i clotting fund account to *. deftnd under the iirovlMlotin, off (C) 'lo d.tnM direct lnveMtIgn th* Adjutant Oi-neral would' I b. aiithorIxed ctip appllfld for unle*. he fln<1. that dvlpe*, ur Ivaohe the luiyneuPiiy tu, |.r-vet'rbe rulp ant rwyulatlon* for I.,. tty r such .itmly I u, the m *

lo". iiilrrniiint of aald bond Chapter 13700. Law of Florida. Act lion, and.report, .to the Uovernor wait to call out the Florida UefenaeForce either, the applicant, or the ol.l"*r.. *g. or propriety of evertlerUw.ng t h prote. ttH 0,1 Ionic Ineolcippit( rontrfkflln nsamrtspxP l 'I aubj.t i tlu *.l.e, ccin-

.WIIflntr I t. or oth"r fuel tax -antlclra- of I 192$. or any act amendetory or HUH* (recommendation for 1tgtn1ati or other but I I. unable, tc, do sIt for any ntp nr mititty" ..* of the applicant. I I. or overturning alpiiiig form ttt Con- */ Unit rottd. under wntrlf sunk tkIscg Ii tie Isrntl..n of lflc cub. iS'

i inpome' whore It appear tb. an. plmntal thereto may be of auch letmMk i appropriate a itton ua It may,, deem n.ct reripan, ,.1. applPlant shall have .,11" authority not sufficiently xprlnoa la the man. tltuiloiial Movernirivnt by fore or vlnpiint permits l will b* tui .114 Ic< vmiuir* ins 44 ( s sIt' r..iuirei by se .tipn I

IP for any year or year a* therein provided. ; and provided fur- ,>MHu ry. with respect I.. he following uia.* ur. of .xploptve. lack suitable' | of illubaylng ur bolaging vfhlnd inde.ulp fnr ally uia.nsgo eaiiimMl ,,.r erh ot 2 7.Pii i, l.ews (hr l"i.rluia, At'C
"lj"; fheilule l payment there. thor that the provlelon of thla act shall: ,matter In .. far a. they are or may Hec. .. I'pft Without Thlp fltpt*. fucllUli' therefor, hap b"." convictedof rlnp; ills cmrryTng out of site law, toy sims ipmianc* of any eu ,h p rmrt, .4 '2 i ,. alnendu-il by mh ,pPr liii'Lep '

'tile third any remainingbalanca not apply to the operation of truck colt |b related to defenae. $ut'h Fore shell not be ,.. ul.d t*> a erlm Involving moral turpitude, orders, tsr uleotee. of duly onpiitutti la ffea. T, All I*we slid penis *f 4MWP p( Florid., Aria of I' I P. IcrtHerp5pet

p...eil. Of mid two
a 110 "x" l11"1 monthly nlnl[ or .e county or city of the Htatj ((3) froiluctlon' and '.InuC.clu'I"1, fa* .Htate except thpt any orp/anlxatlon. (fbi Application for HOPUP to engag by the ppMMPHliiatioii vf orttcl*!* or the See are hereby aI'peeieui, tteet'It'I'rcated/ tot' a cIty to transectbuetuvuse'

"Ji": rwniitfil by .. I. of Florida. .n the nited 8tate of Amerlca (cllitiea. unit or teiMchmnt| of such Fore upon In thv buln.. of "l aliiig. In v plopiv-p' government of the United MINI** or of Its e. ThlM Act dIsh CM It* *>iret ..nd eerci.e it. iow"rs -

I f U "'""'"> per cent to the telephone compunle. telugraph companle ((3) Agriculture, food aupply. and land tinier of the officer In immediate nom hall b* mail to ih. ll.*iilng authority, time Htntp of Florida, or by any MM lawful ,'Covernur Slann peasag. and Mppr* al by tire ep ilk tm.f the petition rpftrttil( to in nwUlMpV

ROd .pertlllpnt' for the con,. *. railroad vompanle power comi i Uie. Km nd hereof, m.y continue I In fresh In ouch form a* the lluvnpinp, authority' m pn* or undwr the guldanc* ol a>rIn whitest wr .stoS it. ilollolaIng Is.' ( 4 Pltall b* ignt'd by tw nty.fls'P.hfpii

f.o""iMriKitlon of State road. pan lea and utility romnanle their *g- < 4) Transportation facllltte Pursuit of Inpurrrcllnnlpta' ppboleurp en. hall .preocrlb and shall state, amongutitwr collaboration with olflulal. agvnt or sod p pprev.i( j*( puch *ounty >.

.."Inn the rniinty.) or for the cola or contractors In tile trunapurtattuitof (Oh t lubur supply' ant' training labor ..Up or ennmy forCes beyond the bnr- things; O ) the rmm and adilrenn. reprepentMtive of a foreign stale **r anInttrnatlt.npl 19tt' ky the Uuvprn.w April *4.t.1t.I5 t n ollflcatitin of th1 nUitptlon t

ItaRT i ,""" of Drl'l: *" connecting pole and Wire over the blghway of ,relation and human ruwmultulrtr..* den. of thin State Into another Stats until of the ppltrnnt *nil .I..J'I.: In Ihl* rvulutionary party or ,uv- 'DlHtitin the t'MiiiiMMM,, ,<*n It of it

r ,I', ,>. %'I Uhin tie. county and' this' State In time conduct of and Inol- i nlonii, trad***, and skills I hey are a,npmhended or ptured Htat, (If time reon to group) (ir elIte's $ecr.tar7 a? It. A'riiC1IAP"rpn iioeiet setit.erily c's. ,uI, .i isle 04,1141'I

l I'.r' ".nt to tl. board of dent t
'", '"Uini-r. of county work. I'rovi.ted l further that pin" i t."n. or until: I 'the military: tsr poll.furne .-* : (51) ultipwimhip |I\ an Individ olreulap, sell., distributes, ark epueiy) utah bn appoint'
.kh' ':'" afl.i brl.lgt' ,. therein. vlelnn of thl* act. except II.w.'tl' (IT'| Housing related facllltle. of th** iitliff, Stale or tilo for'eafit ual p.llcfit, ( f If a partnership' the
boot.i. 1 hall have th power fixed not ,.I.t.. fN ) Health honpitaU, ami anllatlon th. I'nltP I Stiles IIPVP had. a '..lIn. natne ami .,1.1..*.. of the partner Ar written or prlntNl matter in tsr ilmai|. Iitpe smpUihng oerfitiun I of ('hen.I unnggiBioner* ef a, lidunlna' authority

i"1"1, "".. III''l! rule and regu.J tranaportatllon h.r.ln. .IRI pulea piling. 1"11 i facllltleH. unit opportunity lo tpk up the pursuit and their' rltln.hip. pml. It) If mn .- any form coiitainlng ur iftvooatlng *ti>- ,entitled ''An Aet of ta Florida, Art *>f 1M7. eros,te> f. a elty m.y be a|>|wlnlil -

,"ni *'; tn th. full exerclaw of tree lumber or any article whl''h Irul 4)!> f Welfare.It nr (o irprehend. nf capture .urh perM orlatlon or corporation the ..... andddreptie vlplng ur leachlnv th* (tlonitrin that uu.- mlty af rreatlnp 4erlr lbs nrp' fb. .1. A.rir and r.utpt an otherwl
b" r "t ,n.: I'rovldeil. .",'h oth r Hti put. Phnll of the officer' and director atilullotial uld b fnitoHo bouhipu orporM I ,
1 ,: no IvglajJJJ" It. nature I I. not of diuJ'HiuIn ( )) I'Muratlonnl:, fnrlllllo govenifiivnt Ph ovi anut fHIUM tie be fftr.ir.Bha .rein, *.vh lioueinir anttioriormntfln
b ri iulred R'Oa' a.pabl. have given authority by law fur audi thereof and their oltlx.n.hlp. 'J'h. IIcnlng thrown hy fore, violence bitows' a* tossing an.horlti -* ,
n I thl. or dlvmanthng, or wh fr.,, ( ,"'fl"l r lure and op..ln. u.. to w It I I.. Intended would bit d l. ( Ill Klnaricv.1A purpuit by urh forcop of Ih''. Hiate.' Any authority phall mu. the lloena mepnp ; orO and Hojr( to elum rlaranrp>,I .KM > |9h
:"> January .d b hlrl from foreat. point nf < | Civil libertlpa Inciinllng, but ."<-h perpon who hall be apprehended pollei*( for Unless It* find that either ( Openly, willfully an>l <1ellb.ral *- lltlidstlflnm for vrorid 4weitissg serene ( ration' or m-ri hiiualn.1 authorIty se
WIet1r-I .i,i.i contibue the levies troy production.evlnl. or point of lisle o. without limitation the protection. thereof "r CPptured In ."ch other Slate. ( t>y MD the applicant, nr the iin<riinp of low Income; PteWikfter
14)0)1. the lt" of thle fraotur or shipment to point 1 of uhlpt t molnt.MOI', of law and order, andfiHiaeurra fir*;nlxatlon unit or ,'"I."h..nt'' of the employee of time a option: r.u I nut puf of tnwiith, or writing th* aPOMPalnatlon rtilharlntv a) HAulnaj *uihurltle tn, tunrtlam. ruble, powers ,ilull', In

I lb. 11.1. .hal not any law mont, treatment, replantintr I remanuiav-: i to guard agalnnt sabotage and Fore of thfrt Hint piinll without .". fl :inty) etperlenced Its of or unlawful killing or p*.puiiing of as x A pet t* define puilttn in. at loots ihw. Niuei5 anti prlvllvice. pr. vlileil, fur
!. ", Withdrawing tita convention I prwvlded no am h t subversive actlvltle "...*ary ,l'l.y| tlo> purrendered to t the dealing In exploelv lack Pultabln Ia' mitlxl of the pTovernnivnt of the l'nitei$ nt houplnT aathorlttep power stat rfullew bourlu i IlKirltJea cr, atrrl fur rule. on.I
tune ; .
f tr I ,II.n (. ") centi 01 .atut vehicle or lent mentioned, ahall: .1b.* parkeil o II) Civil d.r.".., Ittrtuding' polio nil)It A ry or pollr rurite .' tht MtPt in rllitlt'p IhtireuC. hap been convicted of a Htt'* ur of ih. Htal of Florid t be. f *r th* eprel of puch an l tn pruvlt tile *> cm mlon.r. of such IIusing cml.
;. 'h' 1''KI"n .f thr.pay amend. pubilo highway after "do.n10r rnoblliMatlon coordination of tire proteo -hh-h h* I I. tuken. or to ih* Untied cirim Involving moral lurpltud, or I IC <-*ua* ot hIs ofNclal character, or any leg aoejairlnv powers, Inrlu4 thor v% i, the maine rst.m4'r MM thouKIt
"r I t,. .hal refunding on a" much tIue lion and dumwter relief. tttate but pjurh purremlar .h." not dtalayal to tile L'niteI Htat**. .other eriin. with intent tie teach spresd, eii, .>7l.iana ut luw aunltrabl to'

''W.l.tl tiier etiene.e' for aerv- .mal the any night home t.portalun; p..vld.d Clr- (Oil) Any other type of activity directly Cintltut a waiver by this. mi* of It. Application fur license to popnep i or ailvveat the propriety of the do* cetlon., and givlnp slid *>tki..r ilbit.l l btno.i.gt| | puthc'nitima ('rm'al.i fur ciii's

i lIl'lItly| || which( e.i.i state .. _.. V.partn.nt, or Indirectly related to dofnse. right. to extradltit or prosecute such per xplonlv- shall| be mad in writing tm trine uf crlriilnftl anarchy. r.inli Itt PVVide tb.pt erurify thrrcfoff I W5qttliabie to hunaliiifov atzth.nill"e.reot

::114.' '.,' ,*' '.bl I* t.o.h .account thor couatle.that and cities of the? Ht.te of Kli.r- (HI) To create cnmmltteee, either with fin. for any crIme comm.ttil. In this the llcenalnif authority In such from ap mmiiniin< criminal I neal|iirt vr *rlrnInal >mebtain vettlatkn.l htiuclrie uf their authnrltle ine.y *) or countl.! ,_ lilml. that fur

Went' I' t.nl., ::1.tlb"t..cl to Ida. telephone companlea. telegraph oum.p.nl. \In or without its memberelilp.' to .aid it Htat. the l.nrnpiitg authority shall prevrrlb fastlsmi or snI a>r* eit.niiM) and lebilgaluena! suCh 0V,.. a. i the Inrm Meyur' .* uanl
J .;, ,"t general of\ railroad oompanlea. power com In the discharge of It* power and dutlea. H.o. T. Permlpplon To Forca af Other *mt shell *t.ttamong other thing] (Iii Organlve or help to organ!** die *n bllreee.) tff tossing pttinfep rent** In tOIp' ,h'.unirnr .Hllliirllle., law .hall lie
Htat' a-Anv military, force III tile npme anti aditrvp of th* applicant or voooiue member of auti5mpl0i.atout *
rendered all the .their a'geflte i any rnwmelygroup a* 4a re Jfin J punle. and utility companlea. detarhmnt tir: tI) th* rescue fur d.*tring the li* nr mbly of otty a. m* W n.i bf prorated among 1 or other may (y) To require and direct the coopera p-4nixtlon, iimt or ( aa Ii Mr"n* forititMlla city uf the Ptt*> having 4 'gtv ttlflio; iMidy a. ueeil th.ri'ln
,1'" or ooiltraiitar' of another Htate. who In ,...10 .. tnp tu PUIMP esplllslvee, (it> hi* cltlaenMhlp teach or advoel .iiuh d'-ctrlnep, p) populatMi mt .Mall hi.niurue..
>'C Mid fund on the I to operated ever i lion and av.il.fi.anr* of Hi.ate and local are p0 arl mitr* then aSHy. CIt. .* meaning vuunty
operato or muse nlb .ult of Inpurrectlonlntp saboteurs .. It (the applicant I ii an Individual <.0 l ftiennm mfl.lnbeP of '
"x Proceed are "1.. thla side a metor government agencies and olllclal. en a ppooulateii II F.s.1s.0 by Itt. Minminl" *, tIle term eny ue us. .1
highway ;
o" '" }Cl! '-* or enemy rorne may eontlnu puch ( Cc If the applicant IP a partner with or promote the lnrat of any 15151. at YhsrI.tmst' ef the tner.iut <-u .- b. .onatrueil .* n.vanlnic
:;"" il vehicle or pursuit Into this Mists until the military hip. tile om e and atl'leppep tif the criminal anarehlptlo, uomtnunixtlii, nnailatlo Vcuatrvt rpt the term vlurk- .. use.i
eipena. chaR b*' bIdes thoverall length of whl. h i all mention direftly or JIMIrvrtly r*' reilon 1, Tliat P> |l nr pollre forces of this Ml At. or the uartner and their t-Otlsenahlp. ami (ISO 'Per fa.olsttn| organiaaliun, or help plr theists tali < b
dutle vnldIn thu. eonMlru.il tin
time or jaws 01 m.anuur
'tel. ,Ir.muI.r? aeaalon of the 1 Including and 'load may j lacing to power Ftorlif.
fram. Act
,?, ( body I'nM-.l Ht.te have had if the applicant I Is *ppoci> iitn or nor tIe OrislsIZe becomes of I lilT e*>.
: th! li-irliil.iur llm- for In thk It by title a.'I. or by any other law. force of th* an op a sn.iber of er titled "An Act t* t.clr lomMar *l (>* her.ln .LMlied ). unl.- u.i .
.p, I. ">. board" mal ."....t the length provided other then III) To do NIl act and thing' nut rponbl' opportunity (to takp tip the poratl'in. the name* nnd dilrepp of use arnilt4 with any aubaidlary urganlaatlon of erecting |fUbli v bodies* -i *""W-11 "i* nlnr cleirly apptara from

-i ''I'' Uovernor MsyIL1 I act for and hauling wire by equipment, writ. |lncon.l.ti>nt with I... fur th. further pursuit or to *pprt>hen'l or capture nurh t rn>ffra and directors thereof and their ur nit.tHl. group 01 P0,5051 wh* nuittla ta be knowS p* housing!rpnrui *n> f III* ,S.cod vr vlileil further that
i i poles ob'.ln'n. Itoad DC'partment of defenae artlvltlen.Hoc. t.*>rp.ne. and the, are hereby uthorlpedt crltlPenahip. The licensing authority dvovale*. tse.hes. *r *4vl* th* prlnel lIce ta Umlilsrtaks plum nutborV itept jr' may appoint any iiereun

'""' *.. of t.a. permlealon of Itat. i ante Itillxatlon of Kxlntln H_rvireand .t arrest or captur such per none with hall l iceuC the llcrana* applied for unlea pie* of cninln.l I anarchy, criminal I.roierte ta pfvln1 rlMaran Cud< sa town. o, It h'-unlnir authnriijfu. ;

retary State MayUrr ot the Slat givenfor racllftlea. In order to avoid duplication :In tItle Htat* while In fresh -. Any h* D.I-IP ibal either th* applionni. or oinmunlptn. eriinlnal naxt-iani or crlm, if*!Ion* for |M>r*. n* ,dwelling*f low actuomitio t'roal I'' county wlto ira ouaMn. .!
and .peclal pur.Ji income
*om* temporary, I oC services' and facilitie' ttiecourirll much potIon who phall b* captured nf the ojt1o. r*> gnta or employe of the inal I ftlp.ri ; rrf piHin huu 4n utharict ; M el4lddy$ son oouatf.1 and pruvfij i,

fli.tiTE(4)$0 -. and the county, |bed., and >... arrested by the military force of puch appllrjtnl, in not uHclntiy( *> perlenre l Shall be guilty of a felony ami upon h/ivlnpi a popuialtnn* In clUa fur5M ft Such rtaintiiiaeloner. may bauependeil
?.l"1' .hall be unlawful for any p.r..n.fm i cuunailM .t.bll..hlt.1 und rthe Oil..tHtat* while In chl State hH In tb* humlllng of explt>*lv**. lack pult eonvlrtlun I hereof b* piibj-tit Iw imprl t.f define the ) marthan gaol1? 'usva4 in tit. ealn man
L".l, r, I lb. purchaa of"ih.r or corporation to operate o cause i ii lona) defense b abl, facllltle thereto, hp* been onvirietl onrnnnl fur fiower and rtutlf of hou- 5ef
: of 'hi. art .,*: without unnecessary delay aurrenils.r- not more than ten years or |leg nutnorltle pnd e4 th. .ante r.ei'na N. oth rjlmteil
hticlB- authority ii
4 ,aKInir! compensation i b. operated upon the publla vehicle' i directed to utllm. the services and. I'd| tt the military, or pnllv fare** nf of a crime involving moral lure a tine of not inor than $10,000.> < ( or *>oth.Ho. pwrcla of .uci >..pr.fwll for th* !miJ'* P br the Unvernnrt .

ew.I" r") of .I..lln.n.n.I w.,. of the Ht.t. any motor which aw4! i facilitIes(a) of exlHllnn .".:... old.,*. dparitnenta *- IMP Slate to be dealt Wltk according to pttuts. *r I I. disloyal to the United 1* Whenever iwo vr mor per Ilulrllsg Property, pow.borrowIng, llleluultng 'ad. Operation or a housing

';: 'CI drawing or towing, or coinnilMwlin, board, bureau, law Thi* ectlon phpll not b* oon."u..1 tale*. suns aa nibl* for the purpose of pro suing debenture ami tvmon.y, I lq. eoteit for a county ebi II
lee I,. nt ahall b' Una of4t motor vehicle shall be attached cir eon i unlawful In 4o. 4. Report and R* e r lP.- trmtinpT, t other ubilffpifftw. ol
'. and other agennice of the PO> a* to make any unrest advocaltn or -* hlng the do- pnd givIng rttPtty IOQIWI5I el lime county for whKih. it.aoept .
that such tranaae necteil more than on. trailer; .'ovt..d.. i ii inailtmlon of the political subdivisilli5thereof till, $tate which would otherwise ba (a > Manufaelurrp phpll ill* a report mine uf trtrnlna anarchy criminal ttvnt'rnunl'm Hint houeing authorltl therefor j ta provM to OCbo that p>rtl..n ot IK-
tad .tllc.lon of all law however, that where a tru.'k. I State and lawful. at leaat once each ilndr month with erlinloal naxl-lfm or priititnalfpjNin vall ltlon *f their may otolah* IL lice will.in I Lit territorial

.h.. to lu.n. In- or .eml-tra ol any combination or i all, an.ilot such office and a gene lee *h.ll Hc. I, Federal Hervlc*_Nothlnpr In the ll *npng( authority giving in 5.1.1! | < a* donned In iodine) t uf Ihl* *te( anl pro eetn&wl if any city u* iirltlfil In IliaLoritfe.

.( I *'" b. ". ., lo.n. '"vehicle become 41ubl.4 on a publlo < with and extend their *ervloee thl Act .h,11 I| b* "n.'u..t a*> euthortS'leg report the name of all purchasers alIt Act uch. an .***mtily or orgenhsettos 1 iie.1 af housing rfffil* on ah* bou. t.w, A. el"fliS.i.

n" mn.nt. .nl that the I highway In the cour.e of trip It .1.1 i ibe coopera faellltiea to the council and such Fore or any part thereof lab onlgnep and the amount and miesOnip- I I. unlawful sept every person voluntar th* pm* i is Iberaby uthirici"L b* and "9 1 ll Creation ''I i Itvgliti! ilmtie'

I I l. .i> a- '.neil eomp.n. lawful to Ia" or tow the i and local and regional defense called. ordered l er in any mannerdrpft lion of ail ten ppltriva *u> avid or tnv
>M ". the aninunt of the> the where tile to the county Itvere.i in such form a. the licen mg .Id InstIgatIon hall eeob ntlgui'tie urnclon
any other place mush .uat.H. >d, ap pu h Into the milllarr mu-- iw b* guilty of a MIle. I. O fimtlon 'of more f
they r | !
.: Paid tl..ro. .hal. dleabled unit la u.u.ly garaged or ta. council an J.t.pft.flse '.un"I''.*. Th* vie* of the L'nlted I Ml.te. but no perane authority hall prescrIbe. fvlonr and upon conviction thereof shall terms whireyc r u-ied -Tb* folilswing l! tiget bj. iterlar thul there i*
''n fuuch but provided tu, .. 4. County / Leaierm shah kevp record of all b* smibiset) Co tIm' rrre.l ( ,? la.. any garage for '.p.I. authorized| to establish a shall I ax r **on of illS enlfetment, or vain
O'J,_ th. |loan ,ron the' then that no such .. .! vehicle or council I I. council In en.h eouniy nf "t.lon In any ptrh Yates b. exempt esplo.ives urehaHl or sold by them, than ten year ur a fine uf nut more ptHttlv meanln* fur the* folluwlnr** .P.Iq hill at euift onunii". to sordis.
..1", ."' '". such purehaM.. vehicle be mo lowed for a dlatanc. county defense under which record ahall Include the namvand than llo.eu' or both tills Al ;* purpope af p.w -. and other funi-,Ian. her
) '. I I",, ''tt| :' ''b. date each oomT" In .. .hal ISO mile the H'.'.. count. County deftaee oun-. .4 from military servIce. any law addre *f each vendor or van he.., He, 4. N* owner agent superinlsnut. 0lrly unleaa a liff,rni mvablnftT Its 'I la sUOhi munil.a puhlli
with and aHt .n.eouacU. appear from
M't time
.WIIi S. '. ThIs act not apply to any ell. ahall cooperate .. of the United Clue (Isle of each .ale! or purobpp**, anlshe cot. Janitor eartakr or oocupant pf 4 > context hod p 150 .ail p .h.1 "AiUhorlly"
I. f and ...11 perform such Sea ff. Civil Oroup*.--No civil orgn or. 'lloueig Au ,
certlfl- .
.' ? 8tat r.tating r motor v.hlcl. op.r.ted under a amount and kind of *xpiopiv sold any plc, buildIng UP room phali wIll thority** al housing authority slIp Itthers.
:, of th. bu.m.a. ot eat. or permit .. by th. Klorlila, lees as m., b. ",1".01 It, it. CcustycounCiil Isptlon* .,,,.t). elufev p-wrt order frtr' or pam'ehas.d. Much record phall b* op.n filly and knowingly p.rmils th-rsin *ny rurpurtl shell mean niof the public up 1,1 fur all of elIOt ciunt 4U
." ''I I' t" Intereet char(.. Railroad Cominl.iloa.' any carrier un- lilly .ct. ju.nU applicable.1110 coonty 51405councils. nit,. *.."1.11... hrnlb_rhoo4.U body, nn for *lflmt.PihOfl by duly aiithorlp *g..utaf sss.mblsge uf persons |>ruhlbii*.| by Ael created( t by JI rTon 4 ol tbl* and er p.vrer. anil other fut<
"I '-vailed and the ef.t d.r Auto Transport.tton Company Act In.shall h.a.s. the seine power 'Ion. league, or other *,"'In.I'. of per. the licensing authority and by cit! Hetitlon 4 of thIs Art, and If *.l.l'hper.- 4b **Clty** shall tOting .'untl.-* sfld iklrt'JlO I

I".. In PretrntlntI nor to .n common carrier br contract councils thu-il' Jur'.dl"tlon' Ii.rc Ions or civil group Phalt b* *nH.... In f. 'lral, state Bad local law enforcement on after nwtlfltlt that the prmip fh* Mtat liavlr nasn any city *f -olk tt, utherfl *peal. 1 ey tf

I rllnr' jrom w.e.. ,otbe .nc' duties within ,0.11. ,..h county urh Force- a. *n rgnlpllon or unit.Me *itf.r* at Pit tlmPi ami a copy wf purprr > are * I. -IpUe'. u being T. ; th. flr.t day of July.' Isttl In h. .r Ii : b, the .alee Uee. : b unlawful lo "ipr imUniI5 .h.1I terminate. 0" e.e.c uuvn IP lhsqusliCr5tifl-'N. d. pronhl ndar munth la the li -*naing avthurity. 0ss000 aId vltrt ie.Ilng Feileral' of Stole .*nu*>. **Th* oh. ,, it wi ,,.Ung >tp It. alTiklr. a, .1
of pur- JL, I). Kit ahall .ounell Ia dl..I..l 0' sue.pfli..I. | be eommlMione er *.lpt| *> li pwhFore upon eon Ion thereof City" Shell mn the partUnlnr p M ,
I. ... wh.olver the city for 1 I. il r"alocal him
ularl. of th''. See. ft. Hal To 'nllcene l Fvroonp.No ubIPt 10 Irn pr Iponmenl fir not 5*
111,1 Crate It. of tin.' mor which i
upon hlwh"ay. eltl Ih particular>
th. I I. not n s
I oli. who booming '
'h which dealer phpll pell barter, or than authority i* imlg 1' '* h nitflnr pruvilcitprow
earnera weight of give an* yemI' or fin of not than hh -
.t th. .'0. Th more treated4ol
1- ,, .. lb. a tuck tractor ..n'tsemItrailer (*.. 1. lo*'til' Defense l'nunftU # .f*.| Slates or who tiCs bOn .stus'ite.i I ordlMhonorably dipup uf aplotve ta any perooo who> li..s ar both l t t tilt (P'S I iillntf bo.ly of Lcoue
of Interlii ova pnunda or "
.t. d fen. cnurusll "tUjveritifig bent
10 b. charce.1 comblnatron.: : her.ln.buv- 'council or the Country dlrhrfl; from *ny sellIt. 4Jo.ti nut bold luenp lo POP***** e*' H***. 9. All laws and part of law* In city rounell phall mean th* sh' nilop .5 Mulutlon 4
on I is.itust.d. lbs
of the county In whirl the locality of this ftlat' eotit in button, at other 0(0. lb i. h'ieepltl, apltht.'ri0r5
l. tleacrtbed. the gross weight or which to. .. .r lival nrgpnUatloi ploaive* IWHICM under the provilop ufIhl onflirt herewith are hereby retlesisi. eglalatlv 9 r .
,*, In 34,000 without nnit ,is .uthortzid tG establish II r of another Stats. or of Ih. t.lte<1 act.H hVft> Thla Al shall lkP effect Immdltly tb body ohargetl with govprnln T > '4 >ntv Mhlili hoe a1'
exceed *
shall <
K' within city the
.n."lon. pund. counCIls' In arees se ce* may Nab flriit ( P lirtl.
.ub d.frfles iiamllnaunlvNi
eai' obui
State Met *>e>. I. fievocatlo; Terra of Lleena* fFe ; upon beomln a law. Dn.
t. for purahoed .. Ir "bispep"
having defense .e. elIcit 1 .
Iaa. 1.0.01 1 mn Ih-
I. lIuIsittPf 5i1
.0'l1 each" Count, : mayor 511 )
ri' ,, ,1 .nd affixed to aadlmotor tz: Cnmmlsukeaej Omcerp.- **. Approved by tIle Governor IS. .5
> April at tha
ot II. out lIe .
n I. 1. eur t VAlclCommlwilooer other sod wholt ..t.bUah..1. shall cooperate lloo issued hereupder ? or meer thereof eharg. thee ,' t I" th.p c.mnlraal- .
it.1.hlk .II "Iul".nt' to the "vehicle. In. addition t. .n, sill .. .h. .un"lI. and the lsrnl .f onmmleel.'ll' In rh. rt..I"a D*>-
Int.r.c charge on llcnaplat* .. lag whlrh It. owneror with ounty d.C.n."c.u.cll| _f the eeuo.y.ind ,.._ Force .10.11 ho for thrae '..'. aub..1cl may b > revoked hi the orflelal ie.ulng In OffIce Imoreesry o* Htate A- an the Mayer ar *wxeeuttv head *f ta* situ, nlcs i hc'Uitlntr autltnrtt' 5(0
Z''t b. repaired to parch.M t.rmilu.tlOfl at time .,...... of the sense es *ny grouch specified her* prll IX. Jt4l. 4),5IJ I
operator may ehall perform much aervlr maybe e. i .. housing authurlly Slit.
I( en' ''i ri' l.in.l toll>
. : .T1" .P..t b. known .. C malnt lltq oalb t. be talent becillicare ties fr such ll* nae.felk AN ACT la Jt.p.uuI H-4 tlon* I ills to this city ar th* .* u-mi'1 .
such nfflo
.I & piat. to act Jointly with other coonau. perl. al the city ohar/ log ,,,' 'n tl''it >t M li < >"<"t -
P" may All iheenlee l.su.d kerosade, shall I 1141 tn luplv* uf the .
KevlMd <
n.1-: alone tag. applicable, localmunlae. .mle.t.n" I. ouch ... shell (5) l n r*. Sd with (lie dutlea mil at-i h ,,. ntpa. i ij
In *o far a. euaioiuarily |imposed hoe I | ID
the last day of each calendareer Hi.at Florida.
motor the form pvmconib..i expire 0' of I Isle being Kseilene
lb. Before operating any .1101.wblcl shall have tIle earn power be .......t.., In an th* lrk thervaf. ,, lll-r obllgall 'ii> i
Il .i i exceed tho .. ._ .f the .tlo..1 0...<. esib.stItettI' slilese muoner revoked.Ic 2519 t* liii inclusive of the Compil-xl lf| "Area f eon '
.ball dune within their ,1.- jot lflOcVs operalloaU> In tb ,ai| .C eu h MIII
;. tOat art forth In this II. ewl. and .. are vested In Iheo .. the wends ...1.. Defense ) aeli epplicatine to, a lice... Uan.ral| f,aw* of Florida. J5J1. and IM ra af a Messing puthurlty of i'* Uupi a rveuurun >n

O at b-isatt.0 .or. operator shall Mtoa.th. 8t.t Ju'l dlctlo. loeal council. hall lrml- Yuce. whore ..._,,. mad enPtlu-g the hereunder .iuaii be aeceinpanlept by tho> lag ahap *r 1392 law* sf Fl rld*. Avt* tin.vine a popuJattonjL of lpa than a) City huts jet n'o... r ,t all Ih rlgl.

-I dollar. ;.' .1 Vehicle Commleelooer of Florida ell. Much reams activity whenever lee t.f.,.... Ce the J'yestiiat. of tile Coiled fee h.reisetlsr prescribed. whIch I.i of lOse DI IT peaalon uf time l lsstst-We.s. hall ifi lud* ueh lty and; the ot area ttO. ,aentC T .Igalloua and property r -..1Lu
Moor and n.te or b retursod in tho event seeK ape en ltt, t. "An set la pravld for lb. HMtl
1001. malnteaanc tag th.refor... auipended. its t.e nilali or within lOve mlteM of the lerrllarlai al ei h ounijhi.. lul I
dlewilved or ;
.'L *raui05 for e.r: sal.-'t .hall register with him a rteeerlollon' e| e-unrll j. H..lammt r..,,. (.'-... 0.0, If. EnMvte-i .... -Th term *f pieatiea I. denied. The htqea fee shell I valfttlnn, equipment sad ill.lmll.nalshp darle Ihereuf and (3) In th* saes bouav of a 554 autN. lu .tH-ll regional hostslog auhi -

I Td.er roe pay. the motor vtatel-. which mid mala' i.e with Ihe-.. wily def.n.ocetulIC4ia .nliatm. In in* F*.rwa .**. reese be cc > *: uf rouinlr guard ta rerltM itp pow. housing authority nf a Jty bavlnr a then 9. ..na'te prmrlJeil ant
oper.llon s
; .. ary, eommteelqne o. tenant tar .halt bo placed la the fa J the council lo .i.lli<.rl.ed to hall to* for three year vbjeof t* I... Uxpufacturfr Ik9np III.M era deuce and rpulllvn> t** pr vld. popul tt o *C 1i.C4 9f mar shell In- prey UILU that wben la. above
In fee-
.b.B, I. fu
MW. manner a* povi' I,4i


;' -

are hereby ,*'peoiid. 8c. a, Any
W5nS"sfiail v
I to b1A1LA, -It OflUhjuiii> ArtriAT. '"_"(. "fl.lMlIllr.li4JI, U a" ... ." "- : ittt,1. .. a huuiuiiut, w"h&ii"oeillled euiiUia shall be aam!..- shall be i.punished. of acoordlngly.misdemeanor aajt Apjtrov4 by ilk* Oavernof April\ $4, rancid a. a mCnou'a1 Pet-erg dOuriti t,
H' .
t houalng a t j uthurt1. "Clr.-t triad iQttocor from. each auch a4lJtIonhLi ufNCturliiff aontei'".) *itod th* -ji-initln of authority has lanuvd any bond, put** able In axldenca 0\d1n\ courts of thu. for andt tile jieconrt or further orTensa hall < or factory ropi-.u.ni011, (,

ucb regional..,lborl..eI" to exerola*. poW' county *. a commlaalonsr of lha region., m Inrntft number ftp work,4 and in.!* or other vbl.irAllon with rwapattt fltDttnulng Male un<, r oami and to saint bo fined not mora than f&OOIi.OO. and Is CHAPTBJR $0122 therer : lit, Oui.plirottop .,
4 .led and ofher all rljch i oontract jtj houalng; authority.' 'the Uovernor Usil' fanillt*.** ttw cmntftr ot dfoiw indeetrla. the e.velopmnt of .. h projiMt effect as certlllsd copies of ol"pul' thereto, It shall ba tha dlacra* AN ACT to amend Meolloo T ot commute upon a tnrtfl ,

.r. and. tuno&on. IIM*property thareafier appoint each poraori to *uoceed In th*. tftAt .r ana ot th. authority, or ho* contracted llorSC0rd. addition lion ol the oaiixpfollxr to revoke thfdaalar'a auballtula
*, .ro..nl. housing ,is rl .".1 such Comml.lon.r. A certifi of. BUI"Iu name> Af enddt' ,\ ;Ji.Tl hi appointment any com availuble to.: .- soul to the w..r.,.*. *,. her*. loner entitled to a fee of Of penaltlaiN, Imposed beraundar, entitled "AR act topraaorlb.. tha mexl. plmiioatlei or .tlel Pie
II "w.lnw. linos and Otherwii,
*. I regional e in houalng author and :I'I';" of a. regional ou"i' author f.mll. In thla tl.l. lut undur l lo tbit development ..C ..ol proj. cent for tba recording of each loss the costs, shall bo paid Intj (hI mum wolghl. width length anil height iatiug tup the ltuc I

uch of uch county' MilnCn ty bo filed with th Clark, pede. ..Lonal..r. program.tbat .ct of tbe Je.r. government for ten sn4 each satl.fsctlon thereof t. depository to the credit of (be ot certain motor veblclea operatud on the llncnclaj atandin miPpllrautt'c, h1

.1 obl..lon ba lha obllgatliauoh > ot and '. .hall conclusiveevident I U hnp..I. action be taken which an of fund han b.n be paid at ih. time of the recordingthereof. county fund In tbe oountl public hlgavay. tuf the Stata of Florida, mct.r commnsnaura

bousing authorlijrrmhia ia all ** of Ihe dua and proper appointment annum the av.l.bl. made prior to December I lft4S All ot Much t..t'ol..te ahaUha fine and forfeiture had and relu'lm ta the operation ot motor geerdhig of the (. club '

r.loh.1 timodlee | raonpross uf auch commissioner. Tha commlHslonera setup and sanitary ) *'Houaing a* uaad In Into the motor .hl.l. ... where the conviction wa. veuinlea, aj>'4 placIng a maintenance which Pubi;' lb1 ,,
:: Authorll. 1.10 that tb* penalty may be
r : fl Provided
oh1IY of regional authority 'ohof ( thereon, i4err2
aura county .ho'toln*i iniay a houalng nnmrina to t.nobli ( rapId oct nhAll housing authority aectlon ta* In addition lix tmttsalocir In 11m
against be ao..rtod. ."' n4 shall bo apnnlntod for terms of four of natiAnaldaf (tctlvit.c ..R eatabliahvd or hereafter entab- Beo. (. Should any person, firm 01 nrovliled In' thla may far In Section enilLied "Aa aol to preacrlba th* maximum said opplidant tletermutlo,0, lb*

uch regional, I )IOIIMnI au year except hot all shsll baIllleil thin elate and to avoid a Urn labor purauant to the Houe.ng Author. holding aurh lien which has. la those provided weight, width, length and height fop Which to iPgeg It lb

Kgaimthorlty the) asma extent tp9 n." far lb. tinexplred Icrmo. JBanh) turnover In -Ii-Cnnne 'IndueLr.i which l.ha Law (Chapter 17.M1. Laws of1U.I7 o..por.to. la the office of such motor I ot thla act..Boo. th* 1130 aetalon, the memo* being an act lIcense. cald Oi'utlI ,

& asserted( '. ) ajlcut. : oouonui..ioner shall hold omca until hlaaucrensfir "oul.1 .. hninpnr. their pro.luD'lon a* amended by Chapter hoe. vehicle. commissioner upon payment i That the term dealer a. use thl. AN ACT to- amend Mention, 7. ot Commute Macit atiplic <
have been :ni 'lhM": { I'.. been has .I"u.11 herein, or In any proceedings under House Hill 67K otII cotnpanled( by (hi f
ruled agalnat I uch :< appointed and : tha ,,uol.lon. horelnifter' I'w ot I It 39, and any amendment of such Hen and on 4eniuini. fall Ol' to mean aubiltute for lloenso. All '
thorll", qu.lfl.I., except aa otherwlso provided .a"lod noonniMiry, to annur the "- thereto). refuse within an days after such pay'rneot act, ahaH bo deemed and taken aeeo- It KniMo.'d by the glaluture of the refused licenses .h.i-"L, i IIP

whn' any rent property at 1ouflt, .rpl. V.n.blll of Pate and f>nntt.ry .dwM JE> 9. Act Hupplomontal. The power and demand, to furnish the d.blOI any hereof firm, corporatIon or of anil ,tttut of >lorldaiHectlon Within W-) t'fi,' up,,

housing authority ve.is .in ...I0'UI"authnrlly comrnlaslonen' appointed .. a. Inl. p..on. .nir. red In natlnnnl conferred. by this act hHi be I addition nr the owner of such motolvehUtla elation ongageil' In the bualnea the product 1, *'roui and after the paanag therefot'5 A 11

( aa provided above, < ,"UI- or.sald shall constitute the regional .I.feno..lvll.* wTilrh othrw! would antl aupplemuntal to tha .pn wi.ru rll.I..d thereof, then I I. toe In (lila State such of been dlveaLed of this Oct. Hectlon. 7 of oonimltte painted lIcence iuts3 lit a, ,.,,

ty housing' auihorlty. eh.1 (")..iii.. hottslriK the power of not |, (t it this tltnn, and butt conferred by Itny othtti low and noth that event he. It nr Ih"l. .h.1 be held oovornd by thla act as haYs antI the aol aubatltut for Houae Kill (711 of the ground. Ia or Pevokci ht

deed. of uch po.rll th.reIlofl&hOUISPOW such authority rl"la. ba Vested In suchcoinmla.loners Much provlnionii are far thu. publlo UPMnnd Ing contained herein ahall con- liable for all osla. expense oe their character, or IIIIK* aeanlon. the veto ot which waa Rot'aullalned
.. ) Proof
.., ( thereupon-.d" .11 t'OI tune to piirpnn' of fitullltutlntf the national.detenae pti'uad limiting .n other powers b of Including reasonable attorney fees, law, aa herein Impomd on the quantity ahall bcollnrted by th* 141 aeaalon, the aam 0) of ulnilinrem ,
pie aui-ll need with the repordor time. progrum In tTil Ht.t*. It houalna, authority. ) Incurred by the debtor or the lu* much product coil la thla Sl.t* being an act entitled, "An act (to pre- ) MaterIal mieatt, "cot
thiS In
of the, county whom r.I'propertl ''h. oomml..lone. ot regional I I. further det'lnrt to b* Ih* purpose ofthl .Htia. to. Soverablllty. full' owner of auch vehicle In ani only once, and that after scribe the maximum weight, width, hip utlupiicatIn, fur
( .tool( .- ( 1ou.lnl .utborl .h.1 elect eh..rr.n Art to HutlmrliH aut hurltit. Notwlh.t.ndln. the courm some haa opt In Interatala character motor ve- (e) WIllful fnIiiur
I. provlilodh hDu.lnl other vvklenc of t suit' which ho brought In length and height of certain of 1h1
..(ifl. nCropPrtY any 1..lnt. .. when aelllng to Or llnemtaee
Iho m.Y
.monl tl. o"mml..lon. .* to do- any and 8 o. 1. Each comply
.b,1 t..r1or cancellation 0' highwr.ylof
the public
thu 'hl.no. .1. .10.t houcing ..uthor.1Y'1 have plwe ..I.ot or ampluy at Florida
Intent that If .n urh til* state
above. other und employeea aa the re- of the Ffdral rvrnmnt. or tn coop 1..I.lal. ,1.1. shall render an Invoice ol ( ) fatuous, the
provIdt 'lo.rl lawi of lawi If herein motor vehlcl, and ,
All parti
the Hoc or tha operation mplIi.ttI
: of -.ch .f tw glonal auihorlty may with .nt of the ITodnrnl prov.nion or "I.pl..lul th purchaaor, and has indUlgeul ,,
v.nnou ; : rate or act a the such ahlpment to thereon" I Is In aoy
A mnjorlty of the commissioner qr. thereof to any pemon or conflict herewith b. .n.1 ahall placing m maintenance tax 111'gtl
countlea "al government. In tile .. development Ih dealer ao Belling to hIe buelnema. act ut
(mora hal'" such Invoice of *
or contKUoU. there !Ic regional houHlnir' authority ah all contltute and the "ell.' of la held 1 Invalid, th* remainder of th h.r.bl r.p..I.d. .. "thl.. act whether or nut tile tax hereby mntnded to read aa follow i i8ea. Ce) Itocau., the

resolution regional' (r housing, authority to quoruU of such authority forth project to the
for created one for all of auch oouol. to purp. < It. bnilnos ndd of ..ut dwnlllna' Ion poraon or otrcumatanc othar known .. flection "6' C. ti. U 131 herein and the purchaser ao buying A. I,). 1141. It shell ba unlawful lo operate motor Vihici. attelltllltd it

exx-clie b. and other lun.Lon.h.r.ln and exercising' i"cond"olnJ and for alt for pnmani vnviiKed' o.nl.rl n.lon.l.doen.! than thoa a. to which It I. held Invalid. .nt Section (163 Revised General Btatu"ne paid ami by him receiving auch products may In upon tbe hlg-hwaye ot thle Slate a ci: any motor VehIcle.dealor It ut 401

priVcrlbed In such If other purpoima. 1..r. actlvllleff. .hal not b* affected thereby. ooinptrollet truck, the groaa weight of which shall or VeI, l
fountles. to th or aitcusorI,.
such. body Hnda If 'Heo. II. I'ower. of Regional Housing Moo. >. Defflnm by housing "00. I II.ctv.Date. 'rbie act aUall T, Thl. act .hull I.k.ee on making hi* report ataUmont ao mud xcoed ll.Ovu pomiila, or a tractor and commoditlee thortrr, ,,r Ml)
emnh lou.lnl I 1141, fully rely upon .ml-trallor combination, a* horelnabov whl.ii attll
(llmlil ) InannltJiry or 'u000f.Inhabited AUlhorlty..kgoept aa otherwise pro. AutbarUI. Any auihorlty take effect upon iCe paaa August I. owlerotl o.
It by .,.,
dwelling accommodatlona ex- vlileil herein, a. regional. houslnif, author.Ity may undertake tha development and ad .gt. anU approval bl the Oovermir, or Approval by the Governor April 24 In such Invoice.wholesale dealer In gaao; described, the gross weight of which
lu inch county or there la, o short- .n< the oommiasionarM lharvcC Nhail.rwllhln inlnltration of i>rnj.ct* to ..ur. th* upon its becomIng IMW without audi 1941. Bee. 9. ICsch like product of potroloum anal! exceed 14,00 pounda, without firM ha. attempted the auulli.ni' w *

"ire of date and sanitary dwelling accommodations the area, of operation of auch raglon.nl AVHliability I of lute and Manltary dwelling I Hpprnvaf.Approved. -- Una ar other report to the comptroller having; purchaaed from the State Motor to elcrr ""*

In uch ooun-jr' av.llabla bousing &uthol'lll. have the Clime. for pftmon ttngavBd 1 In naiirmnJ-Uo- by th* Governor A'I 23. CHAPTER Z022B when making hill at such product Vehicle Comml..loner and alttxed to cold any motor vehicle; iluaij to """>
tney. functions, duties. prlvlagwg ACT pruvlillnothnt no motor ye. of tha amount In addition to any other any agreement with Ilu '
person* ot low InMm. at .ntl. *, r.n.n act.vltie whom lh. houelniru' lost "IN: which lha tax motor vehicle,
can. afford and Ib) that a n-gtonal hou*. and Immunltle. provided for nouaIn tborlty detf.rn.lne nnt olhurwln ) elicit be nn>rvd for solo I cold atexchanged old In thl State upon by lloenoe pint or tag which Ita owner factory biantb or "l" 11.J1"twcall -'

Ing authority( would b. a (nor, a111""' authorities created fur cltle or h* able to arcur wOllt and' CHAt"fIUt 102U which hita been In faxl cab herein provided la dua and payable of or operator may be required ta purchaea may be,

or economical admlnl.lratlve. "nlt ;belt oountles and the commissioners nt aunt dwalllny within the vicinity I' th"Il: AN ACT lo .tuelHm valid and log-I V.drlv..1 or for hire service nnlnaa the him to "the comptroller of the the Btata Mtata of by th* atatute ot Florida, a lIcence (g> ilecsu.e thIs epuu,.,,.' j

the houalng authority( of such o, nty to "housing authorltloa In the conic manner hut no hnutn oh.1 Irll.l. thu Pl.bl.hl.nt and orvnitlatatlon of of title IIIIK alampoil( upon II Florida, for the use ot plat or tag to be known a. a malnlenanc ha. unfairly or *llh. ," lie H
terry out Ih* purposes of thl: heuslngr.iilhnrlcles I a. though all the provlalona' ot law tile d.voitIuniant "thRrll 11..ln" Au'horle.' In SIte tftat of that aurh motor vehicle has biwrn In curt Plorlila. at tba same lime report to mad.th* lag. the enuitle. of a ImlitIpt, ,, "*"

(law In such county' applicable to hoilalnr anthorltla. era- r --".In action or procoefllni Involving atmliur eltia OP oountl*. were appil 1143. x 'n :i".rlr.: Law and alt con to the wlnilahleld of auch motor by auch dealer of any quantity of gaau- which ahall exceed the gross Weights to cancel the frani-h *"

aj.It. or enforcement at o.bl. to reiilonal houoln. authorltlei; In the o.no.hlp. development or .d- tract. not*. ugreeiuente, obllgatlvna vehicle that It ha* ben In aurh air,. lIne or other lIke products uf petroleum above let forth In this section It* owner vehicle dealer. >h iht

t or rotating to any contract ot; the ro* Itrovliled that for ... Ilia. )"Inl.lr.tlo. .f projHuiv. a tiuualnif and .undertaking; of auch Housing ice! lo.nn.lhl.IJ.. penalties for the vlo. which ahall not have been at interstate the lime or operator ahall apply to the Stale < HHCBUBH the appiiMn,

glonal) booMing .ulhorll the <1..lnna term 'Mayor' a* ueed in the hou.'nl au.thorltl.i huv all the rllhl. pow. Authorltlea.I and 'all proroadlng of such sale divested of Ita Motor Vehicle Commlaalonor of Florida hoc unfairly or without iu, "L1,

housIng nthorlt. lie law anal ba aa .r*. prlvllftfo and, & ouch ate and thing heretofore undertakun, II* U ltnui ted by tli. Lrglolntur of UKHlnl character which report shall show the for a maintenance tag therefore, and the qualities oC a motor .''cbt, ruti,'
tieioma craat.d as o> meaning .' the term 'Uovern- lion under vie ion of name and bualness location of the per- without lout '101 l
authority any pro performed or don with reference (her.to. .- of *-.irl.l| iSection ahall with him a deacrlpllon pi-ovocatbn
: corporate and politic clii; '? inif Jedyf aa uaeil therein Bhall ba conatruad law piloting I th' ownerehtp. dev.iup.mont I. No person. firm or corporation Ion. firm, corporation or aaaoclatlon ta the regUter vehicle which said franchise of such imitor *J
i'dbo\\ of motor on
..Iohl.h.d' and authorised aa maanlna County Cotnmlaalon- or 'ti 1 'r"l of Hliim clettr- ll U Fni.Hfsl by thf, LeglNlattnr off the ahall knowingly offer for .ple, cell, whom the aame Is ould In this mats. ICv.rry maintenance shall ba placed. In the (I) Any previous comiuii
..ercl IU ra' (tha on uaad therein ahall the same other ra tag thIn*
dealer have '
to .. Hoc,. and prnjt.pt for poraonaof or exchange motor vehicle now been grounds T
bu.ln. :: any f.r
Htuli. of rlortdritHuvtlon la ,
ah.Ii I aahio la provided for rcglatarlng -
'ul' manner aa
of (Ins 0il.ptlufl ba c niaanlna 'CouCty'apiut to ba made to the
: power tieroiiniler upon low 1""lmu. in the Main monitor a I. and or aa may hereafter ba law port are vehicle prior to the auspennlnn of a llcon.e if .__ ?
of a reolulloii by the ou.rfllflibol3P tine t. a. uaed therein though .I th. provlnlon o.luuuo. appll ment Th ur..nl.lon 1.I.bl.l. which waa prevluualy d."no. ng. comptroller, report la the comptrollot motor wara lIcensed, shall be .11(1'' '

of eacn of the counties creating; elicit be ooAntrued .. m..nln. 'CoU"11 cabin, tl alum ulearnnu' ,. and houe.ngprujoct aadon of liouing. author-Ultra undur the 1st.red and ibid aa a tai l cab, u-drlve- each and avery purchaae of mien product purohaa. off llcenao plate or tag by for the disapproval of "h"; ? ""
hoaaln 'declaring CI.rk' (a* herein for 01 low Inoorti, mada said dealer upon which the law now In fore In thl* titata. ipp ,.",
1 ho regional .uthDltr, d.ln. pur*"n wore provlalona of the tluuHlng Authorltl It. or for hire, until oertlflcato of by Sec. 0. Tha comm laslenei .
the for tile rEionN$ h"l dlfterant t..nln. ol."rll appaara front Applicable to project devitlnppd or dtnlnlntorfd Law of thla $tate ( LoWi title for uoh motor vehlcl or It* the tax 1 is aliown on Ihe lavotco theraol The Stale Motor Vehicle Commlaxloner andupon prior notice deny the aimliri,?
authority..n".r auch resolution hall the : provided f.oll.r. that to aMwurff .tii* avullablllty of Ih..r 1.U8. has to have been uaaumed, reported anlpaid upon receipt uf auoh application Iloen.e p. '
the duplicate
of ill, .. 1W6IO duplicate In events n 30
a Uny.
that Uovernor auur.oucc : the paymant to him by applicant ,
deemed auttlclent If It the tnay Mote and aanltury dwelling* for'pnrannaengaged the dealer aelllng to him. ibmti
be .1.0. .pul"t .nl i.awe of ) together with all bum Issued, ahall havff been surrenderedto by therefor, by written nitir?
oommlaalonar. ot housing pro.ceullfliu ot th ot 1(0.00, If t month ,
au lUl aum or ic
levied lIt ,
there I. need for a regional In pualtuinol.defoone( activities the Commissioner, and Hoc. t. The license tax herein cant ,
I thorlly and ftmla In .ubslantl.llr the authority who> !I. a 'lullt..I| aleator In a* provld.M! In hue Act and hnualntfprojfcta *. In.1 thing hor.lof.r. until .ID" V.ble. Commissionerhaa shall ba In addition to all other license of the particular calendar year has nlal., stating Upon Ito ground., p., IPd,
d."U b.I". the county from appointed ; hurt unI..k.n. performed or don with reference V.hlol. olapaiMl, then receipt of saId regio- reque.t by ; .
| upon
davfilup Ststtot
forpii.plni I.rm. (In. furth.r ( or .mlnl.l.r.1 atamped In a Piece on taxea levied under lha laws of the whoso linens '
comlltlona aiuiuer and orovlded further that any oommlaaliiner th.rMlo. are hereby and the by the appllcatn shall har< bin ? ;
v.II.t.d. ration -
tha ahall c.uliatltut. pro- the payment
necessary) be Florida, and In addition to "
\ ; : ratlfl**,. confirmed much certificate of title, UK for a public
atsd above (In.1a( ) anil (b) zIIJACOP of av r."I.n.1 houalng author j'r toiler the houalnff autnorltlo* ; approved the worulsi"TItle duplc.t. dealur' license tax for each place- of to him ot $15.00. shall deliver to heu/-inK, th. ,, i,
of aucli reonlutlim of the ov .rn certified by ouua. rruftnner and for lila aarna reaon herein (. any d.rl or Irregularity there be upon .uch denial, anti lit
of a county, duly vldml (that during th period ( forhire. the law ot th* State of Florida. ahall In force and effect down to and iiiali h ,
.b t. Cd' other officers appointed by 10Jovermor want of authority been uaad aa taMl cab u-.rlv..lt or amo with leasonuble 2
a ,
t period" .ny .
nailed the .I.tutor. sltull collect Including December Hat of that calen
:..h.lbf.krJDD: : In any :.nilor "o ( A regional houalnii authority thnt a .n.Lunnl..ot.n. i. The at auch from an
prooeetllng. ft. .h.1 have power to select .n) ap finding eh- be conulualv, In any ault All aont.":' ... *, obligation a.o. owner v.hlol. upon and annually and such maintenance hall find and uul.-rmlni, ,,, ih.i hj
or'eschange herein contemplated
for offering the santa for the license tax ,
of 1,1, uvrporato nama."Hee. within its and undertaking of auch authorlUt .nl. vlou action wns not,
R. that
(U. Are.
'ec. propriate action proctfedlnitlt juMUUd
huu.lnl ahall b relaaued In the
annually h
O"ur.ton tag ,
: shall affix, b. hall fall to report and pay the same
aa may
of U. llurnl ProJent.tuuinLr >B heratufor entered such
( defined In th* p..rll approve appllcHtlon
glonal ,
Hu..lnl area n and of (lie xnd
Ho.ulnl Au'lorll.-.I.. a. .I.Ln" salt manner upon payment II k
"trOI Vehicle' the herein provided
by tho Motor to comptroller a*
(: )huuatnr and regionalhoualnir or aiding In the Cm.ml..loner. termlne that
oll.n"l houoD. "Ih.r. ') hAw). or any p.r In.nclnl < aama fae, aa provided for In the orlg. prevlou., ic< ?,
notIce on Ito lower hand cornerof ha shall be deemed to be polity of em
.. authtirltlea em' a
are ah rl.h juatllled he
Ity shall Include .II .p."II..11 Ihlr.o'. tl.ro I I. un acut tc>i oln.tru.tol. t..lnl.n.n"o or operation Anal raglatratlon, such renewal to take shall oillim? luioeo.
of pr.vipi.
than ala the
uiborityiiiun authorised nioiinyt the windshield besxlement of fund., property
which regional housing i powered and safe and which Impede ; project or proj- tttit.
effect the lInt of January of ., .,
dw.lin. on lay
: .h. their other ..lnr) 'Induce dating, that mid motor the Htato ot Florida, and upon convlo
la dreatad aatabllehad ax.9nt acuept granta and exerclaa the I actlvlt.ee, touts or to obtaining aid therefor fromth ariuiiro each i. NO license hull In ,
for farm : .dinInInteruucL: 1 hoe been previously uaed a. ion shaH ba punished a. U convicted of year.Provided pip
portion of countlea which w< with.in power In provide hou.ln. any project devohtped United Htatea Rousing Authority. v.hlol. further that maintenance or revoked except otter puhl,

territorial( buunilsrla. ;of eltlea. are ot 1 low with Including (without taxi u-drlve-lt or for hire. larceny of a Ilk. nuni.I 'lit. ?
the I"uo", t-.y u-li houalng authority (10. tiy limiting the generality .1. .,. aommlosloner .hull giv ?
.ni I 1. I. t. Inl.nC .f th. .lthath.effutctherecf ; tax provided for In thla: action thc
.. deCried In Ibo multiorlll" auch, project., any .t h.u.lnl authorlfy 0ioualnir authority with ) Of the fareisnfli.Inun I ,..! .....I Moo Any person, who anils or exchanges at least ( day written
nuiim v,
hou.111 o.oper..I.ln. hall ba In lieu ot all other andtoe. Ol ,
ahnll bo to ale
motor corre ;
..nl.r.Inlo orpurchase .. .ra"t. to thoprovialona
amended. \ may contrlbutlnn
'if wliuth
law .... in aucli uriia pur".nt Act. and leaaea wltn v"hlrl.I."ntrlrl of kind character and decrlptlon and place of such hpsiliuj,
j ."Th. area of operation of areflonalhnualnv .1.e.m.nt. aooepl BUCII conveyance InnnHnl aid of fedora.) governiDnt (Its United ttate Houalng of this .nl ) oiflcer, pondlngly Increaaa tha guaollna atoragu every with hue reasons for his ot
auihorlty shall b1 'increasedfrom .nd or sell dwelling (or n. agent for the govrninent agreamnenta with Authorly.'. agent or employee of p.r..n. firm or tax Impoaod by Chapter 1U760, L,aw Btate county or municipal, At such hearing the proiweMT,

,, time to lima to Include Jon or forming o f auuh project to ur furforni.ra a. )hereinafter 1..1..1 ahall .r' public bodlea (Including. thoae whl.-U corporation and eVery peraon who ahfill of Florida, Acts of 19JU, oa provided byHoctlon except ad valorem tax, and except the given full liceutiet, oi

more. ( nounU. Dot. already of low Income a. auuh huU.ln..uthD.ltr .rat b* Nublftct, the [f"o.llo'l.', provided arc pledgea or r o be pUdrfad authorlae, dIrect aid In or eonaent to tf of saId act, ao a* to eiiuallxe motor vehicle llcenao tax aa now or or through Opportunity to b, .T

t within .d.llon.1.. hou.ln.< .U'horlt.' dmma n.u..rl In order (. In .. 'lloi 10. and Ih* aucuind, aen for :the protection holdur of the aal* or earhtnire of a motor vehlcl the gaaollno gallonaga storage tax WIth hereafter provided for by law person 80. g. Tha an aitarnry; ,

(eicrpt auoh portion p.'II.. .uol scour* the ." the objuotIvea tenre of enctlon P of th. "housing author. any not. or bond .f"\ audi houe. ounlrarl to the provialona of this act the gaaollne gallonaga aalea tax.Hec. All feoi and taxes Impoaed by thla the pertinent booka cbininlHuloim, mil it

k additional& county or which uf thla Act. Much, loaae.. agreement 1(1cc law | and, rorhur. that tng autborltl or othrwl dvemifd nullty of ml.d..o.n.or ia. It any aectlon. eontancn, act and collected by the state Motor contracts of r.corhI, \loin.

: within the territorial, boundaries' any or conveyance may Includ uch oovoiianle during tb .ro"ld.e ** .rlo.l. a made part ot the contract with ucli 7ml, upon conviction thrrenf ahall lie clauae or* phrane of this act la for any Verlclo Cttlnmlaaloner from tha sale of a Ili-ensca rclallni iv

; aa defined) If tha .. bO11 .. the 1..0.1". authority .deem nouMlntr may.make payment holder.of note or ) relating to by a line of not mor than reaaon held lo be unconatllutlonal or Inoperative maintenance tags ahall ba paid by him, written complaint niuj, \, hit it
olt. .uth"rll b.n".1 uch licensee.Beo. .
; oC the oountl them apprnprliita auch dwelling In Murk .,.nt. It rtnda nect-Bunry or cooperation lund contribution .in aid of funlahed) or bY Imprlaontnent In the auch daclalon shall not afflict to tha Triaaurer of the Stata of Florida,

In the area of operation, ot'Mjia', r.. and the tracts of land desui-lbed, In any d..I..bl.. any .aorvlca*, fnolllilue, paymvnt (Of any 'In county jail t. exceed sit niontha, or the validity ol tile remaining purllona of who shall credit th* mate Koad Department a. if an applicant or a lit

t, glonal housing. authority, (Ito prnnmll. .uch In.trum.nt., which covananta ahallbo .ork.. j> "'... or ,Inpuv.npnt., Cur- .u.lnl t l.roJ.cl.. furnlahlnir of unuutieipai by both auch floe .n.t Imprlaontncnt, him act. Th leglalature hereby de. fund with, the total amount !. a firm or corpora Hen., it .ILII L.flculent .

aionara regional housingeuiliority drained tn run with' the land where for nr, In any ci'rvluea and..facllltlea. and th. ellinliiA. R<*.. 4. All lawa or parta of law* Intovuflict clnre that It would have paaaed this thereof causa for Ihe denial, sun,

act the governing; body of ceh iuohedditluflhi tha bottling authorll deem It necasury -' ,ttir-ti l.roJorl'. After the natlu-nitl-dtt- thIn of unaaf and Inaanltary h.r..lh b* and the aamo are act and each aectlon. aeni.,nce. elauito or boo X. That all law or part of law or revocation ot a IICIMIM ih i n

( eountl or oountle. auk. .,t"l.ta and the J"rL. Mulch Instrumentxi fence ,, nit? au"h projeula owned ami contract fur the ooiiHiructlnn wolllngn of, hereby phraae thereof, trreapectlv of the foal In conflict herewith be, and the aamaara fleer, director or triune ut ihi li,

... tnVre I. aneed > stipulate. housing toefitriotre and aininietuured by a houalng authorityahall houMlng project*, together with all Hoc .. Thla 8'.t ahall lake effect .Immediately thut any on* or more other aeotlona, hereby repealed corporation, or any oit'fltb'r in caCartnerahlp

t_ for tha Inclusion of auoh ftaillllan- ot law Income vuunty houalnvaulhiirltloe b* admlnlatered for th* purpoae : anti (thing heretofore proreedlngnaat upon It. beconilnir a JH.W.Approved acntencea, clauae or phraaea bo declared Boo. a. 1'hla act ahall take effofTct Immediately ,. hna been null!) ul u

al county or oountlea III thl) a.ra% ., op. and' regional housingauthor* and In aooordanv with the provlaiun performed un. the Uovoi nor April ill, unconatltullonal or Inoperative, upon becoming a law of oimaslon which would be nu.
p ration of elicit regional ."I'a.lh.' .- I tie. ahall nut bo aubjeut to Ih. limitation of (he 1 Uouetna autborltlra law .dertaken. or don. with refiencA 194, 1, .eo, 13. Title nut shall not repeal Approved by the Governor April 14, refusing suspending ur revukini

Ity. Upon the adoption *>f e reolU. provided In cluus' (oj of Moctlon Beo. ft, For$ ITedarnl, Oovem ratllUd, Ih.r.lo. are hereby validated.! any law, or port of luwe, relating to the 1941, cense to such party as in lull*

loOM I lbs county houalng vut tl 10 and olaUMo (r) of aootlon' of tha inent On (A"Unl Houalng. A housing clared .. In .all, .p"r.vad and II.. CHAPTKH 90237 levying of any Hlata licence totes otother. Each llcanaea shall be HUIKIMIM

lied by aectlon 17 of thIs Ac'', .u: housingatithurltlM' law. Nothing oon .rale any or Mil or itO legal defect reapitct. noiWtth.ntan.ling AN ACT t authorlae tint (nilnv. Iddexlnir .mat* taxea upon gaaollna or other CHAPTER 20211AN the acta of any or all uf hli uk
.ulhorll mol any
auoh .Id county ahall .... talnsil. In thla vecllon shall b. of or while
oon.tru..1 cnnpnratIngwltli Irr."ul.rltl acting aa hIs apnl. If ,
r Ilka ACT UKconano
Ilon"t purl'o" th.r.ln or any want ot and recording of certain coplva. of product of petroleum ; provided to remove front the tltloa lo
1 exist the purpose C t( tl limiting any other pow.ra of any or acting for the Kea-' .t.tulor. .utl. however that approved of or html bro
: real
petition no
: ldB to only. coinmonclniK un.l.rthe municipality or eatai; the cloud of unperformed
affair and axeoutln authority. .
in tevuulupnt.ot orodiniolairation l.roco.ln. cf aald
up ural government act or other aim l.r
.u.ln. Moo 1 other political Hubdlvlalon' ahall levy of sit
AppMoatlona byFornuoruThi Note and lion.. All art UnitedMlaton 01 contract record
tharegional houalno authority noraInafter 111. Houalno th l-ed b"nkru\I"1
; of by PI'Dr.I. after auch
of collect "ifnaiillna tax'1 approval or Phil <\ttalneil
Inga adludlcallon In auch any or othar tax
act and U. It Knncted
provided I provided 'if however. owner of any farm oper oral government to newur the Availability (thing hnrftufur unlrrtakon. hy tha Leglaliiture of the lie
that such resolution shall nol b e adopt.d .t.d. or woiked upon l I'y farmera of low of ear* and aunUary dwulllnga for perCormed o lui.o tn or for theauthorlXAtlon. proceedings, and ordera apprnvlnabonda menaured or computed by the aale, pur.rhnae flute ut JlorlilMHactian udvantagea bunelll.accruing proceinlii fruii a p nfl i ii

If thera la a county h0U.L1t. author.Ity In need of cot and sanitaryhoualng ifRgagnd In, ntttioniii'iipf.nu aotivltltf I..uan. executhm anti of Ir".t. Hppulnled In auch proceeding atoragedlatrlbutlon, use, con 1. Whenever anyone shall have otherwIse ralllled saul
ctreatod for any aueh andlllonalcounty I may nla an appllaatlun with.houalhsT ii puuranna the "ev.lop.n..nt d'lv"1 uf note. and bond i to inak It th. duty of tho clorka aumptlon, or other dlnpnaitlon of gaao- contracted to purcrhaea real estate in, acid l

wfilott bee any obligation* out- : nutliorlly 1 crsaivd: for: m county .ne m.1 un".rt.l.of, any unh i''. i1ri l.'l"' for.in.. "rpn"t o bl houMlnl.. of the circuit eiouila to fIle Index ..n,1fc.1 line or other like product of petroleum the blat* of Florida, prior to January such ttou,rule ill. Tho and ciinmlti.iiinii, r'
udml.I.1 ,
.landingunlai. nrat ((1)I all ablmeea of or a regional' housing authority requesting project for the Federal..gtiwrniimnt. In .,.1.1 develf.pintfnt or uoii moth copier; nn.l to provIde fvea I provided, full hottlmt nothing 1, 1940. by written agreement requiring reftlllalfonii, ii
any ouch ; authority *ad that It provide;: for a pate and *anllary order to aaaur the avallmblllty oC anf of a houalngprojort or proj ', ,, filing, Indexing I and recordIng' herein ahull prevent the levying by inu.nlclpalltlea all payment to ba mad wIthIn ten deem neceeainy ur pi-uptr I l"r llitlve
Countl h.u.lnJ bonds note fur occupunor ect, *, and all lie It hnurtril hy the Lvglnlulur 1 of tile or other political aubdlvlalona re from the administration and iDfurc'ithla ,
.> p.rt. to < dwelling or dwellings) and aanltary housing for per anna engaged .nd bond n.retofnr yea date of the contract o> act.
4 ., obl..lon.( ot any. suth conn, by such farmer of low Income.Bucll in natlnnal-dttfenaft. autlvUlo, ahouatng laauad by hauelng auihorltlue are l41.t. of ".rinrleutlon of reaaonubl flat licence foua or ha* accepted aa aoolgnment ot such an
.n ty tha : autharltlea In mol proved and eo.rlrm.d. with schedules omitted, lIne or other like product of petroleum turar, factory branch, or faitur,
county houalng authority < regional examined by houalng mmnectlon In part) th* '. government any declared In all re- cOnn.na.In. ot auch a contract of purchaae, or aaalgnment -*
4 hoj.Ing authority to.t be iub.lt. with (lie formulation of project houetng project. developed. for peraun apecta, noiwlihaiandtng- detent or 1"0.80"1 under the b.nkruptrl at wholesale or retail. appear of record from tile aentatlvo, who vtolaUs sny, iiroilthla .

tulon of .uch n.lona hounlnjr author, or programs to provide houalng for farmer of low Incom but not yet occupied hy Irreguiarlty therein or wont of etatu.' act of Htatea. or Beo. 14. Thla act 1 Is an emergency Inatrumeot Itaalf or by reference In collIe ( act, or who doea soy art

lion \ an ot low Inoome. .provided. }Ifow curb pfiraun; Mulch anl. shall b* at elicit tory authority.luttil. .ni tree of Judtcatlon In curb procoedlnira. or revenue meaaure and shall bo of no other recorded inatrumont. and ahall not orated In Section ( ai a nrounil (udnlal

i thnrlty\ on OI.u U h.o'Zt; bonds.Bute ever, thnt If It become neceaaary for prlue and upon auch term a. I tie hnua 4. 11.0tv. ThIa act of the order approving tho bond of tho force and effect from and after July have obtained and placed ot record a auapenalon or rev,.elba

or .1 .on.1 .pllolf under the paragraph to log authority ahall prvaarlbt wnd shall tuiki .1.ot Inmodh.t.ly I.to"",,n I',. .h,1 truate* appnlnUd In auch, prooeedlmc,, 3.1, 19411, deed to tha property or a decree of license, shall ba donnipd gulluf ui.
<8> th. oommlvaloner( of oeuntyhnualng a.n"o portion of hi. then homataail lnatud prnvlalon for thu uttlNfactloii I of "' .n,1' I Ih. uove.nor "r may b. lllnl,, 'Indexed ami rooorded In Spa., ja,. All iowa op parts of -law Inconlllct court of competent Jurisdiction a, demeanor, and upon (renvicttoa HI.line. .

authority and lha uomtnl..lon- ,In order to take advnntaga aaprovided all debt and UitbiMtle ot li. authority U'.I' it. becoming bl!law without( loch Ihe oinoa' of the clerk of the circuit herewith are hereby repealed, nlxlnghla tight therennto, and la recoit-nut .I not exceeding ll.miDvil, nprisoned

ire of Muah regional hauNlna.authoritydont ) than In that event, the aueh prnjert. approval.Approved. court In the aama' manner aa doed*. Itahall juiTi.i'-io'ft' *ct littl1 take effect In actual puaaeaalon of th not exoeoiltiiK, ono yp.r ft
rssnlullons ,' to (lha I w.lr't, to portion ot soul rl.lnl Tlodle b the the : property in tho fllscretlon tIle rourl
? oO.nUn. parting ut *. Hy Vubllo b Its duty nt 01", of Ihe covered by the ul
transfer ot al the oonlro'I., ob. ... nlt a If net hue ronialnlnv On *Cuop..loo Any pLate pub Ho 1141 (ov.nol Irl 3. circuit court to tile I tlmnam Approved by the Governor April 24, defined contract or by tho aaBlxnment Bee. 1 2. If any |ii uvl.luii 'Dl Ihor ,

llgatlon property < per.unal portion uf .. but all right that aaldowner an denned, In the hm.alng. caliper.i -- of tha bankrupt, and record auchcertified 1t4t() lie Hevlaed aa (leneial In Hc.lutei 3( C3I lllio the appllcnilon I thereof 'i l.. ivsoa

o| COOk county hnusln uihoiltyto may have In and I. anma unh.1, bley. law (chapter 17UH3 LAW of lUi?. CH APTIOB aOSSJ roplo' tiled for record In In. '"par. 4 (3) of or clrcumalHncei., I. tii. lt<.

such regional houslnv authority ccI and by vIrtue of the Conotltuilun .n.1.L.n any Hinendment thereto) chill have A v, ACT ... ntlng to the collie manner, .. d
I hereinafter provided and provided" fur. Wtat* ot Florida or any law pnased: pur* Ih. ". right and pow.,ra tv uoopvr of ,h. act of Uonicresa. provision he shell b* entitled to the a.m, AN ACT lo ilealicnata* the general-- w>nal rapreaentallvaa, hue widow, hoira. per. the remainder', of Die ti''iand( in

th.r. that when the above two condition uant Ihvroto. shall b* denmud ami heldto nt* huuatng, authnritlea or with '" provIde that the United.n"U.d "An act fee aa are provided by law for Illlng, .1py.ot the UnIversity of Florida and auoceaauro, and aa. Ion of such provlaion ti jilt< IMH'
"lh' IHIIO ahall
a'. compiled with and ot apply to BUUII remaining. portion of the .vernm.nt. with r..p..t the uftatea In 81.tr. .h.1 Indexing', ant, recording d..d. State Collega for Women ,, ; luivo no further Interest in or circumstances, slull, nu' ba *l H
operation of Much regional I lu: t authority said land the title of which remains Inentt the de.lol"n.nl. or adminlatrntlon of Srii proJ."I. anti .Ihll. '*r".I.r.t.' Hoc. 1. All lawa ana parta of lawa Inconflict Slata depoBltorlei of public documenli at th property described In the contract, hereby

la Inareaaad to tl.r. ad.dltloniil .. applicant! II busing the Intention of project. I..lr. the availability ofaaf itiututelluber .'J1"1""r -and ... .11"ov..1 with the provlalona of this not to provide for furnlahlna; them aald doo.umanta. ., or the the aaalgnment, by virtue thereof, and Bee. ia. Thla act phil umi
h.ralnab the of .I- record of such contract
ae tile leglalalur ta permit owner fop Irohlbllll Ih. are hereby aaalgnment
and aanltary repealed. and
.o.nll. ltivepaioui ta authorlxo- October 1st 1141.
dw.Ulnl' p.ron. ot and Inatrucl ,
.d. all ( ob.llgatlong any farm operated or worked upon byferlitere In ." } !" tofu th. c. a. ThIs shall' or other record reference thereto, -ahall
aont..r. engaged ".. ..tt. bttipe or '" lIcenSe' 8. act take effect ito.htu.dlat.iy them to xchaaga ould docutnenta and Approved by the Covtrnoi Apu
aura FI..hl. '.. no lonu r
need uf conatltute
: and nt Uiw Income In that auch plate publlo ha t> ".. .. a Paid upon bnooinlrlg, a law. to aupply certaIn either actual or
.tl y material to'the 1941.
housing authority shall be In the nenhiof cud sanitary b.u.lo. to 1.1. advanlaga auant to such law for purpoa. of (tue > pu.'I.. other than Approved by th* Governor II library of the Vnlverelty law conatruvtlva notlca to a purchaaor. inert.gagee .
"' of
and veal In such regional au.thorlty of Iho provlalona, of ct ..Ithoutj..p.dl.I" th. development or adntlnle-' r. "rrUu/ .jeparttxtent Apl Whereaa, It I Florida or other person acquiring an
all ( ot 'ph their In ihelr then n.l.ln.of alum or Flor'da .r..h S'esu lick 0' de.lrabl that then Interest In tha property, unleaa withIn CHAPTKR 20210
I.h. should '
obl..t.n. ol..r.n. bou.la. be a oomprehenalve collection AN ACT til define .oil ,. "' "1

bou.lhl coot regional .. ,.' ho..t by limy....n .f any In require order jurojuuotl'. for Honda p...For". low .. H.MI It d: .. Legiolalure .r ..b.HooUon CHAPTER 20)3 publIc document for teacher. atudnt 01 alx fect.month he or utter solos thla act shall take ef practice of dentlntry ami Irnul IIIIn -

and all right and remadU. par. fur.th.1.1 to reealva n..arl b.nefl. herein Ijgal Hu.. Inveatmunta. l.t.n. tou.ln. =; :t rrb.:: : upon AN gaaolln ACT linpoalng an additional tax oimd' raaemrtih worker In the Mtate: and hint anaiila one claiming under tha Htato ot FInrMii.' imt '-' l Ii
.b. other'
or like Whereai .
eon agalnat auch county : providedl& and no court .b.1 .r con- llgatlona laeuud by a houalng I. at FiorItit, b.u. petroleum providing for prO.IUCI.or the general library of th. ( ) f laco on record a deed or Other penalties for the viol.tlon il mr iprovlalona
ba asaerted 0 proso.cuteil has takanadvantage .th.rltl by tuuust.ioe I ; report of Unlveralty ot Florida la a United utatea of this act.
a Ity- may "f2,0 .tru. that an applicant fop projeut developed or n\M..fr\ or the Oct aalea of loch conveyance of the from
agalnit auch .. .. authority of Ih''. Act ha. In any manner pumuant. to thla Act ahn.ll b* aecurlty lie Cuflreia "Alt let to provide of til clm.udIU.a to tho cunptrolley depoaltory for th* docutnenta of tht1"etiriul bolder ot the record property title tha lie It Enacted by hue LrgioltIItlri l l P1 l lHtute

1 to tha aatn* extent may shape or form abandoned hla right for publlo depualt I and legal Invealnienta tha tho L'nl. 11,1.. .h.1 hut 'be ing for Ihe 1111. Ilur.11; provid government ana lb) Place on record t or of Fiorldiil I
hav been aliened, enforced, ami pro.euteutCitaluct .*- In any property that la hla then, hornateud *- to th aame evtent and for th,. aum SI.lo In dl.p".llon money \\hercaa, thla library la handicapped extcutad by a written Inatrumant Men Ion 1. 'Jim pnicllct >' il'rtui
derived tha
from holder
: .uch county honslnj, au.hnrttv by virtue of uch action upon hIlVjrbut ., inailtutlon*, aNctclation. tinr ,: for other purlIaee." r .oJ.at.. .. antI the ap.portlonment In auiiulrlng the documonta of ulnet oril title of the rco- the State of Florida, Is hn phI) itta )

." '- A It ihall ba .oonstru.d andeeinod peroilta bod lea and oittcur* a. bond teuiber, ii. Iifl (Pubuiti I No. 7atlt thereof to the general rev. ittete. tar lock' of docuimten(' to otter itiodhticoIo0' svltt.nclng an axtenalon or affect tha public health m

WhO any real property,'oi'!. countyhousing that .uch h.h.upon ths part 1..rU.n.obligation laaund purauant to Congreec). .n.1 the Lun""I.lon of'UOlmie .nu* fund of the tlal., and to the coun return ; now, therefore. hawing that of the original contract and welfare and to bo subjru, ".

authority' vests In 0'ur.1luunOI of any apiilltiant, horeuniler ba. not the aulhorltlea law fur the do. coil Itrealt War ty school fund; I"ovldln. that the gaan- II, It Eou'ei( by the LTiiNlIAture of "" inalna III the original contract ra. tlon and control In the publi rui'
I.reby force
housing; authority a. provided: Above tha abanilomnent' of hi. then uomal .nr h..lnl a alum' clearance or hotta- lh.rl..I. ..pow.r.'I. anI dlreu'ted an.to 'line' ,'".P..""B l the Ilat. oC $l.ete of t'Iorliiii CO) Institute and effect | or It I Ic further decTured Hi be 0 M

county hDu'n. authority halt ixcouti't and that all right that ii. then Ing project. for perann of low inconi ".rror. act. .. lucy h. oece.ary KlordU ahall ipply to tulip pro Mecllon 1. That the general library of court of or have pending, In a of publlo Interest ant con I hi,

% d.od property 10 th < refionl therein ahall be and remain a. provided ".0. I. Pftfenao lloualng Contract t. the .n'hl.t and hibiting 1 : the levy and collection by iou.niipoltilea the Vnlveralty of Florida, under th. fur thw' competent JUrisdIction a suit dental profession merit and noonlldence tlk
houalng authoritywhich thereupon ahall by (lie Conatltutlon and .n law enacted Validated. All bum!*, nut, .. contract, imperative Wiiilif. .I.bl.h""t.ol and other political abbdlvla- board of control, be auth 'nfuroemnent "' hi.' rights' under of the public snd lim

file deed with the Froordepot d..e,11. purauant thereto. ) agreement and, obligation of houalntfauthurltIn .1"lln." In .hl act of. proJ.ota. ions of gaaollno taxaa; providing for thaenriircmnent Suit. dP0tll''y "' "" >>ub1'document"' contract.too. qualified dontlals bo pi.rmlll.-Jlc t

ot t'* county where such r.uikpropuurty: "Sue. 14. Additional, : b.ntilon.- : htetorore INMUMI or entered plicitce, with ., act .Lon.r .antI of thla act, and( penaltlua tl by P under the authority ot beu-ounitig. 9, IbIs sot aholi take effect upon lice dentistry In the State' of

.' Il. provided that nnlhlnl; contained In (1.> 'Partner of low Ino.m. Into relating to financing undertak ul.t.n. promuigteI by the ul. r'l fur violation h.neof and providing that lute Hta a imiw. provlalona, of this sot r"auiItt ifprartlea
thla .enure ahall .1.ot the. vetting of thla Act .Itall: mean persona or famllle Ing (including cooperatln with or act .I (Iier.unlu.r. t."et.rl thla act I la, nn rmuigenuy revanu innaa.uro hm:. 1. That BaM general library l Appropeg by "" Governor April 26, of dentistry and, ami"' '

In the .. .. huuainT .. nor* who I: at tlm tIme of their ,admission, I tooUoukpancy lug lie agent of the Federal gtivernmttnti, (I.e. I. l"roin chap the ami utah bo of no tore* anti effect eslul d'poaltory ahall be entitled to re"celva hall ba liberally construe I Jirji
Kroperly .
provided .". .- ,., In a dwelling, ot a housing Inl| the development or adm Inlet, rnlion nt thl., act ,la .nd. ; Unlutwful"? from and after July I, lii). tIny copl.a of all report* of Htat., these objects and pur|>oa
'h. "gttvernlnif bud? of eaeh'if hi authority of any p aaaur the avalitibltUynf aoy rood. acorulng to ( an'ot'L""" "1""' ana '"tltutlona boo. a. It shell be
ooitnilea in tha regional housing? author housing condition; ) derive aofe and.o.Wt.: dwelling Cor pr froflt HIRt. ot Mtiil of klorlilMt Mtate AN ACT providing for the tlu-ntIelv' 1
Sml. documenta to practice
"It.rl ( l'I"r"l. lees ,
icy, the .. .. of the i fi'glonaIhaualng ( from .I' .Una mna engaged 'In n.lon.1 detail** actlvr f. any 1..n... usher 1..1 b.. h.nl.. Heutlon I. That Very dealer In gaao. Hlatei provided however publlahed, thai and hiceim.Ing manufacturora" factory peraon hygiene In (lie Hlate of V t I la. 'I
: .
authority and gOM-rnlnn haif 1' linn or other like branonea and
the or o'III'InoT i (f4) ttea are ant declaredlugal ittinlcratln ( fh'pcntuent. product of petroleum. the number of State factory repreneotative. Tboao who are now lui.
h.r.bl report (a)
1 body of each auch additional vaunty' or an "t rt net Inuoma In .". .. notwlthatandingany .n" lunch. W.tor. 'I.b oC of (Itimit,, under v.batover name dealnnated In this laws hereby oppropriatsd shall and be "m"Ited motor Vehicles; setting forth reason. fSj and registered rientlsla, I"""' '
iiountle. ahall by resolution du.re that their oil.utienlon the 'iota 01 mate. In the donlul.
fur to all other *
? defect Irrvgulai therein taxea auapenalon
;: or or any l'I..ldl reMUlr.d to eight bound copl,,.. and tn. or revocation of (b) Thoaa who nr. now >
thera I. a neoil for the addition of such trim wee less the amount. authority. by law, shah num. Iteenaeai; '
want of etatutory .. All liiw. pay and additional her of llouaa( and Henate providing for the denial, aui. and dentil liym'uant "-
county or cuuntloa ta the regional hou* determined by. the authority Ktto. 7. R."ov.t.f Rcetrlctluna For Iii Ouioflict hen.wIlt Int Perle of I... lax of 1 cent per gallon for every ccJ.| by appropriated Journal here. penalon or revocation ot uchllcenaeai regIstered

u Ingauthority.. If (al tha governing' bO"J be neu.s.ary. within Ita area of op. r>"ff'n** HOUH.I.:. Thl Act Khali oon Iiao. .. Thia act .r. her.b. rOP.alu.1 Ion of gaeollna or other Ilka product C'.Pea. and each shah and, bo limited to two uthurlxlng the Motor Vehicle Commia- to law* he IF" t,
or each of auch ". to enable them without ilnan. upon of every oitioer of tlt, dotter .d.lton.1 "Ilon. .tltut* an tndumtndent author lantlon It. ant /1 petroleum, under whatever nama due. bliate empowered to make rules and '
br low d it
oountle find that .or uneafenhabttcd "1.1 .aaal.tanoe.. to obtain decent aitfvanil for a hauling authority to utidnttak. thedeeioluut.nt tulIp p..o or by approval by au..r. Ilinaled, loud b' him on which the tax euuii Publlo document tn 'atrlbuu' and* P'ovldln for the entnrceiient regulatlun1 licensed and reglst r< nrvlalon. >
or u
dwelling accommodation exist without becoming low Withuu document larsr.r.t,5li' of dental hyglenlsta, pur>
$ over admlnlatmtUm of .ucb heroin provided haa (hue
.nla II.u.ln. or pro'led. ..ppr.v.l.V.t.1. not been Paid or hereby authoriaed and ad and penalties' for
directed violation
In such oounty or thera la) o short er."dh.' to aaaur the availability of act. the payment thereof has not been so. mit the to tron. therefor of thin act. I1'iI'
of or sanitary dwelling >accom body. aa uatnl In by the Governor l>39 numuber of copt). of each pub. Bee. 5. NothIng In till'
ago 'lb> 'aovnlnl th. and sanitary dwelling for I".on. en. raased aumed by a person preceding him In tha lie document Whare'aa. the leglalature "
herein '
:In auch county available toporiune Act with 11 a county. ahall ...e.ln natlonal-defena .. .* a* over veto 1141. handling of ald lot of product Uellv- dopoaltory appropriated to said And* that In ply to the following piat
low Inooma at rentals I they tin county oumml..timers or olli.r.leg- for proyluled, however. In case .V lfl"toia and operations: ,,
[ 1."old..1 In thla Act .n,1 houalng cry ahall bo d,md to be inndo at Ilia Jnerafw'elfaV W '
I can and tha gaVarnlng body 1.I.lv. body ot the IUU"t,. cooPWrat act .. AN CHAPTER ao>ll point uf deeilnatlon. Thla additional II. it JS-5S..V n-- < and in (a) To the practice n
nf each of tha ) .. In Art with I.lh.rll AcT far its ptiuic. power, it ha of juro''in "
oount. 11.tItnolnd..1It ) .Cl.r. u..o 1.1. the K.deral government' In0h In tho the rucorthing, canae lax of one cent par gallon on oelpt by the Itocessary to by a phyalclan | '
tho of ( urn. the Uepoaltory of the regulat0 manufacturer. of It ill *
area authority .t At.to..hlcl. numb
tl..lon.1 regard or of gaaolln much under the law
.. other like
de.l.p."t "Inl..ton inieuimnvr. I'un. product* of petroleum. ''" of authority, tha of S'l'V" document herein and factory ><
accountant of
clerk and sworn dentist
the projects by the of all under whatever appro' repreeentayroHuif ha or Clue practice
the regional ho..lnl authority, ami (Ii.luveriuillO .h.1 b."..al of county comnu.alunera or "ml,1 In acting under l.d.r.1".hlrl..ovon-.. for purthaeu .on., nolc. ."urltr I.. noted, ahall bo pay to tho name Comptroller riealg- Env n\h.H, cancel -he obligation o l motor *"1.10''" doIng bualnece in laity ; or,
Additional* the otllcer ilutlos lIlt.puuecut ..nl ahalt b debts on lltitor vohlcl. r """". lo in order prevent friiudM by .1 "
.unl the oU.lum.'ly a houalng' aUlhorl1 not Providing hut monthly In the following manner: Un the san,.. tran.mlt Im poaltleo. and tbr To the giving
nu curb -l
or countloa find ra lien upon It.
county cttlx.n,
b. Now
un relttliuiinnior There.
subject to enforeesbie registered
any "
.rlnI" before th eathetlst
.1 or llth or
day of each month taO. for.
eonal houalng authority woOld b* $ei >. $ Nature of Act. other law agaluiet cpiiiltore *' 'he ml thunder duty of ; rienluti *
requirements urptthoa .Ub..u.nt pu.r...... the dialer allah under sold aesthetic for a l ..
more rflolent or economical, admlnlatratlve -,In* puwara ., by (mite Act *hailb relating to lund ...ul.lh.nl pre- era Without notice pooh notice the comptroller tha report oath to lIbrary a. .01,1 depoellory to beep laid 115.1 It Fnuort..l by the Legislator,. .1 the the direct supervision of s ""
number of
unIt lit carry out th* purposes and to the bern gallon ut000tmiente in Pitihti of 'tuunIiia
I In addition uppltmienta the prooedur or to b* h. .a.r.I..1 In .uch onto. convenient form cc. i
thl housing I authorities law H the area law. .rrlbln. the r .uthu. of auch product .old, by him during 0.55101. to (tue public, section 1. tilt; or. todi.charge
power conferred by any other the development or alntlnia.atiun I"ID" Alulu.blcl.. tcl,1 depo.itory Whenever Used lIt this act. of din0>' -
C.mml..lone, th* preceding month, and ahall
    Th* practlo
    of of the regional hollaing au .. at the Tulsa Unless lb. ,
    Use. 1.Act sn far rules by COnteat I
    op..n of publlo Including1 and th. board otherwine lIlt
    t any official
    l'untol"I.-ln ..rk. for (be a me, time th require., of their
    rr.uhtlnna pay to of
    comptroller tile ,
    b Increased Inciudiouch control |I. thu. '
    t nor ity < tb. and .nlorc.m.nt at thin authorlxed to following word, l
    : 'i''i''I Ir..I.I.n. h"o..I.t- alum eUarann houalna: project .nd preplir. amount, of llcenm tax above uxehang. cold and terms have the uat dentist or denial n.'* i
    mentioned. documenta
    additional I county or I otherlaw. formo for (ho.. hollowing
    cot pr..I.lon. for of low Invnin or undertaking end butik. for of oher ttate. meaning;
    Wll .01 peraona .uch Much Nor! .p
    report shall how in United Btate Army.
    In dwelling. $ visions ( be of municipal publlocorpora.lone I"e roo.dlnl; detail the terrltorlea. anl countries (ci "ltanutecorr"mean. '
    d.t.rmlnln. project or ; Ond >
    .I.lh.\ or ( in. '
    .h.1 a ot
    I'"vhln. Guard
    .* Insani .ou.t .f amount of guliuna of auch proilucta cold Otrudted to Puroleh tecldent any person, Service, Const
    .aoD.nlo.dlo. .r. COtltkOlllllft.Sec. ur aubdlvlalone ur : prnvillng for the (hue law hlbrory of or non.re.idun( In
    1,0IUo. tuanehialnfl and delivered hle blat.
    In each he ,
    tba pr.ce.Ung Motion county rcuiu; ov.
    unde the houalng authority vf such lien. UniversIty' < Who ntenufactores '
    Nolwlthaland.Ing of >
    4. rlav.rablllty, Upon wish 'I'l
    I .n'l p.nutl- i. It loch on as.emblee of <
    dealer a'n."c.1 motor
    aC 0 P.I".I any shall fall (to oruglool (tiP The
    or VihIcie.
    .onrnlnl oo.n.ll do and all fur failure and
    tote 11"1 any other evlJeno of I..I.I.U". In. may any tblnge. nuoeeanryur I. la ? 1.0. ulitin, make auch report ana payment to the report. anti > 'u0 bt.a( lnciuie. In the case of a censed dentist of oth.-r $0"" .
    .1.1 oon.hl.r.ta. Ue .C"II teairabl to with or ; and cealon iwa CorpuraIon
    I sanitation .' tent It I. hereby del.r..t to be theClulltrOhuituuf the.op.r.t. .rt nict p.yn..nl.. r.p..ln. all I... oon. comptroller aa herein provided on or queec, ca may ,q or or oo.pdrtourchlp he central trie* at mooting of tl r ,
    for, principal
    leglalatlv Intent that If anyprovision a* agent ).t.r.1 .Dvenm.nl. .P& I'h.pt. ls. Acta .f 120*. sates Oorporetion coltlP'1
    the In before. Ihe
    light and air spao. avallabl.t Itth day of th* month aucoeedlng $.mm. 3-A. The or othqr Uental Society or
    of tola Act. the applicationthereof nr to aettur In.ncl.1 in the *> known a. C. U. U 1137 general library of the agency through which orulctt"* .
    or I.rU. it
    habitant of utah dwellings, tbidriroiof or tliidmin\ antI ha the month for which the llona* Florida, ittat. College for Producttbj dlatributce lta cr other like dental ?
    overcrowding. Ih. sloe amt-arrange to any person or circumstances, p.dliol. to the "lun Ueneral tt.t. tax I I. due u* herein provided, lha Lou,.. ao hereby dealgnate.l Womien ,I. al. proved hy thin boaril.a ut. -
    of aenur a ut.s.U. (
    inent ef the room and tho ta la Invalid' the remainder of the Act pr..I. ptrollar shah a* a "P'actory branch"
    after mean.
    .t.lt having a
    h.h at tory allnlclana. __
    dwell.hnga of OtC
    of pUblic I n
    which' condltlou. sold in oueb building application of aunt provlalon toperoona vallablllty for pnraon. engaged In nationaltlefena "it i.tlatteut Ii.tridctitictiuti by the Lol.I.tu.ef .h. least five days notice to auoh dealer, fttlmul receive, tue Ionic-- -rss: 7 Uflce in.! sale nutintaloed of b vm..e.... ( ) To tha filling oc pr- {t
    which endanger itt. or by lira or other thanlion. of the amount of such llotlar hclr, to dt5tribturc'or lstfn i' ,
    "lru..I.nc. product ao .| mite provided S" and re%
    l'OP.r actlvltle and t No sale -
    hald & ileni for of sflC rpersons
    other causes."In aa to auch uloto,
    or Inv.ld put'h. ittoyt.uy by dealer during such month fioiuaurb -f' vehIcles is too. hereinafter provided by
    with Issuance of hall be affected thereby. of thla Act. uta .ecut'ly for See. "I the t.niversty* "' "Td.. tar vehicle dealera It
    connection the not -
    t the forni Information or for rirpo'M
    a* he b able directing
    Con, I. Uennltttm, (a) "Pereon may le or asoaclatlon. r
    bond or the Incurring at Obl.- lIce.! i. fal.-Thl. Act < ot .I..d. Ut. cOlt.cl, condlilutial bIll obtain and shell upo'nttb omTn."a art cltali tak, effeci auperyiejng in Whole or ri.nsiductlon. A
    olh .r.cuv. engaged In actlvltl1 or aiuli add ten per centum, law. in part, its usoreleittattyos *, entity, for tile
    ObOe a r.gtonal\ housing halt ( Ice n.lu..I.d.l.n. 0' litortla,. or of lha, amount aucn this mat,. ol P'' ,
    .utloly ". .I. .f.ot Imn.U.I.11 a* ueatl In I *a. .1on th.t.1 .U..r. ta taxe cc aatlmated ApproVed bV the Governor tel or repaIr ?
    I covenant aa to Ihnn.ll.n. 0' tiihtto passage & .pprov.1 Quvernoror lie ted men In th military n.v.1 Mot.r V.hlol.ac ...a' smuay a* tha penally for th* failure vf 51,0 1141, April J4,. "Vccory reprusenah,," ftieanc a tur.. bridges plate ,
    heriutter Pepu-e.ntotiv0
    adopt resolutions 0 .the In.or. law without such be ."
    relating .
    upon ifliployed
    b.conlnl bg dealer to flake loch by sub.
    I. en' report or a htianmitac. '
    of (its I and as
    .ervlv in* .h.1 puyiii.nl. (lifer of ba used or worn Ii'
    .... lie of 'nl..1 tt.t. In by o
    of area operation. approval.Approval. ot
    fur..bl. the of thia and ahall prue.l la collect factory brangli, ( rrgulai
    of the aucn laxe or liii for
    ployee utipant10.0(5 oour. Oral teeth or
    "N. governing body of a ooanly ahalladopt by tb. Governor April' S3. \ It.t.. against credltora aubaenueni together with all and CHAPTRRO23O purpose at 'flaking or
    duty or"naval coda obtain th prottletlng thu that so
    avalgned at military A4 ACT to of ii. Ide tooth, provided
    this omeod
    resolution authorised by for $ tilotor
    Ul. .ur.h.. valuable Oouielderaien aania a* delinquent entlo0 thu of hehici,. or for
    a"l .. andivurkere railroad laxea the Corp
    or *: sup.rvustng
    are Coolpuleut ,
    mf ot Stst A- p..t. 1. General I.ow. or sons association
    or th. unlown publlo' In omc* Uecrelary .r..I.n. notice of b'ionldo contracting it.
    Ir..4In. .cUo. Thi ulorfe l FI"c ll be el..1 In < .nl.. sworn n. collected by law. IC)?. being ('haper IlitO (IVe dealer. iiitlere os proupee. "entity, shall rot eoIth'eotly
    hearing .I I' I. (10 or elicIt lien. of (he General .
    of anon ::: : : nutimesof the prl 3 Induatrle connertil with enlol intormuatlun. viE .the following. o. a. All money derived from the Act. of the lilt leglclatur. op (d) "0'erou" or Indirectly, by '
    nW.h"li.I. ) to lie n"on.I..f.n.. ,. ; .n.1 : taxea Impoaad by thla act after the by Cihpt.r aollnded mean. a Deraomn, drIb pamphlet rilto
    time, plao at .hfi publlohe.ring CHAPTEU! 1. Niute cad Utlr"w 44555 of the General Oerporaiout or paper,
    tb. payment Acte aa.oolatio
    : of! lh afore- > regtatawd by Ihe
    comptroller of th of
    copena.c the lIlt
    In.u.lo th. publi
    th. author.Itlea tagi.iatur.
    at prfer'lo ACT to authorls.' hou.lnl oh.1 f.ml. owner. flaing the Ilin,. te) "Comnntlasionsr.. the general
    day on which the hearing I I. to.h."t t uo.t.rt.k. the ..v.I..nt' oraitnilnlHtratiun ..1 persona duo* Ivln. with. them 1'ata and amount Incident to lha act Including poa- for (he hol4inp (he terms or the Circuit hInter Vehicle mean. the iftaf. produce, or repair pro
    of (
    Han. olaMcal
    .. aid Commissioner
    low alit
    ) of uaad a oot anil Coltre oil
    I In a nawspapsr >n uf project to assure lit, .1. .. expanaoa in the hlecon4 Judlciai by Chaplin as provided bridge plates, or
    4 ty. or If ther. publ.h. publish av.liability of safe and sanitary dwell In lila ahull mean pereona or famIII. 1..rl"lun of the motor ,.nclBl| lnal l.*nt to litigation, shall ba pa 1.1 of l"loriIa, L'Irti, OIltethtIei_ 1(001, Act, of A37, me ba used or warn ac .ubt

    I cut In such county then.I In .a iuiwsi>apr Inge for person engaged natlnnalrtfenoo *- .* who lack the amount of Invum p.rl."lall .name. ..k. type Into the Stata 'treuu.ury by the oouuup'| It. It Enaete.j Imy the Le'gioht.. (0 "Motor oral tte.tu or for the rug'-< '
    : :: aerial t roller .q the VehIcle
    ; 4a by ,
    which I I. nceiiry and
    published In the state it.1tiViiu actlvltloo who "llnn ( othuirwiaebut d.t..mln. nu..b.r. thereupon It ahall b* the $1.1. .1 9 lou'luintacion pereue delere" oteane any vral terfh. I''
    geaaral ( In auch euunty. Jpo. ablelo' aenuro within time houalng authority und.rt.lln. tb* h011;i/i"lil"l! attire.. of original, ll.a I duly of Wtete Treeiurer la credit oae- $ I. 'that Section mmii or corporation who for coin. Any person '
    olrcul.Lun d..UII. 4ii of IllieshuM, Hen. 4.
    .uol hi-ualng .. With- revuruted In the ortlre ai half of th* proceed thereof to tha ( tIme inoimcy or Other *
    the auiti pUb % hearing the vicinity' ( ; Initiation roal. .n.bl. gen- 'fluhupli.p4 (lemuerci law. (hinge of value, denln'
    th. of sell. to be
    Irlt the Motor this $
    tMtl aaalatane. to hive In d.* Vehicle & at the oral revenue fund of late of llchangee, buye
    .hall e.I.I..lon. tha Plate.
    to be heard be of the development ."" pro- tn.nol.1 and io> Fiorimia. 2917, beIng or rent. or it' prt'ta' >
    opportunity t. ,realdenta of .UtAi oounly ( untl December at. 1943: to author .nt. aanltary d-valluitf. wltti "1.la nl Vioi1Ia' .hl.'h ""n. 'he In lice credit tb* remaining oa-half of tho 'the Itcoaral Act. of 1927 Chepter llecp of or attenlp(. t negoiate, a sale or or dental attempts operation or or '< C
    l.d. of all legialature exchange
    out overcrowding.c ntlng and recording now requiredor proceed thereof to tha a. op csty Interept
    cud | other Interested p.h..n. authorities to ooopitfat withor county echaol aunentcd by In k
    ...al Comn.lal.nor..t act aa agent of lhaFoileral govern ) i>.vh'.nl. a* ueed In thl* authorise by law, and audi b* of. fun.l to ba uaed oat dlaburaotl a* pro.vuled General Act. of by tO Chapter, lIlt 14590 of thu hides, or Who I. eflgage4 wholly motor or vu.lit tat service of any a. "*' '

    .1 Housing *. mont development alit ailmlnta- Art .h.1 and. alt undertaking fictive """ !..>Y. ""r. WB.. 11.1. by law and for that, purpose aahl log lb. lint, for holding legl.isture, fit. part lit the buelneas of lulling motor for a salary Lie ti '

    al. houalng' authority h.. beam rlon. tratlon I notlh', projects of (lie Vaderal n.a..1 for the piunnlnit' land new. S. upon L.. .,.. of any rtnalnln one
Bradford County telegraph
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Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
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rvN.-----7---; ;

',I, ,I,' 1/,,'<>;" I,:' ,,0'\:1; : ,, :'

''AU(122)1( ) $ f fI

Trading and 'of the
J tome'


Creation Center ltPH: Sweetest StrawberriesThl3 a

A gyp Side, 'o< Heaven

.. '
Official County Publication Established 1877

= :
nilISIXTY.T\: IUU_E ..'AJ'h. H-OKIOA. -FRIDAY. AUGUST! 2:1:: 1941 NLIMKKH FOItTY-Tliltfif3ti4, ?

= =-.:... _'0 "-, ,/ [

ck Your Doors; Is Road? 261 Jinxed? I Kingsley \Waters Here Are Important Facts 12 Names ..."Pip&('

any Houses Derrick Takes A Tumble : Show Slight On Opening Of B. H. S. On City' BallotSeptember9iii' :K,\\7dd J ; '

E. L. Williams, prIncipal. of Bradford County High School., has ,

Recently compiled the following data, of Importance to student and parents, 1 as
ntered In connection with the opening of school here \ ; k ,
CONDITIONS IN an Monday Sept, 1.IWt'StlAL ,. fi:: ,. M Mf
burglaries Involv- The results of the investigationJust We look on the, opening of school this year with some: degree of s
fc "
or ptan : ,
iv. Did yow run,; \
$500,' were completed by the uncertainty We had hoped to have the '
losses\ aggregating Sanitary I old school plant completely ome friend run'* for office 'In'the 1U'J C'Vf '
have been ,committed Engineering Division of the State re-modeled and additional new rooms |o for '
,rted! to care aequatety City eltdIOr\'t.o'' b* held Tuesday .J$ e r
between 1 and 4 o'K I Bonrd of Health of the waters of our students both old and new. M s
Sept WeltJt'qtooJeteowe.asv"
\ A M. Wednesday Two ort S t4. Klngxley Lake show definite pollution ] Since the anticipated" Improvements are not a reality, we are unless hi* application was in be. t;." ee"Mtl
with a well-defined along the shores of the forced to make plans to tI
crooks | an Increasing number of fore last 'Tuesday night, That !,!
which they worked to per rt r-__ residential side. While the amountof students In a building already overcrowded. We will manage to I I I was the dead-line for qualifying ,

,on, went from house to house pollution at present Is not take care of all students co..ol' to our school. making use of the M 'a candidate for any city off!' sass
of tQttm ,comilng quite enough to close! the lake to" *
llfferent, parts. Armory or other public bul'dlngs! if necessary, until relief come. f ce.I '
laces rwlmmlng it become at
In most may so
tbe thievery. ,from the Federal Government 'out for1 mayor-N.
under the Defense, Program. Three fare
screen doors any time. Dr. B. R Boone, director
they opened, screwdriver' a.. of the nradford Clay Health I NEW rcriLs TO REGISTER: I I D. Wainwright Jr*", 'the'''.,incumbent :: t

n an ice instrument pick and took. i I II Unit said Tuesday. | I shall' be In the school office from 9.00; A. M. to 4:00: P. M.' ; W.; M. Edward,.chairman
'r such I I! each day of the City Council; and C.. A.,
during the week of 25
August ,
off the screen door or The sources of pollution areprimarily completing plana for the
J ''
spring ,the for
it open to make sure due to' certain Unsanitary J coming school term. On Wednesday Aug, 27 and Thursday Aug. Futclx. Seven are In race
'ped escape After they had got I conditions on the civilian 28, I shall register all new pupil for giade 2 through 8, If you City Council, 'with' only two placesto ..
r be filled. W,- M
everything In readiness they II premises. These sources fall In e are a new citizen of Starke and have children of school age, please cumbent,. ts running ,for mayor: \
into the bedroom three classes: bring them to be registered either Of the "
'ttd right Zd on above mentioned days leaving bird place wcant'while;; O" .

picked up men's trousers withrythtog I 1. Sink drains emptying .directly ;II FIRST FACULTY MEKTINO I 1 L. Iteaaley le running,' to succeed ,f.' Ii, w

contained in their I Is State Road No. 261 Jinxed hoisting a six-ton piece of cln-I into the lake. I The first faculty meeting will be held on Saturday, August 29. himself. .In addition to Mr Beaa-. .a

lets took ladles .. purses' If you ask State Road Department i I'crete piling. The pile driver derrick 2. Defective septic tanks. 'with I rat 2:30: P. M, Complete plans for the year will be dlacuna tl. After Icy the following, at. In' the race.

ches and other valuables; offuers 'officials who've struggledwith rested on two 14-inch, M- drainage Into the lake. this meeting the teacher of each grade will divide the pupils alphabetically for Councllt 'f 1t'j'i ,

and tables within two right-of-way problems for foot "gunners" or "eye-beanw" 3. FamUy washings being ,donein and a typewritten list of each grade group wilt be1 I(i Charles :A' ,'Darby; of Darby**'*':i' \ w

three feet of where the own- the past six months they'd prob- which.' In turn rested on wood the lake. posted on the door of appropriate class" rooms on the opening dayof I'tore; A. J, Greed aawxilated with>" Ni, a,

lay gleeplng. In only, one, In- ably give vent to an emphatic and frame work called "false" work. Plans are being formulated'' by school to aid parents and children In finding their classroomswith the Orange lines btu company,' ,h

IN did anyone wake.,up. : disgusted "Yes!" A 12x12 wooden' beam (false. cap) the County Health Unit to cor. ease. A. B. McKMney'owner'btMnk'a: r f; f r

n at least one Instance, only Road 261 Is the proposed new Crave way, and' the derrick fell. I rect this situation Dr, Boone NO OPENING KXERCISKS Colored Taxi"Service' ; 'J.: F. ,,Ra.-,, :t e

feet from the house the thieves defense highway from Starke to Both steel eye-beam are twisted stated. Cooperation of all civilians I Because, of Inadequate facilities for accommodating parents and beck, owner of the new building,' t l.(
k L the time to separate the Blanding. Army and road officials l- so that they cannot be used again. living at the lake will be I across from the Park. theatre; !"h a
pupils we are eliminating the conventional
tep from the goats." They hoped for its completion Workman Charlie Chamberlain'sarm I appreciated in order to avoid the, been opening exercises aa has Cart Rltch' plumber;' and One !!:f'Wle.Ins' w.

k i ths money and such other some time this summer. Now they was slightly burned on a necessity for any legal procedure the case for the past two years 1 I I '' for> ,20y.are connected 'e'tr' ( ,low

155 as they wanted, then threw "aren't making any> promises.*' steam pipe, and his forehead was *. I On the opening day the children wilt go to their classroom at j' with the' Andrew Motor com- .>(.W.,
9:00: A. :M. for completing their registration and Instruc-
and other ,undesirable receiving
purse To: cap the climax-Thursday bruised. Miraculous escape of pare v"t
ifB down in the yard. They afternoon last week a 65-foot other woikmen from Injury ,or tlona from their home room teachers. No text book will be Issued ion Carl Johns; 1., ''without" ,opposition .. ra' '

Died to have a mania for car skid rig, pile driver derrick being I death was due to the fact that Fair Exhibits !. this day. At approximately( 11 A. M. the children will be dl.- l in hi 'race to succeed hlm-I f Mw

i and spectacles.t used on construction of Alligator the derrick was guyed up to near- mimed fort' the day. Regular
t 22S Park Place at the home Creek bridge; toppled ,over f by trees with hemp rope so thatit 'timber 2. A I Poliri.. Chief. A; L Alvare:; ,i il'il'!
Ir and Mrs. MUton St Peters Rest lt week's delay loss) of 11,- rl' fell slowly until the ropes broke. Will Be StressedThe ENTRANCE: AGE FOR GKAIlK ON6"A |I Chief of., l>f otloe.p; Alvarez:: had \% l ,,one

11 Armstrong from Detroit. 500; one man Injured; several giving the! men time to get out of child must be B years 9 months of ag before being allowedto eeoured SO nanwi to;.each of 12 :!j'/;

his trousers containing $200 hair-breath escapes from death. 1 danger. Bradford County Fair this enter the public nchooU. Parent.havlnlC beginning children are peUtiona'addreued'' to',the Honorable -. t;< ::: ,

ash, while Miss Beryl ,Hol- According to R. J, (Bob) Ar- Accompanying picture shows : year promises to exceed the fondest to produce birth certificates as evidence of child's age In school City' ,:Council, 'City' 3 ot ''di{j jatark. 4 e
i, Mrs. St. Peters' sister lost rlngton superintendent for the derrick lying on its side atop ,! Starke '" Furtda fo&t' \"" ",
expectations of the,most opti- having annual promotion, beginning children must be entered during ., a*\. ": ;
and a pair of glasses. irOthefip W.' C. Cobb Construction Co( concrete piles half of which are mistic. An abundance of exhibits the first two weeks of the school vear." r School Law I!!,,- _, '!. ::d :J
lost were can keys, driver's builders ,of the bridge the ac- already place. Work began on ; textbook "We "
will be from In art qualifiedtor '
shown ranging com Pupils grades 2 through 12 to produce receipt "tb.ulldel'lllp. N wt
tat, courtesy card; eteg'i cident occurred ,as workmen were the, bridge tWIt months age. I of, the City of r"
I mercial exhibits, livestock crop., as evidence that all State-owned books were .returned andj_ musl also *.. stars. ;
t the Depot Cafe M:* Apol poultry and' eggs, canned fruits how' report card front precedingyear.' ? lori4l. hereby'.petttton your honM \, .. tJ/

itherabee and Mrs.- ona Car- So1diera.To Enjoy Big-Time': Show and vegetabla&fe..)all the way to \ t ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS! "'", .* body a'pJ tats,, a**** Ma's'i?r;? e 9--
: "
lost a purse 18.97 fin money n.edl.-workf.JAttraetlv.: -, prices the ofAoUl >aHot of |*rAral'Mo. rl' rtf- ( t

a pair of glaszespwhile a At: Camp Blandimr,'Monday. Night will be awar..",to winning com Entrance examinations for',those, students who"a."e done sp.a, Ion to J* held tat Start**, MM'***:,. 5UE
house study Hurlng the summer will be held on Monday 8eptta\Mtll. 'at
ug man in the lost a. munity and list thjrttlt' day of Sep't.mbar'A.t '
I Individual exhibits.
prior $26 in postal\saving*. Soldiers at Camp Blandlag will "Th Campbells Arat(Coming" the 1.30: P. M/ 'StUdenta desiring the,opportunity! to take, ifucft <"w."1 Wnattona .; XMtfor.Jtha.offto* : a. C
I A. U rtnfcrhi*; hObtirVriti be'treated 'to anunusual-'entertainment arrival of the'troupe>lnto ...campf. ;.TIt. Committee by the Fair on eoc"Uon-KxhtalU appointed must. make..application for same on or before Vpdayb; ,frUftiW ,.. ..CTbe; ,City,"CowncimooaV'vote I ,. r ear i

i iltr St., lost $61 in casUY"andpacket ..,feature Monday night, Invariably makes quite an >impres L. T. Dyer A. J. Thomas, L. J. 30. No credit shall be allowed on these entrance., examination 1 ordered' "' \ .. :1 A r>*pnut*

watch. The Intrudersk August 25. when the Camel Car-, sion.Major' r'Green 1. D. Ylning, W, S. Sibley lean student makes) 75 or better on same. tob:*placed on',the ballot.," .. nJRJI'Ttt \' igan
with It's of talent Harry,A. Johnston, Camp FACULTYOradea $ '
his 1941.43
cargo THK
trousers and everything avan and Mayor N. D. Waftiwrlgpt. Jr. polls will b* open on .I.c': tie
them; but whin they couldn't from, the Grand Ole. CJpry's Co's.nationallyknown Public Relations "" Of!lcer an- -met Saturday afternoon and one through six; Ruby Lltley. ,Madce MWdtetorf', Leol. |tlon day from B A. K.tolte. M.*, ;v'y t tat 'u

his car w\Ui "any.. of the ,.radio ,program nounced the coming' of ,the wilt show f t f Monday afternoon to'decide, on Roberts, Edna Prevatt'Kvelyn Hitch Ethel'B I if(pi., Dorothy Swan the 'tregutalvoting\ ,place*. ,Abjj ft ro

;3, they left them In the-- car, rolls Into .camp' to, present two and stated that the unit for' "pre the exhibits and the prizes. bom,,'Ernestine McRae, Edna Hart, Lucille Brown Willie Mae MIVi- sen tee. balloting, :gor.he'' "benefit}* .\ i: '

found his pant. In the garage. open, air programs of entertain lent special staff show of the Hospital the atl-kt'I "Everything will b e centercl:| Ions Mr, Chas. Priest Kate, Shrpard. Lucille: Kennedy, Mr.. E&I I of thoae'who expect 'to be out of-i t aN ''
will ents and
soldier's uniform '
(Continued on page eight) ment.' around the schools" a spokesmansaid Searing ,I town on election day. wilt'"begin \
7:00 P. M. in the Hospital Area, ,
ticket to this :
admission .H
bq his and performance for the Monday. Everyone !I. urgedto Grades 7 through 12: Verna, Denaorfcst, Phyllis Leonard, Eva: at the City HaH Monday rAUlust rt IVit
features, regular
unusual s h to: w which remAInder' of the camp at 8:30 enter an exhibit from the* com- Anderson, Ruby Mae Perkins L. M SponholU!! Delle Dowltng, Mrs.. 25, and close Friday, September ..:
than Coach among other things a square I munity from which he comes. He Melvin Flitch, Marcia Sparkman, Grace Wain-- 5, Mayer N. D. Wainwright, JJr, .,:
which members of the p M. on the 74th Field Artillery Bonnie Burnette, ww
dance In
announced Wedne da J
will then have a chance at two ,
audience are Invited to- participate \- Brigade Parade Ground. I I prize and wrIght. Alice Fernandez Evelyn: Stump The coach to be announced '

led By B. H. S. cigarettes and attractive tQ everyone.girls The pass show out Camp Captain Morale Shelby Officer H. Buck and Jr.his, I prizes-the the munity Individual Is requested community prize. to Every enter com an later. PARENT CO-OrEKATION NEEDED Defense 'Boi"A',A' >r.0e rbi

t '+being 'sent to United States staff are making all necessary arrangements exhibit. Report cards showing pupil progress will be give reach student

Army camps all over the nation for the entertainments. four weeks. Please examine these, sign and return as soon
Appointment of Paul V. Parks J. Reynolds Tobacco It Is expected:; that the soldiers The Exhibit Committee will every be of greatest service poselbl by tak. i *ll tA l
Elk Park N. C., 'as' ,athletic btho;, R. to see and visit a mass meeting in'the school at possible. You can help us To Be Pushed: '
will turn out en masse '
gesture. hi. with
h for Bradford County High |-C mpany as a goodwill entertainers In each of the nine communities ing an Interest In your child's schooling, dlacusslng report s
'Sol>! was announced The performers travel In a ilx- bear in person the muchon in Bradford county to discuss him each ttme It Is brought, home. If your child I I. doing well let jr '

Principal E. L. Williams.yesterday car procession.,and since the horn of whom they have and enjoyed screen.so with the citizens their communityand him know you are pleased. If he 1* not doing well come to see ,WI. The Bradford County Defense id

w, Parks has been teaching at each car plays! several bars radio stage I n d I v (Idual exhibits. The so that together we may discover the cause and possibly work out Saving Committee-wa organised e

coaching in North Carolina ., trustees of the schools are urgedto some remedy. We Invite your cooperation and, belpful suggestionsat Monday afternoon at *'.apeohat"meetingwat ''rM

oats for the past 14 years and Lt. Kidd Sells Request PavingOf be present, have the doors open all times. ( be courthouse at t 'ie,

the last eight years In Elk Weller St. and the lights' on for the meet- Working together we can build a school whose graduates we which ltarRLehmann. Deputy Administrator 'isM
* "This Starke Taxi Co. at the following places on educational Institutions from Jatka avlll.., set KiT"
school Is abandoning fags can look on with pride, ae they progress In higher si
shall, and that is '- the dates given: Lawtey August business and women In forth, the need and outlined;diets 77 4 S
the reason of Elan- become successful men
sold the Gene Connell president or as they .
18 available for si. Lt.. R. G. Kidd 23; Starke August 26:,'Hampton planot: the .Government to .raise. tw'th
llama said. B. H. Mr' ,: Starke Taxi Service'to a new ding Center. Inc., appeared be- August 28; Graham August 29; your community. necessary fund for the carryIng ] ** !

""ring his company of which F. C. Strozier foe the City Council Tuesday Brooker Sept. 2; New River Sept. :on of America's defense program 4 ntun
coaching career Mr. with the request'U1at the 4 Sept. 5; Vanderbilt In ''the' present .m rgency. ens "
teams have won.four state of Gainesville, Is the president, night : Rising Soldiers Will Get OpportunityTo The Defense, lilt), l lI
entire block on Sept. 8; and Hellbronn Springs Committee r .tit-t, "NO"e!
b lonshlps in North Carolina according to a statement Wednes- City pave the Sept. 9.Among. Put Congressman "On The Spot"The la a part of and will work la' conjunction ., ', r'i; u '
school athletic. circle and Land rum, attorney Weller street between Call and 'with the '
day by T Frank the exhibits that will be County Defense,
mmnera-"P In five other A reason American Legion Recreation The program which U under
aea- good
streets. Council.
; for the company. The Jefferson requested the following is a partial Manna Brown ,chairman ,
"Coach Parks Center will feature an un- the direction of Walter V Walsh
studied under ,
of the Defense Council
, ltle is "now-'(operating from for the request: tentative UsCrops\ : corn .pren<
Ie Knute Rockne and Gil cOmpany Blanding Center has just purchased ,cane Sea Island cotton peanuts usual program Saturday rtgh9! and Lawrence W. Morel! membersof sided over the meeting. ,The fol-, w
and comes to B. H. S. well ts-new headquarters at the Magic with emphasis being placed on"Soldl.r ?
W In that locality ,chufas bay sweet potatoes, pumpkins he Legion Recreation staff lowing orgsniaatlon was set .lip r: ,
the 23 acres what I I. be-
Temple Morale" and
art of football Mr.ams station on .
Oil Company's syrup pecans hay or forage will consist of the following features Honorary Chairman W. M., Edwards : ., W
said "Aside from foot- Strozier Is the agent and Is erecting at once a building, ing done for .the men at Camp chairman of !;
Mr. Irish the
I Avenue. vegetable crops potatoes
be 8:30 P. M. free '"Bingo"with Boarel'of''f
ls, : : k
i et ball deeply interested In for Magic oil and gas In this section or buildings; to exceed $50,000 in [ 'an d strawberry plants; Bland inn. has I prize; 9:00: community County CommlMloners; Chairman d. (
base Lex Green
ball, and gen- including the Orange Lines swine Durocs, Hamp- Congressman 8. A Weldon. ''chairman ''of' the' ,
'Playground activities of the State.. cost I Livestock: ; volunteered to give a short talk songs; 9.09 Zuba! the magician iff
Improvement phy- will have practically : bus station and must have pavedstreets I Ii shires and Poland China; beef N. D. Wain. (expose on magic 1 9:20: Mayor division of ,Finance and Budget Vii'
L of high school The Company ,'' cattle and to the boys. Mayor -of the Defense Council: t'' .
poultry ra
cattle ; Deputy
ate," It was said., the same .set-up and personnel i In order to get the buses >I ; dairy wright Jr., will Introduce t h ecpngreaman Wainwright 9.30: CongressmanGreen r[chairman Kn '.ji jy*>i
I *, etc ;...1
9:49 "That
The Council also make a ; Introducing I
new and out properly f' and
coach will arrive In that it has, had. Vallrie Ui 'mlttee chairmen:. Banking: n d '&art
lie have Southern Girt. an original songcomposed .
the> latter part of next Kidd will continue to be manager looked favorably upon-the request, few remarks. The boys will Walter V. Walab. Finance, W. B. flwweWl,, I:4t11i1a. 1 r ra
k B. by
and football training at B. drivers In view of the benefit to Starke: WriteALetterCampaign an opportunity to ask questionsand : lion Dr. W. E.cMiddleUw;Coanty, "y'{ w"
8 will get ; It will, have, the same I will hear directly from Congressman with lyric by Clayton L. Perreault.
Superintendent-of PubU "
her under way by Sep- the same efficient of such progressive citizens and Green what In being supervisor of the center, The : Ins true >i.
and render lion Public
; ;
Employe A. .J, ,
2Williams of the amount of taxes they,i in Washington for the men vocalist Miss Mary Murell. will
,. done Thomas I I.WORWft'S I./ ,
la service. ; Industry. Charlie Moore;, !; ,cwt.
very enthuslasrospect for .
OYer would pay Into the treasury. But If you were lying up .Ick in uniform. This will be the first sing this original composition Organizations 1(.... L. :Jr
the drwY.
entire 1940 season. Assistant PostmasterJohn In view of the fact that the City la an army boopltal many mAl luad WW be of Starke and
Citizens com
wilt have
It and friend. the an
home that
With for away'from Stump; Labor. Junlu M., rw
the of now owes around $35.000 pav- Smith ,It
exception Invited to
tit one nothing to look forward opportunity to discuss freely their munlty are cordially
te. and Agriculture 1. T.
.u he said. All clerk at the amount pledged the Dyer County ?
of last Powell and the along with
ing States attend the
United program
118 to If and when you got problems..with a
first Agent; Information. E. L Matthews ,fll 'aiw
r Q i string men'wiU be United States Post office at PW A. if and when they make of getting the officer and. enlisted men. W'
,111 the 1941 line-up. "y.-u well but UM possibility Congressman. ; 'T r h d e. N. St.rnberSpeaker' ; :!f, ;Pj jS
show 'em 'Starke for the past 12 years, was certain improvements in Starke, Hhot In war. wouldn't you r Group Frank La&drum. <,.Ytl .$* '

r" Mr. Williams something..aid.w this : recently appointed assistant postmaster the Council decided to wait a few' like to have some faa mall oc ri True Fish Story lluildlng Permits Service. Club, to be ,appointed :t ;

the Postofflc Depart weeks until It could see how !it < eaaAo allJ'T'ell.. Miss Margaret i Florid Lcad Nation' J w
by stood with the Marion Construe-' I Kr.kln ft, at the Army Y. Charles Hardy, clerk' In the of. s:. E. Evans one-atory frame Mr. Lehmann I ,
Postmaster I thoroughly, ,
went at Washington. tlon Co, paving contractors be-t M. 0. A.. think those thouiuuul [ flee of Dr. W. E. Mlddleton residence 24x30, In lot 1, block familiar with the subject of, de-r:,,

uppIemenbIIllS Fred F. Stump announced Thurs.e fore definitely committing Itself boys) In the .....pltal at Camp I I County Superintendent of Schools 33 In the Livingston, Truby J* fe.... bond and saving stamps;' ;" 4".fss

Issue day. This appointment became I Itlandlng would like to have and the Rev. U. E. McGauley and Co., sub-division. 2200. August U full of patriotism and ,energy' {fi .
August 16. Liberty Studio Moves It MIne kiwi words from -omebndy I of Melrose, went and was chosen from '
1\ia I"'ue I" effective Homer Lee both 12; James B. Rosier, frame residence HTP TH; al] t'
faiq, 0' the Telegraph Liberty t too.It fishing In Orange Lake last Saturday other to organUe\ >"the, *tate" of ft "
and his 30 In lot 8 of Pearce'sresubdlvtaion '' .
a Gottlieb 24 1'
aapPtenent Sam write letter aweek Florida In OO '.
will a ).
eareykag Working On BudgetThe you I afternoon. They really days Sot; state), "
Installed In his I
Resist.. laWli Passel at the Photo Studio are North or at leant occasionally r fished for three hours Mr. Hardy 12,000 August 14; have already been 'forpnbed,,.. he \ .i as t
319 Tempi
lata. ..'" .r the',w'ibWa 'Board of County Commissioners new building at Gottlieb has been t. one of the boy. anoaynouty \said. but what fish they caught A. O. Jenkins, frame residence 10 stated and IT more, are ('now be-t t ; : 3S.Vi

t "' held is 1141.. and the Board of Equalizers Avenue. Mr. Louis or Incognito write It !were all caught within 30 minutes.And x 28 on lot 4. block 44, $250. August log organised: ronso"wh1aA, ",U.: !l' Ye

aeetlon Should be of Ia- met In the Courthouse at In Starke nine months and Need It via her and *... they really caught the 18; A. O. Jenkins frame Florida. .Mr. tehmunn'1s ChaU>(.>',- .
to Louis Army
the pqblle. and we 10 o'clock A. M. Thursday. The Shafkln will open la the will see that It helps to cheer fish-18 trout weighing from 4 garage 16 x 20 In block 37-38. man of the Lake. CountyDed0ns'" Ji. ,

that 1& be oared for Commissioners\ met la adjourned Store In the North around space. September dp some soldier boy at Camp. I I to 6 pound each. They caught Livingston. Truby If Co., a u b Council and took:,, occasion,2>to : I
1J'fnee. make out the same building reel. division, $30, August 18. (Continued On '
session in order to announced Tuesday. Item with rod and t' Pap.I, _._') ""'h '.
1. it was j.\ ",
budget for 194142. < "


))1 'i
"' ;
rfA, ,, :
,' v. "r;, a J1, ", ,

,. y'i...,. *J':."/f

te'i' ; 22 1941 I,

r -OJ. ,
'- q It'per1o.1.
ing hit by a stroke. Take ad-' .
ants were charged with being unnecessariosoft e more

Bradford County TelegraphrubUnhed hearted and willing to excuse their Three Blind Mice I safer vantage In of shoes dry places.if not You water-are now the lese wmorrow. may tilt bJet4

Iv .1.1: 1811 children's absences! for trifling reasons.It soaked than when barefooted. It ta your Job and .
f't was agreed by members of the committee Don't f.lra! during a thunder.'storm. -to make this
Eiitreil country
Weekly on Prl.lay. and /We' I love into tI
) l ,I at the Pot Oftlco at Starke MW.. making the report that there is only G9Me. ..A I. Matter It
4n end Claret: | 5. Avoid wire fences and other -Anderson BUlletin,,
one way in which to check this unfortunatt rimy I
&: L. AWtYhewr-:::__..:. :.: Ulltor and Owner metal objects. ,
trend in student and parent attitude., '
\ 6. Don't plow, hoe, or play
1a Hry, 4 mnLI: VERSE school must take increasing responsibilityto .g T. Lightning hits high objects Letter Box
4 S And he went a little farther,. and fell on his direct in the schoolroom the discipline sc more often; snl: a valley Is safer

face, and prayed, saying O my Father. It it be badly handled in the home. The school hac < than a hlll.H-T h e Progressive Starke
nevertheless NYe ? 'I' Farmer. PI
possible let this cup paaa from me; been forced to combat this relaxed home Au&, 11
will, but as thou wilt, And he Comethunto WMeeLI. Dear Editor: '
ttt !: not as I / IUTLER ONLY 33 MILES
and disc pUne. The school's responsibility implies o A
and flndeth them asleep new
'S the disciples! .rr building! II i
_ n 1 with unto Peter What could ye not watch with .a 'return to the basic' formulas and PROM A-1IERICt1N COAST needed to replace the od: u Il

i I me one hour Watch and pray, that ye enter not basic courses: of another day. Those In America whose purpose HIgh School BUildIng In 1
,b into temptation; the spirit Indeed 1* willing! but Is to undermine; truth and |( The old frame bUlldlllg II 0Vt 1\\
k., flesh Is weak"-Matthew 26:39-41: facts must take a back seat, and years old and needs 1'I1I11d
y i Victory Can Backfire then be' forced out of the back accommodate enrollment
,, of
Conquerors Sometimes Find ""&'" ti, seat, 'Because,.,if Hitler win the sure safety for negro cup
Things Could Be Worse war'' against Russia, and leading Starke.
"One such and I ,will be 2
4' So Don't Get Scared more victory, authorities, on the subject ara' in I Prof. Norwood the
The Monroe Doctrine and the Good ruined," said a conqueror of ancient times, agreement that he will then Hit. clpal of the School haw new BaJd
1 after a great and costly battle. I ler will have a toe-hold ,within It has been!' necessary
in first class condition. t to '
Neighbor Policy'are material had 30 miles! of the United States,and double sessions ao as ,to
His losses of and
men few
to be tied I lof
_ i The Western Hemisphere seems this happens to be across the the classes and have
t n' 'together in twenty-one solid knots and anyone been so great that victory left his people Strait from Alaska. II place tor additional teiChel1.

