? Cniiiitlnn '
"II'IIIKIIII"rH" ) ,,,
made "> ''ot8 of one ton or 0\1'1'> lemo nf the store's patrons and 1 : o '... ....... ( 1'11.
lilli.1 urn limited lo nml
population Frank
mallf" fiiinntltlen, not being In- i are located conveniently to the ..; hov left thu l fuim and got ul i a I land (Carpenter
> tmrly salary of $2<'m 'Ihelr
Jluded in lh. totals given. I( warehouse and main store bulld- .. Job In Hie clly. HH wiole a -- -. "I'owell Jrllnllllthor. Mrs Lucy
letlprj of ,
1111 'f of. ... Slarko.. spent
-- -- { { lo his brother who eli.'i ted to hHtetk
run', .tin'oii!>'s <; is C'U\. ----.---_. .; i.. .rJI;,: : / to th,.. farm telling of the Joys I, ",'ull1.|.. 'OMI'ION/ I nl I the (irlflls. i'oU I K".

Nl-MI'TION; IN: ( 'IlK:.\1 u TO \\IIOM: ir M\V' -ONCIKV: '" '. ... .,.. iJlt": ., of thn city |Ilf" In which hu said | Mrs. Flume of Starkn ami Mr*.
;: : I /Honoring :Miss Mat', of .
{ Jin
w ( / ""Jj' 1" '" ;',.. .. I I 11'1"01.' of Mils ksonrllln, spent Sun
we an toed wnt to HIM'' .
COUHUII1IIt1ulI of gasoline In Will the party who secured die ,":," -if .-.;' ;, 'IIII'IIIIY /'. where Jacksonville, :Minn Leila Supp'" en1terlalned i with Mrs Ll/zl.. 'III.kllll
IBradfortl .lotinty during the month copies" of thn Telegraph from -H '''' '' until dark,11/Then wu /oI.lfo"1| a f.w of her friends. Fri Mr mid/ Mrs I K. L. llarnes amiililldreii
.March 25th to July 22nd from theTl.'ll.'lIraph II we motored toHie .day evening ut HIM homo of her Mrs.' W.
I Knights
amounted to 32.225 gallons nnii
foe June | :" '' for Hi" I I / '
[ beach .
:1' w..k-Pll. .11111. Mr, mid .
according fo the report Ist office, please return :.kr. ', | The brother on tin- farm wrotul.buik. I '. Mrs. J II Sapp." hnby and Mrs Sapp, and i hlldren
the' Inspection bureau deIpBrtment them at once to this office These ? Yi-sK.-rd.iy we liuggled, to (lm"H. 11"101." and music went, : "lelurnnd to Ilinlr h""U, In Juck-

of agriculture. This Is copies may have been taken with ,, ./ .... town and basulmlled' i (enjoyed throughout tho evening' HOIVll. Tlmrsiluy after I wnek
.1 all the nf-1
old t. /In "plctuiit' i ontesl. Miss Kll/a-; I'IHI Taylor
."in'lncreasn' over May of 21.063 newspapers sold for wrappingpackages. .01 teriioon. 1 1tha I .IIV .t cottage
frallon*. Consumption of kerosene I Papers carrying/ any of 'J i tornlleld Today ami we Ku/mwed niulnd/ out until to I Ii beth //'lIllrlk und 1 :1 r. Len Wiggins Mrs' W. II. Hayes of Calneivlllo -

T during the same period also Inler HIP dates between March 25th to i Sundown. After I fr"t prl/es HI..t| Sunday with Mr' and "
.ased slightly. May's report' July 22nd are to be returned.WAVTKO r we hud supperled. Miss Hupp. assisted, \by 'her Mrs' H.: W. /lluyes.Mrs. "
$ we piped for a wlilln. After mother. Mrs J. II.
HI"". and l Missus tl. T. of
and June fierce
\ f141i
fi gallons _
showing | wn r.wt.y.
\ to
1.11.": .wns : slalr'I"HI up room al.1 I'' Kll/.abi'th; Kemlrlck and (iilHsli spent, with her -t
Hade led w..k..lIll daughter
,.4128 gallons.: county hedsleaded until the cluck lived.u.xvis Man lleiinett I ,
't"8 state with 2,5 U.761 gallons. t. >I"I'YPI tlulli Ions l n<- :I'rH.' I,. ir inn.

: ,while Liberty county used a total The T..II.'Krllph11I give a :, lJ1o inr.' ONI f\II';'" J JI f '."Kln"'I1'" .. "f rrlit Mr and :Mrs. I,. L. Smith. :Mr.i ''I
fof year's subscription to the paper I KIMILV I salad, salllnes mid 'lend tea. i il and Mrs Kennedy and bnby. :Mr.
9.764 gallons for each of the h :.;.g-6 .. ;{.y..t.f,.. I About twenty-five 1 1 land
a copy following/ &""" ,.... .y, .. I -' j young I people 1 1weri Mrs. Klllgoro xpi'nf Sunday .
\ \ : 'Mc7\L COMIC"OI'KH; ': .\ I I IKRup" of the Telegraph" April 22, y 'J--" Stanley M. Muthns, Lluulfnunt M ) Invited to thill delightful nf- 'with Mr mid Mrs. \\'. K: 'I 'mode.
1927 May 20. 1927. Subscribers ft ,; .' : :: ; i I fair. M |
The fnlverslty of Florida Slim.111181' it' Coiiimandor C.. V. S. : ; has ', r" Il( H Harbour has ued -
Navy I.tl
A .
school ln.''fs all who desire i I are asked to look over their papers \ .... requested 1. -- -- from Jiicksoiivlllo', wln'rn

of pleasure and a good and send the copies carrying 1 .J \ to furnish. county him registrationolllcer with the UC I" III.H'11"I i! spent' 'last week. Ihe t.

to nee the :Mikado 'these dates to this office 1 Mrs'. K: Mo '
to eome nurnns and I. > Pr ali Frmt nnd
,- -- '. alltrl""p' of all regis Krvln: who died.
musical i-omic opera given <>, IIII".I-han of lliildwln
1..1 spent last
tered Jow1
JOHNS Ot'T 0.ItOND vut.r" county ut tho .
of the |j Irldflr.1 A Morgan with Mm. I .
th.. music' department sum- who bear th", Mathe". at 4 w..k L IF lllli.i .
nor school with "fenerv and gor- IInl" 1..k..r Friday, July i Mr. and Mrs' K:. W. Hayes. and
Lieut.' Commander, Matties
Philadelphia. I Clayton Johns was granted bond states 1 1In IB, 1 .27. H.rl lim-prnhnr 2.ri, ililldreii
from ,
aaa costumes !'In the sum of 5.000 last week, the letter that he Is collecting I Idata In.''it. He wan years old anil I spent Wednesday la
0.. Friday and Saturday evenings Ualiipsvlllo guests of Mr. and
I15, University, auditorium. I'following a preliminary trial. HU. for the. pr..paratul of a bislory I hud been a live in lie r of lint Missionury ;Mrs. (ieorge Kiien.

-- '.--- -- -- I lease will come up at the fall term of th" Malh." family InAiiiTliu llaptlxt ilnirih '10 vnarn Mr. and Mrs .
;..t; lu' .aid
Family reunions are B good way i of clrult court.iFIHE Anyone I"arllll this I hud b.en an Invalid for four .. I of Oi Seymour
__ "Illdran iila. visited :Mr' and
of retting" members of the fold to e .k.Jw' lI"m. tan get In tuuc'wltl the and wan conllntnl: In his bad for ; H. I
H.TL'UIJYFT.US.; ()()\ .'/"t" b> 1 1 two Strickland 'last Jo'rllay.'rM. .
Inquirer com- years. Ho
gether. The summer season In ago .tI 1 a'llrel"IIIK relapsed Hunduy 1 :\' Ll//le' Tnmuklns nan mov-
munlc-utlon M. Mathes. 1 1.huH land 1 kept
d time for them. Italll..y /rowlnl and A small blaze In the Hunt house 1. /. fo nlnll .. 1', C., U. S. i! 'weaker till I'"n. lie cottage at thn lake
Yrl.IIY. i for tho
iBHinstrlal; committees of Florida across from the municipal plant JY \aval Training Station, San UlI' I learos two I.tpr.lrR.. Marg.irct/ summer,
Chambers of Commerce should late Saturday afternoon called out Directly under tho name of Charles A. Lindbergh .Iu the Honk or 11. lalf. Norton of Starke/ and Mrs. .1. A. Kveryhodv: } Is looking (forward
; local the lire Gold at thu. Aero Club In TurU is that of Commander i iI for tho 'bout ruced August 4th. I
keep \'n touch with utility department and the flames Ituliaid "k. e.----- I I Morgan of Starke, two brothers.
plants regarding electric power were extinguished/ before any dam Uyrd wh! flew across the north polo, ipannt-il tli.. A'lantlu by ,,114''.', I 7hyrhll.-lok Quarry com-1 ;Mr. J.imos. HlKKlnbotliam of Hunnnll Clay count> tax payers' league
in4 U.hts, gas and other utilities i age was done. The flre stared and now plans to cross t&. south pole. Iiehlnd Isyrd l is Llelll' ,i-n.it, tl op.rntol"! here soon i and Mr Ilurk HlKKlnbotliam' will hnvi) 1 pk-iili: ut A. S. Strl k-

thai-can now be furnished at at- from a kerosene stove the adjcln- George Novllle. one ct the crew <.<( the America. ii> ra will t.i.i. l.mll.lnl I approximately 10'') per-l''of St Augustine number of |lund'n landing August/ 4th.Mr. .
trttcClTe rates for all IDd ustrles. ,, Ing wall catching' flre. I south la th. full. | 1'-1'01 of about 12,500 : i ii relatives and 1:11.and brother- ami Mr*. K W. Hayes and

.'" i weekly. I In-luw, J. .\. Morgan.: children spent Friday In llrooker
,\\ i visiting Mr ami Mr.. N O llayea.






.. ." ,

h "" ,_", _.___,_ _, '..I.. .x ;z ,n..w-.r.r-, ,.Y..n.Yrr ara.au ,l.w wN1M.YUM".W:_



j jj j FRiDIV. TI'lX 29,11)27
nRtWOIU- rorvrv TKI.R rnu; 'H. BTRKEV FLORIDA _
'PAGJ.1 1 TWO -

1 fl l.t: l'Y TIMI-'KH' Tf ST.ITK: BEAUTIFUL

1 In news dispatches Kent out !te /1lnri./IfI/r, :

I from Tallahassee, following/ adjournment Y ,vl ;a tl 1.i'I: '"

-fllE WAY SPORTS EVENTS HAVE BEE:, TURNING I OUT OF LATE I was slated that of the provision legislature: had been, ItI \, (; ;1.ti";\" i ;:.' : =l".r"bi: \ .l" !: :

NEYEUCANIJE: TOO SURE made for the hard-surfacing of I o//. .:'Y ""' 1. i'01t. '\
j GOES TO SHOW YOU two public roads Il"Rdlnto/ the I ::u;. :iiJ :'rr )r"J
1 3WCW"wlw'rw' 1"1"'\ state l prison farm at Kalford. This '. 4 .- { ,
AZo.li.'v.UV o \
i.O: : ;',", :':':':.'-'-" road Improvement a news cllspiih ., '''J.,.. ...,......,..., ...... :":E?!' :::.: t I Ijii
I If < 'iI ," .::::: ::::::: h ,explained "was. regarded by I l:, .i r'" ,h. T <9Ii ...- ......:u ,'.r'i--"rr"- = -!: .. ." ,
PIIILlPlAItTI: ,,,:::: tinlegislature'''' ns necessary beCB.IIKCI :::=:ooo :; :E. =>OC" : "'- : ,,I'' iX' :
"' # -::.'-" r\- :io- ..:;:::-,::;;}( 0 ;, ", ..y :: : ,; Mlil'li: ,I.... I''M N
of the : ,
heavy motor traffic : .._. .I I
cocksure about ; __ _. =:r '- 7'm '. \\I
f NE"J 1t set too ._ ... ? :::;::: to nnd rom, Italford." i I ,'I11111IU' \I nllIh" .- '..",,"-",,.. "--==--- ---;-;-=,: -.--ft"-"'-:. Io..:#-," :. .lIIri'njil... '
anything In sports. Look nl S '4, Lt" ru: II"I\!" (r' ,+: : -,Jt.a xa ; -' -- .._.o ...-, --. \-' +-.Ar; > ''I"" jet.. "
,4 <
__ f Of course the legislature. In " I ,_ .. .- -- -: -. "- II. ;< ---- t. -. V?.', ,. ,.,
',. :: :=== ;;:: '- ( "- ;j; ..
'1 I "I : ,
Babe Ruth's homo-run recorllhal > 'f: milking provision for Improving.the 11'I .. ,"I'"" :'1".1 .0.,.;:..=""'.__._ :-0''I'. ._.,....- ,- ,,..i':;' --- '--- -;---..---.. -- .,-- ., ,. >"" 11'',
Lou Cehrlg Is surpassing or about ...- :::::. t roads that connect Italfordi'with I ) '' ,",.,:',:11', '.. .... .. '!'._.. .. '1'.p= -=-.if lor- i :. '4: 11 11r"

all things being ("'1"1." ; .::::: tlio ontsld" world, in order rj 1 ; fitFt: .,. .
to surpass, ; b Jt ,tL : 1htl' ;, 11i I ::& .
thai (ravel and, transportation may I .=r:: \ -If :1i: .1Jt
Look at Sabin Carr'B polo \.iul'! )h,. fn'lIl1l1tpII.lI1VI', : no attintlnnti "".,;, '' I 1 ig ;..tl:5t..f1 Dgf1' : ;:::1' :: fF.Tlr: ,: --= !.L'1_'::
m; P. <: .
of 14 feet Look at Charlie Horuh > any pnillcuhir retiHoiiH' why', ; .:: !' tr U 111G1." .I rf"ti' .$ \\t\I\ I-\ II'I: 1Y!\ t b.rp .Jj .:jf: ;1 .I
and a Reid/ ot f.i, <, i these highways are being moretiwid ; U:1 : if) 1I .l. \\,.;, lY:_- .t.Jo' ., ,--1.-1'I I ". -- ', .. ,I $' -JoI' -'
Chet Bowman : r.. I ; .. .... .
"" -. .. .
f t than formerly The only fartwhit + 1'btJ"' .: .. =:; .. : ;& '--i ".- (,""
tJt'J. ,
sprinters flnlf>liInK In ft "blank.so < ', i'1't, ----.J, ; i"\I :..:;rI I .' :- o.; ':1 I
'r.T. 't .. :
i which they wen concerned.) .'i- .. .. .._. "'$
0 iIIljl,1 ''-;iJ; ., 1" / d -- : 1 : ... ,
f. '
close movies have t In doi id'1 I I'L 'f y } y 1 'relllkwie. I land very I properly I was that/ motor, I': ""' "I.._..t. *...". .. JIo.,."",.,. ,, ,,'":::11i1t, .!.,.. "I> ?o''M ...;ret"IGA :a'.._ .. ._-....... ... ...,-.. .
wt trt fIr}\ those J' .. .,. .
"nine-three" woild's record till' y 1 on Iwo particular ::,#.; V 1'i ,. \..,. _' !;''W'1T'Y.' '! \ \ '- "'> -1T
what C'oihct did to ti),,, t highways In becoming: Increasingly' ..'r.; 'I( n. '!; .! ',: C;. :ft.:7:. :;;: '.:r: :. ''' '
Loolt at 't.j,3 :
t ; h"nv1'h" chile Institution inKalford 'N, : ,;': ,.. ;;' '' rrrnaf' m 0 I 1' '
Invlni iblc! Tilden Look" ; ; -{. .. '-N.1'. '".; .''''I'r-' ; ,#, t
heretofore ; ;
I being: the mate prison ___--J: I 4. I
: I "'11 ; 1\\ I A" .'" r jl.Y1r //
rr. if
at what a lot of !good boys 'l'"I 10' :: farm It Is a safe lnfi n'nri' hut1 I .l n Ndli" I "':. ..:-: :. K., .,. t'. :

Hobby Jones nt thin opera Look ,noh ,, I most (of the IncroiiRJng motor Lint-I i t-'F'I1 r ""f .:: ... ',' f ['
J.i..>, K, 'flc- Is with that prison, where are" I"" "' 7 .. JG ff ''f.\.2;; ;1.\.: ." ( '
I well as l'hll'ulallll1l1l' 'onlliifMl prisoners convicted In various .... .,." ......,-_"" ;: ...11I/I 11'.. ... .
", .. :;:; -
s < ..t'" :1....... ;tt "'- ...
or II. ( Y1i4t
d k O'Urlen would chirp out cities and counties In the "'21' 'SuA -L' '" ;; : w

Bldo cf Ills mouth "ya get it' tb utat.on rniiro .serious criminal character.barges In of recent the t"G\I4.\W,l..'.A....:. e_Q........C.- oNrrC. ,..-: d' BolO Arc""hivl, P.Ct9.. :'I Ur-w.'Nw,.,I "'!+Ic,:t W:.a I.I'I.. ':;..;'M':," '..t 1"...t tl,:i I, y,!'\wtX'b'":\i\J:I\ :liro.r'ytw: :;".:r.\"I:''T ;";..'.-

Idea." Y these I .,. .. .. : :. \
veers' convictions, mid the ;; "
r ...JII-... ,,, ra .-.4. :
X. "i-oiiHeiuent| seulences to the slate
," I n'lll,! trolf bugs of Iho nation au q r prison farm have Increased In''':

looking forward hopefully' > t." numbers and!, (pel-hups.( considerably
I out of proportion to I the ,
0 tbe coming national amateur golf K Increase" In population' within i
4 championship: at MlniicMpolls for L : '.'it ate. thereby Increasing/ the piIson 'I,

.1 their next big omuscmi-nt clrcu- : population I and likewise the mo- '
for trallle Incident to business with .4.c.I
Somehow tho ID! *? I
of thrills.
nnd of that Institution./ Hence .
open at Oakmont wax not Ilultl| < the providing of Improved high-I

"there." Thero was all sorts ot way (facllllles which of ,
drama tragedy humor and spec ff It become available for oilier trufllo I i I

tacular shooting but It Just seems purposes, than tlmxo Incident lo'tluj

a vogue Indefinable zip wan lack prison as Kalford Is In an nd- .

ing. Von Elm, Jones, George ;e ivnnclng agricultural; section of I ,

Volglit. the new dark horse, and U9urldn
possibly Jose Sweetsur are counted | Improvement of the highways ry a :)
Unto Kalford to 'bitter :E1w n
for forthcoming flroworka.
Match play has It all over medal \
111'1'1111110'I'I d I II
: portation to und from I <
I play for gallery Interest anyway i prison' suggests
#. S e ....-, ..
e Three 1'iTinli players who Juno LIS<.| ,1.nrri"c.n tennis MIl {thought: that Ix not connected with

TENNIS fans will know very >reina I whether not they The thought Is that prop-I I LlUWG! BOOAU'Z'.ZZ' 1)IUIkCI
Lncu te, the l-'remli lice, with Jean (.'ochet I>' 'TV, 13'1",
will have to limp over to the Walling ably, without HO Intending: the i !
Wall and utter a few heartrending Allison, who copped tho tntercolIcglatett world record Into tho liaiKuln./ legislature has mad, iirovlslon for I I I

:,' gobs of anguish. In sparkling fashion looks was sweet brolh r. You Klu.ull' more expeditions handling/ thoHo! I Id'I,
who within the clutches of
i Helen Wills, Elizabeth Ryan great. He ought to bo a great help have seen Johnny's pun when I 1
the law Certain It Is that In other
Bill Tilden the Wlghtman cup to his undo some day--Uncle came bll k. ways than by highway: improvements I 1I I

; team, Francis T. Hunter and the Sam, of course S e the legislature: has providedlaws < I I ,.., tIEJ aI r .
I whole gang will bo tripping # e e that Watti, Cann: of Jcorfela I Ito I
NOW by which crime In Florida Is T -LOOr! PLAAJ) '
blithely down gangplanks niche In the Hall of Fame I rlR.':>
j our a
SAVE Tech has pocketed the l.ilcr- ( be more vigorously prosecutednnd
loon and preparing for a hard Johnny Gibson, the sturdy sentences of those convicted I __.r ;
links title ho looms
collegiate' !' as = == i.-r
logo on Long Island courts. product of Now York cinders who made to correspond more nearly :; 7s
United States faces of One of the big; threats In senior! with the of ,' I
The ono wroto his name indelibly on the gravity: the offenses on : 7 '' t
its toughest years In tho history pages of foot racing history at circles. The world's greatest'( golfers which convictions urn secured. Aimrtlcular ,

of the racquet sport this summer. Lincoln Neb., by toppling an unbeaten have/ played over tho larch: : u \ law enacted by tho leglidature ;- #

,Men and women's divisions alike champion and a world. record City links .since Iho hli-.torle. recently In session. makes ( Hy n, C. Hunter & nro. Arvhts., most attractive doorway, flanked conveniently arranged a thing
are threatened though/; the biggest with one fell swoop. course was laid out r li garter of It posnlble to put a halt In the activities I :Now York ) -... with graceful benches on either which always means so much to
menace Is In the men's. Franco F. Morgan Taylor has been rub u century ago.; Yet It remained( for of those whose records Hide, ; passing through a vestibule every housewife.
was thought to have but one ace bing tho young Fordhnm star's this .slight| ; bliickh.ilred: youngster< show previous convictions. The There li an ever Increasing de- >ou find the living room and dining The latticed living porch pro-
in Retie Laconic. Now it seems nose In the dust I for the last I three from the home ot Ilohhy Jones to courts now may deal with such asthese < tmiml for better designed: bunga; room arranged end to end giving vides a delightful retreat in warm
kri with habitual criminals, an lows This type If home has he-
that Cochet and Jean Borotra are years over tho 440 hurdle ror.te. set the new ,.unofficial record of u feeling of Hpatloiisness. weather
C on a parity. Johnny caught up to him I that 69. It bettered( tho best nuirl' nf they deserve to be dealt with sending como very popular with a Brent; The two hid rooms are connected The roof Is covered' with shingles -

ri, New blood Is needed for Davis sunny afternoon ut Nebraska Vic- the old masters by two strokes : them to prison for extendedterms tminy, people WHO prefer all rooms from the living room by a hall In variegated shades of
In some Instances for life, the one door. The loutitlon and arrangementof Side walls
on and black.
browns are
CUD defense This Texan, WllmerHAMPTON tory over Ibo champ and a now unit was shot In u gale. It having been proved, bv experience I
\Here In a good example of a the bath room Is good' siding painted cream color.
In states that thus deal" with well anil \ plan- alcove l located Complete working: plans and
---- designed: practically There Is a dining !
confirmed criminals that society l III
............ .........:
: I L. II. lledcnbiiiiKli; were chopping I The Hampton I'ubllc school Is hardened' 1 criminals are within The plan shows all Hint one providing spare for the Ice box obtained for a nominal sum from
: : In Simke plat. Sat: ln'day. the prison nulls rather than to be could wlHh for In a modest homo. and a stair leading t<> the cellar. the building/ editor. Refer to
nicely under
at lee AitsI,.mu, ('or.w Marlon! Sullivan: and fumlly, ; very punished, repeatedly following repeated One enters the house through amore There are plenty of large closetsYKTKKANS \ house" A-137.
were biiHini'HS visitors. to OalueaI ; able management of Prof. Law- .
........................ villo last Katurday.Mr. home principal! Mrs. AeciulllaJOIIOH criminal 'acts.Tlu'refore. JacksonvillelluO.Oiio( new
I l Florida, taking o easily n ail l more cjulckly tra- : TO( 111)1.l HI'-! : I.uthel'all11I1'1\ to be
1 K: J. King und family, who have Taylor and wife, of Luke as. lust assistant and Miss I page( out of experleiu-n( propose! versed' other! roads. that load by I'MON AT M.\UI1WITullalinsseo : \ Trinity I
lieen visiting MTH King's .MlHter, City, vlHltcd Mrs. Taylor's uncle, I to I.uil less leniently than heretofore that erected at McDuff mid LucliaHtreets.
Manning and MItis Jo''ceVyun In 'way of courts und Juries ti>
Mm.l Parley \V'ynn. of Auliuriidalo/ Levy IledeiihaiiKh: this week. .
1 charge of tho primary department.Mrs. i with criminals, 1 purtlculurl.vnllh : same place have been Improved to July :21.- Major
rctin'ni'd to their home horn last Mrx. I II.\ (I' !May wim shopping InStark have
I those who 1""HodIhl'lIlIlIh an extent that gives more of u)\- General T. J. Applevard) commanding 1
; Friday Satnnliiy.Mr J.oJ.. Toney of Providence, 1 '
courts and prisons crrItuht
n -
; siiranco that from henceforth Justice -
I the Florida division of
Mrs. flay Colley cud daughter; ('I 111'1, I II. Wlli-y. and 1 family !Is visiting her daughter' ; :Mrs. (I. I number of times. Also, theadministration I will travel more swiftly In this the l'II Itl',1 Confederate! Veteruim. I FOR OVER

