Nursery ABC and simple speller


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Nursery ABC and simple speller
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12 p. : col. ill. ; 24 cm.
Cogger, Edward P ( Engraver )
McLoughlin Bros., inc ( Publisher )
McLoughlin Bro's
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New York
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Subjects / Keywords:
Readers (Primary)   ( lcsh )
Primers (Instructional books) -- 1870
Alphabet books -- 1870
Bldn -- 1870
Primers (Instructional books)
Alphabet books
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- New York -- New York


General Note:
Cover title.
General Note:
Illustrations signed Cogger (i.e. Edward Cogger)
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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University of Florida
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Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
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aleph - 001852726
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notis - AJS7082
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r iib 2 211JI 222r 22 l 2A2222 2 7 112 s 222 1211212 2I I122 12 22

ALPHABETabcdefghij k mnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEF G HIJKL M N 0 PQRS TUV W X Y ZThe Baldwin LibraryRmBofSo

LESSON 1am do itan go loas he meat if mybe in noAPPLE Acid Ate by is ofLESSON 2oh so uson ti weox up yeI am to goGo up to itGo up on it on

SMLESSON 3hanm man batjam pan catram van fatban has hatcan was matCHURCH Chapel fan ask patLESSON 4bin win m entdin bit metkin fit mewpin pit norsin sit notfin him now DAN DiggingLESSON 5don for toyton nor haswon too himIou toe butuse doe rutENGINEI xpress web top cut

LESSON 6bed pie oldred fly newhen rat rugcand was funthe run wetfor son dry FI SCHIIA FlowerLESSON 7He has a catN The cat can runI am his sonHe can go onThe bee can playGRAPES Green I am wet so is heLESSON 8The cat can mewThe bee can flyThe doe can runI can ask for pieSee the old henDo not run so fast HOUSE Home

LESSON 9act ape begadd ass kegaim awe legall axe pegant cow layITALIAN Images any cap dayLESSON 10lax cob biowax mob digtax rob figsex ebb gigvex web pigbox dew wig JUG JellyLESSON 11hop lip bowlop llip howmop nip lowsop rip mowjoy sip rowKATE Kitchen den tip sow

LESSON 12b urn hu r QLydun iut lapfun hut mapgun tut n napnun put rapsun foe ask LETTERS LearningLESSON 13oak fen sumrue ten gumsty pen humeat pug sewcub tug pewMASK Merry tub rug fewLESSON 14car but illeye rub oilleg mud outarm egg ourone elk owltwo elm oar NELLY Nutting

dog cry furfox dry foghis try hogfee sup jogfar tea logOBELISK Object fir lea buyLESSON 16ice bad wagire gad getsee lad jetpea mad letpet pad metset sad net PAPA PleasantLESSON 17dan bag barlaw fao calred gag farsaw lag maltaw nag parQU NCES Quail war rag tar

LESSON 18bay nav bedfay pay fedgay ray ledhay say nedjay way redmay ell wed ROOSTER RedLESSON 19bid asp dimdid mat youShid yes sunSkid sir skylid let sedSHEEP Shy mid why outLESSON 20You may go andsee the cowMay I see the pigtooYes he is in his styGet up pig TURKIKEY Tender

LESSON 21Ah I see an eggby the hayMay I eat the eggYes you mayDo you see the cowUMBRELLA Under Pat herLESSON 22The sun is hotThe hay can dryThe cat is on themat out in the sunShe can not fly thebee can VASE VainLESSON 23A fly is in my eyeGet it out for meV Do not cry my boyor I can not see itIs the fly out nowWHEELBARROW Yes it is

LESSON 24Is it a pin I see onthe matYes it isGet my hat for meI can go to see thenag XERXESLESSON 25The bee can flythe cat can run andthe cat catrn mewlmo m the bee can fly butcan not run as theYACHT cat canLESSON 26The dog eat up thehenThe cat eat up theratThe boy eat up theegg ZANY

i isd r 1 rI i r I lre p rl ri i x9 jrI IIIr rrs 1ilcaC I r G1 81E Iii jiI it II riPjgI Iia iiI ai 1 i

