Majr. t speri.il plans H. B. Bennett.: .J-., anti .* rf hogs and I; eh:houe.lil1'lhI. '16.the I I, of S.-inn 31. Township 5.

Miss Dora Clark and Mr. Jnhn '(la- I I to attend aid make thi a great week.P.ev. I iM.I Blanchard were visitors to Staikc this station ill .h"o i .,' to be a>.
kin : Coir: nun wH:! preach at Staiko Sunday. >ek Mr. I. F. Prainen. J. II. -
\u J-y
re\t Sjndav at the usual! hour His : April, 11th. 1'Jlfi. to iUt three I nlirat. No. 5ft embraces N' of rEII. .
Mr. J. E. J. Wainwi light i .. called Miss 1 Rebecca White'head! \'iltinf thanks to :Mr. T hO .
w: > wu- < l'I'ti. C. n''i. J. n. ..\ddn: > I .MCl.on: !" To-vnshi- ; d. R. 2J E. 'J
i! health i:; still imploring.I \ I'r .,' (', L. !
to the bedside of his mother Dukes relati\ e.. in Jack.-onville U>t Th B'ool-rr! : >-- < l''lk.I I
4 I material is being! platvd for : April Uth I'tlfi. to diet; I ('..riiral. No. 6: ('whrco SEt I r.f SW'.
sunday: \w'k. Ihy right i the ., S 2
1 to iltternune the amo.int: If I. S'tiun 2:r. Town-hiji 5. It :
the of \0
b-iluiig the church I'lk.-
The !lagrippe: has again made our at : Th" shipments cf stra\liorrif from called!! the :? .. aM>eed.. Manavirs T. II 1 1 K. 1.) acre- -.":id t'litciouAI .
lutir.Ve rtificate No. 75 ctfil \ of NW'j
are very anioufor the .rt. S.V. Iu'.ose. I races V2
neighborhood a viit. having for its Lawtey have bi-en increasing; : laiy! repe.'tivc {..:-;! I j nl Uth. l'Jl6. tu t'-uc: I' "f NW I. Suction 2. T-.wn.siin! K. K R H
time to w'-u-n! .Ile
victims this time, :\11',;. .J. 0. MeCcr-! row wo cm get; into during the past w eek. Tlio firt part port. Wiih a I : ileUrrr.ine the anuunt "rI Ea-t. 2'1 t
our own buildihg. We hope for this : n.s.esi.l. 'l-inat-r J, ('. c. rlleal' No Tii unbraci-s E'of NE', '
mick Mrs. Tom :Morton.Mr. last week about !
and nemh'raCI"
lof U ( ratedaily ( ,
I !8 T 'wnshiu 6. S. E.
> o !b io about the first of Mav.C. : I .nll'r. T. l Norman. I i-f NE S.'liln I II }
. Cr'ws Wainwright of S'app. ;, was the limit. Friday and Saturday\ ter of interu-t 1 Uh 11! r. Ma-am C. ju acn.. iMeeesid Jan's R. Broob '
f I l.USiC-55 here Tu..i- I \\a-dm. O lyal. j Cirtilicile' N-,. rirtnici' lot 3. Section;
was transacting three refrigerator car.vcr. tiIkil.1oday ter ..11 business ; \ '
I Uth. 1916. to elect thr. t- i J7. Town- hip 6. S. R. E, ;0 acre*. asses-t
I day.Miss F.. Pro ram. -> and Tuesday of 1hi- week sev- the citib! ) adj : l Il.IlITirl the nnount of m'1-! :I t) r.n.C. .

;, Gladys Hicks, of !UrycmilK i is !For Sunday.jiril :', at (! p. m. ici: : cars wfie lor.dcd with l 7;> bu-hrl. Troni this date.I'ATKOMZK. I : :.!a r..- .1 J. Col-on 1 t .ffratl N IU I Mi.raccs. lots 1 and 4, lw
I I \V. .\mlr..w,. I luck \Vi>rtliini.-t? r. asses< Unknown.
visiting hor Mrs. Oeo. Wai.iwripht. )1E'etin'ill be held at the home i in Several :1 t
aunt refrigeiutor box-
:! car. : ; I I Uth. l!or. to I i iict thr.-i I utit..t. No 11t> Nnliracis of SVV1., i
of Mi'rl' Hur.ter. d,4 i land SE',. Jition 4. T.nnshin 7.
''I s I Hve also!: been fiibd and shipped to I Uimnithi Im."nt of mil- I .
1 ( !; l Mana O. A. S. 20 E.: acns. a.H5-ut! O. C. M.lvin.
Mr. E. E. Johns made business Topic-The consecration of time. 'l !. Thcl. R 1:1
a different: points daily. Prices arc good I ,\idrrws.I I (ttitclXI. I>n tbit-riins SKI of NW'J
trip to LavteyVcd'sday.. Text, Psalm 00:12-17-HI by Evc- v.i present. ) : I I it", li'lo. to I.Ct tl..t 1 \\1. : amiVi j. Section 3. Township -

: Ir. Jim Godwin, of Max\ illl"'i;:- l"n lh'niwtt.Sonr. j Little :'Ii5S''n,; ; Virginia and Ieitiei IiU-r-iine. the amount eif mil- *. S. 22 E, 2-; acres a-s-sessed N. 1'.
I ) d. JlanajuTi C. E. lulh.n.
Now that i M.r
:ted Everjrrren church Sunday.Mr. i Peace roturred home from Anthonyth ( I Gar:, I t'nle-.s th,- aid rl'Tilrall' shal be reilnmlel -

J. 0. McCormick made! 11 busi-' Ui'ilc' 1 lc.on roail by' all.I ? first; of the week, after spppdi! j jionctinio about at hand Uth. I'Mfl. to fleet thee c a-cording to aw. "i issue
.! the amount cf nul-! : "<* n "n the- 24th ibj of ApKl.: .\. 1916.
ed that < '
we i ,'rmir1
reFs: trip to Starke Mon-.hy. I Season of prayer. : with relativeUROOKER.;?;. ;! d. 1r'r A. D. .\ .. 7mith' da> of Mi\-I:. I'r.
.. '
------ --. 1 O:lotatic.is on time-by all. ____ ___ __ I r.u'.Mler of I H. (,."i"n. nol' I \V. T. WEEKS.
'! !' S- ;, }x ; ; ;. ; ,; / ...ali Ork.By : .
4. : BiWernes; on th-3 s'Jhjt'ct-L ::.11.! '! ... + .!. .. !' ! ... reji-csen'ticg: {i : : :I \!Mfi r..Pe Uth the 11r.rniount:? elect of thru Ii I-* I H A. \\F.EKS.Clerk.

Talks: ;. > in. '.' md! i "II, Mflntr.lc-n H J. Stewart.r I ;ij4t. p'luty a-
.. HAMPTON. ': 1. Why do r.ur days bt-Ior.p! to (;c.1 l'? !' '!' U.I cvr ot (- : i :t. Pa-lrtt. I '- -- ----
', .. I : Uth. l"lfi t-. ..I.':l 'hr.c NOTICE OF APPI FfVTIOV( FOR T V
MaudJimter., [ In dealing: ; 0E1
t. ;. ?> .!> ( !' '.. .; .. I '( '11 tin. the :ml.u'pf mi- | f.NDFU !tnllOF: f II '
:2.: \S.t! j i.; 'o\r idea of a day woth I. ;. ,, ;. ;. . ; .. .. ,-houlil b.- 1'( I '1. :anat J. II. "i! "c.i. 4.sb, ..\\S tf: FLORID-

A party consisting! of J. Laurence \.Ht! ?-:Mi'-s'Fngsr.!. j The have me.n here : T T. rry.. I Notice i i.hinly sri tn thit I). K Kni"ht."irca .
Kelly II. I?. CO{' and R. I.. Cib>onmotortd {I f-icr.ic at I'oot.... r Pond wajixtupU'te -> a line of I Uth. 5'M ;. I. d.e t'l, "K ; -. r cf T,1 C,'riV cate No. 1''."., daViI
: .
Can cthooi hours
JK> dtlermme
l every mil-
ued for
I.I l tm"lll ,
stcceJ. weather fir.g: the- 1st day of Ju'j.' :e. :11 I'iJ| ha- 61.sai,1
over fro.Ti (;a :1esYille Tues; God! ?Marion! I nl'l's it 1"r.a\"J. V. ii-1.1 ma.li'!
P.ichard. : verfavorable: asurc1 ail a i'l"i. ant every : Win. :, certificate in my ITicitnd. IL" a'III-
the larr..I calion for tax .I. I K in Ilcrurlllnrewilh
day.E. Mission study 137 Hubert cu from -. April ( el.ct .su.
page U11 Several "' o
R. of { e: nciidltcpolC' in the 'II. 1 law. Said cirtifinte, tmbrans the fol-
Poppell Lak Butler.: wa< !:rnnh ard 1-:1\: ',orth here I to diternne: the .. .
IIJ 8'fnl.
rper. morning: but the tino stay ) n \ >ndiscnlid p-oprty sit iate-d in Itr.lforl
shaking bards with friends here I as iwiftly sped > a< d, Manan-is N. I).
on } .t. count). f-i.it : Ct.m rio ft S
Chart exercise Miss Coffin. f its helping UM to : h. J. K. J. Furi.la.
Monday. on way towal d H.. noon hour, theviio.s Wainwr-Vht. from SW for fC ..Ilri.tl,1, Myrtle sU. at
| Business: period. t \ had a'er. !bountiful dinner build up and I use a "tiall scaled liox with W side of )I.rl.. .!. ,,l run S alon< said st
Sheriff })Denmark Deputy Cameron : it anti to brine or send th" 210 ft. W 2M N 210
B'nrdiction.Bapti"t. town and I ,. th.nr. f. Ih..nr. f.
iread and all ci those the
: present wen''I olTict- at Starke ,
and Judge Gardiner motored over here I th..ncl F 21" f to pt heir il Gaskms
from served to their satisfaction. The afternoon | If you want of the bard May 1st. All to Starke. &<. 29. Tp 6. S. R. 22 E. The
Friday evening and were 'I have large mitt the wall said land bnJ; acwj at the date of the
1 Church. was spent in various amuse- receive their commissions
entertained: by their friends here.Mr. issuance ( r.rifeal in th name ofi
and Mrs. V. R. Prevail spent 1 Rev. L. A. Raw-Is will preach at the ments. The program which had }been cd stores, to b made out for the Unknown.
I to select from i certificate hall
Unless said according -
Sunday in Starke, the guests of their Baptist,; church next Sunday at 11 carefully prepared, was rendered that stock ; F. G. SCITELL. to law. tax d.o .i b u.rtfm.thlnn on

o'clock. night to large and you can son'lal and Superintendent. .
friends. ; a appreciative au- the rith day of Apnl. A. 1S16.
I I for the dience. ; firm who are --- Witness my official avnature and seal this
The Subject evening J GIJAKDIAN'SALE.
entire at
community was saddened i. and 17th day of MareK A. D. 191 .
when on Wednesday of last week. |!; 7 o'clock will be "Heaven." The people -! :Miss Eunice Robinson, of Starke, ienced ; date mnf. l;t the th W. T. WEEKS.

Mrs. Ada |I are invited to attend both was the guest of Miss Edylh Crosby an automobile 1916. underiln. (Seal) Clerk.
Johns services .
passed away, :: "! agencies right .; Umlr Nipper and I, By R A. WEEKS. -
a lingering illness. The remains were ,'I I I'I Sunday. .;. S. P. Nipper deceased 3-24-St Deputy Clerk.
laid to The Sunday school is working Mrs. Emily Baxter, after an extensive \ they ; Honorable Ceo. A. Gar.ner.
rest in the Santa Fe Pond I j'I away I .1!' if have Bradford County. NOTICE OF 5LECTFON.Starr .
on their "Cantata" for Easter. visit with her daughter Mrs. W. you Frda
cemetery the
Thursday afternoon, Rev. "'; want to Florda dat Fa., March 6, 1916.
John Mullady I A. Tillis, of DeLeon Springs, has re- t at private sale By th powers \estee1 in by the school
officiating. She is $ .
survived ( 0 turned to her home. '!; an insurance ; interest of Ulmer Nipper law the Bntri of Public Instruction -

by her husband, Bolen J. Johns, '!' agencies here. interest of Annie May of forda. County, authorizes a sub
and four children here and mother I I Miss Mollie Hines, who has been : aforesaid in the following I I district election to b held: at Johnstown oa
and two i LAWTEY."Rev. ': troubled with her eyes very much of !' represents the lwt: Lot 12 and south- 14th day of April 111 t extend the boun-
in Jacksonville. They i, A! New York, and 31 and the West hl I I claries 8 follows : So A to include Section
nave the of late, is able to DC at school a'gain. quarter of section 32. 4. west half of Sections9 and 16. Sections 2.1.
sympathy host of friends .
a . . ''
Mrs. J. P. Larramore whose home ,!' represents the of rnI' 24 east containing 26. 35. 36 and South half of *euon 34. 11 in
here.We II I R. 0. Wright filled his regular t'! two of the 1l. I'I' Township 5. South of Range. No. 20 ia
regret to report the illness of the at Macclenny, is here visiting her .;. MRS. C. A. NIPPER. Bradford County ; also L elect three trustees
appointment at J|. E. insurance
little Edith church, daughter, Mrs. E. L. Crosby. ( Nipper and Annie May .,, and t determine the ntount of millage t b
May Jones, daughter of south, at Raiford last Sunday. A!' And so we heirs of S. P. Nipper de'' .
lr. and Mrs. J. Mr. Roger Williams, who has been 3-lT-Ct. Henry Jacob Varoi and
Vernon Jones, but are Prof. M. M. Fryer was a visitor to ; the whole _. I Manalfn. Varan
-- ------ .
glad to know that she is improving at i, visiting the family of Mr. T. R. Collins John Clin.
Gainesville from !h investment. SALE.
Saturday until Mon-I I I P. G. SCHELL.
this the week has
time. past La-
gone to
;! want and inn that under and by Secretary and SurD\ndnt
Mrs. Dora day.Mr. Crosse for several days, befote leaving you ; final decree of fore. 3.241
Cromwell of
Gainesville c.rn
Was C. A. Futch, of Starke, was a for her home in <;! from home rendered the 29th day of -
a pleasant Mississippi.Mr. .
visitor here during the I business visitor to Lawtey last Sat- people are the 191e. by the judge of the i AN IDEAL SPRING LAXATI'EI
Leaston I .
week. Wynn
I living near Eighth Judicial Circuit of
Miss Linnie Hutcheson \siting'I urday. Hampton, was in Brooker during last .,;(!' pay the l. in favor of A. D. An- A good and time ried remedy is Dr.King's .

her Rev. Jack Pinholster, of Brooker week. town and Company, a corporation com New Life P.lls. The first dose
Mrs. Monta of' Harrison McNeal and
filled his regular appointment the'Lawtey "i to
Jacksonville.. at Miss Edj-th Warren, the attractive help pay defendants ; the undersigned will move the s'ugxish bowels stimu-
j Baptist church last Saturdayand i. provements | in front of the courthouse
J. N. Daughtery, of Sampson, spent Sunday. Mrs. Pinholster daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. War- <;;. county Florida, dur- late the liver ar.d dear the system of

Sunday here the I accom. ren, spent the week-end with her running our of uk on Monday, the 3rd
guest of friends. panied him. par- / When you D. the highest and waste and bloO impurities You owe

J. D. Padgett of Lake Butler, was !I Mr. A. Rosenberg was a business ents at Clayno. Miss Warren attended ,j give the home cash the t following dlrb it to yourself to clear the system of
a the '
business visitor here i services at the Free Will Baptist 210 feet
week. during the I Visitor to Jacksonville the first of the church Sunday night. I.
I week. ;;. will then point : thence run S 210 feet, .. Dr. Kind's New Life
Mrs. lola Sutton Rev. A. J. Pinholster filled his N 210 feet then E 210 feet Pil
daughter and her charming I Dr. W. E. Middleton, of Hamploi, appointment (1!. outsiders. &18. S R 21 East. will do it. 25c. at jour Druggist ((1)

Pearl, of Tampa, are visitors was visitor to Lawtey last Satur- at Lawtey Saturday and p T.1. ADKINS.Spial t

here, the guests of Miss Emma 'I Sunday. Rev. Pinholster was accompanied ( Master. from the atthews farm is er
| day. The Doctor is a candidate for < + Syrup
Hicks I by his wife. :
the office sale at A. M. Darly's. I it is not
of State
Senator from
Brad- 3-3-5t
Mrs. W. E. Wainright entertained ford county, and he is electioneering Several from here attended the commencement You get all Cmpainant. satisfactory return, it get your

exercises at LaCrosse Fris tate. county : -$1.50 t Tear. money. .

,- .

., -
-- .
._>.. '''' --$ ", _.___ _____ -.ie----
r ---- : &
- ,-.2- .=::.r _. -gIrt.'-... -. -. ; .. '-rt-: .: '- -

: -
-- -
; r' IIF.PIIAF' 91 91.vlesrte. aR LAS Il..t {
; Yl3DA''r.4 h + : slt i.

_!-J' .

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.,;. 1'1\1f) :: )UHCII II, 1916 i.
manFOIW COUNTY ULIGt\PH.: T.\m\! ::. !'! )!:111.1. : r
1'\fE TWELVE ; .. ...., ---- -
.- - -----. -:--=--- -:_- -- ---- ---- - -...::::;:.. -= .::
i1f -- -_._====- -=- -- =:.::....- =.
-= : == '
--"::--- -- II
II 1)S .
1 I'.f. ..,. ,, .. or7'. ,.... ., .,. ; ,.6.. x. r p': ; ,
> rr-. .. : ... ,. ,'-.. ..". Ii' I _"'- ('f. -c '1 11
H' l :A 4 J,1 1'1 'l: i :If,1, 1r 7 ;: tSf..rf a + ., 'tit.'i :! i'l': '- ':;!\ : ; r-.j, : > gJf; i.+ "ci j :;; ,:t It
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IH 4"\j f- !-' t :.tT'f. tl t.j F.' ,.. to',1i 1 I
\ 43t i : ; \ d : 4 : ;, : ''f.JI Ii.w r 's; I .j. I !

'' ui:, { :"IS't,, "t',.,f+- .,,y ;"; ,"(J -,'ds .,. ., u r.AI AI q.. to.' r:'., ''f" 1 ;, \ ,7. ':'' tJ" ;:1:4>':.'" r.;$' "':" .: ...l.; "' ":l..i l'.J}," I\! :.i,.\, l._,,,,,. f' >1 J..
- ; 1A'i'
II" '' .' lr 'If ,, ". ... -<;. ,,
{ t ; P 'd"r '; .O\ t. \ i t ,::, t J,
;I :? ':1 p.i wHai ;, .: rf i :g tt4 k':,1 fi ) ; \J !:i' 1 '1i i\-\! Jif: 1.? J. .
I \! ,;
: \I! .tJ1 '.. ('f 'Os !-': \ !-w '. v r,

Ii;; M1."i,\IID I t".t'J..'--".',. ri.f."jJ..L.t ... i LJ U-J &f1 r Lji i1 tJ1' "i.Il' 1:"1 !j r ....J: ';,?I.J ,;{-::;."Jj. j u't:i '',; .:',. :'tU. ALA, '

7 ., .. .......
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'.. f \. .. -- ,, ,'- ','" -t'- _, _.
= .. 'L; ,J. i.7;;; ;: ; / -___..., pl. !

..'i-f'\ "' ." ,, "''i.-:1. :_:",,,.,.....,,:,, --id' :": ."!)'o.W "b.-,"''. -- l\RT\TIl.
BEV ARE''i .\..o".L.. ..' ',,,, .'" .-"'-'-"-:,'": _,' : ::7'....':''._,'- .E''fU' .:;.: .-nf.-._. : \" ...-...-- n
.p.---- '
; ; .
... ..: ,. ', ... .. ;, ,;. .. ;. 'I." ;'. ,.:.....ir'... ..:," '.:-, -'ri.:;;"LL-- ,x r.:. /....'':-; : "" .
\ ,- -'J '"" :
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1 ,
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i !f ',(.6 ,-.. :.. : 1.. \....-.. ., t --.-., .. ""-..:'... ... : :- -" ,',f,'; 'ii;; DON'T, LET
II .. "t.
: ::'' .. .r _
Qt.. ,.''; 'I-. ''' 't :' t. ;,') '-": ::(; Y r r'
.. ;1'I't'. IIII'
-, .' ...- \ .""- .w,;., V- .....,:-v: tl.-; !u"::':" 7'.r. ; ..... s.: ;

1., 4' :: .,.. 'L ll J\;; ': '/I \ \ *\ f ? i :X".; Mt 1i t ; t. A NYO Ect"

THE BIG :. f '" '' ,
t-- .., If-" ''''\ "" .' "-'. "7 -' ---.J.p: ". \; _" .. ... : ..
ii- .. :'\ ; __.' -r, r
: .. "' .. :;j; -
; ,
.. : ) .. !t.s.: ... t\\ Jt-; .. : .T ,
:" 'P. .
", -' -[ ;;r\- \f'; :i: -J '-, .f. "F-, ; 4 4.r.-: ,;..' ... ',- .I. "" ""

"j y t I YELLOWu: =,,. ',r'f;l"I. .I'.l.: .\\t"' :'-,. :' ...\"w....' :.. !:>- 1>: '... '= : :_' \1;. ..}. ,,:'iI': .\.; .;' "'. ,' ....t <_,:' .T." 'i:' ,; J .

d 1'..' .,; ., ; '.>... r .t. 1'f../IJ..." }./P' 7., ;, -... i $.yr t ...!J/. ;,. =. 5-
:If "i '/! ': : : :/-t7.".......,:.:. ;'!II .';..J'...,..-._'.1''i"f. .-..', )';.- ,..>:7 ,, ,'\i\,\.,.-.; ...r.i.r.+.\ '" ,'f'I", .'./- ,. 1:" .s'",!' _-. ..-.,:.-.,..."... j",'. ........ :::::.,., ... 'J_ ,:r f'.J.. f.: "'::...- v //' s.yy YOU!

ill a SHIP4.).;- .7. ":..;: : +,r.,; ; ;.......(- .-:.- .-I\r..........'. \\' jf .; ._ (* .,... .j(4 ?.A1\J-.t:: \ ;: : ;, .,.. ;-n- --kf_! !; "I L" """"" i
..;; i 'I ....*:.;=' ,':"!'fit,;; : \ l't';?.;, .LJf-:" .. ::!,\ ...!.-..,.,? .::;.r'F"l.,., ,. .. '.., :",. lJ.: .7" ; : l :.a--;", :" .""' :;'-', "" ,!., ; .' .L
{ .'r. ''. n.,'." -.s.Jyy'tK' ... .. ."t. .' ,. .t., J. ..: ....... \I-. ;:"'."' "J'r"f'i'. ..,-. 7''., '. "_-'jn.I 1.-y'.k. -
"J. .,.. oj' .:: : .< .. 1p... f. :\, .r. ./. i., i ,.:tL', :' .. ; ..,':, ": ;:-"" \ -' 'iI'. 'V
f .., \ : ,,,, :,- -: "t.-'r'C-r. : ,, ., : ;...;.; 'iwr" #''. . I Ir Ir'c... ,.j"f'j'. ., M:1 i :::,; : r? :'''j -:-.''''..'' :' J : -- .: : '-?,j ,sS;': .. ';" ,r.1'wI.: : ,r."' .
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I t t .._ .. :._ .tr', d. 1" .ri'J.r..l... ,. .., 'c:'. <. ; .. ; :. .t. (' );: .._ ,
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"' '
'r r -; .; ; (' .. : io': ,,"::! !f; !I.t. :; : .. -f. a- : .e : :' ., .wr:" "4
... :
\.\ .". /. ,-.- .,., ;.;.: .... :, .'. .: ... ... .:; :,..JI;!; .. .: ....f.,..'. .t .: '.. ," ,i/.:; .o.t" f1l':11l .,. d .... .l,
.. ( ." .: :-.:..." ...... sr.t.. -. ;;;.,. i: .. +l' fln
.. ; : A '. _. _. ... _
I yy11. ? .
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J \ ,, ,. \- "r..J. '; -"' "{ -: -- _, .' -
-- / .,'.. :A'\"t.e. o--i .r. .. \ \, ._ .
t \ "_ : ; <:: ;J .
--'I.r'-; '
:= _
'l-1'r ._ IK"'I"'HT
+ = 'r .1
j. I, I J -.. .. .\\.' ,. .J'. .or'. t.tQ ., ':-: -" .. ,. a. .t.".. ,". ::! '"
:: _- .
.- SIGN .. ;" ... ,. < ; ", ... ..!.. Ci., '' ':, 'y\-, :"... !. ; ,, .r ; ;Tyr :. .':: ..I..: .."i. fI .II.! .
/ \r" .
J > .J"' 'J. ." "
.' .. ,
rV '
". .. .: > t -- n '
::> I ,,. "'.\" "., r i. .' ai: / -: .'t. : ; ..f'. :: v ':' .".. "I
1.: .' :; ,.. ... ',',.' 'o, ....;..Ij.:... .'\ ';:"" -: !(...., ," ...',- .'. :. '"... .r,";.. : ',.t::: ..! .' '., _:.. .' \I__ .. .l.I
1 .J'J.. .,... ''';''' :, '-0;. .... \ ....'i; : .".. ,-. .... -..t., ., ... '. )J..,_. 1".1., .,.... .- ,, ,.,.---... ..X" '.!! 1r'tT
'I 1 I: MTEY .. ',' : ,.'. ..'.. .'7",'.'..... ..'....'.".:.. :'.::,..:...".'..\....<:"\:\.}. -r,1..".;;.}...,.-;,,..,.-.,,,''.>..-..-.:. .'.."".,!1-;."i..,. ..<:.t.-:' ".,'. ".';.'.''.;'.;..1.I. ".f.--.;".r.If :: .--..,...-,".". ';,.ifs' :1.''!;:--r'l'i': ,,:-',..." ',;;-..";!",';". r-.'..-\';,\.:..,,'r.;'.. -: --_'.\.-.'..J'----/; _" ; j..3.. '-----.: <"l'\ :;' .If.t"' L ACE...
I ,;. \'!. -:: :T'.,;. ;" ,.!:3.- :, '.:';: '! .':: ,.;;: :" : < '# :.. '. ... :"[" : ; :.. .:" ;!_ : ..i.. '- s!. .. \t'J':;;, ",--'f'1, ., 't. .:, ..,,:o
ll '.-..' '1.'/- '."_,'-:"'-:::'.,: 1 1.IV' ':-.;; ':<; t.i. ;i...: .r .. 't,.;. -,-iy4 .t .; ;- f..ty. 'r..: ;.1:.;;.. '." fir.: < .: d' ::: ? ', ::"-,,,,.. ....r..:.:::... r:3f ,;;::.. ..f4 "tj ?:{ ,.
r.! i :. :.. ..:,.. ": :. : t ': ". :.t.w''itI':" ;: i,;' ; : ;::; ',;'i:;" :.r :"' '. '.: ;" :}.t ;" !il; ..:' ,.'./ : :': ..,,r.-,,{....t:' ./r .'f 1:'. .:. :tom... ., .w. f... :., r''J .:!
FLORIDA fit'. .......";..... ....;'. '.:;;'. ,.!toT\;\::\,:.,: ; f.. ...;;;;;.;--z'-o.v'..f ";;;_:.A\ '".. '" ... .-.. ::'... :.':/<";.'.=.:.,;,.. ; .,.Vi.: ,.:....rJ'y. -'!.-O-. ;. ,'..'. :.....t..,:i'" '"".'.<.,". -":;.t\.r.'.'T'- .."".:.,:,.;.;.. '." ::1.:.<0.". ,.;. 'f.....-..;,.':. .; ''.--- .',.-'.-';.:" ....."......,..-/.::...\..,.-._...--."' ....",'t." :...4.'..' 1.-:A1::',:1'....' ",;!y't!;;..>.1.1f11 THE. U'\mORE

