.( Wi'i'I4) IIIIH 'IM-I.n foitunule In nodiilim iidiirneil, wild throe llttlo pink rtpoit wax rend liv the r o' :J,.,l. "
Mi I,'*. .I.1.V.. :MI.('ullrlfl or cundli-H HIlclnus' he ream thud In' "miner. :MIBB MadKe/ MliMlelon: jt -Mr .

Oalmnllle, part l pn'Bltli'lit of thnlKlniidi iingt'l I food 1 take \\ete si. rved unit and! UMB t l follow I 'ed I l h v reportB I from ,f'j\ / }, ) ... : '
1 \ !.'<.,id.inllon cif \\'omen's I. .,'. ,. ; .
"Pill ll little guest was ,prcMPIllodwith ollliei-H mid, committee) :Sirs. J.SI. it"t .' U r .. A Y Iit .
Clubs mill III l piisont mi tin. board Knstci: bnsk.. I IWtrnt C I r.\J; J.{.t ...; I .
an t uiitiilnlim : Hrownlee. halrman of llnaniefor : : ;. .) .. ':r.9, ,: '. ",, _
of Iiiti'rnntliinnl" IniliuiM,' of t tlioienernl little biddies and HBO! with u noveltv the past. three monlliH I reported I u ..:..rvi':. J"': .. : .' '.,. S/oIOW I
( 1..11.1'1111"11 of Women's ...r ........ .t.t, .; .,/ I JUL.'fJ..I
pi-1/.e pin kiiKe.linllcd (I $24n; IIH a resell, of food Hale I :: ... .:. r:'J. .
Clubs. fin her Hpeakei, hero will ,. ... '! !'>I... FOR,
lo ho 1 with JllII.11..11: Lint t month/ lt.. i 1T >Of' +';( \... j j:0. LAKe AGUES! '
be a "llll'flllld( l pioKintn" (.if music . :" -, :
| 1'Klla"; ui-re Leotard Smith, F'ree111)111 Plans ., ere for :Meinorl. l___ 'i aw wN., '!. : TEA: HOUSELOVISC -
and :\11'". I.inn (hue! lined, 1'111111'- I ,..
KenlMli I .11'. Helen\ May and IHt. .
linyhlih, will be on the 2GthInut .AI man of t Iliu! wilfim1 .pmtment of Marion: tirey howling Katie Colic ., with Mrs. 1.. O. Powell historian I ,,, ?t '1 ... ,p..:;,.,... 1t1'
the Stale hoard<1 of Health will (George" Ulley mid Held. M-h 'k'1' x'tra I'; iN
) 1' ,
lu h.irite of the l'x'rcl..pLIII li.id( down trum :, t. ,mdow! .. ...
i .
yi .
..... .
.. .
| short but IIII..I'.HIIIIK talk ... ..
RVO u .f.-t. 1 .
Master Anne ; ;
Margaret 1 .
MnlpiiB :itj the cIc'M. : .
in behalf of. Ih"1: ,,)' tiny I 1"lIlthprorllll1. (t'Ju, ,Il 4 .I/hh nN. Tommy Itili'li. V'lr-, / :MrB In S. 1'L I) 11"0"" III..e and, (' >mmlttee '.el kr, I oafs e." ami trumi'id,f sea Ihu whiter iflVitiori 1 !! of '.'-i'' .. ...f1'Y. '- ." ., ....,.= iT. $ f"',_ j. Jt
liai'Ke of Ihe work at ; .t". 4 I' ::b' i
MIB (Heed will give all IIII"II"'rHnn.. Junior Adklnt< .h.e* of the ice-capped peiika of { J.i' J.
.f s .i
!, /YiJ. 1
Crosby Mrs
emetery () :1.. =
''r : .
address ut the school iiiulitorliiinto I.Illl.in and, M.irjuile 1 Stump u F"I' 1"1 lfrny and. Mt Victoria SIX .. 'j I'
"II-I !lp'nxhySlixs Olive Hay and, :\ .rilliSlistant\ : M.i I .101 (Jr:' j IiE
the- children of the liciol nt : to lik from _
HI up your ,
Lee .
( 1'eck Kminett: 1 K:
IVrry- ..
\.tI I r 3'
O. L \ I :1 II i
) IliiviieH : >
3:00 o'clnIi. 1 before m"klllhl'1' wore appointed' OB > iiiuiiw' a.id, :see tho mountuin ,1I 'i- :; .
: innn Jr. Ullih'lIIall.. J.ii.iiLlluAndrewB | committee( to make wreath. and, ..emstlvis: to look across ,mtc cool. .;./.,, "e- r ter 4 etll tt.; I lf, ... ._. ..,..{i r.'l' .. ...; .
Mrs "
tulk nl th.011I'111'' Chili N. T. hitch Jr. Joe An- .i.aJ..d ..:ia, ,_....., In7'" r' .e' ,; ... ,
derthr .
.illeinl In Showers' for, ilecointliiKIhu i of DIIVJ and, spruce U ...j.H.; 'f,4 1I."f..v I '?1<
Weeks iiiidiiillv Invlti'H. the publicto ilri-WH. Ill Trunk lleiiilnnw>'. I Hold l<'I'M' Knivt'H" Full 1,Ianx '..I'estl-wilo:! would not linger near r-r: ;:', ; rr.'t.. J. "' :1.l<. ..;),,,;.,. .... J -1 ./' '.
( lie iliib lioiiMc lit 1.01: / o'llockto Juan the very-sub- IiavlH anil I-iiln : .
Ida I tl1r"u..I "
Tatiini blue '
I !lor mcmoi'lni Day will be announted lake offering these; ':!,1IIt'.. ...41. _'r!' -' .'I'..S ,h tt'I... .- (A., I.._..-,:_.. ..-.._::': <"- ..
: -
hear thin frocks ;
alisunll child I. ""
prngrnnl.Tho !: .-..-.- -- ,I !later r party .. ma hrc" vi"w nj an incentive to gets.i.tg '.'''.-' ;:;-'i,_. --"-.. ..'1. :;. .....,-,'" ... .'.
following lire lioHteBBcs for MKs. T\-'I.OIl III :l.< III;:KIN of her. fast advancing >carsjcsH.'ii.dly : IIIJ''I up in the morning [ :.l..1.. !r'r..,:.01...:., : ; -"II IW t. ""j '-I'I..:. I.t 1". .L "",,.,.,.,r:. ID'f .)i .."r' '"
the nfl" 1'IIn..MeBdnmi's: : (O. IHavncH. -. Mrs, George Roberts and, :Mrs.' stylish must be And rOlw ubou' the Chntea Lake .'" '''-' ''''' ''t ..." 11IIl:,"
II ( Jones. r I II. Long. : 'n FIt'l'I: intOne :/I .1.I T ;Moine. of l.imety, extendedmi | piJicr Jt !.uii- are i.tiMlicrltfaii! tcorireouj t .'i3:: ;;V0 ;; \.." Q" :: ,
This Is it. In 1 '''. ...... ,.. ,.. ..
cnpcCuurKitte isw. _iiv I. .- .. .: .- ,.'
\ < f>n reached foot, J" Q
S. K Johns. .1. II. Hltili., rieeniunKeglHter Invltiitlon to the diapler, to orr: by .,. iiiot' -. lOt -
... : : .
tallc-ta! .;<. ""' "" .:" } : ::::. .".'
or even t rol ;. .
; -
I' .
meet, with them thu first, \\'.. + ut bv muter. The Valley of .- ; .. "? -
.tlIIC"tiny ,,, .
S. I, Peek mill C. It. of the prpllleHt small piutlpH '- I .. ; \t" (. :...11 : ,, ; ..,' .
,, \
lii1 Ton '. '
frock ones f > .
In Smart tvshurts mattes an indestrib.'ily ''Ifi'xi'i': ; ;' <" : f.'t.\ ,. ,
Peek of (he! BeiiHini waH guru whenMIH May, and the Invitation !, l ..4,1Tx .. ,.'
: lovely setting for :Moraine, -J.1" '.
.-----. ------ I : ST.. I'eek, tMilei'tallied utbrldKo \fiiH. gladly; in"1"1'pled, '. dulta.' An imuaiuil liokru, enil 1.1.C u spot so beautiful that a .. n ... .. ___ _-------.r\o.J.i,__ .\ ;"-'-4', '. .J,;" .
the stullupn\
.ll'1111lhltlt.I. : on 1'ild.iy afleiniHin compIlmentliiK lIul'IIIK (he .lIdlll hour the IIHHtcsK fed J by I. "l1n has been built thorn ti. "r'ert
IIQ 11I1' Ixn.nl( with silt n..l.rllll I s + toi.rists liner [ HEW CHATEAU LANC I E Lovtp
'' Tiiylor Itcli her of nsHlHlcd' bv :Miss| I'tht-l (itlf- hilly Imiici d..v
Mrs 0. I I. HIIMIPH wan. liimlimt I 1I1I1'1'I"OIl-UII". 1 Ice-I> Iurlx1)11. N. Vwlio ? Sin and Loiilne Marnhlmi. ucrvedfrozen Beall.'I! .pM.fine tucks run up/and t i'!?. or.lv fiinu miles away from a !Mountain more than a mile i family of Great IJritnln and have
"huI'H"ay aftcinoon to her all' thou I N flBltltiK her' p.iienlB. :Mi' ,r. fruit salad, 141111 In..". mid ":1\ .ind then "lru..1 I II.e. li, j l I.ke : < "L>(t. fniriliae Valley hag hub ova the \soid! t IK low Tlimuuh ',thriven t ever since) They nre the

brllK. club mid, Dlrx..1. L. Kin/x-o. Iced, | ten" the favors hot ng tlmbiiiiiiietH to .1 i flowtrcd,l ribbon "btiDiing Ben fittingly, nu'iivd* if minutiae-, I lh,e v.iidouj rnat, bo seen millum"yellow 'sir:.t green shoots seen in the Cana
fit flionld
Tin lingo .drawing room wnH A Profusion of ruses and calendillilB |' of nuslm Mil HIM tied wllli / shvlc: The slines n... I oljiion( Lake be hal ni knottier to beautiful du-li-. ot"I',,PPIC9. staved, 01 HIIKO! by And each white. mountain Iceland ban and. the Pacific ttuikiea In the spring,

decorated In white roses mill miscellaneous weie 1I111'T(| to brighten HieIIOIIHC led, and, whilu rlhlion the I'. I II. short or omitted (Cotnkii', ykes..vfl e.v cut Kt'n net in the heart of br,nose nod,imir their nnprnvi.l, of I I .nke l.oulou wild make deer at Uanlf and
tallies designated, I the I and,! tbrHi tabh'H wero aiimiKed '- C. colors" liaakoU. and bow lu of I ; 'u'11'' lino oItHJIIIUlllc. th( ,e scene. These poppu were leaping fences! to a meal of them.

platen of the 1'111)1'1'8. I fur bridge, Tallle. of ninny hard nueet l 1"11.'I'P used! I, __ __ __ "I be rhoen": I "sil" I. oulse stands. I':itZphyrhills ''l i:'eJ hy. n member of the.. royal'' from fur away Iceland.secure. !greens
lo make the ----- - -- --
I -
After sevHini. ; ingiPHHions| Mrs KiiHter:
"wllrI'lIurnH, wa presented' with 'of, the huh em and, HIIt'I',1 uiudloHwoio \ made to several reels of

a bridge table cover for making served, throgliout the /games: t'hiiplcr membeiH "enjoyliiK/ I IhlxplfiiBlni ,'Iy. -Plans being: made

high while Aim (>. 1.. ]Ileaslevreceived On coiintliiK: scores :Mrs' O. I I.llriiMley I. /; meeting were :MeBdtimeB, : Indliintown--Con t rue t winded for construction of $15,000 new '

u whilst deck for Heiond was found lo hold! high S. K:.. Ilromilee\ J. :\1. Iliovsnlee" for hn.Icurrn'ln"'lIrllel
Those playing card' were, :Mesdames 1 and, received n handsome
I li.V'nian." F. I>. Turner.1 In-Ill'llrlolh while Dt huts !M.llielVel 1- Hull. .hr.) I.. li i. Powell O .1,. county line at cost ot $70,000 !)/ode City-Work to he reBiimed I YES can charge your HRS

N. Sternberg S. I.. Peek J. C. ler wan toiiBulet! with a pielty IIIH- Haynes B. Perkins \\'. J. KpperBIIII. : Milton: New brick hiiBlneRx cm construction of Dade C'om-

Koblnson. J. M Mitchell K:. 1\1. IrA rose bowl Mrs Belcher the K. i L. Wise. fl. C.'h. bulldlnK being erected on WillingBtreet : munlty Hotel I STORAGE BATTERY In 0Smith's .
Johns, Cl f. M Inmuii. reward I .','. was. given a bottle of Imported !Misses Olive Hay MadKe :Middle-, I

Hums O. L. neo ley, T. J. Alderman I ,I }Kreui perfume ton. Amelia Kay mid 1 Ethel Crlf- !Mlltoi--$SH.000 bond issue to Live Oak-Contract to be let

and Miss Mabel Weller.ItlllTMIIXV A delldoiiB Hulad course with fin be voted on In Oknloosa county for for 'oll..lru'lIol1. of new SuwnnneeHlKli
w -.- Iced lea wait nerved at Iho cloBeof S'-- School costing $80,000.
new roads and brldKes:
IMKTYLittle I[ the icumeB. Small fuvoib of Tarpon Springs.Construction:. New Port Rltchey-Colltrll.t let I Garage Sl&ke;
KiiKter:" design' were placed 01 thoplntcH to
commence soon rebuilding: Tarpon -
!Miss. IVKttu CorpenliiKcelebruted at $21.000\ for bulldlnK new bridge: MndUon- Kitenslve Improvements -
Inn recently destroyed by over Plthln.chaBi.otee river at NewPort being made to garage buildIng -
her with
third birthday Invited to l b9 with MrH. n..lcher lire.
Rlchey. at 109 S. Shelby

w--------------- I
- ,



I i t

Announcin I!


N"II1Itlilllitln, ,, ,,, ,, -"0'7, ,,, i, ,,-,' -- ---- 1'IP"' ""4lo,,,, ,ill,, ,ll4'IINWtII",,,,, ,,,,, ",""""11I1.. --d'' -- -- -. -- ---;- I'IIIIIIUUU""U''W''UUI.-n-'''''' ''''''' '' t .;w.lil, ,
iiiiiiiijjjjjj. I

The Opening of the .





of the Year at .


"'4 .




Starts, Saturday, April 9th, 10 a. m.'TW.S'Y "



-- -
-- -
j'.av -.b -y-- .
r ,fie' r. !f/t ""'Yl't ,}.fW Wra 1117' .,,1e .,.-Jlr.a -M. w. 4+,,. +.-. .w.. .,... -

,... <,"' .. -

FRIDAY AIMtIL 8, u>27 nn.\I"OIIO TOUNTY:' TJ.J.J.fin.U'U.: : ST.IHKE FLORIDA T\\ 1.\'n':: -"\F:
, '

--,--,----------------- -:. i! clay ,itt business. of I the i'o ill lit Ii.. I We- laeiur success. I to our ttrnnelof :
--- -- the World
-- t tr ..loll. Horsca Circu cries and wi,>.Kten Touring

._- --- .. ..- moats I Ifon have not alreaihi !

I Having I st 4)Piled l delivering.i I I'v.. i bee-n Intel our new' store v i> Invite,d ..
r Bits '"
of II 1
I cut ;prices honsldi>"rabl\ > Come In i| >ou to ci>me and see u*. I'hlsl) .--.T :

Dependable I and /Kite': us n trial you'll find<1 myL .:n,1, linxorv.; ni'vt: t I lo railroad 1

>iiCs right .1.I (C :Manning. .
I III Fla. 1 1Mi' It I I1 : "
I local Nev Starke. :Mrs. I.. .\. I IIU'I."I iimonp, .. ..... Q:
gr -
I those representing i Staike at I I 1111 .
: and l :Mrs n C. Tlllfl..d. and l .W.-
: KC'iloral I reunion' of t the I'nited. Confederate r
llorla returned to :
daughter ( I Veterans ut Tnmpa I HeHide's I : "'
Merchandise II Concerning Our Peoplf, Business and .liu ksonvllle Sunday. :Mrs. Itufordnnd I serving i as 11<'1'1'011111 I matioiof 'I ; ":... ...;iIfIt

Progress of the Cc;,nty end Town. I II Otorlu have spent several I honor by appn'ntmcnt! nf T .r I 0,1 +0' weeks hou. with relative'sBrick. '
I Anple'ynrd.\ Mrs. 1 Davis \t a< on t ,", ,.. .'f' .
-- -- --' ---
I : Florida roe-option committee I ,,1IV i13- JHj1'
I ,
Lime nnd Cc-ment always' "II"
at the ...._._._.. .. ._._.._---_..__.._.._.._. .. --- -- -- -. & ;
Mmeprice you paj'for -' -'--'-'-' in stock, fresh. Qulgli and 1 1Uovl l "", ; ;

:Mis I ) C :M Inmuii HI"'III|> |im, ') Or the- 1 I'spic-Ms olllee'; spemt; I Sunday I :.;: I It t Any fertilizer formula. I can be,.. .;. ."'- ''" i ''!' 'I"1 1I
cheaper goods secured from A. M. I Hurl ,doah'ifor .
)} tf
WiMliiesday in Jin IOIIIVIIl' <> I In l I'Yrn.indlna. -- --- -- --- .' ... *...... !I' '
0- _-- ___ -. __ 'Ii Watch our wllll'of.w. fruits V-C( fertilizer in Starke.Dr .. .".... .It' r; .1" ot !! "
Glance over this list INpy ; : :-t-I; It Is the -.-. -- -- -.---.- I \ "# .!I. > .
and If lit :
hats just. arrived 1 ill :MirI I i I. I Kvery day 1 llargaln! P.iy atSI i uiid ve (!tllblls. .;,.4'" .. .. },." ", .. .. ,
mii'i'lte's hOie.M : II III Il's. market wn have it. 1'n,1) l Knc) ,und :Mrs. H 11. :MirshhtmiMr 't >< ,. -- : 4
will .., ,, ... .
you readily see thatit .. .. -- ..- ----..- ----- i iI i iI Orncory. next t to ml I road \! iinel !Mrs. :M l Luck., Mr. iind I ;; ...
----- --- I --- - .... _- MrsV' E:. P.rowii. :Mr. miel :MrsW. .
pays: to trade at h Addle IlalsdeMi \\'lO; In Jack- : :Miss i Snnih :M.ilpus! I entortitlnod i i Ite11.( 1'. Havmoiul of Lakeland 1C Thomas, Mr. (lit rnliiil. um!i I IEtIT COI. t.: ALEXANHFKPOWELL : S\ri ui: to HOl11usl., or JcruatilL'in.Authin .
i the It. n i, I )I. club rt-iHiu url. .itPa will be
-niivllte I :Monday! on business. !i Tuesday; eve-1 I ] who was called Sunday! to Dr. II. 11. :McLondon of I ito StateParm noted Yo'tr. roil.spomln.t. .-
_.. nlng at tier homo on (eighth) | tray< I I.(,KuiUi 1 and ,il.'lwtrotttr l vKittnl 1 tm I lie tour trniciils. CotPowi11 \
---- '- t the Baptist t 1 church u of Starke IIIIHmined were among! t hue. piissliifithrough
I street.C'oh.. in tour ,.t f tlir will tli i ivr rntucly nrroM
STERNBERG'SSpecials When you blild---L.flhIllpr) sahh his I family i i Into I I the parson- ) Starke Thursdai' onroutrto t I world 1-1 CMK 1 iftinl u Clnuu! u\lI': ::1 1 If. MII there lor Cult
via AmcTicn'tt most motliinund
>doors! ) IflOI I d I n gs. paints' and. oils ----- 'agi" nnd will I begin I his I i hargu t Sunday Klngnle\v t I.like for" I tln> liuilul\ ; (I"ruil,,. ,lomplctm" Li trip entirely

.it 1 Quigloy I IInllIvls.,! l I \\". T. \Vpeks was among inclining.I April I 10 I .....'\."',... of t tho Into I "\...hl.10": ely popular. nirnnn of ravel the flu i.tiutt the winM I and truvehn byautonmhtle

those. who went to Turn pa for th. -- ----- I HutcimobilcWitb uhile on limit,
general I reunion' of the tin: Ainrncaii, car aiulaccoinpnnird The Huu'k. b. .uihnm toted by
I'nltoil I t '
Through" error X I D V.'mi. I it-
Mrs\ Cora Croon: ..
ot Jackson,
For ( ( -- --- -- -- -- I by bin wife nnd the rowrlU t' ia ntamlarjiu !
('outfederate'vterans.. 0" c tup
wright I Is 1 listed I I I In I the adveitlslng.
V II It", was visiting her da tighter, The Woman's. Club.I of Slurke' InnpoimorliiK daughter Col. Powrll 1! sprnt the CVCI. Y rrspc.'t c crpl fi>r ,itnim <-fnpcciHl
Mrs.. F. L. Turner I this week as Tax ColU'tlor. when winter < I lie islands in tlic* It .
Tuesday. I u cake content I put' onby 'i vi titmit, equipment. WM chosenbtrrauHC
I D. Hitch) Croon: and James KlciyelCJreen It .should l ha\a' been Tax Assessor' I the Snow I Drift and Wesson' I eastern Mcibtrrriiiiran' MiitrriitlRHtbrrrd of the world!. wide Puick

April of Jacksonville. guests of M\ r. Wnlnwright'' I has very capublv "hurt o will! be includcvl\ mliis Hill hoi i/ctl I servile; which. UiivnilnHcwlirrrvcr
:.Miss .
S. Strode! of Xew York oil (Compiim.' under the! directionof I
"",'II' parents* :\11'. and! :'..l re. A. .11. tIIl i.'cl I the olllce of tnx assessor) for bnok. "MeditcTriiiicnn j'tl.wir' nutoniohitca ore unrtt.Ctil. .
( lty, In Visiting :Mrs. 0). L Beasley and :Mrs .1.
at tha! home of "
C.reen.Mrs.. 1I'nl'lI 'iiuaiter century.I IIIKI: whuli be is writing on rnutrHe )J'tvstll I.. oie: of t'-e bent
Mr. and 1 :Mrs. J. L. Peek. ---- -.--- ---- I. \IVek. Silt miruiiy, afternoon at: will proceed tlircniRb Kmlniid,l. "q"i".1 1 iiica in Aniciicrt. \LUlLkr.
:Mltihell'H' I I Drug) Sluice hieg ittnhiiui Poland Crcho Slovukitl Latvtil' nice, liii IOIIK tour. He hold huerecord

Yard-U'iile New'put stiminor huts at Stump's.Mrx. : I K. S. :Matthews t I :Mrs. .1. K.CorponliiK :. Prettiest I now I line I of dross.. goodx ut 't I : 1111) ,0"1,1"1, So\cil| [ ) /("I I it hiunitiut' Eel;: taiiii und, tiers t .. ot' .>f hc-uig I hI' only man to
, a I and Mrs.\ :Mario :Mt> I I we have over had l at Stii uiip.u' will I I I lie offered i I In I this I (onlosl I those nrwcr countries, The.pinty drive fr .>m I'nrin to India crotisinrt i'

good serviceable iceight H. S. JolniH, of I.llka Dutlor Muster'\ motored, 1 to Jackmnullln First. )prl/.o! will I bo $ fieil( : HOe'euul I will! drive to Coast cut tutol.lc iitul the SlIhllrl1 n'orrt II.It ..Iqi. I lie -

has been Monday. I :Mrs.' .1. H. Ultch ( Tliroo thence by ferry across the Itcisjilmrin. .lirtt. mint toclnvr I n cur I-oih', ]lvI"'n
visiting! her parents, nnd children. $:i.OD I third $1 I .Iul. mavonmitse -
I The tour will tlic-n take to Ala.,kU ii'aL '-
Mr. mid! :Mrs.V.. H. CJreon.Mm. ; ; : :Miss I Harriet( and Carl> le. motoieiltn HC'ts will gei tn lliemo displaying ) ULCiilllUllHIIUiH' L"'A ,
lOc l\II'0 1:1011.: : ; : them down tbruukih: 'I'UI key und m
W. 1.1 of Jacksonllli1. .
< St AugiiHtlno I TuoKcUivand., cukos next host I ti it I the one'

: "'m. II. Strutli haM returned \I I! has irtiirnod' homn after a'' (spent t (Iwo ,days cit jutyl!init: t tile. Pnncodi winning Ihu $1 .00) prize .Ml cukoentered < I'Ilj.'t

from Ml.imi\ where tdie visited visit with her nephew. I K.) S. :Mitt > Loon( I celebration.t I In contest. must bo. made''

her d.inithtrr, Mr*. I L. X. I DoSlm.Mlssi's t then 'ami family. : of 811..w. Drift Inrd" ') After t the'; I 01 it 111 :IHIMI I l l': s'ioit\. hc-i'it all I e-oiild elit those, last the
Cretonne in (t variety of y'flu's ID lu'cp S'flul 'In mluiol. at mill
------ --- -- Dig stock. of fertilizers carried. uwnreliiiK I I : of 101' 'F.Os I the (-111 It's will I' I
; ;;
colors 32 inchex wide Myrwln\ ii itt :MyitlooMuckJim I I hut't miss this opportunity j to ,on ha it dVe ran supply you any IIP sold In I IhoHo wishing In buy It\ was liiMpin lion d.iv al Ihu What with nil I the wink and mo!

npent' tlio wppk-end. ut buy n .dress for mntl'i y pi'i..e.i nt I : |fcnmuhi. .\\1.: Darby. I them I the proe'e'ods III gn to t the, I tlltlo "'oulutl i'y .Hchnol aiul all lhc" taking III ".-\\ lug ")()-In' ml! child !

I Ih'-'r' '! home I In 11"1'1>tOil (inIJaster $21)) and $24.50. ..<'Ilinnow/': for --- ..- -_. _.... Wiiniuii'H Club.'I'lillalniMsee I ,'hllIt., .'.. Hcrc; KcnilihiHl> nnd, hriish-, I j'I I ,Hini-ll I I thememils. teeorrhlng i runse
15c _.. $13.75 and! $18.75 respectively at'Mai'Buerlte's .. i>d until I ihi'V fnhlv .shonewith.., e! aheint. *c '
------ : i and, Mrs \\ -
Mr. M l \\ 11111IV'IRhl -- .
: \ Shoppe | e'leianllni'ss. ; I that IH. all I-M eipt! imo, I I Klle-ii: (tiled., her, ,i-yns mid! went
: noveltIon of nil varietiesrun \ nnd l I little I I I daimhter.! I 1 ('''ii I riiu.'t let t III '
,lllltld llOV Who did .llol. .1'\1.. llllll| I lo I the- kllihi-n It ''''''111",1,! '114 If It
: bo fonnil : 1'1I1..Y//
ut lIUI'RIICI'III"8Hhol'pe. Ruth t liii vu'( returned from" a I $77.511( 7 for 01..11..11.. of hew ncn- .
:Mr. anti :Mr.1.I O Smith eif ,of .."verll'poks! with :Mr. detiiic\ building i I I at Floililu, Stale.,'I I'as clean" nx he mliihl. 1111\'" ln'c'ii, iilnn\I > ended, I Hint' way.; "Run/ inl

nine Chcroil for making .- ---. I mit n lid io ii. hau leii'iitt'd I I In Sin 1'1..>. ;Mrs I D T. Clark In :Miami' :Mr ('iii t'ge f,1'"ml'lI., 1111.1"I' f".1 e lei srintili. hlniii-lf, ,, l Ito' 1,11.-1"11. I'HIII11 Homi'thliiKbiniiliiK. :
I :Mr. I I mi1) now mid' I tlieMi with IAIMMIIsinnetng t i If It W'I"II.t' Kilts It
n. Wltkovskl spent Tuesday Smith IH cit ii iteiteti with' I lie I \\'ultlwl'IRhl. as state t nuditor.'1 i I. had .. was
icork shirts 11'11..10... 'l'ltt' t 1t1"lwl'lnt' 1'.11I.,1 vel'Y1It'n".1 I S'mtut't. Iulutg i'h....
nndVedneHil.iy 1 ut the homo of liradford County I Telegraph. i |butlness 'hi I that suction, of I In
I :Mr. and. :II I'M. H. S. :Matthews! i i iNoeel state.Mrs. Venlco Bids, loqueistod) fot'i'unu4I \\ilh 1111 liar" "hJ""IH IInIII Nil lime \\','nl niio. l.ul.* of I hoIh'IH
t lou of linad: No. C fioin ..h.. "1111I" t.. Ihl. Iltllo i''llnw
I : tilink ? 00! rue I .
to HIT
----- -- a Slump'sKev. --. wc-nt In Hi'lmol) und Dllcii:
15c :Ne\\'fbt (.1)1( li> Mimes at Stump's.Mr -- -- ---- Suriiseila i I lo Venice.rire'e'ii ..11111 Ilm.t icing his l"IIII"II"y" Iii Hlii'i'ih| | hi'hltul t tn hi-lp lu'r IIIl1lh,'" .
: ItVeeks was In attendance si't'iiti'li, Hnhl t'uhmiiut.
I I,. \\'.' I kilter nnd S. I.'. i ,iuiiti' h''III..lIlIr' U was I hen I thiil she 'hc-gaii woikIn )
at I the general I reunion" "1'11. \\ ,tiy, .1"11'1 .1"
: i nnil I :Mr... ('. I 1)) shank of :Morgan two of Ilrnelford's t'on- : Ceive Springs, -Now:, InldBei I yiili 'un uptown nllleiAt llrst, bur
I of the' I'nlted I ConfiHlcralootcr I 1'or. II h"?"
JackRonvllle spout Sunday< In fe'dorate veternns. wore' a man 05 : In be built over SI .loIIIIH' river' MIIII' i "lili, ,th'I' illdu'l, hike. that Idea but
nits nt TR III Pll. April,, 2 to 7. 1 1f(27.( The hilt ii' boy !gave' her a bmk. ,
Percale in a nice assortment Stui I'ke with relative t I **. those attending the -iinliin In ni'iir .icieClormont, : when" I things ""'"-11",1 to. go from
whc're she ivpiesontc'd' Stailci' Inthe I that would' iiieli| 'b' :MiiSHiillnl. 11 till
Tanip.i this week. bad. to. worsc>, ( lienWIIH notliliig
of patterns and a I iiparity I of I Honorary Chaperon replied. "Humph.I I my ,dear." It :
!Miss Dorothy KdwtireN. of 11.,1rllY. ----- ---- left lei. do, but li-t, her work
having been I the Ad.llllol' el ''t t'i'I
appointed by I sec-niH to bo Kc'HIng I along
yard wide IH the guest of Miss )FlorenceMatthews. I lerhertititch hassoiti' his i ''Inns very Hoik sho ..11.1 fieiiu "fifth III the
commanding i I I general T. J Appleyard. I lights to be Installed on vili by itsi-lf"
: t I home on Walnut street to \ 1\\1' I morning mil II G\II: :\() In Ilio iiflernoein '
nit'eels nf c Ity. The I Inspi'itor wits so iihnslii'd ,
15clJlen's I 1C nil n, of t'nmlllla who will 1\11'\\ could only mutterVV1I slilver and. I tints beinii lo he-lp, with '
When In need! of milk call\ to Starke In :May. It Is ( cii ppe-r.' wash dIHI",'" and" gci to lied,
1711. Peterson's Dairy stood! :M, r. Kulin will make considerable ::1 .1" inn tlinl>ers" Wllli (his suit' ii-rc- se-cmi-el no frli-nelM, uny more.Him .
hiiHtily left tin') mom und wns in,>v-
improvements In the was fingotu-n In I tlm. whirl f
BRADFORD er ngaln In that pint' of the,, "'011...-
Miss Mudee Mlddlctnn< ,! I left' to- house and 1 gi'''Ii Ii d ii. I I tilt! fueL life I the eillierH' I llved.Afler .

Broadcloth shirts ,lay to upend! the week-end! In i Ity n while 10IIen, hanged herpiiMltlon. era

Jacksonville with relatives. The Methodist choir are HIGH SCHOOL JOURNAL I :;: silo .
in solid and striped patterns )preparing "ii1 1 1r; : si I.:?" wc-iit lo woik fur a
another cantata entitled, I ri-iil iHtiileHim. writing up things, ,
Fine tailoring cleaning, press- "(.1'0. and( Crown." The evening EUC1ENK MATTHEWS OIIACI5 WOODIMltirInf'llle dcHcrlldiiK'' hind to Iii" Hold ami
I "Wluil'H I lilt' IIHC 'III living, I'll-:
>f AKHoclnta IjillleirWILBUR
Ins dyeing. M. Levt-! of Raster) Sunday' Is being reserved hill .
repairing. I len HIli h,1. ''i% II I II In, other, gills his not I It I WIIH whlh) she was
ton. 2-18-tf.! l for this rendition.VirginiaCarolina I I MATlSIinUUN VIKC1INIA/ WKKKSAlhlftlo hi. I that I the
98cLadies' 1 Editor Pllldle'lly IMItor will bo going ofT tci school and. I I'll in ) nmniiKcr' said qi tie
--- --- I Just be left nil alnnnI I I Just i'iMii/illy/ : "Miss Miller! why don't

Mrs.V.. P. Randnll. of Jack- fertilizers any / ,don't want I.. liv,," site! cried, It : yon write. sonu-llilng. I meanHtorleH "
Bonvllle Is visiting; her pnrenti, formula desired Hold<1 and! guar- 1'1': ( '. \\'," understand, '' I that during: t the, wan Ilko I Ibis her mother' found nnil I IhlngH I you I IlL V" I thti.

:Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Alvarez. anteed by A. M. Darby. survey I they nuked t Mm frcHlimon' tale-lit ) eiu kiow7''
I h", I'I'I
dress oxfords in If more attention was' given tnwriting for a doflnltlon nf "space' ." II I'Nui'v Kllen'H:I I ,
e-yi-a 1II'III'h"'III.Vhy
and oxfords :Mrs. Hulph 10. Rhodes! and suit The ladies of the Presbyterian I I leHKoim" I In grammar school. Inn',illy ",'pm.. fair In ask the RUIHfi I : I Ellen's mother, WII..II.t I 11 In' why I've orii-n thought
patent strap of that
Ralph Jr.. ore visiting relatives church will be III rhai'Ko of a cake high I school h'II1'11
In Tallahassue. and cooked. food l Halo nt Hull'sDepartment have such a hard I time gradingpapers. ." I hey have so. at iii'li of It I was a Kiniill tired. lillle wiimiinI I I ?" sliebii. ..k'd. to. iidiirnble, with \\ f iiliii' t
$2.98Men's Store Saturday I thoIfilh. hot( 1 ueen I tho carsWashington I who had never known: iitiyt Ii lug' ,
he-ad iiiiown' ;mink her, 1 browne >
but hard work She had! married i ii'hhi'ii'N
:Newest style Kaiter Dresses atStump's. beginning/ nt :3 1 : 0(1( o'clock S d S S ,
nrlH .
HbnliliiK nnd 'her fite
'Ii'i' when Him u Hllghtl -
: rill
was vo'ryy.iutng I ..
p. m. A song writer named mm of hisreicnt Irving said that holileoel l -mMCITY
niiHhe-il II nl II I hi young iniinnger / -
unit util ttouughi. sunwitsn't
.. ,
; : now
--- - I nothing better, I him In sit
cffoits "I'\e fot! tile Cilrl I suddenly, I c'hitiigc-el! bis mind I .
Mr./ nnd :Mrs. C!I. :M. C ,down. with 'hum so did III vears nho was 1111
welt Sistrunk. sheet or
Goodyear ox- Mrs. It J. Davis and daughters. Tna, poor sap l Ton lo cum Kim's a ( pa' 'per. i, "If )'1111'11 dlnn' wllli tim" tonight
her Cit
broken I lo
I Ida Lulu I and Mirjorl are visiting t- A. Futcll and! J. C. I Hoover were around, I lie corner" having an Ice 'a new lih-a.( anil \\ rite The, sit|| I old! and woman in- I'll "
"'11 about It huHlllll
you mnrii ,
fords in black and .
Ian bi-r hud'died
"Ever) since liiiHliand
friends' In St. Augustine.Hoili.i I in O'Ul'lellIIIf, >"..III y, ,being called I- ,cream( soda with Home other fellow I lug ,down ,pail 1 Is easy ciiDiinli hut lly I .
there to attend.! the funeral ofa getting nil idea IH Honiethliig.. I u Ill- live years liefure, It H'ml',1
relative. right now. i tin dlfllciilt? I I to lOllvn: .. I that her mother/ had, Ho Kllc-n: illned. with him an I
$3.50Men's \ V. Knight was n business .
visitor In Palm Heaeh last week- S S S S S S giown HO many yours" older, und, now shin iloe-Hn't... say "What's I HIM
A recent writer says. t that Htucleut I then of course there' was I lllllo I use..i." anymiirii, and oho Ixn't writing
end., Follow the crowd Saturday andsave Tho follow whii preilleti'd' I I that
money on your groceries and suicides are not caused, byoversinlying. I l')27) would.. bo a year without usummer I Tom 1111.1JIII'Y. !! to food.. I hey WI'l'nollly I stoile-rt! for iniiKiuliiHs. Hh; ..,'H
I Ami who needed, to eight 1111,1, ten. years' old thinking up' stories in 1.11/.1'/ e'hlldreu -
New: Portable, Lakeside Cot meats. If neatness (quality aiiuiprices can probably, he found. at '
two-pant suits, all tago. For mile. Qulgley and mean anything to you then bo told that? the nearest hardware ,Htnru buyingan '' %v It y. why" wondered. "Ellen: .. Iii..iislit' I now t lh<>y love to hc-ur them.Mothcr .. I.
S S SI ." and I tilth I I Tom und!
been hoi n to sin' h It life Mary
new stuff Davis. ] tPeter..on's try the East End: Oroeery next to clod lie fun
the railroad. "I I wax never HO ,'tit hat rrasei. S S C Look fit HiH oilier, !gills! how happy are iiilli| happy" In a little) IMIIIHO( byKllin's

I Dairy Products are you, didn't say a worth all evening. The seniors' urn planning I on Ihoy were! : I big one). hi" ><'aiisn aft ii r nil I I Ititut

$27.50Fast I ." "But Ellen: "" 111'." her mother her I thinks i Unit h"'r so n-i it*
better. A" trial will convince. Fifteen different formulas carried getting: I 'a paid .dl.eelor for I Ihelr
Phone 1711 for Milk and Cream.fi. In Virginia-Carolina fertili ""('\\1 my ihlar how could I i.hiuy, this your What few .exper said "I I wish von could ,he molehappy. law will tie hapil,| without ton

zers. The best In each.. .\ MDai \ I converse on subjoins of which I 1 ience's' wo hi ii V..' had 1 will I I ] pinfossleinal 1'1du\ anything I 1111. rnuili' mcilhe-r law wblrh just

<1. White state bunk examiner 'by.Mrs.. know nothing?" .elliectors' have boon highly lint you know Its /Impossible" 1 fur Kiie-4 'iii provethat I mother, was SI.
"\\'<,11 why don't you ,read So; mo to Mend off t. school. It's alwav-e: rlglit I I 1'i-lw.
Color prints yard came up from Vest Palm -- --- --- sliceI'ssfnl I and wo hope enio ( anbo
: : :: : :: : .
llearh and spent Sunday with |Ii IH! / .1. Mitchell.: Mrs.. Miriam' I and So's Scrap\ Hook then you seenred. for tho. senior play ._ .. ----
wide, regular 50c value wife.Tleautlful. Klc"kilter :Mrs' I O. L Bnasley Mrs\ 'could, l talk like an Intelligent human Everyone! rc'c-ognljic'S I tlm viiluo" lei -

.1. \Andrews.. Jr' and Miss\ 'I'I lieIngetc." a sliideiit of taking part! 'In nma-

29c Silk hose at Slump's. I mail 1 Kit" kilter spent Tuesday' InJacksonville. So run the 1111 v"I'II..III..1I Is. But tt'tir proilin, 'ions, tl iui'h pit III over- ; r--

------ I this Is what was nit\ aiLihy saul : I'll imitmig H'lr'ulI..l'lulI'; mid, If BARBER SHOP

"I 1 was nuver so embarrasod.you I needs I In bo
F. A. Canova of Tampa, spent ----- ------ one I thing! fivvrconmineire
the week-end with Ms mother. Senator D K) Knight left Monday : .didn't say a word. all ,evening I thtin sedf-e-einHC'IneiHiiess wo

Mrs K. i K.: Canova. for Tallahassee to at lend t lie I "Well I you darn fool you didn't would\ like to find! out Just what It I Ii
Gillette Safety Razor twenty-first biennial session of tho I give I me a banco. "

with one blade \\'. M\ Whltten of Ilalfonl. was Florida State Legislature.Silk / S S is'S S S i I Service Satisfaction

transacting business In Starke ------..---- We are getting! llre-d, ,.r loading .1 itst for I tho sake of urguinont I

Tuesday.< and.! crepe dresses that I accounts of Abie's I Irish Rose wed I Ilko tn.. know how m.iiiy people -

15c I were formerly priced" at $ I .00) ), Just for the sake ot1/ lllllo variety 1 1 turn I It) I Ihn .editorial piiKe nfa t t

:Materials for I Houses Feuinila- going at $ 1 I0.7G at :Marguerite's I won't someone write a play dully I I paper before I they read' '! I the STAKKE, FLORIDA t

Hon to finish.. Qulgley and Davis. ShoppeMiss' I and call It AI Iii's I Irish, Potato.nr (.cimlc. sertiein t II
S S S S .tI
", -- something. ._.__. _.._.._._.._,_._._._.._,_.,_.,_.._._.,_._,_._
A beautiful line of ladies'newSilk ; :Marguerite Shriver S The seniors going to II...
:Mesd.imes; I). Jo:. Knight and 1 II. /gave: are net

V. Knight spent Tuesday In Jaek- the members of the II. f!I. D cluban These modern, biographers, how dally journals of tlm House of I

Dresses, valuesup gouvllle shopping.! unusual treat when she enter-It I they' do shatter our Illusions.re /Itr-pn-Hcritatlves and Iho Semite, of

to $2.5.00, only ----- tallied l them at her home I in Ilrook-1(,; >" Washington never saw a tho State of Florida tu, us.. In Get YourMoney Promptly

:Mrs. II. A. Brown of Jacksonville er on Thursday. evening.See .rht-rry t tree; Abraham Lincoln their study of civics What' u ,, 1

f Is the !guest of tier nlere. was a bar-tender.; Julius Caesar terrible disappointment th..y111 HAROLD. C. WALL

$12.95 Mrs\ ; H. A. Hishop.Luclun tho lovely line of Spring ,was decidedly kur>C'k-klU'PlI. Next: get when they" turn to tho back :

I GoHHurd; Corsets, nrassleres a lid I t thing you know they'll hu saying aiiel look for I tlm jokes.Furd'may I HTUIKI: I.'f.om\,

i Wainw right t of .'I'k11011 Combinations at Stumps.Miuts \ t there Isn't any Santa Clans'! I S S S IVSl'EtN: 'I'!

vllle. Is the guest of his S S "'" read that you..lug. people ot Represents the Best Leading Insurance Companies

I'brother-in-law, J. F. Klckliter. : Janet Durilen and Mrs' (' Develop\ your talents, they may today tire IOHlnll the art ot 'nll- FIRE. ACCIDFNT, LIFE AUTCMOBILF BOND, LIABILITY

You can't goo wrong at C Hoppe of Tampa spent the i', fome In handy some day If you v..r.atl"lI. Si,Inn WII know IIIIIY

(let your Easter hat now HeRII-( weeken.lth! their brot her-in- {i'can sing slag; If you can paint have hoist tilt' art hilt they. still ADJUSTMENTS MADE PROMPTLY

this store. Everything I: lar $G and 16 hats being sold for law and slater :Mr. and Mrs (O. L Ineasl"y. |paint Whatever you can do keep nutIalCp, to rijake 'I utile Il hit of

take $2.9S!) at Marguerite's Shoppe. I)n doing It until you are n little noise I I
guaranteed. Why a I better than the next fellow. and S S S S .
-- --- i -00- ---- ----- --.- .-.-----
chance elsewhere. Your I :Mr:. Hugh I... Bronnlee IH visitIng Friends' of :Mrs.. Harry Lewis of I the: world Is yours not k floW It, but he's

i Col. and :Mrs. Joe Hill\ Williams the Rising section will be glad to S lucky; It must be an awful nice

i patronage is appreciated In Lake Butler. know she Is !getting along! nicelyat Did It ever strike yon that mod- I feeling tr> he able to bu ued. fora i REDUCED RATES

the Gill hospital after having i prn advertisements are just a little million dollars.

