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Group Title: National geographical series ;, no. 2
Title: Introduction to the Manual of geography
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Title: Introduction to the Manual of geography designed for junior classes in public and private schools
Series Title: National geographical series
Alternate Title: Introduction to Monteith's manual of geography
Manual of Geography
Physical Description: 61 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 22 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Monteith, James ( Author, primary )
Edmonds, Charles, b. ca. 1823 ( Engraver )
Wilson ( Illustrator )
A.S. Barnes & Co ( Publisher )
Publisher: A.S. Barnes and Company
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1871
Copyright Date: 1867
Subject: Geography -- Textbooks -- 1870-1945   ( lcsh )
Textbooks -- 1871   ( rbgenr )
Maps -- World -- 1871   ( gmgpc )
Hand-colored illustrations -- 1871   ( local )
Bldn -- 1871
Genre: Textbooks   ( rbgenr )
Maps   ( gmgpc )
Hand-colored illustrations   ( local )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
United States -- Illinois -- Chicago
General Note: Added t.p., engraved by Edmonds after Wilson.
General Note: Includes hand colored maps.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
Statement of Responsibility: by James Monteith.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00025828
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002234519
notis - ALH4951
oclc - 24307518
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NATIONAL SYSTEI OF GEOGRAPHYBY MONTEITH & MCNALLY.I. MONTEITH'S FIRST LESSONS IN GEOGRAPHY.II. MONTEITH'S MANUAL OF GEOGRAPHY.III. MCNALLY'S COMPLETE GEOGRAPHY./. The First Lessons, on the plan of object teaching, is adapted to the comprehension of children just able to read.For those who are a little more mature, before commencing the study the author has prepared a larger book to take itsplace, to wit,Monteith's Introduction to the Manual.Containing larger maps than the " First Lessons," besides Map Exercises and short lessons in Descriptive Geography.2. The .1Yanual of Geography is the standard book of the Series, and immensely popular on account of the practicalarrangement of Map Exercises, its freedom from detail and the adaptation of its Descriptive and Historical Exercises toClass Recitation. It contains Treatises on Astronomy, Map Drawing, Statistical Tables, and the new "Analogous Outlines."Following this, for those who do not wish so extensive a work as the third of the Series (" McNally"), or who desire togive special preliminary attention to physical geography we haveMonteith's Physical and Intermediate Geography.This splendid work is the latest production of Mr. Monteith's pen, and presents many new and unparalleled features.Part I is a popular treatise on Physical Geography, upon the Object Method, facilitated by ingenious and superb engravings.Part II presents Local and Civil Geography, with 19 fine Maps, Questions, etc., and Map Drawing by Alien's Method.3. .cJ.Valely's ,System of Geography is well known for its elegant and practical compendiousness. It has 35 mag-nificent copper-plate Maps, and treats as exhaustively as any school-book should be permitted to, every branch, of thesubject, including Civil, Political, Physical and Descriptive Geography, illustrated and assisted by innumerable Engravings,Map Questions, Tables, etc., together with a full exposition of Map Drawing by the "unit of measurement" plan.This volume has no peer as a text-book or work of reference.Monteith's Reference Maps.The only complete Reference Maps for schools-to accompany any Series of Geographies. The names are laid down infull. Size of Maps 30 X 36 inches, printed from copper-plate, brightly colored, neatly and substantially mounted on rollers.They are 8 in number, sold separately or by the set. Descriptive circular on application.MONTEITH'8 HISTORY.YOUTH'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.104- P1A.G-ES, QTJTAR.TO.This work is arranged upon the Catechetical Plan, and pos- knowledge; Tables of important events to enable the eye tosesses many of the great features of the author's "Manual of assist the memory; Biographical Sketches of prominentGeography." Among peculiar excellences we name colored Americans, etc. The history is brought down in this felici-Maps of all localities mentioned; Review Questions after tous manner to A.D. 1870, and will be continued from time toeach section, so varied as to test the learner's intelligent time as events demand.PRICGE, ONLY 75 CENTS.Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1867, byJAMES MONTEITH,In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.

5 4I DEFINITIONS.4LESSON I.KTHE EARITH., Question. What is Geography ?Answer. Geography is a description ofthe Earth's surface.Q. What is tho Earth ?A. The Earth is the planet or body on/which we live, and is composed of landand water.Q. By what other names is the Earth known?A. The World, Globe, and Sphere.Q. What is the shape of the Earth? /A. Round, like a ball.Q. What is the surface of the Earth ?A. The outside part.Q. How much of the Earth's surface consists of-land ?" A. One fourth.Q. How much of the Earth's surface consists ofwat water ?A. Three fourths.

6 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUALDIVISIONS OF THE LAND.LESSON II.Q. What are the natural divisions of the Land ?A. Continents, Islands, Peninsulas,Isthmuses, apes, Mountains, and Plains.Q. What is a Continent?A. A Continent is the largest natural _division of the land.Q. How many Continents are there?Eastern and the Western.Q. What are the grand divisions of the EasternContinent? 1-7A. Europe, Asia,' and Africa. __Q. What are the grand divisions of the WesternContinent ?A. North America and South America. Mo- NTa S-VOLC o.Q. Which is the larger Continent?A. The Eastern Continent. L E S S 0 N I V.e __ __ $Q. What is a Mountain?A. A vast elevation of land.LESS 0 N I II. Q. What is a ill ?Q. What is an Island? A. A small elevation of land.Q. What is an Islandh ?A. A portion of land entirely sur- Q. What is a Volcano?rounded by water. A. A mountain that sometimes sendsQ. What is a Peninsula ? out fire, smoke, and lava.A. A portion of land almost surrounded Q. What is a Valley ?by water. A. The low land between hills or moun-Q. What*is an Isthmus? tains.A. A neck joining two larger portions Q. What is a Plain?of land. A. A level tract of land.Q. What is a Cape? Q. What is a Table-land?A. A point of land extending into the A. An elevated plain, or the flat topwater. of a mountain.Q. If the Cape be high and rocky, what is it Q. What is a Desert?called ? A. A barren region of country.A. A Promontory. Q. What is an O'asis ?Q. What are Capes frequently called? A. A fertile spot in a desert.A. Headlands. 1 Ashe-a.;I'*_____ __ __ ii ____ .------ -...- --- --- ~~~ ---- Z ZZ --,- "

DEFINITIONS. 7LESSON VI.Q. What is a Gulf or Bay ?A. A body of water extending intot E the land._ Q. What is a Lake ?A. A body of water almost surround-S ed by land.S Q. What are small Lakes called ?S A. Ponds.Q. What waters on the Earth are salt?A. Oceans, Seas; and most Gulfs,Bays, and Straits.Q. What waters are fresh?A. Rivers and most Lakes.S Q. What is a Strait ?"A. A passage connecting two largerbodies of water.THE SEA.DIVISIONS OF THE WATER.LESSON V.Q. What are thd natural divisions of theWater? AA. Oceans, Seas, Gulfs, Bays, 7Straits, Lakes, and Rivers.Q. What is an Ocean ?A. An Ocean is the largest nat- "ural division of the water. W!Q. How many Oceans are there?A. Five; the Pacific, Atlantic,Indian, Antarctic or Southern, andArctic or Northern.Q. What is a Sea? A LAKE--AN ISLAND IN THE CENTER-A BROOK FLOWINGA. The division of water next in INTO TH LAKE--MOUTAINS.size to an Ocean. Q. What is a Channel?Q. What is a Sea called that contains a large A. A wide Strait.number of Islands? Q. What is a Sound ?A. An Archipelago. A.A shallow Channel or Bay. :

8 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.Q. By what are Rivers at first formed ?A. By Springs.-Q. What is a Spring?A. Water flowing from the ground./ Q. HIow are Springs formed?A. By rain that sinks into the earth,and flows out through openings in thej ground.S Q. What is a Cataract or Waterfall?r A. Water flowing over a precipice.Q, WQhat are rivers called which flow into other- -rivers?.4 A. Branches, Forks, Tributaries, andAffluents.Q. What is a Harbor, Haven, or Port ?"A. A small bay where ships can anchor/ safely.A RIVER. Q. What is a Canal?Q. What is a River? A. An artificial channel filled withA. A stream of water flowing through. water for the passage of boats.the land.Q. What are small Streams called ?A. Brooks, Creeks Rivulets andRills.Q. What is the Head or Source of a River?A. The part where it commences.Q. What is the mouth of a River?A. The part where it empties.LESSON VII.3Q. What is the right bank of a River ?A. The bank on the right hand as you go downthe stream.Q. What is the left bank ?A. The one on the left hand.Q. What does up a river mean ?qA. Up a river, is toward its source.Q. What does down a river mean?A. Down a river, is toward its mouth. A WATERFALL.

SDEFINITIONS. 9VOLCANOWEST ?EE XEASTLESSON VIII. LESSON IX.POLITICAL DIVISIONS. Q. What is a Map?A. A representation of the whole, or aQ. What are the Political Divisions of the Earth ? part of the Earth's surface, on a plane.A. Empires, Kingdoms, Republics, Q. What are the directions on a Map ?States, etc. A. Toward the top, North; towardQ. What is an Empire? the bottom, South; to the right, East;to the left, West.A. An extensive region comprisingseveral countries, governed by an Emperor. Q. In what direction from the center of the pic-ture is the Island ?Q. What is a Kingdom? A. North.A. A country governed by a King or Q. In what direction is the Volcano?a Queen. A. East.Q. What is a Republic ? Q. In what direction is the Cape ?A. A country whose laws are made by A. South.representatives elected by the people. Q. In what direction is the Bay?Q. What is the City called where laws are A. West.made ? Q. In what direction is the Lake ? The Strait?A. The Capital. The Mountains? The Isthmus?S iQ. What is in the East? In the West? InQ. What is the largest City of a State or Country the South? In the North ? In the North-west ?In the South-east ? In the North-east ? In theA. The lMetropolis. South-west?

40~W)yyK^ c<^^^ ^ ^rA7. : ^ 6 .' ^ *' : : 1 N ,* ,. *' " "' '" L' ./**'i.: '*''1 .'' ** '**'* -* **' : 1 '*^ ^ ': "'.*: 1'.*' 1 1' **1' '" ^-*' '1. 11'' ^ ."* *'**'-*,^,v^Vj:w : ^*1- .; " .: *1 " \.. < : '*' ^ ^^^*!& ^ ** *!* : :* *,:. . :'* .* *:- ; ;.' ** ;- *: ..*. 1 :: : :*'*..*...> .. 1 .* ^ 1 ;: ^ J .-.YKX "

WESTERN HEMISPHERE. 11- What Sea north of South America ?iEi X JE J ( C I SE S. What Sea north-west of North America?In what Country do we live ?What range of Mountains in the western part ofLESSON X. North America?What range in the western part of South America ?What Cape at the southern part of Greenland ?l I What Cape at the northern point of South America ?WOR LD. What Cape at the eastern point of South America?What is the southern Cape of South America ?What is the western Cape of South America ?What Cape on the western coast of North America ?What Island east of Greenland ?AE A What Island in the eastern part of North America ?What Islands north of South America ?f What Islands east of the West Indies?What Islands in the Pacific Ocean west of NorthAmerica ?What is a Map ? What Islands west of South America?What is a Map called which represents one-half What Islands in the southern part of Southof the Earth's surface ? A Map of a Hemi- America?sphere.What is that Hemisphere called which contains theWestern Continent ? The Western Hemisphere.What is that Hemisphere called which contains theEastern Continent? he Eastern Hemisphere. L E S S 0 N XI I.On which Continent do we live ? Western.What are the Grand Divisions of the Western What Strait separates Terra del Fuego from theContinent ? Noth America and South Amer- rest of South America?ica. What Strait at the entrance to Baffin's Bay?What natural division is South America? What Strait between North America and Asia?What Isthmus joins North and South America ? What Oceans are connected by Behring's Strait?What Grand Division, composed of Islands, partly What three large Rivers in North America ?in the Western Hemisphere ? Oceanica. Into what does Missouri River flow?Is any part of Asia in the Western Hemisphere ? Into what does Mississippi River flow?,What Country in the north-eastern part of North What large River flows into the Pacific Ocean ?America? What is the largest River in South America?Amazon.___ __ What can you say of the Amazon River? It is thelargest river in the world.LESS N XI What River in S. America north of the Amazon ?-T What River flows into the Rio de la Plata?What natural division is Greenland ? An Island. Into what does the La Plata flow ?What large Bay west of Greenland ? What large Lake in North America ? Superior.What great Bay in the northern part of North In what direction do nearly all the Rivers of theAmerica ? Western Continent flow? Toward the AtlanticWhat Gulf in the southern part ? Ocean.A **^ ,* '' _I

Y/TO5aaVW-- k"QA-00, um_5RX5~R~I ORACA SPVA MK. u. ceR& ASEA OF ~ El Ll--zi7QtPSr180 0, A 80SUMAT 0El IA T VA- =R-!-- "R 1N--'7--i"PA MA:):M VA S CARsr:::

