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Group Title: Artistic series
Title: The Cruise of the walnut shell
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Title: The Cruise of the walnut shell
Series Title: Artistic series
Physical Description: 28 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Language: English
Creator: André, R. ( Richard ), 1834-1907 ( Author, Illustrator )
Raphael Tuck & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: 1880
Copyright Date: 1880
Subject: Voyages and travels -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1880
Bldn -- 1880
Genre: Children's poetry
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
France -- Paris
United States -- New York -- New York
General Note: Imprint also notes publisher's locations in Paris and New York.
Statement of Responsibility: written and illustrated by André.
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EAR children all, \\'ho read this book.
On nothing in these pages look
As too fantastic, too extreme
Remember (this is my excuse
To silence possible .

I K tell the story of a i am

iR in a dream, as well you know,
\\'re free to wander to and fro
To please our momentary wishes;
A\nd w- can dress in any \\av
That s most convenient for the day,
And eat the most unwholesome dishes;
\Vhilc Fancy shapes in strange array
A medley of Birds, Beasts and Fishes.

take this Book from an Old Boy,
And if it prove a silly toy,
And Nurs'ry critics fail to spare it,
I hope that every dimpled finger
That o'er my nonsense \\ill not linger
Mlay have abundant strength to tear it.

The Baldwin Library

- X


T"[HUR and ELSIE ev r
Learned their Geography:
Anid, after lessons, loved to rplav
At sending ships to sea.
Jhey used instead of littlee boats
A thing that does as well,

A vessel that securely floats,
An empty walnut shell.
They'd read of countries hot and cold
Of Indians and Chinese,
They'd read where ev'ry spice is sold.
They knew the names of seas,
Great rivers where the sands are gold,
Strange animals and trees.

No wonder then this little pair
Would oft indulge the notion
That Walnut Shells real vessels %\ere,
And washing tubs the Ocean!


r And so their wish for travel grew
r Encouraged by their book,
Till ELSIE thought she was the Crew,
And ARTHUR, Captain Cook.
And often when they were in bed
-.- Their brains began to teem




. With \\onders, and the tales they' read
\\ere jumbled in a dream.



OR mast and sail
To stand the gale
The)y chose a pretty feather;
The Walnut Shell
Rode monstrous well
Through very boisterous weather.

They had no meat,
Or bread to eat.
And not a drop of tea;
They had not stored
!' So much on board
As even one split-pea !

They thought fried fish
To meet their wish,
_Would follow in their lee.

". . .

The \\ind iuas high

And in the sky


thou..and sharks

thousand sharks

\Vcre having larks
Along their gloomy

Vet neither child grew paler;
For ARTHUR was a daring boy,

And ELSIE shouted "Shli-a-ho/.'"

Ay, ev'ry inch a sailor!

" HEIR ship flew fast
Before the blast,
Till little ELSIE'S nose
Was red with frost,
And ARTHUR lost
All feeling in his toes.
They thought it fun ,
To see no sun /

Amid the Arctic snows:
"Hurrah, for ice !"
They cried, "it's nice,"
. :- ':- '..

S .

,. A

---.Although the north wind blows!
- ---For here a seal
--Provides a meal,
-Ur coats, our hats,
our hose-

With Mister Bear
His home we share,
Two happy Esquimaux !"

--,~'i~ \


last they thought they might arrange
A very comfortable change;
Don't remain, dear." ,

All right," cried Arthur;
Off we go I
We'll run down to the
Gee up! you clumsy Reindeer l"

And on they went where might be seen
All sorts of Tea, both black and green,

j ar^-l-----* s


"~ IA


' And figures just like Daddy's Screen,
Pagodas, Chopsticks, Tails !
Umbrellas Junks and tiny Shoes!
As they were carried on bamboos,
By men whose shoulders feel no bruise,
Across the hills and dales !

- ,


And when the little folks were bent
To cross the Black man's Continent,
"The Ostriches shall find us legs,"
Cried ARTHUR; "they can run?"
Said ELSIE, "Yes! and lay us eggs.
I I fry them in the Sun!"

They travelled through the desert land
And yet were brisk and merry,
Though ARTHUR'S eyes, were full of sand,
And ELSIE'S little face was tanned
As brown as Autumn berry!


'sudden wind arose at last
The Walnut Shell, before the blast,
Across the Tropics flew;
But ARTHUR, till the Simoom passed
(That wind of course he knew)
And daring ELSIE held on fast,
When safe upon the Nile were cast
The Walnut Shell and Crew!

S But Cannibals, in search of meat,
Think children very good to eat,
And thought to give themselves
a treat;

But "Mal wa doomed. a-to failure
When off to sea the children Rfled,
For Arthur never lost his head,
And Elsie steered (as they had read)
South-w est to find Australia.