? : who attempts to untie any of the knots weary, exhausted, and low in morale.It / CAN (" (I'I The big trouble in America to- What can be done about
t be taken of seems reasonable to expect this 'mightbe IAIILY pRovoa1 I \I day Is that we have more mugs The matter is left |In the.1
will ', I
f will regret it. Japan / \ of the Board of
'a Hitler's fate even if he finally subdues CIVIL 'JAP. M r pouched-out trying to prove Presi- Public fa
t 1 in tlon of
possessions .
if she gets rough with our f' ,,-. dent Roosevelt wrong, than we Bradford County
have trying to save America for citizens are antis
Pacific. Russia.At !'
the 1
_old tl Price control may sound very wicked, a conservative estimate he has lost, I Ili .I i i ; 'r. i\\\.uw:1 1 :I I.L.L, Americans. It is regrettable to to know thIs the situation reaction of the B
t* in killed and wounded, a million ,men, and 'say that we have equally as many ,
but the object is to prevent runaway The music of
trying to follow such fools as r the school
they are the cream of the Reichswehr. In
and inflation. Wheeler Lindbergh and Nye. excell any type of its kind In
a the meantime his main opponent, the Eng- FROM OTHER PENS I around Starke. but
than 1 1I"rnST the
Taxes are going to be higher anyone Hitler has proven every statement choo
; ; i ; expects that lish, are suffering almost no casualties and which President Roosevelthas I been rated the lowest of It
4 ever expected, but no one Florida because
than they look right are growing stronger every day PRACTICALTAX ;pay on time and In full. I made about him and the I Ing and limited of the old k
will be higher number
j they any Nazi But the American of t teera.
"I conquered Russia, but I am ruined, PLAN We think this ia one of the .
l now constructive achievements of the people are not taking anything
The boys will not get out of their uniforms Adolf Hitler might be saying several months Out of the late Legislaturecame Legislature. It Is sate to say seriously! No. What does the Starke is growing in p*
't'' I they expected but Russian from now. If and when he conquers Russia. the only practical and enforceable that it would not have been done, average American'' want today 1Here's I tlon because of Camp Bl nand
as soon as and collection thIs
tax assessment the answer; $400 means more child
had not the Governor devised the per
results indicate that American soldiers will system the state has ever month, 60 cents bushel school and it Is going to be
ly, Much plan and insisted upon Its adop- wages per
// flight Not Save Gas
!1 not be needed overseas. had. No one can foretell how tion. The law mat;) operate suc- wheat, 10 cents a dozen eggs, 20 I i essary to replace the oM but!
h # Defense production has attained terrific But It Gives Us Warning"I the plan is going to work out. cessfully without the state tax cents a pound butter, no taxes; I!, Our new principal l Is well q
OPM: in Washington is can't see what good the gasoline cur- As wIth'all laws, enforcement commissioner the Governor desired no federal restrictions, all the led to head the school and i
speed and the depends on the constituted enforcers I the high school
freedom that 'could exist betweenthe subjects. I Kt
as its executive officer. It can
that there will few is going to do. If filling stations close but, at rate, the Legislature
; graduate of
simply crying for more so any be operated through the Com- earth and the sun. No sac- the Florida A. t
'< not be less.Foreign. up at seven o'clock, people will just, buy adopting Governor Holland's ptroller and the requirement that rlfice whatsoever for our once' College at Tallahassee, and
earlier." Ideas, has given us the dom and France done advance work In com
trade is on the bum but when more gas each Tax Assessor and Collectordo prosperity.
: system, and it's to the officers law at LaSalle
up had the illusion which we' University Incgl
his full same
Those of whose duty. II i iI
$ ; the war is over there will be a boom in agri- us thoughts run along charged with Its operation to I In this connection back''l are nursing, but t h. e'r e is no ), We believe that R. j
cultural products and all kinds of suppliesto this line have missed entirely, the object see that it works. I I in our flies to Spessard we look Holland's'' France today.-Clovls Free Press. school will take on new lib u

Europe. Remember' 1919. that was in the mind of Gasoline Admini- We hear objections that the campaign platform, and we find this young and nell-tn
strator Ikes' when he issued law centers too much authority ALL. AMERICAN TEAM! teacher.
"Priorities" isn't a very bad word-it such an order. In it, this paragraph: j
p ''n Tallahassee In no other way 1 -Colored School P
i simply means ,the Government asks for the The gasoline curfew is, of course, somewhat could the desired end be reached. I I believe in and will do my America faces a crisis without

in its orders for defense deliveries. in the nature of an air raid warning.In There must be a responsible atate utmost to obtain for the people parallel history. Our very ex-I In Circuit ,
::;,preference for statewide func- of Florida equalization and reduction istence Is threatened and only Florida In Bradford, I
itself it will save but comparatively few agency any Chancery Ire"
In taxes through uniform through teamwork will security sup Van HeriHrhoteti. Plalntll'
eir l:, There wasn't any talk about aluminum drops of gas However, it is educational tion.One effect of the new system! assessments and collections and come.. Every man, woman and feud Ralph ant.Robert On Monday Van' BHIIM, u<''hoteD total I

1 4 In the last war and the greater part of this medicine administered by a shrewd old man should be to prevent in future economy In administration:, modernization child has a part in this great Van 1941.Benschoten the defendant In rp'lulrod Ralph' R I iJ|
', be without it-but it is a pre who knows that Americans never get disturbed owners of homes worth thousands -, of tax; structure after undertaking of making America I pear to the bill filed against:|
war can run thorough study; no temporizing; strong. It Is a supreme responsibility -herein. This Order to be pubil,
about anything until it smacks themin more than the $5000 limit once week for four
defense mach- a came|
ferable material for certain : of the exemption act escaping no new taxes; no sales tax; closely none may shirk. weeks In Bradford County
ines; so housewives didn't object to throwIng the face. 'home taxation by low and Inade- budgeted state expenditures.No In his Fourth' of July addressto aid graph Bradford, a newvpaper County.publlt,
- In their pots,and pans. If the gasoline curfew fails to make quate valuation. Another should pledge of a candidate for the nation. President! Roose- (OFFICIAL SEAL) A. J n

There are surpluses of oil, and rubber, the riding public realize the 'seriousness of be a'unifOrmity of the basis of Governor was ever more faithfully velt sounded a call for loyalty, I Clerk Starke.Circuit Florida.Court.August II iil!.,
assessment throughout the state observed ever .more thoroughly unity, efficiency and toll on the 8-ta tt *>ts
and trucks and railroad ,cars. H 'Planes and the situation, other, more drastic, steps ...:...wblch Florida haa not and has put Into action. We have part .of Americans He declared I -
bombers are getting thick in the;, airgand 1 must be taken. Why not cooperate voluntarIly -!,I never .had. Another should 'be amore that kind of Governor. that an,oasis of American liberty IN THK COUNTY JI DCE-0 COlIN
new houses are sprawling all oveV' the land with Uncle Sam and use one-third less 'direct accountability of Tampa Tribune. could not survive surrounded bya COl'NTV.A N I)FLORID FOR BUD
county tax officials, the responsibility I desert, of cruel dictatorship.To IN RE! ESTATE! OK AtWMATZATi
Atlantic to the Pacific gasoline I. : '
scape from the of efficient and Impartial AVOID LIGHTNING make the United States D".eaM..d. _
Bread and milk are plentiful, and so conduct of their Important of- 'I is dangerous. Every safe we must all work harder NOTICE OF INTENT'COy: I

are lamb chopsmeat, beef steaks, and fresh Saving Is More Important .Now';: ftcee'wlthout political expediency I I loo 1 wise.- farm boy or girl considers It and longer together. We must APPLICATION CHARGE FOR FIVAU
Than Ever Before or Implication.. Another should be and does not needlessly make labor with all we've got. Not TO, ALL WHOM; MAT COX:<(
fish. Oh, boy, there never was such corn strict and full collections which himself or herself a target for It. every man for himself but Notice U hereby given I H
have final I report
,as we have this year. As banking authorities are pointing out, will wipe out In Florida the per- : Here are some rules to remember: for his country, whateverhis mlnlntrntor my of the Extatnof/J
Next years' Congressional and State saving on the part of the public is especially nicious practice of permitting 1, Indoors Is a safer place than job. Action is the need of 'I' filed F. Matiat my ,petition Deemed for: that(Imll I II' 11
will be for consideration in less important now.Saving certain favored persons or Interests the hour.: Waste must be done charge and that I ulll wl
up 2. If caught outdoors don't I the Honorable' E K P.rrl
to defer payment Indefln- seek away with. There must be unityin r
than 12 months and the voters'.vill have an does two things, both of whichare tely, awaiting the advent of a shelter under a tree, especially if industry and teamwork In I County Florida; Judge on the of:1d., .,y oftember I

opportunity to tell some of these smart- desirable and necessary. First, it buildsup crack-brained scheme whereby It stands alone., everything.A I: of the, name A D.,and 1941,for for fliwll iH'

alecs in Washington to stay home. a backlog for the future when the de- they may escape their just obligations I I 3. Oak. pines, and roughbarktrees famed general of the Orient I, charge a. Admlnlxtratmof Mceaxed. rKHtate
So don't let your blood pressure go any fense program will be over and we will haveto to state and county by are moat often hit. recently salcf: "If we perspired of August .
settling for a nominal fraction I I 4. Don't wade water. Water is more In time of would' This 18th. day of August
high *r:. return to some' sort of normal, basis of of what they honestly owe, while ''a good conductor of electricity, bleed less In time I peace we of war."., 1941.Harry E3.: Matnat" t. AdmlnWn11

livincr. others, not so favored have to I i and Increases chances of your be- America today is In the sweating the Fetste..ed. of Augruit'P'Decea '"' C"I,

Modern Schools and Parents Are Second, It diverts money from the con ------ -

Blamed For Lack Of Discipline sumer goods markets-and that, 'in turn,

Because both the home and the schoolare helps build up the stocks of;materials, neededfor

coddling students, modern graduates military preparedness.:

have reached the point where they are un- Today the government is urging the

willing'' to accept jobs that require hard people purchase the',special defense bonds

work,a New: York Board of Education report and stamps newly issued by the Treasury;

charges. The report asserts that too often The banks of America, knowing full well ,'. 'i
'students have preferred governmentmadework the gravity of our economic problems, are

and have "demanded" things rather cooperating fully in this endeavor, withouta ,w--

than been willing to sacrifice. Parents nickle of profit to themselves. When we

shared the blame, in the report, along with loan to the government, we are directly aid-

the schools, which were called upon to halta ing defense, we are investing in the safest its

decaying discipline now being meted out known form of security,'and we are helping

in irresponsible homes. fight inflation.

There seems to be question that parental Every family should make defense bond

.guidance has softened up in late years. purchases an integral part of its' budget for

That, combined with what some educators as long as the emergency endures. Buy as
prefer to call streamlined education, has many bonds as you can. And don't dispose

just about twisted the present educational of them unless it is absolutely unavoidable.The .

program, beyond recall

i The attitude of so many modern parents Four ''FreedomsIn

has; been to let the child take the easiest the future days, which we seek to

way out. "The parental attitude oftenis make secure, we look forward to a world

that their children should have a job, gov- founded upon four essential human free-

ernment-made if there is no other Is available doms.

," the report held, "even though they The first is freedom of speech and expression

themselves have expended little effort and -:...everywhere in the world.

_ practically no discipline at; home to incul- The second ia freedom of every personto

cate in their children the desire to get the worship God in his own way-everywhere

best out of their education." Some parents in the world. .

seem to think, now that they have raised The third is freedom from want- Pause

their children, after a fashion, the world which translated into world terms,. means r rr r Go refreshed

owes their children a living.As economic understandings which will secure ,

for the time the student actually every nation a healthy peacetime life for'its .

spends in school, there is equally as great a inhabitants-everywhere in the world.

need to return the school program to the The fourth is freedom from fear- Each time you taste fee-cold Coca-Cola ocaUG
great virtues and 'simple fundamentals. which translated you are reminded
into world terms, means a
that here Is the quality of
Honesty, resourcefulness, and willingness to world-wide reduction or armaments to sucha goodness. Experience. ..

work are sometimes hard to find in either point and in such a thorough fashion thatno many a refreshing experience...has taught people everywhere

the home or the classroom. nation will be in a position to commit an to trust 'I the quality of Coca-Cola.

The Board of Education report com. act. of physical aggression against any

plained that school attendance had also fal- neighbor anywhere.-Franklin D. Roose- OTUIB UMOM AUTHOtITT Or THI CO
len off throughout the year. Again, par- velt. STARKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. .

', ., ,J' .
.;.._, ., ,,.d.--i.. ,,''''," _, ., ,. ... .. ,

I ------- .
f t IV'*M'''t T-". -

_ __ _

AVGtYST __' _1941________________ :- __ BUAT>POitp cocynr ntgLEORArn. STARKE. FLORIDA AUG PA41'.221941 TniRisw'

...'.,..n..!]I r On( Jhe ::Jemjfljne Side( I I JIe: eUmCI.U Corner .' '(II I IUI'{I'I'I I'I

Conducted By Ruby Moore ;


. P2EL-Y---- \ .. HAPPY ''.Z.I '

of Starke comes
Allen -
urt this week with a very I"I Seems that lots of distinguished! .' '

entitled "Honkytonky folks picked the month of August :
r poI'm ,
t t. It is timely and should 11fl7 40 make their bow in this much ;<'.
appreciated'by anyone: be-muddled world of ours.
i igY ..
in St&rke for the' August 10-The Rev. Chas H. '1
baa lived I Allen Mr W. A. Bessent Jr., ( <.
year. S Abbie Harley and L. O. Jones. 'tt ..
e, Telegraph Is v"ry'CTateful : August 17-W. L. Andrews. I,I i pIr ';\'11;;:'

Ilie many fine contributions August 18 Carlton Chastam ,. 42&1q.Lk' !! jiI
I column, U and Mrs. L. D. Green. r -.4-ES <<
and poetry -.1-- l3; l"'JIf '
prose !.
II. ambitious vi writers August 2i-\, XT, North. '.4,,'
all ; C,,
urges August 22-Oeo. A. Anderson

et us have a sample of their _II 1 and S. J. (Sam) Norman, who iF-4I. _-_' I'Vfi"IR'It..tt'< ts.

i from time to time. If your' _has the privilege of celebrating -- : Q ":i1l''1<

Iributlon does not appear Im- his 86th birthday anniversary to. 4, ', {,ith.I}'

t,tely.- dofl't. give up hope. day. I ,. 7' '
Tomorrow August 23 Leila fi 'I (f."
may be in abead of you. ; .i .
r j Mundy and Tom Harding will t ',t
If lt'. good-we'll] publish ij chalk u panother year. 1

,r or 'later. Sunday August 2t.. will be :.

STUFF celebrated by J. R. Kelly. Mrs. j'ilr.:!'
HONhiTOXKV Carrie Bitch and Leo wiggins.FAVORITE. ".\ ,,*'.
( '
,a I was Just a lad, "'''''//r1\

I j wasn't feeling. bad- I I .%
broke or not; Do }'01:' think that Camp Blamllnx ha* destroyed all beauty and charm of Klngaloy LakaT < ,

ivtled far and wide RECIPES Then feast your eyes on the above scene!, snapped by A, Z. Adktn, Jr.. who is, rapidly gaining1$ :a'

!II 1 i my pistol by my side., reputation for being Starke's most professional amateur. Truly remarkable for ita fine' compost4''

like a cop. TOAST CUNTARD tion and beautiful cloud effect, thin seen wan photographed without benefit of filter or. any, un-

a then a soldier! -...... ? '4k-' 4 Slices of white bread. toasted uxuitl camera equipment. Without* cloud reflections and flat-bottomed boat In foreground, this

( the pistol made me bolder 4 Cups of sweet whole milk classic might! have been Just another snapshot. Let the Telegraph see your beat print 'You'
dark. 3-4 Cup of sugar might have ,a candidate for the Camera Corner. -
m the scared to walk. She Fried 15 Dozen Eecrs A Dav 1[ 4 Eggs ---- II. pI
_now I m -
May.we present Miss Margaret Scotch Highland Troops, the 1 Teaspoon vanilla .i
I I seldom Starke.ever talk Ersklne, a native of New York Canadians! -with an Interminglingof 1-4 Teaspoon salt SUNNY ItKOOK Deeds Filed To Camp Etistia
in State, who, on Easter Eve of this AmerIcans, the Anzacs and a Toast the Dread very slowly so By Miss. Anulu Crosby I I '
rt too many fights! year became the associate secretary few uniformed troops! from India. that !It will be a light golden J. T, Quigley and wife, :Minnie Seven Bradford County Ml ct.e*

j! these bonkytonky nights of the Army Y. M. C. A. Miss Ersklne signed up for vol. brown and crisp all the way Mr. and }oil'!!. Clyde Dobbs and Wynn Quigley and L. A. Davis have been transferred from the

knock me down. Probably you have not met Miss unteer work in the Canteen at through (This makes the custard family of Perry were visiting Mr. and wife Lee PvrrymanDnvi, to Reception Center at Camp B lan-

much liquor, too much beer Krskine before but maybe you Aldershot where she was to te- more light and delicate). and Mrs. Alton Dobbs Friday VIrgie Uryan Han'ell and Viola ding to Camp Kustls.: Va.j where

I acme honkytonky' dear. have seen her upon the streets main for ten months, doing K. P. Heat the milk to scalding and night.W. Hurt'ell. his wife; July 28; Mary I they are assigned to the Coast ,I

hanging 'round. of Starke wearing a Y. M. C. A. duty, some hospital work and dissolve the sugar In It. I R. Haislop and son, Fred, O. Wulnwrlght and her huaballd.N. I Artillery Ch Ism They are: 'Randall Ru,, S, .I,,St'a 41I

badge upon her dress and'have even at times driving an ambul Add toast crumbling as finely ;I were transacting! bust I nestl In D. Wutnwrlght, to Martha O. 'John M. Godwin 'Truby ,
too much mon, wondered who she is. as possible. Gainesville Monday.Mr. Grlffls. James K I
much dancing, ance. Go01! July 28; Fronnie demons |I Rosier Ray-;
much romance, too much fun; Margaret has a younger sister, The canteen was housed in the Stir in vanilla and wellbeatenegg I', and Mrs. C. C. Crosby had a widow, to O. P. Panlsh* and moncl W. Ward Wesley D., Hodge' ,. I..,M 2',

Im l telling you. Alison and a brother, Drummond only building available. It had ( yolks. as dinner guests Sunday Mr. and and wife Alphl Parrlah, July 29; Grover MulUn. 1'4 StSt.

I1 guess you're not a dunce who Is now a commissioned of formerly been used by the Girl Fold in stiffly beaten egg Mrs. J. B. Brlnner and Mrs. Frank P. A. Bilnson, single I I to the '
1 can see it all at once ficer. Her mother la living In Guide, but had been condemned whites. I I V rnc s of Tampa and Mr. and County Board of Public Instruction Had; Bolita Tickets "- .

Hope you do. Long Island. N. Y. but her father as unsafe and had been vacant Pour into a greased baking Mrs. J. N. Kelly of Rslford. July 29; A H. Johns nd Last I 5,4 ihilt 4!
died following the financial crash for several years. Approximatelytwo dish, then set dish In pan of hot Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Kelly and wife, Ruby Johns to R. I... Rosier Thornton Saturday, Police, W BX:' UI-Sf

time to call an end of 1934. thousand men were served water and place in oven. children, Kathryn and Robert and wife, Chloe Rosier, July 31. for arrested Fred Williams, CS

into honkytonky sin. For five v.Tnter seasons Miss! from this building each day, with Bake 1 hour at 300 degrees. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Conner R. F. Demorest and wife VernaL. put Possessing up a' $5O'bolita tickets. He II 1'1M '

running high.! Erakine served as a representative inadequate facilities for cookingfor Serve almost warm with whipped and Geraldine and Gene Shawof I>emore l, to William Raleigh was forfeited. cash bond', which'. 1.4''S '

1 the Germans may, I hint for the Board of Governors such a great number.A cream, or serve cold. the State Farm were in Jacksonville Alv rel, July 30; A. II. Johns ,'

this honkytonky scent. of The Beaver Dam Winter Sports! four-burner stove was allottedthe Yields eight generous servings. Friday. and wife Ruby Johns to R. 1. IN THN riHct'iT ronirr. KinttrH I 7-

Ici re they die. Club on Long Island, which Is canteen for cooking purposesand Hubert and Donald Kelly are Rosier and wife, Chloe Rosier JIIIHMI'. IV AHI"II INI rOH, t'IT UP.I"LoMlime ;
chiefly noted for Its !ice-skating. Margaret stated( that once WOODLAWN In Panama City where they are July 31; Margaret Mason a :01,it TV. HNAUVOItlU
1 they'll come who can tell, (Ice-skating la Miss Ereklne's she. had fried 15 dozen eggs for By Mrs. Oscar Carter employed.Mr. widow, to Fred Mason, July 31; MTY I1I1..n) l:v Klvrn.h'HUIClCllr' "t

us in this Jazzy hell main bobby when, in the North). the soldiers who came In for I' and Mrs. Jack Ward and Bertha Pearce!>, a widow, to Mrs. ..jM_iiitirrvx b, ,
| mighty quick. .. .. In 1938 she was Invited to meals in a single day. Mrs Willie HudHOij,:\ of Sumter- family, Mr; and Mrs. Joe Parra Glllijrd and wife, Vera E. Gllllard. t Troy- J', Flvomih/ NO. IJ74 ,,.ais.
e i the Persians and the Medes England to visit an American She experienced, all the excitement vllle and :Miss Beatrice Hudsonof moi and family aj.d'W. C. Ward' Olllard and wife Vera E. (Gllllard ttofvndant. ;

be early Bible deeds, t- friend a Mrs. Eric C. Yeldham, and dangers of air raids Wildwood frent last ;week-end 'attended church services at Oak to T. N. Holland, 'August IS.; W, Ollltflt*"'i'I4't OK HRRVICW ,
I :mighty :slicks! ,. I whose husband was an officer In I here with MI'4 Oscar Carter Grove Sunday. THIT' BTATM .O'.to 'rlil.tol' 4.1
and blackouts., with ,wlnd.ow8 and H Smith and WllJIe OK
j | .1. 4 C4' m- I'I; : Mrsiiilvy Waster returned to her I; Mr. and Mrs Wair )'Ia* Smith |IL, <, fruyiH, .KLOIUOAljTo ....
and riv
regiment n Kelly l
4 a Hampshire r Captain doors shuttered and closed. and 1 S )'wife, to L. 1. Johns, A'ugunt < ,.. I In i-Jr, W whoM. tf...tUr t- I,
|ta the hand wrote on' the- wall,] Yeldham had formerly served as the air of the canteen heavy from home in Jacksonville after spending children of Pine Level were visitIng .. 4.; Lewis 'A. Davis and wife': UitI'el'l'yman .uP'4fllol T*>.....O. W Ho.pll. Sail
tilt prophet read 'It all an Aide-de-Camp to the Governor lack of ventilation' with ,tobacco (he week with her mother Mr. Kelly's brother-in-law anti i Davis. to Joseph E. TiiqUIrt i,K 'I I. hereby. Id rtr.d thai ss,4w4t you are it *1I
I plain as light.! Mrs.\ Chess I'ailgett.; sinter, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. *i>p"ar a,i th. 6th
Crosby o r dy
of Burma but when his! term smoke! and frying fala. Wilson and wife, Den Weeks" Wilson oC'n".r) A. h, 1MI M>for.
I ve shouhln be too gay' of service In India! was finished After the fall of- France only Mr and lrM. O. J. Norman Sat u i'day, August/ 6; Hlsliop :Thomas above loiripuint anllll..d rllf! j..t ariurf., to.. th. hill t..of II.

the folks in Babylon's day- he returned to England, and. was British subjects were permitted! to and children Gene" and Betty Jo Geraldine and Gene Shaw of the wife Uclna: to J1'reemanI hand abi',.. .'" lrrl i'HU mralnut*a: Hint you "Urndfor 'lev th..'
nr rather night. then serving at Aldershot, which serve near encampments and Miss spent last week-end" In Jacksonville State Farm are spending awhile Croxby August 7. itfulitnuinl'*.t County .T..r..Ph.l > U tiorct

In the largest military depot In Ersklne returned to America. Upon with Mrs. Normaa's sister, with their uncle and aunt Mr. Nelson Freeman ''whit-It) thl* ...rd.5 r th nhiill* n'.t".p.p.r>. in I.,
en they dropped right in the :Mrs. Marvin Wood. and Mrs.' Marcus Conner. Crosby and) ; 01100 it wIck fur pUIIliJi4
England and about 25 miles from New York she Immediately I four
dance, reaching wife, Inez Crosby, to R L. Uo.l-1 Weeks eonuutif' 4'' ISIS
Rev. W, E. Hall and wife i
London. contacted the Y. M. C Mr. and Mrs. Fate Redde of dish WITNKMN' m, hum LlI SIS
I they died of August 7; Alma K. Slstrunk of thin anet Yha "d
without Green Cove
chance John
a and
I1 I allow. Then came the beginning of A. and within a short time she Marion Ga.. were visiting Mrs. Springs and husband, Cyrus H. Slajrunk, I tat. Slut. ,court day of at August"f.l'k"y Florl.la/ ,
Hall of Georgia were dinner A, D .
to Florida Redde's uncle and aunt, Mr. and ((OKPU'IAI" u..
I the war. Alder shot began to and Miss Ely were sent to Mrs. Thelma HKAI) A. J.
|! the kingdom was no more guests Sunday of Mr. and Mm, Musgrnve of j rivrk of the Thvrtm*
Circuit c:4f
assist In the Y. M. Mrs. J. S. Norman Sunday. Court, :
and to become very color to Army Okalootia Prank <
11 T
grow August ; R. S. Wau.; Onnon
\\n a thousand before R. Haislop. ,
years ful with the different uniformed C. A. organization in Starke. Mrs. Carl Prevatt and daugh. Plaintiff Attorney' ,
din and j .
put I trow. I 1 Miss Mary Ella Ward spent his wife. Era A, Wnndln 4t I""S- .J',
ter. Juanita. of Lwwtey were ) ,
to 8. A. his .
with her brother and Weldon and wife, I' TIIH. !
Friday (
Mrs. Truman Norman 'OIIIT; .
I don't you think we'd better Eat White Bread And Vitamins Too visiting alster-ln-law Mr. and Mrs Robert Mary Gladys Wnldon, August 12; ofl HI'IL*. ..IIIf'....... or.sginiifH KI.OHIII ,*. ; 1 tWJIS
Monday. IV All) W
h of T. J. Terry anti Julia E. Felt, l'aIavroau. "
wisely stick together, Ward of Starke Terry lot:NT", .
I rather sane. I American bread.eaters are sis lost many of its health; attributes. Oscar Carter and David! BrownIng Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kirby have (his wife) to M, B Futch and t.uthsp I*.(. S
t There was for instance, a deficiency made a business trip to Jacksonville Joyce Futch H. .. ..'JUNCIaRT'I''
that we can't lick >mJJla ales. moved to this section I from Terry (his wife) Au- I-Ialnllff.' t.' <.
: the of thlamin. which leads to Monday. gust 13; Jennie Thornquest, a .v*. No. I. .. '
President say, "Sick /We gobble up white flour and Starke. Everyone welcomes them Mary 1177 ,_,_ .1W
of the digestive Howard Norman -and sinter, JleUn Foley
>m! are' apt to turn a disinterestedeye !Impairment nervous here. widow to'J. T Quigley! and wife! Defendant.' ; "a's(8et
all the same. on the less attractive, but and cliculatory systems. Mamie Lou Hersey, made a business Minnie! Wynn Quigley, August at; OMIINH: OK, 'ICRvrCIII / '>
more nourishing brown. There was deficiency of nicotinic trip to Camp Blanding .Mon GUM BRANCH Joseph L, Harnrll and his wife, THIS HTATB'"MOTH.'n TO APrRAa' :{i
this! honkytonky fuss acid. which Is closely related to day afternoon. Lucy F. Harrell, to John and I To Mary lelen OS" J'LOfUDA. .'I,' Sii
Whatever the reason-looks or By Mrs. Kdd P rrl..h dene Koley, who* r.*.Ui .
Carter of I le "j
Marvin I
.ices me mad pellagra. There was a deficiencyof Camp Anna Griffin (colored) August ttlt Malem ;Avenue.1 .
enough to bust ll
Anofc -*
t housewives specify Vlr 'lnla, "fI .w I**
taste-m 0 s *
through rlboflavln.! which results in a Wheeler Ga., spent week-end I It I I., \' "
and through. Mrs H. M. McRae and Mrs. B. hereby ordered ;,I 511.*
white most of the time when they i of with relatives.BOOTSEY'S. required' that you *r*' 5 *
tw of lowering here to
I've growth ; appear
bad about enough stunting M. McRae and children of Pine 18.To of October on the th'day' :
Wa honkytonky stuff bay .loaf at the grocery the store vitality, premature aging and Level were visiting friends and Build Residence above entitled A. court D. 1141, to before the the, ."., 1.p
or order sandwiches .at drug ('niMllnt filed bllli of' '-
haven't ? nervous disorders.So BEACH relatives of last arlnt
you here Tuesday above entitled you' In th* j
store. in 1938. with the facts! By Miss r.ltie Crawford week: W A. Gay, with the Bradford ford County Tleirrauh'rauee; and "JHrad ,

Sometime ago the milling and known, the American Medical I Mrs. S. 1... Towery and daughter County Abstract Co.. has already deel-nated which (hi. a. the newspaper'I I.: hereby. In. ,,,, 4,
20 Years Ago baking Industries undertook 9 Association went on record to the James Rosier was a business! Mary Fae, of Port St. Joe are |' let the contract to A. A. Annie, (Inc. a. wick order for shall' four b* published ,'Yr]
THIS WEEK'community nation-wide campaign designed to effect that in the processing of visitor to Lake City last week. visiting awhile with her mother. and will build a residence on his week WITNEPfl. ooneecutlv, ,
Increase whole wheat bread consumption foods the goal should be to retain Mr., and Mrs W. H. Green and Mrs. H. Keen. I property on the corner of South of this court my at hand Xtarke.and. |Ih. et ".ki'f

but sale of this pro the natural food value-and thatif family of Woodlawn spent Sunday Mrs. Hazel Warren of Starke and Park streets. Just as soon as thle(OF-FIC-AL tint day. of Au.uet, ..44 10'10"0'n. t>4l.. i.
mg Is being held duct never exceeded two per cent this Is not feasible the processed : here with Mr. and Mrs. Frank was the guest of her parents, Mr i, the City grades the street to the Clerk of the HMAL.Circuit" ) Courts A. J. Thoinn. 'I,

the City park every Sunday of the total. food should be scientific: Green. and Mrs. J. S., Sapp Wednesday),location. The house will be a Hem rialntlff H Wilson S I//',,\

noon Miss Ina Alderman Is Then the medical fraternity entered ally enriched to restore the Mr. and Mrs. Jim Batten of I afternoon snuill bungalow./- Mr. GaY- said. I I Attorney- t-it 4t .., -!*::', "" ..(,,I'-

uurer and the the picture. It was known lORSea. It Is to the credit of the Sanderson attended church n t Harvey Edward of Canal Point with four rooms am] bath--but itI s v TMH riRCt'iT cnvn-r, ,'v.!

"Ufments\ committee on that malnutrition and diet deficiency millers and bakers that they cooperated Union Saturday and were dinner returned to his home recently.Mrs. will have two bedrooms living- I JiiiK-141.I.... l's. A'IIO'nnri'iT nv mmtrnt KI.OH. "J t
", Includes W. A. existed, even In well-to-do fully. So today they guests of Mr. and Mrs.. R N. Edwards and daughter remained dining room and kitchen. 4 C.'f)Ii Tr'. FO" ."AUFORD 'e,]
Thomas Umbaugh. 'U: A. to the white Crawford.Mrs. visit the Som. week the .. CM\cKnr "r/'
homes with handsomely stocked aie planning give for a longer at ago City Council Lull Carwllo,, 11:
';", 111'1..E. M. Davis. and Miss larders. The scientists went to bread most of us enjoy so much, Martha Anderson Is spendIng bedside. of her father J. N. Nor voted to trade the street for I Plaintiff.' :!;\'

d& Struth. work to find out why. Their des- the vitamins! we need. Further. sometime with her son-in-law man. Mr. Gay In exchange for rlght-of-* Z. '1'.""i rarwll *'*. U.,.

Mr.. W. E. MIddleton :1) covery amounted to this:, Many more-and this will be of particular and daughter Mr., and Mrs. Noah II. c. Keens of Fernamllna was way and borrow pit for Road I>.'.";{.o,. '! '
.0Id the ,enter- palatable foods are sadly deficientIn interest to the lady of Crews of Macclenny. visiting his mother Mrs II. 261. ONOKH!MU-rltM. Of :AV'1\2\ 'I"i
reading TO
hcJdlat Missionary!, of the those vitamins which are essential the house-enriched flour and I Mr. and Mr*. Hamp Johns of Keene, Thursday of last wet'k.JIltnry TFIB. flTATK Of rU ArPKAH>fttUAl '0 '
ou were re&d Society fie- t o robust health. And bread, when Included in proper Tampa were visiting Mr. John's Shaw of Chleflsnd was Methodist Church I is T Unknown.Z. T. ('.rwll.' ,. who. rloenc ',.: ,
h, ),(Is. Olive by J. 0. bread was one of them. In diets are no more fattening; than uncle and< aunt, Mr. and Mrs. G. the dinner guest of J. A. Marriage It I. hereby ordered that ", ,0li0
white you
I, Ray Mrs J* F. t varieties. B. Johns here Sunday.Mr. Services on next: Sunday at the required tn appear on the ar*
y une-nrlched Saturday. eta d. ,
and Mrs. the of refining the flour ot Octoher A. U. ,, \ e
ht _'__L Emily Phillips. process and Mrs. Charlie Herseyand Mr. and Mrs. H. M. McRae a/id I Church will be a* follows:: : I above entitled court 1(41 to before
ti"resnment hoat were served of house to make daughter, Eva Mae, and Mrs. A. M. McRae of Pine Level were Church School 10 A. )f. above complaint/. '. filed agaInst' the you bill In th of*.
',h,.., MB and her little I Building Permits front porch Rae Hersey. all of Jacksonville I at the bedside of J. N Norman Morning Worship 11 A. M. ford County.ntlte.u.a/ Telraph"; and. "8rae., .
Hazel Mlddleton stock room $200. August 5, on "..'_"a'rd .. I hereby .if!
e. attended church at Union Sunday Monday night of last 'week. Young People's Meetings 7 P. the newepaper In '/
W. Hay, Lloyd Green. owner and C. W. 2 3, of block 10, of M. whlelt thl. order shall b* J.II't.:!
Log purch&lled the lots : and were dinner guests of Mr. W are sorry to report the very once a week for four published j
cottage on W\ Madison Co on. contractor; frame and the Livingston, Truby Go's addition and Mrs. R. N. Crawford. serious illness of J. N. Norman Evening Worship 8 o'clock. .''eekWITNESS' eon.utJye_. '
The metal warehouse 23: x 28. addition 12x20 one-story Miss Blanch John of Live Oak who seems to be a little Improvedat The Pastor will speak at both of thle court my at hand Htarke sat. the .san! 'I'I" tl' I
B. building, July 22 sometime here with i this "..., day of S'k.rIde. I'.
p- enjoyed a to present Is spending this writing.Mr. services. At the morning worship i (nll'V'"Af. Aaa t, A. n "41. ..:.' : .d '
Picnic at Scott's land. Tic Toe Tap. Zack Brown. Jr., Mrs. Peaches Kennedy grandparents., Mr. and- Mrs. and Mr. Van Ice Keene and the subject will be "Th ,ri.rk of the Circuit Court.A J. Than.. )**.' "::1(' S Is
On ,5p.
lit I 1npley Lake. Among $75 August 11, for the erection O. B. Johns.Stanley son, Vanlce. Jr.. of Woodlawn and Magnetism: of The Go.p l." In the [Ham flalntlff n Wtleon. 'Ii". \" .,
!prteent were:, M1se Eliza- of an 8-foot canopy' of frame and Mrs. Peaches Hall Kennedy, age Crawford was a visitorto W R. Kersey of Bethel spent the evening the Subject will b. "The Attorney, .... 4t :,$.12 'so..0lisp.

IrOWlnlee. Mona and Blanch metal construction; J. T. Quigley I 22 died at St. Luke's: Hospital, Jacksonville last Thursday. week.end with Mrs. H. Keen. Great Invitation.' -. ,
eTTaan MUdrecl frame Misses: Eva Jean and Pansy Mr. and Mrs. Grover Hatten and
Crosby, and garage and apartment Visitors welcome at all
a 9
Jacksonville Saturday, August Hri -I ,
t1t5r of Lake Butier.f $250. August 11. on lot 5. block Reddish, Minn Vivian Tyre. Stan small daughter of Jacksonville vice ;I PHILLIPS ELECTRIC, '
and *"- Wllmer Holtien- 32, of the J. M. John addition; following an attack of pneumonia. ley Crawford* and Howard spent he week-end with Mrs O. C. Powell, Pastor. I
entertaIned! a few friends O. 0. Kelley. August 9, 1300. She was burled In the Sapp cem Thompson. all of this section Hatten's parents, Mr. and Mrs i ,SERVICE, 3S.

a plash party at Hampton frame residence on M. Thomas' etery State Farm Monday August were visitors to Marlneland last W. C. demons. True Fish Story /

1flUel In honor of their: sIster property. Two buildings, one 18 II. ,She la survived by her Friday. The Rev, .and Mrs. Herman Electrical ,Contracting .50

kirk Joues Of BartW x30, the other 20x20 both one- hu oand, father, and two brothers. Moody and children of LaCrosse I The Navy Recruiting Station I and I
.1 LeWis and Sgt. H C. story; Western Union TelegraphCo. home was Cedar i r CEMETERY: WOKKI.Vd were dinner guests of Mr. and located In the Gainesville pone Repairing 1
cane Mrs. Kennedys
d trtan Camp Johnson [ ., August 8, permit'to erect six I'! I An all-day working will be held Mrs. J. S. Sapp Sunday. j I office building, will be open on
CWitt the Week-euct ln Starke, I:pole, on the south aide of 10th j I Key, though she wag in employe st Dedan Cemetery near Brooker Mr. and Mra J. S. Hupp and'' Sundays during the remainder Of LIGHT ,POWER '

C. Jonell, G*- Joe A. KnJ&'"t motored to to the Florida Motor Lines bus )I were in the hAnda"ot persons are asked t 0 at the how of Allen Howard of ; have to work during regular 'of Phone 4 Lawtey '

Ieach Sunday. I station; Mike, Maruca, remodel'. I the Boree Funeral Home, :come prepared to spend the day. j Vanderbilt Sunday afternoon. j flee hours ,. .. Pig. ,'

_, :._ 4' k

a .

S '
( ,
S 'f. ? % Ph

; '

'. "tP'",' ,(>"JI"' '\ ,
1\,\ i, ;.! I't Dies NOTI01ld'I I I braces 't 11. follow)
Mr. and Mrs. Demorest IF. ir. Coleman UlI'u.t! property In the Countot0"nt

t ;j f Honor Visitors William W Coleman 72 died I to IS Section HEREBY: 9 GIVEN wf Chapter thatpursuant I lawn North S.c.half 18 Twp o! Lot to-wll'2! In UraOte kit

Mr.; and Mrs. R. F. Demoreat at his home In Starke Thursdayat 188V4 1937,known Laws a*of,the Florida MURPHY, Acts ACT of, Containing The assessment II Acr"., s,"0 8;'.n.ern'

,' ,' Richards-Smith W. S. C. S. Circles Miss Doris Cahoon entertained at bridge Thursday 3:25 I: : A. M. after an illness of! the following described land In rtjr. under thujd sate"f the cngilk'"
will Bradford' County. Florida will be wa. In
Yd Met This Week Becomes Bride evening of last week 1n honor of only one day. The funeral offered for outcry nie.. said the...name' or t: ..
The of Miss Grace DeWitt C. Jones eanaJ tlla.. .rtltl..I. :
marriage their house-guest, Mrs. Frances be held at the for the highest bid, redeemed according U9
Helen Smith Mr. and Woman's of Chris- Of Everett McKinneyMiss Chapel at 10 A. M. Saturday, and subject to the rlvht of the Trustees! property described '" '*.
q daughter of The Society Johnson, of Atlanta, Ga., and Mrs. of the Internal Improvement Fundto Hold to the highest Ih..r.ln 'I' ,
Mrs. E. G. Smith, of Miami, and tian Service of the Methodist Doris Cahoon, daughterof Lester Robinson, a recent bride. interment will be In South Prong reject any and all bids, at the courthouse door on the?ld(1w(tiren'.
Courthouse beginning at 10:00 0'- day In the month
'''I Jack Autrey Richards, son of Mr. church met Monday afternoon and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cahoon of The guests were entertained on cemetery.Mr. clock A. M. on the 22nd., day of which 'I. the' 61h 'i Octop II
the wide screened porch which Coleman was a native of September A. D. 1941, Ea.ement for 1911. day Of III
t4i' and Mm: H. H. Richards, of Charlotte was well attended. The devotional Gainesville, and Mr. Everett Mc white and is survived road right of way 200 feet wide Dated t h I. 2J. .
I was decorated with red and Bradford County, day
will be reserved from parcel Un. of
t N. C.,' was solemnized Sun- service was conducted by Mr. of :Mr. and Mrs. A. E. AUt t
Kinney, son two
summer flowers, and patriotic! colors by his widow, Mary ; through which there la an existingStale OFFICIAL SEAL)
I' day at 10 o'clock A. M. In the Pearl Slmpnon, after which Mrs.A. McKinney of Starke, were mar used in tbe' wrapping: sons Aaron Coleman, Jacksonville Road. Con tytFlorida Court A. J.
'/1 Baptist put) rlum, the Rev. A were ; Lot 3 of Block 8 Ward City, Seo. fir=9ryl,,
{ Wood revjtwed! the subject of ried Friday night, August 8th. In of tbe prizes and gift. After and Alva Coleauul. Starke: four g. Twp. 7 R R. 20 B.TRU8TKEH '- Ins
B. officiating.
Ll&htfoot '
) pastor "Investing our heritact. in co of bridge It : Mrs. MinGle Smith, OF INTERNAL nfvPROVRMENT -
MUSS Nellie)( E.. pith gynt! of there a quiet ceremony performed In, several progressions daughters FUND STATE! OF
operative work with other de was foun4 that Mrs. T. F. Grady: Tallahassee; Mrs. :Myrtle Collins FLORIDA. By A. J. Thomas In Circuit Court
t ,. ,,, was male} pf bgnar/ efl4 VI nominations I I'" the home of the Rev. Sam I. had made high for ladies and O. New Rochelle, N. Y.; :Mrs. Annie Agent, Trustees 1. I. Fund,' Brad- ran County ._i Chancery' W'
ford County. Acktrman
I ScarS>r ugh. cousin of | h gv Smith Christian Minister In it Block ; *
'4rr .11"(1",, WM beet man ., ft.., president, lire. lie Tc. Perry1man -- Gainesville.The L. Beasley for men; and the Dorman, New Rochelle, N., Y.? Ruth Adel Block. defendantif41dathet PI.'nUIt. '

presided over the business bingo price was won by K. G. Mr. Elizabeth Anders, Starke; n defendant yai Oct
I, ";t ) y r bite bride was given In marriage session. :Mrs. William Blair;I bride was lovely In a fullt.epe Duncan. ,.". hostess presented ft and a brother-Reuben H/Cell-' %. 1rOT/C19. OF APPLICATION! Block, whose residence |I."any h A
l Is
'' by her father. *She wore a model transacted the duties of secretaryand model of R. A. F. blue, with i IlovelY gift to Mrs. Johnson, and man, Mayport. (*FOR.te> TAX Bill N.DSltCnea 1 M) required against to her appear h..nln.to 1d.

A NN' of blue net over satin, and a cor I Miss Amelia Ray read the a' pli -ldex. }> ouse. flared Intoa 1 to Mrs. Robinson she .gave' a I Mr. Coleman was a member of NOTICE! I S HEREBY. GIVEN, to be publl..h..d once. a. Thla
I That T. F. Oanklns holder of Tax tour_ teat
i Ma 1'1I..of 'tallemaAjgilfga.331A1-..... U-eumrtr's report, which showed full pleated skirt. ?!*c; !ty: :!are 'crystal_ 'relish,-- dish.. .1 t the[ Baptist Church and a Mason: Certificate" No. UL Issued the'"7th.' County conJlecu Telegraph}IVCI weeks, a In Snit
rtmaid 'honor wore a month an neck waa' caught' at each" skis c IcV WlTi day of Aurust A- D. 1919, has filed]I published In .said neak
/ ___ or that during ''tile" past 1-"A refreakl-Tf\ t t:6B16served Sclectes same In my office and has made Starke, Florida Dra4rnrd (c.ur: I
( lOWy ros ha
beautifully trimmed in blue. local work. The Society's: IV, i' 'wW M 'talisman!: roses, the honorees: I sued thereon., Said certificate emmNnr.NWNIIII ,Clerk o!. Circuit CourtLtd Th
r for vlted to be wll& James Jethro Anderson .,....,..., ,. .,.,,,....,:.,. 41 i iIleTaIlllehUNI111NNNNININ.NWMIHIIIIIIIIranNNelnfp
Ford ,
r' Mr. Richards la an empoye of port to the quarterly confereucle<< afe'd acc 4n;*>UtS were of Navy blue I Letter! Rob lirilJudge) and Mrs. Frank and emanuel, McNeal have Ut ueaenN.I )" ft'" IMI".'"""ft.""n' "Sl",,, ," ' ,, ,,,,, ',, ,,. .

1 the Seaboard Airline Railway, showed that $112.00'had been with tftfe exception of her gloves A. Z. :'Adktns. Miss\ Madge Mid- the Bradford
been selected by ICE CREAM IS
and they have taken an apartment disbursed during the past two, nW'a. were yellow. dleton Mrs. T. F. Grady and Mrs: draft board for inductioninto II GOOD
1 the residence of Mrs. F. .. + I IMrs. Ga., O. County
("; at months. ? Mra.. McKinney Is the daughter. J. P. Bums of Atlanta and will leave for

t+ la a H. Long, at 403 North Walnut. ..: O. C. Powell, the minister'swife of the former sheriff of Duval L. Beasley, Mrs. Ernestine Smithof Camp te Blending Army August 20. !Jt See It Frozen-Taste The Quality

suggested that the land County, who now resides i In Tenllle, Ga.? Mrs. J. C. Robinson -
I Fresh-Fruit Frosted
reception: back of the parsonage be con- Gainesville, and Is a popular of Apopka,. K. G. Duncan, .\1 THE ('IRCV1-T COVHT. EIGHTH Sherbets Malted\ and Kokanut

;,::4; of Mr. and Mrs. Richards. Out verted into an out-door place of member of the younger set in Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Vlnlng, Mr JiuicitL., CIKCVIT OF VM" II- I Kreme

of town guests Included the amusement for the young people. both cities. She attended Andrew and Mrs. Carl A. Knight. l.OIN'I'Y.111*). t\ AND FOR" 1IIIAOKOHOCHANCBRY ',!'

IWv bride'a parents Mr. and Mrs. E. She suggested that an out-door Jackson High School in .'1 ThePOLAR -

4 + O. Smith: her brothers. Earl and fireplace be built and everythingmade Jacksonville, and was graduatedfrom Circus Party Everett Plaintiff Tt. LJndney I 'BEAR

"' Gerald Smith, Miami; Miss Nellie convenient for entertaining tbe Florida State Collegefor For Peggy ForehandMrs. I .vs- No. lit !

., ;, Smith. Fort Williams\ Ontario( In the evening; this to be a pro- Women in Tallaha see. She :Francis Llnrtsey. I "
f; Canada; Mrs. A.. J, Richardson ject of the Epworth: league but was a member of the Phi Mu social T. T Long and Mrs. D. P. ORDER Defendant OP' !liEn"'Ic\1< tUJUJ""I"122 Walnut St. Starke, Fla. fGuy's /

VI and R. B. Cooper of Jacksonville\ ; to be sanctioned by the WSCS. sorority, and for the past year Carpenter complimented their NOTICH '..0 APPHAH: I.
1 ,
Mrs. Powell's suggestion met with has been connected with the State niece, Miss! Peggy Forehand, of To Francis Llndney whoHe reel- i
I rsA enthusiastic approval. Welfare Board. Ca. entertaining: ata dente In. 'Unknown.".
Albany. < by
', Dr. Purdon Murphy It ii la hereby ordered that you are
r AH the first Monday in September Mr. McKinney Is the eldest circus party Thursday evening required to appear on the 8th day

4t1 Dentist is Labor Day, the circles grandson of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. of last week. of above October entitled A.court D. 1941, to before the bill the of
Over City Drug Store : will meet on Tuesday, the 2nd. Hazen of Brooker, and the marriage This novel event was held on complaint filed atfalnst you In the
!' will meet in with interest by above entitled cause; and
Circle Number One Is regarded of
Corner Call & Walnut the lawn at the home Captainand ford County Telegraph" IB hereby
the Educational Building; circle their many friends in both Starke Mrs. T. T. Long, which was deHlgnatPd no. the newspaper. In FORMERLY BENNY'S GROCERY & :MARKET\
Former Location' of shall be publishedcnc
( of Mrs He was graduated which thin order
home Gainesville.
i number- Two at the and decorated with numbers of bright- for four conimcutlve
may ,1 Dr. ''J.V, IJrownh-c, i, I. P. Shepherd; and circle number from the Bradford County colored balloons. On the table wee ka.a week WEEK END SPECIALS CASH & CARRY-

J e Office Hours 9 to IIN'&ht8 three at the home of Mrs. D. P. High School and Is now con- were placed miniature circus animal i ft WITNESS this court my at hand Starke.and the Flt-rlila seal, Phone 159 225 S.. Walnut St. We Deliver

,. By Appointment !' Carpenter nected with the postofflce at *, .and a typical circus supperwas thin. 2ht day of August, A. r. 1941.Oto'PICIAI .
., SEAI.) A. J. ThomasC'lerk
I Blandlng. He plans to con- welners, (
Camp served-hamburgers,
', Phone 23 i f D. T. Scarbrough of Mt Glleau, tinue his study of medicine at etc. and even pop-corn and pink John H.of Cowle the Circuit Plaintiff Court.Attorney,

Starke Fla. ,N. C., and Mr. and Mrs I. W. Emory University In the fall. lemonade. Jacksonville 810 Clark Building, Florida.22. 4t 9-12 COCA COLAtb:; 19<
dfN 7 Geiger, of Mr.'. and Mrs. McKinney are Enjoying this novel. party were -

making their home temporarilyIn the honoree, Miss! Peggy Fore- NOTH-K OF APPI.1CTIOV

l'e Ocala, following a wedding trip hand, Misses Gayle and Virginia (...FOR.n.t.. T Hill. X No.HEED 103) 3 lt> CaiCR1SCO

In the southern part of the state. Sewell, Nina Bishop Betty Briggs. NOTICH IS HEJKEBY: GIVEN: ,
FORM HABITOF Mike Dew Free- That E. C. Priest. holder of Tax __ -___-___ __ 59,
of Jacksonville\ Certificate" No. 14. Issued the 2nd.,
MainesBeckmanThe man 'Register, A. Z. Adkins, Jr., clay of September A. D. 19SS. has
filed In my office and has Nc.: 1 Irish 10 Dh
EATING WHERE THE FOOD r Bill] Chalker, J. E. Denmark, for a tax deed to
made application
'' following Interesting an- Hugh Ingram Mr. and Mrs. L. D. be Issued t thereon. Said certificateembraces POTATOES 19q
nouncement was In the malls the Vining, Mr, and Mrs. D. P. Carpenter the following
first of this week: wilt
Ktnte of Florida No. 2 Cans Country Kist 3Fo|
FIND OUR CAFE .THAT "Mr. and :Mrs. Nicholas Dar- Fracl." Blk. 1 In New River Sec.,
23-24 0 B. R. 20 E.,
CLEAN rell Beckman request the honorof Harvey Wijliam Prather The Twp.assessment. of the said property -
f your presence at the marriageof under the said certificate Is.sued Garden Peas 27<
1 was. In the name of J. -
their daughter Julia Inca to Of interest to their many kl"... ,

: The A & A Cafe Mr. Hal York Malnes Friday, the friends here is the birth of a son, said according certificate to law shall, the beredeemed

twelfth of September Nineteen Harvey William to Mr. and Mrs.J. property described therein wlH( be Best Blue Rose. II
hundred and forty-one at eight W; Prather, of Los Angeles sold to the hlKhest. bidder at the
I courthouse' doer on the first. Mon RICE _..2
o'clock In the evening Riverside Calif. Mrs. Prather "was formerly day In the -month of October, 1941 .
Baptist Church.) Jacksonville, Miss Fene-Illl- Snyder, daughter of which '1.. the 6th day of October,
I Fla." Mrs. A, F. Sauls. I 19 Plated this. 21s" day of* August, 10c Size 2 Foj

(OFFICIAL REAL .A.:1. Thomas
Clerk of flrcult Court of Bradford SUPER SUDS15
I -22 4t 9-12 (
SERVICEFULL Carolyn Callstreet County, Florida. I II

; In Circuit Court. Bradford County,
OR PART TIME: I Florida.- In f.ra"I laJ'f..ae..e
1 Maria I Ward. .*.
Patrick. Ward, defendant.. On Monday MARKET SPECIALS!
the 8th day of October 1S41
Carl] E. Watkinsco HUM Call Street taken chloroform? Congrats to John Powell, jus the defendant, Joseph Patrick
Ward, whims residence Is unknown,
You flier see a uniform proclaimed official assistant post- Is required to appear to the bill
| RITZ TIIEATItE I'll have to buy Home picture master for Stawk. Flowda, sun filed against him herein. Thisorder Tender Cube I
to be published once a weekfor
I book four consecutive. weeks In Bradford
To see jut how a soldier looks! County Telegraph a newspaper
published In .said. Bradford County. STEAK----(
'INa1WIlY1pI1pIIJIIIp111NNIlYNNl411, 1 I IIYNIWIWIIIIi"IMa/NWIIaWWI/ MnIl411INYYWI/NYmYWIIN4NIYNaYNNWIW/ Ytl11YXYNIIINMWYNNNINAaYYIINNIaNIv Snooptn at the Blue Diamond: StarkeFlorida.. August' 21st 1841.
Well, IIOlIebbe I am exaggeratln' (OFFICIAL UK AD A.:1. Thomas
Lil Woseley an' Joe Edwards get- Clerk Circuit Court." 8-224t 9-12
Jus' a little bit, but it
tin f in a real ole jitterbug work-
1 does. seem months since I've'dated out .'". Elaine Edwards an' Jack FOR MAYOR GROUND MEAT, 2 Ibs __ _
anything in khaki liven John, T am a candidate for the officeof
Sale Pearle Manning an' Bea Mayor of the City of Starke,
:, the well-dressed dummy who Hogg of Jax Kingsley Kap- Florida subject to the will of thevot.r. Country Roll
stands In Steinberg's- doorway has In the City election, to beheld
ers: Frances (Hemingway) Moyer September 9th 1941. Through
TH ERTR E5THRHE swapped his uniform for a pair : and hubby Johnnie "swimmln' my experience' with tile City Government -
of overalls What is this I am familiar with the BUTTERSMOKED' -- 35i
out" Wonder if Mary Luc lieToroile's -
duties of the office and am thoroughly -
A back to the farm move- I to perform the
resistance Is "Eben"? :
FLORIDRModern ment? Well, anyhowwhatever duties I of the office.
Mus be, when Eben Bartlett Respectfully ,.submitted
it Is, I predict that Call 1
flies all] the way back for jus' f C. A. Futch BACON, Ib ____.. -
Street will be just as glad to see
And Up-To-Date Theatre With Perfect Sound a week-end In dear ole Starke
the soldiers when return, Tn Circuit Court." Bradford County
PROGRAM WEEK BEGINNING SUNDAY AUG. 24 aa the soldiers will be. to see Call .' Let Aunt Carolyn in on the Thoroirood Florida, -In Plaintiff Chancery.vs. William Carrie Lee J. TENDER JUICY ROAST, Ib 211
secret, folks .. .
Street Thoroirood. Defendant. On Monday,
the 61h., day of October, lUL the 1
Sunday Monday, Aug. 24 25 "defendant Carrie Lee Thoroirood' Is STEW BEEF, Ib __ _____ -
Hints to llosteaaest i Katie Wainwright Pleasant. pastoral a t Crystal required to appear to the Hill filed ,
"RUGGLES OF RED GAP"With took her bridge club downto Lake Sunday: Ernest an' Pauline against. .her herein. This order to I Western .
be published one a week for four.
Charles Laughton Mary Boland Charles Rugglea Hall's for hamburgers and Phillips Richard Cooper, Theodore consecutive. week In Bradford ,

Latest War News "He Asked For It" Comedy cokes las' week Six out ot Goodge, Heavy an Jo Burch published County. Telegraph In salt Bradford a newspaper County." PORK CHOPS 25

eight lovely lasses ordered thelr's Bob an' Sybil Giebelg Hear ,fOPFJCIAL SEAL) .A, J. Thoma.I -

Tuesday, Aug.. 26 "all the way"-wlth onions) they ate so much they couldn't Clerk Starke,Circuit Florida Court.August. Ztst.. 1941.
Jus' another example of the swim for slnkln' Wilma (Ed- '-22 4t 9-12 I
"HERE I AM A STRANGER"With weaker sex see kin' to grow wards) Ray home from Monti-

Richard Green Brenda Joyce "stronger"! Betty Green and cello for a visit with her three

Also Selected Short Subjects Gay 1 e Sewell]) ruahln around bl('. lue-eyed girls 4 T. K. Mc-

ready In' up for Tallahassee In' Clane (Lt.) home on leaveHe.. ;WATCH FORKOCH'S

Wednesday Thursday, Aug. 27-28 September '. Recommended for Wilma an' the children leave Sun-

late snackers: pickled frankfurters day for Fort Sill.. Okla., whereT.

"GRAPES OF WRATH"With at the Military Inn For K. will be a training school

Henry Fonda Jane Darwell eaters-outers: tenderloin of troutat Instructor, BIG SCHOOL SALE

Latest War News Cartoon the Park Cafe .
A h ppy birthday turned Into

Friday, Aug. 29 Stumbled en an inierewtln little an unhappy mornln' after for A Complete Line 01 School SuppliesInk

"HIGH SCHOOL"With foursome in Koch's Sattlday ,night Odessa Williams Seems she

Table a 11 decorated with enjoyed a birthday supper Tues- .
Jane Withers Joe Jr.
patriotic-colored cloth an' red,
day night an' awoke Wednesday
"Riders Of Death Valley" No. 7 Popeye Cartoon red rosebuds The occasion! mornin' to find she'd been robbed Ink 8 Colors Crayons

A bride, a bridegroom, an' a mar- of $9 of her own money, to sy School Bags (all prices) Sissors
Saturday, Aug. 30-Double Feature ried couple who'd been through nothln' of what the night visitor

Feature No. 1-"THE BLUE BIRD"With the same thing recently ? The got of her mother's cash, as well] Pencils Paste r'w

bride, a cute little CharlestonlanRosalee aa her eye-glassea Funny
Shirley Temple Eva Shealy-and Staff coincidence was the fact that Fountain Pens 25c up Paints \* _

Sergeant Wiley H. Smith (Caw- Times-Union headlines Wednes- Pen Holders }Y
Feature No. 2-"KIDS LAST RIDE"With Erasersr
_ gla) the lucky groom day morning screamed-"Odessa .
The Range Busters Also Paramount Song Under Selge" She still wonders Pen Points Protractors ,

Add North Carolina vacationers how they found out so quick! .

MIDNIGHT SHOW SATURDAY AT 11:30: : The Jesse Newsoms and chil- Notebook Paper Compasses .

dren leave this week Hear Talk of a "Bargain Dance" has
"DAYTIME WIFE"With Note Book Covers all
( sizes
Midshipman:! Emmett Perryman Is finally gotten beyond the rumor ) Art Paper

Tyrone Power Linda Darnell :otn out for swlmmin' an* _11- stage Seems It's gonna bea Note Books (all sizes)
Also Cab Calloway's Orchestra In' at Annapolis LJvln' on fact, come Friday the 29th Chalk (all colors)

__. __ ._ __ n __ Klng ley every summer has made Plenty of good ole swlngeroo pro-
Emmett Into a one-man Aquacade vided by a bang-up negro band Is

Margaret Pearce, magazine promised by local lasses sponsor-
sellln\ with her sin and bro.-ln- In the event'. Seems Helen KOCHS DRUG STORECall

VO C C 4 oftbe fR law, is really *tn' the IT. S. Dowttng' an' Frances Oppermanare

,p, PEtlop sae Flew from Cleveland td Noo head in' things up Shouldbe
Yawk tother week, took in all a bit of all right. In that case, St.

NEW.. LIVING SOUND I the sights, then flew back to an' I can hardly wait Says Starke, Fla.AUG .

Cleveland Sounds more ,like your (terpsicnorean)

..WIN.INaMANM/411ArKI.IeN1 'a"+.II."ww.+MIAYMCI IptlMWenr yMlMll.rlaN'MlalealMM "MII a vacation than work, to me -carolyn.


1941 ,. .-

F Uss BITS of LOCAL NEWS I f the Miss main Florin, post exchange Noegel: cashier at Camp at Lt T K. McClane arrived yes f t New Residents business "to, ,rive" 'IS,OO ,io;, get. t:

terday from Fort Sill, Okla., fora 9175,000 or more, 10 unanimously: : ,
I is
Standing on a two-weeks'
vacation ,Given
few days' leave In Starke: He Privileges resolution Tuesday night. )
1sguret which she Is passed a \
of Bai-tow L O. Hazen of spending
June Dyer Brookerwas Mr. and Mrs S. A. Weldon and Mrs. McClane and their sons.T. f PWA that the i
and that "we notify the ,
Miss Virginia Sewell. a guest; Monday of her sister. I visiting In Jacksonville and Lake A boon to newcomers In any ,
of children are K., Jr. and Don, will leave
In-law, Mrs A. E. McKlnney. enjoying a visit with City. I Florida community U the "Exist 15.000 te in the Dank If and when! J
j relatives at several points In I Sunday for Fort Sill, where Lt. '* d'
l W. H Andrews spent Mon- Georgia. McClane will be an Instructor In : ing Domicile" law paused by the the application l Is approved ?
Mr. and Mrs F. A Cook and
ra with relatives In Jacksonville Mrs. Tillman Hutto spent! Mon- f children, of Lake Worth were the training school j 1941 Legislature Everyone know "Not one cent of this moafIYiJ'
day in Jacksonville with her Mrs C. A. Knight will be used by On PWA unless k
to recent: guests of Mr. and Mrs J. -disadvantages in living In "
I I and daugh- mother, Mrs. Mabel Denmark.Jim Jacksonville Wednesday! and Mro. H A. Bishop and daughters. -I' the through;"' A t
P M, Barefoot spent L. Peek. Mrs. Cook Is Mrs. Peek's a place without being; a bona application goes r
rS Sara spent Wednesday' in two days with her sinter Mrs J sister and was formerly Miss Ruth Mrs. W. C. Powell, Miss:I I fide resident, and the advantage they said "and we can .et''
E. Nina -
Forest of the Guidon Grill Powell. Bishop, and son Harold it."
Otwell. back time want,
'JiSOIville has Just returned from a two- Bishop and Mrs. Nina LJpford. to be derived from being A bona any I t Na

left Sunday for weeks' vacation at Daytona Beach. Mrs. E. P, Otwell of Jackson of Green Cove Springs, left Sat fide resident of the community In i >
Jacob Mr. and Mra. W
I B. Wlnder-
S. N. C. where be win ville, II is the guest of her son-ln. urday for a visit In New Orleans which be lives.Hitherto 4
r weedle and Aileen and
yxesvtlie B. R. Wltkovakl law and daughter, Mr, and Mrs. children La. with Mrs. Bishop's aunt Mrs
d two weka, spent the past : Charlene. .and Mrs Violet Shaw in order- to become a ,
J. I Peek. Bonita Jones and other relatives
week in 3
where he has all of Jacksonville, were guests resident of any" given communitya The
L Mr*' Charles .Battle been receiving throat treatment Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. L. J, the Drive:
" r. Ud tar., and Mrs. Jesse Newsomeand "It's Just one of those things I person must live In State
Miami were guests of Mre. I f ,Green. said A. A. Annls when his con- for 12 months and the ;
.I family left Thursday for, a : city or
; '
Itllte Hall' Friday, a 9h'" Lyle Anderson has returned two weeks' vacation at Blowing f. crete mixer turned over at the town for six. According to A. J. New 1941:: 1
from Archer where be visited his Rock. N. C. I Mr. and Mrs. L. D, Vlnlng returned new Florida theatre Tuesday. It ,
Bradford grandmother, Mrs. Emma, Ander home last 1 week after Thomas, Clerk, of the Circuit, -
illa! .P.. Tbomaa, I I was just too full and got over-
\\ son spending two weeks In Wlnston- Court, the new law permits *
selectee has,been trana- Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Barefoot balanced and turned over Just before '
IY Fort Bragg, N< 'C,. spent Friday afternoon In San- Salem. N. C. While away they noon while the men were person who move. Into a town to '0,
to I
red Miss Mlgpon! '..Sisson I ,. of the dersop visiting :Mr. and Mrs. W. also visited several! noted moun- working on the new theatre. alp a legal document exprcsaUig :, !.'6; @ tt
tain resorts, his intention of making It his ...
E. S. Matthews Mignon/ Bisaon School of DanclngTRaleigh F, Barefoot.L. )
lur, and Mrs permanent home, hav* It recorded trya"'' '
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flume and t
expected 1 home this week-end N. C., is spending her r Miss! Edna Hutto, Johnny Tor- In the office of the Clerk and be- boa ,
Lozotf. proprietor of the Tic Mrs. Resale Colaon left Mondayfor
the put three vacation with her mother, Mrs '
spending reulla and Mr and Mrs. Tillman
come Immediately a bona fide resident
er -
ka in Hendersonville. N. C. R. A, Weeks at Santa Fe Lake. Toe Tap, Is a visitor in Miami I Hutto spent Sunday in Ocala as Ft Lauderdale to attend the of that community, althoughhe .. TODA'YSEDANS r
this week combining business I funeral of Mrs. Flume's sinter and
guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wll11 !- may not vote
and Mrs. A.
--- with pleasure. brother-in-law Mr.
p- l a m s, visiting Silver Springs
G. Hlnnon. who were killed In an

INSURANCE AN D_ BON D S Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hol- while*there. accident Saturday morning I n Council Says,

lingsworth had as their week-end Texas. They were enroute to .
Mr. and Mrs, Charles Brock 'Money In The Bank'The
guests Mr. and Mrs. Albert Yates Mexico on their vacation.
and con, Bobby, who have spent
of Tallahassee.Miss.Carnita. the past ten days here with Mr prospect for a new sewage i '
Miss Mildred Daniel l left Slarke
and Mrs. O. W. White, I left Wednesday system and disposal plant for
Hutto I Is spendingtwo morning to return to their last week to Join her father, H. Starke grows brighter with every iM. I

weeks In Columbia S. C., home In Taft, Texas.W. M. Daniel, and family, In Greeley, pasting hour. In order to how-

Service Over 50 Years visiting her sister Carolyn and Colo. Miss Daniel has been In good faith In the proposition, and STATION .

other lelatlves. D. Pender wan looking after i Stake for the past 20 months also as a sort of nest egg to help I

Interests In Starke after spending! working In restaurants. Mr. and defray expense", the City of. WAGONS, W
Please Phone 146 Starke K Mr. and :Mrs.: Merrill Struth the past few months In Quantlco, I Mrs. Daniel and the rest of the Starke was asked to put up a e1I se

of Jacksonville were week-end Va. He left the tint of the week family went on ahead two or guarantee of (5.000 to be used

-'' guests of Mrs. W, H. Struth and for Wilmington, N. C., where he three months ago. "If und when" the PWA should ,
Miss Kate Strath. !I expects to enter business pas favorably on Its applicationfor : CONVERTIBLE
I I Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Mendoza a new sewage system and disposal COUPES '

Mrs. J. F. Hazen left last Sun- Claude Alvarez!' with the American and Miss Gloria, Johns, who spent plant.

RITZ THEATRE day for a visit with relatives in Legion WPA recreation center two weeks vacation In the Went, The Council thought It, good ,

Tampa, Plant City and other spent Sunday through Wednesday arrived here' Saturday morningand {j'

;... South Florida cities. In Jacksonville<<: playing remained until Sunday,,after pT7I7 I Exceu Acid causesHnHH ,'17j p I
WEEK BEGINNING SUNDAY AUGUST 24 for dances at several! of the WPA noon as guests of M'.. ME'ndoza'sparents I youpatncofStemachAAtUUa
Mrs. '1'. J. Grlfrin. -
Mr. and
John Godwin, who\ was Inducted recreation dance halls there. Ue-r| Indigestion, "

Sunday,-Monday August 24, 25, into the Army last week, has been little They were Cliff accompanied Mendoza who home has Blotting,Cas.Heartburn.Belching FOR I, 4

"I WANTED WINGS" assigned to the Coast Artillery at Mr. and Mrs, N. Sternberg returned by been here two weeks. Nautea,get a free sample of UDGA I IM" A

Veronica Camp Eustis, Va. Tuesday from a two weeks' and a free Interesting booklet at SPECIAL ,
With Ray Milland, Wayne Morris, Lake vacation spent In New York City I Ial

Added: "Sentinels of the Caribbean" & Fox News Mrs. E. L. Matthews and little and Asheville N. C. While in Judge and Mrs, A, Z. Adklns CARI'F NTEI1'Fi Ultra STORE j1as
and son, A. Z. Jr.. left yesterday RATES
daughter, Mary'Agnes, will arrive New York they bought fall and for Waynesvllle, N. C. They ex- ,
Tuesday, August 26-Double Feature home today from Riverside Hospital winter goods for their store. pect to be away from home a M eP

"FOR BEAUTY'S SAKE"With in Jacksonville month before returning and wilt '
Mr. and Mrs C. W, Savage arrived Phone161:
visit Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Pope,
Ned Sparks and Marjorie Weaver Little Cornelia Carroll, who hue Sunday morning from Jr., In Fountain, N. C. A, Z. Adklns

has been visiting her grandmother, Chlldersburg, Ala. Mr Savagerctuined Jr.. will resume his studies l
&ir.. F. H. has returned to Monday but Mrs. Savage r
"SCATTERGOOD PULLS THE STRINGS"With Long at the Citadel In Charleston, S. .
remained for visit with
a longer( 1p
ber home In Jacksonville C., the middle of September
Guy Kibbee-Also Cartoon her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. +ka irh

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Boreeof WhUe. It was a pleasure to see' L. A, lir. All Cara
Wednesday, Thursday -- August 27, 28 Jacksonville were visiting Mrs. Fowler of Brooker back in town ". .1"' fa +fr,
Mr. and Mrs W. L. Blair have w
"TIlE BIG STORE"With Boree's parents, Mr. and MI'.. G. last week-end after an absence of 1
son-in-law Insured
all their guests their ;
H. Bennett, over the week-end several! months. Mr. Fowler hns
the Marx Brothers and Tony Martin and daughter, ]Mr! ant Mrs. Don been suffering R' prolonged Illness '

Added: "Battle of the Atlantic" and MGM News J. M. Gottlieb, formerly man-j McCann.and and another son Hill daughter\ of Augusta, Mrs.J. ,. and, still Isn't "back to normal You cant re.tuild" '

of the Gem Jewelry Kan. !," but he made the trip to
ager with eahes
Dorr Smith, of El: Dorado. L BlandingUDriveIt ,
0/'/ $
subscription .,
to. his '
? Friday, August 29-Double Feature East Call street, is no longer Kansas.Mrs town mainly '- wa
connected with the company. to the Telegraph. "I Just dMnMM
uTilE. BRIDE WORE CRUTCHES"and can't get along without It," he!
W H. Sewell= and daughter -
Mr and Mrs Frank Oren of nays. Charley E. Johns
Mint Ouyle! Sewell\ were In
"A VERY YOUNG LADY" Daytona Beach spent several days Jacksonville! Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs. Sam Anderson and Mrs. 'I' ', ,
this week with Mr. and Mrs. A. E. returned to Agency I ,
and were guests of Mrs O. P. Wudaworth AGate r
With Jane Withers-Also Selected Shorts Wall and Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard a
of I last week
Robert S. Illnhop. While I I there Slarke Thursday

Law. they attended the PI Beta Phi Alumnae after an enjoyable trip to New "hl-Arkf, Ilorlilu C t w a s f

Saturday, August 30 supper.Minn Orleans, where they went to take
119 Eat Call Street
Miss Iven Blvings spent! last Mr. Anderson who left for the
week with Sharon Hall.
Mary Brownlee and Miss! Panama Canal Zone to accept Telephone 13
With Roy Rogers accompanied her back to Jacksonville Joyce Humphries of St. Louts employment. Mrs. Anderson and ,

and"MEET ,I where she will spend! this Mo, and Miss. :Marie Baugh, of Mrs. Wadiworth returned home pi

THE MISSUS" \*\ eek.Mrs.. Alton, 111, arrived here Monday by the coastal route and enjoyedlh {P4, ,peMYr
night and are guests 0 f Miss beautiful scenery of the Gulf 'V ..ai

With Roscoe Karns-Chapter .2 of "The White Eagle" O. L. Bearley and Mrs. K. Brownlee'H parents, Mr. and Mrs. Coast. i t,?,
,G. Duncan are expected-to return '
H. I Brownlee
I nome today after spending several I SPECIAL
weeks: In the mountains of North Mrs. C. A. Knight entertainedat SEA FOODS, ; t t

Carolina.Mrs. a picnic supper Saturday even-
: Ing complimenting Mrs. J, C. Robinson -

Paul E. Canova and three of Apopka, who Is here !
Got back from my vacation children will return home tomor- visiting her brother and sister-In.

t'other day and to my ..urpri e row after a visit in Ocala with law, Mr. and Mrs James Lewis, MULLET atDENMARK'S ifi::i
few eked did I have Mrs. D. B.
quite a mo Mrs. Canova's mother The guests Included 24 friends. BREAM
a good time. I thought the old Flowers. rink

} burg wo Belting HO big nobody Mrs. S. S. Dowling, Mrs. W. S. PERCH $, la IM

would even .know that I bad slipped Miss Alma Howze and Miss Stroman and Miss Nettle Dowling TROUT

away. Mlldren Vanlandlngham both of went to Jacksonville Friday to It'
One feller who failed to get creditMt Ocala came to Starke about two visit Mr and Mrs. James God- RED BASS I7

the More the day after I left weeks ago and are waitresses! in bold. Mrs. Dowllng and daughter SHRIMPDRESSED '

missed me the mont, raotm he the Park Cafe. returned home Monday but Mrs.Stroman .
wan right back the minute I returned remained for a longer I'OULTRYMAGNOLIA M

tryln' again. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Scanlon are irtslt. 121 EAST CALL ST.: ,

expected here this week-endfrom f

If Ullan Tenn., for a visit with Mrs. Miss. Betty Brlggs, who was a .iM.. ,
you like good merchandisehere Scanlori's parents, Mr. and Mrs. guest last week'of her uncle: and .. MMMwrt

N Sternberg. aunt, Judge and Mrs A. Z. Ad. FISHMARKET ',W
few of the ,
are ,
a many kins, has returned to her home in / 'tryf.

advertised lines that we sell. Mrs. E. K. Ferryman and son Jacksonville. Miss Briggs was accompanied '

Comer. returned home Saturday by Miss Peggy Fore- 209 K. Call I'hone 37 $1.50 Per Week Buys :
Manhattan ShirtsManhattan night after a visit with Dr. and hand who will be her guest for .

1-lrl. C. F. Sayles In Little Switzerland I some time.

Pajamas .' N. C. "" n+

Mark Twain Shirts ; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brooks, who I This Group'' "
Careful Drivers
have been occupying the L. J. Prompt Service 4 '

Mansco Underwear 'bi! ,. Green residence on Cherry St., ,
have moved to their new home at I :r'f!:; rM.t"
Coopers Jockey Shorts I
: Camp Bland ing. Starke Taxi Service ;t:

Wembley Nor East Ties I ",. II M"jew
F. A. Scott returned t
Mr. and Mrs.
Freeman Fine ShoesPeter's Saturday from Winter Locally Owned and Opeated 1 3 pc BEDROOM SUITE hr. '

All Leather Shoes Garden where they visited their !
and daughter-In-law. Mr. and Phone 150 J1
Mrs. W. A. Scott. I 1- COIL SPRING i
Holeproof Hosiery : Day Night ifi, ,'

Vanette Hosiery Mr. and ),1.... Cbarley J. Powell I .J 1 COTTON MATTRESS "

and children left Monday for a .
Barbizon Texas and New Mexico
Slips there will visit Mrs. 1 BED SPREAD (Choice "
and while Color) ? '
Mary Barron Slips Powell's threw brothers.Mr. .
Gulf Life Insurance Co. .

Jo Dee Dresses and Mrs. I* F. Smith and I 1 Pr. PILLOWS 17 x ,24'' "

Tom Sawyer Boys Clothes three sons Leonard. Billy and i AGENTS

Tom left Tuesday for Peru Ind., YI
Lee Overalls where they win visit Mr* Smith's! ROY M. STONE W. K. (BILL) ALVAREZ i

30 Years of Square Dealing and ServiceSTERNBERG'S parents and ether relatives j jt|I P. O. Box 308 Starke, Florida I SEE THESE AND MANY OTHER

Mlrn, Maxine Noegel popular(

clerk ,at Carpenter's drug store ( SEE US TOMORROW IS BARGAINS THIS WEEK 1

returned recently from an eightday ,
vacation spent at BtatenolDe.j j jjf. 1

C, and Daytona J


-- ---



''I .. .... iii,!

.' r,jm t : ;IfF 1., r 1 ,1 _--- ---- ---SECTION-,- -----, I Brooker Brevities by's Croebyftue8day Starke parents, were Mr.guests!evening.Mr. and of Mrs.Mrs.. O.Kir-E.I WITH OUR F FARMERS

HINTS FOR THE110USEIIOLD RURAL son of Raiford were guests of and Mrs. Roy Cowan and "I never have seen It BO hot so God, says. That's
By Mrs L. L. rarker ll1e
Mrs. Nora after son Johnnie, and Miss Ruth Tom- !of. who
Sapp Sunday long says F. Jarrett not behind the
; COMMON; SENSE. !stand odeq y
llnson of Jacksonville dinner
Lee Green was called to the lives 0 n a 20-acre farm three continued. "People '
v bedside of his daughter in Tallahassee noon.Mr.. and Mrs Guy Plnholtter guests of their parents. Mr. and miles from Starke on the Palatka the true Oo iwL WOn'r II8eq; t. I

PEACH SUGGESTIONS BETTER FORESTS OFFER last week, but was able and children and Mrs. Harvey Mrs. Frank Tomlinson Sunday. road. and walk out" They will, ...*. ,'; 1,

'r- By Isabelle S. Thursby EXPANDED INCOMES to return to his work here this Baxter and children of Jackson- Mrs Bill Williams of Lake Butler "I think Hitler Is a. pretty rough Mr. Batten raise

t w ic Extension: Food Economist Florida, farmers and landowners I week and said his daughter was ville were visitors here Sunday 'and Mrs. S. L. Crews visited man," he continued, in speaking nuts beans, velvet beans corn I

fI I Fruit play such: an importantrole ,. In common with theme of Improving. Mr. Greene home I III A large group from here Is At- In Jacksonville Wednesday. Mrs. about the world's archenemy."He sweet potatoes Irish Ch'':

in good nutrition that every- other Southern states are casting In Tallahassee, but he has been, tending the revival meeting at Marion Hauck returned with them has brought a whole lot of cow a.snd doe OlatOl!

one should give it serious consideration around for possible new sources here for several weeks building'' Ant loch church' this week. and was their week-end guest. trouble on the world. I believewe farming-on the thirty some

,t ); In his dally diet. And the of revenue and new crops to growon A five-room house. I 1! V. V. Haten' of WIlliston spent Clyde Kelley of Brooker, member are going to win out, though he cultivateS: He has sm thi

'4 fruit to consider especially at this their lands. It Is but logical Mr. nod Mrs Harley Hazen and I the week-end at home with his of Bradford County School In the end." Asked If bethought $60 worth of beans sold 8ieJ.!
children of Center Hill were visiting family. I Board New River America would enter the war, corn, he and
time Is the'peach: for the season that they are turning more and I was visiting said
1'4' h e t is rapidly approaching: its peak. more to forest trees for something relatives here recently. There will be services at the : School one day this week. Mr. Jarrett replied: "In one -

Here are some suggestions that to grow on their lands and to Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Mott of Baptist church here Sunday morn- Among those attending the I sense of the word we are alreadyIn Ernest Grlffl lives

s are guaranteed to be tastewortby. bring In revenue.It RAiford spent Sunday afternoon ing and night. Sunday School at dance In Live I Oak Thursday I the war. We are furnishing tersection of Baker,near tJJe k:
with M. Mott' mother, Mrs. Jim 10 o'clock Sunday morning. You the material to fight with. But Bradford Union! tol.
/ Peach Cake / seems almost certain that night were: Mr. and Mrs. R. J. counties. J just
__ ,. Requirements: 2 cups enriched the forests of the South will playan Mott.Mr. are urged to attend' these ser ,Turner and children Bonnie and I believe we will have actuallyto line in Union county &cnItI lie:

i g s flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder, increasingly Important part in and Mrs. Frank Feagle and vices. R. J., Jr. Everett Renfroe, Sgt. get Into the fight before, It Is this! year 1.6 acres of toba ran
_ 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon remedying the economic and daughter, Jaunita, have returned Mr. and Mrs. Grady Baxter of and Mr. J. N. Johns daughter over. There la no use to atop about 600 PGunda--tor

; 9 cinnamon, e to 8 Juicy peaches, 1 social ills of the South. First, be- from an extended trip to points Baldwin we revisiting relatives Vivian and Mrs. Ethridge'Cason. before we make a complete Job received from 20 l-2c to which t

fit "r egg. milk 1-2 teaspoon salt, and cause cotton acreage Is being constantly north. They visited Ohio, Chi- here over the weekend.Mr. Miss Eloise Durrance returnedto j of it. We stopped ,too early be- pound. He also raised 3fc

? 1-4 cup syrup or mild flavored reduced, and, second be- cago, North and South Carolinaand and Mrs J. P. Hazen and Jacksonville Friday after baying I fore. We,, ought to do a good, mAny strawberries These a

honey. i cause paper pulp mills now lo- the Smoky Mountains. son of Hampton Lake were visitIng spent her vacation with Mr.; I decent Job this time. I all the 'money" crops he '"t,

r r' w Make a crust by sifting the cated In the South are demandingvast Mr. and Mrs Rael Dukes of relatives here Sunday.Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tomlinson. "There Is not much difference 'I'm In hope that England tal
t Dukes were guests t>f Mr. and and Mrs. M. P. Hindman II;
between Russia and win
Germany "
of wood.E. the
1 flour and baking powder together, supplies Miss Cozette Sapp Is home after war. Mr. Grime
li{, t cutting In the butter and adding L. Demmon, director of the Mrs. Earl Green Wednesday. of Baltimore. Md., and Col. J.. M. an extended ,visit In Ft. :Myers) he continued, "so far as civilization Saturday. "I belti, eVe a
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. dtl
t Lt? Bait, beaten egg and enough' United S t a tes Department the In Jack-
spend week-end the week-end with Mr. and.Mrs.T. II
rule Is concerned. Russia has de-
make soft dough. help It is
sweet milk to a Southern Forest Experiment Mrs. Pllney Crews; now giving
one-half inch thick sonville with Mr. and Mrs. W D. W. Markey and Martha Evelyn stroyed the churches.: And thereis she will win Enllat
Roll the crust Station at New Orleans, without ,
The New River Baptist Cemetery our
Webb and Mr. Markey's sister lelt'
+ and line a greased baking tin with !says that Southern forest lands, Mrs. R. A. Jordon. Markey.Mrs. 'working was a big success. not much difference in their into the actual fighting .
M. F. Hazen of Starke
f It Cover the crust with quar- under good management are capable I There crowd and the type of government-both have no radio, and am not lc.T
was a large i
i : Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hinton the of her mother Mrs.
tered or sliced peaches and of providing continuous em- was guest dictatorships But Russia stands right up with it"
iprlnkle with a little cinnamon I I'ployment and higher standards of I were visitors at their old homein John Cone Saturday.Mr. whole cemetery was well cleaned. between England and Germany. If I Speaking of

Bake in a format Jasper over the weekend.Mr. and Mrs. M.' P. Hindman, Mrs. Wesley Johns whO' has we do not crush Germany this Starke he to.
q and sirup or honey. j|living least double the "Starke has Improved
r till crust and and Mrs. T. L. Hazen and Martha Evelyn Markey and Col.J. been confined to her bed for the time we will' have It all to do so muck hi
rather quick oven number of persons they now sup- side of two
children of Kansas Mo. M. left Monday for past few months, is now able to years that It does!
City, Markey a In 20 !
r brown. over
both years.
; peaches are a light port. "The Idleness or only partialuse seem like Itself."
in the I were visiting relatives here last sightseeing trip to South Florida. attend rhurch and visit some.
Sprinkle with sugar, keep of many millions of acres of Turning to the future of Starke
oven five minutes more, and then Southern forest lands, unsuited to week. While here they enjoyeda Among the places they plan to Mrs. W. M. Mann, primary Mr., Jarrett said: I believe things American
P fried chicken supper at Hamp- visit are Tampa the Bok Tower teacher was absent from school : To ReopenThe
r makes large
serve. This one or not needed for farming. Is al I will continue to go pretty well
I ton Lake. A large group of rel- at Lake Wales, St. Augustine and I a few days, due to Illness. '
1 cake. great economic loss to the region | with Starke even after the present American Theatre
Peach Butter and to the United States," he atives was present. Jacksonville. Mr, and Mrs. Hind- The Rev. Menshew filled his boom Is all over. I believe has been closed for whir|
1 Mrs Lee Harrell of Jackson- will leave for .their sometime\,
man Saturday at
regular appointment Long
,. i 1 Wash and prepare four quart says Starke will hold Its own., There open this week., The new
4 ville visiting with Mr and home in Md. Martha ma
was Baltimore
Cut in He adds that in the Bridge Christian Church Sundayand has been little I Increase in Is
1, ; of ripe peaches. piece progress a : ager L.,, H. Holloway
Mrs. W. H. Harrell and other relatives Evelyn will spend the week-end
Sunday evening.
and put through dllver or fruit application of forestry methods, prices since the boom began. I
and friends last week. In Jacksonville with Miss
ry Measure and for each especially' during the I last 20 Betty Frank T. Tomlinson Is visiting find that everything has advanced -
; vr press Mr. and Mrs Prince Crews and Joe Webb. IH YOU KNOW .IBOCTIROACHES
r t ,I pint of pulp set aside one cup of years, has been encouraging. Although his sister Mrs. Roy Cowan and ."
q S sugar. Cook pulp until heavy In the percentage' Is yet too Miss Ruth Tomlinson, in Jacksonvuie ?!

its own juice, then add sugar. small: more and more; commercial uOU this week.George R. L. Batten has three' farms When |
you fight roaches
t Cook until It Is of the desired non-farm forest area J. being I Hampton Happenings ,Jones of Brooker and aggregating 90 acres two of try ,to get rid of them ym ill I

constituency. Pour into sterilized managed for continuous forest -_ R. A. Osteen entertained a large them In Bradford County and the not Just kill the few tlif:

*' Jars and weal' at once. production. number of friends with an ice other in Clay. 'He lives 1 1.2 you can hit with
Pickled Pea..*hen Among the things which Dem- by cream social Saturday night at miles west of Sand Hill lake. dust |
or that
:Mrs. M. W. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. James Gnann and walk Into i
N Requirements: 8 pounds peaches- mon and other foresters list as on the home of Miss Ina Forsythe. "The war doesn't Interest me a powder by accident.
family have moved to their
1 4 pounds sugar, 2 quarts vinegar the darker side of the picture in CHUROI SPONSORSH1WSIWES new Many games were enjoyed be- particle in the world," he said
home in Jacksonville.Dan .
8 two-inch pieces stick cinnamonand Southern ,forestry are the burnIng fore the refreshments were served.I Saturday. "I have no opinion at K3DRoach
McDanlel Mrs Bessie Me-
cloves of approximately 20, percentof Mrs. Kate Shepard spent the all to express about the war. It
The Hampton School auditoriumwas Daniel Mr. and Mrs. L. Collins Killer
r! Choose fresh, high l quality the forest area annually and week-end at home. She has only 1 Is too far away. Wait till it gets
fruit and sort carefully for size the fact that most stands are filled to capacity Monday and son Warren, all of Tampa one more week of summer school. here and then I'll think about it. Is Different!

1. kl;, and ripeness. .Preferably select greatly understocked. "Too much night when the Methodist Church spent the week-end with Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward of If people would quit studying Roaches eat it because tit)I

firm white clingstone peaches. cutting is still done with little or sponsored the Jubilee Hillbillies. Mrs. J. E. Adklns and family.' Starke, were dinner guests of about the war so much and get like it. They dry up and die L

*' uMK,, ;r Wash them well, remove thin no regard for the future, especi- (The proceeds of the show are to Mrs. P. Prescott Mrs Leland Mrs. Ward's parents Mr.' and down to work," continued Mr. Put K-S.D In little piles or I IIn

''l' kin with sharp knife, and sticky ally by the thousands of small be used to make repairs to the Beadenbaugh, One Prescott Betty Mrs. E. A. Sapp, Sunday. Batten "we'd; have more for the bottle caps and place hi
each ToY church building. The school and McGruder and Eloise Pickren! In out-of-slght
2 cloves Into peach. portable mills, he declares. I defense proposition. place where
H prevent discoloration, drop the Cuttings that Improve stands : the P-T. A. plan to have a return were visitors in Jacksonville last CARD OF THANKS "I'm a minister the Gospel It can be left as bait Siffl

? fruit as It is prepared into asalt Instead of taking out all the val engagement for the Hill- Saturday. and that's the reason I don't to use. Non-poisonous to mul

solution made by dissolving I uable! timber are needed in many billies In the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wesley and We wish to express appreciation study war. If. they'd let me and pets.Sistrunks'. I

1 tablespoon of salt in each quartof forests of Florida and other CITY COUNCIL MEETS: family are moving from Gainesville t to our many friends for the choose my own weapon, I'd* enlist Feed & Seed]

I i water Cook the vinegar, cinnamon Southern g tat e s Millions of I and ,will make their home I, sympathy and kindness'shown us In the army today," .he said: "I'd Store
The Council
and sugar together for 10 acres are in need of planting If City met in special in Hampton. : during the illness, and death ,of take the Word of God. If people

minutes, or until the syrup is they, are to grow adequate timber session Wednesday night of last Mrs. J. W. Prlester. and Miss I j our mother and sister; We are would trust In God-j-have faithIn Starke, Florida
Add conk II week for the purpose of revising Lyda Prlester o f Lake Butler i also grateful for ,the Manufactured By McPhaIProducts !
I't fairly (thick. peaches I crops. in a reasonable time and I beautiful God-there would be no want ,
) gently until tender:but not broken I adequately safeguard soil and the tax: records for' the ensuing spent Sunday at Jacksonville j flowers.-Maggie Ellington, Ollle j I There's no man 'startefh a: warfare '-, / Makers of Ait[

and let stand in the syrup over ,water resources, Florida landowners year. A good start wan madeon Beach with Mrs Gerald Adklns t(tI .Elington, Amelia Crawford, Frank and looketh back on "the.' ene.-Orlando, Fla

night. 4 plant million of seedlings ments the will revision be available and! tax:by state the I and daughters, Betty, Helen and Strickland. I things of this life, the Word of
o .l In the morning drain syrup each( years and no doubt will continue Louise.
from peaches and; pack fruit Into { \, to improve their forest prac first of September. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Blrt

sterilized Jars. Boll syrup rapidly |tices., STREET LIGHTS TWINED ON Joined friends from St. Peters- '

_ until thick and pour over peachesIn I People coming to Hampton will burg for a picnic I' at Juniper elf E'S UnCfiOUJ HIBOH H 0

the Jars. Seal label and store BETHELBy be reminded of the old days when Springs Sunday.

in cool place. Allow the pickled Mrs. D. D. ttoodard we used to have street lights. The Mrs. H. M. Chastain and chil- ,
peaches to eland several week new lights are now shining dren of Madison visited with Mr. I ....

to blend the flavor before serving Mrs. Cherry Gwynn and children brightly. Completion of the pro- and Mrs.T. C. Chastain last week. LINGERIE ( ,.

of Lake City are visiting ject will be made in a few days. Mrs. Grace Beal of Jacksonville \
Mrs.\, Gwvnn'a aunt. Mrs. Jlmmle spent the week-end with her par- a

_ Woodard.Mr. Miss Virginia Lou and James ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. ,E. Adkins. \a

and. Mrs. Ira Allen were Pickren of Jacksonville visited Mrs. T. C. Chastain entertainedher -J

Boating Sunday guests ,of Mrs. Jimmie their parents, Mr and Mrs. J. J. sister, Mrs. C. D.' Addison of

Woodard. Pickren last week-end. Ocala, several ,days last week.C. .
-e :
Mr. and Mrs J. M. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. O. W, Wynn and A. Durling left Monday fora -

Bathing sons and Emma Allen were visiting Mrs. A. L. Goodge of Starke six: weeks' vacation In Georgia, : -

her parents, Mr and Mrs. A. visited friends and relatives Mon- the Carolinas, Virginia, and Can-
Q. St. John ada.

Bowling day.Mr.. and Mrs. T. C. Chastain 'Mrs. G. P. Wadsworth returned 1c.::

and Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Chas- Thursday from New Orleans La. ,
CENTRAL FLA. TILE A tain left Wednesday for a weeks' She accompanied Mr. and Mrs J. oo

Billiards MARBLE CO."El vacation at Salt Springs.Mr. 1. Anderson and made the return -
H trip with Mrs. Anderson.Mr .
:ftYT'U'IO!' IN!' TILB and Mrs. Virgil Davis an-
..... llftlH Anderson left New Orleans
... P.... list R nounce the birth of an eleven- enroute to Panama Canal Zone

Bar-B-Q Ofll.. .A IlUpUr R.... pound daughter on August 15. where he has accepted a position 1 'Ti

I. -. TOT W. B......,. .! Ala. St. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Hardy of with the Government
.a1YRaVILLIC. FLA. Gainesville announce the birth ofa Miss Gloria Walden of Lake

-'iI Chicken Dinners 1 boy, Dudley Price, Sunday I City !I. the guest of Mr., and Mrs.

morning. :Lynn Hall '
I LI..I... Carp:. ,.... 'I. lle
BIlBd )1.4I.4.* C.fcl..
Dinners Lure Sleeks T. S.l.ct. .f..1 C
Shrimp New River -
COo..t Mrrkavlcal ... News ,

-! n i Im\ --f-> .

Cold Drinks By Mr. O. E. Crosby and Mrs. Jessie Lee Lttzenby<< THE MAN WHO GOESSHOPPIM6


-u Trailer Park 75c We are all very sorry to learnof Miss Eloise Johns entertained I HIS WIFEW

little Ralph Merrill's Illness about twenty young friends Fri
If It Rains Again In 2.& day night at her home with a Burdened with bundles, lost in a
and operation this week. RalphIs
CottagesGood Hours We Will Wash It the 8-year-old son of Mr. and birthday The party. blitz: of battling shoppers wilder than \
room was lovely and r
Mrs. Frank Merritt. a nest of heat-crated: bees, the man '
FREE the table waa beautiful, covered rri ; '+rw sr
Again According 'to relatives it Is said with an attractive lace cloth. The who goes shopping with his wife receives .:,

Fishing that he was suffering from what table waa centered with a large justly merited accolade. Ther
DRIVE IN AND LET US seemed to be a bad case of sore bowl of roses and fern. mopylae Waterloo I \ .
eyes Thursday. They procureda Gettysburg _,
Beer On FILL YOUR TANK WITH doctor's prescription for that Various card games were en- Verdun minor engagements all t,
Tap Joyed then the treasure hunt fol .
THAT POWERFUL but he did not respond. All the lowed. compared to this test of heroism. ,r
while he grew worse and in the
Rouse "
Refreshments of Ice cream and your friends to this hero
meanwhile developed a serious '
SHELL GAS stomach disorder. Sunday his cake carrying out the color tribute ,with a round of smooth, a""e+ ER ra.
scheme white and yellow were
Meet Your YOU'LL GET MORE left eye ball had swollen to an served outdoors. mellow JAX' Beer great companion -
alarming stage. The local physicians for l life's
"Oh. how old was she, Billy great moments. Andif
Friends At MILES! PER GALLON urged a head and eye Boy T"Well bowed but unbeaten
specialist's a d v ice Immediately.
ask her she forgot glass of the famous
Sunday he was rushed to St. you ; Drink of Friend

;, Kingsley Beach Vincent's Hospital where h. was tq tell us. :ahip will ease the strain,soothe your

GOODYEAR operated on for an abcess behind I Mrs. Zedrle Hamilton. Of Ellington disposition.: Try bottle today.

f LAKE FRONTAMUSEMENT the left eyeball. Five doctors: ia concluding her vaca-
\ TIRES, TUBES an eye. a heart, and a head I tion with relatives. Mr. and Mr.

AND specialist together with a medical Frank Tomllnson and Mr. and
PARKOn and a surgical doctor, were in i Mrs. Roy Tomltnson. Mr. and MORE rOPULAR EVERY DAY !
the operating room. At Mrs. Hamilton have recently returned
he has five drainage t pretoent'l
from a n extended tour months increased more than I
affected eye with the nose yet through several of the eastern
tight times the
Road 48 GAINES SERVICE be for *vcrec
Near operated on more states twice f/i Florida union 1 mRO, E 1

Camp Blanding STATIONOn age.dition.He is In very serious con- Mr. and Mr. ,J. Moody were "M Ke Min* Jax average'Say '
transacting business In *
Temple Are. :
His aunt :Miss Ida Merrltt Is viUe Wednesday .Jacluon-1 1
assisting m his nursing. Mr. and Mrs. Earl a- Attrie*?



,. r...
n -
... v ".',


AUG 22 1 1941

nAf, AUGUST 82. 19U ARADIIOf1D'OOUNTTix.EOltAPn., 8TARKK.! FLORIDA "- PAGE!' BS5Vw.hrr"l '4


Farm News BOATDRAINBy JlinmJe Emery at Hague. Board/ of r a.. d ona. Tallahaaa., live weeks In Kradford' County required to appear on- 'th*, ht CIa" ;',5(''
Florida State Florida, at Its next regular meet-. Telegraph a newspaper publishedIn of September A. I). nn before tbe. ..
Mr. Z. Z. Griffin Mr. and M... R M. Johnsonand In g. Maid Bradford County, Florida I above entitled court to th*. bill .*. \\I'' /

I daughter, Madge, visited Mr. FRED JACKSON, Slarke. Florida July 14th, 1(41 complaint filed against you in the; ;\.
BOY SCOUT HIKE :Mrs. W. C. Gwynn and daughters Johnson's brother in Jacksonville -11 :2t 8-Z1 ( Applicant) (OFFICIAL !SEAL) A, J. Thomas B radfordnllCounty".T..; 1sraph"hereby .. n d "T. !1.< ;" k
Tewo.eacJ Clerk Circuit Court Bradford
,.111II Mary Shirley, Mary Louise, and Saturday. County, Florida L'.1 4t 8-22 designated l a* the Paver.' ". "
at Thursday afternoon, August 14, ROM Lee, of Lake City are visit iv romT or COI" TYBRMtVORU .I'ualO, paper In which this order ahall be>
the local Boy Scout Mr*. C. A. Waddell of Tampa co..ry.. kTAIH VF publlhed one* a week (or our
MFE11NG: 12, Troop, accompanied ing Mrs. Gwynn's slater\ :Mrs. left Saturday for FI.OMIU,*. NOTICH 4)F A."'.'r'TIOM con sec.
August Moultrie
by the Rev. L. and FOR TX UI'IiU: '
afternoon A. Ralph Gatney. In r* Estate of I WITNESS hand and the seal '
.tlday monthly meeting of thee Shepherd and Calvin Williams, Valdosta Ga., after spending 1C C. Helberser.. Deceased Or.ate Hill Net. lea) of thin court my at !Btarlt! Florid e r
semi the Mrs. E. EX Lee and children Notice la hereby .lv.n, to all NOT1CB 18 HEREBY GIVEN, D. 1(41.
several A.
at of with
Club war held left for Crystal Lake where they days her ulster Mrs. whom It may concern that on the, That C. M Kelly holder of Tax Cer. thla Slt., day of July kk
enjoyed camping until late Bethel were dinner guests of Mrs 1., C, Smith. 10th day of September' A. D. 1(41 tlflrat No. IT, l issued th* 4th day (OFFICIAL SEAL) A. J. Ttoom*.
Spills.TI. I the Ralph Carney Sunday.Mr. I shall apply to the Honorable E. of July A. D. Ills has filed Clerk of the Circuit Court. utI a
F, Oiapm\ >. president following Saturday after noon Mr. and Mrs. Grover Rhodes K. ferryman, Judge of Mid Court In my office and has mad .aam.1 Way bright ek Waybrliht '

L. whO hen returned I, when they returned home. and Mrs. W. 1C. Green and and son, Richard left Wednesday a. Judge of Probate, for my find ration thereon.for Said'a tax certificate deed to b.* I Jacksonville Fla. PlalnHfC At. ) '' tin

the club vacation trip, wa wel- During their stay at the lake children were visiting Mrs. Myrtle for their home at Lake Wales, of dlacharc H. C. a.Helberser Executor deceaaed of the estate; and the following described property torney. '-l $t ". .-3. '. w

a Priest Sunday afternoon. after spending several days with that at the same tlm. I will present In the County of Bradford, stat ----- :
d at t the meeting. 1 1rIIg the boys enjoyed swimming, biking my final account aa Rxecutor of Florida, to-wtt I 1'\\\1?'\
meetm Plane were I and other activities. Severalof Mr. and Mm. William Mooreof ,Mrs. Rhodes' parents, Mr and of aald exate,, and ask for their Lots 1. a of idle 10 Ward City NOTICRNolle '! I es "
\ the to meet at the Scouts Jacksonville were visiting Mr. Mrs R, M. Johnson.IIANI.'SC'IUPT approval Sec a Twp. 7 8. It. 10 B I I. hereby risen to vM i
fl members passed the 50-yard bated August Rlh A D. 1(41. The assessment of the said property Creditor and claimant of t a e 4 1
eO. Tuesday 'fthl'club swimming test which Is one of and Mrs. John Prevatt Sunday. f"'oNlar B. Helberrer. under the. said certificate Indued };state of Mildred Illyn Byrly.demeaned I
house CO'ERS1 4t -u Kxeculor.OTICK was In the of Mr T. to file your claim, 4..I.Jr'f.. ;
tolltW/ for the Red Croat. the requirements for becoming a i Mr. and Mrs: Eugene Griffl I\ Ward. name awonv ,4o, with B.. K.. .'.rrir..4m,.,,M"". 'I'

C' O. Partney and Mrs. first class scout, while others who and children, and C. A. Griffls, pe" 100 BRADFORD COUNTY \ OF V.UWT'O'Vt Fnlea laid certificate shall b* County Jude of JUrMford' County' '.. 'II '
l month frees 1
i within
ft' Whitfield were hostesses were working 0 n their second and :Mrs M. J. Green and children N D. WalnwrlKht Jr., \Mayorof redeemed according to law the first publb-allon of this Pollen' j'
Starke, Florida, by virtue of the property described therein. will h* I1secutori.J! i iiv 'sN }, 'I 4
the afternoon. class requirements passed their all enjoyed a pleasant day In Circuit Chanci Bradford County, Authority vented. In my hy law. In sold to the highest bidder at the B. P. Walker,,..'.. ./t, '- #' I .!tj n I
cooking, tracking and Scout pace at Sand Pond Sunday. Florid In ). Jewell lord, hereby call an election to b. ht ld courthouse door on the first Mn. ;I;:"
who has been Plaintiff v*. Jame.. Matthew Lord at the City Hall In the afo-eeald day In the month of September' '6/i/ + n
arty Tyson :Mr. and M... tests. Mrs. Mary Brown -visiting: her defendant on Monday the lit day town by the qualified voter on 141 which "In the lat,, day of : TMHIKCI'IT (- t'RT. KIOHTHIJl ;" ta N
bto parents of September! 141.! the defendant Tuesday, September III tb. A. D. 1041, tember 1941 "
Scouts who daughter Mrs.
made the Richard Illfl/ll." C..ceor KI.OH-
J trip were Clark of ,
has returned to Jams Matthew Lord In required. tn for the purpose of electlnv the following tinted thla ,10th day of July '
H. Tyson; the following: Charles Thornton, Heilbronn. appear' to the bill filed against' him or"......: ((OFFICIAL. "ISK.M.) A. J. "h..t1"P.1 IIIA. IM .AND FOR MHAOVWHl. ,w4'ourTY. ;(:I" '" I II0

I I.JS8 I. Gene Jlmmie Mrs. Lizzie herein. This order. to be published one Mayor, Clerk of Circuit'. Court of (
Cope, Lea Tompkins
Bradley and Mr Ctt.U'CJIRW't
Woodard who once A week for four consecutive. Two Aldermen. County, Florida 81 '4t : 1 t 1 fat
Jacqueline lie Lamar Whidden and Mrs. Mack weeks In Bradford One Clerk' Assessor Marr Walker Jvnklna, ,
Bradley. Billy were visiting Mr. County 'I'e'e.l Treasurer Tat 1'/

been visiting friends and relI Overetreet, Joe_ Townsend and and. Mrs. Z. Z. GrltTls last Mon. aid graph Bradford a newspaper published In : One MurxhallItiKpectora and Tax. Collector IM TIIK ('."t.--;: ;Ol.".... t..GI.T..1 I -V-Plaintiff No. IMf *' ''t u
has returned County I Jl I>M"IAI. Manly" 111 $,
Palatka, I lilt I IT OP F1.Oll. hull Jenkins \
in Robert Markham. Cub Scouts who day.Miss (OFFICIAL SEAL) A. J. Thomas Newnome,, of sail' election: Tl. A. Isle. IM AMI! Fills "".\"..'UHU"uI'IIT" DefendantOitDElt ,.;:j (
Clerk of J. U Peek, A. If John, '
Circuit Court. Bradford PRRVirBNOTICK i
made the Margaret Grlffis OF
trip were : Jlmmie was visit.
t. I T. a. William. W. H (Graham Jr.
Crews and daugh- Brown Godwin Deltert Ing''-Irs. M. J. Green and County, Florida. In testimony whereof. I hereuntoubncrlbe IM ('II.%('.;"y TO APJ'KAH ,tAs
1'1. A. A. Crews C. A. Stark, Florida, August Sth. U4I. ,, Margaret Andersen THR MTATH OF FIX5H1DAI. a,
Jur.'e and Josephine, of Claude Johns and Cecil Prince. Griffis Saturday night and Sun- 8-8 4t 8.89Flurtdar : seal of the my said name and caused the Plahitlff, To Raall Manly Jenkins ill,. who.. :t I I
town tn be hereunto .?
Llade. are visiting Mr. .and Others who went along as visitors day.Misses ;::;;:-; affixed this the 'th. day of Robert-Andersen 13U residence It' la hereby.la Kiln ordered, South that Carolina.you are) 4'I},,Jj

D. T Thornton and family. were Elton Ormond, Junior Red ).Mildred, Margaret and Int n yni'try tltllenryuL.. .. Atteet-August t A. 11. 1(41. Defendant.OHl'KIl required tn appear on the laf'Aay w*
I Morre.ll Hanna Plaintiff."- Sarah tSllaa"btith i r it\ gRRVirnNOTICH : of September A. 1>. If4l before the. tll i
dish, Herbert Crews, Ray Reddishand Opal and Katherine and henna, Defendant, on Mon' Carl N.John.> ,Walnwrla-ht City, Clerk.1 Jr, 4t Mayor S-S8 TO APHKAH' above entitled court, to the bill of .t''! saes s1
Bradley Geiger Christine Gainey and Sharon day the lot day of 1>Srptet4er| 1(41. TIIHl STA1H OF FL()ltifiAt: complaint filed aaaliiM you In the th'
I Green attended church the defendant Sarah Kllsabeth : :- "nunl..1 Tu Robert Andersen. whoa tal above entitled "aue.; and "Brad ;?, h
The boys were carried to and at Tine Hanna I la required lo In Circuit Court Bradford ( deuce la "t'nknown." i ford County Tlearaph" la h*.*..by N\ t
F F I C E from Camp in a truck. Level Sunday. the bill filed against her appear her.In.to Jl'1"rllla-ln Chancery. Kdward.William ;: .' It I I" hereby ordered. that you arei'r.'I".1 deelvnated aa the newspaper IH ;+ ,

Miss Margaret Morrell returned. This order to be published one : Donahue ':::II.II'fi.r..vna. 1 to. apprnr on the let day which this order shall) be publlhvd l.f{ (\ es'
; ..
a week for four connerutlv Peat I Florence j A. D. 1(41 before the one". a week for 4 consecutive'
UPP L I ES Mr. ana 3.1l"f. L. E. Prince and home last week after spending In Bradford County Telegraph week dant. On Monday, Heptember lit., I I abov* entitled court, tn the bill. of .week* J t
children have returned from Dub- several days in Bradenton and Newspaper published In said Bradford a- 1941. the ...defendant Pearl FIOr..n"1. ,I complaint filed a aln/ t youabove I In th* I Ii I WITNESS: : '" my hand atur'tbtlt e.ift.' '' !( plhJ*' "
.','unty. Donahue, la required to appear to. entitled cau <"! a a> d "Tli of this court At Utarke Florida. J'"r
ling, Ga., where they have been Tampa with friends. (OFKK-IAL SEAL) A. J. Thomas 'he bill filed against. her h..reln.1Thl. I i Hradford County leitraph't la I thl flflth day of July,. A. !>. 1(41.. ii j; n
visiting[ for the past week. While Airs. Ralph Gainey was visiting f'1..rk of Clrcult Court> Bradford Order. tn be published one a hereby designated. aa the news.paper ', (OFFICIAL' URAL) A. J. Tr) ro> ,'< .1'Iffj; Ie
l I (County I week fnr fnnr conecutlv week". In which this older' shall be ;, II Jerk of the circuit: Court. ''f' stro
they were In Dublin. :Mr. and Mrs W E. Green Monday.HIGHLAND j Slarke, Florida July l5lh.I 1(41 I In Bradford County Telegraph an.wsnsne' published: one a week for 'four i I J. C, IHirram-e, JackmvnvlH, Fla.. t!f{,
nubllnhed In pied I coiiNeciitlv,* weeks. I] 9.1t 8-S3
Mrs. Prince attended a family reunion ( 1 4t 8-21 ford County.OFFICIAL nr''I.1 I UITNKHH: my hand and the seal Plnlnlltfa Attorney.' : n1

given in honor of the for.mer'lI ( PEAL j: ) A. .1, Thomaa..'bf tits court 'at ,stark Florida, iAl,
''11 'f..1. ('IN'rtT teil "T, ..;U.ll1''' Clerk. Circuit' Court. this Slut dav of July A. D. IDfl.110I"FU'IAI. .
and Mrs. J.
parents, Mr. T. By Miss 'Ueth Wimberly JIOMIAI, l 'RC" lr Or\ KL.OII.OtTl ., Staike, Florida. July :SMh I 1(41 I I ( K13AL) A. J. Thomas, AUTO PARTS, : ;
Prince, both of whom celebrated 1115. IY AN" "'(tIt RH.UIFUItII 8-1 4t 8-22 Clerk of the Circuit ''Court. tI j ji ;:
BIRTHDAY PARTY ". I I William D. Morgan Jackunnvllle I
their seventieth birthday anniversary tIIANtKHV Fla. Plaintiff Attorney 8., 4t22, USED TIRES IIE1IU1LTC.KNKKATOK8 ,e
In Circuit Court, Bradford |;, *,: )
Miss Cleo
entertainedthe Gladys
this month. n. Dulon, .. .. ---- I :
County, '....Id.. In Chancerv. '' AUTO i'l
Mrs. Leonard Johnson and following guests Thursday .v...Complainant 10 1 In II. (''..eh..... I'lalntllf' "... Frank IM TIIK: ('IN4'1'11'01'RT.. RKIHTH FOR t rt,,
afternoon with a swimming and Lowell II. 1)ulon o' 1364- H Cocheu, ,I..tl'l"l.."t. On Monday JI1)1141.11'I"tir KI.011.ln GLASS 4 sna t
small daughter, Glenda Faye. of efendunt. the lit ilxy of September, I ID. ,. IMMII FOHt4 .n..u" VAn AND TRUCKS IN ni,:' l'
Your Convenience Tallahassee are visiting or Lake, celebrating her sixteenth Nt>TICK TO Al'HUAU Cocheu, whose residence.. la !3 ,' IM ciiiMt-.:..Y :styli.: a l
Bradford County Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. THE' STATK 3rd HI., New York N. Y., Y. M. ,, Dorothy Miler '' <
he W. H. WaInwright. birthday: To Lowell It. Hulun, whoa. ad. C. A. la required\ to appear to the I''I .Complainant, Used Autos .$25' up'J
Misses Louise bill against him herein. Thla' -v" No 1109 \ urn ,
and Kathleen In 165 .
elegraph .la Ever In- Miss Marjorie Clemens of Pal dyei-H Broadway, Nw Turk order to be published one a week Oene Mllar.
Mai-r Miss Jewel Wilkinson Miss!! It j I. 'ordered for four consecutive, w e. k a In Itefendant.OflDKH HAS.KINS I *ye i iI
easing Its Stock of metto Is visiting Miss Lora Crews. VirgIe Grlffls, Romeo Prescott, r riilred| hereby to appear that I you are Bradford County Telegraph, ,In OF' PRRViCi'i: a :
last 1941 before day newepape' published in said Bradford VOTIi'H! TO APPT1AHTMR 'uw
Mr Frazier Shaw left of .neptember A. II ( AUTO PARTS ri
} Burnell Wilkinson of Lawtey andC. the County. Starke, Florida, July : STATE OF FIOKlDAi: e".a
lice Supplies. Herere week for Tennessee where she is M. Griffls. Miss Norman's above complaint' entitledcourt filed to the bill of gftth 1041OFFICIAL. Tn Gene. Mllar whose residence' North of Town on Road 18 1'Stt.f. _
analnxt you In the ( ilEA f.) A. J. Thomas. la tTnknown.." ;
visiting relatives. Shove I I '
[ Some of The Many mother Mrs. J.L.. Norman and Bradford entitled cause, and "Th Clerk Circuit Court Bradford It I I. hereby ordered that you are :

\ 2>lr. and Mrs. llurvai Holmes Mrs. Ruth Marr attainted In entertainIng hereby denlirnated County Teleitriiph'an' the newm.paiier la. County, Florida. L>-l 4t 8-82 : .

ems Now Carried: and daughter, Mrs. R. N Dukes, the guests. Friends of In which this order shall. b. I I ;'' '

left Sunday, August 17, for Kings- published. | once u week for tour In I th* Clrctilt Court Bradford HEADY MIXED CONCRETE. SAND GRAVEL 'j'i;
Cleo all join In wlshftiK her many ?ei.utlve' weeks County, II'I..rlll"-ln C h a n c c a ry. ,
tree, S. C., where they are visit many happy returns. WITNESS my hand and the eat llndya 11. Itoee, plaintiff, v*. Arnold SIDEWALKS ;
|Adding Machine Paper ing relatives. of this court at ""urk... Florida Koee, defendant. On 'Monday IIUILDINU II LOCKS. DRIVE. 'wo
this 31st.' day of July A. h. 1(41, the IM day of Hvptmnber 1941, this )j" ::1'
Carbon Paper Mrs. J.V.. Grlffls and Wins (OFFlClAh riKAI.) A. J. Thomas, defendant. Arnold Ross whose| re.l- WAYS STEPPING STONES IN FACT WE
--- ,
j Vligle Griff were visitors to Clerk of the Circuit 'Court. dene la. unknown, i I. required to I
flanila! Clasp EnvelopesPay I" Shoes 1 Starke Wwybrlirht & Waybrlfrht appear to the bill filed atrafnt CAN FURNISH YOU WITH ANYTIIING FOR t, f ',
Saturday. Jadinonvllle, Flu.. I'lulnllffn Attorney him herein.. Thla order to b* publlehed -

Envelopes : Made O. W. Marr anil i Ellly Marr of 8-1 It ,..SIN one a week for four .'011laHcutlv (CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION. 'rt 1' lei,,, '
I I weeks In Bradford' Counlyi
i'II Mirrut !pent the week-end herewith Telegraph, a nawp Toper uMIhed" 'ifr'
tie! Folders Gem Clips :' New run IItC"Tr rot sir. KM.MTII I : : !
I Like relative Ji UK 1'1. i"H'II'I' or ri.on.IM I In said I rnilfonl County. Wtark, i Call Us Today For Estimates ( t.14J'i'
I Florida 2Mb 1IM1. \
'I R. L. Prescott and C. M. Grlf- %, IM tYO FOil 11HtJIFOlIII If"I'I: "] i
Ruled Index CardsInk I 10l "," 'l1. (. KKAI.i< A J. Thomas, '},4ai'

II fis were: in Jackeonvllle Monday.Mrs. IM 1'11\'( .:nv : Clerk Circuit Court, Bradford Co:, 01 k:
[ (Pints & Quarts) I IDon't I Ruth O'Brian: and childrenof Marion Richards Thomas, I Florida. *-l 4t 822i :/ psi

[lothes Marking Outfits Nichols: stopped,' enroute to .Cwinplatpant.vi NCI. 13fll( I.i 1'11 tiiitiir (-'01 irr. "'lilt '''FoltnI'UI I A. A. ANNIS "

North Carolina ,Saturday!; to visit William r-urlton Thomas, \'1'1 PI. ltlltAIM. ( "'N. ', ,
Itofendiint C'IIY.: ,
Ruled,Legal Note Pads Mrs. H. C. Wimterly: and family, OKHFI 1: I>V" HK11VICKNOTKK : Marvin U Wrny, Plaintiff, v*. w 'iWS16

Miss Beth Wlmberly and Miss TO AI'I'HAIi. Oenvva Wray, Defendant I CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION ,
Manuscript Covers THR STATE OF Fl.olllllA- (lit !Monday the ht slay of September ,
Ethel 1 Ricks visited. Mrs. N. T. To William Carlton Thomas, A. Ii, 1941, the defendant{ ,, I t
Mimeograph Stencils Green Sunday. whose Add'f'o, In Clinton, New 0.'r,,), whose. residence' l I. STARKE, FLORIDA. :
York Tennessee. in 1
Mimeograph Paper wait until shoes Friends! of Mrs. Kffle :Mal 11arn It I In hereby ordered that you are qulrcd Cbattanooica to appear to the bill re-.ef \ 235 Washington, St. ... Phone 165 arK asj
your: tt of Melrose, will regret to required to appear on the tut day complaint' filed against. her het. .- 'l f
Mimeograph Ink I are entirely worn out. Have of September A.to 1 1941 before the In. This order to b* publlnhednce ;1 I !

them repaired D 0 wand learn of the death of her father above entitled court, to the hill nf / .*..h w..k for four_ *ftn ecu-___________ __ __ __. _________ '' .it> 'r ,t,
Onion Skin I V. L. Mack at her home In Mel- complaint! tiled against you In the %
Paper the would i above entitled cauxe and "Th
save! money you
rose, :Mr. Mack has been bed F-radford: ('imty TeleKraph" la :;f1t
Pencils pay for new ones.! "'e give hereby denlirnated, the "
'I ridden for a number of years and ax newa.
savings, and satisfaction paper In which order shall bepublished I.oi
you Barnett ; 1."I"w : ,
Pencil made his home with Mrs. once for fourConsecutive ifil
Sharpeners with quick and dependable Interment was in Melrose Ceme week Iey 1

service. Call today I WITNESS my hand and the neat .
Duplicate Receipt Books tery. of this court at Htarke, Florida" /1
I [ Woodrow Tucker of Kingsley this 31nt, day of July, A. 1) 1(41. ..Is Zp S?,t ra
Rubber Bands I ,. .
UXFFICIAI. ;AI.) A J Thomas rI,
Beach visited friends here Mon- Clerk of the Clrc-ult Court
alespads Scotch Tape day. Waybrlc-ht A WaybrlichtJacknonvlile ( "I)
Hollingsworth Fla I>1 tt 1128NO..rA .

StaplingIachines.: Electric Shoe Shop inn
Rubber I FOR T\\ UIo:1)I 1
'Stampstenographer Opposite Park Theatre Mrs. L. C. Smith
I Ry (swede 11111 Me tall ;Ai

Note Pads L_ .. I Mrs.. C. Fogg had as her greats I That NOTICE Florence IH Tl IIKHKIIY'Drown holder GIVEN of w I T Imesto ,

Tax Certificate No. 312, issued' the tt
typewriter) Ribbons Sunday her son-in-law and daughter 2nd. day of September' A. l>. 1015, I K It. A'r r
Mr. and Mrs. David Durbin has filed same In my office and baa inua
Shipping Tags D16i mad application for a tax. deed k
of Jacksonville:: to h* Issued thereon. Said' certl' 'fj
Metal Rim TagsO. Mrs. J. H. Surrency spent the fieSta embracert the following de' 'It
I >perty In the County ofBradford !
K. week-end with her daughter Mra Htat .if Ffnrlda to-wit i,
Paper Fasteners
W14 of WIlt' of NW'4 of NW '4 !I rlr
Wo I II FOIt ("11Y C'011I11C'II. Section 10. Township f, South I II
Paper FastenersCard II Havingllvoil In Hlarke for the Range 22 ":a.t. onlalnlnK 10 atr.,amore ,
Ii I past 20 yearn; fefllnn that I .mSalilotlf. a or )1-es.
File Indexes p"hlk..lrll..d. l citizen, In. The a"'f' Kment of the said prop. I I I
II i r t..t'.1. In i the welfare nf the community rty under the said certificate la*
Card Index Trays I ; and having ben. urged/: bya surd. was In the name of J".. J.
number "f fil l"nrlH to run for the. Bailey I I IUnlepa I J
[Everhandy I City| I.'un, ii. I h.r.hy .nnnu"c' raider Paper Clips'p t-iyielf, it ,..ndldnte for thin office. redeemed a? nrdlnic to law the 1C"
and If elected In the September. a property deM.rlhtd therein will b* "
Board Arch Boards I : ..I."tlc.n. will ..'.r"" (helft twof and ..od( to the highest bidder at thicnurthottx f
.. the first Monday '
muriltv to th my dour im -
[Banding Paper Files sbI11tY." Your fulrnnBK" and Influence In the month of Heptember.
I r will b. I/r.'Rlly/: "pl'"I..t..I U 4t I. whl' h 1 is 'h* l.t., day of I Y
Metal Filesnda ys 0,1. A. Wlggtae. 8 T>temhr. 1(41
tinted thin. "'.1st., day of July' '

: Ink Wire Tra'sran'el 1 1 a FOII CITY <'01'. %'(-II. 1911.(OFFIrfAT. CKAI., ) A. J. Thoma. ,,' 1 t .!iJ
i Inn.. nii"li as many >f my '
Clerk of "j|1.( ,11 ""rt of Bradford ,\
I orf.r my.ervie.u .
requ..ted e
Punches iban
County, Florida '.1 4t 8-2Z
Re one .f the new Counell- d r "
! Scratch being' Il'IIer".u,1. In elvla 1iIi!
Pad Holders Perfect Work ffair and., I .-.. ..nnounr.. my ranrttdalv It TMK f MM 11'1' f. nk for th/ cffl- 'iiinlt to, 'o"'f', ....Oflll... ,W} aaW
Eraser Stick Files At Low CostGet the fl.r ton of B.i>t"mh..r 9th. Your In The Matter of Illw l4apl' Munrlir, _
v"'f* and .support wilt b e itr.atly AppiUatlon for License a* Free a'1'E

Ring Binders fid of those annoying appreciated.Alvin ;Everett McKlnney.FOH Trader. DErItF.E .J

Dol_. lie certain! your Thl cause duly coming An far I'' ..11, .
final hearing upon the report of .
radIo 1 I.* p 'rf<,rrnlnC| corrwllv. ITT ( or v4'11. the Mp.clal" Master and upon hi)

RemingtonPortable We vvlll Inspect it i 'Many.."..l that of my 1 offer tl..od"my have....nrlcaa. rqa ". finding' *should that. the h* prayer a-ritntcd. of, upon petitioner I E Wo'ro at Your Semeel

FREE one ff the n"w C'C'f.unrnrn' tob ... It In Ordered, AdJadired '"
Cf>n''I lil flr.n. "
Complete Line of elected on M..pl..mb..r 9th and. and f.r..d by the Court I f Whether $ "
We Have A f-ellnic that I may b. of some wr.vie. that said Pit*. tat' Muter'. report you want to roast <<' ';,..,

Jew Tubes to my native City, 'that taNPthis I and findings >'* and are herebyconfirmed. w lamb for dinner or air-condition ,
of d
m"an and that Ill HUDPMundv
TYPEWRITERS j MAYES'Radio I will enter to the the rec.will for of('t'ouncllman the iroteri!, I I.. a"th.rl..d In take charge F your store.your Sunshine Service .e 1'', e"""
ubj-rt of and her own estate and t
mans.* '
.. r
Service on "Jlt..onb.r 9th. Tour v t and .rn..rry. and I', ha"nm* a free r, organization .is prepared to '
i : .upp'.rt. I. 1eDARBrt *. to contract
earnCHAS.sA I dealer In *rery refper '
.. .. meet your demands immediately
and h contracted with, to ar<1 ; iJl. w
boo sued arid t<> bind herself In allrevpni't with ... ;
) cheap dependable ; -
a* fully ax If unmarried, t1i
after ni.>bll..hlnit' a copy of tile' d*. / electric service.Cooking +
.r..e nnoeeA'h week for four ronci fI ,W'
1' f ,. ... .tl"* week t t Hr..1f"rd Tfff"
Telegraph a duly qualified cnu"1 ". electrically in !i '+
DIP1fJII t>*.rter r> ,ib1i-h..d In the County of) your r k
her r..ld.nce" 1 home is eight to ten degree irPt pons anA Orilered In Chamb.et'at ..fA
OnlncKvlJle! Florida this 7th day ? cooler. It's safer' too-and best of lfi r, 1all'

of Aur M,""I.. t, 1016...ring! Clrtolt Judir 4- / all. costs only about $2.50 a '+' ,

53: Down (S A TRt'p. TMrr'x'''<"IPYA ? month 11 you already us* elec .'l'' %gJ
i./I : :
'' r'-; i", Court' TiradfoM : f trig refrigeration.
$3 Per Do Your Tradingwhere ni.-fw polnr''''''. J $J.
,, &&
6 pieces Rogers Siherware are -- IS [HEAP'' I!' '

$10 In tradeSMITH'S V OTI4ra1' i it'
with f
given away every : IH IIKRKHT f17VENthat
COUNTY I I. Fred Jackson who. was onvlcted ti:'
or certificates.Are In the" circuit) Court of Bradford ,
dla County Florida at th. Hprlnclerm ;f, ,
TELEGRAPH GARAGE lh.rof. A. P IMI, of the ?, .
Ca h U fence of Armed Robbery and : ; led
01.1 S E' E YOU B DEli., L E I 4 ,
Cboo e '.n"." therefor to Hr y' R : .:
Phone 29 STARKE Year In Th. ?tats lTlon "
I ", 't ,
to the *
for clemency"
apply _. ,,,,);. '

L'b i'j
i I r : '

,f..j.,.,...".. .. .'J, ..,. i. '



1 sd 22 1941


I .


.. .. .
J'' i iIi"

0 4 ; f,,"; .

.. ,.'.. '! ,
Ii, "
.. ,, .. 1' .. '' ... :, "
,, : :, I
,. ".. .,, "" ,' ,
: .: '
''''' i"
: ..
... ,
.... ..,,,;,"..,"."\Ii'" ', ,

.. vi.f ( ,st ( I \\l '
; ,j- '
4 ,:< ,, <, ". < ; 'f'fiF' : '1. :711'; ". ,
d '" vif' ,
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r > .-r': .. r "
: ,
AY :; ,
:1 ( ;> '. ,, ;
: .
.. ,' ( ;. j' : ''k. ,, .; ,< :
'e\M, "
f. .," I' 1t'i.J" g" ,",' ,' li'i i .. f' } : : '.
"'." .".r. ";,1, ","f'I' "C'. "' '' ; jj./,11 .:; ,: ) il /; .. -:.. ,',.. .r. .
;' ''"tl ilo :: ; I' ,,.. ; ).(. : )" '"'I'' l ,: (. : : ii .:>',.1.,..... ,.:; '<<,' .j''
'< $ :' ,', tt':< r Ji'J / >t. .' ;' .., ': ,,.; '.., ,Y1\ .",'';\(\ii.tN''f.i'l: .1J' 1\\: "i... \ : '
; H. 4\/Nff "A.'i. f" / "
+ : : : ; : \ t' .
( \ .. it ,, : ,,J .. ,'
; ih,, < : ,, "' :;" ; ;>' : \; .. ; I ;
) ( :
N : "
( > ; : : :\ ... ,, .. ,' '
/"itI"\\' ,
; !
Il'\'I( ; ;
,I : : ., ", .. 11 /
'i'I "
"I .' ,., ,' : :'O ,' ;,, ;:. :,:.,.. .C', ,, "" .: f!; t11 ; : : ;
.. ;
.i"I ;
\ '. 0'I"
I .
.. .. : \ "" .. f, I.i" : ,.,.,. ; '. ; : ;; : ; '
,.1 tj"r." ."" '!. f., ; ,J' ': .. .- ,, ., '.. ." '.! it !r// ,: i.; ; ,Pr, 'Jh,..!. .., t' ,, ;p
.).f''I'" : ,,,>.;,. '( 'i : (: : ij) !;I m;, ,li ." ,': ,Ii,'; .", ., ,"
J ; I ti. '" : .< .i1fi,; ... ,' I..m" '
/ ", t <.:. }. ,d iI'i" ,,!, ,,. ''' '. ;", ,., '''
V'. ; h''
.(. f? ,, "..: ; .. .' "" '40. >..':" ," ." .-... ,. . ,. ..: ." ,," ..I'.t'! ., '""',,, "','," "'!,1""(., .'!, "":-t''"', ,i.r.,: \ :;. J Z..
< : : f ,
.. '. : : ,. '"f ''i" r...: ,\ ,, na... \ '.' "" '
': ; w. ..
A&iift' y U' ; ;
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: _ / 'I '' : ." ; ; ,
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'. .J't" 'ro', ; I' : ,
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r ", """ '. .. .' .' 'M", ,. ''. >' .1. ,. .' ..,".," .0/' "" '. ." : '" ,
F ...'" ,. d ":\ M ', ,'' .- ,. ,, ; ". ,: .. .
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a '" ,.p,r. w .v ;. r', v .'II\t'\ .;..ArrA' ""A.r..t ," ; :' '' ,1r 'q,1r, a'.. .' ." ''I" .7...} ;, "
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.... C ',' .. b :\, .' I.. I ..." '1i1! ." 'ff,, {,< .., i" : '. ,' "
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C ., ( ." ',..;, I''J' S "' .. ', '., .' .'l: "i''" ), ..'.,, .". "" .. ,, '. ...;. .
1' ; :
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L ., or. ,' '. ,. ',vY V :I: .. .. .'". %11;; t ,;;I:
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';.." ,.", '.'\ +'' :" J' D,. .,. .;..."" ,,,,..,.;. '1, ." .. ; .',.J". : ,',," 'I..I\t., < \: "\ ,,".," ", 'r,,. ".,, ',.,.' .' ''':', ''
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ioi<;.;. fYr ,. 'f1.O ,, \ ,, ,,,, 'r .... ,. '" 1, ." .. 11
;.. ,: ; .ndc.. -N .. ,' ,' < "..." "'. ; .', .1 ,
; ;><\, :" 7" ; ', S. r' '" \! ,J,!\ "i'/t.. !'". '". r ,". ,"lilt..,,
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;1.41.; .; "" ) I >,,, ,
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111';::. ',I' .'. ., ; ; p ;, ''''' '
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: \F/ 4 w pgn aoture: 0\15-: I '.:..t .". .
r ..,:t. .. Open 1.nS o :\ oar iHt! ', ; >' c 'J. ,
fin etz ,.". .
tOO oar: 1i1.in 0 \ ,
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,;'{, ; :'.. a'.. \... :.ii: .. .... wit11 8 of $:\ amp darn tp 9 0. in \hO ". ,:;,<. ...,. "" "

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: : ,, JU1" event :, : ;
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5 -
o-r extend make S,01"\< elY >
'ii.r;:; ,. or and S1".n yoar. r k, ;
:<: t s \ ,. iacilttie nave "" '
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,z,,' ; h memb its u"ha Dome : :;.IJr'" :...:. ';

,' :" ,' ,'; Fao snap 0 with prne oadw ", .. .' "
Home 0.11.1"0 o
\ tit'\ ill .e1.1.w (1"1' 'rv.
'' w' w ..',
O'O' can ,
'O, ;.,} ',r ',,:: ohO '"- ;''il t
.., ',,/, ,; .f. ; /y' ) .. "01.10" .h c.. f !
tJi' 0 .0' ;.'l
'N. ','_' '' "" ,,'.. .. c. -;-Y ..f"1'<" J 'I.. ;, ."'.' '. .: c, r Vement I: {
> cerelY cmpany
., ", Ix"+ : ''Si
,,.''.'.'., ,\,' '."," '. .'1', .f \ .." .. 1" S .or '. .' .: .,. ,,, "'. "':I ,
.. ,, '
," N' "" d 'j',1' ... ..."., M"" 'ft .. '
,' ". M' ': \ '. ,.. '<'II ." .
,, J
;:; < :1 .,',', ,,,. hO"o ." Iare" ". r e tV, ,," ("... "." '. ,.,' "r"I ;' :' .
.: /I ,, : .. .. ,;
,, J1. .
:. \ ( .. ... q ,"'
I, '. .. "I'J.. 'tAl .. ; .. , ,, ",,'"
." ,
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," \ : : "
.. ." i\i: : ""' ". .. : '. M' .:ft.., ,., ,.' ".." "v"fJ.t ,.. -"-. ", ,.'
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,I, "" ., ( it ". ".
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'... .... ""., ,.' ."' _. .. .".
!i' "
... ,
Iii.'I.'r' J:
+ '. '
., ., .
'J ,
L"f,!y J.$r.X1.J." ,'. ,. .i .. q/ 'i! ,c.
.. : .
( ? ,.....,. H ... ," ,ti t .,i1p; ,
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':'!.'', .,,' .,- .',.,,.. ', ,."'. .. ," .',' ". "":, .', .... .,.... .,, .
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d' ,"'" .'...". ..".,, ,' ,. : '., ",. ;< .. ,
.t>--.f.iI, : !' ': ". ". .. { -'t ; ...... ".. "J''.. ..
r r." "" ', '. ,, ;
', ,iJJ ..
., .' !. ,''. .Ie' ,,,, .".
,. "" '' "
r, .., C .' "
"" "
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'. ,' :. : '" J," '' ,,: '' ',.'
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.. .. ..' ', .t ,,0"1" ; :,'.. : ,'
'; I' ." : "1"j ,," '"; ." i"; .'
.. ,''F, "'. ;' ., ', ":',, ;j
1- '" : .
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v' v I", :)oI'f ':' ''' ''' :: .:fi:.{, ', I. ." .. ,
'i'' ; A"'i' !: '. .. ; ". > .
''' ', : ,
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,c. '. ?t.J"!: I, .. .:
.,. '.; : i' .. ,.. .. ." ,', '1;, '" ,' ,' 'ii. .
\.' :'. I' ':,.. .,e,.. ". .'. \," ".,,' '''' .... .,iJ..I... .. :". ,'," ,, .rY..hYr'Ma"rRr,.JI.Jt' : ,.';.,,,; !
:i- .. '
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'''''' .. ,
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'If' tJ I" .. : .
\ ,'" ,, ,, .. ; ; ,. c" ..'
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W'4 ,
r %7 t'S'' !,V7'' y ,. r:I ', ; "rI:9', n'}, ? I s Y ";' ;, :'n\ A ". .I. ..,\... .;.' .. "
? : 7 .'" : .
'''''\:, .. .. ..' { 'if,: .... ''' .,.'. f.... 'fltl. t "' .... r'R:' 'r': ..
'I. ,' J <..< -. : ..!> i ". "':,' '. ''':l\\ .':'..1'1 I 'I'.. .. '
: .I/r'.or.f ; : '
( ''
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;' : ,"'1"teS-V; \ ."" l l ? ...:iIl: ",. .a'i.: i' d(\!',' "I" :f, '': '
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I ." ,, ,l Jwa .' { : 1 { :} 1 J', ", '
.. ,: ,f !; ; "
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1f1i" ; j in : ." \
... ( I'/ ""/'I..t' ''! .": t. ; {,.,';;1',.' :< /'. '.!'''. ,1 I.'.. \,::.;;. .. .d } J:, ..'.. ." ," \ /1,; :, \ ,, .,

; : "!,J i. ("? :>r' ; ." ;:: 'd i-,.,: .. .. 1tlll,. ," .! j'I"' ', ''l"w"" ,,' "J.\ ;\;, :. \1I1.I.T.,.i/'.<., t': -" .
i,4:; \! ; ; '. .. '", ,. .... '. .
:\ .. S ," :U\1\:; >' ;," ) ,.
I ,
I' "rl' /W' ." '. .'
{ ,, : .. ; '
: ,' 0' ; .
.J. "" .. !/;', :.i 'i't.. : 'f''ii''& \ ,' I:.."", ... "" '" "", ., ,, \:. ,
t\l ( : ".
: '
'I" '. JI' :", "j ." ., .... '. ,"' ,..... .. ... :Y' '',I;,,'!''', ,'(!,.;. ..: ', .. '" :' J'.'" ..,. ..
"" .1" ': .
... : J '' .J' ., ,
,J' -. ,... ; '
J' ''
::0. 'V: '
i' ( ." .;,.. .',1:.'' {',' 'J." '':"".' t. _. .. .!''iitl'YI",.. ,, t; ,:..:..,.>.. :.. ",. r t, "' ."'..""", ." '
.. \ >" ,'\ ; < )" ,..." .. .. .
; ; "
rtl.\t ,
"" : .f ,
,il" ,
C ...1 ,..; ,""" hS.. ', et'J, I .. 1" ... or'. *
I"" 0,1'" r .'1-'k


... '....

., .. .. ..... .
,,;,i, .: .



"'..... .. .. -



'..' ," ,II. h .... .

'<, "'.." '
:: VArousT
'' ';";;
AUG 22 1941" 1;
19U ... 1 '
22. ::.Il "
mt '

: k kN

I Congratulations !


On Your Fine New Home



.. ,, : M
: : :


{If'e Think You' Show A Firm ., Your 20 Years Of Continued,

Confidence In ,The People, : Progressive, Service Gives '

U Of Starke And' Bradford Us A New Confidence In The :

County In The Erection Of Future Of Our County. ,
This Fine New Garage And i Again We{ Congratulate You.,, I
(I r
Show Room On Madison ?a a u r May Your Success. Continue 7''

Street In Starke. Throughout The Years. ,

A 1 nl.M
We Offer You Congratulations
COMPLIMENTS, Greetings And Best Wishes
On Your New XJ
A '
From Your Home, Andrews 'Motor 't
forContinued '
Company ,
A & P STORE., .

Success HART FURNITURE Co. ,' ,
/ Y.
y., Ww
7,, t.

We Appreciate Furnishing Some On Such A Fine New BuildingCARPENTER'S ,N

of the Hardware Items for the "THE DEPENDABLE'FUELS" n

New Garage 330 W. University Ave. Phones 1444 1445 i' '"'R


J. B. Carlisle, OwnerCONGRATULATIONS '

Congratulations and '
We congratulate you on such a
A Fine Building, Andrew
fine new building and hope that Best WishesFor ?
Motor Co. ".f't
On Your New Home, your success will follow.you to The
May You Have ContinuedSuccess
Andrews Motor Co. your new quarters
Success You Deserve I ,. % IntoMl

a M''
S. R. JOHNS & SON'.. .
Agent For ,"
CONGRATULATIONS Sinclair I Refining Company I appreciate the privilege of,

.... having furnished your sand, "

Andrews Motor Co. gravel, hauling and concrete

Best wishes to you on the ';
Congratulations, Joe
A. A. ANN I S,
@tf i/E
opening of your new garage Contractor s
too u ri
and sales room, ,,
We Salute You On Your Andrews Motor Co. H. C. WALL,Agcy. Your new building is'a credit u a ,

-' Insurance to Starke and Bradford County.,
New Building, Andrews A. M. DARBY'S
We wish you continued success RM'
Motor Company, "


More Power To You, ++w,

J. W. Andrews >'" J. B. ALEXANDER Andrews Motor Co. ,

On Your New Building '
Distributor of
THE JOI.N H. Shell Products SHOE SHOP


,. Cdq ,k3'
... ...",. ,'.. .. -

L A' i' i', r '. "i. C'.," ','



Y. M. C. A. Program Bradford's Share 1 DEFENSE BONDSTO LOCK YOUR DOORS I This House Would Look Good On That Lot Of Yours

For The Week Still Uncertain I .5--ws.wrr; "" M;; r'.. +

(Continued from page one) (Continued from page one) 'cgt% is :k +;'rtsP"ri: ,,'', fi pd .t'r y1
Friday, 8 p. no.-Question quiz. W. M. Edwards, chairman of ,( yc y {7 N r.t

IS ; i Saturday, 8:30: p. m.-informal the Board of County Commissioners [I l commend the Bradford County The screen door had been prop
dancing. De.ense: Council, and especially ped open with a large pine limb ZYR
I A. J. Thomas, Clerk of
I the State Defense 'Council of At W. L. Wall's home on Cherry ?i '
it Sunday, 11 a. m.-A welcome in the Circuit Court and Senator i iI I Florida. "Florida has the best St. the thieves took the screen
1t'' {
r' extended by all local churches to!I Hal Y. Malnes. of Lake Butler I organized Defense Council In the out of a window to gain entrance.

j kC I soldiers. Civilians who would went to Tallahassee Wednesdayto United States," he said, "andis They took Mr. Wall's car keys off _'
t like to ask soldiers to join them I S
W t nee about getting BradfordCounty' the only one that is 100 percent the mantle, but seemed to get
for the services are urged; to drop
frightened, and ran away with
dice of the gasoline tax A;
Into the Y and invite the men In
fund, as per the ruling of the There are three reason, Mr. nothing else. I
the build Inn to(0 along.
/ have I 1941 Legislature. Duval County Lehmann stated why people Mrs. Grace Pridgeon, of Mayo. qe
y' {' r 12 M.-Civilians who ar-j '
than $72.000 a few days her sister, Mrs. S'
ranged to take soldiers for lunch got more should buy bonds and saving j, who was visiting

will call for them at the Y. Other I!I ago, which helped to Inspire the stamps: to instill patriotism to Randall Brown in the taw George sSP

families who are able to extend Bradford County representativesto {I I promote' thrift, and to hedge Flynn home near the old Ford

this courtesy to soldiers will i 1 go. against inflation that always garage, was robbed of her purse

kindly 'turn in their names and 1 "We had a conference with the comes with war. The purchaser and $4 In cash. Again the thieves

t' ,'; 'thlt number they can take to Mlas Governor, State Comptroller and can start as low as lOc, Mr. Lehman -propped the door open.