I :Mrs. L. Wyman entertained the undergone a serious operation I I: too Inquisitive? It's. not very S S S ; 1IMJK HITS I.I NILS

i :Morning Sewing ('.luh at her home Tuesday I pleajiaut every time jruu open u The manual training class IH I

atSTERNBERG'S !Ion :Madison street Tuesday !morning II I newspaper! or a magazine to have tearing clown the old shack In the KAVUHT.tHKK TWK'KI .' M.TjNOIiril A :.Nil' .I'TII

** Use V-C fertilizers this season ;jt Homo hUSSY person ask you, "Did rear ot the school, grounds we .do JACKSONVILLE $1 6'.

$ and you will not be disappointed j you know that you will be bald not know what the object tn, probably I GAINESVILLE .9.

Dr. \V. C. Thomas was In with the yield. Any formula supplied II It forty?" or "Did you ever stop they are storing up a wood II OCALA $2.15

Starke Tuesday on professional from ttock by A. M. Darby I IH. ::0 wonder why your friends avoid supply for next winter However -

STARKE; FLA.'i'iiiz.. business. ,! : ..: .:.. you ?" It makes us want to reply whatever disposal they make of i I TAMPA $5.90

- -- -- C. Crlttenden a representative "Well what about It ? Who wants the lumber the absence of the Tickets and Information at CORPEMVG 1 ORl'G STORE

Sanders Harvey of Tallaha 'e. of the Florida Real Estate I to: know"" It." enough to !give a shark will help the look of theca

who Jot relieving :Mr Hoffman ut : Commission was In town Wedn"'lL1" 1 person heebies I rutpte

I : : TwT T----

'.- _- .*_ -- .

t- -r- S -_- .,. -,: .- ::::::;;:: ...i llUt .". .,'

u. r ... .


FRhI" ).tY. APRIL 8. 1O2T
-- .J\\
-. T\1 wn

/ I 1 I Il I

Farmers & Farming HIGH SCHOOL BRADFORD JOURNAL I l4 =. II I I r.Special offer

= ,
\voonIMiKii --- -
-:niKvi: ; .MATTIII\V: : oHArrs -.
'' -iillurnl, l': It '
( ) .An' --
,: In-i'hl.r" AxHcK-lut" I IMH.ir: \ ;:. -- ::
... ,
WII.III'nJ.JtSIIHI'US: VlltIINIA'Ei:1s '- .-:;: -
.tIl I Met le Editor rubllcliv Editor. / ;". ; the readers
f ?! to

ARTICLES OF FARM EXPERIENCES AND METHODS FOUNDTO Till: si it\iv: I bran' new baby boy.. born r'rl- ";', I r.

BE BEST SUITED TO OUR COUNTRY day night. ;I'' \1 1 .' ( -
\\','II. at last wo have; been 11111'-1 1 .r/" J" OJ. thispaperE
-. "
I .. 4'/-
veyed Ulletl'n ilon't see that we "Men may come, and men may KO, '..yIeat \

HI II l I.C fl IIrr.11'I: : .. .. 4. t, n' 4 e e 't <\4 '" / : I ore nny lho1'01''''' for having llut wo go on forever.'u ." I J

I v .1, lieini, except for I the fait t that we I \\ refer to the surveyors, from l i D:. I .

,developed) Homo healthy Inferiority the University of Florida.. .,. They :\ makes the meal.It .
"+|prnyI." K; or Hu-lliiK/ \\ lllAnllinu 1..1. SAMPSON CII J Y x i : complexes when we Nero notable have tented, tin until there. la not I .

IH>SI> Onl 1 "r1.; <.lii.. : to answer some or the extremely much left to lest, and, before thlx I i is appetizing, nourishing know that each of the \
healthful. :Meat you
ri.-i.N' w 4' 9 'D 0 n a, m 4 IA1ru. I t xf hip'!.. quenlIon8 I a>!kcoJ. week Is over we expei t that they ,
\\'.. have humbly Hiibmltted to will bo testing our heart for hul- '' should bo an importantpart \A seven quality automobiles named below

.. ear nnlnnItiowcrM S. K. .1 one's IIIM gone l 10 1'lIt".1I. our intclllgenie: ourmemory lto ln. They have already, IUHI.nd-1| of :your daily menu.
had, n pri'lly, 'lumliv, time 11"lIywood.hor... cue will visit i our ompoMltlon, our ed, I the building to. nee It It hUll"lal..y Serve it every day. .. is a General Motors car. We want you

vllli aiilhracniiHt- Thl.... 'r..ur. ImwCMT her daughter. rutiiniluK MIH. Jo:. N.home I Durkeo.sit a : spelling, our arithmetic, our writIng ." I to kv how General Motors doubly guarantees
oral ln-roru In fact almost everything tli.itIt --- Whether come in-
pliinnliiK tn watch' I yqu
\\ wuli'rmnloiiH rloHcly.. n nl 1 nt Ilia I will /lIKO visit relative'!. at Kurt la !possible to be.. tested rill except A coat of paint \1'111lot hurt I to our shop or phone us these cars-how it is passing the savings of vast !.

first' stuns (if nntlinicnoHi, *. WP uropoliiK i 1'11".w, : Smyrna.KrlvixlH our ability to eat Itiiby !Ruthsut an>thln -even the 1 girls>: look you are sure to get ex- (1,200,000 last
marufacturingoperations ( cars )
of :Mrs.. 11. A. 1'ri'He-ott: still alive fixed year .
'to spray with Imrdoniix, mixture "reeenH nut wo are much l better after they get actly the kind of meat

IIK l'.0m0u''uded l hy 'the county will IIP glad to know Unit nlie IHItnprciviiiK i whi"'l11" | Homc'tlitng to bo thankful up If they don't daub It on. you want. We have a on to you--in finely built engines, Fisher Bodies, i
after a wrloiiM' IIIII"MM for and I 1M moro I than HOI no of u*
the iiHHorl.itijilunt
nml I
pathologist ntri'iit" of I tin experiment, / .ntn-. lit her home here I|' 1 expected, II' the devil In Tampa" cuts.
tlon at CnlnoBVllUVlni -. A. I K Simi it ii ill' ll.tuthorii win back to the University to hu
lie has. nothing/ on our ,rats-they where quality counts most in comfort safety, long
luHt week. graded und we will soon have
>H leiives./ nml" 'the "inelniiMHKMiiRplvcH \lKltor here
lire liable In' nttaek. hvnnl.hnunnse. C. II. llrown waft u visitor. to ]I I privilege. / of knowing/ whether or ralno the devil all the time. I Variety Meat life and high resale value. 1

Imrk. Irregular, lendspotn Luke huller Saturday. not WI' belong to that happy but

| |.. appear| | nil the stems.. nmllonvpH. :Mm. Joule Halo nnd eluiifthter.MlHH unfortunate termed group morOIiK.Vhat'of Individuals. Some:: shining men lights who, Imagine only see theyare thereflection :Market: Read about the General Motors line. "A car f

At first I they have a wnlrrxoiikeil : Miimlp, have returned home commonly <

ft iippiuirancc' L.uler they from Tiilatka' where they visited a dreadful blot it would<1 be on the t'II,,". of Our their girls HOMOS.will-Times-never for every purse and purpose." See the wide choiceof j
Klirlnk nml liei'omo covered with fair name of Bradford ('ouII ly. If
lilnk, xtlcky maun.. of Hpnren. rt'liitlvi'H.) we should find out that half of imagine that they are shining models-the wide range of prices. Decide whichcar
i n
IV !\UlOIU.UINIalhnn :
; l.oulHe Kite, whir In attendliiKHi'hool lights because of their noses-ah,
When I ho disease.. IH HprlouxpimuKli. us running around loose out here
I the leaves and vines die I In Slnrko. sprat/ the workcm at Hchool urn morons! After, wereceive no, they keep their noses well interests you most ;then clip and mail the coupon.As .
hero, with her parents, Mr. powdered. O. Hayes was born In
the returns from the tests
jirpinnturply. lpnvli miniature and' Mm." Lester Kilo.K. Marlon county, S. C., Aug. .6, 1850
offer will also send
inelonn. wo will probably have a new way a special we you a wonder-
l I n. Jones Wlldwooil visited What Is the worst Jont? Jest and died at his homo near lirooker. -

There, IH hut one precaution. to Crleiulx hero olio iliiy hint wook. I of classifying! the have student atHchool found out we flunked. Mar. 29, 1927, at the age ot7U fully interesting little book about the General Motors
will our morons
take iiKiiliiHt this iliHPiiHn.. and Unit :Sirs K. h. llrowii who has tii'cnsurlously we years, 8 months, 23 days' lie
l IK to spray with 4-4-GO bordeaux 111 here Inn been moved, : and our non-morons will snub und the how the little We overheard thin conversationthe II came to Florida when quite ayoung Proving Ground. It gives facts which you ought to
mlxturo.or dust with copper-llmo I to !Sirs.'' Kiiy OIlI'K hoKpltnl. InStnrko. i non-morons morons! We hate to think other day: "My Johnnie la ; man and located at La- have: before you select any car. Fully illustrated.And .
dim before tho disease sell a foot- friends wish for her I.I a such a good little !boy. Why, he C'rosse where he made pictures
about It.. Hut seriously wo don'texpert
hold In till field. After the dl- I Hpi'i'dv recovery. to have anything like this stays at school now until nearly and taught school for a number its reading may save you hard cash. Act
f BPHSP N OIIPP thoroughly CHtalillslied Ull'l \Vi lie \'1111i of
I (iVIIU KoHHlKMIll school GOO: o'clock every afternoon and years.
, |111M little IIHO to spray, ns i nori'i'ii .of JurkHonvlllu visited. reln- happen I ; of course but every have good ho lined to rush home juxt as soon In 1875 he was married Hannah today.
thinks this, wo
III fuvoroMu
the illHi-HHH IH persistent tlvea here !Sunday. reiiHons.. to believe that ours IH an as he could. I am so pleased to 1) Harry( of LaCrosse. To'
weather and almost ImpoHHiMe ) I fine school frequentedby see him get so studious, for I this union were horn seven children

to check At the first tilgnso I HlK I I lorponitloiiM, In I Iii Iii country unusually unusually line students. know ha Is getting Ills. teacher to all of whom are living; except CHEVROLET 7 models-$5l5 to $74s

Infection, wo arc going to destroy I uri, tniiiliiK their eyes toward help him learn his lesson during one daughter Janle, who died

vliiPH' already nIT'I"uII.111,1, Florida' und they are In limo state ---.--- --- all that time." In 1)01!) : at the ne; ot 14. Ills The quality car of the low-priced ficlJ. speed trannmlsslon.

enrny the field to prevent olliorlneH !,_I looking. over Iho Kltiiutlon with. i 111.:1'.1.: SKIIMI: : : "Yen my Mary( does the name Ilrxt wife died In 1901--the surviving strong rear axle. Smooth dry-dine clutch. Overhead valve engine.

\ from UeliiK killed. the Idea of going, nil cud with "IILIIK'' way. She seems to be so Interested children. by his first rnarrluKe Fisher KoJien. Duce finish. Alemlte lubrication. Fully equipped.
Early: In the growing season the already. fonHiiiiiuted and with Tim IliiccnneerH. the winning In KI'l1001lnw.." are \\'. II. Hayes and Mrs. CHEVROLET TRUCK CHASSIS 14-ton, $395, 1-ton, $495.

cost ot Irenlinenl.. h IHom|>iirntlvp- plans for new ",'v'IIJlmpnlll.1"I..rlla team In the' mihscrlptlon content Of course they arcall the George Keene of Gainesville K.:

a ly small It IH POHHIC|) | I that HpruyiiiK ,, IIIIK the repiitiitliiii of linIIIK were royally entertained/ by the little Johnnies and Marys are Interested \V. and C. B. Hayes' of Starke, P.

or iliiHthiK from, April, on a .Htiilo friendly to ontMlde, I Sea" )Dugs, and.. 1'initeH. the Iwo In school now. ]hit we O. Hayes of llrooker, and M. S. PONTIAC 5 models-$775 to $975 ,
loHhiK tennis, Friday night, Apr.
through the growing HOIIXOII would uipltnl mid, with ImvliiK no Idea! fear It III101 their lesson that Hayes of :Moore Haven.
1. at the Womnn'H ('1111>. The "01,," which Is quality product in appearance and
I pay wlielher or not iinthrui'iioHu of panning/ tummy I-IWM that would i I keep them there. It I Is some bigger He was again married In 1902 A low-priced a
bulldliiK N min decorated, In green, coniitruition. Has largest b... linder enslr.e In it) price da,..neautl.
showed Thin IH piirtlriilarlytrue nnd the. glad, books, >
up. retard development / attraction than mere to :Mantle H Zelxler of HamberK, includeJ.
and white and sweet h.Allconvenlence
crepe paper
of watprniflou fleliN near liund ,IK always extended, to MKliiiHlnesH namely the playground ('lllIlplIIpllt.I S. ('., who Is still'living, also one fuistylishlinesFiherBodies.
I Iprns, green nelim the color of theHiK'caneers. I Value proved by unprecedented sale.OLDSMOBILE .
where. nil Infet'tlon occured hunt .. ulth the I Idea of lm\lnK This.. piety culled n I The children play on It until they son by this marriage, N. G i. Hayes,
ypar. This would prevent the dl- the men mid money male here and can not see because It la. gettilng Jr., railway Gagman, with headquarter -
Deep Sea JteVf I wan planned" by
KPIIHQ from KPtlliDt u foothold In help to make I Kloi-ld.i. tho best : dark and then I they get scared at Jacksonville.
I the t'urtlx. I'tihllKhliiK. Co. and<1 all
tho field. climb In the union 1: and run home.i I These. were all present at the 11 models-$875 to $1190
? wo. had to do was follow the In-
------- i also his twin brother, U.C. .
f funeral ,
.. -II'III'IIIInK.rh'r a number of" Cr.itifienciur, finer taste; satisfies every need. A truly fine car atmoJcrnte
-- -- -- told. that this Is to of S 1:. C., half
We were H.iyes Dillon : Duco f.ninli. Powerful 6
beautiful limber Undies. *
mimcH. nil of which were designedti ic-t.
Il !" td and Career ho the "HoOBter" Inane, so we doelded brother, 10.! H. H.iyes ot Clermont, ; h"ldncer..h"el brak".l.tanyothernew
:.iE: i make the guests think they cylinder motor I I armen is
... .. : to write Homo poetry. This N. U., three sisters Mrs. H. M.j f AnJ wide of model choose from.
w n aboard Home pirate ship, Iceiiniii impnnmeat+ range
I lino It Is something altogetherdifferent j Jackson, Dillon S. C., MrsV.. M'I
runes were( nerved.! 'r ho 1111" 1
Dovetail Efficiently and oh, BO beautiful! | Pen-lit and Airs. Elizabeth )IdI -
""ii,yi ng this I'XcltliiB!: party wero'
I Keep that school-girl. complexion I| wurcN of Mulllim S. C., ono neph
111.' Int'inlllTH tit Iho sixth, seventh," OAKLAND 7 models-$1095 to$1295Vinninu
I'or four out of live have pyorrhea Clifton Jackson of Clyo; S. ('.,
mil I tinhlKh Hchonl Ki-atle
tel 1 111" chaperoned" by Mm. CJeo.Vhllo. I"W' niece :Mrs. A. C. Rodgers, DII- \ and holding 1 goodwill>: everywhere' because of its ad.

< \ uftHlsteil., by 1\IIKH Ethel Kven: your 1 best friends won't tell S. C. Besides Lucite he Is ,minced engmeermgand! precision construction.; Fisher Hodiirs. Duco

(;1'10'1'11111.1 JIIIII Madge: MiddleInn -' 1 you survived by IInolh"lIMIer. 111'11.'oloman f:,,;.h. Rubber silence .h.wsis.4-w heel, brake A "six"whose quality

V AVit. |111'4 your home tablo- hy. my deah ? Itlaiiche ( of Marlon, S. it doubly assured an a product of General Motors.

) 3 t s I. the man who owns one, C., and a host of other relatives.
--- VV'itti't.. .. ,vim,,.. follow tie, ilnctrir'H ud- Shortly after his first. marriagehe
n. s. nisioiivLook vice? moved to this county, near '
! 4' + BUICJK > 8 model*-$1195 to $1995 '
r r v
s.\\ Two marvelous new preparations,, Urooker and began farming,
..dii' for I ho history of n. It.
And, you get moro here for the where he has lived continuouslyever Everybody: knows Buick's worth. General Motor emphasize\
It you want Hume interesting price since. Through these long Bulik'a statement that its new models represent"The Greatest Buick

Ing you will find It elsewhere In Good; looks count every hour of years ot hard work he has built Ever Built." Vlbrationless. beyond belief. Famous6-cyhndervalve-liv-

) the Monster Edition Our school the day up one of the most productivefarms ,I head engine. Bodies by Fiiher. Duco finish.Many models.
has had a brilliant 'and colorful, the I
Anclul'h\) Cleanser chases In the county.
pant that IH well worth reading' / :
dirt away! lie was numbered among the
many graduates'! of II. II. S. now Built to lit the body older residents, ax well 'as probably d
f' hold rexpoimlblu positions In all 6 moJL. t 95 to $2685
: -
Solid comfort. for your feet, the oldest Mason In the

wnlkH of life and many' more will Friend of the family budget county, having joined the Masonicfraternity ccneral1\.l"to,,"' latest contribution to the Tine car field. This Is

hold these iioHlllom. when theyouter \Vliy men leave home-half fed. at the age of 21. At !

the outside< world.< This history Around the corner from anywhereTo t the time of his death was chaplain I corn-1 f'

a i !x'4 .NJ wan 1'01111.11",1.11111. written fathers who bathe 3-year-old I. of \Vorthtngton Springs Lodge. l>ut.o finish. Now oil display.CADILLA! .
'4 by Laura Newell, u Honlor at 11.II .
I % \ sons Ills general health was fairly
S.. and It n great
represents to where it I li I went
It hail to bo good get good, and up until Sunday
amount of l'nlll"lalllllwork' / onbur And that's where It's going t o, nbont his work as though he was C 50 body stales and types

part stay no more than 50. On Sunday afternoon -$2995 to $9000The .

F --"-(;-U.. II'" No. no dear reader, Lye not gum I I hU horse which he was pioneer in the R.c\linJcr field. Standard of the world.

mad), riding, became unruly und begun I Improved V-t tWe o0-degre engine. Marvelous bodies by Fisher and

3 nt Now nil you folks take oft your I've just. been looking at ad afte r running. lie finally got the horse I leetwood. Puio hui-hes. A choice of 50O Jdlerenteoior! end uphoUtery !

gs tdsawaut t Nt I uliin eM und wipe) them clean sot hid--G.! j under control and went on homo i combination to cmphat.i individuality in ownership.

EDUA tD 1).f ,3rl:1t ,, ; Min'll be .Hiire not l : mako any A. \V. I where from. the exi-ltment and ,.
over-exertion hud to go to bod.I ALSOFRIGIDAiRErlcrtricfrit -
Likes when rend nhnt we
in you
NARCUERITF; Is. cuing to writebeeiuiKo> It In.ill I I'UIIOU. : I.MHNUritii:: I I His condition did not scent serious
? (I. 1027it.mh I when Dr.p I DELCO LIGHT electric
w INERrr until Monday afternoon
v'rv' Interesting.t I'rofosor j
a ery .
Mat :Mln. 1'relii ', Holland from Starke was sum- crutors. Theiuge.t.ehlmgclec; > /'ant.. Another General Mo !
i"f" :-1'; '' ,11 with mate to"fIIO..l school nmlablomlli Monday :30 !81 53 .UI! I moiled. Ho did nil ho .could but tric refrigerator 1 in the ...1.1. tl>r. "..,.Iuet. Hring you all the I
oen0u.g i 31 SI I 61 .0) Built by General Mtitor Many! conveniences and labor-saving
his. face It lid notNear I this heart gave way, and ho died .
a <>n
4 rta .. '
April l\1o.1et.-m..ny ('rle. devices of ,
1 .
nt r:; HO Tuesday morning.He
olT during the' Astronomyt 62 .0 O i ii
1 81 1
4)1 l. .ind not even the noisy was butted nlntlo..b ccme-
# 10,1)t hull wan enough to erase, :2! t liB 07 .0 1 tery, near LnCrosse Mar. 30 beiBhlo l ALL PRICES F.o.n. FACTORIES] k i
:S J 79 53: ..01I O i I
: his first wife and daughter.
ton. Of course
I thai happy e\pre 67 .0 ,
:Newell U. always Rood I Masons: were" In charge ot the serI -
i iI ir'T I I'rofeHMior I 5 S9! til .0'LI CLIP THE COUPON
M.iluivil. but :Monday' morning': hew S9 C2 .0 V i vices together with Fader: C. It.
(li t Stephenson formerly ot llrooker.I .
? us In un unusually good humor .
:Now; we know you are nil wondering St. -I'etersburg-Pinellas\ County ; nnlln"II-so::: lilmI Telep I W WANT: ; YOU to I.nowmorc about General Motors

about the why and! wherelorcH Power. Company and Centra. I I h o n e Company's constructing its cars and other products. Check the car that

of till, but lie hud II perfectly Florida Tower & Light Compan::. lines front here to Glagler Beach interests you most and mail in the coupon.We will send
good right to look no Joyful merged Into Florida Power Cur
for. ho la the proud "pop" ofit poratton.1Vrlilicrs Uradenton< --$25.000 new Elks You, free, interesting illustrated booklets telling all about
I _. 1 Lodge building being constructedtere. < that and \\hat General
".. ------=- "' ; car Motors is doing to assure

l' I I >ou of both valucarid satisfaction in car ownership. Clip
I TAMPA: Florida Portland Cement
], j ".. !": (' -'-:nT"Tf-.J--. .. ,I-j. :rJ,, J 1)t: For Florida Fruit and Farm Crops Company- erecting $5,000- the coupon now Mail it TODAY. Don't wait.GENERAL .
I 1"1.- -<1- '" ...- "'-- ---- SIMON; PURE AND GEM BRANIS
A.1'I .i .., i. it \1\ oldflh! .cag1: ,"rl'It, h .'J it>jt t..i nwr-ly\ fJtl1l' -'., ...a ouo plant lu this city.

,I MI i. ]Marguerite: Werner !: more nttriu-tivo if oho l I. not Years Satisfactory I Service to Florida GrowersPAINTERS

1 Says Managing One Is oii'iii'UocoifUHl 1\111 1; l h urn. with her: homo 1927 FLORIDA ALMANAC: TELLS HOW For Perfect Sewage Use MOTORS

Practice for Oilier 1 CV'rt:linly.; there Is more to Write for Almanac Prices and Discounts
1 I 1.)1'r.,1'; !' ,tit In tho ovcnlnRliea:

Detroit.-Kot r'.lv docs M.". 1"wiat,"' h r. tn-n full of Jurlnff interest thus in K. O. I'.\IN'I'Ei1 Jacksonville' FERTILIZER Florida; COMPANY Hubbard Septic EP-Z--: - -CLII' THE COUP S- - .

MartueritoVcrnir uehevo. that It
d'tv. Inyivnhy! who could leo Tanks
II noMiblo for a woman *o have K:"ni.iril and. mo rchcnratnpr our GENERAL: MOTORS ( Dept. A ), Detroit Mich. ;I
haul a husband and a career but I
r a t'avorito modern piece, 'All That the next best to city I
1 ho even rin'mtnlna thi\ ono mnnagoj ',,525 SZSZ525 .SZSZSZS.LSd5dS 8 25'252525..52S8"2.52S ca; sew-
because of Sho Is Is An Old Fashioned Girl'would I CHEVROLET Q Please send without obligation to TourProving
better a me.
& size in
1 Family put
realize! how closo to each age. I
husband cad the husban better };: Ground Book, together with Illustrated
becnuie cf career.... other our runic drawn us. ; complete with 40 feet of I 1'ONTIAC [0 literature describing? '; the.Oner.I Motor product
\ M ra. Werner ii organist at tho "Our taal.'s nro nlmost idontl- J. R. DAVIS & CO. i have checked, and the name of the nearest I
a state Theatre here and her husband rat.'e can discuss with Intel seepage, $60.00. Factory, I I OLDSMOBILE Q dealer In case I may wish J"mon.tratioo.

I E,luard Werner 1 cond-io' lifrn; 1 T the subject that is dearestto 1 2-13 So. Fifth St., Gainesville -
tor of Limo Symphony Orchestraat u. liolh, Besides, it seems tome OAKLAND O.
the Capitol! Thoatro. that musical marriages should INSURANCEAGENCY I Fla. Mail a card Name...____
., "There has never been nay uo happiest of nil, for music U the I and I will call and explain i ''BUICK n I

question of giving up my career," gentlest of the arts. RJ I
it to : AddressTWI ._..
i lava Mr a. Werner. "nnd 1 think "The reason some marriages: of 0
it Is abHuril, for any woman t? fret; musicians fail\ Is that ono or the ESTABLISHED 1886 I :

1 the idea: that marrinri will interfere other considers only himself or r, I C. E. Hubbard I CADILLAC a I IR
with the work she like herself and loses interest in the

best to tlo. success of the other. My[ nui- Iii STARKE FLA. j Gainesville Fla.

(' ; t "On the the husband contrary finds, I have: a wife proved'nit oil, talents band and and I opinions.respect"each other' I I : ::: :::::: :: -_-0- DELCO-UQIIT (.Pt.ouo OJ

- - -

I .1

, $j

.. .........._ .

.\Y.PRU.. H. 1027 UR.\UFORU ('OtiT'nu.r.H.I'Ii.: : : : !o T.\nK" I'JOIU_ nI I:' n .nUCI.I: )

' lo. H Pudlo' uml .1 c "1-1 1\I,. and b\. \litue, of Ih..' certain' Haul I I 'i.< 'tin- 1 point "r ltttcr' ..>i.lion of theICottiilx luu .ttti- r.l"wl,1 toinlH or "I'liloniof '-

ra ; I 'otiiplalnitnts.' .diil, .... lili" 'i rd li\ ,the Him. A K. load .o. ;,. lii-ul-, the IllowilIce ,- ,loads I II I".t"rd County' :
Gowns of Yesteryear Give Wcv to I vs. 1 .\dKllii. JtiilKi' riKlllli: Judicial Clr- I r.r1. Uuad No Hoa.l. No. II

SI"II". 'n 1..t"1 et 1 II. < lilt of Flolidi. 'In and for KludfolilConnie. Io"" No.. H n dlst.incc of about cant to Clay (County, l.lne., 31 Mln.
f' ," "" .. In Chancel" on thn 25th rc 11... fiom, Its intcisci tlmi .11 I Itoail No 21Stnto' Uond .
lirp.doMiirei ,d.i> of March.: A. U 11127 In Hint Itoail 4, ,to 'the Ninth .lle .r *.o Hiuid::, 21 at Frunk MoriEan'0. (011

Sports Costumes of Today i liS THI: N.X.MI: (W! TIII.: si-vri: or I aiiHi 'tint lu' pending; the Town of Staike.Itonil I Miles.Itond.
n.i'inm.:: : :;' 11"": HiailToiil, :t County \ ,kO' No 10 r"1 Stato Itnad No.i : No. 21- Itoail S to Uoml 9,

3; ;:-' 1 To the IMuatdini.'lla i ol poi' '' < Vmplaln.i nt unit i 1,1 in the Tuwn llamutoii' 'to in- lxtonnlon. 1 ft Miles.Itoad .
r ter"I' .l.itnes .1 nle; Ciawloid:: : :and::: wifetiile: :, 1 KelleCr.iwfotd 1 tersi-ction. with: County: Itonil: : No i No II- State Uoml No. into

I I Kennedy: :: fu>n itiiln K Itinun.:: < ;ulserpe ', Inti" i "n I "" .' I.. A.'v.nn's farm', Crawford' Hon.I. 3 I Miles.Itond .
I""n'1"1 I
c.vaici'iu... l')>\lwnd' : f ,rnmpilivll. I Coi poi .H ion. a i "''''' 111'.1".1.1 IIColts i I 1.1: No 20 r"1" Hi Inliismtlouof No. 29--l'r.wrol',1 Honil toItond
i BY HARRIET Nu\\ |>otl II. Kst.) K 'iin'>I 1\\.11 Co I '....1'''' ". 'C.uII"" Itoad No I I. near' 'the ,lanu>s 'Kileif.llm. Ph)' .Inhl lirowulnB'a. S t
Iliall i I the .1,1, ,.",.i if c,i h I lite! "ntulei' sinned SiM.cliil I InClintlieiy 'lo the Toivn of SnmpsoliI'l'v Miles.Kuad.
/\XCE upon a time the closets: ot of whom aio nnkiimvn i.\. 1'1 l,, .ni : i : ; will sell to JI th,. ItlJ\icsl I No. 4S- Hiind 14 to rionil. 9by

the maid 1 and matron who pretended I tuirl' H Ksles' who 'lesldis, in ttiangoi louder" I".,. ra"b .1111"1 tho teirtlIIIIUIH 1 .\ud In the evrut sil.l na-ollno' 'lax 1.11' Moriuan'H. 2.O Miles.
r-- i Count' v Klnrldn nnd .lames .1. KCII'uttlv of sale. on the andy I 'law should be 11..1..1. or for.' any 3ft-Kond 9 to Uond 14
I to know the sllshtest thine I' llctljainlu: ;::. U ftrowii,:: ,, tlulscppp: I : ," of Mn)'. A. n A."IIY., ( flout vfo .ie.i.it :bnconut: void l ll'P'Bald by Starlintfs' 1 J Mllus.lload .
about fashion were filled with I 'a vatftiar". llilward I*. (n"lh1 anil South doin, of 'Ilia (Com'| ||< .,IMOStniKc | ;hi idcd I ImlobtiMlneHS;: : :::: : to bo, n onall : No 27-Slate' Itond No. \

curlom: garments called tea i\\fi> I,, it c.iinphell.' Et",1 \ \ isnulfoid" Count )'. Florida, \.1.1. piopertv' In Urntlfordil'ounty Itoad II I by l>on FrlKun.
I.. and H"wl 1,1-' I\U I e followliiK di! scribed! lands' Ijlnn IVi'l ma, nud, to bn redeemedby 1'0 '..
gowns. r ,' :lpII".1 wl.y\ III tlli'lr, 11,1,,rlncht :,d, bitltiK: \In: Hrndt'ortl; County, Klor-i : 'the I levy and' ,..1..10. of nil ndi .1I Tim tolnl lentrtli of theno projoctsla

Tea gowns wero across between \ ., 1' of onih 'nnd all of ., ,.- I. .\ onti-etcvelitli undhlili..l i 1 \ u bu" i-ni tax thel" ''. npl'"I"nl..ly 23.2 :I''.
whom mi- : O\nI''Nn.\ : : of NIOC: au.I .
a negligee nnd ball They 111"\1 1. 1. ISIII' 'l'IItll le.1
a gown. ,. i I You' unit .h you au> lu' "n by'ii'iulrcd i !.:' :" r'v, of SK\i, (nil I 1"1\1. on which aro .1..lred 11'
frothed with bows and rucliiiiKB: : : td lie anil nppciir, : In, the In Sei'ttou u, Township tl South, I.t i I "i" :. (o.i 1 apiiruxintatelv us followtt:

and bendliiKs and ruffles and lace. 1 ; '1"11" C"" ,.t I of the KiKhtll: Judicialnf ItaiiKo 21 Kast.I I I Cleiii'liiK and (trulbluir' 111 .\01.".

