Title: Cotton states (Micanopy, Fla.)
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Title: Cotton states (Micanopy, Fla.)
Uniform Title: Cotton states (Micanopy, Fla.)
Physical Description: v. ; 63 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: George J. Arnow,
George J. Arnow
Publication Date: September 28, 1861
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Micanopy
Coordinates: 29.506389 x -82.281944 ( Place of Publication )
General Note: Published at Micanopy, Fla., 1860-<Sept. 1861>; at Gainesville, Fla., <Jun. 1862>-1865.
General Note: Publishers: George J. Arnow, <1861>-1864; J.M. Arnow, 1864-1865.
General Note: "In God is our trust."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 41 (Sept. 28, 1861).
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Ea -.- a


- *.- c


&t1TULDAt MoaN;Nq, iN
ARN.OW. .,

LP 6pl'e' thb sai*, ral e of ad-
~~aSi the Eloridian &. Journal
Lib &oaws:.
.J.10m minron lineseor less, for
-n - -. $2 0oo
.,j .4totices to bbe charged Ihe
Iftiasient Advertisement's,crcept
Wtf-fmission as Adminifirn or for
Mf obawarge shall bb," - $40 00
i:jlli> M*ad Tributes of Respect
Pd'R .dvestiomsanlt.
-o o r o. 10"o



N, t~l&.,. :, -- 19: e e6" drgih
"'':* l'l 1ste (br'le ieence of your native soil
'. i:, .;L.around'your patriotic Goveruor and
'j* ; : tant soldiers I Obstruct and destroy
all roads in Sherman's front, flank and
Si f'add his, army will soon starve in
i;.' midst 1Be confident and resolute!
.'M' Mt in an overruling "Providence and
a/ icess will crown your efforts. I hasten
tkjoia.you in the defence of your homes
S ad resides.
[Bigndd] G. T. BEAIUEGARD.

"'T ] ... T MACON.
1 7 IraaZEN8 UDBEfI AItrS.
i Ac.ox. Nov. 10.-The Military authori-
., ies are active and vigilant, and every
lis unide arms, Confidence is being
1iwMtoled. 'hie enemy is believed to be on
Sor right, distant about thirty miles.-
r he city will be defended to the last.
Tite Georgia Delegaticn to the Peo-
S. pie of the State.
Sl' BI oMON, Nov. 19.--People of Gcor-
S gia -W hLave had a special corrpspon,
S deice'wtb President Davis and tlie Sec-
. retary t'f,'ar, and tire able to nssure you
S. that.they hpse done and are still doing
all that cai be done to m"9t thie energcn-
I that presses upon you. Let every man
S -to arims, Remiove your negroes, hor-
'' cattle and provisions away from Sher-.
.;" l' army, and burn what you cnnrfot
carry.., Hurn nil bridges and block.up
S the roads on the route, Assail the ene-
Ia: y jiP laon, flank iand rear, by night and
"by dity. Let him have no rest.
S'igtled] JULIAN HARnTnlai, 0
3. J. H. EcHOs,
SJ. W. SMrrTH,

Wi Latest front the United State$.
',Itli; t1 41, Nov. 18.-Baltimore papers
S of yesterday were received to-night.
--.- ---g _.r..tA-t -i--tt.in from Nistiilfe- says tl~'it
ciniy ofFlouince, Ala., ono corps being
S n le north side of the river. The con-
'' itii of tl, roads's pret active mili-
S ar' ry 6perafiona, and the Irtbel aji',' re-
muains perfectly quiet.
f' The Na-l ille \i;g say:i udge V,, igli,
af Geoigia, recently a nmenr4er o Lithe
!i4,ond Coiigress, ias p LS.C hr.:ugl
'- ri Tle to Waslhinglon. t, sec wlitr c.ta
a" be done toward, briaiging ab)t ". ,.-
,L Bea"s't iurfer, in a spetci al N~;w V iI
on Monday evening, iaid tI.at ihe G v;
b erimoul t night now prffer thle olive
;' brat oh to the rebels, leiindc'ing An Iamiie-
y to lie..rebels and (heir leaders. until
she 8th'of January ; and Lhai if they iten
'.- h o:t, he would Iarur an Ulispaiiibg
*,,. Jri0cutionaof the war.
$c' ,' cecllan's resignationn has been ar-
.. td and l9heridun li1as been ippoinl.J
: to the vPsAlnt puv.iton. en. Lagnri. .f

*" ouadod. y, larpi.oors o Suadv
S Liwrpool dales to te 5th have been re-
V. 1- h 'J faLtt of France I is re.uccd lhe
atf('diEeuunt to .eenll per ctt.
,.- BIpG n has sent an uhliniaauoi to Paru.
'IfT tIbsatidfaclion be noiL g;ven, a S,:n.-
isksnhadron.will be;Lzc tho I.ep,,blic au
Ai+ roy itre flier.
' nada dib'aiches say eff,-ciive steps
S, ,iM ttakkn LO prresrvr peace on iLe

S Propeller Georgia, seized at Chambers-
dtb e W- ei', by Culelietur f U s-
r'. elved 0to e tfitii out a. a
l privaLD Sl. Ab ,'t.fan iniu

. A ca lsirpd 'imuexitm.jathe
SrtI. I Ins. a e
SI-RI^ l t1 Aeltimore,
I coataiis very li -
at~rl: ietm round in New
S 4i '~l -t.of his ope-
iJ'h e Pertpftraent ut the "iotIi-'
t a in set lia a tFirace wtidlthe
a s'ge8- ( wayv efltirely
B'We piain-.is-1o make the
la t ve.- rSiuiltj, v ai,] b h&
.i fisitly t Ih to .ndia.h.
-,CK BjnansJe arrived at u'polrt's l naii-
t'i-l fie4k%' ,and protijekcd immediaic.-
l9i e3 : .*_
h.. olcial vote in Mnrtylain for pi.- '
A l'*l riq.87,300; for McClellan S3,t4i.:

S', ^Sifg-LBthiiner o in tne -of' its- srons; cdi-'
461' ire, tleles latte late elcttioa shiRm in
.s:'- ibeeNth, an'd-nawts' hbw Lince'el' sa-
y ~aie4oo)1k -eward,' worked thle wil e.--
S iS1-bei ule! ivares a panie by reported
"eI -- bIltto tocome fr, m Canaqda, wlhi.h
Smati W lre f-olish people welcome the
eV.ftcO6eOf the tuiilftary, and then he seu-
ntb tp to imprisonment for life it h a'd
labor" two Bemoetratic'Stiae agent, au a
warning to all the resr who have been en-
gaged ii -collecting otes for McClellan.
ow 4'hlatitfal we' shuld be that we
.; tave eneW6p-d all political and social con,
u-aseptdrf~ hi'li the people who subilt to
Fernando Wood was a"candid te for
-.,Coagiba in the' Ninth District. his corm-
S petitors being G, E. Ballwin, of the Thm-'
ad y p arty. and .1.-T. Smith and W. A.
"'- Darling,-of the other factions of the De-
P- eerecy. James Brooksi, of the Express,
WrM"so'r Tunning against WooJ, ias hbs
beeltletd in soine telegraphic reports,
S-.j .the'igbhth District, against Thos.
J, trr, and W. E. DoJge,
-' A .16 blacinemith beog asked tse
t- ang of metaphysics explained as fol-
i: 'When a party that listens disna
h bat the 'party who speaks enaaps,
pPy jts 'pe adfs-drfa kbn what
l u1fxmseU-lh. t is metaphysiao."


w -
S- i f . |."_, -


a* V# MG V2 6,1864.

.' .-8ugar, Sy'rup, Bagging
S T Y, arns,. Ct toa Cards .
e. Hatse and C4
Calko, TvwUr~iiJ.Les
Rix one, &eedles button .
Sil Threid, Thimbles -
S To BrushesWBin4Jog Tap .
Si eSt Briukt ,
S W Pl nases, att-Celars
Spectacls, Cases, Misses Gloves-
Fine Cloth Brushes, Sand Paper
I Silver Butter Knives
Percussiofi Caps
S Carpenter Planes, Squares
Hand Saws, Compasses
Locks, Latches, Bolts
Hooks and Staples, Bridle Bits
Stilllards, Fish Hooks, Augers
Chisels. &c.
Blue Mass, Calomel, Quinine
Dovers Powders, Morphine
Sage, Paragorio, Lauduunl
Sweet Spts. Nitre, Salphat Zinc
Balsam Copabia, Sugar of Lead
'ulpbur, Alum, Extract Logwood
Nox Vomica, Borax. Cloves
Spanish Brown, Tobacco
Segars, &e., &c.
All of which I will exchange for Tal-
low, Hides, Beeswax, Bacon, Lard. &c.,
Nov. 12 93-tf

Brigudicr Gneral of Florida, to raise
a ICmpany of Volunteers, for the dlefence ot
Florida, I invite volunteers to join me in the it
holy cuase of
The usual psy, rations and clothing will be re-
ccived. and tle men wUl have their rig ,ts, and
be protected in them. Conme to me at Levyille,
and with strong ar-ms and stout hearts, we will
drive back the hated fee that attempts to invade
our soil. I solicit my friends to .;r l.v- ri;
uoWee, alli assist me In filling up i.,v ,-..1,,,ii r" .
Our people want salt, and they inlst'be prote,!t-
edi whili iWlkiig i.
October 29' 41-1t

AiAD)sov, Oct. 21, I864.
No. 37..
granted urdecr authbrity of the War
Department to persons between the ages
of 18 and 45 yvars having been revoked
by General Orders No. 77, A. .,i. I. G.
office, current serie.-, :ill ',,L, :,t-ui._,
..illimmedia l.y riep(.r ti I "I El r 1 r
Officer of their respective counties, pVre
piacd lobe for'.irld... to the Camp of In-
II. This order embraces all persons
who have been detailed bp order of the
War- DcparLnment, whether as agriculitura:-
ists, mechanics, publ'o or private ncces-
sitr, or otercause, with the following
exceptions: .
slt. 1en detailed and :eluall. employ-
ed in the service of the Government, as
a l| i:.:-, mechanics, or persons of sciem-

2d. Those detailed'and now engng d in
the msinufacture, collection and forward-
iug of indispensable supplies for the armyI
and navy.
11. Ein rolling Officers will see that
Iar. .I, o1 I h;- ni-.er, is promptly complied
withiand will forward :l11 [.,r-.-.. \uiose
det ils ntie )],,rei.y dted.] irt..l I A. l, to /
'the Camn p I-t' lItli i ,:ij at Madison.' -
A Speci I U,-Aid .of dUrgions will :be
convened at the Camp fori the'examtina-
-ti9n of persons reporting under this or-
der '
-V. All mern recommended hy tbh Isi
trict Examinaing' Bo6rds 'for iihlit J f r V.|
adidunawssein,:, nwil -it t.n-e- pcrl 10
Major Ed-il Mc'ia.Jv. o-,nm.,d.in.,
Samnip L ay. ,iUli- a '..i.. itI ,-ir 'ent ult. I

in it: ticlJ. ... I
1y t U_-tLo -ar or1 M,:. D rni i '..nru'.JtN..
"* 1"i \\. Ll;i.ME, J
N,.v. .5 lbj2-4t Lieivi. an AJ r."
Lost or Iislaid. :
3i of Juiiary. 1862'. we or eih-r ol !
u promise to pay M-ai l B. Cpipr-le.ari._
Shcrirf-aol e- ,ti'.:j, '.ipUi r'irat. r iii.h
Estate ,.:1 L,iighin o allt a il. ,i-cei m ,'i, jr
henarer, lhe si r ii'f ti:e iundre.l an.1 liir-
t.Y-seien 650-0.t d oll ir for ahlipr, rec-ivir
ed. with eiglit per cenil interest I'eonditt,
iLs 7Ih day r,f4itrw,4y, I:,1. .l "
BUiM ['<'l-l[tAM 't ,-. L:
- AVI3 t2. U ;..JR
TV dim.: b i e L 8 ,4 8 i --'"

inte. -" "*a .-&At'B
N(.w. S *:* W --

'aM* Jte .1 M.at(?.

baertso Jit-cairL ei.6HaeA iiifieof. o-l4r.-

c4ils.Patperinti'eLeabJteiB ,PreiAet Kniie,
Files, Gfhb-le sf, sh-Ltb*Wks, 'Nat, Tae'y:i
'forth BIa sli3esCorbiba'.~yoi p. R ,.e Fhttr.
t'"ookin^ da. Iau',. Ioyanwao. Q tinine.
Epiou Sail. Bhack Prpper. RKtl?e P-owter,
Tin Ct'up an- ori,. o r -t-iti lt-.4 i to uiimeiAn-u
(o iemiin. By -' B. M. 4MEN L E tT'.
Gainesille., (ie. 2.',,, -i,
- -----

F ORsale' by t.he.ounceand half ounce
by J. A. MASUN..
Sept. 17, 85-tf -

A LL persons indebted; to the Estate of
. James Mrraa .S:ewart. late of .\l'i-
ehun Coutlnry -e~e,ied, will make imma-
date paymuMont, aon ilse lohaiung clifain
will prese i-ith.': ,luly aqtheuticite.l with-
inthae-time. prescribed by law, or this u,)-
lice will be plead iu bar of the same.
J. AR NOW, Exeuator.
Oct. 29; 91-"w

TNX rponilb after date. I will preaei
my accounts and vouchers to J.'C.
Gardner, Judge of Probate, of the State
of elorida, for'thecounty ot'Alaehuq, on
the Esmteof Daniel H. Bemonettlate of said
county deceased, and aii% to be iiseharged
from further Administraiion of said Ectate.
C. RAIN, Adm'r.
Sep 3d, 1864.

