Front Cover
 Fiddle, faddle, ride a-straddl...
 Hokee pokee
 Hey diddle diddle!
 There was a man of our town
 Umbrellas are no use said John
 Greedy, greedy little Miss...
 Fly away, Gad-fly!
 John saw a frog, sit on a log
 An old woman, as ugly as ugly could...
 Would you, Mary, my pretty...
 Peter, Peter, pumpkin-eater
 This man had loads of money...
 John Jones laid him down
 Turkey, turkey, I will eat you
 The Cookoo and Canary bird
 John was a bad boy, and beat a...
 My name is Ching, and I am...
 Hey diddle diddle!
 There was an old woman who married...
 Baker, baker, please to make
 Come boys, see my kite!
 Waggoner, waggoner, give me...
 Oh little Jackey! What did...
 Ho! a rat, and so fat, comes in...
 Bandy Dan, the baker's man
 Clinkerty clum, and hi diddle...
 I've come from a land that lies...
 Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee
 I knew a cod-fish who could not...
 One day, sing, ho, ho
 What are little boys made of?
 Here's the snow!
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Group Title: Chimney corner series
Title: Jingles & jokes for little folks
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Title: Jingles & jokes for little folks
Series Title: Chimney corner series
Alternate Title: Jingles and jokes for little folks
Physical Description: 32 p. : ;
Language: English
Creator: McLoughlin Bros., inc ( Publisher )
Publisher: McLoughlin Bros.
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: [ca. 1880]
Subject: Nursery rhymes -- 1880   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1880
Genre: Nursery rhymes   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
General Note: Cover title.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00024999
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
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oclc - 26441398
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Table of Contents
    Front Cover
        Front Cover 1
        Front Cover 2
    Fiddle, faddle, ride a-straddle
        Page 1
    Hokee pokee
        Page 2
    Hey diddle diddle!
        Page 3
    There was a man of our town
        Page 4
    Umbrellas are no use said John
        Page 5
    Greedy, greedy little Miss Jane
        Page 6
    Fly away, Gad-fly!
        Page 7
    John saw a frog, sit on a log
        Page 8
    An old woman, as ugly as ugly could be
        Page 9
    Would you, Mary, my pretty thing!
        Page 10
    Peter, Peter, pumpkin-eater
        Page 11
    This man had loads of money once
        Page 12
    John Jones laid him down
        Page 13
    Turkey, turkey, I will eat you
        Page 14
    The Cookoo and Canary bird
        Page 15
    John was a bad boy, and beat a poor cat
        Page 16
    My name is Ching, and I am a king
        Page 17
    Hey diddle diddle!
        Page 18
    There was an old woman who married a king
        Page 19
    Baker, baker, please to make
        Page 20
    Come boys, see my kite!
        Page 21
    Waggoner, waggoner, give me a ride
        Page 22
    Oh little Jackey! What did he do?
        Page 23
    Ho! a rat, and so fat, comes in pit-a-pat
        Page 24
    Bandy Dan, the baker's man
        Page 25
    Clinkerty clum, and hi diddle da
        Page 26
    I've come from a land that lies over the seas
        Page 27
    Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee
        Page 28
    I knew a cod-fish who could not wink his eye
        Page 29
    One day, sing, ho, ho
        Page 30
    What are little boys made of?
        Page 31
    Here's the snow!
        Page 32
    Back Cover
        Back Cover 1
        Back Cover 2
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.ew. -


1- .WON

. i


''' ;*~

C m

,~z ~,
3. ?:


SFidd e, da Sadd

SHere we go together. .
3 : o

Hankee Pankee!
I'm the Queen of
Swinkee Swankee!
And I'm pretty well,
'- I thankee

w -

HEY diddle diddle I Please to walk in;
Tom Catty is playing on a new Violin.
Moo Cow knocked over the Moon-'tis truth.
Sal in the Milk-pail found the Moon's Tooth.
Master Dish ran off with Miss Spoon-'tis fact,
Miss Spoon is SOFT metal, and Dishy is CRACKED.
Stars and Sun, Knives and Forks, and the Boys saw
the sport,
And the Corkscrew sang well when it got into PORT.

TIIERE was a man of our town,
And he was wondrous wise:
He jumped into a bramble-bush,
And scratched out both his Eyes;
And when he saw his Eyes were out,
With all his might and main
He jumped into another bush,
And scratched them in again.