< c't.t.I; .::1 .;;D:='. .. 1 : ..'YJ ., ... \ ,.( ,, .
:? \ _: ):'' :: :' : ;Lf. .: : : .' ,...r-+ \{ '. .: : :: :'{ 'tff.J.M' ..r"rt{ ;' '
} Ftf.. it'.t'oll:, l. br"i'tVi.: j' ;;,?{:l: ; :'='/:::.:':: / : :.. a, : :,t ,0r-\- ': ;;l.f.i ': : ., ;! f.lJ1 i : Y. y r e .... ,: jz'
; \ .
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; iit f\, .. ; i.
.I. '.' .. ,-. WlmH I THE
< ; I Jr.h)" 1--:' ;' ;''; '::.o'J: ,1":1.,. :' ,..;:'.: .'t ; ,1 .. ...; ;,, "", '-_:, ... .f ,. ., I

.u. t 1P&i: ; 'ti. ,1t: 1 ; !.ff ;%:"'- ";" i. ;: '....:{,..,:..'ft': :;i" ..;"!:!i. t:1:....'- i;: ;,;";","f." ,;<..!i1' '1 tJ-t -J.'t.:;. ?,jia,. "'J j { ':;<,: :r.o.&? JI :':'. .; "1"1C3

j : 1ft; : il t ,'. : m ;"J.. ;; -: ...&'..tL""'' 'I
> 'J:1.ti'fT 0 Ws 5 ;_ : ra 7 ( : % :
'+ COME K. ;jD: $?: ?;}! ;; : ,: ,: 4f1; S '-' /t.. ,:- : "'l :,f'4"t, I'Io : .-,-\A: : ;::;'JiJ,"'.jt ; _.,.,. l YEL LO''
!'zf f1Y00 ; t1t1; ," : '
L : ..,. i)
--;;;?"" ; : :, .r.if4 '. '' .- ,' .. 'rI'' .. .
t ;- "r \ ': ''
( : < '' .. ... .t
t.'L'_ ''
1yi.. .;;:."'-':' n:> ;: f '.: '''' .
;( A
; or V f\/. \ "r1 '''' ;''.'',' ... ........ .n. ,)r.It. .
i : ;::: :! Y ? ---J'v t "'" SHIP
: 'Jfl' \\ fo..a. < I- "(.rlJ
EARLY : ; ; :EL49'. # '.'" -.JP\. ,'fl'r.; ,',.::;; //X' .., .,.. '' __
/ < -
0-p-'jp':; ; .. "" or / .. \P "".:. ., \. 01.'J'" ...,.,,t--,,:, ] ".t"" ,," o: ,;::.J'f'r -, ;': .-n, .
if' > ,f.t.' \ /." ;J.';'. t\L'it-: '. ; e-a. ...I
s'fq :
.."i j : ..:_; ...;.
; ; ; I .
..".,....."ff..... ". 1illl. tJ ;? :yf '" ....,.. \,' --- ...".f WRECK
,,.,'Jf't.t,:: .,. ,, i. .. ff"=- .. I' 41' ..,,_.. J.!I-.:..... J"\ .<<1'f cPo'" :... '4<".... '.. ..".""
;.r" s- -
:.,: Jf! .. "; '< ,' j .. ". ; \ ::; :; 7 '
/ -
a ;'., .' :. / ----.t --. ,. ,.,, "'" .. '
!\ _. SIGN'
GETJ ; ." 'IA" "" !oN 1"
10 .; ;.7' -,' ...... ,\J"--.J"f:: ...... .... :Ii "' .
1Lt/Z'i ii _r ... ... I ,' ."/ e -, .. "' 4
::;; r. : t ; -
: ;: ; ..., '; :"1--"" "" ;.( i ,:-f JII.1.. ; ,..,.-;. ..:' '- ,l : -' ) 'f>- .... _

.!'.!,1""'V"l'i"" .....;;?,;:.,- ...,.d... ..... ."#' C.. \!11!':",v.'r... .. ; _. _', ",.:< ..,.. ..,: -l-: ,9.''WKw'''' ''.'....t*' ''.'' -- ,"'W'",. COMERLY
J.'r -
) 4ll'ii}. ,4'" c'l : ..'4;, i'QH.!W'r.. :: ,4 :\. '4"i>ltJj; *;ii 4 J JtrYOUR : oj ,
w.!''r-'.: -( \ ., ;p : : 1f 'otJ:: ,;, !"t", \ "" ." i''f..iw-\. I' ..."" :! .. .: :, '::I ,\, 4-i- A
., .
: -O.! .. .. f"i .. J
PIrKl -.r-r''i .. 'i ., !< ;: : ,,.f .. ., .
'f ';;; \ :: .7.:iyI: :" -; 't ;; : ; ;; ; J n
M't? ZC. :r:,., ji.'J.; ,, : .. ."i,. t.r" ..!.. 1.r :., "'; k-t:: :: .,.::' ., .,..; "t rA.t. .. .
: '\ :: < \ ;z. (t' !
: ; ir. /l"ti &
.. ; ; .
Co 'oJ" .
; .
'- ;:'.1.""' "r..6i''P. 'I. ,7... f." : '., ". '-' ....._ l... "-.1".0(0. ,,1 \ t'; ''' '4<_!'':';;,.. '' ._ & p; ,"\ P.., .:' ,.,.,.>....,. :,''...". .w., < J '. ,I.
!ri: ; 4 i.. -r''{;:; -;)i'P: r(1.; ,.? _H' '" .l .
.' i \ .l E5as o1 J.1thv l i' cr:.:::. .1i.{ 17. .s &rJ'; 1".z-:.:: ..; : ",;,'!j /!... !} ;k':! :l:





SATURDAY, APRIL 1st, 191 6 SAlE STARTS M' 7 A. ft) & SHAR1or. } } '_

r -- -- -or.--mJa lsmm..ra atfrsxsn.wlnxves sro.-_ -..-- -.-- .. .."' r. ----E o--\...._- _,_

: fl : Look For The Big '

4' t r IlR

I Yellow Shjpwreck Sign I,


__'_A__' _'_____, __ _. _
t f i



A :.000 YARD : ; MACHINES[ TO SLEEP.UOc : : .
I I \
Corset Covers! will po z.t S'hipwrrclt L-JJ
't I and Buy Good Shoes Cheap. Sale Price - - .- -.- ; .07 :Sale! .'. _ :2": :"iOO: :tile,' : line: Suits in FancjVor- GINGHAMS PERCALES
4-4 Bleached!
I and Sheet 12 and ., ,
I f.0iItawr! ;-: v.-il!I 0 -
i" I Me Valu"! will }go :.t. n ___ .07 1 Chr'l'ias.: (downs; Urd' .;kits. Vain, pbcfd in four l lots; for ouickrellnur i GALAT AS I
II lOc value will .
Chambray at .Cl 6
1111' iJraivors, Coir.linatior.! Suits: :: on 1 i PIUCKi Hill t qrtrh SKLLIM.
lOc .
Outing Flanni-1: all color.- .
II }'; Cors"? Covo-v, v.-ill po at this: ?7.8;: :::$.9,; ?9.I3! Si; 1.3.-: v .
i! . __ Extra :Men's 'M.GO ire.-&> -;, Shipntck! \ SaleI'i
DRESS GOODS .Ship-.vrock! SaH: n IS Pantsaucs! S'5 to $S .. .
: :;2.09 ifi'- :-N', Slnp-.r-I-'ck Sal: .87J..10
e1!U"<) valves will po at ----- R7 r-.ir, Shipwreck Sal for- .
< A 1 Ujr assortmrnt of Popli-is:: all I I colors, ?:!..rfI'r.lucs: will po at __ ___ .!I:i 9Sc, SI..9.,. $2.9.1.: S3.S.1) $!,9! .,. ( !>;''-';--es, Shipv"eck Sale93
value3."i to 511) cents, will this : <
\ po: at '
1,000 Pair Boy;; Pant;:,
saeat----------- SPECIAL ITEMSATTENTION 1 nll fjJy
---- ---- -- .19 airs l'l"
I ; : : to S-0; pair, extra, per .W
i I sy Spool Cotton, a special at_ _-- ..2'ADress .f
s > TO MEN )\l(1' Men's Fine Shoes in
i pins, per card .-Ji; cap -t
I: : :! cases: consisting: of-,210:-----yards:-- of :3"c Men's Balbriggan! Underwear .2:! or plain! toe, $::5.50 values" Shipwrecked MANY SPECIA PICK-UPS

t I Men's: Balbriggan Underwear 1 .39 t Sale I 1.7Men's -, q
Chiffon Silks rOc
I MEN'ai LADE CHILDREN'S Poplins, Crepe Voile. __ 4 Damaged, hut Seller\\ ; at Shipwreck
I I. Gclfair, Organdie, Repp and assorted SOc Men's 11'orkShirts ShirtsSpecial ___ ..3l50c $4.00 and $ ,rbO Dress Shoes atS1.93. ;V
; Sale at On lalf Price
Velvet (
. 1,000 pairs Ladies' and Men's Dress .20 .
colors of Pongee Silks saved from the ------ 2.9.1, $3.9.1;
) Slippers; extra pair n _: .17 Great Shipwreck; value today's market Toe value Sale Price __________ ,49f One lot of Children's Shoes, high [

I The man who knows will buy prices, $1 per yard; will sell at >0c Elastic Seam Drawers ._---_ 39 or low quarters, extra l.2j: SKI I fiS'I

/ this Sale, __ $- Dress Shirts .------------- 9. .
NOW since Shipwreck per yard .23 100 p Jr Boys' and Girls' School '
I these Shoes every 2 of Men's Fine Linen Collars ]
J and Dress Shoes,
: $2.25 value, A NOVELTY OF;THE SEASON
P'. sign points to higher prices or regular 10 and 15c sellers, for this sale jjg
I Dip I lot of Ladies' Hose, formerly sold Shipwreck Sale Price, all sizes ..01BOYS' :.OO' Ladies' Fine $t_).)0 Skirts, Shipwr-Vk Sale .96
f poorer qualities in the near fu for 15c a pair, all colors, will go at CLOTHING Shoes values $3.50 Skirts, Shipwr;;.k Sale __ 1.47
to $3.00. Extra sale 1.89 Skirts __ _
$4.50 Shiwrk Sale 1.98 _
ture. this sale at -------------------- .07 ? __ _____ __ __ .
$w.00 Suit at h ___$1.39 1 case of 1,000 Bow Ties, )
:)'.r:>:e Regular Price111 go at .09 $3.00 Suit slightly $5.00 Skirts, Shipwri;k Sale __ 2.98
---- at 1.98
--- --------- ------ value
EXTRA SPECIAL 50c Silk Hose, all colors_ at ---- .23MEN'S $4.00 Norfolk Style ---_-------- 2.9S damaged, lOc' Sale Price .01 $8.00 Skirts Shipwrwk Sale: 4.95
50c and '
$5.00 Blue Serge Norfolk 3.98 saps .19 Umbrellas. and Parasols
HATS $7.00 Blue Serge Norfolk, extra 4.98 ... ;
CORSETS All Here at Shipwreck Prices
R $10.00 High Grade tailor made_ 5.98 ,

r' J CO and GINGHAMS, REGULAR Latest Styles. Full Assortment of REMEMBER t Day it I Starts t and e,000jards of Lace and Embroid

VALUE lOc WILL GO AT THIS The Famous J. C. C. and well known eries, value from; 10c to tic! ,
the highest grades, values $2.50 and
will last.
long Begins American will go at Shipwreck sale .. ..05LADIES'SHlitT
will at this Sale- '1
SALE AT up go
Ld Saturday, April 1st, and lasts 75c Value -----.-----__---- -44 WAISTS

5C. YARD $1.49 30 dayls only. Rain or Shine, $1.50 15c Ribbed Value ----------]-- [89 75c Value, Shipwrei$ Sale .23 f "
rs'A Be Here. ?_ -------__- .07 $1.50 Value, Shlpw;?k Sale _ .43
5c value Ribbed
Undervest .... .09 $2.00 Value ,.
Shipwr?. ...I k Sale _ .95

Be .Sure And Tell Your Friends: This Sale Will Be The Greatest EveDt Held


.1' Great Shipwreck Sale '

) i Lawtey, F.

... :

4 .


: .
'. r___ .. .. _. ., q -
i +-- "' ? 1' -Ior.
'A&.2. "
L" w'i', .. >.I. .: .. -.' :, + ._.1.'J-+ L ...rr -_." r ..... o-.. '-' -. u._ ,sd'_ _' _. :_ "'-" .._:". -p"1'. __ _,,_-D1. _.... L ..- __.--"]\ .. w'.. .;t.\t !,;: .. --". ,i: 4iI'-..'. ," '

Bradford County telegraph
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00027795/02014
 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: March 31, 1916
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 000579551
oclc - 33886096
notis - ADA7397
lccn - sn 95047406
System ID: UF00027795:02014
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Full Text
.-:,...": -
.,. .,- .
4 .- :r;.
--- .
: : -vp : ; 0" V.'i.

.. _
r- .
'-V' _
L _

. : ..

/ .
t ; !

y ,, !'



ft h .. ,. ,
lit' r <

a11 ,v

__ ,
- '. ,
= --- --- -
== -- -- =

1879. Subscription-Per Year $1.50 Six Months 75; Cents. Payable In Advance.
Established ; E. S. Matthews, Editor and Proprietor. _ _

- __ 4 _


-- ---



W. F. Harnage Thinks Raiford In Regard to Using Mexican Starke Won Out :With Flying

SEASON NOW AT Man is Well Qualified for I DISASTROUS I Railways-Funston Will %WHEREABOUTS i Colors in Ball Game-

State Senator.To ] Use Them at Once. r Score Was ::11 1 to 3.


the Citizens and Voters of Brad WASHINGTON', March :!9.Cal'I, At Duncan Park 1.t Saturday afternoon -

ford County:- ranza has granted the request of the the baseball; team of the -
Vote for A. I). Andrews for Sena United States to use the :Mexican Gainesville High Schciii
QUANTITIES OF THE tor. He is a man who has kept his !FEDERAL AND STATE INVESTIGATION Northwestern railroad in the pursuitcf PURSUED BY AMERICANSOVER the Starke High Siiit.played The against Starke

SHIPPED DAILY promises to the people.His I! HAS STARTEDFast Villa. His reply to the renewed SCORCHING SANDSNews boys line-up was as; fnlljws:
father fought in the Civil War requests of the State Department were Cliff Chancey, catcl r; Charles En-
for the full four At the close forwarded in brief
years. a message today j sey first base; HanM, Wall, second
Depot Platform Presents a Most An he was honorably discharged, having Limited Hits Wreckage Cau"l'd'|' from John: L. Rodgers, the United From Front Still Vague-More base l ; Leo Canova, tirl .base, ; Gus

imated >,Appearance While given: to his country his sen-fees during By Rear End Collision of Two States special a'. ent at Queretaro. ': Soldiers Have Been Sent in Beasley, pih'hE'r1Ia ( anova, short
that time and all his property.A. I Rodjrers said that the defacto overn-
Cars Are Loaded. in life i Trains on Adjoining Track. Pursuit of Bandits. top: Jim Kicklitor, Ir-ft field] }; ChirlesBeaslcy \
I) Andrews started out :' i': agreed to the commercial ue *i
center field I: ''rarto1; Colloy,
as a very poor man, hut through hard 1---I I' of the line. i right field; Pitt Toml'V-oi, substitute.

The strawberry shipping: season for work and cureful management: he has'ccumulated CLEVELAND, 0., Marchl"ed!) Officials here believe that Genral The "punitive" expedition sent to At the close of tlv: came it was

1916 is now in ,full blast' end large : considerable property, I eral and State investigations were begun I I Funston will begin shipping rupplitn! "capture Villa dead or ali\'('.'' has so found that Starke \\'<>iby, a score of
hcwinthat he i is of business the line
a man into the wreck the New over tomorrow. While details far 11 tot: The featuiof
quantities of berries are leaving today on proved punitive only to the American the gam:
Starke daily by regular express or I I ability: -just such a man as we need i York Central at Amherst, 0., early are still to lie .voi'ked out, as soldiers who are locking for the were the home run i> i Chancey and
in the Senate. He has loyally served I this when two sections of Fun&ton may want to place guards on bandit. pitching." fact the
by Fruit Growers' Express cars. The. morning Hunting Villa and his ban- Beasley's: whole
large! platform at the north end of th? : the schools arid Christianity. lie has the Chicago-Pittsburgh Limited came the trains, it is understood the road dHs' is very much like hunting:: quail team played thi Lot-tith.'y have this -

depot is so crowded with refrigeratorboxes : : always had the confidence of the people -I together in a rear-end collision killingat I would he used only commercially and without, a dog. A bevy will fly up season. ;

as to barely leave walking: room as a boy and as a man.'h<>. n he least thirty persons and injuring at regular rates. before your very feet and are out of Tomorrow, April Isi. our boys will

between the tows. entered politics eight years ago, he forty or more. The Twentieth Cen- sight before you can point your gun play Ocala. Let everyone; turn out

There are four refrigerator lines, did so with" a desire, to serve. "his coun-'" I tury Limited, traveling westward, The Baptist church has received anew You follow the direction of the birds, and give the boys a: generous sup- .

ranged; from south to 'north as follows try, icr tne emoluments 01 tne omce crashed into the wreckage.The I coat of paint which improves its but they have scattered in all directions port. Our team is \''')rking haul so

: were much less than what he could wreck, which occurred before I appearance. Dunkley; was the painter. and none are to be seen. as to be able to jji\v; us soma fine

, Truby & Thomas, red. Owned and earn at home. While in the legislature daylight, was one of the most disastrous I The news of what is going on in I. games this season, am'? the enthusiastic -
he redeemed all his he I Wm. Burns with his
managed by J. M. Truby, assisted by promises in the history of the New York points pride to Mexico is only guess: work. The support of our C'tizens11 do
: J. J. Truby and J. W. Killian. made to the people, at least as far as Central road. Two sections of the Chi- patch of beans, the prettiest ever. i!,1 I Americans are now about :250:! miles much to cheer them en to victory.CERMANSFAILIN. "-
: White Refrigerator line, owned by cago-Pittsburgh Limited, No. 8l, were south of the borders and where they

: Brown & Son, white. L. W. Thurston, I STElERSSAl said to have been proceeding: westward $8,000,000 FOR ., are there are no communications.

of Chicago, is now with Brown & Son. at a rapid rate, when the second Couriers r.re probably sent occasionally .
r Florida Produce Co., white, owned section crashed into the first as it was I with dispatches to the American :

i and packed by A. P. Hoffman, assisted WITH LOSS OF '1 standing at a water tank. The fog USE'OFARMYIN boundary, from whence they are for-
; by his sons, Arthur and Ross Hoff- prevented the engineer of the second warded to Gen. Funston. I EFFORT TO PASS I

i section from seeing the stalled train 1 :More troops are steadily being sent

" man.G. E. Markley & Co., of Cincinnati, 'LIFE until too late to stop. The Twentieth I into Mexico, but their progress will be rtU, :

,\ blue; managed by A. P. Hoffman. AMERICAN Century Limited, proceeding in an opposite -.i CHASING VILLA slow until Cnrranza allows our govcrnment FRENCH LINES !

W. C. Lipscomb, blue, owned ami direction on a parallel track, ,, the use of the Mexican' rail

managed by Mr. Lipscomb, of Plant plowed into the debris and toppledover : ways. Our troops can travel no fas- '

City.Besides the above named refrigerotor GERARD TO INQUIRE IF coaches and- engine._ __ ..1 I I CONGRESS HAS HURRIED ter than the wagon trains loaded with 1-- tI '
subsistence stores for and beast TEUTONSREPORIEDHAVE
owners, who all buy berries, R. A. GERMANY WAS ATTACKERAll : he was able. lie helped to abolish the I THROUGH EMERGENCY BILL and the progress over sand and rocksin I '
old convict system and today this and SUSTAINED HEAVY
\ Weeks and ,E. M. Thomas buy berriesfor the trackless! desert must nec ssar- I LOSSES :
A. Cancelmo of Philadelphia.: the other counties are able to get all --- I
ily be slow. As it is said that all the : "'
Griffis Bros. buy for some of the Reports at Hand Were Laid Before the state convicts they need for road Ccnunss Will Make Any Further Expenditures : water holes in'ilIa's trail have been I Artillery ('ontinul'ooer .
Bombardment t
strongest ccmmission houses, C. A.Purling Cabinet Monday-Vessels construction at a low price, whil before Necessary for the poisoned, even water for the men and '
during: the lease f-y-tcm, they I (; an Aero Squdrnn DropsBombs
buys for his well known firm ,
I Sunk Without Warning. Pursuit of Villa. horses must be hauled in tank wagons.Monday I'.
could nnt be had at all for thi.
in New York, and N. D. Hull and ( I ; pur- a dispatch told that two on .tllie5'. Camp.
He made good his promise to 1 '
A. Rowand are independent buvu -. post cars containing! American cavalrymen' -
and shippers. The Starke Fruit I WASHINGTON, March 23.-Secretary the old Confederate soldiors and wid- I I I'A IIIXr.TIan'h: *)l.--Congre& had overturned near Casas Gramles j -- it
Association ows to hrjp them all he could, and LONDON, March :; Growers II. ,
managed by Lamingwith the approval of I today rushed: through the Emer- and several had been seriously hurt. '
0. Smith, ships the berries prod'ucedby PresidentVilon has instructed :Mr. I nitny who had been stricken off the attempt by ttfe Germans) ;o
of OOOtHJO A.i
gcnc;? appropriation {.bout ,- ; Carran had given no permission
J pension roll were reinstated all! th:? I break through the Freii-h lines northwest I.
its members. Of outside buyerswe.have Gerard to inquire of Germany; whether -' _,L___ 'h.' 'L_'.. ___. '_u _. ,.. ,,_ to pay for the pursuit of Villa i.i: u*<* the railways! it is r.ot known -
oint'rs nau iruir tflSIIj r I-I'lI. of the Verdun Si",' ..'I' has resulted
the following h. H. King- } 'J'
: of submarines
. any torprdlelithe Ill'l, and the state department prepared to how the accident came tc happen.Some .
helped to reduce the millagc cf the in failure and with h:1losses to
of Eoston James York of York Y
man, British steamer Sussex
; upo press Carranza for the use of the Carranza troops that were
pension tax 11 mills, and be voted the Germans.
& Whitney, Boston; Jacob Lippman1 which twenty-five Americans were i :Mexican railro.-.d! fcr military purpos supposed: to co-operate with the Americans -
and his son, S. J. Lippman, of New ,. traveling, or the British horse ship I II for the MacWilliam resolution, cs. h:1d'ilIa headed off 'mlh:;. but I After days of interse .utillery! preparation '-;

York; H. L. Montfort, cf New York; ]I Englishman, which went down with a : which, had it been adopted, would have II III Thr plan.for three highpoweredradio lei him slip through. It is not believed for another effort to lessen .

H. Crews, of Leonard & Co., Boston. loss of one American life. I exempted the homes of many poor : stations; fcr border use are being they lost sleep griaving1 the six miles intervening. between
people from taxation, though he him any :, them and the Pari-.rtl1n
railway J
The before I
platform shortly
strawberry The United States has no concluSive made. No official report here of ever their carelessness. !;
j self would thereby have had to \ i I and the nine miles st iU Uotween tho.ni ii
pay *
the arrival of the northbound afternoon -' i;
proof that a. submarine torpedoed the border report that Pershing is already It may be supposed that Gen. Per- '
higher taxes. and Verdun the Germins hunched 'f
.t 1 express presents a most animated -'I' either ship, but all evidence at hand using the railroad. Senator shing has troubles enough already, a \
In the legislature of 1913 bill was attack 01the Haucourt- '. f ,
a great: infantry
and who is not
scene one
a indicates that both were torpedoed Fall, of New Mexico today telegraphed but now comes a misguided undertakerfrom '
.' '1 introduced for the creation of five Bethincourt seator. In successive
: strawberry shipper wonders how strict.I without warning. Upon the response 1 his colleagues that the Carranza D'ershurgTenn.the place
I I' state highway commissioners, to be waves the Germans thrown into ;
'account were
of the different shipments cane lof the Berlin foreign office to Mr. Geraid's I authorities at Juaiez were holding upa where they had the Reelfoot lake II
kept, everjjhing' being done in paid a salary of $72,000 a year in the I' the fray, but all of theirattempts wereputdown
inquiry may depend the next ,I gasoline shipment consigned to the troubles some years ago-with the following ,
I aggregate for traveling: around and the curtais of fire of the
such by
a hurry. But it is, after all, a step of the American government.The Americans' in Mexico who proposed epistle: I ; 'H .
very systematic process, and if a mis- ordering: roads to be built. This bill, supplying Pershing.The "General Pershir.g French guns and fire of;the French in- \
I general situation was still more Mr. Andrews by the help of his : i fantry. t.
take has been made in addressing a ::.
Carranza to
complicated tonight with the receipt reply protocol "Dear Sir-Is it possible for us toget .
friends defeated. I There still is intermittent bombardment
box or crate Mr. Hoffman the efficient an -
proposal is said to be of much the of Villa is ".
iof: a dispatch from Consul Frost atQucenstown concern body he is killed? .
The above is only small part of norTheast of Verdun !
express agent, is sure to note it a I goinj: on ,
'! that to the state department, espec- We want to hold it by embalming and
announcing Brit-
F and set things right. An car the good work he has done in the 1 and $1 the Woevjre region, the i
express that in which Carranza is in
ially part keeping undertaking
I : our depart-
ish Manchester
steamer Engineer had
is on the track along the platform and legislature; during his campaign he I i French have shelled German positions. !
said to suggest that the over ment. We will
area for
i I been torpedoed .without warning. Two will discuss his other acts. His ambition pay a good price In the ,
region they
the loading is going on until the car ,. | Argonne are giving
I which the United States expeditionranges his body. I'lenre let us hear from
hcs been coupled to the train and tho I j negro American cithens aboard were is to be elected state senator from you ; the German lines no ret; while in the !
: should be restricted than in
1 rescued. Other information which the I more regard! to the same.
this as he believes he can the lion has been
train pipe conection made. Then county, Vosges artillery at "
the United States thought would be .
I consul said he was forwarding will he
there serve the people better in that ca- marked both sides.
is'a breathing spell for TWO INJURED on
every I wise. IN TRAIN WRECK.
body, and after some final settlements i awaited before the department undr- i pacity. The proper man for this important '___h_'_ .__._ __ I' On the British front ;n the St. Elol
have been mad for the day lh? platform -I takes to consider the case. I position is one whose interests AN ENJOYABLE TIME. I i S:1-I sector, the Germans o>-ned a heavy ,
is soon deserted.On i I Situation May Be Serious are of such a nature that they SARASOTA, March 28.-The artillery fire on the ': ritish forcer .

a sidetrack! stand several Fruit j If a German submarine attacked: j will be benefitted by anythin thatI hoard Air Line passenger: train from holding the ground g-ned; by vh"mMonday.