EASTERN HEMISPHERE. 13What large Desert in Asia ?: X t C I S E S. What two Rivers flow into the Arctic Ocean?S What Rivers flow toward the Pacific Ocean ?What River flows into the China Sea ?What Grand Division, composed of Islands, partlyLESS N XIII in the Eastern Hemisphere ?Which is the largest Island in the world? Am-What are the three Grand Divisions of the Eastern tralia.Continent? What large Island between Asia and Australia ?Which is the largest ? On what Ocean would you sail from the BritishWhich is the smallest? Islands to Cape of Good Hope ?What Ocean north of Europe? On what Ocean would you sail from the JapanWhat Grand Division east? Islands to Australia?What Sea south?What Ocean west? --What can you say of the size of the MediterraneanSea? It is the largest sea in the world. N VWhat does it separate from Europe ? L V.What Strait connects the Mediterranean Sea withthe Atlantic Ocean? What Sea north of Africa?the tlantic OceanWhat Grand Division and Ocean east ?What two Seas between Europe and Asia? WhatOceansouth? West?What Islands in the western part of Europe? hat natural division is fricaWhat Sea east of the British Islands? Wat natural divis Africa ?What Cap6 at the northern extremity of Europe? What Isthmus joins Africa to Asia?What Cap at the northern extremity of Europe ? Between what two Seas is the Isthmus of Suez ?What Island north of urope ? What Desert north of the central part of Africa ?In what Ocean is Nova Zemb? What Cape at the eastern point of Africa ?What Cape at the western point ?S- -- What Cape in the southern part ?What Gulf west of Africa ?LESS 0 N XI V. What River flows into the Mediterranean?What River flows into the Gulf of Guinea?What Ocean north of Asia? East? South? What large Island south-east of Africa?What two Grand Divisions west? What Channel between Madagascar and Africa ?What Sea between Asia and Africa ? What Sea between Africa and Europe?What Sea south-east of Asia? What connects the Mediterranean Sea with theWhat large Sea south of Asia? Atlantic Ocean?Which is the largest Sea west of Asia ? What two Oceans between the Eastern and theWhat two large Seas between Asia and Europe? Western Continent ? The Atlantic on one side,On which side of Asia is the Pacific Ocean ? and the Pacific on the other.What Islands in the eastern part of Asia ? Which is the largest City in the world ? London.What three large Peninsulas in the southern part? Which is the largest City on the Western Con-What is the southern Cape of Hindoostan? tinent? New York.What large Bay between Hindoostan and Farther On what water would you sail from America toIndia? Europe ?Between what two Peninlas is the Arabian Sea ? On what water would you sail from Cape of GoodWhat Mountains in the southern part of Asia ? Hope to Australia

:; -'ES =A RTW~BEl/To~_ _7yrr51------ ----*I;A.Z' Cr7,=r s~sCl;0 L VICSTO=- 1OFly ,~i7a9 ~ 0I I~:MAT MORA04AL,4A K~c

NORTH AMERICA. 15What River flows into the Pacific Ocean ?C what River flows into the Gulf of St. Lawrence?What River flows into the Gulf of California ?What is the largest North American Island?LE S 0SON XV I. Greenland.What is the southern Cape of Greenland ?What Ocean north of North America? East? What is a Cape ?West? What Island east of Greenland ?What land in the north-western part of North What large Peninsula between Hudson's Bay andAmerica ? the Atlantic ?What Country in the north-eastern part ? What is a Peninsula ?What Country in the northern part? What Cape at the eastern extremity of Labrador ?What Country south of British America? What Island, south-east of Labrador, is a ProvinceBetween what two Oceans is the United States ? of British America?What Country south of the United States ? What Gulf west of Newfoundland ?Which is the most southern country of N. America? What Strait connects the Gulf of St. LawrenceWhat Sea east of Central America? with the Atlantic ?What Bay between British America and Green- What Peninsula south of the Gulf of St. Lawrence ?land ? What Cape at the southern extremity of NovaWhat large Bay in British America ? Scotia ?What small Bay opens into Hudson's Bay ? What Peninsula in the south-eastern part of Mex-What Gulf in the western part of Mexico ? ico ?What Gulf in the eastern part of British America?What Strait connects Baffin's Bay with the At-lantic? ---What Strait connects Hudson's Bay with the At-lantic? LESSON XVIII.What Strait connects the Gulf of Mexico with theAtlantic ? What Bay east of Yucatan ?+ est ?What Peninsula in the westeri part of Mexico ?What is the southern Cape of Lower California ?- What Peninsula in The south-western part of Alas-ka?LESS ON XVII. What Cape in the western part ?Into what Strait does Cape Prince of Wales pro-What great River flows into the Gulf of Mexico ? ject ?What is the largest River that flows into the Mis- What Cape on the opposite side of Behring's Strait ?sissippi ? What two Islands west of British America?What large River from the east flows into the Mis- What Islands in the Atlantic, east of the Unitedsissippi? States?Which are the largest three from the west that flow What group of Islands south-east of the Unitedinto the Mississippi? States? -4In what Country are these rivers just mentioned ? Mention the largest four of the West Indies. -What River flows into the Arctic Ocean? What Peninsula north of Cuba? West?What Rivers flow into Hudson's Bay ? What Strait separates Cuba from Florida ?What River flows into the west side of the Gulf of What Channel separates Cuba from Yucatan?Mexico? What Islands north of uba ?-v-J1J i ,/

16 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.L E N XI What large Island at the entrance to the Gulf ofLESSON XIX. MexicoMexico ?What Mountains in the western part of North In what part of North America are the RockyAmerica? Mountains?What Mountains extend through Mexico ? In what part of North America are the AlleghanyWhat Mountains in the eastern part of the United Mountains ?States ? On which side of Mexico is the Gulf of Mexico ?What high Mountain on the western boundary of On which side of Mexico is the Gulf of California?British America ? On which side of Greenland is Baffin's Bay?What four great Lakes north of the United States ? On which side of Florida is the Atlantic Ocean?Which is the largest of these Lakes? Superior. On which side of Florida is the Gulf of Mexico?What large Lake lies entirely within the United On which side of Labrador is Hudson's Bay ?States ? On which side of Nova Scotia is the Gulf of St.What River is the outlet of these Lakes? St. Law- Lawrence?rence. What is the south-western part of the Gulf ofInto what does the St. Lawrence flow ? Mexico called ?Into what does the Gulf of St. Lawrence open ? What Bay north of Central America?What three Lakes in British America ?lWhat River between the United States and Mex- o.ico ?Into what Gulf does the Rio Grande' flow?What Cape in the eastern part of the United States ? L E S S NWhat Peninsula in the south-eastern part ? What Peninsula between the bays of CampeachyWhat large Island south of Florida ? and Honduras ?What Strait between Florida and Cuba? What waters are connected by the Channel ofSailing south on the Mississippi from its source, Yucatan ?what four large Rivers do you pass ? What Isthmus joins North and South America ?At what water do you arrive ? How wide is the Isthmus of Darien ? 28 miles.Into what does the Gulf of Mexico open? In what direction does it extend? East and West.Sailing from the Atlantic to Baffin's Bay, through What Gulf north of the Isthmus of Darien ?what Strait do you pass? What Bay south ?What Strait connects the Arctic with the PacificSOcean ?'0 9 What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa.What two large cities in Canada, on the St. Law-rence River ?LESS 0N XX. What is the Capital of the United States?What Strait north of Labrador? Which is the largest City in the United States?What Strait north of Labrador :What Strait between Labrador and Newfoundland ? New York.Where does America approach nearest to Asia? What City on the Mississippi, near its mouthAt Behring's Strait. In what part of the United States are Boston, NewOn what water can you sail from Florida to Mex- York, and Philadelphia ?i? What is the Capital of Mexico ?co' .What is the Capital of Cuba ?On what water can you sail from Cuba to South What is the Capital of Cuba?America ? 1 Ree'-o-gran'-d.1 > a \

__ _________ ___-------- -z- -iNORTH AMERICA. 17_. __ -;.====-. ... ...... ...STEAMSHIP CROSSING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN.D E S C R I P T I 0 N. Q. How far had he really gone ?A. Only one-third of the distance fromSEurope westward to Asia.LESS 0 N XXI Q. If America had not stopped him, could hehave arrived at Asia?Q. When and by whom was North America A. He could.discovered ?Q. Where did Columbus first land?A. In the year 1492, by ChristopherColumbus. A. At San Salvador, or Cat Island; oneof the Bahamas.Q. From what country did Columbus sail ?Q. How many times did Columbus visit America?A. Fro Spa A. Four times.Q. Where did he intend to go?. Whe dd h nnd Q. After whom was America named ?A. To India, in Asia. A. Amerigo Vespucci, who visitedQ. In what direction did Europeans go to India ? America in 1499.A. East. Q. What people did Columbus find m America?Q. In what direction did Columbus sail ? A. Savages, who obtained their food byj West. hunting and fishing.Q. What land stopped him on his way to Asia ? Q. What did Columbus name them ?A. America and its islands. A. Thinking he had arrived at India,he called them Indians.Q. When America stopped him, where did hethink he had arrived ? Q. Where did the Whites come from ?A. He thought he had arrived at Asia. A. The Whites came from Europe.

18 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.DR. KANE IN WINTER QUARTERS.-ARCTIC FOXES AND OWLS.-WHITE BEARS.Q. What animals are valuable for their furs ?L E S S 0 N XXI A. The fox, beaver, bear, marten, mink,Q. What people from Europe first came to and lynx.America ?. t, e S; n Q. In what are the Greenlanders expert ?A. First, the Spaniards; next, theA. In the management of their canoes,English ; and after them, the French. A. In the management of their canoin fishing, and seal-hunting.Q. Who are the Negroes now in America ?Q. For what is the seal useful ?A. The descendants of Africans who mre nk,A. The descendants of Africans who A. The flesh is used for food, the oilwere brought to America. for burning, and the skin for makingQ. Where do the Esquimaux1 live ? clothes, tents, and canoes.A. In the northern parts of North Q. On what do the people ride from place toAmerica. place ?Q. What can you say of the climate of the A. On sledges drawn by dogs.northern parts of North America ? 1 Q. Where do whales mostly abound ?A. It is very cold, there being ice and A. In Baffin's Bay and the Northsnow during all the year. Pacific.Q. In what are the inhabitants chiefly employed ? Q. what are obtaineafrom the whale ?A. The fleshbone and oil.A. In fishing, and in hunting wild A Whalebone and oil.animals for their skins and furs. Q. What are the principal minerals of NorthSAmerica ?Q. What wild animals are found in N. America ? Gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, andA. The bear, wolf, buffalo, deer, and coal.hpanther. 1 Es'-.ke-mo.; ______________________________- -..._--------------- '.-

NORTH AMERICA. 19SCENE IN MEXICO.ILESSO N X XI V. RicTo what government do Cuba and PortoLESSON 111V. Rico belong?Q. Were all the Indians savages when America A. To Spain.was discovered? Q. To what government do nearly all the otherA. They were not; in Mexico and Peru West India Islands belong?they were partly civilized, having kings A. To Great Britain.and regular governments: Q. Which consists of two independent govern-ments ?Q. What is the climate of Mexico ? A. Hayti.A. The low grounds on the coasts are Q. For what is Hayti noted ?hot and unhealthful; the table-lands, A. It is the place where the Span-mild and agreeable; the more elevated iards, under Columbus, first settled inregions, cold. America.Q. What can you say of the climate of the WestQ. What are the productions of Mexico ? Indies ?A. Oranges, figs, lemons, sugar, and A. It is warm and delightful.cotton. Q. What take place in Autumn?Q. For what is Central America noted:. A. Great storms of wind and rain,A. For numeroufsolcanoes and terrific called Hurricanes.'Earthquakes. Q. What damage is done by the hurricanes?Q. What does one of the volcanoes send forth? A. Houses are blown down, plantationsA. Large quantities of hot water. laid waste and ships sunkQ. What are the productions of the West Indies?Q. What are the productions of Central America ?A. Sugar, Pineapples, Coffee, Oranges,A. Coffee, sugar, cotton, and mahogany. Tobacco, Cotton, and Mahogavy.^:-=r -- 1_____ ^--- --~ --- _-----_

48 44 _40 s 32 2 2o4f "'.8.. 4.4,.-~ ILake or4VicP.2latteI itVoAS. amS.:.! ". Scae o eT Y.IOTTAWAID 0 orTST.A ptzamAo 3253J Q5alt ---,scale of Miles 28dL41 G 0 0 AacoL2 -,.. .... :.. L ...:. ,, .... ....... .,,. .............................. ............................... : ... ..;.. .. ... = .. .C. J.ll3 109 lo5 gla 89 MAD.'ih 85 .. ....... ...... E --9 R A '-+4-~C Io i4ii? 13 10 105101 5) Grenwi~lOMA14i

