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Title: Theses and dissertations of the Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida, 1916-1989
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Title: Theses and dissertations of the Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida, 1916-1989
Series Title: Economic information report
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Creator: Sharp, Audrey M
Publisher: Food & Resource Economics Dept., University of Florida
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Publication Date: [1990]
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Statement of Responsibility: compiled by Audrey M. Sharp.
General Note: "February 1990."
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Funding: Florida Historical Agriculture and Rural Life
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The publications in this collection do
not reflect current scientific knowledge
or recommendations. These texts
represent the historic publishing
record of the Institute for Food and
Agricultural Sciences and should be
used only to trace the historic work of
the Institute and its staff. Current IFAS
research may be found on the
Electronic Data Information Source

site maintained by the Florida
Cooperative Extension Service.

Copyright 2005, Board of Trustees, University
of Florida

Compiled by
Audrey M. Sharp

Economic Information
Report 272

Theses and Dissertations of the
Food and Resource Economics
Department, University of
Florida, 1916 1989

-U .'

Cue'Ara Science

JUL 2 1990
University of Florida

oocd & Resource Economics Department
olic 113 of Agriculture
,istil,:e of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Jnivc; ,>ity of Florida, Gainesville 32611

February 1990


This publication contains a chronological list of theses and dissertations in the Food and
Resource Economics Department (formerly Agricultural Economics) from the first one in 1916
through the Fall of 1989. It is anticipated that similar lists of future theses and dissertations will be
published at appropriate intervals.

Key words: Theses and dissertations, Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida,


Complied by Audrey M. Sharp*


Harold G. Clayton, M.S.A.
"A Study of Some Variations of Japanese Cane, with Especial Reference to the Development
of the Sugar Content, in Connection with Their Use as a Florida Silage Crop."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington


Henry G. Hamilton, M.S.A.
"Farm Management Studies of Truck and Citrus Farms in Florida."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington


Robert Wray, M.S.A.
"Cost of Living on Florida Farms (A Survey of 85 Farms in Alachua County and 110 Farms
in Levy County for 1923)."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington


Frank W. Brumley, M.S.A.
"The Labor Requirements of Florida Crops."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington


Marvin A. Brooker, M.S.A.
"Farm Tenancy in Jackson County, Florida."
Chairman: C.V. Noble

Chaffie A. Scarborough, M.S.A.
"The Cost of Producing Potatoes in the Hastings Area."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington

Doyal E. Timmons, M.S.A.
"What the Farm Furnishes the Home, Jackson County, Florida."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington

*Audrey M. Sharp is secretary to the Graduate Coordinator of the Food and Resource Economics
Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611.


John F. Cooper, M.S.A.
"A Study of the Cost of Growing Beans in Florida, 1927-28."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington

George R. Graham, M.S.A.
"The Cost of Living on One-Hundred Farms Columbia County, Florida, Year 1927-18."
Chairman: C.V. Noble

Harold N. Haskell, M.S.A.
"An Economic Study of Some Farms in Alachua County."
Chairman: C.V. Noble
Co-Chairman: J.E. Turlington

Robert L. Zentgraf, M.S.A.
"An Economic Study of Farming in the Plant City Area, Hillsborough County, Florida."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington


Raymond H. Howard, M.S.A.
"A Study of the Relation of Grade and Staple to the Price of Cotton Grown in Florida."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington
Co-Chairman: C.V. Noble

Frazier Rogers, M.S.A.
"The Economic Use of Tractors in Florida for 1929."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington


C.J. Bolton, Jr., M.S.A.
"A Study of Potato Cooperative Marketing Associations in Florida."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Martin G. Young, M.S.A.
"Cost and Returns on Sixty Poultry Farms in Florida with Comparisons for 1928-1929."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington


Lawrence J. Larson, M.S.A.
"The Cost of Producing Strawberries in the Plant City Area for the Season 1927-1928."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington

George C. Roberts, M.S.A.
"The Production, Receipts, Costs and Profits on Ten Citrus Groves in Polk County, Florida
Over a Period of Fourteen Years."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington

John L. Wann, M.S.A.
"Florida Truck Crop Competition, Intra-State."
Chairman: C.V. Noble

Morgan C. Rochester, M.S.A.
"Factors Affecting Cucumber Yields, Costs, and Profits: A Study of the Williston Area,
Florida for 1923, 1928, 1930 and 1932."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington
Co-Chairman: C.V. Noble

Alvin Harold Spurlock, M.S.A.
"Marketing of Florida Shade Tobacco."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Fred N. Farun, M.S.A.
"An Economic Study of the Lake Hamilton Citrus Growers' Association."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Victor V. Bowman, M.S.A.
"The Relative Importance of the Grade-Lowering Facotrs of Citrus."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Matilda Roesel, M.S.A.
"The Role of Livestock in the Farm Live-at-Home Program."
Chairman: J.E. Turlington

Hamlin L. Brown, M.S.A.
"Marketing Florida Tomatoes."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Paul R. Seiler, M.S.A.
"Production Loans Made by Florida Farms' Cooperative Associations."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Douglas G. Miley, M.S.A.
"Farm Mortgage Loan Experience in Four Florida Counties."
Chairman: J.W. Reitz


Donald L. Brooke, M.S.A.
"Citrus-Grove Cooperative Caretaking."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Herbert A. Smith, M.S.A.
"An Economic Study of Twenty-five Large Citrus Groves in Central Florida."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton


Marshall R. Godwin, M.S.A.
"Membership Relations of Citrus Cooperative Associations."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton


Hugh M. Smith, M.S.A.
"Farm Planning in the Flue-Cured Tobacco Area of Florida."
Chairman: J.R. Greenman


Robert J. Krueger, M.S.A.
"Retail Handling Costs of Bulk and Prepackaged Vegetables and a Consumer Preference
Survey in One Florida Market."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Jack C. Thompson, M.S.A.
"The Marketing of Livestock in Florida."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Eric Thor, M.S.A.
"Statistical Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Price of Florida Oranges."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Robert C. White, M.S.A.
"An Analysis of the Florida Citrus Growers Clearing House Association."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton


William R. Cotton, M.S.A.
"Composition of the Membership of Florida Citrus Mutual."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

William N. Garrott, M.S.A.
"Costs and Margins for Marketing Early Irish Potatoes from the Southeastern Region."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Clyde E. Murphree, M.S.A.
"Marketing Farm Eggs by Firms Operating Truck Pickup Routes."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton


Raymond Charley Barnes, M.S.A.
"Grade Qualities of Potatoes in Retail Stores, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1950."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Pete H. Brock, M.S.A.
"Sales Analysis of Lake Hamilton Cooperative, Inc."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Theo H. Ellis, M.S.A.
"An Economic Study of Broiler Production in the Palatka, Florida Area."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

George C. James, M.S.A.
"The Florida Commercial Fertilizer Industry."
Chairman: M.A. Brooker

Levi A. Powell, Sr., M.S.A.
The Interrelationship of Prices and Quantities of Citrus Products Purchased in Jacksonville,
Florida, 1949-50 Season."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton


Elmer G. Close, M.S.A.
"The Nature of Contract Violations Under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act and
Factors Contributing to These Violations."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Fayette W. Parvin, M.S.A.
"Some Economic Aspects of Florida's Beef Cattle Industry."
Chairman: M.A. Brooker

Warren K. Trotter, M.S.A.
"An Analysis of Sales of Citrus and Competing Products in Different Segments of the
Memphis Market."
Chairman: M.R. Godwin


Luke D. Dohner, M.S.A.
"A Cost Analysis of Handling Citrus Fruit from the Tree to the Highway."
Chairman: E. Thor

Kenneth M. Gilbraith, M.S.A.
An Analysis of the Methods Used in Transporting Fresh Citrus from Florida."
Chairman: M.A. Brooker

Robert F. Luckey, M.S.A.
"A Study of the Alternative Methods of Marketing Milk Produced in Glades County and
Hendry County, Florida."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson


Fred R. Marti, Ph.D.
"Retirement Farming in Hillsborough County, Florida."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton


John F. Crum, M.S.A.
"A Study of Fresh Fruit Pooling Methods Used by Cooperatives Affiliated with Sealdsweet
Sales, Incorporated."
Chairman: M.A. Brooker

Ernest E. Brown, Ph.D.
"An Appraisal of and Recommendations for Increasing the Degree of Competition in Florida's
Dairy Industry."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

George L. Capel, Ph.D.
"An Economic Analysis of Packing and Handling Fresh Citrus Fruits in Relation to Work
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Henry L. Castle, M.S.A.
"The Direct Marketing of Livestock in Florida."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

Hooper C. Spurlock, Ph.D.
"An Economic Analysis of Mechanical Harvesting and Handling of Early Irish Potatoes in the
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

James M. Torrance, M.S.A.
"The Estimation of Vegetable Acreage in the Pompano Area of Florida by Objective
Measurements on a Probability Sample"
Chairman: D.B. Duncan


Theo H. Ellis, Ph.D.
"Optimum Farm Programs in Columbia and Suwannee Counties, Florida (An Application of
Linear Programming)."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Leopoldo Pardo de Guzman, M.S.A.
"An Economic Analysis of the Methods of Farm Financing Used on 5,144 Farms in the
Chairman: J.R. Greenman

Roy L. Lassiter, Ph.D.
"An Analysis of the Movements in Agricultural Land Prices and Values in Palm Beach
County, Florida, 1940-1955."
Chairman: W.K McPherson

Richard K. Noles, M.S.A.
"A Study of the Caged-Layer Enterprise."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Fred B. Anderson, Ph.D.
"An Economic Evaluation of Custom Harvesting of Potatoes by Packing Plants."
Chairman: R.E.L Greene

Tze I. Chiang, Ph.D.
"Marketing Florida Asparagus olumosus Ferns."
Chairman: C.N. Smith

William T. Manley, Ph.D.
"Consumers' Use of and Opinions About Florida Avocados.":
Chairman: M.R. Godwin

Charles A. Nicholls, M.S.A.
"Marketing Analysis of the Florida Foliage Plant Industry."
Chairman: C.N. Smith

Jesse R. Russell, M.S.A.
"Size of Herd and Some Management Practices of Grade A Dairy Farmers in Georgia, 1956."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene


Teofilo Azada y Taqueban, M.S.A.
"Government Pricing Programs of Rice in Selected Countries."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Charles D. Covey, M.S.A.
"Some Considerations Affecting Producer Equity in the Florida Flue-Cured Tobacco
Chairman: L.A. Powell

Louis Vernon Dixon, Ph.D.
"Pricing Efficiency of Marketing Beef Cattle in South Florida."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

Joseph M. Friedheim, M.S.A.
"Description and Analysis of Techniques for Deciding When to Sell Cattle Fed in Dry Lot."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

Edmond W. Horton, M.S.A.
"Sources and Amounts of Net Cash Family Incomes of Rural Households in North and West
Chairman: J.R. Greenman

Chen-Tuan Li, M.S.A.
"An Agrarian Land Reform in Nationalist China, 1948-1957."
Chairman: W.K McPherson


Paul T. Blair, Ph.D.
"Market Organization and Practices for Potatoes in the Hastings Area of Florida."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Frederick J. Hoffer, Ph.D.
"The Cost of Packing and Distribution of Florida Honey."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Albert B. Krienke, M.S.A.
"Milk Marketing in Southeast Florida under Federal Order 118--The First Three Years
Chairman: H.B. Clark

Maxey D. Love, M.S.A.
"Business Analysis of Florida Cooperatives."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Reuben Navarro, M.S.A.
"Marketing of Florida Cigar Wrapper Tobacco, Type 62."
Chairman: H.B. Clark

Floyd W. Williams, Ph.D.
"An Evaluation of Consumer Preference and the Effects of Price Variations and Selected
Fruit Characteristics on Retail Sales of Florida Avocados."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene


Alfonso Blandon, M.S.A.
"Land Tenure in Nicaragua."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

Elmer G. Close, Ph.D.
"Some Organizational and Functional Aspects of the Florida Watermelon Industry."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Victor G. Edman, Ph.D.
"An Economic Study of Florida Hatcheries."
Chairman: R.E.L.Greene

William Bernard Lester, M.S.A.
"An Economic Analysis of Market Egg Production Contracts."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Chen-Tuan Li, Ph.D.
"Input Interactions in Florida Orange Production."
Chairman: C.N. Smith

Stanley E. Rosenberger, Ph.D.
"A History of the Florida Vegetable Industry and State Farmers' Markets for Vegetables."
Chairman: D.L. Brooke

Mohammed Sultan, M.S.A.
"Farm Organization and Practices in the South Delhi Area, India."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Herbert W. Warburton, Ph.D.
"An Economic Evaluation of Fluid Milk Supply, Movement, and Utilization in Florida."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene


James D. Bates, M.S.A.
"An Observational Study of the Behavioral Characteristics of Customers While Shopping for
Fresh Oranges."
Chairman: M.R. Godwin

Bobby Ray Bennett, M.S.A.
"Asnalysis of Factors Affecting Costs and Returns in Producing Milk by Size of Farm in
Three Areas of Florida."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

John Raymond Brooker, M.S.A.
"Recent Changes in the Market Structure of the Florida Foliage Plant Industry."
Chairman: C.N. Smith

William F. Chapman, Ph.D.
"Demand and Substitution Relationships for Florida and California Valencia Oranges
Produced for Fresh Market."
Chairman: M.R. Godwin


Hashim A. Alsamarrai, Ph.D.
"Methods of Assessing Beneficiaries for a Share of the Cost of Public Water Control Projects
that Enhance Agricultural Land Values."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

Juan A. Aguirre, M.S.A.
"Analysis of the Economic Opportunities for the Development of the Poultry Industry in the
Dominican Republic."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

James B. Bell, Ph.D.
"Market Structure and Economic Analysis of the Florida Sweet Corn Industry."
Chairman: D.L. Brooke

Jose A. Costa, M.S.A.
"The Export Beef Industry of Central America and Its Role in Economic Development."
Chairman: D.E. Alleger

N. Wayne Jordan, M.S.A.
"An Analysis of Factors Associated with Variations in Prices Received for Cattle at Florida
Auction Markets."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