Growers' Express cars which are being either the Sussex or the Englishmanit I I i.cnen'tr. the people at larJ:: IIowcvi There was a peanut phelling and Tcmpa to Sarasota was derailed near The British sutillery replied $

loaded with berries ought or consigned is admitted that the resultant situation -- i: Mr. Andrews is not a selfish mm, supper given at th<'. home of Mr. andMrs. here at nocn today. Th? engine: mail, !rffermely, and, acrordi'ig to th? British ,

and wagons loaded: "'it h berries will be mest serious. An unofficial -': ard he would support any measure : Sibley, of Theiessa, Thursday negro and white day coaches left ;hf I olllcial statrment, ih'-so$ positions i '1

are constantly arriving.: The buy- but authoritative statement has I that did the greatest good to the I night March K'th. The first thing: after rails.! The Pullman alone remainedon still are in the hai.d.ot the British. t
been that greatest number e\en if he thereby all had gathered the the track. The engine turnrd over i of the RusSian
ers are busy inspecting the berries made : Germany, if it was ( was annoiinc- In the Postuvy rej'i'f'' -
and writing checks. A. E. Wall has found that one of her submarines torpedoed -' suffered financially. He always stands I mont that supper was ready. When in a ditch and Engineer: W. II. Porterof : front Berlin repoii- that the in-

his hands full seeing that the cars are the Sussex, immediately would ready with his time .nd his money to I entering the dining room those present Tampa, and Fireman Tom Brook- slaughis of the Rucs-iiiis! against the <<

properly iced, and inside the cars men offer reparation, punish the comman ( help any progressive move, and whenever found the table laden with chicken ins a negro; were injured, but not fa German; line have l.tvn withf-tood, and

are busy packing and securing the; dr and take steps to satisfy the Unit- i he opposes anything always! I pilau and chicken pie, cakes of all description tally. No passerperr were l-adly in- that the attacking forces have RUS- : \
Crates The cars are loaded during ed States that the act was a violation gives good reasons for his actio'5'1 and other good things: to jured. The wreck is said to have been tained heavy cz-sualtir A 'Semi-of- .

the day and sent out early next morn of the instructions. While official expression : Being both a fr.rmer and a :: make up a bountiful supper. caused by a misplaced switch. fficial dispatch from li rlin says the \ ti'

1I1,. of opinion was withheld, it man, he thoroughly understands the I After supper was finished they returned Mr. Porter is well known in Stark, Russians have attad..e'; in their 'new

The strawberry business is very was intimated that should such a development -I needs of every interest of Bradford to the sitting room, where pea- having lived here until a year ago. offensive with sixty divisions over a

profitable, but during: the shipphg occur the position of the I county as well as the state of Florida. nuts were waiting to be popped. Each His many friends here are glad that front of 130 kilomettvs, that their I .

Mason everybody are in a sweat get- United States would not be defined i I His generosity is well known; he and every one from 6 years to middle the accident did not terminate fatally. losses have not been lets than 80,000. ,j

ting the berries picked, packed, carriedto until it was known the men responsible never regrets what he gives, only is I age was presented with a pan or box Heavy Italian bombardments of
town and sold in time. A man must for violating the rights of sorry because his means will not allow and shelled peanuts until two and one- j' LOOK OUT FOR THE SHERIFF. Austrian positions on 'the Doberdo 1t

be hustler to keep the work going ity, the principles of human-\\ him to give more. half bushels were rid of the hull. Dur- I Heights and along theclsonzo: continue. :k t

without a hitch. the solemn assurances given by Ger- Mr. Andrews is an intelligent, trustworthy ing this time the shellers were being Sheriff S. B. Denmark has received :IA
many had actually been punished. I capable man who has been entertained by Mr. A. Sullivan with notice from the state board of health German air squadnjn has dropped

STRAWBERRY. MOVEMENT. Until now the administration had weighed and not found wanting. lie the violin and Mr. M. Z. Sullivan at that the law be enforced for screening bombs on the harbor w rks at Saloniki '

not decided just what action would be is a man of action, eager to accomplish the organ. ,, against flies in the stores of meats, and the entente allied! encampmentnorth

Sine our last writing the weathers taken if Germany flatly denies that good for his people. Bradford i j j I fruits, vegetables and other eatablesI of Saloniki. .. .

'been cool, dry and windy. Rain any of its submarines was concerned county is happy in being able to choose OCALA STARKE TOMORROW- I|I in which germs may be deposited by A German torpedo &>at destroyerwas I

is much needed and the shipments are in either case, eve nthough the circumstantial such a man for her Senator, and every ---. I(I the flies. This law also applies to rammed and sunk !;.y the British ,
record clearly indicatesthe voter alive to his own and his kitchens, dining rooms and food stor- light cruiser Cleopatra the recent '
fallllll off from the lack of it. The will be
There of baseball at
.fo1 wing shipments have been madeand contrary. Such a state of affairs neighbors' interests should support a game age places of hotels, boarding houses engagement off the German coast
Starke tomorrow (Saturday) after-
prices' officials say will be met when it arises.If him. Respectfully, and restaurants. Soon after the passage There were no German Vjrvivors.:
1 paid W. F. HARNAGE. noon between the Starke High School of this law its provisions were Two additional steamers have been
Fri4a,1325 bushels, 225 by express future developments should cause team and the Ocala High School team. generally complied with, but fell into Bent-to the bottom, the Kagle Point, a
IWJbjr( : Fruit Growers the president to determine that the AUTOMOBILE MAIL SERVICE.Mr. The latter team far has the
Express cars. so repu-
misuse to extent later. Our vessel presumably by tor-
a great British .a
off of
Pri breaking diplomatic relations
COfl4iltfonn; averaged $7 per Ellery M. Davis, a well known tation of being the best high school sheriff will see that the law is lived pedo, and the .Harriett, 'a Danishes- .

ushe\., with Germany is necessary, he wouldgo young citizen of Starke, has received team in the state, and tomorrow's up to, and those who have not already cel, by a mine. The crews of both ,
\ Satijpd y,. 47. bushels, 249 of them before Congress, announce his decision notice of appointment as mail carrier game will prove very interesting provided protection are warned to vessels were saved. ,- 'ii

.,; by express. Average price $7.25. and explain the acts leading up for the three routes leading out for lovers of baseball. Particularswill do so at once. The unity and solidarity of the entente -

: Monday, 960 bushels, 98 by express, to it. While the president has full authority of Starke and will serve the routes by be given by hand bills. allies and the decision; to "con-. ,;

Jt 2jnknCe! by car; average. price to break off relations, he realizes : automobile, having purchased a Ford I NEW CANDIDATES.The tinue the struggle to victory for the ; ,,
I that such act would
[ an inevitablylead BACK FROM MEXICO. '
touring for this Mr. ireaffirmed in $
car purpose. common cause, were
\f -5lay,'. 64$: bushels, 171 )byf" e- to war and therefore would feel Davis took the civil service examination I latest to announce: themselvesas resolutions passed by 4e conference S'I
\.the himself obligated to fully inform the '
} ?.. t.50'. balance by car" ; average, ', war-making body of the government, with a number of other appli- 'John L. Scotten, of Hampton, was candidates are; G. M. Bennett, of of the allies in Paris. J
.- cants, in Gainesville on December 11th. in town Saturday. He lately arrived Theressa, for commissioner districtNo.
1 ::lJ 474 before taking such a step. 1'
nes4y, bushels, 115 by ex- ,' The new service is scheduled to be- home from Mexico, where he had been 5, Hampton, and M. M. Griffis as Dr. A. H. Freeman has lld new fences
1 a -PmV.59 tv Fruit Growers Express I !- gin on May 1st. There will be no since about Christmas, as manager of ccmmissioner for district No. 4 built around his prP _ises.
,1 can. average i packing and'grading is thought to be 2. I
t< wgh.the price $4.25 I the change in the present service. Route. an American exterprise. He left thecOMtry Starke. :Mr. Bennett is a well)) known Painter- Gorman has: J lxn busy this I
,._ prices at the big mart reason. 1 will be served day and routes
every some time ago because Americans and popular man and will doubtlessprove .
of 8-
lave the interior B.1Iopson'sresidence
1 ben good for good berries, Wednesday the shipping facilitieswere 2 and week on
\ 3 every other day as at pres- were warned to leave. He talked a formidable competitor in the Walnut and Jefferson .
1 ouFgrowers have, as a rule, not. re- improved through the placing, by ent. The consolidation of the carrier about Mexican of corner
Very interestingly and the same be said ,
race, may _
; jW top prices. _This has been caus- the Bank of Starke, of two Fruit service is in streets. ; '
pursuance of a plan that. conditions and said the country is immensely Mr. Griffis, an intelligent and promi-
1 t:
** poor condition of berries on ar- Growers xpress cars on the track the department is working out for the.1 rich and would be prosperous. rent farmer J living southeast.. of J. M. Truby is loading another car
;- ?* Dust-laden winds and careless i for the die of the growers. \reduction of expenses. under a good government. Starke. with sweet potatoes thisweek.
l I

t.t I ..:- -

,J ...... _..."''' ._-. ,..- "..:.. .Ii }.-...,_",;... .., ., .. .-.A '- ; ,,'. '
.. .., ... L. -- ,
-.t ----- :_;:: -_:"h--_ -- .- -. "' .. -., .v : "t't

I! .,< '-- - dI -
r ._ "' O' : ''' .

t- I ,

;. .

I :, l' .


: ( S FRIIJ.\k ilAKCH< 41,
: -____
--- "-- -- .,
: i -- PLEASANT I5EUMOVtin I Giichn *r i l>' tSpeaker '",,; .: GO'--
: i, f n-h: anal :tt tied i::: ID have a very hard :;ime. In that UGH CALOMEL f MAKES f.f p-t' H.He ...,.-' ; : '
B1ASKAFIEAD < {,IdierlxSenator.
: carr ;*:5;:'d Co:::y h/. hich: plain mostly: dos?!* tiltr; YOU DEATHLY SICK ..,....': .I'. j. ..- ".. '. a !
..; ,: ::: <:" f'w art! tlc Jw_: lc.vs horizontally; ; ir. i.Tv.f cV March Oth Mrs. .. J. MK's ;L- : -

7r.,,. 1.:1:1.1: :: :.., h:.' L' furue: heat, the t'rnblc; :jnt' .. tfth birthday anm'-pr-:.:') o.-- -Al. --- ,'

OF U. S. ARilrtonring ; yc.-, -n<: :.A.> ner;_ :r..tir.jr dow urz.th.l':: day, and if'r..ghtf Stop Using Dangerous Drug ,Tred. ar.d as Mr. M-K.nr.oy'; : 7 I nth /JE2 Y: j-T:: Ft-! -

' 'e : i'm-l gruz'd there lr.: :zr.z c.J! H i_, n. nt"pastim .,:.rthcaj would occur soc> thereafter, I! rot: crreducing -.. :o" '. "
Before !It Salivates! You! take : :
off "dus. to children and grandJidre': ofn'- : .al .
. : : by trr'a ?, -v. for rivalry troop- th. : r.i:::;'j." .' i !eri rcjth from El! :..nth tr ;i2h.V! infantry .? i ia i- It's Horrible. ;< erable pair decided to ('t'l'.hrat" the year diet, ,;ji" out,(... ':Cfclse ca
!" !b.... :.' '. rtk- deal : difficult.Furthermore ; of their father a" wvll r.- tilt
: !! Down of Villa! !! : : : : ?r-at: ii-/r Ji.n: honor yon will si-fern* ndace > :h. :'> acd ,
: :: .:..!'!-:!.: :4rz- the American: expt'.1't. their mother. To this end they gat'rcd : ..?.1 n. '-
y ,,
to I.C., au : : A .
Test for YG':rci i :t'-. :-:,.;_,:i-h.! l'O'5tlp.t:1ir.d > : d s. ...
Prove a Severe : : : .. ro matter ::y.v '. )-ary f,)nr- irot up against cow i-e.uvo, :;O'l ic-a v.!i dinpcrou.: a: this home of their: f .rer.:., E"".;s, lr'-:". ;,:...t"". ,' ,,:'t;I 'setiaJIJ-- .
: : h: :::-._.: -, ardIn* ;t wi"! efuter: ; ifTar.tBOO" Ch.-rry: and Tenth tre,t-, about ,_.
i the! U. S. Troops.WASHINGTON .1. = ; : eG : ;; c",.omti to tart: your Ii\c-r anti d ,',: corner potatoes. ,Jve n :, cn IEtt,.......
: : :' ::--r=::' '- .-tr .!:- ;:, urtfined .r. rf.Iitary! maneuver : towels.Here's thirty nrorjr. for a famIly r<-:rt.-u.uon. spinach:: cib'oase. !-i:. ::: -its. ron... '

, : mile .- stro;jij ?, hacly! ::! fed, ncdhequipped: a-.d your jruaraitee! Ask This coming; togetr.er wa:. r:tjral'.y! O..lon'R' .- ".IL._. etc.
t March _'!:.- hills clo-c to khe. armed with a cozen: different kind- .: cm'?frist for my a 5o cent L tle of D:'r.i- p'_..,:_!.t to all but more so for .Mr.Lr.d salted tot 'stead : reai cadbatter. .
regain United tatrrmy is : iiriall band BJ these! -Mexican! outlaws areS Mr=. who well .be
:i to sweep i I, rif.es. son's Liver Tore ar.d take :: rpoor.fji: McKir.ney may If yoj cease to -.tfe your body
to gH a sever* trial l ir. Mvico :; mountain; and .:..! the! : good natural rite shots as there i sin tonipkt. If it doesn't start your liverand proud cf the number and quality of fat-aatng :oods > cj '. in ceaSe tratisg .
t ila! warfare of a type -ven lore I than ore soldier !- descendants. Bourtilful refreshments ..
: :: point. the world! ar.d more trairhte!. right tt't'rtbr. their fat -.iis. It i.= ..o trick to redact
;. ing aid irksome than that in the fill victim to their : you up cf the old-fa-hioned sub-
is joint to .
are Hard Fighter { >: calomel and without griping or If ycu jractite self-dt:::: .lTired
1' ippines will call for the ue: of These have beer. served.
:rising fire. peons rtantial kind were ... ,
i making: you sick I want you to fro .
accustomed to :i\-:
I extended
over a widely area. seasoned by fiveers of constant '
is r.o expectation that! Villa will mules a:: oc as- warfare and there led by Francisco back to the store and pet' your mon- DEPUTY REGISTRATION OFFI I cf It.

li.. j shal his forces to make a star.d a handful of com, can Villa, whom none other than Gen.: ey.Take: I CERS. "Let's rt'cwa: : and cave,: a quiet .

the: United States troops such ; but a regularly! or. Hueh Scott, chief of staff of the U. S. i calomel today and tomorrow I! talk abet tie "\to':: Impossible.
will! feel weak and sick and nan-
course would mean his annihilation army is :;0. called! natural you 'i Tou in'to .; "u hi\cr.'t time"p
.: army recently a "great seated. Don't lose day's work. Takea : The following! deputies have been
short time but the in a I haven't thtCl pauFnPt "
I a boys -oldfer. "F.
:: by C. A. Knightcounty registration -;
isolated spoonful of harmless, vegetable Dod- appointed -- '
will have to run down -'"
son's Liver Tone tonight and wake upfeeling officer: : I t roves Saar. oner Re=!M; ! ; of bandits as Aguir.aldo's I I PROGRAM. District No. 1 Lawter, Louis H. ..
jrreat. It's perfectly harm : The wrx Case ) ma-r cf fcoporer's II&Ikiq. "
were. "eg'3''f' i:: less so Five it to'our children anyj : Hill. 'I', are duped 07 f'.t worsted, ed! rtlubie; IfeOil.
' Some appreciation of the I 1---- i No. 2: Lake Butler, A. C. i /:: '*-!4 C 1eira It ft5nt,
Starke High District : -
1 1 j i time. It can't salivate] so let them Pvaad 1!: :<> *. tSe'r'eyaws Sc.sOc.JLO.THIS : .
i :
Gen. Funston i
may S'hooluditorium Friday evening. anything afterward Ul I ., Strickland. -
: eat ) .
I I gathered from ir.formation in p March :>lt. at o'clock: i District No. Z Palestine, John D. ', !. .. .. !' '! 'oo !" .,

: ion of the War and State Pearce. I" 1I .'
as to conditions across the l "The Mountain Girl" I CLE.P.. District No. -Providence, D. C. j I ; IS FOR YOU. 'JJ

; Gen. Fuf.ston's conservative ( Payne Erkine I Williams. e -l

: i i of Villa's force i is :./))) men. but 'Given byI Now that the spring time is her District No. 5:Pinehill. A. A. Ha- ... When the Telegraph advertises 's l

L : other opinions place the number I I :M'":; Edjth Lucite; Freeman every one should fall in line with zen.: '. your env-rtar.ments free and : !

f t i :/,()fJ. However the bandits, : are Asi-ted by !i Mother Nature and don a new :prlr.s: District No. .*.-Starke, J. F. Kck- thereby! causing them to be .J

';' !I I of arms and ammunition and )l-!'. U. G. Turner, soloist (I dress by pair.tmjr and: white wa=hinjr liter. .. known .!ltd attended. it is with s

: .c I success or failure to replenish ::::d. all buildings! ; ; and fences. )l:1nof th" District No. 7-Hampton. A. A. the .rstar.drjr; that what *

; i f supply will have ar. important : i.1 Mi=s Ruby Gomto, pianist. I citier.s of Starke have already' ht.l Futch. printif* there i i" to be done in ;

f j en the coming struggle.CouTitry l er.ed up their premises by the use of District: No. Raiford. A. L. Crews conr.ectiwith then, i:. the way f

a Hot. H ....Iate\ Waite Piano March i paint ar.d white wash and it ;?in:.- District No. \Vorthington.. R. T. of tickets: proirrams, etc. be done .Fat

is : The country thro1 '!h which \" ( RaftPART I.Th" I their homes a very oheery, clean and Taylor. our cr i. e. This ionly doing -
t I will flee and the United States Promi.e"Vocal : neat app(' ra:1'f. Among those woo District No. 10-New River lath justice t4 us as pay for our ser- *

be forced to march and fight has : have made liberal use of the paintbrush : J. Sapp. vice. Wl> n the printing is given 4I'

so harried in the last few years of c
i strife that for :' (Ibl) The Shore (Chainir.adei I II : M. Sistrcnk, 0. J. Griffin J. R. Davis, BOOSTER EN\ELOPD,, ; after ( haf re for the publicity we fgive
t opportunities It is 10,1.01 ly a ""urtr ff p />iteat
Piano: ( ai Shadow Dance I McDowell) Mayor Hoover and others. the /itertainments.. b
have been greatly duwl. This ; I the booster u\l'OftS! i-nnted: acme time: ail()
Ib Hark. Hark the Lark i : it I II : 4.
i ) j -
! mean that all fodder for the 1 Now that this good work has bean: ly the Telegraph a"i a?rd exteasr.e'r l> thitus'ircss ..
I PART II. -!- Vrnvigorathtf !' !- t t .
horses will!! have to be sent from well begun let every one do their part tree of Starke have bn very ber..- ,

", United States. The country itself i I I I The Awakening toward having a clean neat and bri h'. f.cial have been a.an asked adtertsement to stock these of the er.\elopt town bu We: tome Pale ami SicxJjTV

great arid platoau! rising into ) H .\ G .\ R D Vocal (la) The Moon Drops Low. looking town. ir. crt*!* to do this it will be necessary; for a*
(b From the Land of the Sky to rae an order for several thou.-ind We Cld StiB-4r4 etneral strent5ie it< tonic
south. I ------ -- -- -
tains: in the west and It I ,
-ha': be clad: U htar item persons; who rnjd
innumerable places for For Blue Waters ('C'aldm3" i i Now is the time to get your straI \' 'i. e to have these t-n\elop! If a su'Ticient \ nrur.t.the blood.acdbuildipptbcirvjc. .
ambuh or a determined stand. COMPTROLLER 'I' PART III. I!i berry tickft!" We" print them for yea 11\n1H of '>rdrjcan be brio., d wt *.i:: :a"f ." A tri.r U.LIC. ret iju'.tf taj chilo flI. Vc
Ifemcrratit Primary.
the '.rjer a' an cane date The r".ce "f the
and rocks abound, with a scant \ Will Be Appreciated. The Fulf.IImer. on short notice. Good stock. en\tlor \ I I
., --, "
-- '.1
-- -- -
-- - -

I i

' 15 DAS'


:/;, : ; >-.

H ; .



: flflJcr! %'- 1>alm Dp: ch Suit 54,98 Sweaters $1 1a9U Lad.e.tor>e-t Covers 22c al d $_'.50 Men ar.d Worrj-n's Palm '

v) I UilIU Sale] Price _ S 4 iUU Sale Price nnn __ __ www Sine Price7Cp __--__ _--____---- S2 00 litarh Slippers _ i _uun $1.39
B' ach Suit II and ?3.ou( Indies Sweaters Lade Petticoats, Chemises and and .
Men's! Palm &: So'OO :
.T! S8 I on Sale I'ml'u $4.49 VZ.UU sale: 'rice __ ___uu__ _ $1 1 A3Boy. wwowns.. Sale Price __:nuh 44c $4,00 glen', low ifsa3 _*. **.*

arJ SIU: ) Ifn'.. -..-' S'1 00 .-' Sweaters 1c 01 00 and Sl.iM: Embroidered Gowns 89c ar.d High Quarter -=? )1 t= ?tv'r97c -' .-
$10.00 I"t r\ t :Sale Price nnnuu __ ** O t herniao..; and PetticoatsLADIES' nn Shoes '
;;;716.9 & Skirt ( : SKI UTS.nn : 52.89Z \'.
S'.rg' Suit- "I fj Ladies' Palm Beach QRp Sale! Price ,{ ..t., \
i. .. ', er 'I $ 00 Sale I Price __ __ __ __ nu_ _ wOb 54 and j .-;.fItJ Ladie.Skirts! Men's Elk t"' 1 "----" '"
aR(1 1"-00 M''nUMkteO : S1 1.98 ;\
$15 00 cry1OIS Ltdis'l'alm Beach Slip t wU .SuitPncf I $3.00 'skinshoe'r:1' "
) -- .
11Q -- - - '
$1 :
Sep : Sui, BIu tr 1 10 98 r ,;,' Sale Price -__ = __ _ $2 50 ara! :,,,'_nj Indies' :Skirt.S..le .- Fine Quality } SM =-- .
g c LADIES' HOSIERY.LadifV j'nceAmerican $1 1 .93 -
Il'P- - -
1 OOO :.ic;' '!1 -;; 'f! \ Colored i Ho-e fl- $1:25: i : Beauty Corset; =- .;

'? ,98 t ,' 1 J C Salt: Price -- -- __ __ --_ __ __ wb :-ale I'rc"au'ioi -- ---- - - 7ge $2.0--0-- and ?.50 -_, -
(can. Sale I Price Y \ / Fi LalirHoe I >' Supporter Men'sGood :. r

ana 2 J.O'J /-j .- J5 C Sale I'riee __ _ _ n 1ge hOc Sale PriceHATS---------------------C H'f.rk Sho Quality.: $1 71
I $400 -- Sale; Pricej __ __ __ .
CoatSuiE .- tIliens { 'i a.:d .;,t' Ladies' Lisle! and. Sk! Hose HO- AND CAPS u - --- - -- ""
I. I I I Price $ i i ..".. .JC. Sale Price -_ __ --___ *,* C \ a..r1..JO Men's Hats Qft S- Ofl Boys' Shoes $1, 1 69 o.'.
00---- : ; $1 1 rio 4iUU .
I i L. f..\ IIE'1) GENTS' FLEECj UNDERWEAR. t Sale Price 3uO Sale 1 Price u _ ii uu u .1
-- ------- -
-- -
I I I MEN S PANTS.Pant i, ". ..: i 7.1c: Lad'es'! Underwear 43c300 and S4.00 Men's Hats nn A, 5fj Children's Shoes ,' 69' .t

I..:<:!ePrice __ _ __ __ .,ale! Pricf* uuu__ u___ __ $1, tUJ43c S-sle Price --- -- -- j ---u-u- _.',
1:1 "
I and :: ) : (LdLadies' ComfortJ -
$5.00 i ; :;: Men'5 Ela-tic Drawers 39c and LOt 1 Men's ar.d Boys' Cap $1' 1 50 ; S1.03S2.69 1
75c c. i, .
Tal.o! t j.nc
!' $3'tJ'B S::ls Price _- -_ __- ---_ -- _ ......1.. IIIC" "_ __ __ 0. _ : :: j"ii"J fand u--u--: 4i
: : 'N'j Indies lIi""hde; :-hO\: '
:fame :r0( Men's balbriggan Underwear S4r00 : 1
a .',: i. 22c MISCELLANEOUS.: : S'iPHrp . ; .
j.rd ;.UO Men'sI'ant lJr7 \0 Sale Price __ J uu.
t 2t50 \=13: n-- ---------hn--. Crtp and 75c Ladies and Gents Apron and $'?.00 Ladies Sh", $ .
i. 'II 98 .. LlHtsbT., ... 3UU 23c $2.00 $1 49
$1 '[ 'I This Sale .. Qn' 1"P' f. .
-- -- 'Ir.
i; Sal! Pri :; yle0laad SJ/-0 Lathes Waists S9c59c 10c liens BeltsSale a;. _,/>0 Ladies'- -- --Slrte
$1.5 1 I Fxtra Gord I/a : l\ : race : _----t- _hu Price __ __ uuu_ ____ __ __ _ 23c 0. iDUGr -'d/ Pri!<- $ 98cFLOI
I'a.t- SSef.j \ 1 1.00 and $I.-:, Ladies' Waists :r;<: and .>ijc Men's Fine Suspenders '
# HOo'tUEIC: : : S'F.btN1)! R.
tiala PrH' ;; Sale Price __ -u__- ---h--------- Sale Pric* _ 23c ,-:
; -- Hj"h 'Hi" Granulated I Sujrar Si'e Price "
ryJ' .. 7"r: and SI.oft ladles' Waist l"e Men's White Har.dkerchiefVSale f. Ih. h
44c P'll-h rF'lo" L <
11OV PVNTS. 'Y'. __ _ _ ;: 4c '" ::-- --- -- -
I J I -'- -- n Price UUh__ ._ __ _ '1 !IK'K ri',. ::I.+ P"It'o nhhnu .F3ST
an'1 tu Roy'" > \ \ ( 1111lII\ti: 110:0'1-: : AOitf --- - >'-- ------- -
$JIi"O Pant: : UQ ill. '-:7 -i. to 7, Black: --------------J Sale 'r.0000--- __ __ .., M It.. Cal!-' ?\n-; Fl]our. C.:>.!n P'Sce ... .:r:
aI' Price 1 li30 J Sale! Pru-f ____ _- 'he' f.r.d $1 1 00 Gt'nt's Ties 39s T' ]lh. *<-'? Ry\ riour. Sal": Force u_ __ -J:
an-ri si-j: : ; 7. S an-. !9 I. IJLck Only So \ I Sdl:: PrICe -- - r'b.! PIr.ir! Flour.! :S-dc:: Price! -Z'-u------- ,1.9

