I 1ra. R. F. DemorestArlthmetic -i horse ran away with me, and I fur a living but some don't live name, And styla of Miller, Hull!. B.yr '
Jk Company at 1001 Filbert St.. s' _
fell off the horse. A bull got after .S'Trsflenu
Industrial Geograph, Dramat- I'hlliidulpliln. nnnylvanlai, W. M. p.
I Ics. Seventh-B Grade. me and another boy but he didn't 3'54 long.Q. Would you advl e tackling a whose raMSilance. 1w unknown .:gl'j t'p'' _
dulnff bupInMN aa Tfansott
Starke Elementary School hurt me or the boy-we Jumped man high? Hut. Company at ar..cn..boro, NorthIa Fr'.L.

Grades One to Six the fence. A. Surely. That's the best way Carolina: Marnurlte Shrlvcr Corn fj
And Ira. It. Corn, bar hu, ban Miss Olive Ray-Primary Department One day I was walking around we know to make him bite the dust of Lonif Hoiicli. California, nnd who .:'A .

Grade I.E. the house and a man w/is/ paintingour -and put you under six feet of there recelvft their mAil fit Pont f>t. ,. ..
f...... llox 598, IT IS HJSKTCBY OR- : _
I Lena Bell house, he slipped and turned 1 dust for good
Misa ShepardCradei.e ___ DIOUI-JD that you anil each of you : -
? '
Jl ; and D. I the paint over and I walked right S _,_l #, s. (P. S. Leant and live.) ar" required. to 'appear on thai find .',t _

Miss Madge Middleton-Grade under it and it fell on top of my c'p. ;- I Q. Would you advise talking, ilny ahove ot> October entitled, A.Court 1>. 1D33 to ,tl\fi In-fore bill the of 'i1: :

I.AllndB. head.) p.,1 back to a coach ? complaint filed. HlI'ah"t, you and p, s '

Miss Thelma Silcox Grades 1 Once I went to my grandfather'sto -p.--. 11IM A. Not by any means. The more each online,of wherein you. In the the plaintiff above ceeka entitled to J,. ,.

land 2.Mrs.. visit him and I learned how to ... Tt} to'lAATs? of TAAI> you talk back the better they like, foreclnae certain mortrair a* a d1 '
E'D first and print ten. nuperlor to the .1, I'
H. C. Ritch-Grade 2-A. plant peanuts and corn. It After all, he's more than likelythe Claim of each of you, over the following _

Miss Lucile Edwards-Grades 2 If I was to have a wish I would best talker. land :In Hradford u9tll ti ..i ". Ii' _
Florida, to-wlt Lots 5, 5, 7. 8. "r T Iti
land .
3.Mrs. _
want to have a new horse, saddle Block 18 In Ward City In Section S,. l 't
Grace Walnwright-Grade bridle and morting gals.DAVIS Hlxe Of Anmturr Athletics And Township 7 South, Itana-e 20 EastSj t.l! I _

GASSETT his ears with an air of dignity. If largest and most perfect katydidthat correcting all English mistakes. Tall Of 1'rofeMftloiial Sport alMO, commencing, ,Houthaant, cor.ner .

3A.Mrs.. Edna Hart-Grade. I he scented anything unusual in the we bave seen. : Its president Is Miss Virginia Wig.: (By Lester Schnell) Townahlp.of HEY and ot HVVVi Range of, and aald run Section Weat '. : ,xi J'fr. _

Miss Annie Mae Pearce-Grade MISS JACOBS' SIXTH air, he was after it like a bullet out We have added a few new pictures gins. Just why Is interest being lost in to 183 south yards, thence run North Ward 8i> yard ,iij _
boundary of
We are glad to have Ernest of a gun. to our room and expecting to baseball, boxing, wrestling, and, thence Kaat alone laid boundary 183 'Li i

5B.Miss Eunice Perkins-Grade 5-A. Broughton, Grace Green and Jesse Quite an Interesting thing hap add more. Mrs. Perkins: "Louis, what L in fact, all professional sports now yard, thence Houlh 80 yard to I,.- C

Miss Edna Strickland-Grade Ricks back with us after their absence -'pened that I shall never forget. We have some new history workbooks would a land flowing with milk and I adays ? The reason is simple. In also sinning, commencing, except the at W..t the Routhweet 75 feetl .Ll1i'I 3. a ) j; ct __ __ _

|6B. a few days last week. 'The man that cared for the sheepat and .. honey be like?" this modern day they have all de corner of Raid 8(314 of 8WVi: In laid i L _
we can cover new m '
Section Township, and Itana-e, and 4I. i
Rosalind Jacobs-Grade the Beer Ranch borrowedthis veloped into pretty much of a racket.
Miss hard this week.as Mug .
We Louis
are working tonal every day. They are ve'. "Sticky. run Knot 220 y a rdn. thence run .4.' ,
He-A. we are having our monthly dog from Mr. Ellis to watch High school and college sports North DO yard to south boundary of
to his sheep because the wolves had are the only clean, on-the-level pastimes Ward atf2o thence Went on said .'.' 'ljt.t C: _
tests, and next week we ae get
Wouldn't it be nice If the yards, thence South 80yarda
FOCRTII-B CLASS Eighth Grade has had only I _
eaten few Soon nowadays. One doesn't haveto
our report cards. We wba to makea quite a already. to bealnntngexcept the Kant
Donald DuBois has been unable at the end of after the dog came there seem to one absent pupil this year. left a water cooler to the Hchool I be afraid of their being framed. 100 feeti and "Hradford County Telkyt! :' ; sgraph"
Ito week because high average so when they graduated this ? le hereby denla-nated a* the j? i#
attend school this The Eighth Grade room la called year
be Not that all
But Mr. Ellis professional
the term we can be exempt. no sheep missing. sports are newapaper In which this notice shall t' ,
It,) a broken arm. He was Injuredwhen wanted the dog back sooner than the room of pictures. framed however, but then there la be publlnhed once a week for fourconHecutlve 1' ..' .. i
he fell from his horse Satur- We have selected our officers as William: "What week: '.4. ..
he bad Ha called are you taking; always the For
What Would Happen If- expected. up on possibility. example Wltnem the Honorabl. A. Z. Ad. '
llay. Frankie didn't whisper the telephone and asked for the following: President, Roswell Noe- the lock off that cupboard for?" almost every day we hear of kin. a. .lit" .. of this Court, and the 'il" _____ _

1 We have started practicing for If Vera didn't primp T dog. The man at the Beer Mug gel; vice-president. Forest Crosby; Mary W.: "The doctor told me some "frame up" contest. In automobile Stark.seal of, thla Uradfurd court County In the, Town Florid.of, ::4rij'' ,i.' ___

lur assembly program which Isfvo If John didn't laugh? Ranch said he didn't think he could secretary L. O. Jones; treasurer, to stop bolting my food." '"j races, too they even frame thla 80th day ltu.u.t. 1)31. '. 'I' __ __ __
) :
weeks off. If Ralph didn't talk? bring the dog back that day be- Virginia Fugate. (crashes sometimes just to give the (OFFICIAL II; A. J. THOMAS, ,4 f1le I: I.; 'n

J Test week Is here. We will soon If Emmett didn't read a storybook cause there was a storm brewing, VERNTE PHILLIPS The Tenth Grade (Section A) '!customers a thrill. That sickens Clerk, Circuit Court .

(now how much we have learned during class? and there was a four mile rocky I News Reporter.j had an election of officers Wednes- !lone to professional enterprises. Knight & Bradford Knight Starke County, ,Flo.Florida. .* 6.

fills first month of school.: Barnes'birthday. Miss Jacob*-What does two- road around the mountain. day Dorothy White was elected I{' College sports may be crookedto .,Attorney for Plaintiff. e-Illltie-U| | : i'

Thursday was Alice fourths equal when It la reduced, "Well." said Mr. :Ellis, "bring FKESIIMENThe president; Gullda M. Thede waa the extent of a college offering '
The class sang "HappyThrthday" Rats of 1933-34 held elec-
Mary? Shep to the phone." elected vice-president, and Ruth to'pay an athlete's way through POSITIVE RELIEF1I L : '
( to her. tion of officers last Friday at recess Tomlinson IP : : ;
was elected school, but the contests
fraction. secretary
Mary-A are never: I
Garland has turned out to be "Come home, Shepi" said Mr. and the following were I PROM ] :
JUANITA BAREFOOT EUla. and treasurer; and yours truly was I fixed, one can be certain of that. .tt _
(quite a good painter as he has been elected: President, Elizabeth Craig;
Reporter.The I reporter already and so he didn't If one were to refer to :
newspaper :
Wiping the teacher paint the bookcase With .a knowing bark Shep vice-president, Andrew Taylor; secretary need electing. files of ten, fifteen, or :FILES: ,
: twenty
( table and flower pots. bounded off the chair and making and treasurer, Virginia Al- yearsago
following themes were the .- note the space devoted to professional A.o."' .. rectal pal. ebanfwd t,46i. _
We have bad a lesson out of our a bee line to the door, shot through varez. The class reporters are ; '
best written In this week. Elaine "I and to ._tlaJ. eomforl-almod IBMtnnUy.
our room : heard something this I sport professional *
arithmetic work books. It and out Into the dark. Fifteen Carlisle and
ew AlKay Katie Fugate. "
We hope you enjoy them as muchas morning that certainly opened I players, and also that of the ama That I. tbo relief ALL t. ; '
we did: minutes later Mr. Ellis called, and Believe It or not-there are eyes." my teur, and then note the pilee! .......,. obtain from MEMO.FREE. '.
What Would Happen :it- said< "Shep Is home." thirty-two Rats in the Bradford comparative W. anpport lids .talomona 1 ii

Harold Johnson should come to My Ufe All A BirdI -By Margaret Lowry. High School. Dorothy: "Yeah ? What was I space from a daily paper of today, with a _..J'-b..k .____t.*. .! 't' i-
am a little Canary. I live at the difference would be _
hool a whole week? It? surprising. If p'o. ore tortured by pile yool ,. J. '

Dorothy Griffis knew her multiplication Long Beach, California, In the MISS STRICKLAND'S SIXTH What Would Happen If- Elaine: "The alarm clock." That will point out only one jthlng bare probably tried many co-called! .. ;,kIcare. _
summer, but in the winter I live In -that professional nprots are .. D.aOtJUdg.1IEMO-FREEi ::1 t
tables? 'Albert Kruae didn't have **"
I The Quicksand In The Swamp some- t by peat dUappointmonU... It. .
Los Angeles.We slowly but surely dying. .Uo. .
Buford didn't sit turned around Once two girls were thing td eat at recess? And now, adieu .. .
wandering positive almost .
have a beautiful home thatIs On the other hand, by mJraenlani, !I..a. I. t. 4'. )
9n his seat? out on Bayvlew Drive where all through a swamp. All at once they; I Katie Fugate didn't laugh in But I'll see you the statistics of ... of Itclal.., bleeding, _t. .Ts ? .l:" -
J. E. didn't go to the triad baa- saw some white sand and went' Latin class? Next week. any large protmdln, or internal pile. .. ti it _
the beautiful homes We will
| over to the edge of It. They did not : ,
lawn in front and In back of our : football games has Increased almost before violent ij _
The whole class was present for think that it Was quicksand. Both history 1Coach TWELFTH GRADE pain tabbed _
house. Jane and I accompanied by 1000 per cent In the past ten Into dnll mi....,.. Retain 41iC lx' "
> entire week 1FERAL Larson didn't blush when The
our friends play there all the time. girls stepped] Into the. sand. Twelfth Grade had charge I years. It will also show that at pric.!... nappine.. by. .ending "i'' _
JONES Reporter. \ they cheered for him In chapel ? of the
last .
program Friday. cad .
When Jane and her father and tendance at track .1.. HEMO-FREE. If .. 4
They struggled to get their fet< meets has In yo
MRS. HART, Teacher. AlKay Carlisle carried some The following ,
wish .
mother go out riding I go along out, but they were not success!'' girl's books? dered: program was ren creased about 500 per cent. On the Send pay tbo potman upon delivery. 'J. ______

FIFTH GRADE NEWS also. Jane has a little hook In the and on down they went. Both girls Eunice Williams didn't School other band, one will find that boxing Ibo beet lime.eonpon today NOW U __ _
argue songs, directed by Mrs.
Elizabeth Wells, Reporter) top of the car where she can hang screamed for help as loud as they with the teacher? Wall. baseball, wrestling* participated I DEMO LABORATORIES '

We are sorry to lose one of ourUpils my cage. could.A Virginia Alvarez went out for Announcements In by professionals--baa decreased 4820 Wot Pico BI." I l''
has moved Jane's father In of Call- hunter not --Mr. Gray. Los Angele., Calif. :l ;s
Marie Lee, who governor very far away that basketball and made the first Two violin terrifically. Possibly the 1 : i
f ack to Tampa. ornia; In his office there Is a large knew about the sand heard their I team? manch. soloa--Miss Court- High point was reached the year of Enclosed I. 91.OO for fell .l.o '64-4 1! -

Mary Loraine Stocwell was ab- ion skin. Once when her father cries and went to help them out. the Uempney-Car pen tier fight. Inbo of HEMO-FREE. c'
One act Name.-
play, "Keep Ahead k .
eat Monday. She went to Ft.erce carried me down to his office for When he got to the girls, they TENTH TATTLESA. the Game"-Written by a Senior of People are being fed up on questionable Add......_.........__..:.:._ .,i Ii
on a visit for the weekend.A his stenographer to see me, he put .. were all under the sand but their W. Anderson, Editor Lester Austin. contests and questionable Cit,-_- Stat. ___ _
me right by this great lion .skin. head and hands. The hunter caught Heyl Good day! The characters decision.. *....contests participated In: I

Book ReportThe Oh! how I did shudder, but Jane their hands and pulled them out. And say- James-Lester were: DY ainutea or questionable character -

Book I am going to tell you came up to me and said, "Don't be The girls thanked him and went Could you stand some Tenth Tattles Bill-8. R. Johns Austin.Jr. who have never gotten out of OVi.R: WODI.I'r--

bout Is the "Story of David" by afraid, Goldie, everything's O. K." home-glad to get out of the ? Tom-Gratton third grade In school, \Jno have MERV"EI -" _

.eorge Hodges. It is a Bible story. Then I happened to think maybe swamp and not wanting to return. Jim-A. E. Wall.Cooper shifty eyed managers and publicity

|t tells about a farmer boy who It's dead. ,I began singing and the -Written by Mary Jane Judd. Only three boys awl girls out of Clara-Lois Long. menputtlng out beautiful stories -. _

filed a giant. The most Interest- stenographer was so surprised because the fifty In the Tenth Grade joined Two numbers by the about their knowledge.Professional ,

"S part to me was when be killed she thought I was too small What Would Happen It- the 4-H Club and all of these are uates, "I'm Clad My Mammla post-grad. boxing i ts a lousy

he giantI to sing. What a thrill it was to from Miss Fernandez's section. Know Where I'm Don't game for any Intelligent young

think you would like the story Jane when the stenographer start- Lamar never missed school ttlas Estelle At"-Sung by man to get Into-a game out of
cause you would like the people ed praising me. It made me so L. M. forgot to go to the bookcase Hugh W.: "Why Gullda, I'm "Lazybones," .Kendrlck. A skit which he will end up with a coupleof
by Misses
n i. proud that time I think 1Edna Ruth hundred
surprised that mother dollars, a badly scarred
your U letting Sternberg
I learned how they fought In about it I begin singing. sat down first in a spelling you marry 'lUll! She hates A playlet Andrews. face and a feeble brain. Just what
|t hat time JUANITA BAREFOOT, match 1Hurbert Me And The has
him earGuilda! World Is become of all of those popular

.By Mary Loraine Stockwell.11FTH ) was tardy? :Marie T.: -'-"Yeah she Matthews Mlne"-Wrltten by Eugene fighter of yesterday? It seems a*
Shl'pt The Beer Mug Ranch Jenelle studied hard and presented by If they vanish
; "'< wants to be his mother-in-law." three Seniors. overnight. If* always EI EIU
GRADE A True the
Story -
tory; they've all
lias Papa
Annie Mae Pearce. Teacher Last summer mother and' I SEVENTII-A Greattoe a barefoot father taken too
Some of last many on the
The year's Sopha told a -Frow Strickland. I lug and are
ted High Fourth has been pro- I. went to Wyoming. After we had Kiddle bunch of this year's Tenth Graders Mamma now walking around on their heel

Cleone to the Fifth Grade. made several visits to friends we 1. What ,is alike In a carpenter that biology was easy. This year's II mother-Bunnle Greattoe a barefoot. with a glassy star. They all have

,..w Kinchen was sick for abut went to a ranch called "Beer Muff and a soldier Sophs jumped for It. And now- .Nenle Oreattoe Canova. that hazy, far-away look.. On..