George H. Jung, M.S.A.
"Organization and Operation of the Florida Celery Industry."
Chairman: D.L. Brooke

Richard L. Quails, M.S.A.
"Some Economic Aspects of Strawberry Production and Marketing in Florida."
Chairman: D.L. Brooke

Robert H. Brewster, M.S.A.
"An Economic Study of the Florida Cut Sod Industry."
Chairman: C.N. Smith

Kenneth R. Henderson, Ph.D.
"Demand and Substitution Relationships for Frozen Orange Concentrate."
Chairman: M.R. Godwin

Aaron A. Hutcheson, M.S.A.
"Some Selected Agribusiness Components of the Dade County Tomato Industry."
Chairman: D.L. Brooke

John R. Linn, M.S.A.
"Economic Potential of Beef Production in the Suwannee River Development Area."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Julian R. Meitin,M.S.A.
"Pooling Arrangements for Citrus Cooperatives Under Distressed Conditions."
Chairman: H.G. Hamilton

Carl L. Nottebohm, M.S.A.
"Structure and Development of the Market for Guatemalan Sugar."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Talmadge G. Rice, M.S.A.
"The Demand and Substitution Relationships for Florida Orange Juice in Drug Store
Chairman: F.W. Williams

Robert C. Rock, Ph.D.
"An Expansion Path of Long-Run Adjustments of Citrus Packing Houses in Central
Chairman: C.N. Smith

David E. Weisenborn, M.S.A.
"Economic Analysis of Competitive Sources of Milk Supply to Florida."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Albert F. Cribbett, M.S.A.
"An Economic Analysis of 27 Central Florida Dairy Farms Operated by Identical Operators,
1960 to 1964."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

John Gerald Feaster, M.S.A.
"Farm Managerial Decision-Making of Shifting Cultivators in a Tropical Area."
Chairman: D.E. Alleger

Thomas E. Floyd, M.S.A.
"Cost and Volume Relationships for Picking, Hauling, Packing, and Selling Fresh Florida
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Joseph S. Weiss, M.S.A.
"A Spectral Analysis Approach to Brazilian Cocoa Supply Structure, with Related Market and
Policy Discussions."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson
Co-Chairman: M.R. Langham


Richard C. Raulerson, M.S.A.
"A Study of Supply-Oriented Marketing Policies for Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice: An
Application of Dynamo Simulation."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Howell W. Willingham, M.S.A.
*Marketing of Staple Foods, Port-au-Prince, Haiti."
Chairman: D.E. Alleger

Luis Manuel Garcia, M.S.A.
"An Areal Linear Programming Model for the Agriculture of the Canton of San Carlos in the
Alajuela Province of Costa Rica."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson
Co-Chairman: M.R. Langham

Arthur F. Parker, Jr., M.S.A.
"Seasonal Price Patterns for Major Florida Agricultural Commodities."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

David E. Weisenborn, Ph.D.
"Market Allocation of Florida Orange Production for Maximization of Net Revenue."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Robert E. Zellner, M.S.A.
"Determining the Quality of Consumer Credit."
Chairman: M.R. Langham


Charles L. Anderson, M.S.A.
"Use of Labor and Labor Management Practices on Florida Dairy Farms."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Manuel J. Carvajal, M.S.A.
"An Analysis of Agricultural Resource Allocation in Selected Areas of Costa Rica."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds

Wen-Shyong Chern, M.S.A.
"Determination of the Optimum Number, Size and Location of Orange Packing and Processing
Plants in Florida."
Chairman: L. Polopolus

Juan M. Clark, M.S.A.
"Social Patterns of Rural Family Income."
Chairman: D.E. Alleger

Adrian Fajardo-Christen, M.S.A.
"Demand for Honey Dew Melons in the New York City Wholesale Market, with Special
Reference to the Potential Market for Supplies from Peru."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Mohamed Ismail Farh, Ph.D.
"Evaluation of Development Planning and Economic Growth in Egypt, U.A.R."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Sai Myint Lwin, Ph.D.
"Physical Impairments and Medical Care Costs: Comparisons Between Rural People in Five
Southern States and Florida."
Chairman: R.E.L. Greene

Edward McClelland, Ph.D.
"Optimal Allocation of the Florida Citrus Industry's Generic Advertising Budget."
Chairman: L. Polopolus

Neil L. Meyer, M.S.A.
"Minimum Resource Requirements for Specified Levels of Income on Crop-Livestock Farms
in the Sinu River Valley of Colombia."
Chairman: B.R. Eddleman

Galen C. Moses, M.S.A.
"Cooperative Rural Electrification in Costa Rica."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds

Robert H. Priscott, M.S.A.
"Demand for Citrus Products in the European Market."
Chairman: L. Polopolus

Kit Sims Taylor, M.S.A.
"The Dynamics of Underdevelopment in a Plantation Economy: The Sugar Sector of
Northeastern Brazil."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Ron-Horn Tseng, M.S.A.
"A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Farmland Values in Florida."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds


John L. Bieber, Ph.D.
"Diversification Opportunities and Effects of Alternative Policies on Costa Rican Coffee
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

David W. Parvin, Ph.D.
"Effects of Weather on Orange Supplies."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Hans Patrick Peterson, M.S.A.
"Effects of Resource Reallocation on Crop Income from Medium Size Farms in Jamaica."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Harry Gene Witt, Ph.D.
"Broilers, Dairy Cattle, Fed Beef Cattle, Layers and Swine: Differences Between Actual
Production and Production with an 'Optimum' Economic Utilization of Feed in Eleven
Regions of the United States, 1965."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson


Ahmad Mahdzan bin Ayob, M.S.A.
"An Econometric Analysis of United States Import Demand and Prices of Natural Rubber."
Chairman: A.A. Prato

Dallas Robert Fox, M.S.A.
"Policy Analysis and Simulation Modeling for Basic Grain Commodity Systems with Special
Reference to Rice."
Chairman: W.K. Boutwell

Lee Wayne Hall, M.S.A.
"An Analysis of the U.S. Regional Demands and Marketing Costs for Selected Florida
Processed Citrus Products."
Chairman: L.H. Myers

Bharat Jhunjhunwala, M.S.A.
"Minimum Cropland Requirements for Specified Income Levels in Selected Counties of North
and West Florida."
Chairman: F.H. Tyner

William D. Ricker, M.S.A.
"An Analytical Approach to the Consolidation of Counties in North and West Florida Based
on Educational Efficiency Criteria."
Chairman: F.H. Tyner

James N. Royal, M.S.A.
"Factors Affecting Differences Between Use-Value and Market Value Assessments of Land-
-Alachua County, Florida."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

Michael Schwartz, Ph.D.
"Input Productivity in Agriculture on the North Coast of Colombia."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Donna Fay Wyatt, M.S.A.
"Factors Affecting Farmland Values in Florida and the Southeast."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds


Reinaldo Alcantara, M.S.A.
"Returns to Scale and Resource Allocation in the Production of Sugarcane in Sao Paulo,
Chairman: A.A. Prato

Mario M. Amin, M.S.A.
"Regional Market Allocation for Selected Florida Citrus Products."
Chairman: L.H.Myers