22 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.E E C s s. What two Territories are separated by the RockyEXE CIES. Mountains?What State and Territory east of California ?What Territory between Texas and Kansas ?L E SS 0 N XX V. What Territories border on British America?What Country north of the United States? What State in the southern part of tho UnitedWhat Ocean east? States is a peninsula ?What Country and Gulf south? What water east of Florida? West?What Ocean west ? What large Island south of Florida?What Province of British America north of the What Island north-west of Washington Territory?United States? What Island, belonging to New York, south of Con-What Lakes between Canada and the United necticut?'States ? What Sound between Long Island and Connecticut ?How many States are there ? Thirty-seven. What Bay between New Jersey and DelawareWhich is the largest ? Texas. Through what Territories do the Rocky MountainsWhich is le smallest? Rhode Island. extend?Into whatsfections are the States divided? Into What mountains in the eastern part of the UnitedEastern States, Middle States, Southern States, States?and Western. States.SHow many States in each Section ? There are six 6--Eastern, four Middle, eleven Southern, andsixteen Western States.How many Territories are there? [See oppositepage.] E S S 0 N X X VI I.Which is the most northern State ?Which is the most north-eastern State? In what direction do the Rivers east of the Alle-Which is the most western State? ghany Mountains flow? Toward the AtlanticWhich is the most southern State? Ocean?What States border on the Atlantic ? In what direction do the Rivers west of the RockyMountains flow? Toward the Pacific Ocean.What States border on the Gulf of Mexico ?"What States and Territory border on the Pacific ? In what direction do the Rivers between the ockyand the Alleghany Mountains flow ? TowardWhat States on the west bank of the Mississippi? and the Alleghany Mountains flow? Toward-Mississippi River.What States on the east bank ? .issss iWhich are the largest four branches of the Missis-* sippi?What Lakes separate Michigan from Canada ?What Lake between Michigan and Wisconsin ?LESS N XXV I. What two large Lakes border on the State of NewWhat three States on the north bank of the Ohio ? York ?"What two States on the south bank? What River is the outlet of Lake Ontario ?What two States south of New York ? Into what does the St. Lawrence flow ?What three States east? What River separates Texas from Mexico ?What two States north of Massachusetts ? Into what does the Rio Grande flow ?What two States south? What two Rivers meet near the head of the GulfWhat State borders on four of the Great Lakes ? of California ?What four States border on Lake Erie ?What four States border on Lake Mich'igan ? 1 Kon-not'-e-kut..===^

*-"------------- --- ---** ** *- ----I" '~ " \ "TUNITED STATES. 23LESSON XXVIII. MIDDLE STATES.States. Capitals. Situation.What River forms part of the boundary between NEW YORK, Albany, on Hudson River.Oregon and Washington ? NEW JERSEY, Trenton, " Delaware River.Into what does the Columbia flow ? PENNSYLVANIA, Harrisburg, " Susquehanna River.Through what State does the Missouri flow? DELAWARE, Dover, " Jones' Creek.Through what State does the Arkansas flow ?Through what State does the Red flow ? SOUTHERN STATES.Through what States does the Tennessee low? MARYLAND, Annapolis, on Severn River.What River flows through Pennsylvania? VIRGINIA, Richmond, " James River.Into what Bay does the Susquehanna flow ? NoRTH CAROLINA, Raleigh, near Neuse River.What two Capes at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay ? SOUTH CAROLINA, Columbia, on Congaree River.What is the eastern Cape of North Carolina? GEORGIA, Atlanta, near Chattahoochee R.What is the southern Cape of Florida ? FLORIDA, Tallahassee. Inland.What is the eastern Cape of Massachusetts ? ALABAMA, Montgomery, on Alabama River.What is the western Cape of California ? MISSISSIPPI, Jackson, " Pearl River.What Lake in the northern part of Utah ? LOUISIANA, New Orleans, " Mississippi River.What Lake north-west of Lake Superior ? TEXAS, Austin, " Colorado River.On what River can you sail from Wisconsin to the WEST VIRGINIA, Charleston, " Kanawha River.Gulf of Mexico? ----On what two Rivers would you sail from Pennsyl- LESSON XXX.vania to Louisiana ? WESTERN STATES.On what bodies of water would you sail from S tSARKANSAS, Little Rock, on Arkansas River.TENNESSEE, Nashville, " Cumberland River.KENTUCKY, Frankfort, " Kentucky River._____ _____ OHIO, Columbus, " Scioto River.* MICHIGAN, Lansing, " Grand River.INDIAPNA, Indianapolis, " W. Fork of WhiteRC A P I T A L S ILLINOIS, Springfield, near Sangamon River.WISCONSIN, Madison, on Fourth Lake.IOWA, Des Moines, " Des Moines RiverLES SO N XXIX. MIsoURI, Jefferson City, " Missouri River.CALIFORNIA, Sacramento, " Sacramento River.CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES. MINNESOTA. St. Paul, Mississippi River.WASHINGTON, on Potomac River. OREGON, Salem, " Willamette River.KANSAS, Topeka, " Kansas River.NEVADA, Carson City, on Carson River.EASTERN STATES. NEBRASKA, Lincoln, " Slt Creek.States. Capitals. Situation. TERRITORIES.MAINE, Augusta, on Kennebec River. WASHINGTON, Olympia, on Puget's Sound.NEW HAMPSHIRE, Concord, " Merrimac River. UTAH, Salt Lake City, near Great Salt Lake.VERMONT, Montpelier, " Onion River. NEW MEXICO, Santa Fe, " the Rio Grande.ASSACHUSETTS, Boston, " Boston Harbor. COLORADO, Denver, on Cherry Creek.DE I Providence, " Providence Bay. DAKOTA, Yankton, '" Missouri River.Newport, " arragansett Bay. ARIZONA, Tucson, " Santa Crm River.Hartford, " Connecticut River. IDAHO, Boise, on Boise River.NNEOTICUT, New Haen " New Haven Bay. INDIAN, MONTANA, WYOMING, ALASKA.


EASTERN STATES. 25Through what two States does it flow?E XI i C I S E S What Mountains extend north and south in Ver-mont?What Lake between Vermont and New York ?LESSON XXXI. What is the Capital of Vermont ?What two States north of MASSACHUSETTS ?What Province north of MAINE ? Canada. What Ocean east and south-east ?What Province east ? What two States south?What water south? What State west?What State and Province west? What two Bays east ?What River north ? What two Capes in the eastern part?What large Rivers in Maine flow south? What two Islan&s south-east, belonging to theWhat large Bays on the southern coast ? State ?What River flows into Penobscot Bay? What large River flows through the western partWhat large Bay south-east ? of Massachusetts ?What River flows into Passamaquoddy Bay ? What River flows through the north-eastern part?What two Lakes in Maine ? In what State does the Merrimac rise?What River is the outlet of Moose Head Lake ? Into what Ocean does it flow ?What Lake between Maine and New Hampshire ? What is the Capital of Massachusetts?What River is the outlet of Umba'gog Lake ?What Lake between Maine and New Brunswick ?What River is the outlet of Grand Lake ?Through what Lake does the Penobscot flow?What is the Capital of Maine ? S 0 N X IWhat Province north of NEW HAMPSHIRE? IWhat State east? South? West? What State north of CONNECTIUT?What water south-east? What State east? What water south ?What large River between New Hampshire and What State west?Vermont? What large River flows through the State?Where does the Connecticut rise? Into what water does it flow ?Into what Ocean does Long Island Sound open ?- " What large Island south of Connecticut?To what State does it belong? New York.LESSON XXXII. What are the Capitals of Connecticut ?What State north and east of RHODE ISLAND?Which is the largest River in New Hampshire? What water south? What State west?Among what Mountains does the Merrimac rise? What Bay in the eastern part of Rhode Island ?What is the highest peak of the White Mountains ? What large Island in Narragansett Bay ? RhodeWhat Lakes in New Hampshire ? Island.What Lake between New Hampshire and Maine? Into what Ocean does Narragansett Bay open?What is the Capital of New Hampshire ? What Island south of the State ?What Province north of VERMONT? What are the Capitals of Rhode Island ?What State east? South? West? How many Eastern States are there? Six.What River east ? Which is the largest?Between what two States does the Connecticut Which is the smallest?flow? i How many border on the Atlantic?I1 \


. ...............MIDDLE STATES. 27What Canal crosses this State ?IE IE C I S E S How long is the Erie Canal? 364 miles.What waters does it connect ?Which is the largest State bordering on New York ?What State north of PENNSYLVANIA ?LESS 0 N XXXI V. What two States east? three States south ?What two States west ? What Lake north-west ?What Province north of NEW YORK ? What River in the eastern part of the State ?What three States east ? Into what Bay does the Susquehanna flow ?What Ocean south-east Z, What great River commences in the west ?* What two States south? By what two Rivers is it formed ?What State, Lake, and River .yest? What River flows into the Delaware at Phila-What Lake and River north-west? delphia ?What large Island in the south-east ? What Mountains in the south-eastern part of Penn-What Sound between Long Island and Connecticut? sylvania ?W.hat Island west of Long Island ? What Mountains extend through the center of theWhich is the largest River in New York ? Hudson. State ?Into what does the Hudson flow ? New York Bay. What is the Capital of Pennsylvania ?What large River flows into the Hudson ? What large City in the south-east?What River in the wester part of the State ? On what River and Bay can you sail from Phila-Into what does the Genesee flow ? delphia to the Atlantic ?What two Rivers between New York and!Canada ?Which flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario ?What River is the outlet of Lake Ontario ?Into what water does it flow? Gulf of St. Law-rence. LESSON XXXVI.What Lake between New York and Vermont ?Mention the largest Lakes in the center of the What State north of NEW JERSEY ?State. What State and Ocean east ?What small Lake near the southern part of Lake What Bay south ? What two States west?Champlain ? What River between New Jersey and Pennsyl-Svania ?In what State does the Delaware commence?"; \ What Bay between New Jersey and Delaware ?What is the southern Cape of New Jersey ?LE S S 0 N XXX V. What Cape in the eastern part ? Sandy Hook.What two Islands east of New Jersey ?What large River from New York flows through To what State do they belong? New York.Pennsylvania? What is the Capital of New Jersey?What Mountains in the north-eastern part of New What State north of DELAWARE?York? What River, Bay, and Ocean east?What Mountains in the eastern part ? What State south and west?What Mountains in the south-eastern part ? What two Capes at the mouth of Delaware Bay 7What is the Capital of New York ? What is the Capital of Delaware?Which is the largest City in this State ? New York. Hov. many Middle States are there ? Four.What large City on Long Island, opposite New Which is the largest? New York.York City ? Which is the smallest ?d!L- ----`-------^ :


SOUTHERN STATES. 29What two States north of GEORGIA ?ER X E R C I S E S. What State and Ocean east?What State south? West?What River between Georgia and South Carolina ?LESSON xx I What River between Georgia and Alabama ?What is the Capital of Georgia?What State north of MARYLAND ? What two States north of FLORIDA ?What State and Ocean east? States south and What water east? South? West?west ? What State north-west?What large Bay extends into Maryland? What large River in the north-east ?What River between Maryland and Virginia ? What is the southern Cape of Florida?Into what Bay does the Potomac flow? What is the Capital of Florida?What chains of Mountains extend through these What State north of ALABAMA? East? South?States ? What State west? What Gulf south?What is the Capital of Maryland ? What Bay in the south opens into the Gulf?What is the largest city in Maryland? Baltimore. What Rivers in Alabama ?What District west of Maryland? District of Co- What is the Capital of Alabama?lumbia.What City in the District of Columbia? Wash- 5 ____----ington.What State north of VIRGINIA ? Ocean east? LES N XXXIXWhat two States south? West? LE N X X.What Bay divides Virginia into two parts? What State north of MIssIssIPPI? East ?What two Capes at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay? What Gulf and State south ? Two States west?What River between West Virginia and Ohio ? What River on the western side of Mississippi?What large River flows east into Chesapeake Bay? What is the Capital of Mississippi?What is the Capital of Virginia ? Of West Virginia ? What State north of LoUIsIANA ?What State and water east ?, -, What water south ? What State west?What great River flows through the south-easternLES N XXVIII. part of Louisiana?SWhat River flows into the Mississippi?What State north of NORTH CAROLINA ? What is the Capital of Louisiana ?What Ocean east and south-east ? What large City in the south-east?What two States south? What State west? What River between Louisiana and Texas?What three Capes on the east coast of North Car- What Territory north of Texas ? (See Map of theolina? United States.)What two Sounds east ? What two States east? What water south-east ?What three Rivers in North Carolina? What Country south-west ? What Territory north-What is the Capital of North Carolina ? west?What State north and north-east of SOUTH OAR- What River between Texas and Mexico?OLINA ? What Rivers in Texas ?What water south-east? What is the Capital of Texas?What River on the west side of South Carolina ? I How many Southern States are there ? Beven.What two large Rivers in South Carolina ? Which is the largest ? Texas.What is the Capital of South Carolina ? Which is the smallest?____________ --~-------.----- t-j

1e S UHE A M I I Ard ltE gf;. ae of he Woosea ec o ;i)iSale--0-ItasE aJ. ItcBm e,'l1N 5C FKA CE L~ i. S C L)4 44FT,$NELLINGSA L........ ...... fji4UKEE"- p 0 RAP DS. :B nt.D OUBUQUE ET-I f TRto ACIT CIm rrrORII-vv ---------- CL VLANDSC"ATx SAN USKY MY9 URLINQr"LiZANE VILFIra- CHILLl_-C_~~~~ As LS' r )s ,-pFFIle 0 -r ALEN b~ATER I T YlXiTL-i e~:~~ SeT X X AP~89EVI Op1 m i