Margaret Krsklne, and she will the Chairman of the State Road n said. "Save a dime a day Night. policeman Clarence

aee that soldiers who would ap-, Department W. M. Edwards and a dollar on your birthday, Rhoden and Fred Sapp gave the

predate 'a home-cooked meal and stated Wednesday night. "T h e and It will take only a year to thieves a merry chase at one

home atmosphere are sent to prospects a r e," he continued, buy a $50:) bond." He urged that point but they got away from

9r them. i I(i"that later on we may get some II every teacher In the public schools them. Chief A. L. Alvarez and

"' r 2 to 2:30: p. m.-Y radio program .thing, but there is nothing definite and each public employe pay the entire police force are workingon
station WRUF Roundtable as to the amount or the something each week on savings the mystery, but they are

,\a over Men .time." Eighty percent of such stamps "The garbage collectors wholly without clues.
discussion soldiering.
a, y i Ifi' on funds goes to the State Road Department In Tampa," Mr. Lehmann said,
i1 c f from Camp Blanding will pari' -
ticipate. I and the other 20 per "were the first 100 per cent groupIn Gentry & Alvarez

cent goes to the various counties. Tampa."
3:30: to 9:30: p. m.-35th: Field
St The delay in Bradford County'scoming With former
S Head Tips Slump J. L. Gentry, managerof
at Gold
'! Al irtlllery picnic Into Its share of the funds Mr. Lehmann told of one largq! the State Farmers' Market at

L''j' Iranch Park. and Swimming weiner roast.boat- IB due to the fact that there was newspaper which paid Its commissions Starke and R. B. Alvarez, pro- This small frame house represents

ntf soft ball no record left of the roads-their In saving stamps; of duce man have opened an attractive the type now being
Civilians who are Interested original cost or their maintenance soma bridge clubs which gave "fruit and vegetable" bunt in great nuubera. throughout : /:
joining this outing will be most throughout the yen IB--and of travelIng the country. It has two
stamps as prizes; one stand on North Temple avenue,
a welcome, and the Y hopes many with rear sleeping:
: Road engineers bedrooms a
the State Department salesman who tipped wltresses immediately Across from the New
will register for It. Transportation .I a bath an unusually
have to confer with the by giving each of them a savings :Method Cleaners.. B. F. Peebles, porch large living room and a large ,
needed. Can help t
r : Is you : Board of County CommlHSloners stamp book with a dime stamp in carpenter, built the place in about kitchen. Location of the 8R. a I 11R

re y r Monday, 8 p. m.Open' night with reference to these matters. it-having bought $9 worth in three days, and it was opened kitchen on the front of the

;j: Open to any suggestions of soly I What Bradford County will ultimately that way; of theatres which bad Monday. house in a tread in small home- ,-

,; : I alters for games, etc. |I get will depend entirely Saturday "stamp matinees" admitting Edward Gentry, 19-year-old son construction. In this case the

Tuesday 8 p. m.;Mixed chorus upon what value the state road all free who showed at of Mr., Gentry, and Ralph Alvarez large double window breakfast makes a

E ;F lug ,sing. Civilians who have done department engineers place upon least one new stamp each week; 13-year-old son of Mr. Alvarez table.In pleasant. spot for a

;, part singing are cordially invited. the county roads. and bridges. of Boy Scouts selling stamps, etc. will look after the place, and will Ohio this property is valued -, -
: w : }; 'The Y Is eager to do some eerlous Several Boards of County Commissioners handle all kinds of fresh fruits at $4,800. II& was naneed- -

'' work along this line, with a $100 Per Year RentAt C have 'bought $50,000/ and vegetables, Edward Gentry with Federal Housing Admin G

1' view toward a concert for the 'worth of bonds. Irving Berlin the said yesterday. istration-insured mortgage of

I '4 boys when they return from Lou the meeting of the City famous song-writer has written a $3SOO. Average monthly payments -
5' isiana. 'Council night Millard } I Tuesday song "Any bonds today? which New Sport For Starke c t t ; Wednesday, 8 p. m.-Bridge Judd was granted the use of the Is being distributed in full orchestration exclusive of local taxes and CR x

4'.1' t night Lessons for beginners. I old W P A commodity buildingnear free to all bands and The newest thing out-the first hazard insurance. The cost -......

Civilians who are bridge players the S. A. L. depot for $25: orchestras throughout the United In Florida and the 55th: in the mar vary' in other localities. 1 -

;, ,', k can assist in teaching the soldiers per quarter, or 1100 per year. States which will use It. No won- United States-has come to the

; 4 to play, as well as making partners He had been paying $10 per der Uncle Sam has already sold Starke melting pot. It la the -FLOOR P.LAN'

for others. Other general month rent for the place for a more than one billion dollars' I Al'l'n.v.rnAtJ" rifle sport.. a new
-- --- ------
1''' w' gamed of fun are on the bulletin stand for fresh produce. But ($1,000.000,00000)) worth of bonds! sort of shooting gallery. It Is at I "

board for this night since there are dull seasons when That's the way Americans do 1 213 West Call street. Its owner Alligator WatchdogWhen I'Lex Green at Home New "Drum Major"

he may have to close down his business! That's the way Starke is R. O. Bice, of Winter Haven I Mr. and Mrs James F.Ilng'awortb .
of the $120 come to a Ford V-8 I R. A. (Lex) Green
business, Instead per will you Congressman
Chicken Shack Closes and Bradford County respondto and will be run by O. B. Kel-
year his rent was reduced to the call! Postmaster stump reported -I also of Winter Haven. Mr. bearing license tag No. 45-645: : Is having a short breathing spell while visiting

s ; The chicken shack In the old $100. Also he will be given the $6,993.75: sold in Bonds say Bice !is an extensive fruit growerin beware! Do not open the trunk! and a visit with his family and Holllngswoi father, H G,I

ti i' ;:location of Dr. M. B. Herlong'soffice refusal of the place if the City and., $454 In Savings Stamps at Winter Haven and runs a bowling 1 unless: you have an extra hand to |!''friends, in Starke, because of the nor, at Lakeland last Satu

s at the intersection of ever has a buyer, and the above the Postofflce from May 1 [ alley at Lakeland. spare! Lying up there is a three- Congressional recess of four through Thursday went n.

'}a t'' Temple Ave., and Jefferson St.,' contract may be cancelled by through August 1. W. B. Sewell. Mr. Bice has six new arrow- foot alligator ready for, all com weeks from August 18 to Sept. and James caught two dru

closed its door last week aftera either party on 60 day notice. president of the Florida Bank at matic rifles. A cartridge holds ers. W. A. Gay of the Bradford : 15: according to his secretary

few weeks' operation. Just another than S3- County Abstract Co., has had said Miss Essie Coleman.
Starke, reported more 20 steel balls, which shoot at mov-
';4 "one of those things." Genial 'More White Way 000 sold at the Bank. And that ing targets a distance of 35: feet. ''alligator only 24 hours, but he has It will be more relaxation than In this time of national tn

a E. B. MiUlgan, proprietor, with no campaign. Now, that the "It was perfected to overcome 'already I been trained to amputate rest, however. since he Is having envy" your country needs y

mad a success of the Sunshine Titus Olson appeared before the campaign 1s about 'to begin In objections to shooting gallery' i one hand or both If'you are,tod his Office on Court street "spruced help. Buy....Defense Savings I

Grill near ,the railroad on East City Council: Tuesday' night with earnest Starkeitas and Bradford 'bperitloa. It operates with (com- persistent! At leant, so Mr. Oaf \Up" |i'st-bit. Venetian blinds are and Stamp regularly

Call St., which he still owns: But the request that the City within IhitsJt Countlans; hold:' your bats! ''flretet4( air, shooting ,steel baUiI aid yesurdajvUnusual being added and A partition put --Buy Defense Bonds Btt\
d the chicken shack with three white lights the
opened way
I ammunition 'I Iii: : I
hot powder andlead, .* L
the.: expectation, that the Orange block o it t!!}outh Walnut street Alibi1Mel'l'in
In Training School : Mr. Bice, said. fA
remainIn Madison South street ,
Lines bus station would from' to .
Chamber of Commerce I
t Us first location next door. It near' his now building. But Mr. Arrival ol'First Sergeant Elmo McKinney, county road TO CHECK RI
moved, and then most of the soldiers Olson was'11.6'beR'car. He had '$60 County ,Defense BoardL.
R. sera candidate In thOfflcer's '
patrolman, Wednesday night Joseph E. Wilaqn, vice-president \-r ,70take66
early ,
went off on maneuvers. The'which his tenants and others had
School at Fort
S Training T. Dyer, County Agricultural arrested a sol dler, Joseph M. of the i Starke Chamber of Commerce
strain too given him to help defray the ex
was great. Ga. announced last t.
Benning was Agent and Clifford L. Walker, has called a special meet-
Out of the 30-odd eating placesIn penses. week. Administration Andry, as he was attempting to
Farm Security tng for next Wednesday, August
Starke four of them have The City was sympathetic toward
enter the back door of ArthurHall's
Sgt. Struth, formerly with the Supervisor have just been namedon 27, at 1:15: : P. M., at the Army
closed the Rita cafe later the but since It is
( re- request
Headquarters Detachment Z D d. the Bradford County Defense eating place In the north T. M. C. A. All members and In-
o" 'opened by original owner), the so much trouble and to
t 124th entered the Board. James Rosier with the 'end of
Bn., Infantry, town on Road 13, Jailor terested persona are requested to
Coffee Pot, the Cottage Inn and get down through the concreteto
in January 1939 as a Na A. A. A. Agricultural Conservation be to consider matters ofimportance
the Chicken Shack. Mr Milligan erect the posts the Council army ,J. B. Rowe said yesterday. present (
tional Guardsman. Association is the chairman, to Starke.
la moving his fixtures to Green voted to have the bond trusteesto I Andry had a "pretty, good
of the Board. This Board was I J. II. COURTM:1NfWatchMaker
Cove where he will make estimate of the cost The present Officer's Training "
Springs open an alibi
according to Mr. Rowe: He
a named by H. G Clayton with :
School la open to any soldier Recent Births
a anything-- is done. six months service, provided be the United States Department of'! said he was trying to., get away BUY WITH CONFIDES.

;\ : cafe.CLASSIFIED .1 can pass the rigorous mental and Agriculture, Gainesville. from a man who was trying to I 1 ,Born to Sergeant and Mrs. Por- AT

-ru: ;' : : ,; i ADSFOR physical examinations. The. course "Some members of the County shoot him at the Night Owl Mr. ,ter Iverson Plott at Starke on YOUR HOME: JEWTL
I Is th--; tmf--it-kl'd.-;; :; g Boards are also members of Stateor Saturday
Rowe thought perhaps he had also August 16, a boy.
SALE-13: acres of corn FOR RENT Furnished 2-room commissions In the Infantry Reserve County Defense Councils: said been
trying to get In there. The
peanuts, and velvet beans; half Apartment. L. D. Green. Itp In 23 years. Mr. Clayton in a communicationto
sweet Mr. Dyer dated August 11, "and soldier wanted his captor to turn FUNERAL DIRECTOR
acre potatoes; Guernsey At the conclusion of the three-
4-galIon milk cow.-J. A. Howard FOR KENT-6-room unfurnished month training period successful the duties of these Boards and him loose, promising to go backto My Maay Tears Experience Hake It Possible for Me to Beats|

5'' Route 1, Box 113-C, Starke, house hot and cold water. Apply candidates will be commissioned Councils will not conflict but will the Camp; but the latest reportwas EFFICIENT PROMPT and COURTEOUS SEBVJCB
at Green's store. 1t supplement each other. The dutiesof
_ Itp Second Lieutenants of Infantry County Defense Boards," he that Mr. Rowe was tryingto MODERATE PRICES

FARM FOR SALE 18 miles FOR RENT-3-room furnishedgarage Reserve and assigned to a new continued, "will be largely con- get (In touch with the* authorities DeWITT C. JONES

i from Starke and one mile from I apartment.. Adults. station. fined to the handling of specific at Camp Blanding to turn Stark, Florida

Lake Butler near highway to' Mrs. L. M. Clark 1 1-2 ml. outE. assignments In regard to National him over to them. In the mean- '

Starke.,, ISO:) acres of cleared Call St., Starke. tf Mr*. Luvenia BarkerMrs. Defense which relate to the U. S. time, Andry was being held In

and timber lands, two good FURNISHED: COTTAGES on Luvenla Barker, 72, died Department of Agriculture." the County Jail.. W. T. CLUTE-REALTOR

springs on property and 0-room Lake Santa Fe 8 miles east of Sunday morning at 4:13: : at her F. H. A. LOANS
house. Reasonable cash
Waldo. Electric lights, running home three miles north of Starke
/ Write Lucretla Anderson 111 We want the propertyWe
water Lewis listing on your
Inquire She had been ill about a week THE POCKETBOOK
E. Second St., Live Oak Fla. Jewelry Co., Gainesville Fla. and died as the result of a strokeOf have some wonderful properties for sale
3tp u paralysis.Mrs. See about Needs
us your Real Estate
4 5 FOR SALE-One purebred Poland 2000 OLD BRICK WANTED "- Barker was born InGeorgia KNOWLEDCE 119 E. CALL STREET PHONE J JWe
China gilt from World and had lived Bradford.
Need not be clean. Will
t Championship strain, 'weighing paycash. County for the past 33 years. She
.-E. L. Matthews, Bradford 1
between 230:) ,Ibs. and 300 Iba. County Telegraph. was the widow of the late Moss a

Wilt farrow within 10 days. .. Barker,

Two young purebred Poland HALKSMAN\ WANTICU Survivors include three daughters -
China males. -Luclan Conner, GOOD OPENING IN Bradford ;' Mrs. Richard Ellington, Mrs[: J /t& 7Id1tatv'

Route 2, Box 123, Starke. County. Full time route selling Arch Ellington, and Mrs. Pete / _

8.1 4tp Rawlelgh Household Products. Crawford all of Starke; two
I ij
ap '. Start now. Must have car. Get brothers, Frank Strickland of "

,FOR SALE!- Pine apple pears more particulars. Rawletgh's, Miami and Tom, Thornton, who rz1' II E _

GOo per bushel. Mrs L. C. Dept. FAH-223-208, Memphis I lives in Georgia; one slater Mrs. o1IIlC'OII.G' .

Smith Graham tf Tenn. 8-22 4tp Jennie Crosby Georgia. .f NoVARCiQAFr
m4 smcv/tues:
FOR RENT-l-room bungalow WANTED TO RENT-small truck Funeral services were held at UMTflOL u MlAHiOe A #DpMFRLY R-QtlI P MICA FoRD
In I3 I o'clock Monday afternoon at OSISIHM.I.V I MCAMT IMP/JIrfa/:: >'NOM Ot"NYTOIS1'ANCJ
; Lawtey, Electricity and bath. farm with house near Starke.C. Methodist Church near her FORF.VSQURCtSNVLYf7k, z )

Write Owner Box 53. Starke. E. Beam. Craftsman's Bar. home, with the Rev. Mr. Rhodeu ItfwrE"''' AllAH"oIMIl RESEARCJI JIM NOW Pfli/ft.CllPEP/
Itp 1WI1llIlm4\'" t t :/wtcc SU65fWIrp1 wA V.weerouTemeltuap "
racks. Camp Blanding, Fla., of Jacksonville officiating. Interment A'eEYEPtM' (tlE M.4gOSQzAVRPfAnltfA16AMj
to kr I Iyour
8-15 2tp was In Santa Fe Ceme- hare a special interest
FOR RENT-Lar&e comfortable ew-l
NOTICE-I etery under the direction of Key- f FORD car in top running
room adjoining bath. First not be responsible do ar+
McCabe ice to
Funeral Home of Jack. and have built out""
house North of Baptist Church. for any debts contractedby -- N Skilled
sonville. 3= better'than ebt.
Corner Jackson and Clark : the Temple Garage after ay anyone
streets. Itp August 10, 1941. Anyone owing ) I \LAS VMRS'; INCOME ics_using precision: tools tai uaaa I <<

money prior to that date to the Evidence DestroyedLast AND excessON: / Ford puu-...... you time fd

i FOR RENT 2-room apartment Temple Garage may leave It I P1UjF\1S / lazy expense. We'll make r ,

is available Sunday morning. Mrs. there with A. A. (Flat) Ver Sunday W. E. Thornton 154 U.o;. CORPORATIONSWOOIP : liver 100% performance. Drive Mi.

r W H. Struth. Itp sailles.-J, L. (Sam: ) Anderson. policeman ran into an orgy of PAy
jug and bottle breaking down In \F FOR

L FOR RENT Itp Reno-negroes trying to break up j 1, n Adjust .Brakes
t Furnished apart WARNINO those who meddle all the liquor so there would be erm isrRA# Clean & Set Sparkplugs
ment / J1
S7. O per week, one block .
north of the American Legion with my car don't leave It no evidence against them for r4 t Align Front Wheels $

Hall. E. J. Dowling. phone alone, they will get shot. ThisIs court purpo ... H e arrested $ 40 _Al l r. Focus Headlights
113.It a promise and not a threat.D. Enoch Tlson and then called NIS41l5, Lubricate CarAndrews

E. Jonson. lip Sheriff A. O. Andreu. Deputy ROUND BOATS
Ale wsev eyMATIVC4 '
Dally cash market for cattle and BIG B. Rowe and Police Fred Sapp. TOvaM =
RETURNS for little money. They proceeded to search the -BT
hogs. Auction Sale ; : IN tat
every Thursday Use the Telegraph's classifieds house and premises. The "Law"finally Newt ftat
beginning at 2:30: p. m. to buy and sell. Mrs. J, L. succeeded In OH
f'l Columbia Stockyards, Lake City, Anderson lays, "I bad 63 applicants which had been finding a gallon 1 t L IJ1'aAUmP s "-e 4 59.778'
Fla. Phone 481. See or write J. rolled out Into vrmt M naf coutnuy t A r yw<* Co
t D. Odom. Jr. for the apartment I advertised the yard and was not burst. Ttoon( VMS 6O X MCHt 1919 fWAXXTTCM, ,AMPratvwu /}X T.IWJ/ J Motor
P. O. Box 24T. In the Telegraph last AeQi aeye A ew. eccou
Starke. put up a .$::50 cash bond whichhe
Fla Phone
} tf week!! forfeited. 118 ,STARKE.

4I i

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'5, ..4'


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., Bradford County Te1egpfi22141jJj: '1 ,: >


SMS by publication I ln.t auch k -.- .,
un now
'HAPTl1ft 'I
.., .hall allow SMt.. That whanrver the plalntlfnr '.
reItng) 40 IU4 piibllOt 0= A. That the t believe, that then, countrrplalmant. in any action, .ul t 1'41.Approved fcy the Governor May 1.3CHAPTKU lip a..mp..nl..t by o fee far each a.1* 4f> igfla pnlMlv to dnftt rmitw to *nVctt 0. tt Krnrted bv th. Lpytolatorl W.tttSlat. fe
II Ar J. prOCRN irs am.nt I or prnr<*. r, to wnt village or tolatorto plao. ol sit FIOrItISI I
ar* or ba ,1.011
or the .flt.rIn j :tO may Interemed 1 tialtig* utruclum. wn-lch tee ahall b* r*.- nhrin 444 Ifii'
decree ttaeif thl
:7.1 p..dln..1 .nI In the- matter of the colt ol[ or pro confewui aaatnat any tart Rectum I. that, a* In
nt. rIJ .* whoae after diligent, to lha rauna of failure to appear oIii. I04UAM 'In'4 by uhe "b.lr".n II p."lI\lt III I.' '. ) Nntlora nf any raIlroad bridge* ferry; tieraon' ahalt e.lenrt tn and Inrlud. pep
[l5. :"wPrlVorVh.Il'pBrol"ul.) oV ni pro".dl.. In'I.I.v.n"m.ar* unknown to tho' IK any pleading wltnin tha lima vro< ACT la regulate outdoor Advert.Ing .*- eliCit, ant eh AM b. .t the rats of t,! or other irAnaporlatlon nt trAnmt.t*.lttn cone. hOrtflcrehll,, uawuctntlqnc aDd com
t"J t : I.. In connectionfcilfl" altie.mt4nI tiled by law or by order of the Ju l.<,I out aid' A of the corporate limit. olcltl ., paid per *q, foot fur the area nf th. face ol 1 company ceiiM.irv for the tUrinM tun ornnfoiy pnt'tJonaI| 'h.c' shall refer lo th imtond
II.m,;o"n ru oC' S. B.Vhethor anld unknown partla of the court anil tlt. el.1 of tin,I I.* and Incorporated lmlwoa In light olpubl.a i pdverUoement advert.ln alga aMulVaPti.Iitg ol She public. a'U *la* container now Hi topmnflttei
I the r.p.1 claim *. court haa authority to Much d.. highway tviovld ( illICIT etrurttir. with A minimum 1 I "" Him.. no4tei. or nymbnln for th* In tlm nacltlng and .hlp-
'. jjfn.'slll *l h.lr. d?Vint**.. inflIct.!,, aaAtane .nt. or fee nf too in thl* State
f"1P, $4I* i.fl.{ 'JiJ11: ,}! **, l.n.r. ". truataa, ur fault or ""r pro the cterhhHll Ring perauna engaged In lila I buAlnAA ol j for each elicit aulVPItIeelienlativartt.Ing ., In form a tluii ot avlt.r. a* lo )locution, Itucot if t'irua fdliita, tmnntaintn
OlAllliAntA(1) .dior. Upon request of the plaintiff 01onunterrlMtitiant 1 outdoor advert.im.g. and for the tei.uanc I Atgn or attvertlAlng' utrxivlure. l1.--uon. and .Utuhnit and rnndlltoharfortln %'nahielet tlmna& aIaui ettanul to ilid p.
.G.ft'feKr.w/'S/ s ( ) ay. through 'und r or suralnnt n enter the acme uporihn of prrnitu Car adverl.flemenla and advert ., If the prrn.lt .la refuiwd. tb* Chair aAfoly In aviation *i'.citl or (,'ltla tunIS the frtita ottrua durutttihdhii
: ) : : known ermm whn I. dead or not known ili-y after the rule day on Whirl tnlng ntructur. to prohibit pertainAdvertlMtinvnla t lbs mAfn appllrAtit.ahall refund, Kan nn-hif. the fe* 10' ."lbo.I... by the rhalrmuni varIety PCraien 'InSult or Heoreetier.iotssfte
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fe ; I to b. .1..0 or alive, or, iuc>h appearano should hCvilatin and advert.alng alice be Acowmpanleil by I!tI'rn..I thappllrant ;, (it Adv.rllaotients Kilvertlmnt. et nnan ratlut Itu.at 'parking ltOu
.m.nM'1 nsrcrr.nd'W( U ) through. under or vatn.it Illeil. or on othd 'I"'h any autxDMiuent I... And tlO provide tor the '."'.el otadvertising or hi. .g'am nt thai th. owner ,: aitvitrtlnlnar\ cirOtettIrCa not vlMlnl chill eian In soil Ititituita t< any CtVi
01 home don..atla or rule and advertising: etruotureM in from any hitch., or other pubhnil mr or platte prepared for Saul 551St* wl p1'is
tureipo or other
}SjsSw.affv.i?; that .orpo'.I.n. 2. NothIng ant ahall pn. DlagAllv dlHpla .ed. erected uAtnlor peraun control or poaeealanof harwla* pranarln Um*
c :' I..n dl."lv.d or which not R.. Ibl. pimtml, > the real Property' upnn Which *uchAftvertteement. | ,AP*; >a Iff.-,. known to b. .luting or dlsAolvedt i or vent tha ludjra of the from enter* inahitalrmd; to prrncriba the power* I dVertlelng 111 H'ane or notloonntalnlna* two for market or traflepnntuitlofl.is
,I... i nd p.r. I. 111 by, through under or Again ''n.or..nl.Uou Inn d.r.ul. and derreea pro oonfeaaonr and dutf. of certain offloera riattng tmature a.lyi.ttlaung la to be algn oonAtructoid or -, IK it IMP* fuel or pi I A ceil Jimctloitof Mimi,. 5. It alial U. ual.wful fC *fl
r. b. which operated or did bun) 0.1"110. Ih. clerk thereof from enter thereto and, to prescribe pfinaUlaa for erected opnratei., used, tnaliitatned. p..i* two or *nor.I..I* in Ok*Iiii'. hJtfh |>eraon la deli ur off,, for la. to f>fiftort.
AgulleI nv the 1.IHlat..f te in'.* iini.-r A. naiu a corporation ,inir Paine on any day violation or Ihle.AM. ed OD itleplayed; baa oonaented thereto WAy .,.t... denotlnit only the rtiatan Ift nrepara, ref lv* or deUvrtonS
/..s .10r""I' b" ; or Indloatnt. $en. a. Thla arc ahall take affert won H* It Kn rtenc. or plao, nfbuHluraa. tranaiiortatlun, or market alt y tuniC vjjg
pio0pau P.II' lie and approval by tha Oov- State tluHilAil i hI been foMml 4401 .BfmaHira
( othnrwlfla AH the CAAA may be. paaaaiK >( ner for leaa ebb .tinea v
I. or I a permit to operate. u.". ".n.*
,10.'In .hat c.-.rvl.. In pro- 9 any *'"*. "Melted agatniit a natal ..rnor.Ig ""'11001 i, llnlt"'n. The fallowing lain or illnpla any enl.llng .dv.rll.t "p.bl".llon ma b. h.e, an3h.v. do fe tad ant. natural or who 1 I. Approved by tha Governor May SI, Advertising
1 thJ:.:t\ .a'n' 'I"lpe, either in the "orOr.ht. or In th. 1. thla artlvl. chili ttavo the followinginAningA etrtlt'lUre I'arnihp! uertiet or hcraunli.n the OWIICF1 Jeaca. or unuupant: ol 4h* pOut are a oom pa nle.il hy a artlrlpM/dee a ,
pparthi utileaa different Ant and maturity tberwif.a* ,
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to be dead tig exp'lra prrmlaeajU dl
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day Oatobernf Li4Of
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i 1"1..nON :flY ITTgI .u dead ojr Al.v.. .or dlaaolvad or exl.it.nv. AN ACT referring to corporation and Cal "A.uvo.'tuiwent"; : inetma nr-Irt If proper IdeTtt.noAtlon number IA aup till advertldlna HLructurra wtl, hln the Ihorlxei) cKrn* Fruit lnape to any (St. or In..r.I. ; any .o rnd the reatoratlon ot hUm cwrpnrat prtvllliec tnt, printingplctur*. painting. piled' Corporate llmlia of cltiwa and lowna) Tiepartmont or AarMnulture.? th* dIALS
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.1 or : of law for failure Invite Ih thl AtI
I I. 0' 11. coUrt ..y valid and a* not ( by operation Vic tic to draw lea fnny b* prnrated t.. *c<.>....u4.1. pniiMtltutvd and; .ul( horl.ubllo anil matiirlty ineliUonml. In Jahall
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by anY part no Htated.8n. tn pay the capital atOne ta attention or tie public) to any goixl abort term Publicity autharltt: h* at curb ninntt.r. form all*,- a
..ownlnl.. ierved J.Ithl" t.hlT Notion to App.... Form.-Itpon condition, for uoh retora. merchandlMt, property, real or pvrAonal Iniiuihwey. marker ant aliinrt cjtarartar. coil ahall ba ttac.l IniVHDtier m1Ii
proP illitti tha awnrn Atateinnnt. and other 100. buAln... rvloA, entertainment nramuAfinenl (<*) If more than one audit of an advrr erect.. ttr pAUAnil t* bn erected by the, to tdentlry tha. lime to whleniitiie
1flOV. any .D' it Ijgluiatsr. at th. manufaeturiHl produawd lining atruptuie la "." fur advertielng' .' ratal the PlnrhU I'Urua ..
title WIa complying with the ;ron-golng re. 11* state chairman or the. *ttt* fOod dl.I.arIni.nti < *, s. Cpm
qul.1 u.n O, .loud' upon tb.1.'. the plaintiff Ahall b* entlt- rH.t. of OI'.t" bought. AuUl. ounlumia.i, ;kurttiaiet pr a fee for eAch aurh alit* Ahall be reciulrea. mtorinn.. ,may by roll or hy reaulattonnreaorlh

p.ron.1 property) within ,' .1.,1.Ir."t.. ..iHAimdby the clerk or Sen, t. ; corporationwhich dealt In by."" pttrmtn whlrti In poete. Advrrttaint "aculptureif' In the (o, SiRs.. ..."1..1 upon property *. Inapeotlon for malnrlty lit *,
.r ".rt ,.r any Jurtfr-v not. 10. dava after the I been r r.rIO"I or pnlufHl tunJf.nl. nAtled! or uthnrwlH* tti.. round Aba U b. rented 'AA u.t.. three warning the Julio agalnMt hunting, t1nh He mad at any HIM*, *tiywher..s aft*
$, IMIICtlOfl any party a. Ita ollt.Ir. reel and .Id. veretl from the tree until a 4m n
.I..bt owln" fU.ii*; of h'I. rn nt, a notlc foreign corporation played on property hug or tri-epaaaln thereon; the trim la *
.Id prnc'lI 0 c.n.b.. .IPrfd ..Ithln to apurnr. ehall Apt forth; permit tn ilo iliateol I ii'ludea any part of an atlvwrllneme.it (<1) 'I'he holder, ot a permit nh .l| rtur.In 4p) Higna' ertrt* wh A. 1.b* nAn : of '' known natural Florida cancelled by operation oflhapler P'etoloiaabue AA *uch.b athw term I thereof have the right t thorihle t. nlnttng to Hed Oroaa Kmc I I I. apeepted by e cinmntan carrTOr,,
..h. partition nr Jurl.dlcflon'ru dofAndantii; the nation Mat,. And daAortntlon 1100, Acle Of l .lf. l aw. ot ( ) "AdvwriUlnir atrpntur* mean any t<. (rhana;. the ndvrrllNlinir oopy on th* .ent'y ittationat or unlit It ha* been tran.portait heyoivj-,
Fur within the of the Floridia. for talur. to pay mpltal .tank. HtructuPA er<**t.d lor adverttAlng pur truntur aliin for wttlnh 'it waa )*. tq i Ml gnu advertising1 IKIDA hula a*> ibiS Stole (In* where beIng tranaporteAb a
1 prp.t deiirrlptlon of .orp..t d..nl.1 tin, may b..a ccporat. entity re.atored pom-n,d.'Z 1'r: without 1 any advrtlA *iii* diVON. or annulmnt ot la.- .ant who rlAlm by through under d.nl.or or lla permit to do bualneaa In ment thereon pituate4 upon urattarhetl t.onKl Turn, or email IOOA algn mAlnalne at pub' the fbrthee proviaioo thet ahlpmemlbe 110,
agnlnnt known party whtrh may b* Florida upon the'following) eon to peal property outdoor, upon let .the rhalrman 'may atlee HO dayanoiuia lit etpenae for inn benellt nt intel ao bulk. either lii' t'OttiltiC'l acrrl.r or atlacerwibe.
rontrIlCtiOfl of any will.ittr.irI I. deaorlbid'AA "all tie* Aiming InterpAta dltlonl' which any p-octet, bill, printing, paint in wrUlnf to tli, pitrmltao. r.. Uvltlea.Htm to a tutioltiop lIftu.. Ito, repaoIae
or otitr\ wriltan flitru. by. (through par. umlnr or Agntnulnum to the Hecr.tary of 81.t. log dfrlra or ether advertlAement of voUa any permit tu>um1 by him undar 14 A. The nrovUlona of thl* Ant, inc l the State 0? Piorl.la, inert be '*tit I -I
I 10. a Jua lcl.1 awla-ratlon or ( of known party)'* and a d anrlp. three y.nr. capital. alock, tax any kind hatAt.evi UIAV b* placed.pontfHt. tul* arntion u. on r* p ym nt nf o pnr Chill not .apply to atruoturra br *heltt iIiaflu'm'te.t *ot rao.hiil.d hater. fInh( d-. t105
".I' i nf BDV legal or equitable lion oil. other unknown d ft ndfinta.which cold corporation Ht the 1 1o.IJ palntHit, tacked, nnlled or otherM porllnnai I pnit of the O: In any lace .ra ere,'teil primarily for Oio, ottmfortamt livery lo carrier, fin'uvidlhl that ,iniy! PT -
.sat claim. lien or Interact ll"r may b* dopcribpml na "all.partita. thin or having Ita permit ,"u. Wipe faptened l. amxAd or: *ll i>layd. Wh.ro U ahnll halrman: ronvenleuit ttf |h* arhowt rhtldreitof one Tnapeetlon fe* ahall b* pail br thai :
t ar olnlmlng to hava right. bavlnl by filing with the l.ra..I.ry of (r> "AdveptlMlng Algn" mcanA any cart that the applUHtlon .f"orb run.hula *> the Htata ot tOolri.la ur odv.rtengthereon. ( | ahlr-per. PrnvMad. further, that the provlalon. -'
ot teat Any called capital metI pAlntfd' or wm>d.n or Act ahall not apply tn i ianle.
'Fr lb. r..llhl.hm.nt Internal In the hnr.ln d Hcalb- the .po.la "ototh pAper( kn..wln.ly Icier or. mlM.iiil.n.c In. thIs .0p
? or have ors" "; properly, lock' tax law. Anyone hulillng title alan or HIT rhararter, punted. aiu.rmlt.* h.. vio.UM Hon, IB. Violation A Nutaancei Abate.ment of Mine (in the trace nor tn o mnmn -" i'
uuI..? "i"'. within| the ,JuI.-, n The nature, thin utilt or proceed. property conveyed by pail corporation tacked.| bmotea or ntherwUA fa | any .f th. provlalnna of .h.. act. Any advert ..,.,.. MdvartlalngAlgn narrlera or Ilielr na-vnt when |hfrull In
hV'the cotirtiii In abort and o ternm (but nig- ''ta. tllaaolutlnn. may pay the tax a. ten d or aftlKAa to or upon *ny fence, unlace Much pfrriTtlttft ahall. bforn lie oe aitverfining, atrutftura wtiloh I la aodcule.l for tranapnrtatlon 'or'tranannrtait )'' t'fno
of .
'.oa }iirt* theta aitall ha" bean I.. ino] to da chill.Impl. b oonntruct provided In Ihla Act and n.k.) ROth. pont. tre*. wall or tnlng othnr than an oitplratlnn nf aatd xn daya Correct audIt ponntrurf, ...1..1. "...1..1. ud bv any aunh ommon oar
.iftUtd COY writ ur rePievtn.ht.flt lel an I not riporta aa may ba required by the Hen.rotary advertising .lI'luotltha. faiaeor Tnlnlf. .dlnr Infurmatlnn .n,l maintained poiiteil diallay.i tn vlnIntlon nut, I* anromnanlail by Proper f.rtlfl-f, 401rc
and u. attnchment; a* ,JurieticllunaliC. Thfi nuiiiff, nf; the court In which of Wat*. Th* receipt of the $ei. (. ) "jtupime.. of butdoor. advertlalng4 comply with the provUhma of tile art, of I hi a Ant*.I.h : declared, to hOle of maturity of auch'lltn' ft* b.c., ;
which tiny other writ or pro- Inatltuted rotary of Htat chill ba ,..u..1 for auchPiynienle mean the hu.inaiua of fionntructlttg, 1 f the coneli'uIltin, erection, npi ratlnti, lie A publin ami prlvata nulNaiioA and Inafler |"
,in heOC 1..ua,1 an.1 .aaouta4to tha tnt ault or p..ra.dln" were of sill In auch raaea ahall recite; : erecting, operating, UAlng. inrtknialnlng, Una. iflAintenante ttnd tllMplay ttf wn v AhA" 11 b* r"rlhwllh '....vnll. obi it era ted Mc,. IA, Thla Art ahall rotapply * ihU bon toTTM *n .bbrnl.l"d UtI. .h. OAAAIP. : corporation I heN been fully 1 learnIng *lng| outdoor advertlnlngtrurturen. lbs lime proiturad b' -rowt whfRraduoea
NO? property' Zuntl o. ot tliait She pail or .rll..m.M. a plme I ctirtolIa. Irgia; .lplon prop.rty. catered to coporat entity or It. permit or outdoor ml vert I Alng' *ltfn. 'VMrtiHinv I hlnh a prntlt repreAMntatlve, ant for that purpika. theytoe imt more than ten yboamma *t. bill ::1 '"S
tO (Octal 10 revIve JI4.1. .- any poce.dl al.ln.t. to rto bu.ln. In F.rhl. full revived or outdoor advertlawmenta. In lnUM by :'i.hi-., and the put.. y enter upon prlvatu pfnpertv with oat who hImself dlapnaa*'
.lit wire > PMJ. 5. Noln. Return Day.thndofendnnt mu reetorml. and r..lnrUlon.h.1 (*> Thalrumn1, or '$tote Chairman hut fee her bean pull .a above pruvldAd out Incurring any llNbtllty th-.reft.ri nt all of an in. In l.ae> than full box letS l
othpr 0" -'rha ni> II tie nppPHr elicit re iulr In 'hproceeding hayS effect ah Inltlo from datA .. meana the chairman of th. Ktat KuadiJepArtntentt ahall b* prevented' by any ..nl... ruminlMalon }'r..vhl..I. however tint If uny outdoornd Inc conautni>t Inn In local market*. ;'-. ---nl
1. Iny .ol to an appearanc nut auch coporatlon.Ren. ".. ) lime. 1 That within tl tie pihpermannlni
m.nton.d'I of \ or r p"bll" mrif wl.lrhlac vert iMlng ntruntur op- outdoor adver .
b.r.Io ibove iervtca I.r..lly pr. rule 0'' a tn day bn definitely(which: peed fttd m bv tb 2.. Said corporation ahall be If) 'tttate1 tHAn the Htat of Florid haa jtirlaillttlon over Ih. propna*>it tlelng algn of .h"a.Iih.: t>na llundrerlT'ollarA $ of title Ant. llmwt aha'l beI.eitt.ul ) '
p".ol,1 ." atatuteC a 2K for capital clock tag from the t.li : ltVRi'tlaeliient ailverlUlnii Nut nr ndvr- or .,., lbs flaIrs: IA ba nature only When rlltp-Ml/
I. nt .quI. I, the told, notice appear not I lip. than mba aame If 41) 'Highway* macne every way or tl..I. ploH.it, nr nth.rwla aevored s f rnrt-
or aurh renoretlon a Mtructnra nr It* nit*, th toe fur of the owner th rtif. And eli, owner or .
,.,''llton Ilal. '. 1 nor more than 60 daytTTrom Hi A date < on that date or permit ladled on plane of whatever nature open to the aurh aclverttMitmrti.t ilvprtlalnir lirn .r hold An uiiAetplr ilnenae laHueii. under th* tree and th* lime. In naeH lot b.y.,

..1.10.' ...I. ih-orlvn. $ ; Publloa. th. executing of the. nald, notice to *T Kraleil . .. UAA of rubII fur purpnitea of vehIcular .irtaetu'a. .Hli.t.11" ki. ."l.-----------...1.. amMlou four nf thla Aeti the aald ".". been fnuncl' hv InatiMCtlAn' Be hraln orb* fvl.leit
.n,.,. ".'.......... .. ". ..*. nerttonnl ..rv. !'n.. Publication 8..ThIs 0. ill flCCt -.f.. travel In till. Hi ale, I out-Ida of cttlnl man unit the p'rn.ltj.td.;; Hut, Ut;- ahatl I>M; iiivnn written iitthire (lb. .1)* $nEuonUili,iieea.raa.pjj. per* 'PTtl
Ip iflfl0t. ..rvl"- ot $ea. 10. Nolo. to Appear th2"S T. it bJcom" law until July and Incnrpiiratnd town., half of lie tea plait' b* lUtfitnwit to havnarcruml lffd vUiMtlon, iiikil: eltali -1 thirtytlAVa ; rent Jiiln content by volnma anil ill '*05k
,-rmPii io Iid. It4p6n Proof Th.r.ot.-AI 1.t. .( after which time It .1.1 I b* (hi .Henim' In..la.I..n Individual, upon the orrrllnn" of adVMrtlatnM I After the receipt thrrwaf NvMhtnwhich Urn** In any auch lot .hall oontalav taa: l
e by publ..Uon oorpnritt.. rut.1t i l notice to appear of 194. force ant effeot.Approve.il partner-hip, aaaclatlon or roipnratlon;. Rile I nr atvrrtlalnr I atriiclun of th* tit_ in how hut th, enld ndv.rtlA y* than II imrnent Julia aonlent by vofci -
party. iiieiUdIflTAny .now one* during each week for font .by the Uovornor June t. 'Poaf menu poet Ij/ print, piy of an Mdv<*rt.a itiient follow ml mwnt, Adv*>rtlAlnt dIn nr advertlAlnifntr tim*. S *1 *!t.liti .& '
ntlftlWfl.known or ,tnknowq naturn ..n..tl"e week (four pUhla"U.n. *b- 1941.I p.I burn, nail paata niherwlea at-: Iniepeotiun by the rhalrman wr I"-.a tic"lire donf* not vlolata. the urnvl* 't'ltA) tat nf tha Juice eonlan* ttr uttadi.5air1
Ca .uah.. r u ) In Mlii. : .pr t to..ltl I r..n'.lv. 'loud of thin Alt lime hareundar .halt be baited uptm
and when rlb.t devlrao,.. II nil ltd 1 the county w ..p I ,' CHAPTER lun ()I neal Property Innludea any proo II> Any praon arrnrlavnl by any notion Man IN. I*Anal t Irm, AVIV pCratftn vl!.. the average maalitiuiii ftmotint off llqiftntoont.nta .
nkno' 'POUI.,. h.lr.. locateaalil newapaper meet ." hrenurlementa AV ACT requiring all p..n. .ngaie.l erty phyaioatly attachnd or annexed loJ i of the chairman In fuiiliiff In runt Intlnir Any prnvlAlnti of thIs Art whet whIch en ti* avtranfceil frntn t5e5
I,. through under p.rt.. o may bn preacrlbed I bylaw In bualneaa or profeaalona Ht it* real property j In any manner, whatao- nr lit revoking; n permit lInda. thie cue. r-r AN princlpnlt nitent or .mp oyoe, for the Saab and Dull of not lass than }* .14 *'
,,, by. CFP o..n.. for audi purpoae. nf Florida, except corporation, iialna; eVel'l tlnn Inlay within-) clnyn from th* dtuonf which violation: : n<. other penaltv le preAorlhod. averIndlvl.liml anaoltnena ot mm
kno" 0. unknown I. not J'known I Iiii Proof of pOoh publication phil ba otHer than their own proper nninea. I toregl.ter (k) 'Town maan an Incorporated Curb rrftinat I or revocation. .Appnu.) Nliull b* iiiillty nf A mAtlmeanir) little of any lot of Jlmee. 'the- teatln tM4 i
n t. b. d.Ro fr to made by affidavit of either the owner, the trade nam or whatever town or cltyi from the dent,*Ion of th* chairman I to anil upon con viol" Ion 111..... Almll I.. of the Juice content 0? lImes on. par,1 1rentiiee
,.! itnid .J. other I.tat ciwhnlhtr publlaher, proprietor, editor lu.lnr.: num. they are doing bu.lnea. "" >.."'> (1) 'Adjadnnt' meana In plain view the nlro'ilt coUrt of th* city or fnmniy Puniellait by a> brie lit nut !Puma. than Tim. bnala by volume ahall b* the
An? conittrtin ilumictie he fur.lln.rl. manager, foreman or other th* extent of Intereat of nil p..on..onr.nP. flee. 1. enforcement of I'rovlaluna by in whlt'h lha "rnon rinU... hy pr.a* ire anti wltqthar diior .. employee of auch newatfaper having, with tha clerk cf Ih* olrou't' State Chairman. It ahall ba the fun.. to the court or th* ju<1*. tharrnf and aUdi purmm nhnll bA rtM.m* tent of the lime Inning Ihu Catn.,
In or unknown.inciudifl corpora.1.1 knowledge of cub publication, which county wher the p'nald' tlon and duty of the Htule chairman i toadmlnlater In vacation, after flv. day. nolle I In oil utility 1 of na apHrAto nffenM fop eanh when determined by th* pt.roeflt5. l faurh 10*; Ii
.xIiIiIiiI' ntitIaa not Inowiiisuoivit affidavit .hal net forth or have attached .UI.t place of bualnaa. la. a. purl of anil enforce the provlaloni' Writini I chalrtiinn, an nmdnvlt: month tiurlnv nny> portion of which any Julna oontanla ** romparad. to ttif 0'I
or oltyr caiitInp. and. who: a copy 'notice, ahall pot forth lie record and the penalty for floe ., thla act. lln lucy In parformanc mad by t"obo. .. nr by h.a I duly mithorUiKl : violation of thl ant IA commit lM-d, non- total vahim. dlaplaretnant oC the **>l l,
or cautan.. the date nf each publication Hut otherwla intentic nf hi. dutle. hareunder aaalfn to dlvlalon agent nr attorney, pattlnnforth tin ued nr pArinttteil. Tlio KtAtnne ot !tea before tha luloa I Ia ntra0te4l,* uiut54p
ibn4 cc 1.h., th. u"know. comply with the r.qulram.nl. of fr'rt"V".v"----'. enaina: .*, niid other employee lit the fact of atoll rafuanl nr ,rrvouattnn. tiny AdvertlAinir oopy nn any cm t door nd The rioriilia Cltrii. r/ommlaainn ahall, by ahIC
... truat..u, or
In anl law and .h"l ba recorded II It t"netd by lb. LIciatur. .r thlitiU hla department auch duties a* h. may .. the rae* may b*. soul that th* itatlon rttAlnif atrut'lureyAP nuldonr adv.rtlut.! proper rulea .n paly elalmlnt b'. thou.l. .n. eery arl.r or mlnut. book of tha .t IliurIdat preau'ribu,' of th* chaIrman waa without oauati.m log .1.10 or advrlliMment outnlda tnuor* aue4 hareutulnr preprlbtt tim j tttaflti.l.
o. "am.d & court "b..I. the or proceeding I I. Section 1. 'fbl" I. 10 be Pnown aa I". II.. a. Territory to Which Act Ap .x ?. 1.I.nll"olllloll. lOvary parmlt |K rAted town* anti -i.tl.en ah A II cmiii. anil .rnethod of drawl** of.aald *am ;
.nttY ponding unl... a certificate thereof 1. "Flotltloua Name Statute.:. pile*! 1'nlrl.. Kxamlnallona and Bur.veya. Uitud by the chairman elicIt b* ...I"n. At It ut* p r I m a facie nvMenna that the Pee and tif rnnditrtlnaaald te.t,. ,5e an'Is
Any firm, .ntlY 0' parent have mad a. provided In Buctlon U.H. Beo. I. DeftnltlonaHernora: ahlll InrHida il,. Urrltory under the jurladto* rd a anpHratfi ldintlllnatlun number. m.1| AAhl outdoor adverHntn dun or e. t-wuIl
ipoflitO' o. do 0" Mtti .a, II. Notice to Appear, Po.tlng.Proof every Individual whether naturalnr tlon of th* Stale chairman tor th* I It aha lit b* the duly of not. pMrmltwotn WN nonAtruot, dr eninhel. npMrMted. Ills llmea being t.ated ahall nn% b* .5
.I or tinne buininocu. thie Lnctud .. and Recording 'haet.-l there uttIfliaL firm or group or comblnatlnn purpoa of lila act ahull Includ* all f tn to each adv rttatnir atrticturo UNd, maintnlHjficl or dlnplayeil atralnad 'hr>ouh a. nlolh nr otherairaln.. ; I p.
OCTOIC or ti? Ic "whIch" r>. no nvwapapar publ.h. oou. T of Individuate or p.rtner-hlp.. the State out-lite the corporal limit and aach I advertisIng' nlgn antI rach ail* with lbs consent ami Approve! and tin *r bttt ahall b* oonalilarett fnr taatlntf H* :
ennil "rorpnratiofl. company.rMrat. .. ty, than thro notice whether natural or repreientatlva. axo.pt of any city or town. Th Slate chair' vartlantnnt nat ptiatad or dlaplayil nnan flee tic authority of hue r fltlttfl whoa aaUt JUice comae from th* Juloe *n- -
,.&" "Inn. or any cOmbinCIhtrioT. b* pn.tl I.R 2 day prior to lha corporation. man and all .inplo aea under hi. dl.rectlon at1vrtUinc trimtur I a label nriTiatrltar gu.ulu or At rvl(**'A are ailvnrflaed tlieroon.H trader. Tim tuloautractnr ui-ed aUatl ;
or under a name or titi ot return day a In. thre different FictitiouN name shell Inolud. antrade In .tn. parformano of their not aumll than two tncha byplx IT. HeparAblllty of VrovUlone ilp111' P.. any mjlt.t.t, Iflccbaaiocl I Ilevios Or
h Indlcal'" t.nII to indloAte and conaolcuoua place In curb county, name, whether alncla name i. function and lullee under, the provla' r..h'I" mich mArker rnrr *Mpitndln.f proviMlon of thla Ant, or the Application fruit prsa. Clad fee t.NtruItltIiig IIhia%
on. 10 think I the aetna mn on. of which utah b* at the front door of namea, other than the >r2PII Ion. of thla act. may enler Into and In. tho atitomnbUa llnnnait pUl** ther.itt to any pwraan or ftr umtanflw. ,. altab )ype ei' kind of eatrrtop or frttlPircAt.
crpo'alon 0. ether legal .ott,, pf the coiirthouae In acid county' I th* group narnaVr known called namea of upon any land upon which advartlaln-f of (lie fttat* of C'iuriIa fur the current I I. Ieiul Invalid, the remainder nt In be ileloPOiincu) .04 epprya4 NeS.
proof of poatlnir ahall 1 be mail* by af .. na ennaiad In .uch bualne.a orprMuaTn atructure. are atandlmr ur upon whlcHadvertlalnir y.nr. Seth) marker Mlinll bn fiirolNn) Al claimant .unfler .n) ,ot rJUchhnowii davit of th. peraon poallng the >eama. *lan* or ailvertlaemcnta ar* by She oha.rtitan, aol on thin ahall h* iprovlalon in other pwraona or utromn MoO. 4. .joy t'ni.u' Cut conOrpnln5't4 old
which affidavit ahall Includ* a copy, of.Mi include all ." "'' dlaplayed and make. aurh examination* plainly _""1101. the .Iot purmlt ...nb... alnnoea, *till' not be' *lT Mtil lhrpbv< Shot aa.ndirl. of Jiunaa, am let forth d
pftrtle nay to* PrnrM". i.itItW poipsitaniA th* -du14 *."..apV ', '6r .d .. .bal WharelB ..paraona eUharaert .. ajid-aurvey* tnajr ba relevant, Th (lunatrtfotlnnu, aractlwn* upnrattnn, un* .- Mail, tv.. All Acte abut parta of Anfathl 50141 n of this Aci ehi be mlcsnis p lie :
hut racluilteiy' .toj.thcw1Ltfrtthmitt > c*. 8r-'pi.>etlng tha *an-i, aaf.T buy. ". bal..at. *ew< 4. ths* rT>utdorAdvarUaaea..i .1.e.HePotCponO., of aa awi, Our ax1.*rUii if.atr IarotiataP.ia41th -u04.t 'Cr5 ,iqe4tvepealed. Ste t
: davit .b.n.b. recorded In the chanueryorder'hock of ". .. .r rapraaenf: No poraon .hall .n..|. .iKbontlnua-In .atur t4a4vartliiln.l aleS! or advorlla* 1 .yt. li1Lit'
e. L sworn Htatement a. > .minute Pooh, of the ..nr, any deallnato I- "h.nr': : or artlni. .:the bu.lnaa. at outdoor advartlajn- mont without havlnn ftUftd th.rto MUCH Nea. |0.' Thl W ahal| iek eVfiit4 -0. Th* nwXt-r, rnn.-m. .... -.-,.
ft by publication there on/llo" In the proceeding la pen.llng un- rendering for corrfpenaatlon.o. thIs State eutald the corporate Ihnll" 'M label or mar Mar ahall b. prIma feud upon ti *comlna; a law. erHlw-nr ear* peaking houee, at whlchSIt 5,
*ittnt.> .Aa a tun v It Inn pre Q I laaa wblol.rln..t. thereof be toads aa or 8. On or before to dayc from It of any city or town without tlrat 'fvtt( .nr. that tIle .... hue been eon Sell, HO. Alt outdoor advrtlr abet I. lnrnrl to MurU nr.pr.parlime*' dl'aC
In Ih. 'R".' a .tatemant aicacutedh herein. time thl' lAW ahall ba enacted. It -ahallb In*: a licence therefor from the Ob.al"3 truntrd or arfotwd and I la being nprnt*> b* tftvun nina hun 1ri| twenty daya ,n rip tiiarH-t or tranap-irtaffnn after 'the'Iit.eing .i ItT
puintlft, hi. dent or attorney, Keo. 12. utica to Appear. Certiflcat unlawful for any peraon or P"i: chairman) and no paraun auall phI. uaelOP ma-lniAlnml In violation it fth which to uirmply with thta Acf. of thl. Act ah.11 rerlater ailnr i
nr forth auhatantlally th. matter.flfr of Publloatlon or Poatlnic In lieu of Re. leflnad herein, to nlare In bu :atrurt. erect, oparal uaa, maintain, provlaiona ol thla art.HPC. pie, It. 'lh t mAlnlenHiin, dlvlalnn of pitching iiuuaa and It. Incallon ahippingu
r-milreil. which xtatament > cording.\ -In lieu of the retordlng ot th. aa herein define.!, under a fletltloua ni, lea. or a.lL I anyoutdoor advertl.lnnatructura i, ..".I. All outdoor COver* ho rHit lIneal epArttnnn5( *hA|| *n* point anil poet nmne with thn- (' 'nmml i
'Mtilnnl I In th* initial l or or'r: proof of publication or poatln a* Pr. ca... herein dvnneil wllhimt and utilecipoll *r OhilIUSiP advertlalnjr him n u* tlflttrnHnta: wdvartlnlnir utmnm and miner* force this luw, alonr Avrinultura., not lea* than, IS >
"inn If prom to or In any pitied In 'Section I in 11. there b' ftetltloUi n.*n* ahall ba retal-r! .'ilwl outdoor adverllafinent In tbta rltata out tuintf atruclurMa Nhalt b* rintnvv uy pprovad by has (*ldvrnor Way Id, day. bafAr rmoltlnif. tin olharwla*"vrM if gII
hoT nwnrn atntument.' ,' filed l fD uch proceeding a erflljcat,.. h the clerk of the clrmilt court iii' aide: tha cornw.rato IHulta of any city the uarrnltffff within thirty: ilay Hftr I paring any lime* (lip solo or tranaporq III.
0 word plaintiff': a. ..n'ln thl. ecuted by tha al..k.. judtailn: ; county principal p:ac. or town, without Ural oblalnln' ouCh I allcenao the ugh. nf th* expiration ur r vncalltitiof tilled In dIne $creary nf Slate. May fatlon tn or at aurh peaking houaee and ,
'Iii .h.1 mt-ml to .- In cult proof of publication waa filed tlm tic l huetnePs lh'Ih. rea-lalratlon .hallconMat from the stale clialrman. .h. the :Iirit for the MOII*. Any hoc> 87. 1141. he ahall, In uditltlnri to pItch reaturro.hum *!, I Ill
". tony b* 'entltl.il to aery name of th* newspaper In which imol of of Illlnir clerk afore-all faa for audIt llo.n .. Hereby Impi'aed for loiter rimtav* any Ouch ad* liv. Ih* pall 1 enmntraalonar not
4 original prooeaa upon any party notice to appoii waa puhl.l.d. that aliened by all >nt.r""i.'i revenue for the uaa of the Hint, ahallb VMrtUomvnt I Hrlvrflwlnv alan l ur .ilv* rflalnir riiArfrwH ioi.j leer than I day written nritln at lbs '
i* rime, or any peraon Who rnfly b. mich .pap.r la "uall. r1..M* an .mla.1 under oath the.> flannel. $To.00 per aniiuam for peraon orcorporation : atrticttir within pail 30 day APt A 1-T rfxiiilrlna- All pul.llt' ft m.dale dal* nn wfili>h pavNInir pr other prepar,' tt,
,hi In or allnweil to rome In a.ly :. law"..ona In publlali .uerai.na.f all thoae interacted In'the hualn-a operating '' t"'Um'O: act Mhall b* dftini guilty of a m,... now nr lierefta r .'.utblreul| itt pout tldehtyor a I Inn* for erie or IrHnapnrtallon i oft .
'I by any lawful m."n. notlcea nnd the data upon which the the extent of the Intereat nf In on. to eight countrra perannuam Inca nor perfarmancMbmitl*. to POut ionIc lime will begili, '('he Cotiimlaalnneti'ar -
,tot ftC entry, of a judgment or' proofof publication waa poatad. then enterprlaa.and flftltloua name uncler which' for ifcoae operating In c..no.t" Sea. S. Certain Outdoor A<1v.rll.lnirTrnhlbltad. written I bv purely m'unlluaiiO.a I authorineiltn A--lnultura alia II lean a nvrttflaat. ot 'mci i aIi
In any ..".. no aworn utileiiiii poet eertmcale atale that auch each, carried on. Haul regle.' I I. pnjabl In a lit No ..tv..U..ment. ndvrrttalnicmign do tmMlne.at In Klordli, and provIding; fea-laleatlon In eanh curb UanUlu. han* I iSPh
ever be hold defective form notice .was polled ohRI the front door n a"hl bu.ln..1 may not. ba made until the 1. per 000uanu pay.bl. annually In advanne. or ndvrrtlaln: ; utrurlur aha II b* IhAt Auch vfftclnla ala II not tat cjunll. reviat.rlnic. It *hal ha vnlaw'ut for aynyrinrann ><
pinto a required fact K flit the In .uch county ano tratlon or pefaona dealrln. to en.a.a } for the I oae of wW.n oun'vi. In coimtriidtvl.' ereaiad, un it. opratatt or Paul until AIU-h hond, nre Hied, and pr,* to noerat a lim, packIng holier, I'
fart ntherwl.n appear r..m 'hi two other con.plc"ou.. "1.0. the r..in. a fiotitloup nama anallha each and every county the mat* malntalnpti i vMtnv for pHymwnt or pr iulum there* nr tu* PBInr nt' itS
4 of the rntiae. nnunty- for at leaat 38 daya prior lo (hi. .. advePtlald 111. or their .lntantl..nto 'In which) llo.n.e* utah engage or eon (a ) Within IB feel nf lha on I..Id* hnun.rtary nfl. pale nr Iranapnrlatlon, any Urn** at eiirih','
4. Rwtrn "natement.Niitur.l Par* return day thereof.See .ld flclltloua name at leadonce llnu In the bualne.a of outdoor .dver- of a publla hlrh. way ur within JIM It Kn'.i't lr th* I ;MM turn of th* packln liou-e without having prvloui) MttntiS
M flfnlant.-rii0 aworn atata. Nollci lo Appear 1r.nlnl; of, ,' we'ek for four oona.cutv. w.* lain aaa ". Appllcatlona for II* lull feat of any ohurith. whool, n.in.. Stole of tlurlilaiHmition r lalre4 alit packing house and slvop ii
I .( the 1.11 agent or at. -If 1..ldenc. of any .. orother i_ a nwPUHDfr y law rena.,. or r.newal i" of lloeneea. ahall I b* lry. puhIM I park publla rffaKrvatlnn.: 1. |n Mil caei-n whr publlonrflfllA'a tic nniln hervln r.qulr. Hmt reeelvii
'r. fnr \l.lnll. prooeaa by publl party lo ba by publication: in Collie ilte eimnty where. aal.l 1 ..a"I..tonI. mad on formic fiirnl.h.d by the Btat. |>iihtlo playnround.: HIMH nr nat I tonal I n"* honorary, eltlinp HtatM. In* and .etlll having unrevokail front I ttd
n atiln.t a natural! p.run. hall be elated In '"I. 'atment' be made and aald re-rlatratlon .1.1 chairman an" ahall contain' auch peril ff>r*.t. hlvhway or railroad lntra cMonn. county nr dlalrlct. aro flOW or eh nil the 'nrnml.alonr nf Avrloultur. A tar 0r '
!bal with mor partloularlty than.the nai"a I. .bo BccepUd by the clerk of nent Information, .. tha Stale chairman out tld* the limit of any Irivorpurntudcttty herenfter tm rantilrvd to pMt lllty tinnale nf rea-ialratlon. provided that ,
Tbst itlllvent prafoh "nt Inquiry of the State or county In I.h the not eourt upon recelvln proof ahall be acoompanleil ur town nr perform,.* bnnda, alt pitch bond no .artltnat if (n notlnn for jnalnrUyinf
tint midn td .Iiiut'ow* h nama defendant ..! the dark or the Ju.lne olroult lllhuiVfltli0'except : l'y.h-: -. 1* order to conform re.iletit. of turn peraon, and that If there .1" clerk nf auch Court phailmiii : ,C4. The clerk ot Ih. oirouitcnir with the achedul of other actlvltle of any part of th* atruotur or IPpiiuyenterlniltent uthnrla. hy law to do buinN In tnorlai Inapeetor .Mfept to> a vtsretil-
am. in art forth In aald, aworn :: ;0o .uch notice by tiniteulPtetee .h.Tl fee of II for receiving reaulated by the R ate all advartl.ament | llghtlI the Hlate of riorliJa.HMO. on who boa raclaterail with th* Cnmnit$ '.
'mOlt pnrtlculurly a* la known a mlYI. with roeta-re prepaid to .hol fllln"aald re.latratlon. t* fee. .h.ll buT payable October tel (tel Which u... the word 'Utop or |. Th* provUlnn ol title law .Inner a> brnvld.d h.relnbefnr,* and hi)* 1/ 0FL
b. ifflunt.! unilrwh curb putt defendant within ten dayaafter ; or peraona enxaced in of each year. They ahall pot be pro- 'Danf..'. or praMmt or (mpllit* the Opal hall not enniv ta deputy *hrlffa nor an revoke.I eertllnnte of reglptl'attnmp4 -
.th.r aurh peraoni la over ortlw the of the notice, the d.t. dZlnibuSiSaa under a Hctltloua name. rated. Application for tile renewal of1I0.n. or raiiulr.mnt of clapping or the ccI.temio. ta Notary rublla* aod ha* given to aald nninnttalnat the '
F U' of yeara. It mlklnl noted nn tha "."ki. .. ahall b* made not laaa than and danger. nr-onhIuh, I I. copy HMO, I, Nn alert olflolAl shall b* outrIflett aotloa aa required by thl LOu nor ahA 'i
Ito li known, tw.nly.on. a. la ot m.Un.. Dafault. and Decree Cln. .... vld office or perform the iliwtlea ay ocrthtlrtll. of Inaneltlon and tnatu( .
">n.: and, 11. T._ fe -After the notice to appear haa c with thl law phil be that neither NothIng In the aeotlon ehall be oon.etriicted (d Which are plaoad on th. Irlalule thereof until *uon urety bond h-ui ty b* le.ue.l until attar payment nf th
In .o. tho"Irot.t any peraon to on* of a rurv or In any matinar that may been ftled, Inapeptlon tee Impiiaed bv Undef
idilltion to tha abov the mad If any named defendant nor the member nor to require' of th4f )
.or.: < nf mich prraon In, I t.a not been atated* or otharwla ahown by th. tho bo.I"O"In doing Curb bualneaa may lain a licence who eonetruota are"ta, prevent p.raon* cuing' the highway from HMO, 4. l'he none of Ih* premium .npiitth nravlalnna nf thl Act, pooh payment Sc j rot.
court 01 maintain.. .D ou'd"' obtaining an unobatrucilffd vIew ot .ppr bond ahall b* paId out of the ha evideneail Uertln required
unknown to tha affiant; or, record of oaaa to in.ana or under ault In any .".ral" uaoa or _, a or. *" >
r. Stnta than th. .b. fail to appear d.l.nd m.lnt"l.. aa plaintiff fO ne.fenVlant. advertl.lnaatrueture or outdoor a""."- n htnir' v *hlulo.i.Hro. : Jul iV (1 I OUC flIte. 101 th rid, -- S }
'1m. or country oll. real- th. age t year. .w..h,1 the 4." thla State. until, law la compiled? with, .Iarn l 0' outdoor advertlaementMlJiy *0. Outdoor Advrlaln.r( or HIill. nut of f hw eounty or out if lha varunn ror .nipping nr attemptln to, alif* S anN
crating pl.ad
I'ltl.k.t, 11..I"a.. .14 In th. notice. appear or. If further Ihll. any venom viniatiliiii. on hi. own property. ,. a* herein way. Any paraon who wilfully. nr file.lniou.ly > dtetrlct ulu.p.niiog uitnn the alas* anv itmea Immature ate defined In Able vol
lit the Btme. ot but that fixed rul. day. then on tnt: hiVe Information file' fl Florida ba not a law may
( i h.. been abnont from the State purl day next .u putt d.". a him ..aunrlaved of be. Th. III..t. chairman pItch have authority Injure a mil..board. mU..rima. dangar- vent *nv etioaaa premlutn. over th* perind nf riot lea* than I ..or ,, n > lb
mo.> than to Ih" rul..1 b*, .dlno to a default ?i5til t nlirrleved. before th* prop. after to "ilay nolle In vrltlnwto tan, atlirniil: Inanrlptlon tharaon. lawfully nnaa premium rate nnMlfl be nharired tn than 14 dftya, the nertlflvat nt ratt.> 40S lull
klni of the daya net prM.dlnl pl.lntr..h,1 .ntll., ""Ino ';Vno tobe.nd chlra-ed wIth a ml.d.m""". : the llc.na. In revoke any llcen_ wIthin or adjaoant lo a. hlvhway.or the prncuremnt nf the b pro
.... Mmiolr iworn .I.t.m.nt. 01 .which conf.ahall .I, ... "rt conviction thereof be nn..1tl. ranted by mm upon '"Wl"1. ot a who In any manner, pnlnla, print, t provided for thAt Kmneaa prttpnlum nwn .'. manager, operator, o- foreman ,
ba pnallv ao proI. ..uchot""I."t... .. other order. jibe." ? and upon$26.00. or aenlanoed to Jail proportionate part of Ih. .., Inany dicer, puta or iH... any adv"rtl.t>rnnt hill b* pIU by the Individual nnicer or o'hee raraon In authority, .he.II ..hlaor I Iiii. I Iii Ir
Pitt mnni bolldvea avrvail upon Tthera la d In Ik. .of the court In which !. ." davi both. In th" dlacretlon *f aaaa where ha ahall nnd that any upon wr to any rock, .ton. tr.., fauna, or ofnclal.Heo. all em[it lo hlp. cry .uoh llm.a ,a*) '
pnri.o In the < that nient d-ore &JudJi of or the court who I. trylnthj.r" material Information reduiped to be tump, plooo I intlo-buard. ntloatun. U.n. A AM law ami pArfta nf low aforeaald and If th* ahlptnanl or ce\:
rvloe $tCt. Florida upon auoh eajta.' la pending.Seo. Ait any the alvan In the application for the hoena. ITT eli n. da-alien.. high I,wane I,. onnnirt herawlth ar* b *rvln an.jt tem tit. ba nrfti ninanled by trr li* .y/j
.IDnt of pror,.. wouM bind Ill Ouardlan' Ja"-t eu<'hnolle CaR portion of thll law *>. !. knowingly faiRe or mi.ieadlnq -rproilalo lien hlatorlcat' marker, bulldn., *. barn hereby repealed, fronri, brlli rv. or/ other fmud !.nt ;
nn I. sworn conrealetl defendant. Aafendant or other party a.ldreaaed. who, .p. (I. And held Invalid 01 Invallr hat the lic,1101a hal violated en? of the nr other objrot lawfully within' th* Mm ** <*. I. Thl Act Nhftlf tuba ffrerf 1mmediAlely ln'.tha.a$ or devIce. then auch lie
0.frn4i01 Ntatement, CorporationTh appear we. b* insane or cl.red or "o.lalonll of ill .ot. unl.. .ab II. Ira nf any highway ahalt b* vulliy ot nmldimrrinor upon ba.ntning A Paw tlnn chill b* for .urh longer tierlort V -
h. ptcojiy- ""ornatatament Snder from the ..r.I the ffl.i.I.y-'riK-.1.-, ? .afiRe .htlli. before the .plrallo" nt avid call l I.. punlHhvd .o* Approved br the Uuvernor May |0. lIt., ('omompactittep nf Agrleuit I"lull.
at .
hia the nt
y'Rr. .
attorney. *' .w.nly..n. ,
audi to I. o. 101. eordlnvly '' reu.tutJVj
e.81 correct n.m'easery 117
.. ot day. Ih. herewilli.It. .aid 30 bye. "V prevent a ,
,' proo. y Publication lal to appear 0" the appearance.ppo.nlm.nt. nt Ida. in conflict act alec ePeet 1oo.41nll Inr..r'n..tnn an'l comply with the *t**, 1 1. No pernon .h.1I| onnatruct P'Ih-d In offlra ffecralurx of State, May l> for repeated attempta the> aald .
. oO'ooolon. "hnl .how I .h.1 .ppiyfor 4. Thil .h.1 Paw who. nm>ral UNO or maintain any out ii, 141. Cnmmlealoner of Agriculture
hid plantl repreaent audi after omea a *. of lila Act. perauna .t.1I : .hll pur* .5II
.. to daya
,11.'nt and0 within thirty loor vert in.I, outdoor cut.rtl.Inr -
"qul. < aalil II
b.,1, in : other party fool alt Un. iliproved b the Governor. June 13. iifiavna** In vok* .4. doni.i,0' : diacover the ie..ndant durauit oriaeree d.V. from ihV d.tof uch r.vocMlon.Ppftl ". alan or Advurtlawtnnnt wit hunt CIIAP'FIillt 50314 certificate ot lapectlr ant maturity, roil)
I cmi itntu. prlnripui place of b'I- known d.tendonl. amid coal n"b. .ntre1 ''n 10U. .: from th. (l. -it..on ot the SIde th* written prmliMlon of the OWner nr AN ATT to authorUA th* board nfrnmmlAMlonra anall b* laauad lo any packlna hoiia* lIt'a
I doinnutin (that I. whether t.r. pro cftiifeNafl abel 101 SI -h. ,the elreult court of the other prenn Id lawful poMNeaiilnn or con of Htat tnnrltutloAit ti wIatee ee'etltlerts of & ,
''t 4.,'., or "leeolved) of th. cor* pooh rape. Such guardl.fl ad Iltent anti flake CIAPTR that peraonawhn <"It, ? Aumy in which the ".."... '.. t rnl nf tho property nn which' eon h cell certain pUblic land, eel providing been revoked rlurln lh. p.r'e% "I'.uijft
I "". ant that the earn* I* b* required to fll. .n n.wer deem *." AN ACT t. of .1 Btat. of tea pr.eeetlng to the iwuri or tnIh true tyre nr a'ffii' U Pooateu. fur th**' ue* and iHn ialtlon of pro i**<4* r.voeetluin. *nil nn auurt poaCh ,. hn j*
."I'llln acid' aworn atatemmt a* ,ooh 0.1.0.u b. -1 puhalpotlci n.. in.efeata are non-real.l.nta do not have a dealer'a jutlir by thtrof, aft.r ft dnyn " o. 'Iii>' known to- the. afllanvali.il"111 protect the d.'f.nuiflte or retract I and who manufacturer or mamufl'turer In writing ** the chairman .n alft.t..1t* l,a received bv the chairman under tim II* It Knnrt'd My the Ei'ptlclalor. of she ment nf lltnea duPIng ill* period when
"arch. and Inquiry If anY ef pOoh from the aalomoblleaU the duly *athorl urvtaioup 'f thl, act ahall b* p.l.l by flat of Klorti.MfHMction .urh renlalratlnn eerilflcat* la
of 1
..i ?I l>trn mail. to dim-over th. thee party. ehal) not be Ilun.ePa'.rVor cling 'a dl.t'lboto. .. In ilef.enforcement triM< r.J ..II'.n'11nI forth I him Into the HtAt treaeury, and allu I. Th* board of r.,mmlA Caa. 5. Kvery vendii> *r ahlrper'Vt'llmea I C
.ton 101 1, wh.r..boul. ot Cii peruons him t 0 die .n oath. an.I' the .f ,.,hnrl.lnr aale .and who Cciiii.mobllaa th# fart a curb* r.mtlon anti 11. acute ..led lo Ih* ,,.. Road Upt rtm.nt fur Inner,ii nf MtAte IriHtltutlnne la h*>rchv ahall py lu Chit Ronimlaalon r
I th. I'h. aotvie, 0' pro.a.N, would hA ellaWeC .. other pl..ln. .h.1 nil. r'nruda' l.prloll.In th. Stat. 01 without Jonr cattle.Sec. uaf. In tint Administration of thla act author(nod |o> cell, lo the h-mt fHjHMlbf nf Agrlnuliur. n, maturity luepeetUn''
., rorpftp01. .nd Unat 4he .. taken .. *. AcerptAnr .t ..1 ,lila' ., .t r.I.1 tact p''. tea S.. Hood ftu.t1uil'id 1l'rnm Out a? and I In the eo n t rue lion and inaint.umanueif l A,1venle.e. Any or .11! .detanhf> ploe felt of 4 o.nt foe each hog of tin,** ,i'
..11 'I-In.d .. prtloliar ...a'i.W diJ"har .n.l.rt."ln. Plo.ld. .h.1 p" 10.n. and .:tapa' 1.Ice.nutaa. 140 P111Th lIcenSe a. Ia road. nr parcel of land held by the ntni. efKlorhla by him II ue them coil, trnpnH t es' -
z.Ie,: .l.n I : 00 ?Sr"to .. ,. ahall'h.".dnilej lie .. n.tho and to p."ld..1 for III hi. .cetiout tour ofhia H1. 1 9. Ifarmofiy nr M.*fiilatlnna. No for th. nan of any iMAtltutlon delivered fur irneporltlun.. oa-wtuiiJ! St
I" o'l 0. '.I the .o..atlo'be o Click omee. HIl fees ba paid b" the of violation'(of Ibl pr..I.. alt ahail b. granted to coy per..in :inning board ar oommlaalun: nor any oth. under th* aupervlalon nnl oontrol of aiii-h fruit la avid or Iran-ported $i Sh
for (
.. 10 0 bu tItle oourt a penally .1.1. I. aolP r publl offloor r chill permit hoard In bulk la
I but mayvalid. i> lela r* el the .. not raelullng In Ihl. 0. AVeriry ahi whenever th* Judgment or- pontalnar other than ataa.p.
,Iki,1 i .I.ho-n "* a 1'oldl' oor. SfalntltT' In the drat Jnatanc., U. Ii ri *cted bv .,p.in having hi.' prifleupat pi. ofuaInala any adrer lmnt or adr,rll ln el'r..* i>f cell board elicit letuu.lIe.l pieve.! ttrpAroef aria boxea, chili pay 4 cent* for
fist: t."ed .. co.I.. Pto.- ",.,. Flda. and after the autilt. lb. SUite, OP whioh I.im'orporaled ture which la prohibited aun.Ur of land are not eultabi for or 1.2/I bn-nel. nr a.irh fruit, frevl"h ..
in.,. .iitflpara. "1.'ap..' .aner&t ... IN. Rul" at Court. 10. from Section t. .n" who I.a aeofl.reaiPemt nuiuide Ih. state. until pruvlvlnna of thin act. nor ahatl the BfeAary and o.eful| In the opiM-ntlon wv r, that if th* C'nmmlMiAnw sj ,
.. .ct afl3'
... reideu.ay.nte cod 'be aupr.ni. eourt .t CreaSe 6? Chic the Plate p..ln Fiori" .uch peraoll ahall lIa" turnl.h..1 ant .halrman *>*rmlt any dvertlaemnt ordverialng and malntnan,o of auch inailtutlon, Arrleultur* ehall determine ea aa tlmi''
of the to Um. .k.. .dopt. nf atrutrture whlob I I. prohibit And the from the eal of that
nl attIt.I > lone declare roe.rui't 1101 with the nronead each a. ametlot. re* than thai \arln
I q) I. co.pont11 'km.ad. modify .r annu.1 ruiep or I"pr.c.U. the .nut whim .40cc pot uianurat'Itier have a 0. mania. :bie to tho 8c"t.. ixs-&w x&xby eel by any other public board,. otn .r or lnn.l CPU i.! be flied in bather ad van taw.* named will prnduc* eutflelent ktlnd. ta.nefrey 0p
I .nobl"nt.tr? the Mate; 'oV .. altit adopt form.. for up. In (Torn Ih. or auicflibitea .u. tile chairman and In form ..po".t .sane' 1-t the lawful herald* ot Its ur then aatd And( In th* operation and the e.oen.-a nf eaS Inold.al! t&lh -
founa within etat.I .; ,raCtic. ant proree.iinge. under .Dt.u.hoourt 5or'nV ?,?.Ibuto', In d.fluiie the 1. In th. aunt of their power niAlnfanana of curio ln f Itutlon, enforcement of Ihl. Aot th* Com'
I the .dmlnI.tTitlOn .t .et. pout the .1. Ih.ref or ... U Esssuixtn.rv.uinldml.h.ruu'Tbl"rS each I licence. H.MI. |<. trfln Advarllaemenl 1.. Ceo. I. 'I'h. prwiAda derlv*,l front ml.alnnar of Arrlcullur. may by rda*. S
'auDit** 'Ih"mI"' .0' that P'- Pole. Coil form. .h.II$ b.". FI".II. territory. and whoI. autom* fr.wm.in"d. "apted. Th. following Ailverilemnl. th* pal.! of any jail a* aulhorl.*.I tnH reduce the fee ta b. paid, to Iwai1.ai?,
i b. : them: ," toroa and effect ot I.. tht. Law.lothtn Ac. olinr the bulneaa : : : !". a tverlline .l.na and the advartlein' ctlnn t hereof dealt b* depowltad In as may b* .l.em.d eumalenf for afi
.rfC4r'p" qune. 11. CnnptruCtIOiI ot II.I w.vff-vf.TTas of thl act. Sort bond eliCIt remain In Mrwoturen, or parC thereof, upon which tb* fftala Treaaury p.o the a*. munt nfth purpaa*. pruvl.l.,1 further that *uon re
. :\t.tJ i5B.*{.r.haout. are In thu act shut b. con.au.ro.'t. 11. pa full for. .0" rtlewt .* lon. cc .D" obI. they are poateil or di.play., ,are n. board of enmmtaelune/r of Mtat* in* duo tlon of fee ehall e.t.nd tn rut'tlm.
"I thej ; or. 'D- or modifying the prod.-or p.Jy? & 'i&. n.-5hs: elicit gallon* of pOoh II....* .. the elate .pt4 from all th. provialvn* of Ihlaaol. etUutl'.ne for the uof the particular ** may b* (lCsllflale4bp, ti
-i'Ioll"r'! <* dlreet4e. ..ne Probate jaw of Wlurmda. .. > .the* State Comptroller .halt remain ."..11..01. ai* pt tho** *.mtalne. In .ub..... InMttutlnn from the ml* of whoa land CnmmlMUn.r of Agrlcnllur.. tf ,
.-ir.J. .h'.I.' realdene, ientUoiIT b.pt.d. 1.1. ActP ot 1033. act b. tranemleted the g..oaval revenue sea t. IndivIdual, Tevlee parmlla". tl.". . (e> and (U| of aactlon Bin* aald fund war derived. Much fund Wuoh maturity inapmilun fee shaH b
thl. In
: ?:": $.a. I any part .t In- to be d..VliultOd anti UI..OO lbev.ut '(a) OJ..o.t a. In "". at ..thee.wTae hereof; mr v b* tiawl f rttrn lime to tin* by due whan iba fruu i* pr.par.4 for m-tr.J:
.wn .nm.nV.lh c.rpntofR..i.'t' ,bail b. d.cl.rl un0nn.titutioflal 0' hind V 'retained bythe Monty. Th. . n p.non .Hall .onetr.ot. <*l Thoee eonru"l 4, ...t..s. eper.led mmM board, for th* purpoe of aeqmatrlng( k.t or tconaporiollae.anti
"" Partlea Do- It .bal 1f no wipe affeol tile remV.ne'"l.U'Th'Mt .h.1 cover the porter train erect, .perate. u.. maintain, or keel or mafntainerf by th. owner. etlltunttai land that may ba n.eul.i thch'eof ahll t>, rvM.n.y.t byriorlSK,,'
..I.m.nt Cal phati or l emcee of a piece of btuHnaee or reel for the particular lnt Hut tort redltt Clinic '
Nam_ .nd 1..n. milt to b* as hecateafte, provr4eip0-.
.D'ftlitio1 i.i..l.V ,..aworn.atatementor shall b. Known I 10 the ta".wl.pt.m..O' "". :reeled to. or aprattl. uaeii or maintained dee. on land belnnviaauil'l. ( owner with each fund, or for naedii build- And U eh-.ll unlawful to .elf. d.llv.pti,
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by pubileatipit tier en" | 0' lawe ". adv.-n- rnat.Iffa feel from eutib pine of .....0... iftacretfan nf aald board, end curb *. any lima*, ot the *
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: a Corporate ". 3010. liii. slit. : herewith # .h.l3 take dIet riV.SftTl.from ."'.' ,merohanHla eerrlcee e r tnl.ralnment fop .cccli lmtlPpop.s.l. Cllru N. mpa- a. maybe
1.I, .am,. U09i tIll. 3433 .01 .1:1In.I'a. InI" '. ThIc aul law.Appr.vil tile chaIrman aid paying ,h. a_ mnltl. prmtu*.. manu/aetured or furnleh *, 4. All tow* cod part of Uwe inonlt.rt S.Mi by wajulaiti-n. prawrlbadbr *K u 4-
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.1. icn. Undo. which .ai4 parti.i :f the 1 R.vta.4 General Ctatutla SIlT. *:? upon the It :: June II, nu.1 f** thelafuor. a. her.ln OPu.Iled. e m01.t.;! iF done .nd' Chaptara un aol by :: Th rhairmavf. nfc-ill not |I..u. audi ft .tnct{ tbl a *. 4. Thla Act phall tab offert nowvr, that th* prevtalon of this aw In
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,: .. 1 t : a"nndd rHAp.UI' *rn. of t tion four of title .rlirl Thoa* .>... the owner or f*... of eurh farm alur romlnff a heme WIthout toh approval.A >akln r ttona* In thl Slate. tTv*
T.dr < m or..I.aUon was a .ope'. f!. lnu.. Act. ('hapeor ACT ; ". to taa .. e.et.uI *_.'ad.; unotl *rmil.ft.11i rolatlnar aoleiy' ta farrt proflua. m..ih. >prov4 by the (tov.ne'e May at.Plied He,, f, Th' provlalon of ttvl* % I
r ., of 2535. are h..by repeal- fo..1 !l.a.ee of alice, ..,vl.* or ntrtalnmnt MoM, .hall apply to
o. forel5f and IMIl. Aot. "Ffrldl .f ., andarki" *!! b ft.. e the aal.. tranaportatMM
. ; ot rCatden i. but the repealing' .P'l.w..h.lltsFH Bn ." pise* of bt .r...t-> ..w:.o1.n *. oinl roU pro.'0".<, manafacturfld or fural.h4 nn l In offtoa ortary of Stud*. MayrrfA"TKw"i or carru*. of lime tat the Puwp -
lntor.a.r: .no "lan.I ha.. '. .. perta Opt 1. Nb.Ciii. dIng moiety to fn.rch nrti.*. .*rvle" .a or ouch (arm. Ii, letI. of eannln. prnce.lr, *r atkarwH.1 -N
" .n'ot, "' Inow" .. and pro".dln. m.Uo :* thin. I. II EefiI bjr :hO 11.. .nlrA.nmn _1 produ... inuonufea. Ic) Thou* upon real property totaled prep.rlnr lime or lime Jote.'for uol l*
.iel o..anl.all" at 1101141 ".h't at puck place v ilaplayed by Ibo owner or by the itAN an, eihe, ?oem,
:; : .t '". "rlotldC twr-xl. or furBl for """ (befi -
. :=. :. be.0 iItreMed .? it tlm. "hi" act tik. .feet: and ac.niT..m.kereln .n ** :.. t* h audi proc.4In.*. and ., uf P.q.ptry" I* .hall hll b IJThM from the payment re.I propertr !I. for pale or rent; for aal*. {A* IranaporiAtlon. and ft*. I. It chatS ba th. dety ef5. 'III
2 .."* 'I.Jnl.1, .!I In fore. ., the lia Ih : changed cod h.neaforthi deaigert.d ew : Ih* lleano taa provided by lull. .:. 44 ) omul*I notlee or .4Whlermanta tb* prparatlon. reCeipt. or p erraatlnn.yrs.gys WK&ii may b.I.u.t".P and ...1.1' Soul but anbj et t* lime proruloa br ala a. p opted or d I*playe tlot uai 04 : with e othef Ir : : .frlt. di/eotton of any aubtl or *urt onleerHi uraMtifolla. dandy Pralan. Tahiti or a ..hrierld* Cilr,,. Ctampe'- fa.
t. permIt. I.
""..a .n r s"SrIhl In conflict with al lb. thereof. the porfermane of hi atltalal or4Hr Pearce Itnte* chat *ro Immatura loprovldo -
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1 iiSiTS1 P".e /.*..' .p.AI.4.. all .iii, ..Ivort.alfl* *i... or .'*- 01_. ., ,...*, tied e/ ". ..nin% iy for th* re*l t ration RIO! eerthilo** fr t>*a.< >rtatin, or to th* *rttfl .
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( 11 Fr ..r.b" 'O.t. nt .bat) 11. l.al.po.eL trtml'ar' Instruments tion of packing noua.. em defln.t ,
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k 0.n4 witjilr. 1.1 lat_; T' A. 14. ...t.. .tauoda.rd time.ictebef ..., .., Ie cad bo elg..d br the *o Hanl or b>* rap. .atlng t* the *.... *n whIch they to> malnr'tr b* detarminln JUICe th* riorM* Cl ru* Cammlaaloa may S
aem..!,, 104 3. lr'p'lianlda' .rhj./? r..poneibtllty *eratatpve 41* othori.*4 JW writing .re. 0m, el-rna warning of tb* condition aror oficeat by volum* - "a P.. theE .. ,1 b? the 0...". Wa, p.. ".I 00 ..L Heard to ball fa>*nbo Sad dMn"era .f travel on a hiarhwav.rertad of matnrtty ant haetuie. ol conic. Moo. *. .>t audI be unlawful' !forpe"

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'. h .w1..a.I. Cftd I1.AYTKR O.I.Jk cad dlack4rl.i ..a .r e.cI"'tel" atru.ur*. and I.. ... of tive State *unerv.tlon dertmti *> for >Hep-cllon *.*1 la* ff earn., *>f anr Urn*. ape,, wnvnh the NtIspc
t Ceorn ite (line .t .a- a.4 II..I I..eoataatiar.t oliI. a.aoJ er o-1 ** ''toD with onM.oWiii f alit alIce nnflcee) of aymbolaerected lo> prvMe for llv H*>At** fon nf lima fa* bleak Impoaeo) eg aulb.orlae l I PiI
i : .. Vnk.sw. AC'l relating t p'. e. :Mo.Iy." 11 r ..r8y"* In..'. il* ,._ W... Ivy the C'altod |4rat*. ()>vrmentt toad* to bUntnAirAr** |o provMo pn- ant bn paid. P. to make *-v > i,
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.' ;.,.,. .I. ..,..;. ,. .


} AUG 22 i 1941PAOK


ic'' : Y. M. C..A. ProgramFor Bradford's Share DEFENSE BONDS LOGIC YOUR DOORS This House Would Look Good On That Lot OE Yours

For The Week Still UncertainW. T-JK
(Continued from one) (Continued from one)
page page
y Friday 8 p. m.-Questlon quiz. M. Edwards, chairman of (l stt'vw

Saturday, 8:30: p. m.-Informal the Board of County Commls- I lI commend the Bradford County The screen door had been piop- t' "
t dancing. stoners A, J. Thomas, Clerk of'' De.'ense Council and especially ped open with a large pine limb
h eState Defense Council of At W. L. Wall's home on Cherry
Sunday 11 a, m.-A welcome is the Circuit. Court, and Senator
yt' extended all local churches to Florida. "Floilda has the best St., the thieves took the screen
soldiers. Civilians who would i Hal Y. Malnes, of Lake Butler organized Defense! Council In the out of a window to gain entrance. 1 A} r A1r N 1f+

; like to auk soldiers to join them I went to Tallahassee Wednesdayto I United States," he said, "and They took Mr. Wall's car keys off a

+ for the services are urged to drop Hee about getting Bradford Is the only one that Is 100 per the mantle, but seemed to get 1-'p. + r a ,a.. '

k'' n into the Y and invite the men In : County's slice of the gasoline tax cent," frightened, and ran away with

fund, as per the ruling of the There three Mr. nothing ellle.
the building to go along. I are reasons,
12 M.Civilians who have ar, 1941 Legislature. Duval County Lehmann slated, why people Mrs. Grace Prldgeon, of Mayo,

ranged to take soldiers for lunch got more than $72.000 a few days should buy bonds and saving who was visiting her slater Mrs.

will call for them at the Y. Other I.I ago, which helped to Inspire the stamps: 10 instill patriotism to Randall Brown in the new George

tr families who are able to extend Bradford County representatives I promof thrift and to hedge Flynn home near the old Ford .4 p4

j .this courtesy to soldiers will i to go. against Inflation that always garage, was robbed of her purse E y ,; ? 4; l r 4 "

n'' kindly turn In their names+ and I 1 "We had a conference with the' comes with war. The purchasercan and $4 In cash. Again the thieves

the number they can take to Miss Governor, State Comptroller and start as low as 10c Mr. Leh- propped the door( open.

Margaret Ersklne. and she will the Chairman of the State Road mann said. "Save a dime a day Nightpoliceman Clarence

see that soldiers who would appreciate Department," W. M. Edwards and a dollar on your birthday, Rhoden and Fred Sapp gave the _

r a home-cooked: meal and stated Wednesday night. "T h e and It will\ take only a year to thieves a merry chase at one _

home atmosphere are sent t.o..prospects are," he continued, buy a $50: bond." He urged that point, but they got away from.

them. Im I"that later. on we may get sows I every teacher In the public schools them. Chief A. L. Alvarez and Y
,thing/ but there is nothing definite and. each public employe
2' to 2:30: p. m.Y radio program pay the entire police force( are workingon

4 d, over station WRUF, Roundtable aa to the amount or the something each week on savings the mystery, but they are
discussion on soldiering. Men .time" Eighty percent of such stamps "The garbage collectors wholly without clues.

from Camp Blandlng will participate. funds goes to the State Road De- In Tampa," Mr. Lehmann said, ,

I partment, and the other 20 per "were the first 100 per cent groupin Gentry & Alvarez
cent goes to the various counties Tampa."
3:30: to 9:30 p. m,--35th! Field I rlLi'.4.
The delay in Bradford County'scoming ,
bjk irtlllery picnic at Gold Head Tlpn With Stamps J. L. Gentry, former managerof I s leb wn.J wA'Sa.P" 4k.nr.v c m x+...u1rs
Into Its share of the funds
q ranch Park. Swimming, boat- Mr. Lehmann told of one large the State Farmers' ]Market at
tc due to the fact that there was 5.p.
1 n#, soft ball, and weiner roast. newspaper which paid Its com- ''Starke, and R. B. Alvarez, pro- This small frame house rep-
record left of the roads-their
Civilians who are interested In no missions In saving stamps; of' duce man. have opened an attractive resents the type now being
; joining this outing will be most original coat or their mainten some bridge clubs which gave "fruit and vegetable" kuiit. in /great numbers, throughout : -
+ ance throughout the years-and stamps aa prizes; of one travelIng the country. It has twobedrooms
t:1 welcome, and the Y hopes many stand on North Temple avenue
the State Road Department engineers with rear sleeping:
salesman who wltresses
1 will register for It. Transporta immediately across from the New
have to confer with the porch, a bath, an unusually
:lIon la needed. Can you help ,: by giving each of them a savings Method Cleaners. B. F. Peebles, living room and a large
Board of County Commissioners large ;
Monday 8 p. m.-Open night, stamp book with a dime stamp in carpenter, built the place in about kitchen. Location of the BR 3 i dR
reference these
with to
Open to any suggestions of solidlers it-having bought $9 worth In three days, and it was opened kitchen on the front of the
# for games, etc. 'I I What Bradford County will ultimately that Way; of theatres which had Monday house is a tread in small home -
y get will depend entirely Saturday "stamp matinees," admitting Edward construction. In this cue, the-
Gentry, 19-year-old son
Tuesday, 8 p., m.-Mixed chorus upon what value the state road double window makes a
all free who showed at /
Mr., Gentry, and Ralph Alvarez,
Ing. Civilians who have done lof for breakfast
; department engineers place upon pleasant spot a
least one new stamp each week;
of Mr. Alvarez,
Nf part singing are cordially invited. 13-year-old table.In.
the county roads and bridges
The Y Is eager to do some nerl- of Boy Scouts selling stamps etc I will look after the place, and will Ohio this property Is val -

.f $100 Per Year Rent have bought $50,000 Federal Housing Admin
view toward a concert for the and vegetables, Edward Gentry with a
worth of bonds. Irving Berlin the istration-insured mortgage of
boys when they return from Lou At the meeting of the City famous sonar-writer has written a said yesterday $3,500. Average monthly payments -

e isiana. I| Council Tuesday night Millard on a 25-year mortgage/
"Any bonds today? which
Wednesday, 8 p. m.-Bridge Judd was granted the use of the Is being distributed in full orchestration New Sport For StarkeThe of this amount total' about $20_. L.R K i
old W P A exclusive of local taxes and
night. Lessons for beginners.I) commodity building
free to all bands and
newest thing out-the first insurance. The cost
I Civilians who are bridge players near the S. A.'L. depot for $25 hazard ...
orchestras throughout the United in Florida and the 55th in the may vary in other localities.
can assist In teaching the soldiers per quarter, or $100 per year. States which will use It. No won- United States-lias come to the 1
to play, as well as making partners He had been paying $10 per
baa'already sold
der Uncle Sam FLOOR
Starke melting pot. It la the -PLAN
for others. Other general month rent for the place for a t
more than one billion do'lirs arrow-matic
sport, a new
of the bulletin stand for fresh But
fun produce.
games are on '
(1000000000.00) worth of bonds! sort of shooting gallery It Is at .
board for this night: since he may there have are to dull clone seasons down when his That's the way Americans do 213 West Call street. Its owner Alligator {Watchdog I Lex Green at Home New "Drum Major"

business! That's the way Starke Is R. O. Bice, of Winter Haven
Chicken Shack ClosesThe business, Instead of the $120 per When to Ford V-8 Mr. and Mrs. James F.
and Bradford County will respond and will be run by O. B. Kel- you come a Congr isman R. A. (Lex) Giexnla
year hilt rent was reduced to to the call! Postmaster stump reported : bearing license tag No. 45-645, having a short breathing spell lingsworth, while visiting
sey, also of Winter Haven. Mr. I
chicken shack. In the old Also he will be the
$100. given $6.993.73: sold in Bonds beware! .Do not open the trunk and a visit with his family and Hollingsworth's father H. G j
Bice Is an extensive fruit
,3 of M. B. growerIn I
location Dr. Herlong's'office refusal of the place If the City '
tL and $434 In Savings Stamps at Winter Haven, and runs a bowling unless you have an extra hand to _friends In Starke because of the nor, at Lakeland lust Satuj
; at the Intersection of ever has a buyer, and the above
St.,1'I the Postoff from May 1 alley at Lakeland. spare! Lying up there is a three- Congressional recess of four through Thursday, went I f II
d' Ave. and Jefferson be cancelled
Temple contract by I
; may through August 1. W. B. Sewell, Mr. Bice has six new arrow- foot alligator ready for all com weeks from August 18 to Sept. and James caught two dn
closed Its doors last week aftera either party on 60 days' notice.
few weeks' operation. Just another president of the Florida Bank at matlo rifles. A cartridge holds era W A. Gay of the Bradford 15.: according to his secretary,
than $3- County Abstract Co., haa had said Miss Essia Coleman.
Starke reported more
i "one of those things.." Genial 20 steel balls, which shoot at mov-
E. B. Milllgan, proprietor, More White Way 000 sold at the Bank. And that ing target a distance of 35! feet. 'alligator only 24 hours, but he has It will be more relaxation than In this time of national i

tW made a success of the Sunshine Titus Olson appeared,before the with no campaign.< Now that the "It was perfected to overcomeall already been trained .to amputateone rest however, since he la having envy your country needs j.|

44' fQrlll near the railroad on East City Council Tuesday night with campaign la about to begin in objections to shooting gallery hand of both, if you are too his office on Court street "spruced help. Buy...Defense Savings

Call St., which he mill own: But the request that the City, install earnest Starkeites and Bradford bperatloa. It operates with CoM persistent! At least so Mr. Cay Up" ,a.'bit Venetian blinds are and Stamp regularly. .

p he opened the chicken shack with three white way,lights! within ,the I CounUansbold.. your hats! pretseA& air shooting steel haul aid yesterday.' being added< and A partitlftn put -Buy Defense Bonds t Stu!

'% the expectation that the Orange block oi I Gjouth!! Walnut street hot powder and lead ammunition," I- .i,' i I

>Lltaes bus station would remain I I from Madison to South street In Training 'School Mr., Bice, said / Unustial Alibi

In Its first location next door It near his new building. But Mr Arrival of .f' Chamber of Commerce TO CHECK;:
Sergeant Elmo Rts
moved and then moat of the soldiers 'Olson was'n 'b ri'ar. He had '$60 County Defense Board Melvin\ McKinney county road
Ft.. Struth as l a candidate In thOftlcer'
went off .on, maneuvers, The which his tenants and others had Training School at Fort patrolman early Wednesday night Joseph E. WTllaqn, vicepresidentof \.r IN7
>strain was too great. given him to help defray the expenses L. T. Dyer, County Agricultural arrested a sol dler Joseph M. the. Starke Chamber of Com-
Ga. announced last
Bennlng." was
Out of the 30-odd eating placesIn week. Agent and Clifford L Walker, Andry as he was attempting to merce, baa called a special meetIng -
Starke four of them have The City was sympathetic to- Farm Security Administration for next Wednesday. August I tak.66
Sgt, Struth, formerly with the Supervisor, have just been named : enter the back door of Arthur
the Rite cafe later the
closed- ( re- ward request, but since it is 27, at 1:15: P. M., at the Army
opened by original owner), the so much trouble and expense to Headquarters Detachment, 2 n d. I on the Bradford County Defense Hall's eating place !In the north Y. M. C. A. All members and In-

Coffee Pot, the Cottage Inn and get down through the concreteto Bn, 124th Infantry, entered the ,. Board. James Rosier, with the end of town on Road 13, JailorJ. terested persona are requested to
the Chicken Shack. erect army in January 1939 as a Na- A. A. A. Agricultural/ Conservation -
Mr. the
Milllganla posts the Council B. Rowe said yesterday be present to consider matters of
moving his 'fixtures to Green voted to have the bond trusteesto tional Guardsman.The Association, Is the chairmanof importance to Starke.

a Cove Springs where he will open I make an estimate of the cost present Officer's Training the Board. This Board was Andry" had a "pretty good J. II. COURTMANC

a cafe. 'before anything Is done. School ta open to any soldier with-- named bv W.- G. Clayton- with- alibi, according to Mr. Rowe. He Recent Births Watch-Maker:

181x D1 months ;"Iw, provided he the United States Department ;of said he was trying to get away CONFIDES!
_ CLASSIFIEDADS I lean pass the rigorous mental and Agriculture Gainesville. from a man who was trying to I Born to Sergeant and Mrs. Por- BUY AT -
physical examinations The course "Some members of the County
shoot him at the ter Iverson JEWS
Night Owl. Mr. Plott at Starke YOUR HOME:
la the first of Its kind, giving Boards are also members of State
FOR SALE-19 acres of corn FOR RENT- Furnished 2-room commissions In the Infantry Reserve or County Defense CouncIls\ said Rowe thought perhaps he had also Saturday, August 16, a boy.

peanuts, and velvet beans; half Apartment L. D. Green. Itp, In 23 years. Mr. Clayton In a communication been trying to get in there. The .

acre sweet potatoes; Guernsey At the conclusion of the tbr e. to Mr. Dyer dated August 11, "and soldier wanted his captor to turn FUNERAL DIRECTOR
4-gallon milk cow-J. A. Howard FOR RENT-e-room unfurnished month the duties of these Boards and him loose
training successful
Route 1, Box 113-C Starke. house, hot and cold water Apply candidates will period be commissioner Councils will not conflict but will the promising to go backto My Many Tears Experience: Makes It Possible for Ms 10

Itp at Green's store. it Second Lieutenants of Infantry supplement each other. The duties Camp; but the latest reportwas EFFICIENT. PROMPT and COURTEOUS SEBVICC:

Reserve and I of County Defense Boards," he that Mr. Rowe was tryingto MODERATE: PRICES
FOR to
RENT+3-room furnished assigned a new
-18 miles '
continued, "will be get in touch with the
station largely con author- DeWITT C. JONES
garage apartment. Adults.
from Starke and one mile from
Lake Butler, near highway to Mrs. L. M. Clark 1 1.2 ml. out fined to the handling of specific ities at Camp Blandlng to turn Stark, Florida

Starke. 150 acres of cleared E. Call St., Starke. tf Mrs. Luvenia BarkerMrs. assignments Defense In regard to National him over to them. In the meantime '
which relate to the U.
and timber lands, two good S'I Andry was being held In
FURNISHED COTTAGES on : Luvenla Barker 72, died Department of Agriculture." the County jail.
springs on property and 0-room W. T. CLUTEREALTORF.
house Reasonable Lake Santa Fe, 0 miles east of Sunday morning at 4:13: : at her
cash price. Waldo. Electric lights run- home three miles north of Starke. H. A. LOANSWe
Write Lucretia Anderson 111
E. Second St., Live Oak Fla. I ning water. Inquire Lewis She had been ill about a week THE POCKETBOOK want the listing on your propertyWe

8-15: 3tp Jewelry Co., Gainesville, Fla.U and died as the result of a stroke have some wonderful properties for sale
of paralysis.

FOR SALE-One purebred Po- 2000 OLD BRICK WANTED Mrs. Barker was born In KNOWLEDGE See us about your Real Estate Needs

t land China gilt from World Need not be clean. Will pay Georgia and had lived Bradford, TP1II1 ,, 119 E. CALL STREET PHONE

Championship strain weighing cash.-E. L. Matthews Brad County for the past 33 years. She
t between 250: Ibs. and 300 Iba. ford County Telegraph.. wall the widow of the late Mose ,

Win farrow within 10 days. Barker.' "

Two young purebred Poland SALESMAN WANTED Survivors Include three daughter -

r: China males.-Luclan/ Conner, GOOD OPENING IN Bradford ,; Mrs. Richard Ellington Mrs: a jJJ.o. dne7ll1HSERV

Route 2, Box 123, Starke. County. Full time route selling Arch Ellington, and Mrs. Pete .

8.1 4tp Rawlelgh Household Products. Crawford, all of Starke: two ,

Start now. Must have car. Get brothers Frank Strickland of
FOR SALE Pine apple pears more particulars Rawielgh's. Ulajnl. and Tom Thornton, who '= l

Sol per bushel. :Mrs L. C. Dept. FAH-223-203 Memphis.Tenn. lives in Georgia; one slater, Mrs.
Smith Graham. .
tf g-22 4tp ,I Jennie Crosby, Georgia. .f warp v

FOR RENT-4-room Funeral services were held at *r oAd"Ao AIRCRASAetxp1u64 ,
WANTED TO RENT-small truck 3 o'clock MAHtK-AL MtAWKt.wiwt ftMfty KfQWRtP MICA '
In Lawtey, Electricity and bath. farm with house near Starke. Monday afternoon at owevuuyMfAHT' /MPoQEPsRrasarsr.4N1'1"e FORD
the Methodist Church near her PI,oN6t FOI1FIISN
Write Owner Box :53. Starke. C. SOtK'ESINUS11lAl
Beam Craftsman's Bar- home with the Rev. Mr. Rhoden -A MAN*fiHtarwrroimA I .PESEARCNMNM \WczCo p
lip racks Camp Blandlng. Fla. of Jacksonville officiating. In- lips OUtVffiCICMCP' txJMesfic suesmtiTft VMKHMUCT ? ,

8-13 2tp terment was In Santa Fe Ceme- nif fVIKfMC C*MAUDS*atPl**tN&HCSAflt i is kid
FOR RENT-Large comfortableroom __ ',, We hare a special Interest Jdd
adjoining bath. First NOTICE-I will not be responsible etery under the direction of Key- = f you FORD car In top runnw*

house North of Baptist Church. for any debts contractedby McCabe Funeral Home of Jack. -=_ -_-______ _- and have built our service todothN

Corner Jackson and Clark ; the Temple Garage after sonville. ) e better chIlD anyone else Skilled
streets August 10; 1941. Anyone sad
Itp owing \ tools
I g VfARS INCOME iea-using precision
money prior to that date to the Evidence Destroyed AND ( I time sad start'
excess A Ford you
FOR RENT 2-room apartment Temple Garage may leave It paro-irre ford
PROFITS TAXES ON e'li make four
Sunday W.
available Sunday morning. Mrs. there with A. A. (Flat) Ver E. Thornton, .134 U.S. RPOAA1'.cNS: expense. 'i''
W. H. Struth. Up sallies.-J, L. '(Sam) Anderson. policeman ran Into an orgy of WOUID PAy ,liver 100* perforroace.Dn
lip Jug and bottle breaking down In I Foes8A7IESRRA'

FOR RENT- Furnished apartment Reno-negroes trying to break up i\'slj Adjust .Brakes
WARNtNG-i-If those who all the liquor so there
meddle would be
$7.60 per week one block Clean & Set Sparkplugs
north of the American Legion with my car don't leave It 1 no evidence against them for .n Front Wheel Ill 2

a Hall. E. J. Dowllng. phone alone, they will get shot. This 'court purposes. II e arrested -10 1. t Align
113.It Is a promise and not a threat Enoch Tison and then called CIltIt58l5. Focus Headlights
-D. E. Sheriff A. O. Lubricate Car
Jonson. Itp Andreu, Deputy J. ROUND BOATS
B. Rowe and Police rw 1 ARC Deep
Dally cash market for cattle and ]BIO RETURNS for little Fred S&pp. = NATNC TOfttl .

hogs. Auction Sale every Thursday Use the Telegraph's' classified money. They house and proceeded premises.to The search"Law"the _--r :?A+e1arAL ?:= = -e T

beginning at 2:30: p. m. to buy and sell. Mrs.\ J, L. finally succeeded cw
Columbia Stockyards, Lake City, Anderson says "I had 63: applicants I Ion which had been finding a gal- ouiPuf AiW# J .rsss.t 58.778
FIlL Phone 481. See or write J. for the apartment I ad- rolled out Into M TMl+* CDUHHry LA4TVAC 6I.IGKr C
D. Odom. Jr., P. O. Box 247. vertised In the last the yard and was not burst. Then W** 60%MOM 1139 fKOPuCTiOH,ANO/7 X TX'A5Aew01e I I Andrews Motor
Telegraph put up a .$::10 cash bond which PHCVKMf ANNUAL ReCORD
Starke. Fla. tf "
week! }
be forfeited. Phone 118 STARKE.


-- --
: ___
-__ --.
-. ." -

-,-- -_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ii ,' : Bradford County TeJeg pli221 1541 )f22194' : : : :

. STARKE, FLORIDA 'u622i941 \ : .

..-. h. ft."ft."ft_ ___.__. ------ .. _

\ rWAFTKK" 10. & 1SSS\ r j rrh'I'I-ho"7";; ; i '.. .urn una.ow,n Sec. 1. That whenever the. plaint) i If Approved* hy the Oovernor IITHAPTRR -'- 'I ,'
| May I
.. "U'W p"bloat I afflant believe that thai. nr veuntrrclHlmsnt. In any action, sun 1 I". I. he accompanied liv a fe* for each a d. If) Jtlitna untf-ly to & ,I *'". > r ? who *r* or may h* Interc.te,.t I or pror""dlnl Is enlltlett' ) lo a defauli t virllaement. advertising .1.". or edver,. city. town vlllaca or Matoriq plaoanrlno .F total. S'iuniiiitIlertloli > Sel AfI1)rnaspPep0fot fnr- PAlM rat
p..l.. and SSSBWWti .l* auhjcct matter of the cult o or confesso against any part)r lialnrr Btruclure. which fee ahall b* n, ,' 1 Iran* tlof?' Ott whicn ra< behit( ore.,
: .&rV&em .' ., whn* namea.. after dillgen 'to the cause of failure to 01 10 III tamed bv ih* chairman If permit la I Iseue.l. '' f Nntlora nf I. That. Ha used In this A0I .tHdl'eDutPuas which havO>
.nro. .I. frrr .
r.r t'h' \ are unknown to Ih,; Ille any pl..I"1 within the .fp..r pro.vlde.it .' AN ACT regulat niiidoor aJverUei and ahall b* at the rate of t.t ... a Other any* bride 'pore-il'| shall ilDd to and Inelitd p.i 0 fceeotraan 4ctivisr.tI for ate
tranr lal I
= I.In'"llry. or >im on or ranamlMalu"ii 'Ci twfntr ?
'nr pup fOOt. foot for I Ih ona, pNrtn' .rahlp>. aumwUliona and vor I
'J : in connection, a Ly by 011. of ,.i log outside of the corporate I II oi area nf the face o.'[ the li0StSbit enay b "* nnurL ruive _. is. .of lii. 5 meld advertlaem.nl, ,, rotnpMny ueoeaasry for .ltrcltonavoir 0I porullnna, 'boa' tthali refer t* Ih* Mta>id ||
800. court and clerk of tin advertising sign 01 AOI
tOD Dr Ih. ,Ap..1* 1VA.S. .,a t. Ih. i ell lee and towns In I npublio of the public ; hip itu tim' aa. lathe-eat hta- tItle
and Ipr ; .1.1m "d'.1v'e.eikn."rWn.rrt. lo de. 1".rlrat. advefllslng' ."",'1 or.. wllh ;nln'' .. oPt Hlii oontatntr now Hi ooM.mort ua<
: 811 _. .,; h.* enter such arovlde for llcwn. a I lasting. .11db be'
311g. tin
.u'horl1 Biirna COtlces Af for th
Ih'' In. alI, 14U an.t $ 81j I eIrri.es.! '1.lor. ".">W r. t.u.,.".. 01. feult or d oonfeaao, the clerMiihnll ', sing, persons engaged In th* bualnea *. fee nr (On for each aitch sdvertteement,1 informal: :ion ot avlaiura I ayntbola aa to locator, '*,, tn this Stutrin th* packing spit *h.p selaed upon 1 XFskSF'' ".. fStIt'
IIU' Er* 188. taUtR oC Flo.ld.1 cialananis, upnn request of the plaintiff, 01' outdoor advertlamg cud for the lenuanei.[I adverllelng sign or advertising elmture. ,- tltrf-etlona 0 ott t .umtinu and ooiuhnoh Itient fif lirim fruit, rontalnknn < !11S /* InspertjresalH i. & the OAuflty'Where
o..r.1 ian <1) by IhvouKh under enter the aam. upon i of If the permit is refused I the chair, bUHhr. 'Mmahall nt*>nd In and Inr r. '
ot or agalnet permits for advertisements. and be pt'nYRdsd
4i; .setI i I "o"n..r"I..n."t. auVerti.itug ; H4t M'tltitt' aafal* In aviation, *1'.1' n ,$ 'au Play' TlS
,"'d". of 1 U : Ch."t..' known iicrm.n' who I is 0"0.1 or not Know!. "I th* rule day on whichauch slrunturea; to ,.mhlbl ltcrleiadvertiseniania .,I the msln shall refuml cne-hslf the, fee l Ie| authorial by IU* ftliah.nan o'liilo only tha frolic etirua atirantlfoIlMvarlMty ,' htI'eprIlpd'4 Itut- the
Ao' ehuulil hey applicant* kat'h: smtllcallun aba Piriila TahItI I or Itanraa and
i9 alive or pleading
appearance i and that such
I ,
.14 a' .m.I",1, nnd 6.,( 1) and 111.o .oft) by, dtr o .1u'Jo.. or agalnai t been flleil. or on the day after an,... lures and I* provide fur .the removal atruc taivert <, h*PI'' 'P:1:1. an allidavit of Iii:i (I ii) AulVertlaem.ppta\ ait vwrt tain* alcnftml :* h.'rpli.ftep, rallml hlntesi i >*mkn* httuawahnll OIlrllHneierR $uoshttlt-.5 ,.lnhmetnrIh provided may'' his
.Ilon'" / agent Hist the Owns Cdyepliaiitg at ruot ur a not tmbli. I eotcn.-i to and Inoluil any a trim.nrt .
la2i Chp ... sequent. day. -. t $P5
ood and f' enr" *
I2 epilie o or foreign sing atricotutIllegally !I mad 1 -IP', e-ttrn iMi>*
iiii" Act'-0'and repealing all that h.:rt dissolved\ or which -fa tic I. Red ,. Nothing In him act shall prevent poatetl. .dvIU.h. erected. Meedor r other pares In control or possessing, train any highway or ohr( iiublti.I It r PHC) prtparil for and, uatnl foiimrklit piece i pie lime may h*' found ar.7frm .

.03. Jd"psVia. lawaln connlotI'lLrlr known painting or illaaolve.lg I or the judge of the curt from enterIng tl.pl.y.. th. power*, of the real property upnn whKh BUI li, |iao*; or otherwIse I'tWPaning litHsu tar > tim, tree. end aliukI'
> { of I.n | advertle ment. IJ > 1" ... .r iititlt'es rontalnlnpr twetilupt'e for atankef tra ArtAt tStie4
Id by under or agamat corn<. default and decrees pro oonfesso duties a"i '.rI'o ufflcers rvlatlnlthereto : advertising sign nr tiv.rot.Ing whlnh or oderlng Ibm clerk thereof front enterIng lo structure la to be constructed feat or I less. M a rait at a Junrtlntof I hip.* t. It ahull b* unlawful for *.nj; prrldul. fur-
) prescribe penaltlea foivlolatlona l
nv th. J..I.lldu'. of th.l' ,0r..nl"Uon iM nmn operated Indicating or did bual.n samo on any day. of this art. erected, operated used inslnlalned' poet' Iwo or tttor.1 roail in IK. Ctap: highWay li paraon ta mall)! oj offer for pal,, to trans* brauf leny Much plaOe. j *roaj Mls \
a thee '
plorI.IU allot; or corpor. weo a. This a"t ahall take effect upon Be It Knncted Hy Ih* L4lalottso. ) ed er displayed baa consented thereto.. Byatem ui.tihulIng nttly th* dials,,.< iMtrt. to pr.pr\ receive ar ttetivep, fyi rIt-th-wpoP->i h limes shall fc* allowed
:' !! I sa b? Pub. (3)) otherwlec na the ... may be. Its p..a. and approval' by the Uov-- .t Irlorl.l.l 11 Application shsll be msde in lIke man., or .Ih'vction uc a rM.lPiic- ,*r pUo oi t trnnnpnrtatlon, or tnarttfc any Ilm** un men's char k put- retain for aubevqiieajf usa
Of Ilat ner for buHtaraa; l host. imit italiC fniind 4o bi
a permit to operate uee, merit.tain dMch ) been
rAs.rriia ? many case Chleged'' Bgalnat name,,i I cr000.Approvt.d I. IH-llBlllona. The following In [MIIO with th < erovlsloBS 0.0
a a
KJ'ra'l ik( ..
In ) Hlirna
by the Governor May II, or display any existing advertisement nr not.ct erected nr t 'an nmtura in awnrdaitp with thai malar,-
,' "f mate .r.t.nt. natuial or oopotat. who In I, terms wherever need or referred t* In tnln..l 1 this ) i that portIon ot much loS otlott
b couril this advertising lgn or advertisingstructure. upon property aWlna hue Hum ol ty atnnUftrt.a proTldted for lu Ibis Act'
? .V. sartlcB ,mentioned in her in the pleading: or In the, 191. this article ahall have the followingmeanings Permits leaned hermimterahell lute ow u .r. J-PU.. or rupnnt of tho t and at** arrompanlfad by crrtlrtcat oftnapt lImit ,.- may h* folin.l, to conformrtiMulrement In.nly
alntement Aet.na
nwoin to be unless illfterent tt thl
ellliHr dead e
( I ) to *
? pooe.dtortTo n.olnl explr en th Aral day of Octoberof |>r in.na, tliii sail maturity thvrauf aa da.>
.1 any .ult d. nr $ .' or (18) not known to b CFtAPTBR 10AU nearly appears from the context! : suoba that portloaiwhich fall*
QUIICbIS .. > each 4 I O Aitvrrtlavmi.nta, inn tt thfa laaurd bv
I legal 1W ,: AN APT referring. to corporation and year. A penult' niey he reneweil n r*>rttMln.r sign by Act* a Uuly aw*
.nY deat or alive or dlaaolved or "' (Ii 4iieane any writIng to |rm i* this' maturity, ManiHant
.ntOrO InterrpaI "A.I'.rl..ot" If ant a,tv*>rtlNinir atrui turv wltlilit I the-'liel l > fruit ih
tO CIY iKI. or 11". the restoration' of the corporal* prlvilegea proper Identification number' I. silt, tliMMpnratA i t lirti* Innpootor *f
judgment d.alroye4to.
ar ilcrre ilmpjaypibiptu M I lilt,' h*
rl.lm order painting ore lit Act ehall
or withmuriFliCtb0l piled ecnniiipanled hv the ...". foe lUnlia of pltl a Cull tnwnaitil I>*iptr intent of Aurtoultui* or th* Stall ,
pea ) prop defefldflt to .n and entity' of corporations .
prreoflR aa-Klnat f .uch ahall be Iorpor. drawing alga, device a. icihu fruit 'Inaperlnv or hy Ih*
fund whk-h was'required ( ) lIlMlorlpM markra of of
Klnrlda the itortlnValva
fur said' rrritt by Inapmitlon
: m It. No
the Court 0' :dissolved of law for failure tier .
vullil and intended Invite ltI'3 th found
ot effectual aa It had not to siprl tile fxiunty where a*
fee b duly ronatltutii and horl..t li this Ael talia
party upon I the capital slot'k tax. aol may prorated in accoinniudat' publtuauthtfrttt anti tnnturlty nilmtHts
t ) -of
stated.be. pay attention of the gomla.merchandise .
o X BO publlo, ntay breenrlhHed hy regulation
: Wt 0 this short term publicity natures. a: II hue of auoh number, fnim, sits, and
op can : .,i. Notice to Appear, Form.-T'pon prescribing conditions for such rentorn.thofl. property, real or p..un.1 4nlttnhway\ tnarkara an.1 sign i'huariurter, and nhall b* in *d In Ditch tiul. dtt t'llrtiB f'ommlsslen.
filing the buslnee' ". .'. (0) If more 'than one side' of s.tvfrllslng .
; ; eworn amtement end otherwlee an
.nlo. a hy the
irctit ,
oanartl b 1'1..1 to Identify ih Ilinoii to whtoitth.j All received
., ..1h. "r ttt '* by th* roiinn >r money
,11110 /in?. coin plying with, the foregoing re. It* It Kimcted hy Ib. i.&islature. amueement. manufactured, produced I,, fee structure Is used for advertising. Htm chairman or ih. ajtat. road de.p..run.nt talus) a* tli* World i'ltrua Oom* bo nuott Agriculture for matue
niGu4 upon a for eech elilc
T Kiel af FlueldalKen I bought sold, oonduiteil furnish. nr such allaH be re.
"' nulrementa ,
shall be
ifl Ib. "Inn, fees under thin Alit Bhsll
million nil rf ulatloti ity
withinjirbdiCti'fl pl.lnflr .otl. I ito may ny or by > [
.n.' or property led to the t. That any domestic corporation dealt In by any p..n which la poat.it.painted putted Ailverllsement sculptured' In th. t him Ihe Treasurer
,r "? / COY h. .1.un.1 1 round shall be ) Hiam #rt>ct Mt tipnn prop.ntWaI'nlttg pros'thls, lttstei'tinn for mutiirity may ho >r to mate ,
dissolved or
the which lias been heretofore displayed treated threw
of tnnkel nelled aa using
.ur juitir, lo.dava after the or ll I the
p.rly.h. : had 'Its olh.rwl. aide the Mitilln aaalnat hunllnv flnlt hue mad at *ny t Im*. anvwht, Ctt.r whf euosll aelrl money to
_.''d ., awinit 1 In. ).IU.ln ftltna: of otha'l a notlt* foreign n h't h mate i o: real andIncludes Inir or apHnlnir' thormtnj: t Ih* fniit la mevi.re-I| front tile trea until aim t the ileneral InsiMfiion irnnd.
pr0r1 VCfl.be. < to appear, rol ehall sit forth : permit' l to or.gr"h I ofChapter "orfn of an advertla menlrecognlsabi (d) The holder of a permit shall dur (Ill) $.gis r-'te.t bv Riot (' ,, I lie *Mpm*>nl. at-tar litaprrllttn and narttfU 'I, nunlsslnncr of Agrlnultur

"01" re* or per A. 'I lb. namea the known naturnl of ; by 1 1b35.operation tjtwa of ing lbs term Iherouf., have II.. right tn For the :( inn r Jurlaillo ion d..n.l.nl.; the n...... atatua and de- HIM.? stock lb> "Advertlalijg struMurs" means any to change II.. edverllslng' copy on lila KviHy fftatlonaii. nr until It has b* -. niiportd hyandth the live enforcement 'Of tItle Art
pyopOTtY P'.t .rlo.lol or the corporate defendnnta; FtnrldN, for failure to pay capital structure reele4 lor advertising PUPpcsea strurlure on sign tar which It Was I.. < Hlcna i1vrtln1n bout 1<1. ag *. Hint lIne. Where beIng trannpuit etlab o* fruIt lni.pert.ire tn h* thne"

url; of mar. a ileacrlptlon of the unknown defendant tax may have us oopuraUi buelness entity, restored In with nr without any .lv."I. sued without the pD.n..Oor any adilillonal riruitiiral munly ttlair|,a ur aisle fall. alit by mh *i* limn n ntmm.on rairl. with woo knitnr Ih* florid* IMtru InspeHte
For dIYo" annulment who clnlm by. through under *r or lie permit to do ment, displayed thereon situated upon Ol fee. 0' attuahi. 10..1 sIgns ..lntaln".1 et P11k. the flanker provla.oa that ahlpmanla tu thop *RU who perform their duties

any will. against a known party which may b Florida restored upon the'folowlna con. attecheil to real properly outdoors, upon (e) 'l'he chairman may after So days .xp.naa (or the benefit or local ao* bulk. llhr oy rornmon eat-p-hen or othvrwlfi -* linde direction anA eupervlalon
p0r thori..s : 1" loatru- deacrlned at* "atl partlea claiming illtlonat t which any poster bill Irl"lnl. paint notice In writing l* the per in I I.". re.vok tlvltlft.KM *. tu> packing hona for rapaIn > > lb. ilmloner of Agrlriiiture. All
rontrCt, Other lorr. or eet* by Ihrouih. un.ler or agalnai The payment to the Secretary of s..t.. Ing. device or ether a".I..n.nt of any permit 1 Issued by hint nnder *. HA. Th* pro I.lon. .f Hilt Act in th* Hlftt of PlorMa, niuat b* r*** par 1Hoil- tt un Sr the provision

I ""' 'lor C .J'llrl.1 .oqultahlo7lll (n.m. of Known party) and, a deecrtplion three year capital stock tax dlaaolu- sny kind whatsoever 11"0"". this acnilon upon rePayment of a por. ..h.1not .apply to structures, or ski) In.pin'tel and retiI'nllil.l l bat-mire final d*. of I II IB Inspert soul certify to th*
,' nf or theref. .' nil other unknown )"I.n.l.nl, which esld corporation at the time of 1 posted, pslnled.. t..ke. nailed or 'I ""Innate pan ot th. fe* In coy race I.. r-vtf.t primarily fur tha rnmforinnU !buyer, to artier provldlnir that only ,nttu lf time* shall h* governed In
"...m, lien o> InteraCt may b* "..crlb.1 *. "all pnrt" having ton or having Its, permit cancelled,state wise faelenetl.' "I displayed.lc where It shell appear to lbs chairman u'onvenlenue of the arhiml rhlUlran on* litftpr rttt>n f..a hall b* paid by the tim rca of their duties ma soul

of bat or claiming to have' .n" title orItttsreat by filing with the Heceretary of > "Advertising .lln" mean, any card, thst Ihe applliaiion, for the permit con.tains of the Htata of Folrt-U 0' advertising chIPper. Provlilncl fi rthr, thai Ih* provlalntia tn.pe by th* provision of thi*
reeetabliahmTht, In tile the reports called for un..r the capital cloth or wfMidenalgn knowingly tale bv the rules and regulation
iii herein p.p.r. or misleading thereon of lila Art shall not apply t* Aol,
or ,.,01.1. which hvs or ed"1, Irop.rt1 d..ab. stock tax 'law. Anyone hnhlo.I I" ,, or soy character posted, stuck formation, or that tile permlte: has vii'. Ktvt IB. Violation, A Vulaanc! Abntn.tn noli** nf llma on th* trace nor ta ontn pr. hy\th. Klnrttla I'ltrua fotn.eretn .
tire. th.lr ,.111. within the I). Th. n.l"r. of the stilt, or proceed- property conveyed by .Id onrpor.lon tacked, tlnted or otherwise beirut any nf the provisions
,,. or Ih. rourUI Is. tug In shun almple term (but n. after Hasolutlon may pay th. such.. : or affixed l* upnn any ':unless silth permittee Shall, before tim alirn' or aitvt"tlain, airunlwr, which I.l fruit *irpptil for trannpnrtatton AI* nf em pry-or necessiiy, when run nit
.hl'I.I thora ahnhl have been lut to tinao ahall not ba conntructeda provlIN In this Act Cod m.k. "". tree, wall or thing other than expiration of eald to dare, correct such, pu."tr..rt"t. .r.i.(l. npwrat**!, u...|, tranatnt'l| bv any PItch common ear. rue Insfieetdr le available foe in.f .
.... .. ......, .0" writ- of reuIevin jurl..lelonal: may b. required by th. secretary structure.d false or misleading' Information anti ,.tnalntainil' tmatinl.' or flimilavi In via rIco u Hecrelary
attachrflaflhl C.; "' of thn court In which of ",,,, Th* receipt' of the ( "Ituslnesa of outdoor advertising"means comply With the provisions of this' .... I Intlnn l of .ibIs Art I. hereby ifoUril tit nnt* nf mummy ,of punk Mm,* as har*. hliC IfiMlonrr' may designate eom* nt
COY other writ Or pro.: th suit I"proceedlnKa were Inatltuted of mat shall be laaued, tat such the business ot constructing, If the cnnetrucllon, erection, operation b* a publIc ami prlvai """ .110. and Inaftttr provhtfMi. md Ictntlt Individual lo Inepeot fur

l, l hOYO, been Issue. and executed': and. .an abbreviated title of Ih* } psyments and In such cases ahall recite: erecting, operstlng, using mslntalnlng.lesslng uee maintenance and display I of tnv allah b<* forthwith raniovml' oblM rat*>i1nr lint, B-A. ThlN Act ahall not apply. toj Inat aiud'oepriy aa to auch lot of
I1' pl.! .. anY t.rop. .ri". fu"d or D.: The deecrlptlon of real property c.. ,. that the said corporation has been fullyrestored or ..lln. outdoor advertising. .a.tverhiseiuient adverllelng also' or advertlalng ahaifnl' I by the Htat. chairman, or his the 11m** prniliirnil bv any Krow *i* wh* Ito tliloRtce ms.it or issued hyrn

10 fl0n10411a. ipgia. If any. proceeded agalnat.f to coporat entity or I. p.rml structures, or In.. lacla to revivi a 3udi. < > .. Notice 'to Appenr. Return Day. to do business In Plorlda ralv".1"n.t or outdoor ., ."'. is I leaue.l by the rhnirmsn: and Ihe permit enter uimn private prulpenty withnu lliM.'a, ysotrIr ami whip htma lf tllapnanf .. p111w Mm nr her a* 'Hpetilal iHtru
.I, .a. notice to nppear ahall require the re.tored and the said restorationshslf (e) fhalrman* or Htate ('hatrmatt"means fee has been paid as shove provided :I i liwurrlntf any liMbHtty: :thfirrrur'VrovldfJd. : all of sauna In 1a. than full boa l te Pro rlr.' tie or sh* shall not h*

r suit or proociding:'' -'I" to Plo an appearance In much have effect eb Inltlo from data of the chairman of th. Btat RuadDepsrtments shsll b* prevented' hv any ion I.If. com.mission hnwv r. thai If any ouMuorndvvrtlitlnH for iMniauintttlon In lor Ml map-kale.! halt irlvt any bond, .hut shall hn
mentlonu, dissolution of such coporatlon.Sao. or other Dublin which M Thtt Wlh.lil hint penalties Imnosml by
l"rloY'b' pr. on n day need not : : agency atritntur or oiitilnni' a tvr* Mi, H, wllhlit lbs prop-xi
,a .erv .* of prooesa or l.o""n.day to be definitely fixed bveatil I, Hald corporation shall 1 data be due otaurh (f) 'Biat. *' mean tb. Btata ot nor.Ida also has. Jurlaillctlun nvt-r the propim.iladvertisement tlwIiiK alSo of tile vain nf On* Kuinlrit nmanlnir uf thla Ant, lltn** ahaU b* thIs rtii" violation of any of the

., required.OX the etCtUteI notice to not Irma than for capital pinch ax from the : sdvertlslog chin or adver.tlalng 'finllnra or tnor* btara thtrt'on tha net. *miii1 In be tnntur only whan ollpp4or iY crluut or
"iut"n Ihle Heat or b tbs "pp."r. 2 reanrstlon the .. It Incorporated lg) 'Highway' meani every way tirplsue structure Its site the h d? fThe. irinc'ldBi Oltrua (jnvnmls>
of I ) ncr mop than Id dayaTrom th* date .m. tir fee for or the owner lluironf. anti| aalil, owner pit* f fir nt h ar w lim Ceqra.t front
lli, Ion of tin United States.i the executing of the notice to on that date or p.rmi I..uel on of whatever nature open la th* such advertisement,, advertising sign urstructure huMa, an unnplriHt lim"n"o 1.110,1 umtar the tree nnd the limrt In nrh lot hays mllpt gum time tn lime..as It may
service nl Process by Publloa. .1< ap- that date, lime of : for purpoeea of vehiculartravel shall be returned by the chair ted.*oo four of I his A.n; the. .hi nwnrrhull bMn ft>und hy |napM li h Wher* personal ..erv.LTrooei p.nr.duo 10. Notion to Appenr Publlrntlon. lIeu! ?. Thu" act .hall be In effect from rUb this Stale, outside of cities men soil the permit revoked. Hut 0".. I be given written mil' 'lie of I\lie elleged I. vdlfd tO r-citiinln *n av.rHwn o( 44 tor tnt rnlea anil rwguln

.. cannut be had. .rvl.* of Proof and Recorded Thereof.-All the dale It b.nom. a law uo'l July and ,, towns; half of the .lee shall be .deemed I lit have vlnletu.n, and eball have thirty I moth J JuIce u'uttltu'flt ly vol urn*, H nd no it lrryln "lit and enforcing th*'
aWo"publltatlon my he had uprtn aufh notice* to appear ahall he published 11. I 114*. after lime It .h.1 be (hI .1.."' Inclu.lei. an l.tvl..I. accrued upon the erection: of advertising I day after the, receipt therenf wllhlit MIII N In any auoh t hit ahall ronlaln **** P no ,nit regulation of Ibis Aet.'nr .
Kt" natimil, or oorpomtx.. knownnatural- once each week for four no further force and effect.Apuruvml partnernhlp. association or I Sign or silvertlalng, structure uf Ih* die- whli'h to allow the I Ih* aald advertlae than Utt parnmit, J IlrnWfl. InriUlinE' ronaeoutlve durlot(four publication, eb. by the Uovernor Jun. 4, \I) 'Post' means poal.I dlaplay, print, play, of an ailvertteement followed by aa menl, advertlalng, alto nr adverllelngalrucltiie \ itt-c' An* of this Ae' a* well a*

Any known or unlcno", log sufficient w..k.) In aom newspaper pub.U.h.d 1941. _. p.t burn, nail, paste or olherwlaa attach InattentIon. by the chairman or lila r.p.r..enl.liv. rioea not violet the provlalona rii* Ifaia nf lbs Juln* ontnta of 1,4, linn* of Ih* Florid Cltrti.
when described a. such. where the court ; ... till,* Act iiutes har *undr shell ba bita Mt upnntha rio to b.tseue-l t hepenn.ler, In,
Ilknown apous. heirs Uevliees. I Is located I the maid county to meet cuchreIluci.ifl.nta CHAPTER lOIn (Ii) Heal Property1 Inrlud.a any prop (tf) Any person arrgrleved by any... HI.0. 1I I lit. Penallo.! Any pepaun. vln avratfi m *lmuin mnunt nf )llqtalitnont I v hereby'mpowrd and au

le or other parting, I newspaper* prescribed bylaw AN AfT rOlulln. .I persons .nl.a.t erty phyalrally altacheil or annexe.. tn tlon of Ihe chairman In refualng in grantor Inline' : any provision of thla A"'. wHmi.er nra which ran h* tlrfifttd from I enter Into any packing hnus
IM. .e.Ior.. under or 'agalnatTkiwwn for a* may. u In business In .t. real property In any manner whatst In revoking a permit i tinier,: thIs atm aa principal: agenl 4ir etnp oyee, forwhlrh 1h* n ah and nulp of not l hose than 'Id It' ur of day lIP night and tit

or unknown pars in who tvansaa IndlvliliiHl Pttl'IfliPpa of sill ha Jemantl aooea* and anmtsslon
In be rtea.1 or la not known tiTnr'ro'r'pora'o'n'or of the owner.publiahir other than their .". toregister (kt 'Town' mean an Incorporated such refusal ur revocation appeal rlbml, Mhull be guilty' of a miarlameannpanil titles nf any lot of lltnaa. 1 h* tvatlntfnf 10 asciI portion ot said packing
I M made by
; al""vlt, cither editor business the trade name or whatevernam town or city i from the decision' of the rhnlrman ta upon conviction thereof mItch be th* juttr content nf Hm-. on a. |ir>r*> it Inspector* ar* lIkewIse emr.4 -
other 'idel en1.1'lhM they are doing business under and ID In plain view. the clrc lit court of the city or county bunlahed by nil hut! lois than TenIhiHare rfintnH bnala by volitma nhall h* thai Os authorlasd tn Inspect all
ll. domicile I manager foreman or other offlner having or the .extent of Interest of nil persons Set,.'ArO\r:: of I'ruvlelons, hyBtate In which the vernon resides by presentIng mir mope, ot'. 'Ihpei: llundped tntal maximum amount nf liquid rnn pa iitiusrefttinta, pCrtainlng tore,

1.110 unknown, and w'.Ur: : = employee.. of such n.w.p.p. which concerned. with 'the clerk of the circuit ahall be the function lo ths court nr the judge thereof |),itllera: and auoh pereun ..h..11oe deem t]t nt a nf ills llm*>a being him twatari* tel I grnvea. and tn datall of i.e.mit' *

op eilMlng., knowledge nr. such 1ubln.lon attached, court of th. county where the principal duty Blale' chairman' to In .vacation after Ave days notice In ail l enillty'I of H.aepMrate nrfenae fop each wh*>n ltrn.lni by the percentage nf beittlllny,. policing, prenesslna
a entitles not affidavit shall set of buslneea I.. aa part of administer and the provisIons writing' chairman, an Hfllilavlt month riurlngTny porllun, nf whli any inch juIce Content a* notupara.! t to lii.itmt OP lime
leiral. o' forth 1"rb' : ,
or HnofvM nletlnic. and. when ii copy of multi notice set 1.0 the penalty for nnn.compliance If this art. He hOar: "et theperferhoaneCI mad by or by his duly anthorlsed vlolnllon of Ihla aol) la' cnmmltteed, continued vnlum dlNpl rpmnt Af th* saId S > tt shall h* unlawful for any
wh.' or the assigns.n l th. datee nf inch puhl..Uon and oth.r.en. oflaw ? .."lP ld for Intention his duties h.r.un.I.,. assign" tn dl- agent or attorney setting' forth or p : I Tlie ealetenn of: )>ijuiep h.fnr*> the In in* la patnsttel, p.r bbstpui't, hinder, resist. Interior
b.d ii Intermit.. u'know. or any wise) with n chancery to' so register be advertised. vlilnn engineers aad .employee inhie the fact of such refussl or revocation any ,advertleingcopy on any oultIuutiph.. 'ha Plrld Oltru PmitmlaHlntt ahalt* by rero Slletnpl tn eb.truet, bloc
IB claiming by.tru.t.throu.h.. un- ahall ha recorded In the the Me U FfMcted til* legislature *f thSecifoS'ir'rh'f.1 department much duties Its may a* the case may be. and that the aell.inof vertlelng atrurlura ntitdonr ailverlleluar prttbvr Poles a ml p.gutiitiotts to bi 1a* ipy lip' taterfer w'.th any author
prlr named corporation book or ml".t. book of 'b "" ,' the chairmen was without cause.Bea. alao or edverlleement oulelde Jncnr.luteeteil auM, lier.uuuier ilI'es'ribaui lila mannv lsotd. clIp In the die-barge; or any
v uilmt any court wh..ln tha ."I or proM."lnl I I. !is ,- b. known .the "silo! I. T.r.l. lo Which Act Ap. 1. Identification. Mvery permit trtWn atiil (rltlwe aliell. mmMtltut and tii *ihO'l nf rtrawln op aalil, aam iotYi e..) upon or required of hIm

.1 1 "ntltr; entity or persona ..ndln. unless a ..rln".I. b* "Fictitious. Name Htatute.:' L nllee .mlnalon. and Our. I.....-. htf th. ehelpman ehnll IIM SMelMn.ed prlma fnrlM itvlilcnon that th* pee aid *f ooniurltng mall tests. I or C 1 tIle provisions or luow-l. uy
An, rouv). f.m.. bu.ln.ae. or haveuTer made, aa provided In Seet.n U. Beo.; .. DefinitionsFepaons, : .n. 10clud 1'h.tsrritut-y Jupladto. a aepnrate i.i.-i jii'II.n-n.. n'br'M,..i|I] AN Ml nutilour alt.ertlauutg< alga nr pilvpr- th* mnklnir of curb t.ate! th* juIce o( regalHtlon prescribed by the>

.. or. In thin RtstI .. .. II. Notice to pp.. Posting, every Individual whether n.lu..1 i.y.ef the Slate chairmen, fop the It .halt be the duty n' emih permltet i IIaeIisnt WHH oonntruMoit, eru'tel< ap- t h* limes being taelei shall I not haatralmd r hInt Htrtl* {JommleBlon herein B.IM
C, ? bu.IO."which Proof and Recording Th..ol.-H therebe nr firm or group or ,..bl- purpose of this act shall 10.lud. allth to faeten tn eerh Mdvertt.tne; airui'turn, i, crated, O.al, litaioteined t nr .ltwpt*)' .| throM N a. ilotn nr nffhr atraln* IhuIrl r tn change nr attemptta
mine" or tll. Ielud.. no newspaper published In such county .rtllrlli' or pnrtnerahlps.whether beats outsld the corporal and each advertlelne alga' and iNch a.l.] With the ron *nt tn.t approval unit tin- r but ahall b*> oonaldr Spin testIng a* ehAn Instrumenttesting1 or ana*.*
I cord "orpoalon.' combine then three copies of maid notice ehallba natural or representative, except 'of any city or .town The "'.1. rhslr. vertleement not |> i. ., .I.d. "In. any title posted at least 2 days prior to the man and all employee under, hi. direction. advertIsing Htruuture, a label or 1 fumta, or services trit atvsrIlaeui th irw n tractor. 'rho lulo antrarinr U'HTI| aba .nter i Inspentor In making tests ot
''h. or ,'.? a name or return day thereof l three lIlfTernnl "KSritliu1.11nsme include any of their marker not etnall tha two Inrhe. I by, b tail bin mn.anlttiil| -
InJIoate orlent shall In the performance a Hitn IT. Kt*|>ar bllliy nf frovimuii-i, I Iany If any t a device or $tmm
indIcl4t tnl. to and conanlcuous ptnc' In such county trade name. whether single' name or a function and dutlee under the provl mix Inrhea Curb marker ciirreepondlna1 provision nf this Act or the appliCation fruIt praaa uaa.t far utrat'tln Julnn, laCe When llmea era chipped nrAl
to 'think t the sam.. m. one of which shall b. at th* front door names other than th* proper tons of title act may enter Into and Itt color to the antoimiblle, license I lal4 1 lhni* nf (a any p rmm fir Ptrnuin* much lyp *r kind of animator ill. fruit maid ia4, container aald eon.I .
I eorporatlon or other legal of the courthouse saId county t the group.of name or known cstled names of thee.persona upon any Und upon Whloh advertleingstructures of the dial* of Klorlda for the current NtkincH. in heti l Invalid, th* rmalmlr, nfUIH IIre.a rmlni| and *PpVQV* l telnaW I hiiv. stainpe.l. therein th*

ot DUoliknown proof of posting .h\1 be mad by. afflilavlt ens-aged In such buslneas or are etandlng op upon which year, HaitI: marker shall he fiirnlattMloy Aot anuS tile HpfillrHtlun ttt aunt.tpruvlnlnn by tim I"itlrlIii) (Mtnia f'ntiimlaalan. Wiled rftg* JTulo* Cuntnt 4I> lrnnt
JAII clllmint .under an, of the ., posting tho mama.Which ., sign' er advertisement* are. the chalrtnun, and on this .hall ha tn nI( liar itt-rnrtiti nr rlrtnun* KP 4 atndavlt Include a copy ofmbkajqJoo.octe4Land. w'usTne.1'ahall Include all """ft"' ,I..rU.I"1, and make au.'h eaaininhiiiDnnjl'slorveyu plainly "vlaibl' the aahl permit number, *tine... MltiiM( nut b** rt.rlftd ttr) bv. that aiaJii'rda nf '}lmtia a* act forth In .Ini jent* ton-ether with-the figure

parties may t e pro1 ttta.dats.snit, fa dventures whnrela.. pMrson .,, aa ma> be relevant. 'I'h. ciinetru't'llon. erevtlim. operation, uae- Meg. in All ASIC anti hans i of Aflfatr .'It'll C I of hh0 At'; absi) hi. uieuyfl.,<. .f | .u.itg. of intro content shnwm
in ndmlvely or- tog. I""lb'" "picCs oV pomtiog. the same; said alP. sell;I. bullY exchange barter-o deal l or -- Rae.> 4. .l HutloorAJvertlaar*......_iliiteniince of an vunlour, adverleiea: '--lacuit.deDalil.wMt4 thus, 4 't .sr 1vryb l u Ii, ..

rtbn.L. davit ahull be rennriled In th..rhanuryorder' ." of thee things, or No peraon h .1 er-'continue: atructuref. 4 ......,n. alga or advertieement raltcsle-i r \ j nes.eip, 5 eS this ht, lali1tiO '
f Htrorn Statement aa' Condition.r hook or minute boot.ot th. eourt Ih or .rr..nt.ll. th* business of = ,r advertising Iri I without having afnaerl thereto mud 11. H-.0, tn. ThU Ant nh.ll I titilo iff BO I buMP 3, 'l'hs .uWhttp. pl.eegap. OnhIl Any person whit .hall vllt
< b> .publication, there shall : In which the p.n.I".
lent.' A. n evn'ltfon prelfKlent lee a certificate thereof ".d. aaliarelnaftar .nI..lnl. or before an 'ro of any city or town without nrst evidence' the the maIne ham been one BO* AU outdoor ailvartlaara ahall It la Intu.nl.uI to prtck or prepera .kwaa C f sr pet herein oteolantd to h*.,
1". th. cause i a etateinant eiceouted pro..ld. "O.this law shall b* .nsctad. .h.1 InC a license 'therefor from the Btat* atruoted or erectd and le being; oparmIpit. hot given one humlrml iwnty daya Inwhiru for market or tran p,.rtAtlnn aftr th* 0 JW she ii violate coyreseen..