.S' 2.00- Part, C1 Buy Sale Prce -- - ___ __ _ 35c and SOc Tie, :"ilh.rIamI-olr.! Sale Pric .___ _u__ >1Rv1 ,

Price V 1 : Ili.i Hose 19c Sal Price __ __ __ ____ __ ___ __ 19c45c n-ur. per r'J""'d.-------1'----------; ."3'Or
.l: -J Sale! Price hUnUn _ _ Social Rubber Soled Tennis Slippers Fr-re! Brand Milk Sal Prix* u ___ __ .7F
$1 lUU nn L'oy''ants. 5Se LADIES' AND ( Jill.DRF\'a: HATS. Sale Price - --- : Fiill Cream Cheese ner round .' _;nnu __ -oCANNED
- "" FEED SUPPLIES'Pure / : : GOOJJS.l..c .
o/i nn " 1'5'! and $6> -lor k
'Ult$1 98 3 Ib. "T ,. .11
Hats Grade can omatoe SaJ.Price
High Molasses Feed
HiUU -- -
; t
sile Price P------ $119 .. <4f $1 1 84 lOc"lb. Tomatoes _____. .08
Suit.MEN'S ... Sale Price ,} Per 100 Pounds -__ __ __ can ,: UUhU
Special Price on Boys' S3: and $-t.J'O Ladies :-Y. -t-JJ., ..,,.. Scratch Feed AJ loc Salmon.: Sale Price __u_ -_ *_____hU ..0340c
'e n j
SHIRTS.fin ; ;:: .'_)0
Maxwell House Coffee. Stle 2'rice __ _
and $1.50 Men's Dress Shirts QQit Hats. 98c --ysi; t :, Per 100 Pounds ______________ _______ 01,04- 30c lib.! can Bliss Coffee, Sale Price n .2<:::1 5 ,
$1 t Sale Price __ ___ _______ __ ____ 0 C Sale Price ?t Mixed Corn 7rt 25c and 30c Green Coffee. Salt Price .16
and $1 00 Men's Dress Shirts 59c 7Rr Young LadiesHats Per 100 Pounds ____________________ $1 111 3No. 20c Green Coffee Sale Price __--huu_____- -__ .13

1110 Saie Price __ u__-- -___--____ I3U 39c 2 Clipped Oats S1.50 can Snowdrift Lard, Sale rice _hU 1.23
Pongee Shirts Sale PriceSPECIAL Per 100 Pounds ..____________________ $1 a 94 lOe Carnation and Pet Brand 'Mi'k ___hnu .08

; 15c Sale Price _nnnn________ 43c TO THE Pure Wheat Bran Dime Brand and Red Cross Condensed :Milk .08
r Work Shirts LADIES.75cOvera11s Per 100 Pounds ---hhUh______ $1 I 59 lOc Full Grained Rice, Sale PriCi'---h---n- .6%
75c Sale 43 c A Yards of r Pure Wheat Shorts cQ All Kinds of lOc Tobaccos. Sale-?: rice ___n __ .08

PriceOVERALLS.. hhn.j Ginghams < Per 100 Pounds ..---_________________ $1 I.YU AH 5c Goods. Known and Sold Everywhere _ .0 I
Dress Goods Flan Beet Pulp Best Grade Salt I Bacon Sale Prira _h_________ 14
. $1 50 Union Jude Overalls: 89c nelsl5c Sellers, flVfc / Per 100 Pounds OlilOGrits CM 70 Compound Lard, Sale Price.1_____ nnu__ .12
Sale Price --
. uuu ---- Pure Lard Sale Price' .13
-------- -----
} 49c at 7c and ? Best Grade Dry Salt Butts Sale Price .. .: __________ ___.10H
1. Price ____ _______-___ --- Special Sale on Entire Stock of Enamelware. Per Sack --hhhU_____________ $1 I 94 Grits, Sale Price: per Ib. ..1\-. __uu__ .2"

:.:..,. .

This is a bargain that will surpass anything ever attempted. Giving value and satisfaction to the

; :. Bradford County Community. A Store with a Square Dealing Reputation. This Stock is pow being '_

re-marked and no attention will be paid to what the goods cost. Come and be convinced. ;

i The Rosenberg Dep't Store I.::.k


I 15 Salespeople wanted Starke, Florida hone 132 !


.1 1e
;. L

IAe\ t y.. .

uhi +l .. ,.. ., .
TO. --'r' ".- ..: ... >< : It" -
... b_ '" ..... .
h ; -- -. -
: <:; \ -L \ __ :. _- ,_: ': ;,;;; rt!. ..:.:'! .f:.'_

_, 'f'A :.;: ": '< "' -7. ,
A> ..7- '. '.',-' .< .s." .:- ; ...,.....,.. :S-i: "f'. .(
....,;,p.' ':" .....
..:\ .. ; .llirf! 1IIaf\Ji.1t ;.l-- ,_ 7<-'
', .
_' .. __ ", "" ...-, ..-.... : .. _. _.!.iI: ,... ,. ....._ -.r_..,...,,.:: .. .' ':--. : tttf IMltrflMI

.. y

I.: xr=

: { f
.h. 1

;. :

-- -
..' .._,_. -- -- -- -- - ---
r'r- -o. T-r.uarv of thin! year. This city led I I tar Park --- ,
tC1 just south of Eau Gallie. ,,, _
News of Florida in Short Paragraphs. i all ports with shipments of ex'I'ortI .; o nthe Florida East Cou-t ;.:Iv.-y. I-,?-* ,* -r-r'T f n'i,r, it r,.TT.,Tin'teVT ,,M, ;, 1i' :'!. i' M

*: | I valued at $1,676,332: : and Key West; were burned Tuesday afternoon. The i ft J ?*.".&f Si ZSZZ&\ VM I'' ''!l' '-:= '
SjjEzaa.sigrt3 'Sda.5iS2a5+ ? t' :
5i" 3
*-- sga&j bc5aj
second, with exports valued at $7G4- toss is placed at $!;i,4oJ( with $l- .

59S.i (llltU> insurance. The fire started '

| Live State News !G G"sEffr I cottage No. 1.; or. the second floor ia: I i j ... =: "..1.. ....:.... J';. 7 I

from that i is '
i TA LLAIIAS:, '.Announcement a tau.-e so far urknown. --
; r' -- use 'w'sasps?' sa as2S" 5ricS?'=2S2E'T3'& aE. -'zs2sr S" 2S2sa ? ,
I I has just been issued from the ruilitarydepartment t The .-tuib.tsue: at Cocoa playing 1 .:;':.t---z-;. (
Told f i fir
Our '
by .
Exchanges. of the re-appointment by Lull[ ,,o that they lost many of their -, : l--' '. I "

i m.._rxval.a _sr..xcaev__IZ'IIIa U _J ,'l (;oYemor Trammell of General J. Clifford ''effects :\Iul.h'r the furniturevi- ;Y' ::." 'b', : ::.:. :. ., -,

:' R. Foster; as adjutant general or saved. Both Eau Gallic; and Mellourne If \-1' ))9
TAE Si'IINGS.-The; sponge Eioi-.1: ; put'lir sentiment for the .lei--\ ..'"-- 1.1..:.'., 0' r' ...
eat help and Melbourne's '
: ; : j Florida.! This appointment is made new -fire ..,. .......
: le.' .: ij cerui.ly; i irnpc.M..i '..-. '" ... I .... : I'
: > an < u:: : < : : :M'j: -r? a'Lgi : under the new constitutional: amend engine chocked the flames a? soon as _,':, \\'; ) :'.._

fcr fast wcL ur real! ales amountedto :I...'.,..; .,'. !K ...-Ill fa-,or .!h: sjj.ittaiceof ; meat adopted by the people of Florida! it pot to work and saved the remain- -'T.. .t'J." '4'.f ...,.;... _-_

over 13,000.1: I a st-Vj-wid.1 piohbition: amendment at the last general election. It has; 'I !irj: huildirgs.vol.; !. C. W. Fouler has,

I I'" the voters. j' the effect of reducing: the rank cf the made !:(> ariiiounjemor.t as to plans "

FERNt\I)1NA.-The Fornan.lina -- adjutant genera!, making him a brig- I -r rebuilding. t .

Packing Company's: shrimp canning; KAYTOXA.David Pen, cr.e of the I I ader; general; instead of a major ;genen.l. 1' : t f.

plant is now in operation. Shrimp most notorious burglars e'ecaught J thiis conforming to the crgani- I, JACKS o \ ILLr. According! to

:.re said to be p'.ertifu! in that section; operating in thccity of Daytona, was k: tion of the aimy.PALM I the new city directory, which has just i i iI iI

tnd the plant is shipping! hundred cf apprehend at 11 o'clock last night i been completed!, Jacksonville r.ohas iI Can You
j Afford
but Titan
barrels \n:'-klr. by Harry Schmidt and a party of BEACH.According to a population: of ;WJt'3.: ; This figure is I Any a

gu.i5t-; while attempting to enter the State Drainage Engineer F. C. Elliott! j i an ivied at by multiplying the number I Kerosene a z.

CLE.1RiVATERPiaellas county's hotel. After a desperate struggle; j| during the month cf January, a total | cf rarr.es in the directory by two aid Engine? j

recent ?71o,000; ( good road bond issu2 lasting! fifteen minutes, the negro'thief of d;j,1Ii1 cubic '::rJ> of material.>. cn"-half.] The numrer of rames. in I

was sold kst weEk on the basis: of !>3 was carried t bodily into the host- I excavated from state drainage canals! i .the I book Is :,.'i.T" !I.. This is an 1.l1'1'1l"e!" AT present average prices for keni'sene andgasoline

and a fr (ti'n!: The m'nowill be elry and forcibly held until the arrivalof I The percentage of completion! of the i 11a population o\v-r hst year of :!, 05.j Titan kerosene engines
available;! as soon as the issue undergoes Chief Milton. I j[ various canals is as follows: Hills j JTh-j directory! al-o 1 contains a large

the necessary legal procedure. I born, G7.1 ; Caloosahat.-hee, !1.!; We. ;; amoi'.it of addti; >.nsl valuable! ir.fcr- their owners about i.ic. per horse pinvcr per ,

l.AKELANI-Bearing war taxi Palm! Beach, .7.7; St. Luce; !A; r.atlcTh; re arc twelve pages of I j hour over gasoline engines.

DLm..ICreltirm of the first: \i stamps totalling 5.193:;!\; two deeds! which i j North New River, 28.0.' Two dredges 'mi:::< UP i ton pages cf Jo.:eses. I li it this \ ,
I ure On
; 8-horse the
special drainage:: district in Duval w.:rc registered; ; in the office of Circuit |( are now working in the Hillsboro, one I There ::I'I' evt"al other rameshnh I! : way. an engiijo; saying

court}' was announced last week. It I!i Ccuit Clerk Cabreath indicated a value '!'in the Caloo ahatchet1, three: in the are suitnumerous, but nothing to is S.3hour: SSc. in a lo-hourday, j| SS in 100 i.

will be known as Baldwin; No. 1, nod'! cf SoOo.OOO;;! attached to large tractsof \\Vst Palm Deach. one in the St. I.a- i l.om '.H" with these two old! stand I days of work. Say that is all your engine docs in a

comprises about TO.OUO acres of what land in eastern Hill borough coun- II cie and one in the North Xew River bythe directory:; al.-o contains a I }'ear. *

tyvhkh have been cariils.MIAMI.:. complete list: ef the city, county and I Istate
re cntly acquired
will be some of the best and most fer- I I It v.oald! cost $83 than needs ,
tile lands in the county after drainageis l.y the High Grade Phosphate ('0., of officrrs.: ; All of the city streets: II I j you more you to pay, to
tip uo=cril.ou ly location and the : I run ;::\ 8-horse ga mline engine one year. That i is more
Virginia. A SI stamp must bz attached ; :- j
accomplihed.PENSACOL.tThe to a deed i for each $1,000 in : .-Plans have been dnr.vi1 are given Ly number. I II than'a third of the price of the engine. Can )|t'u afford to
construction work will !
value of the property involved. up I throw away $S8a year? Can you afford even ho think of i'
few weeks
begin in of
Pensacola Jour- a an eight story
buying a gasoline engine, when you can get n-Titan' that
nal says that the railroads serving the :j I office building on Avenue C, between FERNANIINA.-In Big Swamp, uses kerosene? See the Titan dealer and talk this

city are confronted with a serious car j| LEESBURG-Copies of the bill pre- Eleventh and Twelfth streets, by Rob- the region known as the Evergladesin He has some interesting over. ,

shortage. They admit that they are I j rented to Congress by the committee I ert W. Ralston. Plans and specifications Florida, many sections of whicharc figures to show you.

unable to meet the demand for equip- on rivers and harbors, of which Hon.S. are now on file in the office of practically unexplored today, is -

ment for either local or off line load- :M. Sparkman is chairman, have. the Ralston Bros., in the five-story found the rare blue heron. The plumescf International Harvester Company of America '

ing, and that the situation is growingworse been received here, and the Ocklawaha Lawyers' building directly across the the blue heron command high prices Incorporated) '

from day to day. RivcI, shows up with $10,000 for im- street form the location of the pro- and are extremely difficult to secure.

and pulling. A posed skyscraper. The Ralston During the breeding and .
provement snag comprehensive new mating season I Titan kerosene engine* are told by "
review of the river improvement building will be the tallest building in the birds congregate at various I [
big to date is contained in the :Miami three stories higher than the points, and as the principal tail

steel warehouse and of the Mulberry Explosives bill, which is a very exhaustive meas- Lawyers' building of the Burdine plumes interfere with their nesting DeWitt C. Jones
Supply Mulberry -
Company at
ure, covering 376 pages printed. building, the latter on Twelfth street. they cast them of, which gives the
nearing completion. The .
huuter his chance. In order to locate
building will be 50 by 120 feet and
these carefully hidden! breeding placeshe STARKE, FLORIDA. : ir
will be equipped with every modern Telephone -Among good _
climbs tree and from the -' --- - -
facility for rapid loading and unload- pany has sold the entire telephone system things the county commissioners did a top ;: : ..

ing of the company's products. of the city to the Southern Bell at their meeting last Monday was to watches the flight of the birds, usingas f

Telephone Co.npany and the officialscf subscribe for 600 copies each. of the a landmark a dead tree or some I- o

the big concern are now in the city St. Cloud Tribune and the Valley Ga- other object in the distance: to guide I l =

COCOANUT GROVE.-The alleged closing up the details of the deal and zette for an indefinite period, the subscription him farther in his search through the I
of the crime of murdering intricate Make Dollar Show Irofit
perpetrator of
mare water-ways and tan- Every
I will at once assume control of the li'1sThis begining June first, and continuing f
A. A. Boggs and daughter
gled"l'getatio 1 comprising the Ever
will put the lines in control of at ih? pleasure of the commissionars. .
at Cocoanut Grove and the burning of i! News Record.I'ENSACOLA.Cut. .
a very wealthy corporation and doubt- I'i ; The plan! of mailing out II'I..
their: home shortly before Christmas, I Have funds at all times safely and profitably! employed :
less result in better service, thoughthe the local pap('ra 10 the people in the t

has been captured near Norfolk, Va. present managers have given aI-I North and West who contemplate! I I off fiom the \ r
The man, whose name is James B. I. i -.they need not be even J
most universal satisfaction. coT.i-.g to Florida was instituted b i'
Butler, has been brought back to Florida 'r !I supply; of German potash salts, it h.F
/ to await his trial.JACKSONVILLE j I th" commissioner re than seventear. : !'been\ suddenly announced! ) that (chem-I! idle.

ST AUGUSTINE.-C. n. LittlefieM | a zo. I.H% I l.arnrovi'il so MHi -- j ij-ts of the United States have dig- J .:
: i' ies.-ful that it is more than probable} 1 1I' covered that salts !, I 'I '
of Tocoi, has purchased sis hundred' potash are to ? j
I : .- The Florida! I' it will!! l... o'.ti'-ucd: ; fcr ,:: t- : .: f' .:
acres of land additionally to a large j mIIy'ar: found' j :in kelp! cr :-C4WC'.nd thai j Invest In Time Certifitttes
trading !" law taxing each I .
tamp placeof i
farm he already has under cultivation: i|iC'm qvartitie? of it arc being taker from
business giving wading j
stamps there. will! make cfii --- the Pacific1 coast: to l u.-c-ii fcriiilizer. t:
specialty o
> at-
; }He a I -
with merchandise: sold. vas on Mon- issued by the Bank of Starke. !Let the wages J'; ,
i raiding thoroughbred hogs. He has j ROXIFAY.Vm.. A. Se.'-; This; raise: discovery: was modi1s ,
ons nut'ttger -
day held cC1*titution.l l by the United j I {
J States Supreme 'ouit. The law has j I :just purchased five IHiroe hogs anti tvil of liroadanc Farms, l 1-as: just I -<-\'(' 'ar )Oclry.o by gardeners living I of industrious dollars: add constantly so their
add lie will also along the Barrancas 1'oh.taw Pen-
nniuv more u> i
teen repealed;! r'ii'.ce the case arose but v i j -suet! a vc.-y :J. t"; ('ti'f'l't Kea.i f
; a part of the land fo4geaeial f .rmin i I folder illiMr.U'vl with r.uniber cf -.accla ard: {,.t other points! on the bay owners income.
was carried tl'roueh to a conclusion! i ilecause a I| i t'
of penalties: iivohed.JA'KSONVIL.E.This !. :i Tocoi thi year Lsfi: t acres planted i i petty h-i'ftw;:* ruts showing! th e 'I ,--::1e! C, econ'.iig!!: to Charles Van Duen ,

: to Irish potatoes and the m-l'er.el'iil; ; i growth of velvet beans various !j I ;> who lives: about the mile! : =outh i ii
i j-.t
I We 4 cent interest and l issuo: ceriific! es that '
i pay per
be h'rea zd.TALLAIIASSEE.T. of the: Mr. Van declaresthat
largely : city. Dusen
J .<,t.':rc*. A detailed history of : : '
city will I I 11 -.. i-J and tl1"'aloiou.l'1: the farmers in that vicinity have
jiet ( -: given : mature in three months or a year.
soon have M more unsightly poles'! ?. Humph- I I rieti. :are dealt with in a thoroughand been using! the !kelp! for years, having i .
along the streets nor any overhead I discovered that the finest cabbage and
r'es' the broom manufacturer, has : coinpieheiisive manner, as is also
wires. Already many of these have j garden truck could be prcduced in New accounts are cordiallyinvited.j.j.n "
just unloaded a 100; carload oft I i the e>..1th'ation. yield etc. Lat year i .
disappeared: and at the present rate what seemed to le soil if .
broom corn freighted from Oklahoma. j i 1)11'. Sessions returned nearly ?1)00of ( i
of work on the underground systemit )[1'. Humphrees has contracted with orders for Chinese velvet b:>r.i! abundance of the seaweed is mixed

will not be long before the eyesore I the Leon county fanners for about seed which he could not fill! and thi.' with the soil and plowed under. 1 :
is entirely removed, and the streets' BANK of
i one hundred acres of broom corn, and year: his halos gill be equally as heavy.
beautified, at least, to that extent. J
that he would gladly all of .
says pay JASPER.-The strange occurrence I-
j I his money to home farmers if they 'of a large lake running dry, without
OPJ.-\XDO-The Orlando Water would raise the house brush for him. I .
j I MIAMI.-Fore>t fires raging over any apparent reason, is taking place FLA i.i t
Light Company has been mulcted j
One hundred acres will produce about I I
with Lake Octahatchee in the northwestern
"in the sum of $100 by the city council I thirty-three tons of broom corn and the Redlands now constitute a grave I Im'nace j part of. Hamilton county.L L t)
to the citrus industry of that
low.pressure in their mains at the i
,i it is always worth one hundred dollars section i j Scores( of people from South Georgiaand dl '
time of the recent garage fire in the the ton. grove owners are keeping : :
north Florida the
are visiting
city. This is the extreme penalty.The a ceaseless vigil over their or
lake to witness this strange sight, and -- !
---- -- -
compan11 not contest it but chards, and are now and again called
asks for co-operation in the matter, of' FT. LAUDERDALE )I. Norman 4o fight the devouring flames near are getting hundreds of pounds of | The Quinine That Does Not Affect Ths !Head: II 1 1I

providing sufficient during on the North Canal, six miles their own and their neighbors' groves fish. It is said that the Aalapahariver Because of its tonic and laxative effect. LAXATIVE. i r
pressure a RROMOQt'1\INEisbetterthanordinary s
fire. I from this city, is one of the farmers Gangs of citrus canker inspectors of is rising rapidly and as the Quinine a... j who weather is unusually dry, it is believed ringing in bead. Remember the fun name ono i I ,
(ji are making good on 'glade'land.I ten are compelled to leave their work look for the signs lure of 2. W. GROVii. :ic I
i| Norman's crop of Red Bliss potatoes of searching for this insidious enemy by many tha tthe large lake is .. ,
-- -
LAKE CITY. h. J. Markham: is of superior quality and of the citrus draining into the river by some subterranean Broker Larvsea/Duplicated
very industry to combat
help '
Read the 'l'e1e '
t'3ph-l.50 Same rl.ecieved
t :year Day
shipped last Wednesday to the Moul- as
stream. The river is twelve .
; trie consists of 1,000 bushels, running the more open and no less dangerousor.e I Vt$Socialize on Mail I Orders*We fey Pbsitfe y
House -
Packing 112 head of fine about to 1 No's. 1 and 2, in the order I I of fire. In spite of the careful 1 or fifteen miles from the lake at the 9 140 FORSYTE St ;
hojs. In the lot there were three hogs pasture fed it is said that theyvouid
nearest It is said those ,
fi point.
named. From 24 acres he raised watch kept of the fire f by -------"i--- -
? portions o j .
which tipped the scales at a total over COO bushels I which he was:: in I several valuable groves have been!J who have visited the lake that a good I j not have brought half that amount. Asa lections which! it i is ,1 twinned, the at-
weight of 973 pounds. :\Markham: deal of water is still left but it is ; mlttzof fact had they not been v
charge of at the dock in this city last burned (constituting loss of many: j I'' ex-1'' toniry has secured aril] revsr turned
has shipped from this this dipped!; they could not have been rod! .I ,
point season Friday and Saturday and sold them I thousands rf dollars.I j jI pccted to drain away in a few days i over to the city. .\ '' reat senstion J 1
, a large number of hogs. Prevail- land I shipped into Palm! Poach, a* that
: and l leave the lake \y
uupward of $!:!5;; per hamper. I dry. Every fe'I I has her created hug theexpoure Y
ing priees of 512 cents per pound are lake section is tickfre! ? and! !N. quarantine: !
I I yearthi ; runs dry and usually i of the aft"iirs of the rUomcy's o .'ice. 'j

big received. !, I: TALLAHASSEE. U. S. Sent -occurs; in wet weather. It fills up a. j against; the cattle tii-k. The price tIle:;" In addition to the jil> *..e finding, the ,'
BUSIi aLI.: Inquiry has ( : the cattle broapht plainly! demon-it?.;
COl1 M. passed bill to consolidate the ,l tnrgply as it drains cut. II j| finance committee KT'4led that there

DeFt: I\K Sl'RINGS.-Tire cattle from the government about th? purchase | 'iaond: forest I land in Florida. It I Ijempowrs I ____ II I.I the great value of dip;ing- rvd ii5.-i !i1 are serious errors i.i tHe statement of l;

tick of the property covering the the Secretary h': liter-j I;. ding cows cf the tick.
must go. This was decreed when i ; : : the attorney covering floes alleged due }
the Pad Massacre ground Congressman ior for the of ST. AUGUSTINE.-Last June th:
West Florida: Cattlemen's1'50- | purpose consolidating j' I him attending to v e-ious cases. In ;
ciation was organized: at a convention'! Sparkman has 'introduced a bill ; the forest lands belonging to the Lni:- j Manufacturers Record announced that I|'. DADE CITY.-At cbcjt T o\ji--:. this statement the {uj.y is charged -

of over three hundred cattle raisers ';< in congress for an appropriation to i I'd States within the Florida national';' the Florida East Coast Railway com- Saturday evening! at the home c: A.-: with attorney's fees foC a total of 151 \

and faimers, all profoundlyimpresse d : purchase this property and make a: i forest upon the recommendation of the ,. ,j.any would undertake! the operation: '. thur L. Au'il11'. J. W. JJcberi/:: ;.| cases while only 8:! hive been completed *t

]with the idea that to make progressin national: park there for the perpetuation j tl 1 department of agriculture, to exchange I I.i' f trains: from Fort Pierce to Key j, Jlrs. Fannie Stow were joined i'1:! iho with deeds! for tie! property involved -

cattle raising and conduct the in- ;, of the memory of the soldf: > ;; I lards belonging to the United! Statesiv.hich i West with oil-burning locomotives. holy bonds wedlock\ Mr. Auvil performing in the city's ijossession. It '

custry on a profitable basis, the tick i who lost their lives there. Our citiI : are part o fthe Florida national II I This radical step on the part of any the Cerel'10nroIr.: Robertis was further found ttit Mr. Semplein i'

must he eradicated. j j I zens should get interested in this matter [ forest for privately owned lands o terntort'. about 27 years old, and; i i" the ioa the statement inclu k-s fees for 313 + ,
j and assist Congressman i has been watched in much inter- t i
i Sparkman approximately equal value, as determined I of a farmer living near BushncU!, and cases at $10 per case arid that none of
T.-\LL.\lIASSEE.-President Wilson 1 in every way possible in carrying out by the secretary of agriculturethir. I: est. In response to an inquiry in regard Mrs. Stowe is the widow cf thn lateF. these have evercome f4 a final decree.
this undertaking. \\; the exterior limits of the to the success of this experimentMr. :
on national S. Stowe. But the happy couple I re
Tuesday morning of last week I
F. W. Kirtland, assistant to the -
signed his name to the urgency de forest, which lands upon the vice-president of the Florida East were not permitted to revel long i n AP ALACHICOLAecent1y a gentleman .
ficiency bill MIAMI.-Just as soon as roll of consummation of the exchange shall l their new found bliss. The next W.
containing an appropria a Coast railway, advises the Manufacturers from ChicagoJ.. Maple- :
tion of red tape in governmental circles become a part of the Florida national morning she was in Dade City alone,
$300,000 for the campaign arainst canI : Record that the purchased from the Ox>mbs Co. of
citrus canker in the United I ![I be unwound, 2,200 acres of Everglades forest.PALATKA.. : periments with oil-burning company's locomo-ex- and he had been taken to other parts, Apalachicola, a body c/ land situated! 'I'It

