Proverbs for the nursery


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Proverbs for the nursery
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Gilt cover picture books
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4 leaves, 4 leaves of plates : 4 col. ill. ; 27 cm.
McLoughlin Bros., inc ( Publisher )
McLoughlin Bros.
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N.Y. i.e. New York
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Proverbs -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Publishers' advertisements -- 1875
Publishers' advertisements
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- New York -- New York


NUC pre-1956
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In verse.
General Note:
Title from cover illustrated in colors.
General Note:
Advertisements, headed "New picture books for children", for "Big picture series", "Little folks", series," Uncle Ned's picture books", "Gilt cover picture books", and new paper dolls: p. 4 of cover.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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University of Florida
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Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
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MORE HASTE WORSE SPEED3NCE little Tom TouterHad such a fine pouterDetermined to ride him was heOne very fine dayHe mounted they sayAnd away flew the bird to the seaBut poor Tommy TouterWas sick of the pouterAs he thought of his toast and his teaAt last he came backWhen Tommy good lackWas as thankful as thankful could be0

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IDLE HANDS MAKE SAD HEARTSOU little beeCome play with meThe sunshine s warm and clearYou need not fearThe cold severeThe winter is not nearMy little maidI can t be stayedI must not lose to dayFor time you seeWon t wait for meBut sweeps the flowers away

WASTE NOT WANT NOTOUNG Mousy MouseHas made a houseOut of the farmer s cheeseAnd eats awayWith friends each dayAs jolly as you pleaseBut Mousy MouseDon t see her houseSoon swallowed up must beAnd with that houseGoes that poor mouseAs sure as sure can be

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EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISEOU naughty bird I want to knowWhy you so early riseAnd wake me when you know that IHave hardly closed my eyesWhy really dear said Cocky CrowI hear you with surpriseYou go to bed with other lambsAnd quickly shut your eyesSo when I sound my morning callBe quick my pet and riseFor that s the way to healthy beAnd wealthy love and wise

New Picture Bdoks Little ChildrenCHILD S FIRST BOOK AUNT MATILDA S SERIESA large 8vo 16 page Book Printed in oil Large Sv 6 pictures printed in oil colorscolors Showy cover Six kindscen Little Lays for Little Folks Little DeserterPICTURE ALPHABET new Children in the Wood Boys and Girls at layRobinson Crusoe The Fox and the wlA large 8vo 16 page Book Printed in oil 15 cents eachcolors Very showy covero o AUNT MARY S SERIESDARLINC S AB C Large 8vo Colored Toys 12 kinds CoversA large Svo 16 page Book Printed in oil printed in colorscolors Very showy cover Aladdin and his Wonderful Lampolor er y er 5 cents Ali Baba or the Forty ThievesThe Sad Fate of Poor Robin Little Red Riding HoodITTIIE I HOa AB 1 BD The Prince and the Outlaw Mother Goose s RhymesLITTLE CHILD 8 HO E AB 0 0 L Jack and the Beanstalk Aunt Effie s RhymesA large 8vo 16 page Book Printed in oil The Littte Sailor Boy Beauty and the BeastSlarg o T pge Book Prhe Little Frog s Lecture Puss in Bootscolors Very showy cover 15 cents each15 cents 15 cents eachAUNT MAYFLOWER S MAMMA LOVECHILD SPICTURE ALPHABET Larevo Colored Toys 6 kinds Coversprinted in colors15 cents Life and Death of Cock RobinCooky Locky and Henny PennyARTHUR S ALPHABET The Three Little Kittens New Nursery RhymesOld Mother Hubbard The Three Tiny PigsLarge cent 15 cents each15 centsAUNT JENNY S SERIESAUNT LELTS PICTURE ALPHABET Lar ge So Colored Toys 6 kinds Co erA large 16mo 32 page Book Printed in printed in colorstwo colors Marriage of the Three Little Kittens15 cents The Three Blind lice Little Bo PeepLittle Tom Tucker Jack SprattSHQ1OME PRIMER Pussie s Party 15 cents eachA large 16mo 82 page Book Printed in AUNT ODDAMADODD Stwo colors 15 cents Large Svo Colored Toys 12 kinds Coversprinted in colorsMISS IERRYHEART Comical Pictures and Serious StoriesvOr Colored Tuys 6 kinds Covers printed Funny Pictures Food and FingersIn colors Funny Physic and Funny PicturesComic Crumbs to Feed Little OnesHistory of Blue Beard Little Red Riding Hood One Two come Buckle my ShoeJack the Giant Killer Robinson Crusoe Little Heads and Little HeartsLittle Goody Two oes Robin Hood 5 cents each True Story of the Spoilt Frock15 ent each Little Miss Consequence Foolish Boys and GirlsCINDERELLA SERIES The Naughty Boys The Silver SixpenceThe Naughty Girls 15 cents each8vo Colored Toys 6 kinds Covers printedin colors DAME DINGLE S SERIES newCinderella or the Little Glass Slipper 8vo 6 kinds Printed in oil colorsAlphabet and Funny PicrtresThe House that Jack BuIL The Babes in the Wood Wandering Bunny Rich Mrs DuckThe Three Young Crows Tom Thumb Spoilt Piggy Wiggy Dogs Dinner Party12 cents each King Gobble s Feast Cats Party12 cents eachUNCLE CEFIL S SERIES newIarge Svo Toys Printed in oil Covers JOYFUL TALES newin oil colors 8ve 6 knds Printed in oil colorsHey Diddle Diddle Hokee Pokee King Donkey s Doings Queen of HeartsPretty Kitten The Turkey Jingles and Jekes Old Dame TrotFiddle Faddle Pretty Dog Bright Thoughts Joyful Tales15 cents each 12 cents eachMUSICAL SERIES MRS ELLIOTT S STORIESIarge 8vo Colored Toys 6 kinds Story set A Series of 4to a p 82 page Colored ToystoI msie Covers printed in colors 6 kinds Covers printed in colorsThe Marriage of the Three Little Kittens The Cntrast or How to be Happy The Bird s NestThe Three Blind Mice Little Bo Peep The Greedy Child Cased The Little MimicLittle Tom Tucker Jack Spratt Beauty but Skin deep The Lost ChickenPussMr s Party 15 cents eamo 20 oents esahSMLOUGHLIN MROS PU SMM New York