*> plaintiff, him awont n. attorney. Mae. it. Appear, Certlflcat be unlawful for any person or persona, chairman) and person .h,1 con* ueed 1 or Ilielntalned In Violation, uf tn iMimply wllh this Act paaalnit pf thta Aft ahnll register i macI ttpMfhlftif C or regulation mail* and pro*
mi forth auhatantlally the mate. of Publication : Posting In I.leu of Re- ;Irr pniulrril. which ... copfllng\ .-In lieu of the r"or.lnl of the me h. r"d.no-d. under I factitious n.m. leaee or pail soy id't: fee.: a*. Hemoval. All outdoor. advert the Stale Rimd I hepsrtn.nt ahall all point ant POet oltlo* with th* i'nmnil* ml pursuant ofth* authority
inlnlnM I In the Inltlnl I or otherinn .urnnf of publication or as herein d.llned. unle. structur or outdoor n. tleemenle.: advertlalnr ., and arlver.tlelnif furr thla law. alnnar of AtfHuiiliurn, not lees hnn Itriaya Iii. herein-given, shall be punish
If iworn to or In ,affidavit vided In'Sontlons i'i' II, there lrb'l.d acid ss fictitious .lholl reglateped' outdoor advertisement In atriu'lure, ehall lie removed. by: by Hi* Onvarnnr May *4. b *for* parking, or oiherwhae'pr* 1,4 j is of not less than $IO.uttt, and
IMP, acorn atnlvmant. la .uch proceeding a cerflf'-ate ..- with the clerk n.ln.or 0.1", oourt Oflii. eld* the corporate limit of ally oily the permlle* within thirty dope after 1nouve-I parlna? any urn** for an I* cur tranapnr* 1101 inn llIItiOoil. or by Imprison.
tart "|ilnlnlln""> ae liawl'. In thli by the clerk or ludg-ttlng that c,00tY where the prinnipal pitt'. or town without, first obtaining such a tee dale of the expiration or revocationof I.lad In intoa flrrtary of Plate May latloif In rir at atioli PackIng hnua t and| pile In* county Jell for Cot more

I. .h.1 .'trml tony. party In auch'proof of publication was flletl. tile budreie i IN, which reglntnatloo ahailronehst licence from the Plate chairman., Th.> the permit fur Ibm taut,'. Any per* S7, 1141.' h* ahNlt. In uiidirlnn to mull-h riatrK > ut. ear. or hy both surli lice *mtklit
.. moy be ."" ..t to eery name or the newspaper In which such of 01 with h. clerk' .ar..ld fee for much ... hereby Imposed for tnltee falllna to remove any slob ..1. Inn, give l tha I asll) rimmiMlini not ''hop In *JtIe| discretion of the
orlflnol proocaa upon any partyratio. notice to appcnr Was published that nln eIgne't b" cii '. revenue for tile use of th* Htsle, shall vert'Lenient, advcrlalnaelan: or adver- ('liAI'rIlt 111111 lees than T 1ava wrltlrn ttntln nf th* oour
m> or cry person who tony b. moth, tiewapepor la nuallllod under the tfl. .m".vl' under oah the name. h* 176.00 per annusm for person or liming 1 elrunure wIlhTn mid ii l deya.hall AN ACT rmiulrliiif all tmlil.0 orn.'lal.) ilaf* tin whtt'h pneklnv of ttthfr prapan.* Jlf any provision, eerlloo. euh.ttlenna .
Hr In nr 1 om. I In avty law as one In which to publish legal I."r.nn.ln.l"l.r..t.t. .. huainrmeenterprime. corporations operating under Ihla set be deemed aullly of a mlede* 110w nr h rt aftr r. hr any 7"I"ml"n. notices and the Ante upon which the or the extent the Inl.r.t ofeuch In one to eight counties and IJim.00 per nice' nor.see perft.ruuie'e bnnda in poal lmnla limes will bHftln 'i'Iia lutnmlaalonr ofAetrlntiMtira this TB for any reason held t* h*
.tht entry judgment or proof of publication was poate.l then and fictitious n.m. under which annuam for ihoae operating In more than t. Certain Ont.loor. Advertlelna, ; written hv surety i'upuuttuafllall aulhorlB alia II lau a ,anlhllepite) n i< on Uonar er Invalid, auoh JtoM.in .
aVIn any cmme no sworn atat. much certIficate iihnll 1 state buminec. carrie.l un. Paid repiC.tratlon counties payable In advance, and bit Prohibited No advertlaement. ."..rll.ln"; l<* do bUNlnaiut In KtftrMt, antI provlillna: regIstratIon> tn tarh clIck panklnv houa Iii r H ''affeet In anv way the
I a.1 f per be held defective for notice was posted at the front .Jonu': pcP.l not I. mad. the per. per nnnuam. payable annually In advane sign or ndvertlalnar: elpnrlure .hall' hionatrtuut.tt that curb vfflrlitla ahnll nut b* iiiinll rvalatartnir. It rhull tue l unlnwfut for IOP yito Vt, r wh parts of thIs Act s*
f' elate a required fact It the the eourthouM In such county and In flay b.desiring unU .. In *. for the uee of the county, In I erected, iiaed. operated or hint ttntll aut-h hoitfN ara nitl. ami pro fipvr*** ft Ilii parkin houa. abel e III violation of the-Conch.
I fit? ntli, pwlae appears from the two other con.plCunu. placee In the con 0' perenna under a flolitioum .n.. .h.1 eseh and every county within the Mat* maintained vMInK fur I'Hfitiffnt nf pritluma thitrr nr II. $ap" tn nh) .*rwla prapnr* for lull r, hell not otherwise h* InThU -

V4 the cat?... county for '" prior to the bumiftillu advo.nliacd his Dr th., .Inl. tM _','rb llnenae shall .n.... or aen (a) Within II feet of the otltelrie bnun.lary en. male or tranaporfatlun, any limes at otinnpan ,$ituI.-t ,, ,
4 0 WOf Htittcment. N.hr.1 Per- return. day thereof. a 'r"al..r h..ve maid fictitious nnfltd Cl teat' tlnu':In-the 'business of outdoor advertising of a public hIghway or wlthlo I Ice It r ,* ct1 Hv Hi* Irffp| liitiir* of tli* kin* houN without: having prwvlnttalyr P.o. Aet shall take effect Im.

II r> ,' .-** eworn atate Sec.: 19.: Notice to Appear or.If week for four ctnaecutive wp"k.In ,. a* a Applicationi for IIcenee Ida feet of any church school, "..n.,. HtMl uuf llwrlilaiHK latrvt, salt ntirklnir ho u and tiri'U medIal lui'.hi) n an pResage and approval
I >' Ii. hi. agent orit. the realdence. of "Jf"I"1. nrOther Otto. .. tiewepapen as ".no..1 b" IRwIn or renewal il.of licenses, shall be lory public park tiubllo re.ervntlon. >tion I, In all taCos where pmut.hi l lbs noel In* hraln ratiulrtid, and rwfil.fIn hi! eli v Pnar nr lie benomln a law
I for ..plnlntl., process by publlmlnst party to be eerved. ,by publication antI the? county wheY. aatl r..I..tlonI. mede.on forms "rnl.ha by the Btal public playaround{ : plate nr nallonal, I nffltiin'a, n *r honorary, *1ihr Mat*. sat still liSPing unravokad front with's .'it anaraval COIl shall re.

a natural peraon h.1 ahall be stated In ihn sworn statment tnele. and arid '.al..r".lon shah chairman and such Perilnent foreet. highway or rallpuad Intereettlxne .rouniv nr illatrlvt. are now, ur nhnllhrtft the ("nviimlaalonvr of AgrIculture. ft nrtltlimu 01$ n ft', Vane., and effent until
with purtlcolnrlty than the nam. to b. accepted bF the clerk 01 'ha Information a. the Hlale chairman' outalde the llmlta of any Incorporated] r ha raoulrM tue peat tl
I That diligent search anil Inquiry of th nor" or county In which the nol be pOropt receiving proof may require and shall 1 be accompaniedhy city or town prformant. bi.nis, all auth bnmla no) rtlf1oftta tf Inaparrlnn fof ltsuuu.ith i ahall furthnr furiM or effect.
J b..n mad0 la discover teh defendant' resides: the clerk or the Judge, cIrcuIt.uch court ptbliuHtitlfl.flea. ..po. the annual, fee la order lo conform (b) Whlrh' 'Involvaa motion or rotationof hull h* writtan by surety tlutl.pnniee of any llmr such b* laauad by any au App I by th* Governor May H,
lml.l. .ipa of such peraon 'I"that It ther clerk of mitch court shall: of 4. 'the clerk of the OlrcultC0001mimll I with the oh.dui. of other aollvil.esrsgulaled any part of the atruoture vr dleplaya uthor1it hy law to do bualnat-a In itinflasd Irsoarlop eaCppt loirtnn 5 papa,,? 3e41. -

|.m. li ..t forth In ..Id. .sworn mall a :: luch notice by I'nltcdHates ..c.lv. a fee of II for rmel.ln. dale, all I Intermittent liable; tho Hi at* nf FMurl'la. who has regiatepsd with tha Camrnla pIled OIhI0'Plsi'etar7 of Slat*, May
pill' particularly' aa known ( .: postse-e.. prepaid to said i r.r.on., to ppt.l fluent fees shell ht. parabl. October : (el Whloh ... the word 'mop nrT Sec. t. The provlalnn of thl* law al, nr a* provided hvrlnbfora. antI nit aan It, 104 ', ,' ,
and. each such m.U. ten day bd'n; or persona engsged In of each yeer. shall not b* >anar'; or preeenta or Impllea the aeedor hall not *nn'v' to Uaputy alirllt4 lou r unrffvnhvd *.rtlfln t* of vtirlatraOnn

.1.nl such person* la overor after the making, of the notlc. the date, sTneVa under a fictitious name Application for Ihe renewal requirement of stoppIng or th* en to Notary Publlna.MMI. and ha given c,, anld rnmmlalar Ih* OHAFTIfJH ,..,,
doing b rate I. then Lteno and deliver. whIch. la I. Nre mitch offIcIal shall b* quaUin noIn a* requIred by thl* Act nor shell AW"
'the .* nf twenty-on yea It to be noted on the docket. be mad not or a copy [ svL0rlsbag trap and .keet
'\ I ti known. or that hI. ag. I.o' la of malni. and D""".. Pro Confesao. .% oT..nThflSJS.it' : for fsllura to 00111. Ito days .hll to the date *f expiration.Nothing I or limitation of olnulal, clans; -l tn hnl't amr* or perform lbs du. any *rUn>at* *f lnfHMIn and ttiaturfty aiootln "tiMir,
; and ,. 1.? Do.ult notice to appear has *with thle law shall b. that neitherThe In thIs section shsll. be oon.etructed (d) Which are placed' on the Inside lICe thercuir until such auraty bond ha* his l luaua4 until after payment of tH4 ,te IC IflU III* fceglelntur *f eke
Jin ad.lltlnn to the above that th* barn any named defendant nor tb. m.mbeps nor theselrt.rPaiei to rsqulre any person Ift ob. af a curve or In any manner that may beee Ili.l l, fn i>*wilnn fee lmpnt bv or wndr hpravl Ciii p
r7 "r la. either; m.d. I otherwise shown by threcord bu.lno" lining such bu.I.... may lain a license who "oa.tua. er.ot. prevent pepeun using' ; tha highway from H-t. 4. Th* roar of tha premium *>npiirh .on* of thl* Art. aurh payment tn Sent rrom and after the pass.

II, '.".url th"ln* ) or, not of the case to be means or under defend or mslntaln suit In any court of operate. u.ca or ,. out.I out obtaining' an unobetructed view of approaching bond ahall ba paid out of tha Ill, frned> a a herein viuirad or au,* a,. get It BhBtl b* lawful tn"sport
"n lone 8tat or .I"nll other than of tl years fall to ep- sltht-r aa or 'late' "' restf the ag* or ..h.1 the dsvl thl* Hlat' this l law pl.lnlt. with. "v.rU.ln. or outdoor advertisementMlJir Heo. lo. outdoor "'".rll.ln. or High out of th* county or out ttt the varl for ahlpptftgT or attamptlnff to ahl*; ph.d -- /'at> Kundev. *
,. 110'1. statingsaid. tear plead fendsnt. .n'l herein Any who wilfully nr maliciously dliitr.i'la. tttpndlnir tile etna anv |ttna. Iwmatur aa iiuulllustl t ( In thl tIed.
It .. l In th* noticeto appear or. If that any P"1"1"' !\"T on his own proserty, as ways. person : oils upon form or part n* law In
| l I. l the State of Florida but that *l*.< be not a rule day, then on end have Information Plodageinat ; vldeil. displace*, remove, deetrnyfle. orInjures Into whlrh much ottlnvr bHuniia., In the Ant Ill* onmmluHritnar shell ravuknf for Coslilot Mlo> til. clIent of any
I lta. been nbannt the State such day next succeeding such day thIs law may agirhaved' be. ohClrmai" .h.U have authorlty. a mlle-boerd. milestone, danger aveat any solace pramtttm over the a pr'nif' nf not laaa than I or fttnr OS.oitirt rw'provlelona hereof h*
f from day anyon
than Ao days next the the rule plalntff' shall b* entitled to a de. him by nvgrleved i, before th. propecVofir't'and 'ho .Il.t.. I. d.y. lhfltiue In writing elgn.: signal.: Inscription thereon lawfully ha** pramlum rat* ahotil-l b* eharir i tn than 14 day, the r.entifIt'atuu of' Veg4. n'4 I *! hereby repealed.A .
M.kl.' of the pr.o.dlnl decree pr confesso .."ln8 charged with a mistetnPao-' the Ihcenaee. 10 revake any licenme within, or adjacent to a highway. lbs r>rocur tnnl of the l* 'nila h-rln I MI linn af any uatralnv boua whn** see. t l shall lake effect
?-"...>. hlm.elf.worn ..tem.nt. *** fault defendant or which' shall conviction thereof be flne ''I served aa proa him. much manner a other orders. Ju''|.. or. .no upon U5.no. ar sentenced to jailfor granted part or the iinnme 'e.. I. ;'i.o''o or alPaca any advertisementupon b* haul by the Individual uItiuer, o'hsu' parann In auharltyr ahall abut (lovertu4 L "" "* Becoming a law
pnonl. upon Ik. the that any rock atone tree fence, official. nr attempt ttt hlp. air each lImes| a* wile-to c ,
['fl men" of the court In which e.oU"yi ir both 'in the dlecretlon of ttaes whethe .h.11 Pod any.trisI or to vr 'Povel.
there I I.
b.l.v.* that d.r.. .ny l mile-board, irilestune danger -, ft All lawa and *f law* ifreasid and If the at Appu-j hr
'an, i In the of I I. pending.Uec. Ju.lgi. the who la trying lofurmitinui required to b. alump. ploca. : flM> partta ahlptnnt or th* Ovrnor May Si,
Florida upon of ,
"pvloe much caus Ad ..nyd.l.nd.nl the o..t the appilrathoti for the hicsnaeIs sign, guide-slgn. gulile-pust. highway I III nnnfllcl h rawtlh are br0ln amV t*mi nfc IIM eu'tuutnpatolptd by t tin fcr 241. 0rli.
i of ppoces would bind IP. Guardian LI.'n.-l "_. gIven I" historical marker buildings barn I.,? frtnd. brlbmrv. othr fpauhuiiep1Pc.mhut4l ." ofth.;
L.l>*Jnl or orother party much "Sec" portion of thl law de.clsrert knowingly false or ivtl.h.adtn' orthat sign hereby r.l'nf nr Pscretary of Btsle, Mny
defendant .
:. cnnpesled who, appear A0V Kvall.1, not. Inv.llsr. iloenmea has violate-I any at theprovIsions nr other ablest lawfully within Ih* limit **>c* 4. Thla Art shelf' tatra affectlfl.dttitely Im or o i" ?wnrn Mt'tment. Corporation nolle appear was ".Jlr".d.. Inasne or held "h.1 the 0' thim .cl. unl". much II. of any highway, shall be guilty of it upnn b>rTiitiiid a law, rinn l.all ha for such l>rnnr prrloit sa<* VSLnAirfRH:,:_
'nd.oTh.. sworn atatement from the r.rr" b. ; .1 the w. f.irss.r.i.aai"S.V1nrn.h'.rcW".hh.l. .spiratiofl rut mldvmesnor' and ..h.1II.. punlehed ac pravad by the uvrnur! May Ill* tha Crmtmlitalimrf of Airrlrulfia ahall vvvto
|l-wvlce Plaintiff, his agent or attorney in.1er. the a He of w.n.ne.y."r.. .h.1. Ib. of =:rrso. lh. correct : false or mIs. cordingly.Use. d* rrri n*< *anry tip prevent a ptltlunt AN' to nreiKirlh ih* dutle nt
0 of process by publication fall to appear on the "p..n. of tsk. leadIng information :1 pi" with tile II. No'' pereon ihall conalrucl' 'rii"f In oftlra $ecneiary nf Hlat., M yCIIAPTKR to-I fnr riposte-I nttMttfit the said lii. Pt C'Urtie Ooinmlssliiewith ref
I shall show ahall apply appointment ,7ect"WprJlW .1
oo..or.tun. t ptalntlff whoes erect. operate, ass or outdoor r'omoh-.Ioner of Airrlrnlttir ahall pr .r.flae
"i l ,Inquiry ., ad Htem to repreeent ..urhd.l.ndan after It become. a provicioula of thie Act. permoit r .I"I"r: iteuorlatl.m pr..puiesm' alien
"T"11: mail n'tn" and a. other party and> all'' u"- ; the UeVtn0t. June 13.CHAP'I'RR license be I *o revckeil ." within thirty silveptlsing a.l- mannLy re-abe| sail| rtlilata, and ni ng lit Brinrld cliru Imtnetry ant
discover the true Dr
advertisement without 31534 cenllflu'ate of laapwutloa an.I
vertlelng sign or tpaeegu.I l"tl rat
doinlt.is.' |' default from the date of "voc.ll.n..pp..1 and rhwrge on flo"
..1 "nlua principal of huelV" known defendant. need no be entered "I 1941. .days from the deCision of at.,*) Ike written perml.elon' of the owner or AN APT to aut horU* lbs board aS Shall b*> laaiiad to any packIng house lula sit fruit*| to presrrlb for mu.IendIua .
(that Is. whether for.a. decree pro eonfes ad Iltcrn sha'l SOUl( the clpeu, court of other person la Iswful possession ar control pommlaalnnr at Htat Inatltutlona toHI whoa Cartifleete of riIsIraItoq ha* L' from ih* orAnge nvrllslng
'. o..11: or dissolved) of the inch case. Such .u.dl.n and make that all persons t: .'oToounty In T which th* llcenee r. of the property "n which' BUI'h CertaIn pybIle land, aad provldlnii bees rvnkft during the perIod of slick until, iranvfritii lv.rt'lng' pout
>l". Cot, that the **m* I be required to file an necesssry AN ACT to p.lr. of .ha Plate "' city idea to ,lbs c.urt or to structure or .'"' I. located.e. flip lIla< ua* and dlanoaitUm of procda rPVOCCIuIIC, and no aurh Pitelleg boiia Cltl Oh rsngerln* sdvertlnlnv fu4 fur

LiuliJ".1'1.aworn I :t : a ooh defense ** he may deem aub.i0tiai In- who are non-reeldente have a ?'. by pr."nlnl after I daj Calico II. blapoeltlan' ef .... All monies derIved from much ala aha'I b* ii*.d fop th* lmuhuii: or ahtp premed 4:111* rioel.l, sltrxe (nduetry Inl
known the J&.t or proper to protect th. defendants orother Florid and who d. not or.manufacturer' the judg the" chairman an affldavii received, by the chairmen under theE H* It Fee--ted Mr th. cUlHlyra of tli# rntftt *r lira** durlnv the period whnau ol.labfl |Cit aLliylM*. juet, rsasanetIe
lbt 1.1' berth and inquiry *efeets.' l IS COY ef be neceeaarvfo .onlPct from the manufacturer f Cutornobiieqottthorhshltg .rltnl he to license or by his duly to.thortaed revisions nf Ihle act shall b. paid byIm Slots of 0'lerIuI.u *'h Uri-tnn, .rinlfata I* r voN.l* soul ,wise jlaw ul tfaaapuotatlon
.1" ". .. to discover the nsrlvli .hiiii not nilnenf dIstributor In def l .ttorn.y. matting forth E Into the mat treaaupy. sn.l silo.eled He ii ion I. 'l'tie Iinsrt of i'iitlittllm. Mr*, a. lIvery -vendor or ahlppr at rateS u ,
.Dii, WI1ai'ptbuti cli p.r.ona him t. |file an oath. and the _loot .ulomcbll.who *" agent or and the sain lo the Btal Koad Department for Mlnnara of Stale Inatltnllona la h-r.-hv |luuiuasu l .vill pay to tile f7ofi ft.lal*>nii>rof Ito 10 tetbyi Lglchdr. the
: .u"h **
''b. a000ic. of .. would hi* answer o --anr other pleading of eurh.h.1 mite F'"rld.' t..rlor. '". Ptate I the fact r.IO.tol. use I In ttt* administration: of this antan4 aiithorfjiad to alt. lo the boat possibles.ivetita.e. Asrhr'viIupv a maturlf tonrf Mtton Sin bibnil .
011,1, npatnna ., tat te h. taken a* an aaceptanc his .ttmnbiiea' In to was wIthout Required Front Out of In Ihe construction and maintenanceUee. any or alt il l.tsiIta.I tube PeW> of 4 rnl fnr aa ih I h.iv uf llm* 1'iuM th* raising of ttltru
I .",.In.1 .. Particularly a. laWkikh To"ilcharge an.un".r'.kln.on d ,ti.'. pn' ,". ahcil pay licence of colleetlon t.1; and mat 1150. License.. Hood No sues I Iirunecc I. or r..rI. or percale of fa ad held by tim 11.it*, of hy him, it or ihtn anld tranaport ar fruits b"' *f th* great In.lualrle of

? amaal: and p.r .be flxed vile 1.1 tim r'hn and 'o pravUI, for IM this *-ctk." tour 0' It. Harmony nr Regulations. No World for the use of any Inatitiitlonandr *4..lirenid for transportation or wb nNtih the' Ni la( rt,rlJa and th* produefillru -
luTiie nr ln the I..atio-> ,.h offlc*. HI. I.. b*.h.1 by tim enforoenlene of vlolatloit*|of Ihls act. thl provided act ah.U b* granted ta any per. Boning board or aommleelim imp any other the aui>0rvtalun and oonirol of fruit I Is pull or trannportod i in fioN 0 -- fruil ih florid I I. *

u.UfO' to dtp by I the court and .h.1 p.I"but mayKic"1" ,l"Knacted t Isiatere of tawBt 'In tItle mat or to any puhllo officer er agency ahall permit Mid board wlisnev.r. In the Judirmantf both or In iHotaiit othar than atanri highly nnierelal unilertsklng, with
: gl reeiding
'Inc. :'I.bown lo D* Florida oor-. plaintiff, In the Ir.t In.t.o.. nv tb* eon not his principal pier of any advertisement or rt'r: laid board, such dtae7h itleoo. or semis dn !* *, shall pay 4) ant for caSh dm0.1 entip. Prop prndaeml for
*' Fbantlh person having of lao.l not suitable for or 1-1/1 buhl of aurh fruit Provl.hmd.| palet I 'he
"uT.e"of Etc.- :r. ami, after the .. oullide the Mtata. or Whloh l* ture which I I. prohibited parela are problem ef Iranenortolieinhullan
'Tl a" omt..ra. Idlr.ot..I'> a-onerar *. Court. "or. from ..." 1. Th.t Tact.from who I. outside the I".'.. until provlelona nf Ihle ... nor shall the aartaaarr and naaful In tile operation ima.avap. that If tb* '..'.'hlr,. r".' inJ and, Th auprm court of promulgate I Sa"on-re of 'h. any".p.r.. Florida.' I".rp..to shell have furnlehed so-I! hlrmn permit any advertisement er sill malnlananr of mitch Inatltuilon, Avrlcrultar shall|| delp'nlna at say t.m* import I >to, th* iriorM. true lnduaef"lX'tt'f .
.Menu of,. th* oorporatin&Lh- to time.etnalte.. adopt of the '. poe. 1.0"the chalrma a bond Pay.able advert sing. structure which la prohibit and the proraa4la from tile ata nf auohUad thai a. imtallwr fa than that herein try en wIth toe efltpI't.
,ul. or preP.tIcs. hay. a aair flleil
meud. or annual not wih board officer or ouM b used to battur advania mined will proiiuo auff1 il nt fund to nut or
moly tn the fpactironT .r manu.facturerp ...1.. surety apprve.lby ed by any ether publlo advarileln* and ee'.e'
::1 J'..ahaant from the .t.t.t'or' forms. for ... and"hVv.h.In the m.nu'.t.r.. au. wil form appr thy peace? la the lawful exerele of It. or than arId land In the opratloii and rf-fray the C.pena.ie met csd itloidin; toth promet raatpoigne to Inereae* the
ch.lrmae .
not be found within the .state practice .Dd pr"\n. distributor thereof definite g.nerel." I In th. sum ot their power. ntlnfnan t of sorb Inailtudon.M fiforamn of ibIs A< (. the Corn- p.uusu t rlorM cllru frtilti-
.dmlnl.lr.Uon .CI. l-lnrlil the sale ails er ... the atuorn that ascii lloense Bee |14- Certain Aitvertleement Kxepled. a. Th prKiil* d rlvd from nIasintmr< of Avrlanlt.tr may by order hit lit him. > in Vie,.
?OPtflot 000cel '"""eelvea. ao thai pro court mimi ant forme .h.11 r.ie"n territory.! *-d who selllag 1 a tom liM fulfill condition.. all requlremnata *f law andob.erv.aa4 The following advertleemenle.advertising Ih* pain of amy land, aa aulherlss.I lit 'radufl the f*. io h* paid, l* book a ima 'Is 105 be tIC 7iittODPiuIuoetI eoosynoar

"d ;: them f .cSnltrUotron' bu.lnee.of blat. : shell all the requlrem. elgne ant the adverllelng It.etlnn t tiafvof shell be dapovlfad InI is may b* d.euned aiiftetnt' for acId wltiteur nInt.t|on and th eon sum
nri.Talr.lall the obey p.
bI",10r0 B"'lT. thl. Lw.- I within of ,T.r'&*.;; bond shah remain I structure or part lh.reof. upon which I the Htat Tntavury to ike I acee-urt ofthi purpo, ProvIded furtttar that auob r*.* loll I, I a ePiStle ,fr-vtt. rannui b
.. Much *
I lb.t this act shall b 1.1.( shall pay a llan taa of this of Hta lnMltuilon riuti t loi of fa aha II tanrl suck
I Cr. "._. Nothlnl I" where muck effect long .. any ebll.gallon they are poelcd or dlepleyed, are ex.epled board of onmmlaalunrM > to core. .wltka"* Juet ami reaaanabi
to the provla. erluaty full for and
'th : modifying per annum I" .eh t Ih. State from, all the provision of thIs for tim use of lbs partloularInMttlutl.m tlm* a* may b* desuanatu4 by the rr.iisp.w loto pitle.' sad oharsepo Moth
licensee *
"*' Law of Florida orCbepter .aaiM. are inadf $5OGCO of *ai .1'1! oree'r. 41."tor. **n4- lone of 1Ilpr'b', ; .,.t. Comptroller unmatimiled.Itec. ..,. except thoe aonlalned In .u. from the C.j".1 to tIle Florida cltrna
b010*.. .hl.r., ..at. .t. n' 1"1br this art b. trsn.rflttted to the th. general reveau.fund hall .remain.. Individual, I>*vlo* .,*_.,.*: lions . (I.) aad <14 ot sectlun idea aM fund ware dartvad uh fundamff Scab maturity inap* "
any part .t be totrf wileS the fruit i I. prepeneul for mar he St '
to b uad. from time by
of d."o.I. that '
lit5 eth.u'wias hereof K.f'i $
5""i corporation I t" Let jo. sonah'
T.1 I. **
ilkt ? ? I.. in- I2AB.U* thereatahall *
Dr p's.. (.t -
tti unconatltuttonal P..P. t nard. of acquirIng: tee ar Ir.osnurtatten. and pvntntfhwrtHif in'l
o atOant. deel.ro "tt. CeOnty. The ear.trao (e> Those .onetr.cle.. erected oper.al.d. maid for the pur POM K.J1 trneoorttl e,
.b.1 ao wise affect tl. Feinelodec b. bythe pr..I"eo. p'o. .h.1 the owner dfttrlonal landa that may b* n dd Shall to *vldand by .TlorNJantrua 'cues ,
!inealori, Jiatement. PartleawnTnti D0 .h.1 the perloe frmn .. .I"tal. oresas. seed or melnialned by ,,, t.th. "t cii riorw. .llru
01 Cor* '**. NsjnC and II.n. las .h.1 cover T IMptenHeerI1 ..t .. to or lessee of a pls.e of buslnsa' or residence for |h* parttmita. Inafltwilan credited Siampa aa hrJnafrr provIded* rOite Cia p54 mainisiDed. .
o 'rhts art b. known I f"lowln. "o.tr..t< ., WIth soak funda, f r nd* l build And lit shall unlawful to alt deliver 5 5k
.- Tha aworn atatement U. .h.1 0. be Issu.d ueu'l on land belonging li said owner or <* ;; be lit. duly *f |h.
D;" 0"'?. his aaenc or attorner. Ira,..b cited as the Cooet000tiVe.rlc. no eoch "..hal erseted. operated.structure, Outdoor s4.bertielag a r 1 less.. and not mere than .n. hu.. tulsa nr rplra for uh tnatltMtl<*n._,ln raneiiort. en iIslIv.r a, tee.tve mi trees.uortalioa. ft tt'l fcT htIOsloii e ua la
publication A"I." Irtor any freetlonmi KS1 ,"iaw soy outde.or adv.rtim.no.nt. dred feet train ...)1 piece of businessor the discretIon of said board, awl punk any Ilm**. paymvai of Ih* f* ,e 1ev ? tIWflepotatlonpOb/
; rt'' :h., ha.. Sac. 2G. 1hp"1 of R.I.tlng Lw..clon. .- Sec. I. All laws p.r. .I"n antncopporaleil. city or town.without r..d..n. mad relatingenlely lomerehendlee. funda.? whim obiln
'an'.r' i-v.b' may. n.mf. ". 110*. IUO. 1 I. I $. 1 n. I" oantftt't hT.tr'h' ttr. v'SKaImmedlsitely i outekiay tOnal obtaining a pevmll therefwfrom service nr .entertainmente for ..ush tmrpo***, Cite, Mt am pa* a* may b* proc'lutef Iry I $ SSSfA TJiTSa..teSsr .
.i; 3151. :4air' sea. 13. the produced manufactured or furnished **,. H. All law* and par** of law Inon *y rvulatl prescrIbed by the iltetfo ,
: U"I. whIch saId pertiestib :: : ..NUltu upon It. .mlnl a inC.Approved Ib* ehelnnsn end herein paying OBI.nmil si such) '1.. of business or rasi.Seu'i' flirt h.r.wilI, ar* hereby ru* .l.d. l.rW. f'llruu Cuprlmtesl.eProvIded.. ulea, ?,'a :isssi! ,
ItthU1"I Juno II. therefor a*
Pn.. "! Ch.pe.o 11. the fee .rld. ** .. 4. ThIs Act ahall she effect fi4wvr. that tile orvviMlona of this sac. at i ae cphttew* Insofar
a* the
1 shall S **iieltrue .
; 4;' ::"? :b; ::lin_ CIII. : Iftll. The chairman ) net who'u. net.ob lbs Those .on.lrueied. *..1... operated lratndlMily upon its pacusge eel ap- hen ahalt ant apply be th* iraaapwrta na thu. ia't.ia Industry.w .
Acts persoa
h. 'd1 u' to .. left ; rhaptera 1 t0ton 11144 permit .. any provided for la see- ueed or maintained. on eny farm by prnritl by the Iloverniur. or upon Ita b*- Ion or earrings af Itt,..* from grov Iatathung I si sad shell d5U.e auu'lo prep.
.. :. .., .na .n.lf 1 all Sections 1 and 5. rhpe CHAPTER l41 of the lalne t.. llceaee this' erlicleTime.. *.ge the owner or tee*.. ef such farm .ft.1 laming a law without au.th, approval. |hops. In thfa Miat*. uO' Is atloae Cr.ba made by etloet.igafia .
,! or..I..Ion .Oper- : and ('hap'rILISI. AN ACT <* change the flame ef II See. 9. The prophet of thl* At ,
: .1..1 .. I tS0. A *f rated. used r relating. solely lo farm produce, nosTrIl.selIe. Approval by th* Uofvrnor My tatablialpad. act exi.iinsfar
I ta. *
"Ih. ropsal- conetrtirted. i---
It t o. 001.- Ar. 2f U1S. are h..by the Florid Hoerd l 01..101' and tk t. .er or IM* of a *. service *r nlertalnment eld, hall apply to ills asIc.l tranap4>ria
te.u; ') ..t. o. torl.n. r..ld.nn. ed. but repsliitZ .r any ahali a not came M of .IOld. Board r."P maleitalee.1 ot hoslns by' *r reildsM. and) rating ...1.... "...'.dllr') or furnlshsd ea Klld lit nfflc Nearetary of fttal. May aarrlaa *f Ilm** for tho purpose rhat itride Citrus Oommlion rnav
pise. otbrwlainy
.r I"w. iutb
or parts Parks.h.ipE.a44.dI7tke II Ittl.AK of .snntsv, proreetieg. av such other
aftweaaid a0ta ouch farm: ageoop mm *.letedj
persona mercaondl service or
known havea. of Ih
nl.r$1 teb organIatinn t. and .ftecb any proceeding. ..n. .1 bufor.er thioC'bad. : Lrgtelaeav enl.rtalnm.nl eolely to sold produced. maa.fex<. let Thoe upon real property posted eeparu'g lIme. en tIm. itlee'for eel. la I l.ompll. the fact. olluernt.g|
: nOI Other donS. begun .or S.clT.nfirlThe of or dIsplayed by the ewser *r by the CJAP'PRR Salle br furtn or mann than 14 rim rates charges ;
pl rn *
"Florida furnished at
or unkn w paySI. and name *f Ih. .*.. *r *
'lm. act ACT t la* male or ftiTur teak fruit form. -eliot ih
title prohibit |5 or
be,0 at the trIlet wherever found authority of Ih. owner, stating thatreel > prattle. affecting
In auch and herein and herebr ...... resldenco *
Inl.e Roard ut I* or H 5. II ahall ba tha rfyty f lbs.'ontotbooleneg Y'hor '
and *
.i10 for **)., the lraaiwrl.it "
diligent as to all .uch pr".dl" thie 0'1' ehall shall bo exempt from the ymat of property la for aal* ar lent nut ;:...n.d"'rr. i"iA whe0 aay
<'blnQUI'7. .ii .I. tnt.rb.IiI tintega the .law. la at applied .h."ao h.olh_ a. b the lle.nee tea provldM hy this *-. 4dl Ofnolal ntte t>r s'tv'D'tu.einestspeeled Ib* preparation, elpt. or delIvery) for of Avrimiliura to furalaath tue rat*, charge rule,
cot lake aged may ha 'now. .1.I.n, I.t0> the provision berets *. or dKplaywl ky cp enter the traaaporfatlon. or mar Mac *f any altruaavraacifolla. vtA'tor and ihippere t *f llma with req en praatlno Is. In u. opinion,
'rnsnt. orRI.uo. are unk.wfl follOwed with JtU.'n otherlaws FlonldL ': hat .ullJoo' ta du-eetlan ef any public or ..uM emoerIn vanIsh FwraUa. Tahiti or vurh T'ori-' -* Chris ntam*** t* b* %$* cxc ,ajust uneemeenabledi.elno.

.. ;.." .ufl.. all. ...1 D*. ian or part, of I.w. with cad the member. ::. ..:te l* Ot"". applUatlo' tow m. Pr the ...._* ef his *m.lel *rllrerie4 p++rm lima that ape immature j to ]sOPe4 t* the p* ltaa** of limes prepar.' 1100 satar ef otherwise unl.wv-
COC ( A epsrat
knoWs and *' trttr to 14 for ) rtatlon) >, ollvry NI.
atandarda nf sale. tranapi or
: eeder eueh
b : tew. __ thie .h.p'.". 0. pa' Cf : .p .t ; put shall a* mad for each oeparat < duties or ky truetee provld pro. arose agency to duo with
,, I..t. deed) ef nIle for th* raftalratlon and *rtlflo #icr tran* 'ortatin. or I* th* aartMoataof Ike' *r.ttaia Commarj
Ittnn, either h.rnl.y : .. all the vIghtp.wer aovertlelag. pigs, *r *d> lactIc *f '1''.'. aeeKament or Comralaeloej
I *b.w, : 51"Lffpetlve, 'Dats ., C".lt.- P., shatl 1 advertleement. form ferleh other .Iml''., la.lnmnli. t ii.a of paekta hu**** cc detiul4 IV rain ln ptln> and naturtty, banal,. }>rvtd *- a,, i proper regulet.ry h oom.
.eat ro"this etata: ",.. .b.1 take .tOt dotiee. .. authorIty, .ert.... StruCturea.. ....h a-appUeatlna aced <.> 1...' er .....,.... alcOa .*. I I. provide for lseyteChiaa .f lw* *f for ar IC the aaivplnf r4ipt.a* plot proteete petition or outro
eeer.l.ed h .Ilalrinas. '
ithl. eh..t.r litos.Catcher he hy 'M
I .o.n< tints )(. .e... ". h.r.t01000 : : and the epulloest or h''* cap.le.iattve tatlaff I* Ih* .,..I..a on whirl they a* I* matvr'ty by latarmintnt JuIce th* r* rrda elIcIts C.mmt* To. may. by r papers, sad I* participate
bo L'51
"neeti 1. 1141.Approved tie 'Plerld' : slqtleby htis4 fa) wrIting are 0' ela-a warnin of tb* .....'.n or cent*at by volum*., to provld for tettlf. ru'* *r ililat.40, preeonupe. Ia **dlnga or hearing .
:... ...t..I.. t"aC I.r by the OaVo.0Y K.r SI. mhsh* be r. f r.apolahbtliiy itasr4if hint tidy ** mm I 1..1 ...apl 1..1. ender the ..w aim. 'orl.. (o- eat forth for Ih I'O"a.ee-: ftth rrtd or e.mknvissd by the rhalrman i* provide for th* *iamt tn *r marking autfcortiiM Icatoceter| I* man* ar divtfa Vie L aitru* Industry may b* full

1.1! thclr f "" *. ForestrY Cal Parhv' ll: dot' act .", advertlelngiga. .r fared 0r. warnlaar If... erected under Cf Jules adncisat Cub euputsnena> t* pro- esrtlte af Ia.pceitnms aad maturity yr rt, in ohtatalnv and esjoy.n juap'

t' ..1..t.l .r..bote .. a. CAPER 111 .04 diaohrgig....t..1 em' ., : pr.*r_4verllelng* .,...... and HesneaJ aalbarwr of IK* State eoneervallan d- rIde for apiM.'t.mi, and tee f I; 1 5y btatbm.nt. a tt ACI time *ttrr ..; C. 1..lfl... ef I inearr.d. or proposed looatUrn with nlll. pptmenl aid sign. *541cc. er eymhole |IC prnvid F'S r IK. deeleectieS( nf hone f rca lirby lmpo**>d *r Cptitoyir.sd a4 C mice and *harge*. In ia* p...

'. ... D.1.u Vak.... .a' {.r.l.tnl t CO* :: 04 tent aes>rs.y I. insure him prope kUna *. J tr.ei.4 by tie Hailed Hlele. *iiur*. to pravld pn ant ***., pa Id. *r lo make frv* *a> lemug .1 f any cook dull** th* Flute.ii .
.., .akaow .10 .U. a 4pre :take aVert _. every eased 1 rnwai *> *pplloaiwo the directkMj. ef Ih. UauM HtaleaforeMry clause f-r ills violation thraof-t pro. any falv trtifrat aa ta ln*|.**>1toa) *jvtj Cnmmlseloa shall nay *uh>
-. t.. I. Tbl. K
attar, S *! the plaiatSd. his :mi; w W the ,. .... mediaiely a pen.cmlg a tow. tot a4v.ftl l. privilege hU ear vice) trlil* for ilm* lImIt for title Ad maturity, or fryr.ia aft laegectloc t- t ', lelit by u uUbPeaeonabl0
Cay, tor of process I I -7
r .1 i.. hi 0 u't 0,

,. -

v---1" : .H -- -' ', i1- ,

-. .

---- .

-.--, "--- .__r- -- that ther U Imperative 11.04% for tBor. loner,

",..1tb. riom. tHj Jltwb, and ulu ot nut 'l 1..p..C lte. Per
s, to? d.'rYlIlC the than thri. avarav Individual bpSOlfltnluof J rail of total aolubl* u anhy* to tho maturity fruit reducIng th* percentage of defrotlv -'cnmitilsslon.r a f** of appliesol' determln and develop newc out tb. provisi q ',,4* ,
.lr.. whera and
hicIudtIlf III. eT.b.u4. ofeuut.s0f. .alo *Ir.por.ult of any liven, *la. ,drouB d1tn acid. shall b* .a.o 1, half b. prion who are d.ly fruit In fser'ou.ly damagedlot except that any agent, a*. *Tfurther use. for oltru. troll auranc Comuiis.ii
rat. Ap0ltL $OCOl&n orotbOr 'h. FkrU. Clr. Commtaalon ahall. b) ,t the Julo' U not I less th.n Jo.JO pero4dut "r by the 'la.na to within permitted.for expects to deal only a. an shall pay citrus fruit Juice and product. I Iaad th* money MPpPopitt m a
Tn'oI such
UDle lt. applicant the
auKatfl( In sO? auchI 11r l'Opo PlulAlnl to t>. I. I and .not more than 10,30 partminr of fruit for error In /. only. denned herein eitcblicense tees by-product into which pants. and expen... ot [ht .
or rI'u toc AD": II".. hereunDer. pr."rll. manner I minimum ratio of total ,: rnOm\ Inspector and be governed In the "t meaner and method of drawing tb* sum ml $1.00. All shall be paid bytt can bb converted or, manufactured .. i roent "or.tofor. ,,r hen-u?,, ;'.*> Diti
:: and method ot laid aam l.* conducting tests ...e' enHectwl hereunder determine and develop aew Sc. 5. ,
edtflt 0'1" anhydrau. alIcia aald Shall b 7." diane of th.lr dutli .. ampins an t Trea. well a* to mann5001
-I ".0. .. 'b.t tf..r. I. herI ;,1'". and of on""otno, t.al.,. Th. .tcin, t 1 1. tars the provisions of .ucl Act and this Aol shall b* prescribed by the >* ootnmlsslonar Into the Stale the aiit1. profitable method and Instruments ,shall malt. reguatiui,5
_ of
prl..t.d and made .vflsb. iIu ,nab and abal b. r.movod bofor tb (. When th. soluble solids to by th II rule and rnaulatlon prescribed. roles and regulation of the Florid try monthly tu, the credit hereby men. at distribution th.reol] and that It I I. the i id.cla.d storiop, use.

out .bI.UIflg tIr be 101... liquid. ar. .alr.ct. and I the Jules I. not ttl than 10.10 percent by tb* Florida Citrus Cotnrolmlon .. Cltrua Comeamsloa. The InspMtlon In era I inspection lund and available are for purpose of title act to provIde dling, transportati00

IMar .f thl. AcI for d.1Fa'Iog4' rttmalnlpaportion: ot iDa fruit anal) b* and not more taan. ltt.40* percent the h.r.ln authorised' and shall perform the Wat of riorlda/ of all citrus fruItsseriously appropriated and made Inourred is thus *nd *uthorlty for i lion of sr

pon.oe DC the .lllnl..loo. fliotonIOt .IOj *nclo. fl within a porous cloth Defers i minimum ratio of total soluble solids dutIes under th* dlsestlon and damaged tf freealng and the.ntorcstflent d.traylng the 'expenses ol Ihlc"see. ttrsss&isxsz of all. the forsgohngand gun powder. liynaimP"11"1"') ti.>

or I.th 'orZ : the Julo. 10 MttraVtKd tU.rafrnm for 1 t anhydrou cltrlo acid shall b* 7.'(" supervision of the Commlslonr of of all provisions of title. administration and enforcement other matter necessarily related petroleum or any J. I I

_ 'und. MfloWfl as the purpose ot permitting- ..itflolunt.attrsotlon i .. Afrrlcultura.Moo. Act and of rules, nrgul.tlon. and order may prescribe t. J ls p i i'I
Lund the .r..rrul adv.rU4)g tOfu of ald Juloo and the in.. 4. When PIta total ."Iubl. solids ot II. Th" salary of each ef the mad. by the Florida Citrus ComX.Mon 1. That Bectlon I ot of Chapter 1939.b hSeo! 2. That there I is hereby created ,acles and huiMu,.. aterui ?, I

and (l's .dnrtl.lnl t4 ..'I t, : xtraotor or truJt praa
m m.y nooo.ary rt :"iUI fruit pra' manufaotcr.d ,and not nior than 10.10 percent the more ." -160,00 per .month., sod la oium"l / shall b. under the and the aam Is hereby department to be known and designatedResearch floe, 5, he ltsmura0
amount. Juowevr In any oil. 11.4a I P. dohrlv.r Company of minimum r.tlo of the total .olubl addition thereto Such inspector ahalrrocelv direction up.rvl.run and control' of the to read a* follows: !Is 55 Department of Florida and hi. drptio.

euuiting Juno BO. epenl.r.. ''I ,o.r .. >hio.. iliaJJ. ba u.. In. albeit to anhydrou. cItric sold hIs' or her necessary travellna- Commissioner of Agriculture of the Sec. t. That befora any license Ctlrus CommissIon' and the *am* to, b* It necessary, iflpe shall, ..., ,, 0
old. .h.1 to anY
oC a poroont ur fII prooe. of ..tlotlo. with th atr.nvth to 1. and, other eip.nacs Inuurr.rl by him 8t.la ot Florida and his duly authuarisedsutenle granted by the commissioner under the general supervIsory author. hour any and all
1 10 .uwIt yeIr' IIr.vldo$ irthsr. rl man th.rlo., Provided >. When the total' ''ubl. solids etth or her In the dlachsrv of hi. or her and Innpeotor. who *are uuall- person Other'thsn en agent a* lhrformuet aenneahB Ity of Bald Florida Citrus Commission. withi their jurisiti.ti ho: '01* ::0

lectol In ".. anI ozpondfturs '. ...4. .rot th*. roiculatlon of th* florid Jules I I. not less than llI,6o'percentand duU.1 a. such In.p..tor. which' aDult Ibid under Mlstlrg law to Inspect for this Aot. the applicant Seem 8. That the administration of found thatshall any builliflttu1' i '
.Ulhorl.o& ..01 of .100( CommlMlon' any other mechanicalirult .not more than 10.00 pero.nt the upon approval of aecouniather.fnr *nd. ,,.turlt,. and deliver to the commissioner a tTil i ; vested In th* Florida for want
!t nr*** or Julo. extractor of frail b found to b* "'- ynoil and surftclent cash bond or suretybond ConVmlMlon of remr, .
1.1 run" NO qual minimum, ratio of total soluble' ..ld. to by til' CommIssioner of A4 that may Citrus which ahall prescribe dent fire e.cuDea. ;
pro INto juhor. of .uo ": .mcl..ol rnay b* ...4 such proo.a* aahydrnua cllrlo acid shell b. 1. rlcultur.I Th. eotnmis.lon.r I. hereby ou.ly damaged by fre.alng a* donned executed by the applicant OS suitable and reasonable rules and regulation xtlngulshlng ala,1, W"
..r I. ."rh .I1aoU"n. thIs ...1 'Inspection and testIng principal and by a surety company out of o" quipi, 1'
IIrupurloo .. Wh.the total soluble solids of omuow.red to employ by Act for th. proper carrying condition from
%'? "'01 Illd "&' $ within th. purpose and the llo. not I... than 10 In perCent emIt oto.I'1: n.ld and other alaals shall bn seised' and after 73 hour qualified and authorised lo do bvsln.a.In the provisIons thereof. Said commie- especially' lIable any """ ,
g the amount
I.n".rlne.rapecUv.'y.bl inasobni of till. Act shall bo and more tha. p.rnunt the and ..I..t. *t urh: tltn. sand nolle to lbs owner thereof m.1bo this Slate as surety In pton ill the exercise of its power and altuated so as 7. y. iso
.rond'lur.' a.omd ,to be mature DI'c.h clippad minimum ratio 10.7' to an for such p..lu'I.. to Incur and onntlacated and d.lroyed( und.r 'tn* og 11000 for each 1,000) standard packad duties herunder, and particularly In properly or ;;dt

.0111111 r-S. ull.ndllu.SlS-S* or ploh cf.' or olh.rwl. sevs.dtram hydrous cItric shall b. to I. pay any oth.r expenses., Inoludln, ,*; travcllns upervlslon, or the cltru. fruit ''.'.0. boxeS ot cItrus fruit that the saId connection with the expendltut-e of lbs cumumlssiusner Whenever III

llaoal year concerning* .; the tress, each or.nc. ah. a When .el 1.1 of ; |..".n.o. of the Commlssluner' of tor fit the ....n.. of the owner unless applicant Intends to deal with during fund hereby appropriated .hall from in ammy butidln5 or his ,,

fruit or tangerines u. In e 04uu., br.a.K In color. c..o a.loy by nature, the JuIce I I. not ,leaa than 10.70 purCent Agriculture, during th- citrus trult prevlou ill.posltlon thereof Is mad by the next twelv months, as set forth time to time advise and consult with iv. matter, or dolilbus lb
spectlvely. of I oro.O ot til. ,r "OUD' and wh." the .ld. of the and not more than 10.10 pprcant th.minimum mason .. may be nacosury for theeffective the owner or other unison" who citer.d la his application, up to and Including the advisory research eommfUe here- dangerous to lnfl ,, MbIC
collected In such year In th) ** r.o.. .Julo. thereof I* not I. / par. ratio of total soluble aolldato I of this Act and the sam for 1,000.050 standard packed boxes of clt for. log to sar ,
.11.0 .nr"rClmont eoUbln.1I..t :ctprf provided or *
adv.ru..1 fund, th. graportth' a4 Z cent and wh.n th* ..Uo total *olubio anhydrou oltrlo acId b* 7.10 to Inmir the payment of the In.pee- visions of thl I.ln : rue fruit: p.ovld.d however, that no I08ecr! 4. 'F'lat It shall b* the duty of may order property the A >i ,
and (hi tangnrlagRaavaftlslng aoltd 'thereof the cal rule and regulation bond slush b* less than ll.oon.oo in sam.' s.
to r.a.onabl
$ I. ulo. to 1. lIon fee. hereby Imposed under. th* authority such tIle Florida Citrus commIssion and It led Within
lund, '"). anhydrous CI.lo. 10 4 ,a* net forth In' 10. Wh.n the total soluble aolld of of thl. Act. a. may b* promulgated by the Florida amount nor greater than 110,000.00 In I empowered l Any such a .. brr.mf''il1' *

rtou 4. That 'tI.Z.bH tally \ .'. lub..Hlo. this flratlan, and the juice I. not law than lo.lio p.rcnnt In ... of emergency or necessity Citrus Commission.Sec. .' amount. Maid bond shall b* In the form ( ). To conduct or cause to b* conducts within five days owner or l.T4"d.r.
oon.trued &&ut rP Juioe content ot ..Id orani and not more than 10.90 percent the when no citrus fruit Inspector la available 3. That thIs Aot shall t b. liberally approved br th* commissioner aad shall a thorough and comprehenslv Src d ;'
a lo
100* th.reof be : ? t0. I" II an amount not Ira at the minimum ratio ot total: aolubl* solids, for Inspection of a particular .lot eon.trued and If any pert or portion b* conditioned upon conipllane with of citrus fruit and the Juice county appeal In the
stud which DrOIi
thereof .. dr.ouflhltflCa rat et 4 callon of Julo b declared' Invalid or the provision ot this Act, sad upon ? the .
.pplleatton Irn.1 .lnd.re to anhydrov curb acid b* 7.05to' of citrus fruit the commissioner' maydasianate thereof thereof with respect to the Quality but such
or thing 0.14 packed b05ob t ./. buahola, .h.1 some fit and competent I Indlvldual the application thereof to any person.oircuiiuatnce faithful compliance with th* conditions of Bald fruit and th* an appeal shall
th. vnlldlty of sll 'o \ I5> ')h minimum of total When the total soluble aol Id. of to In.potj test and, certify or tiling I la declared in- of all contraotl. verbal or writ and maturity effort as a suporepuluas aave auj,, i.i l
,, .. .- aolubl' I colian, J.I"r: 1. of ten, made by the citrus fruit dealer Juice thereof, Including proper S period of ilfturn
and/or the of th* aald r.aott JuIce la not less th.n 10.90 percent .. to such lot 01 fruit. c .rtlnoau'a i valid the validity of the remainder asembl data and arrive at a proper thereof. after dnye ,r,, .
.a elhor porson ciroumslano. o. Ilnl to IDa alhl4rou. citric sold 1 ar. aa th* minimum ratio of total soluble mad or laMiind by such dewlmnatsd' Individuals thl. Act and/or the applicability with producers relative to th* purcha.a. to of quality grad and maturity order ahall WllI'i1, I l ,
be affucted thereby *LOu I Lonowut her other circumstance handling, sal* and acoountluw .tandard remnin Iii fui'
nut solids anhydrous cltrlo acid .h.'L'* b* shall b signed by him or thereof to any person stability
Its fact f"ii
oh.1 the leglslalua% Ui pro.pr70 !. Wh.n 1 of .Is of citrus fruit and with reference to and shall ,
intention of tbs total aolubl aollrl. of 7 to 1. a* 'Hpeclal Cltru* Inspector. lie or thing shall not be anraoted upon ap- :'
_ any and all part ol 0414 ,Act 'I. th* jules I* not !bag. than T.I p.reent Ho. I. d.t.rmlnlnif the total enl.ulil. or plus not b rrul .* to aiv* thereby and It I I. Ih* Intention of theLualsiature i pllcant accounting for the proceed of and general marketability and to so far the time b* Mlnnled, "r ortl-t is l
.hll reduc such findings specific circuit .
'"u.lbl.. and not m".. than 7.' p.roent the mln. SOlids .of cltru. within' th. bond b* subject to the pinnltle. to preserve any and all any eltrt>a fruit contracted for In aocionlaac as possible chemical cobrt.Moo. '
.h.1 understood .
0. That all law. ot> Jl>art 0 ti, Imum ratioof total aolubl .ldl toa.hd.u. purpose and m.anlnir Crul Act. the l.p..1. by thl. Act for violationof part of eitkl Act if possible, with the term ol tile con and readily term, an.lI 7..lt\.r.\1S.\: \ ,
)" >00. In conflict herewith PJct tb/ oltrlo sold haIl b. 1. Hrlx hydrometer shell bhl.u.. and any inn provision thereof. HBO. 4. That all 'laws and parts of' tract with, producers. HaUt bond .hall mathematical or descriptive nutritional and rosy b in lull I'
- va .the o* th total CommlsHlon In with the provlnlonn of' be to the commissioner and his suaceaaora ( ) with respect to the taken the lesllinony
: .olubl wild of the radlmc of the hydrometer correctedfor Her. 14. The Kloildu" fltrue 'laws conflict and rut
aunh fruit '
tent: ou.br'froof..1; j'-.v' ? the Julc '. not boils than T.l percent temperature .hall be con.ldered a* shall with tli* advIce ofh.*i thIs Act b* and the earn are hereby in ofnos. In favor of every producer other value *r value of eult- person whom h. betu; 'to
$ .Jlkl ?(-. and: not mar than 1.7 p.ra.nt (ha mlnilmum th* of the total eol- advisory committee of ean- repealed. with whom .ppllo.et deal la th* Juices thereof: and to provide niaant of any fart in Ittiom
feet.July 14. 4 ..t. of totallble aolld Ida pro..ell. eltrlo acid al.hl. b* inure cr.nt.d under Chapt.r.perrl.1, Law.of .i Sec. 0. ThIs Act shall take effect: the purchase. handling, sale and ao- able facllltle and equipment ot every tore tinder' investigutll1 141

APpruvd fits IL.1'tVVled anhydrous. acid .h.1 b* 10.t to 1 determined by' titration ot the juice, Florida. Acts of 1037, from time lo i August I, 1941. counting ol sales oC citrua fruit. The kind whatsoever proper and neeeasary If he shall be of tIm OPtion
: 00.00:1"": ..n the total .ohlbl. aolld. of, u.lnit atandnrd alkali and I'hrmilphthalln time aa It d.e"0 be expedient Approved by the Governor )lay 31.i aggregat accumulated liability under In connection with, all such work Is luultcleni. evIdlu.nce i l'h.rt tII
XaX th. It mal such shall exceed the . To conduct or Cause to b* conducted eon with an OWon5 a ,
In ofllc. 'tl' Julc lot mor .$ pare.nl a* tit* Indicator Ih* total aciIdity and .. ,"ak. and prtuuuliiaterule 1041.. say bond not hi aluill
mlalmtim of State, amount named therein. Every such bond each stud? and research as la arrant of such n, ,
II. .Ml. o( tll aoiubl el. bvlnir caleulateti, a. enhydrousolerlo and. rrlul.Uon. for carrying nut i Filed In onto Secretary porscn pII. ibsi'
)t1'CHAPTER to anhydroui acid. Air Julo. Used In clatermlnlni the oj thlaHee. i May 31, 1141. hall continue tn fore and effect until necessary to provide alt the Information to ths prosocutung iuIlIr
z06U ','10.& to 1. .h.1 ratio of aolhl. to acid In all A.t. Irovl.lon. ..ul.to. <__-___ 90 days after the termination of tit* and dat4 required to be dlesemlnated having ursiction ef plaid i e

AN ACT prohibit' cannclirua ,u0 anJ 4. Wh.n th* total enlubl* solids ot cItrus fruit shall I k* .itractrd by hand II. For the purpose of .nf.re- CHAPTBR 30633I shipping season for which the bond I Is pursuant to the provision of Hectlon 0 Information obt.ine.1 by hr tl'u
I fruit that le tmmatuiiirwls. 0' ; lbs Jute* Is 1 ant I Isis than .. percent without th. use of any kind of moebanlcal Ing ihs prevision of this Aol. as well I AN ACT to amend elections 2, S ant I glvi n. Any producer claiming to b* of Chapter 17710, Law of Florida. Act a ropy of all pertinent ,''r,1'tlmony j
unlit for canning miIt; andnet mor than 7,1 percont the min pressure or other d.vlo as the regulations ot lb. Florida CItrus i 7 and to repeal Hectlnn II A of Chap- Injured or damaaed by any act of solO of 19.1 Section 0 of Chapter 148511. taken, togelhw tin Vk'11'

provide fur tha enforoem' Iheell imum ratio of total I { soluble aolld to Meo. 7. Any. oltru. not ron- Commission' to be lssud hsreuuuler.citi'Us tor 1033 Law* ot Florida. Acts of I citrus frUIt dealer, or the commission. Law of Florida, Act of 1930, .e and addresses nt Ml ,,,,,,,' '

and to provide ponoltloa torje 'lul Inh.drou" oltru acid shall b. 1D.J to 1. forming to the ... rrul forth In fruit In.r..lor. are hereby m- 1 39. entitled, 'An act relating to the i er on behalf ol all producer aontraot- amended by Chapter 177BI, Law of Flor. conduct of such invemtig,1,1,, '',

tlon thereof.Whereas A* total aolulile aollda ot th* Hectlon I. 4. I and I of thIs Act shall ,..w.r..1 and authorised to enter kite h- purphaae handllng.sale! and accounting t log with said citrus fruit dealer, may Ida. Acts ol 1937 and Section 0 of surance Comliiuueloner nuy ,
the citrus fruit 1tO Juice" :obT.... than 7.1 p.roent and be and hold to b* Immaturewithin any cannlmt plant at r.asnnablehour of sales nf citrus fruit grown In the i maintain an action on saId bond against Chapter 11181". Law of FlorIda Act ot a.slstanae as may rIas,05141, 101

,In comprises 'the iirtouI. not thaq perc.nt tb. minimum .m.a m.anlnof thIs Act and of dey or night .n. hay and I Htat of Florida' i to prevent fraud and I tha oltru fruit dealer and th* urty 1930. a* amended by Chapter 17713, Laws by such Prosecuting dlIlujg

t'lll' Ilorll oC Florida .tn' t wlo.nro.sr7 ratio of total soluble mllliln to anhy.drou unnt 1. human on.umptlon. In the demand acres admission to liii rtee.ptlon therein; to provide far the l named In said bond, *r either of them, of Florida, Acts of 3d I7.c local omclals.

expedient to t&I IIII4 oltrlo .old .h.1 b. 10.1 to I. t.atlnff .of fruit to determIne whether enclosed portion of.I. canning plant.Held r licensIng and bonding; ot cItrus fruit t and any Judgment against the citru ( ). To provide suitable and sufficient M* may summon and i
enhance .no quality and t. stoo of t. Wh.n the unlld ot the same conform to such atonulordsany cltru fruit In.p.olor. arc likewise dealers; to prescribe contain pow.r.I fruit dealer and/or surety in any such laboratory facilities and equipment mak.Ing tsmlance of h3* J i
Florida canned citrus fruit I ((1I52..tIO ,tb. Julo. l I. not I I... "'..nt and, Inspector nh.ll have the rlht and powered and authorlnn.1. to Inspect and duties ot the Citrus Commission, I action shall Include ROBta.l us* of the laboratory facilities and testIfy In relntion tojiny }II
: ,
and forelga l.r".,.. and not mor. than l.t perc.nt th. mlnlmu. authority teat the Individual, fruit .in all canning plant records. p.rtslnlng and the CommfsNloner of Agrlcultur.l I 'In case where liability under and equipment nf the University ot Florida I.. Xot the provisicna, of Ibis"lu
Wher.aa. ct nm$. tatto of lot* pelubl """A anDy. any (Iv.n .arapl of fruit the to r.celpi, from grove andto I of. the Htat. of Florida In the ailmlnl by virtue of any bond given pursuant Insofar ar I* practicable, for th* pur- Jet* inquIry! an.t Inveil.1101; a., I

tar. citrus fruit injures th psItIofl ,droOl cltrlo acid shall b* 10. tro 1. number and by the : n'W".ln details of eannlng.Hio. tratlon end enforcement of this Actl I to th* provision hereof I is admitted pose of conducting thorough and com h* may require the productlM il

of all our' t sf4 7. When the total soluble solids nf acrlbed by ...u..lon of 10 In lbs vent that any can- and to prescribe penaltln for the vlo without suit, and tha amount or am- prehenalve study and research to deter- book, paper or docuin.nt de'i J

tnnda .Ilur"ll do..r o.nl.c Indus thiS tlta Julo. I I. not !less than '.1 percent Citrus ( ."( I. upon tha teatInn nine plant canning citrus fruit during' t lutlon. or the provision of thl* Actl I omit, admitted to b* dos sac paid to lime all possible new and further uses bent thereto by him" ir.d, tall

In.t": ., andWhar.aa sod. not mor than peroenfe the mln of the Juln. of (. Individual fruit the Inspection season shell hav pr.i and providing certain exception from L the onmmla.lon.ri, the commissioner I Is for citrus fruit and citrus fruit juices furniture and other !
the legislature d. u, it OSO. Imunt ratio ot tl. aolttbl,, *olld. to In any ten percent ent therein or shall ba prauitailnK :r the provision' of this Art/ authorlaed and directed to ascertain and flue product and by-products Into to b* held for evldonro.'I; '

essary In the .. of th* 0 POW.or nliydrou. cjltrlo acid shall b. LW 10 1. of said r.hrrrI ln.h fall by oannljiv two or hh'rlI I lot. of fruit simultaneously lie It Knuctfd by tli'. LrglHlatur ef th I the amount or amounts due the claim which the same can be converted or All persona ao lunimonod, ,

of the Htate ort protect toputs- S. Wh.n th. total soluble. aolld ot more than I/I percentage point lo 1 It : b. the duly otth StiU of Florida. ant or claimant who has or hav- duly manufactured, aa well a* to determine tlfylng shall be ebllllen I.tot "

tlon of Florida fruit,. 0 pubIlo thus Julo l I. not 1 1... than .... percent meet the minimum ratio of total voluble manag-.r nr other person In charge> Hectlon 1. That section S of Chapter1I3IB filed a claim or claim under and In and develop new and profitable methods Witnesses testlxylm i In n,, tirt.II*,

h..lt. and welfare, and Lot tli.i and not mor than ... percent the minImum solids anhydrou oltrlo aold of said canning; plant to notify the>, Ijiws of Florida Acts of 1139 connection with, such bond prior to and Instrument of distribution witness fees and 'lilloaKe .;,I

.lru. Industry ot th* aUat 11Or14*, ratio of total soluble aollda toarultydrous which I. rautred by this' Act for such citrus fruit I Inspector conducting In.epeotbolis b* and the sam I I. h.reby amended a*u the expiration of 90 days Immediately thereof. of thl* State and oMIc-rVaT'i

t h.reor. dIne acid shall b. P.' to 1. fruit tn"n all of lbs fruit I In the lot at sold\ canning' plant of Bald I as to read a. follows: following the end of the shipping s.a ((0)). To carry on or cans to b* carried pnanas or Orders of the Iniunn ,

I l.y th.) Led. U fitS i S. Wh.n tli. total' _Iubl. solids of from which laid .ampl was drawn fact and to furnish to said Inspectorfull 'Meo. 3. That no person shall act asa I son for which such bond was given, **t.l.. ot I'lo.ld I the Julo* IB not l I... than 1,1 percent shall hf. "".In.d and held lo be Imma- Information aa to the source of r citrus fruit dealer without, having and thereafter the commissioner shall to prov the commercial value ot for Ilk* services In ucham, ,,

Hectlon 1 M* uaeil I Ills Act .and not mar* than ..t percent the minimum lure within th. meaning of thl* Act Bald several lots of fruits and the>I obtained a license each shipping season ., make distribution of the amount or each determined and developed new the funds heroin provIded

the word 'prson ahali ext'' d to an.L rail* of total aolubl Solids to and unfit for human oonnumptlon.Heo. number of boxe In eaoh several lot. .. provided In thl. Act. Any p.r- amount so paid to him undr such and further use for cItrus fruit and 8eo. I. The Inaiirano ,

D* atsools.ilool .< anhydrous cltrio aold shell b* ..? to 1. I. The owner manager or oper Heo 1 17 It shall b. unlawful for any soil desiring to engage In the busIness i u bond to the extent that the sum may cItrus fruit juft'eamor the products and hall keep In his oiHie a Commit n

dnJ'o'o'atr* or t>!_ 1".ln..> Wh.n the total soluble aolld. of ator of each cannlnc plant the $tate> person t<* obstruct hinder ...I.t Interfere of alicia frdlt dealer In the Slate. of t reach In satIsfying such claim ort. by-product. Into which the .am* can fires occuriiiH In this Kim, ut

unit; shall r o. .i the juice r. not less than I.' "ure.Ur ot FlcirUI. at which It I I. Inl.nde to with or attempt to obstruct Florida shall make sworn application clalma: provided, however that when* be converted or manufactured. ha has caused nn lnvi>miKitiAr tIc., tl

,t.nl.re I. I In. .. "alrul i not mar than B.0 purc.nt the mln can nr pr... citrus frul loIivconibvr hinder resist, or Interfere with any to the Citrus Cummlaiilnn for a lIcense there are two or more claimants who (.1.) To carry on or cause t* be car. marl and all fools roncmninih, 1
.h.1 extend to and ..a.' 1 ratio of total soluble aolld. to t.t .h.1 r a-l .uch eannum authorised, Inspector in the discharge The Citrus Commission shall by regulaI hav duly flled claims within the time rInd on suitable .xperlment In an ef* such a* the aaningo .
Ih. citrus d '0".i acid hall b* IM to I. pi.a location with the of any duty' Imposed upon or required I tlon prescribe the Information to b. rnonly and .r.na. .rspa. 11 When th a total Soluble olld* oti CnmmlMloner of Aicrluultur l nut lem of him or her by the provisions ol law' contained In stick appllcntluna., All l ount in exeea. of the amount or am- any and alL new and profitable method Insurance, and to shot erj I

fruit and cltru. aln.nals.nionly e .tk. ouo.i the juice I. .t 1... than I.' p.ro.nt than live day mlnnln ot or by any rule:: or regulation prescribed I such appllcatlona. In addition to the l u aunts held by the commissioner for ant Instrument ot distribution of cltritlls records shall Lue madn .Iiuil amount !

callad alcall.a ftu4bjoIflIftsl i and not mnr taan *.! peccant the nilti- any ..nnln 'orh'I vlv. wrltt.nnotlc by the Florida Citrus Commission here other Information, which may to* pre.' distribution, such claimants ahall par. fruit and citrus fruit Julc** and report furnished him by hladeugT]
oranuRB)r:1.'I: *, d.II lnul1 ratio of aolubl aollda. toanh'4rous to Mild .. on the in .authorised or to change ov attempt k I crlbed by the CItrus (Commlftslon tnuat l tlolpate In the proceed of such fund the product and by-products into .which other*. T

010. commonly c.I.4 tticalled ..f.I .i citrlo annli: b* lii to 1. diit. on which th. "" plant will to change any Inetrumunt substance' contain the following I .Information; Nam.l In the hand ef th* commlaaloner only the sam can be converted or manu.faotured Every
w .01 r I 13, Wli.n th* total soluble aolld., of begin to receive for cannlair pur. article or fluid used by such ln.p.otoror and address of ftk. Individual llrm. on a pro rata basis, and no on* of such rtttas'soc ancorS'iiTFfirld" !, ,

plant' :11. it"1 lo. -o 50=' th* J ". U I... than, I.* Percent 1..1| provided .. that the live emergency Inspector In making tests I partnership, asaoelatlon, corporation or claimant shall receive any prefer..c. (f) To. In Its discretion, employ and '
iruotur or P..P.: I and not .r"ot than 9.T p. the notice may waived by approval of citrus fruit. other bu.lnes unit applying for a license over the other by reason ol harlnic at Its pleasure discharge a Research s"har.n7enrt"ro.! ? V 9;,\

for extracting *, v I 0lids. < minimum: of total Soluble ..0111.to ot the oomm 1..IID.r. Th. 000. dec. II. Any psrson who shall vlo- ; names and addressee of the>I filed his claim prior to the flllrra ol Manager who shall b* the active head Commissioner nil fire lomei Ill,'I
of cItruS I fruit for I of E aahydrou cltrlo acid shall b* 1.4 to 1. mIssioner of ''Acrlcultur shell .. a 'late any of the provisions ol this Act. principal .took holders, olflusrs. pa.'.. the claims nf the othera of Bald research department of Florida arty Ineured by them on, in

"anal"o for market op.: tra ; I 1*. Wh.n the total I soluble aulld. of certln.at of r.gl.lr.llon i to each auchconnlnir or do.3rto'o any such act h.r.lnd ner. or other Individual belonging to Mec. 3. That Median 7 ot ChapterI CItrus Commission and whoa powers er and occupant of th.almirlni. m Ik,1 1

I .rd. ''comtnlMlon Ot* &"k ,the Julu I. not Was tl> '.7 peruSalanut plant r.at.lerlBiri presided, "I be unlawful or shall violate or connected with the .p llv.nl. If ,lie I 19334 Laws ot Florida, Acts ot 1939. and duties It shall be to faithfully and oil, location, date anil prn .im

CitrUB Commt.lun inor, than M.a p.rcent thnr how.ve. that nil such c.rUDoll. ofresrl.trstluun any reasonable rule or restitution uiad' applicant fur a license !I" a firm part. b* and the earn la hereby amended *o itlllgantly carry out the declared pur. amount of In.urunco. valnn cauw, of l]

$.. .h.1 unla-i fhr anybitvesn r Im'o ratio ol total .aolubl solIds shall b* I_"._ to any can- anil prumulvatod by the Florida CItrus I nershlp association corporation or other as to read a* follows pose of this act subject to the general and. the loss pnld, satil ur tl.,1.
person to can ol.u. r i to ."hrro.* cltrlo acid .h.1 b. 1.1 to I. nine plant unless the operator th.r.otahall Commission In pursuance of the authority bualneas unit whether It bn fop prof.' 'Bee, 7. That any person complain. supervision of saId commission. Such made on the lIMit r-wrl| .
the diNt flay of.ny > i lit day H. the total 1. : hav llrat applied for and cc. therefor herein given, shall be, It or othrwlst, th* length of till. th.I Ins* of any violation of any ol th* aro- research nfansrer shall b* month. day at ->mrh au f

or December la sOy "&a4 Bucnrpoia ; the Julo I. not loss than 1.1 b\:1\ .: celved Die lIcense a* a .lrul 'r,1 punished by a Sine of not leaa than SIll applicant ha. been engaged In the olt., vision of this Aol by any citrus fruit especially qualified and equipped a person by Chiefs of fire department
not bars than B.H porownt d_.ler, and furnished his and than tl.ooo by Imprisonment (fort
fruit I. matur. In aooordanmaturity b i not mar or rUM frtllt bualnes In Florida In any dealer during any shipping aeaaon may study. training and. experience to doth ore of w.l
Io ratio of total oltvu fruit ,d.aler Mn aouunlanc with In th* county Jail for nut whatsoever munlclpulltl.hivlnj no
standard provu I1 olubl. manner ; a slatemeat' of at any time prior to, tha expiration of research work and put fIre I
1. droua eltrlo b* lb.! to I. law. aliall b* for any per- than 1 .r by bath sunnlln carry on the drpartrnenls) Khiill, hi n
this Aol and I. aoaon.pa.vloltlllcat y O.r- .h.1 I Inll" inor II.lIr. delInquent accounts growing out ft 9 I ninety days Immediately following the experiment contemplated thla deputy fire ,
by act mambnla m.kil
of aaor *5. Wlo. the soluble aolld. ot .0. tr .p.r.l. plant .. can Anti .Imprisonment* In the Uiscr.- the ordinary cotira of bimlnes withproducers end of such shipping season apply. to Much research liar and chit
In."I.. nt.lJ manager rrportH forma fun-J
Ai th. not h... tItan l.a p.rc.nt any at auch ranntna; plant thIn of the court. there may employ en to bn
thereof a* "I.u. frul and 10 any b*, a tl- the commissioner by petition, which such assistants and other by the
a duly authorlaed th" friiL lupoOtul, and not more than I pero.nt the inlnliuum h..la. pr.vloualy rrtclater.deaht (".. ID. All money received' by thoCuttimlsBloner nanolal tat.uint of the applicant, "J1"" briefly state the fact, whereupon Oenma to help as he insurance Comi-ilu, .ni
aid him in the discharge See. 10. The
ratio of total aalubl. Millda to and clv.n the notion of Agriculture for lllnturlty .necessary Uoverniir <> r.
of th* Department of AgnIh ul I' ..lnln. showing such Information' aa the Citrus I If In the opinion of lbs ooraml.ii his
Htat of .IhS c-j IkatuS. OInoppotlon i I anhydroii, nItric aold al..1 b* 1.1 to 1. r receivingand Inspvctlon" face shall b* paid' byhim t'ommlsslon may prescribe regarding r the fact therein contained ot duties, subject to the ap a committee upon t the n ,,.
proval '
rlorld. warrant of the ot
maturity mfhl >sito.t I I: 14. Wh.n the total Olubl. aolld. of still having .: il.n1r the Com.mUaloner to tI.. Ut.t Treasurer, who .hall I the llnnnrl.l condition of the applicant l such action, a copy of the complaint eat Ion of such commlaHlon. Tho eompon. the Insurance ( ., eoompoand
: the juIce I 10 not I. and of Alrrlcultur certificate salil to the account of I research manager and of of ono chluf, of a mull,
a !
Aot ahall b* ot nut v. form p.ro.ut depoSIt money and whether or not the applicant or r thue mad shall be forwarded tlit
siae and character, .od.h| M us'.4lit not more than '. percent th. mlnl- provided that no ovrtlllcat of In.p.o- the '..n..rlll Inspection fund.' any ot 1 Its officer, directors, or atock- commissioner to the cItrUs fruit by dealI the i assistants and other help which hevisa flre dvparlmnnt from each, conirn-l
siiuh mannor identll Ut mum ratio of total, solId toanyhdrnua lIon and maturity of any fruit shall All salaries and expenses Incurred In l holder haw prevlnunly been llcensada. I who shall be called to employ shall be Owed by th* paid district of tha State to arrvc p Icoinpenaatlon
t Crul cUrio acid shall ba I b* (Issued by authurlx.il inspector .Ih. enforcement of the provision of upon satisfy Florida Citrus Commission. other thin solId I Iponaea.
to wblch they a* ot.I. soy a cItrus fruit dealer, or onnneot.it I the complaint or to answer It in
Citrus Commission.i. l r.51 11. Wh.lt th* total soluble ot .oept lo a person who ".I.I.r.o this shall tlo" paid out of such with a licensed citrus fruit dealer Inthe > within a reasonable tlm b writing frI. To venter Into any mutually satisfactory whose terms aa mimb-rJJ,
ulallf: preMirlb.* :p rIOe. ms. tile Jnlo i* not l less than ..1 percent with the commleelaner clurlov general r'I. fund* upon voucher Stab* ot Florida, and If BO th* date scribed by the to pre- contracts of agreements with such committee shall ripln with I

turlty.shall b* made at .t e. and not more than 9.I percent th. minimum aurr.nt year and hea a* uorevumkedcertlitcata approved by the Cnmm lailoner' of all such llcen. war* obtained. and I for commissioner.hearing Alter an any person, firm Institution, corporation of the Governor .and Kliuae on 1
pIlot with th ibsI ratio of total soluble .olid 1aaohydroie of regietratlon l and baa Klv.n .lAgrlaultur and warrant Issued thr.. the number of boxes of cItruS fruit plaint opportunity. the commissioner on ahall a com. or business unit, as welt as any State shall b* to meet at a-urn- tlmal
futb. NFIIf o. ultrlo aeld .hall be 551 1. sold commIssIoner the nntlu r.- on by the Comptroller measured In term of standard packed L rnlne whether d.ter-i or Federal agency, which the said Flor place* a* may bo. dealnnattd brl

.11.m.nl, .Ith.a canning.01! I" thotitat. II. When the total aolubl ldo of lulr.U by thl. ActS nor .h.1 .eartlllcal All SalarIes, and. e.p....* Incurred by boxea, which the applicant Intend to, dealer hae violated or nut the cItrus fruit ida Citrus Commission, deem,, wise, ner.' Inaurknce Con,in fuuboner. f

ot Florida must b II<. 'ltp.ots'1 I the" Juice ta not ,lees than ..2 perosnpn45ut or In.peollon and mdurll b* the Florida Cltrua Commission in functioning deal with derlnath* next twelve t I Visions uf this Act. If any of the pro-' eaaary and expedient In th*. carrying1" Sec. 11. All laws or part if

and.'recertlned befor. u** DM lb. Inure tha. 9.1 p..o.n th. mlo- l Issued until after payment In. under, this Act shall b* paid I month If th.. applicant .1.1 an' Individual a complaint made by after .hearing on' out of any ot the provision ol thIs In conflict herewith are licrebjred. ii
Provliled : Imam ratio. ., solids toanbtydrnus peutlon fee Imposed by or under the out of such 'general In.pectlon fund any peraon under act.h .
ner. that It Bhallduring & a I alubl. and la shown to be a non-r..ld.nt this section the
th* remaining :.- oltrlo acid 1.90 Ji provisions of this Act, such payment to upon vouch.r. c.rtllled lbs FlorIdatitrue of the State of Florida or I Is a eo- mine that the cItrus commIssioner d.ier- >. To Incur and pay such expenses See 13. This act shall late etsI

e.mbor tat to Augu.t f.r. '. In, 18. When the total soluble Id' b. evidenced a. h..II r.uulr.d or ... Commission db apprnved bythe partner.hip and each member I I" shown' violated any provision fruit dealer Dec i and obligations as are necessary In con its becoming a law.

each y.ar to olin any *ttru'lla .lt *k the jute la not I... titan I.' thorla.i. rnmml.slon.r of Agriculluro and I to be a non-resident of the Hlat of( shall, unless the offender of thIs has Act, h*i Hectlon with and required for the prop Approved by lila Governor Jui
and not more than 9.4 Ih For canning <*..lnff citrus by too already er carrying out of the provisions of this 1941.
linmatur accenting to> thl utndsr.ti percent or prnc any warrant Issued thereon, Comptrol Florida' event, the .Id applicant made reparation to
of thl. Act or .i t for Do. minimum ratio of total' soluble solids to fruit Iniinatur.. a. d.Uned In this Act ler.Heo .II.I designate sonIc bonus tide determine th tho person complaining act, subject only to the limitation

man ol..wl.. a ta ltdrou. cltrlo aald b* $55 to Jl or unlit for human oBna"plun. the 10. If any prevision .ontlon, resident of the Htat of Florida a. age. if any, to which* amount of dam. hereinafter Imposed. ClfAPTKH: snsilAM

'.00'''* any. such cltru* fipurpua 1'0 f. the When thus 'I.h.'llu ld. Coinliuiasloner of Alrlculur. .b,1 re- ub-sitrtlon, aentsno claun. ur phrase> Mitch applicant' ....t..o -.II.nt. upon entitled ae a result of auch person la Sea I. That In the exercise of Its ACT approprlatfnv, all trill
of the.juIce I. not I.. 9.4 percent yoke for a period. 0dayainop of thIs Act Is for any reason held to> whom process m.1.n.d.. The and shall mad such violation powers and duties hereunder and par fund of the annual apir) pivlded II
Heo 3. oannln. ths'I' 104inesnhlur. i and not inure than ill pareont the mln more than 14 duya, the errtKlcat. ". unconstitutional' or Invalid. snch L service of process of any of the court l offender to an order, directing the tiiuuluurly' "- connection' with, 'the expen- for In Suction 2". .*.m

ot this Act rsp Flift .hall i Imum ratio of total I soluble IJdo toanltydrous of r.il.tratlon of any cannlmi holding shall not alt.ot in any way of this btat upon such vesldent-aganD l plaining such pay ta such person com- diture ot the fund appropriated by Laws of P'lorils.Ois of 111T, a.c

be to b. utatup j'' Wllvo citric acid shall b* 1. plant whoa own.r ,ntanairer, operator, the validity of .uch ports' of thl. Act shall b. a. effectual and binding upon i dale fixed In amount tim cit or before the thIs not. snld Florida Clrtus Comrnl ed. at the end of I hit haul p a,
d".I.1 picked or other S wv.r*
from Ih: tree *sc grapafibreak 5 the juice .. not le*. than Ill percent ty. .hull can or olh.rwUo process any atltutlun ur sbttll not ut...... b* In.' upon saltS"IIPIr'nl.. If the applicant' order the not comply with an consult with an advisory research com.rnlttee. It Knat-tml hv the l.ritl.lulan. ill
and not inure thaa ..' pwro.nt the mlnImum Such citrus fruit and It "alhL- toT Payment ol money with. which shall conil.t Hat IHHC.
In color caused tfll .ruru..hl I. a corporation then such corporation In the time ililtitelt' ot ten praotleal of t-Uirldiii
Atur. ratio ol total soluble aolld b trickery.frutud. ... II. lawa In conflict with th In suck order the citrus fruit '" of'
and when the total aolubl Ii to canning "' 14 $ All *' must be one organlaed and o&letlng r complainant, men resident vltlxen. 1. All unexpended 'I'll |
Julo* thereof 1 I. not lose thai t.' anrhdroua cltrlo acid LIP Ido Ji bribery or oilier fraudulent, provision of title Act are hereby tPu.o. *. under the laws of tkla State* or having; benefit auch or order any person for whose of fhK8t"'e of Florida four of whom annual appropi'latlon pro., >il I'Bectlon ',
when the ratio of totuthi Kuont& bib. When the II.hllluI" method or device. then mien r.vouathta an unr.voked permit authorlslog It t" within 90 was mad*, may be grower* of citrus fruit not con >3, Chapter 1H2K*, lao. ,:
I aul, Jobs thereof ** th. juIce I. not 1... .' percent .hall be for such lunuer period a* 12. Thl. Act shall tak Bltect: transact busIness in thIs Stat* The' order ilIc days m from th* date of IDa nected with any packing, shipping or Acts ol 11137 aa amen.nd *1

.COI\Ir.\; .. aold I* a. a*t "DI.aiab.seotlun and not Inure than 9,7 pcirimnt hue mln1mum th. Commissioner ot A.rl.ulur. .h.1 August 1. llil. Citrus C mmlMilon .hall within a rea- jurisdiction any court of competent marketlna- agency or association, either of the fiscal your Junt .
a petition
(a) of this Until.-. Wlt.. ratio oC total soluble solIds) deem ....: to pr."t .. Approved by the Governor May tl.i .".111. tlm*, .xamla the applicant' sottJn0 forth briefly the or declaration, officers or aa paid employf.. three are hereby appropriated tnui<.
the Juio content of ald Wtittrult ..lydr..* citrIc acid shall b. 1.70 to ton; .". repeated attempt, the 1011.trll..1 and consider the Information aubmlt- Wliuh .". oiaime' causes for of whom shall be canners of ottrus frulf become a part of thi Slat n
not I... than I th* TiilnLmt oqulr.; h.n tIle total .0IUbl. .olid of commlanlonwr shall permanently In offlco Hecrotary of atato. May ted therewith Including the appitcSst'a of the damages and the order or persona connected with an organlxa- Fund, to be used In a.ln iM) rinilA
i the juIce I* not less P.? percent revoke saId c.rtln.at and no U. 1541. commissioner- the premises tion or association l lh n.a. I if
.nt toP th. .clv..1 I 'f said Inspection llnanulal. statement II any the raputa- Huoh suIt In engaged In canning Aaslstance, aid tn <
_ such
grapefruit a. set and nut mur than ,.. porc.nt the nilaImum certllluat shall b. Issued to any can- lion *f the applicant a* shown by .'- In all court shall proceed citrus fruit, and the remaining three aid to dependent thlldn tilt aIstratlve '
forh respect like
ub-paragrspli (Ib) *Dsjalt.r. U ratio ol total soluble solIds tomtDydroua nlnA plant whoa certlllcat.. has b..n CHAPTKH IOB3 plicant' past and current history soul, damages, othar-civil suIts for members ot whIch' shall be growers who costs In pcrfori re lIt

The inlulmuni r.ttot ul tot.,i .It.1 auld .hall bo B.lft to J. .",. >lurln. lie period of such rev- AN ACT to amend Hectlons I and 3 I actIVitieS Inoludlns applloant'a tiLBthod1i I imrty In except the that the suooea.tul !nSr.lprar".2' cltru" fruit or Person tins of the Htate WHfari ii, rin|

solubl I solids of the Julc* utld I. W II" total unluble solids of ncatlwit, and no Much, uannlnaplant of Chapter .18m. Laws *t rlurlda, Acts i and manner of dolnsj bu.ln... The Convnleslonm-proceedings before the an oganlxatlon or asuo Chapter U280, General iliac of P19.17 '.
fruit to th* anhydrous OUisd4 ara Juice not 1_ man s.' Pes usnt hall !. u..d for the oannlnn ot cltru of sin.I en i"It I no liable for Agriculture shall not clallon engaged In shipping citrus fruit, land sits Hinendatorr ll,nJSee.
as followai and not mar than I.' p"ront the tuln' fruit durln* Ih. period when such re-- AN AC'I' relating lo clime fruit past history of any r for costs In such court nor .ueit advisory l rewarch committee to 3. All laws or parIs i ml f li"l
costs In
1. Wh.n the total aolubth ulId. .,i litton ratio of total soluble solids loi l.tr.Uo. ".rl'ult.' I. revoked. damaged by freealnic; providing forth [ Individually: o. In n: r: ;.o.IUJt: any the procMdlnns any subsequent Mage of be selected and appointed by the Flor. conflict herewith shall be rep -l"t

Juice le not I... than 7 oront sod i anhydrou cItrIc aold I.'i\ 40 do I. olnn.. of citrus fruit determination of the extent of 'Individual oo-partaar.hlp oorni.ratloii. upon his appeal In uOiese they accrue Ma Cltru. Commlaslon, and tIle' members Sam,. 3. Thl. act shall take mile''
nut inor than 9 portent th4uutmumruttlo HI. When the total 4the i between the Auicuat Stat Snub damage occurring to cItrus fruit from association op any other business unit the earn. any suit between thereof to serve for term of flv. mediately upon paaauite ami If''
Part leg years
of total .ulubl. solIdato' Juice la not I.h... 11t0 "....nt iJecember, la of ach year ahall pay fr".lnll temperatures; prescribing oon with which any applicant shall Stave i fact Involving tha earn- such, by the Oovernor, or upon Ha bier l
.011/ and not mor than 10 percent thai the ot Arlcullur a Oltlons tinder which citrus fruit damaged a. were involved In a proceed. 5, That
drou rltrlo < lu : been connected I In any capacity, ami _.He.c- there Is la hereby appro. a law without such approval.
I. \Vh.n ill* :: suds 01 i minimum ratio of total *olubi* solids toSItitydreils maturity p.ctlim tan of I cent far by freealng ahall he deemed unfit may, In proper cases. ,Impute to any J.n.5..ttnJr.Ill'-A0, th. *? the findings and and made ellable for ,1.ray. Approved fy the Governor JI
the juIce is not and; citrIc acid ahalt b* l.tft to >. each boa 04 citrus fruit canned pro. for Ituman oonsumptlnn; providing. Individual corporation eoj-pa.tnershlp. shall b commissioner hereundor log the expenses of tha administration 1941

not Inor. than '.1 t':11o'uti'O'..Ju'"u.. Id. When th. total soluble .olid ot sided bow..r. that the minimum In. for Issuance of rules and regulation 1 association .. any other bu.."... unit. facts therein* prIma facl evidence of the or thla art from the aneolat fun.i.
riitlo of total : I th. juice |I. not In than 10 p.ra.nt and I Paid by any can. by the Florida Cltru. Commlaslon unitr. llubll ty for or unlawful .tated. and In any.uch crown aa the Orange Arlv.rtlnlngund. ClfAPTBR 51419
b..p any wroag act cult If .
1 001. not lo.l percent the mini nine- plant .* for canning 110 tot title tho party) who was successful the I
provisIons Actl providing
drou acid : nlmI.'h previously 'done or petformed by said i Deters th [ grapefruit Advertlnlnc Fund and AN ACT tm. amend C.npiw
\ Commissioner
at total 1 .oliibla, I solIds tu l prior December 1.o' any year, for citrus fruIt undur of Aarlcullur. th.
I. / the "d* eft i tl an embargo on Individual corporation oo-partn.rshlp finally Tangerin, Advertising Fund such Inwa of Florida. Acts nt IW> hello
the Juki, not I... than ..1 slid: anhydrouo .: K.to to 1, hall b* IVOO.OihI'ha certain renditions, ; and providing ..n. association or any other bu.lnev. unit lowed prevail.. h. shall be al amounts so flay be necesasry, not titled 'An Art to provlilo for I Ii;
liormore than ... percent tl1i1tiInuun* 17. When tli: lal.hlluI' solids of sail canner at the time of ... allIes for violation ol the provision> If the commission' shall.- by a majority taxel a anti reasonable attorneys fee to b* aceeut, however, in any one fiscal co Met of the puhljo rrc i honla uI!

ratio of th. total ..Iubl. aol.drou to anhyW the Juice I* ,. .' Irentn Celvlnaald ..rUI.t. to beam ean- of this Act.' vote be of the oplato-a thaI the ap Colts of the cuilecled' as a part 0* th ending June 30, expenditures in year Plato of Florida by -alalng i o-
and not more than 10.5 nln prior l.t of .earhpear Slut I Knacted hv the .( Ih.Htnle suit. of five excess
cltrlo uotd sits II b. .. I. O.c.mb.r LrglnUlur plicant Is qualified and la entitled to a Itro. 4 That Hectlon peroent of .UcIt special fundu the county school fund by lit
4.Vh.n the total solubl wild of i ratio of total soluble solIdsto .r:1 pay to uioiuuiinsltunerthe of tlnridntHoutlnn license us a citrus' fruit dealer the 10-A of Chap. Collected in such ysur. the P "'

the julu. I I. not lee. than .t percent: aqhydrau oltrlo aold .b.1 b* ... minimum I inspectIon fee ot L ..! t''I'h.. :1o.\.n..1\ of. Chap- aid conunlneious( shall approve salt ap'' llr* soul 55325.the Laws same'I Is Florida. Acts of 19J9. Pro. *I-A. Nothing| In this act Shall h* Imposing operating a a tax store upon or ..toriHtate Cl.' 5

and not mor than '.a poroilinum Ith. llo mlnl to;1. ... .L L.._ _- "_ .. .00,00 which, ahall b* allowed a. an i I: rer jnvvi, lunw..: rioriuii, .o eai plication. Hulllclent ground for the disapproval Sac 4. That hereby repealed., construed cc to P'""" the promulaa- to classify aurh alurei >'S
..u. ot the 'l 1. was" tee '0'.' ..0'0' scums 01! f.. for the lInt 10,000( box.> 1999. b. ansi the ,. I I. hereby of the application shall beta ally this Act shall b* liber lion ot any rule or regulation such taxation aim '
tot.l. of
to anhyurflu curia .oldl juice I* not less than 10,3 pnrc.nl l I of fruit or less should .aid nanner not emI to reed a. followaii '( > Any previous eunduct which construed, and If any part or por- unrnml.sIo0' a will Illow by such purpose acn.nrdai-., ">
lion the the In
.cl. and not mar than 10V the. total of 10.000 hoses to thereof b* declared usu. of aolor.addnd stIng tax
1. sDs1b. percent ran a prior i 'H I. That when freealna t.n... would have been ground for a. otherwise r
.. When the total 'old. .! minimum ratio of total soluble aollile i |icmbr l.t. At the Cut of ...1 calendar atur*. of siittlolont .Incas to cane or suspension of a license, aa revera.lion here rircuui.tanc.the application, thereat t* any pirson. law. prohibited by number of, store jnanstrement operati.ilownership or

the Juice I. not lea than ..S .ot an1nh to anhydrou oltrlq acid .h.1 b* 1.40> week durlnor' operation Bald i damage to cItrus fruit omtur In any inafter provided. If the applicant ..1'. the or thing I I. declared invalid | Ncr, 7, That thu sot ahall be lib. declare the public pulley Oil C'.
101. canning prier to .cemher let validity af the
section of the citrus .t remainder ot ill.
plant produolnic area
not nior* than '.4 percent tbetotolmu.rstlO licensed. erally construet and 'i
I of total soluble .oIld. .. II. When the 10t.1 anlubl olld. of!I of esult year, the cann.r shall re.port Florida, the Florida tunic Cnmiuuis.shin 'ID this Act and/or the applicability ther*. lIen thereof be if an) part or por. act I is founded: to provliU ci
( > Delinquent account deciutreul enforcement
the I. than 10.1 to the '4'11 C'itriia Coinmlaaloni owing to Of any other InvalId or the tnlnlatrntlon soul
drou* pltrlo sold ahall b* LtiS, 1. Julti not percent Is hereby Miipow.r.d and cha.rg.il and growing out of the : person olroumsta.no application thereof *'
and than I..' to ordinary course or thinsshall not b to any person dr. act and for. the pmmulK't.
.. When tho total soiubIiSldm OtB.rc.at not utor percent IDenuHilinum' i rr.1 received aaid ro.I with th* luty uf determining whetheror of busIness with affected thereby rurustiunce or
producers, eouplsil and It I. is declared' invalirt. forrement of this sot anilmuliratlan
th. Julu I I. not lao* than ratio of total soluble anlld.t .I I rrnln: c.rtlncat. ol :lnsltrctioiw| ** not serIous damage results to Cltrua with a showing of probable Inability ih. Intention ot tb. Leglaii the vaiIlity of all the "
and not mor than I.' o.tt th* anhyJrou. sold shall b. ia. per box on all fruit. o :. fruit from such freealng temperature to pay such accounts from operations iir?' 5" .P"Mrve any and all parts ol act smut/or the applicabIlity' remainder of thla and enforrtmi facilitate aifnent
1 regulations to
ratio( of total sui.>l 10. WU.n the total soluble o i.I.oC! In It It I I. determined that serious dan possIble any other thereof to 4'
solids .11 the
h.lnlnul .prt. during p.rlod for which the lIcense sea, 5, person, clroumstanc for th< '
That > to provide
the I. I less than SILO 10. Citrus all law. or thing ;
juice *
nut i has been or part
cauaed to cItrus fruit
to anhydroua cltrlo aald shis! e. to rlo.le. sIc a* I to to Ih I. dlsapproveit laws of shall not he affected ti Cl
1. f and tnor than tea percent *> MIssion I. hrh power aStirheariny a result of freealngth* commission u.ih.1t "mr.ro. In cnofllct herewith be and the Is the Intention thereby and it enforceme/it of a Hen upon ''
: p11
Imn ratio 1 of total soluble solids to 'I hall caus sanie are her.by of the legIslature of the of persona liable for the
notice all
T. 'Whn th total' uoltda .e : t I on day may by rule or regulation at any repealed. MIte of m'
the Julc Is not. less ".lu1..I _..., to .. .... curb acid ."al b* l."it. .." Canners In the State of Florida who time not !lees than 1 day* sIte the an the 1 :'n.I..C .to such b* prepar.it dLapproval statin and* feet*1cc Iflhufli'uli.tely, 7, That this Act shall take ef. part. 01' saId ll'Iumriilui act if preserve possible.any 5n4 all violation such taxi;of to thIs provldo act. and penaltl ofregulations '

Sad not mora than ..* the precedlnr .aMin under a occurrence of freealng temperatures upon its Peasege and Sen, t
.t o..ta file the same and ..."* a copy thereof approval That all law. and lawfully n'l!
Witch the total soluble by the part.
solids of the i'otnlulH.loiir of Aarlnul- Governor of
minim ratio of total aolanhydroua I. causing such serious damage ard.r or upon be. law. in
.1\ Is th. JuIce ,. not I... than ILl percent lure .hnrt.a or the maturity upon the applicant wlthla I. days there coming s law wIthout conflIct herewIth to and the authority thereof, to repsl
cltrlo acid utah lenythen that no citrus fruit shall be sold or offered such approval.
1. after. If. within 0 days after th. ... came are hereby 1 I"
.1 t and not mor than 10. theminimum inspectIon season providedi A pprovcd by th. repealed ot Lit. extent laws, pr..sly hut on
Wh.o th* total soluth .1 percent b..I. for sale traaapnrt.it for any vice ef suuh In format loa, tha applicant 1541. Uovernumr May 51.. of eimch Conflict. 07I. jaWs I
.lt..C 1
ratio I of total soluble solids If said oummlK.lon' thatthe eluding Chapter
Julv la i d.t.r..ln.* purpose whatsoever other than dlv.r- flea. I

and not ratio mor ntht.JVtp" ':I .inti.iloUm .toanh3olrnu. lo 103 aahydrou. eltrlo aald .1"1 b* ... r.I*.11 other nr late abnormal maturity condition citrus re .Inn, front. all prepared.rhann.l recelvil of human or eon.umptlon delivered awer hall nl to. such with" Information the oommlaHien and an a .renuest "... blay Flied 31, In 1041.omaa Secretary of Slat. feet July 0. 1 Tb.at, 1941.this sot shall take .1. Acts revenues of 193.1 derived; and hereuiu.-to ,aPP '-,.'.

oltrlo acid BhallII. b.1 : WIO the total soluble' aollda of .ulr. such ehanaej, provided how. for transportation ur mark.t for publlo hearinsaid- applicant 19Aluprov.d by th* Governor June 5.CHAPTBR subdivision 'S' of Section 4 '' '
I. the not ,lea. than lo.' percent the season shall ait ,. hall b* granta a publlo .*.rln.. CHAP'I'1.15 14841, Laws ot FlorUI. Ai'*
for 10454
When th* total uolublso54s Jlio. ... a period not to *" "t T lays after and be ""
the Julo. I I. not I... than l. ..ro.:and fliers than 10.7 terminate _.1. than Novmb. llin .urh order b.comea effftMv; provided. heard given full opportunity to b* AN ACT to create and establish a providing that such repeal
in or through '
and not than I.I psrteIjis minimum ratio I of total soluble n"ltl. of any year shall xtndeii howv.r that such order .hall not *affevt person an at reesarcit dopartunent of the ricrida A 50471 division -B' shall not in'

"orf total aolubl sutm to":: to anhydroua eltrlo colt shall ao furtnar than :. .IU' of any or b. appllcabl t 1 any cItrus fruit chairman torney. The commlwilon member through; It. CItrus Colnotlepion to conduct the study to ACT relatIng to the fitat. Tressurer -' any person from the 1153) P' '

.. cltrlu acid b. '19 I. to 1. year; and If aaid data whlvli has be.n prepared for shipmentani nrlleer or any thereof. .oCny of stasdards of quality, grade and ma. and ; provtd0 for additlnni powerg reunlpts taxes under sal.l \
: or thereof dutiss I- '
Id .h.1 13. Wh.n th Soluble resolution time eommliwloner .mpl lY. lurlty of )'lorida cItrus of the Stat. Tr.ssur. Law. of Florida. Acts of ,
ll Wb.n the solubl4bdidj| 1 .f total solIds of j''I'r certIficates of In.pectlon lasued Ignat.d by th. aommiasloa for such fruit and th. ex.otijoio Insurance a. .
th I* not ... thaa ... sfcrnnl sod the Juice u not I..* than 10.1 percent or oontlnu his maturity ... thereon prior to the tUna th. order purpos may bolil hearings alSo' and utaus.the and cifsct thereof. to determIne connection with commlsnionr lit prior to the effectIve date"III. "

not 'more than '.1 percent Uuioinumtstlo and not uior thaa 10,1 percent the aervlo la accordance th..I. herein provided I for b.co.iu. nTctlv. Issue witness subpoena In th* name of nutrItional and other value of such payment .* fires; to provide for repealing all laws In ;I *' its
: fruit
of total soluble sol ,- to ashy., ratio of total soluble solids such cases of In.lt.lloo .".10. Ally order, rule or regulation of the the eomnilMrion administer oaths and to develop new Uses for Citrus I,) provide for expenses of "dmlnlBtratlon; and providing when thi. '

drou cltrlo acid .hall I b*\s..t. 1 b ml.ln.u.t* aahyd.aii citric auld b Ill ot maturity ."... .n. pro- "....I..lon. und.r the provl.lons ofthin wltn_*, receive evidence andrenulrr. examine Fruil an4 to P"" rlba the power ana viscry rommitte,.appolntfltsnt of an ad* effect.! L.gllauUrs -'
vIsions *t ibIs Act shall duties of the Florida ; soil to bv the
.1..1 repeal lIe IS Enncte
II. Whn th. total .olul % to .ppH".bl. Act, may bevonl effective 13 hour by subpoena, attendant Citrus Co.nit.ls- In cOnflIct alt lawa
the Juloe le 1 .14.1 to such citrus fruit tanned or after Its ls.uiiQui U *o provided th.rIn. .. and don lit conflectloo therewith to herewith, $ta* of 'Iuriiia i
1.I. Wh.n the total soluble' tolld of for shortened teatlmony of wuneesea ami the vroduomemeranda VI.t. foy the ..* : pro._ II. It Enu ted br lbs La.t..i. ...... .' ., ...hdIvI.iiC 'B s..
IDa 'minimum n..tUJ..f total catmintf during such or ". ft. _0. ._. .. ft_ ______ ..__ .... euuoioymnent M.HJ. & e ei. -- --. .. ...
: th la !less ft. _'r' .. of such ntat *f flarmaiThe ti1rr'1c;: 'LtW*
Jobs not than 10.' percent extended maturity a lucludmc ther.iuir.mnt research t
Id. to I dec. 3, That 3 of Chapter s'i llepulrtil.nt and 'Jo Chapt.r : ir**
.. ,. and not thaa of the oC tIts : r :II: all may. for preeurtb. his !lteo. >- State Treaaorer' 10.16. relstinlceipta
1.10 to 1. moore 1.. percent th. pymnt 1931. Law ol Act ot 19JK. th. dte tu(nation ol th. question powers Suit dutleai; to pro. lflsurancs exoflio1. Ida. 'Acts of Ic t5d
tb} Tha minimum Julc* ''ta .f minimum ratio of soluble aolld Inspection f... b. and the same I* hereby amended out by ...laformatloa.. a* to whether ntad vIde foe Pendlt.jra from th* orange I thIs act lOunlflI.asiofls, and bcreIndte, tax.a' be and Ih. BBM notB w .,,
Ih. Julc ot th. respective qt 01 to anaydroiu cllrlo acid Shall b* .. dec.ltr. Tb. clInIC trult l.ep.'e ro to> read follow or not th* application for llens advertlsiug fund. tb" liwSefruit ad. refSrre.t tut the -Tnsursvuos r.peatedt provided that J

.aid .r..1 ur. a. toll 1 to T 'I ".onl. or which I. "r.pr.4 '$eu. S. It shalt ta* unlawful at any shall b* sppr.ved .. disapproved vertislog fund and th. bluslirIns adIf 'F deetnate4 contained shall he interPt'h154 V" ,'

:::t' I t."d.I by l' -". 1.I. Wh.n the total aalubl. solids lit for purpo. or* which tints for any person to sell or utter the .ouiinlMloa under th. provisions by n I"1"* for the Prop* An.nolng oV< r'4Si eltaIt .a. or to excuse or relieve mill ,,.,
; : la beln delivered for such
to< 5. th Juice I. not I.*. thaa hIS> percent or cannIng that :r".I*. t" :r".fI.t.topr.par*, re of Ibis Avt. in ea e *f disobectt.nw. to < dspsrtiueu and the act 1r.l.tlniT. ot this the payment of gross n ill >
mayb* found lu&matur otUerwIiMunnt Svtlvltiea Chap''
th. or .It thereot, and said
.." .fls44 sla, or t ,. or to provIde for posed under
and: not Slur' than II the min a witness aubpoena UwuM In the Ii U.) '
for human consumption d mama an advisory Jev.ntion ef flroa of IP
a ** .
l"ro.n research
market for tV Acts
packs'S .n..o'.lr imum ax.ept canning or by-erou- of the commit. con.Co.uiSr.ti of Florida.
.. I. patio of total politic oonunleaUn and .*rvd ( *
loildw 1."k' bO' ot .rap.ju'i"d.r" citrIc avid ahall b* l.aa to tosnhydreue I. fined In this Act, upon In.pectron and Oct purpose withIn the tilde of Flor the witness th* coniniM lon. or any upon of aIlyis with: 'ha FlorIda Citrus aaimlxrs&vmg} < combi.. have accrued prior lo II '
t.tlnr. shall bal..d and destroyed
alnlRi; .. ,sh U. Wh. the total id*, any cItrUs fruit seriously ilaniagvd I Ife member In the .apendltur of the of this set. I
.. .olubl.' or employe. Invok ((5) "
Inald dlm.nalon of !. .. by the juice la not I lsa< than II solids of by a .Itrua fruit In..to. or the .h.r Ivy freeslagCltru.. fruIt .hall b* th* aid o. any court of eompetmt may fund appropriated by this Act and prIvate lnslallatloo and tttalntuonans.l -of 5.0. 1. Thet all lwe' 5?
tw.lv* Inch* by tw.lv' luoll** the minimum ratio of total percent eolubi.aolld bit ot Ih* county ... Co""i a* "'n. d..m. to ba seriously damaged by Isdlctlon In requiring att.ndanc Jur. the research'1 work to b. doi. there. owned automnatto Slid lire alarm In conflict herewith anSen. '.
b* provided by ** .. and tinder, systelne 504 thra shall
1. A (rap.fruU of .1.. It 4h* _H eon treetlng w. : extingulshln1 equip. 8. This act
to. curia acid iMlltuoay uf wlln.. a no the
'al. not 1*.than -isa ".bl. aciiuM.ra' I to 1. .nbldru. .h.1 by th.1 that r'I"d.4rmlnallon CominLMon.: provided Immaturity .tt> It causes marked drying to extend ductlon of- accounts roorda* and mmranda pro.. Is.$tat..s3 is piiseted llsskbmsi by th. Loilolatur. St S he Sleet.(41 Construction, 1. 151*.
Into the '
Cf.ull.. -. I. That wllhlo. tIts and ... i Mg'neat of oraog. and and any ."0' court mar. la ficuulon reltIlatlom of lire Pmlaiatenapce and
for human consumption I.
.. af 14 dt coo. ur.. unll. grapefruit more than ./a Inch at tb. of That the Production .f escapee CHAPTER
.frul meaning of this Act lan..rln b roes eoatumaer or refusal l ta ((51 Th.
fain not lea tl.o 341 ".l II".. deemed to b. mature only wb.n".I ... may nt& by a citrus fruit stank en*, or halo segment of th. man a subpoena /issuil t. any ... issue slIces fruit is sit. of the pisram000at from all means and adertuacy of salts AW ACT la amend
Inapector at Whore such cltrui llulu.trlea building.
of Jula. or pIcked, or oth.rwla I vred from tb. any darin group mar than I/I lack at .n enl. requiring tb* person to of til. Stats of WlorId* sad (4) ilk eveat ci tire, and IWBot Ffortda. ants 1
I. of aU. 44 .1'' con. tr* eachi tana.rln ahewlnii bra H fruit may b* ruund alter ssv.rancefrou the stem end. *r more than lbs equivalent pear b.nr th. ewiimlaelon.. ap highly Ilomalercial undertaking Suppression at aceos, and the InOpatliatlon An) Act relating lo r
a or
th. tree and MiK-h eelsur anddestructIon any yut almost cit
tain notof l.aa fit of the* respective the .ntIr firs.. th orahiahmneot *
eublq CttisaslHra, amount bytolunte being *
In color ... member crop pro. providing for
solely by natur *nd thereof or It* omeer. or em. $.o. 5, Tb.
may at for sale' '
? lnsuranca
Jllo. '." wh.n the ratio oru'", soluble solids II.wl. "cu. any when ooeurrlD. In oths por. plnyeea. o. to prentuea accounta records : that the study of stand. almU Commissioner operation. ><
cf .la. 14 aliall ".n.' such plat'* I"riru L.u'j lions of the fruit U of l.nallty. grad and of appoln such ISOlatant. of the State
ot the juice there to the auhvdrou.rltrla : and memoranda a. s<* ordered SM maturity be a may support
the event of aelaur of o* nece.epry' to
tain not .. thaa 391 cublo Mbtuaoterait : (.) It cause before the drying riro- citrus fruit and the eaus carry out. etI'etivaly and preerrlb ,
acid I Is aa eel forth I In ub->*v> the that than ISpercent to five *vld nc* touching any niatt.r' effect thereat and Provision. of tb.Ia the dilun.tlon
Juloa, 7 tlon <*) el, this CectIom.fat upon Iround. lor. tIle U.v.lope other Injury a* vidaoued pertinent t* sueD public hearing as well' as the toUt> aol to be kmmnw act said alctante violating any provl.lany I 5
.. A grapefruit of .1.. 44:.all eea.tsln minimum r.l. to a break by fallor to Sitp.iK.JtT1"Ml0"! "* the nutritional as and refsr. rule and regulati a
nibs of any obey such order of .
'l'h. th i.
not .ao than 361 eublo,C.ltllt.tD aoUda ot the Julu. of Mild t.tl'ol.bt tanSirlnea color eeueed by natur' theOwner fa) a water snaked appaaran. or court shell b* punished by the court ot snob fruit. I" a' shall 5. act a. deputies who to the act.' h/ solIng i
In chart of such liseeseily pubi paId, their *
of person Ih. necessary numb 4-.d
In.o. tu anhydrvua citric aa a cnt If ..
1. ef .1.. 7t allah. con follow .el. oltru .h.1 .1.w..1 to separate ..n.tto (I. brok.n down Julti cells PeerIng the t.m.lltoal..a shall such litiUy soul sales promotion atpsoseg. itt sd.l3tioo lu their salary. and eondiu-'l t ? S

lain not I..than 347 cublo CJ4slar.* 1. the total solids of for uwa In aecordanca Iclr t1"Itlo.. determine that Ita nnd and itrl.Cr7.? tIle -cumla. s rVuiS tiom witoD traveling or msALn1 Inusatlge. provide for the eraanlj '
previous action In
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of *. i, tTT the 1.1., till op." spaces la th. pulp .* affecting' the dlstrlbii pcrformano. 'of their I
tees than th not testIfied It shell do. '
7. A grap.frult af all. *jal| eontain p..c.n. law that portion of .uvh elirua fruit.whIch ,or when any condition or combinationof approve eurO ap-. Ito thereof. slid it Is vital te Site Flay. lies. SUCh deputies shall be at rnf nreou iyt'pr--c'rmir.l rJ
I minimum .f total pl".t_ and II It 4..rmla. tliat Under all times
.ata alhl. show break In color lie Id citrus the direction '
not lea than 3J4 a i condition a. described industry and to sn4 i* 0
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aol to acid shall b. ..e pr.vlou. action waa It general COfltrol ef the of elector who JI
i Jn.tirleii
.f'le. .I'rl. solely by In shell welts,'. lmiSurasce
Juc| 1..lol. n.t. and: such ease l lthai b. e. and d may b* lat.rprvted a* aifectlng am mi tIC previous ..u.. If th. of the State of FlortO. thet ibsir Comini1.1.ner Who ltsiI ix for time voting of t1C5 ." 'Itlon.
I. A grapefruit* of its* 9* *l sll can .. Wh.B the total soluble solids vt wnluh falls ti" skew i any portion or portion ot lbs fall to Ml. an answer and applicant dependable lufornotcios regarding atand. be Issued comnpancatlo5 sail Cli ordera shall and trm ef tTUSt e J Jth ,
caused by r..r.tI sli. "ef
tain not .than 309 cublo c4Ltat.r. i the Julu* I* not I. lImps l 10 p.rcnland br.11 woa. solely uatur i fruit wUn serloueneM equal I. that Sueea hearing 0001117. ireliw end lualority ci orby. is his same end by hIs autb. I disposal of'balaecls 1r4 i illgatbons v
b bv ctttu. )'lorida NutS
of Julr. i .not mor than. percent thefluilditluin ..1 *>. a fruit above Not nior days. : .hil..r- I.. oitrus fruilt ae4 th. Cause a04 be 11.0cC tbn en. deputy shall I providing for ., i
*. A graMfnilt of six. m tiGii TOOi i, ratio of total aulubl aulld.I In.peclor or the .h.rll ot the county l laa than II percent by count vl th. citrus .Pp...". If the .pplicatlua I. effect thereof and tIle lUtritlo.ai and 'Iistrl.'t. from say Os. 000groestoost I 51 existIng bonded n fain not ..thaa 111 eubio ssgtlatsr. .1 i to anojrdrou* aul4 ahall b* tb"'.1 b* p'rl10 by ..I..tlu.. I fruit ,In any one "..t.... or bulk lot Ill. eommlealon .hall tiuiuedlat.ly-approved.. 'ether vaI. oP such fruit b. avellabi. frutuit In ed4ltIon to e. chIef deputy provtdu For the repeal l
of lh.
10. A o'rl. 7.4 i may b* seriously mr 4l5e511iflatleit Slat. et large,. ii
of ale. Lea I t. a. (.mn..n. daiu.ged by ire.irur ward saris aa'ppII1. tnfoen.aIlo0, sotillettherewith..
.pwll eppik'atio .
wIth ftc
i'IO" .. II That the ap.pruvel 'that lIsa. a.
of C..ml.lo..r of I I Injury i hut not moore thaa this IDs problem of Tb. hn.uxaaca S '
When l/S ol devebopi. 'columlsslon. ar i104 i-
th. total oluble .olid ol endorse.t thereon. ho the Cee.liulsebue. nsie shall Wher.as. there .J,
laIn not !less than 114 eublo .sSUiustse. I th. Jvlo IB not lo.l p.ro.nt i A.'lu"l.r. eltrua may .la, .ol .year .m"I,1 I t toierane-l shall b. *llowed for cltru i ., at A..ltu. of t. lit.to emit sorb furtin.e laces foi. citrus fruit to aD. Cir5um.aoce Investigate time cause, origIn. sad I special la* surbOoi* 'wi I ltj
Of Julo*. -v, tad .Ul I I fruit now or hereafter deemed adulterated .5v Ike liK'ressed and .1 every Or. masi jf
'rlel. whe inereaeiog
I not Bu>r* than 10.1O isaUc I 5tt. Irlorldut
shall I. e000rrIg of
.1-h. test of the Julo. ooaJanM .f i lutalmura walk> of total wild percent to anhytrau th*- I i 1 inch 1: ">'O.IS.J'tl.o.: II: by Federal. law .. ...1.11.'. i s SIrens. a. Iaentlolied auth is Mac.ap.pilceut surplus.. thereof is of psraouoent tout.. in been thla Stats wherein property has murgantuimaut before the dci- '
penance damag.4
rrap.frmt. I..u. .1 bV upon tb. atatoust .4. Wha aolylil .. .latl. n I i anxt bv rreeitng Injury my b* mixed i iwltb aMoelai* toany
the appUoant that
total olld. who lbs new
ol the application, Ii,. I are
I( of thl* 4c 1 cc Pub.io.ry. W5s the
other lole fruit n"t it.,1
.. which aa b. o j lute la ef cltrvie which 1 bees advrllltt-i yeselt of c5reJeeo1 daniaad.,
l mixl.rn
act di.sppeove4 b' Ut e I
: .lQl. percent aud AU pwreuna .ut.... bIde tb. pro|LA'er..e root daiua. by fr-raaitt-f. ni i I;;. prorualloa campaign As 5ueru. the u uhI5 le5Itm a.flpwt Iliad. ef all such imvsetlg'.rjon. Whereas. appro ln>*"; ;,

\ aoMn.uj.ttoa ot VUeti-U elrug vs approoe.g for i -
ruitt, sad I5754e3IS4 to bud I lhs district n*< .
I" y' td ld4IIr4So. C'uaLla-I la HJo oi 1*** (baa $lt.


,,.. ,. ,. .. .. I I (


'1..;" 11 "' : '' .

'fVj".OI ,' _
; -i_ _i ------O' -'' 6I : Cii!


ml' ta* nrntne lag the new Alutrlitt aa propoaM. the -t Qt

..',,0," J. dl.trtc4. county the "I.trlet board g 1 hall.aIi.d by pppnhIttItn derlartenanoe this! 6)compact'I!hilt ,the withntut 1nt.rfr. only 1 n desIgnated, ilulIvt.1.loriunretk.n. a* lh. Attorney O* nrK| may deem prop Inoludlntr power lo au* and b* aiiM inIt mr of ( .far*, Who Shell tluly aarHocjl lni
: Ih.. .. the .hates prescrIbed In" tram and attef n.o" dfnHnHtf ovrrnor of ..rl "I.t. or rtelHn.... Indlvtdtml' "T!p------- n to niMrnnte thi prompt Mnd T-.tlt.v-, name a* an ag.ns'| af th* fttMe.Mpe i > .la i tff elIcit rejlMfrftt.rtn-t M* eluts'nprtue; by' :
,.. u ; to
Iha .n officer
.t I. and "I .eho.'IUh "I.trlo'' the pr .lou J-iilnily whit wh aoilng 4.0) Any Mtatulv >noorpi>rmtliif M d"1f i ? i u* pri I.i, uahcuu< of Un. obligation. un- ..iiyinir. MMaiitlratiot.! and Vll5l'itlti9for lifflThn seVeral o>rtju f min* *. 'addirl llrelCletiiitie Lot' *pphlU0i*
1., ha hlalt "1lln area Shall 0.. 0 Ik. .m.r. of "'h. nte i tndlvtilnal, ( ar ill th. tli. li hi lhf. ft r nfe authorlaed tnIht pesreA tiphlrofltSathi% Shill reyttlatltttheip
bui4l.I' exist for .. trwrilnit orporitloiik maatntf i I vi.ntiHrl., "'h*: cunt*art fur regiMirattan and ?*nefiiir ?u i o.* < el' hereby
I, I' .I. t.h. h. and ,relatIng 10 the ntattt. hHll prumulirnt.Ia.'. -n 1 wh.n "pnoln.*|. a. .fr. 1 thereto .,ln n. Mi'>>ri MM
.' ,i-4IN whiCh Phool 'dlatrlct support of the .bool.Any MM max t such nIbs and "iruiMftimii the fre"(n* .numerntlonclMMMea ." VieI.'ii I i hat no morv opiM of th* vol. Il-all-tn. and provltii.g pracedun\ .m- tlib. Mrd nr ant member -thereof to *is-- board chuhi'OprsCtk .zaictn.rin,, *PlI1previth
> hay.
.u, or..tod ui'l irKtfvvi-f 10 dI.| neCessary mot- of alMlutr not iepnaul" ahall utn-'a' MTui'iM-aid Mhall hi printed by theplubtL'iui die* and penaltlea for the rnfarowmeutf n\ie wttneaa. aitfapnenaa and *unponagtUicea )..at ohiOPaCtOlI JtC ,

." "'UII n of tilS Stt ..b.1 continue aa provided titll reiHianlaed' or ..np"rl. carry out th. t.rm. of thU not be conntruetf |Itt i .iiijils" a repeal ofniher than ar1 herein provident, nnjih.ii Ih* law of bin Plate relating tanrehltertur tevtmi re-q-utraig tJ). attendancetnd Ills lul ml; 'lisa tile w5rk61 RlatecoUll and

I "" ..I"If' to pFUVdN. "hma" by law. < Tlmt ihtH oiMtutea which ara local 1 or Special nil ooplt-a tlby th* tuubilpheroliuli *. ( prnitttlon uf evidence bfor th mofltilPat abor.tOrll*
:': ..nJr.I O' IOlhflfl. Levy for Now Dlatrlct I 1. rornpHot shell l>i>oonm In their nature. b* dtllvri, 3n'l'o tli* #*,-ruluall of lie H Ktmrted bv th* l-e UUlur* of'th buartf t>r any ,member, thereof In Oovt.h't'tlolI by iieli (11111 SOUPS t the preek. ofehlrop
.:hoot: I I th. ur..nl.aU.n of the dlatrlot haa ol..r.I.by. inunHdlntt-ly upon Ii. t-itlrt- II.... MiatufM P.M>d In Uti 1 nnt 1.. Hint' Suit. of MorliUiMrc with the pnrformanc of the sill jltatrIuotkofu sold eacof
,n't"t.n.1; h. .10. Lrk IPPI'OV." by" the abova"majority of the Votes .ally. other Mtiy. Hiai.Ht.. Dfiwrn it nn,t pea i.1. Hiat\ita HMMtd at, hue r*>.ulHr I'pnn 'th. lettIng of tho rnntract a* 1 1. No peran shall be required, iturla of the hoard under the law. and lb. hit

I 0' l'lorlll., pveatTlbwd the the tea levy rcevtill /. vhin .t.. it or ciiaU( 'al m. raiifytig. cessIon fit the leclataiur of l IUI shell Mfnrt-MNld. prultier's oopy, together by this or any other State law regulating may in their diMcretlon punlali persona I,. 6, the LesIillswr. tk
p'I1 I 6 1WUI majority of all have tlt ppb. ::
.r '', 0 .1"1' IOH.6. Vole' cant by farce n mi .HWt lull' not be. repttri'led or a tferi M toy t he with, ; printing ordera.i H TO* the> practice of archltecttir ta aual* I'etuftlt.g 10 obey Much) sut.tuelutss aw for Slot

I : in ". b. >"1nth: qualified e'.rLor.' or In ram no can Ptutu. ih. form nf or 'law within nu-'h .<*..)>t 'Ion of "he. Klorlit' *. HU' t ur a 1941. forthwith deliver trt the auopenMfulttiiM If) aa an architect In order to matte run tempt, tn any judicial proofed ingto SeetiD I. hs4 flerfton 3 0? ChaP.

