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Title: Bible stories for little children
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Title: Bible stories for little children
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Language: English
Creator: Jones, M ( Meredith )
Thomas Nelson & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: T. Nelson and Sons
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: 1871
Subject: Bible stories, English -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1871
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Statement of Responsibility: by M. Jones.
General Note: Illustrations and text are in sepia colored ink.
General Note: Baldwin Library copy lacks pages after p. 48, table of contents list story starting p. 63.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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@ftxntnts.ADAM AND EVE, ... .. .. ... ... 7THE DELUGE, ... ... ... ... ... 9LOT FLEEING FROM SODOM, ... ... ... 11JOSEPH CAST INTO THE PIT, ... ... ... 13JOSEPH SOLD TO THE ISHMAELITES, ... ... ... 15MEETING OF JOSEPH WITH HIS FATHER, ... ... 17MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES, ... ... .. ... 19MOSES STRIKING THE ROCK, ... .. .. 21CITIES OF REFUGE, ... ... ... ... 23SAMSON, .. .... .. ... 25BOAZ AND RUTH, ... ... ... ... ... 27SAMUEL AND ELI, ... .. ... ... ... 29DAVID AS A SHEPHERD, ... ... ... ... 31ELIJAH FED BY RAVENS, ... ... ... ... 33ELIJAH RAISING THE WIDOW'S SON, ... ... ... 35. ;. .... _*_, _. : ..


BIBLE STORIES.ADAM AND EVE.S.OD made the world. It wasnot at first the beautiful placethat it is now. It was allSdark and shapeless, nor werethere any living creatures in it.God made trees and grass, beasts,birds, and fishes afterwards; togetherwith the sun, and moon, and stars, togive light. Then He made a manand a woman, who were called Adamand Eve, and placed them in the gar-den of Eden, where they were to live.

48 ADAM AND EVE.God gave everything in this gar-den to Adam and Eve, except onetree, the fruit of which He told themthey must not eat. If they did, Heshould punish them by causing themto die.'But they were disobedient, and atethe fruit which God had forbidden.They were very unhappy as soon asthey had done this; for they knewthey had done wrong. And whenthey heard the voice of the Lord Godwalking in the garden, they were sofrightened *that they tried to hidethemselves from Him. But it was ofno use; no one can hide from God.He called them out, and drove themfrom the garden into the world out-Sside, to suffer and die.Then, when they were gone, angels,with a flaming sword, were placedSthere, to guard the Tree of Life.* B '! ;.

THE DELUGE.B years after the death of AdamEve, all the people in the world.become so wicked that God de-ed to destroy them all by aSflood.t among these wicked peoplee was one good man, called Noah;God would not destroy him withSwicked ones. So He told Noahbuild a great ship, called an Ark,H would hold him and his family,(2)

10 THE DELUGE.with numbers of beasts, and birds,and other living creatures. In thisark they might float along safelywhen the water covered the earth,and come out alive when it dried upagain.So when they were shut in theark God drowned the whole world,as He had said He would.When they had been shut in somemonths, Noah sent out a raven and adove, in order to know whether theearth was again dry. The raven didnot return to him; but the dovecame back, because everything wascovered with water after the flood.Then again he sent the dove out, andwhen it came back with an olive leafin its beak, he knew the water wasalmost all gone. Afterwards (whenGod told him), he came out of theark on dry ground.

LOT FLEEING FROM SODOM.qoD again had to punish wickedpeople. The people of Sodom (thatwas a city of Asia) were so dread-fully wicked, that God said He woulddestroy them and their city by fire"from heaven. But there was onegood man in the city, named Lot;and in order that he and his wifeand children might not be burnedup with the wicked ones, God sentStwo angels to tell them to get

12 LOT FLEEING FROM SODOM.out -of Sodom as quickly as theycould.Lot did not know they were angels,He thought they were two tired travel-lers; so he asked them to come intohis house and rest till morning. Theydid so; and after they had eatensomething, just like men, they toldhim that he must instantly get out ofthe city, because God was going toburn it up with fire from heaven.Lot was not very willing to leavehis pleasant home. So the angels, tosave him, took him by the hand anddrew him out with his two daughtersand his wife; telling them they mustnot even look behind them as theyhurriedalong. Lot and his daughtersdid as they were commanded; but hiswife did not heed the angels, and, look-ing back, she was turned into a pillarof salt.*

S.JOSEPH CAST INTO THE PIT.ERE was a great man in the Easternpart of the world, spoken of in theBible, whose name was Jacob. Godhad made him very rich with cattleand flocks of sheep. He had alsotwelve sons. Of these twelve sons he-Jmost loved the youngest but one, whosename was Joseph. He loved himore than he loved his other sons, be-eause Joseph was born when he wasSold man; so he made him his pet