States and the money becomes immediately land in Palm Beach county will" be tives south of Fort Pierce have been she knew not whither. As best we on New River between Carrabelle tnd t'4 c

available. It is understood thrown open to the Seminole Indians .-H. C. Waldron of East satisfactory in particular and could gather from the story, the couple Beverly on the Apalch;Bola Northern iY s
every ,
that the larger portion of the who already inspected the land and Palatka is had hardly had time to fully realize Railroad for colcniZD jon
appropriation responsible for this: "Ju st that the company is now engaged in purposes. t
will be expended in Florida. signified their willingness to settle on come up for a visit with my father- ,converting the engines opearting that they were each other's own- Several families recently took possession

it and cultivate it. A party of Sem- in-law, Mr. N. E. Douglass, of Welaka.While north of Fort Pierce so as to operate est own, before a big, husky brotherof of part of these Irids and began ,

ST. PETERSBURG-The inoles accompanied by Indian Commissioner there 1 took a trip out on Lake oil-burning engines over the entire the groom tooted the horn of his to make improvementsthereon!; chief .I'
school dis-
L. R. Spencer went over the auto as it slowed down with steaming which was the boring of several
trict bonds Georg3 with W. H. Cannon and Tom road from Jacksonville to Key West among
recently sold at a record land last week and Mr. radiator in front of the Marsh hotel,
Spencer announces wells to secure water supply. !;,
Douglass who a
price of $112.28. There nine were seining for fish. and en most of its branches
teen were that just as soon as the de We were over near the west shore of snatched the young husband from the One of the wells mentioned spouted '
companies endeavoring to securee tails can be five -- arms of his bride. took him to the vibrating .
t bonds arranged camps o tithe lake when the seine was pulled what is believed to be t troleum. The s.
with the and that fact, together Indians will settle on the new ]land i, in. In the catch was a giant tooth 1! JASPER.-Three carloads of as fine { automobile, jammed him into well was capped and tel"' Tams announcing '
notes the price paid by the winner, def j It will probably be the first of July The tooth weighed four pounds and beef cattle as was ever produced was a seat and speeded away toward the the find was sent tsr Chicago. It ;

m the stability of of St. Petersburg before the move can be rtde.FENSAfOL. was seven inches long and four inches hipped from this place to South 'II Sumter coutty line leaving behind is said that a reply fame: offering

amount eyes of the bonds the bond buyers. The wide. It was broken some, but the' I Florida recently. The cattle! had been them a wife of a few fleeting: mom- $1,000,000 to the ov'.-ners. The

the money: is to be spent was in$!St.OOoo Peters and .According to the rocts were there and a line of mlrkation : d'prcd and pasture fed. and they were ents. Chicago office also winto;! spare no "'
1 ?s fat and; as large as native cote in detennini\ .othe value of i
burg. records in tne office of J. F. C. Griges, showing the part above the jaw'l I any expense ;: '
i j collector cf customs, the exports for 1)11'. Cannon has the; tooth, but no or th ever produced in the, state. Some KEY WEST.-City Attorney E. M. the find. An expert in now enroute

I the month of February th seem sable to guess the kind of a- f I: of tr-o cattle 'voald weieh close! to' S"Tnr>!'?. is indebted to the city of Key to the field. This is the situation: as j-. ,
JACKSONVILLE.-The Anti-Sa- !, greatest in value since :March. 1915? I animal who hcd the face to grow suchrr.or.ster. 1,000 pounds. Two carloads were ship- V,"
J'1.11 Le?gne of Florida has arrange which was the banner month ." i I II" i red to Hen rj & Co.. cf Tampa by P. Ii i iIII. I cord: to a report of the finance more definite will be known ina l;

with the National Anti-Saloon League year, the experts from the nine for the I I i [. Samllir.. Oi; e carload was shipped i| committee made at the meeting r.f the few days, it i is thoughi. There are 1 .

for an education campaign in Florida I cf Florida port ,: rv Mr. Roy Adams to Raulerson & |! city council Tuesday night, and Mr. those who have insisted that oil abounds ,

In.behalf Of prohibition. One cf the against $1,061,961 totalling $!,t09.760; as 1----1 J i Co., of West Palm Beach. The three Semplo has been given ten days noticeto in this section.;! but no one l r

chief objects of the campaign is to 1915 during February, es comprising the plant of the cars, we are informed brought: $ .500 turn in the money. The sum named would put up the money'to prove the

and as against $1,630,000 during Kentucky Military Institute at 3fil s- cash. Had they ,not been dipped or consists of street paving and tax'col-: worth of the assertion. -


# stiq, '
c J .. .. -.-
_P- ---
--. ,. -...- .. ::; -.s'i; ;:- : ; ;';:;';'-:;; ::;; ; 4: ':.6;:: 5-!; .,t I t.

"-1" .- .r :' ''" .I\' : .4AH. : U t.-'W\'P.-..., ,.. _, ..J __
lRLt : r.-'l" '' Li $ _.' !"; -- .- -- -:, _'l-l -

: '

\ 1.

I f


c. j

J :

BRU rORI) COUNTY TELEGRAPH. ST.\ ;. FI.OKIIU. FlU 1I.\.f, \I I I >;. 1315.r ::1
PACK ... .. .-__ .. _
---------- -
) r J +.++4+. 'c'. ,. :0.. -: 4y '' 1. :- "
: cf *.h"> flower pot. Th Wi- l 1' k"1 .. .I.. ... i.;..' r. .. i.cr. t na.
II : rrr the

;" .. r IkalllOrd Coanly Te8irapii.oc. ; .. 'a:i,! r.-e. t:11!! .'" .Sndoil: 1 'pack0"t't -_1 1: l..-IC Tir'f'h.L&h i., d;.Iii11n U Ri\I J : !! : -,r.- -. t. !''Cf' .:.t'i Po :' !. : !i' S !d.tj p a i.,,'1J'tM

i JT-
1 n.' .rx :I-----:. :': w'i.rT o t4'lIOE: II' r. O--:
I .
Ith I .-; .111 I.on? I': -tmu' Phone -.: !>. !.:.0a.:. .' '- .fit.:! f. ." .,. ;-srV ', :..) .f :1: i:i :' C +4 4+.'i++t. '- _"J.: "( .V m.1'" 'f;:.'e r i.n;, t.. : !'Ee for .1:
: : .ltl : t :. I. .. ; "trct &r.4 .,
: !r. I
.t :.' o .\ ., tC3'1 ..
II Niirnbtr :IJ .. .....t'. IJ ":td4L -, 2."J.J.LExasS 1 r"P'- ,. :. :: t ; ct'C !.r.my rJ.:r.-'fJ..r. -:.. :. at.'. the 11.,1Ett.4 Dta& 1.. ?

t.i. !.t tine ."' :. aOt' .' -,
I'' : ar a.= rf .u.-i : v. ::y !.*' ;I I : : ; : : ..rvc'M't: J '.!oop.t ta. ,

"4biiht(; \ :t'ki. .: 't.I l'I't"rd as r .;, ,..:: ...tl tL! : co.--! p:., ''..>. ., :.-'. '(.lii- .. .-
.. ". :-.'. :lor NG ti- : ... ---'. .'"C- I Ltrcby arn u jt" m,'. .' a 'rtrii
: r
: date
.. ,irJ t.!- r.it r :i.' tit ;r--o.ice ; : '- .' ,r ft.i> j1 r Agent I i c.' ."' .d1.an '.t 'et.on tj t1IJft <.: Or .: :y r for
i. '-our.i : :: r:1!-. : in ,. ?. .. JI'l iol-
: : I : water r /ab'.e S3 f"r D: tnt : .Jia. '. al.1
FIoia.I La1l'f.
I > ; Starke, : u 'I'-'- ': \V.iand:: k.cp, i iti : ern Pacific Discusses r'., : \ar:,d. .t.c ct w tnt ac'f of t"v i'i- : C'4': "ri rr:
,f I'-cK'j! Il',1 I ia!, MT- ,r for
.I. ''? :-. : ;:." '-1.\',":. Ltiittr: ar.J J>\ ...icrii. ''.. .-> *. ;-i'z du/i. :'A,' my. "rt"at'::: .. ii Former Trouble.Nt5' r I a-." coraL : tiriu.." tw' fH'c" o: tnt'f; : 1.' It,.tbe .
.I ;: .. .-. 1..V. 1:1-! Vi -I': V-i.'.' t---- : !: 'a:1dHaoffr : S TKOn hOWUXG. t
: E. LAGKIICKKN.; : ; A scnac Ldllfr: '. .. : '.. .. -: (ort .f -
''V thitk "-.k .:
r! o r.cto as to ( : : ; : nur.rt at ( COMMISSIONER! DISTRICT XO.
i t : .: c' ro'.i: :t.;tive. "au omai. .r.-.vr- ... e''er;.cdy '!. r an'xt?- ., "t. ; on the fith fcy I r.ertty tm....!. my--.' eandidtte f.for

I :,1 ThI;:.Jf'Jrr! (( ':.::: Telepraph -. ._>.:" 'ca-' 1* u .-.i. But to get the p _ciulJy! railroad pe pi,.. know Captai'i I" ,.,t', :, : I \to enter ty mv this at --r'j-clmn 1' nt' '.'"- '."!. t"tt.<.:of.No II. .4,.' '.'-ar.jnty., ..Comm-

; i 4 :tirke c'n"- IJ.t wr t\vive: pages. :'_:1 ;er.cfit from it the land houli[. F. S. :.:\. f(>r *..n'l\l' ;vars district: .( ; rJ : I withdrew dtts cf t'< o-.er w'q new '.. Vryuth m, i

: i Thy a'E!tI g >orn.4 rr tropoiitanpaptr : : -\,1: Jeep aid suUoil.a.! Holest.i ;: pa::ei.ger nz .:; '->r the Nor.hcm Pa- -' : : ",: t ) preserve M\ tried t-i ". .', \tt U-t it. nsti of B.
-: tl-e r.ffued strict and tr. -.
; I I "' o..t over thf.":.-RaiftM Tnbunn. :.urcr trees would ?oor. be filled! i .: '!: railrwd. with local; ofi.v.. :. utherwe obl.-. "'r"riEct I ha.{furat had I ftt': vat I With can tilt
I Chattanooga ar.d general! orT.e-- i:: S:. : Those ha\.act Utter !:;ic-' in- -trie faure and tf n11tcte4
v.ti roots.Th
; = '
( I .--- I am .!>d. 'T fhai; v craineway: ; ; tir.: ... to do -bt
: i in the soicier's holes which allow: the water | Paul Minn. and con, idera- Ust !'.: all: e'..ijj "... On --.,- ba. I .I
there i.
E f L: What: a jrtory !: ) ( I'P from below, will :11.-&' '. On account of gnerai;.}' '\\:.' '' irx>rai care .wit tEt xctes of ''e d. moc-ay of the di!\
; life! The opinion! of tr.e army : "*n tj insptc- ; J. I..
; -ai.1: \ o superfluous water-thus giv- health Captain Pat:> waf -:.-.' 'i:: t' !)'. '..

t. i. : fcr.d ravy mtn aa to what i ii. r.etie i: undr-drair.in; as i wol! a; irriail 1 ili continue active; work: OLd : :. ,h. .- RICH.\RD. .f 1 K--.M .rr.f.-c. nn- .' ni candidate fr

1 i in f.htir.u strer.jr'.h adhuTIg material <"(.1nly ({11'.n..r f. r
: pat few years has bren niak .4 r --set No.cSarki 4
I i is contemptuously! thrown ai'id candidate for ; I s-ljtt t o. -.r'ir: ,f the TTU,
1 '.congratulate! Mr. Matthews home '" Knoxcille. where hI .: jnifr- of the Cireuit of the di-triet r.J .' n'CI.1: p-omiie

: I'' and civilian congressmen v.hor.&thin know !!... invention, for which we predict a!: his friend by his acquaint-' ,.. -. fir the IVmncrat.c di'chave th. dunf :r. o*:c, to the but of to
? about the matter, are the one be held June my biit! >. j MM GP.IfTlS.
fI'I extended and ber.efkient. I i? a kind genial Jor.tler.an .f 'h, - dictate what shall be done. If a -
to : school and is belo! td by all whi K::owI fu! atttntion FOR COIIIIOIF.R niSTRICT SO. S
i : military!; expedition is succ->ful.! a iiIAFOROFNTV! > I'OI.ITICXL The : pectfu.y! >o- I hereby ar.r-* .rel' mystlf a candidate for
i him. following irert.g: tute
I County C'T.m} -j"n..1' of r>
Ilttlo evanescent pra:5: e i-. given the i-tnet No. {
1 SITUATION.Vrtten !i made him T. V.FEKS 'Br anj J to:1 '. I
mer.t wa by i l:1' 1 ; army men. but if it i" retarded or un- -- the supior: of: H'' \ot a: the democrat

I I I succe. .ful. the puhlic.ho knew r.oth- representative: ONE.' rr.mar to tJt' 3i.i on June 'th and premie
"I *'9 old and : :! ord (.oun- if elrctrd to do'i d.ty ich
am years .i\\i- enjoyed } a* >
i cmmwioaer.
j i ir.z about the dS".cuties: encounteied, < : for the Telegraph. i : ;; A. B. .SUERE.NCY.
i good health up to u':''ut -.x ., I candidate ir
,: critci3 and ridicule the soldiers. The ; ." t* a"H '- ,
is made the Ni .. Cliit Richard i is working haul. year agU. when I tferfo t\ ie'oubreakdown :.' ,..... : ..,.. a (; for th ofice I ren-H cri.;.,,.ce -nye'f a candidate ter
; r Villa! expedition already clerk health :..- e .::-. :::. ... .;;.. ; ;.- .ty. Florida. County C rim->-s..ntr of I'..'net N,,. jilfamptoj.
: j Lutt of jokes because they could not to he our county and my general ,. f., a ,.:. In.n em eratit .r-, Bn* -r and New R. 'er.. and IT-

; 'tt'i11 and his followers the firstthy A.1 ( oor Weeks i. making streaks gradually failed me. My principal ---- ---- sfHCtfui'y w he;j. the sjpr"t !K dfmoerttieoter
i of a'.l: tit
rt m- \ in tre ii-iwary to I* r.'d June
adir.g lot of work.A trouble indigestion and cairrh..but Sti.
: out. ar.d until the bandit i is cap- was : miratd a"d anj faitr fully!: :t.om:1'e if elected to do ray duty

t : iml General Funston' life will! bo my whole .-ystemoen.t1 to !h. th f'ututf! as such cnmm-er. and f> 'c. a'! T.y elom

\It f mad? m--:rabe! through criticism 'd I Steve Denmark, who lives i i- out (f -bape. My cor-jit: .:. :':.:1!' ; \\ILLIAM5. the in t'nr.t:1Jirg roaii. t;; *uri. the C-y J K: .eO'1i'.D icts IX.s.nj i

from blatant i irnOrzn-es. and his Starke. i working night and goto l.ad I couldn't .MCt-p: at '.i'fit ;% I : ean : : in the ?:ate I wish t" Z'fjrcce to :r' f.-iKns of Co
ra"t t.chievrnent* ar forErutten and day, ; and always after eating could'jffer of the
: : : .riontr's; D-Vrft: No 5 trJ I am a can S-
:If ', cr.ly! h1. present bud Li-k: remembered. ".. ;le: ,Epfrer.-on i? not in for :ur.. but from ir.digftnn and hou"tfu:': i'r.-::. : to If htid ('atc for Cojntj foTraissiont in and for a4

.. .-- i usy making hay. t! I felt just like there wa- u coal; i.f :::1': ,' : to "he care- di>tnct. turje.i. t.i the action .if tae drnocrauef'
\. office and to :1ary f': :t\i: ot June >! If elected I
FRANK CI.HIWI.nml on my torr.ach. My hearing: :a'l' ; ;- for the Lost rronnie to fa "'"I:, ds-era-je the dutia .f

r .' .*. U. Byrd has sent them word that toe ion were also alTected. I c< i- i'>-i i.Mvfral 1 the nttcce .ith"l; >iew cf strving the btst IB.trresta .
f DO .\LD. of hl! t-.itrne J 1 I Frank Chiik ha.i.ro'luf'i a i'1- is in this race. dotors here in KnuxviKt.' : ...:i i : ; JAMES P.EYNOLD3.

oJ for the tstabL.-hir.c-1 of a 20erntr.tr.t A".J Xnvn Wainwright i is in the fight ether citie;, and they helprd: n: .: Jr.. ; ic; to the cit. .. ---- .
ann a canJi- I |'.r..by ri "nee myt a candidate
I ,I munitions par! : at ();>.r1..... The I 1 J I to meet him face to fare.And Mdrrably and I finally ro: -u I c'l! l lI :r'-i ; u;. 1. tubjoct I tho o'lee of .-" ,'.r.lY e..mn ir.ner for Di-for

I ; Tc.ejrram! would \>e pea-ed! to see ihe'1'rick : I li pro around hutom'how I ju.-t couiai ".< *.i with 1 1:- ht f 'ortf torve !; .4Lfitnct and
:: .. City set this part! but i is a lit- !i; Dowlir.gtoo, has lots to do. i ir i not feel tight and could net :,ie -p at J. K. IJAVb & I : ;' IY. county at Urvs -n ever}' ..... economy and iaTruvement the-

I : tie! curious to know what material!? are :[1 this real hot campaign, i! night, which made me awfully net ,'0a- : E.\L.;. ditf'.t, rnd th-n- o't' ask for
-- your suppo-t at the c. min-r '"Ti8-y
I : j i vailall! !? around Ocala or elsewhere While! Hazen hunts and Jones doe ard nothing I would eat -te'T"NJ t.) TWO. .I : II. D MAY

1 : in Florida for the manufacture: of .-.-.tur.tJ are raiding merry Cain.Ton agree! with me. +' 9' 'e. .4. candidate ;n .
the :... of .
I' i J' r12niior.SVe have often! thought i! "1 began reading about this Tar la: : from o BraJ- I h.h1Ir. lice that I a" a fa"4 da'. to-
RoWand's Cnunti C.',.; i'",.r fl'I! ; :t Ni 5. I
... I" that if v/e cojld :.'.. some process for Dekle will now try his skill to be :I I when you fir-! came her, but did not of the 'm- rv-pectfull ort; the SU4-- <.( the troifn at

: lr.lifiU: r-aij into ur.powd'1r we'would thi county judge.hi .I doc'd? to try the medicine until I talkcii .> : !i the l-eJ! on June of
'I''I j" oon !1. ii fine financial fkaprdavrr. \ .] c.! :'dil&e!' tries to hold the prize i with a friend of mine who jautually *;- ( t the place /orJ :: i rimary u,1 and !-a':"! !t"'n'Fr.tG.to .i>--amtftIy: f". M" "e BTNTTT twT'tisof

: : here ir Fioriia, Lut ro ceniuseerr.s and coo- not like to bud)". used it. He said it was th. ; : ; n./ duty f S S-- -- ---. -.--- --
I i I
I j ? :o far to have discovered aaythirjr },'f-l thing :?P h'ldr tksh. a::d that c22IL&aIs I ,CWS." .111. : ,,I I hereby arn TOR: ,.i,nee HERIrF.m<.. !f a "andii's' for

I I i i i" ihi- !Lid of pea" sT.it i 7'. '. -. S.-h: il a"I Jeff Me'l! :' ",d also \vss i-'uffien;. nt p'oof f--:' ii '. ,. 'II't'-EIl'rti.1n' ,ve rff.ce: ot -' o' Prau'onl
; r*H f .--
t C particularly :'brtjd to :h r,::-jof -<; I A. Scott county. I hasd"nnc n-i rr-unwrcr en-
"I !'3\v ". -t fin '{ .ftf' fir.t SMtti ca-H' iat- '
I : ? & Deludes C1ih!/ dra\pred t" Iuliy =c1 nijtK tssheriiT.
j. I "ar.-LaknrI! 1 Xr.Vrrr '" n'. i-'r.! :)eli! n. this make four men.t'j tl! ; : d.e her" :J hi: i''rr."g: ::..t erl \ I .<>: F"ida; .: and I H.' c. that cn-:: -. ,j. mrt Vie
\ bnrh"Tnt.. ..;; .". '. .... ? : tlf 'ur approx-n! nf th ih\r:: .. .,'
to t' > that I
I : : n Rial> thi 1-,1"- e r 'ihot.The ; $ p ; : can
.. \- _' iijy t 1( <_tl| ] :tiOltle, bjt t lhe : "ary to !* hope f.r ,. ..j ..
'f a fur> irrt
f o ces CaSrt ; ; Ync eimiK pn-
Ocala i is f. /' prclucticn : :
I u- :"r.a"u : ii eltTted. t
., ., tell yu.' j'-' v.I\;! .: it r_ done "or !'F. .., '( mary IfPof..C' 'd I jinr : a.service
1 of !! -. .1! ;:_ .. Far' :.f t; > hitherto ar.t "i i.I:: .
car as fria. .i.
I soyu : : senate ra'a.-, ar place! .. > Utter yet,
easy I i1etza' -rjci i me.1s fr",11 t'a .n .
: If n:: A/ca/s all// :
!h ; ',- t o. watrtfore I p-ctfuily en cit \tw J'jpport.
J Chrk i i" wtll! acous.-. .i} with thi fatt. wuh An rf'\:5 there alone. CRO.Y:
first i i. '
dose. My nervousness j; n" S. r: DENMARK.This .
I Kead what a de. cript CP; ofoya, beu1.savs. Iut: later another and M.d-: I--
came name
/ 1
and I like child and al. OurSunday T.
can sleep a ; Try i* titf ''-n e to the) ci*:zens. if Bra"-
I r': and be convinced."Few .
ci'"tcr. chi-ng'd the tone. :! :f a car.j; :Uit
wa '.- w &ke vp !i': th. momin" nad. ford coun:/ !.-?.-. I am a candidate fir Shenf,
j products of th sc.i; ivuch ; &hOOLof s'ibjjct to the
c ict on the i"moca'.ie primary
..t: for breikfa-t and ftehnir refreshed. I ) fUr "rt in election to be.11 i Ju.e.h.
1 I
varif'd beans. In the on re*pwtfullysol'cit !
use as soya tni i ir,ile wiJce ;
McDonald to ret :' ti : on the 6th of
I ; m ,c r\ fond of onions but vual tne J&port of all 1 -oter* at the ui4
hands cf the Ormar.s who have devcIore.1 : if cltctcd.: to .
William out. rrimary ar.d o/ nb-e a faith'] du-chirv-e of the
most afraid to eat them, w,au-1 l!.ey !: I''duties
tf the i.Tice if I .
its po:sihihtVto! its fullest ; am eWvdw.
,": ..: came Sc'ab with bia'.d! new 2.1 way., di!h".a rfcd w.th; nK1 o; i c<' iM Plcaseora'crcur- MIZELL. : j EPI'EPSON.1 .
extent, the sova bean would provideFUEtairinj i ,
; --
jpfeU to make thm bo'.h fate 5- -5-
I : tienl for hours af'.t/warJ. I '.'* :
Last a candidate; fn-
ru'io"c fo.- &ldic-r food S
: ; :.t :Jut.'JW : 4 meals 7c Jay of Pub'.ici : : .. '
fcr cattk! or.e for diner Ihfe other d.iy und it t..ft'h an- flee m\- a rna'? for
and of value also .
great for i i of the rftm- 'tate 5tn"tr* f- m 'IkF:"'. -tk Sna'pralI
j in the & red with me perfe--tly! and I felt t hI I Jur Utr.tt .
use manufacture dynamite. ." r L' on I : .1 rn't'eonr't" -b -t to the wJ
''ii-a 1
Smith Cieha. fJft51T:
changed whatsoever. I tell!l I) : tne crt "If the .
I T.r.d high plosives. no had eFects youI dt'nrffot. r- .1- '>n" ed lit th
: views about group number two feel lik' iT'TC:1t p-iniarv f ear.i to 1* hi.. i r> .Ijne 6th. I
p.n vojnnnmfj to a SCOTT. : ''! =:"': the -. '
i nspi-ct ; t thtvote's
CsF"Ireland : a Cros.y came square in the game.It 1C. A. R I .
IRELAND'S ini r and am alwsy- going to keep l .t aid jt-n.li "I frirat''n thful i:.

gives him thing* to do. Tanlac on hard. It ha.' done m" nv>r. co 6't candidate frri i i tf ntion to trr djiies cf tht7.:. "' a-n tkttd. -
Prop-ie.'or i of Pab- : ( A. !> .\ !) .E'\'S.
) F. .
:. vra'.tto lipcor.e free from :OOfi i than an"thirc! else! in the :nd1. :- :i action of V? .
-- ... "zarie. iIoria Pedx-! T. tV 5-ieatte \\te-' I'-r.!
H Ccn'it
rtaipy l"r. :
tal I
line I h
ever : i. -
; the English ycJ P. This i ncthins new, : .\ND CUAIii'"t \ !!t : 4 t' for that d""ire ha ben uppermost in !fly! do ret'omn1"li i it t? my: fr.:-i 01.1 I: 'O.O' ? : :' dccttd' I "3:"- ,'.'1 n:adfoi' r,, -.. if cud I
t Ii arkablo." of th, \oter 1'rtt\j. y.'o a in :th't! p< -' .. irrc of oy duty.ti .
; the hearts ofu.ll! IriEhrwnwr since 1= rfu''y PP _n .n __ __ .. .
Guc-rn Dei.i A. JI.I 1
>: : >ey on. !
t the country ccmf under English dominion. Turkic: i i.o'.l: .xch.-ivclv! : ;in ::.ariy : Dn. \v E Mirr-/.rox: ..

lo { I A new stnp toward the attainment '. .:c' God! hats plowed our land with i t'. p. (Voi ; ;in Lak- Uu-k. by COFFINS 2 fl : .r.:-of!t'Ct"n Sch"cK ti I 5I. Br'ildllLp.n'iUl MST. NO. 1- '

; t of freedom wa> tak 'n lately by wa!- Tom:1.1-!;: iiiie* UruC:.: i ir JL.rr.p- ctf:!Iy AA;;.et: I !"'.. lift ,:.hnj t'> : a" : "' > "tcr of :'J;

the society of Friend-: of Iri>h Freedom A.iJ !iia'ited: it with -oldiergraves.. ton ''y the Hampton Phs.rirac; : : I; And a fall line ( fUcdertakcrs' : If elected. I have Bradfo-J ct f,>r the .-,. ." i J. --, ct thf? .',:5
'. J j "* th*- pr.a- imni'it') onaH n ,- r. : tmz me /
j j"I just orariiz{ d in New York. The _'. iie-h-T fellow.,hip by far Law:(y -3, the Ca.-h Drug ?to--: .i II III' :I : and benefits n the oiTic'r !.Im t.r:0
1 j i f society caP' upo:: the prrsiik'nt'! and Has grown \ her vVr our banner P':;j..rd by th,. \Vent er Prajr r,).: rdi 'I' Always: on h-ind.: The I SOIELL timed for nine scl.tf''t Tin: aon <-,"'ucen Man> ..f n.itnJj;,-d s' the I eel-III .,,';

: I I conprctf t!,- 1!uit; ;.! States and all \a\-. \Vorthir.toi !by K. T. Tayi.A..v.A : > the I luwet I Ii ---. flounce rr>.. !' ..1.a cano: .-. r .Wtoa.tbj.ct .- .
-ice! Lt prices.
ether powers to "r 'cojrraze that Irt'ar.d i"or from the strife cf yesterday --. i I II t<. :'- rrimiT .;. .-:. n nne.. and
TAUKE \S': DKE\M. atteniioii t(, .KKraph : candidate fnr I reftr mj t. reo-d aa. i 'dinct u Ie
. ft I : i is a Kuropaand not a British "vV-'re nunviing now the blue and gray I I Ii : O 'ector f.'r what Wi i:! r.n; <_rr.c<: : r>. T 0i II M! mil'

1 -. I ;"-!L. d." and! .>k foI.vland a seat at : ac'.on: of the t- IP trtf J- L V. K.TKLITER.

i the T'wothf. i.i lv. St..rl rttirto i i Registered : I : '.-:". OI" pr.<- -
i congress vf nation to present the ur: "psi-t'n...'; of the pa-t. .. ; a : na : 1y t.mi and IE\JI'.I:1.--nl"h1L HO\R IIT.: \O. :

i 1' rue of Ireland." Vi'itn eha-tf-ni-d heart to God we ( ;i: lied: U'-tkr tl.e; bed ;i- tl U.etrepofi : :: To the \::..;ln ,I r"reby .M .--. m. csnd'acy -
; .
DeWITT C. LIN". for I'-nter of the' I'carj .f TJC;* Ivuetion
i J Xo one can foretell what change bow hi1. u-ty: cat, 'Dri.z : :.- (-
Duiriet N. .. r :,rt t" the
Sac'sr '.;. < I.i-.i-.
in boundary lines will I be msde on the .'. .:'i i j. glsd} that rancor fade at last. (!!ooti of kitt!;.-. How to gi't rid ofl I I { I 'ng to th. .I nomination;* ef the prima-t.-' "uc. -'full!
: iir-jmLf tj ;.4 niy b-' rfet* t <,$"
tery a
If.I I I i European man at the end of the present We k"ow each other better now:- -> kuti"boil'f: . !',"-J county.