G 0 AI, E S V EL L E
SI R .-.TW. WQ I-K S
T r-HE undersigned havingentered into n
I :L co-partnership in the Fou'ndry and
Forge' bsiiess, are prepared to. do al
work in- t-he line of casting, ald forging.
Either from east or wrought iton. -Suct
aqo yrtIp kettles, ovens, spiders, ,&c., in a
word all khins of castings. I-row, for a t
kid .i .' fhaj ',lLensia,. &p., will b pre-
* perewl ii&.lhe'o. -
i A !ibcrafprise i flb* paid for all old
Seast, or wroagt ircn delivered at .their
FoPtndr i titllecin cast or- wrought iron, or
in mmone.
Persous who h nate any old scrap iron,
wrought br cast; are earnestly solicited to
bring it forward. .
Gainesville, Fla.,- May, 14,.. 71-t.f

J, H. CROSS. ,
Coiince or. at JLaV-w.
I7 LL practice in all the Conets of
W East Florida, particularly in the
Circuit Courts of Marion and adjoining
Counties. Office nt his residence two miles
West-of Ocala, he cani be found in Ocala
on mail days..
Oct. 10, No. 44-tf

GtinesVllle, Fla.
Will practice-in the Circuit Courts of Nas-
sau, Coluinbia, BrBdford, Alachua. and Le-,
vy counties of the Suwannee Circuit, and
Duval and Marion of tlh Eastern Circuit;
and will also attend the Confederate States
District Court for East anl South Fla.-, and
he State Supreme Court.
Gainesvile, Aug. 1st, 1863. : 84 -tf.
,~*i Columbioncopy tf.

Attorney at ILaw.
G inal3svlllo, Fla.
"T ILL attend promptly to all business
trustedd to his care in the'Coun-
til,- io' j.-irj it? S uwaunuce Ciroiit, and
Maariin-of the Eastern.
Oct 81. No. 47-tf

Ginaes.ville,. Fla., April 121', 1864 j
AT any time .l. ;rg ,.y ni, tii the
business of this ..lti. e till receive prompt'
attention from Mr. S. A. Swann..
F. C. B.\ti;rl::1 Tr,
April 16t Depositary.
April 6t. 67-tf
The undersigned has opened the above
named IHo;el at
and is prepared to entertain the travel-
li.,g lb;i-... JAMES A. JOIINSTON.
June 11, .- 75-tf

Tallahassee, Oct. 28,1864.
VICES of ilires g,-,,l Clerks. No per-
son between tlia tiori'. ui 18 and 45- need
apply, unless they hawe certifia-.t.&s of dis.
ability. :I will pay i len, if detailed froi.
Reserves or other roops, ..-1i per mitlri.
\1' ill i nake special: contract with parties
exempt from service. /
Nov. 5 ;. 192 -1t -'- Capt. A. C. S. '

SIX WEEKS A F i'f 1.TE. r \V [LL
make application t o the Jud&e of Pro.
.hate of '-Putnra coan!T;y, Florida, for-L'et-
Icr fr .'tditirii.lrdtli'. ui;pon ihe E-i tre of
Gr-llif S.,i- uUi ., li.re oft" sai.l coumi y
ile.c-i,:e' U. LE I L. SHEA ROUJ E.
- ,N V,,N.v 5 . :.-- *3 .-- *

I iN ajl narfc-r nli.. 15ii h ,f this nortlli. I
i -I ll sit 1 tlan ril on sA ar ls. '1'Uitul:-
ful tlr p L-a p.itrun.ig.. t li i.e luner,, Will
bh Colt iUtili w tcn IeJiliet ier ai.lj hu are
alw1'w kep i on liaIII. LedilIe r bAor zLi
Sgi veti ro tide-, oil ant t.Illow.
Cet..8,. -^n b e .

ALL prr N'_ Ht[".t1 D_; ti 'k;IM\N-
t._r- alnJ F,.':ij..,: ,% ,n .:.r 'c.'.fb ." ir j"- h tc-
-\ n .'iTr ih- idlh~ 1 h1 ,r ilihl;. .ai I l : .e i.,;! .i ..,i, at
ililtIfiti.5 1- r .tlrire-*T. ...I1 ,t elt.-b hj.-.ve not
.L-.it i. \'uiielvi'. ,ja'1 1u I '.Ur pio h -l-- ar n j'nd

..1 FI' d -:- i 1i .AM t LI' N.
S, a i- q al.rtie .te-i r.
n -, o .. e,-rn .

1C prOW6F E-44 IVfr FL. r.f.
"Gu-inursaile. (Otte-.~1th, 1It8.. fJ
N (7oticr.s wilt bL4 ll...Wed 'Io papsj iiO
i.liir 1.iaif6hl ce'aeCon-,anied 'y b. lr'.
osw-ere 0ot bj sOue ri?'wponiblje w-lti per-
I,. "- 1. D, .AflLTI.
'' ga'r .lS pr'i .
Oct. 22. IS 1 90-tf.

-- -
.IX weiek-i a er -daile, I w;H apply to'
SJ,' '* .G trier, Judge of Pr..lt.e. -of
lle State'of Florda. lor the C'ouu y of'
Alachmu. for -ttors if Almi.ntsrrattioinon
the E-tr.e .of Mary Staffbrd, late ofsaid
i'unIIyv .deceased. -J. T, JOLLY.
Ooi 29, 9--- "

.Supreime' CourSt of Florida. -
.LN aLi a recent confotence ofthe Juaii-
ces ol thie .Supreint Co:'urt; it was resolvedd
that, In view of thedi0-tirbLd rind unset-
tl6d condition of the country. gro-,;i; out
,0f the m'iliit.ry. opetr'iuu-s the tfotmy,
all cAii-e- 4i i-iug In a'y ot' ie several
Judicial Diatrirc- of the Stuie. would (byd
ithe Ci menl of parties) be Lh-ard and.dte-
ernejiiied at the regular time of the Court,
eppoin iid by law lu be held at, Taillhas-
lee, on the first Monday in aPa'emaber
prm., xiio."
AttelS : C. L. T. BLAIE. Clerk.
Wineaass the HoLi. C. 11. DuljiCF,
Chief Justice.
ov'. 12, --d C -

_wittii a4eaineg oand dispatch at this


A.ctsand Reiolkion; passed at the fourth
S- e asirn naf le .frst Congress, 1863, 1864.

An Act to cont mine ih force add amend
ith provistoeMtoer n act, approved Jan-
U.ary 13th, 18ti4, 'ioreasing the comn-
,eation 't c"eer.tiin officers and em-
ployees Ii l eivil an-d leg'.lative de-
pa' ment., a ~ichin,nd.
'The Congress.hf the Confederate States
of Anieriitca do enact, That the provis-
ions of -1'i act entlil.l" An actto increase
the compnp. n at.rlr-, certain civil officers
and enfpli. e.- in, the President's office,
und in Executive nd Legislative Depart-
ments, tu RiMhidn.r1, f..r a limited pe-
riod,"' ailpr..\l I Jhaiuuity .14th, 1804, be,
ndd the Stile 'F herl-i, continuect in
force umilil i 1 i.-btr'dl, ...t Jan a -, 18n5
and that the 'r-nnfi' is ..,f the said act be,for
the titne t f'...-i, continued to such
clerks of ih:. [i'ei-..,'y Dp.pairt.t ent as
have recently been removed 'from Rich-
mond to C.'..ilas. South Carolita, and
such othe:-' .lI.c ks may be there cm-
Approved May 13, 1864.

[,.i \,hr r [ 1. ] .
An Act to pI..'l.- I, 1-i ~ for Senators
and rlh.rel.-er ovil. in. Congress when
travelling in th.- 'Vu'" I l.i ,r `i411i .t.
Tlic Congress -..T Ile i.'..-r;t l,--:i e States
of America do en ime, TIi(t ii -I Il be the
duty of the r.cr,-t'y ..It State of the Con-
federate Stai.,' to lar'nii-. without appli
cation, each Senato #-nd- Represent*live
in Congress, de!er-ite ial oltt-I .cr olf i.iel
House, wiilli...,r i~~iifie vc tIIl..I r seal,
setting_ l:lrih lu':e ftlicial charae'.er of
.uch Ser t..r .r 1: I~'*.ent ili:-,. Jcleogate
or officer: -in- I l .. et!rI 'tie. ire, wi.-n ex-
hibited, -lhill e.tiilethe- p r.er:i t whom
it is issued t. I;. i; 11i ..u l r. evi-
dence, oi ;ni i. L' l1.) in I t. 'f. the
Gunfeder.it ,'- I. t. pce'.tc' i t ,t i t shall
not entitle him to ; iiti n army or ves.-l
of war against lii.- I.j .lr.. of the com-
manding officer thl.-r pi.
.\ll'.oved May 23, i864.
S- --
r [CH'AlT' IV.]
An Act to extend the ranking pr vilc-g.
The Congress oftli.: I-'..i lera Satiel
of ,America do enictr, T'lii dihe I .ovisiouns
of tie first pro' iso ,:' i hi rl'lt s -:.tion of
the act entitled "An -It t to prescribe the
rates of poutaga in the otfederate "States
ofAimerica, and for other purposes," ap-
proved 23d Febrnary, 1801, be extehledt
to the ae ngeimt of 'ie P:.t-( Ihe- Depart-
,. Mh % %C:l ,,1 lh~t .r ."I'JIip,. 'u ,1 t,_, li
.A u ..; .i -,...I I h I, a. Ma iS-' sppi t a.'Y-.
ment, upon all matter connected with tihe
adjustment and sett'rment of postal ac-
Approved May 23, 1064.

An Act to autho:izu the -appointment of
aommissaries for regiments of cavalry.
The Congr-es of thle- nf@edlrate S atcs
of Amerida do e niet, TlIat firm in I after
the passage of tio s act. there shalLl al-
lowed to each i ,--iii:i ..,r' cavalry i.i the
army of the C...,ier;ilero S.-,*s, one com-
nissary, with ili e am- ri inl, l.iy and al-
lowaniws as are allowed: by law to the
quartermaster of such reginieat..
A .itf, \\' I lIay 28, 1:;,l. .

[oi nt,' vi.]
An Act to ex l.ift rl IrdI c-,jlarparuics from
the payment offcerl tif iuiei.
The Congress of KbI Cril rate States
of America do enact; Thdt al lmaehi'nery
and ruater-ials in any we i 1rcessary.for
the construction, e-tUrii[. it anad, oera-
tion of railroads, ii.-'.,--.l t.y"any rai;-
rofad .company for it. ,wi it e. anld all
cngin-e, ars, and oilier rolling stock, fir,
use upon any railroad, .be .admitted ffi o
of duty during I:.- .sllriin warL.
Ap'I,'.,e..v'l May 23, I -J1..

An Act .to provid-.'rfr hlle I|p,.intlii-nt of1
officers with ,teniri-'aj ir.,; and.eum-
mand. l : .'\ t "m .
Tle l -ogress of tliL '.:,ui- 'ite States
of A.mei',.,. doi enact, T'..it hie lPsideu-t
be, and eheis l.t iu'.r-., 'rzi'l, by nild
with the ad S iic a i CoI'...L t I' It.li uSenaIe,
to nl .lf,1.,:.iti '- nl[',J'"t'ri ifjicl' Ol' the-ra k
of brigadier getteral,- tiute.e:anat egeral
for the pr\ ..0 a ii, ,i n an i a1soig'he.iiem
to any .tli;.lt' .' ; I U r i oin LI. i.
r.:.. -. 'iJi Ilt ih :i t vl!tlicers, so ap-
puol i e, silh ay.i ay ho.t4 i-trglsid_.rra a
andl `Qi, said chnmmaud, for sueitam- as
ng. In l I-d c Anifouxs, ad suner .tAe A
lte ltnili-e. ir, exigeney ay..tr I oure, at0
tijce (xiltitlull i uL A ul, itiailme ltheiy 'all
ieenitme teir 'tO lo, i perwieue ra.ik.-
and eommalpd.l- .. .
Approved Mty J31, 18"t. -

[An. TEBR IX] .,n -
An Act to anetid anpct; entitled A aeot to
aid f i11 State ta -ta e aiUuioatingwitfh
and p,- tcrl.cr.lr.g irBt'dri. nnrueenit- itt
truy4-,. "' nuipvA.i I ljth Fitbruat-y, '1861.
T'le Cultgtres o 1 the Coifed'r.I'iaLe States
of Americoa da enacyiThat-ithe above
namtied sot be,; a' -te .same- is. ,hereby, ..
am3uiudtd o as L allow I thoe Sae utfintue
thl-rLin nnwed, itho righkl 1o purchase fof-
age for one horse ia ad-lti-un to ihe right
-grjrnld ihearby to'iHrehtso 'one-riition,
s;ail purchases tL;be rsadE- uponlthe sante
ic-nri atid couditions, and under the.
amae cir e.umstaaees tinder" whioi e-ie
cer .o' the proviaionalarmy' ray "by a--.
towad-to prinnhase rations or forage, .
Appt-or od May81', 184., .

