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 Gulliver's Voyage To Lilliput
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Title: Gulliver's travels in the kingdom of Lilliput
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Title: Gulliver's travels in the kingdom of Lilliput
Alternate Title: Gulliver's voyage to Lilliput
Physical Description: 8 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745
Thomas Nelson & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: T. Nelson & Sons
Place of Publication: London ;
Publication Date: [ca. 1880]
Subject: Juvenile literature -- 1880   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1880
Genre: Juvenile literature   ( rbgenr )
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Scotland -- Edinburgh
General Note: Title from cover.
General Note: Caption title: Gulliver's voyage to Lilliput.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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GULLIVER'S VOYAGETO LILLIPUT.T was during my voyage from the South Seas to the6 East Indies that we were driven by a violent storm tothe north-west of Van D iemen's Land, and wrecked ona rock. What became of my companions I cannottell, but I suppose th, i all loq, I swam as"strongly as I could, and just i i x as alnb ne, I foundmyself within my depth, and I was a -i41110 the shore.I arrived about eighti o'clock in th 4 but could notdiscern any sins of inhabitants a ing ver tired, I laydown on the short grass and fell asleep. I slept for nine'hours, and sounder than I ever had done in my life. WhenN akened it wias daylight, and I at once prepared to get up;but to m.y astonishme ttI found my arms and legs had been stronglyfastened to the ground, as well as my long thick hair, while ,.manyslender cords were passed across my body. I. was lying on my back,and therefore I could only look upwards to the sun, which soonhecame very painful to my eyes. I heard a confused noise, but couldse nothing; but presently I felt something moving up my left leg,then over my breast, and almost up to my chin. By bending' my eyesdownwards I saw it was a human creature not six inches h igh, a bowand arrow in his hands, and a quiver at his back, forty m ore of thesame kind following him. When they had ventured as far as to get afull sight of my face; he lifted up his hands and eyes by way of admira-

2 GULLIVER'S VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT.tion, and cried out, in a shrill but distinct voice, "Hekinah degul,"-theothers repeating the same words several times.Struggling to get loose, I broke the strings and wrenched out thepegs that fastened my left arm to the ground; whereupon there was agreat shrill shout, and in an instant I felt about a hundred arrowsdischarged on my left hand, which pricked me like so many needles.They then fired another volley into the air, some falling on my face,causing great pain ; so I thought the most prudent thing to do was tobe still till night, when I could easily free myself, my left hand beingalready loose. When the people saw I was quiet they fired no morearrows; and then began a knocking over against my right ear likepeople at work, when, by turning my head that way as well as I could,I saw that they were erecting a stage about a foot and a half from theground, large enough to hold four of the inhabitants. When they hadmounted up by help of the ladders, one of them, who seemed to bea person of quality, ordered the strings to be cut that fastened the leftside of my head ; which gave me liberty to turn to the right, so that Icould observe him while he made his long speech. He appeared to beof middle age, and taller than the other three who attended him. Iunderstood, by his manner, while he spoke he used threats, showedsymptoms of pity, and gave promises of kindness, to all of which Ianswered in a most submissive manner, lifting up my left hand and-my eyes to the sun as calling him for a witness. Being very hungry, Iput my finger to my mouth to signify that I required food, and I wasglad to find the Hurgo or great lord understood me very well.He descended from the stage, gave his orders, when about ahundred of the inhabitants mounted and walked towards my mouthladen with baskets of food, containing shoulders and legs of meatshaped like those of mutton, but smaller than the wings of a lark.These I ate by two or three at a mouthful, with three loaves at atime, being about the size of musket-bullets. They were filled withwonder and astonishment at my great appetite, and shouted for joyand danced upon my breast after I had drunk up the contents of twoof their largest hogsheads. When my appetite was appeased, thereappeared a person of high rank from his Imperial Majesty with a