The aays 'Is back b school now. Ranch" named that because back 2. Two lookers, two hookers, well, they're getting their fingers daughter Lula a barefoot can't go on butting his face- --- Into--a-
boys in this class made sev- ot the ranch was a large mountain four hang downs. one switch burned. Pedgrave. stone wall forever
!'III A chorus not be affected -
l1ezn.flower boxes and painted shaped like a beer mug. back? "Two Tickets to Geor.gIl" by It. They all get the P TO yotnr mn In worto 2 ___
Bride same
The friends of ours had quite a 3. Round as a saucer deep as a William E. Martha Brownlee; dose in the end. ev1rnss'v.ab.ight.naion..
Davis 1 : "Do you think our groom No ___
C&wtt made a large nowr lot of sheep, which they kept on cup, but all the king's horses can'tfill Harry Tyson. Other memo But what will and .
ltan ehJ _
their ranch. These sheep needed it up? their ?" amateur athletes after Watch out!
speeches Long, Lillian they have Orerwx k.4
class entertained In chapel much care, for wolves and cayotes Answer To Riddle Dot W.: "Oh, yes. The trouble Pierce and Sternberg, Mary finished their athletic career.? mve.. may lead to m.. l ______

T*Ur8llny morning with. the follow would get Into the flocks and kill 1. They both drill. was they didn't put enough of their Marjorie Stump. They who, through clean sports ', Nervous Bead..)',. If..... ':Mk
Program: of them.I 2. A are .. auwgeuon and best e _
Son& many cow speech Into the fire." Senior now learning the prinCipals of etbw a ., ___
"America," 3. Interested In the 3. A tea Society onpleuaat
page was greatly strl Der. : co-operation and ,
Bible reading> Genesis 1 to watch Lula Redgrave and Kathryn find leadership, wlU Why don't jro by Dr. _
chapter shepherd dogs they kept that It
!! Well we received another baa been aloft '
a Nerrikt
'II@8 pupil Haynes great benefit sCla&
1.i.: were visitors In Tablets
their Hocks. There was one dogIn One of our classmates, Inman Monday. Now Jacksonville In later life. Just '
Lord' Prayer. the Tenth Grade Thursday. It will be the amateur one in half lue of M .
Play. which I was particularly inter- Green broke his thumb while playing. has fifty pupils. Our sports, the only water make i pl IIUII.
'A visit to the Seashore. ested. He We Senior sponsors, Mrs. T. T. absolutely
inur// was a thoroughbred are very sorry. clean and construclve line drink deU&'llU1'&u7'

311 Play" was written by the Eng- shepherd dog. His name was JR. ADKINS. Reporter. I Hiss Fernande-; Long and Mrs. D. P. Carpenter, that will walk sports nowadays to orer-tazad nervea. IIOOt.hb1I1f
: : "Charles In
did and
aaa- Charicters will spend the week-end In replace LI,. _
: Shep. This dog was not owned you Bacon- professional Mfle. N rrln* fa ,aoir
Betty GreenGrandmother. ever study a blotter? ton, Ga., visiting their sport, which are now Made In two forms_TIL.5 lVl I __ _
by the people with whom we were EIGHTH GRADE Charles mother Mrs. ...
Julia I P.: 'I don't beUeve Iave. W T, rapidly fading away and will Tabiirb: : '
Wlnkler- Jackson.: continue *rv.seeat 4'
; ...
La -Grandpa. aying. but by a neighbor named The Eighth Grade baa an enroll ."- I to do '
so unlesa the
Etta Corp nlng-Visitor. Mr. Ellis. He and the dog were ment of, thirty-seven pupils. :Miss Many of the Seniors are planning Improvement some drastic same soothing .4'eet. tML,
I'lrst F. "If 11.00
Lazy Scen._<: n the beach. very fond of each other. The dog Jewell Gassett went to Lake City thing." : a very absorbing :on attending the Starke.Live Oak la made. a. yost drug itsi'b ______

8Ond Bones Betty Green. took care of his sheep. The dog Sunday afternoon. game In Live Oak Friday. Farmer, of Edgecombe S 'b .Mi I!'$'

Scene- xa the boat. and beautiful and bad We are We have two new pupil, Sullivan County,
was large that ,North
very sorry Edna Well Carolina -
&ce_ we are going to have that Carter have received sic,- t&tMr :
'l'hird 'Betty trtDrfeUow. very long hair. He had a long McKlnney baa moved away. "Better English Club" J and Lloyd Robinson of 870 for livestock and ,
DeLa.nd. poultry sold
Scene-.m the cottage. well) formed nose and be carried The Eighth, Grade baa found the last week. It will have the This makes fifty-four through their local
\, task of member cf toe Senior class ,,193%. association in

T"UJ-'ns. ,

:! _'_y-: ', ((*).. ,, fil-t&l, ""fvj.!> rj. '. 4 _
: --'----

,.-J.--- -. -

." "... .. >,.It.,,. v 'p ,,",",. .."",-.... .r' ,


=-- -' -- ---- -" -- ---- ------- ----- -=-- ---C'c .c"C'-- ---- t 0
--- :--: '_Itw
DOCTORED TilE MIRROR kept a close watch on the cashiers, I -

His advertisements of these odd I _

Ii; An habitual celebrant on all occasions prices B emed to strike the public w

'5ociefriExecutive crept stealthy into his eye favorably,and he got a great

; home one night, but despite his response. What was at first only
caution fell and broke the emptyhe I
an expedient to keep from being I Tip Top Grocery i
in his
was carrying hip pocket.He robbed developed Into a potent psy- s"

was sufficiently lucid to realize chological appeal. to his customers. -
Board U. D. C. Will Meet that first aid should be applied to jf; ...

, Woman's Club To MeetA Wednesday Afternoon the cuts that resulted, and accord- Thus the odd-price has survived u

meeting of the executive board The W. T. Weeks Chapter, U., D. ingly backed up to a mirror and many years after.the original rea- STARKE, FLORIDA ,
applied a generous dressing of ad-
for its ceased to exist. -DOWIt
f of the Woman's Club will be held C., will met Wednesday afternoon, hesive tape. As his wife showedno adoption

Rr d next Wednesday, October 4, at the October 4, at 4:00: o'clock at the signs of having! been awakened, Plant City.. oiuter. SPECIALS 'Two Weeks BIG
at 10:00 a.m. All members .. SALE
club house :
home of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Beas- he was no little astonished when +-- --------
of the board are asked Ro be
she roused him next morning with
Walnut Street. We
ley on North Are Serving
r i' ', present. "So you came home drunk again II
.(i : -. ._. -.-- last night. FRIED SHRIMP Best White Side Plain or Self Rising FLOUR Snowdrift-
W. M. S. Circle Meetings ,
p. B. Y. P. U.'s To Hold "Why, dear, what In the H
Monday AfternoonThe my 12 Lbs. .. _49c 24 LBs.
Also Omelets -- --
Promotion ServiceAt world gave you that idea?" Shrimp BACON lb. .9cIj 9Se

circles of the Woman's Missionary and CocktailsOur .
the Sunday evening service at "Well, if you were sober, she YOUR CHOICE -
the Baptist Church the B. Y. P. Society of the Methodist continued, "will you explain how Barbecues Always 'PLATES lb. 8c

;J U.'s will have charge, at which Church will meet Monday afternoon the adhesive tape got all over the Please __ 2 Packages SALT for ._ :
service will be mirror?"-Oil Weekly. Ij .. :: .;:, I
the promotion
time October 2, at 3:30: o'clock.
I has been for plain stealing by clerks, was HALL'SBarbecue PORK and BEANS ..
held. A splendid program can.. -
.: ..
arranged for this service by the Circle No. 1 will be entertained by quite prevalent. I WHITE RIBBON : ';: :,

p young people, and the promotion Mrs. A. Z. Adkins, and Circle No. 2 Macy changed all prices to odd- Place Pxydol or Soap Chips, Pkg.._
will met at the home of Mrs. L. D. .cent Near Seaboard Station
address will be given by Dr. W. W4Wllllan amounts established cashiers

\ of Jacksonville. Vining. 'to make the required change, and _._ n. .... ___.:. : LARD Oat, Flakes, Pkg._ ___ ____

A special Invitation is extendedto Macaroni
a I or Spaghetti Pkg.._
this service.TompkinsSmiley. SAMPLE BALLOT 3 IBs. .__25c

Sprotnl. Election. Ortohor. 10. A. :D. 1913. under provisions' of Chapter 181 SO, Laws of Florida railing- for i ienclment a Vienna Sausage, can. -___
fnnvrntlon. to act upon the rollflrnt Ion: or rejection of a proponed Am, to the Constitution of the
United Slates providing In substance. I Potted Meat Large Can
'L The engagement and approaching 1. The repeal of the Eights'enth. Amendment to the Constitution of the United Statraen. Maxwell House C
2. Prohibiting traimportatloifor or Importation Into State, Terrltorln .. .. .. I Tomato
of Miss Daisy Kath- or po a eiitona of the United States Juice Can. _.
marriage delivery or use there.. of intoxicating liquors, In violation of the law thereof I :
leen Tompkins of Jacksonville, to

; Carlton X. Smiley of Jacksonville, PUECINCT N o._____________ __.__URADFC DKD:: COUNTY COFFEEPound Grape Juice, bottle._....

s which will be an event of Wednesday Make a cross (X) mark before the name of the candidate of your chol.<=e. Tooth Picks
October II, at the home of the for delegates' to the Convention. V,
bride-elect, at 1015: Boulevard, with UIIOIF: A .HtOl'Pcronlh.urd) GROl'PIt..nth......") 2 Bars SWEET SOAP __
Rev.W I. Sanders, pastor of Grace FaxirlnK IlnllfliBtlonKur
has < Hrpml) ARTHUR A. (JACK) SIMPSON Black Eyed Peas
Baptist Church, officiating n. W. ALLEN LONG GRAIN Can._
been announced by Miss Tompkins' WILI.JAIPRlo STOS SMITH
mother, Mrs. W T. Tompkins of FAItlS ANDERSON 'JAMES HENRY: SMITH Apple Butter, Can.__ ____ _


Hayes Family Reunion CLAYTON A. AVR1RTTrT JOSEPH FRANCIS BAYA CHAS JI 8TEELHCLARENCE 5 Pounds______19c Lemon Extract, Bottle __ .. :: .*'',J .. .

i Sunday September 24, at the old >AUDR H l1ARNF.fJl'1ETC'HI "'''RAN SMITH BELT A. STEVENS Pint Bottle Vinegar .- .

N. O. Hayes home near Brooker, R A. ULACKJOItN JAMS. MONROE DIDDLESAlAdE R. FRANK VALENTINE' ,.. -. ,
which Is now occupied by P. O. JOHN O VAN NESS

y Hayes and family, members of the T.YNN BLACKWEI-t. E SLAKE MILLER! WALTON MILKTall Mother's CHINA OATS, Large. 25C

Hayes family met and heW.a'famIly NATHAN H nOBWET-iT, 8U. W. J. BLEDBOEJBRNJ.

reunion. .. JAMES E. CAT.KTSRnF.nF.I"'A O K WHTTFIRLP, )" Can 6c YOUR "
1" At the noon hour a most ; JOSEPH S' WILRN8KY
served ,ln. the\ A. CAMPat'ILFnnn WALTER BUJMH Argo Gloss
dinner was out,; Starch
3 '
", 1(. WILSON, pkg.Bal'd's ,.. ,.-: ,;,- ;.:". '
yard where a table wall placed un- M ( AN ON. IIT MORRIS BUTLER BOOK

der the trees.Immediate. MARTIN rAHAnAr.T.0 FRANCIS C. WILSON I Fresh, Mild Pancake Flour pk h'" ...
;, relatives attendingthis CORRINR.T., YARnROT'OH OK Soap or Pow. 5 for "
celebration were:
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hayes and VAT f. rr.KATlT LOOAN BROWNLEH f'HAR.OF-O YARBROITOH Ij CHEESEPound No. 2 can Ear. June Peas

family, Mr. and Mrs. M. S.' Hayes
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Qeorge Ij --- ___
; Keen and family and Mr. and Mrs r'. ronnivoTONHI5NRT N P. BRYAN ./ Wonder Tealb.. pkg.

Claude Storter all of Gainesville; HAROLO 'ALEE FRANK F.. BRYANTW. IjII Shrimp in

i M!\:. and Mrs. C, B. Hayes and chil- rjDMlTNn CORnY BUNDY SmokedBACON can, dry pack

,, i dren of Lake Butler; Mr. and Mrs. OK Sardines, 3 cans. _
E. W. Hazen and children of HATTIB R. CRAWFORD JAMES! H.. BtTNCHIOHRPH

Starke; Mr. and Mrs. N. G.-Hayes, TKSRIW! rtrrmin : ANTHONY CAMARA II Lettuce Leaf Relish, jar.

Jr.?'and Mr. and Mrs. P. O.: Hayes IIKI.RN GLENN' HANX MARRY A. CARLTON Castile Soap, 12-in. bar

IF and children of Brooker?; .and a JOSEPH ROT HEW .-, T jj Pound __ ___lOc Milk 3 small
host of other relatives and friends. ; HITOH CLTNKRPAT.rtlW cans,.____.
i M COLBERT or Meal 4 Ibs._ ___
{ AnnouncedThe F. Best Picnic Asparagus Tips: can...__
I j
Engagement '
Pepper / .Ib.
from :
following clipping FDWARD V OARfTA ALLEN r>\VIS

Sunday1 issue of the Florida MRS. TOT) OTT..TJ SAMUEL PAVTS I HAMSPound Cocoa, Yz-lb can Hershey
k Times-Union will be of interest to Paper
TA. ORAYRON Napkins 80 in pkg.
; Starke and Lawtey friends: WTT.T.TAIJO1F.PH! PEHOFF __ _,___12c
F Mr, and Mrs. Robert Jackson rtFPT.ATf HOOKB HANNAH DROVER P PORR1S Lg. Bot. Ritter's Catsup /

Powell of Whltevllle, N,..Q,J announce Tall
the engagement of their
F daughter, Elizabeth McKinnon, to WRNDF.T.T.'. HEATON THOU J. POWPELt. LIZ Daisy Creamery

Robert Collins Moore of Raleigh, HAERTTRN P. TTORNR ELLIOTT KRASTrS EDGE .
II. Moore of Lawtey the weddingto

be solemnized In November. TEE KIRBY-SMITH ARRAHAM P FlSKTfl .,' r. Pound ___23c YOUR CHOICE
announcement or' this engagement J. II
The noRnoN n XNOWI.RSRSK1NR WALTER P FRANKLIN .; 5 Ibs. Best .. .. .
s was made at a ''party J.ANOTA o n Potatoes : ,.
given by the bride's mother. last T.OOMTR PT.EF.nv Beans CornNo. 4 Ibs Best Yellow Onions .
Wednesday afternoon. PANIEI, P OALKNH or .
.. .. ,, -
j The bride-elect attended school P. n T.EFFT.T1R OILRERT II 4 Boxes Long Matches_
e at Queens College and Duke: University 2 Can_ lOc
and is a member the __ __
; Kappa sorority. -
II can __ ___ _
t Mr. Moore formerly lived In C. MARTIN BENTON HATCH SWEET Tuna
.Jacksonville but is now located in Fish, / -Ib. can. __
1 II
Raleigh, where he is connected Shrimp, glass jar_ .
C. ___ _
with the General Tire antLRubberCompany. ,. .LA B HILLER

/ t, THOMAS! RO(IERO MirKTRltW LINCOLN Ht'T J.F-Y 24Ozs: .__15gMUSTARD Libby's Lch Tongue can'Bean
1 f''. Baptist W. :M .S. Ij
y fi Elects New OfficersThe TI MILTON KATE! HITMPHREYST.OITTA Sprouts, No. 2 can_

business and program meeting cans
of the Baptist Soap 2 brs.
held at the >WIV II ROBINSON o. JONES
Society was
Quart __, T15c Lifebuoy Tit.
Soap 2 brs
,' i church Monday afternoon with a PHAS W (PItnCK) RlTC'KF.T MRS PAPITOLA >f. KELLY ,
P large attendance. The devo'tlonalwaa Apple Butter
conducted by the president, Clabber
fe 1 Mrs. A. M. Darby. RAY 8ETT>EN M. KRRRY ,9 II TRUELOVE Girl i I Baking

The program for the afternoon PRANK B STONEMAN Jpwder 2
MRS LORA SARAH MANCH ti > cans __ _
was In charge of Mrs. L. G. Powell
leader of Circle No. 2. The topic, H ROYCE TAYLOR. JR. JENNIE BYRRLY T.ANOSTONRHYPON II FLOUR ;Oven Fresh Vanilla Wafer -

"The Word of God in the French THOMAS! S TRANTHAM C.
t LATHAM 1 lb.
Country," was ably rendered by T.. S. V A lilt 1'1' JOSEPH V. T.AtTRO Ij I 2 lb. Bag.______9c box.______ _
t Mrs. Powell, assisted by Mrs. O. W. "
Alderman, Miss Amy Moore, Mrs... I T VOPEI-T.W' JOSRPHINR' T.INPLRY: II. BULK SYRUP

R. A. Newsom and Mrs. \V, J. Ep- ._ 1IntR' HARRY M VOOHIS HARVEY MARRY I j Good 5-String Gallon _ 35c

person. Reports were read',Including NATO. WALKER JAMES: WRRPONMoNERR .

;\ port.a splendid personal service. re- PERRY O WALL HENRY WHITFIRLP McRORY : BROOM YOUR CHOICE

1 Officers for the new year/begin ,T V. WMTONH LEONARD! RPOL1V MOPflLTV Each 4 lbs of Navy or Northern .:'.. .-
ning October 1, were elected as follows f"HMI WVRWKMC JR I -- '-_ ,35c
: f. FRANK ELMER: MOORE Beans ________
President Mra. A. M. ; cans Char. Cof fee___
first vice-president, Mrs. W. J. Ep- TV. F. WHITT.OPK TOHV! WTLT.TA\f: Ml'SKOFF Best FoodsMAYONNAISE' 2 Ibs. Pure

,, person; second vlce-pr aldenlMrs.! ;: a'RROT. S!' WTT.T.FS W\f! THOMAS; MYFRSMTVXIR !' Ground
J. M. Brownlee; secretary Mrs. J. Coffee _
xr 'T .n.Vny 1'EITS ___ ____ _
H. Lord; treasurer. Mrs. G. W.-Al R NEAT
: derman; circle leaders No".l'Mrs. R. (- RT''AY WRTnNT.ouorP PHAS H. PAPORTTVATHAVTFT. .1 lb LaTouraine Coffee

E. C. Priest; No. 2. Mrs. L. GJPow- R %z-Pts. __-15c Toilet Paper 6
ell; No. 3. Mra. E. W. Hayes. 0"....... "..,'1......... .T PXTTRRSOVPFVPT.RTOV rolls..
.,...... Pts.
Re.eell ,_ 25c Ballard's
W''I'.nN Buckwheat
A The circle leaders drew names of ToCIIV': N ;

the members who are to be lit their MRS VFTJMR WAWT.EY Polo At 7''n"" pToLTARntr 2 pkgs.
__ __ __ _
circles for the coming year. These _
., ., ,
THOS' T ORRRVT : "' tnlUC i Ot'TOT.FY Bartlett
? names will be published later. I II II Pears No 2/
Plans for the year's work were ran y. ORFERnR. : l.,4w .Y a......n R A a'TAi I. II NUCOALuscious

l I' can _ __
made. The society will continue to rmT F nO"O nrIL. WAYNE FrOFVF! RTPT.BYROfFT I _

clothe the little orphan at Arcadia. .. M HAMILTONJOHV w',' E, Rn'FRSp ... SUGARSlbs.______
Next week beginning Monday
', and extending through Thursday, P. LYNCH 'T Orr 'N'. AORERTS: a'I Karo SyrUp 3 lb. can_
the October week of prayer will be I !1 {U Brillo 3 I
TF-Wt NKH.SOV 8TITKEY FRANK" ) ( J pkgs. for__
will beheld ,,
observed. These meetings --I
JACOB LEE WHITE wfv"AOT'E .. Pink Salmon
a, at the church on Monday cans. ,
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, GnOl'p 0Caeledaed J Sr n nt.O..T.Y.: HenFeed Scratch lOlbs
and on Wednesday will be held In -ATTPR Flavor '
Wr1IVAM RT'nTr.atle '"
the evening at the mid-week prayer WILLIAM ABKRNATHY I Tomatoes, Best Quality o. .-' .
i } service. All member are asked "Y aPII WI'tFRF Pound .15crW.

k to try and attend these meetings. CHARLES ROCKER ADAMS e ..e A... .nnrrw' : I 3 No. 2 cans. -,'. .. _. ...j.1 :":

: l'YS"n : f tit y'?> A a... ,'.,b

.,,, 4 kt. .", .\1 "txeo') veGl %' 'lif't'": \,''.,:&f,s,11 aax\\\1I'\ 11l'l1a :

-" ,J1.J. I""M ,,>>-,_....-- ;""'"'....._-----_.._--._..,..
_. ,.. ._.u.