Miss Shirley, who have been visiting of Oiliindo., have recently located, \V. 811x011.Mm. of justice Is. being I st l iili\ which" i)UK/ lit. to bo! sunklentwarning has' issued general order No 8,
t ; "Mrs 'ollov's parents Mr. I on the KliiKley farm south of Avery Denulson and sister speeded up( throughout; the state to those disposed to vlo- announcing the forty-lift!) annual
4 and Mrx ,1. K llouwr lower returned to\\ n. Mlxs Murrt'l Johnson, were shopping ''Juries are mon I Inclined to convlct III'lr'"' Hi. 1111of Ilit'I ioimnonncalthIn minion to ln held, at Marlanna.' ZOO YEARS
i l to IlIelr home III Wlldwood.llev. \. I L. A. Johns Mini family of Waldo In Sturko last. Saturday.: ,i where evidence Is iinmlntukiiihly take heed. ,\ mend their ways or :September; 2T-2D:! next lie .states:

X' I'l.irke. of Wuldn, pastor bavo located in the Iwo story Mrs P. II. Hunt and muter, Mrs. against: thuxe rburRcd, with feel the efforts of the law that I now Tho adjutant general l: und chlet
of tlio r'lral Methodist! church Croft reHldi'iice. un Main street Mr. (C'heevcs of St,, Petersburg were I the commission of criminal acts inakitH tli( ,. stall prison farm more of staff I Is hereby instructed to naarlem oil has been a world-
IN, hero will nil bin regular nppulntint'iit JohiiM IIIIH accepted u poHitltiii asM. biiHlnoBrt. visitors to Sturke.: All of which h Is for making I-'lor ..".rlaln for those who offend (und > onvi" ., for the SeubnardAll 'Ida safer and better place: In remedy kidney,
Hun\ for.Miiaii 'it
'\t Snndiiy morning :
here n. of this
f Mrs \V. 11. Hoper was a business more quickly to he reached, at the a copy general order -
und, evening Line t rullna)' nnd will bn permanently vlxltor to JackHonvllle' tills. I wliirh! to live and In which lo dchiislnuss HiiriH' unto\ TimesUnion.Got I bladder disorders, rheumatism
located, hero und to enjoy lifo that la
Ih'M1.: \\iittcrrtoii! and Hon.Frederick week I llrlgnde commanders are requested 'umbago and uric acid conditions!
the --- -
!Mrs. It, M. Fever and I 1 1'. 1,1. .Idhim of) Htarke was tnina-I IH1 : I, within And now law.comes the fadlltnt hlK to at oucn appoint their I Ii.O'LD

--- ''of trallle" (\ to and from the lillllll! this'remedyi Sufferers lioiiHorial' staff und forward sallie MBD.dIJo I
I prison farm ut Its Itord, Indicating to Col. Frank !M. Ironmonger, adjutant \) ; ,
"W/iittlin"9Hughes Carves Way to Fame _frorrPILES. general and chief of staff,
H1 :, If It Indicates anything that flu.mnbw nothing Is to bo iieimltted 1 to stand I hrhnx. NLMIn., Jacksonville It Is necessary that ..I ... "", >111
I dorProtrudlnif I
this be done without delay.
In the of and speedy
way prompt fie .r toner
As Arkansas9 "Sculptor Laureate"GA. Infliction of punishment for I those, flln..I.. are the. th.tin box Ace. .-----
\ luuiily tube with site pip ISrf or Jal'IIHonvlllo.-l.BOOOOO new :Direct Internal troubles stimulate vital J
who transgress the law, of quirk|
/ PAZO OINTMENT olllro building, contemplated I I
trausportatlou to the state prison t:.k I IHlllt> organs Three sizes. All druggists. Insist
for erection In Jacksonville. .
on the original genuine O' MEDAL
i farm of I those who I the courts. de- ._
non shall suffer punishment In --
HUGHES of Wnl<'ron. that Institution for en ii'es com I 'l"-IU: .Al U TOIIKY: ItV HEDXEU; J
Is the worl \'s champion w"s
< mil !toil.\ ___
whIttier Thus while the roads to Ital -

Whittling Is his life's hobby e ford are made possible) ot beingA
g; and he has made an art of It. A BOMD 16 A RAONDNlN6f \)

In his native haunts ho Is known \r FLQLOOt')< __00 BURN t N iwNAMDSofi
as "Whlltllu"Hughes, tho TONIC \\ DoYNE
"sculptor laureate. of Arkansas. ''Ii GROVE'S TASTELESS CHILL 'I I w IEN 1 N %cL t.\J\\\\'S 1--\\L5NEV \ S oN !

Now and then Just to muko iI-ffi TONIC restores Energy and Vitality 'CNROWZN>rM'= = C uRsE =
J things Interesting ho goes to \ r by Purifying and Enrichingtho ROWBoMEs?

town wearing 1bat or necktlo r }.j rt t t, Blood. When you feel its I 1\ '
whittled out of wool, To mako ? strengthening,invigorating effect }[ 1If 1--
{ lrtlIafJiL"S
s things more homelike, he recently X { see how it brings color: to the .
whittled out a life-sized woman 4r1 cheeks and how it improves the s41uRRVUP.PE1

for his bachelor home appetite you will then appreciateits I I Y )

1 "Sho doesn't quarrel or cry truo tonic value. 60c. ; I
and she stays put." ho explained. i I JYr
c Liver Pills
Uncle Sam Job
on A pnrknfto of Grove1. Liver Pith In en L
Mr. Hughes.; when not incapacitated Hi-miMl with every hatllo\: of GROVE'STASTELESS i )QG \
\ CHILL TONIC for those
by rheumatism, Is a farmer.lie .
who wish to take tt Laxative m connection -
lives alone In three-room 111 with the'foiitc.Keep, I H

cottage In front ot his: homo
.. _
stands: a whittled /figure of Undo I

Sam holding up tIll mall box. in

Upon entering the premise, d

ono begins seeing Interesting' I Trim !
things galore On the walls of

(lie room are queer hand-carved uXt Good Elimination T Eivntial toGood ,
i' musical Instruments shaped like __h I
li alch.
turtles and (lanes and watermel ,
ons. kidneys are the blood ;, r GC5'd' IiUY j,0CIj

Hughes never had a lesson In THE If they fail to function ( ER1:5AMAN WC15 A \{ :E Aurt.. I t
Art But this does not prevent his properly there is apt to be LOOKS UKE A
of toxic in EGG A BOLS Z1'KSAFELLAr '\
4 being an artist. Ha has carved In a retention poisons e dot N v1K BOISNEVIK
the blood. A dull languid feel
wood nearly everything an ordinary O Xohx \ HriF\\ VJ't1A'C'S '
sometime,toxic back-
man could Imagine: aches, headaches, and dizziness cox + \''NROU:.s t3CirP -.as! OMBqI
Water beetles grasshoppers, symptoms of this condition.
woodpeckers, turkeys tigers, tub Further evidence. of improper I

crocodiles, violins bugs bees kidney function is often found
squirrels quail apples, grapes, "WlUUlaV" Hughes and two of his wooden friends, in burning or scanty'passage'! i'i'r '

banana, King Pharoah's daughter -
of secretions.: Each year more
examine It carefully and you will ment seeker. He carves because
Gallant Knight: and Eve not and more people are learning
find that the little figure Is com ho likes It.Frequently.
to mention house flies. the value of ojm's Pills a
plete In every detail. visitors attempt to stimulant diuretic in this con
Infant Moses The knees are drawn np. the buy carved objects from the dition. Scarcely a nook or ham-
i In his woodcarving Mr. Hughes flats are held close to the body whlttler. But ha has nothing to let anywhere but has many

has maintained too old Idea of and on Ilio face Is the expression sell-and says so pointedly. enthusiastic user Ask. your I
woman beautiful. One of his of a baby about to cry. Eve, a He has made several quaint neighbor r r'rn

maiden holds a basket above her nude figure about si.* Inches In walking sticks. One of those had ,

head and In the basket there la height, has tolled about her for a bead an Image of a flivver DOAN'S p I I a
the Infant figure of IIl0 ell. shoulders II serpent. Adam remains complete from headlight to

Tho baby H no longer than yet to be whittled.Mr. fenders. Only the crank la missing Sthtmlanl n-... to (A* Ie..*.t.

olle's thumb, but ll< kIt up andS Ilugbes Is not a compll- -someone tried to turn It I s.art.aeasC...MK.On..Hunan N V


: t

.. ,
: i I 4"'it """'--d ---_: .

M-- + '!;r.Jki: -", _P>-*<": 'IIWnJ'af \

,, mdr. yvt a + + 'r'' y ,ww..1w.ww..wwrwauu.wwor.! +nM.+ww +b..w.ww""' wnJ. ? ..,


).'m..n').\" tat, 1027

,4MJaIbalaNllllulllPin, ',' '"" '''?' ''''''"''''''''' ''......",I"III".IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"'III".IIIII.lnl"'IIIIIUU"I"1"10"' ", ',' "" I i will 1 go .\ long w av toward helplni' !; I ,,111'.l1lh street' : cheap for cash.

I the growers and keeping down the I II. !Don'. Sib l () Stockton .street -
high cost, of living as well as giving JnckHonvlili. Fla. 7-i6-4t
f Fall Headgear Casts Its Shadow ; omploxMt'tit to mint!' people

Bits< of ---- FOU" SAM: 160 acres 4 miles

:Show, the. pasture, to cut briars from Stnrkn, nil fenced 65
and but itlles. fluid keep weeds. from acres set In pecan trees nhont
I SILlD; \1 L"ET DISPUTE FIAT'S CLAIM FOU SUPUKMACYFAHUIC -- going to seed 35l/ rc.. have commenced to

local Nevb [IIVTS MOUtt SIMPLK THIS YKAU: \\1 II It.1'1I'k\ Lake Charm I'' Trnctor hear timber, plow on balance and harrows of land 4

..... -- Fruit Companytllh\ apitallr.illunof \ : I TrlriIH right also Rood terms.
$100.000 granted charter.
'I II. I.. rirnwnlec, Starke. 7-8-It
Concerning Our People Basinets and 1'11I.'lIn..60 cars of watermelons r
I BY: HAKKIET{ : I shipped,, from this town so far
FtU SALK: Six-room house bath h
Progress of the
County and Town. I this soaon.Ml. .
31 I "\ TII.LIKIIY-:: Ifs t.iii andwinter loom and sleeping/ porch ; three
: I'I'nll'ulh.-No\Y drug storeto lots, rornor\ Call,, and OrntiKnHtreoli
Is mnklng; a denpernlf' ,bo built, at I St.:> Andrew boulevard I In Starke, Fla. number
!",,iiimiiimuiii'im"''' ''''' l't_ I"'" amwnoII, !!!!!,!!II"I," "\mil' "um"'d''_ "imimimiimiimiiithi'ir 1 1I and. break I ;
!!! _1 IN!'!;iiiii'''''!' !'!''!!' '' effort! to be different and :Main street.COLUMN. nf fruit t twos shnd trees, chli'k-

Joo Hull spent the weekend In I ,, son-in-law and daughter: :AIr awn)' arum tile donilnnncp of felt. 1I I on yard! and garden. ; prlcn,
Sanford lull Mrs' li. I K. Lewis. The theory seems lo be that ;JL'.C.OO 1.:1..1h'lIl'oz.: )Ilox 233.Stnrko. .
1.1... It. s ,
while felt Is Ideal for spout) andlor iCF.NT '
;; A % T'a
YOIIIIR meat (hens for gala atVaods' WORD
\ 25c:! per Ib. it II Mrs. O. L. Henaley. Mrs.: J. L. general wear, thorn are limes FOU 'rH.\ 111-; Chevrolet coupe, It IN''
------- -- Peek Misses Janet Durden and. when a silk or velvet model\ is not for lions or cows. faro brn tS n

E II. Smith spent Wednesday In Ethel; JrllHn( spent Wednesday In only mole appropriate,> hut di\ >- C flh"llh.'I..1.1t'011l' \ pullers r
Jaijixom; ille Jacksonville. I cldedly more thlc.\ for saltMissionary, : slrawhari M ek'
-- I: And with) velvet, particularly 1"Of"I': I'h.umirll, CulhcI i\ |plants for sale. I bv; 1,000 or gnat
the 'hlffnll weight ivmispareiitMhet. I papa' six \"rrkaid. | II.IMIJMiHI; <1 I haul. c'. I.plsch. hrtacee'high- @u
limt of lailies1 felt hat, at Voting meat hens for sale at I I
:Slcrubrrg'x.Airs; / Woods'. 2/jc! penllj.. itMrs. <'aiTlni{ ; all before. it for c..I.' 1 :M-; 'i .I i, c :.11111 Ion, II"1 1 lupl| inti vn1:1: and llellhronn Springsland.

.------ gowns: and \\iaps, naturally nnlliuery ) .: .:, I It. ,
1 rail' In ". ------------ _
: (i.! :M Inniau motored to niiist\ stop.PHI r
Ja'kK"lIvlllo'pdlloHday.. : A. Z. AdkliiH :Mrs. J. :M. hOlt SAI.K: Dl-v' ,i-llli-Ucn fei'IIII- I'llAliS: / FOU HAI.HWill deliver Im.
and <(<
-- -----. I :Mitchell and lira.V.. P Uaml.ill .111 /.i'i', $1 I IUT KID pounds. ApplvUlllH \ HIuiir t homo In town pours for
Mrs. K. L. Diggs'Hpout Monday ,, were .shopping! in JacksonvilleWednesday. The Sfl'lul' ttdvanlani'\ of felt I N :' OllllM. It '1111111111>;. preserving and<1 other ,
that it doesn't\ hulk Inn ili'ised' 2 |tiirponi>H nt" $1,00 per bushel.Olve w
In Ja'k"ollvlllo.lrK. ---- up nml llu main illsaih.uiiaKCwith ; ----....'.-;;: ::a Si < FOIt) 11 1-::>1'1' J'-urnUlH-il. ICingsleyLuke ; l mo. your older or |plume

:Mr. G. Andrews, and. daughter Mhrl Is 1 that It u' il.illy does, ,'ut III.M.! woek-emls, hvI KlJ. Inod. large sound fruit : swill
:\ Corn Sanders; of Jackson ;Miss Thelmu and :Mrs. DelialIiiKen. null, women\ today tin want to L I lie week" or month. .1. I"'. I''k'I ninkp delivery oars pitchueek '
ville I in visiting; nt the homo'of tholialsileii of Stuart spent Sunday auiiil that conscious elTorl at i .=d I liter It You can put them tip lit.1o'lslIl'
"Isl er8. with ;Miss Halllltlh Swindell. dressSo --- ''. as they will keep farrotk
-- ----- -- --- FOU. x S.VI.H; ,ler i-v nillrl t( 1'OWl s, ". :N P. Walnwrliilit. It* 1'
the falnlc harK cit this nc.isonhaxe .
:Mlsx :Nannie: Howell of Jackson I ..Kh. I 1'. 10:. Johns. HIli I'Ill'. It ,
New lesson &front fells\ lit
ICotnl Society piu'kali's learueil the "
ville.. I IK vlHltiiiK: at I the home ofMr. hate. arilicil. m :sicrnhcru'M.; / mid h ha\e be" <'ome\ mole I simple I g FOIt KENT: ;; '' ; IIIHI-t; ; ;collage: ; I FOU SAI.K: Mighty: 1It'I'I'8.loo.1 ,
and Mrs. .1. F. Klckllter Jr. 4t farm land, about thirty acres e
---------- -- have. miule their lines mole. disIliullxe \ I at Klngtdoy, hiKe, hv week or ?
lows biMMi. I'lilllvntod Imlniu'o In 1
Kev.V.. J. Clements: of tho I l mid their liiinmliiK, less w $ I month, lifter AiiKUxt I 1st I. It. .1.1Davis. ; _
Kiirnlshed.K IIOIIHP nt Klng< : lake for rent. N: n. )Hull. It Charleston, Arkansas( Baptist obvious Su they still,, out In the I ____..u. rods. Ironii le road: will bo onKradod
church( will preach at tho morn Iug: nice for fanlilon's suprl 1 i niiicy\ with t f ,
I I, ._ FOIL SALI-;- :MlmdiMinry. ( slrnw- "road and. 1 within quarter
Miss :Mae I'eek of Jacksonville neivlcf ut the First flit ptlst church less handicapIlliiHlrateil' i Ihire harry plants. on '1'1.; \1'lllhuusI mllo of school, ; 'thrno. miles from t

Is spending: several w..ek"VII h Sunday. Indny an" of I plin-e.' north ot Stnrko. W. A.Jrlbble Staiko, Fla., whore. proilucu(
her brother. ('"I. ('. L. Teek. the new' halo that fiutaje velvet 1))' __( Sial'''''. 1"111.1:22:21.I brings lim cnsb. For 1'1'10'1'| and
----- ---- --- :Mrs S. K: llrownlpo has. returned an.l satin. J'aI'I"'III.lv I chic. is the I harms mlilrcHM Box .1 191!I I. Slarke, MFin.
Kev. W. 1 K.: DaiiRherty hut returned from (inlnusvllle. where she smell nltcrnoon model from Alex I I I FOU SAI.M' : Two nlcn liungalows( 7-211-lt-8-in! ,
to Stiirke niter spending, spent" several weeks. with her the Freiult' modlsle made l ol I I

several weeks at 1 Knglewood; 1'eni' d.iiiKhlfi.. Mrs. A. V. Lonff./ black sotto with n narrow .ripple 4I
----- ---.- brim lined with .pink Kllli inolri : \

Tom Sawyer shirts for Miss I Ella May Long, of Jack- ,and,, a hand 1 of pink nmirc.. silver\ u' 4

r the best made-.J. :M.' AI b"\-I seinvllle. was a member of n house ribbon mid. bl.uk Mill III iironml tin I ,
.. :.. putty over the weekend at :Mrs\ crown It AMiulil be iiiosl nppro-' I II

:Airs J. J. KlKdon. 81"111lrulll.IV: 1 Kunlce K.; Cmiova's cottage Lake .pilate. for the black satin gown : I {
and Tuesday In Jacksonville[ visiting I KliiKsley.Customers;. but would not be miilsH nt all

; her son, Arthur. with the small I tailleur worn with v I IT1: A Y BI' TOO HOT}
--- -- are given 5 per cent n .pink or while ('hl'I1\I' \ ('lt(. and n f I I II
'''i; :M. F. llrown of Tampa was a off on all purchases every day In lox Kimf
wpekPII.ItlleKt/ of relatives. and every week at J. M Alvarez. !Soft '1'Inbun. < TO 1)0 MUCH: } In ADsavu -

friends In Law ley and Starke. A study In /Kleins IH 1 the t urban ,
F." A. Canova of Jacksonville, '
of greenilvet.. verv nnllly '
:Mrs J. O. Turner and chrllilren, wax n member of a (congenial made, with lulled liiiniN' of nlighter INJ; u -
', Dorothy nnd Hudson, of Snmsota, house. party over tho week-end l at I .hide, ot CH'i'll' limped'
:: Mr.: Lake Klngslcy In the Cnnova cottune. !
are visiting and Mrs.: U. 11. about the u'own nnd banitliiK: In I II
: .
loiiKe mills Its. exollc I "i-haini ('" The. deo.rphlg: lull alum.. Is uf alinmiil 1t"11 furl, MIIi licit In I I

for a regular t> pe i.r.. '( Mm .k ..Ilk. will it iioso tcil i>r cinliiolilci.'il, Inl:!.. 'Ti llu left. lie.lux ,. i'I
1 it is vacation of
all Items but too t to
i Telephone personal or Young meat hens for sale at 11.1 I nt'vor warm enjoy a
: : Woods'. 25c per II), It mid Its liming! for a dear >i> .\, i I.. n Mluill. dirsM anrliiiion" bat uf t lui. k natili, 1111 miiliiwlipplo I I
latthews I Inl complexUm. liilm lined nllli |pink silk. niolic., 'I'Inmi' him l to I Inilubl:' \
.i 9 a.m. to p.m. Mrs. P. :M. Barefoot fluid two here" me still Minimi who ( IH of \,'h,'1 III unioiii/liiK. / ...h."...... I eastand( ]Pleasure-Which all can have who
. to be pli! -luremiire In Hplte ol 1II11'h''
daiiKhtcrs, Jimnltn and Sara ac than rum-oiil tluhiMiily ,> hats. tlinl. dlsllnclly build the stone of thrift. I
exiiUme to the unitiar. nml fin heighten calla arc seen on are : on Col'ner-
Mr8.V. K. Middleton and vumlpuuteil'lra. Harefoofs
nephew : the Theflvil fur' nll< iiioon.' An i-ltorl, Is I
Misses Hazel and Madge; :Midillc-, II. D.I Surremy who has been them In shown II :soil> lint ol 111.1 of eyes. ,
ton motored to Jacksonville. Moor spending several weeks at the mood. green. \il\ct stitched In simf maldius the UiapcaiiI'miucHtloiiahly being' made, lo. popnlail/e' the meilium -
day. llarefoot homo back to Plant City blink lull k. with u very ilemurc ) HID. mall hat Hl/.cd In'Ilil as well, since, It lichen! voffhavo a bank account you are start- '
nod will reman until Saturday bow huaaIIIIh.: ... Dent' of the dominates for street but larKiT" t Is nllcn ninri, .llalleilng. than I ho I I

HlewliliiK and <..heoit15c sill Iig/ rown.. und mi inlilgiilni veil lo and 1 more. lomaiitlr lookiiif brims I very narinw In. lin. inju; to build constructively. Lot IH: tell you of

n yard l at Sternl'rg's.Mra ( :Mr. And Airs' II. A. bishop. and I

.-.--- -. three children.) visited Mrs. Itlsh- home on Cherry street. Mrs.. Kd-: Thirty different the many ways: we can serve! 'ou.I .
diseases .
Hoy Turner and daughter op's mother, :Mrs. M. D. Prevail arc visiting lends i < and relatives here i !
wards will be remembered Mary( transmitted. by I1ll'''. They'' deposit returned to Miami !Monday morning -
In Clreen
1\\ Miss Lolselle of Cedar I Key, areRUetits Cove Springs. Suturdluy.lSoule ]llnnlHliiiw.. .
III three '.
,, of Turner's mother, ways Ily"olllIlN.
fir :Mrs. --- ----- ,
(, vomit spots and excreta.' Flies am Misses; Ilnsa demons and Lln-
Mrs.\ F. H. JohnsMr. ,combination 1'1'''''' and. I
.M.inlintlaii Nlilits hM"'rnmdeet McinbciK'M; bin Store in alit the Illlhlost Inserts' known They iiio /Niiiman alteiided, church, at

1,: and :Mra.Vllbur Archer. of I ; them tit KlcriibiTg'n.Mrs. none I ho town-Sclllnu/; ualily| incr- taint ever) Ihllll; they tonrli., 'IY'- Little\ ItocU Siinil.iyWOODLAWN. i il
I'liaiHlisi, nt low Tox kills llluM. It I Is safe Htaln-, iI
,,' Tampa spent. the week-end atKIIIK..I. I |priers.Sirs --- I I
q .. Lake wllh11': and 1 Mrs.J. : '. less fragrant: sure. Simple lu- .....N................. ,
: A. M.I lilcburd Miss: ):ado- ,
atrunt on PHI'h bottle ( blue I 1 In- d
C. Robinson._ entire PIllHbury !and II. :M. Hli-bardu I : J.V. Kdwnrdx: and 1 children 111'11 for killing: Al.l honni-hold Insects. : BANK OF STARKE u
-- of Jacksonville motored to KIIIKSny Joe, Jr., Klalim; and ICIhert; Insist on Fly-Tox, FlyTuxIs l
:Mi' and !Mrs' ,i. H. Ootlbold.Mrs. | Luke Sunday and visited 1 Mr. :' have gone ID Qiiitninu (ia., to till lentllic.. .. liisei-tli'lili'" developed : Hll.. llrlln I'hlllliiK, CorMr : I

S. S. DowlliiK; and daughter. und Mrs. 10. Matthews.: visit. :Mrs. Kilwnnla': 1 brother-in- l at Mellon I Institute' of IndustrialItesearch < :....................... I I
I law mid sister, Mr. and Mr. E),:.
Nettle motored here Monday from I
llaldwln to visit I with :Mr DoullngMr : T( Kiug.Furulxhed. by Ilex Fellowship.. Fly-, : mid Mrx M 1). Curler' middaughter. "There is: no Substitute for Safety"Q
L. Wymnn, head of the StarkoHinlIon i Tox brings health, comfort anil ,
---- - :MHH! Lonnl1 Hello, spent
of U.: S. 1"oraMII'Y.ouve u cleanlinessadv I I I ,
f : and. Mrs: J. :M. Hicks of ]Hay helfpul\ and. Interesting! nature cottage nt KhlIMI..yIII1 | -- ---- -- I Siimlav, nfteinooii the guests' of
:Annette Ala., lire here visiting talk Wednesday at < for rent by week or niniitli. Ml and Mrs I II. L 1'hllllps I iYw
study Camp :Miss ,
KVB: Itigdon returned home.
: ::111'.11.,1 i Mrs' I II. i L "Phillips and, II ,
See It. J. )DavlM. It I til [ \
Iiniiiokulci- i ( thalfPay'llra/ tf rHilfd, f.
II ----- ----- the latter .part. of List week. uTIorsponiling ', family. Mr ind, Mr4..J. S :Norman; I
I| and faintly Mr (O J. Phillips and "Koll of unor" Hnnk} ;
Telephone all personal. Hems or Some twen'y-' ve young people past 1 three weeks. with l ,
her sister, !Mrs. .1. L. (Corbet ihlldren attended, funeral' of Mrs' L
social notes to Miss Florence Matthews from lalncHvllIu spent! ht 'rhursdluy of all LVru.\ ,' i
Plant While she James, Phillips Monday morning.
I afternoon ut KliiKHley Luke City. was then I
j at 5:19! during. till! hours otit Mrn.; :.M. M. l'a"rlsh, of that city ;Mr... and Mrs t',,,"mll gave; a A .Inull 1 ;Mrs L. It. Denmaikspent .