GULLIVER'S VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT. 8message that I was to be conveyed as a prisoner to the capital city,but that I should be treated kindly. I then fell asleep, and slept forabout eight hours.Five hundred carpenters and engineers had been set to work toprepare the greatest vehicle they had. It was a frame of wood raisedthree inches from the ground, about seven feet long and four wide,moving on twenty-two wheels, and drawn by fifteen hundred of theEmperor's largest horses, each about four inches and a half high.The great difficulty was to raise and place me on this vehicle. Eightypoles, each one foot high, were erected 'for this purpose, and by thehelp of cords about the thickness of pack-thread fastened to hooks inthe bandages the workmen rolled round me, I was drawn up by ninehundred of the strongest men by these cords passed through pulleys inthe poles. In three hours this was done, and I was flung into thevehicle and there tied fast. All this they did to me while I sleptprofoundly. We made a long march and rested at night, with fivehundred guards on each side of me, half with torches and half withbows and arrows, ready to shoot me if I should offer to stir. Thedistance to the city was one mile, and by rising at sunrise we contrivedto reach within two hundred yards of the city gates about noon. TheEmperor and all his court then came out to meet us; but though hewished to do it, the great officers of state would not allow his Majestyto endanger his person by mounting on my body.The largest building in the whole kingdom was an ancient templenow unused, and before this the vehicle on which I lay was drawn up.Here I was made fast by fourscore and eleven chains like thosehanging to a lady's watch in Europe-fastened to the temple, andlocked to my ankles with six and thirty padlocks. Being now secure,they cut all the strings that bound me; and when I rose up and walkedbackwards and forwards as far as my chains would permit, it is im-possible to find words to express the astonishment of the people. Thegreat gate of the temple was about four feet high and two broad, and Iwas able to lie down at my full length in it if it so pleased me.Standing on my feet I looked about me, and found the fields resembledbeds of flowers, and the tallest trees appeared to be about seven feet

4 GULLIVER'S VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT.high. I must confess I never beheld a more entertaining prospect.The Emperor and his court had been viewing me from a turret atleast five feet high, over against the temple. He now descended andadvanced towards me on horseback, but the beast reared at sight ofme. Thanks to the Emperor's good horsemanship, he managed tokeep his seat till the attendants ran in and held the 'bridtle,lHe is taller, by almost the breadth of my nail, than any of his sub-jects, which was enough to strike an awe into the.,hearts,, his people.His_ features are strong and masculine,: his deportmen mjestic, andall his motions graceful. His complexion iKolive, his, countenanceerect, his body and limbs well proportioned, his noe ..che' " and hislip Ausrian. For the better convenience ofbeholdig" him I lay onmy side, so that my face 4.pyallel to his, :and1 e' od but threeyards off.; however, I have had him many tines iUI^ r and since, andtherefore cannot be wrongo in the description H is, dress was veryplain and simple, but he had on his head 4light helnet of gold, setwith jewels, and adoned- with a plume an o c.est. He hel d Jiis swordin his hand, to defend hi.. selP if nee, b t "as about th nchesSilong, the hilt and scabbard of g kid' tnrched with diamonds. Hisvoice was shrill, but very clear and distinct. The ladies and courtierswere all most magnificently clad, so that the spot they stood on seemedto resemble a petticoat spread on the ground embroidered with figures"of gold and silver. His Supreme Majesty spoke often to- me, and Ireturned answers; : but neither of, us could inderstand a syllable.Several of his priests and lawyers then spoke tme but though Ireplied -in as many languages as I h ad the least. sa ttering, 'it wasall to no purpose. After abeutrtwo hoaurs the cou. reid i d'I wasdeft with a strong guard to keep' off the rabble, wh oN d roundme as near as they; durst. The news of y arri, L blrgenumbers of rich, idle, and curious people toq& 6'me, twe re almost empty. " "."I was a source of great concern to thi Em pe court.T.hey did not know what tol with me. They w Iuldbreak loose,-that my appetite might cause a famhi; but n they.th ught they had better stone or shoot me, theyt, i W