WESTERN STATES. 31X i E C I S E S. What River east? What State south?What State south-west? What Territory west?What River flows through the center of the State ?LESSON XL What is the Capital of Arkansas?What State north of MISSOURI?What Lake north of MICHIGAN? What River east? What State south?S yhat three Lakes east? What two States south? What Territories west?What Lake and State west? What great River crosses Missouri?What Strait connects Lake Michigan with Lake What is the Capital of Missouri ?Huron ? What City in the eastern part of the State ?What Lake between Lake Huron and Lake Erie ? What Lake and State north of INDIANA ?What Bay in Michigan opens into Lake Huron? What State east? South? West?What Bay in Canada opens into Lake Huron? What River between Indiana and Illinois?What Bay opens into Lake Michigan ? What is the Capital of Indiana?What is the Capital of Michigan? What State north of ILLINOIS ?What State and Lake north of Omo ? What Lake and State east?What two States east? What State south? Two States west?What River south? What-State west? What three Rivers in Illinois ?What River in the north-western part of Ohio ? Into what do they flow?What large River in the southern part? What is the Capital of Illinois?What is the Capital of Ohio ?What large city in the south-west? ,What River on the north side of KENTUCKY ?What three Statel orth? LESSON XLII.What State east ? South? West? Northeast ?What River separates Missouri from Kentucky? What State north of IowA ?What Mountains between Kentucky and Virginia? What River east What large River west?What two Rivers flow into the Ohio near its What does the Mississippi separate from Iowa ?mouth ? What does the Missouri separate from Iowa ?What is the Capital of Kentucky? What State south of Iowa ?What large City in Kentucky on the Ohio? What two Rivers flow through owa ?What is the Capital of Iowa?,__ ,,__ What Lake north of WISCONSIN ?What State, Lake, and :ay east?" " LES S 0 N XLI. What State south ? States west ?What two Rivers on the west side of this State ?What two States north of TENNESSEE ? Which is the largest River in Wisconsin ?What State east? Three States south? What is the Capital of Wisconsin ?What River west? What State north of CALIFORNIA? (&e MapWhat Mountains between North Carolina and Ten- of the United States.)nessee? What State east? Territory south-east?What Mountains extend through the eastern part What Country south? What Ocean west?of Tennessee? What River between California and Arizona ?What two Rivers in Tennessee? What is the Capital of California?Into what does the Tennessee flow ? How many Western States are there ? Sixteen.What is the Capital of Tennessee ? Which is the largest ? California.What State north of ARKANSAS ? Which is the smallest ? Indiana.

32 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.A. Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Indi-ana.LESSON XLIII. aaQ. What States produce nearly all the Cane-Q. What can you say of the United States ? sugar of the Union?A. It is the most populous and power- A. Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, andful country in America. Florida.SQ. What political division is the United States? Q. Which are the principal Cotton-growingA. A Republic. States?Q. What can you say of the climate of the A. Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana,United States? and Georgia.A. It is cold in the north, hot in the Q. Which are the principal Tobaccogrowingsouth, and mild in the intermediate parts. States ?Q. What are the productions of the United A. Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, andStates ? Maryland.A. In the north; grain, fruit, veg- Q. Which are the principal Rice-growing States ?etables: in the south; cotton, tobacco,rice, sugar, and tropical fruits. A. South Carolina, Georgia, NorthCarolina, and Louisiana.Q. Which are the principal Wheat-growingStates ? Q. What States produce the most Wool?A. Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and A. Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, andOhio. Michigan.

UNITED STATES. 33LESSON XLIV. LESSON XLV.Q. What three States manufacture more Cotton Q. From what did Cape Cod derive its name?goods than all the rest of the Union ? A. From the Cod-fisheries near it.A. Massachusetts, New Hampshire,A. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Q. What can you say of the harbors of Massa-and Rhode Island. chusetts ?Q, What States manufacture more Woolen A. Massachusetts has more good har-goods than all the rest of the Union? bors than any other state, except Maine.A. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, NewYork, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Q. Where was the first Cotton Factory in theUnited States built?Q. From what State is the most Iron obtained? A. In Rhode Island.A. Pennsylvania.A. Pennsylvania. Q. Which division of the Union is most thicklyQ. For what is Maine noted? settled?A. For Lumber and Ship-building. A. The Middle States.Q. What is said of the harbors of Maine ?Q. What is saidoftheharborsofMaine? Q. Which State contains the greatest numberA. Maine has more fine harbors than of inhabitants?any other State in the Union. A. New York.Q. For what is New Hampshire noted? Q. For what is New York remarkable?A. For its lofty mountains and beauti- For the beautiful scenery of itsA. For the beautiful scenery of its"ful scenery. lakes, rivers, and waterfalls; especiallyQ. What is New Hampshire called? the Falls of Niagara.A. " The Granite State."Q. In what does New York excel every otherQ. For what is Vermont famous ? State ?A. For fine horses and sheep. A. In the value of its live-stock, andQ. For what are Massachusetts, Connecticut, in the quantity of butter, cheese, hayand Rhode Island noted? and oats produced.A. For the manufacture of Cotton and westernpart of New YorkQ. What does the western part of New YorkWoolen goods. produce?Q. What other articles are manufactured in Con- A. Large crops of Wheat.necticut ?A. Clocks, buttons, pins, axes, paper, Q. In what does Pennsylvania excel every otherand tin and wooden ware. State?Q. In what are many people of Massachusetts A. In the quantity of coal and ironemployed? produced.A. Massachusetts has nearly as many Q. What City is next to New York in popula-men engaged in the Whale-fishery as all tion?the world besides. A. Philadelphia.*< _^_____ ^__

34 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.S --- ___ _. .CULTInATING THE SUGAR OANE, PICKING COTTON, AND GATHERING RICE.Q. From what State does most of the cane-sugarLESSO N XLVI. and molasses come ?Q. What does New Jersey produce? A. Louisiana.A. Fine fruits and vegetables. Q. What State produces the most rice ?Q. What are raised in Delaware ? A. South Carolina.A. Good crops of Indian Corn and. Good crops of Indian Corn and Q. In what State is the most tobacco raised?Wheat.A. Virginia.Q. What can you say of the Climate of theSouthern States ? Q. What can you say of Maryland ?A. The Climate is warm. A. Maryland, lying on both sides ofChesapeake Bay, is finely situated forQ In what are the inhabitants of the Southern Chesapeake Bay is finely situated forcommerce.States chiefly engaged? cA. In Agriculture. Q. For what is North Carolina noted ?Q. What are produced in the Southern States? A. For pine forests, which produceA. Cotton, Sugar, Rice, and Tobacco. tar, pitch. turpentine, and lumber.Q. To what Countries and States is Cotton sent"to be manufactured into goods? Q. What can you say of Georgia?to be manufactured into goods ?A. To England, the Northern and East- A. It is the first of the Southern Statesern States, and France. in the number and extent of its railroads.Q. In what are the people of Mississippi chiefly Q. For what is Florida noted?employed? A. For its delightful climate and lux-A. In the culture of Cotton. 5 uriant vegetation.j

UNITED STATES. 35PENN'S HOUSE) PHILADELPHIA. PENN AND THE INDIANS. COAL MINES OF PENNSYLVANIA.LESSON XLVI I Q. For what is Kentucky noted ?"A. For great Caves.Q. What are raised in the Western States ?A. Corn, Wheat, Rye, and Fruits. Q. In what does Kentucky excel every otherState ?Q. What can you say of Michigan ? A. In the quantity of Hemp and FlaxA. It has more lake-coast than any produced.other State in the Union. Q. For what is California noted ?Q. Which is the most populous of the Western A. For Gold.States ? Q. What minerals are found in Missouri ?A. Ohio. A. Lead and Iron.Q. For what is Ohio noted ? Q. In what States is Lead most abundant ?A. For its production of Flour, Meal, A. Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, andWool, and Wine. Illinois.Q. What is the staple production of Indiana ? Q. What two States are noted for Copper?A. Indian Corn. A. Michigan and Wisconsin.Q. For what is Illinois noted? Q. What can you say of Minnesota ?A. For its extensive prairies and ex- A. It possesses a healthful climate andceedingly fertile soil. fertile soil. and contains numerous lakesQ. In what does Illinois excel every other abounding in fish and wild rice.State ? Q. For what is Colorado noted ?. In he producion of Whea and A. For Gold mines near Pike'sPeak.Corn.' 4 A

! 0._+, 1 c-1SEUAT ,OIL1- ,IT. s.TA -.K--, --g sE 1AUC0 ......Al .....

SOUTH AMERICA. 37ANIMALS OF SOUTH AMERICA.EXERCISES. LESSON XLIX.What large River in Venezuela?"Into what does the Orinoco flow ?LESSON XLVIII. Which is the largest River south of the Amazon ?LaPlata.What water north of South America? East? What two Rivers unite to form the La Plata ?Wst? What large Rivers flow into the Amazon?Which is the largest Country of South America ? What Island in the mouth of the Amazon ?What three Countries in the northern part of South What large River in the eastern part of Brazil ?America ? What group of Islands south of Patagonia?What Country in the south ? What separates it from Patagonia ?What narrow Country between the Andes and the Which is the most southern of the group ? HornPacific ? Island.What two Countries north of Patagonia? What is the southern extremity of Horn Island?What two small countries east of the Argentine1 Cape Horn.Republic? What Islands north-east of Terra del Fuego?SWhat Country north? What Islands in the Pacific west of Chili ?3What two Countries extend furthest west ? What Island south of Chili ?What are the three divisions of Guiana ?? What joins South America to North America ?What Countries border on the Caribbean Sea ? Of what Country does the Isthmus of Darien formWhat Countries border on the Atlantic ? a part ?What Countries border on the Pacific ? What Glulf on the north side of the Isthmus ?What Country has no sea-coast ? What Bay on the south side?What Mountains extend along the west coast? Into what does the Gulf of Darien open?Which is the largest River in the world? Amazon. Into what does the Bay of Panama open?Among what Mountains does it rise ? What Bay east of Patagonia ?How.long is it? 4000 miles. 1 Ar'-jen-teen. 2 Ghe-a'-nii. iHow wide is the mouth of the Amazon ? 180 miles. 3 hee'-le.6.

TT--_ --- ~38 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.What Country north of Peru? East? South-LESSON L. east?SWhat water west ?What high Mountain in Chili? What water west ?What Volcano in Ecuador? Mount Cotopxi What Country north and east of Bolivia?What h Mount in o ? What Country south-east? What two CountriesWhat high Mountain in Bolivia ? south ?What Cape on the north of South America ?What water and Country west ?What Cape east? South? West? What water and Country westt Le b P a What Country north of the Argentine Republic ?What Lake between Peru and Bolivia ? 1-What three Countries east ?What Lake in the northern part of Venezuela? What th Countries east?WhatCountry and water south? What CountryWhat Oceans are connected by the Strait of Ma-gwest?gellan ? What Country north and east of Paraguay ?Which is the largest City in South America ? Rio What Country oth n est of ru ?Janeiro.2 What Country south? Two Countries west?In what Country is Rio Janeiro? What Country north and east of Uruguay ?^, ,,at Qr Js ,, What water south ? What Country west ?vWhat two Seaports north-east of Rio Janeiro ? What ater south? What Cntry wst?What two large Cities on the La Plata? What Country north of Chili? East? SouthWhat water west?In what Country is Buenos Ayres ? What two Countries north of PatagoniaIn what Country is Monte Video ? What two Coutres north o Pt i ?What is the Capital of Chili? What water east? South? WestWhat to Citis in Bo livi? Bound each Country of South America.What two Cities in Bolivia ?What City in Peru, near the Pacific ?What is the Capital of Ecuador ? ____What is the Capital of United States of Colombia ?What Towns on the Isthmus of Darien? LESSON LII.What City in Venezuela, near the Caribbean Sea ?What Towns in Guiana ? Countries. Capitals. Situation.What City on Paraguay River? UNITED STATESOf what Country is Assumption the Capital ? OF COLOMBIA. Bogota,' on San Francisco Riv,"VENEZUELA, Caracas, near the Caribbean Sea.ECUADOR, Quito, Inland.00-- BRAZIL, Rio Janeiro, on the Atlantic.ARGENTINE RE-PUBLIC, Buenos Ayres, "Rio de la Plata.LESS N LI. PARAGUAY, Assumption, on Paraguay River.BOLIVIA, Chuquisaca,6 Inland.What water north of the United States of Colombia ? BIA Georgetown, on Dearara River.BRITISH GUIANA, Georgetown, on Demarara River.What two Countries east? South? DUTCH GUIANA, Paramaribo, " Surinam River.What water west? What land north-west ? FRENCH GUIANA, Cayenne6 " Cayenne Island.What water north of Venezuela? URUGUAY, MonteVideo, on the Rio de la Plata.What Country east? South? West? PERU, Lima,7 on Rimac8 River.What water north of Guiana ? CHILI, Santiago, " Mapocho9 River.What Country east and south? West? PATAGONIA, (No Capital).What three Countries north of Brazil ?What water north and east ? 1 Ek-wB-dore. 2 Ree'-ojii-nee'-or.What Countries south-west ? West ? 5 Bo'-nus '-riz. 4 Bo-go-t'.What Country north of Ecuador ? East? South? 7 Lee'-ml. 8 Re-mak'.What water west ? 9 Mi-po'-cho.-- I