14 JOSEPH CAST INTO THE PIT.and favourite. Joseph's elder brotherswere grown-up men, yet they werevery much displeased that their fathermade a favourite of his young sonJoseph. They were displeased withtheir father; and they were wickedenough to hate their young brotherbecause he was their father's fa-vourite.It is a terrible thing to hate anyone, especially one's own brother.These wicked elder ones began byquarrelling with Joseph; and beforelong they tried to kill him. Theirfather sent him with a message tothem, and they laid hold of the lad,and were just going to kill him, whenone of them said, " Let us throw himinto this pit;" for he meant to takehim out when the rest were gone.So they- threw the poor lad intothe pit.

s, JOSEPH SOLD TO THE ISHMAELITES.W"' 'HEN they had done this cruel thing,Joseph's brothers sat down to get-something to eat.While they were eating, they sawsome men coming along, with a num-ber of camels, carrying great loads ofspice, and other precious things; forthey were merchants. Then one ofthem said to the others, "Let us sellour brother to these men for a slave,instead of killing him." They were

16 JOSEPH SOLD TO THE ISHMAELITES.very well pleased with this. So theytook him up out of the pit, and soldhim to the men for twenty pieces ofmoney; and Joseph was taken by themto a distant country, called Egypt.Now the one who had intended totake Joseph out of the pit, and bringhim home to his father, was not therewhen the rest sold the poor boy for aslave. But when he did .come, andfound that he was gone, he was in.great trouble about it, not knowingwhat to do.But the others took Joseph's coat,and having killed a goat, dipped itin the blood of the animal, and thensent it to their father, to make himbelieve that Joseph was killed.When their father saw the coat, hewas very, very sorry; for he thoughtthat some wild beast jad torn Josephin pieces.

JOSEPH WITH HIS FATHER.,eas very sad for Joseph to be solda slave by his own brothers. Buttook care of him; and when hearried away to Egypt,, He causedJ e$ r to. trust in him, and favour'Joseph knew that the eyes of the'-e in every place, beholding theSthe good, and he was alwaysAfjfto do what was right; thoughSsometimes brought him into-. (3)

18 MEETING OF JOSEPH WITH HIS FATHER.trouble. But God blessed him, sothat at last he rose to be governorover- the whole land of Egypt-nextto the king himself.Years after Joseph became rulerover Egypt, food was so scarce in hisown country, Canaan, that his brotherscame to Egypt to buy it, to save themall from famishing. But how werethey surprised when they found thatthe greatest man in Egypt, next tothe king himself, was their ownbrother Joseph, whom they had soldfor a slave ISJoseph wasverykind to his brothers,who were now heartily sorry for theircruelty to him. And he sent for hisfather to come and live with him inEgypt. He went in his chariot tomeet his father; and when he saw him,he threw his arms round his neck andwept for joy.

S MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES.' people of Israel-those were thed scendants of Joseph's father Jacob,Swhose name God Himself changedto that of Israel-were at first verykindly treated in Egypt, when theySwent to live there. But Joseph died,iand soon people forgot how verySmuch he had done for that country.Then they began to use the IsraelitesSvery badly indeed. Among otheriirlel things that they did was this;-5

20 MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES.they made a law that all the boy-children of the Israelites should bedrowned in a river as soon as theywere born.There was one of that people whoselittle boy was hidden by his motherfor three whole months, that theEgyptians might not kill him. Thenshe could hide him no longer. Soshe made a little basket of bulrushes,put her baby snugly into it, and leftit on the river's brink.The king's daughter presently camethat way. Seeing the basket, she senther maid to fetch it,. and had it opened,and was so sorry for the poor littleweeping baby inside that she broughthim up herself. And the little childbecame one of the greatest, wisest,and best men that ever lived. Shecalled him Moses, for that means,taken out of the water.

MOSES STRIKING THE ROCKWHEN the Israelites could no longerbear their cruel treatment in Egypt,God bade Moses take them away toanother land, which they were to haveall to themselves. The king tried toprevent Moses taking them away;but God punished him and his peoplemost severely for this, and then he letthem go.There was a vast number of themS-men, women, and children, withI *- --

22 MOSES STRIKING THE ROCK.their cattle. And when, in the courseof their journey to the land God hadpromised to give them, they got intowild, desert places, they were fright-ened, and wished themselves backagain. They thought they should dieof hunger; and then God sent themfood from heaven itself. It was calledmanna, and tasted very sweet. Butthey soon got tired of it, and wantedsomething else. Then God gave themgreat numbers of birds. But thoughHe gave them what they wanted, Hewas at the same time very angry withthem, so that they had no enjoymentof it. Not long afterwards theywanted water. And Moses, prayedto God; for he did not know whatto do. And God told him to strikea certain rock in Horeb with his staff;and when he did so, water gushed outin abundance..