,.. -" ,....--rrr"E! : -"';:;: : ''':' :::, :jii'11'1 r" :" ,;' : ,-M', .w .. ,. ,"


&rDu', __ ____________ __ .. .. ., .. .. -
.. .._____u_ _____ I- ----- .- --- -- ---------------_- __ __ ___ __ .m _u __ __ _ _ -- --- -- - t

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Abernathyand Malnes's waters abound In fish Crocodiles are very aggressive! in
: "it' 'l".
Mrs. R. Futch of Pal'atka spent and its forests In wild animals. Papua. IL

Sunday In Starke with Mr. and ] FAVORITE L 1

Bits Mrs. Lloyd] Green at their home on The firsT important Protestant "q l
of Cherry Street. missions were established in 1553. It.lNAT i

Mrs. O. A. Wiggins and little :

l cal Nevi daughter Peggy Ann, and Rev. and !a 5 -.N...eNI 'I '
Candidates Opposed to
i and Mrs L. G. Hemingway have "
I Of fire is an awful .
course, a 1 1
returned home from a visit with,
Concerning Our P.opBu.in .. and relatives In North Carolina. I BRADFORD COUNTY thing and we all sympathize with ;' t

Vote for Mil eight .appearing In the home owner more than we z ', .i

Progress of the County and Town.' Mrs. W. B. Hollingsworth and T Oroup ft, Opposing, ltatlflratlnn. know. how to express *
HOUSEWIVES Aura I nut Repeal 1 and for the follow
children Maurice and Daisy Lee, I Inn to nam.B appearing In Group C. fa simple T

of Fort White were guests Satur UnpledaatPlace words;,, but It's
a cromi (X> to the left of
day of Mr. and Mrs E. C. Priestadd the nunm. Cut thin lint out and takeIt hard to keep (t I ,
C ip u Carter of Maxville was a Mrs. A. F. Sauls spent the first. family at their home on Call to the pnllH VOTB FOR NO your mind on .
Starke Wednesday of the week In Fort Lauderdale,. FAVORITE SPECIAL DISH RECIPES OTHEK CANDIDATES t li : '
to the Buffering
tor t
the guest of relatives. Sheet GROUP B '
+ +
Scalloped Cheese per chopped one-half small onion It.tlflratlealgaln.t ones when you j' rt
River 0..1.
S\t :Johns of New was adness
L Mr.: and Mrs. Johnny Baisden I <(< ltrp...l> get a load of the L
Two cut Into breadcrumbs
of stale bread of
chopped one grated
i visitor here Tuesday Mrs. J. B. Sapp spent toe week- and children who have been guests cups cup Mrs. Nellie Hawley Dolg costumes that 'i'

end at Hellbronn Springs with her dice, one cup of grated cheese one three tablespoons of tomato l I yt
Thos. 1.. GreenEd
of Mr. Baisden'a Mr. andMts. come appear
aDd Mrs. L. G. Powell weretutors parents pint of milk, two eggs and salt and one-fourth teaspoonof -
father A. J. Underbill. W. W. Balsden for catsup L. Greer on the
to Jacksonville Friday. some time pepper to taste. one-half tea- ;
left Monday for Lake City where poultry Dr Robert F. GodardL. scene.In, n

f W, Shuler of the Staten Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Stockwell and they will reside.iMr. Put bread and cheese in baking spoon of salt one-fourth teaspoon M. Hamilton
was a visitor! here Tuesday two daughters spent the weekendIn dish, In alternate layers, until the of paprika two tablespoonfuls of John P. Lynch There. lit. thebig' {
dish is two-thirds (ull. melted butter buttered crumbs.
relatives. In the short pujamaa,
DeLand with Lewis Neilson Stuckey fat mail
Mrs. Clarke of
l.L Matthews of Alachua was a and D. l. Beat eggs and add to milk with Select a firm eggplant wash and Jacob Lee White and the little thin nun In the! longpiijitiima !, "

ilnent visitor to Starke Tuesj M. D. Bumgarner of Palalkdfb] { MJaml Clarke's were week-end! guests of seasoning (don't forget! cheese is boil in salted water for fifteen min GROUP O ; there are the girls with $'
Mr. and Mrs
former resident of Starke was visiting Mis. parents something! quite salty) and pour utes. Cut In half removo the pulp 1'npledaedWilliam Rood figure who bundle up In i
N. D. Mrs. Clarke
-- Wainwright over the cheese and bread. Bake leaving a shell of about a third of JF
friends here Saturday..u' Abernathy
Clyde M. Saucer of Baldwin M,-....*. nalned over for a longer visit half an hour. an Inch thick. Melt the two table Charles Rucker Adams girls. wit awful figures who invariably { I

I a visitor here Saturday after- Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Hinson of with her parents. Mrs. P. M. Barefoot spoons of butter in frying pan and William Farts Anderson dash around with nothing

K Lauderdale were the week-end .. Starke, Florida aId l the onion and pepper cook: Sara Elizabeth Bardin more on than they have to wear to
Mrs. G. W. Lamar and Phil- stirring frequently for five min-
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flume. Susie Smith Bell get by>the law. s
Ltreet Dendy of Alachua was lip, have returned to their home In Salmon SlIciHlth Creamed Peas. utes and turn into bowl. Mix the James Monroe BiddleSallle -

Lting friends here Friday after- Mrs. R. S. Fernandez has been Quincy ,after a three weeks' visit other Ingredients also the minced E. Blake '
Three cups of boiling water one if Is not cooked But my motto like that of the
here with Dr. and Mrs J. M. Mitch- eggplant ( pulp Blitch
Ilen Brewton
for several
confined to her home j.
ell and Miss Lucille Mitchell at teaspoon of salt one. cup of corn thoroughly In the flften minutes Boy Scouts, la "Be Prepared." You ;, t
Walter Blume
days with an attack of malarial meal and tall of salmon. James there's to s"'
one can know.when
Brook- Street. required for boiling place in a never going
i Wand L. O. Hazen of fever. their home on Madison Morris Butler Book
Add salt to boiling water, then and never know X !,
It business visitors here Sat- small vessel and add enough waterto be a fire you I
ere Friends of Billy Grarfam who the corn meal. Cook until thick,' steam until done), Mix: well and Jesse Hastings Bratley whose house It's going to be. If ,f '
hy L. A. Peacock of Mt. Dora spent Anna Cressey Brenlzer
has been seriously 111 in Mary stirring all the time. Add salmon fill the shell. Cover with the but- it happens to bB-yours you want to
several days last week the guest of Hugh Logan BrownleeN.
.rainard Harvey and Pete Hendof Elizabeth Hospital In Raleigh N. (minced and freed from skin and tered crumbs and bake in a moder be sure that you don't look BO r
and C.
L. D.
his Mrs. Green BryanW.
cousin bone), salt and a few drops won't bother to '
pepper the fireman
> Waldo were visitors here C., following an emergency appen- ate oven 350 degrees F. for thirtyor S. BundyJas. shabby
nday. family. dicitis operation will be glad to of lemon juice. Pack in a greasedloaf forty minutes. H. Bunch rescue you. So why not be pre-

learn tht he is rapidly recovering. pan and chill. Cut In slices Mrs. H. B. McLendon, pared and look your best in a pair ;,t'
Mrs. G. H. Counce and Mrs. M. Lucy Adella Conklin
dip In bread crumbs and fry in j
Starke Florida.: of our pajamas? ,
Mrs. Crews .
fr. and Clyde F. W. Daniel]
E. DeSha and little daughter deep fat until a nice brown. (, r
were visitors here Tuesday Blanche Louise of Waldo were Friends of Miss Bunnle Canova Lewis Allen Davis }
Make white to .{
sauce season Hamburg Roll Just i\rrh'NI-Lndlt'lt' Frit Hat. u
who on Tuesday
lernoon. was operated
j aft- Samuel Davis
visitors to Starke
taste and add a can of tiny peas. Take the desired of $1.49 and $1.1)5
night following an acute attack of quantity Grover Cleveland] Dorris f I

B. Kerce of Lake Butler was ernoon. appendicitis, will be glad to learn Serve with sauce poured over the hamburger with sufficient season Dorothy Douglas] New DreiMMM. for Fall ,$5.05

lusineBS visitor here Wednesdaymoon. she Is resting as comfortably as can slices. ing and pat out In a sheet about Ladies', Winter Coat.
Mr. and Mrs. VJ.\ Epperson Jr.. Contributed.* Elliott Erastua Edge
of her three-fourths of an Inch thick. $0.95 to $24.SO
have recently moved to the State be expected at the home Walter P. Franklin '
mother Mrs Florenc E. Canova. Mako a nice bread dressing and New Fall Shoes from $2.43: up ,
is Mahlon Luther Haines
Farm where Mr. Epperson em-
M. Whitten of Raiford wallndlng Sauer Kraut With Pork put on the hamburger and roll Colonel Halgrlm Full. })n_ Uood_llrautlful pattern -
to business bere Friday Sunday's Times-Union carried a Select a three pound pork roast (like a jelly roll). Then place In a Neal] Earnest Halnlln 20o and 3Dc u yard

lernoon. Miss Beverly] Cady of Jackson- photo of seven-weeks-old Barbara and cook until very tender with baking dish or deep pan and add a Hugh Brenton Hatch Men' 'Felt IlaU from $$1.00 upr.oWlt

t Eugenia Mintz daughter of Mr. seasoning of right consistency; then cup of water and bake until ready. nut Not LeantI'ETERS1 't
ville spent the week-end at Kings- Holla E:. Hlller
| of Brooker and Mrs. L. A. Mintz of Jackson- add the sauer kraut which has Cut in slices. SIIOESThey're
!fr and C. J. Crews ley Lake with her mother Mrs F. John R. loch
e visitors to Starke Mondaymoon. B. Cady. ville. Mrs. Mintz will be remem- been soaked In cold water for Mrs. J. II. Lord. Lincoln Hulley Mighty Goal Folk.

Lois of twenty minutes previous, and cook Starke Florida. t at 'I .I
bered here as Miss Gainey Kate Humphrey. Pays to Buy y' w( + w
for thirty minutes. Awfully good. ?
former of
Brooker a graduate
Mrs. R. E. Gahagan has returnedto John Edward Johnstone
U88 Patricia Lamb and Mrs. Ga. after Bradford High School. Mrs. A. W Redgrave CE1ETEUWOIUUNO! G. Jones
her home in Savannah George STERNBERG'SStarke
Starke, Florida. There will be a cemetery work-
|'le Mae Blakely spent Sunday a visit here with H her rather, J... Mrs. Capltola] M. Kelley
Friends here of Dr. Samuel Baked Stuffed Eggplants Ing at the McKinney cemetery October -
1st *
L Augustlneeol. *
C. Powell. Mrs. Lora Sarah LaMance
Sternberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nat (Repeated by request) 6. Everybody come and bring I Florida I

who has been One large eggplant two table- tools to work with. Jennye Byerley Languton! ,
Joe< Hill Williams of Lake Mrs. Fay Gill and family and Sternberg servingas Josephine LIndley r
dental doctor interne at Gouver- spoons butter one small bell pep- V MCKINNEY
er was a profeslsonal visitor Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Edwards and Leonard Edward Modglin

t Wednesday. family enjoyed an outing at Kings- neur.Hospital in New York will be --------- Frank Elmer Moore n

ley Lake Sunday. interested to learn he has recently I Wm Thomas Myers RITZ THEATRE
oward Strickland of Paatkalbe accepted the Interneship at Welfare ]-
Minnie E. Neal]
guest of friends In Starke New. York \ FLORIDA I l
Island BTAUKE ;
Miss Rachel Smith.of Madison Chas H. Padgett
tog the week.-endd'--' 'r VACATIONSand 'j)1) r ,
was a guest Of Miss Hazel Middle-] Nathaniel J. Patterson

and Mrs, VUrlffla and ton at her home!\ on Madison Street Misses Hazel and Gladys Under- Winston Kent Pendleton i''
I*U 1"1 in Lake attending PROGRAMUEHINNING
were City Sulday
I of Lake Butler have recently for the weekend.Mrs. M II Alphonse] Plchard '
tbeFlorida and
led here and are occupying one Georgia John 'Thomas Quigley] SEPTEMBER 29 ,

l.he: Flume] apartments on Call J. W. Kincaid ha?returned Alabama] State United Singing Frank Alfred Randall v I t i
In which Miss Hazel] HEALTHBy
to her home In Cattlesburg Ky., Convention Ralph K. RobertsA. .
Underhill too C fc active part on FRIDAY SATURDAY l
after a visit here with Mr. and j. M. C. Russell 1

et.ENT Mrs. O. L. Beasley. the day's program. Wiss Underhill Walter William Rust TOM MIX t l ,
was asked to sing*,t the Tri-Counties Dr. ERNEST H. LINES In y '
A 4(00COLUMN( John II. Schleucher ..,
Singing Convention to be held ImtmM Authority.nJ Cklml MJJ. | Miss Estelle Davis of Sampsonhas H_y.!.Lift iiuwwU*C-.-y E Lyman Scott "Rustlers Roundup"
In the of. at Wildwood October 29. ,
accepted a position William Preston Smith '

flee of the National. Reemployment ] ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION James Henry SmithR. Also ; ,

Service here. Henry Manassa of Ashvllle N. Frank Valentine I A SUPER CARTOON

iNTED:- -Family to farm my C., Is here on a visit with his mother person should know the prone method of artificial resplratloni John Q. Van Ness "Popeye The Sailor" '

lace on Crosby Lake caring for Mr and Mrs. Leon Lawrence of Mrs Celia I. Manaesa.. Mr. EVERY is particularly important when on your vacation, for knowledge of A. K. Wilson I I

(grove and stock Instead of pay- Perry were guests Friday of Mr. Manassa la manager of the Jimmy It may save the life of a person who has apparently drowned. It Is also Corinne T. Yarbrough aiul"Ducky

cash rent. Aubrey Frank and Mrs. William Dobrow and l Ir. Livingston twelve-piece] orchestra useful] in eases of asphyxia from smoke or gas or carbon monoxide poisoning Dear"1 1

|rke, Fla. It and Mrs.: B. 'Jacobs. who will fill an engagement here from breathing the exhaust of a UKADFORU COUNTY UNITED Two Reels of Laughif ati ,

next week before filling 'engagements motor or in cUes of electric shock. I PROHIBITION FORCES
Fad with the
victim lying face 11
RENT-Entire floor in several other Florida ,
Mrs. R. F. Slkea of Jacksonville In many Instances the heart continues I downward and the head turned to
will rent smaller NO"I'It'K SUNDAY MONDAY "
vate bath or cities. Starkltes will be plased to -
Is the guest this week of Mr. and to beat for some minutes after one side, straddle the hips and place 'I'IJ '
|itment. Also six-room house, know that Nolan Canova of DMIIITOIIC AND CRIDI'rnnC: I t
Mrs. W. B. Jr. at their cessation of It Is Im- Nolle TUESDAY"Moonlight
Mundy respiration. the palms of your hands on the smallof If hereby given that all
class condition facing Hlga- a former Bradford High School creditor, dlotrlbut' and all '
home on Cherry Street. Ot'tant therefore, that artiSoWfespirat'on his back with the fingers over the persona

r No. 28. Mrs. S..F. Hamrick, graduate, is a popular member of be started with all possible ribs. Bend your body slightly forward J.1.having Krniec claim, deceased against, are the hereby Estate. r of'- andPretzels"

|ke, Fla. Itp Mrs. W. J. Epperson Jr., of the this orchestra promptness.: so the weight of your shoulderscan tl u
State Farm was a guest Wednes- Artificial respiration saves lives be brought into play. Your arms to the County Judge of
RENT Two unfurnished Bradford County, Florida at hi of.
Pieplng claims to the safest Also Q.. ; ?
I art men ts, corner East Call andth day of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Griffis. because of the fact that U the normal should be kept .tralght and stiff. rio. In the court hoses In narks, ,
in the world. This within
large city means one from
year date hereof or First of
at their home Call Street. ventilation of the lung. Is approxImated Episode
Church Sts. F. F. Flume.911513tl'J929. on as to crimes of violence. Second, swing your body forward thin notice will b* held In bar therein '
| | [ T for some time by artificial slowly so that its weight ls gradual! and all perxonv Indebted to laid "KNOW YOUR STARS"Conte.t t t,
Edwards of 1 means the rhythmic function of the Mutate: are required to pay tarn "
Maurice ttieVSiate Tarantula bites do'not always brought to bear on the victim. Thu to the undersigned admin. )
ILAC for sale or trade for Road Department .with.headquar illness. nerve centers and the muscles of the compresses the thorax and expels aii I forthwith. '&IelNEWII t'th f t'

operty. Mrs. N. T. Ritch ters at Mcclenny spent the week- cause-- thorax and diaphragm may be from the lungs. This the 28th day of Sept, t91t. EVENTS I l lY

ke, Fla. It end here with his family. resumed. 9t"l? ::tU PRAZEH BELCHER. 1
The prone method of artificial Third swing backward and remOTe [ ; $

SALE head of hogs SUNDAY DINNER all pressure from the patient. The .
Fifty -
respiration Is now recognized n
Mrs. T. Frank Landrum has returned every- ------- ------ Y r
thorax and .
will .
diaphragm --
I sizes. C. A. Griffis Starke. expand -------- -- ------ --- ,
where as the beet, and
home from a visit in Inverness SUGGESTIONSBy everyone
2t. o from their own elasticity and air will ?
should learn It. It is simple.It .
with Mr. Landrum's parents, very be drawn (Into the lungs. After an .
for of the
provides compression
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Landrum. Interval return to the first movement
SALE-Cheap for cash one thorax, thus expelling\ "poor air"

are mule one mare,; two fine newcomer to the market this' from the lungs and for the sudden Repeat this process at a speed of 16'
Jr. to 18 minute.
Milton Brownlee son THE
< cows, three grade Jersey hell are Idaho baking potato., release of the chest wall which

|U-months-old, one single wag- ] of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brownlee '"'cranberries, and Canadian ruts expands by Its own' elasticity and Keep up for three or four houri or '
has entered his junior year atl the, ,b4cas. those sweet yellow turnips.
nd 1 all plow tools one 1930 Ford thus draws In frah air. until a doctor arrives. Success In VIOL'A'SFOR
University of Florida, Gainesville. Several of the eumm.r.egetablustill
1 up truck fifty head of Bard liege though their Marco Is grnwtag' The person who has apparently artificial respiration depends a* much

pullets six-months-old flf1 short Cauliflower Ia a popular ....- drowned should be turned with bead on perseverance aa upon knowledgeof
Miss May Peek returned Tueg-... the weather coolei and the technique.It .
1 White Leghorn hens second tapl. as grows and face downward for a moment.
day to her home In Jacksonvilleafter Is quickly prepared. A favorite sauce
one-half acre of big Simpkins a visit here with her niece for this vegetable Is Mock Hollaa- Thrust a finger far backward Into Is a good Idea to practice the ,

J for seed See C. P. Klnchen Mrs..J'. H. Ritch at Klngsley Lake. dals. a rich white sauce to which the the mouth and depress the tongue prone method of artificial respiration 1 h' ,

ke, Fla. Itp ;yolk of ao egg and some lemon juice forward. This favor the escape of at home before going on your' vacation -

ha been added.. Onions, sweet and a small quantity of water, mucous in order to famillarUe yourself r

SALEThree city lots stored Mrs. Robert Tanner and son Edward white potatoes are. economical and of or other substances that may have with It.artida. SCHLITZThe

seven-room house. Will sell of Baldin were week-end excellent qual It,. collected at the bate of the tongue