1I I "I""II 1"1. ,'I u. In and for llt'ad-, I A S CIIKWH, | MIIKI : or, t IIIN rim Kxcavatlon, ril47fi cubic .
Trains gimrantoed! to make the 'I''Y.' on Monday' 'thv Smldi !1 Spnclul MnstiT, In i ;Cliaiucrj I \1'11" ,' lload Machine Rrndlnir, 1169 siftllona -
t'.i. r \ : : i M>I -I-I-IHIN: 117,1or
wearer i''''sumhle 11 duchoxs \ A. n. l!27 nt tinoiirt.. K.MiillT, : I 1'1:1 .
crossed \\illi a movio! ) vain I liniisi :'Iho "'"WI of stiitite., Kloriil Si.ill.: \ '. 1'1.. nu: <;t\i: ..uti. "'t' vit i"irv,: Unlteatiul PIllitK. HUSO r.ln. Font.I .

p.abounded. / i, answer, I swi.rn, bill of complain /,11.! iioi' ,tor I'i'itiplalimnt.' I I INoli I t'n".I".1" Structural, Timber\ '1034

,. "xhl",1 'HI.I",1 y"m .ind. 1 otheri I .;,1 -1.2 N In ,ii,.1"I v K\III| that' M Peel, I MIH
But where are the ti a (.own* i|ldJ,"' *! 1> ,. "'' '' nI1< ,d imirll. --.-.- -_. fill.I.I ( ', HUM f.,11,1., '| '1I. I 11,' pipe i ulveits, 014 I.InFoot. .

ot ? They h.\' ciM'ii l.\. (tli" Cotnplnln.uil' H, 0 I liiidliv.mil .. I', II' h.."., ,' '.1'i i'i'i.I, .1'''i' ..11". .".. .
yeaU'Ocar; : noiu> ritix i i IHM.Itotiitl > 11 :
;1'A / J c ( 'lurk, to r..I"' u 'inortKIIUI 11'11"1. .1.1', ,1, ,lit. ( Ill .1" of ''I, A. l lr Jl I Unit pipe culvertn. 598 I.III.
wny to tlio sports. cuMumoof. today. / .J : ,. o\ii, tlie fololuu, InnilH, 1"1"1 > 'i., itu ', i,1,1 I i-.ii'l < i 'nn''. ,' lu ii\, ,FeetMl, 1
: '. nml IIr II the counties of 11,1 nut In icKular sensloii vitli oil i i- .1 IIIH, ituiilc <. 1. fix,' .,1'10 ,lie ,done In accordntiiuwith
\ ; ''told' ,,. '11" of the Stfcti' > of ", all nu ,tubers pros, nt "hl It, \\ 't.tdei,1'. 'to tMstit* 'nt ""1.1"11.\' : I :hi pi.i" 'u-4 u ml I::list l net loim, KIIIptovl.'ioiiM -
"Sll/Jl I1IIO*]" IVoiimilllTIIM'IltSuzunno 1 : Id.i. lo-.ll AM of Sictloll IS N'' KliUlitil. K. K May and' 1 .\. II. Sill- ,, 1 I \ S.ttil, "" ilnbl.lifiH, wlh' .: : spcclnl, pi'ovlwions' ; ,
t' ; of NH'i NK':< of NWt, KI: ,. of ., follow init di-si lilted propel Hit1iiutid 'i' spci.Ilii at' Ions ,.ind I 1 prctpofial. anil, ,contun -
LeiiRlen I believe, M \\ .:j M.-i-llon" :: I'I.'I.;', of .) IMMliniti'S' of Id-( Icail 'andappro In Itiinlfotd" ('otintv' ''" i III" ,uirid County.Ctntt .

who for inurh of fashion ; N\\i SIIt.mirc -',' ,. Il')' "r N''.. \ i.d a >i rcuil, 1.1 to "wit ; of of \ 1"1"111.' : ": bid mu<*l I bo ncconipniilod bva
passes as a : .1.2 tl," I" S'' "r =I,:,,. sl!''I"r 1 Mis. Mntihee'K, bid for, Uamlolplischool ,, I 17. Tp r'S. H. 20\l.l;< 10 ncresI'hii : ci Hilled" ihcik" I ,or a. blilder'N: :;:I: bun.liii.nl

nu a tennis authority, says i t c ;: : SWI'I was ai'copteitWile said. land nssetiseil ,,- |I'iii\ablo ,to K. H. Mntlhows,
that a woman could, have a ward ". \ r to''fr.rs: }: \\' 's': flout. alounil IMnehlll Hchoelhouse the il'ilt. oi ,tin. "..,111. of siii-h, 10"1, ihaliiuait, bouiil nf bond trustees,

robe ot nothing but sports and '"" j I..r. :1.;" or : N"" NW''{ i-olil 1..1 I 10.: Clumtmms for :I till-ill- 'in 'ih> 11"' of II. C. Il' for live ,per, ii-ul of the nun.tint. bid
I 'i )',1 t I.o' Ir: :. ;" thicc, ilollais and, same to bo 1ln-1| nlnit "I'lilexs ciirtlilcntn as ., h"'II. of .irooil fnllh nnd an n
evening!,: costumes and bo an exceedingly "" .G I ;',, :, ,. ; n ,; ,: eil to 11, .. of llluokor\ Hdiool. i iItulcH ho 'redeetned, aiioulltiir ,. law, taxjilenl trim t'n nl'co 'thai' I If awanliMl I thn ,"n11'1..t
well-dressed woman 22 llust.: Ivl "".1 In 'thereon( the Hill llnv'of ,Hid bidderlll' cxocuto HIA,
I InN h.I? 1..1.
: < 4A 1""H\r.r\ ,' County, 1"1"1,11., Hec- and 'icKtilatlona for school ,j' ,\ wil. A | I"I27 WllncHsmv' official I c'onl"I..t" and Rlvn bond. nn r."nlro.1
Sports costumes may be worn 7 of | bus diivurs wetadoptod.. la
nj.I 1' I lon "01''h. Uattiro sluutitiiic" and seat tills ( he lOHervod to 1"1
:I "Kast: ', lylnir and cluv Tin* chaiimail 11.1 .11,0'lllpn.I""t I IW'O or all bids
correctly for practically any daytime h'h'l II I ,to. \lh dav .IM." h, .\ 1 I t'127I .
affair barring poHslbly. a Countx.' t.'IOlln. mortItaKc ,01..1..1, presfiil ( I W.I.1IIDI VN, I Plans .and "1"'II'nlh1', may bitsteii
\ to. secitri* tho pay-j I CIciK, ,Cln ",r.\, \ nt Iho .r Ih. county' onKlnccr -
1 .
garden party and a very swanky I l I mi 'nt of tlio imtri'cKatc sum of Klectlons weie .1.,1 for thn followliiR (Seal) 11('.II'V.' '" and copies, of thn speclfliaHOIIH -
tea flt.1il.OO with I Intel est, attorneys: :: fees: distill is ,. "ll liisiuctiiiaappolntetl |' :[ HC.. A 1"I"'I'. may bo ol.lnltuMl' for |2.BO per
I and, c-etsts. ctf court, as f.lh.w.: 3ISntll.'i le\"II1. I copy Copies of l tin plans may brt
Sports costumes arc seen, how \\t Thnt In default of your appear1ancc I .lh".I. IIIMOI.b".t'' -- -- obtained. : for: f A oo per set.
hotel In J at' ihe ,tlmo and ''HIII" .1 K., 1"11.11. 13
ever. In smart tea rooms = = place aforo-i S. IA'r'IrWR.
: said' decree '| i "InC" A 1"I'h. Siottanil i in* iitii: ns (". A.
I l'o..o"r.sso \\ le entiicd .11 1 n.
the afternoon at bridge parties airnlnHi you, and, wil nlloun- Albeit ,\",,, "U I 1"I'I"'I.' 31I6141MII
and at lunch <:, 1 I .. | bill of complaint. will1\ I I l.awtey, .\. Harlov, It. 1'orUlns 8..1'11.
1..r .1,1 and .1. '1. .' ... lly the' itLivcr vested In me' 'by tint
confessed M. } ii i
as : : : ofi 11Herehv
The accepted sports costume by you : : : :
laws ,
The, Itiadfurd, County' "' liiooklyn' J. P. 1"h.l. .T. s. Hrlini of Florida the bnald .if Pllbllt
however, must be smart and correct weekly "" '" '" 'I"II'h." :[I ', ,lr., 11.11'1"\ >ser.Kellc 1"1111"1 of iiiinifiird" futility'

\ If It "Kcts by" at affairs .. of ,".".j'"I" 1.hl".1. 11"1' I >', 1'le.hll. Hi'lit <\\1.1 11. i ," ,to bu held at tile 1.1.
I" tntlliK Blvi'it thnt under
: 11'1lr",1 ,r which call for afternoon l "" Ida, hereby .1" us thenewspaper \ : : : \ nnd by virtue, of that' c-eitnln, llnnl
ordinarily < \aiidcibllt, Con ''', F. M.Not ;I I'127! for, Ilic plllpnsc of eliitlllKthree
dress of femlnlnn georgettes be In which for four this. 1.,1.II\ :man:: ;and:, : J.I'.l'\I : : I "tiuslics until' and detet'.mlnliiK decree made. and enti "ri-d" ty Hn

r'I MLC'liKIT.nSH published'. lt ,i, llcllbl-i.ii, N. 1 D. Oreen" .Prew, HeddlNli ,- : the mlll.tKO ,to ,to llssessetl III each Inl.AItl'. .ludiie' of i cir
crepes and bit lints. ; '" and Wiitur CtHinmnntf. | distill.I c'Ill ( > .r UlKluli, .liidlclnl

1 am not sure that the general 1, \\ Tho Honorable ,I.V.! ItlrliiK Tutu Closby, \Harry I.uwlw, i For, t Ihu ,pinpoint" of mildeletlluliH 'tilt' of 1..I..Iln In nml, for In-n.l-
.Mdcim.in. Clerk of said' ( ',"' ', 11-1 laud' \ 'thi> malUIRCIS' 11hllll folFo'r ford ''' on : '' :|!,I duy of March'
fashion rule which nays 1I1'0..t8costlll11eS ''tier, 'tin* ofllclnl Real Ih.r. In the'j': I'""\,1.II."l'h""II". "Colelnail, I.. .\. ": A T) n.'T, lu, ( I hit, iiu'liiln' I foiitilos111 : :

may bo worn at most .'"WI "f stniUc.' Itraeiroid Counlv, Hoialland, Itlchaid li>o.Itluokel Tlnicssn" (I. W. lllusi.ii. AI- o of mot''tuiiKi. suit thorolii pnndIIIH -
dajtlmp affair makp$ the f 4 I I"'hl.il: this, :ilsl day of V: .rch. A D J .1 MolKHll" 10. M. HnxtMl bill: Mulhv, ;n Si.,oil Swindle,, {i : In chiiu'i-i" \ w horflln I>. I I. AmnH
any : : ;:; Complnluiiiit' and C. Krunouml
I .
aud, .1 A Cotinerl.v {I 1
dressing problem, any easier. for .. : i 127.I ii. W Al.in'IIMAV: I ,r.""r M' i I" C \ 1"I"'h,1'\ '( nir... I'l-.h- '( Cnorl', clitronilnnis -
I'l" .
beforesports Seal ) cierl, ,, ;, The followlllKT : .tA Wero mlllltpll 'I "..I. All.-it Anderson." I 'lite Hpeclnl' Mas
than hthe days (
women .._ : "b\ 1 'and' oidiifd, paid' f l om iccnoral I Ic.iioiim ,. In.I..I.,1, ,
C. A. rl".I' For ,l.iwli\ V I Hal' .) II Per-;i lei will ,"t Hii. and will well
altll'o was so accepted. ; I ) I "I"TNICII'r." s iiirow.sihooiiiitoisao.noMitnk T' Moon- I ,to I the I.. t blildelfor
hlJh'e' '
KVIllllT I< .. ol Slarko 'liansfer' liu.on: I'I\.I\:::, lliooliUti.\ J P r..I,;. J. I I cnnh In .of I llni Run ill door of
( <> nIM4-4" nml CostinmiFor NII lailte 1 ( I llirnni! I' I. ,
.11'Ice', 1' h.'ILhlll 'Hi In.'t .1 h, C llull.oiirer, ,' the (c.Hirt hoti'i- In Htiirko. llra.l-,

.f I hero are sports costumes 'ho"M ', ),' fl.'"",. hl'nu/h nil Hie il.ivtlmc hours :,. ",.Kill.for Complalnontii. I J.llrooknl T. teachers"". SliOO I,1 For 1 Kclb 'It. J I. I'ndei,hill. 1"11 furd':: Couiitv:' : I Florldn. nn Sfnndny!
l-l-Kt-4-89 H..III|' \ I v nt i Jo>- lohiiHon.' April lib, 1'i-T' dnrltiK' the 1 Iwunl
and 1 cost. 11 nil's. A tennis sports if one' could Iook' lil-c thl* JUIIDK JII., .\.f. kr ,N r-linttn' 0110of I i i"I"I l.aw'lev teitcheiu' "" Hr.111( (l ,For: :: Vamlt: .thllt. F.: 'M Not" "i"in', I.' lioiiiH of fib. then,. ,u, |'h.| f.illowlinf'

costume would not bo correct nt a tlio (\ Mee\ele 1 ,, Kvort] "ll" In nnn.I) ", vlili liimnonl.ln Vew Hlver 'teachers PO.rl, 1. "Ci"11.1| "c. Alva 'ni II. t tFol ,di.siu-lbi'd ",1.1"< Ivlmt nun iteinir In
\.11 I I .surah 1 t for null ten nor a tailored\ suit on '. tut> silk ptiirt. Itoliic nml. II'\n mo 11''eomh.tlll| toncihero. 1 V. I.. 10.1." & wife, !i.. ,I.h.I. Waller. clomiuoiiM,' lo nit All, ,Unit::, iioitiini of ;K'i: ; of

the tennis couit though strictly At Iho right' li Ilif Ideal feniiH out' tit t. "Iwln/[ 'n. vilnto 'lleii,I.v ,'h'". Is Klvon that' under' \ : .r A. ". 40.no i (1.'or, KI-.IIIU' Tate Ciosbllaii\ > si| ; of wii; oi. scctiun. ai, Township -

speaking both coma In the sportswear knit frock It III mined, ,11 Imiult of I'( to mll.h .Iho slipover': ntnl tiv' vllttio of "that! certain" I 'finaldecric C.; Kuiinernmn' :':' : :ii.uiTiai [ : :> I I "l.i"I ul"; U ii: I.: i M. lineFoil I : !: h" H.uilli: llntiuo' i lnslylnit; |
of 'c : ; nf foreclosuie: :nuide: bv lloiolll I iiortullon, Brill.rn lioiitdt, ilu I I: A. "","lv. \ Nut of l In- I .u .2I Hutlor;, nnd::
class knit jnckft H. WlKKlus, salary :01 01' (Col III, hind' l.i-ii siailn' HlHliuuv ,
'I ; |(- A. K \l1llltls ollf of the ItlllKCHof I \ "''HI' I innnliiK Ih"uUt""
If your sport activities are not the Klirlith' Judicial\ "I'livill':' ,..fl II II. VV luKlns lucid'. .U.> '' Fur" Ih"'I U,i t .1 I )|I""I" nan, I 1i,!. M 1 .''WI\ laudalso;. ': "t:(, of
with I,. W I kliklltcr" Ijil. surv., 1.2.1 I i J A. Ciiintorlv.i' ,\ of |.; : H-I, |..|" I'l
numerous that you need outfits catch the newer note contrasting fiock. Tho thrce-plpcp sports eneomblo l loilda, In "ClinniiiyIttlrir, '| theCllclllt 111.'n. /.r :1.W-
so .
H. l May. hd serv Ti 211A Kn-Ki.rrnii ship I ui22 ,
\ ', "
Cnlllt fol llraiiriilll, C.,t\ 1. I .
for tennis riding\ et al., but skirt and Jacket. of I'lcuti'il' skill. oviT- Suii-i'iMV' lid. ..".v. H.llll ;:; I '
''It golf I'lorldii., on 111.' \mill ilav of Manli." I. H. II. WII11k, Chilli, mini,. HI. '' .
blouse nnd H good J. \ Truck 7.m: ,1-IH.lil Sl-fl::!,., of 'Vn\ uml: v"g: :
two good \1..1'.11" ,
If you want Just one or lilnck, Velvet JiirkrliThe Jacket "e.y \ H I'i27' In favor of S' It 1.1. NN'1f.1
ciiiiiiitajnraiit,: and; ; iiRiilnsL \,.II; : I 0. Co. SO tinIttiidloid Sei'lion 21, Itanitn
street outfits nothing this spring and n pleasing notrlty H.I ''
sports :
snappy Co TcNitrnpli i ,
Cut lint/us. Iii-iia' Caraiilmis, bin wife.linn :11.01 21 r.'nst: ,and all HIM: )
could be a. better choice this younger girls will flaunt from I the old-time en.e n1tle. Ju, "U."". single. HIM .1 I i KMOII, Pub. Si'hool. 111.' Co Mil'H II: '10 < ON III \ KIMS 'in t C>M, mm i> or .II'nlnlnl I,
1 ,
spring than ono of the short the ducky little black velvet Both sleeved and Ilee'rle8sblouses sliiKte. nnd I .rallies' l'mrll-: t-lnclc, John ( ,,1' flli'M 3r.llr> That snld 'lands will bn ..1,1 lo
with brief pleated defendants: : : !The undersl;, ,i ,".ied :HMSpeHnl : News IMspatch n..11 Co. lit.in Healed btits be' rocelved, bv the satisfy I'hl said llnal ,decree, *.
jackets worn and wl
skirts worn with short .clresHps .1 I"! "Collv '
plaited I 10011 orTor sainand 1"1. 1"1"1" 211.r.I Itoaid, of TriistecH' of Itradford A ( 1 I':W .
little Jackets o't solid color match or plain skirts. under the sports Jucwt Kasha, sell :1..1, '"'wil I the .
ing the stripe or plaid ot the The ensembled Idea remains. and Jcisey are of 'the Conit, House In stark"' riorIdii. It HaMs Co hOI.t.II\ 'titsecretaiy of llu< lolt'I., ntHtlllke 1.101.1. ICMllllV,
.' crepell tbo leval, ho*!*'* if sale. I. CVall, 111'1 ,Flolldil, until' 2 PM "II'VM for .n"lllnnnl." ,
\ skirt Blue and white checked Its present version calls for a materials. on ,1"111, the, 2nd day of MMV, AII .. II tlafnev, .vl" scats' 2511Huiah .r.rt1, 12. l'l':7.: and. at' 'thattime 1-1, .'- .

'0' striped or plaid skirts with solid three-quarter length coat lined Necks of frocks are (olal'less. r>27, to thn hlirhest' nli'l I i t I..Ider Kellev. 'leai.hiliic 700 'I.v cpelted, for: -- --- -----
: : : Mulm. .
; : I| ITnil .
; I inr Ill-l'i Combllull Ion Hal.vanldcid
fur cash the follow Inic
blue Jacket make a fetching ensemble with a printed crepe to match the finished generally with hnlds aiul In propertysilnaled .1 N'firiiiiin, iniyon, 1 7f> Wlro I'iticliiir.Ifi MIIKI: To! in' IIIIUIH '

as do 'black and white and slim Ilttlo frock beneath. The self or contrasting mntc-rlal and County. Klorldn, \ 111', : 1"I".I< Jones, w Irn 3 .I I 1 ki-tfs of one 1",1 onuqiiarlorInch 111:1.: OIIHNotice 'I

beige and brown combinations. coat and dress may match or contrast the V. or round necklinemark "f SVV'i'., ixiept, tn-wi" 'Ih, ncie I"I. I 1,1'I'ho Shrivel" Cu plllllKer' I staples.,
8'aare. 11. V. Join. 12 oniTcai ,
lornerHW Also I lot of Innd 'inof s. w.1 10 k MS .of 00-peiiny (Common WireNa heti'bv irlvcn 'that nilciedltolM
Plain old-fashioned tailored In color. I saw a smart ensemble tho new mode. coiiiertriangular: NW'i\' of SWi/i., : In a I hois' 'I'hl"l :Illir,.(illre.n'hels. Ms. ),.|rnti'i"i, cllid' i'Iliulnnii' and' '

suits are back this year as they of navy cent with rose- Blazer effects In over-blouses two I Inc' "'I'hl" I 1X5(111( The I'licht' Is reserved to r.j", anyand all pemoiis biivlou elalniK nicnlnstthe ,
.h"IH' .
c'"I1IIII' W 10) lanltor nil. 81Ti i-Klat.' of WI M .
have been for several Reasons. beige dress the other day and anequally made of bright ribbons and silks res more .,r '"', I""n HecNil 'h"rl..I. I nil bidsHald \'h.h. .1.
not ., I 10 ,
llon 17 Alsii of 'the SH'i i.f. SM'i: in matorlal' to bn ," ontbo """ il, Inf. of I" n.I".1, """1 Y. ,amh
Blue as usual. Is tlio best. color. smart ensemble of bile aie very .Htn.ut wO1 under I he8po.'ls Ivlnnr Kast) Al Heahonid, Air MiV, J' Jones, tvooil ::101 i l l lM K round at l.awtev, ,..'lvlr",1,. ..,"Kill tilled, I.t their

But the really chic woman will coat matched with blue print Jacket.special Inll..1 In Seillon I ID. Alxo 1'11"1'' I Hid .Mitchell, 'I.hl'l' i,:: S M.\'I"III'WI.: lii I HIM, iliilv n.'h""I'n'.I.' f In thei'onni
\ NW".r\ Section 20.: J W Moiiran" ""I.VII I 1.11 C. A FltTCH.( v Jiulirit, 1I,1, rvmnlv' ,
I the nhnvn b In Township, 7. .1 U I""I." i inon Hecietary., llbt4xMIIKI l-Moi,'Mil, wlhl. .. '"", dad'.
Smith, linnue 111 Kasl' and, contnlnInir Jobti ,," ,", wood 121)11I. I ..r fhN will ho li'-M In lull'Hi't.'to ,
I.. II Illll. Ins' ( ritid nil Imlrlitpil, 'towiiM
n \J'T\ST\ (.tll'IU'U NOIICi': 01IIKSIIM -I % \ assessment on nnd against One ,ai res mure or less 27.61 I""nnl
1"ul'c S. S I I.ee. Jiinllor" ( '. cMljifiMM* n < iilrf> l tn 'IhnlrNII
I HID niliolnliinr' and, conditions. IK 'indInir J. T, KH\/nK. t. : I ii inti IDMSSealed | <
Sunday school] at 10 o'clock n. I. A Tiavls offers the following I and, 11."nl lands and' \ that' the K r. Johns.. Spet'lnl; : .M.isterSolicitor ; I It W Ki-lli-v. tl'iillsp' : : .. I hi' ,id M"' forthwithThlH 1"1
resolution\ : 'total' .o lr Improvements, pavliifr for ( Itoy, Kdwarils.; niuilis nn 20Tllele bids. will' be fi'i'i-lved l hy ( heHour.I IMnf' ,1.,1, of I-.I"nry. A 1 I'.
m. "nll",11111 ,
I bellltc In* flllther lillHlllesstin ,
of llolid
and 1 '
hard-siirfaclttft repair .r-4-2!
Morning service- at 11 o'clock. .\ IIRSOM'TION for 'Ihoi : : :: hoard' inllouiind' until' llrxt M.u- I .I..M 1.t.,1 1"27'V.. .r IIIKUMOV: ,
l.rovlll1 HI 1 tint otlb of
cm Mill?. dialnlMK' I HrmllnK, pluvlilIlifC : \ u '
service at 8:00: o'clock. oust" 'I.tOI. rA." 10", re-pnlr" with etiiiin, sctvratfo mains and duIn,, April. :tary;: 'Irr thn,: :Hoard, ::, at ,. : kP.'i Flu: ;: h"r" --.f IIIlr".1| | ( '"nn'' v. ,Klur-
KvenliiK ," hard-stii H. Y. P. U at 6:30: p. m. streets' In t'h" T.wl starkc' aKiiltfi Hiild lots ami' Inn.lq. nnd I thati.iii'h J II| \VKK1INS i nKeereliuv I I'.i.'T. ,and in 'Hint' 'HUMpuMli. Iv upi, ned 'I of il.r. 'l..l. W i; VnrlHM"Hff

Mid-week prayer service at 8:00: Kin.UK' IT THAT: of mild, I lots ,and liinds\ 'aro llaliln 1"j:; llnal: ,nnd I.M.n ,vhtue titi.nd:" 1 of by'thnt,the I Tlon eer-i'I II I .for. four, wheel or ""I"I..t. 'type, **. '"i""*'' ** "r. ''i> | -' j
1FOJ\FT and In |"ropnl'I l"li toIIM ; ." ,." r, .. r.I. u I II
o'clock p. m.rui.snvTiiti. I hereby determined r".II"Incl'h",1' io it of said, Improvements :A 7. ;Adklno." \: ; t'I'i of: the: niiililliJiiiliclnl I ..:I'" \I: I iilddvrH. aio, ,rciiuiitul:.; to 'r..ii.l"h I Mil ii i: >!' l\ l i\r: n\ inrn %
and the fol ciriull "I In and, .
thnl ,
rp"olne i.f t the Dtruut Improveilupon /.I.v 1,1.h"1 'hl' 11,1.1 I'olilplnto, spei lib illlous I'lrll ml I Il | ffil l \ I H \ I' MI'I
---+----- I"wll" .tr.. 1.1 portions ofitni'tn which II IM contiirlons' for Itradfonl Coiinlv" in .hll..rv. > 111.1 1, ," bid They will also. ho ,lo. III! l.011| % Mt'\ < )'' 'IOU %
illollld Illli, lectloitHlie ntiiits. "I on the "nth' div of I ,., ,.. ," r"'ln.,1| I
: ": .us c-iiriirii iliur I 1,1 and, the co t of aforu-" I "" n.1 n.,1 I .r r. 1.,1'" u". "y make on thli'o, .w or sr tuiti ]
Invpl. repaired nnd 11.I-"lrra" I 1.1"1111.' '. on ench street 1'27.' In 'thnf ci'rlaln forerloHitrn, suit .""..1'Ik 0"" .r 'h".I"j' holiiit "1"1" tlio uounty.'I ..
id. necessary d."lno 1'')' Iu.h I IIII tl .h h Lillian' \: Tninir.; "' Mnmle. T'eriHoln. h .' f'lr. hu "I icsnived, lo II' IM In
Kluill lie pro-i al fil nrcorttiMir' to >efrontniru nnd:I Ada: Moll: : their'leupei'tlie : I' ', "cl'I.1 I rlKlil rojocl rcl.y iiiith Ktvon all h>
The Hervices In the rluirih] and 1 KM Joined bv "r ,' h,"" InK, .
,, of said lots nnil' lands Inproport tl any and\ all bids' I whom It tiiav OIH in Mmt t ti 1111fMM -
school will bo centered Cherry Street from tho lnters.ee1Iliin Inn to thn ,total fronlaKe oflots \ 'hlisbnnd: and' next friend:::: I" Ih" '." ul ( 01" r.,,' Ih'.lor.1 i : S. MATTMIiWS" : '| l will pi i't'illi Hhtl Int rrnltico
Sunday I-1 f. Turner b "
\ Chat s I Perffola and "" "' \ ., ,. "" I .
rherrv ().
of nml Ninth' Strei-lM t anil on said strjet, or part I \ I. l'h A ( Cbnli man Tot PIIMHIIKK HMM hi I It'Klxlutltiti for
:f about Palm Sunday the choir will 'the lurersnct of f'heri' v mid Tenth, thereof Improvtd.IMIIHT 1.,1. Henry Henry :'.1. nre "I"ln'nlnM.." iind 1 ,,, \ (. 1"27 II 111,1. !I"U'I..I.uc''ull'Y., 9-II.M-4-X tin* town nf Hi irk.-, I irnd Toi d (.'oun-

''arrange music In harmony with Streets, ''nl\u.lnl' \ from unit! Intersections the Interseotlnn : i hat none of tho cost of are 1".101, 1.,1 ,wl.''h. underpinned Iliilsv 'Tandel i ::. ; '1;; ',:: ,' ''In,:',: i .:' :;I ;LII'i',,; I : I ;.-< 0\ \l "IIIUMI'libd t v. l U-KlHhitiii'li i Mil, at th of<> Mm n pillar Nlitlii HMHHlort of l'lorM.i oftlm -

and the will I said hlp'ov""Hn' shall ho paid from, Spetlnl' will sell 'to thn hluhost .' h..r h"... -ti.jj I.
'Palm Sunday' sermon of Wnlntif nn l Ninth ptrepts' tntho Town of Hm'ke.1.'lorhl. \1.1 '"'" '' Ihd'I. In r-27 a Mil ulnt Klmr nti l OK*
l rl"I" lodI"r cash durlnir the | alboms 1"n.l. \ unI".1, I
.be on Palm Sunday and the Triumphal InterHpption <\\'nl"1 iiml TenthHtriels 1" '< I.r"'h", bids' w'll iie ,lei-i-lved liv 'the 'll'IMlllIK Illtf KOfl lUIM'lltll I |IOWIrtt l>fth
sale on Monday, I the 2nd ,' ,
M "n'
I" '" r. .ul. H.tf'l town, nnto t (
: Into Jerusalem.ft Inl"ln. 0,11 Illprop'Iol. 1111. That tho credit, of 'h. day of Mnv, 1127, In front' of 'the "I",I ., 1.0 ,' ""II It.,,,I of Itond, 1'1'''''' of Iliinlfoid'ounv inn MiiMtliiM; MI
Kntery Ninth :lrP" h. InIPI'op.I"n may heii South: : door, of the :Coin:: I ,1, II, rr" I,,J"'h I... < ( at 'the .. secictaivof 'town ant hoi It I fH of thn mid! town
I House "f
ntiarhi 1.0
'o.I'A. ''h "I".r
J'lnlll. "
:) Sunday school at 10 o'clock nnd of Ninth nml\\11", M'r' "fd for said Impl nrailford I."MO II .I< 110" the: II.miI, I. Fin' until 'ml'tii' Imiril powtTM. il hlH HIM! prlvl-
Intersection, h nn.T'ml.l"\ Ino"" : Coiin-v, J.'loi I Ida '" "110" "" .r | *H Ull'l t h III tOWIl
1' .11 pinvhltllH' Nil
,Slnornliig worship nt 11 o'clock. / OM IIH'TltSTHNTII I the: followlnHT, i real I "stint Ivinir and i ''h..' "r I"v.'h'7. .\ ,,2 o'i, Iwk P M of .\11 12, I'lil, K
) 'V" """. Inpllln. unlit IntorMeetloni"Ninth M.I.llv. 2.1 ; fllid, at' I thnt time with IL HpiM'lul i hurt i*i' for lln (fovft -
j opened
the total\ llssossnifiits In Itradfonl rsiiniy. 1 '
7 thfl liiterpeftlonof \ That 1..ln. Vlortrtn. ''h. "I hlld"rr.r 1."hl'lv niiiftnt
at '

I The.p. m.Senior, Miss Annetta Kndenvor: Wllllaim meets\ will Ninth' anil of f'herrv Ninth Htrneta, nml Church to HieIntersection len on herelnbeforo lha lots 8.,1 provldi-il Innds\, for nssessed nre n .1. H 'Jones l.n'I I Addition nnd 4if to hl.'o Town. 3 nf cf ,.."h .11',1' hl.h.' "r.lo"1. 11.11-1"1.' ...1".11".1I""v II : for to:: be:npproxlniately':ileliveieil I: ; :,', : :,' ;as I Instructed:' :: nn posts tho, man r. p Town MOOVKII.f'Imli lr>uricll.24IU41 .

following roads'lioad
'\ c Head the meeting. Subect'hy ..'1..1.\ In.hllnl from nalil 'the Intemectlonscherry Intersection r'.n 1.101.' Iho tlate nnd of aro tha payable pnnxiiKe In of cash this of Staike.sw, t'I liln.Heellon: ,same 21 hnlnflr, To v la inhlp' NO/I'I <,! I"I'I: ; ""I:; I:::, i ;; ,! ::: ''\:.: I N.:7 Fiom: Slnte Itoinl NuI'l .

'" { { the Bible the Jrentest. Book In .. annual' Instalments, eitunlIn .u'h. llanice Hast. '' '' .," : c'tist '"V County' |,lnel .
s ? Romans the Intersection fif Clierrv anrl of f'herry Cnll utreet-l nnil MndIson to- principal I with accrued: Interest nttin I 2 A. f c'rrW"! ; : :"In' I ::; "N, ;[.!;: i : n:: ::; l lload No 21 Fiom" Slate' KomiI l"l"i i "ftir.'ti. !in niiTi 11 i N v"iiFm ninffltNUVit iSiHitiTiiniiniI

theVorle" frlptule. Including\ flfifil Intprser- 'late' ot SIX per ent pel" annum, Speilal I Mister, In 1' ( "": ""Y .,1...., ... r.nll I.".,, I No 1: to I"J 21 at Frank ,
I 15an,! second Timothy 3 14-17. ions..11'181. from dato hereof until I |>uld, both KNHIIIT K.VIflllT.stnrke I"11 I : .t"'I"'rly" ,11"1., nl." ,1 Kan's.: Mu,1, I IIAUVKV M. SNVHKK
Itoad 21From II
and Interest payable when FlA."le.l"r" .. ,
o'clock. from the Inter
worship. at 8 street 1'111"11,1 JIY .11. '
: Evening Thompson ni" Itoad !"l l : lenslonItond .
ho tax of thn said fop CinplalnantsM ,
due In
"" H"'hon.'n'ly'
nnil "nil >
1 Instrumental o.'lon Thompson .loc..r, I .I'.lin 1 No :II I'lom, Stalo' ItoadNo ,
There will be nn Town of HtarKc 1 l at his ofllce \
of 1.1"11,11. .r'2 ------- ----- -- Mortician
streets to the Thompson Starke
II Cia ford
to ,
: Int81'0p.l"n and |IIIHIII-HH| hours. HoKHits alley 521', feet thcni'pIII \ 1".1. ,
"duet nt the evening service conn..ig ami I dlrl"l
Macl"ol In"ucln. That tinestimated' iTiirs: ; "n. Itoad No 29- 1"1' CrawfordUoad
; dlreitloii and '
.. I'II'VI''I'/ 1 I H.'I"I.'rlv to bv llriiwnlnw' IN'emhrr of F'lorlilit Funeral
of cornet and baratole. herollil.ifoie ..t 210' Tent 1",1 I HKomi '
tho Inlersertlon Improvements
I'hiiri-h street from .
Intermediate Christian So- of Church Tenth .' to plovlded.\ I. 152,1)0000.Courii Hereby notice' I ,li irlven thnt wndornnd (1"11"1 ,, I lii-lo alonir Cull Htrentfi .' 1"11' J"I I II ,loItoad I
The 11 i. .
,,? 'the Int nle Church nml'rr.l"Nona Illnan I I.. A. I>IIVH| moved 'the "v11"" of thit eertaln llnnl : I ,to plai'o of i.oniinenrnment" 1.Itoad directors and Emhnlmcru Associ -
'I: lety meets nt 7 o'clock Friday -'treel''q. r..e.tol, nld' hitersei't Ions adoption, of said, rc oliitlon IIH read ,' entered bv the Hon. A. V Ivinir. 'bcliiif and Hltuated' In "the, \II No bv SlarlliiK"lload in Prom; lload I 'loItoad
Prayer meeting nnd \\ator In",1nl the whlih motion was m-conded\ byc T.onir. .1",1.. of the KlvMh Judicial Town of Starke, Florida' tion.
Jifvening. i.f Cnlt nnd .Water. .Htreets In'.r.'U.n t the Intersection '" i, llman J.V.. Whi. and an Ayoaud Ilr1 of Klnrldn 'In n id fi.r Itrad-' J. ,I. FISA/ri:. I No. 27- I"I'.. lloadNo I
evening < 1 II lo Itoad II by l >
| fur thciiton. n" v, 1"1"1,1", In ( im I"'IUII
\ Nay vote i.
fehoir prnctce"edneHdIY of Water and\ MnillsotlMtleets b"1 'hln".rv. !I': M | | Spii, Nil Milslnr' ,
On to the ( upon the member" on the, 2".th' ilnv of I"r", Sol| < .. Complainantl.t. I 111.1 posts lo I I." round IlKhlwoudor I'HONKSDay
F at 8 o'clock Al are invited. 'n"'rH..to" < Wu.r : 'eWI"I.1:: Iliireim, as 'r'j \1H27. In thnt cerlnln therein | .21MIIKI I cypress, and to ho six feet
: : :
,jJEaster I Sunday tllrl will he refeptlon .in M'nllson I Ions. '101", In.ulh1( I Ilnterert I 'I.;". 1""HT"1 between' Hank' '.nl."t Htnrke. I Ionic and n.ivu at least four, 1m hi sheart I 1 Night G9-W
I --- -- ,. I
; -- -- --- al' the small nnd All poststo
IL\S ,
nnd coniimin- O Aye.U fompln in-int, nnd I
i of Nonn, street from .h8 Intersection I X. I >Al l). Aye Snt; J n nnd wife.;, Mmlon:, : c ; p.M",;:, I ; I i>i iiiniiM \'I ho siibjei t to Ihu approval it! '
Jon service of S'ona and Church' streets throuirh I C. K. ": Aye.W AVIIson Toomi-r < IIIIHVotlcn oiinty' ontflnocr.The I II With DeWitt C. Jonrsiltliinil.iiiliot'iim.iii
I 'Hi". Inl r.lon, or Nona and, Water I, /OOV"H pany, n ,/ i M,. 1..111".1 I r"r.t I rlfrht ,is iisi-rvc-d to ri'li-i. 'h"1
; .. IhXh"'uln : 'or."rnlo' and all hl\\..
-" .
.1. J W I "
.r"l.n..1 || '
I 11" \I Is I".hy irlviii' I'mt nil I r tiiiinnwtinitiiltiniliiilililllillliilllliwitllliiii.
MKTIIOIUST: ('II..WI .-'fTCOXp. Thnt nil of gald oaveinmit NA\M, None, hloh.' blibb'r. for ,' 'InrInir i i.I'dltors. '11..>H, dftit.I butees anrl ', C 1 t\T.I.IIWI: ,
KniMli' Mur\lii ItfMiki. .j lor shall he with lirlck, rock. llmeuitk '\- 'the .Minimum announced I thn hours of on MOM.dav. 1 all IIIM'."' fP.I'\" clnlniu. airalnstII 1 A 1'1. "Inlllll
concrete or other hnrd siirficlnir the said' ."Iulol was the I 2nd lnv "ftfiv.'Ii: I> 1127: ,. stale, of W ') "iMVls, deiiil H'.. 3.11.r'-1'

innterlnl\ "'.rmlnp1 l hI adopted. In front of the South of the I id, are h'r.,l\. 1'I.rv" 'I ,to i .
Sunday school Sunday morning t the Town ('01".1. nnd 'that wuch 0\ Aflopted' 'In reirnlnr s< ..I.n thisIn I Court IFotiso In 'tarke. Irn.r.r,11 their ilnlms duly|1111 aiillientb proton .atid i I Mil ii-I i I'I;: o < ol ni lout

trmlnatlon ,'" full r"rr. anileffei ''he 2U'h or M.. h, ,\ I' I :. 7.C. ""n'y. J"nlln. 'the '" the Counlv' ,. of '
Pat 10 o'cloik L. A. Davis super- the <*nmp. as If a. part of tillsre tl I J. uoo\l n. I ..rlhp"d and holnv' In I J.I. one 1.'r"rI..I'V. veiir I I Soiled ,blilx wj.v., -" lv John B. Thomas
". Itrndford .I.rl'.i. Wlhll Itcjiircl of llond' ,
rlntendent.I 'olutl< ". C. .\. t'l"r'I. 'hll''U' CountKlorldn, to-wlt ', will he h>.Id IrndfordCounty. :
I morning at TIIIHIi. Thnt nil of sal.I. pnvlna. 4-1-61--2 I SFH' of pnv' of "rctfn| 10, an" W''H.of tit'bar thereof, persons In Plorldii. at Iholllco ..f t"to'

Preaching Sunday or that part' or part, where it SWinf' ftoeilon II. BI In Township ,debted tf, said \,1.1' refllilreilto sec'retnry: of tho 'Hoard at Starke I iti.<;isriiii: : : > ..AIICIIIrrrrSlarkf
til o'clock on "The tmoUonlllChrist" : may l>o neeessarv any" the Juiltrmentof 'l'IH'I'j 6 t foiiHi' I.", ,. fjast, and I pay their ::I debts': forthwith' to Kla.. until 2 o'clock P M of April1 i
1 Sunday ,"lnllln. I3n < i. M, mori" or loss. 12, and, at "that tlmn publicly ,
Palm Sunday! ) and thin l>o lv shall have appropriate 'the nnderslirned exei utor 12.
[ ( drain*, f.urblnic' *. irrndos. storm sow I Circuit Court, Ifilrrhtli' J".lellll "' 1" aeri"4 .Inir used ni e"mf This' tho 22nd dny of A. J' o,' fr one Poid Tourlnif far. rinrlil.tCOl'TINS
evening at 8 o'clock on "The I' er mains And connections, nnd that Circuit, 1'lror. County' MILI" ti ry anil k""wI i" Sunn ... !1127. M.r"h. 'h. rlirht Is ic .c-rved to rejei t any
{ A. CISISWH I find all bids.
Laughing Fool, the Mocker. nnd these determination matters shall of have this full hodv force on 'I.rlil.. : !. nv.Complainant Rpeelnl v.i, .'i>r In r'hancnry. I ::I.I.nnY Nf DAVIH.Rxi'iiilor I I! S MA'TlllvHA :

Intermediate League Sunday I and\ effect tho same If a uf KNTOIIT r KNIOIIT, (I' ",,,, .r W Klli-r: Ft.'TCH, Chairman, Q'I
o'clock. resolution.KOflSTIf.\ Inl vs. Slnrke, "nRnl"nr. ]-2S-Ot-5-20 t>nvls, I """ ,,1'fl'l 1".1'11.' S-l Irit41MIIKI '

afternoon at : afternoon thl That none of snld pnv- I VIOf.JLnsFY. I for .",lnlnll. I \ __ __. & CASKETS

Junior League Sunday I InK Hhall l>; of n width i>f less thanTwentj'slx 1..f''clnl. nppendeil' I.I.r1-4-U. l 'I : or i'i in I. \_iooTin \ 1
I aini1n\lt ___
feet, except Vorta streetwhleh I: 1
at 2:45: o'llock. aboveslatedcuuso and a Full 1An ofUndertakers'
to the bill tlleel In the* ,
l- than Twe"1 .
not .
f'venlng' .h,1 > f r 'lhi> Interior' ;
tinelef .1-
Senior League fullw feet In whlh. and "ro"ll1 that that VI,111. .) nonresidentof i "11't: I.I':" ." I i Niltlco Is. hereliv Klven 'that 'lieiinclei i IT. M. Land' olDce at ,j
I Ninth' .' tTeml I atn 'h.'r..11 111" a ,. ,lKned Introduce nndIf ''Florhlli I .', 111".vlln., ,
at 7 l o'clock olr.p 'nln' nml he expi't Manh' PI27, I I Supplies
uiIdi '
: at le avi-nue :ill pnved not' I .'the State' fr 1101'111. .i, the- Hereby not lee |I. frUen thnt T. W possible, pn-.s, bill ,in inn 11)27 ,hereby (rK.li Hint I..n" "" ,. .Int., of ,
: o\ei
Prnyer n1ptnK.llp dIY li s th.in: F'Ulv In width in e IM ,"kl"" IS Is thi-re- .f. ;I'"'''.' as Sb" riff of llrndfi.nl i ''|', of 'lhi. l.i'Klsla'u .. i.r Flur- Starke' 1.1"11.1. who, n Juniiiiv r>, \
It ,
KIFTII. That nnv and all .,w'II.I' airu of twi-ntv-ono' yfii i County' Florida "under" vlrttlc. ;i.l i, iMi. '' AMOMOHII.K IIKVKSRAlway
8 o'cloik fore erdc'iid: that sulel non-i, esldentd I : :' :Y.n"r.! 1"v"1' iinionit r th'niisf.i 1"2S. "" "" I'n'.y. No
Invited to all rations nhnll lie furnlsheil hv '' of thnt cert tin exi-i '1 of Hon-l *, iiiitPfK, of fcr NK1 of ,, c lion "
You are cordially I Blncer bv this body fur f anil in lic-ujljy rmiulred ; by and untl.ithe hit nil s | .of County, l'l 1< i."l 'to 'IIJ2IUr., 5 H on hanif.I
employed : : nl",1 i 'H'" I ItuiiKe' 21 li. Tall.i'j' iriTt
of these aervlieH." nrlng your 'that jninifiMe." and ihill upon nil "ioiient -. to ",t/"r"to the bill nt before complaintfiled .Mon I the Clerk of I In::: 'In'b, :tl :of: ,t, : I "n.' 01' ,1,,0.1. e\lierl) ,.. fIndebterlnosM bnssi'i, :::* Mttrlcllan' h.is flleii notliu; ; ; :, ;of ( :j Ih* Inn**! |
welcome resolution tf thM "Jv havi In I ::' "c on :: I Hradforil County lo th',' of liradford, f'y.,, Intention to
lienrty iy II"rlln. mnko Ccimmutatlon
A .
with day, the 2nd day of A. D 1927 I : .1
friend you .r :
( full for. ami effe< t aa If j pa-t the of ..alcl'hii lertnln judicmenl McCIHkov| Florida In sum, or sums notx, Ploof, to establish i-lalm to tho" lancl:: ':) ICtMSTKREUDKWITT
awaits all of >'ou. We shall 1 this resolution.SlXTIf.
Into our circle That I certain property In, Wll defendant be .. by 11"lntN. aitnlni' A I n Moore. de. Iri cl" 'nomlnatitnH' *>f i me i'll Court, ul' Htarki', / on 3 3if; C. JONES
gladly receive you the Town of Stark*. Florida, Is henliy 0,1,1 Is furthe-r ordere'd that thl* order f.I."I. on 'the loth day of :1.r.h.I''lf' ". J 1<|1.1"| eni.h, rnd"otlia't''''" 21st' clay c.r April. 12 1"/11. i
of "'lofii friendship. il.-slimmed J rroperly' nspeclnlly week for 12 1 liave' nt' .- --- beni'tlttud l.v the Improvementslioroln I be ubl"h.,1 one e u to the Mrhe' .'I.Y.r, fir ,beh,| ,Is prornttd to lira.I for.Ifitintv. :I Alvnrea I of Fbuldn I i FLA.
fop nnd snld hene- four (' w..kl In the Itradford i tho levai ." .,. : .H: "l
.provided ,1"lnl ".of snteon Flcirldd under 'tho nre nt VjIII, lam, Parrliih of S'-iilc.. Flor ,i 11
ST, and, declared\ County T.I."r"l.h.| a newspapejrpublished thml 5ald' honil ,
CllRCI Ills' are May. to I"* usedb Ida
hereby t..m.cl
: In nnd NYlhq : 'n'.t. r"nl. ; It II U H U Jl .1 t(3< IDUI K X II Jl Jl :i < !' ItHERBINE
EPISCOPAL to dccruc to nil and h.I.II "d- il.le. I A r> 1957. ,In frrnt oiith I \ .suld Tlonrd cf llon.l Trtintoei* In H.-irii.-itf.' it ;.ItnilM. I'l..i. ,
S-nh.' l
Jnllln" ami, contliflnua "1 hnlnlnl This March V tbrn"A I''door of the r'nurt house In "nrkp. I hnrd, H'lrfjc-lnic 'tho publicroail'i, ofntactford Mrs. L I. Sni'>(i, of uk.1 ",0.I .
JI n said 'In Clerk :! Bradford C.>unt>', l'lnrll. \ : county, C'lorlda\ as fc 1- 'I (iliOlUiK I. :|h:;. r."I'
Sunday services: that said benefits nre hereby determined (Seal) Ily C. A KXIflHT.; : I lowlnr tiersnnnl tn-wi. 1 lcws.' towlfItoinl ,' 3.1.&'. '" .. '.
as follows: One M' Cask.-y c" h feiH No I from rtcm.le> I,, .-- -
I .
10 a.m. Church School. Thiit, ; the respettlvf lots and laiuMnitiolnlnir E. M. .TOII.NS. Deputy. ClerkSoileireir W J EPPKRSOV. I I'II nt a point A..<"Il..hr.. ml! : 'lo <'orii tniiiiMSealed

11 Mornlne Prayer.II. and contmlom o> <>i>unl- fr, "Complainant4l5t I Sheriff' pri ,Tf'iil County. 1.'I"rl,11 'I of "rk. throuxh the '- For Liver, Stomucli, JJoweli.Turplil .
am. -29
nnd nhuttln ald, Impm't merit". KNIOIIT A KSlfIT. I'I r,f rirnham and Iirooker to th hldi will' he rix-e.lv. d J liv Ih. Liver
Rector. '
S. CARLETOX, Inl h.npfnRI In proportion the "'"rk. ""nr"I. .rhua County line, lnt r"c"1. .VJ.I Poard of n.n,1 Trtisle' H of Imllgu tlu>n and

,' footage on "l'u' <
Winter"Park- Contract let at or .11'.1.. I County and riAlcl county llnItoH'l .ocra'ary of !tho nt .Siarlt.Flu .,.. Print
bottte. SuU
sewer : SI'I'-I. That then 1of 1- ".' Circuit (' :fr''I.I'lithth JudlHal! : I I .r.I- .\.: No. > rom lAwtoy to Clay until 2 1"rd.M. ofpr'l' 6Oepvr byCorii'iiln
sanitary !
$ U 2.000 for new I V 'ir-ivlrfol Circuit I Htate rliln I Hrndfonl ,"c.tHitv lne. j 13. 1927, nnd 1 nt that time puliH.lv,;

system In this place. I [h : r :mi.lutlon nhall br a d by County. In Chancery Hereby notli'" In g-lvun that under ItoHd :. 4 from State Road No. opened for ':olltruclni or Improvtlipnrliiienl | 'n Store.