I !I n.m. lo__ p.m.J. ___ ____ I entertalnliiK; tin younger; Met. ut n 10-day house party nt Anna Maria Saturday nlgliL nnd Sunday. 1!
switnmlug party In honor of a lieucli, nt the cozy buy view coltaxo lilt! guests. of are'' It'll nuu'k's. parents -
//j I I"'. I Kirk liter nml son Charles I j //tIlI'Ht. Inlisx HII{ 1,1I1'i1l1l.11'; and I :Mrs. J. F. 1 Kick-
< I Miss. MlrtlH Norman Is spending'
y l party was en nlpnxed'of, !\II'. IUleIIII'
liter. Jr.. aid' younu!! son motored A. I H Itucbi-llng.< Mr. amiMrs. n few days In Jaiksonvlllo thegnost -- ---- -
to Jacksonville Thursday andspent :Mr. nml :\11'8. ti.V.. :Mozo\ stud 1
of her sister !Mrs Lois Denmurk. -
1I I ; '. .1. L. Coihell' of Plant City,
George' and Walter of JackHonvJIle
the Bonn -
day and !Mr. alllI"M.! W. M. Davis .
I and Mr. JOIKIH, art Instructor -
and 1 daughter Mary and 1 Hill Miss Nor Friday
Him iladvs tun n spent -
MlHBes Evelyn and 1 Edna, Hremer |I .ut Auburn (UnlverRttv1, of Anna Maria! Misses Johnnie I In Lawtoy. the'' guest; of her
aG Lllllei Ala., were' among; Air: ami Mm. I tt.S. .
and Miss\
of Tallahassee,
I lu and Wllllo Jean of Tlftoii. tin., urn''lo, O .1 L Phillips.
Dillnbery of St. I'etersbnrg/ were Matthews Sunday guests a) and Miss l Kva: Itlgdon. Vhlln. \ Mr. Larry Underbill of the Kin- What You Get
visitors. In the I PP"I''OIl'hOllle I Lake KliiKBley."-
recent |
there the party attended tin Shrln- lug ,SIM'lion, was the. guest of :Mr.
on Walnut street. i, ers picnic at llradHiiton Beach IIH J I. S. Norman Monday, afternoon.Polk .
Telephone. nil\ personal Items or tho guests of Mr. and Mrs (I I. Wilson. I
Cooling! Ij I Rev. E. M. Hooks attended the Hoclal notes to Miss Florence :Mat- I County: I ;citrus; growers sold

JackHonville District Program thewH. nt 29 during tho hours of -- --- their fruit during; the I gust I season ,
I meeting; In Riverside Park :Methodltit 9 a.m. to 5 p m. 3tMr. to good' .udvuntngn the figures of ftJT- '
At a meeting of Itie, Ito ptlat1'.
church) In Jacksonville Thurs ---- I
Ihs, county stuIt-etc' 'hu 111(0. Nearly
!M. S. the the chnn Monday afternoon
j day. : and, Mrs Geo. [I. Flj'iin nmlaoii nf fruit II
I the president appointed, Mrs. 2./BUD.( Olio' IKIXUS citrus I
Until have tried ours George/ Jr., of[ Interlachen! III. C.'hllo: IIII.ll\lrH. O. J. (hilltln '- were ,bundled, and the sum' of $!5.1112.1:17 ,- II
you Sale of Flomhelm Shoes. on at spent the week-end here with her / : was rcall/i'il. for thin fruit. I
{ I II as a committed' to piirchnsi)
you will never know just J. :M. Alvarez. Hegular $ l6 valIII'S mother, :III's. Florence R. Canova. dishes for a shower to I h. given ulan Polk county Is proud of her record I
at $8.85.! They were arrompanieil home hy In the citrus Him as well as I,
all day meet Inn; of the two circles -
I how delicious and refreshing i --- -- -- -- :Martha and Hilly Powell who will ofV.. 1\1. S. at !Mrs J. M In HIM vegetable' line und fruits H I
: :Mr. and Mrs. Carl Alderman visit them until the middle of Hrownlee's Klngsley Luke cottage! .anil vegetables; .supplemented, by
and ice cream ten days Semptember. Polk make that county I
: who have been spending; TlIlllIlay.III1IIMt; 9!I. Those wishing poultry! In i
with his. pllrent.11'. : and Mrs n. --- -- the very desirable' for the farmer.Pensacolii tin
/ to contribute to shower
!I soda can be. We use 1their Alderman, left Thursday for ] Paul Cnnova of Jacksonville, please 1 see the rommltleH lit onco __ n.- ,

, fruit flavors to home In Baltimore, :Mil. spent the week-end. with his mother The purpose! of this shower Is to ) Is another Florida S
pure I --- -- ------ -- Mrs.; Florence" K. Canova. and equip one of the rooms of tin- parsonage ( city that Is IntcrcHtt'd 11111 cunning I 1
which we add a generous :Mrs\ R. D. :Neal: of Norfolk Vn. was accompanied l home by J.V.. .. where church .socials and 'factory and a committee from I'HII-
who has been visiting her mother .\lvnr..z.11'14.; Canova and :Miss society meetings may be held\ when sacolii' Chamber: of Commerce will
portion of rich delicious I unit sister Mm. Irene Wills and )Eunice,: Canova. who \will upend homes are not availableIIKIMIItONV Investigate, ; the running factories.
:Mrs. E. II. Smith, for several several days visiting( relatives -- In Alabama' with the Idea, of building

Purity ice cream-and weeks, has returned! to her home. i! ---------- I ........................ u factory nlong I tho MilITIa lines You rightfully expect more than a mere following -
I' Miss Virginia,, Weeks and Miss III that city Canning the surplus
The '
any flavor you like. ;Mr.: and !Mrs. 0-lIn White and' Harriet Hltih who have been the I I : :Sl'lll.Vfi.S; fruits and vegetables, In Florida. of your order when you get printingfrom

result is a nectar fit for children. Mr. and :Mrs. H.1.: Snyder ,, attractive house guests of Mrs S. ((1\11" lim "'"r..>lli, for.) .
and :Miss Dorothy ,, T. Dell at her home on Hoper this: shop.
the Rods, a cooling thirst i'4'lalre and Kickllter family spent Sunday at street have returned(( to th..lrhome 'I 1..........4,..N........ Pains in the BackAre

quencher for warm days. I Silver Springs' In Starke after a. pheasant Mr. LoulsH (:'lemons and two no often caused by an Inactive We promise you service. Service includes anintelligent
Nourishing and healthful i A Huick coupe\ was. wrecked on Mae Mrs: J. ('. (C'lemons !Mrs '! liver active, by keeping the bile study of manuscript ; the proper
the highway. north of Starke last. I i i r lntt"% anti ":v..rwl'ar hosiery :Mary Parker and :Mr.' Guy; Nor- flowing Mile Is nature's antiseptic faces of type to be used; ; perfection in alignment -
too for young and old. I Thursday, morning, the wreckage'' can't 1)0 boat-(jet lliiii at Mtrrn- man were vlsltl.ig Mr. and! !Mrs I ,lt keeps the 1118111e deall.IILAN'E"pjiLLS".
bursting Into flame. The occupants ,...!'//t.... Bert Hodges of Macclenny: :Mon' !.\ : ; exact quality of paper ; how to cut it, *x

Alo fresh fruit sundaes of the car escaped Injury ,, ---- ---- I day.Mr. ;; print it, and fold it. r rJVo
and were able to crawl from the It wax. reported Wednesday that and Mrs. J. C. f'lemons,
before the flames reached IlowlInK lost hli house Mrs. M. Mol,
all flavors. Ice cream wreckage Karney byl I :Mrs. :Mary Porker !
them. tire Saturday night very 11It:1t: of Mr. Cleavland ;Mott. Mr. l.nlllHCI..monM t tI job ton small for our

served at our fountain or : -- the fllrnl..hln"1I..lnl"-, ? saved.| Thus and OUY :Norman' attended I' fualllfprinliny nlaiulardn

:'11'. and :Mrs. O. C. Livingston place Is located out from Hampton.It church at Hock Sunday
In pint
to take home. : and daughter Miss !Margaret Livingston IH not known whether' th-i loss :Miss Pearl Norman spent Saturday II' Say it with Flowers

and quart sizes.Corpening'. : who have spent nearly was covered by Insurance. as a ,guest, of her cousin,, For All
I a week visiting :Miss Kate LivingI i, :Miss Ruby Norman Flowers
stun and :Mr and' Mrs It. A'I| :Mr. and Mr*. S. S. Howling and Miss Mildred :Norman: spent, Saturday
Weeks at Lake Klngsley returned |I daughter Nettle will move Into night,, as a guest"- of her Occasions
I :Monday to their home In Tampa. their house on Walnut street Sat- II'randJlareol8.11'; and Mrs. J. C BRADFORD COUNTY
s --- --------- urday. Mr. and :Mrs. J. F. Kick- C'lemons. ,
Jones Lumber Company will liter. Jr.. who have been occupying !\\llJdre'llIennett: of Lawtey, Gertrude Godbey
I close at noon each Saturday Instead / tbe fowling house will moveto was Tlsltlng Mr. J. II. Waln- Anderson I
StorkPhone of Thursday beginning/ Saturday the Floyd Green house on Cherry wrlght.. Sunday afternoon TELEGRAPH

Drug I July OtH. adv. street. :Miss :Mildred Norman spent i I
Sunday as a guest of Mlsn Ina)1"-
Waldo FU. "Printed Matter of the Better Kind"I
Edwards t'nblewhul Khwting. and rhum-
It Mr. and Mrs. V. T. syth.Mr. !
i have arrived from Hornbetlc. bray .khlrtlng only 1 tic a fanl at and :Mrs. Lave Cl'mons and
Tenn.. and are occupying their Sternberg's. Children: of ;Miami, who have been I -



'. .
Y ,sill yM i 'WSay;; ; x.w

..""" . .. .' ,, ,, .
e ...... . .

1 I

.'Ino.".. ..n2B,1f127

\lIFORO .rI' TEUiORU'1I, FlT\RKJ': .'I.HJUnA -
,. \Co.: 'Ol'R \
----- -- ,
I termelon that brought Rood price
mined comparatively few white .Vewborry:.: Illds reiiieHted| for :, The summer tourists to Florida 1 ChipleY Is not only a prominent of ] and the growers are satisfied that
I' :No.: 5 between' who have taken advantage of the center but the farmers
HottlementH. The southeast corner paving State poultry In watermelons they have a mom-
I" ., I Ii of the locality selected for the ,-.wh..rry and Levy county line. cheap rates to visit Florida are' that section also raise fruits crop and they will plant a largei, I.

neat of government was officially having u One time at the vurloun vegetables. Chlple recently OD'Ijl next season
designated all the Internee'tlon of Mil-Mi'I'tt :111NIOhl<:>.:' U".U'(t"141'I'I/lt I"Kt> .-f>ll I, benches and aside from enjoying pet about two hundred cars. of acreage

lift prlriclpal meridian! and parallel ill lei' "1'111:1.\1:1111.: : the (oolliiK breezes are UndliiKFloilda 1 1

bum! line to be established a:< '. \1 OK II"J7Not fishing very much to their

ii i the Initial point of land ,surveys 1 In :: Ihllt II WMI.ore liking. Those. who have chomen
It:e IN hereby Kl\'tl :
the. territory. This wan done pCI : hr.ld1.r of lux ollllliate Interior point are In love with the Iii

-tee lips' huvauHe the only definite III IHMI'.I' nth I ,iln\ of> :full.'In'\ : "rllnge It'ovellIud clear water \
:I'i25. has. tiled. raid. iiirtlllfatn; lakes and runnlnK struums and
point mentioned the demrlptlonof : sn'l & CO.
I .. DAVIS f
mule I'lilkHtlnn
; .tII. ami IIILH n J. R. '
Phone 29 the selected locution for the IllX |UI'|| t tn iHftlll tlMTHOII. In while plenty of frnlls and veftetubleH I
I seat of Kuver n nil-lit, IH at n point toidnmn" with lie w Hfiltl r crt. Iflr Ihey are UndliiK plenty to
whvra the "old Spanish road Is In- i-inhrueis the following' d,-xrribrlprpnrly
I lerBcctoil by I a small trail runnineoutllwestwardly Hltuiitotl In thud fnrd Coun-l i vacation In a Mlute where the average -
Klul Iflu, :
I.IMII: liE: ;\101"; 't.i'itJ "EI.II: nln'v (iI .. T.I.J.l1SSEI'; : ," such u point i ibeliiK I IV ir,Is r. n ir ink i2: In j. M ....hIlM. I I.1 man thinks of pcndiiiK Ills INSURANCEAGENCY II!
I I ,\s 'i in I ': ,si-:.vr (;O\'INMINT: : I II "about one mile Houtliwout :Add' tn Hlnrko. In NI I'1"i', of ,HWI." SIMJH time In the winter.' Summer tourists
T|>. 6, H. II 22 i IL
iMitiTtiilni'd, th" : from Ibo dllIPrtec.lleilis of Tall- bot'ollleIII your round' residents
\fl'< I. WMIIIIII i PllU U.MHI1ll'llt. 1 of IHKlll'ltV
J.lvd\ li,* :Simi, ilub Tuesday ut Inilinlllc '" 'I lily JiifllKo James I). Wliltlleld ) hnHHOo, about a mile south of the iiinlMr, child. i.ei.tltlr. .at e Issued I was InHi'1 of ,Florida by a larKe majority ESTABLISHED 1886

l"ll MlKliStin ItVIMllir-' Upon the rcHHlon of KiiHt: nnd I Ockloiknt'u TalluhuHHee' trail I luiniv HltlflCIMtilUilU nf I :It. ail! )Hpiirkmnit.t'llllHH Mhlltl;{ til,* : tor they aie leal homeseekers.

Tho Kni'HtH. wore sorvi'd, u I\MI-' \\'o.t. Klorldit, by Spain to Urn United The' intersection (If the old Spun 11'liM'ini'd\ according( lu la\\ IMV d..oIl) ---- .1-----

'onrse' luncheon al n lantffiilly np- which wax mndn effoctlvo I Ixh road und the Hmall trail referred ulll) IHHIIO' tliprmm. fin I Ilio. 'M\h ila.v. St. AU/lIl1lhle.-ew/ White way, FLA.

palmed, table centered with yi-llow In State July. 1821. the Indiana, who to In near. waterfall between of August, A o.It w.1927 AU 'I nn.M\N.: i iiMcrk lighting system being instilled. 1 In II fSTARKE il i iI iJ ie

xprltitt( flowirnrilniits ocr-npyliiK' porllonB ot the I Iwere two very prominent hllln, and the nf C"'cull .''''''''. Hiftilford this city. III ..
hi HIP .lIrlh by K.: O. territory had posnpimoryilKhtH dptlKlon was t" make the survey of County, Klorldii :
dlSCIHS(5dafter roiled of tho grunted by the My c ,\. KNIUIIT, I
book I I ] OPrnpnncy iiarter-Heclloii
Ill virtue
I I Il'nlt,1
lands by
HolVHUK llincht'OIlMrs Wl>" I' ; In tho III) 1'(.L ( H\ 8) 711; 8(1Kla. ( States to tho territory for ; 7-"i-BI-S.2! 1I -.IXIJUIV.- "I'li-rk--.-..-- | '3. d 1> t' ,9 6'Z -i> < > < > d!>

IA.. DuvlH.' Mrs. DeWllt 3'JS ) 1'h" VnllPd Stati-H. by a seat, of Koveriitnent, HO I that the Ml..I.III.! III" %1'IMHll.<'\ KOII < > 1 I
:MIH. K:. K IVrrymnn, liidlntm and I by Heat Kovorninnnt/ BO Chat, the l'\\'" III':I'J> \111:11: 01 ,( 'I'ION
C Jones. troatk'B will the 777 "i'II1: I.I.M" : ::11 ". I I
Ihe milbprX of sort ot government would bo local Church ServicesHl"llsT
were limited the urea
burs T .1 Alderman" Other means I.tr '>!" 111.17 0 a aR
V KnlKht ultimately eil the hill north and wont of i
present :Mrs, II occupancy and upon( "' 1..1
niPOlllU"xns. Indian Indiana ,Ill Internet.tlon of the. old Span ':.,tIn IH hnrcliv: irln I that H
alt (
.1 WitH l II-KUPHl-,-.-III- HOC'u red Florida the removal except tho few hundred lull road and the small Indian trail I 154 h l'M.I .iKHiied n II..I.IMI-nth,,r lily tax of, ..nil..lul\'ill., All N II.I I| ..1> 4 '' 0$> v''o$> o$> I> !
1110:1.1.: I'vri'IIT.11NFtlt : : SeinlnoloH who now dwell upon At that point of Intersection tilt IU: :.. IIIIH tiled sold "tlllrnti." In my I ('lil'Ii'IfU.
!s. T. the Initial meridian'' I" ,url l llHN Illlllh' upPllval| lull' for
the iJverRlndcHIn Intersection ? | : : 'I
I \I-IH! ) >ISMVH. : reHPrvntloiiH In line tax ;lord: to I Issue thiToon;; In ar- I Iiilam
.. .- I ho extreme southern portion and IXIKW monument wan BH-I i ",,, ',' with law t Sulil i ,'rlllll'lIo.1 I ( P. Raymond Pnslor)
ins arid tablUhed, tWill which survey lines ll"H.I "I'II.I''
aetivit thl folloulllkr
iharmliiKlioHti'HH The ] 1C ?H ITpRiilar services each Sunday
: S' T Jx-ll J was of the Hlntn i'iiunt- cull north and south and east and west Httuntixi In rtruilforil
lit a bouullful bridge" imrt.v clalinH of Franco( In the i areas * I AV'piltiPHilav afternoon In honor' 1 of ] the 1$22111nntnan were run surveys I A In a 1.q|. In NFlor of HK 1 I' of i at 11 am. and 8 p.m.
her. I two nil rnl'llvA vlHltorH Mlix'. lint be State it In according to Iho rudungular Bys- Hi 1':'.i. Sec 21.( Tp 7. S It 2J jj., 5 I'ntll further notice the II. Y j
tho iilred, by l.iw. The meridian ,
Into tem re< : i
formed | bras
and, :Miss' Harriet were P. Unions will not hold, services
VlrglfIli'e1.kM Went Florida tubllHlied was designated |I The anMeHKinent of xiilil Iropellyloler \ j .,
Hitch nf foil II rk"" nt her" home on Territory of Florida HO ." base I :; said I (' .rllll,,<,ate IHHIKMI was In HcKiilar prayer meet Ing; Wednesday
Act ot the Second 'l'.lIl1ho"BuoIerllIan 'ilu. !lI"mll if Mrs I C. I.. ;Not"ton. i iClllvHH ovpnlngs.
I Hoper, UVPIIeAThn I ViirHtinnt to nn tho line In the parallel line running Rllld' rr(111re1.( '' Hlllltl tlfH I II i
tables for 1 laying wprIiliirc'il leglMlatlvo council, of to inw, tux I drwl| | i Itev W. J. Clements of the
punt had went from the Initial >tlt>ermMl !
( on I I..IIP. port''mlilHt, quantities ; territory of Florida apixo\eil due the Talliitiasseo meridian will: tHHiin tlKirnon:: on thi1 2'ltli, I61y I I Ii Clmrloston. Arkansas IBnptlatrluirch iI

of liPiiiitlfnl I mimnier' fluwprn 1823. 1>. W. It Slminons point on >f August, > I). 1027O. I' will preach at tho morning I
Juno 21. The I territorial statute/ enacted that W. ALDI :5LtN:5LtN I
of zlniiliis. HHtorH and, IIIHI| | | 'S cotn- Augustine and 1 J. LeeV1 dun *, UrnMort'J1y Hpl'v"e. The pastor wit! conduct 0
of St. I the place. selected for the Beat of 'I'li'ik' of Circuit
hliiPil, with ferns nil king' u lovl of I'piiHncola, wero op"olu'-I( t County Florida; i. the regular evening service.
hall "he known by
llamH examine" government'[ O: A. k.NUlll! I .
I. and
ly lux kKiouiidAfter : 1 Inplnvlnic
    MpcnilliiK tin afternoon betwoon tlio ST. MARK'S CHURCH
    Kptlon --
    several pronrosidiins, of and Suwunnee; rivers and "to "elect I Vanama City.)Jldn 1 requested TO. ',.ii .: 11 111 ir EPISCOPAL
    bridge/ scores were' added, and the' the mOllt ellKlhle': nnd( convenient for construction of 2 brldgea over I

    liuky winners reiclved. bund timilnImiidkoKhlefs. situation for m torrltlxry f government 1':out Hay and West liny at Pann- Tnke' lnillo Hint Uolllll nt of time I'llllll.llH roiculnrMKltlMU tn Celebration of Holy Communion : ATMarguerite's
    Florida. : Of the "
    I The linnorceH' woie of the in.i City on Unit Coast Highway pt4nilipr/ 11127. In TnUiihllXMeiFtoi first Sunday of the month at > a.m.
    recipients of Hhoiilflpr hnlHllipIH.| ; ." At that tlmo nil the urpa.between costing approximately 1000000. 'Ida. I the itiuttTHltrtifrl will limit,. I No service on last Sunday of the I '
    the presents' were nttrai lively the Apulachlcola", and Kuwnnnee Key Went.-BUlH requested for pppr'utIon for a pardon,' for the', month. I 1

    wrapped In chosen colors.Tim ; rivers roimtltnu-d Uadn-21.1H23. ooiiHtriirtion' ot gymnasium building
    IIOHUWH. assisted hv Mrs. den county. Seo act June at high Hthool.NOIIIi ill the 1 Nprlng'I'orn' of I'mnt l li Morning Prayer. 9 a.m. I -:
    AHlimnro, served dellciout net of Dwtimber .f Ilindfoiil ('nuntPlorldn, In 1917.
    Hutllo : Hy un [ 211'j .. Church school Miss Malpai, superintendent.
    salad course with wim fotmed. nndnfl 11 ....11,1 t to llfr l > i Imprl. "-
    frozen fruit : 1821 I !I.PDII < oiinty : 0.1.l-I',.ll'\'l'ION KOIII 110)11.. 10 a.m.
    tt'mlltlnlt I Nu n h1 w Irhexnnll l red h'I.01l1l1l'Hvlllo I: tending fiom the Oi-Ulocfctiee river IV lll'l'll: I \I)1I' :11:. rla"1'111\. ;- '..3t-R.12 N'OXH TAVr.Oltn I Litany. Friday at 5 p.m. '
    Sun July 2st.IMIsS 81108 river and from 117 -- Sown I Russell S. Carleton. Rector.COMIO I
    I .----- to the to the Cult otMexico. i\\ i.i-' iiurNntlcn ': III\Ic' "T\T:alt\'t I For Next Two
    I the r.eoiRla; line : 1M l ....r..y Kl\ell Unit U ((1. I Every Day'41; ; \ltlt.\ II Powell lioMcr nf tux 'rllll"ulo NnIII. "nnrf of 'HIB-II""n.;:;;;; .. of th..j ] l
    KNTI'KTtlNS:: : I OK \ Isl'I'OIM Kite .....II'.t"lfur the Heat ot I iHHIIIll Illl fillY <>T July AH.1'i'lb. I llnnk of !Ptnrk" nf Stnrki. Vln. in) YOUNG PEOPLE V
    The then In the county / IIIIH Illfil HII/III inrllMiule( 'in Inrfilltco tini |OH<' of tiii.lni>... .Tine 30th' 1127 ,
    /government wan coolly ) liiitl IIIIH ttiiiilu iiiiplft" ) ntlon l frI nisrnPi.:< 1 CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR
    In hnnor of Miss Virginia W'I' of iadHile.ii., now Leon ,Its dtitt. lo IHAUK tlii'ifon In ni1toiiluiicn T.oniift on -tnt $M,2r.n on I SUNDAY 7:00: P. M. Weeks
    and Miss Harriett Itltilivlio nra demrlbeil an being "IIltll'lp,1IIhollt wit l h In w. Htiltl (" 'tttleuto! I:oun: on Rr, rrnl. 52,-80,1,0, STARKE PRESBYTERIAN
    U IH southwest from the .''''Ior..p..H I the rollouiriK/ itHHcrlhiMlriropoity I All other l.onnH. Anil 1)1.-l ,
    the alt rarl lye guests of Mr"'SIIII1 a mile situated" In ItriidfoidI conn(I. .. 0I.R7Q: 1"! I CHURCHDETlVTn
    Hell MHH| Nell Mrflnrrnli PIII..rtll,1 di'KHeited, Held, of \ot11OrkiO(1k0Ju11tw'Ii .IIIIIIIV. I''luIdt' '...wlI : rivoMlrnfm 21HB1 AND SPECIAL :MUSIC
    H number, nf girls withY aHwlmmltiK mll. Boulh Spy !>f S'ii' ..f 8WI| of KWI,, loI"c.1 fnlipil I shills noiiilx 12.0r.O.OO COME; WHERE THE YOUNG
    hOlI.I "" triillH. lit.It. 3. 'l'l)>. 7. s. n 2: 10. Ill nrruH. ,Count, v and :MunicipalKomi :
    at flea! SJI..IlK"'J'h FOLKS
    party IIh dial Tin* .iLHHPHHinont. of sold |irnpr>rtylltlllpr 1 51,580,08lanklmr OATJlEHUTIIOillsr.. $1.75 Hose Iron Clad $1.00
    ursd II y nwrnJig.i" I I the. old< Spa sill,, CPCl IllPlltP, iMHIIUtlVIIK In I : ITniise. Furniture --. ---- ,
    i After upending' the tnoinliiK I InHwlmniliiK IlIler..II'I\. \ liy a small trail run HIM nitiiin of t'nknawn. nnil Fixtures 7,50004 :\ : motcii
    i" served, IH Me- fnloHH sold ci-rlin.'ixtn. nHnll be / bluer teal t.stnte Owned 10,17077ulmH j
    hostess n HouthweHtwardly. .
    I the Ins Octoher riilittiitiil, HIM.online to law, tax il<*.il and" Other HeHourpPN -
    lovely picnic,"' !lunch. P rtlon having been made will iHHun tlii-rooii lOll the S'llh' hilly I I"r 21 fl.Ifln. ( lIo'h :M. honks Pastor) & Cuff
    } Invited with HIM! hill)rc'uX wproJIlw lK a.J: and, approved. by pro AllKllHt, A U I 1(127O 1 I'I from IncorporatedIMnkH Sunday school Sunday morning $1.50 Collar l
    iovernor Naval AMlRHMAV: N, I 211.041 .I.Ifanh .
    ; 10
    Carolina Cockrell MIxHCiladjpH of ( at o'clock L A. Davis Supt.
    ilnnuiHon ,, nniSRiiCifh
    Civile of Clruult 1'nnr liinilfordI'nunty. Itenm
    Vpriiment. -
    of )
    t :Martin Minn Jane 1H24. for the seat BI Worship< Sunday at 11 n.m. andS
    Untie Man'h I. Klnrlila.ny on II II nil _. 17,25011 I ITnl..1
    Ff Uruham. Cialupvllle Sun July: Iho third, anniinl leKlH- ('. A. hI1111'29.6x p.in. The subject for the morning Sets $1.00 ;