: I I' war. Th' ie i:- not a ratioi: in the .* (' jo-i: a Nations work to do. l'y.: .. :t t'lth-d l h'-ii: f"1: !".:" :y y.':' rpat at trp f'd..or.n- YK: :;"," rt .5 re pe'tfu'i!: :.c.'.i
I :
i world e-xcept th'. Rriii.-h which would V. ,- -. IL::d!' :.. .1 '.:, ," r.f'gray a1blue. 'I tit'mp,:: of thtyear.. He cC1'1! c-- : !:r.',' '-'!. In i' -. S -N F IoiFnT. r t.

.. ; not jrl&dly! see Ireland as an indepenl"r. not gi' '- them a\.r.; -.nulll) i r>\ kl!' 't ar,n 1 m> r'c- \ I Wii.i !. -.'y to the -- : Jradro

'i :. co'..ntr.. ?,..1 .r i hop**,i chat ciri : :.r.k.,:. ril tf11'" th"J:. !oc-t up" :. ::1 General I t.-Tice pn of mue col- I' PoUftt Ri > tLi5-I* ..f m card, .... ,' r -.!'lifllI
) a men-'i. :1 hr Boa'd .r i' 'n-trJCtiea
I jm *; "ce." w.:'! .h.p ;},f. .*,lve< \or'i' i 'hm art I b ;i. n. i for DL-tr; ."*
m: t-o r :".i. G if! to Luke.! :. f''OT st t I oTT. t .,' .wa l. rot t.) I I H..ZE. i ( \o. J. and If t''iv-n1! prom*
hat this: did-riituni t,. m.aenali.ed. ;. l'j"d H ou! i i' which) platTo '. t.'.r't.tht ,. !! .-r. u r'-T'L.t/! : :;.: : I repre'e.t! :.ue :> .t I ''.:ttf!> ,,'-ic.i. :.*,,,<- to r .-.n.> aT- :..,. ,.1- 1' spedfi. pn--
CLAsS c.m1nies und crY ; Jill r' : ; ; cin?
Since the .var tejran the Irish ;' 111'fI.! t:1:.-. yet to beI :, '. !'a-t sa< ;k i..to a.tful:: .I.i .a iA .'. I. I ,. rcnn-: fir nary il J* ,-'. l''l'. T1:!" .r' \. .: fop part.

r.iuld have cau.-f.l Enjrla-.d much trou- '_' mildrcn:! or a K-fty raceu -. H! ; dr.an..t t C.-a; t.. :agl' clob ( >'ista'.tiy .cr. the aivrt: I I r'r% .: Jun.. fl&- -
1,11' thrtuffh force of arrr", had they I i.iote :oir 1'terts. ( '' : : th t 1 -- -
::1 L': : thC .jridi' I
1' .: may this be-, we humbly pray u: : &r- JUNE E'S 1i( JJOiiL lUt \ K!) niT. NO. > .:
trifd hu they eonie-J to take advar.- : Loarteous tr".I'.t t ) 1 I r.t"t.y.n wjree .. c.--iate for
I 'jr ir;]luun's 'land cf blue and g'11Y. : J"'-, I ;: ,01 Call street va- : "' I II m .
I : cf Errand! helrl-! .' in- .. *e-tttti T { Mcmlv r of : n l c :. it.ard for :.:
tag 'I1I i' and tr"is. A v.fil written ,
I I i ..rd p; (-lntly it wa.tra'i.ft! >mcd >'it I I !i. -net N., T fil.jc n t \ act,.>n of .

A Ftc-rd! of fiiht'ncr ajraiii.-t her they are :'. tuti.-o t uiLord's assembling quest a not 1 lenignant i fsc- -u.Toirdtd, 1 :: I'' a lir-t-cla.-5 a 'tnt in: a ; : a .ra .Ju.l.Ir.t. A nierat.r -.t'*.'rary li..I. '. t* held ( ,
f. htin for her. A natio" having > .'jne ;f. :l n-p.tfu.Iy: ,c ::cit the support d ::1
? Brings faithful souls! from all the 1 a halo. A crowd of n'.n>i fLood arord.! .! (':.t.s ouniiianyonittin.ei; I : the action of the xours ? *'ij j>nma-> e.-ct; 'nn. :
such hijrh honor shouM !<'.(!. and
a 'eno not
o earth, :; all 1.a1'e-hel'i"J- CharCIP'! ] I much in case of loss by daily i' : CHESLEY FOGG.
f" be vassal und'r another nation.AiTOMATir and Chitf Kite had! their hats oil.: : : a'- .1
Ti, North and South and East and in the f j- : I berth) .trnouncemyelf! a candidate f*
- --- -- '1 : iJ
: IIRH;.vnn.v.- West :I They setmej to pry homage ;.o the 1 IH. C. RICHARD, .f' ff.ci i "",MI Tlwr of the Board of J'ublrcI. !J
--c'-ion f "
r .n' I' -tnct No 3. subject to the atti..n -
!! man with the glorified f .
They come ar.d bring the toiler' ce. ': of t"'"r.in.r pr.mary; If elected I P* -:."
worth. i! "Who i> h" ?" a-ked our man. 1 --- candidate for : mi.- ccrj .irtious service in the int wt. fl "
k ( !t An article! from the Raiford Tribune '1 l .,. jl!> to- the cour.taid the d:tnct. and therefore .
fl! 1 'T'.. ours to make them brave and "He i.; our delivereras the an- c ifemifauc ..: )oupirt.. RetpmfjJIy.
t1.. with the caption "Better Than Oil | June .5'-
; swer. 6 fh. I IKUBY B. l-INHOLSTER. .
Wells." reprinted in this week's Tele- true I I j ; the office 5-- -- -5-----
; graph is well worth reading. ItI At home with us as gray and blue. ;; "What will he deliver! us from- I i shall pne an :/OR TAX ASSESMRT ..

, f r.I from the cows the sandy streets.. thPeggy l of the To the c:ti...*ns of Bradford CountI ,:- -
: treats of invention made Mr. B. I k
I an by DEKLE UPI''H >sy aincere gratitude aid ap9W
engine that wakes in
who o'ei the us _.
i Z. Matthews, an experienced well bor They must, come from up 'ciation for W* very kind consideration Ji-
seas the middle of the night with it? unearthly NO. I. || me in tie .*,, and solicit your cordial _
; er. Mr. Matthews mixes brains with I I 11 1t- : : : ].! candidate for I port in th.- forthcoming democratic prim"
has found well To dwell with us. be born again screams or the- : No. 1. Pro- t election for -the office
I his work and boring so L'1g. (1. !11J' tScm of County Aitesio {
I "He will take charge of all the kit \. I Taxed. "
that he has noted and And fealty give to our ideas I Sho.-ld I again be elected 'OQ
interesting i Of Christ like love of for tens and deliver us from ths trouble I II' ; nar.y others cf our 122 oters of the I I'ja!"a>s find rie on the ,)h. read to fit '* ,.
studied of it and in discharge the'ilst seme
every phase not t I Cf hih i bd b ft hieh I am capable.
and heart-burnings of of Tj2, j 1
We welcome such from far away I' disposing II Very truly. S
calling can the ways of water be discovered -
I them." yu.ij5 f5ts! thin! : I N. D. WAINWRICHT.
To come and wear blue and I S
.3; and studied better than in his. our gray.We'll

. r ( The principle of capillary attractionof "Ah! Then I will also pay homageto for re. I I hereby arnounce mywlf a candidate forth '___

( have no doubtful him," said the man, doffing his hat, Commissioner -f ice of T." Asse 4.r .f Bradford county g .
hyphened name
of water is well known. One applic- *
i&JxVtoxvire Palestine I jeet to the Democratic Prmary to be :
I I cation of this principle is seen in the But living all as man with man bowing and crossing his arms on his liade Craclf *\' to June 6. 191f. and earnestly solicit the iuVIJ
breast. my district 1 j of the <.xratie voUri at aid pnr"pledging
seek to make Nation's aim
. J I common flower pot. The flower pot: our to serve myself if elected to fire in rwtIII

1 f is set in a pan or saucer which is fill- To nobly be American. i The Deliverer saw the new arrival, therefore re- good an I faHkful. tervite. Respectfully.

'j" ed with water. In the bottom of the! Let this the patriot's heart imbue I went up to him hugged him tight to the coming. J. c. BYBO--

i f flower pot is a hole, through which the America is gray ar.d blue. I' his breast, gave out a purring soundof I FOR SIT2RVISOR; -OP RECI8TRATTO* f'

water enters from the and I inexpressible sweetness and chucked e COMER L PEEK o7i. I am a rrdidate for re-election to thi. 7 i.:
I pan
I S of supe-vrxn- of registration and will w JA
it ascends Where is this land of blue and ? ; him under the chin. candidate for the .
1 through capillarity upwards i gray I Florida Real Estate No. 2 I Lake voters tt the coming primary fir '
r and spreads sideways through the soil I Tis bounded by two oceans blue, i : S support of puPpo duties.t of hu I face office given In careful the put attentio"and will.*r '

f in the as oil lamp By frozen lakes and tropic Our ma awoke. On his breast was commit pn. a
I ; pot just goes up a spray. Timber EipertS3 decharge the tint) to *' M if I am elected for

i I wick or ink is drawn up by the blotting By skies above all azure too. I his cat and all of her kittens. The I II and to have term. C. A. INIGUt_ -

I paper. 1 And this forever and a day I cat purred soothingly while she pawed i years Experience at at heart.. j! -) 'rosSTULF P!;. "0. I. ;.I.

J ;r But it has t remained for Mr. Matthews Shall be our land of blue and gray. I him on the throat. .. )I I ta *ida!
; !
I o t."o that I a1! a ean< ,
J i to apply the modus operandi! oft f candidate for ttli
i ; Out net No. Constable m ap" for I> rrt N.. 1. it .
the flower pot to a garden or a field Whenever You Need a General Took Mother Love. To Drive Dot Malaria I. and re- o the aci-n of the primary eltio w_

: wherever the formation of the soil I Take Grove's I When the first baby comes most And Build Up the voters at'i 'U"l""rt held! cr a.i''-
: I strata allows it. His pan full of water The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless fathers regard It as a little red wriggling Take the Old Standard to be give held on [loff-ee if I E.T f-c'td! J II. LQWEBT.
l 1 1 is the watcr-bearins gravel foundbeneath chill Tonic is equally valuable as aGeneral I lump of humanity, but In thmother's TASTELESS chill TONIC. ; the duties .f i

; : j the clay, his flower pot is the Tonic because it contains the eyes it is the most wonderful what you are taking, as the TS. I POP roNSTABLE DI5T. N '. .1. J
, well known tonic properties of QUININE I printed label I petful'jr' announce to the ettae:
soil above the clay: and a hole bored nnd IRON It acts on the Liver, Driv's being that ever came into the on every u a eandi- ;, Starve detpct No. 6. that I am a eabcic fIitI
the from the soil to the Malaria: world and she wonders why Gcd was Quinine and Iron in a tast l Commissioner i i for the cf'cc: of v.Dllallin and for .".
it 'I through clay ont Enriches the r ood and I The Quinine drives rut ::: 2. comprising I district. If I am elected I will give CP'

;J !:: \ wet gravel represents the hole in the l..i t: tit \; io12 SytC.r.c ;Cl good enough to give! it to her.a i;( '. VJs up the svstea.. ; democratic voting I!. attention tu the dutiet of the officeJASOB 1. J9HS. *


4 .
; --i ,. .
'-- -- < '
; -.- -1 -It -- ._ :.
-- -__ I -r : -- -, :; ____ .. ,7". .,' _
: r ; t:: "..

? '. -. 'r __a ....., '.- --'Y'c".-... ",.:".=--": """ :_- _"'" ... -- -;..s.'!.. .=.- ._ .-.R ...-. _r ss't__ __ __ _

1 i';

I' ...

I 9t

I 1


Ftlll-\Y, MARCH 31, ir ,..

--- .::--_..,.. ..... """ ------...-.. -- ..,...- .,,-- -- ....'""'"- .-- -.-- -- -- -- --
:::: Vi; -- ;.. ---.__ ...:..3" '-- tc Mrnl ,egra, t ,4 '
7 l J ''

Uses and Abuses of Fertilizers GET AFTER "COLD"' QUICKLY NATIOHUL. SLOStil SUGGESTED I .. ........,.::. ...' i. '{"( ;

By Prof. R. J. H. De Leach, Director of Georgia Experiment: Station. Dis3grceat!> Dangerou-i: Malady Has 8Y PROMINENT I '"'r!.' Taiii It't. ; ','

3. ROTHAMSTED EXPERIMENT STATION; AND FERTILIZERS. Many Preliminary SymptomsThat i i ] } : !-. a ;:.:: -;.- H A 3TAK3rJ3 KK.LY: m'S: YF"f t I!

The Third of a Series cf Six Articles; Give Warning. MEMPHIS j;j may rind :. it v
over t'.r-
Thf Koti'ani-te.l! t !':xl.<'Tinient Station j i- n. tn: laIll. and i- n'.td for I! with jrowi-, j rty -"
Colds can easily} bo prevented if I ; i I j has }heed ii-i'v' .:,\ 'ft!' '-x- 'tt'I
tl.enat work it Ia" doae al-.ni all Inn- t: ;:-rkdtu"alurli.;:; It has i'! be :IllJlI! .-t ,
care is taken to avoid those! things Would Remind the Public!: to \ I AXH ST' 1 !,1.\rlI! 1tl I E\I-:
j.-oi: < tutu 'hi- lad oil fertilif. hai 'M -1 1. th.- !;r.-t to uiscr loony of !i it willlurai\
which lower the resistance of the body Sickness by Removing the Cause
aids the
tln-r Kwaiil lla.I! in all its In-ton. h"11 *- .|",-( !ally in'erffct.d ii: workiig and if : this circum- ; EDY..rt1ii! ap-

t..It a i'lan farm management: !liuhiik. -< il ;.,r'iiiiy could le maintained one pays special attention to i j \' -thai i i petite and gives new life t'l
building up the resistance of the I
at minin.iiin! : ( 1 st to tin farmers.The : that the :' thgcstin.
body. How important this is may be
l Kothamsfd \.oriiei.ts: ;; lc--an ia th.' year 1X37.v. heiIr; John! seen in the fact that athletes in ; ..h, a> they i I --_ -

Iiei.nett: I I.a we* began <-\-riients;. on hi- j rivate esiaie. lie was a iiianvhn : At one
training seldom, if ever, contract I + + + + + + + + t + + + + + + + +
lined the sii and to experiment with it. Strange;; to ?ay. lie was a colds. Good Health observes. .'trh'k uponi + {.

-rtili7er manufacturer in a ('f'rtain'n'I'{ ;is he early discovered a process, :;, How, then, are we to know that a i i' that is he- + +

f.ir transforming! bono -t'jien-hosiihate by the use of F'llphuiK! acid, cold is impending First of all, in : +

calk out a patent. Err thi< in 1,4''. and;! hmJt! an extensive l.u.-ir.e!\\hiih most cases, there is a feeling of chilliness 1 : in! Staike FOR SAL :

be nianaireil for about thirty \('ar!;. In l\ 13 j;: h.' associated with him J. II. and slight fe\erishness. The !' the very _

Gilbert, and th-se: : two itan tor mon than tif'y years eond'Ktel' I extensive head also feels stuffy and full; the mucous !,. at the + ++ yt

BsruiiltnrBl: ill\...thatiom. in nard tll :soilur.d fertili/.ers, and feeds and linings of the nose and throat the! n-anm. + ,'

f-...dil!!! of d.nrt'iianinuls.. !ht 1''t i ::ir .lohn! tuniej over his larue e-tate.! feel dry and parched, due to congestion i ( and + 40 acres on iwtey and bake *
+ Butler roa.l mile-! w, st of + r3Iawtey.
which had now grown so important awl had beumie' so well known in all at these} points. Frequently there after ha\- .
+ +
parts of the civili/ed world to a board of director.and endowed it with i is a feeling of languor and an "aching"of : and! th.> ,* '
'i ? ,. + 25: ; acres ,Ill Law ley .ncl Hiph4
million! dollars ;
Galt'a the hones especially at the jointj 1 are
;I 4 + land road, "XaJiona1!! highway" +
('u's.I .
Headache is also often and ,
Years present
Twenty .
Experiments on Same Plots.Anions :
+ One-half ir.ile north of
|I lack of appetite. Bad breath and! | ., to .->tair.t depot.
: many other thins:: thatf'rl' done experiments) were eolidnctedwith T. D, CALLARD t SGOHcash or terms. +

f.rtiii-rs. mineral salts, and many forms of animtniates. al"oI ith coated tongue are almost invariably I II a p!
8.11 malmalllf's. to determine! jut \. har sits! i.erded! tn trow the most crops. ,' present. The victim is usually l.on'l j'I I "Mil. hiV! :.in''' ':.1,1| rrl: u,1,1 1 '! Otl"r have + lard road, "National;: Highway.; +

Fur this work plot! <'r ground were ii a-ijt'. maike.l off' and carpt'ullyJldISUrf11. stipated. prcnenteil: i it! f:,.. ; I' : '". \\ II, :[ ; ,,., I. l :!, :". a"i + One mie! north of I :uvtey. About! + t
i The "nipping" consists, tirst: ;g
anal then! planted to the crop with which the investigator wi.-hed process i niemliei I lli.-it l'uU..Ii/loll! :! i i- nie: ui ': I; + sx: acres clear'd.! $GOO cash or + 3
of all in ; a d.-pL
petting blood from j
to work Small I"llIts'onld I be used for the iiii\rent kinds 1 of mineral and away I tir-i ,':lIi'.-. .\< a n minder.: 1 v. + terms + "
the head and : pear in! oui
chest! into the lower ex-1
a'liiral manun-s, und in ('ai'll; serit"s cine plot! xvould I.e It-it uiif-rtii/ed! -::1'I"t rue! -li':':.in. i! ;: + I,. II: MILL. +
tremities. The best to this .. : now th! y
throughout: the c-mire experiments: while the ither> would have applied} : the pl'ans en'll, 'Kexall Oneriie! <, the l.ixat'ne: uf t I.awty Forida.: +
ilnm"l t
is a hot foot bath-as! hot as can be
I let With
din'erentoni'oinatiois <-f fertili/ers. etcCare!;1.1 rejMirt.were taken from i the plea-r.nt ta-tcV + +
borne. A bucket of kind will j jserve urea!. "l.U'-1.I
.. any "I -n::--e-: : Kex.-tll! Orderlies .
e..c-h end <.f the plots and with interesting results The! same experiments} at + +
: the purpose: ; especially' good i- their I .i'k(':: feed,
ir-l !
here ctutir.ucd for twentyears and more.Mary i ; l.elieithey ale + + + + + + + +'+ + + + + + + + +
: stock ft'
i a bucket that will allow the water to best n'lIIl..Ifllr. .reliexiui. .. ,- (
txperimehts: were conducted with : (111! "
Inami of tlu-e with j
some i reach as near the knees as possible. They can ti_. teed ferd, oat ,
the following resultsThe plots! that had no of kind a'l'rapdIn i-y men. women
manure any : :,
Take particular pains to see that the : children 1 quotatioit.-! A WISE DECISION
twentyears., j.3: : rounds of bar; the pint* which had mineral manureal
I in which this id -' .:.:r'
is' .1
nt'. 3.:.9t pound! ; the plots with mineral manure and 4mi pounds of am- room treatment U'e h.tho e\rliiii\i- -Alin;!: rights; I I
nolia salts. :.:;I ii !pounds if hay ; those with mineral rianuie and ym poundsof given is warm and free from drafts !i this great laxative i I I .

ammonia salts 1.j; i; pounds of hay; the/ plots; which! reoeixed the mineral I MITCHELL'S DRUG STORE I -

manure and nitrate if soda ',,tll"j( pounds of hay. Considering i the very low IN THE "THIEVES' MARKET" fHE REXALL STORE

COst of the fertilizers in comparison to thcj in>-rea-ed yields brought about by - I MEDIATED F
Weir u-e. one could not fail: to see the value of the manure salts -- ----- ,
Remarkable Institution In Small Mexican +' + + + + + 1' + + + + + + + + +
Larger Yields Were That's SALT BRICK :
Always Obtained. City That Has Sphereof 'I' + ,,
The Kothamsted station was interested in the permanent improvement of Usefulness.The them. "
land and the part played ia this by the use of fertilizing materials. From the : CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING I is I .
many experiments carried out. there was ne-er a doubt of the wisdom of u ,
applying plant food to the soil. Larger yields were always obtained other so-called "thieves' market" in + + + + + + + + + + + + + + &cJtlt -

things being equal and the fertilization of the soils throughout England and San Luis Potosi is one of the most

her possessions recommended. It was decided to ascertain the effects of curious and characteristic institutionsof For Sale or ExchanQe I ANG

fertilizers on corn. Seven plots were treated as follows: the little Mexican city. Here are
Plot 1. manured., found tools and implements knives FOR SALE-Piano in good order $ :

Plot 2. :Mixed mineral manure, 3\11I pounds sulphate of puta h. 2M' pounds and pistols, bottles hinges, valves, I Geo. E. Andreu, Starke. :;- -

sulphate. soda, 100 pounds sulphate magnesia, 3:;((1 pounds superphosphatelime. chains bridles, razors, religious books I -FOR---SALE----Tomato plants---$2 .

from the old 'Barcelona press, cheap 1,000. I E.: Gowin .
Plot 3, Ammonia salts .
comprising 20'" pounds sulphate ammonia and
jewelry, doorknobs, and, in fact, any ;;-4-5t.: 1
200 pounds of ammonia. I
sort of of ,
Plot 4. Ammonia salts and mixed mineral manures as Plot 2. -
do here
to take
re mate of that
Hot :3. Five hundred and forty pounds Permian guano The name of the market is not discreditable IXR) SALE-One-horse Weber wa Etc. stock powder? It mrl me awful lick before."

Plot I 0.: Two thousand pounds rape cake. to either the proprietors of the nearly new, at a sacrifice. Chas "Nei Aches tuff tot 09. LLACKMAN'S MEDICATED
Plot ;. Fourteen tons farmyard manure. various stalls nor their customers, Brown, Newman Farm, Starke. SALT BRICK i) the ip to-date plan. It ithsai i.;f.