-. -
--- -O
.. J. :
1 ; .

.: ?$:r.: ; \ /14- ..; .:. .." ..,. .. .
/ ,
-,-., .... _. .. .... ...... flJ.j/IJr.I. ;j'IM""""""' ;; Vft ltWMhAV Wu .ht.inh,,.._-H\ r Mr|


-I.'Ul'It IUt.\lwonn COUNTY: TRI.FOR.11'il: ST.IKKK. FI.OKIDV FIUD.tV. APRIL 8, 1027 .
--- =-:::

1 way building, corner Call and :Madison: streets, into a handsome "necktie racket" wasn't; profitable and returning immense In front of Ice factory. Cherry .1 1iitiiimtnitiiHiHiiftitiuiiHiinii
Bradford County Telegraph i rewards to its promoters they would turn to other fields.In street. $12:! month. One Shetland -
,; two-story business building, which will ha\ efinish a stucco( pony for sale E. SI. Johns.
( to inquiries concerning this "necktie scheme"the
ESTABLISHED IN 1879 ,; and which will in every way be a credit t to Starke.The response Starke Flu u
r Better Business Bureau of St. Louis: has conducted! an
Starke: Telephone Company's handsome: \'\\ otViee huild-I investigation.( It was! found( that "Necktie Tyler" had perfect FOH SAI.ITltret' lots. about'

t, Published Weekly on Fridays and Entered as Second Class': I'''ing I ) on :Madison: street is completed and the compan.x' vision and that hl''US connected with the :Mississippi: three hundred 1.Pt west" of Supreme

its,; plant in the! new structure in a short\ time Lastweek Valley: Knitting :Mills in St. Louis owned by Jacob Kurchman Service Station N. t. tin
Matter at the Post! Office/ at Starke, Florida mini1 $(HlO( rash If taken this week
i(i road builders completed the work of hard-surfacing who mentioned:\ as "Pawnee Bill" another blind Salesman \\'. 10.; I>, .
E. Matthews\ ______________________Owner and Publisher I, Karchmer is Russian:' served in the marine during the iinghe>ty 1'-'
a corps
,: road :No.; J 18 from Starke to Kingsley Lake, a distance: of .
J. C. Robinson__________________________Managing Editor; i: war, and is said to hold some radical views and has:; been I.AIJ"S'ho"' can do plain horn.
'about six miles. This! allows )people of that city, many of
I expelled from the American Legion for conduct unbecoming' sewing wad, want profltabl. j
'i whom own homos on the shores of that pretty body of (Cater.to ;. gentleman. His past activities have: shown a preferencefor spare time work. Send stamped ,

SUBSCRIPTION RATE reach this! /summer resort on smooth. paved high ay !blind "decoys." addressed envelope for 1)111'-

Yearly! $1.50; Six Months, 75c-Payable in Advance The road will be continued on t the Green Cove Springs, and F.lmirians :and others are being urged not to purchase' Menial's. OIO"I1 unordered merchandise' sent by mail. In the majority ,'fcases Station N. Y. It"
Advertising Hates on ApplicationPage workmen are busy" with the hard-surfacinjr at this time. /
:' t the! articles are not of good! quality and scarcely guaruniCCd. -
Bonds: :! are now being uII n'rU"t'"I for t the construction of FOIL SALK' -Ueuiilno old fashioned
unethical method ofmerchandising.
At best it and
:Mr. Ford Union county farmer has a Ford 1 truck is: an annoying late spocklo velvet bean
road( No. 28, which !starts at Lake City and taps :such progressive ) : ,; When it is! used by promoters! coupled with seed. $5.00 per bushel. Can also -
that was driven 70.000 miles during tin- past year towns as Lulu (Guilford Lake Butler Starke and a disguise plea for charily l or sympathy: it is usually! vicious. supply. the early upocklo velvets .

-L.--O : 1 Keystone.! Starke iol'n: the\ Jacksonville-Gainesville: road, Hundreds,; of packages of neckties have been, received in cowpeas. sorghum, peanuts
There is no 'off day "n the Times-Union editorial page ( F.lmiru.: Other communities, especially those in the rural ( Spanish" tind Florida, runners
'which last ofroads
was completed With t the completion
Tliosc follows /inii-t I never" I gel( off t'> fish year I'districts,; reported three and four mail sacks! of the packages ) sudan grass millet, ihufas -
28 mid 18. the city will bo the junction joint of three ,,1 received at t times etc. Seminole Seed Co..

o ; main trunk line highway Arrangements are now being The various! better business:' bureaus and chambers of Olnesvllle.. Fin. 4-1-:11': '

"Strawberry Itow"--t he seven miles! of hard surfaced made to har'l-:
road between: Starve and I Lawtey.o i Ilrooker: and other county roads:' are being placed! in good have not ordered. There: i is no law to prevent the sending of YICAHL1NCJ: 1IKN3!' For Said. Wl.eghorn.
o I i ties in this, way, but the receiver i i.s under no obligation to re- H.irnni and hollyWood
shape as rapidly as:' possible. Starke is not only a pretty strain; heavy! layers. $2.
farmer friend of the 'itra bank cashier,; thought he turn the though is enclosed. It
goods 1"etul'lpostate
: even
: .
$1 I GO. $1.25 each : will give \
and progressive city, but i is a live! one, and i is:' destined to become -
would lay i> an April fool joke on the !bank oflicial who had i is not helping the afflicted to pay for the merchandise and young cockerel with each I tj
h been held twice I'pl'entlylnll walked into the bank witha one of the most important cities of inland( :North Florida so by making the schemes of the sort unprofitable is the bought for breeding Arthur"

up ( in a few, years to come.-Times-Union. only\ means:' of putting a stop to them Wood, Starke. Fla It'
sack' over his head lie is now in the hospital' recoverIIKfrom !
o BABY CI1IX--Tnncreil. White Leghorns -
a bullet wound.( Clermont Kloitrlr stamp canceling I'I.'IUIIIl'olllO"W well being
A NECKTIE PARTY lOc; Heds. 18c; Special
nine 111 nc Installed at local Miink lit municipal water plant
I o Last:' week scores of men in this vicinity received by maila tlllMt' Olllce. here. Barred (Hocks 228 to 277 egg
and in the sires, 20c. Order direct for Immediate
:\Tell'Ose is the only town in Florida perhaps
package, of neckties from "Paunee Hill the Blind Tie I Dealer delivery. Joseph lurllngton.
I in four counties :Mlnml/ $700.000 npfo'I'Ht! -
Houth which claims the distinction of being -
.. ," of St. Louis, with a request for the recipient to either: 1.I'O"HhllrlC--\\'ork under way Ilaptlst church under ..oIlHtrlll'llon / Tarpon Springs Fla.
Bradford, Putnam, Alachua and Clay lIutIelrose.! : it mail "I.lirid Hill" a dollar in payment or return the ties hostage wideningMain: street from First here. '.I-II-l0t-6-10-
like this. She wants to be in only street, to eastern city limits..
is !Haul does not one coun-
enclosed How many of these ties will be kept or how
sUI'e-Timeol-Union, Hat'tow-Kxtenslve:: repairs. be- FOIL SALIC HY OWNKIl.- 40 acres
she is not
ty, and which one quite manw will either return the ties or send the dollar bill i is l.eeHbllrA'$300,000 bond issue. ing made to passenger station of of land near good road, 3 miles

o not known but if Paunee Bill gets his dollar for every third to he voted on for erection of junior Seaboard and Const Line Railroads from Starke; 20 acres fenced;

There persists a rumor that the growers of this section package he will make money on the deal. and senior high Hcliool.Clermont '" here. 12 acres In pecan trees, balance
timbered ; as good strawberry
will sign an agreement not to sell a single berry on the That Starke is not the only office to which these:; packages --$7,000 new :Methodist Ln Delle Improvements being

Starke platform next year. If the farmers can organize to were shipped is evidenced by an editorial in the Lees- church parsonage. to bo erect- made at Dank of La Helle Foil SALfC---A fine building lot II
of the Stake here. Fort OgdenBridge< on new with city water and
prevent the selling produce on platform, they burg Commercial under the head "Uninvited garage on
Neckties. The
Venice road west of Fort Ogden it, within 167 1-2 ft. of road 28.
will have an organization t through which they can tell) the Commercial editor Building/ issued. In Florida
condemns this form of merchandisingand permits being, reduoretl. as established by the blue print
s buyers on any platform what they will take for their produce announces his intention to hold his package of ties in ,dnrliiK February uggrpgated 1 ---_ .- now In the surveyor's office at
$3.761,51!), the , -and get it. Organized farmers can meet organized
his drawer until Paunee Bill or an assistant:' calls for it. It*

buyers on equal footing Ills determination to do this was helped along by a subscriber Pnljtka Slate highway No. :3 CENT A WORD( ty.
o to he constructed from Jacksonville LOOK--April Prices/ --- Norman's
who brought to the Commercial ollice of the U
As long; the fair The is a copy to I'lilutka. Chi<-ks. Sontli's oldest, largest
as they play game Telegraph COLUMN
Towanda ((1)11) Daily Review carrying a story covering the plant. Flocks tested and acv
for the farmer first last and all the time. Upon them defer identical scheme to sell necktie by mail. The Telegraph Tllllnhas..pe--flOOOOO. appropriation FOB KENT=" -Two private garages credited. Quality. Thousand

the farmer first last! and all the time. Upon them and reprints the to the approved for addition cor. Cherry and Jefferson sts. dally. Ilendy now. Fully prepaid
story acquaint of
recipients ties in the
buildings nt I'nlverslty of f'lorldn & Davis, 3-18tf and Write
Quigley guaranteed. or
them alone the town of Bradford them
depends: county. Upon Starke territory of the methods:' used by these "blind" sales and Florida State College for Women. I wire. Per 50 100 600 1000

depends: the success! of e\ery business! institution in each town. men. FOR HICNT A seven-room house, B & W Leg.. Anc. $7 $14 Uti $125

A question every business:' man and professional man should Exposure; of the methods employed by "Necktie I well screened; both, hot and Orps Hocks, Reds 8 15 73 140
T'ler- Il1'nelenlon-I-lkA: Lodge erectIng W. Corps. \\'. Wyand. 9 16 78 150
cold water. Cherry street. n
ask himself at this period of the when the farmer i is
Blind Salesman"
) year show him to be Ernest Ilowell[ of St. .
$25(100( new homo In this city A. (;Teen, Phone 133W. 4-1-tf Assorted Chicks 6 12 D5 100
disposing:' of his main crops is "What am I doing to see that Louis :Mo., a wily promoter and able to see keenly cleverlyand I Sensible cat. with new helpful

) the square-dealing farmer is getting a square deal?" shrewdly with both eyes. Avon Park Florida Public FOR SALE-West four acres of brooding Idem. Buckeye brood.
u Elmirians in the past have received packages of neck- Service" Company to erect steam I IPanijlllaConlraC't S quarter of S\V quarter of :-:FJfIllarlO"r. ers quick shipment. C. A,
ties, all of cheap variety with generating' station here. section 5. Township. 7 Norman Knoxvllle. Tenn, ((1.
note from
Starke, the pretty capital of I trad ford county is moving a pleading "Necktie -
S. 11. 21. Write :Mallnda Prld- n. C. A.) 4-8-H-29-
Tyler, who asserts that the !small' amount received from
right along in the way of impI"U'emPlltR.VOI'kmen are let for construction geon, :Malabar Fla. 4-1-4i land as In the county all for
his sales of neckwear is all that he has to and
keep body
now busy converting one of the landmarks:' the I lemming- of 2' apartment hotel to $800; terms II. L,. Brownlee.
soul together But the truth let it be known, is that if this cost $125,000. Font HKNT: -/Downstairs of hoitso 4-8-tf.


,/ iiNiminmiini'i!' mm miiwNtiiiiiimwwniiiwitHiiitiiMitiii, 'n m-1111 .itliiiiitHiM'iiimiiiiMniiiiiiHi iiiil1 AMII IIAU 7YIflXIIIMIIMIItl111tliWtltl% ibn no ml ruin uulXlllmn n llutlmllllhllMIII1Nll IIIIYNn4,1.1 .1.1rii''' Ipi p IIIOIIIIIItl19Alllll lltllmllltlllltlMmllNI mIUAIImNIImnmI11111Mlmllpl411uIIMIII II IUIINil4ntllil tlllllmmllllllltllllmpllpltllllNIIIINIIpUI1111WGIgNImllilm llnmlmlVI11411Im011mu1'llggmYOUInII ImIIYIIIfIl0111111pfItlIIW6lillila1, 14 aWW011A elillnlllr'ipll/bIIInIYWIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIF./ .






a Bradford County Telegraph i,I ,

I I Ir


; II


4 '
1 '


I'' Woman's Club of Starke tON


i I







I .

I ,.J

.. I

4 I,

-. -....-... s forma maummsnnmmmnmmenmm" .m...ennmim' ''mnm' sMmnmlmmmmnmm,' '. .''''''''' .mnmm'' .''mm' ..m". ,,i'm.nmmmmm' ''''' m .-,.-m..er. ...mru. 'lw.. .' m ommmmm ___.-. 1"nr'"mm' J b.nwam I
n. +' "' ""ummnk.. ."-mmimislmmmn' ''' '''r'' '''''' '' '''''' '''''' Iii
'' .
mmnmmmmimmtmlmtmmmimonlmumnlmeanlrlmmmtmlmnnmimmmtn' ''''' ''' '' ,, '
'' .
''''' '
"mlmnAm'' "" mlmllptlimlmllmntulmnmllmmnimsumnlnsee' ''' '' ''''''''' '' mmwtwumlmllmntnmseutnrs' ''' ''' '''''''''


t *<*- *M< ( ,, ,
.,... O

5to S 2f

I f



rabftnh Qttnzntgrtrgrap1!

=- = = = = = :&:
Established 1879 Subscription-For Year, $1,50; Six :\Ionth 7."c-Payable in Advance E. Matthews: Owner and l Publish'
_ .. -
-- -- -
\OLUMK: roilTY-MNlT": : sr.VHKI), I"IOBIII.Iltlll I ,\\", ..iritll H, 11>27 MTMHIU: : 1.'OHT\'rWII
! .. K
-- -
-- -- --- -- -- -
--- ----- -
I torium stage $150 worth of athletic namely, Nick" Johns livln :M Intern.Lanler to the :\1111'.11 Gras of :New; Orleans stnlo maligned. Real Invastorsthey recognize our real values as
HISTORY OF STARKE I equipment including basketballs Drake, lleimiiu I'rosby. and tho leading festivals of California. are now coming to Florida andin vest merits. I
I etc., and the ExchangeClub : frle: ]loughsVlllh/ Jones, :Neal i,It
has purchased about $tOO i Langford/ and Hay White Food. prices In Jacksonville and 1 II'
I a114111a1
I01YIWIIM1alpaualNtluuulllX000 .
worth of playground equipment.Most : So one may notice during/ the all )parts of Florida mire not unreasonable '
of the students of the past years there has been considerable .stated :Mr. Carson "I 4.4MAGNOLIA
I Starko schools have made good In Improvement mill development was agreeably tmrprlscd) to find 1
( NEWELL) Calloway, who held his position this world. \Many have become since the time of the 1\\ u- l'I'h..R' no higher than lu other sections I
Tlio beginning of Starke school many years and Prof. D. D.I teachers in their own school, thus room school In 1S75 Most of of (bo country," ho mild CAFEWith
I date back before the remembrance Lane Prof. Jett, who succeeded. showing their worth. Among these the progress/ however, has been 1 --.----
; ot any living resident. Because Prof. Lane was the last principal' ; are Miss Olive Ray, Miss \Madge I made during/ the last few years Tallahassee Southern Telephono I t
oC this It was Impossible to get of The Starke Institute. \Middleton. Miss Ethel Griffin, Mrs. !and In the years to tome there Ai Construction Company' i
any records prior to 1875. By By thIs time It had grown !Intoa G. H. Minion Mrs' I.ong, Miss will bo much more ilono.< The lit)'Ing underground this time the educational system nine-room, two-story, wooden Eunice Perkins, Miss. Jessie future looks very rosy for Bradford rsteets of eltcrol'llng )'.
had grown so that there were two structure, with a small auditoriumand 1'holl1l1'Irs.\ !\. F. Drown, cl<'- County High/ School. .---- Spacious Lobby _
small laboratory. The school ceased and Miss Florence\ It heWII. ,
a -
Institutions of learning, namely -- .\ to lain n'I'"I.ts thero
The Starko Institute, situated had as yet no campus and as it FINDS=" ."LOHIII'H081'1'HOl': Is now no organized/ propaganda: .v.I
where the Woman's Club now was before the day of so many Former students of this school --- against Florida and Iho l peoplo of .I .
stands and Orange College, which automobiles, the children could have attained honors as artists, \\'rltr "Nays .liu'kiMmtlllo. I.* Heal the northern .states who worn misled ,,! "I
was placed on Call street, where play In the streets with safety.In the most noted of these is Everett City 1 by the garbled, reports on thin And the BEST there is to EAT !
the Mott residence now stands. 1914 this building was replaced Wude, who has studied In Paris, stale last your lire now cognisant
Orange College was soon disbanded by the modern, $40,000 New York and Italy. Carlyle Touring the stale for a private of the frets and realize that any .'
and The Starke Institute was Bradford County High School Peek, well-known architect was Investigation/ of "real conditions. ," slate could 1 1jllve\ a land. 1 boom, r,
the principal place of learning. building which Is used today ThisIs a student of Starke school. Manyof Charles B. Canton, who Is on the other .stales have had them and I Ii
The principal of The Starke In- a large red brick building witha these students have attained reportorial staff of the Vindicator like Florida have survived and
stitute in 1875 was Mr. Charles fine auditorium and laboratory, success along agricultural and Youngstown/ O., has been over come hack stronger: than ever. Williams '
Jones In 1878 Colonel Peek good library and sixteen class commercial lines.A enough" territory to form the opinion Florida. with bur II Ito rllmato, her i Arthur Mgr.
took the prlnclpalshlp. Duringhis rooms. few are trusted employees In that "Florida will nexer experience possibilities In stock raising, )poultry ,
term of office the school wasa Professor Keene was the first the postal Hervlre. Among these such a condition, an existed general farming and 1 dairying 7
public institution for about principal in the new building and are Newell B. Hull, Ullery M. during/ the so-cullcid, boom but fruits and. vegetables and l Indux-, J Jj
three months; the other five Professor Dowling was his assistant Davis, John Powell and Mrs. R will continue to grow: .steadily to trios of all kliiux him survived tho
months of the school year It was In 1916 when the first S. Fernandez. take first rank us a state of Importance humid rush and. U all the better j]j Starke, Florida I
private, the pupils paying I graduating exercises in the new Among those who have become ." for having the 'x\ll-rlolll'o---nll\ ex- I
monthly tuition. Colonel Peek building were held there was only lawyers are Smith Crews, Markley Mr. Carson IB tu Jacksonville. I! perlenco' that was not brought on
bad one assistant who receivedthe one graduate, Archibald Thomas, Johns, Cue Long, who Is nowell''ult "the front as well ns the buck by Floridians. but Florldluim were
sum of twenty dollars per who now represents Bradford ( Judge/ Hollls Knight, 1\(. gate for me" He entered I the tint iKluul\ HiifT rerH I by having the 'ii in"uiiiiimiimiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiii! '!!'!!!!!i!!imminpiiiiiiiiiiiii!' !!!"' !!!' i: / :lllm"'II'"I""IIIIII,11I'1"I"IIIIIII"'OIII""IUIIIIII"'II"'n'_ _, ,:] '_ _'__ __. }
month. The principal himself, county In the state legislature.In :
F. IIrown, Tampa and R a y state several seeks ago at Jacksonville -
who had about eighty pupils In 1910!) Professor Neal was the White, Perse L. Raskins, a prominent and 1 returned, there to ,, ,. _, ,, ,- .
\ "Inulnn'' niiiiuw/ 111,1 i MMMIIII 1 iiiin iiiiiiiiiiiiinn 111 iiniiiaiiniwiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiui II'i' IUMIUMIIIII o ?I iII" "nil" milli I "nun I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIo"IIIIII"'UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIU' "' i "' ;
his care, recelveu forty dollars per principal and there were three lawyer of Jacksonville, was spend several days before returning IIIIIII'IIIUIIII'IIIIII""IIIU"'II'"i"
month. There was considerable "graduates, that year. In 1917, graduated from B. It. S. to his Youngstown: homo. 5i i
progress made then and a new Professor Dowling, who Is so well Several of our former pupils "Perhaps you Florida. people' S. SPALDING SMITH
wing was added to The Starke known In Starke, became princi have become doctors; namely feel that the boom wax harmful,
Institute. Colonel Peek taught pal. In 1917 there were six David Hunter, Darby Jimklns and but after conferences with !leadIng 1
until 1880. graduates, In 1918 there were Othnia Hnynes while Pitt Tonilln- men of the stiito! on both till SHOES )
During the neAt fifteen years eleven In 1919, nine, and in 1920 son and Earl Roberts fire taking Hast: mud West roasts, I have concluded .
the school had grown from a three there were five. In 1921 Prof. II. medical courses. that nothing can retard the I
teacher to a five teacher school. B. Lane, who was principal of Some who have made. an outstanding growth of Florida," ho said. Craw fords for Men Grovers for Women d
Prof. A. Hercules was the principal the Starke Institute for a time, success in mimic are "Florida him become moro stable ,
In 1896-of!) this Junior high took the prlncipultihlp of the Anna and Leo Canova Mona Alderman and I will toll llii ue to develop. a
school and held the first graduating school, the first year Professor and Iris Epperson.ThoHO ) building. !' In n substantial milliner i THE CHILDREN'S BOOTERY
exercises. He received con- Lane taught there were eight who turned to bankingare and 1 ml nut Inn/ "inpltnl from till I. i'i '
siderably more than Colonel Peek graduates and the next year there Sinclair Peek, Niles Kay, Hnw-. north und. east. Shoes for Men Women and Children
An hundred dollars per month, were six. In 1923 Professor Roll Davis and George White "A real city." was Ill,' term, applied i j j'J
his assistant received seventy-five Dowling returned and during the Three who ImVo become ministers to Jacksonville In explaining
dollars per month. years 1923-1)26there!) were nine, are George Scott 1 Elliott Williams the Impression he gained.: Nothing Over $5.00 I
Professor Hercules was the principal ten thirteen and seven graduates and, Lawrence Ray. Although he IH not "on .duty" 'J i iS
for seven years. Those who respectively. During the World War there for. his paper' Mr Cm-son Is writ- TWO STORES
followed him were: Dr. W. II. Prof. J. II. Kelly received the were 125 former students of IIIK a serloo of slorlos giving: lulu ,
:' Russell, who served for two prlncipalship in 1926. In the Slarke school so patriotic an to Impressions of the Sunshine Stiito. 104 and 134 E. University Ave. Gainesville, Fla.
,t years, Prof. R. W. Van Brunt, short time ho has been in the oln the army and navy. Those III a recent story he explained tho
P Prof George Stephens Prof. William school, there hare been purchased who gave their lives fighting for mysteries of the carnival season at Ira
: Henderson Dr Wall, Prof. a new $250 curtain for the audi the flag are eight in number Tampa and compared tho event _I;' .!mil I, 11,11, -" Illnllll' I I I I.I, Inn II iini'iiiimiiJiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiim'iini'Hiiiit'"' ', i i 'IlxrmngIlI"" !,!, '-' "HHI 1I1"IIIIIII"IIJ.IIIIIIII'lli"IIIIIIIII"IIIIUlimllmllll'"II!" !!!! ,!, '!! !!!!!!!!!!! I'11I1111'_ t

f r



') '


Where Style and Quality Predominate" haI


-- -- --


IF value and quality could be put into. words, Porter clothes would make the Library look like a synopsis of preceding -


chapters. Step in and see these

Exceptional Values in Spring Suits at $35 and $45 n

,r '

and other claims to your clothes money will vanish like a ghost when the light's turned on. Loose Lounge style ..or. nj


American models in cassimeres, basket weaves, herringbone effects and others just as smart. ____ .:

I .




Porter Clothing Company

,_ Bay and Laura Streets f'

Jacksonville New Orleans Birmingham ,








Ir ..- ,..
-a : t.. ,1. 1' .


FItID.\y APRIL 8, 1027

Call and Madison: streets, into a hand- necktie racket wasn't profitable and returning immense In front of Ice factory, Cherry .
way building, corner street. $12; month. One ShetI

Bradford County Telegraph some two-story business building, which will have a stucco rewards In response to its promoters to inquiries they concerning would turn this to"necktie other fields.scheme" land Starke pony Flu.for sale. E. M. Johns uFOH

d ESTABLISH IN 1879 finish and which will inel'y way he a credit to Starke. the Better Business Bureau of St. Louis has conducted an

t I The Starke Telephone Company's handsome new office building investigation. It was found that "Necktie: Tyler" had perfect SALE-'Three': lots ahoin

t rte'' Class on Madison: :street is completed, and the company;\ will vision and that he was connected with the :Mississippi) I three I hundred h fret west of Sn
Published Weekly on Fridays and Entered as Second owned Jacob Karchman.who I promo Service Station N. 1 tin,
Valley Knitting Mills in St. Louis by
Office at Starke Florida I move its )plant in the new structure in a short time. Last ; $1100 cash If taken this week
Matter at the Punt: blind Salesman.
week road builders completed the work of hardsurfacingroad is mentioned as "Pawnee Bill, another W. I I'::. lIaulh(I'ty. II'
K. S. Matthews______________________Owner and PublisherJ. : of I Karchmer is a Russian, served: in the marine corps: during the
No. -18/ from Starke to Kingsley\ Lake, a distance! +
C. Robinson.________________________Managing\] Editor of that of war, and is said to hold some radical views and has been 1 LADIICSWho) CUM do plain !horn.HowliiK .
This city
about six miles. nl1owl'peorle many I expelled from the American Legion for conduct unbecoming' I ; mill wunt profltabh

I whom own homes on the :shores of that )pretty body of water, ;, gentleman.: \ ]His past activities! have: sho n a )preferencefor spare time "01'1(, Send stamp)

SUHSC111PTION HATE to reach: this summer resort!! on a smooth, paved} : highway.The !blind! "decoys." eil addressed envelope for pai.
tic u I urn. ilendnle: Co.. Putnam
not to purchase
Pearly $1.50 ; Six Months, 7 Payable in Advance road will )be continued on the Green Cove Springs, and unordered Elmirians merchandise and others sent are by being mail.urged In the majority ,'( Station :N.: Y. It"

Advertising Rates on ApplicationPage workmen are busy" with the hard-surfacing: : at this time. and scarcely
cases the articles are not of good quality guaranteed. FOIL SALE':-Ueuillno old fushloned -
truck Iionds, are now being advertised for the construction of At best it is an annoying and unethical: method of 1 lute spocMa velvet beau
Mr.: Fonl. I'nion t county farmer has a road No.; 28, which starts at Lake City and taps) such! progressive nll'rchamlisil1Vht.m it is used by promoters couplet! witha seed, $5,00 per Inisliel. Can also -

that was driven 70.1)00) ) miles (Hiring tinpast year. towns: as: Lulu, Guilford, Lake butler, Starke and( disguise: )plea. for charity, or sympathy, it i is usually vicious. supply the early! speckle velvets -

_'"---o Starke is on the Jacksonville-Gainesville road, Hundreds of packages of neckties have been received in I'owpeas, sorghum, peanuts -
the 'rimes-Union editorial page Keystone. Elmira. Other communities, especially t those in t the rural (Spanish and Florida runners
There is n<> <>ir day on of
which was: completed last year. With the completion I districts: \relxrted| three and four mail sacks of the packagesreceived ), Hiichin, grass millet uuu ;
Those[ follows i 11111..1> l IIUMT god; off to /fish the will be the joint of three l
l'Otl2H\ and! -18, city junction at times. fits ctr. Seminole Seed Co

o main trunk line highways. Arrangements now being The various! ,, better) business bureaus" and chambers of CJIiiPsvllIe: Fla. 4-1-31:! f

"Strnwborry I Uow".-the seven miles of hard surfacedroad made to hard-surface the road running from Starke to commerce are advising the public not to pay for goods they --- -
YBAn.LI.Nn. \ :: HENS\::: For Sale W
I )between Starke and I/awtey. ,] in good have not ordered.\ There is no law to )prevent the sending of
lirooker and other roads being placed ,
county are } Leghorn; Bamm and Hollywood -
is under obligation to return
ties in this way, but the receiver no -
o-- shape! as rapidly as: possible. Starke is not) only a pretty strain: heavy layers $2
A farmer friend of the Citra bank cashier thought he the goods even though return postage i is enclosed. It $ 1.50. $1.25 each: will give 1
and progressive city, but is a live one, and is destined to become -
) merchandise andso
for the
the bank official who had is not helping the afflicted to pay ynutiff! cockerel with each 12
would 1 play an April fool joke on one of the most important cities of inland :North Flor- by making the schemes of the sort\ unprofitable is the bought for breeding.; Arthur

)boon held up) twice! recently, and walked into the 'bank with ida in a few years to come.-Times-Union. only means of putting a stop to them. Wood, Rln rke, Fla. 1l"I1.II'

a sack over his head lie is now in the hospital recoveringfrom '
-o- 1'E'118111'oll1ew:: well being \ CIHX-Tnnered White Leghorns ;-
Clermont Klectrlc: stamp( canceling -
a liullet wound. A NECKTIE: PARTY machlnn Installed at local Hunk ,nt municipalviiter\ plant 16e; Reds 18c; Special
Ilarred Hocks, 228 to 277
4 o Last week scores of men in this vicinity received by maila peat l> 011I..". here. sires 20c. Order direct for egg Immediate -

:Melrosc is the only town in Florida, and perhaps in the package neckties from "Paunee Dill, the Blind Tie Dealer Miami -- $700,000 new First delivery. Joseph Darlington '-

fi south, which claims the distinction of being in four counties ," of St. Louis, with a request!! for the recipient to either "I'Hhurl-\\'ork 1 under way Baptist church under constructionhere. Tarpon) Springs; Fla.

r Bradford, Putnam, Alachua arid Clay. But :Melrose it mail "Blind! Kill" a dollar in payment or return the ties, post. widening-Main street from First 4-8-lOt-C-lO
street to eastern city limits.
i la said docs not like this. She wants to be in only one coun- age enclosed. How many of these ties will be kept, or how llurtow-Kxtenslve repairs being FOIL SALK BY OWNER-, acres

ty, and which one she is not quite sure.-Times-Union. manw will either return the ties or send the dollar bill is:' Leeuburg$300.000 bond Issue made to )passenger; Matlon of of land near good road 3 miles

o not known, but if Paunee'Hill gets his dollar for every third to bo voted on for erection of junIor Seaboard, and Coast Line Railroads from Starke: 20 acres fenced;
and senior high Htliool. here. 12 acres In pecan trees, balance
There persists a rumor that the growers of this section package he will make money on the deal. timbered: na good strawberry

will sign an agreement not to sell a single berry on the That Starke is! not the only office to which these packages CI'rmont-i.OOO() now :Methodist Ln Belle Improvements being '
Starke next If the farmers can organize to church parsonage to he erect- made nt Hank of La, II('II e. 1 rout SALE--A 'line building lot. I'
year. were shipped) is evidenced by an editorial in the Lees-
here.) Fort Ogden; Bridge on new with city water and garage on
prevent the selling of produce on the Stat'ke platform, they burg Commercial under the head "Uninvited Neckties." The '
\ ('nllI'olld west of Fort Ogden; It, within 157 1-3 ft. of road 28.
e will have an organization through which they can tell the Commercial editor condemns! this form of merchandisingand : Sunni lug permits Issued I In FlorIda being; refluured. as established by the blue print
tlllrlnl.brtillry aggregated --- -. ln the surveyor's office at
buyers on any platform what they will take for their produce I announces his intention to hold his package of ties! in $3.761.51! now city; .
the hall.V. E. Daugherty. -
, -and get it. Organized farmers can meet organizedbuyers his! drawer until Paunee Bill or an assistant calls for it. It*

on equal footing. His>! determination to do this was helped along by a subscriber Piilatka Stale hllhwny:11:: 3 CENT A WORD%
i to ho constructed from Jacksonville LOOK- --April: Prices--Norman's
-o- who brought to the Commercial otlice! a copy of the to 1'uliitka. Chicks. So u til's oldest, largest

As long(; as they play the game fair, The Telegraph is Towanda (Pa.) Daily Review carrying a story covering the COLUMNFOR plant.. Flocks tested and accredited -

1 for the farmer first, last and all t the time. Upon them de- identical scheme to sell neckties: by mail. The Telegraph '/'allnhaH8PI'--$600.000, appropriation ( \RENT-Two private garages Quality. Thousands
approved for addition ; cor. Cherry and Jefferson sts. dally Heady now. Fully prepaid -
fop the farmer first last and all the time. Upon them and
reprints the story to acquaint the recipients of ties in the
) buildings) at University: of Florida I Qulgley; & Davis. 3-lStt and jtunrR n leed. -Write or
them alone depends the town of Bradford county. Upon them Starke territory of the methods used by these "blind" sales and Florida State 1'olleKo; for Women. wire. Per 60 100 500 1000

depends the success of every business institution in each town. men. 1 FOH Itl'-T-.A: seven-room (muse, B & W 1"If., Anc. $7 $14 $65 $125
well 8I'r..ellelbalh.; hot and Orps Korku. Heds 8 15 73 140
A question every business man and professional man should Exposure) of the methods employed by "Necktie Tyler- rlr'alll'nton-I'kR:! Lodge erectIng cold water. ( berry street. 11. \\". Corps. W. '\"yall'9\ 16 78 160
ask himself at this period of the year when the farmer is the lilind; Salesman" show him to be Ernest Howell of St. $25,000' new homo In tills city A. Green Phone 133W. 4-1-tf Assorted Chicks 6 12 55 100

disposing of his main crops is: "What am I doing to see that Louis: Mo., a wily promoter and able to see keenly, cleverlyand I Sensible cut. with new helpful
] Avon Park Florida Public FOH SAI.K West four of brooding Ideas.
with both acres Buckeye brooders
the square-dealing farmer is getting a deal? shrewdly eyes.
1 Service Company to erect learn S quarter of S\V quarter of NE quick shipment C A.
Elmirians in the past have receiJ1'ka) es of necktieS -
o 1'(1'11I'1'lItlnlIItation'( ; here.PensacolaContract quarter, section 5, Township 7 Norman Knoxville Tenn. (I.
of Bradford is movingright all of cheap variety, with a pleading note fl'ompck.: .
Starke, the pretty capital county, S. II. 21. .VrlteMallntlaPrld- B C A.) 4-8-41-29
along in the of improvements. Workmen are tie Tyler, who assorts that the small amount received from let for construction peon; :Malabar Fla./ 4-1-41* ]land ns In the county, all for
way his sales of neckwear is all that he has to keep) body and of 21 apartment hotel to $800: terms. II. L,. Urowolee.
now busy converting one of the old landmarks, the lemming-1 soul together. But! the truth, let it be known, is that if this cost $125.000. FOH\ UKNT:: -Downstairs of house 4-8-tf.

/iiiMiuniiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiuiiiiimui nimiiHiiHimm niiiiii iiiii'iiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiitMitii'iiiiiiiHiiiiii'iittiiiiiKi' l Il iiDiiiKiiiiiitiiiinii'i I I I' .1-..uHiiifliiimniinitiiiiiiiiiiiiiim.I I i iiiiimiimtiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNMtmiiiiiitiiiiiii! I /I( I I I ( -



I f I

l I I IJ

Bradford County Telegraph I III II




I '

Woman's Club of Starke "'

1l I 1


l|I ;,


\ I




,1 '1

tl I Ir.1

"", '

/ ", '\ "" ., ,, ''''''nAllEtlp''IIAIAn''' .. .. -/
'AIAANUXAl14WmuruptXingl'IAIIMF'A'IIIIIM'' ' '' '''nIIgWlX711p11MmtlM' "IMm ll'IMPW.'TIAMMInAnh' 'Ar fiAIRUP1RyopIII. .. ......... ,
1n90lAAAlAe'Iq'TAIAAIP" """" \ IIAR '" 'II" ,ltIE ,", '......
VIIThEnu." "I"'nnmn"--'III'II1111III\I1'.h' "" ''''''''' \ ''' '''' ,,,"''',," '//I.'mll1ll1ltlJ'lII1Jtlml11'm""nnllllltlmIltJ1JJ111lt11UII' !' 1..III"tIIII-w...'. ""."...

L' .

f V4r


, "
" r I


t i

\ &1ra fnr Ctnunfy.Mclcgrapl1! : : AI'Y'))7',

.. .
-- -. -- -- ---- -- .- -. -- :::me- :
--- -- -- ---- ---
Established 1879- Subscriptvn-For! Year, $1.50 ; Six Ionth'l' 75c; -Payable in chance E. Matthews.: ', Owner nntl Publish
.. _.. .
--- ,
--- -- -- - == = = -- -
-- --- -- = =
--- -
--- -- ---- ---- -- -
U -.- _=-= ==--..:::......:... :::...::: .__. _-_-- ---- .
torium stage, $160 worth of .athletic namely Nick Job us, Irvin :Mlnton. to the ;Mardi Urns of :New Orleans state maligned. Iteal Invoatorsthoy rocognlzo! our roam values in a,
I HISTORY OF STARKE equipment Including basketballs Lanier Drake, Hotmail Crosby, and the loading; festivals of Cali art now coming to Florida andlnvoxtments.
III I etc., and the Exchange Trio Douglas. Willie Jonas Noah fornia. ''II
Club has purchased about }4UO Longford and Hay '11111'. Food prices In kxomlllo anal ,
-- ---- -
{ SCHOOL INTERESTING II"enesmaensi''' ''''''"'' I,i' i'mm'' "'"".""'nvauanwunlluumumslaluauluwNlanswusuwuualwaumuuswuuauu/aula,, '';' '. :' .. '''''''' '. .'iiaiiilt.,m. }io...
J worth of playground equipment.Most So one may notice during the all parts of Florida< lire not unreasonable II
of the students of the punt yours there has boon considerable stilted Mr. Carson. "Iwax u S d
IS Stiirkt schools have made good In Improvement and development ..- agreeably ntirprlxod to find M 4 Wt
LAURA :NEWELL Calloway, who held his position this world Many have become since the time of the two- Prices. no higher than III other seclloiis ,
( )
many years and Prof. I). 11. school In IS 75. Mont of of the 1I 1\
The beginnings ol Starke school teachers In their own school, thus room cuiiiitry, he said lVIAGNOLIACAFE '
date back before the remembrance Lane Prof. Jctt who succeeded showing their worth. Among these the progress, however, linn been I :
t of any living resident. Because Prof. Lane, was the last principalof are Mitts Olive Hay :Mlsn Madge made during tho lam few yours Tulluhiixxeo, Stun them Tolaphono i"
of this It wan Impossible to get The Starke Institute. Middleton, Aiixn Ethel Griffin, Mrs. and In the years, to tome (hero A. Co net rurtlou Company( I I }.
any records prior to 1876. 13y By this time It had grown intoa 0, II. Baton, Mrs Long, Miss will bo much more donn. The hiliiK/ iimlorKi'oinul. wlren lit several .\
Eunice Perkins, !Miss Jessie future looks very rosy for Bradford -
this time the educational system nine-room two-story, wooden rsteeti of city. '
had grown so that there were two i structure, with a small auditorium Thomas Mrs. M. F. Brown, deceased County High School. --.---- With Spacious Lobby .: i' 1
Institutions of learning, namely i and small laboratory. The school and Miss Florence Matthews --.----- According to Into reports hero I I
The Starke Institute, situated had as yet no campus and as It KINDS:: FLORIDA I'llOSPKHOUS: Ix now no organized propaganda I,
where the Woman's Club now I wan before the clay of so many Former students of this school against Florida! and thus people of f t
Btauda and Orange College, which automobiles, the children could have attained honors as artists, \\'1'11"1' SajM JIM.k....nn lilt l I.< Itoullltj I the northern states who worn misled -
was placed on Call street, where play In the streets with safety. the most noted I of these Is Everett by the garbled reports, on tills And tale: BEST there is to EAT .'
the Mott residence now stands. In 1914 this building was replaced Wade, who has studied In Paris state lust year are now cognizantof
orange College was soon disbanded by the modern, $40,000 New York and Italy, Carlyle Touring the state for a prlvato the torts and realize,, that any t. ;
and 1 The Starke Institute was Bradford County High School Peek, a well-known architect was Investigation of "real conditions," Htalo could have. a land, boom I I II II
the principal place of learning.The building which is used today. ThisIs a student of Starke school. Manyof Charles B. Carson, who Is on the othor states hove had, them and i
principal of The Starke In- a large red brick building witha these students have attained reportorial staff of the Vindicator like Florida have survived and,
stitute in 1875 was Mr. Charles fine auditorium and laboratory, SUCCORS along agricultural and of Youngstown, 0.. has been over come bark stranger than ever.
Jones In 1878 Colonel( Peek good library and sixteen classrooms commercial lines.A enough territory to form the opinion Io'iorldlwith her fine climate, her Arthur Williams Mgr. a
took, the prlnclpalshlp. During few are trusted employees in that "Florida will nexer oxperlenco possibilities In xlock raising, poultry ,
Jhis term of office the school wasa Professor Keene was the first the postal service. Among these such a condition as existed general funning ,and, ,dairying' .
public institution for about principal in the new building and are Newell B. Hull. Ellery M. during tho no-railed boom, but fruits and vegetable" and Industries J JL
three months; the other five Professor Dowling was his assist Davis, John Powell and !Mrs II. will continue to grow; steadily, to of all kliiun ban survived time
months of the school year it was ant. In 1916 when the first S. Fernandez. take lira rank us a state of Importance. land rush and is nil the bettor Starke Florida "'
private, the pupils paying graduating exercises In the new Among those who have became ." for having the experience-an experience J
monthly tuition. Colonel Peek building were held there was only lawyers are Smith Crews, Markley !Mr. Carson is In Jacksonville that was' not brought/ on
lead one assistant who receivedthe one graduate, Archibald Thomas, by Flnrldlaim hut Florldlunn worn
Johns, Ous Long who Is now circuit "the front as well as the hackgate
sum of twenljy dollars per who now represents Bradford the actual, sufferers by having the" 'ti_). iiiiiiittiintiimiiiuMHi'imiiinwHi "' __ '
Judge, Hollls Knight; M. : for me. I He entered the
month. The principal himself, county In the state legislature.In F, Brown Tampa and It a yWhite state several weeks ago; at Jacksonville \
who had about eighty pupils in ,..,, ,, ......... _.
---- --- -
1910 there :;: -- -- --
Professor Neal was the Terse L. Gaskins, a promi- and returned to 0. ".cc. --- -- -- --- -- -- -----
'n' Inllln iY1u'" IIXIIiWlllllillf" ''''' "'''''''''''''''''''''' ''''"''''''''''' 'IINIIIIIIIYIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIUI111NIIIIIIIIINl1IInn1IIllillu' '' ''' 'i' '' '''''' '' '''miiumii' ''''''IIIIIIIIIIIN111WIpIluINI411AIW1'''''''' ''"" '"HllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllHItllHIIUIIIIIIIMIIIIIIII' ", ,, '
his care, recelveu forty dollars per principal and there were three nent lawyer of Jacksonville, was spend 1 several days before returnIng ; I""IIIllUl""r:I
r month. There was considerable( graduates that year. In 1917, graduated from. B. H. S. to YotnigHtnvtn homo. !
progress made then and a new Professor fowling, who is so well Several of our former pupils "Perhaps you Florida. people S. SPALDING SMITH i
wing was added to The Starke known in Starke became principal have become doctors; namely feel I that the boom\ was harmful, j
Institute. Colonel Peek taught In 1917 there were six David< Hunter, Darby Gasklim and \but after oonfprenccx, with lending 1.
until 1880. graduates, In 1918 there were othnia Hnynes, while Pitt Tomlin- men( of the sjato! cm both tho
During the next fifteen years eleven In 1919, nine and in 1920 Kon and Earl Roberts are taking lust: and West CIIUHU, I have concluded -
the school had grown from a three there were five. In 1921, Prof. B. medical con rues. that nothing/ run retard the
teacher to a five teacher school. B. Lane who was principal of Some who have made an out- growth of Florida," ho said Crawfords for Men Grovers for Women
Prof. A. Hercules was the principal the Starke Institute for a time, standing success In music are 1.'lnl'l.III lies hnronio, more Mnblo
In 1896.of this Junior high took the prliiclpalshlp of the Anna and Leo Canovu, !Mona Alderman and will continue to develop,
school and held the first graduating school, the first year Professor and Iris Epperson.Thoxe building; In a HII l>xt initial manner! Ij;; THE CHILDREN'S BOOTERY
". I exercises lIe received considerably Lane taught there were eight who turned to banking and uttrac'ling capital from thu '
\ more than Colonel Peek graduates and the next year there are Sinclair Peek, Niles Hay, Haw- north nl1l1 east Ijf Shoes for Men Women and Children
An hundred dollars per month, were six. In 1923 Professor son Davis and George White. "A rent city" was thin term nppllncl (1 I, ,
j his assistant received seventy-five Dowling returned and during the Three who have bqcome ministersare to Jacksonville In explaining I
f t'd ll'lrs' per month years H)23-1U) 2i( .thera were nine, George Scott, Elliott Williamsand the Impression( he gained. Nothing Over $5.00 ,IIIH; M
Professor Hercules was the principal ten, thirteen and seven graduates, Lawrence Hay. Mthoiigh/ he IH not "on duty"
for seven years. Those who respectively During the World War there for his paper, Mr ('!II'"OIl Is writIng TWO STORES f
followed him were: Dr W. II. Prof. J, H. Kelly received the were 126 former students of a series of storms giving his i,
Russell, who served for two prlnclpalshlp in 1926 In the Starke school so patriotic an to Impressions( of the Hiiimhlne State 104 and 134 E. University Ave. Gainesville Fla. I I-
years, Prof. It. W. Van Brunt, short time ho has been in the oln tho army and navy. Those In a recent story he explained time b
:. Prof George Stephens, Prof. William school, there have been purchaseda who gave their lives fighting for mysteries of the carnival. wnxon at ..nwr
.. .1
: Henderson, Dr. Wall, Prof. new $260 curtain for the audi the flag are eight In number Tampa, and compared I ho event ', '" 'rAlmaAmeNtmllannnnmlans'" "' ''' '''''' .. AX, m,, !fau5S!!!, 'n nlsnlM'ANnr'!I!" ,,', mnmr>mm nanNAlaulAmislmAArolauslmmAUmmmNlirR'' ''''' '' ''' '' ''''' bee

----------- -

-- - .....-- - - - --- - -- - - - - - -
- - - - -
- -



"Where Style and Quality Predominate Ybs w na



-- --
-- -


I .

IF value and quality could be put into. words, Porter clothes would make the Library look like a synopsis of preceding y,


chapters. Step in and see theseExceptional


Values in Spring Suits at $35 and $45 t


and other claims to your clothes money will vanish like a ghost when the light's turned on. Loose Lounge style or P

American models in cassimeres, basket weaves, herringbone effects and others just as smart. ;
-- 4'



-- -



1 Porter Clothing Company

Bay and Laura Streets R

Jacksonville New Orleans Birmingham

/ I



- - - -
ft------- ,
- - - -



'C a


1'AOK_. .. F1FTKKV_: : _______nn.\Jwoltu_'Or_xTY TKI.I_: :K.\PH, ST.IRKK_, FLORID rRin\v. APRIL 8, 1027
-- .

::..---..- -- ..::..-=.::.- -.. .::: ---- .--..: .----- .-- -=.'.:.:-: K'u.a1,1: : : It OF ST.UtKK: I .
This huh IH composed, of) the i I
live dignified, progressive and iipprerlallvo :
business and professional HEIGHTS I II
men of St uric 4'. I
... "

f ,.' r ,. r \ '' Y" '7'0"...' '\1' !.' .f: The behind, purpose and assist of this In club executing Is toget GROWINGProgress Spend Your Vacation at i

,', '. .. j tl anything that will only our 'town
tV ;:
( .. V t >*i10.. I'k.. Si l..> iiinl community a better place In I
( INC- whli h tn llvc In Keystone Heights

.. ) Flan -CMJ .;llTY <"" PQICE. ThlH organization: ( has just begun In building activities and along
a movement whereby theschool civic lines during the past your KEYSTONE INN :
ground will have playground exceeds, by far that nf any oilier
equipment second to none, I twelve-month! period! In the history -
nnd their aim will be to double of thin four-Y'! rnlll'lIy.
118 Main St. Jacksonville Fla.
the amount of work next year, renter steps have been" rnndei
Tim members of our organization Inwards the future and Immediate -
iwe. it success In this town and prosperity and, growth limn In I
locality, and believe that )Florida any other similar period./ The i I Special Weekly and Week End Rates
Easter ModesHere within 5 years will bo listed ai outstanding' '; achievement which
one of the leading. states from industrial will likely mean most 'to the rlty
roinmerclL't, pJI'II14U"IIIn"" hUM been the founding of the FlorIda -
Among Lakes and Hills I 13 Miles Southeast of Starke
fllinullc-' standpoint..! ChaiitaiKitiu' and tint completion ,
in this fashionable clothesfor of a BiieeeHsful first year's
store are They believe with the people
born within the state, assisted by program

Easter and all Spring-correct in line, the stales pioneers gives from us forty-seven a population' other ever liulldlng, has kept In other pare' with MUCH that, how of One of the most Beautiful and Healthful Spots in all

the development of I the Clmutuu-
that will build. an 1-niplro. This. I
fabric and color.A I State possesses the natural attraction qua. The high I school!, which has
been In for about three
use weeks
end, merit\ that will always FLORIDA
now In the second. outstanding';
draw the rc-d-hlooded. men and i
achievement of the "Heal' yenr.
women of the world.
visit will convince Come Completed at a cost of about $16-
you. soon They believe In the city officials, 000, the building Is the finest i
the county' officers chamber of equipped In the county and the
commerce, the Woman's Club andre second brick school building: In ..

Easter Frocks of with glad;all. to organizations work co-operatlvel for the the The same school district Is the city's first Pure Soft Water-No Mosquitoes-Delightful Climate_

Unusual Character 14.85 most good; to all. the people. I regular high school., Heretofore

classes have been held In converted -
'i, II. Ill'I.I0K: n. /OMIKSTi : buildings In a makeshift man i Selected as the Home of

1 FI.CIIUII.l'nioOTI.- siciivir: ner. The new structure, with Its
piano, library and unexcelled seating I
N. I II. (Hull, Starke postmaster, and lighting and handsome.
IH one of the oldest men rontlnu woodwork, would he a credit to a
------- ---- -
; ously In the U. S. postal service I In community much larger than Key- I FLORIDA CHAUTAUQUA
-- '-'--
Florida'!' lie started as a clerk ender stone Heights
I'KTKKNOVH: : D.tlllY well productive and especially well : llarrlson'H administration, The Influence of the Florida

adapted to the raising of forage'; served one term an. postmaster Chautuuqiia Is meaning much to

One mile southeast of Sturko Is crops and so' naturally concludedthat under McKinley and. two under the city. Under Its auspices the
Itoosevelt. also notable leaders In multitude of
lie served
!located the dairy farm known us the dairy business would dowell. ono a I
short term postmaster In )Fernandlim. fields of endeavor'are giving their I
Peterson's Dairy another good example .
I best thought along'; coiiHtructlvelines I
to quote In these pages us Ills acres are now devoted to He bus. ably filled the duties nf to visitors at I the ClmtiUinu Permanent winter assembly on the shores of Lake Geneva

true to this !locality, showing the the raising' of forage'; crops for his he otllce hero to suit the mast | .

success achieved In agriculture herd of Jersey dairy cattle mid exalting.; M r. Hull iilxo conduct, The high typo of program presented :
one of the oldest. of our genera by Florida Chiiiitauqua Is I II
and agricultural pursuits F. O. he Is reaping; u good harvest from
mercantile establishments from bringing to this city a similar type I II
j Peterson settled hero two n'lIlolle- the proceeds. of his retail milk and which business. he seeks to retire of Individual.. Already pinna are I I CULTURALEDUCATIONALINSPIRATIONALI
half years ago and bought this cream soles Ho delivers Ills products niter a long and active hush ness under way by Home of the conn- ,I I I II I Ii
j thirty acres Ho found the land 'to ,consumers In !Starke, Ife. try's leaders to join with the I I

Chatituuriiin In milking thin cltv n ,
enter for culture and. worthwhile ]i
f I II recreation. A postal card will bring you information

It has been practically settled I i
that a week's congress! of the Au- ii i
lior'H League of America will beheld
here during'; the Chautau- i

qua| session next year. What such .
a convention will mean to Key
I I stone Heights In theway of beneficial Address:
BLUE publicity Is I I
I mate.
Between four and five thousand
dollars were spent during the past
1 session of the Chautauqua for tal- i

ent alone, that the best the country .
affords might be brought to Keystone InnI:
hose attending the meetings.
!I BUS I Next year's budget Is planned to
. I be practically twice that of the I
first year. I I
I i
Outside of the money spent by i

the Chautauqua on building and I KEYSTONE HEIGHTS :
I entertainments there Is the direct FLORIDA
stimulus felt by the city through' II I
the homes that will be established II I
LINE here by those who will come to I
attend Chautauqua and to spend I II

' li, the winter here. Quite a number -, I
of such homes are In prospect -
for next year. I'
Great Improvements have been I

made In the business district dur- I
I L ---f fog the past year. Several new .--
business blocks have been started ..
I : : :
: :
()r completed. The reconstruction :
r of the city lighting/ plant has been
i; ANNOUNCESHaving nil outstanding work. The needs
()f the city In this respect have
I been cared for during the next BRADFORD CO.
several years. Day current ''for ABSTRACT CO.

I the city will bo provided on Sept. j
purchased the Highway Rights and Good Will of 1. another step forward. ,,,!|"I I

The total amount of building ,,II'I ,Ii'I I
here during the past year will II'(''I'I
'I likelY exceed 76000. That Is |1'1 i|'I \ '
L.THE GAINESVILLE BUS CO. a considerable sum for a city the I I isize :-", DEMAND
of Keystone Heights./ !!! Homes
have been constructed In various
quarters of the city, adding to the
MR. W. H. HAYES, Owner permanent population of the city.
Another achievement that Is
going to mean a groat deal to the ABSTRACT
... city Is the completion of a nines -
s hole golf course In the highland/
I BLUE BUS LINES WILL IN overlooking Lake Geneva andParadise

Lake, The golf course I
will he one of the greatest/ .drawing -
THE FUTURE II '; cards during; the winter::: : : : -- 'I
mouths this. city hn<*.
I /
I O-O 11Z O ti' 7 0 G O .
The (course which wan con of these gentlemen are Starke O ISO- O G O
ructed by experts' under the dl- boys, and sons of pioneer settlers.
reason of t the Lawrence Hcvelop- This concern represents some of
I Ing Company Is being taken over I the leading lines of America in

I and I by u local golf dub A clubhouse life, fire, accident and health, o ,,
Is hjit a matter of a short: auto, theft, surety bond and casualty o 0
FOUR SCHEDULES SOUTH I time. Insurance.To O 0
j I Summer and winter visitors. to the credit of the above concern COMPLIMENTS OF o

I each day I Keystone Heights will always find their companies are now
I I excellent arcomodatlons In Key carrying a large percentage of the EVERETT M. JOHNS
Inn and business placed by the people of
1 straw a cheerful hospitable

I II I Lv. STARKE for JACKSONVILLE (Daily) fishing hostelry.and the The bathing/ Inland at lakes the 1 this county. ATTORNEY AND

I i Heights. Is unexcelled anywhere In Fishing Is good at all points In 0p
: 9:15 and 11:25 a. m., 3:15 and 5:25 p. m. I tho state the state and this delightful sportIs 9 COUNSELORATLAWStarke p pIi 9
1 keeplpg many tourist In )Florida
1I -
I later this year than ever and also
\ I IIIC.UWOIU (i'vrv: CHOPS Ii Fla.
__ bringing many new visitors to the
Lv. STARKE (For all parts south) I
i Cotton corn, hay. grain, strawberries state via the spring excursion
10:15 I sweet corn, beans, peas, trains. Cheap rates to Florida at
a. m., 1:00 p. m., 4:15 p. m., 6:15 p. m. I beets, sugar cane, cucumbers, lettuce this time of the year are showing 10
sweet )potatoes. Irish potatoes visitors the finest part of the year o 0
cauliflower, cabbage, beans to spend a few weeks In recreation -" 0
and sports. g QOOOC'= ,---- ___ 0
Starke Ticket Office at fruits. grapes oranges'; pf'pp..rs.olll 0. -- --Alva 0
i <<>n..., tomatoes, egg plant, rice, -
The West Florida Poultry Association uniform thus guaranteeing to the
watermelon, cantaloupes oats,
I CORPENING'S wheat and rye. are doing a great work In farmer a price that will allow Grove'sTasteless
DRUG STORE that part of the state by establish. them a good margin of profit
.1. n. iMxis ('0.I ing cold storage plants for eggs .
I during the low price period. Low

I Arch Thomas, and J. R. Davis, prices on eggs; In Florida do not Prepare.for. Accident .
H T Iran hand.
I the sole owners of J. K. Davis mean low prices as obtained In
I Insurance Co., are men who are other parts of the county for the Liquid BOROZONE powder Chill Tonic
I well known throughout this sec price of eggs In this state Is usually T4 Ness PosanhlAntl.ys(,
tion. Mr. Davit Is cashier at the good but by storing the eggs For Cut,Wound.Burn and Destroys Malarial Germs

_. I Bunk of Starke and !Mr Thomas better prices can always be obtained BrulM Sold fry in the Blood.
Is our district representative. Both and the price will be made Corpenlng' Drag Store>> lOttr


d ) .. ,e f


.. .... .. .
rl.. ,, -". -- -

"' .




riunvir, ,rim fI, 11)27 BRADFORD COUNTY TKI.K u\rir.. STARKE, n.oiimi I'\(:.: rol'RTFKV: tt!
- "'

...J Hunt, tho woodland wanderer and, I bay trees. are covered with sweet this county. They are n resource. In cultivation and rightly HO but g..)
",'.: "W. r"7.". ... \ tc) feed the feathered migrants I scented bloom. doncrxltiK more attention. Doubtless .. I for. mnny years tn coniu the 1'11I.1
:. w : \.: :J from the north. The purple Our forests arc beautiful In the In the future many IICTPH of .111 will finiilxli a big pint or i Iii.i ., ',ft 1!
hunches of berries. cm I the French I Hpilngtlmc' and they modify ollrw'nlh'I' our bost, forest, land! will I IIP put 1 wealth of tlio i on n ty. i\

rf : IIW ,stays Mulbeiry: lire highly orn.imental. In the Hummer .so I Ihlll I -- -.- -- .. -- -
,- .' /A The .scarlet ChrlHtinim berry. llol1v during two yours of ofllcUl wwntli- ,- ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,-.''''-,,. I, ,, ,,, -"- /- ,,, ... ..,,,,,,.".. ,," : ;' :" :',; ,",: :, ,;, ;;;,:, ..,,, +" ..."".' 'f.
and >'oiiin>ii are greatly In ilur :ir readings the highest temperaturp I4

t'"'., " ".'\ -, u a ud dining tin wuitti holiduxs |"ii"i 1'0101 i IIIIH bpi'ii ''5 degrees" I4ROSESFLOWERS
'., 't- r' to These and luaiiv ushers are to buveen stud the iivelnuniniPi" mnxlliunn i:
..jj WV :a: + t In I the ,11"\1,11\ of I the l' ill- IM duly' about 'tii! degrees

I ; .' ,. .:: -- ed State" Pore I Secvler" A ,,in! I There Is ahot io.c side, to the tore -
.-' I.. 1' .. \. '''of -., ;del 1st < Hi. ""h i plants w Mild i its. ol llrndfoid' ii'iinl\+ tile aiuini WHO DOES NOT ADMIRE THEM ?
'I ... t :l .; ntiial,<,rx "-11 up' lovMird n tin us1.mil i +il I vie On: of I he 1 li.I(111( I:
"It. ''i. ,
I '
.. .1t It .
; l, Tl s .11-1 I I -IP 'I'"' .1 licleast n i the 1111111\, Hlio'it\ 1 .',"i,ODD
,.: <' ...... ...."' .r _, I I'eauUfy >our homo uroumls> and increase the j joys
.. ',. ; ..... --t.i ; ;:' of our Hutu nil nttrai tloim lain tliuhorliind liiowing' pine, trees
iior.., .ir .t..j., \. i"N"f-; .' W l '" and rpsourii's ut ho I rate of .somo Ifto hoard fuel i,f living} g
I. I1HH.J + .,.,, :- .-".,...-.: ... ."' t. 'F'',. .-... _._ __ I'per' ntrci annually >I'lh tr>,Oil. per II
.. Jp, ..;.." 4' .' '\" J "'. V tno lIf> the essentials for beautiful Mowers and
..," 1'.!...,.. _,.tl.:... .::fr; __. st<., The Forests OfBradford j I I thousand feet In thu woods| nr n
... -, i',<; r total. niiiitial timber wmthf'ir
J: : ]< I! ":J.i.'Ji.i.-; growth\ shrulilier.v :as well It' good lawn> is a good! fertilizer.
,oooOO. ruder' lire l'I'I1It'111111 I : "
... '" .....< 4 > '';o'IIi an,1 I proper.. nuinaitelUiMll | |||Hmicht I Use 1'AIN'TKUS: : :: T1JIK: : TRIEU"I1n.1. "CROP
6t 1 : ';;i. r ._._ i inindford
r I .s. gtr rW be ImieiiMed, to. $.ttlt1.+noilmi nM TIS'l'IILI'aods: : 1 > i rt
county IH. blessed, with'1 'II year tin annual/ trap\ northS
., ., ''iI>o\ < M d;: F t. ''1f'' T l', 'ih"-" ".!tt...:.Jr xxoiideiful n..turul, 'icsouiie In i _' "i i per iniilta/ to c-iic'h ii'sldeiit/ of I I't; Cil'M:: i JI.KN: I :: : 1 Lent, : for llci\M'rH and inliriililwrj', anti
.1.J"1' \:
.. ItH plnc'X' woods Yens, .igo when II '
.t: e tetlllly|
.' r.. "t" III'UHI: ;; -: for rages
I .'7U.. ... "; .JW't< .- the first siiwinlllH Invaded thin Our Pi III' trees |IIIM> often. In.,encalled
I .
iI1") ., ... i., ( {: '''''''''' '..'.''It_ slate lhe\ began cutting timber In I / 1111111 pin'pnsu lrcn>.s' and : :Nothing: Letter for lawns than GUM: ; LAWN Sl'I-X1:
( I. ..., ',; Jfj'l"! .. 'Jto : I ti
r !
> the nnilhenst corner sad IIrail! ford sut'll they me for. I1i> nut out.. '' I
i TFfl*.. S.AS. f.fcf" < 'i **.... IW' JIMiOTitTirCT'i aFIVTI'll ",I44';' T1 | \ IA I..
",, _A.. ;t t"Jf N "'r- ;>'"' ''''1'!' ''' I Oil lily furnished MI mo of the best I'III'III-h lillllliel but urn "..III.It'll !(\'

I: 11 t '; limner The major part of the us \\ fm. the naval\ HtoioH wlilih 1 Simon Pure Ifi,Hi\ per 100() Ifs $2.33:! ; ;
"4 3 i.. 4 lugging was clone' about 10 years. (they' .piodiue.' In I'.IJ! :I I IIHIIMIIIIx | | '
t\QlElir : Cent; (;Men. 100 1 Ibv 1 __$ !.I ;;
j :
i "" '.'t.-. .. '"", H"r..r t: e\""ne bit. w.JrVt ago and sime then the timberland t nuunlfuclured, $ 176.IHIIIII.1wl1..lh I
;-t.'""__+W...."..1. ,-1 "i.b, .. ... //1 '"'" '\. Z.JrI, .., '' 1 .. has been steadily! restocking of turpentine and, rnxin.der I'n- 1 1. Cent; late, per KM) ll s.Net ..._$".I5t i I
". '''' 't; 'f-" / -'I : .t with XOUIIK pine trees. although I I forest mniiiigpiiii'iit Ibis I Crop
hi Mi.1.
t ;1 ( rush: with order all f. oo. h.)
t; '. r yarn h n'A f ; :" '''t'A' Il"'ketwl the freciupiit winter tires bnxit left I, mlKht oiisllv. be I in 'leaned, to one r
; ;: our woods sadly III..h'r. lo'kpd. j north half a million dollnis .Tiu-kMiiiYiIlc: Florida
"' l \ lay..+,;d'K flfX; n9swutrprprAlrNVtd'A :' I
.jtl' The forests of Tho forests produce. iiniiiiiillv n
....> !' ....t;. \ ,.. our county -
Jl 1
;J'f".L: Write for
"a w our W 7 Almanac and fertilizer, Price List.
xxoith much the* entirefa
us an
of massive rop
161tN1 .V were composed
I. _:; .. '_ 1' M/ktt/ !!:.. ..4. ",7 a kJ
iif this\ About
mutely pines 1111" '" 'mid four feel: i in crops. coanlp.

nUADFOUD COUNTY C OUKTIIOL'SU., STARKK tbrough at the base, towering w1'll|l $70.Olio are Invested In nillln nnd E. O. PAINTER FERTILIZER CO. x
------- over 100 feet In the air Huge till'pelllllle stills nnd nbiiiit 'Ilea
{ Itriinp[ of I 5 or 6 flowers together buttressed cypress. trees" filled peoplct... Ii I'll" cllrecllv dpppnili'iit" upon IIckso"'iIIl', Florida
WILD FLOWERS OF on ii single ...IPDI.O'lnher ovary swamp and I In the river licit-1 the forest for nuppoit t. ;tialulsrus
I and November are fine torus'" red gum hntckcl water, and' 'I I'ho forests of IIIiiclt'ord/ Count eo

months for the nature lover to roil. oaks. hlckorv and\ l III II It IInlhi pay a lame shire. / of I the I''"'''' of ..:'!!!!.!' !!!!!!umnlslul!!!!!! !!!!!!!!,!!iailxlo!!,!! I ago!!!'swuuss!' Imtmlaiuenmm! !" ,!!!!!!oslm!,!!!!!,!+!oulmlawsasnsmiguslulsmlmmsaMnm!!!!,!!!!!! '! !!''! !!!!'!!!' '!!!!!!!!!!+!s!!!+anlslsunsmsmxanonux!!!'' !!!'.!!!/!!!'! '''! _
BRADFORD COUNTY wander through the woods Ciold- trees occiiri'd .

cored, golden, aster coreopsis and In the sprinu' / limp bc'gliinlng :.._ ._._,_._._.,_._,._._.,__ _.._.,_.,_._.__.__._.__,_._..____._ _. _._
\ berries and leufothoo the fetterbush the rll'I lc>.8 goldenrod, are the yellow evan as. "'t l'ly im January tho ll.iniecoloied ,
( LCNTHAL., WYMANI' with Its tiny bell-shaped flowered wild plants'" which maple trees' ,deiorale our I
Each: year Bradford county attracts flowers. blossom In October and November: woodlands with their brlllliint!
Ita share of winter vlnltorH.! Wildanllla and flaming star are flowers and winged seeds, I'ol-
The butterworts blue, white
These tourists are drawn here for beautiful with their spikes of purple lowing them c('U1I10 tilt HIIOXV whittIIIKwool. >
and, yellow are common around .
two rpaxonn One IH (climate the colored flowers The ponds", < like a .shower of lleei v
other attractive the edges of the cypress pond> In cotton The feathery fronds of
BiirroiindlngR.We (
February and March and about while with the bloom of the
are fortunate In thin county pond cypress put out I their delicate V.E.JACOBSJewelers
then come the pickerel! weed, and Kroiiartnel tree.
to have an abundance of wild foliage; In Muri h lult..II'rwllh
the large white and smaller ma- In I the winter the various'" '
llowors decorating our landscape. the haw trees, > Hun Minn
There are so many that of neteKHlty mon-colored pnw-pnwa. The sow shrubs. with berries serve to ,Ie- wild, plums! A little Inliir' on the !
(palmetto and Kallberry are bloom-
only u few of the more rongpiruoux -
Inn In late .spring and furnish -
ones can lie mentioned<< In nec- ___n_ ._ .
tar for the bees The snowy
this article
droollDIypllnw flowers of the .
v nejtlnniug! In January we dud pitcher plant dot the low lands
the blue and while violets common In ,
In the woods They are April. L. J. BURKHIM : and Silversmiths I
Every year about 1 Easter time
among the earliest of the wildflowers
to bloom. At about the the wild atamnset. or dream llllies.an .

same time we find the beautiful they are sometimes called are SELZ SHOES, $6.50 and $8.50 .
to be found and the little --- -- --- -- -- -- ---
yellow juanilne--with. Its sweet dulxy-
Hientcil l flowers glowing profusely like fleabune The pretty little MANHATTAN SHIRTS I
over old tree stumps and covering yellow star grass and l blue-eyed, I
the ground: In many plnits grass are common .sights In the 33 W. Forsyth Street
:Not- unlike the jasmine In odor spring time and, In May we find, SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES

but quite different In appearance the Virginia willow and rose-col I

la the azalea or bush honeysuckle ored. coreopsis urotind In the cypress PHOENIX HOSE JACKSONVILLE -:- :- FLORIDA 1)M
with Its clusters of delicately Blinded ponds
pink flower In the river There are at least two common to
)JO Years linsiness: in Gainesville! Florida
swampH The Azalea blooms In pink orchids to be found In lowlands :/ I
February and March together In April and 1 Stay one Is / 'i

with some of the early hU<'l'le-1 single flowered the other him. n .:--.,-.-.,-,-..-." -,-.-.-,-,-..-..-.-..-..-.,-.,-..-.-.--.,-" -.-,-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.,-,.>


,.0. .;; : =J5.3 -=- ..;- -:-. .-:- --.-:. .--;. -...-. 9- -;-. -:- -=-






I. .

Bradford County, Florida .


I ,

Situated on Double Tracked Main Line of S. A. L. Railroad II//! 1




Municipal owned light and water plant, paved streets, sewerage and storm sewerage, high elevation and healthy rr::

The center of possibilities for the truck grower, general farmer, poultryman and dairyman.



; .


I z
""- .




F. HOOVER, Chairman


: : .--.f-- .- --- --h- <> -.,. -..,-


) I


-..:_-- .
'." ,- ,- '...Z"m. "



-- -- -- --

t .;__:.... __ "T_____._ ._,__----... --- _I-p ._._ ...) FLORIDA I St. Petersburg-Plnellas County a a i n e s v I lie Refrigeration
CENTRAL = Power Company and Central plant being installed in new En-
-- "- ----- .. = r' Florida Power & Light Company of
gineering building at University
merged Into Florida Power Cor-
MAX STATE GREATNESS --- poration. Florida.

16i 1
a --
forests with amazing rapidity !
By ]H. A. (;JHIOKN: Member of Con
Central Florida, especially thecounties i
gress. Second District : N. D. WAINWRIGHTTAX
I of Al.ichua: CJIlehrlst and
In my opinion, taken as a Marlon, have been great ylelders<
.", I ;w pWdd Whole, the great mill growing state of plioxplmte., Some of I the largest '
of Florida IH I ho must ntlructlve : phosphate
., rvf '''My'I place In HIM world, and, that great found, anil are mill to bo found i
a section of tho slate. known as CtnIrul III this Hectlon, as well OH Fuller's ,
I'" M Florida may bu well railed earth, kaolin and builders' sand, i i TSoal

the climax In every' way, of I this and I read, recently a splendid i
great commonwealth. article written 1 lad love. by Avery 1 Florida I
Starke -:- -:-
If It wore loft to me to designate f)L Powell, In which the great |
what Ix Known as Central tjuanlltlHB of sand to lie found, I' REAL BUYS II

Florida, I would 1 way Central Dor- at Luke Weir, and other id,ices.ax I

1 Ida< I IK lionmtcd, on the north by Iho a suitable sand for the inaiin- ,I
elute of ieorKln.: .. on Iho east by fact n re of glass, and ho predicts
the Atlantic Ocean, on the Hoiltllliy that this will be onu of our U.adIng eagerly sought for are easily

Itrovnnl Osrcnla. Polk and Industries In tho near future found when your real estate
'an"o" 'counties.. and on the west I never have seen any nectlon
by the (lilt of Mexico, and Leon, of any country which surpasses broker has exercised a judicious -
and 1 Waukulla counties. This M"- Central Florida In scenic beauty
k y ; care in the selection of
tlon may ulo bo well defined 1 nx and the majesty of nature And

".--- tho hub or elbow of Iho Stuto of while It Is Impossible for mo bore his properties. Our listing
Floi-lda. to enumerate even a small! degreeof J. L. HARRELLLawty

Central Forldn, though embracing this beauty, I might call attention represent unusual opportunities -

r GREETINGSfrom only it little more than one- to Lake Weir Klngtdey lake because it is our policy to ,
Lake Harris. Newman's lake and
.:.1._ i fourth of the arm of the state
produces more than half of the San Ie Fe lake, as some of the deal only in real estate that I

; Htalo'8 output of the following/ : clearest, purest, brightest and
Corn, cotton, vegetables/ of all moHt placid bodies of water In the represents solid value for Florida

CONGRESSMAN R. A. GREEN kinds. peanuts. row penH, velvet world. Notable among the thousands home seeker V
or investor In-
of of Central Florida, -
tiuaim, hay. sweet potatooH. sugarcane springs' '
I'I ; and producer, nearly all of are Silver Springs, 1 F.Htiiolinee, 10111Wllllnel' spection is cordially invited.
the Htato'a output of tobacco. Sills White, Columbia, I'oe,
I of many different type are to be Green Cove, and lust but not least
C Jb found, In Central Florida, ranging Hue springs .
all the way from lillltilde clay sell Silver Springs, near Oraln, Marion -
10 the low black muck lands, and county, undoubtedly displaysthe
: (thin great MILLS THE FLORIST
Moll conditions, together with that I have ever beheld, for Farms from $750 up, ,
Hpleiidld. drainage and 'ample rainfall majesty, beauty, purity and use
,' ,1 renders thIs section an extremely fulness, I don't believe It has a
; t SAY IT WITH I productive one t In this. Imrallel In the world. Notable well located home, 2 Highest Cash Prices Paid for '
i 8etlini nro to bo found fow abandoned among the 'streams of Central

\ .. farms, but on Iho contrary Florida, especiallyoiild I ml'nI I
igrli' 'ulture Kencral/ stock-riilx- tion the Hong-fumed Suwnnneu lots in Starke $1200.

i leg and dairying/ are on the upward river, crossing/ the entire state I
1 FLOWERSJACKSONVILLE trend. and emptying Into the bolt of !

Low land. are being rapidly reclaimed Mexico.! Its banks lire comparatively ,.
I splendid 1 systems\ nf regular and covered with )I BERRIES, BEANS and GREEN CORN

'dralnaKO-fire... In vogue new fields, Mowers of bright/ hue. and pretty '
are being ,cleared old farm buildings I- green vines and undergrowth, G. M.INMAN.
art being replaced with newer overhung! with weeping: willows .
and better ones, old farming\ No wonder the song/ of Its name
methods are being supplanted, with has circled the globe thousands STAHKE, FLA. ,
modern! melhodn, the farmers tire, of times The St. Johns river. --

becoming wiser In tI"lronel'1I1/ which pusses through Central I
niethodH of plalntliiK. cultlvatlnn.( Florida and leads to the Atlantic .,liI

gathering and marketing, and 1 taken Ocean." Is famed, not only for its !

1 an. a whole, I ant optimistic an beauty, but for Its great useful-!
Mitchell's Drug Store, Agents to Central Florida's agricultural( ness an, a commercial fishery and
present and<1 future artery of commerce.