An Act to amend an act entitled "An aoit
IC'eaii iii tlie ofice of 1nsiga iu the arttny
of the Confederate t-ates."
The Congress of the (onfoderate States
if America do enact, Thatthte above.'re-
;ited aot" be, and the eanpe is hereby,
amended so as to allow the appointment
of an eu-ign io egii, bitailion of infantry
Sec. '-ItiK tlme isiul act, and tbi

amregauent thereto, shall be ujlerstood
and construed to apply only to the pro-
visional army of the Conederate States.
- Approved May 31, 181.

An' Act to amend the several acts in re-
. gard to chaplains..
The Congress of the Canfederate States
of America do enact, Thft the President
be, and he-is hereby, authorize by and
with the oonseI t 9f t*e- Senate, to ap-
point, when in his judgmentt it may be

~__ ___ __ __~__


and tea olLnrs eruay lortepeitdses wie ,. .
an ten oirl ir t ag 'or e c tiu of AX Act ie promote the efficiency of the
nrec,-sarily travel ng i.he i 0 r .y of e p- ion ara. to
ii ei,'" oers - :tvlry oFlie pi'oy On l, Iaray. aid to
Approved-Juide4, 186. pnimh lawtesmnes and irregularities
of any portions rhmerer. -
c rHAPTE XVI.- -' The, Cotgresa of the Confederate Sta'e
S A .- f . f A:erica do edact. That t he 1inmmiJ-
An ,Act to provle.i for the appointment o ig' of any iy in tel field SII tll
-.ldlti)n-dl military tlure-keepers in tit ingJ pomfer d.. ine i ..m.n.ning
ptovisional army of the GonfeAerte In t heon mierdo d" iBcer m tffi
.t ,of _,. non-commi v'. oicer oer. .
Stattets. ' , *J ,"cor3, soldier or soldier, ia':the cavaJry
The Cong:ess of thle OS-fpAe e tates rvioe in his conand, W~a to pioe p rimA
of America do enact. T1 a thie PIrei den't o, them In the infantry, -wi sh-all misha-
be authorized' to appoint tin military rhte befor-ethe eneiy. or shaull be- gftty
sforckeepfrs ofvrdnaaee -i, thee.pros r of illegally wasting. s-,ltMiig or. apro-
monal -army.oQfte Cetieaae 0tues, in priating to his owna e naay privaJtaprow
aldiiin to tloae authorized t~y ea, of erty, or of doi nm*ry ioleae to any eili-
May 1st, 1.863, entitled "**A. act to r- ro n
vide for -th9 appoinimentl of tpilitary ts. 2. T.ai te ,iseoB anreit to
storekeepers in the pror),-tioai a ey Oi' hB t
'the 'Confelerate .. I'..l e .i n "ay"h vehad thesejrib,. b ,^-
pay-*ad aLUot~eWta% ue oa*- meba. sc. 4W kt fa. Ihe u Ofe the I IBihs
fantry, and fie with i-he p~g gL g iee he U to
amcei of a first lieuenant of infrpiry. r - -
S"c. 2. Thi aillital'ry f $W t -'A 'i ,
the-firset-las, so appoined sabIA e. tW
quire.l Lp gve trheusul u -be tits0iB *hlt0-01 t, 4' .
of $,'2tti.ll. and thi ose at' the aecicoiI c.a..s t e.-s..I .. C. I -is, 1 .
in !le stn- of $ftSt.,)t.J.. Tha not xhal.b sam de -Feb-
in fr-e froml its passage : eaProt id .*.. *A.&- d,
That no one shall be appior unair-itV allow r uqm4u, it utLiqds oc.l; a
provisions except persons whOk. wr-pe. rawi.ns atrm tlhe p-iligs le ofpurai.
lorudingL the duties' of acting :1e. ai. 'tag t t' it.-rhea.ite r- -D.
storekeepers prior to JanuAry lt, toj -, ,ae .. -
or have become inmepadtated" by wouuni'te. C i g- ., .f
or sickness for sative-se h : '- -f.Arer: a do euac., T-" aL tmae" s
ApIproved June 4, 18i4L.ed others in the arMw444 nary thal
'" be eatitled to eneratio'. *nd siett amit.
[c.rAPTr1r'XVI.] .* aired ioaers the field Ira fst wat h
An Act to ablboriae the judges ofthedis- -&dditiont threto,:sil ba alweptP .
trict courts of te Confederate Stptes se from any oomiar- r other
to appoint and change the limes and eer required to issue iubtiteae tQ sol,
places of holding ; tie : ts In theit re- "iset, ma4nes. e r smlen, at the prime
pective ditrict cost thereof, including trUinportation, ,a
Te Congress of the Confd ae StAtes follows:- One ratio eaoh for offers of
of America do enact, That the Jdaes of arid below the rnk ofloQadt; .two re-
the- district courts of the Confederte os eachfor oicets ofthe rankofbrig-
States have-power and authority t o ip adiergeiral, major ge.era*l# abd lte-
point and change the times ,ad pplame of tenant g-eneral; antd thw ratio eaiI.
hold the courts in their reactive -di- or one ratin ea r
triots, whenever, in their,judgment, t"ia miss"oed oak ears ofthea vy of -t1 b"e-
public xigerces nmay require and they low the raik af commander, and two re-
shall have power in tern time or at cham- tions each for ofleersrbove $ht rak.
bore, to pass all necessary oMierslto effeot e. 2. That an offer sell- n*ot drw
such appoiatmeat or change of time or or purchase, at y time, spre. of the
place, and to provide for the removal of omtiponet -part.of .ratio thban is ed
the records and files of the ourt. t "he s-prlae sold'rljt LhB sa tune.,
Sec. 2. This act shall continue in force See. 8a TThateting entieleds It this
daring the existence of the present war act or tel ot to lwhic tthi i an afte*t-
with the United Strte. mentaiol for rios or as C -
Approved June 4, 1861. mote to re iveor or as h utaonS. e
oni9er to resive-or purehuaat rittoaj. &-
[cHAPTER 'I.] cept when he reqtiros rhei forh i owa
An Aet to establish certain' ist routes Sec. 4. That this aet shall oaoiatnu i
therein am. f .orde only durilig the war.
The Congress of the Oonfdoerasta Stat Approved Jua i 1864.


um Ic W&A~s rbjL 4&4 110
&he Ysinkee raid on.9tu
Shbe has a sms,11 star fu b *~C4
-en whlehe hind fbc. f
jaorh Sauitb id Alvoah"ad etiI
ato1pbsis sto be in Qspt z i
'A. litbeml f'~ OWfl'
hevdeLivaq to the sobseribr. -
44-. 20-st 18" 94"F.-~

r e0 Rm
Kulases Falb. ..j,-, -.-
:'Augero s oChluapq, lb

'- A x a s T e a m,

Socks.J .
m&1bbleis, t '

'Lad ei s 4~

fsy.r h BmruI bib.
aub Sar. ltf 1. a.
Pgwder, ShaC ~t:~u;L~

teat. ~ I pm.m ei..I.. Im

*# ., 85 -5
th d whiab7 w'--f a PAW

04~roket B~odk apdd g~t~~Li ~ I.


*utcubOrd. r a im ft
$-A t;WSM bw w-brmd .h
four -hpadreJ, Isb
'WA e OW Inab" in'..
u*wrd rwiU be j fvl-rrio krle
a" go 0@6010-~~ C'

an~y two

proper to do so, chaplains io' battatibns -
and to gonera-N-haopitals, who shall receive
the -mile pity and al1oWateestanow*author-
ized by law to chaplains appointed to reg-
iments and posts. '
ApprovedMayS8iS 1, . ... : -

CHrPTEn-Xr.L .]
An Act to provide for the appointment of
a Jiabur.ing lferk in the War Depart--
nenr ,
The Congres of the ConTed'fertd-:Ettes
of America do enact, That there e sha~tf
appointed by the Secretary of War\, a
clerk, with a.salaiy of $2,'l:) p.er aonunm,
Swho sliall be" charged with -making dis-
bursements for the said departmen-t, and
who shall give a bend, with -e,:ui iiis.fur
the faithful perf.i'rmanioe of the duties of
his office, in such sum as thie Sc 'reiIry iof
War shall- prescribe. .Au.1 tll :icns ian]
parts of acts now providing- for the ap'-
pointimert and salary of disbursing clerk
for said department be, and the same. are
hereby, repealed: Provided, said salary
shall not continue for a period beyond the
duration of the war wit !i the United States.
Approved May 31, 1861.

Ah Act to secure the prompt printing of
the laws of the Confederate States.
The Congressof the Confederate States
of America do enact, That the Attorney
General-be, and he is hereby, :Itt'h.II-z-I i
to employ, from time to tiue. uich i l-
ditional clerical force as he may deen.
necessary to aid the law clerk to prepare
promptly for publication, immediately-af-
ter the adjournment of each session of
Congress, the ncts, resolutions and treaties
of the Confederate States, adopted Ju.i ing
the session
See. 2. That the Attorney Genesal be,
and he is hereby., authorized to contract
for the priming, pullillII:g in-l 1,:nu] g
of the act', resolutions and Ir.~ Ic f. ilop-
ted at each session of Congress,. comfort-
ably to the provisions ofau entitled "'An
act to provide fir the safo cust I l., priat-
ing. publicali. i ud dii l l ';Iil.itiin of tihe
laws, and to .r.... .le I .-r the alp..intmm ht
of an. t.ilil i.ii I clerk in the Department
of Justice,": approved 5th of August, 1861,
wlieriever, in his judgment, they may not
be promptly executed. by the public prin-
Sec, 8. That all the pihir;ng required
by the heads of the several executive de-
partmnents (the Post-Offiee Department
excepted,) shall be executed under the
direction of the-Superinteide.t of Public
Printing; and such compensation shall
be paid as imay l.,e .tir'et'l upon bLtwe-,ii
tl e. Idc. o il.d ..oriJ m d 5jn -.-T'mc, Vd-
ly, and the contractor or contractors do-.
ing the work. The Superintendent, of:
Public Printing shall have authority to
apportion the work of said d-pUartiLmeut,
among any number of contractors and i
printingg e-ti 1 lil:,mi 'um ts i,:i u. tly be'ne-
osas-ry to secure the prom pt execution ,'
thiref, 'ild he minmy.ave the salme done :
hy job or- otherwise. I
8;c. 4. In addition to tLe.copy Qf the
laws which tile members of C t-r s ar.
now entitled to receive by law, 're
shall be delivered to them by the Attorny-
Geieral one copy of the atts of -each-es-
sion of -Congress, and'one copy of the
laws of the, provisional Congress now in
course of publietion, and hereafte 'every 6
new member of C,-n-rcn-s s hatl f:e- eiaeri- I
tied to two copies of said lw: AI
Approved June 8, 18;4 ; ;.
_3,I ;A'_ .
"' a -.C v l.-- - S
An -Act-to furui-h transportation tO ofi-
cers of the army and navy while tray-
el'ng.under orders. -
Tile ituu-r,'c3 of ihe Confoderaie Slat8es
ofi Al.erit e d euac', That u fi,.er- ,`f the
army and navy while travellngundor 6o-
ders of the War or. Navy-Depar:tmenf.sltMl'
be allowed transportation .a -ki-nd. eor
thcmscelYeaaijd -their personal bdggag-e.


1~ ~-


k r


of Amereia. do enati-, Ti tilhe, follwinjug
.post I'oute 60, ADn f-he -'amnpe are hereby,
established, n-vrmelf: From lipo to'dw'of.
Amerious, in Suamter eaunty-i Gergia. by
way ot Ellaville. in Shley couony. and
Beuna Vista, in.Maiion county, t(, o ne-
vi, in TalblH 0ountv. Georgit *'l.s.) from
.nrok -ikg Poet -')ff e,-f talttliaitisnbirg
distriiL. quth .AalVa,. to Cantley's,- in-
lie same disiriic and Stame. Alsq from
Mi~tlchester. in Cuniberlaonl eunu ty. North
Carroina, i ftee'ly ABrncli. in the -arne
corise*sy.' Ait'- ft-ro T-ItRheirferd4 leouri
Housu, .Nori-h Carolina. by Williaim funt-
ley'sI McDaniel'-s' illS, near Poor's Frod,
E. 6. Siehlmrun's. 1'; Idiand, .on Biroait
river, 'Fod Mills," North 'ar'itima. Arrnw.
wo.l Pait-Office, S..ith Carollina, Budk
Creek Po't-Ofrlfi, soulh C.trriinT, :tO
S-Uartnul.reg CotiI(tl Huuse, Soltull .'aroli-
na. Also from the town of Jefferson,
Jackson: county, to (Uiin-ville, in H i-l
county Georgia. 'Also from Athens, in
Clark county, to Lnwrene,-ille. Guinei.
county., Georgia. Also from DD illojneg 1,
iin umpkin county, by way of (leveland,
in White county, to Clarksvil;e, in 1Ha-
bershcart county; Georgia. Also from In-
depandeuce, Graysor county, Virginia, by
way of Noah Loag's, John L. Harring-
ton's aud Samuel Perkins' to "Big Mead-
owa, in -thi- S I conrity o)fGivay u. Also..
from IRye. Valley, in Smyti county, Vir-
ginia, by way of Esquire Ross's, in Gray-
son county, and .Brlle C Ck. to' Inde-
pendence. in said county of Grayson. Al-"
.so from A3ig Lick, in Roanoke codhty,Vir-
*ii ,-tc, Rocky Mjuut, Fr.inkliii county,
'By way of Benbrook. Alsofrom Warwick
P.i-.tOffl. e, in Wrih ce.ua y. Georgia. to
Vienna, Dooly. county, Geo-gi-, Also
f-om Isabella, Worth- county, Georgia, to
Irwi-vnille, Irwin county, Goo.rgla. 'Also
from Reidsville, in Rockingham coun;y,
North Carolina, via W Int w.,rth adp Leaks-
vil-le, in-s idl IeoIu), to Ridg vain fenry
counuiy. Virginia. Amenmd route No. twen-
ty-onl hundired anl seventy three so a to
read "from -Fa.yu:cuvile,. be Lumber
Bridge, Dundu-irrac, Mialta, Gilopolie,
Lasivi bin rg, Sp-inugfidld, G -ii-on' S1iore,
and Brighiti ille. S,.'ith Carolina, to Ce--
raw, Sut lh Cairulina, "
Approved Jane 4, 1864.