# CITIES OF REFUGE.jiEFUGE i'sa place to be safe in.SWhen the Israelites were travel-to the country God had promised0l give them, God told Moses aat many things that He woulde thi t do when they got there.ese were things to make them live"rppily and comfortably in their newO ne of the things that God would7 thetm do, was to fix upon-six

24 CITIES OF REFUGE.cities, in various parts of the country,to which any one who had killed aman by accident might run, and besafe from punishment. As long ashe stayed in the City of Refuge noone could harm him for what he haddone, if it was really an accident thathe could not help. Indeed, even if itwas owing to something very carelessthat he had done, such as throwinga stone without looking whether itmight hurt somebody, he was still tobe safe there. But if, after he hadrun there for his life, it was foundout that he had killed any one onpurpose, then he was to be sent awayand put to death. God Himself saidthat such people ought not to be al-lowed to live. In His own Book we- read, " Whoso sheddeth man's blood,by man shall his blood be shed : for inthe image of God made He man."

SAMSON.men are so strong that they1 bend kitchen pokers, and roll.Ipewter plates like sheets ofper IiBt -there was once a man whoImuch more wonderful thingsSthese. He was the strongestn that ever lived. His name wasamon. He lived about three thou-d years ago, and was one of theers of the Israelites, when they!1LL

26 SAMSON.were in the land that God gave themafter they left Egypt.One day Samson was going along,and a young lion rushed out upon him.He had no weapon of any kind, noteven a stick. So he seized the lionwith his two hands, and tore it inpieces I Another time, when he wasshut up by his enemies, he pulleddown the big, heavy gates of the city,put them on his back, and walkedaway with them I At last his enemiesgot hold of him, blinded him, and shuthim up in prison. But one day,thinking he could now do them noharm, they brought him out to laughat him. Then Samson, laying holdof two thick pillars that kept thehouse up, where great numbers ofthem were assembled, pulled it down,and killed both himself and every-body in it.

BOAZ AND RUTH.4ONG the people of Israel, when theyeire settled.in the promised land, wasS.man named Boaz. He was veryrtch; for God had given him cattlend corn-fields in abundance. He wass good, kind man, too.One day, in the time of harvest, a"poor young woman went into his fieldto pick up the stalks of corn and bar-oiey that the reapers left as they wentAlong. As she was gleaning, Boaz

28 BOAZ AND RUTH.came into the field, and asked who shewas. When he had heard that shewas a good woman, he spoke kindlyto her, and not only gave her leave toglean in his field as long as she liked,but told her that when she was hungryshe might go and get her dinner withhis own reapers.When she got home, she had sucha quantity of barley that her mother-in-law, with whom she lived, askedher where she had been gleaning. Shesaid, in the field of Boaz. Then hermother-in-law told Ruth that this kindman was a near relation of hers.After some time, Boaz became kinderto her than ever. At last he marriedher, and King David, who wrote somany psalms, was her great-grand-son.-The place where they -lived wascalled Beth-lehem. Here, long after-wards, the Lord Jesus was born.0*". e

SAMUEL AND ELI.THERE was in the land of Israel avery good old man, whose name wasEli. He was the chief priest of God'sTabernacle; and he had with him alittle boy of the name of Samuel,whose mother had brought him therethat he might help in the worship ofGod.She had not left him with thepriest because she did not love him,for she loved him dearly. She and-,

30 SAMUEL AND ELI.his father came to see Samuel once ayear; and then she brought him alittle coat which she had made for himherself.One night when Samuel was asleephe was' waked by some one calling,"Samuel, Samuel." So he jumpedup and went to Eli, thinking it washe. But Eli said he had not calledhim; and he bade him go and liedown again. He went back to bed,but again a voice called, "Samuel,Samuel;" and he ran to Eli andtold him he must have called. ButEli had not called him; it was GodHimself speaking to this little child.When Samuel found this out, he lis-tened very reverently; and God senthim with a sad message to Eli abouthis sons, who were very bad men, andwhom he ought to have chastised fortheir wickedness.