Starke Florida As) well as being the great If time and spare permitted, I
source of food supply for Florida would like to tell you something!,: .
and other states, this section embraces of the great fishing industry of

probably the state's most Cedar Key, on the Gulf of Mexico; .
', r" szststs s Important timber belt Throughout ( and Fernandlna, that gem city on We Are Boosters For
thin section, wherever the the Atlantic; of Jacksonville, the
lands have not been taken over for state's metropolis, with her 140- .

"" """"" ,", """"_'"" "" "" usmouooumiueuuuuawuouuouauuauatuuuuuuolouuiniuin' cultivation, dense pine forests lire 000 population; of St. Augustine,
found everywhere. Much of the the oldest city In the United States
forests, of course, la second growth' and her quaIntness; of the rich
and comparatively young; however strawberry flp.lds of Starke and 1 I
in some of the ,counties Lawtey; of the wide and dense

I J. M. namely Dixie, Lafayette, Jefferson national forest near Ocala; and
TRUBYn Union and 1 others, lire to be found the extensive and lucrative orange/

some of the most luxuriant and /groves of Orange, Lake and Marlon -
t t'I' gigantic yellow pine forests In the counties, also of their thrivingand
world. To drive Hay from Car- beautiful cities I BRADFORD COUNTY
\ Starke, Florida bur, Taylor county, to Mayo, La- This section of Florida boasts

fayette county, or Cross. City of some of the largest and most |
Dixie county, it In a (treat revelation widely circulated weekly and dally I
to there behold pine trees. '
newspapers In the nation. Our ,
Grower and Shipper of F too numerous for the eye to separate splendid newspaper men and wo- I'
each tree two or three feet in
t men have done ,more for the development -
diameter and the forest many
of our section '
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 'JI miles long. The pine trees alone have any other class of workers.
are and will continue to be, a
Rut that which has meant BO
d great source of wealth to )this sec and
much for the development
1 tion. In addition to the lumber
strength of Central Florida, and I
value of these forests, they yield
which shall cause this section to and theWOMANS
hundreds of thousands of dollars
of .
be paramount in the history .
Strawberries and Strawberry worth of naval store products annually the great state of Florida, Is Its a .
Throughout Central Flor- schools I
splendid system of public
ida the majestic oak stretching
and the ynlverslty of at
forth Its branches for yards and, Central
Gainesville. All over
yards, great hickory, ash, elm
., Plants Florida, small and Inadequate
a poplar, cedar and magnolia are to
school buildings have given way .
be found on every hillside and
to magnifldent permanent structures "0.
lowland strip. Lumber and building equipped <<:Ith the most
materials secured from these f
modern paraphernalia taugnt by
trees bring untold wealth to thin .
Specialty efficient teachers and supervisedby
section annually. It Is true that capable principals and county CLUB
these forests are being too rapldy -
superintendent. In this section -
consumed, and steps should betaken
of the
are to be found some
for wise conservation how-
; best secondary schools in the
ever, the nature of the soil and' the
told that
country. In fact, I am
multinwsmednmisnanarmnuneumlpiammmausmaieemniommeaiaiwsgnm,' '' 'almoisrnsunnsnonoruaimsmm, "' ,m,,in"memsm,, the splendid climate replenish the Jacksonville Junior and Senior

high schools rapidly approachIng -
.... are .
---- --- --- --- -
the Ideal In secondary education -

The public high schools, as
well as some splendid denominational
and private schools are
I feeders. to the University of Florida -
and this lolHt-namedln"tltution ;

has, during the past few years experienced
-- -'r, COMPLIMENTS / a phenomenal (growth.!
Established In 1905 with probablyless
than 100 students It now has

approximately 2,000 regular .stu .
dents and growing!': at the rate
of from 200 to 400 each year. It
Is a school particularly for young

t. men, while Its sister Florida State

College, for Women, at Tallahassee .
FERRELL JEWELRY CO. line almost an equal numberof -
women students. Hand in hand

i with the various industrial and STARKEEXCHANGE
educational development and prog-
ress has gone the moral and religious
r elevation of the citizenship
of Central Jo'lor"llThrouthout(!

this section beautiful edifices of .' ,
worship, of all denominations, are
(tl l SQUARE DEAL JEWELERS erected and their influence is coordinating -
the great cosmopolitan
citizenship of thin section Into a
tone of spiritual refinement.

Vlnter Park-Contract let at

1142.000 for new sanitary sewer

system In this place.Brooksv111eWork.

r 220 Main Street Jacksonville
started top-

surfacing,: Tamlaml Trail between

here and Floral City. .

Inverness-New storage plant

... being erected" In thin town by
I t wt -. .. .- --.. "- ...... -,- -.- .. ...... Florida Power Corporation..
+ }


may .a4 n..'. -" .-" .

; .

5 ir w

v I I,

i ,i in.DI.'ORD
FRIDAY APItIL 8. 1027 COUNTY TFL1' C.R.trlf. STVKKK, 'ORlD.\ .'.\(": TlllltT.I: ; ]
Ii :
: : -: : ...;:. -.. : _-==:=::--a_ 7-_=: "" _._ ---;.-." :=;;:;: ""= ': l tl


J sTOR (;:;c; Corner Main,

Everybody Bay and
MIlODA1 4fj p, l

Shops" S< / Forsyth Streets


Where Prices Are Lowest '

Prompt and Courteous Service

High Qualities Considered 1ti
Through our Mail[ Order t Dept. |,'

Large shipments are arriving daily .
f J f \ If we have not already had the

-bringing new, fresh merchandise fl
t i
1'i pleasure of serving we
I you may
to supply 1 your Spring and Summer t ,, 1 t i -
$ be favored with Easter orders

needs. Here you'll find allthat's r "
p l I :: ,_ ;, ,r ;''1 !' 'i' ? Also, if you are not receiv
'r +
for the months ( : 6
new coming 1.n '
; ; ; ,
? ing our mail order circulars and
,1 ,
-allat the lowest
possible prices
would be interested in being placed
their high qualities taken into con-
on our regular mailing list F
sideration. We invite visit _
you -
send and ad-
kindly us your name
our store and inspect the exceptional y = -_
-" dress. Prompt and careful atten
values which await -- ,
here. you =v. '- tion will be given your orders.

: ... : : ::i ____ ___ :.-. O'7.-=--- : 00"
- -- -. --- -- -- -- -- ---- ---- -

G! !M. Ininnn O. J. Rilffln J. MMllchvll !Showing' thi'lr faith hi 'luiItletthe IIOHS lii (Inlnotttlllo and JacksonVille
VISITOR TO STARKE 50 Western Electric; ('OIlJI>III1Y yon will |patronize the rcnpc'ctlvo -

For thirty-eight ji-nrs, the Hi.ad- IHIMI opcMU'd a branch plant In ''h'III 14 whose mis appear\
... .1ac.ksonvlllo. Tlio \\'KIt'I'1I Khctrle : hl'IC'lll
furl I'liunlv Hank him be-i-n closely -
iilllinl with the common.lal mid Is thu Largest inn II 1Iflll'l 111'(-1' 'l'hIlK" lliniH are" leaders In I tliclrlino
LADIES' HAIR CUTTINGby nitric'iiltuinl I puiRiilU' of tho county nf telephones nail telegraph. "iiulp'| and liroad-mtiidod l IHIHIII'|

Col. and ;Mrs.-sljto ;\1)ns Spent, high they Jcould not afford to nail IB In u position to given Meld In I IIi p. \\oilil and, their 1.0111- mi'ii why bt'lli'vu In boosting not
a Short( limn In our mow them for the northern mar- good OlllIlnlot the opportunities Ing let I Floild.i with 'a Uigo luiiiiihilanl cnilv I tlii'lr\ own town, but tho
that the county affords. To IH Just anotlu'r 1"oKiilllon It.WIIK loiinclliig./
('11 k..t.ow:: this section la the "PCiid -
) Iho who IH looking torn location of. our I locution us tli" hull ofuuunlfacturptg .
<{ bract strnwbeiry growing ( mini ---------
to that tliobc'Bt and' ellHti, 'Ibiitloiimill lie-in'h Indian nivc-r
say \\lulor
-P(tlon In the state tlmynnt < -
Col. find Mrs Sign Mis
:: w..eIn Colonel ivfvers well, remembers In found In I tlio community fur Ihcx)( tool, fur. Saudi. Aiiii-r- Iii ii nIv' "mail, riiim Vi-ro Ilnach to
StArke a few days <> wliilo
touring Florida, motoring ago down the time when, lie attended a where the Imekboiiei of Its success lam 1..lntH. !ManIn. "am. 'h \II| 01' hla 1I1I1'lh"I'1i fin. .toi li-H \\ III bo
I piiisiiltsIlniclfoicl
speaking ono Saturday night Howas Irt IN agricultural"' Sniilhc-in dell Tflo-
the Fast C'oiiHt and coming hack
MEN FASHION EXPERTSat hooted In 1"1111'10111 In the. ,lieHifn, -
on the Went Coast meeting\ ninny Introduced by Ml Alvarez tnuntv In roiognlnclIhtuiiKliout .. p b o. II.n Coiiipiiny'M roiistrucllng
old friends made flfly >'enrs ago and took Issue with SenatorVllk: I I the hole state for I II.n' ---.--.-- -- lini-H Iroin' IH-IU to (IlliiKlnr'; Hi'clc'hlliaili'iiloii rCt

at the different cities. erson Call who delivered a speechto [ Its fertllo soil and productive 01"Isllii: : llt\ls ''0\ I'Itllll"I'F" ': \ f2.ri.000) ni-w DlksLeiilKll
Col. Myers stated that when he the good; ladles of Still, 'ko condemning fauns producing 1 practically. nil of Illllldlllg! lic-lllg C'0listruc.ti'cl, !

first came to Stnrke CO yeais ago ; the railroad for charging theFRANCOAMERICAN I the- Mt.iplej farm crops and, nn In- Iere.
tin count of the1 liberal support -
such rates strawberries iiumt-iahlo Camber of vugclabloswhich \
on -
selling tobacco and cigars, the '
; thVon, n's I'leili 1'\\11'\-.1.101'1.1\: ; Portland ('e-
Col! with vlHlon Hhlppocl to tho rltloswithin given '
real road was called the Atlantic- Myers a arc
UooHli'l-" nildlllon, \\a hope' vs lieu tnc'iit ,Coinpaiiy c-iocllng\ $5,000,-
Gulf India Transit, Company for the future look the stand and and without the steele AHa
occasion t to do,I, hUHII. | IIIMI plant In thin city.
have the -
sect I Ion It yon
some of the rails were only two told the people Hint he thought BEAUTY strawberry growing
feet long, and had to have the the Senator was a little unjust as h'lI no peer as sweet-corn growing

cow-catcher back of the train to the railroads were Just commencing PARLORS sect!tlon It ships more corn .In I.. I IEA'f
this carload lotus than other "..-- r'
keep the cows from running Into to penetrate Into state any
it. Now the Seaboard Airline but he failed to any that there lOll! of the Hlato Among theother
double tracked main line goes was hardly any future for the rail M-ge'tiible'S Unit nro shippedto
through Starke, and a branch line roads. None of them could pay 29-31 West :Monroe Street northern markets uro beaux! 1

of the S. A. L. Hallway to the an Income dividend or interest on I lomlltouH.UII'III l <''loI1H. cue'umbers MORE FISHA

west coast. Also, when Colonel their Investments If It had not heels, carrots, cabling, and

Myers first came to Starke there been made an Inducement such many others fMt
were only three or tour mer- promoters and capitalists as 11. D. )For the man who IK looking for t 4t1nis
chants In Starker Capt. Richard, Plant. Henry M Flagler and Hamilton something a little Inure pt-rmiiniMit
Dlston, the state would not ''iiiiiiniiiiiiiiHiuuiiuiiiiiii' uiimiiiiii'nil iiiiiiiiniiii iiiuiiiiiiiuiiiiimiiiiiiiiimi IUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIUIIIIIIII until iiitiHuiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiimiiiiiiuiiiwiiiui miiimiiiiiuiiimuuij/
George Pace and J. O. AlvaraezMrs. than truck growing;. Uruclford
Janes and Mrs. Holt were In have had these people and the l county offers the host of opportunities
charge of the only hotel located at capital here today. for a permanent Income wonderful the year round
the railroad where passengers; of We who had the pleasure of .I papc' >r-Hhell varletlns being grown
thetwo trains that were run in meeting Col. and Mrs. Myers on NESTLE CIRCULINE from H 'lie-can grove, tho Unmet!
those days met and had their their short stay here, regret", very The soil Is adaptfd' to the raining
lunch. much that they cowl not have J of other fruits as peaches, pluiim
Starke at that time was a great been with us longer, and also that For Perfect Permanent Waving J persimmons, pi'ars grapes, bluulioirlos Al's Fish Market.
place for marketing long staple some of the old acquaintancescould I blncklic-nleiH, etc
cotton which was the principal not have been here to talk In fact, the niiulfeird County
product. The nearest sawmillwas old times oven with the colonel.We NESTILE CIRCULINE I II Hank bellcvps that there Is no

at Lawtey Colonel Myers remembers were gid to hear him speak place that offers a more varied op-
when only the ladies of of the wonderful change In our lioil unity for I the farmer, to miceeod r
Starke grew strawberries, at city and this section I its a whole I is the only method that waves your hair according/ to than In Kraelfcird.

which time transportation was BO as we now have three main trunk its individual requirements. It is /safe! sure -. I
-. -.
.- 5"- --. -

r hctlI
$10.00 -- ,


i I The Quality Shop New York Beauty Parlor r J. H. MOORE

II I 217 W. University Ave. \ LAWTY, FLORIDA I

I I \
. I till'|
JAC. ROSENBERG, Pres. .1 it: Grower, Buyer and Shipper

'...__....'..."".__'!!!" "'.. ""..."...an.'wmwuma. !!!!!,!ammnan" ",!,!!!mrnrum., rn"I'" ",,,, ,,.,,"mii ,. 1 't'tf

Green Cove springs-$230,001) i i, 81i.\IFORD (Ol'NTY IUNKllradforU
to be expended In this city for FANCY FRUIT and VEGETABLES l +
I street Improvement work.
Count) Oldest l'lnunrial -
I St Augustine-Florida Power .
Inxtllutlon '
I & Light Company to construct
22 Laura
new Ire plant here. IIII
Sanford-$250.000 bond issue Of all the Institutions In a community -
-- --- ;; -
00- :- .o. -1.: '
approved for erection of civic hospital. there am none that Indicate es
: the prosperity, of a community -
like flourlxhlng, boosting lu'sOeeAg'WrtpWWfltlict) : !) ( '1f'1OI11f1Ifr1CJM'III'ICI'II'II'aC'IIWICIlmnljlcJIIIJIfflI) (! ; ;> ( ; IIlm"JlJlCfDIIJWr.lCUIC"IIJt.lcrnUIIIHJCIUII'II'14; ) < (! : : (; : ( :; ;) )

Florida line hard roads through Starke bank The outsider and, the i ''I '...
Jacksonville .
and several miles of paved streets, prospective Investor seeks out M''
a white way, in other words a first the conditions of the total
city that Is a credit to North Central banks judging all other Industries ij ,
; Florida. Col! and !Mrs Myers commercial and agricultural / WITHERS MOTOR CO. Inc.
them. Tim hunk that
I will always find a welcome In by radiates ,
Starke. optimism and belief In Its Q .
local community Is one of the real rij I n(

-- assets of a local community .i

T From the date of Its organization ; 1. ,
I In 1889 the Ilradford County -
I Hank has enjoyed a steady I. ;: 1-
growth and has been listed among
THE SMARTEST I HATes the rent' boosters of Bradford 10 I'
county showing evidence of Its Studebaker Motor Cars .
belief\ In the community by the ,

t 11 I acLomodatlons extended to Its putrons. j jIe' ,
The growth of the bank Is '
1\ which becomwhich most andaciously Indicated, by the fact that It was '
hat is that : you
The smartest first organized, with a capital of 227-231 E. University Ave.

$10.000.00. has b4l"n Increased at ..
truthfully tells cornpli- ..
the mirror you gi
various times until at present! Its -
capital stock Is $140,000 and ::J P"O'oi: Ini t $
the of hat which
That is t
ments your toute ype Its resources have grown beyond i
the $700.000.00 mark. I
is waiting here for you to try on. I The growth and, progress of the I..
Institution has been steady and 1
I unvarying The stockholders, officers
and directors are all local
; men of prominence, man who have a
their interests here and In the r '. -
growth of the county as a whole a
men who are known for their sane

and conservative business methods. .

I Hotel Entrance Jacksonville The present officers and directors Gainesville Florida ,
are as follows: N. T. Hitch
president; W T. Weeks, vice-
I I.L president; J. H Bitch, cashier: cj }
S. L. Peek assistant cashier. DIrectors -

: N T Rltch, W T.'Weekr, II tOHivipxn


.... ... .....L.- _M" .... "
."- .to :.:. ,. 11

S ,

t tI tr

I I 1'\1; 1'J.I.n: .: \IIFOKIJ COC.N'TY TKI.K: GR.H'II. 8T.1HKK, FLORIDA FR1IY., APRIL 8, 1027

gradients from every part of her leu. Her altitude In thin as. In all Hastings potatoes are moving Little else of state-wide Inter I Florida a no-fence state and -restrict -
JACKSONVILLE IS STATES trad" territory and the same to-t major. )projects 'affecting/ Flnridn'HtievHlopment I north the first 100 cars going outlast est outside of reforestation efforts I range rattle, Is expected in
and to make 'this session.
measures designed
If I pogrnphlcnl/ factors which have tins been dictated I week to be followed by hundreds -
contributed( In I the concent ration by sound, common sense. Jacksonville :I of curs during the shipping I
: SUPER SERVICE STATION of live trunk line railroads at ,Is well aware I hat the :|'''Hell on. Hastings Is. recognized/ us
:I .1 l la<'ksuiivllle have dlvertud the I mtignlflclent/ enterprise which IK. the greatest potatoes section of
-- main arterial. highway systems to ,represented In thus .development of (the state although other parts of A. A. SMITH
t' I ,.ifll'knlllleillit C I IJnrkxunvllle fly Hut we are not an I Indigentdependent : t 1 I lienthen.I In the vllal service. ofIruiiHportutloti. ''shlp proposition and that goodwill for early potatoes getting them
We pay our way In t' I ksonvllle' stands lain co-operation between alt before Hastings starts shipping./ I.AWTY FLORIDA" /
lull Kruwii to metropolitan "rvl'I.tl'h"'h.| because of tile!I'''i pre-eminent. In her. relation to the members of tho family IH ossentlnl Many acres ot.Itocl/ potato IlIn,11 j
status the hcinusc.
in slate : i In's Hlrntegli:"' position .'.lurkHiinvlllc balance of I the .stale. It Individual communities are
I through HiTtlccs of nil are available n Florida and In I
IH eminently fitted to ren ,'la ksuiivllle stands (at I IhchrldgehcMid to prOllpl'r.The .
kinds, to ( be Imliimi' of the .1
peninsula time this state will ship twice asinuny
tier to the rest of the state of the stale's 'busiest Shipper? und Huyvr of
tin dry has hleved! greatness : records show that Jacksonville II
Jacksonville' Is the, pivotal point arteries and her Irish potatoes us now go
Our progress ,and/ I Iho. prosperity transportation through/ h..r representativeshas :
of Florid.i, fir Florida's transportation system servlies. lirA essential I to the easy been a st'i'iiich" supporter of forward to northern markets.
are Interdependent.

Here rails, tidewater, Inland 11"tllhIInr"nr STKAWHEItltlKS. IlEANS: AND SWEET CORN
Jacksonville, lakes no special : canals flow of ( Improvements every 11t'aRllre'IIlr"'I '" towardsthu -- ,
I credit. for I tho remnrknhlc accomplishments perfect 'assembly. At no olher terminal. extensions, railroad Improvement of conditions In Pl'rry-Clty hall and fire station
In .city building point In thn state are so ninny expansion and highway Improvement. nil sections regurdluss: of any Her-i, being/ Improved hero.
vthlch are written Into record ofher competitive routes I available to Ilia In the. seenrlin of tlcmal or selfish Interests. The
shipper: or consignee That Is which w have taken a prominent .. .. .... .
municipal, n.lvnll.I'rn..1I1. If It citrus canker: measure was sup ------------ -- --- ----- --- -------- ----
had. not been for the far vision why the headquarters! of data. distributors and often an iiggrosslvo/ part l'flrlt.1I'ltlwul demur hv; Jacksonville :
dauntless (ouragc/ and .d<*turminedVioik of nil classes of. commodities have nil been essential for He r'prellenlIlUult hOIl/th/ ,
of developing! I Ihr Kast: I Coast aro concentrated, In tills .1Iir'1..1I, Y of. hcI'Vl.c'l nettling g ill'' no citrus Irulimtry In liu\al ((oa- I I
the- Interior, not Culf Count' of city, and by the same token the -' entire state In this vital dh.tHIon'or LX was affected. Not hi UK but a
tills penluMiil!. ..1LC'k..ollvlll"I'.nlrJ, bulk of Florida's'''' products find tin 'her, activities, Jacksonville'sparticipation lively spirit of co-operation dlctnt- ,{,
outlet to domestic. II nil foreign III oinpurlson with eel Jacksonville's altitude. towards
be no more I than a cow-ford and |
w wild turkeys would null be rousting markets through. the port of Jacksonville the effflct she has contributed towards tint measure which was HO important FASHION'SFIRSTRULE.
/ In I the "trees wlilch. shade. her The harbor 'Is landlocked the realization of such pnjl'CtS -- to the down-state'" sect"tutlis. .11
streets. I and safe from the furies' cif rile same frltndly, spirit of cooperation II
I ocean( "lllr", ... Its facilities r" of Jacksonville'sImpress i Jacksonville VARIETY .
Jacksonvilleexists What Is true was adopted by -
and has her
of almost Illimitable development
"capable the toward the for
upon transportationfaclim'S measure
being because Iho rli" h mine of
Florida's natural has nnd the annual program of I the state applies with the assistance. of pecan groves and I
I / of extensions' Increases In candor. to her Influence' :iiplarlsts' of the Went C'oust. I
been,, und cifHealth equal upon
tapped a stream .JI1Ck-1
",I tif I the IIrut" magnitude' rll.llov..ry succeeding year. No the commercial and Indus'-'ul Honvllle'H representatives And variety is the keynote of our millinery. Avail your- I

pours through HID city's. port'11tH. natural barriers oppose the ensy .development of Florida. Many, : HO always given: iimiupstlonlin I
We freely admit our position as entrance of railways! / over: low commercial Industrial and municipal support to the first self of our splendid assortment to select a hat that will t
... enterprises throughout/ the tions asked on behalf/ apprn"rln-I
--- -- state are underwritten In Jacksonville. stitutions of blither modishly individuality.
'fcum: H"l11pekp1R11"MJlnnC1Cln'IClrmrrur/ /fii inrwii/ Kririt'iiBcifl'X'xiKiirocx'M'w'x'iREAL ) ; : trlrtCN lil 1 The Inside history of ialnesvllle and Tall.ihussee. express your own I

B Ill Klorld.M. reaction to the attemptof | Jacksonville. has always taken n I
1 I outside speculators to promote (, ll'ltdlllpart/ In support of the ABOVE ALL I
1I a dangerous discounting' : of future building/ /good! roads throiiKhout
values shows, In many pertinent the slate and nlthoiiKh the city I I
ij ESTATE BROKER 1 1if paragraphs, / that a sano regardfor : pays by far the largest Iro"ur- THE RIGHT HAT
< the future stability of the I lion of the funds. used. for this purpose -
l lf stole rather than a considerationof | very little of the monies

f 1,. Immediate any ephemeral pro- appropriated by the State for the
ul lits dominated the ndminstratlon I tension' of /good roads baM been
of large financial Interests controlled
/ 'Silent. 'In the Jacksonville district
tn Jut'k ollvllit'. In such I
City and Country Property respects. this city's relation to the 1 tip to date. Sadie Hill

balance of the state Is governed | To sum up Jacksonville. In her !

1 I'I'nI" by a policy which sets the p..rmllll't'l1I relation to the hnlance of the1
I of the whole ahead of I
\ I I mute.' Is just one of the family-
or local Interests.
1111 temporary anti -.id of It. 35 W. Monroe St. Jacksonville
leading pro
F. C. HOLLINGSWORTH r rbl Jacksonville has taken a I ,
also In .
und Influential part
advancing. legislation directed for I TIIK:: II\\K or ST.IKKI: I I

it4y the betterment of conditions In I II.
other sections ot tno peninsula far I The Fl.ink of.Iarka .represented : I.'

Q ailnanoJInfJGQn9r"fi \removed from her own boundar In the UdV"I'lhllI'ohlmllll/ of -----.-------.------------ ,
'I () .II'lIrll'Itjjl'DtDtil'rIClIrc; : : : ) fl+ / # )#cIIIOClQCJCICDtDCDtIltlIIDa1 I .
of the town's oldest business Institutions ,- '- -- -
-"" _.... -
---. having' been opened for
= I 1 business. more than twenty years r, ,
''nlto, During) / all these twenty years
I the bunk has been 11 helpful factor -
I I In the affairs of Sturke: and
j I Ilradford for the
county reason
., '{ that It has nt nil times, both gooeH'1: "ONE OF THE SOUTH'S GREAT STORES" i

baud' bad held Itself In position to 1tuko 1 -
I'nro of every, leKltltnute relIlr'm..1I1 -
'\ of Its pntrons. but hat t
The. never lout sight of Its cardlniilprinciple I

of "(us fety first' and has )
I not nllnwnrt Itself to bo tempted I I
limn III),,n'hlclollhltul, / proposi
tion" on the promise of big prof
its.\ This Is the essence of good (
Pride bunking To be really helpful to I Ithe "
,; of
: I community the banker' should'
lie able to Hay "no" as well as
'yes." Both words have their
j place In conservative careful' i ,

hankingK. I

Well S. Mathews has been president !
; of the Bank of Stark?
throughout/ the twenty years of
Its\ establishment und while he
,- has had. the large responsibility I
nf Its management/ he has been
\ I ably assisted. by a board of directors I
composed of some of the I II
town's most successful. businessmen. .
I I At this time tho board Is .
I composed of A. M. Darby J. \\'.

Andrews, J.V.. White, John 1'g-
low and. K S. !\IlI.lIh81'1I.Ir.! Dorbv A Florida Institution
Is vice-preldrnt. a I position he
!thus held. since the organization of : .

.. I the bank twenty years atto.Mr I
\ I liawBon J. )Davis, ruih'nr.lias .
This company's record of 78 years of satisfac- been l with the bank about four'I t

Years lie Is a native of Sturke. For 59 this has I
hut after finishing/ his high .schoolrollrite years store served the people of North Flor-

tory service is an heritage of which we are just- took employment In the accounting -
I' ida-and its steady continued growth in and
department of the' Jacksonville year year out I
branch of Swift & ('n..
t( proud.. We take pride not only in the numberof where he spent I five years recelv11B is eloquent testimony that it has served them faithfully i :

valuable training UH an accountant
Rehiring to Sturke and well. 'I
years but also in the scope and quality of the about four years. ago ho soon took : '

Idgh rank unionn( the town's most I

popular and! successful young ,,
service, and we are always striving to maintain business men. It is today an institution of which the entire State may well I

t i The !growth of the Rank of

I the standard and, wherever possible, to improveit. ISIurke' has not been of I the In I1Hh.I feel proud. Truly "One of the South's Great Stores."
,I room variety but has been steady

and consistent!, thus giving' the Every shopping need of self of
.members of Its organization: optportunlty family and of home may be

i to grow; along with It
satisfied within the confines of this
I nnd keep; III full command' of Its immense structure, ,
I affairs. The Hlutemotit published
I Iin i today's Issue of the Telegraph I manned by more than,500 hundred people whose every .l:

i shows that on April 1st Its resources I'
j |' amounted to slightly! more I thought is for your satisfaction !
t'-''in a half million dollars.NTKUtinicn.s i
I ..
,-;. "7h-- .r:' .'F' -- -- \ I
i;" ..- Ri t 's.,_:; ,1I. rt.t.It. k,;..:.......:.1.) .,. : a 'I'I > : 1 .: I i i I II
"" I I
;V \ .... ? -. -- ,
/ / : T/ Jlr; 1 : I I

I .I..' '.. Pit' ,"" :." v.i _I I" ............ :t |: Tttcnu' years nun Dradford! .

I ..... .. ........" /' r__'_._.....;. _..,\____' ".., .,'", ...'...oJJ#"" V-JII county was probably the largeststrawberry I
.. .. .. .. ._ | producing section In II
'- - -
"r f' ....... '. .... the world shipping/ solid train
.-- ,
tloail of berries to the northern

"f". ... .T''LT..1,.'. _M._ : "J., '.. 'I I markets dully during the main '
I whipping senMin. Today It has ful-
i len tn so.and place! with Sturke ; Cbt1lmJbtr
trod l.uwicv" the two largest hlp- ;$ I
Stationers Booksellers-Office Outfitters ping. point, Two muses enter Into -
I"Mhl11M: lend, other set'lions.
I EngraversLithographersPrinters I going, Him. the. /growing of berries II I
mi a 1111'-:' K. alt 'anil, the ,changingover : II
Photographic Materials-Engineering Supplies b>' niir, farmers to other truck I JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA
crops The larger acreage: planted, ,
l menu. mere., buyer to come Into' I

r JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDAII' the market. better prices. are ""- .:.
lunred and the markets are almost
.unlimited "',. do not recommend MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY
I Ihs planting 01 strawberries to the
exclusion' of other truck (crops but
tY I j la email acreage planted by each i
farmer i I. a paying liuestmentPricey .
\\1.- on the local platforms. durjlng i I
.__._ the l)27! season. ranged from
.. I
-- {J5.25 to 116.00 per 32-auart: crate


.. ..
....-- -



.'nll\" \rilll, H, 111:7: nn.\OJ."ORD COUNTY TKIR:<;ilAril. STMlKK. FLORID ".\fa: TEN: '

",-IIIMI-_ ..._. ........,.... 1;Ij.- -..", '... 1I/IiiJ/ 1iIIIIt1llllJi-... _-_-_IIIIIJ_- ...,.,.,.._... -_-_..... _.. __.._, --ID _-_-_.- .._. -_ ...-.. .-. -...- -- -"'--1IIn..... ',/ "'!,

'\ !

I 1 '

A Word You Men Folks j For ft ,

t 0 h: : rt EASTER I t: 'Ii ,


a. r r in Bradford' County I .j 1

"f 17l' F
y; }. .

:'''.. ....,_.

You are but a few miles from the 'S ANDARD'-the Stlye Cen'l? : I .1.1t.-.

r \ I \t4

ter of Jacksonville l !:/ / r ,{

""" '17 : ..t. 'f '
\ {
; / :; \
'.. .,. ..; -' :- ...: :i '",.
,to. If'r f --.;' .ott: t

;{i l / < '.!/ ..

Fashion Park M-;f Li.L(: > \

: "

andStandard )L'-\ ( 1s\ ...........$&ff'ilf3m. '

Fine Suits <-: r ,JJ

... :

-w J \ to ai' -'" /i/: C

A"" "" ,; !t. "" .....Ii -..... I

Whatever is "good" in styles-is presented in its accepted "IKWsVo,.\\ / : ;/ \\ I "'" ..-: ';"d."_ ;, : I ft ati,

variations. Whatever is favored in fabrics-Is revealed 1V'\ i'vv' :i .".:'ite. "... .

fi IA ."-i" --- -/ i{ ...:.,.... t .ft oJ
in its WI' '. .
superior grades. "
... : .
"';.;' ...... .. '\ .
... .
/ l l'l' ..1,... /. \..
And throughout collections regardless of price-you / > ':. L I" ;
our ( -vl"
.. :
\ -
are assured the utmost in value-and unhurried, intelligent ". ;' t'A. .; .. v'l / ::. .: ," ,.\,\ ,
> '. '--If W II t-J
Rl .
I '. 4 .
assistance of our salespeople. We welcome you to --aH t..w .. ;: .: :" ,1\\
*.. ) "" .t. I ., \ : 1 '\\.1 y
our Store.MANHATTAN "' ir. 'i\. >. I : '. .. .; \\ ii' yt
." "" .,.. ... .:r: i
"j # .... '.. 0) : .
\ .... -"'".



r Standard Clothing. Company 1.\i\1.,,'J'I ':..


t H. L. COVINGTON, JR., President 17-19 West Bay Street

tlt Mla

I I. I.-- _ _ _ _
f'3 ... ... I
- - - -

growth the college has not been college and hold positions of responsibility .1. :.11. TIU'IIV, HTKAAVIIFKKV: You also can succeed, In this Whore cllmalo, soil and mun'n
COLLEGE FOR WOMEN able to meet the demands made In the faculty. Sumo IU"'I'U: wonderful agricultural / Ingenuity have combined to cantle
upon It. For the past six or seven are now preparing for nursing In mi earthly paradise whore you will
" years the college; has not been co-operation with some of the best invest igato Bradford PIt/'UtlIH"1 like to live and where you will
SHOWS GREAT PROGRESS) able to take all the students that hospitals In the slate And yet During the various seasons of duy. An Investigation I prosper, In commercial or agricultural / -

_____u__ asked for admission.KrcoKiilnl the greatest service from the very the year when garden truck and vince you that opportunity awaits. pursuits.fJrenn S
nature of thliiKs{ will ultimatelylie --- -.---
enrollment last year was 1397! Th"' >Ulhollt'orl,1 fruit Is marketed at Starke onus you at Slarko and In Bradford I
, in the Infltiencn the college. ; Corn: Springs-12.10,004
In 1905. the Florida State College and of these student s; Today! the state college for ideas a busy scene at the shipping county Welcomo to tho( laud nfplenty.
everyone I' exerts upon the homos of the .. to bit expemleil.. In this city fur Improvement -
listed the
Is leading
for Women was established women amongst
platforms' u veritable 'beehive" of .
met the standard entrance rp.qllirpme"t state. of .
I of the school colleges and universities i In streets
as a part public sys- i
Had the college had I Homo ""IIUln..lr..llon \\....kIn I' Industry -
the land. In 1915! the became
tern of the state. The aim of the college
board of control from the beginning the facilities to take all the students --. 1 a member of the Southern co-operation with tho Federal Among the buyers who handle' IMICs't01f>ttCtt1C10nIINtL1lDCalnp111/'llnrt0101N: / IIUlWtllcutJICllt1IIIIfJlIJIfIIUItDIlIf\ltDtI'a\ ) : / \
who asked for admission, government and the college of u very large percentage of thnnonips
Association of Colleges and Secondary I
has been to make the collegen -
the enrollment at the present sex agriculture ot inn University of (' and well known to f'Vf'ryItro".r
Schools. To this association
Institutionof hai
first-class, standard !
higher learning. In order to slon would be from 1500 to 1800..1 only standard colleges ands Florida the college carries on the of the Bool Ion, is Mr. J. M. EAST END GROCERY I.

do this In the most effective way For some years the college universities are admitted and tho I home demonstration work'n' Trim by. who Is, and Mis been a
has been necessary to work out not admitted Into the dormltorle s' membership In that association many of the counties of the utate substantial old time booster for I Id
It students whose parents are nonresidents of Through this department the ool- the past forty years Ho lute made
close co-operation with the high ,gives an institution! higher
a of the state This polIcy loge brings the principles] of science a success' as a grower as wAll us a
school : learning recognition throughout;
of the state. A high
schools appointed In cooperation became necessary to protec l (,the United States. In 1924. the as related. to the problems of buyer and Is now talking of retirIng WESTERN MEAT MARKET ,1,1i1 ,
Inspector was the Interests of the citizens of the, Association of American Universities the home to the outlying dlxtrlcts from actual business.Mr ,"
the state superintendent I
state. As the college became, of the state. Home demonstration Trilby came from the state i1;
of public to instruction visit the whose high known In neighboring states and,. placed list of the colleges college and on nn its I verities approved : clubx are organized amongst of Pennsylvania 40 years ago; hii ;!! invites you to call and inspect their newI i

duty It was other parts of the Union the demand this the the girls and the mature women !1:1: a man who has tIt kelt active I I(
J and approval gives
schools and strengthen to help the themselves weaker made by non-residents ti, (college recognition throughout the )'and thousands of girls and mature ( part In his church worn and whena store and also give them a trial.

schools to enter the college became so great, world women are reached by this division >|ii"xtlon comes up for the betterment r Ii I
4 BO that they would meet the national that our own Florida student s I I of the college Moreover a of his town or county you L
standards. The list of high S1'rvhr to the Stale /( "THE BEST FOR a
would have been crowded out. home demonstration short course can count on !Mr. Truby. I LESS"l
schools approved by the high I nil 11.111111:" | It l Is a matter of pride to the III held here at tho college every i __ _- ._.___ I C ,I i
school Inspector a't standard and (I friends of the college to see her ]
In 1905 the college had two, year for the leading club girls In Illv..rll..ItHNE'W storage/ plant Next to Railroad
by the state superintendent the >|
published : take her place amongst great II
wooden dormitories a small gymnasium i home demonstration work. This being erected. by Florida) powerCorporation I
of public Instruction li accepted I Institutions.. of the land forlr..llt/: !
short Increased from :
building a
and one academic I'ourxe very
by the college as Its ac service can only be rendered by I ll i
In which were the assembly small number a few years ago to KTAIIKK, FLA. I
erl'llitedllst. that In, the graduates room the library, the laborotor an Institution of learning when !90 In 1923 and 410 In 192D. Is an Institution of learning whoro ,< c
of these schools are admitted: to the quality and the standard, of >i
lea, the class] and the of I the "*xt. "
rooms The college fur women also her they can get '
without exami C I.UIK/ MIX K figs ii 1IICoIClC'lflI111f,1f1C'1I'If'1IIf'IfICUI'1I1I11: [ : ,
the freshman i Its work are maintained at Its II.lClIII"If.INI'If'lfafUc.IfICIIUCIIJIIIGltI: / /: ; (!
flees of administration. The homeeconomics a summer s<'bool of two months
nation. very hC'HI.! First ('II1I1Rullllty Is 1s
When the college was first established classes were temporarily fundla mental. This I 1111 m m..r xihonl I Is especially l a-ii Nf;:ii;;,; ,-;Ji, ,iniMHiitiiJim, I """'"iiuinninujiinUMilwililniiiimwiiiiWHniMniiiiiii,, ';::;; 1 / -' mT, G ii'f, '",-,. 'n"'''' ". ,ini;.",I,w, ,wiSST/ i", 1 :,.,,,.,,,.,,tic.;';n i.i..iiilili, ,Mi1Miimmiimiiiilliiiii.iiiaiiili' '.,;.i 'I i
provided for In gymnasium I ( for teachers who are In service' '. I I1
many communities In I It Is also u matter of great satIsfuctlon -
and the music studies and prac though many of thn. regular students //1
Florida had no high school at all. to observe (he extent attend Blxo From very "
and of the high schools that existed lea. whit.li the college serves the state small beginnings the summer

very few were xtandard. It have been replaced with modern 'and county, for the extent of the school has grown In numbers and I n i.1
was to tide over this deficiency In structure From a campus of ,service an Institution renders Is In the standard of work xo that WE BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE

the state and to serve all parts of about 30 acres and a few old obsolete I Ian essential factor to tho community the work of the summer m'him! Is I
the state properly that a high buildings the college( hall at large. The graduatesand nw equivalent In the work of the
school department was maintained grown with the growth of the former students of the college regular term. Many: Htiidetits. complete 1
.,. at the college giving Instruction ( Htate. The college owns about 300 can now he found In practically their work for u degree In OFBRADFORD
In the eleventh and twelfth acres of land some fifty of which every community of the the summer school and formal -
9 rades. A similar department was are In tbe campus and the rest In state giving/: xervlce that far more I commencement exercises are held' I "
\ maintained at the University. As a dairy and truck farm to supply than repays the state for the C'ORt.. lit the end of till summer term I '
the high schools of the state developed -I produce for the dining room. lof Instruction. The majority of I The xiimmer, school" I attendancehas. COUNTY : .
the enrollment In the college students enter the profession s
There are twelve brick building our Increased"! from a very small
.: high school department became with modern equipment: five dormitories of teaching In Its various phases enrollment a few years ago to over ,
less every year until 1921, accommodating over 890 In the public schools of the state I 500 In recent. years II AND I
when the department was discontinued. students; a large dining hall seating Hut our graduates are also found t: .
Florida Girls' I an Jt III."r)
of full
The completion a 1500 people with a kitchen In many other activities of
four year course In a .standardhigh that hall every* modern appliance; They are found In the home life.l I' tern til HomeThe 2 .I

chool Is required for ad-. an Infirmary with the facilities of onstration service, ns state Florida State College for ''
mlinlon to all divisions of the college a modern hospital, and the following trict and county agents Theyare "Women though one of Ills very ; The Perpetuation of Its Forests T ,)UF

academic buildings: Admlnlstratlon found In business In Journalism youngest Institutions of higher
Incts'asa In Enrollment: building( education In social work In religious learning In the country has. taken ..

