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 The Kind Mother Bird
 Pussy's Lesson
 A Sailor's Yarn
 Tommy's Fall
 A Grand Parade
 A Mother's Meeting
 A "Try" Girl
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Group Title: Banner series
Title: Good times and merry rhymes
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Title: Good times and merry rhymes
Series Title: Banner series
Physical Description: 16 p. : ;
Language: English
Creator: McLoughlin Bros., inc ( Publisher )
Publisher: McLoughlin Bros
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: [ca. 1880]
Subject: Children's poetry -- 1880
Bldn -- 1880
Genre: Children's poetry
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
General Note: Cover title.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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    The Kind Mother Bird
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    Pussy's Lesson
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    A Sailor's Yarn
        Page 6
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    Tommy's Fall
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        Page 11
    A Grand Parade
        Page 12
        Page 13
    A Mother's Meeting
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    A "Try" Girl
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I j Il~| l~~ S. .,~~ j

); I'I, I I1, I"V;411 ,, ,:, / x ,- :-'': : T^* -~;' '- .! ; ':1':,',:{<, '.C.. I' ,a^^~ cD~m^~UFlo'itY |R~m> .. ia**f/: ,-" *.,,g.x a.

MAKE hae moth bI k: 'M.Ut nmo|l^,^0 r:olguel,Mafmusr makyo:ur- da'rlingseach day.H ow^:' .*'*' ''''*.?<** *.: '.'*' s o r y o' d '.**'* **. J- '.'' '' ''/ " -***And

I 1: iqIPUI&SY I sL E S SSO N.;CEI E, Pussy dea- .. -it's time, indeed,i' For you;' to.'leatrnr ',-. 0. 5 : ff. d..':,~ W;.f?09ftato- spell. and::. ;-^ 0; read. 1.- :.No. 10onger' ^- 'dunt c..I you a.shouldi; 1 t ; S F:beI: Here'.a :pretty .'- ..... a.i-~p...:pictufire,..see i.'beneath, 'hat teil:[sell! .-. :.;.-. '- ; :. ',sp5 lv l!. ,.*..-X,.--. ,\-.... t .? !.E 40 AVC ,: Ei .f.W lth. nie'IAbout it.You will:: iAndi.d v;yo.u i.. j-f0D f0 t*shorXt words-Comenow,not'? The.n I'I1 c:Close-the : book,may after afmle go klo o:0fffff.|;;.;SXffftf.-,;tk~X..-' 'T HE' NEW"BABYBROTHT!ER:- OME andsee our b:abbyrother,.\ Xi,, r Isn't:.he a -drling pe.;hst h0 so very yon t- and .tisnyt: That he can: not talk s yet..;!T E 0 A t a -\k'-.Sye. t0When we talk he looksand listens,I believe he understands,1 e ve0 ;0. f-000.: X,,?0.:f f- t..: ff- 0.;ff:,:00 --ST 00.,0000 f~fff0:d X,0 ldS700.:00t.0f 0fE:00\;-f:Ng.. \ ffu000f0.fff\.;00 X dXu.Wt0fu00 0.X.;Vt\.;.Wi-;.; i-,'"- "--.",f ...z. : ",-:- ':': 'A0 '~0:, " !' "~' ifa,f. ,,: : :

Ib:-i: --'ZrFor he ''smiles;- at, us > 0Xso sweetly,: -\;Waving^ ;h'is wee :b^aby ,han-dsWe love hlimn more than' dolls or pussies,0M:orethan pretty :birds or flowers,- :There's not a thing we know of sweeterThan, this baby, tdear, of ours.-:.i. ..

-p~S -,^^'*A SAI LOR*'-^s;-.-'-';,* ''''*'.*;.^ '*'** **'*''*'. '''' -'''- 'SY A R N...:*' !'.- '*/ ; ^';'.,' ';/i* .*;*:'-**^.*;--*,*,..* .'*,*-,.''*..'*****. 'i--;';ALLIEand/'Sallie,youseethisship!lf*t<:^*:^"';!:^>:~,^*;l;y'l;-^^'""l''*'s'sl I-1:;,.,^;:' ;;;^ ^ ;'to -d ay on a trip^.^^'^'i^A ^^1^:; '.*^, 1-','^1-,!-- *',';,,-^-c-,;^--^^*.- ^*^^-*-A nd*:"t^ a w a y it^l'' .^^^ ^' ;: '^*'.[;''j^l1^:'''1^ ^. " \.1.:"*T .''^."'*^'*^ "1*'-"''" /:'' 1^. >< ^"W ." :**^^ : "l'".-' -.^1 "^ -^^^ '^^salllils allfull,w a v es.., o f *^ :,'-A ". ;'^ '^::':-'**r '-**'''*/>*'/. **. ...../ '\^' ': ^ ;^ .''1..'^ **-- *':":; -*'**-, .'*;^".*' / " / -,.^':\ ': '\ ^ **^.- .^ '~milpool.Th uk'h^ hysardwtikn ysy n uve1hi1ncsa1h^srne upie