[cH. ris xx.]
An Aet to extend to the- na v. and marine
cops the provisions 'of the third- section
.of .'An-act to organize fotoes to -.erve
during the war,'".approved February
17th, 1864.
The Congress of the Confiderate S'atps
of Ameria d,) enact. TialL thej.-brsiui
iij iThlfirTrTFThon -)TtLe ci entitled
"An act to organize forests to serve diarinz
the war," approved IFebru-aryj17th, 18!,
be, and the same are j)ereby, extended to
tie warrant.officers, pilots,, se-men ordi-
nary seamen, -landsmen. and boys of the
n ivy, anm( to-the non commissioned offi-
c~ers; mussiians anud prrivates of the ma-'
rile corps. "
ApprJvod June 7, 1861-.

[cHAPTrrH xxt.] .
An Act to amend an act.entidle.d "AiA act
to provide an:hInv;li Corps," approved
17tli Febrhary, 1'86l.
The Congress of the Confederate States.
of Amieriea- do enact, That the act rnti-
tied An at -to provide in invalid ) crpi,'
approved Febr try l'T7t, l 4, be exten-
led to-and bh th .enemb oaee the- ordinary- -
seamen, laudsmen and .bny(i of ihenaVJ[, J
rtd:thef'non-cuiun.mi-iontd -.iffiejer-,,mus-i.'a
tjanb ail privates or t1,i balit-,te corps; :
tad that assigarmets to-dut.y of al ofi- i
eer-, men and boys -of the lie uiariane ..rps, undor the .furt-h.'c -
ion or the said act, shall b made by.tle
Seci-ettry f-thiNe-Ny:. -
Appiroomre4-itae-7, 18'i4. "

[oIAPTERB xxrn -.,

An Acetloamend. muc i.
tied "'An aci 1t organize (f'
during the war,",-apirove4 U ..
17-h, l "4 as relates to tbsPeapqiona.
of certain religious deb:rmsIajc
The Coigress of t~e C n'tr ga g
of America do enact, T hat l Ae Uwary
of War haal be authorized to grPA4x-
emptions to the members of the '~ ai .y
demonstrajions of ChrintilAs, rmnelinqd
in the exempli'on act of hie ele i tlhBf
October, 1862, who, at Lthat Ltige,.lag-
ed to the same, an.f who wgre-li' .ie4g r
association therewith. u-ptin 'e: kJieJs
andl oouditioas apecile'l in .Itbal tl',.
upon such other t'w-iM i aOln d oepudto'd
he is authorized to alIow efqp tj r
griOnt detrnail tider any of -c. leuget,qf
the t approved February. lJrh.lS4lpJ
which thi is i an amandilenti. .,'
Src. 2. That the Swerer o ,
and he ishereby, hhithorirtd. .r ev r
any luch ezxeamptions unid:r Ue a i'0~fr; -
,aid. when tlhe-sae lavc been pl.t4i
be ftny I'.nuau'l nihrcreseatuou, u-i ie
A'ppr'ovrel June 7; ac ., ba,
,.-- +. _.. -, .,
[Bt'J~ R J..At Kew
An Act to amenie a.cti.eitrid Ams i
bo T-gulale tre supplie clsfipget-
ednlisted men- of the avr aj andft&
war." approved April 13thi. l1 i. ,
Tlhe Congress l o the C, .fedeas tealitM
*of America Jo enact, ThaL Uie. at eahaed
."0o act to regulate tlhe .s0UPrirj if-flTih-
irng to enliiled inmel ol Ihe nafv. #oAfih r 'e11
w.r," approved April lih,,l&J1 be, J
the sante i6 hei-eby, amteuile.d ifto-4-0
thori .l the Secretary oft'the Navy be iWe
s'pplie.s of stauil stores tL mle ~iwAllt
men of the ii ivy, up. n the sanue LSaes Aa
provided for the 'Loth:ag ama.l.Ari~dtl;
sid itact.
"Appr .,edJune 7..18l4.' -: .,;. :

-i'V I s4f f
,tC KO-n e J ., td '
in Act to proiie ransporttimin- -F "
in certain *asesto6 m tew r s-ad d.leJ
gites-in Congre.-.s. i, ; -.
The Co'ngres of the Confeldeate Sffter
,if America do enact hbat. whenever,-' 1t'
u.saly traveled routes between the Itorie,- ,
of members ul' Congriess and the oapitar
are interfered wilu by the enTemy; -it
.shall be the duty 1of military coimuranKers
to facilitate the passage of members s n. -
delegates going o or leturnirig from Cori-
!gr*s. by fui.uighiug transportation- isfa.
kin I tlr any 'diinaces over which tley-
may state in writing they eannqt ptoiridme
themselves with trausportnir), ;,; and selti
-written applicaiiou ernlorsed --t urnished;,M
by the p trly receiving tre' .uanpobrt.rikawr,
-shAl .be .accepted as asafLficient vnch0er
for t-he-exipenliture uf ho officer' in fuw."
nisi;ng bte same.
Apr,'oved Jalne 8, 18G1. i ''--- .- :*?*
Nov.- 19.. .f, Qi-4t: -'
-- : ,:, .:.,. -. t . ^-
Exchange Notioa N 1o. ; '
.: : l IaIuiNol), V.A.,.Sep. 2.J, e.: I .' r ':"
-All offiTers ani men ofibe Vi~ik buerg'
capture of July 4th, l86n, who reported
for duty a anuy p-role canip eti.t.of' thbe
Mississippi, pri.>r tlu Septejmber 10th, 186 .
arehereiy reclared- exemined. -..
Agent of tEc:IIg. :,
Oct. 15, s 89--qt
8 '. t ,:- .
WD Q's 10Ti RAEG'T FLA. Vqj4,.l-*
PeTl6esburg. Va.; Sept. 2i. l&t5i.. --
THIt r Vdollr rs r-ewrd will be paid for
the arn-est and delivery of' Privaie BLUI-
REL WIGGIS, of Co..F, -t0th FLo.- 4egt, o
who ldOerled .n or ib) ui tlie 7it dA ,ofh
August .ltj, near Like City. Fli. aiwua,
Privvae EURREL WIGGINS is 21 yaer 4
01'l. 1; lek-i 1 iiicill h i l ye..irvba L
u va KJtckv C.-eek, in ALchua C o. -E'1. f.
TtI)S S. STARr,,.
S st Lietut. Cm.Fg Ca. F, ; r,
O OthiiRegL Fa
Oct, 15 6 89---,

$50 RE WAR. :
TR AYED from my plantatiouu n' r
Ocuala, Marion C'. Fia about' lt'
months ago, a large mouse colored mi'r
Mile, about 8 or9 years oli, ha, a i hl a.
on the: left stifle join, by t'hich she.ca&.
be eiraily ide:itfied.. I w'il give' $, ) 14br. ,
her. delivery to- me at Oual-,of $25'. jo.'"r
aUy imfurim:iou se thttt can her .. -
R.S: 90 0 ..
Oct. 8, 88-10t -

Gaines viU Aoad m' .,:
t ql. 6x*rolss Of rh is ~in tio' w ". -
J.0lomed.oan the ist lj, y-iB *f'ig -
1864. A. copateiat corep- fuiaeF edr IS
Employed.. ,.' .I (i
Tuition cia thle Lilerary depsabrc*ieit .
:ot-inig to girde, $ ;, $ia, mrd $a p)7t_ :.
bible une-half in advance : the h he ta'h "'
the end of khe essaion. M Usio Sot). 'it'- '
ions desirous of paying the ehidpri he: "
tuiriun ($15l or $-J per Bsesion) o'ea"drg .
by piyiug m produce at the til pr1"io "
"..o Bordo also be Rbai, Ai a nd WEndi .-
te Acadet7 y at oh price,- piay i1
ny kind of produce at r egta- pricd'&f:a" '
ture the w.ar. Thlankful for psti pl W :
age, we solicit a. continuance of a i(ir* l -,
vorsa in Ithe future. u o Cetba.w 4tfi '
nation refer to .*' < ..** .: > '
- .1 i,. ROPEa, A.- M .r .K
*-*' ..... **-o ** .. iWt .--P' -, :- -
:aopLt 17,'" '" -P < ..d .. " "

,D -. -. ,* .- '"
. '. .

7 -" Z

A hlohtre o Desolation.
R QOxBMOKB, October "7s.-I twill give
fOUtisd n a h jivuHtuutof a Lp L4 o-Fred
'Wdttj, whither c.uriousiy'nd a- de-
. w"iW" change oif scenp auld aur led me
' 0*6 weeks n ,go ,
The 'etidnce of rth eheny'b vanladi m
.4igblh:& few m.les out ofiOhmiound, and
.InelIhses every step as ft advances to-
Wards tile Itippaaiintbck. The burnt de.
'ot and bridges, retiiu 1 me very much of
t1heiroad between 'Macon and tIhe Otuaee
river, just after the Stuuemai raid. But
I theonstmtat strcoessio of rifue 'pits and
re"dobts thrown 'uip l fr oanuon, 'told a
,0 y different story of the struggle in
-Virgiiai a sll-oomparIe.l itLh that of, Middlc
S'Georgi A hitter of surprieeto the pas-
-engers, itol t qf'wlo!n, had been ova. .the
'roail, Mo to speak. a tho..s iud times, was
the,je te height and by no meansue inou-
Sidertible length of tie North nnaua brielge,
'rhi bhad been burnt by the iueniy for
Sthe'third or fourth timi6, aind is still un-
jlinledl. Passing over';he top of a bridge
4tmde the cars is one, tuig, "Ind crosiugn
pthtrua, sm oh foot over ai, plank Itresle is
aaothsr. What stWrprisedlne as mitch as t he
pt'lW'treaum bridge .at the Nortif Anta,
wa:ti e cheeriuhefs' of thie few people
ter a at tf -t slokened ruflns f t,,e de-
a l tBri4n*nsciotrnh'ess of tile wa:r
ij llbtyl t .e passengers. who "sat in
ushiaid'eeasts leadingg newspapers and
Ut v apea end peancieaet As bsi!y anud
on"I ed as tfdfifgh' wr'r fi~ier ex s ed.-
'Wh yon get to "-Iamitteil's ctos. .ng,
*0 oeotatton-bf wari breaks fully upon
je,. .A few'trees remain upvu tile hills
Slhe site -of the depot but ,there. is
t-s. fence ibor' an fnhabifei 'houae a'll
thiwa to Frd4ericklburg.. A f w cat-
tleraye be '-seif grrazhig o0.the, rich
ftOrca whfikh bear no crops now but crop
,f luxuriant wegd.. These cntlte blqong
to the. peopleo of' redoiick.butl g; who
club together and hitr a poor old mnti to
attend them iwhild gta-ting. There are
9;.bahd .at.r worktin rhe fenceless fields-
O'a Ign .qf eaima&t.d life abonit the deser-
ted houses- the drowsy oro-i of the cork,
t %,tigbijg of the horses. th13 cCawing
of tho crow,; adthe laughter of4,ll.hlre.
in the .rdA, n& he "Wo l haw" of the
plow driven, are no longer heard in thiis
blasfed.region. All is still as death ftor
piles and miles under the W'ctau.tm-
S)al iun.
Fredericksburg. itself is torn as by a
hurricane. -Much of it Irs- bceu bI'iikht,
sad the tall chimneys st.-uling alone tell
Swoeful' tale of nrin. Part- of thl town
destroyed by fire, caused by shell, and'
art. .bf the torch applied by Yankee
nds,. AllB-the laiwer aid all-of' the upper
portion of the town have lbeen so shaittbi'
e.pas to be. uninhabitable; t-he st ores have
been gutted of their shelviiu' and .colh-
term to make dry places 'of' tlhe countless
tbd aun)l of Yankees wouinode at the
Wilderness and Spottsylvania tto lie on,-
The-cuurole s hay b-Ieeuirepe;t)tedly struci,
Bia" BhnVeits)t-ott tihe privtu.b i#elliusg.
I ceuoted twentyv r tirty holess in'the
ine'nmanstn l' cuglas. Girdcn, which
^4i niearl:y complete before the war br,,ke
eWAt.' A. shell: had passed dingounliy
bhroi'tgh'th-e house in which I.staid, and
one had explfoed in the p;trlir under the
roein In wlichT I slept. Looking out of
my bed room window I saw naked clhhin
neys and deserted hnousJa r Y ,I'n di rej-