Morris Behar, M.S.A.
"Recreational Usage in the Kissimmee River Basin, Florida."
Chairman: K.C. Gibbs

Henry D. Brodnax, Ph.D.
"The Effects of Various Tenure and Tax Management Strategies on Organization of Beef
Cattle Ranches in the Gulf Coast Area of Central Florida."
Chairman: B.R. Eddleman

Jose Dearing, M.S.A.
"Cost-Benefit Analysis of Vocational Agricultural Education in El Salvador."
Chairman: B.R. Eddleman

Juan A. Figueras, Ph.D.
"Agrarian Reform and Agricultural Development in Mexico."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Paul J. Hooker, Ph.D.
"Systems Analysis of U.S. Management Strategies in the Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Industry."
Chairman: L. Polopolus

Jonq-Ying Lee, M.S.A.
"A Simultaneous Equation Model of the Economic-Ecologic System in Citrus Groves."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

John F. McGuire, M.S.A.
"An Application of Two Methods to Estimate the Economic Value of Outdoor Recreation in
the Kissimmee River Basin."
Chairman: K.C. Gibbs

Juan Montes, M.S.A.
"Effect of a Supply Control Program in the United States Market for Winter Tomatoes
Produced in Florida and West Mexico."
Chairman: D.L. Brooke

Louis A. Murray, M.S.A.
"Areawide Planning for Optimum Locations of Hospital Facilities in Northeast Florida."
Chairman: B.R. Eddleman

Daniel B. Wilder, M.S.A.
"Marginal Values of Water Used in the Irrigation of Citrus in the Central Ridge Section of
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds


Ziblim Andan, M.S.A.
"Capital Requirements and Crop Combinations for Specified Income Levels in Ghana."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

John R. Brooker, Ph.D.
"Systems Analysis of the United States Winter Fresh Tomato Industry."
Chairman: L. Polopolus

James C. Cato, Ph.D.
"The Effect of Resource Investment Programs on Labor Employment."
Chairman: B.R. Eddleman

Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Ph.D.
"Agricultural Mechanization, Rural Income Distribution and Unemployment in Faizabad
District, East Uttar Pradesh."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Clyde F. Kiker, Ph.D.
"River Basin Simulation as a Means of Determining Operating Policy for a Water Control
Chairman: J.R. Conner

Richard A. Levins, M.S.A.
"The Competitive Position of Potato Producers in the Hastings Area of Florida."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Robert Glenn McElroy, M.S.A.
"Some Environmental Considerations of Regional Development."
Chairman: E.T. Loehman

Terry A. Moore, M.S.A.
"Self-Sufficiency in Vegetable Oil Production in Ecuador: An Application of Dynamic Linear
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds

Arthur F. Parker, Jr., Ph.D.
"An Econometric Analysis of the Florida Grapefruit Industry."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson
Co-Chairman: L.H. Myers

Charles E. Powe, Ph.D.
"A Model for Evaluating Alternative Policy Decisions for the Florida Orange Subsector of
the Food Industry."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Charles L. Richardson, M.S.A.
"The Advertising Response for Processed Oranges: A Distributive Lag Approach."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Joseph C. Roetheli, M.S.A.
"Economic Analysis of Selected Orange Harvesting Systems in Florida."
Chairman: D.L Brooke

Jackie G. Smith, M.S.A.
"Short Run Price Forecasting Model for Canned Single Strength Grapefruit Juice."
Chairman: L.H. Myers

Chih-Huang Tuan, M.S.A.
"A Description of the Southeastern Kissimmee-Everglades Drainage Basin with Emphasis on
Hydrologic-Economic Linkages."
Chairman: J.R. Conner

Sarah Shu-Jen Yang, M.S.A.
"Analysis of Family Income Variations in Florida."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Jose Alvarez, M.S.A.
"The Florida Shrimp Processing Industry: Economic Structure and Marketing Channels."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

Donald R. Andrews, M.S.A.
"An Estimation of Residential Demand for Water in Dade County, Florida."
Chairman: K.C. Gibbs

James R. Baarda, Ph.D.
"An Economic Analysis of Alternative Revenue Generating Policies for State Financing."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Teunis DeBoon, Ph.D.
"Influence of Trade Barriers: The Florida and Mexico Experience with Winter Cucumbers."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson
Co-Chairman: C.O. Andrew

Edwin H. Finlayson, M.S.A.
"An Application of Computer Analysis in Florida Dairy Feeding."
Chairman: J. Holt

J. Michael Gorham, M.S.A.
"An Analysis of the Determinants of Nutrient Intake for Selected Families in Florida's
Expanded Nutrition Program."
Chairman: A.A. Prato

Aurelia B. Harris, M.S.A.
"Optimum Locations of Hospital Facilities in Northwest Florida."
Chairman: B.R. Eddleman

Michael J. Mara, M.S.A.
"Economic Implications of Water Hyacinth Control."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Jean Ongla, M.S.A.
"Economic Impact of a Fertilizer Shortage on the Production of Selected Vegetable Crops in
Chairman: C.O. Andrew

David J. Zimet, M.S.A.
"The Economic Potential for Increasing Vegetable Production in the Zapotitan District, El
Chairman: C.O. Andrew


Jagadev N. Bagali, Ph.D.
"Nutritional and Nonnutritional Components of Demand for Food."
Chairman: A.A. Prato

Frank A. Dasse, Ph.D.
"Economic Impacts of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Futures Trading on the Florida
Orange Industry."
Chairman: L.H. Myers
Co-Chairman: R.W. Ward

Vo-Huu De, Ph.D.
"Demand for Food in South Viet-Nam and Projections for 1980."
Chairman: L. Polopolus

Thomas A. Jennings, Ph.D.
"A General Methodology for Analyzing Demand for Outdoor Recreation with an Application
to Camping in Florida State Parks."
Chairman: K.C. Gibbs

Jonq-Ying Lee, Ph.D.
"A Study of Optimum Number, Sizes, and Locations of Wastewater Treatment Facilities in
Alachua County, Florida."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Thomas S. Walker, M.S.A.
"Economic Analysis of the Domestic and Foreign Hired Agricultural Labor Market in
Chairman: C.O. Andrew

Kenneth B. Wiegand, M.S.A.
"The Economic Feasibility of Stabilizing the Price and Supply of Potatoes in Ecuador."
Chairman: C.O. Andrew

James D. Wilson, M.S.A.
"Mirex: Decision Making Problems in Pesticide Programs."
Chairman: E.T. Loehman

Oon Lee Yeoh, Ph.D.
"Welfare Gains from Supply Stabilization in the Orange Industry of Florida."
Chairman: M.R. Langham


Mario M. Amin, Ph.D.
"Allocation of Florida Pompon Chrysanthemums to Selected Regional Markets."
Chairman: C.N. Smith

Gustavo J. Arcia, M.S.
"Agricultural Labor Supply and Unemployment Insurance."
Chairman: R.D. Emerson

Efrain M. Figueroa, M.S.
"Feasibility of Marketing Woody Ornamentals in North Central Florida."
Chairman: L.H. Myers

Mudiumbula T. Futa, M.S.
"Internal Agricultural Adjustment to External Disturbances: Case Study of Export Crop
Diversification in Selected African Countries, 1950-1973."
Chairman: W.K. Mathis
Co-Chairman: C.G. Davis