    22ndf Vile( council of tho Territory the of \ -25 lippuiy fluikMl ___T.IATUI.ITir.S. $I14S.1H7 will bo-"Love's. Longing'[ and

    Floilda iiHHrmblnil there on .IK I.J! Kl" .U'I".U' % I IOV, Fie r-nnlul Rn' ,'k Pal.I In $ ir.nnclfinSiirnlu. that for the evening wlll be "The
    : ...... .
    f ..... ..... .. .... Monday In Nnvembor 1821 I'AIH'I'I, I Mil I It "r. 'llTT7 ti-imil. IB.OonOO Romance of Faith."
    tlml hulls\ ot pine loga nil 1 Of ''III ...HM'HI.Xotlcn ; : 1'ndlvlilpil' Vrfifttn. tr."". Txix.iiHeH !' The Bacrament of Our Lord's
    Tnt WTEY ;: In a boons 'meetlnga ot I..\" s111' 11127 n,01, TIIXKH raid' 11.1174'' Hats $100Vanllne' I
    J A boiirdH. the prevloiw lndl\ldiinl I PeponltH, 8uh- Supper will be administered at the
    Mr.. II. IS!. Iliimrr, ('orMesilanicH tlio (lunch having herd. convened, l 10 h"r taxi vr..rl. 11 ql lugNn. 1i.it In Plieck 141.B70 It":; close of the morning service" next
    III June 1822. und Moor* tinlilor nf 1 KnvlnuM nrpnnltil 101..10S02 Sunday Instead of the first Sunday '
    .........1' "' & ,< .' at TeiiHitcola' In May: 1X2.1: 174 issued Iflt ilnv of .Itilv. A. lI'l'i'i P. Time 1 l Vi'tilledrfn I nf T>oiiopilt :
    : J. U. Moore, H. H.Tliede. ut St. AugiiHlliiu IIIIH Illfil! "RI,' 1 1,1'1 Illi'miIn mvt.lllce I,5n2 onrVrllflt'i as has been our (custom tills being 't
    Catherine Tcnrn and :Miss'' Hen' A(,tH' of CongrcHK Mnn'li :SO nnil IIHH miiilp nppltcntliin. forInx ( ClKTltK 20.25 a temporary chnnge. Toilet Articles Gifts liuffet Sets :'
    March ::1.i 1X21: : and\ May 2(1( I deem to Issue I lift pint .In R"- (*hicr'H c'I"'k OittHtnnd- The pastor will l preach next 'Ile
    I Plorrlo Terry spent Tuesday III' 1HJ2.: ; ,intdami') ultll In w Null. rq l "lib.atepmlniiiim IllK ._ __ 5TI71 ,
    Sunday afternoon nt :'I'.30, o'clock
    1K2IMy the lYillmvlnir ttiniithidpnp
    aarkxnuvine. IHspcndliiK I' an Act of COIIKI'PHM/ approved ">lty HltiuitiMl. In Ifrailfiucl <'oiintv Total $5 ,K.1 117.11Malt at t Emunuel 1 Instead of the first DON'T MISS TIllS EVENTMarguerite's .
    C'. S. Skipper of 1S2I.:' a (ulterior HPdlonot Flinl'ln. li.-wH: of Floildn. County of llrnd- Sunday afternoon. This Is nlHonot
    u few diiVH' here I ho KnoHt' : :hilly 21. Terrlloiy W 12 A of )(\\" i. i.f :Nii:' ,. loll.... 211. fold. 0":: I
    )land wan granted to the 5. 22 U .I. PnvlN, CaHliler, of 'h" a permanent change.
    of ills. aunt. Mrs. I K 10 llnnipyMrH. Tp" H H N.'! U n TPHTho I.,
    4 of Florida """u, tlio Kent otKOVPI UHitoHMincnt i.f sit 1.1 iiri.piilvittulcr nliovi-nrtiiii' >il Tlnnk. do Ho1"mnHvi.ar ,)\ Prayer meeting Wednesday evening '
    <>t. W. Ill-own" from Tiirnpa, ntI Haiti l I : tbnt the above statement ,N J JI
    that ten'llory--- ) eel lflrnb* iHHiifd woe Intin at S o'clock '
    ; IH visiting her daughter; Mrs: J. ; 'nnir I 'nt t In .inline ir ,v. ,.' l l-'ulli.,r ran In the, best of my knon'Indgeu.1 I Shoppe
    ,. fur the \V'e, appreciate atour
    Hpb'cled permnnent your presence
    Moore. I ho point I'lllPHH Hlllll( I .11111.111.) Hhllll t h. a belief
    'r'rIt 1' for Htildlerrltoiy ... .. 11 T. PnvN (',shier.N1R services" during the nu(1We
    : sent of Kovernment 1 1 otlli'il n? ol ill)UK 1" |Inw ,hue lloi it 1 past
    I 11rs,11..11'OrodPhfllustMOnday: ; Tin HIIIIIO act IIHO|, ,IC- will Issue thereon. on. th. Jltti tiny ( It'1i"I'--11'T I'4T .shall rejoice.. to have you onall I 'K'I
    l for I1lrinliiitli.ini.: .Alii wlieroBhe : of August A" 1121! n. H !TTitnws.V .
    nil hit under Ills ruin' of 1XpeIlI11Kt a 1I.'rv"CI'1I1II" ,\ situ 10 three <)innitcr-Hec- I n.I.IH'Jftl: \S.I .V. > HMI1IV.JnllVW future occasions 1 r
    of Hie I'nltejl Stale contlifiiini' Clerk of (, rmirt. .. f : W1IITT3. Ilirnrtnr'N11heeribo.1 __
    HOIIH Hrnilfnril --
    : 0- -- ----- "' '--
    It for IronlnwlIl.11'11. I 'Ir.u.: :: ; : : t and sworn to hobo "
    to. mid\ ndJoinliiK the 'iiuartorHpclloii V. .Flord11.2D =. .. t"t"1111i "
    "rode l was hint In Inn Miami store ny ('. A. KNKin, III" 11.1. 20 Any of July.: 1"27r -- -- --. -. -. --
    nnd was brought to I.III..y111,1, til'a n iJ I >II-, In bo totaled" byIlio -Ot-x-2A 1"1'1'k.! : t. FI'TlMf. --- '- -- .
    I S"'RI"l'.hllo-
    linn been hero, with her $1111V.. r':. I governor.
    Torodo. Ih'I' ran ) :1!, IS2I: !) vol. 4, p. :167. 1.1:; ---- I
    ,advisable; to
    It WIIH I thoiiKhl IIleer ..
    In HIP can"* nf II HI'IIIII..1.| ||| | 11..1' H I Mats' at lnl.It.111,1, UPC II I .
    S 1S27 vol. I, :2(11( 'III SPECIALS
    many frit-mil wlxli for her u wppeilyvecovpry Act 4 .f. Fob. p. I I
    I'. S. Stilt at (I.ill HP. Boo I Atnerl--

    Mt7(1!. \\". itnhprN WIIH shopping can I State I'upi-iH p. :1151 I. '

    III JackHonvllle., ;Momlay) Tim IIIVpl'llIIr approved' for Iii r Plant Your l
    Thursday. the Sunday ,Hcbool of neat of Kovernnivnt I Iliu locationHint Money '

    both Pad MpthodlHlhiirclipo I win 8ulmiiiipnllmirveyed| I asthi I'i FRIDAY & SATURDAY
    ) HiiprlHt
    'lIon11.: T. 1.
    held I their annual picnic' S 10: I-1 HP. I
    ( croud :N.::. U. 1V.. nfterwiird-4, the governor I
    A luric
    lit Luke KliiKlp.v. Hclected( I the N 10.: 1-1 of section I'I

    wax proKpnt\ and after 8whnll11111t norvedSundiiv I I. 30, '1'. 1. N. It. 1 N. W; the I JULY 29 and 30I
    a mini|>t IIOIIH wax .
    %!r. and Mm.V.. K. '''0- I S.V' 1-1 of HPctlon :111 T. :N.: It. --
    .. 1 -
    I 10; the :N.: 1I.: Hoctlon T 1 S.,
    rodu hud HH Hiplr guests'[ '( nt their" .
    Lake l KlnKxIey the following It. 1V.. for Kent of governmentpurpoHeM. i I
    collude on AH I the 5. W. I-.1 .ofHPctlon ;

    KiiPHtK''[ :: ('01. nnd children MrB.V.' ofMuctlenny :III, T. 1 :N..: K 1 K. was In I Irish Potatoes 10 lbs.
    and 'two 38c
    A. poison '1'I
    the cntlrn towimhlp" of |land| (
    and Mr. and :Mrs 1 10. ,
    N. It. I'I!.) granted by at't of congii -
    C.'nrpenter. mid Mm.V of l.uwtev.Mr. Woolen\ nnil H approved I (Ilecember" 2X,, ''c .

    children 11'11IIHIIlY niorn- 1821\, and, patented July' 4, 192.1 Ja
    three l.nfavHIe, I tho governor' RICE 2lbs.
    to Hen. 15c
    InK visit for with MrHao rcliillvi-H and Macon and, friendsMrs. (in, fur, lullminlHlied' the a. \V. 1-1 t of aee- i 1 1I 1i ,

    a K. K llnrnpy Iho week-end and, threechildren lifJarkHonvlllu ,I act Ion of:31.coiitirpHH T 1 ':N..: 1I1'III'ov"cIllIrc'h. U. 1 K.: :. und by 2: -

    182!> (4 I Slntsi. :J57)) other reservation '
    I the guests of her pu- AmericanState I' LARD,2Ibs. 25c
    '* wero nindo See
    rentH.MrH.. Vol. page 354 (Oaten,
    T J. Terry him been vlHlt- '
    1'11'111011 I Kdltlon I:, ) !
    I Ing her daughters l>t In JuckHonvlllu 1& The locution selected for the territorial

    : She returned IIOIIIH MondiirMrH. I' neat of government' wnshosen I'I '
    : Julian Sunlerfur and little I Matches 3 boxes
    i hern u.no ( t ) it IH abollt11I..1 I I large lOc
    daughter Wniiila. of :New: Orlenim) andwentein ,
    the eantern
    are visiting'[ her parentit' Hr and31rs..1. <1 I WilY pxtremltleH I of the thenrrllnry There are lines-and lines. Do you stand inline I -

    II. Cn rod I no. Kt. AngiiHllnn -
    Florida. .
    A llltln( daughter wan born toMr being of on the Atlantic Con titand money in hand to give it away for a few Bruns\vickStew No. 2's
    : nnd Mrs Illiiln TeHton lust | I 29c
    <1 I'eiiHacola' belli(it on the Cult hours of ? OR do stand ,
    fleeting pleasure
    AVednvHdiiy nlKhtMr. ; : the I'erdldo, river ((2at > you
    and 1 Mr. K:. I K: llnrney hadna I cost near of St. :Marks, I I .
    their dinner ICIIOHIH last' Friday t that time the port in line, money in hand to deposit it at a bank

    Jlr.Sir. end 011,1It.!Mrn: .....Reese(:M 1. II.:Nelson.: Skipper nf i'hl-and, I{ bulng knlln at end the St J unit Market hay Ion on of rivers the the near bolt Wa- window-plant it for that hour when opportunity Bread and Butter Pickles 16-oz 25c

    CUKO. Kid. nnd :Mm. U. V. Skip Iho) Apalailipe about twenty miles. math of i'' i knocks? ..
    per. MTH.' I..1. King and two <'hilt {1"011"1.locution spt ','I'd for the meatlot

    urea and ('. S.' Skipper of JackHiMUllle I the f government wax an export trudilng i'' A certain amount of pleasure and relaxation '
    t and :\Ir... 10. J. Ilard ulan fur the country between'the BROOMS "six stra\vs" 50c

    and daughter of llnrney I.ako city...1I1el'IIIIIII',1hpr Afterdinner point AnnlaehlrOtt| I and SnwnnneerlerH is good for all and should be encouraged, but, I' i -
    :Mm. tn'the
    well .n.. for Cieoritla -
    intent'[ with a swimming party north IIH (13) the location IH aMiiccpHnlon the wild chase after luxuries and pleasures at "

    at KlnKHley'[ Lake of rod, tiny hill with I Honey 12-oz. jar 29c
    SirV.. II. Edwards wn shopping I many clear, pure water streams, I i the expense of future's real happiness of peace ,

    In JackHonvlllu Hatnrdnv Itl kea and waterfalltt. the fertile : and plenty is dearly bought. Therefore "pick
    Her and Mm. (1. M. C. Klniiev sustaining In luxurious growth .

    nnd c'hnrth daughter of JackHonvllli of Trinity. :MethodUt caino\ > 111 HO other variety valuable ot large and hardwood useful Ir..11with nnd i your line"--whether it shall be to waste-or to Sliced Bacon, lb. 33c

    .. to I.awtey Friday. nnd wero jolnvtkbv abundant xrasHt'H and, tiara; I : save.

    Kev HobliiHun and<1 dauithtci'. ( 41) at that time the Immense urea

    Miss Helen, who .accompanied to Uvula l ofthe r penlnxnlar, portion of the 1 H'c pay J per cent interest on Savings Accounts I
    delightful trip
    them on a ; territory wall III lie known tlIIIl'Ol1' II
    and Silver Springs'[ ;

    ;. Independent Stores Co.

    Get Your Money Promptly I

    Starke ... Florida I


    the Best Leading Insurance Companies !I "Bradford County's Financial Stronghold" ,, I j Starke, Fla.


    .1 ,
    Made Promptly iY I --
    1- -
    Adjustments -- -- - --- --- -

    I.r .


    .. ,_. _.In.) -/."'H f .-." ..t.f' -. .... .. "- '. :' ,of., r "

    _. --.-..... ..-, ..._-" ; .:,.. = ___} ,_ .., .., ., .. ." '''' .. '. _.__ .' '. .
    --. '. .., '_ '_ .'..'. .. ''- "'V'"''oil{' \, l./id'.r.j/ "';u l; i',.r N 415YMV1a;: )fi."r.\ ...... "i'' ""'7 I. .""'_ A


    ... ... .. .r j ".. ,". ... ... ,. .. .".." .. ... .,. .' --' -I -

    > _
    I .\a HF\ '
    rorxTYTKi.Ki.uiiMi, STXHKK, Fioniotdan -
    tltllt.Y. .11 I.V3li._ IIK.7THERESSA .
    _. i liiniiniH' "11, umli i
    ... .. nr 1 IN N.\Mi2 OF Tin STVTB OPI IIIIMI I thrtt tin. r.1"'f\\ lug. ld..I., I I ".1 I IV I..n. 1,1 I-"l'iinclH
    ........................ ....*...*......... 1) inch. ,II.. the h.l"o. .1.\.1. grantee., i"l.u Tlr utiuiit.'t1 ill 111, ,! r .11.111' Mil 'all. If I IIMllK. 11,1 If deail tt I > ,
    Pipe. 40 Lineal Feet of .Ih. u' II" u.llbI ili' uuhI ,' ,. in, h 1."I. <' .
    Con'rot. I Ic" itrnntcftK
    24 I hc'nit) A l1uuvls wIn, mAY I It lui\ln I g 1..1 ,I,.I. I to appear bvulllil 1 HiimUl hi-iiH l d. \ .
    .I "I'i.'I: \:;: \ ,. ,. I Ihi "tiicli or limit r the eiithl,
    th f.-l
    BROOKER | t
    : Feet ot A i\ ItH' 11..lyl',1 "
    : Concrete Pipe Lineal ill' I .I..luh 11.,1 v W.
    1'wl I IIOH
    "lh nnd I I.
    hh'I'\al ,,,
    r'II .I I
    Z '!*
    1-. Ir "" thnt I .I.femllll. ir tiuh ofhcini In "" h""I.
    .1 36 uumnl' cut tu h. f.I"'I.1 n d'u ,
    Mtm. Ilnbr 'lo".ro.UI.! c..r. ,..Lute ialaer.. ('.,. In.h. to be done In accordance I d end. ..t lu'.It.'tr... ii"\.1"I 1\.11.. Krl"- iiiiniud, I. Ih. "II ",Inl.t are aIILII. "nil Hint 1 tin,v' iiri ..at lit. If. 1",1 If .11.1,. I.otbi-r thud
    Al and II, ,. I. tier" ,'ta iiitui Ill' or ,.uuuti noii-t of tho state of ',, I nm. ''f'Jl I y.'IurM, mill ilt \.I|HI-I H. orll... .
    the plane, Ih..h .I.nl. "\ Mtlil _ _
    :......................: ************************ general provisions pe 11.ru"l"n. Ih.. tIia'e. i 1'wl,1, Ftu.i'iIti, lI.-O it : J. I'lnkhnm ta hose Illl-M. .I IH. Ml 0110 In "' Stulo I I tilt,ii! I hr ";John" ho Alvx-
    lone, p.lf1iatlnns l and propowal r and 1".1'1 J. ,,' .all. It It\ftg. nl.1 I It .1.n,1 i''sfiteiiu'm'' is( at 111.1..1. of t I. Mateof I lit- Mi..r.r ii HIII. >I Mix.: Jam 1'. 'hlllil'| Mr and Mrs RV Brannen of eontrntt of the City of SlarkeUach 10. :I tunis',. ..1.\I.u'. .. ,rrucuulc.c's, 01'"I tI f"ssna'iutuuIut "'''' a ,iloHI 1'1011.h., moulil luml I I llu< nulil ill I'r \ a tluo. If lvvHin living. ,
    loinnuinlty was multlened 'I by I'uliuintutiui ," I h lie t Ipt |100 of I nald toft ri.,niliiiit H ii "I'ltht of thi. m. t hit h.I.. 1'-.
    'inn Pi evidence. the week-end bid h..I" .1.1..1 : .
    spent h.r
    : : ,
    ; I:
    : miant tuotyma; t ci 0'.1. oniiM '-i .lh'I' llln'N l.r''J
    bond 1 flut I bohitf .if.ifI Htlil nlio\i
    e"lkb'r" hlddt r, .h. lit 14. .1. : I I" nil "r.II'lt 1 tint tlii' ,
    certified u.n I.'wl. '
    ,.. ilif mnrnliiK when npvtB reach- lu> as guests of Ml. and' Mis IIP a tie City Clerk for n". If I" 11,1, An.1. Ir cluiut .1,1,1, .i.'li7'.iri" I : I a I Ifo, l.ottii .i null I I Ijiiiuiiht by canililitlnnnt, I i (Ih,' Hilil, .I"hl ... .i itt-

    d 1 II.TI. '' of the dpI11h of Mm James mi tlvo payable cunt of tho amount bid. a. : 1"k'r '. '.I...111. I'.nnl. '. or I t tet 'a. tvlo.u' itBtdenoe ,Inln r..,tiili'Ht* l a 'mortijnic Over lands ,, ,".1 t lu, liii' lorltl: Until itt" itt
    I I illpn I I She had been I In poor Mi Olliley.. and Mrs 1... A Wynn and evidence I per of ttood faith and an nfrunrnntee I .,il h'I' d"\nl.'' 'lit. .". %lltfli.. .\* .\ No N,.11 15i41.I h i:at nnd, tillnn thnt,, poMtotHcoIM the sutiutI.uuresiutomit ,riiof Mlurko. Hradfort Co"nl, t 1 t :1::n:: 1 IMI mult;til' i.'iu;i ,tiltla I'omtuinv.\\.M i.r A h>.(Still'Irtuuuitu.t |:o :ol:- _ _ _

    I illli for Homo time and( loaves lilldren Mrs Moll( Plnholster that bidder if awarded will, execute lute contract the I Ih.I he I'll 1 vuu I.nn.l N 1'' ,'tsotu I : a iud X boiiiu; S aio ...,..h.1 the iigitIr ; :,, : b\, \'hgl\ d f.n'ad"r :::1 i h 1,1 t.i n I IIOHI... plm i' nf :ftTeIl'! |' ', IN

    t mniiin her pedart lire, n liemti ) uIII Sunday with a.r"a: ylve bond 1 as required I t.I If.n. (' 11.11 n Cl'i'tlI.' al.1. I I.''1IIIII'n.'. 11..1 tont\.-i>notaiH. Ihll 1.\, r.I.I."I". I y' Hunk, a <., ,\. It to'trul, t .oin' |>lnlnan*, It. i .'i mio-nnl .

    liiiHliniul nUll, five lilldrenMi 'I be right la to an I hit rt lii State of 1..hll.wh. I. no potHon tho Stato .t J'I.I'hlf h.'rdor.. ordorcil that al IIIl H r..I.J.
    i b'" 'KI( >II l \ r.'rv.C r.Juc ) II" ., nml lo .. bate". If
    fll'III. bids.Plans 1111"I r .t 1,11 sI nu'e. I is (lie HetxUit "I11'1' 1".1 unit ii u'att' i"I t tldfentlanta % .11" .
    l II J. Phillips of TliorpHHii. of and all I ... 11IU..WI 1 otMih I nml, If \ J, :McKinney East, and specifications may be I I I .u..p..r. 111 \\ (MiM bind ..1 .I.rol.lnll. 11".1 I In u ul are hereby I"M. h"lt.
    I. .nplllllli. I. iithci
    Mi\"* Watson LCD of TliPreuuii, J\'H.I spent Sunday, lucre ns IHI(>I'Ilutkn'l iieeli at the olllce of the City En- 1..II..ulalal,1 a.-III' : n.,1 <.i of t horn. nook bv theirMM to tiiinuiii: t tho bill of al. \ | tliiouuii I I., KinntttiH" 01,. tniiler m the clal-,