SOUTH AMERICA. 39SCENE IN SOUTH AMERICA.-HUNTING CATTLE.D E S C R I P T I N Q. What minerals abound in Brazil ?S RA. Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds.LE S 0 N L I I. Q. What does Venezuela produce ?LESSON LIII.A. The best Cocoa in the world, besidesQ. When was South A'merica discovered ? Tobacco, Indigo, Coffee, Sugar, and trop-A. In the year 1497, by Columbus. ical fruits.Q. For what is Peru noted ?Q. What do we get from Cayenne?A. For Gold, Silver, and Quicksilver. A. Cayenne Pepper.Q. What are some of the Andes mountains? Q. Of what do the Argentine Republic andA. Volcanoes. Uruguay consist ?Q. What happen in some Countries of South A. Of extensive Plains, where vastAmerica? herds of Horses and Cattle feed.A. Earthquakes. Q. What are exported from the United StatesQ. What is said of Rain in some parts ? of Colombia ?A. In some parts rain is unknown. A. Gold, Platinum, Silver, Emeralds,Tobacco, and Panama Hats.Q. What are the productions of South America ?Q. What can you say of Patagonia ?A. Sugar, .Coffee, Oranges, Lemons, A. It is a cold, barren region, inhabitedCitrons, Figs, and Pineapples. by wandering tribes of Indians.Q. What useful tree is found in S. America ?A. The tree from which India rubber is Q. What is the most southern part of SouthA. The tree from which India rubber isAmerica ?obtained.A. Cape Horn.Q. In what does Brazil excel every other countryin the world. Q. What two Oceans meet there ?A. In the quantity of Coffee produced. A. The Atlantic and Pacific., -- ^ ^.

oil.~~~ ~f'01Ct~F~. TI t10F~O ii~i~;~B 9~"9;v~vT,~A~P~40STSY A AL-y""tcr 11A OLM/n rM" $E~4 Aoel 40S EVcy-po IDA N V4 E Co INOPejl~-::8 /ILE if8II :Bi r. " "~-'.il ~5s A'r-IT T 0 Pv _77I;Z444.~C_-~:-BONIi- =-- %P-Ir gp~p

EUROPE. 41What is the northern Cape of Europe ?"E X E IRC I S E S. What is the southern Cape of Greece ?What is the southern Cape of Spain?"Which is the most southern Cape of Europe?LESS 0 LIV. cape Tarifa.'"What Ocean north of Europe? What is the western Cape of Spain?What Ocean north of Europe ?What Grand Division east and south-east? What Sea north of Russia ?What Gran D so east a so to what does the Mediterranean Sea open ?What large Sea south ?What Ocean west? Into what does the North Sea open?toWhat Ocean west ? Whi Sea oWhat four Seas between Europe and Asia? Into what does the White Sea open?What two Seas in the north-west of Europe? What Gulfs open into the Baltic Sea?What Bay west ofEurope? hat small Sea north of the Black Sea?What Bay west of Europe ?Which is the largest Country in Europe? What Seas east of Italy ?What two Countries in the north-west form a What Sea east of Greece?peninsula? Into what do these two Seas open ?What two Countries in th south-west form a What Strait connects the Adriatic Sea with theWhat two Countries in the south-west form a '""o r "openinsula ? MediterraneanWhat Country in the south has the shape of a What Channel separates Norway from Denmark?boot ? What Channel separates Sweden from Denmark?.What natural division is Italy? What Channel between France and England?What small Country north of Italy?What Country north of Spain? ___What Country north-east of France ?What Country north-west of France ?What Country north of England? LESS N L V I.What Countries west of England ?What natural division is Ireland ? What Strait connects the Mediterranean with theWhat Country south of the Baltic Sea? Atlantic?What Country west of the Black Sea? What River between Europe and Asia?What small Country south of Turkey? What two Rivers flow into the Caspian Sea ?What small Country south of Turkey?What River flows into the Sea of Azov ?What Countries border on the Arctic Ocean? What River flows into the northern part of theon the Atlantic Ocean ? on the Mediterranean Black Sea?Sea on the North Sea? What River flows into the western part of theBlack*Sea?What Mountains east of Russia ?- $ : What Mountains south-east of Russia?What Mountains north of Italy ?L E SSO N LV. What Mountains in the north-eastern part of theAustrian Empire ?What large Island west of Norway ? What Mountains between France and Spain ?What two Islands west of Italy ? What Mountains between Norway and Sweden ?I What Islands east of Spain? What Mountains in Turkey ?What Island south-east of GreeceItaly What five Seas border on Russia?What Island southeast of Greece ? On which side of Russia is the Baltic Sea ?What Island in the eastern part of the MediterT-ranean Sea Ta-ree'-fa.!!i i' ra ea Se

42 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.LESSON L V II What River flows through Holland ?What is the Capital of Holland?On which side of the North Sea is England ? What is the Capital of Belgium ?On which side is Denmark ? What Islands west of the North Sea? BritishWhat Islands in the Mediterranean Sea ? Isles.What Strait between Spain and Africa ? Which is the largest European Island ? GreatThrough what Countries does the Danube flow? Britain.What Mountains, River, and Sea east of Russia ? Into what three Countries is Great Britain divided ?What Mountains and Seas south ? England, Scotland, and Wales.What three Countries south-west ? What Island west of Great Britain ?What two Countries north-west ? What water east of Great Britain?What Gulfs west of Russia ? What Channel and Strait south of England ?Into what Sea do they open? What Channel and Sea between England and Ire-What Sea opens ilto the Arctic Ocean. land ?,Which is the largest'River in Europe? Volga. What water north and west of Scotland? East?Which is next in size ? Danube. What water west of Ireland?Into what does the Volga flow ? What is the south-west point of Ireland ?Into what does the Danube flow ? What is the south-west point of England ?What Peninsula in the south of Russia ? What is the Capital of England?Between what two Seas is the Crimea?What is the Capital of Russia ?What City near the center?What Sea and Gulf east of Sweden ?What Mountains and Country west? LESSON LIX.What water between Sweden and Denmark ?On which side of Ireland is Dublin ?What water north of Norway ? South? West? On which side of Soland is EinbrOn which side of Scotland is Edinburgh ?What is the southern point of Norway ? Country south of England?What is the Capital of Norway and Sweden? What tra and hannl n E dWhat City in the southern part of Norway ? raFrance ?What Country north-east of France ?What Countries east? What Country south?-- " "-^ What Bay west? What Gulf south?What River flows into the Gulf of Lyons ?LESSON LVIII. What River flows into the Bay of Biscay?V What River flows into the English Channel?What waters nearly surround Denmark ? What is the Capital of France ?What Country south? What Mountains separate France from Spain?What is the Capital of Denmark ? What water north of Spain? East?What large Island, belonging to Denmark, west of What connects the Mediterranean Sea with theNorway ? Atlantic Ocean ?In what direction from Denmark is Holland ? What Country west of Spain?What Sea north and west of Holland? What Promontory in the south of Spain? Gib-What two Countries east? raltar.What Country south ? What is the southern Cape of Spain? the westernWhat Countries border on Belgium ? Cape?What Sea north-west? What is the Capital of Spain?

EUROPE. 43SWhat Island south-east of Greece ?L E N What group of Islands west of Greece?What water south and west of Portugal ? What Island east of Candia ?What Rivers flow through Portugal into the At- What is the Capital of Greece ?lantic ? On what side of Greece is Athens ?What is the south-west Cape of Portugal ? What is the southern Cape of Greece ?What is the Capital of Portugal ?Of. what does the North German Confederationconsist ? Of Prussia and a number of Ger- -man States. -What two'Seas north of Germany ?What three Countries west?What large River flows through the southern partof Germany ?What River in the western part? northern part?Into what do the Rhine and Elbe flow?What Small Country north of Prussia ?"What Country east ?What Countries north of Austria ? -East ? South ?"West ? STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR.What Sea between Austria and Italy ?Into what large Sea does it open ?What Cfty in the north is the Capital of Prussia? *--What City is the Capital of Austria ?Between what two Seas is Italy situated? L E S S 0 N LXII.What Volcano in Italy ? in Sicily ?What Gulfs on the coast of Italy ? Countries. Capitals. Situation.SENGLAND, London, on Thames' River.What Strait separates Sicily from Italy ?NiAD, London, on ha es -er.S i ii SCOTLAND, Edinburgh,' near the Frith of Forth.What Cities in Italy ? IRELAND, Dublin, on Lifey River.FRANCE, Paris, " Seine3 River.SPAIN, Madrid, " Manzanares River.SPORTUGAL, Lisbon, " Tagus River.N. GERMANY, Berlin, " Spree River.PRUSSIA, Berlin, " Spree River.LES SO N LX I. AUSTRIA, Vienna, " Danube River.What Countries surround Switzerland ? DENMARK, Copenhagen, on the Island of Zealakd.What is the Capital of Switzerland ? BELGIUM, Brussels, on Senne River.What Countries north of Turkey? HOLLAND, Hague,4 near the North Sea.What two Seas et SWITZERLAND, Bern, on Aar River.What two Seas east? AITALY, Florence, " Arno River.What Sea and Country south? West? NORWAY ANDWhat large River flows through the northern part SWEDEN, Stockholm, " Lake Malar.of Turkey ? RUssIA, St. Petersburg, " Neva River.What Sea and Straits separate Turkey in Europe TURKEY, Constantinople, " Bosphorus Strait.from Turkey in Asia ? GREECE, Athens, near the Gulff of Egina.What is the Capital of Turkey ?What water east of Greece? South? West ? 1 Temz. 2 Ed'in-bur-ro. 8 Sane. 4 Haig.

44 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.SCENE IN LAPLAND.D E S C R I T 0 N Q. What minerals abound in Sweden?A. Iron and Copper.Q. What are England, Scotland, Wales, andLESS N LXII I. Ireland together called?Q. What can you say of the Russian Empire ? A. The United Kingdom of GreatA. It is the largest Empire in the world. Britain and Ireland.Q. How far does it extend ? Q. For what is Great Britain noted ?A. From the Baltic Sea eastward to A. For its immense naval power, vastNorth America. colonies, and extensive commerce andQ. What does it include ? manufactures.A. Russia in Europe, and Russia in Q. For what is England noted?Asia. A. For its populous cities, numerousQ. Where is Lapland situated ? canals and railroads, colleges, and benevo-A. In the most northern part of Europe. lent institutions.Q. What constitutes the wealth of the Laplander? Q. What extensive mines in England?A. The Reindeer. A. Mines of Tin, Coal, and Iron.Q. What two Countries form a large peninsula Q. What are manufactured in England?north-west of Russia? A. Cotton and Woolen Goods, andA. Norway and Sweden. Hardware.Q. With what is a large part of the peninsula Q. What can you say of London?covered ? A. London is the largest City in theA. Pine forests; from which timber, world, and contains about three times astar, pitch, and turpentine are obtained. many inhabitants as New York.;* :*.

EUROPE. 45LESSON LXIV. LESSON LXV.Q. What do the Welsh make ? Q. For what is Holland noted ?A. Large quantities of Woolen Goods, 4. For its low situation and numerousespecially Flannel. canals.Q. How is Scotland divided ? Q. What are manufactured in Holland ?A. Into Highlands and Lowlands. A. Linens, Silks,Woolens, and Velvets.Q. What can you say of the Highlands ? Q. What are the occupations of the Danes ?A. It is a cold, mountainous region, A. Cultivating the soil, and rearingwhose inhabitants are chiefly engaged in cattle.rearing cattle. Q. What is the principal production of Portugal?Q. What can you say of the Lowlands? A. Wine; that shipped from Oporto,A. The Lowlands, in the southern part and hence called Port Wine, is celebrated.of Scotland, is level and well cultivated.Q. For what is Switzerland famous ?Q. What are the chief manufactures? A. For its lofty mountains, beautifulA. Linen, Cotton, and Woolen Goods. lakes, and variety of scenery.Q. What is Ireland? Q. What are manufactured in Switzerland ?A. A fine fertile Island. A. Silks, Cottons, Watches, and Jew-Q. What important manufacture in Ireland ? elry.A. The manufacture of Linen. Q. For what is Italy noted ?Q. What is France? A. For its beautiful scenery, delightfulA. An Empire. climate, and remains of ancient civilizationQ. For what is France noted ? and art.A. For the best Wines, Brandy, and Q. For what are the Italians famous?Silk. A. For Painting, Sculpture, and Music.Q. What do we get from Spain? Q. What are obtained from Italy ?A. Raisins and other fruits, Wool, Wine A. Oil, Wine, Silk, Figs, Dates, andand Olive-Oil. Almonds.Q. What have the Germans invented ? Q. What does the Empire of Turkey comprise?A. Printing, Watches, and Gunpowder. A. Turkey in Europe, Turkey in Asia,Q. What are extensively raised in Prussia? and possessions in Africa.A. Wheat, Barley, and other Grains. Q. What are manufactured in Turkey?Q. What are the chief productions of Austria? A. Rich Carpets and Silk goods.A. Grain, Wine, Oil, and Salt. Q. For what is Athens noted?Q. What are the principal manufactures of Bel- A. It is the birth-place of some of thegium? most celebrated Orators, Philosophers,A. Laces, Silks, and Carpets. and Artists.1; _______________-^ __ _______