N. Wayne Jordan, Ph.D.
"A Quantitative Evaluation of the Economic Feasibility of Expansion in the Florida Cattle
Feeding Industry."
Chairman: W.K. McPherson

Tran-Nhu-Long, Ph.D.
"Capital Needs in the Agriculture of South Vietnam."
Chairman: L. Polopolus

William George Luppold, M.S.
"Commercial Demand for Water in Dade County, Florida."
Chairman: G.D. Lynne

Bernard F. Neenan, M.S.
"An Economic Analysis of the Florida Feeder Cattle Industry."
Chairman: L.H. Myers

Romulo Soliz-Valarezo, M.S.
"Optimum Farm Plans to Meet Changing Conditions on North and West Florida Crop Farms."
Chairman: J. Holt
Co-Chairman: J.E. Reynolds

W. Charles Walden, Ph.D.
"An Interindustry Analysis of Technological Innovation and Regional Impact: The Case of
Flue-Cured Tobacco."
Chairman: M.L Upchurch

Joel S. Williams, Ph.D.
"An Economic Analysis of Alternative Management Strategies for the Florida Spiny Lobster
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

John Henry Williams, M.S.
"An Estimation of the Agricultural Demand for Water in Dade County, Florida."
Chairman: G.D. Lynne

Jose Alvarez, Ph.D.
"Traditional and Commercial Farm Supply Response in Agricultural Development: The Case
for Basic Grains in Guatemala."
Chairman: C.O. Andrew

Glen Nelson Buckley, M.S.
"Econometric Analysis of the FCOJ Wholesale-Retail Subsector."
Chairman: D.S. Tilley

William R. Goodwin, M.S.
"Agricultural Development Under Urban Pressure, Costa Rica."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Robert Allen Morris, M.S.
"Primary Economic Impact of Florida's Commercial Fishing Industry."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

Pamela Haines Neenan, M.S.
"Impact of the Food Stamp and Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Programs on
Nutrient Demand by Low Income Households: Polk County, Florida."
Chairman: C.G. Davis

Khai Q. Nguyen, M.S.
"Effects of Prices, Income, and Exchange Rates on the European Demand for Concentrated
Orange Juice."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Juan A. Poveda, M.S.
"Earnings Differentials Among Florida Male Farm Workers."
Chairman: R.D. Emerson

Manuel E. Reyes, M.S.
"The Economic Feasibility of Sugarcane and Citrus Production on the Flatwood Sandy Soils
of Southwest Florida."
Chairman: G.A. Zepp

John C.S. Tang, Ph.D.
"World Demand for Fresh U.S. Grapefruit: An Application of Seemingly Unrelated
Chairman: R. W. Ward


Bakayoko Adama, M.S.
"The Economics of Rice Production in the Ivory Coast, 1950-1972: Strategies and Policy
Chairman: C.G. Davis

James E. Davis, Jr., M.S.
"The Theory and Measurement of Coupon Effectiveness: An Application of Error-
Components Models."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Leo da Rocha Ferreira, Ph.D.
"Economics of Small and Sharecropper Farms Under Risk in the Sertao of Northeastern
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Albert Fuller, M.S.
"Local Market Feasibility for Fresh Vegetables Produced in Columbia, Hamilton, Madison,
and Suwanee Counties."
Chairman: C.O. Andrew

Virgilio A. Machado, Ph.D.
"A Dynamic, Mixed Integer Location Model Applied to Florida Citrus Packinghouses."
Chairman: L. Polopolus
Co-Chairman: D.S. Tilley

Larry M. Moore, M.S.
"An Economic Analysis of the Florida East Coast Finfish Subsector."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

Vasco Antonio Moretti, M.S.
"Demand for Brazilian Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Exports."
Chairman: D.S. Tilley

Jean Ongla, Ph.D.
"Structure, Conduct and Performance of the Food Crop Marketing System in Cameroon: A
Case Study of Yaounde and Adjacent Areas."
Chairman: C.G. Davis

Devin L. Tower, M.S.
"Rural Land Prices: An Empirical Analysis in East Central Florida."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds


Edward E. Canler, M.S.
"An Application of the Delphi Technique to Evaluate the Economic Performance of the
Biodynamic/French Intensive System Under Florida Conditions."
Chairman: W. A. Colette

Patricia D. Conroy, M.S.
"Economic Value of the Salt Marsh to the Florida Blue Crab Industry.":
Chairman: G. D Lynne

Donald R. Crane, Jr., M.S.
"The Sugarcane Stubble Replacement Decision for South Florida."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Steven P. Hubbard, M.S.
"A Model for Estimating Differences in the Degrees of Risk Preferences Between Small and
Large North Central Florida Field Corn Producers."
Chairman: W. A. Colette

Paul T. Phillips, M.S.
"An Economic Evaluation of Forage Alternatives for South Florida Cow-Calf Production
Chairman: B.E. Melton

James Walter Prevatt, M.S.
"Optimal Farm Resource Organization for North and West Florida: An Application of
Dynamic Linear Programming."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds

Gregory E. Schimkat, M.S.
"A Basis Model for Hedging Florida Feeder Cattle."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Holly J. Thomason, M.S.
"An Economic Analysis of the Role of the Sugar Industry in the South Florida Economy."
Chairman: J.R. Gordon


Ahmad Mahdzan bin Ayob, Ph.D.
"Choice of Technology in Rice Harvesting in the Muda Irrigation Scheme, Malaysia."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson

Ella K. Carl, Ph.D.
"Selection of Alternate Vertical Exchange Mechanisms and Its Effect on Market Price."
Chairman: L.Polopolus
Co-Chairman: R.L. Kilmer

Julio A. Chang, M.S.
"A Multivariate Time Series Approach to Forecasting Cattle Prices."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Gerald W. Fieser, M.S.
"A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rearing Versus Purchasing Dairy Replacement Heifers in
Chairman: B.E. Melton

William B. Hackett, M.S.
"Economic Change in Florida's Coastal Counties: Shift-Share Assessment."
Chairman: W. D. Mulkey

William M. Malick, M.S.
"A Simultaneous Equation Model of the Florida Retail Orange Juice Marketing System."
Chairman: D.S. Tilley

Henry E. Ramirez, Jr., M.S.
"The Impact of Empty Backhauls on the Fuel Consumed in Truck Transportation of Florida
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables."
Chairman: R.L. Kilmer

Robert A. Solove, Ph.D.
"The Agricultural Impact of Water Quality Standards: A Mathematical Programming
Chairman: G.D. Lynne

Keri Hamacher Taylor, M.S.
"Economic Efficiency and Distributional Implications of Alternative Water Allocation
Approaches Under Administrative Water Law."
Chairman: C.F. Kiker

Timothy Gordon Taylor, Ph.D.
"A Bio-Econometric Analysis of the Gulf of Mexico Commercial Reef Fish Fishery."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska


Charles E. Allison, M.S.
"Optimal Producer Response to Cyclical and Seasonal Variations in Cattle Prices."
Chairman: B.E. Melton

Jehu A. Anaman, M.S.
"Optimal Irrigation Strategies for the 'Valencia' Citrus Crop in Florida."
Chairman: G.D. Lynne