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ALPHABET. abcdefg hij k mn opqrstu vwxyz ABCDE F G HIJK L M N 0 P QRS TU V W X Y Z The Baldwin Library RmBofSo


LESSON 18. bay nav bed fay pay fed gay ray led hay say ned jay way red may ell wed ROOSTER, Red. LESSON 19. bid asp dim did mat you Shid yes sun Skid sir sky lid let sed SHEEP, Shy. mid why out LESSON 20. You may go and see the cow. May I see the pig too ? Yes, he is in his sty. Get up pig. TURKIKEY Tender.


dog cry fur fox dry fog his try hog fee sup jog far tea log OBELISK, Object. fir lea buy LESSON 16. ice bad wag ire gad get see lad jet pea mad let pet pad met set sad net PAPA, Pleasant. LESSON 17. dan bag bar law fao cal red gag far saw lag mal taw nag par QU'[NCES, Quail. war rag tar


-LESSON 21. Ah I see an egg by the hay. May I eat the egg? Yes, you may. Do you see the cow? UMBRELLA, Under. Pat her. LESSON 22. The sun is hot. The hay can dry. The cat is on the mat, out in the sun. She can not fly, the bee can. VASE, Vain. LESSON 23. A fly is in my eye. Get it out for me. *V Do not cry my boy, or I can not see it. Is the fly out now? WHEELBARROW. Yes, it is.


LESSON 24. Is it a pin I see on the mat ? Yes, it is. Get my hat for me, I can go to see the nag. XERXES. LESSON 25. The bee can fly: the, cat can run and the cat catrn mew: lmo, m the bee can fly, but can not run as the YACHT. cat can. LESSON 26. The dog eat up the hen. The cat eat up the rat. The boy eat up the egg. ZANY.


LESSON 1. am do it an go lo -as he me at if my be in no APPLE, Acid, Ate. by is of LESSON 2. oh so us on ti we ox up ye I am to go. Go up to it. Go up on it. on


LESSON 12. b urn hu-r -QLy dun iut lap fun hut map gun tut n-nap :nun put rap sun foe ask LETTERS, Learning. LESSON 13. oak fen sum rue ten gum sty pen hum eat pug sew cub tug pew MASK, Merry. tub rug few LESSON 14, car but ill eye rub oil leg mud out arm egg our one elk owl two elm oar NELLY, Nutting.


LESSON 6. bed pie old red fly new hen rat rugc and was fun the run wet for son dry FI!SCHIIA Flower. LESSON 7. He has a cat. N The cat can run. I am his son. He can go on. The bee can play. GRAPES, Green. I am wet, so is he. 'LESSON 8. The cat can mew. The bee can fly. The doe can run. I can ask for pie. See the old hen. Do not run so fast. HOUSE, Home.


r"""" -:iib -2 2" 11 / J I 2 22r~~22''l~ 2A2222'2-7, 11 2~-s., '-222-1211212<2I I122-1~% 2 .22


i '?is d r 1 r, "I) i r ,I .lre p rlr i:i x9"jr :I II : I ;r rrs 1 i: .. lca "C ,I!r: G 1 8 ,; "1E I ii j i: *I :i t:, II ri P j g II .,,, ia i i -I: :;ai 1; i


LESSON 9. act ape beg add ass keg aim awe leg all axe peg ant cow lay ITALIAN, Images. any cap day LESSON 10. lax cob bio wax mob dig tax rob fig sex ebb gig vex web pig box dew wig JUG, Jelly. LESSON 11. hop lip bow lop llip how mop nip low sop rip mow joy sip row KATE, Kitchen. den tip sow


SMLESSON 3. hanm man bat jam pan cat ram van fat ban .has hat can was mat CHURCH, Chapel. fan ask pat LESSON 4. bin win m ent din bit met kin fit mew pin pit nor sin sit not, fin him now DAN, Digging. LESSON 5. don for toy ton nor has won too him Iou toe but use doe rut ENGINEI ,xpress. web top cut