,, A ', :i,:il by ltlil.1 which l h.vy recc, ) that i leVy for with the mtliinntlim law ,, h* In bill KhMll h.... full effect aa If panned "r, Mho MhMll Kcuia th. said' order< pluhM and Mueciftcatlonc, fot or nupervla which the board may be a party tot laws of Pio'rIda. Acts oft

b'::" ?. numbered together. with votee caM "corc.ne.R..I. of the ratify- after the onnptment and Adoption' of will, nil convenient speed. pro v Id.ml. thn erectIon, enlaigment nr atterAtton ofanv the board shell be entitled to the aer lalt .010 beIng 41etlen if of

N p. follows: for htitb wervl r\ ::t"h.a majority I Ih.t tna <' ) 'that thin shall the Florida Hletu.ee 1141, except those however that eli .*., copy need not building nyoii any farm foe Ih* Vices of the Attorney General( of this ('haprw "P11911. f'W Ut Plorhda ACtS
for HoldIng votea 1 become levy rcimpRot conllnn act* PMMIMHI at thl aeMMlon of the I heel.IM- b uflivi-red at lbs HIM tint*. b.iti Reolloih-3444 .4
:: .luP' the In fore .tnd iiinln an Use of any fnriii.M Irreapectlv of th.' Hiate and of th* aeveval Htat-'a attorney at 4hl5t. sahid
b.I lion to Provld. fur the ensuing two rntifylnir $tete bin.ling upon each '...r. which are amenilatnry of .1mw. I I.. U, tttMt to Own Type, FUt I.. COM of such bod cling, or any on* or end aeslssltF Hia.e'a attorney the Cuust..dO-s'uerat ,:.aw. or 1612aoueodauty /
.u'; ,';,. or, inure Adequatocounty yrare. The tax levy voted th. new 1illHlrlnt *I l'imi.i lutliii I mid, until by tl, nmltted I pulls th* Vlt.rl.U, Mututf I |P4 I. Kt ami. rlnting ta bn I.oue There two.family residence building minting In any eitvuu where stub Ililprall.ui *5'tC IiSIIIA a. fotlail'lplgoc. -
In ivlmll b awieawd on rolla obliKiitloiia : n t,T 01 Hfrft.. Right It.. .v..t \'.1. Re frvn. 'I'h* afor MaitlMhnll ,rlflotpies h0tItlonorm. j
" j aiy a nuuni'lnv Stale, uliall \ print lug contract" lean i hen lItS.,100 1 > or any lomaGn out may lee Th* board shall ataheve Lhc3HtltkuU
w" : : ,!II ,SI .ny apoelal for this .n.ulnl Iwo yeare: provided tliaL paroispa.. or pt-vbHttonnrii, "" ** *u to. polled Htat ii tea. 'I'he repeal cif any >r rlo html the ;t..l. Shall own buildtnit appurtenant to any, nnoh one power ill aecura urM other I legal! *. phirOPraCIlCtiSitelaiePbt1r

n h'. h iloMi nol oon.ina no fur the niHlntenancaand at .tli. tin of r..I.hn. thvr*' Kiatutn' by th*> Florida Ht'.tut** I mi, all MitloiiMl' tjpe and plate' used In ort two-famlly VseI.heluca regard lee* of advice und tvervlrea aa uiay b* IdleS(( ail purpoJtroprM., .
"' Mt leaat onIn support of schools which Khali have then. or.ntmlly. Wit| h"r..1 rii. a. rc-. shall! mil affect any ri ht ocrwi'<1 bn thi. p I M'inanr.* uf ih< aKI con.tract(a, ruwl, or of any mher typo bulKlltag coat sell, or |>roper for the am id not at itut I, detinei5o bo a nnneornbatlvprlfl-

th : / r*d-B ten prvvlotiHly been levied or aaavaaed In HtMl. Kvnutu'iAtion"I..h..d by th emtihif foie> ntiv auch n l* Mi, nor any tlvil retuedv title hid,"o to veNt In Ih** Hiat a* oft ting le- than) IB.IIUU Ort except hoola, sIitira, <-tpie a< '. onatatlnaj tot lbS

I'S"' : 'hull, the dotyd any ono or more of the dlmrirt Included UrtJl ti by On of. tliln nipnot where the null |I. pu-rUing., hi' (hula of eating. and that all type Hiiditoilimia. or other build Ings inteiuied si-o tft. It shall ba a rthliMliMii.<' nnrptintMhahle epielhmie .e4.Uw adjwaimeut manlwiatlop. -'

' "' ,.h'O.'PII.' "f publlon Within the n.. dlelrlvt ahell bn railflMtl. .|Ii. bv ndltiir. authority l Which' Ht.. ft. Witch J1I'.n II v.. The Florida and plHiea :Imtlu.Iinc! tr.t.P"owned fur th* IUMMM MNfleiiiblaie of people). Nor AM provided, bv law foi any sIlk trtt nt ot the lttlflaut. body j

I'' ,,.,In, or before tnvalldalecl by auch reorganIsatton, but Iii,. In writing of UK nix mouths" "n-. fttaiut' H '.841 shall *
..I"I 105, date Sri by altalL continue In elf.ct for the y..r. drew from the inlonuluin to h** np *.iiit.v and 'In forc*> on .the I thirtieth eli.. of petit contract ahMil bn atorad. Htate Inw b* heKI la prevent registered mills I 54.1.*
.1 ", .elUQ& ,lnt fur which, levied or .. .. Any Such HIH t.N tINny. hr.eom ti puct to the ot h"r day after the .."t. of tlte. Uovernnreh.rwiti In M.t up formt by the ..,*...'ul bIdder Itroferatunal enirtnetM'a or lhnr em thtn I liereuft lip lu lice the till *archltect -iriietarla fih-,1 are *-rtlr pressure

'the b"nh'1. tntetlVP. p'Hn' for.r I.... collected .hal .pnld Into Iliu hoc. it. mat Ion annnunclnt th. publication at his' own 4>*.iM' >n* it Miibm| t to th. .trl ploye| or Mwhortl titit tee inter their rnMponMtblA or ;to UP* or dtMplny any tilIum. pun at-Onae anal tItus Intnrfrlnwitu,

at ." ., N.IeIUAtO thu.'liii lautd or funila: the WIWI.retth.w Ruhta ant 1'1.,1.. l'"nml..lun The to Knnrt. : ,,r'C. ll'k' pinclamatUtn; \ tictlnvtrnur ) .r .f tile At torney oMi"ra I. In a wardI MupervlMlng control from per IKII. word, raid, adverllnement, ot transmission( ot vttI' en.,

"1pt..r r" M "or. h.roInaftr sot which the property on tanoa .hiill have.. puol.roitiiiilUHlun liiitu. .,llately upon I tlllt the 1"lnliu.) contracts ator....", It .rmlnn nrchlttr1ural services wlileh are OilIer levI,. nr method ta Indira ; Ibm brain tat or aaei.t tIdaSaN

","," b." lie' duly of Ih" tire paid shall. lie at the tints of pay. rhHrffml with' the duly puwir' nf .n. "h"l b. the refmrt 'f the Attorney ".n"..I I11m shall I b provided and undMrMimHl that purely Inr-ldontMl to heir Tlneerlai.t t iiiat Muoh prraon prarticea nr otYert la the body, tkwraby Causing

"L .,,1 InI' whppO5 ment. Miifh rules und p''h"I..nl t t hi" public*t Ion of call wiirk incomplete any avHHHbl Biat owned typo rptntna practice or rvgiatered arrhltit nv Illtiur.ipiuq.n practice nrrhlleoture or In t'n' arnhl edjueied, manipulated s.f

",,1r4 "I plhll., r"olon upon tat) Truateea". for I Ihe New Ol.trlet pvnitliurfrg. of r'lul.lon. .no and that Volume I and 11 I shell b* u.,1! to the extant that ar auburtlltiate under their 1 li-it. without being feglatered aa an normal. -joKUIon, ihw-
: ,. I" lbs three persons tha tun. 'a, tl ieoiioi, .. hereinafter described *re. each tho antn. may b* practlowbt All type of (
I ., N .NtIMfNctorY rerelvlna necessary to ready reapnnalbl supervising ronlrol from perform arrhtlrct and having a c rttn<**U* of lbs normal flow vital
1 ..'\ "c.pl.lOvtIofl for th.on number of vole* fleet on tile bAllot, for ctltlontt sal ..ry out tile I..n.. oon lop fliair' ibutlon to th* public. a ml pla l"a .rnr..1 aha II b* n VM IU bl* tng engineering ervlcM whttth are retf let rat Ion hen In fore un lt>eaiii Ox. vy which II1'5HII1I't'a norujaJk

;,. ,..n s.toqusIe thlutelotu.4M' the election of tu.... ehell aerve for Into. by the intents Htnt' of a .n.r" ".r. 1. Leylalat( Coitiin, ,It te*. The for use In print Ina; pnmphlota, nml oth' "rpiibluiHtliiiiM purely inchUntal lo their arrhtteoturalprMctice. ,pi ml I he reft ota by ih' provlMloim of k 'nnae )Ment tt-altn. -

"t ., 'list tIlls shaltrnIulrs the .: ae truntewa of the 8 t*. 3. pur.IRnt lo Joint leitlMlntlv n.i. ,: appointed fur use nf ih* State ami its l rovlde that no proteaaluual law: or to give false teMtlmony or ililroprartmwhn- lieS 5OI.<
.' t''"' .J ft proposal new I* rttd'shall 1 take office on the .. (on.IIII"n.lty. I any a"o- i rom the Ht-nte from in. house of aajftnt*!***, MM 11 printing to h* don. tin engineer allah practice arohltectur or knowingly otter forge.I. v.dtmu* ta th* the provlatan. of tJU.) ASt
.. drilL the lon .nl.n... clause uf RppreMf>ntattveN of the 141 leiMliur itr the MtipervlMion of the Auurnnyttnernl. d I the
." .r .ny Monday Inuanuury ; Uee the ee tf nation 'architect or any board ov any member thereof with
. ,. d'.lrllu iient-on
.' t. ".n .I followlnc lha t"r election ; pro. iiHl.ilun 1 .al.: for any afrrMn r*" )htld :In- pnrMiiM.tt, to senate ctoittiirrent reenlu- | I.I term derived th 'refrotti. and no arnhlteotM.iall intent at diHielvltig the board or any ptI anel>aa and diagaae.

. :" I' ""l.tuNor .lo,1..t vldtHt' that all lrUI.lNeI for pr.vlou.iyxIiitlng vallil not th" valhltty, lion \o. ft, and compouNd nf the follow KM*. .I|II Number nf Copies A"o'D'* practice profeaalonHl engineering member I hereof or uf ooiatnlng r glMtratlnn 'IcIng body and tnt dlae a.aiat

4, ;": I.'J',Ilr.molt.,| illalrlote tha new die.trivt tile or to bo Inon.tlulonai. elicit mil leBjlMtatnra, lo-wll j leroy i'olllnM, ,' .-" Knl,.a Fric. That tn* or use 1119 (term 'entrineer* or any term or a renewal -imeata af reir- any physical, oh-mlnal.

satIsfactory ehell Spree 'ml'\\ikvir lerina' ax* 01 ". remaining act. |)twey A. l ly., Philip, J1. 1-fHl. lvM General shall contract for and have derived therefrttm. i>therwlaek any peraon lsrallouib t or lu falsely impersonate any tliiTinal or radlonkt method
"> f I tlm fat.u pit.. known. 4. Short Till. Thin net shall b. Klmerard, on the part of the Hemtte.Mnd 1"lnl.I, and bound a nuttuioni' ,'Jlllb.. who ahal| lie engaged tu the pian rrtflMtorvil architect i i,r In use any *aptrud Ii a-ray diainoalnv. and may

art! p.lrnb', Ua' nbaervp4 (I II Dlnpoaal of Bale' ,>. ai.1 Current a Ih."orm Act for OutolfiMt Ralph Mr...ne. 11 entire Id. Holt of Copies' of volume 1 and I afore thor or dtaign fur th.*> erection enlargement or revnWeil o* rll float e of rfKUtralloni l" general nrttilhotl of ex-

"" ,i Ie .hnl, Of publlo Obl."n.. Any balaica Whoa H.* probation 6. or parole ".rv'.lon.' Russell u. Xfarrow KvanM I'rary. on the aaltl .to aupply th. antlclpitt di mtn,l or alteration of building i tar oth- or to violate th* provlniona ofthla it itiavniwla ant analysIs

",u''",, .W-rmleurt-nl. b tho ', the credit ot any achool nto I.aw Ito.Qfltes fibatn'ilys( part of 'the House, for 'the purpose of or the Htat, and public thitraforj but era or furnlehtng archItectural aup.rvla.iou nr anv other law of Ihe Stats ofKinrl'trt mt 51111001 ot ehlroprartta
'" I, .,'.1'111. hat or any current dbllvatlone out l>. 1141.' .h.1 tuba effect July 1 I. A. r-Haminlnir the preliminary revlalon' conu-. not *x**<*4H.inaj' 1UIIO<) Copies each o f Vol- l ik of bull Illigs for other* tir ruin Id- reUtlug to lbs reglairatlon of Ill any ttni-i by thM Klurlda

, ", "' .iJ I".bl.. I In.truplon or- Htandlnic aitalnet any auch district' af.reeled HHT. All pIlHtlon: Mnd conMolldatton'. iirep' r Hl andMobrnltted uniea I and, 1. Th* attwrtiey Uenral' Ing MchltectuiMl aupervlMion of th* con architect, !f ohlraiiratHIoamlna..'
"," plan dimrlciar by this act and Included In the 6. laws and pate of ,.. by the Attorney lenerel 10i ahnll letMriiilni th. numbar, *>f copies ruction thereof shell b* d<*em ii to b* Hei 11, mel 41 tl lawn und pnrt of may adjust ma
," ., ",tlttiutItC new dlHtrlul ehall be< placed to ciinftlrt herewith) are h< r.p.aid.) i ihe I Uti 'legIslature' and. be It la In-ru Ill be. bound .in paper and the number practicing aiYhltoetur and b* requlreUt law In mmniri hnrewlthar hereby Peat the human potty by

d t.r. Ilia ..101. of or aeeumad by the newditPIl3t 114 Approved*. by the Governor Muy K9, by rontlnue| aa an *.lvlM>rv conunitle of copies: to be buuiul, In ","b"r"lon': II aecur a (certlHnat and all annual ranewala lepenleri, but nn provlMlon oC any law Ic, unlnalentrlnal( Of luau
'r "t;:::;, ,., ,"i im mnile to for : provided that 1C any dIstrIct I haa to the Attorney ileneral halIng\ the :in* auoh other blndlnH aa shall thereof required by the laws of t elating lo th* practice of architectur* ruin OT by the uao of phyal-r

"I, -dunrtiiniie area hum .\ na a renult of tha eleo. term between the hIll eCu l 11141 regularMoMHlonN ad! by ih<* Attorney UMnnraUTht this Millie a* a uundillou, precedent tu which la not entirely in eon flint with l phyalntherapv llnolu-llnal

:!.l., Mhool center will. Lion the balance and current obllaa.Mfina CMAUTKR 20H90 Af' the lefflMlattirn. for (hue completion bound:: ant.t unbound .ltOt-I! UN| no doing, the leririM hereof Hhall be deemed uhe water or .stlll'lse) or by
'.. ,1.. tltor. ara or outntandina ahall be divided eqult AN ACT relating to Ihtt publlo ttnalin of the Ml It In t and publication .aId Voiuniea. t und ft Hec. t. Nu peraon Mhall be eligible (lo r

nliHl any further than to Ih* fnuda and fuauul i ronoentratna.

." ''on,"- arena are prop.t ably and. proportionately between 'the and for the pmtnctlon of nw born of 'PMiirlda. Htatutee I'M' I.' and aa A I ih. pft'rvtitry of Htattt, at a pile tu bnMd appointment aa member of the Florldi. ,oaten of th* conflict (-, ana m.y apply Ilrat aid

I ,at 1".1 IOU I( plpl.' en.rIl5 divided pert of the district the bttblftyn., and requiring. doctors and rnmmltti In connection with continuedatatulory by the Attorney tlaneral. Tint less Stale Hoard uf Arvhltectur unleMa he Approved. by tIle G.over nor June t.CHArTKR I'. but "htrupractoro are aa*
' .,,; I'' tO l I ThOt.fl.hIuos county board. by in tdw!VR. lo Una an effocti lv. .ullh.n, research and rvvlelon to report than tile Cost far the l.rlnl1na *ml shall be at the time of hit appointment bll-il from preaorlblnai nrto

for any u'lI (lint Uoml-d ObllRatlona of ICachHfhool of .iiver.flhtrate In new burn b.bh' to the 1 4S lflnlav( aeaMt''nn on blndlna .thereof, the prucewda or auchutlft a nlllaen of tIle I'nlted Hi a ten, a Florida hi > any person any ma i*

:;t" h: Ii urti'nl center U all IXitlrlct. If any -choul dlatnctIncluded ; dto require* at leant one of th) r. ir- thin Mubjoct and any n.1 all raMonMbl 'lto be paid Into lbs Uenvral' hevu.nu. rentdent, and a reg.Miered architect 1(1619( $riipraw'M tg Included In Mat-rla M. Wim

I ,h nllnlml'? area to within the fleW diatrlut r.I'. practicing physician who has and peMMary, ipenM. Incurred by the th I Hlat; provided howevwr, In I hla Hi ate, nor unit*** ho shall AN ACT relntlntf to raminerotal flah performIng any Surgery
I) bnInlIIrlee, of any dl" hue. 'n.'oo the appllciitlon of any p *rwon. men,bem of such committee, In aervlcoii that tile. Attorney ilMnaral, Shall II* have hnd. nt leant ten yrara prevli-ua ; I hi>r lnabn eta tea or from
.. outelandlnv. obllica* to Ins i in amiHtd Ileciluihi I 11, t hapter1UII1.
I. satla..afsr prnctlct midwifery to Inptriu-l ,
wuthportion ala' m.n-raldnta
rentlered auch fioutmlttee b ih tu obittriolilronraotar-
aa advlanry piliv ,
"b '0 be tlona the of .'n. aurh, dtetrlct > upon experleiu'* in the Independent practice Uawa of Florida. Anl* c-f I if ft. $
'obl.8lon. In the unit of auch .lv.r.nlra.u( And the MM me hereby I* ileclMred. to bit In o*.'..a of 'h" UriC ui>ou aalaa torMldtitat of architec-ture under Ma entitled shall In any
'An Act to aval
tmictloable. Ibo Pror the area aonUn.orlitlnallv.' an Included ObllRatlonaairalnat solution and to provide. ltd propermm* chnrireiible Mrnlnut the but not *0 b* luna 'Iban on.. own name, of which live ymir ahallhnve lute the unit water protect tlnhlntr Induatry rcgu rnt In any publlratlon of tho

, t \'bii: organUediV dlatrlct obll-in of wither a doctor' or tiild-wlfa to use elui.rnlniailn made for nncoMMary and thir t int.r, than the print' to reatdenta.Ht been within th.* State of Florida. rMlmll In the HtaiH of Klorlila, ao1 ta d** '' .>rl'la, advert toe tha prlr-na
tII the school for which the
within the county I.inf I. Such solution nf allver-nltrat In new rcKulur' ripenite, of When nullS certain watera sail aaatnemled
.n. dIBtrlcl, which would O.tln. were created. any honda born babies yea ahull bo cauH fur thfrnvocation Including the Statutory revtrttuiidi'pnrtment n." O.ntral, Mlia.ll apply' for and see practice and, not lees than fIle Chnrter aa 11794 Law., of shall have the u-o
herein by ,
..It rtwiiiala, SuCh no that with. board an nhall prescribed' full of Much pf>rmin'ii lloi'tifi to thereof durluir the 144111)43 '- cure proper rnyprlvht protection .In b*. year eniCrIenl'e aa a tnembttr .1 district I. ''floated on. the county aMnuiiie re- practice .n.dlrlu. or midwifery; and, to blennlum ant shall be paid by hiiir nf the stats of Florida for the f-acully or the School or 1-epartment of I.MWM af Flnrldii, Ante of l"tft.. and by laboratory which la aupport-
ptOpOJOI l center .ponalblily for ..rUrylnl the n.o..y p.ovhl. any paraon now lla n vd the comptroller ...''ut.. pubIc anotatlon anil, all In
p..rflIItOfli' hlKh school and Ih.t upon requlnlllun approv Archllnctttr* at th* VnlveraHy of Florida. Chapter |11155, Laws of Florida, Acts er part by publlo laS
,...In. ta. for pay* to pruo-tlcd midwifery doen not furnuiia ed by (lie. Attorney Qenprnl. other material lnrlu

rb, ", ,.rlnt.n.l-nl to Sub- on the obllvatlona, aa they come oartllluatA from on. of the phynlulanauponnorlnc II... e. Attorney tnfrnl' AulhorUedn volume nutluirland: : hir<*hy and by ChapitM S'tle 9. The Florida mat Hoard of of nf Florliln.101,1; Actn repeal of Chapter Ilm. Chapter 11T94. 1luin. titrm. Vhlropraotlo or dee.

ni-i.lailo-i- 'Ttu county due.n her application fur 11 .nun Alter _lIon. eta, Th At torney 19 Ill'>t Arts of I IHMii. '1'"* ... of Architecture hall hnva power to aIls Laws of Klort.U. > -t* of amiby ''ntiraotlo ahall ba cionatruad,
, < Jlt.lfl.
,, pn-pnra n. deaorlpJrI ) Procedure If Proponed Oritanlaa- within flu) rtitva after thm act bftroinna fleneoal In preparIng Tlorlda Hiatutea1U41 such uopyrlaht. matfrlnl bv prlvat put*. and be cued In Its otllclal nam na anMKnt Chester ll aot( I.MWB of FtorldoV ] practltlonr -hlropraatlo

.hli, of ah propound 10< not Approved. If the majority ot .I.w, the H''t' Hoard of Health .h.1 fur puhllcatlnn may, and nothing ItMht-ra Mlialtbn' MUthorlmd by the At.
''I V hVn h. tl 0.mii adequate votfM cant In the alttctlon. In Lila, ., r.vok. the .no. to .".h ""..n In ibis ...t ahull' Prevent tie Attorney toint/y Dt'tinral only In tli I av nt proper and. reiculuttonH aa may b*, neoeM II nf 4-hupt .0111, l.twa of f I or hit-, : .lilroproiTtlc mr-tltoi of

,4 i" iulr innlproonrlbod, lira area Innludnd In nny proponed n.wrtlHtrlct practice nildwlf.ryt and provhlo" fur- Clennrul. In I thv further i.reimretlon, of .nol adtMtuat cIuIlpenscti.,1, IM aaouratl aary tn, gitvei Ua proueedmg and reg- ACM| of ItHDi; mul to repeal Chapter I. hariiby dnllneit to moan

, t n litII r iiriMiwre' ", a me p ori are opposed to the orxanlxatlonof thor that any person wi" hops. MM 1.1 work for permanent publlnatlnn. to (h. Slats nf Klorlda. and upon Much lids the praclln of archlle 'lure nmUr tOfl.Ki. I.Mwn of Florida Acts .of ivt3, i. rim-Inn of ohlropranlla

.d i"" itlon of till Iiro.montary the now "I.trh't th.nba original, after loCke .pplraUnn for lluvnan tuprartlcie from sinking, out Mgtirca uppMurtitirtherein trm soul' contracts' aa are roummfmd, the lIlaC of the Htala of Florida. rrlntlng la ihti method of taking ahti|, Ihe phy-lial oondlllune o(

,.1.,.. 1 ami hIgh ,1.tr"t., In arol Shall be oonUn".o .hal fu.n'.I' ortlflcat when aqch flguriw are only" a td by 'the Attorney lenvral and approved flee, 4. Any ,Miltplu Of fe .M hut) ren.nnn .- and herring hi curl am touiitvla, hnily in ilHterinlna the ab

'" ". their' altendnncahiiunilarla Lb. : bIennIum I .ho.lnt tb.t poren baa repetition of written wwnla' : nor from by th. boftrd of stale Inatltuilnua of th* biy nenvaaMry lo defray i h* proper ntluna of lie human oraanto -
,.,' 'i at ,.chl' county .r3n'' within Six| weekSafter been In.lu..d use o allvrrnitrnta Innrrilntf written Wor4la In the plane' Htat of Florida. All rvenu t1rlvdtrum en l>*iiNa of lbs ilnard pheil be pe id an- lit II :ntM'tti hv the LrgUUttur uf the d-lermlne, autth funntlonannrmully

Set anti of .. Ills b'annl.1' election null and hold In the eyes ot nw boru of HKUIHM. of th* acme, Impnrt where this M. un<. wll b* ilepoMlted In fluIdly to the Slate Trwaaurer, and nhnl| Nlute of rloriiWiHiM'iUtn eipr-nead. and how
ronalilera ...h a special election In each of the din be bits.It. fIgures only appear| ttor from altcrlnir, the ajMiierMl rv nu* fund of this Htat. thereaftt-r, be paid out finlv uium, thn 1, ilual Hectlnn II I, twa nfF Vnna are abnormally enpr na*

I .1, I 1 hi" wcBkn In a.J.l tries Involved to determine mlllage to it ltnavt.d l by th* Leglulutor. of th. the number of sections or other' aubtlvlnionH See !II. UlMtrlbiitUm, of CoplHM, 'I hut P01111 lull hilfl of t he boa rl and the approval I 'orl'ia, Aitn hit iwVA, atitndei by be oaitev uf atit'h abnormal
I i wlili-h the tent". UH levIed and the trunteen to serve for Mate or tlorliltfti < thereof or supplying anyflinlNMlonft free CM>plN of \'nluiiiea 1 and' H afore of the Governor for the pureSt,,.. of reference Cha l'i"C I 14Tv4, I.*wa of L'lotii.u, Acl* &

'h,. -l"tn by nulnnlttnd to theihi1 the .n.ulnl blennlum.. 'l'ru.t.8. aelecteil Section 1. -- phyMliiUn, midwife, In number Uiir *"lin' section., ot, Mftld, h.*r.ln edited, a Mt when aom- iMMikM. iiermanent *
.. bit "rlnl n- 8 special .election shall taker nr other person.rrn attendanr::: at the other .b-Mentlona thereof,j nor In reference pit.. Mhall bn distributed to the fol- aiipMllea for the, Mchmil or I lwpartmuntof I ida. Acl of ItUo, and Oh>tptr 19660 an-I Mrorlalona if hIs Art la au.

ear 1 county. all Bup and at t all other trunteea biih of i In the Stat.* I la r.. to the numbering of such .". iiwbnut. : Archlteriur of th. rnlvereity of Florid I.MWH nf. Florida,, Ant, of 101* be> I analyaa abnormal bodily
LTVml:I. :, i-o.y| mipurlntenifent of, I ,map of r" o l e.t"n tIle llrnt Tuenday after "uuirml to. .hli or have Inatilleil Into lions or oihnr auHjlvlaloiifl' thereof nor u". Mt to each of the JtiMtlne of the *. tIlt, StillS IN hereby anitndwl ta read \ *od to ailjiiat the physIcal

StOUt flrxt In following the within hnur from Pupromtf Court of tho United Mtatao, ills 6 rogl *ered to ea followa i of lha
: HU in ann Monday January eyea of the bnby onn r..groupln.! any part thereof t nor Hec. All peraima now primary cause of
.," in for uu..." moiilvailmipHrlntMndnnt their after birth a on. percent fresh aolutlun from: correcll; ma nl Teal clerlnal: andtypugrephInc. ht .1"..11..M of the Huprem* 1'uurt of practice architectur ,Mhall continue ta 'Kor the pttruoa,i of this Act, thaHI thtmnes i 4a herein d-llnad and pro

'" amlatlona ha to< ) Kapannea of EI"eUon If any dla. If ailvr-ntrat (with data of manu- errors appi'irlnff. I therein) Kliiil-I'M. tltH italIcs: of the clrcuH:: I court be MO registered but all arnhltc>cta tutiMt J.-hriB River, Including Dnninr'af.Mket rId I.a an lnrtdnt to the care

et: and .halI trial aa proposed approved In the factors niurked on container), two """. provided :iiowever that the derlmnltern ".. of appealu; nf lie llfth circuit. of. th* apply for Mnd obtain Miinunl renewals MM far south ** Vvluain U.rtieing or. I ". Chiroprtclora may advleapatlnta

irs .' : ninnHHtlnnH; eug.I : ., tha .expenaea fur election of the olutlon to b. dropped Into each 4.f '.lumbering al.all b. retnlned.. And Vnlit HtMtHM, 'the |. rtt>ral PlutrlutjiitlM or their reglMtrutitm MM |in.videl by law. Heanon, V* a* a Otvldln line, snubI tilt In all matter

,V i k holy board for ooKniallvn .allInvlni .rlon. paid' from. the fund. credited eye after the oyelidi h.v been oprnedj: the .ork or revlMlon a. tItus o."tnI.l *>M .lillnir within (lie Rtata ofFlori.ln. New applkiMHt miry b* lmittd by the and Ihnt pert of I'renocni Lake lying psflS la hygIene and aanllary

Th plnn with to the dlatrlct. If ttm organization of or name equally prophylactic' tin-! an amended In thin art shall b* the tin Attorney On.ral of the board upon MHHinlnatltm. 'I Ii* ati,pe ofIh In ftunnmiunty, ahnll b* and are ilisit ii tati-hi. by renoKnlaed obi

'"niorUlH' and rocomman any dlatrlct aa proponed la not approved approved by Urn HtniH itonru ui' health) l".w of thin Htat an provldtvit In this VnltoO Htatt the mmbra. of tn. nail entrance,practice einmttiMtlnitMhiill ponaldered, alt) WIlts, and Onh may funhnola and r-iilli'H-a.
[.h.il be mibmlltecl by tha eouii- thav expennea of the election In for the prevention of bllndnena fromOphthHlinU not. road t'ominlnnUm nf Florid th* Klor be Much MM la tjetermlne the iiusiill'iitius 1m ellen lull Mad by the Mtlatn o( rot i'' this Art -hull be liberally

,,ttti4fl' lo .the oounty board that nreu nhall be jiBliI the Neonatoruin. A record of Hen. I. conflict of I.... If any *e.. hla tIl.netor.: : antl )tepreacntatlves In lb.I'onirt'ai ( of the Mpplluant ta tiratitlr* ihln State mid ponton not nliinanalliArtof eutnOiru and. 1C any pnrt or portion

: uI_" f.".r IK consideration.e.I.. .on. or In county current school fund oOfuhaoreotv. such admlnlatratlon or Inoll.Uon .h.1 lIon In the fjlvll part 0't tile> .'10;'".' of th. I'nitfd. states the Jud>ti* nrrhltenttir end Mhwli cover Much tech aubjert ta th* restriction* ndI tul.. ileplarpil Invullil.- n* (h* *n_
-- ---k. v. be reuorted nn the HtMtutea 1041. (rentlna a or''line or oi'.. ...... t.I la.i.a.I' ."..o.'ln.I ALIor.ats slash ami i.rufMat.iltitt.al ubttiiitai MM rttlataIII piiia; : lijieraitf in any pi;;raon, alt.
;;;;;;.r hlnnlnl; ; dlatrfot, eleo. flea. I. Repeal of Conflicting L.w. nhowlnw the tint"well, rvnpnct. leH the Mrrlbltitf' a punlahment; con diet with of .14.iI.-.a.; ; Court of I""orll. arDhitecTtur* and DIM (IMIU arts and I hit* Act or olhnrwlMM. No seine xttItrealer ulitnist far thing la ileiiUrml late I.

! :.'it by be heia.mm All law or parta of law. funeral .p. birth and the kind: of prophylactla admlntHteredi a ny a rt ion reluilnir to and tn the) Hoard, of .'uunl, Com III I. Mnlencea, a knowlmlg nf which I Is tnaterlnt length than 1,101 yard over lul, tl ll'lliy' n f the remaimliir of

'; Hoard to Ant on Tentaini. olal or local I, which cunflict.With : provided that thU section np.. the 1\.rthh.fJ" Prevail i shIners Mnd HtliiKd Hoar. tie in the mate, ta the proper underMlanillng. applica -> ell, Incluiltng fmitlnat idrc.n, shall b* thin ;- and/or lbS applicability

Ii will b. the duty of the the provialon o.Lhl.I .act ar. hereby r*. hit not apply to OnION where th, par.enta "". 10. Htatute, Aruwniltfil, by H..ftlonnf 'I'o 'the Governor and the .....1 wabln t Inn and praniU1 nf the prlnulpl tlMhad. In Cia ,waier* of Mt. John River, tItsP any oth.r poraiin rlr-niii.

iiaril In any oounty h tn which pea 1ml.Ht allah til.* with the physloUn, midwife 1941 in be Includwt; Htatute* He.pealed t nilli'erM of th,* Stats ttirh ""'b .* nf arihleoture. All appllvantM for emMinlnntlon ln.iu.Illug iMictor'M l.alts, a* far Mouth i flail thing Khun runt ha affnrteilnd

oh-iil dlnfrlrt.' '. which do not ". a. rnponatltutlonallty of Pro. or other In "n".ne. at Left Out. THe Attorney of ''aeiii MM Nhall b* requisitioned| by Mhnll, eNtabllnh by aatlNfiiotoryevhUnce MM Vnluxla Har, unlng l.ennon T* a* a. Ihereb It la the Intention of the

'.1 r-qulrftnxnta for .I.qu.t. If any neotloii, aub->aectUm. the birth. of pernnn child written objection oral: shall MM MOOII. a* poHlbl, .rO'r.: them, provided thnt not more than thre* tu the HuHrd with their appllAHtton dividing line, and (just part of Cre ant Lagiste ;: 10 praarrve any and all
I lt herein r".lv. vl.lnn. .,. shall be MA dlMtrlbuted' ta the' HenreMtMiy that they are tWeilty'tiie yuaranf l.nk lying In Putnam County Nopound. kid Act II
.1..1 irenienu, vlauae. phrase or of on account of rellHloua bnllvfa contraryto adniirnment( I his Menu Ion of the 'leglitlature ( parts poaelbla.
' i pra. worl .1o of Mtate Coiitrnlafflnner of Agriculture thnt they either tiltlNena of iuar* net trap or g.t deVIce beat: That sIt laws ntnltlot .
a.I 1".1..1. this act I. for any reation thu. I ihn u.. of drug In nuch eaae the amend the Florida Htntute, till, age, are i ur parts
inly" to (?nhIuVI roiI.w, MI,ate, Trcaaurer. Plates have ptmdlnN auch a* Mre commonly iti* d. ChaP -be kts.s'e i
clurHil, to b* Inoperative physician, mIdwife. or other person In a* aiibtnltted by him. ea BIt tu Incor the Vnlted or herewith be and litenureby
.1 l .mm. ,tin rnrofully, to con or void elicIt uneoh.lulon.l. shall attendnnr. Hhull record In writing on porat with the body fit the text th,. and Huperltentlent of Publla I In..r..oll..n dfHilaratlon of Intention MO to tmcuin, tidied will lea than I Inche *tr tnn*-afil.| and In all

", n.lntlona' which may tint affect, the remaining' portions of the birth cerUtlcate of such chthl that amendment. made to any of the Mtatute and' ,provided' that one ant ahull be dl. that I thny ar* of good moial 'viliAracteri en omit lImit net of Mtnatlei moH ev.nt ;. .1 caeea ibIs A-f shall but

.. ..jbi' u.il" by the Htate 8u- this ; and It Mhall be eon.tru.,1 auch measure Were or war not etna of thin Stats at the present HeMHlon ot fiibuied t for use by envh attorney in tIle hid t il..y sre graduateii of an accredited Ity Till,the Sum CtttnntlnMlomir lined on M round*Conaervatioofnr rtenlgnaltMl boOMf r i.ahauon changes In Art Attorney General OttU-e hiHh i Mchnnl have *diioaiton equlva- fit. Ii of other Acts In
the IttgUlative, Intent played and attach thereto such written 'the leiilMlatur' wherever Mali amend nr quirMfl any ri.geeg *
Limuli, aa may lie found neoea to .thla not without such nncnnntltutlunallty. .- objection, mont do. In express i-rme refer to '1'... free volurnea ahall' b* bouttila t ft nt thereto, n.l l that either: ((1 ) they ciat.'liJng hen Ing, No haul or drag? t he prartlno of ehlroprat'tur.

,ilm bonrd to Insure Improvo. piles Inoperative or part See 2. The State Hoard of Healtrihall 'the section of the H'vlM| ilennralHtatuteM :Hie' .Attorney: :.n.Oh"'Ic"I: ; chadb. are p.s'llalCN of a nchool or enllerffl of shah MMint h nt* llNhnil luCre than in htcotor's 10 nice L.silCN he* dftep 'Wit. b a, nr whu may apply for II-

, thy ,'h.nl program In the tltt rln ant the .In.alo this oaud to be prepared and put Into of Florida or, 'tn mutton ..n"rh"I'I.r" butne bound Vulume archltenture apiiMHrtng tinnr* the Hut Of loon- i i-tioe ililroprauilo In the
ilul. in bcforaOctober 1 ; .. ,Mvired ties III wash mMiibtr, ot honle and roUewee of arvhtIM liniil. of rlrng 51.11111 i of tnar Utna$ > AAHiwHlii i I ,,
: or contHlnera one percent friiNhHiilutlon of the Inwa ot KlorlrlM' enHrledalnue > approvt'ii ltd urlilo.
such part 11 n-r M.
exclusion of or pi
I i'. bl'. tinlnl I arhool, dlatrlct act part, tler ahall the ho d.!>.i.Hid: uml. ltci.f to belie nf nllrute nr ullvnr or nonintu the .nn..t".nl .if the ht.vleaitl.neral th* liMiMlnture' of Florid fur 1 all. Tim' tilT, a* ailtintnd atid iiubltnliMti by water*** uf teat in shall Ml. John|>* HMneil Hlvr loan aoulfr./, I'l'hat this Act ahalt like
. .11 I tha H'cretMi of Stale I IS hurftby authtirtaed the tMiMPd In Ita rut** with graduation *
ii| [iriiiiii-Hla' for or valid If exoludttd had that
M p.rt. bait
dlatrlct. .ucl ti eachunga, f roe roplva tit VciluineM 1 Iherefromvld n ir,t by a diploma evltlnir the > ,
ahtlfffactory been herHn; or Ills by the 'State Uoard if Health to be fey rienerul Mhall omit any otlona ort.tuhls int t.Mk lying In tVulnatti poll v or upon *
not it 6t.llentg, *n>y
k.lf. Nmlilfiij. herein containednt thereof ahall beheld diatrlbuted fr... wit* 1n.itrurtlona for expreeitty repelled, at thin aeaMlon ant I foreaald will those Htat. dealrfng forth the Mppll-'ant'g degree, ortl foe p.ulIt law irlihnilt such avpruval.fcy .
provision thu. of aa.ublriH
act or M.-in
'the county board from any to any purwon. group UH.. to 'local health om..... to enable' of th* l gtelature.. The mar. .". tu eachang ih* .atatut luwg of ( that they have hail sIx yenra of llnh of A ten*purpo alas than a stretched any bIt tlm Uovvrnor Juna K.ivlaoii .
,nutlva plan which mayI.4 In.pplo.bl. auf thorlty I is ." amend th.,lr own Stats, thiruf practical experience: In archllenliir InIhe 6-
SUCh health officer to dlatrlbut a any lt46-c4
hind of properly.or II.h of t
Y/'V inphem
of persons, o1"h'.Ith' cxeept on* _ _
Omitted That .
, *. 19. Certain HnatloiiM fiftica of Ulieriuflt'cl arrhuent orarchttt
: arid In It.r cf an |
Incorporating .. holdlnff not flclent tiuuntlty to each physician and bent or repeal or accom hunureti parts of the footing olrcle _
.rl .Ial the following, eao it one, and part ot eo- ct* SolaCed In the pravLlr of YCl1APrlam 10170
''ho Bnnna for .the thereof midwife within MH territorial Jurladio. p.nylnlf I rvvlMlon compilation and cnnaolldatlon
rvl.lo. any he I trie, h-e
ills, J1/4 atretohert meal Hami
..tth"\\t "".r.1 'in E.elnn., Ine. or clrcumntance.Hec. tlon; and It ln< hereby made the duty mad. or auttii>ri>e n by this tons contained In lbs saul draft t.r re arch It eet ura as n proflissil.n l or 43 beg > l/V Inuhe MtrLhtj mesh I 1' ai'i-nitliir prtlon 7 ifW
property )
per on. vialon of MHld Atotiney General and that they have. had tuilitfng, which dish ( Law of Florida, loll
Ih? duty' of shah local health otlloer to make such act MhrunU 'liptet lila, ,
b l
4 krrectlvo Date. This act of arir>r lo.iny tarred ana gill nets
I i ,only affected by tha its a"".. dlatrlbutlon. to Indlicenta. whit. and col Seed 11. Compilation of 1941 Act In a. numbiired therein, ar. Hereby ..- bv found, nythv board to bu fully W<|UIVM- ahnll not h* less than I I/I IfloU btf' beIng, I a same a> Hm-tlnn Hill, He.wral .
t." effect upon bu"ollnl from reeriactment a* a part of lent nf eIther I Ill ahoy**. All cciuinetluuul ,
ceptetl or of Klurlda. laso.
for Htatuf-e
d. flection RevlMlnn.Vh the
tn IncorporateILK whore health officerIn n copy
Jun. ft, ored. In cress no ft nrh ret oh ml
( or Ml iiinnlv anil not
t" m>t Inter, than October .Alpruved> by the employed the Stale Hoard of Health 'Florida: HtatuteM ,1..1' prepared the aid revlJlon, and tha ..Id, Hntltiua. and I by the (Ill, Imerd. Shah bn l liMtr, CIII yard ( lono tirovldea. howeverIhwt mor* and -, Bon Ill, fumplled tlniralllirlda
!In. the r-atiliir; biennial school ahall furnlNh uch, prophylticttc propa- Attorney Jeneral ahall oompll and In. pitrta of Sect hulls.' ahull I bw ornlttflti trout. written niiepl i list In lhi. < HUM of un net* of a less MiNrt may h* flehea/ t.aw. ltX7, Ha anirndNd t>y

''O' Jin. a resolutIon CHAHTKR 20465 rations and limtructlotiH, free to .."Iphy'rl.n. clud therein' 'In un appropriate plan thv publlMhed 'KtorlU atMlut, 1 lat" erl'iliIeut hrtafiir.* regleterw.i l n* cui, for herring and shad slid othrvom* $.ct ti :* nf Chaplnr UKI, Lawa of

I'll 'lakvn by lha board .t.lnl and midwife. or other' person In and claMMlflontlon I I iueving reference toth to-wlt: : 1,1 i M not her CIa!** or itnunty, ho MhallatMuliMh ttinn-lal llMh entabllMhwtl MhHl and}- f'IuI't III, by Mrrtlon I ot fhapt'rK
Itt aOI AN ACT authorlalnir ."poworlnl olnMHl'lcaUon Mm'ton| Hf.l* relating to the to tile board, thnt lIe htI, tM on 1504-. at rturliU Acts of tOll
i hlU'"'."". of each the of atkndanc at th. birth of m child. Any arrangement ami of herring limit, after Ilellig I dvMlnnn.t4, ,
I s I.. .1 illBlrlrta' It also dlr.el"l the governor I. tt.t. by the the 'Florida Htatule 1941' adopted here. fit,ate road system being hlitfiwav' ..1cm'unction eilitolted tar a Iuerloi lt, at lotiet tell Hoard a 04 i I. ('ha|>t-r lutti, l.nwa atl
(h if- volution or proph> by the of Conaervaliun. uill or,
.h.I with the consent
oh ,uf ,,the" rnunty bOr,1 that ..... of the United tstat.., ta entar Into Slate MOH' rd of H c'II"'b C' ilh7lo the by. all atatutea of a ..".r..1 antl pertuanent .. Ilia permanent material'voluili, shall' be of omltte.l be' Florida.HtiituteM from year Mrrhlttrvlur In HIM Independent uu<4r hlM lawful own illume nrurtht.tof ills trammel, nets nf nnfe lea than t Inch* FluIrt. Ai'll of hilts rolallna four lo l iii.stary > .
"r" held nature which, ere of trn-rnl MPpllvatlon ttlona and presIding yuar
in be
in .
t'h" Htnt of data) of manufuctureHMO tielyhed menh may b* ua d Aurlntitiown
I"'U.n. compact on beha of Who ahall uiiHhout tlie Htate. eimnteflat JIM I. All eilMtlng highwayana bnnr.t may *>Hi>inln* aurh appll'ianK byi leJlOa metiibere of tha political
ind HM the United S. That p raon MMHon on 4ithtf t tin I.
the any ,
.. "'Iurll' with any Htate ot rofid dttMlgnation, law. and all auch h alenlllltluufl lirutI l lMtiilnwllon Sc- ritlflhlispClsb '
11 written
MI or nmmlltvaby
b""-" 1 nhiiU the tall MHNMlon, of' Ihe IntrlMlature' baNv utIca
r dIstrict election ,
attend Infant reportany Any 5,11,5 net, trap or other flahlnif
Inm .m1 ,lifter, 'the llret Mon AtMtftM t legally)! Jolnlnt, th.r.ln for uut-and nurse.indttiiunMttim or any or annul tori I dlnuharv assigning to .11(11 lawa 01 f! the lOll: sea' eta. that heooiii law a* a reault .if "0' nf Mart written 5,1,1 l part tl.vlis upnrated, of |leeS Nlaen mean.Hinn .,, 6$ t'aI by the tUlalnre of the
of Htat : of Die 1 Uti 1 MMMltii are ex preMlyvoti iirol. ir. Mamtiiail'm' any 50I'III'sOt -
probalon.r. huh upon any
'i" ylrlsta,
.I l elect' said uhlld that ihalldevelop Hloit aiuu ihnii. '*>r anil Mi-tlon Identlttcn* liereln. shall ilts ,
to the of pmmirlbed b
nit for In PrIma
.n"h.. | .' eyes sid effect aKnirAl hits bitartl tul ,
parolee.; provldlnv. t Inued lu toll I turtle Mb n II hi r<*iin l hy rhapt.ref
4 ,*:' > i .. niujorlty_ , : : State
In ,th*.I..I,, territory the form of tile the local health uflluer or llcenaedphy the' Fi.rlIs Stetuteehell' laws of Hi are l ha itiallili-il aol l-tlnlutcni |lii MIIHMITI tUtu |a being used contrary tit !law 5,4,, riorl.ln, III I, being the
that such compact Mhwll inrlud to .".pt.1 from any and every I Mir I of arch.' .h I e'i lire thmi upon
I ''a uh tif the school : : which shall bv madi adopted soul enacted. hereby, MMla by vnpreMHly iirittitlv l-siht; until or drng aelntr ureaarlbcrl Ink 5501* wtlnn 3i>ft, Hivta-d tlenrelii
. projo..d term and conclltlona 'under. which aperson alula n. report lie) >li confulneil.In flit of (thi fM prvMi-rlbud hylnv .
r pHymnt Hrtlimld
Ptatlat 1 lelil. and
but all
bi chap
I and Ii
appropriate InDoor : lined
ijpriivi| > within Mix hour. I :1" I"'r.'el'I Una' Art shell ha with av fitnglo
or ,. 1 In the rdHlMtrailim allah h* "
lit placed on probation r.I..I vuiitpiled, and Included 1I < iiormun rit tlfltint* of 11tll C Clen-ral taWs of (Plor
d': fall tn and eectlon MO
who (era bug only and other seIne
, 'Ibm." i BB,ir proponed dlatrlcta' and...I aplo the- on parole by one $tate party to .url comply SeO 4.with That the any provlnlona person of thin act In aald Mtatutory ..rk. and not in. volume. 1 of : 1u..I.h: 1 the aliall table tain tit Information Uaiuml to Much appllrant- authorl-tlnn nrt'liiiHtTlur slid ll) lie UNed lit na banta sp sUch ornet Salt,., Ida, .' aa anienild by Hellion 1 ofl.
rild In In von oMe > him lit l.roras.ihifl of -
to prat'tlr*
compact may .o.th.r 11.1. | rinrlile 1015,
d't-rniliin thetruatea to shall II. puuimiubl' by a *flue ot not more eluded In the oinclal prInted< eomplUtlon or altMll It Ii* aiirrouutieti in say niftnner iIiepjs ill l. Lava
> i party to audi compact .f anil rvvlelona' accompanying tills act |>nrHt* table of all hlgliway and rual.lesignmtloo In thin Htati to and mcliii hug ,thei* Sad SW nil ml by Vllupter UH l.awa
by devIce
' any net or fur beputrptaO
tux ba IOU "0.Haa.
' ,1.I.h.t mlllacano of and suparvl.iun over Out- tlmn blllM. giving county' and I ihi flUt day uf July. tiMKt. Mi.bJ.ipt i,>
"" ,, visitation' thla sot hall take eff ctthree shah b. Indicated with a source note, of natvhlng vf tilelucia '.of P1 ., Asia at l lOll. be and the
and 5. That any
,., h
blnnnlum. and parolnaa with m .r."o. low ( *
tugelher the of rrnulatinir
numbor pruvlMlun
probutlonem roaii Ta-ima read
.. tu
"h material, ao aa
following | r-liy
.gIr> I "lard, or.Ht.t. bwconilnir, law Immediately htMl may have pcea..t throUMh a. un
; m (live Notice of under certain oondltluo. nuonlhs after % the aeaMlona sol chapter number nell'Wasutry praelit'H uf Much profvaalnrt, Mn ' It hull he the duly the .r..t Hec. 6. That the State lioard of Health clearly ahoarlng that Bald ectlun orchapter lo dr Site llrnt *eln*< It attitli be unl-.w<* 'Pa f
the ahall beprot.'riy
In trtflltiMl
such prtbatloniand ato
In which to local th* original' after prnvldiMl Much of t'litnow.ra
B the manner of such mutt.plistiu.ii ( 5 (OOI. firnnliallon -
not part
BKI law was a ful for annwlatlon
lu of this tf
ranee, notloe. I I. .lIr""to.I to send a copy any purnn. per.
to theState ] rMiieweil law
( .t purolera shah bo .turn.o and lmldewlfe and revision' at the Ilm. of this publlMhed 1 l law aa ) firm or corporation tf oatah n-Itt ) Protlea Alloed. Thaytl
fo the organisation' .d.'o .. the to every licensed phyelciaa < 10.'* Addition Source NoUa. All provided however. that no Cetlfliat. Sins > any
' >< It probation p.rolo. of and IdentifyingMuoh Heo. Mnh fV.. the water th State -aintulll-a, of rack poaliall -
to be .r.nlnl In the Htat. paeeag I iii oC H*, Johns
'i"Ire lobl.h.o : : :: etoom by the Governor Jun '. .t. I.\bl'II/j\ proper Hnnat. new mutter' Inserted In Volum asa shah b* lN ued Khir with or withoutan Uivep eoiith, to Volunla Har. ina.udtn; llams. Ob.jat| of two mam
.uec..lv. w..k. begInning rg.tak" rule. csrrr Approved number tn show It. rult of Including' ant rn acting aa amlntloir to any mirpuratlon purlnnrahlp bersa' We015fl. frum e.ehsoU ,
t P.I"I": house or chapter Jiontuf labs and thai part Of Cr s
. daya and anuIen 1141. ...lhorl..1.noJ *
not conupact. 1941 sessIon aa firm Jlsso"tlIiOn tu pr ntlarnhltaotur Mt'att.
. *.. before ouroe omitting the tit'!''* t* .h acts tlon of th or cent lhe, lying In Putnam County he who shah be elect.
the data of shall hereof ahallbe hut all
flection 10 tn Ihi Htat artlfl -
Qompact iltroted eleo-
ll from 'Florida Htatut** in41. Th mat with "in* nt lt.psail d r yeera In the primary
S0718 any pound ,
notlrea to be mir.lh..1 and CHAPTICR not IrnmdlHtely .
: publIshed I.ad alien of law Indicated wtlh a u.o. atva ahall b* lo Individual ptriNinM.Hta.
' have the tsp Included un-lnr authority of thin' nets other dhlng devfcaa (laO [in the year 1141 every
Section 1 of Chapter 01 ,
ip-r ecoepl
: piibllehed within the AN ACT to auoh material Ci-' slush haadr.ltel
4. MaraaftMr
following m
until > |terslln
remain r.noun..ent b prima (fads, vldeno of hook end I lIne. Ill'rod (ouip' fthereafter. The membera
ahall and
.h.1 bln.lnl Law of Florida. Act f1M29 rol, bsl i -
haying general circulation l.Hio mntlond In .0. BrrhUt.tturo In. I he
of such liar the source not ( | tu prattler <
ot, hue tftate.Hee. t the law In all eourta Iwevii tile hurst day of April and
aunt t It Act to prohibit the th
n. newspaper la plb11 : : donning certain dutirs.and entitled : "An of Florida Statutes, State wlihotit an Nainlnallun cerept lit first day of 6-Ill after ih-lr, -l-i-llon inert
; ofttuera IS Content : Jun et each a
T 'in ."""; thou the lnt"d commission purchase of motor Vehicles by State 1I".0rlnlln.. of PeDartment or acoordaan with of the folio wlntrproctMiluraai year, enonptMliad
will .anus eounI th* parole In all caa.s where 141.' Itttlng' Volume' 1. The p.r".nnnt.d ups and herrIng aa herinaftr Ilm 51.11 ae by Murllng; from auiounlv
It or employee Law Th. Governor *ntl cabinet (a ) 'If hat a rsrthhliate of
or operation
providingfor I of t'ne 'P'lorIduahltatut.e subject llu.ip chairman, and 5 vlri**
Volume Med
under htIui I other
ailcl has been mad ,uon of umnirulal fleI It a
) caught
o eltFllon appropriation with the Illlnrfof
to ba poated In date and repoailnglaws no apeolfla 1941.' shall contain the fol- um cere, and department Jieadri iUlratlon ahalt IM ItfNiinil upon lnuld nt to shad and alta of whom hall be a men
J1 Puhllr placea' In each' of I.Inl .r.elv. It authurlnlnir the aam/ to exempt purthfi approval of the Governor may within iiplKittlofi and nytn< nt >if Ui la *Mnifwa herring 0ahing, Sne auch. other
anl that mullet alui I woman, and
except a
> I i vehicle by the SlAte lowing may ba vauaht
I > of motor by pauttiuhtmahln t<
In the eleo- of tho i H and rugulur apprupriailnnto If iualulfii
the nuceaaary a*
.. Enacted the 11.I"tu.* Hutute. 1941. 51siopi.d with -ode deem neoraaary or
whl.I IU II hy from the prohibition (*) The 'Florida nin not prohibited by thin ,Ai't. t.thay nuy
0"" ".1. notlba of KlorlifatSuvtion Uoad Oepartiuent en.l pr"vlohd fur lathlH (their .r..1 I depurtnmntM. or from a Iturson w ho. lia a psee'i a at and n r.I during such rluae-i l. Vhs onlvfilna chairman of
1. StMi of enacted fron
of ,M. of aald Chapter 13UO.Ite of th. ...r.. d.- tlon uf I lie National I (* uiiiri.v or *MOIK the
,k'h the prcipoaedIn 1. CompactS with Other 8tat together' with th* I... of a the unbudgeted fund eec'Ii He. Johna ntvcr Memorial (hi. i-cutlv oominlttee of each
'I .u"1 in I ID I I a atatement authorised and It KniM-teil: l LegislatuNe *f th. act tinenta cause lo b* printed fur dltributlon *. Architectural| ttnri Inirntlon, llnarttM all,Iwho lirMig. at ? !he.Fore' .
: i In :.: The Uovernor I I. hereby : rr.llth.:: general nature enMttod ay this Iu'gielus.lure pal' I'Hlatka north ta time mouth of tth* arty not Uae than ten ilaye
"i-llon ami th, votw Htal or eMcerpt from sail I Mtatute furnlatic psi ief.urttrY. *v.l.lua$ If each naitninbvr -'
directed to enter Into a directed' ta b. 'bod'.J' In lb.parinanent liver 6 VNt meetlna, notify
n. >I" j. lateliiunt the' quea- of Florida a'I'i"ab; Heo. 1. Th*t Section II 1 of Cha ptr and covering depMrtment or aubjeut. :arts a* continued lintiornM'* prorifiuloiml I r IMI* Th method for 1y f of aald vulnmlltee, of
be ", ru half of the state Act of 1939be. edition.b taking had, hr> _
: Klorlfln. .
of of such *
L.awa of KUUt -
helpful promotion duet after tli paMMhitf
at the -- 1.1H10. of luiind desIrable or meeting,
of los Rtat aald
thu. Htnt of the United States .m.noJ.d to ( > Th* Cnnntltutloifc ( ring r oh Tesun.eialflshon )hau lilt, liul plate uf
'.n. 0' p.r.oJ' .nHleA form .ubatantltUlya and I lh. aaiu 1 I. hereby uf th* better management' endadmtnlMlratlnn lstiti- ... .. .. .. ( rh ...lntiiftl .verutlve eomiiill-
I" Inir therein In the Florida unennutntH'l.o. -
1"I'' .1..Uln. I I d.arl" follow: read aa follownHvctlon It shall b* unlawful I Th* tonMiitiiiUin, ;, of th* VnltmlRla of Much departinttnta. and!, t*>) lOst in* n.)*r 1 I'i '>n'.rl.. ot the prepnsed A COMPACT I. That tea, unannotated ; subject DiitltlvN. I'rovldeii that in Ohs. and Hi* i>*yrn nk of *ain* fee a* fin or channel where theprtlin Ciet unsn.lmr.. a man and a
** iu aliMll >
I ''u lb. oninal! Into- by and among the COIl.truictinit for any Htat olncer or employ rule of practlc In Florida uf each pamphlet publkattuniimay iualinnl by examination IMMII* to of liuii.ig. of *uh- ln wunia cart cubit In the ionBjlimrltt. -
: Entered fur. the purchase (d') Th L'.nI without rhsrd. rtlt1uMte of ** are subjected a
contract with applying
lht an a .
or tnatt or
tart t1. school die. h-reto. purchase person lii shall b* #l ll. >J
algnatorlea una000tatedeh (1.1.5 froti the Atlantic pseslo who
C .
Stalen ; .
Th.1. ''lC..I, ID the pn.p..d tha conaent of tha Congraaa of the Unit. of any motor vehicle fur the for UM. out of eourta.( Indtrxea to cavil of the above,. In the diwretlun of the cabinet or depart registration If am-h peraun la a vltUnrtof mash thee meniivnad hareipe Oeeeiu, Ill to #* ra a| the primary el tion*
tobe paid bepululi.hu'ii shell bites pviid
to Hlal
.nolh.r the the lulled or
oaiialno Mam* *
>lure fur an himself or ,n.ttnt head four,
ar-nleil I by tore his, va l and every
used 542.
. ''n"" iind-r hIs sect Ion.. ad tl.t. of America the oon. of fund. of th* State of Florida 'or anydepcrtlnrnt .eparately.H of itlNtory and Ke- and provided further, that Itiials lug a tiedration of his Intftntlun labeiiome No *>*ine ur net of.ic daaltfnutatj Cruuhuds.I : k yecr The member of psilOoilrm
"An Content rvaftfr.
act act 13. mora than It,
,, aperiita yard
.r"Dln. unleaa a reuelv | Mnd hold
therefur with charge, all money ant h a rlGwn anun
'the af
n "rorp.tur. for ,of Wongreaa to or nuor.states vision Not*,' tiding VolumeS, to 'Flor enMtft may ba usedOtt Amiiniunda ,.haii. within thirty 'j \ Sent directly and prnMly "U. aliMl, b peld certlKcate of reglMrntlnn is.! tgaatdimaJIr
h.C bl nnl.1 dla- T agreements or COiiIperti appropriation IfMl.: Th* permanent e-ll and roll.'t.d therefrom. |lulled) tItIan ooaaon far tar I elwhhPit ii.net. enl orif*n***
" Into
.rh.1 Htatutea.
1 'ot' to enter the purchav. of motorvehid ida Revrnii. Fund of this sued t Pt a. mutualaaHlatanca thorlainjr n'.I Mnd into the General luleretai l nuuthxrn
harelnafter and the 'liiatory fleh th tr
pro. effort of Volume J. being on daaIdSatat by tmnt among
; for cooperatIve and It b* ton| the | nied, Stale.. or slla4 -and Jg
made MMHMlni of |
ha ben .,
tot, 'In the praventlon of crime th. *** to the TlorMa Mtatutea.IHI a la lev po ii.rrlnif haul aNi-inila aha.lt ba from e n and a vhicbalrtnaD., tIC *
; of
that Ih
: of flhtliol. for th* Comptroller tt I Bin ploy ment of A Utant by country, pravlded requirement
unlawful l."O.'h."tlot Hec. any oIlier
Th. j-ievembar Ills
', county board ami' for other puroaea.: issue or pay any contain lbs followlngiab I employ. auohjMklllttd Gi reglatratlon of arnhl. II lu April 1ft of eaCh yea- -w hull ba a man and
In of Florida to Attorney General I may fur ____ ,
Which Stale The and ____ otriritri M'tlMin
. .n election I. Stalaa solemnly agrel Illetory and ueul( revision note iiialon end tranaporlaUtm and MiMh othur
contracting the ) [1 1w
The act. For ofr shall
p' \ for for the warrant In violation' of this aaaiMlant a* may b* n* eeeary tact under which aald cerlittcial be ,tp.u.ilent.aities .
01,' "lnl the pr.po".d (1 That It ahall ba competent appropriation forth to the ald aatu.shi ; th due found bvIh permitteil rturloaj Ihe open aoaoun 4he n.ce..uury or
I > of thIs act an for th. ,.,.. of performing *>Knt) ration wee Issued are ***-
a.Ieqijate districts I and """ ''n'tratlve '"- purpose notfM. and ...not..tlon.oo..rln. purl ami for t days Iheraaltay for 'lbs rhalrman of the 0,101
constItuted Judicial ahall ( n
duly > h (
- ,"""lb'J, i purchase of motor vehicle tie lmpoae.1 upon him by this act board la h* the ellilvslenl| of making of .athtl.
shell to Conatlullon hihslteithoe ,
I provide' bal"t of Btata party b eapr.eeIy' madeby Htat and V.uliraii ui v* enuimittv
deemed to Hvlu peilUi.ufl.it5
Ih. ..tboll. b. Ho.l.. Statute iluvai
"an, Propos..l glitricte this eomp.et called '..ndlnl not the legislature unlea an item au- under the Mectlon and artlol number Continued. That the provlalona ofChapter Slats by sNlIthIier.; anil pravldetl, further (hIll in epen samson, and on autocuns of :rip I. not !ieee than tell cIollSew4p'

yes .. 0.lh', 'Illtrlct fttitowlng; ( Kl : State) to permit any P such.raon State c'" and? thorlatln' the purchase of such, motor thereof .without reciting Pedersi the l "deelaiwn oonetitutlon Intrpretlnir I tll". r.... of FtorM' Act*.of1V4U. that th* applicant euhm.t etitiM. mauasul varhathoq y of lloiall shtsul st and Cheulttlone herrIng ssa.oui i list member milni ofmid notify cunuott
C 10rr of off en within specific terms baa ben inca' llaelf. embracing to aiatut revision' com factory *vlden t* lit hi* rent ability l i.i
nl .. vehicle, in and relallng. aed aS aiild moet
on pa- 1"10.O.II'UUo" see. Lioerd uf
released the .f eonservatiuo fse and plaits
which' e
' flat. plncad an honed In the appropriation the Fderaionattutlon ptlaiGun and ltonni.| '1lw the ral. to ..rrbl"II'yrot State. party ia proposed to b* mad. ThIs Htat dealalua' Intreprvtlng of annotation thereto b* and the Weal Jon 1 No roster of architect need aulhurity (e.stsn5 the PHloiu
I..r..n'.U"n'approval ; 'dlup_ to this ( calledSl.te' ,.o.I..n.. act the M.me Mhall extend ta and Includeth. <* | to POsh appeal} In elicitannotatIons earns ere hereby continued In full force b* publiahed by the board hereafter, bubannualy sha't ha<> end and her herring aeseco. -.. lgngt4 .5':1t': Ciaty ftrMMitlv shall* rommltt cunaiai of
; haul
at ring
( or ahall gtound parly
.,' "ro. ) p.rol. I of motor vehicle of ail kind., : .'. That In uontiectlon withmid the frrfirv uf the burl for not woman.
.uI 1 purchase In Floridaeourta. and liters than 1ft und a
",,. I..V... dIstrict. (a) Auch person la In fact r.II.n'ot provided this act shall not apply to pur. (c> Th* rule of vrantloe without .'.'01. uetisior, .o''pll..n and dunolidMtlnn prepare a ronter towing tIle nem-ta alit OP PUllS day* when tb* *eaotf< S wo ,ila 5 til nit within lbs
only, copyIng vary from fiuu prerlnrt
.' '. .; yoU favOr or ha. hla family reelding of motor vahlcle. by the IIt.te by number the Attorney General ilIsyprepare businesS* *d . proposed obtain omploy. cha.ut, rule Ih..I. allowing annotation run under Miich relse ami itwn( ha vhal) b* 1-l.frttfd
.1. 5d Btata and can th*> and bin It to the lgiataturrevLior'a and Ills the seine h In the omlaliii. PuuSSLloita .
yet' ''I t .0.1"lnt Road Uepartmant not*, and an a* It allah< promulafale.urn4 hulil Jn the y nr
mark .
'X' hl.t.., rvlalon [ primary
I .n ator' All law or part of law In bills any subject or nubjncffe H Hr ttai y of State and furnlMl a lie thfrvafiHr
upon No
w ''h. 'n", n"po. .. 'b( ) l-hoSgh not a ranldent of the r., -. conflict 1'1. J.herewith b*, and th* ... ar* croe reference to Florida' 'decisions for which' In hi. optriion ahuuldb ropy lit each rvlMt.re his 'am.lly In hIs ahi
.u.t. school having such rule furnljihad without '
. dl.lrlr' and not to date.That ahall also b tit.le
calvIng Mtata penned' and brnugnt down opy _ al-wtion
?' nIl : :.' the .wl.Un" dIe there the reo.lvlng& Ktat. hereby .f'j'et' ahall take *ff* it epoobecoming Id} Index to the above history I aad General, shall prepare rhwri upon ih* ratluteat nf any public pseeeselun, buy, salt ci otter fop p $. a; OM/I after their oryanls,
3. mt
. ( Heo. lIne
'. Ilttrr line 2 betowwhI r.ldlnl suck person b.lnt moot bere.. law. rvlelon not** of atatute and hletory, eptJ:: or ont aot with a OrntelavMM omalMl of this Stale, Inoln-ltn; any say or unnecessarily destrp. *ry tile lid uunty sest number,
a and (If ltu their
gttattn5 0' .. .on..n. opportunity rvlMlan Motes *nl annotation lo the I In ftlilowhiti Cab of a lees Jeatit br fr. m uniong
.. 'h. ad.Ii granting' such "I Approved by tft. governor Jan law book; publisher baying I an elMo ktt-te. County or municipal building Iila thaI vt-pti-ehairman, One
.Ibool district .. p. shall I bo granted to the raSilvln -,.' constitution and rula lent law editorial( tff r'.r the preparation epailtor or ,nomiselner.! Any p.nwnapplying in mat forth pefoIlowe; ,s s Kn md a and the other
' the boma 194, _ (*> Table a* follow Florida Htat lo the Ita-foam nftlnlal uf any I e walaps cuare, by ibis Act, slw '- iiiall ba 4 man *
to < M
State Investigate of annotation <* limb. : offloara
," ih ; of ..uohp"ron O ii Table to aynctironls sectIons of village for an am- rough is iouhse front .114 of ta f cad Much, other
) 'hUJpMt
tao prospective CHAPTER 1071tA sniof 1941. a* noOn anil< Will a* mu< county, txlty. town or l foril oI s- *,ipedl.'ftt.it.s .
. "hot .no ... Hvled General' Htatutt. 1944, ute jieens. arch I ten lalli orappl. and P.reh -lb., TtUvra llCelIeBtY or
district adopt and & the h reasonably possible ant (heattorn.y enpatlonal |l t r praiiln I 1 oiHcttra snail)
inches tret
pro ACT to approve I. It 17 < a Its
mate.Within lineral *we. eel of soul
receiving the omplUd tit the tlm of Much appllra nut. lq fork dmailttt, *
the by shall *
pr.p..d |
of 1541 shall utoinpiula tur a by
; Unral axwrciaetl
Htatue sell
: : t ','0 0" T' ; : i : the meaning of this ""on. la the Florida General under air*o tlon. With 'Florida tftatuiea 141 ; of complete annoiatlune, tine esbibit l*> iMih inMinaj i.mclalaatlMractory lOril hrsarn, S Inch.. front 5n4 of flO5 ? paCers uaually tIle orflf ra

.,. .,.' "',.r.. .i.e your who baa been an actual Inhabitant th* Attorney authority of the Uvialatur, ofFI..ld. t the Urlhg
on. 4l 'in tba
and by Aet oC ;> the
: 'X' for "" th.r* al this Oenertvl the bu' Mti. Hoard of Arrhli-M-turn sbuyg CIa. Is ravgh |{t uconilMtaot
a. lb. Mlato an.ndrunt by Ih** riorlila Of hull
promulgated .,
. .: .n or suck oontnuou.l, with certain Tlorl.1 Htatutea, rulM f court sill. with, K.jrh
t."I to *. laid ? list c irap, NI -
coming th 100
n. ot your ". promu.fa) eluded In of Florid, 511,1 the Florid and th* heed ot ftc se'-Iay that such lad hlnq tIle
"I than on. year I1 for : Court or rod full ...i harvin pro
r to provide ntl.i and table' to prem such Cal, tomtultl.e
to .
tru.ue. r..i4dwithin ; shalt so "
of 'ho new and not oopyrlvbtthrof. 1941. with IllS Conetitutlun of the M p ltnao. Doaa MM r* iwtratlnn r- ha 1mw. K-rrti' tt> lIP'
tba sending' at. distribution :i.Ip.tI.51111 Annotation* ta ht.4iatat '
'r tlan. aal*. rn-muon.I elne ) to t be _ lava the
In than Identify annual renw.a water thl ifclull
the elbuiretl whil
. the
matter to
of the sendIng "tato more certain additional a* t listeN Th annotation tlflcMt ana any alive, >rahlp lu'tllI| r
. n.ml with wIth .Ie.ld. tttat t nlte< from which it *nijinbt
I r
r.un5 nf preceu.Inr and including 191 such hiOI'UpathuflI was taken, l b own
l" ou. oho'e.' pontlnaoua months Immel.t.l" and makinc approprialions Ptaiutt shall b* prepared and reportedto I thereof and HA jri lb. 11 1 n ilttevn Prod'sI
therein Parsnip or
'. \ : '" marble 'an 'X' th. eommlao4on olrn. for Included print in*;. p..bll..n --l- Utee, It41." h< ISIS *walon of th* I eg i al...tur*, lll'an.. shall b* granted nattl Much *vtdnew Na pir-K.ii catchingthem.. ? ,J SPlu I,, .it-. nit ulive 'umn.It,
for tile acts and | person vnali '
.. ''hr.. l dat tbrof t I Table' of population ; and diaorstloo MMt* shall be prtfMMntd any provNIonof at ay lime plac* la 'ha I s". by rmilil in
/ haa been coroi.Ieratioo I
which ha oon.I"te..u and effective ufultable foi' his any baa bream nhiill
.n. sad or
I -j.CD "ributi| other helpful bout within : .t.
flhltrfrt will Much general suit nutwlthrUandl the siii
ff> act w- *
I''h ; L.gIelatere Ne prlotlng, biedlng publishing any specIal utr lets In th* an
Thai hr tb
I Enacted i matter a* the earnIng u'ocsra4 by thl Aa rt lni't
It *
an >
: endsupervision llot I < t
ml vlnltatlon of *. information the *.*;. any net atr jtilom ur
.1" . thi .04 disttibotlng same.C. baltcil eomm.ttef
# tlorlilati detvrmtn lo bedesIrable meiiins book for1 |lb. lIve
I . parolees state 1 Th Ueneral loaf elIcit No archItect shall| alibi/ or per. purpo ol o- "
." . over probatlonera or 1. ltaviaion Adopted. ooeoinpanylnv Attorney with .. 94. Alpr&upialIilils. 'rhiat Ho I. shy help s-hill.- Oatalklng' ill Ill. ul5 uifhitI
the Section er practicable, together a hl seal| or hIs n in* bediIl.g, sad itt, 3i1 e.Uml?
of sending State and in "V; compilation and revision f 41 pylenry ae may be necessary (I unit to b* alftned >* koohi shall It. set IC tU 1luil

... .... rl.any of there duties wilt be .o..d b, the publiC atatute of the (ttat. *fFlorida' aopy liar.of 14.thin Piloting act of fttatute and Illertal 50105 p., lbs CostC ant eatusn.e sit end l'riiiIilllt ii...., to any related plan. documwnl ap. iflcatlun.whioit rawing) wa* Plot orothr I ,, the purpoe.piescp o4 lit bociltog lilly such eiurgaon.Ply., t'o_ _ _lii. "ittat-mltlxvinan or uluI'.
that natur selling. lit. IIOIIY.ot
" '.", .. .: : : : : : : : : : : : : same .t..d.rd. 1..1 of a vneral by th aid* permasenl.%, tory ..d Ruelsion' ,.,.. and the VoImasaferesaid Making publIahirl trtbuttllg ,Vttluiiias binding.I and 2 eluressid, prepared by him or under hi* VaspltnshbiCsupervising pe-ovlisi loll sha'l' ilow.mve pruhlbhl,, Ih mottling tO tithe see. tilt
owe prepared yuan
T. prob.uon.r. of asending *. l.pl.. ther.for. till Uen control shall arabl- Otcbig of I sfj
. DI.trl", MiIls accredited otflcerU of Co.tr..olO apprnprlatsd out of nor any lab eat' fsli
I proIaiuifle herebY by trot its.
( ) th m..d.
alit era Ov
undr completed roots _
du eater ral. have ba.e ofyuorb'a do ifthwr ast aso Ito. A
all tIm.. oth.. of (be State tact .me his val or i ny tiO5 .
v-tcept a .
.. I IS. KaY.liU Nor I a ,
may mel
: of (I.e.eval ll.
.c Act .. Attorney or _ _
\ 140. aIihpeitt so
\ 're ready for ef Yior. ait architect qnl*** h..Illmg> at th* tkeaeeg, I L
_ ; Tndl .to by at&t. .,. .ppr"b.nd herein b* and the aam u.lrttr. siil the tompiroliar a* I shalt be
.J.: I", 'b" space lIn.oh a r..I.. .no 0" prob.llon wiNe provided and enacted .* *tat. gIve 4ay 00110 bypublication .hsll uItsw ill. warrants. Counter' time a oeriiftrat. *f peglstratIt, end all assostamhoo of Ualawfst for any per, Sn? other s2S
ard ,. any adopted bIN uOnililC5.
p.rBD I I" hereby .ir oae or more flawapepor.In the Work5ro.eaeae thrtHif.KM pursaSs. ttpri. cc
Ih. rvnwwal
propnset millItec..sary that purpo.. all tor.U. law under th. title of 'Florida mat railing toy ."" for Lb.prlatung .il*n.*i by th* Governor, mm requIred atlo* I catch aoy dull I.. 5-ihtLVe
p.rle 10. tit tbl. stat.. publleblng, -, 9. Any arehlUrt' regletr.iisilieathiiu'ate rout lbs _
. otherv..vr.hv'pVry"h".wr iliaC I.. of such printing ot hill
for Ibe .. Isis Si :
.. 1141. ,. from prln'.n Jahna RVf( lit o
r'lulr.o f, p1wer
bieltng N.
,7 "I Ut and 4lielrilMiiinir. aol aurr-nt awl ousT he luIg
ome.r Bvery and upon :II1A ar
the R.pe.l.d.
of .no celling Voluala from
t.vor 4Ur. Itching tb. S. StatuteS who .,. 5leippe1iad bhWu'i. .a bar, with antn.t ,i
.utboI Sea Riall this ii.iut
within lute vole of W
tI. ravok.4 tli unanlmou Iii
.: > levy to be sOd rmannt .atur s.prova.l by lit. Attorney by 5y pej reiluhinI
tar praun p iull trap.
y 0 the id4etIlt : of a renaral .. d. steb prl.1t .1.4binding. bill. eao vat. ov OItiI i ahw. ti. parlY
atatut th alt tin In r P
elI." .ltb to of riorida or q..UnOHl of Slate a, rite memberS of board *: any ii snvh "
. I .' taksl%. AU 1. r.qulremflts : enacted by th* lutat for the erlotililuuI thie..rlll er tile Ileeletary Beck aid Ihn. 3 p -_ 41,11101 whrs
('unirs.ts mmbr -U- ,
'hI 40(1.5 11110cr this heating, prov.dw-1 th* > : p > ei.- -
t fugitIves front Floridn4' every lard,. tile >7r..tc- .5 of no
t. _
.lr.4 of saRis : af b.atwe,,, t. tv.nt
aIo "tr.dlton .f on by the Territory la the bletItmg .t this twO v.iemus maybe elflc.rs. presented lIng shall unutut a quurount of th* ; It 1111 fcoiiI
.,., : ) ... ucb statute Dot Inolud together ISlit. aol .1 thu. respective 1 .; 41. ,sOCy 'rCiflg
eV ,
of separetely ,
. ?.t ? t. such part rooaU4, "D" &warded Oral or .orpOrlltioC doIng board, for any ecu.* now provM by early .v-vr OS/H ht1 lisle Oh' Sosje
.. "tatute 1941. or t. Attse-aey U.D..I. by the person. pear, / the
sendlOg Florida thereto. .loor.tlolII of law or for th* violtlon of or say ll the ..5'I
? _
ri" : :: perse. Tb. decision of Oft probation\ continued In fore ,by effective reference a* th. Suck ,00traCta fee prlmiing and bIndIng, lit.Wo;i.. Invalid iTovialone Not ta Affect otaer law of Ihi Stats relatIng $in the 0lft'Lw'a, *, pruvide4 All} heral" V gelitiiS .0nufluitt'I majority there.
r.t.kS a psfsOU repealed Ike owes. Salbest : i-awe Aid a
tste la or
v- upon aNd I I. hereby Ktatutf UU' .11.11 b. awarded Remainder *f Act If any part of praCtiCe *f ar hit ctur* or amy a eoiuiilc iute. '

. A1";; : .t who at. cuatifted o. p..ol... .w.bl.shalt b.within eo.olu.I". rsc.tving becoro.I'oetl"T.ro the aid. Tl'tri'la and In .p ire tlon, yespoasibia bidder end theretO elk.r", .witOihaii .. this eat b* held Invalid, euoa hll not Pius or regulation mad fry tn* board AsS ha sat$ WHIt; lb.Ill.same'* .8vafii.1 ;! _ t'Y 'vee5fliY without" tile 5ta
ri,< .M It at *". R.I. N* l.r..laIa all p.p.r lnv-.li4t soy Other part In purauano to law provIded that theaseua.d are I ill swlI -
<" tl _b however, Lanot Bia a ah.lt bl..I.1 oo .( pravlded aprebatioa.r Sec. 3. Local used l In soCk "rlB.tlng.aa4 eertllteat holder shah have ,rwn ellisPl
hereby ,
< iv < eilloi *. 4lma when a aUata aaai- :retch. or local at.tot. t I. repealed or part liter s.f. f tile ehary *, 'liii.!' All shall *s4 W.aip. .A .h POintY. Aol
> i. .tlod ..Yt."I O.I" bepending special .f Ibis aavin. ing.,4.I.tr.'I: :; toe 24. Wbn Aol Effective Thl act had twnty dave notto bemouwin. i is She aforesaid fli.
tb purpoe a law, of
or for
tarol. aa.l tile It* avalnat him of th* tlm* and place of 501 or bsrIS
"'. uJ'Jh"- Tk. against : repeal, aa>y astute *f any *f shall receive. 1.1 1,5s.abitts4 ahall tak effect Imme41tly pops of th brd for tb* bear. Approved by ; (l.yv.a. _ ram0d and iii. twa..
lip from | *
ebulube to hanaludCd th meeting
.o..t ybe
AttorneY a
taken l law 1141
> !" IrTiaai .'!* State and criminal cbargs. ..*** shall b* w'r..r: bids foi pri.tlag 504l.IpdIllg comtng a of sorb charn .. _____ laNe"t .ipOfl ofi
? til. withIn following Qv .rm Joas I. 1911.CrTAPTEIt log saul termination 1 1ClAP''gR ___i'd s..nberehil
. 1.1 ...ptl.. nm/ by *h* >
srh..i Inaa Approved _
eui-h e _
4ltIe .u..cted 01 having oomm't0 In .ory avorssalti, a certitied "-: AI suck hearloarU **u..'l shall _______ the entire meeting

,:.1. .t by the.. 'tat. N o.Imln.I or.n .-. I. .101 (a) Any statute fir or certain oon..n'dtvaat1c .flpOimfll .t b IIIe.t by Sin Ia. f
: regL.p wet retak.a wtbO' diaObargw1freNe PertaiN county or _Cees .t twO tbossaud Sv. hasdr.d del.lava. ACT relatlsg to hr pried. erarrbuiselurC meses. agaInst htnr, to pro< u* wliaa.i ChApter a.nend : i, er 5.illre IC the

''.t bDa,4 a lb. ee.tving 'I.t. until iupriaOflm5IlI 3 untie*. eonsraiaL or ,. ,1d.N. lb. ied lauth .f tile AN toll SIlls.. epeestylnuuiahhii.alOel hi his defense sad t. apprpru 12714 of the Aet.p ilk _ days that C
me ,WlUht-
.'. fur IU- p.utIOD dr fro Any ettm far. .( the .... Inn or tr'I: fOC maNebepS Of rlrldslste >aaaUy or by vwnL I* the *ve nt CUNee b.hag' Setlo 14 .1 nt .1 d ,' be eong1 -

for auleh oa.._ .mit.re perallv .5 call a portion.._ttUl. ..1 ly r. :1<1. The Atlvn milad .1 Aruhutaelli5a epecdyla( 01 ay revoeStloS la* ***riavr of tb* Laws 02 Yturldi- $ sf 94J last tuUfI?" msslIfld9'I

'. .i Iii!"II.tlo.. W... C" That U.. duly accredited permitted (a, Aay eta cue- tar ..r orUoi>. _.U. of the me-*.*.! biddpeed So.14 dulls. Sail powsia c( said bosyill ee,4 aJkaU give nolle toIt* **Mr*< sam. 6-slog psuje. 144I'.OC 6-b.. 5Pe'h5l tao..
whit be .nIeIP..1 *r 'lbaCesl. say
.. 1 pailal sues jsrtiler
$ I I I.. t.. .f lb. q.itdtat It.t. '. being r.takes a certain eiatut far es **par.kl..f a4 .wnlc4n boxt, ,.It ,. be f'Il
i & acy .1* transpOrt t. (d* >ay -' -
favor ,oC o .. tkroegL ... and alt $tat. panSies -A_ -

". -A '" .

n aa -a e.,_,_;; ,, ;, ,'

--t :

I -


beveraae oommlaalon of the $tct of *g* Of twenty.-
> l ,
In the opinion ot twothlrmelnberahlp Ot tha of otto?. th.1 fitly( dons, (the( flat sum t \ Iharaaftar, upon dua *|.ipll- upan :Ua becomIng a law ed tby said combination, deaplto the 50(01 pro.. an. Itemliel atatement total of of the approprla- Florida for such purchase aa heroin pro completion o* ill *"
ni thiuo
ot aald ooinjj war.,5r oc ,4OO.OO.4co. e':1( order of a. court of oompo* Approval by tha Governor June I*, vlalcna' of Chapters 8i1u1n4a.W. "xSinded and of additional approprlatlune ''IdeO. with auH !'" .r*, Ti,
hins Coramlaalon of
ral l t
ranti' the removal, of eunh I rttvacancy Any a. Separata and ,I"Uon.1, LIeana out, I".dloU..n. issue a warrant undar 1941. l aws of Florida. needed and to advice tna 150. a. The Heverage tha benetlta ut ii,.' > 'J
.0 creeled, ahull lied' alf Tux On Inventory } .. bile olol.1 directed to all and s UIK lively, provided however thIs Act..h.1I I I commlaelon ot lbs sum total of I he Slat of Florida shell laaue sell Act until laid k lfi'um.
kerolnabnva '' ot the a.lvuntag-a of accruing' from .' alierina of the Mtat* of CHAPTKK loll C not relieve any auch combination, budget and for naoaaa.ry permit upon aworn application, atatlnirtho S provided he iit *
Sec 1/.. *the provlalona'n ,> ahall tna operation: of larga unlla. and ba- Florida commanding them to levy AN ACT to amen d chapter 1717 Acts from any t... or foea levied by Chap-i amount for aalariea needed for auoceedlng nam of the applicant the louapurpoaea on Vouchers algn.'l'kill-l' CT

not b. "o.'lve. nor ropaunot. *nywiocommit> .u.. of the b.*la rilrf.r no* In 111. op. upon any real and paraonalproperty of 1037 relating. to the sell water Itch'a il, lltoi.. Lxwx of Florida 10)9 nor and regular blenirluma expeneea and said budget commlaolnr. for which the win ahnll bauaed authorltlea of i' **> 'Ian
relating' the eXecutV oration of .".1 unIt a. agalnat larga ,1 0 t.I' peraon. or.aaaoclatlon I ing In the Hiata of Florida' In ny provlxlane of said Act relating to transmit 10 '". State the amount to b* pnrchaaml. Buch child l. "n" ""''l-i 1 1n'Jr'.S
i countlr-a( of i )i atat* unit, there hereby levied colt aaaoaaad of persona, liable' for such watt-re and other territorial watera of tiling oontraol and other Information i the of the dIrector from whom lbs purchaa la to a* mad, board shell a' "' ''datha It,

t"olnrdl'p"nt; or apodal ""I I j appilla upon every p.r.l. or aaauclatlon( nr license cue, within .II"rUn.otr: :. the Htale at Florida and providing a "b eroU nr ii!*'. i imediately Lglalatura engineering report experiment alUon 800. 4. The Beverage Commlaalan for beneilta her ,,f l5
courtly exvmitteea. oom of peraona, owning, or operating, an In. Jurladlctlon, for lbs payment' ot the lici l' >na* tax on all boat. veaao!,*, ailioon. led flu. law .hall take .ffact Im. of the recommendation. good educe may refuse 10 IssUe such pur.mpio. '

dependenttorn, nr a chain store within amount thereof, with the added" penal- era or bunches operating and/or plying upon Ill approval I by the i ilovernor with his All lawa parla of lawn baptedhSSKj, tfn.'n.rltuTon 5,
$e('. i. All IBW and partj* f II..1 la the Plate of Florida! a annual tlea I and oxocuUng (buS warrant la .111. tlil-1 and cell' '".t.. pr otherwatera ( or upon Its becoming a 113'I Hea. I I. herewith or hereby repealed, I, That said wine and the sale ? 011.1 > T"
conflict hornwlth Irs )nifrehtHoc. ,.p..I.d. llcenae tax In a.l-tnlon tII.I.I Impoaed and Iq ,: 'Iol Such wairant to theCompIrtilel under the control of the Plato without 1 auch I I conHlct are ahall laka effaot thereof when aold aa herein provided alto '
a. ''hl. Act Bhall \. "ffent b, Section 1 of thla Aoe which aeparata to pay him Ih. money Hour of Canaervation of the Htata of li.cani a law without tha Oover- Bee 12 ThIN Act for reflgloua or aacremenlel purpoaea. and sVhittr, b"s

Immediately' upon Ita bucontl. I law. and additional' virtue thereof. by time Florida, and providing an additional, DO"'. approval. '"Approved Qovefnor June 14 hell bo exempt from aljl other restrtc.' Shall be w 11,1,
Approved by In* Oovornartill. luna( 12. ba .t, ..rn\IIot\ the amount. "I .bli t .I.ot.1 hl po o' nat ,more then tax on alien or non-rvoldvnt who own tha h one. rsipulatlone slid tautetiti| ,, nuts ti es' and no turt'i.51 ; Ii

tory of m\ marr-handla* actually upon. 1.tO. from th* date of the war such b..... veaaela achouuera or launohaa. CJUP'rJ1R IQUIT I 94 1. __ nrovmod by the lawa of the Stale ot f or b.s. or her bsne: ,
th* pr ,aof aurb store on the lent r."t The ahorlflT elicit within five days and definIng curb, allnna or non- AM ACT appropriating UG.OOO.OO for. CHAPTER S09J1 Florida for Ilia aala and distribution of f aIlure or itnllniu., ,. 001

CUA1'TIR Jltl. day of tb* naoal year of the lloanaao, .U. the receipt uf the warrant. bile rnalilenta, and provlitrng penaltlea fir U.. by the State Agricultural MarketIng 5 of Chap. wIne. 04cc, 4, lIt. awn thii
AN ACT ... aI"* -m.- plus the proportionate part of the nirrhandlae wil lbs clerk of the .IeUI court of violation of .11".. Thla amendment allowing l Hoard In ..t..bl.hlnr., and maintaining AN ACT to ainand Florida ACts of Pu-c. 8. All law or parts of laws Inoonflltt T ouch threu eg '
poalng >n' annual crcrnon .. la,* upon ovry In the warehnuae of the II county a 001 ", thorp.tion b exemption frpi, tIlts liuenao or In the : a marhe lar l$9301. Laws of IIS44.lYawa herewith are h-roby repealed t he purpose h.rpt

t firm: ,. to-nurlnonhlp. jointd'vehture. ... on edict ,<11. oI'e" or require; the\ clerk' .r.11" record the Came, tax t. all dlaabled velerana who are ; for the oiling anil procaaalng of ] ia ? amended ArIa by of Chnpter I9IS: a* irissnlld to tha extent of al'ch J-'onfllcl, e ach fiscal Yrar srt4 'It,,
Joint, Block company, aaao.elai for the benefit th entItled from license tux l f Florida. ahall ear 311411
of the Art
atorea tin II. allowing lbs na" I'srsanh.' oraaaoolatlon ta exemption "VWlVcT-a fawa of Florida.Acta Sec, 7. Thla( effectV and SflIita if
ion. rO"II.ralll." .0IHI" tenaoa oparate in thla "1.,.. and -.. of persona, mentlonad in under Ilia' provlalon ot Chapter 1747(1( *. the ralaln' got llvealock baaIncrouiKl a by Chapter 19110, Act relatlng l Immedlniely, upon II* becoming Iieui titot lInt III
or any ..olalll', vt|.peraona ''oluaive' of that, part of auch merrhnnillea' the warrant, and 'In proper eolutnnaIba Act of 11S. I at a rapid rate during the ; of 1019. some being an aupervlalnn Approved ay the Uovarnor June 14. ba expended on ie4<,

.ndnclno. .nw."IIo or I tarrying carried or rcQulreil( for the .'0"0 uf amount of the licence tax. or la.u. lie It Knotted hy tha LegUlnlura. of tha8tMte paat few years and the COllIe of the 1 to this business, operation bulWIng 1S41. any period of tw, ? ?nr ibiu
ratalla- thlamate lb. Iloensie tloriifitiHctlon anUe' therefrom ta. becoma of | and llquldallnn of _ ln
located oulalil. tha Htala sod p "aIU"., fur which >lie warrant > ef annual feea. tuition, cr ll Lit
and operating, .fl Independent, of Florida or If a new don, by the I. faaued, and the data when limb 1. That from and after thapaaiaga majur Importance to the aconomlo life l lof and loan aaanclatlona. and making pro-of CHAPTER SOUJft. booka.only alud-m,,'. ri0",
or 'more phata atorea amount of the Inventory ot Iho me.. and thereupon the amount"PI of this Act tile I lthlIg..t" vlelon for certain tax axemptluna AN ACT lo amend Mectloo 1 o' Chantor i I..
::'no"hl.o'( .t and lo 'blaaWfy am h. .hald actually upon the pramlai .u 11.1. .'. ao UoLaeted .b.1 becomea manent reeldent lon..d.tI'r. C 'Wh 'r>aa. ot Florida bee i ithrouKh auch aaaoclatlona therein. al (Iii 17971 of the 1917 Law, ol Florida inflt.1"hlerre7n r, .u.u ,"

.IIr.o t. t h. purpoaa. Of "n" 10.".. .n. warehoused for such .'0'. on lIe lien" upon the tithe to real orparaonal of Florida who .".".d aa nn olncer or the eatabMahment of auction 1 lie U Kruvrtnl bv tile LegIslature and to amend Suction S of Chapter e'eiVa such biittIuts 'l itears.

laxea and, of 1"lu.IOI, Ih"I"on. ta opunlnff date, prenedlng' the last day properly of such ".'.on. orecoctston anllated man la tha Unltml: MintArtiiy. markt-la' done much to aid and aaalat Mata of r'l.iridfti, of 1797U of 1937 LawS of Florida an,, ta y for Iliac
In apcordencn l ot calendar, .tnot whom \''Navy Marine this Won.1War the development' of the ralalng Section 1. That Section t Chapter 17974)
ur.lt year! or If a of peraona or Curl during "I.rlr of Hi.l. amend Section 7 of Chapter ) of Hao. 6. ISIlKibllliw
stores operated under a alitila, ownership eeaaoaal t or* regularly operated or to snob warrant la laaued aamamann between ArlI 8th, lUI1 1 and No of I and lSlit''*. Lawa of Florida. Act ofFlorida. 1917 Laws of Florida, relating to thaaruaidlanahtp not effected by for **mb
manngoment or j'.p.rvlal"n. be operate.1 for a part of the year only' r aa a judgment nulihOF v.mI.er, nth!,, or In the HpanlahAmarloan Wriereae tha livestock business has i aa emended by Chapter 16841. Laws of weak-minded and pity dren receiving bnfltt11w V .
whother operated In thn' (: by tli* .amount ot the Inventory of the and recorded :In tha alHaa nf aunh clerk War between April Hat, now rtached a point where It la highly ] Acta of 1936. ae amended by alcalty Incapacitated persona by ilia b* enrollad au'coriulu, 'u **
and alao am-nalng; lovylng, aiid orn poalng marchandtaa upon the premiaea and of tha circuit court with execution I Hit and July 4th Ito. and who was dealrtbla that the marketing thereof a a-parate, and additional .' .war.h uand tor auch store nn the >lal duly laaue* thereon and I hendaof honorably discharged from the aervlou be furtlivr. developed by th Htale through
llcenae, tax biaed on Ih.nmlnt/ or 'd y or January of each year or upon the sheriff for levy. l'uI eherln of lbs United Stoles and who la *n- the aatabllahment of additional facllltlea i amended to r-ad aa folloWs: guardian lo laka charge ot Ihelr per* '

InVenlo'1 of the mcrchitndj ., .r puch tna opening data ot such aeaaonal clone shall proceed. upon S Ihe Sims tttled to a rertltlcat uf govarntnant for the sellIng and processIng of Hao. a. Flrat: Any aeaoclntlon hall. aona, praacrlbinit tha form of p-tltir.ii, upr'lt. be ,,lrnnj" alitil lab,
Ihla Htat. .nt 11dlae )floTthafl. wltortffver, ua opening' dat la subsequent In all tl..upnn with like effect and In rated dlanblllty to len I lUeatook, and have power tv loan or .advance to atock.holdera ot hearIng and procedure with Approved a iv.,
war-lnni-Dil for I bofl or aicl"; Hi* .let lay of January and. bafota the aama manner pieocrlbad. by law In percent or more n'nthcI''t'\ or Wltareaa. theaa purposes can beat be 1 or members thereof money of reference notlca to making said appointment, M by tit. QthVtrt5! J,

.torea In this I'HIO. and iildlni the AUKtiaC let! that the amount of Curb reaper, In exeoutlona lulled agalnat natliriony, of a reputable phyaUtlan I who) ...'1 by the conatructlon anil, opera- i the aaaoclatlon. Including money paid. and itiitloa of curator and guardlim -
time and ,. of doteflha In'hn.r' avparata' an amount, of am-h fluX "tl dat.i taxahnh) \ he at the rat of 110.00 for court ahall no entitled 10 the aam. wh., makna, oath that tit* applicant ladiaahlnd for the b-nollt of the producer of llvai i 1115, Complied, Oeneral I-awa of appointed under Ihe provlalona of AN AC'r C1IAPT111 to it)

of payment tnrenfdennll 1 -, e I aai-h I.OOi.01)') or Inventory aa herein feed f.n0 hi. .. .. In exacutlng the from performing, manual labor stock end nna that will oparata a :Florida. 1937, aa amended and to aii. hIs Act. nffect of tho decree -of appointment o f the S1v., ii lilt 5001d
tort atore' and 'chain alorol., j uthoq d'U' part ; Provjda.l. vrarrent. to, b* collected In tha semi a. a mean of livelihood or who proceaalng plant In connection I heroi cure payment of, auch money and the t and provlalona for KaCe-gu, rdiitg aupmrlntesilit, 'nin alit 'abit,
: = -
word and. phraaea uaeit Ift': hL. AitI : .* *:. that the drat .I.diiO.oil: manner, I I. rntltlod to llf-eneo exemption or with anil will I aatabllah otnolal market 'performnnco) of all of the con lltlr na and Inn-re.la ol' soil r uutt OS', IlrOMfl, h

to provide for the admlnirenforcement n uinI worth ot 'Inventory of tha m.rchen.Ilsllet'tuiiuly )! &eo. II. No lIcense under IMa, Act who la now enjoyIng She privilege r fllcanae gt-adea and' omclal market uuotatluno i ia upon which the loan ara mada by l weak-mlndml the property or phyalcally Inc-ipacl. l"iani'I.ooulhiluieuhiu,00r. lb all

of tlitit Act UovudA tOl' upon the premlae of eavh Store ahall be leaned. by the Comptroller until exumptlon under the terma, andprovlKlona to market prlcei. I pledge of shares In said aaanclBtlun, and further providing for I 6., It
th* creation and, entorrn* ot shell be exempt from thIs additional after nllnat of the sworn report or chapter 11474 Acts of Therefore i and/or by Cole, or bond, and mortgage fated persons of reuannablo, coale andattnrney'a Slat. niwtql l'lorlli' Letl4iISeutino
lien upon tha I"OPO"I nfjyr', .. andaaanclntlon homes tax, 'hn tax herein levied and aa I.'h.r fort; and In the liijl ahall ba axenipt from, the payment nj"F.: : Itv the l egl-lHtura .f the i nn real cattle altuatad In the State ot tha allowance( and when notice may ba of 1. ,

) l.bl. the i 'payment of Impna-d upon Iho baala, of Ihe Invntorl vent the (fompte".t shell within IIIinontha of !lluanae lax requited on bouta.veaanla isit J-lnriilM. I Florida, owned In fee by the borrower, ties mall and furl (tot I at I. the 'l'lutI. hedonic,
lOch:: llcenaa ; provlfl' LiWDaltlag .. aa berclnabove fixed and provided .and not thereafter determine.after achoonara or launi'hos. provldttd: 1 : r.\aort. ( hat the aum of $33,000.01)t hich mortgnga shall be a first licehereon given bv registered the nherltt the croon anut annual siuliu,, ,
for tha violation 1o'thl. i f t *lo provide ahall b* due'and payable on or before the laananca of any permit, that for anil required under Chapter 17917. bo and, the aama. la hereby < except taxea and apeclal aaeeaemente. Hpeclfylng wlic-n Bald of amount ccl eaillIllt, 1,111, I.
for th* lnr aworKf-p-ria hy July lat of earn and every year, Pro- there >i"'a bi-en any falea atatrment In Anti of 1.17. aled out nf any funda In tIle Plate i iIreaaury and except Ihe prior Han county may Hie pptltlnn.1I meere t'lPUiuli' the tin,
the perann ...el.l. /710n' whl"l vIdidInwever. that iSle Inventory tel the applloatloit therefor or the .sworn "00. 9. All lawa and pants of lawS ciijierwlaa appropriated' ]hold and owned bv saId aaaoclntUin. <> It Ennptrd Hv lha LegIslature of Ih* o Oovernor, to-wlt,

auch llcenae, tax I. I 1.1 I. upon Inventorlea of new atorea shell report provided oh 'that use In conflict with thla Act ba, and lhaiiama for uoo hI'br'1Ia Stale Agricultural Marketlng ]provided, however Hint nothing herein Stute of Horldin t Chanter 99.00oo,
repeal .onOlclnl( ;awx j I'IOW,' .It 1 lie due and payable > or before ten number of, alorea In IllS n'eh''n'' of the ara hereby repealed Hoard of the Htate of Florida, .. i hell bo construed to prohibit any Aa.anclatlon Section 1. That Section of r Secretary l'i'tlt( |7jMII,
lawa of the Slut
pane or ChiLawa daya after the data cHub applicant 'la grantor than Ihnae silt Mnc. >. Thla Act .h..11 take affect In eatabllnhlna and maintaining' In the i fro maccaptlng additional collateral I 1797 of the 1K87 mmlaaton nf Florida: ll:It: an ,: .W:. new Storm or atoreai otnnp 1..1I.d.. fur. forth in his application or that the upon Ita becoming a law Plate' of Florida a market for. the anil- ]l of any character aa additional nf Florida, I is hereby amendad ta ..randaa Ooii.ptroller $7.0l|

tirlat to th* rpvenuaa d..rlOoeondrr. ther that the *5 upon In.ventorlita Inventory la greater than that ahown Harama a law without lha (lover.nor's log of llveatork. The market ao eelab- '-i illeltad aecurlty for the payment of a loan pr.- followa Status Tr
lk> If Kmirfmt' hv lha I.btThr, $ oI (fillstilt. ot aeaaoBal atorea Shall b* by hla sworn report. It -hall be the, duty approval.CHAPTER. shall ba operated purauant to vloualy conaummatedl to loan funda of 8eo 1. Whenever hereafter, any per-. State rJuperlnt.nUimt f.600.oo. |Prt I
ronor Florida dun. COiL psychic ,ton or before February of the Complrollor, Within f month law under the direction of the Stats l tha naanoliKlon (except that portion of Son permanently or temporarily reald.Ing atructlon *
., I. U-ilnltlimii.: flowln.or.i. loll' or mull. year, or ton day after each after III* filing of such| orL' and not aoooa Agricultural Marketing Hoard. >i Ita authorlxed capital atook apeclfl-d .l In this Htate. ahall become phyal.caliv Attorney llonoral hOoter

.. terma and .phraitaa. annual n".nlnl nata.ttoc. thereafter 'to pibonad the revoca AN ACT dlapenalng with duplicate Sec 1. This Act ahall take- I t o Section 6105, of the Compiled Oen- Incapacitated or feeble-minded ,nrepllcptlo Each 0fTh""' I&ullro.4& *,
In Ihla Act Have Ihe mca. uerib.ul 4. every peraon, or aaao.rlrttlun thin: of ail llcena a la u""f l tn auoh per In'I."tlun and rerm"tlnl01, mark and Immediately upon becoming a ,. effecto< ral Law of Florida. 19J7 aa amended nr ao mentally or phyalcally ens $6,000.OtJ.Pro. .

lo them, In thla Hactlnn L pi whir. of neraoiia, conducting, engaging. aon nr aaaoclatlon of peraona In the brand, or livestock' upon tranafur of Approved by 'h. Oovornor June 14. < ). upon the pledge of the ahar-a only defective by reaaon of ag*. sickness ua* 1. ( A > Rnlary ir, SlOth,

this .context clv.rll In.le.1 jUh.M 'In or 1 on the bualneaa' of a r*. manner hereinafter provldad. When. title or pnanoaalon anil whether alive, 1141. c cCHAPTICK of curb aaaoclatlon, provided, that (lonn* of druga, tha axceaalva UBO of alcohol, nHtHlM prison Vent1 alicli w I'
n..nlnl, taller : ,l''v on* or moro storeS aver tha holder of a flcenao .laaiind under or laughtared and providing that no on stork ehall not exceed ninety percent or for other rauaea that he or arm launablo Heu a. All of tile vaiir,.

( o Include an i.4llualinrportlon .II I thIs ": t.'u hall' nn before tha 'thIs Act ahall fall 1 to comply with Inancttlun and recording' of marka and 20384 of the withdrawal value of tooK to tilts core of his or her prop* for In this Act ilmn bo uu., ,p,

receiver or1a. .jOin,, of ..hop render any of the provIsIons: I nf title: Act. or bramla, ahall ba. requlrud wllh reepect AN ACT to authorlxa the Hoard of peraona acting togeth-r a unIt to. the &tt. C'omptroller report. ilgnil Comptroller ahalll)
(Ib) 'Aaaoclullnn, of Jer, ? moon" and ..on to by lbs peraon, or *.. o.thn.any lIcence I hoe been laaued Interatata' oomnierce-. the Slala of Florida, to aeivot and pmi and Includea any firm, rip- vmor.Illp, suinlulton peraona. conducting engaitlnir upon any rale application- or report lit tt 0... led by lha T.eglalatura of lhaHIH I i ploy eome suitable peraon na January 1. 191. which lira held by aavIng aona. It ahall ba lawful for either the l lalaturo who may, durlnir the i
Joint adventure. joint atoqiaaaoclatjon Itl or carrying on aaliL ; the Comptroller, upon hearIng after <. of floridi.i, Informarton. clerk for tho State Aneral'l r l *, building and loan aaaoclatlon hav.Ing mother fntlier brother either. huaband, which ho wai elected Stn.io, IT
opiate, buelneaaayndtaata ,: r:, onntainlng, a trtio and complete' .: giving d. notice |n> the II- Mectlon I. 'Hint In all eaoei whereiirHler bullrllngvWhoraaa I their principal place of bualneaa In wife, child next of kin, and In case her of the tome of HVUI-MM
flduulary or .ny' h.: UP ment .h..ln. th* number of atorea Fins le.t: hue adilraaa.: tint* and exlatlng law and Inapectlon of a general Information clerk t lha atata of Florida, and which ore there be. no such relative, or It auchrelatlvee b* appointed or cUrled toawul i

or combination, nf reran .' ., operated In piece of the hearing tit show oa u... If mark and branda of lIvestock. hna I i with a desk In thn cnrrldora of th* i iI aeeured by mortgage, deed of trill or ar next af kin are tha onea referred lo lit Hecthm t, Anw. ,
natural artificial,, act!In lethor 0' tlm United !1.t. ot Aim' "lol l and, elaewhara any ha can, why hla IronIc ahouhl not horn made and. the aame I I. record a a I I Htnta capltol bullllng would be of valuable aa a nl'l the : 1t I .tntory .I be revoked by renaon of eucb. violation. provided by low no other or furthermapectUin > aaalatanca. .u.1 attrvlco to thai I In Florida dish be exempt from thus such relntlvea. or next of kin for any th* term for Will,h ha .e. ,VL i

.n, .11 to "ooa ir 0' to In thin MIsts .. of 'lh .irt day suCh hearing If the Comptroller. ahall raiiulred, provided, however, that i In any, Itora ta readily locate any Htata de- Florida. Act..a of 1931 and from thus Judicial circuit where the person to be or etnnlumonta, whlih unu-r thf iT
,.' for any ptlrno lo, Ihan nacel year of llcnae I t or If a find that such violation han bnn committed aale, deliver' or other transactIon, af. pnrtmant nr any Mints ottlcer or em provlalona of the Intangible peraonnl cared for realdea, then the sherIff of l lone of law appiTluIn tn inch ei

fnr ,reaale "lyh.* lot in. of slbl. po,. atora tka aniount, of the Inventory no, or ueh faloa report mode ha footing such llveatock. whnlhnr alive I I i ployoa In the capitol building. In any properly taxation Act of 1941 and any the county where the peraon tn be cared the beginning uf I Die, Hum ),,? ci,
annnl p ,4' tha opening data shall be reported bItch I thereupon revoke and atijipcndauch or alaughtered' a duly authenticated other Slate building th..r.'",... l law* Buperandlnr auch Acts or amentia. for realdea. to preaent to a .tinier of the wee elected Henntor nr nirnibir J
(d) 'Ltualneaa* Innludea ptoUvlti tile stile I'omptrallor' within tan .day perafin'a or aeaoclatlon of pnraona', copy of curiO original, Ineueotlon I and: lie It Knnrlml hy .is. Ijrgkilatnra of the 'tory thereof. circuit court, alttlng In chancery, of house of Hciirem-ntallvci.
,atlgageo! !in, nr rarrl-id o .r p"r' after opening .I.t. of aurh new 'atmoj llcenaa,: or llcenaoa, and hpfora any new reoord thereof ahall ba fMrnlehed and ex HU, Fourth i The by.lawa of each aaaoclatlon the county In which aald pel aon to bo Sec. 8. ((dl) It any section.
.-. either "lr..I. | I,' 0' rot or It a aaaaonal' alore tha ..nnln of the. licence 1 ahall ba laauud such oraaaoclatlon hlolted by tha "paraon, firm or corporation i'onoll..I I Ihnt: lth. non,I of Com shall prescribe the manner of cared for resides 'lila or nor petition, part of any ai-ctlon. if thl. Art

whoaa .101 .11" I .n..o"1 Inventory January Hat, op of perenna, 'lf..r.n. no- owning or In pnaauoalnn. of such' tnlaalonnra of Htata Inatltutlona of tile awarding loan, the rata af Interval and under oath. Belting forth th. facts ba held to be Invalid, .uh i 5'
In or carried . b-nlng date. If such opening data b. nujred to make proper application aa lIvestock tu the porauu. llrm fir corporation State of Florida, I. hereby ailthorltied' the premium to be charged and' the naming all membora of the family ahall not dIed the r-m.mlni i
.",'h activity I. ". ,
poraon-engeglnif In or r Adult lat and .holnl the name, proper licence tax or taxea. luipoaml la traneferred eon aa general Information clerk fnr i and premium. It any, shall be paid No) their addreaeee, It known, prayIng the Sec a. All lawa nod Parts i
Bm.,. or 7or' wTioao1) ben :at : atravt. ad.Ireaa, .n.. '. of each by I thla mon) no action taken* un- ""0. a. All luwa and parta of awe I She H..'. capital bullillng and ta nx auch aaaoclatlon la required to maintain court to) adjudge* auch person to bo un. t In conflict herewith ere hereto t,

carried on. % such atnra or maroantlla i eotcbllh.fluent der the : hereof ahnll be con In conflict hcrawlth are hereby repeated.. the duttea and rcgulnte tile ofauch uniformity among loana male, hy able to take care of hla nr her prop Including l any law paan-il it i Ik]
(.r) 71811101" hlolu" > t14 P.'I" located And operating In thiS atrued aa In any manner operating aa Boo i. Thla Act shah take effect i ) clark. J'roviilttd, however,.IO"n I U with raapect to rates of Intereat, maturity erty, and to appoint a curator for the eton of tile Lpglalulure, In wbitbl

;:1'1 Ih, butn.j.. o( a.I.I.. 1.10. Hlata elicIt be reported the BtaluCom. a bar ta any other clvlt or criminal upon becoming. a law, po."n' ahall not bo paid mora than of principal, plan of repayment. estate of auch peraon cry la proviile.l.Sea. .
) it ,. -r;, '" .' ,.ollur!! on .eP_ bafora February_ 19ni liability whIch any peraon or aaaocla Approved by the Oovernor Juno 14, 1100.00 per annum. amount and time of payment of inatall-- Heo. a. That' 8<'ctlon i of Chapter 4. 'Ilils Act shell itt,
it) 'niora' a* uaad tri'thT* thou wuitin" len tiaya eider any aunae- UO".o ot per.nna, may be liable. 18.. Ben. .. All laws and, parta of law fluent upon principal, and other tarma 17970 ot tha. 19.17 Lawa of th* State cf July 1, 10141.ApproVsd .
mom and Include any ..I* o .n' fluent ouenlng\ datel and such otherraaaonable 1Tha lIcensee granteil and In conflict wllh the provIsions of thla provIsIons and condition* ot such loaiia I Florida la hereby amended to read aafollowa by the Governor J>{

mercantile' eatabllanmanraa*. '*heth.i. Information aa the State laaued. under the provlalona of tItle' .t:1JA p'rlCR 20.67 Act are hereby ropealod i i8no. and the contract evidencing them, nut: ; 114 1.
earn atatlnnary or Ole by Comptroller may requIre Ih,1 ba fur* Art upon payment of the taxes I leviedsonut AN ACT appropriating ,moneys from 3. Thla Act shall take effect ms,. when authorize! by Its hy-lawa Bee. t, Notice ot Una ring' To Its
meana. nf whnola ..' oUt] Whlo nlahad by lleenaeea In to enable i Impoaed under the provlatnna I nf thoj general revenue fund, for aaalatanca I i July I 1. A. P., 1041. r make lonna with dlfferencea between, Olven. That thereupon* It allah bo th* CHAHTI..R 20021 ,
) I owned, operated .iln4 him to property detormln' th. amount thIS Act may be tranaferred by the IIcenaea tn dependent chllilrnn' Approved by the Oovernor Juno li, them with respect to ratea of Intvreal. duty of tha court to flxa day for the AN ACT roquirlng all li-raiH I.
4. a perann. firm, .t'n! Joint .4" of lIcense I tax. nr taxea, Impoaed and upon notice to II'. Comptroller, II. It r.i.iM-t-,1- by the Leglhlatnr of Ih I i 18-41. maturity nf principal, plan of pay, hearing on mich application and order on hand prior tn the nmmnu-rl,

I "Itl.e. joint atock .ournp ..0.1." to b* cnltenleii, i by him, from nna atora location to) anothtr Utiite nf llnrlilmHnctlnn ment. amount and time of payment of i that auch written notice thereof. aa the the applicable cloned tvaaia, e u<\
ton. .np.tnn, aatata h '. tru.t .eo. I, 'I'h" liueneo, t.. .. levied' and stone Iracatton undo the earns owner. I. in addlllonv to all other CirAPTKR 200R9 I Inatallmenle upon principal, and, oilier, court ahall direct bo- given to thus person crabs ahrlitip. craytlnh,, or olbrtlflah ,
. t".a ayndlcat,' .! Impound hy Mention I or Ihla Ace ahall abut upon the oloalng and, illaoonitn.nance appropriation l I there I' harehy appropriated AN ACT making approprlallona. for termo, provlalona and condition of, agalnat whom the petition la preaentad. to make and Itle a nwuni Imant
Other group or coa itl., o I", due and payable on the Hfat ditv of( of bunlneee at the store 'loca- to lha fund ,, dependent chIt: the cnnetrucllnn operation, and malni much lonna nod the onntfacte evidencing i and alao to CoOls one or mora memboranf of tile quimtlty .anil, pltf
peianna, ; In which\ gnadl .me, or July of eai'h ami at whichlime tlnn for which such taxea won* orig dran. aaalntanua out of any .n't\\ I i teniinoe, ot an Jnduntrlul, ', engineering them, end la authorlxnd to makn lonnri i hue or her family residIng within atorngo of aui'h frnR-n elect f

, marchitridlB at any Ctn'rC $014.. or tha, fniiiptrntlur. rocW. Htnte->( inally paid and auch llconeoa word, Ohio> acneral ,nl'I .I of t ,S t experiment station to be npnruted fur at auoh rate nf Internist and with such, the jurlHdU'tlon. In the pain, manner aaanrvlco StIle lionel of conarrvatlon, *niulntlllg
t arj. off-red for aal* at rfi Flurlda .h.1 laaiin ., or IIcrnaea. originally( laaiiod.Boo. .. of Florida, not otherwlaeapproprlnted,, the aiivancoment ,and, Improvement, oti maturity of principal, auch plan of re, In chancery and. If auch person the cnminun, inl hnn4H L
or Provided, However. IbJ lIon. .o.rt.lnln. ., lha np.H I IS, ThinS la hereby annually, aunh auia aa may bo nnceanary each),i I ho I mill-trie of Florida. payment. such amount and time ofpayment t or peraona cannot ho found within the aal. of sun). fmnun click ilurinilappllcnbl

I Inrlmle mercantile eataKllahmi' ..1 coo Inapt Ih.eo with reference appropriated nut nf the fund. raining t..n, to maka up any .dtfforeiic exlat* Ito It BniKlril hv the l.rgkdatur of thiS l of Inatallmenla upon principal. -: jurIsdIctIon of the court, then notice ronpective cliim-il, sun.f
. built plant* or fI. tu the ninnhnr' of .e. and the Into the Comptroller' handa. I under, thoprovlalona ,, In I tbo nnrtictiltir/ between the State '
: year S i of flnrlilni' and climb other terms, provlatnna1 I shall bo given by auch publication aa providing a punlahiu-nl. fnr l iii l,i
engaging, principally, tn (th rrt .,. amount ( Inventory S olin, : I ; upon amountnnraaaary aniountpradlted There la Itpfehy created o) and condltlona of such loana and lh*I She court may think proper and If the comply wIth an hi r.golatil'ns.
bakerlo and other netrotail, ., which ..i, Inventory 'levied and Impoaed for t the sWeetly and, Binnlent', ta auc-h.' fund, for dependent I Florida engineering anil. Indii-trlnl exI cnnlracto evidencing them aa Its by- addreaa, nf mach person or persona la lin It Enuu.s'lrd hv tin Lettlcttr'i
and other manu ,Iril. lt by rlecllna 1 of thIs Apt being. enforcement of the provlaltina of tide I i chiuirtm'a naalatanc from the proieede.I ponment statIon which shall be a .lIv''.. l lawa may preacrlbe, provldod all loan t known, then notice ahall ba given by MInIm of }lulnl.l.ll.
procoaalng plant. aelllng ni due and payable aa provided In Rqotlon Act, and for that purpose Ilia Cmnp.froliPr of the free nnd taxea Inipoami by C'hap. Ion of the Collega of Knglneerlng: of th1'nlveralty shell conform to all requirement of regIstered malt to aucli person or peraona. Suction 1. It shell ba thl tilt I
ncla manufactured,; nr pr] ,4 If.' *; n of Ihla Act.) It any parson, or aa.aoclatlun la authorlaad 1 I to employ, auchamployaea I tiC -OJ10 lawa of Florida.' Acts of,r> ot Flurliln, under tha boardnf l law with reaped to the character, extent persona having nn haml prlnr if

In.and re-t-uranfe. ca/aa'naf ii. ttntili I 00/ persona, d-alrea to op-rat I ea h* may from time to, 11141. and collected by the Htnte Motor cnntrol nf the State Inatltutlnna of and Value of tha securIty tharefor,, fli-c. J. That Section 7 of Chapter commencement of the anpllobli I
llruni) atoreai* hnwevir, a atnra mercantlla eetabllehrrient In tIn,. deem naceaaary Iii carry out thaternia S i Vehlnle' Commlaalonar from tha ails of! higher learning of the
that( wherd Htat 01( I"lort... Fifth : No building and loan aaaocla- 1797ft of the 1937 Law at the State of( season any fish, crabi ihrluip crlor
food nr" fnt"r liquono FlorMa' attPh peraon or aoaociatinn ofperaona I and provlalona. of tbla Art. nnd I maintenance, taga.HWIO. Tha_ function of ,
1 the engineering cxt shall make any loan either dtrerMynr Florida la hereby amended 10 read aa other ahell itch lo mike t I Iatatement
la aold
In cnnnectlon' .hel. bofoia commencing, the the Attorney Qeneral la hereby 'directed L II. All .lawa and Dart ot howl.I perlment elation 1 1 /to oruanl-a Indirectly to any of Its omrera, dlreotora followa: of the qunnutr of st]
: but only I .Jrlnolp.1 opeiatlon' store apply for and and required 10 perform all level anr. In aimrtlct herewith' are hereby repealeil., and the prnnocutioS
I'n"'C II i prnmnt of roaearch nr employeea, provided, how Bee. 7. The curator an appnlntodaliall aen stock to the Stilt blUrt 1avrvatlon
.ln.'llII t not to obtain th- annual, (llcenae. or lloaneita,,, vine raimlred by the Comptroller, with JIIc" S. 'Ihla Act ahall taki l-ffect projects of anglneorlng' an'S related aol- ever that lonna may. bo mada to nontrlaer I hava the powera and beaubject within live diMi id,I
.Pt' th* lo.n. ,, .' Impo.4 herwtu. which provldttd for, applloable to auch'etora I OUt any additional exneneo to th Iminadlately. upon 'aUo :"nn.JU a law enema with epoolal ...'.eno. to auch. director or employee If aerurad I tn the anma dutlee over and concerning, commencement ot Ihe appllriba I Iaeaeon.

(.g) phalli', 'alorea' ., l" .It'n I .xplr on lean.n.( % or following llnenaea, .h.1 I lor funda la ralamt hereby heretinder.aulhorlaed Th and. Contptrni... 1941.Approved by the Ii. t of theaaprnbleme ae are Important to by a mortgage upon hla horn or by anaulgnmant the property of auch peraon, aa may bo,. Tho saId atatnniinl l'ii
ouoa I. empowend lie development or Industries nf Flor- of the -Sitot-K by law had and i
Act mean a al tll, their regardlea lbs data owned hy him, exercised hy the guar- the OuNce nr placoe of itori-t
group pt lo aiUuaC and maka
.b.1 h.ln i ,
proper eettlement r 3. Th) station may employ full In the aaanclnllon. Loana fuels lo offl. diana of tha property of infants, and rosen stock, .
atorea' nn* :>* nuur.' of Of lie or their I..no., In case ot overpaymentt mad CHAPTER ..10011AN tlm, or part lima research workora, or errs, dlrectore the court ahnll have ansI shah I ftirth-r be lb'1
ilh""I.r I I't at or amployeoa ancured I ex-rcMia tha Heo. 1. It
800. fl. The
In collection
thl t nf lha llienea In
tmvinent ot ACT!
tfldy i taxes under this Act ori to rt-Hno nod punish tim of- may utlllao part tunic acrvlnra from by ahajl .10.
aaalgnment of atoc-k seine aurh such frown 1
the not ex powera touching curator and of thus owner or
nianagainnt, aui, 'PVIelnn 0' (Sass levlnil, Impiieed and requIred| to S i Chapter UM. Lawa of Florid, Act C fenaa of iiaaaing' worlhlnaa check In i niutiihora of the. teaching atadf or the, ceed HO of the '"
percent tha of cloneil ccliii
withdrawal such
ownerehlp: whether aimh, 5 iciolnent ba paid I. hereby vealed 'In (lie these i of IllS, and I Ihera la hereby apprnprl- the Plate of l"Ios'Iila, and providing cer-. tTnlvvralty of Florida value property persona a* may ba' tog the applicable
: : or other, of the alack at tha by law had uml-r 0I
: any lIne the loan and exnrclend la
la touc-hlng
I tliaguardian der bi-weekly rcpoi
ownerahlp air anpervlalun > I I dirert t omptroller' and the averal countynoltentora 1 atml a aurflclent amount from the fundai .I sill tnlea. of evidence In p'.cullon"u..I. dlnte. axency. The executive head of tnadnKlxtht.
:Inrllroctt I, and whether ma or In. of the Stole or Florida1' ara i millected unilor this Act fur .Ituq. ('0" '.. .. thla Act.; repealing ftactltma ftOili I I I tb... atallott ahall h dlr-rlor of the property of Infanta. lie State hour of ror.m-fiim< I
\. n who Ctllldlng' ik
and loan aaaoeln. When a guardian la of amh II l
lermadlat. appointed under log I II moll III
nf la acnompltl hereby rnqulred ta perform such dutle*I i trollir to refund such anil 0707 Hovlaad
through anv tlvnenil
overpaymentwhen i Htatutea' ofI I ahull hn the strum of the .
afnok In and ...I.t the : College nf Kil lIons shall end their fund only on tho I the prnvtalona of IbIs Act, auch guardIan of during the pieuoitliiii l Ic we
one or Carper. Comptroller In auuh reapecta -> and If on proper application is.."..I I Florida. relating reapnatlvcly I to 'I l.. ..11I..rlnl.t hiss Unlverelty of Florida, of
a tlon a. truateeahlpa ; aa lie may requIre, In the iiUntlnlairatlnn he bounty their own aharee or nn Ihnaecurlty > she II have power tn provide fnr Sen. d. Froxen llall. crib '
or B., iIovI', proof deema It necaaaary ta. inch, duoS worthleea cliorka, In payment, sul rpropertY or u. peraon mimlnated by 'h
whalanevar am dean approved of tnt urns upon hnm-a or the Piiatoily, care, treatment ami, main- crayflah, or ahell itch shell l I. rclully
chain enforcontont of
; tori' thla Act curb refund.Rno. and 'rule .
In a oI.I N : store and I ; of evidence' ; chap.. bv the piealdcnt, of the I'nlverally comblnallon honiea. and 'bualneaa tenanca of atich peraon however, auoh I handlml, aunt anlil ilu i liii '
thin prop.erly ;
group or chain .rJ' ". All. t'omptroller la hereby authorlaMil 14. Appropriation. After thaI ten H40I. Ac-ta. of 19.1. rntltlad 'an Anti : of 'lor Ma and ,
: appointed ,"
by tha ii >
atnrea Using' tlia and tirnvldnd, however, that not -nora I guardian ahall not forcibly ranlraln auch, pllcablo closed atfiiaon of l
earn* euilinwereit to prescribe forma I Cost of the collection of the I... to define and punlah tIle nffen** nf paaaIng board, of control.' Ills ,
name or almllar nanii relative to relationship to. than $2000000 shall ba loaned on (tic I without direction of tie: ctmrt.i article only In cnmplmn' "I. i iulntlon 1
a 'lo'at'pra. Ih. lmlnlatratlon and enforcoment herein levied and 'Impoaeil la ,deducted., wurthleax chunKs In I h. Stale of lh* dean of lha Cull... of person
auiiieil' tn be 'chain the llnglneerlng aecurlty of a Oral Hen upon any on I i The curator and the guardian may have, contained In this lee.
.10' t.'nmptroller the tlrat luoo.non Florida and
pal'l tn the
Onmptrol. ahull
1114 providing certain rules of I! b* the
: that
: aaiit aa of ,,
hOC of tha .. .. or a .,.11010. la heiehy i..o.I i ler undo and by virtue nf hula Act evIilMnn and certain forma of aocuaallnitir .. purtiiiont' 'In the College, of a h.iu.t .f curb property except that ont exceed' such other powers and perform ouch Haa. 4. Any person I 0*
ahallba- prim facia' avid()* Shot ill nf any or d"palne". I I I. hereby appropriated for the ".. .n.1 I[ which may ba ueod In proancu In". Engineeroo. ing III percent nf the aaaeta of Stint aaanclatlon other ilutlea aa the court may direct. fish crabs ahrllnp rraylliii ST
euch atnrea are under ihi ale ,iIlI. nf the Ktnta Uovorn".nt, or benefit of the ooiinty school l fund and L Ilitna unilwr thla Act' and Chapter MJ.4 a. The following fill) ba loaned on olher tin.provorl I l'hS curator ao appointee shall bo, shell flaH during llioloaJ,, wn.

r-iRta management,. whether! .,at..., h.. llcer. uf any polrtlcal' .aiibdlvlalon the I the clime ahall b> paid Into' Inn Slate,I Arts lit II .J. entitled '.n Act regulal.' the h..llnlbulhllnor., sHIlls. und'r real eatate. without regard toaald required tu glva the aama bond and pllcabla thereto without e"
1hla State or nnt. Stale all Tnforlsi.sStt.n conatrucllon. $2000000) limitation and without 1 lake the came oath aa ta required ofguarrllana with the law Khali baill''. all
by him deemed I traury lo the credit nf the entd fund. \ ing the leeuiinca of chucka, draft and' 'I I equipment and opuietlnn and ,
I (ht 'JOI.p.nd.n' BtnraV lTfjVli-a ua-0 ""o..rl to properly ailmlnlater thla I I to be dlatrlbuted to the oountlea aa, order for the payment. of iuoiuy:: wlth- are hereby Iiialntu'tt.ennui r-aanl tu aald fifty mile limit, but ae. of Infants and fIle account I demeanor and ahall be puniijaiUna ,

I In fina.l' .- title. 1.t o .Act h.._., s.a shell. ._..I._mean. .... 'jKetora dauaail Act.Ben, 7. If or aaaoclatlon of provided tnll.AII hy herein law appropriated Provided that and all tit I a In the penalty Btat. t Florida tAs violation anil to ..provld t, tlua;\*l, nnmunta purchaeo- lo /.n'd appropriated"t: pay aalurlua ae ami thal 1 cured Hevonth'bv lUst In caaa lien thereon there la, not aum.- of nually the to admlnlatratlon the oourt from of the which trod ho an receivea -.,, ImprIsonment' of not moia In the lhan coimtii"tuor 1,,,0

Store a. dnfln.4 In tbla of peraima. ,. rr.r.r.nl( a report, a.Ihi'ovliteI i be dlatrtbutad 1 hereunder ahall I bo uaedI I Act.. aecea-Mry and regular auppllt'a, Clint demand for loans on the part of I' hla appointment, and at such V than .0 days or by bulk

(I) 'M..on.t' .10'' 11 1 In in Ills Act full*I I axclualvely for thus payment nf ealiirl,* lli It KnMcleil l,r f.egUltiiure- of the l expcnaoo, and: other axpnnaea, for specIal atockholdera on real entitle mortgna-aa, i other tlm-a aa may ba directed by, Imprlaonment
*xpena the the U
'hI. .t mom a. noIllr1, or refulaea ta 0 "I" Ilia llnlvrequired i and leaching the tree public echoolai lIlaCs of ."lu.I<.. ngIuinu'rlnq or atocK ot the aaaontatlon, which I the court. BBC. 6. All Iowa and parts
experiment atatton
.I""ly op.at.d.r" lo b* op. vr nlee any return whtth I la i fit auch oountlea and for ..p.o... In- ; 1. Any person Who with In* to b* paid out of fund herein, and end I ar, ncpeptabla to the board ot dIrectors, Tho court appointing much curator, whether apeclal or gun-nil w '

: : t 4urln., a p.I'I I. eaaon of false, or r..dul."t. the Comptrollerahall .1 vurreil' for the tranaportatlon of pupIl t..t: clafrauil, shall make, uttor, prlaied for th* annual period appro., soy lend nannctatlnn shall have the power> shall have full power over tlia same dlrectlng with provisions of this eTC Ii''

1o" nor ii pellud lime lewIn wit I monihi of Curl failure I i of common: hoola and no part there* draw, deliver or give .ny check diart n lug July |. mil. end July I, 194.begin, to its funds upon or purchaie flrat; an allowance for tha- sail, ward pealed to the extent nl aOl
4 .11.n ."... 7r. '"I. nf refuaal and not thereafter giv S i of can or shell under any olrcumalannea or written order upon any bunk, peraonI ,i *.lorlda.Engineering : mortgagee upon Improved real estate, and for the support and maintenance cteo. 6. Thla Act uhlll law
) Niw .10'1 wh.n. I IMa' curb pn,'."" ten ilnya notice. In writIng or condition! be uaeil for dub I or corporation, and whoaeuurae money, Btutlou ICxperlment prnvlilpd., Ihe loans secured by the mortgage of tha dependente of lit* said ward I upon its passage ant, "lhhrevel'

'An shill n.... n.wly. and store requiring euch version in appear> aervlce, the pitymsn of Intereat. ilebta property. or other thing of value thi're. Admlnlatratlve' and ., purchaaitit or accepted aa collateral; and the education Ot his or her minor lovernor or upon' ua betolillutwIthout
morrantiu .ted, at'In I' b-fore hi mand aubmlt certain proof! or other obligation whathar ftirotet o-'; fo,. ant, who knowingly alinll not have i ".n.. 5, 100.00. operating exi done not exceed 70 percent of the fair, children, and may allow and aaaoooaghlnat I auch approval. 3
a IltnoVI oiktr..a .flywh Ihle,, of the truth of lit. return or flle an I i unfiindixl and whether the aame ba avulencetl an arrangement, un.l"i.ataniling ur Problems primarily of value of the real eatate mortgaged, and.I the atato of the Incompetent Approved by the Uovirnor *'

Ilat..t WhIch eha 'own (llcenanei/ amended and corrected raturn ; arttfc 1; by bandog n.... warrante, rile fundS with auch bank peraon ".' corpvratlon. and lri'tuetntal'natur.. Involving an engineering' alao to lend lie funds upon or Invest In I air reaannabla coats Incurred, In prn- 1941. _

th."oto'",. op.. a atoreMid the C'omptroller may require auch prenn. ) tlncnteo, cnupono, account or oth- aulilialvitt to meet or pay tha (u) uses or Flurlda'a .. ,. the obllgatlnna ot the fnltad Btatea., curing tha appointment of said curator
\ on ,, e.tbllshi-n fur or aeanulatlon of peranna ti> glva i vrwlao, any goneral.n.I, ar I local I ...n., ahall be guilty of a felony, t if F cea ..b aa llbrea. hldaa.natural olla .nu State of Florida, and county or munici. and during the ciiratorahlp Including 'CHAPTER 109I .,
hl: new ston. *( lIcensee taatlmony. or to anawer ,. In'o.ro"n law ti> tha contrary notwlthataodlng; such check, draft or written order ahalli I| duatrlal waalea, and In- pality of the Htata of Florida, any Fed. reasonable flttorney'a fees neceaearlly AN ACT lo amenil, *ettlol' Uti.lt.

J. liedon the "r"1 0 \ ot thlarioetofor. torloa, undnr oath ..In.lo.. ..'. > and Site bulanaa' or ,.., .In.1.. of lb be for the aum of 9f&.u.oo or more uml,L Halailea *7.M( >< .oo. roth home lonn bank or the home own.era Incurred, and shell have full power to I 'the RevIsed Ueneral SlBiuwj

t':: IIn, *, Comptroller or any agent dealgnated' ,I 1 tnonlea paid I o'h"IIS'l' under elicit on conviction thereof bo punlahear L tliiiilpment, |4 OOO.Ott., loan corporation, and aleut tr* lend I enter a doureo, for aal. or mortgaging.,, being the aiinio o. y
1s1ue4 'the 'nPI r. store by him., '.n"ooln. all betters In connection > and by vIrtue :OII: h t by Iniprleonment l In Ihe Stale prloonC i fbI u... of Florida mineral its funda upon or purehaae the stock or> housing or m conveyance upon ground I ComplIed General L.aws nf V\\<

0' the .."... ,noth.lI, "tlon 1 In amount uf Inventory,, appropriated for the uaea and bone-fit C for M period not graated than one year cea reaour prnml-aory noise of any other domeatlo i rent of the real estate or any part relative to the brlbury of filth'ieietlvll
till stat :'.,, and. the number. of stone opnratad by I 1 nf She general ravonu of tin Mlato of t or by line not exceeding ".01101; and I Hularloa 17.000.00. 'building and loan aaanclatlon. or Invent; thereof, or for the aal* of personal I or Judicial onjc-ra;
4 II > ".n'.',' wh..; 'r I. this' auch perann nr aaaoolntuin peraon*, Florida and tho same, ahall ba paid I I If such rheck, draft or written order Kilulpment 13.000.00. In the savIng aharee or Invealment properly or any part thereof, ot the I llui It Knnclrd h. the .