Robert M. Behr, Ph.D.
"A Simultaneous Equation Model of Futures Market Trading Activity."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Jeffrey R. Crawford, M.S.
"Long Term Projections of Ranch Expenses, Income and New Worth: An Economic and
Financial Analysis."
Chairman: J.R. Simpson

Sherry L. Organ Fieser, M.S.
"An Evaluation of Alternative Marketing Strategies for Florida Bred Thoroughbreds."
Chairman: W.A. Colette

Luiz Jose Maria Irias, Ph.D.
"An Econometric Model of International Trade of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice."
Chairman: D.S. Tilley

Walter R. Keithly, M.S.
"Florida Spiny Lobster Fishing: Monthly Allocation of Economic Inputs with Consideration
of Population Parameters and Alternative Fishing Enterprises."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

Kathryn Corinne Lewis, M.S.
"The Application of Non-Market Valuation Methods to Evaluate the Potential for Water
Conservation in the Residential Sector."
Chairman: R.R. Carriker

Menwouyellet Moussie, Ph.D.
"Impact of Socioeconomic Characteristics on the Nutritional Status of Adolescents from Low-
Income Households in Florida."
Chairman: C.G. Davis

Elengesa M'Pia, M.S.
"Use of an Economic-Demographic Simulation Model for Planning in Zaire's Beef Cattle
Chairman: J.R. Simpson

Jonathan S. Perry, Ph.D.
"An Econometric Analysis of Socioeconomic and Demographic Determinants of Fish and
Shellfish Consumption in the United States."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

Joseph Michael Prentice-Cordon, M.S.
"An Economic Analysis of Seed Production and Seed Conditioning in Colombia and
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Francisco J. Proenza, Ph.D.
"Impact of the Supervised Credit System on the Use of Modern Agricultural Practices: The
Case of Corn in Guatemala."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson
Co-Chairman: R.D. Emerson

Gwen S. Shonkwiler, M.S.
"The Effect of Increasing Fuel Prices on the Feeder Cattle Marketing System in Florida."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Hilda Yumiseva, Ph.D.
"Agricultural Policy: A Linear Programming Application to Guatemala."
Chairman: M.R. Langham
Co-Chairman: R.D. Emerson


Bakayoko Adama, Ph.D.
"Export Agriculture Diversification and Intra-Regional Income Distribution in the Ivory
Coast: Case of the Forested Region, 1960-1980."
Chairman: C.G. Davis

Ismet Ahmad, Ph.D.
"Indonesian Agricultural Productivity and Its Relation to Development Strategy: A Value-
Added Approach."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Guillermo E. Alvarado, M.S.
"The Impacts of a Marketing Order Quality Restriction on Florida Winter Fresh Tomato
Chairman: J.J. VanSickle

Carlos Anthony Arnade, M.S.
"An Evaluation of Alternative Price Forecasting Mechanisms in Relation to the Florida
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Eric Scott Bauman, M.S.
"Producer Gas Powered Irrigation: An Economic Appraisal."
Chairman: C.F. Kiker

Antonio Caro Cifuentes, M.S.
"Production Schedules for Florida Foliage Nurseries."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Eleonora Daza, M.S.
"Estimation of a Production Function for Staked Tomatoes and Green Peppers in Southwest
Chairman: W.A. Colette

David L. Dodson, M.S.
"Choice Theory and the Adoption of Innovations: The Peasant Farmer Decision to Try
Soybeans in Mulungu, Zaire."
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

S. Elaine Grigsby, Ph.D.
"The Impact of P.L. 480 Title I Trade, Finance, and Aid in Colombia, 1940-1980."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson
Co-Chairman: J.R. Simpson

Wayne H. Howard, M.S.
"A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Florida's Fresh Vegetable Market in the United States."
Chairman: W.A. Colette

John David Locascio, M.S.
"The Estimation of Barrier Island Amenity Values Around Apalachicola Bay."
Chairman: W.D. Mulkey
Co-Chairman: J.W. Milon

Amy Margoluis, M.S.
"Estimation of Implicit Prices for Juice and Drink Characteristics."
Chairman: D.S. Tilley

Nancy McCabe, M.S.
"Characteristics of Fresh Citrus Consumers."
Chairman: D.S. Tilley
Co-Chairman: G.F. Fairchild

Hector Medrano-Vaquero, Ph.D.
"Evaluation of the Limiting Factors to Bean Production in El Salvador."
Chairman: C.O. Andrew
Co-Chairman: J. Alvarez

Mario E. Molina-Batlle, M.S.
"The Economics of Producing Four Tropical Crops by Cuban Farmers in the Homestead Area
of Florida in 1981."
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Robert P. Norbert, M.S.
"Factors Which Influence Agricultural Land Values in the Southeast."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds

Gonzalo A. Romero, M.S.
"Setting Priorities in Developing Country's Agricultural Research Stations."
Chairman: J.R. Simpson

James Harold Sanderson, M.S.
"Socioeconomic Determinants of Food Expenditure Pattern and Nutritional Status of Low-
Income Elderly Minority Households, Dade County, Florida."
Chairman: C.G. Davis

Ernest Binford Smith, Ph.D.
"Evaluation of Federal Marketing Orders for Fruits and Vegetables Using Time Varying
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Amy L. Sparks, M.S.
"An Input-Output Analysis of Florida's Persistent Low-Income Counties."
Chairman: J.R. Gordon

M. Kathryn Ting, M.S.
"Asymmetric Price Response in the Irreversible Demand Functions for Citrus Juice Products."
Chairman: D.S. Tilley

Elzadia Washington, M.S.
"Evaluating Farmers Home Administration Short-Term Loans to Farmers in Jackson County,
Florida, Using Discriminant Analysis."
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Bonny J. Welcher, M.S.
"Diesel Fuel Prices and the Interregional Allocation of Florida and California Celery."
Chairman: R.L. Kilmer


Emil Belibasis, M.S.
"An Examination of the Feasibility of Exporting Honduran Fresh Cucumbers Within the
United States Winter Market."
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Susan L. Brittain, M.S.
"Decision Criteria, Lending Policies and Lending Practices of Production Credit Associations,
Farmers Home Administration and Commerical Banks in North Florida."
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Edward Ernest Canler, Ph.D.
"Some Effects of Exchange Rate Flexibility on U.S. Agriculture."
Chairman: E. Pagoulatos

Luiz Ivan Castelar, Ph.D.
"Productivity Change in the Brazilian Agricultural Sector."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Marino Chanlatte, Ph.D.
"Demand for Food Commodities in the Dominican Republic and Some Implications for
Nurtitional Policies."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Elena Lopez Diaz-Delgado, Ph.D.
"Two-Way Trade and Product Differentiation in Food and Agricultural Products."
Chairman: E. Pagoulatos

Juan J. Espinal, M.S.
"Determinants of the Level and Distribution of Household Income in the Las Cuevas Region
of the Domincan Republic: Implications for Regional Development Strategies."
Chairman: D. Mulkey

Abby Lynne Fromang, M.S.
"The Development and Analysis of a Model of Cooperative Finance."
Chairman: J.J. VanSickle