    I.I "ii iilc I Ihthiowe' of Miami W llneuII bo Klnitcr obtained ami copies for ten of dollars the plan and may copies i 1,11..1. I I' I h. ) If ...II.. ,.fl.1. ...If. Tlmt I of compbilnantw t'o"Ilalll in nbo\o nt>'It'd dtnufto .' tile Moriliit,I. ,In Hi tli.I in-i lti.I'e, .ilny titvlnil of AiicruKt cause A. ,,, I.. ilaiirt. nnil lit nil .nuit niil 'a

    1 S 111111 and Mrs : I.', I Ho/en of Glln(>Hvle. spentSltutduiy 1 of the vpeclrtcailona fur five "I' ilt, ttol' ,.,.II.lt.h"I'.1..1.I ., ,'" '".or aim,' I to t..I".o t Ito iii4tttuni.ro' uv PI2T: nIh.\ .- t'"'Mithoimo In tlia city I II 'i ) |'nitnml I i>iiitU-H. |1'1'mm 1..1 '
    .. ,. ( of Misters $n'lltil ant i. laiuln of i'hiy ami, ul r. 1,1 County, Flai' ,.ini'|i<"iittli.n niul ( "11'\110'| '
    I- i \ Cox two hero as his dolln" ,1"1' I tIe 1"I"pl A. : I .111.. stall.I t 11 Ii _ _
    gleHt > C. P noovnu.Chairman I In .' J. If liviulit. and Mt.ulford.I ami! I' : t! : reliefIt : I .'ittkt\vlso' I tip' iMotrn1li' of ." I Iho t'oniiilalnnnt bolev. *
    .UK! one other. Mrs. Josephine mother, Mrs. I D. W. llnzen I' If 'al"In limo Ikkl.N.ilu'vtpnes, \ grauII'S ,- IH. tluiofotc.: : oidiiod T tilt i cut Iii. hlil l of i''""' I ,nt, will l>i> taken but wlioMi* n"i nn'K 1..lt.nc. r

    I illlvun or tlnnipton. Mrs Com Misses Lois and, Tolelda talnoy. I'. A FUTCH. d"I,1 other, clutiniuttuts Ihl'\ h or11ler non-ri.HliUmtH nl.na.I.. niul ctu'lir MiliTt''H.f0 I.11.,0,. ,.t t .I.r.mllll. t.I a cc. of |IIIHIU-HH| HI'' 111.n.\n., a
    -inlllvnn) of AValilo and Mr J. J. l' I Lii lieu Clrk 7-S-4t-7-2a .r t he sn iii .'"n" .1 Ih'I.I. : Ii nut t tlu'm, IH. a..f I \' io iuiti'rest. th%
    .11"1'1111 (1"1"1' '" I.'. and i MpiM'Hi" I ti. bill of "OI'I.lflnt IH fill ,III, i'I,,1,1 i. I i'"'.1 I ( lilt, tlllH "Iilir Il' In.'ot( nr. In SI
    ZoiRler of Tlieressa. besides a nunif 10IHt Ct Ind a Sltol.I I were I.I 'h..I.In I ho .h'I. I I,' grant llt>d In Hit* lib m. HI, yl 1'.I "II.O. .I hn puliltHli. on,u. < M \\ ,.1. r "\\ itt" il"'H"'i'Ibi ,il h"dIyfll nmt,
    > of < I I,I and 1 of 'I'W8 In t II d.al.or .h'I' h'I'I t"I I ltrtalu' mar M,.,ml.ith I .. MtMt uluu\ .-f .Atitftint A 1 1l' four .'niiiM'i-utlx I \\ t.' Ivi I Pt,,' UiH, 1 1rmil I I. t In It'Idr.r.1. ( of,
    II'OllkhllI'ell I .
    .' ,! < 11"'III'I Luke. JI'I.. J' moniiim >i \C'i'itt i I .'\.1 i iI" I.uunul'i,.. the. ,'nti.h.ln""I.'",.1.. l' tl ilcltIhl \J7. ul th" tout t hi.11, HI. In Otto t'tiy i'mmt i %' '!1'.1. ui'" P", ,. u 'l'i'. .. I I1"1"1' l ', It., 1'11 ".'ulni''y: 1..lh..1. I

    1,1hll. I 11)IPI 1rel. of OuitiKP I IlolnlitMt Misses Toleldu (Uiilnev nnd Th"lmu 1 l .,iTTTiT..,1111' .1 IH tflvi'n thai I tliulolnnd I "n.1 I" cl'uiul In.')' t..1 I'h.?IIII' .,h.'I1 If,.h.\.fM8.liVing,, I it otliitwl; l NI:u :Ui icU. I UradCitid ito altoKHtloiiH t ; i;i::mitFlorida u: (of Haiti; hill I I 'lll''.II"\I I'. I'liulforil pIlhllHlUll i'oiintli'lorlili III I t tilt' I 'it,>' I :: '.I..i'l.'i'Hontltonitt!I nf Ht-tloii( iiiii&i:, ( Hin lot of ((71.N'oithvnHt; "t'4mt'tt., I

    (uncial I \ln-H In nndbi ciilaln I II nil I .n,1 II. dIr .. 1 taken ax conf ,.. 1> I li.' ;. 4lx (0) Montr l Unniri Tnt-nl\-
    mini t HIM Milton nnd Lyon Crosby I by11110 I of that iutiier "'lumI' "Tiliut 1" Ih".Ih" I < iplnltit.lht.\\ .lr.I!;:: :;: Ihl- inihtliiof' lint' \ |
    : : '
    ,'IIIMIII, mud. nnd .. "I Hsod l'\ Mu < citiu'h : % ((2Ji, I Knit fo-.talnln Kom < SIt>
    ?tt.try .
    sni.0 i14. (
    i \ I iv ImnrcHsive Illnnll'. to quite .\ > Crosby nil I motored to (IIH'-I i1'O e the i7th! dav of .hl' .V n ;ur it.t ii:: t' ''f''f'I Stuttulu': '., 1/ttciig: 'cllj ..I \', t't ho flit .to. .'11'1"1. .II I.1qI 1'11'111\ I\S.. ... imti'o "I I."".
    > IIIIKIlow (I I. vllle Saturday eveningMr t.rct A. .. "". Ii I fur HUM nuU, rod t I orid : \ _
    !' liv the l.n"'nll. I .1,' II I It.. I 5, ,I. t t IH"-. grit n : I t I. 1 1 & I"NIll'I'. I J'I'1 ll
    Tindoreased was 70 enrs of and Mrs \V II Newsomanf Jlldtte of I lie, 211* ..11.I I'I 1 remu it of II. otlicr .1.lma"l.h.I' : ttil'.Ii.t&It" uurutilut ,i bo 1I\"I"h..t oiu. a w.ck for INIII'I'Soil I i1-itoiH, fot ( ttmplatimnt, Vi"Iii nml rrt,.li nf you nri la i-v.>hr
    of I n for in rout. .. .. 1 I Stuclals anti f ur ,' t I'. KR In Ih. Itrudfotd havo bppti ninil _ _
    and had boon a lOiiHlstentmiiiibi'i Petersburg spent thin first vtnto t.'I.'III. .1.1 I '.hl 1'1lwln 1 : 7-1-5I-J-29 iillttl lint > on
    niti'" :1. fold (Cutintv II Ihl'I" 1 HintitMain I. I\, ,. .1"'dll uiu'l, I"IIlcll .Inr- Counts' Td Kiuph., n- limiVsIamtitrjutuititmIu'ut I I :I::ft.ml.'HUH to ; cult brouwrht for tht 1 : o _ _
    of tlC Mlsslonarlapll 1st of tho week here visiting friend tutiNi' m" I. 1 1\.v oi bi'rtvise a I lor- H'i'*kU, in tlm fit v of ".' of iinli HIIHT thn t tint' _ _ _
    <'linn'h H!IK hlr Klilhnnd! , Florida. 'nl'l IIIn :::.;\ :: tttHitbiil:: :: ;In 11.1: In I::11: miiil,:
    ell of nnd nirnlnut O. ; :. I Ihoir bt'lr\ dilHiko, (gi. irian- 'Thin "f .)ninA l I' I 12. I t i' ,1, nliin. who. nlloiii-r4
    attended regularly ax 1mm us her Mr. and Mrs L. W Sow II III'kw..I d"ad, to 1 1S. .11.1.1"1.| \
    IUM .
    \\aid .1.l. ,' oriuulnr d.. w t ('(mtl rt of ih" SOt bill i-ninplntiift lio\v
    health permitted To know her. High Spilngs. spent Sunday here I l.\,' .IIIII, 1 n.l.n"I'I Jut"I.. 1'1 1 I. tttovvn.OulHcppe. I. or I .lh1 1,1 111"1Ihl'.u.1 III' 111'.lo.I.n. i "al u 1.ult i ('It','tilt l'mutu't. I ni.I ('"h',1 nt tlio Htalu nf I.'t. ., Nh. H\MII In Hiilil n iiinitii. that tu* OWIIM i I

    was to love her and .h. will]I be as guests of Mrs S. K. Molt I.J Cavnitnaro, I :dvvnrd .P I'l uitittitti ut tlii'Visc, l"owl K "1 /U KNU1IIT.starki : .1".1..1, ., uI.1 1"11. Hrmlford* ('uuI'Y. alioM. ilt M i,' lain, ) In Ceo Klin-
    greatly missed, by nil The entire II Kelly and son, Clyde motored Campbell I I I nnd:: wife I Jut f 0 tl 1 ('ampin I.l I.; I. .l.arilaiu.. h'r hl, ',", : ," t"l'riclui: i'hiiiupryC (( ami,. |iiii\n 1.,1( a ii|',' ','H fnr"'r"I'I"M )
    wife I Amy liow i '- 11011. olli, 'itoiH fin"' Cttnipliilnuntu,
    night 1':ilwtiid l(ialln' nnd I I. St. Jot'lnlu. I Ivlnl. In.1I : .1. CjrlNA.ClMllllltlllUIIlt 1 : nml ,"tI'ml'l thtt tltln of I
    lommunlty Joins In sympathy with to New Hlver Friday icy niallll. JI inn'N J. Ki'illiiiland: ': I It ...1111., I ho 1.lr. ,, .rln- .-i .St-7-29. I .Iil Inml ""Ilnl""I. "
    I the bereaved family M. Gulney and bonnie Morgan Nleuijort II KKleH and! I to ,flit Pu IMalia t II'" .or' ot lio.i" r in a it t n "li"i'," '1..I.1 1 : t that, I hun cc'ntl.tti|
    School Is nicely with 22 business visitors to I urn defendantN I .let".II"I. tintunderHlffned iindoi tho su, 1.1 .1"11.. M .ldI'ullllt i 1'\\ .. 11 in.M %..n' UH.VlVM: 1 111Il'II H. |>I HHINHOH a Hootl ml -'
    dolnl were Special Appointed .11.:1 :: % :'II. : i : : : _
    ] and' tn In. i If llvlnpr lint u.I.i ft-ii Himi'lii tltln, iihHolntn _ I
    1.r"u"I. .
    pupils enrolled, Miss I Tlielma Sullivan stnike Tuesday.flieeii I ill I nil Id l t cnttMc, to execute said I ilucree and If (. I 'M ,do\'IMOOHKianttcH ict ..' :ami to tht xitiil n nil*
    as teacher.M will on Mnncltv thA nml ,day 01 ..1''In. 1"1'1. I tbi. ,'ninth In ('11'\\ (Com I 20th .1\.1"111 Circuit \icl lltfk I l'imliiiilMl. .1.' 1'11" irier :::' :nml,,. ibtlnrlnii: : ; vuti: j\jyl\ \ votir:
    nnd I little Cove Springs.-New I of "II.I. A. n. !2. ilnrlnu; the tindoi' I ni..nhl ..I Mo' 1. of .. nl,1 t.t IW"I.I',1 .. i'lulil *, tit It.,M "'"*" "
    v. and :Mrs.i looIPI' bridge under construction over St. leiral of sale, .110 u thu lilirliext "I| acc : and to \nrni t I..io ''" i'. ,if 11fntr t'.1.1'. lu i'bam','rv. To l n Illlii in I"IHi'l.I.. i If llvlnir, .1Ir I ."11. : ami I 11 IH I l'reftiu.i Ir".r".1. (

    (laughter attended the funeral Cove 110 best b.ld'r In. front lind if ." ad to I ho hnlrx deIMOOH I M \\olln widow d.ld. lii tln.. it'Immul.'vis"rs. I tht I. > Haiti' finit I 1. that t j'on the I NII.1
    services of Mrs James Phillips Johns liver near Green of Ih. South of th, < 0111 tlixnneIn P \ ifrantcoR. or nthoi" dullnnlthro'"rh ComplainantHoniy I ltiH lui i oilitt ihilinnntM "Ih..h "' lit" .buv. btttiito.i'! oil iloMrilb
    Springs Hlnrke. llrutlforil. County Florida or ilIltlOl i, t ho. nnld Aln" .. ,.5. 11.1..1, thn "j11111\ tin ti |iitid'tII'| ytu" nml onrh nf vou
    here Mmd.iKev > lands Ivlnir nnd Hand.1 ft nl, | .. nml
    tho follow InK l I'm t ; and In I'wl I 'I"IIII." iftying .1.tl..I..nl. I. IvlnK. I aio hi-loliv iintillf-il. ami. oiilorf-d I
    I Inner of lamplon. filled t In the 'ountle "I Bradford nnd If dond I to I the h..I. 1..h..I. th'nil I. tin., bt'liM I" ili\, f"n"l t"' iiiiiai| | '' liion niHl ia\| All- U ''i,
    bis regular ) Sun h..lnl 1, ., lo-wl. All of 1"101 l2of : \lx.,o.. .i's. "I'i ntb-T ( I IV TUP t i: V.\ M II') UK 1111 I 1"\'J OFPUU11 or, 01 t ln'r 'In, Iiuttuiimt I Ihr.I.1 '"I A H I 1 IJ7' 1'0. lii-rol" .I nnlil
    npllollll N MJI',, :' of NWl' ,' I :: I !iMtuh II.II"1,1"1' tlio Hald. T<.,w ''tP-1 >,VIt : mutt mil riui t '. l.h..I. ,,.I I.. \ I ",'lilt l-oint, of thn Hlllll. I lirtf.ifuo'i.I tt
    day nlithtMH ti I, of Sectli 11 1 M'J' of J'I'r II''nn.' t I. .Tn<'.h .I. John. I I hnxlMKboon i mni'ie to npp ,nr bvilllfliixlt 11. 1. "",'. I llv.11. .1"1.1." V. lit I llu- I'ollll. I llounn I If
    ('ail Foray and Mis. S. | of Sl.,4.:! Sl'l'uf" HC'i of I..mll.. nl If dead, I 1o tho hot cC. tllod I tho nho\t PtyUdThroo I IllO h.'I ,l's. d.\.I.I .., KUintt'fK Hiilil 1.'I.rlll.V, In I h" fllv, of -

    1. Dykes of Luke O(>n'va. were Nex urne you loll 10: N'"I MT,. M'I of NWlf, \lHtrn. p-i.untt i .i>n. or utt her ctnlmnntH t __ _u__ -- ,"I.; I'loilili.' tu.' niiN\\tr tho' jmlil
    .u.I'u, ,. N'J' ;of i HIJV.V' throtiirli oi, under Ilio nnld .Incoh JTnhnx :: of i-oniplitliil::,;::; \ ; ; ninil: airnlnHtoii: :::

    visiting.friends. 11'10 Tue.day. ask SWij ;1 Section f5; Vy, S\V i. N'Hof : nnd. to (1.....rIOV.. C"lo. b I If I llv- ::.IK \ ili'li,ml. inH In Hnbl cat,,O ami ttlti

    .. ........... buy caiosxiel "I Ieclnn 1'i; of of NWtJof Section I inir itnd If :l'nct onl' h'.trs. dol In t thnt the I tIes i r I Iboil, InnIn will i I i l h.p ., I ii ait, not (to mult, upon pain of
    .......... : | I % loeMt: nrnntf OH or her < Int mania Not.. linreby 1''n f"l"wla I I bv .ili-fuilt t-lileltil
    \ .2 1'lrailS.o; 7 Houth, Ilhr""lh i 01 nndor t tan unld Oooi. nt pnlilk. niu-tlon on 1"111'I .i( I : APill'sr.( I 1927 It l ice tug' I .,.1.1 Voullu 1.111
    lange IMiiK mint being, If ItxItiK.iin.l Pun nt Mini'Uu t In I t rmu.t ,
    a,1 and to Clara' Clatk Ciitiithntma ,
    : SAMPSONCITr .. l hi ilny of Hnlil month I bi-fnrc t o I lUuilfoid, i 'onntv 'r loirrnph.
    In liindfonl I Cuiintyriorldu; : If ,"'n.l. to I the hottH. .h"'I.. I I! lui mam'ctrsenu'v, ta. I ,.
    Also, Section I 7.: 'l'nwnsiuip; 7 South I 01 other clnlmantfi through I of Klorltl.i. .or "o muih tlii-rociC n im wil | 'h.1 In 1"'IMO',1 futility. 1.1.1'.11 -
    ant OOH "IlnlY.
    i Illl. .
    ..........4......... .+.. rinnirc- 23 Kant I n.l "'Inl and h.htM K or iimlcr tho ftnld ('lurl Clnrk : nnd the nmnnnt ,lu. 101 IIIXI HHK optJoutto thn Rnmc. tofr.thpr' vllli tIle riiHt I IH t Inii-hv'i" I lu nhb-li' thlH." nn. anI thti
    rioi' C. 4. 1'UICII.I i Tnx | C
    "I'nl" 1.1.
    In Cluy County '
    Savannah (1 t \ ConiimuvIt i "ol"'nr.
    which \' A. *H, rnnws, to tho Hiiih ."I I In.1 1.lv"'I.I"I. City "i I In iiuhllHhiMl ,' Week
    The revival meeting 1111'pd 11t2Iota Master In CbnmeryKMOIlr H HUopc'HHoi'H legal ropi, 'onnntatl\I .t Iln'I.. .. :: foil, ,' t.oiiMiit :nl i l\o wiM-kn. I I,
    Wednesday eveiilnK .1 Inl13 \' Special nnd annlffiiH and to CuMfn, it ii.l Vowman -
    here Stnrke, Fin : I .xc.hi.arrlpltoui WI'I'S I li4u4 ; blind nx Clt-lk of the
    : 11
    A: l trnl I
    closed Sunday eveiiinir Julv24th SolltitoiN, KSII.t'l'ol1h.lnlll". hPlieMCilIuit, ( ''I1nv.' ItH i nml, .IIHHU-IIH rofHnr| ;: nnd" to Sri'. 1". II. o" ..I 0 I '.,'nit. I'niiit iiml', hit.I 1".I.1 Cnln'y.' ,I

    Rev. Barnes of Hnlfoid.Kev s 7-l-5t-7-29 Pitch every pai' ,'t\' foil ,.lr. R."I, .1.1 0'11. ,',
    nl.1 nf Juno A.
    of thin lIt h itav ,
    NW cor
    Woodi of (:iraham nnd Hev porftnn nnd, poiNOIIH firm find n. In of N'.Vm, 28 flI J, UldlliHt .- .___ .____ -- $ ( _. I.
    NO IK H fli,' ., and "ol'p"rn"Inn and r.rp.rA'InnH. N'j(, or SW'i 2 :
    King of Tampa assisted, our pastor % MARi REQ, m 2 4 Atv -it) ft lotH ((1'nll I \\ AT ) IM.\:
    holle\ .t
    I mint *
    tho com pin" <( _____ (' .
    whn" town SS 8l..I. v. n uml -. u "
    In this om'tg.( 1"110
    Rev. C. A. Crosby w'hone an nice nnd. roldoncn 8 Hlk 15, n 2 ,
    Court Tvvontv-nlxth Ju- I. t I.I lltZili:
    In circuit meetliiK also Hev G. P. Uaymond .tidal Circuit. nrndford. County, or intorontod plaron of, KiiHlnofiN In nml. or are who""- lot 7 of Hlk 17 A- run j.llln", 1'1' t'uiuatpltt itluint.
    delivered an Interest IIIK State of FlnrMn. In Chancery tf 105ft
    of Stnrke IntcroHtn N W SilO
    \ fire nn tIttel let or 1"1 f. tl

    sermon Saturday eveiilnK to a UMIINMOonu, In 'lllllnl. ,10.11.,1, litndn. h'll" II (,'.1 "I H f 10h.l. 28 0 22 Sum loMenh.I'" __._ _-._ __ 19 'I'I'I'I.J
    large' congregation Sunday. July L'nmll..lnlnt. nnd 11,0 in lrn.t..1 (nln'v. I. \ ,
    n V by
    The thoroughly purifiedand v. I I ",' It- On ft
    17th we had, dinner on the nroitun! MOORR.I of ed. 11..1.1.,I In.1 plrl""lnllv N ol h. 210. .ft.N & H 11",0..1 Hbv I In fin'nit f",nil. Twontv.alxth' Jm,.
    nd, nnd at 3:30: o'clock the caionriel com I 1..r.ldAnt. h.t i '1 .I ctllurit.rl N by J.ler..1 I ( I t Iliadford founty.I
    fleet 'fr"II.
    grout <
    refnE by nfflilavlt appendedto 1In.r 11 S"'lh.l.t 11 '
    Corinth n. Y. P. U gave nn Interesting assistant and th.nl"'RI'IIK bil np,1 In the nhn\-.I"I.I. f HotithoaMt of 1"1.1.( i 11.1 Northon 54.lithhalt town wt Coif I.j ._. orll.. 2 S 6 23 Hum n..onbll ________ -__ SS. .\n N I.N I of il :Mi,t:, "M .MIK-I I In (hnncrry.,

    by proll'ol. 1'llltp: which(>n candidates was enjoyed corrective agent.NausaleaSaeSure ;of au"e lp.fl Ihlt, (natii of *.il Moore I In I nnd ii the n-rest hlii defendant "reslrtencft ut not- Mt '!,'n".hw..1 11'1(|tiurt n 1.1..'r '1'1.t..1 S.Ih.1 half t' ofNorthwt t tf UOIH John' r. 0 1.1,1 Hlk 32.. _J.. -M 28 6 23 n M Suarliman __ ___ ___ 4 f oiopliilmini. t i ivn

    were received Baptism and th. flllu l J"lnrl.ll. In o.r tho mart or and Nu'll.n.1 quart'Southeastiiartor nik n n. T. & rnhot I II. ft :1")1 _.___ _________ ( I\tl'N"N I : II MVUKS.

    five by 1 letter Baptismal sertlcn ire of twenly-nna year: It la therefore ,Northp. ( Hoctlon quarter .I taut, r.t.t 1 StIlt II.I I.. '1'. A (Vadd 1.r'I.hnt.I' t'i'.otIm.g" bv nlllilavlt npponil.
    ___ I
    ordered that snld ".on.r."lo of Tw.nl\.ol. 0 23 Min" Thornton ___ ;
    afternoon at' 3 o'clocknt :11. to Hithill III-I in lIme nhovft.
    was Sunday In Townnhlp. Tl\o 2
    defendant, he and i In h.r.hY r.'I'| i !nlih n u I.. T. & Condd I that ('Ininnca, II. Slant,
    C2l! > 1:n Lot ia Hik 'nl,1 I-IIIIHO
    Price Landing on Sampson to (hn hill of llantfo Twoll.n. 6 22 Vomit t4uuuttt ..._. _____ IS .
    to appear complaint ,. ". ant. I thlitvfllftt 24 .T'hls I .- "-," lit I Ihn fin luimnd I. 'it

    Hev Lake Barnes A large assisting crowd was Hev present(Crosbv IM.ii't: 11 \i" lI"nni i'mi F.PFCEC>n-i i"'mi. I I i.COIMIKOU v'ivuI.MIIMl iltt: 'L tiled jl7.| :|: In hue otheiwl said,I:1st cause clay the on of or allegation.Aucrnxt.h.t"r"' Mnl'itt of* I 'i .ulnlnfnK I I""ctcr'c..i.u.mII'.1.mmo tain" hll.1r,1 I.I"I*I.. JM Tti.'cPM. And, I 111.1.HMO! Lot ndd I 12 Hlk 16 U T & ('..2S 0 23 II fl. -\\hrc-ler I.Ht. _. .__ ._ 15 ::::: I;'IN nlilt iiiHhlimn;:"nt of: I lie IN I Hint:unknown of: Florida: :ami:, ,f fI