. JMBRELLAS are no use said John,
The water is knee deep;
When Ned turned his right upside down,
And in it he did leap.
Then sailing down the road he went;
-In his Umbrella boat;
14 well done, Ned, the neighbors' said,
You're the best Man afloat:
And on he went, while with his Cane,
He steered along the road;
So the Umbrella that you take,
Can take you for its Load.

-. _


GREEDY, greedy little Miss Jane,
I shan't make her a Present again;
S For she spent Sixpence in Raspberry Rock,

And spoilt her Dinner as well as her Frock.

FLY away, Gad-fly I What makes you stay,
Frisking your Tail in that impudent way?
Mrs. G. and the Baby have waited for you,
Coddling the Dinner since Tuesday at Two.
For his Wife, Babe, and Dinner he don't care a
With.ts hands stuck under the Tail of his Coat;
A saucy old Rascal, come bring me the Shears,
And hold down his Head while I crop off his Ears.

i '
s.. -1-


JOHN saw a Frog, sit on a log,
Down in the little brook;
And very quick, He gave a pick,
And up the Frog he took.
When sister Joy, saw what the Boy
Was holding by its toe,
With all her might, she screamed in fright,
Dear John, 0 let it go
Then Johnny smiled, and said so mild,
A Frenchman eats a Frog:
But 'oon he took it to the Brook,
And put it on its Log.

*r 1'

4..- b i -.


-~: ?

I: II__

AN Old Woman, as ugly as ugly could be,

Lived upon Matches and very strong Tea;

But she was so Greedy, and swallowed so many,

You could not have kept her a Week for a Penny.

When I told her how-Wrong such a Diet must be, a,

She only replied, "Oh fiddle. de dee !"

/ ~ /



WIOULD you, Mary, my pretty thing!
Love to take a ride in the Swing?
I will push you, and you shall go,
Up and then down, and fast or slow.

pETER, Peter, Pumpkin-eater,
Had a wife and couldn't keep her;
He put her in a Pumpkin-shell,
And then he kept her very well.
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-eater,
Had another, and didn't love her;
Peter learned to read and spell,
And then he-loved her very well.

... -~


N.II f 1A

THIS man had loads of money once,
But spent it all for meat-

And so he had none left to buy
A quilt that would cover his feet.

The Laundress all his clothes. did lose
And nothing is left but a paii of shoes.

So he quietly lies all day in bed,

With his night-cap stuck on his'silly head.

' i '. .. i- -, .


i~r ~, .~,


JOHN Jones laid him down, for he wanted to doze,
But Flies would dance jigs on the tip of'his Nose;
The Flies were good natured, but Johnny was not,
"And fighting the Flies he soon broke down his Cot.
Johfi Jones then laid down on the sofa to doze,
But Flies' little feet would still tickle his Nose;
He then took his towel to give them a hit,
And ran around
John Jones lost his temper, John Jones lost his doze,
And for a fine fly-trap, would pay his own nose;
But John keeps his nose, and the Flies have their feet,
To make some more fun when they happen to meet


9 j' ..

- N

* ~ -


TURKEY, Turkey, I will eat you,

If I'm hungry when -I meet you I

STurkey, Turkey, if you hear me,

Turkey, you had better fear me.

THE Cookoo and Canary bird,
Would try which Sang the best;
And to be Judge, a big-eyed Owl,
Came sleepy from his Nest.
But said the Owl, to judge of sound,
A Jackass you should get;
For he has greater Ears than I,
And should decide the bet.
Said Jack, I hear, hi, he, he, hi;
And lo, he, he, he, lo;
Their Tongues are shorter than my Ears,
Is all I seem to know.
I think Canary sang the best,
But Cookoo sang as well;
And if you want to hear the rest,
Wait till I choose to tell.

JOHN was a bad Boy, and beat a poor Cat;

Tom put a Stone in a Blind Man's Hat;

James was the Boy who neglected his Prayers;

They've all grown up Ugly, and nobody cares.

..:. ,: :-, ;S
; -1


MY name is Ching, and I am a King,

And through each Ear I've a Silver Ring;

My Palace is Mud, and my Crown it is Clay,

And I Pocket the Bad Boys that come in my Way,

Though the Good ones may safely come round

me to Play.


-i --

2 ~ -r

r 6' J ` ` ',. \"
r '-




.; ~
:-- i~,






HEY diddle diddle! and hey diddle dee
What is it up in the Sky that I see ?
It is a little Star-yonder is she,
Hiding her head, and coquetting with me.
Go to bed, little Star, it's growing late,
I'm growing Sleepy, and I cannot wait.

~-'^~'~- S.