SOf cotrse, I TwEn' to 1Ma-lye's yI11, and
a.w l, e -ftious St.bue feio' "twhicth servo,-
Sata rampart for our men. I walkc.l ovet.
tie-wide fields whish tile eeeiy hlad to
is^'blefor, they ,ot within rauige' f. our
e. day'idy" rifes, "iih stood unude'r the tree
which Cobb leaped ti$ahi-ts wl eu hie was
killed. This tree' is jut behirid'thu house
.. eg^ 101iot mustl have at lua.at a ilu'- h'l-1
let''la6*ts t1rouglih and It -."o ,i it Mr
Sfephens fisowad la whlire Y-tu. kee aft er
Yi'akee 'aws burirdl in lIs gaildn, 1 is itWany
s. twenfty in some plans I iis a'%opoiti-
ted to a' d.-p d'telC it, which bout a
itlhounand of Bur'niides Criewwio~ee jiled
indpcked tlke d deal nItaeiedet n a ti -
rel.. Miay, mahy other- gardens anil
...yard contain dead Yankiees byU't. lce.
'.~ib stoie fece'- t.s at the boitomi of a
hil, 'and on lhastl iill.is this fine ,:I.l i,.'.e-
stead of the NlMar. t, now go-ne- towreck,
"'ith co'nloes :: apert:urey made ly shot.
'nd shell, and opin to tle ind. Ihat blow.
Al Ahit was a.sad.. thing to t.read, the d"'
Sersted h;lls an.l clhambei rI this ol4lhouse:
.'and ar only' the eclo "',Jy.tIr own foot-
"' ..8steps, NoqteYen ., r.'scijucaks Ieli;,d
th'e walhnseol.. Tie iie:ipe iS.4 R'ftil.- Oid
side thelio hiv, atid rurining ith''i'gir he
-* yd, wlhitch is still beumni4'ul:'wtlth it."
Sshada tress, are ihe itlep:sa. aitd' -on thel
hill lps are heavy earitLwu i t'L-ir IIa il-
SJery, all thrown u, afi rgdericksburg'had. been filltlit und.l w.i
Truly 3Lurns.de's tk- hai .iii-~ o. ,nln'm-
'ecdl when he reaclhd the .In-one l'ei-,e -
B ut--out--whly. did Tit Lee f.l.;. It. ih
.repals.? .why.diJ he n-,t .hell thte to.n
ap oyder a niidrniitl as-itli t '.''ho re"
pl. of Pred"ricrk.-t,asg. wuo.J .h*.d bret
Sera.chuig all day in ihleir'cellari priHt'
thjLit.might do tig.- Ii lie, dill, in,.'h
Yiotgry would have been .-'-woi~c-hl-"8idicl
Svictnry. Too late:tL.o lata now oth.ol,
/ aftu it,. ;.. .. .....-- ; .; -
[ wenr over inter SiafTl'vr (orqtrnrl. oppe'
sie Freilr,'icksburg. and.l itli:re is a Wid<
: W .wild oetet ,t'de-.i:tiion--ncitli. r feice!
nor uere-fur leaguise rin lieqges lh,'.-e-
: 4 deserted d luriat, andrl s't u uily ruial" t,
Sthe onornious canq.s of' IlIj.m.ir, wliet
-' tended nin},'6EAtutii.'e ,',il*s, tht tint
eoldst .ihajit.i.'- nire la,..lyiger o; lo in-.
tIhtste've$ in i[ifir naive :cuunLrv. Th'b
wfy oue is-a barjuaital Iile in i lie ex
.t j"BY f ita b.u,l~diegs. andi itj c-rrac,:'
S-r d' anid'ga-srdens.atc'ia keiLnne.-
.. _'LZ' gni ,lihre asi o. Tiln w.Un' 91' ihi
; 1.&r' rs'lnsih'nred sn:iap, .ajL even ilh
. iI"s or'The p'r chei nie sc1 iw,:,l pitt
w, Belri5blenLt, }4,iJjb:'i. e. ,'uLe. ri, uie
U"d e'lcn'ic Y"uul-e i.lira>.ce'. ;Ltd r..r'.ntrt

I)Wwer bt&. 4*, a zkrhigbLr I aile '.C L il!4
-AJ*lipJi '.gI .kt 4 V.' LcIII u itr em dI
ea o mneof tWe111siliw H ifr.. wL' h. W.
out, or -p,;~e bL s lal-w i,. t 11.,

as his privatee 4CIC 0e" 't le.u [ pic

Jlal tge it., Itll, a lf- ctuttS- na ,r
,., sine inuir e iiki c- s-.- IkiL li'io ii hit
bssn since the c~rinl d ',s. t lhah a
s iw iakIee inle i t nil l aut
-i.b i y s hiiaiig$ .6.d 11 I I-. 1it i
Y114 Uy r Cn lw inan t n Ll~l l
* Ambsra orf1i-j-Ai caitii- tp V ntii igi
'i* to Richamond pnteh::ilsa a u hryliiie
b] w 'most Couvetrienm -iv' ttat-e r.-IV. -iu
TeePIe O eni'tle fir L-r V-, 1, i0. [K,:,j;
r'q"inedible relics ItILie l-it beo ti
p*re in, for I i'vi!il' jaii : l..hu
lm&Sf Banllloilt-i pri.l. r~lil,-t 0
old ircihlcI friigneni? o Vu*-f IIniiiSir
-eeto'ereoais -ki hi t'to j. t I
ral, D4 hiW6nmod.-
A nunb-eroF rehig--es laoIrI,-u ned I
~ ~ wh~t,a~i,s-I- iowfsown
4 V d,%_ L! i i JiCLp.ili
oWleaIn l Ch&idi,.u. tv put iSii un
.&e d; their bliL Jni l tt' i bLe c ,iik8e
~i~Oheer~1 uiueeaia vt iu- Ut all prriit

coU for rmn. wmi wt~le a viuvh- or so ag
WdnrfUrCLbui'g aent uioWu Lone voflimnt-
60 mOars o(d, tiidiiuOtherotof 17; Diii wtli
1 ~iacherB hald a dzen b.b b1-and I
SeitepftAw~i'iumgl jecwus Gm-u. Ketar
tvlu) U.tksn ajniteer n in he' o
cozmpaniesiind join Lee
pt AIGona winewd of waitil'f1,
M'eerst t Io be ~l;.L!W ut. L A- i .

* a - -


J. M. ARNOW, Editor.

SAT9J1RDAX MOPRZNi G ).y. 2k i8scO

TO TI-TIE .. B.Li[C..
Person indelted.to nt_ for .ADVERTISING
oan find their .acouants i- the- hands af Mr.- A.
J effords, at file Rairioad. Ofwe, whob -is authori-
zed to re.eetytlor all s ms.pitid.
* T)o.se wo-q eiiroe tq.;yj for or re-lew tlti$-
scriptions, man itid -i.,. 0. O.- Aare.r at tiWe
Printing Office, Who wiltieoommnlnaote t'ell.
The E it:riul. ipeartuisnt wiJy be cuauctod
by a gentleman of ability, during may tbsnuoe..
I shall doatlin my power to "eep the reader
posted in the proceedings of theo legislature,
anrd 'ifposslble,-HiRU pub.lih th .okuvernor's Mop-
sage in full. ... ..:. J."&. ARNOW.

We harfe received 'a copy of a ioatly
,rinted and beautifully bound paniph!let,
which beat's the .following title:. ,The
Duties-of a Judge Adovceite in a Trial be-
fore a General Court Martial, compiled
from various workAs en Military L iw. By
Capt. R. C. Gtp vliet.. acting. Julge Ad-
vocato General,'Department. South Caroli-
na,-Creorgia and F'lorida." I( is from ithe
P,3ess of:Evans & Cogswell, Colutnbii,
S.'C. __ _

The Veil is Rant !
The lait'hope for a sp4e'dy'pu.accis now
abairdonie'by t.1hosg who, with suca; eager-
nless, looked for a ohiuge of rulers in the
North. We are no.w .at last und ceived
(-s to the' nnate feelii gsof,oltr ieretofAre,
to some. exteat, disgtiused and' ruthless
F09S "-
We are ow no longer.be lulled, into im -
aginaivy s i8crity, by the' idle speot'tiotiois -
ofour 'boo.nb proof"' aparisoued heroes.
who can expatiat- l:iargoly on the false
colored rising discoi.tert and iiasubordl.iqa-
-tion'of the Yankee nation, upoi which
they build their hopes for fainme, an 1-seek
cinc2althent from tlie eyes of the law,an.l
tec bloody st,if-.. T:ie- die is cast, and
we now can au1 PIzujt real :our destiny:
and, iu so rca-'Unw, wva mast, aja ati.on,
grasp all the miains ii our reaoi; and
with' on'e:' i igl'ty -and-. eombined4 effort,
ring fo'rwart; l irnt'or4nliks every' delinquent
from lolt; --ii':I-i 'the be it. '.,-! orstatr-
S*ti-z-?'..'lv', tl;'tm in baItle array,- and
.rush them to. thle front,, there'.too:oppse-
the destroyer, wvh6is, nriw Tiishing Uao-
ohecked, into and i'..-l./i the very midst.
of our si~iSrI.ng-anu dcvoracl.aIan.'-
hatm proi'its :victoiry after victory., if.
after'a!l the b-lood that ltas. be.i sited,
t'he 'i'spcial tf:v.'rite3" o f those i u corI
.mail and powCr, "ar suffered t'o a'e-. ot
-themselves without a reason or.ju.t c ue.s's,
*and thus skulk u d Poltceal themselves,
for months and 'years'.fromdout5y and from
the field, where ourr cp#tntry's &defenders-
by such ihroes -unnwtpt aud L '~;;-.J-
'lie bleeding and.tlorni?'" Frrom RiKi Aond
"to- t(he We:iT.:rn b-otudary ot Terx -,e-very-
ei,., iowq, .-villag .aand depl,,, is !i n'ed
with, at-leasti oie hallof oui able bjdied
army, on- lIeav of absence, furlough, or
:'-Special A .signmeut," of .no earthly
benefit .to-themselveas.or. the 'country. un-
less it. to to- save' themselves for rtlm
r>.jt:itry for s'OJ ru i -ifure.and \F.'1 elirtiitt
,blw lleq5 en, 'igelel:it--- )i e'2i's thikin-
Selve. ib w the -w -et II.gotf 'of l

Can a natian be b suc:e"-'fil'l in tlie n.l.

are cODliltudliyv lb:ing i.Pr .-ltie.l by Ihe r.o-
u-reanis fro:;, ,lury, an l whiich are at-the
some t ime wiiikdl an by ihle lli..'iilh
wi hu.-c 'r.,'l;l iti.li;ffere u:e ~u./'h GCvin-
mlt-illmOthliveio ll-t f I,'ar b-,nL aileitllvy
irte'di hy,'.tand-:s~i'ten'd f-om fire -antl
f oes, hfid lli toil .,r i he l:e dl ,' aul it;'-i1 1
5 We answer i-'n 'cna ni iahe ,t, ar ,,, ,:.,i
-ii caniuo .T'!he So, ntil .'expeetS.aevery
n -m-u io do li-s tny,'I an I nt eo.m'n"o uite
1 hi h 11ber'eie_ a,, 1 s ,,i,'., h: tr ,-ip let t,1 se
u .-' i .
-| urd: ".otL b.u.pr,:,ok .p,..nr.,n," iu u-p.ir[
niment5 yliee-i hof p sto-ad.ori uph:n -lia'y

s t.i~lfer ii.s rti l ice. ,

'i- equal juSi;re, and hli> enl',rc''B-nt r-
I lie laws oar llppyAFBtiiit"* 'have 4i
e wisely and 1'atltitlly .r'anc 1 fr o f r u,, ROi
S s Lftty. itiwairri~ai-F ^fldvihry's e(Ouehl
eJ Sair i-~ite5s-6t!M.r-ve *.Ciieusdtwcninrmufi
*,ind ddisarMtf3ctif, -ai tueg' 'uoterse', arni
-dluiya'tl y -nl de- t''tion- lliye been ih
;" sad'anti I:imciLtal'l eotc-bI;'t4t.'e iuatO
'S nan instancess. JeAcl.rliy is aapvineipl
S.*o common -o theL Iluu in h itrlt, i id ti:
I| tiumnn in raiitics. llit.u it e ,ii i.ly b'

:e at unt. and eonii',, tlh; (ennarhirl p.i .ai
I ih.,niuld be he c-,i1iren' primer nnl r1 ff..
", of boti Clhnn:li ait Sti LI .. Equal r-iglht

arid' crquil burdens his. eyer boen, tlh
1 whtohwaIad of eFor people. There is nc
one t.tmong"s so -poor as not to --feel thit
, and nobt se 'so itinr-llf that he-cann.
uI (.. i'peheti 1 ite i menaaing; and'thos
SeomntuisneiIl wiih a little brief-authorit3
l- are mo-l 'wwoefully mi20taken, when fhe
iy cu:ne'tide.the uimasees ar-e 4lirn pr in-lhITcr
e e rt ihe mn',ure with ib.ioh theft. aer
' 8 .I e r.eir " . .
4 Let the tklernimnn a]Juounith tbheeleac
,i ing spirits o1" Ihe army of tb.ir dxjy, aj,
-). compel obe.iiieee't, .uclh adauhaiii-..n' b
r 'a iorfeiturf- of .placj aand-pay, oombine
6 wiihh such' other ,uitishmeit. as the offenc
er niay iu -ja.ice meo'rit. Let:the punish
Id l itent of equal justice be awarded, for of
,'j fences andi defaults, to: those serving un
d. derthem,anl depend upou ItWmrero.'i-Go

-I' -- _ _ _ _

ia militairylifq, snolA as the world never
before witnssfed, vill bless our land.
Let us rush t9 the rescue. Let every
PouthcrV heart ,4s its duty, and expose
every deouqler and straggler, that they
may be dealt' with in accordance with
their merits, and eitt.er be compelled to'
d.4 their part, or ba driven from the soil
to which they prove a curse: God grant
that our dotlitry may soon be purged of
such detestable. wretches Without them
our natiA.n will thrive, and ere long achieve
deisive viet ries, and the independence
for which we strive. No people have ever
been more thoroughly convinced of their
friendless condition as a nation.' No s.m-
pathetic pulse-outside of our own hearts
.-beats for us. We must -tread the
wine press aloue,' there are none to help
us. In God, #lone we can' trust. In
His name let us work a reformation that
will nerve our hearts for the the ensuing
conflicts that' shall end in victory and 'in-
dependence.! .