    In the service and Inter deliveredan sti'p'iiIEItawn : : Hald will be taken confeHHedbv I'11' pir'c"ls of bind Hit unto h'll. 0.,1 1..11 1 0 R 9 10 Ilk 25 r.1'28 0LIIIH 23 I.KInKHton T"I"y & fli. ___ I diver Ihn nun nf t u'nnl v-nnn yearn, ;
    hi Itolnw In tho Town of 'nln- A. ('l. ndd I IH I thnicfnio( nulorcMl thnt Hnld' non-
    the con.vPI'I. ,, IIEiS .. '
    Interesting sermon to nn t.r"n.lnll.I ,. I ts 1 Hindfoid I and Siato I '' 2 ::t hIlt 2 L 1 &Co 22'W. _. hl..I. il-fi-ti.lnnt I bo and In lteretyiii
    and otheis We fei'l" very Is that this or ; o : III' ::lIb r lv :ttosi rlhod: : UN I ndd 28( t I H Sormnl ___ --?___ -- 'I ntiponr In I lie bill of
    Salary of Clork of tho Clr- bo published once a week for ii .itl Pub 8 It 10 1 it I ink 2* ::,,: r, itt (Uml:: lit until iiuiHfi on or
    Hev C. A, 0.1 r.otH rum ( i ) \v i..tH
    'Iv. .
    f ... .
    to our pastor weeks In the ltruuI.foi'ul 2J __ ____ _
    grateful I..wl. flLotH
    Auditor Co. add. ,,
    County ,
    Cinn of An.
    ult ( na rr.) and > oxi opt nrr> foot \.. T. I I. I. :1..on Momiiiv, tile I int buy
    Crosby and feel that he deserves and Clerk to CountyC'ommlitalonerH Counlv Telegraph! n newnpapepptibllHhid it cross I",If"Nod h on,.1 of en tel 'tnt! .4 InI il 7 Ilk 2'i I U T & ______ A H 111.? ollirrwlnit Ihi nlli--
    work ho I I i In nn Id Cntintv I and httite 6 22 U." 110. .________ .. of nail, bill will bn
    much praise In the good $1.100.00P'I' 1927 I limit n of Tonex, addition' to Stntko Co. ndd 2 .. tnkfn
    here since taking chaise diem ant mileage ofc'onimlHHloiiiM 'I'hl.uno 27th w. AT.nritM\v, an ", map' t tale t < f MM mo roinid- I LotH 1 2 8 12 n H Hill 11 Co. ._ _.. II < tolifoitHtil Iv Hnld iK'fniidaiitII I.
    poi 22
    done __ 50000 c Seal) H 1 ; 2SLi I.MiiKKtun Truby
    his > ( ', od In I'nok X of dd'dH on i tuiig'tt 170and L. T. Co I.f 1 & 38'h. i I In fiulhir onlfii-d that I thin nr-
    I : Clerk
    of this ihurcli. and hope .our : :of: sheriff for Attomlunco (11'1 2 1 all Hlk 4 tva'tt for
    l1siy c. ( '. .1..lh.1. bv It'upn and I hound .tH' I : Ilk 23 Truby & Co. ____ iiubllHltd nm. o a
    growing County Comnilsxlonets T ( dlv 28 1 foitHfiiiltM-, Oku In thn I llrml-
    church still keep on Deputy Clerk I fin t f ltoA\H C.nln'n'ln.t nt I Ito I L & ..h 1.lvhll"t.n

    Mr nld wi Mrs L. Morgan andchildren Attorney for County-- .ComanuiMMifleIe -- 6000 n M .IOISI. Xr rlhu '-(t ..rnnr run lt "IIrk 1".1 nlontr.TnrkMon thoAoHt \V tllx' I I L & Co. 5.11.28 0Lnt 2J HOMO COl __ ._ .________-.____ Ii'I, fi.it- ii I U In 'I Hnld','I.'urn( *,,pit ui cIty a nnwupapi-r and Htaln.

    of Brooker visited her 1 I 40 ItOSiipc.rvlsu.r ".lh.I.I OomptuinnntNOIUI ..11"n,1 North II I., I'. To. Hub Him .1.11 I ,. "Till |11127.>
    \ ntno" 'in huh1 I I Ink & Mi-Puffy: _____ ( '
    Smith here of HeitlKtriitlnn 2 O.00 7-I .I 38 6 23 nlh'lt : _________ '.N.I
    sister. MrsV. II .drod 1 foot, t ltolbCV'sterlv, nt ,dl\ (11-itt ) I 1 1V. A f.tbttflSl .
    llelilllm. la ( iillnty llillldlnKHIl i (111, hnndrfd. and Lotn i 2 01 n' I. *1 uno i.'i'k Irrult c 'oirt.
    nno Ilk
    rliurht nbnut 6 22 _______________
    00 Manila
    Monday 100 28
    House ; f. 101 I IT
    .I.t n Fitly < to a dltih. thonrt* 'i Ac ( ..h. .lv. lol liy ; A KN I ,
    of Palatkn spent 100.00 1.11 r..1 .ub.
    T. C. Thomas __ ---- \ 1 ditch to Jaoknonxtioit 111 .'k :11) III !.. 1'. CD Uoputy CIei'k.
    Jai Eolith ______
    __ _
    0 ______
    who 2S ] I:
    the w (>k-PIII with bin tumlly ,,, I II.. I.mitt Flvtiine fort Tn 0i.ult| t t Courr. 21th .Tmul lciui| I thenco 1'axt: alonir Ibo Northrildo dlv 2 ) f..1 u 5f lot INS,

    hero( visit with relatives ""rt HOUHO .__ 10OOO rirotilt. In nml for HraUford County of .In, ,.I'uun et"".",'1, ono hunltoilnnd IJ'j] Hlk 40 1". '1' & Co. HUb 0Lils ___ ._______ Moll t''I lloi for fnmplalnant t .
    on 29
    are Hilly _
    u Jail St-1-20.
    of Avon --- 101.00I' Kli.rut ii. In *.hln..r\ a'oibl.en I 17) f t to tho fdiioonf % 2 11'OWI I -
    Mrs. Coleman Built .%| I>IININ t>ff Illllttr lllllllllllKNIJanllolH HIIOOA n n. D. m.gim'litcuz (.toil. :tlHO H lot ,.r 2 :T J,. T' &Co.
    Park' antI Miss Dorothy Smith ofllawthoin and Other At- CnmplalimntF. land t..11".1" at I tic f."lh\, 1 "lib .1 Ilk 4 28 (1 2 N. it. Until ._ ._____________ 4 %o'i'lO'Il

    I were guests of Miss tenduntn fuel and_ 00000T.llh. 20000 vs. .,ni,not .r 1..1'. ': .t ,I,""' Lol' I Ilk 4 IT. &fo 6 22 Juiiua lltittor __.__,__.___n
    VVoMt Ionic > hiVoi
    'Vltor.n 2
    Hiarko tun'
    Mantle Hall Thursday Mrs Butts I I Ion Iii") JOlN I 1AnFTEJ.n. I. ..t .1.1, .. of .T..l ItKon Hi root twobundiod w.lh.*, .lv. r,. r & ('0. nub, In rin-ult rmiif. sntli .rmll, lal i fli. I
    here as Miss ln, lilantiiH 1,00000 .of"IAlt. ,, Ilk 4 .'ll 22 ___________ ____ lii',niiroiii t foiiiuy( I'll,11la, ,
    will ho rtm.mhpr..d < It I ni>iH th sworn hilt I ; |i'I n (2)0): ) f't I. Sun- dlv Jnov.r 11'0. '

    Uhodessa (Jamble. All'iunmti. of Mnda t'oor to liuuuuuli|PaupersUutxlile 2000.00 of complaint. ;; "tr.fi the: above, ntylflijiniM. 1 it I*'r).on "I.I.t 01, t"Mko I nt, i.,..1. I hon,, .oVoith N'j', IMk IL, '1' Ae Co. .ubdlv '20* 6i.iti 22 H n. ___ _____ ___ . arrived < I that ) Inrlull. the ii'Sf'ntuulit I nlonir I tho 1':0"t .11. of ito .l'r- l'ltol'' oinpliiliiant. I i I
    n. Smith of DanlH. litiiileMlKtIN I- II II Hilt OItlHlim'n !
    J. itroitor'M It
    | | 10 vii
    I III lbS 01 Tatko" ill U o 1'1.1..1u".1
    his t.r.11 r..I..11 HOII J. M reining ____ _______ 0 I 'p
    here last week for I visit with i'H of otltceiH.' Juoromnml of the Klorldn end t .Itrhtvllvo.w,) ffot to I I mill. 2 \ 2 d 'I II' II t.t' MAIOV. u II
    Jones W 15000liianiilliir ban bo abnnnt frr bin tact kruwnliuuee .. I1u South All tilts II I.! I." 'I It I JK I I OnfunilillilII i
    11".e. '
    S. K thorn i'IiSt 1
    Mrs. .11 I. __ 4
    110'0 _____
    grandmother I' ,nilil, 3* J. M. UlHliiK _
    ofruLhuunt ) .ulrl. ., of r..hl"o for moro than nf pttiool I IW. h.I.1, mid I I. 1"llK'" 2 npnnarlnir by nilliln\ll nltnchn.l
    Little Miss Canlo McKinney 1. <.L>H of OlIktMH and Committees Hlxly' claya past, In.1 that contalH t hi.( 21' 11'11 t to \\...HI ,Itoundnrv lhint <> I'M..".. |1.1 I I.' I 1) Hill 2 ) i III,. 1,111 I 111I III t tan nhoMt t >'nii
    ,___ _
    (. spent last week here with ISO,00Miitlunery <. hll..1 I MO I the pr"u'.'MM aft 1.In' to "turko th.noo %% fitlu's mill 2 6 2 1,11 J. IUlborur Ih** r.'si.I.'umm'n if i-liarlnv .
    lionise Kite unit I'rlnllniclUetu I hlf .nurt "IUI"t ho norvtil upon' South I .. 1.11101 I Wont honndnrvlino ODII lui of liiinl. 1..11.1..1 1 1l N unknown I ,complainant, : '
    her cousin >ra 1 t t IL t I I I e r y- hll.I and Hint he IH ovt-r I lh. AKO r>f of .IOHOH' addlt l.n to, Htnrko, l>y 'I"i'mull, livi>. H >y HitHI I |is no pm Hon In tlm Ktiito iiiI'
    ---- Line Ila"k., etc 200 00 \\ I nt\ -,one anil' thm: IH no nhout HT! hundred rttno foot I toJaokfton \V I'l Siuiili, nl r.nno ,. known, to ,, tttani. H-I vl-n
    Clewlston Atlantic! 500.00 o'M- \\ltliiii I I I :; e :of I'Uuiila' : : FOP- ntroot.' thn pln. of lusgin-| N hy Inn.I N. T. CRN tiinn whom uonlil i blml,i
    1rI1rI ; ___________
    to construct l bv 24 8 13 \\r. ICiiyei ,
    ricqillred It
    Hallway Company \.h"'I.ln.I \'h.l upon .ul.l bhi'lintfupun I H i HI;.-n nil tutiiite.I.. nn lip Pa Mt h v 11'h 2 ih-fi-niliint In thin cult fin
    station heie I'ulil for by I he .t"nllll. It U 1livr< the until I.1 IOHOH' nIl, I tlon to Stnrkonn < >" I, nt laiiil, 1011.I.d N .
    railway (',uullt y 90000 fire ordered that the named the Norm I bv t ntrent. on the 1 l.\. Ilk :II I ,"Il. I"WI Me ll1 M Titnirroiin I nnnnnrn!
    t iiniinUMliiiiH I'nld to 4>mieri t ,icmt'ohtmitlut he, and he IH hprely. r.luIr.it .- AN'i.nt bv Hand". 1"11 In no or Lake H I. & liy 'hlll'.1 I imn I llin Hiilil fhail.-y .NtnNon appt'iir
    1,700 00 38 0III 22 l H. M Plunk' man _
    ABHOHHor ,,
    XO'fCG 'IIX to np..nr| to the ..'n. nnd on tho Mouth bv .InoUnonftroot .. .I I Iho bill of lotiiplalat In thin J'
    <'olo.t.r 1.Too,on Mlod' In raiiHe on or !I.*. ..r".I. In ho saul Town of ( ,. I.t I 105 fl .iKiiiiirr In riiiiHf, at Mtin'tmI" l, rIla, on or b.-
    We wi not be responsible for I Ih.rll'JI I ("otirtork 300.00 plaint r., the tlrnt dii'-. of AIII.I. I U2. Stnrko oi H>*<'t Ion 2H niiNhlp n 8\V ,'.1 of IW'1 f.f HW' 88IlKMllll \ 22 I n.) W. (l)iltf".r. But ________ ,, n Momlnv. AilKilHt, |lsl| A D 1H27' ,

    contracted by anyone except Circuit Court, He- ,.ttu.rwtee the canto t. Mouth of llnnvo 22 Hunt" A strip fin i ", ) It l.'mwtm,, thn I aIli-Mrntlnnn, nf wabl
    any order of "o"llnl and General Court ON con oMHod nllln.t t him I fi-ot w Ido Ihl'ou"h tact .tc.uu'ril-.t liiiiiniloil' N dv .tn.i isuuml et. will lin inlcc-ii nn onfoHnod by
    those by written 10000 In fu ri 1.111.,1. that thin or. for Hluto Uoad No. 19 1 ami further I I'3 liv AmlrtwH S l>y 1.1 ill -fnmlitnt,
    W. Griffin, Hxpunaes of niectlon 1.0(10.04 fli I hn ,'h week for I piece Two W l hY nt 28 J. U Peek ___.____.?,_----- ot.lnrnil hot thin
    either W. J. GrlUln. E. ; : = ==_ :00Totnl piibllnhod on.."" < nn Iota Ono (1)1 biiyi-llB .I. I 2 It IH flirt hm.r no*
    Parks Iml.'Xlnii 400 four weeks next piftrndlntr unfij re- ((2>. lp.'rlh.t Five < i I One Int' "ij r2 : 'o: ftIn llm I IMI iiubllHh'-d, nnm n wnnk for
    T. D. Spraggtns or T. J. tui,'n Inv In I the Bradford t'oulnuyTelegraph I I Mix ( : Hnvon hrF'I'h(14): of Hloi.1 1 I Mi: i .. ofi.tvl i 2.'Dfl i) four OIIHI-I t in I lvi> tvu', kn In Hrn.tfordfonnly

    during our contract with Bradford _. __ 11314000I a roRitlur weekly neww. Ono ;> and Two (2 H nf ticiiiiuniliMl ,i 'I i.i 1-Krnpli, iiiibllHlipd t InHliirkc

    county. and mid:Deputies.Kitrfcltiiri Cost* PunilSherllT Slum paper te. pubtlHhod In Hald i County and 'rtt)..Seven(.1). (..ur). Hlirht( .''Iv.> nnd 451.) Nine hy Hiinil'TH N Mt JIWIHIH 1 28 6 22 Henry O. \lunnii ____._______ MoiidiiWIINI.HH t thi, ,.> hun act of H AV ANdnrman

    Date 5-5-27. (Signed ) 1111.8 In Criminal Oiinan f 2,600 00cVinniiililuH Thin June 27th. 1927S (0) of Illock Two (11-lllhwny- '1'1 In, si t.. f : ft 1.1! f'I li'rk ami Ihn Met,I nt thin
    CO.. Cst BlllH In_ ( al> U \\.OFRMA' .1 It Ion to Htarko I t, \\T liy: 12':0tt2'1 & H lotnt thin I Hi., 27th day nf Juno,
    GRIFFIN CONTRACTING C'lhnlnal t PliHtH 10000 Clerk Circuit of name recorded In:: Ht:: :k t wo ofmnpM l tu ounil.. 'loon I'. It, 1027.
    Clerk of the Circuit Court 7-1 -1t7-2t! Count v. riorldnWIIFHIFF'1 th. remorluc0V % l i.y H I.y H I W. AMIKRMVN.:
    J. Griffin nnd 1ft I In MI (Until
    By: W. Prea.66t.'O'I'U.t C..st mil In_ CrinulnalCaseS BO.oni tIcs it I tir.I: haRe County, PIor lila.lltllTINl I I UOKUII ttitt.y l"y LN 28 I 22 *Hum i i':. I'laiik ______....___ Clerk Ircult Court.A .
    ---- ( iMiuildml I H KV JVITiirHon H (fliwi| : HolkHor I
    lilt .
    '( : : I.t
    In it %!.13Ifcrohv I'
    Utile : '
    initv' J..IIA.-J W by Kaml.irnnn I 7-1-Bt-7-29
    : 10 t tiiit_ ""IOMH 1.200,00I You coil each of you. are hereby ".1 t N & I I'! by lun.l for fntnplnlnanl 'C-

    U"I}' 1-ToBeiutlnir Attorniv notice IB RUon that unHi tintifte,1 thnt vou have been madeflVfendantP H Dnnmark 28 SOn 22 Hum IloMent.erif ._._____.___
    .1.1 I thefiirpoHo of M MIIKI: in Il'It'IiiM \\i>
    tnrkiKim milt brouirht
    < _
    The flty foumll of Conviction teen 1,200.00It. uultut hy ,'irt (IC of t lint a lot nf land, 2X3 ft N '
    Mi. will I I reM! Hvitlml. hid. ill lt ii ."1110.". PitY for Attendance, .t eX.clit ion 1.,1 nut ....llln In.1 ,,nulerthu. : of quIetIng I the title of the &. H by 210 13 Ae AV \ III-:IIIKIIIONotbo
    In until fit>' of II.rk. UP "" Criminal Court __ ____ 10000 Its nil tint nf Ih. oft nhovo utesu'tlitol land bv the Hnldomplninnnt hounded. N f. Pratt Btfc .
    .ly l H hnl. I..wk 1M I. of ,\ ,. 2ml. "lle.. Fees __ _u__ 50000 t he ('treuitt ..11 nt 211h"I.rk.11.11. (' Mury" O VV'nlnwrlncht.v offrimplfiliit / ] I I.y tfandnrHon Innn' 28 ftIllk 22 Mrn .\,1. Hiktlrt ____________ In in-ruby given that nit
    of (oUI 1. Hill
    a In her sworn J .
    loiiHtrurtlon In In- ho nllewroH 0 2J ,
    1127 for the ihol 3 HowllliMH Huh tllv 28 ----------------- -
    nml li R2', touit. It.n.lrIPhe. BO.00"h"'II' .tN'ul "I Ilor"ln. a.l "" nn HI1 In Mild CIIIIHOthnt I : t.kuuw. I freilllorn I Li-KiilnnH t J mist ri fu bee aminy
    ttiilk 5 fit j *- 2-lth I iav U 10 IllHvilly'H
    il 7 H
    wll. "I\'e I" 5 tmvlnir Inlnm iifcaliiHttltii1
    from the "lrhln. "" Smith ,ulcje. .n.in ofMntllHon M Cunimlmilon on cf .Tune A.D. 1127, nn that certainJtuulgnient she OWIIH .h.v. ..1.'rll..1I.nd .18 null 1 1 28 0Loin 2 It. II StUirUty ___________ -_ vHtiitt imrnonn, of J IHHO Thomnn< dnraanarn I' I
    1 u ___ BOO.00feidlnx .
    .. nlon. the( w.3S of tin- etc, Collected In favor of The National In fee .Imp. al.1 and.ronflrm- ; 1 1 11 111 less |J] 20 ftMJ cci.! linroliv ni'qumr.l ttt preint
    ( l hits 2, 4 Hint ( k $ t. 0000 Hank of I'ptornhurf a '1..1.. forever .1"lrln. In NB offt .
    nalilMtf ."rprraton.un.1 land to the & tliulr clnlnin Itt) the Ifonorablo (l o.A .
    .irlirlnnl town of Htnrkiwhich l> of ,, Criminal C. 'h. title' of Ih. .1.1 d .Cr"H' fOI .
    : '
    Inl lV. .
    walk. In to MtaMlHtieil lie built 1..o'.clnK, Cases, County and Ju.tce BOO 00iluiinl ant n""ln.t Im F. lln.kl.. of. |.25.. "olnl.llll"nt. and ha..d..r.Hlnl that. ponttoRHPN Ihi- .c"r: 2! 6I 22 r{, O. S\veat ______________u_ ilartllnni Lountv.. Count I"InrlcJ*Irnlu. for;*) of hln Iirml.fnrd approval
    to Ihi '' tt2 HO flamnKon and $11.tifi ".t.. soul .nn.plalnanl. lvlilltih
    .rM.I. nnd commute I'"ltL"j' I. _:= ::: ::: BOO:00 a find mifflolont fee I 1.7 a luml 1011.1.1 within onn vnnr from ilatohnritf
    street. lul,1111 I l dat** Fehruorv 1db 1920. 1,0.1 WIly
    thin ,tlf wilt l hn hi1! Inbar
    h.orl"l nr nf
    *' of and salt rnHtui.-:: etiy.: ;: a umIdi:: I\:'; l lulltu'rt&tls bv' 1h.llt.clant -_ 2i0.00 record Countv'n the r ubllo ,rooordtnf I have : I'rITa :II and o annul rln'n.) and to, ,the I 1e> I 'nt ll.s Hii', 'lfr; of. 2 6I 23 Her man l.oClulf .__._.___.... thnrnnf. acid All person, Imlnbtd -

    Count'II by resolutionof ___ 3S.7O.00 IrAdr.r,1 .orl.II. void all your .Im. rlwhtn.tltloN J".t to unld fmtntn are renulrnil to
    the until City ; Total Ii \l and to 511 oor of HIJ'i '
    MarchSth.: A. P. all u.t Fund ..'nt Up.1. hl, each on I nnd Interentn therein : and It .. '.t W 175 ft "I I tiny Ih.-lr Hnld ill" >tn forthwith to
    hhl.I..r.t"OI %.rl..Uulnl h..t the Hnld : run tho, umUrftiirneil Imlnlrjtrator
    which can l tie n.'rlnln.d t I'V ) lty of Mondn the flrnt AiifriiMt, IM therefore 011"1..1 by W linn of U W. lirlirio-r'n !
    nt the City hnlnl-nhlii> : .hr r : that --.- of June, A. ft, 1927.A .
    the C'lty flnrk Klnrliln 1.mgg A.f>. till?. during l hour of ( ourt. you slll d.t.I.I"nt."Iuv. land theme N on mild '-- -- 'IhU 2llll, day
    I of Ilark.. Florida County Agent- -: .-_== -.- : elite tbct'oon. In front of tile Mouth named "r .. .I bod do np (ami 214 ft to a pt of J. TIIOMAdnilnlntrifor .\ ,
    1.1 k I 1".ln on Hnhl. s lc. wnl..lhll door. of the courthouse of llrmtutfordI'u.minty ponr and enoh of von are herohyrequired 11.ir. Iht-nre N 478 ft W of thn estate
    ten from 1.llnl'! In Htarko. Florida.' the fol and ordnred, to appear" uponMondiv. H 478 ft ISO ft. of Jeieo, 'lliomaH, u1ii.uisc'I.it2I.Ot.3..i5. .
    \ \ ,'"'" Total I -- i nrnt dav AuiruNt. A T). 1(10 f. J .
    tor .
    contrail nnrt ; 5-lt-7-29 i .lp..rl.,1, liindH lying an'l l i.e. 11 I lit of bvic. 4 a In
    MaidWork. 7-1 1.\lno
    within SO( Uay trom alal'llll lrA.lt"r.1 I County Florida l'127 before the (9rIt Court: i.l: of HK i> 28 6 2 Mm. ruclifl, MaArthur __ _
    the ttiadrtrd Florida -
    mtld :
    | inTownnhlp
    tit.wit' i rton frac
    "" 12146078:
    Th. right to reject any ana al NO'I.UK D) t'O'1.;'I'OK. 7 !;. h.A' 21 Rant at the Court lIoiiHe of said. Connrv. ", on W II cx.
    reserved In the City of Minrke. Florida "Jl. Ilk
    tItus, hc-ieby and the Hi of | of NW, of U ft lot. 7 Joneii'
    ( F. II' ir'F.It.C. Sealed hldit, will he recelyed by. Section In Township 6 Mouth to answer th suit( bill of Complaint I mbl, 29 0I.u.ls 23 Mr., S. U. Alvarez ..._____ .
    '. .\. FITTfH Chairmll. the City Council of fltnrke. Fla.. iin Itnniro 2JOFal HtMntd filed, agaInst you nn defendant 6 C N J. Jonen
    City Clerk -.--- Ill H olork I'M of AllKUKt 2. 1927. be made under nndbv In paid. CUUHC. nnd thin vou mid. r Ilk 29 6l.ut 23 I II K rr _____._________u___ John B. Thomas
    mind nt that time puhllcly opened virtue of paid execution find for not to omit I upon pain I of Jutmi"" Illk Templnr > n 41 J. 'I'. Hli-koy ____u__________ 8
    MI IIi 'TO t fl''t it ""1'01" for paving the followlnir streets In Iho purpose of .ot"f InK ffald jurl.vmnt hv .I.r.ul being entered nl"I nr"l :Lot:: I I lulls 2\ 'Intnplen, :::11J J. H 2J .f. I.. IVf-k, ---.-----. --- _____
    _.. ___ UFfilHTKItRD .% J'IIITi'CT
    the city of starke, Kin and coHtr* Lot G Illk 2.1 lampion I 2: 1 II. IJ. Million _._ _
    The City ('ouinc'ttot the City c-herry street trull i4treet to Mad- %v. J. KPPnrtMnvHit. youThe Prndford County T*.legrr All Hlk ii ex lot 14 I..k.
    "ti I'hi-. Klorl.ln. wi r.r.I.al.d icon Street >. I I "'i'Iff Trndford ''.'.nty. Klurlda I niibllnhF'1' In !liiulfr, ,rd county. FI.r- mid. 21 I', U & J f. r*.k ... .. H Stnike, I'lurlda
    ltcl.u at Its city I In nld t ty (Ilu Ninth Street (Cherry Street to KMUHT & KSIOIIT fdn IN heroby dfHirnnted| nt therattavepnpu'r i Ail, HO Pttvk'H 2: t J3 C. I U &.I. U l-nrk --_ _Uu I