S:DAVID AS A SHEPHERDY"G. DAVID, who wrote so manyms, and was a very great king,once a shepherd-boy.HEe was the youngest child in hisr's family, and a very beautiful' fair and rosy. His brothersall grown p men, and asje was war going on, they werefighting, while David keptfather's sheep. If a sheep triedrun-away, he caught it with

82 DAVID AS A SHEPHERD.his long, hooked stick, so as not tohurt it.Keeping sheep was not such quietwork in the country where Davidlived, thousands of miles from here,as it is in our country. Wild beastswere there, and they often seized thesheep, killed them, and ate them up.One day, both a lion and a bear pouncedon David's sheep, and one of themcarried off-a lamb in his mouth. ButDavid, who was a brave youth, fol-lowed them and took the lamb away.Then the beast flew at him; but heboldly laid hold of it by its beard, andkilled it. The other then attackedhim; and he killed it too. But Daviddid not boast of what he had done, assome young people do. He knewthat it was God Himself who hadmade him able to do such a wonderfulthing.

ELIJAH FED BY RAVENS.THERE was a great prophet among thepeople of Israel called Elijah, whowas very ill treated by a wicked king.This king hated Elijah, because hetold him and his people how angryGod was with their ill doings. Heought to have been glad of it; be-cause when God tells us we aredoing wrong, it is in order to makeus not do so any more. It is justbecause God is so good, and love us:(5)

84 ELIJAH FED BY RAVENS.so much, that He cannot bear us todo wrong, and that He commands usto cease to do evil and learn to dowell.But this king hated Elijah for try-ing to make him good. So, lest heshould do Elijah any harm, God toldthe prophet to go and hide himselfin a certain country-place, where abrook would serve him for water todrink, and He would cause birds tobring him food. So Elijah went andlived by the brook-side, and drank ofit when he was thirsty. And ravens.brought him bread and meat in theirgreat bills every morning and evening.Elijah was never short of food allthe time he lived there by himself,though he had nothing ready before-hand. When he was hungry, thenGod sent the ravens with somethingfor him to eat.

ELIJAH RAISING THE WIDOW'S SON.AFTER a time the water of the brookdried up, and then Elijah was obligedto go away; for he could not livewithout water to drink. God nowtold him to go to the house of a poorwidow, and live there. So he went;and when he got to the place he sawa poor woman picking up sticks. Heasked her to bring him a bit of bread.S The poor woman told him she had.none; she had nothing but a little

36 ELIJAH RAISING THE WIDOW'S SON.flour, which she was going to bake forherself and her boy, and then theymust both die, for they had nothingmore to eat. Yet when he asked heragain for bread, she brought him alittle; and God rewarded her kindnessby making her flour last, day afterday, till she got plenty more. Thiswas very wonderful indeed; but, youknow, there is nothing too hard forGod. The Lord Jesus says, "WithGod all things are possible."While Elijah lived with this goodwoman, her little boy died; and Elijahwas so grieved for her, that he tookthe boy's dead body, carried it into hisroom, and when he had laid it on hisown bed, he prayed to God to bringhim to life again. And God heardthe prayer of his servant, and causedthe soul of the child to come into himagain;-then they were all very glad.

DANIEL IN THE LIONS' DEN.THERE was once a very good man,named Daniel. When he was a littleboy he was taken away from his owncountry to a strange one, and brought.up by the king of that place. Theking treated him very kindly; andwhen Daniel was grown up, he sethim to- govern a great part of thekingdom for him.A long time after, there was a newking, named Darius, who also loved*.

38 DANIEL IN THE LIONS' DEN.Daniel; but some wicked men therehated him, and tried to kill him. So-as he prayed to God every day-they got a law made, that any onewho prayed (for thirty days) shouldbe cast into a den of lions !Daniel knew that they had donethis on purpose to kill him. Yet heprayed every day just the same asbefore. For he knew that he oughtto obey God rather than man; andhe loved God, and feared to offendHim. So he was thrown into theden among the lions. But the kingwas so miserable all.night afterwards,that he came very early next morning,and called to Daniel, to know whetherthe lions had killed him or not. Tohis great joy, Daniel answered himfrom the den, that God had notallowed the lions to hurt him; and hewas then taken out safe and sound.

THE ANGELS AND THE SHEPHERDS.ONE night, a long, long time ago, andin another part of the world, someshepherds were taking care of theirsheep out in the fields. Their day'swork was done, but they were notasleep, though everything was still,and quiet, and dark. All at once, inthe darkness, they saw a great light inthe sky, and a glorious being in themidst of it, whom they knew to be oneof God's angels. They were frightened

40 THE ANGELS AND THE SHEPHERDS.when they saw him. But the angeltold them not to be afraid, for he hadbrought them good news: and thatwas, that the Lord Jesus Christ, ourblessed Saviour, was just then bornin Bethlehem, near at hand; and ifthey would go there they should seeHim. When the angel had said this,a great number of other angels joinedhim. And with the "glory of theLord" shining brightly all around,they sang joyfully together, praisingGod for His great goodness in sendigHis beloved Son into the world to ,.l'for us, that He might save us from oursins. Then they went back again intoheaven.When they were gone, the shep-herds went to Bethlehem, and foundthe Heavenly Child, laid in a manger;for the inn was so full, that there wasno room for his mother there.