In the 1905-1906. the enrollment building science hall first unit of work and In the mission Held. her place amongst the leading colleges : LENTHAL WYMAN, FORESTER
year 204 of which less a large library building and a unit Some have now their degrees as and universities In 'the land. ,
was students of of a training school building. Resides doctors of medicine and are practicing Its work Is recognized not onlyIn i ii
than 40 were college 1:1: I II
standard college grade. As the this, the old gymnasium and their profession. Many oil j this country but throughout : ,

schools of the .state developed the old primary training school them have done graduate work Inj I the world The young women of i 1 "
high of the leading graduate. i Florida need nm leave the state ,
the number of college students are still In use The total plantIs some I .4.4oJ .
I2f- schools In the country and dome to Meek facilities for higher ediica-
of the valued at somewhat over
graduate Increased students and the decreased.number The 500,000.00. Even with this of these have come back to the ) lon; the state College for Women I naA'IAA/IrIA1MAAAlAIAAeAhII/I1R1eXgAaAPIAIle111'! "'( ''!': '!' '' ''! !' Ae1111111pInIMT1''''''' 'pMIN1AI, '''' .nl" in, ,u" "ullilbaAIAINIIAIIIeinXAlllAl110aIMNnInA1CiR1aF111u,, .' "" '. """'!!" '!!' 'IpMg1!!!'!!"'!IIIJIIII! 11aM I PAA'IAfA11A!!!!!! nI I 't:'.1I, n

- I I
-- --- -
.. ---- ---



: : I




.. -
-- - ---
___ I
r TIle culture and snle of bulbs a most beautiful appearance and ,
and flowers will some dRY In the are n source of profit as well
I near future be one of the largest Thrifty farmer's wives are now I II
ventures In Florida agriculture. devoting small BpnccH on the farms CENTRAL II
,1" Since the embargo linn been pliiretl to RrnwlDK flowi>i'H to ship to the IN SECTIONIn I Ii
on forclKH I'"H Florida has VII l'1(1IIt florists over the state and i 1 I I
gone In for bulb iiiltino on u largu iiro find IIIg the work profitable throughout are to be found the
I...i, scale and many fiirinc-rs now linva nail, plrnmint.MaillHun Ibis Hcctlon of Florida, and best schools In the state of Flor- :
a few acres In bulbs along with bv I the WII)'. the iiumt centrnl toll n- !Ida. Its public schools: ( are being Outdoor' Advertising Asso-
Contract let ul 'ir.-!
other crops and they' fin l'I'"II7.ln"gooll tv In t'lnrlil.t: IH Uradford. Hltnntpil most efficiently supervised by i
returns on I llioni. Cliidloll :1'/1: / for l'OIl8trlll'lIon of new lilKl 15 inilPH south of Jacksonville. i Supt. H. I). Wiggins.: It Is of
and ii.irclsHUH: seem to hu tho pi'Inclpnl ,i hool here. :20! inlleH north of inlncHVllle and I ,more than passing Interest to I
I bulbs grown at present.White Ollln.vlllo--Con"lruetlon, 1 com midway between the Atlantic I!know that Bradford county has
Busier: Illlmi nu now In mciu'cil on new inunlrlpal building, ocean and, the Oulf of Mexico !furnished a state superintended
I. bloom In innny Hi-Id, nod present In tills'" cloy.V Thin county may also well bfdoHcrlbod of schools In the person of lion I
1 as center of various possibilities w n. Holloway
and diversified! Indus!rll'M Probably/ the thing that has of America
'IIIIaIi1aaaalateaallllAahl""" ,, \ lu' ,lit4' '' -;.IIthIIIU, ,'7,I/iII AIIpIIIIIIIIIaIIWWa1111drYJWWpauallalltllatlYIIII, IINIIihat'' of all Florida. Here la found meant more towards tho real ; elation
strawberry Holds which: bring to strength, of Bradford county has
rl1 the grower hundreds! of tliounandiof been the keen sense of Its rltl
\ dollars each year Tomatoes, zens towards the spiritual( cultural -
cucumbers, squaHh, I liouns, gweet- anll refinement of the rising I I '
4R'i corn, cabbiiKe nnd letters are very generation Throughout the county -,
extensively and profitably grown; are to be found splendid edl- I -- =
i 1 George MacKay However Bradford county, Is nowlxo flees of worship of nil denomlnn-
| dependent upon Its Income tlons, and after all this Is more
from vegetable/ crops as the western Important than all other efforts of
portion of this county has a man.
11 high rolling: and extremely fertile ---M --
1 I soil which yields abundantly HAMPTON UKAOI l'OI'I.t.Ut The basic purposes of the Outdoor Advertising Associa-
of the main staple In
crops grown;
: semi-tropical climates. Here are Bradford county cun well be tion of America, through whose efforts Outdoor Advertising i
ARCHITECT also to be found some of the most of Little Santa Fe Lake
productive. and lucrative pecan near proud Hampton, with Its up-to-date has become an organized medium of publicity, are :

ry /groves In the world. casino, bathing pavilion and dance to develop and maintain, through membership plants in I
I Several years ago a committee hall which has no equal In till
I .- : was autlmrl/ed .to select land for part of Florida and where large every city and town in America, a complete, efficient and I
a state farm. After careful sur- crowds go to amuse themselves at
c vey of soils conditions, and possibilities outings, bathing, boating and fish economical advertising medium; to create scientific rules

this committee recommended Ing. for the location of the advertisingvalue
that this farm be located : There is built playground structures; to improve
a special
Florida In Bradford county Thin alone which to the children into uniform
qt Ocala J ; Is free of the medium by putting practice
t Is assurance that these soils are' and many other features
{ superior. In this county Is also I that go to make an Ideal and attractive '.. standards of construction and service; to co-operate with
l 4 4II' to be found some of the most picturesque This beach ha
( 4I lakes whoso borders are been in resort.operation for a number those interested in general community welfare and to pro-
i r I surrounded with gigantic; ; oaks, I of years, but the present owners
festooned vide an organized means of disseminating the adopted
d j magnolia and bay trees It. I. Kile and son, have bull

/ } _' imimiiffliiii 'mnmotamralmmntmrmnnl"" '""' "" _i iiiiiiiiiiinimiiii''""nennumllolomm1Illonoormonmoununumonelule5ooulumw' '"i '''' '''' i ilotaoc ,,,' tho with state's gray Spanish largest,moss and most Some val-of many additions the place and.entirely In fact, mak-, remodeled standards of practice and service, and their application.The .

d.rl uable springs' are to be found
Ing It one of the finest In North
D 0=0 locaoi IOE30O here, among them being HeUbron Central Florida not only a creditto Gainesville Poster Advertising Company is a memberof
I which has BO superior) to Its medicinal -' n, L. Kile and son, but to this
qualities. entire section. the Outdoor Advertising Association of America andis

foremost Bradford In county the state Is one In of naval the are The popular dances and at draw Hampton big crowds Bead greatly interested in the welfare of Florida and particu-
a COMPLIMENTS OF ii I stores also worthy, and timber of note products that the United It Is- The dancing pavilion, a hardwood larly this section. We want you to feel that we are a part
floor Is the largest and most com
o 0 States government has established mod!Ions In Central Florida. of your community and always ready to do our part.
at Stiu-ke a naval stores Those who want to upend a few
and timber experiment station. hours, could do no better
,- II J. L. FRAZEEATTORNEYATLAW This station Is doing a very note- than go to Hampton Beach. Church We wish you every success in your undertaking and when
worthy work under the able and
and school picnics a specialty.
o 0I. capable leadership of LentlialWyman your labors are crowned with SUCCESS we want to be
Its director. The entire Perry-City hall and fire IIta-
I pt numbered those who the wonderful
o southeast Is being: taught forest lion being Improved here. among
conservation, nnd preservation. work of the Woman's Club of Starke and other communities -
I.t 11 Bradford county has ever been Winter Park.--Florlda. Public
:) awake to the Importance of the Service Company Installing new of Florida. t
U Starke, Fla. U' education of her children and gas mains In this town.

o 0 ,-,,__._-,-----_.__._------ ------,
,r" o D I po I

.0 o. IOC3OI IOE3OIlocac

,: ,IIIIIIIaIAiIUtUlludilo I :' III'a "illi, 'i Uai n ... ,i Sim luuiiniiiwiiiinumiumiiiiiiiiiwiiiiWHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniMYou ,, ', GAINESVILLE POSTERADVERTISING "

} .



Tested W. A. SHANDS Manager

1'' And Scarcely Feel the Cost It I ( ,

t Thru OurTREASURE I t e .

1 CHEST I Ii .
Y I, .

i Gift Purchase Plan I Pure, Rich Milk I

II 4 rjh _

I IW lip

Visit our new store when in Jacksonville
( I It


I t will receive prompt attention I


I Its i llll
111-13 Main St., Lynch Hl !g. I!

f, The ArtisticCONOVER

Phone Your Orders
I: .. "

The tone of!' -Conoveris especially

I pleasing in its clarity, sweetness

"REST WHILE YOU SHOP"allAIAIIIIaAIAIIIaMmpllbalmllppnlmtlllmiyulnA and volume. It is brilliant without L' '

harshness; delicate without weak ,J t
ness I Its remarkable sustainingqual' i

,, ,,, .L . ity enables to produce the
U.II- _,_ "' "'""" n""wBiUjirniiiwm!! ', ""a .1 _._,-- - ----- - - you most
satisfying effects in "tone color." r
-- --- -- -- -- i
-- -- .
1-------- 1 The Conovcr is more mojerjtely priced
than any other/ really great Puma of tatty i

1i i j aI


I Piano
Company '

I II I\' I Cable Connor \\...., .h and Jackson r. (i)J tv

II \ \:. :://
-- l I
I <<;

I: 313 Main St., Jacksonville, Fla.
I ..
I .
I The trucking season U on In bringing good prices and with the that will take care of the many \
For good time I earnest In every part of the state proper marketing arrangements e carloads of
a \
come to early
our beach. You are always welcome. Specializing on : the growers should chalk up a vegetables movIng -
and beans, cucumbers, cabbage,
out for the nut few
school and church picnics. I tomatoes,'peppers and other crops good average price this rear, month
are being shipped In carload lots Florida growers can raise the> Panama City-New
Sewer ys1 -
fr -- lost of the spring are stuff It the markets can be found
-- crops 1
-- -- ---- -- -- -- --- tern to be Installed la this city

1 ...

aj .
4 ... ,.. 'v

,..,- a..t


Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: April 8, 1927
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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,r.--?, ,,, ,, -r-it -
_ .- -P''J'! yr


1T 1'I



j -= .:=_"'-_----=__=_ _-= -: :---_--==-==-c --c: = _ -.: ::.=_ C_ .: : -:: :-_-:-_-

Established 1879 Subscription-For Year, $1..>0 ; Six :Months. 7.:>t'-Payable in A chance.TAUKt )':. Matthews.: Owner antI Publish)} c*

-- __ __H --=- :=..:--_ --"' = --=_: ::=- := c- __=. _n. ._ >
VOLUMK: Ft HITY-XI.NII 1 : i -. :. i I.OKHM.I II i: d& > \v .\riii I : M. ii):27: M'Mlllil: : FOUTVTYTOI
l __ _. __ H __ ._ : :
-- -- -- ---

I; BERRY SALES FOR WEEK Here's the Largest Flag in America- LAWTEY GROWER ;TELLS Jj


-- -
- -- I

I I II I Moore.' (I Hlr I "' ,ot I I .11\ I lit'liMiifss 'i I
T\\ 1'111)'u,.<4 nml ::1-;:: "'...11H.<'- :MACHINERY[ .
.4 !" iin' n a-. \\ oll .is' M ",
fl-laOI'lllO" Slll Ii''I| | III SlUeiry \ 40.000 Shoes
< < lnl, "I'.ii (nicr. inrnishe, 'i i.in 1>.1""

1111) .. ADDED TO BOTTLING .1, I interestlim I ( I .irlilt I foiue u I I I

of The Toloiu-nph.. .. MiI I u 'l I"""i.

"hlt'II1l'III101't tho past PLANT I ,nil( residence, In l.ntttey t( fpociill

.nix days, from t the pi'!; forms at l\ permits him to tell (of hipiitincc .. \
Starke and Luwety totaled] 1 III001 : .- '
i( In growing/ lops I loi, I th-I,

1 (1 marts., with t tho growers! receiving \l'W 'I) |I'"' of Itcli'Kornliuu( : ..Appam "("(, I lh.'I'n markets, ami In 111- i .1'

/ u net average, price of I IIH mill llotfli* \\n-lior p.iilu' as( htiyer nnd Hblppei. lie
:35! cents innrt. This total does(
a (
Installed "'lhI'', In nlnioHl d.illy u uilui' I I'S Illh
not I include 1 berries bought liy buyers -
"' "I'r gruwors; nnd H,'IIIHilivl I -<
who loud their trucks for supplying hniid Inl'orniMlIon IIH In whnl I

/ the nearby markets but The Slal'lce'o I ota plant hiacompleted 1 hO'\, nro dolnc I Ills article rill '
only t the fruit leaving! the two stations ] the I Inntallatlou of several tow '.

by freight and express. This. additional] pieces of machinery Tbe Garrison Flag, largest "Old Ulory" In the country ia pictured hero held by 13 girls at the U. S. sTln> NVonnin's Club of Slarkoasked ,r 4i :It

six-day period represented t the to the bottling works. Including ] quartermaster's depot, Philadelphia, the official flag factory for Undo Sam The flag u 20 by 30 feet I me tu write a Idler (idling. (

larK!>Rt movement of allY like period / an Improved type of refrigerating ; -I and la flown only oik holiday and festive occasions. something' 1 t.f Lnwtcy'H proKresK in

this season. the shipments machine for .
apparatus, a -- --
--- -- I'armhiK.I / HO hero goes.I .
last week falling off: to 80.000 washing. / and sterilizing bottles and I I I landed, In l.awlcy Sept. 28. .

quarts. The difference In quantity other machines for the rapid handling GULF BUYS FOR i Base Lake Road LEGISLATORS I litoti. and, fiiiind small borry

shipped was not HO apparent of bottled drinks. The entire !
patches, nnd t the buhinco of I tho
In prices received ]last week's plant has now been converted Into BULK STATION I Nearing The End LEFT SUNDAYSenator "country\' l IlIf"Hlp,11I1t dug, fennel

average being 42:! cents a quart. motor driven units and with ten fool lila h. Straw horrlos were

The bulk of the berry .shipments the final] repairs and additions to I the only money crop' grown tu
from Lawety went by refrigerator the plant completed will ho modern The Onlf Hcflnlng Company ,liaspiirchnxeil Contract \uurilcil l'''r SI. .luliiiH' !' I 1) l K: Knight( and Hep. amount to anything; After llv
I' A. "Futch 1 I heMoore
while Starke shipments went In from c'liuiii. Poriinn. rItoilil ru'uiuntat l't' A J. Thomas left Sunilav -
cars, and up-to-date every respect. I) >I t Ing; here, fur II few vears I went
out mainly in pony refrigerators.Tho lot South t and Thompson IH for Tallahassee to t takeup to TOIIIIOSHOO" to visit my father t I

report for the week shows a Htrei-tK and adjoining, ( the railway.for t their tint ION hi I tho I present" .session. and bo .' )l
The Starke plant' nerve a large bulk station !:IIIII. ono pint TonllesHoe &- -
total] of 18 cars from Lawtey and territory with bottled drinks and the erection of n of I tht* Florida, 1 leKlsl.ilure.; Senator a ueu'ui pod bean Heed wlllch. !SI h.II' si Men tome and 110. hut lie-
from !Stnrke. while 277 the fourth oil\ companv to build I 'i'ht e I"". t Long( (Company will Knight |IH veteran' of t tho h>/gItdatlvo -
pony n
/ Mr.! )DeWItt C. Jones the owner This lot Is I I brought: liomc nnd planted, Thev Cording" to Fred !Urnsclil ]
refrigerator/ boxes ]left the Starke has found it necessary several j bulk still Ions lucre. prnctlciilly( complete laying; the ], hulls and, well known In made, inure bonus. I than we. "couldIIHC ., I'lacksnilth I I fur Yoscnillo I I No"torlll\\\I

platform] and approximately 75 times in the last. few months to 12:! ii fort, by 190! feet and Is being of I lu) se. for mute road' <1 I IS I Ills week I )legislative circles, while I Ucprt- nl liunu' HU I shipped II fewhampers ,I',,,i I, smart' ( footwear for I |
receivedfor surveyed" by I II. I 10.: Lagergron( ,; Thomas though his first iiasn'i 1 haiiKed bit III 25;
from Lawtey. ( :Jrowers to his in Heiitatlve I In hl',1 h".11I, law ( a yea is.1Ycd .
keep adding equipment fur the distance now conlnicled" my III
I In starting
their fruit a total of $1i1.36t1.- Starke. J preliminary" \ term, bus uiuu liv acquaintances' has 111 I'd 10,000 oxfords on
Kniixvlllo( ,
with the de TOIIII nnd bo told..
order to keep up track will b built for liy tlicm. This t lie base. acuininlssiun
40. WOI'.I"r] I puts I adistiltico over Ih,' (stale. many of whom will i vuriotiH, Pubblns
be t the 'hunt
nU'"IThe\ next step will line.SIX iiieri\ nbont I meslilpplng
lie main
section will connecting( with I of iiim- miles from" Sliirlie.encircling servo with I I him I I this i believe I Hit bottling him the
Buyers Installation of an automatic i I : I beans -- --- -. -. ..
have two we<'les mro of heavy / machine i In 1 place of the semiautomatic i- -- -. - ( 1 Klnnsloy( l.nlie, and extending The AsMiicliited. t I Press curried Tho cuininlssiun men' bant wrote ,

shipment with good prices before which has served for IVIIIir.llIIKN: : 'I llt.UN.-;" I a .hi>rt ,dimiinee" eust. It t lht> following/ dlxpMtfh Tnosdiiy, mo\ wanting 'mo" Id grow" 1'aIlH' fur Exchange Club

in N .\MICK M\U: uc.\L.\ Is. 1I11.1.'I'HI..rllhllt I till ,concerning, ( I tin' opening of I tho 1 legislative < -
the markets are flooded with berries the past two years. This will eliminate I Cluv "ttiliuityi''uuid him I Ho shipped mo II few liushcls -

from other states. After that the handling of bottles at I trustees are" willing: to timi- scMslon : uf Hood,J and I made fiiMI. "111111"- Visitors Day

period prices' will still he ii illel- any point after they are placed] In Ociilu] Flu. A"I'. 4.1 Six; trainmen trad with, Mils Jlrm fur Iho "'"("- Representative I Fred I It. I >IIVH| ern uf boniiHslllch I HII) | |"|>OI| by

ently attractive to return growers the cleaning racks until the bottle I' wore Injured mini seriously Hlmctlon" uf addition mileage, onaccount (uf Leon county was nominated express.> This year It ]looks, like

a margin of profit. Wednesday Is filled and capped. when the southbound I I Orange (if I the slow progress being: speaker uf I Hit- house. and Senator wo will have from" Till to T.'i cars Tho Slurkn Mxcliiingo: : Club I cnliTl.ilnod 1

prices In New; York were quotedat S h HloHHotn Kpeclal.i I New; York-Flor- mndi (on I Ilie "cuiiiuM ting link ht1Ing S.V.. Andrews. uf ( ;.roiMishuro. [of IIOIIIIH ..hl iiiiuu'ii|> from" 1.11\\ to.v. eleven visitors al t their

40 to 70 cents ]per quart, witha The culture and Bale] of bulbs ida, crnck t train, crashed, Into u ': built \iosl from (Ireen: (Cove president< of lht senate; III Hit cniicnses Flvo yours lator my friend, K weekly i I luncheon Tuesday, sovoralof I

hare market. > and flowers will some day in the 1 lioit ii-ho U iuui. local' I freight\ i train Springs/ but no agrpemeiil" has of t the I\vn branches" uf I tho .1. HIII"'I".f" 1IIH, "')', phiulrd, aHinall I tin1 visitors, hoing nioinliorM, of
Air been rcncliHil., \ \Florida loirlitl.ituro hentonight. !I I tin,* .lackHonvllln Kxchangu: ('I l (a I I h,
Shipments for the week endlut'Pdllt'"dIlY near future be one of the largest number. four, on I the Senhoard; patch of Snow Flake "curn.I .
night in follows: Lint railway four miles south nfOcula I I'ntnsH SenatorV.. 1 II.I Miilono' uf key( I I shipped, few fur with II fow uf t tho hiiHincHH mon" of
'\ are ventures In Florida agriculture.Since ; the work was started\ i > II crates him
Lawtey : the embargo has boon placed -! I early. this afternoon.' I I during the hiMt few ,ihiyn the laying \\"est wn ,nominated president In Jill Itrulhers of :Now: York h)' unr 'town. T. C. I IIIII'KI1I1. uf Jacksonville. < -
Freight lOO.SOu quarts.Kxprpss. on foreign bulbs Florida! has I Neither; train was proceeding/ I of I the rock hu....' from, the pro-tein of I lie upper liudy.( and1 exprosH' They, wrote I mo n lettertiiylng I t. ) Htnli roproHonliinvo I rnrIII"
SuinituelV] (let/en. of Slimier I Iconnly t Nalloiinl Kxchango: ( Club. ,,1.IIvl'r.,1 ..-
: 6.400( ( quarts. gone In for bulb] culture on a ]large u rapid rate of speed, ami, no pus- Green; Cove end has not been taken t that' corn .01,1101', $ h on per
uf tho.IIUIIHC an IntoroHtlng; ( on thin'
Total. 107.200 quarts.Prices scale] and many farmers now have I seiiRors wore hurt although\ many "ui| ugiiln. Th, fOI"11 at work speaker pro-loin | crate' nnd wnnted It grown In ineaiiliiu, I and purpose of Hie or

: High 1 tic; ]low, 25e! ; a few acres In bulbs along] with' were thrown off balance by (thE' on( this project were" taken oftseveral 'iiiuintitleH ue, could' loud, cars:
of iuu' : otllcliilx gnni/.iitlun. Knch; visitor WIIH ''''U.
Selection! t presiding<
average. :H Hr'IIIJ11" basket of I'x'II"tII'IIW''I''I"II ,
the lawmiiking huuilyiiutlu'ittuul n
Starke : good( returns on then (; 111<1101\\ "'11 gi un'itien" of tho three locomotives I In the itI I ilii h'him rg sccllmi.No I u'uu uuiu' as II would. nrrlvn III :Ni'v'uurk: III '
I the pel" feeling. of Us ",1'1111111"111111" si at I tho climo" uf I Ito 'irs
be the the local I double :: where I tlu* giiud I condition.,
Freight, 11,200 quarts and narcissus seem to prin- was report Oil < "riwswcru
for I the, I two months'liionnlnl liour. n custom. of I tin,' Starke; Kx-:
Express 25.In I quarts. cipal bulbs grown at present. -jumped as t the two 1 placed' ( after completing I t lh"lr which III-IM The lli'Hl( your" wo shipped I ', flvo t 'linngo Club wlientvor vlHflnt'H" am
Total 35,701* I quarts. White Easter' lilies lire now In trains crashed. derailing; the locomotives work In I tlie 1\1 Midillebin" ; H"'I! Ion Mt'SMlon opens : cars nnd, I this year Indications, are
onlerlaliuiil,, iluilng; I lliti ...1111\\I hllr-
Prices: High 38e ; low 23c ; bloom In many fields and presenta i of the I local I and I I leaving; has befii given onu. tomorrow.Nomination( now with I t fnvurnlilo season, wewill
and seaHon.
I, uf I lie speaker ry
I average, 32c. most beautiful appearance and all I tliree in a twisted mass of iron Tho priming; coat of oil lias shill' I 11111 curs (It' inure ui' -- .
without opposition.Tin
Total for week ending, Wednesday. are a source of profit as well. and steel The derailed engines heen placed on I tho rnad to the president* ciinio of( I Mr. I Davis was placed Hwotit curn I IhiH soason.Now ) ,\( "ii\ITIUH: I III"! TWO ( fill-|

143,901 quarts. Thrifty farmer's wives are now plunged,: down an embankment. Brad Cord county i I line I and i I Hit it hagliltu'el .. name I tho let by I Representative :: wo have) berries. 'lyntlH I 'I \ I.P4 t'Ni'MI'.I, rm.u.i.ii.:
before so
Total for three weeUs past endIng devoting small spaces on the farmsto 1 The baggage; : car and one of the 1 1 I In readiness I for xprendlnK, I istiti if um Jefferson. ,county I nnd,, 1 curn In car lots anil several,
I t Ii "
flowers to ship to the special's Pullmans left the rails. when I Ilia Is \ The I' more vegetables( I In a small I I way I Ihavo '
Wednesday.' 313,891) quarts. growing asphalt> applied.' and, I that of Senator t Anderson, by ralalka, Mar. :2 W! I'nnsualpnrnlell '
various florists over the state and A misunderstanding. of signals entire nine, miles will bn completed lived. In TonnoHHoo.. I lii nupisutnil .,
Net 12336701. Correct fourteenth t III lire acllvltlos Is revenled -
to growers: Senator; I'lillllps i I I I of I t the
figures were not obtained for are finding; the work profitableand Is believed to have caused the collision. with ( lie cii, 'fa..1111hy: I tho 1"v. Oklahoma) when. lain,,) sells In blugrnphlcul! sketches. of.liKlgti
An Investigation Is underway district. for JCOO.OO I) I pfr acre for I lie best
the shipping prior to the past pleasant. \ Long: Company. Senator Malonn had Ito opposition A. /. Adklns., presiding lit
but ono can make """'" I II to
three weeks but the total shipments -S St. Johns I.,'1.. C'OIlIl'1, I for president pro-i. e.mu, but money I Iliti. spring I term of tho eighth; ) ndlclal -
I tho litre Inch around I.w''ylIwlI '
to date have been estimated According to late reports thereIs ---- At a recent. special meeting of IlpproHonlntlvo (let: Zen was opposed < I circuit" court .horn. and his '

to exceed 500,000 quarts with now no organized propaganda .\\1IUK\VS: KIKCTKI; : : > nO.11Tnt'S'U I the bond trustees for St. Johns' by H. '\'uit t Lnwlor. of FurlMyers I\ need any. plnce a(]( lot' I uf IUIVH guild ever furmers I lived.Vo 'nephew, .1. C. Ailklns state's lit

estimated returns to the growersof : against Florida and the people of :.: county contract for hard surfacing nominated I I by I III'J p r"M..nla-t and will wtdcumn 1111C".I li>rnoy for thn eighth Judicial ,cir
$220,000.00. the northern states who were misled I road tOllr' wait I let t to II I 14.Wolfe. hive ]King( (.if Orlando.' I Ill tIme I tt, cuino and luuk our /pruprusltlun cuit.

by the garbled reports on this S. V. Andrews of Morrlston This road will I I I ,connect t IhoSliauds voting I ;, hi u)wvVu'r. Mr. lit-lzon won liver." Law-toy, IH. tho largiwt: shljiplng lint hi men lire about I I Hie, in ,moauo

:MISSIONARY' : ll.U.I.V state last year are now cognizant former resident of t the llrooker bridge, at ( It'(',," Ctivti easily. point. from .lacksonvllle' toOcalu nnd worn, brought'' up In onrly '

.-. of the facts and realize\ that any 'I'', Mnt.tlOU for several] years was Springs/ with St.' Augustine; and C A. 1"1111..),. HiM'relnry of Iho or probably Plant ( 'lIy.I boyhood on 'adjoining farms Inllradford C

New; River Association to meet state could] have a land boom ''elected: road trustee In the election will I be tlie final link connecting, senate since I 1887, with I Iho exception I will (loll you how Iho don! Ishandled county. '

Saturday. Apr. 1G, 1927. at Brook- other states have had them and held 1 there lust week. For several Starke with t lie Kust: ('.",..t. Contracts of a few years' was again; I II('r". There urn noVell Aftor r""I'lvhllKII'h" I ; schoolingIIH I '

r er Baptist church. Hrooker. like Florida bave survived and years Mr. Andrews served In the fur both brldgo and tho St nominated for I that oflicti. .. without Now; York commission' firms t Iho coniniunlly afforded. both

10:00: a. in. Devotional, Mrs. come buck stronger; than ever. capacity' of county commissioner Johns I county I road cull I for t thn opposition I mid FrunkVclib.. of t by (dght I Lnwltiy I null'represented uu. went ,lo normal school. at Abhoy-

Q. W. Alderman, of Starke. Florida with her fine (climate her for Bradford and he made a splendid route to lie open not ]Inter than TallnhaHHoi was numlnati'd chlofclerk Any uf IhcHit men will buy what vllln I I i (la.I whom I Ihoy worn roomin -

Address of welcome Miss Genevieve possibilities In utoc'k raising poultry I county olllccr. His friends. In Jan. 1.PEN. uf t Hie house 'lieu A. MoglnnIRS. you hnvo I In offer. Thorn" Is no III t OS..lildgo.

Harrold.] Brooker. Re- general farming and dairying this section will be pleased to hour uf. Ta I ha Ii asue'.... who had 'hold. |II'>rlco. 'llxcil" III" '". as wo bid' aKiiiiiHt; .1' / Adklns i I served I In tint

nponse Mrs. William' Knabb. RaI- fruits. and vegetables and Industries of his election. that' posi for several I yours, (Inclining one u not her. slain se n n to from, I 19111-1911! )! 1 huh
of all klnuu has survived the I i from IUi-1lir! : whllu J. O. Atlklim
S I I to offer for renonilnallon.) .
Saturday" uf )hint woek. uno u man
ford.Solo.. / land rush and Is all the better I .\ III.I'Y; :MOSKI.KY: ( POINTERS Tho spiiato concluded. Its ('aimI wauled, berrlos so badly I thai lid wont 'lo t.he, house from 111115. I 1-!) I :|

Paper "Benefits of Prayer." for having the experience-an experience : IIH In ahoiil :.10 inliiuleH. but Ill" rained his own bid $1 I III) por cratepaling .
of Lawtey. that was not brought on I of ltnitoi'd.died liouse will contllnne III Hussion until Judge' Adklns, was uppolnli d tuIlio
Mrs. T. J. Terry Ashley Moseley $1,1.011 I ) ) per cralo. If any
Florldlans but' Floridians w"re' When grandmother was young under I liench In Juno' of ILT!) > I Jllllt
"Homo Missions and New Industrial by Wednesday of List week. following after, midnight it Is < shipper! ,docH( nut WHI| ) to. nell Ills
the actual sufferers by having the I the day used 1 to start with a I MU yours after J. C. Adklns, vtat '
South"Mrs. stood.N'ornlnallull, .
the taking
] Conditions In i ; a short I Illness, burial I "produce, any olio uf I the ...IIht11"11;
(I IV.. Anderson, Lawtey.Playlet !' place at Klngsley] Cako Cemetery prayer by the family says a western I :: in tim,,, caucus IHiiinivnlonl on the platform will cladly ship aiiulnted|'|. "rn"1I1I1I1IIlIurllO"; *. for

by Urooker ,,,. M. S. Hastings--Hustings Power & Friday, Huv. IJ. :M. Hooks of pastor, nut now sometimes homo In to election lloth his produce.. In t hi* linn t Hull I hoy I tint HIIIIIO' judicial circuit. ul

12:00: noon luncheon. Ice Company constructing 20-ton the Sturke :Methodist] church having Grnmlma; doesn't get liraiifbeM at 'tumorrow'H stsHlon represent In Now; York., where I'ncle anil 'nephew are. ,nowjndgi

1:30: p. m. devotional Mrs. W.' Ice factory In this city.l.ak..hllldHrolln,1 I charge( of the services. :Mr. time to start the. S day S that way declare I< I thn nomlnecH ,elected and, competition Is keen, and( t they can and! Htalii'H attorney < 'I i tIn

Starke. broken for resided In Starke about th"* liiHtallatIon remiinlos'. follow. rest nssuroil. uf .. liirgeHl.; judicial circuit In 'ill"HtfltC '
J. Kppomon, ,MoHeley The nfllce, boy tell us that tho a Htfiiaro' dunl, as '
Special music. \ new gymnasium; at Southern; Col : fifteen years ago: and Is remein- radio sermon was the original(; Tomorrow IH nl.no! ",','"ulllilun i "I'oliiriiH" arc rnad: I tho HIIIIIO day __ ._ __
"America's Foreign Born" :Mrs. lege. I bi'i'Hil by many of our citizens.He I .Idea. of n group of. Scotch parishloners. day," and no bills will bn IntruduiiMl I that sale i are made Tbo, sevenII 1111'1,11tulll"'IIO u nVsrinM:

George; C. White Starke. J.eellburg-Addilion to be, builtto I ,IH survived by two .suns and I iirnbalily' until 'rh um rsduuy' MIH lull IIttolll'cl' are I intiil,I us lie rlarnoy:: 1 howling Intends, tu I liup '

Round table] discus*ion. "How Ice plant on South Sixth street one daughter, L. K.; and J. W.Mostley S S Tin twenty-llrsl, biennial session I uug worth from $ ir.flllllllI) ) ) tu part uf the town Haturd.i' i I II

to more fully organize the wom costing $ 12.620.: of Halford and Mrs. A Connecticut professor has (if I the Florid.i legislature will $ I inn.OHO.Oil) ( ) ) HO I they lire reliable.' I"'rllllllll when ho t turim a niidburso '

an's work in the New Hlver As -- --'- -' (i nan n. of liaytonu. nuiricd a move to give hoboes, formally get under' way nt noon luniorrow. Now; n word' about" I. I tho U'oman's over to nnyonti whu u tlimitrfIIH I "

sociation." opened by !Mrs. Ilal- I --.--5uv -.- more meat and bread because they After I'ho legislature Club and other. I ladles' orgunUaHuiiH. ; i iI "cull stay with the animal I I II'

ford. followed by :Mrs. K. R. : .titliiV.I4! hare lietn getting too much plo guts undor' ( way. which will bo Immediately I Some, people do. nut IIltl",'" Man on hand u horse who, bus II' i

Marshburn, !Mrs. Griffin and !Mrs. Held as Slayer I and cako and litter tho roadsides following; .. announcement with rin wbt'ii I say they are thin foil' I n saddle' on his hack, or. lind I it
with It. Are there many new uf committees 1 I I by Speaker
Moore. Mr. and :Mrs. II. A. Newell a most helpful organizations; : In our bridle. on, alllIt\ r. I Duwllng f, "<
Pageant by O. A.'s of Starke son. April 1. brides in that S state S SW'eIt ? I IIIVH.| the law inakitig body will country. They arc. iharltaldw and/ It Is 'too good an opportunity' to

under the direction of !Mrs. W. J. !Mr. and Mrs. Robert II. Futch.Lawtey hays its hands full If pre-lcglHln- help I the netMly In many, ways miss fur tho horsemen; of HIM t n<

Epperson. a daughter April 2. soon cornstalks he wearing clothing clitm1st live reports nro nut wholly without thuy haVe a 1 Idaho for Hucliil gathorlngn t lion to show what I they ,can,. di,
of a
made says
Mr. and :Mrs. K. W. Glasgow: a a' foundation. Hnch( reports are ( and have ,gettdKelhermeeting' Ono rider, has already "",'J"I > ,il
I bother if there's
H\VI tIt.-j\SSJ-'rT: Ro why of
to) I HID effect i that issues nui-
4. j daughter, April 3.Mr. little hayseed In our hair? for new m'o titers. himself In and will .In on t .1.1while
jor Impor'nticp are to ho brought This not what, I tin
i : and :Mrs. I iltiweyVilhlaniii, may cover Saturday ,it'noon. I '
is announced ofMiss I (CoiyrlBln. 1927. NEService. Inc.) unywuy (
The marriage to t the. lawmakers', attention.t '
I Highland a colt April 6. ladles wanted" to know about Law-
Vivian C.axsett to .
Lummie ..
-- --- -------- ---- -
-- hut this Is Kdl-
--- toy UK a lloostitr : _. .
Saturday -- S
Mr. Harvey Martin Snyder I I Ii tint,. I "I''IVl' tried to tel I I how wo All rimdi will soon loud lo I '

Mrs., April-2 Snyder, 1927.la a Troy.graduate Ala.] of ;:: :1 i A Thrilling Moment in a Stccp1.cf'11aSC: I handle our' farms and the proilnco lalnissue whom tho loKlslatui, I <'

--- wo gruw. moot on A Ir. I 5. Thin ni'ini I
the State Normal College of Troy -"-"--- I
of the Yours very truly ut time legislature am stndyln, '

Ala hy< taught In some and : : "J .1.. I II I Muoro, situation with the idea] ot I'' k
state :
of that .
leading schools ;':./ I.ui w toy, I"l orll ii. only those laws that will !tO''
Is u woman of culture and talent. :;y :, -' !: 4VI'hlpley -- .. istructlve and of benefit ", "
] Is a popular business A loss of
Mr.I Snyder i production
AH usual I the. \
b stiiln' at largo.
man of this city being connected ,, ,. r I lor" (he firm three during' the Florida -
ablo, time of the !loglHlatui" < "
with the firm of Dewitt ;National; Kgg; / Laying ( 'onl"t.I" I '
Ii,' ,lakon up with a bunch ot "
Indicated, In t the for the
C Jones. report itlioino
tIll is that should he setll' "
Mr. and :Mrs.' Snyder are at > tw' nty-flrst woek. '
> '/
but us yet there I Is no
homo to their friend( onVest '> Tim KOO hens laid 3,602/ egg ori allowing/ this procedure. Om ,-

Madison street. / :i lens than the week l previously, ] Islaturo Hhould not bo bunnl,! ,
llowovcr. producers It a
consldir local laws but 'tio( )
TII.O.1.1I.lU with so mnny
I.KI1: : \ ,. !li' that the hens went 20
Here h a plctu >: ( > good record mtiHt. come befora that bod"! ,tlbe

39 Snyder of New Yoik, iit \ 1,1,1,, wi.-'kn without Hhowlni? any loss and real I, .' '
Pharls passed
Matilda upon
:Mrs. Leah : the murder of lie? bust.. "a ul'h until this week. Hens going '
her home In tlon awaits. The 1927 logl-i; o.
Monday at and sn-h wt-U,,
died picture wire a broody. have caused the drop In '
ai6. lo I i1 '
cauie of her death being he slept. Henry Judd Urn .5- .. can bo depended upon
Starke while /
being tak- ( .. .. -i" 49t4rv' prod and abet ho big work of de% I i.mi i.
body .
heart trouble. the corset salesman] oC'est OI'IIIIC'N. ..* .,/_' --. *'J't'4 -' .----
Ga.. with II ,. LIvoT >nt going on In Florida b) tli
Wednesday to St. George J.. Is also] charged 4 4' Oak -Florida! Tolfphone
en for burial. She leaves a husband murder. Snyder was an UDMOI >I..r --,- -,--- -mr r i .. _. Corporation: to Improve Its plantIn many corporations serving thepublic
daughter beside other editor of a motor magazine. A high Jump-one ot the exciting moments la a Bt plecb soU picture4bt.,. OCtbeel."D_ this city. In a big way.
and one horses that started la the grind s Brilishastlon&I_ cU .tcfonly_ sU flnUb relatives.


--- .- _i _____ .
-- -- i '- '5- _.. .
(- s----- "
? -
a1 ; ..=: ; ; .r
u -------q''

J.;wt14ArY/nYtl> ';e1.11W'rr."car..Irl\.I.M'en'y.! r.wWMr.w"bJM.1NnnN,1"nYwY, +, rw..wr.wu..an l..r a.rwuWirl rrUw"al.r.a_ -


'I Ito;. 1 cannot permit you to stay,* Ilnyur and family. i I Tallahassee -- Southern Telephoto Invl.'rnoayew storage plant

I "MM...llho) ellkli/ .y man to the Mrs Kd and two children ." Construction being erected In this town
patient Ualloway How to be Bouffan \ ( Company by
The for five \:
patient glared l land
Effici If
: fviuch I and :Miss\ Eunice: Dinklns of laying underground wires la several Florida Power Corporation
Lt and then stalked. from .the room. [
i :: y Next," called thn doctor. larksonvllle, are visiting their. parrots I rstects of city.
Mr. and Mrs! Chas IHnklns. Still Rrooksvllle-Work started (09-
At that point Constance Intern
E .J.v. ;adrf Ra l-h veneil. I tine walked swiftly across that :Mr. und Mrs. (J. W. Roberts Panama Clt-New Sewer system surfacing Tnmiaml Trail between .