    ::. 5 o'cIWk I t1. M. or AllltUHt .2fl r Church trPCt). 'ark., FloridaAttomovH I In whl,'h this notice and ,' Ilk 31 I'tek a.I.1 29 2: c'. I I. J. K l'..l{ ____. I
    1'127. tor the constructIon "I a .Id."alk Ninth $tneel (T.mpl. Avenue to' for Plaintiff order nhall bupuutllsheut once a'''Al Ilk :U '. a.I.1 I. 21: HAll 2 C. l I. J. U. I...H: _. ._. -- C
    ftve feet wiute all't r.ol %Vuitfluit Street). to I 7.1 .- .t.729In wook for four "on."ltve wo.k.. I 94 Poek'M.. ail.l.2'I 6 2 <-'. L.J.. U I'o.k ____un_ ( -- ---------_ _ _
    tueirtnnlflg Mt Ih.' ."lh"A.1 ..r- Walnut, Street (Vlnth Street \VITNI.Si4 Clark of Ilk 34 lot. 1 & 11
    All cx.
    1.11 "t I Coun i & J. I Peek ______. ___ .
    of the Interseetlolt W.ln"t the ( Court r f Brnttnrt I'eek. atld 29 6 C. L *
    "I saId T'cherr'mr..t; Ninth Street toT'Th5m.5"ntmret ('II'P Maid I 2
    ., ont strpetl In ciY ( and the Il-i I 2 ml 7 10 Blk 35
    south the nVr June i f. U & .r. I_ peek ________ COFFINS & CASKETS '
    the i-nrl.lnK. And run to'' the circuit Court of the 2thTnrHrMal :"r on this 4'nn day Ponk'n add O I 2 -
    fluICaheth -
    went vlile. of property of Mr" 77'a I .?al 8tr..t CIrcuit of the State of Flf r- 'D. 1927. Lot. 9 Ilk 3 ...k." add 29 1 1.11. iliirvlck"__ --___ __
    K. .Tohnu n illntance of I Madl.on' "'BfrVJt to Ida In and for Bradford County In (I. Vf ALDRHMAN. !>'!. 7 10 and Full Lin* of
    feet Suld nldewnlk to he "UI.lru.t- ('hureb (Tenth Street rhanoory 'Cu.rt Clerk Circuit Court. Ilk, >: .. '"Wal.lot 2! I 22 C. L& .J I. Peek __________
    uot I Birordlnn to the IrRd. tona lnwrlKht by V. D loin II
    Finn rr
    Mary O 3. i. RAZEE
    -d by the street, .l 'wf clt*n hlld- Nnll VtVeVt Itre.t (Church Street to Wa- \V'Rlowrflh. her huvband and !ol"lo. for Complainant. '". '. add 29 6J.lu. 22 Inv committee of .ahl >r'S ) 8 Hlk B fli.lng.
    the materials nnd mixture f "- UnitrTtrUt (Call Stet'to Mad"Th.8tt"aV.uantltl. .Cotnplalnantii trl.nd. 7.111UOIUt:1 ","Id.7 29 8 2 J. M. ItlnltiB ________________ AUTOMOBU.R HRARSRAlwere
    vl.led bv the ald City by.0'1" .; I 8 7 8 BUt C .
    an.l under thus .upervt.lon of .al on which' proposals : Thou Oroomn v. *t al.! : FOIl I'l'IH.ICATIOXIn Lot.a.II. IU.lnl' 2! 6 23 'r. J. Terry ___u_____________ ..r.i.e
    h n4. Tke
    committee.' are d-llred are a. t"low" lfit. 1 3 t 28 brig. en bt
    .dd.r" can .certain, the rn.terhilii Hard mirucnc ( Rock. .. Sand Defendant.fait to and mixture epacifi-' fare Treatment, Hock .. nliee IterondnntM .i4 Ode Circuit Court Twenty-ilxth 2 4 II & W\ Iota 1 3 t.milea t* t.5.u..ph erd eim.KCISTCRKD .
    cation from the .Crlhr" of "Bin'work Asphalt Bane and u :allo Concrete -, To Tttftm t. Clroomn If living and If Judicial Circuit .,1 Florida In and .t folk 28 orlir (town 28 8"V 2 T. W. Sweat Eet. ____ ___ EMBAUMHDEWITT

    Ci' ..alrtIdewalk het A.phalt. Plain to the holm. d.vl...., irran for Bradford. (.oty. In Chancery. 60 ft. l lot 2 47 U T.
    on the conntrnMlon 11 with integral curb. dead teen claimant through or Paul I Hro.h.r.. a Co. nub < Uk,.- 28 6 2 FrancIs' William _________._ C. JONES
    to begin within ln "a} : ). 14.l'O Souare Yarde.Curb nthe.'I Tho Oro, m., corporation. and IncurrorRt..I. ., 4i' iot2Ittk4t
    anut *2 Brl.k 13,309 Une lFeKVcavatlon under fno : _._____________
    after lettlntr of contract thereafter. and Gutter to JoiUh A. ..... If Jvln. lumpl.lnant. Co ut>. dlv. ._ _Lo2' SEats 12 I.ucy EnglIsh STARE, FLA.
    completed within 80 day and Yarda. dead to the h" ... cranteeii 1 2 3 4 11 1 1
    The rllh. releet nnd al 4.OHO Cubla or other claimants .hrou.1 or A. M Ray. et al, Hlk 2t U T. Co. 6 I'nknown .____ ,____._______
    blue I. r.jery.d%. Catch Ba.ln" 5, Complete .lh under the paid Joalah A. r..f.ndant.. Relief Lot I Blk 27 orig. ad".2_-.__ 8 2: Consumer.' tbr. Co. --.._____
    I and If and Ofhei
    if living, dead
    Chairmaif. Cover. Pipe. U Lln.&l Fet of to J A. Lewis .r..I..r.
    C. A. FUTfH. Concrete
    City Clerk. 7'U-Z

    r .

    _____ _
    -- ---r .e -
    -1 -- s.'I
    .- .-'" : '. ; -. ---.



    ,, '" ", . .. . ,, .., ..< .-' ,.--.-" .,


    f ,
    7 '

    nn.\OFOItIJ corvTY T.unRU'U: : ST.\RKE, FLORID 1'ItIOn'J.v 30.1037 tf tf11
    \(;m: RiGI1Tt

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    switch to electrocute) ". i aJr: v7
    killer I to ie
    : \.an: >- .s
    1 VV/////// O- i r I
    himself, according to news diin-Mc .....". !but as his movements ry. 1
    will be limited to wiggling his toes! when strapped, his desire -
    : will ,:o iiJi-;>utir.fivd.It ( ( 1Ii 1

    is! suit: t',til Senator Bill o Philips of Lake City 1:4: thinking ///J/i 11'r.S'.I

    of" !niniiin for rorirwc' against tho: Honorable) Lex I I S'b'

    Green. Senator! Bill !knows the !political game lwC'ltynll, but

    few' believe that Given! is any slouch ut it.--Perry Herald.ISefoiO I aII'

    .: I Klt(4 f IIC

    r : Y.1 lit'; t1.o envelope shut on your next mail order I ,/ nl 0'.
    and 'ider'what a service the grocer, I f -' : Oit /: ,> '
    MO,) ;i; fe- r...iiUc.; con I I q / 8'1
    '' tfJ''r 'ViitS'1' ***] -'#. 'S'S'-V: *'" "" r ,, / lAy
    + I
    children / .
    whore I ( 1n.
    I 1 the! hardware dead or the dry goods man p..AP.iC"4 i s -r Mp-rr. ..( (. ,; ifttlr. .
    niuid t'.e' same school! and church that yours do, is: rendering! i / .ROCKS KS "* of the Texas I It),
    :( I' ? --- j v 7ry ? ifc! Miss! Mndero a plx-wceks'-old black bear, new mascot
    join' c"mmunity. aside trom tying taxes to ktop those insti- 'lisa Association la shown, eating nn ico cream cone from the hand otier 2,
    keeper, Fred I. Masgvnftlll.\ publisher of the Terrell Dally Tribune.
    tii i"ii <1'1) .!"i.- ala Star. I .,. t i-s Maitera was presented to the association ut a recent convention InG
    _. + .,
    ___.u -- r I C I I Paso
    The Leesburg Commercial complaiiu editorially\ of the I!

    of: electric! smico furnished that city by the
    I Indlantown.-"Work started on Flagler Beach.-Contract to be 0
    Fbi( Ida, Power Corporation, even though Lee.-bur; penali/es' ) (?{) toiiHtructlon of $28,000 new schoolhouse awarded for construction. of recreation
    the under its franchi $1O? () nn hour for each IfNuJA( here pier at Klagler Beach
    power company Lauderdale. $700,000 to
    I Fort TallohuHHpe.-Clay testing laboratory -
    hour the service: is interrupted.: "The bill is: \paid-sometimes be expended for municipal( ) 1m- to determine commercial

    as: much as aroi'nd :$100 per month-but that doesn't -- --. --.---- I Iiiovements.linnlfay. value of various clay d"posltsIhl'OIl..hOllt IdIti
    ,-Plans under way for .. Florida will be estab-
    do the consumer: Vho suffers I loss u bit of good," nays the who gets drunk and kill another 5 is a murderer. The drunken large Lake Geneva grass pike last were Friday taken by W.from II. construction of new city hospital. lished here by state geological department r.

    Commercial.Ueautiful. automobile driver is more of a l menace than the holdupman Ogden Mr. Ogden also had the here. IIto

    I or the man who has murder in his: heart, because those unique landing experience a small of alligator hooking while and Installed Apopka.In-local New pout equipment ofllce. being Key 'est.-New depot wharf United being StatesIIlththollHe built 1:

    Kingsley\: lake, six miles: east of Starke on the arc seeking particular objects, w' ''b: the drunken automobile casting In that lake. The 'gator I Sarasota-Work started ;n construction here' nt cost of $40,000.SebringNew TIB

    recently! paved Stnrkc-Green] Cove SprL.s road, is: making I driver jeopardizes: the lives of an ill: meets on the road, pedestrians remained a number on top of of attempts the water to during cast Mingling of Hrothers new winter' Barnum quartersof & thIs city. sewers being laidIn 01

    rapi I'M: ti rules forward in building and )beautification Alonzo or drivers.! over him. and on one occasion the Halley circus here.Jacksonville.Huilding. Lake 'orth.hIK requestedfor DJ

    { Stric'::land: l ..i--> completed{ the building of several large' bath I Ihou I We have an abundance of la to meet the needs if the hack minnow slid directly over his Issued In Jacksonville during permits June tracks construction of Seaboard of Air bridge Line over railway cl.Ili(,

    i ( .-- : pa\ f!'ou: and two pie>.'., on the hike :shore;; and they laws were enforced. If the courts would charge with and Harper J. Smith, of Lakeland totaled. ( 1000000. on west Lake Worth road. II
    ': Plans under
    are now in u-e. Mr. :Utiiclxland:; :lias M.irli-fl the erection of a convict a few of these drunken dr': ers of first degree murder. was In Keystone;: Heights from Lee91JIlrg-$10.000 apartment for High erection Springs: of new-- warehouse hereby way 81
    Monday until Wednesday on busi house be erected.
    42-room hoi and! Lay recently completed a lacer lunch room. and punish them for their crimes it would help a lot, and if ness. i I 1L'eshurg-Conlrart to ho let Winter Gulf Urflulng Haven.-company.Plans under to 0Ito

    A number oj' new outages: have been erected on the lake front those who are in the habit of tanl'"j up were denied the rightto Mm' McKeown and daughter, for construction of $300,000 new way for opening $20.000( new citrus -

    1i { and Rc\'cmll1ler.i haze been extended into the lake this summer I drive cars it would make this a 'aLly safer place to live in. :Miss Huth]HoroUiv nnltfl1rgl1r..t! Horn and Rpeor.the Misses have i ,,hool:St.:; house 1'II"tlne.'ork/ here underway fruit. Augustine canning. plant Building In this city.St. permits -. "m

    Starke plans to beautify the road from that city to the I The number of automobiles on fWi,> r"!!(!* i H increasing: daily returned to Jacksonville after having remodeling post olllco building Issued In Florida" during !May J,1! ,

    1 lake and make of this pretty watering place one of the most I and those at the wheel should hi. j;; '.hair \vits about them at Height/ spent, a week nt Keystone;: here. .- 'totaled $10,3-13,800. Ip, h.tI.

    the entire south.Times'I all times for the safety of theme..., their passengers and I Mr and !Mrs C, II. Clark, and 11nl
    others who the J. Edwin Larson were entertained 1 :
    are traveling roe at dinner at the home of Mr. and We can charge
    o Almost: invariably it is the case that the drunken driver I Mrs. W II. Ogden on Saturday, YES your 8 HKS 0hl

    , STATE l KOADNmmCU: 18 comes out of an accident unhurt when others are kille .- .July Twelve 21. people were present at I STORAGE BATTERY In IS11Iith's W
    (Clay County Times) Green Cove Springs Crescent. the weekly bridge party nt Keystone ;: a
    ]Inn :Monday night. C)1)
    What a difference[ !lOne can hardly realize what was en- ....................... angular course. Ramsey was! -op- Guests registered at. Kevtone elm
    : l Inn this week 01'1L\: A. Elliot,
    dured just short time ago when a trip wa taken starting crating a boat owned by Macro StarkeFfo.
    Y. Y. Phillips.' Orlando; James K.
    and for Starke. What : Keystone Heights : \Illcks. Charles Wiggins of Wal ,
    from Green Cove Springs heading a Dew hurst, Jacksonville Mr. and Garage II'w
    .. third boat belonging t
    Minn llrlrn OitdrA, C'" a /
    Jacksonville Tom }
    Mrs. Pprclval.
    terrible night-marc it was, and fortunately indeed were we if ; trsl
    I ..........N............, Macro Hicks Taylor, L. the trip was made without getting stuck in the sand. It was A special. chicken dinner was MolTett, Sanford; J. W. Jones, O, 81e

    1 a two hour trip at least and sometimes it took all day. Just 1 motor Members club of who the spent| ,Jacksonville Sunday, provided who for had the chosen motor club Keystone members K mill, Marsh party, ,Orlando Jacksonville; Fenner; E King. T I '' <"1'""""""""""IIIKIINilUlllli"""""". wli. ihw -ywYIIAIIYI, ,miiiuiiiuiLtuiiiuiuuiiii" '"' 4tiyi ct>

    how much good religion\ has been scattered along that road July 24! ut Keystone Heights, wit- Heights In which to enjoy their Montgomery, Lake City; L. Phil- Itl
    estimate but it is safe to that fair neHsed some exciting five-mile boatrtu'ee weekly outing and the Blue Lantern lljm. Ocaln; O lludgens.. ., Ocala; 1 w't
    j is hard to
    z say many very therein the course of which launch, which was at their Mr. and Mrs C. EIalnes.! Jacksonville I. Postage Plus or
    church, members! have I lost much of their religion while tryingto Iwo of the boats were overturned disposal, made numerous tripsaround ; Mr. and Mrs Nelson, ) fo
    road is hard-surfaced all I thilllliiK many spectators who Lake Geneva. Jacksonville-! Miss Martha Hernty ,/ ofbl
    that road. The
    negotiate : now crowded l the docks and the lake Jacksonville. J. II. Hodgen and .
    the way to Starke and a very good road it is. Starke is but shore.. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Lawrence, family, Jacksonville; and, Mrs. I
    I who have been spending the sum- Gainesville i
    about forty minutes from Green Cove Springs and the tripat Three of the five races were won mer In North Carolina, arrived In J A; Mr.Clmdwlok and !Mrs and Chns.son Drayer-, Service Plus? Joi
    by the Lindbergh' Special owned I
    that speed\ is: made in comfort. The top dressing will soon I Keystone Heights Sunday. Their Jacksonville, ; A, I}. Adams Jacksonville St
    I hv Macro lucks Hob UI1mllton'sMyT.Blu lime here will be limited as Mr. R. T. Richard Jacksonville I
    be on this road and it will then be complete What a struggle winning the other two. Lawrence Is here on business.Mr. ; Miss; Dorothy Richard Jacksonville I erd
    it used to be, to get to Kingsley Lake We wanted to go for On the fourth race the two win- and Mrs. F. M. Walrath ; Miss Frances Sheftall
    ners exchanged boats and Bob drove to Jacksonville Tuesday on :Mrs. Lee Roy Shoftall. !\II'. A. K.Sheftall itt
    the fun we would have after! getting there. But we have Hamilton came In ahead l In the business Lee Roy Sheftall, Jacksonville t Ptat
    I Lindbergh Special. E. W. Mc- Mrs. Sanders t her mother, Mrs.Church !Mrs. M. K. Farel, Palat-
    in another direction times because of the terrible ;
    gone may I 'reary, upset at the start but was Kenneth Church, Betty ka; !\II'. and Mrs. Y. Y. Murr\ and '
    condition of the road. Now it is u delight, both on the way back In at the second race. lIe and Dudley Sanders returned Mon- son, Jacksonville; Robert M. Tilt- i t< Ar PI
    was out at the second lap how- day from Hendersouvllle, N. C., Itoud
    ten State Department
    I reach. It might be well to rememberthat
    and Kingsley
    ever, when he stopped to aid Gilbert where they have been spending .
    this road could not have been constructed without the Ramsey, who overturned I their vacation.An Palm City.-Several streets of I
    while rounding a curve on the trl- eight-pound bass and several city to be paved.!
    aid given by J, C. Penney. The bonds would not have foundas 1
    --- -- -- -- ---
    good a market. It might be a very good idea to rememberthis
    fact as :you enjoy a drive over this fine road ,
    o 1i1

    day automobile accidents given in daily / wr
    Every are : i Mace t
    7 rz1 rz Me
    YOU1lZe ,
    and weekly newspapers. Sometimes the account of the acci- i
    dent conveys the information that the driver was under the I C'AtS7\ 7TWN1r '

    influence of "shine" or whiskey. Oftener! this fact is not It SNIRTAR'1NE\ TI: BuT _

    stated, but in the vast majority of instances this is tho truth.A GoSI4tr1A VJA'( CANT j
    man tanks up on "booze," gets his hands on the steering I C y ,
    TAKe oclr rtY Si-\os\ l
    I ;
    wheel of an automobile and "burns the wind," utterly care-
    less of the lives of those he is jeopardizing by his irresponsible AN SRCKNGS! ?;::: When the
    you figure price a mail order tire
    conduct. If he happens to run into a car and kills one or
    more people, or wrecks the car he is driving and kills one or ADD bother, delay, and hand labor of gettingthe

    more of his own passengers, or "runs down a child or some tire on your wheel to the delivery cost. _

    ) grown person with fatal result it is put down as an accident, I

    and that's the end of it. Years: ago when men got drunk and : Then remember-when
    you a Goodyear-
    while under the influence of liquor, killed another the plea ,
    was made that the man was drunk, and being drunk did not built Tire from us-you get your exact size I

    know what he was doing, hence was not responsible for his when you u-ant it. Remember : we put it on for

    act. This. went for a long time, and liberated many murderers. you, inflate it, and Service it. '
    Men who wanted to take human life dot drunk, killed l'h I1 I

    and "got by with it" because the courts decided that the act a-'tJ \ 1 It's this SERVICE PLUS Goodyear guaran-

    was not that of the normal Individual. After a while some ; teed
    quality that enables to
    ; us save time
    hard-headed old judge who had more common sense in the you ,
    administration of law than the most of the judges advancedthe bother, and tire money. S

    theory that when a man went about the job of getting
    drunk he knew full well what he was doing, and what might /lUll at Home and Save Money

    happen while he was under the influence of whisky, hence VI.

    he was responsible for the things he did while drunk. This VI.t

    was a logical conclusion and was so accepted, and the plea of

    drunkenness as an excuse for murder no longer liberated men meB4f'EFcoT

    for their crimes.A .
    man who gets drunk and gets into an automobile is just :: I Supreme Service Station

    as: responsible for what happens as the man who got drunk 6::>Y I b

    and committed murder, and if he kills somebody while he is OA SCJf04Q "V I NO.2. PHONE 83I' I ,

    driving drunk he is a murderer just as surely as. -the man ,- ... ., qtY
    ...!!!"!! -'!.'!::''I" ,,,
    -ymsssantsssanmanl.n' ,--.



    .." .-...."it.I"-'I'I"1' '''( ''1 ''\ fiioo. ......... .,- _""-> .., .. ... .
    Off. .. .. _. ,, . ., ""... '.
    .. .:.> ,-, .... .-",, Jt\\'; j.>. ,...(.h".I.". .mja,.:"...-,..,'i'l.ii; ;. : "N;:":lrl' ?1 I4rNbl, ,"\:2" >.:9td.." .,';<<''tIt/. : ,l' ""_"""" ,., ..111_..

Bradford County telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: July 29, 1927
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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oclc - 33886096
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lccn - sn 95047406
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,... -,.--- ..- -........-;- ... ,.... r h.. ,,'.\" " 'J ... ;:. "' ....... .. ; I .;: I:' ;';,'. ,:..t .'. t,;.IL., .,..I\"\ ........I,....,."",.\. "".".. ._- ,-." ..........i.I>., _._ ;tt.aI\oIt!4I..._ 'WIJ I\ ...'.U' 1.... ...., ... ;, .