I"'r part very reasonable. Cor- guests of Mrs." Tanner's mother, The, early Malaga fall and fruits Tokay Include grapes.Concord and which might obstruct the entranceof I

|Tenth and Cherry Street. Intlon Mrs. Laura I. Powell and other rel- Italian plum. and p,,,,,.. Moet of air to the lungs. Don't resort to TAG fe 1M tenth of a am.. of 12 :

i at store. Mrs. M. Thorn- atives. the*. are good for prewrvlng as well ,the barbarous practice of rolling a on Vacation and Htalth.
as for eating. Honeydew melons are I person over a barrel or banging him Beer That Made w J
TM tUemtk
[ Hat ,
92212tp19.29SIOVARY WtalhtrIlaiardt
| on
of their this
Mr. and Mrs. B. Jacobs and tbe.but family al season. bead downwards.. It U quite certain
Small Valencia orange are economical ,will otuiMr tht futlwnt:
Strawberry Flint, Miss Rosalind Jacobs, that no great quantity of water ret* Milwaukee
2:) daughter and are a satisfying .addition, to Into the lungs.The .. Can a vacation at home be Fa'niousI '
ch set thousand grown from will spend Friday and Saturday in fruit gelatinsHer. beneficial to health? 3. What

[ plants. Merntt Henry, Jacksonville attending the Jewish are the menus from the prone method of. artificial aye wise precautions with an I -

Oak, Fa; 9-154tp10-| | | holidays. : Quaker Maid Kitchen. respiration may be divided Into three electrio fan' 3. Which better

'SALE- Loa Cost Dinner successive movements, which may be m hot weather, a cold bath or a 5c and I Dc. SteinsON r

Plants Missionary strawber- Mr. and Mrs. W. 1... Andrew. and Seven Steak Creamed Potatoes repeated by counting aloud "one" tepid) one? iA
| ; good stock, on new Sralloped Eggplant '' "
two M through
!lid< little son, and daughter. Miss Er- you go
Mrs. E M. Thomas ltpSALEMlaeionary Bread and ButterChocolate theou.
nestine spent Sunday afternoon in Pudding lca.rtYa4YNsw.T.L i.c.) '
Strawber- Lake City with Mr. Tea ur CoUea Mlik CHRISTIAN:! SERVICES '

pisnts. by bed or by the thou- Chaa tain. Medium Cost Dinner '
W. E. will
Theile Daugherty preach
plants are grown on Baked Ham Slices Yam I
next Sunday at l1:00-a.m..t: the FOOD SALE AlsoDelicious '
Pound and tip; ,.
and from fresh nul't.ock. Mrs. Anne McGee daughters Cauliflower weft Mock HoBandalee .
of Mrs.McGee' Sauce Christian Church. All are cordially i
I have the and of Stuart have been guests
plants ..
Invited to attend.
heed and Apple and Celery Salad
tG raIse brother-in-law sister.
some berries forext
Bread and Butter
'to 8eason See me or writ Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Andreu for Orange Jelly with Sliced Bananas There will be a food sale of SandwichesSpecial
!our expect several day Coffee MW.Very VOTERS
A. J. Gr1FFIS8.18t acreage we can I wish to thank elects for the cakes and pies at the Checkerboard ,."

Friends of Miss Mary Brownlee] Special Dinner. large vote given me In the recent .
Store Saturday aft- --
DERAL LAND BANK Is who has entered her freshman year Antipasto city election. -- -
Rout Beef Browned Potatoes
18! offering some! attractive at the Florida State College for Creamed On.on CARL .JOHNS.ernoon, 3:00 o'clock: sponsored

and term on farms iD Women, Tallahassee, will be Interested Waldorf Safed S by Parent-Teachers'

h I'1orlda. Write or _*. AuMnk to learn that she is one of the Rolls and Butter The principal crop of Grand Island Attention Paid'to Case Orders '

,nan Special! Real Estate new pledges of Sigma Kappa sorority. Coffee coffee: Gelatin with Whipped-, Cream Milt at the mouth of the Mississippi Association.: COME: I

Starke, Florida- 9-13-tf 1, ___ U cucumber. "

.. r
t.t'1t i ft' J' Y V S'JYt"YRw.A Flq.r'P' "tIT Rr4, ',', ,
c. ; ::1 ."i L'p\u'w.; ...- r a l : .. PHwpfW*- AA' .J! Li.4-t-.' : .
: i ? .1'l13'' .
:... t .., .. : : :, :. .

ti); __ __ .._ un _. __ _..- -- -_ ._ ___ __ ______ __ .-- --------,. - --- -.- ------- -n _-'_-_--_____'___ ._________--_.___ -- --.-- ---- '.. : it 211 1,
I ..da..llice .....:. '
=I Hints To Housewives .

ice ; ,c I + Do You Know? + r

FARMERS SECTION Weekly Specialist from Dame, Tallahassee Demonstration LIVE STATE NEWSNews

I of Florida in
Conducted by Demonstration AgentsRURAL SELECTING FISH sr tr ParagraphsAUTO

Fish are graded for size and e
'. Smaller fish are purchased '1 Z+ '
; quality. ,gG _
W1 whole, and in general, the larger ..Y? 1iiIJ; _

ones are cut Into steaks and fillets
Studies Of Cattle and sold by weight Quality Is more ST. Petersburg .Nathan Acker- CITIZENS PROTEST PRICE 1

Disease Concluded important than size. Housewives e man, 27, prominent news dealer of TAMPA-Dozens ot Oll1pla':
should know the fish of their local- unwarranted Increased
COMMON SENSE here, waa instantly killed when an corm
prices In
Laboratory Moved ity and when they are in season. this area
automobile struck him and exploded at Were In
s" By SPUDS JOHNSON Most fish are at their best just before : r a mass meeting ot cltlzelll
} of he
a can gasoline was carry- the Tampa
spawning Ume.Consider Consumers
GAINESVILLE-The investigation Ing. The body was thrown 100 feet. the city hall. COllncU
COMMON UNDERSTANDINGAND of the anaplasmosis disease of Waste and enveloped in flames from alleged Complaint, na!
UNITY OF PURPOSE cattle at a laboratory establishedin Waste should be considered in all kinds boosts In pMcel
DAY West Palm Beach four especially by the pound. of foods and
ARE NEEDS OF THE years ago buying, COTTAGE IS STOLEN milk I
lor the purpose has been completed Fillet may cost more per pound but increases in service ch.,1;
.a With the NRA and the Agricultural !by the Florida Experiment Station, there is no waste, as it is without MIAMI BEACH-Police here are of almost every kind from T
for beach rot- work
looking a swanky to
h a{ +p' Adjustment Administration and Dr. D. A. Sanders, veterinarianin skin or bones. A good rule is to radio repairsPROiEB'f
tage. D. A. Bookmyer told them
!, f and other forces working shoulder charge of the project, bas been buy one-third pound of solid flesh tr1d. some one had stolen his $500 ca-
,J to shoulder to Improve conditions returned to the main station in per person and one-half pound if 1
bana from near the Palatial Surf
'{''i "(t A in industry and on the farms It is Gainesville, according to an an- I bought whole (head, tall, bones). MIAMI--Milk producers and 1
1 Club not trace of
leaving a
', possible that a greater appreciation nouncement by Dr. Wllmon Newell, I The general characteristics of a even tributors In the miami area ins I
the foundation. The
of the Interrelation of city and director. good fish are: skin and color cottage con- Ing Dade and Broward Cone
d, tained two and
dressing rooms a
country life Is being developed. It In his work on anaplasmosis, Dr. bright, scales adhere strongly, eyes 4j ten-foot are losing money ai Die nrtl
1 is certainly to be hoped that such Is Sanders found that this serious clear not sunken or wrinkled, gills : porch. stabilizing prices ot I n cent!

the case. A feeling among city resi- cattle disease Is transmitted by the red, flesh firm and elastic when quart to the consumer ana J3cj

n; dents that the farmers are always eastern wood tick, which is found J JIn pressed with finger smells fresh, CATTS SEES AGAIN a gallon to the producer it 1

r ''( w trying to grab something from the parts of Florida which have been 'little slime on the skin, body stiff DEFUNIAK SPRINGS-Former testified at meting nor ores

:f + ,' government and a counter feeling freed of the cattle fever tick. Simi- and sinks in water unless fish Is Governor Sidney J. Catts, his fail- over by George Weems state J

,' among rural residents that they lar investigations elsewhere have gassy. Ing eyesight restored by a delicate control director, and Nathan 11]
>r crushed industry does shown that there For operation in New Orleans, has re-, Commissioner of Agriculture
) are being by are at least eight Watrh Quality 1 1 I I
_ jj ? ,, : not make for the best Interests of different kinds of ticks throughoutthe Inferior fish are: skin dull, spot- turned to his home here with "joyin members of the milk control I

all concerned. world capable of transmittingthe ted or slimy, color palce, or bleached my heart and a song in my soul -
Morgantha Jr., disease and at least of scales sunken for the wonders that God hath REJECT L
r V Henry governorof one loose eyes cloudy, PRISON: 'ODE
of the Farm Credit Administration these Is found In Florida. and wrinkled gills yellowish wrought." It is heaven on earth to TALLAHASSEE A code of|

said recently: "I think there is Dr. Sanders found also that the grey or brown, flesh flabby and S.Ts. see again" the war-time stormy orations for the state prison\u

; ? nothing that we Americans need disease could be transmitted me- soft, pressing with finger leaves an petrel of Florida politics said., terms of the NRA was Idol

more today than common understanding cantcally by the large brown horse- Impreaaion. The smell ia stale or here by the Board of CommtaJ

and unity of purpose." fly and the stable fly. These were sour, especially at gills and along COST OF LIQUIDATINGTALLAHASSEECost ers of State Institutions butj

With city and country pulling at allowed to bite diseased animals the backbone and the skin is usu- of liqui quickly discarded when newsp

cross purposes progress of both Is and then healthy ones, the organ- ally slimy. In some species, the rF.o.err.ta CimuUtil M.M..Ml. .,.....AI" dating Florida's closed State Banks men inquired about a provision!
; 1 Impeded. President Roosevelt and isms which cause the disease adhering slime is somewhat lump the body the past fiscal year was $1,401,000 a maximum work week of [Jj

I others are trying to impress upon to the mouthparts of the flabby or limp, and fish floats In That the coating of steamships calling at some of the ports In the of which $1$65,427 was expended hours in prison Industries, All
'I us the fact that it ia necessary for flies and thus transmitted to the water West Indies Is dorva entirely by women who .t one time during the last six months of 1932, ney GerJeral Cary D. LandiswilJ
u' and to march back to .a much as 125 pounds: of coal In basket balanced on their head?
city country healthy animals. In the case of the Keep Fish Cold carry : according to recapitulation being asked for an opinion on wit
!' fd prosperity together. If present eastern ticks, these in the larval Fish frozen 'Their balance I la *o.perfect that they have no difficulty holding It In compiled In Comptroller J. M.\ Lee's the code would effect the
? as soon as caught place with one hand while they are. running at full peed. The women pre
11, measures of emergency relief bring and nymphal or young stages were and kept frozen until time for receive a penny or so per basketful for their'labor.. She I Is paid after office for the annual report. The schedule of sixty hours of wr|

.' I about a common understanding allowed to engorge on diseased animals cooking does not lose its flavor. each trip and she puts the money In the purse which I Is seen dangling total cost of liquidation for the six week at the Florida State PIi80FEItNANDI

and unity of purpose, they will and when mature were placedon Fjsh spoil easily and should not be ,from her
4 have served the country well. healthy animals. In from thirty- bought in quantities unless refrigerator 30, under the regime of the new :\.\. SEEKS LOA
No city or town can reach its nine to fifty-one days after they Comptroller was only 342203. FERNANDINA
conditions are such as will Farmers Should Save Progress In Fight On The cltjl
fullest development without a good were placed on the healthy ani- !
freeze it. Salt water fish contain Ferandina is seeking a loan
/ and prosperous agriculture within mals, these animals showed signs more iodine. Light Corn Crop From Animal Pest Praised, WANT CODE MODIFIED $5,500,000 from the Public WJ,
reach. Cities which have bullded of the disease and later they diedas ORLANDO Members of the
-Anna Mae Slkes. Losses Due To Weevils Continuance Is Urged Administration for the credit
j their back countries-their agri- the result of it. This has proved Florida State Hotel Associationwill a large kraft paper manufactuJ

culture-have prospered and those that,the disease organisms live in ask that they be allowed to op- plant. If the Ferandina !
which have neglected their back the bodies of the ticks. Dairymen Can Add GAINESVILLE-With a light GAINESVILLE The fight i erate at fifty per cent of the NRA celves approval It is expected project{

t I countries have seldom done as well. Anaplasmosls is a serious disease To Profits By Use corn crop this fall and feed prices against the screw worm flies in code schedule nine months of the the plant, when completed, wi,:I

i 'sf The residents of cities must have of cattle, causing weakness, decrease advancing Florida farmers are Florida under the leadership of year when the national code Is up leased by the city to a large p|

I t. food supplies in constant streams. in milk production, and Of More Roughage urged to protect their corn from the county agents has been highly for public hearing at Washington manufacturing concern on a'I
1 4p J The production of food and other death. It seems quite likely that weevils. Corn weevils take about September 25. In a resolution term basis. This financial an
successful but cattlemen are urgedto
circus I S 4 ?, the disease haa been In Florida for GAINESVILLE-Florida dairy- twenty per cent of the corn crop continue control measures until adopted here, they said it was nec- ment will assure liquidation ofclty's

many years, but with the presenceof men can make more profit by feed- each year and the saving of this essary ,because of the seasonal obligation. Florida nowj
cold weather P. D. Sanders en-
l trade reveling. Foolish, indeed, is tick fever the disease was not ing more home-grown roughages loss will help farmers make up the tomologist with the United States business in this state. They also the world's largest and most i

.r j the city which neglects the,development recognized. and silage crops, even though they shortage, says J. Lee Smith agron- Department of Agriculture who is went on record as pledged to em- era kraft paper mill, locate

of agriculture in the coun- may get less milk, says Hamlin L. omist with the Florida Agricultural in Florida in connection with the ployment of Florida workers. Panama City. The plant has a
try surrounding It. Civic clubs and
t About 1150 feet in and Extension Service. -
length Brown, dairy specialist with the outbreak. Mr. Sanders says the parity of 400 tons daily and]
t others who foster closer cooperation with an average height of 131 feet, Florida Agricultural Extension 'County agents all over North screw worm has become serious in TOMASELLO'S PLAN OUT ploys 1600 men.

; between the two groups are to the largest dam of its kind in Service. Especially is this true with I and Central Florida have demonstrated twelve Florida counties, but that TALLAHASSEE The State

,Vt' ;; ,i be On commended.the other hand, the farmer South America bas been built to a surplus of milk and advancing the value of treating corn the work already done by county ,Board of 'Education has turned ICE PICK IN BRAIN

d, needs the city and Its inhabitants furnish electric power to Bahia, grain prices. for weevils. Each summer In these agents veterinarians, and cattle- thumbs flown on the plan of Peter FT. MYERS-For three mcj
's tr Brazil. Experiments by the U. S. Bureauof demonstrations they go to the crib Tomasello, Jr., Speaker of the
l He must of necessity sell his men has held losses to a minimum. a negro walked, worked and se
surplus Dairying and state experiment and weigh shuck and shell eighty The Is native In- 1933 House of Representatives to time while t
1 products to obtain an income. Crocker-work Is known to have screw worm, a In the county jail
rr'a' With no cities and massed inhabitants been In stations over the country have pounds of treated and eighty sect in thin area but this ia the finance operation of schools duringthe and five-eights inches of let i
use as the fourteenth
early as
t within shipping dis- proven the practicability of such a pounds of untreated corn. In all first serious Outbreak, he says next few months by borrowing lodged In his brain. The pick I
easy century.
tance, he has difficulty in disposingof system and dairy farmers in many these demonstrations In 1932 the This has been brought _about by anticipation of state school reve- driven into the brain of Jams |
sections have been it. shelled treated corn averaged fifty- nue. The board took the position
his products. Common understanding CLKHKS! AND INSPECTORSSI'IOCIAL. conditions peculiarly suitable for ver by another negro during a
3 t Is important to both KLRC1ON These experiments have shown that eight pounds and the untreated their breeding, with frequent light that school boards already have tercation in June. The handle J

groups. The :Board of County Commlaalon- cows fed a ration entirely of rough- fifty-one fifty-one pounds. Results rains, high temperatures and un- suitable authority for borrowing. broken off by the Impact and I
era of Bradford County at their regular age produce on the average about during 1931 were fifty-eight usually large numbers of dead ani- Tomasello's plan Involved Issuanceof parently neither realized at I
4 it Sa meeting held In Stark on Mon- seventy per cent as much milk aa against fifty-two pounds. This mals. The flies breed time warrants by school boards, I
+ St. Lunalre has the only golf day, September 4th 1933 appointedthe ordinarilyin time the weapon had pierced
course in Brltany. following' : Clerka and Inspector those given a full ration. With a alone ia a saving of about eleven carcasses, but when large num- assignment of these to banks in return skull. Recently County Phyui
to serve at the Special Election to per cent, and that is not all the for loans, and
he held at the several preolncti limited grain ration they have pro bers are present they attack and deposits of assignments Baker Whisant inquired Into f
within Bradford County on' Tuesday duced an average of ninety-three saving. kill live animals through any with the State Treas- I cause of Glover's slight para!|
1 (1; October 10th. 1833; a* per House Bat i cent much the full-ration urer as collateral for in
per aa as The essentials of the deposits
No. 6, Section; e. Aeta 11)3Ji treating breaks in the skin. in one arm. He located the p[
Prrrlaet No. 1. Larrtry COWl! corn are a tight crib and a little Control measures which Mr. banks. Without administering an

burn Harold, J. 8.Pearce Austin Clerk, and; T.O.T.J.Black.Phil- Marlon County, Florida dairy- carbon bisulfide. Any way: of mak- Sanders recommends be continued thetlc and standing on a chair |

P lips Inapectori.Prfflnrt men have been practicing the lim- ing the crib practically airtight so until cold weather Include the destroying FLORIDA BOOSTER physician pulled the slender a:
,j' 111 N... 2. North Stark* ited system of grain feeding for that the fumes cannot get out is of all carcasses Immedi- TALLAHASSEE-Up In the rod from the brain.