AAA /~-R 7A47 0~7 47F,1'37D7',--M ------ /K07-- z4Iv~A-4 Ar- I- v~-il SP Y,tA~ l; ~ ~ ~-: n~IANGVA;i ~i5~LAS Aa CALCUT Ol: INA.4,qr 4yr~ ~: _:.. ia~:~C.4 DRAS ,~-2~(A NVDA~:,C : jACo- f 0 air,jox ~ ~ ..aAT )LIM AN 11QUA-~c~--AE-02~7;t ~ ~I MP/i~B~~ -~I: ~ ~~~-.~ a -AT R~-

ASIA. 47BEDOUIN ARABS.-CHINESE GOVERNOR.-AFGHAN.-BOODHIST PRIESTS.EX RCISES. LESSON LXVII.What Seas border on Turkey?"What Seas and Gulf border on Arabia ?LESS 0 N LXVI. Between what Sea and Bay is Hindoostan?What Sea north of Persia?What Ocean north of Asia? East? South? What Gulf south of Persia?What two Grand Divisions west? What Strait at the entrance to the Red Sea?What large Seas west? What Strait at the entrance to the Persian Gulf?What Seas east? Into what does the Red Sea open?What Sea and Bay south ? Into what does the Persian Gulf open ?What Gulf opens into the northern part of the What small Sea east of the Caspian Sea?Arabian Sea ? In what Country is the Aral Sea ?What joins Africa to Asia? What Empire composed of Islands east of theWhat Country in the northern part of Asia? '/ Chinese Empire?What Empire south of Siberia ? Which is the largest of the Japan Islands ?What are the three principal divisions of the What Sea west of Japan?Chinese Empire ? What Island north of Niphon ?What Country in Asia is furthest south-west ? What Island north of Jesso ?What Country furthest west? What Channel west of Saghalien?What Country east of Turkey? What Sea south of China ?What two Countries north of Persia ? What large Island south of the China Sea ?What two Countries east? What Peninsula forms the most asuthern part ofWhat Countries east of the Caspian Sea ? Asia ?What Country between the Arabian Sea and the What Island south of Malacca ?Bay of Bengal ? What Strait between Sumatra and Malacca ?What Countries between the Bay of Bengal and What Group of Islands east of the China Sea?the China Sea? What Island south of Hindoostan ?What Country is furthest north ? What Islands north-west of Siberia ?/Ni

48 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.In what direction do the Rivers in the easternLESSON LXVIII. part flow ?In what direction do the Rivers in the southernWhat Peninsula in the eastern part of Siberia ? part flow?Between what two Seas is Kamtschatka ? What waters are connected by the Strait of Ormus ?What Peninsula in the eastern part of the Chinese by the Strait of Bab el Mandeb ?Empire ? What waters are separated by the Isthmus ofBetween what two Seas is Corea? Suez ?What Strait between Corea and the Japan Islands ? Of what Empire does Siberia form a part ?What waters are connected by the Strait of Corea ? What is the Capital of the whole Empire? St.What Gulfs open into the China Sea? Petersburg.What ulf north of Siberia? What other Country of Asia has its Capital inWhat Rivers in Siberia? Europe? Turkey.What River flows into the Gulf of Obi? What is the Capital of Turkey?What Rivers flow into the Arctic Ocean ? What large City in Turkey, on the Mediterranean ?What River between Chinese Empire and Siberia? What Capital Cities in Turkestan?What Rivers in the Chinese Empire? What Capital Cities in Arabia ?What River in the eastern part of Hindoostan ? What City in China, near the China SeaWhat River in the western part of Hindoostan? Of what does Turkestan consist? Of several inde-What Rivers in Turkey? pendet States.What River flows into the China Sea? pendent States.What River flows into the lChina Sea? What other countries of Asia have no generalWhat River flows into the Yellow Sea? into the government? Arabia and Afghanistan.Bay of Bengal? into the Sea of Aral? In what part of Arabia is Muscat ?Into what does the Indus flow ? In what part is Mecca ? Sana ?What Mountains between Asia and Europe? In what part of Turkey is Jerusalem ?What Mountains north of the Chinese Empire ?What Mountains north of Hindoostan ?What Desert in the Chinese Empire ?What natural division is Arabia? Hindoostan ?What Strait between Asia and North America?What waters are connected by Behring's Strait?LESSON LXX.Countries. Capitals. Situation.- i CHINESE EMPIRE, Pekin, near Pei Ho.HINDoosTAN', Calcutta, on Hoogly River.SIBERIA, St. Petersburg, " Neva River.JAPAN EMPIRE, Jeddo, near Jeddo Bay.L E S S 0 N LXI X. TURKEY, Constantinople,on Bosphorus StraitWhat Cape projects into Behring's Strait? PERSIA, Teheran', Inland.BELOOdHISTAN', Kelat',What is the northern Cape of Asia ? B Mandelay, on Irrawaddy River.What is the southern Cape of Asia? SIAM, Bangkok, " Meinam River.What is the southern Cape of Hindoostan? of ANAM, Hue, "Hue River.Kamtschatka? TURKITN,What Lake in the southern part of Siberia ? AFGHANISTAN', No general governmentIn what direction do the Rivers in the northern ARABIA,part of Asia flow ?

ASIA. 49~IfmUNTING THE BENGAL TIGER.Q. How does it compare in size with the UnitedD E S C R IPTI O N. States?------ A. It is nearly twice as large.LESSON LXXI. Q. What does China produce?Q. How large is Asia? A. Tea and Rice in great quantities.A. It occupies one third of the land on Q. What is the climate of Siberia ?the whole Earth.A. Very cold.Q. What proportion of the inhabitants of theEarth live in Asia? Q. For what is Arabia noted?A. More than one half. A. For its extensive Deserts, fine" Horses, and Camels.Q. For what is Asia noted? ,A. For its high mountains and great Q. What does Arabia produce?rivers, its extensive plains, deserts, and A. The best Coffee in the world.rainless regions, and for its immense salt Q. What are manufactured in Persia?lakes or inland seas.SA. Silks, Carpets, and Velvets.Q. What do men in some parts of Asia wear?Q. For what is Hindoostan noted ?A. Long Robes for the body, Turbansfor the head, and Sandals for the feet. A. It is one of the most populous andQ. What can you say of the Chinese Empire? fertile countries in Asia.I" A. It has a greater population than Q. For what has India long been noted?any other empire in the world. A. For Diamonds and Spices.

-Aaar a., AL ME""OC CAR CE- T .. .... .TEQUATOR M ALOAN ~ aTct~aST SALCAS rs~ I. NA01 av 4o Z _0.r-f-T ffADco.............. ..aTRPI OF CARIORVCC. GoPnOIL 0AN i- Tag ayST-SAL R~B4TC NZ!Ijir~-e ~~~i ~ ~ d-~ID ju pC. 0 aw

AFRILA. 51S-- -.. What Island east of Cape Guardafui ?Ei: Z X 1 1 pt Ii C I S What unites the Mediterranean Sea w'h the At-lantic Ocean ?What unites the Red with the Arabian Sea ?L E S S0 N L X X II. What separates the Red from the MediterraneanS Sea ?What Sea north of Africa ? What Cape on the north of Africa ?What Ocean east? West ? What two Capes in the southern part?What Sea between Africa and Europe ? What Cape on the east? West?What Sea between Africa and Asia? Which are the largest two Rivers in Africa? NileWhat Gulf west of Africa ? and Niger.What Isthmus joins Africa to Asia ? Into what does the Nile flow?Between what two Seas is the Isthmus of Suez ? Into what does the Niger flow ?What Countries in the northern part of Africa? What River flows through Lower Guinea ?What do Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli con- What River flows into Mozambique Channel?stitute ? The Barbary States. What River north of Cape Colony?What three Countries border on the Red Sea? Into what does it flow?What Countries border on the Gulf of Guinea ? What Rivers flow through Senegambia?What large Country north of Guinea ? Through what Countries does the Nile flow ?What Country west of Soudan ? How would you go from Africa to Asia by land ?What Desert north ? Between what two Seas would you then pass ?What Republic west of Upper Guinea?1T hat Colony north-west of Liberia ?What Country is furthest south ?What Q4untries east of Ethiopia ?What Countries border on the Mediterranean Sea ?on the Atlantic? on the Indian Ocean ? LESS N LXXIV.What Mountains in the northern part of Africa ?What Mountains north of Upper Guinea ? Countries. Capitals.What Mountains in the eastern part? MOROCCO, Morocco.What Mountains in the southern part ? ALGIERS, Algiers.TUNIS, Tunis.TRIPOLI, Tripoli.S.. EGYPT, Cairo'.SNUBIA,CAPE COLONY, Cape Town.LESS N LXXIII. MOZAMBIQUE, Mozambique.LIBERIA, Monrovia.What large .sland south-east of Africa ? ABYSSINIA,What Channel between Africa and Madagascar? SOUDAN,What Islands in Mozambique Channel? SENEGAMBIA,What Islands east of Madagascar? UPPER GUINEA, NO general governmentWhat small Island south of the Gulf of Guinea ? LOWER GUINEA,What group of Islands west of Cape Verd ? ETHIOPIA,What three groups north-west of Africa? ZANGUEBAR,What high Mountain on one of the Canary Islands ? _____________________Peak of Tenerife. 1 Kt-ro.

52 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.HUTS OF NATIVES OF CAPE COLONY.-NATIVES OF BORNOU.-CARAVAN.-WALLS OF CAIRO.D E S C 1 I P T I 0 N Q. What can you say of Abyssinia ?A. It is a mountainous region, remark-able for its fertility and delightful climate.SE S S N XX Q. From what does Senegambia derive its name ?Q. For what is Africa noted ? A. From its great rivers, Senegal andA. For its immense deserts and hot Gambia.climate. Q. Who inhabit Western Africa ?Q. To what is its heat ascribed? A. Numerous Negro Tribes, in a bar-A. To its extensive deserts, rainless barous condition.regions, and the want of lakes and inlandsea.Q. What are the productions of Western Africa ?A. Palm-oil, Ivory, and Gold-dust.Q. Who compose the population of Africa ?A. Arabs, Moors, Negroes, and' Caffres. Q. How do Merchants cross the Deserts ?Q. What are manufactured in Morocco? A. In large Companies, called Caravans.A. Leather, Carpets, and Silks. Q. What have been found in Africa?Q. What fruit is abundant in Algiers? A. The largest and most dangerousA. Dates. animals and reptiles.Q. What are the productions of the BarbaryStates ? Q. Mention some of the Animals.A. Olive-oil, Dates, Ostrich feathers, A. The Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Hip-and Ivory. popotamus, Giraffe, Camel, Zebra, andQ. For what is Egypt noted? Antelope.A. For the Pyramids and other ancient Q. What are obtained from the Elephant?monuments that yet remain. A. His tusks of Ivory.

OCEANICA 53PACIFIC OCEAN.ALESRQUESAS I!" What Island south of Australia ? South-east ?-JL1" '/ JL 0 J T What large Island north?What Strait between Australia and New Guinea ?LESS0N LXXV I. What Strait between Australia and Van Diemen'sLand ?What Grand Divisions are separated by the Pacific WIat Strait divides New Zealand ?Ocean ? Which is the principal group of Polynesia ? Sand-What Grand Division composed of Islands in the wich Islands.Pacific ? Oceanica. What two Groups south-east of the SandwichWhat are the three Divisions of Oceanica ? Malay- Islands ?sia, Australasus, and Polynesia. What Group south-west?What Division is nearest Asia ? What Groups in the western part of Polynesia ?Mention the largest four of Malaysia. Between what two Grand Divisions is Behring'sWhat Group in the northern part of Malaysia ? Strait ?What Island east of Borneo ? South ? West ? What Group of Islands south of Behring's Strait ?Mention the largest Islands of Australasia. On what Ocean would you sail from Australia toWhat can you say of Australia ? It is the largest California ?Island in the world. What City in Australia, on Botany Bay ?1Land--- ^-------------------------- ?