Editorial Correspondence.
: Ai" TALAHAssEE, Nov. 19tth, 1864.
We saw Captain .Dickisqn at Waldo, he
was in good health and spirits, and as
usual, ready 'to' itce thie -.-akees another
falsitg.' eUs iea ry .Top.ular here, and
t.iese'people would'be glad to have hinm..
Itis itasu!!y said, in speaking about the
uafortunwte affair at Marianna.,. that if he
had been there, the I alkecs wouldl have
been bagged.- The Legislatui-e will like-
ly, vote thanks to the gallant leader.
-)Ye met Col. .IcCornick-, Captains Ronu,
Chambers, and others at- Baldwia, wh'o
are'also ready to teach the. enemy a useful
leE-son should they dare to advance. It
would let be prudent to state' th, 'number
of:our forces there, but -they are in fine
spirits and ready to vindicate the houtor
of their mother. The soldiers are justly
exi cd abpott the high fic :..ts on the
railroads. "
(Gineral Miller is mnuh older from ap-
pearance than we supposed 'he was.-
Ills responsibilities are great enough to
make him feel so. : "
Genek'al Finegan is represented as be-
ing in poor health. He ought to be sent
to coimloand- the balmy Eastern portion
.of this State, where lie would be6 a "wel-
otned guest."' lle~ias many warm friends
heire. ". '
Laldwin looks like a pewly settled plan-
_tafion, the wild woods.
Lake City seems t-o be the life of the.
Easf., and they have plenty men/there, we
supIpose, most of .)e( acre"'on h.,.t-,,.-,
with the military authorities.. They h:ad
a joyous time threre'on Frnlay, at a dinnieri
tive i iu honor 'of Major Modioe' w1,o
bears thle inar-kl of ourage-npou 1 hs per-
son. Col. James Banks and Gfe. Whit
Smith m de.excellent wi:r-speeches. By
the by Lincotn's eletio ib has' ptif the mi-
chief in the pc ple, .rnid thy:';a-c' now to'
victory or aniiitfl ltion. Th're is no u-c
to'-talk a-bou, subjugating such-a pzoplc.
It only neods misfortune to. inrerase their
jii.ctimr -t1'. to- eLe free fo~'Yvr from
Yankee association. Seivard is mistaken,
when he il i_;-i.i ih th.he election of Litn-
.ouln will cause the rebellion. to caveim-
mediltaly. 'It has -tlr":n. r. .11 m-ie
'it t n!l'?''Lt 4'; ;a t'j .
'V. tl;r ':r k6ep. a t.gobd- eating hovte
at. \%1 ,I -',.,,, and Mrs., liauco-ak keeps a.
finq.:Uotel at CLa e City. It is true edi-
tors, as well as other people, pay, but it
cain te rcnly looked over, whbenm onie cni
reatlize that. wo are in the miilst of war
and scarcity, while djiscussi!g the merits
t' i heir se.l:: lies.
We .,rriv,:d here just in time to Adispose
of a. g.t',' l iii r,- and tin the ri fr-ri'.? u
had the pleasure of begging int the mud,
going to see old fritendsa. We have awful
*ceamfhe, and, when, it-rainstthe streets be-
come very auilddy. Iti- alw:iy- rains here
at this seasqi---the time tLat the L.egisla
ture. meets.
Gov. Milton is in vigbrous.- ltalh aui
spirits. h]!iprin,.',i*'iM,.- ,* wiil ba.sen
in on- louIl :.. WclieTio get.it ithen..i
Stimcl' -, prinitm hc most iiit'l.c'si rg" parts ii
the- ottoni-States. Oiir-. press i- Ln,t,j
thai uloilhir 'tittes in t. 'ii natli ea,'i .

severe orteil ,ihis ye ir. B'5 .I--. tr gal
ll;ant' sons, wio'o ha4ve bled 'aan.d ,diet
for tme' honor of Florila, o,.n the fieli
Sof bittlrie, m-iy ha-e ii I frj.variout
ijiriase' .i'm- Litiz,:n? -ia, thit, t;i~ iu ,un
.,' si':i).u-s, is tnapreooden-ljted. Thl'e c;I;
Li hc[:iuiiflly -iu..itl] "iu a tilling an
Stt;Lilures'tie iiin ',r :il I1 .,iljranl by ias
I ny nmamgimificelit 'Iwell rigs. Ta- &iiu
are'iutl gvit! acd t'lib'ille. TIociurcl
es are Weil sUpLd'ie wJili atle itinisters
abd'i w.-ql at.reicle'l, berth bv lacdi's:- an
^.eitlci,- n. 'lh at vSly *,bi,:.ciiLo ii tL
I flucm' i i he clina'e ,n -iari,:,ie con. '.u
V[. t J.m A' t cl.dam ud' bleak Li.' tliu,-
? .a t-d.i,4)e1i.a mhreaeaoid wi!. pa]

t! .';-lai tl a, very few nenibe -

Stifre ggmisrl'ceuul heve Mlv-rd. In th'e'"i
t ale tere'e wit !kt ut fdw t* io lhi th Wdrl
- HouL-" J. T. 'N.,ir'foi,J adil d.tJre hai
S-been catpiureIf b th-, eL. li.u. J. '&i
dI Tylur has r.i,;iar-d. 11 is itoubtful about
e HU,,. RopeT and i "'?ill eolig;r. .Hot
C.1 t Cartr- lieod few *J0y- -iih,,'. No EOni
y toriJomi. n'Mouroe has: bfen eleetedh, asj
I other cuitii,;:- will-b' unrepresented. ;..
- will have between'-12 aft.d 14 to do ti
SWorrik Eiet,'l is a, q(Iii'iu.L .
'No pubic i ufds' have been sold he:
rI since ihe htitte' of UlIA-ee, and,-none ar
s aing a,.d n k-- ". 'fTh Yankees ;wear they mi4ed, total
-t this placed. They may find out what Olu
St Ice or ; tinesa ilie means, if' they try it.-
rt Let them couie. Tlhe aituraldefs:ces ar
ge o goi),:,, aod uil ure' -jrni ij .trong.
', The greatest uuis.tcee of therday, is It
y 'I;livegu.,rds'on th icars-to examine passe
%- Whbi(e men have masters these days, al
ezl-muil-show theIir, passes as oft'gn as o
Sfott tO.Qok the oath- of allegiance to .tl
I-" Illino;s Banboon. 1hey feel like' swearii
kd very tfie they see a cartridge box 'r
y buaunttel gluning in tLe di;La V'hu."
d imen. who are totally. unfit for field
ke heavy duty,'had better te- liotne, whe
i- They could, perhaps", 'make -a' little cor
Sobe of some benefit tQ their families an
z- *-the eal e. 4: rather mischievous lookil
'" IyaunDg officer was asked for his Utcf0t

I ~

tth'e'Vt,"''"w d .. 80, s xut the- Lets3- -. . '. -") -m jt. :l~ r'v *'." ... .
IcUtorsoft mie l'e-"sbqibett'ri,)r[o ly the.* pu -.-it. St. i --iseso e.,,,. nt. 8am,.- .&
l -- ,, no v. '" Tho Tele rp. ,Corn- C. j't,,'-Ierrmtes e owt,' e d- -,
:- patty m :Wt be ja-sr-ttd u. te,, L e one .one r in h.e.wq __ t1 ,ridoo,.I l.t1
- ew.is ^ .r s d pceutii.sm Of th. of .Iiemic prvs to l~Sea~te w--,4 ^" -te ^ Si ^ n~e^ y^^ Br|^
--uai,... T "-.P n' ue a ,w:ta. chile e ,e'y- is isn.t ,t t stn< B^ohien srail l.is.u. r&ll
1. l th .ig 1.as.iA Vtii e lCed'r,,m mwart)v St4 .r tyA.- a that 6fUee "oV i: -c or11' k st" - -,
Ve h[Im L%-iit' 'ailuii im iW ,it~'. %~tT,1itLiiI~ T W t1:hcIkXs C Vi-ry qhq 'a MIT _______J
. I. eth hth l y1ast dV t!?tY iss ni e e t-0
t e .... l, A A> .il 1 .Kl a -i, .m w .w ..rf tHi< o t f .,-,~ ,I', ta.i'r ^,.u?Sr lfc g^ i?., '-* / *-*^- l
.t atB-t.tdvauce oi atv to-i i." ais i above ti tire : d- e(-tc,,.hLo, T'e 8t. L-iia miiui .. t
the. pe-ice jniI ssiry-nW;i im Di k t*w detat .f allwae i
p~ te IIf aC', R04cm srdiyia-tatI foiiowingiSdetails oftudr.146
.i- At- about. etwo, o'ol on aturda_ af- dd4m4l, hilm I"t*
A.in am iutitiisz.; W.iv-. -"'ternoolt, mte ix in6 awore taken froini-amhe g ,jMa-My4064 1j -411,M*MbOPtAlt, A a
it) 'It1.t.',mtu e'.a:i->iwillnot:1h-foreign risoiu,'pl eedIiu 4 o'ee ^ n. Mid UhTss-o06 aI aII w".hIN lih I 'i K
t to e spultjct t, -a, [huth u ithe ltter ot. -erotedt t h4'phsqe < ez t ehs-0"t" 180-. G( 6AW-I,,R ,YaU lie wwrblog ruth i a .~ntle dtspo 110,
SSeatur' Hall, i,t iv.S,,lte, upon el ub- s de b t oat ef tHIst h sasih K sa, followed .p, ...q. ....... atO ^ l i'^ d ol "^l '
S jeeto L .mgeut.ralre lreut,,sit-n. we regnuint.d by a numb er ofother 8unaasn anai 4 fowt jl I.e t y _ijieht-is
to sea-'lit" Ih.rg,! Ii tiew spers tiad i. y n e ilt W knew hio to love him. ileft
r to sel.hr...ihIi.Wpperiadt- otiens. Feot ,'o. 4. fq *hwft.- di5S- an ...d fris...-loRT'U hi. ins '.Y1Y S
.," ti ofthr) a, pt3ti a.M.:' p-tolmota n lml k.',l
e kenadtantageoftih m ,rr ileg_ 'ice rl..:d ltane So S h ouh of'; L fyelte' Nf,, wa sF l disk"".a .0i6.. *r! .f....
them by law, of e.euipiIII" a sutlienti e e"ted as the- ploe of exe i .... " -e .ily r t 7
forca to carry on tlom business, to abuse tolthat point theprocessiuniaro.aedit w -- thirrpt eea -a 1r
me it. out masic. IC TMNcHEs, NRAaijTManRqU. I Dfq By ui wuao4.9 C"e
a Senator Hill owe it to himself as. well On NIoe wet idq h o it 8 t let, I4. f (.W) a BW-s
a_ 1 t .Press, .and t. .-call upon Iie Press had:been set in the grou-u.I, each with a Man,.Gtgma:-lt boomesmy;p&Laftir -- !_
to demand it of hi '_ to state the guilty e.ht attached, aul each tied witha .pFthis
r|mahan, wh9 has so f2.fcgotten what; tr'/ofwh-it otto, o'16ts,."af=erwiard-sused dcs y tq i r you e .e ... S al .di.et
of -whires ^ ^ o,44 a -er d
a ah dis tiu ieim',J ,rt l s,: to shieidI ii ,d ,gin ths eye s of -the pa Usonqer k R1 i0!9n a O e a e .! e
to b nu~~ce,-ia." ten iim e i conzrpi`Fiyfour enwreseled a t- axe- 7 O'clook, by some sharp shooter from'l-<> s he 4 4'm4e av ..\g*p
tnuu (Icnttemen 0-1'the Pess.' Setaiorbcnmers, forty-four of th mb I. eq .l he 1Wkii* r.^*.A* l pe'mmeq gsH
D 3. H illl chAtges thu' ibme amonj us Teth Knsa- amd e too hen ort-i ih ..u... ....*1 '-
nd "t"l r.. ,erotatwork,&w, W~ithom'm --at- 4 G-o=-
Smitt-we r erainly t111 firsCt ,insjqrL Thirmy-six f these oqit .
)Id i i I., ev6n .0shod t 4eio be &singe ot, posed tt front" firi""ary," *'eighten'b,- pony, drawing rvtloaps The bak eit Cuht o f..
le which' we doubt-let 'him therefore, e iing reserved in case they -should not 40o. the top of the head, and killed h[mi me- j Oa rr f.U( *
called upon, not oaly by the Press Of thewok effeot -alf,.. -iteantly. I immediately soal r hb a h..is
,ieoria"-bt' xtby i tl i' e ss generahhy, o r itr 6 t Oh,, 1.5P O TtiI briihir, Capain 1. -Q m Is
'a, specify, and i eaettyti ,if nlie lan, tthe liitii1 mhei'gro nndtand so tdfwor ht I,- . .U
'edon dand satow to'.
e Qr meu "Of the Pre-,,- who have abused to the posted. Th rall appeared to be i4wsrptenlng hi. buri H. W Xed s"" d. :J,
or the privilege grtante' thet by taw. | more o e affetsd, but couiderig the therame about the t hl qaI b.rs4hI nl Par I.IL TL e t 4ow"W
Ore bylaw.'more orou ess1ireiaijUt 0048idergt.a
The Montgomery Mail, referriiug to the circumstance, rer.aits 1xistf y lg.' hi.l ft m ever spoke flt he Ws t "
condemnation of newspap rs by a certain Father' Ward anti ev. Mr. 4cKim haok t a -ig'- "- ': .
,; class of' people, -ask to the men in their last moments, at oA- .