( ____ I*F.Conner A. Scott, and Clerk A, IL L.Moore J. Green, Inipeo-J. three years, and with good results, i fine. Mr. Smith recommended using ately by burning or burying two county Jail at Cincinnati, Ohio, .
s tora. Mr. Brown reports. These dairy- fourteen pounds of carbon bisulfide feet deep, the treatment of Injured there is a man who says he would Register of Deeds Carl 1 PrI'

Prcdnp !No. ft. South Klarke men have reduced the total milk per 1,000 square feet of-space in animals, and refraining from dehorning rather return to prison in Florida of Kingston. S. C., refused to U
L. D Vining. Clerk W. T. Holsen- the crib. It is the in the crib and work on the roads than re-
production in the county, but it has space r
1 dorf." K. U Urlffli and A. W. Anderson or castrating operations marriage license to a negro
When Theatres Burned Inspector cost them less, there has not beenas that counts and not the amount of until cold weather.: Injuries or main In Ohio's jails in idleness. His ninety-five, and a woman, elg

_ Prerlavt No. 4, GrahamF. large a surplus, and thus they corn to be treated. The carbon bi- wounds of infected animals should name Is William E. Herrington and one, because they had only $$4>>
F. Abernathy. Clerk J II. Surrency -
; he wrote
sulfide prison officials
should be in shallow here he
'$ + T.. I....... .,,_.. am I. n.......... ..' W. T. McEver, and I* C. have increased the total income placed be treated with benzol ,(commercial escaped from the regular $5.00 fee.More.
1e. 1903. .._ 580 .k.h..d 150 .. Smith tnapectore.Prrrlnrt from milk. This has enabled farm- pans or poured on sacks scattered ninety per cent) to kill the mag a Florida prison
t .- A 1If....... __ No. It. Hampton around over the corn. camp in 1926 while serving a five-
r 1'10'- ers to secure a better living from and wounds
.. W.; M, Griffin, Clerk; O. W. Rhame. gots, should be painted
I ere. I. 1Jn.! : um.d 78 .....h. ... B. Johna, and J. L. William, Mr. Smith advised treating the year term for robbery in Dade 1 o I
r, au L/rri./ ... Inapeo.tora. their dairy farms than would have with pine tar oil to repel the flies,

s ,' ll+ lW..,.. >. hive ...... tmlMli'_i ib... Prclnc N. A, Th..r..... been possible had they continuedto corn as soon as it has settled downin he says. Pine tar may be made at County. He is so anxious to returnto
***. ere ..'.? ... .....1oMft r.,.|pi loa John Hall. CI.rk: H U Hlnson feed a full ration of Imported the crib, and then treating it home by burning pitch and then this state that he offered to pay '
dn.r.Ike .Import**., ot .tll'>f ...lmlyIM y Jacob Inspector Cantenaen. and S. H. Swindle, grains. again in three 'or four weeks if diluting it with two parts of lin- $100 toward the cost of his re-

P' T...I.y. ...... Prerlnct N. 'r. New River' During the last two years dairy- weevils are noticed. Another treat- seed or other vegetable oil to each moval here under guard. Florida
|k* *!I..t ..... .. 8 officials
..,_ it. Crew., Clerk; Roan Turner, ment in the spring may also be ad- of said they were not sure e
to in one part pitch.
m ra Iheroyhly mdmloodaed R. n Andrew., and E. I* Kelley, In.pactor. men the state have purchasedmore ; '
d '1 .pprrrUlrd. ..* d.. Mark Are IB. ... than 15,000 acres of addi- visable, he says. 9 that they wanted him-in any
n e r. re-, alwiT. .reedy...help m Pr.plet No. 8 I, nrookvrJ Farm wages in Alabama aver- event they will let him pay his debt
t was .ImfiwtimlHAROLD pIMe Ie ,-- : D. Baxter, Clerk; Levy Prescott, tional lands for forage crops, Mr. to Ohio
Baud Crew, and Dir. P. Matheney. Brown adds. This he commends Although Italy has been in con- aged forty-five cents a day or than

C. WALL Inspector O..W. HIN< r INSURANCE Board of County Commtanlonera, take advantage of cheap lands and the home life of the Arabs ary 1, 1933, according to Federal first.ATLAS "' flat other choice I

STARKE. FLORIDA AtteatA. -Bradford County, Florida. low Interest farm loans if. necessary has not changed. and state agricultural statistician. ported tobacco,.

J. THOMAS, Clerk. 9-154t10t| | | ana -locate their-- dairies- on o taste.ndaromaf i"

soils adapted to pasture and silage I 1VHO STARTED THIS MOVEMENT;'ANYHOW? -; only in h'gher p'

crops. dgar.-.th.t'iJOH

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( vt II flow Bally from your liver into dntroye your pereonal barm.. They sea I NOT HAVE TIIE .Iaewaw
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bowels. This polqons!! your away of your enoush bowale of the and decayed that sonstans, BEST For sale
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', + Do You Know + f fp I Y K3.' ,, I 4r

ward is iTamp unto my feet, and a light unto ay path.-Ptala 119:105.:

HTrttlrtIlf 3/I/ fllIB-. A11eiK'us] teaching, doctrine or
creed, if they are to have any claim ti; I
the love, loyalty ana devotion of the people must be in harmony with ai """ E f
of Jesus the Christ whose words fit into every fold and crevice +as luylan I
oschinge human heart, and of whom it was said in John7:46."NEVER MAN By Special Arrangements with the Leading Magazine of the
JE LIKE THIS MAN" Country We Bring You the Biggest Bargain of All Time . ;

'" ptors of Bradford and Union eountle are Invited to ana this doscut Subscriptions To 3 Famous Magazines with A New or Renewal
lot new of church activities, organization and snnounosSpree t* 14
( freely given and no charge made-the only requirement Order for This Newspaper. '

lanm, that such Items reach this office before Wednesday morning 2 A1.L4 ONLY. e e
\ they cannot be handled for current Issue.

Inr '... !;KE 'IIURCII DIRECTORYFirst people, who could understand his t N xCCY' CHOOSE ** 1

COw then with converts from
Church '
Baptist "
2 Magazine From Group
I I,J. J. Johnson, pastor.day the Jews and proselytes as a nucleus "s"i
School-10:00: A. M. the churches grew with the 2 Magazines From Group

irninff Worship-11:00: A. M. accession of Gentile converts. The + F And -
providence of God in the preparation J IaSr
7:00 P. M. I
p u'8- :
h T dug Worship-8:00 P. M. ; of the Roman world for the 04 % Py& :!:; :rC"'SVlPER: ((1 Full Year) 'WHY PAYMORE i''

ordJai invitation extended to gospel is abundantly manifest. ; ?
In today's lesson (first called u i
icse services. "Saul") made the following state- S ______ fl _- _-__._- c

d Mcthomst Church ments;: Your Choice of Any Ono f Y ;Your Choice of Any Two 1'

F Jones, pastor. "But Paul said, I am a man Magazine in This Group tAc Magazines in This Group ; ,
Ite day School, 10 a,m.nlng which am a Jew of Tarsus, a city GROUP n I
worship at 11:00 GROUP A **
a.m In Cilicia, a citizen of no mean cityI tr D Better Homei tf
"Can God Remove a McCall's Ma&ulae1 Yr. ,
Ittr r' subject am verily a man which am a Gardens 1 fr
mm World?" Jew born in Tarsus a city in Cili- P Woman's Home Comp_l Yr. O Woman: World 1 rt 't t
trs 'Dg' People's Meeting:, 7 p.m. cia, yet brought up In this-city, Jerusalem P Pictorial Review____I Yr. I IP P'b4' Q Household Maiarlne. 1 JT ,i
at the feet of Gamaliel Screen Play 1 Yr. | C AT d Needlecraft 1 yr ,;? 't
Presbyterian Church D Good Stories I .
and to the D Hollywood Mom Mag..S Yr. Jf
d George H. Lowry, minister taught according perfect D Open Road (Boy.1 Yr. | r Q Country Home 2 yr. .[
manner of the law of the fath-
ices Sunday October 1: 4 O Succenful Farming .lye
M A M.Sunday School. ers, and was zealous toward God P Pathfinder (Wkly -1 YI:: AL ,,....DSipR1rs CD Progretalve Farmer 2 yra r '' i F
as ye all are this day. Then the 'ffiO1aUaiH left D Southern Agrfculturfat lye ''
i0 A M.--Morning worship: SSir C # !2' Xfff 1M1 '
m subject, "The Divine Sufy chief captain came, and said unto },."..., c..J.. *.".*< *.11.//..,. .*pta' him, tell me, art thou a Roman? James : .. fo Group A a '
The Holy Communion of fflHAT because this church at )hoc... tory at the foot of Bay; IN ALL, A. THREE IN ALL
If acrament of the Lord's Sup- He said: Yea. My manner of life IJL northern Ontario, tried to float away no let than three times,. the
ill be celebrated. Pastor and From my youth which was at the congregation bored hole In the floor and thus made the water Keep
full attendance first among mine own nation at ,the building In place whenever the Moose River, nearby decided to | ....
a of
i n urge Jerusalem, know all the Jews- ,overflow Its banks. When all danger of flood I Is put the holes are filled THIS ornn it OeDd.a--'L
btmbership this sacred which knew me from the beginning wIth large wooden plugs. The church, Episcopal In denomination, was Cii L WS'.air : i, v1i
e. if they would testify, that built In 1826 and I Is one of the oldest In northern Canada. 'It was origInally -. 1 esolon R .-.... PIMM ea 4 me the dine -..-M 't } y

0t ,P.Genevieve M.-Christian Endeavor; after the most straitest sect of our Wesleyan but was' taken over by the Episcopalian in 1839.MADISON' There are no itrlnga attached to thla cbckd with a ,*.,*. wdwetlptiea. t* 7fI'IIW eswspapsa, o I
t Kenly.
religion, I lived a Pharisee. And -
P. offer I Every magazine subscription J +
Worship.the il
naw I stand and am judged for the IIALL The man whose word is as: goodas Name .
I change of time for the will be filled exactly M ; 4''
hope of the promise made of God his bond repreaented. r"If
surveying his securities -
services beginning Octo- Madison Ha resident ofTheressa.
unto father
our : Unto which
our twelve tribes, Instantly promIse died at his home Thurs- In his safety box may hopeit any of your aabacrlptlona: are renewals tinsel or R.F.D.. ..

r ordial Invitation to all ours serving God day and night, hope to day night after an illness of sev- is much better. the time win be tuupttty: ex- [ : ;

extended to all. come. For which hope's sake, eral days as a 'result of injuries i tended Town and Stattu' ...,... s s.
sustained In an automobile acci- Miles City, Mont., is still the
King Agrippa, I am accused of the
t chief market for range horses in 1 c' a
DAY SCHOOL Jews. If any other man thlnketh dent.Funeral America. A :
that he hath whereof he might services were held at {

LESSON trust in the flesh, I more: of the Sludie cemetery- ,- near Waldo.. Friday -- --- +F 1
stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin afternoon at 3:30: o'clock, with { .
.L an Hebrew of the Hebrews; the Rev. Dr Hicks, pastor of the

'OR OCTOBER I, 1933 as touching the law, a Pharisee; Waldo Baptist Church, officiating.
ject: Saul In Tarsus.en concerning zeal persecuting the Interment was made in the family

Text: "Study to show church; touching the righteousnesswhich plot. '

If approved unto God anan is in the law, blameless." Surviving the deceased are his Tinkling bells 1

that needeth not to beed Paul was educated In the schools widow, Mrs. Lydia Hall; five
l. rightly divining the word and universities of Tarsus and }
un- daughters, Mrs. Ida Benders of '\'"' A' "
I:V II Tim. 2:15.on : der the great Jewish leather, Gam- Earlton, Mrs. Everett Harris of 1.V.

Text: Acts 21-39:: ; 22:3: aliel. Waldo, Mrs. ;J. P. Dickinson, Mrs. : :;' :
26:4-7: Philippi ana 3:3-6.: Florence Williamson and Miss silver :
the clink of ]
Introduction Owelda Hall, all of Theressa; five '

tells in his Epistle to the sons John Hall of Hampton; Clyde _
os, "When the fullness ofe BOB JONES W. H. and Calvin Hall of Theressa,, '
was come. God sent forth and B. F. Hall of Starke; one sis .
ter, Mrs. Martha Futch of Lees- ,p f
a. Paul who wa only a I
burg and 'brother, Hall + it f
ara younger than Jesus, Henry of ,
n this age which he calls Clearwater.

j illness,r to any of age the time that had It pre-wan (iOMMENTS; THAT'S .FLORIDA, In a Chinese fairy story one reads about the

and with conditions favor-
,i the spread of religion. Yet I (By Mrs. W, F.: Boulware) Emperor's garden where rare and colorful plants' ', '++
in Hark! the birds are singing. .
an age steeped heathenid *' '
In the second chapter of the first .

I superstition first hear of and Paul cruelty.we Jesus. says Epistle that of he John has the written Inspired unto writer the The Lovely skies flowers are blue are ,blooming. :: :";' :'( from all over the world were constantly flowering. : ;i iS

I ed and died And you are lazy too; '
and had risento .
little children
rId, be did the not Savior know of it.men Even: but may not sin. However in order, if that they they do That's Florida. I \; ; It.was the duty of the honorable head gar-

sin he
assures them that they haven Eat golden fruit
I the Jews, God's chosen
peo- Advocate with the Father.
From the dark green trees
; .
impratlvely few knew about
Go camp, hunt, fish .
for the great majority of '
And bathe all you please : : f r
"Little children" "born ; .
were scattered far and wide means "
That's Florida. dener to watch for the most beautiful
|,la outside of Palistine. In ones." The Bible nowhere calls \ of the

ivldence of God It was Paul any man God's child who hasn't You '
can live as cheap as anywhere, '
'ater extent than any> other been born a second time. God'cre- If you half-way work; : :" ;,;" I blooms and tie to the stem of each a little silver
if t the first century, to pro- ated all men, but there is not one Of course if you have money. ,::5:5S 4'S +
the good far and wide.e thing in the Bible which teaches ,
news You
can afford to shirk
are various things that the universal fatherhood of God. In Florida. ::7.. bell. As the flowers swayed in the breeze, the
The New Testament teaches that ,
"ded! Paul and his compan- I h
I that great task of evangel- Jesus we are Christ.children of God by faith in Charleston, S. C., fisherman ',; ':;. bells tinkled with sweet music. Thus the cour-
The Roman empire had caught an eleven-foot shark and '' '
ht> law and order and peace C Found In its stomach ham bones {: "
tiers and the
u the world had not seen.r God's standard to those who beef and chicken bones and a sea ; distinguished visitors, strolling along
,the Roman policy was lib- have been born again Is, "Don't man's coat.
'lib regard to the religions of sin." God always asks us for the a the **
paths were sure to see the finest
"JV lces. Judaism was recog- best. But infinite grace providesfor The Camlette Memorial Monu- ;, W s +
''ai a.lawful religion, and for the worst. "Don't sin," says ment in Commemoration'of the :' .
IDle the Romans looked upon the Father, "but If you do, you Battle of New Orleans, rises on the .. This was the Emperor's way of saying "I have
''anity as a Jewish sect. have an Advocate.." spot where Andrew Jackson's stan- '
and other missionaries were dard flew.Peruvian. : ::' :5': '
something extra fine that should look this
y aided in their work by the It Is wonderful when we understand } you see:
ends and other facilities for that God is our Father. We villages nestle in valleys ',' '
which the Romans had made are not tramps. We don't go to accessible only by pack train ; '* way and you'll be repaid."
I .
''Ie.: In addition much travel the back door and ask the lady of or airplane. j I ...
"rnmerce were carried' on in the house to give us a piece of ; I
Much of the fuel used in the vicinity .7
on the -
Meditteranean Sea.! bread. We are children. We go
of Sumatra is coal mined t
means of travel wero a great into the dining room and sit downat on .'
In the extension of Chrlar the table and say,. "Pas the bis- that island.IVAWTEY : In the advertising columns of this
J ,
r throughout the Roman emu cuit." CHURCH DIRECTORY paper are JI

also extremely fortunate "I can do all things through First Baptist-Church .:r" <: >. similar messages addressed to YOU Read them %? 'I Ifi

*Progress of the gospel that Christ which strengtheneth me," I.a is Hev. X* F. Chapin, pastor ,

ut'l> day the Greek language Bible quotation. This doesn't Preaching services first and :> .', {':" ', and you will hear the clink of silver. Our merchants :' '
understood and freely used mean a man can do everything. I third Sundays, 11 a. m. and 7:30: p. t. ? T
flout the civilized world. The can't fly. I can't play the violin m. '::1 >1 "iI\
: '. : ; ,::.,. } ;, "We have
"ionaries would go almost; like a master. But I can do every- Sunday school 10 a. m., IL B. Ar- ; are saying: some extra values.

where and speak in a tongue I thing that God wants me to do. wood, supt. c

the people would under- God didii't intend for me to fly. Onuva M. IB. Church ;J::l( r'" We have some especially seasonable articles that
I Also the wide spread God didn't Intend for me to be a Rev. W. B. Christy pastor. ,,
edge of Creek made it poult master violinist. But God did Intend Preaching 2nd and 4th Sundaysat

Paul to write his letters in for me to fill my divinely- 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. ;; :: k:: : : 1: you should see. Come to our stores and you ,will j + ,
gage in the universe. So Prayer service R
and be understood appointed place Wednesday 7:30: .\7 A (
.. t
1ctlcally everybody. When within the bounds of God's plan for p m. f.', ." I IN If" ; 1il ,
4i ry8
1o'fote a letter to the Church my life, I can do all things through : Sunday school 10 a. m., Mrs. ., -f"!..h',' { ,;; ,
lle, the center Christ which strengthened me. Mary Moore, supt. """" 11'
of the Latin .
,,were M wrote In Greek and the Through the power of a risen I League. 6:30: p. m. Sunday. :%:';';i j, ttsI.:::; ; ..." be repaid." r

understood him Christ I can do all God wants me ,
''ther factor which was a to do. Fraternal i ; ,;:1', You have '
:advantage: to Paul and other CC Lawtey Lodge No. 189 F. A; A :, nothing to lose when you accept thisinvitation. "
tan workers M., meets at city hall ',b'' ,, .
waa the wide "Like a father pitleth his children building 1st I "

lIInotlt tlou of the Jews. They so the Lord pitleth them that and 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30 p. m. .. :f '. In fact when you fail to do so-you're. 1t :
w every Where ud near- fear Him." A father said to me T. T. Blackburn W. 101:. 4 ;'; I ,Ili ,
CIty of Importance had a time, "I don't care what my O. J. Phillips Sect ,, h "or
one '
"CUe. "
religiously prepared stand by her. She is my child. I ,
iwpei 1y message. Through think our Heavenly Father who North Bonud South Bona bought this paper. .

*:true Gentiles also had 'learn- knoweth our frame and remember- 4:18: A. M... ___ 9:34 A. M.
Iftt4 the Cod. often worshIp- eth that we are dust, will at least 1:59: P. M__12:04: P, M.

*PaUl, Jew In the yna-- be as kind to us as our earthly 4:59P..M: u J_ 6:19: P. M. Jh J//
could go first to these father who can't know all about us. 9:19: P. M 2:04: A. M '


/Aft? Ib '; P3A'? i, Vi'.4dcrr,4lsyd; 41 +m i >}lnyv f +Ihb f

Y.4W I,."
..------- '- ----. ---- ..-- - .-... ... .._-. .. '_hn__ _________.___ -. ---.--- --- ----- .- --- __ _._ "' -:_ "" ; !