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MORE HASTE, WORSE SPEED. 3NCE little Tom Touter Had such a fine pouter-Determined to ride him was he. One very fine day He mounted, they sayAnd away flew the bird to the sea. But poor Tommy Touter Was sick of the pouter, As he thought of his toast and his tea. At last he came back, When Tommy, good lack! Was as thankful as thankful could be. 0


EARLY TO BED, AND EARLY TO RISE. OU naughty bird, I want to know Why you so early rise; And wake me, when you know that I Have hardly closed my eyes ?" "Why, really, dear," said Cocky Crow, "I hear you with surprise; You go to bed with other lambs, And quickly shut your eyes. "So when I sound my morning call, Be quick, my pet, and rise; For that's the way to healthy be, And wealthy, love, and wise."


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New Picture Bdoks/ Little Children. CHILD'S FIRST BOOK. AUNT MATILDA'S SERIES. A large 8vo. 16 page Book. Printed in oil Large Sv. 6 pictures, printed in oil colors. colors. Showy cover. Six kinds. ___ __cen. Little Lays for Little Folks. Little Deserter. PICTURE ALPHABET, (new.) Children in the Wood. Boys and Girls at lay. Robinson Crusoe. The Fox and the wl. A large 8vo. 16 page Book. Printed in oil 15 cents each. colors. Very showy cover. "o -. _____o __ _. _" AUNT MARY'S SERIES. DARLINC'S AB C. Large 8vo. Colored Toys. 12 kinds. Covers A large Svo. 16 page Book. Printed in oil printed in colors. colors. Very showy cover. Aladdin, and his Wonderful Lamp. olor er y er.5 cents. Ali Baba. or the Forty Thieves. The Sad Fate of Poor Robin. Little Red Riding Hood. ITTIIE I' HOa AB 1 BD The Prince and the Outlaw. Mother Goose's Rhymes. LITTLE CHILD'8 HO E AB 0 0 L Jack and the Beanstalk. Aunt Effie's Rhymes. A large 8vo. 16 page Book. Printed in oil The Littte Sailor Boy. Beauty and the Beast. Slarg o. T pge Book Prhe Little Frog's Lecture. Puss in Boots. colors. Very showy cover. 15 cents each. 15 cents. 15 cents each. AUNT MAYFLOWER'S MAMMA LOVECHILD'S. PICTURE ALPHABET Larevo Colored Toys. 6 kinds. Covers printed in colors. 15 cents. Life and Death of Cock Robin. Cooky Locky, and Henny Penny. ARTHUR'S ALPHABET. The Three Little Kittens. New Nursery Rhymes. Old Mother Hubbard. The Three Tiny Pigs. Large cent 15 cents each. 15 cents. AUNT JENNY'S SERIES. AUNT LELTS PICTURE ALPHABET. So. Colored Toys. 6 kinds. A large 16mo. 32 page Book. Printed in printed in colors. two colors. Marriage of the Three Little Kittens. 15 cents. The Three Blind 'lice. Little Bo-Peep. Little Tom Tucker. Jack Spratt. SHQ1OME PRIMER. Pussie's Party. 15 cents each. A large 16mo. 82 page Book. Printed in AUNT ODDAMADODD'S. two colors. 