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GULLIVER'S VOYAGE TQO LILLIPUT.difficult it would be to bury such a huge caras s. Hearing from theofficers of my guard that I was very good-natured, and had treatedsome impertinent fellows kindly, an imperial commission was sent outobliging all the villages nine hundred yards round the city to deliverin every morning six beeves, forty sheep, and other victuals, for mysupport, with so mouch bread and wine, and other liquors. Sixhundred persons were set apart to be my servants; three hundredtailors were employed to make me a suit after the fashion of thecountry; and six of His Majesty's greatest scholarswereemployedto instruct me in thlir. language. The Etmp 6r's pSses," as well asthose of the nobility :a-d troops of the guards, were ex6rcised in mysight'to a custom, themelves to me ; ,and in three wieeks' tine hadmade great progess in learning their anguage, that I was able tocoiVer, ..ith the Enperor quit.fr6I &One -,, he desi d''that I would. not ba displeased4 e gaveorders to 1search me, for, that no ut I mi.gt carry about severalweapons, which must be ...ngei "things. I agreed. to this^ sayingI was ready to `trip mysIlf-apd turn oLut my po Ke s before bim. Hereplied that, by e laws f the c.try, I must be searche b two ofhis officr but -he could trust these pers,- t.in 4. y h-an,. thentoo, `41 o ofters and put theptfirst into my cot poc etsi thenint, ev.r ther +ckUt about me, cept e+ eo tfob hi ee o0 ihihthere was. a iter -ch, and in the other.a Hll quaintityof goldigin aSpurse. en, aving pein paper about them, madean exac 'ento f all thearticles th' found, and then desiring to,beet dwn, they -e1ivered it to)efie'mperor. Iiii ,tb !ft pocketCthe c^a upon iy snuff-bo f ,:eing unable to lift it, I took it out.They hin red, me n t," wb ich I did, when they'both stepped"*fyint it* af iyg tQ. |their faces, set them sneezing 1s e ir ed icn say h -I' I thiSurprised they were atSe espeial comb, which they described "assor e ith rA r theak f hich were extended:h twenty longpoles" with which "they IppodSO Ali ;aj-Io;un1am combs his head."When, the wiventory xas .ead o 6,r tI-he Emperor, he directed nie todeliver, up my scimita, and ne t one of the, hollow iron pillars, by

6 GULLIVER'S- VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT.which he meant my pocket-pistols; and charging it with powder, at hisdesire I fired it into the air, to the great astonishment of all. Hundredsfell down as if they had been struck dead, and even, the Emperor got afright. I then delivered up the other pistol, with my pouch of powderand bullets, asking them to be very careful with the powder, as itwould kindle with the slightest spark and blow up his imperial palaceinto the air. I likewise gave over to two of the tallest yeomen of theguard my watch, which they bore on a pole upon their shoulders. Ithen gave up my silver and copper money, my purse containing somegold pieces, my knife and razor, my- comb and silver snuff-box, myhandkerchief and journal-book.My gentleness and good behaviour had gained so far on Em-peror and court, and indeed on. every one, that I began to think Ishould gain my liberty in a short time. I did all I could to pleasethem. I would sometimes lie down and let five or six dance on myhand. I would even let the boys and ,girls play at hide-and-seek inmy hair; and when the Emperor entertained me with several of thecountry's shows, I contrived to do my part by stretching my pocket-handkerchief tightly on to several poles till it was as tight as a drum,and when it was ready I asked the Emperor to allow a troop oftwenty-four of his best horse to exercise, on this plain; and sodelighted was he that he ordered this entertainment to be repeatedseveral days. He even one day asked me to lift him up, gave theword of command himself, and after an amount of persuasion got theEmpress herself to allow me to hold her in her close chair within twoyards of the stage, from whence she was able to take a full view of thewhole performance.I should like to have told of their astonishment when my hat wasfound floating in the sea, which appeared in their sight as high as aman, and of my delight when I got -it back, as well as many curiousfacts. One funny notion the Emperor took I may mention: heordered his troops to march under my outstretched legs, the footsoldier twenty-four abreast and the horse by sixteen, with drumsbeating, colours flying, and pikes advanced. The body consisted ofthree thousand foot and a thousand horse.

