lhr., e'Ic' (,'\\ il irn. In the 'loin was ,milvid,, l l Io>v attaching the new i I Guaranteed
vho, \\'..: ., et en cf llbf: !tv tho boll. \\'is tu pnnlubn| | | houiie.hlli. the first Call the one 8 Service and
:ZJ: vi ir i liter t tIA>YI '*rA'h recast on AnuMlinn" sell was hoisted,
J lilt the IIIBI'lil'lli'li' \ \\...11 Hlvnllliunt.. r II Into the suite, \IIIIUHO steeple, where I Service; Satisfaction
and it i'1'i'plxfy, Hint u'.Is fnllHli,1Pcrh \. 4 It i passed! lnti history us our Liberty
} IP* the, Hiipi'ilntrmtcntH, 0"1.Il> \ <' """"1'. liunc' XV.n: ner.Theni Hell.The veteran Liberty hell! of today, Stern's
l, c.'h) unit\ I 1'.IIIr.1'I'n.: .',', the 1',,", and Stow I'fll remained In 1 I Garage
who ordiTcl, the fll cast rotiM. loll the steeple until 17"?, when It was I
why tt < Y huge ,iuit' that lillillialin'ltiti'iri \ w"t 'tj e h A'k taken down on the approach of Agents: EXIDE Batteries Phone 87
< to. I*** ;:r\<'11 .'H th' I"'M"VV HrltlKh colliers to I'hllatl'l..h"and'.. :
t I" rl: ir.i f '.1IJ.ri| till I.rutyIVbta hidden "beneath the floor cif the I ,1 -.- : -' ""' .' __ .
c\cn t ii '. h> .;.?;", ".-...li.v Church, of the Reformed Zion ConjroKiitlim ,
Allt-ntoun, Ta. "* - -- ---
\ I.. I.nn bm.
"" ... ''' ,.: t tri I.,,' 1.\1.\ .I 11r1l '.1' Rt'iiaq a Mr; the From 1.11>" 1'\\ty 1791 1{|>I1 to v\as 1S35 unlll1l the.>11lr'el.voice 1n'of' ,,X>OO<>OO< /VePi C>i;)(>C>OO<>OOC
I', Ir'.Inn, w'ir'e Iva' I" "t I 'I ( M art'c >C
jw + the latter the first crack
.' 'n ; '. !" ...I..... \. 11.< Pl1 t 6Y:y w. )rrs 9* pL'iuoillion years the bell tolled upon the ape ,I to Comfort and

l.r: in t al 1 rut..!<-ii, >, l.o.u r A + ur" death vf John Marshall In IS-liJ I I'''>< Good Cheer of the Home
( r1..ys a
t i 4 Y
I. t. + s the crack extended and the bell was Attractive restful Interior dccondoiu add
Pyw' much 4
1*. .''''keel! in \i, .I'lni wen( ttoi,.* a.! s'tj' never used again. comfort Direr. horn; to lea cheerfulneui to tu beauty, *
... .. .. 'rls as eJ i tiarmonloua color chmtt fat h. .Jb.nd woo4ork
!> r- t :7 i:" P"I( 'I. "'n after w TH
% tl." lad V .9 iB'ilC' ..".1 w rue PT.IT ) 'i'1. .w\ ., ,,tQp ;>a'x n. ( x' # r ,F _' partst ;,, f&, Y I'uiiioim OiTANlonn.. the room well..movable.betnn of and the moo entire livable household. end nTtf-tlly pianos tb.
I..on t'. : e'Ir! I'.K I,.* iito ".ilfl H' i' w t Ie6I lterv.f. .t4- t The bell Ins' rung for Borne great I. For pleuing corabuMtioni ut woO Jccondoa
-* 0 yrIL.-'t' ? ]} s+ +' t' f kv -A. '
"'t 1 14 .''( **.1! (til. lost l "t 0 ".Ind.V \l.OJ l. yv + s"s Its tunes brought the aniitMnbly to. SHERWIN.WIlliAMS
tl-e to": .i wave' Ncnut' v pot.ta .- i ir 'CyMC : 1J ri td ,toa r rpd GS eJl+ Bether! In IH1 when DenJmlnfranklin
< bin 1.<.n.1"r, 'mi'' t.: 1 'tt' 'yW b y\Y ,Mi was sent to Knctand to
\V i ,,' I..0 ,." i .11.11.. i 1 t' h". r r 7 Lt; i.! .wt., nr r, r'r Y, o wk redress' for 'pilevnncen.' .
th:It u "--is w'-i.i'r.: iv nn-, Mil+".I.(.1 ;'..i + !0 .S ht ?Nf It nn!', In inufH"il tones, In 1765
jt of th.' t<.!"I')< r. ull'-n'il I' ..1::> o'ni-i r I Y.+ R a ',. J r sC' .} a when the ship\ !K"MI| Chin"lotto. Ijc.ir-
vlo),,. .... ., ,iij' y J .AfY .r .. ,tr :? 't,. "aLl In-; the oilluu stumps clime up the U the logical! wall finieh ra..... A flaf oil paint+akI. U I
c, The m iii.t' lea:' thatC'rev. v.K I : iH'Inwure under! convoy of a UrltlxlimanO'wnr. .. dunng waihea dean without acrealung, alwave/To"n in colt>*
... ,, ., : .. Pontnl willi. an oag.........wJ, man nmury Uo.o' t
Ia d ,11 I MM. .p; I'm. i.il"n" 1)t', My :T'e Gibe wall decoration. or 6moh. .
oner I/o' HIM., : the ]Jr> ititii.t t I.r n.:,o., + J etc When one Stamp Act went l.ltorperiitlun For Soot Mamot Varnih.' Floortic"roe" "'-1IunJ., ..... AD
'unoti''-r. It w.iit'.1 prept-i.d r..i sb.nwn w.IL.. ....
.. pndu.u oI h itfc*r quicy anoI -a..
retr.%. 'he bell i 10 tendon tu lie i Ie r .' try ar'. .. i'.i ? ; ,: t 1; ... .. ty.x tleil uiul toilet.pf0p11 You will bo In.......tJ in dt o "loaner rfTtl.....aoj FU*>Toawalj T., X
cant i'u; t Iwo Aiiii'itrun l 'vu.UniiT.\ It rang In 1770 to call the QtuthM u our not..
fcklllC'I: l'i 'nuil'.t in.-iin..., i.uiuf to the state hawse yard 'to "rcnolve. <
...rv.ni 1 an t n'lffiM" 'u 'set 11 In } h 'rt' d zeal' 1 J d that the damn. of Parliament woie I ForSat By
%* PMl.i '.'txilii. : 'I'he'i w'on- Jean l'".-. ,, z.y 8ub..r l,0" of their constitutional. |
a n'f AI! Cite, 1)m tS
,,.. Jr.. w!:"..i. ,,,tll..r '. IM ilo irl'i'rprr of. ) ? 1 l ( Its fret Joyous polo, proclaiming; JONESLumber
w p i.e "\''L'IUI\B (,II.: r. .. uf the province 'a ,A t } imo''fw" i .r -1t t c Mo- i, !, '' 'the birth of the Ameilcan republic
rang out on July 7, 1776. four do'* '
;\f U,'" 'IJ"n.Tho I
after tho signing of the Declaration
7 ; S Cngltiih tt'I I Alili (the cracked of Independence.! On this occasion 'I & Supply Co.OCOOOO
vela was melted t down an.1 a mvDnold xI the Declaration was rend publicly I .
::1' WAS mad*. In the .at-ly part as and all th.slU of the city rang all ,
1 SI Hit: the new U'rarrr Boll was day and kU cljfht. ,
r tx>oo0oeooeoco

--' ... .-.... .. -; : --'' .. .. .... -.. ....._ 1A '" ....'- .. .......... -- .... ...--r' __ ... .. .
-orwJI'JI :i.l." ; E?' '"' ... .
--- :"_ ,., ...... :c." : :, ; :: -
; ; ; : 7':<" .- .. ,_.. ,. -- ----iiiiiiiii _
_"."MI -?...L.I,: ';-n*sP-f w'T ": .

., .




:\11' T. L. WooJward and daughter propnating funds., of sending littli housed! in the new building The dtv: ,Tn" ':. oiuilU", For' :MFci.nnc'in )" '.. act I structed on 110111.: "I'.! avenue
--- -- - I ''
Elizabeth: of Jacksonville, are !girls into virtual slavery in Cath- location will he l on Itnuuil 1 Square, Illnmi J Kust: ,-$}?.'Si.)J ))00()() new buSineu I fl

spending the week lit Kukhtcr] tot olio jn8t,' utlom', of keeping boys. In t i I half! a blink front the lapitol.! : $500,000( ( recort h>itil ,. ,,building to biei'"- toil, near city t
jail for weeks without a healing, 1 under' t' ..istrt: "<.n. hall.
Bits of (age, Kingslcy lake, State road eight will be put 111
i and of intimidating ignorant pat' II'vt.:'- T ,\J: .1.ll't.'d niilc-lo'ii 11: '! Oilnndo-Conti.ii. let nt $800- i7i
the best possible nmditinn, until !>' ,". 1 bent.. Little: LaKiliar I !
t. who has been ents. These charges ate to be lau vv on
:Mrs. O. 1. Boasloy
a new highal"nlC! : I that routew l 000 for paving! 18 miles of city
''rt s',lendingpvo al i;.ays jn Tamp before! the grand jiir> .
it I be survevi'il l ling e and I Innlt, oaf fil streetsKuMttx
local NevI !yi her :Sir. and :Mrs AIiuickii : st.rt'il\ !, 01 con I
with ,1'.nts
I f' h.omt Thursday,, I tn 1'r Fun .\. llathawav, ctruetita: : of row homo for Bank mRutis ;< : $1r.: J I'< ;I-onJs issue, r i
( ,. .I! returned 1! Deiiouii.omr t .f 5 and I 10 acre vh.nrnian, of the state road department Dnnedln' ftr ennstr'iolion < .* jw city hall.
I "ni .iinpunioil) b;: her !I"lt'r1fss! :
unsound wow
farm .
nutrer..t as Beginning nt U.UIIPK City, t! round, broken, for Ear 'otn"I'oltt'--I".nl: t let for $15
Our People, Business and .I.ii n t l'ule"' w'!'i rill be h. I'II'U"t made :Nathan Slavo: commissioner bo -- ,-
by "f the road will
ute (his. anndc IniildiiiR 000( ) addition, ; to .t',1.,1
/ costing $110; building.
of the .t.tEit
Progress County and Town.E1llK.K for sevci-.I: dajs.Sir. ,
of, agriculture/ on the edi. rebuilt and! .I"g-t. "rented, and! the -
::: -
000. Luke Woith. ) ::: :: ,
-- I.nlVoilh Lum- :;:
.a I I tonal page of the Florida. In.vit.vv". ,, v\hole made as K""""l as possible< l'r,
.If f Tie:ii'watpr-Crttetrudinn starteon < I 000 store and of; .
: alltl11'11.: Jack :Murden, which < structure
jouinnl of the department ---
1: l I Bight' tiinkiitul niiitiii.ils for the -
Orlando, have been in .Starke] sevnul niaiio its first apearance letently.Commlssiontr VNoiK! have born oldeud, according! now $100,000 Palm bathing; parvilion lake 1Sort11--'orrm't: nwnrled, : THltiaIIY. -

\\ REPORT :Misses :Alddrcil and 1 Florence days, coating to attoiul theinaiiiHge :SIa.vo, after n longopeueme to the hinrmati, and! these with an here. for" now 3)1,000-cailon!) \ capacity i

' DateIax: Temp Min: Temp Pre Gill, left Thursday mUI'nlnfor/ .1 of Sirs.: Slutdfii's: sister,, as a faimtr\ holds that add t tixiial forts will be put to workas l 1':11.1: Okl.tmihn] River, north'I I tank for, new water i plant, to cost
visit with relatives in S. Alvarez :\11'. William and south of Moss bluff, being depomul.
liambeii to
/ :Miss Aileen $18,72r:;
June 2.J (12( 77 .03 ( i\c :ar ten acres is not enough tosupport soon as they nriive., !. s
C. Randall, which took '
! Plaisttul TuUnht"---O.: (00 new hotel
June 23:; 93:; 72 .11 a St : :!: lioni. ;
VuRimMne :
plate at o'tlotk Tutsday afternoon I' state to aliznikwrorknu'A11MlitutiK. imprming 1 ptopoHcit I, forthis I t.> AH.iuulnila .
S 71 .
June 26 8 the ES
:Miirku. Tpiscop.ilthurch. 1 ,, pn issue piisnoil for [ nthooidistiut S
35 at St. "
June 27 8S: 74 ].: A beautiful sugar "hell, ) "-i h ,' :No. li, \\ \ -:a\ I-:! miles new sow.
June 28 Hit 73:; .21 with a lifetime guarantee is While in town they wereguests I' <'r grapefruit'\ growing, or ill some FLORIDAWeekly ers to bo !laid for U! :.s town a..
I I :'Ilul'1I'n's Surasotn Tiimpa l Railroad "company -
at the home of :Mrs. \\ 11.1.
2912 73 being given away by Coipen- I other ono crop, unusual returns :;
June .98 StbrinK-C'oiHti'i 1 I. Lion: commcnctd -
to erect binlirp jicriTfT :Mmkk
:Sir. and :Sirs. J. M. i \l.IfY t
Juno 30 00 76 .01 ing with each box of Njlolis parents; i i 11. ip been wade on small acreage, liver, 15 miles southeast nf San- on new $:!7<<1,1111I( ,courthouse. forHighland
,, face powder. Alvarez.Col. the commissioner says, but peopleare I I 'ML11/E/
Total rainfall for week 3.64.dial sot a. al county. .

J learning that specialised farm laduif'ialReuiew Hartow- :New': Onkq Hotel building St. Petersburg-V.ork. > In
t Frnree motored I | prog gnu I Ie
Y. M.i'r.es, of Lake Butler,, I :M :. and. 1 :31-s. W.''' F. Barefoot, and : ; ing cannot bt! conducted fur long on grow.
$00,000 nddition.i rows on londa's; first Interurban
: children, of Sanderson, \ Sun. tolia.nl: last veok: returning the same plot of ground. Apnlnchicol:i-Work started, on r 11f
a visitor here Monday spent i t
was ,
I.nkrlan.lWtI.l110:! ( to bo spent lailroad, St. Petersburg/ to Tampa. ,
/ I I <:"y afternoon in town;, with :Mr. Wednesday afttrnjon. Col.! Frazeovioied < He holds that the state would' be Gome bridge, fro:n Apalachicola to satsumntJ i

ii'' Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Simpson and ., and Mrs. P. :M. Barefoot. the Sot:.thern! metropolis on doing the new Bottler an injusticeif East Point. ,improving Luke :Mirror.Pinellas -- -- -- ---- "satsu
connected with the I Park -Cuntrait I let for 1 to J, Leo '
legal busm"S, it should allow to go unchallengteulents CLLrry"illclandnr,1 (;augl.' Rail
children, of Crescent City, spent I II lIe roadbed! of. Florida! IllterUllpl,1 o has
I noted I Lewis: estate litigation. jll'rlldil'R' just
Monday in Starke with friends. Daily except Sunday. hot ed the aGi that five or ten why being built, from Cnrrjrvilletc iiirban .
Transit Railroad from
he to bring the case to' WANTEDLocal J the sat-
expects the minimum for
says ,acres as about West Bay. I
rolls at 6:30: at Starke I '
I p. m. sixty Pinellas Park to Safety( Harbor) mile
within the next is
a final bearing His assertioncame a
general farming. Tampa-$8,000! appropriated, for
Saturday specials-regular Bakery I I .
'' Bradfordcounty ; Largo- :New: addition\ being built rondo
days Many pr>im ncnt with the announcement of the)improvement to city ioiks.Pinellas I andig
20c Starke
t 25c:; cakes Bakery
I Interested; in thiscase : 'to Pin(.1111 1.1' County Bnnk.I ill'ill.IUY jet
J. A. Rogers and, family, of Pa- : : are ): Security Land Insurance CompanyJa'k"onvillt' Paik-:New': road! to be Lake Worth-N..w white way''
1 Il'vov'n/C! a large I trutt of land I !! :\11', 4'
G. \V. Hazen, and son, Ralph, of latka, have recently moved here : of which has insuredmore built, connecting Pinellas/ and Polk lighting system to be. installi-d, here entative
in t'le city of rim:1: I I11I ; ) worth of / / Reps thefresh
than $13,500,000
Brooker, visitors to the city and counties
; were are occupying the Woodbndtfc I Slilton Santa I Rosa
i I -- countj's ne'v t all CoM _
in the last that no
Tuesday. house on Cherry street. IG; 1-----..VN'JSir. : oropcrtv year L..eNburJl-Uls;,I opened' on tonRtiuttirn ourthouse being erectedWilduoi'l :
1 ,
: more loans would be made on farmsof
I of Pedtial-nid 1 road, from -Tbiee new buildings. !
Orville Griffis, of Jacksonville I, less than 20 acres and then only PVN.MIiJICPKCROLKUM: ; : : : pe some tl, ,
,, :Mrs B. P. Hall und little daug'iter of
I : and Sirs.: J. \\imberly LicHhurg to :?\\1 ll. Don.Ocnl.i ) I lender constiuttion. in this. town. colored
friends in Starke when! the owner has an option to -
i was greeting of St. PeteiBburg, arc home on Lawtty: wt'r.> visitois h"l iv. ."iiuav.Slis '. -:New': dairy tuder con- .1,iiksonvfille+ -(1nI nCimt i let forlonstriutiiin ., (OltrOK) ( \ IIONDt'sui'H ) hat theyto

Tuesday. I a visit with: her I'Irent811'' : and : i 1. :SI. Lawson, of Jasper, ar.rived I buy fin 20 adjoining i.ues struetiin. here. of new First Chrlstmithurih t .

1 :\11'.. c. S. Hol/endorf. !Pun'= lav to he with her hus. ': Commissioner :Slayo's stand has I.al'gu.-'Iw:': lie plant to be to stair ii prcsonlulm-
: | scahsame !
Walter Wills, of Tampa, has irwn general approval from allover j
I bund while ho is engaged ::11 rn-:' built here, near T<,weia corner |I I.al'IIIII.1ITiOIltHlO l ) < bond issue. to take barge. or l llii-ir now Hulk Se
been in Sturke several days attending Sir.: and Sirs.: L, F. Surrency, :, I I the state.The aj
work hereMr.
load construction Oil.mdo! -$1(100.000( ) ()() hotel I ('mienMiri'ertiml approved for, 111111 lit ipal impuivcments. :Station; to lu> eretted in the south- <' : scabbypickcil t
to business affairs who spent several days last week had, :
I i and Sirs.: II. limberly .
road has : twill : erected, noitheastpart )
state department ; of Starkc. Mr. I. R. Corn
trim part
here with relatives, returned i to ,,, :Sir. and :'011'''. W.SI I I1. ,
us guests Smdny: sill-walks, I
of Or SarasotiCitv being
t III'. Foils A. Hathaway aTnaqut$53,557" iuppliotlho
been |
tailed by
Free lemonade to our customers their home in Plant City Slonday.I : and of Waldo, ; Mill l h"> at tin' :Mil runHotel.. 1'ridiiJ
t : \\imbeily ) chairman, to meet ill Tullabnssee : addition.! to bo! repairedLakeland. 1 used
next Saturday and we don't mean :Sir.\ nnd! Ir". :Nelson': Green, ofStaike ; mid Saturday to ir'r-rvicw appllcii -
2 .
built, to :SI ''nnrial> Junior high! nopointivc nimitinents. ke
July( 6. Fqjlowmg that meeting ) part '
n1J\ -be. Johnson's Cash Store.E. I.. A, Brown and nun Art fold, and
I' Cindy Baxter, 'if lirooker, were i:, !" and K. H. Cooper' of Dunn, ', the entire depaitment will !go sihool. ousting $:231100:; ( to he) cun- nt r.. Jes and

L Crews, of Lawtey was attending/ to business here Tuesday S. C. bully engaged in to Pensacola to attend 1 the opening Dude City-W ork stalled on newrommumtv i I, . op bet. f ,
among/ the visitors to :Staike:: Wed.ncsday. afternoon. Our farmers are ''cf the new bridge over Kseambia: hub. 1.Han I. i __ 0 advan.md .
pntlui-'ng; and shipping/ sweet corn ; ', Bay, cUl1lll'l'IinIiltoll/ : and Pensatol.i Antniiti'')-.\tlnnli,' CoatI.nil un. 1 1h
1 ''': priers so far have been very good.Sir. ) Old Trail. ]Kailn nil,I Company' planntiu fruit
:Mrs :SI. Levitoii and daughter, : on the Spanish
: and Slis.: :SI I.. Civw', ),fRaiford CO-OPCRATIGN IS I THE PATH: 1: J
Thomas Oldham, of Jacksonville, Rosa, left I Wednesday for Clearwater Governor; Martin and, Gov. W \\ to+ 1'Ill'W\. 1 p.issrnmr station
was a prominent: visitor here Wednesday Bench, where tiny will lire spending, a few days Brandon of Alabama, will take port here __ SUCCESS
with: her,. parents., :Sir. and. Sirs: .. 1 n.! ,' ,
'in l'Iuhuru'rell1llni Leesburg--Lodi| ground cables I
spend( several wtt. I Wilkinson. and his father, F. :SI.fiews ,,'' for the event.;; A celebration beirir lai
Sirs.: John S.r.ver: of Biooktr, Paul E. (night ti.tinned Friday I lasting nil daya'nd concluding with' l Io>v l.tesbitir 'Pilo'hone, company Grcavitle' er tenf
:Mi, Fthtl Riiks WHS a visitor lurciui( torporntions! near turns. Hide I th, !: i
spent ;Monlv; 11: town with her from a t\vo-\vei-k,, visit with his s u I hall" at night will Usher ill out-" I"hlIl'tV"I'II: .Untxl\ ( on .now > tho I
daughter, :Miss :Marguerite Shrivvr. cousin, ChaLa: I'SI'II, J\\'., of to Staike Friday. of the I most iIllI'UrtulltPiel.eM of ;Murphy rim d, to cant $20,000.: () ) Jlu -- Us Mrvire is the ciiiiil to any rompttitor, and a I gad, In

i Lake'and, I II :Sir find :Mrs II. C. \\ lllh'rly Jr. rond 1 work in Florida, An bridge :St.;:: I'I.tcl..lourg"--Iuildinj] permits hoinv romfrn. le of.
of :Nit'hols, arrived! Sunday for a I I )

:Miss Claudia Terry, of Jacksonville I which: \\ '': g/'tcwav! to IKBU'' <1 .Ia t i i ig/ mon: h of Mav, total V the
with his. :Sir. and ,
spent Tuesday afternoon in Mrs.1': !. W. Ti.lis: and dauA'hlerI I visit partnts. the state and which $I ((tO.tIl.) :) GAINESVILLE BUS CO. How.

Starke with friends cf Waldo, w,!"e in town last Friday :Slis. imberly: are leaving( Wednesday I I wil do \prOVIIt old ferry T a r" :1:i II I'lt'iungcr' ",ervue by n tho ,

I visiting. ; her motl er, Sirs.: Al- 'I Ii for Fort Lauderdale wherethey I which on that airplane inaiiK iuited, between this I. onth

Col.! D. E. Knight spent :Monday, i var z. will be located In future.N. road. I :" r- st fc
.tIf" ?
I :
I {
in Lake City, where he went on R. Hendley made a trip to _" i in.

professional J lusineas.: Starke is a good town-make It'''i Starke Friday.! I Perniiisicn has t ]en'given-; the ==' 1C25Choa':!! ,*. K *t
I better by busing at home. Your Mrs J. A. Starling was shoppingin I, Dade and Brownnl;} I }-drllillalloI -

This week only.; Get your merchants wanta your trade and Starke Tuesday. I I districts to construct a system of I
Nylotis Deluxe Face Powderfor Johnson's Cash Store has the best R. (i. Starr and Geo. Robinson, levees and, sluicegates to protect -11111 11111il1 ago has w.

75c; and you will receive asa prices. Come in Saturday morning I of Jacksonville, were transcating I from flood and fire about 210,00.1.> I i Statement of Condition of tort, s 4 i ahs .

gift a sugar shell.; Corpen- and let's show you> How to buy business here Tuesday. I acres! of the back country of Miami ,: ( on t'
Store. Mrs H. C. Wimberly and II. C. and Fort Lauderdale. The board of ,
ing's Drug: three dresses for one dollar. I '1111It..t/ t

Dr. J. E. Main,.*, Jr., of the< Du- I t :\11'. and Mrs B. L. Randall and I 1 I Wimberly Tuesday.L. Jr.., motored to Jacksonville I commissioners Drainage! District of will the also F.verglndes lend the/ '' II IIsit! THE BANK OF STARKE STARKE FLA. j j1 t.l tlTIl

val hospital, Jacksonville, was the (daughter, Clara, of Daphne, Ala., I S. Carter and Clyde Carter Broward sub.distnct $20,000, ) to : sit ,

guest of Holhs Knigl.t; Tuesday. I attended the Randall-Alvarez. wedding I were sistors to Lawtey Tuesday. I build 1 its! share of the system. il1 eo

I of> June 29th, and were the ,, '\ R. Smith, of Staike, was n I Various delegations have culled 1 \\1; An Honor Roll Bank ov ,e
J. W. L. Pin:tokter, of tho i, guests of :\11'. and Mrs. J. M. Al visitor here Tuesday. |, on the: board and told the members ,
Brookcr section, was among the varez. I Miss: Maggie: / Burnett left Slon: I that some protection is necessaryto slut i I II ?''n.of

visitors to town Monday I : day for Hampton after doing relief encourage" any agriculture there. IIIIj; I

:Sirs. Ralph E. Rhodes, of Tallahassee : work here for Mr. Bob Smith j A levee will be built from the !Miami We are pleased to call attention to the following statement I Ili't litHi
Regular :5."c; cakes lOc: at returned home Wednesday; while he was enjoying a vacation to the South :New': River tonal, ail
Starke Bakery. I, after spending, several weeks in I spent in his old home at Calhoun, anothtr levee between the South IIl' of the condition of the Bank of Starke, at I II a'.I!

Staike with her parents) Sir: and S. C. i I :New': River canal und tho :North': li't the close of business on Wednesday, : : [

:Miss Pa dire T' omits, of Stuart Sirs.: J. :SI. Alvarez. i :New': River canal made water tight, I II',
has been in tIn several days visiting SI'AIE CAI'll'AL) I NEWS i a slu cegiito! plaied in the :Sliamitunal June 30,, 1926 thn.

relatives.Mr. : I I Friends hue of :\11'''. Jack Williams I and u sit of lucks in the I RESOURCES LIABILITIES i I .

of Cijia, will regret to I learnof Tal!. hils see, llalC'onfionted I South :New': !Kiver canal This will III.II.'I "

: and :Mrs. E. W. Have and her death which oceured several with proof of wanton la\vlessnes shut the water :u times! of flood, I'' t till 1.
and liquor dealing. in Dixie county, :! CASH:: ON HAND AND DUE Capital Stock SIS.IHUOO: ( j 'I
children, spent Sui.ilr.y at Jacksonville ] days ago in Ol'ah.Irs.: Williams : onto uninhabited, land 1 west and ill i' r.
Dca:h. was a former resident of Hampton, (!ov. John W. :'M.ill has remove!:1 south ofIiulIi.: i. : ii, FM,M BANKS $144.Zt'J.4J: SURPLUSUNDIVIDED l lt:>. M>0.00 ,\itI t,
I!i and has. visited I :Sirs. 1A.. Scott Sam C. Chavous as sheriff and appointed I I iiS UNITED STATES BONDS 11.WO 00 > PROFITS ct.69: II:

To the first fifty customers Saturday I lore on several oriusiont She isstnvivcd ( John S. l Judlr"rd!< > !, marsh-ill: Bids: for the JIC'WlIOOOO:\ slate I !S COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL BONDS (Deposits) 32.?.7-' .76
'n' of (' .. his stead. 1'1 33..0I.l9( Cashier Clinks 2.91.; :;.oo I I II
morning '" "" n fln'J by a daughter, :\11'''. Huc-tt[ ro s City, in Tallahassee whuh
free. John-on's: Cash htoie. of Citia, and u son, Jack Willmms, A committee ot Ifi of the leading was office uuthon/id building/ by the last legislature I! All loans and discounts 151.197.11! Certified Checks! ..25Banking I Ia I
of Ocala. citizens of the county called. on the will be. received July 27. It is : ; ? House, furniture and Total 1 J6 .'l" l 1.61
is. governor, with two Pcirj :1 fixtures 9,265.19 J 1t
Junior :MtDomil! spending! a tojrithcr thought the building. tan lie) fini-h- I 1r
month with his aunt, Mrs. T. 1)). :Mrs alai: ( Junes and, son, Doutt, Lawyers who had I heen usked to Th"lut, Other real estate 8.571 I. IIJIIII !
Griffin, of Pails Island 1, S. C. : of Stuart, are here on a visit at the come, to Cross City to make an investigation. 'e,1 by next February. Tax Sale Certificates 183.71 DcposiM June 30, 1926 $121.1.76:
I road department, the motor tar Ii- June 30 1925 '
I :
home of Dr. and :Mrs. W. V:. :Slid Thin investigation, Overdrafts ___699.96____ Deposits 215,759.ItgII' .
department and vaii/ .
:Mrs S. K. Dillon and 1 four th'l- dkton.SIiss. made under cover of darkness and cense smaller tug ilepaitments, are to [bipi IIII'I II' Total Gain for year 77.511.68

t'rcn, of Jark'-onvTe, have been t conducted. under the shadow of the iIIl I IIi

recent guests of her sister, :Mrs.' : Haiti [Doulmg of Jatkson- fear of Sheriff Chuvous, brought III The foregoing slat< meit. shows an increase of more llian' 30 p-r rent
W. S. :MoteMr. -. i yule, spent( the first of the week out moiu than 100 affidavits swta.--; I II'i
i I' here at the home of her uncle and log that the sheriff and, his depu. [ A WORCOLUMN Ii' in our resources during the year ending June 30th. 'I 1 :_ f1 f! j) a

and ;Mrs. George E. :Mover: : aunt, Ur. and :Mrs\ W. E. :'olidelll't ties are actively engaged in liquor I'i' healthy growth in the financial conditions of our patrons and the com I

of :Miami, are spending this week : ,,". selling, that the sheriff refuses. to and congratulate all concerned.We .
i generally we
in town vl'tin011'/ : and :Mrs. Ceo.C. I terse warrants and at the name I munity ,
White.CAIETV. II 1 I :Mrs W. E. :Sluldleton and, two time made 15 arrests since the first FOR SALK Peaches for (canning, I I III

daughters, :Sladge'\ and Hazel, and of the year with no charge mado. )nth white and yellow ling st'ine sefc' I ,
.son, CJeiald: and :Sirs. :Mae Jones against the arrested pnrties :Mrs Ceo.! i A. Gardiner. II' feel special pride in th tures of the statement:

spent Monday with relatives In The committee also submitted 'I ;
Jacksonville. i i proof that :Sheriff, Chavous. and his SIADXSIK: :\ LUCIK has removed! to Our Large Cash Reserve II

I brother, W. P. Chavous, stole the, j Church street, opposite Episcopal III Our Large Bond Account ;. ,'
|I :Sir. Shelton Overstrcct, who has &1inatin busing churih. Marcel: waving: :, rm aar.
1 fur
[[ n state senator, y Our Large Surplus Fund
"Let's Goy I teen assisting( <\ Kxpress Agent<: A., 17 J poll tax receipts twiceChavous ,,, |I In /', eye l brow perferu! mania iI i- II ''r

,, I'. Huffman. left Wednesday for) defeated Senator;: JoI1. I curin/C./ ItF'OiI All of these make for Safety and Security, and that is our ordinal, ( .,,1,1II I-', ,
his home at Trenton.
Scales cf I'erry for the Denu-
TIIURSDA Y.I.'IUD.\ era tic nomination and! the majont y R.\ I. :-That t<,/y little -tu<"- II principle Safety First \Vith us all other: cor'i'lrr.Mior( i are -, con. III iI:

"MAKKIED FLIRTS" When bujing from u K gained in Dixie county overeanu.. co bungalow in Scotts subdivision : dare We invite new accounts with the \\Jnd! f..I.lI.dlnh$ that \. are ::1'' ,.
jou'rt helping to Keep jour the lead of Senator Scales in Ideal, location, sidewalks, I
: Jo'eaturinR'C'OR.U .\Er.; money at home. Starkcllakerj. J"I'I and Lafayette\ counties Tay.I This;I pnving/ light, water and. sewer! : I amply able to take care of f I lie legitimate weds' : of our patron: used 1,1,

And Others. : \ ', subject ia now in the hands of the ago: near school and depot Ca-li on conscr\atne and careful banking methods. ./!
I i ____ ('II' terms. 1".1. Scott, Stnrkt, I '
A ).IETRO.lL111VYNNZl ; ) : courts. 1
: This nation will be one hundredind l 'i Florida.. 7-2-It

: .; S.UtKI-: ).\Y : fifty years old Sunday und! its Jacob M. Lassiter, of Hillabor-' 1 1I : ::1:

"A FK.IIT; TO FINISH": ; birthday will be celebrated at the ough county, hat been allowed tc I I FOR SALK--Fresh mill h cow with BANK OF STARKE

With I Presbyterian church Sunday night hand) his resignation\ us probation''I calf Also mule, wagon, harness III IIII

EDITH ROBERTS) at the! Temperance meeting. officer of that county to GovefoMartin r and dining table anti chairs, chiffonier II

7 Episode "SCARLET STREVk'I : followi g charges made: i and bed. C. Letsth, Starkc, I An Honor Roll Banko II!

I Nval" Silver Jubilee thii!I i i! against him by Judge Darlington 01'I f Ha. 7.:!-It. :

:SIONDAY.TL'ESD week nt Corpening's Drug:;:' the llill borough juvenile cou. and 1 R. J. DAVIS Cashier I
'I President ,
A UNIVERSAL JEWEL Store. Rogers Uros. silver, I others. W. B. Lanier has been ap- j FOR SALF.-192':> Ford coupe, iLL S. MATTHEWS .

\ "COHENS AND KELLYS" : !sugar: "shell given away witheach I i pointed to the position of probation I 'I fully equipped, Rutkstell axle, :

; irs C.RE.\T j << box of Njlotis face pow''I'I' officer. I spare tires, $350.::; II. A. Bishop, .

FELIX COMEDY der. 1 Lassiter was accused' of> misap-. t Stark, It.

{ r.i

"*I/-_ .., .
............ -4
r? .. t. : .
.Il. .r .
a' t .\" .'...40 .. ........... ....., .. ._ ..I."' ," '*<,
oJ' ...
"' .. ...... .. ... d_ .... ,..... .' '., ., '.,1_'


_. .. : ., .... ................. .;.-.. ,... ..... .
M .Sr e,wh, ..yes .. t._ rIh



; I 1 I I
, { f Tara Tate.DescrIptlon NOTICEIn .

NOT ICB Sec. T. IL A. Owner A Coat Sac.WV4 T. L A. Ownar A Cuts (
P..rlpllon ,
r Notice I. h..ruby Given that the fullownc. described I.nd will ba .01. .t tubHc.ucUun Circuit Court Eighth Judicial el,. II

un Ihe hl- 'r MUNIM\ IN JULY, 1,26. It t..lnll th. Itb day 01 add month. 01 I"t 14 ._._.. ... ___________ 1 7 20 ltd Unknown ____ U.78 of NEV A NWl., A lot S..27 8 I 294 Unknown. 66.29 I cuit. Bradford County Florida. In Chancery.
f. bfore the loull"uu,n, hour .1 Starke. Bradford Couat" StaIR .I Florida 0. so H. 01 lul 1Z------- 1 7 10u, Mre. 11..0. Mutt ____ 1..1 Lou> 1 8 fracl Stt' __._____27EM 6 I IU Unknown ---- /33.62 I, "

. t much th'n..r u will b. nrc.w.ory" to 1'.1' the .mount due for tuns let oppirte, tb. j bL'N' of NE4:" Ns of tlEy.-I Iw of NE'' of NE t A NWM I J. 8. Grlner :' f

..me. tog. ther wllh the cwt 01 .ucb solo and advertbing .. ..: :. --- 8 7 20 113 Unknown _____ 28,23N1vW of NW'/4 _ .28 8 II 80 Unknown ____ II.a Complainant
1:. W. UA\"Ii. T.a CoUoocto. a NL'n' sat SW44 Ls Ain SW"4" A 1 I.<.iU 3 4 or frail 8Et4..2g..8Sl 80 Uolooo..o ____ \a J,

7ua SB, cur fur what, __.._! _. 8 1 20 1YU Unknown _____.______ U.33 NEK A NWV of NWi,, A NW Florida Railroad Company, a cor I II II

1..nlp.I". 8..,. T. K A. Owner A. coat NWW ul "I'r -. ___-. ______ _____8 1 Yo 4U Uaknuwn ____._________ 14.14 W of Stow __.___._____28SE'4 I II 110 Unknown --------- 'Ia it al. I

I 2W"S. ItI': '" ul 8K': '' U. 8 Ii luU Unkoowo __ /6.W i iAU b1 4 .I SE44' __.. __.._________- 8 1 8w 4U lInlinowo _____.________ 1..1. of SK', __n._-__--.2D 1 40 Unkno..n --------I! .:: p'.tl"o.DvfundanU.Order 1J
1 4 _=M__N_ 11.11 ul SW '.. of8wy4A All _RO 8 840 Unknown of ,. by Publication.
of Illvr 48 8 IV .U Uokuuwu 1 w. acre 111 "to cut -- ---- -n -
g. 84d. ur ::.E'I' S of z..w Itivor bW'q: of oS 1'01 .I bW All .. : :::::::- -31 8 21 840 Uo.n..D_ _____ ______163.66 lu Known and. Unknown r. jot.,n :

I All ; ''.I Nk'( ... a nod nil aE4.of ',. _ 8 7 20 IA Unknown ______.____ 4..WN NEi' | & E;:,.. "f NW' I SW' butt lo hrntnva Cluuu. Uuliit illlr :, :

and sa.N'y N of o1 h, x..u., ,, Fr 11"33 8 la Lou Unkllo..o -_______._ 41.11I \ ul riW'' "1 SW.e ex I: .I A. d 7 :..10 11 M... Ouuu-Mull. u________ 14.64 &W '111, ..f SK'.| _ ___32 8 2180 Unknown __________14u.85 I npprarlntf from the an, .ati. i f .:'\
? 7 1.1 Uolloowo ___________ I.U8 of $E' 2'' A 1A 1r I
f.I All ur NE4 nod,, Syu or 1'100'f /. Lot Id I 01 WK 1 Ward Uly6 1 or E"i .a worn bill of complaint la the uCUIIM. .
8'p : 8 1 841 Unknown W.U In SB __ -12 8 18 Unknown _____ IUO II
I jv 1101 River snd SW.4. II W4 4 of8EV4 .tole II 4 .r lilt 8 W.r"II' ---- -------- I cur - -- -- 1 that the ., rwldiinco or place of

A of nEt _____.__34 8 )la >640 Unknown ----- 46.34 Lola 6 Y lu 11 01 IIlk 1 Ward NWVi A SW'4' of buMinuaa of the d..r..ndan' ,''1.1 Hailroud
J SE"! .r' Shb.Nh44 __._-Sf 8 IV 411 "Luknuwq ---------.- l1hUNEW I II 1.:11': __ __ __._____________ S 1 10 U. T. 0.0 __________ lV.4U Iots1W4234 '_u__ _______.____.aa 8 1 450 Unknown _________1880 Company, 14 .0por..lun. tlc, .. I Land J

: II .11 NW ', S 01- River ANE4 I Lots 1 8 II 4 lot III" 8 Ward LoU 1 2. a 4 or rracl ..__ __--_J8 8 240 Unknown ___________ 1.12 I and Imniiitration ,, a Li>riiorauon.Lewla \

I ..' 018E,,. _. .. . .__-85 8 IV dbq: UokDUWU.- --- 18.U4 Uty., _.._______.._.______ 8 1 10 Unknown _______ 1.0U Lot I or INH\ or NEW' A lots 3 niack.hear and Civi Rlackah r hit '
NW4.. 01 SEW A NE'4' 01 8W4A Lut II 01 Elk 11 Ward Ulty ____ II 1 14 Unknown ______ I.Y8 4 *,>r NW'/t' A lota B S 7 B or wife, Wm. E. Cade. diner and W.

NSi' of NW 331 of II'w''41 ___.7R S 19 Io0 J. 9. l/o..rd ____._ av.U I .tote 1 8 4 6 .r 1111 18 Ward fracl SH vt N or Ky -_______.38 8 2 1 Unknown __.____" lua J. M. Unner" If llviim., and f dead then

I BW4 01 SW'. _.. ._. ______ ___35 8 II 411 "Uuauuwn _M __ l1.YY CIl" ________________ S 1 10 Unknown _______ 8.25 All lota S 6 7 8 or fracln SH Sof Emma Grater, Llulo (drlnur ,leads, Crin.er. .
01 NII"" A W'j' or NIs''I. Lute 1 a 3 4 01 1IIk 18 Ward CIL' ,. 8 7 :.IU 11. 1'. i.IO.iI' _________ ".1. Ry _____-_-_- --_----_-J8 8 21 222 W. M. Edward. _____- TUa Cliarliti tirntr. lUnry linn. r. WillnCrintT.

7E4 A NW", A SW'w' .I SW'4 A I Lot II .I Hlk I6 Ward 1.:11': __n 8 1 141 It T. U..D. _________ 1 ..Ul..t N'' of N''... or call Nb'i 1 1 2 2 W. M. Edward.--_ 10.8 Ida WaU'r 00.1.I'b.' K tout

', \ NW Lai 010.. _ ....38 8 la .lbU Uok"owo _________lU.,4, I 7 .I 11110 16 W."I City ______ d 7 911 Unknown ________ 8.1U'' Lots 123456 or trio arc exNH her hunbanil. fcllali'i, and Uu ''V.,..
____ 4 1 8U l>I... V. W. Maloaa 6761roL1 of of 1 7 HH Unknown __ .
of .I sic'' A Noy' or Lot 1 .I ilik 1 1'W.rd 62.4' ------ N'a MlVi -- --- -- 2 11' her husband irino Lvlllu. and n U.
S'rio SEW .
1, J __ __ __ __ I U luU G. 11. Cola..o ______________ Y.KOI I 1 "Ik'17 1':" lots 1 8 oil E!: .,d. I All frail .ec n.n 2 7 1 GUL Unknown ______10.78 Li'itnir, her. huauund. liLira at ,r

I SL bI'4, of A i' ,' ..r SKV I 7 la IOU lIn."own --- 1648DW4e 4 tax W 611 ft-------------. 8 7 20 Unknown 1.UU Iota. 1 2 3 4 or tract ai... ___n_ 8 1 1 21 Unknown ________ 6.0& t-.r.h Grlnur and' W J. M li If
I of wt,' SW4' of SWi4 I Lou I 01 J 4 I. 13..1 gut I" Ward All PPi;' H of S. A. L. Ky A NE James l K. llundnciu Jun'

A Boll .r ,KI'a ,. A NW" .I Ulty __ __ __ ____________ 8 1 20 M... 11.,0. Molt ------ 12.1 4of SW>. A8'FJof SWV. AEH d..c. Gcrtruco Muck and Jin i ..K

logy ____ __ __on 2 7 11 duo Ullknown ____ 5d.21 Lot 0 b r 8 01 IJIk 46 Ward. Uity- 1 2U Unknown ____ 14.64 I of NW, of SWVt A lot I'nob.. b.b.d. Mvrniith Granger, Join, .
but 23 K. lot 1 Ward CIIy'- 7 >1. UOkOOWD .. 7.46 2 or A lot 1 fracl .o
,. Et.:' vr NRW': A NE'y 01 4KW All I NW" or tier. John Uoaton, John L. Villa .
: ..... Com 6011 I. E or IIW cur or SE4of : WH NE'4 lying N A W ofCornela .
II 8w4. of sKW:' ---- 8 7 II triO UokooWIi : Robert Murruon Mi'liua Blake. Ui. .l II
'. .I NWhac I. NW .ol sw .A run 10: IUO Ct 1'1' 1111 St acclrdinit to plat of I Chancellor (i. Hall W.
NK44 \ '
NW4. _ __ 8 1 la bU U"k"own _________ 11.V W Ito II. 11 I. ft to beg A. Sampson City, ex lots ."Id 0___ 4 7 SI 200 Unknwown. ____... (282 lo"h.m.and rlorM M. Lathrop.his,. wife,

I'' 8'11, .1 NW'p' A l'io! 01 $!We.! __ 3 7 la loll "' ...."u.n --- nsdNE4 bounded B by J. A. Abbott raIdeuso I All tho fray of SEV. of NEVi Oscar Abba, if loving or In ..tn.... and

.f NIA' _..__..___u___ 1 1 11 Lao v..ouwo __________ u... lot ._ ___ ..-- ..----- S 1 20 Unknown ______ .au I that portion of SWVt! of NEVi\ if or not in ..blance. thoir.or .
1 ________ 14... .I ___ ___________ I 1 811 lyttiK. S A E of Cornelia St. 0.0
1'1"40' 01 N"40 of NE'/' ------ _____10 1 U W lI..uown ___ SW',4 "OW/4 -- .U Unknown __d. 18.1>> ac- halra dvviaeva, I..w. ..'.nu.
I 4of NW,, A NE" .r SWlioftSW" All NW'/4' .r IIIW00\ II .I NY l4y to plat of Sampson City) and uccafBora and aanliina, ara l"known ta

", nr "NES4; _____________10 1 11 16U Unllllu..D ______ ....K A __ __ -- ----------------- W I 10 1 Unkoowu a..a that portion of NWVi "' *>I5H\ complainant, and that there ta no pervon la

REW' 01 SEW .. _-_ ______11 1 U 40 Unknon. 11..U SII\oo\ .I NE'A' Noy 01 8Ey6Ea \< lylncNof8.AL.. RtAS the Slat. of Florida known to Rm"laln
I N------ .r __________ I 1 ao A E of Cornelia. St A that
I .1t Uoknown Itl' "anl way 1011 H. P. G.loy __ 11.001 ant tha .. 01. aubpoana
of uon
NW4 -
1 BV4 NW4 of 162'4 --::::::::::::::::l8 ; : : truhg.wq : : ====: tl1.tl4NW4 NE'> .I NL4 II WI\o 01 NEIi ANE4 portion of NE' of SEVi. lying whom would' .1.hind the aald defendant or

01 SW'h'. II W 11 A ofswgl or NW\o\ A, Joi.H\:\< 01 Sw N of Mild ex owned by either of them, and that It la believed bycomplainant
I .1 .10 W. H. Bailey 84 Unknown __. SS,47
4 7 SI
I or sw\o A WIG A ofNB4 ---- ---------------- 208 Uok..oloD 4336 that the named

or 8W.4 _____________11 1 II .1 Unkoowu _ _ 10.0 N.. 01 Nk4.. II NW4 01 8W4A Lot A B Sub Dl. lot 2 of .,. intereited In tao property d.o"d.nl
1'1"40 01 NW4." II ffW'4 01 NWIiII BS43of4WY.AW4yofSB: \ Alb.I.rkd: lot A B Sub Die of this suit t and complainant In.l.a

8W\6\ of $E4"; A E'4' 01SEW. 4. A. NE4of: SE4' __________10 1 10 820 Unknown 16." lot 18 In Samvaon City. 4 7 SI Unknown 788Unknown. he dew not know., and by .101. tt

: _- ___12 7 11 You. Uolooo..a- __- 81.1 Nb.S6 ur NW4 A W'.io 01 Nw4ka \ Sub Div E: A F of of lot 1 A and Inquiry. not been able to..b a>-

SI\4!:\ o'R\\ ________________11 7 11 tv tJ11Ya.wONoy __ ILYu : Icy rght 01 way ________10 1 JI 108 H. P. G.IDq &1.11 Sub div A B C D of lot-of certain whether.any of the Mid aaaiev)

.I BJIJ'4 N .r RI... ________11 'II 6U Uoknowu.. 31.44 Nob A N"40 01 SW\\ A SWIi ofBW4 HIS 18 .In Sampson Citr, 4 1 II .1118 d.l.nd.nl. ..h... age. naldenoa or plea

n 1'1"40 01 NtW: _______-----14 7 11 Itllol \ .f NEyi; N .1 R'v.r _____14 f 11 "Y U"koO"D __ .... sE'r4:' II SE'A et 1I.H\:\ ____11 7 ''S 060 UOIoOO"'D 114.13 Ik B I In Sampson City ........ 4 1 tl Unknown ____, S r dead or alive, or in or not. and.

I N44orsw'ALSEorNW44iN6'4 \ All __ ______________-____" 1411 Ustoown. ...... Lou Sa Ha 18a tea A 1 Iota A B It K further alleved In.tan.the ._m bill of

:' 01 SF.41!: / 9 11 180 Unknown ___ .....sNK'4 E'I. A E4y. .f NW'4 A NW..oINWoo C l> Sub DIv of lo 17 A 89 ft on complaint that there may be

Dr NE'1'' 1 IQ /0 Uolloo" _____ u.... \ II IW1,4! or BW\Io\ ____13 7 III 480 UOAOO"D _____112.8. E aide I of :lot 19 of Bib 8 laSampeon firma and eorporaliona.. Interested p..o.in the

NE4: 01 IIIH 11.11 SB\4:\ 01Joi.14 E'la .I NE4.:"" olio IiWIIt .r NEy.AE'h City __ _. *..-_ ... 4 7 SI Unknown _-..?__ 487 aid property involved In this suit whose.

8 nr it ..i ____________ 1 6 II 64 Unko..D 111.80S"40 .r NW4": A JoiW\o\ 01 NwN Lot. 8 of Illk. 18 A H ..r.In car name, age ...Id.n.. or place of bualneaa

or BW'4 sal, $W44 -------- I 8 20 .Y 8. t:. L'.... ------ "' AN64 01 SW\\ ANW of Fourth and Iu.. Street la I. unknown to complainant and In said
S"40 Dr 8W4 nrIF ',. __________ I 8 10 162 8. C. Unws ____ ..4"1 44 01 oSl1'l4' abEyE: :\<0 01 SE4l4 7 10 640 Unknown 8'.11 Sampson City .__.__..._.. 4 .7 21 Unknown ___ LOT bill relief la prayed auaimit such known

W'rio 01 NK'4' t; 01 IUvee ___on I S 10 .U U"kI'.O' _ .. NW", .r IiW\oo\ A N'rio 01 SW'Aof Blka A IiC1284Aall83k5 I and. unknown defvndanu' person, firma

N4 01 Nk'4;' ___._11 8 20 ku ... U. ...... --------- :. '. IIW: y. _____.____nun_.. 1 ao eo T. P. Lllchll.14 ___-_ 1423NWyW ex lot 8 A Iota 10 12 14 18 18 and corporatfona.