Sdent, hu pen "oes of tile 'popular row of ats alhged mrth ed dqush, s ea W. OQ H. M l t ,,
l voice are da t e i, o tbWb A oly tg at U1 this V" MAP
.* - .- '_ ,' *' a ." . '.. '* ^ h ^

'5.. .^-.F
-. '.t


Friday, and'he had a '1,de'iation 'of- a -than your'own dark speciilations upon on his left was leo. NPichol.i, next Heniry E
young lady to go to 'Church' with'him thcinecessities of yor countrymoen-more I. UBl:ckburn. George T. Bunch, CharlnIe-I ,,y'&'
one bright mnoonliilh niiht. :is pnasas disiteartening to the -rear ihan your ex- IW. liunliken am .James W. Gates.-- '' "
wasone bront moonied night, .:is e qassn'tortions? is the family journal making L id a..l Blackburn set with perleo. -f da
.was pronouitred right, avi wenton hi us qiqing visits and dispensing good calhnnesi, with iteir eyes fixed on the "'"' i i
way rejoicing. This iaa- :huiibugger;' htirter and mental stimulant, wit' er-er it ground, aidd did npt speak. Niohols gave m~ry-nt oth -!B
for persons who know thitI they ase not goes, half as depressing "a1 th ile Ireiit 1io sign'of emotion at lir-, but-saM witb memorable Shndi '
exempt, or have a right. o tgirael, are not and'1 practices of your finan.-ial In us that seeming indifference, sc'ip;itg ihe ground a d -
apt'to meet th military i, i.h ph:--- go- gossiping about evervwyltcre. With a with his h-el. Hi asked one of the sur. -t ol* ." r"' Q-.
apt to meet the military it1 .-l. pice- couonceaiedidaigger? Is te' sturd-y machine geons if here was any Ihipa of a past- the OMcs.wvq
They take the wood-a awo JI fl-ink nfl. Each press, ddshmng'off its tiloucsand sheets by poinelerni, a-nd being asij,'d l tliit there agai,. b w" 'tf
characters. tithe hour, to rj'bQminor -ad glj, itid- v a noieo, lIe looked m' re siic.ui, and to 5LCO intoie il
-- ings do't;te .liardy, defenders of the ft''ont, freqeurly ej ioulatnd, --Lord, hive merey -
'- We are pleased, say i the Moriticello- more grinding'ji its operations than the on my poor s.ul." Ag.aiu Ile sail : *., Promptness and clogl-e:-,
Famiy Frien d, of the 19r. i.ot.It ileo gradual, but. inevitablee prestfre of your t,) hink of tIe neIws that will go ti. fath- ticed by. other-. oe:.j
Famy Fend, of the 1t greeted c.mmer.e of Ibe er nHon mother i aid drew rrow nl. ih,
in our sanctum, on .'li.-o last, Leut. untry? The papers d1 harm., do tfiry Afier tilie reading of the sentence by soldierly aRpeiran.6B
Samuel J, .Tqrbull, f'thetli-Florida It's a lie. This .glorious .taiS' to wiich Col. lIeit.lrichl4, Minnlikeu expressed a
Regiment.. Tire Lieuteaant reached. Sa- we are all married indie-oulubly forever. c e1i're to s.,y a few words. He said: ui L ,_is gone D&. -
nawam, o'wr eiiAged piuld have sunk Iong, lonl ago. o ut' t, ri -')oltiers, and all of you Wno hear me, fil, and. ma etovu U
,ainah'am'ong our" exlchitged prisoners,, the "nalei'le i d(evoti,6of t he p'I,.- take warning from cme. I have been a him, an-d es tjt V.,y ,h.
and not withstanding the gre4t su$tring and tue freedom of epre-iij'n which hi-t Conle-ler a l.ie ,Iller lour years and have meq of hiKow p
he was-compelled totendure,itingacon- haracterized it from the beginroing. Tb-, s-rv-.I my c-.,iisy t'aithtulmy. I am now "e i -
finement of six months i that hell on newspapers-.have B . l" inre cuioUi't to t. oe -ihi fur wt,-i ;|.r men havIeAoie .e3t. 1s ic.. isos vsone
S Del-wire- is ,n e- thp soldiers ii the tiehl, m.-re w it-. lf'l of th' I h iJ I o) hIr'atI In. and kaaw aeotig. the merbers of *S.. q '
earth-Fort Del..are-Ilt is looking re- his iaterosts t honie,,more der-iie.l to ie ,liut. I ,leve,' wai a guerr amllni im plae as a a-oa'La-
'fitarkably well, and remains a stubborn a S'outh' and her case, than auy ujller lea s .rry .., be -h-,mli tl. whiaI I h:d noihiaT to 1a rd to il. 'i iI-
"rebel'' as ever. We are.undei obligae- ture of the waE'g history." do wiltc. a t-nI Ihn I 1~j n-7gaihi, o.t- I.- e-B
lions to him for late Northern papers, and ieu ; t.)',-' i u', io Per I a.way .I tre'tedi. je.. ..
a *[Fromthe Cootmbia(S .C iiuarolirian.] bLim knilii. ii-.'. usevir hatred-m mSau af- miilsit uf usefajniesj. T>: .'E
a list of the Florida prisoners still con The-Southern Press I-, ie -t end r. hpe Iol w..ke suldier..are rented .b. 7- .
fined at Fort* Delaware. He represents: For nearly fo4ryeard. t le C..mT'lr cy inn u ,is b-,-u* w ,en I am' Jad. Lod erne iq Iiness'l-ki f. Tv y'
-that, although their sufferings are intense, has ibeen able tojoasi. ilhai in ilhe nmidl, bIe Ivibme ympalU wihy I t.yO fur
they still remain true and faithful to the. oaf str, -gle "whells nll c.s;iat.ed the eu- Whmle [ Itorgeant w.. s-bafia ittIng .hi. P mpatim with you I i q4
Confederacy, d 're, ch.ered by the hope trusting.of almo-st desporio power ,C .he eV.QS, Minlak'h. ,Ia.ll--"e,'ge ,tI don't sou.
Cofeerac, at e '" m ''er hands of thl (;,eie,'-rm:rt.it ,M n, pne'- blame yu.-. "-'hI.e- we will all mneer An *'11h m hit reagatd, I remain,. ."
that they wrill, attsoron day, ceolsug- d t pe hear.n. '.s tthenf yo kill m: kll Ve'y e.peecctlull.
edandreturned to their country' and, tice; ihdeed,d laet wier, lhat i'pe- Y our Frie
holites. Lieut. l'urnbull' irl..rlllft i '.- den-ce appeared to be in s.,me- ]as or, bbit Tlle ySof n-al j bl u '1F 1. ,Iloy. l I J. POLLPEK S\iIT. .'
marks, that t.ose t "-'iueri wliU 'h.1v. emi the good sense often pe le a'4 o/ Ct'rr l., e.,.h ar woi l :' -, I-i ,nh on' ,i; r Co
dured the torture it the uY nkoe tyrants 'eli '-". n lU r itd, fi lly I n p,. -.:.'i a't'er ,' 'h'. eg. .. C4 Urig l a
and still renacins true" to their 4lg, are rin -t y nlti4ene.t' Ut',. i-..r' i!- ", J ;, s, ..o. -'. .... ----- -= *n. ..
greater heroes than, they te -wholri fame. character of our p oli-.y it i riAii-'a l, 'I .a ., I i .-I ,- * NOTIC " '
has beenLawardcd fi ':hobl" deL.tJ .on the date surely that we .1m going tIo il.,: iiL ... ..... I" r :' -' NOTC u
field of .attle-: ourselves and our--hist,rv t-.v a cintr.i i,. r ,.., . ...,r X WLEKS ATI.R U\TE I WU.
course, TThe ve 0g ,m te. e pr'.s. ilfl ,' ... ', r o A. J. C saJy, .lu.lge 1rf "
Prisoners Rermaining at -...r Delaware, on perfect I.rhl si'eiie. uf a ,lepeL1-ne i Ie It.) -' ',:: "', .. "1 .. '" '"" 1.'''. .' i ''' '" [ie State of., Florid'&l fr still' .
the 93th rf ( ;. s;,I.r, r 1864. is t ,',,' ',, gh t u under t,,oI in li .o u i t,'y I hJ a p d, :I t I-. I. .' -i,,i it 1i. .' ,:,,, ly or L. et er. f A dm in i-ii, trisA t %
Second F loridar f ,'',im- .\ C. M orm o'on, anid. ilier-pI'.re, any natiem pi to i l.J, ia l'J ii ttt.'' 1' ... I i .. 1 .. ''. ih.ie--e ., J. 1 -r v '1o '"l,'iUlad e-C J.L.0'. -Yt
-- OC ol'ey, Jant zI.;,"iN;in, R,.bert -.li,:',. Congress to pass such a law a- -h dll i kI > ,.- i-'U' ani I ii ,.-, t .m 1 i ,, m ,. ';, .'.' d ..ci .>* l.a t
-iN ..,,.. e. cn \ wsorp, 0 "
W. Parker, W. UUiwvard,O F: Perry. the ],,.i th ofthe-So9qt.h a:-...r .'ere t.ir.l ,.t 'i ut he M U7T A C2 3W O I.
Fifth Florida Reginmt-Licut. G'. L. military authority,-w;ll wi-h.:,ut I.j,'..i, o. Ii, .. -
Oaomfi, Lieut.-B..T. Rich, J. Basu-.rt, W. meet'the reprobation .'."... i A.:'.:.'"ew.- <.H.l.Mi,.t '- ar3 .*_tm -"
Iteid. 'John-Willirm, --Fields, A. G,ie Iits!lthould tu.rn ,out :-th,:'mw -e, if thI t LI .- I nu, ,,,..,-iAe ,.-.aaCO ,e S D iJTII "-
tzuiti, Wi yih. Henry ,NorFis,' Role't passage in r.: !itisS' -ailo_: awr .-1..i, ;:. i:-:e -. -gl1e i- I-i,,in. 'rnc T E CAPTAIN'S l
Hale, C. C. Kylsi, D.DRmissell, Edwarld Ed- obecs to the i pt.,.il ., ,* a' II -,,n. t- ,': l- at,. -t. I" '-Io 7 TIl[%ILLG Tt LE OF THE W
wards, R. Brown. Jarvis, James that, for the niii tie, I- .- ,i. e e, 11 ..ru A LLIG LE T.
-Cooly, R. Cash, Jno.Legget,- W. A. Iudd. tor to be nofi-tig mo. e i, i ih.m .u'I.i--til. c.-i t '-1 '1 -. L"i. l lut *r 1-:k I : l" e, IiTc. i D w i I, Et r[ .:.ToN, :311 D c. cIv. ,'. '
William Almuant, UL.'enjaiitaulMcCall;, -- "olior' ue, to .I- i t, ull lh c. I- -i," Ihea,.-JI if .t ..l .- r- I Ll
Roarth, J. Jenkins, DB. Walker, J. Cro- should see fit to culrr i .l.. ie l i'" n- -* -I--,1 I 1 -ir .. Ii -MiiuA- Inr it p I'' It ill -u -
ma-tie, F. B.. Devane, J. Grambling, C.- shiall'begin to think t -. i1.' i ,lhi.n-N -, I I, '. ie, i" ., li s _*,in.', *- [' ,- i ....I-" ,,, I.t.n- p.-t l p--itage prepamd.
Grs b t t ing. F, h i 8; t. ,Cq e r G ., l 111, 111,: ,r.-^ ,l ..ll .'d: r. I. T.ta g do.oi .
Eighth F'..*i,.- s .. ,,i ,.'--' -- W ill.iam All- ei1ve'expre31-,.' i -ti. B.lm w... r.? ,. ? A h-'.r I "..1 k fia ,t b th 'ere h t li.bt p... .,:.. *li ,t.- t'r ra w do'
give express vir i '. Iit.-. '11 wee l t:,1a*.r-i mI ierI e-I O at dotmits1
melt,' Witlia.i .S,,IIti .-'-_. .l. Love,e A. B. ber Mr. Davis' promni.-. g' -i_ ,-,,- ti,m.: mti r ',l :" ,- In1' i'L. t I in '. -x. th re gived .
LWve,'James Cox, NeilBlunit, Paul Hatch, ago, that h'le would n'r.i ,.t'r,.rete a it'i II.- i"e,-11 i lll 'r' t',''li.i; luiJ m it s IN 'iElS :S
A:. Giowzalez, S..P. Waldon, J. Waldon, P. press, and interpretii,gl h iIs UI.-, 1 I- 1 ',4 A S T.
'rumby, J. W. Bailey.'J. Croom,-'R. Iidd, that, w& are i:lei -,.l .,i b.-lie\ iii 1. I I I
L~- Bi -vis, R, .iri.il V'Il;i.,M, -hooker, does not wishtb to hold ill i., ,riiiilhi 1 V ttm v-i D.'-ta m."pinI::c) 0 1 :I
J. Altman, L P' i- :.,.- P. -.. i-.,ungblood, OflieConfederaey in tlie h..ll'..w o b r :Ir .,.I 1 a I F ['ie
S. T i-.r h-and. As to-Cogre.-, we ,u'd ill r,.',' ut N.,v Y.,,' ha a w.,rni.g THE MAID Q< FM IRKLL'AN.i)
S- ',, .. /. i .. -. .n C T. Car- .ite wvisdomu of thta it bo ri t' wcS ] 1 ii .-; ,,.riJ. tI e''' mi' ter -ic-ti-lJtl t 'rl'UT L. irit.)
roll, N. Johlt :..ri \\. 1B. l .11.1,'l r,. ::C i or a i l'. it.'".il s abhili"i i-, tee IIi. 1 it, c I 1, 1 ii d In II % Lo ,.rK r t i-
Swain, - McCl.lmun G. B:. 'Taylor,-A. putting the press un.;crc ntiil a'. r,Y- ,1 i .ril -. t-.1 I .% o '-,,.L,. it, ii' l.-I ai. B. 1t wi.BD n IVtD m.s .. ..a .
iciar, A Floyd, L, iI;r-- i. i'. E. Stanley, would inflict a blow ll ll c ltr, l I. : r ?, .. . .. -, 'l .i.
:. ,.,,.;.-L, J, ItI,'l, -'. M. [lall, J. the case mno"' 'errou- i llt n aIt, l I.-e i /, ." ',.: ,,1 ,r lr l.,),rt:.,ir l,a'" ."' -
Ma'i'ters, J.: RobettsoIt, J. i. S ith .. haye yet r i.th In spite -f.r I..,,.r \, 1 ,. r r Die1',,La ic p lilti: in I-- :
tleiiderson, J.M ',RgbWrts. '" bly numerous set orf1 .ilre,'. wh,I-, are ,'. ,.'1..:-,1." II .-1.nt- ti r Lt:t -.,r -'- l .; DESERTE 'S DAUCSHTER. DA C-
"., -.i 1,-- -,. -., .1 ,] t,. ui,:.ii tl..il aLt] L .;i d ''.S'i t J ...i t ,i- ,.. i 'll, r' r ,lt"t1. t "AT iifaau.i-d ip -n rural in.hiJon i r f. the War
The COifed-rat, tPeis. i ., ..- .., n i I. t - -..le N
The .\i -L ,1I lia L'; :, 1'- . 1 :' r, : i ., .i e- _, the services w ', e ,w I '; i- mi.;.'\ eC LIt. ,,. evt.' O ilc.,l a .i-.le: tlit, ct'lripi nr W. t u.ti.,, i. i, N c. CAv.
Our honest opinion. is, that no class of gine of intellect itna ---rio- Ii ' :r-
our couutrtymen, except our soldiers,have. struogglear- very tli-. .,' a I [' ,-t l tlr riit g n* 'Pl 1 i i Itis i t1 I' EL. E., ,Ir -
.done more 'Tor.our success than nuewsoa- h, outL ntt l.l 1 t i6 i-c n 1I:1'i i lIL'r ii
perttn'oi. 1 ', iso. t ,.,-hri, ,I'- ti it ha it t- f n l
L.": maturely" coficidering the sul.ect.--, pemo1 l from-a Slouglh l -:, t : i I I vI r ,. IT.|,. I .i in,.l T,,e, '-. '.', n...- r iE 'O THE F U DL NO
-..Y'Lhave given tone/to public sentimert, t em onthe rfirm gm-r.I ,-C L':,.-.-: tht. |l his-i s.' in-I - T. n -,m S. .
nd a OUS u ti. pat- lu.. .zc . .... but for it, the hearts e .-, :it t'I.ar ,, 1 l''inb ,, h.i ,i"; *i'il. 'e it T .or (1 C L Tr tr .) -
to every :defland made upoan ihcrn. In .ne .ise;. ; .l .-' .- Ir. i i u. In -- - - - -
the em-crrgeucies ofo'ur country, many guisiedlmro3stto del h:n I'.'.r -.I .; -- t- -i,- i. we allow a I...ral
harsh and grievousJlaw: t have been passed bloody contest; .at, '.t i '''.i:. .. l 3 f* iL.. ...n '- ..-n. f ,.,. r
---mary o:d.Krs aniid.regult'-ions l:ctrdt.o- e a thousand pla ns, 'l,,htt ht'e a-u.hi l l er.y. W ithin pi- -.ii iitn u Ii tiii Sl elr
borne have been aoop11 l An some cases nc:lcul be benefit hu m.-r y in>,:'..S atud .tn'eS ..: ,I P'e Lu .. Wih. p! . ,11.. ll ,r I n r,. tha. rril ., beetiWr
J~esigni Nm. i-'tth.s wel-iiTig- LoSwouldeither bati,-_ very lim4l- i A. -ly" I ; aftr i.. w t. .h'a.-Il wIth h;s .rll O-e hlntut,. t'r,-,':.he ,1'.rr. hak btWr.
de .tguitt "tjaii;""'tttml obtain etiot results or -,t-vr -t I'e b.:e t r I. ii C ei.,i vie]te- lI f0Ilo)n i.al. 'I- l f i 0. 'Pi. P. khcr-.
ones, surpposing they were doing tlieir I in- OUtted. l1 t B i )l,,I f uuler l >b l .. L hi, N K .t .t ----
tv, havO ona m auch toaiouse allihe feel- ecutedigs a dll; an i ill ingI i.s hl.oi, i. v I. E.t.' in.- t-. aert .
i.ogs otiprejudiee ,4nl (.I'- by the thn ^ i ing,,a mrid 3. n A 0 I-ilngs. te-ides t lr at 'tI inn tti
'. --- a Ct'et~'r in i tti_ ...t,,;orI. il lerE .-- ,:.:,1 of e.:hm beisk.
People it these .--i...... I itus.ni'p toiir.a.nd ihas, at t*he' sam i I t.. -i mi. N,,v "I .'''I' e .I .e :r- i:t n t -
.tyrannuies. Justhlece ithe press he,-ve-comiT thonghi ttiame- u ,,t'ai t. .railj, *' -,lo'. it- N i l '.. ar p. e Ga,, S-n A.' EI
iu, and, by tlhei-r daily pleadings, their often scholarly, aitd iy u. n,.i.l.i'uci ,;- '.:' _,:ut i I., --i e sl,, p:e -_, .-,,. T ,M WALL)DO, U.-N TI lOR ,
patriot ic . i-:oriled ap.pare -nal literature, tlhei ,,iliimt nt ,:,t f. ,,f ,, '' ,l' l.i 4ti, a s a l b.y mire.
apparentit.- .'. '..'. "r '.,D...IIle6tsa hire.] LF 0, Ihi 4'lh, a s'natl bay mire. viii4 .,
differences .tI 11 1. .i all- opposition .n- tio....n. themiid. .,,. ,/ ....Ct,. J d n- w'.t::e h;n .,C'.st, a ,l a a~L.ch i.a kn .I
'T'!ey have .-,Li' .:.v .- th. miulnds of thel p full ot' ieomentto tite c,csrl, er:ei I t o l a rii.. bt, ,. ,r. ,
pie to-ever, -,l.., i-.1 important c ange agency in this .ast p,> -iiCn t,,.'d pt,.tIf.,l-r. /oh, ,. 'i; ,,n c i m.,nartolh. 'igt ,'! .lotler. A libe1. l a ri b 4ll 1a. -
: in time poaic ..-in 4Io. avc.enrltC t, -an caxn 9aly be esti mate-l ut, s eu i-te !'cl::r., , h, ti, d stA -d. If ,ft sh i r. A libe:,v Iml re 'a Li wt ll .
I t theIp-oI tyg L V0.V .11111-u11, pa'il ,in l,,"aii.- very 34r. -SicplA
have, Wilhilrare.exceptions, whit all their that until an- intell. e' ii i,toulbi j le U I,, i ,- .
'i [,..-: ...t i,.- .] ti-,, ..i f- ofour couutr-. attained, the.indepe ..iernce ,I' these S'.I,- iitrY. wi, ,I .'' g id with tch Detl ,cr,-atl bc I at .. M X O .
1,1,.. -t. il,.-.:. ut., L|,c, or' the co-ntry. When achiievei Y mi-,i e I.-i nol in II n iny .f I i -, Nov 19 th, '64 41-.ii ~-
e patd yt-m .ll IjhUte rio gnLeral policy nmp 13, ixte. As to i,-en.,riurs wi -llh itl,:. m- 1 c L au-I --sti-uc NoT l!'li,-4 41-l
'. % -po,,c ,I bys r],ART.ra i pres- h-.scommittoda;tl le n t|,,.tp ea ju-,|ce, illl-.\DiU:\ ltiVS, \
among the pip6le. T'here Wl be as mny press hs com mittod -in e anjuIP a UJU. F I'T. e
p n La' "S eis -uttis .theiefNom, the hf.rnuor have Iweou MIIti[.t'C h ia nDa r FrmOID,
,, r.-u. .'- r hee ase ,lt-. l -, and as .., exceptional.in their occurren-:e, and] tlio FR:m [s'-,.--N ,rl'irn papers have Tallahissee. Nw .:ll. 11 4. J .
I- t^atoi will be rile 'll ,. cl :- .tn I. anld, later hli a le alWa-s s t.een preventtedo fi'r-'m :i,- [oBRA Loa -is eO.a : f -
n te l rul i--r a- spreading far, or sinkin, deep. by re lite a.I ,ce iconm \Iexic, st.tie thai TTHU AMNET.V I'&OCLANIU- ,
w ,.:,,L ,,l w.l -,c maM.kabte o.nser.v.tsris .;h hb., tiom uua,m..-- of i ,,ifl.ieii.it Ju.arez leaders I. from these l- ia s.r W '*'l .
to oi iI, : -i .rlel e i c st memnoriaL eharLcieet ,LzeL I ie ji.,ur li=>ve gi 'p i1 ther a Ih e :;,r to che empire General Orders No. 4,. shereby t '
tel-o, t,p: ,ur aiI1 a v'.y.-e- nalists 0o rhe Sou To. T .u-lpess ma- .A, s .ixaxtn,i l an, inll at the R{epublican to take effect tfom lMe :b itilts..'- '. il.*
Ne. At I-' t, 'I mkn d ,, i ,on y : un- shin o that operates so well. ,r I tIhe pr ti.r'-ts ,.r l y ,i3tg d.owa heir arms and y rder of Brig.Oa 't. M L ,l -" L :-
id , uL, ,0i ,Lid muu ,k.ifut'mywnud btke luin an elp,.citI,., t L Limr. nt t,:,' ai/ereo tte esabli.sh Nov. 19 1--- ..
e raoir 'e ah ed'nty ede h'".e l ledn i. ci es "- ---. :" .-
t re ihe moet powerrftlrenglnes withmiu our -pec in dn-ti t F ".,
it for the-a tnmer ii i with tbe-bits. W1e-use Ithe c,,rI uoppres,, I n-I tel,:gr~ml.hi,: conim'uiiiat,,Attv ith the [l'u Qias,..mb. Lbr.x ItnO Boau.D .