15 cents. Large Svo. Colored Toys. 12 kinds. Covers printed in colors. MISS IERRYHEART. Comical Pictures, and Serious Stories. vOr. Colored Tuys. 6 kinds. Covers printed Funny Pictures, Food, and Fingers. In colors. Funny Physic, and Funny Pictures. Comic Crumbs to Feed Little Ones. History of Blue Beard. Little Red Riding Hood. One, Two, come Buckle my Shoe. Jack the Giant Killer. Robinson Crusoe. Little Heads and Little Hearts. Little Goody Two-oes. Robin Hood.5 cents each. True Story of the Spoilt Frock. __15 ent each Little Miss Consequence. Foolish Boys and Girls. CINDERELLA SERIES. The Naughty Boys. The Silver Sixpence. The Naughty Girls 15 cents each. 8vo. Colored Toys. 6 kinds. Covers printed in colors. DAME DINGLE'S SERIES, (new.) Cinderella. or the Little Glass Slipper. 8vo. 6 kinds. Printed in oil colors. Alphabet and Funny Picrtres. The House that Jack BuIL. The Babes in the Wood. Wandering Bunny. Rich Mrs. Duck. The Three Young Crows. Tom Thumb. Spoilt Piggy Wiggy. Dogs' Dinner Party. 12 cents each. King Gobble's Feast. Cats' Party. 12 cents each. UNCLE CEFIL'S SERIES, (new.) Iarge Svo. Toys. Printed in oil. Covers JOYFUL TALES, (new.) in oil colors. 8ve. 6 knds. Printed in oil colors. Hey Diddle, Diddle. Hokee Pokee. King Donkey's Doings. Queen of Hearts. Pretty Kitten. The Turkey. Jingles and Jekes Old Dame Trot. Fiddle Faddle. Pretty Dog. Bright Thoughts. Joyful Tales. 15 cents each. 12 cents each. MUSICAL SERIES. MRS. ELLIOTT'S STORIES. Iarge 8vo. Colored Toys. 6 kinds. Story set A Series of 4to. a-p. 82 page, Colored Toys. toI msie. Covers printed in colors. 6 kinds. Covers printed in colors. The Marriage of the Three Little Kittens. The Cntrast, or How to be Happy. The Bird's Nest The Three Blind Mice. Little Bo-Peep. The Greedy Child Cased. The Little Mimic. Little Tom Tucker. Jack Spratt. Beauty but Skin deep. The Lost Chicken. PussMr's Party. 15 cents eamo. 20 oents esah. SMLOUGHLIN MROS., PU SMM, New York.


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IDLE HANDS MAKE SAD HEARTS. OU little bee, Come play with me, The sunshine's warm and clear; You need not fear The cold severe, The winter is not near. My little maid, I can't be stayed, I must not lose to-day. For time, you see, Won't wait for me, But sweeps the flowers away.


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WASTE NOT, WANT NOT. OUNG Mousy Mouse "Has made a house Out of the farmer's cheese, And eats away With friends each day, As jolly as you please. But Mousy Mouse Don't see her house Soon swallowed up must be. And with that house Goes that poor mouse, As sure as sure can be.


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