\oiW'/ Dr HN'y; J ..II 1'.r: RE's' I '. 01 SW.7 8U 411 H. I'. "Umosy ________ IJJUWV4 I 20 of Illk 6 &all Blk 7 ex lots. Tin-REFOUE It It ordered
W .f ml.hc n.l, A 0 oil 8W1,4Dr or NEy1 A N"',1 or NWV4A 10 It II) 21 < In'. 1 2 4 or Jll that all

SNP:' N .r Ii 11 "II..h" .11 6 30 .0 lJ"lu.wo, -____ :12.11', NW'Y4" .I SE,4: A t'rio: 01 SE : 8 & loin i :"I 4 ...rk I A .. portninn, firms and corporation, named

",oral. a'' SW f NIl",. ..r .' I .-- --- .16 7 20 34Q U"kll..wn __________ ?I.8M 4 I or Hlk 1 10 A l.i.l: 2 4 cif Jilt I,,11, if(hi.dtail.."tlr.. If b. law o, .xlntanco,
____ 7 10 II & lot. 2 4 of Illk 11 A Into ol iir nut In t tUtance" then his,
S I" 'l of SEP .C NW4! Ir. IU
NI'1:' A 0 Illn led tn wrtnf Unknown __________ 8,36N her. thi'lr .
race \I... ,I0, McKtnnvyII IN? of Sh t.\ xa S 6 .turn.. ___.I6 T 20 J11.. I'. Uaney. ________ 141,07Uno J I ..f Hlli I : Ai lute. 2 464 10 \lAim. liKutiiH.or .itx .i."v.. I.r I da
..f LSIL11AI..te12/489/.. guar" '' <- "in and
,,,,I,. I" ,. uloou' ', ..cuntbraurh ,, .\ u, -W: .u. ur NW 4 ur N '
It I. d> huh UK A U ..i if;n'. and) nil ,p.. rsi n I i I',, m"d.. '
.1.I D..I
'h" ., ,,' "f NI''I;' of7L W Lai I II" ),1. N b b by olio ,.1. l ,, .
ti.,. '." ,,, II -12 4 20 ,4 Unl.uwn, 1I.UI I; A S7 .Id 7 20 I t..kro..wn: ___________ 1.6K lot in i.f Ulk 15 & all Ik 10 I"'",' "tI..llr,. I Ir.,n ,i i rvq i no', ii IIye.'xl
iin.l '. ,
81':W' ur NIl' __ __.12 1 10 .u lIoknuwlI _______________ IL.GdNW4 I. .. ..r NI. di li J Ju Aerie sal IV I E s '.l b Dlv A 11 I I of let 2 n. I t" II', 4. i i | "W. pnrcvb

.. nf NR: .Il 6 20 4U b. U. ________.__ 1d.4J '',4 .r :.E.1' _________ ___11 1 20 JlO Unknown ..1.81J I I I..C 1.1 I A 0 SubUr l .\ II C I nr fcrd lur and. nf Alncltua lund lyiiiic' anil, I beinir In DrDI
Nt11.r Mt;'' -32 6 2U 40 U. A. II..WI: 6 (:u---_______ 14.44W4y J\\\ 44 0l N W'w'. I.... 1 A 1'1 .I uf lot I A lot S of Illk 1 A .ounll. State' of .w.

01 NE'! :' __. 12 6 20 bU UIlIo..WIl ____________ 4.6u I Icy _________._____-___11 7 20 at Unknown _____ 25.74 I 3 t ol Ulk in 8 .. B 8 of Idu. known and ... .follow lSchnluln
W 01 tiW .I ,)1W.4 __----17 1 10 30 Unknown Ilk 1U lola' 8 of Blk 20 ''.p..ly In Unnlford
E44 II 1"V' I I,. A E'y orHWY. )Ye 4 ____?_ 11I.10 County. .
13 6 10 ..., I.IIIII..OWD ____146.6. NW'q ul
E% of 8W'% f ., 10'', A ur W'g.f or Itivor __--______________11 1 IQ 120 Unknown ____ saola 31 37 as 39 In Sainpnon' City 4 7 SI Unknown ____u___ BSSB The Northeast W.t of the Northwest quarterof
I' .I lot 1 In H" right or Lot 12 of Blk In Sampson quarter: The South half of
1 I".VI N44
... \ I
BEY T. 1'a.1I -n
NWW of '7A 1'I, -h iI W 4.-14: 437 ?- way A .Iw lU acres ____._____ld 1 20 II Unknown ____ 1013 City. .. ____ ____ ______? 4 7 1 Unknown ______ 1S8S the Northeast qu.r"l! and Soutbeaatquarter

SW'4 "I SW'1' _________1& 6 10 160 Unknown _____ 11.05 Lot 6 ------------------------1* 1 to 80 Unknown __ 264NK' / I Sub Dlv. ABC D of lot 2 A Sub all In Twenty-threo ((281') f

NE\r 01 FW'4 I -___15 6 IU 4" "IIOOWD" __ U.6& I, oC Nlt'1: ________._______20 1 90 40 U"koowa -.??..__ 1391SW'A Dlv. A H of lot 4 .tt lou I". The West half of the West half of Section ,
I la A WH of lu'. A II Twenty-four 4241 ; Tho North half of
{ 10 11.64NgW : '\ or NEy4/ A III' or NW4A A lot
hE4 : sK' : --- -- 418 4U Uollo..WD un C D E F Sub Dlv of lot the North half of the Northeast
; It
N0.: A: KW';' .Of '; NE4! .r I SW4 II BE'4 Nof A Qu.r.
______________ 1 10 lot A B A lot 21 all In Blk of Non h.n.t quarter, Section, T..nt".ls
A NY nf.KW"" R: or 'Iv.r21 6 20 VU Unkoo"D __ 17.94NW44 It.er ._ 21 180 Uokoo"D _____ 17.21 17
oI 'NE'" 'A Noy' 01 NW'428 6 to 12U U. '1'. 1'.00011 .- -- 18.14 All NW',. 0' NW4 Ih E!: U A..22 1 10 28 'pokno"D '.18 in Sampan City ....... 4 1 SIT Unknown .17 OS Eight((261.) Al nf above being In Township
All South
Boy" .f eEW! ._ _.. _____2& 1 10 oU Uolloo" u..O Swy4 or NE4 oil SE4: of NW4.A Blk 43 S of S. A. L. Ry In Bend ((8), Ranita Twenty-two (22)
A ofSE'A of City ..__...... 4 Unknown Rent.Schedule. ,
106 ....4 In SIa1" ..I NEIit Com. NE4! oC 8WIoo 89W4\ S.mPO 1 -?.. I.r
M brooch .1 nor. Dr Oliver A NEW d JooWIoo IIU Sub Dlv 8 of Blk 17 A "R", p..p.rP In AlaehuA

led A ram AI46 It. 8. to W. 11. A of NW 433 01 NWW. _____.22 1 10 212 Unknown ___ la.n Sub Dlv A B of lot 1 of Blk 20 county Florida

01n I.nd, W 'n 0..11..Y branch NW4 or NP/4;' II tlw'4 u1SW44.21"' 7 10 80 Unkoo..a __ 13.180 In Sampson City __ __ ___.n.. 4 7 SI Unknown ____ 78* Commence at the Southeast corner of
M on r.nrh to large. branch.Ib.nee .;\, 01 NW% A SW4W \ 01 SW4AE.4 Sub Lily I li C of lot It of Blk lot sold by liUN.ell n"h.1 to C. G. B.II
10 : 01 .. --------------8 a 1 10 200 I 6A !.. Div A BC D E F of running thence North along Rut
up, .HI.I branch to br&i.--28 S 104 Co A. Smith a c... 1.U Unknown ".02 la.
lot maid lot
1of Ik IflO feet to of
..... I.. MI':' ..r NE'4 1lnil W W4y. .ISlh 01 bEO4' A 8W'I. ofSM4 I4A&b 0 Dlv I H Norh..t
... fL -------------------3 1 20 80 S. L. Procott I IZO CUE of lol 8 of lilt .010 lot : thence Easterly Twenty feet to
.1 3y npua' I xl {76 to a pat _________ 11.15
In braorh Io ,.11100 Dr br6.
Ib.nre W 0w" fl, N 100 It 4YK'i; .r S1Yh! ______ --.. 24 1 to UO Unkno..n. ________. 8M2 A U of' lot 4 of Ulk IV 'in Samp, !' ... '. said line 100 feet to a
.._______ 1.10. nun t ity ,..._ ___-4 Unknown Sink. them- W. l.rly T...nty fort 10
B 8011. t I "lu"1, ram vI 'SWh "I o.W' 4 411 n. It. Cuban _____________ IZIII -- 7 SI __ ______-1491 ,
Cram of ,
whropS.t S'1' sal. :-'I'1".r N1l'4' ______ _.. 7.1w. 20 Unknown in 'trofG.S.A FRy point bruinnniu .
branch, .1 "? I. I.i n _________ 170Id .
_..23 S It 40 Co. __ G..I1 I.I /I Ctt r.n 1.. ..., .L rim' b I 'UK. -* 01 I I 1.t. mi,'" i I'.ml' ..'h..0 M I.,i 1 c.rl.mi tr "'t t r I I. I 11, d bull,.
n' 6 C. A. Swilb i I 211 front MIL "inv, lliirn.ii, tin, 1 I'u ,...
Isd., '1.1. I I. 'rmh, : tl ...rDIN" ':. y.b.. K lIiI yla IV 4af. 30.441 N HU mi ,1 41 firm I in .f M.I be.umnhp *
": '' ', w".r NW gds lu pL uC &bra JO acuw u'.u' lathe & run E on .aid Ky truck at n atal;?> I I'., f.. i ,,uth of
:t I'; :9.841I.scl cum III NW cue of xc 3. A nut 127 ftSI.: ft to' ft of beef Soiitluutit cnrnt i,,1 lot "f !,'1 old and
'. Hrr .I I I 1', It t --------- Co Abmlb olio Co. ___ I ,
Ulk""t .o luv, r ,In. I',' ...I'B : 47 '''''! 43.1.' "., 10I I 10 yili (0 ..L. ofI theme S I.J7 I I inl ft N ; "Jno''re:1: 41 Km;i:ra run i.: thence
:- % S. IV'' "I NW4 beg thence K allu yda S .8U yday.b filB'.j ft to S. I. fly right of I I j lo 0 itnlii.: I MI I,' no, South IOCl
t .1,, IYn .IIt N HO yda lR the way thince N divniw K on l .' n ilnlio II..v' \t..t. fc -t to
't n" Jo:: .. 1.16 ) 7
". U 'I1 1 1. -- .---- c. A. IJlDltb oIi Cu. _--- ''tho
._ Kind riiil,l of \\tty ft I hence nildilliof. th,. -in i i' ." .1 llolImny -
.11116 of. I ;r-;. .v \\I", emE'y '.101 1'w ..: ..cro" --- 25 T 20 10S .1. G. ColmnNW ; I' .
.'NI::' ".r21A WI'ulM It of ,4k 'b4 A SE; 4 01 ::Jt:1o;: __ 0 7 10 NO lJ"k"oW1l __________ 46.76 ,6< 2 ft lu palm' of Inn I I.1rrcx4" 7 21 12 T'nltnown ....?_?.... Avinu. Iliini. N,. ti) ii Middle 0'Hnhl
I 8.7 .
Fcc 8It I ; --- _____ 1.110 NI'oil' < h'q' of SW41 ---- __-.2d 1 .10. 24U Unknown NE'i .10.1'; ex 10 A In faK con ulnit 100 fit, ,In I" ,""",". All of
Wilt N2e11wNRiv--- C. A. Im.lb AI Cu __ ?__.___ 16.80 it 8' ut I I the ,
'I' NII NIIIk S'U or SK ol nl'ovo| 'm H. eHou (IU
Lot' I"" II l I' r I U N4) of hl' 1..1 A III NE cur I : bEVi h.ln. Tlilrtoin ,

I rc In E'.I, t H. O 2'I It W for chulrh __.__.. ... __.436 1 10 70 Truman D. P.I __________ 21.06 A:' : of '.MS' '? of SIP G 7 11 M tTn"no. __ __________ 191 Townflilp, ,' "I'M. Si.nth ItanKO Twcnty-
8E'4 two l.'Jl' Kniit
or N\\I : ,1'I'.08112', //10" A. Ny ", NW'4: 011 NE'4:' ul I Sl' 64'4 or sw',. or ( null IH a p.r of lot Three
i 'h __ .. ___. 1 90 :SKt1: :' "-______ _. _____ 7 land 131( of Sirn'i Htir.iy nf lown. "f Mulroiie.
n----- c. A. Iw.lb A. Co.: -rLayofNEE b.7> tSi alb" .11 2N0 Unknown __________ 82.91 ''NWh ul I 21 n F..r..1 Dank __________ 1444 Po
) L-I-R-'f; ; III" a New/ 11I"110 SW,4.. ul NW'y' A l'iW\oo\ 01 SW44 1 II n HO Unknown __ ___ 23,79 NE'. A NWH o N I a|>|n.ir to the bill of complaint filed

; Nee 233: A W Y. ul 1'1 I'I .I !'oW00\ __ __________n.I 6 21 80 Unknown ____ 23.78 SW4" .Ii SWy1 01 SW' 8 1 II 820 TTnknawn ____________ 07.16AII,4 Iin i Mali! cause on or bcforo the Fifth day
< 01 01 \ II SW 40 NI or NEW A Wry A SE- 1 II 616 Ttnknown of July A. D. 112R. otherwlao. the alienation
sort H U S It 111E ------ IWDl. 1.111 S.41 SE4: NW4 ea --------------14206
lot: / : / nl ;I/II':/; Y NnwliverIn 1'0.11 A I A In NW .0' or SW4W.. of SW4l& ------_______________ 1 7 85 Unknown _______ I of the .aid bil will bo taken ..0D
,1 1'.1
ofof or .. __________2. 6 II All N1. ollW'4 1'101' branch i .,most .
Nt4 of NF'! :' :ac: :l A WLy SE4 2.11. 11. W. W.lnwrfllbt __18.8 1'"c1.
N W VI, N. .. .: i 'I'V. 8 t4 It 2U --.----- I C. A Sm4tb A Ca 1:111:100: 01 NW\\ A 1'1oil' \ or SWo28\< 6 111 120 W. M. ReddJata a&.n NWIot '" _____ ___ 8 7 1 N6 F"r.1 Land B.nl _______.3101)) further ordered that this notice be

All Olk 10 E. 1.010 1 8 \\I 10 12 !'. o..il A. IWDI. __ 1.26j 1\oiI:\ or I SW 100 .r SW4 ________-.21 S 11 20 Unknown ___ .28 NE' 01 JlE" .SW of IEIi> __ 3 1 80 Un"now _____ 2480 publ.h.d once a week for Four cons eutlvs
I N.w Rhrr In F''''. or NE'4 Pro 11.,. 01 NW4r. es6AInNEcorAll of ;' _______________ 8 r 11 4" ttnknowq ___ ..k. ((ivo iMUral. In the O.dlor Coun
j tI or braocb21 II NE44! _________ _____ 1 IAO 1'nknown __ 181 I ty a weekly Ken*
23 II W 4 of 'l/W'4 S.o 2. Tp Joil\o olllW\oo: \ 11' Uq" Reddl.ta __ 93,71 ? I 1 _______ T..o..ph. .
I! 6lads87 R 10 : ------------ C. A. b D1 lib A c... 11..4 RF.W or tlE4' ____ _________.439 1 II /0 M... Maud W.la..rI"bt? 11.10 Eyy N" 01 01 SF.W SE', A SWI or SEI. __ 1 10 Unknown __________ .881 coil llrnilford Iuhl.ho Storks
\\I e.r IhIk I II I New IUv.r In N/\o! \ of SW 4 ----------------2* J1 40 V. A. J. Johnson ___ :__= n.lo 01 NWI o W01 j, county <., and in the
I'4:, of Nfo"' :" .3 W'y ofAllhh:4 E41! or NW., oft NW\oo\ 01 NW4Ii ? bW A SE'.. \Lai __ --10 7 1 10 U"now_ _______? 4801 ('''10'01. Sun newnpnrn'r of gen.r.lI

_._ _.___________ NYo 44 ul '.. A I piililinhid In (, ,
; UdNEIit S46: 81 6 n 488 Unknown. 1\1' Ntor clrul.ton.
--of------- A Co. -- _ "h.vll. .
A. Iulltb 111..028'y N\1
I 1rr2No: : : I':en I Ilh4h'y: ; '; C. oC SE';' ul NW4 A t1;E.44! II 21 209 Unknown __-=:=::: .ii3: I I A: W\ ':'W\ ----_ 1 21 IAO 1'nknnwn. __ _____ ___ 49 M .. Florida.,

B.... I 4 W'iI' .I NIV'/6 ]11IYo vI NK'4'' A :o..E'.4, or NW'1 KE4i. NF'4 --------1 1 2 n Unknown __ ____u__.. i WITNESS the llnnnrnblc lodge of the
1.8' '
01 riirhlh
.8// A Ii' or NW"4" 01 N4V'N A W I'ol'", A .a Judicial rircult Court und the 01.I .
1.MSFrio13r 4 t711 \\.I. }VI J--l; ik----- C.; A. bunch .A c... I Su "r hVVl1\ A SL'1 .I NEy4 J; ofNIY' IN\N ;\,. t4'r NW" A NUJ! I filial .tnl of the Clerk of Ihi-i cur. .

1 I'I Now Rh. r in. I E'r of N1US.o .. A Hh'1' .I llVh A Ntyof '01 ,S4" or 1'0 W. .... -____ 1 11 2"0 Trnknnwn _.___u___.7667 won 8!>I. .1.llltlr. thin th... 1' 01, of

n A %V' "r NW44 N.e" N4\\ ..I Sl'1:' ____________as 6 11 2.0 IInknown ________ 3.121 X110 A ?
It 2" ----- Ib A. booth AI Co. ___ 4.411I EJ: { or 1\\\\o' or N1YW" ________ l 6 2L 20 1Ink..n) ___________?. ft28 NLII or NWS, A NWy1 I..I NW'/of rl; W.. Ai.nrRM\N
o7'62:, 1'8S4J /NU 101112 ofI' 11'-' uC NI'h' --- -- ---84 I U ao Unknown __ ________ 21.78 NW' 7.It4.ur '- ------------- _-7 21 10 Trnknnwn _______h.8'7 PiAM: Clerk (u nit ,fo'. "in,. n.r..1
'..14 Nw, I .r III ,h:' .dNI -III 41 01 :-1' I A :II':' of HI"' 35 5 21 SO Unknown' _.._ _. 23.18 NW'1 A NW'. orw" n.1 1 10.
I Sr, 2'I A IV 'y 01 JoiW\o\ Com. I 1n \I' J 01 lul. II 13 01 I-------, A I'.f :"" I I '_ -18 1 2 Inn Unknown __ ____.____.. 0.1' \ s 1iFW'9Snlictur .
Fan I Y/ ti '' ; ----- ( 1 ..41I IlIk 4 u. U."ru"n SprutgaSd 6 21 G. W. W.'nwrl"ht ___ S'J' ur "I'.'. ur z.I""., &E'y' ofNWy11of fir on ni lint'nnt "'t 1 '.
<< :
; r"N'J'; C. A. bWllb di .0. ---- _______ 668 : _
i.uta t a of; Pllr" lil;' ;' I, t:1\o: ul loti 6 U 01 III" a. A E4hof : NW---4 __ _____ --.18 7 21 in0 unknown __________ E69RSW' -

I;'., of, NI % t400 2.l' .. W!4 of luu, 11 1 1 vI Jilk 4 .Ii .lute.1.I I A 0 Boy 01 SW ORDER FOIL
?111',., Res 4 4 h 'It 2"R ---- e Uok"owo __ 1.YUI. 2 II I 1. of IIlk 1 A let 4, 0 8 vI :.\. :. '. u ::'.\.. ur runncATiox

.,,... 2 R ;10,;41 41I'I 4 1'2 of 1 1SIN 1 16 Now 8I ulIlk 8 U.Ubroootlp. '' 17 1 21 .0 '.nlno. -_________ 9110'N'1 /
(liver In "E11J r 7'fI4' Sec 2:1:\ A11'v ......._:!" --- ------ ___a8 I 21 Maud Wllln""a'" or SEl of SE" A I A .. In Circuit Court l'.hb, )lu.ln, i -ull
or 'NW Lae Fee, 2I I 'r"" 8 tI I ItT G.III .I NW .ur 01 Dlk 4 01 n.I.SI" S.98 I NE! cur Ir 5SS'1 .. :SE'4'' -.1 7 2 21 In".wn ___________ o IroM.,1 County. State uf rii'rl.ln. in

: -- LSin ; boon ... and run 1'1 lau fl I Sys ul tEor\ BEY4 -1 7 20 .. n. Thmas ______ S 70 ( ...'.
1.nt I --4--1 6 7' U iiill; l If of C. ,\. Slullb A ----- l'7: 4141 fI b lau it W HU It to I 8434 01 -- __ 1 1 46T'nknnwn __________1.08 Bradford County Bonk a corimratlonComplainnnl

Iolk 18 Now Itivor I Inlay" or N bug .1 right .u.lta 10 and 11.... I All ------------_______._--Itl 1 .10 Inhnwn _________1 AO )q

l. F.' See 23 Ifr W'" "I NI4\ &o allot with public null ... I lot I JoiI !4'w 016W. __II 7 21 21n ___________? 8.1' I *.
4 97rr III NW cur Uf aamo 66 ft 1'1 Aa NIH ol1E'!' _. .__. 0..20 1 40 Ada C"... D. Thomaa ___ O, C. Sweat <-t al.
c.. 2 I
II ,
1 I.c;rat 1114 J II N'G: ; l ;:;;; A. Iolllb I., I.n I It k a W __._______d8 6 fl 'a"d, .IDW"O'. _._____ 1.11 : W', \ of lF'1' A E 10 o..r..I.. "',
.. SlY Ntt r \. 1 .f .\ :3: 7 M Pi"nnwn __ IT' nt,>n. ir 1 I. .
.' v''" Ror \\.1 I fl.1 40 Unknown. _____..___ 12 III ? ___ ___ 16 w I' .
I: oj. I 6 21 ., t n -1. r 'II'' ..0 7 un ', _______ _____ ,.1'1 I 'in ti ,nt
'1 It 1 "p --- ____ 66' 40 Unknown ____ 11"n..n -h 96.44
tth Ja.oa
: x'1:;1'f1p: 1Ill:u' .!. : : Ya swsJeW _____ ,tit 1,' .r 1,1.' K ul __.20 1 20 Unknown "I'" ih bursar in "Ihi.t. \ \. ut' rh( dd
11 ? 1 4 1 : .I :NI or W' sal' NI. 1 sal .W ___ I 8 21 10 Unknown __ 12.04 ;. 1 : _____________ p67 .
I r I":1'' ;;"} H.. 23t'i b'1'' ,,I \ 'i ,sal' sS'i'' _.. -. __ I 8 21 20 ltnknown _________?__-._ IZ.9' E'u I :/:' 1 :-11'' 1 ..f NIi41 f. "'.Intit In "u in i I i .n.
01 N\\ '. :b.. c tT9 6I b'0 of ::.1. i _. __u. ... __.. 2 6 21 SO Unknown A SW t ..r NV'' .IL 81'' of C..i.nt, ,, nf tlu s'MI'" ,,a i I I''' .i t } I iaii
28.97 Il' ... of SN,1," "I'; "i.li I nt if t'Iq, ..f l Ihr. i '
N' .I 4 0 21 : I n
: >
I I'I __ ----------- aW'-----------: HO Unknown _______ '
25 Nso II" ..r In E4y of Q. A. Smith AI C... -- 1644e NIl'4'", ..f :-'. -- ___ 3 4 21 40 Mack Addlo..n _____ ._ 28.-14 18.02 'I'' .. L or """I. .n 7 & 400 Unkn.n __________-- i\ i. ,nun., i'i' > i.ti..t. pi' r,. s 1 1. ,INK, un
.. ? ;1'?;' .' \t. .k 1111 I ( SULA /13n I I D.". i. u ..I I tin" n.. r ,
:P.' II It NW lv''y .Iloll'/ .IL N'1 of SWt1._ 3 8 21 1110 Unknown ._ __ __-_ 41.01 i tv one
.4 r4/TpON It 20 B--: --___ 1"I; NU';/ A "I\.h oC NWt1 : :' 1 0' ,1''. ---- _____ .1 7 1 163 Unknown ______ ____ 8671 \inrg it in "'....f"'n npU. '' | nl ..aidnunrceident I

I't_ t I..r IUk .::1 l .. w It.r In C. A. Smith iii eo. ______ 1\1.101\ oil< S'. ur 8143' 011 7.W11 01 tt; : Sw' 4 vi :11'1. -____ ____13 1 1 40 Unknown _______._ 1294a di finilnnt/ li.. nod _I! .. I. hr. V
E'1;' .r : ',. A NWoC NIVIot by rfiiiilred 'tn aiMu, iir In the I, 11 ..f
I r NEW lI.c ':.f A IV'-'a 01Jl,11 4111 blt'i ur to.: ---- -- ---- 1 6 11 210 Unknown _____ 10.08 I, com
S. U 'I'p A S II 20 E---____ I ECJ 01 NL, '!, A NIY 4 1 01 NE4AIv tract SW'I1' ______ ______1 7 II 20) Ilnknnwn _____________ 1121 plnfnt filed In old l caimc on or b. fore Mon
'. .r IlIk 28 New C. A. Swtb, A c... ___ 344It E'I; 01 NW''.. II bW', .I NIY All SK'4; of .E'', 1'1 Dr l'ubio. Lots r. 10 11 12 mad, e. W 81 ytu.-_______.24 7 11 W. l wino the -.Mount Ion. of mid bill will be tak
..... In J:1oJ: "r '1/1'/ :', N'w 23 \4 A SWt4; II SWy1 .I SS Lai AELa : I L putt __?___.1697

A W'' or NWIot Stc. at 7 1'1' 8 SIt .r a SKto: ____ ___n_________ G 11 4RO Unknown -_____.111.21 SUi Ny! 01 01 SELj;NE4I .01 NSYL4 A 5 A 10 I.n It aa,ia eonfe-ci'd by said d.l.n .nl. I
doedod further
__ 8E'4' of NE4! A E"4 01 SWIot II by M. ordered that this order bopunltahed
20 P.._ ____________ _"_ __ .
...rIlk 27 N.41 C. A. Smith A c... .. 6.94 sE4 __ __ __ ______________ 8 8 II 2RO Unkno..n __ Jon. ---------___ !/ f 11 79 Ttnknown ______ 14.11 once a week for four eonneen
7 4 11 8947
I 16
I. Reur t I on 11\40: or NE4' 8m IS AWry Nit, A SW4 ________________ 7 8 21r.0 Unknown __ ._____148.1 W,4 SE''.01 01 Sl:14! .--_________-__ 1 1 40 R.mp'.n 1. A 1mb. Co.___ 1 a I I l tier weeks in the Brndford County .
SE4 1 { 11 140 ltnknown NWI or NE" _____U 1 II Ilnknokn : graph newspaper published In ..,d Coun
of NW\4\ duo 24 Tp 8 8 R -------------------- ____.___.. .. c,7a S 1 1 ;I.
r 0' NW _______ T 40 David' Jon.. ty and Slate.
All------------------------- I 1 11 61" Unknowo N\ 1 ________ ,*
? _
_.PO g --------------- lod.88 1UI'
Co A. Smith A c... -- 1.8 Woo 01 NW4 .I NEW A IIWIoo Lt I a o. Inul as _________ 7 1 164 Bank 01 bark. _______ I This June Ut. 192
Lot II of mil 10 N'w River In E '. A 34ii ,__ 1 I' .. A W'11 01 NW'. 01 SEl', __21 1 Unknown ___108.ftl C. W. ALDERMANClerk
.4 or S"4 Sec 21 A W' ofN ISto I.N A N4'1 of FEL-.1);: : :: 8.40 ltnknown ___._________19653 NE. 01 SE4.! II 1"40 01 NWIIt 1 80 I Circuit

W W Src / TV' It III F'C ___ LeAll 120 Unknown ---------- _81.93 SEW-_ 1 80 Unknown (SEAL) By c. A. [ C..r I
1411 'II :Inc :IS4"81 New ,, A. Swllb 0 Co. I Wty 01 NE'4" A E'. or NY3. ANW'4 N\n. 01 Ne4 --------.2 & _-____ 19.49 I

rr 0P.:' of NEW 6cc U" Wyof .I NW!. __ ________11 S 11 InO t'nknown _________... ,:., 21 I of 01. NW\ IRO ___ A. S. CREWS Deputy CI.k [; ;
SW'. E'y SE4.____ __ 1Tnhno. __ 6496it1
: !laI..r: 'oF-l.' A 01 NWl.lI 8 II HO tnknown n 7 ,
S It _... _.... t
Ss 24 TV 1.44I Solicitor
NW"i ____ UO 01 M Tlnknnwn __ for Complnlnnnt 8-4-fSM-S
81 /n? k.---- Co A. Smilb A Ca NW4 01 7E; A 8W14 01 SW 4 71:4 A SE4 orNW'-.2' 7 __ 3414NW'1
Lot I" ,d 114k' 62 N w 1 wea 8 Unknown
I A I" Sw _________ .12 8 21 .R of NE44 or N431.4 1 ______._ 8.70 '
Lay "f NE" S. 2' A Wt4 01 try .0' Unknown __.. _______.. .14 ,, S 01 11'21 1
on line
S : E-- Sty. ur SWt: or SW4 II 1/:', or. NW44 or OllllFR FOR ITHI. 'I
NW' See f1'p ----- ,, I
I 3 / 1 7 y 1' \\ t2 of Co A. Smith II Co. _- 1.1111lk SW''.. e. 10\ In NW cor __ ..13 1 II UO Ullkn..n ._. ... ;'R1I IV line N of It, lnt or way
SE:4 or NWyW I 10 A In NE l run or .I..ht .I way 70
n cur
/ :l1 I Now n' in, F' .f N I G. pt .r be... 'h.nr. W 170 id In rli-cult, Toiirt. ; lu.llcm' Circuit

Ft1 Ra 211 A W..I NW'4 Soo A SW4' of 01 8641 A I'oW'. .01IIWI. I 141 2.1 yd. E 1211 10 right,,0. I rn.lfnnl County. 1'.llh.1. ..f I II"." Ida. In I ice,
NE44 A S'o or 843.,1of ,0.
6 R 20 F' ------- Chancery.Hubert .
Ali1J"4" :. lot 12 Anil--, 1111J Co A. Smith A c... -- U1F. I NK'1' _n___-_.. -. ____ _14 II 110) Unknown ______ "8.71 '. way. Thence 9 oo right of 6
i .
IlI 2.6 _
8E4" ul101'/ ':'. A IV' 01 NF-I. A I way yb to beg -- _.-29 t 1 tn"now: ___ tl 169 '
1 I .1 7 8 Now ItivorIn 40
Iota I 3 NO
or .
S1P. ____ t6/4
.. NW4s A NW4 01 SW4.. A E'- T Sl
A W. ----------.a 1nknow
Nra 2J ii '
E" 01 NE'
I 'oYo..f NEt. II 7 2'0 ____ 8794 v. Te'r
nrNwW9..l.fpesR2oE.' ---- of SISEl.. ------------4$ 8 n MO unknown ._I- 99I NE\oo\ 1'1" NWI.as 40 Unknown ,??.__ .,. ISI ,Mnttlo I.lirhtfoot. '
8.94 'I' ?
---- -
All Ulk 41 Ea: I..,. IS' 8 T II Co A. Smith A Ca -- I IN'". Ilk SlY' A NW'. 01 lI.1d! 8 21 324 I'nknown _._-Ie'94I I I.. I 2 o. l.n.1 JI '- -A lots for 1 i Defendant.

New Rlvs In I.:' .f NEW McI7 I NW44 or SE4' ..____ _____ ____.17 4 II 40 I'nkn.n _____ 1'04'', furl NE4 of tl.NWII 9 I 1 I n'.peitrlnir l.y n
A W4 .I NW44! 8e U Tp N'r A S\\I.' A. :oIF-.r' SFW:' .17 8 II 8"1'nkn..wn.. _________1. 'NI 51:44: ul NSV44 Irwa 0 A In .. '' M..1 in the ..1 l .,. I ..u.... that

.8 RIO E. ------ I.Mt 111. _ IR 21 Aled I'nknown _____________ .. M' r __ 0. I A O D.n 01 Stark. \"ll' Light' ,. d.| .r, ?i .f.n'| thereinnum. t
hACa __
U 18 C.A.AmllA. ---- VII _Iv I 8 Z1 rIA Unkno..n ________ -----3 7 BI 81 I .. ', ,,
\.r BW r -; W' ? t' 85 01 1 40 Unknown ,1 n i t f I qtttit of
R 1R __
11 \:, Smith A Co. U.5J"WV :1' NE,1 __ ___ '
I F.' ...r:1. .' x -\1" of ._ 1 .
N\I ,
NEW I.V& Floil.ln. ,
01 1 an I -li, ,
:,., E"-.r A 91t's tl4 7W4 A 9'y a n r "dent I of !a o ("l nrchtrifl TJ.
A14 01 61Y'N' Z4. I" A W'" ; :of NIV' A :SM.t1: __ ___20 8 21 900 Unknown ____ ", '..30I' of B.nn" 8lark. .m 'ihe ,iv ,,f Trenton :
1120 Unkno"D __ 151.73It > of S.: A III A llo 9144 .14 7 20 fr ___ (
A I I'I __ ____ .- -- __ -_II 8 10 SY'y N1V'1 t1 NE' : 1 812 '" .r V' .1.' ""y and In over
A il'
NW% _.__ ..It 6 I" 8.0 UokoO"D 114360Ssv NW' .r SWI A NW4' of tiE 1 SEW of ,,. "r .
NW or Hampton loamy imlac
{ A no.
Ex: yeast
II of .W\4 oil SW4.. 01 SE..J7. 4 ,. 1100Jokoo..n _1<161 l. A l''', of S%)' ... of SEW' AEty : 6F.4i -. 17 II 10 1. 1mb G. 61171 il l I. therefore* nnlered. thnt" aid non. ,

NW'Lr4 or Mw41 .__________-9 .\'Olooo"D' __ U'O .1 SEti' __ ____.___-_______11 1 II 840 "I'nknown -__?.tA7116 E' : :.:.A. dl 1 W1 0! 864 Uoknowq reeident .I.r.n.lqnt I" .1. ,I. hereby ,
40 Unknown ____ U.U Ka. _.23 8 11 Slm E.II.y __ -- 18 n u 1169 ,... Ino .
I..u'l I 1 B of H/ver/ __________11 S 20 .IN'NEI.oIN\Vl. I _____ 9n 6 A In or Unknown <,1 to appear to hill of complaint
1110 Unknown 8001.\101\ SUJ or SSVv 01 1 120 "nknuwn S. 01 low 1 1? 88 n ? .U filed .
of Ld l A 11''Og of lot 1011 M SW4i Sl2! I ---- 1n Sty 01 Nl In! esld' emu, "n or Iwforo Monday ,
Ay of ,
+ .N1oJ .I IaY 6 8 ____________111 I' ell Unknown II.'/ 8E'4' of-NEW --2 1 40 C. A. Cb_ n.1 I, NW4 lE' .\ NI SEW" 01 the 5nd day of Auuunt. A. D 1028. otherwine Ali,
.I leaEY 11 A In l'IW .or UO UO""O"D .1.U I S.:. 01 NIH. ANt9\WMWt SW4 A Sty or N" 1\40 the allegations of .. will
.It A or __ 4 II 100 Unknown _____ Nor \ o I taken bi b }
.4 b.lnt 1. .... N II II bp ISO pda 1' I 411R II SE'.. or Uoknowq a. .onr.ed by said ,
Nt44 NW'.I A 8W4 of 120 Unknown 1 n II I .Ipnd.nt ,
111-6 z.w.u 1 II.I I I. r"rh. ordered that
LAW 4i4 ..I low 10 II Ib: 1t0 J. E. CI.m..... .1.88 ': One ...!In 1'11' cor 01 81 In Dr SEIit 1'11 o I, once a week. for ofl. b ,
WE'4 __n-t6t. : :" 110 n. B. &...- 43.73yf ___._n__ _____ __2 / 1 I Unknowo 1,99's44 'I 14.o>NTt4 01 8W04 __ 633 40 Unknown 1.8 p"bl.b.d". 'the Bradford County .on.utlv.a W''
"" .- ----- 8'0 IU.OlAll of lot I or 9Et. Dr NEV4 6/T131l2766/467 ''I"rwxpapr I published In T.I..apb. .
4 10 sold
61 8. 600 .
4no.n 41 42 48 4' II "
-- I 490
IU.Ol '
.w---- -- 860 U IIAANUyoflot6orNEtlof8EU4I1
/' All ------- 1-f 10 840 UDkoO"'D Ua.83 A 1 A In NW II I U I. I 1 574 61 I 8..1. }
= 1 II I 1 Th'a' June 26th, 1924.
4 eL
r4 41 WE1 4--a 144 .- --- A f 10 I6o Unknown 111.$ of S'4 ., lot 1 _______________t 1 I' U Uekoown I ILot. I II Lou !0 44 I$2Wad/f17. ? ...i10 8 n n Un" O W. ALDERMAN
Z"40 01 ,,\4 ----: I' MIrl Brown _I. iii..' 4 A 4 o. frail NW" I" i { 1110.., Clerk '

I NWIi b 414 --' 4 I f 60OYra.: t Clelaoe ./ I li A II lo 6 A 8. 01 lot 6 _91 I .0 Unknowo j I Lot.633 69 64 8U I Wolwn ._11 4 n tie Unlnow .. SEAL) By C. A.Circuit KNIGHTE. Court 9
S- 1 L-_--.-- --' ; ,f : Uoknown 1161 3114 II lot I I "r 1.1 8'.I6 1 Unknown __ .11 Nit 01 W.I.1 4 d 10 Unknown .'! Deputy CI.,

Nit 0'Ii ----------- 180 L. w. 1110.6. ..." 644 o Nt\ ___J 11 81 Ubkaowo ,, BWo 4611 1 Unknown 143 M. JOHNS .

I 1 LeI U 18 t A .. t4EIOf a If" ... ...__.: a. 0o 11 A 0 I U- ._ 1. Solicitor( for Complainant. 7-l- t7Vf 943t





: = ; .- :;:- :: :._ J .- T I .._.:. _..__1 L.- _" , ?

.... >-... -.4 .. [;;; _.. ,:- .

.. : r-



TarrDseelpdon Tear TarDscdptlon i 4J f+ -I- St-*,!-* 9. S*********

8.e. T. R A. o..w .. CU8EV. Description .... T. R. A. Owner .* Cats I 8.... T. L A. Owner .4 Colt it fUU"SYDEU" t

of IIE'4 of NE'4 ________12 8 n 10 Unknown 1.8/I SW'i of SW4 A WV of SEV.A ton Truby' A Con Sub Div of

.o'w. of SW4\ of NW'4 ________12 I II 20 Unknown _____.______ 7.22 i SEV. of SKW -- ._u____ 4 B 22 320 Unknown ____-___.109.41 NKW of NKW. --_---__---_ -28 B 22 Unknown ._____ 11.21 f .

Lot a8 In WocHilawn _______---13 I Y4 10 Unknown _____.._ 8 N SKI, of NW' A WW f S\M4 of WW of Ulk 6 LlMiiititon Truby aCo Mortician Si.: eke 1 la.
Lot 19 In Wudlswn1 I U 10 Unknown ._ _____ 8.a : NE'4' 4 B 22 60 Unknown ............__ 17.BA I Sub 1>,v of NKW; or NKW28WS B 22 Unknown ____ '.U >" ,

Lo IS 19 In Woodlnwn _____U I 22 20 L. 1(. Ies i_________.. "..00Loti i REV. of NEi.. ::::::::::::::: < 6 22 40 The Am. Ajjri. Chem. Co. .__. 1400 of lot* 12 A .11 lot* 8 4 +* Member of 1.'J..3 Funeral ...

ag f1 42 In Woodl.wn _____U I 22 80 Unknown __._.______ 10.81Lot E',, of !NIof; 1'101: .__.-_- 4 8 :.> 20 Wainwright A Whit. .. 722 of Ulk 17A Wife of 1 I.>t. 12 A ..

I Woodluwn --- I 22 10 Unknown ..___.______ 8.14 I, I Wu of >.B'; ', of SK'4 __ ___ 4 8 22 20 Unknown ----.__...._- 7.i2: II lot 4 of lilt 18 Lh'llIa.lon
Lola: : Jn7 8 ; 10 11 i. :232 i $-ii5U I NE'4: It t:'-4 of NWW A SW', Triil" A Cm Sub 1 HIv I of NKWof !; Directors and KM* timers AstOCi&tlnq. T

,. 360 Unknown .._____________122 BS ___ 22
28. 44 45 WI4 of lot 6l & I of NW 4i N' .f > t; 1) B 22 NKW MU.t B Unknown _.?__? 82.13 1
.all lug r.1I I \ III;I m Wo...IIi wn..16 I 22 105 Unknown _____.___ 89.01' E'4 cif. SWi NWW &WI1, i.f I 12: or E'<' of Illk 21 I.lv. J r rr
Lots II AS", ot lot 46 & ESy or I SE'' of NW: --- -.10 8' 21 40 Unknown ...______. 1788 Inivinn Trubv S Co Sub lily .

l lot 12 In .odlawn __________18 I U 2n l'nknown ___._ 21.07Imt 1 I El, of N\\ ', ..f N W' .10 6 22 80 Unknown-------------._ 1081S..r of !NE''.. ..t NK'', .28 B 22 Unkno..n. __._ 11.21 IMIONKS: P ; |

62 In Woo.llnwn ____._______11 I 24 10 M..rtn GermachLot. _..___.__ ..2 SW'' 11 "U 80 Unknown----________ 27.61 I lx.l. 2 3 of Illk 41 LMniiitonI
I 2 3 I 6 7 8 11 12 1115DI ''F'J of SWi/of' SEWIII.III__11 < 22ax 20 Unknown ............... 72 Tr."y"I C,,. Mtil. l u" of NKWNEW ... D.iy-1 .ltbt-:>!>>-W r
17 I" 225 31 XV 402 t7I E1' of Nlof IIW', .___ ___.11V B 10 Unknown' .....__._--__ S81 : 28 B 22 Unknown __._ 444 i

I 48 61 6a 51 62 ,m Woodlawn16 I 2 2 280 Unknown _...___RO.09 i \ i.f Si' i of SK'4' -_. ____ .. U "U 20 Unknown _....--....___ 7.2" Lot a 1,1, \Illk 4J l.i\lini .1.... TrubvCo. \\ith DeXVitt C. Joneasoru

Lot 60 In W"oll.wn __ __ ______16 I 22: 10 l'nkno.n -.-.-.----..- 8.81. SI. of SW' of SH1: A SWl, of A Sub IM\ ..r NIC", ..t NK28 !
Lot 69 In W"'MII..wn __ _____--16 I 22 10 Unknown" ?-.-.--.---.- 8'U I't1:' i.f 1 SP __ _18I 8 22 80 S. W. Flannagin _______ 1180i .. B 22 Unknown _____... 4 41 I. (
Lota 6 8 10 II Il 21 22 27 28 32 i I ANTI of NW'' ,.d NF'4 __ __. _Id 8 22B 10 Unknown .__._______ 1.2J bta; of Illk 41 I.Mniiali'U 'PiuhvA t&f.r.tg.4A... .. .L T. 1JA4ta .
at 88 J6 37 38 N'4.' "f lot 0 \ lii NI':', of NI';'". Pi... 21. fi. Sub: llli <.if M'J1.' ofNK I l

I I 811".11 low 40 f1 41 4ru 46 11I bounded b. land of N. I). 14 __ .88 8 22: Unknown ___..._._ 7.82 ..
12 13 66 67 61 62 03 In Wood.I.wn i I Hu-.i'iiiii. ?* l.y c. ntt-r pi, K by l lets I 4 of ink 4.1 IMnuKtonTruby In Circuit. Couii. "KIK h Judicial Circuit

I _______- -_________-6 22 pub Unknown __ at.70 Ky lt*. I 100 ft ... In SB car also A Co Slit Inv of Ml I.I.: IttiiitTiml Count) i rMa. In Chttti Ij
i 20 A of II.-... 18 A 21 d.-. ..rill of NK'i/ ----------3 B 22 Unknown ____...___. B.lt .
Woodlawn 11 I 22 II Unknown _____.._ 1.41 'I (u, followe : lieu at n |.t In enter' late. 2 3 of Illk 4lt Llvluimlon' II llubbrll. w..I... ".. and PC.vitt .

,14 14 A N''' of Iota 112a AS of Ity 416 ft to on Iron lost In Truhv A Co Sub Dlv of NEV4 *. mult. r will of John, i Hurr do

'4 of Iota 23 .11 lot 28 A E center of Ky track near Ttmph-. of NK'4 __ _, __--28 B 22B Unknown .____.... 811 I I riimril and. J.>*itph Y. I.<>ru>r.I .
% of lot 81 A .11 low 32 88 41 i ilore' A run W 14 drum N l.l.'O N'4' of lot, 2 of Illk 41 I.UInirntonTmbv Complnua111.,
42 49 49 60 61 61 63 64 66 | ft thence N 14 dviree W 880 ft A. Ci.. Sub Div ofNKV: I r.

68 67 80 81 62 63 B4 In Wood. I. thenc B! 14 drviw N 1320 ft of NK14 .__ __ __.28 22 Unknown _____. 444 v. ''j"1

in..n _________________-18 B 22 {40 Unknown _______ 71.88 thence ;N 14 dmre W 800 ft Lot 11 12 13: 14 of lilt\ 2 P.vl. Edward N Dlrkcraon .1 .1..
,v, of lot 19 A .11 lot 30 A WV4 th<*nc.. E 14 di-itrer. N to center A Truhy add to Stark In NE: j O..t..n.l.nta

of lot 81 In Woodl.wn _______18 I t2 20 Unknown ______ 1241t. of Ry track thence S on Ry to I ror of SKW of NWS. W of jt .Suit To Remove ('load Qul.Tld.. end ,

ot 45 In Woodl.wn _____.--___.18ot I 22 10 Unknown., .<8 beg n 4''.. A on W liilu' dwelled Ry__ 0_________ ____- _. _____28 B 22B Unknown _....___._ 1490 t Other NMrI.Onner .

81 In Woodl.wn .-___.__18 8 22 20 Unknown _.__.____ 914I. to R T). Coleman _--_______18-21 B 22 25 Unknown ..._.__._..__ 1611 Lot 1 A SW of lot 8 of Blk 8 No tie .
87 88 43 44 In Woodl.wn..18 I 22 49 Unknown, __?____ 17.93 814 of NEV, of NEW. ._ ____--__ 17 B 22 20 Unknown _______ 20.77 Davis A Truby'' add to Sl.rk to known of and seethe unknown by p'ibllratton.drfnndantalIt .
,ta128466781131 IS Eleven acre com at NE cor of In NK car. of 8E.. of NWW
((80? 81 84 86 86 B7 US 811 A E'1of NWW of SWW A run W 1080ft W of Rv -_____________28 2* .Unknown __.___. BIO MM'Purinu" of fmm the i'lciratlon''the of th. I''
lot 40 A NV4 of lot. 41 44 S 460 n E 1080 ft N 460 ft Lot 1 II.., Ulk, A N. J. Jon, add worn hill complaint i \ above cause,
to beg __________ _____. B 22 St.rk of W that the tuw. nwlilcnce e. of buil '(
1.11 low 46 48 61 62 A SM of .- 17NE1 11 Unknown ___.__ 1161 'lo SEW NWV4 of .
lot 67 A EI4 of lot 61 A. all lot of BWV ___--___.____18SU B 22 40 Unkao-w. ______ 12.BB of Walnut 81. In _____--__--.28 B ISB Unknown ___..__, 8671 nee of! the riffi-nilnnU !Pdward hln N. Pickprsnn.
164 In Woodl.wn ____________19 1 22 216 Unknown ______.7881 of SWW. of SWW 1 I... W B LoU B 6 of Blk C N. J. Jones add' Nary Caroline Dlrkrron wif.
of lot 68 In Woodl.wn _____1pi 5 22 a Unknown.- __ 2.20 Acres _. __ __.--____--18 8 22 1J.. W. A. A&drewi 4. Son __ 7.80 to ",a.k. In 8W4' of NW'i,4' W N.on U Iiamcrtrk. A. I. Vonklrn Jesse I.

14 It In Wadlawn10 5 1:2: 10. Unkoo..n ____ 11.10 Con 210 ft N of SB cor of SWW of Walnut St. In .-.- __-_____28 22 Unknown ____..___ tl.87 N. Jo tintofirirv. K: I'n'm.rr. : P. JonM.S. .
49588& NVi of lot 88 A. .11 of SWW A run N 210 ft W Lot. 7 8 B lOot Blk D N. J. F. Contmrr. F. Sir UK, Vernon II.

ilot 43 146 48 41 48 49 6* 811 ft 8 210 ft E 816 ft to be* Jonea ..1 to SUkrk In SF4 of I Ford ChurlV Barn .. O. M. Hop kin.. '

61 *62 A $'4. of lot 62 A. .11 lot -1V4 rnirn ____________.-.21 B 22 f Unknown _________ 474 NWW! W of Walnut St. In ___ .18t. B 21B Unknown ,.____.._.__ 8491 Donald I. McKny John 'V.. Moor*. J. C. I't

In Woodl.wn _____________20 1 22 ItO W. P. DcroUllh__?____ 4214 NF-',. of IIFot' ST5W. _____-__.SISWW 22 10 Unknown .__.__.______ 1061 I .".. 1 2 8/ 6 6 7 of Illk 4 Ten. i Uirhnnl K 8 I'uwrU. untuf l C. Lane I'n
t 82 In Wooill.wn ----------0 I 22 10 Unknown ______.__.__ 8.18 !' of SPW' ______________-81 822M..*. Mary Ropklu 27 B4 pie addition to "'..rk.. In NKW. I I J 1)I MrNmoro J. It. Ki In. Jr., John C.
994789 1811151617 NEI, of SEW of SW'. ________21NWW '' B 22 10 Unknown ? __.____.____ 20.77 .r NWW A part of Win of NE4WofKy&NEcor.fSE'w I, Kd.r. T W. rtttn. Chart Riibtrti. W. RI

h 21 22 23 28 2ft 27 28 84 ASi of SEW of SWW" .21 B 22 10 Unknown. ___.____...._ 1400B anr. F I. MtrCtill. .8uni ,,1 A Swan. RL 4'n'

of lot S.1 In Woodl.wn ____20 I 12 206 Unknown ___...____ 50.19a W'.. of Ulk 6 S of R 4 W lying of NWW _P____-_ .__ _-_28 12 Unknown .42.29Lol. Frm-ll and Irlno I'I\ hta ..If.. PI- ,
( 64 6lt BS 69 In Woodl.wn ..20 22 40 Unknown _______ 12.10of E of. W line of NEW of SWW 12 U 14 of Rlk 16 Trmplr..dd'tloa noon J. .Temple. W.I IHipiw. John J.