Ant shell ran full ..h' ii. ut CII and any Information aeueaaary ta enable Into tho Htata '..aurl'. to thecredit: b*> for lee than ino.oit. he guilty I (c) probloma aharea nf Federal aavlnga and loan aa.aoolatlon aald ward, whenever. In Ibm opinion oti State of Unrldiil I
pertaining to mochanr- ?
tnirol.enItie *utuajy( .&&pooOPemlone the Comptroller( to collect thaproper l of saId fund ne a ntiadameunor, .I.h..I convio, cal englnoering.' doing bualnoaa In tha Ulato,i the court II la neceeaary for the aup- Heollnn 1. 'lhal Hocllnn HRevlaed I
0 retell herO, ep dstlno4 .ilila Ant, llnenaa. tax er liCence t..... t'OII'i ".". I ft. The llcenaa t.... imp.....0 I turn' therenf be punlahed hy a tIn,0, unitIng In Florida fuels and IIlr oondl- of Florida.Klghth port and) tnalnlenanca of the aald ward, I Oonerul Stt.uIu'e, Of ?.
which I. to b. aoIl 0" 0 for aal* auch 1 : \ or aaaoulatlint 1 of ;; hy this Act elicIt not repeal any other out nh'1IJII: O. or Imprlaonment; ; Mitlarlua. ".000.00. : l-pnn Stub approval of lha or his dependent, nr the aducntton nf being the same aa seri.n, I'

a "Iau. blue tile pop .t. partavrehouae ) 11I\'io no auoh teatlmony, llcenae tax onnupallonal. tax, excla'* in the county Jail for not mora thun l.lulp5flaflt $1.soo.OO. State Comptroller any building and Ion,I lila or her minor children, or th* pay. piled General iMVm "' 'iori'' '' nj(4and

th. pnsrrhnnctl : I *, given .n" compulelon or Inv.lunl.ly tax, OP tax levied by law aa a condl., Ill montha.l (.1)! probl-nia/ of aaaoplatton may subscrIbe and nay for ment of hla or her ,debt, nr where It I lai the seine la hereby elI,
of the IIn'enep o ''ilreil for ahall b. ailmlaalbla, In .,"I"no. .ny' lion precedent I.. engaging tn biialnaa lot,. .. It ahall ba the duly of tha.i nature Including mad a elvll engineering aharca of atmk In any F-Unral home,i for the Intereat and advantage of the I to read are folloWB7411 .> BI
,it. b."t 0' the t.. .u lloenaeerulve criminal proceeding. agalnat aui<, per In the Htata nf Florida unlaaa exlireaaly dritwaa of any check draft or written i ..'.* sutpht..s. materlale. fooda. loan bank or other Federal ar r-aorve,> call ward that the aama ahall be soUl,, ((6340). HrlboLeglalatlvo
nllral.I' ''I" Ibis. eon. or """,' ton of engineering and corporation, rreated 0m.r.,
.n at 1. p.r..n. repealed hereby, order before rofualng' to pity tha aama,i public "".llh. or authorlxeil by mortgaged leaaeil or let on ground rent, or Judlnlal
thet pOrt such .'.. rarrled Hen a. At the lime tranamlttlng t < 11. Thnt all parta and aecllnna to the holder I thereof, upon' pieaenta. Halurloa. ID.100.01)). the laws of the United Htatea or the'i That all abaiiluta cities In fee aim pie I onrruptly glvea. offer" or Pr ?
ot noquln.4' for th. .tr ,.f the It. the report lo the (Comptroller'' tha Chapter 11445. Lawa of "1 ,: IO.H., lion, in cauao to ha written, prlntad. iiUlpin-nt| ,400.00.. Hlatot Florida lo lend money to> nr the real ealata of auch peranna shall any axerutlve lglnlatloniter

1100500 10.t..1 oIt.ld" I l..t\ eon. or aoaoclallfin of peraona,. .t'i I I be and the same ar* hereby repealed.l I. OP Ktainnetl) In plain' 'lanvuug thereon, <.> probl-ma I of lectrlcal' building. and loan aaanclatlon er any' be mad fn the aama manner aa lai I State, couiill' ,

irIorlle. r'.I. .v. : .'r, remit therewith Ii. aald fun\ntr"I.. .1.l "en, 17. If the aeparat and adttf.tlonal OP attached thereto the reaaon .rulu'cwee'e doling" naturn. Including' an hurricane.n fu-1 federal aavlnaa and loan aaaonlatlnn i provided for the aisle of Ilia real ealata, fleer, officIal or employ; Oh SI,
'Inventory, o' timed amount of llcenaa lax. tax Impooad by 10' and may purcheee. eel I or of '
H-ctlon dishonor hypothecate
Ij."o :: 11 thla or refuaal to pay odIum reduction of statIc i Infanta., Hut' 'h sole, mortgaging, I-HB- after ills election or app// ,
.ebrane, due under the appllcabl provlalnn ofthl [ Act la held or declared, la ce Interference,,, the aecurlllea, bonda. nntea, hr 'I. "
: : psrte or unoon* aaitie In all' proaeoutlon, under tIlt i and rural i-l--l,,rincatlon. or tlebeii.. Ing and letting nn ground, ,lent shall I er before or after ,
' Cicessorlee a .iI, by II. Act and failure pay any "Irene a i atltutlnnal.! t Inoperative or .tt ttIrh. pert Art, the Introduction In evidence: nr: Halarl-a tl.GnO.oo. turea leaned by any auch Federal home,, i be upon terma and rate to he approved L has taken Ha eCu anY> *> 0- ,.
drib '1 Ih tax at Hi tlmo of tiling( the return.i auch holding shell, loan bank, or other Federal ? ?
e.n..1, "u."obl. "I, not IIi any uniiuli and dlahonored check dralt Kiiulpmant ".&00.00. or r-ae>rva i by thus court. Tlia an, 10 court (nay r.,' whatever, wllh Intnnt, .?,
pt.ll .u.h null Y aa shall tauae said llcenaa tax to h-cniti rinse taxea ntnlrro.O Hectlun I of t or written order, havmg\ thedrawuoa, tI. *. All crnpnratlon nr Federal aavlnga and lonn; quire of the paid curator auch bond vote. opinion ill alia, ,
In thIs "trui4 :, delinquent., All Itcenae taxea I thla Aot. refuaal monlaa racelved by the I aaaot-latlnn and for act .
fn..1 aectlon. subseclion. lu payment such atnck. for the .
Ih.1 b provld.t pay stamped ur written i Florida proper application of the fund mailer, qIleit..ifl.coaling. '
engineering *I
tIVly p..rc.Il ( I .mount for herein by H-ctlon I .r due sentence elan**, nr word or thla thereon or attached thereto with the uniitha experiment etutlun. oacurltlea, bonda, note*, or denentnrca,i arlalnr front such cain a* In hla dla- nn any. which may be ,
' A .U.h Inv n.o'y relilsin .r.( .. abM A the nibs of th. Mlata Cotnp.roller Act. la for any reaaon. hald or declared I reaaon therefor .. aforeaald shall her l Hoard ol Control management, of the Htat I may ba made from any funds which i c ret Ion may aenm to ba which may hy lag ,
uther than nece-aaary toi I ,
those or '
In""loa ot Lh. lInes $".00 providedif ( a Tallahaaaee Florida, on the l to b* unconatltutlonal. Inoperative' a prliiia facia evidence af the making ort Htate or from,, lbs aaaoclatinn may have on hand or i protect the Intereale of the before hlir III -L
t Federal w.r&eo.
I tsr t. W' uf this Art, I t"Jolptral. first of July. of each and every[ "01... auch. holding shell n"t affect thremaining > uttering .t ailld< check draft or Wrll'',"l appropriated' to the euuroea use ,of are the hereby Slat by the raoafr of any other icIcle *, Alt 'laws or Parts of laws In I brought. shell ba pun'i' 113 mpaclly. <
detprn.In. lb. : I til;, year and all Inventory Idles provided portion of thla Aat; or I If order, and thus dun preaonlatlim' ta) the,i Muard of Control I Air aubacrlptlnna lo or purchases of any conflict herewith are hereby th Rt.ta I"'"'
fnis the rap atd.,, in *
ot of fur herein by ot I lute Act are,l thIs Ail. .. Florida *nglndnrlng atnrk. aonurltlea. mont ??
.lor. aarvloeilof .010. or any thereof.i .1.. for payment, and, the dlahnnnr bonda. notes nr its Hoc. B. This Act Ill tilt '
b" ant I. .ahl war. II. Hue and th* onto* of th ahall I boheld- Inapplicable I.It"ol.nn. thareof experIment atatlon, bantureo- heretofore mad .ahall take eftecl I fly. years. or 1101
and bY
any per that the ..n,. 11 any aan>>* upon becoming or
wee nn" a law ,
prop yrr
l. Board "
In this $tate i slate. Comptroller at Tallahaaaee Flor. T of Control la I elation sxcie'ultflhl
.n. ratio ofin group of peraona Hind I *rly dlahonorail fur are hereby validated
.d. proporty. the reaaon wrlttu.statalnpuIl ., hereby eooflrmud I 'I Approved by th* Governor June .
ponranlag. the storis "lee ep. ida upon the datea and In the manneri of property clrcum.I."... or Cat of t or attached by the dra".. front empowered totlx and collect fee I and made legal. 1941. 19., deeding $ Art .hahh b"lv.
inlet In lb. $provided In Section a of thla Act, and.I elrcumelancaa such on i materlala '..'" and research NIoSh Th< a. 'Ibis l
: tOll i holding elIcit not L auch.' dlahonored ,check draft work Provlalona of this Act b
sb ,.. suppIlel by .n.h.r" .h were. such taxea ahall( be paid and the Conip-4> affect the applicability' hereof to un 0'uSher ton order; and aa slusIns the-or maker, Hlat, carrlad on In coopuratlon wIth I prohibiting the aaalgnment or tranafer, CHAPTER zoom Imniedlately the upon uvttmt JI'C1IAPTR '
county by
houer. of lI..nene. troller elicit colleit In addition, municipal ant private of vldenpea Approved
tothn i of
peraon. property or rlrrumetancea.' or drawer thereof, I. lite lndebtedn or mart Aft ACT
".ol"I" Vltudrawtng i agenclea. and lo provide
shell b. applIed 10 the &> lt amount of taxIs dua. a penalty .. I Bee. I U. All lawa and parts, of .lawai from dopoalt with the drawe that It I. xpreaely provided I gagoa securing th* same taken by for educational opportunltlea -
.a nann-d 1 all
hou. ..n".no'I.. end ,.t. .the,, to two "percent of th* aniount' of i In oonflM herewith ar. hereby. repld. In Chech draft or written order the, aalil Hoard auch faa an collected by the building$ and loan aaanclatlnn 1.lh, ,5 i dependant children a ot dependent child ori o0iI.AWACT

pert 0. polon ., such w. ii.. Inv.n., Log each month of the period. of e.. : fun,la en deposit' with sHell clrawu, the Mtata of Control :IL.n affect I payment of any loan ahall oat apply tu of the Army deceaaail veteran* set' ti
to'l.v to b. t..d ho'v.n. the m.,., delinquency In exoeaa of lilly day ... 19. Thl Art abel become if. to Incurs approprlalluna o deduotud I She Inveatmento permitted by this Navy. Marina or Nurae* to Itt,
nnoeaaary payment ol set.I I I h..r."". cud they shell be Sec Corps "L110 <>nt" d She aervlo of ITt'S, 27'tI. II
.hand I.. ., o.rrlo", 0'' utn..t for t ten the due ... .h..ot. fictive July lat 1941. check draft used only lion or to notes and mortgage tha I let?. 3711. Ut I. '
nr written order receiv tolLed
thoth. benslit I the LIcrepe. -, H.n. t. Any praon aaaoclatlon atperaona. I Approved by the Oovernor Jun. II preaentatlnn within uimn, i for the purpaao far which they irs oollectod. ed by the aaauclatlon tn avldanca Stat* from th* Btaee of Flor *022, 3825. 2030. jn'l ,
a reaeonabla tlma, Thaaa and ida and dleil '
'K files ahall ba deposited In service between tha vtcod O.neral $itules A
to She I I
autijurtt provlalon
of t I 1141.l a-cur the balance It'
( I II .tl'hrhl l: after negotiation; or the .. *"" the Compirollad of the of tha eal* price) of Ash day of April, 1 I7. and the Jn.l I Charter
Thet tI,.. "
the Art 1' thIs Act. falling or retualng to furnlati ing. no't I any real estate aold day eta SectIon i. ,
I. Uttering or dttllverlng of who Ihi by it. provided, I of July, 10., or who I 1. ':'ls010r,
:r.tnfoIh. : coin eligIl, be,. any report aa herein required to bumade CHAPTKK .l>07i draft or written order, .1..1.1... under the ora r ol! auiJ. latter noise are' not oeourtd by baa died Nlflr 10.., and Hection r d eel ref ,
payment' o I of may haraafter In.
Control the
IcvIud. the .1. coy' or falling. or retuelng 'I t.nl.h.q i AN ACT tn prnvlit' for th. -ale and.I wbu-h la rafuead by the drawee ehall I or ahall draw hi. warrant I the aaalgnment ot aharea ol atock i in i 2 diaabllnyfaulting from dlaeaaea or I91>; relating ellullOCtrsnsf.rs ,??
Warrant .
word l' hyr.In i : a aupplmntal) report or i eonvevanc of the legal and fiultahl, b-i prlmo, faelo vM. on tile Hlata treasury in I the aiaoulatlon. from ouch war er. property 5111.5. "'
"enot" *
"alt helif' 11".1 : the 'b' nc* of the Intent to,i payment, for tha aald materlala.' tesj ". vice where th* parent of such chIld I attP, envi511li
by &Comptroller .
to. who i Int..... .la real aatata of any ntarrtvd I defraud and of Knowledge of ..,1 .. Alt laws andparte of law in .
Oei.ns L hi eotst ahall ,''nl.'. coy provision' of Ad" man or marrteU woman. who haa b.., Auient lunda In Insult reaearch work and ....n.. Inch conflict herewith are hereby l r children liav been. btin.t. Ode rr-. Ho It i-iart-.l by III.StutS .
: a ot credit with aunt dent tile,.... repealed.: dent ot
.opr:11 i In StatS
$. ur the of or fall to- pay the license tat or t.. a any aacrion.
duatint ." In '1n d n* by auch aaaoclatlon efperaona t Hoard ol Cnntrol ahall Snake a rovnrt I yar next preceding the application Portion I. 'A'i.utvised F fl'
0' or
"fa&ln. v101. ot hid nr her rroiHirty.! whr I the debt I stee. .. the word Vredit.aa rlauao- or >hraaor It
In t for b
word t
uaed I detail I nenta
Ills bUaIflisi ot She ."._dUu,. under this An anil t1lstutiS
retailer fined I In tinder the provlalona of ltd I I prop-rty la held aal an estitte by cli. herein. ahall be ar aald I herein er Iii any act amended provlitIna Osnersi .
conatrued hereby ,
this Act. Ih.r. I. hl.nb l d Act or who .h.1 .e"ur.any llcenaa aa l \tret to nteao. anarrannement node. tohetse) with. C "PO" 0( hut I to bp uni-on.tltutlonal shall ? for the manner and application for amended to real I. f' r-1 .
or not
seesawed upon every pane r aaao "I herein upon a falaa iio'Vf ; underetandlng with th a work Saute.S. the eft slIce' 1(1015 PPrPrlatea and expsndd under 3046. TheHtla to .1 ?,
'j" er the l.gl-la.ura of lh* draweefor the ctiveneaa of the) ?
of fraudulent nrl..t.'t. payment of aucU ub"', Heo Anr aum or auma herein remaining por. Act arid Withdrawing or the or it I*
: '= ci byrd fur p1lc.UOI. or who ahall operate sINe )it draft or written order. ap.prprlet.q4. liana of this Act. and the 1 ertt ben- any purchaser. ,
of this
store .. end within any Ktalo without if not required. fur any remaining Act for auch chill or chll.i shall have held
: Ih. t M. lIon (Ii l I All Inlereita whether 1I..c. 4. That .section 17i)( lit porilon chili bit deemed and held bi
to dren. '
and I f '
$tate 0' by flrec obtaining Ih* I or lIcense I..e apecllle appropriation may b* applied I valId i providing for the appropriation made by anre ?
Iloeld. pr.nn or : or eaultablo. In real. eatal. In thla Mevlaetl General' Htatut-a of aa If sui'it) excluded i aar*. y
...001.10" of p..ona en .1 llcenaakanual provided for harem alisIl ba guilty of Htai. ,*, owned aa an aatat by mrile. Islet 'banter '40I, Lawa Florida., by approval uf th. Board ot Control I had not been Included herein part or i part i of moneys and Ire application, tbre.for,f ( lor. or guardian waitlonxd ibHn ,
or .
or Flarhl' I* :
,e ol (he ltnua of : l II.| a mlademeanor. and upon eon"leton i by any marrlwl, mn, or marrlad woman i Ada of li.i. and Chapter 3.H. Law*., .I in. nvceaaary and regular expense* act amended hareby. any iTIi.reghinil Art.l to benefit aat forth under, by any ha unit ,n
tPlisl ICC I according, shall ba imnl-h-il by a Hn L who baa been adjudged by a oourt of t nr Florida.. Jtcta of ID... Florida engineering experiment A-i,. 4. '(hIs Act ahalr laka ward upon the *"' .
being Heottotla atacioa. effect ) pthorl.lng
tie th. 11..10".10" uClA '. In I". .exceeding $OOu.oo.. or tty I ImprlaonmentIn l competent jurleiliclloa' la ba unablo tn'' un, 79.1. 7022. 1333. 7034. 1029. UJ i tmrne.iarely'(' upon ltd ""aaag* and Stt.l'flisu-f.uf lly (tie Lugji.leof. tb I tulanity In the cu' .. la
.ol..dul. hereIn eel oat.ties. the county jail for not "iC dl.npl.ono..nt alt. i Ihf Any mnnlea appropriated by proyal tna B* of PlorlIia, aam*. who
; eara of hIs or her property anil I 7 1T. 7H. hIt and| 1... cmnvllwi by Oo.ern.r or upon Ill ba. .
I. (or ar) lode "St lIons' aix u ninntha. or by both curb tOne ami 5[ for wbititt a curator been aapolcveit t ll.neral Ijtw for a dealgaatedT period which I cum I ac law without auch flection 1. It i is hereby drlarrf to or nol nolehall au.ad .,,i I'
I..cl.d end oporsted In I tst., th. with the dlecretlon at t under chapter I7. 1.1'r: th* Lawa nf r Ih* earn are of hereby Florida la7bo and I al lbs end ot slob p.rkxf remalna tir- Approved by tha AJov.rnor approval.Jun be the polIcy of lh Stat. 0 f Florida i to a at any time by an'eelved C
repealed and all I expOedeit 12. w
flat .uiii of $10.00. tba knurl. or net contracted to ba K-A! educational l lu '
Florltl, 199t. nr ,who h.. bean ai, other hews cOot >mpana loot. PPortaolty at Stat this money
( ,I&s. I. Fur sorb cheIi ..a'lo.a'.d( part of lawa In con d, the eahl tinea wendedbalance expense for dep.nd.nt trw '
Any person required to make render, Jiidgixl means or a lunathi bY a, oourt, I met herewith b. and rhildre aithe,I titled arisIng 14provt.led.
the of
at, opeicled 1& this 1..1. "bol"n.. aln or verily any report aa aforeaalit, of competent I.II.ill..n. and for hereby ,.p..I." Mm* ar* may ba need for like purpoewa in any CHAPTER 30370 whoApsnenta entered Sb. AItny hoWrc>iIn "

Inl 10 a obaln 0' iroup I I C total. .I who Inches any falae or fraiidaleat' r" whom a guardian h.. been appointed II... I. If part_ .f aiicvoedlng .n... Tit. ...I"rt". ex- .AAC? regulatIng| and Navy, Marine. or Nurses Corp. of the 5 I oontatneil shell be
not mn,. thea liv., 'b. with th Intent any Ibis Act bal pertinent atalloa la further ..t.'I.1 the r-atrlcttna. l'nlt.rj State. frouu the port nr return to avail* mav bw aolil and conveyed upon tna l declared InvalKI. eate of win and vhoue State it Flop. action for fraud.
I.. auch shall be held .. spirits and Ida
not I ior
ot UO.04 tv* and expend lit enut died io that n "
tha 1 license tavea herein provided I fur, application of Ola or her curator or to. Invalidate accordanu* vlnoua Ilnjunra for aerwica on frost, the exaotllor adii'
For esch oh Store Io.cetsil be gulltv of a mledumeanur and I any other pan or pane l Win Htala law. slut subsequent aircremantal or rvllglnua loj.irue sustalos.j or shade.. Ilsbiii' Cage
.h.1 guardian, .. tha .... may be. in tn. hepeofIdor. sum purpnada. providing fnr the !to. 000trscte.1 for personal
"a operatod lit t tte ciii,t upon b* lined not ex- aama manner aa other of I. appropriated tor .It for apecrlHopiirpoa. auanca, of permlte therein betwaen the 5th .Iay of April,. to belr. h Ssee.
.h.l. "nnvloln. properly e Tbla Act anal] _am. *f.t .. H_, g for such aal* br the 3517, and any
10 vhgln havIng by ImprlaonmentIn L aald n.:1 Federal money appropriated I beverage th. hit.I lay of July 1521 That
e l ,
b.l.n.ln. .t.1 Parson ao e.bjuuliwut to be furtive lmni ltatly upon It becoming by tIle exmtmlaaloa of th. Hint of a 2. .IC '
fongreee whup have
thin five a but ini county Jail not .exceeding I atx l to taaa care .of his or her property oreucn a' law with .I without at she rnilnl Mtalea FlnrMa. exenipling shIrk win died since or lfl.t) bereaft.,f G.osral Ststlat 5 CE r
Chore thee lefi etureU tbe I ,, both line anil I ItoprIl000isnI ) ih* approval oti li* be seoul tar male purpoa-a In _. or Tiao ,I die (non. dis.'eaea
Cup or by alien > Insane or lunaticprtum may b'' the Onvernor of the M.... "tout lI..nn spirits! "I winos' ,. liquors and the eel from such or dlvablilt) reeeitlnl F to reed cc f.ulbOW5t ,' K0
1101a00.Cl. withlu th* dl..tnn of IH* .ilil ant eonveyaUprovldvd; how.vvr., sudll., a law without wIth the Florida aaglneerlng' ex. thereof IrOn. elI 'nar' regw.atlnna.. 5 wer service5 Wh.t, lb. par.. 3511. N reel sOt5*' 1 0
I... 4. Par each ebeln e .nested i Ioun. and the .." In> that the. huaUanil or wife. or. l If h* or nor a approvaL lbs Oover- l pertm-nt atatlon, whether by ttu or and taxation relating to the raalrlctlona Pet.tIde of situ-h Children hays be.n ban, hue Stat.. AnY u "-"'
end operated In thie dIals ) ".10" .. such' caa* colleut In addition t t. thetaaea l the *l. Im under dleablllty. then tba, oan.tinrtion whIp moneye cOpropni.lIl.d seOul and dl-trlbutlun of win., vlnoti recislents of the P1st. 05 Florid.I log to cr-ai *n 55051 1 11wUhalanJBg
(ci to chel,, 0' .rou" I .a .o..t. dua. a. penalty equal In two per curator or guardian of curly huebaad I CHAPTCH 10911 by th* Mglelalur : this Utaty, spirits or vinou liquors Inipna-d for lOse yccrs next precedlOg tIlete ap.. th. null' M"

0' more than ten .0'.. b .t "..0.. Spent of the amount of such tax per r or wife, ahall into .In the ..,. an-t I AN ACT to allow. comblnatluaa of t t b** hereby rpproprlal-t far mm may the 'laws ?' tIti Stat. "' Flottda: r by*. eubjeet pliettost for the baoellts hereof. And I t. de.med to *rm/ch./ i ;"Lla
then IUI.. alor. j, ..un 1 'month for the aCademy ta the puruoea for whkn to the
ul 9t iua.ceaa i ruhee
convtyance of pealing all law festnlttouti eker
ld 50,1 I first lJjViaWj
p.rol d.lnql..1 any property ao and I own"ra of copyrighted niuelo to ooa- the ar partS af law hiinitsliits the |
I 110.00. aam wa .
ot *0 *} available laS hereof. '
aa *
: eonveyed under tn. authority of aa centiii't herewIth "hit !II.' tail "M t
thla I l tract with ih. and providing or *nnt
.h.ln' ownara tll.
or agent e t: < 2t.c.
Chile I. For' each aamoi ,la permitted by In. 2. All Al
I.e..i Mao. 10. There I* hereby created I a A"t. theatre toe th. Federal I Ilti. Act shall iak ttect hmin.4iatI sums epprupnlse4 ana I' etirp.e to Cole lesuiS
cud operated 'a this lien In favor of the State at Florida', Heat f?> Itt to perform Copy Btalutea.i minor, led tiie ef 111.1,
1..t. ordering ar becomIng OW I the
aparovlng i g, rtlSw t luuatv for e l.* beIng at
tn. to ..h.ln ar ..oup I C total I upon alt tile properly Dntl real andpereonal. ,t I eat and convyanc unda -atlon I! nf (CbapUr prolti, d"plt* IK*i t. Any a-tlov *f this Act a*r p. En.it b.. 4ti L.glelsd'cri KT.'y'V.IJic'utf'onAfU'"io.rl, and! alec. S. Thai 4' wOsoeral
prnvtalana 17Ht. Law ci S 4IC
.r ,. U boo .. but not. ., any pereon. .' aaaoulalionof l of thla A.". the count haaitllng tha i .10',... lt.t. and 1-M Law. of FIne selF lIt epvll *.Uau. of appropriation her*. Slate. of Elsilda, Iran aOt buy bokc ('op' '". thu Stateles it FIt.
mo thea lweuty.ive .1 lbs listsum who elicit become liable for shall' eontata-K If found Ii b* invalid of *'** .
paraon oanta provide that it.-ri.lf of 1.1. 1033. nr Mvcilon t, Far lbs veteran* as above il read 55 fotlO" )eSill.
of oo) \, lbs payment of lIcense tax leviedand I I lha net vetoed by fit I. Uov.raor without ow... Act this f flnad and limit woo doeIclfll -'
p ('Ia.. t. For aacb any pracaede 'I..t f-ot. the ..1.> It Knavrtrfl hv Site ......1.. af th*i riding aot fun of the ternwin.. I is h.VbV d.rln.5, ages ape between lha. The
Cb.11 1..t.1 Impoaed by this Act for the .n.II. ot an III property elicit go lo the .. flatlet .l .'rldoi Inno IXialalure ehall to n.ae wine, vlnaua eplrlt* or ? "VV and ." oaty-ttrO) year,C aunvlvarahtlp' ta ra' "
and op.r.tc 10 tlla moot of the llrena* tax ar llcana. t. .., dlan or cnralar of .". ..1... 01 th*> SectIon I. 'I'bat eomblnatlona off I.. way affect ether vettluna or otheri liquera.tIeO. adir.Ti.r ? att "danca- at a Htat* tkeraonal property buil-
Ini lolal I I due and payabla under tile owl "* *' ."' F.aantalnoit' 1 la IhlaB 'ralolao rla
.. provlelon I peraan adludgvd to b* unable ,. lake. i are of eapyrlghtvd, mualo aa defined and i 1 i That any rallgloua order. ; Inatltatlon afa- shAll not prevail
: bore Ilisi *.' theneof. tegelher, with al coal. of col.> ear of hi,* <>r her property. ar tha In.oan ,la Act maaaetery. church. er Secondary or collega grad*. PrOvtISd I s'etl5 0..stlrsty. .
't prohIbited Chaptera I1IIr and ..l. .. l. that say ,
la .,<.
mor. then lilly auif r to ebtalnr future, tnllloB shell _
: luSh Cameo; Iteane tax or mlnWer. p b *e-
1100,00.Iis : :entirE I lu".t'a. a. th. caeai I.iw. af Florldn. ItlT and 115. r*. api-revrutMtva It ahall any aaat.r. prwa- iv fibbl by eltarge4 is or a d "
be III.' 5e'two
by tola A or any portion of Pier. be.bhii neceaaarr at I thereof ST.'VM chIld ceneIjtsd *
ap *tlvly, ahall 'hava Ih may purchaa wtn far hereby and I ano C.re0000t"
1, eceb th.af" I curb t... or llcene' t. 'j it rtgM toaw- > Ih* Banal tiles and lot lbs Mvual manner lou. ral- further' "
r. lu.n. Isaac Snot i I All law and part at t.wa i traat with theatre owned* la the Bint. ., a.r aacre-nental purpoaea. from ? thel any elitti -SB."!" or mon. dualt *
operated 1& ,. 11eet. betw,5.ao .- duly lye after tba. l l* conflict herewith reaaurait by th* badrat com.i .. dulyIkvnaei* any nclt toUr. ")' ''SC0' ?
< i ar* hereby t.pe..d.r. ,. for the Sale of the pnblm partor taDr' -.f whalewler ar r.taller "SSS at training o* od- c.mtne. a.'heel ..
'I ".o.ia o. '.Ip a 101.1 _.. 4etlwueal, the Co*. (. Ao alMU ta1t4 aetact .".t. e< the U.IUM ow-aait or eontiwU- lbs director at th* ea iat.aaT willn without SIte Heat* of Flcrida, I. Act! *r the BToviaioof thla. the **late aba'' r. da.

ooit.ar.aiaat atatioa <. p****** ,>, y abtauaui a potau (ma tk* S .thaw ensttj Lott, "' a aoura* otmt. nor.* th*. right of urTK: Ca, t

yea's aai, antvw 1 CS.thi I et,* tat* i> a-M-r


_...__::_ _s.,__ . ... .. .... 1

-, ,.,-----
"" ', 4' Vt -

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'I., ,, I-' V '


t.nanU .5 com the sante be ricorded k.._

I.&lMI bec<..m. law. aocorr1lJ. to "Interference..U..n.0: by snob .ol..ful) ." III alllmnt t fat .alii ehlpinent le Iou"d. nabl." er fifoductij of th*- plant $01115. th* feo.fr of the fpanntlon lied 'ma, flit 1It' ilteAbli t' 'it4t1*' 41eCUp7O0S

t section 1781. R.vh..4 .iifc.Jf.riUIM' thi''" "ei.nn .b..11' ot lb At.. lnovluig Provide foe' the b* mailed to ha produrw wllhii It Ih wltn. |I. aummtmcil. to IOtt..,. fillies known aa marihuana.U trbno of any proj' ,ct for such Jerh,d 'luvflfe.S'bV'Vmdavui and' by loch. chieF
pkiLiire houses
,1. 'l'b' oir.o..ua, b. am.ud.ci ... ... .":"."(.. of. in"rt. teds 1'1.0" for aotu'I..n ''gilt hum." after itiu i4l. of suit .".1 t nirj In thi. Htn*( no aJiaii In *> It KuMrpd kjr thuS Ical.liUar of IIfM'lM'ft t cC may IM hixeut in uclir il'etetfldhit 'tl'* *Y4HM M ISIS Oi.flUIII1MIn 'slluiUdelfll
I"tu"" ,,, reaulllng from, '1'.nor... all Dr 1uororntmnee 0. and iiruduma, uiilitM" .II...... t< rider ,t hit aunt o( ton i'.nt. a mill Of tlOatl'l! psy.n.et ot *ii bo mci4.!l 'naiiMHrr. *cucOk''ub) and .ctutCry,
:1 o'. Ill '" or ..t.ro.t ot tr. any pert or part of tli" debt note o' lusting and radio taduo 1'1.. In wu lUng.C. r'r "aoh mil. by the orjuiary traveled HMtiun 1, A bt Aub-9-wttnn Ui> 4ffaotloii p charge ttpon th* g.n.ral I'iV5hIll I Ie it I"'um5 w>h, |; illc-.n.fe fapittedc.n4
..ta' otflIore th.n pnijGr boles of Secured by tnorlgag.. and nn 7,. r.beoadcntlnc atsthouie rucelving. cOil ''I1t ooinmle, Jnn.r .hall hitv< rutito l,. the ,.< urt where Ih. 1 of Chapter hoe?, law* oi l in. otpafttnont atr winy b* 4ii .ti* o t ; a ,:;.In Into..r or I.. canoe chill be effectual in other porcotis, tiruote, an.U.t"d to invtwliitat upon oomplatm tit tires,. IO'.ndt.rrul coil 55.00 toi KlorUU. Act eC l J3. being in Act ti> nnrf. ally on esetala ap* mf i-eq 'ataWTKon ,jwurfc iutth 000UpStloulal II"

'0' "........ 1..18. Lini.t equity purchanra ag.t.t creuilor. or .ubaeouei outside 'of U.. Stale or 0..'lo.lda c" agin '.'."..''od '*reon, r>r upon hi. own tvu'li day that h,. |I. 'equuretuS to tractmad r.*irui. t* tttt niaanufMotur, sal.! |toiiMnvioo *nu *. IncloSing r*vcule.e il.rlvit ..froth ii oeaBiBaiied! bi mliii l ciMnintMlun th* tetui
.0' "hall b. oreted. tor a valuable oon.lot.r.tton ,', ih* B Qord of any appllcani .".n.1 of ffaaollne or iv mail JdMjYiand 'eltiaenallli aa
tax *
f .dlt.In.tIti, without the collection of Horn.. tees aa a wltnve. A ...tn.. wnt control, vultlvnttun. ntu. nreoilo Ouay
"" ..npc.rr.1 0" remiII. notice, unlea. .3 duly executed exaction. by such out of th. or une.. or any transaction Involving, lies appvared. in .cl o.dll..o. with th. Inttfa Ko end Ui*' same i* Ii uersb)u manS partly upon stemb tCssrmt amMo I. ( **. Whenever it ehalk he .
Irtfler: ; manner th&n aeaignuient bn record according to Chubs tor or on account uf blat ...Ipt. sale ur attempt, pruvleivn of the .uu"""". shill nut I inndtl ta r.ii as fojiowntlJt lln* tAt rv I I' .nY r Inn.. .1.n.4 In I.W.AD" bln.llon herein declared' unlawful any *I. agrIcultural( producta. in. be required ta remain within thla $ta1u$ < 'Cauonabll' Inatua U purt o I v ioui inifh oi.rt.t ep.nIlfed r,v nuKntririir > k Jlc.j |i o f *iny rac. (ruN or (roltoI*
.,o" I : ''blrk: wltn.utmir.itt 'l'nmBt of 11 mortgage. duly provide! all lI..hlll(0.! ; to Ifta. proper end tru* at- a lon-rer period of time then the per* th* plant Cunnttbla asthma L whtha (ci ) Into .neh Cgrsimist r Ia l Mldin4 Ib*' amount ofI 4b ) rttwt
r a executed and recorded according to mint of copyrighi, musical any l amt eelllememi 41 prompt am!, lad nl.eitloi4 In the rerimpat. unless growled or not th. ***d.i th rut.; t* with tho l'nitJ dtaesa of Amrloa anny ,I lnd' rWi)ulyes* or amauat, of IiltY'Ut) i t5
.; pru' l: : or reloeutfl. law the purporting .b--: th. irtiuilna' siuioni conveyed by radio < .. intervale. the nialtliig of 1.1. nthorwiM ordered by thin court. li i realti l #stractel from Any purl of nuo1 ol It* itraflohes or *irnctl.f an,h heist proVJded, til* ommlajlr.M, oIUll
... ". ."" ; teriI. of mar.. of niortgag the unpaid buil- .Ir. wir. electrical broadcaatlnf .. aa to vonduion. 1u..Ior ...ehVltn.... after comma into thIs |..4tnt and VCI-? cuinpfiuutl. in am.fa.o' doug such I things as may b* noMi p' haLIbut *ait! ),w net* of eueli slLtiie4. *tt4
In I 0 b" hIu ..iOt tb... anc of ouch principal I I.n'.a"I I Sound producing tr.nooripiion of goods recuived or WhIte Plate fails without good ,u.atcs. ta at lure* aaht. derIvative) tnlxturt. or lure.. to at-our- Karii( all. tnunHjra. and uviittlfhv It *CJ ld1OL .col'root.d b-Eor tho f
0' .' !. ,.utbo.I..I, uOI I... b' ubaequmt purchaatTi. cred"luTa: for, oual pertortnanc. uomlng or outside by' ..., the making of false alaie-, tend and testIly .. itlrvolml In the riktlnn of nuch plant it* IHM*<. % or rice- Itt Chit *rtjiil..it.on, eonnlrou' ** Styrollr ,LiIItflo.ntTtISsItft'.cllalI h.v*

1'"r. ot 0. u.lam. value and without folio. us hild coil the Slate *'''>rlda and u.-l .. ? *' to .rk.t' """dlllo,. with in- .ummona. h* .hlt II bit liunl.lie.t in the In but Shall 1 1 nolt.ctu. th. hlIsIIit'uiP151115 lion, Improvaiititntt, repaIr, main ton, Lb. Wilt M cituill U* It*, duty i Lit
'od .0. duly' mad .",oo.d.IpIOI" deemed to assign. any and all accrued to rest exclu.lvely' on the of to """.Iv. or Ui. '.''Iur. (tu mak manner tirovlriod for the punlahment o(t of such pUnt. obir proiiut1 anc* alit op ration of any prujvot of 505pm.. a 4Hit uumbeC, of nvcupanfu /

t..o ..t.t. .0 1n..t.I. and unpaid interest by such *tate perotin firm or out .nt for good. r.nivt>". or lOiter any wltnnaa who dIsobeys a lummoni from such lallia, eli or cak* mn.t pun lh roof.IO tlonat Iwueii, tip emplovun.tr o(
aO itI. 0. o or mon.. mortgage, unless aurh intpr.it Inally aendlng lha Mine corporation Into this ,. .. Injuriuu tranaactluno, Vat ,..red from. a court of resor4 In thmWee. from the MMMla i>f such plant, any oth*) Conntruotlnir, improving, repah" aid ,> ii nlIn or fpehtooj .. .o ISCI

IF.h.1 or eflY uncet.t.l" Inter.flm. iimlm-ally and .tII'm..II..ly, rSeorvci for """ h..ln.: to provide' penalties purpo**. the cointnliuluniir( in dual.. coin pound, ma nu fact urn*, aalt, dfrlvat.v lair, m intaialntt *r oporatln any projx not ta ntVand; .Itlaao of *-lorld a*
.. out ot .oy moiiWai.i, in .uch aa.lgnment by Hi.. assignor. enl the violation n.r.or I" his agenla may examine. st i 4. Kxeniptlun Kr"'m Arrest And tnlxtur. or pr rti.rattntt. ot sUch una. sot or part of projtwt, heret titied to ("til* (he numuej- ..
.h.1 no reservation of Stick In lure.' or In, Ptati's atloefley Under th..mpo"'n Place or p..... 01 buillneaa of lh. lI.n"" "* '''" "". If person come. lure talks (.xnepl the r# (n jttraot. 'ithtr (O Making to th* publitt projiwl sniplu, audi amount oi payroib wilD.-, ,

.....m.n:or h."I..m.nt. II b. part "1,0/",' Shall b. Implied .r th. attorney general upon the ':: or Ucenae. his ludgi-ia' bnoa Into till'* Htat In obmllvnrn to a eiimmun. *from), ttbvr, oIl or rail.. nr the owner auy iiranD of fuiid. maUrlal* ...,, nilt.tIope, herein mtt forth. uS

">,0"' l or JKneu In the pre.onci deo. Ihct lio.tlfI" j. thapter 10,. 1.lalnt cr any party agarteved by ". memoranda, clout limIter :. h' tiou. him tu aitoml and .all. atvrlliMn.t seoul of aurft plant which UinoapabU propwrtv. eetssuiie.its, or rights of way *ea.j *017 t> rmin or the" lfSLims5',
"'."., wneaie.| by lbs 'I I. Act. MI 1C26 lie-""" "MWI tu lead i vlol.lloo he.llor to proceed .to .. '" whltm relate to th. I..".. fy "l Plate ". "h"l not whIle in of rn.ii.attoi., for ttet* in th* aoquUlttun ouirxtrution. of alt? .toni Intota ur. fronton Hnn
.ub 'ri '" or ..urrendering- a. fullowai. th* penaltlr. hereof agalnM such '"olved.' and may tail* ,...- Ibis mat purnunnt lo such aumuiofia Ht-o 3. 'I'hIa Art ahult tak. viTacl( luiprovsmtioltt| r ptr., inaintttnaar and Wilfully violating th* Ptnri4iC ,'

f-; SISliflIhur000to' lawfully an. When any penon owning lands blnatton and any nf u. member, thereon under oath be Subject i.. arreal or the service .i upon bitrntnlntr a taw, or operation of any project or part thu. Art'', iiU be guIlty cit a iniscie,
"L .ho act and operation any Internal In landa In Ylolidi, ahjl"hall ent or repreientatlvea; to in Whenever Produce' la chipped| > pNut'OsL J'l,1l'.0lLrr'mln"1nneotlon' A|'|irvv a by the C.iov.rbo, MBIT II. ttiffrrat.IH or IsO IL upon oonvlclloa thereof f .nal
Kl o' b, '' be neceaoary to dlo and a o..nl'o'anoe cr Party aggrieved by Tlolatlon empuwer h.. rrc.I..d l l by a llornmi deal I.. lor WIth ames before hie > Opnratfnfi or maintaIning any b* puei.lieii by uiiprleunmroc not *xeeertiat ..
f.MI l .bal Instrument ex.. p* In.d. by one or niore"ot"nil of to proceed In his any owa right purchaa* or ulo III allis fltai. Vm".im"a.( Into this State und.1'1.* pru.i| c-t or part thereof a* a Mtai road 4Cux! tnontnv, or by j floe notlwt'
I'.W with thla ..ctlon. or her heir, or devl.c. purporting t. den; to define tho liigal Procedure )' ttl"rlt". point .,nd said ilmier ., CHAPTKR *0426 nr1 part thereof and thin In spili| oftit. cveiUlBi iISeOOl5 or b y both .11021. na*
nforml"conveY' .corrdano ounvey either sIngly or In the aigr qulred to carry out the provl.lon leer, |the ... to bo In a ...Il.d. d.".. If a 1,>.oon !passes throneh this Mists' AN AOT vrantliitf Ill the iKiaM ctf a<1- .* feint that thu) to auolt proliMi or .mt ., limisoninnoit. "

Entlau "',".,' of thl" Mtlon, orfiw gat the entire Iniere.t, of th* decoatfed Ini; to provide for the recovery !, unmarHatable, nt allalaTtory while,, going' *" .no"'.r Klal In obe.tl- n.lniatr..th or Mi.nl by Cha litter hillS, part th r t p'o" i"" the otRevlJ in .uch land or thereof coato "1'."... and attorneys fcu.i .. unlma bolt unrtioa dish .. to a .1I1I.mon. to attend and I... Laws of FtoriilK. ACt. of $515. aJ.n. wet ovrnvr. Th, pravlalnn *f an* mm tMUB Iarad Invalid or the application,'
orI'l' .d General Statute.riod" the entire ml. thereto" then no nor'on provIde that the term nf thl inupvctlua, ber<>r. ui* ...r uiu.r lily In that fiete or .hil. returnIng tonal authority coil l tower. with ref iMtUia law fai4ulrin.r till* lu the StiLe tIler f. *e any peron, Clicum.tanrra- or
,;: ehall after from. li. .hall b. rumututlvai, to ttiar ar, Nice! ilmil cause the therefram. h* ahall not wa.Ua so pAssing' ert'ithe Iii the unit aol retuCv.sIelonl, ol road to b. vaid In lbs Mat ft thin .be declared Invalid tb* validity
loa R.Iio4 date of the record thereof, in tlia eouii. any part of this Art; declared prnvld*III. to ?" ""'"'""''t by an ln"p> 'rTIRt I" 111.. am.nd. ty where the landi lie, claim' of r.Iuover chill not affect the validity of tIm I by th. ooinmliulniivr' roe that the .*rv'r' of pr.M,..a. civil nr ,'.1.". .!II.IM held to the t're'llt ot fun.la binnatdnilnliitvrwil ru-olerta or parta nf projctt mad hue rlty thernor t* any pthor. p. r.ohv
I '' tbo whale 1 ur any part, o7 1 the lunlnlna part hereof,' by i ,.and said inspector Chili Cx.. Inal in eonueotmn with metier whIch by naiil bnarH to the stint. road or maintained and *p ratit a* clro tiC,, fly hln .hall not b* of?,
'"l'ownc. .xeoutei ..ubI' real estate >u conveyed. lions >A and ill and 8. repealing and il ltvir crrtlllnat. to lh. Cruise beroia hla ."trlO". Into Ihia it of ooiinty or vounnwN hnvinir pup.u P'ile ruimitli, umlar th* prulUmii vCIlllH (not Oheu'u'by, It being tOte intention
.A cofl )"o'wolnil Provided however. hut || .nl thnrtof .Unll the day and Ulat under th* euuimun.. la tlun of not I isas than 00,510 Colt mm UW.lh of I ..i'gi5lntoe'e to preaerva and noafio'
i t I' 'ormh"r !! .b.1I not .!'I"y tu pareonue 'h'o'.oV.... "l.1 BT. the I*..lal"l .r* of i III"* aleut place"' nf .,,.h limpuntlon, $ Pout, .. 'l'nl'o.'I1\/' '{ Interpretation. han lbeOtlo' Mornritiitr ta the last pr>' > Mailing available to any publlol.rujoot tattt ) penis o sild Aut whsr., pasal.hi. .

If e'b". : h.r.l'nrl.haVlh /"a. .t'I'"' .r ultulor the :'' ronO.l'.I lhat "'"I"" IA of ( euiiilltloii of much i.ro.lutiu. nn.t i'his A t ChISel boo > l h.ari,>r.|*,t ami rmtlnff shale or Feudal oitmtu. or nny owns for lisping thu 0o>t or ..
"'" "? ,granior, and hi* Will 0' ".-Tr-Cr.u, In pi'oeeunllnge" ter 17H07, Laws of Florida Art. ,. "' d'"vir.: a roil" ul such C'orliil. onnetrnml aa In rrfortual. II. aennral pIcOOtai l roNtl ami brtt1.ii ilintrUt thri imi t u{ th4 runt of fKinMlruotinii, r* iI4e& Thutt at law. sad' pWtV "of''
lid the .p. brought to .luterinlho 'Ihotr uleutlty 1U3T b- soul the la haraby to I aliluper ,Ilirrnuf. 1'.1... to m'k* iinlfnrin th. I"w of in. aunt t grantIng in Httl huartt ot at- palrlnir. pruvlnn, niatntHlnlni. or law anflhot with I lhr provlalon ufth.
f.t.. lr n.n'Ann-d 7h',7, forni th* lha county J bilge< uiuluuln.' in "..1..1. canoe r T"B, '" "' ".liiiitT lila" d.- tko $(ales whIch enact n, amt allall I.* DInist ration auilmi'lty end |lultwer| toaoffi.l OlusFatihill any (irMjuofc, any p'siuii'eL aid ItoIC I. be anus same are, lisre,
.. Oh:1 to grant a II".'.. (r only. aiiplcabU' Iii .h fund M hr f wtvtl und tile by 1' alsl, '
1 a ma. UtrlnV tto of llio dOccuIeIIt See I. That Section may cuss Plato aa ahall rvfuniltnic obliKMtutn.1.. wIll authority or any r
tn of Cha
""4o' ".vi'ba"1"hn.edd, oon"." IrroVlttVu further ItlMt tUinni haL(J7. 1... ot rlui-lila. Act. of U. or revoke a JU'n .! already iirantvd .....t clpioral ,..w... l. this MI.IH, to mata ti,mci*will OHM antt ctttnItroiitlewa nun t rui frf th* *rtni nt which may Jit, Thl. AM shall tttp etfec
".' property con- right might ba blurred hrcby ihail ba and toe I. I. satisfied' that tile """'"-" D. relntlva lo thw maltfr or eocurlna .tv'ded.0 In rrifunt lilePq'Iu, and, pro.vKtintf tvtrnpurlt bo used l for Hiirh, ptirpowta. thu Utrly upon Itg becoming a la*.,
: ;.t In the have until two yean meL.am hereby repealed. .. has either; tIt wl".aai>. aa (l.rln I'ro.fc.1'1 lIla conaitiona cInder whirh th. 800. I. Any such publlo protect owl- A dc-u by the Governor j.ne *'
; rl-otloli II .
:; .1.1 poiBtC5.&7i7. Revised their majority to tall.. proo.Mlt.Vi"to 17S07.Jrj' }Laws of nf Cha, .' I *lu7"r"1'' O\nn.' Juiltmont to millie may bo ,lon; itritnttnit ta ah1bnard er la hiiroby author mod to ntr Into ) $),
Ploilda Art. of >
"hl'Tnn. amend.t.III o.labll.h their l .... aaalnat him, upun wukh ex. *' Sltolt "'111. Thla Art iney of ailtiiliilatrntlnn, ? authorIty wMit an mugu'eeltielut *r sgrsiimontel with the '
be rights and the I. ;;
.1 BI iiUt, of Florida 1-'ovlded turtltor lhat suIt 4. cams ei-cllon hureby repealed.Hoc. ha. been returnee 4 uimtuil.tit '.l lfnlforni Acl lo semitic I th. junwsr to transfI'r sillier by isle! cur cx.Chsngil * .: may ba Any In this Act ...".....'. of Witnesses on otfho T to
rolo" estate brought within the tilt from wllhln or ohUcatlon in any burnt tit an ot auicchttlllshuiug any or li.Ui'a auilinrlxe and BmuAwer
nt re,1 "> limited In laid any part nf any sectIon shall b* VB A eonv..o.e bItt wife.liroel original' Kectluu 1. ChHiiUr lU.I'III.' clared Invalid or uncmnelltullonnl, hun.UIng criminal 1"lIe.." other *m a* to in rrtu > purpf-Hi "' P'hebtl-.ha' $5sill.
b7 iU5bIt' diret )iueban&iC of m 6. by an heir ilovlie. Act.. declaration ii ". rundernd, or I... lilac fuend'. ill'uihlli'ing. lIlt own ohliiiutlonai ant may tiuh% pUblic project nwnr may "slit liutrtkilpat. let Lit. acitulslo
to 1.1 or of a de of Invalidity .hall not 'o'alh"l to account and lIen. *' Inconsistent' Law said bnrtr of tm* fund avallabl to it by' authority tin ,
C th. legal, ceuont who tiled boSon fort proinptly, It.p...,.,. Scanning to l at mi it- any vuctlun malntnanrv sod
I. the
i'la to o"nv.y the dft te of thl. Act. 111* affucllv. uer.pt validity of the remaining 'put.lion. .i,. or to flume .MUuliicul. with All Arts P"rl" "J Acts Incnneiatent. int ration aulhi.rlty ami power to tranaf or law -for nato on any aimhprojM eli,' 0 >f urport. and laedlng bit.|.
,. :< "I. cr h..band. a. rIce. U. ; or wllh thIs ale heretoIcIliated.. r mtrplUat from Olin fund tn annihur ii to aocon.pll mny sIl'lt purIIOKP aiD Ill the ,everal Counties ef salut
II rhct tI..llo" U 6. All law
I. all "UC whch. 16U. Act. of I. "b.pIer 10. In and parti of I. Make arty tithe' statement or *co *, \'! ""Hutloni.llt.y. If any prn.vlHlon ant provIding fur tl%* ailvlo, rnnnvnt, cmvorml by any aimh, augrepumucleof Pta .';: ila.provi.ion. of '(hi Spud.'
": :itctulti Ir panilGe follow. loss ba amondud to read ot.iifJIct herewith are hereby aa to ruiidilkin.. qunllly fir 1 ; of ,,1,1. Art or lbs npplU-atlon ami approval of lIce ff.MrclM i.f. the u.thnrliy vr rfv.'iiinnta and th* mat Hoail, Us. t, Act,1 beln Chipter 17145

irried. grantee ..1 note a. : er "."Iod. of vKiv it or held fur tlii'e'nuif to .ny person or clrrun.el.nooe. and powers hnroln Btantod of iiartninnt I Ia harhy authoriantl, IC ua. Ant I lV37* 1.aes "* Unrlila And in
', the "cttllon of each convey.amii Whenever lies any I power of attorney Jr dec, 8. Thl. Act shall tak. when h"oUr.: havu susomrtalnel 1 ii heM, Invalid eu.h Invalidity eh.1 1 the board of county notitiniiMitun! or 'ediisi l aid cur any tftal* fund appro Pu flint pun.onhlp to ie. aunt

conveyance by tlie person or per- upon U. becomIng a law onitltltin, quality tir quantity Mot affect nthur pro>'lalona or applli'a. hIllier .fov rnlnif autharlty of thv unit prltttit ui alloonud lo It I top tttat sit ?* use of iltI Of 11041 powers,
h..tnfo.. mad. by a hua- on. owning the .land therein described' Approv.d by th. ""v.rnor Jun. Inminciiun j or thou" ofh.A, '1 whIch he given l sifeeleul. toad purItuluess to curry out atd, agree. no-TS Ini prlvilogee lepoel

dIrt ( wi.. or by a wire been executed and delivered to any ( Mad any faint or mliloidlntf rfvrt tha 1,1.:1'0 ., or sue H Knitir r4l hr the Le5Iulutlerc or the mnta with nublio pr. 1tct ownra Any the 'mitt l OUlintlea of maul "laVi unuar

Her hu>band'wturi herebY. grantee or grantee and haa, fur a per. .nt or .Lali>moiil. Ma to iulanat applloallon. and 10 Ibis end the p..vl.! HtMl nt frlorlilikiHtMiunn public project ownur which I Is a county the) *i i5ifls ut saId Chapter ItTim, or
to.nd ,imdo to c.n.I iud of coven yare or more before July CHAPTHJR 10671 .. or cervlce r.nu.ri>.cl; or everab'a titla Act """. ll*>1"11 to bBHO. J. in a '"" l" thvv would have beenTu'wrtl. 1. llltl. been .,,'.ad upon the reoordaot AN ACT providing for and ( HB'B guilty of u irail.t In the soil powers rantd th. Htnt boartlof fund from whpit.vse' *our rtrlv 4 for II* Srt ix-11' Le'giueIeiture' at *'

I .. n"t m..I.d: the county heroin the land thuiein, th* lIcensing bunumg, and tgmai : to produce or th. praourwimui" II. Time of Takln-t ICrfect. Thl. ailin, In Infra linn Orseitsul| by ('hnnlrr144IM. oompimhinit soy of said purposes for
:l-d Ilial "nothing herein shall deicrlbod hue been or was at the tutiuC of certain dealer In agricultural pro ,Iuct. livenao.; or Act ahall lake effect liuiiie.llalely. upon Law., ot Klorl.U, An* nf IlIle, sIlt' mulch prujoyt which i* a nounty AarPOM ii Thoe.l where .4 two ad.oh '
.itril'd i. vallda.lOB any deed .lluated, anil une or inure aubaoquvntconveyauce. a. herein denlnedi providing : : ( Ulretlly or indirectly sold .".1.| its htinnmlnir a law, th* aald board sushI hv floe followlnit *. nu it In. at Ih* ntat *f Florida
IM purpose or thAt operate of aald land or parta the payment of licence relic ana \ products r r ivF>| on cunaiirn-' Approved by the O..rrlor May 36. authority ain't powri. Hnt 8. The Stats Itoad ti partm.n({ l 'mfur. op nugy hereafter en.'
r. any creditor or tr avoid thereof hive been made, executed, d*. disposition thereof ; providing for ur on a lid t return baal. for nl. 1541. (a ) To Kll for u'ssh At pt.bUo or may m**** any prtijrt. or part (terse I tb e eyerolsb ot th* power, end
''rld.01 at .n 1.la debt ofInJ'i llvvred and recorded, by parties claim aitinlnl.tratlon and vnforoetncnt nf account without prior' auiliority -- private sale mint for the bm pilr thnnbtatnitbl's of, a *tftat* road or part of suit Htatfr 5 eflnsrrsd upon ti.m( Uflulep
,," ) tog under .uch Instrument ur In.lru Act by the Cumml.-lnner of ; the pruiSiovr. tile Mina, CIIAHTKR JliejJ any honda, octuinnft., warMint. mdr and may mileS any road, of WhIch Ill llIons 'tic 001.1117 nlrport
::? that Mill aeetlon tHefts, and such power 01 aiiorney or makingit.r vlol.tlon a *.,. .. I notIfying: with o.luo.r.: AN ACT ta amend, HMition 1. SectIon *, Mourtiiit and/or neuter vMonrtu nmf rr >jt ooitiprimta a van of StatS A eliIl b4 lawful for and full-

I It, ainly to any oonveyanceio1 conveyance or the publtu record ihercnf and providing punlHhment theuofutturoriding u. u.ror* IIIK coinmimioni'r I ant, to..clon le of Chapmr llUtl. ...w. of tn>tnht .1.ivaii cut whaaoivtv natur* ff1411, without the iipra *litlif nation nil aulborlty' are hcreliy oppt.
"mile. the validity wf which shows upon Its face a clear purpose, for the enforcement ot refuse a licence nr revoK. any .t Florl.la. Act* of liuii, the aam, be. In any" of the fund being tlinlnlMtr| of wli road project or part throt 'to 1111 the eeveral muouculpalutle.
"_ nonlreted by .ult ccmm.noedi and Intent of lbs pur.un or perauu. ox. given by dealer! nuthorlxlng the h* *II ton .tcym' nntlr' log an Act relatina to th* rcrlalratlun by *Hl>l board, and qo t r>pmit or rinvi art a Hi at* road by the l..sglststUne, and! rn licId a'ijohnlflg couuitf,4' tq
of the effective date nouttng the cacti* to nuthorla. the aalo ml..loner of Agriculture to make 1'. : 1. : .1f.to Hi., applicant. ur 1"pIIlon., anulyali and sale .t *t In* i huru'ete l of Much ietlc I an, pro may do au pubs wit hout tile v attD< Ca and""JiMi 111cr. leq Such elerelies, ,
i rear 01 suit Iitnui 0. t. convoy the said t lation. for the enforcement of thi, .. of a thou* "I... of hnnrlna-. tinmmerciHl feed in Chip III... and pro. vUlml by Hnoilun 17 of Chaptor nf tltl* to such projt-ct In tho fttat* oiKlorUla & slitIuurlly) | ' 50,1 pro
." Act.:That Section nJlt!. land the cacti* .1,,. bn Liken and held Act. hearing tlu. nupllcant I ur li- lilbllln. th* aide of framlulant' or adul- Laws of FlorIda Acts of HIM, Mtiy nr undr Much, provision, for sup-it olhr t.reeue, me shall
[ 7.nituiri' of Florida, b. Ih"l.oc by all tho ouurta of thl. male, 'In the lie It Knartvd: hv the 1-exli.liitiir. nt II : shah b* privileged\ to *pp r ,In l torsteut i reedei IX'llnlnathe term ocuuii.: snusa.leef <'hMr ifNH*( LAW* Utb'Inrlta. III* littrr Veiling of tttr in th* Htat4of l .Mlly arreed upon between 'sAId' 'S
L.1 I rnllnwcI : abaenua of any ahowlng. ot fraud, *d. Slate l ol tlnrlda.1 i or by or with counsel and to niurclal feeds auihorltinir, t h* 1'aiiinila.lunnr Acfg of l 557. I*in i*til a lie max b* oitlisldee'uetl l ad1VlMAhlo 00 ,acul niunlHp.mi.. st such!j
mil ii&innrrled Having a vei.u poaae.iiiuutt, ur ]binding> lltlxallun Section 1. 1..ltlona.-Fn. the wit n.m.a. li the vuinnuiuilun. of Agriculture tu ll" lendanl. 1 b> Ti credit refunding I hn nda, roil'p1001. by th* department, il hihlps are hereby v.ste4| will
T Any In any wclan. .' they to have authorlaod the cunveyanc uf, p...* nf thla Act the following war.! nnd Ilia auulluant or licensee of commercial feed cot,! In Kim Ida.. warrarIs. aiHuritl, and/or lithe.( Wfo.VhAn any egnieultent Nkialthav a ill iM>"ffa onnfi rrMil UDUB l hj>
't| do..r It by Joining 1..1 In the convt-y. or tu have lunveyod", .the tea simple tltl nnd term, wnen uaod In titus Act ..ha>l have bean fiuiity. ot any ot ilitf providing: for iriiarantli of ingredIents evldelii'ec of lntl-at.ln In iohanir hoe,, entered into or mad* 0.01sf 5 1 Juunir-. of the Ml.l by virtu

lot IM 'Ihereof. or a ep. ,., ur any tittvrvHt therein of the per- be con.trued, to meani provided. In Hoftlun I II I of hits Act tif aoiiiinernlal I f<*da I requirIng (ill II*. for and lit i llnu of any ho title ooupoiia. l.rojfft owner which t t. a Party thereto o | """"ty airport.( Ael.' ,
mortgage, wlttiout I by.joinitai'bU.hifli soIl or paraon. signing such lii.truinent.. till 'liealor In aKiloulliiral' ,. .... .. limy runi... aunpxiid' log nf lab.,., tH or >tniiii| In pmiu.ana warrant 'iMirU-n| indium utitcur sd-* tit* provlmnna nf till* low, any public f I le. Moneys fpruprlaieit, tales
lnitrini.cnt. exvrutnd In lit* man to the land therein tivaurlbud a. effectively means any person, aoaoclatlon, luuh IIc."... ana shill Hive' or cmntalnere thereof and tha p.y- 11500,.i of luiui'iilcIn u.. IIoti In any ntHi and/ur tile 8tat Road I *partmnt 1 flinA. bon'1."C' such
FBI K conveyance. .. it, there had been no lack litany dealer, "o-pa..n..h.p. or rnrpifiatl, Ic Ii iiuUre of lilii. met lout li> Ih. nit-iit, of Inspeutlucei lens from inanuiaclilr I fumltf being ai1inlnlMtpo by saul< u.itail I bo vntltlHr and are hrnbypoWwrod .me umler tiirr nnlharlty e|
It. oth-r. Hertlon, :UM. Revlanil' spiel ur .call, witne. or wl.,.... rliKagud In the bunlnnne nf or 1I..n... ""ia That
uf ?Florida be amend ur doled' In Ihe acomowlmjgment. or receiving, nelllng, extihanglnv. n,''''' 13. Any iia,vrtMMlntf club ueeireslnilit thrnuirit appropriate bOo i i: 'h.' "i i'lr"-" in I been
kit, (inHitei' fnllowi: the certificate of acknuwledxment. or stung, ur .nllcltlng the .al., ".n... .. ViolatIng II... i roviniunH of M-> It r.imclj.l hv lice: cUliiture. uf hue" unttt Issuing th* Obligation In turn In any court of oon.pit.iat Juria d 15101. i | | ani,! | .u..3 ., so

.> r.ad ae married woman owning the rellnqul.hment ot ,dower and ahallIlKowme change or lranaft uf any .. ,' ... l Act. or iuitcuu 'rIIiM with an .lt.lit Kli.l, of tlurldiii, se'ttuullge| fur which lhy ire .voroni*,! j H-tlon.. a Mlllliinal defen.e and (or aa ..
lar< Any property In her own be liken and held by nil the product purchased from I tho prod "' ooiktinlwaliint' In Ilia vnfuicv ......". 1. 'i hut Burl Ion t of Chapter uoU aUIeItin1'e( t and chatUnwn nhalt biuiHtn ritto, t. ivhinvr any avrMmnt .t* lb I' lesal 1 m nlflp.l and |
p'nimul Ktntc. whoea huHband INer courts of thl. rHala to have been duly or received on con.lgnment, from ill .of thtN Act shall Im ii (,iiiut, guil tilTI Law. of flurliU A... uf lu.u. aurh litrni a* to prinoli, | ammi mado hit' npwratinii of any project ''or p to "lila eaiiue' """nt a. If IhJ
1 IB ,this!mentally tncnmpatent, and.I recorded no a* to bn admlvalblo, in ev prodiltter cr received to be handled t> a iuladm.iuiur and. ,upon oiMivlu- bo and tha sonic la lirrvliy" amende. ) tu tit, dais nf |miii, ., interest talc m part thereof by ih* Hi at* flout Impart is lijiul been aiipropriattd. levIed
court of Idonc under. Hnftlun ill. Artlule XVI not return basIc front the producerb shall for tbo tltai nr a>,uiind. of. rend .. follows, ratftaf, iniiturltK ilatn or tlatuM HIH| /ortithtir ntrnt Uiulttr hOe provialnntt of thl* law,, 'a ( uj by any county ,,f ln<| State
.hel *> adjuilged/: : 'nc"who ha.hinJ uf the Conatltutlun, : < > 'C'oinmlaiilnnftr mean' the but fitted not !lee. than Ino.uo nor 'H.0. I I. 'liii term 'commercial feed. t riiiN or pruviMliina cc In flee best tli* lcpartm* timy vlthttp opwrtti such ''Ii.
Hnt Jurliilliliun. f'rovlduu, howwer that thin ftectlun mtaalnner of Agriculture of the tit. than 4JOU.OO nr tin.m.IHUIIIHI put ahall I I be held to Inn Oil.' all ".teulutil, ludirrnttnt snul l rllm>r tlon nr Cbs renniHit project or part hrior tram frottt toll* Any soul sIl Artud ltsretnfAr

Inxuth one coil I): hall not apply tu any conveynnu. the of Florida.. "" 10 Uya, anil, tor a third or need fur r.udln. il animal ur eve hoards of county (* tnnti ittiiAiN, urnthor In' nuit' lIe and eullnl mulch lath forth ?i ,i tirrfurtieut, by soy InunIcIpsill
flit I I I'm" n rn'mortgage tell of aueh valldily of winch. clout bo eunlu.itid urhiivu (c) 'Agricultural\: products; p. u r. offense wliMll tipun ciinvln-, bird., nxrept the fnllowliiKiHI wovorhlnv author Ur or *uth it>l- vm IhvriHif as U may from tttllS> to ti lie llrIWhpiofl. of Ibis AtI Sn,
Vr try part prop. 'In his Act shall mean, and Include bniui.ml, of th, to the itt bo provM Irtitch 'i lily IIIIplIrI, Act'
conelderatlun orJ been conteHtaa' by null coiiinufiicudrieretofore llivreof hut, flniMl niu. lou than ( whole cuesula or ir.lne, lIes n till of unit a vr< dtt; tint .HMI Sc may in flurtlh.Iranc*
lie! ricolve wllh natural product of thefNrm, r nor inora butt ll.nuo.nu I ur lui- M d.llhml liy It. H. Kreln atandar.1.. nf which the baiiilN, imupnnti, warrant I. ptgl'satnveur, maul If tolli ira WArh.rtfd "Of- itlliC'tC snul purposee, eoeihtnt.
ii [let the name; and all climb data" ur nf ihia one Act.year uf the ufLictlva vineyard garden and liplary: raw l not aacoitillnit year ur (Ill Whole' hay, etrawa. oiittnneuedr.ullii. nnurlil** and/or nthnp vl.liwra of In- and on)I out ml tha tpartntnl till) lteuuhy are hereby alIdiled,
l ru Inilenlurea. and ""v.y.ncoa manufactured and, lIveHtovk and pml.tr c o'i" clover .tit ln.natt nhal.L may dinnoa of stIcio toll for any Pa ii PBrnr.d and
Mrc. 1$. '1 III. Ail ahall take tibet ; at tutu diauriM Inn, th* o.iurt. and allanu, uniiiued it <*< tu tm ru'funlet Itching, purIU cqnnrmed.
1 ,ib. iwml. CovenantS, ah.1 .. July 1. 1911.Apjiiovod ) products except cItrus and I 14. rue oninnilnaUmor shoed a |t ci 1 biullng without cnnnont Juno C"I) 'Not return basic' mean a ". ul ami roNCulHthinn dfamtiii liowcvur, It.'.. straws atovor, ellu.ru, beIng hscwhy irantad In niitkfl whtinnttfrvatmry ilomlil| Mt and whUth. may b* pruvl the Uovurnor U
.inn ir jolniliir, of her huab.nd. by chase for Main of agrlcultuial prnduct.from ::: to crry/ out iliv; : n'ogi: or nlmllnr niatnrlaln, when riHind, miPh ttuncinnitltin, nr roni uoh Crssiniltit. 'I t *ml by the Uovernor Jun. II,

:itirrknl, ,man owning real prop. 1911. _ a preducer or shipper at an Aot anil' cnforue .sam. either mixed or unnili. ,ii Ihla Hint. wh. HO win> la In.ane. tulsa fixed' or unelated price: at the time I IB, Tha ooniuiUiiUmcr may *m* need' hull' whun nroun.l and tinniued, uf I IMII*., lntnrMC male l or rAise maturity Art s'buall ho IM addition and mippinrnn-i *ft i ir
."liy Inoal.t.nt.. amt ha. been CltAI"I'ia agricultural product are hlpptkd all help and xirvlcnn ".eu....) shell. ronetltiittt iomirtrrclnl: feed.:: .n .
Juolged! by a of competent AN ACT to abullali all poll lain In the point of origin, acid, It shell ) out anil "n''.'. ih* I""v- ha rerletired' and tuiiii.il .ocordlndy. provisions) of SUCh rwfunUlnir Ituml sue Itnad iJtiitHfiiticint$ undtir, aDy Xlatlnif ,,ui kCT( .emptlng dloablllty Inai .
".,,1'> And ban cont..1 In curb this Ktiila.ka elude all pvrchaei'a made, 'at the uC this Act and ila thnir cuiupon Huch prinluct.: when wild I : a* cnnimernlal in Ike best judnn.Ant aol ai,,.um| dmrr hew Mnd may bo sxe'fsiesd! f r** jfrot.vllmllrUlnn ills under any policy er eon-
'i ion ,.. one 1." .t. lea"e. It KniMliHl liv thee, LrglNlnl of the bet price. 'at list worth.' and on shiniitr All expenses and I aMlarlo shall fcci'le' ehull mntit, the alanilard.llxi'il tlun nt tIne rpf9tiv i noard, i ef oountyroitimlaMloiiMra. lrnpotif hi any Hintnil( mvitil. >. 11 lira, health, amildent dj other

nntiint, 1 and convey any ritutn ,vf riori,JuiMLcLtou terms, whlrh Indlcat that 'h out of tile unneral lnniotlon|' by the Cumnnaaluner' of Agricul ur llluer covtrnln ttu* 7. If any praviafinn ut provka Iii C frnm loanl profeMea,
J "mty. and. In curb cant the 1. |j'rum nnd after the p".. buyer ,la t the dual arbiter of the "rlu.t ture. [',ovhl.. further mat It hall ba Ltmrlty or auihurltiii of th* unit elf hOtel nf thin law or th* appliiratloft tnrof ba.' lii rW lIce LeglKlatnr. of the

|, j.flHe or mortgage chili be sEe or thl. Act nil pull taxes shall ba paid. IA. All money reeelved a. It* unlawful, to sail, offer or expuav for UnItS to III* rr-filil of wrttfh th> bomU, tIP Mny tunti or nlvtmmtan hall I t (nrlrrat
to .n.tlut. a rellnnul.hment of Mid the mime, are hereby iibullnliud In <:) 'On consignment m..n. any : fee. under thIs Ant HUall be dais In thin mat mined onmmorntnlfend nutupuna. wnrnuil. aU-i-urlil an.l/nr b* hl't' (to bl* Invalut liiq rSnuaihng I I. oieahlllty lnc m* ben*.

.( or Incompetent the btiit. uf Florida. ceiving. or 551!* of agricultural piudilol.fnr In the .*n< Jvliftnut the wife' Joinder. Vice tAll laws nlid part of .laws the a ra oth. I/. I in. pronnhm. ut this Art hall".... rlc* tll', 'II. ir .h.It. pu*. rsunitel bnlnuif, hall avpt'.'tr LII he, fun tlon of aiiAh prnvUInn to yenta or olf : II in, arclilent, or otber Innurwh.tever -
|i lection shell lot apply to home.. 'In conlllrt hor.wlltt aim. hereby re- than the .eller..otW.rrel th* seller: hi nevarabln. peril: If any cut lieu nut shell, corn Rnim. rm'n ahui-k. nr lb. bfittt interest or th* fiend T fuml UltPlaIlusl, will*i* than tnuno a* $0 S form, shall not

pyatcd.Muu. ai the agent for thn. own.- uliall bo litilU, to bn uncoil' soy ihatrnlal* of lIttle ur no nutritive I o the ('Pselit l of which I lit* wbilKAHoiKla which it hHll hav* btr hiti Invatixi a hi, Imbue to atlarhment, mir'pr
t, That Flection a81. Ravlaediitui. 3. Thla Act shall laUo effnctImmodlutely (fl 'Prnducer' mean, any* >ii.n litvnlitllly ehull hot vs Cue.' be rfuiid ar* held. hud, tint b* airntd th rvtiy, u. ho li'upui l prnneea In tha Hcat
vll fll .. of am.nd- upon its bocomlnif a law of agricultural product. the voll.lliy tit .Ills i malnlnir pn>. lIen. I. That rlertlon I of ("hsple'f (v) 'rue trnafr frnni thc fund* ufnn (Son. I. Alt Acts or par** of Art. Inonrlut 0 '*" 'in favor of any Dmlltor, ornr
roll li follow.: AppiuvudT by Ihu Uovuruur Juno 14, II... a. The provl.lond of this ot thus Act not Ifpondunt there 19171. lAWa of Klnrl'la. Acle nf 1.411 mount, to l hue funfff, nf a o,,t h raoouunti PIArewilh SIC to tile ebent of Ill' lbs recipient of .ut'h diaa-

pAll, bode of conveyance, blllel 1011. CcIAprilR hall not apply tal; at"J L I I. hereby d<. lurmt ua i ih* 1"1I1a-! be ant th* same I* hereby amended' to by *al* of. or a** ai% sanllauiugi ur-n. i nnfltr repealed, rb loin benefit., unli><. eDIt unl<
l a "."110. or other I..u".n. (ra) Farmera nr group of Intent that llila, Alit would hHV4 rend .. follow: of, bond. noupt,np, wnrranla, *purtl i l's HIM. 0, Thl. Avt ahall tpe effect|E |late i 1 t'7uatl'stt nf meuranA. Warf i>f*
ruiffr or ". ( *t9HAM who .ell agricultural product ... pnNMeil lint eui h unoonNlltutlunal 'MUG, a. All manufmcttirpra.. Imiinrt suit/or< ,iihftr ivhl, init, nf leutsilc'iflosl, m 'aiat ty upun hwoiitlnff a law fete 'If,, the benuudt of suit'It driditof

W 'tin limit of thle ,,4"1. liluiln ACT lu iiiuvida that when a by themaelve. nut' b,,tm, InulilrlMil, thernln. ... joribura, flrma, ..".I.lIon. corpnratliini whr %Mh, sale nr imrhaniltf would me. A t'provii' by the Uuvvrnor Jun* 8. hire. ,
ntWfd bima llde, t.. a valwn motor vehicle collide with any animal (b) Itet.ll stores or bthen who bu IS. Thla A"I1.11 tak. effect ,. or pnraon. liofor sailing orirrnrlr sutlt In nlMelnir lies ohiimiilnn. of any i t. That all laos nr pant olIIHofnr
lilMrfittiin, w .nr a cnntildorwnllul ill large ou a public highway of tlilaHtHte. far caeh nr It* anulvalont.Per .. lay .f July, mil fur *alo or tranmuirtlnir In ,title unit In th* runit of pin-h unit.d 5.- II thaw rnnfllnl Uilil. II.Ane
1 I or required( b law and ihj upiiiatur ut' the moturvuhlnlo .1 1, Frnm nnd, aficr July 1, "I'ovod by thi. tluvurnur J a.. 4, HlHlii any brand. at tumiiieii'ial, r..I.l (' ) Tt tr n.fr MIeruhllS troUt on* MfAPTWH VOaf? p of Ibis Art, b* and Ihe Mm
re, ',..,,1, rxeciitnd by )mar. tile ua a result of the "unlllHlon !it rhall be unlawful for any dealer hull Imva .|tih.d In m-li, bim, p.ckCM. idol to altuither fund, when see tin* AN API1 authorlNin, ami cllhprlwerlu(*' are ,'eby' repeated.
since whether for the .purpose the ownitr .f HULII, uniinul .hall have no ..1I.lcull"'I"rlldu.' .',, who cumea -- t.rton. ur itvwrvd with POINt,nil lout I IndfibtwrtiioiMi ri|Hired tubn > muulHpalUIn to sell l and hlI'hidtIlslf tnt .", -$t. Thle Ail lh.ll Uke off",'t
..ring her wparata Pilate or ufuwbing uuuao til'!' .flloil MKnmet II.. pumonat ill the tortna of thin Alt to engage r'IIAI"nm 3041 eat n bulk lot, a I''t., hareaftnrreffrruil : twid l luy tH* fund frrmi whl 'h the I tic Plate lIonel Untartinnt| tlio ttoun *1 0 inuime anil .vprov.l by th*

hRr dower or right of rapleaentallvo' ut tile ".lma of such couch business In, Ibis Htate without( CNIPOKM Act In .IIl1ur.
H tar lime prior tn Uli llr.t, day LtuupH.od operator un aconunt ,Ifr 1HI .nil which may b* de injuries to or the death ol. Biirli .". Cl. ( a Statue lu orlnilnul, pr.uued- stitch fully: arid: truly nlvo. thulolliiwlnat |l'rcvluluul l 'I'lmt th* provlMlonii nfI brIdges ttunatruntvcl by the munttflpall" veil by tli* (lov-rn.ir. june 1,
I ajtr In .:",'h marrlwd Womflaflislimllnent. .lual, and, to repeal. ail niw. and hens 8en. 4. Every dealer, In this I Act hM only at'|>lr l*> irountlhavlnv -** tIns flIp the onm ot Which unh munhjitMalUlA k

0. In the offlcer'i cerit elf i law. In conflict, lirrdwlth.lt producla. dnnlrlng, to transect ., ,. Kiuuti-d l".v S I'knuwlBdgment, by a demienient It >.niu. o or the nnuaaion o. Htoto of tlurliiui' nually on nr before' July 1 I. ltl" an : innOI 3. ** unf e"_H. unml In Ihl4 (hi) i h* brand or Irade aleis ot tile, to tile l last prvufldlntf HtMl* or Vwlfiti\\ ant peuvulueo*. *inrl f.olarlotf. dAiilnat* IfT relNIIng te blunt hiss prnjror -
.,tmieiit relHtlng to Boil ion. l. iiiut whenover a motor plication fnr vucti licence vllt| the Int'ludu' a lieregn wlumt tuall. fend. census, and pruv.l.i| furtl) *r that thnutlmrHy inn cn't l atablihfMT Muuh 'briulgeti aaHtal I the enrnrifMnent therenfiltle

'u, mil,I shIrt' from .cknowl.htlnl. vnhlclu collide1 with any anunei at t'tmutionor. Thn I application. ahall be ; la dueli,'ed III any proiti, "Unii tr (lot, Th. name and principal, addreMt ami PitwUru 1.0 ruby nriinio.1 rnada, tIl for vlnlntlon, thereof.
Ill .. of either. or all. of huge' on a publlo hlKliway of thiS Htatu, a form furnished by ib* cmninl. ". .. ." by a (mini jury ur ,in II the inanufHoturer, fir peieun' ntapun. In nHrnttrph a u, o and it aliatl hi VIc M /.rtrtrfr.r hr th* |*+tli .e M. freely, com"Mnlnl ana the operator 01 the molar. v" .Ie and. together with aurh other MotIon prtia.t'Utli'ii iir piuuooii, Nlblc. fur plaulnif th* Ouniinudlly ull .orcisoi| buy saul boHnl uf udinlnlntrt'rtrt *- stat* wf Mo r hi HIMuflitlon f nt I Inriila i in
''a .. vOluntulY. or die, a. a result uf the iollnlon! the mation a. the cuminlMluner chill by Ilia pro.*uution ur line 1.. lbs market only by amL with th* uilvuue, uoti- r Whu'e i any bi-Ul-r WMuh 'lit .11 I 1. u uliall b* unlawful ta
'chill b, doomed and held good owner ot auch animal ..hallI.... no quire, nhull! I mate: ('I II 'Ihe minimum percent. tit Mit ahii Mpitrovul, vld0nnti by thvr a connecting link or sit *aM nttal part II ; attempt in take any large urtioiith

TO-Mil In law or equity to con- ".u.. of action aKalnHt the pureontilrepreaentatlve (a I The kind ar kind, of ,?: worn 'HtMti hall Inolu,!* an/ Drud protein being stied with salt buseS nf admin, C,* a *State highway of thot.vt. of 5 black bane (mli'reptera
'b right I or intercut ot any such uf tie estate ..rh.. ...Idd..o. tural product Ih. applicant of thx tnltod UtaUa coiL. Lt\.. (vi Tha minimum percvnta nt Mtratlon( m. crtllt-i ropy of th* r n..lutlon + Klurida, its. hti.t qanHtrnat d ly Cay ci jUr or niletropieru. lalmedteei
*"" attempted or operator, un account of aayfcijurlna t'. hanilla, : ? Colunihlu." orIole fat, vUlnnuinit( aurh a<1 vlon, rueiltmirf munlnlpaMiy nt ttt* Mtat PhIl Maid t& Jny of the fresh, iiiU nr IMjlHnf
,,.,.o 1 Under 1 any such Inln.'nr ta, ur the unath ot, inch ammul (bi Tli. full ram. nr till* of ti..: wor:l euiiiinon, ahull Inoluda a (fr *l llie niailmuin percentage of nndor Hfrprova). of ins boarU nr hi>Hi* ln inunlolpalUy hue |hesuiuI| its bonda or,, se tile Htate nt rinrlda. by

i u if the name had buen maduariiordlng i-e.ultlng I rum tile cul'lmun.riuo. ,. .p.leant|, ( or II .ih* applicant lie .. onlttr or urdvr notice ...ul.. pruti fiber. of Ufiunty vommlailifiitr Iewlut..J to atatutoryuiralnHt I. All luw. und part of. I laws iatu'tiit ion or co-purtnurehlp tile n. ,, appoaiMiitf t>t a wltnvM I lui '1 h* ham (>f each In.redlnntuaetl srnlnir authority or authiinttlm of I liIeu ooataf nt vumttruAtluttv of auch irt'll.e| r ', Mod or float honk, trap, net orprr
'unuolta, the maker orand In conflict herewith ba anti the ."".. nf each member of Much aainolMtlo ,. 'uiiiiiionliiifVltnMB, In Thl In It* manufacture and Hi* minimum unit or ,unit to th* eirslui of Which thuS suit munlfiunllly U. hart-by airthnr-, a.vlce exrept pol. and line
0 iiier4ut hereby repoulouliluic. co-partnerahlp. er If the applicant b* To 'Itutiry In Another Hmte.' If ur inaxlrnuin puriianlaii <'f aiisdhuuinu.rels Ih* bond*, coupons, w rranl *. ourlII..1 nod anU orupowr, to CecIl said Iridge', _ Dinner, lure, or troll, nianually
every p..on' ira olnuer : I ( and/or oIlier eSl.ieeesue> of |ml"bl.itdncH to tile SIdle Lictaul 1 Tl.Suutneuir itoi'aimry
'Icialeg by, through under a. thus Act niiull lake effect Immedlntolir corporation the nojn of each .. nr M court of rnuurd In any lee re'iulred by rfitulatloo. uc
merreed woman i 01 upon$ Ita "....sr. and appryval the corporation t te which by IH Inw has mad l>... Provided that the oiflfUl nain*. of tit transferred lIe nld. .frh nicl.. rviumUd In which stilt l< brl.l** I I. looaiotland _, Any blxclt bsss InailvertentlvHenuny
71 thor,. In "ch by the uovcrnoi', or upun It. lienomine ( > The name of the local agent for uoiiiinMnillntt, *vt>rHon. wllfiln .II niaterlal. which have been so dv.nnad avml/uf beionl.l /, i" t : ellh..r epper.uine or ninui en.0' a law without eurh approval.Itacaniu agent of the applicant, It any Plate 'to attetnrs, .nlHll<'ifi uf AmericanKeml Kn. I. If any el itin, eilflIeups) or o imitit iilim now vrnfttrst or "' or by any nther ilevlen In wit.C .
or an 'o.d. of .Imllar. luw without the Uuvtr (di) 'J'h. cltliu nnd town., cvrtlfle uuilhr the anal of atoll Control OlllciaU slosh b* ue.,d In nlauM. word or oIlier provision of ChIt hereafter may b* crested b'UiVumWaod Jwr the takfng of Huh by eelne.
: ) approval.a which places of bualnen. of the .P''; ; tlmt tlier :I ii* a urtmlnal prn* ,vu- rhir ,declaration ot lbs ninusa, at lii.reulent Act, nr Ins ippilu'stl.in ct any nf uhelel ny lease or recital ff* mtte forth fcp, or other devlc I. permitted
'.nut.j '" that ,nor', cant will b. ,lor.ted together with bendlnn In HUCb court or that a *,' t* set? imr.im, pri pHfty Ill' ttiruiiiniitan fianaifratlon ana or a bat# se 5 5 Imm.dialely relumed, to tillplive.
eel i. "ver. this .ortlon mailing addreee nf each. eoinnienord H-i I. That PentIum It nf fhnpler B**> I is for any rNr helui> InvHhd up r ltersleieifte r 551 forth, a nil the .Hat t .
trod nr ha '
ply uny 'instrument here. ChAPTER WZT Jury inveatiKMtlon Act of iSIS ieli'lnit!1C u lion itl, t hi t rsluluuiln.iCr of (hi.* >* i- :'neie the ACT amend 1I.tlc" 2 "' Heo. 5. Unique the cominUalimar bout to ouiniiienc,' that a par- 1(111. Law* of Kloriiln, enunty ti; -. It hall be unlawful for any
AN to
be ., validity suit' mmence.l nt whlcl"nlo.ol \ IU UJ. Laws of Florida, Acts fu.e the appll'-allnn on one or "> being within tills Dial l is a .n>.- boo ami, the SemIte ,la hereby emended to Art mod the ppllrtlfin tluereuh.I innl saId brldg. I. !Iotu4le,1 lnd/ur atiy prop.er knowingly lo have In hi. nr her
'e .n. by Chapter hereinafter, prorhl.il. ruii'l aa followwtMm nor person., prujurty or nlrvutitiitani tale .g.nuy nr imtnmlaiiiun now than I blnck baia.H. .
and ground Ion mure
th. >n
of th being daaiKiiulad nf witnena In euih "proaitcut *
date oC of Ill.i'J.: th cams ,
i Chill not hr e.ibsu'lecl thrfby, anilU eraaied em' wnl. Ii hiele'r.after
.r.elv. to men upon bus Id. Any tusniif.uitese'er, Importt cre- It shut b unlawful tajfly
Certlllcallonlie" hall IHIIU Inveatlffell'in. and that *
Lot.Ii nowj **, !'b. Florida payment of proper apPII".nt// the .. jury. will ba ie>|Uire" fur a .p.it. ..,.b",.. bind ...i4ilallon I our ptura. .hnH b* ennntriiiMt to hav* h**n lbs itsil bV law l. hereby authorigit.t. and it have in any nintur vehicle.
r.l"hO 1..ton t22. Reviset bund a. nr who elicit, sell, urfvr or l l.'gilllalhvi Intent 14 lucas Ibis Art wltti.nur *inpawer it to pureh. under and by .
t 'j.n' tli. I.HflNliitnr ol the cution and delIvery, of a number of "oylt! upon preeontatlun lie ir pernon jfve well, llv. box ar other is
'z t! : follow0 ,, r.. b" "ne"d- It te.I by Inaftnr. provided, a. 8..t'.ull.n.. .. e,'rlllliut' .' to any lunge .f a xlir>. for pate, ur iranimorl In thlaHiato. aiirh, Invall ur uiitiunitltutlortulpMrt r_ rental it"m.nt.ueri u tore th.n M black bass. exi-ent
Horlilul .
.. : Mate of .L. I-. .,....,. titling tIle applicant to conduct u,- of record In the county In whlvll any rummr''UI, r"*ds without* thmrcln.M oriS., aim to pajr annuaMylnataUmn itt' pereon whn I. the hnnda 11,1"
conveyance. I. Hucstuiu I Ot wnupier All law if law Inonnfli.tt I e.m-arcnullll
Huctlon I. or parts | to
t.ln..r.r Itinreln auch laaaliinipa mmlii< muno.
1.e of real 1 ActS ot 3D. I.h".by I. ness .. a dealer In p' ,la, aucli Judge ihnll tie u listing a fresh water netting llrenee.
property or of any L.Lwa of Florida. of July permin t... required by the pro hriwlih are hereby r.pave.l.Mini ? paliiy Such um or *iim* as ho'suIlJs persons1
the lurid day or ae ot hi. >
,. until tiHarin and' ahall a* pert
thereIn follow: uc and for a a
rea"l a. '
nor .bale amended t puma 4 Thl Ace shell lJ.lt fffnt to th ulrT'
for annual
ny .
ot a Thn fee for such II. the wltnvei vlalon' *>f thla Art or who ahall u. leteneel r* net In exneed, 11 blaoK Han,
I liii 00.' **.' or longer| .hl1 be 'Heo.J.. 'I'b. term 'department.tlm Do'a. hall fnl'iiwlng.be IID.IIV' annually for narll pU :." ut oilier a time tllrc-tlnn, and plac: tertaln th" iulred, !.. aiampa' nr tnga a *.i.otid |mrndlatfy( upon Its tifctuniuir a l law. innnt of tIny said! aoncU or amey end' ill, It shah b* unlawful for any
ttrl0al .hall
p .
ii inhtur, In 111w u.ed In this Act. mean uf thus Slat of bunlneea which the applicant bearlr.c. 'I'lie Witness ahalt a. tlin. or uea a .bounlurfelt Much Appruv by the *
ne AgrIculture l is.uet< for lila Inn
cubunuquuent uf 3541. < or IK I bond snub
i Ii, a iIuubi. : purohac- pd.rliii.nt sires' tn conduit and namea In ..* be entltlrtl ttr cueunuuu'l! tax *'iamp* ur lags, or uen a etamp or so llehfng any net seine or
adiiltlon mourft '
let. oonii.oratlon anut or t'iurIuIui.flic used In application. hemmif Hie JiM.* ...terinln tHtf tIlt directly aa.iulr.it from th, whIch over a perjo4' prohibited by Ihl. At; to
.01.. the am b. re. wurol. 'cummlMlonor. ii llcenae shill at a uniiilleelnner, nf Atl 'ngUnio"ra Before nor
o, '" CuniniiMlunar, .... .. any the witness lx material and i- I In hIs or p the | cud
; nor Apt, elicit mean franafer A IV ACT author mitt* iirsuihnelutil ib ) PiuntripaUfy to pay off antS
.h.1 .n tbl. the- applicant Ihwefor will, net uauee undun li.ll "!'!, aealgri ur a atampui < titir. base.
S 111. nt ,n.I., nr e"> ,,cuol of Agrlvultuia" the state ok .o'I..III". ; In make l.aued and deliver lo the .. the .n,' Power "' b Th* term 'certlHeU ..d" ai d bond In the amount of to In ih of ih. fnimnlaaiun.tr: of Agriculture pari i in*lit and< any ueuoeu'ihial| l cnr pur** l.mbur..w lt**>|f for the prtnulp. ,-ot retell n.h dealer knowing-
.to.n. and teetlty *
." 'ro.1, In |law this Act. .hall Include coed. puutetuloC.anti a surety In ieh greeter | | to attend Invcafliiii- ur who shill litiid f. ubMtruit, iit.n. founiy, dlirr) MUI horny or unyp s.i.I bond.l or mitih l Ineusep Isssp pmir. allow permit any bla-"
or or
ad'vlli,1' .U01 >< agricultural or vegoCabla suet leant II.OKDOO dM. 0' a I.nt i Jury litMl| sibdlvlslulrl, l< *>r any e.irsncy' nrrommlMlon ilitse alhlluunl Nit y ** *
\ y >uent purchaa. such cninmlimluner may ttieu.lcr nr ntherwle iirvvent or attemplti $rw' upon about t here
thai alnred
ount aa the th iitlf i 5144(5" and tile nn, In ar
: In *
In.peilad during"elr of the MInIS or Klurltltwhirl. by the psrtle.. Wiin
? 1 oonel'leratlon I and been not xreedlrg the maximum In wbtrb the ,. prevent maul, t'pnitnleviluner, of Agriculture nny ptir b .iKh whole-ale or -
tl I.* ?"rloH"or growth and priparaui.r.for mlnr. of tlia Mill 'lirnn.cn- hNM hwrnlnfnr Mfttijtrd or c airr.m nt a* hr tla ; '
thnpiTfrvrmanca iltbtlVlil.4
"Tbtrvnrii1"i power of its aunt of bulne. done or e.llmaled' I Is pi-ndlrv. ,or grand Jury Inveall'' nf hi. aulhorlMHl. agent, in : .. I. csrnieut on or con-
before the market by the department or month by the nf his duty In ctonilm'tlonV.IIH any loll niiprMfluf4lntf heott fully performed iiih |>rita| ; mhmX
'ao.rul. In I la Ibuut Iff
,. rishI lit such (or by the 'legally'' be don any Ua. coiinliencnd ur rile Who bruise, cauMway, tunnel, ferry tnttrun luaf'uLmS the pr prt of tile I-
.ub., authorlaud anont. executed by a aur.ty corp" othnr Plate th* .iirnvl.lona Ael or ilat the arr .f of any
.110r and wf any Ivir. upon
pr cant
PUr'hIler of tn hereof
:lout eonatituled inspection official, authorlxe! to transact business whl'h Lit wllnea may b* ..- ah.11>l aell. offer or axpoe* for .fllo or d tur any crtobinstiflo t ( or rinrlda a* a, part of lh'geneya Btati, wIth tin vlnlatlnn of
'uft.. mJi.IIII'Vrll'lnt' her.tofnr. cr in which auch seoul p..tato or lion Florida. Hurh bond limrlbut ,In thl. lItmus any commercialf whluh ha* a.hf.pis.l l |t ur nt,y hnrwtifturdtipt Coal ny.-tfim of riorMa, of the
utile hut shall be the duty
? \ of orulnary coure
t :
; ..... Were (lie : to pass by !! In whh h nto,
1 k boll' such" tIsmineut and agricultural or .g.I.bl. .t. form prescrIbed or p tu him protfiutlon .f>il. .* defined In this, Aol without pu'oe'u.siiegs) pumuitnt Any hrijK-r a* fitettlIopueLd amt tn take Into his cu to hub. purchajara without or by auoh oihar ...'"'-'" aM be 1I a .nd shell I be .. ). will alv rniiiplylng wllh the rOilhilsfleeflte, nf may cut Ihitrn will atHjuIr of rctnnf nititMny d wrlt.lii In etlon AMee mpf 1111, Aol 'i butte.
'Ih.n i grown tbUoinral by the commln.laner arreat an,| th" erviv of olvll amt mdne net, or tmn
Htinh toll ltuuo.IlrOuiIo'llllf l ill ilmrelpl dairlapohi
tho ullnl..d by r-y irifoanu dOSIgeIatsd
0 'neantog of the b approved or r&< -urth faithful aucoa the Alt or wh" ahall .ell. offer or e cccl se vrhlele. sal
i ri'Cildod may ) sod dltloned to ee< ...ltc... h", shill| Inane u auln > **w. trtikf. ferry tell mud 'raieuiblnuitioi. tablls 104 55 illali motor
of A.rlu..l\uro In thle shale, y 5 rot or
producere for flal* transport
to .
al ner nr eye. proi
and payment of tile orlincat at- posh all other permnal
with '
for a c |>iy ,
hog ol Stat
ills'eases th-rdf specIfying thuS ot tsrtt
from [ Foul. of'
how..r. that reasonably ire* feed which contaIns a the SLut.
I this ctlon be all rornmerolal ttn by lurh
found to the proceed of 't"ICOItU..1 dlr"o in. the wltneae l In attend any Innlu't ( have h.en iwil
', tKLy L "lt-clalm. heretol and other defects, .. pecllled In old il *I ; mailer, peroeatag uf crud protein 0'or.I. Jst'hc vf such mgristulr'flle to the sit n. nIghte in4 prlviiOge5og tiustyici prnvlelone of
> the
i ) ? tIm ourt wnern violating the
l> regulation laaued by Utile \in"II.: ?ub'.O:, ; testify In f.t. larger pereentagv of le.eHli] urn)/"r purrhanlnir ot such lollmevsnu.prouluulng l| paled Stat. FOSuis, ,rttn.r
I""iM"w priority of which chili tha rules and however. I '. of slim '.". !I. P.n.llnc, or where a or a Jut r* th* Seli, h. 'I'hls Ihili' eelne. net lp or Ut
by J mnancd the c,mml ,iun.r .Tnd.r Live provisIOnSof COlOml..lon..1' may coePt a rush jury Inv. el'lg...n he* cant crieS, fiber than I I. .*rlin d In b* cuntMln prn { py- bet ciseut.4'n i at ra where the Its. thereMrwlee -
>1 the Wlhl. mInt or lice nvitt of the *a iul*>tltmkli IloUlatIt'. mod elicIt
b. wltn shall fall t'pfiperly not fuepelal I.
effective Act.Thu. .U respect. at d th..ln. or eny IW.p, permitted, sf1 wblrn
In t commence a
c"t. tblus In which .haii .. '-r la about **
used > nc, Btnalon. repair, opnr ewe Dlii
iprovrn Peciflcall3r In
'...d potato.." ad actions asdiet ... .late the mama of *ach and eoflhismt w1t contrnv.nllon
'eelll claims ..111.d ID the being ueed In
the suillo and place p w
to lion soul fialnt nf M-mh | till
"h.t tuners ( niinf*> ) pro4itiuLhoriMlit.r pVuevIsl.in fl.uirf,
1 Yae'tlon and Intluda UNc'l In it. manufacture 'I be
II2 Rrl.ed' shill mean serety, buueui.Peti. tile .,tltI. every Ingredient and which may
t. ",. this ACt. .gsifl.t a .in any 5.te bearIng cnmmernlal th* MtatM fLout lJ tp rtmaneto t. Ihl. Act ehalV ether
:1 n. Piorlula be amend Irish potatO and .w..t "i2varletle claiming rail. erlilenc uC or who shah saIl any tak elfenC' custody or roe.
of tIcS 7. Any person shall lie prlfua operate. mMni.f rnalnialn, sulflptrubuttuluprove liiiiBertlalely Jn lie puteeeeliiB.
r ,. unna lIe paee.V
pleats or breach .t | which esrri"e' any rates or mi t end
feel prewrv
'low. and alipa.' 4.m..d 111' sal therein. Mfely k
stated l ep
I t. 1'1. tarts Uaj-Mt ml t tprf !
latterwbluh m /or povhihsse M l< firnval by the Unvernor 5oit
thi attached In '
Ue." or or It itII.Htlon
IIII'1A. of cr produ000 frolic flf a bond given by a ru4ntmnd. thai ,leailirig.latamenta upon buec: add hive it forthcoming
nt's'mno""I" ertllkat
''t' grown eoitditiOtis ealil tho m*It in at cornICE law ,
buuiucut >Joli aiithnrlatng a
o Other trn.fer. nt grown .nd intended to hereuTibto1'e provIded' Ills, b taken Into liniiiedl* tit, 1'"...... nr If a fala, or nilelead'law if without such ap.ff" and for the ronMera-
are ... as witness sireeuiliells will% tile 1nltA fii.iM %n 'flei' *
lie IssUIng *
"urpo. the element re.ardlnx herein prafpon -
I"t .ta j property within tlti t..r seed 0. plcntiflm shill .mpl.lnt .h.r..r ao ami delivered to an oltUier nt Iliifniparatlon. tic des-deW fnr the VIM Sr Fdral altf sun,. I Hi. at salute al
by .
o .5 V. 1 h.r- teriut agrIcuiluirat seOds' compl.'nt' shah h. a 111515 c lo aaaure his, at- value I. mad ills peokeg _, -
U"1I'n'To 1h h..tor.r. or 0 h. whIch requesting 'Dr' .. upon nui'tv projtM-t., providing for lid,
c.mfliufltyhinowli Individual at th*
... (. bnn sestil which or'1'h. fsu'ts oon.lltull tln. Pests. such firm In* cenvrllo|
tide tneiuule aU a..t.nt In the re nl Projects a f4it ,
Jtn.iLl4itf of Such ,
itgrOWit lha ?
OflPideratton aof which such said commercial feeil, .r IE rwl.tlan
slut by any :: tfnd"JlIl".b: uueeut as see.t.n com pl.Int. Cpun 110., p..tred, baa?. In lieu ft notification < lag number, of net poimrla set forth uponin road; pr, vMinr t It* u** of candle A* Af' sllairin hleenai. pt'rc'k irreeted to" liii duly of ej
.knowl.d".d for 110.n that auea wlta..iiforlhwuh ehall he the
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'I. .kh.lrl.r crope.lb. brought before for IrVin
or other esising. faniut shall In. molTenlic.loiisr' of lull Act, nf thl* Acid *uthiri.fltif tics Mists llivtDfipartmont uhlI racing msas..e ten lua'lre and
v i'a lh. corporatroa gran. tutu 'vegtabie seeds charges m..de, end .t hIs 41..re..o. hearing. and Ik. judge at thi any other proviaioa to oprat unttt projdiyi ad employ st. tO the periwo eonvlctwT.

.elliot :: : notary pubo or elude all ...d. which are e.lln..onl which, dec a hearing before bin' gIving.the b.ini I aatiaHed.of Ih* deelrabllny' plait b* dem>eoovlatlvn*d guilty of thereof a mledemeanni hall buSDoil and l<* eolltMrt Inll fop the Os. thr*- fInnS "lrt pesId.el theIr anti,tnpboys.e ; D** un whein lbS juitc le en.Sffii erwr .

""I, t.ho rwurt.J .| to. take acKnow. known as ..1.1. silutti, .n.l" uswlis pafty coupluned' 01 notice ilue of time cuaioJy end delivery for wninli and upon than- 45(1.00 for tile flrelvu.iatinn of, acid otherwIse pr vtdin.t for th* florId. and La pey (beltS ettt.eq' b. of Iii opinion ulli jiidgs or
intended 551 hall not mnr 4415 notune a
II"? "bl' (.. k"meot. for "eordV.l'k are grown .d truce cf ouoh conplaIIit ., rmlntien ib. iarlincaU than SOOOO nor carrying out tri* purposes nf thin Act rent.,* ar more of he : such soul 11111
and AC the and not loa* weqiy rissialbie.
., .. .ln'h* ?. held' deified ieud I. raising garden piece or ... h l1..rln. '..' facie. front nf aucto d..I..b.llt.- UJ 00 fUr CecIl aulfen.uentviilatlon. B' f* fj.i-.rT ld Icy ih* pUUtur* of th> WIth certlli, .rnptin.i; p hey uhornl ncliu'a tO the
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take slid Any in he
M.mry.P"" : Thl. Act shall hi. IIndlnA' order hot said witneaa-* utestippIg( sewitisper
.iCu 10 o o.h. t. shall rePOrt .' poratlon orpmisu'n ScrIbe S. (Ph* Bte-f Antawf l"spsrt. nwtie* ai in* narlila of thud
to lrtil ui '" '". | lawApproved IIpnn the imuatt r taken luil'i, cuaf nly and ".. ber. nrm, a.eoclalloi I h J$* 1 Is 15dm Into dli ds'
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; .alno.l.t" bflhLflt a Jovemnol Jun. 2. conclusion and ...... "' whir ahull sail, or treoepurl any m rit o* Stale t rfryauihurt. MJorTr.iorS t 1ll I auilu0tiCC. (1,0I
m.nl. i : lit
In f.or. ..o.d lit' tics ( 01 to tile caePaIflsot.h.1I hare .* to an ofltur of the requestIng aItinerated fe4a. or fvade boding In *tt ta enter into rmnt* big ,. ,, ,, as sItup
"' '.' 'In ld I- ..eh c.., who J with | 5IJfl en.,, P "
.I'". corpor. _till._ ... guwranteed In th* asp mnnlrtpal rorpormIllun county, frt an-l otharwla S
.. u.alltu.ntsteunente, CIII'I
;;II-I i. in which to nas. wlfneaa, who I Ii .umtn.n# iu.1. morTgagp ; soul the feed rtitrl'-i, atuthoriir. or any poUttr-ti njr> treoke and IrolIIOtt to
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of such heP l
201:' the eoniflslseluflei'i ft. held ten giatralioa wnopto7tI lll' Ic
: : chili CHAPTER mod satisfy Is provided' r ? with eibor utli.eoeo.l or any i.fm-r nr i:vnimU.it ont cad I4
adtlltr.tit any bY
t lieu settlement 'loot
.- ait 'r' .; ?? Ac'r t. .m..nd CbgptC, beIng elnudofle.' Arid 14 such time .'.''.. by eome properly autherlMd p,f- iced or substances lrrurlou in the th* Hf-**# nf Florluiue. |f.aeio nf which Enusefed 1,4tlt..' tigla.fqtr. lit b.eht llhs'hiy Ihurlill. ml I Ip
,, .P waver thu. Section Florid. Acts of jWJ1. ."ct01w..,. the nf ten CifliS a Idle for ai ili'C poultry shall ba l Is hr.*ftr In lIthe law roterrout taih s. P1st. .1 blerlifel uii j in. awuter hiS buoy!
.. ., t. boatrumont ha... wv,1 d..clarlnor to hil .. unlawful. the momnmimmi000r or the traducer If rr:: hlr.u..b the ordinary traveled'nii 1-al'h, of live .tuck or ml.dem.annr and puhlf project elwfieFp which hat* Psufeuli I. 'inst 'i eviltm. than Wulti eltdotul Pd
: 1'1. I' me.straint the seid claim. .... 'l-emed gnllry of a tbScltcflsese SV the sahu
0silullty' of t" eafori, iinrf r. file court th* henstot.r. tt n4trti4util sa ut eit.lh"r
: 'U.. which chill' mODopolY god its purposes of sue (.1 with the l Ii i-anvtatlo on Mil't char.In ed>llIh. auqulr> or sliT rw' Intuit op frflnlon now suCh dey ie.t I' ,
i, o( cute commenced within "r I..d. .ny tnbiniti0fl producer ,I. ant PatlilOd *culion I Is psodlag end 65,51 lar 'I n.f prnvldeyj In chIC loll rvnu pr.id'eclcg f brM.*( ('*.use' Oueratinq Ia (Pit. Stata or ilefagpt aol UhiOll to 54.lelCrfl'nS C
. the amol1"t Ut talniuuut' attend a R In which llClnblflS'iflhi lb.-rn.nf f h rMftr lit tin* eight.flve
i uunty p.eeit of this
thepruvlirlt mslnt.tn CR the stupId 06 iri-j their Iiet
;: 1_ .f Sw-Clan I$14. Revised paid to II or Co Its members far .Inn. conumeflee alit smd .. ...* 10 xunrx* and testify ee dl- I an.t held until alter trial an<4iuld lw rvMrrcd to sit tH- 'projwt'f *>r front benet 1il syaIile'Iit. cm "pen.i'll'f. 111104 Ihe Jthutlido
.f "ol/a b. amend. lit r.au..lnlr privitalY, or Pub'. lion agalfl5t. tn.I.I..cl..1 *,| In .tile .Ulni-iona, h* .Nail b- ,l.uvud th ,ieSfllfCIlt b* adjudged gilll- which his aflipi-ttl Cr my h r* tir 01 >lnrl'l. mrrf Chill mad ken 'gill'foyfrlteb anI uiPauls41'1
'" .ocal or .n.t.llm.nl..1 of lIe. panICs provided for '' paylb 1.11.
: : """ In the manner sdcuhut prood lii.tM Iii w hic i beset 115 batl
oopy..b.red herIff | purniiant < % said
lilt It
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p.olU hi- I By ,
holy. for 'IOy piovl0m4 (suds shall forf.itilre
wh.n : asheS. ihe
: clvii 1 who 41. "
wltnee. / w
'w'i 'uVutncu comp..ltlon. p..ol.I1mt any n.i.-h I Is to -"e It
:: nbtlgtitinni|( n'II..l bondsman .1 ,ecrovwl a* lIes trial Judge mhslilIei'flitne publIc project owner se- hisyrol 1( esc'epti.ug 'if he 10,145, Uiultlln
... ,du'feaeibl., hiti' sale' such oouilblnsl100 I. ceotp'isat or acubstantIa .cUo" sgainst the be ma.nt., I 4 >ut n>'.a* leuil from a court 'ir' the fhpnara all at f flUM such sale I tulre nr too iruct *ay loll rvitu*. rfs, buys, one7. tnaftosri 5 bit ,he uiuihy, he iec'ie (0 IllS
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'ill. .nlj writing eon. teuin.lseu' ot aU tiuueit cOufl.posers. .n.. la any instanCe .r ."..4 In thus' Htate. lb. sheriff Ii. lIla NtstaTccItry prodn ln* brttlc. causewaY< Kinri-l, fcV. era imi Seal PlayerS It kuyl Court Of lbS
.. .. lietrsusucoec5r5 th.r.u.a. .ppr..1 .... Another' Mt... I be scuult hi pty If lii.
t property. either real copyright .n.ra 01' ili.tr without furthCp pro'i e. l Witness ccii srwlitili to Lb. general py. rol. coil ro,d vr mnr OointMf *llwit and trahoere, a$ ilol buillqo'ul.itsr ''Vt mitiror rdiiltrt'I 'aId
V the pu'po, with or asslgne t rcuiuiure e.i. cOmmI5sl0fleF.' U to callillervi .110. r 1 mna .! T. TestIfy (a Tbl. lat*. tn.yorIIoet (unit. '(its tour5 01st', In it. thraf (heeclnsftc'r fcn till* lw rttfT. *, an4 all ov.rnlhug I .cltten wilhill a-ICr Ill uluY5 t
..: .t.1., the payment.Such and each mother of 0VInstruutisfltat that II tb. bond IrsottIclies or to pay 'III : l..rese .r. any Clat.. which by its riecru'Ioet, rel.ne. lila fieil* w s-iced mini ti up a* the 'projrt'>, for in* purno tog Onti-Isle sod lted. of e .6 iuillu ir stl Ihi? Ills
inerruiment b. copyrighted nu.I..1 corn'poeitioiis .d .h.1I 1'1" Cite has ". iirirvlnlon for aonimanH of Ihla Art have ** of doIng; or 55r.l'ilig to do ny one .5 .0ob iratlt or tiuisat, 515 'hem 2 tH meetS of
''' i th. ot any valid ,1.lm" 0' pmoduci' wihhie its bord.. ta at. wheel line reqvlieinent f the follvwin ronton, ,- ,, itt ICIi..tlild lilt.
4.0 creditor 0' from to ."t I..d.pond.ntly the the ,_ pareule* wllh. and upon payment or mr* :; eti, I. ns( fuss
tb.t compiled
t. third uteelsrcd. u"l.w- mlloR.r nosy dIrect end t..ti'r a. criminal Pr"_11- bien fa L+m\ng\ front coy pubtio prvj rssld4 paV5eni/5h/ )
"tZ h. persen In .bln.llo" herein .n4 chub be divide'S pne I,f all cs-ti and xp.-*. incurred byin snu* tonic engii. bhe ito
raitto.. shill b. deemed deleroillitag license ,5.5 or .u.1I boutS or grand Jury InvMrtlgxtlvn. pc.dini. oonua t4 eel owsof *nw ur* jaHTt or part thereof iplorids Inc twin ye ,. 4
la any
' 7ruV* and shall oa sub4 fill I. to t-squlrw the .U.o. men. .lICh producers.gec. ..$ .'*"e4 ur shellS. t* emnmen, In *ut* for *urh perIod of yr *n-t 554ev peiof to tiqi 451. f; Vdttlpna
.It..10** lorni/111*" "' forcloura other ..ht.j puibitcitor 10 .rlty.upon /. gvv1 dealer tit. In receipt 8t.t. I, ,_.-tal .lcn,.. in a wIth' sorb 4 r/l'IT/w/ md parIs of t... urh term', and provtvton tnclmttMtf floe' trOob or *VonIo.onptuiyn.% qa b' | ?
& utah opow tII ; psatieg esurt ef mis. udse. provIsions InS Clue **rtion *nJ Wa.ii hes dl's
Z?" > V 1"0"11tralnta :::-:1. 0001poMull0U I praduiels on roceiroluesat : In cnrlirt wllh lbs .evistens of ito.A. ysMulent or alilsaW
I jury
: are re-rl,* | la relationkCE.r3.bJSJ tbsreof. incmtfllttt( pubtlO p.rlorm; FiCUtUTeP prodocts sOd dl._. 01 11115 lest. e grand b.r.by repm-.aisd tnmth r4if rltnr by lbs pnbllq terlius il re.pf ProvIdIng,.
P2&ii price to ,leuilsrs 11151 alt cod is h. handles t. as .... vittoh .. cetomeoctid .r or.I 'ml. Act shall t&ki clIent project 4>wor or bv th. .(. p ri,n4n.K ?sgisPrtlo,, abe pevis.
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.It I. .o,* oon.w14 acne for thereat proOt. whO p.?. cuab prilh.rifOV _m. lOa" .nd record pruosltYc thereof :: iS .:: :: i uJ.:1': : soeh Pet bacoirleitlg 5 ls 5a may b* on* th.
: purchesef to reoderusuch ? 0p05 th |lessem I* ***, del Watit
MT.1r2? < or held t. b* iuev. titi fu5ht one yes hoe .. ? by lie Ouvemnof June .. speCIfIed in ** ,shitt 'he prtte I slUt
lb. J fcirt.A ? bon" .*. ebait pr..t.ty 0/1 publici for lbs .... sst uiddresc or ) of the ocuvI .hetlnE .... (acte ApprOved 4b) f' rch*. lntf frvm any pub DoK4j such bong ltd. tslq cv | i% (isri p'jr' of lbs
Pur e4fl4ec. sulI
l "i Ul 7 inJ"'' for .1.. WIUlou' nOsIC all ezIstIni .... censlialD.ot sjch agrhoultore kind asd" : spicIfrufli the .vmtxr :::11.ptt be till __ ___ t ecn.v a ay project *>r Part aat .1h5
... ;1'1 tha grist.. prott; 'u drare IIc.I... 0. othefeucliGfl th. dde receipt.I the he mulct will he ,.<| ;lrd. CHAPTJCR 3i431 ni.d*>r such i inii* ant.,'., peowla'Ions. sAz,, shupli li- tils : Ifcu'eaW""I' *"
'ig IiI.th"t guests requIrIng .t t.Dtir of .eb produce. 1.1... a' re.mmnd.vtion } for in* ?> dot
Mictlin itt RevIsed. lb. privUegs Ify cad ddr.*a may A' r ACT am,adlnal ub-eectlon (1*) lnclu.ltof provUlon prailAii florida *,.ac 5l.S ing :
(0. the a..n. .. tminai onieuh.ll
: a, .,efliPOLttGfll goods aol1\ tit* wltaee. ba *. Into 14951. jaw of sit malnt.ilsnce tbrc lth.p f'IrW
bd< amends musIcaL that where Cfcaj.tr is-lung Cmuy SAiL
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1..11 ?OtIeis Wld. tog .pY"Chl' any .... except juatiMly and deliver t. aa oftli.yrK' .>; $eehti l S *r th OcOlkpatlei- Ae?5* Wt--lV-'S
: ownr
.Oflt. uisde w\tll\ iSle p..r. ..IU" IOnS sales ate Ac af< "> regulaHn lh. by IB* public projeu y lIly Ps-won tui 'tab. It,
,c"1 ?_ .??1- of a rrrnrtgbi **. publIcly for 0' ..rpo'' .tloa heF'ID' total hell beD lI.eO order Cf ...1.. be.ujng : tIlts PIeCe lo aaaur his altn r >, ft-la tna4W to ..tllI.t. shell lii r aueeasa
.bloatlo" .aot w II.o1otoeable ensu' be tills, Bl.t 7kle I iare. druga aajar..y .. ntrct or eootra0'e.ii be seitiuye4 iii
porch. ssBa
C ..\ tr. ill ** *"? Interest 00fwtjlu ,a be Cu d titsasef. auit tb. beultiof ot .. lti-tiwa. .1. c1 f n. it njt ,.o. gSs lb.
CeIUtI. et iSectucj titr.dao dickered Pfitt (hoe grunt OWtt pllte. ggpecIwI tber.wI. AS'gosaba' p...."' l. JUde. *f a court T t t.T iu.J li*. dedlOtloc 01 '55.5' ( r.ylu4 tbc wmt UI AAJT pajrl 51 hLAIit* "5.4lt.f ,'
wbica 'Iae wltaeea Of
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1I'\IIo..t cett t,_ .c..t' otulum t* ----- '1'

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uneiplred h,reltiBftr i-.farr4.fl to a. t|>* '.JJ01'1"-' a'nita' say

tint to oxr-ni-d.4 9 i jays. tin" the county" of ill. ._. HOB I!I. tillty nf sabitcusI Intoxlmtinn. CIth' f f fr Inn. Th. employees of all.li.aan.. denfand CIA1'1'FR iflltt oanbell b* filled for the tbs eam man BInr. ank> y written applicatIon t his MIst., and S'efl1e.I s nr ,
the Uovwnor in d.b.v
by lip
or Imprlnnnni--Dl Hod IrnIIrluoIufrM njtr to any resident of the "' of WlOrld.nyaged i. woo bernmtut *. l".lA e. rliimb .n,. other ssyKmis suit 1 1I.ltals 1" A AOT it, amend< 'Chapter J47M Lawn term' board shsilonstitute' '"ug requestIng thit in g buelnes, in iltia
or bv b<"Hi f.ni In .x. .. nt Fh.iula AI'. ...1 ml ,'HI, rig to S A majority of the of'bcnk acceptlna thin p.eeuurltlna ower, ,, C
the court, eoinmerolal fishing In suoli i ias .A..d In t h. buMlnt of om pounding established' and ma nil. HIM) by tin i i trnam* ; Ia adilitip'
dh..r..lln" of .V4
'th* ( or tile eniun.riited morn, hl l .110' "". In I th. form of 5 a quorum. It hold aald securitIes for .rs aa It
.t.r. ( a
i.brmqm.'nt oiTmiii* bnthan herelisb.fore or i1lap lifilr.fIruKM.| 'm-Pdlfl.nn or Jtalc ef Florida .. wtati' ,Insl"Hut Ions, I." > or law In ) to may"bav,, :i. '
pIjiO] All part
Hon"iiitl or lltB.oo or ntoi 'ere under tile Jurisdiction of the chemlpiiie for mvdirTnflt, UH-M. tr WIll the .... maintenance, Ir.-."..-",. .ti f"n"luri lo .,-h".1 ,I. 0'< I h i i". who I''.". Men II. lava or same are beeping only, and bias r.preannted pilS erson. firm or corp k
)I-PM ilian tha
herewith ba
flmd not f Jioard of Conservation. A non-resident i In th.. publ.c 1 :, t"< n ii."-Is In 'thin eonflloi and that arId .ourltUn not
not m. I linn% hull have |).*n convlrti-.il In a cm o f the alTllrten of the Ittale shall bL' I aald applIcation exceeding 11 ii
"UOO month;00, or Inp.l.o""t l *,*g p..1.1prtBonitd I rn. ot 'Ih. .'* of FlbHda may ".0"'. a of thin stale, of 'intoi.ration tney, .. and ar* hereby e--mpl r"um I serving HI t 1..i i In of Flotilla rut ". .nni i"i" >! yi.' hereby tier 3 repealed. Thla sot, shall .Me effect upon nberomlng ave been pledged or deposited by It In advanr. from t
f".d' 10 days continuous for and who art* Incapiicltal'd, i-nd Will, Treaaurer of tn.8t.ti. luof in.
.ihr ? fhgHtso n."lt Ip.n. tr bearing I before and under .. aa gran.I and until Juinrs In the count" with time dilate Interoat or d)
dl'lo. ,u.t a license few of ,|. ... nut nnsna of support by omendlnir ; a mew of Indemn a rate .
.3 All "nl. f and regulat.nn to be flxfd by ih* o f the Hi ate. Oovernor June It.fcHAPTKR Florida for Ilia purposes not ex-,
)inr.wIth tir-n ht-TfUy ; ,l--r ,to pruvi l lp Approved by th* I Ity or 'guaranty, pursuant to the lawn annum upon tin '

Inerf'"11 Act )] fa ; rod end reel r.lthlu.r. bob, apinner spoon, to Jhan"ry. rtvolf-fi. Lift. Un ih* first Monday In .lamiary. nalona, to wldowi! of pi-nt-loners, who. 1sre 04t, _ of the fitJita of Florida, 'loan from the dm'
b-r-Crtininf Thin, .h.1 .11'I.OLupn fly, troll or artificial bait or lure 1.J..AI IMW nr uf 'lawn A prIl j,, June and September; I In each ealender entitled ,lo receive monthly, allowain't In cald application under which saId maturity of hi
In the wat.ra of th. $t. John. In the foi m or 0 .nl'.n to schoolteachers 1 with lIme under
i p acciirltl-a lodged withstanding
1 Rlv.r. year IIIH superintendent wer
ire the
'"" by Quvcrnor !lnntet 1..r"/ rt--p.-M.-nd. or |>* r- ACT to amend Median 415J) of iht
941 l I.. Florida.Including::.: East Doctor' \ :; : to th* Mcci. ft. thla f..r.bY -ff--ot son having charge of such Institution who have t.u.l.t In the 2db'J: Oenerel Htatutea nf Florida ae llvned by the saId depositing bank, thn o tjoaat "i\Wrrl .* In i upon btw-mlnir a Jaw. .iiall III. In Ih. office of tile cl.rk of thn. !t lie' fie .cliools In tu* State of 1H.7H. I* authorlaed (name of i Ii natsllmamis. or
l>uval county I or In th I OT l Ida 'fur more' than US ).oiw.i. amended by tioc-tlun II I. I'hnpter o'n'k'eot'ptlng eourlilea and amlo l In
I'HAPTRR 30MSS TT Approved by tile Uovvrnar June 12 alrrult ourt of tile' county w.... Aurh funile aof the ) secured bv in,
AN -An in fhft ..b.lftr ot Okaftohone. or In ih. watera of .. i Institution la alluated', a eerlllled lint .to' It l.im.tml; : liy tile j-rglxliitiir* <>f tb.II. Acts banks of l.-K, relating what to Inveatlnir laws and parta pow.rd to aurrender, release or'dellvew other collateral or
.1.,1 Jelokpaga or In that part of Creeoent o f all adult fatal I of r.orlilm providing aId aeouritle, or part of then a''(.'count
tnt wr."ntrr inliiryar male emplnye.a of time this opened
Mil I..i unit \ shall bs repealed by i ,
of laws
dnmmrc 'llu.'0 "i-erMon or pr.p..y. an4p.rt.tng I'lln'. Orseki In Puioam CHAPTKK 2 OS ft 7 ".''.. Any and all 11m.... having thi < 1. 'I'lial Section 2 of (Cnarit-T, nct and that not nhal, bo repealed. only upon th. aol.l written dIrection stud era concurrently V"
iiounty, or fresh water of the 14713. Laws of I'-lorUlM. Acts of I IHM, thoae it
wlfhln Whirls fin* AM ACT MtiihoriKlnir, and duty of seleptlnic, Ihn ButMorl.i.tlon of said slate Treaeurer. the loan
l'h* t.in' m power n* names of persons of the ,, ,
1 Hist He It Kniwte! I hv the I.--Inluture r
ti. at large. No .. ,.* shall b. : t to L i. *nd the same is hereby amended to In office. It hut. therefor"whT
tt..n fr Mirb,t ..njiir* or dtflDtj.L.trUY ".nlnlp.lll. nt'.r Into atjremni( 4 serve as Juro shall ....Iud. from lb. state rlorlilHi fH r hIs i-uoc-eaaora reooBnlaed ourlty
( ind all Inwu/.n enn. charged any realdent of t.. State ot ".., Hom-lng AdmlnlPtra-, box or .01l..lIun.! of nam. from whirl, reed as follows : Thnt Hertlon 4159) of the that said actu-IUea, are to be Iielil n uay evldcsr* tUpnain Ic' 'I

::10I"r.,; : :. .p"uIOI 4Ki hi Klorlda: her to lake (sine ott county nt hun for 'h. purpose if rent'riot Ing u. .,trii solnrilon, ,Is to be matte the narnea Hoc .. That for liny imrson to obtnlnfh Retlned iilon Oeneral ir. Slntutc. of Florida, a* ly said| | . : for aalokeeplnu deposit* stiuBfanth.,
) or the or re-aldeno- homestead or and tionlalmd,' In ,. slowanre as set forth .In Saottuii of bunk th. to be "p.
> If t.II..1. hv HID l.fubil.iliirct of hla her km.ditty( upon or certain II' lint neHined end filed amended by Hec-tlnn II, C'liapl.r ial7 only ( name accepting1 ** made per m P
I : ', fff'ion realdenca' or on the home.Blend flopil Mr.-a or ares wlibla the limit 0. us provided In foregoing artlou 1 ttieroof. ,th* paliT iinraon slmll males canifnded ) and solely aa an aqcomuioda.-"I Interest,
MfBlf r'r Z Is tilt ,
I _
of IEIS bs and the
Ac-ta same ?
< .".o n-r-itnn\ nhull brt. iipotiKhtnw .n:thA ttMebaod or wife of such such inunlcilpAllty .I'rovldlnif 'th. man' vlfleil mich olflners >..1'. at *r within. Murh, proof or file r.",. ,und condition ., read follows: tlon to said depoallln bank and HtatTreaaurer Whloh the note Iina.

> ,nit, mj rlty or vlllmt for mnf ntfc-* dren or/of hla or her minor chil ncr .nd rr.ftlioj, in Which Mi<*. ..r.**.. ten days prior ,tu the opening of any "mtilfltia him cr her lo Ill" said allow- Hec-tlou to IK It aa shall tin! unlawful for 1 or HI* *ucc aaor* In ortlou, r If such Ion II iC ti
chIll ,
tent Jr wionffful, tpturv artituuaK. Bhall j And ho I llcene* SeC "r tit shall b. entered Into .".1 4-.fr-M.tiv regulsr nr .J'''( lal. term or AIIIOutl in !line ss shrill raanciimbll required by bunk trust organisedumlor anti that In no event I li the said . rlodle Inatallmema, th
on .ir, properly "I..O"Mht] ve'liilrait' of any tumor who I I. pi r riod' l Iheneuf. thus riltint 1. riqiilra th I ,, 4lis Dint Board of Kilucntlon, and when any or company to (name of bank accepting- the so'_ count thereon .
superintendent and for
laws tnls doing r
a resident ui,
1"tWB.vn in ,'id ii friini, 1 h-i l if)")n of of Ills .,.,. of l.to.ld. to II* It ICu.wIrd| | by the Legiplittuira of tli* of such Institution. : tn certIfy vih.ther. such, pioof baa been submitted' to the *AtIsfsrllon the of dirertiy or In- Fiirltlea for depoalt) rest under any II- 'loan' may be aJU-,1, -,
;lhl. take bumpiness' In dIsh tidal" to ,
game on the hi. of the Mats Board of Ki1ui-a:, ,
nr dmiiOKi-' jH V ar her mother l.t. wf FlorhU. any pHrtlnulsr perion has left the .m-, directly' Invest eli the funds of' saIlbank' ability or revponalblllty for or with trnanect Im. aggregate am,'mi -.I
I: or father. any
Tlm I of it thlit Act J..ICBUS fee ta ( 1. WhereIn ploy nf the tlon the Htat. Treasurer shall ""1to to said aeourltle n. atallQienta
Hoe, K. prr-vlt-lrniB b. any munlrlc.all f seme since the date of the stotlt of any or any a* ii ..riv Ii
charred .. oC trUst boinpany In
nbnil not. ba ,.ppttrn.hI.| |< to nny...nniionbrought take resldenla of th. mate of ih* Hint of KlortdftIh .w".r. of010cc -1st of employees I last certiriHd by him: such, persons the monthly atlownnrM "., I tcorpurtttod, in this t8tatP or them, except such as may b* involved if dthe ma duringthe t. H!
for nelir'nt or wrongful injury Jlo.ll. .nine In th. connty ot half of the h and I thus ,In provided for on warrants, drawn by COmnpany thereof. i'1-h
(( property In a persons rerlItleul as Iiavln' 'lopWh'r,, III. smirk of the Ftull aufKkaeplnir No ful'ili -
resilience rerpt -
or fl.imnKA r.rrIvrI prior to \i}ia "f shall b* ll.li" LI. In'h.or' or nrrtn WIthIn' tIle boun-, {left the employ uf hIs Inslltullon Bhall the coniptrnll-T When any tauchurdrawing jJitl.riot orto Thla receipt I Is nonnrgotlabl and any ehara-V" no.' HI ? ,
eense fea to cml tterVa hank of tliia ; any oIl,,,
ri>ilv* dm it on which 1hU) A"t.1 bicotnt .. the Hlele of be oh..t.d raaldenta of ".rl.. < MI ld I ",U"I'pllly.' ala\ a p.*> br the clerk' of the circuit ,court be ; pension under this 'hanter abut! directly or mnilireclty lovest any of person Into whoa hwnde the solos limje shah lb. mail), ,lii', '"'" >>Ci
a law 110'1"1 take ..m. In tltlon end ill,. ... th. Koverntr. stricken, from 'the superintendent's Inst die leaving surviving- widow to wlioiusuch come I I. hereby notified that the ceaurl- 'on any auiih Ini,,, H,'W
any other the funl, 4.P. S. .All ''aw pod pnrtiil-Df UWH than the county of I the mate father body. of saId 'munlnlfiHilty I ..klnr that rrrtineii list cf employ, and aliall no pensioner has been married, fur a In bonds or securities oilr, than tie described above- will only b* de note by such bank j ,,.,? ,'"" t ,
In ronfllrt wUh th t provlnloi.-$ tItAn enunty hit legal resilience th* are or are*.* dfiwrlbml p*. 'longer be esempt from Jury duty' j ontlnuous period of at Ip-uat-,, ,ten yesrsi I Innhui.I llvered, BUrrendered tr otherwise lla-' f national, bank tn ad.il s
shall b 'turd hump
ettlyer ( slates
U.o. Th license fee to b. lItton Immediately iirler to hi"' dnath, and. from I pvrrnm000l. r
rppik't.I -Vo.POP. shell hove H n. a. All laws .
-v r-i-wtrictlfina" herein
hr-rpby :
itln suit th written slit
m* ot 'laws poapd.or direction *
part In 1 upon
"'" residents. of Iha of Klor- willow log bun,). and Kvcurltlea upon which pay1 expressro* llu,,
Hints whom divorce In obtained such
4. Thlii Act pupil' ) tml-tt.) ffT"rtVPon .r..o take pi.nehl upon ..1-1 urea or nn-aa. returlrt. ConflIct Herewith sin heri'by rcprsM. no Intereat la fully auihorlaatlon ot aald Htat Truaur t hat "" bay '-ft ,
of and
!' ) It* unit .pprv.l by thoOrtvrrnor gam. in the fttate of Klor. lily lIsa UMP of, und the In. noon thpriuperty XPIH, Ibis act shall take effeci upon proof of tnarrlrigu to and ..on.IInll.Uo" t fount principal 'or III* Biicrceaor,. In offlr*. power. ,It -
P..I. Ida. 'large shall be ( bUll Kuar.nteed by lie UnIted Htut.i Uov 'rnlilent i
| .oo The the inlnhmuntperluil l
of marriage foi' '
ltd luwwiihuut w lo.n. within| *n Id 1 1ori upon, Ii. bnotnlnM
or area a law. ahould tile underalaTn-d, upon the ( A
b."oll"'a .
up.n _. I. b. chanted non resident >*r thut MHId with, and death of h..r said l ua- i or bonda and aenurltlHa upon cen.u'i oririn'1' '
mirh .pprovi.1. eros or erect may ba ut by t the riovrrnnr June Ii written direction and authorisation oC IP'y'n'nt f
rttat of fopr"v. which of principal and interest
llo.I.. to taka .an. In thorllal approved by lull Federal, A 1mInfillration "and shall b. arranlvd a pnnalon Jieyuble payment
of '. HoiMlna > < la gully ,Kjitranlved by I ill. Dominion' of said Htate Treasurer or his ucree..orHho or paymeni, I ,
I at I. .u b* for th l-mnlnir ar from the d".. ot 'lli. death of hitsalil '
(1 A 1111IOU.. 126.Oil, Non ".n.y The lurulu iu,. '
Al'T 4IpnJtinn : realdent I | h* $tate o tar t ihe "r.rtlnn of bii.liJInKM. 'II" hum.iu, n.t, AI i tie sfliiu lime and dstoas or rounty,
AN 1"fFR ,
Klorlda rnt upon 'h. 1I08 achoola road'S.lieepituic ,. collect any Interest accruing- on, aura line pulley ,
nisy aeeura a. day oontlnu- AN oilier' pension paid unitr. this, cliupter 'county illntrlut bond for on hIlt !
nf prop.rly, Including 1.1.1. of Mior property within paid .ri.n or tart-aa, th. ACT provlillniv for nddltlnnnl "". i said aecurltlea or any nt them, audiinterest er. In an '*'
out '
hunting In the Mlate of 1 ties The comptroller,, la h.r..bl.Lh..rl"o.I I Ianil or other puhllo purpoae, or amount ,n, ,.,
vovfrrkjinir of find
scclilent Innursnea Inno b 1".n.I of a fee of body said municipality powcm for the trurevi 4>f cl.|.. dlrwted to draw his warranta In 'municipal aldewalk, end *tre *b pavIng; will only b* rtlaburaed or paidout amount of tha lout ''
sufficient evidence! that ". hive 11..11. 1".n.. .h.1 1..p.". by r-oJutloo. t a m.lved onrparniionii; 110100'\ the tIle written direction ajid
.. lime in upon air tru.it company
of surh 'certincate.. nt IndiiatrlMl bonda, or revenue or noj
non long
rtl l than Prl"I.ln" hearing on Mnlcl" > *lltl.n' Which tru.l*.. .f .payment pensions eo p.aut'h
*< | dlHiuilved thorlxallon of I the
.Ih..wl.. .1"nl.nlu" re-Hdpnt' bona lid. owners of "I"o .: : : rurpuratlon 1 widow shsll i'misain unmarried. and certirlcatea or revenue bond* of pi>* said slats TreaBUrer. of the bnrrVi
N It Kim,' l bv tint II I:* .r. l to bn puliMiolied fur four ran. 'they' net H* niii'li triiHteeH I Insurance '
When and thereunto
.Irldist)4et100 1..I.I.tl"* *P at .leaal, .,lino. ot land altuated In Hnf-iillv wet-tl-fii prior to fm.d lmi.rlnir. A ':tho niHnnr I In which ;; prencrlblnir roiitlnue to bH a resl',ltnt of the fttat ]lltlcnl subdivisions anil/nr Florida $tatCliuuprOv..Imu'oL as directed policy, un.l
$tate of # nuch autboi'lxed
and .
particular duflen air The actual
any oouAty In and of nt #r'lorlitR provdleil, howii.er that noth- or ] 'as:
I. No Huffplnt| 1lt1anra oPurvlv.rbll' Wile psy tames 1Iurl" ber.qulred copy reotrlctlonuo., MtiUl At ptMtlon unit, lite propound ;pMwerH Much b* xerflne i.: provlritnv, for inK herein contained' ."011 be ao con l gage bonda of rallnmd (rompanle and time . . . (name of l oereKSary? credit m. ,
th..I. eliCit ) tIle
.1.1001 harnic( i tIlling nt ui
4 | Wh.r. Ihn lltlit.ti. prop- to a 110.00 rty owner in ISle any propi VHfanolfiH In the tru-ite; aimed as to alow such, pension I tu b* public aervlc corporntlona which ar* bunk accepting; th* aecurltlea) will *ur, I IL pea teal cif the sm-nrlt ''II,
ollr arva or to bit 'and provldinir,
1 devolution Ih..t.' i.nd. for tha lfl' I 0" .reae that all .l.iie. r..nv..y. aivent reith patat. fret inurtgsga render, release and, deliver Maid Becurl eral, provided such,
) or
of.i d..u h and thnr hunting; tsklnwetrne ; NftO4'teiI! shall hav tile right tn Pie In 'tIes '
bl''n Hubnrdfnatlona, r pureiiant to such written direction Ceen 2 '
p.lo.11 In .. 'bonds and municipal war pup
.. county .h. land i writing his or her 'limNe' and a rli-neased, pomilan.r under tills, cit or county ctintli
.lm'I. mat Inn pnrumi hive are lonl.d. and If ." .owner.11 mar. thi prop-nnfd obJ."t"n, fr p..t't tilted UMHlftnmentii hnretofor .*.. receives a Ilk* pension In her own rlglit
aivAothorwlfi' tlmn almultunoAuniy.. Ih. rlifil wife shall likawla I b.. en- Intc miino1.nt *.t.lll.n. I.t dun. by a majority of nui'H IrUHtee.. MO'. as a retired schoul ti'utu'hiur.) : i shall be elltflble If they have been In receipt to be surrendered to . .. . (dtl'i'nvlInd, hopt' ,
J.op..11 of nrh pftrnon Mhalt JPA ,. tilled l to Such, reduction, In license r ... thut, .I""n. .. Jr..I" ..1, 'lluiI'a. ftt tile llfim of dlMKolutlon.' > Be. If. All IHW. sod partS of laws In 'ilfault their principal or Interact wIthIn (nam of bunk. nceptlnv aeourltlea foi I trust companlHH, on la
If ha liuil. .llrvlvod,{ ezt.pl The license He 1..1"1 th. .wn'r.: ." contemH by slut within 8 iiiunthi'I depoait ) for 'ooncellatlon. i ii make a ,
r fen to charged r..ldn,*i ipi> rly r.nil 101 herewith, I are hereby rrpvalml., two years prior to data of purcbaHi, minimum .ni
aa :
H rintrlrtionii i and .
aon'a'O"JI. IenvtInIartn.. of r.oP..I' f'r Wh .. bearing animals' In tile county In which being' lr.plaPMl' upon Ihrt property"fh within i :I... in herewith.1I'u"l I ; rept>a Unaall 1 "r nonfliot '
they have tltelr 'legal rasld.na* shsll Ih. and proviillna purchases or dlacountlna ot cnminerulttlpuper pot.lt) actlna; by and throuita lIe proper standing auch sum
/two or tnor .Ind saId wrda nr KriMN, and. It i '.the "",c'lIv. dute, of lbs Approved by the tsovernur June 12, : shut: i
b.n.n..I. ba In.ou. Tile license to b ,, ..1. ant Itllla and otiicHra, haa cnuaed thae present to h# trnt-t laIR othnrwlnr
r. chaigedre.Idht. ti th U41. siotee. ilxi, '
to I.k. minr... lyvlvnrahlp bl reaaoit-Sof, fur* of the Htate of Florida. to ,"vl".bl.munlnlpMllty> governing that Hiich b-idy of .' I. It Etiiuctmh: i IV) the Iu'lalntir.l Of III*',' See 2. The provlelona 'nf thIn act duly executed thin the day r.f I II In no cass shall sucl -* ii.,

." rpoxltlon p.r. '. dl.. take fur : rc-elrlctlon: *i MIMI.iof l-lorldtif It. .. . . . 'nr the }
of ono.r .nd .. b.to.; .nlm.I. In any on.< :tlansd l iifion ih* property wIl bIn Hald! Hectiinn' 1. rrunteea CHAPTH.R I-lt-lt elmll In nowlae be cnnelrued to repent I .,,mrlett P.o..11 I no.1 county of than that or drench hereupon lila. : f orpnrfttfnn' of any Ilimnlved 1 I AM" ACT to M-Tid. i-l-rllnn T of C-iAp-. any of th* provIsIon of 4'hnptcr. I700H of book accepting aecurltlea for da- I h" th > and ,
$'Mel..rl. nr their r.sldenn shall loy.rnln" utnea of time prop.. posit) Atteat: . . .'. law to be
Law Florida.
.. bftvn dlotl otb rwlait In..1 ho 110.DO.r b..y of Mal' rl munU'lpulity I IH 'wuthorland eriy' nf rlUMolvml tor IOU"1 '.aw. of Klorlda Act of of ActM of 1017, bidIng i iL charitml b
.lanooualy Ih" prnpnpty. thu.tblTt i lul.. ''h. .. foe to b* charged resldsnt i *mpawr"d by propMr rHoluifon,, vhl..cl for any timler, Hectltin oorpomuon pro1 111-11. entitled: 'An ant to pr-nt-u.r.h.> an act entitled 'An act a-ulhorlaina; anil L N c. I All laws or part* of law In I panics licensed to TI.ak 1111,

of ahall tix dlvldml, Into of the mate of FJ'irlda to take fur ordlnnnn 'to enter Into nNtr.fi.ent; K.vlnert, n \ .0114 at t lbs'I II,. mnxlmiim welijlit. wlrlth Ipnwlh and' empowering; In addition to the Inventmenta oonfllrt herewith are hereby repei.d.Mar. I II ami leas.e ?'

an thnr ire k. ma* iqitalportIon. ..1 bearing anlmala the PIlate of Plor with the Pmtoral Houefnir' .At1.nln.iit, ". Menu ,". t +0'n rnHtHtuteit Chapter' and under: l.Hftrht to oMrtMln motor vehicle opprntwl herntofore authnrlaed by law, all I 1. This act shall take enect upon, ( ) The rates, iinm' lit

rlnrloa. and theaa pordona ttaaetiti.llI.b.''I Ida at large dish b* 126.00 Provided lion for the purport .r'! .. the i. Floril| ", Aria of lima |1..11911. laWs or on th*. public high."a of the t' bnnkff. aavlmc banka, Morrl Plan Bunk, Its bncomlng- law.
diatrlbutftfl r<"apfotlv. to tb.4v .hn> however that realdent or nan resldsnt.i u.. nf sOil| ,the bulldlna u.on.tiltn"' lion tt of rMiapfer) II."("and. I.RWH, undt-r Hec.-. .Stiit of Plorldu und rnlatlnR to the i. truat oompanle and other llnanolnl In*' Approved by the Governor Juna 11 i authorised unil.r thin .: "
would hav tuknn In,th .T taking ftir-benrloK anlmala by guns or *rty wlthJn rtnltl arerir or I' 10' Act of of FlorIda. operation of mullet vehicles, and placing atltutlonn now or hreaff chartered 1 1041. !strued as excuptloim ', liv
th.t .
*$ ahaU In
.tvli bernftpi.ry. by dog-a only, and not by th. lie. of f Men. 8. After euoh *nrr.::rnent nan t V.IPI. addition to the I H tnalntenanp lav t thprnonby provldlnv under the iawa nt the HtHta of Florida Klorldu governing lnt nnt

vlv.J. 4..I.n.t.1 i t4, .u.* traps or other device, and not foreommerclftl 1 been* entered Into b.twi. *n the *"Ic'<] nun.nir'iptliiy .in vlded ln.lr".e, ; reupnntlvftly pro. (hut th I procftmld TOWn tlm Vera and 1 whether under (lie general law or epa.I CHAPTKB JOn.19 i the pi-nallles of auih \a 1051"In '

H. S. Joint or TivIu Ut'I purposes, who ahall have> soil lbs Ferlrral Ad. HW of that *, b* and ounUnuo 1 tiitf, linpoaed by thin act ahull bn uned t chat act, to Inveat lie funda In Invent: AN ACT to amend Median 41 SI of the I all cusrs when tlii ,

Th* Bntlroly.. T"n.nl.... that nald the licence fees provided for hunt f irilnlrtLrittlon.. th. emu .- Ho..ln. truMtaen property of auch dU.aolvml for the naaletann of d.l"nd..nt; rh4lit .- ment share nocnunta nf nny li'eileral BHV- Revisal Cleneral Htatute of Florida a.i I requirement ot this tu'

'<]int| vl
nr 100e01e. by.. the ontlr.trnthorwlna jjv,4, be Inat.t quired to pay the license fees provided L ncrrement of the governing ly of Joint saul' oorporatlrm ,holds IH* long an erich dlaa.lv.il I I or lawn In rtonrtK't herewith. star the lawa of the rnfted Htatv of p Act of Jf>29, a* amended by Section S, > prlvlloitnii ,n,

than I for t.klnl fur-bearing; anlmala, 'iha i I the iluualni. of rauord In Hula Mliii' t ,*u Ito It Pn-teuI) by the J.ivlMlntur of, the, Amerlcit. itnd doIng buHtneaa, In th*I Chapter 1771S, Act of 1M7. relatingto tlon of this sot shall .1 id
iIinuItneousf7 ;r p
''J riy ao holil:: shall: bo dlalribulixl 7$ prof Wi,,..* 1..n.. .. to b* rhuiged non '..Id.nt.i ,'IIcr: ron< F.d".a any or domnnil right:i I In ltln., tn. \ nlnlrm: Hen I Mill of HorliUiHertlon mate of l-'lurhln, and In the aharea ot[ a limitation on, loan to ofTinnr, dl., lending i Inslltutlrinvh, ii

half UN If on. bed mirvlvoit an l "I.t. of Florida to t... "" 8. evnnt that the na.'l or upon .al prppwrtybut 1. That Her tlon, 7 -Thnptor' any Florida building, anil loan aaancta-- Cantors, employeea, and others mud. by >refuse or nuglncta tn 'i-bci, l

half a. the other < onn bearing; animal, shall ba III.00, Bach L Federal HniiMlnir AtlmlnlMtrittlan I eliMil In no AVttnt shall the term t>f curb I 2031. I.HWB, or ji'luivlIa. Art. of Ifi-tl., tlon, which, la a intmibt'r, of the Kedet.l I L Htate hnnka and trust oompanlea. I II rower any unearned lInt* dur I Itr
ihr ar I morn than h..l .r"'L ,1 county In th* state In whlnh the II I* cease* t. CXIII. tlion, Nily aa-riti.nt' entortd \ truMeea .*rn.d eo yeara from lh. datis u b. und the immiihereby! um.n io.lto L, Tfom toan, llnnk eyatem,' but aaldriiupter I I He It Knufili-il bv the I.t'glalature l of th.C .i when th* borrower nlial-

anil all of I horn ,hive ao died taunin u cense* takes such animal The linens Info with the aald Kednrnl floitnlnir, of auoh dlfMolutlon. r<*iid ua followii: 17&IIH, I-uwa of Klorlda, Acts fit C C Mutei of Kl<>rlilnti In full bftforn Iii,, dun I luami .1 Ih,

*rty Ihii. nii.trlhut.fi shall b.tlin>. hi pop fee to b* charged non residents of the i AdmlnlHtratloo, can only b chanffffd ori i ".. t, Whinn any corporation ban *H 7njoJj After the Hmt r.'loo A. 19H7, ahull be and remain In full fore Hi-rtion I. Thnt Hectlon dIll of the.B i final Installment, >,

proportion that on. bxira.to, 11. Hints to lake fur b.aln.animals In i hbantlnnncl. with the r..nnC. or j..rmldi been ,dlitBolVftd na aforwnald more thnni I 11. 1 ,, u ahull I b* unhn.,:' :r.ra i I and effect but all olh *r law* or vised Oeneral Htatutea of Florida n* i Santa the lnt-rnHt. or dim ii

numbrr ot Joint t*ni,
P41W. 4. limizrgnro Pollotaa,""WJ|<*. tha 1101.00. Hurt! County Lloen-i-n II*t .,.1 Id, Pn-nHrr. U..lnl A urnlnim ration of thl. art the trunt4te.fi at th.lmo : "nk. the tfron wi l,l.t ahall I 1 hereby repealed. Act of 1K39. aa aniend by Hectlon 9 loan* In any form. of n ,

and the b n nolary ; ,fly The County Judg' .i whloh I. willl' .I.olnl psyitcnte on *.f d'KNOhjtlon, cr th* nurvlvnra thereof., etntwiI, llH.uuo prfumla., or a tractor audit 1' Una. 3. Thla act shall tak effect 1m- of Chapter 1771?,. Act of 1937, be end notlc to the public i ii I Im

In.Ie. or aooldent.Inaitranniianrl ."Jle.' .1 County for which application I.I.otmir.,, I.Hn. thou .. by HouNing are hereby rnnntltutwd trunteo* of (hIs, aomf-trnl.er corn bloat, Ion. na )h.r.l"obov"d..rlb.cl. I mediately upon It* paeawit and approvalt I Iu the aarna la hereby amended to read a*i
titer. la no aufnnl nt tvl4.; thatpollcy or by some person atlthorlssd' L AilrnJnlnlratlnn' In th<*a. arm,., property of auch dlancilv corporation I < the eros* wright of whichahtil by the Oovnrnor, or upon Ita paaaatf i u follow: (IT) HI .hall bn tht ilutj j th' j

.y h.". o4h rwln. than ,, county Judge Mtat I ,.ln" ".. 4. 1 h* Federal llot.N.njf Ad. for Ih. benefit of the Ntoohholdnra. with Xf-end H-l.ffdO( poundt, without flrnt:; without aiKh approval. Mae 4161. It shall be unlawful for troller to enforce th I,, pru "i ni ol

tHn *nunly dl.o prnna..rd.. of tn 4 'mil.I sued by any county Judge the Mist i mlnlHtratlon( ,ahall In no b-a liable, full power and authority At any tlrn*I havlntr. purchnv-Hl from the Htatu Motor Approved by the Uovernor Juno 1).,, any bank or ,trunt company ,organised act and to make Much me.i!>i'

HintII, DM rtlntrlhut-td: a. I If th**JAiiui:, of .. fur any rwetrl-rtluna. .. pl.w.1. upon the i n within 2'' year from the duta of auohri \\-nhlnl C'ommlMriloner: Hn<] ufTlxt-il sa91nllntor 284t, under th* Law nf hIs $(ate and do i snut' Initlau lomb sell, u in urn

tturvlv-Hl th* No pence not a eltlgen of the United I properI 'in an area nr ttr**.. .lhl.,i diMMoiutlon' tu soIl convey aawlffn, re.I. *> vt-hlrl. In adtllllon) to l/to other log; business In thu. Htatn to loan drectly !-- otherwise, a* may Inaun 1,1 fi
.H( O. 0. Ant Not B.l.0.0rV.l Till.lh ".tales shall take wild anlmala or birds i I any municipality)by ..id m tin 111) I."... subordInate and aatlHfy any rIght llor>".. plat or tag w hh'l. its ownr-r or CHAPTER 20*14i or Indirectly an amount axcead- nienta.Heo .