1 zen on tit- one Ia 1. tIme rights of tha tweenthe suppressiu"of ilie pre- ta, l. . .-,.,. The Medic.fl Eeamieag Board tre 44
''en -.'" ott n" th" round" the n"4zzling o" its elheienl mong-ae by Imm le'ann t rnil~otlr proeJtis ara also TheMicu;l Ec ig Bor feti. t,, ,t; -
.Gove-rment oeno- s ol, mr-; the grounds th f getu.l. s q u.eni .e ibu. to be e- t -.in ibe ',perr. District wilt meet at the fbllhhwiag t.

bght l,,,. l he -.i..-.'- ,ti,, ih.hr does ,,i ,lep~euad ,ripon tho breath or. thi we.'e comphi[osy OUnet,:ng .., ,at nd who require a~etteta O .-1
-- woul a th. th or ok w -.,tl the argument ligtLy an- n bass o t .. n e eth
he t o oub l rr ttl'u tsi aman i r .,le iyc4 ver 10 teri'-"-" C "n "he -f Im if re-re t i i lmt ai 11 d tilMi ut .. ""d I
i.- th g. -a.. .. e i .. .- i .. o f r-o. Thery eurera ., tor~i tilte r~ent ~t S " " Ocal,- ,a _' B 'aa
'[heAb \ tm.inm ,.l1it L t' .m on ls i -i a. h,;.i\ter. wu. fl,1 t-htat we have Liuis re. soo jt mtum,.uu:. n :b tus ra.pr -,ta mm |n. a -* L-da a,
in-', . .. ; .i' t-- t '.i "a"r;:t. ',ttg ,,-,. ,oo, gr. c i ,.erediing that. h ly..- prude in tiou. -"- t W-W-..l
-. : s :-;., sn'L,___ __o.p^r p o eta /tee press,

5 t.the-public,. ay-s oi.spird t I-' il d.. ..o. -- A--l.- "

u ., ..'- .. ne w ica. IaWt rh.. t-iott taw -u~~as!'t l ..o m thel ." -"'i2 4 ."~:" i







"l- ,,,.

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a~ .~ Ls
r .



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