54 INTRODUCTION TO MONTEITH'S MANUAL.D_ EI TI NA. To the British Government.LESS 0 N LXXVI I. Q. What other islands of Australia belong to" Great Britain ?Q. For what is M]alaysia noted? IA. New Zealand and Van Diemen'sA. For Gold, Diamonds, and rich Land.Spices.Spices. Q. What is the most important group of Poly-Q. By what other name is Malaysia known? nesia ?A. The East Indies. A. The Sandwich Islands.Q. To what Government do the Philippine Q. Who discovered the Sandwich Islands?Islands belong ? Q. Who discovered the Sandwich Islands ?A. Spain. A. Captain Cook, who was killed byQ. To what Government are nearly all the other the natives.Islands of Malaysia subject? Q. What vessels frequent the ports of theA. Holland. Sandwich Islands ?Q. What has lately been found in Australia? A. Vessels engaged in the Whale-fish-A. Gold, in large quantities. ery.Q 'What other minerals in Australia? Q. Who first entered the Pacific Ocean ?. Copper, Iron, Coal, and Lead. A. Ferdinand Magellan.i- --------i_.. -----=----_ -----=- ~ ----;--------

GENERAL REVIEW. 55GE N E RAL REVIEW.MAP OF NORTH AMERICA. STRAITS.Between what lands are they What waters do they con-C 0 U N T R I S. nect [MODEL.-Davis' Strait is between GreenlandWhere ar. and British America, and connects Baffin's Bay withWhere are they ? [MODEL.--Greenland is north-east of < A *iBritish America.] the Atlantic.]Greenland ? British America ? United States? Davis' ? Behring's ? Bellisle ?Canada? Mexico Central America ? Florida ? Hudson's ? Channel of Yucatan ?MOUNTAINS. RIVERS.W thre are they ? [MODEL.-Aleghany ountains are in Where do they rie ? What courses do they take Intothe eastern part of the United States.] what waters do they flow ? [MODEL.-Mfississipli RiverAlleghany I Rocky ? Sierra Madre ? Mt. St. Elis ? rises in the northern part of the United States, takesa southerly course, and flows into the Gulf of Mexico.]SCA P E S. Mississippi Ohio ChurchillMissouri ? Red ? Colorado ?Where are they Into what waters do they project? Columbia? Arkansas ? Nelson's[MODEL.-- ape Farewell is the southern extremity of Mackenzie's ? Rio Grande IGreenland, and projects into the Atlantic.]Farewell ? Sable ? St. Lewis ?St. Lucas? Hatteras ? Prince of Wales 1 A .X SWhere are they ? [MoD'EL.--Great Bear Zak i in theP E N I N S U L AS, north-western part of British America.]Where are they? By what waters are they embraced? Great Bear Superior? Huron?Great Slave MichiganErie?[MoDEL.-Lower California is in the western part of Great Slave? Michigan EriMexico. It is embraced by the Gulf of California and Winnipeg Ontariothe Pacific Ocean.]Lower California Yucatan ? Alaska ?Nova Scotia? Labrador ? Florida IIS L A N D S. MAPS OF THE UNITED STATES.Where are they ? By what waters are they surrounded?LMoDEL.-Newfoundland is south of Labrador. It issurrounded by the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Strait of M U N T A I N S.Bellisle, and the Atlantic Ocean.] Where are they?Newfoundland ? West Indies? Porto Rico ? Alleghany ? Rocky ? Blue Ridge ?Greenland ? Cuba ? Queen Charlotte's ? Cumberland Catskill ? GreenIceland I Hayti Bermuda Islands ? Adirondac Highlands ? White?Vancouver's? Jamaica? Bahama Islands ?SEAS, GULFS, AND BAYS. CAPES.Where are they? Into what waters do they open? Whereare they Into what waters do they proIect?[MODEL.-Baffln's Bay is west of Greenland, and opens Hatteras ? Sable ? Ann ?into the Atlantic.] Charles? Cod ? Fear?Baffin's? Caribbean? Campeachy? Henry Mendocino I Henlopen?Hudson's ? St. Lawrence ? Honduras ? Lookout? May ? CanaveralMexico? California? James' ? Sandy Hook ? Florida ?

56 GENERAL REVIEW.SS L A N D S WAINGON? Concord ? Montpelier" Providence ? Newport ? Albany ?Where are they? By what waters are they surrounded? Nashville ? Little Rock I Annapolis ?Long? Nantucket? Staten ? Richmond? Trenton? IndianapolisBlock? Martha's Vineyard ? Raleigh Olympia? HartfordSalem ? New Haven ? Harrisbnrg ?BA Y S AND S 0 UNDS. Fillmore City Columbia? Milledgeville ?Where are they? Into what waters do they open Tallahassee Dover? FrankfortColumbus t Lansing 2 Montgomery !Massachusetts? Cape Cod ? Long Island? olumbus Lansing MontgomeryNarragansett ? Casco ? Delaware? Jackson? Springfield Madison?Passamaquoddy Penobscot Chesapeake Iowa City? Jefferson City? SacramentoAlbemarle? Pamlico? Mobile? Santa F6 ? Baton Rouge ? AustinGeorgian ? Saginaw? Green? St. Paul Omaha City ? LouisvilleRIVERS. __Where do they rise What courses do they take? Intowhat waters do they flow ?Mississippi? Ohio? St. Lawrence ? MAP OF SOUTH AMERICA.Missouri ? Red I Platte, or NebraskaYellowStone Gila? Rio Grande C 0 U NTR IE S.Susquehanna ? Kansas ? Colorado ?Tennessee ? Lewis? Kennebec? Where are they?Arkansas? Clarke's ? Merrimac? U. S. of Colombia Brazil ? Paraguay ?Androscoggin? Hudson ? St. John's? Venezuela? Bolivia? Uruguay?Penobscot ? Mohawk? St. Croix ? Ecuador? Peru? Patagonia ?Connecticut ? Genesee ? Delaware? Dutch Guiana Chili ? French Guiana IMonongahela ? Niagara? Schuylkill ? British Guiana ? Argentine Republic ?Tombigby ? Santee? Alleghany?Alabama? James ? Cape Fear ? M UNTAIN S.Chattahoochee ? Sabine? Potomao I Where are theyRoanoke ? Neuse ? Savannah? Andes? BrazilianGreat Pedee i White? Des Moines ?Kaskasia ? Iowa? WisconsinIllinois? Rock? Cumberland? AWabash ? Scioto ? Maumee ? Where are they ? Ito what waters do they project ?Gallinas? Blanco ? Horn ? St. RoqueLAKES.Where are they I S LAND S.Superior? Erie? Lake of the Woods? Where are they? By what waters are they surroundedMichigan Huron ? Great Salt? hiloe ? Terra-del-Fuego?Ontario? Grand ? Moose Head? Falkland Juan FernandezSt. Clair George ? Winnipiseogee ?Umbagog? Oneida Chesuncook ? BAYS AND GULFS.Champlain ? Seneca ? Cayuga IS C Where are they Into what waters do they open ?CITIES AND TOW NS. Panama Darien? St. George?In what part of what States or Territories are they? Onor near what waters ? [MODEL.-Phildelphia is in the R I V E R S.south-eastern part of Pennsylvania, between Delaware Where do they rise? What courses do they take ? Intvand Schuylkill Rivers.] what waters do they flow ?Philadelphia Now York ? Baltimore? Amazon ? Orinoco La PlataSBoston ? Cincinnati? Brooklyn? i Neiy ? Tapajos ? St. Francisco ?SNew Orleans? St. Louis? .Augusta? Parana? Madeira ? Uruguay?

GENERAL REVIEW. 57CITIES. STRAITS AND CHANNELS.In what part of what Countries are they? On or near Between what lands are they? What waters do theywhat waters? connect ?Bogota ? Caracas? Rio Janeiro Gibraltar? English? Darcanelles?Quito? Assumption ? Monte Video ? Otranto ? Messina ? Bosphorus ?Cayenne ? Lima ? Chuquisaca ? Dover St. George's ? Cattegat ?Santiago Georgetown ? Paramaribo Skager RackBuenos Ayres ?RIVERS.- -- *** Where do they rise ? What courses do they take Intowhat waters do they flow?Volga ? Danube Rhone?MAP OF EUROPE. Rhine? Ural? Elbe?Tagus? Seine ? DonCOUNTRIES. Dneiper ? Douro? Loire?SWhere are they?England ? Portugal I Belgium? CITIES.Scotland? Germany ? Holland ?Scotland Germany? Holland ? In what part of what Countries are they On or nearIreland? Prussia ? Switzerland? what watersFrance? Austria? Italy? wt werSpain? Denmark Russia ? London Edinburgh CopenhagenTurkey ? Greece ? Norway and Sweden ? Dublin ? Frankfort ? Hague ?Paris ? Berlin ? BernS0 NTAI Madrid? Vienna ? Stockholm ?M UN AINS. Lisbon Brussels ? Athens?Where are they ? St. Petersburg ? Constantinople ?Alps ? Mount Etna ? Scandinavian ?Balkan ? Pyrenees? CarpathianUral ? Caucasus ? Mount Vesuvius ? .CAPES.Where are they? Intowhatwatersdotheyproject MAP 0 F AS I A.North? Clear? Matapan?Tarifa The Naze ? Finisterre COU NTRIES.St. Vincent ? Land's End I Where are they tChinese Empire ? Siberia ? Birmah IL Japan Empire ? Turkey I SiamWhere are they? By what waters are they surrounded ? Beloochistan? Persia ? AnamBritish Isles ? Ireland ? Iceland ? Hindoostan ? Arabia ? Afghanistan ?Sicily ? Cyprus Ionian Is. Turkestan?Candia? Corsica? SardiniaMOUNTAINS.SEAS, GULFS, AND BAYS. Wherar theyWthere are they ?Where are they Into what waters do they open? Altai Himalaya? Caucasus UralMediterranean Marmora ? Finland?Adriatic Azov NorthArchipelago ? White Biscay? A S.Black ? Baltic? Riga Where are they ? Into what waters do they projec?Caspian ? Bothnia ? Genoa ? North-east? East? RomaniaIrish? Taranto ? Lyons ? Comorin? Lopatka?

58 GENERAL REVIEW.PENINSULAS. Tunis ? Liberia? Mozambique ?Where are they? By what waters are they embraced? Tripoli? Ethiopia? Senegambia?5Egypt I Zanguebar? Upper Guinea?Arabia ? Malacca ? Corea ? Lower Guinea ?Hindoustan I Kamtschatka?ISLANDS. CAPES.Where are they? By what waters are they surrounded? here are they ? Into what waters do they projectJapan Is. ? Niphon "Jesso ? Bon? Verd ? AgulhasBorneo? Sumatra? Ceylon ? Guardafui? Good HopeSaghalien ? Nova ZemblaISLANDS.STRAITS.Where are they ? By what waters are they surrounded ?Between what lands are they What waters do they radgs ar nary a. zore, Madagascar? Canary Is.? Azores?Mauritius ? St. Helena? Socotra ?Malacca? Ormus ? Corea ? Comoro Is. ? Madeira Is. ? Bourbon?Behring's ? Bab el Mandeb I Cape Verd Islands ?SEAS, GULFS, AND BAYS. V SWhere are they ? Into what waters do they open IVKamtschatka ? Okhotsk? Arabian ? Where o they rise? What courses do they take IntoJapan? Yellow I Siam? what waters do they flow?Tonquin ? Black ? Caspian? Nile Niger ? Orange ?China ? Bengal I Obi ? Congo ? Zambeze? Blue?Aral? Persian ? Red? Senegal ? Gambia?RIVERS. CITIES.Where do they rise? What courses do they take? Into In what pot of what Countries are they ? Onornearwhat waters do they flow? w at waters?Obi Yenisei IrrawaddyGanges? Lena ? Euphrates ? Morocco I Tripoli Cape TownCambodia ? Indus ? Tigris Algiers ? Cairo Tunis ?Amoor ? Sihon ? Amoo ? Mozambique ? MonroviaHoang Ho I Yang-tse Kiang ?CITIE .In what part of what Countries are they On or nearwhat waters? MAP OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN.Pekin ? Calcutta ? Constantinople (Jeddo I Teheran Mandelay.Kelat ? Bangkok ? Hue? ISLANDS.Canton Mecca Jerusalem? Where are they? By what waters are they surroundedfSmyrna Sana Muscat Australia New Zealand I Marquesas Is. ?Khival Bokhara ? Khokan ? Borneo ? New Guinea ? Society Is.?Sumatra Philippine Is. ? Friendly Is. ?* Java? Ladrone Is. ? Caroline Is.?Celebes ? Sandwich Is. ? Spice Is. ?M A P 0 F F R I CA. Van Diemen's LandCOUNTRIES. STRAITS.Where are they Between what lands are they What waters do theyMorocco ? Nubia ? Abyssinia ? connect?Algiers? Soudan? Cape Colony? Behring's? Torres' ? Cook's ? Bass?h -.