Bradford County TelegraphEstablished Hard NECESSITY'S times are disagreeable LESSON, and Maybe You've [).,6JINjrEM I> JPA.r '--

1877 we all want to get back Into the (!=

-- .-- days of plenty as soon aa possible. Heard It ButS ,
However there lessons to be ,
,: are
I'ubllshedVeekly on Fridays and Entered as Second Class
I learned from the lean years that
I, ; Matter at the Post Office at Starke, Florida will stand us In good stead It they d
-- remembered
-- -- -- --- are happier

? ; -: E. L. Matthews. n_ ._ _00 _____ ____Editor and Owner times return. Wonder\ If anybody else stops

--- .. -- During the past two years Bradford reading Mclntyre's column as soon .

SUBSCRIPTION RATE County farmers have discovered as he leaves New York City T Every /
to their surprise, that they
Yearly, $1.50; Six Months, 75c-Payable In Advance can make a strawberry crop for sentence, to'"US is fascinating aslong

i 4 Advertising'Rates on Application about half the amount they had as be Is strolling across Forty-

__ __ .. __ h' __ been accustomed to spend back in i Second Street or down Lexington <:'"? r \
Avenue,: but when he heads for .
the when free. If
da/a money was
Idle farming acres make idle business houses. this lesson is remembered in more Maine, or th* West Coast, or Europe "!,' ,

we can't struggle through the
i ..I, 0 prosperous years to come it means .
t that each farm home will have a first paragraph. Hope they dOIl.tplay
)rk ; Two more days to take advantage of the Futch law. surplus to spend for articles, here "The Last Roundup" to death

i I /In the first few weeks like they
ti V\ 0 tofore regarded as luxuries, but

,, + Fine feathers are usually accompanied by large bills. with which every house, to be a did "Stormy Weather." The better.old
cowboy classic deserves a
home, should be equipped. 6
.; I Farmers everywhere have discov fate. It will last longer, however, *e a 1 1' a eormore

Accompany the football team to Live Oak this afternoon. ered that they can lower their crop because It's harder to whistle. spry,,
Heard It twice one night recently /sev4' bee
production costs by growing th
o proper crop on the proper acre.Flgure ewithin. ten minutes. Sat up until 2 to (burl/louse, fewer on

What's all this abSut the Florida canal being built in recently released by the too late the next night waiting for Jh w 'rar'er ifs wn r 1. ';n. at Ghcns6u Zrdta
Bureau of Economics of the of th It and six! different orchestras >:a
!;'%l Georgia? United States Department of Agriculture edidn't' pla$ It. Wonder how many err p kt 339 bssef pPrsre #d since l87o. y ea seat'ciC
o It is that ,
show that It cost the people know which beer

dot The intangible tax inspectors will get you if you don't southeastern farmer fifty-five contains 3.3. State chemists tested -
all of them not one was 3.2, but a
watch out. cents more to produce a bushel of ;
I I +19i i wheat last year than It did th certain brand was .1 too much. All
/ eothers
o were 2-somethlng. The news
Great Plains, Western or Eastercorn n
You can't wear that same old hat again this fall.) Buy belt farmer. article telling about the test didn't
Y, call names',- but we 'don't suppose !
a new one < 'I. These, and other similar figures,
its any secret, so call by If you
show that farmers
by recognizingsoil
: o want to know. A new love: fried ,
limitations, are able to lower I
Wonder how many}roken mirrors it took to bring on the their cost of production. Cropscan tomatoes. Don't shudder-wait un-
i tn them.. That recent article
depression ? you
1.,,,t, only be grown profitably on
in the Saturday
: o soil that ia in a high enough state on alligators

.' ,.,,, r mother thing needed around here is more hog and hominy of fertility to assure low unit costa think Evening to Write Post-why It? Takes didn't some you -. '
per acre. Every farmer bas a certain
;. farmers. northerner to come down and stay 2i
acreage upon which the
i crop a couple of weeks and tell us all ;
d ,' jl .. o yield Is low and which Is responsible -
about things we've been raised up
This is Safety Week.. Don't send father to light the for high production costs on thefarm's with. Not that we're criticising

kitchen oil stove. total crop. Such marginalacres our Vankee'friends I should say > :?
should be allowed to remain w
not I It's you and you and you and _'
o In pasture or some similar noncompetitive 7
us we're reprimanding. The same
,:: s' Lake City Reporter thinks that the platinum blond craze crops. Thus It ia pos !
who wrote the article
woman' recently h
sible to reduce a farm's total nf Jife ts' lrwn'Aran
.'. has about dyed out. ': production wrote a book about folks In t a'aes Pv
and still secure greater net l
this state who live out the /2/jjf/es closer fr fire center
o returns by lowering unit produc- among \ dNO eraxompanfrr iff
scrub oaks,and It became the book. fi .
In olden times they used to persecute the tax collector, tion costa of-the-month and Is still selling flu ear/h tfantfiff eyuafor
now they dodge him. like hot cakes. She's making mon
I' 0 ey off of people you see every day,

:pp Confession maybe good for the soul but it is sometimes necessity of enacting a more I and who l look'Just like other peopleto J
... .. you and who you would never
stringent food and drug act is vivIdly
naco on tne l"CNUGat1Uq I think of putting between the coy

o horrors demonstrated by a museum of ers of a book. There's a story almost J him than he got votes, and he just "You drive-this attachment 4

,' If you play the game long enough, sooner or later you'll I D.recently C., by opened the Federal in Washington food- everywhere if only you recognize Late can't quite figure It out. do the praying." In

catch a winning hand. and drug administration. It when you Bee it. For Instance The prize letter of all though At eighty miles:: u

The the local housewife who .00 came from some big oaf tellln' how "Probably someone will haw,tj
0 present simply requires would not sign the NRA consume he'd voted for Pete and stumpedfor
that preparations of foods Classify car repaired. If so, we thank j
Roosevelt sets a good example for the rest of us by grin and ers pledge (because) of religious[ rea him,. and believe It or not, tine 1
4 drugs must be properly labeled. It for the sale of another speedster | 1r
ning in sons The eagle was the sign of bum wasn't even in Hardin'a dis-
spite his troubles. Is said that hundreds of RUSSELL KAY I
'I persons the beast, 'she said, and Revelations Sune.ry, Floral. Pass AxociatiM trict. So you see why Congressmen to replace this one win 1 rtiPl
o have been killed or made critically or some book, warned that ... get grey. few moments Is going to hellilj

There are over 237,600 churches in the United States. III labeled by drinking under the nostrums law. honestly when men bought and sold by the I never realized what a tough I I was glaa to find Pete the same with you."--Exchange. r

Ire; ; Go to one of them next Sunday.It sign of the beast the end of time ,job a Congressman really had until old good egg; this Congressman AMEN: d.b.
Exhibits In the museum contain was fast approaching: So she I got to talkln' to J. Hardin Peter- I business hasn't gone to his head as Just ,

o among other things, tooth; whitener didn't sign. But so far we haven't son the other day. and he started : far tea :r can see; he still goes into why some people will astJ"

is hoped that in a few months we won't be able to that eats teeth away; hair tonic heard of General Johnson abandoning tellln' me some of his troubles. II around in fits shirt sleeves and ain't newspaper office and JI.1.a .
I that poisons the bald; eyelash dye the !delL is It that William ,a paper and then turn around j I.o
remember who the forgotten man was. that blinds ,, You know one of the little indoor I above eatln' a extra helpln', of okra say "thank you" and walk !
the beautiful, and skin Faulkner, Ernest ,
o bleach that sends to sports he has to( worry about is the and corn )pone.; without laying a nickel on I ,
negroes. hospi- and John Dos Passoa are almost 'elre.
When will folks discover that Florida is almost as muchof talc : the only modern American, writers appointment of postmasters and If friend Dunn counter is quite puzzling. The| .
My Spurgeon pub
think that la ,
you an easy job you not think of going Into the <
+ i. } a summer resort as it is a winter resort? Several Washington negroes are who do not elicit smirks of derision I, ought to try it sometime. Usher of the River Junction Tribune store and asking for a cold djj ,hI'
t N said( to be from from the sophisticates? If a calls to
suffering now mer- person I my attention to a situation and tl-f
not for it do
''i O Hardln says the government allows paying ,
poisoning, caused of 1s entertained by Harold Bell that at the ,
cury by usa a exists State Hospital
; General Johnso : him one hundred and twenty- Certainly not. Newspaper mecj ft8.
'a. Now .
Buy campaign begins next
cream that the manufacturers Wright or Edgar Guest let him. go and asks my aid in givln' it \
a bunch of "suckers" '
i month. Why not beat him to it by buying today? claimed would turn their skins to It, say we. And what's more, five smackers and envelopes a year and for claims writin'paper he publicity with the hope that some Broolcsville Journal. Bnyho' ''ed

o light. A similar preparation Is ad- after reading' Faulkner's newest I means wm:bit found to remedy It ib)
used that much. the first month
vertised widely for removal oItecklee. f tome we feel that a good purgative A considerable portion of River Aluminum i"ia never found I 08'II i'
The French refer, to their American debts as "ancient of Horatio Alger Jr., might not just answerin' letters from folksendorsin' Junction's population is made up of free state. )

history,"" and they seem to be willing to flunk the course. Drug Inspectors' with the Federal be a badldea: after all. WonderIf this guy or that for a folks employed at the state Institu- 'rv
o administration have called the fad "of growing beards inaugurated post job. tion and as a result of the state's Copper and gold brought pf to

Headlines especial attention to some of the by young New Yorkers, And if you ask me, this endorsement "economy program" the'salary of perlty to Arizona. ,e.
; say that Sally RandWorld's Fair fan dancer,, quack cures that are particularly had: anything to do with the price racket for the most part is these workers have been cut to un- e,,

,( is seeking redress. How can she? She hasn't been dressed yet. vicious There is a diabetes cure,, of a leading razor blade being cut just so much hooey and a cockeyed believable minimums, with no reduction Iie

''; o made of water and snake weed and fn half ,hope the movement Isn't! nuisance and general waste of time In working hours. .

':. Check up one mark} in favor of the depression: a college of sold the for bottle$12 exhibited a pint. 'On In the one museum side discouraged.In beard Perhaps culture the heralds new interest a as well.such Ninety-nine letters are out pure of unadulterated a hundred Men with families, he claims, receive ylSEW te.Ih

professor says that it has helped to sober up college students.o of borers are a dozen testimonials return to the robustness of the gay boloney and banana oiL from the as little state al and$17.50 are per compelledto month thD

concerning Its curative powers nineties. After nature has gone to Just to give you an idea aa to work twelve hours e
t a day. In the
; On the other side of the bottle the trouble.of additional how little th, endorsement
Read the school news and compliment the young writerson are raising average face of this they find commodity IIU
the death certificates of the twelve; adornment on the male chin, going amounts to, Hardin says he received
i c their efforts. You'll see a bigger and better! if do.o prices steadily rising. Children as tlU
paper you persons who wrote the testimonials. around clean shaven seems like a five different letters prom well
as In
grown-ups unfortunate
-.' slap In the face of the old soul Human the same man, each letter endorsln' families la"
pro taking pellagra
One of our classified advertisements sold 14,000 straw Another display shows a silver-la beings are pretty dumb, after a different guy, and all of 'em for from undernourishment ,
belled Jar of depilatory, which made all. You don't catch any billygoats the same appointment. 0"h
berry plants for a. customer in one week. The ad cost him It Is pitiful to think that during ,
;, :' scores of women critically ill before shaving off their sex appeal. And I used to fall for that ."write a this time of:: the national movementto

,l. t. twenty-five cents $2,500,000 worth of damage now her studio says that MaeWest letter to your Congressman for Increase wages and shorten 'telda

f p suits forced the manufacturer out must continue to wear big hats in me" gag until I found that the poor working hours the only means our Here are the new mal|
of business. The woman who headed all her pictures. Just because she sap who did all the work, supplied tate ]fill st
k The Chinese like jokes but never tell them about mother- officials caD find to continue vials, Ladies. They
the firm now Is depilatory wore big hats and was a smash hit the and <
making a
paper envelope and
' u post operations la to cut the actual tepa.
r.., in-law, says Pearl S. Duck, noted writer. Perhaps mothers- which is not quite so ef In "She Done Him Wrong" the age, to say nothln of becomin' an already underpaid employees.salaries of arrived and are pa.bt.

in-law grow larger over.there. ficient-nor quite so dangerous. movie executives poole their annoyance was nobody else but This nation has adopted a the prettiest this seas!

r o Her first preparation contained brains, put two and two together, ME, so I tell 'em.to write their own of higher pay and shorter hours policy "

p thallium acetate, a deadly poison and came to the conclusion that letter, I'm through.In It cannot be a Printed Cordu Or,
According to the Clermont Press, girls have vast respectfor which the halfway measure if 111
> aa advertised, removed, superfluous public (a gibbering lot of Idiots, the end of the day, the the plan Is to work. State
', l the man who does not try to kiss them, but they usually hair Immediately but they must think) wouldn't come to that usually lands the job ain't guy the are expected to march employees un- Printed CrepetKj -

invite someone else to the picnic which also made users bald, caused see their' Mae anymore unless! abe one with the most endorsements 'der the "blue eagle" but they can't SuitinCrepe el
fingernails to soften, and wore big bktd. One of the deadly Woolteen
finally it
r o anyhow. You let a couple oft good on $17.50 a month for a T,
sent the users to sins of the- movies: once they discover
i men get to acrapln for some ftff twqrtve hour day. Can it be that Martel
; California Is said to have more daily newspapers than The museum also exhibits advertisements you like something they polntment and before they'get there Is something In common between

any other state in the Union. They really need them, how of machines guaranteedto I cram It down until you are almost through they'll have so many folks the words "economy" and Dobet CrepeIt B I

ever, to tell the world about Florida hurricanes.' make the short grow tall-i If ready to.gag_ __ And sometimes do. all stirred up that no sane Con- "chisel"TFrom 1 "'Are j,
their backa aren't broken in the way couldn't there be more movies gressman would dare consider either .

o process; hair dye which turns the like "Mama Loves Papa" which one of 'em, be knows if he should all sounds like a ]W < raQar

i Up in Wheeling, W. Va., city officials; seeking to raise skin of the users bluish black; played the local house early this pick either one he would make a Greek to us, and we g*| I

money, found that the only thing left to tax was miniature sets fraudulent and reducing'creama, cor- week Charlie T Why couldn't there be more lot of people sore, so he \looks [ Other Pens I to you too; so come M I SCh
capsules; dUuted tomato Ruggles? Why couldn'tthere around rep
for "
a likely "dark
t ', golf courses, and, unfortunately, the city didn't have any Juice; chicken and rice dinners with be more Mary BolandsT And slips him the job and everybody hOrse is and let us show them f 8Bt

; : of those. plenty of rice and nine pu cent less, much less, Joe E Browns, happy. "FATHERS" you- ltnlZt

chicken In the can, and penny candles Janet Gaynors, and Wheelers and FATHERS A NEW

P New Guinea brides stir wood shavings in their hubbie's which molded poison the around sweets.lead toys Aimee Woolseys.Semple We'd:McPherson's give plenty act to see at' have Hardin a lot of says friends he knew or he he wouldn't must recent invention ONEA by Wendell The colors are: lion 1.lr

food, scientists say. <'No one has ever caught them at it in The food and drug administration the Capitol theatre In New York have been elected but claims he's Fathers, famed for motor car' attachments Black ecla.

.' this county but, no doubt, lots of young husbands have their hopes that Congress thIs win- this week. Just like all the other. already birds who received more letters from ter which, la the Oral l Speedome ) 0
suspicions. ter will adopt a new food and drug booba. But don't you like to watch claimed they voted for operates with a phonographic ''Bittel I

v l act prepared at the duck-b j ''Ubangts In Barnum attachment. BlueNavy -
t: request of. yes or no they tell us we've got to At twenty-five miles
o President Roosevelt. It will pro- & Bailey side shows T Then why' make sixty-seven cross marks do it remarks: !
"The NavyWine
; Others hold hibit false not Aimee? What city speed limit has been 'lie!
I may the record for flights around the advertising and will give an actress she front of sixty-seven names, some of passed. Is there

world, but Eugenia Bulkhead, who will soon have seven mar- the administration wide powers to mud be-and not so dumb, either. them wet, some dry, some pledged, liceman behind you a ?motorcycle" po Sbtor
rule off the market The show business la shot to BrownGr
the killing pieces, and some unpledged. You [
riages to her credit holds the record for into go.ahead At thirty-five miles:
doubtless flights
'' creama, the poisonous pastes, and but little Aimee does her acting In and vote. We've got a little work "Too fast for ep
I + matrimony the deadly depilatories. a church and cashes In. She even to do Tuesday. Ever order a1 city driving. We Inis,
coca hope
you are now In the "
keeps a straight face Walter Win country. 'Ut
o a -- cola upsldedownT Try it some At forty-five miles
A motor has been Invented to be shell says, while they are passing time. : ''1
might 'em 6
. Our English ia great language. For instance But "Your car la still 49c
we are clamped to the front of the frameto the collection plate at the Angelus don't write this column but under control 19c 25c IJUr"t.

thoroughly glad when'' a drought is through for it makes it drive a bicycle by friction Temple and she intones through letters if you burp in any your nasty best ahead watch of the" .car behind the car Per YardTheJ&RSto

rough on the farmers /.who need water in the trough.-Cler- against the front wheel. amplifiers: "Give as much paper friend's face. We don't accept any At fifty you.miles la l I,

mont Press. Also money aa you can-the noise of the responsibility for the after :
dry for the farmer to plough and tough effects. i "Your
r Less than twenty yeara ago air- coin makes me nervous." If the Anybody who'd like to responsibility Is Increas -
on the farmer's wife-Who can't get enough water to mix her passenger service was unknown. wets'aren't sober when they go( to Lombardo play at his funeral have Guy ing. Keep your eyes on the road." I!I'e'b1

a dough.-Umatilla Tribune. Thereby plunging them both vote on October 10 the dry are get In touch with this column. We get At"Are sixty miles: i

into the slough of despond. Boat racing originated among I likely to carry the state. What a have Iota In 'common. Perhaps If your Insurance premiumspaid Door 10 Poet Of that
the Anglo-Sajcons. up to date T" bel1ft
V ballot!
Instead of
simply voting two
I or three'of ua would chip In- At seventy-miles:

; .. -- -


M. ,
-' p ',5 ;ti"" a'xltFai'1 i rM A' V--He-v1 rrr> ,* 8v, r 11b r .


Bradford County telegraph
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Publication Date: 1888-
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Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
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,,: ; -aW -" ';;"Ji.w.t.-.. ..___.. ... 1 .... ....._...___...., .!l'__ 'M" .., ...,....., -- ........ -...
: =
":." r"'r :: [.;: ,
\ ", ,"''''''' "" ," ', ( 4
I ,. I '
,, '

h ji

Srubfnrb m legrttp4
Grnuuiy t y ,

.. _
Established 1877 Su riptlon-For Year, $1.5: Six Months, 75e-PayabJe in Advance E. L. Matthews, Editor and Owner a


--== ,

; Rushed H.- S. To Play Parks' Home Burns Ballot Mann Prizes Offered Office Is Open i
ector [Sample
'Wednesday Morning; I 4-H Corn Club Boys, .