tV yI-z I

TrOMM mhamma wasgoingto nrk~etonde day,with a 1~`basket "offieeal-appe which ~~grew on thetree in her--b back ~-yard, adfiTomm was troting bsdher when she thuhtoher, -purse, whic1-h she-e,~~~~eglJeft at home. 'Sh sdwn_the basketanTt Tomm-y, to lkeep, close---_,"by w e wentlltl ns!i^back NoY sooner was~ Tommy alone thain thze:idea cam hise~~--:::~;~~0:untint head~i~ ::r!~:7 that it would be firstAi~ ~ ~ ~~raeuunt payhosmounted ,-it, and crie"Get -up,," Te b~asketrold .over ash-poke,ad all-at once Mas~ terW-on his back,-with aple *Ld

At irs hewante tocrybtwe he thoghthat o onewoulAd he~ar*him, he -changedhismindand ben o 'Pickupthe1aoppes., Hle didlotget on- very"atlast they were all inl/:~~~ ~ ~~: : ;'y ;*:~::_:;~- -ii;: _;:^. ^ ^ ^The-on he rose up a, \ we'll, see who' to bI-^. mtias.ter He gotittesadlad criedJbaket horse a dvery -b dly. Tommysaid afteward that itkicked-u up." It' ce1rl-tailywe-nt overand-he 'wth i.But it,-wlas _not sohrles-as1.ta tube:as- the ls, ________for thstime hefthe oteIay on ':-e W a-- i 1.: : .*- Z f SA I

bliidontch im.S c adbola: lism- -eIIII.II-run iinghisefrom the teoth:id himi while 'd a lf ad-ozenid h ira; uptntow.;^Theere so bruisedth.be of noth0em toms Tommys'>e 0 2 tiu~ ;-i 0f fSfD; ,itV X) ead t carry hmI P ~ ~ I---"home.1PIIro'ud,her wa

This page contains no text.

;,:, :h : A G : RAN D A RAD: E :'RUBA-A`DUB,4DtUB and ,Tootyto, o-tooP:! iHere's a finen s sarmy, Jack, Tommy, "' 'and Su4e, ii tJack hhas A fife, and!~,-- .*;^'T, :Beating and blow-firmly 'along,n sing as she marhe a nice littl e song,=,PUSS THOIUG OF HRFTHE cat and the do hom e younext fpicture wvere great friends. Ther m as-ter once wished to est their friends,It~~~~gav~et~:,ei 'cw~:-"i- A so,gave the.cat a fi feast hilong was shulthen he turned the cat out of doors,|S where he could watch hEt|| dog, and mewe very l and then bothtfothe door an Afete a whileo- >4 l-.'%A5t

masn-iter's:P chlde opene sd thdr'i- ,ud" an'hr went in. Puss led the dog to the cubF,/;--v I-:1 !?:, ,:: I' i.'Rfl^it:- -e~~-~~-$- -....-.* I: takin,,- -,nOut the ChHudif,DClad i;t :,beckyate :itiuvery-.f':\' ''I0 0 ''

ApOTERS METIG*|isH,"|said Nell,.I p^ 'to--;say:oyI think our do-^^^^-y'^^ lls:'1"-1^ aw: 'An rad admabe wit a wllIth~link ith o n ineMyOur dolls solot c^o toc^^ ^*;*:~'Tw re-^, sad indeed if* m ie^^1;1'?^,; should\.^V^''! be 1 a\./;; durice'*J'*'^-'

- A- -AVI A,V AA 7-A, -I VCaA,V.AI V"VVA VA'IV VVVV<I A V V.> V V V V VV -VV VV I VA " .2V 'l VA 1 V V VV t<V V V *V VVV V

*\.7"t~\/''^/~'*T' ~ ~ T T1C :r 'ear little MAay,~xis-!xp~~ub .ib |skie areeeping'ars 01I shining guiLittlebirdsareh1ushin g1,^Tt '11^'^^:s^ 1^ T ;*;l''''**is 'hUnel' i' r'U:, : :Whe t flwes- ares. blus -nL:ittle lamb .of..^^^^.l^^^el^^^~~~ 1:wh te ess, :'1fol fr thee?Lttle'u; br of b risf.::I1-ehynetsha

Mothers arms sa gi t:heSafe to slumberLand,Holy Iangels stand.


1:" :.;I: ? .` : ::::.1 1: t: i il;'II. I :: I

.. ? ii~li,~~ ~ '~ ~.~.i^i ~,:- '. -.*.~ ;'*/;: '.;* -> -I;I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A,~ .,, !A~~~~' IV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :- A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5IM 1 ^ ',' ; ^^^^ *:* ~** '**!*.*?*^ ''-.^!^^ ^ 'Y.''/ '11sf N il ^ '"i^s 1-''' ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~ i>"il' ~iCv. ~ .-<A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i~~~~* ;" i:~~~~~:. u$:C'~~~~~~2F-- Ai:~'N.:

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