Land of course at once
they knew
tried Elsie, "There's
a Kangaroo!
'\\hat dunces they would think us
If that queer beast we couldn't
(I wonder if it's really tame ?)
I mean th' Ornithorhynchus! "





Y~ ~

To b
Ti b


An d


HEN sailing on some thousand
Where spices scent the breeze,
,And coral branches grow to isles
That cro%%d the Southern seas,

ndia came, in search of sport.
This young and dauntless pair,
card the Leopard, as they thought,
And Tiger in his lair.

ELSIE said, No beast can face
Xn opened parasol,
ARTH_ R in the surest place
Can make a bullet-hole!"

/ A' i'

,7Through jungles wild w without
They forced their daring way;
They saw all places
on the map,
--'Q From Burmah to
Bomnibay !

They danced at all
The Rajah's balls,
And thought the punkahs

The pickles, and the
l "\ Cashmere shawls,
... The curry


NE day a Condor seized the shell,
The little travellers as well,
And flew with speed terrific
Towards an island in the sea,
Which Arthur said was sure to be
(I said they knew. Geography)
Somewhere in the Pacific.

Cheap excursion was it not,
To such a very charming spot
That seemed quite free from dangers?
For there they lived a life of ease,
Whilst Apes politely climbed the trees
For nuts to give the strangers.

UT soon the children thought it best
To put to sea once more;
And ELSIE steered still further west,
As she had steered before;
While ARTHUR opened out his chest
By tugging at the oar.

/ jCROSS the calm of Tropic heat,
In solitude the most complete,
F,_ _..^ Where the "mirage"in strange surprise
Makes ELSIE open wondering eyes,

Till (on far Afric's burning, sand
Kin:m Mumbo-Jurmbo., hat in hand,
ith infant

..--- .. .,

Sings welcome to the Union Jack,
And offers e"rvthing that's [F.lack
To please the small invaders!

HEY paddled on by giant reeds
Of growth so tall and taper,
Which met the old Egyptians' needs,
kA\s ELSIE said), for paper.

.... .... X_2 ---

The Hippopotam.usscs here,"
Said ARTHUR, we'll defy!"
Said ELSIE, In the plural, dear,
SThey're Hippopotani."

From crocodiles who had not dined,
Bold ARTHUR never shrinks,
While ELSIE tries to call to mind
Some riddles for the Sphinx.

---"-., --. '---. ,-.

And journeying onward safe and sound
With never pause nor hitch,
Their way through the Canal they found
With wonderment so rich;
They saw big vessels outward bound
(That only sometimes ran aground),.
Go, steaming through the Ditch!

EXT Venice to the daring pair
Strange novelty imparts;
The Walnut Shell was useful there
There's "Water, water, everywhere,"
And boats instead of carts!

* *-~- ,

OUNT \'esuvius! "Oh, ho\\ steep,"
ARTHUR cries, "this cinder heap!

We must \\rite, and let Mamma kno\\

How we'\e climbed a real volcano!"
Then came little ELSIE'S joke,
" Even Nature's chimneys smoke "

VER green seas mountains high.--" t"
In the Walnut Shell they fly
Fast and ever faster
Mornings, evenings
Come and go;
Still we see

ELSIE never
deigns to show..- R

S.' Pale face at disaster!
ARTHUR cries his face aglow,
With his knowledge "Now I know
This must be the Gulf Stream's how
And it is our master!

-Land a-head!
Heave the lead,
SIn New York we'll go to bed!"

* K,

HEN down a mighty river's stream
They floated on in happy dream,
And smiled at fate that well might seem
To grown-up folks a staggerer;
For ARTHUR shouted with delight,
And ELSIE only held on tight,
As they shot down Niagara!


II IROU)Lt foam and rapids safe they came,
And thought the whirlpool very tame;
A -'-- t Al rtw's strength was still the same,
-' And EL-E-'s face was all aflame

At ventures so romantic!
And ARTHUR never ceased to row
Till turtles took the .hell in towV

... .. ..... .

~T777 +

Across theu broad Atlantic

q q . . .

T home once more; and all the Town
Talk, of the Walnut Shel's renown;
ARTHUR is pensioned by the Crown,
And all his travels written down,
Their wonder and variety,
---- --.
,I : i' J T.:'F i IL F
/ 4 L rV LIT q Ll L


\Aniid little
"+-+ ^ E L-l tI),
is pr,)ud-
Her pluck and
k now\ledgc
are alloLwed
L 'iY'

To charm a scientific crowd
From ev'ry wise Society!


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