0 0


THERE was an Old Woman who married a King,

But she had no Finger to put on the Ring,

So they bored a hole through her Nose instead,

And they say that it gave her a Cold in the Head.

BAKER, Baker, please to make,
John and me some Sugar Cake ,
And stay up all Night, and bake
Fresh Bread for us when we awake;
And for Breakfast, nicely done,
Please to have a. Roll and Sun



`r-r~ ~~

'* ''

-Y ;t
,- .., .-.

COME Boys, see my Kite
Aint it a line sight ?
Up high
In the sky
Where Eagles fly!
First the Dog barked at the Kite,
But he could'nt catch it quite;
Then a Bird lit.on the string,
Thinking it a pretty swing:
On the cord then sat some more,
One, then two, and three, and four-
Say, ain't Kites the best of toys,
To give fun to Girls and Boys?

~ -~,..




W AGGONER, Waggoner, give me a Ride

To School, for your'e good I'm told;

And the Teacher will let me take you in,

And warm you, if you are Cold.

~L~R~i+ni ~~ -;~i~r
i- ~


~ ~




OH little Jackey! what did he do?
Why he put Pease in the Master's shoe;
Mixed some Pepper among his Snuff
And asked him if he had sneezed enough;
Tied a Frog in the Master's cap,
And tickled his nose when he tried a nap.
He deserves, I know, a stick on his back,
For he's always in miischief; that bad little Jack.

- r-

1HO! a Rat, and so fat, comes in pit-a-pat,
Very .much.to the horror of poor little Nat,
Who wishes the Cat that's asleep on the Mat
Would a little more wide-awake be than a Bat.
So he thought, as he sat, I'll try my old Hat,
And endeavor to catch the big Rascal in that;
When up spoke the old Rat, seeing what he'd be at,
"I think, Master Nat, I am not such a flat."
..Then, before he disappeared, he whisked his Tail. and
said with glee,
I'm a young Rat from the Country, but it don't
come over me."

BANDY DAN, the Baker's man,
Baked a Cake in an earthen Pan,
And christened it Kindy Candy Ban.
When it was finished he marked it with B,
But he did'nt give a Crumb to me;
Though if he had 'chosen another Letter,
And ate it all, wouldd have been no better.

~ L~ _

(LINKERTY Clum, and hi diddle da,
I'll beat the Drum, and you march away.
After us tramp, a Dog and a. Hen;
And a big Scamp, a Pig from the pen.
Then come the Goats, and then comes a Calf,
And Geese with their coats, but that is'nt half.
Clinkerty Clum, and hi diddle da,
I beat the Drum, and all march away.

V o ..............

I'VE come from a Land that lies over the Seas,
SWlhere the Oysters grow. upon Apple trees;
And I've sailed a year without Victuals or Rest,
Trying to find out a Blue-bottle's Nest.
Wonderful Tales of my Journey I tell,
And if you'll believe, it will be just as well.
I'm trying to find a good little Child,
Neither Saucy, nor Lazy, nor Wild-
I think I've found one that will do,
And I think the name is Y-O-U-you.

pIGGY Wig and Piggy Wee,
She'A as vain as vain can be;

She says her Eyes are liquid Hazel,

And she's got a Roman Nasal;

She wears Stays to make her taper,

And ,urls her Tail, at night, in Paper.

r Li,



I KNEW a Cod-Fish who could not Wink his Eye,

And though his Mouth was big enough, he could not
tell you why.
I up with my Foot, and I Kicked-him on the Head;
If he is not Living now, I fancy he is Dead.

P~------------- -

*; 1'



d~~ JIi

ONE day,'sing, ho, ho;
I found money, so, so,

And for Candy, oh, oh,
Quickly I did go, go,
And I stubbed my toe, toe,
Right against a hoe, hoe,
With so hard a blow, blow,

Oh, I cried, I know, know,

And wished I had gone slow.










WVHAT are little Boys -made of?
What are little Boys made of?
Scizzers and Snails,
And puppy Dogs' tails-
And that's what little Boys are made of.

What are little Girls made of?.
What are little Girls made of?
Sugar and Spice,
And every thing nice,
And that's what little Girls are made of.


~ '' ~i
''' ;h'''


HERE'S the Snow! come Boys and play!
Come! and each one bring his Sleigh!
Down the hill we'll take a Ride I
Down the hill 'tis fun to Slide!
And we'll drag the Girls along,-
They are Pretty, we are Strong
If you hav'nt got a Sleigh,
Come and look! don't keep away


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