Fun and frolic ABC


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Fun and frolic ABC
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Fun and frolic A B C
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Alphabet rhymes -- 1880   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1880
Alphabet rhymes   ( rbgenr )
poetry   ( marcgt )
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Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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A is for Archie,who's tryingtoi read:With help hifm,he oughtto succeed.B is for Baby,and alsofor Boy;C i& for Cars,which makea fine to "The Baldwn LibraryUniversitymBi Florida

. D is for Dances. so light on" her feetS That to seeher in motion"is surelySa treatE is for Eve, whohas gathered .to-daySome Flowers(that's F),to makea bouquet.

Gertie and Gameboth beginwith a G;And of Gamesthere is no .one that'sfonderthan she.""::-'' -P flB: *i HHhH is for Hilda-just see whatshe's at-Busily filling withcherries her Hat!

I is for Irma,who's got a nice pairOf apples, which she withher ister will share.her ig ,*^ share -' T""IJ is for Journey,and alsofor Jo,Who intenidsk wheel on aJourneyto go.

7 K is for Kite,(. /; ... in flight- in the air;L is for Louis,who holds itwith care.M is for Martin,who's trainedhis dog Max ,W""To performsome really ,wonderful act s.

N is for Nellie, whoskips rope so wellThere is none ofS her playmates* that canSher excel.IO is for Officer,riding his steed;It is easyto seehe's a heroindeed.

ppP is for Page,and Q isfor Queen;He is quitecourtly,and shemost serene.R is for Robbie,L a navalcommander;He is proud ofhis ship,and thinksinone is grander.)R

S is for Skating -- !Oh! is it not e 'e,So swiftly andsmoothly toglide o'er the ice ?T is for Tina,whom Tomso admires,That he neverof paying hercomplimentstires.

U is for Una,and Victor is V;They are puttinga puzzletogether, you see.SW is forSWalter,Skept inby'the,iii rain :j 'That WetjWeatheris not toShis likingis plain.

X is in EXertion,which oftis not fun,Though commonlyneedful whenwork's tobe done.Y is for Yacht,a pretty toy;boat;4Z is w fo-r--f--loat.

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A is for Archie, who's trying toi read: With Pussy. to help hifm, he ought to succeed. B is for Baby, and also for Boy; C i& for Cars, which make a fine to The Baldwn Library University mBi F orida


S is for Skating -! Oh! is it not e 'e, So swiftly and smoothly to glide o'er the ice ? T is for Tina, whom Tom so admires, That he never of paying her compliments tires.


pp P is for Page, and Q is for Queen; He is quite courtly, and she most serene. R is for Robbie, L a naval commander; He is proud of his ship, and thinks inone is grander. )R


U is for Una, and Victor is V; They are putting a puzzle together, you see. SW is for SWalter, Skept in by'the ,iii rain : j 'That Wet jWeather is not to Shis liking is plain.


X is in EXertion, which oft is not fun, Though commonly needful when work's to be done. Y is for Yacht, a pretty toy; boat; 4Z is w fo-r --f--loat.


.D is for Dances .so light on her feet S That to see her in motion "is surely Sa treat E is for Eve, who has gathered to-day Some Flowers (that's F), to make a bouquet.


N is for Nellie, who skips rope so well There is none of S her playmates that can Sher excel. I O is for Officer, riding his steed; It is easy to see he's a hero indeed.


I is for Irma, who's got a nice pair Of apples, which she with her ister will share. her ig ,*^ share -' T ""I J is for Journey, and also for Jo, Who intenids k wheel on a Journey to go.


I:ja i ,d% ajsi I P_;:-a isQ-Ba Hjelri I; I a"c lil_"b: ii* -'. ; -8 ; BI; I,. i-b %ia ;--;a I ; pi-:1Pa s;w I-:i._i-:_;.i!iB:P:irbiBl'""i"" :::iOFi-.Bk Pi-i -I '"" -'i-;;;;;r i:i-jl."i-;l :* ,ai.-e:: _-13" -4W i: i_;:--.::.-. ;-----: ir.:.9-:-;": r ::-; ,r;:-l;--F:;-T',i 1:::-I;;,._i:: : -:-:i i:::::_._ :;-'. li id9-BPsi:a -nc :--::: I 6:61F"il d _,.:_ii_ iliis. -ilsii;"- -I-:-is---: l"-:-.'"iyili 3la:_R:":X :nB_..9 a i;il -j: -I\ iiLT :x,.a8:;i:4j-YicaliEii -_::_-:i:iit--;nl;j-.'_-i i-iiff:i:i ii;l I;''-"'';"-'---'-(-';"-'-" :"""""' ;a-:_ .i-. .I.;,: ..:. :_::1 i:si :B aI-?BR -:i:o; i; : :";: i:aa:iiBe-Wi. S-ll-Rg:--"-.';':'-j' ;i;''i --'":";-'P"" ;i: -;u: ias-r:; i- """ iiY f --.i lii -ii-;j;-_-:i.ii :1. : i-I;:-tzn-.sai: e3BI :r I hiI gr I ;?: IBI-i ;" Ir.a ieai;i -a as-a; , __ "-:" :7ili ,Prdlid rr ;i :: i-r6Ji; 2 -:i? -s,"iit ww ;; w,:l g, "'":, "i--,, a: ii6 'Ii.l .,a: B:8;iirr j;iPt-L sr; : ilii s Bi' Ilii"EZ I-;'-.i j liin :,,,, ;,:,I, :"( 6Fa:er:-:? 1:-;- I,l.rra ;:ra[ :;';" ":'--":wBR-? Ili :"4.i i"affiiii ; Y;.__ p":-" )if ui,;'-s a:i-c. 8 B:811 :iCB -c ;" liiaiIlri ;s , ilris.i r:8 ?; ,B ri:' ::l:a"l""":'.i;I-... ii" i'iriiibiQP"1;*"II:-" j ipl iBO *iii ;I! ai):r '"''"-ad;i f aii-: gi`lrr ;:rr s;i: IiD :R:fs :: o--iI:ilBB B :g --8dii =;n Qiii;iL -"


-------:i--pL~,: Li ): K$-i K~ii ----' 9: h*I "V>II>; -4-ARO ~~-;--?-


7 K is for Kite, (. /; ... in flight -' in the air; L is for Louis, who holds it with care. M is for Martin, who's trained his dog Max ,W" "To perform some really wonderful act s.


Gertie and Game both begin with a G; And of Games there is no one that's fonder than she. ""::-'' -P flB: *i H Hh H is for Hildajust see what she's atBusily filling with cherries her Hat!