"fl'iT '\> '

:'ck\: ;;

., '; :

m rabfnrb (!to mr-lrgrapI1

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K. S. :"Mattln-ws Owner
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\'OI.r I"J I-'TY -- - .. ._
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HT\lc -
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Matt Kimes /utW1I.'J'

llo>' IVail. llrotlier llils. Narrow CountSilmoN, \\ II h i\ceitton: |' DELAYEDivu .

lo IIMIC Itonds Without KHciipehen: ICin-liil. In or .suiiki*, l >peim Term* IIAJJ.Y SUN.Jin -
SM'| <.liil. Kiel: .lion Tunnel I .\uun-t hAll cases come' "11.> iicroit1 .( mineJimllmr

(; lIt Moiiihl) TCIIIInl' ,'kmnullle. Julv :2!
Talatka. July :2i:: Within the Hurleil 'In a tunnel when It Bilnuiln ( '''>urt men were slightly II.hlr"II111
next rn i jc'aM'il.Villlam Kraiiil'8 Stiirllng, Hllhln t thu iiiuniy I their'
( days It Is piobable that 111 I will bo h lutumohl.> ('rIHh,1 Iltn a
( work will begin un that portion of and .lollniii! starling. 10. HOIIXijf open ) AIIKIIM Mil. mcordliiK '- \"orfew i :INOS ut'ie, dlxpot''' ( ,parked lt a rrossltuv on thni.alnesllli

( state hlfihway :o.u.; 28 from UunSnell Mr.. iiml :Mm" II. J. SliirlliiK of / ullli to Hie:Siiiierlnteiident' XS'lKRlns ill tlii.> regular! nionlhly i ,"rmlounly I : > road, juxl "ulth ot

to Sun :Muteu. IJ. Kuurnslde, I jStarke, wore held under the load' exiepdoii of tho Judge's i onri last Tin' --III"i H.ildwin. at 4lln.1: : tic-
f 8r.. chairman of the board ot bond i of. net i I'III)' for nearly" an hour ( Starku Hull I ncliool, iu term openjliiK j' sentences, lu'lnu" Imposed, nn ,11 Ii" ,. 'I',1I11 .to IlIfol'IHllul IIIII.IV.rerelvoil"
Tnefday" "' about noon befoio the / September liuh Seven of thu : pleading here" l Ii '
trustees stated today. jrliooH gutlliniil xoM-i.il" .." >v 1''IHtnhl. M. Saucer" ,
Knglneer: of the state road department : ,KimliiK raiiiMii 1 >rn: IIIIIH' <>I| I thv ilirahaiii ojioned July llth and I,,tinned. for the term Thi> i ,i-e 011'' li.ildwln. who Invesllgiiled.The .
mother to hei'omi* anxloiiH and I nchoul opened.. on Jill/' =NfWt JohllS cluilKoditll mi' of
are now busy locating! I 22nd. [ -l-IHlll-: iipmils III"1' \1'1'&
,' the road In Flagler county. Mr. L.O lii K..III'I'h of them. StteliiK:: t InoiluKH ed and Ti'HillPr* luite been >11'1'111.1 Intoxicating llrtnor, was itnom' John llrowiilnir.!!: u man ininipd' 1'roviitt -

FeniHlde said. t'lngler i ount>. oh- [ HtaniliiiK, un the uuuil' bank teaclier. the and 1 list ul HCIOOH| | with I IIhoso" continued 1 until' tln "loixu :.i imonthly iiml, 1 I man named Wilkinson,

tnlnedpedal, !legislation/ permltHng .1 Nliort illHlunrifrom tho IIOUNU KHeu ojieiiliiK dates. weru t lorin In Aunust. mi ,n j \\liu lexldrd near I.aw' ley.
us follona
the i-suum-e of bonds for the Mix Starllnienl to tlic scene. I l"II count of flip !'iilo's \\iiinsM. Itnli.. I Tin. l.iinoblle was Irn

hlithwuv without culling/ an 1 eletlon. < know. .' UK[ It to he a fiiMirlte_ tipoti : (ot.tIh"rl. who wax also i' bai'Ked' i the. roiiJ., at I rale of nh"lt\'t'lIlIl
he said. "" "10' ;. IIIIIl "I<'I'K III I'lil)' ,r. 'loilNHU-' mill's 'per lioiir" It Will wllll
Tile route will run via Shell i aves mid tiiniielx IhroiiKh the July 11111.111111I1'11'. for pails unknown wl"11 he w.i-" ,dim llglils burning. .11111

TJliiff. :Mr. Fonrrmlde said an "'- <'la>' I'MiiMited: 1 from the iiinal. "' t'. 1'. 1.111\ hUI'II. :III'". released. from the ionnt' >' jail ,li.> i lashed Into I Hut 11'11'1' mid borninu ,
fort to have It established through!!: The oldpr boy a 11 found with \\ J. JOIIL-S, Free \Vynil und! Kdna ; secure bond 11'"IIIII'III"'I""th' n'liov, car. Tho j

Klaglcr! City to meet /Highway :No; hlH l>od\ 11I1I'lIy' In a tunnel burled I :Munnliiti,\ July llth.Starke Albert was arrested l h y Shcilfl 'III'lIlt"i from" tho wreck !
4 having been unsuccessful.The fl'ulll< the walxt up and l lie \\IIH ---S. M. Howling.. :Mrs. O.i Kppcrson: Sunday: nriornoon; .liih' \Hli only' minor Injuries.

entire length/ of Highway I deud when :Mrs. starllnK 'r'' lu und MlrItlce Illth It Ix Malil. IIH In' wan leaving I Just nlleitha three I thomm

| jCo. 28 from Lake .'My In now mi 'hody out with her huiiil>I. Seeing I Jill-knoll, hltill mliool Mrs. II. I the place of :Now; I Julius, lit Ing I 'bine ami, stalled' \ to 1"1 pull It.f fl'ol

lder construction or has been nda the feet of the yonnier hoy Ill'lIrWhI" 1'erkliiH ( S ) M.ny Coiruuay ((7); ) south I of SIIII'k(>. A bottle of lIt''WI' I beneath the box car. tho Iniluxlaited .,
v..l.th.ed .. far as this city. Top hlH hrothor'H" head had ( lit) to be tilled Kiiiure; 1'erklim was In hen from lilm mill hn was moving innl pulled I hit au

[ surfacing Is being done In Colum- ,rented, MrK. StarliiiK lind to010( (IB ) IiiHKle M.io rieiinett. ((4)) placed In HIM roilnly jnll Th. urri'Mt tomobile down I Hie tracks for Severn

1 bla county.Mr. to thu hoime to HIM'urn a Knvel|; to MadKe )llIoI.lI.>toll ((3: > Klhel (irllliu of Johns followed.. I thl' negro Matt KlincH and lUrco I )'11',1Th., 11'1111 crew, dill .

FenrnHlde expressed\ the clear the dill from the boy. Hou ((2)) MI-H. II. l'. Kltdi mid ;.Minn. making ulTlil.ivll hilt ho puivhnxd Ire held at Okmulgoe, .olh,1.. for not 1'111'1 of tho accident( until
[opinion that work on the route \% .illve wlit'li. reHi'licd alllloUKhxo / Olive- Hny (1) Sept. liltli. (>d \llciiiir'| rrurii JohiiH. Johns the slaying ot Police Chief W. I three I. ("I'H1'1 derailed uhlla 1

would be, pushed us i,r_ Foils A, weak mid unnerved by |hiM! 1 IOIIK KelleyMrs.: J. L. l'IIII'rhlll,1 I made hiiiul for his /apearanen beforo McAnally of Hoggs, Okln., during. J. the (trlil was l In motion, I was) I .,
|JIathnway. chairman of the state Imprisonment inulerisronnil' that he AllKllst iii II. County. t Judgn rlurdlner( TIIPSlii.v a doulilo, bank robbery said. .
Toad dppurtmeiit Is Interested In foiilcl! not Ktuiui for oeverul lionm. l.awley L. II. Fulfil, lielniu mill lie was released The lie $18,000 was obtained. It which -- .. -.. ki

(.its parly completion. A break In Hie rlay holding him lllllkllix, Mrs. A. \\.111.1111..11... Ml'8. Km allowed( to leave the rnunly ono ot the west's moat feared Klines i, COMMISSION' ON SU.KON: \

The routing via Shell Bluff to down nllowed Hiilllflent/ air to retain 11. Amli'ruoil.. Jtlll to Ret. llln bond l slKiird lint 'honeKlerteil dlts, already la under bun* | 11"1" I'\UI'I: ; 11' \'l .'
life, while hln brother" wan In Inform a 09-yaar
-iinneU will cut the distance be- VIIIII'rbllt--l\Il"" Munnit mid I he olllcers/ 'IIIuiiiii foatenco for ;
E'tween this city and Hunnell about ('lIlIlI'ht In Ulloll II IKlllIt Irlll tllllt I.... Lilli" M.<> irnu. A HIT. ktiiirahain mifi nf tlui roiintrv ho In* tnurjor.KOCK lloillk. |. Nationallll' I He I'nlil' Hy

|lght miles .It was' said.SMM ,,1'uu"l not breathe.Telephone (; _Jouephlnu'l n' Yoniuuiis .loniled.. to Heek 11 hUII""liII1U. lintl 1 1I I CompiinU1.. IIrk111 IsNiit "
'::4, --..-- -. ( ) rail brounlit/ neigh- and /IJlliel;( Moore, July 22nd. ] lie IHIH not lieen heanl from Hlnee
u :M'.\ \ IKK\MS; OKI born to the Hcene who worked Inun New; lilvtn -Maud Mitt bell und( 1 \\helher t the neKi-o left t HIDroiinly Miami. July 2n.< The, sale ofi

I MOMOY. : .\ ". C'OI' IS Til. Kit; KniiiiN : ell'ort" to ri'Kloro life until thearrival Kunlce< UliltehoiKl/ July llth. beiuuse of thit'iils against' ROAD\i\ the. len lillllloll dollar Issue of l v-

: M\HCH: is :M\I. Irvri -: of Or Parks anil the boy'Hfather KKinimuu:\ --Mrs. J. A. Waxdlu him should he lesliry ugulnxl 1'1'11"111,1.. di'uliiagn bonds was pro
who runs Hie remaiintnt July lllli. '/Johns dr because he wax IIHO) Involveil ,l-'lrsl by 'Ilio Florld.1 National
shipment" of rock for .
I'alatka July 20. A dream reRlleated near the Hank of Klarke. Their III'uokl.'r---C. C. Malheny' JOBOphlne I III having, I Hie HiKnor' In hlx'possession the Itriiolter loud, hl.I- ;! Hank of .hiclisonvlllo' and this bank
romblned Kllr"111 III'rlv.I.111'10,11" '
two conseoutUe nights, Iny efforts failed to accinnpIlHh Milllclli'lt, FloraVllcox, In nut) known hut the \'... anil lei-Hvi's the only ('ltmIH..I'H,paid .'
was cmrled
omplete on the first occasion led ) i-OHiilts. ami medli'al uttentlon t Thelma JohiiHoii Slclla Mae cnse( against Johll" 'fnl' HellliiK, In- on Hie branch line, ( out 'un the. ,sulito niiv unit, State
EC. II. : ; wax Klveii the "ui'\'lvor.Kiineral \\'III'IIIIl luh'nIlIH will lie continued Thursday C. (
Nelson blind resident of this rity HvliiK at the home of J. WfBlley. servlroH were heldVod. 11I'lIlwulln-T. II. I'lnliolmer. Iliu negro run, ho foiiml. t'onnty start the. 1111'k 1"1'1'1 lodav Me niild,, this ,commlnslon ,

." south 13tli street to the low neHilnv[ nlleinoon three u'llork. fol Inez. I'"rnII'huelllld, / Itiihy KoKler( Judge' iarillner( Klaleil, .that AlheitniiH .. woi'k (1'11 toward 11'H.k'r( Tin-1 1 wax biiriie', h>' the bond. companioni I I111'k'IIIK
a recovery of a sum of money which UK by hurlul In Crosby eemotery. July lItft.i releuneil without Ills knowledge. of I the 11'lIhllll., nuiJorlty i the Issue. ,
'had been lost It was mated today H..', J T B.irni'H olIlrlatliiK/ / i KlxhiKMrs.: Illanchu Kdnurds: In both (dlrecHiinx rnll will be( bundled( I :II' Liming .said bo believed. Ilia j

!,!S The dreuni Incompleted" Suturulglit ;si.\CCI.IANV' : iTi::II"I.I'i : iii iiiM.U : and :Nora'; Idas, July lllli. I .other, rime** ,disposed, of wpre-: "rules 'being nllowed' fl'I/by I Cr/hllm.1 i governor, wnnld cnll-ll MI..11 leg- :;(

., lIky fulled to reveal where : ; sr.\'iirH: .\TIOKMVThe : lIulltdl'IIII1A.. J. (CI'IIIIH.; July' I K II. ShrlfcV.: ,ilriiiikeiineHH, Illllllll III tills pllllll, h. H/'j IHIII'HH'"I' .I'vl.. other I
Jlthe money might be found. The Mrxt 11 tho I hiiiul ot JJ6 J fUI'I'I'I.,1.. ( 110 In Ih.('vlnt
i praetlial( exierlenoo| of U. i I.;. :lld'I"IIIIY( the m"I l'I'lIvldhIJIC'Cur' the ,
aall1e dream however came to Mr. State'x \Voodl.i n- Uuv. J. T. Hiiriios paHHliiK worlhIOHM II proposed'
Attol'llt'y1011111/ :
1.tNellloll: SUllday nllrht. rnvnill 1 tiff V. KnlKht and LoillHU J.llt...., AUK. Mil. : i'1 hecks, ; proKei-iitlon withdrawn l'IIIIrt'.0'\ i I'OI tweniv million dollar bond 'Isxuo

\ (the location of the money.: U was It was- Miss/ -Mildred- ,Dornn'a I week wax obtained ill the xperlal In 1II11"'lenny term uf laxt t the HlKlihind- liebble I'llllllps, Ail-' ( .'' un pa> >,,meiit,, of ('h'k( anilCOHtS. i 1'10111.1.i, in; I"IC'I.I: i,! IN.. held' -ll lirolisllt-. e.lit 111111 ., "

'f'. i,1--Taken.atated. t this l morning to the spot fly ambition across to the be the first person to clrrtilt ted court. :Mr. Knliiht neiiult- Kllst Mil.___ .__ I III'uu''rlh"I.t.' open profanlly' ; Tallahassee, 'Il. July' 21--' :\IIII hljslI.hl'; : 11\I: {.
Pacific hlmxelf ,
HO well I'rniieitv ttiluiitlons
and now that lie luielved .\ f'\lIU continued for the I
Where he dreamed the money I III" 1'11\\1\-: : "ruse for 1"1'11I. htiln (
i)1) 'might that the men have beaten her she coiiKi'ntulnlIons[ from" memberH /II. ('. of Florida for, I Hut year 11127 will Mrs. M H Iliirson. MaHler I'onnld
be found by Miss C. B. Hlleyuccess Chappie ami .lames IInyl.or I
crowned his efforts It was wants to be the first woman to of- the bar mid from miiny of t 100Illzl'lI'4 The Ian-en)' tire : pleail.. RUllly 1101unil piobablbe slightly less thantlniHo I Klvlere. 11'. 111.1 :1.... Louisa .'J'JI
I reported.fIn achieve It. The Flint, Mich., i who were prexenl' at theseveral liimtiand' und 1 relallveH. of i'oNlH each or 4 iiiiinthH I of tho >ear' Just ('II.h.l.. Klvlere und. '. mid '''. Karl ,
fchool teacher la shown tilalH und likewise won :Mrs. Lew In demoim mid rMldren: Co in pi roller' Krnest: Amim has advised .tin ksoiivlllii
above ,
:May! of last ynur, It Is rcf HaveAtnore.. iloHorllnii iiml noiiHIippoM. IIIII\'I"f were week- :
"'HI) her pilot Augglo the approbation) of JIKK|/ <> Adklns. lOuil: and 1 M> l'U,! I.eo wish lo ex I tlov. .' ( ( '
ported thnt Mr. Nelson then! nt Tedlnr. That tend their held under l.'IOll: hond lorilrrllil "hlV. 111'11. 11'1'' '< 1'" nt SH Icklund'H I lundHlH l.
he Herured insulin heartfelt thanks" to Ilio Tho (' nf I
be ci mplroller
Lake ) may '
: nil tIer. had n similar dream t'ourt.Odell / ,
I show'Ins/ a sum of money lying tin-i I.IMMi.i.rit,; : itigrisrsI :: :: I'lixlly:\11'. Keen when it Is recalled that us friends, who.. HO willingly assisted' I 1I1II11h.IIIIIIIII1I1"/ ; 'pleadKiillly. 1 was coiitiilmul, 'Iu the / iiiiial l'e- Kev and Mrs. T. M. IHggs of
KniKlit din-In
[ Is the "it, the pint of 'Hial'
Ider only |Hei'iitliiK HiiirerlUK mid 1 dentilat olllcnr, In Jin liHolivllle., .
a tree which turned out an { I $1 ami rimlH. 1'1'/111(1 spent week-end wlllltheir
.fjtctuality when Investigated. I I i'iit.Missio\: : '1'11110J.Jn.u \\' |' 1IItol'IIP. )' who ever obtained ft llrxt our three. loved ones, for tho10vlllK' II ( i. Sli-ohfoldl. II..Mlllllt11th. / loiter I'nll lo .Hie 11'1'.1'1., lo onahln claIRhl.r. Jl'S. I.U/.lo Tomp--

| *4Hl8 mobt recent tlrenm of money : : TO I K.\IH CHVII: 'rteKfi'Lmurder verdict from a woulx of > >'in"ia Iliy, and consolation Inluiit lo iniinlor I'rellmlnarytrial Ih. executive lo .pr >perly llxI l.h'H.I I .
ffo Jury In thu lilxtory of llaker conn1 xpokeii, mid for. the 'beau I Ihll slali' inllliiKo I for Iho eiisuliiH I Mr., ami F C .
the third of the kind which In 1! tiful Thursday.( .Inly' asih | 1I1'H. I'lirk and
Jjill l.v. and be ohtatned two .1 loath Heni' flonil trlbuteM flint no received. year" ililldreii, of
JiUrue' : cases, It was linve stated.been found to be Convicted the electric'and chair gentenced, to die I i iIn li'iici'n diirliiK the J proicroHM of the Miiy I HIH Ijord bless em'li s. .\ CtiW11 i.: i iON It \\1'1 :'" I I In spllo of I Hie preilli( leil lower week wllh Mrs. 11..1." parenls.. spent 1. Mr.I a.

..... -- -- ..- .--- prison farm. /at the state/ i proceedliiKx( ubiih were ended onVedntHday und everyone of jou It our prayer.M M\XM: r IWII \ IU: IIU \ It valuation 1 ho"'v"I'' the Kovi-rnor I mid II'I It. I: (
/ Ilnlforrl. for
the slay \ i I IIIt.s J 1111111111'(1. lort
DRO'' ";U "' ''''001. TO ing of Mr. | afternoon. --- I .11.111.,1 that Iheit* would bit no ,} Tuesday (for Kprlngs
and I. ,
1111' .
'' F.rusmus: ) There V \ ( C'OI'ln' OI.
1ItIt: OI'I'X: .U''ST; HTMvwtii Itel<'ll. aged( :Macclenny: wu only pnilso for the I iiilKlllon| hv lhi.> Seaboard" Alrj' Im-rcasn Iu the IIIIIIIK". and lhat'It 111.1 lleiidi-i-siiiivllb, ., N I'.
'r:. ---. I Herbert llarvpy, Jacksonville' couple, 'manner In whli-h ho hunillud the Willie -- | 1.1 lie railroad of the would, remain at 7 I-.' mills, Ilio'' II. iiml. Mrs. J., I L. Strickland ;',
negro i'uses niider Tlioiniis. dlHurilerlyi for- 10211..
consldcrutliin. ; same mi I
Hrooker sthool will begin lie 1 CalniiHVlllo .
and (itilf i of
jM6iulay: morning. August 8, 1927! has requested that ho be permitted spoko' c'onvlnclnRly to the Judxo/ felted $ Ii bond. I I lenity miiiouiicod. .111I'kKOUVIII0'j! 'I 1'1 lin, properly. valuations for Iho I: .< 'hl'1 Il1xvllu. wera.
IJi to pull the switch which and! jury mid evidently orrln JiJIIlH drunk : forfc-ltud, In I HIit! !. n mounted/ ti 7hii.IIlll.fkO1 I I 111' 1"1." A B.
8:30: o'clock. Knch; pupil thnt'Intends will send 1 him to his death Jntendud tlo boml. 1 rivliilit. mid pusseimei I .,1111. > .- Kl llth, hind Sunday.
to attend the school IsV Ing to statement carried a'col'l-j to i lie lair unil triiinrui In the ncciiHatlonx :- .. I Ii lutlt'I' l'IJIlIt.. It U II U litlllflll I!<*(*(1 II t.Hie I *. lludu t'oiinlv iiloiio conitrlbnliil i I Miss I 'lompklns came homo

'.rged' to enroll the first day If In t the. Mucclenny Standard.i ; be hurled, against Har i icjiir out- ;- '\1110--- -- Klorld.i "railroad i uminlsslon.! : ( about. OI-H'v'.nll of t hit I| I Ibis week' fl'1

j; possible The parents are also Harvey who was. convicted( with vey and Klrklund for their dus111 I C I II( Capps.he'' 'piesldent of nlwlllt, thu ( 11"1 mil Ions I II | where HIU|' has 'been vIHIIIIJ JII'kHtl'llt

:':'urged to bo present nt that time. Roosevelt Klrklmiil Jacksonville I rdl.v murder of the axed, Held h Iliiudrtdfl< of cltUens of this the Seaboard Air Line, has advised( I that county being plaicd" lt,, Iv"H.
man and | |.. wife. snc- $ 11 !i, 121,171. I
...The i school will be under the ill- ;i negro for the murder of the' aged i onvli-tlon IH Their prompt lion gathered around' Sinllh's FillIng !lUlU i ommlssloii I that his' road expmix linval I county was/ 1\1". 1'.1.: Harry, of 11'11'r.' I lo
"ectloll of Cundler t'. !\InthpllY"'Jlrlnf'll'ltl. i couple with an axe In their home MIIS reuxHurliiK (to the Station taut Thursday. night lo ,'olll.lylIh, a rill of thntommlsslon H""III with $77.2rI.It.! 1111// "," / th. week Minn
and his assistants. !Miss I I"jFosephlne populni'e" of linker county lind I>lstrict | 72.11ii.- I
early In June Is being held In the to hear Hie 1I'mV>loY-Shllrkpy providing for I Hie upI : I wlh l.oulHo HnypHI
Matchell. (ialnesvllle ; i iMloo ;Macclenny( jail. his full Altoiney Knight\ ciime In for light returns. riven: i.ose wltlij I pllcntlon. of contlii'ioiis mileage ar I Miss Kn/a Illmichai-d of Vlr- ,

I l 'tt(' '. ]flnrn Hell Wllt-OX. Avon Jill rv'y said I : I ny stiindard.share of pralxe.-.Manlcn-' sets preferred ID come to this sin- '!I rules, which "means' Hint (ho rates -- ----- -. -- -- I 111111 Is vIsllltiK her many ft'lends :

P .rk ; :Miss: Tnelina .''ohnHuII.Greellsboro | "I want to nay that it.tne prison Hun to listen In, on account of ItburKed on tho subsidiaries, must CII"c' : ; ITUAII : lt I lako Ibis week
!Miss Stella Mae Ward |i iBrooker. officers will attach strong' "' cord \\' 1-\: '1'11-EH-1I1.t'llItn: ---- their sets being 1101 y. Although/ I I IIH. I the name as I hose on tho main ; I Mr. Cliiudi. Itiiu of Luwley, InvlHllliig :1

:Miss Leola Fogg, Gra- to the handle ot the switch and 1"1'1..1 ..:..'11 III( .,ul)' 21'. 11127 reception from tho power set used I lines.Ac'iulHlllon. Mr. Kdwln: / Tnrodo thin

ham., I''place the other end In my hand a* July lIIax. 1\1111. '''(' by Mr. Smith was somewhat marred of I Iho! smaller fond I'nder 11110..1). of 'liousii bill ,' week.(

DR.\lII'uUU--- (>TS: -l-iltTILI/KH-;.-: ,1'I I sit "strapped, I In the death chair, 20 !II 7u .UU on ntionnt of static the pro was inline' "O..tlv. July 1.1. I II I UD Irll"f"r,1 "oully ,'n.IIIH"I"I-i( Ir. anil Mrs. HI lies I 111111111

I will agree!!: when the time conies 21 II..) 72 .Of! gram cumo In well. The local( lesiilled in n number of ". 1111.1// ers' entitled" 'lo I coaiioiisalion -. .1111 bnby /iiml. MSHI| >H I'I: \, Allh.
: to die to pull the cord crowd III I Iliu management of 'H 1 for ii-rlini' mid' Kiithleen
The report of fertilizers used 1 and Iu that 22 92 72 .CI1 was constantly' addod to by .. l.rHulI..I. 'per d.iy eat li day's :: Illiim-linrd ot J Jt
during. the month of June, Issued |i manner electrocu .. myself." 23 III 70 ,00 cars pausing through and stopping I cording to udvlces from ( >I"'vll' and "ten routs per 111"I for 1.lIwl.y. Hpeul' Ilio week-end nt
2'' IHI 73 .Oli to listen Iu on tho big event ot the \ llle.Tbe itach mllii Iran-ltid In going/ li" and. ,1 111 cottage, .
by the department agriculture!!: i Jacksonville' 1 (;ialnesvlllu' Utliulf j thn i The. ,
; I'\X-AM PfTM IV T\XK;; 25 1If! 74 .06 Slimmer i frln i om Ihniiso This bill Isa. llapllxt' and Methodist Silll-
at Talliilinssee. given nradford | I 26 .- ; Is fill mllt>s I long. It runs rl' general bills Is not d.iy, si'hoolK of
87 73 --- <11 111.1 t>no up-1 l.awley. held/
countv a total consumption during 1 N'orthwood.-- titato Cily lo /: by plying i ml thAII
'of N. JI. Hull has liad' Pan-Am 27 72 .OQ Rank uf H'tlIlul /:111.1. iiuillt ulurly 'lo liradford '" |fiIII. at Hlrli' "
175.1 toni. In
".', June comparlon tanks ..1111 1'lIlnColI for :N'orthwooil; ro|>'i'iiod l recently. 1 nl Huinesvllle. Tho Kuuhnnrd'H' iniUlslllon / county, and )provides that thin In '1"lh'l' Thursday. A most
i for handling gasoline nnd w..k tn en-
'l -ountles Immediately 1I00n1.0:1
wllll ,
> | ,, .. Stuart.---:New; water maliiH hoIIIK | probably memm' creased pay xhnll I lime
''oils Instuled, at rear of his I '\ '( ( : IlIdlP.9. "V"IIII..I. apply,' ; lo (' jjoyahle uas bad wllll lots ut
,. iirroiinding I Hruilfortl. the report store ) 'InHtnlleil In this ly u shorter route tliiough that Ices ,
(own.Writes 1'11111'.1 for ..f I'' I..I "IH
!Mr C'. II. I IIIHI".II.n
Hayes. local
I" 'r"lClve"! following: Alachua. 223. reprexen-1 sui tlon lo it iiiilillc roiids. ,
111" \\'as forecast or Iti 1.11(, or iinv Mr mid :Mrs' U. K
tatlve for .
; s 1.11 the Pan-Am having'.charge IIlnll.I/I"1
I ton* Maker tons ; Cluy. '
. here. I other MTV iuihi! i mid Mr mid .
CUH >rlx.d and ni- Mrs F. C.
> of the 'Installation. These' | / I'urk ami
:16.1i toilS. rnlon. 26 4 tons The ;, .
) tlgul.of given are only those sales tanks were put In for the ...onv"l1I]I Name in Book ....... Hi I JI.1<>