NWW of NW'4 of NE'4 In Temples Sub PI_____._____.it 21 B Unknown __..._........11.Bl to Stark In NEW of lUch J. .i'pb D. Juffui. R. A. Townurnd. 8.
4 NEW of NWW A EVfcSEW Ten A com at center of Ry when of NW,. A part of W I, of NKV4 : Anna L. Townsend,, T. H. Bltttnla.. I
EViof .1
of NWW A EV4 of NW H mil. line of ..* 21 run. E A W of Hy A NE!: our of SE'.. Wm. .P. Thumton. flmrl. E. Horton C.
f .
of NEW of NWW A. NE'4NE'4 W crone* A run W on Ry of ------------2)3) 6 22 Unknown __._.?._. 1620 I. Horton Hc-nJamln hi p. Mr*. A. J. ItII'

"f SWW __ ______.21 I II 60 Unknown ___ 1t.1S 490 ft thence E ot right angle Lot 12 S of. Blk 27 Temple addition Hmmn. J. D. Cook. Mi ...d P. Brown

fw of NW'4 of NEW __--__21 8 22 10 Unknown __.__?._.__ 8.80 to Ry to said 'A mll4lne. thenn" to St.rke in MKU,,, hf NW It 8. H.'ft.l.'v. 7enH'lu S lent and W. I>.

of NWW of SEW oleo com W to beg -_____ _____________.21Fracl B 22 10 Unknown .___.______ 1211B V, A part of W'4 of NK'. W Dent her htwhmul' ( ...i Dlnklna. Th '
of SWW of NE'4 A. NEW of Dlk 8 S of R I E of Ky A NE cor of SK': '* of Flnrlda I ItiillroHil ( ..m..v.., a corporation.
NE 'or I
W 21 2.8 rd. thi-nc S 60 A fr.cl NWW of Blk 8 8 of R INWVi _ ___on ___28 B 22B Unknown __??. It AI The Klorlilu Land .". l"'n.I..tI..n Coin-
Hi un, W 63 1-3 rill to W line of 2 JC the whole being "60 ft E: It 1.01. 12: 11 of Blk 27 Temple addition puny, a mrporHtimi I llumt' Mlllur and .1)I IIl
ilil thMie S 20 rdA to W by 170 ftNaSInTemp. to Starkl In NF:", of Company n rorpi,,"< ''. Land and Murt-

line forty of l..M forty thi-nr E 80 I.. Sub Div __u_-__ ..-SI 22 Unknown... ._u_........ 11.81 NWW A part of W4 of NKW ....* Hank of Florida' ,if living or In *.-
In thi-nre N 80 rein to bn. .22 I 22 10 Unknown_ ._ ._..____ 22.18 Kracl NW''I' of Klk 2 S i.f R 2 W of Ky A NK cor c.f SKV4 of 'Ixtniirc'' and, If di'inl. or n.t in .xlatanse. t

at NW nor of SWW of NE E Tom at NW Cor of Illk A NWW - __ .- __ ____28 22 r. I.. Perk _.__..____..____.. BOO then thi'ir, nr MH Inn 'il. .1.( .*., tctinttNm.irrnntiTN .
A E 6* 1-1 rd. S 60 nil run S 110 ft to land d.>rdi>d to Lot 1of nik 27 Temple' ail.li.. miffth. i i jdid\ jotjlcn lire all F

63 run I-1 nil N 80 till to biK22 8 22 20 Unknown _?_________ 17.08 H. Jonm. thence E along laid I lion to Stark In NI''. of NW I unknown to cumiilninitiit, i xrvpt that thy I
of SWW' -_ -_ -22 I 22 40 Unknown _______ 24.11 lino of Jon... Innd 8f o ft thonpp. ', A lam. of W'i' of Nt:'. W nrt Informal. that /,>mi>ln N. Dent, W.I
of SE'i -- _______22581 40 Mn J. E. Terry ___. YD7T N along public road to line of Ky NE cor of 8K14 of .Dent 'her lumlnind.. and rir. .. Oink In. r.ild (I
of 8E'. of- SW- !!, __ __ ___22 I 22 10 Unknown _.....______ 7.22 between IllockH 1 A 2thi-nee NW14 ..28Ixiti B 22 If. Y. llrown .___._.__._ 2J1 In Viildiwtn.. ., Htntt* of G.. ruin, but their h
7.22 I 7 M of IIlk It 1,1(11- ittrii't fulilrt'-m. In iinkim .n. mid Chnrlm P.
of NI cif NWW "f NE'.___ 23 8 22 II Unknown Nlglng
along said line
*of SWW of NEW of N to lion to Stark' In NV'I'" ofNWVi face of IflMl: Kyi; Htrtt'l N W.. Wn,hlnif I

|W crra. __ __ --__--____zsf I 22 4 Unknown _._.___ 414 beg In Temples. Sub flv __._.21 B 22: 2 Unknown B B4 South of nth .t----------8 B ISB Unknown _...___.._.. 444 ion .ninlrlrt of Coluinhin, and that then 11 1
of NW'4- of NE'n ________23 I 21 20 Unknown 10.61 24 acres com .t NW nor. of canter Lot 1 2 of Uk! C Roving. ....11. Iw no pcnioii' In the Hint** sal l Florida. knownto
,. A. Bshty. lot A afl dlAlron.1 St.. A Stark A L.wtey pub. lion to Xlark In NWW I of. NW cnini'lnlnnnt, the n. rw II' of. a subpoena "

II Town of I-owU-y In 8.... 23 lie road A run W alo". said V, South of nth .l. __. ___ .-.-28 SSB Unknown ___...._..... B "0 upon whom would. \libel the said. di>fi>nd- ),

b B 8 R 22 E W of Ry ________._.. Unknown __..__?102.ea St.. 4.10: ft to land of N. P. Lots 10 II 12 1.1 14 of Illk C Ki,.- ant or pit. her ,>f them und that It .la
[lot27ftN& Sl00feE& HaifBm.n thence N along laid. logs addition, lo In NWV4 hi'llrvcd l.y rotnplnlnniit' 'lint the named

1 bounded, E by Sta It and N )lar.) 211(1( ft thence E 410 ft lo of NWI4 h8'rk t Hi ---28 22 Unknown -.. 4 44 il.
W E. Ti.rodn -- S by I aid road thence stung mad to All Illk. l> K K 0 II I J K L, lnvol\rd, In thin unit nnti "'mptalnantii ale III
Edw.nla Town of I.iwtry to beg In Temple Sub I 1'1\| Kmlngl ." .10''inn to Hlarko, In Iran. 'Ihnt they dt. not I In, w. and by .1111 I

rt 23Tp5SIt22EWof I 2'{, Hams --- .22 6 72 3 Unknown ........_...__ 1801 N\Vi of NW1'., Smith of UlliIt gent Hinrrh and h", ,,, r. I ,,.. not luM-n akin.

Sac _________._.. Unknown _____._____ 11.10 A "I.... of hind, In SIS', of NW: 28 B 12 Unknown ............. 21 67 tn nnrr, 'lain. whither. m ,f the mild, ditnem -
ft. F. W hy 210 fta bring, 4.HI fl FW & 187 ft I Loin r. 6 7 H of Illk 3 In J. OAlnn ri-iiilnniH.' it)h..... .MMi i? d(< or plnof
lot FiW ot lot 10 ,,'1 lilr on W nl A H7 fl u nl. onE r itiMitioii to .stark.* Si.f of 'tumlm-KM' I I. "II.,.... n- '" Known, In d'..nd
S In enr .-..1 A I.Miindid. N by Kllinvtm ; or nl .. I 6 IIv.
"r I..w"'r F. of IIv In un Miutixon & W uf Walnut Hti in .pi < < .1..lrl. or In
"n ii.i.,1, ..n IhiK: ly Id- I III. ,, \i-tiinn,> or. not ,unit, i I' furthi'r nll..1II"
i 28 6 22 John ( ,,, .
coo? !4"626Tp58R22\ ......._._.____ 11.77 .
.___.____ :. .. Anna Lou roodwln ______ 8..J hut InnI' .n tho W In- I'n.vnr Ind.! r tJ 7 s of Illk I In J. G. tin- -u.u.. 1..11| i .'? .tint thnt thcrttnpnrnlifiiui
9' hy I'HV: 'p 'slice A on! S by Altnrox a.IIn on to HlnrKv' S" nuii| IXI-MII." fn, > ,,ii. 'Inty .
,1 20.rt F. "10'W 100 In NW rt 1'1 ror" Town Mn Ilinrii-tt.: i ; II < "'I"h| -JN' 6 22 Unknown ___ ______.? son of Mmlimin & W of Walnut It., t,Irri'xtt, | In ti I.". HII. .4 i ,'r" ", Involve( In

Lawt..t F. ,.r Ih m Nrrx 23: ''! uf 4C':' of SWW ex 2 A In 18 Unknown ', In 28 6 22 J. J. Itullen _..____...__... B77 HUM. nun abuse nnnrv i rralifi'uc. pr U
28 J6 Tn 8 It 22 F. __ _____ M.. Ann.. Lou Cod win ___ 41.85 NW for -- -2iK'4 8 22 10.01 : 1'rnrl Iota A II (: I> of lilt 2 In pi.... "f ba.l mean f Iv mi" "I.. Cfimptnln h.
E ot fly ; uf Mi', i.f NEI1 A, 1C' till (t I W ",11I', nilililmn to Stark In nniH, nnd' hi .alai 1 bill ,M'I Iff In prayed,

26 S...Town. 23232528 ot I.nw.v To 6 SR of Wi-j of (NEV4 of hh.132'! B 82B 22 Mr.. Ella Altman ______..10.017BZ N\M/4' of. SW .28 6 22 Unknown ..______._. 4 41 niriilnMt each known nnd ,known ,dt
F---------------------------- Unknown ___________ 444 NK1"..r" NW'' of NIC1, tk N8 I Ono lot t>f Innd In Stnrki bounded" .,,1.. pfrnon. finnn nn., ?'l'Or.ll..n.
A W of !NEW of NE'4' ...22NWI 22 18 S. W. Flanagan------------- : bI
.j K by Tilnple 8 trait
41 Town at 1..lrr E of R. ave. ly "h.toro It In ordrn: ,utt all prraonittrd
5SK of !NW, of SE'. ASWV4 nt W by Snndrraiin. L.n. A. firmn and I
rorlnrnllnno tn'
Ares 23242928 Tp C.Ddl. Calhoun ____ 4.44 of SW., fof NEW ________ __ 22 B 22 20 Unknown ..._.____.- 10.01 N by land. of N.: '1'. Hitch ____ B 22 Unknown '. thin no. ,
E _.0_' -_____-____ ? 28 ______ 4.74 tire if hie h,,, or i we. or If dad h
7 A In SW
Acre or lot 41 Town at Ln- cor of SK't! of SW One lot of. land In St.rk bounded or nut In rxUtttn, thor ,. hl., b.... their

r E of IIr In 1'1.' .. 28 24 21 28 E t4-----------------------B 22 B 22 7 Unknown ________ 1091 N by Illk 81 original town Its unknown bvln. il,. vliiinint .... l Ingatses, n.I..

3 II R 22 E _____00 ______.____ Unknown ______.__ 2.40 .crei of the following nine A E& S by Ky A W by Thompson ...... successors and .. .I.n. and allIwleon. .
tract being .11 of SIy ofSEViof _______ _______. Unknown
48 Town of I..wt..y E of Rr St. .28Two 6 22 ___._ B21B .i* firm and corpoi .it Ion. having or
Aaa 23 24 2& 26 Tol 9 R SW14 N of ro.d -_ __ _____23 B 22 B Unknown ...______._. 7.112 lots, fronting 100 ft on claiming any 'Intercut In and to those certain IN1S

-- -------- Unknown .... I All WVa of NEW: of SE14 8 of M.diion St. A run N 100 ft pieces. pareetfj ..r' t of land lying
4: Town- -of-Lawtry- -- E of- R; Portion road----------------------3 of B it 9 Unknown ......___ '.Ie bounded S by M.Jion. 81. E and Ming In Itrndford. County. Florid,

S.ca 23 225 26 Tp I 8 R ( EV4 of NEW ofEE44ring by Court St. N by land of J. W. known and described. n> follow n
____ _. Unknown 1.48 S of Stark A Mlridl Andrew. A. Son A W by land
E ___0000._ -- -- bunt pab1,. ro.d-13 71-IUO The II."lh..tI'a..*.. nf Section. Ten
5t2 8 Mn. Ola Thera '.11 of M. L. Johni In Cuoka.y'.
or SW'4 or 8W'4 of NE14.U ACM ._.____.____.___.2B 1 22 18 Unknown ___. (110) ; The South hair of. Northwtvt quart
Unknown '..22nf __ 11.11 addition ___
of IIE14 or aw'4 _____.__24 I II 10 ___ W 16Aof of to Stark ___ 28 B S* Unknown ___?.?.._. 111.11 ter. Tito, Northeast' iimrti-r of Southwest r
I It 6 Unknown, _ 1.114 On. lot on Ifadilon It bounded
NE' of SE'of SW'421 ""..111.. The Auuth half of Solllh.t
6 A of 8
ot ____000021 I II 10 Unknown .......... .22 WH) of 8WV4 SEW K by W. B. llyn* N by i. W. I .
4 of NE" AR'44 N of Peek rood 24 8 22 21 Unknown .____ II.21 quarter. The N..hlV' 4 .rt..w of South
I II I Unknown, _______ I.st ----- An.... A Sun W by ShafferA n
of 9F4 oSPVV' ; of Nl'4 NEW of SICW ___.________. __..25 a 22 40 Unknown ______ 1409I40l S by Madlion.. it In Cookny'a v i marter. Th. Cut: tmlf t>f mth.t *
of 8W' of SFt4 of NE'441 SEW of SW'-----------------11 8 02 40 Unknown _______ > I quarter of Bert.on Roam: < I1)I Th Went
add to Slrk __________.28 B 11 M. L.
\ of NW'4 of NJI4 of 8E'4 SW(' of SEi. __--_________28NWW 8 22 40 J. M. Mlnton ________ 1788 One lot In St.rk bounded E by' John _.____?_..Bl 45 hnlf the Went half of the East half. The

E 80ft ot S% at BE'4 at SWof 5 12 10 Unknown __ 11.61 I of SEW ________--____28 8 22 40 Unknown _____.____. 07T W. M. Edwarila. S by I). V. I North half of Nnrthfmt ......Iar of Northeast .
NE'4 __.- SEW' of NWW -__________.____27 1 II 40 Unknown .. ________. 4109 Mitchell A Mr.. Haiel W by quarter. Th. .Soiithi-ant quarter of
4 of NW'4 a all at NW'4 of E eightparic of NWW of NEW S Houthvaat; quarter of bastion Thirteen
Broadway It A N by A. L. A|
E'4 W of Rr es 8 1-2 A meld of road .-______________27SWW I {2 8 Mr. Nora E:; Knot ...._. tl.07 v.... land ._ .28 6 22 ns :
ufue Martin 1 A sold Man of 8E law 2 A In NW -- h W. M. Edw.rd. .......... B 04 The End half of the Etui half Th.
_____.:6 8 U 40 Unkno..n __ 2187 Cum on Cull it at SW cor of land
____ rw
n. Robinson I cor A 8 A in NE ear _____.___27 1 22 88 Unknown 2784 West half nf the Writ heir. Th. Northwest
10 Unknown 7.22 owned by Mm. S. M. Well A 11J
of E\4I at 8E'4 of SE'428 8 22 W14 of NEW of 8W.4V of NEW-27 I 22 B Unknown _?_.____._. 7.22 run N 820 ft to land of A. UAlvaret quarter nf Nort hrant n".rT. Pits East: half .
com .t A pt 100 ft W of Rr I All NWW or SEW ..' ..0.110.! thence W slung AIvat of Northwest quarter. The HrjuthTMt qnnr-
k on N IIn. of 1I'F.4 of NW i 16 .vrvi also ex cam At SW >r of Ronthw unarm of Section Four ,
land 121 ft thrnc S 318
.. run S p..I1.1 with RIft cur of NWW of SEW runE I teen 114Th.; North-.t quarter of
ft to Call at thence K: on Call
thence W on same var'D'.n 820 ft north wciterly 1300( I Norihwt ""..1.... The oiithwBvt qtinriirof
it 113 ft to beg In NWW of
680 ft thence N .t right ft S --- B 22 IB Unknown ___.___. 64 21 __________ 22 Hotithwput qni rt.*r nf Section. Twmty ,
t8"W': 5-t-'N28 -- -- SW'. In Stark. 28 B W.
M. Edwards
.. to 1'1 line ot said Foray One ';; ._.._.2964 two I2LM The North half of Northwestquarter
.n.. E on said line to pi at A 8 In NW cor of EV4 ofNW Out lot 868 ft : A W oln."Nr aid* i I The North half of Rnnthraat 'I"."
___. ._______ _______.1 U 8 Unknown .____ 8.14 A 84H ft on lliln A on .
1,4 of SEW of NEW ______.___28 B 22 Dan Bore ____. 21.87 W aide A "II ft E end bound- r nf Northwest *|iiart >r .t Suction Twrn- (
'fa A of N'I at NW'. of NW- Three A In NW on | *..ro".. (211 All nf the alto.. Ming In
____ 28 8 22 8 Unknown ___._______ '.32 cor of Nye of mil N by toiler lind, W by W
_ u. SWW of NW'o 14 B 22 8 Unknown .-.-.___... 7.B2B line of See 2H A H by large | Townnttip St\i>n ((7 > 4M- i lUintfo Twotily. 1
at NE car ot NE'4 of NW Com .. SW cur of N''. of SW < uni /21'] l FaHt. '
,. run W 1110 rt to a "t ot 'I of NW'I' A run N 385 ft EGO ililch A V. by Tlldi-n at -1 11.10 Tin. Wmt linlf.. .r it .. West half ..t tlib

throes A 210 rt Ibrnre F. 18 I ft lu 1 of J. W. Whit' acre In Bi ofSWH of NWi'.28Dlk B 22 Unknown ___.____..2261 I 1f."lhw..1 ..iuirf. ..t 14 'on Fight 'di.'llm .
.'.winesN 225 tt W I" thence S !;0 dCt'W 508 ft to bug I I4' 6 In liimMno. add to SlHilc, 20 6 *lB 4 Unknown ___.__._,, 20.77 Snthwi, t tiniiii rloiithrnHt guar" '

rgnca to boa ___ _26 I U 1 Unknown -..-.------ 8.80 .- >j ucii, ____... ______28 B 22 Unknown ............... B.4. | lots' 6078441I'I 1112 In tv.r.I : l.-r ..f Sean, '1' ', ."I I The R..t :
ot NF..t\ NF' W''':, of. Lot II trod I pan of C of Ulk 1 lyi I, add' to Slnrki-., -2'JI'ttrt tt Unkit>wn ._____._... 7.tl rimnt.r. ., ..f N.II" a., cr. tho Nort If
'E''o ot NF'4 & RE'. or NE', I being .r.'S' ft N lo's by 210 ft I of A I! HI r.> l.tl cum lit the I wi lit iinri| ,< r ..f N...iih'' quarter, of S.'.- 1I'
NK: ; of Intnl owmdby
RF.4 .,r NW' of NE-- & K & W iil.o cum nt NW: cor uf I cor formerly linn m.11 rill ;
E'"t RW' .r NF.'.4 ___-.27 I 44of PO.M... J. F.. Terry ----------- 4..78 T. W. Sweat A run K to E '1'1... Sutitlt. ,
lad half if Ih..e
owiud O. Turner
by J. nunrt-r-
PO' L. C. Donmark _.________ 7.22 on H 11
NW'' _27 I 22 line of Sec 2U I thrneo oil ne I
AF'' ot hurry it. & run N on Cherry of Northinxt iiini" 7 I he.. 220 ale thence W to SK!: ..
; of NW'4 of SE'4 & NEVI St. 521/S' ft K 210 ft to Church *' fjiinrf. > r T. half of North,
20 Unknown _______ 1091
of owned
22 cur Innil fontmrly by
._ _.27 I
f SWK of 5E1y .
--- tit. S Church St. 62 Va ft W vvmt ijuniti of NurlIml' t quarter, 'It.
10 Unknown __ 681 .
_____27 8 22 unit! Sweat thinre N lo beg In
ot HE"
of .
fi .
n 210 to b.x Onuin.l Town South half oT N 'I. ofNorthwiHl
"'. ASWI4' ot ___2R 8 22 10 1{. R. C..tord .__.______ 1051 I Iof : K'j' of SKI, 20Iol 6 22 4 Unknown _....._._, 1610 quarter
or AW4 Unknown .
8 Unknown in tit./, of SW __ .28LoU B 22 ..-._-_.. B7.03 : itinrlr| I'luit' ri inn nf North
ot RW' 28 I 22 -------- 2.15 12 A K";' ..r lot 3 In SB I
NE' or SW', ,
8 7 e of Ulk 1 Town of half ot :N.-thv.r.; 1' nf NorrhwotitMinrl
412&AI4 or Iota Ball. Surku I In NEIl, of SWV,__._28 B 22 Unknown .-.-.__.... 17.64 Cur of NNI','. ,( IIot:' 2", aerei.20 B 22 Unknown __ 21.07 ,, ,>r 'lyirii. ? Cnnt. nf I'M' ml The South.nnt Illc
All S of N AV of rnnnl
t41&Nt44oflut' Lot I & J tit Illk 7 _______.__ ..24tine 8 U Unknown .....??_._, 84.31 lili ft "- iiiiut.-r| if Nortli. quarter Thv
8 lr 18 RI 68 544 87 68 8'1 80 lut 26 ft N A S by 60 ft nraltul line to I.ko ex where I SotjtliH/t ijuaitt, r iif 'hwnit quarterIIHII .
Ny" of 10'. 83 U In Wood- I K A W in SB there wan a row of Orange 'I'hrv and II < ., '
cor of lot 8 of Ulk t I"i" > nn West lu
_29 8 f2 110 W. P. Dc..uab _______ 44.86 Ire'iA then tho line to he 10 ,. ,
.I Ir ,
.n. 17 original! Town of St.rk.in > i a.1| ri South v. corner, Tim I
at lot 22 a .11 Irate 27 2R 93'I A. B. Will 1._ _. .. 2841 ft H nf the row of orange ties Northwi-Nt .
NE44 of SWl, _.-__ __ _4 6 22 -- -- ---- I qiinrii of H'i hwcnt quarter.i .
87 8. 901 /2 III1: 41 63 E36320ftofIota67of131k17 In NWW of NW '/, -10 acres i lina On. and 4l'Mi .H. ,In Snarl' hwstCu y
W"II..n _____---29 8 22 141 Unknown ------____ 43.18 I N'. ..r SWI' A SW'.j' ofN
I In ,
oriicinnl Town of Stark -In N i nt r. (I ,,* and I I'-'lo 'caw mor orIra .
t 29 8'0(0' of0 k W'2. ofWood- k'/4;' cf SW, ______--.. __.28 B 22B L. C. Powell .____.____.11 B7Unknown. WVi ex 2 acna In NW cor for .. In. N R 9 sll 60 61 In i One lut on N lid,. of Call St I eomi'tery' :10 6 22 128 Unknown .......__..1911 | quarter fif Southwest uitu 'r fWtlon Bey
411 Unknown ._ _.._ IH8
: II 22 SW"' of !'W'.t: SWi'
awn - ---- 1'nkno..n 62'/4' ft E A W by 210 ft N AS ntIN nil( ; 'I htt "I'ntt: hn Ima Five mcrimont >. aI
III 837
___..20 I 22 -- I A S>4 of. SEW of SWW A NWW
. In Wnodl.wn
bounded N by Jvftrson St. or !Ion I I" Houtlim) t corner Th.
.tof Wnodl.wn_29 I 22 10 H. R. Crawford ------ 8 87 of SK:' NV, of of HEV
"' Inn .R 4 9 In W by land of Vida MarginS = I North hair of :N.tihwquarter., The
, 8 W'4 or lot It all Iota I by Call at & E by Ulk 17 A 14 yen In :HE, .., of SEW Mouth half, of Huuthwoi 'tartar .Fifteen .

f.ItJ 20 8'.0 ot lot 32 In Wood W P Oriuin.l Town of Starki In of SWf, --_-. : .-_ .81 B 22 181 W. M. Edwards: _...... 66 81 I j urn* off of l-.nf-t"; side| of nthrnnt quarter
..n _ ..____ ___ ___80 I 22 10 Dorough --- 16.92 25;'.. of SWI'4 -_-. -__!-. 28 22B : ._.______. 22 17 Tom H I 1.1 rhoW'ofNFrorof; I of N,.,'),.. q in" r "" ..n scram. nf '
30 89 A W tI nt lot 82 In On. lot 20 ft N SWi' of run S 12Ujchni FnHt side. .2nru..a.,
A S by 3D ft 1F.1n'; | -t.r of South-
21 nkno..n: .. 11.83 ; t
______ 8 22 W 6 Nil" chn.
.. _. 80
'. __ I EA W In tiE cor of lot B of west initrti| .. -' < win I(19)< I. The
t.of I..t 14 all lot 18 In Wood- 18 Unknown 0.4' Klk in Original, Town of Sl.rklIn E 6 1-1 chn to beg 7'' y acrci-31 < 22 Unknown _____._.. 812 I' West hjilf ol irthiltrtt ,t', liter. Th. W..thllir
__ f2 ---- I I Unkno..n ._..__._. 2181 NK' of ... ... .. 2B
__ 30 8 NW'/ li 7 12 8 *
..n_ __ NEV, of SW4 -_---...28 n 81 f'nknown ....--..--..- 1711 I of runt hnir ..f \ ." t quarter." The
"St. 12&AL4oflot8&F.4 ot Low 1 6& fr... lot. AU..x W NW', of KKW" of NFW -- 12 22 10 Unknown .. """""" 497 Northwmit' qiiMrii'r 11.". Noah half of
lot 11 all I..'. 13 18 18 A 9'.... I 60 ft of Illk Original' Town Foot .ere In SW eor of NEW Northwi-Pt iimrti-r .>f v.> ,.h..t qtiarttr.Hit'tjoit .
of lot 21 5 all lots 24 26 43 48II of Hlarke In NK:> of SWV ...28 8 22 Unknown _______? 11.21 nf St;'.' cum .t SW car A run Nlrifticn i "I'tt I M", nufheant quur-

/ In Woodl..n _______0081 I 22 118 Unknown __ 86.11 Wi-j of 'lot 4 of Bib 26 Original K 131 1.8 Y'" tlieneit SouthIMIerly her of SIT t ion ','w.-",. -. f21)f\ I All of

6437/861&, 615 of lot 44 Town of St.rk In NEV4 of SW 2ID yd"* thenc 9 61 1-8 nh iv" h fnir In Town-t- yen (7)) South

'n Woodl..n ___________81 II 22 88 Unknown ______ 1821 # 213 B 22 Unknown u_...___._____. HI yrli to 8 line of said, forty thence III.n.... 'J'W""IY.IW" r'" ...
.t. 88 88 17 U In Woodl.wn81 6 22 40 Mn. Maud WalnlIht ___ 171/1 ELI of lot l A'loU a 5 f"of Biii W to beg also R 3 acnw of E'/4 l>n mippar to the hill' of complaint fllfl

ala 4tJ <4In< WnMlawn81 I t2 20 Unknown, ___ .28 26 Oritf Town _________...__.aft B 22 Consumers Lbr. Co. ..-.--. 8481 of NEW of SEW -..-. -.-- 82 6 22 Unknown 10' In cell| none on r-r 'Iwf*>... the fifth dn vnf
35 of lot 11 In Wnodl..n ____0081 8 22 8 tTnknoWD ._____ 8 87 Lot 2 of lilt 27 Orlir Town _..!,. B 24B Coniumen Lbr. Co. ..?_.__ B481 W''< 0(. NW'i' of SE". e. about -- --- "Inly A I'l !III'' n ..ii -.1_. the all...
___.___.__ 81 I f2 10 Unknown ____ 5241Pt 10 dives. S3 8 Itt
at 62 In Woodl..n Lot B B of Blk 82 J. M. Johni .,1dU..n acres Hold penvoni to Unknown ......__._._ 1091 iratlnnii nf the ...10'alII' \ UI be taken .ieonfpneff
10 Unknown .______ 628a4
24 In Woodl.wn _________0082 8 II F.V ot NEW of SWW"\ 82 U
/ to Stark in of SW I ------- against
8CV 20 Unknown _...___._ 1731 vmi
20 Unknown ____ _..
28 27 In WooolI.wn82 8 22 ? __ ___ One lot of land Ml ft "I' In SBeor .
------ .--_______.__...28 22 Unknown _ 444 It IK further, ..1. r..1 ''at thhl n..t.*
/t. 8 12 I" Wodlawn442 I It 20 Unknown -___ 9199I Lot 0 of nik 1 .. N 19 ft I.lving- of NW', of KK',', 82 8 22 Unknown ........___ 111 )M. pulilmrkifl onrn n u ..' far four ....... .
of NR4aEI4of Wu of .ton Truhy A Co*. add to Stark I Com .1 SW' cur of SW of NEWA : fuMvrt wn l-I I ft- .. .i.-'.. n th. rinntfMVljf l lrnunly

,NE'-1 A N'I, or NE', .r SE4 In WVj of NELj. _' ___ _- 2* B 22: Dan Do..... ..__.._.__...____ 1.82 I run N 2H4 ft E .110: ft 8 211ft "1'. I I. ".,,.I,. .. nfwfipnri'-r
It NR'1: or NW' or 6K': .'. .. .83 8 It 180 Unknown _____ 6817tVI Lot W 'lid fl tn low n2 6 22 .
5 S 9 lOot Dlk 11 Living 2 Unknown ........__.___. 71 of f-. n, r" ", "b ',b.. In Sine ",
or NF.4 or HW'1 9WV at nfa ton Truby A Co*. addition, to Two hoot at 8E cop of W 4 of Urn.tr.,..,1 ** .,..( ,. r' .
t NW'\ of SF' _1 I 3 2_ 211 J. n. I'.rm.nter .._?_ 10111) tirk.- In W'' of NK': I N W' ,.r SK'";' t run N 111 yll W117.1'b i ... .
20 Unknown _.__. 28 I 22 C. L. Underbill .______._.__ 2'H : / Ju ir* of < h.
NW' of I'IW'' 36 I 22 ? W 70 110 K 70
at. L.IH I II'A H'j' of lots 2 U of y.l.H s yiU yill lo "I..'," I, ',,., ,n, .. ,n. ,n-1 th.thi .r
'F'I or NW'", .r NF.4! or SW"' Ink I'l Uvlnitiiton ',ruby ACm lit>v nlHo c* mil" vN. N of ..t: . our., "

& NWV, of NF..j., or NF.' '. ofAWt4 ,. addition to Stark In W'nof ..,. .,f W' nf NW'1" ..f T.I:"", 'v. I 'Ina I..,. ". the lot ii. ..f '\

\ It Eli, or SW', of 8EI NK'' 6 22 t .n.N.1 r, W 11 ft S 27 ft run.. .1 II I 'I Ill.
or NW''o __ __ 38 8 U 10 Unknown ___.___. 1190of. Lot 12 of 'Ii'k- '6 Livlnmtun Truh/8 Unknown 11551 B '7 ft to ).. 11 '12 6 IS 2"nltnowlt. -...._ 13 I II I .. r.nrnv c!

18 21 11'1' ern, 1.1..111. embramg It C,.< nil !.Mil ion to Starkeln W 71' acre,. In R':' of NWIJ. of SBW "r..k (' ''....... "....' .1
, N'I or NFtI A 1'0"1'0: 0' NW '4 of NK'' of B 22 l I.... SJ arm --------2 <*< 22 fl Unknown 781 /RFI: 4 rot,, So
tl S.c 95 Tp 8 S R 22 E __00 _____. 14 Unknown ___ 7.82f. Ij.l I 7 A 7 A ff 10 Ii ';f-Blk i28 Unknown __ 21.17 All 8' ,.r w i K ,,f fly 6 am .12 8'2 B Bradford Count Dink ____ I BO A q. r'rt"'w" Florflt

1. 2" 1'.I.vlll. embeelnyNt4 I Livingiton Truby A Co add,. C i lx.l. I 12 1 6 7 of Illk 11. "coin Aillrftor" far <('om'0/ .. / .
or 1'11'4' : NE' 0' SW'. I tion to Stirk to WVj of Ne.U.2g B 12B filly In S'4 ..t SK';'"I W of Ry VI 6 22B Unknown __......_ 4 IIId.

Sect 88 Tp 8 8 n 22 E -_______.___ 11 Unkno..n .?... ,.... 9141II Lou 8 B 10 of Illk 18 Llvinit.ton Unknown .____. U.8 ... 2 ...rUk 1 I.me..In City In

1 8 12 610 Unknown _____211.17 Truhy A Ton n.l.Jition to Stark. I SUj ,,r SKW W of Ry ________,12 22 Unknown ____.... 414 '
1or F.ti'WtN; ;:;t4 WU of NE'' 24 Lot 7 of Tilt 7 Mncoln City In 3(4 '"",'''' (II' Tt1111.,177nC;
&E'2.ofNWt1&NW'.ofN t.o'tn 7 of'Illk 26 Livingiton, ,--,- --- -Trubyi.lilitlon ;---- 22 Dan Bo.. .........L._ IU j of SK1'' r"i'; Kv .13 B 22 Unknown -.--- Sill 'I'h.. bone ..f i'. ,. rnmfM.|nnn of

Wt' F.', of 8W'4 to Sark In Wt4! of I faa, 14 in Lincoln;;; City Mrn' ri| rimr, 'v I Ith I'' will mt nt '

" NWor\ IIF." I 8 II 820 Unkno"n ..-..-108,71TSI.Wf NE'. ________28 6 21 In S'4' of KRV, W of Ry .12 B 22 Unknown .. ___ 611 .. ..."rt h.."... ,in n 1 r '* or"r. Ni.N "-
8W1/t of -----N---- Lu41Z8of OIt-17 LlvID .ton Dan Born --- 1.1f2 R atapt43-t rhnl S of NW day,, lulv 5 !In '1'' "o.r, > of *" "..I.
ot SWI.\ _______.__ 2522 60 The Am. A"rl. Ch.... Co. 21.07WI. Trubv A Cn. lditun to Burke cor of BWVi of NWV A run 81H I ll.>.... for thi, ,pnr..e clog tfompliiin'it'

: NEI4 of 3W'' -------- 2 8 12 10 Unknown .-__-. =-= 3.86: In WV4 of NE'5 12B I 6-11 ehni E 10 cjcirr**.. S to and, rre.hmr ".""." .,.* ti the ..1..,,..
Et. : NE4h3".ofNE" & Lot 6 7 of Blk 29 Llvlnnton Unknown -.----- 1.82 center of Ky thenc N on Ry 0,f any nropirty. 'mil, ." ,inn.?. or mitrd.i9fKjnvor ,h.

SE. or NW, NWI4 of NW Truhy A Co addition u> Stark 10 8:1-110: chni thene W 10 degree tut fired. by ,h.- r.Minfynr \ for the

v& Ely of SW" I 8 12 280 Th. Ant. "' ..... Cbem. Co. 98.831 In W'<, of NEV ._.. __. .28 22 n_ I N 10 '.111 rhnu to beg 31 B 22 10 Unknown ,_ ____ 2227 '.J'M, ii/mn-r finaurh "" ." TI or agents. of
ar' SE'4 IVy. & s"Cii;; Lot T of 01k 32 Llvlngiton Truby Dan ........ --- 11.21 II'.. of NWW of NW'.. also> big ["irvipi..r'. ..

-- hU_.___ $622WI4 at S I line. 60 ft W .,r Rv A run I nno\v\r"' :
70 UnkDown __ 11180 addition to Stark In W 4 0'.NE'
8 15 drrrer. W 2'D ft thene W 'Irman'.f, Hoard
of BE" __.______.. 8 12 '
-- Unk",,_ -- I 4.00'r __________ ____.._tg 122 Unknown _____ 11.11Lot. 18 degree* N to W (In. of H"II .\ltlWtr .
IK of NJ4 NII Dr NW'4, ;I w
1 B or NVi of Blk I LI"'n. t........ N to NW cow of SW
and Audlnr, .1$211.1

._ ,
..:-' :" .. .' .- .4ir a

4 i '

% .' 'j

a'a ar3l .- ,*, ;. J!;5



r PAGE 'I'EX .." -It *"" .... i. ..; ..,..;.-., UIt.\I'OJW COUNTY: TELEraL\I'U.; STMJKE. FLORIDA FItJn.\Y.. JtLY 2. 1" 6

.-----<:.:... ---'--''--. --- = -_ -- -. -
---- -- -
I"" :r.nlt'ird; i i- a great truck farming county.-Tampa TrilJIIl'! ", Tat,
sons II 11 or In 'c any int< rust I In '
Ure, ( S... T. It. A. Owner ( ," I II. I I
Bradford e the f..1 I "K il. M r d.I ' County TelegraplK.S.Alil.KMlU l Cuunty. 1'in 1 nda. to-wlt :
,. The Starke Telegraph covered itself with glory in itlammoth > C>..tnnn.nc nil nt the Suuthtust Cor- 'I. ut' Ntt '4 thoncff,. ,. h U> .b-g.J4 s __ 25 Unknown -.--.-------... 1 J. *Jii

I P'.r of >1..1..< n a.> d i I I.u> .otreet in J .\ Ill >W cur u( SW '. of NW
Ih7:1 .___ _
> ..N I : I Unknown __ ___
52 page anniversary edition published last: Friday. the Town of Star* flwrida. thencorun W of ll, .33 *2
JI. J South uii Eat: ./idt. of Bay street Leg 0,4 ft E uf UW our of NW "..
. t was. a great issue" and full of interesting matter.-Madison: 114: feet, thrnce run Cant 80 feet of SW: ', thence N 1'Vu depress I
: I'ubli.shtclti Kl!>' on Fridu)1i and Entered as Second UasII 4 thence run North; 112 fort, thence t:: ID ft thence N .J'j d.........
:nterprise-Ilecorder. West 64 Sect to point. of beitlnnlnir. W ttl ft ta liy right of way
Matter :.tt the I'ost! UlTice at Starke, Florida __ Said atue duscrlbvd land lying ..nd1"llIor thvlicB S pamllvl with' My 144)) It

-0 in the Northwest corner of the thence a illy ilutrmi b (61t 2 G. C. Sweat .____ ____._
block known as the J. G. Avart) ( to beg-2 acrtLota -, .-33 22 m HO
F r. If. Matthews! _...Owner and 1'ubiialu r One of the largest special editions ever attempted by a hume place in the Town of Starke. 11 ut lllk J J. M. John Sub .
2 Unknown _
J. C. ItobinM.n. .._:Managing Editt r "ekljt paper was issued by the Starke Telegraph last Friday You rhino and* rach of you sea hereby rquired SE'Div' of of NW Nb'': of of NW 2.E'----83>4 -.-_J4S' 4 82 Y l I 10 ,Unknown Unknown: u--h___.. ._ ..- /.1, "

: when a }booster edition of fifty-two pages was printed con- to appear demur, plead or answer of of;SW14; ai NNVVt.of NE.ad.! II 7! PY PJ g Unknown -_ -_ -=::=::=:: ;796
ShL4 NWV ---- --
Coleman .
W. W.
tu the h II uf complaint, (l.tl; l a..In.( you hey! : uf Nb't of Nb'3' 7 Gt 10 6:0
illustrations and
SUBSCRIPTION: HATE 'ainmg deal of valuable in- !
many a great in the above styled suit and court in ..101 !NE::>4 of S>tl:: '.'-''-- 4 7 YJ 40 Unknown _'_n_.___. :eoo,
title and clou: 'l 40 Unknown -.--.--.----- I..U 0 I
unit the to remove .. 4 7
to iulit Yf
"ormation of Starke Nti.W'j
Yearly $1..">0 ; :Six Month.75c"" -1'ajablc Advance progressive and Bradford county.- from and I., confirm the title nr the lend< SWi.of NWVt: .of--BN"+;;-:::::::: 6 7 Yt 20 Unknown! ---..--.....--- ; 22S .,

Advertising Rates on ApplicationLake -limes-Union. nhrnv d.wcr In-d In the complainants on or \\ (!. of SK'4:' of NII:'., .. ._. 4W'j 7 X: 10 Unknown: --.--...---.--- J04
"before Monday the 6th day uf July. A. 1)lyjfJ of M-' of Mi', &NW44
-p .r Hi ruin fail, not, or a decree pro of NE'4' liHfl 0 into, tn, N.S wr 6 7 2l 64 Unknown -------- .-- 1.O7
confifwo will be entered a tf si nut you Bill Jlu ft K:: of NVV cur of 4 W'e
It In further ordered that the ord<.r bpublhthed of NE1. At run 8LlU It E 4Gu
Butler Times! says the song, "The World Is Waiting .. The Bradford County Telegraph celebrated its .19th births in the UradforJ County Teleitraph ft N Jlu ft W 4.U II lo Lun- t 7 2l 2 Melee ltublnoon ...--____. 911

last week by getting out fine edi- a n.w.I'|japt.r publmhid, in Uradfon :I' \< ,
for the Sunrise, clears! up the mystery of why youn : Jay a 52-page Anniversary County, Florida fur four consccutiv ---V' 6 7 22 210 t..nknowa.: .--.--.--.. 91 '

eoplu! stay out so late.-Times.Union. perhaps it i i.s i I jm. telling all the good things about that section of Florida. weeks prior to the 6th day of July, A. D. \W uf "Ste of W4.< __.._...____ 6 7 1)10 \\ 61. Edw..d. _._nuh ;.6s : .
j 19J6 : of > .. 7 7 2l 20 Ulknown, ..
t-'j: of :;I t-4! 1 bW I.. -- -- ----- II
the moonshine that keeps them from ever seeing a .sunrise. le Telegraph is one of the papers that has grown with Flor- In WitnLim Whereof I have hereunto t'j IIf :SW ',. of :Nt',4:: 7 1 U e0 Unknown; .'.___h._.__ ;0 r'r'r
yet my hand and, the sal of our said court 101.1: ,. of :M-4' _- t 1.1 4'J Cllknown ...---.----.. ,6
r. 0 la and we wish it "many more happy returns of the day.I .- on this. the .nd day of Jun. A. I>. 1126G \ .t'4\ uNSV.4.of.S.E'N::' >\ r '.

" W. ALDERMAN: &SEI<., ol ...;',4 ____..__._.__.10 1 U 120 t."known: ..____.._.__... ,sbl r'If
I Eugene :Matthews of the Starke Telegraph and Howur I I Dade City Banner ('I'''rb of Circuit Court. UradfonJ County :.',4 of NM'4 -U 7.:! 40 Unknown: --.------.---. 14 I
Florida SEAL) S\VV uf NWU; .-W 7 ,24 4U A. J. Urarf ".hu. :,.V6
harp of the News at Canal Point, both won in the rvcei ,. --o- r. M IOII.NS t'/j:: of :0.1\:>\ At NW', uf Nt.i4O..SC.U ::\<
c *. 'rirr-' f. r Comptnlnsnt.46U7i' NWV4 i \\ 41 of
I !: rimary election, the latter defeating two opponents by :1:} ;I II l :Many large special editions! Florida's weekly new-spa-:" W ;, i Nof'y' of bli Ulirtf SW 7 2l Leo Unknown -n------.1 1.01 I'r.

I have been within the last but NOTICE :ilV ft t:: of SvV cur Ut liE',
few months
; ers published
Majority, thin' disproving" the idea that newspaper men ur, uf iL1::\, sio 111 i> run N 4,3 tlb

:::one! have been superior to the special 52-page edition of the In Circuit Court of the Eighth Judlcla 104 ft O 878 ft W 104 ft Uibiir i
Lot good runners./ / -Clermont Press. Circuit of florid, (In and for Itrad'orCounty . -._.!.. U 7 6 A. A. Futch ..____.___.__ I" '7 4

I Bradford County Telegraph of June 18, 'Gene :Matthews' Florida. In Chancery.UaiMiah .. Iota 14 Li of Ulk 14 In Hamilton. 1 24 Unknown ..----..____._ .,,611
-0- ,
I Overalreet' h41ofSW4.ufNN44YNOt n
splendid paper, published at Starke. Profusely! illustrated Complainant* ;of NW',4 of &W>< ----_----,20 7 21 40 J. H. Saxon --h-,_.?. IOS ,
Eugene S. Matthews, who has been a member of the railroad .. v. N'. of i=t'.4" ex i A in SW cor..21) 7 22 70 Unknown .-___..___.__ 26 It
and brimful of advertising, news articles and special write Juhn D.1 K nicy. et alDefendants Lot 3 Sub Div of SW <<4 of bW \00110 7 X6 4 J. H Saxon ___?_ 120
cominishinii: since the death of the lamented Newton: A' : \0", of NWV of oWi4h.H ..._____'::1 1 :2.l 20 Jesuits B. Loren ______._ d76
,bps, it wa an edition neither 'Gene nor his subscribers: need( Rill to Clulet. Title. Etc. :- 5'B}. 01; NrtV4' ... bVii __._-tAil j G4 G60 t'nknown ...--__.___.18: 2s
Klitch, being first appointed by Governor Hardee and(I thel I To : John U. McKinley if alive, and ilti ......._______________4J 7 66 114/1/ Unknown. ._ ---_._7./6 V6
I i he ashamed; to praise. We congratulate you 'Gene.-DunVe < dd M* unknown heir, dp ..,.. leiiatceior Ail; .. .___.__.___.._-.H 7 2l 8.0 Unknown -----.-_._.11696N'y {
leett'd] to the short term is a candidate for re-election.(:1 I granters To : Mary E. Temberton and I of NW i-'. ._..________._..6 7 24 80 Unknown _.-.____._ 2384NW

'.'t type sided! / by Aide with 'Gene in 1H92, and have been hi,: 0 hu.lI.n..T.. William Prmberton. each If 14 of N1.46 ___-----------28: 7 U 40 J. F. Houaer --------____._. IUO
alive, and. if d,'ad. tholr unknown helm. 16[ sins in a so InoJ% cur of
' !'fiend ever since. As editor and business! man, as )leifilat r : \ have just received the special fort '.ninth anniversary rliv ...<-., IP tenter* or ,. ..nt..... of each ; and Sb;V* of S .4 _.-.__._____,_)d 7 22 5 Unknown .______.______ IS7 Mt
I if all penionH hnxfhic or claiming any in 51' 44 ur Ii" 'i. _00.:6: 7 2JI 40 Unknown ____.__.______ 11 YO
; nd railroad commissioner, he has always! made! good.V e. booster edition of the Bradford County Telegraph. This t I. rest in the folln"'lnir d..rlll.d. ( land 'lyit bE4; 4 of Sli", .___....1)7 7 21 40 Unknown _______________ 11'0
< ./ end being. In !ta'ke, Bradford county. N'y of NE'1" & SWVi. of 1\01:: '..
I hope. he will Ix- re-eleded.-\\'est Palm 1 Teach Independent.If ''.dition is a credit to the management of this excellent weeky Florida to-wt ; At t'j:: of NSV',4! ii NWVi of

_. __._ ..._ 2-IfI Unknown _..____.
From the Southeast! corner of Walnut NW44. .. .. :*7 7 U m .89'1
o as well as a splendid advertisement for Starke and( Brad- and South Sirtetd in tho Town of S'nrko. :'W', of 1\0\\14 ___.__._____.Gd j U 40 Jesere. B. Loren _____? 1807

I+loridu/ Sf Walnut Ki-/ f .St.i.4 ex 14 acre S oft
lord The business of the shows run >uth irty along
the bi oin is over in Florida the East" Coast Seaboar(I ;i county. men countyhave *'-in .t 1"2'.. feet for a point of brulnninicIhencc : > tl&f& -_-.-.- -,.a 7 U 20 Jesue( n. L.n, __-___. 94)
MV of SW ._ 40 Unknown .. ___.__.__ J
teir appreciation of the enterprise of the Telegraph by takg South 7J defrrws. East ( S7jdiirrort 4, 2U 74 --- 1211I
;.itid, Atlantic Coast Line railroads do not seern to think .so Id...E': 2II 'H'l 'to Thoinpnon, Strwtihdirc : Ine I .\ In Nt.:: cor of 4w44t
a goodly amount of advertising space. Bradford county !3f. 1'hey are spi!' :riding] millions putting down new trackage, in; I F hn mi"m.n StrtMt toil foi.t : t hi nee :North- Cum I.jd ydq k::. of N\V cue of NS
many valuable assets and the Telegraph is by no means .und "0 doirrcie Wm ;NT"I ..l<-,.rtrn W ,1208 ',4 uf &1\\, &. run U fl.4: 14 ids
!proving' roadbeds: : arid building new depots/ sold freight shed riot t<> Walnut Strctt thence Northerly S lou ytl> W ii l-J )". N Mud '

y he least of them.-Perry Herald. along fact: nido of Walnut Street lOOUj ,d. to beg!: ..___.________..____30 1 U W. E. Hut.hln.on( ___.__._ .85
1 i'i take care of an ever-increasing business. Kail road progres.md f.t tu the point of b-trfnnln. ; all In the Lida 111 *<> In McLulU add tullumptun.

', . ____.._._.._ U Unknown .
0 Southeast qunrtcr of Soiithweet qunrter of 40 1 ____._____ 13:8
prosperity is" the best possible] criterion to a state's ad Stclf'in .N rp 6 South. flange 2a East (In Iota o 6 7 a of Ulk 11 in ilumv-

and the railroads of Florida at thi i'' The Starle'l'elegraph comes to us this week in a fit ty-two (hi. Town, of !Starke.. Dioclford, County 1'lordu ton -30 1 2l Unknown _.____.__-. 1011
iincement are very busy and ctintnininit one-half ..re. more NW',4: of tKVt::' __.__.__.____.30 1 U 411 I'nknown __.______._... 12'
: I ime.-Time-i-Union. Contractors are now working nigh t, I age: booster edition( every page of which I is full of interesting .r ,le'p. Soy uf bEl4: ul St't' .JO 7 1)2 211 Unknown ...____._.___ 870
You and rail of vou arc hereby requlr( k.'l 1: of NW ',4 At" N'-j\ ul stt4< -JU j 14 120 Unknown ..___.___..__ 87,93h
and day on double-track of tho Seaboard through Starkt. and instructive information about Bradford county and of SW44 It .,.
the bill of complaint filed against you In of :SVN: ((4 ol SVV 1. Al SU I. Ul
-0- its. attractive towns. It is a highly pleasing number in me- the alive ntyle l auit and court in( said liih: ._____...._...-30 7 22 811 lIam ton TIC, Timber Co. __.. 2604
;: hanical and would do credit suit to quiet title to and remove cloud N'y' uf NE'/t __....-_____._.31 7 2! 80 Unknown .h___________. 2644
It makes the Starke Telegraph mad to have newspaper,I I i appearance, to larger towns. It from and confirm the title of the land SEI4:: of SL'i\ i.! U'j' of SW'i-31 7 2J 12/1/ Hampton Tie Timber Co. __ 37.91

in and shows liberal above dmcrihid. In the complainant on orbefore Ny\ of N\VV o; of :NW- I.' ________iiifSVV" 1 2J 2/1/ Unknown .___________ 671
I is up-to-date particular of
refer to that town as "Stark," when it should
: '' he merchants and business men of the county in patronizing lW2fl Herein fail not or a decree Pro ','SE': r s't .'. ., no.'tdal 7 e1 80 lI..mplon TI. & Timber Co. __ 2GU
nothing "stark" about Starke. It is one of Florida's lives, ConftMo will bo entered. aualnot you. NE44 of NI''I: .-. 31 7 2J 40 Unknown _________.____ 1I.g6 II
: hi' big edition. It contains::! much beneficial information It IH further ordend that thli order be /.W44 of S.W14' .___.34 7 22 /a/ Unknown ____.__ 11.0 I
inland i-il !Times-Union./ And growing more! so every duty; publmhcd in the Uradford( County Telowrnph. :0.0: ft of NUV4: of toL',4: .......34! 7 26 S Unknown ______________ 9)1bW4
: ibout, one of the best sections of Florida, and it will no doubt a newspaper published in Bradford of SVV L, _._..____34 1 11" 4/1/ Hampton TIe & Timber Co. IUO
"i.s people can now come in from every direction without send (tiunty Flnridn( for four .nrcuihe.' wt'i'k NW\ of :0Y.* _JftLorn 7 2.1 40 Unknown _________ lI.ao
jog their carto the Indeed I io lots: of good for all concerned. E. Matthews:!, owner, and, prior to thi roth), dRY of lily A D. 10'8. at a l>t 314 ft S of MB! cor
repair shop.-Starke Telegraph.
< I In Witness Whereof I have hereunto. net uf SW', of 2.Wy44. run a 1U14

what a haven but honest now, how many repair whops\ ha i .1. C. Robinson, managing editor, are making the Telegraph my hnnd and the neal of our paid court on ft to Sb cot of said forty th.nc.
this the 2nd dny of Junu A. D 1 1026. W 4"10 ft to Ky right of way
tarke.; -Tampa Telegraph. The question of the genllemru I I ,' one of the best weeklies in the state. The booster edition! O W. ,\ LOI n\l \N. I thencv 10 on right, of way 6Jd 4y

j hews commendable and Clerk of Circuit, Court HrmtforJ County ft thongs Nb:: lilt !. ft to pt
from is of : enterprise, no doubt these clevergentleman HoHdn (SF. \L of .._____15 7 U
Tampa out order ) bm 10 Unknown .........._.... 10.R9
feel a just pride in their successful: undertaking, F M .101!vq.SuUcltiir N try uf SWl/4' of NWVi ________33 7 Xl 20 C. L. Hilliard __._.___.__._ til i
-0 for Complalnnnt. -4St72nn All Sty of N'WV of NUV4 b:

nd we doff our hat to them.-Johnstown News. i I of Uy -.- 2 8 22 14 Unknown ....__-..._.... 983
If the prophecy of Herbert Janvrin I.nmne a weather: _U 6 ....... of Slit of SWVi. of N
j I h', At ", h''i of NWi.4 I g 22 H It. E. A Shclll. G. Moor. __._ IS.01
expert' ) before the students of the college of scientific fore, rF.U.\GR\ TEiRS. bl>'l, of !NK'/i Ai Wj> of NUV4it '
I tfiiHtn t iiclir Von Kirn if livIng and I I Ifi.iuil NK<4 of NW'i Ak N'-j'\ of SEt :
> ting of Chicago is true, Florida: won't be able to care fin Senator Puncnri U. Fletcher niviil -- t t.* hit unknown heirs Mt law, legau r>r, AV. r. Hountroo. Texarkani Tox.IJPAT ;. At hiof( .bb'i' ..3 8 22 202 Hampton TIe & Timber Co. ._ Pino

*. 'lo AuKuma'' Doctor, Va> of NW ".4 Al. NW''U of SWUK'j 6 8 24 Unknown .._.....__.._ I
i fnHI H KriinttiM.
< or ; : 27.fl
> i i3;:l,7 t tin I people who will to the state next winter ( '. of SW'', 6 8. 22 'i!
( the fol of lil .
come nor 1 1. Von 'horn and hmibiind Adult L. Von t had 1'ollnirra 14 yours. I was norv.nns. Unknown __.__.__.___._ 417
HI2 second choice in the recentDi'iiiiu'iatic Kim, if hung, nml, if" dead to their unMtuuii li.nl. Htnmiu'h I trtmhlc, Bh"rn<'S3 NE'1:: uf Nt.,. .._ aI. 8 M tl Unknown ._____.__......._ 1UO
\'. mg season. Mr. Browne predicts that the year liJ7!1: will lit-im' ul law .htmutn.. drtbtte, orKiH'lKit I.' : of NK': : '', of NW/4 At" E'.j: ofL'
of .iirnl loit w..llI"ht.
l'rill1l1r' It Hun been .' f1'i: ntl,lI ItVoml.l mil, UubtrtS hrnnth mason' of II.". .. .__.__ 8 22 BO Unknown _....____.. 1908
!I"'I< like 18KJ "the t year without a summer, a growing season iimiouiK'cci by State hct'ctury. II. : .\ "u.l. IHT huBbnn.l" if livititf, and it had Hxvimmtnt' In thr h ad dlcrlneN.i, I l.'i:',, of W'j' of faE'i' of SIS' ,_ D 8 t 10 Unknown _____._______.?_ Dili
Ih market drntt tu their in iiiown htir ut Inw. lt.... turning font r'..''HH In the hark and :NEIE'r: :: '\ of :NKV "f NWU
\ failures the
: crop throughout northern hemiipin Clay Crawford. Jerry W. Carter. ntt.t.. di flit* or grants 'T<. : ViolaWood shoulders. numbneHft In the ICRH. con ex 6 A in SW fir At NW,4 ofNW'

-re, and it will be necessary for nations to use their war i the cloHiMt rival got 3! ,1H: first and U..b'r. S. W oml.. her husband Miration burning foot. Morr mouth' % ,. > '
of 5Wof\ NW Ai S' of
If 11<'111... nntl if dead, to their unknown j "j
choke and 9:1.2: second choice votes rn.Hh on the hnn.l" and artrm rowembr. "juf :-1\\- I. Ai Nb> of bE'4
lowers I and conserve food and protect their population from I L'In I tit law. 1 Irguttra, di v im>t. or urnti /
l Ih>r. John A. Van Val/.ah, the third! (eta lo: Fannie Johns, ,if IIvh,... and if Incr sunburn. Imrnlnir and! Itchlnrnkln. of NWV:- ex sly A In SW cor..ll 8 281"" Aldermen ft Futch _____-___ 72 60/
t 'vatlon. I : Maul to her unknown helm lit Inw Uirntun yellow akin on the .t.I" of the All b\V ',. of SW'' E uf Uy u A.12 S ** Unknown ...-._......__.._._ 370
: .
Y40 ;!i'' member In the rile, got I l,22J(; first dov ).,.*.'! or irruiitntrt To : G. W neck and I'n."tr)" Hvii-nltivo to sun All MO' of SEt, N of Ky--Ut -

Loire, votes i J.'tiiiHun unit, wife, I-.uinitf Johnson, ,if HvMI ',t I. AnY. A In Stt cor unit
lioii I took all the trcntmentH I
IIOUHII & of Sb.',
.. and if dtad to xhuir, unknown hd. store SlIt 4
r, ll.u tuUinn. Nutmnul Hunk uf :North, Car- 11.1 l lntrn'il hag T trot no '' I of bL":: & SWt, of bi4' ---16 1 1W'j 8 )2 120 Hampton TIe &I Tlml'.r Co. _.2RUl

: H. ,V. (Green; of tins t district, is certainly ci>mrri'H! ilK( A. Yon TullahiiHHce. 12,717; .1. und ....i.."., g'nntre nr lt>irnl) F\' Ill I I-1'* l"l.u\. ln..d I fiftern All vx W'j' of SW>4 ______.__..14I 8 U IIR8 Unknown ____....___.12'1' Mil
11:11: ing good ;.MI. the national capital.: "Lox"a.s he is. familiarlyI unknown! niinvt nintj\t' ; To : Samuel 1 itllubunnl. '. ... I ., i J .. A. bW >., of :NU'- > '',___.J3Ni II 24 2311 Unknown _____,________ 8& 611
It.Smithwii, I'epeltela, the incu'ii- ,, If I living, pull if dtml. to liifl unkm "liunroli' 'r.1 furl 1'' .f. well : >;', of NC': '!; Ai Ha ot,NXVV,

I nolcn,15:< i not only the youngest member of the Florida dole bent 10,281!'! :, >un hen ut law, l Ieuntrtw, il'viiam( or I h'1'0\' ., .. fl i.lw', t t.r "i .11"' I of NEW' -_____._____23 8 22 80 Unknown ______u_.___._ 1177

Kruntttit 'lui l Smith, and lied hl r, It II y.In" I I7.' .s'. ,,11" II i i"r," unl' 'iIngnqt ,. .. n, .: %V'.I . ..:.I 8 211 4o Unknown ___ _______.-_.. 11.7
"::1 I it t i' >n, but i--: (one of il'not the youngest( member or ('olllCrc,;... For ciuiKretKmnn, fourth district, I itiitl if ,l dead, tn ihvlp) unknown lu, Ira At ." .' "1.l. t. 'Hit. )011 ',1 ...fE': or :--1&: -- ...., 4V 8 23 111 Unknown u_______...__ :32t
luw. UKutctH, tli. viMH-4 01 iirnnUfN, '1'<. : \ ,, of S.:',, of NW> -M 8 aa 21 Unknown ____h____. ._ 6:6
Coiigre.* -Man Green has been in the limelight ever sine.' 1v..i. Soars, Kissiniim-t', the In. (Cntuli. .\. Or"I>III. tf living cud if 1'1. "" .1' f .4 A of. W'O of ;Neu 1 _. -___"'i: b _! Po Unknown ....__ .. ___._ _' IIW

;;, lection t ID office has iiinihont 21.22:1lrtl.: ; : Ruth Brynn tli I ,.,j. to Ins unknown ht'ln nt IHW, !,'.nt .1"" Au T 14 ,,1. I'unlpl'' .I Ltkr. I'll.Iywwaxalaaa u A iif tWV:; of NEIL' __. 25 A 22 III Unknown .____. .__. 2a
i i' i made speeches. at many prominent i.. dv.tva of grnnlc.. ; lo : V. J. i. Pwe"tiuml: i, 20.IJ7. :MiiMiiAn, U (11\I"or. and if dmd. la his
< 1 ings is p' :"uinr' ; with his fellow office holders and we won ".,..
Fein tli.vlHiiH, "in".on.
For supremo court juttticc, Louie iifmwn nt M\V I Kf.ati e urtimnUm 4 W i.+ .ww
: 'M yesterday! I that President" Coolidge always refers to him Tu : John I*'. Htrutum tt ('omt ;;;- -.
---- - - ICE
\V. Strum Tullahnsae, the incumbent : > if In fxmU'nte. and if not to iu .
ih the familiar ....., "', 10', hrr f} 51! i- rkn' >< f.."""|".. lCMrnw| lnu, will be iiolil ,
\ t term. of Lex. It does us good,\ to see a fin.UIiO Frances D. ('nrtL'r itnitr nt nt ltSY gn r. itiunt is or .Icitnlunknown nt puU.cI
; -I- FIRST MOS1AY in AUOl, SI'J,,
r.|.. 'mg man make/ good and Green; in not only making good( \ I'ensacola, 35,50 if 11"111g. and ir dodo tu lib. unknown I I.. '", i, the CourthmL'.n) at StnH' 0 iliailfonl Ooimly. Slate, of PlnrMn, .....rv
I' hu.r nt litw. teirntv. dttviBcvs. or > i "marl thereof a. will ho n..a'.y. to pnyrhe nmounl title for taxes sit oiiiHMitti' thu
himself, lut for his district and state.-Gainesville: EveKS : -- ----- ".nnt... '1..: Wesley Vtnoi.-nt and Mar' C/ iiiui.. tuui.thi.-r wlh the mart ..f such nIS! and. n.lnMrIBln.

'Intel' ( 'n-Ground broken thn .K Vine.it. hla wife if IK Inn. and .f I. ,L.." f.l I <". \ I UTCrT. Tax TolloctorDtucrintlnn .
I II"( N@ws. I'dud to tluir unknown helm. nl luw. ICKHttt \ ;,,' I ,
/ ,
for new buiKIItiff oC telephone come .. del I.. .... or .,..,nt...... nnd to till/ nurM.im \' ::;;:::: ,/ Too.Cootta.
lieu" T. H.
\/1/J. A. Owner
-0- I hating or claiming any Interest in "
pony Ju,, II/I//JL. i. d_ 7 A of Ulk 32 J. M. John
fi..liiutiiit diPcnbt 1 luT.d In (
," ltmJf.rd I.l . .__._.. :._ _.. ._._.. Rt.. _.
: AND WATIUMII.OXS: : :; C'uuniy' Muritl( ...-"'It i iNurt r .n. !Si.nrkmnnI 'n_ ___ ._. I I".
h\v tj.t quarter of Soulhu.t. ... i.1, I "I i mi l i 1''I'. A 1''u.. ,1,1,1 -- __ .. I r,Itn ItOKP ____n __ M,I.l I.
,, l I...it .- 10 Ulk 1L.. T. & Con. odd. --. .. .. i k-free i ;I >ti/ii made at cost of + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 'nu u'.i ,1 1 Feet Unlf) if Neil titt3unntr 2"
so / a several l11i11l'1 ,, ..
I I. ,
lllk I. f I' hiI
+ jf HouiliwuNt quarter lying .- 'M : I. I 1.1 1 II 1 .W n --- Lliintniton' ; Trilby A C... u _____ I I II
,, I I I- Ills,. HI I I.. T Ala. a.I.L. '.-- .. n."M. SVhu...l.r' E, ._ _
h\s" I : .1,1 11 I II. IJ.
''i t i'I.( d to the "hilllil'111, of lvatev) 'luns from n v oo "' \r It.o.- n
( ( + .. J. ,. t H .11: Illx( IH I.. T.I A Cur sold.--
: \ Dun Ilurco. .
PATRONIZE .- > t.TJta.. _._ 11." oI'nknt.wn
o) in
i throur'i' it. bonierin tick-infested. or tick-expo + l I." 1. ii'Mifllniiiti" ; to ncrvH, mare. or : '_.. I I. !J I II I t U: U II I I lllk J, L.. ..____.
+ 4: : ,. I Ix. add .- --------.-----. ..._ l I" IL i
I lining. + GAINESViLLEBUSSES---- t \<'on* and each of you ore hereby roil '{'..::.. ; 0 ,} <-- .-i\.J it.u 7 Ulk. .Ill L.. T A Cot. ndd________ .Dan Borve .-..._...________ o n
Ul 1
DE I urtd I U* appear| dtfinur i>U.. ...b..h..u.u. Meow Cox .____._.....____.._ roo
.. l. y Ilk r., HI oR Ely: InU 1 2 lllk. 17
i >rlda watermelon tinb I II/ uf
shippers, in 01"11to make shipments t Lomiiluini' llli.i nnwit t yutihi "J y
: I \ & E' InU 1 :J llk. 18 L. T. the .(... suit and in nod \ -
l inn' "null: : \ Georgia. have agreed to use only tick-free excelsior! ml to qnltt stylud title to and. rttno\M court cloud ';;;: JI ____ ."'...hv -- .n_ _.. ..____________ Mme Mack ......______.___ 22.17
1"' Lars 1 J lllk 26 I.. r. l&c.
or H'u
from und confirm titlo of "
be. Mitu'i which : SCHEDULE: + I to the the lanilHbovo '.- ; ) _
Georgi.f. officials recognize .. ( I1 Mamie TVII _
as satisfactory diitcnlntj. In the gsAlox
a vtimplninnnt .
on rbifoiu IIi..I
I ,.. : : : ::::::::: : : -- ---
j i at i. r. .uiMiiv l
Munt",. the &lh day of Jul,. A. U. .in. : Co. Morrlek :::::::::...:: I n JlH
bedding not liable to curry ticks: into that state. Florida !shippers + For SAX 7:30: 9.00 a. m. 1 11I % lltrvm Cud not, or a di-crr. pro !Ilk .II) I.. T. & I .... mllkillv., ..._ __ K. Snell __._____.___._ ; (n inK.
I .... J :1 lllk 41 I. T. & Co. euboliv-..__.__ ,
+ vnnfiMO wall 1 be crvl F Sni.ll _.3 402Juliua
4:00 vr
I ai(' 0., their honor"\ in observing this: agreement, and : p. m. + .. :H further oii, i i.nua oil i you.U BeeBrandprotects Lm.t I lllk 12 I. T .4 Con. .111>.0111'____._.__ Butler .n.u....._____.__ 2.UI

.. R'' Blk 41 L. T. I'.... nb.illv.. --.- -'_. \\hitmore ___ _
believe that one of them will live to it. : For G'VILL : 10:00: a; m + p.L.i..d J n I. o uiurd county 4m.trrupH aurn ___ 4 'I
every up 2. I..t.J lllk 4S L. P Co. aub.dte---
a novmimper iiublmhfd in HmdfonlCdunty Lucy Fnitllnh ....__..._..___... 4,13If '
lint: here is the main point : Excelsior is expensive bedding + 5:00,7:00: : p. m. + I !. IttiitlH, fur .four eona..cutiv. the I."to S 6 lllk C N:-' J. .",n.. mill. ____.._. Ki-rr ..?.._. ..--__-?__?._ 2771|
( I .... us y"ir 'U 'M W' ". .,_ "' .. ... D. Imo 12 lllk 14 IVmnliailil..__.....__.._ .1. B. Ithnilvn _..._ _________ 1 nio
(; for watermelon shipments) and its! use this is nota 4 + + + + + + + 4 IUl6: VII fnie. HI' )1\ ox hit U & fnm
: year I..H .________. .
: in \\ ItiusMV h* r.M rf. tm". o'I HI Tcmplon nilil. ?__n. .1. B. Rhotli'n .. 4001
permanent solution. of the problem of Georgia in keepine li: sot nty hand and tin. aal! nf ? r n. t baby/ Lot. '> BIle -1 T....." ... nililit __ __.__._h__ If O. Maunn ._::-''::::=- 221
un this ih. Jnd day of June, .1. U I 1. I. ;"i Milk IS l-ifk' oii.l .-.______.a---- !Maml Marvlck. .. .. 221 I
ticks! out Of that state. The thing for Florida to do it to get I Ii" KKM I v .vlUrW I.ut T 4 5-0 I Hlk C Risings. nidi__.___--._ R. Gnann. ...-......:--:::== 9 BJ

OUDEK FOR FITKLICATION i uf Circuit, l.I. :I.u.J' I i.' ,. y, Iota C II .A Hlk 3 Alvurel ailil. ..________ __I..hn Uirlnw.( _____________ 7.BJ
rid of its ticks! as: fast as possible, and share Georgia's; advantages In the Circuit Court uf the Kluhth Judicial Florida. iSttiALlK Til s ar* ftlthy thlnn. They canny .fame and6twiy. .:'j lots" I J :J I Blk J Wynn. n..n. __.__.___ Mr Alice Sparkman .___._. 27.23
I .
Circuit. of Hori.ln in and fur Dr...- rh..y.r* a rucntti keep them out. Erse loin A H C U Ulk 2 Wynn'aall
M JOMNd.84ilietti I .
ui: a tick-free state.-The Florida Grower.; ford County] Flurl.... !In Chattel.ry. i : >r for Complnlnnnt will>,mi*un II .If..ry you ttv n<."if,Ho you|rl intnl...i nouns lung,, nod fowler) witiiloweml It n. __uh.n.oo__......... r>r. Ma J. Hulhrrver. ._.____.______ '.21
L. It Kilwarda.Complainant.. 6.1.51.-J 1 ,low it itiHtut, the nuns. Ii, 1 unlit, trtuliMM On. lot land bounded E by Twm.I. .
to hiimitit .tMltiim, I.ran t exDliNlo I. M Knit*. !>!I. Avenue South hy Pratt
____._ .... Olil>tl rtlil.lCATIOSIn "n.h, l l1.f.+ ntVt
+--_ __ u .. ,. oII va < rOil I.I I AniM/HPtiM' WM-'iTViiiil rat..! M..U!,.. Vlow'ou Fowland >Mt. by Sanilfihwin Ian. 4k<
Circuit t ourt of the Eighth I .
the nmny' <.thr hoi.i to nil tiiinlch ,tn*.H ,IN. North 'liy IniKl of N. T. Hitch ..___...__ I'
Kilwnrd: N. Dickvnon( ut al. Ft. Kerr .
_____. .__ 1093
d cia) Circuit uf loridn.. (fn and for Brui- dot, .Ifixn .and' In' reel wrung' cup ....,. at yourKMtrn On. lot of land bounded. -- -- ---
V I Uef.ndanta.ball .. ... North by
Comments The Booster EditionCongratulations ford County, In Ch.n..... > lni s. 11'tnM-ttoia' aliwi IUD and
.o n Hlk 31 Original Town b
t. Quiet Till. EtaTo J. H Lord and Eva: U. Lord.Complainant nas, AtH-iwan DO. and
if .
your dmlrfesn't South by Ry Vint '
I Filwurd N. Dlck.-r.on. Mary C. by Thomi .r
.t.--------- .------.1, Drki! >:...on. hi. wife. If living( and If des,* vs a ml J.J'I:| >lyyuiij. on .t. It ;.---I; '8\\-\ ....--""'-- W M !.Iparkmnn. ..."_.... 83.gl
Ono lot .
T' n II to their unknown helm .. law, Ipgetrca.'Jevur Drury ItMldinh... .t .L. ... .."" ',,,101. .,. IAS In corif 1

'a, or BranttN>. ; Tot, Ed... N. Dick. I ivfvndant (nmueanA line" haters w1) hw4N Sw quarter of Sw quart r.2g < 22 E. W. Drimr-r Eil. _n.._______ 2.51 1I
special edition. The Florida .. I"o4 12 IS 18 iru
B 20
on ft
your and
....n. and M C. Dlakrrvon his wifa. U.ll to Onlcl TitU Luuklet' .. 1.J
Farmer. I Ilvlnn( and If d'A.I..o their un Tot: Prury. Red.lish( ff using. ind) It a'hem'w NIIIIw I '.. A in NC!: cor of 8B' quarter of I

r I" h..im at law l.yatp#.. ito1 I Jens to hi. unknown heirs at I.... ittw a- gad' Stauthvaitt quarter lo. 2'', ft. _..29fhre. 8 22 O. C. Sweat ____?_______.. 4 tl
1 .1..... H. If II... e /ir kII acres in NW- corner of N'jSVM .J
o or Hrantvo To : J. Ruff dwiinm, or ..r.nl H. : Tot I John D.
: Inv. and if dead tn hla unknown helm at MrKinl.-y, If living, and If dead. tu ,"u Ins .,. of "NWi' __..h._.._.. _ja fI 22 1. :M Rlsing. .____.____________._ Ill|
The Bradford County Telegraph last week issued u special Inw. IU"R...... tlrvUtf. or iirantet TotJiwpph unknown hri|r. at law |i.>irnt.... duel4 .boua lot. 7 8 !Ilk B Rising* adl.-.. ._ J. M.. Rising _____.__._._.____.___ 4.Hi 1
If Muff If Ilv,nu. and If dead l to or irrantei. t To: J. N. Jdnm and M f*. ..p'a'stYe.tal Uit. IIII 12 11 14 Elk C. HI. 1I
loth Anniversary Booster Edition. It contained fifty-two) his unknown heir at law. l I....t...... d.> I A. V. Jon.... If living and if dead, to inns al! l --_ ____________... .1. M Rhnlna------- 96t< i I
\lurt, or .nrantfc : To: John Darby and their unknown heirs at law leirauMW. Ie I..1. All Silks U E F U II ( J K Lh.__ _.___. J. 111. Rising' _.__.__. .__.__.__._._ 45.0 \
pages, and its value to the county cannot be estimated in. till! r M Parky, nil wife, if lit In*, and It .1.i vv., nr .uratnves. To : Vasco Dale1 1.I 1arv I..... S (II t 7 .s flit I Alvarel adil. __n__.___ John 1'.low _.___.._00_________..__ 180
I JI11LCeDMIcE Lot i Blk. 1 Wynn'i add. _______ _.__ F.. L. m..... .___ r
dead to their unknown heir at law. I Ivirat [ \ .. If llvintr.. and if dude to ha ..nI n_.________ t.U
lars and cents.-Jasper News. t pr.. di>vlrt>a or ...nn...>. To : JohnftnrH I known luim .t law. tiwntt. deviates. or
if (11\ In". sod if diad ... hi. unknown itrantvtt To : Caluta Pam*,Ha ,\I,,,...... if & Cu.Daltkuurv. -. C
o hvlr at I A.... l *...teoo. 01..10.r I llvinir. and If d..ai. to her unknown heirs .

The Bradford County Telegraph at Starke last week!' ,Krantim Ti : John Tear ami Ester Tiar law 10......... ditvis_. or itranfers ; To: .MIL Fort Lnu,1rr,lute- Construction Tampa-Width of Candy bridge
hla wife If llvlnit. anil If deal to their unknown I 1.1 D. Jones if livintf. and if deal. Ii.s one started of 19 miles West DixieHighway I
published a special 40th anniversary booster edition of ;32: ,. hvira at law. 1..1_. 01",,_. or .. heirs at law, Uuatres, deviates. or across Tampa Bay: to be doublaJ. j r
.runt!** ; Tu : Cornvlla Bryan if living, I trrantt ; To : James D. doors If living. and - - northward from Dade Orlando-White installed j
which would be a credit to a city several times its size and If drail. to her unknown htlni at law If drat. his unknown heir at Uwtvn\ I way
;1 pages .1 1..1.. ... 01..1..,.. or granteva i Toi, A\.. I t..... devisee or .grants [ and to all p." I ir-- county line, at cost of 500000. I Ion South Orange Avenue. 6t,

w -I


,\ ,

t'I'!' ., ,... P'

.. .
"---'M' ""' "'''' hi PO. "-_ __IAA> : -AII!!' --1r k'w
--- ,- '
:.-, -- : _. r

..... h rT'-----. : .:: :.. : .. -..... y

Bradford County telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: July 2, 1926
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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oclc - 33886096
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lccn - sn 95047406
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f rS li l-

- W

"t Dtrabfnrlt < 1 1t i't'r '

1 trounty mclegrap11: ,

-- -_ -- -,._-. -, .
== = -

I ;. Established 1879 :_ Subscription-For, : Yenr, $1.50!; .Six Months, i5c-Payable in. ,1i1'ance-._,_- -0 -0_ 1'I;. S. :\1"tthe M.ownt'r.. =

i i 'VOLUME }'ORTY.SISE. STAnK", FLORIDA, ...IUIJ.\Y. Jl'I.\ 2. 192tJ lJ\I: 'tUl'\\7'{ ()

.---_--. --,- -- .
,- -- --
: '7--
; ()AMERICAN: ; : : : HOME: ( "


'I I f\ .I


O'clock( l'hi'4Iurninlt: Is Set GEORlKING: ; : is GIVES "LIFE VA IMAGINE ONLY M& i I I ,

As ]Hour for (Reading Decision. SENTENCE: !: in .\DhlNS -i .,,MOLE INTW House >>MIy Uurk t t"< Mart on Slmnd l IIridjl'I 1-11.\ liS Itl11DE( ; : *

4 If Reached ; Court ,\
11 1 I'1.:\ Gainesville, June -Convicted, THIS IS PL'AYIM' AM' A&AIM T' HAVE< A SUPPLY Johns ('..un.y. 1: IS I;M KUY V \
of first degree\ murder, ut this tel'lI1of RICH, OP 'EM OH ,

KING TALKS Hilt SELF ON, LETS WENT BLOOEY/ Did fur, haul-ill ,"g1111' load on' the t projei ted $1! ,- -

Slaying. of Youth Pictured by Stale for mercy, George: King, COME Go// THERE '*= GOES t Horn" \ \ the I'u.t county lint to (:iiecn I OIHI.OOO bridge across. t tlio St, Johns. .' ril ,

as Cold ItliMided. Crime and Bv was yesterday sentenced! by JudgeA. BLAMING Mr BECAUS E fuse Spiimrs. will I h v opt-ned l h>' thv river nt Green; Cove S"l'illlwill \ ,,' I

Defendant us Act of Self Defense. Z. Adkins to sine' a life sentence !!1 THERE'S ONLY TH'.HOUSelIT'S ONE I flit' county' boiiil ,tiusteoH, July I nit in nhout thirty days, it wit ADSiinnmimi

I at hard labor in the penitentiary d tJ,"% CANDLE IM !Idtli, nccMiiling to the flay (',,"nl.' ) 'il' \" 'sh'I' The King it will I THINK ,,,, A- WONPCR.DO HEHIS the ,' I Iih
case AI"w
IS SUCH SM'T BLAME MS Times. Clews, are now working on group financing this work. .

a Gainesville, June 23.-Pictured be remembered, was' transferredhere ? FUNf ? FOR THE LIGHTS the grading for the new\ highway/ I his H.! :Shnnds. lie was in Jackson- nrl" 1q
t- ,
t by states wit'looses: as one of the from Union county. DEIN i OUTOH. / / and they estimateon completing! viii., arranging for transportation' !mss
a +
most cold blooded murders. ever v.'y. SO Percent\ of I the grating and ttiirfu I of mntorlals. u-
committed in this section, and, by MAN'S CU'II Y I i ; "'ng in six mo ::1 lilt S'vi'm l ii'iintliM into, :Mr. Shands: ,

the dcfcdant as an act of self-de. I was a 1 10 unoumc'tl t $11111 lay tlial who ,s l pieHidoni. ( I'i( the Green, Covo raft

1 fense, the case of the shooting of Annual\ Flower Show. By Hank Of work, will be started !imediately. ; mi Springs' chamber of commerce and.I

Wiley Pearce, 16-jear-old, youthof Starkc Events of Today the construction of the steel. andtcniirete a wealthy! hanker, ,received. a char- t 11

Union county by George; :M. bndgo, spiuiing the. St. tor ti build the bridge. When fin- tad<

King, merchant and farmer, (63 Today Friday, Is the date set John river at Green Cove. Spt'ings/ ishod. it will ('nlllp!.' u (RO-milo motor .I**

years of age; was ,still in the hanJs by the Rank ef Stajke!: for its annual connecting. / Clay niiii Ct Johns. c'oun- I I hig'iwuv' }' thr'' h a beautiful Kr',

of the jury when court took a re. '' Zinnia j how, to be held at 7 tios, :111\ '. :Shnnds; nnounced I the Coition, nf. :Not; t III i'mi'Ida., The rood eh j '

cess last night: at 11 o'clock. A the Woman's Club building, at 3:30 tailing of this work us soon us SI t. loops. .I froi.i Ji"cksioivilli. to Ciroen )ld i.I i.

sea bel verdict if one is reached is p. m. Contestant are requestedto !, Johns county comnletcd! the survey ('ove :;pi ings, nil ti,: vest ,bunk of 1

j' to be read at 10 o'clock this morn- bring thitr f f llo<.tion enrlv ssca' of. (II!h, new mill I from tho river tho St Johns, joins tho lllack (Boar nt.

enough that they may be arranged I I t to St. \iirdistine; tilt :St\. Johns. sti I'- (mil (,stale loud 3):i) and will cross Id'

ing.The trouble arose over a five in time for the opening hour. \"(.%, being, / a continuation to the( the river, to n connect !inn with a !Y I

dollar bill which King said he gave Tables will bo arranged! for the II ', i oust. nf Ht.ito 1'1111"I I H, from Slarki1 t now hiKhvviu) to bo "..tructed by

the boy by mistake while trading u"e of contestants nnd,! the clubhouse t ti St t. .lugustine.' :St: Johns" county, vvliuli will join 'b

, in hut store on the morning! of will be opened at 2 o'clockto I h., -Sun JOHO bnulovniil.Omen ,III
<'omiiieiiting ( 'lay lountv's
M1 Sunday, :March 7th The testimony, allow time for the display, earn ti f. I Ih Ii on 'to and steel' will bet used y
ml wnik tho Tilll"Vllin
i i? says'Man :
'Y the dead, boy, and of King, him- |I contestant hel'llKi.t'n: a free hand 1 I in construction. "',,,'k has not boon I 1
M.lls, ('Ia I tounts's
iv roniilliiig
self, lone witness for the defense, in arranging:' her table It i Is hoped I Matted: previously,, in view of the I
bus 1ul1l..11 hat
I on'-inei "'II1<
was exuctly in accord up to the that all those who. are Intl'Tl'.te.1In I -1 fact, Ihnt I ho St. Johns, county high I 9f
II (tho woik of Surfacing the highway 1
point where an argument between flowers and beautification work I WHY \. 1 fioiii Jo'IIU'ke Green, Cove I way fimn :St. Augustmo to a point l
I' King! and the boy took place at the will be prevent, even though they: GET h.._ will bo .Kturted to ininiedintely, and oppn'ili" boon" C > "' Springs; hail,

Pearce home about five o'clock may not plan to have an exhibit:! in not boon" I'lilteil, r .iinty commiasioMors *f ik?
I Hint witliin six months" at least r0* ) Y 4
., that afternoon. King claimed that order to hear the Interesting ad.. | and, state officiikls having
per I nnt nf it should b"> tomplitnl!I. '
Mrs. :Mamie\ Pearce, mother of the dresses! and view the flower disI'lay. iiiinouiuvd plans for road cnnstrin'-
It Is estimated' that, at least $100-]( I
boy rushed 1 from the house with a :MKS.\ I' J. C.KVU lion over. Flemings Ishind. :Mr
Ono has boen saved to the tiixpaversof
Bradford (
+- Victimized
shotgun and placed it in the hands Negroes Shands; .
: .
!'.VN-AMEKICAN BULK Funeral services the Cl.iy county by the 'board ...t'' is tro.ng: a': of tho youth before he fired the fatal over re- of I lice I ,r.1.!

shot with a pistol which he STATION WILL OI'EV I Arthur Br'nt-j;; ; William ))..- main" of :\\1">1. 1'. J. (iruu, were held etiuuty. ; by I the board, if enmity com. -- 1.

carried in his car. WITHIN TEN DVYS Sue Lose $1,201)( () to. !Sharpers I SANDERSON: JESSE: : I'ItFSbl"I'Sanderson :: on Friday afternoon' at five. o'clock misHioiicra! in nwuiding contnu-'s, '! 1'\111,1-1'1', : ., ; ;rlll\Jo) : Y1I'

lit the residence of her daughter for" their $7riOOlli) hiK'hwav pio- '
:Mrs.\ Pearce said "I didn't get ?
the gun until he had killed my Crows Start \\"urkrandOl: )' On I I Who Work_Old (:inm(> I Jesse PI."tt17.* :Mrs. J. J. Relic,. | great Tins county is one of the {'I I Mr I and :111! +. I.. ..I Stokes! of

Erecting New Plant (Inan- few In Florida. nil I Perhaps" in nnv Wntithiiln wish to iinnniincc the
boy. Two hnrdworkingdnrkil'lI of passed awny rt his home on Cherry It was 111 i-leal] !service, in whirls i, .
nee Hramh "V. I ether flute, whcie the estimated' ill r'ring0 of Ihou\ daughter, 1(115Staudt.
Other witnesses" nid they did not Biadfoid, 1 sadder andwiser street Thursday) : evening, after a joyful, hope filled. the iiiunln; and 1
< county
4 arc oiiHlriiiti.iii t rust will : : t tll i :Mr. John, II, Padgett, of
know at what time the shotgun'arrived I this week after slick nn illness of several weeks." Tho hearts of those present becnuso of not run overtea' I V
n"pl'.s""tnth't'" of the Pan paying I bninl' ISHIIK providing, for !it. [ Tampa, :Sunday; the twonlvsovonthof
on the Roere.Difference : 'I tongued' -harpers $1,200 to tench di'cen'-ed was born in Clay county the life of the one who bud. passedi | I
American Petroleum! Corporation : Juno, Nineteen hiunlred! (
n nare 'I In- Walter BrY.lln! 1 Paving ('tin and e
also nruo in the them not to place their 1111,1 1 near Highland, July 7th 1 18511; : nil, i into tho unseen I'uul's'oncl"rl'ul |: m- i ik
money I
In !Stnrko week t
preparingfor pnn, of ,ksonvilli'. "', has been I :when in enily childhood with his lH l confining the reKiiriettionverc ,
+4 tost inn.nas to which direction confidence in the hands of strangers vvoi< I
the installation, of their bulk The ,
4 the oontimt for trrmling, et'remony tok pliiro nt tho
I i Parents bp moved, to Bradford, read by Rev A. H: Dunbam) I
which droveup
the loupe, in King! who want to do t'-cm' a favor.. Apparently
station the ,
on \Vnnnec branch 1 ('In.v IOIIH\'K|. system" of highways i, h"I1"r the l hi l'l idos pnicnU nt nine
t In the house where the family I the is lost to them county and, become a permanentk'slIcnt. I'n+'nr'rl'rectm of SI, :Mnika Kpis-, : i( : / I
"Y", and to local to money with Hv.V..
secure n man '' wind) ladi.iteH ou| nf iieen;"" Cove a m J. 1'iilmer, of k
v is gathered on the porch and in for nil time, no truce of the sharpers .opal church ill Stiuki: ; ; !Dr) Ilinlon,
take charge of the business when .'piing" and will tlu-\ nInn .h 1 th<' M I. th <
I the fl''nt111'.1.. and as to which! being found. by the police. I In the year l 1SSO he was unite 1 1ir pii,.t'>,f of the! li.iptft Innill inlnvvtey .
construction work i :Mr. 1
is complete : the highway rl'lIl101"( (''''' CovoSiinirs t'adm; It ;" I Ih' eond" (Illllfhler -
dilution thc lid:\ was moving! when Wiluim PeSuc who in need 1 maiiinge to Miss, \'lIn Wvnn, of poke. feelinclv and convincingly ,
I. K Coin! who is In Staiko for the was I of. Sir mid :Mis, 'token d'Ih
:;| \ | lo :Slinko; .n :WiJ(> ) workingilns. end ha:I :
: this place, and to I his union the fdud's <
hot ': of an automobile! and havillj.$2(1)() ) wero ; on sufficiency >
stated Wednesday! that \ Leon ,
company 'Iheir work will be 1111 "rrld.'nl| M mbar' nf IhnInenllv
Kill,! ilnimcd, that the light side, the entire plant Will; be in operation I to put on the purchase. puc'e' al- i born eight children: all nf whom grace in all the expriiunces I <: 1 about\ the I first. of next Y"UI'.I completed I nf the \Vniu< hula HI'hoi forht. h Mt
of the automobile. he survive him. Mr Presiott of one's' life J t'1 I':. :M. I UoukH. :
( WIIB sitting luvved, another dn: 'key, "who knew was a ; pis- ;
within ten days working time, and' iH' ( four
j I "1'iit, in the" monnllmo, it said ; 'pas( yen and wns nisi
time,) ho said, was facing the nil about, curs," to take his two consistent membev) nf the Il.iptlsthur tor of the< :Methodist: church! in I ISlnrke :
thnt the greater portion of the m itcri.ls mho surfacing conduct will I.e1Tle, an active worker 'In t hI'c'lho: ( -
time; he- said, win facing! the are already here anti the i hundred, and.I !go get a car ho knewof < <'h, of which ho became a member offend. a Dimple, sincere :i innd list chinch and I'pvvoith': ,
to without Lenguo.
the I )
lionJP| while Gordon, Penrce, the crevvi are expected, to start work I thnt could, bo bought cheap.; in early mnnhood. I soul-satisfy'ng: prayer, while | Irnta gu of nn subsoil acnrding delay, ax to Mr.\ Mr. Pulgrtt is n resident" nC )
latheCoul Willinms; the nssocia- Funeral servlciwore held at Dr. Tucker of the Prusbyturiun
:Monday. i' Whether tho obliging! stranger succeeded : 10 i
Tampa where, ,'o holds .
I :Mills is it valuable
ate of the boy, and the mother The Pan Amerkan '! in buying the cur i is not the homo Friday afternoon ut c (lurch elope I the "crvieo with the' sllfflriolltlv loinpaet till j i ,
Company is a hold) flee' I position; an niuLliiiiirti.linmoilinlnly 1
aid 1 the automobile was facing di- him (red and : known but Wil'iums'! is still waitingfor three o'clock with Rev. IV.. hen ',Iidl,,". piuc-moiit waiting/ montli'io
million dollar ,
fife} i hav, it Mottled., Besides. tho nftor tho ceremony
I n", U" iwntd the door. According hJs Chan. Kickliter in ehprge. I ov. II. A. The body wns taken to Philadelphia I
( impornli and owns the largest'l i i !7fil.OnO) ) being, I I the the hnpiy| couple' loft" for nn ox-
I' 'pent, } "'misty,
to K'Ill i ;. thihot. was fired just Tucker, of the PTl..hytt'rinn church, Pa., for burial in the family .
: ,
l ufnelv i'l: tVo 1' ot'Id\ nt Tnnipico, Arthur Hijmer allowed himself the "Into f Florida, i "..1.1'hllt, (in W"t. Florida and I
i th' l hnv. i I''iok,,, the shotgun from 1 gave n prayer: on! a quartet conu I I..t Itt Nrrtrv'd: :< '! , with a dmlv '" Iii(ton' of 150,000harr ; ) i i to he t .
I" roped| < in (.n n vision of the > hair' indium ,dolars' in points' in Alnbni'in, niter! which
t II1P hand' I of his mother, and ns 1 posed l of :Jli-s! Ethel Griffin, Mrs, '' 'omIHlnylnlC the ,ic>mi.uii to their
b'b of l..gh: griulo: gasoline. The ,Mills ,rame in Jacksonville tho the slrul,' Ion. thev, will ho hoin." to their
'd' stale road No. many
1 1'o wlicl'-d l 1 around to tho right,', hulk station be M. C, Stith and Movers: L.,O and<1 1.; ..t resting, plac"; : nd from Philadelphia 'on I
1 to installed in'IStaike i amount of his logs bring given: at :'I t I. know'n of the Black lends i in Tiimiin.
I'll,. othir throe aid the boy, follow -' I '' |. John Powell, rendered two Hclec-1! returned to hln work 'n an port
from .
represents! nn expenditure $1,000( to $1'IOO.: Meeting' Hear Trnil.no !. Mrs, Pn'hf"UVII.' .. with her parents
,, ,.' (ho argument nt the auto. tiolis. connection with tho of
: University
>lot $10,000 and all products of the I with a stranger who had "found"a i ._ woio former resident! of
-- -- -
S -
in'lull-' romorning the money, ran Interment was i i/i the family plot Chicago I
company will be carried pocketbook 'ontnh.lng: several I II )!.nisr': ; si:SPI.CISCAK'OLINA: IOU Lake nu Ilur, has many friends, in
nio'iivl the of and lit, ; To .
the Santa
rear car, I thousand: dollars, ho WHS told that I : cemeu'ry: near. .Harnp-, ] Iw"'Crmol" ; : Ito Bradford, mid l Union eoiintioa.
that King hid arm around ton, with Undertaker ,. .MRS.: / I'ET WISH:
swung "
|out "You have shot my boy. He although the finder knew tho loser ,I ui1vitj, t who will extend lust wishes.tMMiicivn .
and fired the boy was rounding j! jJonet i '' charge. The floral -
ns rushed to the lad he said that of in offeringS ,
tho ho
1 purse would not return -
| Arrostefl f I
the rear corner of the car. I the boy sank down In his lap and because were profuse, given an the last Tho many friends of Mrs Pet Sunday nfloinoon" I byMiirxluil 'r f (< YIIIr
it the loser was a Yankee. ;
Sheriff .1. y, Brnnmng, Jr., of I lilted five minutes later. The token' of respect! for this highly | Wise, 220 So-it', Myrtle avenue, ivi ; Alvnrm,. on ouspicion; ,, Jim 'I -
Ktranger ho
Vnion co,mtv, from which the case | According, to the testimony, Wy- too honest keep the himself was ente. < !med man. Pallhenreis wcnG. -: i! resident of this. city for, the past I I.\, andVill' Hi nve., nio, bring. :\ and "rs. H. C. Boyd nn-

was trail': ''Vncil. :May 2":;, testified! I to money :, W ,\ 1 M. ,f. II Hilih : i will learn of ,, held'... in the county jell!! for Clinton" .
lie Penrcp and ('NilVillht 111.. vi... and that !Vu had decided; 1 di- mm i N. : fight sea H regret/ to ; runner the nun' '"I ;Inge of lhl( Ir
< to :X:. c. .
.rfl.c" following
t'i ,.iK "_' n'" '" n confession! to ,itnl t the King f store !Sunday mornThey side it haid.worUine South11 l D Woinwnght, J. M.: Crown Ie,!, W. t"er dciith whH.. '<'i ried at a local \ loieipt ot1n daughter Lily Mac- to Mr SnniualU :

In ,i' w'i n In wart i to nl," him in- among 1. Kprersun: and A M I. ) hoi leaves wiii;" ,' n kit: that tl','v hi. )held' nn' .
t 'lr! '. bought ('II"lv" and! Chewing ilnrkiCH who toulil Shaw that Unrbv.P getJ) 1 In 'I.t .iv She Ii >Y ttostick tin i :Moiiilav, Juno
I I. ,""> t ,, 'I : (lint tho hay l hud rullolhim I l'l l... I.i'1, .. ', Iii nrrivjl or :Mil' hi riff: nf iinip.' / .
: :i gum mod\ offered, King n dol- they liar bank the : < wir i o he i is aml vi'r'l 1 inoiiin" e ell aril a di'voti-d!" hus- 'h' twenty.first! nun. t'i n hundred
a : :.tiounl, division '
] a !'i.n-e ;inl! "that a man had Inc bill in payment 1 King ,did!I,I not being made twa-for-ono bv four, ions' and) four dnuHiti'is" Ions. J. \\'. Wi'ci i tepmother, one son 'ountv; (J' tmnln; ly ofllcrrn mill. twi.nty-six. :Stark:; >. I MorulaMis. .

i in-t ". \\.11 I! t..iLr "trychnine as to 1 have the change, and threw a bill I basis. on n ( namely, :Mesas 1:. L. !PreHcott, of daughter! t:,reo sons three broth- I when nrr, >'slrd. I revealtd llioy I : BoHlwIck is the younger'doiighUT '

onll miiv liar," The sheriff said | \upon the counter. King said 1 Pearce !I Albany t.a; ,, !', !P. and C. O. I'r-( j i.ra, other relutiv and, 11 host of were" from, Clinton, nnd Offlier" All i I / of Mr and Mm.. ti. C.

King told, him that hc would kill | grabbed it up and, left the store Brymer displayed :Inn bankbook ott, of Ra'nhridge, f5a., II. A. Prosott j trends.; She van n !member of Allen l' varox win d! there" with the result:' Hujd.Mi.

him. toif ho ,'tilled! him a linr. : I Cecil \\illnms' said, they lid I not ., showing that hn hail, considerablo <' of Sampson City, and :MI.>KilanioH (( Clmp'l C, :M. H church IfolmeK! i montionod' Both claim they do not i I .. Bn-itick.. tho son of Mr: R.II .

King/ denied I the confession. lake the bill. : money on deposit. but tho 1 Jo?:. T. King, of O.uitman, (,"., ban chaig < f the body, which is. !be. know why .they: are wanted" there, i \R11'tl'k, .of this city, m innnect-

The case went to the jury at j stranger", whilo saying Hint this W. K, '. and stated they are willing to /go j
: That afternoon King drove to i Wilder, of St Petersburg, log prepared for shipment toStnrl.p i with the state road I ileinrtiiumt.

0:1S):I o'clock: last evenin'g., At 100::!, the home of Pearce to inquire' :! was good, was afraid, that only J. W rdwnrcls: and 1'iiy Gill, of for buiial.-Jnk:'onvillc bark without I extradition papers, II 1",1:Mr. and :Mrs.! mtick will reside

Judge, \, Z \I'dn! ; cash would count on a deal of this
presiding sent Starke
about the Journal. the homo of the !.ritle'
money. Wjlle was calledto kind and that if !-IJI.WW.I.I.| I. M I \ li itlttE1NN011N'K ( ; : parents
Sheriff Pmkosoii to get a report the cur by -King, and. an argument 1. S :. ; ( -:11:/ I Ir. at :.117: Smith Oak street--Gainesville
from the jury as to whether or not ensue(, King \Villiams said, : ring the cash with him, he wouldbe Mi.llTMVO I S1IUKP.SSTRKK : 111'XS.T'I'IO'rS: .: : :: IN Sun.

they would
came, and at 11 o'clock the recess brought/ out that Wjlie retorted i he could! LringThot lure of I y I'aim Bench. nnnoume the* muri MUS. <,I.IMIU: '))F.; IIOIM.I.SAlii '; ;

called. r easy money was too much for Dry I During/ t'lo storm, Thursday af- .. misled ..histttoek
was "Your're a durneil, old<1 liar if you < i I G. 11 Ih'nnrtt ban i iage of their "IJI"gl.tt'r" ; Lucille to : fiiitiude (lodges :27! wifoof

u Court opened 1 at 9.30: in the say I got your money." It was I I mer, who returned to Starke, drew \Uruoon f bi-t vc<'k, Iightn'nif/ I of goods to the new com! re.to I Mr.. A. 11 !Shaw; Jr.., of Gainesville: I I.. C. Hodges of lliU I.acka-

morning./:.. The jury was drawn and I shortly after this that the cut a large sum, telling the cashierhe struck lhc, courthouse\ steeple, tenrimr store building erected by..F. fj.I Friday. \ Juno twent "fifth, nineteen. died '
shooting waiina nvcnuo, in thh.il last
worn at 11 o'clock and, the trial occured. would be back that afternoon off some of tIe, slate shingles. I Hemingway next door to his, mnr- hundred, and tw 'nl '...,x. Stark", ),
1 riday liner u lung illm-si )Besides
preceded King returned home I with the same money and some Following the electrical wires into i I ket, ',n Ninth street. :Mr. Bennett Florida:.'
and was or. her' husband two 'laughters
1'1' G. Pearce, father of the boy tested by the sheriff about two more to go with it. Afraid that the buil.linlthe/: lightning blew '': has arranged his counter and jl 1 j The bri !II! I lit a young woman of and! ono son, of this city, the/ do-

was the first witness called to the hours later. I Br.v.ier was in danger of losing the fuses and burnt up the electric shelves where patrons may pick )| humming, personality, a graduate; ceased, IH survived 1 by her father
stand. He told the court that he Attorney Adkins opened the arguments I his money in so."e kind of confidence meter, scattering the glass from what they desire all goods. being l' of Southern College, Chnttnnnngn, Henry Carter, of Stark I f.

was standing by the well fishing of counsel.! He was followed I game the cashier attempted its face over the upper hallway : marked plainly. His new location', Tenn, and bus. taught In the West The Ixuly, bus boon prepared> forburial :

for a bucket and chain which had by W. S. Broome who assisted I to learn something cf what he had SCHOOL EI.EC/"lO.V SATruI11I'Saturday enables him to work out hill self-! ,, Palm Brach sihools for two ycnri.Mr. by the :Marcus (rnnnt ('umP11ny

dropped in, when King drove up. In the defense and then by in mind, BrymT did! not want to let is the date nerving plan much more effectively : Shaw is. the son of Mr.. nnl and will be taken ti'innrroymorning
set for the
He said that fie saluta- anyone in on such a good thing. with thu Mrs I A. II.
exchanged J, H. Williams of Lake I and he Is well pleased Shaw of this city and
Butler, one E'wcthm'J' determine. whether to the ;Mount Zion ecmv.
tions with the defendant and askeJ of the Hastening back to Jacksoville new arrangement.; well known here. He Is connected .
chief defense .
lawyers placer I Keley! special tax: district shall bu tery near Olustc-e where thi
]him to come in. Then he said King ( in his flivver he turned his hard- in business! with the Shaw-Keetur :
an argument before will held "
the Jury. consolidated with the Starke ,district service no at
called the boy and earned dollars over to his newfound SEE CflLSTYfaXT: rOU Motor ho
an argumentover : : Company and and his
Attorney Adkins 'v.l i! bo *
presented interment
his The election: will be held in grave and" in 'I i
the money ensued at the car. closing argument, and Attorney E friend who immediately left the city hall with 1'.1'CINATING! INI'OItSl.1'fiOV'County : bride' are for the pre ont making fan';''Iv. -J.icksonvit'o' Journal,

He said .
closed for the follows! : A. H. John, A. W. ,\nd"r.1 I -
tho back of the car, and saw King defense. Brymer, after telling him to wait }','i'nils', will he ,phased, to extendcangratldntions.Gainsvtlle Ho '. \.1 Tiioi;" ',a1, of :Stark: and!
son, C. A. Futt'h. Ward's' assistant in I
In the gent
wheel and shoot him. Ho there for his return. The stranger Kelley district / ; Sun. nominee fir, representative! in the
was un- Dr. J. E. :\
Manus of Lake Butler has \ the election will\ bo held at the vaccinating work will be in the .
able to say at what time his wife who never returned with the two -. legi-li/ tar from Bradford "aunt) ,
the dead boy, testis courthouse with J. I.. :\Monluy July 12th and he
county Miss(
thousand and Underbill/, Trances ftoriim, who has .
procured the shotgun and got to fied that the Brymer is still won hull red u ir sa: it fin wit!, u p'i!" as-
the entered in the dering what Britt Alvarez aid Bill Johnson, is anxious to seucro the names of been the guest' "f1I..s: flussio: :M," '
scene. Following the shooting, back the happened to his bank tint! visit: t'"ct'k.. In r.IIIIlIIlf him
by right shoulder blade all who wil have work for him. :Mr.\
he testified, King leveled the account. managers I Bennett for. the past two weeks n< t'eirho'o! for tiiii Important
pistol came out the left side and lodged !Moral\ Ward request' all who have stock left Sunday for visit. with friends. .
at him, and then his wife cried in the soft I : When a stranger attempts I a post our sinter county tlbvlousy1,1al. !
tissue! of the rm. ing sit on Urn while for be vaccinated in touch I
, I to do something for you for noth. waiting to to get 'In Lake Butler before returning to< i li'. nu' m:stake-\ Johnstown
the cops to arrive. I with him during next week. ker home in St. Augustine News

::1. oM

t V

__ _
v .

I" i, iii: 'C x'la 1" 1i .

?n /t ,oIt .. ;. ,, :.
.11. aM., e.._ ,0 I\;\ S.de, Nt f.



not quit manly to love Anybody or IIOT WEATHER JOBS ON happens that she l in called upon to aa., rMldonec. or place of bu ln. U al.h..1 !. tatea of th. above named mlno. will
l unknown !I. il.aj. or alive, or In Tueaday 10:00: A. M. July A. D., aptll?
how one' feelings."I 'HIE FARM IN JULY function almont as a doctor Tho i 'Llnnre. or n.t. And' I li further allmi-l to the Honorable Gor.A. Cardlntr, Coun, ,

I. do love you." h* said at last nutrition work being carried by'''in the aworn 'lull of complaint that them .: Judxe In Bradford CUUMJ,
iiE < "but-you won't tell Jim. will your on may inmonN.. flrmn and eor|>uratlon orhl". at hia office In tho County Cmui.mime .
x ?rg 2 Nan laughed. She kissed. him with (:iiiinrtllc. Fla.-July is a hot Agnes D. Yeamnns, Sumtcr county "."..b. In thii.I" iiroperty. Inxulvcd ''n in Starke Florida or .aoon tl," ."

a pnthetlc haute and gratitude. "i" 'nt ,i. und farm woik (renernllylimn h'inic demonstration has''''thin. nun whimu nnmi'. nU'rmldmce or after um the matter can be heard fir .'
"We won't tell al'nt. "iilacu of bualnmn m unktionn >. com.p"nl > ,iliority' to ..II.a private' unto all tlu r.
I _____ anyone." she aold."It's tlurin the month. However, been of considerablebenefit}. to nt and In tmld lull rvlli-f In ,prnyednuiifnM 'title and Inl'r..1 of the abu\e < J ,
H ......... our secret. n.l I.
Just nucli known ami unknown iK. finilnu 're In to certain .
theiriin* a numlxT of things that least two mothers the Lhlt tract pn' r,
Hhe went down end Rave tho boys in county.Mm ) >, nml, cm,"iniriiliiinaI'HKIII arcel of land .ltuau>. lylim and beiti-t
: 111.ul. 'IIII>AI'KTBH \ "If you peok to mo al/l1ln-1 will she 'hnulil. not hu ovcrloiiked, during, Ypamuns I"'h' fm". that all .. '
their tea. but could take nonx recently assisted I-IIHK It IHIM '- -"rk. IraM"rd County Pluridn. ami <
f.Y'i'J'I.I 1 ., q miff, i r J. the kill you' Hh i panted. hermit She could only think of the munlh. SomL.\ of them >IIN, firm* and rurimrut "". niitmd in thutut '. .. .. an follown. t, ,
In.." r ,,, n>" il'l-' ,In. HlH'lln She droke nw.iy from him before arp HUKtesti'f I mother t< make I diet for a two- 'lee, ,if UMIIK' nr In \inliinci... or ifddid Thut cirtain lot of land eituatv, I ,. .
.und wonder
liock on Hi"Vi."I..* i iha I*'rout lleninu ,he inulil Hinp' her nnd llcil homo.I I'efr wlut lIaVad ( ) liy Hpi-cmliitH i>f thp Airriultiirul ) whose food, hnd not or nul in i. violin t 11-. thin hiH, her.tluir und UiiiK tu the City of Mark,'. Ilrij I,
faltirt. '" "n" n .IM. tu l.'in IMUI li h don tu. roci'Kiui"- null, l, b..n with, it. Several re- an"ni of the Southwont
"Nun. ] Claudie.
Whn.1 )'ou Ilreilj > izriin'i-ct .'" ur ..IIn. '1III"'r. Section 1* ti
.. her < If In tormrnl. waHh .ue.
NAN MyiltKAHY. >, i. \vhnin' he lieIIIH / Ilka tho piilure. I of tho wlckad fairy I'mvrsitj of Florida. C'ipos milk in various i'* ,I-IIIMH. fimiM mid' L-.II.IHI' '"i,. lu.'" i r South Itantco 21! ICnnt. and Imun '
t' t'-irturt. nf her' Whiit of
'I 'thlnkini 80rl pr.purlnl
earn.eui.iiui mnr' ; a .
) thimtn i itNorih' by luml of I. } ,
cliiiminir' inti in HIII t" : .
liny -
In the
for I- ..n' :* .n !..i. "KOII 'home tuitllerl di,I he Inuirlnc Ihut Khn wan'The ntory ( !"imrul, AifriculturcRepair ways included the WI.
unman : wcrt aH w1 as rlii i n I li.i" |I.,i-<-. or | urn ,In if land lyliiKiiml Ha.-t: by l.nl. of W. Much | I,, ,.
f.r > itiri mibrotht *'KB Ht* |lin Nan rouied hi.ixtlf with effurt.I'rewntly .
earn i i an o"
rH, but, in H'111' trim Ii Will, duuM! und, um crt.ilnty In his HI.<* r"-Hho knew that !I." (' und niactiinc'ry nnd sec that preparation" of ftuit, ami fruitjuices. lu i nit in Still, I,iHrmlruid,I County.ll.'ililll ,Tie Smith liy 1,1 Stnd und" on "11," \
J" '.'. :IilCOTT.who u frh.nd .In .\ i rut her in the henrt knouil nml" .1.,1..1, I. fiilloun u> h"d. of M. JCIIH-*. Alii M m. i
Inttei i
under shelter when \
1.1>001"" .lurjn ..' that Mhe f'fKt ,..a"! |i.i''''il un find down the room. thu. little mild would. bo wondering i put The ( hild i i" now (It"dninl in I..t,. "1'iv,. 'i.-i.' M '<'i. Si-tin l 7''l. .r M V. Har.il. the .aid lot lu-inic I li L ,
peter flint. .' .riirilmn her. huntfli. why aho had been lute for tea. and nut in UM'. Nnw is a Io"d l time to weight improving health. Itlock Thi.f "" l.ol flno in.' Tun Ui.' .North' nml Suulh and 112 fvt, KH: t
; I.." **flow m-int hy "h'* sat MO lout;; now alone at the ant 1 hrec ,I'll, lour ,ill. ,V-'i\e ,i.i.* Si nil.. \.1 mure urte.., acconiinir .to ihi, I I' .
I,.' fnruot how the time wna (lylnfoih'ot up ui'ound fcmex. Make an In another the found, .. of ,
nlllrJOHN d .Herted talile 'ln case all'llt Seven "i"i.' Kluhl "i. Vine, nu' ilui.hlexrn I. Ilmdford County Fl,<,n.11.
AH.Ni: "'01 the.. boy. tnukt be wantln imt-ntory of all machinery. I'reparoto mother who her 'Hit J Tweltc Ilil' of Block 'f".1 H I'ntid. thla 3lit day of Mny A. O. l
She mechanically' to was feeding
lii Hniindmir I .ii.ik.of < their leu. -it WOH only when began tidy I 121.' : I.i.'n Klirht: 'Mi, Nine. HU., Tin .illnFleven ALICE
Arn..ti'H, '" ,i.i., I I' -.t, r '."I..In..r CI..ulI.. tliruxt n touHled head round the table 4Uid l push the chairs back."I attend Fimni>r'H Week at the ; fourteen. nlrth.old baby that is : I II'I of Illiick t Iftven 'I1AI.' in Ae Ounnlian, of MlftIEI.1" -

the cif. :M.irrul'V A .11..It'..iHUi'e muter, N while n I"jeaioua I I' tho door and looked fit her with auppose I'11 d" this every day t'ni'.ti'sity of FlllriII, Gainesville, not larger than baby one month Tmtil. '. Addition to Town of It.rk., Ilii David I'iemen Mitchdl l
of life till I die.. she I ,, iH'Inir. I'lnt I fnnrln Auuuiitua .
thought or N..th.
my l .ao.
thoruuKtily iliHKUMt*'*l with ttie al'l .uh.lvl.l.n 1.t"h.l. n.
that "herealized : .
l-irxe. npprfhenmvn, *yea Auk'iist !).I! !.
tentlotm "fIIAltI. hopeltsnly "I shall never be able |old, powdered milk without the sugar taut (11..r'r of Nonh..t quarter and .that JAMES H. BUNCH

...\' sii-'iuN:. money lenderwho how long "he had aUi> ed up to em-ape any more-I've got to be : I>uiryin({.-Plant conpi'im and that should go with it to aid dl- I ,part of Went half of N.rh."t .,u"r.. ly* Attorney for Guardian 6-4 rt.- .
has/ lulil !wui unit, It IK up to In her room. (.nl Wciit of I.li".I. H" fraction her to any whether hi Hhiill iircnitpayment "Aient. we aren't wo Rolntf to here all my life. [ l/ejfKjrwc'td for winter fOralI \ ''gestion. The food did not agree'' qUHrt.r ( N.rl h" .1 (11..r'r. nil ORDER FOR PUBLICATION
of larite huinn of moneywhich The garden( gate crcnked. .as. If beneath j < > Townnhlp8lx In the Circuit Court of
Turn COWs dry for fall frcsheninif. with I I' 1.nn TW..hly-FI.h. the Elichth. J .
it and >
In. cl.ilina' I', 'ur ami Nan n the push of ..a hand; Nan raised, I she waR much worried. , SUllha.. T"'nty-1.0 i 2 Ji' d>elal Circuit of Florida, In and for Urad-
father owe 'tu him, Nun flral' metHefton her eyes to the wmuow men all tne The dry cow uhould put on flesh; Jo. II After f"ldinl it according to di. I Irections Eii.t. ford County. In Chancery. *

:( through I Mnre f'O'I'r lit* rturn prior he to has hlaleiarture /"jfr: blood l In her body seemed to rush to not feed her much protein. and using cleaner!method1 Do appear. to the bill of complaint filed, In : I. H Lord and Eva B. Lord.

alar> fallerl to Identify HeftonNnn ;. V' her heart for Peter Lyster was. walk. nail' ) cttime. or before the Si-cond ilnyof Comulalnnla.va .
| : I
Give shoatcs
the ;
,in In a. womi near her titim. "_ ; a liRhti tho child to improve grad AuiruHt. A. 1026, ntherwht* the alliiua*
'" r. "=_- Inir up the path to the house. b.lan
vht'H ahi meets .Hefton who> aifnml .f Peter-here! when only such a lit i grain ration in addition to icood I ually. I i, tifmn. of Mftid bill. will be taken con.fetiMed :I I Drurry Rddl"h.. et aU
ahi airalmit
>rrH i> null with trireme amiRleas you.I .
lie. hiiH. sueeeeileu. 'in furcitiK rfl; tin while ago he had turned away [pasture to haiiten growth for September I I, I la further ..tor that thin notice bejpuhllHhed 'I BUI la Quiet Title

to hi.* arnia nnil klftalnK. her .. \ from her In the wood markets. Arrange with the HINTS TO I II onco a for four consecutive I To I Drul Rdl.h. If Ivlno. .nd.r
when I'eter iiiipiura un the HIM nv "If .... HOUSEWIVESDishex .week. (Five IHHUIMi .*-, dead .akn.w. helre lega
would him sb
She was
not see e Irdor Counll
{ NOW GO O\ WITH TIIK MTOKYPl "F/ / ::rrr i nellhbor> and your county: agent I I Teleirraph a weekly .. tee*, devlaeea, G grmnteea To: John D
afraid to aee him she ruahed out into If
; c-ral Starke, McKlnley. and If dead
In to b..
a September cooperative: hog 1ul..l..n. publ.h..d TI.I.
::Tfc.K:/ luuliefl from on. lo the l'Q \ the hall. to tell, the little maid that in \\ Men Tomatoes Are fcrd eOlnly. unknown heir* .. levateea, devbi>ejor .

other In l I.i nk nstonlnhnitmtthen nho vas not at home-us she passed. 'talc-. Used. I I Writ.:ESS the Honorable V Z. Adklnn. irranteeet To : J. N. Jonea and wife, .

riln face ihan/jf-!: '''Ok. the door. Hhe could Bee the dark outline 1 Poultry.-The culling season is at I! JiidKO, and of tlm Slulith Jiulicial Cir their A. V.unknown Jonee. If h.Ivlal. and If diad. lo
cuit. tho official icnl of Ihc Clerk nfthia law. legatee*, deviaeee. -
.. a Ht-'p forward of hU tall figure through the { han.1 Get in toui'h with your county Tomato Purl l'our. tut well an hl .I.nalu. thia or granteee I Tot Vaaeo Dale, AI.Voe. <

"Can I-rlln I !IH' of any nnslstance.Mlwi I I KkiMn ,raula. or home demonstration. agent the day of Jln A. ll 2 1 .. .If Ivlnl. and If dead t hia un
M.irraby'? tie UHHUUheaiUiting ; She Dew on to tho kitchen at thai. 2 quarts, thick tomato pulp; (!. W. ALDERMAN known hul. law I .e. d.vl.u'. urBrantceei
land learn to pick out and Ket rid ofunproftlble Clerk Circuit, Court Hrndford Tot Cal..a Damerla Alvan-i, If
ly. "If-If thin n 1/1 n ho a been annoying moment "he dredded Peter Lysterip tablespoon chopped sweet red pepper (SEAL and If her unknown
., I ounIY. Florida.lly Ivlnl. hrtn
you-I Ihoiixht I h<..nj .orr \: than anyone on earth; she layers. Feed the hens ; 1 large onion; 1-2 teaspoon C. A. KNIGHT. I legatee*, devlaeea, or granteea To
body call. =- I that left balanced J. D. Jonea, If living, and hi.
KlurtluJ. thu little maid with herbimthiiau are a egg salt 1 111 Clerk. I 0",1. > un.
.. raton ; teaspoon sugar. A. S. CREWS.Solicitor known helre' at law. ..
I lo..t. ur
Nun could excitement
Nobody "n..rt..I. and get a* many egga at less cost. Tomato be made from for Complaln.nl2.6'7.80.' .r.n....: Jamil D. Jon. living. .n.|
ahuke hrr heml.Hurley \ "There l I. a uentlemnn. at the dooiI I' puree may hia unknown heira
Scfton luuiho ..m not III home" be sure and tell Kay.-GowpuiiH planted now !the small and irregular sized .. deviaeee or granleea ; and law.all Icga-
NOTICE t vcrona -
"Vour 4ipjjoaranr(*. l I" u littlo inoiporlunc. *- him I nm not ut home-KO: find an generally reach haying: stage dur.jing i matoes. Wash, run through to-I havinir or cl.lmln. any Interivt 1-1,

my tlc-ar Lyster." ho (Mini : f!JIII. >wer"the door ut once. I will wait' I dry weather. Florida farmers chopper and cook until soft In Circuit C..ur. Eurhth Judicial Cir tne nradford following County d..rlb.. land to-wlt in: 8lar' ;.> .

amorithlv "And T *vin uiNure you hero. should, I cuit. J..dor Horitln. In Chuncerr. Florid.
I. produce enough hay to supply Commencing Southeaiit Corner .
that you ran to of no imaUt.inrowhatever 'hA little nifiid nmu from her chair, thickened. I a smooth Bodies* mix l of Madiaon and Hay atrceta
their own needs. Ellin V. ilium and La Wllm.n. bin wife u
-lo Plfher of UK 1 f HlmvlvWhtit' ture Is doHirod, press through aseive i urn the Town of Starke. ).lorl. thini''
Peter looked at him Mt,,,.idily"I .' ,. 1// f./ l J hnll I Imy.. :Mi, .'"' he 1 Clitton Field.-Cultivate unti or preferably through dilver. vaKilunrd 'ml.I..I'.n. run South on Eat aide Htn.t,
\1. a -
Mpuhe to M. 'H Mnrrahy." he I '- 0' ,r/ I ,/,. linked \vlth (iioNokinff stupidity. ;the 15th. On thin land, apply to : N. Ol.k."on. it. al > thence 134 feet, thence run Eiuit 80 ft. t
aalJ cuitly ... J.C"V __ .. I Ifl' Nun HtumH.-d, her foot 1 run North IJ2 feet thetuiWent
I f..r'n".n. R4 feet
100 pounds' nitrate of soda about to point of ,
Nan founil' her xnhf"No J." ,. "s..)' I n MI not ut 'IIOIIH;-say 1 nmcle Ail 1 onion chopped pepper and Order of Publication. N'oltre ) Said above deacrlbt-d land b""I"nl.lying ,

-no.; u'.. nil i ..;hl.. thr.* 'isnothlni '''lk''II ,,id. If you like-nnvthmg., except, the 1st in order to get best results. seasoning. Toward the latter part to Known and 1'nlinoitn 1.I.nd.A''... In''' btlnu in the Northwiatormr of m.tU
Suit (
to Juli't Krmiivr ( ,
you can Sho ilmud Die door tho d.utvd | process, it is necessary to stir 1 nppeiirinv rr.m lh omn place In the Town of
wlnheil, if.ffl'V. UM girl StarktFlorida. -.
could that I hi) pnith' woulil uix-ii ami owiil. I f : ];. ''' ; Mhe diuod ImtinniK' 'In a trciiilillng nursery it frequently to keep from burn, ':thiit thu aue, reaidi-nce' or pliicp. bininemi I Iof <|

low her ur| tht hitird' Sffton Sho ':z;1" J ,1U.r" / .., ImiKitieric, ** and younl non-bearing groves ing. the defendnnla rlorlfla I I I'. ComI I I You and each of you arM hereby rquired .

could. Kindly \ho\'" klllei him IIH hoetoo /1__<0.' Now It wan. too lato she wished trees. Fertilize nursery When concentrated l>/ny. n "r.rnlnn. .lumen' T. S.I..r and t to appear, demur plead or aniwrrto

know thut if "h told I'eter: the truth, 'of J 9 "" came to her to ,uu out into th \ can and process 20 minutes r.t boil I'.Ivln.. .. .., then 'their or It..h..d* hi'lni. di,>- in the above atyled auit court In laid.
.. I newly set Prepare stocks
hull und thut it UUM. a miHtukethnt : 4uit to quiit title to and remove cloud
H.iy ing.
-11110< ""M "' .n "'''' IRftu..u "" Iroves. vliiive, leirntre irriintei MueeeMiorN and :
Btttvn wniilil, hlHvor, drill toll phe wim In all tin* tune, he* fur summer budding. bene-I 'nnnlirnN. are unknown to cnmplninantM. from and to confirm the title of the land
k..p 8plac
n> r al
> SIUC : deacribcd In the '
. ( ( ulmvo complainant on nr .
flnKcra. tlwlttineil/ on the door bundle nnd 'that .h. ia nri in the State, of .
him oh. what would he not tell him' I..on
liciul: lung! to control: lit fore Monduy, the 6th day of July' A.
ThlnKM Ihntiuil! crunh her to the "'furcc/ j'mtld1111' /hrr und/ -almost .he. liud dr-itrei-d It Ol"nU..n whltlny. J' Ole gallon red, ripe tomatoes, 1-2 ; rierlilii. known 1'n enmlh.lnnh tht> Her.viie r. JA. Herein' fail not. or a decree pro f

Hhe IKMII, ,) the oliuttim" auiln wall ..h.." and bnak h'" 1'd "',m. ; cupful "aid' di-femlniltH nr elthir of them. nmlthnt .io you
ntfiit nfreifh. fnnt, iliMn.. .ind,,I o.rti, a nioinctit thi :juiTiipe ,noil awuy from nfCl.ee,1Iouts It in fulther ordi'rcil thnt thin oriltr I Ul
swM't jrreen 1-2 ,cupful i isweet I ii in lnlle\i-il liy comiiliiliuinlH thnt '
"(10W- "'1 lit'1*' RO'" BII! .i. I ", al.I".lnlO' hlld l< nnd biisi' of liven, cut awayirfcctd I"JP"rK. :the, nnmeil di-fi'ndtint', nr. inli-ri-ti-il 'in tlteluopi l .blishid ,in the UrauTord County; I Imill 1.
"I'M' ,I'i'lay.. Nm". lie HHkoiJplaintively red peppers; cupful of ] n iH-uxi npir Imbl.hLd in Iiml I !
.cmi .
) ; I rtv in thij - *
In a wlilTorI I luld him :Miniund In' tMinxhi Imik and paint with burVuux (' unty, rioilda conm-cuti. .ivelie
brown 1 of plliinnnt-i nlli-ire 'thnt Ihido nnilliy I
I Jlul< 1'CllT Htoi.i| ,III... riliilllnl' II> sitiied. anil .1 h'llf. HmilirriiH'eil sugar; quart vlm-giir; i dilitftnt iinrch ) lniinrMUM., not 'w'. % prior to the ulh day of July A. U.

did' not billMe, wli-u i,In* hail suit.. She tuiruiJ' a""v from, him .or,1 hi-l, f.n,i "H*' ili'ln't. **.-i m ti. ( lJml ulIJhur or riiilbolin- 1-2 tonspoonful cayenne pepper; 1 i 'tu nl.I ulu-lhir| tiny nf ni'tliecn .thiftliiil .'!G.
.. .. 1 .I.IIrhlo..1, 'her rufllud hair. lit-llevi- -," ) ilil'l. .1 di-Hl., ('um. Pi'c-iin : C'untmui* spraying ,1,1., n..I.. In Wit\ man Whereof, I ha\e hiniinu.t .
vlliwnlk atlMK \
"I( you urc K'' irn: h tine, \ ie | ( liny leaf; 2 taMe poons of ginger; ( nduM*. xihime niri'. rnllinei- .
; t tmiiil ami the .lot our aaid urt
with ynj., h*. wild: oliuiin.iti'lv, "<.i( ( mil no we an.-, old .....n-I Nun tlu-lii-il. with -l-l.TiO bordeaux mixture (plus 1 table-spoonful of muxtard 1-1& !,. ,nf buKinem i nileuid us unknown, on this my thu 2nd lay .of Ju".. A. l I'. u'
; U 1'6.
"I am Koiiix tlmt .. ..y" Il h' M.nlodmornvnt iuit| forjot-I'm junt corning: Uovni "I don't cuic It he tJ. urxpnate) con: 1
And it U alleged in the hill
& but Bht. did not tinsucr i 'Her I volt-e shook Raid nharnlySlie i nutmeg (grated) ; 1 teaspoonful'purlif. ;of complaint fu.h.thnt there HUorn of Circuit Court, llradfonl County. .

and lie' Raid II gill" "It jou ore (join Cluudie, tiinio acrosa the room. and Hew up thu atuirt two at
"* homo I will wulk with you." time lo her 0\\ n r"oln-.ho peered! mentioned in June. Start budding I Wash aid property. involved .inI thi; Mint: uhune E M. JOHNS. .
lenneil on thu i-di-e of the dresHlntable tomatoes cut out green jj: Solicitor for Complainant. 6-4-6U7-f
There wn* n ilotlnnro In hlu vul.oSefton out screened by the curtain. and top-working old trees. name jure, reffiik-nee or place of buHlniva ,
inltfht not havo been thereat .staring at Nan In tho mirror. Shu could just .ue Peter's tnll UKure core and put through meat chopper 11 IA unknoun to complninniiu' *. ami in naid, |I''
"You've hurt he 11II101.art..r Garden and Truck.-Prepare and bill relief la pmyed aiznlnftt inch known I ORDER FUR PUBLICATION i
face I Innu
your 1
the 'I
all for tho lived, ruler paid to him. moment walking away down road- I with the onions and plpper. Boil : unnnuwn Ulli-noanu*, lienons. iirmsand In the Circuit Court of the Eighth JuJI- j(
but .It WUH he who curnu forwarj andanawered a. he wa. walking rather slowly. QISI'n celery seeuoeus. UKe POS. all the ingredients tho vinegar corporations.THERRKORE. I rial Circuit, of Florida. In and for Brail- r'

for Nan. "lluve 1?" /Nan. put up her hands. The tears rushed Nan's eyes. oni'd bran bait on sweet potatoes except It Is ordered that all per. 1: f'-d County. Florida. In Chancerr. <
tho crlnuon, which "You fool. !" Hhe told herself together until soft and, broken. firms 1 L. R. Edwards. ?
"You will tell Lyater that you prefer to hot. patches aman' euvagely sons and corporations named in thla
to go with me," he auld quickly. hateful klmus had left on her "Why didn't you see him- for caterpillars. As okra pole Add vinegar and simmer until notice, if llvintr or in exiptunce or if dead | Complainant. f

"You will tell Lyater that he la InIrudLnc cheeks. you hud your ch..nc.-and. now beun.i, bunch lima beans peppers thick. Stir frequently. Pack Into, or not In existence, then his their orita I N.v.
unknown helra devisees, I ktcateea.grantees Ed..rd Dlckerson. Bt al..
-tUat w* do not Oca I re hi* She knelt down un the floor an'3drew you've lost It." and egg-plants mature, keep the
bottles or jars and successors or assigns, anil all Vd.nd.nt. 4
company.. CJuud 'a surma, round her nock."Kins She stood there till he had /gone! fruit picked off, if you expect them press. persons, firms and corporations, h.vln. Bi Quiet Title. Btc. t
Nan rataeJ' he.. eyea_uch bluzlnK them and make them weU..II. .** then .she went downstairs again- Green Tomato Soy or .Ialmln. an* Interest In and to "..; Tot Edward N. Diekerson. alary C. If

.yea they \v.re. Hot words rimhedlo .. .. Hold, In a "nubbins whlnp..r, purhup she made some pretext to go Inuth to keep bearing. If your proposed Wash tomatoes, cut into quarters ..rtln pieces, or imreela of. land ly* Di.k..an. his wife. If Jvlnl and If deae! ;

her 11,,". but mimolhlng. In his .* the touch of the child's suft. Kitchen and prenently .naked tho seedbed is infested with nematodes and Inir and b..ln. in llradrtirtl county. State: to their unknown law. legatees. ?
(lance co\vvd: her Innocent lips mlht give h..r Uuknonie girl what Mr. Lyater had said. treat with cyanide. I put through food chopper of .., k.own and described follows : devisees, or I ITo tE N. Dickerson. f

"lli'ilHU-KO!" Hhe Buid' dully "I of her loot iwlf.reapvct. Cluudletouihid "tHd he nHk for intf What did h. enough to make 1 gallon. Grind i and M ,Diekerson his wife. g
Ants. sod at the Northwest of if and dead, their ?
and Spread 1.tlnnlnl to
am Kolnu I Unk, with-Mr. Uffton." the. red angry putehcs with any?" with this 6 large onions. Mix tomatoes N.rth..t quarter of Southeast oorn. Ivlnl helra at law, un ds- a
ql.rtpr. kn.n
Bhw heard the little triumphant u "", ..III"d not ..v..r.cl..n. forennijer."There's "lie juat uaked (or you. miss-hunKenn.il ium flouride or arsenic for control with : Two cups vinegar; 2, and run .l T.j feet fur a Ht.rin"Int.,!, i .1.... or vranteej| Tol J. H.1..1.Ruf. I t

breath which Sefton drew.Trier one two free. oh. Ul u|<|*olnted when 1 ..uid you of roaches and ; keep all food thence run South 4in ft>et, thence Eii.t I Inir. and .if dead, to hla h.l.at ii
WIIM K moment of ollfnce, IOIH!" he mild. ., sorrowfully wus oUI-h.. .unked If I knew wher. ant I tablespoons salt ; 1-2 tablespoon 1 I 410 feet, thence North 4115 feet, thenceViest i I 11..w. leiratees. devisees, or Ir.n..: Tot *

then Mlie hi-tira 1'eter'a relivatiiiKalepn He put lit* lips tu each in turn- >'nu' hnd gone in tight containers. Repair screens each ground cinnamon, cloves and 410 feet to point of befflnnlnff.Also 1 Joseph II. RulT. If living-, dead t *,

down Ih.. mirrow.. footimlh. ShuralAud drawing bulk between. each kiss to "And you-what. did you suy?" of house; etop up flues or fire allxpire2 pounds brown t, I startlntr 42 feet S."th.f theNorthwest i hlii, unknown heirs at law, legatees, .
; sugar; corner Nor h..1 quarter ofSoutheast 1 visees, or granteea : Tot John Darby and ,
hrr eyva. In audden anllul.hhe HHk. "Hotter "I mud. I didn know. places.TIUTK. tablespoons each. and I qu..r..., and run F....t 4171.t ,i I I C. M. Darby his wife. If livlntc. and If 't
had nlmo icotia_ moment and "Much better." said. Nun She "Ami I" Ihut all?" celery whit I feet, thence South Illliij, feet, thence W.P: 1 ilead. to their unknown heirs at law, lega"es |t:

the curve In the wood would have rla"ped his fat little ngurtt to tiercimvulMively "Yes. mms." mustard seed; 1 tnblespoon whit, n..ftl. with North boundary about S'tO', devisees or grantees \ To I Joha \

Mddc-n. hla khnklrliid, fliiuru from "Do you 10'1on", "lie didn't Hay he would come" back CROP PROULEMS TO pepper. I fiublic rnnd. thence North alonu T.ar.. .If IvlnlC. and lf. deatl, to his unknown t
( Hill public road about 101 feet to point of h. law. legatees, devisees, or '
alphl.: Cbiudle. .. ? .later-or tomorrow? FEATURED ) AT FARMERS' ,

Atut even HH nho tooke l he "'Ol..d. There. wus H ti-rrlble uche In heirheiut. "No. mlHB" WEEK, AUfSl'ST 9-11 1126! Conk about 10 minutes stirringCr..qu..nly. 1 i 1"lnnn.AI.o. .parcel of land 417 :.1-4 feet, niiunrel 'I| vrantces his wife.;If To-llvlnii.: John and Tear If dead and', to Eater Tt-ar.un- j

and rlunied >Nt, 'k over. hlx Hhoulder.but Sim was 10"Klnlfor womuoiieto "He'll never" come tiac'k" Nan told Let stand over night. In l In the Northeant corner of Northwest qusrttr ''Irnwn heirs at law. .legatees, thl.. or I

N.ili tiave nn HIKII. and. hn went love her She MUM like u creature herHelf dvHpiilrinKlyShu tho morning, taste add I more slit; of Southtnst ql.rh'r. irnntres : To- Cornelia Bryan If .living, j

on the 'buiilii H. em apo| fiom thu |**iin of t the &;urdcti when .hu hiurd the dooiof Glinl.S'.i., Fla.-Truck crop: culture. of N.rh..1 quarter of Southinnt mmrtc'r li irnteea. devisees, or Bmntees. : Tot, Au i
10 minutl'. Pour into sterilized ".1) run South' BJIHj' tn-t for a stnrtlnu1nint. *""tn Ioi.hr Von Kirn if livimr. and If
"",1 now tu reiuim uur it>nvermil ivnunil* th"l her futluT'H room open and prcsntly ilisuuHes nnd, insect pt'sts, nmriK. th.'nee inn ,",hIli fei.t th< neiFlit idid., to hrr unknown heirs' Mt law. tt-va. j 3
km.. K'flou' Haul. I Cliuulie, IIUHK Ml heiid. Ills ,' hem.I. I him (tilling to her. JUTprocesx nnd .l'nl 117'.j fi-it. thuiicViieth !111, fut.. .
oti'., will bo a prominent feature .. .1.i or : To : AuKimta J
N.in luiiivd/ mi him Itkf u tltirexs other h.nl, tuiixht him that ItV,, (11'01I./ ( iiiitinued) -. Ih.nci.Ve.t l-l.| fi.t .. .liolnt of bi- I o Kirn "rRn.. Adolf' L. Von I
of Filmier'* nnd Fruit (;irowers1 I I ANNW.NCKMK.Vr: irlnnintrMito N'-n.' If Ililnic.1 1 : ; : to their un- j t tI
Week this >'car. l (1. F.Vi'lKr eommoncini4I17"1, fret. South .if t noun helm at ... rievisets, or J Js
II' ,
Voithiaul ,
corner of N.r hui t quarter ofSiiiltheimt 'tiMies.: o.. : Viola R. W"I and' r: j I.
\ usmi 'iiitu plant pathologist We, the m-mbi'i 1 of Highland Masonic quarter .nd run \Vt-t 407I S Wood, her If I.b. If '
.. .. .. .. p h"h..nd.
"----- .. .. .. .. Ivln.
...-- ----- ----------- "--- ---- --- --------- + feet, 1 hence South 14 f.-et. I lens 20 fit .had. to their ,
of the Florida : law ligatets. -
I Kxporiment Station Lo.lll No. 7.r, F. &A. M. do for public road, thtm-e Kimt: about All :de\iiers u".non; ': ,To : Viola (t

has been placed in charge of hereby extend n ( l invitntloito feet lo the public moil, I thence Northwi-nt- "'nol and l.b..r WOOI. her husband.

:1 Wins'Cake nY l\/fp.rits this subject is working ; 'nr.lll i rly alopu iiiil public roiul to |>olnt of IK- If living, dead. to their unknown
: or* T I ana up the :\i-i ''iii.' fraternity .und "Innlnl. ''h..I. nt law, legatees, devisees or irrantus. -

\' intc'rei.ting pitigram. friends to n luisket pirnii* to be the nhme IH ,inn n Siction TlurlIhrie ; To-: Fannie Johns. If living. and ,ifdnil

+_p_ "._ .._ '_h _' _,,__, I irmeitf. nnl, I.'rui. (;Jrnwers1Week trivi'ii at the* oM\ 10,110 site lit, 'Uflllirc illi.Twenty-tKo' TownBhii.'22'" .Six:''1. 'mi.' South I tees, .dvilsi-es. hir unknown or! grantees helre: nt To law.: G.! leirn-W

will bo held thi* College Highland. ., .Sunday July 1th, IA. nppinr" to t the 1,111 ?! complaint' filed l Johnson nml wife, rannle Johnson. If IUIriir -
11. "n said cause, on or the S.cond'iloy ,
.ror and if dead to xheir unknown
lof Agriculture August U-14 1920.'Tills HII of h.l.
I Auirum \ l>. 11-JU. .th'rwl. thi* nl law legatees, devisees, or trrantees : To:
is. the fifth nntwl Farmer.1vock Ever>.Tio' ly come und bring slleuatlons of th, nald hill will be taken n. The Rnlolvh National Dank of North Carolina

: :: : : ; )HEI > AND/ Mi': i'1. ) t'urul-tn! u lusly inl'iintiis i-linsti>no
0.ll'J{ of Ilic Anii-ricun l'nlnnit's l in Inilopontlciu-o Hall Pliila: lolliia.[ 'wi'i'k of agriculture in the state. :'' of the day on indopend- ,.'lie "Ihl.h.1 one, a week for four ".n. unknown representatives : To : s..ml,1, I.
'p..l.I'' .
.1" w.k. tMvc h uri' in t the Itrail- : Itubbanl. If HvinR. and If to hla .
The inftinl llniNcil! UI\ witrs. In tlio % t'ry liMitlort-sl! years! of liisyonlli lie llun< tlelianceat In prvxlous >'l.n.. the truck crop ,, t-ni'e spirit1.nl M.sonry and national I f ird, County Telturanh' we,.klv nen"- known hein, at I.. I."nt... devisees, or

his fullior I'.inpiro: nml liiiiiu'li l out for himself! the t'nilcil Stales America.. Heliatl n has ben combined with life. 1 Stnrlte paper of Krnilfonl vemrnl .Irulnl"n.. piil.li.hiil. In ,tiirantera In". T.: Smith anil Brathir. If llv-
t1.rldR. .
iianlly sttth-cl! into peiu-eful pnrsiiiltvlien. IStli came ant! he had lo lake. lo the other MubjertN, hut this jenr it 'is .... M. CREWS, W. M. I \. ITf1: the Iliinornlile, \ 7.d In.. law. I...I.d... devisees to their or unknown grantees heirs: To at:

sous to tlt' 'I'lttllli'l lihl''lil'S.Fifty bcinl given 1 section by it"vlf. This .ami".the official. Km:.' hi seal' h Jiidii of the li,| Clerk I'ru'l of court this, dtad.Catallna In his A. Grayblll, If Jv'n.' and I

)'I'arIII."r! (' nml. lie. was atM r aglln.t l>ul this! I liinr it was n war \\illi himself. i- the r'Iul of a demand. for more Tampa N .itional Itanlc cf Com court, as well ns his .'.nHtu. this the tus, devlsn-a unknown or Kranteea helra ; Tot .. .J.

lie foiinhl\ mi inner htiltlo W ith a robellitnis spirit, atul nitlril. l Ity stainuli friends like truck crop disvusoinn and more 1..rCl vnnKo'idatvM! with Citizens i SMh dny uf J"n. V O.n. \LPFK\1\N I"Jo knimn Shipisn.'| hein If llvlnir. and If dead t his un-

Abrnhain I.ineoln tuid L'. S. ( ..rant foiiijtiered! his own restless spirit. 1 prominence fur truck crops on the Bank & Trust C .mrany. .j Clerk Circuit' Co.i>t. "...oo.1 Krnnters To-at: John law, F.leiiateea.Stratton d.vl.e.A Company or-

I'CHCC llit'ii for St'cl'l1 I years diiriiifliieh he \\u\ed fat in worlily
: kno Inlf-e. Tlu-n he found! himself foreed to take up the cudgel afiain in 1917. Other int 'r'ftinr subj.'t for NOTICE' .N. S D'PUty ClwkSolicitor unknown successors ..ami..nl..tlv.a slirns, urantsca; Tot Louis or .legal Wit.

helping liis! old father Kmpire and a few of his allies to put tliwn! u neighbor vshoscoverweeninH i men wi include such things .\![ In Circuit (o"r. Ehrhth Judicial Cir CREWS.for I konkl. if livlnii. and If dead, to his un.
I his ruin. cuit." llrailfi.nl County. rlorliln. In Chaneery (ompl.lnan. known heln at law, leiiateea, d..I. or
nmbitioii led tt> own fnrm crops and lv..tl.k. farm a-rnnteee.: To: Wesley Vincent and Var.K' -

N<,w he is able to sit down and enjoy a birthday cake in pence (bat he has earllcll'well. Ciirni engineering, frtwnrd W Iliulinuten. I I I I Vll"'i't. hla wife, if llvlnir. and ifiltad
I1J'"Illnt. Complainant.Fdwnnl + ++ I I I li to their unknown heln law. leuatees. -
+ r
He i is ISO: years old but feels as lit as a fWdle, aintl doesn't show his age at nil. ,fnrk..thll. ,citrui nnd sub-tropical v. COFFINS devisees, or Kranteea, ana a all persons

>. al & CASKETS h..ln. or Interest In
fruits, nnd small fruits fl"kn..1 .Ialmln. any
p..lns the
riefenilnnts., I rulo"In. d..b.d In Bradford
dairying and poultry.The Order (if Service 11 hy Publication. Vntlce To and a Full Line of 4 "., to-wltt I.nd

\ programhich will Known and I nhnnwn Hefenilnnts.I In Suit + Norh..t Quarter of Southeast
'S' wllan' li. ljuiet Titltv, Kemuie ( loud.: etc. 4It Undertakers* Supplies : Qu... nnd Fjmt. Half of North-ait
be hc'Ul at Gulnl' at the sumo 'Junrtir of Southwest
( il. nplu-urinu' from tHc iilli "' "" of th..nn Quarter. 'Ivlnic
I time the men's is in >.. ,lull f coiiii.linni, in "> .I! ..".,.. Al'TOMOn.lF 1IEVRSE f.1: "' .th'' 1..a.1. Air 1'in' R""'
program II.it I. ii '.. ,i--.hli. ni-i .r t>' ic, Of I 1.."..,, _4of : : "oy.' "' < ''' T. 8 S.. 22
'< i.-( in charge of Ill State the ilefi-inlnnli'. Kduiinl: N. IlicUrmon.Vnry ..t. containing. ; 60 acres. I orVuii

< .IW r..t1111i1.W. \ alt!.: i I > J Hume Deiiionxtrntidii Ciirotmn Plt-U...... I In., wil, *, Ph.Klor .. AI..n h.ld. Th. | .. .. I. ..
n'pnrtnt'nt.Rubjl..t nnd
la .nnd and Iml".nt.n Company, aeorpoTil a Ih. .. p.i.... ""," ..tI.nnft each of you are h..by ro
I for this 'pruitrum will include I "le. Sarah J.I'miiU I ,. Ipl''ftnh .10 + u in d I. to II'I""r. demur, rleatl or answer
--- ali "r. R..I. M Smith., M miim" 1' :II.TERf.1; E '" 'IIH l, ll of complaint emalnst, you
l '- home imprnvcmc'nt", foods U. Sm.lth, T I. Canowi milon, l I' i .nIKVH IIAL IJI& ...1. II.m. ntylrd' oul 11.o in said,

,- '.. ....... nnd nutrition, millinery nnd clnth- nnil ..n. J. .! VKur Simon' 'iiiic.inhltlmr .- t HEWITT C. JONES to qnlit title and romo\u.ur cloud'
... Thi* Rut i-irh Nitioniil' llniik' .r "" I nml to confirm the title of the land
1 inu, biis.kc'try, etc. The women arc North' ritrolinn "Snmu' I 11 Ifuhhnril', '. "mll ST\Ui. FLA. tNOTICE "i foi". 'l'j"cr'n"'
iil o invited t" any of thenii'ii' nnd Itrothini. CMnlilnl \. ..n'bii. : th. 6th day of Jlly. A. D.
nt'nt :
if ., llvrxin ,
Shiiimnn. livtnic or In and ifili .. fail not or a dicree pro
-< programs in which they are >ad.. nr not m (>*!4tiince then their, orIt : "nf..o "' b. analnst you.
heir.. del l-. *... .. 1 ++ + + I In, furth''r .nt..o
inu>r<' tod. particularly pnult ry. I."t. urnntei. 11110cissortf t o'"d that this orler be
I .n.1 ... .. are all unknown to .."bl.h"j in Bradford County T.I.
-- ,
complainant anil that thi .ph. .
re is person In jrwrnpor published In
\ I >i DIET ( ant the st.ilev of subpoena upon whom for ounly.our.o,; Ju.I.., I.al. w..k. prlo. the 8lh dy Julr.> Ag D'set1nyfthand"anWh0
'OUnTIn oould hind the ali| difcnilaats 125.
> or either th. Eitatci
TWO CIIII.DIIEN: ( of them and "Itiit. >* <, of Dm Id
inO\ "" hy eom- Plenion anil "f' hae h..unlo
lainant that the n.m..1 l d".nd..nt. are Aniriut, M'I.h.l., )1' Charl' ...1 ot our .
I inti-rmteil In 'the ". this' f., 'no. n thla. the 2nd day of June. A. D. 1928.
I"-! varied the 1..I..ry /oU. 10
nl hntl. are ,nit nnd, cnmi.lnlnant alli-ireti thnt hiItii \"J"f"ljn. S.I R..| E.... C. W. ALDERMAN.

duties I county home demonstration .1 n"t I.... and b dilii-unt search and TO WHOM IT MY CONCERN. (. ot Circuit Court, Hnnlfor-l County,
r iniuir. > hint not able to ascertain, I. h.r.by th.t'"h." Fiori... (SEAL)
1 1I agent that it sometimes ot. "Ivo. ,
.h.the any of the said defendants, whosi. ot und.r. \ .
.llao. .Guadl. tho pnD' ..d __ Solicitor for Complainant.4.- t-7-2


... J I --''\ "' .- -.- .. __ _. .
J I"i' ___ _
: :: _
: u
.. .. _. ( '. .i
., .. ;
... < .- -. '. .
.. : : ,
__ ._ & .:. '.., ... ; ., .........:I.u.. "".::':-- -'/- --.I---a- .. z: _- .- 'r -. .



}'RIIUJUl..\' 2.1926! im.vnroun COLNTY: TEL&.Krn.':' I STAUKK. FLORIDA _--F.\GF. TImER ..

!6 -

- : !M.\ nn's SALE 'Hit. Smillicnit. guiuttr nnd th' Went hallo N rlh. I in. "f I\. ''I, "r ,"' '1-I.: ..,. '" ,." (, '1 Ih.,,.. 0 " 1 I" J." f I" '" r1 |l 1 t I t ,, Oil

th> Soutninftl. mmrur. Si-cii,, Jl I. ihi' II.: n.,., \,'.l I 1""i r.t t ."l 'I'' "n' "'""I? r"" II.11 .I ntltt >'" ,., ,.1, I 1'''''''. I \1 "" I: I ,..", "",I I.,'. _0I i t iiti 1 1 I i u it f N rth r il i ril< i i I u 1 ( rick

,n Lnder and by \trtue of. a Decree ofjoncloMure N"'lhw..t tpinrtir r of thi' Nurthmat qunrti n.ilh, loiirt ,,..'I. nn.l from thenc.un .. "II. J "".1 ." .",I"", r, "t on ,...'; I .. "OI'h' """" .' ,..r.I.1 .. on,. '. S i Hi \ ( i i nt r i ( un 1 i tun u k I n in fin I s( utli I tn f Itmsnutlnuni
, of Morttm. mmlc. ami rondered .,. the rant hnlf of the Northwwt uuuru.r. Wo.t I"- ft el to th'' :". "'." .". ..i fn,in .thi, rt.nt*.i I line, of HIM! tun''. ;,,... I" r.1 "" ..h .r ..h.. ..... t n tli tic >n int t t ho s nt Ii a 1 niiirl i if Miiiirt r .f the SoutliwtMt u'jar1r -

I. I on the 21at day of Jun. A. D 1928.by t lie Nort h( ait qimru-r uf th Soul' hw*'.t 'Mr of Illock *!!d. nruaha addition\ toCnne.ille LI nmu lie inn nt HIM h p unt' on tht' muitliI .... ,( ....1 I'.pk ..ht 'u..lnl in a tlu Nm thu mt iuart| r of i>nnl SortfotIt of mud Sitlion 14 in n Sout hi rly 11nctiiMi -

.. A. V. Lot.it. Judiie. of the Cir- quarter and tho Northwest quarter. of the anj fmm. th.lo. run .outh toiNiint I,.". of OR.t 1 I' 1* l.I".t lrall.; I R''! runn ;..1. ....'..r.h..I... .u"i." ..wanl, tchiiiHio through Iho Kiml half of tlm W tImlf

' cult lon. for tht. Ehchth Judlciuk Circuit &touirmet. quarter of Sivllon 2*. uf biirinnlnir Including; .l.lo tr'r .nw thi. in a .ol.h Miwtvrly ilimctlonthrouuh .ho. ...1 I "' IA" 76 to I" .... <>f Sictiim .M on into and throuith

of Florida, in and for Aliichuu county. ', AlM. a rl rht-of-May BO ft-et In width. and, rlirht-of-wav. th..C"r. Ju-t .. Ni :
In Chancery In a eirtatn cumtt thinpttnl'- runnlnir aale to and exteiulinit 2R fitt .aid lllocl. -! and. .Me truck mul rl htofny In.. .C 11..k l Rt ", ". .. .. the N.rh. 'h.,... rl.h.. ".,' C(. fwl ..; t of Section Jl llu nto runninu pnrt-

1 imr wherein dunraniy 'I runt Cmnpuny of tin vitih the cun..r line of tho thirefor J.. 11.1 of tho i>rvwrlr ,. o.rl'" th".or. of I""I"IR plan'nU' ,". rl.I'"nl' 1".10 I. .Od '...hnl _. oy M nni i wnwtrT l> into t ho Nort bwi at quarter of th*

Now York. a corporation, 'TruiiUc. U <.>mnlainant. tock of the Tumpa & Jacksonville, Ilnilny h.lnal.'e Juat 0'.0 ,1.1. ). wh.h, .Rhl l'I."tl'' ""' .ui"loli," ..rI ,., .. ,.,,I .11. .C Ih.... ., tn, .r ...,t ? IMIim.I fr* ni tho li-nnh hm ofiill Ntrihoaiit ttinrU-r| ami tho Southwent qunrti

and lampa & Jacksonville IUiIay Com pa' ,>>'. comim lng at Iho North .MMI n riirht (.f ..y "I'll"' fr .11.' *r..1, : W Jai"" "rB' o .a.1 A'R'hl.' "O .1.1 C,,.th.. '. .. I"u.lt. lotn H rirtht or-UHy IDA ftI I In until, run r "f the NoilhiaMl iiiurtt| i of nuid & -

*. Company.' a corporation U .h'Cundnt. line of tho Sutitrmeat quarter of thos and main lin.. u'''. upon and| Umicr.lly U.t' .'IO'da., a ,I"hl of Wf" ao f. ..tIn a'' In.. "f "all Tot ;.1 n noiilh eaunrly I..MMT pnrull* I to nnd pAtfmlink. froni tho titi Iht-nce curvlnir In nVe iorly dinfikm -

and A. **. Stuckty i I. .uthwn. i i' nrttr of naid Socfinn .'. runtun AM-mia In LaimaUllc, I'0' 0"' wldlh. rlnnlnl .ral.1 '0 an.1 ....n.l.Inl .h..,, n ,..u.h lot. .& "f Momw K ,.nttt hn. of mill truck 76 furl lo tlu huM nnd runninir Ihrounh Iho Southratipmrtrr

1 wna "appointed Special Mauler thcnro" in a aotithweatcrly direction ...thaid Tampa. 4. Ja.k.onvil. Hal I f.. ..ch .1. r".m th. ... .., ,' ... (,rmt on "". *vli..n J.. Tnwn.hip tin rrof ii n.I 10 f Hl to tho \% M thftvt.1* tif tlio Nnrthwciit quarltr of mid

who..i. vatil Utcree. 1 wil aell at pub. Ihmuirh the north. half of the Su'hw..lquart.r iiy loiiipany cn... I .. .umv thl. ,( ,\ tr..k .1.1 """1"'" fr.. II", .... II s.uth of ll..n.e, M bn.t. and running HI.) nini.mu fnini lh *outh lim "f MM"Lt h*?)!) n 2rtAinu

lid outcry Ixfforu the Hutu* Door of the Southwent quarter lime Al.o th. fol"will ileM.ri.Mfd' land in t."ldo.hl. .f 'H"I Ih.k al Iho l.rlh. I llmiuMh' nm I lift. Part at .mil *.*.'"'. i ju i II.M.% liw.rilnfl In n Southorlyil.rortinn a riitht of wny throUKh tho NorthrnKi -

in the City of (*aint.\Wo. Aluchua count,. Section 28 and thenc* a riirhtofway1UO ,tho city of a oile. 0H"'I twi.' ..1 .on'r .r ...0 II.k 22 in a I t.. point In the Northweat Q.a'h'r of the 4tu r.tt anil fmm tin nc, A riit.it- uiianer i>f the Southwwt quarter and

Honda. on Monday tho Jnd day of Auuvut.A foot In dh'[ parallel to and 1 I Commence at a South .l.l\. I'' ...'1" .lr.'tion. cu., in" Into a ,MoulhcaM quarter of (aid Section W aol I'i. f-Mny 06 fti in width, rutmlntf 1'nrnll'I'u NurthwiMt quarter of South went quarter 60

1>. 1929, between the leual h"ur ofale. extending BO feet on each *"
'ha following: deacribed property aituated. c.nlr Un* of auch track through the th, W.at track of Tump. a Jackaon- 'e eulh.. bundar)hn. I.id UI..k 2 'each aid* of tha culler lino of .aid track I tho et>nitr lino of f.l ln-k In track thenc* !ti> feet on each atdo of aid

lylnu and btlnic in tho Counties of South Half, of the Southwwt quarter of1th ,I villa IUil. y Company a now located Rnd f..m lh.n.. i"hl .f .a" 201 f...1'Ihru"h Ihe N.rthw..1 uiiarter, of th. 8 uthi rly il.rvctlnn thnnmh th Wct nulfof cmlcr lino ihntuiih tht* Southonat quarter

Itradford, Alaehua and Marion in the Southwent quarter of said Section 2H'and : and run thenc Kaat alongUn.vcr.lty wld.h runninl larlM '0 .nd "h'ndo" '8"th.1 qunrtir lo a point In Iho soutn- I' Iho Hum hwvt nmrttr of Si-ciioti B t*> IM ttiti Southwent quarter ami the Douthwtnt -

tit ate of Florida ', from thenc<* I avcnuo I1B f_. thence, Smith 81'1 '_ feet.thenco I I.n ,'a.h .hl. Ih. c.nh.r hn. or ...1 I llhcnee' quarter of the H..I h..t quarter 'tlHi South lino thproof, nil of i-iud imi.wriy quarter of thu South wen r quarter of

All of tho land t.w.l between thuGoortila A riiiht-of-uiiy 50 fett In width run Rant H fe". "" .. Soulh feet 100 f, 'l and runnl." I.m tha .."t riirht of .n. 1."n f.it on enchHl.le I l> m nnil M In* in Sortlm. d lowm.hu. H mud S Ttlon iH tin nee throuith tho North-

Southern Includ.KM mad Com-. nln. parallel to and extondintr, Jft ftot Ito Miii-onie Street. in GRln.vll. Horldo.thnce .'rn buundlry In,. .C I."t 1..k In a of the ciliter linv of naid, track In a .South of KJIIIKCHI l-m-l. nn.l frwm thonccitiiiil went tjuiirtor of tho Niirlhwent quarter antltho

tinny right-of-way&nnd lino and aide of the ct'nter line of paid VV.nl 1JO f C.'t. norh to point .".h.ly d..U.1 t bru.h HI.ok 2a of ..ulh tanterly diivclion, on Into. "' 'I.n J. ru.l.t-of-w y ct-ntinulnu nnil runninir S nthu. t qunrur tif tho ..NurthwcatiliiHCli

thu "\ .* of tho Tampa mao At JacksonvilleKjuluuy it nek runnlntr thrmwh tho Northwrmtct of hi'irlnnlnirAlao i iinid Sirenolft I'lantl'on., thinev Into and mil. runnlnit throuirh iho Nortlnaat corner In n Soiiiht'rly ihrottion into Hni) thrmmhIho r of Stvllon n throiitfh tho Northennbtiunrlir HKEIJss

Company na now locutid In thoSouthonft "rni.r of Section 3 on Into and thmuirhtho a rlKhlof.iy' o\cr. upon ami a
quarter of hcction 4. ineludmicnuliiofwny Nurtlunct quiirltr, of tho Norihm 'M..I. Street in tnliioa\ill.: '. Horl.ln.hotli of naid, Si-rtniila "Plnntatlim. thence quart.r. of Mild <'.1.. .': 1..n Into of Sort ton n nil t ht nc< into i lu Nurl h- of Northt nM tiunrii r of Section

paralM to nndUndinn in iiunii, '* r of ..t'on' 22 und on into and for aidu, trnck iin.l for ninln line .. .through thu Infttirn: and Stuitlurn. |'art orHlitck llu Nnn.iei>t ..'h.r nC S.rh'.i>l linmiter w i 1 nuiirlcr of tho isouiliwutl tuiirl r ofKM tl nnd tlunre "ii> fitt on < nrh aido nf than

width from the ct-nur luu' of the TampaAt 11.rmiu h t lu, Sot fclit a.t uuii 10r uf t hoN thu truck, of thi 1on"1 & JaekaonUllolluilitny Itf and., ilimuuli Hltwk IH of *aidhiretiola nf 1..t.. /., t t. I... propem. ni\l. iii Sfolton to it ii.lni HK fttt s .uth of nn r lino f naiil Hark lltr* *h I haNnrtKiiini

J iiu ill.Kail v t\\ ( "" i r"fk t hut *...h. tint qimrttr, of *nid Section :I t- tot foniimny local.Al! .oinmnunvlnir 1'111'1..1'k t ,' & Uld..1 ,l.-rrihiil prop"ill' In .1n".1 .i" tin Noith Niuof tin* Ni.rlhwt*! iiiitrl> i iinnrler nf llu Sontl w t nmrlt -

.inn, .ek."f th .,.. furvitM-, :.i.it, *-uth nndI IH. "h..r.. WH\. uf I"'I"nl.. t .n,tUmlr nt N.nlh.inl. ."rn." of tiucl. I"huhun I."HU,> I II... Ila. 110 l Inlli.ut. lllid;. whiih inli.tty' ,IH iluMliti.l: f Hi t4mitlmt uiuntti fiii'l Sttiuiul i nn I tin Smithnot ipinrlt r of tho

I 1'-1 I'M'' ,ftt nnd mi,'Inlm*. ni.htof- .ml, ..."nny ; n ", ..of.* ii > 1 it. I .r in..* llruN, IIIII.IH ,. 1.uthvi'l from thi nee I r,hi. .. i ." '. > C.t I In. il" vi i ''I 1 fin ,uuii IICIIIM lit t th. 11 tni U tiikt in tin Vii i t qiui n. t th n-t i inittr tf Si ct i tn M fill inIV

i.in rilli, 1 .' mul\ i ,< n 1 1. w' in wuhliit n"tunu o\t i IICK MM mul 11, on ri.ht.r. <., miMllli'. .un rlnu', !. a ''' nf ,Mild.: wilth, '"lnll,. until,' 1 i. mul i.\tiuluikfiil 1".1"..t urn' i "f i !,nrch M and Ik,.. -. lltl rlt |ti Hill < l r-Il *l \ ii-tui It N.iith HIM nt _i> rii.i iln THOt
MII if Muid ., liin.lr ,J"I I" V :" on uirliuli. of .tin -lit. htm fFiiM I "I'' i ->tn." I ..HI.I f, 111 1)) t tii In .
m tin ct>ntii luu 'f thc Juniin &. ,lutU- > \t""" t. "IM 11"* l"Olr".1I 1 /" <.""I.t "1"1 I .I I1.,1' 1'1"11. nn.I, I l .111 h tit SiMilht i f I hi \ rlhi iititi

".'millItnilMuy, C.iM.ntiy' ] "tuuk "tlint purl t'ni.Hii\| "' 1.lln I r" of-ttuy >"> .r thi. I'ublic 1,1. nf ,\lh.. l'Oll'Y. trnek nnd lutiimiir' In I 1.lh..lorl. > 'itiotiiriir tin n .. .1 11"Ik. DI i. t 11> Ut i'I "ii\ l>> i in 11 r Mi Ni rtliMirt riumt* r i f th**

..i .tin' .Y curvinir w-t nrdU t..ulh mil ,ti,L u %v tllh IIH or"r"0 c .innn nt.inn I I..11In nt I'IIKI.. HI I 111' ".r, ,1 ," themi'I.IKI Jr-cti.' n tint".null Hi' 1",1, ,,.., rot n. r .f !!''t "n"tth in,.i fill, mul I luiiiiinir tin in.MM .., i HI.. r.ini.m.r. pnritll. I to nnl oxo tli nt( |iiiiit> r th Soitluntit ijunrur

VMt IM' i-fett. of Mild, |"r"I' >. !> 'inntiti on .lln. \\I-M. MI|(, of HUI.,I ..h..- .way of iilonit MIKOIIIC Vir.-l .'! ';: f.,<.l. t h.,..' Hl.ck .' of -,.| ., ., \ Hi.Urn I tnicl I. \ | .I iiM.I nihllinu thinoi.oilth' Id t iitt i tu h Hiil*. of tlu rti.l.ri T thi Mtllim st iiiiut< i tho Soiilhwiflti

btiiiK in 11" SimiluiiMi' qmrttr, of JM e- tin. .\ I I t oni.un| > undtutiniiiir .i"mil .MS r.., I." tliimi. ". .! J'> fut ..h..I.. .."I. IM, I .,. dii..itn. .n 1".1 "," feil .tu I.h..h Mr.Hl" ".0 ,Itllinini., <1 t nick nn I i mtitin In Hhriiimi i ill* i if tht> soul IK n it tinuiti r and the

I fi"m th, tlir.iinh, ,tlu* MiniStuthtiift .h.'I., wiuth JIO (fiHi to Mctiirmiek i.ln.1., ,""nlll Ih".h Ulock .i. flu.,mo on into' 'III.'nr.' I':." iilniiir i liutih HI l r".t l tu thiiiiiMh llu N irihw "1 1f s > itti( ti t itinrti| i of llu *-o it hut -i iiuirti| rr

..n,\M| "h..uC."y JH't'' in width quart*'!' of the =".'1"1.l *|uur u.rf iliinc.> '1 it 1't' fi.t. mi,, or h.. t. 'the t.1 ihroinin ]II.> f''. 4 .r I..1", t.\ A. Hmlt. mill. .. liitniimuir .\l .th.. lnl "' mu. U So nm) l *|iiiirti r HIM) s.tn. n i I tiKhh ll stuflt ItitMu* 0I

runnmir f,pnrullol to ti". ,' I.o hfu' or the ,,it) s..et ion :J lint) fr"iii t h. in't. on il .I"c nf the in.Kent' riuht of "nv ..ifHi. ..'i. trait Irmii tin mo I riKhtofwavtn'i | .i ..1"0, '-1" ,, Mi.."MI..11. ''>', llniiill >. ut i wict i nin it. i of
truck .C th. 'liimpii & .liKkHonvillSPKCI1L "(n nnd through 'tho Nuittn. .u.t "frh" .. nunpit & Jiicki.ni.tilliKiilluny LCIIII- f f<"t in uilili. "1'1" pnrulUI. t\ arid .OK :I nnd I;, I"; nnl,I I" if I'iivm i .>.l. f Mini) Litton 7, to n point 7: J fill n.mihoi I.. i i f iho Ntoitlmi Mt iiniiti r, tinSmit ntiiHl -

vay Company UH now and t'xtindfntr .r .thi. buuthtunt tiuurtt und HitNorth- ,,1..IY. ihmico noi..th lo |Miiit of ""ln.nl.I 'tMitiditiir S. j f>tl. on ifit.li ohio of tint ill.in to Die .limn .1. Ml.urn.l'> I 1".110. HUM I point of liHiimintf mul from ( In nconitlt iiniirlc'r of tho Nn rih%* t quiirur tli*

f loo-fetl' from h.a.center. lint, on M-ittt iiiiiirtt.r of tlio SmithiiiHi quartt *>fMuid Abo 'C"II.Itnd of .ald I rink nnd '..mn".ln. M p."r fd'it of ,rtconl tlnieof.. .\ Ih. of uny 60 fvt In niihh runtilna \tn tlu aM qiinrtt r of Iho Soulhui ftt qimrit

nch Bide thereof, commencing at tho Stctum, a*', mid on Intti nnd throuirhUlock I A ritflit nf WIIF o\cr uimn alo mr.MMcCormick ut t Iho haul. Inn. of I I". '*. lr ""' 'l '..ct idlouimr .Imeiihi.l. IIIIIP.IIJ" : rmnnn.nrln-i I nnilli 1 tu mill \uml.MK.T f.i
northern boundury line of thi Kiwi Half ofbrction IB and from. thence on into and Strei-l In (;,11"11. 'luI.I. .ttho und runnlnir I th..nro in I V\itt'vrh' drettioitthrough i l the Northiioft '"rl." .C J..I I II. Smith'. null O nn I hir i ti i luu of nnitl traclt itixl w t qunrti r. all In Section 10. Towniihip
throuirh Dlt ck 16 ami from imlnt tier Ilia of fi. 'I and 7 of A Huditfim \.h.' t. llit. town of ciirtuitr to tho MINI tun I
0. und runn.nir thenco in ttulhrly tht nee on into lo..nt way Mnckty .. MicHiiopy, Her* ruttninit into nmlI II South Itaniro 20 Knat thence* throuiihI
.. direction Uiroujfh the Lunt .Half of and throuirh Block It tu 'tnwnahip lno. of th. Tampa, & Jacloonvillu Knil"' )' Ciimpany Tract. and HI.I llufolli.winir 0.11'.r | 'lon. which in nlMo the HoiithMent' corner of I throiitth thi* StMilhwtui iiuiirti r of tlu* I tin NorttuHHt (lunrtir of tho North went
Sectloit through the Weit Half of theNorthvttut all of aaid Jloek boimr Ulucka lit U now Incitiil. Ainu the followingdexcrlbi land. (Comiinncinir at M .point on tho ., in known. ai. the 2n-ncro I.... aitalim* Southwtfit (|imrtir of mi.n T to th* ''quarter of Section Ift Powniihip 14 Soutli,

quarter of Section 16 through .uldivl.lon mnde by W C Mil- l .trip of lanJ. to-wit : Commonclnl |Murthern Bid. of naul rnchUof-way. :.IJ'a I d to Jnnii>n ( hil.l In. the divialon of St-e. !, North line of Lot A of lilnck of th > town | Itnreiro JO Kmtt, all of aanl propeHy ituateil >

t h* Nnrthweitt quarter of the Soul. h,'ant r. of the Smith half of Section 3J. al thu Northwmt corner of 1.1 I ft-t-t from tli. center of 'md' .r..k. and. I.. _8 of Tnwn.lill,> II, South. of Ranirv of tnirflrltl In MurUm County Morliln lyinir unl heinu In the County of Mar*

and tho Kut half of the Southwest towiinhip \ South of ln"e 20 Eant, all of MI.r'. addition' to ..ainravllle. Flnrlila, | 'Ml f.' Went of the Inatcr: n boundary linoof f.M 0 rant: B.0 from thi* point run Kant J10" and from tht nco.A | Ion Mnte of rloriila.At.St .

Cuawr quarter of Section 16. thrauich the North.a Hid property lyinir In 'fownobil''Y thane. Eat 12 feet, thene South .,.1.1 ;. which' Naid lot IB a point 't th. 1..h Jill foit. thi'lloo c ant ri ht of wny <4*i ftt In wfilth t-x* > the follow inir dmeribed property,
South of Kanire 20 Aim the VJUj fevt, weat feet, thenc. on a publie and ,' in III feet thence t4>niiirir
t Quarter of th North wtwt quarter B.; whole of lh.nc 1 r.ad. a South 211) f.M-t U> thtt line* from ih Honthi-ANt v and thioUKh the W .. lialf of tho Northw I Lot No. 1 of Block "B" of W. R Thomaa* north W2'4 feet l point beilinnlnir. "4outheanterly direction al.nl the matera o.ol.lnl the landof Smith and (' rr*<**nt riirhtofy of dm rump* A nldinirn. yard* and othrr tracks

quarter of Section. 21 MiibtliviMlon. of the South half of Block No.II AIM boundary line of Banl road 100 feet ,aat 8T feat, thcnco North 16 cluilna i jnf>knntivillit ItH.Iwtty t'ompnny try ok ml Ht follow* 104i ftwt nt 4>raham. Florida.

.AlMo a rlicht-of-way 100 feet in width I of tho Hurvoy and plat rna< ) W. C A rlifht of ".) SO fi.t In .I"tl run.nir and from tlu-nce run In a Soiithwtwterlyuirection nnd 40 linka, th.'nr.4eat 7 chalna and 7t" | pxti-mlf MIC aJu fM t Nort h* tint f nun nurd Uonlilft and rnnMiiiH Track. foot ati

running purallol to tho ctnUr lino of Mil'r C, K" of tho South half of Section ... parallel to center lin. th.tack H4ii ftt't on a Btraiirht line t a linka thenco nouth 16 chama and 4it, Sout hi rut tilirn jiinl running purullul to i i.rulmni. r lortilu Siniito Knd Induntr aj
lownnhip 9 South of Knmro 20 boat, lof thn lamp* .point which Maid point t I IVl 6-10 "Inka to 'iioint' of niiil i tun I
.aid track and extondlnir on each tide J".k..nYI" I feet iMirinninir. Suiil ii HAnl trnrk to l lio> wittt rn IxMiml'ury Track 4 -
thereof 00 ftet. commvncintr at the North all of the above-dtwcribod property, aitunttd. C/pmpanr and 2/ went from .snuthwvat from the ent..r of th* track .f I and. lyltiir and. Inlnir aiUH".1! In the North line of nltl l-t t H of Hutil Illitck H nml ,,4H) f.nt at fyril Plorlila. Sinirlo, 10 feet

linit of tho N.rhw.t quarter of thoSouthwwt lyinir and .inir In Townahip WHouth tho center of auch trnck it fvet Eant the Tampa. A J".k."n.lo, Itailwny i ompany I "e t q"Rr. r of .. C of lVwnHhi|> from llu ncii n rlitht-of-wny o\tr ncn.Mii t f HIV.TM loridii, Simrlo. HJf fort ab
of Hanire 20 from the center of auch track, and runninir and ut "" and from 1. of llnniri. 'il nnd U tlio |
quarter of geclion 21 and run Eal I .t"'r,. low llnnt, Ainu (he fol* | .n iitrott ninir t hi'nee In a Southerly Alo a triamrular lot with area of approximately from McCormick Streit In ..alneavilla. th.nc. on a lino at ,1,1 nKl.. t*, Bait) inir o.c.II I 'jmiperty ; I thick I"") of fun fit Id. uml from tht-nce Truck. 2nT fi>4t at KlIithorpH. Mornla.

thu North went quarter drcti.nth.u"h of the 54"0 aquare feet on enat aide KloHJn. In. Mnitherlr directionthrouirh emter line uf .ald 2:<0 ." to a of 210 r. t enHt from .thu .' COI."cinl. ] riuht-.f-wny Jl.- flvt In wiilth. enUn.U A Doiihto Fnd. 876 feet at North U it I lireMlU. -

Southwent quarter cif Section 21. through of track in Southeast corner of Northeast Millir'a' ail.tition, t Gau..vlio. point 92 0-10 feet NurthwiMt of nueh c.n. thu Joel II. SI'"teoo.I.' 0.MICHnopy. .. tnnn tho SoutluiiHt of Moridn, piunui oil mill nidinr. rlor
INHO tho *
quarter' of Northern*t quarter. .Section 82, }-li riila Market Street.Alno ter line of Maid track and from I and I run .. |>n>nriit lila
the Eant half of the SouthcuHt quarter of lh.lc. run : KID' f >et. nuhtufwny of thi? Tiimini A JiickMof.lvill Indnmrlul. 7 0 fwt at North dain a'illlt' -
Section 20. throuiih th Northtaiit quarter. lowniihip \ South Un.. 2Q taut: bein* In a nnrth-caHterly' direction on a tin* thenca rant .'10 fi:, p"u.:: th Jill fe.-t Knilwnv f ompiuiv truck, In Northniii. Morliltt, A Inch ua County l'tmperatieI

of the NortheaHt iniarter. and North went the property, .". M. Irvlnl and I A riirht of war, over, upon and a.n. parallel with thu ctnUr lino nf Haul track .h..o. .iwt 10 fi
    rly ilircctiitn flju, ftst nm| I \ riuiion. Intliidtrlnl. SIMI fttt ut tialnca-
    will to ft <;ulf Com'pany iMarket St in (,nlne.ville r'lorida at thuIHiInt J7t6( fttt tu point of btifinnuiir. half of Lot INirnlNI ( runninir
    quarter of the .N.rh.W' quarter throuirh I G..vil" Itlw"" And and nil of lot to ctnttr lino uf mu.l v lilt. r Inrltln. Kiii> a Hnrk ) anl Induajtiiul. -
    ikmthwent 17, IS It 9. In whiro thfl Tampa Jackaonvlllo from the Southwvtt corner of ,land 4 I of Smith, addition U Mouth-w tiurk In O.it
    the qunrtt of tho Northiattt Octo" .oonl.o ol.1 tho town of Mica, .MhTly illn-ctitui tlmniwh UitM. frtt at f.iMtioiivlllo rlnrida dm*
    quarter tho N.rhw.tt quarter of the LJued Book ,patrea 4tl7 and 46d. the 1'Railway Co. riirht of way now lu81. I i jUHt dtacrllM.il. a riirht-of-w Aft f.t In I.." : Alao n riirht fif wny over, Umn| nnd 8 N mtil 7 of MI.Hk. 10 J. r ry truck IdiiHtriiil. 490 ftttt at

    bouthrant quarter nnd F Ht half of thebouthwet record* uf Aluchua county.' .'Iorhl., AUo width runnintt fiariilUI to and >*xtondfnc .cnma Church Strett of Micnnopy,. rlkriilii Ami fnun tin IIP* n ritchtW-w.iy 4 >aiiioji\ ill*'. I'dtri AIM a riirht of An fttt in width A rltiht of ny'H fe .t In wlilth $2*! ftet on vach Bide of tho n.l from thi.nco o\or.
    quarter cf> Section 21)) AH) wuy < runninu cinter Im. n riKbt of wny 20 f.i't IICTOKII HIM) IIH| >II tliOMtnst ilivnhnu r.it ut (.almiivillo, Morldn. Seal**
    ." runninir 1 to and extt-mtlnK. 16 fteton 1.ral1 I to and eiton.linic 1 > feet of vald track on into and ..hl. runnlnir' ll" I Utock*
    the folowlnl chwcrilted land to-wit : All 1.0rl..1 | nn thnnnrh the ''mi pnrnllel to and exUli.hnir ii IN it nf nHli| fllrfit lll I rack t 10 Srnle ruirliunka ) GA4
    of I. KiMt nf the Tnmi a & Jtickaonllle tuch .tho center line, of the rail- '.10..f the e.nter lne'aaid track and run- dfonre' K:. Clark drant ,, AlnchiiH (.unty .Ml ,..h mile of llu. outer of auch 'trnik Ami from ihiiu.o n rmht f-wny 60 foot I f* 11 nt t.niniwvllli*, 1la '1 tinmaa Track.
    rend truck of the lampn Juckaonvillo from in (, ; r lorida. to thtt fiN>t and lln
    Company rivhtfifuay, BI".I. S.uth..l boundary rtmnlnii In Mouthirly wiilih riiiinfiiic piirnlli I to llntliiMlrinl. Hrt4 f 111 nt <.juinonvllu>. llnua
    1..1., th' nn.l *
    No x nnd fr.olon. of L>ot. hnilway." Cuml"n comm..no.nl. ftt tho I rlori.ln. In A miutlierly dlr<"tlon Ihm..h Ino thertiif. and. front tin.nee riuhUofay | SmilliH r.cll.ii. I..,'I WIN.n Lota 4 .,| I ,,f Hn|,| _r fitt an itiu h niilo of ih*> c* nti-r(.xliuliiiir lino tif I rnrk I>i tub It* Knd. rnruiinir. 641 fett at
    lino I'ort.ra 100
    of lot a.lilitfon ft ,
    1, 2 and 7 in the town pint of trfiham. JS of to G.lnovle. 'Iorloa. In wnlth runninir .lurullel' t. ndtlllion. thince. ncrona n MII1.1 truck HIM) runtiintr fn {.niniiivtllf Mn Hiitey Track. In.lu-t. rinl.
    (loridn the name tx'inw In the Sout. hwentqiiartt lru.h'. Atltlitinn. to Gaintftvillu and runninir U) thu unulh lint of .lon .. nd exienditiir AO f ei t on i-uth Bido of the land runnlnir. hefMiin Lola. I'I nnd Nlreel tlmvfion tlmiunh loin a SiMith. tntjtrly |H4ft ft it at C.ninoavlllu. Fin Hakory track.
    Uaid IH 4 fl
    .r of the Northoant quarter of aid. Ih..nc. In a anuth weU>rly direction' property, 1"ln. *nd In Section I. enter lino of waul' track In a SuuthHittttrly Sn., h'. u.l.lit. ''. I Inure acroiu the of .Hi of MII i it Mortt Mrvt n ill ) of nml Six ''l.i.liiHlrli.l.. IDA f(.< t at South lmneNvlU.| .
    thmuirh aaid Lot No. 2, through Lou 7. Tournnhlp South of Kunire ZO t: direction throuiih lntr Ht and runninir Mi.n.ln I mrfiild -
    2i>. R..I.n /I.n JT to at
    tho continuation' of fluid riicht of 10 find. 1. of naid Ulock if thence acroa* A IHO h'n.e on I Int and t hronich. t hi* Nort liwtt ,- I, 'A of ".1.1 Mmilha. ndilillon and. I hi'old linimilnry line of n M SiM-tion tin* wiwttrit Sottlli ituiiifjivillo, Ila. Ice Track Uouth*

    way runn in* In a outherly direction. 100 the dividinir lota 15 and 16 a,0 lota A riirht nf way commencing at auehiRiint corner of Section 3ft. .h'ncu ucroaH the atrw. .t anil' lunnlnir lieu A.HO ti rluht if-WHV fi | Sovon ((7>. ftldol fti t t tmiith OnliiMaville. lc
    fe t In width 14 nnd IH of nid Block Nn, 2K Into .inir 25 fi<*t In Hldth runninic paral 1.lnl In a Moutherly jloM 411 41 ofni.l. bttwoen wiilih runninic r y M<>) f4t In t lark *
    purnlli'l to tho center linoof .1"'II..n ano Nmllht iiddltion i> niMt I tu nml I n.rt h nidi>) joint-mil owned hy
    said track and e".nd"1 on each aide and through 1.I 14, Iti, 22 .nd 27 of naid lel to and, eTtomlinir 121*! fei't on each auluof Ilt Talltf tract In AIR'hul county, ihincn ainwa. Fata: Knlku Klnvt and and twcniy uMD f *t un tiuh vnlo of t-xuniltnir S\l-, 1 | Ml ft
    thereof HO feet. nt the North lilock 25 and from thence acroaa the the center of auch track and. runnlnl 'unn.nl throuith. other' runnlnir liluein' l..iu 4H nml. 4 Imo nf tht Irurk df tlm evntor I HIM! hy T & J ((11 ill feitl. H4i> fett
    anlnnl Lota Iho at
    line of the Northi.ant quarter of tho atnit' dirt-ctty Mouth of euid Lot 2 ant.) In a aouthirly direction from ,imrtn' of *.1.1 tract. Lot* 8< and! 8lu land, HI.: tola Til nnd. 71. loin H4 fl. I JnckntMi.'*(. lUiUny (* 1 HID pa A i iI | .s.nili. (.niniavillo. Ma I onndry
    I from thenco a riKht of 6J Itna of aaid ft 'reof. and 1 Ihencu and. HI ompuny hmmhlnic trfcok.
    In thcnoe Into
    Northwest iiinrt4r of Sfvtum 3- and way foet Seton throuirh ad a cornir 1Cml aerora off from the llnttiiHtriiil
    ] running width Ioor'a 1.'th. Kimlnary StriKl IncludlnK n i ni it |irtn of itn> trnrk PMUI fuel lit South (.Hinonville,
    runninir paralM to thu center line ofvuid to .Florida through naid a nidi, n> JiiMt
    fn olh. truck liNrriltftl II IM
    Goln..vlle. In <
    a HIM track
    th.nc. ,ulh.w.t.I) CO""r Ih.nc. OKain and riirhi nf Sniithom >riiu iHlorniri K 47M feet at
    d'.I.n truck and txtt ndinir from of into ] nay purl of tlio
    auch J.
    throiiuh fluid Conter .r way Air 1.1" Kmlwiiy BUM T V\nlla truct tu tho Soutliirn h..r.r urroHa the Kimtern: NorthMortt South <
    .rh.o. quarttr iU rtt-r of *uine4\ill .Simp | rack Nn 4tit
    part ItnMoiithu 1.
    ll. of r>
    lino In
    .la North went quarter and a ,I"h"or.w.y and extendmir I fn weaterly. *. direction 22 feet Co.AUo bound.r lino thereof, all of natd and. :'1. 41 mid 4Mnd al.n ai.le trarli | nf Si-ciion Hovin ((7 lowiihhu. tpiurtir ft nl South tiiilmwvillo I lu Slu n>
    uul I h.rti
    lOO IWt In w tilth running to and m cenur lino in antftnttrjy I 11'I.hl roptrty. exrupt, tht S..ul.n part within I riirhlH.f-wny 1..r.' t ti ( Ml .South of Itiiitirt* ') I rnrk No J 4flfl f t t at Snutlt nitinea
    1'011 *
    f.xtcmlinK 100 fit dirt-ctfon' *1I fiit nnd runninir from nf uny over. nrroM anil In.tiuid J. 1'iirt |. t l tH. ncroiaVenlirn I Kt w< nty-ono < JD
    'I mul
    on eitch .1. the ctntor upon T.'II. I..t. find hcinic Hldi> |riirk runniti f th. vfllo. lln Shop Inuk No I Ji) ft
    tht IILO in a aouth WI-HI*.rly directinnihroiiirh I thi. riirht of ,,f 'in !lofwnv ami'1 riuhl. nr* In n Sout in rly ntoiiili
    the .
    lint' uf vny IhiTifiir llt.ttHin
    ttaid uf
    truck throuith the Air til : til tltl < .
    North- 'nhn.ro /"n. t'I.I iiinnlinr nrniiiK, Ml(If Inn *ulnitttllli M .t..r. l n r Slu d I
    Lot 1. aol :U of Mini Itlorlt '"> Itnilwty Ci jilt '. I nd Hint in kie SiriKl. oknlmni iroiin the
    weal of \10 IKIUI.II
    th Kmith
    quartt Noi, th .
    i t iunrtir of .r I.r Nnl.h.'rn part of "" I huh Mini i HI 1 's f.' t nt Stiiiih (.uim-Mllli I In Inrtlmi
    to til South line of sntd Lot 32 and to ; .1) 'f. 11 .! I.tnl nnd III nf nt unlit. nt. iiichiilitl -
    to .
    | ,
    a Alno in
    1. Hhtl the thin id
    i followinir fiiir S.I'.1,1. .
    ht-of-uuv and
    .lol i 10 ) fcttin nlln"'II. W"I. tu whnt I ,, Mt i .ptii ii to ) Motor t 1 ruck
    111,1 nr 2'tP fi t
    nnd M at
    In Inl. (
    h ,11'int *uid lot M on a lino with the ed 1 .. he 'Township throuith tin mi in* i ruiic it
    runniriK I nnd d..I" nclntr 41 feot II. onib : mi .iifliM.tt
    "r of '
    Kniiff inl.rlt nth <
    ", \flli I lit
    1..r.I.1 et.no. < *t ntu.n .r tht, Mouth lin of aukl Lot .milli. l! : i. .liiiMl..n. |tn tha t.-rn. r if tltt *4mil.ui.t Stninlanl lertlliiir
    "r" and ruxt tf
    ink rl t f* on tacit ..1. the center .. fa I" mlnuti.. W of I litah lowimhip line wero iinliililn.N ." "f HIII-II M.I.. dtmrtt i i.f thi SotilhiM lutrk Itiihinirntl 11 nf ICiind South
    I | MM nt
    MiM at tin. A2 unid riuht uf uay Ilcl.hnl u I !.th.t t ri'rmr i>f [ ot. Nn TB of l LI'ndtd. and fmm I hinei', e- rulilnfuny 10 f..t Ir..k. iilmi a II S ijutirt* r f Srtl -
    ot" \ ,
    la'k. o.ml"tuinir North line < a Huht-of-way lu | | H < > I.IV. ( n m. > vill. I la _ir. fitl
    1".I'r' uldlli <
    ( HI
    > of let
    off .the Mtl fi .. 1 a.l.lltj.n to the tiA fit I Ip | | || lit l
    nf tht i>oiith\\itit qutirtcT, of .thi* Nurthwistuunrtur 1".0 l"t City of riiilnivvllle. I in width.. running I In 111.1..1 to nnd .. riiiiiiinir S'Mii h of Mnnin | I 1 11 Sinulo ml
    I 4pur I
    fttl in ufdth FI.rl.ll. I'II'I aol 't..nll" lr r.it. "n u 11 y-mit (2 f-* I nt t minima
    ut tho h endthtriNjf. tu pint I extending :I tin lnrli ( O I .int
    of HUM! faiciinn ftnd c" 11..cnnln. thereof n..I..1 l .IJ'j ftet on of .r .unl run Ihi
    :2 runntnu 1..on cenK .r I tiro Nnrl Ii Smwli t ml 7"ii fi t nl ILmky I'oint I la
    In. fl\it
    M fttt in ,
    width the .1.1 f
    thcnctt In at South end rn-nnh of Aluchua "r line of Maid. trafk runnlntr .r..k. nml 'thoiif1- { l tlm HIM *
    a S"ulh.w..rl" dircctinn the 'ulnl Klor. runninir on into and from I not t l > | I
    s.ininury H'r.' Ut I'liHHiinr Jo I
    t roof. 77 nt o fhainw nl Crown
    i in knuth' the tn. Tint ,point lhinr a
    f..l on t aide through South *
    County Line dividing lon.n "A" at >. 42 ami tho 1lr..ly| ) Noiiih f fi\t (Til <
    Hrndford County and I' run Nurh..t gunrtir of the n cluiInn
    | Korfty J'tMiit, lln Kinitlo
    | Knd.
    'reof and .tf.0 f.-t
    Incltnlinir || U l atIluiloH
    Aln.hu. County 1 nil nf )nr of Lot Jl and nee ,u'hI' *li.". and ftfl mlnuleM. houtluuKt ""lr., "1.1 l tho loin' H| ,ind, Nr i.lnl 1,0 |.to ta pnltit i p tvirluiidH -*> (-
    lori 'from thi H'h"I.1 of of In Ittwky Ivint, lln timulu Lnd
    nee Kinnintf
    .n.1 u idt.h c.ne t. runninir lln o\t r > \SArnliootii I lu Slnulo I'n.I.. 423f.l
    tire ui on
    runninir parallel to Iul th"nc. mirlh RH diirreea. ithenco in H Ihnniuhj Mouth. nml nrr i H tin*
    County. Moridu ; and until. riuht- "xl'nlnl and au mlnutia northerly diriction. Into. nnd Imlnncii l>trit tlinrlly
    IrHd".1 on 11. of Stuilh ut I I lu
    2J feot the of iMHI.M. Smtflt rinl
    each tin- fat
    un aidv of thu W.*. I 141 mid 5-10 thrtjuuh thu 1'I'"I".r H.uilli.i.-t' property Juxt HUH
    unnititt fruin t-ft Northfimt iho\i-
    of-uny" to
    Ih..n. throtiizh the of aaid and and. corner, gunrtt-r of tlio .f Hnulliwiwt' tlt-Hriihtil nml from nt lo\y Inhi* I In Hintrlu 1 nd, 2M ft
    th. it nt
    Smithumt qtmrtcr, of thu Nurthwit ta.k runninic r.m tho run Ih..n. north lotm feit Northtnit iiunrtvr of hoctiim ,Inn 2 .lo ql"r. r of Siv. l of-uny nco u riirhi*
    qunr- ( Httnmon, .r the uth of nnid Lot prenent riirht to the 10 and cur\- '!1. I" Hoiitli line nf Hlll.l,. forly < 40> fi t in wl.lf l Ih 01 Hi n llu Siuiilu I ml. Aid foot aci
    ,'r nnd the Northwest qmtrtLr of tho In. .I.Ilhru.h \ . ruiininir
    auid, Lot No. throUKh .cnli..l i-xti ml.titr fm llu Sintrlo 1 ml IDMH f. t ntiMiitwt
    Lot Railway tir propirly 1 nty i ''i
    S"uihu. <.i qiiarur of Haid Section 3J. .nvil. Company,' Hn.., run I torn r of thu iittrti' nrnl l 1..ln" In ly. on tiuh Hiilo f i
    t hi' .. through t.h. N.rh..t quarter' of :") tu thu South lino of "ai.l 1..180 and :U .. : fu 't I hence north rfi Ih..n..irreea Noi-tlunut q"Kt.r luu".ot" 0".1 <|btttion r of 10 thu /utll of llntiKe JD H.TIIOII dint: '. Jll. ' l"i on runninir f.l l MonlK'iiiuryH 1
    und thenco riirht of it th< la Sinirlu hnd IUH
    tlie uthnnt4t quarter. and tho r..m a WHV GI:t fiet I. 20 ftwt ton cnrmr Into and through tho net Houth nn n lim ,
    Southmtitiiuniter in width Ik 1 to and cxtendinic 130 .10 corner 1.ln. Sotithwtut iinnrtor of And inmlM wilh tho N'orth fit nt ruciiniii 1 la Slnulu Ktnl. finil f ftni
    para tho Mmof
    aouth of
    of tho unnlnl tho from thi.iice 11
    Southiftfft Northwi'nt
    quarter of 8 of the quart tr f I IliirU-.n
    Sea Hutiun a riirhl-of
    .c> 11 thenfti
    ( Ml.
    aUlvIve of Miciinoiy I lu A
    Iho l
    rt'j aide of / way ( Inu rt huiiito irack
    each tho honrd
    f.t Air town <
    conttr I l.ln (US of
    turn 81, nil of th nhov : Railway curvinK and ) rn.rfloM lo *
    deiirnhed Company In
    pp' line of naid' truck ami from the and: track run'ln" an easterly tll- t : :; width: runnimr parall.l i n point nix huniii| l MI \ >iiiy-fi l.u f .tt Ht MiiAiiopy. 1 In Sawmill
    runmnir t.tion and .
    crty 1"ln" and. '".Inl In 7, run thonce north TH I 14 doirreril eaiit tl'a/'uuh tlm Houi beaut thlrty.two: I| nior Itwii % ji iitTI ) f't
    iiuarler t *
    of Kantre 21 KB. 1'own.hl SUllh i I North lino of Lot HH to the Soulh lino ICHH feit to w..t aide of Oleander of tho Nurlhweat I:2'.1' feet h Dido and one-half, Soutli or htyoml nnd South of the Imrk Itiilimtriul. 2>*l f IN t at Mitanupy*
    afreet quarter, the
    I of aid Lot 3H. and from 8.hw..t of thn center line I Hl'lo nf thti llu t Hy Track. (City l.licht I'lnnt
    thtnco In
    And fd fom' a riirhtof [,and run thenc. Routheant iiuarter of thu .f aaul track, Htnot. In lulrffnM ) *
    'I"hl.r.w." the Northeuat .
    runnln. way aj feet In width alonl quart*'r, the c""n'n."o at the South which MHM! Hint t In tluMlnal. 7hll feet at Miranopy. I la llniui
    Mo 'I thc nc throuiih V aalil alreet, Northwmt line Cly South *
    the rUlnln. pa.I.1 to fpiarti, r of of of
    of the .
    the. IIRrt. to and extending. 16 ft>ot ,d. cf the aame cnntnininir "Inl b"tnnln. t..,. and th Sontheant. qunr* |II.un.I.. th.Soulhwent.. iiunrter fif. I tlio.lip..t In Inirffil.l Alton rlidit-of'Wiiy I ruth, I iniiiritf, M l ft-t-t at Mi canopy, Ha ,
    Norh..t qunrter and the VVent half I nerea ijiiart.'r. i furly
    nf .
    1" .f N.rh..l quarter of H'M
    the fo.t It I
    thn center of track and from .10 In wdlt h it in ruck 21H ft-cl at luHcnwilla Hinicl
    of IIM. SoiitheaMt .I'I -
    NortheRMt or Alan 'w..ntY..I
    B'o runnin. of (Jill runniutr
    quarter the Northwestquarter ; Peeler addi l. of Sfctlon und II 1 pnrii*
    .thn North IA" II. thin re on a Soulh' I to nnd f t< *< rnd H1 fMt nt
    i .r ta No 4'to' tion to into | rly "nnln. j'mffr.ir forly Sinionion. Hu |>oubIi -
    of the .nd Calnratille. and (101 fi4t
    quarter' and tho Morldn acenrdinir to through thi North illrtrtlon" Into on
    1 J.:not of S.llh..t tho Houthwent thu south lino of ann! L'a.' all of paid 'plat thereof, tho SnuthwoHt iiutirli> the hnlf of t the 'tir.1., .nee 1 .' Pliirly,flvi' t'lirh xffl*' from Iht rtntir linn of tlit* trnrk Knd. I iMHimr, 4 ID feet ul Ilickiinii I la.
    h.tf quurtrr of .o'd..1 public r. I" riirvlnir
    lyinir and HUI.h.n.t qunrlor toward the FaHt and, nil runnirn** utnn .MI ii u I. Iml. 1 lift fttl
    t. bfCtltm thence throiiKh the "property hemir Block 2K ufItruoh rcrnrilii. of Alachun of tho Southwtwt j runninir llu In-nnrh lin* whltli -S.HiiliM.lt I In.
    1 Northeast '. to Onmiiivillf., county. 'I.rhl. fn pint I qlnr"'r nnd the South throuirh the Northwint ', tf. hrnnrlit off from tlu linuhlo Knd. l'amiiur 4ttn fitl, l
    ; iiunrter > >
    hook half
    ouurtvr of thu Nurthwrat aIII.n A at of tho Northw.nt trtirk uniritrvtii -
    qunrtt'r and. the 'I.roa. inure 4J thi. reof, except. howex I tho SouthtoHt qunrter of Section, ', r of the ( nr ri ht-if
    \\ .. Alfti. deacrilHtl to- 12. I.r raid' Meell.tn wny Jiml (IHcrihi *| rihtivn .Siiiwlt-I ml mil fttt ul 11 I la
    in vine
    .t hair thu nl
    I', of the h".I. r In lylnv on Into and j n point
    N.rth..1 quarter nnd, lot* I'eelera RI .n.1 bilmt in S JiiHt
    wit Colnwin. aaiil lownHhip 11, Houtlt thrninth Ihe *>rtln (Ht ,f lln Sinul* I.ml Indutiiriiil
    tin Nothw.... : 'ummen.il" at the Southwest corntr t It It. r of .tin. N..rll'n. ,.fr. ti'ii' fe l nt Jrvino.
    of the 'I to untie 10 : Northv.ti.1 C MIII r f
    South went 'R.I.ltnn. 24 Iwilh In- I l-axt th'no" lilook
    .., quart""r of ,' 11".r 7, 'Including sldi trnck of Lot ::1 tilock 2; Ir..h'.I.h..n I I.h..lv. Loin' 3f 'to Ll.41. holh lncliii.lv. and. ''throUKh 'tho Soulhwidt into and .tho SnuthenMl. iiuiirt.. ,Ilr.of .n., ''h'o.,1, ln fJM' fro in I irf.i l LI l, nml eurvlmrNorlhuint I la 4 itini J rut It. I UMMIIIM UNJ ftt I ut
    nf r i > \\ illtiuiiM
    tltu u i-Mt S
    nnl tliiiK
    nnd. GII".vlp. run ISmithwext qllrl.r l.iunrl.r 11' nml run'ilnir' Mii tli Lnd IOIHIIK *
    al.n" both from *
    .. Inclilnln nnd Ii
    I"h'.nr..ny |" I the HIM point
    Ih.C.r nn Alxo the r of Soulhueiit' '
    n.w .n.,1 tho ; touurti 7 of I own- tin \< tth tin. t.rov* i .ul fiit
    ;in thrVorthurflt Milu I'twt, Hu.
    Noru'I''r. l f>int of |u'uinninir, ntnl ,. .o.cih.t I.-wi 1 runt nnd from nf H..I." t.i Ihi. -.f liihfMd Sinule Kml Utn f t l ul 1
    v -t 'i' r all |h n'i and hi.in, in r..m ti. nn> run th .", corner of 'tin fiec u riitht of 10 S'llth line of nuid an*) tlu rue n ri ht.fn uilfi. l.|, Ma.
    -I"I t'.n. ;\ittt thiouth Inn of .1 .. wny fti t 'in wMlh, M..hw..t t "iimnler' fif r IH r MH uiitl lit.ihUr I.ml, I'liftHlnic uoli ltd HI
    "J.nl tl Litni lilt.
    i Muih' Ktini-i HI. rtiilthtinn rnnninv' VorlheiHt' HIM n 1 1 lot It fix ,
    'l I rnimille I .
    .r nnd I .1. MI to t >
    nnd .pinrt.r .f
    iii 11,1. .i,1 Kt fitt .u'n'r from run eolith .. "c..ln. ,01.,1 t"it"'ndfn" I". nml' r..m thine,. n fjifirnld to a int nil, | ni | j ttti ui <
    lh"lco | f r PI Him Unlniii
    ) t. 't ,
    "r,1 i \ii'n lnir fei d mull
    II. i I on <"
    n ihrou ,li ] of 'hl-.ow"y IMI' fi." trnflc
    < the I .
    In.1 ( j. Inn
    i ,Unit tlu VVi-Ht. I,tu 111"rk -l. 1 IJ 7 f 11..1 .ion eitiitr lino : ,Hi,n-t >i,'it< r of tht. S.Tiihoitii / of *.tniurt otith Tl '1lr.. W iilonir th,. line of Mild 1 1 1 nek ami running, into '1.1..1. I. mul "i\iinline .lh. .n"I"1 Ijirhrtonv i iruil f tin Innipn <* i.niuihtu. Mu Slawl -
    or left. nnd. from th and through nu A.i. neh ill. It'n! l.ii'l i t true l *
    "' i' and ihi Sftithiatit .rn'f nit 'to t'h. i 'Ihe .. i MV ( I. mini IM tw liKuiid ut .Siuiipioii
    "lnr.'r nf Kjit. 5ii fitt 1. (1nln..vlh' 4JO fuel. N.rl"1 corm'r of th* Nort h wi-nt c.tidr of unld Pirn I M I t n t tty iiiiiiiMvlllu
    run antl frnm thi' 11. trntfli nn 7 of Hw mul
    .tli" aft. "rjunittr "f Miction thiJtitfh nee run in 110 run 'h.'n. nouth 'Mill: d.urtiii .. mrt. .r t tlio. NorthwotL .hnl''h.1 jit "..'. "_ !- f "'-" riurrnidj Mtii fevt.l .
    i I'' Ni"rth' null rly din' otum ti.t tiidrli| >r on into F .. -.MM n Of Hflfll' I Aim. n rl> ht f In ,,
    mon K nny f
    Nlrl"'I"t qun ri'f r of t N"rlh.a.t 'I Il .M" ("'t nml run 'thence north nnd tlnoiiuh tin. Northiant. ijuiirtir' of 'Iho .. | |n wi.llli. runiiiir -
    ;: hnlf or l I.< Bit to pumt of from *.1 I di, : quart* r of thi* wnd, rth* an I ipiniitr luniillil I,, nml xl. .
    \. of .tht. N"'h"t, qunrt Rno irriin. rmt SIB feet anil, run theneo SorthuiHt iunrt| r of Ki-elioii runninir" ihi'nn' in mill n.l.iun f, i ,,?
    ,', N nii) Ht i'h..nc. i iirht uf May JO ftit width. .Voith, 17 .leirniiH I*. lurtion, n onih aitrry| mih nr Hi, I. MI. r In,, r I i ci t t ii/t i liun
    < qtntrtcr of Boutin nt forty I till minute* wmt. "I in J'owniitiip, II South "in fi t Hi. I | |i< irneli nt l t n I 1 > t, r nnd "IR' I puialU*! to a ml cxUndmir. f .ton I illonir of Hi inn. 1..1 Hi. "ri' h hnlf win n .liinloionvllli'
    KiiHt: < [ tlm I <
    > ihi
    hRI of Souths,*! ..tnaiSr' ru."nl Ii In.r Illow'* tract Jlft f..t. fuKt: mn| from th>*ni>o a riirht nf of mtlxn,t Mald "In. h Knllwny fontMinv m PI i.*iiiiiih ly ir, Sivtion 11 each the ctnttr lino of "track inoro I. uuy t .r'r .r S.rfion' :'tft I Ii n. M,, l
    aMt quarter of NorthMtt .10u.r I, or 'lit irinnlnir. AlMo" ,6r lift In width, luif rnnnirur, rm k of .ii, I. HUD ti ul d* tJtlr
    < f .th I runnlntr ,imraM l nn,1,I fiiMt nnd' U t imiiy at cum pound n lnyt n> 4 im>
    ;. fit <* In tho n .
    'nml the ; IK.I.I I.I..H
    quiirtf r and \\ t half of Northwest ( .Ia.k..nvll. Ituilwuyj followliiir diaeriheil" land lit jittindtntr" JJ'' f<.tt on each aide |, ih. 1.rh half nt .tin. Mmifh.. the .1, rn rm Soutii ,f r nun,, iiuiinlrt, I ininn fni I pr wiuni
    ., 1.lnnlnl of tho "111' pot in
    cnmtn I I
    quttru-r and j ('ml."ny. nouth of I1 I hu NnrlheaMt of ., r nlrriolil, nnil
    N..h".t. ql.r.r of South- I Klnck 2& of addition to. .rner nf I.. .ou.. of ,'c nier line of aid. tock and Into, ,,ii,n :r und from, ihnc'l.fl.*> Norm w. "luiir.lly curvlnir In it i puintH. tt k< u4 |.ihH H Jii inth livir cur
    vent Galneavllle.'and I'eehra ,I
    quarter of Urlh' '; nlditiiin the ra'Iln. I A illnelion
    s< ctlon thmrc to MOHPII of nnil IB
    thromzh n"ln..vi. h..t. R I.c.v" Cm nt ..h. way fit.t In fr.m allc-h riinnlnir win tKJ niuohiiiu hnllH vnriniM Bif UO
    the Eflitt half of tho nm th.n.. aouth to the North lino of foru ownisl. liy. Sophlo ''. AI".hu. ninir o width. rtin- | point lo Ihe .Mnrlh III,,, ,,
    fluutheawt of f loriiln' I I f Hliirk uunlH hex
    known county and > nuUi lot
    'Ia.rt"r JILon I'Rrall.1 un,1 I .. ndinir. I I In [ pnundH ** htni, AOI
    Lot : liurfi.
    of Illock l !
    1. nn ianU fift
    Jtf 1,1.
    St-ction 21 addition 'Sophia, nnnlnl l0 ; Ihi-nci'
    throuirh the Northiatit i 1'lh' a ,lot. trly dln-tftfon on throuirh
    i I Illotk
    of quarter lUiinoavilltti t I .Ill.n' run thena. I thn>U .1,1. from tho center. lino of Maid I nml Ih. nrn ov. r II I luu HI rtrnn 5O poiindi pipo cmiplinita. JO
    north ami
    the Northeaiit qunrter nnd Wmt hnlf i Uo 18 d... W 210' fnt to the lln. Poiithirn imrt of Lot It*. Nort I hi.rn ';
    of Northeast quarter and North w.t quar I' *ho t followinir described ,of Peeler addition to GRln.vl. r'lorida, No 22, 2:. 24, 26. and 60"j.r' 'i din ctlun: u tlm !...lh..a.'J. fi. I.I on Into nml Month of the .1. put In Inir poun.U Imilor rivtlN. 4 U U 8. My-

    of ter of Soulh.ao iiuarter and Kant half wit : communcmir at tht 111.., t and alonit run th. thenca aouth d.". Weat E Inrvy) Orttnt, a 4 I.. the I of BafJ 8.*ction 35 nn into nnd through quarter th*, lirlo over, upon ami throuirh (Hock fl ami on i j litllio Hir pump puckintf, 11 aeta 1'' JJ.