Art Khali not apply the tIlatJbithiiu In this Htate, agaept under special IIn "*-0. 4A. "this hot Himl) not p"I.I.n till*. Interest, oldlin lien or demand In oprtmtor may be relulr to purrlm AN ACT to amend Hectlon (Dig, Be- Inot D percent nf the aggregate capital 3, This net shall no innl t IS

of the pruporty of a..rnrMm, cent Jaaund by the Commissioner: of r any area or ar'H of and munlnlpalltyi to or, upon any real property standIng ci f by I ibf atntuto of Floridu, a llo-tm-n-j plute I vleeil, Ueneral Btututaa of Klorlda, 192(1( ,, and unimpaired surplus of SHI| | bank or bnnklnur corporation jp .,
dlnd bfar If ,. .. .fdeot. ,M 0 b. lame and J.h Water 1'I.h. the fee i which now ha. .aonlnv or b.idlnr I r.. record In thIN Stale In the moos ofL I or tow toga known an a tnalnt,nincotur. I the aume beIng ei-ctloh *18*. Compiled I I tnittt company to any director of said, Chapter 19791. l.uwa J* KlunOa,

Ht-o. ft. Aet Do.n Not Dee..''.for wbloh I.I\\ b* atrlrtlon which lire In full rn.l. and L slant dteaolvert corporation'HMO. Uaneral ru.wa nf Klorlda, aa amcndnd I I bank or truet company or any onioerl of IHUA, and any acts ai nitntur11'of.
d."t. Provld-Mi O.hap.',.Appll Ar t Hen, t. lawa 'oS.o.OOr. of 'laws,, ff.frt. 3. A inalorlty of uuh Iruatf,i, nnfor oppratlnfr any motor ...h'.lowleleh C by Hectlun 1 of Chapter 1U017 or employee thereof Indivldualy* tn any or aupplempnlal th.lein *, brITUlatPB

Khnll not apply tb. ..., ..f 1 tlIt., whether .general or In conflict: l-it-n.: 1. '"I. ant .h.1 b* deeinnd rum, or a majority nf the survivors thereof' eh allr.it'*->.-!!,1 thp ftron welKhtiia nf Klorlda. Act* fo l.,18. relating levponditurea
Ilvlnv 1 trUHtih d* U.i. or eontfanknof' InHurnncii I* with th. provlalona of this Ant bn and I ti.ntlva an
wherein provision hilt|'! bnnrt- the ..... are hereby repealed. P.ovl.l.d. laws not i-f.rlflni.Uy In conflict with th*I and autlHfy ally right tit I., lnterHt: ;r."roQ. ; :r: Mhwll apply: to tile tUul Ihe candidacy of any person at primary -iloy.e may ba dlrootly or Indirectly In- Hoc. 4. All) ,u.'tl! or P1 l''A'II Irslatent

niAtlA for tllHtrlbutlon, of prop-nrty II?. ho..v... nothing this Act .h.1 bv provlMlona boron?. claim Ibm or Ieman In to or upon C'uinmlfv---r' of t"loril< | ,i I flection (erected,0,1 no such loan shall be> with thIs net timi-bi,

fi p nt from th. prnvliilnn* of tHi) Ant Laws construed ss to repeal "
H"o. 7. Uniformity nf fnt-trprtuitlon. of Florida. Acts of 1DJ7 relating r Immadlately upon pnamiH. a..1 ap' Htat. In the name of aurh, ,)ilaaulv id 1 Ieorpuirstinn. chatS rryiater, with him a arrlptloii l Ntiiln of tlorlduiI by Ill* board of director ot such bank: Mat t.' This act ahulv v Bfrt

T1ii Artiiall b. net oonatru.hdI| Iii to Calhoun County Fiori.. proval bl th* (lovernor or upon Itn be.comIng It 1 .h..11 I not b* ne.ceani.ryfor I of. .the motor v.htr>l. on whluh aal-d I H ctln I. Thul, HecMon IllS It vj.a.li .I or trust, company. tnedlately upon Its be" II.

1frpritd a. to .iTuntuat U'Wen.ro i-il! Ren. a. If any I sub-section, law without eurh apProval.| .ny atoohbolder to execute nuchdcd. .milntonancu tar ahall bo pluoed, in thi u Oenerai Statutoe of Klorlda. 1920, th n That It shall be. unlawful to loan Approved by the UovCHAVTI.ll '

purpose to Ink* uniform 'lh / I'' eentenae, clausa, or phrase of thla, Aotn by th. Governor June 12,* but exncuilnn of auch itwad' by Hum manner o toil In nrovldttd I II for Ih rmeiNtprlnir anme beIng acctlon 1111! I'ompllml Oeu. more than ten percent of the combined) 1941,
tunic tftaltt-H which not It. iKl,. la for any reason held to b. un.nn..tluUun.l. 1tl. majority of the trunteea or of tli'* nurvlvora motor vhlrl prior to the piir-, erul Law of Klorlda. I 10-7, na ninanded I capital and unimpaired surplus of any

1.0. H. Short Till. Thin //A )t such uneonatltutlonallty thereof shall h* adequatu, and I rhttN of lluvnarj plates ur toga by the I by Chapter 11)1117) I.awn of Florida, Act g bunk or trust company to any person, iOWAN

b. ol... m.m the unlfarm. | I., II IIln"t aftect the validity CMAPTRR) 10900t .11 d.ed* or ,'h", Inatrunianta *u *x** laws now in force la thiNtate.. ''h.,} of llull! relating to expondlturea allow. firm or corporation (not an officer dl* ACT relating ;c J( 'a tl al
v .ltIU..UN po'TioCe, of thla t.rlnllor. F ACT oonfttrrlnir the of cutd In the nont ar* hereby validate cl 1 Itt&tA Motor Velilclo (C'omminHlon
< Aot. : pow-r upon I able In furtherance ttK the onndldncv rector nr employee) until It shall have I deposit boxes rented ir .i il I
Hr o., fi. 1i.pi.l., AU law* C trtrt, of remaining n'IJ..r .,, Ir domain na the Florida I .t.t 1 1I In all raapctM. Th. truataoa a* axccut* receipt of auch application and upon th* of any paraon at a primary Hoctlon, bft been approved by the board of directors I or more nsmns,

law lnvonnlrit nt with Ih. DeC 'hono of -.. sentence, phrase,. 1 .", end prescribing the mot: I log any aurh Inatrnment may ap.m1 I pnytncnt to him toy applloiiot, of thu munin I end tha anm la hereby amended to read 1 or a duly authorlxvd committee there Joe It Kniu-tml I Irv, the I lrglnluuiiire If I
ml* Act rftby r)0a.r4.CBX'1H ) Men, 4. This Aot hall lak. effect: which| such, power ahall b* .''f..l thor"' afTlilavlt" at n tin if In aubatanc, of ISO 00 or, IrI n..",uuths nf the imrtlrular aa followal f from. Mimic nf Hiirlilin

l.a .c o..r : If, any'J'nf' th>* on July 1st. 641. Uf It KniM-t-Mt by the l-.fUI"rui* of that ,oh.rn are i1ii) giiHltlled I to act SI I calendar y.ar linn .IHp.",". IhH" Section 6918. Only certain eitpndt, Provided that where loan to customer Hurt Ion 1. Vk linn ant 'u.ty. J'

provjHlnn ot Ibis> ACt or tnWtppoatlon || *Approved. by the Governor .June II. 'HlMt nf .lorl.jli4t such truNttfH. and that they conmftut, upon olpt of nnl-1 roirlatration and. I ture, allowed In furtherance of candl- of the Institution (not officers, directors I box hull bncn rent*,,] or If .i, o-

therfiuP to any p. .on.. or clrrum* "."Ion I. That whenover the 'Florida I a ntajorlty of th* truat*.. then iltlniCi;. tin payment by the applicant to him dary vt primary election } penalty No or employees thereof) are amply and hereafter be r nteil or 'juii'il, tr Iha i

.'.n".!. I. hauL Invalid. ,ilftvaliaity l .' of Porratry Mhall find It n..y and\ nurh afttclnvtt' aa ta purfhanera nn.l, 1 of *2&.1111. dollnra t-ihaU ''l.tllvfr to IaIupilltnt peraun. In the furtherunnw of hla cnd.' entirely secured, the ten percent Hint- 0 is bog Instit is lion, trimt tilil J

*>iall, not aiTvct rovt.l. pplloatloni AN ACT Hectlon 1. Chapter pnrka, Htnt or ht--nr-way for and held, to b. conclusive' a* to thud bn to force ami eff-ni-t down to and lnii .
; .
of ht'rriI.which ba> 10.01 t W."O"fd public poaltlon, tn a primary etoctlon.1 pnroent of thn. combined capital and lives In thIs Ittalil. In tl.. I Aot. ''
Affn-ot tn valla* : .. Florida. u f Mitts park or 1'1' forest roadS or for fanta tlurreln. matad. \ anclea Jn Hi,' eluding Duoitmbftr 31t of that ealcnditrn shall nlniHelf, or bv or through anv unimpaired surplus or more anil It lx iiti dP -
riven 19SI parauns
or a .. and to thiii.i. the earn being'An Ant to amend itKerolnmir any power* enl dutl-ta trustee may b* 111/led In part or It )'.r. Huch rftKlfttrntlon shall be renew.dannuuly other parson or peraona or on behalf Officers, and directors shall be'per. provided In tha leaau nrfnul is'
Iplo.l.n Plection of the Hevlsed General I horlRnct, a nd iuraa'ribovl, by law tn hi whole at tIme. bv th anrvlvlnxft and much >
UI a any malntfnunc .
tafr- of other annul liable
provlNlonn Aol ***. deIefv4 any peraon. directly nr Indl ly jointly and mont that to saul "'
to severally for accves "rr
til. statutes providingfor ex.animation xerolaed and performby! the trufleM from th stockholders uf rC'rl' shall bo ,
I. sev.r.ble. "> or.ll > re-lMauetl annually la the mini I rectly. viva, pay or expend any money any lass, that may be occasioned, by box shall b* rrantM :r illhn lain
R"o. II. Tim of Tnklna; Mffgrt. Thli' board of pharmacy' :. l.Durd: of For-a-etpy,1 :the an 11 'Florid;. at the tlm of dlaanlutlun. tii.inn.--r and upon payniont' of the aamo or irlvn or pay anything of value, or au. violation of thla aectlon. any to either or the survivor, ut l lanfety
Art ahatl tak* arrant Ilnmedui.tJx npon applicants. and lionrd of Forestry l Ii' hereby empowwrod ""0. 4. Aril .,.1. conveyance aattafaat ftfff, HI* provided for In the original rig* thorixe any exppndltur or becom pe* The foregoing limitation ahall deposit box nhall lit nrwo1
lam being an Act I.,. 'An Act re.allng and Aiithnrtn to e trolnth* rlxht ni lI..n. subrdhnatlurls, relouae and aa iHtraiKin, euch nwal< to .k. ./.. not
It bttonmlna "Ion oiinfarily liable
I.o. and th '
; a law. t* /fu tn the the. except only for a apply to-banks and (rust companies who, such bank, troUt conmany. nf'i.1
by th. Orpeytpn. ot board-'of eminent domain ami to it roc fed' to van Hlwntiienta, he.retf.fnr* ."..'.,.d by a tnaJnrlty the first tiny of January of each> following purpoaee. towltl do not -' uit, p"i
: I : accept depoalts
it : nor to loan posIt tn either
Ih. company
p.rove' aharmacy of mate of Florida and dnmn saul In, the *
a9II property] aam OrsOn of such trueteeii an conatltuted I y"" For lila traveling; expcnaca whll cam. mad to boards, 1 I''
county off other alt
publIc whether the or
._. h. _csatnhnatlun or pharnaolal.. oar a* provided by law for tha rond'i' ,* at the tlm of aifMolut.on are hor joyi. ''I'rovldfjd further, that the m.lnto.. palffnlnK. fee for qualIfying atenovra* lion when said Inetrua- <

CHAPTER mlt-t-W. B I KniK-rtr.1 by 111. a.iNlytur of tli* tint Ion of: : : *rty by rounilva. VHltdatd and. mad "".."01' In 'Intv.n nimr tax provlituil. for In thin ac*
t i AN to .Am.nil i4iotlpst2O> of 11.1. of 1rd,, lIen, I. A.II l : .rI' part of, litwa provided huwnvor. thnt this auction nhntl 1 shall b* in lieu o( all oIlier tiixpft, and I to nddroaa, prepare- and nisi 1 expected to be rurolveil revenues from reasonably the of audi valid peraons and sultlilont no gran li i
ACT 1. Htate
MentIon 1
of a
Chap conflIct ar ... : not apply to died, ..""elan.1./ l l-at-H ot every kind. character nml, tb li.. *
.p..I..I. any
i fI'e ...w. of Florida,,'Aria, of tee io.01. I.*we of Florida. Act. f ciiiiipalifn literature leirraina. tele* of Florida and evidenced by a cartllhata, charge to the bunk 'ru,' '
fl. This .
tiha'l MTect Irnun.diately aiiburOlnvtlon. \ aurlptlon, Ella ti4'uunty I ,
fuctlnn. relnuae !
nun being .ntItIt-An Art Jims. ntirld, 'A n Act to amend Unction .t : or utnnnitnt : or I"n"I..Ir.I. phiitiHa, pnataKB, freight, expreaa, em of estimation executed by the Htate Huperltondent safety deposit COithiaflY'I Ill
I upon a law. nerolofbr. th ant valu r.
becoming e.tuu'utol. valldlly except > in taxea I levl'nI
relatingIn upitn tlnncry. Hat of voter, office li
nnn fam* Writ runt newa- of .il 1'
J'ubllo Provlili
Veil I of the HevleaiJ Ueneral ,f Instruction cess Ihoruto.
Htatutv us I
:: ( pprovnd. b the ex CM pi thoRueullnn ,
frssli water l."mtno fur he.rIfty tul- for tmain(nation ) lisper ndvt-rtlulno, prIdIng and the rent- provided for In Cliuiitnr I577K, Acts of shall not apply to tn& "-.'
""I..o, V.p.r\n.nl\ or Flu."I.nf p..v"lo. and 1 194t. wltliln alx montha I uf t lie
f 00",, .. 'W.t., Ih.i of pharmacy the .. ql.I""alon which thin act b.uMmia, ,a law ilcftnn too HH now or ar rlu'oytIcit Volura, radio tlm* ami the rentIng and,I lIen, 3. All lowe and port* ot laws In beinglltlialeil. at tIlt 'I l'
of Ht.t. Commlaalo.ni'r to a.pl".nl.. b. "o. "n. h. C'TIAP'fltlt2ODohi! HHC fi. If I any Nwtlmi, "'"'UH". nentnnnaM for by tnw. buying1, or publlo uildrfaa. equipment and I conflict, with the provlalona of I tlilK,
by to follow of thIs sppro\Hl
l i ilennahla- dntlea and ant that a* : AN ACT to atui-n.l'Hrt'tlim 3 of Chap or nttitr portion of thin act ahall bo *lttclared 'All t*** .".1 III".. tnipoan.1' by thIn the automotive equipment, to are hereby act acre or Ii'
powers) nere-aary
letIV. P-xamlnatlun: of board of phar. repealed. Hoc 3. All laws ami j u *
tr I.awn of Florida. AdS tif iVtT.entltl InvaiUI or u tmmuncl(Hui I lonnl.I It.b..11 art and ooll.icltKl by th. Htate Motor v.. '
of hi. deputies* to nx hi* ttiMiipen.a. Irnnaport and opttrute It. No candidate. Bee. .1.1 This act shall iii! Ii "
f iNoy t lt-.Hlinu.itIon of : our becom. effective conflict with Ilin pro
d 'An sot nelitI lily to I thi tslt wu- altcct. lih'le (oinmlniilnnt'p I
.ppl".nu Invalidate from .
in nuvlae or any th* nal nfi.iitlnttnHnn ahall
and that of hit .deputl.aMc4.it pay money or give anything of upon Its Snri-l, '-1**
lon 'pro- tll.I.: provlm pharnmoy: ter fl.nh1r.ir In the Htm* of in f tb,. reiMiltiiitir' p'irtu h".ur., tiiain ahull t pnl.i| by him passage and approval by tun,I be, and II,. sama art
I for th* jproteoton Ih. Pt.,.. of Plorlilahull.. at <,jridnl,. wnt. and other, .. tlo.I.I. of \ J" :: value for the prlvlli-ic| of npeaklnif atL. Oowrtior. or upon Jt* passage WIthout. Hen, 8. This lift .hul., > 1 *
lion of Kama non g-ama fro.hwater ra wa Mu u, 1> A II .1... soil purtM itf lawa to I thi* trHmir *iof" I iii. S 1., of l l"i.iriI.t L. a political .meetlnv, In Ihe furtherance of such approval ai| "
t'i. tills. lo bi. lImed by them .* a t turn ot Ih.'al.. of "'Iurlo. nml proviut1,1h1 In cxitilllct herewIth lie. nod the mun pare who summIt credit Hit total amount, tln.r.of hie tuioul lately upon IIMJI HUS
ahall ln"
flali candidacy
fur >
a,4 bnarlnif .1. bypreynrlbjor nor anyone speak Approved
I *r.nt twin. la .1.1 year and at sun It |license tax voaiinle'. to the fund for "hlllr.r I by, the Governor June 13, by the Uovernur, or upiit
time. b..I. hereby 'repetilMd.r UN* Intr for a candidate 1941
ineanay or Klv*
tlm. and pay mutiny '
WI.1 pluo In uoh manner ..* law without his sppiovj
a* launche ,
extent to b ." tir opt.ru ml/or Cptyiny .. Thla act ahull take effect tlpnnb..mnlnrr alutunr: provlde.l. however, thnt, If I In anvthlno nf value! fur such prlvtlc.. "
they nifty t-nnlni %, xiunln u r In the Approved by the U'l' "
k.,1 poaaBeil and : II- : : tidal: and anti wttler nr a Inw. any year pruouoda *xc ml tIn until The expendlturea of <
Much tubA and regulation,* a* tbrinr.1 f.thwr IIorh : any money ot CHAPTRR J09H1e 194L.
.fr.r.f umler t he control tlm .
of Juno Of .& ) I
hunter irulrt.s. and A pprovotl by the Qovei" nor 13| ffXODNH over such 0OIU gIving paying.I or promlalna to AM ACT
may pnicrlb who, I'r ; to cancel all
every delinquent
person 'DI. of Conaervntlon of tltn Htnt* for Hiii'h altnll b reditfid bv thi tIll
1941. ynnr *
Unharmeni to >requIre en* l*>iilr. to the bunlna-i' or puy any money or anylhlnir of value certificates and tax liens CIIAPTKK 2081.
or "al conduct of Florltln.. and provldlntr an __ tritnaurvr to the jjl'e Road th* vnforoe-
KM.. In the pere.JIng; hiint. lln.f) at retail. .1.11..1 ix-pottnient directly ,01* Indtrertly by nny candidate mart: or assignment of uivilit<' "
I oom.o.ndlnr orU.npfniiln.T tmt on allot,. or non-rrNldentn t > ClfAPTRR 3(190( Fund. which bay, been AN ACT p.rtnlttinK

deal li'y and In or ltflhbO.h'O"WW. ;: ifl" or l UN*, -noiupoundlnir ort.Mpnlnv vh and .. n. or minrtmldentit .. of UtHO i indict h..wll.10)/ *ultdHco. of l.'U. as amended: served, to realltn gtlch HKIvldlnv
i hltle of fur bearing anlmalaJtn' pro phyalolanH' .I"nnln. 19.R5. r. of Florida. Act' p< the manner. and for the purpoeea lbv Chapter 17.400 Urn ,. I'
prorlPtlon a* Lawa notice re
uu'uimltioa for of 1H.16 for
8. Thl com.
: entItled "An act relatIng to public tdncation art shall take effitct SunflueIinlely .ndrst
P.o"I.lnt thorlaed .
tuprohibit th. by the provIsIons
cur a alcana* for cam; who of shIp Sec monly known
a pt.Hrim.oUt, and hall Dave pre'- violation lot to a nl-l, I SB the Kutch Art, all a fee for the filing >h>
.. -bl .d.I"1 | providing for tli. icmlNHtlnn,, upon lIe pUaWtan' and approval I ton la on
lineplacing I ? or rllarharg. In the freah the and hereby expressly prohIbIted I property
r-miulrd whereon
vtouHly paid who
Httctlon I A \ the taxes thureof.llo
I required effect .
: 0..1.1" ..1 *atabll ,'* oporatlon, nialnlunnnc*i. by the tVovmnar, or upon, Its bit-coin, lug i nAny Sfblat.
water /of tb. Btat of gubalano.a orfnroe may hi-i v* prvwrtnttxt to *.r. bound .%. boat shall b* conrtldori-id a* and ttt t he. Htat ayalem ofpubllo law without, aurti nlp.ov.l.1P perann who violate any of the pro have been paid by eald (act. a* amended It Kmtt-tml; liy the, lrgIQIIillW
o".r.U,1 aupport Vision
Injurious to to pruvl-to- forth yrnof that h at this auction ahall upon con* hav been
.11' ba rlorl.li.
I..t and not paid. of :
t..ol.rl 'I.lpm.n& .h.1 rdiit'Mtlnii and preacrtblnw by hue Uuvernor June 1 a.: vlitlon
uroaaftutlon of vlahtitliiir. I th* y".r. of age a grail. puy ment of nnn.neeideirt llutiiiaatun polla. $IIP.OV.ot: be punluhed by a floe of not Whereas pursuant ta the provisions nf Meotlon 1. Any Individualtlon Ii lip
of this Act and '* "i p-naity at of dlt 1 allIed for vlnlHtltiir any pravlalonn of expendingll.otio, or b* Imprlaoned not Chapter 117 -
p.o"I.I.n. au. aocr. .< school or Coil..* th>riln provltlonl. U..53. Lawa of Florida, JK33 that has been cle.lirii
of .vldene tn *uall>rn.noutUinat of pharntaay .'h .chuo) or ooll.i. ofphnriiirtoy lie .; I-UlHtiir of th pMtiaI act and' any rule and reirulutluna made excecdlnir one year, or may be punlahed I commonly known aa tha Futch agent upon 'ti Ptt
th oallaat dm : : :: puraunnt to th* nct'i, and lepenlinir all CHAl'TKlt 209.11 by both such 11cC Act., poratlon as '
to provlil* far of holding thiAos.rican off .t1I'.I": | and Imprlaonment:, the enforcement sal, r"ilKt t """.H
: m".ube.hlp AN ACT to or of tax certlfl- ba served, may
mwa law iinif-n.l Hrton| I of may
the provnloin and paris of in oonltltit her 'ap.I. anil ahull from and .
fund to out after his
convlc ,
carry < f and
o ,. liens '
A"oul.tl"n .t Col. Hoctloji ]. Hertton I nf Otiapd ter III II. Lawn of pate for delinquent taco I by filing with the SUCHslirn.il
line and for the 'iot rev.nuea l with. Klorlda. Act 0 f Hull bo ill-qualified) and Inelltclbl *
Aet hartnavy ." accepted by board to bold I helit by the
010,0.1.101' f-awe of Florida, Ants n r Htate of Florida that ht J
,. < |. 191. K* l, Enaciwl by th. cUlnlnra of the. 1U3B. entitled 'An art to limit to aevenyftitra the oftlue or posItIon to h atcalnst: notice ,
of whlrh "
pharmacy, and who hall suet h aa- real h
mt eetate for ic
''t .c.uln. 'ltnw 1 ;.T. .1 the aim 1 I. hereby auu.nd., of rUtrlilin.Mectlim the hIllSide giVen by flllmc for the year 1531 and all to continue to'' eel as an ill",
United 8tat blat.
tha piece, or other Htate
by additional any
rMulrarnnt a* to moral I or county: prevloua <
*d to read ne follow: years was deferred tog.rh.rw.ilBlgned
record until
water land tta4water. t, Tlmt, 8ectlnn 6J4 of 'h... any morlffaKe' or other t.'urlty p nltlre or pnaltlon, and Itla shall July corporation '"
of 1.0.1, or : nhaonl.r. ay. and educatIon a. th* 'lIar. I. Tax Itquired *. name not I. isie. with the rsldenf 18'
( of Congress A."IIlon.1 1.1..n.* (Icr 1U16SS.: Irfnw of Klorl.U. Act uf'I ln.trumpnt creating a Hen on or conVHyinw he allowed) further provlalon that, by aalil
otr nr printed An the the
rr"o may ; to :tint* pr*o : on 1 ,.<- ,' >oi..ra .. or Interest primary: aald- deferment was on July 1, hEll' of aucl. notice hai ii'(
: reservIng In copy
II l.Jsj an4 repealing .-. and If a 'UI'nr nald borad I or .Uiunuhif-a In XVholo In 1040. entitled 'AN AOT roluttntr to pul nn person eltictlon ballot or upon, th* official bid extended for a nm' fa
or period of
.. statute b:1 r'o llo ..II..."Ion. providing* for the organ. al 1 prui.frty, .arrlnulturalr. hortloultural.I lot to be fifteen years aa I the principal bualneas uporatlon.
luting taws and and b* .., person I I. I'artw by A Nonrei-ilil.iita An ueed In th* iceneral Htat and I to all land exp
upon which the
' tla .Io .rablUhment main. or fruit rrop, ptanttcl. growing or to b.< taxes asseised / -' Upon the
taut Inn. ,
d-illnlnv c. ". need therein t' < aar amended lent and -oandiiot tdlilonUl : ouotratlon. county elfclton. ami nootlloer.. aommlttee, for tile '
in .l.00 tthall be
of "
'i liy Chapter 1TOIS, twa ol rinrlile. bu. of aoin"al".1 or dUpin..hl lair, l rqqulrcl tenaiic. and wiipport of tn* klein a yet em u planteil (frown or ralaml: to provl.tt for l nr board uuthorl.nl by law to It'mlnuni.atona and 1(136, years 11133. 11113. 1034, HIS, days after the filing: Iarllilavlt
of all -
: or were paid Hth >
mendi poundln. ol.n. no".II., Aiiurwi' i .n.1| UK application to, nur.t Inatrument hero- In full pi'tor to said wklli the
Act of 1,tam| and *e bylii.pt.r 1...., 'Ioln. ChemIcal.I for of the Plate of on of ptiblln Onl' preecrlblnir pn,1 or oertlflcate of elctlon. July t. 1937, and such Inill
<' lltofl. Aot. ot 1 *J ami. toprovide mdltral u. ( to num"o.n.1 aud dlo or. .1 | Itliiuliinii altlea for vlolalltur any provlalnn uf th I tofor1* filed or r-rcraiHl-nd : to provlito for nr cerlltli'at.e nf nomination ihall laauer Whereas capacity of ,,
far uniform Htat* llt).n.. feeafor I''.in.iw bhyiiiolai. priiorlptliii ,1. ho.o. I.o".he. eluMagal act. and tvnv rul. :* anil retculntlon mada lhi" reiiewul' of audi notlct' provide r. any suds certificate or cummlaelnn to of pnrauant to the provlalntr I poratlon us auch agint ".
fl ( : or : : to 1 takingfreeh. water ".h. ."" mittur.bv&rnC hall .nt anlmalei' eliminating any a rt-nlntsr-td pharmaolat of thl. fettat In by such alien :non-raeldent In a
Invstlil provisions h..Orl ..11"1* all a book to b* kept for that purpo.; it.ni to .lit. boat laS r4ulrv t In 8e'. 134. Kutenalon of ertliluatea. AllpertlllcHtea. )I :iT,<--r.'IVt| : by provldinir that anlil act eition or olticIn which h* aiplred, nla, and lien for delinquent of tax certificate*I of Plate a filing fee shall il J* F',
ArtS In and ". prnviiling. howvr. that It 1..n. vxoept emernenoy cartlll appl> to any ilmlrtilaut.i or conviction shall be tax* held by of State forthwith ,
nhall b rinse for hla the
..nll..t 1..11 op' tl.le ..t. .... re- blat of Florida to 'ill
I i when (tonal with' the Htat* board of phnr. However thnt frnin, and nt-> cnt* Issued under Ihu prnvUlon ofth otli r .rlly Iniitrumt-nt rVrntlnir a Iln nievul ur for hla Impeachment. for the against real'estate I ten notice by niall. ?.,.
1933 u
t. iJeglBlaturei ut the Pr.vhl.cl. I achool civile. ahal I b. nl.od llblA tul p on or convey In* a,v reservIng ait lntt-r-Ht' year and all previous years I which has designated ,
I It 1-i.wti-it. Ih* nicer ta register without ...mln."o. Or the paaaatt uf "". act, email!>t HHO. All laws and part of law,* was deferred until suirli notl >""<
sucCessive period of ,. undef, In or In rwapnvt ; who une conflict herewith
Htat of : *l "I i any) pbarmaclHt I I. r bont known a* boat HertTon I. That Diu-t.nn (* of Chap. ...,,". oilIer $talO. who*. ..1..1 o I : rail*. which. hntilei.t to and any revulatlon of Ih. Htat board. preacrlbtnir' I nr Mold or I.j.u1 to, any rallroud. nor Me,'. 8. If any sectIon nf till* act or ferment was provision that the suld 110. thereof, which noticen.l 111 ,
,er iae4. T-aws ef .Ai-U of 1 requIrement. of .animation.n.1..o|| b'* .:. from a nhiden tlnhlnc boat auch acldlll..n..1! trainIng; or eBnertenuw t puratlon wh,,rw such mortgage) haa bury any part ot any aectlun shall b* declar* for a on July J.1 1939: extended la such corporation lIt J

"j: IV.9 lbs ..m.. being, "lor..I'' an Aet. fully equal to th. tantlarilii: : of riulr: I..n. >* bn oonaldered .* a part of thoop.r.U"o or both aa ma y b* detmHl tuilrsalri J or shall b* Vordfit lu thn county I In ed Invalid or unconetltutlonal, purl, deo* upon which period the of fifteen yeara to all land of business as shown b)-
fresh .. .h.1 saul i :: tIle [(tate of Klur.iln In which th*> IliadRviI Isles aem-seed for the til* otJIce of the SecretnrSee.
: ,.I.In. tsine. non-gam ,' of dtioHtlnn' In. 'he 8,.,. of of etld, inpnlimluii for gtnalon I provided however, laratlon of Invalidity ehall not affect' year 111.14. l.JS. t>
I l.h and for bearing '.Itihs! to FlorlilHi, provided such othe 8tat shah I.equipment and ." not b* mib.lf ton that wIser any peraon holding; a valid I property U nltui-td or, lit the cam* the validity ot the remaining portion) were paid 19.K, 1 $.17 and 1931 t. Within thirty 9 i
prior of
; .,,. and register. pharmaoUt ( Florida' oi tb.. tax bol by .1"..*. of th* Florida teacher' certlnYat la called Into of such orhMr Inntrun-ont. Where eui'h horeof.e Whoreaa to July 1939, and lisle Ilia Becr-tary 'il ? ?
P\ Water Kleh m'.ntdoth.O".o.. of 1 the *ani* oon.Ulun.and the atat board 8tat. of p".bl.' a* hereIn milt fury servIce. his certltlcat shall b* other hnslruureuit ha* been or shall hi Hrc. 4. Thla act shall lake effect Im- of the eald subsequent to the enactment i tic* to such corporation ? ,

. Game Comnilesloner tov' aalln. hi.: of h.m.. .el, Invtatio wh.r Couch above by thla a--otli.-n.'p.ovhl81 exlendtfd. for a porlovl uf timeequal i I recorded la tIm oftlt. of the aeorutary of> mediately upon becoming a law. of the Ptate' Futch Act, th* legIslature I ha* realgned. such cop'ulosiCi' .,
4 : : and that 'O< hi.I *i cl between to the tlm h In Htatf* nf the ltatni nf KJorMa. of Florida' did enact Chat, accordaoue with law ,
I and powers reolpriielty ** Iet. Florida him I All .ewe or parta nf law I In apenda military erv Approved by th* Uovernor June IS>, tar
l lo llx' his eumpnsatloii ami and the other Atate bavlusy equal' i ounrtlct. with this nek to*, and the aam, lt<*. prtrVldinx. .li'h prann make proper ll. It Kmtrtrd bv tl.* 1-rKlMlutur of th* 1I4l Murphy 1J.J9H. Laws ot 1937. known a* the, agent upon whom proC'WiPup.

i''I rhI: t.\\* deputlea; to prortda-rfur 111* "Ip..t shall. In each Ca... .,"'* ar hereby peMed.| application and pr* nia aubvtant latin* Pilate Of H.M-t.ll.,1' ben.lite to Act which said law extended .. U. This act shall
I. .. ." anil oonaervallon "v of- fame, th from an examinatIon of euohapplicant Oeo.. 1. Thla art shalt|| become .v.il"'nca to this Htat auperlntendent r- .ctlon 1. (list Suction 1 of Chapter CHAPTER 109.11 of delinquent taxpayers far la mxdlately upon becoming: -
I flat, aad .r.ctlv. 17118. Laws of FlorUla. Act of 19.15 i, AN excess and much mor. favorable Approved by ht. OovoCHAlrTERI'1
noname bird freeh water' -roiindary and prof fur bearing animals br prvaerlBliig ta.i dutmtton.' haractr and moral, t. ( ,. or Ita becoming law wlth-; month after uch, military aervlu ha I b* and thv emu la hereby ainnd to mvlaed Oeneral Stables of Florida i, enabling provisions of th. Futch Act 1941.

time when anil m.. by *"'est.nlto ltrinln, from fact anil ,1.oIn.l.no.* out such approval', been completed., read an folowe, ; 1929. a* amended, by flection 1, Chapter r toaettf property owners ID many eaaea 1

which they may be taken, | *. .... known to (h. bo.d. or no( Approved b lbs Governor Jun 11.t Men, ], All haW and parta of !Uw In, Hn0. I. That the notice Ir I vet. to third'I Bias. Iaw of Florida, Act. of 3931 1, taxea for* large, amount of delinquent > r si

and dealt In ; to llcena. hunt.rMiilUliIiis.trapper. phe.rmaol.ite .". Htate* may b>* 1*4I.I ) court lot herewith I are hereby repealed i. pvraoaa by the lll.nc for record of any being CecIl,.' 174 of tn* Compiled (len of the a nominal amount the effect: AN ACT amending ,
aad nahermen: to ,. per registered In Florida without *"..In. HfC. 9. Thin act dish take Affect Im- niortHHtriiv or other security lnetrunt t end I.awa ot Florida, relatIng to th.* Murphy Act In many erect belna vlae teneral Btatutis ,

_.". who en.... business.of oper lIon and. If, from Ib. and : CIIAPTKU J0 04 'n..I.I, upon It. paaa; and approval creating a lien ran. or coovi-ytiiic or re-* -curlty to b* given by banks for the, Jo had discriminate In favor of those* who, known as Section at7.:* ', ,

I atlna huntlnar and n.hln. **>
hire or whO deal In or > ? fPs i waterearlnic appear a majority In* ..b.r. vl*.d Ueavral pIstol,* P'hiirlIa, ltt.0.i law without such approval. crty, or rlcultiraU horticultural iii fi that th* State Treasurer ehall be authorled Whereas of th* futon Act and for proceeding In Ki'Pl r:

fish or hld-a of fur *. 01..0'; < I''tl"I..r that aol applloa&t from any th* aam beIng $. .not 4461. Compiled Approved by the Oovwrnor June 13 i fruit crops plitnt., grown ar raised'. to- accept safekeepIng receipt a (Utlng It Spears equitable, just and ant cannot be pereiinsl l.rii 5j,5Sf f fHa

iirocur* it HcenBe for acme; >"rllblf.h s.t. .. sm'h S.-. 10. Oen"ral Law of Florida' 1D.IT. twIst- t4l. ahull ftpire at tike ,od of seven ynr* nf certain bank In lien of the eeuurl- to that those who .acted pursuant It t.niM-ted; kv the

the uee. placing or dl.charge .o".f..wjtb Florida orno that euch Intr to exemption frinn, Jury duV. bv from the date of the ftlln* thereof) for It.,. h..i ,.i, Ju.i. ,, ,.u. .,.,. and paid the taxes reoulre to h* Htate of t'lerIueu l I4

watera of th* Ktate of sut"lanreforoes not a pereoo qualified to b* Inultidlnir therein editorial worker. ofttaiky OIAPTKHAN 2011:1 reonr'I' I'rovtdn!. however, that thla State Treaaurert to provide tha require pain oy inc said Futch Art eboald bo Hxctlnn 1. That a.icll-n, 11

or Injurious to nahj t.rovsdefor : ..1.1... a. a pharmacist In'Florida | .ni| weekly Atrr authorlalnir. the aal of auta- act ahall. not apply tn any morigac or meets and form of th* aufokeeplnv re* relieved of the payment of saId dlln General Btatutea ot -''

I th. prosecutIon of tfOfttWliICtlfl5I then th. board shall have Ih. power, It It KmwItHl hv rbI'i.: ( th. mobile license ..";. with specIally **. other aecurlty Instrument. creating( lien, rn-lpta; and ta repeal all laws la con- quent Ai It Mxeer therefor a* aectlon i337. Con-p I lien n.ed .
Ih. pr"I.lon. or this Act .n4 pSflaIty upon determination by a majority NlMt of tlurltlut .o lee ted number to ....0. maklna ap- on. or onv.yiiri, or ru.srvinw an Inter. filet herewith H-l.it Enacted bv the Lcglaluluro, of bIte utee of Florida. -937 I Ia

I sod .videno. In .uobOWiU. or It* r..b.r. to refua to permit the Hfjutlon 1. Meet ton 1TT6 O len. I ,at Ian thor.fnr and paying fee of eat tn, or In ritavect of property ownetl lu It Knuctml br th. I.rvUUtnr of th* of HoHdm v a. follow5
10' th.ootLe0tVn or .'. auoh applicant "el.1 rlt all by. or sold or l lesmd to. or street to be Reotlon 1. That all Atata and (34i14) Perch"
lion.. t provld. eral| Blattittf. of Florida. same b- in aditlt.on to other coat of Klute of Florldrtl tax county 10
1 to OSCrY OUt tIiC pro'vTPk'Rii ot phurmaoiat In FlurldaiBxaopttng Inv Compiled O ti". tile laauanc of tha license plat. antI paul or l.aawd to* any railroad corpora- Hec I. That Section 144 of the Revlaed cartlflcat. and llena for delinquent writ a'ml Vummotl* shall

) m.da and for the dl.poijtlQtl' ot that pereona of .000 mor. at : : ..I. mt. b* and tIle mr'1 prohlblt.nir th. application for *r volpt tlnn where atioh niartaan haa .beenk or fl-n-ral Rtatutea of the HI ate ot Florida, real taxes.held by the Htete of Florida on th* defendant at the
lereundvri I "onI'.Onltil al l character who having : : : ahikll be rwcordei In the ouunty In the .tat*, which said tax which, writs
ravenuee a"o.ulnt regta- hereby *,l to rend : of a lIcense plat with pclally selected' 19.0. a* amended, by itactloti( I of chap and llena certificate manner In
to $ by Ih tered a* pharmaclete by examinationIn ) Hiate or FlurUU in which th* mortxautnl were Outstanding at tha are re'' ul
Btntlng; "qul.llon I 1. *> following .* number *xct>pt upon payment nf $ .001 tor i.9.. Laws of Florida, 1(21, being of the time respondendum
Hlat.a of .. ., ..tt.* landCongreas othr mate* prior to th* data on I *hat b. vxtfinpt trout Jury t her**for! ppri Ike fund raiaed property I Ie elttiateil or. In the ca.e of Ncetlon J74. Compiled ral Laws ot enactment of. and tha enforce If the oflloer ti> what
and water, ooo.d.no. ) of which th. gradual In pb..m.cy ,.. n: hereby of the Htat'.tIV''I Fund to b* aunt other )Inetrument. where euch other Florida be, and the -sauna I. hereby been fluent and aselg-nment of whlrh hays respondendum ha* b'"

: of February *'ltlnU re. qutrement b."... In fore .h. 8'.'. Ut.y Hy H of Age or Uudlly In uetl xclualvlv In a Urn later Ing alt* t. Inmrument, has been or shall b* recorded amended tu read aa followed Laws deferred pursuant to. Chapter 16.23. .-, ult, In which a writ
pealing certain exletlnglaw* 44 ..latut .h.1 be ,required to meet only the car 1 II All I .person. luau dependent ehlUrnt: and pr.Hor1bln.f, arenalty In the otllc of the Secretary ot atat* '174. ((144)), Th* securIty to be given let of 1933. as amended by Chap bean Issued shall relutn

-.: and leaning certain *vm. tieedtherein. qulr.m.nl. which .,1.18 In this mate lIve years of .,8.. n.rr: n..I:ub* for the violation' of thla: act oC the State ot Florid..' by such banka aa may b* deBlgnated known 11,400, Laws of 1931. commonly ant dual not reald In

.' ar amend.it by Chapter lime when beconi regl'*. Jeot any buddy infirmity amvuntlnv to KlitMteJ hv the 1."I--.tn. of the *>o. t. TItle act shall tak. effect upon tinder the preceding aectlon shall con- aa the Futch Act are hereby not b* found the C'
laws of J o ISStB-O".7.1' tered In uch other Htate Mtut of tlorlditlHeutlon Its becomlnc a Iw. aid ot bonds of the UnIted Slate, and cancelled and tb* lien thereof dIscharged notice of Inetl.utlnn ->f 51' p.

\ 1r the same ;. :.b-.rd *; $* ;?-., 'Provided also, thai th. "no, .In which dl.lblly.. a..o. of PosItIon or Occupation. t.1".. application df any per Approved by the Governor June IS. the bonds of the several Staea county real ProvidIng taxes assessed agaInst aald tier provided for glv! '

. \ follows: -"vf jeHeo. arch person I Ii reglatered ahall. under and counnellora at "'. firm or octrporatton, accompanied 19U and municipal bonds and county er by estate required la be heretofore paid by attachment. The p
P 20. Llcenae For rishlaK.f Hunting like oontlltluna. grant reciprocal I I real*. .Iww. *ditorlal and nw ttepartnivntwurkern by H.An. In WiMttton tck all othor coat county school tlm warrant Issued by said act, aa amended, have baen duly caadlnga and entry

and Trapping. ''he 1".,"<'"*e tratlon .. pherntavlat to phaniiactlata ot dally I and weekly newaps. and vnarita for the I I laauance, of an antomoblle -* CHAPTER J951T any one of the CountIes or cltle ot th* paId.Pea 8 JuUBm.nt. shall be se vttachment.
b., charged non-resident ntat* duly reglatared : \ a* per*. oiflc r. of th* ilty. ottluri rfoltrHa |lIcense pint. tim" tax collector AN ACT ta erarnd becllon f ot Chapter Htat* ot Florida of the Value thereof State the Comptroller of the It the P
toat h
of Florida freab. :1. with maclat lo ". In 'tat Ph."i 1411. Iaw ot Vlnrlda, Act ot l*3l. of Fiorlda an.i the when
: | proptora and teacher of in. of anv county ami th* motor vehIcle ommlaah.nor ae may b* agreed' to by the Governor, cIrcuIt cl.'rka of the raae. thai I*,
I a alngle pole and Una, .a .,
plugbob, eplnner. spoon, dyt'iI 0' gaily quullllad i practice medluln In *' O*. practIcing lclun and hereby ...1001'.... t" I.*.. an automobll ntoinber of Ihe Mlate Board ot Medical That In lieu nf the autua ilepoalt- all Cancel sod satisfy DK record found, ae mentioned
other artificial' bait or lur* $"th. the State of Florida for three : : Kxamtner of th. State at Florid by such ontatandina tax 5 '
yar urirei n*. iiharntaclata. r* tit* llcn* plat with any particular. num Ing of sad aecurttlea. th* State Treaa- II.ni certificate anil give notice within
water ot the St Johna River, Ildln., prior .to Jun I. 1 I. ahall b* en. irowpel. onv miller to "r.I irUt her *fle"* Doctor'a Lake north to lb..jlortda tilled lo render aa pharmacist with on. r.rr..n I. ach | t..y..11. curb oumliber la a vo liable fur auclk It Em.rte.1 hf th* IXlBlalara *f th* leene.1 by any Federal reaerv. bank, or Deo. hereof. shall be- dlamle-nct up I
1..n'.1 I.
East Cot Railway bridge 1*" out and Mar e>f HorUUlHwctlon That all laws1
1"1 na'\.lon. tl all member kank thereof and part of the
tiounty, or tn the waters of IB.chob that .t..o .up.lll.n.nl put lit's t. That Beetlon of or any bank laws in eonflict defendant'p
no new Chapter herewith
) 'urb.r. pro nillntti' end UIT> a. Nn pnraon may apply for sin Incorporated under lb. laws of the beand. tb. .
** or In th. waters or L lotoit.pa VIsion In thla act chill b* deem canal or u'illruait. hi opioratUiv, ten 1 ,*9. *a autamobll llcaaa* plat with III. Law at Florida Acts of l 921. bn United Ptate* of America: therefor. same are, hereby repealed. Insofar only as they ,
pro. Pea.
la' that part of Ci 1.bke *d or held to any praon who tire inenlbera. if any hwud bra tompuny.nix ... any .1'.01..11 lctmt. number except ant the same la hereby auind4d to- read, vidal th* member bank or bank In.eorporstei 4. That if any clause, aenlenc. act are In that CeCIl ,ti,

laD" Crk In Putnam .Oty, or ahall have b''n.apprenticed I for a periodro .'"v. mtmbor of any hen. ronipany upon payment ot th. aunt of $1 a. aa follow under ta* law of the United of paragraph thla section provtaiona or part See t. ThIs suit she!
j' water .f th. It.t. t. Iarge on* year or snore under thaprov!*. twenty actIve tuenbers of any bookpnd herein rovMJ. p00. a. Board ; ICew Conetltnted; The Statea ot America shall have been pre act shall b* declared nneooetltntlunal. mediately upon Its be'Approved

aheJI t>* 11.100. lona of the law a* the ame xlated on ladder company all members of th* Seo |. All fund collected slid raised Oovernor shall within thirty day after v-louwly approved and accepted for such n. other part er provision of bjr the u<
I The llcen.e tee to b. char..iI the 4th day or June, thl* tat* militia. wblo lu actlva wrvlr th. paaair *f thIs act appolat tn phy purpoaea by th Governor. act shall b. thereby Invalidated.
th hit.
::2Ih.14nd. under pursuant to provtatona of ttxla aOl Comptroller, Se.t.
.ldnt ol the II.t. of )iord.ktweefl Act shall h* deemed b* call by the ahertiT of th* vouQty ar. heieUy appropriated to and shall alclan WhO hall possess th* quftltflea and Trea.ur.r. Ta* safekeeping receipt t. That this act shall lake effect

frIes th* aga: of : :M. fl year 4 tab.I proapeatlv In operation and not relroaulive or by th* Uovernor The nittcvr of *ac|% ..". a .... er th. Btat Welfarep'sut.l. lions specified tn section X of thl* sot to shall eubetantially comply vita th* fal upon Approved lIe becoming a law. CUAPRR untN

t.f a aingl WIC andII. In operation and nr*. ho** ted hook cad Udder com .. to b* used Boluivly In ... oaetltut th* member. oT lIsle board. lowing form, and provlalon to-wlt: by the Uovernor June If, AC'L"to amsoul the
I .. rod ..1. plug, bob -lifl.r. Provided al.o, that aay peraon not aph.r.m"l.t pan, ...11. OD the ilrt -lay In January mtnint'.rtna ad to dependent hlMrn Saul member tia.ll be eo eiaaalflait.br tar 14523. Laws of Fl .. "
Or, troll or other artldi' may open and conduct a Ills with tile, clerk of tIle th. Oovraer tha** abe term of odlc. of (Name of flanks V"A'5dreaa "
: clrouit racing.
i la court such appropriation to b* tn additionto > h'elatlms' 10

or lut*. th. waters of the r J.t. store K h* shall keep of th. twa shall explra lo .e., three la two CHAPTER 35040 the L&' '
River laoludlag Doot" Lekta d.UI oon..a"t, county Hat of th* niemb.r.' all other appropriation for auoh pur eArEEzFx7fo IIE EIPTNON7fEOOTUDt AN 11. 15 n50t5'd by'
two ACT to
employ a. rgttrrt in threw end litre In fear lner.a.e
: of their rpctlv* .0..1'...*. wbtch pn**. yeara to th. publl the heate .f 2'iorilli 1 1s.ouow
th. florlda ICaat Coast.tIwsy and ahall not himself ..hl, from the dat. of appolatm.at. Aaattally facllltlea, of hb0ft -
I compoundor aid compamt, have bn rpctlvly ... Md 4. Any 'I.raoa Tlotatlnv the pr** bank trust corn 1. That $ '
brld. In Ouval CouCh, In Is w_ panics
,0. thareafter and
I.,. .f Labs Okeohob** ..r In fl. dtapoe. drug mdlcln or cham.leal lctd,13 b* xtnpt for (he .ula* vUion of Isle act shall b* d.ine'l two member ,the Ooveraor alkali appoint Th. uBdrl.rae . (Dame of In thIs atat national banks doing bueln.. 14822. LaWs of rlorida.
I fur ..dlol..I use, except In the ta sornmlaalun.re .hall eaab at whom aaall **rv. Sank, addre by Bxln* the rate b addilis'sod
yar. county of
*.'. of Lake letokpapa or In tht part ."11., of a mia 1m.aor and hU b* for aroptlng the BoourUleeJ eat or Inter- be ameaded ? f'Prokl.d.
*> terra of four The dlaaoont
.. that
of Greeoent Lab. and Dunn Gf ek in ,presence un. the lmmdlai omit the said nam.. from th* flat to punlahed a.cordi.aly.8r shall aav years governor hereby .cknowl.dg. that It hold for loan anajr b* charged an of aid s.cUo' the
aupervlalon of regiatered phar.maolat b* elecltH by them. Only th. prai ft, Alt law and part of Uw power Ic remove from aAlc eaf.k.eplnk tIme following d.ecrlbed not exceedlnc $1,600 00.. t* pre- ,los.veV. that

ihut"tortf ar, ;er* .th.IC'b,,watera 1.S4. of I and except also proprietary: sad named la such llect halt b* ***mpi* .In co nil tot h.r wra| ar* hereby rpal4. member) *b f jh* board for jelct of duty bentl certlflcat, not**, or ether se.ourtlie charge scribe tb. m.ctiod for eft.cll'.g; Buck 8tae Raoim'q Cen'mlP5 t I
required thl and
The orecolng sliau not J patent medluln.e In Ih. original pack and *f no 111. I>* aletl before the .* Mao. .. ThU Sot ahatl tak affect kmmeillately ar far set. far Inxromc.teney *. Hereinafter referred to Ce a** thar.an. la prrlb th* charge said ltmltatioas of ttm .

10.10" age slidProvided county oommlMlon. It. be'omi. uaur.feaaloaal eoeduct. Any acaiwr earttte*. to-wttt . .. . not be -* -T. '
ppl1.to.. soy ,ol" lb. $*ate of alia, that r.tn.hr. 'h Upon o a law whwh In p* I* KawFted V-v dog racing
: t mar sonar saId board the 5"
wlta& any a. xmptln.a. Appravd by the U v.rttr Jun II. fpairtoall.> d.ecrl.lag th* s.ourltlsh) LeaUla4ar mt the c0 track, when sucb '
fbtllg. Bind pl : tn MiCe. '
.14. and ftharmaclat la b. enquenee of death .< norMut.t ond'
| of florida ; '. Employe*. of Cartalo i.tat J..lta. 1"41. reel.aation. Th* . .. .aatna et bask de- rselng Is .oadtwterl .
,. I rtimoval front the $ BK-tloB> I. S.H
tate, ar ran. other the Anr hub or benedI
Dosillag trust awl
ureeritlsol) fur *oa *a eiwa, P5.57> heretofor Ceso. for the ?
or Berealler arnlae4 anmar.. h.r tame U..lttl

nnsloe .

.Id. that r..1' Ibtk "by the t..e'executive --.- ----t- -5 r---- _
",Ih" P" V"I..nll" etbe 04 Sagh minority -w.ltw.1 ?.omml1. Want. "11'1 .I., fIsh ant fur. p ,

"I 10 eb. lt.h' $ee. I, All lawa and .. t .1.. : Create the board department or agency hall In CHAPTER HUH r..WII of;1 ornamental horticulture 1I
4..1 la omno .4 0.. lp.ri au eaaea and In all loti" la* ImpoxiKl by Chapter r metnl '
,H ttINt pot.n .t oonfa' fcerewltte are horel-7 r.P .l.d. Outtt an4 .. ". bo admut.ed ante -lvd courts tad .".. .AN AI.T to amend Hectlon, 1114 of riorlda Acme at HI, or Bay Other .asH i IHOO, 10002 i-etiir aattfcr iii tat ,ottpti'Oo ZIos' ll1t

.,.""J. r 2 01. for .. oh.rl. .. Thta aet shall tail. eRoct 1mnaadlately t. olle. Sf blat. 0.. V0muttls. dene with a Ilk* force and ei out. !i h. Revised' Uosner.* Statutes et rlor- .ollno taxing aol at the State of florhlo 400, 17,100, lls.luo; total Il' *. "-"- *41)0, ynUti'n: 'pluluro 51Cc

"j' .. unt flOe I..'l.n upon| u. .becoming law .I.nor.that his .. antI aa tile original would effect' l ,** ot130' the seine being MoetHt-K laving anal Imposing a llceime > xan i 1171,77 tm, 4$i sell eufv.iyaIsle | 1.14* erttIyflnePt $14001 biilt'r'
of PW.r. be wtnetktr .
,_,I r.:1= : nh.l: li ; 1641 Ap"r y.4 ky the .. Juae 1*, Oomnpnsation iTa ..uu.'bli t. original ..4. dooum.nl. paper or .Id 10'.I.um. JO.IO: of tb. Complkd ttaneral, laws ot > th* as* af Tunl' or motor vehicle ( mb uTWfl. siub-.4Otal It0dttti.

I brnoiI tt- :, 14. provld5 fur tit. deputleot .., In writing I. 'in existence ur ,19n. relallnr' to temporary Injunction. fu.lr; p>ovl Moll Conservation State' pg* a :: provtdd .. serySuout of pret.qUoo .. oon. not. nr an abatement ot nulaanc
,i '.1 pnu d.rv4 com CHAPTIOH JOIItt freahi.vate. ilsb.aiu moo-game. b1rd. feoAll law or part of l.w. t I. Is. '$ Kaiwt.--.il bv the tecUlaliir* .( the leotlon and "jmof euch taxeaipravldlny Dinaearv and regular expense. $ I and 35 antI:. d-
*Y AN ACT providing far sntj fur .. ".1. of rtarlilat B'lw'a'A WWf
r.' ilould nomination. letala arilmg conflict herewith are hereby the purpnima of such I..*, Klorlda Otat Collegl for *1.000. addition IC'
.c'.el .II III .. oth.r. fop appnlntmen' oe ta the otnae. lIt.sns bJ ogearutibing a.d extent lh. tImes When aad Heo. ]. ThIs Aet shall repealed.take I effect Hectlon 1. That Section 1114 of th* i and the deposit' appropriation and die. aalarle Ml*>a<*. neraaaary and ,- : 44.00$. ad-llUoi* to, .i'o.h-'
,I 81.'. Reelni ot Judge ol the o.lmlna ooiurt ol reoosd "I which tbe liuey Immediately Revised Ueneral Mtatutea of Florid.' i position of 'the derived tram Jar aBenaa for .1.5.1st and '-" hOuses for ,uflpcOyCee '*5'
b It. .. 13410,1.1w.
.' ,d ? day.! operation .fund.hallich & and ouvnty .. political:, party b,"U.k.. ...pess.sse4.ulll.. and dealt [n: Ii luroval by th oa* Oovarnol" .ur. and upon ap.his ,ot into, th* Mma being Section IU"" at i such towel' "rJ.-r: the anforoe.inent reimlra and alterallona Oil).420, ( r2O* additIon to' WeJ'e"1

pert or charity lit a primary .Ia.lion .n4 peevidhug fog emil.;. to require trappers and becoming a law without suck approval. lice Compiled Ueneral til at u tee nf Flor. i at this Act and peasliiee fur volatlon 1. alice* (home iteinonalraHani, ) |T S.l'hi$4O0, DeW buildings, P

M". on .uch daya 1.f .the "..Ubla. rauo4idat. tl..to., In th. buslneei, persons Who engsg. br th. Oov.rn June> 11. Ma ot lt>7 be and the .n,. la hereby hereof' by providing the an : oeoaary and regular xpenae ( .10t9l. S1O.U0el .m-f-total PL$4,000c.
-' "I ,1' l 2. 1 "y eke .of the flehitig b ate 'b r..Ila. hUnthag ant liu-1 i amended la read aa follow.: ,aunt, use and Alepoaitlnn of flrt. *etf lemnn.ira.tu) 94.eN3, Ineiallntlon fppi, he blenntmnm$ 1143.400,

peril or ewe In tae bturldat with t.h or wlo .I.al In or ,Jun II 154%. Beo. :'. ro'u' euoh action the court, i And and thl.t .... vehIcle foot t.xea io faoUlllea (WTAL) college ) IndheLciaJ School fur TInys,
water .
ttl ) fish ,
Iw 0 repoall' Seotlon 1. Noiuln.tlona o. .. of tu.- Jtutg
: beruby for appoint' t oommlaelxner I before ]lie It Eutettt'd by the I.eglalntur-e at the 1500, total 6040,01*. wnnnlwnali eduratloet $2,0l0(
'h eke CITOCt, 1m. mant. or election to the omce. b..ln. animals, to procure a linens. whom |the bill may b* brought JUi
dull'' judge to CHAt TBR IOUI J may upo Mint* of HorlriiitHeei Klorlil. Hrheol for lOse and fdumtran ulJdHmount
1 "rb., .,10. I.w. o the arlmlnal court ot record and coun. or discharge 10 tb. the use, Placing AN ACT to permit the HI lie Racing prnli-er proof bellimad* allow a lam ion I. Thet Beet Ion I of .enl alarlna ftj.l4i.ftn, nnepa.ery and ; i ivlar .,rmttopisiI (2> 6110ODhip ro.

"', '1:1: tiovernor ,Jun. 1. aulloltar .hall b. had by a pollol Mlii. of substances fresh waters of thu Ciunmlsslon' to reallocate horse r.o- ]norary writ of Injunction without bond I Chapter II44H. Save of Klorlda Acts espeneec $llU,043.4w, total $ ..1'iiUl' .locmjtnrt, ,04.000, illId!
b, party In a primary election forces injurious If It shall appear to She satisfactIon' vf ltl ,
pur.u.lt to fish ; to provimi. f ,' Ing datea previously .llocated when i i of ba and Ih* polite I. hereby l4HRn j.lrnotuti0 i H3H.900-
.. law, Candidate for lor o. persona lbs prose'uttn esld date hav* been vaealed., th. court. Judtf nr court ouinmtaalnner l amended to reed aa teilnwsl'Sec : KlorliJa Agrloulttir! and I5tnk posleI for the

,' | lim Off appulo..nl. or election to any .uch .. this aol and.1011.. Ib."P'.IVIWII* 4)1 Ue It Koacted hv the L-rgl-Julur of III. bv evidence nr by affidavit that tern.Iior.ry .. Allocation T... Held tax College far Nrgrnoa aalarlea IIII. | r$$ I.000e4ItI, Fh. aboysi -
A'"rJdtchapur a primary election shall be p..lr or evldence Inlunrtlnn shell leeuo, the court i nf seven ent. gallon
1 re. In such Slate of frloridilt per being mail nM eeeary and reiulaf rMpeneea 15, *. ndt'es $ry epinstlt'uS'n torto
"I of l>39' bolnif aulred Silo their sworn statement ,.' provld. Judge nr ooui. l commlaelonvr may la i nf three lose,. board
for the .olleotlon ; Sectinn I. 1'h. atat flaring Com up -Hparate being nergen V ueabre only by InA tlun' rmtvh.ril' ol .In-'
to fund tile $i
">rS"H.cllon c. "t Copter pay Illlng .fee to the 8orttiry, the provision of thl. to f.r't out mission shell have the rial-it ta -1: "CIIIPcII"n'I":; ileternhuu.Slum FIrst tuotor vehicle fuel* tax : A tin tfnnirol with aproval lato bnanl with rvfrnc: to ,$t0t 0fld'
,,4 atnT" ,I "orlda. Actg OfIn.Ifl1 state not later than th. Ir.t day of disposition ot .u.C.rul'n"Ob.lr 'alloc.t. or reaeslgn. to any other II. the en. i nf I cent per gallon fnr the use of diiuatlon 9II.B00 I inNtH-llatlnn radio .ttIernimleot.
,." .* relating to to the : revenue Join (x) the ifonducttng or maintain-' l Ih. Hlat road tl i rllltlra
i F.bruarl pr.vlou. Ir.I primary under*, censed horse raalug' track, reding \ department provld (WTAI.J oollug program $ Jot. j'eutslons P'aI' 11010 'fIi'it
to any
.. to da- to aoquleitiun by the Ing of a nulaance ; (b> the anI
pay or III* with SI-DtUf. dates operating I 1 by law. Intal IJ01.09T.
receipt .. previously allocated or assigned pr"b.l.n .' Cot of land water ,maintaining of the ILf'lli( .
Ihi ee- Secretary of or place
l Ih. mate In manner and to licensed horse Bering track, when or prm.mltisceWhere Third tnntnr vehicle fuel Sits A tax Klnrlda State HospItal -- |
.Jdl-l'lbullon' '! the J odnlnlotratlonanit other (candldat. to. their party com.mlttea ot congress water of February In aoaordanre "* 11 act Id" racing dates have been vacated the n\ll..". la cnnductcd or I'-"a' the practloa assessment sny h.. been lev. in. l j and abandoned will maintained : (d ) the owner or agent i general revenue fund of the Slate ofVIoi pens,a 11.009ton., special fur .
or regular
repealing certain not be need, for : ,' ntam* tf and c n>i
*? T o to l re- led not later March II following.I existing 1 law. and tth..1. any reason or the building or ground upon whir ; 'Ida.After. irtmion* of pAtients 417,600, total of
; whatsoever provided 113dhI! yntlon we.
'' ''li'E'Vnd"'o'tr""p.a;':

conflict b.r.wlh are lug days permitted hereunder .h." i nr maintenance of an? < to the administration' of this Act Plnrtda Farm Colony Coteries $ Ili'-ono$ *OSOi/ 44T.nn..
-'rBcn.cp.n.'r1'c.tT.tThrrt' $00. .. sllxll b..obl rop.I.,1 : boata a. follow.: HeRtlon Hit. not, exceed 100 ..y. for any on. business' or actlvitv operated, or main i all money derived, from th. tnotor ve.hiol 400, necvaeary end regular Pfishft. Farm, H alg.rle. $IT*.-
mediately upo. It. becoming a law. rented for hunting horse racing licensee toUted 4n the building or on the premlaea : fuol'" taxe Imp".,! by Ihla Act 1114.600. total IIM.IIio. !
and and ycgolsr .xpeflO
'FIrh'a.! !' ah : Approved the Oovernor Juna the business HellingAny of person who engages nl" Sec. I, All. :law. ant Paris of laws j I In connection with or I Incident I t.> t hall b. paid Into .Ih* Mute tr.x.ury Klorlda Indiielrlal Mi-honl fur trtUi iiwrr|tm.T*.' Alt moneys ap-
: t 1041. 12 renting boat for 'In conflict' the conducting or maintenance of the l lnulaamte. by th* Comptroller, .. foiiow.i. aalarlea SIC.110. and ,
herewith J JHM neoemary (
I ar t *( SoY of tbls nUlt"
In hereby
c"b hog the r the Ule
'n.n"' waters f the bll"... or llshtng South Injunction ,
.' wblc"Plor pooled ordered shall ITIrst, '..101' vehicle' fuel' tat Hhnll 1 1be lot enponaea total 01116,630 I { '
Ado. H. for CHAPTER 20818 In the fresh waters of th. Htat. chat. *. a. ThIs shall tek. effect !deAnltely specify III* aetlvltlea entotned I paid t Into the 'Htat mad license riorfda Indualrlal Mrhnol for lllrlBnlai l 1 :t'*, Work>j ftaal'ary Board i-us Sal-

0: "' .hal ,.all, Sod' AN ACT relating to mortgages. or operated pay an annual ae ,follow.l license fee on each boat h II. .,, .nACt: becoming a law. and shall nol prevluda the opera.lion i fund." creaied by .pmr! 144611, lw. i iuf lea $0400.,, necessary and WM,*i>n, necesmiary' and r* iiar-!

it .1 .I.'ow to dobtihQ other' Ualrum.nta, to or In .v.r of aay feet long ltl UL.IOun.teU.\ Approved by the Governor Jun. II, of any 'lawful bu.I".. nnt oonduclva i Florida. Act* apeneea ICA.004I, epeulnl -'- *mtrH .. atldt-*
r0IChY a"bJot with firm ; boats to thtt malnlenancn' of the nul. Hecond m ti.r vehicle fuel Shall SI..OttO total eTAnOQ
''f. ((0( .Iong person, aeaoolatlon or corporation long '.00 boat. tII t.". repntla | *' iln rlan 7.iu*, trav.l .v-
0 abet! ; 11 to 21 feet long Ill ) sauce ininplnlned of. At tenet 'Ihren be lnla thn for bleunluiu
paid tn
and maklnit agricultural loans, 'Htntn road dlmrlhtlllon meet unndaney ,
astute liana June ** '"
bo 11 lilt txinitloual yetirlpartaus
.. '
.the rJ4
".''I :I ." dlced.nl -. on real or preaonal prope cr..L"S. agricultural for suck license fe.t long 111. Application tim,. noelca In writing ehall he glveit, ronil, created by Chapter Knit CIII o. specIal emergency, repair j jreplaeemeiita (xni -m((..inn.
.vnl that lineal d.- l horticultural shall b. made to the tlerendant nr ilefendenla of the tune Lowe nf Florida.. Art. nf IIJI. for the blnnnluiit .
pr or fruit SOD84 ] K.rtliU'ation for W.J.Jk.
W wtt", lineal d- b orop. Hiat Uama Commlsaloacr upon applt.calloa AN and.. place of application for aald ternItorary Third llit.tor. vehicle fuel' tat Shall total elft.uuit, r*'
nuuh planted, growing or ta planted, blank ACT to prohibit' I iii.. writing* of : ,>tlnn hr State Wellisre board un-
,nl( llofl1 ,uoecendcnt of or raised, securing furnished by him. 'he nnntlnKUent litjunctltm.dec. be paid Into I he 'iceneral revenue fund'of Klorld Crlpuled 'lillilron'a ,, .
\ ,fl1! existing indebtednessandor State 0.". Conuuls.lon Curn'I.1t or so called contingent innr., t nf ItO flovernor. or ao
trt .'" thai this tutur advance.. Including .hall toown.r. Lilly. endowment contracts hv life In- 2. This Act shall lake I'ffcc S the Hlat of Kl.irl.ls.Kxcept alun anlarle* $Vi,7tll, nnur.aary tItStCI i cc neeiteI IliU.uno.
op. .
j.*. "I ho'! In that lu"b.veot tional and obligatory advance.: provid ol boat ao lluenewd a metal Lug. companies mutuni aid. ..oal.. ...OIdI.IJ" upon lie te *i mlng a ,ls.. as ntherwie provided herein rraular *ai>*nae* I 111, >ou, total I *- Ills i.itlitwlnir aum arc harvby
dcsiOI showing number at ,00l.i
'.iI' prow" ( -. "part where hog for the priority of such mori to.. which ehall year Uoanae Is lions and fraternal benefit ouolotlea. "tr.prov by the Clovernor May 10. Ih* (lust anil sofondmntitr vehlrl* ftm.11 OSlO .*>* I. tag be attached to to taxes onllccled under thle Act .hall be Military lv>i other further '
or Instruments
Intrr..to.d' ; aol regulate the wIt..n. ot em-h ) board of ailmlnlatratlaa
i ..100 LrgIaIidUrC o. Ut.di when thla act ahall b"om. :lha boat for aonveniont Inspection. Any5uhter1ile contrnnt .ml to repel all laws or Partsill. May IT. IIU.CHAPTKH dletrlhuted, tmeit .ntl/eu. appriiprlated In I41.IIOA, nereaaary and .( K.
i the el..n" to. circumvent or avade th. the earn manner, a. gaoolln 5ui. ,, Y5.TUA, "HpiHilal' eiipeitaa. Of
Jim U br tba Legislate. r Inws In conflict with Ihl. Act: m neya tiapnneva * )swa .Er'VlurMiatHeo. requirement of titLe section shall be It* II Knnrle.1 10711 ara use,!, distributed and/or appro.prlaled yemp nnly'-for purchasing of XMtl n ri' ,
.I' \: ChArter t89. deemed. violation hv lii. .1...... of ... ary enl regular pnaB
a hereof and AN ACT to amend IA nf
shall b.lIun'.bl. section Chan,
fl aol Mule of Morldm ae provided by fhepter 1450, 5,5 land adlolnlng .aslih U tilamllng < n.'J'li>i i ifo.Tiio.
'ie.\ ot lU3U. chapter Idioa.ii : or ether Tb.t h..tler.. glv.n any fur mortgage th. aa a violation hereof. -U No life Iniurana i ter n.. of the IMW. nf Klotldit, nf lewa of iciorlda, Acts of 111.11 and all J4i, lota) I 130,040 ; Vpiu'lnl for ieno.'ul l Inspection Kunda!
of putpo.a Heo. a, Alt lawa or of laws Inoonltlol noulul com.pany. 10IT elltttleil. 'A Act The '
",1 .til I CI3.> amended of creating a lien on real or warts ,. aid aaxocl.Uiin( nr fatein.al D foisting lo gon Acta amemlatorv thereto third vha.e of automotive eltUI'pllienl 'or i Sb>' rnmniiiBtnnor of AiirlouN
peronal -
"ir1 rhapiir 1T1TI loWs of. property or both are hereby repesled. benefit eoclely.. aasoiilatlon arxl itp.clMl. and primary, electlnnx.reftletrxllnn motor veil li In fuel tax shall b* paid hiennlunv $1nOtt Iminjept tu the 41lbil> ,il,, $05,440, anil
Including agricultural emnlmny or Ilecoesery
Hec. 2. 1'blJOo.. utah take sited of v-nlere, the Outlea of the ,
July Into the general revenue fund nf the proval u( tile Mtat budget
/ ainnd. >'tii"nn ,
operating this > Inn .
In a 441)
further horticultural or fruit 0"" State shall hereafter no>aaarr and
!. a* 1 1641.
lEt upervlHor of real.tratlnn di.trlctreelatrattun
,. or''i l) laws be permitted to Issue ami Slat of Florida. Provided that If that lIon I. f* ) -n.e. laii.oiio
", 0fChaptlir 108. planted. growing, or to b. planted, Approved by th* Governor Jun. 11.CHAPTBIt tificates -uiolea, oftlcera, the payment 0.rp..11 certain proposed eonailtutlunal amemttnent Hailrnad ('tmnicle.isul -- Mnlarln $ 1 total $i.$4t.i.ur .
bo grown, or raleed. to secure agriculturalian. or contracts to pulley hnldera
IDd1. 1641. .
a 1 rloctinn dl.trlctrf
Ii. o.I..f .00 follows, or members 'Into divisions, 01..... or preclncta entitled tell: nvreaaary and regular act,! C'Ileculst| |
not and muldlnic
may only ry
...'I.d tO r..1 and pareon. .cur.. such future existing advances Indebtednewi -. for the purpose of providing for lha th. duties of th. board of county cnm* *A loinS resolution proposing .n lin.nnn,,, total $?4.liiIi| there la 0 ;' 0o. necessary ami rc .illa*
In IOITI mtjwloiiere will reference
r.al" IA general amendment tn Article IX of tb* Con* pi'oprlaled any un* pended .' 01. in,
p..r of total
I d. payment II 1.300
the of any whether obllato.y .., a. ao. AN ACT relating to contingent endowment henmitts apeclal and alectlona." anti nIb.em' from June .
,l r educallon. .u.Iborl.ln" primary etttullnn of lha Stale of Florida rl.tlntf the blxnnluin .i.itImig il<
the by whatever tlnB' fluireau
'h..1 n.1 I( bo 5otIsfIeiI, With mad years from th. data the State Hoard ot .Iu.ell". funde n.m. oallad frontspend .mattura relating therein In all, to taxation and finance, by adding therm.ti I 11141, fnr prnteotlnn vvgelnbl, and HalarUa

.I'lh. .1''. at her hu.b.nd of to tharenf to the aam xtnt a. It such to acncpt gIfts and beiiueel., of money, tn th oldest erected for such purpose count lex of th. State wherein votingm.tvhlne. an additional, section cj-eatlllg a lumber and other Uiatri.a In < _lCM.rifi. *', regular "-1"-
unlo the I.w future adv.nce. were mad* on lima date royalty or other peraonal real t.it' of til* division shall be used' by reaentiMbl
ur prop.rty and Increasing Stale Hoard of Administration : Pra. inir and enjoyIng jiiatb, .iii. .
rVbu't elms, Salaries
?-fist under the of the execution of .uch or h. of the division Jrh t4l.4nn.
.d! 'Ion4>r murt.al. or given or betiuealhefl to the publlaxotiool. from one tlmuennd, tn Iwo thouxiialfour scribIng its power and dillies anil alliKrwIij lawful traneiHirtallon, >
en.I lla
class Whose ipnui 111,100
husb.nd. or both .ha.Vr.w other although be to .fhoul fund! policy haD beun houndreil lie total ,-
-id In.t.mD.nt mal or any established In force the Dt."I I\lm number prnvi.ilng for tIle uae of proceed of anti charge In Inter.tat

.bl.I. the ? .' : no yln "o'"lnlu.t or recognIzed by taw and rle.lgn.t-. :the deeth of longest a member period In ot aueh, time division, upon of VUAlllled| votnr In any election die. wo rents per gallon of pile g.nHil, nf And for itt cither purp>ae, Ther / mon y. rrrolvoil by II). In-

10 .icko do. advanc lien .. tug 11*. Stole Treasurer .. custoillun of an.l else, .. hereinafter trlct or precinct. other motnr fuel ta* fnr (l > the payment reapprnprlated. tb* e |i.njlod | <>*''i tndef l lit.' mana *mnt of th
''hlrd pert ''by'IT.r'Kn-'d' to third persona iW3u u. notion all funda, and to repeal 1 all lana Vlfled.flee.' except Pro. lie II Kn*..ed hv the foglnlntttr at Ih. and retirement of all outatnndlnif to approval of the Oavernwr anil r'i af Control and the *
.I. Hoard
pppOrtY. oWMd ) thereof shall b* a. to all 1 such part of In conflict herewith. I. Uf Hlate of Horl.liilftectinn i bnnda la.tied by any ootinty or speelnl ney Uenaral, any unexpended 'Inner of Hlate

tim. or his do.'h.' o.hhl.llt..hd IOd.bt"doea and future adv.noe. from lla It Kmectml rI'r"I'h. Inrglidatura ol III* mutual,,* mild Any a.auclntluit* insurance I company frsternuJ i I 1. That Hectlim 1(1( nf rltanter road and bridge di.trlct prior tn llrei irom the bIennIum vndinif .lane n from Htat nr Institutions
the time mortgage or other 'Inntrumnt Htal-s or U"'l' ot hue lj nf Kl.irlJa of Iliivntlon. FeiUr.l
vf benellt we day nf .lulv, A. D. 1111, for rnad anti I Illl. for special Yale $r* hereby
,'frI. .rnny.d'right of dower .. 1. tle for reoord .. provided Section I. ...t. Bond Authorlxett, to heretofore society order or association, K9T entitled 'An Act relnllnit' t* gen.eral nrldite pnrpnsea. and fur, III) publlo r'lorulu iloard uf Koromry--J< li> \ f Ih* lIsle Hoard appropriated nf tn
on.-thlrd party by law. total amount ot Indebted- UU.. operating on this plan In : .pedal and Hoollnna control
hiand Accept That the Htat lloar.l of title Stele primary regtetratlon hlghw.v purpoaea. ITt.unn, nereaaary ami mgulKr I board of
by of hit p.r..oal property a-tur i-ia ness that may ba .0 secured may de- Education shall have authority to acepton the condition may that continue to do so upon of vittera the duties nf tIle and .uhmitted tn the rlectora by ito eec tiJt.nna' Intel l t0.tile. lutlona. fur conunlaelonera the of

hu.ban,1 .1 tIfl. oC Itley.vide0. Crease or Increa.. from time to time, behalf of the Htitt. system, of publIc such life Insurance upervlaor of reglxtratlnn, .ml dletrlctreffletrxtlon Kit! si-sslnn uf the Leglalalur of Florida. mate library Hunr.l-'-aalarlea e mlevltng reeiiectlv b *
tq that do- but the total unpaid balance .o .eour lat company fraternal benefit 'society' or ''II.,.,, the nf 11110 and .ami, to coo
I < fcJducatlon or any achuol fund c.tabllsh. mutural aid payment shall be .dopted at the general nereaaary regular xld bonrd,
hw.ver. aaaoclatlnn shall direct
b. bY any on. tIme .hall not exceed ed nnt hereafter poll tax election dlatrlcta or prerlncla. election fnr hlatcrival $ my and
Inl..1. .u.I".d .' or recognlxed by Jew any gift orbs'mtieet establish In November., 1M3. then tie- H.uoo. program ye shall nol
Its b
1)101 ,leecendanta and maximum' principal amount which must other policy hold. ormembers She dutle. of the bonrd nf com, betel 81.100.siste dediteterlnum.
a and In.al of money royalty or per. Into division' county ginning January 1st, *lll>. tha eecon.lmotnr I otherwise
.1 dssaondont. b. specified In such mortgage or other' .on.l or real property given or bequeath er than th divisions or clu.se. nth mlaeluner. with referem to gonernl vehfelM fuel tax shall be I rents Auditing ticnnrlment I lo said Inst It spproprlsteil,
.the lineal d..cod.nt. of eucitih.ft lo.trm.nt. plu. Intereat thereon mutt ed to th* Slate Hystem of Public kduoa- or Hasans cnntrnct.aclunllvcontaining special and pilmary election and utiuurImlattere end the Hret motor vehicle fuel tax ahallb aries lloo.oivo. neceSsity and 'LIII Wall, Hoard utitlms.

audi wIIOW .h.1 b. Urn'- any made for the paymant .> lion or to any school tund established eertlllratee subsisting policies relating thereto. In all ooun 4 cents and Mid I rents aeoond nuenava l oiinll. total Mrt.lnni. tniMiwered to fix of Control

10 the .. .. ..14 deird of t.xea lavle-v. or ln.urxna. on i or recognlBed by lawi. Provided that nu come law. when tills act .hall be. lIes of Ih* Stale wherein voting ma motor vehicle fIlet lax shall be ua*.itaa JuirirlHl llepartmeilt"-.Halarle* $ Itchals, end , 40..r
itch dnwer .h&tI b. limited the property covered by the lien, with condition. .ball ba attached to any Bee. a 3. If there .hull be chlnex shall be u.ed. '"* end the salute provided In aald con.Hliitlonel nun, neoeaxary and regular *i '' teaching.nrr.sInilleno antI siuily

the Mute : the de- interest on such dl.bur.ement. Thin i .uch girt or bequest ot money royally tificate holder. In division only I cer" I. .tK. amended to rend n. fnllow.ifee. !\ amendment ehall not ht* adopted, .eld >4l. ,iui. total 111 I.OHO.Huprema .',Uiereu. through th expensa
portioC a and he slIouIItile Ueneral
c:1 the widow entitledt. section .hall not apply to any mortgagee, or other personal or real property given without 1 Dlvlwlim of I'reitlnclx. 'Alien-. first antI second motor vehicle fuel t'uurt HHlarlM. ,, I Liepxrlntvnl( end
0 law Dr do..nt and dl.tlbuchid' shipping Inalruintmt.tnada .i or bequeathed for the purpose dusltf division entitled leaving a inemher In climb' ever It appeal from She Pstiuu'ns of anrpreceding l.xe. shell sxch continua to b* II cents- maralial l<00 In a>MIUi.n to ll.uiit) Jrb" il-d Hint all such It la e,-

alt.,!, a part. and la alt and given t"yo'.t *. operator natsd herein which are ciontrary to I h. endowment by to whatever receive sail contingent. general, epeclal or prltnarelnctlnn */ and shell be ueeil aa provided by law,' viueii for under t'hopter *Hum y th mid board of fee control ao

the widow, whethdower and producers secure existing provisions of law or regulations of I Ih* such namn called thnt tile nutuber of voter par- Heo I. Hhnuld any section, eub-Mec. nun nereeaaiy and rrgalar affiw. thii Htat .
order shall
e p or xuch child' part or Inane and futur* advance by naval tote board relating to Ih* use or expeadliuro contingent ane-tnty endowment or to the par.urvlv.such tlelpntlng I. .",'h election district or linn, paragraph, or clause of tItle Act IJD.oau, total iim.dO.Htate .. be ,i.tlI,,':, it illnrsrrn* approprla.I soul

', the will, "hall b* ratablyb. Morse faotora.Deo. of the fund.i Ing member tirnclnnt. exceeding two thnueand four he to b* Ineffective. Invalid, un- Tubervuluala Hosed I h* used only for i .
d.r In such chase whose th
:-b.( remainder of the ..t.t. I. 'l'b. a. against the rights i Hea. 2. State Trea.urer to serve siCUstoihlon tract has been 'In force the con hundred. It shell b" the duty of She roost it ill lnnsl, 01* Inoper.Mv.I then' ant $411111, nvueeaary antI ri-HJlnr. r., .h Ihev collected.pur.Wlil
,ull and inheritance ta... andrbiroi of creditor .ub.qu.o, purobn... for> of fund. That the Htat of dm. unle.s. however lotigeatperiod iHierd. nf enunly commlexlnner: wllltlitelxtv In that event. It I. hereby suntclm'lcniltehltclmareI lt5u. SpecIal! lilt, (Diet IT.IUU. (ei's .Itxll 4 be deposited fop
C all- ; aaldcontract flaws utter ..uclelection, bv reaolutlon to have been tli State tward uf t'nneumpvstion )
Hnd l up.n" a valuabl notice i Trea.urer shall b. treasurer and cue- shall mtent of III* H' with tin
oumptroller of
.,u provlileJ. further. that or reoord notice ol advanCe ,. be made, todlnn of all auch gift and boquv.t. oti his U. fec. value provtd.to th payment* 'bnm'llclary: nf tlou,Incase to divide. auch, .lection district t.egl.latura tn piisa th* r.malniler nf led Survey .- Hulnrlea 011 l 1150 l iPl'elIt, wlm upon tlin hl'tluup tile
ahaH ba coninwilrlnc or precinct an thnt, there will nnt be this Act without such section aub.rti aary and, regular .spu'nses| IH.Uo ,
Srll* at the option of the lender, under the i money royalty and other personal prop. such contingency .liuiilit "*"lard nf control shall, draw
the of the term of such mortgng. or other In- erty given or boquaathed fur the purpose Much corn more than two thnueand four hundred tlon, paragraph op clause, tak Hu.4an, Kp i'lal Held lit nr wnn.nl. the
society on
vald.lt nr order In order to Plate
., duly .. ..* or .Ir.n..r. shall b* valid only a. to .ucl designated herein. Me shall rei .,,'h endowment. .. they severally mature. pay. qualified vntera In any election dl.! Hec. I. All laws or psrt. at laws In tlonn, caoperatlv tf for, blennluiul $ ? l. Pe'ulli'uII ror Ills suld ma.iirrespondenra .

.!l COY pennh In po.ae.xlon, of a. are to b.m.da within i 0.". and provide for tha proper custody as well aa to psv .11 olher, benefits Inn or precinct.Her. conflict with the prnvlxlona nf title Art / (ultly. and ex'
pep.rty. Th. bo".ed shall years from the date of xuol-t mortgage or 1 and disbursement ol aay ..,10 funds In Incorporated In such cerllllcalea or I. All laws nnd II"VII.'a of 1 lawi b*. and the earn ar* hereby ,rvpenled Hoard, of CommlMlonera of Kt.le 1sI'hing' and expense Inui.leuit
I eub- with the ol law In conflict with th* tit tIlls SeO, 4. ThIs Act shlll take effect Blllutlona Hnlarle II.mill, -
itlided In the property other Instrument; provided that till .0- aouor.l-.uce' provisions contracts, now herenrier operating, _$., lu hlonnal r.-tmrt the huani
4,.,r bill eliCIt descend .. othIn tlon shall not apply to any mortgagee,, and ruKuUtlon. of the Htate buard. upon this plan i tnrt Slate, shall cc. Act aro hereby repealed.. July let Illl.Approved and regular expo nee. ll.uott, total Shall nmke, riiport In detail

,tovilnt. thl* act for the u.- shippIng contracts, or othe. Instrument., l lieu. 8. Repeal of Cuntllullng Law. All tabllsh I and 'maintain on nut-h pol, Hen II. Till. Art .hull tak. effecton by the Clov.rnnr Jun. I. UUIf.vIovernnr'N Oal>.nilture| nt said fun.Is. to.
and given by naval stores law. or pane. of laws general, special, : ; Ib. hemmIng a law.Approved dine* '- Malaria WUh r nf
opera pnrl tli-a
kititodl. m.c. icy a reserve upon a hssls tnan 0 woik done,
by the flovornor June I, Uoveriior $ll.tllltl |}| xil. '
: AlE laws ur paI. of laws In and producers to secure .,1.11"; and local, which are In uoufllcl with the the American experience tahla of morterest Ing -mm .ir siimx .pprnprl.f-
are .,. repealed. loang and future advances by D."al I provision of his act are hereby ipealed. *- tmuilty. rtli imrellumsimary ternl. 0,1 1041. .lime I, Illl. Biul regular ilpenaaa $11,600. t.hsrles. If nut re.iilred| for
I..11 act "hall taka *cited stores factor* assumption ot three antI: : .h'r:' Julie 10 Illl.CHAI'TKIl CIIAPTKR I074S 0th. I 00. era, ins)' he .pplle.l* in other
of Hecrelary nf Kiel*
,,Ie upon its becoming a I.w. H.o. a. such mortgage nr' S.. 4. Unconatltutlonallly of Provls- pereentiiln, covering cnclt contingency AN ACT denning atntum wagon ..nilsuburban. uitlue soil, reuular t-Hpensn of the
; : J04II 1411. and regulat
., arlea SIC
Ouvernor Jun IX. other "tot.shall bo prior In dig Ions. Should any provl.lon. ol this ml ami escribing tales and nmieaexry I tit ftlilih Iho' ,
the such are
by provided for In certIficates appro*
.0 nity to all subsequent encumbrances. Including b. declar.d unconstitutional. It .hall tI... 4. Any such company' moiety nr AN ATT tn prohibit' lIme sale, offering fees tu bn ihaiged on such station |> ,nai>B ll,6ua, ror adiulnUlratltitf lit In no ,>v..nt shall sny
nr exposing for inilo of flrewnrk.) tleAn- ntnt auhurbun. under the lane i'r lCaSiI i printing >if l ioal
liens land-. not affect the remaining. part of the act.Heo. wniion. ,line :'I ally
statutory .xo.pt order falling to comply with the term spr. appropriated
Inanrcwnika nfid tn rrgulat, the nmn- of Vlnrlda when hue 11.noil, caIro clerical help IJ.UIIO, *
10841 6. KIToctlve Date. This act shall ; providing Art <5 be spi'l'.l to
CHAPTER .lord. llen-K nf this act or operating tn violation of pus
nf tlreworka, and tu provt.lept.ntillis 500.
\C? rlutifll t grnerRl electIons| | pee 4. That all laws or part of law.l tak. effect upon its becoming a law. this art, ehalt forfeit Ite right to .do ncr lialtlg for tho violation, of the provisions shall I In cohfllit lake efrwut.hurewllh.II and. repealing elI lawn 044 oillr nf ('iimilrollr| C tiet labor .hull b* ennetru' d

,yIllt, ( a method of voting a In conflict herewith ar. hereby repealed.Heo. Approved by the Uovernor June 12.CHAP't'Eft business la this Htxte.Hoo. of thl. Act It Ko.ided bv Hi l.cgl.lutnr. nf lhHlute lanu.xtu, neCessary and regular within no. eeary and r..ii.

party tlckt.J 5. That should any provision ot 1 till. 5. All .law. and, parts of law. Ho It Kniicted. hr th. l.rglslnlnr, of tile> ul lherIIti, i..nses lltl.luil, aiiiargenfle and 'i, Any sum paid nut, under,

_....1 bv the Lcf-lalntur ol f bed thl. act be declared unconstitutional it! In conflict with this act are hireby ... HtHle of rlorlilmHoctlon Hection, i. That alatlon wagons, also llngenrl $Jil IIUO, total $Jall6U., a or coy other act from tile.
.hall not affect any, other provision orpart aom pe.led. I.'h.. term 'Krewnrke .hill ubiirbana omo uf ''l'cmuisurm'r 't ''rnyrialeil ltr.n| Shalt ba byurusnt
known u.ed for hire StOle
s. not
;., .. irr.v.ry .general .lection' of the act which la V.ld AN ACT to provide for tI.. levy of Heo. I. If soy pert of this ant shall mean and Include any combustible, orexplo.lve lure liereby declared to bn 'autnmobll., l Hlu nei-eaimry ami r.gula? drawn bv the aiimp
Slat the efflolalamy thla 5fectit's ?. taxes In Ih. several counties of the 1 hereafter be held "( nti signed by the
...Id in this Hee. I. That act unconalltutlonsl' tim cnniposltlnn.I or any aubntanca> for private use' au far ee the earn* re 511,60,1, total tll.Tllil ; special "c guv
1' ,
II U to the ballot. upon It*' pa-wag and approvalby remainder of the act .hall not be ..fI far hl nnlun. > 0 state ti fs-mrer, pav
pr.p.r. IfcT'lt or comblnathm of .iinslances, or, except late.tn tho lowe ot tIde state, lixln* keeping machine ( >
of the I ultimate .
candl- Kno-rtrd by the Legleluture 5 C ben-tlolury'
..r-uni Ilia name all th. Uo".rr.r or upon its becontlnn fected thereby but ahnll rumaln In full a* hereinafter provided any article i soil rir.sarlhlnx feels and tease un au. AOI). ( pro.reuulr.menl
inrptnillcular. column on th. law approval.miuproved tltat of HorlduvlHeo. ".c. 7. Thl. act .hall Ink erred ) i liii.> shall not
u* prepared for tha purpose, nr producing' lnmohllei, and shall hereafter tile urtld. of State Trea.urer,
each partyIt June 12 1. The board of county comml..loner .-' force, end effect. n' : pay I 5 55y fumls xpproprlat.d forib.at'l
ot tbs Uovarnor .
the oamllilHle. by the I a vlelble, nr audible effect by cnmt-ue. earn fees and txaea a. are preecrlbetl Salary rund DUtrlbutlun Ha ? ,
S scpirutM column and the of the several counties ol upon Its becoming a law. don, explosion' deflsgratlnn ur detonation by the law. of ITIorlila for "automolilli. sUIte, neoeeaary u.n's regular of control or to funlaor
or Ihe party receiving the State are authorised lo levy tuxee upon Approved by the Governor Jun 11.Jun : and shell 1 mobile ,blank I cartrldHe i for private it...' li.miii.I contingent npnaa MOD, ( Institutions under
wmboi, or vote In the set preimr UU.CnAI0* 1 all of tim rent and poreonal propertyassessed 1041. 'I I management ot 111* klata
time. end toy cannon. In Which explnalvee> leo. 1. All lawN, end psrls of sw. 115 II((10, $0DG'I
It >l election shall ba placed : suspension for taxes annually. In forth U. 1141. BIB u.... the type nf bxllonna which" > In conflict herewith be, and. the Mini lillln* of Utat Vreeiurar* l .' ?, i""irol.
Int.olunin. Above each column of agents amount and for tb. purpose lot Ihesame /1'ha| soy money apprnprlateil
revocation loeo. In.ur.rc. require Ore underneath tn propel' > ar. hereby repealed. Ih.iartinent| Halarlea H ,414,
hll-t'Wrt foe
it andldxtea, appearlnc on the or as follow.: CHAPTER IOM firecracker lorpednea. akyrnrketa Men. 1. Thla Aet shall bevome, a law n.xiiy and regular expand i0 a deelgnated period
kill be prlntod In .large, plain II. 1*1 t. by the I> l.atiir0 uf the Vor the General Fund., not mora. th.n l AN ACT tucking' It unlawful for any Roman. (,isut.llvs. linywa upon He pxsNiigu by the ItdglelMltliel cuntliigenl axpeiia* IJ.IUU, tntal Ihe 1 end of such period, re-
ill nine of the political party Mt.il of & I null, un the dollar; owner trainer or cstmllsn' .r race aparklerx nr oilier: flr.worka nt "i'lk'i, l approval by the Llnvernor, or upon a "*t'enltltl nr not nontrscteil to

k ibi -nTKllilntos. In such column *em,. 1. Th. In.. 'of the ..suspension, Per the fine and forfeiture fund not ho,.. nr greyhnund. raring dog. to ob. const, runt Ion, anil any 'llrewurk cim.lulnlng lie becoming, a law wllhnut am, H apprnv.l. Stale Treaaurer, -. Hecurltln* eti. th sslil unexpend.it, hnl-
n" -laminated together with or revocation of to. .. of any Insurance mora than I mill on the dollar! hUn feed drug 1.nNI".II..n.! velar. any explosive or flamabla oumu sin HMteiiex llt.auu, nu..*aary be used (or Ilko purpose In

.M :.. 'linn three-tourtb. of Indemnity surety company Per the general road and bridge fund i mary service or supplies fIts said, raee | >iiml or any tablet. or mher, ilevlo, Approved, hy Ih. Governor Jun* V, regular M.ouu. luml III I ,mm.lilltne yeat, of the, hlennlum* Hit
aiin etor( end above .uch circle th. license of any or all other l not more than 10 nillla ou time duller! horse or greyhound raving love Withthe containing any expltmlv. substance nf male 'I'reu.umr $ t 'a remalna unexpended
prIMed the .ord. In .ent who ar. member of such agency, Pop the general' county school fund, i Intent to derraud. : prescribing the The term 'rlr.worka' shall nut In. Welfare 'uilda Maiharice l 1,84(1, I *,onlr.i-led tn be expended at
lolowln. than 1" mill on the dollar; rulo' of evldnnce 'In said and fixIng jlf hut blennlnm. I hit s,,ins shalrattb
'1., 'To vnt whether Incorporated or unincorporated not mure -cause elude toy pistole toy "."... toy gun. CIcAcTllhl 611741 eexaiy and regular eapsutsee fLivO fund ,
sto'k whloh
Limit a croco (X) within thl.Nothing and any or all solicitors employed by I Kor the agrlculttu-o and live the penalty thereTor.lie or mher .ilevlne, In which paper cape i AN ACT to preeirlhe rule of evldenue 1.1. ), appinirnvldiMl -
In this section shalL ba match agency who. knowingly wer. parties fund. not moi than ona-half mill on the> It 11:0_.." bv the Lnclelulur.' of tile containing I twenty-five liunrlreilthagrains ; In trial lor violation nf ('hap' uillue or Mtat TrrjxnurerHalaile. .-' lurlher that, any tin.

net is to require change In to the act which formed the round doll..r or Stale of HorlilulHevtlon I nr teas nf .xplnalv. cunp"ullII| tsp I17TI, l.sw. nf florldn, mil (,'husp'Cr t'fl"llt ployliulIllI Iult, $JeclsCliOfl Fund I 'm surplus of money board nr remaining riimnitselon to
ttA t i ->uni. caudldatea on the for the suspension or revocation may "'0" outstanding Indebtednesa' fund to I 1. 'that any owner trainer era used providing they are so constructed ( l 011 I Law. nf Klorl.U, I IH.lt, sml $ l4lI0, nm-.seaiy and S any herein.K
k. applicable funds not mora than Is necessary or custodian nf horse th hand cannrit .,". in 111 ..1(10.( total 411QUO. 11 money appropnalsd .
: protlilon.' of law likewise b* uap.nd.d r.voke for any race or grey- lImit Chapter ll-llll. I.BW. of riorlda. nil, lap expene $ 1, the record of the ,
IDC in name of candidate or tha .am period o. that O provide for the payment of the indebted levy 1 hound racing dogs who. ahull. obtain cnntae-t with the nap when, In plan. forth taken together ami known .. Hit 'b.v umue of Attorney Denerui$ -'- $ 6 >the .ml of seth blrnnlum enmp.,

(lo:mllvlilual, candidate or any agent, but this shall not prevent thetc.n.lnl uese and Internal thereon; but no faa'lie rood. drugs, transportation veterinary explosfon' anti toy pistol paper, cap I erage Aol," llluoo, neceeeary anti regular ,, recommendation of the
,$ilinble( .0 Ih. voting oa oonstlmfmlmenta of any agent or .111'.1. ..- shall be made under lila prey talon service or .upplle. for the use or ben- which ountaln less than twenty. nunilreaihe He If h.u'sil.I hv the l.rglslulur* of III* Il4ooo, total I'Jfl.ixm.uittaa ti, with the of the
current expenses ur lor buIldingoquipuienl ot salt greyhound uilxtuie. Ueneral I', approval
one whose cut mce horse or grains .f plosive Male of rU.rl.lniHeiilliin ol Attorney err.d
L Any p r.on desiring to vote or 10.n. ;frt.u.p.nd.d or other purposes unless the racing dove with Intent In detraud 'the the aal I. and use of wllluli shall b* permitted I. 'Ihet III all prneettutlim. In,,. nt Htatuta. -' H.larlvo, II ., hi t tran ( to the Oen.
to I however
r"ol.d. b.lnl the fus'l priviiel, ,
tt I puny ticket may make a cross censed a. a or a 'or dumb shall be funded pursuant to... person or persona from whom said ."1'. at all timee.iOre ; fur vlolstlon of 'III* beverage Ant' necessary, end) regular capsules uc ntle : for by
,tni hole under the approprIate some other agency. The provisions oC thl. constitution and lane of tlm H. vices or supplies are obtained. slinll,, be I. Kxcept; e. her.lniifler pro proof tbet (mile Iliiuor In iiurmtlun Wee total 111.000.Hint It appropriated us. Inundeff

,,1..n.lon.' ( and this shall oon- act not apply to ol IK. In- frovlded, that nothing herein shall... bo.1 guilty of u mlsdeme.nor and shall vl.leil lt shell b* unlawful lop any ..u.. and I is known aa whiskey, monneliln li.partin.nt of Mducatlon l bosv.t if lie oontral.tontrol or for men-

vol all n.mlo.e of that .u .h.1 uompanies.Moo 1.0. construed to prohibit the levy of upon conviction be 'Imprisoned In .ihe eon linn ,nn-partnershlp or corporationti whiskey, ehln rumglu, br.mly, nrmher SalarIes lio.ooa, necessary slit Stile buurd of or eonlrnl.li.n.ferred .

.'on 'the b"lol; provided" that *. Alf law or part of law. In ai for such other county pur- county Jail not to exceed BIB' months offer fer sate, expose for sale, sell similar n.m. ar name shall benrlma vapense. 111,100, total llOI.IOtl, tIf I tic to the generalor
''o nat avail himusultmIlled conflict herewith b and the sania ..roh.r.by pSi". are .p."UI".II" authoriwd by or by a line lint exceeding Itoooo, at retail sir use or ex plodnnd. fireworks fuel .vjdemi. that smith liquor I. Vor.llonal Udueatiyii r*> $ I 1. ba affected
flet I In prosecutions under lie that I Hi sheriff of eni-h utah > tttun fund Hiitlih-tluth.il, nO In anywise
of voting may vote for to that .extent or re- piovld.it I oh'it lug i* id cOOl sine more Mulching
IMiti or canilldatee of him cholvett molt.d Sic.. 1. Thl. act shall tak effect 1m- precedlnif section proof that she BIII>. county, or his appointee slush have 1 three and two-tenth percent nf ali-u 714.14. Ueuig.-I'.an. | U.I4II. II ,, 'ceding provlHO.

a cross (X ) by the tame ufiinduxl pealed'8. That act take effect uponbecoming mediately' upon becoming a law. piles or services had been lurnlehed.. and! power to adopt reasonable rule ami. hoi by weight and that esole la IntoItallng. *- Illlatlon I4J.TUII, Hlat* : federal money appropriated States
usc. ..1 ma Uovernor June 12. hue. train or ".. who II.OOU total) t. .*. 1 nigreaa of the United
1 candidate, as now pror Approved by not paid for end that owner regulation for mile grunting Any pen-on or persona by '-non-Ill.tubing whether
r uv, > roved a by wih. Governor Tune 11. 1 64 I.. _ er nr custodian of said race horsna o..r.yh..lln.t mil lot supervised pulillo display ot' experience In tha past In the handling 'Isai-her's', H.llrement My.l.m .- u 1 fop tllal purpoeea with, ,
op doge removing or fair ".U.> nf wh- II I.loo, and regular, In conjunction lliOleyeI'
I All laws and part of law. InBfewith racing was firework by municipalities or use Intoxicating- liquor ur arias aau.aemy ; the
1141., CHAPTBW IOHI9 of said 1 and otheriirganlxatlona 1 smell the drinking nt for relirem.nl, uf I' *d i by the legislature ol
are hereby repealed. _____ attempting to remove any race elation., amuxemeat parka by taste or lenece |etoo, .. larb.
I.ThIs art shall taka effect Im- AN ACT to auiand Section t of Chap horse or brejrhnund railing, lingo out or group of I Inillvldiliil. isi. such ll'iuor have knnwl.dga u. to the> ere lloil.ooo total lian.ooo. I I .reby r.ppruprlated

I upon Itx becotnlnff law CHAPTHH 1083 under the let' 10414 Lswa .Mr.tf..AS't.I I; or III. Hint of Florida and beyondthe livery such display shall be Immlled bya Intnxlnatlng nature thereof, m.y testify State Iloard uf Conservation nutves.a.y lo the puruos
by the O..q.. AN ACT regulating Tl.lt- entitled 'Au t"o Jurisdiction or the courts of this competent, operator to ba approvedby aa 5'i this opinion wh.ther such b.v.ersaa gsney for mIre year l.u.uuu, amuse was mad avallablaaa
.. 4Ma r .U age of eighteen hare p.tooh.ln.., .. lessees, hicensoes aod fit... shall b. prlma facie evidence of the: chief of the polio, and lira tieS or liquor Is or I. nut Inlnxlonllng., tot llr.t year IJO.uoil, spsolal-fur the sonic I. permitted by

log or loitering la a O'j.'rato'r.0of0'r."do-[ hromslomstinit .tati'mfleand 1 the fraudulent Intent mentioned In the partmenta, of the municipality In whli sri,! a ver.lxt besed upon such teatl-| on.I year 4l,00t, lal 1 Mtatutee.
of 7
CUAPTBK 10117 In "onnocto. with the place "ullno.. the agent and employees, of any preceding. section I Ih* "..p''"' I. to b* held .nd shall tie i mony shell ha vsll.l. Mis-oallaneou. Kxpen. Any Motion of this Sat nrit

\ u> punish' personwho wl.r. latoxlc.tn. liquor are loht [ such owner, I...*. lIcensee or operator.. All laws or part of law. In of such character and so lucated.nellr: lIe,,. 1. The I all hews nr part. ci If revenu first year Ho.1(111, ) Item of appropriation here-
\C knowlnxly falo any or p..alr ta tim .11.UooJr..ti" tw radio defamation oa libelous slalu.acted .' oo ftlita.h.. I are hereby repealed.Hen. chanced 1ao fired: aa In th* 1 laws In confltrt herewith ba and the i year l ooun. statlunery, exeuuitlv* ,l I. It found to be invalid or

.( a..t.m.ot. the ment S.' 4. This. Act shall toke effect Hit Ih* title of 'Ih* fire department. after 1 .m. are hereby repe.led.He leglslatlva 11,1)00, gavernor' > ) th* governor without over-
'P.nl.Uon., Inn I. .DO'. cted by the I.r..l"latur. 0'. br15tke LegIslature *f tim 1 medl.tely, upon Its becoming a law. proper Inspection shall nut b* haxard I. This Act shell take effect ks-p fur help payable to the I lIon, nf tha leglalalura, shall

the or .parlm.n'I 110rd.. u. 't.Jo: I' Approved by the Uovernor June II nu* to property nr endanger any per. upon It. becoming a law ocr,. upkeep repair, paintIng IT p j-ffeul other sections or oth-
Intention of InUuoln Oeutlnn I- p.ron. firm nr corporntlon ., SeCtIon 1 of Chapter j I S 41. eln nr person. Application for permit. Approv.d by the Uovernor June I. evernor. ,mansion furnlahlng ( ef r appropriation aontlned InIn

"'O" i perton to enter, lodge kt or or any employee' of such p.r.on I!??* iffwlot l\'aorl, l 11019. h. sod. It I.b.r.b" -,- shall be Innda In writing at least I II> lOot nluiii > ll.ooii, Cell,ph V'mile'e uillie a
'It guest of any hotel I. Inn or firm or corporation operating any d.n" .mended to read .. followai CHAPTER JCM1H days In advance of hue data of the glary Inauranr u IJVOOHtala ,,,' order t') avail themselves

or koufro, nr ,who by any falseat I hall In connection 'with, the operationof u.. 1. The owner lessee license or AN ACT Imposing, an addltlonsl Us display. After such privilege shall hove> .tun 10, lilt Cr's oftlua buiglary anit other iroprlateif Items In title act.naneaeary .

Ml' to rvpri'iontatlnii Induue. any any plaoa of business where any malt.J of the radio bro.dca.tlng stsLIoO 1 upon wlnea providing a differential as i been grsnled Bale poswsslnn' use rilAPTKIl 101110 l li ll.ftiiu. revolving refund un-l! al tha u.u.l tlm
am, > Inter 'lunge or become aplrltuoii. or vlnou. llquoro, Inel"dln. operator.hull but shall nol b.1 lo unfortified Klorl.U wInes, and appro. snd dlstrlbittliin or firework for .,"< ll i AN Af"P! making appropilatlnn.' l-it 1 capitol and gruunda, light. foal St otit usual manner, nr when roth

m Inn spurttnent houiM.; beer. ale-. and win or any ..d.nt .Hed-'to rVuSth.. .ub..I..I..n of a |.rial In* the money cnllei led tlor.Vrotmu.It. I display shall b* lawful fur thHt pur- lbs eel.rlw of lisa oimmrs, antI enlplnyee. ter lc*, .qpplles -- ('ara,, repair .iy tilt budget ooninlaeitn. to
Hrt.ia 0"
> nguKe.l. In the operan other. Intoxicating liquor of .01 written Copy at any statement I Intended 1 It Zna.'i.d nr She l-.rgliiu.lur of time\ 1 pose only. No permit granted hereunder .", of the Susie .ml for the current new.I., plumbing upkeep, .Hl.rteo. \ to rbudiiet conimliMlon anSIM.m.at

..Oar nolinn, or apartment whatsoever or any eesence. utra"t bit. be broad,'as* over such statIon twenty! Stale of flarliltti shell: .h" tran.ferable.i Opel.ting .spen.e. of the depart bur I4lixi Impravaiiient. and of theIr expendl-
itny person: any conpenllvMllnn term preparation "" rmpoRI. foul'to hours before the time "I the Intended! I "",tlon I. In addition_ tn all taxes i J. The sheriff of each cunty. ment. .nd br.ni'h.s of the Stats g.vn'ng' to Capitol heating flant Inuludlna | Itini up the total nf the sp-,
I. .
through frail or or any article wh.I..v. .. thereof; .nd when sorb owner. now levied or Imposed, by time laws nf 1 nr hie appnlnte. shall require a bon.ldeemed for lh. llerl'OIS br'stlil' burning equipment blennlum> tne hareln provided for ami
'wcPFenIetion; ,. prospective, pa- to. ..0.. label or b.n.. prn- 1.bro..t_ 1I0..n. o. operator shell utote Klorlda upon the tnsnufxetur., dlxtrlbu., aoVqu.l. by the sheriff friimth. July I I. lull, ami" July I. 1149ll count, flnam'ial statement flo C |.b$ >iial approprlatlona or lee.tlon .

llvt.w hotel. Inn or apartment .01. Into.l.lon. .hal knowingly liable 10 dam.... for any libelous orsisnderous tlon and sale of wine, there I. her.by llreneee In a sum not I... than It t.iiHcle-il br Ilia LeglsiHlur., of Otis 1 ln.nl eh.pter ella II.OHU. speedy to m.k up .urlt Mihe.1-
uy .
:"* other hotel. Inn or ..part.I permit .10w.ny p.r... under the utteriflce mt..I. by or for levied and Imposed of iou tier' l>00,(Id condlllon.il f.r the payment ofi Mlala uf llorlil- IK'allon aenerel lawN blennlum) .n Necessary to advise thIs
vol.tn,mil I to provide a p.D"1" age to patronhse. visitor or party sibmittlfll a copy of gallon\ for 'Such I: al'.nl''I' I In liii.Stale. .i of all damage' which may b* uauoed i Hei tlon 1, That She following sums, l ler H097, continuing aunt, ,Til.lnn af th* .uiu of

I .t this j ( act. f'I.In any such dance hall, or the person proposed: bro.1t'itst wit t'h Is nutcontained which shall be psld by all man.ufacturer. either to a persun or persons or In properly .> under Ills hea-dlnga 'salaries.' 'neueee.ry' .11.000, primary eUutlom ( ', ) r. alitrla. and for neceeaaryapeneea

I.. the' ..I.l.tu.* cf the piece unless .""h minor I.at.nde Ig such In .u"b aop,. this act shall and distributor .. defined by nf the licensee' dleululr, and regular expeiixes.' 'special expen.-.' llft.ooo, to Vsrlna' boyle, Chapter ] ye lo b* Included In

0'I t.1.: by on. or both of hi. or b construed to believe the praunor by the Hever.go. Act. to-wit ('hspt.r, soul arising t'rJ',., any sole uf the II- and under the headings repr.snnllntf l i'nlte
,wlo I "? person who makeg ob or her natural guarUlan. not or the agents of servauts oC srnlspereos .14011. Acts of I91T. and/or I-h.pl..r 1 oenase hi. ....1. empluif.es or >ub. expenses a. herein listed. *r* hereby Sli*' maintaining uluiite M.inum.nt $1 : All approprlatlona provldadr.

""',, l. statement or hall be gtUlty of a mlad ea' <-;.fami p.I" p..t" joshing' any such libel.mus Mtol. Acts of I8I!. and/or. Chapter cODtr..I..'.a prvprlated as the amount tin be uieilt.i I Dad Memorial I'srk OSllO, Hnyal l, act are maximum apprn-
ma *_ 'C. another concerning any upon conviction thereof, shall b. "I'slaoi.rOUs utteafl5 from lI..bll- JITT4Act.. of l l)1. at the time. aol S. Nothing In this Art shall b*> pay aalar.ee, ne>*eae ry and regulsrexpenee. 1 Ohm** PerIl 1.1.ooo. general prlatlniv I .j ir, lathe vplnlon nt tile
,,'."!' r"n, <'nt house with the guilty of a mlwlemeanor and upon eonyctlon 0' In the manner In which exeliM lxe.l rnnsttuMl to ny r.eldentwholesaler .. sieclal .xpeases, and otlivrb advertising. Ill UtO of wltlub ,. lit.. revenue. lIP ha collected

SIt'']'. >tf such other person thereof shall be punished by a UH.ilIVl'lV any section of this Act or on manufacture. distribution, or .. ar* dealer,loj'j"bt to sell. at b expenees for ach departmnr of In*i avail.bl hIP tile printing and b*,, mind 'lnt ta mt the apnroIn -

l.o .t or beom. a guest cf Una not exceeding 1100,00. or e montb. eectiofl shall be- d cl.r.dl1''ltU"n" row wholesale auch ftreworka ae are not: Kiel of Florida aa herein ll.ted, tu b*l Using required to be placed by $s' provldd (,,r. h* shall

:. Inn .p.rtm.o house. In the county Jail, or by both curb floe rare: af any ajeclora. a>iofltI'blAil iinrorilfieii. win.s mamifactured herein prohibit.d. or the .r.I.f any paid oust of the fund herein spprotirl- secretary of slut isO.eOd. the budget commIssion,
al.. statement. or D\I. and at the discretion of 1..lIdltl.h.1I fir not affect the validiiy In Vlnrld-i/ from any fruits or kind of fireworks am,.l Bled fit th* annual perloda begInning I aprnprlatfon (formerly ehaptar I U't'*t t eommlmilo-n shall adjust
'. o' J Impl..m.ot lIon o. directly out uf mate:: July I. 1141. ami July I I. 111. rulnesr nuu p l IC budget of any departourd -
1 : person not Inb..oin the < remaining prtiUns h..orC. vegetable or olher horticultural or agrlcultural sri to b* shipped i la eontlnaent, fur us* of (
,', at a guest of Hog.! i.ud'I. act .h.1, ,- <. ." ot the DC Ao' I. ooa- products grown In Plnrld-t. nr ore to he uaed by a person holding' r otherwlaa si-enin-.l. th* Kern herein are l unlfortit laws, expenm o< I .% by the eonaolldla-tlon
,I d. O'.r.m.ot house shah lmrn.distely 1mw. All Acts 0' parts shall not b* subject ta the tax ImpoeedI i a n.rmlt from any sheriff al Ih* .1''.- .nnual appronrlatl<) her afltr. iio.oiHi. nation.I .- duties to lha end that

.1 'lrleiemueannr' .nd shall. irfh" 0.bvVr noin'j.n. U.- flirt herewith are .K.rjsr.ifii. upon this play covered by suCh permit or the i 'Ihe following out of general rev*. .loner. Hill), Mlal*'. share [ ard eConomy may reauktti

at'j'' .on. b punla"e by Im- App.ove See, t. 1'1Act the Governor June 13. i.e. .. c1I fund collected. by cite i uen of firework by railroad or ether Cue .oalr.,1.: mlarleo. I J,II10. necesearyami In national el.nisremtme. nnirantt the appropriations kept

ih. '"bnlr \ lo e.- Ut. _____ Approved by Kiel Dn.... this Alt ... hereby appro transportation ...ncl.. for alga.I, purposes regular xp.ase .. II.IOV, spealaldepartmenl -- 4110, Hist.', .n.ra. Interstate venue-a at tli* Plate. In
.D''ftx or Jai not ti> ..-' CHAPTER 10110 1041. Jun 12. 1041.CHAP'Vitft prl.t.d, each year ,in the gen.r.l revenu or Illumination or when uaed In| of agriculture II.IOU, to. slon on oriole 4154,00. eourwll oh 'I II buil et eoiomleelon shall

AN ACT to amend Hectlon M of fund of the Hlat of Klorlda lo b*' Industrial uae. or the ., or use of 11 615.01* governirianta $ !.olsli I lln' and re.luo* the budget.

.'**11'alb? o ml.d.m.ano. for Chaoler Laws of riorlda.' Acts SOHdl used solely for all to dependent chll-l marrying or for Meeting' or other In- L'nlve'retty of rioTkla'-eelarl. ITU.. Mullillnir and Improveiuenl _->SInaI department after the

i ln of if l.Ifc "fU.'A. act reuSing to .ame.nongama relating to cemeteries and i den at the discretion of the dioti l W.I.| blank t.artrUlges for a show or theatre 000, intel IIUI.IIU. tile 'lha solos hereby Mini certified thai the anllol-
I.. op..al.. 1 ACT .
w ho. to bird fresh-w.ter fish and hnetafl irounds own.d by municipal I fare flaard.see. or far signal or reremonlat' pur- H.dla matIns Wttl't-, salaries II.. lo* bulldln-c and Impiovauient t will not permit ot th*

:0'h.u..nr cumpeosatlon for animal.' : ".... the ?. end permittIng .Id curporstiona 4. If any clam, sentence ..r.sgr.ph poses lit athletic. or .port. or for use i 000. nereeary sad r.aular .xp.n-Ma. ula shall iMe available .a .. to* b, a, wer and authority la it
or other mls- f.r..in. .m. and. f.1'CorpoTatlOnS ,1510 egr'wlimeflte, WIlIlPh. *, pert of "mills Act shall b* for by military orgenlxetluna. or organl-w, |l.000. telal III.OOH, pendlWa directly for tb* purpoa i f I i iselea by eaavullvv order,
''. pro.pectiv, patrona of a the oOlcS of Htata h..tal. tO iflteF eouivorttinl the ....> any reason .. adjudged by eey court: Hone aompueoi ut Ih. arlne.l force of! Hpenlal Itepuir-i. repa-eni.nle( hid I also ao ae ta permit their : hot Intent and purpose ciIt
and Co-mmj. stales
-I c. apartment house toiL define hIs dtis. an4 ; "nll.d the L.gIsbSIIre .f tic.alec. .i of enmpetenl Jurls-llctlon l. b. uninstltutlonal. the UnIted "1.1.* provl.lon : NothIng addllloii. I* physIcal plant flop tile t by beta*} eapplemented will ft nrvnt any drticit In
..Inn; nr apartlutent .10..'. t 0 hi. d.putie.; to fig 8. It Esarted b" such Judgment shall 1 not af-' In Ibis Act eli.ll ta. eeeetuued aa bar blennltim > 110,004. other tund. whuU may b* < ti .01 01 (hi. MImle govern.

w0ItiflyitIon. b. lou. "n.I that 01 that o. htd.ptitiis: 01 l'smr.di6.ctiofl corpor.tl.-mg I fort impair or Invaltdst the remain, ring, the ep.rutn.ne at manufaflnrer Susie. Plaut Hoard Malarlaa 145.0 tneoeesary r therefor.riorlda. t tIm nevenuse swadsithc
..t a / "omp.n..o. and I. Municipal rum manufacturing' ex- end ie ular expense. III.. Hlat Mo.pli.1 ', geed It (hO Ht, .t elHclent and
the not lb. cnn.r- ..t'n'o! cr having I 4er at title Act. but shell ba confined In i duly ""' (fbi *
courty J.I p."tO .00 this State ProvIded how
tia month. wIthin .otl.. and alorlBg such i Ill.tor .ombatlltig while Irfng.d beetle from 1WJI.4I appropriation toy 5 tenner.
fresh. exploding
e.Iflel.rI's. lOr burIal i It'* operation t* She clauen. aenlem-e. par- p.r "
II. 10to .I .ato. o. game. at.-.m.,- "b.d.. I .graph or part thereof directly ,Involv*![ nreworka Intb l> tiaiupound .nel/.,' lltt.ooa. apiary inspection Ueparlmeafealarlee Ing program, repairs: t hanter' e ::1115 sectIon ehall not b*
I. d fish an' 'h euch .o..nd. 113,0500. oai-eeeary and ie ul.rexpensea enlored leinal* pallenla bullillnga mean that tit* governor
p.t. or 1.-. In witCa mend ..nu"I I > In the controversy la wnM Judg- provIng .
..lh heraby pv.acrlbtug tUM they maw i mont ...11 have been renderedHec. eec. .. 1',10 .h..llr 0' hi. aPP.'"-< |l.o Inlet ll-l.tl. lue., psire Ixi.ooo, receIvIng hospital .t. couittil.alun hue the pow.mi

.(.: .ll. >n' eub-sectC.n. sea .Ad extent smut.dealt. In: hlOO5 : I. Thla Act shall '*k* erect Im.ledlately tea or any other polUia olft"... eaellaelae. I gency not tn b* used anleea- found Betfeeeary pair I1I.OOO, general Infirmary, i| 01,1, any department 0C
p po..esied t. lake, .."..* ciaus to b* ... by the budget eouimlaelun <4ut bath h,
'* )t' of thl. amid its beromlng liw.Approved or peire fjeooo, ro-ame foe
.," .: held 0.0 act tueS hUlt.a guides, trappare whir .0.. l.h..m.n > upon by the Governor June II, mowr-1 al the expene ot the owner, all I the biennium 650.000. ttn.vnn. new Infirmary building* j I board ol Control l phil!

'"* ', d.I..e. I. .ulr. person. sod ". me.S "". Block nt firework ar .ombu.flble. of. Agricultural Kxlenatonrvlc. -- lalarlee 000, **w.a disposal plant SeI.iimle, length of tb* ach oolediiaatlonal
!i shell'op.r. business operating bunlAI i 0' : : : juo, U. 104 n.r fired ar lit..>* not kited th. wh
r" r )f boePi fop hire or fur.bearing -- held in violation' of Ihla Act. 14..130. 104.1 IIO ,loo. t'Blverelty of riwrbla ih tends are appropriated
'. this act and It hide. of
fresh water Ash 0. .,...- Agricultural, Uxpvrtmenl -
have for ..n,., r rilAPTKR 10I9TI her .. Any person 'h' .U. fftallan lIon agrlealtural .xnerlui.nl
viin been the I..- snIiuole. progure a Ilcinse violating the .... .larle. iJBIKttTV. aUtO ... \ .rc appropriation appear
t. .. corporation re.ts.
building .eon
** this I AN ACT flxlB lb. ,.. and I. taba i .hl'. ur addition to
vIta. ,. <.. aol wlthuul to prshibli the use pi.ciilg'h.. dleh..eIn collected by *Hie Motor Vehlcl. &om. vIsions of this J Act .hall b, guilty: of amlaileineaifnr I lar Sees.,... IITITT4.). special .ddltlall.1 building ,tse4. dairy barn for. i et 'bu lldlf ln* ami Improve-
tit Inop.al". or la. the frech ..tr. of Ia.a an.l convlMlun, thereof fop vegetehl-e laboratory for m elIcIt appropriation ar*
to : t. a..'I nite.loney the ...,.I..tlon or tO.registratIon upon crop uvrliiieul stalk 4.0.1100, college
Id, t: .m.loe.. ."I."M .. t.r.. Inl."u. et persons er asslatabCC for tb. c.r..k.e&iI mu.ulcipl upon of s.HoMobil., far prlval. r .hell be ...I.h.d by a Baa n"t ex- plant pathologist and eatemologlet sacS .uefrnea admlalecralton building .,ttr nt upon fundait being;

I Pi'I. .. 'j i.i' he'denied 1clu l '"a:1 tot' .. of this sot ant .,igintene.nce .toy..1.1.shall 1". have ... D_ and repeel.Bg alll laWs o. part.l ....lin. It,le4.ee. oe In lit. case of Indlrlduats. year 1104. emergency fund, a* peter O'l'). total far lite blennluiu 4lff, th ronatructlon. of such,

t uric held .1.1.ln.the p.o.llon. .kk.uc suchpvnseeutiofle oorporu.ttOfts .1' bOnvey' .f I... In aonfllul herewith and pro. the ...mbe.. ot a partnership. > of which la lo its used ualee. friai-ul flnrlda Mchvol far lha Deal ami jut decrjlurlee aay ep
', It "ch.dl pane amid o.n .. lint to ..11. transta' SaIdeomcteri"e when Sills A. .. .. and tile responsible ontoer. end ...n.. necessary bv budget nommlesion fte ."$ervnme ar.e antI or neoesaary
b : the
"*, ., to provide for 0111 fIt. proVIelooe lots er (Pools ot & anti! W a_.. Jo" lb. .SUS ffV.I of an asam-lallnn or carporatlon by Im.prlsnnment new, total $tl.eed. Special -. V.J.l.bl houdini lQ..Ie, eenomt bollee at .- ip.nee' : and provided fur-.
the bull.llng
taka effect lm- cirry tb. >f ne.
j a'b 01 tine Cf funmIs. t. die.po.iiion to la lha anuaty Jail nol ex- props laboratory greeahouee.l plant and Inelal.ltlnn al new n>
the the I
is .' lining a law. o. this act and lot' th.riUl%- lila' r.t'el.e' .". ,1.fl.I' ::1 niinwIog.. f-a. shell b-i aeadlng tu dayor by bottt such fine l building lot trallata, Mufpmnt for the Plant at golora vhol, Hlnahnn* f 'II I at<* are provided fop any
Uuv.ruor aecruina legislature mentioned
.Jun. I a, .t rev.nuse "y1nl $it Cnlt.d $tstei.ibm. .h.1I herOine ... p.l.l and tb. following ..". shall' M ...1 "prl..on..n' blennlum Ii.eo,. (Including Oel.l Ixbl wartmaaa auttagea, amid till void Where
-- i die consenting to .0'lut.IUon land. wst.V 2. 'ibis srI .... by Ih Ht.l' Motor VehIti $et t. Ally prevision .- any *** *ID l oratorle. .lui special Item. a. r*>tlow.'l. line* 121.0011. repalra Ic '* i 1 null and
.1.. of .r... or with fst'tlv. 11O"II ...* CPUS Its collcled She orrorealetratlon this Htat* loconaletenl wllli any p",,. ). ealarwa, N a. H, and total, building IH.ive r'palra to eervloa 1 iny officer or- employe of
14"1 2QU4 land and wale', ''n .ec..d.I". 312C l It. Ciramieelonor i.n aatomotalle." for p rival v of IbIs. AH I la hereby repealed.Me" CumIn exporfment etatloi hILlel. Uxnrfry bulldtna; IJ.eeH, total far i i 41, I not been chanl.alelature ged by eny
to. tb. of '. lnAppT vId'by: the aov.rt.or Jose .. ., : o l 1541. Ih*
method act of congress laws amy1 j o In .....l.ac with Ib* pre I. Th I. Act shall t. : k llialM, 6441,71' vegetable crop Lab bIennium 111,111. ;
: romutmnitl.m.a. n._ "., eIstioq use oratory III.MO, UI4* $.1* Mla "hcqw sad ..p.lnl t.l. 1141. 1141. at tba h.aof riorlda: January I. I 012. > ee1 etui id* Vial 4oll4g for Womn-
::I 'eat, ".4 :I'': and ant ....u, <>: dltorlum 1140.0011, recoaetructlna; I r contpeaaatloit employee ahlI to b control* patUemploveev

1..ln. udltrtuai
*"*'. lnto else
.. room $
squired *.
fec 'U"AN _ ,.
t" CIIAPTit 14.10 III**.
that "CiiBhl Id.lOO fMl.lff inveetlliaflot -
: total
o.rllr ; lee the
: pltct 1. amId flail'ing 'be ..4..1..bll.It" !Net cf 2 eeC pound. or ni-jr*. btennluiii 1041,1100. of th* apBraprlatlona
.1.1011 so M. 141.CHAPTER tabr.l iry ll.srlnge $7.eOS. .oo.
op.rsting ACT May < .1
bY persons ll. ,* .. riorlda Agrlruliofal and
s' 'b. sonullf. thai. 2.. -
records but I ices
"( ''t-; : Cow hire shll a' an evideftce .r ..'uo. llorP---- lll ll..00. III SOU celerv Inveellgalucin : 'general reveue fund provided
beats In .. College for
ee., t .q elicit caa4In ".. w.l'.ht *f e. --' Agrlaullural det
available ta
itflty tD 4.t.ml.. ..; chsiigiuug th. and pbo..pl1lo peprnttmetlesa but lea Ik*. ll.* pounds 0154* flat A1'f ACT '0 emend IO.I.n, J, of Chan-> lebvr.lary lie-JOB. It.MO, lll.nn. rit- applied Indilatilal eal.eno.e shall to* any -
instIl,4 01 etscUgigIaI.is for eertin _t.; osqairing .nly .U r.gui.r r.ure. 06 hm1fl .1 t'l Kt weIghS .f 1.040 p.d. or .. SeP III". La.. 01 ".rl".. 4el. .f I.., rue .eperimo.nt station IIJ.4l. I.e.- fur She biennium tlle.eov, t ur fitS Hlale e.v.Tninenl an.
bosti aTirin, : the head of curb
sack by .. Legislature tn tamiatlun.cults'S ., 40 J 111, 41* Kverglade
". licensC tag tot .1 0. It Eacaled but lese than .I** Bouod. 1104 flat. "llIled 'ha Ad rsi.ting ; exparlm.nli Klor.a* Huildlna ._ Bpecjel for i tile
&- ,. for the Stam 0. .. .4 pluddmemgeeitnml and iopeiNg as eaIse tee tnlb. i siellon *3.P25. sie.elJ.( lil.omt: IGeer- blennluim dell prepare and wIll
IJd.ooo. To
t. whiter aiui v.pco.tvctlene 1'w.t.b' .f t."* poaorls *r nior 1 b* inml full aol
: e iagSl pbotogrsph ,, 'Isthmi0 t u eiun
hisses 'fuel' 'Instor celilele glaoVa *xpeTftiin efellon.
? buIlding an l
to furatek ael Use 5 qP eeet of the Bgritiullar
the .
geade ..1. $31
.e. or all anticipated
lLi4'uitat. ybterfUge So Dr 557 : anti ieeiu'Ie .11 ceo"bustibi. iMbaretery $2ee. Ul.eoo Norm floe.l ,uiemenl
..uU". rein.Ow viding Chat shall, bediemnid 0-c. All law or parla af taws ..LConll' whit shall muses chemIstry bullilln on the let In
," putty rsqair.tmaSale .r "a ssrtlmua bepulshablS euast7 Ci' inunkipe sn..rnmeleboard. lb.res'ule' .i brrwwtth ar*> hr.by .... *.. ... and Uquld. ussaul 10 anIutterntti l LU exp-rrlineat eteliaa 111.!.*. Hi.. by Ib* $tsle. 10' Ipta and! b espendllurea peoted bnt
ant ag.Scl.lfl obly to *
p 'I. thereof DO' foP lice >JX *>
fop tbl d.pa't..t r 'Otl.Uoft engtse' ub-lroplvxl eaprlmnti riorlda .
I nt.thnatioutal a "lol.'ln IW... I. This Act .hall lake eleCt oa"TSSZ ran Colony tile
ot .nrr overla a.n.s.I
demmitiwsOweme ; .t'!! el oore. of .u.ln. *. 1041. geeealIe* ci pqwsr to propel :' elation lltlu'.. l;.C44. lll.neu. watertnaloa *ulumon and repair: Holler I.( r *July >1. l>41. aol

dajegat.. I. .. h. .lt: -" f..i: :.. deeumcat, 'C.Pou'.d : by the 0...... May 2$. of City t.iod of absvac'er' on iJ pebithigh' and grape| lae*>laatli-. Itaburu.. er plant. .4.800. u* niaehlu |4.loo. .4I ivlng Sold t4t ment or bud
: ,I wheat eOnvsnhtuIte,. U.a.a r: : wrltinL t YN ilC Ib. .e.. ur 11'1..1_ s.ec.1p&e lory It 14*. 24240. $ l2eec. wihrervu IV.* peter I'** planer cc 1 i wbrrb
CbsV.fhide. lit Ib
.. or ,.t..If 0 ci4 lulls amouat
*.\..tylt: I. portion I. seetinut I LetS ot u:, trait" Of_r.111\ s.ita _U7 !L 1141. .SGic ,.eI. aS .. etibjiel t4t t forscsMiis >. $1,39e, Iitt00, 4aj- Otto, JvtmlI' $t9*, wood lath : eat etottetSiatea II WIlt &tsI
." ef : or *led oJ' ,
.Lw. .o
or "I .II .c 41 .a

'I S.,

e.. 'I'

...1, '. ..