At Rebuild' County Agent Says t

With Cash Paid First FootballAt Doctor For Repeal Vote To Register Men

A large two-stroy house, com- There are some excellent prizes
prising the home and office of Dr. offered the 4-H Club boys thin
W. B. Parks, was destroyed early year In corn and pig; club work, according
Under Futch Law Live Oak Is Received Here For Jobs Here
Wednesday morning by fire that Is to L. T. Dyer, county

will believed to have resulted from a agent, who is sponsoring the workIn

fore -- faulty flue. this county.In -
.. A. Knight Reports Busy Week Favored To Win But The blaze was discovered about i Elector Will Have To CheckA addition to the usual county Work On Road 13 Will Be Main

.\4 October 2 Deadline I Tornadoes Will Put Up Hard 2:30: o'clock, but there was some Lot Of Names) On and state premiums offered, Mr. : Source Of Employment

Near Miss I Fight delay In turning In the alarm be- October 10 Dyer says, the county winner In This Winter

I cause of a broken box and when corn club work will receive a gold -
I Tax collector C. A. Knight's ofce Ing Bradford County Tornadoes the fire truck arrived flames had A copy of the ballot which will medal; state winner, a free trip to The Bradford County office off 4 "

|, has been crowded this week I over to Live Oak today to spread throughout the back partof face Florida electors when they go the National 4-H Club Congress at the National Re-employment Serv- 6

Inth property owners making: aut their first game of the sea- the house. to the polls October 10 to vote for Chicago, December 1 to 9, 1933; ice was opened here Wednesday In b''

t minute rush to take advantage here against the Columbia County The fire department worked at the ratification or rejection of the national prizes are agricultural college the building on Call Street formerly ,

f moratorium on delinquent taxes This There is no doubting the full capacity for more than an hour proposed Twenty-first Amendmentto scholarships of $300, $200 and occupied by the Peek Realty ', '

irovlded for In the Futch law. the of the two teams, for both before the blaze was finally extinguished the Federal Constitution which $100; and two special prizes each Company. Immediately the doors) ,

I Seven delinquents paid their 1932 the power and plenty of but one leaving only a charred would repeal the Eighteenth a $115 gold 21-jeweI watch, go to were opened a long line of unem-

MS In cash on Tuesday and Wedesday these co-favorites is sure to fall shell of the front part of the build Amendment Is reproduced in an- the two highest winners. I. ployed formed to register for jobs

of this week, Mr. Knight they meet on the field of bat ing standing. other section of the paper. The county winner In the pig that are expected to be availableIn '

iid,and he expect to collect more' Supper' had been cooked in the On it will appear three classifi- 'club work wins a gold medal; the the county in the near future. 'r' ,

.an $3,000 before the week Is up. Live Oak team will go out house that night, Dr. Parks said, cations of candidates: Group A, favoring state winner gets a $50 gold watch; Joseph E. Wilson, chairman of ,4j d J
The tax collector is reminding the field as the favorite to win, but after the meal he and Mrs. ratlfcatlon and therefore the district or sectional winner the Bradford County committee of { B '

roperty owners that this week Isie they have a little advan- Parks and the children went to for the repeal of the Eighteenth (Southern States) gets a free trip the service! said that the main t ( <

last opportunity county tax- over the Starke team In ex- Klngaley Lake to spend the night. Amendment; Group B, against rat- to the Twelfth National 4-H Club source of jobs to be given out by 1 L

aye 1 will have to benefit by the However both teams have They were there when a telephoned ification and therefore In favor of Congress at Chicago in December; the office would be on the Road 13 1

Flitch law, as the sale of tax certificates attack that will be dan- message that their house was on the retention of the alcoholic liquor and national winner will receive a cut-off to be constructed between

delinquent property Only throughout the entire game., fire was received. It is their belief prohibition laws; and Group C, scholarship in an agricultural college Starke and the Alachua Countyline. } r''

ill be concluded next Monday, year Starke suffered a defeat that the fire must have been those candidates who are not of $300, $200 or $100.A It Is generally believed that aj

tober 2. 25-0 at the hands of Live Oak. smouldering around the flue untilit pledged to vote either for or boy must have completed at actual work on this road will begin ,

| An even greater rush Is expected a large number of new ad- burst into flames several hours against ratification if they are least three years In the club work, I within in the next thirty or forty ; ,

i Mr. Knight's office during the to the squad Bradford's later. elected to attend the constitutional and made good grades on his proj- days. ,

Remaining days of' this week, since ing of a victory over the Wildcats One or two pieces of furniturewere convention to be held In Tallahassee ect work during this time, to com- Although the Immediate purpose) ; ,

everal large taxpayers have an- been Increased twofold. With all that was saved from the on November 14. of the re-employment service is to ?

Jounced their intention of paying' ders aerial and running attack of burning building; All of Dr. Parks' In Group A the Florida Repeal pete.There have been some fine rec- furnish labor for the various public t'

heir current taxes In order to take Strickland and -Edwards' medical equipment "was destroyedas Association has qualified sixty- ords made in this county last year work projects sponsored by the

..dvantage of the five year morato- two the line plunging of Cooper well as clothing and furniture. seven candidates -there will be and this year, Mr. Dyer says, and government, It Is also Intended to v

um on delinquent taxes. been Inman the Tornadoes' back- The loss was only partly coveredby sixty-seven delegates to the con- he is expecting some of his club 'I provide both skilled and unskilled ,

tion will present a combination Insurance. : vention. In group B the dry forces boys to win some of these premiums ; labor for: private employers who t i .
will be mighty dangerous to Dr. Parks said Wednesday morn- have only qualified eight candi- this time.County. may find it necessary or desirable (" ;

reen Advocates the Wildcat., With Wall and Shut- Ing that It is his Intention to re- dates. In Group C the dry forces, to increase their force because of

le as wingmen; Chapman and build a house and, office on the It has been officially announced, the operation of business codes, or ,
At as tackles) and Harrell at same lot, which Is{located next to have qualified sixty candidates who Products because of the natural Increase of

Money Inflation state center post the line formation the city hall. Construction will are in favor of the retention of the business.

most : be a tough spot for the rival likely begin within the next two or Eighteenth Amendment but who The employment service does not i i

to bounce up against. In the three weeks, he aald.Governor appear on the ballot as unpledged. Compete At Fair provide jobs; Its sole purpose la to
will / position we have Torode and
In Forty-one other names appear in provide workers for jobs that maybe j '
apreaeee Viewpoint ; who hold down these posl-
the Group C classification. available. Reemployment service b i?
Discusses Cross-State, been I' mighty good. We have a Fixes .
Canal About 500,000 Qualified I does not fix labor policies. So far ''y %
| number of Inexperienced re- dinned Foodstuff From Here
teen who need to play under fire The ballot will be 8\\4 by 18 Enter International Content as public works are concerned labor Ct f )a 4''F

Con gressman R. 'A. Green In an a few games, in order to gain Inches In size and Secretary of In Chicago policies are fixed by the special t'
J.tcrvlew granted to the Ocala of that much needed experi- Millage At Limit State R. A. Gray has ordered 600- board for public works. These poll"t h I'

tanner, expressed himself as all .before becoming valuable 000 of them printed and has an- Thirty-five cans of Bradford cies Include the following provisions -

in favor' of currency Infan are nounced that it will require 220 iCounty vegetables, fruits, pickles, : :

taking: the same velw as many ed probable lineup for Friday's Taxes Are Boosted In plte Of reams of paper to do the job. Secretary 'marmalades, and jellies were ex- Opportunity for employment on !

1 the Cotton Belt Congressmen, tion.The Is as follows: Itequrot From The State Gray anticipates that be- 'I pressed to Chicago this week to projects authorized under Its (the ; t tboard'

fct it will help agriculture and | Cooper; right half, Comptroller tween 200,000 and 260,000 persons compete In the International can- '' .) administration shall be* 1 Ft

)uld be put through as an emer- the ; left half, Strickland; quar- TALLAHASSEE will vote at the 1275 precincts of ning contest to be held at 'theWorld's 'equitably distributed among quoit-

icy measure before the farmers the Edwards; right end, Shuf- : After much the state, although there are ap- Fair on October 1, accord- fled workers who are unemployednot 'j f'rtia

8'ln to harvest and sell their ; left end Wall; right tackle, consideration Governor Sholtz has proximately 600,000 qualified, reg- ing to Miss Pearl Jordan, home -- among those who merely r s "
'Incoming crops. ; left tackle, Chapman; net the 1933 tax levy at 6% mills, istered voters. 'demonstration agent. wish to change from one. good job ''i

The Florida Congressman didt guard, Johns; right guard, To- the minimum millage fixed by the To vote in the election a person Great care in packing this spe- to another. '
> side with many of his fellow' Legislature. The mlllage of 6%) Is These work opportunities shall
center Harrell. ;
; cial
lower than must have been qualified to vote in shipment was taken by the
,presentatlves In the Lower House any state levy since be
Friday at noon let's gas up the last general election, held in following women: Mrs. D. W. distributed geographically as
tat Inflation should be forcedpon the old buggy and grease the wag- two 1923 with the exception of the last November, 1932, or have registeredand I Moore, Mrs. S. H Dodd, Mrs. Floy widely and as equitably as may be
the President however. He years. It represents an Increase I '
state and journey over to Live Oak Sullivan and practicable. .,>..
paid the required taxes since Mrs Tom Brown, all r { 1
of 1
aid he thought President Rooseelt these the boys and support the col- over last year'smillage the books recently have been of Theressa; Mrs. M. L. Watteraon Qualified workers who, under the r' 4'lt' ''i

should'be given time to work for I"B. If you can't go yourself, send mills by, executive which was.order.fixed This at 4 Increase ?* for such registration. Persons opened Mrs. B. Saxon, Mrs F. Dyer, all of law, are entitled to prefernce shall 19t (
) -
.e currency Inflation out in his
baby. Meet In front of the school secure such treatment.The .
' will effect but the qualified to vote last November are Hampton; Mrs. M. P. Matheney,
\'n albng the lines of the slightly "
and pack your car full.of average tax payer.Comptroller not, under the law, required to pay Mrs. L. Waters, Mrs. S. M. Mott, wasteful cost and personal ri
ree courses permitted him-free
students. J. M. Lee additional poll taxes at this time to all of Brooker; Mrs. J. C. Jones, disappointments, due to excessive i
' of silver recom- ;
linage the
amber of grains in'the gold dollarr schedule up to date Is as fol mended a millage reduction for vote on October 10, it has been an- Miss Rosa Moore, and Miss Alice migration of labor in quest of workto fgl p1 S
the vicinities of
: projects should
nounced. Pattee ,
all of Hellbronn
by the printing of 1933 but Governor Sholtz who has ; Mrs. L.
currency. 29-Live Oak, there. Johns] of New River. be avoided.
Cross-State Canal consistently opposed the transferof Under the law which will govern ,
Alachua, here. Local labor required for such
the .
state funds except from departments election sixty-seven names
Touching on the subject of the '
13-New Smyrna or Perry, Liberal projects, and appropriately to be ,
ross-state canal, Mr. Green de whIch show an unneeded must be marked by the voter. It Policy Adopted secured through ".
fared surplus, in a letter to the Comp- was explained that ballot having service
that he felt confident funds I any Handling Farm Loans t' '
20-Lake City, there., should: so far as possible be selected u '
111 be allocated for the troller, called attention to the fact more than sixty-seven names r
purpose 27 St. from lists of
Augustine (night), qualified workers '
rom the'' public works approprla- that as a result of last year's mill- i marked thereon will be thrown out. County agents of Florida were submitted by local employment

one. He had spoken four times 3 age reduction, approximately one On the other hand any ballot with informed In a letter this week
-High Springs, agencies designated by the United
million dollars had to be less than
> the President transferred sixty-seven names marked
on the subject of lo-Pendlng signed by H. G. Clayton, district States Employment Service. ,' x
.e "ditch the from one state fund to the gen- will be counted in the usual
Congressman said that
17 agent, 'the regional agricul-
-Cross City. Those who are under the law entitled .
nd the last three times found the ty, eral! revenue fund and that the de- manner. It was further explained. tural credit corporation at Orlando to I,
State 23-Pendlng. preference In obtainingwork
partment from which these a
ildent very receptive to theiea. SO When the constitutional Convention Is adopting a more liberal policyas
--Jasper, there., were made had outstanding are veterans with dependents
assembles at Tallahassee at to the security requirements of ; bonafide residents of locality a+
obligations which should have been jl;
'Although about half the publicorlu met with this noon on November 14 it will be the the small farmers In the hurricaneand In which projects are to be under-
appropriations have bee Auto money. first time that Florida has flooded "
express areas. taken ?
non Tags The Governor has I ; residents of the state In
located taken a N
Mr. 'Green continued, firm stand against neW 'ed itself In such a manner relativeto He Informed the agents that which the project la undertaken. ?
lenty remains for the approximately any sources a proposed amendment more !
to the men are
being to work
put In &
case, the
ent of revenue and against an extra every employment -
159000.000, that will be retired Federal Constitution. Heretofore as appraisers to
speed up the work.
Are Being Made legislative session. service will select those +
to dig the canal. He did L the method of having a State Leg Where the papers of the applicantare It believe best for ;
"t think er 4 i By the practice of rigid economy, qualified the,
that Congress will with- the Governor islature! ratify or reject an amend- In correct form, he said, about particular job.Legion *
( explained In his
nay any of the public works mon- communication ment nas bedn I the manner In ten days will be required to get the --- -- -
Y in case it has not all been allotted to Be On Sale At Tax Collector's to Comptroller Lee, "it which the Congress of the United loans through. '
each Office is hoped that the debts of the state ;
On And After '
by the
time Congress con- States has acted on proposed Clayton, acting for the Agricul- Elects
enee On the contrary Mr. Green by December 1 may be paid and a reasonable surplus amendments. The members of tural Extension Service, requestedthe
fUd, he believed thai Congress will accumulated so that a substantial Congress,
; however considered the agents to expedite the execution -
pproprlate more and If Florida of the new automo reduction la. the mlllage moot prohibition of
question as one applications for the "small
''e n't get! the canal out of the I the license tags for 1934 will be may be made next year with some on which there should be a direct farmers) even though the additional New Officers f tJ
the assurance of However ,
rresldnfs soon at the State Prison permancy. ,
.. public works monies, until vote of the people It was explain security they have to offer for ,
e will work Materials economies are so reflected -
out of additional funds ap- and equip ed. The repeal of the Eighteenth these loans"You ) does not equal 100 pel'cent ,
roprlated by the next Congress. the ; are now set produce and until additional collections Amendment was one of the Demo of the loan." C. II., Slstrunk Is roe Corni"y,

He said that Major General Lytle plates, which require 1 which oI contemplate are cratic Party's pledges to the citizens are to understand, however rounder, Meeting Night'w
I feel
labor made should
lrwn chief of Army engineers :' forty-five days, It i iwlll Is' said at not exercise of the United States. To date ," the letter explained "that Changed
>ad office to
of H. me
assured George Wilder
him that be will have thirty-one states have voted on the the Regional Agricultural Credit --.J
u final be a vehicle commissioner of the reduce the mlllage as fixed by the
reports based on the phys- proposed
al 1 State Legislature." Amendment, Corporation are not permitted un- i
*Ml survey now being made of the f Assessed valuation of and by overwhelming majorities In der the law to make stralgbtout i post commander of the Jones1. 1

"Sr." ready by the first of the The 400,000 dies tags will be need- for state purposes .Is 431000000.property each of the states the repeal forces gifts or grants of funds, to farm- Langford-Whlte Post, American jr
The preliminary survey has used in stamping the have been victorious,'"with national f r..- at a meeting held Tuesday r
On the basis of 100
ready tags have been per cent collec- ILegion.
been received.
a It completed and reports Due tion, one mill would raise 9437,000. leaders expressing the opinion that Unless the farmers: are "reliableand night of last week. c' ,
are DeW of
now pending with SecreBWV -tag the "" Other officer elcted
Collections last fell Eighteenth Amendment will bea worthy, he Informed the were as follows
Col. below
eDt' ,Ickes of the Interior Departdistributors can not for be 1934, one which It Is seventy-five per cent. thing of the past early in Decem agents), they would be wasting their : R. A. Newsome, first vice-
of the public removed once It Is ber. The law requires that three- time in executing their applica commander; C. J. Powell second ,
|orkl 1 .to a car, manufacture FORCES
projects of
"will WOMEN MEET fourths of the states, or thirty-six, tions. vice-commander; Stafford Crews
-S I plat be slightly more AT METHODIST CHURCH ratify an amendment before It becomes chaplain;; A. A. Versailles sergeantatarnis -,

A UNION MEETING ,, and the process somewhat a part of the Federal Con THE RITZ THEATRE SPONSORS ; L. D. Vlnlng. his t, t
union meting was held last: will Only two new machines are The women of the United Prohi- stitution. 'KNOW YOUR STARS' CONTEST I torian. 'L. D. ning, R. A. New- k 1

lillday night at the Baptist the however, and these are bition Forces of Bradford County -----S---- I some W. S. Sibley and Floyd t

- UrCh rC Under the uuspices of the"rl I and I to operate, it is reported. held a meeting at the Methodist PAINTINGS ON DISPLAYOne Every Sunday and Monday, commencing :Green will serve as a board of di ;

.rd Prohibition Forces of Brad- date. tags will be sold in Brad- Church Tuesday afternoon and of the large display windowsof October 1, for four weeks, rectors. **.

P.County at which time Rev. I County only at the office of temperance work along, education the Bradford Hardware Store Isbeing your favorite screen stars will be i I A. J. Thomas was chosen to act:

*Ot The Carter gave an Interesting Knight, county tax collector, lines was planned for the future. used to display some of the presented on the screen for you toj I as contact man for the organize,, i 'T
h. executive committee of residents may send their -The following names were added beautiful paintings of our local Identify In a novel contest
forces have sponsored tlon.The
hot Odd' will hold a meeting in list in to the Tallahassee office. this week to the county forces: artist, Mrs. C. L. Stockwell who by the Rib Theatre. You will time for meeting was ;i ;

Friday Fellows Building tonight board will* go on sale here Decem- Mr. Arthur Murrhee, W. M. Min- resides at the Griffin house on see their backs and by their backs chat: ,ed from the second Tuesday A ., .
) at 8:00: 1, and must be purchased at ton; Mrs. G.
o'clock. I W Alderman, C. H. Walnut Street. These paintings and voices you shall know them night In the month to the first and
court house, ... the law doee Walters, Mr. L. A. Davis Mrs. P. make fourth
III western fining the up a splendid collection of Valuable prizes to the winners; Tuesday nights In eachmpnth I 4
and southwestern appointment of J. Miss
dep Pierce Florence Wood, F. scene, flf which some are local. also ,
ny email estates and peasant :'Cable tag sales agents in other towns F. Flume Mrs II. Brownlee, R. This attractive window display Is awarded every a prize contestant for their will efforts be .-,. '' S .- -

ppfletors predominate. county. A. Newsome.. Mrs F. F. Flume,,W causing favorable comment among wftether they win Amber Is still believed to possess

1 walsn became- 1933 tags will continue to be S. Sibley Floyd Crosby R. R. Starkltes, who,; since we have an to start at the beginning or not. Further Be sure certain medicinal virtue y

eon ot> the official re- ern in the usual way until that Crosby, R. M. Crosby. W T. artist of our own, appreciate this Information at the --- "-ems-
Mongolia about 1294. | New Crosby. work a* never before. next week's theatre and ,In The.almond .U a native of Western -

r paper. Asia, Barbary and Morocco. '

Hn cl
iF' t71 tf
i ';,", '1

irb ,
cp n..


iN'r} __ __ ___ __ !SEPTEa1REl. 28, ,9JJZy
--- -
-- -- - -- -
-- --- -- -- -- -- --- ---- ..