PRONOUNCING VOCABULARY OF GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES. 59PRONOUNCING VOCABULARY OF GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES.A. Boulogne, boo-lone'. E.Acapulco, Rk-a-poof-ko. Brahmaputra, bri\-ma-poo'-tra. Edinburgh, ed'-in-bur-ruh.Aconcagua, A-kon-ka-gwa. Brazil, bra-zil. Edisto, ed/-is-to.Adriatic, ad-re-at'-ic. Brazos, br&'-zos. England, ing'-gland.JEgean, e-je'-an. Buenos Ayres, bo'-nus-a'-riz. Equador, ek-wa-dore'.Afghanistan, af-gan-is-tant. Esquimaux, es/-ke-mo.Albemarle, al-be-marl'. Euphrates, u-fray,-tez.Albuquerque, al-bu-ker'-ka. C.Aleutian, a-lu'-she-an. Cabul, kab-ool'.Algiers, al-jeerst. Cagliari, kal-yi'-re. F.Altai, al-ti'. Cairo, ki'-ro. Falkland, fawk/-land."Altamaha, aul-ta-ma-haw'. Calais, kal'-is. Fezzan, fez-zan'.Amboy, am-boy'. Calcasieu, kal-ka-shu. Finisterre, fin-is-tair'.Amoor, a-moor'. Callao, kil-lia-o. Frio, free'-o.Anam, an-nam'. Canton, kan/-ton. [toon'.Andes, an'-dees. Cape Breton, brit/-on, or bre-Androscoggin, an-dros-cog'-ghin. Caracas, ka-r&'-kas.Aral, ar'-al. Caribbean, kar-rib-bee'-an. Gallinas, gal-lee'-nas.Archipelago, ark-e-pel'-a-go. Caribbee, kar-rib-bee'. Ganges, gan'-jez.Arctic, ark'-tic. Castile, kas-teeP. Gibraltar, je-brauP-ter.Ardennes, ar-den'. Caucasus, kaw'-ki-sus. Gila, whe'-la.Arequipa, ar-a-ke'-ps. Cayenne, ki-enn'. Gloucester, glost-ter.Arkaasas, ar-kan'-sas. Celebes, sel-e-bees. Gondar, gon'-dar. [-ich.Asia, a'-she-a. Cheviot, chiv'-e-ut. Greenwich, grin'-idge, orgreen""Athens, ath'-ens. Chicago, she-kaw'-go. Guadalaxara, gwa-d-lii-hia-ra.Australia, aws-tra'-le-a. Chihuahua, che-wa'-wa. Guadaloupe, gaw-da-loop'.Azores, az-orz/. Chili, chee'-le. Guadalquiver, gaw-dal-kwiv'-er.Azov, az'-ov. Chillicothe, chil-le-koth'-ee. Guardafui, gar-di-fwee'.Chowan, cho-wan'. Guayaquil, gwi-a-keeF.Chuquisaca, choo-kee-si'-ka. Guiana, ghe-a'-na.B. Cincinnati, sin-sin-nah'-tee.Bab el Mandeb, bab'-el-man'-deb. Cologne, ko-lone'. H.Bahia, ba-he'-a. Colorado, kol-o-rah'-do. Hague, haig.Baikal, bi'-kal. Comorin, kom'-o-rin. Hainan, hi-nan'.S Balearic, bal-e-ar'-ik. Comoro, kom'-o-ro. Hawaii, hi-wi-ee.Balize, ba-leez'. Connecticut, kon-net'-e-kut. Herat, her-it'.Bangor, ban'-gor. Coquimbo, ko-keem'-bo. Himalaya, him-a-li-a.Barbadoes, bar-ba'-doz. Cracow, kray'-ko. Hindoostan, hin-doo-stan'.Baton Rouge, bat'-on-roozh'. Croatia, kro-a'-she-a. Holstein, hol-stine.Beaufort, bu'-fort. Curagoa, ku-ra-so'. Housatonic, hoo-si-ton'-ik.Behring, be-ring. Cuyahoga, ki-a-ho'-ga. Hue, hoo-a'.Bellisle, bel-ile'. Huron, ronBeloociistan, bel-oo-chis-tan'.Benares, ben-'-rez. D.Bengal, ben-gawl'. Danube, dan'-ube. I* 'Benin, ben-een'. Darien, da'Wre-en. Illinois, il-lin-oi'.Bogota, bo-go-ti'. Delhi, del-lee. India, in'-de-a.Bokhara, bok-ha'-ra. Dembea, dem'-be-a. Indus, in'-dus.Bologna, bo-lone'-yL. Des Moines, de-moin'. Ionian, i-o'-ne-an.Bombay, bom-bay'. Dnieper. nee'-per. Iowa, i'-o-wa.Bordeaux, bor-do'. Dniester, nees/-ter. Irkoitsk, ir-kootsk'.Bosphorus, bos'-pho-rus. Dubuque, du-book'. Iser, ee'-zer.

60 PRONOUNCING VOCABULARY OF GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES.J. Moscow, mos'-ko. Q.Java, jaht-va. Mourzouk, moor-zook'. Quebec, kwe-bek'.Joannes, zho-an'-nes. Mozambique, mo-zam-beek'. Quito, ke'-to.Munich, mooW-nik.Muscatine, mus-ka-teen'. R.K. Racine, ras-seen'.Kalamazoo, kal-a-ma-zoo'. n. Raleigh, raw'-lee.Kamtschatka, kam-chat'-ka. Reading, red/-ing.Kanawha, kan-au'-wk. Nahant, na-hint/. [keen'. Rideau, ree-do'.Kelat, ke-lit'. Nankin, nan-kin', or nan- ree-ga.Kennebec, ken-ne-bee'. Natchez, natch-iz. Rio Grande, ree'-o gran-Khiva, kee'-vi. Natchitoches, natch-i-totch'-iz. RioGnde, reeo-o gran'-d a.Khiusiuva, keose'-vioo. Nebraska, ne-bras'-ka. Roanoke, ro-an-okel. [e-a.Kiusiu, ke-oot-se-oo. N bRussia, roo'-she-a, or rush/-Neuse, nuce.Nevada, ne-va'-di.L. Newark, nul-ark. S,Labrador, lab-ra-dore'. Newfoundland, nu'-fond-land'. Sabine, si-been'.La Plata New Granada, nu-grit-nV-da. Saco, saw'-ko.Lae l New Orleans, nu-or'-le-anz. Saghalien, si-ga-lee'-en.Lena le -na. New Rochelle, nu-ro-shell'. Sahara, sa-hW-ra.Levant, le-vant'. Nieobar, nik-o-bar. Saigon, si-gon'.Leyden, li'-den. Niger, ni'-jer. Sandwich, sand'-wich.Lima, lee-m. Norfolk, nor'-fok. Sangamon, sang'-gaTmon.Lipari lee-pree. Norwalk, nor'-wok. [wich. San Joaquin, san ho-a-keen'.Lisle leel. Norwich, nor'-rich, or nor- San Jose, san ho-say'.Loire, 1wr. Nova Scotia, no'-va sko'-she-a. Santa F6, san'-ta fay'.Louisiana, loo-ee-ze-ah'-na. Nubia, nu^-be-a. Santiago, san-te-'-go.Louisville, loo'-is-vil. Nueces, noo-a-sez. Saone, sone.Lucayos, loo-ki'-oce. Sardinia, sar-din'-e-a.O. Scheldt, skelt.. Oasis, o -a-sis. Schenectady, sken-ek'-ti-de.MOaxaca, wi-ha'-ka. Schuylkill, skool'-kil.Mackenzie, mak-ken'-zee. Obi, o'-bee. Seine, sane.Madeira, mi-dee'-ra, or ma- Oceanica, o-she-an'-e-ka. Senegal, sen-e-gawl.Madrid, mA-drid.' [d'-r. Ocmulgee, oe-mulg'-ee. Senegambia, sen-e-gam'-be-a.Magellan, mi-jel'-lan. Oconee, o-ko'-nee. Siam, si-a.Malaga, mal'-a-ga. Okhotsk, o-kotsk'. Sicily, si-il-erakMalay, ma-l'. Oneida, o-ni'-diq. Sker Ra, skag'-er-ra.Maracaybo, mar-a-ki'-bo. Orinoco, o-re-no'-ko. Sooloo, soo-loodanMarquesas, mar-k'-sas. Otranto, o-trWn'-to. Souan, so-da'.Marseilles, mar-smles'. Soumauli, so-mawl'-ee.Martinique, mar-tin-eek. Spitzbergen, spitz-berg'-en.Mauritius, maw-rish-e-u. St. Augustine, sent-au-gus-teen'.Ma tms, mawnsh'<e-8.St. Croix, sent-kroyv.Meinam, mu-num'. Papua, pap^-oo-a. St.Louis sent-loo'-.Memphis, mem'-phis. Paraguay, pi-rS-gwa'. St. Louis, stok'-holm.Mendocino, men-do-see'-no. Parana, pu-ra-nfi. Stocholm, stok-holm.Merida, mer'-e-d&. Pekin, pe-kin'. St. Roque, sent-roke'.Merrimac, mer'-ri-mac. Petchora, petch'-o-ra. Sumatra, soo-mo'-tra. .Messina, mes-see'-nd. Philippine, fil-ip-pin. Sumatra, soo-a-ctrae.Michigan, mish'-e-gan. Platte, platt. Syracuse, s-a-ze.Milwaukee, mil-wau'-ke. Pompeii, pom-pay'-ye.Minnesota, min-nes-o.-ta. Portsmouth, ports'-muth. T.Mobile, mo-beeP. Poughkeepsie, po-kip'-se.Mocha, mo'-ku. Prussia, proo'-she-a, or Tahiti, ti-hee'-te.Monchabo, mon-chi-bo'. prush'-ya. Tampico, tam-pee'-ko.aMiterey, mon-tu-ray'. Pyrenees, pir'-en-eez. Taranto, ti'-run-to.

PRONOUNCING VOCABULARY OF GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES. 61Tchad, chad. Utah, yoo'-taw,or yoo/-t4. Winnipiseogee, win-e-pe-sawt-ke.Teheran, teh-her-an'. Utrecht, yoo'-trekt. Worcester, woos,-ter.Terra del Fuego, te-er'-rL del fwa/-Terre Bonne, tare-bon'. [go. V. X.Terre Haute, tare-hote'. Vallejo, val-la'-ho. Xingu, shing-goo'.Thames, temz. Valparaiso, val-pa-ri'-zo.Thibet, tib'-et. Vancouver, van-koo'-ver.Titicaca, te-te-ki'-ka. Van Diemen's van-dee/-menz.Tobolsk, to-bolsk'. Land, Yang-tse Kiang, yang-tse-ke-ing'.Tocantins, to-kan-teens'. Venezuela, ven-ez-wee'-la. Yenisei, yen-e-sa/-e.Tonquin, ton-keen'. Vienna, ve-en'-na. Yucatan, yoo-ki-thn'.Toulon, too-ion'. Vincennes, vin-senz'.Trinidad, trin-e-dad'. Virginia, ver-jin'-e-a. Z.Tripoli, trip'-o-le. Vistula, vis'-tu-la. Zambeze, zim-ba'-zee.Zanguebar, zhiin-gha-bar'.U. W. Zanzibar, zan-ze-bar'.Ural, yoo'-ral. West Indies, west in'-dees. Zealand, zee'-land.Uruguay, oo-roo-gwi,. Winnipeg, win'-ni-peg. Zurich, zu'-rik.....? .....JR 00 11ra

BARNES' WALL MAPS, TABLETS, AND CHARTS.MONTEITH'S WALL MAPS.Complete Reference Maps, to accompany this Series of Geographies.HAVING the names laid down in full, the Maps are their own Key, thus avoiding the expense and inconlvenience of a separate Key in the form of a book. They answer every purpose of Outline Maps.of" They are of a convenient and uniform size (30x36 inches), are beautifully printed from engravings oncopper, neatly colored, and highly ornamental, and are supplied more cheaply than any other Series. They are asuseful to classes in Geography as are Blackboards in teaching Arithmetic.This is the only Series of COMPLETE Wall Maps adapted to School Use.3e4Xa-r"?I KrTMT3lB3E33rES.1.-E ASTERN HEMISPHERE. -V.-TUNITED STATES.II.-WESTERN HEMISPHERE. VI.-EUROPE.III.-NORTH AMERICA. VII.-ASIA.IV.-SOUTH AMERICA. VIII.-A RICA.ETAl PRICE In Sheets.......................each, $1.00.......... The Set, $8.00.ETAIL PlI : Mounted on Rollers......... 2.50 ..........The Set, 20.00.NATIONAL OUTLINE MAPS.SEVEN NUMBERS-MUSLI WI TH RING-S, ETC.; ALSO, KEY.PJkR AET, $15.00.I.-TIE -WORLD. II.-THE UNITED STATES, double, each, $3.00III.--EUROPE. IV.-ASIA. V.-A RICA. each 1.80VI.-NORTH AMERICA. VII.-SOTTH AMERICA.eah, 1.80These are the cheapest Outline Maps published. They are printed on muslin and handsomely colored. Locai-ities are designated by Roman numerals, which refer to the KEY, a printed book accompanying each set withoutextra charge.EURTJEKA- AiLPHABET TABLET, $1.50.Presents the Alphabet upon the Word Method System, by which the child will learn the alphabet in ninedays, and make no small progress in reading and spelling in the same time.NATIONAIL SCHOOL TA3BLETS, 10 Nos., $ '.50.Embrace reading and conversational exercises, object and moral lessons, form, color, etc. A complete set ofthese large and elegantly illustrated cards will embellish the school-room more than any other article of furniture*CLARK'S GRAMMATICAL CHART, on Muslin, $3.75.Exhibits at a glance the whole theory of " diagrammatic" grammar, by which the true relations andcharactersdf words are indicated by their relative positions in the diagram. It affords the KEY to all scientific knowledge ofthe language. Whatever text-book the teacher uses he wants this Chart.NORMAL CHART OF ELEMENTARY SOUNDS, Mounted, Colored, &c., $3.75,It is obviously impossible to become a good reader without a previous knowledge and frequent reminder ofthe true elementary sounds This Chart furnishes them complete, and should be kept constantly before the eye.It was prepared by the celebrated teacher, DAVID P. PAGE, author of " Theory and Practice of Teaching." Indesign it is tasteful and ornamental.

f*<1 *`i *''

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