-- ----
-= -

r*>!v. from A II Bout-**, .I.. snr th: ronU ,tli. who and .tha lat. of tbr.l.Jtt ftfMttlnn nt thla Art ahnM I if. m ember* aa U shall deem .ieocNssrV antf i-car* opU.".. with the te> .* (he depoaUry of aM fund whether Bhj.ll.stint Dot i IK tiuliimt! teaohlna corrective: In tIn teaehlnt, pnhlKl, achool Ouch a mirrl* Up AN ACT CHAr-TItp t4i

Mjipropr.Mlon" from ltn w
mini* hentunrter. al well 1 a d til i nht. 'JH tn. Jnteptfon: Act tIme raaaon' ,n"nU.n.1 In Paid Mention I biiNlne-ea of th. ni>nimla' lm. 'h. tot,, of .unl loan. reaolutlon >* paaad for th* validitythereof vervatlon and corrective b.alth |iablta; ad 5nlonied 15218, Laws
0filvnd frOmWhHtI"V0' iMfe MUree*I fo th* entire 'U'th ot of fit***. t. I of rhapter( bfor paying auifh fJhuokn by
revenue* Urn fund' OH b* exempt here* tnlamon., b and with th. oonant location the provlaion of Hpaolal cotta. book lion adding
Mid 0tuI0u. i.I of OX' Hint of In ten and, '1.11. : lisa Lawa nf Florida. Arts of 1921.It. warrants or draflar but shell only look l I authorlsin tbcr,1
A nil .lor.l. It I* the ." of thin Act any commission nr department; l. cutuP) toachinc aupplle required for th*. ltoort, Iba
p..hdiIur.0 allah t:1 'XP0fllI., .houl') t h... part or portion of .n.. all 1 funda I from n.* fore and I it f th* ri.: Incluilmg: any foul service< ., and the earn ,in h.refo| amendad, to to the form and hlgnntur-H of the Paine i I )instruct(on ol handicapped children. ulcunel Ic ii. dbarratiun
ahallb I
tur'N ntIi'Piil4 1j.'I bO l lpI'IflX inaJ*.* territory not 'included In th* effort wherff.! by the operntlnn\ of thla I 5 I thermif, may, avail Itself of the ua, of read aa follows: provideii, however, that no tax Hfo. I. Reiiulrementa For I'arilolpa ha,. thet i to

I..la, 0 nl.. nr .nl.Jloyl'.O. .on tffl by i Ih''. Act rrea,ted M nd provided Ac*; Fed"ml, inntchlng funds or Inform.tlnn 'In Ua or their poaaoaslonIn 'Hec, .. 1'h. commission ah*II en.nusliy levied on any property In auflh dlatrlot. lion. That In order to participate in utequireul by

tO lIp pOI ":IIIOYPOILiI for. the mllrogd eumnilmilon' NhaJt by ,.Uon. to any fund or fund are contl. carrying o"t. .h. p.nvl.lnn. of thinAol. remit to the Htat Tn-n-urer all nor ahall any bond, lirns'War't the allotment of funds provided under; liuflcribution percnyi beuiucnt or

: : lI.flhIlO'l, .IltltllIIlM, of in 10 beflj.no r...ltif Ion d..ln.* acId 1." or portion ."."4. The principal) offlr of th* .omll. nt proflta of the co..r..I.n for the rant |or cevrtlftnatea of each board of public Per.0np or
thi Ant county lng that
.. and mol, of or th. territory in Htmlo, / .".. laaued a* hereinafter In Section 7. B. nil Orlsfli11
., .n'' fur .p n. ". I. The deduction hereby required lion .h.ll at Tallahaaa Florida, blt preceding year proper instruction shell submit to the 8ta(* *u- cab. Its depi
..,.h e.'p.1nl ".hi .. fltnnt of Flnld. (10 b. a part of an adjacent or ahull the general rev th. commission may estubllsh agencleair h.". been m.d. for operation a.ipen.ea.the and 0 provided, excepting In eonneo. of Inatructlon hrancmiile4 l ,,

I'.u.lrP' ( flIed with, ,h.a..* ..Uuln''e' .. .. and may proceed na to *nun. .: l.blh'\ p or by I branf nfflnea at auch other' placeR, administration and malntanftnca of lion with am erosion protection project t i perlntvndent outlining Its public propoaed procedure a ury Ho'lrd to credit.ti t lb.,

bu.liret rotnmlaalnn and approved by *: .t. an declared by auch Inc hoI and under aunh and the nterprleia, plans ".aj.o. for the payment of which a Federal I I plan I *uthorlllng lli
T..u. aa cauaa may I a i n.lou. of special education aer-
I. or lli...Ji .1 l tion the aa If elIcIt| "t.1 ril. .II.ton. ... I or othergovernmental agency oihurthan for lha provision Stat. a'ifare the ,
to July part or undent
U I prior au. tlit. Aft been : I. ,".trly period ending March *J.1 thn commission" may .... 11. I.k.n. 10 rl..lon vices for handicapped pupil* and no Pcaliaitt llflae4
for' which inn upprourlnflan] incorporated, In IU"",. Jim 80. HeptMnbtr DO. and iiecnmberHI Act may he cited aa I ha Flo.ll. and other pro., .....v.* for plnotpal,, atich dlatrlct Crented hvreunder, fund authorised herein may be allotted Intention front Ouch wI.
aalil$, bailiiet ahowa jolnlnB; one-half of th cost. of
(11 at J least *
fend t In the event ( r ach ami when Into Improvement Commission lnte and' Ing fund re4jnirvrtint, pay the
aal'l, eallmnle' nf ..".nllu. will bal t'pon th. railroad commllon nr the the;f greneraf ycHr.revenue fund r1'.YI.I'hu".n : *I Heo. It.: That : of ;I Chapter on loana and. a Monnble; reMrva fof set e. 'I 111. sold hoard nf commlp. to any rounty until pulPit th plan Stat has tiil, therewilh, let,1,11 ,,

l P..pO than 'the p.lllnaIO,( **, lii.prd'oprlntiofl Htate or Florida makinv no award of become. a. part of sold, baaccounted I Ififlll. 1.ws of Forl.t.. :of operating o.pl'a''. Klnnera of paid Ulatrlcla, whenever it; been approved In writing by tlrawal or aurh r.gql.11,,
$ herela ahalliiininlnheii b* frum-litm rlitht to th arantunder* 1:3. .. the 911,111 of be ta meet tile require, supnrlnJendent In aocortl.meewish regulatlon 0.11mg stlt'h
'Tli "' of may necessary mono5
o"n'.lo.I for and llnbnraetl a provided b and tli aam* 1 ,
for yeer by the the provlHlona at Ship Art and uch, by law red pert 10 th ganeralrevenu read. follows, .. Florida .I.t" b* em-offlcto. treasurer <.f menta of the United Htat-s rov*>rnment of SIte fiat Hoard, of JSductt "tat. .Welfare"HO,,, !ii Ihie l> i,

amount hnwn In auch budget ,00 anj irrantee nltNll oonatruc't and( maIntain wil. ''HHC .A. 'Vhera> I. gra n ted the comniualon,.. and shall b. the custodian with referen o to obtaining; of F tion. lunda which Its,,

.ntll'IpOtOd .tirplii.' .n obiicrvnllan( tOwer wh r.. adniltiNlon < fl. (I. > Hhould. any State fund and vested in the commlsHlon hereby the of all aaourltlea alt, Federal fund In (lie further proaaru- Mo child shall b* aTlvn apeclal aer* Win, be ben1) op
power 0/47" ,
1.0. Il-A. 1h. oloto' bo..n' "Mol.n (ffn, *r. t-hurited. In any (tiven on> na b I. recipient' of Feneral cantritisiDane. rliiht authority.: bonda belonging"to .b. commission.Moneya lIon ot its work from any agency of t vice aa defined under the terma of aoolal w.lrae.T I puirpows.? !? r ptbi5!

tHe, lroar,1 nl .0n.n"oOM', addlt.onnl I award! or frastrlit.e! ehII) b. II"either by th* 1icitrhlflt of Htat I

.,. Jn.IitiiUflflR. arO ',.rab" grantesi' to a not hr n ft.p'I'.nt' *bject funda or by a general donation to iSlets, II and poaneaa.k." *.lu.I".II for any prof aa ... .h.nc.-onl l. of I lIe commlaalon authorlxed by resolution of such board. physician, approved by the county tn$ fop ii,. her.wIth1

., 11111J0C1 to ,111. .ppr."ol' ot 1110 only to the power and "un".1 of th** fumla nnd tha payment of monle Into. v-ta, '.. or undertnklngs of ahnll.be under th* control aollutanNyement to appropriate, *it? aside, transfer and t .poanl of publlo In-truction. h*. thm-- Pt, it Rsiat, dat.

1",1.. .'ininiuIoI., 'hi ''.h... .uto., .nl.n.d cionmia'tlon, nf (.t.l ut Ih. general revenue fund under tills I the olml..lon.. .over ami, )Hint., of th. "oln"IMlnn. awl, expen'l from any fund of such tllxtrlct. OUR My XMtnlnd th* child and has Stat. of florId111 Ity lb.
.',.bl., .. 'r".k. I.otnr. su. : to nciMHliy: fend Act ahonlil, rnuHA pooh to .lone Federal lands not .ro.In ua. for b. dbsbusrtl l upon warranta algn- ouch puma of money aa may be ore,.* certifIed I that beeaa of his phy aiual SeCtIon

f ::;.: ,:: ;" ..h.In ,onhlXmoult(ho Us* ,:$ public nonvenlenc, n.rO'.1 She additional: ...It.no", the ( tll .1.1 oer It.own"0 purpoa olb..wl. .hol" I ha "halr.n.n. and countersignedby lacy to yblnin aaltl grant from th* Feel> handicap the child la In need, of apacInl 15281. Law.2, SectiOn I
observation .
: tower-.. otllcer clealg-, ) of lie axenclea,. acrvlova and without them could or i'ioriIu
.nn.J: boord thy t Pom rol ler a t h*, a) The commission' la hereby au. the anrretaty other era government or any eit, In
''d.o ,:.'; nnlrul of Slot:i ln0LtIltl.lIlo.llO "* :: lOots th .. For th. purpo of .anlnl; H Iut* Trea 'rer *' colt) fund la for. thorlxed and empowered to exercise th. hated by th. com,mis-loo. JJotida andMHourltlea and to do all thing neceaaary ana proper not obtain the educational advantage to to e hereby- amended by
of out provlelon. of hip Ant th child ,ntllieti. A of the ,,
11140 I h.tn exempt from the foroa and power of eminent domain and Ploy which aliaII be In the hand for ouch purpoae, which la copy Subaecttlon l'Cag
'\ Il-C. All .1.bu..m.nt nf Florldiav | divided Into ten aonea to Treasurer tret Hec, 7. Ih board of cnmmliialoncrxof >I report certifying lbs child' ,
fur ban "(Tent nf this Art. condemn for the us. of acid copn.uip., of the Htat aa *surer *. phyalclan'a
rn"'II.' '1.1p: ,: : Ron known from on* to ten, 5111> HhiHihl It' be ternilneil by th ion ". and all la nils' tnsement, right ...omclo of the commlaalon., shall b* poll dlatrlcta b* and they arc her- condition shall b* kept on file in. (a) The iStal bat18
I. iniulbor nn:11 fr'II..t No. I tthfllt conHlMt of the of tlie empowered to lasue.flotlver .. nine of the superintendent thturiaed to I.
b Jow nov. ".. thut by reaaon of payment' I of way. riparian rlghla and proporiyrlghta dlaponeil of upon tile order com- by authoi Ixad and the o county arIl coy
'llrhIIrMlIlPfllP 1,1.11. ini c territory t ChirI'tita. I tiwlolo. alreiKly' Into tile general revenue, of every dearrlptlon required In ml MM ion atgnvd' by th. ,1.lrn.n and and poll Int crept bearing; huts r of publln instruction, and th* county that ft may nt'uJisui, pp1101
the n..I.
l.ro "H" "n'. r."n.r.l.n.,,flrnordlnIll laden, !.." I.nd.,, Haiifto, Pi.riiv'e fund by aop' fund under thla Act aucfc carrying out tile and purponu'stIC countersigned, by the secretary otheroinoer warranta bonds and on certificate* of In* superintendent ahall. upon request, have acquired by Xey Ini I.,
a 1vanr. "1i11 da.nll" Illhl."d. nut**. Polk, : the ," ". debtedneaa of th multi dlatrlct, In t furnish to th Stats oontibutlons of
.n'l .uo HI.bo..h. fund la anhjert th* .loaa FederalaaMlntAnce thl* tnw may upon, Ink* designated by' .", a copy auperln bs'quutt
fund. rhorortOr.' obl.t 1e .*** c.f Fltirliln. then the ouch and uae aald ant aa H may deem nerr.enaary Th. actual .p.n.. Incurred by the such sum aa the board may delerinln to> ten dent .s4 r publUo Inat ruction.T any purntln, iuu'raonn or
d.I.I' .In.W..lon. ..1'. .prInt .out.. ) No., 9 KlinI I ) fonMlBt of the fol flfrtiry to th. (' ,.' 'I.v".no. to the nuch'..purpose pending con treasurer of ,at* of Florida, ID per.forlutint beneceaaary for the prosecution ofth T 'ho county auperlntendent and rlnelpala whet Pitch peruonol or

.nl" tho .pnu. lowtno 1.'lta.II' AlHChua n. ... (tlrnd- Htat Treaaurer that push fund MX. dom U proceedings. th. lnrtun. of ..-nlol. tteaa authority In them, by thin act vent' of each county shall mak every -> ,ludginnt o the htrup.01

m.d phII hr .op'.4' "y", I. ch 1. ; iiUK: f uvHl, oil' frotn the provlalnna of Ship I .Aft, 'The proceeding for condemnation ur r by ed.. Huch time warrant bonds certificate effort to us* existing school ifa- eusry for us., In bos1 ,,
Ih. : olrhr : :
: r'l "omt.r.: :
nunroininliMiInn aa <1..ln.atnnur r Int. Hamilton, afnyett Levy, Nna- anti : whlrhahnll I them Work of the Ctflflpctl,0
the Comptroller or lbS State Treasurer hereunder may be Instituted and conlurte the I but of JmlabteUnca herein provided Pllltlea and to adapt to th* State ,
arrouni II. .1. .pa..tl n..p pal Vnlon. Huwtvnn.*, 1 .I"n. '.11.., anil, a* the. may be. .h.1 them <1 In the nain of thn commlsslun.and be> earned upon funda I'. the for ahall b* IK sued In (denomination i needs of phycically handicapped chlU Inlet beard, and all beard

b" (.-t or .I.I'. of lawa I''nnnl Zone counties' of Ilo.hl". upon refund and pay over .u.h fuod She procedure abel) ba the anne> aa liitndu of the treaauier b belonglni to th. from 1100.00 to 11.000.00, In th* dlacre-1 dren whenever tItle la poaalbl*. No froun lbs 51.1.. of aU Procuaj, ,

Heo. 19 All frtO repealed; lowing No I Bhnll .0n.l.t of the r"l. any amount or amouniN previously pea iii la prescribed by law for condamnntlon coin ntf sal.on shall be placed to tha .dIL. lIon of the board. and ahaH bapay* handicapped child ahall b* aggregated bs P ratnmit ted In Ii,,

t herewith ere ner.by .ff.pl ."lo.y ; Roy(. K.- Into th. "general by such by railroad corporation In this Stab of th. .romnilaMlon.' abl* ta bearer. end shall ba signed by and taught apart from normal chlldren to be credited o $'tt,

o.t: .I"li. ThIs- act alal'akl nambla.,,_ 1'kln. Ofi.mln., ,.Oulf_ Haune., fund, _. v"ntn' unless and exn pt a* the may Hec. 6. That Hwtion IA or t'JtaP-- tha chairman of aald board and counter until a careful xtudy of th* lioau'd.bi the $1115
lt-41. 14.UU. Inttna.unul.n ftrtnta & mof' HM* (01 T"" tilovernor nr the That. or modified bv this) law.c ter 16801 Iwe of Florida.. Acfn ofIS.tS. signed by the clerk thereof and. shall l child' caa ha* been mad and lt ( 'The Sale
Ih "ro' .w"
Approved 1 by .ov.rnol'\\I and .. Y.Vt Florida bo and h. hereby authorisedHnd ( ) To own and to arrjulr by dona be, and the enm 1 herebyvmenctml hiv affixed thereto the official anal of la evident to the county auperlnten thorhieti Io l'Pbtcruv bo4

______ ,$ W..hll"tun. ""nU.f a of "In.ldl. cmpowei"'ed at any tlm* to reduce tion purchase or otherwise, real anti to read .. follow: the Odd board and shall bear' Interest dent and principal of th* school that olal Welfare tip Public

niAPTKR tlOtTp.AN lon. aha II cnnalat of -modify t* not boa ihan tw. percentth uoraonnl' Irop..t", tangible and 'n..n.l. Mac. 1S-A. FiI. detailed' I and acnui- at th* rat not to xceed pix per osmium argregatlon la for the child's benefit. soul trot,, I)..Pflrooepa sy

ACT vetlnic th. railroad' conrmlanlnn .lIon territory No. ft ahaui i )Dada I nuunty r deduntlon Imposed by .. to bl,. and . mortguga, pi. all ''0.0., .n. 'a shah be kept, per annum and an Id! interest may b*' Th principal under whoa* dlreo- 501,1 pursuant tt sale f iurr.otltb
Ih 'tat. nf lOrIlo, tVt.pwq.r lowin ronalat t faU tiny on, mor of th. nperlal fundaafTerted alienate, or oth..I.. 0..1 In. Roil .dispose .f .1 prnp."I.! prIm proneedlnga" or. represented by Interest coupon attached lion the child la taught ahalt keep by vet t it being lIt. autbri111

fr ranchlea ta poroone.tlrIr. Florida territory; Palm li.ach '" hereby, when In his Judgment of, I h* ,* ii. tho1objecta .. ions, receipt, disbursement to paid tlm warranta, bonds i a written record of tile case hlatory be lb. intention ?xpresuip

to ,Kiwnt to rtoulhl.. "onairiift Kon No. 6 ahaII Site uhree percent d erf notion 'la lq ex* and purpoaea AWi"'at: and expenditures ..d. or contemplated or certificate of tndobteneaa payable to' the reason for lbs child'* withdrawal auch money. of I ip
( or rnrpiiratlon .nn.I.' of the fnl caa of the whirl I, could (d> To by, under the authorlt af. bearer faaalmll th cr. herteby
and ,maintainilnrrva.tIon lowlna amount full car. ant aa olluitrnhtor or that signature of *t of each handicapped pupil allowing to the Iltate app
nit.bliHh. operate ; territory! ( "W :. In* ry out the purposes for which tha deduction but the ( 8tat Iniprovnment, Cotii cliHlrman nf cold board and tha acro th Welhire BOSH
tow .. wtierav.' adnilaalon, dlnn River, Martin.I 0' : I ho only I. n..y or Florid. from the regular claaa In publlcii rusr be uned by I.
authorised, or will produce: Inclflent to ...."Inl ..'. ml sal on oil of tory thereof. Ha Id time warrant bonds i school his nrollment or* or with- soc al wolfer. It for PIblie ,

lUInc I th* term ,\i for which Zone No. 7 ahall.OIIU.. of the fol .1 pac'.ee 01' ilnflci.eputry .moln, or and pu.po.. of Ian which ahall.bJ. Kept ''e.o'io.UI publluInepeirllon or certificate of Indebtedness shall mo drawal from, a apeclal claaa for han over, that auth Purpose,; ltro0j(,
;I franrhl: rlaht vb* irantedlproviding lowing "on.l.t revalue for aurb purposea or when In (-) au. and b. cont.a.t.nd review tur at aucli time tip tin,.. na may b*i $rapped pupil and this record ahall drawn In PIth i,
uch may terrItory: iirans county P'Iirp .u.e
hip. the threw b tliuea, and : from determined accordance wIth
ot appllfatlan provld $ judgment imrocnt dedun oontr.nl.d with. nom".lon by the aald board.Hoc. b* available for Inapectlon ofy the ntoneys are hc
form :
for che. notl of Intention, to tda.SCon Nf, I atinH onalat, of th fol tlon: linpoaed agHlnat any aunh apelal aubmTlba fury purnhaa, *oulre time to time publish I .. detail* of I It.activlllep H. Such time warranta bond* ornnrtlllratea fit at* aup.rlntendent of publlo in* omle Of th. State
InK oPl11 fund will aerloualv Impair or endangerth <] mortgage, pledg I I In such form, aa aliull, lIe of Indebted herein Chore
far' % a. nee* proVKIad -1 atrumtlon or his repreacntatlv at dltlon to' other 110,1
for providing Voluai Flor
fram-hlaoi : territory t .nl.ll.
10.lnl .0Int7. financed own, cell otherwise ileemed beat ( to serve the shall funda whIch
roitunlmlon vatrh county.rTerted : program auchspeclnl or .al.II..d for b* sold at either publlo i any tlm*. ('p may otherwIse hi
the r.llrOHd fund, ,.. of th ; provtdlnrr I for > furnlahlnifnr Zone No. ft ahaH oonalat of thi fol) 'n'"n : rnortgagea. nnd obllgatlona r,1 prlvat aa of oom Bee, 6. Requirement For Teacher pubIlo aid and social
of he ernor mtul(. .. this of munUipalltl| and polltkinlaubdlvlalona transactions had or propose to Inaloncra may determine. If cold at' flea. 11. tieiftn
mil e.
bonTTn for the performance ( lowlnff territory HrAvnrd. Oil i 1 That All
i run. Flag : no teacher ahull b* employed law,.
for I lr nk aub-iertlon .h.1 b. fllcii in the office of tile Stall *f Florida and said .commle-jon Ha approval. Provided prlvat utile. tilt aam* shall not be mild ..onhlict or PIn. of
of Marlon oaruwiln herewllh
the Putnam to t-ach
pranohl! proyWInc Y :
t..m. of tho and th Htt Treasurer of however, eotniiilaalonor p11141pubiish ; handicapped pupil phall b. .
franrhla. krlvllea. SemInole Hunuar "o.p..nl. corporations: and Individual : for )lese than per, and If aoM at public Sea. lit, r,
of the ) ; and under the 'fbi.
Ml. rnuntl : provisions of this Ant
.h. J.hn .h order needful or Incident" such of it* at Act 'bali
\ cola rotlfi
the railroad] f'uhI'IItIlIl0lOI01YOVldlUtnt' j ,M of Florida.. < .h.1 .ontnu. carrying out ills report .U.ll. publlo of sale ahall ba given Immediately st.
until adlch teacher has been
; duly up.
In effect la ,She discretion objert and purpoaea of 'hi. a mlexerrlM least th>e. tltti.. by advertisement once earh week for by Psasag, ,
4'ikit4lmlnNiiin [hew. ana Zone Nu. shall I.w. u.lu.IY. the
the flolnO of toll eonalat of the '01. certificated Governor
teacher of th han
If rnor May by him, b counter all the Ho. 7. Ion. subncltthom ( aa a or 011
and two consecutive wake In t it,
lioN poll io wlna IMnallua rl.hl. Ihu1 ..c a newspaperpubllHhed a lw .
fen. without
; ; county
tarrltory c
whole JW. Icapped under regulation of the
., ant malln"' GV.rfllIl1 jda. 11. .nrn or In part privilege' Incident there paragraph or clause of tliia Act la the county where the souL Approved
reiculallon' $ ", Hao... Th. .mpl.ol.. and th* vt. b. to b* Invalid, unronatltullonal district lien, and shall b* aold to the Htat Board of Kducntlon and the 2841. by the Cuvertop 0
exenilne of the f ram Molt '. Th. rommlaalon of ( In.r"cUv. *
State board I is
h. dlrooted
1"h.1 .I..at Htt to prescribe
Tr. ". authorlxed' th .
th ftl state .
for < WMUM to o"r"m:1
provIdIng > of nut :
u.I. ",1 apch regulatlona ax- b* neccea Filed In olflce
.10.1. to nrtaln and determine the manner purpoaea I law the coinmlfmlon it hereby BpHrlilc-a.ily de* board reject may
all bhla. Th* Si'cretsry'
may er
"n of th* 0 ppllnntlnn. fov*. ; any pwraon, corporation, a fran :. :.t.d.v any 10 .fF
1'lchl.. In which. ,. aary and raaaonabl for certificating 1041,
I for in dlvlHlon nhla. or permit r: build: cionatruuL. op. the r* ,iulred amount nit'all may acquire, own .onl.uot. monaCo to hitv been the Intent of thetegalatura monies ,drlve> from the sale of Pu.iul! |
prnvldlna *
O14 be rtHdm-tad and paul anti to and operate, maintain to the remainder of this time, anchors of the handicapped.
Into Mime for inn liupo.e. LIla Ants opwrat and maintain obaar. adopt and/or "n.no. any nrid' pass warrant shall be tola it ml In tlm
prohlbitmar the. everci 1. byeHuy per t.bl.h. tower under th. provlalona ttn ofI offectuat. such rulwe and pronatlura a amny all enterprises, piston, projects, publln Act without such auction aubatiatliin.paragraph official depository of anld dint riot. and ba Hca 0. Computation of Inatruotlon ChAPTER 21111

mm llrm or pubflo or prl I title Art tha pinna and tipeiltIi'e11000 ba nwesanry for c."ln. out 'Ih* works or anrvlc within the Stat* of or clause lined fur thin purposea authorised by fnit For Phyalcally Handicapped FupIlA. AM ACT to rtqulr

vale cnrpn..Unn.prlvlte provIded unti ahull drat b aubmlttdto. provlalona of thin Act. andprnoadura Florida, devoted to publlo UNO, needfuland 5,10.. 0. All laws or part. of law In this Act und ahall bn subject to th* That the State auperlntendent of c nu>d to prattle mi Ti.

tar uf.n and until: franrnila) iranted and ... by. the .nvtr.arlnic < ahall b. approved h. budget In the publto) Interest and/or anlfllouldatlng conflict herewith be, and the suite. ar. order of aaltl board of cumtnlralonaraa public .natruotlon ahall comput the State of ,- lorlula. tu dilrvprt,
approved run ,
In orilunee with thl/ r4.ind dapartmant Htnta Koud .on"I.lfn. In character and 1 for which hereby repealed. herein authorlxnd. The aald board number of Instruction unit In each, their Hwnm Will
vldlnar no ob.rvaclon. .toweyi ab.ll P'I b. bent of th. Ot.tl" of Florida. 'Tha Deport.mat* / .. Having (rinua, If any Petition. funda are available, or may b* mad lIeu 0. Thla Act .h.1 toke effuct of cotninla, loner la hereby authorised, of the counties which has mat the Chlroprantlo Rxaminori ih> HUn Bi

ronntrurtecl and operatml 'Without thnr Hoad aha II *xamtn ouch .ub-.lon. .n..no., oause, ph... or available to be loaned nr granted by upon bifcomlng a luw.Approved directed and empowered to pay the principal requirement aa prescribed herein, the conditions upan : to s,.,,

>lHn and .p."llo.Uon. tb...,.. flhall pine I and r.apt'dflcaUona' I and ::1 ap- l la for any reason the Federal government nr by orthrouKh by the Governor Jay 28, and Internet maturing and becoming and whose plan regulation of th* llo.nma .hall b* InnupJ which rut

b. ""b/I..1/ by the prove ti) aam In writ Inf. ahallauwirat held or rtnolurml ba unannatltutolnal. agnnny of the Federal 1 due on aald time warranta, bund Htat board, aa fotlowa: For each group m.nt pror.qulnllu to the till rl

..nrnAr oomnl..lon, .f.ppr.1 vt pooh Charles aa In It. judam > Inoperative or v.ld. auch hol"lne or in.voillity ov..nm.nl. or for Width tunis tlllrntad, of Indebtedneaw from the of ten phyalcally handicapped pupil much renewal of llcet.pa1 iru

..nt aaam nonaaaury for the pro. .hal not effect ...Inl". borrowed or otherwla IOr CHAPTER 0.20 current revenue of auld ,dlatrlot and being taught regularly by a teacher for notion to bn given ; lo

lie Ir KmwtMl the L.tW UN the tctUm.h.1 the publlci ualna, such obaorVatlon portion, thl. Ant nnd It shall bioflplriied from any publln or private source. AN ACT to authorise this creation undHtabllHhment the board IM hereby authorlxed directed certificated by the HtOt Department aid board of the lirniM

Hint of Klorld! o to war ttmka report tharaofto ( to b* legislative' Intent eluding, but nut restricted, to)* to." of or".lol prevention. ditrlcta *. and powered to transfer any necessary of Kduciatlon to teach handicapped nulremont. of thl. wruvlwora >

Hnntlun 1. 'Ilie "ranUnJf.1u'w.r. andrnntrol ( th* uC She stole to t>asa this: Act without atich un tltutumolt tlnn, r..Uuo. forest product ."b. In .1 .. .r this' tiut pro- fund for such payment from any iipllit, the Stat* auperlntandent of the forfeiture or llcrnif Act, to pm,

for the plrpo.. of Okfronchl.lflIp.r.001. ( .c.'n. "h, .plan and apaci- Inoparallv, or Invalid"o' .I.t.no. .. ... bridge*, highway vldln. their government; HUthorLx. fund belonging to aald districts. 'That public Inatruotlon ahall allow in. unit. chlropraotlo In bbs State ,It lo
nf f"o.II. and the remainder frrtea.. rin
herein f nf method of and rolUMitlon (
llrtn and prlvat. .orpgratlun., II been approval by 1.1. w.t."o.k. water auppldis usaessmant the saul time warrant*, bends and certificates The State superintendent shall allow a failure to comply will ,
to build ponatriint. eataMuiB.f the Htat Hoad Mvpartmrnt, and thnrullroiitt after the exrlulon if auch orpnrr tribution ". Irr.ato. and drainage of tux re; anting, authority to of indebtedness may ba vali fractional part of a unit for the Inatruo ot this Act and to lIe ttt

It and maintain observation, toweta ( Pommlaalnn of the sit *. .h.1 b* deemed, .nd h.hl to b* projecta.. ." tunnels, borrow money and Issue muteR, certlllcatea I dated by proper proceeding In court, lion of a smaller number of pliyaloal-f innnt. for the prescribe r
N $ .'' where adinlaiilon, tpOl *. < Itbl" Florida, the .ctonatrurtlon of .u.ItI....* valid had. been Much ".olud"d pl.I or parts looks, marketa, haualnf projncta and of Indebtedness, time warrantsor but validation thereof JH not mandatory ly handicapped pupils where thIn In foiled llcen> .. ol a

I* hereby pouted l In th* r vatlon tower ahall b* under the auparvlalon not In"lud. h."ln ; or Ifthla warehouaea publlrt om building canning bondw tIAr.rO 'to ,provide tar tile nor fieaafiry to tha legality of xald neceaaary aa determined by regulation B. It

nilealnn of the HIM. ",,' ..Ur. to baeiierrliMd of the railroad ominlNal n, and ba It or any provision: thereof shah I and packing plant, airport. air eonat. erection of *ea walla, tune warrant, bond or certificate nf of the State board to meet th* need 8tt. Knivtnl By 111. Lu'iltlkm

upon th. eondltlnn all; *pnaa of Ouch auuwrvlalon. ..n.lOther held I Inapplicable; to any pnrtlcular plan hangar and ahapa, munitions bulkheada and other atructuroa, and clo Indebtedness. of the pupil and where a full unit I ha ofSection *1orlilai

hereinafter t""a./ vxpnnana tha irimaalnD, ) may bn fund, ouch hold Ins; shall nut nffari till I and arma factorlea, araennla, p"bln1omb.p.oor Any and all other thing for thu prnventlon Hen* v. That SectIon 7 of thl* Act not available) provided that any pu-* 1. All p nonn whit'

' lIon. .. The franchise rl.ht ,.rovld.4 put to under the prnvlalona' of this Art, ppllonblllty, of thereof to any otherH .h.I.. chip building of erosion, and th. granting; of ahall ba of no force and effect until pus taught only by a, special teacher or may h.r.arter b. rciultrlr l
fund .
fop In Mention I or thl* b.irrniit.d. ahall ba born by the CrOnies' nf auoh training actions) complete authority for the elsi.iiait- there ahall have been an election held of th* handicapped and counted, for to practice chiropractic m the Pt

to .onU ". In AU..h.1% p.r1ml r..n"hl..1] the amount and oontlltloBM Conflict*m 0. AI'I.w. or parts of lawa IH and any '. Iv projecta needful In th* ment and operation of ouch dilutrict I in within the sold district, In which el.c* Instruction unit under .th* frma oC Florida .hall, on or befor, thi

of firty yeara. .nd' *. ax* any dnpoalt t* ba ." .1. with th* See h..wlh hereby rp..ied. furh..ne. tha Notional defcns .lldln. power of .eminent domain, and tion a majority of th* freeholder who thIs Act, shall not be counted again day of October, annually brrf.it
.1".lv. rrannhlaa to b.ld. Op. rommlaalon by the grant.. Innldant to Thl. ahnll t.k. effPt program) and to charge and collect I rflsonablH '.. sue anti aued. nr* qualified elector residing In sail In making allotment from the teachers new hla or her lIcense and pt
I 1941.Approved j
tabilnh operate. ohervatlon acid .spnna
tower In th. the comtn Union from l.t..mlnn( a ml th. Governor Jun 19, and to mak raaaonabl rea- State of Jiorliiig50.1mm thom for thlamianc* ot the time war mora than one Instruction untl may b* Plate Board Chlroprartlo But

after ,denorlbnd anit any .I.t.uat.nrm ahall ba poaltad by tm. grant". aara 141. u U t Ions, : use tharftof by tilepublic 1. 'I'hat authority Ix hereby rant*, bond, or certificate of Indebted counted for handicapped pupil taught provided that, betrlnnlny en tt

or private "op.Uon.h' |be ranted a In Han. 10 All 1501 and rate ofchnrgea prevention In any of the uountluaof b ber of tha payment of such .
lawa or part of law ralo. designated by the board of pupila may exceed ten, renewal r,
thus law for Ihs .eonAtruotlovWre.tahll.ilTiient In conflict with thin Act ar. hereby ra- and A !1A ACT .".nln. 1, 9. B. .. I r. .u.. utIU., and also prn- the State of Florida.Seo. nommlaalonar. of such dlatrlcta. Jt shall Sec. 7. Apportionment of llo.na.e ao applying for lice
IftHBI Lawa ofFlorida the
viln. obtHlnfng' such 2. That one or mar n.wal shall
operation and malntehanoe ttfan pooled.Hoc. m.lno. wh.neor ba the duty of the board of countycommlaioner Thn State furnIsh to Haiti boird
obaervatlnn {tower,' '. b. entitled Arts of I1H3, entitle.Ij 'An Act and xpreNly authorlxlna; election precinct any of the said auperlntendent I is hereby factory evidence
11. of
Thla Act Bhall take offset aald counties to pro authorlxed that he or ih
.h.I to
tn th. .xelunlve rlaht ..* July 1. 1941.iWarn to craat the Florida A..lallt".1 and county, munlrlpality I dralniig ftlHtrlct l CountIes of thla State snail deal re to a*. vide for the holding of aaTd election In of determine the number attended the two-day eiiuciiloiu
r.nchl. Inat ruction
within the aone In th. Ht.l* a .law without the Oov roor'a Indimtrlttl Relief Clmml..lon aa a State road n brldg district, school tabllah an erosion prevention tllatrlctna the aam manner and under tho same whoa unit In the counties gram a. conducted by the Fltria
pernnn. nrm or porporatlon there agency to a hI1 agriculture, foreatatlon ann.. any other .ubdlvl.lnn. by this act b. provldod not law, rules plan have bean approved un* oclatton of
poltl.al and Chiropractor.
approval. .h.1 regulatlona la ,
.1 ..'M... hnm._ .. aa nowl.roVliiel or lumi
.h.'Anna b. 1
'ntOA ben .r&Iiteil ft fraflO -' fn" -- -- n .nmm' -.mfn lees twenty per centum ox in. rt
I. unde .n by general law for lila 5. approv.d oy tn. [
noui* "V stIlt
p 1110 pi-ov.H.nne of thIs law,* MUb) ct only CHAPTICR( ateaila, : .Induntry nd'n l .! t*; re* , \ 8R11 unmidoyment, l tn aid, and i mak and enter Into with sold comuills.lIon. rlnrt or ,, bile puttlon) a part of the teachers aalary fund the of
to Out power and tTontrO.f the railroad ACT providing to lav. ..11 "r."lnol. may a election shall ba paid by the dlmiut Florida, In the poor precnUii
tbN. r. : lea, municipal I tlea, political l CuintrNt'is l lenses anti purchaseagreement .. allotment to which th* county IH en
th* Htatof Florida 1 fund .lb. ) > will the .r county coiiiinl-lon- Halloi* shall b such application for
rovanu provided by the a r.nmmt
to ;::: "OOt'.or c ( public;\ Htata fumlai, providing .. rt.,. ,1"hl"n. board and .and cnmnl..lo" In i within th* provisions' and era of maid counties, raquestinit that ant'iu.ctiin cormnlflHloner ao aa to permit the county elector handloappad titled for, the children education ot phy lcally aevr.tary of the Stale Bo.rd ol I Ipractlu
private aoioithltiine l purpoBHM of this Act. a* prescribed
tower ehall b<* called within sail pra-
.n..nl.n.. th. n..nt. arvountlng for ouch p"7m.m' .o.pnr.tn. to vot* for or atrulnHt thc lifauanca Rxamlnen shall scud >
ad.llo"ol herein.
and fromthe Mui'h .. persons .. Htatn ; oinct ur prrclneta determine whether of unit
a. notice
.. my and .b".nl" thentfiuint, prnvl-l "Iurhla Inp.o.nont of aald tiro* warrant, bonds, or cer allotted to thin effect to .ery
be fflven by e-vld "\* Feileral government nr the rea'nn'lIrimetlon I rommlealon I rby ti r not an eroniun prevention dia- to a county ahalt b* baaed on
: iou In tificate holding valid
up.if to poll other : of Jndtbiadu. It nil all bA tho a license to pnctklropractlo
folliiwlmr' .on"'on.t'' ,iffI. thla Act) authorising t: t'ornptroll'tr or rough other Federal agencies, loans i ior ob..U.u., and make .. .r... of this filing of aai'l petition the pttratmaafgnlng of phil counties to examine the- whom plan hav been completed and dayi prior to the lint day ol I il
I. The Int.nUon.. m.1. tiah application and the Htat Traaurar to make rules aranla of money appropriated by lbs i iConirreaa ...ur. the payment of its ob-< the same audI deposit vltli in. registration book uC the hav been certified by the county In each year, directed lo Ibi
tn nr that may b. aptiroprlatuvitavailable 1 lliratlona a b devmed proper, to' board of ooiumlHlonera, soot superintendent ax In need of instruction
.d..t..I a new** 'and regulation' t the appro .h.1 county a of regiMtratlon, and other known address of such llreun
pnfrer *f ".n..1 0Ir"u1.U..1 val tic tile, .."UbJtmr. fur tIleutdminis'tr'ttlnn for aui-h- loan or grunt and for ".dUM. ". Gt title law and, of money "mol.nt to defray the cuHlauf tIc record of nahi couotlea. If oeceflaary.pub ami approved, by th* State *uperlnt n-> hall sitolose with purl nolle.
in tli. county | object or purposes tlvatgnated ur Pprov 'to pay any axpena Incident thereto said lbs amount reoeaaary dent or his designated repr a ntaUver
of to determine blank farIna .
.Io.ton. who for hrl
to bit rantd for =I.t ntt ,rbl.b.d t \ : U* It Knwtv by th* of tli. d by Coriyr.sa; and to promutathe To unable the .o"ml..lon borrow for auch purpoa ahall b* fixed by the and who are free are holder qualified and electore roatd Provided that If Ins olflolal record and annual licence rennural..pullcatloii Every

,."... onr. a we : v t* NtMt JlorUlttif L.I.lt"r public wnlfara; to ,defln anti tt* |money Ior.[ tha purpose nftntvmplMtml board of county coiiimlaaiunera., I When within HHId dlatrlct and coons Hat to reporta for any county at the end of any falling to renew his or brr I
th ttf aald comtnlNSlont 1 herein a antiool
: prorlillnfor ahow
*'lt.' or I if tiw ppitrpubllMhad f r"n'1 UMiUratlon of f'olley. It iHiwer: hereby authortxed and em time *.1. petition la preaented to cold b, made of nuch who thus year that the apportion within 30 days aftar the amashall I
I In aal.t' uuunty then such oil.vortIpornont I J. ijeturinlood the appointment I of Ua member aou I powered to Issue Ita n..o.l.bl.) bonds, the money naceMHary to tie- peraona are local to the county waa too amall or
and daLlurml ouallned
by b.a.e to Vote In much forfeit bn <
electlun automatically
fixing their term, of ortltia; require the i iconunlaalon notes, or certlllcatea of indebtedness tli. .. and too large on the baal of th* official
f la h itttnnlnitd
hall b* Qlr iulta by poutIn that "... .> coata .r by It nhall furnish the Inspector and num llcana* to practlco chiropractic [
In three tnr h.r..r to make, annual report to !(itit own } the form, shall b the of the board f. clerka her of I n.t rue tlon units to which the
*; conaplcuou pi Mil* *> general government of the l.m.a d.n.nll.ton. duty t" uuuti- of said voting precinct with such lists. State ot Plorlila but may han
the Oovernnr. and to the1.t. l lTreasurer Psi. of
In. one of whiuh'ehalt In* at lb. front Florida through Ha three pay Int..t. ""ont. pay cnmmlNXlonnra. of auld countjr withinn whlcli said Hit ahall b th county Wan entitled for the year a.* her llo.naa restored the
Ita' the net 'lit" from i itlonaf ment official upon p.
manner '
pro opera place
of _In. herein th State
prlc boos than *
iiourt'houae of the alxly day to auperlnten-
..0. nrlh. oounty, ffixeoutlva and t..r..ftll Hat and no other ahall b of a restoration fe. of IISI, I Inrr.llnqunt
b..I.h.J..I.'alv. 9 to for loan to the i iroinm rat of and. ami .. allowed to tInt shall b., required
weak* prior" toPrwenttnf benefit .pp.op.I.I. .t'"H' t.rm. of r Call an election to be held saId to increase or do.
to ntharbrannhea vote In Raid
.t election u
ID addition
r.1 It u
Kur:: W5H. laalon a for It. re* dam pt Ion to aal.| except Ix proven cr aa* theapportionment year
to th
*. < voting precinct or preclncta to' detnrmln county
of ( and to Htat m"u.ly that said lISt n.wal tat
govermtiant In in but of 10.00. and
pnyment. by the naiit* I notes or .. error call proof for the opts v
Th. content of th* notlcw dwtarlnvaucli iiollaterMl to governmnnt aa ovrnv1"1h. b.n.I. .llr.t" of Indebtedness the quetlon aa to whether or not mint bn by the ensuing year by the difference tlon of evltlfnc ofraduat.
.rlvll. of mid oomm, hereafter b. i i'Florida ahall. be raartatratton book of between th aatififactpry
tteaerltMk the "Id commla nalfl dlatrlct number of Instruction
Intenttun hall locality Ix by. shall be eatablih If a unit
th and.
general publlot, aald .
counties, and the of atnntlard 51 tl
.. Hint Cotnmlsalon' i alon. Jn real estate reoorda. tudy a
Improvement which
no caa bond. 1 on thus
wherein th. la or the apportionment baaed
prlvlte auUfbt. and That. th .apu'nse of govern .1,1 .10 majority of qualified elector rai wax by the State Board or C'hinpratu
*ita-ptly the natur character .I.r.1 that aald commlaalon may i other evidences. uf mature i sluing in the said ana the correct official number of unit
eKteatyrvana precinct precinct
mant 1 I. with In..b.dn. or
If a majority of those amln.ra of the State of Florida
p.ll. n..llibl. ur.plon. borrow "otherwla obtain funda from I Il later than AI voting are In for
year of the
of ouch Issue ahall county.
"* ft out of general vote In favor of the aataoMnhmnntof. ( favor of tha Stat. Its
.o.nu. .n.1 >ubllo private, sources to acoumlillsh < bear Intercut of said buntls time Hoard of Chiropractic
oommtaalon or at a rate greater than Sec. 6. Disbursement
.1. rallrtiad of the aurh a district then the of of Funds That
xpena of other of upon
1'1. governmimt warranta hall for itudshown l
have the right
or of
Plato Florida befor/' tnkln th* object and purposes contentplated anyawanl and nrtlvltle related :: determination of the result of thn thl* Act Ilii
the board
uf fran hU. rlffhta undor thi sIlent covoro- by acid Art. wlifrl.I ar* Ih* ao l ltiulMltlon price thut the not In t coat to tint i said election by tha board of county of oommlHaluiiera of saId shall b* mad by warranta drawn by to adopt and prrurlb
are paltl or Intended tu l b. paid :
dlatrlrta ahall and character the port r"tudy
thereupon b of
"( I. w. *hi ll RIvO .IU.n. notio to the out of aperlal no contribu. : ,1 op exceed. percent rurnmlSHioiKMa. then III* said dlatrlct la hereby authorlxed and the respective county board for Instruc to be done rblto
ru\h\ ration anil rln"J all.nt.rprIsoe I the respective I empowered to tion of any
hor of county ,eoinmllon* of aohruunly lion heretofore to be mad in. The ".tUrt. hsreof.i| hereby declared to ba I legally extabllahed. laxu and sell th* aama aa la provided phyalcally handicapped pupil aa In order to comply with thim.nta I
within lu. particular ,attn aiYDt-> to the general revenue.fund t And 1.I.n. p..J publ. bond. .lth.rl.| Ind.r thla law J t aha U be the duty of the by law If prescribed herein on the fUate Treaa
4>d. throuirli the chairman otf ajyk-h bnrci.of That, aperlal funda Itnpoa expenaeupon works anti ..lf. .I.ul..)! I i ius .h.1 .""". bv resolution, approved board of uuunty commissioner of aald lasuunc a majority vot against the urer a* ex-oMlolo' treasurer of the Stat of this Act.
.. needful I Internet 1 1andor of aald bond, time
th* of any application her* 'th. of the ( soil fI least 4 of Ita members; they shah county or r..untleo to canvas tite return warrants tachera salary fund Funda expended Seo. t. All laws and paris 'I

tinder, 'tn'r\ :: four week *In advanr I .Ih* oince, .tn.ft the 'o.p..ol.- Irtth ..I.I.t.ldat"o In .. In.rlu.II" 1 b* *."."..4 and signed by its chairman of aald election for Ibid purpoan. or none certificate ahall ba Issued of Indebtedness, then may b* disbursed by the county board* tn conflict herewith ar. hush

of th* .''n"t.I.....* Anal potion th.r.. nf moneya H.I.oomprlalnir. atii h (11t ..t. tut Toccata. i and .U..t.o by Ita aecratary undar the i The election herein provldod, for mine whether Election to deter In accordance with requirement of law pealed
h.n.ln. .. aubi seal tune warrant
product, ,
i> bond
o fun. t..t eoiiiinlaalon. Thay ahnll xhall bit conducted the or and regulation of tha .1-
In tile
rund. and In accounting fur th. I aatnv manner certificate of State board for Sec. I. Thla Act shall
homeatenda, b'I recite indebtedneaa
re hlghwaya, l shall b
4.LTh* r.ntOa' oC .ICI''Vrfvllev.. ii.0niIltlotip wIllie, .nt Impoae *penae pon ol,hirofllcea ferrleN. waterworks. wter tha they are lavued under au ami muter the saute I.".. rules and rngulailona laauetl ahall not ba held disbursement against the Stale teacher mediately upon its paau< M
this law mor than
aupn y. often
p..al.nl th.' tTuotlvencB deparltnenta| of general wuv tho.l ahall b* re MM primary electloiia ar* now annually.( Provided salary fund except a* presCribed proval by the Qovernor. or uv<]
distribution Irrigation ami I however
of Ih. vrant. $ li to in.qniirnl.lon ". .Io" by number of chapter and provided by law. It shall b. (lie any herein. ouch >ci|
\ eriiinent on account of aervluea ld..I.,lralnaga canals' butkherida.tunnels ",, : duty Mtialllled, elector who la free becomlnc a law without
< holder
one bond.I\t'U tU* Porn of to apaolal funJa which en depart p.oj."t. approval. aaltl bomla of of the board of county comitiUalonera, a Sec. B. Plat Treaaurer To Accept Approved by the detector I
not I-** than more than mutants d .k a. housing pro; <.. ? aepartt Issue shall ba consecu to provide the ballot, owning lend In auch dlatrlcta and re* Fund and Serve Aa |
.001 of general government are attp necaanary voting al lots and warehouse public oinc build-I tively' numbered of the counties
lP.000 to be by j aald oomntlHlon. and ahull b* recorded "piaUP*, any wher Stat Treasurer la iuij
clerk and deputIes or
.pI.0..4 ported out of general revenue, and the ings. alr1 1 Inspectors auch erosion dlatrlft hereby authorlxad to Filed In offlc Secretary
canning and packing plants by the
th.Actual beflnnlnr aoer.lory of the ffommlxalon In a for the ar* eat&blUlied accept '
of eervlua on behalf holding of said lb. hall b serve a* custodian for any 11.' 3941.
np.n. and muI I book entitled
of opvratlon In th .*xt.roie of .no..0 alrplan hftngar ahopa. to kept for that purpoa to vot* In any election Federal
fuoda .. additional i'n. ansi b said ballot shall b. ao drawn .. to held to determlu fund which may b* mad avail _
.. rntd, within not len drain agatnat the general revenue fund arms factorl, araenala 1'11. ahall without reference to permit the voter to xpraa In the 51'tirmative rant whether lime war able for lbs education of phyalcally CHAPTER 20107 f
' bomb-proof elicitor, shIp build 'h.. bond
i Act of the or crtlflcataa of indebted
'than twelve month from ft ha time of and Rubllo ; : .n ""I.I.tu.* of or the negatlv his Wishes handicapped children and the Btnt il"
the U the **m*) and ahallfurnlnh *, military and aviation trainIng full authority the lain* with reference fleas shall b* issued and sold a major* Hoard AN ACT to amend fcerilimi
That the tax pay.re of the to th* establishment or of Education ahall prescribe
fk.o'bo .no.1 at'hotla. and I".ndb.d Ity of all reg ecide.
publlo 1 votea Btalut
'I any project i once Cast at General
a | In a uttm of not beats of Floi' bo of the bonds here noneatabllhmeDt of paid dlHrlct. paid election ulation for lbs administration 400. RevIsed
,protected of
.hol"l wilful In the furtherance of lb. Natlonal I in ahall b* In favor such beinfT0
ftv snit not which bonda have of, tile issuance there 1,10, the saute
n pront mor & fund
S. 'h. the
; agalnxt further depletion of their m.nOPU I defense and to charg all I the : I:1 said dlat Hot shall b* of. by Stat* superintendent for Compiled Qetenul
i .
qualmea of ls and 7068.
than tan percent of th* iot1'stlniatiiIi'.l | which : mtul paper 1 governed by board of the benefit of
ar* paid into the general a three commla- handicapped children. tO
and collect oth Hec 10. All < '
and/or i ier under the luwe I"
law part of of 1027 latlnf
or law In
of ountruetlon and ottti and ahnll Florida ,
In..h.nt. sinners. who 10.
revenu for Rtat shall be appointed
.q.lp'.t general operat.ml by the Repeal of Conflicting Laws
rune reasonable charge, and to make i not b. Invalid conflict herewith enIplItce
work. any Irregularity are hereby repealed bent of wacea due an
and or
eom ax but ua,d for governmentalprotection Uovernor and who ahall aerv without Alt lawa or part of law, general
reasonable regulatlona for the there defect l boo, 11. If apeo shIN
use In
< the this shall
plMion and qulpmnfc of auch work proceeding; for th* lean i any part of Act lila death to hIs wife or
.I contvanaatlon however lal and
id. eupervlalon, and aaaliit provIded, that local which
law be held ar* conflict with, la
of public and sale to b rln
within Buclt lImO may h* i rarlbo I <| Slice of the apaolal' funda and th. aotlvltlea ( rurr.r: "Wto't: i thereof and .h.1 b* Inconteat* they shall b* entitled to a fee $1.01)utitch unconstitutional or otherwise th* provlalona of thl Act are relative by Including th
tn tin* diacretlon Of.th* oom.nT-tMion, but thereby t and of gulatlng n and i abl. In th* hands of bon.. fid. purchas.ore .1 for attendanc upon ,3'meet valid Pitch Invalidity shall not % rapaleU. tlon to wages travelIng 5tPsuch
aiipported ratt. of rhnrgea for such utllltlea. aol, halters affect tha
lonver than ft** lero: Pro Thitt.. coat of Htat'aid < or ther value. Tho 1 In.. 'l'he old commlaaloner, doll hold remainder thereof. Seo, .1. XTnooDtltutlonaIlty employee

:rfo.ot.'I the tint element ,nv the con and, aervltiea given to each of threw providing funda. and tb. manner of th obt.lnlnl :provision of this Inw ahaII constitute 1 otlle for a period of four year or until law lieu 1*. This Act shall beoom a lon. Should any provision of of this Provla Act Be IfEnucted Hy the LEiddU I I "
dealgnutlng i its
this aoond may .int .I .. an Irrepealable contract between the ._. upon / belna approved by th* be
1004' b alienist funda and the avtlvltlea ottO.ported their .uo" are appointed and quitlliled. declared unconstitutional It Ntal .f Florldni .
u. of tine Htat of aa treasurer cornmlMalnn, Uovernor shall not
< and .
of 'lu''I. the holder of or upon its becoming law 0Th..
th. forrood
any a
dl."lon thereby from the general rvenue They ahall b. renulred to take thu. affect the remaining, of Section 1. 'Ihat portion l
of Ih. commission and .. author i iUliiH bond Isaued without ninth, part the Act.
t.; \\d..I'rl .-L btmila\ \ lit fund I is 8 percent of the total numacollected any county, municipality. drain I Ion thereof. pursuant X'nder to tile prov la- slims oath to perform the duties of their Approved approval.the See la. Effective Dat. This Act ahall General Statute of Florida i' !
la elroumatancea' by Uovernor Juno 13 CouUPd4
tit fop ahall b
rHaraph : by or depoalted" with either age district. road or brldg* didtrk-t. i shah i ofHn' a* la required' of all Slate and take effect aa of July 1. 1 41. .ame bslng Section 70(1.
nutd pa 3 Jib.' OovrBP of th* the I t'omntroller or the Htat 1 Treaaurer school rilatrlct and/ur any other polltlcal .of tndebtedneaa any' not. or other' evldeno 1 county oflluara of this Htata. When tha A p proved by th* Uovernor Tune J3, cr14 Lr.ws of FlorItlil, l97, be'
Hlal of I 'do the u.o ami bnna effei'tuwteil i \ lasued tinder thIs law I. rtoiiowe
and that meana ahouM be aubdtvlalon. board of commission.Htwi 7 < acId board la appointed, on. nimber 1041, came is hereby aitlrlided
fit of th Df paHm. any other Imlr btdfieaa by CHAFTER 30910 halt
nt snitaiiInunlP to be
eliminate thla unfair drain on th* r..t.t shah b* elected< aa chairman uf I : "That it shall
or department of the State colletd thraundf I ahall bpaid *\ general revenue fund for th benefit rO.III..I.n be ronatrueil, a a wn nb the board antI one member ahull b* relating to publlo education, CHAPTER in the coPe ot An
103.1 employer,
::: of Flot make and enter Into with, : to any
to the Htat Treasurer of tha Htat rr"ro 1.lon th. Hlal, nf Florida nor 1 provide for th* education of liii
of three funda. and that .,"". lctU aa secretary, Th* board ahall phy employee. 10
apeoUl .
aalil rontrata. lease and AN ACT ot an vw fhuaband. -*
; p.ovllo.1 "hl'h purchaa agreements within th* provlnlnn :bound therefor. attend the of error or otherwise .
They phil be DublIn achoola a* by
Rood l lepartm.lttI. V iHnan for for .. rendered solely and b* aitlxeU. all ofncfal document and and of physi provided the chM:1
huaband. then to
Th. _|Id ?) In .10. .n,1 ". of thIs Act i iII only the nf the Florida 4tate rally handicapped children who law to th* clrcut court In circuit t
.11.0.1 cotmlplon .h.11 behalf of np oll' may be met .1'10. obl".lnn. rewilutlona <*f the mid board cannot provided the child) or plillIPOlbs
hav* control of uaa > m* Heo. .. A detluotlnn of three the X.pglMJutur of the ., ", .. In It. cur.poret. Hec. 4. The saId district by and obtain th* full beneftta of an education having more than four circuit Judge, of .Ithteen X'VIV.il' I Ititer.
of sUch prlv1lraa; or prIyll0. by th ahall be percent Mat of t1..I..1 ; a nit without apeclal education aervloea and and limiting th* tints for such appeal a* t
all StOle funda. .n. .p..n.t. .ap".I > through Ito constituted board sit i
legally child or
In..I. r.nl Section I Section t o( aalit ." b th duties l Ia no
i iChapter fncilittea. of
,. 'fh. 'lo delta and fee
rant tharaaf In th. flxutfld pr.- termed ., and other fund, I .1 .1..0 prop commlaalonnr, la hereby thorlxed by the term phyu allowed to the mother, SlIP Cl
acrlblna I ; of any tolla. char aa, ..0.100.iilutIpiiiifl the source, of which not th* general IUt. ljwa. of Florida. Act* .. anti revenue a* .h.1 reaolutlon of aald board to aatimat and cally handicapped child, to prescribe clerk of the trial court or Judge If father or that ploP 'J
f to b. tnvraun of 1- th. sum u herby i ba mortgaged or pl4rd tile dutlea of the Htat there b* no clerk, and th circuit traveling expenses #,
.. .h".UT? ,'..1". fund or which buitoiliea amended( : t aa .f".lt" detenu In* a plan necaaaary to prevent board of Kducatlon said from hn *'" j
rnd follow. employee
ri" and shall hav to matt aa ; for the payment thereof. and and of th* county board court clerk i amending SeCtIon of do',
ri of 11
pow th* p.flored revenue fund nf .h erosion all publlo S8w
.1. in of the employ
or aald
: H I. To aid sericulture forestatlot further any part the time of the .J
.nd ahall in ale* and .ul.I.I.. .nfult t* department. Inatliutlon. contract aa the Parties may dIstrict, anti may employ tha vervlue Instruction with regard to tha educa Chapter 11357, Laws of Florida. Act That Section |
' th ,.r.r..tun. subsistence. home i make aa' additional lIon of physically ot 1B36 and > 1. hi
controlling and dlvlalon *or commlaalon, ano security therefor. of handicapped children repealing Chapter 159* Florida '
.ov..nlnt a competent engineer of
attorney anti General
.n.y. Statute. ]
I I.* lbs of I COlm..o.: to Th* Florida Htat Improvement Com, and to regulat laws of Florida Act of
expenditure CoaT11eral
which la 131.
or tb. the clerical aid. mad In *
I 'n Ta tr al-It: I.p.I.1 b. .ugu ... un.mployma.t I to assist i mlaalon In aaalatanc to them In the currying lfe> It Knu4-t l same bslng SectIon 2069.
thla law may. Ita dluretton. out th th
aafa nine of .. or the Htata municipalities, ) ereat 1 preparation of said plan and ahall by provlvlooa of thl* Act. Hy LetlalMue] of th* Laws of Florida. loll b'
tuard' proniot. n. publlo I Trvaaurer, The deduction b bated .unl". p.IUa.1 aub i a .inilin" fund for the payment of the 1 said reolUtiOn determine th Whereas, there are many physically Hint* of Florida. i am.nde.I to read

i.tl 1 and Inivraat : J :Varaundr, on Iii., tot al' aum, 10)) .hAI fur. eiifh/,-lvl.l..n. b..I.. and "..ml.lon. In principal of any bond cf | thereof, ana are hereby authorised* coat to handicapped children In Florida who Section l. That Section 11 of Chap- same, is hereby W5it Of t'xpen.aa
*. Application 1 privet aaamlatlona j Indebtedness hassled ;:: are not tar 1147 Laws lows "That any UIIlthie
for under fund or depoalted with! th* Htat Comp "op.al.n. herundr,d.rf do all thing to ounatrunt receiving lbs full benefit of of Florida Act of uniher Iii. ,
thia law ahall b. by th.i troller or in* Hlat Treaaurer. anti persons from ,ainking' funda to be .r..tr establish and erect all bulkheads. th* publlo BM'howl claaaea now In op.rotill 1826 b* and the *atn. la hereby amend so paid be
hi road .* ituilIOei.ln tho HIde th* Federal government or the Heron.atrlmrltnn i funds avallabl for sea. and ed eo aa tomak Act .1111 not
of of Heo. 4. Any fund lu reference towhich $ ., When wall and other atructure paine read aa fol. Re'l stall 501
,1.ld. and <.I.t..nln.d' m II l'. ra- provlalon I I. mad by law fur ?'ln.n.. Corporation or from i*o created the saul .' pU'P. shall to prevent th aroalun aforcialJ.neveaaary Wh'reaa. there are physically handi, Iowa; pets of the estate pravda' )
order or priority ,la Which thy or thrtiugh a gene lea. loanaor not be uaed or ac an.tare capped children unabU flection 11
. The Jeot lo admlnlatration.
nl out of anld fund of >." :I'n appropriated for any authorised to defray tile to attend pub- circuit court of trav.llnn 5ppso
"I CranIa I by lbs cost the that the
ar* flld .W.riIIflqth.r.Of omt.s of lbs :appropriated property or ae* hereof from ot trana any civil court
or fund
.nlil th lnt trat. V>>hla, : ram. (",ptul.r b* appropriated t ta eurttlva or the Income any belonging to port a tlon, and of record shall b empted from admlnlalratloB
'mr'1.nl.h :> olc. of th. 1.1. In eoni :: ; ":: th..r.nm 1"1,1, aald dlatrlct The power and right of established,, ahall orSee. $ iul.tO
.r..u. or grant, and have aseeed the um
m OOilvonjeIie ntilrOr on. Whereas, appellate ,
publl tI.\\ .
:.I.I i n.ot"n ..oh tunc. b. given for ... orapprov.ul p".p.** b*. l.. a..t. > eminent domain la hereby runted to saute phyaloally handicap Jurisdiction to review S. All lew and PIn
of th and designated fund Veil Judgment
( for children '
s omn isM1ltl for any or Ntnounta de. by. and In secur .'n"ln. or otharwla mployed. the board of commtaaioner of aald are unable to attend; any of or order of such civil court conflict herewith ar. nerj ,
volvail. ahall b* ad.qupt.i7tfProtct.d ducted t another publlo school and record in th* '
and paid on account of such tUI.1 I uurposuv. districts. aam manner and with
loans of They ahall b* entitled to ehallI
1 01.
mit front
and aafwuardadi ProyIdeult i however, money any publicor ... authority and Wherena It l is Ilk* power aa tile Beo. 4. ThIs Act
and credit ahall b known h
.xpI.nsi given by ID- and l&p. power ar 1 cults In court of competent Jurladictlon generally that aupram court shall bicO1nh1't
that no "* -r >ivan or eluding each private aitufo.; to : the l given any county phyalcally handicapped children have jurisdiction to review mediately pooh I its!
any amount aa a municipality In
t like
, "Ipr"I part go public welfare, there 1 I. ban created for the purpoa .0? condemntnar! cannot lions ac by lb.
Krantd- a* t* th dralnag hope to become the Judgment
*> log to mak up th* thra* percent to b* dl.trat. road or bridle die- auoh f-supporting cltlxanx and order of such
< va tu. of any ......1 "... deducted aa herein provided. 1 Ida a .".ml.I"n* to b. known. aa Cominloaiouthscainottr Flor i trlct. "hol .U.tlot. nd/or any other 1 for tn*propartlea furtherano a* of may th*ba purpoae Deeeaaary of without th* advantage of a good edu, circuit court; provided, however that 3,4)), 801tatarl of' *' 1 1IX.

I of any parson rtrm 'IWh"f'prl" Ho 4. I I. hereby determined ." board cation but that of rift matter ao appealed Flied In office
; : i that commla-Hon> or c"mml. such dlatrlcta. and to thl* *iiU said dtatrlcta many them can be* shall b* had '
operstlflt; at th. *,t lbs apaolal fonts, hereinafter enumerated \'i'I i iomi. Htat aaranrv or are authorlxed com elf-aupportlng citlsena through later than one calendar month after 141. _
to b* contract
""0 an ohaarvatlon tow. ". are Included among thoa. from whom ahall .. : one of t the 8tat *f Florida to make and enter 1 and b* sued and axercla all au* education and training, and this entry of ( | > th* Judgment appeal -
fn xona fur th. uaa ,m.8 of 1 which dvductlona ahall b* mdi, ; of the i hot. with th. and power neceaaary Whareaa, the titate of ml. or < 8) order CHAPTER ittiliw
., 'h' tll. .. and ono of whom b* the j "mll.lon. eon."I. to carry out the function and Florida la motion for granting or denying XV ACT to amend
Uralrlna: to patrontaa Llet of Funda It.te .. and p..oh. avr*. within' com mi ted to th* policy of new trial. ju'loru'i
lbs n..nt. i purpoaea for which mold providing of
of Htat dlatrlct
.. Departlunt ar*
j 4flgLgwa
bee. 4 Th. franthla rtajhti lite education (b) In
content to Itau Chapter
. tax fund. and purpo.-* Act ._ all children Jn Ita boundar of a. trananrln nf t.ontC _.
n..ln. Cul.ulon The --'a.'
plntad by thin law when .. ted within other three iumbra shall P..I. II. -- cnn not ,' .... v.
late IWl.lmbu.
..* tax col. n. u00 uS .0" UP.. Ru. ;1''I'h.: than oo. ealjndar Of 710
fI. b* appointed by tha Oovarnor for call board of ootnml rnomtLh Laws .
th. Itaraof .hallcfetntlmia i t" therefore. aft.r Compiled Uen.ral ,,
la t action inak It* It Encted iflPtituting
fund. '
f': p..I.w four .... each, and their" p'Ue.1 i aloaera by reaolutlon, shall th l by th* J>gl*- appellate proc.edina of "
pitch until auo .ubl"I.lon. request the time
hla. for
irrnntva, her or M 1'.r.n.1' l |'. department oollectlun funJ. (of th* Stale of iMtnr of theM* t* *f Horldai or wttbiit the time allowed providing all l50mary ,
, oeiaor are appointed and qualified. Th tn.I..ln. county oommlaalonara of said county or by the appeilste
| poll
hrlnabov the
Section closIng
auroaanor ,'r"ru"l
| lur 1.
' r.p..M.I" or".lw" liuvna fund term of th. first onumeratetl. all I count!** to levy on all taxable County Hoard to Provide prncseillogs op within' the time siectiufllof l "uU
; th ftill allowed
t or porlodoihvrwt t U.I...i llcena fund. clnll.l.n. .h.1 corporation Individual, and FUerl I Education Fxcllltla For by the appellate and special
** term Inn ted by otf*'. ." of' U..lo....1..1.* .department collection run for four year tr.. d.,. .".nel.. .. flay ".. to within said district a' mlllaga lutnclent dicapped ChIldren Th- Payalcally County Han clerk of the trIal court, th. Florida. '""

IMW and If bnfor It. *.tnirt.on. U...l I fund. potIon appointed to nil such vacancy (marry out tInt provtHlort. of neceaary thl Aol.I to defray the coata of lila work h.rbnauthoria.tt f>t I'ubllo Instruction In each Beard II,. cIcrIl of lb. clrrult court shall Ill. with M. It Enartert by Ib* teg-Ma'
;i ttrmlnntlun' Act .""/,.* a law Whenever a va to be carried on and to pro- county of orL court the rca. l'hUPtIIalllartIon
of (or Florida and tkat. of iilt
.h.1 occur by.n Motor fuel' collection fund. any Federal Act to which l I. hereby directed to pdpers of the
.hl"l. map vlil for interest trial
the Htat orn t.. F.d irl l Htat '| llcenae fund. cone, occura among the members, the |relat. It and sinkIng fund many through the county ascertain sssry for Conahuierlog court nsa. 1. That Chapter

i n.w..m"1 taklnir ovr.lnt Kduuatlonnl cartIflcalion .. .h.1 10'0 oincci for .th. unxplrd por Hec. 4. That flection 4 of not* certificate, tUlle warranta publlo Inatruction from auperlateiuUnt of ain.d, which th. errors as. of Florida. Act I 9titled .-:-
fund Chapter tile r.cord ton
In connection with p.o".tl .In. term of the .. whoa or bond a* may b* laaued undr the report reMulred and papers when V"' '
: the any Uvtlpn* Htwte racing ".mml..lon pUo h* I. appointed to Th. ;IIMI. Laws of .10.1<. Act* of 1144. ba authority of this act, providing, how In Section fit of Chapter 13 l. presentsd for doobeting to lb. plerk "Ail Act to h.ta11Y quslilud I
' property Construction, bUd tuipinent. curltl.. commlaalon fund. 11. m." (and the am,. I I. amended r.aJ. laws of Florida, Act of of Ihe appellate latratlon of all tM J
to L 1.39.
0.11. mail the "
ever, th ) court.
end all rlahte ofttk* itrantB*i conipenautlon bIs of till co".nl'on' .h. serve ,an follow: niUlag shall la no can and condition of all name linfoided, attache-i be lIst, In th. eever.l counIK < .aJ 1
shill <. ..rkl..n. "nd. without coinpenaatIon but all the closed 10 mllla on the dollar on all tax phyaloally handi togother, and to general '
baa to and brOomS t115 prop> Flat n. flee. I. It la eipralr capped children the sequsne. and to provide for .1'
fund. ) provided t who in '
*r.y, of th. IltRi. of Florida or th* Htat board
P HHrHl lloverniiient. of the iTmted Htat. "arb...' aanltary.commlaalon, .nlln..fund.. fund. lilt,. t. That -O", r. tl''I' Chap. ,aa venting; in said commlealoo ehall b* con the*t :1. U shall b* th* duty of th* board of benefit a of an tea pa education cannot without gain the full (alt Tha Clerk trial of court.lb. lions," be and the *" .,. Jt

only upon the of ter IfiNfll. l l.aw. of county eonittllaalonara to mak* such lvy hav ( trai court am.Ddi i wi. ,
paymm 'I.ro. dry cleaning and ,101.1. er. right or prlvU.*;a> ta Ing special education C) Tb. clerk amend by w
" J1.ld. laundry It3] b and the coyote In P aa shall b arvleea provided of tile trial
Joel rquatd the
and fair valuation ,. amine auien.I.nil 'vat ent by of for glarIng costa .ctlon bell J ,
10 c. .r.n *. to 1..b, rprla or bucineca fur profit on i comm I of them. The County Board uf a receipt of lbs of said j
or amilifnit, read aa follow: MI oner* each roaloK preventlon each Pstturd and La".r.d. '
I its pa. -
Hti' board own pers General
jfT of neauty 'culture account that county la tranamittsd. CompllMt
HMI. A. For th. fund Hen. .. The com mis-ton hav. b power rdrht d.Mtrlcta. Th* tax frollecturx of Ills hereby directed to provide whicit receipt tit. .
i .
uurpon*. i real eatat .h.1 i nod privilege vested! Insofar pelbet. court ap. ,. a. follow. .,
a PractIcable clerk
.1.e. commlaHloti fund. and/or given such .
Inn the th* power to make i respective count t author- aervlce e chail in I
control and contem adopt. ,anti are hereby pilcat. oxecute do. The pr'la
mnpectlon fund. "t.ol. ra nt*d to t h* eha il moat b* neueaaary to and tat,, 'Set'iion I '
p- '$04 und.r thl* I law thw rwilroajeommlNM.on I Florida altar. and ua* a to |b cum"I..lo" I laed and required tv Collect the) said aaaur to all sUch shall be on. of which receipts votIng plaoe. atM.c .u
milk cvmmlaalun fund., eserclaed In .. I children Pd at such i
: an
I of th* Htat tit, Florida: CentraJlaatlon of bur acnulr hold and dlapoa of I": ,and purpo*** of this :. object i tax* at tint sonic tim anti in th* anma eilucattun opportunity lat to obtain an or such flies attached to lb. lop sr bottom Oil the that OC tS
and dlr at and
I. iiuiwby vested with all I v ita *Jtiatlnic r Vocals record fund an<'Io. property neceaaarjr to ,dent thereto the e"mn..u. I I.aa vested wet i manner aa other County tales are col- monly provided far equAl normal| to that com the cirb of 1h0 trial the Othar retsteeai by shall b. kept Open unti e-

powera, judicial anil *itzegwluo. *ucn i trIll: alor inapectlon fund. ry :b* oblecta and purpoa** Sr with power, plush lected ant they hU dpoait the -tint* HMO. Name To chlldrn. (d) Fees, The court. lbs sail'. day, the tune S
power* to b. everolvod In- Act; appoint and employ t. .ne pr.vt.ec of F derlvwl thervfrom m a safe dpoltory a* Reported To Cult docbst fee of lb. CI,. alt.1 t'1511polle
Hafiatratlon 'lola rounty
.nroi of doctor ; all lawful Court foe' .ucb ep.niog d0p0k
with mltlnj law, and mldwlvva auch I and .nt..I. I within th* where Superintendent. That tha Flor. clock In such Ill.
for th. fund. .t.nI'.n attorney ..outa"t. .n. county ealit dlatrlct Ida b.psiy apppslp shalt 0. r.utotsd bY
ownIng. crippled children' three to
moot admlnlatratlon tlmPaofo business of the ; .. 1 I. located, and may r.quir..such da contmlaslon. th* dOhisrp and lb. fee of i
Hlrth comi lbs us
.no and death eertlflcat fees i afln*; OperatIng. Stats Board of t'laL tint. ii standard
fumU malatlana; and nnancln Health, and cottr clerk
i a. Na mlaaloa I -i the Thh.
poaitory Stat
10 mail
pran. firm vr may require dnn poet ao ademiat b. only
corpora Hotel oommla.,ton fund. i *; any and all aurty Hoard of Social dollars two The trapectors
eaterprtsec. plan
ton. publlo or private I their authority and d t..m.l.d. their < bond t* Inaur the safety of etui funds ahall direct petlPl
Grapefruit (.1 t.
project their Wb lanatton of -
nnl"a"IhGrl..o advertisement fund.Tangerine public work ft-l.t ,
I by th. prOI.ton. of thla () adertis.m.nt .omp.nton. and If. th* of and It ahall b* the duty of saId depoa worker to report to th* quips tha ends of juatlee so p.- and during t
, r05a f"od. .1."on publlo time. ndful In th* pub- Itory county uprlntndnt of public Puclu appellate of the polls the J
" to build. 000elruccp.etobIisn. advertlaement fund, "ol"nlloo. may r* of \lie In.I ere.t and/r If-Itqu.dallnc' In to pay out said fuada on war of sack county the Inatructlon such erders es court 'may ,ua(. sad canvass of tho votap < \
upritte. or maintain whrV-imllort any all employ**a and i rants check or draft arigne by narat of all are proper te
\ State board gent charact.r tha precare concealed ymp04B
of for and far physically Propcr hall aol Do
fe *r* eharged.I ea try inoldantal 'fIt., commission fund ar*i chairman handicapped children In record and
anv obMrvAtlon I tow fund ahall dtrmln and i available .11"1 of the board of commlaaloo the U) prop., iaauee, The timeeio.Ia -
or mao b. rouaty whOm Au I. V.r.uin
er within tb* vtai* of Florida., prtacrlb I the In to> era of aatd diatrtct they belUv* to b* la an ppahiat. e.
contm manner which It* obI I b* loaned .1..1. and CouBtralgnd .f need chit .ourt, lb. elr. the poll. "
burt .*
plated b, or within. tb. purview. ot t U".mplo".ol. ..mp.D.t.n etaarlng m ligatlOD* ahall b* tnflurred and I It:* ex- ,avrnmnt *or r "rDto. th ; i by Its ecreiarv. Tax rollctr arc $e.special 3. doltlona.education aervloe, the may adopt Its own rul.! (coarnleg ShaG $i. obeerv.d IC all iI

Ibis law. > passes allowed asP paid Tb. commie-' any a hereby allotted t* cbarae the aam fee Thai th* term Ptacttce sad >c.l 8ta<*.
the P"
Katallera : ncy of the < r. in thl
occupational' tax 'physIcally tier bell in
bOOr I Is hereby ioueofr' fund. auto select' its ffnvernn.entv *r for a* authorial handicapped chIld' as complete *erec.( path
dclared de. of and
The and by law for th olleotion Its
h.:1 *
: .h.1 .h.l.maD which fund lined app.llat. lawpo. vuIs
h .w JUrlsdhctlo0 All
Ia thl. I.
of < I.e.
ha.n8t .nlm.'aUon abov tunic may borrowed. or do.rds of Act shall and
and ether meaa I
.ll asp chIll
an .
> .to and county tax**. No of remaining ef
ahall warrant the cr
not conaldarad p..r. i obtained sound 00,1 eauec eonliat b.rewltb
: record
of Florida and oerlaln' f".lt.) a* eliminating' ,,., fr. any publlo .r Ohecbs .r drafts useau.&ity wOos. bodily, functions to the trial
govarnlna allah ba drawn
other apeolal kttat .I.Uon. tl. manner In >private seer, so er olellmb.n Cse. 3. court. lam ThIs All
that alt thfnva 4.
do $ That
In situated in nd I"o. now bualneaa ,. Inct th* are sn Unpaired a. to Chapter
b depository mob oPGOV.rIIOr
II n holding tb fund 38l4 e4
i ... conducted i dent to of ah hint Florida Laws of e
may aucfe.
t. far ., th. orbIt power.. ln.ofar udatil. to Act. lte paN *
wr ,
t aa
lain alt
1.* u** and joymat of? .om. In which tb* district cducOtlc5 In ho
lb. pow-r exe-pt on raaolu. of Ill.
o thia Aol Odl it 1 b the I. anal the
ocr : regular h.r.by wpiiiii1' same
th. nej.rv Upon
cltl.io and v.ltora do. .pI.1| | mntio I be .I.It : or may us by such board oia.a..e of tb* public er
deilrlnf to may enjoyed, regularly adapted achool
) of apeolfylag the
pr-> Undine|l and/or
any witaoul
prohibit the applicability ; ranlluff a to per 1 ta* provision *f 19Apprevsd Dy with4ut
,1'00. ID auch : Purpose or purpoa for which aaJdl war special rv1ce., Ille Gosara.,, G,5rlled
t't'I eommlt. amongst teat th. security lor each *r ..1>t rants check aad draft ar* drawn, but terpreted Th* term to*pclaL maif aervire* may b* in 'ledt* OMe. d.y ?. 07 the

I transportation 'kecretari
; *oc- of (Sate Map' a .me. fecrelany

*1. 1541.


C -

.- 1TTcv -
.. -
,v. R... :.I.IO-q. NO. mn .a.n.d Ol "t, b. 01r1140. ih. l.t.'I"- .. .".- ., . ...-- ..
.bat. tnI motor
art i am- purpoia. vehicles
pfopo.lnc regutatlo ". t the
Kl m
the ealablish ",i.t
l JI"" ofth- Con.tltu- f forcement and lntrpreatl.n parohoco 01 tag. regIonal. ..t... council 9.i I mtnnilon ftt Ih. pleaeur Yeales Hoses.I Irs.7ls ,
J.IVI M' KlrTrlila rolutlne to luw. civil op oHnilitril I'eiailnif, \ to of, : iii. awl Ou.I""rn cl.ten tilts &rl critical ...10". containing two a. in or*i:I rar prior t* the xpivatem of) the of OOT 5501 C PItt5t'esot'e hn.iIIO. for its natnrenano* it* t.vm of eervk 4.,' a 'hh%' *p41bC ..tr#* wittt4h, *eJ'tip' '
o 'lit. .21 '
untie and
,. thereto Interest vtiarge :! ittat. of pclai Itnportanc preeorlbing the dutlep of the 1111* 1 the'. I.rttflrimeZ bOiepIVi4
In. ** opus rtm
b addllft or b. Th. oath t* b taken
.t f "' ) u.w. .teemd fvttaej upon 5> 'rite amount* received from loch II I
.I 'I": ,n r.aHn ft 8i.*. (Ivan picurcMl b puh HwilKti.i.ent. Upofl riueipi, of c"OIp: ::,1 ttlvlt.ea" tfunh regional voum i r1.. In elicIt Fore Ph-.il. b* pubtpa1lMll eloIse fa phall nummlMionere in relation tben.t ." thitt pfltVi-4e"d' beWt'Vtsr, thtof ti'ee
rtIO lie conptltu the
) an ahull fee o-:
the .. M. '
Of p.orlblll" th* amount by : payment set a /dlnatlng agencies* I \ In tfAKIn It Inceded by the JegiOM4ur of tnMNfw -.rmtiO a housing *titb.Tlty'e.
Rid '. .ilun whlitti puuh the t*.. (.Ituai* for .nll.r. the lloonpin 'aZtfl'ch.-
.1.1 under. authority far Its
Uti I and; provIdlflhIh -, Compensation xceedp th. amount of :1 the suism, of $tu,00, o.h'I'f )Immonthe of the supervision ami dlrertlon ci f cli, mcmi or the NUlo".1 0..1. subeli.luling 1., aervloe In *xpen"iml 5 of tt.HtM.IMtrKTllon attI hi) siteJl not include any *r.mI
.rt : ..nt.I pitch prticulsp the council, and In th* per forma no* of Hii 5 7. l'imsl fte.-iMnp 14>ff to ] 44 I! ;) itis*.
tn'- tqs'Ir
;..." : of two oo..I".raUon actually paid .hall, for "ik.nduur yesr ha. elspspl peratlo with the Wrde b'luridc I'.f... boron i ehullea l I under this act. wbtu,1-t net: t)41i lit
., ." ,uflflW or other 1iUtUr I purpupvp. nf -.nt utputn recoapt of M.i.t reit.tiatinn aunty and local ovrnmnta, a.en Whet. the ref.men. He**. T. Kule Inclusive of tho RovlHwl c len tr ai Htatut 5l dOPfi,1. I pit ,I 'I h, *|ht, d*-
.emulationtin Cle and
h Saul t th *. ; Regulation. -
: :' j.n of
: Klorld (ICO
Nfl Uer. and tit* Interpretation. payment by the .'. ', : beIng veotlon 2071 I t O mudi.1id
I 0 nlr. and enfnro 5pp1csnt to of Celled, 'i'hs ,
flY n.nt licensIng
.1 I ') hun H ; authority S .1'
i of N I. may preprrlb*
$ b.Uti 3111i .
OfldN ,..u. itient o. such law, b* deemed Interest .h.U d.iivei.to the appit' pproprlatlkn. The um of Htt.>a.Heo. such rule and inchiHlv. of ih., Cum pi le-t Unr (g.C redt'Al oTraunfiutt shall Inii -
.n.I11 LsrdefM upon l bUll rent a lliaintpnants. SftOadoo.Oii, or MM much thereof regulation as h* ccidm111 Law uf FlarM*, 1M. and beIng 'luue ) t2ttitod of America. jhIVeddt4
Road .nd I n from Die data of pu.h b. tsg which shall b a* may IS. Arilcl, of Waft Freedom Mn 'J" "lY oC Uly. A. IL par ment until the date .u.. In force .n.1 t'Itet't down 10 sod ne.aly, la hereby appropriated. i ,om Arrest ; Jury Duty, tut th proper for earryin r ter 7319. I.MW of Florida. Act of tht lintorgenoy AdmInlstPato$ $ of
cmmpenpatlon proviPtnn of tbi
f''P'' "I'britlK%, purpoana Q4t' 1 I. pn y able. Knch purh.trammel .1"'I..lnl December lIst 0' that caio.n. to annually the front lbs general revenue> fund i tab> Whenever puch Fore* or any part> a* are mt Inconnlpient with* act the and sue IP-',I Ivi eaplou *f lit* leglplMtunp, entitled I. PIibte4Worhs nr any" OtIs f legeedY or
*. bv tfuverned. Such FPifilti'ettOfl pay n."HMar expenea of tile i thereof ..h.1b. prov 'An not to provide for the orvAQlxatton b InsiPtIftb' CarporSti' nr ovfeof.
[ i' i .iiijpurpoee' .h.1 by nail Hiibj.-ct In h"W" Ohal b. 1' HtMie" defenne ordered out for aottv lone of thl* act.H 1t114J11 -
ar tu all I anltl.liy cod much counoll tinder this .ervlc* the eftilpinent and maintenance nf uount Of lleen hub. Americas
: .I..dl. .l"ol provisions of luw legs .ant.n..c. wtilch set Artlrlep of wr of The ITn **i, I. A ppea la-- ;}I' .5i1fft :
i-u.) I., I. to lu"., InterHPt clmrKcp nnd .I.lnl shall b. r.I..u.,1 the um PO approprlnted however, tel Mtate. pppllueble to member of the An (UMrdM lo prnmq'blt power dutM C (fl'lllImtt.' P h*It mean any p\rn\
pies. 1r. (,: ''I ,;"n'hn..nt to At the salute extent aa had .been. In. aNin* manner and upon, .nnu.ly of the pit,till be placed' .. a .\Ppetlal, fun*! In the National tlunr. of th,. Stats in rela. anna lnteret appeal may from b* uken by any per- nnd regulatlonn. to provide for Its main, WhCl'0WQhiwoii1n prs.tnoiinsto whu-, by

"tititUtiUfl. of the Inrm. a limn ot tha I I pa for the scull few, a* provided, \1".nt th. t inig> emergency fund of the Uovernor, dl.. tion to rouitp martial their jurisdiction or order nf th any final decision k totlenuw. ill termp of porViCo. an4 pri.. NwSot( ii 'duioipidtitiei*, oedorowdln*.
t lii
anil fl. tpplirnnient < .l '. '.' nm-h burvementa from PIICH pp<*olal' fund and the Itni it ItreiiHlog authority re* scribing the dutlep of th* i Inota >f
iX ,I ,! taxation 'r.lu. renewnl to take Im to p ttt pu nlHhin*nt and the fusing to> iPHtt* a I license county commlaplonerp fault'yq9raflgmritent or < pirn* *
,a ".Iu nit additional Hect. It. if thIs art or any provlalon olTut Ir.t tlay of January of each the inadet ny) uiiuii th. .h..laauon. <>f 1 rulea and regulatlcnp |recrlbt| iher* license. to the Circuit Court nr revoking of leon a In relntlnn thereto*'* b* and ve.ntlh4lpn., light or Mknltaviy faaiiltle

"., e.h i $rftiIOfl> II of thu..oC phall l ho held lnar
I. : .o.n.. t tlng.. $ J ulntloii under or the ru-It.or '.rovl..I. rurl.r. Iba the "alnt. 11.ilo.1'1''t.tu- defense rouneil. with repperl to the Florida Uefene th* licensing authority within serving twenty up< n)1 Moo 2. Thla Act shell take effect patp 2ucsieb slot pier
intprprefntliin '
Ix .tl ; na."e x f Having Clam. If 0".. mediately Its .
it. <* enforcement of. liii.I Niniiin t any aertlnn upon pppimve and *p
after '
trl t ". ur nurlblnw : Hn" Imrlrul.r law sum \ siatt be in lieu of. all part of Pr4tun pti vlalon clause tbl) No officer dnyp notice I5 f the eutry of elicit liroval bv the Uovrnor *
NftMinif ot or of It be- rhan >
I uiovldlna; for ahall n her taxe nd nr enllPleil man of nrler. li or upon ) Ti *niferh
rt applicability, !I..'. .*f I lila' ALl t shall be a wi i en nptlct. of such ppnal.
; theieof to every klml.. haractep held .tw p>* unot .U. iich Force liall b 'IttAOjddit t Pfll Itto UvliMir *-
"it iwo cent por any olilculaw.' icni Mtitl de >" arrepteo} *n any,,. mating I Ih* ground upon tMiich ihtOt1It| MWJ u ltpltlioh shy ** m Mmlnrtakm 4
i. ttitifliml
t '.. .oiiiw,) or other motorF $. 3. That all law* and pnrtp of law. pt ion. Slate, count, > o*. imm.rlpal. bl. or inelfertiv' I Invalid Ittapplica* warrant. *xoent for treamin or felony* of f ntun flnal declaion. or order a ivrrnal i-I is Approved by the Unvernoi1 April 112 Iluollsbj (r remove building rroitx
exrvpt ad void then
In conflict valorem' tax** m"r. ,lioMfng nhall I While going ., remaining ptuVn COOPS rh.or und rtak'-
and herewiih -w
r- ar
piyJl1elIt ai. levied upon at. or return ought, a demand in any, ai
I F .nOluii bonda taau.djiimc'lal $. 4. That till cot phall hereby) i .p.I..I.t "."l Hid 'motor' Vlhlcl. nnd vxveiit". th. grta ivmUu not affect ih. tmnMiitiiiionallty, eit..,- Inif froiiv M. place where hit la ordered tranMrrtpt of the writing retmrd for and a of certified all Ftie.t In Office Cecrelpry of JHtAtc Apill Ing mny *mt>ra?a th* axtMption of uefT
ji.i iillUA .
ri t.k. tax. validity
? \ road anil Immmtlflfely tipun UP P" .I.t except I the iiiouir' vehicle' .it licr ar .1'1.11.blllt" or any to attend for military duty Kvery of iMperp nn tile In his ohms affecting >1I04U area to. puttild. $lorpoiP*. inollidley pltrl.oon
Hi .. ap 1".n.tax a. now or bwreuftvr pfM-HiMii pert of Portion prov la- rIder and eittlpietl, nice <.f Verve ,Ihwf) l'.cri'pIilpInttl
lha Klrnt day .proval by Oovernor provided such l elIcit or nonlmsmieiiy put'pluses
nr ? <)
.1 ,'lur to upon it. U** ( law Inn ar olauee nr ler. and xtutlntf a
law of thl Act It being ex .h.lI. during hi. nervio therein ('tlAPl'tSlt ton API II .. to cl0ent ecf%
road and brldn without Slide bIt ex* bond In h Ihe penal ; ) provIde. ,
; I'. 1 for cOIln. b tho Ooverner upprovaL X Al fee and t a x e* Imposed by thin loosely 4eriitrei| | lo Itav been lbs In. em"pi from .....'.* UIHIII any pone com to belnpT Increaumi Mum of 11.01111<)(| (pubjoct AM ACT( relating to duly Mllil Town enut Osilitery urban or rural dweitn0H.epltrbtflants $ .
IT UI' p"blo Plrovad I U, and roUected tentu of the .leglnlatur* In I'tat unit by order of nali treetM nnd road
'. "d lu o".d a'1 ahallIIIIJI1 .rl by the "'"I. MotCr to have such event up from Jury duty, Court, tel i the Unvernur with puttie lent nr portion I hereof.vtadtttMA oh' ot her livings aecammodA*
I' ,bY of the 4ttSrtle Vehlota. C""I..I.n., f'1 th. anle of tmeiied ihia Art with Such un Hec, I .. l.lpi-harg' tit Fore*.-Tint slImly to b* apprnved liy tile licensing *mt hrlisee, that oimalltut* $ fnperon* of lew |Inconoor pnn/v

... Ih .I"tol'a 0' ,. CHAPTKR X0210 (* .. b. palil by him aimiltutunalt| Ineffective, Invalid, In- Florida UeOnpe lN>rc* Shall ba ipuharg authority or Ih* Court, conditioned ; tIle rnutn nt ennneeilon between or em work' \mdprtt-vHlng1 tnajr tnwluri but**!*

'or .lnc.lon to b..h.ld AN ACT to prepnrlbe tile maximum to tlm Treasurer of tha Htat of Plor appllcabln or void portion eliminated. nt bv ih** Governor upon the return' of HIA final prnpettutlnn of audIt upon to tension nf pints rmttlp In the State High insiir.l, AtitrjMnent,, fo.lUl slid
; a..l o.n.al EI."lon weight, width. It-ntflh and I. who ahall credit the ".a... Road L.e. lIce II. Repeal ('iuss., All Iris and the National Ounrd to State control or final jmlpiment, nndj the payment appeal of eli way Hyptetn ; decUrtnp ihnt Miioh aerv dttsot'hta; or i .rwoiittl-. property for no
pnrl or
cer purti.ietu fund with the art InconMlMlent' with tIe. within thirty day* thereafter. a small purp )n prevltltng for their dea-
4 A 1.1 That beiflfliflt .Tftn. lain motor vehicle ,t.to"t the total amount, of this pruvlfltiin mifh in.la i a* shell be adjMlge naalnPt ; eseslyf lnvelpietttor' 40 irabl. a'pOrilmna41C
,ItOD I flttY 160)) ycer.nr. publlo highway of .p Hint* Flieridi 'i. peated Art not exprenaly ne- Hec. 1ft i15penm05-7he 4xteneea In- lIla appHlitnl. '1 herenixin. ih* linen- IgnItIon by the Mists Rund Itfpprt streets sewers, welts's -vlotf*
:. ew Thnt all law herein are hereby repealed. ruiretl In prrylnpj out lh ntent autittirtplnp and ritilrtng the T.et'te. i
I it: .of t.o0) and relating to the .pert. of lawn provisions of leg authority shell within | llrotjaralten, garelsntsg, *pl
,Is. ..h. '1rOePe4Ie,, 1X I lOoter vehloiep. und operation nr conflict herewith be, and the aam eh Kec. 1 i. KfftM>tlv* Pat, Thl' Act hip Art alml I be '. td from the lun.l inakn certify, and Ills with thirty th Clerk iipy Rial Road e.artment tn mnlntatn and m4ntttt i' rti.nmunliy, health, rerr.

pit JII.n .1 till. tnt.1 "nd 1.ve..I henri< tax thoretin.He plpelng a inalnt- .. 1..b" r.p..lnd. beromliip II. t.k. effect Immediately I upon U. for current expenses wt Ih. Military ..- of MM Id court Much tr nMcrlpt*, or In repair. puch iretp end roada under tin at.onaL plonallenait welfare or OtherpurpOsee
"' ...oln. 8. arc t Ion a law. P*rt ment. by whatever name' tills> niipervllan and ottntrol, and to ormtrucl if (.11 to o.mmatlpn
or lieu nocompll.h A
H therwtf.
: I tile
dl" flOW known Knurled by the LrglNlatur. of the ..n" .ub..Uon. A"rcv..t hv .". a... a ..11 .. .u'h r..n.1 ... ....... original vauer*. If the .
... shall I. knO"'h Mntl
,...dUCII' 01_ "ulur. ../l. .o".oe. .h.... "" reettnptrucl pilot treta and jr the tnregolng. 'lih. lerrr
..1. .'nn n.ha. acted. -.n .l..a 11'-- -- ----- fV.uri Phwll *ti ,,order and the app 'Uantphall
'jaond "prop"; "' ';;; i. Section 1. No .bol. ..Dj"J; :d natml. upon requisitIon "thy "At.Juta.t, within nyc dityn thereafter file; the Cladi ttnier rerialn cnndlttonp and authorlpln BuH-fOK ptPje.'l" also may be applIeS
flotOr motor ; : Mled l'h
""iitorml I"""',' bination, of' vehlrlea, vahl.I. or oom. ] court to In offlc Secretary of Stale Aplll tlenernl approved by Uovernor. punt and a ropy of the notice of appeal it to exeretoe certain powers Icr (l>. innln of the.! bult'llng. ami
placed *
I'" "e' Puna'1 In on % public highway ohal b. op..t.,1 be Invalid or unronMltuilonal" Such J. 1941. JOMCH Uaiiey t 1 with the C'lerk of paid Court which paid, with reepeot to 55010. *nd reitnalin all) lmvr&>vei. FIU*. the atKiiiLUton ot, prop
"a'C'MB A lilrlbiillon Into a welKht Judgment and lioldlnit. ." not afTert. --- II.". X. *a vine; Cl.uine.--lf Mny we nolle of pppeal phpll Mtitnit Irtw In conflict herewith erly atr >Uin ami, dIvided Hrop per vehicle. Impair .1 CHArTKft SOfM lion part of HP appel lie II Kn rt | by he of the tureiuMjtli,
Tl.r.T.y.' Including or Invalidate the portion provision or clau* IPnt a rtfciMplftlnt and M 4 rnnatrutitlon. rofon.trunitoir
.ul' utrte whiCh .hal b. weight of puNi vehicle, in .... tlona of title act. "Rlnlnl po. AN ACT to ....bll.h lit. VIorMn O '. of .this Act shell be held tn b* unccnMtliulUiiial Shah b t thereupon HIM I** vf tlnrlilni sltPIIA'tl) i, .nrl rep.lr af 111* Iraprmr
( enteretl the cnlenditr
'I "tV ..non. ..v.rtiI ld,0IO p.und.; exfrpt that the weightof Hno. 10. Title act shall take effect Im Cerise .'".... authorlxing I thn Uovernor I, :Inefferllve, Invalid. hoe ppii.Ce vf HP Id Court fur nn trlnl trial tl het'tlun U It I ip. hrrebv exprepply fee iD.at a'd all Other work> tn eonnaeUvHW

on. p.rI .co..dln. any vehicle may exceed aurh amount mediately. upon becoming a while the National Uuurd of Ihl* Htattt ill. or void, thon nunh holdtitg phi I ..i| stilt InmY be given nova, AgtilMtHt pnd ileelurtHl by the leRlMlaturi: thourp With

," ]p.cur.I." \ .. t. POp'ula- axle( but limy tint exceed 1 Jd.Utio ..ou.do per Vetoed by I lie Uovernor, Inw.. I. In active Federal p.>rvlre, to oriranlp nut affenl I the oonptltutlonAllty ene .. Court over other matter precedent'pending by time In of this NlPtfli of rhu-ldrt Ihnt olty and hill( r .am nt low toxam." shell

*"' .nc ,". "or.J.* to. of width nor of *xoeod fiGO pound Inch 1.a..cl, over Governor' veto IV41.CltAPTRH I. and maintain. the Florida I I'efena' Korco tv.a... valid.i' nun .,' II..blllty of any paid ('0111-I. *l h* Court She I 11 I rctinlvn town Strode ant) rnatla or iwrtlunpthereofi malta W ia nt famine who lack tu.
'' ,ntrle it<>'". t. .h. ". I., wlimi, eituippud wit Ii -- tit accordance with the \atlonal !I..- (thr Ruction, part or p-Ktl"". prnvlaloii' and cnanldet1 evldenre whether oral vlnilur't, Artd biMilgep. that cum- amount lnrcim t which la necessary
'" n.11 notion the ratio of boonter br.k. vacuum btakop" or power IOJI3 '.n.,* Act and the regulatlnna of th. or clause of this Act It being! expreaply documentary, or Hint* the HOIK of t'onne.iiflp between (tas Ueie' .!>.'! by Ih.. authority snder-
tod concerning declplon
I", ', 'provided In Chapter brake ) provIHed. however thwt ten pepcent AN ACT relating to National anil, Herretary of War of .Ito 1 nlted Htalen. "l".'I.r.d to have been the Intention nf order of the llcenaing nut thn hoi or or enienplon nf Htal* rimdn In tIle HtattiItlahwav taktn.7) tl Kounlng loplierti i t teiiab)
>Itt'" .Act. of i.ai., overweight I h. hereby t.uthorm i| mate providing' for the th. Ivglplatur. In ity )iyleli. tin'i Deferred to and the "
mulch t
>* ttniin
01 1"I.rldo. Defvnan., aulimrltlntf' and, ftinmbcrfihlp' of pitch event, to havitpa WhIch t h* *ppna I IP taken, If ihe limP' K inui 'lal analataar t9
JJ. unruomi, of tIiC .ppoU.n.. for *Vehicle euulpped with ."el br.ol ering tho U..rn.r to create. a empow t41.Le' force a nil its .r.lln'.lInn' under, rule, .)..(I till. Art with auch uni'onatltutlonn. ripfnn or ortl*>r ofthn IUnnliiMr author named In lsnI by this Art a* mtinlolpnl live |l>>' 'nt, MCI' end sanitary dccl I

hL.il. ." the routine! onlrlbuI where Such vehicle has at pneuinatlo -> Deftjnan e.un1 to nalnt' In Coord.matIng and regulation pr<...ritmd by 'lime Uov ., inefTnpllvty tnvalltl. Ittapplivabl ity plmll b* rverpid. *al*| Court Mhall c.lnnactiIII t link mndm bavt nerved, do InnWli out *vn luwdtnir.

I .h, milt of Hlat. Toad cim-" tire In contact with the rued, .. ami loral I ., related rrnori. 'I\'IlIn. for tlie. pay and allowatioew or void 11 puriliMt efiinltiated: by HP ,tnandnt. ppiHilnnally dtrcet paid iiuw Murvwm1 will In the future cede ( KtJ'V'1'' 'benturea' hull) mean any

Ih" IIItuft' or the contrib provided no puch ainglci motor vehicle. to National and' State l>e('lvIU. of fiimbira' of aut h fore ; au H... H<*pial. -All law am! pa rip liivnalito authority ap to It* furthur ci'- n Htpt ptirimpe, nn'l' ar for the general aeteav" *im rim rrtlA ai< 5, ilfttM>ntur a,

',abU.,1 by the ".rUlolt.m.d" .. above deer.'ibed .h.1 exceed If.OOI tor the or..nl..to. of BUI'h ..! firovldmg and thtirlxlnir, the Uovernnr to ,.*,ul.lllnn of hew in uonrtlut. herewith are hereby tton in the matter, intdudlmt the man benefit of the Htale t thtil U t* proper neveuO 4l llll.at, nr in li..r ubllgallon

|.*p."unl, '0 .aitt| chapter 1C<6$. puundp group welKht. for thw .IP.lut".t? of Un member' by uriii, and equipment and to niche available repeated.JHI Ing and entering any onler or order antl leMlilmeit, Htwt fuuctlntt and Cl' isen.sd'b"> in auUx.tlo purloIn: 19 tilg)

I .k.n mil ilnrmeil ciinoluulvj A tractor mid, nitit-lriiller whlob the Gov.nu'l; providing for (their t.. aunt fore-thtr racilltlen of '51st.. .01. IC. Short' TltlP._Thlp Act rnpy lu connection therewith, and the condition penan to tUnltrnnip such municipal eon*

., ilii )I ,onthl amount.l.. wml-traller wheo In operation .hal have "uRU.n. and term of ,; authorlxing iuall., aruinrle' and other Plate' proiwrtyi providing b* cited ap the Flnilda, Hefenee Act *. Iliviitn Nona or rent limIt Ion* to he neotlwa link rtuitt end to undertake and Ac1,1< Vroriertv hM include .ill
if Vrillnn to "aid mtrlbu'wh a* part of It. own weight tlat of I. empluy, olc'e du for the calling l out of aurh force ; Men. 1 Is. Krrecilv "at"-Thl. Art therein contalnedi I Vmvldett. tlttt I h* II* prov Itl* tile coal of n.nlnle.nn**. ro l lsindttiht(" 'itllng illlpr..nia ami 11 -
Alr dli-trlbufd It. load or both upon' "un1 vXI'ulv. providing1 that shell take *fT..*'t pair, oonptruLilinpj etiml| reconMtrtiutlon of ih"
fiifl.IIt -o .hal utn. car- rector otIu-r 0 JMich fitrru, phnll not beri'iiuired 1".II..t..ly. ) upon Its iensits( utiiunilv dhiall n..t t kk i-etKw bmti i lure an. nn l ftio ivrty ,tf in? nrtetianl '
.nit."' by) the mat. ned by the furnlpl.iiig" It. )power other expenditure. I to..I.I.nl. .the"''- to serve out, aide KliirUla except be"(imliiu' n IP w( barred'..tu I Ibereshter revoking or at tUce'.tll lli.'riui. nr uavit n

hereinafter provided. .h.U be allowed a grass weight (Incriudlng of tills I artt;.I. '. \. purpoHea un certain ntmditloita* granting Approved by th* Clovernor April t3.Fi'leil terlnej Pitch. order for any proper cans* Hee. t. The StIle Road fli'perttnent. OuOteel'$*', therewith, anil ever) *et.li

liVwernor u. chalrmnn th" load) not to exceed 1uuu" und .dtitle of tlm rbr.u.\ power- the rmlaann| to mlllinry fences of other Which my thereafter demos ur b dlelovered lint Istep than October' let IM4I. shall lntort md i tight Irani ur eituliabl -.

JL"r.r. anil the Slat. Comp- pound per axl not to exceed, iOU council and county eUI, and" regionaltlafeima ptatep and (its tnlted Htaten to uontlnneliiirwuit In Oinc* Secretary itf State A* Huch appeal shall not In* any rti'plBnrtt PIH'h RirMetp. viadurie l 511.1! there a luillnar IT.n.. for. var. amiof

,\17ll ,iwlliut. n bCll.opnrt., pound per inch width tire, whenboth c'ountJlH! to 11..1.. exlMtlng, Into his tsiule; t i provided that prll U. It II. wtee suspend the oimratinn of the tIe' bridge mm are the inunlRlpal connect I na bisn.w Ca? ud PIiIghl.'nt IPlortgegSI'

.wn a, the -mat. lD'' vehicle are e eJt booptor loea and facllltlt ; for erv tIle, certain civil: groupp Mhall not be en- rtulon nr order appealed fn.in turing; tttik rnad In each oily and town amithrart allieS e ant thu ttilptstrplnesa sue-ar it
brake vacuum brake brake .ru.III'1 listed In the : CPIApTlCft lUll r aha II dealgnatt municipal b l5iN' 111,0.5,
SS.Ir.ll, n. whlrh board o creation of county >egtonaltlefenaa I Florida ffiiim, forrit a* a the pettilenry of Puc-h apueal, unlep upon '
," T .ll .the power, control anil -provhlod that ten per cent overweight I and for the unit, pro(dinar for the 'iualinratlinp I AN ACT :to regulate the titanufantur. proper irdl "r i.f the Court A* appeal eonntutin link read for new or nil.l. (mtIlg.* th* authority" r

I 111 ntJilutnry Hoard of Art.illwi I I. hereby authorised when Much trleh.r.n.1 ,dutie of.un"I.""" .; tintktnoappro power. and C sill 1 llMiUitlltloNtlnna| of member. of sue'|it ale, dlptrlbiitlon. use and pusss.lU: of may b* taken from th* Judaintent of tile lional Win I* rukdp m th* MIst. Highway "Obil shell Inalud any holder of

'. Hald board .hall ba.. iinl-trall) have at tenet ten p".". vrl.U.n. to pay the n.expumi' of (he ".stale* force, providing for the tt>rm ti f* enllut exploalvea. ; lo ,,,,"Ir. IUena. to Miami eemi Cnurt on any *iiJh appeal on th* ftyptrm pi tide lime puch Htate road* dobCA Pit irus.tc. or IruOlese Mr *' f

,v'ln ir .' power a* m niatlu tlrep In contact with the ,o.d. 1'.n.o Council; und, repealing all ,IsO1 men I *nd CKMM"laplnn, I In Much force failure, depl In. and p.lsst'a. axploatveM.and Matn term and contlliiun cc an appeal thre opsns.l l for I ravel.. The HIM I* Moad aUcit9. ,i<" p, or ipor demiNinir Ic tinr

", l "pun, 11 by |law. lh. nln?. and provided. In no cane Hhatl a motor nnd imrta' of in c-onltirt, herewith. providing that the artlclep of war of fee fur Much Iloviipea. : providing. forth I is taken in civil *otli ii*. Department phall torte n record of mi a AmutiUHiml i.rop rty up* 1 In conn 'tl 5 n
,li l"i,. and of theM vehicle i or combination 1 of vehlolep, b* !I.w. .. lbs L'nited States shall be In effect al.po'.nt' of a Hcennlng. author Heo. f. rennltlea-- rnhnertttipr link rp.l,. *u tie** *15k a.tiPl.I..iIPt( |'irnjt-t, or soy ss.i5n,

t. ,,"ltrr.l l'l .IWO (2f mipervlKlon I oenl. of laidUt1 operated on a publlu highway in the n"Mtt..tr1' : *" ". of tlie when auch force |p in active atrvlcmj ity, and M-riblnN.. Ita power* and ... Any parson who violate any prnvlpiimnf Ignnted, anpi frlbhvitic Phall furnlPh t<* or so't' i >tf uih ii.'Ilnr'* lntre H-

,t Jll. iniinnyn) ami olhe ...t.n Plate with a (crop weight Including, the HnrUol. ]. 'IIr.t. ,. Tliln. art may pf4>vidlnK for freedom: front, : arrept *n.( ties; requiring' report and rmtnl* from f hi* Art, nr any ritl or reg illation, ea<'h city Mtid town a plat nieiu aC tile cay I ti,,re< r. and th* Federal (Clov

tin rlfeillvdat* of ) weight of aunt .hh'l. or vehicle, In I>. u* the State UereriHw jury diitlpp of meinherp.,. III' Puch force: Tnnnufactur and denier in eM'loalvea' t mad hereunder. Mhall, upon convlntloit.h tnunlnliial lumnentiup; link Pnlllu5s aw iie5' efutii tl YU M IP M party to mny .
apullrablo. may be.TTJllrabl ttxoep of 40.0UO "ou, .. Act. I1.rld. providing for HIM dmuhnrKe' of such 'Iimhlbltlng tlm, oIl.ltlhllll t Inn of exp.oa- liiiprlMiinwd. In tIle Stats prison for a tgnataii. In Much oily or town, (fort wjili l i tuihorityH .

tIle bond. of the Ht o.' 2. No motor vehlc.l' .qul..n. \Kec. 2. natabllMhrnent of Htat 1... force[ iiuivldjnpr for the payment of f>xI iiitrminai; provlctin-t' term uf net mor than ten ye..r., or Mliallbt He*. I. Prfim utitf Mfler tt'lnber Ivt. n.-. A. .luilI, take'' effort Ir

SIM nf. hIll Ptai*. or any *wlth polld tlrep luau bn .n fiime Council The IF I Pmh454e cvtrry-ng out the provlalonw of for t lbs .raUon of I lean-tit; pro v id. fined not mor than llU.uuo, ur both, 141 the Htat Ittt'i, tH'parttnant la mi tndfl mv n ,I imMipgv ami approv it
liertbv :
i brlilif. dlMrlct' or other publloh highway outaldi. of the liuttiteof MUthorlxcit and tuv.r""t liii.: .Itnl and rupenMug: all laws and t lug fur an HPPMH" from, th t .l t'liuni, ofth HMO. 10 KxflpptlonP..* thortaed. *opttw-relt.| l illrertedi and te- by nBV*" ., r up.n u IC be< ', i 1mg
Iuti thereof laaunilin a munli'lpal corporation a fin.era;(*ny ..nl.ow".e the time Nadortr of, "I.HMH fif laws In ,'.,nlli. t herewith. llreriPlng authority | prcprriblng1 pen Th* urovlalon **t thl* Act phall m.t n u I red in malntatrt and r ,palr under I'* M Jftir"v/lit t tt tn h upprovnt,

Li I nlnK "I.tlr.t 1 'or rnad andptlrpowl. load of more than .,.OC', c'l.yln.. ., ". the State CI to create by !II. It Kiiii, ,'1 Hl. by tIme LegUlttlure of the allies fur vlulutionp uf tills Act t *uthtirlairitf apply to th* armed forcep of th* t'nlt.-tlNtHtep rontrnl ami aMpvrvlnion, nur-n dalanattw AtipOI' U 1 b, Ui. Uovt i'n>.ir April 'I.

., July .It.Tli 13,, "bond*" a.ttnln In* weight if> such Htat* tt.fi'n.n CitiiiU'll. II."I..I.n Mule of rlorhluiSection : I Ilia I llnnnpiiipj autliorlty: :: to pro. t tli* National I I 111,1 r.l. t the b'illm'ilIt Ilpunieijsal ."unn.-ei ill lInt l'llstutl to I 94 0- '
No four-wheel I trailer lelIUII..r; I .. scribe rule I and regulatloua under title tnak ePi00PpriCtotte and Im-liid bond. tlm with cloalHiiHted na the "titmu itch ." For I 1. Authority' t and NamMieni ..- liefen** Fore*, or Ill ullluer or ItO 1,111- *
..1".1 nd other of In- 'olid tlrea ahull be ,. publichlirhway purpose of In I \
.I li. ,, | for roud fe.m.and brldy. outside of the limit, of I a municipal of th* 0tt 1..1.1"1 1 the uctlvltlea oirdlnullon i-- <. " IHK iintracl. Itii'lualv s.f with
? 1.1 1C. Ie Kniirt-Ml the irofnivniH C'lAlTlCIt 19220
by LeglnlMlur of the
county or .poulnl& roadriOC corporation currying a load of with tho ect ivItlu-. of tho Uovernnr IP hriby nttthor any tiiur.lrlpi.llty uf thl Mint whu Mr*
o liy any' other tax- more than 8,000 pounde, other Htal. In ,, N.I.nHnct |1".1* < to oiganl** and. miilntaln within tlr ut. of r MIHectitiu autnorUeu by tli* Cnlted States totit.* cIties s.d towels. unit with iny Kdralaetiity dANI'T I leliiplt 71 rurll imaosimsr, InOreoi1ouuimg
lualtot (
dlplrlit or on.peclul July ht.e weight' of trftller.I'Jo In"ludlnl National and State. Iteremte.henuv'' .t. I Ihl. hit It. during1 auch period und'r 1. U.flnltlon*.-A* uNd In) Htai ttr ttch nubd.viptnn or munlcipuiu$ uf 4h. Ctitlmd, Stat* <*t America autltrlties, flIt' ..htltitheend'.btWt
r and
o..t.,,1 111..ndlnl four-wheel nun gulatlonp the of this sot!; ty to liandl exploplve nuthrla oetpowl'red po to hOt for Po.l.is' for the 01'clnIsstiofl f
equipped with a*
Iniiueii thareuf.rhiirii talhf h* deem It expedient the Uovernor Hecretary : ,
ly ''un.l"r pneninatio tire operated may, War of the United. Slate 1a ) "Kxplnplvna rnepn gunpowderp, Beo. II, Having ('llils'P"-, aueh P.O pii-Mi, IHoviilfMl not ti tog herein RttublMhitIii.-.. ;., authors.. tie.
"be may
I pre
the on by proclamation. dlHMolve
atatutnry I
.". h. Comml.ut ., publlo highway .h.1 ef inn lImit ota council or Munpendnuch iKTlb for fllxrlplln ttt training, Much ,r.I..r. ui."d fur blpptlng )ilgh xplop. If any e.'Otlon part of peel Ion, provlpInn contained shell rniulr th* Mi ate lined 51100 0.4 ritsnhnsll'utt of resloust tents

f llnnr.l. .r County at municipal corporation "", a load such dlMHolutlon or r..tHbll.h It after any military force a* the Uovernor may ... ; maferlalp. fue (other or tlaunn of thin Aot shell be hnlil lepartni to pwnep, pprmUti,* Cm light ing *u4ltenl.is by tut, ,, hIl r'tmnlles, ,

.. Unnil 'Irumee and and any of coors than lO.uuu ,. 'rlnl. Hoc. 3. or auHpetmhtn.. ,lem .."....., to H.Nipt the flvil authurltli than lectrlu circuit brenkerp). detulna.tore to bt 'onptltutlonal, ineffeotiv. invalid aid stlulelm.ii.st t | iiaiiiteftirig p tinM rauu*. deience Puwdhf,. tltiti.tm 4)5,1 aloe sfoperat
of road' Inclu"U'1 Organlxatlon of "Council (a) I***, 0. 1 hat bIte State Itoail
special > Ueparl e tII
antI other detonating agent, ...k.. i void CubIt blousIng .othattlu'e,
.10.1) the weight of the trailer. ** In maintaining' law and or dor. Inppplhtabl* or then nttnii holding
|.dl'lloln. and other nieclal. taxliurlct. The council ...1 con mint of ...b.c', ,* leap powder anil any t'hwmlval compound phpll not "affect th fluent w heiter r It liereaf I er tPtlllStrelPtN to provide full tita Sllppintnpu.t Cl OWtnis.miolwrs
No twoivt heol or em\-trailer\ euuin- by fnrc* a hull be compound of ottlc onnptituiUinalUty
t. tlwri'Of with roard toIbunili. :: \ :: appointed .nd luhl"l .fle. durinir or any m.hanlrpl I mint uer 1W'OSti.tmUl. any SectS Pond whinh f lip Im
tire containing rffmillvenepp housing authnrltl
totkt bed with I olld tire phull be operated <>n I the pleasure of I for r. commlpplonad or ...I.n..I.< i *nd 'hpblebodled validity or puiJU'aht'tty Ittinl
(tuaupt lhat tu. p.we. a highway outHld, of the not Uovermir. aperiod inI' cltlxen. of thn Htatean .n, u.hll.lnr( and eombupilbJ unit. or of any fhnr pec.Don* part of Mctl,,ti.provlpltin eSters ur iiaoMop tltroiigh, any city of '(P iutiipprla. so. h houeln9 authp
&.10"I.taloN la .expreaaly of a municipal corpomtlon 1"11 to e"c..d four 'yura from ahall volunteer for prtrvlr' therein other Ingredient In puch. proportion. nr nlau** of thl* Act, II being town. tial4 finnHkritt't' nr rl.c.nalriscl the itt-ce l prp lts h-.Ieing P.r farm. show

linn aid bnunl ) and .hall tak land of more than ( c"rrplnl In*> 'h. date of appointment. 1 h* Governor pui'plemi nted, If nnrepnary. by men of ,juantlt! or )parklnit. that Ignition by exprely tlNretl l tu have been the Intention THualnlfal oonncini$ link wf such roa*| ivC"mt 511,1 10 pr ette hoot ,(-
document, and record .und. ahall au-rye a* chairman. cf> the uounell. t* fiuwtartfi 5 o tue san* type of ChIn.
all too 51
| paiitri the state mllltla lire, frlrtlon, conciinlon' pervumdon or of the egtpiatur. in such Imp I hill, Law. it
the of enrolled by draft or
Hulil, board ahallI ) ludiny trailer. H* shall donignat. one of th trvrlia CaCtI I tn purh Provided. '
I'Blnv the .n. No w.l.h other than Aemltraller membeiA MtierwtiM. nx provided' by l.tw. Mulch dtonatlon of any part> thereof may and vent, t* trnv pp. *id thl* act with much mad. 0. 'e UI I, llitlsol 'An AI't
I thii power from (lIne to time toInfiiiMIng of the council a. vice-chair force shall b. nddltlonal I I. Intended' to canes an axploplon. bItt uTirltllsttl UtilinlI I. ittp'IVe'thvs, Inca ii.i. In* however, that w-hx-nevitr any suet ma p.04 m' sp..l. .r rusmlg, pet,
to and illp-
It mature within a. above denned equippedwith man. Appointment, of menibiTH. l b. ciels! <.t.nMPtMK lIck I is r.hptru'tir '
blncl. .IHI tlnct front the Natloral tluard shall not ineUi.tr. ttxed ammunition for applicable or void purtlun *Uuilnatil.Ha. 'tilt' enl tO be. Its we
bid lift)' (10)> period for any pneumantla tire nhall be operated made without reference to Ieal afnilatian and shall mall artup, ilrecraokerp or matohep Itf Pts'tssl.- r* oft trwf Lil, atnlanillnK).a.boo"!. or Intere.tw on a .bun highway ... Ul. ot ii>. limit and with refvrontu ..a- be Such known Force an Ihe Plnrldit ".'IRnaa Force, when ibis. Imllvhlual unit contain any All nctp sot partp uf autO Inoonplptent. upon the ft>tsta |-l ma I eiariment tP r*, authrmil p> .j'. e tn pots<

.. .n,1,I ti) nwurc them by a pletilO of a municipal corporation carryinga vial Itnowledg of Induatry. "lrleulue., hall bn tinlfnrmed.Hec. of th* wbov mentioned article in auulilimited with tile firovleion* of thl* Act slid mil muv or *T ,.*r any idpigrMn4 twin I* dw 51 ,t,Ip.ll.'ls l I I-pr piHi.fne
1 IhtIlttl 1 receipt from aurh traao'r 'load of more than a.uuu poumlp. In* consutuler' protection* Inbor, II U. rganxati( ; Kulep and Reg Muwntlty or of puch nature amiIn xprMPMly rpeal herein ire hereby rHee. *- (any w'*r* or KIM or waiter tnaln*. ov low no,- 'I', i il ,' mull I !> . titer tale. to b. dletrlbuted eludingthe weight of the trailer. health, welfare, or other Ilibjitote' loUenvrtil u1utlon -The Uoveriior IP h..b.u.- aunt that It neCks? sImilar to,mi.m Ut I lii.. 011th. 4.'. 4 h'll"' S hnvmif
lu,1 Hec. 8. The Htate Road DfDitrtmentI Mat loet n. .. .1.0,... _... ._ I h".I..d tn ,.u-.eo.u-lh--------' .' ......, uauhlng_ I I. Impoesihis toproduct -os.hsd.- *< ft. 1 h Mists ; a p'splpial.11
but .. -- ** lload partmnt .
4 .nty lie herein nrovlfleil. : it no lists GUI Tp krine
an rxpioaion of emIl unite to 11 Short Tltl'Ihl Ill.i'e
; ; : -- f
rl II' -xr- >; ; nt.r.H-t-'tb..I i ahall have the right to ..r.ntIn their ; and i iAJj'.' nt'r;. .o'f i tii'nI* not .Inconsistent with,. Iii* i provia-i the Injury of I IIl'e. Iti.ib or property, and Act may b* cited a* the Florida I is awth.r.Mit |o i>rnvift.. txitNhUph and liti (Pt h ueinir epltht'Ii '5nd

I nili ilort.n: lilt, I discretion upon .uo' cu.n Hhown. tur. .the Mate ahall be ex ," .'. l ttr. of thl* Act governing the enllpl- luclud am in unit ion purchMPwol KMtilnalVM Act. fnaHQtP-lti Mign and marker, t or aPl- ,m',, ii. I. thirtfi lM f alt
.om. temporary purpuHH, permlHtilon of tIme m'nt. ongitnl..lion, .pdmlnfntratlnn, e.tlhilpiitt'ttt lIu..t : : en.?. in the regulHttu.1 of Iraltlfl upon .
ltn i> on Imhalt, .f any county orr .r c.un"I. for apimltaliten solely for PportIng Hea, It, Tim nf Tatting Nffr..- It uiim.g s 'ioirip.gC | r. .
to operate a motor vuhlol. (b> employ an executive maintenance' training and ttrh AeMirnpte.! muil lfral renneetln/ In '. uI-b-op
| r hr ih mile tP'h r euunel ma" purposes.Ib Thlp Art hll tk, neui I.smsmt.niiliteIyUlluti | leaning t> *
IbMidi imiiivil by mich oounty, 01I trailer or Hem-trailer, on '0..1. dealg- < .. auch t.chnle.l.cl.rl..I. .dlprlpllnn of puch Fierce | Provided. ( "I'erpona" Include any natural HP becomlnp a law. link -roadM : soul, fnr any lljr or sown attd sr hItililIiiItI.I. anil giving a"
hated I In miuh permit, of Iggregateweight and other conic ,,I.. and! regiitnitonp, Inenfar a*, having a iittpuliflftm f IP lluvt tw* trio
J 44)111, antI brldfra dl.t.let. 0!. : : .1""ul"phto. per.eotmnel. IMrTPon. partnrrplilp, apMoolatlon or corporation. Approved by use tluvernor April XI, it? I's provl.lv that I Iiin *
haIti uxlntr dlfltrlot thereof,, of th. vehicle and load lit exue.ie. : a,' .oll.n..IC.. ami h. doe t HP praotlonbltt and .d*>prpbie.| JIM I. 4 IHIUMP-aMiHirdlug to 1 he tact pr.esd.> 5,1 lc4 ey obtain vuh lit .t,

n or nlbf>r fuel( tax anticipation t;I of the above apecllled weight' Upon may m.k. auch th. hall, conform to vxltlnir luw governing (c) 'Manufacturer" uieana any per Flieil In Oftlo* tteureury of lIst* AfcrU ieee MUhte or Frnleml lti'hl.ue. Is priisevib. thatr ..blLIetlue, .an>l pfH 45"dihIea, .|
run l) arliiK Intereat at not more I tietermlnatlon by the State Itoad Depat. :ap.ro"rlath" therefor, or other fund and rtntnlng to the National Oupnl sun who IP engaged In I its manufantur 19, l$4l. ruW* and rul.vtlnnp for trpmul Is 4ltlIem rue i-dlvp ou uhlixuM uf h

Itan* til pur cent per anhuin, In 4. mont Ihta such an emergency exleta, : ,, av.lnbl. to It. & ar. nnceN.".. Slit the- rut,'. anc 1 regulation. prumul' of *. who otherWIse produce, train lnal It*It tin* UPIMI Ccci. dijtatMAl At hurdle at aninndcd by tthhi
lniiinrnHlli tend .tnaturlnirr: State. Road Dupartment may 'Ward auuh Id .tr" .UI ptirpoee nr Hiln act gated thereunder and prohibit the nerpptance any : r..u::: MOUHIQ im.I// NO. IgT1AN munlohMu aannnuitnir Mnte mete icr 1-6JHfc Uses AiC Vl'irt.ln.' A* < .(

"Uhln the fifty ((60) year p"r- permit tur'a limited time b. Mperl (a member of the council .hll or gift. donation .ratuhlluteor (d ) "ealer" mapnp any A IT to outlaw In the *iate( *.f 4eastM 1 tlMtreln I to the cabal, provbs.'d tIPSIP ii apply l t,> this ant IllIcIt wl it

ll. 1W may determine. In ned th.r.ln. to applicant "nncUton.d .erv* without' Comp.n..lon. but "a, anything nf value by Pitch Pore or a :manufacturer: engaged in If.Inr, > Florida, (its C'ommunlt Party, Ih* <>* '- hr i w\ rut SIP iiegmeimihe for tra ntrtfrfHin to ,) lid bercith.

'u *x"rl"T, lilnir the power now, upon HUiUi applicant" properly I n.. bo relmburavd, th.lr and m-u., by any member. ell mirh,. ",tI'. from any of buying and, ..111.. exptoitivepLlt'tmaing tiiNn'Anierltiaii, humid, ami all erg.ti4ai4- PltaK ruwd*, and own mIce -anilnMrulatlnn hy him IcglHliilure, of the

I', by dtutute, fur the Investment t fylnt .url R'HI. Kuad l'"I..rl".nt with ,eaanry u.v.II"1 ..ini other xppenneiMi.. I Individual I I. Mrrn A.smet'tII' inn. or corporation <1.> Huihnriiy' mean th* lone, Hrutipp, ur I ml, I v id, ual* **ouuitdiherewHli *, *I.sti mad and move fiuto St.tkwidst

lrf iiuld board may ua I .. urety.Ja an amount i rut red I I ,,'furinaru'v. vf I heir .1 U.I by reripnit or put li 1n.h..rahIP.II. Department, uf rublfo tfpfety uf tli,'IP I wh.i Meek lo overthrow. the liMhent, lu '* euewstpeilnr pwbUahttfi and n 1. Iliat chapter 17,Vftl. I. aIf
thins '"M.rrentrd for patti hondvlj I indent. to Inaur repuyment of any < ice under. thin art provided, by law 3. )'.y anti A tlu w.in e* -'1'htt -Htpte.Hen.. government of Hit nited Stales toy fora ilsviIIg a general rhvuiatlnn in such city ( i'ls.' Aria f mi. as ani ui
I 'Ol.or

'. .1
hip 'hO .iHtuied' nr bonii.MiK .;I surety .hal be Hxed and 'determined by with appropriate nfllca "PIC., furniture. cent when Hlleil out. on active duty. or deal in exploaive unlwp' h* hR. 1,1.* rlmlnpl Napl-Uin, and ennui, il l's.,- |Mtr** A any ntitl all regshllnMi relatIng Died w Ii Pr 4) )ii' .5 l tn t'ml-il" lhcit
,., lifrvln n.Rtuln. orhiiiii the Sl.te Knnd, Uepartment In nm'h ("'Iulp".nt. aupplleH, atatioiiHry.' and during1, which lime they ahall revel v* talneil ii lln'ripn therefor puruant to- 15111, to nuoh r- ftto tale by Ptii'U City t! the > hill n* Miiru pro

"'It.t. | II and)bridge.unt! )dlanllicr I nut..no* prior to IH.u.n". of aucli i printing the same manner a* otlu-r lit. motIle l.pe pay und .11,10'11 nr.. ttm ere the provlpi| of ucP.nn 4 of 'h''In Aut. its It KiiMeleil by w So Lbs select that lIck aam may l ,u* 01's ai>pllwb)' t tn.t ir- i><,f tn .

a \: :: p.rli. ]1..t.agoncle ar* upplled. tmw provided by law for the Nationallimrd Ned a. Application For IU'eriPep.n .-- MiNis of riorld.ilMtfciiuii IM .nounpiMiettt Ltt r >wiiU, tlN-t fWth th t.n ohio* hff, 'f Th '
nijncliil. I I tllatrlct
4. t P'i I'M' .Unit a. luxlnir calti! 4. Motor v.hlcIL'a trailer and l 4. Power and Dutlea. The Counrll ( when on .inm her -duty ( > Application for a llcena to manufai 1, 'J'hat Criminal pnarrhy, HW. u, Hefuvpi any city or ti,wn, pernn I* ntnrVby *nphd nn M> \ wht-h inujr biripfprnflft

'Ihr .tlur ih *riof Iatu.cl ..ml-tr.U.r. operated upon the public .111 have the following power and HN. 4. Ioqut.iiuiss, Armnrlep. ; other .ture ekplnplvea phall bn mad to the criminal I Pomtnunlpin. urim* ml n-wM i lse*. firm nr corporation shell enter to ae th' Kuril, Hou-tiip' Au'

got: IM Hi >, na an Inv..t-, highway thin Hint' HimI) not i'tucot.i'In I ,,lul..; iluIiiings.-i"nu-" use of alien llveimlnp Slut lsttrlty. In "c'h form, a* Ihelloenaln or ftrlttilnal fanrlam *r* doctrine tb lexlpttnr upnii SUnS< MirhpttHl Hfunlvtpal *onMctlnf hurl VTA* Uiw aT Kli,,''Ulu." PN f' ''luwp,
|lrlt4) pnlil ther.I. Inihon In width Including' butt'. Tu and Fnrn*. tlm <,lnvernt; I IP hereby imuttitorlcuti link rOads l sIr the rIght. of wsy InC
"IIE IIK, \ adopt, a.end. ] repeat I *; authority' shall' preprrlbei and' form of nnnptitutinnal (ornment -> ,> ll .u iiiw Auiliiirii > 'ILO.cl| value
m, and, th.that par eald In- frame nnd loud, nor exceed rwelveel i rId rvgulatloiiM, anti by-law *;overaing ,) to* requfpll" from I h* Hecretary nf hall plat, am ting oilier Ihlngei j ( :Ii| sIpoul.i<1 bit overthrown by forr *r heritor, fur ties iiurpna* ttt laytna; fvvtelutt -- u :lTPIn each county nt
it, .0.r".I... In height. I ISec. I llx procedure and::: at i lvitl-1.. War pitch are.. anil equipment PP may the nam and addrepp of the *|iplloantand violent 4ir by any other unlawful mna, *. pipes *imltMi or wire there tn. i* hereby <'r'etcl A public IMF
.b.1 Int.ret at the rate. o. It uliftll be unlawful for any (Ibl To cooperatn with contmianlikn li. In piiHtnepHlun of ..cl cpn .. pared hip agnnt In this Side, <*) tile, or by pnHnnPlnatlnn of tiTtlolalp of th* thereon or the>r n.1rt or niaktaeT any ,urpo. iinl ptilitl to b* known PN

tail| | t ont .pfr annum.i ., pertfon. firm or corporation to opPrallor i to I tho "nun.1 of ..Iv.uj I Uu- by the U'nr I liepurtnient, and to make rtrppoii for dvelrln, to manufactur explnalve government of the UniliM Minces or if tot**!root l m t he(#*!. nr city e*ea vat Ion 'hiiiia Authority -if th ruunty; pro

.11 i bnar. elicit annualljr 0" cauiio to be opurat.e upon the publIc, ]relICt, throUKh It .lvl.l.n oC Stats and varlabla to ouch Force in* facllltleM of *, III) his .lllaetiMhlp, If Ih. applicant tile s.versi| plplw. 'I It* advocacy ef tbMrnunileK, Which ,et** NttMteii any %ukled. nvt'ver, that suit hugm ) au

''P" county aoonunt. flr.t.I highway of any motor VHi I local i cooperation I I, any wlitillitrKedural let at* armorle. pud their equipment. I 5 n.h I I. an Individual t an* timr4tyIehait not t r tMm t pnr nunlf 'C
lit' .
"'"I.. l( principal, and Intereat hide: iW over-all leuKlh of which (IntMudlng hervafter created, and uch other Slate. prrnttpep and property In*nt i I. a partnership time name amiatldrepp or writing or the promotion of such dtro Ihwre ,f. a p.rnthte vor any ufh porpu** Ce aCi.. It* powtr herttunder until

'1 MIIT any, ir mid bond and; hotly frame and loud I i when a with I I any atel... t ment I a or other lct.i K* of the partners ami their rill trlnep Independently ur in cotUborptlon Sleet h* scoured from the Mtat Ht %*< 5. lsaps the 5,0.tIItl i II b'til) E au kby

fuel tux anticipation| Mingle: : vehicle.' HimII exueed 1.6 fei>t. ur ongauttd In defnnite actlvlei.. HrHft.. riilllnp; tlut The '' ...-Th* l* tl) If the' applicant I Is an with ur umlr time guldanu of official) l epHritntit with) thennnourtmnA* of th* lietihity,, prnp t- t- ,Hi..utlin phatl or <
m irh or apeclal 1 of vehlcl Florida Defenpr* .'o,'* may b* culled nut :.I..t, : 5Icot.4 city or town Whpst'* ous'im *9ty ,
rOI"I" when oumbln.Uu. Im'II.I. ((0) To cuop"iate, with amdlnr. defena corporation. tile 11110155 of 5 fiM-elmi mtate or lu an international tmiar. in. Hit It. i' irt.-r tlial t1f
.n b.I.. .1 other Ip.O- Ing- motor, tractor. Irallur .. (councIls In other' Htnin. t'* aid. I Ih* civil notion It I.* up ,now pro- .".1 addrearp of th* oAtuer and dlr u- ravottitlimary party or group I Is a ftvnrf ar lswa 4* sot heelI m kinpT tIle et.ptt. is slp < a houamg ,iiithuruy, eo fun

brlilgn illntrlrt. or and vehicle) ahall exceed 45 feet; (I") Tu "...rHI. with utiuii, ty, local I, tiled, by the law for ceiling' out the tore thereof and their cltlpanphlp. The Hec. V. Atty person whu nation COY lime iiMrmlt an.A lila Htai tiuls V '*ml fur .10-h U ctunty. whlih, d.1
'I'"Mi lung '","'rlet I thereof; anoond. provided. that) the length of motor vehide ,and regional..' count.. IN At Inn H! Ouprd ; exrpt hat, whenever licensing Authority shall Issue the II- (at Uy wi,rd of mouth