THE ADORATION.THE shepherds told everybody thegood news that Jesus Christ was bornat last. For God had promised tosend His Son, and people had for along time hoped that He would come,because He was to make them goodand happy. Then they went backagain to their sheep.Afterwards, some very great andwise men came to Jerusalem fromanother country, a long way off, to ask(6)

42 THE ADORATION.if any one could tell them where JesusChrist was born. For they had seena strange star in the sky, in their owncountry, where people believed thatwhen He was born they should seesome such star. Then King Herod,who was at Jerusalem, got all the chiefpriests and scribes together, and askedthem if they could tell him whereChrist was born. And they told him,at Bethlehem. So he sent those wisemen to Bethlehem; and the star thatthey had seen at home shone out againin the sky, and moved on and on, untilit stopped just over the house whereChrist was. Then they went in, andfound the young child with Mary, hismother. When they saw Him, theyknelt before Him to do Him honour;and they gave Him rich presents ofgold and other things, as they wouldhave done to a king.

CHRIST DISPUTING WITH THE DOCTORS.AFTER those great men from a farcountry had gone home, God toldJoseph, who was Mary's husband,that he must take the young childand his mother away from Bethlehem,because King Herod wanted to killHim. So in the night he took themaway to Egypt.It was well he did so; for KingHerod sent his soldiers and killed allthe little children in Bethlehem and

44 CHRIST DISPUTING WITH THE DOCTORS.around it, in order to make sure thathe had killed Jesus. But he was safein Egypt.When Jesus was twelve years old,Joseph and His mother took Him toJerusalem with them, where theywent to worship God. When theywent home again, He stayed behind;but they did not know it for a wholeday,-for they thought He was withsome of their friends who were goinghome too. When they found thatHe was not there, they were verymuch frightened, and went back toJerusalem to look for Him. Afterthree days they found Him in' theTemple, talking with very learnedmen called doctors-that is, teachers--who wondered that He was wiserthan themselves. Jesus then wenthome, and was "subject" to his parents-a lovely example this to children

THE MIRACULOUS DRAUGHT OF FISHES.WHEN our Lord was grown up to bea man, He went about teaching thepeople, and doing many wonderfulthings that only God could do. Thepeople were very glad to be taught byHim; and one day so many came to hearHim, that, as it was at the sea-side,He got into a fishing-boat, and taughtthem while they stood on the shore.When He had done, He told thefisherman to sail out into deep water,

"46 THE MIRACULOUS DRAUGHT OF FISHES.and let down his net to catch fish.The fisherman said they had been fish-ing all night and had caught nothing,but that as Christ had told him to letdown his net, he would do so.Then he and the person who waswith him got out their net, and letit down into the water, over theboat's side. They had not to waitlong; for very soon their net got so full,that, as they tried to draw it up, itbegan to break. So they called tothe fishermen in another boat, andbetween them they got the net safelyup. It was all glistening with fish;and they took them out in such num-bers that their boats nearly sank withtheweight.The fishermen wondered greatly atthe power of Jesus; but you knowJesus can do all things, for He is Godas well as Man.9-

CHRIST AND THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA.ONE day our Lord was so tired, andhungry too, with travelling about,that He sat down by the road-side torest, while those with Him went intoa city called Sychar, to buy some-thing to eat. There was a well there,and He sat down by it."While He sat there, a woman camefrom the city to draw water; and Heasked her to let Him drink. Thewoman was very much surprised, be-* 0

48 CHRIST AND THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA.cause our Lord was of the nation ofthe Jews; and the Jews and her ownpeople, who were called Samaritans,hated each other so bitterly that theywould almost rather have died thantaken even a drop of water from eachother.Then He began to speak to her ofGod; and to tell her also about Him-self-how He was able to make peoplegood and happy, and contented intheir minds; just as people who arenearly dying of thirst feel contentedand happy when they have had agreat draught of fresh cold water,newly brought up from a spring.And as He talked to her, the womanbegan to think that He was a prophet;but He told her that He was indeedthe Christ, the Saviour of the world,whom she and her countrymen hadbeen expecting.I U

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