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Title: Little Rosy's picture book
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Title: Little Rosy's picture book
Physical Description: 1 v. (unpaged) : col. ill. ; 27 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Stahl, P.-J., 1814-1886 ( Author, Primary )
Frølich, Lorenz, 1820-1908 ( Illustrator )
Silbermann, Gustave, 1801-1876 ( Printer )
Seeley Jackson & Halliday ( Publisher )
Publisher: Seeley, Jackson & Halliday
Place of Publication: London
Manufacturer: G. Silbermann
Publication Date: 1870
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Country life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Cousins -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Animal welfare -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Animals -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1870
Genre: novel   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Germany -- Strassburg
Statement of Responsibility: twenty-four coloured illustrations by Lorenz Frölich.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00025041
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002224916
notis - ALG5188
oclc - 42714737
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LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Little Annie's home is neara wood, and every morning thehungry birds come round thewindow, and she feeds themwith some of her own break-fast. They have learnt to trusther, and are not afraid to comequite close, to pick up thecrumbs as she scatters them;and then they carry themaway to feed their little onesin their soft warm nests.

LITTLE ROSY'S PICTURE-BOOK.Sometimes Annie's mothergives her leave to play in thethick wood with her elderbrother Charlie. One day astrange dog sprang out of thebushes. It was very large andfierce, and frightened her verymuch. But Charlie is a braveboy, and their own good dogCasar came running up tohelp him, so together theydrove the strange dog away.

LITFLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Charlie's little friend James livesin a fine house, with a large gar-den full of pretty flowers, and ayard in which turkeys and geese,and cocks and hens live. Some-times Charlie thinks he shouldlike to change places with James;but I am afraid he would find itvery hard to have to learn suchlong lessons as James has to learn,and would wish himself' backagain in his little cottage.V T" " "i V~ill

LI'TTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Here are two naughtylittle boys. They havefound a nest in the holeof the tree, and in thenest were some baby birdswaiting for their fatherand mother to bring thetheir dinner; but whentheir father and mothercame back they foundCharlie carrying awaytheir little babies. Freddyhas tumbled off the lad-der, and I think it serveshim right.

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.It is a very hot day, and Charliethought it would be nice to takehis lessons to learn in the cool barn; ,but instead of learning them he islying among the hay half asleep.Nothing seems to be moving, butthe little birds in the trees, and the"pheasants in the bushes beneath.I am afraid Charlie will not know-his lessons to-morrow.ill /

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.The reapers are cutting the cornin the field. Charlie says he is help-ing, but I am afraid he is after somemischief, and will get into trouble,as he did the other day in the gar-den. He had asked leave to helpAnnie in gathering some currants,but he put so many into his mouththat his basket was nearly empty.i I --1

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.One morning Charlie went to fish,and hung the fish that he caught ona tree. While he was busy a heronthought his fish would do nicely forbreakfast, and Charlie, running up ina great hurry, slipped and fell into thewater. No wonder Annie and oldSarah look so frightened..-.pJ01,7'r

LITT'ILE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Freddy is making a bridgethat he may go over the ditchto meet James. He is not bigenough to jump over it, and itwould not be nice to fall intothe muddy water. James andFreddy are great friends; theylike to go gathering the wildflowers and catching the but-terflies; and they are goingto spend the whole day playingin the fields.

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.But to-day they are notgoing to look for flowers, orrun after butterflies. Theyare going into the thick darkwood to play at hunting lionsand tigers. So James hasbrought his gun with him, anda basket to put the lion's headin when they have killed him,that they may carry it homewith them; and they mean tohave fine sport.^^^^B ~ r^^^^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H ^r:;j'i* ls'

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK."One day, Freddy's cousins,Margaret and Mary, took himto church with them. Therewas no room in the seats, sothey knelt down near the door.Freddy knelt between them,and was very quiet and good,and tried to listen.

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Charlie is a good hardwork-ing boy. See what a largebundle of wood he has pickedup in the park. He has beena long time gathering it, andhe is very hot and tired now,but his mother is pleased withhim, and he is going to restby her side, and play with hisrabbits, and watch the littlelizards on the wall.p O'f'V-

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK."A1 Charlie is in mischiefagain. He has tied anold tin can to the sheep'stail. The poor sheep can-not think what it is thatmakes such a noise behindhim, and hurts his tail somuch. Charlie is cruel toplay such a trick. Thepoor sheep will never letMaster Charlie come nearhim again.L~d

LITI'LE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.All the little pets love Annie,and they like to do as she does.So when she washes her facewith the great sponge, puss andher kitten begin to lick them-selves all over, and the canaryjumps into his bath. Anniewould like to have a great manypets. She wishes very much tohave a parrot, a fine grey onewith a red tail, that would talkand chatter all day long."~ B~i~~~e~c JX

ZLITTE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.,j Freddy likes James to comeand play with him, but very oftenhe gets cross and angry, and thatspoils the game. It is well thathe generally is sorry for it after-wards, and that James is gentle,and willing to forgive him. Fred-dy's mother is busy spinning, orshe would have heard the angrywords that her little boy wasspeaking, and would have beenvery angry, and sorry too.S____"____________

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.It would be very wrong ofFreddy to do anything to makehis mother sad just now, for shehas had a great deal of sorrow.Little baby has been very ill, butshe is getting better now, and asshe is a good little girl and takesher medicine without crying, shewill soon be strong again. Butshe will not be able to play withFreddy, or listen to his stories aboutmonkeys and snakes for some time.

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Baby is well enough to betaken out of bed for a little timeto-day; but she very soon getstired and lies quiet on her mother'slap. But when she is able to goout in the garden among theflowers, the sun and nice warmwind will do her good, and hercheeks will begin to be rosy again.It will make her mother very gladto see her dear little girl playingabout again.a0

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.While little baby has been soill Charlie and Annie have triedhow much they can help. Charliehas taken great pains with the gar-den, putting the baskets and spades,and rakes, and all such things, awayin one corner, and watering theflowers, that they may look nicewhen she is well enough to go outagain. Annie has been just as busy"I /indoors, and has often tired herselfvery much with the great broom.4kQI

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.But when her work is all done _Miss Annie thinks it is proper tomake herself not only neat andtidy, but also smart and grand; .but she has made a great mistake,and if she knew how silly and vainshe looks, I think she would feel _very. much ashamed, and hercheeks would blush till they be-came as red as the grapes hangingon the vine, over the porch.'LAI

LITTLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Charlie thinks it would be verynice to be a little shepherd boy, andtake care of the sheep and goats onthe hills, in the countries where thegrapes grow in the fields, and wherethey make the bright red wine. Hewould have a little crook, and a finelarge dog, and'he would spend allday climbing about on the rocks,and playing with his sheep.j \

LITTLE ROSY'S PICTURE-BOOK.At other times he thinks heshould like better to be a sai-lor, that he may see a greatmany countries, and go sailingabout all over the sea. He isvery pleased when he can getJem the fisherman to let himhave his boat, that he may rowAnnie on the river, and I amsure Annie likes it as much asCharlie does, and so does thelittle dog too.

LITFLE ROST'S PICTURE-BOOK.Annie is beginning to learnto work with a needle andthread, but she does not likeit at all; and to-day her workwill be badly done, I am afraid,for she is not thinking of whatshe is doing, but of a funnypicture of a boy in the air,which Charlie says is meantfor the west wind; and of thecoral islands that are built byinsects under the water, whichhe has been telling her about.J.*<-"I -- '- iSTRASBURGIT, PRINTED a. SILrBERMANN.

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