Vander Gontijo, Ph.D.
"Vertical Coordination Arrangements: Some Alternatives for the United States Dairy
Chairman: R.L Kilmer

Alexander S. Heyman, M.S.
"Optimal Beef-Forage Systems for a Cow-Calf Enterprise Under Rising Fertilizer Prices and
Constraints: An Application for Dynamic Linear Programming to a South Florida Cow-Calf
Chairman: W.A. Colette

Rigobert Lopez, Ph.D.
"The Impact of Alternative Marketing Arrangements on the Performance of Processing
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Charles S. Mataya, M.S.
"Optimal Storage Levels: The Case of Florida Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Marvin Neal Miller, Ph.D.
"A Commodity Subsector Analysis of the U.S. Cut Flower Industry."
Chairman: C.N. Smith

Belgica E. Nunez, M.S.
"An Economic Evaluation of Small Farmer Marketing Alternativies in Guayabal, Dominican
Chairman: J.R. Simpson

Lugaba Ruhimbasa, M.S.
"An Economic Comparison of Monocropping and Multicropping Major Row Crops in Georgia
1972-1975, with Possibilities for Transference of a Double-Cropping Methodology to Other
Parts of the Southeastern United States and Zaire."
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Mauro R. Suazo, M.S.
"World Shrimp Production and Implications for the U.S. Import Market."
Chairman: R.J. Prochaska

Gary H. Wilkowske, M.S.
"The Effects of Reduced Supplies and Rising Prices of Water and Energy on Round Orange
Production in Florida."
Chairman: G.D. Lynne

Ahmed Zahalka, M.S.
"An Application of Pricipal Components to the Evaluation of Agricultural Development in
the Bas Boen Region of Haiti."
Chairman: R.W. Ward


Kodjo Abassa, M.S.
"Economic Analysis of Feeding Gobra Zebu Cattle in Dahra, Senegal."
Chairman: W.G. Boggess

Charles M. Adams, Ph.D.
"Price Dynamics in the U.S. Shrimp Market."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

Philip d'Almada, M.S.
"Agricultural Economic Impact from Water Restrictions in South Florida."
Chairman: G.D. Lynne

Dino J. Cardelli, M.S.
"Evaluating Multi-Species Insect Management Strategies Using Bioeconomic Simulation."
Chairman: W.G. Boggess

Rosie Chikwana, M.S.
"Production and Consumption Behavior of Smallholder Farmers in the Thiwi-Lifidzi Project
of Malawi."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Bruce Dehm, M.S.
"Constraints to Technology Adoption on Small Farms in North Florida."
Chairman: P.E. Hildebrand

Phylo Evangelou, Ph.D.
"Analysis of Constraints to Expanded Livestock Production in Kenya's Maasailand."
Chairman: W.W. McPherson
Co-Chairman: J.R. Simpson

Debra Lynn Fuller, M.S.
"Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. Food and Tobacco Manufacturing Sector and Domestic
Economic Performance."
Chairman: E. Pagoulatos
Co-Chairman: M.R. Langham

Aloisio Gomes, Ph.D.
"Credit and Efficiency: An Analysis of Traditional Food Production Systems in Southeastern
Minas Gerais, Brazil."
Chairman: H.E. Drummond
Co-Chairman: W.G. Boggess

Guarany Gomes, Ph.D.
"An Economic Evaluation of the Income, Employment and Distributional Aspects of a
Supervised Credit Program in the Zona da Mata, Brazil."
Chairman: H.E. Drummond
Co-Chairman: W.G. Boggess

Jonathan Paul Gressel, M.S.
"United State Sugar Policy and Ethanol Production from Sugarcane in Florida."
Chairman: C.F. Kiker

Suzanne Hazard, M.S.
"Formulation and Estimation of a Generalized Supply Response Model."
Chairman: J.S. Shonkwiler

Pamela Jo Howard, M.S.
"The Economic Feasibility of Dairy Goat Milk Marketing in the United States with an
Overview of the Dairy Goat Industry."
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Eugene Jones, Ph.D.
"An Econometric Model of Structural Changes in the U.S. Potato Industry."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Rachel E. Kreier, M.S.
"A Composite Welfare Criterion for Project Analysis."
Chairman: J.W. Milon

Mark S. Lieblich, M.S.
"Risky Investments in Grain Drying Equipment A Simulation Study of North Florida Field
Corn Production."
Chairman: C.F. Kiker

Rekha Mehra, Ph.D.
"International Labor Migration and Florida Sugarcane Production: A Political-Economic
Chairman: R.D. Emerson
Co-Chairman: M.R. Langham

Jose Nova, M.S.
"Optimal Resource Allocation and Management in the Farming Systems of Las Cuevas
Watershed, Dominican Republic."
Chairman: J. Alvarez

Brooke Schwartz, M.S.
"The Demand for National Brand and Private Label Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice: A
Switching Regression Analysis."
Chairman: J.Y. Lee

Durgesh Shrestha, Ph.D.
"A Short-Term Macroeconometric Model for an Open Agrarian Economy: Nepal."
Chairman: E. Pagoulatos
Co-Chairman: M.R. Langham

Steven M. Smiley, M.S.
"An Integrated Microcomputer Approach to the Sugarcane Stubble Replacement Decision."
Chairman: R.A. Levins

Harriet A. Stranahan, M.S.
"Evaluating the Returns to Post-Harvest Research in the Florida Citrus Processing Subsector."
Chairman: J.S. Shonkwiler

John L. Wake, M.S.
"The Cost of Learning by Doing Effect on Technology Adoption."
Chairman: P.E. Hildebrand

Jay Yingling, M.S.
"Economic and Socio-economic Determinants of Changes in Citrus Acreage in Florida:
Implications for Public Policy."
Chairman: R. Clouser
Co-Chairman: W.D. Mulkey


Kwabena Asomanin Anaman, Ph.D.
"Economic Analysis of Farm-Firm Management Risk in North Florida."
Chairman: W.G. Boggess

David W. Burch, Ph.D.
"A Systems Approach to Financial Appraisal of Greenhouse Heating with Power Plant Cooling
Chairman: C.F. Kiker

Frank Hughes Johnson, M.S.
"A Stochastic Dominance Analysis of Background Feeder Cattle in North Florida."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Walter Russell Keithly, Ph.D.
"Socioeconomic Determinants of At-Home Seafood Consumption: A Limited Dependent
Variable Analysis of Existing and Latent Consumers."
Chairman: F.J. Prochaska

William M. Malick, Ph.D.
"Seasonality and Basis Adjustments in the Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Futures Market."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Anne E. Moseley, M.S.
"An Analysis of Feeding and Slaughtering Beef Cattle in Florida Using a Spatiotemporal
Optimization Model."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Brave Rona Nthakomwa, M.S.
"An Analysis of Production and Resource Use in Smallholder Agriculture in the Michinji
Rural Development Project of Malawi."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

James F. O'Connor, M.S.
"The Effect of Motor Carrier Deregulation on Small Rural Communities in Florida."
Chairman: R.P. Beilock

Leandro Raquel Rola, Ph.D.
"Attitudes and Economic Variables Affecting Conservation Response in North Florida."
Chairman: G.D. Lynne