The results of six years of experiments follow: The greatest increaseIn but it is probably correct in its implicatic I ---- Sprains, well" ai cure, and we never torte the medicine i

yields was obtained with fl'rtiizerriC'hest! in ammonia. The ammonia I I .1 that thieves! soil here their i', FOR SALE-f hufa seed. Sa: per bu. __ i11IIAT ;

salts the guano and rapp cake gave the largest increase, which! was aboutfour ':| small plunder. I Ii I el; velvet beans :2 per bushel, (1)n) Dealers. OTHERS SAT '
or fire bushels) increase of dressed corn !n Plot ". where only the eph Bolt, Brooklyn: Fla.I :!-! I
i It is said that some of the proI\I'ie'l i : !- STl enclosin clerk for Invorc of No. -'
mineral manures \\' used, the increase was least while in fists: 3 and 5 it 1 tors deal in I'.lorellua vember 21st. 11ca: *.uble my l.e': order .I; fend .....
: e !
was greater, and in 4 greatest.!: It seems that lie! mineral manures needed Hill! SALE:Nice young black Ehlp at o-ie. ?, jr Keulratei Salt
i i such as antique pieces of brass-.vorl:. I I Brief. are rur.y ") "d thongs" I sold
the effect of the ammonia salts! in order to help then become available There Will !be scM v-heap. Sam losenb; : ; brick to each tt K" al farmers and In a -
was in every 1':1Sa sii:" stantial !increase where fi rili/ers: were used over the china and silver, precious stones anti t'a.-It Department Store, Stuike. few days tVy retiusid: and lotn-ht from a
plot. that remain
The grew objo.-t in '-!Uins Tile= abo\e information i.* to !brin: to the attention i(:, the public. The pawnshops turn over !1--tl'_ '_. __ __,_ __ I thought It got norms were frcra 111"!>.ifoct" brood condition.mares that Has he (t' .

of farmers and 1 u.-ie--i m::( a that the question of feriM'ers: for the a''er- 1 to this market t'thoa; articles: in hardware FOR FALF-'omfortablc: ( !house I I cU tven Euspcctsd tb m of hcing wormy.HOMEIl .
ago farm crop: : i is a selje't: a-; old as any farm ot amirult'tral; (education! andKothamsted I und jy\\elry. and Xmerii-uu gwds IN THIS C. HYDti; ,
ei-flu rooms aid bath snd! :,'t : 1Jenvl1Ie, O'ila. l\c. loth. 191.:. ,
: dd much !1'I:1l1lall1'II.11ork 01 it. In no c-a-e was it found are often seen, particularly cheap I j !'ot in! Hamilton. !a.onallc: NEXT :,<", .1 1\ I n S t.. .. .. I'' I II,
that ammonia salts oilier: I .
and mineral
manure.whn: applied tiiuvther.::: v\ere watches buttons and safety razors.r t c' \antlln"! I i. .x ti I 1T
, not valuable.! F'nT.i.-i'.nl! i.iaii.iifa "iI,. '. .Ii ,.Ile | \Viite Mr.Annie E. Young! :
-&I' :; I > i': >:>:lf. but! fa: ; t
more so when ammonia st:5!:! \\. re all! ''u-d wiih i it I The market! (Jrl"-. nts waste in that i' ton, Fla. :!I-::} I
I every sort of 'OIdha(1( article may : ; '"
b.: bought at.:] us-d: ain.; '!i.STRAWIJEHKV:; : ; I ri.AXTS7kan:

Uses Abuses of FertilizersBy I ;I!I' Klol.dyke trawl t 1I'
o.f.l.1.! I I \In'I'Q' ro\\'n > > 1 .
Prof. Station. '' fisl.J.:-, l I G 1R i
Loacii, Director cf Georgia Experiment Teaching: Children to Think. piit- per ,( 0u. t ,.

Hiss :Margaret; Jlag'Jire. principal of !I .-huuie-u f. o. Atkansas.: .

4. FERTILIZERS AND FIELD CROP the Washington; school of Philadelphia !i' fr.'ni! J. W. Staf. Waldo, Fla. :',- ( )

who has i -- - ,---- --- --
The Fourth of a Series of Six Articles! gained a deserved reputation i -'-
for her work .1 We carry a'l the nadintr -
:i; David liicksun: after a liie cf useful:: senicc to his feiluw-man and a among the chit t otfeiinir for immediate and sja.iidarJ varieties ,
life of success as a farmer, had the following;; to say about the use or of immigrants scored a point in |I' and cash with the order :\. C. I tha I"a\(' t a.n 1
1 1J
her address at the summer school of ; UeUd andknuwn to UadapUd -
guano: "I say that farmers can make every acre of their land rich if they ,: Vine Peanuts at Eighty-five tu' '.r" so I :'nd' State college when she insisted that :!, .
will. Providence per bushel of twenty-five'pounds climate :
intended the earth :should: increase in fertility as rapidly
as it does in population. Every: man that assists in removing this dormant the great need of the day was to II II o. b. Lowell. Fla. H. T. Hall ; \\- ca nnovmediatr muL. im ti1' ,.
teach children to think rather thanto ell. Fla.! CO.
I fKi-pivnt r>f asi : C ,
guano, lying idle and useless on the Chincha Islands, and puts It In ,
-- --- ---- able ,
fill their little minds with a mass the tcu'0 cropnd.
circulation, creating therewith food and clothing, is a lenefactor to hiskind. TOMATO( : PL\STS-Hl"dfit'ld : .
unrelatel information. Sho held
J The country suffers! for want of a snare of the !surplus fertilizing up Louis Pasteur as a model to her Globe, and Jure Pink, also Prop., i : SEED POTATOES

! material. Itemoxe the deposit and apply to crops, and it will enrich th. one thousand teacher-auditors and I plants. 2 pr 1,000. Cabbage, ': I Spalding No. 4 Rene, 9 .
1 land.". 'I ion and beet Soc
plants, 1.
said that he was taught to think and per I Early K'Klitn., Triumph 4
J "f 1 commenced to use guano in lS4fi, and gradually increased the use:: oft to digest information in his youth.It and 52.:!."> per 1.000 for egg i gi !iced TeanuU. li

t It until the present time, never having omitted to use! it on my crops would be a great gain for humanity Plants are now leady. J. W. i I : : HERE I ? Na. I Stroll Carolina : .'

i excepting the last year of the war, when I could not obtain itVith the if this truth coud be brought nome e Wal,).>, Flu : I and the !mall Spanish ....

J proper system, of rotation of crops, and returning all the crops to the land to all educators, and especially to j Proof \ Tile Crop, '

i except the lint of the cotton, land may be improved with Peruvian guano those who have charge of the elementary Lost and Found I I S*d corn, yli' ;it. Sor '

J alone, but not so fast as when you combine with the soil all the elements schools. The tendency of the ghum, "K"ar..I. Sa- l lnahs
:j of the plants to be grown. Ammonia being ner-essary! for all plant day is to "cover ground." The teach' LOST-Gold watch fob with i in Starke \ tat Grasa. :li GrlU '

I know of no crop that it would not benefit. It will! pay the best! upon er who graduates the largest class "\" engraved! upon it. Reward i of the pub I 'hufa.. Io.a _r 'orn. {(j I :#

those crops that bring the most money-cotton being that crop in tills section gains the most- distinction returned to M. L Neal, Starke. for doubt. s \.I\It: I.dn. l'pla'ld l

and toiacco in other sections." The idea is all wrong. The shy pupil ::11.. t. that removes I and 1.o-.1a.r. Surd Kieet

It will be from the above that Mr. :: statement Tomato I'laa-Liting
seen IMcksoo profited !greatly I by the who fails in his recitations ----- -- -- a J ..

use! of guano, lie knew well the value of ammonia to growing; crops\ but mean more to the world than the Liay one I FIIl'Xnow hole with split i man-one cf 1, otcn BraiT.r and thrr'amouii

\oi wJ'.J: observe that he knew quite as well the value of other plant foods who pJibly! memorizes hole chapters risjht (':.1', no other mark. are hap- Jn.i Harr. r

to the! rop. !Ile! got; better )ields when he applied all: the elements o!' plant of lessons. can stet -a me by calling and !' : every day. Write, ,, 'f "... .>

foo.l than wh'n h> app"'ed; ammonia alone Also o'.tsene that! be e .r.M.lered -- I fog and paying a reasonable (' : invesUtat- ; ,: ..r I ....of, ., .
it : -- !' < Saxton F la. .-hould '..:liJ, ,.. ,;'.' I I
;;ood 5.u"ir.e-s to apply fertilr/er. lie wa a Imsine. man: a* well as a i.i I'I' Farm. : you } .
Lightning Ht; His Ring I ... 01' ,I"
faruier.! mill! Laeti all the keen: point: in t1"! \i'Ui-i.-.e.--; world Mope Heam's P.n.v. :--i! : : what could! .
!: finder rin? is in theJeweler's i : <"'.t' 1
Views of Another Millionaire Farmer. shop because the ruby setting I '- -- '. ..11.. I
i I ('rOLD (!1l'ltl\l.Y UKLIEVEI: !! sheriff ai d :
Tl.o H<:n. ..lame.M.1. Smith.! a:'.ltht'r! niic".air": fnr.cr: rf Georgia; ( w hodi..1 1 was IOOM" ed by I lghfing.iis: ,
i' i and cough : used: Doan ., ;' '' 'r. ',
I oi-ly a iVw \\' >ek! >: a,;). had tlie 1'011\\!! in!: tocj' with! refen-nce 1U' he is alive and! \,"ell aft r 0"" of the Many: people cough ... t .
i i : ..
,/ii' iivginmg of Fall right thiojgh (: airo for 'I, : ',! !
the u"tof rtiizt!! -s on farm crop: most exciting; expirieiue.! 'It' his ln>-. : ; II
"Tlu u!'e of i'enili/ers h.I become one r.f. the! no-; i.p'rtant fadi-rs; in having face-1 death in nn instant's : spring Others get cold after l : ,' did me a r"

Southern agriculture.: It is a power'ul noncin i-n-da-'in an inc'n'a-Pol time when a bolt of lightning:; ; struckia : I TLC II-. King'- :Now:: (Dicovery : 1 1i 1I 'ymptom: t tr

'it'd-a! thing; we should desire and work fur.Ve' .t'rtainlI! I lelie-.o in the the concrete midway! between the i i j. ou will T't almost! immediately! :' fg strengthened"

use of commercial terlili/.ers. but we aN! (( lit hi PtC in the turnin.uidtr: : ot Deaderick and Empire buildings. : I p check'our coldtops the : way. ''E.A. iARTIt'15 Co.ur.FLORIDA I

vegetal! matter, the sowing of legumes and the saun-z! of all lanyard ma- I Brain was shocked severely, the ;:,.-pir:,, ti-sue-ttaiinsj cough: ?! : (' ::. Don't, : Eb :
nuie The up-to-vJate: farmer will not Consider! one of these! but all four of ; electricity follow ing the the ir.H'immation, soothe the remedy-get ti JACK50NV:1: vi ? ,r. .r_
into 1
wiring t>
them, in his farm
trying to increase craps same that r' ;,
office where he tubeEasy to takl'nti.eptil' 1
Each of these two farmers who have done much 10 stimulate farm improvement i was working Several '
Healing. Get ;:/>k-. bottle of : Milbarn ( .. To Drive Out MalaHa )! '.
women in the office of a
learned thealue of fertilizers but learned equally well! the valueof a physician
diversified farming. They would not decrease the use! of fertilizer, but I next where the lightning struck were King't.: :New Discovery and keep it i ;; (18)) And Uull Up The System

diu-rsifj more. They would have us use more fertilizers so that we could I also slockpdnrhC'st'r f:1.' .) Dis- the hou.-e. "It is certainl!} a !' Day Take the Old Standard GRoVIi'STASTELESS \
grow more plants and vegetable mater, in turn plow this under and in pa'.ch Norfolk Virginian-Post. medicine and I keep a bottle of it 14 chill 111\1(, You know .# .. ...
if PAZ what are taking the f< Tinua: is
this way increase the fertility of our lands The most effective farming of tinually on hand" writes W. C. : : case of Itching, I you as > ,
lab it .
printed on showing
today involves these two great principles. Use fertilizers and in 6 to 14 davi every
diversify the Franconia N. H.
Dog Attacked man, Money ;
I Fur-Top Boots .. 'Quinine and Jrtn il a tasteless form.
.nIrd 6'::1..
crops. Rotate! and feed the plant, and you will increase your yields, be more satisfied I ;
but it
A Cleveland woman was walking not nearly The Quinine dri.-cs -ut nialan.i. the! K
secure from plant diseases, aad bring your farm into a high; stale of cultivation i
down a street, wearing a pair of these help. l ) 'Iron t'rids up *1 hc.vstctn.... V cents r

Put Back Plant Food in the Soil. II new fur-top shoes. A dog saw the ---

If growing crops take plant food out of the soil and we do not ploy un fur and made an energetic attack, divesting -
der an amount to this it from one of the shoes cf its trimming ,
equal or get some other source and apply it, If
J JCall
our land is sure to decrease in fertility and in value. This is a fact beyond .

dispute. With most of our crops we take from the fields a large amount of All of which is Interesting For the WHEN IN

nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potash, which never goes back to the place on dog may have thought that he recognized STARKEt

the farm from whence it came. We should see to it, then, that some kind of in that fur an old-tine foe-theneighbor's ,

plant food takes its place. In the case of cotton, we sell the seed, and with cat. But even if he diJ. if

them ten we large burn amounts the stalks of: nitrogen, and: in and this other way elements take from of the plant field food.'Very much morn of. women have cause to be thankful: fort1 around and look over my line of Hardware. Farming Implements E .i

valuable plant food. It is sucidal policy for us to remote from the scil more that event shoes women feel who wear furtrinmed of all descriptions carried in stock. My line of Tools, Plows and Cultivators ,I tI
Plant food than we restore to the soil. may sure that .'

On a sandy' : farm in one of the Southern states, which had abandon mice, woman's old: enemy will give I of many different styles, including Disc, Shovel Tooth, Straight Tooth, I 4 '

ed by its orii inal owner and :sold: for fifty cents per: acre, a Untie: barnvard them a wide path.Connecticut. .-1
Tooth and Combination Disc and Shovel Tooth is complete.
manure and heavy application: of fertii/er! : nadv: another farm rich. The 1l !f Spring ,

farmer used $1.1::; worth of fertilizer per mre and rai,eJ! I.}".\ pounds of 1.ell Smoke. tI

cotton per acre This was about a !bale per are n the entire farn The $1!ir; After many years of experiment and 1! I sell the famous Webber Wagons, Mowing Machines! .;

inv ->tmem in fertilizers and good breaking and 'ul''\'aion netted the t:1:irifty the loss of much money, tobacco farmers Stoves EnamelWare J1I
Rakes Presses Gasoline Ranges
farmer more than $:>" per acre when n turn wa" rinsins 1 a hish i-n eAll Hay Engines, ,
!to the Connecticut
the experiment !stations and other in-s'iiutions: have founJ that ferti i valley have I .
lizers applied to farm crops under good conditions! pay a handsome dividend! succeeded; m profitably raising shade- I and Tinware.

fm the Snfrttnrnt, It generally means; the t Inverting cf a nour>a>in:; farm grown tob:1C'l'Olost: : of this is used ''I ,.

into a profitable farm. This, after all, L> what we farm fcr. for profit as well, as wrappers for five-cent cigars. It JONESt
as some pleasure. The average farmer gets large returns for fertili7ers wisely sells for from $1.50 to J2 a pound DeWITT C. .
used if fertilizers do not always it i is because o'f /J
pay, : farcers waste instead whereas the duty alone on imported
uSe them.
wrapper leaf is $l.S5 a pound. ==



i -

._. _ '_ __ __, .._ to._. '...."" .--- ---. -\-t' ": !_' ,. -' ,
T ;. .: ; .. -V'-o't.; :\.,.,..
..; Irf -=-..- >- .-'.' --.- --- ..... ----" --- ....., __n "'. ,. _...-. .-!';, .,._,- .. "'1*"' -i.." :',:''''' ;; ;:.. ; .".:. .f- ; "
'' : -
'''''' '' '

..6. _. : -

9a g L 3 3f1i'1r

{ .
F1I I r'\I.\RCR
31,1916. ,
ii i
I* n F
4 __ _
r ) : ,
ftr.1 : - -
I -- - --

.;.j i cj I I COME TODon't II II 7E'97 : Fm" "' I' :; Wj.. l 'ifrHr'l, ,
I- m '
rh' ; ;\ .
I w ...JltJj.. 11 A ; :'"
; ill LA lit. A 1'WIV'
: : W ;'I t .
J : i ;.1 S3A 3 f i Ii
: LAWTEY!) FLA I .. Iii l.! \C& '\S,$> feCifc "; il&i -!

;if'M 'lj.I let anyone mislead 1,1.I Great Bar al n CarnI J I In all manner: of M rrJ

t ompre iensive......N

,' : t you. Look for the right place. Stores hold in confidence w and esteem of the people of this an ctt

: .1 We will see that you are well are original and direct appeal! to the economical interest to the th6r l

i 4 satisfied. These Sales stand pre-eminent in the matter of values' and will pat fcIP_> ,

L ; .
t-L I 1 .
't ,, __ :. =-_-- ....f.J.
;'I., 1 .
(; .1.' h''
t -

i{,;t.<..:"',..'I!'' !i"' I,I i t .I i i I I I'i I I i The Ne York Bargain ll i iusc..;;. ,!


1.00 Voile Waiit n.l!rjnieredoilai and panes
500 Hen'sFiife front, bolero effect: \alencier.ne insert .
: 1 I ; .. n I IT IS YOUR CHANCE der and panels, and aleneienne edge on collar on shad tf\,
( II .. Suits inFancy sleeves, tucked back: Sizes 36 to 4G bust ___. & ':
t I #. b MK.VS: PANTS. .
i; : Worsted To rig yourself up partly I at our expense, and it will be an unwise act Men's a pair Pants, for, formerly this CJP-,sold at $1.95 at ,$3.00$2.95 to, $3,95lb$8.00 -.>,

4 r ft'h; ;: and"blue serge on your part to miss this opportunity. This is no joke, but a reality, 1000'pair pair uuu Boy's _1'a-Jts__f; ._,u value_-___up___to___$1.50___:.per.._fjMEN'S .
.: I I. <, : $17-to $22.50values and we want you to see. and be convinced Full assortment of tie! highest grades,formerly
sold at.50 up. Will go at ----------..flj
;;: i : t for $:".,,0 Value. Sale K,t e __-----$1' I
: ; i f DRY GOODS SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK. CORSETS. 1:1' ; }:tOO Shoes ...,1J -

: t l' I j I, .'... only 36 inch Checked Percale Gingham 15c kind 13c nnUu value I uu__ _.7 7-8.08Fancy fl.50 Well known value _American_________Beauty_______,_75c____value_____u--.--.$$ ..44.89WOMEN'S ....;;;!:.!' _j..i. .?..4.00 4.50 Value Shoes .....J2I.Jl f
1k."Io '' ..,
SKIRTS. {l' ..
I ; f f MAKE YOUR DOLLARS EARNS CENTS. S2.30; Skirts. Sal 'Price ___________________$1.49 1'{ excellent $$3.1
I'I; 1 loc: Fleeced back cloth pretty patterns for fc'UO: :Skirt; Sale Price -_--------________$2.29 \\i ..c.\:: 1.lUES'SHOES.1 .
? .* .<.) k"rtale _____ \ ,
I I- 10,95 Drives) Kimona 13c; value -----------O S .J Price -- -- ------- $U9Jh.Oft r.. "
1\ I I I or Skirts. Sale;;: Price _______-___-_______-S1.03 ..- .... M-Shoes..* u u..?.$!
r is 10 do. 72\90 Bleached I Bed Sheets same ai a J-J >0 Shoes $LI:
'',I n :cu pay ._,0c for. at uu____-____________ .15 SHOES Money Back for your.-'If if we or can't thehol save *you family.MONEY! on a? J7 .\,.. = N. i ill'00/ Shoes Shoes _._._.$$1.!.i!

Free to the first Lady entering this store Saturday, March 18th, 7 a. m., a Stylish J. C. C. Corset. .:_ .

4.-. -y,
(r ..
-' IF

J. THEDE'S r I" The Cracker Six farm Markets 't;


+Ii 4 MERCHANDISE OF--QUALITY We operate our own farm- -Cold forage and

II! i i I : .
I ice plant with retail mar ets.
fi I i I' Comer l wtey and cut the high cost of living. n*

p tillrl. ''f ; We are'offering Exceptionally Low Prices, You will never regret the purchase of any.

r i f. ;:; i for cash, ($ ]'the following high grade articles: CVI Sugar Cured Hams at ;' 20c.

i i r Hodnuis!iiritsPillsbory 92-pound sacks, $1.95

.j.. J I Hu IMeal 92-pound sacks, 1,90 CVI Sugar Breakfast Bacon ate f.=. Illc

I,: : Flour 24-pound sacks, 1,10 CVI Liver .
.., :'. .; Sausage at ;.. 12 c.
; Pillsbury Fluor 98-pound barrels, 4,25
"-. j: Capilola flour, .plain, 24-pound sacks, ,95 cvl All Pork country Sausage at :_:\ 20c.

Olympia Flour, seii rising, 24-pound sacks, 1,00We For the supply of our Jacksonville market;''we need your

have the cleanest and up-to-the-minute line of Shoes, Dry Goods, .
Chickens and
i I: ,I t., Shirts, Hats, Caps, Hosiery and Notions that you can find in the city. I Eggs at top pric .s.

, j. Come and be convinced. I I Call on us when you are in town

r Exclusive A 9 Eij;' Exclusive Ag i iIS I

'(; I# _Arrow Shirts f : R I THEDE, Prop? I Phoenix Hosiery The CRACKER SIXFarM.MarketsWe ;.

,I =- ; :;'. -
Ii II ,I r:::=
l II In case of -sickness or accident! A few min have. secured the ; See the World On .
OF STRENGTH AND SERVICE utes-or an hour or so-the time you can save .t.
tr by telephoning-may get the doctor in time agency for
. Whether you hupport your Home Bank or
to check the Screen.
an illness-perhaps to life.
save a !
I not it is contributing to your welfare every ; 1
1 : moment, by assisting worijI.enterprise.. and At such time the Telephone emphasizes.its own
i f !I developing local resources. Value. TANLACand F wrM\* r'
I i -
I Hence you rob your own till and withhold But you will use it JLj ;
I every day.
**t t u f.
. I a portion of their just dues from your family '
,' : when you send your deposits out of town, thus lIne one in your home or business. will have "
t I \ cutting down our capacity for more efficent full sup- Motion, Pictures, .
service. "SERVICE FIRST" MOTTO. II I ...:-,,; ,, -I -
ply in this J .
.. week. '
: : 4 Per Cent on Savings- I Lawtey Telephone Co., Every ether night at(

! Compounded Quraterly C. C. WOOTEN, Manager.I' Cash Drug Store 7dS p. m. i II
i I ? (II I II E. L. Biggs, M. D., Prop. IIflfLftflflJUWU L A goo$; time for a dlm&n : l

- -
U't------------------- .


I'. v > ,._ .... _. .. f '
r- =-- .. ... .. .. .
-'-' -- ............_ / f'
--- -:-;; L "- -----"v., 11 _>'"_r_..'<,.<=.!i.r ... ....,._. ,,_. _._... "

--_...- ---- '--"
.. ... l' -.._ .-_'-_- .'.,.....-- .0 ; .....,. "" ..._ T....; '.. ,.;
.. .. ... .. --. ,'. .'"- .. . <',""
.... ,
.. '
: < : '''' -."." -" ..... .
;; : !}
; = t=
FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1916. ,
...---r.-,- 'sMr.y.i; -' .' F_'.. ,-J''p"" .. ..' -- ---- -- J. 1 1 't..o'

.. -._:_--- ----:._- -.. awi_s_____.------ ._ -- _-_-- ------ -.---- h_.--- ------ I ii i r
----- t
-------- -- -- -
1i'f : W I if COME TO ';
''ti !! ,,
,J tJ !\\.i JYi! l LA WTEY, FLA '

andise. Purchasing power of money doubled-.-No Sale could be more Weareru'nning.thesc'dver-}

could offer a greater variety of attractions-The popular position these tising Sales to get acquainted '

ounding counties was never better shown than now. These Sales with you, and to do this we are

ng people to whom the saving of a dollar is equivalent to earning one. sacrificing all profits on;!these I '

U to ;
_. _... ,\J..
-- -- ----h --- -- --- -- ---: -- --- -- : i

The Bradford Trading Company,

... Q

TOTHELAWTEYSTATEBANK. .., ..' ''"*> '"rf* ,,* ,
_. ..?' .. : :-: : -- 002. ;
t: :

98 pounds Aristos --r- -. .- *-J.S3.70 '.:. ,; 25 cent cans of Pura Brown - .21
.Barrel Aristos :- .' -.'.- $7.40 40. cent cans of Sterling -l ..32wS : '
oP u' 1'0 ..
'24 pound Self Rising Flour 1.00 -;(1 1J! cent t cans.of Extracts r .' .09 :

Shapleigh Coffee, best green, pound -= .12'/2' ..-25 cent cans of Pine Apple Chunks .- .1a!
\\1' .
V s
itb .
S. : .i '

-S v' p 4- t r
... ==J /. f

TOR J; 'i 'ii

;: : .:.1
H .-.w!
i( I
1 :


., I ;
t ;
Headquarters for ;

< Supplies for Farmers, I li':

a Nail to a Mule. t

Look for j
I 1
; I
.: ,
:::: : .
I '

;,? 1 f

''iit.l'.t. y a 1

He has the Goods. : ii I liE

st "J

1 6- (k
; 'T
SAPP'S \ I .*

t i: Liven' Stable and '2r

'" .... ',-' lc'. 1,1'! I
< ;
'I AfifitServiceI. ;r
+ -
*3 f1tzwtey, Florida t
Lt :. ..
, 4'

1.rs J Day' and NightThe :I, Most \

i I most Reasonable Prices in I t \ 1\ \\1 1l

.; .l' the South. .. 1I 1\\ l \ S'l

b .':,,-...; ,:'-.,.; .,,:" ,


.S .
.-.-..--_.- ---'-'._..J_._.____ ___., ..... -- _......,..;;" ".a
.a.-==+.,,",.. ;': -;:

t- -. -, .,_ >. ,._..+ rt_.__. .. _"' -- ------ -- s .. ...&I, .: 1.... ...
: .. ,wcF- -....- 'r. F .- 7

IT : 4


- -- -- -- -- - -- --- -- -
s J "UTTLI1l'5IC! : I.\X-i: :' I DCVTII) OF )lIt 1.. A. D.YVK) i|I j l'. D. C. MEETING.: : ) I IH\!: ;:\ER: I-\RTY. -

I II I Iat FridaiIr": S. J.
I| On Wednesday, April ;uth, at three i Sternburz
ti The "Little! Ma.:icians" hId their .Ir.. nr.d] :Mrs L.:1. !Ihxi+ :. Jr wrnt i, j p. ni., th' United Daughters; of the (':.tN :linuJ anumtr; ',f friends at

Bits of LocalInformation thi regular meeting lat Thur.=day afteroon to CrspiLlI! Na-cau countx., Tnur.-day I Confederacy will hold their regular 1 c\\'and'V C.iijin hour of Mrs E. '
I )ir''.
\ .< in the High Miool building. of la tl'k, for a visit with Mr.i 1 |business mooting at the residence of AUry: Slvldon and M isa
BiPtho\en's life and works were A.I I Xcrene Sht Mis, of o < ity,
Pavi pm'ntslr.. and Mrs. L. ;Mrs. R. .\. Weeks. pa
discussed and an intere.xth.ir! paper on Davis. A letter to this otJice:! from I j jCramljll I ,--- Fourteen r'erW'r:; laid, ( .
, f 1 \ his life was read by I Dorothy Edward;. ] states that on their arrival j MEETING OF THE I'JESBYTEI-: most pal Lt;.\'I;' .
Doris Scott; Elizabeth Brownies, An- popular rafThoi o
:: both of the old people Wi re f OutI1'1') IAX LADIES'ID.:: noying -
C..rnheOr ?..pb. TSajtatjj eM na ('..no\'a, Rosa Lo\iton, Je.ie Mae ill! and! thtlr.: Daxis' father died Siernburp's rto.-pital I:'y'fr Ma.
\ !\ l; 1'.N.l1 in th. C.unty an* r..1Io Bai-den.: Frances Colloy and Ella early Monday morning March :!'Tth The PiYrltytcnan La.lio-' Aid will (. dames E. String, Mary! Sheldon, Mia

: ;t I r Mae Long rendered piano N'loctioi:* and! that the remains wore interred at meet next Tuesday: April orbs with ;I j Xorer.eh..I:: !>n. :Motnes A. Pritt

('harll'iark: ., and Laurie Tom- Mr. John Uglow at three For i II. G. Ik-ii..ON.;, ('. S.
! II &,:. II I and St. Marys, Ga.; the following day. :Mr. p. m. .| l".rhngMcs2,
jt hn-on gave delightful readings.The Davis') mother is'l'Q' ill. I those* who wish to attend] a ride in a J. M. RiMr: ; Tot Wall, W. B. Youn

Lester Pinholster of Belmore, was John Denmark, of Raiford, was in club will meet again next work :'>Ir, and Mrs. Davis have the sincere carriage or automobile! wil'! be pro- i! (;I. C. Li'-"'rii' -or, J. R. :Ialligan, J. &S.3

v: I I in town Monday. town :Monday. ,i and the life of Bach, a famous com sympathy of their many friends f I Ihore i vided. I Brown and T. J. Grimr. .

poser wil be studied. in their bereavement and !
A. Rosenberg, of Lawtey, was in they _
CoW.\ T. Weeks had business in ----- I -:::::::'
; hope that the mother and widow' xvnl
town Tuesday.
i i MRS.! DEMSOX EXTE11TAIXS.: ( :;;gr 1lI
/ i Lawtey Tuesday. soon recover her health.J. .
JACKSON-Hl'-NTER. j I, I I I iT CCST T Y fl' iJe4baikui4 G
I ,; K.: Wilkinson, of Highland, was in Mr. J. S. Jackson and Miss Virginia ; On last Thursday afternoon, Mrs Kickliter has parted off a portion p
town Wednesday.Mrs. Hunter were married on last Sunday': H.( G.; Denison entertained delightfully of his :store to be used:: by Robert .A'i1: ;. ..