==----- "

; Special Live C O Items Must Reach
t Happenings
f ;, y TelegraphIVrilers ommuolty Usby Tues. Noon -n I

1-- .. .. --
-- -- ---- - -- -- -- --- -- -

; LAWTEY ZIFF And the Worst is Yet to Come--.i f LORIUA 4ilG ILI j TS ws

_ q' 1'' L O. i. Phillip. Cor. Ml.s ...Ia H.. n.l.. c... '"
1 '
\ 4w Br. i
4 t The streets of Lawtey looked Edith Jewel Padgett

+ '. like old times Saturday with Little Edith Jewel Padgett, slx-

crowds of people here from early, month-old daughter of Mr. and 1@ !
d a morning until late In the afternoon. ,
Padgett, passed away
Mrs. Lloyd
of evidence ,
While there Is plenty
morning at the .
early last Monday
of shortage of cash most If not all Funeral EJ
home of her parents. r
here did a'' "
business! firms 4
of the A nr p'r
Services were held at Dedan cemetery I1V
$1$ floe business and It Is believed by 1 .
with Rev.
that this will continue to Improve Monday
of the roll Q. E. McGauley In charge. Those
l ; on pay
iurvlvlng her are her parents andu
workers who
1 of the Federal relief
1 11t r spend their money at home. host of other relatives. t

lh't' ak ,(E F R. Carraamp!! wa a business Sirs. Fanny Fowler

visitor to Jacksonville Tuesday. I, Funeral services were held at
:Mr. and Mrs J. R. Shuford are !|Dedan cemetery Monday afternoon O 1

k: : visiting relatives In Pamplin, Va., ''|.at 4:00: o'clock for Mrs. Fannie ; uyIl l lr

this w ekr' I I Fowler of Graham. The service 1

r I Mrs. Irene Slaughter of Wild.'rt I was conducted by Rev. G. E. McCauley / o 0 ss.- ;', 3!
k, rood Is visiting her parents here ,, of Brooker. Surviving the 1 +

it this week. i deceased are her husband, WashIngton -
;1 Miss Flora Connelly spent the i Fowler and five sons, Andy,

r week-end with her parents in j Harvey, Charlie and Elecke Fow-

I s' n Green Cove Springs. I I ler of Graham, and Arthur Minton
t. Mrs. D. L. Blackburn and eon of Plant City. ,
nr r Dalton, visited at Sanderson Sun

H day.B.. Wainwright and Melvin Purvis Lewis of Jacksonville '..
e Futch returned to the University spent the week-end here with his 4 2A/lC SHELL

of Florida at Gainesville last week I I parents, Mr. and :Mrs. J. W. Lewis. e ,'s'c' M FOUND ONLY ON THE ,
studies Mrs. Delatha Starling and chil-
"F to resume their /
A. M. Blanchard war visitor to dren of Alachua were the guests of COASTS of FL02/DA-

!4t i Starke :Monday.Mrs. relatives here last week. ...;. ;.. } ,.
: E. D. Boyer, who has been Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reynoldsand r- f UNOH/4

; visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. F. children of Graham spent Sun- Ws .

A ; Moore, returned to her home at day here with Mrs. Reynolds' par. e ..*. y'OzUT&
Ocala Saturday. ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thomas.Mr. .
'+ Mr. and Mrs. R.I'. Jones were and Mrs. H. E. Thomas and -E---Wt.dl\+!::) a.e.__.. L FLOEDALNE '

transacting business In Jacksonville sons and Miss Rhoda Thomas of OAS THE '

Y;. i Tuesday. Jacksonville spent the week-end
L 4
fi. I George F. Young and O. J. Phillips with :Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thomas. Gum Branch T/lE ,or a.

f were business visitors to Mr and Mrs. I. W. Dyal of Gra- I BROOKER I WO2LD.' .".

D'y I Gainesville Thursday. ham spent Tuesday here with rela. Elizabeth Damage, Cor. M!.. v... GnlB7, c... a*
,i; :i. L. H. Kill, Jr., a student of the tives. --- THIS GIANT ON THE DUX *

t ; Ii; University of Georgia at Athens, Tim Mann and son A. I. Mann STAT f AffAO.S JACKSOM'/.l.l.E, R
returned to his studies there Fri. spent Tuesday in Lake City. Mrs. J. D. Dobbs and daughter 4-H Club Meets / 9 FEET /N O/AA-f.ET ..85
;\ ,day. G. W. Rivers of Starke was a Violet, and Miss Allie Harnage of The Woman's 4-H Club held its FEET WISH AND NASA
l ; Mrs. C. R. Shuford was shopping visitor here Monday. Raiford spent the weekend with regular meeting Friday, September SPREAD ofsEET
1. r ''in Jacksonville Monday Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Harnage and 22. The meeting was opened by the .1

'i Dan Harley was a business visitor family. president, Mrs. L. B. Crosby. The

to Jacksonville Monday. Miss Doris Burney of Lawtey home demonstration agent was Nowhere in the world do live .. "
James T. Moore of Plant City HAMPTON present. The demonstration at this :' Rare indeed is the Junonial I Once the
spent Sunday night and Monday trees reach such
was visiting here Monday. meeting was remodeling old cloth- enormous proportions as demand for it was so great that
a single
"li. Ad. Nlnma. Coo with :Misses Louise and Agnes. they do in Florida
( {, M Prof and Mrs. W. L. Beacon Sapp. Ing. where magnificent specimen would bring $200. Occasionally .
r were visiting Jacksonville Satur specimens seem to abound. The .gigantic ]
; Mr. and Mrs E. L. W. after a Northwester, a Junotiia is
Youngbloodof H. Carter and son, J. D.. were
1 day. I A moving picture show was oak on the Dux estate, near Jacksonville, flung ashore
presented Florida's
Waldo were the guests of Mrs.Youngblood's visiting Mr and Mrs. W. J. Carter on West Coast but
Superintendent A. J. Grlffla of at the Brooker school audi is a spendid example of
"' "' ', I parents Mr. and Tuesday. exceptional size. not often, as this rare species is confined
Starke was a visitor to the school ) torium Saturday night, September Within a very short distance on the beauto
Mrs. A. C. Hall, last Sunday. Joe Dobbs of Raiford deep water. Its creamy shell is beau.
1 visiting
here was
a Tuesday. | Mrs. T. J. Thomas and Mrs. C. P. his brother-in-law 23. This show was about malarial tiful Trout estate .there is another of tifully marked with spiral rows of bright
A. Har-
Miss Kennard and'
Emily spent the fever bookworms. G. W. Al- about the
( Sasser and daughter, Miss Clara same proportions.
orange spots.
nage, Sunday, and was -
week-end accompanied
visiting relatives in Jack. derman of Starke gave a talk on
L : sonville.Rov. May I all of Valdosta, spent the home by his wife, Mrs. J. D. sanitation. He tried to get the -- -
week-end with -
i Matheny of Baldwin' will Mrs. O. Haynes.Mrs. Dobss and Miss Allie Harnage.Mr. I people interested _in a project of Eld. John Bowen of Clinch county
S. M.
p'''' ,3 preach at the Baptist Church Sun- I C. E. Harper of Simmons Ocala and Mrs. and Mrs. J. S. Sapp of this more sanitary homes In this Georgia, spent last week here
were visiting
day at 11:00: a.m. and 8:00: p.m. section! were visiting at Lawtey county. with friends
All are invited to attend. here this week. Tuesday morning. Kid. Lewis Sheffield of Vero, Kid. .,
I A. B. Shaw of Gainesville was
W E.: Barksdale and family left mORE miLERGE
Mrs. O. J. Phillips and Miss Debbie this week for Alabama where they Mrs. Carrie Browning spent the transacting business here Monday.Mrs. and Mrs. Hogarth and Mrs. Carterof o

Phillips were visitors to Jack-i j!I i will make their future home. week-end with her parents, Mr. Emma Townsend of Bell Pelrsoh and Mrs. Lonalr of 61B
and Mrs H.
L. Edwards.
onvllle Wednesday. i W. T. Saxon of Pompano is visitlng spent last week here as guest of Jacksonville spent Saturday night 1 From Your Tireson
Yak Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Tatum of De- 'I Carl Clyde and Lonnie Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Gainey. here as guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.
brothers, B. Y., J. H. and
fi ; ", Land were visiting Mr. and Mrs. IO. \lO. W. Saxon. and Percie Cason were visiting R. of is P. Gainey. concrete roads
McGauley Georgia
friends In this ,
W. Roberta Saturday and Sun- |! Miss Connie section Sunday.A Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Gainey and'
j McGauley and large crowd spending some time here with his
day. I|I grandfather, Mr. McGauley of sociation at the Union Church as- son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and daughter. Eloise were attending to than on macadam.
Miss Lucille Plummer tak- Sat.
was ;, business in Lake Butler
Georgia, attended preaching here Mrs. G. E. McGauley. I
urday, and
7r mg teacher's examination In .last Sunday Sunday Monday. Joshua Davis of Georgia spent' Of course you want
I :Mrs. Eva Alvarez and children H. P. Gainey was attending to
Starke and
,2 Friday Saturday. I I Harmon Morgan, principal of the Saturday night here as guest of
the business in .
spent week-end in Hellbronn Starke Monday.We Concrete.
Please hand the correspondent Mr.
New River school, spent the week. and :Mrs. B. F. Hazen.
any notes you wish published by ,end with his mother. section the guests of :Mr and Mrs. are very glad to report that Mrs. Alice Oliver and daughter, O
Tuesday evening. I Clayton Crawford. Mrs. Roy Green, who has been on Mrs. Aileen '
L. L. Bedenbaugh was a business Thigpen are spendingsome FOR. '
f i beat .I I I I visitor to'Starke' this week. Maurice Carter Carl Reddishand the sick list for several days Is time here with Mr and Mrs.B. ,
I Japan was th foreign Ossle Norman
were in this sec. very much Improved. F. Hazen.C. TH(
: of American raw cotton in|I Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wiggins of tion Sunday night. Mrs. .... ICE "FURTHER'Nri'
Josephine Stuart of Lake *
Miami attended C. Melvin and Leslie Green
1 f 1931. here last Sunday preaching night. services New Zealand Butler is spending a while here were attending to business in | PORTLAND CEMENT Ti

4 I I has an Arbor Day. with her sister, Mrs. J. J. Morgan. sonville Monday. Jack-I i Hurt Building,Atlanta, II.I .

i dw lt& _Smart_ DOROTHY DARNIT Bj.Charla'McMmu-- '





Now .- LIVE' ON

1 I* the time to buy tire*. Price may
fto higher. If they do. It will actually
r c cost you money to use up old tire*. 0
C And with fall and winter wreathed'
t and wet and 'slippery road .
n; round the corner It e a good idea F
4 to have the protection of safe neW e
1, ,, tire all around. And remembe t
his-tire wear U slower In wlnte
'than It U In summer-the tiree you I
i buy now will Qi.. you full protection Ti.I.
all winter and you will still:
bate good tlree for next spring and I j1'JJ
summer to withstand the ruvafteef .
hot Bummer road. W*carry the
complete lIn. of Goodyear Tlree.. a
Speedway Pathfinder and All :
,Weather. At the price you wish to I
:k j. ...1 we have a Goodyear Tire. Why 1":.,,....... MartAllub.ByTV I.
r .otcom.ln tod..aDd talk It otheT I --- > ---::::..

08041,_, I O'HE.MAIN T li C:ON EET h

Alt-Weather I n ZelmlwE.s11c 1

l Buily Ems T-7'> ,r' "
GeoaycrPathfinder (..\... (Q
'l"At e tMa \ .

'r 4..0.21'5'a- OlR+tnc.n 0-PST. /0R elan L4- BUTr ) I A Wu MflZCTICOON +G "lm eIScl iahNo eASF m

4.542086'50 MAIN STREET HAS ItI I

i 4.50-21 '" BABY PARADE rip[ uour fwa r
\ -
rry .70i t
4.73.1986 "'1.4; BABY; PbCADC1M4ICM I; .' .
"CXX PLACfi, ON & 1
SOd U' 3.90 r Q I l ltt Ii }
.*39.aP Douettc4rI.Tnr "
; IW/' ."'T;)Q1C. cIT I 1 erI
: 1 I I 1 pal2c.L4Wt! 1

t Mr JUNiaa uKnAFTGa 1t
1ne rrt1NER\ ,
"MI6 cATi.t6R Oc 1'I
REGISTER MOTOR Tic "l" 1.55!:T "'raa '
j t 1F
/ : 'l pr RTARKE, FLORIDA 1I
-- _... -.
v ..
1 1i 4k rr
i 1t&


rtlt. n
M rr ': (t 1>.'';:\\\J ';"Jf ''l : .;) ';.. }..f.. ;:::1" .

...."""'1/0--1"/ ''', "" "I" t'-' ""''' ''"''i-



...__. ------:-------v.. -_.._- :.r- .. _. .
.; -- ---- ;---- -------- --- -- --- -... -- -..- -- .. --' .. --- .. -- -. .. --.- -- .- .- ._ --- -- -- -- - -- -
"h.. ._"-I ',I., "?Il'I I ti 'Fl' ""I" 'dl'' ''III II I"! ''IU'',,111,,$,,iaII,"'iI'"' 'hi', !I'P!" "II ,"OIIIIO"'" ?', """'''''''''''''''''''''''''' Q.AND) A. DEPARTMENT I CLOSING OF MAILS

I 1 SCHOOL DAYS By DWIG (By Lester Schnell) Mall

Q. I hear that B.H.S. has a good Train South Closes

I football team. Is this true? So. ll--l"arcE'll.ost____ 9:30: a.m.

News MIkl1"\ ,.. A. Sure. Isn't that swell? Now tfo.. 107-Letters, Special t

\. "{",,,-oW" 114 all we need is a good football.Q. Deivery: & Special .

() Would you advise) me to go Handling__ fl:50: a.m. -

--,-,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, -,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, .. co\Jf\.e North !
i" ""i u nut i imim.mimiNiiiiwiiiiiimiuMiiiiij''' ''' uni i''''''' .,'....'''' jjjjfiiJ, i..'...Wllfij''IIII''III.0''' .'' '' ;: out for football?

F\Cl'LTY AND ASSIGNMENTS / Our Home Room Mother for this _____ Rp.e'T', A. Certainly, by all means. You No. 12-Parcel Post and ;

Letters ______ 3:00: p.m. r1
year will be Mrs. W. Q. Stringfel- suesre'I )7 probably won't make the first
County High S'hoolnd L' No. 108-Letters, Special .
Jlrudtord string at first, but don't get dis .
btarke Klrnientury School low.We had two visitors couraged. A position on the Tor- Delivery & Special _;. it'
Friday ,
I ( ,q Handling1._ 5:50: p.m. ,
Junior-Senior High School morning, Miss Ruby Kilpatrick and Nr'CO'1' nado team is a* easy to get as
The Starke and Boll Branch ,
Carl Ritch. King Tut'a eye tooth.Q. .

I Leon Study A. Gray Halls.-Principal, Super- The Fifth Grade English class Would you advise me to start Mall closes ___________ 7:00: a.m. : -

vision. wrote an autobiography Friday. In a* a substitute? Mail arrives________ 2:40: p.m. .

Mrs Myrwln Long-English, LI- Davis Gaasett was voted as the A. Certainly not. How undlgnl-
I Twelfth Grade. l.v: TIIW riitcuiT/ cornT on11in
hrary best out of thirty. rieO.! Start in aa a star and work 'l>F I Mrs Myrtice Carpenter-Histo- 0tIe.j IX (.tI \\ '
"ftl.lS. IS down to a substitute.Q. CKHY.Kt.
I Dean of Girls, Twelfth Grade. your way nor .
ry. What Is ? I Storkwell Conservator for
Story Of MyselfI quarterback C. i A.
I T. J. Alderman-Mathejinatlcs -
Mrs. Itanh of Stark, a Florida BunkInge I
live on the Jacksonville road A. The niftiest looking uniform .. .. I I.
and Latin Contests, Elev- Oopot'atlon' Plaintiff. v J. 1 ,
about a mile northward of Starke. you see on the field usually contains Shrlvcr! ft al, ti'tpn'innttu. .
I filth Grade. I am eleven old and birthday the quarterback. He' sup- OIIPKR OP1 SKRVICRNOTICn .J'
years my ?
I Mrs. Almeade Hoffman-ComJmcrclal. TO APPEAH ,. r.):
Office Work. Eleventh Is May 11. My brothers help posed to act intelligent, even If heIsn't THE SPATES OP FCOIUDA:

my father in the store, and my sisters \.. Toi: Whlto Branch hat Company, a ,
I ;
Grade foreign corporation: Frank & Corn'l
I Mia"* Isabel Fernandez-"-MatheImatlcs wash the dishes, and clean up (P. S. He should never allow his pany, Inc., a forolKn corporation -; ,,
the house. Uramlln. Spauldlng Company, at.oreia
milk when I am home. *
and Spanish, Tenth Grade. hair to be munsed up.) corporation; Endlcott John- .. ,g it.ison
I Mr Charles W. Larson. -Science, I like to plow and work on the : Q. I am planning on taking a Corporation a N.w York, corporation ,, '
farm. I like winter better than : Coop..r-W"tla & Company, a .
J Coach Ninth Grade. JI I train and try out for your football Michigan corporation; Adler Sho .'. ,: '
I Mrs Bynum Perkins-History summer because it is so hot in team. Have you any advice? Company, a Ocorwla corporation; N. .''.i. f

Jind Geography Projects, Eighth summer.to. During my vacation I go A Sure. Tip the porter when I Inc.Rrlana-er.: M. foralurn Rlumitart oorpnrnrton, & Company; Lamed, .;

I Grade see my grandmother and eat 4h you leave, because you might the far tor "A Company n. Michigan cor ..j. t, C'
watermelons and figs. I .nraInn1( Phlltlm-Jon. Corporalion .
; | |
meet the back.Q. .
Middleton same porter coming
I Miss Hazel -English,
a New York corporation; ..
I Dramatics, Seventh-A Grade. The happiest day I can think of Do professional football play- I rha! !I" Wolf, William F. Allen and .. ;",:
Is when I the Oerw.V, Barker. the 1'.lIld..n.. .... of J ',
i Mrs Mabel Wall-History, Music was driving cows jgr-i: i era play. for a living? earl) of whom IM unknown. dolnffliufttnpiiH pl

I Study Rooms. with a horse on my vacation. My A. Ahem! Most of them do it RH co-pnrtrmrtt\ iirM