David J. Zimet, Ph.D.
"Farm Management Under Uncertainty: Implications for Beef Cattle Production."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen


John W. Cornelius, M.S.
"Substitution Between Foreign and Domestic Labor in the Citrus Harvesting Labor Market:
A Total Elasticity Analysis of the Adverse Effect Wage Rate Policy: 1959-1983."
Chairman: R.D. Emerson

Wendell J. Dennis, M.S.
"Determinants of Household Consumption of Fresh Citrus: An Application of the Tobit
Chairman: M.G. Brown

Bruce P. Isaacson, M.S.
"Agricultural Responsiveness in Drought-Prone Africa: The Botswana Case."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Michael J. Monson, Ph.D.
"A Dynamic Model of Input Demand for Agriculture in the Southeastern United States."
Chairman: W.G. Boggess

Susan Phillips, M.S.
"Factors Influencing Agricultural Land Use Change: A Study of Alachua County, Florida."
Chairman: R.L. Clouser

Steven Gordon Silos, M.S.
"An Economic Analysis of the Fallow Practices of Florida Sugarcane Growers."
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Michael Edward Wilson, Ph.D.
"The Consumptive Use Permit Process in the Southwest Florida Water Management District:
An Institutional Analysis."
Chairman: G.D. Lynne


Pattana Aviphant, M.S.
"An Econometric Analysis of the Demand for Fruit Juices."
Chairman: J.Y. Lee

Benjamin Fredrick Blair, M.S.
"The Personal Income Distribution of Farm Families: An Annual and Lifetime Income
Chairman: R.D. Emerson

Neil Andre Boyer, M.S.
"Food Crop Marketing and Agricultural Development in Dschang and Adjacent Areas of West
Province, Cameroon."
Chairman: C.G. Davis

Eddie Fook Chong Chiew, Ph.D.
"ASEAN Economic Cooperation with Particular Emphasis on the Food and Agricultural
Chairman: M.R. Langham

David W. Cottrell, M.S.
"Issues Surrounding Local Taxation of Mobile Homes: A Case Study of Highlands County,
Chairman: W.D. Mulkey

Carolyn M. Fonyo, M.S.
"Water Hyacinth Production in a Eutrophic Lake for Water Quality Improvement and
Conversion to Methane: An Economic Framework for Analysis."
Chairman: W.G. Boggess

Jose Ernesto Interiano, M.S.
"Agricultural Land Values: A Pooled Cross-Sectional Time Series Analysis."
Chairman: J.E. Reynolds

Nicholas G. Kalaitzandonakes, M.S.
"An Analysis of Productivity Growth in the Production of Fresh Winter Vegetables in
Chairman: T.G. Taylor

Sandra Johnson Monson, Ph.D.
"Basis Determination Across Commodity Futures"
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Frade K. Nyondo, M.S.
"Price Responsiveness of Producers of Basic Food Crops in Malawi."
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Mark S. Peters, M.S.
"An Analysis of the Economic Potential for Export Vegetable Production in Jamaica."
Chairman: T.G. Taylor

Amy L. Sparks, Ph.D.
"A Simultaneous Econometric Model of World Vegetable Trade: Implications for Market
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Maryellen Tuttel, M.S.
"Selected Hedging Strategies in the Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Industry."
Chairman: R.W. Ward


William Acon, M.S.
"U.S. Demand for Bananas, Avocados, and Tropical Fruits: Tobit Analysis and Projections."
Chairman: E.M. Babb

Kofi Adu-Nyako, Ph.D.
"Apple Harvesting and Non-Immigrant Alien Workers in West Virginia: An Economic
Chairman: R.D. Emerson

James Ansoanuur, Ph.D.
"Evaluating Returns to Postharvest Research and Develpment in the Fresh Winter Tomato
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Gregory P. Armotrading, M.S.
"An Econometric Analysis of Media Effect of Generic Advertising on Fluid Milk Demand."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Julio A. Chang, Ph.D.
"A Theoretical Model of Generic and Brand Advertising."
Chairman: R.W. Ward

Maferima Diarassouba, M.S.
"Policy and Economics of Rice Production in the Ivory Coast: Cost Minimization in the
Government Distribution Network."
Chairman: J.L. Seale, Jr.

Therese Moulende Fouda, M.S.
"Assessing Small Farmers Credit Needs: A Case Study of the West Province of Cameroon"
Chairman: P.J. van Blokland

Xiaoming Gao, M.S.
Seasonal Price Premiums and Supply Response by Florida Dairy Producers: A Stochastic
Dynamic Programming Analysis"
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

Stephenie K. Kan, M.S.
"Resource Allocation Among Limited Resource Farmers in Sitiung 5c, West Sumatera,
Chairman: C.O. Andrew

John Dale Lea, Ph.D.
"A Dynamic Econometric Model of the U.S. Shrimp Market."
Chairman: J.S. Shonkwiler

German Enrique Molina, M.S.
"Supermarket Produce Demand and Shelf Space Effects"
Chairman: J.J. VanSickle

James D. O'Connor, Ph.D.
"Agricultural Development in an Ecologically Sensitive Region: The Role of Publicly Funded
Chairman: C.O. Andrew

William A. Schiek, M.S.
"The Impact of Reverse Osmosis on Florida Milk Supply"
Chairman: E.M. Babb

Michael L. Thomsen, M.S.
"The Rediscovery of Charcoal: A Tobit Analysis of the Demand for Charcoal by Jamaican
Chairman: C.F. Kiker

Jorge A. Wong-Valle, M.S.
"Economic Growth in Jamaica: Energy's Importance in the Foreign Exchange Earning
Chairman: C.F. Kiker

Xiling Wu, Ph.D.
"A Characteristic Demand Model for Dairy Products"
Chairman: R.L. Kilmer


Patrick A. Antoine, M.S.
"Producer Behavior and Implications for Sugar Policy in The Barbados Sugar Industry"
Chairman: M.R. Langham

Darrell R. Brannan, M.S.
"An Economic Analysis of Multispecies Production in Florida's Commercial In-Shore Gill net
Chairman: C.M. Adams

James Roger Clemmons, M.S.
"Economic Models of the Demand for Variety in Sport Hunting"
Chairman: J.W. Milon

Michael Ian Collins, M.S.
"An Economic Analysis of the Wholesale Demand for Sweet Potatoes in Lima, Peru"
Chairman: T.G. Taylor

Ronald M. Mahan, Jr., M.S.
"Unloading Practices for Produce: An Economic Analysis"
Chairman: R.P. Beilock

Emily A. McClain, Ph.D.
"A Monte Carlo Simulation Model of the World Orange Juice Market"
Chairman: T.H. Spreen

May E. Mercado, M.S.
"Evaluation of Arm Constraints to Rice Production in Marovoay Plains, Madagascar"
Chairman: W.G. Boggess

William Allen Messina, Jr., M.S.
"U.S. Sugar Policy: A Comparative Welfare Analysis of Policy Options Under Pending
Caribbean Basin Expansion Act Legislation"
Chairman: J.S. Seale, Jr.

Anderson Reynolds, Ph.D.
"An Econometric Analysis of Fresh-Winter Vegetable Consumption: Extensions of the Tobit
Chairman: J.S. Shonkwiler

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