By Cr library and planted herself resolute mill baby i'atsy spent Sunday. in I to be Installed in this city. hero and Floral City.

( ly In front of tho clllrloncy man 11,1...1111 with. Mrs. Robert's Jill r- SlimY ::1

KKdIN IIKIIK. : ,doctor" "Explain: :" Him commanded. I'lltN.

&) : me, Cunnhv. nut ho'a on "I1' ------ .- --- -,,i. ,I '_---;-. .- -._ -- -- -. ---
Jolly W. "Certainly, ho wild suavely o "" '
1 torn p in" 'n"/"ur '''i timii'iiimuiimtiimmiiiui' ''
..... hnrdnnrr ..,...... nn>'how. I got throygh: but
nm snfi'gu.ndlng members of
Ik. cllr '**' two turning some of 'em down. Keystone Heights J;:
.... .. with a firm I Hi la household."
: ; couple who went out just
cnxlnr.rn tit m. .. "You nIl'IIn-" i
ft* ffnlla. 4n flrll kin, down?"
.Irrn,. C.nnmtantf. I nodded faintly. She won "Just this Miss Hrooko.! I timl)! Dr. and :Mm. George W. Mead BRADFORD COUNTY NURSERY CO. .
.. .hl.
All. about *
rnnicrjitfnf.. Tfcry tho newel post for support. charged with the caro of you have returned) to Ki-yHtono: Height( I

shout If. howriP. ails Kloirlo Richmond and children. That extends to your from 0"01'1111w; h'f(' tln\ y have
II. ."'iU.':, inn./.. Couldn't pass." health among other things. LargauHscmbll b
spent the lust weuk.Mr. .
Jolt, tnkr ritmiilrlr Florrle? What was tho *'s of jfciftonit offer except ,
,. .. ...... r4r
Ihi llr i>k for Sidney"llart'ninl
tlnnal opportunity the Iron mla1 and Mrs.
JohnV.n null hl
turn the library ,'lo got by all right. Tt 'ilon of Infectious and contagiousdiseases. .Mi'N.; Mart's mother have" returned Let me quote you prices on your require-
: : I
Ned apar. a .,.. .rd 1o' : : He hud a spot on ono I do not propose to have t to their stlt timer homo in !Meat
Irre .h..r \' wouldn't let him any of you run the risk of Illness. I
they ,
.'n.I....." bu' hnn vine, 1'a.
.... :Neither do I impose, If all reasonii .
the tatrni gbt mad and went away I
%*w tenr :.:.; i ." ')We euro can prevent It, to have any ,j, Dr. und :Mr. Hi-urn" Gamble left '
drrfi0 air nurprUl, 'tn"at In this liouso partlclpato In Th iir.ilny, Mal'' ::11 for their home 4 ?
when uti the ...... moaned. ments in fruit trees and ornamentals
'Liming, unions his or her heart and In :Mi'inlvlllo.. l
Itnrtr Ih r *rrl%'* ... ruled HlldoKnido, Forrest off I'n. Mr. and :Mrs.ii.unliln .
hrforv Hrtrii irl,... <, too," ob c'I HI, Tommy. IIIIIKS. aro In .1 pauper condition to enliuie ,, I ; are among I the regular 7y
JlfMlwf In rvrnlnir the Htiatn. It would bo embar- M
.. ht. "Sho winter residents of : I
tfllm thvnt fhnt the \ <-nl gt was Keystone
'r.iM.. "lnf to lie compelled to call a''
t brrn invited for ': Htibiioiinnl, and they 'Iielghts: .
t'' ''oner. 1 am, therefore, taking,
F the runtomnrr 9iio. lit her start. Tuddy Wull "
Hrrn mnk m nmk wanted gory prernulliin. )Jr. Wurdwell willi] Mr. utid :\11'.. I';. p. Cutighcyn H. B. WIGGINS Prop.
U, too. They toII 1S
rtreiMlnK ronnto, nut only conduct such examinations: daughter: ":Kllinbcth returnedIn ,

NOW GO ON V\ ITII us may be necessary but will also I J Keystone Heights Sunilny, Apr ,,

44QHALL, wu confer / 1 / lemuln In ntlcnilanra during tho eve- 1 i\:t. after having spent several days "
Ding ready to perform profusslonal8trvtrr

O rlmly ... they II j' .f whenever. they may b.j reluirril ;i visiting at the home of Mr. andMrs ,.imniiimimiifflnmiiniiiinimiitmm' "' '. ,, ___ _u_"I .__'i__ ''_' _""I "__ "'tail. ,, in'' ''immimniintiitiiiiintiiti''','''''''' ''' '' ti I :
second" floor, ( And may I compliment you [ : Uryie Love at St.,; Petersburg.

"Oh, whnt'0 the use upon .1ur Kown?" | Mr. and !Mrs Clifford l McKay S:

stance with a tronlc Constance did not hear the cornpll daughter Kachel, and son Francis,
moot Her curs hud ceased to record 'have gone to Orlando where Mr.'McKay's J
fly out of the window, any definite sounds. somewhere In : business will keep him JI

we'r. In fr- It. Wo I the middle of Iho efnVlcncy man's explanation I for some time. I I

known something Sho was quivering withLII..n
Mrs. Mary K. Tlergln! has
I ( returned -
pen.'e ought to :i rage. to her homo In l Franklin BURNETTTHE :
and rufuiip to hnvo a { "If you will go across tho hall Into .
Pa., after a brief visit with hermother
:what can wo tlo? Jle's i Ibe ,pallor.. observed H. Hedge, ( ,
vltej a !lot of our ">"ii. will Und, a number of your' and sister In Keystone: I

Imply got to rocelve ? r r l lfir 1 Into your clothes 1",1, n sitlsfiirtciry examination I I Miss Gertrude K. Houxer who
pink. I'll let Mntlliln' ; "IU"M, lh.it you Join them They IH teaching In the tarpon( Cove frock, as many fashionable >'ouin. <>.

manage without rur.. : J -110111,1, hnvo been dancing before Springs high school, spent the men do. But suppose! you do not i !k

Billy and ilun't upend IhH luit" do not seem to hove begun week end with her parents, Mr. ,your' !best in a straight, tight Ixwli. i

with your tie. I 161-h, you would ask them to sta..t."flr".tunnle'ly ,. | anil, Mrs. J. II Honker of Key- many young women don't. Tin. t o CLOTHIERTHE
all to l bo publicly I I shall bo busy here
thirty" for nettle tlino," 'Htoiio Heights.Mr. ( ;BUli .ilmve Is the nnswcr, comliinr; 't

In ..pile of th<>.fti' fiSffi iS Sln> iiim.mxl, tlio loom itilckly| and. I and Mrs John Waller and 1 1I ,,lit i ,prom charm of the (10 arias; n j I

thru:" IfrnokCH were "t ,i i:i Into. the n1uHh'.1'00n1. hero sholoiin I John Holgler left Monday for the flat 11,'rv of a surplice closing and i' I.i I

and .irt'T,' a h.iMty steal' I lint(..., the butler, HtmiIngMinis smuts r. :Mr. Zelgler" willtop III fun, .1 i-hort skirt. :\I"f< nYor i. ,> 4
upstnlrM nff'iln/ fur ,,ii I atti'iitlun.Vh I'eniiHylvaiila and, :Mr and Mrs il'n'iiT.int with '
grace only 311 i
attention* It was "\ ..ir., is the: music?" she do.ml. Wnltcr will K" on to YIIIIIP; 'towlI.1Ohln. :
{'i inch
a material in si/.o; :m.( I r
thirty wh'-n Constance, 11":"I, ". .1. 'Inning about her. "Tr II II HOME OF MEN'S CLOTHES
... I taut. i.t or softer silk I I
the main floor. Hho w toolll.'h"l tin-in' to. Ft I ut ut. on iI -." Mr. and Mrs., J. J. Lawrence, maUlt! i j

to sci. the front door / NLt 1'1' 'I I ,cut tho miisliMies, Him, Mrs. Lawrence mother. Mrs lloydnml I for Bummer dottcil ..wiIIrO.II( ,'. .1 I Icotlon I I

going COUI'IcIn out!e\onlng dress. l v ild II'ea,0, In n hollow lone her sister, Miss! Daisy! lloyd.I IIc.lt prints arc chart ,nit It'r/ .f I, I AND HATS
"You''Iml: do you tueuti""There
by BtUlfrlck/ )
for the north this week 1937
Constance paused 11 no music exri'i
foot of the HII1II'<'nHc. -! niNi. I nm-I urn-" The I,? Mr. and Mrs. Palmer and l : I

lint! Ilgure but she <11<1 P vole tittered, ""I nm to pl.i\, daughter, Motet, o f "Keystone I The City\ Commission of Orlando Gainesville, Fla.

cllont Kin felt thai the thing." Heights, returned, this week from, recently appointed a tax ('

dropping OKaln. II He jwilntc'd gloomily In tin* i1 a trip down the roust to ?:\Miami'' mlHHion fur the purpose of 001-//

A gurgling nolno < ( lion of the phunogrnpli\ which 'and through; the ICvergladesMr. ': ;I ising! taxus und. they expect il

causal her to turn been moved In from the llbraiy" : and Mrs.i Philip Dussurd.Mr 1. make their remt'tn u few days.

beheld a young man III "You'vo been playing, that!" I and Mrs. Frank Ilnssurd and Kqnulll/InK:' taxes Is dllllcult

chief to his face, I'' With a suppressed shilek of daughter Clara, recently returnedto matter for city, county and state I''
lent of Constance charged th'
paroxysm 'or. upon nu
I'1 Keystone Heights from an extended but It should bo done by all of .
:'Tommy Treadwell. \ sir machine slammed tho lid and -- ---- -'-'-' '--.
\1 locked II."Throw. visit In St. Petersburg. I them In the endeavor l to arrive at
"Ilel hello Connie
._ that key out of the window Mrs 1) T. Reamer entertained Home conclusion that would make
"I-I- '
t care i if I've got ," site commanded, "and find Tuesday afternoon !Mar. 13, with all tuxes eiiuul.' If all the tax-

Ho"Why strangled, Tom what again In 1/ou'/llJot stick my brother Immediately. Rrlng him an attractive bridge party at her payers paid their proportionate I Martha Washington

'.. the matter demuml.'d down my throat here!" home on Lawrence Boulevard. share of the taxes: there would belie
genuine alarm Sho flung herself at I'' ',10 and The four tables were decorated great burden on the Individual

"Ex excuse me I-" tho turbinate bone In his began playing wildly i" ..' noise.s onlyof with cut flowers In which a color taxpayer Tuxes are not high I
a dfslrn I to mike a terra
Once more a spnsm ho could breathe better, and Billy Brooke bad to shout In her' I scheme of pink and lavender was where they are levied as they Flower Shop
.. he'd bo.110 said they
him, and Constance car before sho was aware of hispresence. carried out.PI'IZe8 should be leviedequally and
do It.
him energetically on hand were won by Mrs. Bruce fairly on all alike.
n minute Tommy passed a weary
"Make thorn dance! she screamed Gambia and Miss !Mildred, Heluen-
eyes. I She hud become
a mesauro of control
"Make them do tomolhlng! I'm going)
streaming / man of Franklin, Pa., and refreshments -
I'm going to play and pinyand ,
"Better now?" !It t all about, .anyhow Con crazy were served.
play until I tale Make them)
anxiously .. ) Tummy "Some kind of
"Yes-thanks. Sorry don't care We're all going to com "'ItlrathIrK.! Walker, M r B.
nuisance but-" !" she gasped "A juke! mlt sulcl nhen alb over, anyhow Pierce, Mrs. Mary. n. Dergln, Mrs I

"You shouldn't her limp form stiffened ao what i .cure" docs It make? JI.hl1 ...\ S. F. nlbbltt.Irs.! Mary L. Scott, I' FLOWERS FOR ALL
dash for the
coming out with such l a
"Cold? I haven't not tall man In a long white She laughed hysterically until her and nnR"r"Ih..olJb.I. beat 'i (,uwl'l'I"e.Irs! Williams, Mrs. F. i Chill Tonic
out twoHlcp
"Then whatever \* ,, I" was bending over some a 8h.0" still flaying when P. :Miller, !Mrs C. II. Clark. Mrs.F. .

Tommy pointed slit !In chair. At hIlt side the clllclency iiiiin having suporlntended C. Carr, Mrs. Anna Koburknute. For Pale,Delicate Women OCCASIONSDesign

and whispered hoarsely. In the uniform of n the examlnntlon< of the list i Mrs. Floyd, Hornlmck, :Mrs Uruceianihlo and Children.
bin Ho In 60cFOR
"Been sprayed! was holding a .
guest who was rejected for ailenolds ( and Miss :Mildred Relseu-1!
"Sprayed! and a ferocious nlckled In
Joined' his tint inept| tlu party and grave : mn It. I I Ii
"Uh huh. Nose In the oilier. The cfllili-ncy ly .d.'nionstiattfil, the IJanso Eco Work A Specialty
A large was present
whole works" close by nrmt-d with a pad i
Constance stared ftt ''mil In"|x'n. lIornl< uo. service. IlL cafeteria supper which'\ was served I OVBSI'
At ten o'clock thcio win a ,
lief. '" IH'"NNI.) rigid, th.TO of sunilwlchps In sealed and sterilizedM.II I III tho Woman's' Club house on ,
"Had. my lunge abrupt "commotlnn and a Thursday Mnr. 31 for the benefit -
\ : ppel'n 1 | ucioiiipaiilml" by 1 U'liionuilCiand 32 W.
heart listened to, chair In evening anti attire tho sprung ginger ale, tho choice of which I of tho Keystone Heights; school. oo YEARS ; Forsyth St. Jacksonville, Fla. t t'IWI4YWYWIIYaWWWWIIIMYaY1UWUaWIIWIIaIIIWilalalaWIIWWWWYIWY tt.
pushed man
joining/ the army. was optional among tho gu-'Sts. Thistacit Tho proceeds will be used to help
"Tom!" violently away from, him"
place In llio dining-room, w.ioronumerous ; \ school
for thu plant
alone'!" ho bnwlud. "1 pay I t.----
"Honest. And they mo
aaarlem oil has been world-
canpchalrs had been ur- ; a ,, _____
Sunday _
Heights __
age and who ma' to bu If 1'vu got hydrophobia Tho Keystone _,__... .
""'ho did this thing stick that thing down my ranged In soldierly rows along School will hold, Its annual picnicon Hide remedy for kidney,liver and I

"The doctor. He's nulls Saturday,; : afternoon, Apr. 9, at bladder disorders rheumatism,
fe-hlte' and he's gut a .. looked at II. l Iloilso. s1' ftltPTKHlplnn Constanei Oldlleld Pond umbago and uric acid conditions. .. .'. WpI4YYW' W uWIWIIWdWI11NIWIWW.WWWWWIWW110YIMIIWIWY'. "'. .d

and a whole kit full vf won't submit to extunlna." 'o ....|.... -- I
.' .. .
--- - -- -- - ---- 1IIadlHon-Conlract let at $76.-

.IYYa.wYIxiWolanll11111r,4WYIWYIIWIWfuIIIImlrIWuluIIUIWIIW' "'. '' '''' '''' ,. '''' ''' ,,, ,,' ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,!IIIWIYYIIIIWI1114XItlIlllp11WIIINIIIWINIWItuluIilEllIW1111'''' ''''''' '''''' '''' ,. .,, '' '''' ''' ''"11NYIii11Wlplli'iiiE"' ed In a nice manner and l enjoyedby 380 for construction of new. high o jti> *' fl&Hl It
\ is
all A nice sum 01 $79 was school here.Gainesville. C) HAARLEM OIL .*& a pleasure for us to cooperate with

procured wlihh will be used for
I church benelltii.Mr. -Construction commenced troubles the Woman's Club in their drive for civic

ana ours. a. n. ijuiKley of on new municipal building jorrect vital

TOLD DY OUR COUNTY COHRKSPONDENTS I Starke, Hev.V.. Ii. Hicks, Mrs. in this city.DI':1'hXD.tI3LE. organi. Three size. All druggists. Insist improvement and betterment.Our .

......"'"""'""'"".""'."..'"''"""."''.'"'.''"''''''''',",.",.",''"''".'','.'...''"''"''.'"'"'"".'..".'"''"''"''"''"'.'"''.'"''"''"''.'.'.'..'"',.,.".,.,.gII11111YIIlYIWIYImI01111111Ilp, ": _, "_,,,_,,.IInnNYIIIItl1111Ypp''.' '=,. I,1,,,.",,I,.III.I.IWIIII. I IIIIIIIAIIIIINI1111111111Wlltlllll. ,,'. ,,,,.Qe 'I Kate Sparkmnn,; and Mrs. I. ,V.Wesley on the oiiitinal genuine GOLD MEDAL. I
---- -- -- JVI
of Waldo Were In attendance l-

<3> .,. >t> 't4> < "' mo, visited their sister, !MrsV.. from out of town. I Keep Eliminative
I 1'. halt, ,i f I.imlMii last Sunday.Mrs. I profession is to make every home
1' The attendance was very genii l. : ::1 I'sl.n: C.\HS I II
: I.. ((1. Johns was a visitorto anti the ladles thank those whoso System Active

HAMPTONMrs .' Waldo, this week kindly assisted! lit making this more comfortable and more attractive by

e' Miss: Dora Johnson spent tho supper such a wonderful success.Nino I Good IlealthRcquircs Good Eliml

MOl'lh.l"nl. <'h, of I.awtey. I to thin delightful ,
: I. J. Priest, loft List Saturday 8UNr.hy 1- 1926 Ford COUP can't feel well when
11. 11. Wiggins ONE
superintendentof Ihe'n..1. Bakery of Jacksonville
: for Onproy, where she| will public iuntruI Hon. was a business and several small onus, were 11921 Dodge ('0 11 pe. is a retention of potsonous prices possible and on easy terms that are
waste In the blood. This I
visit her duuhtt'rIrlt.! : JessieMornnn.
visitor heru
this week.Itev. given! away. 1 1928 Ford Touring Car. is called toxic condition and ,
-- a
: and 1 family, for several York of tint Methodist I within the reach of
pastor --. -.--". ---'- is opt to make one tired, dull every one.
n. ?'k. iluiri.li" : who has been iiiiteIII | ft D'e raex't'1 3'.O u ( 1--1923: Std. Studebaker Phaeton end languid Other symptomsare "

Mr: Thomas of St.irKe, wan u could nut till\ Ills regular appointment 1-- Ford ton truck stake body and sometimes toxic backachesand I
bu"ln"'IHltor hero. last Saturday hero hint Sunday mnrnIIIK headaches. That the kidneys

and. evening, and Huv. Hemmingwuy I. LAWTEY .uO are not functioning properly j We are enabled, by reason of our buy-

:MrM.. U. :Ma>'iiurd of Al.u'lum of Waldo preached for .. + Bl'Y WITII CONFIDENCK: : ls often shown by scanty
or burning of secretions. I
liu, "i. nllv born the silent of her him.I passage ing power for a number of Chain Stores
.. .!' to 0> t. f"3' 'I> 1' 'I q. Many people have learned the ,
diumhii i :St's.V,, Alexander. Itev. Illcks of Wuldo will Mil\ his i HrooklnK-Tiirnlpieed Compl1nylIrolh..rll value of Doan' Pills, a stimulant t

\ t .01" carrying confederate regular' appointment at the llup- Dr. and l Mm. (I IV.. Brown of ''llodgo diuretic,when the kidneysseem I to give our customers the advantage of extremely -

''Idb! < i to their reunion at Tum- I list church next: Sunday morning Tampa. are visiting their laugh Sales and Service functionally inactive. '
i IMSd, through our town this and evening. er, Mrs. J. 'r. Mooru. i Everywhere one finds enthusiastic low prices and delivery to their

'- upon their arrival they were The ladles of the Missionary society Mr. and :Sirs U. 1I. lthiiu-lin.nl l 231 10;. l'nlv..ullyvo.. Phone 142 Donn'a users. Ask your

'. ind by Old Glory, which I of tho First Ilaptlst church canto In from thu lake and spent! neighbor I home.

-I I liv (Ito KuiiIlLbieezes as ot Hampton served chicken supper the week end ut their home here. | Gainesville, Fla. ,

nti'ted. our little to" II. at the city hull last Friday :Mrs. Lacy Redding I and daughter DOAN'S Pso-S

a>< ,ili> \ wereM<\li'dined, by the evening Apr t. The large uudllorIurn Una of Jacksonville spent the

,.,ii\; Mdn-s I of the1 sehoul chllwlni was. beautifully decorated week end with her mother :MrsLowory I Stimulant Diuretic to |A. Kid_,. : HART
.--.1>"'" CO..cc.Clt&m.-.a.N.y, FURNITURE CO.
slung "lI"'I"' und Phor with ferns and bouquets of cut ( In I.uwtoy .
-- -- -----
-i|innlpil: Uunner." They IInwl'l'd. Mr. and Mrs.: Carl Knight with -- -

i 'I their hauiH, as u sign of The little I dining tables were her mother and sisters spent Sunday LOCAL

'.nn.. and I'rl'8'n"1 roses urtlutlrully arranged draped In afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. ORGANIZATION : !

mil w.iter lilies for which uB,;<'d white linen, and. centered with '. C. \\'ooh'n.The .

long train pulled out they: ''various ,riilors, Sunday School arc practicing for 1I I Starke: Fla.

alga "My: Country 'TIs of Thee" Two: large and expensive' ('lIkellw"rt' Kaster.: A nice program has been ( Blind '. 727 W. University Ave.. W. II. HART
Itching Bleeding or Protruding)
Min II. A. Uelk, and Miss: t'aro- I : : I I'
arranged under the direction of G. M.
sold to the highest bidder. SAPP Mgr. A. M.
returneil to their liomther. I LEWIS
Ivn Dtlk, The cake that sold the highest was :Mrs. I.. II. Hill director and :Mrs Many sufferers have been made '
after vlsli very happy
Saturday u
lust prepared byIr.... It. M. Faver. E. II. Wells, music director i
with friends und relatives In l-uk( over the results obtained from the of Executive Office
use Display
The cake was white and was encircled Fred Boyer of naldwln visitedhis Rooms Warehouse(

City with a beautiful wreath of sister Mre. Fred Moore and PAZO OINTMENT-60c at any Drug Store. 618 W. Forsyth St. Jacksonville
I Phone
Klder J. P. Hanrr filled lib e asparagus fern and red dowers.I Irf>ule Hill Jr., last week end.L. 50309J.IGIIT.S

regular appointment at irahan Hit sold fur $5.S3:>> und was purchased II. Hill and son motored to (Follow the Directions Carefully.)

last Sunday. by J. II. Saxon.. Baldwin Sunday where they were

MI"HeltIurylall... and Ada Nlm- The supper was delicious, lieni guests of Uev. and :Mrs E. I). I .natl.pahlepnamlRAapInlltpleM.lthlArlmAtlnAlllanmlAlIAAIII, , mAIAalmallmAAt.mmnltnmlalmla"nlalmm. Anlpa.llmm'.I.I.

,, ...... .. ,, .
--'------ ..--. -_ .. ... .- .-- .
--- .. _
A. ,.... i t,......,.. i """""" ..,-, ..,...tj''vl: .... ,. "i.-: -: ; ; :\f: :;; = ,......_ ....'"._..------1 __ =--.L. ':- .;;.- -> : .:. .

Sa SS5 E''t'.S teS' Pra 'i S?


TTIIDAY APRIL R, 1027 ititADFonn rottxxY TKM: : OIMPII. ST.UIHR, FI.Oltln.l

'-'.' ( ., r : _
l1olnnll.The coming -- -"-- --- --
-. ---- --' -- -."-- -- ------. -.-- -- -- -
-- 0 --
: : -
p 0--- I
r 'f1 legtslntut: Is to be asked I in adapt ,II 1'1 -- ,

Nfuit of Florida in 5/Parur.rar/1 measures rciMilatlng': the li.uulllnii ..:
) i i r ."s.'f! hit.. been u''nilt'v:, | tli.i "
I 'ili'il by I'oulli" Amen. 'u<" nut. icilly '
J ?, ',un'Ht'shipped ni 'irlniiilo. 'C'i InMate ,, rnito+ I The Bank of Starke"

: Live State NewsTOLD ,' and 'stl..ir tly fii-.li \nil! bi
Mime of the labels nked for t cg, >. I
under (he plan.Chiplry .

..\ loss nf PI'o BY OUR EXCHANGES for the first time during tin1 }Fine.
. 1 Ida :National- Egg 1.a'lnl"nf"81: ( Resources Pass Half Million Mark

._..._ __._._._._ ._ Is I Indicated in I the report! for thitwentyfirst ,
------"- -
Gainesville-13. n. Colson baa Apr. 7, to be held under the aus- The) 500 hens laid 2.062 eggs!: <11 '
been elected president of local pices of the Woman's Club. A 32 less than the week' previously At the close of business Thursday, April 1st, 1927, our total resources
Rotary Club, succeeding Dr. Jno However producers consider It i igood I
K. Cunningham./: number( of Coronado surrounding Beach points Edge-, Including \ I'p'orthat\ the hens went 2( footed more than half fa million dollar: \\\ are pleased to call attention to "?
S e water Mission City and Samsula weeks without showing any I Ins,
Marlunna-A New era In Marl- will probably contribute to the until this week. Heim "gain, g the following statement showing (our condition( as of that date : 41
,, aaim's telephone service dawned display."' !broody> have catiM'd the. drop'\ li
hero several days ago': when the pro<1"I.tlon.
new home of the Went Florida. -.--. LIAIULITIKSCapital
Telephone and Telegraph company Tallahassee.Tlio escape! of two All roails, will muni dad to Tallah.iHxce RESWRVKSCASH
was opened. negro convicts from the woodscrew where the legislature wll 1 Stocksinei'Liis :S; /.; ()()O.OfJJANIS
at the Rnlford state firm meet on Apr. 5. The member: O\ l.iS.LY/> /A
Tumpa-Bids for sale ot $1- was reported today to the !prisonbureau. of the legislature!: are studying th<(I / $18/.8,8:1 JA7> (llNII'IIJ1
170,000 of bonds of Tampa special They were Henry }<'('r- situation with the 1<11'1of pa"slni g MUNICIPAL' AXl> UNITKI riiOFITS _n 35330JS( "
i school tax district, last of the guson, sentenced in HillHboroiiRhcomity ) only those laws that will bo con, '
/) .... 1,102.3:1:!
to five and STA THSJON J)8 I35JSOJM) ( "
i $3,500,000 bond issue voted last years George; structlve and of benefit to tin :
,, year will be received by school lIat'hl.'r.01111.111 county three I state at largo. As usual the valuable Loans and Discounts 176329J2liankiiifj : '
board !May 3. years time of the legislators/: wll 1j
be taken up with a bunch of born House, Furniture' and
Fort Myers-Banks of Fort 1 Plant City-A total of 3,015- bills that should be settled n Fixtures ;,:;O O,00) )
I Myers revealed deposits of $6I ,- 748 quarts of strawberrIes was home but a.. yet there Is. no Iiu Oilier Real Instate Ou-ncd 9,170.77
000,000 In their official quarterly allowing this procedure. Our leg/:
I shipped from I'lant City during/: ; Tax Certificates and 2.12.1G:
statement, a clear gain of $1- the season:" just closed. This was talatiire should\ not be burdenei. Receipts
125,000 as compared with figures over SO per cent more than the with so many lo'alWS but the;I' Overdrafts G.tt./O
of Jan, 1. shipments of last season, which must come before that body, an d
r came to be passed upon and real leglsla",
1,910,320 Six
quarts a, $50/J33.I8: $501333.18 ';
tlon awaits. The 1927 leglslatur:
Orlando-Building permits issued :miles of ice was used in packing
here for the month of March ,the berries. can be depended' upon to fosto'r
totaled $227,000 and thereby top-I and abet the big work of develop

ped the other three months of Tallahassee-Uoy Cloud 19 many ment going corporations on In I"lorld1by serving th tb 1927 approximately 30 per cent.
Aggregate of year to date Is found formerly dead of Bainbridge here Saturday, tin.,night was! public-In a big-way..-----.55- patrons may know something about the affairs of "their" bank. Most people ,

$545.712. In the bathroom of his rooming G a I nee v i lie -nefrlll'eratlOlplant
house. Death wan duo to accidental being Installed. In new Engineering have enough to worry about without having: to worry about the safety of ,
Tallahassee The Floridian, i
|I'i I Tallahassee's new $250,000 hotel, fumes of asphyxiation a gas heater from the Florida building at University o their money after they have accumulated it. For that reason we like for
1 I' was expected Saturday, to be ready
for occupancy by Monday. The . --- -- our patrons to know just how this bank is being; conducted.
third floor is completed while the Tallahassee (;ov. John W. Prepare for Accidents
first and second floors were be- Martin, Saturday, telegraphed!: nil Ifavelton hand.
Especial attention is called to the following features of the foregoing
ing given finIshing touches Satur- tax collectors of the state to per Liquid BOROZONE Powder statement :
day. mit taxpayers to pay their stale Th*Nv PowarfutAnt a.Dria j
S and county taxes up to May: 1. "In For\Vound..Uuru.. and Our Strong Cash Reserve. ;
Now Smyrna-This city Is planning view of existing condition In the lirulauit Suld fry
Our Large Bond Account. k ki
an extensive flower show for state." Corpenlnu's: Drug Store

I i Our large and growing surplus and undivided profits account. ;

: \., It will be seen that our cash reserve (listed as cash on hand and due from banks)

,. and our bond account (consisting of United States county and city bonds) amountsto

more than 60 per cvnt of our resources while ordinary loans amount to less than 40

per cent.

r natural. \Vhile our percentage of ordinary loans is much smaller than is carried by the

Jilt average bank we still are meeting every legitimate requirement of our customers but o ;

are not financing doubtful propositions and do not intend to do so in the future. Our 1 ;

policy is "No get-rich-quick schemes, no speculation no dabbling in other lines of busi-

: Men like the ttnatural" in all ness- -just plain old fashioned banking." Those who like that sort of a bank are invited a

to join our large and growing list of depositors. J|
things. Chesterfield's natural __ _____ W


tobacco taste is no exception BANK OF STARKEA


1it jl ---
j f. E. S. MATTHEWS, President R. J. DAVIS, Cashier 'iili

:--... \ I''I .

II I i ---------- -_" -- -_ .-.---. __- 0. :- -_; -___- -__-- --_n-_ _----_-""-- .':- _-- 1 1a'3'
Hl ------------ ---5- n.Q .
: I her home In Siinfonl, Wednesday,
,!-- .. II after, teaching" ( hero' lost school
' O ;:}: .... \1"\0\ I b !L turn" Sho was iKi'ompanled homo
't, .PI -if' .. BROOKER ttI' by burs O I, II. Poison Mr. (Jiilsini ; -
: (' \16J / II b 4ni' and, HOII lis li) went to Sanford -
rr )r .. Sunday Tliev, will ho ao'olilliiinleil -
I i Iri .v 'S6)6'b4
homo nvxt week, by Mrs
:r LI I' Mrs' Juule Schultft, Mrs. V. T. Colson ) r .
Forrester" Hlchard Pittman of lilt. 'Hid Mrs II \\'. llranneti of 1
Jacksonville and :Mtoses Ethel and, I lJlytolllL spent' Part of the workhero 1! ,rW
I I Mooru. of Stnrke hero n + ts
Amy wore li H guest of Mr. and Mrs. II.
11t Sunday nft"I'IIIIIvl"ltlnl{ at the I', (lalnuy.Winter .
t I homo of Mr: and, :Mrs. J/. It. --_. .-_. ---- d
Oalnoy. Mrn Schultz:; WOK :Miss! Id'.m. .h Indian Hlver
.lanla Beeves. bi-foru her" marrliige.Mrs. ,
iniinlmad fri""nl Vero Bunch to1l'lab
Korroster. was Miss\ Mary ,r Id ..n.I h; In;.Ing Improved.!
Moore before her marriage.Dr. I e eis
--- -- -
and Mrx.V.. K. Mlildleton J
I and daughters Misses Hazel anil Never Faust Never Failstl
t a v2 Madge of Starko were visitors I To I>rlvoVorm'i From ChildrenWIIITE'S
hero Sunday afternoon CREAM VERMIFUGE
I Misses VirginiaVnOks and Mai I iK-Ktructlou ti>the \Vornnllurmluun
I riot Hitch of Stnrkn, sprat Sunday) to the Child
bero with .Mr. and Mrs. It. I'rlea; 3Se per bottle. Sold t>y

t j I 1 Weeks.Ml'ises. I.nhodla riuholster. .r"A.I, .- -<<< orir|.-einng'H--' Drug Mine the secret 0f j

I, I cphlnn Chcssnr, Kiinlcu: lln/.i'ii und
MeHHrs. Claude. and Hugh llutler Renew Your Healthy
f tf CroHby all spent Sunday In Jack-
I Here, and here alone, D flrfl r?: I siinvllleMessrs. PurificationAny 7JuiccSuccessr

I will you get .,IIral0- k (,t I (i. \V. llazen 10:. M. physn' inn will tell you that
1Iaz'n..J I It. Molt John Molt "Perfect Purification, of the ..;ya- r
bacco taste at its mild and I gaud II I'. (jnliiay were all liusl- tem it :M' *"" '' F.r'tt.n) of I r Because of the number of
to Starke Saturday health." ml
mellow best for here natural 'n-SH visitor Perfect Why not
morning yourself <>f thrnnic ailments that
aroma and character I i J. U. :Mott and L. H. ialney are undermining your vitality. '' Buicks that people buy, you get
made business trip to Ja<'ksonvlllo Purify your entire system I.y 1 takIng
held in Buick that
are entirely fun hFS E : ;Pt Thursday. u thorough course of Calotabs, a simply can-

brought out to the a ltta II. II. Howard L. n. Oalnoy andA. -once or twice a week for several not be equalled at the Buick
I B. Surrlenry, were attending to weeks-nml ee how Nature rl-
business In OHlnoHvlllo and Slurko wnrrl* you \ iih health.Clll'ttllb of nil price r Buick the
hr'' Hiifreutest( puts savingsof
:Monday.Mr. .
I "yst1! i puril'i i C'l.i i
: and Mrs. r D. Polk and volume-the leadership
< pud.! 'ii'c' wit full iiii"'ti'iiii.| On- earnings of t
'children spent the weekend at Iv ::1') 't I" .'I ilruur-'toreii.; (Adv)
Trenton will, relatives -right back into Buick
U"V ('!Inib>' IIf Btarku was a visitor .,
here Saturday and Sunday. quality That's why Buick '
:Mr and Mrs. L. A. Brown and, ;
Chesterfieldanilyet children spent Sunday In Hast 'f. Say with Flowers gives the satisfaction it docs-
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Plnholster Flowers For All why there are more than a
of Jacksonville spent Sunday herewith
Mr.\ and Mrs. Ira W. Plnhol- Occasions million enthusiastic Buick
tl; tS'4 they're MILDLrooBTl' ''ster. ---
7 ? *- l t
of Jack-
:Mr. John Gertrude GodbcyAnderson owners < t *
sonville spent the weekend here
with friend and relative
Mr. and Mrs. Lonla Morgan and
({children of Waldo spent the week- REGISTER MOTOR CO.
end here as guests of Mr. and Phone 39 Waldo, Fla.
i :Mrs. J. J. Morgan STARKE FLORIDA I
& MTEM TOBACCO Co. Miss Louisa Caraway left for .'- ..... ...., --


1. ecr a aw.. wi i7a tt"E'S w- -5-S4w.-- ,. ,. ryA.. r -1R, ..
.. .
rS -.-.am, .vim..r- '.. :;:';: .,;t>>.Jt., a.ff



.- '.... I.'IUIUY'PRIL 8. 1027

{ I ,, <.re M"ml.IIIIPH O I I... l H"'nBl -y. A. ...,..... .. .. .. .,. .} 'F+++fi++4'i4444'It4fib- J
.. : : .;+ +, ,: } :} !> : ;c.o:0: : ; : +-1"A} Y++4-0'++ }4+++ b+ fi4 ?'F4r
S. CrowsVytnml. II. I.. Proving That Yo't
llimicH. A Z. Adklni, 1 PdwurdliiiniB ,
r The Chatvnn: on the Mile-High j
; It..1.I hauls .1. L.\ Fra/ee.:

IJH N I\\'uln'rfht.!': (1. :M Inmnn Has Special 4 l'1 .. .
: : : : : : : >* : *** !
.Sat SlornheiK" J. Alderman .1.I

\.Andrews..lr.. II. C. Hiltli. and .
:Miss MaliilVvIlur. Advantages I ,' lit"..,:. x'
yi .,./ _
IMioiH-! . .. ''J .
-- ( ..... ...'Io..r7 ...... '41' .. '
.. ( ..
,\ ,
_. :\11I". \\ lhlhlh: :MKS.isi! : ..... i-. ..... .. :r.: ''t!
IIU.'I'ESooIS 1 1: ; ) 1'. i>. I'. t :' ..; .., ',.. .. ..1'i.: : .' ""
MI-l..1'1\(1'; : ; 'I 1''Ml, I' a '...lIl-'hlllll) I Party given for her '"''...... ,. ".. .." : "M"M. ,..',. rIi" ""- .r ,. ._ ) >>
: ,, )... .)\ ., .. : .. '" .J" .,.., .f t.
WOIVS ( 'I.111 i I 1'1'1, nil-.. 1 'I in sdiiy, iiftciiioon, .pall :\11'". (,. 111'/(e C White mid, MrBr '' .J ,. .. '. v ""
:rilli. ,it hi'i liiinx nil Walnut ..11"1'1.! I IVl..e were Irll'lon" 1imteB. ., .;.:,'S'...j.... .,'f,' ,'.: .' ;.....,.; ... ..... .. -" I :.. .;,.* ",1": ... T':II "...
':!.rI". .,,:.... ::. KI.-4 j '''' J '. .Ii.1'..<.. ,, ...:. .> i> "' i"A of.
.. r '
'I'h .rnhu montlil meeting : '
i nildooi/ :
n I Annies were played onHi. i" to theV. TVeekui Chapter.I AI', "" ... L" Y'-' .. '.. 11'-", ,. ,\
of tin, \\OIII.IIIM' ('lnli of Slarko '' I.IWH until lute" In thi after- I I'. I DC) ? WeilneBiluv', nfti'i'noon l..h. .t.o. .'f. j'p .<' ': .,J";:' f f'f 1t'i'>.:-- i ""' 'k' ''>$ '1 ...

will I In' In' \\iilinsilnv, afternoon 'I iiiidii u h,n the Itlddles wen Invlled from" .I-00: lo 1i:1II: : o'clock at lhe ( fI 'P.. -; f.k.v"t.. :. .:, ; .'. .. April 1 :,1 I. 1 !92, j., :-I I IW: :) O' trk III',: Inln the I oIlnlllI'.m.. TIllHiiMiin liniiin lit MIH White. on 'IVnlh -t ..:" : :: ,',:,,;' .If.f.W........ ,' <. .. '; ." .
I it h. ,,,. \-Y&tt.: ., .' .. ',: .... ; .-.,. ," \\It.
M. .4i! .
till < Illll lniUAltir '/ !cill WIIH heiititIfullv decorated In street.The. '. .' .': -'P:; .C1)\; >' .<- ,.,. ...... ". .. "f
tlu hiiHlnoBM meeting the I lining IIlIc.klt. and I Muster HllluB mill mooting win presided over ...,.. "'" '... 4''JI.: Y. ts.J.'t: : ;. ..... ......: ',. '.
''nun will be In churilo of the the center nf tin table ': j!{' ;w _!ili. < > .. :$ :
pi ''ii' on dining I by the first VlcPPI'e"IcI"lIt.IIKK! ,_""' .,,, ...,, '' ?
Anuilinii' Home ('(Iola Uee. D1r8.I' wax pliu ,nil I n Invelyhiithdny''alto, Amelia ROY. mid, :MHI| Ethel 1 Griffin J-.J : 'V' ,. '., r

It. AVei-Its. linlrmnil. Mrs embossed In pink IIlIdI'P"II" and luted IIB Bpiielaiy. An excellent Y II I'C I