I 'afternoon at the home of Rex- and 1 i at her home on Xorth Walnut street, :Mills as a fruit and candy store. i j TOJ1M .... _* .,
J. J. McLeod of :;I the affair being in compliment to Mrs.I ,
LaxUey, spent Mrs. L. C. Futch. Quite a large numIHT | -- I
: Tuesday in Starke. I cf relatives and friends were 'i I Hume and Miss Lee, of Iowa; Mrs DUMESTICSI'IENCIUEIUNaTIt.l 11ilMt44&&

present to witness the ceremony/' For Michigan, and: :Mrs. Price of TION. II I

I Dr. U. G. Turner, of Gainesville, which was performed by Rex- Futch. j ii I'e..n$ 'I\'ania. I

was in town Satuiday. i I Mr. Jackson is ono of Iradflll'dcounty's : 1 The guests brought their sewing, NOW AM HAVE/ tf
; )prosperous farmers and 1 I ari! the time from three I to six passed -Mrs. T. E. Waldrup, home demonstration ": '..,,", -
'' '..
II 'i I). J. Byrd. of Graham was a"is- straxvberry growers, and is to bo con most pt'a: :lIltly. Mrs. Demron :agent for Bradford county. .i ('"('l'1: roO; :

) itor to Starke Wednesday. ratubted on winning :Miss Virginiafor served an unuuaUdeiidou:, salad 1 and l Miss Agnes Ellen Harris, state > '

; I his bride. While thob ride is comparatively .I joat.-o in the form of tunny fish salad! i agent in charge of Girl- ('anting 1/1-4 tz ;

i I 11 Miss Joan Teague returned Tue.dayfrom a Granger, not having lived| : potato rolls, oliMmanlo. li.-iuu and i Clul,,,. will! IH in Starlc n'xtIOntb ', f ',"'J,.: ;.: Yfr

a visit to relatives in Ocala. here but a few months, she has mad'.' : salted wafers. April :Jrd.! Miss Harris will peak) to Vi TI :) : :
I I| I \ 1 ; .. .. l
herself much esteemed) for her many Those rnjoj irg this hoptublo: : : occasiOn the girls and women in regard to I' --.' _. ,

I II J. C. 1'oppell, E.S(I., was in Ijwtey good qualities of mind and heart. I', xverr 3rs.! I.. C. Hume and Miss home conveniences and devic.--. Mrs. _..-.TJ'.. ::., 'j.,., ,
i :: "" : -
4 '
I 'on professional business Tuesday. The bride xxore a lovely dress of Lee, of Iowa; Mrs. G. Ford, of Mich- I Waldrup will bye a demonstration "' : !!I II

i' white and never looked more charming; !'iron: Mrs.I A. Price, of Wilkesbarre, with the strawberry preserxes. This, _. :-,2 t b lrT:; !

I : I Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Seals, of Hampton than on this occasion. i iIr. Pa.; Mrs. McDowell, of Jacksonville;; will be very interesting and helpful .. ;, .:-' --::; t ..- ..r.r/'"
I were visitors to Starke Tuesday. ,j :\ and :Mrs. Jackson Will mak Mesdames Jchn Uglo.xE.. T. Camp- meeting. We hope the ladies and ;rirls

j' ; ''their home with :Mr. Jack.-on'- patents; I hell' S. J. Stcrnburg, Hopkins and! J. cf Starke will take advantage of thisopportunity #YTHE % I.
I Rev. J. A. Hendry returned Tuesday for the present. S. Brown. to !learn new wrinkles of r.it

! t; : !! evening from trip to Jackson- ': Their many friends wish them much I --- the culinary art. The mesals that
I I ville. MRS KXK.HT ENTERTAINS THE mother cooked have been '
happiness in their new life. I good enoughso
I : }: j LADIES'i Ml'Sl(' LF. far, but Mrs. Waldrup and Miss ) NEXT C'TMASVCOME ]
- --
I Y II I I J. T. Reaves of Gainesville, was .: +!..>+*+**+++++++*++++++**++ Harris can teach the daughters to do '

t !: ?, !i transacting business in Starke :Mon f still better cooking. IN -WE WILL TELL

)i !! day. | At the ChurcheslHHHII i Mrs. D. E. Knight carmingly entertained This lecture and demonstration will
the Ladies -
t fTT n1)
take HO\iJ TO
I /. afternoon her place at the High School auditorium ..
at home on North -- -- -- -- -- -
II I Misses Edyth Warren and Eunice : ..u 1111 m +i mi 11 Walnut street. next Monday afternoon at 2:30.

Robinson spent the week-end at I BAPTIST. As this was purely a social occasiona TALLAHASSEE SOCIAL EVENTS. DEPOSIT 5 OR 10 CENTS THE FIRST WEEK AND .

I Brooker. I A conference will be held at the number of guests other than the INCREASE YOUR DEPOSIT 5 OR 10 CENTS: EACH WEEK

II I i Baptist church next Sunday at 11 a. Ladies' Musicale, shared Mrs. Knight's AND NEXT HHRISTMAS YOU WILL HAVE $41.00 OR
:;{ Messrs. John and Lewis Shriver, of ,, m., for the purpose of determining hospitality. The afternoon's enter- :Miss Lucile Freeman, whose marriage $82.00 AND INTEREST. ; '

Brooker, were visitors to Starke whether a pastor be called at this tainment consisted of music and read- to :Mr. L. A. Yates will take

.. Monday. I I time, who shall be called and amount ings as follows: place! the 22nd of April, was the honoree HELP YOUR CHILDREN TO JOIN-riT: WILL TEACH

r C j I of salary of pastor. Instrumental duet-:Mrs. J. F. Ca- Thursday afternoon at a mis- THEM TO SAVE AND SUCCEED. '
L. E. Jordan was in Jacksonville ,; These are Matters of tital cellaneous shower given the
i impor- nova and Miss Lois Peek. by mem- ;
IN 40
i Tuesday on business for the Young tance to every member of the church, I Instrumental solo-:Miss Faulk. bers of the Alpha Omega sorority, WEEKS:

I i Trading Co. j and each one is urged to be present, if Vocal solo-Paul Ernest Knight. of the Florida State College for Women. 2-CENT CLUB PAYS JIG.JjO

I" t possible, to take part in this work. Instrumental solo Miss Peek. The sun parlor of Bryan Hall 5-CENT CLUB PAYS Hl.OO
:Mrs. C. W. Inman, of DeLand, i ispending is Instrumental) solo--Mis White. was attractively decorated in Cherokee 10-CENT CLUB PAYS 82.00)
with her
roses and
pot plants. A huge
I l I Mrs. E. W. Stewart. R?\-. Coleman, of Lake Butler, will Instrumental Reading-Miss iolo-\Irf.Clark. J. F. Ca- white bell, prettily decorated, at a'' WE ADD 4 PER CENT INTEREST.
preach at the Christian church i
next slight pull of its ribbons showered.,
Mr. J. R. Padgett, of the Stringfel- Sunday at the usual hours. I I nova. down on the lovely bride-elect, an at- I YOU CAN DEPOSIT 25 OR 5O: CENTS, OR
low Padgett of Jacksonville -- -- Reading-Miss Pattishall. S1.0O OR $2.00 OR
Company tractive display of numerous packages MORE EACH WEEK.
ST. Instrumental
in MARK'S.Next 'olo-\lrs.: Hughes.At .
was town
J Tuesday. Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in the close of the afternoon :Mrs. tird with dainty ribbons. During I COME IN..-WE WILL TELL YOU ABOUT IT. .
J. M. Dubone in Lent. Knight, assisted by :\Ir,;. J. 1' Tom- the afternoon delicious refreshments '
f the first of the week was as ... juryman in This i.-i the day for the bishop of thrdiojore I linfon and :Miss May Fripp, servedan of the were bride Forxed.elect' end A! the host patronessesand of friend! ERADFORD COUNTY BANK
the United States court. to make his xi.Mtation. The I ice course.A ; I
members of the
Alpha Omega
.bishop will preach the sermon at the I ----

i i'r....:... .1.1.1. :.._ .'_f..H_".._.___ ,.Jr,, ,L 11 oVlnrk servicpalsn. st the 1 .':01 :NOTED: OR.UOU COMING.: ; l j jIh were present at this delightful affair.: '
'" .u.: : .H-'n. JttK'" TaJl .ha--ee
r. -oixice : I I : ; Coin Times-Union. .
in the I
i ---
excning. :Mr. Leo -
sonville, spent the week end with her Ca- ,I
1 friends, the Mi.seBaiden: >. nova will sing a .,t>l0 ;tt each service..1 I .n. John G.; Wcrll-v. cf New York ./} .f.. (' (; .$ $ .) .. .) .. .-t .. ... .. t...+.t!...
I Friday, Lcntn service I Saturday evening. :March ':
at "! o'clock. City will addros! : : a ari-T. mass meotir. 1, lot a
Mrs. A. Z. Adkins and little laugh Guild; moots !nxt Tuesday at th- | ; _' in th! ? Baptist iluiich! Thursday i! Chapter of Alpha .Doha !'i jcrorit:; CHI-RO-FRAC-TIC !

t f ter, Ihizel, spent the week in Gaines- J''ttory. InS.OME Ir ixer.ing, April nth at 7JO.:( This mei't-1 I ftertai'iod: with a beautifully appointed CL' TIlE YvO.VJF.R: : O1''l'HE ACKWii .

I I I villa: the guests of relative. I ;i'lg i- held untl'-r the au.-pites of the I! banquet at the Leon hotel. TI:" !! Remove the Cause of Your Disease end Allow Nature ;

I II I I Anti-Saloon:: League 1 of Florida and i is.private: dining room was attractively to Make You Absolutely Well .

C. A. Futch was in I.: wtey and in the interest of stale and national I decorated for the occasion with Southern !
Hampton Saturday on business for the / prohibition. I smilax.! On one side: of the rooma M.) TATO'MCHIROPRACTIC \ t .
I Quigley Lumber and Supply Co. hr. WololI. was-- -i. 'arai.bIP-.-..-!.....-- .fn'. large silk Alpha Delta Pi bannerwas SPECIALIST
:'t i president: of the United States on the suspended and at the onnosito:: 3:30: to 6:10: P. .M. BRADFORD HOUSE, ST\RKE.( FLORIDA j'

] ,t Mrs. J. T. Wills, Si-, came up from t I prohibition ticket some years ago. I end an electric lighted diamondshapedbadge \ND BY :1PI'OINTMENT.i .
I Gainesville r Rev. H. G. Denison, pastor of the Was very effective. I '
.. Thursday to visit her Questions For You .
: mother, :Mrs. A. F. Brockme 'el'. 1 I Presbyterian church and Mrs. Stewart The diamond-shaped place cards .. 1. Is there anything wrong with your eyes ears, nose or throat! j .
l president of the local W. C. T. were hand painted in gold with the No difference if ;
If have been
you blind for deaf from
I Mrs. James. York, of Baton, has I i U., are in charge of local arrangements fraternity coat-cf-arms. At each placea ; or have lost the voice years r infancy
white entirely, give hopes but
kid card inxestigateCHIROPRACTIC.
arrived to join :Mr. York and remain I ard distribution>> of literature. case with the coat up
here during the strawberry season. r Deserved Tribute of arms in one corner made a pretty ;

d John fax-or. On the leaflet enclosed the of. :2. Have you Rheumatism, Catarrh, Asthmsi, Bronchitis, Paralysis -
G. Woolley stands in the front
Through an error the name of little rank of the world's great advocatesof speakers of the evening, the menu and Locomotor-Ataxia, Epilepsy, Dyspepsia, Constipation or Appendicitis -

.l i.L Miss Harriet Ritch, of the lower first temperance reform. He is a born the The chapter roll were engrax'ed. t ? CHIROPRACTIC is the ONLY SCIENCE that will positively ,
grade, was omitted from the honorI banquet table was arranged in remove the cause. .
orator, and this means more than being the '.
shape of the letter
I "T, and at the
roll last week.
.1 I.1I w a polished .speaker, although he head of this sumptuous boarrl Miss... i 3. Have you Lung, Stomach, Heart, Kidnt-j', Bowel or Bladder .

.1i i I L. A. Solomon, of Brewton, Ala. is that, too, for ne possesses that tot Willie Igou presided with grace-- -and-- Trouble ? Never too late for CHIROPRACTIC; :Ho locate, be it contagious )

j has DouQ'nnud"I given power to stir the hearts, awaken dignity. As toastmistress she intro ..' acute or chronic. '
I arrived and is now operatormanager the consciences 1
of the Western Union's downtown I e'An time a'snt: real tion in the minds of and his compel hearers.convic There duced Miss Frances Reynolds, who 4. have you Female Troubles or any sexu ti disease, nt7raJ or I'

office in this city. J. E. Brown, I goodies ue Calumet Baking is more religion in his : paid tribute to "Our Founders." She otherwise? No embarassment or exposure an':.the results are won- J
I I of Cedar Key, remains as assistant Powder! My mother uses it- their notwithstanding proposed drinking a toast to the dear derful. Try CHIROPRACTIC. I
she's tried all others she's quaint humor dold I ladies
I who, 63;
operator. I learned her lesson-now she racy wit, than in many sermons and! I ized the sorority for years the: higher ago, organ-ideals :. Have you stiff joints or liml "s that you.cannot use naturally! ? !

sticks to Calumet. his merciless logic leaves the "huf- of xvomar.hood. 6. Have you a disease or anything eKe tired is pronounced incurable +
i Messrs. N. I). Wainright and B. M. Unequalled for ma1ingtender fler hole ? iI!'
I no through which to crawSecretary !. Miss Margaret( Caroll .
Dowling were in Lawtey Tuesday to wholesome! light bak- New net toasted ; ?
assess and collect taxes and incidentally ings. Wonderful leavening Alliance. I the ode.st little violet, the *aior>ty i Haxo you some sickness: dislocation of )pain that you have +

1. to do some electioneering; as I and raising qualities-uniform Dr. Morrow I fox<'t'r. Miss Mi-.'.'',ah PU chore a', 1 '!' just tried everything for without any permanent relief? I

I I I I they are candidates to succeed themselves results. Mother says CalumetU ... Dr. GcnrtreV./ Morrow ;is one of thestrong I h"- subject "Nexv Pha.e.of; ; !'rate;-- ((4 ;+. If you must an:.xvcr YES to the last qu :-tion or any: of these 1
the most Cron::.irc1 to bujr-most ec.IOni.rllo "
: in their I, campaigners of the National t airy Lifo. question, can't afford
: miss
respective offices. / : us; Tr/ it at once. IA you to this chance to know what CHIROPRACTIC [
Received Hizhett Award i I Anti-Saloon League. Associated! with I Miss Sylvia Kirnej'oa.st was ictho p has i.i: store for you. :

I I Rebelt B. Patton I). 1)).. of We.st- KK Sttf> M i*B,-,.i.d fnrSH Can- i'[the Hon. John (!L Vv'ooley, he ha ; patnr.fss. to whirl! Mrs. ("hark z :/. It will! act relieve; you and make better, but will REMOVETHE
you :
i, I field, Ohio, called on Rev. H. G. DelllI ,j crossed the continent twice in the pastwo t i Clay re- 'onded. ,
Hazrl I' CAUSE of your .' 'iekne: pain distress'md:
Hit or will be ABSOLUTELY
I son last Tuesday to arrange with him year ::speaking the ir.tcre-t of Housrh f-llov.od! x'-itij .'. you t
for the John G. \\'oollelecture.. This.' 1 the movement fm' National Prohibi- i! 'toast:: to Ti-." Alupv.at.! To thi.; :,Ii---, WELL. 4

J noted temperance worker has just lectured i j j tion and everywhEre the largest audi '>| Myite: Warren re-sp.>ndi\I. Rotbroutrht : }- 10. Thi-- ad presented at my office. Bradford House Starko, Fla., j

in Tampa. Starke is very fortunate 'I I tciiump were crowded to hoar them out the cO,chess of the feling entitles! th" L'carer to an EXAMINATION AND CONSULTATION ;

to have the privilege! of hearing It is in the advocacy of nationwickprohibition 'i bctveen: the active Chapter! and t \WITHOUT ANY niAiujs: ; WHATEVER and v.ai convince you that ;
Mr. Woolley.Mrs. I that he will address th. the alumnae. CHIROPRACTIC i
i.; what! you have been looking Or.
great mass meeting in our city. Miss Aluha Pcnn. tht national Inspector :
I I .4 R
I j haw never heard cf tried
or anything like it. Dr. Tatom is
A. H. Freeman and son, ,Edwin :Mr. :Morrow is a most earnest, energetic gave an interesting though the ONLD :
motored to Tallahassee last Saturday and forceful worker; in the causer'short talk. ... located here and cai-: give you the best of

II to attend Miss Lucile Freeman's I which he has espoused. I have heard 1!! The representatives from the other references. i

I graduating recital. They made the I ING pOWa him before great audiences; and he sororities! then were called upon and i .
; .4e!+ eeae !'a.o eaego: a e! ) o'. .e!+!foieo!
1 was like lion spoke in the
,I long trip in eight hours. On Tuesday I I a waked out of a sleep. following order: Miss ,
1I I I I have met him I Dorothy Osgood. of --- -- -- --- .
--- -
they returned to Starke, accompan- I once face to face ; Delta. Gamma; -
I ied by Miss Freeman. I I'I NOT 'b1f tN6 II and he was as gentle as a woman. He ;Miss Oakley St. Johns, of Chi Omega; --------- ----- -== ------- 1 1I

l I.: has the spirit both of fairness and of :Miss Nellie Cooper, of Kappa Delta; I

'I: A pleasantly anticipated event is fight, and a vigilant foe has nex-er 'and Miss Ethel Evans, of Delta Delta \ -'F <. &'LX" ""' I i
. been able : 'Delta. :Miss I .H..3;( ?.. f "". I ,'
r to unharness Evans I
the miscellaneous shower to be given him From, was unique in her 7B'-f4: )-: I I
by Mrs. J. :\Mitchell: for Miss Lucile Re,. Jas. M. Barkley, D. D., Detroit, 'toast, in that she sang it instead of I ter',{., ,I
,'; Freeman on next Wednesday after- Ex-Moderator Presbyterian General I saying it as the others had. "

,\ noon. April 5th, from three-thirty to Assembly. I I I :Miss Lena Barber played several se- i ", f' Dr VI" fiddleton ;
five-thirty. The fairy idea is to be M on the piano and accompanied : .

f carried out in all the arrangements, 1.Ip State of Ohio city of Tcledo, > j'I the' girls when they sar.y Alpha Delta! I I,I I ;.' :
and the Lucas County. f85- "!iPi. ] songs. .. ". .
gifts are all to be wrappedand Trank J. Cheney makes I
I that he If
tied with white. I senior partner cf the firm of 1.'. J. Those present were :Misses :Margaret I ,
| & Co., elfins business fa the City of T et Carroll.
lrt:,'. Co'-ny and State Mizpah Otto, lore! Hough,
Mr.: and Mrs. Nelson Quigley and that! red firm \ul PlY the aforesaid sum of OXE and! Ruth Cock, Hazel Hough, Jeannette :Our Next i
for each and o- :>Matthews Theresa
sou Winfred, who haw been Yaoger,
spending cry ;i as? cf r-.tirri: that c-tmt h.> rurod Sylvia
: the winter here as guests of Mr. lr: u.e use cf HAWS TAT. vnnn CURI ;Kinney: Beth Walton. Augusta Martin

and Mrs J. T. Quigley: will sail Monday G h hcf'e IT.A r-c:;:: j. CIt TbV NLY.nrrl Frances RpynoM! Mri :Motley. .
r.r.l :" :" ':'jcJ la'D 1
. the 3rd, via the steamer "City ( r.: is-i"0' u"s (;:' Oif", cf Ue-cbcr> 1 1N Unite. Jones Willie 11'0'.1.; Idella Hollovay. k ..

Atlanta" from Savannah, Ga., for trmwCH1CA62 l;:' -.1 .\. C. t r,1AMS! :: :Myrtio: V.'arrop Wi':llie Warren, -i
f l thr; home in !Halifax, Xo\a Scotia. ': i"ry i"-liic.:i ESe! : IVtir. Elois"i :Mctiyff.; I.-*na Br.r'or. A.J'4\ pnator
Ui Thcv will be accompanied as far asJacksonvil'e ar II-i s-, r-i':.!r rr't:.ct. v Cuh\.,' ,-i t1! "; -.b',nod n I:rr.l:":-J.r nu-!: '' Kathleen Mc-ri-or.! Mirlrcd! Wil :
: Mr. and :Mrs. r -r. :. ; son I :oen": P.eynohl'irl"i1ia .
by Quiz- ; t 0 s r:to::). Scsi ftr Amos,
tcrt'rr.! ';-..:i!<= f- ;
e Ethel!
Icy and will ri ': Evan. Nellie!
Sunday spend a day i7htseeing r. J Cr) Cooper, Dorothy 4
cjEvrift o.
in the metropolis bofcro leaving gn1d h:. ell P--7-.S. -;:-. Toicdn. i 0-good. Oakley St. Johr and Alpha 4'i ,
the state.; They are dIightcdith Cheap and big canBakirgPowdersdo Tame: Ihrs Fa::!.:7 T.U f-% cons lpatlo 'Penn, Mesdames Arthur Williams, ',
{ their stay in Florida and hop to return savcyounoney. Calnmotdoes-it'sPurg! I u _______ ,John Choate. J. E. McNair G. H. I ,

I. r.ext'ir.t :. i I and far superior to sour znJk and Eoda. I J I. state You, county get a'l news the important in the Telegraph.national-., ::I(::: I II I I i!:, .,'

-- ..i.. :- ._ .

:. s

--- .'.- -. --' . .. .,. .. :i' '
'''-7 -.. -- ---,. --.---- .. ... r.
r- ., .:..._' '"' i"t I =--::.. -: .- -.: 0--- -- .. '- '---.,-:----::? -- --:- .;-- >_ tcr _B T.*r mf Jlf-\4-. \_ 4j1K <.'-.. ..._ ,,-


t >..




rlll\. MARCH 31. 1916. m\l}Fa HO COUNTY TELEGRAPH. ST.\II;E. no HII>.\.
I PACE :<1:
I --- ---- --- ____
-- __
-- ---- ---- I II"

\\1 THE PINE TREEi Uses and Abuses of Fertilizers ], ;,.:.'_"..':"c ;':,--f".'.:."/..:-.. {,' !f./..-.-.....,,.l;.7\1 ,J':." .r., 'n! t;{...(fJi.: I't, .. 1 f}

\ ,:'/ ;''''; 0:: : ,\ ff:1: J : :
-- By Prof. R. J. H, Cs Loach, Director cf Ceorg experiment: S at'cn. | I .. .,.-' ," .\ -,'> .[ 1 \. 6.fi >
f ,
for tho ', .,' ", Tf.e I -.... J -,,:\.'.,. ..,\ I-r...;. .
i \\ Telegraph i -l"GIp! :- U > M, f >,-"Ii' 1. s! 1giv .. ... ,t.-r. }., .j .. r:
!r The "Southern lone; leaf yellow ,'<'- the brown color to the summerwood 1. TriE USE OF COMMERCIAL: FERTILIZERS-HISTORY. ,I ". '..:", .: ''. ..".. .. .j ""\,:.. ., .,' I ,ri.IJJ .-:.

\ pine,'* {..-> the timber i.s known in themarket and foiet.! the tmler heaA. I i I The First of a Series of Six Articles. ,I t (',... -.. ,." .)'.: ,:.. 'J.. r.r J ljo S
!! \\" .. of the of 'i" I :,' { : i
\' uid: i.oi be di-po! : til to try to give a i-oaiii| ; IIMOIV use n
is the boat: known for iuihlhpurpoes : i utiif foot of h"art! ,11.u- \\oiirhr.p- 'n, 'I Frll dLn
of ." i I I copiiaeit ..ii it Mill; r-. l'i iinh ui MUAV; how tinSttat; mdu-tiv b*'s-in .mil 'iW' ,.. t, ,
! on account its strength, en an average (; > pounds and dry a- is..' ""
; .t v, '*i : ': .- ..uo'a: t':.:u,'t 1 > ,,tos. IiI !:t'raly1.I'ahII: : ::;, ihe ftrui 1'.i tl.iMT.eMiion :: .f .
Uarab'Iity: !!: 1 Lnjrth! and freedom fiomk"Cts !rout l:> pou'uia to the cubic foot \\hil.
I I nhvuttd the fertilizers: soiK but haunot! "DIFFERENT CROPS REQUIRE -
habit f to
: < applying;
This pu.e is Florida'rhi"i! : dry \\hit!' pine weigho''v: !: i:> po..r.d.-; .
1 been t iauht! the underlying i juncipK! ; of the iniiu: