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) 1 :Truby, Sternbut & ( them a call. C aiwn)H lived until' IK c.ime'H and a: ]e4 colt thau those mnoK froia Wu.l- part of mattard to two oi flour.
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A. carload of ile-ir wife anil fri-,. t.. iiijr iutiun: the rubber | Chinese Irpers uwailing dixpi'isitinn. bend model.drawing or photo, with descrip Kerosene: will take iron mat and ts
furniture many piiie'y to in
ju it rc- ?, .Mr. T. Lynek, of Lawtey, was in liis com? ; tion. We adVISe. il p tMflt&b1eocnoXresof stains from almost every kind of goc
ctrived. Sternl mourn sItpt'.rturr.lie atid nkt a seat and tide. charge Our fee act due till patent U Meurwl. without the
IVul/y, irg fc Co. ] the city on Wtfdnciday aid made -- & Little Book, "}Iow to Obuib Patents,"with injuring fabric. Wash t
'Old j the editor glad by the addition of a hrrkona beyond the river- Engineer Dumts bad his face turned w- name o &ct'aI client. iii your at&t., county or soiled spot ia kerosene as yea would I
IiJ) tobarco at ".My work is :one. I must cross; toward the robber and town,MWI Irvr. Addr.se. water. The spots must bo vraatodia koq
Truby, SterabcTg &' C [ "bit; ceart-wbeel" rolled into big lockon B'H wi'li Him I hill live f'-rever, WAS watching to Unparalleled Bargains C. A. SNOW t CO. sere before thVy hava been put Into c"

?. Mi. Lnek is an all right man Kia-1 frtznd prtpiire in rut1-! me. see whiit he was going to do with the fire- J Opp.P&UntOffiee. TfiaauKmw.P. a and water, or it will do no rood. *

jind comes in at the right lime. ti<, do not mourn my los\" man. A moment later he was {.uncuta m 'Fruit Nlgst sweats may be arrested by zpcr

L. B. in the ribs, and turning was confronted! JIM: jelly tumblers, fruit ing the body at night with very bit weliisa .

Dr. I). M. Breaker, state evangelist Aesiii' tiee. with ttnother hi* shilling pitt"! in the New QW Veil L&ces. I jar ruhbtrw tn.J tops at great help! also towsnt toning
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of the Christian church, preaches | { //"ruby, hteniburg & Co. the skin to rub the body briskly In t
Notice is hereby' given thnl I niil br nl haiH of H second iol.U-r. likc a iM- rnak. New Hamburg Lx1.g. with
morning a batbing ton-ol TTcf o
Vbc, in Hampton Saturday night, second Clarke the ed. The lobber Mid "Puli New 5wi on nturdny 4th. and Monday : ou down OLD RIP TOBACCO; salt water. The salt! enters the p&rand.
Sunday and! night of June. All are the 6th, day of June Ib93, for the purpose toward the trkiile." Xew Mitt and Ulovet, stimulates the skin tobetby! ictl

ID'l cordiajly invit d. Near cburcl-es of a*.rf>niiig slate and cbuuty tzesfor the The | Ladlt-Under Vests. Ifo'll chew this branJ, who nevir
1892. Them-- fast engineer pulled on down, asking: I New Belts A Little Glri'a I
should be pmseiit to to year are my calls for tried before, Sxoarlence In
co-operate I nii.eKi'i.og at Jirke for *nid vear. and ail. 'How. snr do you want to go?" Miwes Corsets, And Light House.Sir. .
Tv. put a* man in this field. who fail to ninke their "Jus; pull down slov." Usir Curlers. having bought it once, comes and Irs. Lc.ren Trpurott are k..i
is *0 _- _- ._ __.- -_ persons returns |[ back for more. er*of tbogor. light h"U3 '
wul be assekvd the Uw : lta
as directs. "% :bere tin Glass war Tt 4
want to :> Wooden
you stop ware. ware,
\ Deputy Sheriff E. E. Johns pjf-ked N C. WAINRIOHT. Crockery Ware. Umbrellas. Sold by Tiuhy, Steroburg <& Co ; four are blamed with a dauibtI
Jut pull down until I tell to Suspenders, I years oJl. Last Aj prtl sh I,
j tip a couple of negro boys this week Tax Asse* '.r Bradford Co.. FIi.!: you Hosiery Shim aDd Under hirts, Han.>- en down with mra !t9. followa-l- ???h

that were wanted in Mai ion county, May 27 1892McEIree's stop kerchiefs. Collars and Cuffs. Ptrfuraery.Knirrs j Try our rig-tra, we hare the beatS ] dreadful cough nnd turning Into fry_

one of them for iuurd r in the Early I i irJird Two hundred \ards down the robber and Forks aod l.OQOthtr" fetticles ortroejt m the city. | Il" Wtoc of Cardu! suid "Slop!" which be tor, but in vaJn. she
; phosphate nun" a !lort> time'' cannot eLomerated here which Trilby, Slerub "j- & Co. until shf wnna grew worF raIi
THEDFORD'S BLACK-DRAUGHT'are At ihi* :j-iiint, ihi- will beuftt-re-1 at price never bef>rc heard m TtihajdlTiIoi boi.
tad enetnepufflng Cnmiiitcced
ago, and the other for stealing. A I Ihen s'' e tried Pr' King's Ntw user
: cfictt-bi'storT
: :i: large reward i is offered for George for sale by the following merchants in and one f the rbtrt, CIbU5d5 of Stirke. Sun n brellas and faiiii. p01,7 and after tho me of two afld' it Ii

remarked: "Shut down Come *ud iwcure some of tb ui b f>ra aa.orr. t and lowest bottle wan inpUtflv rumlH Thev i iweJh'
dumper'That rictni
;. .- j Williams, tlC one wanted for the Bradford county: your they are ailgose.S i Dr. King'z. e' lis iu is
want w..rtii
to feel 1iappv :L'z murder. Sheriff Williams, of Mari-j STARKE. DRUG Co.. Starke.O. I act I urnishes a clew. None but a Truby, Steruburg fc Co. ( in gnli; $. Yet S'f't oy tnuv i y'4A te
by, V; W. YOUM Hampton. n an c>>r>vertnt with New Yrk bottla frn.. at stnfk "
.your of tail'oadiiig would <
goo on, came., and carried them both t JK >. A. KING LiJwButler.J. : Auction Store Dr"c I.'nip4
Triiby, SWIbUT1..* & Co. L law Wednetday. I P. McCULUkY..Lawtsy.H. l.i.ow I hit ti- l'ui 'he rinMpt-r w..ii d piop ( on.1 nornfnx, Have drntf *nr .
yon C.P4RK EK, Kew RSv.r the putng. WhM ths train bed .; d jott stj. Tbe
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; ..Cake f. SOME BRIGHT IDEAS THAT HAVE MADE of the Wonderful Horseback Feat by Salicylic .\Cld. KINDS OF REPTILES. -

.:r. The Church ot the Devil. eut Seu Ue O. of the Aborigine WHERE THE TARASCAN KINGS ONCE It Is not known that the prpsence .
cmnbinstfon *f ka hrg safe is mi the various drlnktmanufactuied .
all accurate and of
: ... I went to UM Church' the Devil to-day; ttur has been effected in New York. consistent We have account from of sources the extraordinary HELD SWAY IN OLD MEXICO ( t tickle the plar soothe A Visit to a New fork "Snake.BC.n'rlCton
The door wide the
were open pews vera
tree.. a Th Evangelical Alliance o Bon trange Freaks of Inventor*-Dlro/e of tho old ('atilnand Park- the nerves of man is a of disease Python*,
rting RnagI. \nlonla. Rt
r against U Chinese Jct him fully. Apiece of Powerful Who and even death. This deleterious sub
As with showed me p logo ) Deray People Four
ube bn the W; Savings Bantu-How They Have Sold the kidneys primarily,caus tiers, Rlarlfitiakr* -Their I lab I u -
In of buffalo robe girthed over the
: TftmI2atwe1I where tailed not t Invaded Mexico
trqt Ished When Cortes stnc
see A dozen people were poiSe.a Dnek'IhoteL on the Streets-A Shoemaker Made pony's back stood. in lieu of saddle, if even many cases the dreaded Brght'edseae What they K:,'-Price*of Some 8ke.

$ That the'&tto' and*tenor were "Bister" am Schell City, wi re- Rich by Robber Dall. so much was used; a coid of twisted hair A Mere Remnant Now-Changes from which few victims escp

&_ e -'I'brt cver. lashed around its lower jaw served for bit In Three ad annually mows down large New York is i the chief snake market of

'r .AM,te exl tqd spoke well ot eacl A cyclone destroyed the church and "In reply to the question, "What Is a ind bridle. When in fact, a Wrought Ceatue army of people, mostly recruited, it the continent and yet tho business

\ .., V"-.> pn monastery a Marienstadt, Ark, Sunday patent?" the Yankee Inventor onc said: rule, the Indian huntng. but a breech-a From Morla the modern capital of be acknowledged, from among the high amounts to only l).O a year.Donald .

.c.'" night "It is the right to sue somebody, and the lotn and moccasins-not to lay stress on come t the ancient livers. Burns, of Roosevelt street Is
,Bedde-toe A.beggar was munching a crust; Uncle Jimmie Ly age le yer i: answer really embodies the most comprehensive (paint and feathers and carried a buffalo tat of government, now an InsignifIcantIndian The and enormous conump known its the king of the snake trade. You \
ehlod me a wide awake millionaire sat; dead. He was i. could ppulart" tho of
.A l&dr{ pardon. I trust. i definition of the word that skin, which he threw about his shoulders, village.with a huddle of adobe hut tion in this cuntry .ha would lot suspect by appearance

t' My nt'a4"'You'l view with Jersey be found. The Patoat Office annually let fall from about his waist. He was ind a few hundreds indolent caused the more conservative. thinkers to his little shop with its walls lined with
your m1 or
: oeno hat I". a 4' Otctng .The low price of silver is causing a greatcurtailment Issues about twenty-four thousand jften a splendid specimen of manly but oncea stronghold of empire rivalling consider the question as to whether it tiers of cages of monkeys parrots, and

And before"'my Blow tongue a reply cud cm of commercial activity i patents, and it is safe to say that out of strength and -, a Mohawk in military power that of the Montezumas. would not be better to resort to the old. birds of "YIQ. !ort., a few great "ct'

o ,mand Mexc. them'not less than half that number of !" actvity.ul}West, when I The village was formerly inaccessible, butt custom of drinking pure spirituous liq nul a couple of bi:clumsy tair

jt Her head WM uncovered her, hat In her hand. Princeton College boys will nominate lawsuit are evolved. he first beheld the Apollo Belvedere.A [ is now readily reached from Patzcuaro, if we must drink aeoholic beverages, in. But if.01 I'omnr Mr. Burns that

c I Harrison for president in a mock con building at Washington could heavy whip, with elkhorn handle and the; terminus of the Morolia Branch of the uor rather than to accept without question the you really want to sec snakes ho will take

The Bormon was al about living at ease; Tention supply a fund of humor, of pathos, of knotted bull's hide lash, hung by a loop National Kailway. From a picturesquelacienda. new manufactures in the drink line that you up stairs into a quiet ba.'k rom and

; IJ! Booutad care and for pleasure p1 A negro at Camden, N. J.. murdered anaged romance and of tragedy which might well the Indian's wrist. His bow and arrows t where a clean b and delicious thrust upon us. I is doubtless best, show yon enough t<> affect your dreams

fft 4 Van's nouo life work was simply negress i order t sl her body for furnish the novelst of the world with gave full occupation to his hands; ho must white fish broiled t a tur are to be had ar and certainly safest, shun all alcoholic for i rvitth. Il will aIitell you some

: please tff:a t ceton manufacturers plot for a ?uide his pony with legs and word alone, n little steamer crosses the lake t liquors, but in attempting temperance by iery interesting things alxmt his stealthy
The wallpaper are rule the little inventions-that Is, Indian village, drinks that contain 1 to r-rawlii'ic ii\v st rk. Ho will even allow
a a
And duty and Conscience wcro. better arranging to combine with a capital ofOo and rely on its intelligence and the training Erngaricuar {uriouc Indulging in those
; nouO t $ those which seemed really Imignicnt had given it to do tho right thing at fs ar fled with lumber cut in 3 per cent. of alcohol in preference to those you to luilil : 14-foot boa constrictor in _

1- n'al.Wt quito all that wa Rain in Iowa. No have brought forth the ; right time. Thus slenderly equipped, the mountains by. Tzintzuntzan that are known to contain 40 to GO, i your lap if you insist upon it. That up

Mid.. has st cntnue farmers much corn The man who invented the tin-rattle for his; superb rider dashed into tho midst oft lies on tho sloping hillsides of the is well to know that they contain no sub taiis back nxjm has a large cage In one

'o tallows$that path will be pleasantly led. plat. ad a babies retired with $1,000,000 to the good. herd of buffalo, and so quick was the remote eastern shore of the lake. I stance that Injuriously affects the (nd of it with soiiw cross Kirs il> h,. supported ,-
The return-ball which consisted of an cannot be chartered j-tmit jmles like a thick set -
of his Lho steamer on
tho seat
A collodion was Lltrn7;and cold fell as fltAeowe'IDJprl The public baths donated to the city of )tony and so strong matrthat rarne.Lager -
or seed corn In May; New Orieanes by John Morris havo ordinary rubber or wooden ball to which despite the stampede of the terrr ,ho excursion, Indian canoes are avail- beer contains salicylic acid In (rhieken-roost. On tho floor is a good--

quickly recast keen opened. M. was attached long elastic cord, was invent stricken herd and the charges of the enraged able for the remainder of the voy- greater or loss, quantities, and salicylic sized tub of clean water. There are swW 5enough

-1, And tl t.1b their wen old parson ant double Labor riots have occurred at Lodz, Poland by a shoemaker in New York. It andVOtIfldel bulls, few accidents ige. From Patzcuaro it is a horsebackido aid is a potent factor in producing painful in this cage to serio'isivl.npair the .

p, the mob destroying and universal favor and the man ever The Indian on horseback of eighteen i miles hal-wy round the and often serious affections of the kid- saloon buM ness'of tho whole/iV.irth ward

;P I tel bad)bat.In practice right level, ew angy mil who originated the idea found that it pro ha ocurre. not nine. His riding is lake t Tzintzuntzan, is a rough ieys. Bright's disease Is frequently in- I they should once b tuned loose Lathe
this Church of the king. fited him to the extent of & an- for which tho water when in There is snake thero less
i. 'e' muoh'i6m Chso. L. Storrell, formerly of Masog JO per lot an art it is nature. ind lonely jaunt, pas- luoed through its agency present strrPts. not a

DL: v City, Ia., has been miasma num. It is said by those who are supposedto The Indian has never developed a system s1 o offers a delightful alternative. drinks that are taken into the system and. tlan feet lnng II there are sonic bigfollows

I *, .f -S. T. Herald. since last fall. mystouly know that ho never secured a patent on jf training his ponies. Each man teaches There are larger lakes in Mexico, Chap presumed to bo harmless 12 ,t whieh weigh from 4

i ; ., -.' The Grade and connections will the device, but instead bought up all therubberballs his own to suit himself, and except imita- ila,near Guadalajara, being three Another aspect of the question appears to.Trt IVHIIHIS eachMost- of r are b

'What Is the Reason fight Ro Union Pac by reducing its in tho market, attached to or a certain trick shown.by father to a long; but ther is none to bo comparedvith .vhen it known that salicylic acid will take ind pythons.. >?>no are onol1.

ik 1 told Heieklsli tStell Widow Gray time to the east them the elastic cords and reaped his ton son, and thus perpetuated, thero was none it iu beauty. Lake Patzcuaro is well jp pitch in solution. Now, pitch is not adesirable l.t!g ones cariVito viciously when they feel

$ To tnll Mother Brown next door. for$10.000 damages filed by Henry fortune while others were hustling aroundto but individual knack in his horsemanship. lamed in the Tarascau tongue, the placef substance to introduce into the like it. Me Burns and his assistant handle

; To tell Dicky Dwight. who Rons that way.. A.Suit against Dr. Key b tried find enough rubber with which t compete plains quickly taught after > delights. It is encircled with moun- human body, and it is particularly mischievous 'iem: wih impunity, being always careful
To tell Deacoit'Barues. at the store Fairbury, II for the prize. Te pny""a fashion, more by tins and sealed with flowering islands. when absorbed in tho form of a .ognwptliem with one hand Ik-mlyjust

,- To tell the old etage-drlver.and Timothy In Ban a Capitalists are said to be arranging to The wire bottle-stepper is 0 very simple rough than kindness; in a manner, in Twenty-five miles in length by ten in sluton. It may not L generally known J-eItthe Iwall '

4 But To I'TS come waited for me all fUr day and lan no stage: have I pipe oil from Portland, Ind., t Chicagofor contrivance and yet i has earned an immense fact, as different from the system of the Breadth, it is a miniature Lake George at ; kegs in Iftger beer is kept .IOU will that some of tho snaked

A been I fuel puo fortune. It was invented and patented Arabs a the fine shape of the barb differs in altitude of 7,000 feet above the sea. 'or commercial use are lined with pitch. ppear stout almost distended while oth-

Sow what do you think Is the reason? Joseph Hamitn the human vampire, by a man named Charles Quifel from the rugged outline of the bronco. All Bold mountain peaks cleave the sky, with The melted substnc is poured in the rs are very slim. The stout ones are still

-' -Emma a Dowd In Ladles Home Journal. at Ia after passing seven who subsequently sold it for $1,0 one lorses are more intelligent than man sup fzirate towering afar in stately splendor junghole and keg agitated untUtEe 8:11 somnolent, while tho' stint ones are

teen yr in chains. Carl Hunter. poses; those most with men, or on md the treacherous volcano Jorrullo loom- whole of the interior is roated vjch the ::woiis f ml move about. The stout snakes

Jr Green has been arrested at L In the mem.me! a man named Putnam : nan most depends, most readily resjHjnd ng up ominously in the south. The unduating pitch,thus rendering tho keg \'atertght. IIn> fed rll'cnty. That big one In the

'. A Jlca'"lunday Night Song. bon Mo., for forging tie name o Moe had Invented another design of the same to training, and the Indian and his pony banks are robed in exquisite fresh- But if a beer keg that ha hl-m use C.rt'l has rabbit and a hen tucked

X lore t r when the sun at mom t a $15 check. thing, which was the detachable wire over vere every day and all day comrades. B icss of verdure. some time is broken t jjjUtcs no vestigef a way inside ,whcb ho only devoured

3f. his radiant splendor The full text of the letter tnm\\ the Vatican the top of the cork. In tome way one infringed fore the Indian could trade for or a The islands, Xanicho, Xaracuaro. and > the pitch that fqjjHeTly lined it is to L a L few days ago. .

f:_ In the orient sky and his rays adorn approving Archbishop hlad l upon the other and a lawsuit was bit he always used tho jaw noth- ['acanda, with their fishing hamlet are round.Vhy? -Jfte! salicylic acid in I you look sharply you wl discover

The marsh with touches tender been cabled fr Rome. begun. But the parties got together, consolidated ng. With the ropo in rop-r l< ho nirroed in the waters ager bflftfnas an affinity for pitch and 'wrl forlorn white mice the cage

Wen the birds are singing their carols gay Captain JDO. A. Grant has resigned a their I interests and cined money.One ore against the neck to turn to ono side mnglug over them; and the visitor seem it up in solution. This chemical "i hirh have so far escaped tho appetite of

2 the quail ln oftly calling. third vice president and general manager of the remarkable "simple" inven and gave a pull to turn to the other; or to see what ho could not find in the laljol" 4l is more or less rapid according to t'tn snakes. They aro all that are left of ag.11

And the dewdrops glitter on leaf and spray of tbe ''e and Pacific, tions is the cotton-tie. Former' al cot els ho shifted his pony's croup hy a morn of> the valley of Mexico-the fabled floating proes tho quantity of the acid contained in the ; many mice put there several days

I Where the golden light is falling At'torney General Miller see anything bales tied with heel. of Aztec little fellows are huddled to- -
taU t ton were a rop or less vigorous kick with either gardens days. TJigEfiJ-an aspect leer. Tho quantity however, is sufficient These .

the vales ha wrong with the civil branch were many objections! t process SVhen both his hands were busy ho relied >f loneliness here thaf preggeg'the dull- eat up the entire inside coating of the r ther in a corner in an awful state of .
the of the night from
'. _"Bed It. of the Baltimore Post O which hundreds of men sought to over- i ;ntirely upon his legs and the pony's st soul yxfiaksfrarras of wild duck a t; as may be seen on : brokin right. Nothing will Induce them t adanee -

: :'And. tbasnn, tUbe groves adorning. One hud more honworke from come, and at last one ) name of iiiowlodge of the business in hand; but a lutteruyfovor the tranquil' the keg ll> < keg that has been long in us. The an inch nearer tho snakes. I you .

Itatrm I lie t get out of b the World ten te place of strikersat Cooms invented what was known a the"arrowhead" very Indian digs his heels into his horse's lak iiyu'disturlied by the sportsman's rifle : beer drinker, therefore, not ouly try to push them away from the net- '

'Tfat!b.f on Monday morning. s gUJ tie for an iron strap. The nails[ and lashes him with tho quirt at. .t seems like I i I deserted lake, for there are lager into his system and subjects his kid- t;ng they will seize it with their legs and

:I; 1ng -CapeCdItern. The C.aa ster Ab&got into contrivance was so simple that cotton- ivory stride, it is hard toseo how tliopo ,' signs of lifo in the fishing hamlets. The leys to the action of salicylic acid, but to tang fast like grim death. Some of tem

the rior ice and ne was Passage badly Wad, i L Sup men, far and near, quiet' took their ola aught on to his meaning. The mqrjj edit ew Indians gliding noiselessly by in their a solution of pitch that has boon taken up ave; climbed up the netting to the tp

The da pant from the hoks and kicked 'jo the quadruped.The S )irimitivo canoes with theirraptimpash'e L y that acid. I is no wonder, therefore, !io cage, where they cling fast in abject

'ltethatr The secretary of navy h ordeeed around their roms liecauso they had feats of the Indian oL'-,jay such aces, are ghosts of the Tarascan past hat many people suffer from complaint error. .

fiesM the whltethroat sing the Memphis Concord t go celebration.to St. a h not thought of the device themselves. The &picking objects of the f Qvm\ at.a rather than moving figures in the Mexico whoso origin they are at a loss to trace.Thought If the little mice only know it they are
hAlt ere at twllleht when the wind &dea Brdg tie went into immediate use, thousands of gallop larger prowling
or hanging to 0.; Jo of his of to-day. ;puffing little steamer, Life from those
-4 And her sleek bosom and her fair John to kill W.
Vibrated. rnflUng. and her olive wing mot attempted han He bad R "improvements" were patented, and millions WVAale' aaButnn arm and. leg l while vith its lumbr barge, appears out of Ills Lp<*4 Were Gins* I round tho cage. These big fellows dlsi

.t 'mble So soft her song was that 1 seemed heavily Wan a Weln falur of Warren's bank. of.the straps were sold until mlJUjn'r r he shoots at his enemy from behind the )>laco on trnqui sheet of water. I A physidon of long expercnl' in thoreatment c.ln;i such smal game. Nothing less rat than, laworthy .

A though,lit wandering through the copse al; Dr. Parkhurst was victorious in the case of dollars were realzl( Thempp'who at running rampart, were equally performedy is a region seems to belong t of dislaes I a few a ,or least a large Before long,

-,, non, against Mme Andrea,the French woman. present c (r.t -ln the numerous his bareback ancestor. The latter was dreamy reaches of a storied past. lays ago of tho remarkable case ot a of their appetites. five-foot

S most hv found the holy bough wher I The evidence was Coo fo publication. n.si.nme-' connected therewith, vont to braid his horse's inano; into a long hero was an empire, with Tzlntzuntzan young man who was jwifoctly sound on all :owever, some of those four or
dir the
-'i A lightning rod attempted to made to himi.,Pry the various Inventor ofnpro'enets oop, through which ho could thrust his as it capital, when Cortes invaded Mexico .opics but one. All the screws in his brain nakes will feel hungry and relieve
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1: The day-struck nightngae. swindle T. H. Wilmer, of Pa Ilia., br a S has purchased the famous irm to preserve his balance but he had From the Pacific to the frontiers of the were right but one. That was loose. Ho ;rembling mice of their misery and

: .And.listening must overbfa too soon fraudulent contr He wa U V a ?or 0 :Flats in Fifti'-seventQ street, and lot: the advantage of the cautlo to hold toby iztecs the Tarascan Kings held sway. vas an inmate of a Connecticut asylum, ives at the same tme.
dim rehearsal of that golden
,? The That greets the laggard moon. tle ful Itl V. e possessor of a largo fortune besides. his leg. The old bareback rider has heir palaces were in the valleys of Pat he doctor said, and had demanded to be Snakes will not dead and fo. them-They .
4 Bat through Initiative strain. An English syndicate has taken hold of Everybody remembers the "Fifteen- low: disappeared; it needed hut av. short uaro, on the shores of the lake and on aaminod, Aborting that he was san I mist find their game alive, }

Between each the gentle cadence,and again the Stickney Chicago packeries aad f rm*'' Puzzle." Fifteen little blocks were placedIn contact with civilization to show him tho slopes of Tzirate. Fortresses were on the When the physician reached the asylum I wives. A boa strikes Its prey vcousiy.'J

"When1 thoM clear notes she tried for which hel r a new company, with a capital pt.000. .-'*a n square box, which was made to hold Manifest advantages of bit and saddle.It slands and paved roads and timbered sub he was shown into a handsomely furnished Holding[ fast by its great jaws, wraps .'..
and -
rjT about the body
throat : '', sixteen. The sixteenth space was left va- is no wonder that the Indian rodo erranean passages connected the com and presented to a tall,goodlookingoung is powerful coils ,

.not 8 capable.fain. She Lyons and "Bii-- cant, and block "lif teen" was placed be- veil. Before he could walk or talk or re- At Igualzio there was an ancient pyramid.There ,' fellow, apparently in robust health. iqueezes out its liii). sold In

,..i t Joy t her her own peculiar note I Jount Strwr-, t, K"a Lwecn blocks thirteen" and .fourteen." nember,the lad had been tie to a horse, were temples,with hideous carved .Tel me,"said tin phrsidan"all about From 1,200 to lJ snakes are t
are ,
all the music float 'h eri when dols and massive sepulchres for Tarascan few York city every year.
time pr '
cuM dig them in
or- Indian (
of bank The problem was to arrange md no can your case. .
Edmund Oosae. **-.. t taBb der without removing a block from the 10 could not rido anything and everything ;ovoieigns. It was a peaceful race, but The young man, speaking with perfect loisoiiMiis. A few rattlers copper- .

"liitthorne cripple The l from twelve rhen attacked It was warlike and power- and using the best of language heads aro sent here from the mountains,
c cashier ot the Nation box. The idea i was originated by a vhichcame along. boys soheroncy, But fortu-
On the Stain. have amassed of the and in ul, the Aztecs learned their cost. that ho confined at tho instancef md find a market in city zoq. .
of Shelbyville. Te.ia being and from it he is said to years up do most herding a t laid wa the snake
.' She grew B ftnntlmnntol tr" ;sending false reports t e cc nip'trolier. a large fortune. The puzzle went every- this occupation they h"I'oro withavery .ortes, when he had conquered the great his father. They had both lovt-d the Da cY for the show business

? While sitting on the stair; the homes of the rich and poor pony In the tri> It is probable ciy beside the eastern lakes, sent, not an lame girl, and when the son returned to chanuer.and the snake trae.thelargest world

It wasn't accidental ,,, Missouri Democrats represented at whereIn alike. j hat the lads have ropM and mounted in arm}'.but missionairies to Tzlntzuntzan, homo after an absence of a few days, md most showy snakes are !. .
a hs In the
'.' That I popped right tbem i' edalia by bei ablest orr leaders and I "Pharaoh's Serpent" was the invention succession every ole intrusted to their md they were received gladly. The Idols found that his father had married nor. lOfl-pOisOflOUS. The snakes

In wordu tender, cddt i te state connto of a man. It consisted of a little sire, and have learned its individual qualtles were overhrow the Tarascan King Ills father, desiring to get him out of tho iisirliet: are chiefly boa constrictors,pyth-of
X popped B <%T Brokl'n Then and blacksnakes all
no very ooy, > pill, to which a lighted match was while gainintr in general horsemanUtip.Harper's himl Christianity. way, had then placed him In an asylum. >ns. whipsuakes
f I \;; 8heloke oh. no flV 4 Albert Leonard, the defeated candidate touched, when a snake crawled lorth and Magazine.The tamo one of the atrocities of the Spanish The doctor made not and when tho patent .\hich are non-poisonous. We see very
I :" you'blame Wa me mndnr! br governor, has petitioned the Louisiana writhed and twisted after a most sorpen- cnquest. The King was burned at stake concluded that ho would do ''ewM{* snakes, except boas and pythons.

: ; .D .Cur, old boy.iit egislatore t investigate the alleged election tine and fascinating fashion. The pills History of Charity. for withholding treasures from a commission could for him. These are the chief stock-in-trade of the

.' now that we fad wildlire whleh, indeed, they Walter of covetous adventurers.The "Now," said the dO'tor, won't you ;nake charmer of the circus and dime
sold like the few books, writes -
4 B't,'Y, r; mlrle Ills. because it Among Tesani Tarascan Chiefs wore put to death "
lR BO NuhTle was ext were-and brought the inventor between remain to bo written is a walk out into the hal with mo? "I can't, inin.'utn.
s'I dOI.W.-t. nlo who to boa constrictors are
w the are { with horrible torture, and the aifrightednatives Why Three kinds of
., i 1 tarried tw $50,000 and But It also cost him Charity. I havo not the time at said the young man, sorrowfully.
"llb be hanged had escaped from It wasafalse $10,0. tr scattered the moun in the New York market. The
I do common
were Because
:: To think about 1 twice alarm. j his life. In working upon an "improve to undertake this great work but > among not? asked the dotor. I boa of Brazil. It
the tree
of Lake l massacre most common
rattier re-
ho inhaled the bo I'll break, was tho surprising
ment" in his laboratory into which it tins
,4 And now I tell all young men The Indian situation U western Oklaloma and these are chapters indignation in the Spanish What do mean?" asked thephysician. is lighter in color than the great Indian
he using Cu
fumes of the chemicals was when it to be written: 1. In ply. you
;; To of young girls h-war is not as serious a b b represented effects producedupon divided comes and Quiroga was sent out t Why, don't you know?" said DO.I, but otherwise much the same in ap-
died from the poisonous times.Vhen give a beggar -
"' : And not speak rashly when but many timid prehistoric you whichhad These snakes are found In large
< hnlef beggarl: 2. faith of the natives in a religion the oatient, .that from my thighs downI'm poaratu-o.
him. is
L'" ., They're sitting on the stair.'a their lands. a penny because a defiled odious He numbnrs in the great forests bordering upon -
been by safe
made of and that only
ci 1". Brooklyn Egle Connecticut Democrats sent dee t Mr. Munn, of the Scientific American When you build a monastery which shal the first Bishop of crme., he w gla Im tho Amazon and the Platte rivers. They
p _ the Chicago and, tells many interesting stories about patent give a bed and a square meal to every l beggar He founded w In this rom. sometimes taken twenty feet in length.
C t' itructing conTetn, name was and inventors, for all the world- e., because he is a beggar. 3. How the consecrated at Tzintntun. The doctor left him. His disease was incurable. are feet
and fourteen are
Only a Smile.v oadly cheered.Mr. CeTelds world-goes to him or to his increases and multiplies and the first college preached agospel .-N.Y. Recorder.She Tree boas of twelve
Americn beggar but most ot them are
of love and good which won often brought here,
;. Only a tiny ripple where might have been a Childs and party bare ave atDenver paper with ideas upon which he is expected blackens all the roads in consequence of the work Taraa- eight feet long. The Brazilian Indians -* ,
the hearts of simple Was Persuaded Not to Die. Rcven or
which his
venture the fortune
., fw and the distinguished to this humane treatment. 4. When 'Ol while rubber.
since them
.) Only a sunny glimmer athwart the gloomy will open the home for inform printers at publication has brought him. lie says bang the beggar, drop the beggar: into the cans. Three centuries have passed reverencedstill A few days ago tho friends of 0 prominent capture and the rubber into canoes ,)
is loud them
but his
his death They
ways I Colorado Sprags, has brought startled by the
the gimlet-pointed screw the beggar, and Hog the society woman were
river, pillory
bg in these fish- them to Hanaos,4,000 miles up
strand of In wetting woven dow by the Indian population and take
'., Only a .Uver the house census osiomittce more wealth to different men than many gar,because ho is a beggar. 5. When you report that she was dangerously ill. The traders.
of lustre life's entangled Memb of the TarascanEmpire and sell them to the
The Amazon,
glory the
twine one
' T tlB tr' gays &under no obligation to Superintendent silver and gold mines of the West. A man found societies for relief, but continue to Ing villages. Tow ,in speaking of her illness to the river to Para in
: mae1 Po.and w investigate his named Walter Aiken was the first to thinkof tho beggar because ho is a begg\. has passed away,but not the gratitude who a particular friend of the lady,brought out The snakes come steamers In which New
the American-built
fog of the saintly man the
r 7 weave the watr-r8 within the winter bureau torUIY. it and he realized a handsome fortune. you send cheques to socetes, race t and the cause of the Iness. She is allowed by rubbers to the
A send
them pleasantness York companies raw
., Secretary baa been sued Icr libel the Invented nsawst taught ways month for dresses.
: spring. Nob Aiken's father, by way but continue to flog the bgal i her husband s is old fellow in Para who
t. Or blooiun the yellow d&ol beside the lng. by William Lpham nephew e ex-Sen which brought him $10,0 or Is a beggar. 7. When you the beggarto peace. During the lat social season she bought coast. There an animal
clerk live much their rich in the snake and
a These Tarascans has
ator nany yes grown
I X rlpg snow;- ad fo because he is a beggar, but give a handsome-ball costumes that her
more. so
; prison many
that only angola l the interior lived centuries when good trade. Ho is universally known in the
As comes in musl tn ancestors ago
of the
Yankee who first thought is 8. seemed drop
i. It was a him a penny when nobody lookng. allowance only a all
l has out to convert themto Joe. He buys up
trade Monkey
bring. The cotton exchange Bishop Quiroga came as
*, :, Chadet. tips on shoes, resolve to assist none the bucket toward paying for them. Her
0 The song of soothing promise around the b adopted the government dealings putting Cppl' chiJren's When you tho Christian Their boats are the monkeys parrots, and snakes that the
o and his check became Yet the continues, fath. attracted so much attention that
beggar costume
of woe; in future go magnif b still hollowed out trunks of steamers bring down the river, and sells
.elhe TrSit t
"*; effect cent sums. cause ho is a beggar. 9. When you give up her vanity was excltedand she enJeaore sailors
fowl the lake to speculative
hunt the water on at good profit
., -.. ** As wcvelet o'er the crystal lake that surely adei ae Sometimes many years elapse before sending cheques about, give nothing t the they with each succeeding dress, to surpass them a New
declares that Mrs. have with who bring them to
wooden javelins; they and sea captains,
. away Cone Ohit that the good qualities of an Invention are appreciated. beggar because ho is a beggar, try c lat. This she succeeding in doing. Every boas brought
- trees tree
', To leave again the limpid face like burnished tn documents UClpt.d she The patent upon rollerskateshad personal service among tho classes which solid wheels, which are must have a corresponding re- York. The
b. t with the pitch knocked out at the centres, alton here measure from four to five feet,and
silver, where. das been cruelly wronged.A p nearly expired before it realized any breed the beggar. We are now beginning Her pleasure,caused by being the
hid.each htng'ringrp.4Lt into pottery by the about$15. The big ones bring
the waters they fashion clay worth
Tac,far arcs
blow Then somebody started rink,and and 1 it really seems in Louisville, has
k atrocious murder of which the I the last chapter, woman
:. plet's play most i proft. mil hop crudest process; and they have maintained bst-rse herI I $150;' unless of unusual size, when they
S tho skate inventor worth a Times.A her caused by
Manchester sorrow
r Has. Jer UIKHI tho plastic sand a lasting 1m- wife and son of Mr. B McDonongh were 8 ful.- without change the diet and regimen, and place sometimes command as high as$250 01
fr. the victims, occurred near Brtnham, dollars having the largest millinery bills of any
there, snake
press lon even costumes, of their ancestors. Civilization '$3)0.: ) It increases the value of any
C Two young men have been has not seen the "Dancing Jim Ploto rnphlr'! lilt. woman in Louisville. The bills were sent
ae them is something remote, unattainable guarantee him."a good
to if the dealer can
.' Tbe smile that give a greeting-the smile that Ex-Treasurer WW.I Daota Crow?" Who would believe that It wa "The mistake made by most bridal and undesirable. There are fishinthelake.and to her, amounting t$1,2. She Immediately "

5, \ bids us part- county, t be $oJ worth a year t Its inventor? Yet couples when sitting for photo," says a retired bd. were fcoder.
$75,0 t
That like a sheen of gold where K t frijoles,and pulque The African boa and the African python
8hlmmtr from effioa trtia continued
short. eeve it is true. photographer, is that they insist on sent for, but a. t market
mem'rlps fondest play. shore. in the genera which next common in our
on are
deficit has
and the just realized wa(
b fun One of tho largest fortunes ever White dark Her husband became
white on a worse.
V Are tins where r-my lunlhlne gleam-gushing ao wearing gloves. tions of their kings suffices now. They grow aarme. differ slightly from the tree-boa ot
Deeming te his was made by the man who In et her that if she would
r cntiue u tat from a patent always shows much larger and told ,
the heart.Breaks and price.
from ( background drink, and sun themselves, go to Brazil in size, desirability,
s ttfro' t limn life's flowery vales wit father anal a4 ohr ab conceived the idea of putting emery powder than it should, so the young and tribute to the priests; and ms what well, he would do anything for her. She African snakes are bought at the African
the family were at cloth and the Inverted glass boll to bride is aston pay she could At last, in despair.she ,
on beside his said
day. stands
4 I -S glow of golden who
man not and brought
his be in life? their sight ,
lums, although this has been denied by mOle can there I trading ports by sea captains
\" ., .Oeo. E. Powell in Chicago Intr.O brothers. hang gas burners proved t be a ver- ished to find that his photograph represent the old way are the best, told him if just pay her bill hero. A considerable number come yearly
bcau te lat
lamp of Aladdin. him with hands the size of a live- and forgive her she would try to get well.
President Betlrwell,ot the board ef cura- The rubber tips for lead-pencils made ham. Of course he does not like the labrous. A railway He promised. He paid the bill. From from Liberia.
pound constrictor is more
a11 ton of the University of announces have involved the establishment The great Indian boa
In Port To IKht. Mui insurance The pen for shading with differ picture, but his objections are usually that moment she began to recuperate, Brazilian
tbe collection $1* f $10,0. of the lumber business. Timber is showy than his African and
ri,,,. In port to-night.th<'Journey Or, companies for O M in ent brings an annual stipend of overruled by his young better half, who, now felled in the mountains and barges and in a few days was almost entirely cousins. Ho is lighter colored; with a

t dream about tbe distant shore; the university fire a $2,0 and in the year 1837 alone, a a a rule .takes much better than he ) have to be loaded morning and evening. well. She then confessed to her husband, large Hat head. He is larger, too, being
Cerulean wave and golden sand. proved by testimony in a recent acton he the picture and explains who forgave her. She has promisedto
lega does. So accepts
Mrs. Weybinger increased toil and is tolerated found twenty-five and thirty
;!_ The kerchief aud the little hand Hen b M M inventor of metal plates Progress signifies within her allowance which he occasionally
: t. $ the pro to his friends that the hands were live better right
fo I them only as a evil. Ho brings a price
by necessary long.
That waved till I could BOO no To fort
mOr.Te of the soles and heels of shoos increased. So they are again.
alienating affection The tho fault of the photographer. If a man has happy condition
he Jubd' They were happier, they think,when there through, ten-foot snake good
It ',, moon will brim her lon. and pour parties a i tbe best society realized a profit of $1,25,0. is going to have his figure represented in was less to do before those terrible Yankees Louisville Commercial. being worth from 75 to$100.
and of Port *, N Y. There Is'a mechanical cat, of
\Illd beauty mill through 1'310 do a photograph, ho shoul'lvsr a pair them in the lumber trade, Another Brazilian snake which is much
I l In dreams I cannot uud'rstaiid. The Democratic Council with steel claws, which runs by clockworkand dark kid gloves, and then not allow his employed Costly Litigation.
duck- is the v
CT.to a when their only employment was prized in the New York market ana ,
: In port tonhrbt Blufs la., prnt Bi t\ is warranted to "lick any cat in hands to get any nearer the camera than stalking and fishing, and when they could A case Involving seventy-five cent conda. Sometimes largo specimens get
I ,, a cdc for t Dmo Christendom. The cat is wound up and his face, for the neat-erthey are the larger claimed by a man in Toledo to
% 'f gray-beard bee will con the lore \e cu I say their prayers beside the picture at b here,but in the long run anacondas aver
r b prident Tarf placed on the rof Old rounders spy anew they will seem to Louis GlobeDemocrat. from another Toledoan for fl has hand-
Torhangethehllysdustystoro b.5t. Tzintzuntzan in Y.Tribune. smaller than boas. They are -
reform was age
ethno.t him. Whew? When p.N.
To molten gold; the reajter band of thepresident comer and _ _ just been appealed from a justce's courtin somcly marked and much in request by -
-r bind the harvest browned and tanned, Mrs. J. }Sumh they light on his back a spring is touche I that city to the Lucas llea.The contrast with the
Wil charmots a
bank of snake as
the that I iuU>n>. te and the mechanism works. Novelties In Cremation Urns. Why a Dog's Nose I Cold. ho will spend
? 7 .' Sings snug died in that city from plaintiff says la boa constrictors in their snake
1 Xnjmrt tnlht Jacsov in, a runaway accident small cyclone on the roof, incessant yells The latest craze is to order ono's cremation Everybody knows that a dog's no Is dollar to collect the money by process numerous chests. Anacondas will bring from$100 to

1' -. i' ': .Alonco Leers hUes In Boston Transcript. two weeks ago- was a daughter oft and-the old rounder retires t meditate urn, and use it as an ornament till it always cold, but very few people knowwhy. law, and tho defendant says he wi sacrifice $250 each, according to size and condition.

t- ,. late Sh for over tho uncertainty of le. I should happen to bo wanted. All the largo The cartilage composing the outer every cent ho has In the resist similar to those ol
I'i E Spi Their habits are very
f: .- 4 e. n Unit One man patented a process of curing china shops confess to having had several surface of a dog's nose is almost destituteof payment. The result will probably be that

r _' .' hammer I* Coming. lon. te o worms by fishing for them in the human orders lately, while silversmiths have been Mood vessels, but plentifully suppliedwith the litigants will spend several hundreds, the python ',
, ,' .I The bee will noon IH humming. stomach with rod hook and line. History wed. An enthusiastic"cremationist" which exude These sum up the really popular
rains and rising waters are still equally favi glands a watr sre perhaps thousands, of their money
Thosetteouth wlud Is blowing. HuT ow in the market. About 1,000 of them, big
., : warmth from many points ia lewa. At does not state whether ho used a reel or of my acquaintance has a(couple tion that, by its evaporation, keeps the and involve the county in their expenditure small
of The
are sold
t The days of are(going.coining. New Ole and below and above, the not, and fails describe the lanning net of delightful little old silver urns which iiosc blow the normal temperature. The of a large sum.all to gratify their and little, are yearly.

The days 1111 critics, and a bad or the gaff employE for large ones. An- ornament his ,id.lard, and should any dog's selse of smell is located in the personal ill-feeling. There ought to be a snakes in the market are all of home pro

: ;s i. The daffodils a blooming break at Texas Irree I Mperted. At other other a trap .for catching tape I guest happen to admire they are told that nerves within the nostrils, and it is probable provision of law covering such petty cases duction. Pine snakes are favorites. They

I ', I"., t The garden walks adorning. pit the mo i not .ain: worms as one would a fox. The patient : those aI' for their host's ashes, which are that these are kept in better conditionby as this making the decisions of justices are found everywhere In pine lands. They Jar ..

.. .1 The violets perfuming in 0 tit. & was starved and the trap set in his mout.The to be divided and sent to two old valued the low temperature of the cartilaginous -. final. It is an outrage on the taxpayersto are captured in large numbers In New '

:... 4 The sepbyrs of the moring from points worm was caught by tho friends in these fascinating little 1'3 OS. tip of the nose. The state of a dog'shealth permit the appeal of such insignificantcases soy and Virginia. to W

.i The air Is fresh balmy. A severe wind and ram storm passed out. Some are even made in golJ. while the i at onClndicate by his nose, for a higher court, where valuable Of the poisonous snakes,the ratter
: pull : *
Ani Little Rock, Ark.. sei v. A number t
: I Uncloude a o'er us ever of fences and small cabins were bio*N Upn one occasion a man sent the em- more ordinary urns, instead of no di>g with a ,dry nose can be healthy, time Is consume. by them that should b far the most popular.5-Katlers Pennsylvania are ann

I Old Time will soon the palmy dewn. Ten miles below tbs city a the body of a baby t the Patent Office adorning the dining-room are for tho and one of the first signs of rabies I dry- i devoted : more important maters, here chiefly from few. A

t ,-.t*.- .J Days of summertime restore u .! a twcetery hevse' WS with his application to secure a patent for present used a pot-pourri-jars,are of Derby ness and heat of the nose, for these symptoms the county is Involved In a great expense Florida,but other States furnisna S10--N.,x.

all around us Ark feet and 1-. the u new process of embalming discovereied st0l'ware. the same material as old- indcat fever,and fever is the beginning simply to gratify the personal spite of( common rattler will bring V or :
\ landscapes \la
I The Ib *
I 2 With groeenlng txtauty greet us. Several person*were i boUdiagattbe by him. The Lab is not now on exbibl fashioned toby" 31gsLndoc Letter in o hdophblt Louis Globe- stat 1itigantsjtndusky Register. Sun. *
V 4' fl tte* nad ttfcdrowned. 1 ; I" as model.-N.Y. World. Philadelphia 1
.-. And the bacillus that downed usla ton a Tt.'lraph.A D '
wS is receiving It quletuB A Relic of the Queen of Sheb ,
: ,
F ; :
Poisoning by Toad Stools or Plant
4 : L-: .p 0 Itm Mail.of Kiclit-r Ialerlal, A Dead Lie Man movement is on foot to raise a now transpires that 'Yar McAl In the cathedral of Genoa Is preserved. -

.iir "Ye." said the preacher, "man is dust There are some people who are constitutionally official- memorial to John Walker, the inventor lister's I son has been married to a MissGermany The following good advice, which U and lias been for 600 years a vase ot Im-
unable to go behind an taken flo our interesting value. It 'is cut from a single
t A Singular Affliction. and ahes' record. Usually they are only amusing, of friction matche. Walker of Savannah, for the past Baby, no doubt bo coutemIrar.uful' emerald.mence Its diameter is 12%

h r !h ,. A,young German named Waythe, now Tb n and\went men out.who occupied The sexton a front followed pew but sometimes they succeed in making died in 18G9was, a chemist and a druggist six 'ear aud he was so afraid of his When a cilld shows symptoms of poison inches, and its principal height 5% inches. It te ..
t .. visiting Birmingham, labors under him a them, and In a few minutes returned to nuisances of themselves. For instance, carrying on huisness iu the High over-particular father that for all these Ing, make him sick as quickly: a<* possible. kept under, several lockb, the keys of
k \ singular affliction. A physician gave there is a convict in a Georgia penitentiary street at Stockton, Eng. He took an To do this, give him as much warm water which are in different bunda.jand it L* ;

by mistake 0 dose of carbolic acid, which his.,Why 6t1t did those two men go out?" I who cannot get out, though his sen- especal delight in studying the properties 'ear he has kept it a secret a he will drink; half a glass every five rarely exhibited in public, and only by ,

-.' burned out the salivary all'the gland,' making ot asked the sexton after the service. tence has expired, all Lr.u8 he has of phosphorus, and eventually'invene mut If possible; at theametime, an crier >: tha Senat"'haa exhibited '

his throat useless fur purposes They were offended at the minister ben put oown on the a dead. the friction he interior of the throat with a it is -u-rended around the neck ot a
onion the
living. To save the man's life an incision convictotthe same name did die, Boots of the pnetrt feather. If the warm water does not brlnt cord and la allowed 's
'- saying they were but dust and boxes of tifty-five cents per priest by ;i ,no one
;- was made in the left side of his stomach "What else are they?" ahes. and some of the chuckle-hpade( facials as for back as 1827.BPeople earth to a depth of feet on vomiting In about a quarter of an hou-, toiif.i it but him. A decree passed in 14
and a long curved silver tube with a him up living when conditions are favorable. The ,,
hav got tLlpi mix some salt and mustard and fer's! out goiucto near thwpreciou
of the Kealey any
are ex.
., .. funnel attachment il rte Through Institute"They and patent are full of man. S.-' (vl'\olly will hato "'::i t odor of the onion penetrates the sensitive c>ako blmdrnk this. !*- rel.c. A Genoese antiquarian baa writte .
the wan lves all I Bvsttms .lighten out lhi' b oks who marry in haste can hie of the nose off '
? '' ti tub young bichloride of gold." N. Y. Presa until tho courts nerves a mil rjins vomi.press his (tOl.IC.1. After u book to demonstrate that this vase 1
I _, h fo and drink. The mouth of man's the by declaring that it Is the dew man who away t Dakota where repentance i is when the wind is favorable app, the sicke wah the mouth a&let him one of the gifts wads to Solomon by tbn ,
ordinarily by the made -:
Isdsad. good. .
44 \ eonc&e liquid --- eay. tt -P --- Queen of Bheba, :
lves to-Birm --- -- --
t t -
;, U.aea -
4m .


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%, -'
I -

-.' .- 4 -' -

Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: May 27, 1892
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
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t STARKE, FLORIDAFRmAY, MAY, 27, 1892. NO 49. j'r- t[

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The Ogowe TRIAL
J. II. Porter. Krmarkable DUrov. They And come deathless they youth P'l!! with Illumes snow-mitt tholr eyes let; DIDN'T UNDERSTAND IT. At a recent meeting of the Paris Geographical -

RIES OF SOME OF THE FAMOUS cries In Eastern Tennennee. Alike t them aro oh tS and wheat. So-iety a letter was read from -
Dr. J. H. Porter of the Smithsonian Institution Alike the toollsh an 1 the wise. NEW MACHINERY USED IN COUNT- A Krgro's. Misapprehension of the Matrimonial M. Paul Crampel,the explorer of the Ogow BROUGHT BEFCRE LEGAL TRIBUNAl jed

. JEHUS OF THIRTY YEARS AGO. was one of the passengers on a They bring the wound. they bring the balm, ING THE PEOPLL Law. basin, giving an account of the Dyn.ga adlmlnutv JttbeK
They light they dry our tears who inhabit THE SAME AS MEN. flitth.-
Louisville and Nashville our'lmleq : I people
train en route "Sa '. you very bizzy? _
Careless of death or life the calm } JpdJels ake to the north of the Ogow
"b. of the Nole"Baldy" Greene, for Washington. All during the last Servants of time, the patient years.The Row the Work Was Electric a big burly country negro of Ca- fort nearly related the
summer a party of scientists from the DonTe houn tho other afternoon, as he forced ad are probably t Some Early English Court Rcearda
)Jatch .John ane Alfred-Hank Smithsonian were making researches Into winds that rend and strew the rose Mnrhinery Saves Time and Is More way through tho crowd and peered anxiously "Wambuttls described by Stanley.The .
>nk, Who Drove Greoley-Road Life the archmology of the curious walls and Dissolve the sweetness through tho air: Arruiate Than the Clerk- over tho office laID Bayagas live scattered among the Cowa, Pig, Cats,Rat and Other Ant -Lnceig
and stones uncovered near Cleveland, Tenn. This wind of time that beats and blows Average "No. What can 1 you?" asked ITfangs, to whom their relation is one of mal Tried'for Various Offeate* Capital -
J..dle .Yes, sir, I consider that Tennessee Leaves all the past still frasrant-falr. Th<' Method* of the Cenn Office tho recor-Ier pleasantly. Beml-servitude. When a M'fang chief b is ocer

> stage drivers of Clornln and holds the best evidence of a prehistoric Though hopes may fall and hearts may break The art of census-takl'g Is jedgo, 1 jes'thought I would drapin comes powerful enough ho surrounds Punishment for .Pig.I
Ana fruitless mOern.
ada twenty-live and ) years ago I race to b found In the world. I have One golden gift all Is left the striving make be. and yet It is still, as see could I get some'formation self with a band of these Bohemians ofte have recently discovered some very ckana
i undoubtedly the best ,liked. If not, found many wonders on my trip and will Man's bliss consoling t most of the countries of the world, frum you." forest. They become his hunters and Interesting old records concerning the IuoZk'at1orue'I
ed. the most highly hom/icd fellows I write a book concerning the evidence of memory. as barbarous in its basis and methods .What Information can I give you?" vory seekers. In return he supplies them trials: of animals for all sorts of of. ,

he Pacific coast. The man who held the race on my return to Washington. Hall and farewell, farewell and hall! as' when just so many animals !- "Jedge, jes' want ter see 'bout dig biz- with manioc and bananas. Changing their lenses. These documents are autentc.. .'> ._' odIdtheIr -
ribbons over a six-horse 1 learn on the Three places have attracted my attention The going and the coming guest. and a f9w herdsmen were told ness, kase it's gettin' kinder ser'ouswid places of abode every four or live days the and in most cases are official reorc.

.mlt of the Sierra iu. U.OM picturesque and will k1 all doubt in the skeptical Welcome to daybreak's shining sail off Into a patent>lifeboat to try how a me. an' so want It straighten out; I do, Bayagas are not able to cultivate the soU. they show the curious views
a I was more highly: '> .<,d than the mind. was the mound on Jolly Island The As to the night beyond the wrstl! new start would improve social conditions chile sho's you bawn." They are great hunters; the elephant ia respecting animals by the most enliht gniILpU...

lonaire or the Mate :i ',ho rode at the confluence of the Hlawassee And years may the come, the years may go according to :Mr. T. C. Martin, "Well, tol your story. What Is your their principal game, their sole weapon of ened portions of Christendom 1i'a OnDdut
I nd him. He was 'oft..u .i hail-fellow arid Tennessee rivers. It Is a temple Merry or bring sad one sad thing or merry mood; whose article on "Counting a Nation by trouble? attack being a verysharp two-edged par beginning of the twelfth century down to : ?lace.
we know
met, but he was the autocrat of the mound. built with accurate, mathematical That life Is good. ah. life l Is gJdl! Electricity," in a recent number of the "Des 'zactly what I'se gwlne ter tel ,but 5% feet In length. Physically 1744.The of lacefrokeof
i at all times lie was generally an percision, undoubtedly erected by the -N. Y. Sun. .Electrical Engineer," ha attracted wide you jedge. Look 'erojedge, w'ats de b contrast between the Bayagasand right to try animal* was fnde ,
rican, and in mos cases had cither '1oltos, a civilized race of In- attenlion. As a matter of fact, far as we I In dls town 'bout a nigger marrln', any- the M'fanga. The former are d wars on the Jewish law &lal I ini\n! In ', .,i c

en in New OhloI'ennf'lvanla, who lived here prior to the here In America had gone In our plans for how? Dat's what I want ter find out and compared with the latter, whose i m:2 "Ifanoxgorea manor \om& neal1Md
nessee, Texas, New llura&htre or Aztecs. The next place was the Ills Honeyed Words. securing Information not only ag to the dat's gwino to settle the whole bizness. often from 5 feet 9 Inches to 5 feet 1 they die, then the ox eha be sorely on'a large

ne.me cyclopian wall on Fort mountain in One of Watervllle's dry goods houses total ot our population, but as to Its peculiarities Ie tired foolin' wid dose town niggers, Inches, or more. The average height of stoned and his flesh shall b eaten, e a quarterirda -
of these Jehus ware .ount and Murray county, Ga This wall is erectedon has a head clerk who Is a most accomplished we still used, in thocensus of 183C I is." Bayagas is 4 feet inches. They are ;tout. but the owner of the ox sbal b quit" as welt
m in the service, but the majority the top of the Appalachian chain of salesman and Is kept busy from simple, crude tally sheets, which, save "The.only law that I know anything well proportioned,and I muscular. The There are among the 11 ft'qnireil.ItwiIlbe>
it grim and gray and professionallystlc. mountains, at least 3,0 feet above the morn till eve by customers desirous of that the ruling on them was slightly about is that If a nlerger wants to marr. ef their skin Is a yellowish brown. What French courts elaborate accounts of nine-
There were those vho never in- surrounding country. This peak fs like being waited upon by him. I neater, were% practically the same as had ho can do so." said Recorder strikes the observer most at first sight are ty-two; legal processes against anima.
red in liquor or wInes of any kind; Lookout mountain in appearance. It Juts He had a countryman in the store and done duty since the year 1.Anybody I Dat's des what I thought, jedge; and the prominence of the supercilliary arches, extending from 1120 to 1744. when saainthia
e were those who occasionally '"spaced out boldly from the main system of the was showing him a very handsome pieceof who will take up one of the old dat's very reason I 'pears before you the great thickness of eyebrows which are trial and exeuton. that of a cow, took jasfcm
uth to
and there were those who could not mountain, and is very precipitous ou the dress goods, not with any hope of sellIng tally sheets, with its closely packed lines 'oner to-day, raisin' dis here voice, and continuous,and the projection of tho cheek place. are many records ef have
j their teams on the grades unless they east, north and vest, and on the south It, 8t1 there was some sllgnl chanceof and sen led columns, will see at a glance pleadin' fur jesllce. Jedgo; some dose t>ones. The neck is very shor the headset similar trial in tbe English court, show- They feather

: a "couple of lingers" at every Inn side there is a wal built to inclose the so doing, and. besides, I Is necessary, the difficully and labor of transferring to hero bailiffs, jodge, done took and some into the shoudEr and well Ing that animals came before the judgment fwith like then
"joined "the outside tr\ler"mod- lofty top comprises 100 acres. Tbe as our friend claims, to keep constantly in them, and thus massing the various interesting andipathy agi inst me,and dey's persecuted developed, arm strong and wriststout seat were araIgne. tried and 1 triple,
ely often between "changes." No wal built across the mountain in this way practice.So and important facts without and 'rested me j-js' 'cause I took and>mar- ; the legs crooked. The dominatingcharacteristic sentenced with all and dignity the season they

on ever gave a California stage driver abut 1,5 feet long with many angles dashed ahead in fine style, praisedthe which no census is worthy of Its name. ried dat 'oman del and no nigger never of their physiognomy Is a observed in dealing with human b ,w York Sun.alndurtrfafsctenc.
ia.ll coin, n one would a porter or a curves command every approach. richness of the pattern, extolled the The thing was as curiously Inadequate to loved another no truer dan Hove dat 'un." expression of fear. ings. S
era but a nice slouch hat, a line pair There is one opening to the vail that, texture of the fabric. held I up to a favor- establish belief In its accuracy as is the By this time the negro had warmed up The traveler had not much opportunity Tne summonses were served by a f WAi3.
)ots, a pair of gloves, fcllk handker- when I first saw it in 1876, was guarded by able lgh vouched its ultra-fahionable cellar door with Us chalk scratches that and grown eloquent. of studying the women. He notce how- officer of the cour reading them at the -

ts,or good cigars wore always accept- three tall towers, vhicu have since been ness years to come and, in short, let the saloon keeper brings to court to prove "I guess you had a right to marry the ever, especially, the their places which te animals freuent *
leveled to the ground. loose a torrent of eloquence In which the length of a score. The only wonderto woman If you wanted to," said Judge Calhoun ears, the lob of which is pierced by pieces These citations were written a ,tinto ztgcibcks:
>many years "Baldy" Greene was a .This was at least live feet thick and was difficult to distinguish which was I the writer Is, that many of the clerks of wood }',and In this way is gradually technical formality, and. that

rte driver In the Sierra, but in 18C6. six fet high. The general Idea is that most Haltered, the good taste of the ad- who lolled at the Irritating slips of tally Dat's des what I -" enlarge until it touches the shoul- might be no mistake, contane a descniption So White of. tboejeno .

long time afterward, he drove this fortress was built by DcSoto In his miring rustic or the quality of the magnificent paper In the census of 1880 did not go hole on, dar nigger: g'long way from der. Byaa although polygamists, of the aimas Th1 in a admit the1.whirhtbC0'of
ot Virginia City N"*v., on the Austin do not neighbors masters () 'w
or 14l
/ wanderings throug.i: Georgia as a fortressof stuff. The man's eyes flashed blind and crazy. here, you black do\'i you, shouted a Imitt process against do
re as far as Big Ned'B, seventy-live defense to corral his horses and cattle. with pride at complementary allusions to The eleventh census is still of so recent hoary colored ,' occupying a seat in among a large number of wives is of Autun the defendants de

afrom Virginia lie was nearly six This if? not true, however, and J will give himself and with unconcealed astonish date that many of the readers will remember the audience. .Corse you got no right to considered to be the greatest evidence of scribed 8 dirty animals in the li
tin bight and proportionately built thr>( reasons for saying this. DeSoto ment at the development of beauty in the the broadsheet schedules that mare lat nigger 'oman. Jedge, send dat wealth. Among the Bayagas there is a form of rats, a graylah color, living Wed that aliuniStum

.a altogether as bandso..e. .1 man aa would and never could have built it when goods and fluency in the salesman, says were presented to them by the official nigger right to jail, case-" paucity of married women, owing largelyto in holes. This trial is famous In ls,but this Is m*
would' wish to meet. a wooden stock.id<' would have answered. the Lewiston (Me.) Journal. enumerator to b filled up. Each of these "What's do mater wid you, nigger the family organization, which tend to annals of French law for it was ten ') one-third 1Iihter.'

[ once drove Ben HoUaday and the DeSoto never had enough men to man the Catching friend by the arm, he exclaimed schedules provided for some thirty de- oman? shet up, and"-sputtered prevent marriages. A man has of that Chasseneuz the famous aTot j tii1Sa
iter from Virginia City to AusUn 185 jort, and it was nut built according to the : tails regarding any of ten individuals.Such the man. one wife; the chief two or thre The won hi The rat at Georgetown
!*, in seventeen hour. Ho also letutelf o civil engineering of D.>Hoto'& lim .. My "Stay right here one minute!f and a sheet would therefore serve for a "U"lson why you ain't got no light to family is "patriarchal." The chief (the appearing on the first eltUon. Cu8

out twenty-seven years ago upon Idoa. is that It Wil, built for a place of worship rushed out."Eloquence"stood. family or household of ten people, but as maro dat 'oman Is simply case you mar* patriarch) lives with his children and neuz. their counsel, BU- Al the time
.Oolfax and party between Big Ned's 'An altar lifted high that the people a little both- a mater of tact It was found that the me fust," InsisteJ the woman. grandchildren; sometmes. but rarely, mons was of to local and idvdu. twurncy nalist acrotist.heeltica
JYlrglnla City, putting them over the I might worship,' o the Bible says of the ered, holding the bolt st1 across both average fell slightly below five; so that .Is that the way of it?" asked Judge one of his joins community, character; that as the te i
A on one occasion forty-live miles in : Hebron custom. hands, just as though he had frozen in the In the neighborhood of 13,000.000 of Calhoun. which never contains any but blood rela diocese were Intereste.a all the rat i
Kbours. He was fond (i I John Barley- "The third point of interest Is the attitude in which he had so thoroughly these schedules were sent Into I i "Dat'swhat I was gwino to tell you, tions. A young Bayaga when married should be plea being in wearing
Band took his "snifleis" with exceed- famous wall covered with hieroglyphics, Impressed the rural geulleman. Mean the Census Office representing the jedgo, but I mared dat'oman In Forsyth, stays with his wife's family, and he only mitted, the curate of every parish in te a \\ccd is that dor

f regularity. As a JuJge of that amodal found near the,Tennessee river, close to 'while, this last mentioned Individual work of about 5,0 enumerators. To-day, and when I left dero I didn't haS money baa the right to return to his original community diocese was to summon r 3iiiwhIch.tInctl

decoction known as whisky-punch Cleveland. This is no vail at all. It is whisked two bouncing girls out of a carryall these sheets, ted up In about 50,00 packages enough to bring her wid me. and corso I and remove his wife thither when rat for a Insruct. The dayaIT.ever III an oxing.

aldy". Greene was an accomplished simply a stratum of sandstone thrown up that stood in front of the store, and, have appropriately depositedIn left her. Won I got some money I didn't he ha a son, and when that son has killed but not any rats, Chaseneu sad that TIt pick
or. to an almost vertical position from a level half pushing, hal pulling them, brought ono of those lime-honored storehouses want to bo boardin' 'round 'mongst deso an elephant. The son always remains with all his clients were summoned, t before beeun
Patch" John (whose real name was by great upheavals.. The rocks were them up in of him with the fluent of vital statislics chuich-and constitute ers. and I got to iigurin', and* fine his mother's group to replace her. A Bay- young and sick and healthy, great
Lance) was one of the best longdisdrivers placed In their upright position when the tongue. literally our modern Book of Num out it don't cos' as much to mare again as aga woman never marries any one of preparations to be made and certain la wint

e on the frontier. Ho could surrounding hills were formed. Every "Gals, stand there; right there, Sally. bers. The first thing, however,to be done would ter rins dat 'oman to Atlanta, another tribe. Their language Is utterlyIncomprehensible arrangements carried into effect, and use of tho colliatbcobllqif'
end a gay team around the curves of formation and stratification shows that And now, mister, cut loose again. I just vith these myriad records was to get at and ilat's des way 'tis." to a stranger, oven t therefore, begged for an extension .

I Sierra or Cat Range" grades likeiWy" man could not have built such a wall want tho gals to hear you." tl oir gross total, and upon this work the "Yes, I know," said Judge Colhoun, the M'fangs.-London Times.* time. This also being granted, aoterday Did tho!

** Buffalo", Jim Monk Charle'r The characters, however, were It Is almost needless to say that our Ilollerilh system-which' a commission "but in this country you can't have but was appointed, and again, rat li'i surface
man, and that, too, before the hllfs were friend was utterly overwhelmed with his ;I appointed to try various methods found one wife at a time." Stage Robbing Eaty Enough. appearing, ChaseDeuzobjecte to crr: would
mt a mud drive wagon or the a:buckboard or a made. Tho characters, are on fluted emotions, and for at least once in his life to bo the best was put through a kind of 'Zaclly, jedge. But you se I only hab There was a large company at the hotel legality of certain .

tyand Arizona over desert Mojave or Cobor stones, and only on the raised portions of failed In his utterance, to the great disappointment preliminary canter. one In dis country 'fore dat nigger took said George Oakes of Santa Rosa, circumstances.A 1 be
for twentfourwihout the stones. They are In straight lines as ot both father and daugh- The ingenious machine was fitted with and come up here; corse I know you can't and we were tlkint upon a variety of Cat summons from that court, he argued, rface.ttktlnlte.
II growl he had for a drink. He regard each other, and run diagonally."Mt. telS. Tho father bought the piece of a small numbered keyboard of ordinary hab but one in a town, but I left dat nig ics, when turned on stagerb Implied full protection t the parties IUm i
driven 13d milesthirtysix 1eb1 is a natural formation. goods and no doubt viII always think with construction, the keys being connected get In Forsyth, and never dreamptwhatshe bing, and the remark was made any- moned both on their way to it and on Proffr'contes4Atb
hours, and in fifty minutes The markings are regarded as script, because regret what the daughters missed. electrically with the dials, which were so gwino ter turn fool and come to Atlanta body could rob a stage, it being a feat their return home; but his clients, the irqRiL

ward ha turne right around and of their non-natural appearance and arranged that one of them would furnish Say, jdge what dat country Digger which requires no pluck. An Indian was a rats,though most anxious to appear In *!!' -
.bak fame distance. Lance essential forms The resemblance bt- the grand total of families as a check 'oman gwine ter do to make n ilbely- careful listener to the discussion that followed obedience to the court did not dare t stir it/
tilled by ApaclavS near WIckonburg, tween some of the marks and certain letters Presidential B"ald. against the separate totals of tho other I hood In des yer city anyhow. She jest lie understood English commonlywell out of their holes ou account of the number ,- 4
November 4,1871.of of tlio Greek and Arabian alphabetsare It Is an Interesting fact that PresidentVan for families of mffeient sizes. The keys kinnot cum it, she's you libbin chile." and inclined the belief that any of evil-disposed kept by the .
the best known of all Sierra purely accidental."-Nashville American. Buren was the only president previous were in thieo rows, of "hich the top one, .There is no difference in having one body could rob a stage.t Somebody rather plaintiffs. I Let the cat: he continued, 1 1A 1t

I was Alfred, who for a number of to Lincoln who wore hair on his stamped frol ono to eight, recorded the wife in Atlanta and one in Forsyth and amused at his eagerness in the conversation "enter into bonds,uDder heavy pecuniary
j up to the time of his death, drove face, and Andrew Johnson was the only number of families in each house. The two in Atlanta," paid the'Judge. told him that he was sure he penalties,.that their cats shall not molestmy
e between Wawona and Yosemite An Iriuli,Horse-Dealer. president after Lincoln who wore a smooth otter I wo rows nearer the manipulator .Doy ain'tVell 'fore God. I'se Innocent had better try his chances a and rob s a stage. clent8. and the summons will be at

Alfred was a dark mulatto and a An English gentleman, sojourning for a face. were nurnb"Me fellow; and although much polled, few w nks In Ireland, wishing to buy a Since the llobellion beards have pre eleven to twenly)', and recorded the find dat out 'coptin' you tell me." door and the stage driver was in a stt t of one validity of this plea; but the plaintiffs

got top-heavy or spoiled. Probabl y horse, called at the stable of an Irish dominated. They faces of poisons in each family. The enu- The negro was terribly broken up whenhe great excitement, and so were all passengers declining to be bound over for the
In, living or dead, has over driven dealer. The following dialogue took Presidents Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield merators having given this Informa- was told that he would have to go to They said that they had been behavior of their cats, the period Ro
lay illustrious ('()plO. He never place: and Harrison. The element'of tion in a little space provided at the jail, and broke down and cried like baby. held up and robbed by masked men, and rats' attendance was adjourned sine die,
accident; always made time, either whiskers, and simple was top of their schedules, it was for a Atlanta Constitution.
Buyer-Have you got 0 clever horse t pure represented easy guns had been pointed at their heads. and thus Chasseneux gained his cause. '
a minute; knew every peak, andiid show me? by President Arthur, while Grover quick-eyed and a quick-fingere-I clerk to tat tale they told, was a weird one, and The civil courts assumed Jurisdictionover
rock, and canon, and clearing, Seller-I have that, sir. Cleveland enjoys the distinction of being transfer the items to the dials of the machine were being organized capture the domestic animals. When a complaint -
, it and streamlet by the waysl e. Buyer-Is ho a good hunter? the only president who wore a mustache or make special note of such rare Wonder* of the English Language. possess highwaymen who had held t up the was against a pig a cow,or
laid to me that he had never per- without beard or whiskers. families as exceeded twenty members.EUdenlly The construction of tho English lan stag mae
Seller-Is it a hunter, sir? Why, then, almost within the Of the a horse, court was satisfied with
idbut, ono man to take the reins I Il.Js sir, I'll bo open with ye. a craving Upon taking a summary the followingratio the multiplying of the numberof guage must appear most formidable to a The stage driver lmit hero. tw the deposition, the accused animal was
b4a ; life, and that was PresI- horse but he's what I le's a flippant appears: Fifteen presidents wore families by the number of persons In foreigner. One of them looking at a picture the drinks glided down wa throat he grew a committed to prison at the place of
C 10 general drove nearly lepper. I might say, he's the most In- smooth faces four wore beard and mus- I each class would, if cot reel, yield the re- of a number of vessels said: "See bolder and bolder and hs numbers of criminal Justice where the trial was
I t Inspiration Point," said trickate lept hoi.su in thosouth of Ireland. tache, two wore side whiskers, one wore suit indicated by the total;" and hence what a flock of ships I" He was told that a born Increased. Shortly afterward rob place. After hearing the t

&"an& lighted ut least four cig
took: in everything: along the road, horse.) alone. Aside from the appearance check. The exportncs-s acquired in manipulating a fleet of ships was called a flock. dian friend, and, with a grunt, he laid the the delinquent, and the crime of homicide

O&de al tie turns as perfectly r anterer. Seller-Is It I heck you mane sir? Well, of their faces,'with or without a growthof the Hollerith machines may bo inferred And It was added for his guidance in .. Wells-Fargo box on 0 table and said: .o being proved the Judge condemned the :
hair, the truo embodiment of each from the fact that some of the mastering the intricacies of our language -
sir, I'll fair with ye. Ho could not con- I know I could rob the stage. animal to strangled and bung by the
"Bulk" Monk, who was nr slouch of vanicntly 0 to himself, trot under sixteen nature can readily be road from theircountenances. women tabulators thus counted as many that a flock of girls is called a bevy, was cure surprised at the astonishment two back b.to an oak tree or gibbet, according -

driver:,but who really ranked as a sec- miles the hour. Traits of character can a 60.000 persons a day, or the inhabitants that a bevy of wolves is called a pack, anda he created and at the disgust of the passengers to the custom of the country.
4.d& one, earned, as everyone knows readily bo distinguished.PhbiadolphlaRecord. of a good sized city. The for the pack of thieves is called a gang, and a led
Buyer-And hereabouts is tho figure)? average and driver. He showed a harmless The animals were by a halter, one &
cntt notoriety as being the man who _ _ women tabulators'ho in the gang of angels is called a and a host &iCtl
Seller-Is it the figure,sir? Then Il tel bost piece of which he had carved into the menial court official holding the cord;another
Horace: Greeley over the ierrat dayliine, was about each; whilo the of porpoise is called a a shoalof wo
you by the virtue of my oath, 1 4,95 shape of gun.and with this weapon he had walked behind and goaded the prisoner
mountains from Carson City tole consider it my duty to go a hundred miles Some Strange Stone men tabulators, handicapped, perhaps, by buffaloes is called 0 herd and a herd of ordered the box to be thrown down The onward. Of all animals that were
and lopped at the same inn Dr. J. S. BlacKwell recently received coming on 01 night, averaged children Is called a troop, and a'troop of
to call any man out who would proshume 32,93oIn stage driver never after that came Into brought before the bar the pig was considered
itfhlch .Greeley had staid over night, from Dr. Paul Paquin photographs of this ingenious and expeditious manner patridges is called a convey, and a convey 4
to offer me less than eighty pounds for Santa Rosa, and the Indian was soon made the most unruly, for while the
*dthe landlord Informed me. Inspeak- him. some curious tablets. Tho photos represent thanks to the Hollerith machines, the of beauties Is called 0 talaxy. and a to understand that he had tried a very learned counsel on both sides discussed, *

o'tat drive, that the canvas top of Buyer-Is ho good at water? (Leapinga tablets, llar caskets made of grayIsh first or "dwelling house"' count of the galaxy of ruffians is called and a dangerous Joke. lie assured his listeners and the Judge expounded, the bog frequently
1* wagon was torn in two or three stream.) sandy ), rougt surface and decidedly whole population of the United States as horde of rubbish is called a heap, and a that stage drivers were cowards, and grunted and screamed and tried Hfate
||lees Mr. Greoloy's hat wastacked antiquated appearance. The II stood on June I, 1890, was made. Practically heap of oxen is called a drove and a droveof a
that would throw
; Seller-Is wather, bodad? Looking that of them down their to poke his nose through Le bars of the
in; that the team was around as I a stranger in those parts. type is smooth and apparently made from only six weeks were needed for biackguards is called 1 mob, and a mob boxes when ordered.-St..Louis Globe-Dem prisoner's box.
marble. These articles are the gigantic task. The announcements of v nalos is called a school.'and a schoolof iiili
and that the stage, purportedto
twit foam "Boys, is there any canals about- _ _ The execution of these aniraa's! was public
| driver worn covered with Youth's Companion.Story have been found at Wyman, Mont- from tbe census office as to population of worshipers is called a congregation, oratle and solemn; sometime they were
Iad mud be had never seen them calm count Mich.. In 0 pinery of that various sections followed each other rapIdly and a congregation of engineers Is cale Knew Chauncey.. clothed like men. In 13S8 the Judge of S 01
, Upon 8 his return to New York place. Their were.sent for examination and a .rough count for the whole a corps, and a corps of robbers is 0 While the fast ma was changing engines Famine condemned a sow to be mutilated ,- deg
Li. Grley sent Monk a gold English of n Diamond zpert. and translation. As yet Dr.Backwel has country was ready as ear' as October 30, band, and a band of locusts is called a here to-day, says a Lrame Wy., In the leg and head,and afterward to be

Whtlflg-case lever watch and chain and a There Is 0 man on one of the down town not finished his upon 1890. The last returns not reach Mr. swarm, and a swarm of people is called a despatch to the New Messr hung, for having torn the face and arm, rorH
leasahlt! .-Chicago Tribune. thoroughfares whose business it is to first examinaton' he denied th"lr being Porter unti November 10 but he crowd.-Bob Ion Commercial. Depew,Vanderbilt and Twombly exercised and then killing a child. This sow was 11
loter examine diamonds and precious stones Inscriptons Chaldean, and In this was to Issue his celebrated themselves by walking up and down the executed in the public square, clothed Ina
In for people who buy the same and who are opinion was coincident with that of a bulletin, giving the "official count"of platform.Just man's The
The of Drink Japan. Youthful Replies. dress. execution cost ten
Price not good judges of the value of stones. Harvard professor. Also in that It was 62,62,2 exactly a month later, before the bell rang "All abr"a -
Foar,gentlemen surrounded ''as many of the which December 12. Yet all the One ot our school commissioners Inspected box who Sons,six denlers tournois, besides a new II
This is what he told a man who was likely Median was spokenon namely, ou car pilgrim ha
the .
owls! of punch in a cafe yeday., and waiting: I What a distrustful world thisis. the upper hills of Assyria on the Tigre. figures nad been thoroughly checked; in a downtown public school the the West during the approached Mr. glove for executioner.By list animals I3u
of the cited
different turning a
rere chatting about thinking Now when a man buys D diamond or The letters are cuneiform or wedge shape. reality, the people of the United States other day and examined several girls. Depew and said: before -
I to the courts from 1120 to
-itrles and the prices paid. a stone I do not blame him for wantingto Columbia(Mo.) Statesmen.Ills had been counted twice over. As Mr. Commissioner: "Now, 1 wl ask you to .Hello, Mr.Depew,don't you know me?" appear
Yokohama, Japan, is the most unl- know the opinion of an expert on Porter put I at a dinner given by the tel me the part o! speech some words "Well,I do not at present recall your 1744 may be mentioned the following SI
said one who has Pigs, horses, cows, bulb, oxen, cantharides -
have What of
just "
town I part speech
e\.tr saw' the same. But if a person makes me a chiefs of the census office to celebrate the you red features.
"All drinks cost Own Patent. rats, leeches, domestic fowl moles
Teled a great present I would not like him to know thatI occasion: "For the first time in the is 'Mary Ann?' Little girl: "Noun, "What? My name is John Reed of Saratoga
mty-flve cents, Mexican money. I : had no confidence in his honesty. But "Father in?" asked the landlord of a history of the world, the count of the sir." Commissioner: "What kind of N.Y. I used to work in the house-mice, field-mice, chafers, snails, hi

\want beer, whiskey apollinaris that is what is going on In certain circles tat of the boy who opened the door. population of a great nation has been noun?" Little girl: "Common noun." Sprng stables there, and weevils, grasshoppers locusts, dogs, -,
of tt lver asses, caterpillars, goats, sheep, mules, r'tc.
OCktall toddy a glass champagne orh&mpagne he ain't. Commissioner: "Pray, why do
just now You have no idea how many made by the aid of electricity, and used tke your rigs. Now, Mr.
t cre other birds and From
it is all the same. "What band does he with pigeons worms.-
play ? 'Mary Ann' ? Little
a common noun
of had far from home and want
coktai persons come in her to get my opinion on every single one our 62,0,0 Depew, am away I
the Our Animal .
is best
te which "Nary band. l "Because there
gir.1: are so may Mary "
champagne diamonds and stones which they confide marchedas it werounder the you t pass me home again. 0'
bottles.: Of rourso, the .But the other tenants have complainedto Anns sir." Tho commissioner smiled "
-OB In small and who had done I can't
to us, were to them by friends. young men women "Why, pass you over thi phit
*loons lose money on champagne but Perhaps they presented get around the situation by me that he plays the trombone, and such remarkable work with such extraor- and observed to the teacher that the replied Mr. Depew; but ro. Shrewd Doctor.A .

bey make up for I on short drinks of thinking that their friends wore duped. say they can't sleep nights." dinary rapidity and precision."- N. Y. answer ought to pass. On another occasion pulled out his pocketbook and handed the celebrated German physician was
Thlskey, brandy, oc Japan beer is made But that is hardly complimentary, either. Pshaw, that's our burglar alarm. It'sa News. the commissioner Inquired: .You tattered tramp a$5 bill which looked crisp once called upon to treat an aristocratic
Germans, and a lino as any made in However, If it was not for such people self-acting patent and I guess pap'U say that all tho rivers flow into the sea. and bright. The spectator? laughed outright lady, the sole cause of whose complaint -
ny place in the world.-Portland Ore business would idle."-Chicago Tribune my run I as long o he wants to." Drowning1 Courteny.A Why, then, does not the sea become full and Mr. Depew, thinking he had was high living and lack of exercise. But -
Vjonlan, b It his own Invention?" charming little anecdote of Brown- and overflow with all the waters from all turned to the crowd and said: it would never do to tell her so,so his -
_ _
Horn for Heaven. "You bet it is; he's a snorer, pap la, Ing's courtesy Is told in Temple Star. On the rivers The youth addressed eagerly dup play that on every one?" medical advice ran thus:

Ireland, in recent lecture Twenty Illned OfT One Potato. and he don't care 0 continental who one occasion Mr. Browning's son had replied: Because the fishes drink the The tramp laughingly remarke "Arise at 5 o'clock, take a walk in the -4.

Archbishop hour 0 day for work Mr. George W. Scott has brought into knows it." hired a room In a neighboring house in water, sir.-The Comic. "What's the use of havn feDd i you park for one hour,then drink a cup of tea,
n favor of an eight The landlord made grab for the boy exhibit his and then walk another hour, and take a
Is born for heaven thisofflc a'half dozen of the largest sweet a which to pictures, during don't make use of 'hat Im cup
hid: "The laborer and is his InalienableIght o potatoes ever raised,perhaps In the coun- but the door banged to and separated the temporary absence of the artist, Mr. Hoarding Lunatics Around.In here for." of chocolate. Take breakfast at 8."
roll 8 for earth I of try. They are new issues," and the six them without bloodshed.-Detroit Free Browning was doing tbe honors to a The crowd roared and Mr. Depow and Her condition improved visibly, until

r[ society, from may which deprive no power him. to ft Indh'ldua weighed fifty pounds. The largest one Press.Derivations. _ _ roomful of fashionable friends. He was especially several-the foreign insane counlries are boarded-Belgium out friends joined in heartily. John Re pro one morning the carriage of the baroness --- IQ
and to was given by the editor to a family In standing near the door when an unannounced to a whisky joint and soon was seen to approach the physlcian'rresidence
arquit himself wa
or his future home, with private families, who. for a smalconsideration cede ,_
of a Few Common Name. visitor made her appearance. at lightning speed. ;
a duties which devolve which there were eighteen: membersthehusband to the health of the New York t
>f the present upon take charge of them, and
the creature of God and the heir toradlse. and wife and sixteen children Blankets, it is said, were named after Mr. Browning immediately shook hands unfortunate railroad President. The patient dashed up to the doctor* s
tin as the penslonnaires
Time must be given to religion all of whom were great lovers of potatoes.Sunday their first makers, three brothers of BrIstol with her, when she exclaimed: .Oh, I and attention than receive would office, and on his appearing on the scene

f we would i'avo him cultivate his moral they decided to have It for din England, named Edward Edmundand beg your pardon. but please, sir, Im the in more care lunatic asylum. At the they town 01: hats and Head she gasped out, "Ob, doctor I took the
and 0 chocolate first
cook. :Mr. Barrelt asked me to
Blanket who established
Ife[ and practice the moral virtues that nero Thomas a I Gheel, in Belgium, sometimes called the It has been noticed by Mr. lenry Heath, "Then drive home fast "
"And gladto as can
benefit. Instead ofa threatenng It was fried-a part of it at least and large trade in this article of woolen goods, see his pictures. am very yon .
ender him a with "City of Simple, there are one or more who sends hats all over the world from the astute of
Browning ejaculated disciple J&sculap
said Mr.
danger to his fellow men and the was ample enough for all the family, b and were the earliest manufacturers of I see you, lunatics in every house, and the systemhas Peru, that different ifationali- .
" and J writing and take
Take arm Ccutt t rapidly a prescription,
fourteenth ready courtesy. my
In the middle of the century. -
fabrlc.-St. Paul sides married daughter
bole social Pioneer a and her been found to answer admirably. An possess heads of distinctive sizes and this emetic. The tea must be under
ress. _ band, who were spending the day there. Cambrics are told, came from Cam- will show you around. experiment of a similar nature Is about tc shapes. For instance, Germans have very neath." The grateful patient compiled. ;4n t

A f Horehoe. The remainder of the mammoth potato bray, a town In French Flanders famous I b tried in France, and 10 lunatics will round heads, a peculiarity shared by our- She is still Improving.-Chicago News.
e o'bld. was made up into potato pone and fur- for Its line linens; and damask originated Chinese Cheap Labor. be ,eu t to the Department of the royal family. The average'English

In England and in the Continent they nished dessert enough for the whole crowd In Damascus. Chinese cooks have a union and conspire short placed in the houses of farmer is what hatters call a good shape- he, How the Pan Sjritem Work. -

lave hoe made been for by a compressing long time using common a horse cow- I and to spare.-Talequah Telephone. Calc Is derived and muslin from Calicut from, on Mous-the against their employers in true union and other people who are willing t te rather lon The Scotch,one 1 not surprised A farmer occupied a seat in a railroadcar _
restriction laws went of them. Gallgnani's Messenger. '
coat When the
care -
. Ide. It is composed of three thickness soul, a Turkey, giving evidence style ler a very long-heae with a lawyer. The conductor came; ; -
J Generotlty. into force up went wages from $20 per Canadians a distinguished excpton- the farmer gave him his ticket, which he -
'bsed In still mold
. cowskln prt and then that though these goods are now
> 0
' ubjocted to a chemical D preparation. It It is a well-known act that miserly persons sent to India and the East they were month and board to $25 and $ and down that Seeded finishing. O. small ally large he South Aer again have very bad purchased at his station. The lawyertookacardotdofhlspocketandshowed ,__
has been I ,
a I claimed for it that It is much lighter, { are very much given to attempts t originally Imported tbenceston Com tendency Forty dollars up a month Is not Caller-Your daughter IS at home now, rather small on Autias Is interesting w
,I hat lasts longer and that split hoofs make it appear that they are very gen. mercial. ever since. is she not? I heard she had graduated at he Te a lttotbeconductorwhoglsncedatltand -
i I erous. uncommon for cooks' wages, and cases one ad worh pursuing fell went on. The lawyer saw the farmer $
eye ,
,ri never known In lre using it. It li the Artistic Literary and Scientific UnlVerslty. -
of 4
. rfectly smooth at the bottom, no calks "Why I tell you," exclaimed one exceedingly Jnut an Though Were Cath.Hillow are cited \here $is paid and for only space aowe h idvdv his card askance.* -

'jing required, the shoo adhering firmly I "close"Tich man, vauntlngly, I I. another proofoftbe fair choking at that The prospect before Hostess-She is not at home.- She ha vary go deal frm te t te. "Don'tyou find tickets pretty cheap on9thIs -
this schema "
, "I give away a five-dollar bill just havediscovere California housekeepers1 new schooL shrinking duWe or ment w..a toad? asked the lawyer; -
elastic- finishing
( 0 the most polished surfac a gone to a ,
It adage money. immigration M "
freely as would a copper I"a tme for prohibiting what for gury wt"a Tolerably cheap I suppose, anaw ._4.4 a4s2
sprains, horse' Why. 7"k
ty prevents No doubt no doubt said friend Gofer Well? Is carried Congress is something ye Aa t shape, 1 the farmer,-considering that I, ha
; a ; trough na s
; teps being lighter and surer.-Memphli Hillow-We frequenUy spend the day..- Republican. "Oh to learn how to enter a room, and < it
|* mllr. .only you never give the copper 1" Detroit Free appalling.- ,'ant hold a fan,.and bluah, ati.8 fhon..bt, oy.ee; psyyonrfarsss'w&1u7irbsrgDspstI _
Pess 71
Y. mn I't 'M
bow.-N. HsU: _
., I hap*yes aftsr ii
--- -- -
-- .
"- - --- ---. S ,
S ---4
.f r 0 ; *
? -
.; e '
; r : .K -
,' .' .4',. '..' < .-
: : %
,: : ..1: \ ; .
J'H 'J; t'
: ,-s .-
:; 5* 5
> A

I; -

--- -,_._.. ', 4---1..: .' .-:, .' .:
----- --.-- ;" -
----- S '..-" ;.:{ : "#
.o.; .r.I ; : 1'4

.-. .. ..,.-.. '.' .: > .' .. .. .. '. '.
"I1 ." .,.. <,".'ft'., \.i. ., ".' .- to. ... ". ,* .,'( ,. ; iJ '
; -' ""' '',l'r ";-.j j"l .- t'7..l" ,.: '

L_* 'vJt&K *, i"8 r '..-' ,.4If' jr.
.; ,1 Y .- '

- t : ", ;
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- s .. .. .J" ", .; ;'. ." I.
- .? < k' S _. t! S. w
- A .\ .
-. : .

- .' i 1 .. . ... .. .
..rsaa.'c-n't: ''-' S ',........ I. .... '.1. --- -, -,. '-' :-. ---_'-:'--- -_ ---- 1---' "- ---- .' t :'7'r.1'. ,: f'' 4'' 12L. --,-*-1-. .r'-,.-'J.P-.rP1J.Jrqr: __ ", ,. : _' '

f S\\ .. .> i A majority!) of 'those democrats! and; valuable The liUrl; ( nek company J. > ,

-- outside ol New'Yorkhn are is nt work: and is mining large --. -
PUBLISHED WEEKLY ATJETIKCT. -- opiohinp More KiH'Oiirajfciiif. should. be f'natuitiy: J
RA.DFOKDl'OUSTn.OlUDA.. j .ilio). nomination: of Mr. Cleve- <;iveu .the Uoys. i quantities of pebble, and it i is believed -DEALErlINEZEAL.MERCflANDISE. -
1.C.WEBB."! ; 1 1a.m1 l say that they prefer Lira asai I Col. Lfijtnberth, inspector; : of ordll 1 atihe* recent find ut Sharon* will amount I b

.., Editor: Publisher.. .' .patuli.ila tl., hut'.: I do not: 'believe' he' nance, h <* been in Iii city !for *>ev- to. thousands. *. !. tons"; in t .juty L its extent' cm. f Ulr".k 1R6K#

i VMCBIPTION. 1.00 A can carry l his own. 'pta'te: :and that, :eral l da\s.\ On F"day niht'la t ) !t'h ? hitidh be e21 jiflat t-d. Another good feature

t" .. 4* i} JI. I therefore l it would' 'be folly to nominate inspected* (** inpany H, *4th' Battalion: Muittit. 'h.; Sharon deposit i is Unit U i idnearlhe r '

,: 'i4.r4 A"1 "tIet f (1o'It; ;tll in him because, in order' io'wi'I;, '('. S. 'l.*.-'formerlBradford J CoimtvGuilds. niilro.id and onl13 mijej; .from ,

'. tAl!". "'),. trr.u. F'lll.. *"'<"'Id' the den oi,:.ratio'party i ) 'must carry Ilia report\ yen; ;. Battering water.' That sis ftyed shows% A very ,jaijhprceiitni DRJf- ; GOODS VoIi :

ir4". Th.Utr. that t1at(. Jut on whtt'dues their for a uew company and a great !e,and the 'deposit is froth 2 to 5 .

; i belief t);..t hu cannot'carry Neu credit to :'Can't. Helberjjer. Th* rut< under surface.( Clay county phosphate NOTIONS. .,

*". The harden qtiestinn to decide 5 York ret.? Has .it any other basis boy* have taken: p>i idv in thisir comuny i is coming to the. ,fr'iu to Green Cove HH
? wbowI1 l be the next o\'emlr.; than that the New York delegation BOOTS
V I [ Jlncll have'\forkeijl hard and lateto Spring. : :1
i i virtually instructed 'for Senator: O.Et
: ihunikflves and tii!
i perfuct company
: It. is only forfr (dayn now until the I urn .
? is 'ready on two hour/ notice It a doctor .ki-t mistake be buriea SHOES andGROCERIES.
\ Ute J <.4.convention" I' meet at Tampa. tla; any democratic leader .of to tterte the attic. Thl'arc located it; if a rn't'rc'ba t makes a mistake he'D T.

Th itt t prohibition. convention prominence. i iu New York said; that rlgit in our m"id-t and belong to. u-, vt tells it; if II I lawyer makes a mistake he O

\11'. Clei'ilatid'"cannot carry that all and crawls out of it; but if an editor makes a ,.
willing to *
will ready light umoment's
t -S .jbe held. at j, Palalka-. on. June 1 4. .ttt '? Senator Hill! has made IK.ha notice, for ira, and t yet but mistake. .he pillS it. ,on a large sheet of paper IQ

.. Judge MJtcneIJ will not receiveth Judi atncml'nt; neither' Mr. little interest i is taken in them b\ for the world ti.: look ut. and i? every Sterko_. .. Fin.

nomination at the Tampa oon- Croker;; the chief of Tammany. Ir- the citizen; generally It. vill s <:n r. community.' ? ,there,. arc. crunks who think o _

lon.. 4 f.r' deed l it -.vould fie; difjjctih, to !find aNew ; be encampment time, and this corn they are:models of wisdom whit occasionally THE TRAVELERS'HOTEL Wt1 't ZW Wd I '4J' ,.-. L
1 tN' 1 ii Li t'1
)17.n. ._- I Yoi)" democrat ) 'bolle..op n ou pall ha on. of the 'rrio!iou ton-pit-Il! discover, these. and for. weeks keep d'f1 i4 44 r' .t :

,., '. high waters still continues to do with regard to the master ik worth : places in the ;ins; they will, e their JHWH ftsiginj. about their astute "i- CORKER BAY AND CEDAR STREETS elf QS3

; : ." pat damage to lifu and prr.jxjttvm anything, ,vhd has -aid. 'or who will commented! on by UIM, press and t lorn.-Ex. JACKSONVILLE $ 0
.: the Wl' :. ':; say, that Ne*' York's electoral r vote others. Lradfcrd conntttbou'd' beproud '. ,

S' h. .! will not to Mr. Cleveland if he in '
I go O.r'lhl"\U and )p'actthem! in .

.'. : There lira. three counties *..hatlo'J'arh'pa go i the nominee of'tl! party. JJearl\' condition tbat uoiilrj, be in' keeping aOYA AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN PLAN.Not O @

.. with contestinsrdelv, 1 ,at.,. all this talk' to the effect that 'Ir.Ic'cland with that pride. Capt. 1 lIciber.ter' r""

.. tt will take at !lenat ono 'day let'd.! ( i* not an available can iias" ordered drill two nights i in the the Largest but the Best w

t oi. <.Ie who are' entitled to seit:' .' llihtc because he cannot carry New week from now) ijutil the encamp! Hotel in the
I City.
T # York is outride of New ,
f: --.E----- I by persons i ment. Mercbnr.JS) who.1.| clefks belong .

Our merchants and citizens i gen York \'. ho know little or 'nothii.jf oft I lne to the company. should not ,
Iran are to be political] situation there. A NEW BRICK HOTEL supplied) "
s congratulated upon hesitate to allow the of
with electric l l.ells. gas. e'ectne fire alarms
\he I"l l iuttrost ninnifeited It can be tated with almost absolute : ,
1 promptness time to attend drill; they bhoult) be tin re escpea. night watchman: best heilsoney I I I

in thy Imilding. of the new certainly that if Mr. Cleveland willing for them to attend the encampment can buy. good lIble.ld .nervicu.roiivenivnt j1LUO1.1GES I

railroad.Tj 1 is nominated )lie w:ill receive the am! shou d not charge Incal otl. street cars from all ,

-- full clt'IJIUl'rat.c'ck! If' bilt .tate and, 1 Pti11 Th only hotel that is opeu every
them with their time. For
iii up tin winter nail l summer Witkovski
:. wrstrtu floods have somewhat i teM
F, ; ,bAt t; t ut have destroyed tl'onUndi -* pendent vote. Jndeed, it woiijd not that thentr op.i lie *iatione at AiciI4 Troprietor.

of dbllarH worth of' property, be Biirpriking if the New"! York del
\ Seuin '
EL- fGft. the country desolate and ttkeii: xhoujd) dtmalid Cleveland'' variou4 point-* : \'irtuaIJ) NO OTHER PAPER_ LIKE IT! f
: egalkn TRUBY
for hdtlung', 81 ill hut n-hi!, that tlievbe STBRNBURG & Q
P1aDy'h\'C' nomination the Sc'cond halloi.ramtnany '
Oil aa
t. _._ not he friend l encourMged as -s possible.Caj 'House & Home" : ,
mny very 1)t t. I Heiueiger I i infoimi' us til??! it is;
Dr. Gtskin.hsa tvater (. lIowing'fol' it him ; .
to him, but prefer at a candidate for them to have t G Absolutely: Pure ,
?41L' governor than hi opponentwuald :. for president to anman outside A HOME PAPER FOR HOME PEOPLE.PftOFUSCLY .
and U.iukets '
35 befoitencampment.
u--- like, And yetthere is not a of New york. If it cannot uniform A or-am of tfirter haki.; pow lfr.Rll UI1ti of! ILLUSTRATED
ha\'C'1 Now thi i' is vI'r hi in Litett UrW PUILISHEO MONTHLY I Wholesale and Retail Dealers int
) iMveninp strength.- U. S n. _
thing that they can 2y aninst( himTha.t'llI *etutor Hill it. will acfjpl. t'let; tie, :.hout 5-100;1 "v ill cover the cost. mtnt food Report. __.I .,

tHe roason. they. arc aoof afraid In fact, \ r. Crnker has' been quotes .. If joti aie called. upon 'to ;-,ivi ill R"YAL IlAinio PowBtn Co.. IIS Wall St, K. Y DEPARTMENTS. "

him.I'. a saving that Tammany will gi i\'e a 'aising thutmo' ,mi ii bliould beiueiNUllv U. O. O. I'.-H t1II' oR 5415g. A splendid serial "Aty." '
a Tui by John Strange Winter author of"Boot* General! Merchandise
meeting en'rv
the ticket namedat ; ;
hearty oupport) to Ith. It lea Baby." illustrated by Henry MoCaP-
Dr. Gaskitirfwill gain vott'II:11 complied) \ )s night m tier hj.ll. Ti'<>iiHitnjl ,
Chicago whoe\er the nominee hixiUifr ballot for until )lie '0 btl s'; that: the \'t.I'nt -nce ol .1'-
every governor invited J. O. !.tfce Hone,conducted by Marion Dcnglu.U. .
be. )
has 'thp required numln.-r to nom may t'fIla'l': tifiopH) ktup. loan much ..,. Plans and Bulldlar. a Deller. TARKE FLORII. _
ate. ': HischaicM better It looks xery mlll.h8 if Cleveland crime, >o it is buti; good! bu-.ue- F. J. FIZT.nS. S t cottages each month showing: eztczOr$. "
aro no\\ floor plans and interior sketch awl )
than allY one's in the race. Out would; be the;rominee. Gt-II.'J n"t'\. ', ru't'"' naeli': to I ke'p them! ;:p. Tliehive \ Bradford Lodge' No i2, F. c A. f>:. details, accompanied by : Staple autl Fancy / {

of New York has a tatde I \1! i.l,4t 1hUiJ4J fljh it btforr the ti iri Home Workshop. Designs for amateurs. : .
ople'bt't'd not hcKurprined to )leain! I pnpaicd : ay be 'n very moileot :1li.1 I Suuiltr iu 6'tcillUouth.
A ciiiiceivahlr nrtirlGroceries
Usme Pnnsishtoc umt Decoratta Coo.tributioas Any *-. '
cf hit Domination. of thi1' delegates already 1.lt.ct..d. .i ske'l or bui little WM r JIALPHURS. W
J. E. VfiiNfcionT. Sec. from a corps of able writet
.ho\\'iritho'.t'\ known to be foi MiCleveland : these
c" oa subjects, that are iaUreaUagand ,
Any kir! l t>f Proy"n.i.r
'rbe convention should those uninstiu-jted and! Tin Jim Oilrnlt'I..r thPmvt contri:.zi COMER L. PEKTTOUNI.tTL.W helpful. :Feed :
Tampa refuse Hay ,
l b.I I Ill!! C'-mi,li-im-m s f slmrl stii.ie-' .- L. and. NOi'A \ LaUM Fashions by Mrs. M. L. Batey.Lawa 4
those him From thi- ,
to teat either of the Duva! opposed tu ei.lclis.:: .IIIC'\I"I: all.J! l p "'.in5!. ulillfil.sMMui I ...*:.:- sad Garden. Full of timely matters. 1irly.k.Dry ,
delegations Any that il.get table it appears that \1 r. Clcx'eland I I pedal Contributions. Tbe House Doc:
county ii n< aii'l re 111' c'ailltl'IIi"t Fire Insuranca.pr.e.ntR I

up such a tight an they han* has llrt.ad415 delegates, and! that: 1 \--I.Lii ,I'vI.i"p fri'nh I UI 1r.'Mt unit niif..j 11iut I R$ UVU! i'OJJ.& 'iN'DoX' Jt GJ.(, Basket tor" by, Jean Queries W. Wy&e.awl Answers.etc. "Scsap" Goods Millinery\ ; ,' iClotMng

should be ignoied l 1.y the (..ol'l'nticJjand the numbtr unin trucied :and j.p.i.) .. i r phil'! nnd hn:hl.! r vie h of I Ihoiit'MtiosoHiiijr )itOVIDENCt: \i' \ HI.TnGjEA Y1L" In hiis, ':1/

back home ed to him i i"l 185. Fifteen stair n n-iii-i vi'iju t.< the render, as SECUIUTallli flAUTFORD KIM Inuaompanii tor y 11II'. We a Cop,. AU tfegsdeato Sill It.Snprlal >"
Vent to fiui-h theitfight. ( to HI. ; i
w.-ll .- show ma )!." gp uler "I.illII tliewrtler for Male.STARKK1' Alllt! riir.iM.ii u Gn. at: 'I! I, .. JI.Z. "&.l'
are to be heard from and of tliedelegatfh eountj : .J.rtc..J
Such matters should not be yet Months Trial
ill the for.n.iJirn: i II; nml coin.:>!!ti- ILOKIISTAHKE 4 : .
brought into the convention. from those 4en. Trae') i ill! of whnti\ er l hey u'ldtrtub.Pnc.. jnl'IJt! Subscription 25C 'ill; 'ini ".II .fJ ,..ur.--T. .'

gives \1r. Cleveland 96, making r. I rIlL yc.ir. lOc .1 ninulier. Send Postal Note to

.. The $60,000 \ orld's fair approj total)Jof 51 1 that be will receiv on The .June J niimlxr of Our Little Men t Bsum ft Koma,U06 Ao.h BLnua4ttp1&h. HT d oor F..r F-inurs. Hi::,!">. !'III'fl.h! ,, Mil trs..i14. '

lialion which Greece has made, mil I the tim ballot. It mil requite only and pictures\\Vomi its coiitiinx its the stories ni-xith poems itself. Tile HIK! DRUG COMP'T 'bi ,,'he .1.. .... .e".... ar Va J. e, al"o St.fft-S. Ht: ."!. t''"k 'J tte-uila.. J.1
I .
be devoted in a large part to the! about 00 votes to give him the 'nee I iiper stones nrc especially clever while ,.4jlafui: .,n Jl.Cilt'a.-sIusIi.n.t.. ct'ur1t.! >,-.nt),and promsodioorder a,). t "'
-; du.pt.ic.r'iflts -
preparation for 'ex ibit of reproductions essary two: third* majority, and Gen.Tracey the shorter; Btorica. poems and jingles all '-f the 'womoanJ nrxiwl orga R. Ivirren.e Furniture To suit vny tatealld any potket. .1I,

in cast of the tnany famon* predict he will get' tLem on:I ajmrkle with real life nnd hint such fun I 1tsUOtrt14)ta. ,'h.ukIrnt f''r WOMAN'S :
{vJi OiLlP'! ( -iil' ). tree ivith particulars kinds of other house Furuishinf Goods. -
fpecimcDH of ancient greek art, nou- tIle' second ballot. iuil merriment us is Untrue l I""y aud girl I II I I b..r luriuecuro. X< I CURKIvO PAY. StuenuOtliiA'jflt.utinub.iiiiliiinUHl S 7)
tirersion nud "port. TIn pictures ute in I experience..cart f ul oiair.uew .
owned the Those who think that Cleveland'sremarkable 1
by government I t iliem! ''lveii a work of art. Price $1 pryenr. ami itoSt.. ivpres. nmb'us are tlin eecrets
baU it is announced will be popularity i i's based i .iuuJ-suee-ts. Audrei. C. W. P !ItER.l1.I.J.. '
prt'II' upon JOeL number.' i
m K. Cherry .tritet. o.lJ.nll..Taaii.DEI'OIIMITIES7
nted to one'or more American mu- a sentiment are' mistaken. It i* ; 'flie.Jui,: Biibyl-nd is n* bright and -- -- BEST GOODS LOWEST rnlubo l'
3M2S **K
ttchmi ort t the fair closes. t' based upon'the belief\ that of :\' the 1 sunny ai the month foretells.Vith Us .1. i **. .

,. _'.4 .' candidates named be i L* beet tit ted I pretty frouiUjiieee. crowned by" full. I CTOM lye II hare' lip. curratur of tins splnr.' .
page picture at the clou nnd the dainty : club feet,hip joint dis****.aDd aU Ulormiti of -
The world's tair, probably) will I for the presidency, and that bis stories and rhvr.ivs bet\veeii the cover ... the hands arui. lc8 Hntl feet radically cured.

nc(. have"an Eiffel} toweror'anvthirc chances for being' elected' are the: \. baby will wear a uinilin;; face ihe whole Starko, l" ..f'., Suprrfloi-s hair Db.ti2urmeallll.Wil'.marki.Molea. .tc..-"oain FOR YOUR STYLISH A I TURNOUTS$ :
approximating! h in height, except t beaL-Savanuak: News. day long and mamml1'0'111 K.IV, over again lestl.r and perfectly rein ovrd. Send for vlIotuabJeU'eatJ.a1l ,
tot elevation'to which the her ofl-repeniett words- \Vhat Mnmld OD th6 boH.. C. YT P.\R.KER. M. I).,
ptivbilloons do" DEALERS IN 244 N. Cfc.rry.tr..$, Ka*brile. T IlD.BRqKEa .
will aic 1rnd. There will be, Politics from Our Exchangee. we without n'\'VI'lnd-lhe' babies'magaziLei" : SADDLE HORSESFor
Price 60c 5c
however, three observation towers, The'absence of Ssnitor Call froul '"hit I a 'cl\r It num DRUGS inVlL/Minaa/ and wom n suSer-
uunti re from any form of
about 300 feet high for the accommodation United Blairs senate this week. to be ;,1 above mHsruzincs are publinhed b rIb DISEASE cau M of visitors who want"to D. Lothrop Co Boston. MEDICINES ami their affliction (sealed) free and Ladies' and Gentlemen's Ridings
DeLand and Jacksonville to 1li .roll')) for !..rn bow they caa be cured at home by trriaiiR ;

take a birdVeye viev of the ground* fn personal ''(independent) friends, Lao --- TOILET ARTICLES,, DR. PAJUT2K& CO.. 240 N. Cherry street Nash- -"".
Better than a St bottle of iPurlfIr. TiU.,T.an. Better write to-tiny delays are oang and ?
and buildings: These tower will)I COlt a: lou of $ OOOO to tb 'people ofracksonvilfic SPECTACLES. TRUSSId.: .'c.Prescriptions I iro.ii. Pleaa.a aMyomrtrOHbl0a d how long

b. of elaborate design and beautiful 1 and the 3t. Jobris river coun- Dr. ,V II. Evans the leading drUftL I, prepared rl aU hour day tit TEAMING OF ANY KIND GO TO]

in and will cot about "' '>fS nforrt, Florida M.VH: "I alw.y" 1.
appearance The house o1'"lIil1l. mch2- :
each.V try. appropriation for tbe floe; 1 iatlu rwoinniemiitijr $t. ".\trjek': LUMBER NOTICE

fSOO.OOO. rim was cut down just fSQ.OOQ) !') Lb Cscuate. PilN. I nell more of them thin any other A Billion and Half. '
__L_ __ ._ _- r _lid pi IN i rnrrv in ato-k." There ant no ITo J.J W. Alvarez & Co.'s Livery Stables. ,
no ODe present to protect The above is limited to \vn the am .
The New York world1 fair board better mul doa ( Lheto. will otw ,
: ono o n the; people of S'Jirke and vicinity 4 f ,
1'1or ll intertkt III ount due heirs to unclaimed estates in <
hasvisited Chicago, innpect the be closely looked after Washington. should In blrxv, morn) purifier good I In than bo n dollar market.bottln Vor of any sale 1I land, Ireland Scotland. Wales, Germany This is to notify YOU hat I have closed Fine Horses, Carriages and Saddles.: Expert Drlf>,t Draft;-
-Metropolis., '
exposition grounds slid buildings' by all medicine .I.-Alto.s. and Franc The heirs are supposed Ito the saw and planing mill for the .summer.I Animals aad Vehicles for any kind of Hauling. |
An l into \ be chiefly in the United Stales. deocendtuT. shall have iu the yi.rd at the mill a
inquired carufully the LOWS
progn This Florida third patty will meet i in -- : of people who endued tliu few thousand feel ofVough lumber. alsoqui'K GOOD STABLING AD FJ2E1) FOR YOUR HOUSES.
of the work 'preparation for An *zf(] nurse named Myrr, rtiHnfn ) ocean fears
convention at Ocula June 1-tbe eniue Frankfort. Gonniny has been a.n. You who ruad this are .rn try a large quantity of eorse) novelty CHARGES. PROMPT ATTENDANCE.:
be fair. The member ar-
great of tilt'f.dur 'o with! the under. sidiny. flooring, ctilinc ajd surfaced lum-
day the demncmic .convention a'l n-steil. quested eorreopoutl
inet-U 1 clinrsrfd with the draih of
eiprv Med their a"toni.hme"i Tarnp.v-Floridian. fifty eight i infants.! causm Tbe Mllct; rime* cijPlIed. if your people Chile from acros: l 1)41which; will l Itt left HI charge of Mr. STABLES OPPOSITt MOIFT'S CARRIAGE FACTORY, STARKE, FlLt

.' ind enthutianrp over the thesis. Ilemt'intier thnt letler to Uiis Lawrence Wall of Starke. for sale. Anyone
magnificentbuildingn -. t-xtend (.v r a C4nutd,-rnite, lei.alij: : of time L-
; requires a live cent Be. in want of luu>bvr may find U Iu his '
and' the and it u reported thu ueveral country stamp.
vast ot
amount Dr. .Johu L. Crawford can esuily: be rt. wealthy intorasl to call en him.
sure to write name Mnd I\ddrt"t1 AND PENINSULAR
work that has been @d. ladies of Frankfort. are to he! aC'colied ofcomplicity. your plain FLORIDA CENTRAL RAILWAY.FLORIDATRUiSKLINE.
aocolDp1i commuted for of State. Mao wiul 25 to fur .
secretary But i if ly. cents pny poalagt' James E. EllS, '
They said that New-York will now and emr pondince. We SHORT ) I1. -
chargf nothing
\It he goes tuto the fight for tbe governorship SUrke Fla.. April 2%. 182. Agt.Sm \
b'cna all its energies to be creditAbly will that nyt make it Nothing like Trying It. tur in ligaring.-WU.LI.\M LOKI MOORE I Td all points in South Middle and West Florida. Mobile, New Orleans i nd the soulbwert.,"
and xplendidly reprefiited and possible some Are in not hi ni that will 5 IUJ"BfJlI Road Sheplivril'8: Bush. Lou Direct connections to all point North:;st arld ortl'elSt. Uecaiit new coac .. t
; no QUi4'klv.nli1.rv
oDe elsiJ to lI cure the secretaryship- "nd. Sweotfic Ansrloaa I Route from Tampa to Cincinnati Without change of eieeer.ia f"
& that hereafter there will be no cause i>ne of iho value of Cbauitorlain''tPain Eng hU8m.. Moiitict-llo Bud Thomasville. .
fioridia.i. R'1111for rheuma'iHin! Agency ferCAVEATS ( iu effect Melt 1-, 1893.
u" : porsonwltrlil. littlE MHD_ _;'Ii
*tor: the of Inkcwarmnecx.
accusing state Give it n n>.ance and sue how J250 IN GOLD I -3 I l t3oLlTkik1t' viV'.1 II I 4 JO I : I IU'U.I _1.\'r- I J ,

It now looks as if Mr. Cleveland will quickly tbo n.uii; will Hiibside. For sale FOk A QUART OF \THKAT.Caea I 5 50 p OO a LT 'ernandm& Ar 30011 II {' a I II I':, p CJ a L. JIIl'kIlOII\'ilJe Ar22p720p3125aLY

1P' by all medicine dAAlflr") CaIh1haft. Ar 4p 7Oa; I000P 73aLv Baldwin Lv'iOp31 p '
The of Ghtrda1a ihiu bud the democratic ticicet) aud. 51 r. Harrison ._- A 900 pUIS a LT Jack'unvifl'' Ar 155 P 130 a 1.11'a 845 aAr I ak.- City Lv'S P ..,
women an oa. tbe uamber of Grains la Oae
133a 133sAr LiveOak I.T Ii ...
Baldwin LT 1 tIa Ci 311 ia 4Op /
flie I the republican. IL will be the old( A cave-in occurred in the Anaconda and ,.. Prl. 9OOp1OpLY L',...
Sahara, attained a deg I Quart s.cnr. un p l7pAr Nlarke LvL 47a 431 a aArSuWaTsneeSpgaLV12I3p ;
i fight a.*iu with the exception thdtrepubIcans I. mine at t Butte Monlnna. May 14. nn t'l. OM May 14th, 1892. 22SpAr Hawthorne I.v1048a :23a S In a 10!Ar 31adblon Lv 444p SsI :
Of freedom unknown in somefnTor tot) level on the fourth floor which resulted t P 15 a 2 M p Ar Curs LT HIl1 l41 a 4 O all i5 V Ar JUoDtftUO L. a II p 4 5.
** civilixed.roihmunitien.. Them- nut find the democrats in better in terrible )loss of life. There were 14 CotU't the irrains in a quart of eomraoa wksat, r TMAOi MARU! 331 pAl" Sliver Sprtngs I.v 9'6 O a 206pAr Ta llahauu L. tCllp a.aU..34lopAr
fighting t'lutpt than have and If you can name the correct number wr'kill) : CJSBrOH PAnRTiiOOPYRICHTa. r Ocala Lv 9314811 B45a 343pAr QtIIMY LvilSSp I.'
".. Borneo, when they marry, draw up they been for A miners at work nn the t1tjpr at the tim I. mnd 'ouIOOID Gold. ButK you miMit a .to.InfornytUon 705pAr HOtnOA&81A LT 7\0. 10lOa 4:p y ltiverJu' etion Lv 12 Cl p 11 Its
their own marriage and i rthe quarter of a century.-Green Cove Spring of thii< number cnly) fo .rcame.out' alive, few praiox hut cnui nearer thAn n':y one es! :. I'M nrd f-?e HaixStmolt writ to O. Sl4pAr Leesbul'Jt Ly I1O'aIOlOl. .31'1'11 (9 P A.r r.Ducola Lvd .e".
contract and nil of IhtH41 were hmlly hurt. we will send you S OIN GOLD. See b.low:. I jDJOJ k CO- set BROADwAY, K.w YORE. G 40'a 540 P .ar T&Yrtres' Ly to.a II 30 p 2 00. AI' QblIe Ly J 10 a7Oa .
man in any way break it the 1 To p r>on gueawnR exact aumb r.....' 100 OUsst borsra for secwrtur tMMoU n Art llIipAr Apopku. Ly foUa 5r3p 74aAr l.wOrJellnll L. '30p <"
Voman i ill The white people of Florida must etacd(I --- J Toin>r!0iutihkikgnoart: >>t ..... .,; 5)), -r_ rr Haunt take out by& II bronfrut before gQQg 7lupAr Orlando LT Illia 430p SbOaAr )JI'DJom Ar 735a. 't"
immediately free and will TliT j is tnor,.f'a!IIrrlJ I iu this .octionoftl i Tope.n.ooru.ss.izu.xtowarebt...... ... r sb yvUta'if a notiea gtvtn Intt o*ohaiye la tk 315 a 4 4.0 I' LT Wildw04ld LY 1\ !9 a 11 I\U P II 15 P Ar B1zuixhau. LT'&I P ,.:
}have no more to say to him. ThjiIiarda1zu together nguinst the republican wiles anil l'e rountrr than..11 her disensen 4 :: :: ... ...._. 1" I 12 IJ 6 1p AI' Dade City Lv 7 11 a i'I1 J.I 7.J1O a AI' N&'b'ile Lv T iSa '
Mohammedans third jiany desertions to niainthin tbeii I |i"t tj>s th.'r..i'id nn'il 1 t tie I l--u l fmv years! 1\ 4. ...... 1\ rieutifif mtriau II 25 a :1a p AI' rlaAt Cliv: Lv 5i1l a. If 11 P 2:7 a Ar .i\'iIi. Lv 12 ia 1) i.
are :, and, w is d b. inMir-tLlp 6 S ......... t 7 4 a 80 P AI' Taulpa Lv 500" 8 10 P 5:a."r CIncinnati Ly 'UO P \
by the law df the control ct The state governim und makesure : Kupjjo8& 'o t'or'4 .. ......... 18 1 :op Ar Waldo I.Y 11 110 a 7 2a Ar .t. Loula Lv '135 p &
prophet, a manrit.iy ureat inaiiv yt''r. doctors proinun] I it ........ 1\ Largest.eirenUtion ef any sdeatlflc psi'th Ute 231pAr Gaint"li\'iJle J.vlt,23a 5 10 pAr_ ('hlran Iv 4 15S2OpAr ,: .
have four wiv,.*. t'he women I, of ll.e electoral vote for,.a demormiicpresident. II 1"1'.1 Iti"C'II."i'. IInd prt'-II.rjl'It I lu,1rC'IIIh. 9 .... ..... .. 1\ world maa hoald bplendldlr be without lltaitrated.It. Week No, Intellkrent S3-OO! a C'.t'IIu-Kt-y LvOft 9 1 ISU\\'A iI.kn'X} 61J"t_. _,
however, do nut 43ow! more than The piesidenli.il elenioii pr:'niises )! <**>. an.l l hv 'oflMtitflI I v fijljpp; to 10 ., ., .......... 1) r'-; (UU .%_monU1a. .4ddnl3a( Mt/NN ft 00.Noticed Trains 1Ii0ll 1.2.9 and 10 dllily.! Pullman cars '8(111. Lv Jacki1ie A; I p "
... 1't1B&aa&aa I4W$1.
('l1f/\ wIth loenl tI-Faa nirit, 11 5 New VnrL
pl..noulI'\d Ui.ouiaJ t b.twe.nJack.oLviiIeaI.dNewOrIraflm.
U>be verv? close under the most fnvt.r- .. .. 513&Lv Baldwin Lv'740p 9-
and W .........
one, polygamy is practically: : hli"lIIc l li.is proieii oH'arrli I .. .. ,. 5 3. 1. 7.8 daily.i 9 UaLv Lake Cit'Li 5 l&pRAi1A '
? : ..... inaf -
13 f
banished. Theh:1.e also .1 peculia'robjection a le ca'cuUtionj! on the demorratic k'nie.Tho to h<> nsiitiitioiiHl tl.o-e, xnd thfreloro 14 .. .. ... ... 115' 1\ I Discharge. : AND etBIHEHL.\\f, t-oUTr. IOl5aAr wbtt.piiiga l.T 631pI 1

to drinking aud mokicg ; vote cf every detnocnitic state will ben require* "'onmitiitionni( % treatment.I.lIaIl'a .......... 3lIS Sir month*after<1at* I will Apply to the county I. 'ii-TOO_.__ _1 __I 1 I i I it'59aAe OlpAr Vs1dsatu JotlPf'r Ly Lv IMp
t1c TaUrrh <"ur mann aetiire l l.V :: :: :: ......... J judge of Bradford county. State of Florida JaekllOnYlJe- Ar 2 ._ -450a 10lp430pIOCOaLT
J. The .
lud in many contracts: the hiubandis & Tote of Florida nnalllis itis. 17 ..._.... 3 for final settlement asadminiotratorof the estate I- 5MpAr MaC L. 1150555ipiI
K. J. Cheney A < 0., 'l 1..It'd/I Ohio is th -'iCe F..rnandlna I.T 2.a. .3Ot
.5 of Frank Summers. dc a8ed. latr of saidconntr 'r lOfOpAr AtJan* Lv 110"
told that if IHI falls the hat may elect the neiL president A only (onfi'Utitionil) 19 .......... 3 5 00 AI' Brunswick LT S (IJ\a 4 40 Ar .
4" L into ) grand rare on the market L la ......... 3 P.. W TCRK.R, P a CbAttanOOa Ly J II a i iNOI.l
4 i'.H be will be divorced. possibility i like this ought to intensify the It i is taken internal] in doses from ten 20) '., ......... : February 8. IMS Administrator.SPRING ,2,' aDd 10 dally. ,
.mm unity and fire the dropt; ton tWiHpoonful. It acts directly ?.l .. ,. ..tI ..... : nem FLYING C'F.\CKEr.-D:1UY except Suifay.940a ; j
up activity of -
w "
everyp&trlolic .......
the blood ;
and t .
upon inu'-ou8 HiirfaoKMoftho .. .. alhon'Wi1 ArI Zr. Lv 1P'lOisa
L. 1131 ;
l'.I!&tka is exparituentini with UIi ....... TERM i1P1'rSrrfDp At
; u Bortltjic citisen. 20'S 1
-Gainesville! hun. vKbm. They offer hundred tie etrerl paving !lice nccording to a larx for any (...e U fill to rure. Semi) 34oc S. ., .... ......_... 1 I I 105la Ar.wt y r 323(1( 2 Up I.v i1l11\'nnll. Ar II_ "
for ci r'u 11\1'8 Lfll ip-.timoninlci. Addretw *vvJ BRADFORD GGUHTY HIGH SCHOOL 10048. Ar' "turk Ar Slip 31'1' Ly 1..IL..ooch M 15..
t-orreipoodeot to the Timei-Uniou, who "The Alliance is non-partisan, hut not F. J. CHKNEY 1'rtllkf'a :' -.or two guese. Send withy i 1125. AI' Wal.lo ArIt.. alip Lv OWt'n8ooro M '
& CO., Tol*do, O. our euettb.'X)cents for three tnonth orSi fo 2 $111213't
Ull: eon-political. seems to be the 11 ro-J. Ar IIswtJlorne Ar 21p 321p L\ Dvte City M
arguuent S"SoJd.b. ) druggiatit, 7f>c. months' RUB crlior.: to he SUsilY S'"UTU kr: will open / Ar nlra AI' : t'., 411p I.v liaincI'y M 5124t .a.p
The mGd rr.vel street paremepl j
.p surg sted is beioj; laid on front street op- third pk.jty. It looks a gooa dtul :like a The rtefrater and diwppointed' nusht to SUNNY -SOUTH. AtUau, Ua: Februr.r 2Jtli, 1802. -For Information spe local ag..nt, Ticket omc'l 8 W'. Bay 5Ufft. comar- R.pD DipoS tieS-"

}H site the pan office* It.is a water pave distinction without a di h'D. take tieir: medicine without Rqunelinr. I It[t A Gold lvatclia.id $2O4. lIogsn .tre..t> J"rr onTi1Ie., A. O. MacDoneU, G n. P. *.T.A.A ',
.crence. qutemetaphysical. I S. } F. I GTO Traffic Jlanat'r.
is now and always will be' dependent That is whiii receiv, ]ho :
ment. at leMst it is popularly: called such. It can only be paralleled upnn every acent .-' '
'hos, ox is gyrn'l It would luve getup a rltibon tutr $1 per week plan. .
Al tbe last tntetin: of the council.permission "heb some other order announces that it been all richl if the other fellow had won. Out 14-knrat cold filled cases arc wit First Qro.de up Ics Fourth Reader $1.00 SUMMER RATES. ,"

was N-cure0] from the C(1Uneillo exriment is non-sectarian, but not noo-rcbgioulIUI -Dade City D mocrat. rttnted for 20 VO.-IIH. Fine Elgin
}* ou Front street and Thursday if thtre existed somewhere the universal -- -- ham movement. Stem wind 'and;: 'rt, THE tiEOI'.UIA SOUTHERN AND FLORIDA/ R. i jl +fl(
nq V
Absolutely Grammar,Geography, etc., 1.50
Best. Lad, gents &ixc. ;0
: or Equal: toaiiy $
:ne operation hcgnn. Tbe idea ugr&t cr1 expression of religious belief outside of "1 ni Ter hckitate' to recommend Chaiab wl1l h. To secure where 'we' have paring r.ttefor. the travel out of I'"Iori.l.i; to all siunniT resorts, whtck 1

itself to the invrntor oy the h,: url of any and all seels. The ni.tn who has an pyp..ltictl rl'iinx* Ouixhnieriv! KH ahsolutnlvtlie none we sell one uf agents tin- Hunting"CUM.U" Third Grade eommon school coarse to Algebra will shortly
r The scakl.oic, uttJ! the principle lies in I faun l* P,rli an-but tluuonpolitical 10 IM....*;:," S4'.4. Mr. F n:: Kenm. r.s.h.t'It : :,trhs fur( the club pric<& $28 urni! Iwnt! Latin etc., 2.W This line i is the shortest and fastest out of Florida, carrying the W *_: I

taping the vartb cuusiautly inuut. ao tbat order L- j j-ii-s. conlrlctbOit' him 'Oib. I It n.ilk I'.I.-I"JII.In"h.tr otrla 0,:* u Y'"l..t'.rl'.:'\e II" "I I i CO 1) !I.'/ jfpri'ss with pimli'geof tx:, Fourth GraJe, colle riate, A'jebra, G.&;}- India 0111110 all points west and northwest. Trains nrrne and dea %t 1

.a.tHc thereby niukea it the more compact. not to interfere with hi* p.iru.s..n or ae't.I infl'iiitial aii'l V Ihl"ith IE' fltoW"I''!'!. ill I! oiiutiolt li.-inr Heath p.\i.ij fur ::lIn.. 3.50 K.JI' unioa depot) in I'siLitt. an\l i\fa"ln. Connection made with all hn
Otirz 'nt :l S C I: etrv, lm'lstClI& Scieacw. etc
't'ie Street was first leu-Jed: and a hpipe ; arhLucrte4.-CsiIIe.s'zlJe Sun.. "1*htve nhuvkMrsa found Ht it"t. cprtnhi Mr. 1\11111111"0 toRn ihfi:: I.' "Your vvaun\ take nt jrIrsZ s>i tit. The! HCHt'cinun I- STAItKJi, PLOAIDA. ;n Aiai-nn vith the \f:tiluiie Htulttd for the Carolina Virpiaia: and thftast ,
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with perforations wut laid in H ditch COIIh iittiiiliv !h I'Gju.c'' ; an al'M-kofii'D.I. '! whit! not the IHSI watch said tlial f12 und with ilfr:
A ih the center: the ** "
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macndhtnizcdtlie non.i atid In.t week J all fIIpd'i:1f' dp.ltrc.L "' I'I h'I't \1li rs. Ill I I t'ic prie:.- was 4:." A few ro<>d Lilies nnd Ger.l:meti to and"Macon. Trains); It'aa.. foilous,: yaiatka: : 5 40 'a. in. am18) 15 p. DvlatsipH'ii -'

pipe beicg: uuder ground. CA:nectioa Senator' Cull' Ltd Jeeraes AlexandirlnYvlui m ,l __ I On.. eoi>il leli.ib'ie'air; : "it wanted for (-/UIYIIM for the GASKELL LITERARY 6 51 :. m. and} 9 &7 p. m., Lake City, 8 03 a. in. a'll110 55 p.*" .

was then uiade with the artesian well:i .i ri.I ;i county': "' I'be'ii 1it'rl\s: ( in"dt; Url I I It htc 'rtet1Z1& -l! l1'l'! 'i.nnr'iitrutr> f'ILcb pi :CA' \Vijtefor ;imrtic-ulurs.. CLiJii( at a guaranleeof ?75 00 per monih.R. I.ddrs'.a I. A. F K.N 1PP, Traffic Mna.r.iqtiv.tr JAMES fllKNZEKSy,C.n.'*<* __

tkc water running through the pIpe mtuNated i i.* not a sUvmgune by anyHMI>& uul a jgiv*' 1& reaso.i why mu..c.ai.s tujullitir': 'I E {pmt Wrcn Co .
the entire i-lreet. It is ; or 1)f) i ii tn.he I 48 i.d S'J llaideu jtne. New York.: R. L. BRIGHT, LYIG-1N D Who reW1A.:NERVOUS.> KU',
hegiuiiinp to part harden already und the expvnmeut is la much talk of a third atul t'1I1f'r the on-Jieslra: I If : ('t3-Iv nottly 2.54. Franklin St., (bklIu.1Il. Itsbe! worth 5&TiDIl' If siw tnfle; awry their vioz of Bc.dy
party : the n' I II'I luned I .
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watched with great illtf\ ,L nrw iii! !btre pub'iwins I I., you Would certaluly 9Y yes! aiiUlIanh>od.caH5iiir tembl* .. '
yet. andther..- is no instruments bnf.ire enierini the i Tax Notice. Not ice. guarded monieit uiidtr ol> the walls of 'life. hodache. bSC'
Mr. T. W. Moore l is the theuKrj! .
of tbe i : .
patentee whnf I
telling turn- political aff.iiis i in ihei i riaze n tad, finds t> r3elt in dream"..pa1ln..u Of1Ifl"T7. PP'4
process. Mr. VY C. Hnr ruve. a thoroughly county miv Nk- "Hhin the III"XIIWe the temperaiure: i H veiy liP" to op diflerenl! I' I am now ready In :iss"k ih,'ciu propirtj !! Six rr.\Btha *!-r dar I will present my ae- grace both her-.eif and family. the face, and alt Iii.'efTect1eZ4 (ce- '

practical I.UKiuess man of PalnikAsom | tnon'iis.ut we preiiic' hat tue in Ihe place tlf pv'foni.anre, and iherefore ertv. 1 blall: l h eatT R.Thusr w..iLt'f: Stor.erv C : counts wild Youthtreto. the lion Wm. F.- Malcountv.judt. I ii done. Liuruiz the -erunJ of ). eon"nption v* *ii->Auij MDd for
numtnets r phusv. in and for the county o' 1n.ment. we offer t> tn> Jarlot.b-
time'ago purc.i n-d 110 intcrt tt and of 'CIOlvruli.u will ( Live tlt'! in.lr : who own town pruperiy Bradford and of Florida admioUtrator < un(Rellll'd rrf'.Yl ..
!ii. I lieds Ir, uhi''ltIuld! nol IKJ ii tun. Aj 8 ate a girls an elegant home in 50 CURE NO PAY1. i
is now making the experiments which. If rests 'o lie on duriu;; thy CHOiMjigu will plciMe cull aid! give it iu, so that L. of the eaie of John W. Buhr.ell, ds-cer-*-d. for I Iflnal pnvac- Is oWrred, and \ PARKER. 40K. st.Kashvnie.TW.-. Tt
t by au I3 j piano ilia! i: tunul Iu a t-iiiii ruioi unu'd Witrre settlement and ask for final discharge'from !: Cherry
ucce.btuir! will duubtle be estend d mtt"n. ?".iti( Volasid IKS no nitukes made. .1 cureoi skillful pinetcianH.an.l
further. : 1 111" couuiy. .. t is a get out of tuuu. j.' tie rOom wore .udtlellly: T. W. SWK.\.T oid administration. I ur clambering VCIi I I' I. ', A. 'W, BIDDLK. [
teI'J. "' The Good Samaritan & &
t'1' '.' .', May 20. 18 2.-4t Assessor., I 11'I.: .apd h .
:' ., .. _. .-_. : City May27lKC.-8m Adminl5traroo.B:7 (40 N.Cfeewy etreet.:N&JtlTil1e pplnI :. !).


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'. : --w4- -' ----I ;;r-- -. .cOO.:.;"_-.:,",:-:7.'"'.;...,:.,_..'.*.,i -'.''t--"- -,-- I Li ( } :!; til ; t. t ";'t "i.-"T.'" '' :, .. -

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I I-- ... U ;e ' 14.' Li. fiI Ji' .1 -4' ROT' OU' tb : -
ROPfl' r 'k .
? _ _ SHOT UPAP BY ,..' : '
__ P. L. < -
Next rezulaf peeting .pf Jj c 'I |l.ey ;.r .BT '> f" ; ;.::ti '* I'TftffPOm i 4cih1ed.
I r1t Mr. J. A. Clark has gce norili to aifl' 'l 1t'. ; r ; r uewt Pui1 Ia cb2s t.*
I, .A. wW e aZ *Irs. P". Hitid lip H Train ollowiHl *W In 11o flhtaVIL1II1C the cane seats of cha1e. -

spend thp summer.Capl. on next Mondsytfternoon.. Four J01.1., Sauford.ssss. the .xiresS KIIIL ear.Ldt'dY affair wa bting eu-i Stik :Dir mmings i fl0 T'Tb
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Sauford loft Sunday for h>* Jack- the expre car.Mr. cit anfi tikti.nmzilsR
1t New items ar always yant.ed at acted In shot aernu the bridge tef ------ tbrtw1 PU

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.ZO 1aSturihtY CiNDt'tt&Cotithuchir
Toca1 affair her home in GaintsvUl.e. sion of. five miles nrth of Sanfo &t 1 rob- TUf j311r(1tigli5. who lii'.iI just PH1C1kM10 SUpON.STAH1CE suede acdbrodxeareprelcrrea. -
four ni5' head the w1t1OI&I and,uiI'rare
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infuOr 1QU1 yon The S. LLA. are preparing to Mr. Biddle aiia Mr. Ott, of Law- mlrnhtIg. by attempt tip get finIsdieti jijkiIlZ lip the Lu3; Slmm. a DrUg $t.re, Feathers ID the hair. The qmtI Is vetY '
Mr.Huddle in a ; G.iIais' WOTU .
WhO. fifld O1ee at
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at the sniefle1bCgeT in town on (Jampany 7 m..itrai the natitrartixits
4 SwePt Rome give an entertainment 3000. tev, were the of th SnuuileiD Expr"sS lianrt. FLORIDA thin azid ShOWS
about fatr'4ttnta
will leave the tnt'U'Y CtI tirpcduiS. forold
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There are a great many ties being itb next for Illinois to spend tho killed Express Mii5eflger 01iItiflg oi.tiifnc him M the :il1W tthflC tlg(> tnjKtt lightened by brightt tints.ich .
hue paints *t around Starkt. anl badly wounded Way he iitt nuie ; pint.cher1, pa *
Co. 1 I cat this year_ summer. -- --.-... see who it wft. "nl"_ --I ii.? t.v ihi> haud frazeo & Hall al
Stcruburg: "
Truby ___ Tue mon w.by vr '>"" I'
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of the men car.
Agent Vxpress g
'9 JJoflft: : ?$' Wht5 4i8 Mr. Holeroan: ; will have Episcopal Pr. Jas.SimTflnh has returned toStarlce (lie wavifl of a whlte station laulenU-of and ordered him up into)the 1llLiflg lhou theafTusir V.t'ys and Counselors! at Uw, Black '-SJfXtfSf S .
J. next Sunday. after his ucIi aida Knew n
services at Lawtey for a bnef rest ioiibcr jumped UP on Thr conductor it. ftcl he palm rvgaxdad s.
purchase.Ir travel th rough Two lcd the cogin&1T until n W't till itrr m"ute III1mw. ROOM VO. 1. JO.V&s* BLOCS. Cream ad fcvn ,yven are,
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Mine Adams, Lawte'r FLORIDA.
& Co. lTeprvn from thai .b y-i-v : HI s.B. tip -. ,.l1e nandera e4oflie'I
Sternburg Dr. --
11'ruby, visiting with Mr.. Powell a few days visit t" our ne1nm Clew yet. A p..sP.ngPr siti'I the ,.14Icmrnt thrie, wrn. ol tie ncw'p' wt.libut ucCri1O'1 tr the.back.
; of Starke: paid a pleal4ant cox turd w u$ i'itefl.. *n'l wnflll be with colored
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flue shoeS. Every pair .einingshould fancy Ct.n'paDY CANDY A re ro_
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Walker will preach ticnn.'ot at men iIahtd
Rer Dr. of carrier News ixuUmr t l
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sternburg A the Method chinch next Sunday.Mm returned in Pflh1Vlvani5t where 113 155$ seen of with run. and rnhlsr.& nmrdFuteb. |\ B. ESSEY: effect 7oke ci tbs

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--- Tonic Woes. of Inflri'e. l'a1tkt which is soon

Go to J. G. Alvart. beds. J0-W1ME OF CARDUI, rcnct'ed tl.e little-. .station. .t... .i.__.;.n.. were Ii'rsuSNIfl killed. nCnT flfl more.1h Candies, Fruits and scab at ugsblirg. It willJbe two.thlrtbt aquarte'cheapeY.bnt na welt
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of gentiT eolars.) Vreach in theBaptist Sampson.TnprP5.notb'rdp )"si 'lii$ of a nour S." ljfli iS bt't"g SLimmer Drinks. only wear .
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r'ickon Rev. J H < We ir ri* a latiteruwi Wititam'. is et at litrge. atlci. tt.4i11 require
first and third rtvi rn here wvd by armed mu'fl *nd lilgUi Tonic. 1.fld CII.U1PAIGNE an tho genflifl It Will be
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The TrAveler's in to stkn frr overflT I suppubeit Wil the agent. closely suted. Tlti endS ilw Mts'l'.' aM pen
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J. G. Alvarez. pear.this 1r 1. ..thMr Ppi4c. of W M P-ek. of lhlopmne the itoni. ..,aui1ers ant iityell ''.eritug i 0 It ;A14El I 1tieho'l aool' high collar. mn4e tripto, liLe the

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Nnrmiil Pratt
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Tbe nicest tpble in tin- The whiebh'm4j1y he did o two .
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PIty at N. J. Joqes* cheap matuuioth.dry provemrn.ts. ,tln, !' qni'e '% m.flttle: Q1SU 1Ih rvo1ver, istati urilered night Wa' .
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and eE12nc- .upl when SnitliuiisI' .uippo.el
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jUlion. 'l'o $ee H Jo ptacha. n. BO great itte .,l1Il.I aitti iii' fIC will lie ehtreut. pro the IighTC.t o t1hter.'
tlt tt i.or.e-thiri
Truby, Sttrnlnirg & ( .. H V F R I llnl iiiail fiilirlurtMlEJIIMOJ niiirn: ;: r i i' r'>'iuil..l Will 1IM entirely ne'.V.r DIALER t the case.tliigneuun) .
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izl! ffvice. I.IM tjtindav in tt i ifii hi havl in "ick.round. & Medicines and it harder,tougher
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Juit tecfived n full line of ..litui.Mtaiis' ..- TI4 Or. Coili'ijp.! I3WmeUt
mtri r 'jiniK i'in.i>l limiMis j Miiisli<"' : UI1 1 gtt not betray them to" Jfiw. Health.nfonvr. Starke, Kla* kUWt Z tbojspald
I.G.: M lbIrez. ,
at Mispi F'.rn I'isr rlo.i) 'I| j. i it :. fl-.iiii' 'ii,i ie c
A u ? p't k ul fi-liiiis : iil i.ak- .. Kiiiht is in tl>- Pr.if T 1 H IInriiir is m"Inurjib'y : lirnsi) lf pui I n ii. usLni4Ut to be more/ his band ai otmd his reca !'5 i'y fo r a few 1iv: Iwforf* rturnin MSHI I i"irnrtor *ile of theDid you i bring one?" he asledN.ry refi i a>
//ets H N. -. -l"iie o Rl!: ..il 1 at 'se.l *'ori.rw o n. Invever.. w1ti &II.IP .H' antIy.ted .('ts iitn fl iir HlflM merldiauOnu .-,--. _.;_?

I Micci UII ou.it "Willman's got it." '' of tho greate1t ZiO'd1LW5 that de
Bt't "i2 t 4 CMrv: -r O.r: 4rl r _r .n'!t fr.. '*'e4k Verves ? I recently invented F
,ar'i k ;I teflIig; & 4 !):. E. 1, ) -i; .I.1I r i>Mrji It' 'I'" i. :\u-auV.lii':. i uim go back, bring tip the -k 1TOME FOR S&LE. machinery-b an Iishuian. in. which thiI

I H'xl.i'v :'"'n ; < ..*' ?" ''" ; fF.. n 111'.IK ,. ..! ( i wtn.. i- If "I VH.andthethinS'h straii'.1< tO I fabrics ES fljflitl lii suditlous

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Truhy, 6ternl>ur & Co. T tu tte will l ClfVflnnd: !, Ti-nn. Will W. W Gilc. This ought to wake the the 'Iiam Pd plab.i8 rUo. |
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?. L B Powell is hauling lumber 3:30 a. nnd 3 p. i another in .lie car ami it yui know Hh..t eleven \enrs. residing in lUHiinore 90 Plum Trees, 13 varieties. 2dlnarin yei UPS1 Monday says:
Look at ourSc challieii.Truby Ohio Itpad what| hn tavs: "I was troci-
,. to t irect a buililin? on Call street, Mr. WJ.. iiiishnell nnd family expect ia healthy for }ou you will gel iu the ex- iil<*d with rheumatism fortwo year. but ; Chestnuts 3.2 vjvrielits Apples fessor'0' the Mobile Street

Sternburg & Co. nex l t, C M 8parktnan's barroom. to de-purl the coming week for the great press car in u burry." Of course GilU-rt .nnld get notliiiiR to lo me any good. I 6 trees (S Siand.ird) 3 on Pear rmiM; per iimieffected with tflaa-.

... Job of all kinds the west. May prosperity itt leisil them.Mr. did us ordeied. wRit so hnlpIpHs that I had In be arried 40Oranxe Tre s. varietIes( ; 77 Pear, ;F'orser.of LanJ tight killed ".
at 'I 1 The mail from the north now (J. A. Churchill is at Clatrmonl. like a babe when 1 was advinpd to get M 4 varieties; Apricot 7 connected witken the diseasath t .
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W. have netd and cot ith at 123St a slight change in commi!n houses. Kumhler, and In thr*>e days I wa* elected Varieties
everything you Mr. Todd and Mrs. probnhly $10.K)0) or more in the c >mpa- up ; Quince 2. Chin eta. GLEANINGS.A .
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jour pocket book. Mr Jay Brown was in the city turned to their home in Kostob. stopping (ifiiiiy of it. The mni' car w.s not atttci Umliw ad they ever wore '* oil runt bottles of them ia their second y *r. too of coal yield* nearly 10,00)* fi.etL

Truby Sternburg fc Co. on their way u short time at Ashevil'u.! f 'r sale bv all medicine dealer
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.: N. J.'JoiMw has 800 Crosby cemetery < >uth) Florida, buying fruits and \0.V W. Grigsby who has bee-n nding must have been money in the registered The wigwam in which the state democratic aetd. Far further information apply ltDE. > single file LIOOI wjiyi

lou for sale. v< igetables. a month att Charteston. S. C., shipping packages, i-Imbly more than iu the ex. convention will be held will be completed A. L. SCOTT It is stated that ISO of Virginia's po

strawlKrrrii-afand -getablks for rt. H. press cur. Within an hour from the time next Wednesday. The delegates offices are ID charge of wonea.Ck.IIink1Xfe.deeia .

We have the mot stylish straw Cards are out announcing the ntarr Nichols of Philadelphia, will soon join of the attnck two posses bad been organ will be seated in chairs and the visitors Mtarke. Fla. Utb occ-

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petition. l K>rt Ralph !$heldon, at Saogerstown, st.e! et Florida curiosities in the north scour Provision will be made on the rranii U.D. water.
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Truby & Co. 1 J. Y., June 2. It is reported thnl several members of neighborhood. Them stand for the representative of the prc i.ns Uiuflcld. X.J.. toM of a vast uotfr
Sternburg the Dixon family of New Jersey who are threats of lunching, of course if tho n-cll set />r the ck'gr.iphic and ide. grcuccl river which aapplies tooroUiaa < .
"Quite English, you know'*.-London Col. Lamberth has returned to his made A purchat-u of 80 acres of land ad rnurdcierti arc cii pi ured. phone connections.-Tanipa Tribiiue. the inhabitants cftn use.

1 some at Gainesville. The colonel joining Lawtey a few months ago. will ARREST. There to
Swells cigars at J. G. Alvarez. Bucklen's Arnica Salve. a wine cask in Toledo whirl

wan well pleased with the Bradford ing I1i C the up Porter intir bouse itinoe Here fur in lime.July, occupy A special from Sanford suys: Four or The beat salve lit the world for cuts, and holds 08,006 gallons, and thereby great]

NEW GGODS1! NE GOODS County Guards.Col. a five men have been arrested iu this neighburhood bruibPti, sores uloera. salt raeum. fever sotdoaa the funjous Heid*ib rKr Fa

in all department* at on suspicion of More*; teller, ehapped band" hil'-Uiua. celebrated in German prose iftui poetry

Jt N. \V. llnckett ha* fold 1,200 -McElreo's . ...cas., being engaged in corn*, and all akin eruptions, and positively Athens has acme claim to bo oooaid,

Trliby, isurnburg Co. 'acres of IHK land (beyoud his mill to t..e train robnery. They are being hNId cnrPM nilp or no pay required. It Jeweler the most moral city in Europe. WlthJJ
A. S. York not Married b the authorities until is crui run teed '0 give t>erf vt satisfaction
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they give a > o moainry ptt>aa$ thf
New line of low hoes just received Mr. A. C). Buddiiigton, of Gr'en or money refunded. Priet. 25 t-enta
Tiftnn. OH May 24. IS93 more satisfactory account of themsflves.! per baa not been a single matrimonial so'
at Truby, Steniburg fc C'o. Cove Springs, for $ ,8oo. box. For sale bv W. TI. Rlvsrs.
Editor TKLKOKAPH scandal In the Grecian
take capital. J
nuth<>< There is uo good evidence against them. ._- Starlze > S

News that is worth of denying tlui I am marrinl. ig WHS A Tallahitbsee The coldest region !a the United Stat
The TELEGRAPH will I be sent to publinhing we pultliahtil special suya that Gov. The Chicago grand jury has returned it ia said, h that pint of northern
05 address for $1 a j ear. arts requested not to mention; that in your piper of Iii,- 13-ti Inst It1ms Fleming has offered a reward of (400 for "no bill" in a case brought against a faith which lie. adjMcat to tho Dikot

which i ii not worth ptihlh1iitig ire nvrt been nij plt-H-sure ti> mrH n the aireit art! cotivictinQ of the murderers cure physician for c3uing the death of apatient. border. The thermometer there som.

Go to J. G. Alvar for the bet t5c are blamed for leaving out. Ui.y l by the 1mm.' ..f (Vrie St. 'lair in of Snuntiers.KXFICKtENCK. The jury -nclndcd that if any Largest Assortment of times registers a temperature of 20 deg

: cigar. _ _ Mr. this cmini> or nnwinre rise, as fur a* OK TEE KNOINK. one wished to patronise a faith cure doetor below zero *
and Mr -
*. W. KHery Davis Watches Clocks
,t that is concerned. and Tho largest heathen temple! hi the worlj!
; Men's straw hats; various style l were at Gainesville this week to attend The train w.s in charge of Conductor he had H right to do or*. But if any is in Seringham. and it comprise*a*]oar

:. and cliaprs, nice and cheap at the East Florida Semmarv in Any Ui person feeling interested enough C. II. Burroughs and Engineer J. U.Dumas. one tries to commit suicide, then the law Jewelry each side being one mile in length, f Inst.

J. (;. Alvarez commencement exercises. mntur to invgtigafe it can obtain When witbi:: JJOO yards of Monroe will make itself Mt.Closing of which are six other square*. The waif

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New attd rvnbhy ,frnh t for should of th" folio i hall where pilgrim congrogota Ia so
-. I. -I > 1111in Everybody take an tnur- any "i'lj-MHtn*!! gi-nileirn-n : drii c hjinmoclv of palmetto and nak, Exercises.

;J3b anal childrcti! atT est tri" the new railoid scheme. I'j 'ti in. Mark T E.ot.it:, lr S. !H. Hmro four men thiged the train by airing a The closing exercised of the Starke Institute Special attention given to the repairing ported troiuasthglebocofstane.by A tbooMod pillars, each,

aby, ternbur. Jk d Nothing will help the town likw thebuildingof i'l 11111lr J 15 fTjT i oT Enitrtrm. 'tNir'I' Irnttrn 'I tit* engineer obeyed the will he iven i-n Thursday and of Clocks and W&teh
'Gt.. and tN.iqri \f Friday nights. 2 tt< :. and
railroad. \ S.'x'tui. F. K. 27lh. Thnradny Joed work
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:.', you want A pretty Four iiha- pjlhcap 1 Ham l"jn ntd IJ.-v E. (Ogle i. u! fiftou. stop. i.itt's performance free: on Friday
;ie orerf (- < I 'G No. I IMiHnl: > t>ti>(>ped when cue of the rot. niirhi n smafl admission fee
R I to Rev. Free Pixton and wife, ( apt.l ii mi iii-t u i i-if.,1 t y i. ,imj whe-i: will Ix: charged For stomach ginger ale ntl

S ,.p. G. Av.) iz M l A Knight and MrrN .1 June* 1 1fi ,I1 tim. I tnis! t'utiy' -.?' !. will !ie i ne of I j i JIBj'r- p. 'i; Kit the rear end o' the mail for the l benifil of the l hnrdiif directors Removal of Land Office.I teaspoonful ci cramjw the tincture of ginger et a '\

f Rrjdfi.n'K! f4tr f.tIIeti. $ f .r Ut '. .i pi o.r iI.! j-in'jrd < ff when the engineer Theyoun? Indies of the hii-M esuiu.uI| deliver desire to inform my friend* ant those who half a glass of water ia which half a uv|
Wednesday morning !
::4DD"s ek < r Jacperto irt .1 n I r 4 W, .i L'i i.i I ...ci sPEI.L1 their final vsuxys on Thnroday nigh maj wish to .
% forlOItD'S tv.ii.. 51 hull and ran to the ene TOT fcorrie** that I havmoTed spoonful of soda has beta dissolved wi,
attend thedi"trict conferen engi'iei.g ) FV-minenl features
( e. j on Friday night will mv Land OfHce lor,. time from Stark to give relief.
U{, the $leJl.H be nhovi-d a big 41 he the "Sunflower Chorus" and "Quixoticii rest
Try f.sr my 'euics. one mile went of Surk-
INK Mrs. Agin has commenced thv .-- tcii Dyipcpsia. calzl r IU i-cli liiue Imrn-led revolver in ker-. I Shall until further notice mik To tighten cantsoat chain turn op t'-J
p tnr vJqnar- choir
ITTINO bottom and wjuh r.hecaeworktL..
OOT WEAR erection ot her new hou .e on Madison l>led.At the late of thr colored i tirenian, Sam Mor.ria. Everybody\ cordially. W. McDoNALD invifd to atti ndV. ter at the Commercial hotel while in Starke, ooghly with, soapy water and Asoftck

,. avt- It is to be a nice house Highland last Soiuidny.: at his n HIdince. who utid: "Wliat di yuu Want?" !! Principal. from 11 a. m. to 3 p m.eachday Let it dry in the BUD and It will bo OH fir

at Trulij StrriiliUTy i I V and an oiuarntnt to the strte Mirri-uiuii d by n iie*rt-liri.k wif** ..1rrrs; thought thu m ;n WM a tiamp and j A Chinese S. F. GAflOj' as when new, prarklod the can, bee
'eper"shipped bv ina SUrke, FU..
ai'd friends. Mr. HoMnyl Eukiipioisid freight May IS. 18>2. been broken.
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