GULLIVER'S VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT. 7Though they loaded me with marks of k idness, I greatly desiredmy liberty, and petitioned many times for it. At last it was grantedon certain conditions-namely, that I should serve the Emperor andhelp his subjects in various ways drawn up in the articles. Thesewere read over to me, and I was ordered to swear to the performanceof them. This I did with cheerfulness and content, although somewere not so agreeable as I could have wished; but this proceededwholly from Skyresh Bolgolam, the high admiral, who, for some reasonunknown to me, was my mortal enemy. My chains were thenunlocked, and I was at full liberty, the Emperor doing me thehonour to appear in person during the whole ceremony. After manykind words he said he hoped I should prove a useful servant, and welldeserve all the favours he had already conferred on me, one of thesebeing a grant of meat sufficient for the support of one thousand sevenhundred and forty-four Lilliputians. To all this I made due acknow-ledgment, prostrating myself on the ground. I was then permitted topay a visit to the metropolis, which I did by stepping over the wallsand walking sideways through the main streets, while all the inhabitantskept indoors in case I should crush them, but crowded the windowsand roofs to see me. I was also invited to view the palace, but as thegate was too low to allow me to pass through, I made two stools outof two of the tallest trees in the palace grounds, and with their help Iwas enabled to step into the court-yard, and by lying down on my sideI could look into the open windows. There I saw the Empress andthe young princes; the former, smiling very graciously upon me, gaveme her hand to kiss out of the window.One morning there came to my house a messenger from theEmperor, and standing on my hand he told me we were threatenedby a quarrel at home and an invasion from abroad. The quarrel athome was something about wearing high or low heels, and cutting offthe narrow end of eggs instead of the broad. As I was the subject ofanother country, I refused to mix myself up with this quarrel, but sentmy respects to the Emperor, and let him know that I was ready,with the hazard of my life, to defend his person and state against theforeign enemy, who was coming against him with a great fleet. This

8 GULLIVER'S VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT.I was enabledI I y d vwhat they were pleased to consider an extraor-dinary str aae ely, that I caused several of their largestcables to haer to me, as well as some barsof iron, andwading i them te harbour of the enemy, I fastened thechains secriffly to fifty of their largest ships, and drew them after mein spite ofj $"'ar6ws that were fired at me, mny of them taking effectin my face and causing much pain : 4 was fortunate in taking them allsafe to the royal ,P of Lillipu't, w.re I was created a nardac uponthe spot, which is the- ghest hon {tr. among them. This made theEmperor ambitious to spoil his enem' completely, and make slaves ofthem. I therefore was requested to bring the whole of the enemy'sships into port; but this 1 stoutly refused to do, whereupon theEmperor could never fogiNv e, and:he and some of his nobles werequite set against me. I h ever was able to render many valuableservices to the Emper great in ir eyes, thouh of no account inmine.I had lived happ ore tha ine moths and ahalf with theni, and dou < stay q lAnger; b1, Iearingthere was a d4pign tie of h son, a4nd' tb1at.ifdrawn up aaist n agreem i to to put out both myeyes, as well as to wI starve me to death, I therefore made myescape to Blefuscu, and had a reception suitable to the generosity of sogreat a prince. Three s after my arrival there, while walking alongthe coast, I observed a re object floating in 'he sea. w wde. in,and imagine my delight fi nd a real boat turidd ups- down. By.thq help of twenty of the arest v s kindly l re by thef f& ,well as T.o thousand men with r6 nd encin Inade surnthe oup, and found it was but Iilte, dam Ireceiv materialsto t ti up, together with liberty >t o depart. In n b e ntime the,:& r,,,6 of Lilliput sent for me to return, but his ba4ssador was' inforin had found a prodigious vessel, e to arry to sea, thatI \ was now, storing it, preparing for a start immedime The vesselwas caref lly searched to see if no one had stowed themselves away.I thIn set sail on the 2th day of April 1701, and arrived in the Downs,after a prosperous voyage, on the I th April 1702.

9> 9,A9L.2- P P

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