    Soulhw. quarter. S-ctir.n 29 Thence I ner of Lot 1 of aaid Block notith lin. nf Ptel.ra aildltion, 11'1 10 l.r'>rt". aituat l. folowll 1""Ulhw.., quarter if tht Sntithwiwt vlihnir IHiK-k- aennii th atre.t ill. M-t valwtf Htt-m packliitr. fl aoU U S M.t.
    throiiicti 26. Brunh 420 feet anil
    tho and i.f
    Norh..t quarter of tho Addition OaintMville thenca aouth 36 doirrvea E Lot 25 of the Moi. E. Levy Grant nf 1..I.n 10, 'tin'nco In .ar. field th.nre thi. town of In.r-. t IHUMI putkinir. t* MeU 1'et rlt a thruttl*
    Northwest and thenc 210 f,. an over,
    quarter. North I run -t. thenco follow i faHterly: olvlnl upon ami
    went of Nor (4 dmrera eant : Commencing mj,' ilown th t (jjicklnir. 4 rjalU anliiifitoa
    qU.rer 60 and thence aouth at the South- and Jlnet divldmir packing, 1 1
    North Eat
    to aouth line 420 feet Itloelia
    went to r"'llnl 7
    .' Notthwwt quarter. South went quarter of of Lot 2 of aaid Block ,thence wmt BOfwt f.llnwlnir. point 1"lnnlnl. Alao the w. cornvr of BHid Lot 26 and run th"nc. .hrulh the H.u.h.n. .r tho Smith* t.i the point whew anil H of rmrfulil m I* t.urlic air pump pnfkititf 14 unuin*
    quarttr *nd Went half of d.'ib : at 1 North on the We t lino of I "R. qiinrter of th Houth with thla trnrk Join*i trut k braHftiu 2H cum hroMne.1. 500 2-inch
    C.mm.nolnl Bald the
    Southwvflt to corner, thenc* north 85 to point at tha lot. went ', i.lhi r track
    quarter of .Section HIS. Inchllnl, fet S.thw..t corn,'r of f<*et. thenc in a 4'1 t* r And tho "R' ''lii-kaonvllle of the Tuinpa A; f.o'IM| r fluv f* rrulen. GOO 4-inch bnlltr tub*
    d'pot afilfntr. locattMl VVpnt I of botrinninir ; nnd from thenco a riirht of :11Vi ler to line South-eaattrly direction on I nf th tu'hw..l quarter Itmlway
    of a fnlnpany
    I: nalnvvllla paralltl Hntithiant IH wndjt 1
    ; u th. with Iweon m w locomoUvo |
    the Itliiclta i 6J roll
    I piit. ot-
    way over, and : cenur line of the I ql.rt .r nald' Hirtlon K anil 7 *
    of- th
    way in the North Half of the h. upon acroM atreit directly aamn In rt eonled upon the public reeorda I|truck .f the lampa I I 16. all 'lylntr and, l ami from thin point ton lump wirk. UU lunttrn iclolu
    Nor >oinir In \ rliilil 1 tn KU
    Routh of .tid IA" Kail- of
    No Township I II
    it J of of .
    wtMt quarter of KHid Section 35. .hl| Block j I Alaehua County. Florida way J".k.on.ll. South of uy ovi r muni
    be- Kan nn.l
    'm flat Honk throuirh if* 2" t: ali.nir n packintf linlhtra vuriou
    Cuml'Rn. nli
    1 ihinc .In. ,
    No. and : alnit <
    In. 100 fevt In vtldth. eaMt Urt-t anil 2g .h.n. the followlnfr d.arlb 'A at pair, tl thereof and run thenc. and 'h.n.v runnlntr 151 f <) nno toit : t mrrmncinir onth 64 south t .h..1 itmrti| r I.I I., Ihe -
    ftipt In Inntrth p f. .of
    W thtr
    north n..p.. d"n" tho lowliHllip line
    South : Al- alonir the e,t 'n.ion ,I. aouth lino of ilivi.llnir r rinttn 12 pinion for
    miid 1 L quart and. rin M I
    .no or ir .
    of on |nt puni|(
    corner Lot No. thnc l town-hip
    North..l 14 nf Ulock thv i I I
    o ritiht-of-wny pxti into |I['I.r l aouth Unaof I'eelerit runnimr al.1 through th ad South of
    e.io and addition ulomr the Kanire Jl I'yli lit lhulit
    a 'lutlM-tri
    .n.lnl 29 ct Hniflh'* addition. 11 Monlh lino of naid. ,. N.rt.. qunrti'r nf th i rrwl mil numtor, l lut
    thrnutih tho ratt: hnlf .f Houthea' 't run Kant AO I, G.'nevile. anil eet more nr l I.., to (mint of auch ...n.j. | wo. 1UO fevt to point of liiKlnninir. Lot. 'I.North'OMt qllr'r .. Hi"tinn Ono ( I nil. Ifnn-r. To n hlu II H.Miih > f Mirinir| huiiu* rit ami irib*. N luconn'tlv*
    of .h.no. 81 eil line V'JJ l-niil
    S"on all of fert of HJild .1. when. It
    quar..r the above de.itcribiNl 21 wwt of the center ABO! lyinir Join- with the> Hpi IIIKM fi
    pain t truck
    l" mir and in ft t more or loa to South line, of lot 31of whtre Tampa A Jackaonvllle a ritrht-of-way' 4'') ftit fn width'mnnfnir 'I' U .n"M.r" .n.1 ','Inl In wn'nhip mnIn rixht-of way of the lampa nirmu win win
    "rl..rt" town- of Jack- mount il
    Ilailway Itnnire *>n journul
    .hip 8. South of tauiife 20 1.ln.Ht and ald ..10 m.ek. thenc went 00 feet, thence i i(Company, trnek !I now located. and from un fHfh "a'HI.1| | and eatendinir JO f,IH't 'Ih.nc. 10.lh a ftoiitheadtt
    rifiht of way width ftc ext >ndinir' H3 fitt more or I.. t pint of buKinninir I h'no. run on a llaa parallul the ''track .11. o the centt line of B.id nnd throuirh thy on Into point cur miiU rlul. tf ItKumiotiv
    .I.h nnd vquiihn ft'H' *
    ; N.rhw. ra.
    on fractional Into and fm.u" LoU No. 1 and 2 of I AlHO. I I I center JarkaonvilM lin., of the track of the Tampa earner of ,cummo"elnl( in' the Northwent ,I: N.rhw..t ."..r. ,. thi.nc,. on"Br.Into r nf and thv I A rlvM-of way ov, r arroiia ami Int..( |K>ijndn M IK n* i laifitintf. 1 t*>n e Nimlhuntl -

    from thence Section t. niitnlde errant and A riirht nf way 30 feot In width runnlnirparalltl erly direction Railway Comnany. In a louth* tweon l..t 5l> Oi and 60.h.and boundary', lino !>* |I: h..uli tho .Southwent quarter of th North- Townahlp II Smith "f Itnniio 31)) Fn l aa! ItHifiiiintlvv mnterial, 12 powi r h ckniiw
    on Into Fractional 2 HiU feet to a atake then.* W''I qilHrt r and h. riinafler iti liliitltii.
    2n feet In q"nlnl thi crilMil 4 loconmt
    AMO| t
    8I.n an nit all of Ihe folli.uinir ive ntlttr hoav. 21
    In the A'.n.. Orant. and running '. tit of thi to and center. exivndmir lino of IS ftet on each Went of the .cantor lln. of tha track of the I AO and. easterly throuirh dirfction Ih."h l I..t. nf th> Northwiwt ,.junrli 1..th.r. .* iimrter, il.Mirllw il Inml to-wit Alt. male-\ ir h'M-. Uj | Hrn<) huh liner irr n e 2 64
    from I 1 CM
    the hi.i of ai l 8i-ctinn .10 Ir..k. comtnencintr main' line of the Tnmpa 1..1 to the boundary quttifor of N.rh'a"
    Nur < 2 lino tho ka of 10 (.NiundH rol
    HiMithwiMt ncrea of Inn.I hi Inir cup K route 511 puundH
    at the ., ak.onvl' bitwfen CK qunrtiT' 'h..no. Ihe even cotton
    alonu Haid, track M* aforenald In n South north In. lot No, 11cr I.w. Company and run MoNffl 1..1. and. 5.: nf tht nanl I cur lritr In a nuinliriil lil.-rkK Mjiitii* 'oo
    R. dinct.inn pound* Krnti* lunt ion
    aecfinlmir tu r.wn unda
    Block 2 vtterly aouthlo
    dlivction MOU feot and fmm thnt ,10 unnin" an.. inch eenu tin., of fliich trnck riirht t thrnee through th** Smithinnf m l< ly If C Vil rmry ilnl.il March '" flu* t i* n ion |Miiindn MI Idinir *tn 6IN
    flft quart* f n
    aouth r the
    "oint" rivht of wny 60 feet fn width ln. Ih..eor and frnm th'ne. 4H fc'et to a ruilnt 2n f. wny f'l in wnlt' h running' Snilthw t > -
    ru"- Rait nf th. <* 4piurtir to thi IM fur K f nnil un'li. hrn/m rwU. JOu
    cen | > South Y. unlloriii
    rnrht of to and line nf thi iinu and l lubricatlnu
    a '
    ninir ami ter line 1..1.1 oxttrndmir 1-i
    parallel the upon Seminary of .h Jr. .
    "R" ftuflnMHt
    center | of .. track and on iwh
    th. la
    t Maid run In quarter nf th ini' in Soutliwi t *
    ln. the Snithv iiuiirti of the
    Slrwt i-t r .iilth
    trnck and the city of center line of qiiar-
    extending each j northerly direction naid track and t
    on r, all
    thereof Gainevlio. on tin. nf wit
    2S feet, .Id. Alaehua County. Florida, and 'I|tho "Rrlh.1 .i.h runnlnu from th* BAII| propi rt jr lyinir nnd IM Inir >|iinrtir of SiH'llim ruwnnhln II \l it tin 'iillnwintr Inenrnutlviii
    running In a Mouth di r..m th.n. track of the branch line, boundary lino In Hi ctlnn S.
    of uth
    wenterly th Tampa lota 'M.lw.n' fl of Itnniro
    67 and 1'nvnnhip 12 .1 Fn t anil In tint.wn r icotiiotivi
    rection throuith the balance riirht-of-way 10 r..l In wldt h runninirtarallel fitt In a | Kan .South of Inir In N' fli> Jiinlt OutuUr 1011.
    of the North- Railway l"u'h..rl" 1 if* 21
    J..onvil. Rant of
    Cxtnpany laifii-lil
    went to and extendmtr. IS feet each nine run- throUKh and thi>nce runninir In a Morulii ala.> all of Illorkami j'j' tiinn. Huldwln l iconiotlve Work14
    quarter of the Southwmt on ..I..t. 17. foot, and
    addition Southerly
    paid, Section 2. quarter of aide of the center line of aaid, track, and point Inl 1.lp. 7111 feet to that point, deacribcd rum rti root ton on Into Section 7 anil all of Illnak H anil I ota 4 H 1 7 IU nnil w hil'r fuel w'MMl-purcliniti*l from Hald-
    of fol"wlnl thrnuf/h
    rco th. center lin. of i'rty deAcrltxol prott- fxitit 0, 1 II. 22. 27 II In Itl.K-k K an.l l..t / "
    And ; rinninir from Seminary Street thvouuh th* aaid track a I 5A 2* 3K. 4J nn.l win I ocomotv* MorkM. I hilinltlpliia Pa.
    which th and
    ftH nn.l .
    point la
    A l nrth half of Block No. 27 of aaid, Hrunh. outh Una of th. on the Southern part nf eomm.n.lnl of Bald H.cfmn tthn H*>uth part* f t< l -' iinil all In Ulock I"an.l Lrficitinittivit No Tu limit January
    ritfht ot way 10 feet In width. run p..pcr herelnabov. of f. th* Njtindary line of Ix t At thereof n Nlrlp < < Inml nlioiil 110 f.-t t.y *H ill
    .'dlitlon IHI
    to Oaineavllle tf Church St and ) 'rmlnMI.a the almvci all of titn* tnifjilfr Muldwln I H-omotivu
    ; ) Haul
    ning rarallul to and 60 feet .rlb 1..t.o .o''h of I'eeler a ..erl.lon. runtiimr property lyfnir and hilnir In f. t rant of Itl'irk fi known the V.
    .tndlnl Imm thence a riirht of way over, tit urn .alo Ih.nc. JI fot S" nnd Swtinn 7 a* 'l>.p it .rkn I hitutji Jphlu lu 1" whttlir fuulw.ftxl
    on nid. of the of laid ont .1.1 run th.nr. fct-t Font Ih.n.e ftuo thrnre contfnuinir on Infei and -it. fiiilfji t lo liaMe hi I.I by II ( alr.li
    c.nte. hn. 01" acnma Church In Gamecville. Flor a th* Southern t he throuirh (HI rciiuited front ihu O*urn ia A
    the track, commencing at trip North line of ida, : and from St.* a rivnt, of way commencintr parallel. with.th.tt )direction alonl a lln* In. of Lot A7 to a point on Bald UiumUry I' Bouthwmt North went quartrr and fctt hal f of i 1 on I ot I Mlock (I, all lyinir anil Horida ItailwayIxHomcrivo

    fnuth..t quarter of the South weat I at the Nnrthwmt corner of that I'eelera addition 65 aouth feet lln* of b.nn"ar In. 70 fot* Rant Su'h Smith quart r nf S tinn I". ti th* hen-r! In the Honthweat fitarter| t>t Nr. ft-Hujlt Anirunt 1HU7,
    QURr.. *ction 2 and runnlnir thence : and run thene* thi f.m .h.r. ttouridnry fim* thereof the Konthwrm 'inarter of S. llim ii
    part of Block 27 Bniuha addition toGamenvillv I North del/mi* "ntr lne Baid. truck thi nee 7 Town ton* Huilili r Hultlwin I >comoilvtVorki..
    a flout h westerly direction f went 210 feet to th aouth I 5fiuth. crumiea aueh on Into and throuirh tho hln n Houlh nt
    throuirh the rn rant hnlf of llnnjrn 21 p'ant aeeorilmirU.i I'hiln'lelphlu. lit
    aid that tie. couth of Church t line nf laid boundary line, thi ncv In a north. Went half the H whuolvr f m I w "JI
    South went quarter of 'the South went and run thcne. Kant 45 feet, thcnc aouth. hence In a anuth I'eelera a.lli.n. and rn' "wenurly direction' on a line parallel with. of th Arrr of H-ctlon I'J to th South IJnr to tlu tiium plat nml xnrviy ma.i| > by lrI I nn hfun d Trom Huldwin I.ocotno*.1 1 \V rlu

    Ounrter of .nid St-ction 2. and throuirh the '(5 ftnt.. thence 45 f wt thence North tu', aouth line d."I.n alonir thu conter lin. of *aid rnilmad < lontl< (*rant lint* all nf said rl>.nrp ilnli.l Mnrrh I* l l" for W AlHti tlm follttwinir piMNenirt r i fwnml
    South..1 corner of w..l ofaid J..lpr.. to I point track tu a I propi-rty lyinir ind b A lin.l Vtr M fi
    inir in
    inctlon Juat Young
    Fractional 1 fownnhlp
    *K feet, ad.ltl.n north of 12, piMHenitor ciurhtfi
    the 1 ul
    In 1.1.1 more or .i, t point of beginainr point of Keylanirv. imiHt of bevfnninir South of Kan tta >ii> motor
    < Arredondo G.n. ; Thence throufrh I Alao and from th mr. run aouth HA 21 rat and fmm th rce Al-o n riirhl-of way eiimmencinir at the CHI* ) pa** nirer carrymiri built June D24.tti .
    the Font half of the NnrthrMt quarter. I' AUo Thi. l 1..lnnin nnd from tnvneu t pint of a riirht of-way r f nm* width, runnlnir f axt* rn bfiunilary line of Moctmn I* in >i c*>nMtruetiun
    the South' weat Quor. of the Northeaat preaent riirht of way of the Tamna way 30 feet in a of parall* I to nnd u ndinir thirty two and Tiiv/nnhlp IIloulh .f Itnnire IH rn t at Abut the fnllowinir bnx
    C r I "I U>X
    quarter. tho W.*. hnlf of thi. Southtantquarter A riirht of way 8f> fwt In width dedcribed .iillnir.JR.k.n.UI. Railway Company and the and .loth..*t running parallel to, nnfhalf C\\ *jfttt\ on each nlle fmm iho the iwilnt where the Tampa A l cki nviill. ear lour nf nernee

    and the Southeast quarter of the 1 art folo"I Comm.n.ln. at a the thereof rvnnlnit Into and adjolnlnirith i It.r.xt.n.lnl. of | track on ach nide of th cnt4 r Unit of nad trnrk and runnlnir from IU Iway < imiiiiiny rro *i.- i.ni.1 lln. ari'l Art| *> th.f rollowfnir f nt can I flat ear,

    : : 8<*ction 10. thrnca pint 10 feet of Southweat cor 1.0..1 Air I lln. Railway, Com NorthtMt corn or.RII Lot throuwn th* nuch tfoiith tine of tho Arr< londo Grant un h.lnir a rurlil of-way U1 t'" < In wl.Hhrunninir ] flnt <*nr (mit nf nervteeAMO >
    h"h'r of the Nonhwewt n. of th property Jut cribed and I pany :=, juat .aat K: Lvy 04 .- into and throuwh fractional H> parallel |
    .aid, P' : Grant, thene* on : I etinn 19oiibiUIn tanil e ien.in| one tool ear fur wrecking
    quar. S."lhw.t quarter of th. ninnlnir thene. aouth an a In. parallel : : ,track la o"I I and. oarln. around the Ornhll. 68 of irrant, thenc* on Into and feet on earn al.le of center Una of aal.l 1 1tra. I Alnn thn fultnwfnir other fNjuipni* nt tiruMolint

    Northwest quarter and the W. half of with the w.t Hn* of Block BriuhaAddition I."at. I,ak. Ihro"h Mid Lot edire 8B ,. throuirh Section 80. runnlnir alnnir. on k aa.1 runnlnir In a wnnrlyllrec Irwieetion car fmitoi. I mcfloanif
    the South wrwt of Section, : to ftaineavlll*, 170 f*ot more orlew Alio r mil or elrtf* to th* ijlvidinjr lln* btw t on nn into anil thmuirh t
    quarter rluulh
    in. In* Levy" Grant to tho n (h* the half > r car ( t aoy Jnneei, I a *ctiun m tor
    cludintr aide traclm and ritrht-of-way 1 to the flouth line of aald mock .n.I'. A riirht or way 44 feet In width' run* lin* thereof. aUo. the southern bounrfary Kiwt half of th* Went half and tho Wmt of l.-etl* n 12. th. nee nn into anil thmtmh car i ant i i pijm J

    th >r for branching from "aid main rltrht* I Ior.'ar rnnlnt thence FRt 80 feet, .h.nc. north ninor parallel to and ..ndinir 21 feet on pr".rt ; Commcneintr rolowlnl doBeribwl half uf tho Went hlf of 8r tlon AO to the the Nnrlhwe t nuarter of tha Northweatipmrter ran, 6 punh earaAUo

    In a weaterly direction leaving ., thenc* W. 80 fevt t pint of each ai.la of the prenent man, line track c"rno) Kaid lx t nff and Northwt. South henc boundary Iim* thfrmif and fr m of Heetlon If. f hence curvlnir Ina thi following other equi m*>nt

    ..10 ritrht-of-way In th* NorthwMt quar bwfnninffA I nf tha Tamna A Jack.nnvl. Railway I"nl th* North.line thereof run thencit ea.t on Into and throuirh th* Northwtwt Southrly direction and runnlnir on Int.i (*hop mflchlnry. tmitmI
    of the Uo a rlntit' of way over, upon and Company at tha 40 f.t thtinc' quaru-r of 8wtion 31. into and
    SouthwMt quarter of lalo Sn lu.h.r pint the land' 210 ff t tf> th* riirht of I and throuirh th* through tha Font half of tha Northeast fienrral fcl-rtri Mutur. SO hp amp
    tlon ifi alia a continuation of B rlwhuofWMr i a.1 Court Street both for aid. track I hereinatMiv. ... of Poeler 4 1 lampa Jacksonville Railway way of the VorthfaMt quarter nf Southwmt guartor. nuarter and the Miuthweat quarter of tha 51 volta. 120 < ytl* 00 |yp KT "Si t
    of uch width and for main lin* alo the following described ddltlon to Oiineavillr. thenee Company. unrtfT of 9nutliw mt Northeast It.I I-
    ete., ntnnlnr throuirh and run thenc. In a I a m>rth quarter quarter ami the Went half f rent i** drill proa* JO-lnch 1 ("lilrnir'i -
    the North went corner of Section 'U and th* property, to.I: Comm.neln. nttho .outheaftterly direction throurh Section 1 'Bttrh riirht of to weaterly th direction aJun. nd SouthWMt quartor of Sou h.a t
    Sout waMt corner of Section 14 on Int I Sulhwot .orn mok 'a D L. (lined Grant. thence In .anutherly., 11.> of unld' I.WO.. IS, thenee. wMii rn boundary ter of vafd Portion II, all of mid pnporty of tho Southwr-nt qiiarur of Hoc- I fnimr-mnd* emery t I jr I -
    antl through and run thence eait . flirectlnn north on iafd lyinir ami liffnir In Inn 11 the I A meric"
    th* Cant half of th* I GalnNvl. : throuirh the center and wfNitArn Townihlp '- to South line ofaid 'i-ctlnn 11 n ntinper 2 1 Inch r t

    east quarter, th* Northeast quarter of I 1U fe.. th.n. Norh HO fot t the I. ront.rn l,art of th. D. (.. Clinch rrant i bun.tar. a lne to point of beirfnnlnir. RoutS of Ranir* 21 rt. thnnen on Into ti.l from thoflco i ii I iSuldera and tool*. I Amvricati ''attm i.1
    I| way eommn inir nd I
    throuyh the Northweat quarter of tb* i A riuht of way 109 feet In width run. inert brrf t ft. tuol holder* anj ftoota.VoliwipinN >

    1 .

    .. -




    ri Il .\ Y. Jt'LY 2, I'll'! J

    tilt \DFORI) cm! Ml" TF.f. Kf.RPIf; SfxKKE:, FLORIDA

    PAGE l'Ot II .- .- .-" '- -- --. -
    --- .- .... n.... .
    .-----.- ---- -- - ---- ( Hit" ,11lan". ,11. Spinal [l'<'1. Bbtl-l
    Hi 'y
    1 ,.. ,, lit NOTICE 9 St. t.lrlUI IJ"U
    .. ", *' i r t n f Di-tricl No.8. to dit.rmine -
    'Ix-Mh "j ,,, ,. ." r... Ui. Shol DtotrlcU issuvutcil in, for of n.w
    ', Itradfnrd founts.M .. n .t thHI .h.1
    1 1i .1 .. ..r In Court of th* Rlirilth JudlelslCircuit .1.
    4 Cih
    IlUfl II. it' day and
    1 ,. of .luMd.. t s < < jjy tfiriunw prtoj "ul thre. .. municipal recreation pcr.
    .. l .nd for Ilr dfor .
    .. i J In
    .1 '
    i Chan,i i" 'L' n in.l r, It I .., I'' I ... ...1'.11' ..,. J" I hii-fhy. cvrtlfr tli.t the ,.... viol nil .,lt.*. .1 J j Yo A. D Ife.*. .1".11.. Ia ,Irrmiru. the mlllaiie to .b. aueawd. I |! 1
    uncl furni O"i ic ""II. Ijotiv. and. orUerttl in f'f tarnlwr' atstark County Ch..u. C, A. C......,. BrittAKarel Fort 1)crl-lletma b"Jlcnl
    anit dmbunfmnnU ctrc
    and nlie. .. l ult'laban. '-.. ( "" .... .." rr i nt of thipficclnu of Bradford and State ot IjMrMiah L. aiierJ.. Und..hl.
    in thn County W.
    ra. fullira n fundt of DrmJfoH! county for the mon' U.- fof .. ,.. H Johna. A. being re-I'e! .
    ".... 1 !Wt mandn l I., 10 pair, bl.ckomU., .., \iir\l 1 *";" Ji trut* *".! corn-rl tthf. Ilor Ida. thia t8 th day of May A. U. li 8. Complainant Anderaon and C. A. V".h ,... S..
    tunm, 3 lace block. *. I Herculna hand .hmr REPORT of lmowtdirft. and hfllcf.H .> A. L. AbKlNd8KAL I u L. W. IloUywooc] $$25,000 bottlin
    vlci. I CLEBK'B txflit rnf John D, III.Kln''... .t .l.D'f l. KICKLJI'ER
    1 puat drill ,iiriiu1 1 I'ineh. 1 pipe' B. WIGGINSqMpfrtntf'n.ftt I ) Judtf I H. WIOOISS und 'I'i conjrimn hrrc.
    .1 1 plant
    whitlirms nil.nu -
    power back .aw, I 'I'.mhlon1..1. I..."" ... nt tha Clerk cf th. Circuit Cool n f )**j h"p 'n.u'lnn C HAS. A. POWERS 87..1I
    hand, .power. I ....to. tt-l pump. .i iin .- In .ad for Hradford County, rlorlda. naeconnt '- Solicitor; for Compla; nant 646U7OT1CK 111 to Uulrt Till.. Etc.Tu ,
    ,.I.n II t..t .." I...'. .... .,.... ..r I" '" of Tarm at*_e ... m rntt.r. an.., :
  1. *. 1 farluc lo* I'iri .griu W. HAVES.: T*< bollMUT. Mh I
    cutting, .lurch. 1 himlh rutlintf' t-.rch I Dradf.nl CooalyMttrkl I icrantxi To :F 1'i-ml* rton and TiedlS
    tjxwiltl Vtildmir t..rth i tar hn of "I>Kt>lI -. ra Junf Ul. 1 '-' In Ciieult O>urt. Kf: .hth Judicial Clicuit tn Circuit Court Bradford Coun,,.. HoruJa Inmliand TMlliMm .mb.rn. each If Bell He

    I tank "ii.. 1 .. > '''' ',.1 I "hiet ""n ",llbonni .. I Cooely' Pr.i.erTo UrailKrrl Countjr. Florida, In Chan In Chancery,* alive, and If dead ., .. hrlra.diviam I Identife
    ma.. lilno ami. :. ,iiomri, -'II> ..".,il !10 "li l- bal due My 1. .!6 u _u__ 7204 0Uy Ida D Maxwoll in her own nllh' Iraatem or iir. .. of tach | and l'l'I

    raclut. bract*. .....d chut I i X4incleel .fcmt colt-cl'd -. __ __ u. __ __ 2iU3,4lo eeryA. Truta for lubteca Luu \ to all |,mr,nA havinif or claimmir any tntirvtt "
    1 tguan*. 1 foot .01.... 1 wood. plantHO -.. A. Durdffii A. C. E Harp... and a* and Hattie EliaaUta Alx-neMaiwell In the following dcacrlbcd land 1I Ir I Years o

    lueumotlve wrench... I'l *ocket wrtinchttX bal di'.. May .I. IKifl __. __ 4"0.G Complaiaantav well Minor*. I inir and bn. In Stark., Bradford county, Buzard. 4. Ao
    aolder' Iron. 311...." wrenehea. 14 ta.. fin* aad F.rfalt... Fan*. v. Florida, : L H_ ,
    *>n-nehi., I I'rait Whlteney rachi. To bal due May 1. ll>4 6 _.______ 14624lly O I 'Uir.da Kit,ti road Cumpanjr, a eoryoratior, Complainant, From th* Southnut corner of Walnut
    .. __. _.___ 664.7<1 vaEdward I and South In th. Town of Stark., .
    drill .""k..... 4 .<.". 4 mud plutf lap.tl anit eollrcuil .n e' al, K. Ulckvraoii. et al,., | Streita ( no dO'b abut
    flu. Mpanilcra and. attarhementa, 2 aihamnura ,. Z>ff Bdanta I Southerly alonic Walnut I
    1.1 and .....1.. i crona-cut ... ..... I To bal' dun June 1. 11116 ._ _... 8.1"I ILaunty liill to K mo-. {Cloud Quirt Till And Suit lJ To"fendanta( ulet .TItht, ftc. I I Strict.i72rnf.* for a point' of liwlnnlni : 'HERE'S killed In Ocrgl
    Acmichain' holt. ."'.. tap*, dim .n,1 ; M.... and UrldneTo Utn r K 1101.I I To the folio wiritf partiui defendant 1 1tho InI I thpnc 72' diirrnra E.t IS'Jilmrrcti / M one I I bl 4
    .. bal. due. May 1. 1W<. 6".111 10 Fi to Thomtwnn Stm-t :
    .. GO twiat dtlll*. I ait InMimntltrtam.T nn | 0.01.]IT uf Bervictt by Publication nollei
    / .k. *. 6 ataybolt' IMP*. 4 hand aawa, IJ' lit amt. coll.'CU-J, .. ._u____ 11*,"iTo i to known and unknown dr fun dan IN.it I abotyliHf and John MclUitr cau w,, a to-wt.* '1'...*: ,,Jamta,<* of the 1SouUr I I thine. Southerly: ; the Wrat aide Northanil ofThiimiwon yearn ago. I'd recognize tat bell

    and attachment.*, J .1. api '
    1 I floi* .xpantlirn . Gr.2.11 I IWldnw'a J Ion da I ICMilroad./ Comphny' a curporatiurIf i anywhere.
    1 bal lm June I I. I !.-!A! .. 70 dtirrma Wt IN'" ,iliuriii I Wl, 20&
    r, >mii .m, 0 atayholt, tapii, 4 hand Haw* Henil.a Fund bill tit (.ompluint In thts a xfvo cuuthltt .It,... urid if d,-ott., their. un.noHn' //11111 thine ,. i I Thono were tho .ords of II. D
    .1, \U/ at-ttinK rnllH. I .I N ._ 72 ,4lly MMniativta.' 8uccfnor* and a'htKtiM.' '
    tf'ir, I .*.L ,littni To bal,. tlut May I. IllUe' u. ol, tnv dttentjanu, U.. Murda lUtilroud ni nlnnit. I:ait ulltof Walnut SI rc-i t l"" -jTt CalJut-Il. of tho Southwestern dn.
    ilr II 1 Alt-am iwi .
    i ir ''" 'I Ilo 16I. \tilliamw., an atturmy in fact for JarnvT .
    li-l In th.Houtheat
    i .tlietn / anit. eoll<" '1'1... h Jori'J. < t ti) < iioint of ti.Kinnint. : all
    ItmU I .hl".I.. i ointmny. a t oriioratiou .
    "of u Siulir HM'I I Join, 11I'f< ,..... .. "I i itht of.sc.tn ''nod Co. Shrcvcrort. t.a..
    ',."' '1.,10. .J.and. Jmiinur.it' a c..iporaiion. quarttr of South went uunner EU-drlc
    ,imun i"n I I"' > 11 nu ion Company .
    ilii, .lunt I I. /1"1 111 ilCounty 1' lornJu. .. Kit i I road Compaii>. a corporaIK .' IJa't, In
    I l
    i.l ." "I s.uih UHIIKI
    l'i ,
    I Iliaftit '" VS from
    h."o (f' I UT honl WiJImm, e. "J'Uy, OIOTKU ,, when ho rt.ud a recent report
    J I'J'I I .
    I / I.
    HrboolCo n l i. ur Cu'K "" .
    I lor.
    ,I ,.. AnnII.. NitkrU, toi,. wifiJ ,Hi Poun. nf Stsrlt Co > ty
    ,,' i I" ,i- mi "inn :Nick m and .0.1 ,
    > 1 hal dui- May I. IU.T _. /14,nC" 0" .nil, Mill," Comjuriy: cori'oini' 'ton, f in t nu ,I .inuimiK; i acnmur.. Cumcr fin., (piling of the shooting of
    ratioiwi, J-Jc.rt'l. Mutual, Canv. Orovand u in > I.hIJr
    'I. J tn> u.ur .
    "hop .
    i iiUA" ftulliy* ir OJH c.-ll.ci-l 81".7'). .i n*... aitd. if not in txmu t it* utiVnown ,
    ,. I .nd 11} i.rnt .. hark.. ii, u -. C. Dlrchrnore,
    i I ttt r for r u i INK' lir Mnl onipariy, u corj oration" Itual nprttt<.nvutiviM, BU.c>*nor. a belled buzzard byV..
    0.1 1 I'. i ,. :Hi lo' mnouj If Sicli'lnar' ,'n II :\xrtilft." "if .Jiv .imor y, t an'l inch of you nnhi.n by nciulr*
    i r jm Ceanly Poll in. 1 im lun. CliiiJ.H/, II. Nichol. and wifi" of Corner.
    Afarori. 411 )1-1VI ulilli. ,in i "i*la nit, an. nil unkuov., .n to coinplaitiaiiu. il tu aiiinnr. ilimur. ill* ir nnnwtr t
    liiimi- .
    : .
    lo ha! due May I. IOl8 n. 51.00 "l ... i .. .1 1 .if d> ad, th"ij .
    ''''.k, ione ., I h. Imrrov" llv Hint,, r,,/Uirtnl, i:\<> "" and, that tlin. it no ptmon iitn. t.i, .. n li..ir. ., Jcv h*. *. I, ri>V..H ijr ttrantcti LI.. ,."I i .i ,i nmniuiiil.1 l, liml.,1 I avitm nun t ,in y"u Kailbuit "It was a SulHs nheop tell, nnldCaldwell.
    ,, ,. n.' ., tinulmi tyl. K'>tt nn
    II/u i n h. 11 yhnili r ,10 MiittA. 01 l a corpora. cloud "I was In my thirties then
    .. ,, iylmiltrrliil ....n, tin, itrviLi oT u Aulii.M n. uxn| whuri to quiit till, to and rmov. !
    oniII .
    ni oNo. | .
    :HII II,11 if il
    I I I.i.l, .1'ii' I him-I I. I 'lll lion in cxiaU'tict' and not in ex tltlt. land
    ... >inij, Uit* f>ui>J dtlt ridii'tii.' or Liiiiur. of Itiurr. front mill ""I.m th< ( was 44 ) ago) and there had
    Total HuhHrhoollo I..e.', lu unknown litcal n'prw' ntativnKUtcford lt 'ea.
    'tlitr uitli.. 1 u of way, ,mill .bal. 'Li, ,, May I. Iv4n _- -11.IH7 'JIty and. itiat it .la bej">vi d. Ly tornplaitianithu arid. aiwiicnii IMwar; N Dickrrbon .ulifivo ili. ii-ril....r tho In thici 6th day"ml.I.I",1 of July, on A. D..rIxfuru ttcn a Hood In tho MIsnlnBlppI that
    to. i. pit-r. *, l "i i trarkH, nlditrnckiIIOUHIM .. ami. colltctvtl .. ___ . _. 4 IwJ.76 I the. rutincd ilffi'tnJ.iiiLii, aru .n'.d' ., if alive, and If\ d<.ad, hin. unknowi l..nj.
    *, .. Pro
    ,,,,..... < I :> 6. fall not or a d.i had pcrUht-d.
    ,. ...11"" ., lnvolviil, in thia auit Many anlmnls
    ." .. .., KroumlhotiHe "" ''''''. in 'h. prop*'rty ancumpmuianu h<" r. Ut'virtMH. |I..wat<."n or itrantpt Tht .. eprtng.
    ... .' .,." ... fn-lKht l I.>ueirmiiliini 'r,, hal .I.In.Junn, I. I 11J1. 07V617 I Hilruo. that thty du not knu.. ,lorida Land and Immigration Company, i. I, Confmao; further will b.ordt-rcd entered that atcuinut thia you ordc-r b.pulillHhed I "With eorno of the boys of the :
    ., NhiipH.. work. NSiiftiImiltliiiifii and by diliiccnt ..*arch anil inquiry have nubum ., ""I. for
    .... I"'JUNI. Wad and Url.lt. UandaTo corporatu If in cxlntrnce, and if not liuxuii In thitiradford County Tele.trrnph neighborhood I was out hunting
    atrueturiH fixture* t.r irnprttvfi .._44ICO 4lly abiu Ut aricvrtait., whi-ihtr/, any of ihnaid .. .
    hal duo May I. 1'uu .*nc it* unknown Nttal txpr ontativM .. In IlradfordCounty some of my stock that was
    (H i>f t-vi.ry kind ami naturtwhHlMr, ami. c./ll.-cu-.l. .. .. .IO.III4.G.1'To dt.fvndanta, wnoav a..w, rundmcv. uplace mccMiHora and M *iiin W JIMxon a neWMpaper publ.h. had m..ln/
    ,uihir ..il-mtaln' owni'l. ohM of bumwMi alli-u.d unktiowiia for four weeks priorI Th ca.CMI of a hOMe
    .<.r, and all n ia aa ,
    e alive
    and wife, A molt Dixon. if aniif \
    6th day of July, A. D. 1026. I the
    l.y the d.f.nili.nl. lampa A. Jarkaonvllle hal, dun. Juim 1. IK.'fl15.1)145) dtad or alive, or in vaiatanc. or n"t) I d<.ad. thi'ir unknown heir*, devuiec. I, t In the Witneu Whereof, I h... .etmy against a tree near the bank of t tI

    lUllwNy ('omi'iiny, or for the uaio, I B.k-B.hool' BandaTo and it U .U'Med In tha iworn bill, of coin (..vat*** or 1I.ntce. Thorn* I lxon ...mwiff. hand and th. m-al of our .h..unt oal ', river and after the water receded I

    the ..1,1!.! Tampit" .l ckonvllb<> ItallwaComimrv .. hal liar May I I. IttZII ... __. .. 1784 platnt' that thty .U'liwvo thore an per.oitifirm Eady Dlxon. If alive and If diadtholr l thia, .". 2nd day of Jun. A. U 1929I was left high and dry, attracting a
    or in ...n.-riin thi-n-wlth uiutther lit ami. cullnU-d . _._ __ I:l lHO iTo and. corporation*, IriUrimivd. in tho unknown ""I... dvi..eeaf Itttatece oirrantf I O. W. ALDERMAN. I I flock of buzzards.
    with all 'th' rlirhu, ,prlvltt-Ki. laniMiliurunancca .aid pro ort. lnvulvd In tHi> IU", who*. .. John McWubb John McWebl ,
    mt' of Circuit Court Bradford. "We would be a great I
    ihtreunto iMlonKinir, n. l.al .1.1. Juna I. IUl6 ___ _n. 22KH3A namii, MMM, r aid, ...c" or placo of bu.i. and wife, Manda Wtbb If alive and I If CI..I/ .. ( Count.) I Io.ld. deide t bunardn
    In anywi"., app., .rinminKAlao I .rlroltBra Fmm4Tu n_ la unknown to complainant" *, and tiaaid had. their unknown holr*, d"....-..* lo..ate I stunt 1 ctch one of the .
    all riKhtji franehle*. prfvlletiea an.linmiinllitj. lial. dun May 1, 11I2ft _.._. .____ 724lly bill. mlixf la prayed auairmt auch knowi. *. or irrant*.. ; John M Webb If alive. E. M. JOHNS. and tie a bell t It, so one of the boys

    .. IncludioK thu franchilie to t ta t... : amt e"II.'I..1 l --_ __ n_ .. ____ li 3 and unknown. df fondant*, purnona, firm. and if dd. hi* unknown httlr*. dcvlaemkitateue Solicitor for. Complainant. 6-4-6t'7'i- hid to the el and captured
    and ,....... the aal.l, railroatl cOM
    and corporationa.'UitlCKhOKK. or irrat>te.i John h. Caon If one the around It neck
    and all "JIM 'income, earninK' *. rtnurevemiiw 'lu lial duo Junu I. IIIJII .__u__ 4440O. It u or and pr >fit., and all otht-r ,pri,,porty W. AL.UEIIMAN pivraona.. finna, and corporation rained. .n v_. .li'ir.**..... or cmntera: | and aI' By th. power veated In them by the stated." I
    nal, |...on.1. or rnlm-tl of every kim Clark thl not ... If living or In *xi..t.n.e. or 1 1d II other H>raona having or claimtna to hav ,lawa of Florida, th. Board of HublleIniitruction dispatches
    anil flaturtr whHl, *.r "now nwmtl. or ti,, : By C. A. KNIGHT. U. CCLUtK' (.ad. or not in axlatancv, then hia, her. any riicht. title, Intercat or relate or ritfhlof t>f Uradford county calta. an.lection Caldwell described tha bell fceforo

    which tht aald '|'HMI..ia A Jarkonvllbt, Kail I thir or It* h..I... duvimwi. Uvatwa, 1I..n. powMiHion in tho laml/ hereinafter decrttud. -. .' to bo held at the Keller achoolhou seeing a picture of H, his descrlpttun

    war Company li.. >tr may IM-COHI. In anway <. & FINANttAI, BTATBMHfNTntnm teem, uccfiiwora. and ...IMn.. and to alpttntutii. or any part thereof. advene UtJ >. In Kellpy Special" Tax Dlalrlct. No. wit tbe bell found. B.CaMw n J
    entltltd.Said .. finna and ".......'.'10.... havint .. inu.rtwt of the complainant, hen.in. tllnl

    property. to IM nttld. a* the pmpirl}, I or claimlnix, any .nUr.iit in and to thumcertain and ...hl.h.n'/ "* are lying and beinir in ____. __h ...
    ff the I..r.nd.r..n., .'. A. ..lackntinvitl.Hallway ... I Monthly financial tAtamant of Rradfonfolllity Iota or i>arc.U of land lyintc amtwinic Hradford County; State of Florida, and ardeaeribed .
    Company: it corporation, to *at'Kf! ]. : tnr Ihiin.mill of May 1UJ8 In Uradford County, Slat* of if lor aa follow*. Mwitiliptflnninir
    and ray thv ....1 di-ert-o.. ftMia and et.*t*. Ganaral FandaBal. I Ida, known. and doacribvd1' aa follow*tlh at the South weal cornur oltha I _" .

    'I'erma ruin. I / /. May 1, me __ _.. __ .. _____. K>< 01 North half of the Southvant quarter Northfant quarter of the Northeastquarter /. \ -_ '. \.,
    Till Hulh day of June. A. I), I IflJAW Kcci-lpt* durlnu. month u.u W'iWarrnnla : oxefpt Eltfht I IB) acrt* in th. South of Section 30. Townhip 7 South .- '
    H. IIKOOMEA !\ IMIUII! durlnu month H4D 1111< raNt corner, uf fltttlua 1'I1r"I..n t IttJlownihip lUnue 22 baMt. thvnce run North 131 ) :

    P" itl' Ma-ter in ChanctryIfAMI'TOJS Hal J"". I, I IP J 8 ___u.. ___ .- Z7325'FIna I Huvcn (7;. South Kungij Twentytwo .....w. thence fe.nt ga8 yard*, thenc** South I
    ) ft IIMITNfTnlleittir : and ForfaHaraa FandHal. I 122)) Eiuit.Uu I 1J4 yardii. thence Wvat 316 yanb to thupoint --
    f'tr C.ilni" 'Inlimnui2Ht May 1, I'JJO' ___ __._u_ 2I7 .9IIdcpipti appiar" to tha bill of complain I lilvti of .bfiflnninu am,! thu 8ouihn I I J

    -- THO.. ilurlnic niiinth lilt: .:tiWarranla ,I In naid cauai*. on or huforv the tilth Uaof quarter, of the Nurthcaiit quarter and thaNorthrant ./ ..
    lnNtifil ilurlnic month, AJ1: .71lial July. A. U 1U26. otlmrwinv tha alleylion *- quarter of the South*.tut quart rand \

    J..... i, 'HUH .. .' ? 2unri.:rKoad of the bill will b. taken aa COIUMK.01 J Jauaumt the North half of the Southeast quarter

    Fandlial. you.It of the Southraat quarter, all In Sec-
    MITII. May I. 1 1928 .__ _. _.__n 40744It.Tiipla .ia further ordired that thia notice bpubliHhvd lion 30. Townnhip, 7 South Ranue 22

    durlnir month . 8J2.HWarranta > onc a w..vk for four conncutiv taut and contamlnif, In all jyy acree, mor* '.
    In Circuit f."rt. Itmdrurd' ('.."nl. I'lori' laBiud" durlnic month __- wefk In the Bradford County '1'01.) or .lift*, exctpt therefrom the right of way \

    | '.. In Thanciryl.ula Hal. Junn I. lll.'B _h __.___ 730.01 itraph a wwkly. ncwupapff of iianvral circulation of the Coot it,iu Southern and Florida Railvuy .
    Crlffl- nn.l t...'lmnd.. Rum." Crlffl.. Out.andlni Indebtadnaaa pu him hud at Btarka, ilradforti \ Company, and. lot U of the J. M Max* I ,

    romplainanui, Hal May I, lu U ....__. .nnn 2011Ilicplpta county, Florida.WIINKHH well ub-divixion of the Southeast quarterof
    ..aJMIH .. during month _n..._....._ the Honorable Juitice,' of thhlKhth the Northeast quarter of *aid, aectfon '
    Oaali1-, .i i1IIMI lllnliumim.'nla durlntc montb __ ; Judicial, Circuit aa al.o O. W. Alavrman '. tnwnahlp and, ranue.; and aliio except the

    I', f..n'. Hal Junu I. I1IJA __ __ _. .n_ 201 It-rk' and tho atal uf thia' Court,. following' .land.*, 'to-wit tId .-

    Pnr Panlllan.To Widow*! PanalonKal nt "''a.k.. Mrndford! County, rlorlttu, thlith 'u inninw' at the *outhwot corner of
    ITenrv 1'1.! .<." lr alivt*. nnil if di > ,,,' l,, .ipvhtt. .t>., 1'vatei' .* 01it4ea ...clpti.. <. diirlnv ininith -- ---- H ,7CWarnnta < W. ALl'kHMMClirk ; !, Kuuth 140 ynrdrt thcrefrtim to Boiith,' .line. ufhf
    r -* a-l f -- ">..1.l .r fti-pttlnic. laaili, "oil hi-n-bv -. Hal. JinnI. I I. lujtt ..__ MM.I"! .
    unita" "nil nrt nre < SKAL) ilraUird., <:uunty. r hmilaUy firttr. thi ncu < nut a Ion it Haul, lino *
    .JA at. nf lieftirtthi- ..Iilditfihfi : Agrirultura, Fund C A. KMH.JirDtputy Mtnthnnct\ north MO yarin, tin mi. went.
    .,, \\iirrantH | | iluritiH munth __.. 6t97lIt.li : I
    "I..." ii" "i'i on I'h. r.lh ilnvtuly. HHUII Clt'rhA l i i.oltil, of beginning.

    A H i I', ', .,i n.". ." ,,it, I I.,,,,.,. hili : : :III-:: iliirlnu': .: Ifiolllh I::: .;"th' : JNII ll'lVii.ilinU :: I S CRKWil.Miillcitur !: I' A''No all lint pm t of tinfc ut ht,nnti
    ., lire i'. r i ut-v I ,Iririilrt., tn ans \ I > nil' 1 .liiiilltf ". UfilHllnl lur Loinpliiltiiint 6.4-61-7. < <,urtiT of the. North,wml quurter ufMC- ..-
    nun .in I .f ii.nitilnlnt' ,-.hllIt..1| l .,Inn.,. I I. It'll 1 _. 7114 41 : liuit Jtf. Town-th:p V 3-iutli. liunge. iIntuit\ -

    ,nat, ynii lv fimilninnntH, ,, In lln. I Hull.ling Fund lying. i.,, uih' of 'ihe riktu uf wy ..f the ,
    .' 0 rntltlt.) 'l.v il.". nln\o. nnmtMllalniinl Iliil. Milt I. I'UO .oo 7MItici NOTKU tailroul, of the GiKirufu Southern A Moritlula ,
    ,, .Ipta" durinir month .._.......
    > i.o.l lit ili-rnnlt, of tieli. up.in.e ( Iwey Company, and al.o the North
    ilne.. .. -, .nf.i will lit. IilHuurM, 'mi'nta durinii/ month .. ouUiwr imrt .r .n,1 l the I
    a < en.I In and fur thCounty luilf of thu i" <| < <
    Mill,. ..himI. I IIIJII 7.OflJumi In the Circuit Court.
    .. .I aenlnHt. t... < il, rneh. of von. amintrnla \\ ... liulf. of. thu /tiuiithtMut. quarttr of the
    1 ' \ lutv
    .' '. of llimlfunJ. t
    nfi I I. M | naidi
    of roim.li.lnl *|inl I Southwtmt <]tiarur of section town-
    I.. tttem BM em"fi..,i'.l liv ytu nn.' eneh ol rOIINTV: Lhanutfry.lirfviird chip and range, and containing. 116 acre*. \ 1 1I
    .. HI-AIK OK KI.OI11DA. l'n>.pfrtlii>, I....., a corporu ,
    .. the fnl lowing
    more or !"' irxei pf portion
    I I hrri-by certify that tha fnritolntt. alat vxinlirtx under.
    ... L 10 u urManUud. and 900
    nra.1fonl'v Ti-li-vrntih a w 'V. thereof, to-wit. beginning, at a point
    ..'p.nt.r ... .. |I" 'the Town nlI" I Miii'd mi-nt auainut nf I thtf tlio Ib-cvliita fun.U,: : of and llra.lforil Warranta. Count':; tho luw.* of 1' loridu.Cutnplaitiuut. Tier wciuth of the NorthwiHt corner, of the I

    ". draiirnrl' '' nlv" lorliln I I. I"..... for month of JIIIKIIMII, la tru.t an.: : Kmtthea quartir of th.. NO'lh..t quarter
    I. '.tilimnU' *! r. in w tnniM-r. 'In whlehf" cornrt, to tlia. bvat of my knowli'dua. an( vaC of aaid nee! Inti.. lownnhip. A..I. ] rangu.thtnc I
    nolle* .h. .11. ,niiM, !>h,.,il fur four. ht-llcf. U IVuli. ut al, run UdO feet outh. thence 600 fvetliihit. I
    r ."lIv.. .....'... (I. W. ALDERMAN' l>LfvndanU.Ordrr I : ttunre, 1003 fctt North to the right .
    ">- lantln' ,b'I'.. ,I In th. Mil ..f enm. Clark cf tha Circuit CourtBradfonl en Motion o' way. of tho ..ul I Call way Company.thrnce ,
    ..' 'f In 'tfcU" r'" "n.f| .,hieh emp'vlnanfa County. Till canoe. corn in 11 on fur hi-arinn upon following >a.d nuht of Way on the

    *m-k i1 .--.titlnn t.f .ht-reln, arIt By C. A. KNIGHT. 11 C a motion filed by the Complainant huruinUiat South *idu thirvof, tu tliu point of .beginning
    ettllnw*. tn-tt itWettt MII ordtr .be ,madit dirvctltitf .publication and containing. autt. .>..n acrv*. more
    h.lf t.f ""- ....... ""nrter of q.... SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORTFinancial upon aundry defendant* named in *aid I or IHM*, and bvlnic a pitrt of tha Southeiitt -
    lvitd in
    lion 1H Tnwmthim' n.ncri1 Fn.t \ and. the Court: belntf ittcpruinli qitartur of the Nortwtt quarter and
    ft unto the
    "nnUlnlnn, "" "tenn r.. nr I ItWltneaa -** 1 atat.-ment' county achool fumlTor ( and appiarinii thClurk .. tho iNortht-ant quarter 01' the South wentniiaiii
    Ihe I',.. "in A /. A.tMnJudtft ., monlh of. May.. luJflian.ral that a aubpovna' waN duly dt.IWerud exocuted tu by theuxitiuiive I .r ol .aid sec,Iu... Uiwnhip and
    of Court and
    *. aa nlttn r1
    Ihe ..-.! nf rl In Ihe City nlael. Mny I. t'Uil IJHI01liTi.l : tli. oiricwr l-Iornla! uf liailrutid tht* Court Company, acorporation I You. and inch of .".. are

    .. riiirliln.. l''. ".h "ili.y of .|,mtA | iliirlnu. in.in, h HHHII.'I" and Ambler Lumber Company, II" iv by required, to t* and appiar,, befuratl

    r>. IP 'I//. Warrant* INHII..1. iluriii niiinth HloftlHIliil and i.ai.h of tlit'm. and. it .v Ju C. W AIll'nM: Mf ..himI I I. 1'UU' HUOIIKDlalrlcl a furthtr corporation appiaruiK. that the .MLCutiv.. offirtr : I PiMihth JuJcinl Circuit of. f'lurida. in and

    PFA' f.) Cli.rk No. 1.nl inndu a ntur* on *uid wrtt atntnitfhi f>.r Itradfonl,' C"l.i on. Monday. ttit* 6thiltiy ;
    I' '1 trNlr.lI'r Miiy I I. I'UH I 1,15. IIKiniplM I the aiJci of July ..1I'. (I.y-rt. at the rotirthonttoin .
    .. Inability lo rvu nuinn" on *
    ... fr'C.. .. ..... .. .
    .II. ,
    T. ,
    .r.l.7-m during "i.Hinlh' JJ TinVXiirriinta >rpuiuilniiH. and tutli. of tin.in, and, Unit i.tint, cuiiiity, in iliu ton ol Start"rliridti .

    mniiid durinu month. ... lit' mu..' uf hm ni nb. ./lay lu iwiikv uch ..rVILU to n ". n rn hni of .ml I
    .. Iliil .him-I I. l 1'1 177 till I m II.... tin* uliuLiM or amntu, of aanlI l lam.! i.xlnlnti-d in nin'l, i* irt m tin' .1"!> <. .
    '" 'r.. .: ..nl ii lil l niiiM|< by romiiirn, I tin *"
    Hlalrlct No. t.Ovtnlruft I UMM'"I t a H i"l ticii ul ttitiu urt unkiiuu nn"t .
    Mny I. HOI ((111 Jfl ti in.id tuiiuol be found m. !UIH lloi" d, Mnxwitl, in h.', ..'V. right ami J it4 'I I ujnt .
    I. ,...11 ('", ,,., ",i Iforil fount' y. 1'1.... I 1110"1" IplH, dnrtnir ninnth oHI. H.lAnrrnntn Li.iinly. 1 mrida.Now. for 1C*,'IMITH IUK: ( m M'",,ll and. llattioI -

    "'" I" rhiiniry \ imiuil.. ,tliiiitifr inonth :'til5 "n I I ; Iii.Kt.l-UUb 1 ..., U' IS OUU1'KKL>. I 1':1..11:I M.w.l linn., r. i,ml nuainnt. >''tt \

    Ii. fiiirilitii. .r t. n 11If ,CiinllnprI ; hi.wi' lui .h..... I I. . JCiO, r.1 l lDUtrlcl .\IJ 1.IIl..u .AM: l l'I I.II..t.lJ. l">at tin. .. "i,II"' 1".1 t in ,. *"inilt ."I.| .li. ii>>- ,(
    AmbltrlaiiiuU mon lit' ,a,1 1 'mi i I In i n it t< ert'i*
    No. 9.iivitiiian I"I lot, "in' Uitilu' ml l *>iii| uny, mid i I'
    ('''m"I.. .. ,,, .., Mm. i I. i .uit ___ am60r. r C i-inputiy, and *.cli of tliuni, almllifpiur l ro iitiftao ,\i I U, ,.: i J ai/ailttil, you,
    .. I II' .n .mid. tli, .a.d L> .1 I nt ii .' UL will 1 IH> in ken
    Couit ll tiny
    ., bt-fur thi upon > '
    I ,Iiiinl, ,, fyft I. .... ,......_ tr r. ciiptn ilurinu. month I7IIIH7iirrantH .. by .ou..h. Good Tiras
    \\ li.Hii.-d. durlnir. month 1II.M7HKiirilmri : I' ur July. ,\. 1>. IVJd. a llulu l>uy of tin'* n .nr.e United States Tires are
    '1} riiriM, ....' .., ..I. I Urouultt i uunty 1 J\ J, irmph, a weekly I II.
    I Jun, I. 'nun ... ------ UJ.I....ilDlitrlcl t oui I, and di'ftnj an avtiuit byHrvvurd 11.,1..0. I
    li.ftn.il.Ault nuwmiapi r pulnlHhed in tho 'own ofSlurke
    u corpoiulioiirxaniK
    1'ropi, rtiui
    .... I No. 4.llnl I h ,lorldn. IH herebyiliHlgnaletl I
    In CI.) Tllli. Ftp under tlio law oft liradfoiM
    ..I| and t..un.
    'He. hlnrlda' ....I A '....ml.'n".n'" Mav 1. HUH _____ 118.15ioiiptit lorida>t in the txi above tini.u titled caiwe. mtt ainthu ai. the new."| Hrr| In which, thi'* '

    f'nf ..... it (*.>rtbnta.l ., OI..n. .'nrfll. |iniyrorpnral ( diirlnic. niiinlh' .un 4.70V m at dtfundanu, and eaab of them, notice. ahall be ubll.h.for four .on..u. :
    '"(.mpnny, .. 'Inn. Thi. Nalllank arrant* limm-il ilunnir" ninnth _u_ 1.').onInl. ckur the cluuil from :iv. ... ... Ihe .& *cpk* in >,uit ''
    ._..__ __._____ 1.JUH5Tlitrict thith Huit awk* lo "IIln.
    litnal nf Plorl 'i. a oiirpnral Ion anil' ind quiitt th* lttl t In the aaiil. Complatuint .title, in thia auit abov. dt-acriltcd ]:
    ....- ", ."" rporitlona If In rtlntamo.anil Na.' (. undry 'land dvecribvd In the lUll I"d.
    If not In cilaninrihi" 'lhi> unknown lal. Ma I. IIIJII __ .__.Un_...._ !5 .tnEi of. Complaint to. filed in aaid *uit and cpictaly \ ..* the Hunornblv A. 7. A li-iral .., month ...___..._ 1170Varranta G. W. ". Clerk and '
    aurrnninni, rxproKpntatlvni and. ..- nliita, durlnir. hoe land dr.d..4. from the truattnaf alo "
    % Word
    aliin. "r ..." ,,f th.m .!'nm.? T 1t..1., ,.. >ni1 umucd durina montb ___ Internal Imprtivemunt. Fund to tb,* the el of th a honorable court In 1 ,," A
    John K-lln,.. u, TriHti-m fur I hi. Klorl.li. lui. Juno I, 10J8 __un__. 889 RSDUIilct .Florida Kailruad Company: to-witi The Town of Utarke. Florida thlj Ut dy ofluae.

    H..II"'n.| dnmNuiy. a m-rnornllnn. U 1'1.' *. of Northwvut quarter AIouthw A. D., mt.
    4orthw t quarter
    .ml. I' "!.. ail to Iholr unknown micro.li .lIv"1 Int. Mayl.. 'I'l' ____unn___ 841147l.vclpta ..*t ttuartrr of Southwmt uuarterif G W. ALDKHM I .

    -. al .. 'rmmlatlvm hi.in. ,livntmi ,.. / diirlnK. month ._ _..____ 112107Varranta tiMtion" 21, fuwnahip 7 South. Kanv* II.E. ClerUD. the WiseYou -
    *,...." %"". 'In.hl'.'>. .'''ana .I ll-Yi-r, Thorn.aa "" Imiui-d durlnu month __._ 10.BISlal. at ; ami de..U. from Avvrly J. Untrd toIniblvr K. KNU.HT s;-: MSolicitor to

    .I ''n., rarh n'lvami, If .1...<| Junu I I. IDJrt ______n____ 1060! .Htf Lumber Company: to-wa. 'i'heJurt for Complainant 645t2;

    tt> Ilio '..known h.iiliirattwi or .lo- lalrlct No.' T. h.ant quartur uf North wit quarter buy useD Balloons

    .unrf "nh." th. --'ilinra, ami a..M ofwh I lal. May 1, iMiH .. ._. _.. __u 174 OR ot houthwent' iiuartvr of Ht-ction 6, town. t'K'urwnU'rAMitiona\ nn4litit .It'I'' can now ,
    m In in, i" .. ? B,,"| .pi,,,.,., ,,f and Fabrics
    [ici'ipla' lurintf month .. ..... H74IVarrnnta T /buuth lianue 21 E.- Cords
    u. hip 1! ,. High-Pressure
    mini1 t
    ,, .1,, "I| of Inpori.-ralliin' nf ,.arh ofntlona u..I.> >rm BL'I'
    .d that thi rM l.dn/
    ..., \\ IMHIII .1. durlnir ninnth ... And it I* funhrr ord r
    jaid ."< I--. ,,, unknown ..mlr I, tr..t.. Junn |, Itl.'H\ .h .__ ___.._ 211/ .HO .. publinhfd., once a w,.c k tu the UradforJ.ounty tiltmor.. Iluh I. -trade marked and warranted
    .. Tn.New nf PI..,".,,,,u III.. ,,f ,,
    qinl' ) > lll.trtrt. Na. t.Inl. : 'TtfUitraph., which U hereby d.. II'I
    ..1.rrln. R V l> N,. I n.,1! KMh.niillry Mny I. |iu d .. __.__.._ 44 tifiiiit < I __ by the United States
    P r II,,. oliv of lhlla11,1. : | durinii month __ _h.__.. U 4"nrranla I .u which will
    ri.ilnhln.. ..f nn.yl.anla a mow \\ imui-il during month Company- at a price
    I I
    nurt ..Mr ,, nf ...1,1) ,|,.f.nin| |,,.,nir ,,n.l 11011 Jutu1, I'l.'fl .._ ...u_____. 686SPlalrlrt Man HeN non-trade-marked unwarranted "
    tn.iuInir ,1)) ,,.? ,.., hnvln or .,,,11... Indian Salvation Army make ,
    .. I..,. ,. No. It. I
    nny rlvlt' 1111|, Ini.nut or lal. May I, in J.I __u_..___? IIS.71 tires a dead issue with you

    fi"7 .'." "M"i. .lon In an tn ,,11..h.[ .. diirintf miinth. ______... 40! .62Varranta
    tloth.: : .-, > f rrimfinr rcn.FI.-l"IV.i '-.II.., or any |>... I IMUI'I") dtirln month __. .- Even lower than mail order ties"USCO

    "Inl ..lumI.I. lll.'ll ._oo -...._.__ 18L13
    Vo .
    'n.h..r h..r.ly. '0" t
    qillrnl I., I... >m1 annr lxfrlhi> .lu.,|,, 'I lll.lllrt' No. II.
    ,., II... ..to.. ,. nom..' .."" .." IhP :n.1 of.." lal. Vny 1, lujfl .__ ___.___ _. IN" t*

    nf I> l' .. .... ., .. h...".. I..iiciiplrt., durlnir. nuinlh, ___ _______ 4rt.8S ,

    In Hlar' nrarjfnrworn ..... .. "''n.I,'.. 'n.n. nrranla IMHUIH) iliirtntr. mnnth .-. I
    ."' ''' .. Mil, .- r.mnlainl' ..1.11.1..... I
    a"nln.t .. i l,. th.i .....,,,.Inhll.n., .. In lhf .. I IM.uUt. Na.' li.Hal. i

    aho. faiirh '"1.,, .n.. ??,, ,In .1.r..1t, ?, May. 1, liutf ... __n._ 11)174tici I

    an >.iN-iini has
    will bnt ....t..01 .."nl...! ylll. ..?,, ,hoompl.lnt ...n. \\ iiiaui-il ilurlnic month.. I always a .
    "nM of ,.1|,| hill f .hall' hn Ilto.l. June 1, III:8 _... .__u____ 25J30Dlatncl I today useD Tires, built by the owners

    taHm a. ronfnunl. I IBo I. nh of v.ui. who ,1,. I ..... IS.nal. of the world's largest rubber plantation,
    an apiH-ar, a* 41ictipla
    May I. IW.'il
    TIw Innl. """ ..n. ,r .., II.,. t,1II| of ,nm. ( .. durlnir nuinlh :::::::... KM.41 are a better value than ever. ,
    plain' In tha aho, ., .. ...... _
    .",. ??,, ,? nrranU inuui-.l.\ dui "uitr munth .__
    which f-omr-lalnant, ., ...". ,ti> ...ili>t their 1t..1.. Junn. I. pi.'* .. '--- 2JH8HM.lrirl Let us tel you more about them
    .1.! *, anil t,. ynmor ''i I, ,,.|M tl,. "rr-m I No. K.

    'l-i-nliNl In nm ....I rnunlv. "'"I.. of Mny I. lu-fl ... .__ .____ 118(7
    Florida. and IItn.'fI'I.' .,.-...I"'I" 1",1...... durlnir. month .-_ n __ __ IOH, 97Vitrranta
    aa Northraat quart.nf Hniithiant. quarlrrof (Miui-il I during montb 1 40

    ftottlnn 19 and s ai.n-a In a trlnnirularahann I 11."t. Juno 1. ItiJH ... _... ...___ 223.14
    In ftovthww* iiirn<*r of *4ouihwmtilnartrr lll.trlrt Na.' II.llnl .

    of Hrralhw, .tunrt,.r nf Rii-llon I 1 Mny I J. 'tiUU "' ._ 111Z9ti
    fT. an.l. Fart \.'. ?.' 'In,, h"n.l qunrt.-r ofrWtlnn ..-i>'ipta durlnir mnnth,, .......... 73.14M For Sale ByJ.

    10). cnil Sll mil 4Mnn arri,, on i arranla |HNUL-I"| ..lurlntf' month u._
    Wnl plili.. of Niirlli .t nuarli-r. of North'wml 111..1.. Juna I, 111-J" __ ...________. 188.43l The USCO BALLOONA
    .....ptpt'. anil I I'l and. 70-mo" ai>rm onWf .>.litrlct No.' It.ll .furiiv balloon Hr*
    .t "I'll* nf rViulhw. .*Ht nunrti-r. of North 1 .1 l !May I. I'UH'' ___ __.__ 8210 at "nJom. *. Flul. hinhhoul*
    .....t .......... tn S.tl.m ?n. all In TownNhlp /t.-ri-iptu" durlnir mnnth .___ __n__ 86 10M d..Jtr.ul, Strong* d..I.eor,. W. ANDREWSSTAltKK.
    So.il h. HIIIIK2" p.-i. nrrnntH .IHKUI.d. ililrlntf month __n commictiun giving ful. .

    Th. Krnilrarrl. Toi'-ilv Ti-li-vranh. a wik- Inl. Juna I. 1UJH\ ..- -.-----.--. 189.89 cushioning an J long .Y .C.
    l.. ni>_nnrM>r r-nhll.h.-l 1 ''n Town of fttarki*. 1 DI.t rt.t No.' IT. ri a lh n rn*. trad* F LA.
    Hranfiir.1 Coo,,,.,.. Sl.to, of Unridn. ,Inhnr Kill May I. liiM .' __u <1 70 full warranty vfth.* Unit**!State* I I

    .hy "t.-lffnal''il' ,n ihi. niw i-nrH-r In Rivlpta. durinir. mnnth ...*..__ 86.60Uarranta EA. Saa r..eo 0.4 j Rubber Cupa.

    which I 1M. notlra/ ...11 h, pulillnhiHl. for I Inmii-il iturlnir month _or. Col You chief of lb Salvation Army Inwns ,
    four ""n.lv. wikaWltniwa Hal, Junn 1. IIU*.. ____..___._ 9H.30 LI.ut. D..n. ..Ifr Is Trrvancore. TM
    thi. IToii'-iiMi-. ,, 7 Adklnn Plutrlcl No. II.llnl n I'nrlfto roast r. 11. htr'UBrfM 1

    and A, V. Ix-tin. J..,'....... .. wrll. an II. W 1 Anril I I. li'Jil' -- .. 2 T, I picture Miows him wcnrlng Ms Jacket at tn* westersyturrlturtil

    AldVrmiin.' Cli-rk. ntnl, thi. m-al of Ihu' IC.ci-lpti* durlnir mnnth .n___ 234.10rV cnter.nc of the Salvation Army at San Franclaco.

    Court la abe town of Stnrka, Florida, thu I .tirranU .utaui..l durtu montb, :


    ". '. -

    _. _. _. ; -
    -. ". '- -
    .. .. -" "
    -' -
    7 $ -
    ". ; '' > r-.
    -- '-
    .. "
    -- _
    -- -- -
    .. ----
    -- :: : _, .

    : .
    ...- ....---

    ___ . J_ :: ._...::

    -- --- --- ---- --

    Kill arc out there.it1' a Therm ,- I 1

    r bottle of 'Clover l Club as their contribution

    Thrz to this impromptu) ( affair 1
    ; but I'm already] intoxicated i with i'
    I I''at' perfectly adorable.. < moon( !" Herxoui
    was excited ;and her who''" I'll

    iiuuiiii was oiip of expectancy. aryl 1 NONOXml
    j ('t\ ,rti'rn stood( with hut in hand
    "Sl1l1il' -n't going: ," he said
    "Why nut. ?" she asked and it wni

    h GmfessiON :' hardly possible for( her to hide the

    of i1l singing: : joy she felt over this piece LI MOTOR i FUEL ,
    a new a -- of news.
    "She says she has a headachebut ,
    IJL..tr.aW"PoaIIaW: iws Bah, :' I really! think she's kinder peeved (
    ::- "
    :: = .
    I because she cooked( a steak and\ ; :: '\. I

    whole lot of t..ings that she can't STOPS KNOCKSMountains
    CL'KTISS: GOES; RUT Cutris- for one nice, quiet ecning I take along." I IIKEI-3;
    SALLY STAYS HOME: alone and: '. I sat down beside hi'.Ipivpaieil : "Ye Gods! I>ont' mention fond v U

    for an intimate, little talk i on a night: like this! Really Sallie,
    There was seldom a day that l He replied in monor}'liable* and, old l dear, you'rp getting too unromantic
    Curtiss and I were alone for at while I was relating: I some of the for words" Tun \

    least once during each twenty-four events of the day: !"u> absent-miml-, I And laughing gaily, they were SS
    hours Letitia Evans managed to etlly walked] to the edge of the [gone 1 1L

    be there. She would drive by usually porch and, securing the evening paper (Continued next week) -- :\
    late in the afternoons and often opened it, and began to read.It j info Mole frills {,

    ". stayed for dinner, tho one meal was nil done good naturedlyand NEW RIVERNew 'y ...f.J InS II
    where tad I '.\ .
    we any chance for con- I knew that: no offense had
    versation as our breakfasts were been meant, for whatever else he River July 2.-This community '.
    brief affairs when Curtiss read tho was Curtiss was never intentionally was greatly shocked early I rfW. I
    morning paper without saying a Tuesday evening, June 22 to learn uiiaqIllla9
    l rude it took effort -
    yet a
    word. All summer through Lctitia for mo to snatch cupreme the paper of the death of Maxie Kelly, who I R years the carbon knocks clkka pings or d0I :. ,
    j had remained in town giving! the from his hands. In order to control was seriously injured in an auto 'I I Itsu.

    excuse that her interior decorating myself I got up and went inside. mobile accident in Boston, !Mass.\ i tonation in automobile h have been a n n Len
    business kept her steadily on the on June 16. :Mr.' Kelly was taken just I
    When I had finished. the I
    job but I had another idea about table he came in and walking setting over immediately to a local hospital 'I [ace to motor efficiency and a sore spot to the sat.
    her reason for refusing to accompany where medical aid, was given him, s a
    "I her parents abroad. She was to where I stood ho kissed me affectionately until the death angel! culled 1 him orist GULP JVo-TVox Motor Fuel has turned andvJg.
    and pinched my cheek. i '
    especially nice to me and, was con.stuntly home to rest. ,
    pA demonstrating her affection Once more my heart began to sing :Sir.( Kelly was a respectful young the old time carbon bugaboo into an asset in fact it has yfr.
    and I was about to dismiss my I I ....
    in her shallow sjpurficial way I man in this. community by all who eel
    All thc! time, however, it was easvto mind when he spoke again: knew him. Three years Ug'1: ,'. I: carbon to work.NoNe
    "Oh, I Snllii," he l l.c'gim. "I put :
    $' top that Curtiss vas uppermostin say i 1l'IIII'nli"tI.d in the 1111\\'. lie was
    her miiul., fi.rgot t in toll yon that we're going a young! man of -Jit:\ years: when the moBd /'

    One aftu:".'toon. .1w nine bj, .11 In a moonlight!i pimic tonight. Out iliat'i, aiig.'l 1 camand, railed hisimit 1:1.old 1:1.

    unil, and th s tiincho '!brought. .in" mi I1'1" ni'iirtmn Tish .uv* slu'lli ,, burnt'' ID" "n-t m the mansion ey
    11': i 7,11'1(u'' *i "moon.' :' h.il t \ linn. aDd C boa
    ..1111' llll 01 liui-lli" : ,,I <' I'IncI, 1 Gnnic. [' : ]r i\\ ;ait ing ZC are
    It was. tlic nmiJ's. afternoon "Hut honey, why didn't j'Ol\ tell Ili i:, l>'nil\' Was innpatiifd( home thIs
    ;; off and I hud just finished) I preparing me sooner", I complained "cv(>r '. I by his brother Kustis.: I He was laid t,

    the evening !incil.: My face wui: thing's! ready,.. now and we'll' have to rust in the Uattle Snake cemetery I Power Twins '
    flushed and l I la.d not had' time to to have dinner here." near New River, Saturday afternoon : .Jd 1.J

    cl.ango my: but: ::,nlow apron for n "Xot on your life! It's too hot at 4:30 i::<(>,
    \ frock before C-rtiss also! arrived. In this house to breathe "Tish and, lie leaves to mourn his final departure J
    In spite of myself I seemed l to be I Just made it up a little while his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Compression is power-Carbon adds compxessian.JVbJVroar withstands: e

    alwa"s on tho alert: for some Big: ago. :Shoe:> gone to get anothercouple Wiley Kelly, four brothers, four OOQ1pR Ad.n, and the combination: gives wonderful motor efficiency.GCLP I
    ) of his interest in this girl and as, and wo'll go just the five sisters and a host of relatives and 1,4
    he stood in the doorway I noticed of us-most informally you know"ho friends. .

    how his eyes: swept towards her an'l explained. "I don't see what difference Mrs Mann\ Wiggins has been on .JVo-JrVox Motor Fuel not only withstands the high compression; d
    then rcrtod w'th' open approval, on it makes to you where we the sick list for several days but
    her free. eat. We'll just dump all the thing we hope she will soon recover the modern automobxio engine-but also the added Mghcompfesston.
    in basket and where '" Miss O'June Adkins, who has
    SI-o was wcari:iff: an exqusite a go it's cool.
    been cauead carbon deposits on the walls and piston head which increases: w :"
    frock of ecru lace n"d a picture hat "Rut it's not that kind. of a dinner the guest of her sl..t..r.Irs. : by

    of transparent braid that was exactly ," I said, "for instance if you I llhr I'. W. Kelly in Winter Haven, for with the age of the car-clicks; and knocks are eliminated-greater efficiency ,
    the cool, K,'ocn( color of the had just told, nor\ Manner I wouldn'tII.IM past six weeks, has rctuiiitdto
    !!ell. The r+"e.ri: still, in her :aims, I, ,. ]>iip.iii.i, t 111ir''l, 1 uf. miI.I.I've t hoi" hiiiiif', sh.,. mm iu' 'onimmcd| is accomplished-followed by more power and greater mileage. i iI ,
    mudo a spi:.sli of color again: I her ] conked n diluiot'H steak, and j homo, b.v \al t'. and) Mm. P. W. Kellywb 1 S.
    tended.. I ll-o funeral of !DIr I I
    ,, lovely! gown and oo.nplctcil a picture I tiny mw potatoes( in cream \
    that win indi'CH], moat! )pleating fresh asparagus/ and things that Kinii'it brSler, Maxie. I I Ii 3;
    to BO". w'oi't:, postihlv do for picnic Punch :, II. T. Parmll' made, a business i
    I I rc.ilui' ,I that the cnntriist in I Don't you sfi?" trip, I to I Lake' Hutb-r, last)/ work.Kmoiv : jhim; GUZi. &1Gticc: gD:2S1B! : : ii'S: r
    r JuhiiB him tetuinud to hm
    \ our ai pc-irances, t't that moment ':No, I don't You're always gumming i I ;
    home after spending while i in
    would have peen a I
    npparent to the parade All you think

    I the limit usual (,i1,"icr\i>r and so shout lately i Is food.! Why I'd,I rather :'1 Palmetto__, whore_ _.--.hi-- was___employe_ I I.Pli.rida I. GULF No-Nox Motor Fuel is Non-Noxious, Non-Poisonous and no more

    I excused l myself on the plea of go out and. have a lurk' on the mountain used !21.27H.HJI!: I gallons!!
    I having: to I got di'tweed.' ,I Lotitiu and 1 in the moonlight nnd take I of gasoline during May, according I harmful to man or motor than ordinary gasoline-that it contains no dope

    Curtiss made their way to the side, along a loaf of bread l and, a piece 'I to a report just completed J.
    of kind-that the color is for identification only-and will not heat in att ''
    verandah and I could, hear echoes lot any
    : cheese. Ha flung himself out of 'I 11 in ton ]Pledger, supervising inspector ,",-
    of their laughter even on the other the door. in the department of
    agriculture. summer driving. :
    lido of the house. I It was not fair of him to say I The :ctato collects. four cents : 1.

    I tried to analyze my feelings 11 'I that I was absorbed in food for s't gallon/: tax on this oil for road I ..)

    I sat before tho mirror, comhin did, not interest me in tile 1 beast <' 'union. Dade) county" )led| with GULF No-Nox Motor Fuel is priced three cents per gallon higher than t 1 t k,
    out my hair which, because Cur The only reason I had, refused to ::1.I"OIIgllIon| ( !' -, 1&
    tiss hind\ requested, it, I had l allowed ego' to a bridge party and spent the ordinary gasoline-and is worth it.
    i to grow long. (last/ few hours in a hot kitchen was roa

    i Whji v.a, it, I wondered that on his ncount and I had l prepaid,!
    men nilnuied the very things I in the" things of which I knew he \\ Grove'sChill

    : other women) that they dlqll'provo"C especially' fund .

    most in i"I"I'|" i < ami'I wives, of Il wns all I.i.liti i', fault! 1S\ h.} .t T ste/ess Tlie: Orasage Gas t -Att: true Cagsa: 01; tfiac Cifan c Disc
    diffeionii1 did
    It niaku
    I their ewn' CurtNs! had declared on ( \ to her, just
    i nil occasions before he met Lctitlalh.it so she got Curtiss away ? Tonic
    t he inlet,sly disliked bool.bc.lliair i I 1 i round still for n moment ri.-
    He had, likewise permittedme guarding the little table that I had, Old Standard Remedy for GULF 'I't:! u"lt tr .q-r CAYGovren '
    to give up cigarettes and he t sit with, HO( much pride. It ha i'I Chills and Malaria. ooc.Mivn Q.E "uJ:; !:

    squirmed every time I took a cock not been easy to cook a good sub!

    tail-even before dinner or at a tantlul11el1l, for, although I had,I
    dance We had also had many guar studied domestic science at school I,
    L' .i' i I 'nu-''( '", r 'I"I it hid: '] tnimht\ ni" little nioic\ th i +J\JI'I.E:\ : ( UK :MXKES --,.-- .
    low tu make c.imli.1, .; of VIIUOH, ;..1'0.\1.\( M 11 uj: I J"'E __....oIii. ..'...__':" ..;r.......::=:.- -- -;,. -- : ;; ::I.-:--:=- :----- -:, ,
    >U'! \i''> jot"1'| iinil! plt'iixed, 1, I )hud I II' :: ---_::.: :,
    i nii'c' I, ,In., us iriR it .n sparingly ".oils. Than suddenly! I made up iny' : Siinpiu iiiKKtlii.ru. bank,
    11':11'': it could. li", di ti'rti'd mind glyu' rino n' Mai II ts t ZIFF SAMPSON CITY MM' nil 1?, ,rail. I I ,' ,> n Mi: ( H [Hut 7i.
    nut> even i oar, us mixed AdUiika
    m ,
    in t the' r i-tinn i "t I gilt Aud yet, Thvy could ro to the picnic 'f helps' (Innmi' h troul.li. m 1KM; often min-, Unix i tie aiul pica ,< .', 'I __ I I'hann.,,, ilIt ,.,. ..I f Mi'. mi'I' Mr .
    tiny culled) to, hut I would r"'l11lLina till' little l.iu-ri! n .HI. f), :! -vrtes' SMI hall A 'Hi.., r'i "t' I'llnlka Tliiflativi a
    \\ hii:,' all if !hii list ii'inmnmt',( !< ales by rc-moMiig (.,AS. Brings outunsurprising ; :-111""n| wero flaunt in his face in the I ( home. They had not taken m amount, of old waste he was hurt, mid, i III;- / ] t ...ttlr.IIanrl, Sun- Join' ,' ., (or \\''li'
    pcr--im"" of Lotitla Evans, she tin- into their plans so I would not beplaced mutter you never thought was. in thorn 27 year uif" ulI l 1:1.11'1'V.: M. :Mis.\ S, K:. Jones hcl',, Wtd-. ( ',jnipnthy} of the cnlirti commiiilit;y.
    doubtedly had found, favor in hit! in the position formerly!; jour system. :Stop:> that full, bloat. been hack except in : rnssr, .nil,! I Elder; .1. iifxility. afternoon. I Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, Ilrow n

    eyes. Hi'fine I had 1 marred! him, tailing along. cd feeling and makes you happy He met that tiny Iro"k: (>r. | John llurranie and :Sir und,I :'oll""'. hay,. moved here from New Rive r.
    I I found Cuitis3 and pleaded and cheerful. Excellent for chronic men und women he kn< .. .int'. daughter( welcome them
    had been more or lens of a similartype a i: .St. Klmo: I Durriince, of Juekxnnvilh', to our town.
    for I too, had belonged I to headache. constipation.delightful/ Adlerika Sold works quick moved to .J ('klionvill. I ( >r. Hjicn; the week. :i i spent the Wfik-tnd here quests of I'I'1' '. und Mrs. C. A. Johns! ore'
    the modernchool, yet-for love c.f I saw his unsympathetic frown ell'n Drug Store.easy by Mitch Commissioner of '1 'rrv soil friends.. i I \11'.1111,1, :'011'''. J. S. human.... }proud }parents of a fino littl
    . Curti.ss-, hind, consciously) diiiplincd and, before he could reply, I urgehim than :Mayo\ also a <: : MaK-olm Hunter und, i I :Mrs. I I" :Morgan and children ,on horn, Thursday nurningJu IIf
    Y < my desires nnd, outwardly to go on without mu and. have ion county, made'/" ", ( np -n'. the we..k- I I:1 :Mildred! Ifa/i-l and: liriint II, of Wai- I'i 21t; h.

    at least a complete metamorphosis a good, time. NOTICE' OF SCHOOL ELECTION: and! after the dinner. :Sirs! Hunter's Mi-I! i, dn I visited her sister, :Mrs.V.. 11'1 Mr find Mis.\ II.: I. Harper, o
    had taken place. ApparentlyI "You aren't pecvod ore you, justbecause tlllh.,. l Thomat. I Smith last v><><.k. I tJ
    4 Hiiwthorni th
    vr.ted In I hero
    power them Sunday
    br the I I1. I I spent" <
    I had made myself over In a more I said' what I lid, about 1 it ltm,. of florlila, tin "board ..public Intructkn : ) ,,'Iinl(,, of Starko, n I Mcsdamex\ 'r'I Thoman, H'I"I!. | ut her mol her11'-. \I. E.
    I being too hot to st'ck' around homo of Uraillord/ county e.llo|| nnclictlon KENEAV YOU days' here with : Mi'"l\
    conservative r.1<)\\tI.\! The result! to be hold S.turJalJuly (hint. inilftrrmlna < Jones' and J. N. Thomnx went to I n..orlJrI".
    wan thnt he now !seemed to take and cat n lot of heavy food ?" whither or nut Kolloy op""I.1tax HY "' : tint. Dyal. I I1. I'alutka/ Friday; I ill -nil lht. fiin- '
    "(', ilutrict hull k>! eon.ullilatinl with Any physician will : and, son, Mrs' NiraniVyn' and I ehililn-n I >t
    mo as a matter of course and kaKtowcd 'rtnil1ly nol! I replied forcinif HUrku erecl,l l tat 4ll.tnct, duct three \rt. 'hair. nr.ce.! Mrs J. C Hall.Mm. :
    < much attention on this a sme;. I,, tru.tu.....an.l Urmin. the mllloKe u> t.wm.ui.il. "Perfect I'unfication wenbusines. *! (Hall Bird/ .I in u I lioxiiitnl' I at (Or- Hamptonisiled( her sister, :Mrs I.

    fiivolous young girl.I At the same time I remembered hobby Bchool Election, hou.*fur. and Kelly for to be I>I.r..L hold .t feet tem Health.Is Nature's Hcctlon Monday. I Innilo, Tin'ifliiv, nuclil following. anopcrutiori. t .- --'.-_. -
    I how Cuitlss had, alway ridiculed city hall Why not : > ( wax attending, to She born. and, ,kM.nMe|| HOI)0; C
    tried to reassure myself of re Mann-iora for Kelley J. L., Underhill of chronic ailments wax spent $:::i ) jolt
    m'mbll'inlrR: Wright's philosrhical ccvl"d! eggs and sandwiches and Brllt' Alvarn und lull/ Johnion." mining your vitality? :Monday. <' her early girlhood! day/ 'here" ipid, h ifh si liool.,, t,. be eret'',' I ");\
    wi-doni that he was onlvnnuning things' of that sort which ho designated : j|, Andiinon Manamra and for C.Stark! A. Fetch A. H. John. A. W entire system by 'r'm wan in Stnrko hits many: fr""tIIC'I'.- who. n 1:1'1'.1,1"i \ ". "flarenm'arldtpdon" .\\t'n'11! ,
    r ''iim'tf! for the moment cs "rabbit food." What :a L. W. KICKLI'rERCharmau course of Calotaba,-- !!. to li" in'n of her 'li.nth ,''1 ln,,?, i n",' ,- ,itti din.. 1".1'I"' .,
    link ( d'fferi'iire' n (girl could make in a a week for several ) Starling> and ilaught -
    fallfur"'led! his background II I. WIC;<;!N3 -
    for the ro-1 things of lit e. man's attitude! SICrull"y 111111.J how Nature rewards t, I" !Mrs, ih'Wi-\' :-In; ,'- ,_ __ __ _.t .
    We health. Donald, of Ciuincx-( ,
    At the panic time It was hard, to were on porch again /and
    it was dark when Letitia arrived.Pho 1. Calotubs are the hole with :Mr( .
    licome: a"Ti.st'i"vpil to his indifferrm INOflCE: OF :
    SCHOOL F.l.tCIIONI. :: :
    Chnrlostoncd. the walk andI system purifies. :MM.! J. U.
    0 when I.otitia was about andI up Piles Can Bs Cured /1
    had too much pride to mention noticed( that the moon had began law. of the Florid power th."tod board ln of them public by tho In- At package drug containing store.: ( ) I /'
    the subject to him lest he think I to r'sc.': It was Indeed (tit 1f truetlon or Bradfor.1 county Florida ea any was n business visi
    a large; and golden world floating an Union to b. h.14 at Woodlawn' school lust Tuesday. (Itching Blind., Ulcedinif: or Protruding:)
    was jealous of tho gin.: The situation I I?= S* daurmin. *h th.r or not a
    lazily In the soft purple sky. 1 20. 2.: Ba shall, ?. trfld ,?: |I ( services at Dfd.tn
    wan most difficult:
    and waj a special' lax Mhool. dl.trlet. sufferers have been blade happy
    slain thr invited Many very
    She had evidently corraled tma...... Everybody
    daily bccoriing worse.I another and d t rmlio, the mlllaK. tot b.
    couple and} I beard themtalking "5S!".d. Eleeuoo to b. b.ld July thir [Rubs Pain ] i and bring your over the results obtained from the use of

    returned to tho porch and Lc In the car. The man Wll: lu28.Mana"..., J. B. Norman, Mlddlrtonand PAZO OINTMENT% -GOc at any Drug Store.
    titia: hat 1 gone. The frntrrnnco of driving. Sho and Curtis would Rusts J.rry Norman. .
    hi "Christmas Night' ttill hovered In i In the sort behind. .it I I, W. KICLITEB a -1150,000 bond Is- (Follow the Directions Carefully.)

    the air. Now I would at least hay "AU ready" she cried: "Eva and j S..1&ry.H. B. .WIGGINS Chairman. on, for additional, I
    %41.4t.74.o '


    2---E-T -i
    = ::--- -V, ",::-r.-:: --
    '- o,,.. -
    i eM a''

    .,., "
    K ':'


    1 .

    ------------------- --

    ; Joh"n> wore long white trousers weekend hern wIth HJI mother, will be decoratedvith flags aid- METHODIST
    1.a.l.1 home in the Bayview Titusville.
    and dark blue omit. Hi'. carried 1 ,the at ;Mrs. T. I1. Ward. flowers.

    v cxiH.l( | cir.li't of dmniom!. on .iwhre after August 1C. :Mr. end :Mrs Grady Kelley and Sunday rchool at 10 o'clock. :Mr. '' Enoch :Marvin Rooks, pastor ,\
    The out of town for thw..lllil.1C
    <-A. : satin pillow The dainty little (guests :Marfrice. of Quincy C.' N. !
    efy rcluilc"! the little daughter, Christy will have charge of ; The Sunday school will meet nt l
    a t I flower girl, \Villia Steed, daughter l thc"Mrs.: Dora C. Fielden groommo'and sister Client several days! of last week the school. I' 10 o'clock\ Sundry morning, L. A. )

    t a --- of :Mr. and Mrs. \\". J. !Steed here with the letter's mother, :Mrs. There will be a Union Temperance Davis! supt. .
    :011'''. S. W. Firguson. and :Mr. '
    wore I: pink georgette frock which F.. J. \Vanl. ** meeting at and :Mrs.' 1' J. Purrish, Mi1-1 Pauline -
    was fashioned c-nHrfrly of juffles :Mrs. 0. G. !Ptrayhorne of Waldo, This promises to be one of the best morning! nt 11 o'clock on "Tho i
    Parrish, ;Mr. and :Mrs. D. A.
    und tnnimc'l( with silver an old 1 was n t'ue-t of: her parents, :Mr. amt l meetings, for tempernace, that Land of Re'iftnus! Freedom.." '
    :Milntosh, :Mr. and :Mrs. II G. Butt,
    III\'IW: : I'In\ J'urnllh;.' and) William Hitch of Cushioned' bouquet of rose buds :Mrs. L. ]t. Paxton, Mrs Guy S. ;Mr, E. :M. llazen, here :Sunday.:'; has been held AH should l be pres.ent. The Junior League will meet at
    'I'm/ which she uttered, in tho path of :Mrs E. J. Ward motored to 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon {
    nipu Peppers, :Mr. Jack Overstreet, :Mr. .
    C"I aldIr: -. l IJ. I':. Knight enter After the niarnaifc a receptionwas the bride.The :Xeethan Bryan, :Mr.[ T. L. Lugrono SUirke ,,Saturday. She was accomJlonirlJQ.ome It will be dry.et the PresbyterIan The Senior League will meet.
    i '.> ..d! .1 number uf 1 their'" frien'lr h..IllIt tho home of the bride, bride was lovely In her ensetnb'e :Mr. J.P. Brown and :Mrs L. L. ) ( by her husband Mr. church Svn-lay at 7:13: : o'clock.
    : Sunday night even if
    at (1 I run/ r at their |iiM Ity Home on | :L'HI: 11] Hridier Street./ .- decorationsof '! ...".t:"..*>. Her dress, fashloned :Miller., Ward with why her.! spent the weekendhere t you have to carry umbrellas. on !i i 1 The congregation will join other

    Vnh Ii+ "Itr..t Thurs lay "vpnmjt. iK Shasta daisies nnd greenery carried along straight lines was .- the outside. Don't miss the temperance '! churches of the city in a Union
    I;' 1""IJ1thlM; /! plmm I : s' oc 'asiun cut the same scheme as was made tit hole de rose georgette, )i It.\N IJ.\Ll.-t LV.t ItEL:: I Mi SB :Marguerite Shriver of meetinsr.I ,"' Temperance meeting/ at the Presbvtcrian -
    with the host and I hostels, :.Vi 1)adMr ,: i used at the church. The guests Included i :Mr. and :Mrs. Joseph! :M. Alvarez Stillke, spent the weekend, here church at 8 o'clock Sunday -

    Knight, wore: J IIr.> u'11r. relatives' and close friend, trimmed with an accordion plaited, announce the marriage of their with her mother :Mrs. John Shriver. I There. will be evening
    new voices! heard, at
    E. It. :Mar-ihburn, :Mr. and :'olra. II Later in the evening" :Mr. and fishu and an accordion plaited insert daughter,, | Mrs. H. A. Weeks motored to the Union 'i
    Temperance :Meeting, There will be special services
    front of the skirt. Her
    Thomas Hansen, I>r. E. I.. Biggs. :Mrs. Abbott left for a wedding. on Annie Aileen Starke Saturday afternoon. the
    I ( i at Presbyterian church Sunday held our church Wednesday eve-,
    which at
    made of the
    (coat was same to i I ItoKcoe Ward the sick list
    Falls is on
    and Hollm V. Knight. trip to Washington, Niagara | nijrht.
    --m-- --- I and) Indiana. After August 1, they material was pipped in white Je<'lr- :Mr. William Plaisted Randall, ]) thin week. ring at 8 o'clock.

    4. l.lXfWEns: MR.ARBO'rl' will make their homo at 010 Emma; gette. Her hat was a smart felt I on the twenty-ninth of June I :Mr. und :Mm. L. F. Surrcncy, if -----
    or TAMI-V' ; I .tre':'t, Tampa Fla. model 1 of a blonde shade( bound'I II One thousand nine hundred and Plant City and :Miss Inez Aber. I '

    I --- | with ton program ribbon. The twenty-six nalhy, of Starke spent Thursday I ATTENTION To Poultry People

    Jac'knonville, June Si.- :Miss MISS CELESTE FK1PP WEDS i crown had a design of cut workI Episcopal Church I I here with :Mr. and :Mrs R. S. of Bradford County
    I which revealed the lining of bois da l
    IN kISSIM.MEEKidsinimee ( Starke, Florida i Ohteen.
    Aline Elizabeth Dowlinff, daughter I Ship Your Poultry and Eggs To Us We Assure You Top
    of Mr. and :'olrK. W. Q. Dowlingof rose. She wore blonde ,satin shoes j :Mrs. T. P. Ward and children mo.
    June 25.: -The FirstI Dr. A. II. Freeman, of Ocala, Market Prices and Prompt remittance..
    this city, und :Mr. Lloyd Allan and hose and her flowers were a tored. to Waldo Saturday evening.
    Abbott of Tampa were married lust j I, :Methodist church was! the scene of brides bouquet! of orchids showered and daughter, :Mrs. L. A. Yates, of :Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Gainey were We Will Pay You For Next Weeks ShipmentHENS 31 e

    evening at the Springfield :Methodist a beautiful ceremony Saturday afternoon with lilies of the valley and bois (df Tallahassee, attended the Randall- visitors to Gainesville Thursday af- per lb., EGGS While 30c per Dozen Delivered.
    June 2< when :Miss Celeste Alvarez ,
    church Rev. Smith Harden >, rose ribbons nuptials Tuesday. j ternoon. SPRINGFIELD
    Carolyn, Fripp, daughter of Mr*. | Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Stuart and ,
    performing the ceremony.The The groom and his brother JamesC
    Jacksonville 20 E. 8th St. Florida
    church WaR decorated with C'cleiite J. Fripp became the brideof Fielden, who acted at best man, D. Boree, of Jacksonville, was a ,i son, Paul, spent Sunday at Jacksonville .
    Mr. W. C. Fielden! of Titusville.The business visitor to Starke Thursday with friends and relatives.
    palms and ferns, and intermingled wore, conventional suits of dark
    the greenery were numerous, tall church was decorated by :Miss blue. The bridal party met at the i 1 Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Conerly of

    tapers and white !Shasta dais,OH. Jean Caldwell. The altar was a altar where the ceremony was per. I! Alachua :Mrs. Olfrm I'rcvatt, Mary I I I

    While the guests were waiting they |1! bower of green and formed a background formed by Rev.! F. E.': Steinmeyer. : I'ATIUOTIC SERVICE Mott and Howard :Mott spent last VCQ We can charge your 0
    for the two stately silvergreen ,
    were entertained with a program of During the ceremony Mrs. Autrey''' I Sunday at !Silver; Sprin s. HRS

    music by Mrs.: Irving :Mcssick, org j! beskets! filled with gorgeous rnd :Mr. Harbcre played softly. I I Sunday, July 4, 1026 11 P.M.: at Mr. J. R. Mott is on the sick list ILO STORAGE BATTERY In 0
    anlst MiKs Camilla Arnold'" sang pink roses on each': side of tho werebaskets altar Walter Bass Murray Over trl'et first. Baptist Church. I i this I week ISl7lith's

    "I Love You Truly' and "At Dawn- Behind those and above :i of Kissimmee, Needham, Bryan an 1 I'i iI "The Name of Old Glory," Riley :|: I>r. :Mann, of Lake Butler! was 1I a

    ink" and Visa May Gnynon played, of pink crepe myrtle. 1. Jack' Overstrcct of Titusville actedas -:Mrs. Luther Powell I I visitor here :Monday morning.
    I While the guests were assemb- "The Supremacy of the Spiritual 8
    several violin selections. j ushers.
    I ling :Mrs D. L. Autrey, organist Garage SFlake
    Kov. Thomas Ilansen.
    The hrnle's Ki..i7.'r"j"I.Milelr.,1DowlinlC ; ;; !I and :Mr. I"'. liarberc, violinist play-! The bride, ii frrmer'y' from Chi. ,, Patriotic, music and !singing. CHURCH SERVICES ,

    wax! the maid of honor. I'I.d two numbers-llumorcsque by eago, but has been living in Kis- ;1 Let us honor our country by par- ,
    She wore a ,dress of bended peach /Ordla! and Liolmliaum by I.i/.st. simmer for number of years. She in this scniec. BAPTIST

    georgette with shoes to match and :Mrs. S. Wyl-'orguson, sister of the, (completed, tho hig'l school course i| ticiputing -- ,j jj I nev. Thomas Hansen, pastor. +---.- .--.-.-..-.-.-.- ,- ---

    carried pale-pink dahl-iis. | groom, the'i+ sang lJ" llarilclot's Itu- here and later atlemloi Flondu' BROOKERi Sunday school, 10:00: a. m.

    The brides maids were :Misses | cause and I :Mrs. Alma Griffin I5ul- State College There' she received j| Morning: worship, 11:00: a. m.

    of Starke cousin of the bride, and Voice from Sampson and DLilahHlllntHII'n from college, the has taught/! two I j and A. L. Crosby spent part oft j Evening Worship, 8:00: p. m.fldweek SIMMONSPLUMBING

    Bertha Abbott, of Tampa sinter of j -by !!. 0 Promise :Me,*yeiirs in the high school at Starke I|I last week in Paytona. 'I I j :\ service, Wednesday
    the Their georgette' drestieishoes by Ilekoven IIc'l1 'and this past year in the high )
    groom. was sung by Miss T. B. 1'mholster\ and Roscoe Ches- 8:00: p. m.
    to match :Miss Condnn wore 1, en Itnis. and the liridiil Chorus from'school at Titusville.. Her charming I ser pent the week-eml in Jackson- |' We cord
    were in the pastel' shades) with Lohengren i lnyed by Mrs. Tutrey personality md gracious manner | villo us guests of relatives. I with u*.

    blue, Miss :Middleton lavender and and :Mr. BlIl'h..re-lInnoun'I',1 the i have: won her many friends; I II j :M. I' :Matheny and lion, () 'tho, Estimates Made-Work Guaranteed

    Miss Abbott)' pink. They curried !bridal' party | :Mr. Fielden, is. the son of 1\frn.j j! spent Saturday in Keystone All] churihes and all food( people I

    pale pink dahlias. i I :Miss Ada Louise Simpson, maiJ[ i i Porn' C. Fieldcn and is a native of ( heights( und Waldo. ,i will join in the Birthday, fel"liratlon : I STARKE, FLORIDAREDUCED

    The little flower (girls w.'relIr.- | of honor, entered the church first., Tennessee. lie is a graduate of'!j ('u..eytkin"ol1. of Dnlilo! spent nt the Presbyterian church

    cl and Cary Williums, daughtersof !She wore a flowered, chiffon geogetlo -, Georgia: Academy and lat.-I j Sun.lay morning here with friends, Sunday night at S p. in. --....... ., --- ----.-- -. -.. .. -- ---
    Mr. and, :Mrs. J. H. William. of gn.\n' shaded from pink to i er attended I Georgia Tech where hi i, .mil relatives. |

    Gainesville. They ware white georgette -' rose and 1 worn over a pink slip. The was a member of !Sigma Phi EpIeeilom I] :'01:. and :Mrs. E.: B. Andrews, of UNION \ -: _\:>; : : : ,. .. ..
    on11:1:1'1 ... ....
    1 : ----- ---- -------
    dresses trimmed' with pink liiiHqu,. waist was fashioned with fraternity He is u prominent j|i Kaiford( spent Sunday here with ING I ,

    and blue rosebuds, and carried tune tight sleeveshiili were finished young business man of Titusville t'liend.. I
    baskets filled with ruse petals. i| with bell shaped cuffs! trimmed being identified with the Kiwanis L. D. Polk was transacting business I| There will he a Union Temper. j jI I RATES

    The bride was! given in marriage | with many rows of valoncin- club and other organizations. At in Jacksonville Saturday. I ance meeting at the Presbyterianchurch I

    by her father. Her dress was, of i nes lace. The skirt was full and the present he is managing! his fahter's :Mrs. J. J. :Morgan and son Clar. Sunday night at 8 o'clock. HLUK: BUS LINKS

    white satin with )bead, and rhine- hum was finished with rows of va- estate and has charge of the hotel ance and Miss Lois Gainey spent This meeting will bp interestingfrom I.KAVK hTAIIKK TWICE ItAILYt MOUTH: ANI: SOI'TH
    atone trimming. It was made with len.'innes! lace Sha wor a brom- and apartment house which were Saturday morning in Starke and start to finish. Be sure to be

    bodice and full skirt and worn with ing model. of u picture hat fashioned formerly directed by his father. Luke Butler.Meers. in on time. Good music; good cheer; To JACKSONVILLE $1.30

    a veil, which fell from the cap of orchid georgette and lined The young couple have a host of E. C. Long Royce Gainey good speakers; good welcome to GAINESVILLE ,70

    shape, encircled with orange bios. with pink. A bund 1 of orchid taffeta friends throughout the state who and Allan Thomas, of Wildwood] all. OCALA $1.70

    corns, to the end, of the long court gave the finishing touches. Her will extend congratulations and spent th* week-end here with PRESBYTERIAN a TAMPA $ .95

    train, where it was caught with a slippers were of pink kid and l she goal wishes to them. They left Immediately friends and relatives.Rev. I Tickets and Information at CORI'EMVG' DRUG STORE

    spray of lilies of the valley. wore pink hose to match She car. i i after the ceremony for and Mrs. W. :M. Moody, of At the morning service, at

    The best man was! Mr. Ernest Abbott rted un arm bouquet of pink russet I : Atlanta where they will spend several Lacrosse were guests of :Mr. and 11:00: o'clock Dr. Tucker will speakon '. -- -- --., -,- -,_. .... 0

    of Tampa, brother of the roses. ,' days before motoring to North Mrs. H. P. Gainey Sunday afternoon '' the subject "One Hundred and,

    groom, and the ushers were ]\Mes The little ring bearer, Pat John 'Carolina, Washington andother Fifty Years of Progress" This

    srs. J. J. Williams, Lawrence son, Jr., son of Mayor and Mrs., Pat 1 points in the Elllt.: They will beat ..;. K. Ward, of Waldo"' spent the being the Fourth of July the church

    ---- J. R. DAVIS & CO.

    i "Lihert) Was Gas oaFamous Bell l in 1753, I INSURANCEAGENCY

    JIEIJICA'S! limit I.lheity, IIt.n.1. rlll-.1 and tlxiul In the state house I' : ESTABLISHED 1886

    A hanging/ .: mote now In link-, SI""I1'" t \ '' i
    $$1 I" ,nrene', 11.111. l'hlhlll..ll'hl". It seems. however, that tho found .
    1 t i I a' ''..'t.. ',1).'!. lust Illlt Ih.','"* em had. experimented with ,a copjPIT I STARKE FLA.KATTKHY .
    l r''I' mill. iili' I,,in, tin lompiiiinil." In reca'stlnif\ the bell. i I :l
    'I.' 'n -, It -'1 I which gate: It sin h u Htrnnvo Hound _
    l ,.. : h'. II" rOd' that. It M.I* brought, / lon and recast *
    : .. +rs.+. / ; "' "'' .,. ,In.
    ., ::1'1 ,t'Vt'P.'+7 : 6g p.wr *Y+I''A' d3 QwA In the "..."nll", ... Xorils" twitted '' -
    ., I ,I' ''. .i.intx' M wMtwras i r. }t ,.; aJvris and .li.isoil, In> .iiisu of the strange : -
    i 14 i,. ,HM.,rint.i, i 111 t .'i1* sound the bell Inn) ,given forth hud i i' !
    .. ... ant i .1. Ids. ordered nn"li' ('r l hell| from London, CHANGING !
    'n 1 l "rpal':.< Ia'. II nlinl! mil whi'ii, tln-i, ..reined the Huiwrlntor ;
    1 1' 1 Ittst.'ly I 0 Ili'e ilenti. fnuiiil' themselves with Iwo 'f ocaoc" ==3o=io
    ,: f T tinI".II wim HIM |hosts! tin th