Title: Real estate transactions before 1692 earthquake, city of Port Royal, Jamaica
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Title: Real estate transactions before 1692 earthquake, city of Port Royal, Jamaica
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Cityof Port Royal, Jamaica
INDEXED AND CARDED BY: national Geographic Society

This index has been prepared from hand written reproductions of plats
and deeds or patents to real estate, recorded before 1692 when
two-thirds of the city was drowned and buried by an unusually severe
earthquake. These records were later housed in the Record Office
in Spanish Town. The documents are fragmentary and the index is
necessarily incomplete. Spelling, punctuation and capitalization
are preserved in large part as -opied from the original documents.

The cards are filed alphabetically according to the name of the
land holder, L'.ultiple spellings applied to one name are indicated.
The date (or approximate date) of the transaction is recorded at the
top right-hand corner of plat and patent cards.

Plat numbers refer to number employed on the original records.
Numbered references to the Link Chart refer to a tentative chart
based on an under water survey by E. A. Link in 1956 plus additional
data from the 1959 Link National Geographic Society Smithsonian
Institution Expedition. For the chart and further information
see the National Geographic, February 1960, pages 151-183.

Abbot, Richard

also: Abbott

See: Abbot, Richard. Patent, 20 March, 1666
Elkins, George
Roberts, Thomas. Plat # 190
Waste land

Abbot, Richard

PATENT 20 March, 1666

Lib. II folio 117

En 20 March, 1666/7
Land at Port Royal 40 ft. sq.
Bounding North on George Phillips &
George & Rintochs7 Street
South on Yellow Street towards the sea
and East & West on Thomas Roberts

Adams, Barnaby

Also: Adam

See: Adams, Barnaby. Deed, 7 August, 1668
Adams, Barnaby. Plat k255
Brian, Jno.
Clemens, Joel & watermen. Plat #247
Crooked Lane
Modyford, Sr. Thos.
Tower Street. Plat Diagram #1
Tunstall, Edward

Adams, Barnaby DEED 7 August, 1668

Land at Port Royal 60 ft. sq. bounding

North on Lamer (Tower?) Street
South on Church Street
West on Edwd. Alkintall (Tunstall?) (also recorded as Mckentull)
East on Crooked Lane

Adams, Barnaby

Church Street

Barnaby Adams

S 60 feet square 0
I /

0 e
S /

Tower Street



24 March, 1667/8

Jamaica This Platt represents 60
foot square of Land in Port Royall
Surveyed unto Barnaby Adams by vertue
of an Order from His Excy Sr. Thos.
Modyford Bart. bounding North on
Tower Street, South on Church Street,
West on Edward Towstall, East on
Crooked Lane.

24 March 1667/8

Per. Wm. Long

Adman, William

See: Adman, William. Patent, 8 January, 1674
High Street

Adman, William PATENT 8 January, 1674

8th January, 14th year of Reign of Chas. II. Parcel
of land at Pt. Cagway Bounding
Southward on High Street 58 ft.
Northward on land now or late of Thomas Bunne, gent. 58 ft.
Eastward 15 ft. & westward 33 ft. in the land now or late
of Thos. Thame, Gentl.

Affellos Alley

See: Streets left on Port Royal after the earthquake

Albert, John

See: Albert, John and Evan Davis. Plat # 338
Common Street
Modyford, Sr. Thomas
Waste land
Young, 'Stephen

Albert, John and Evan Davis PLATT NUMBER 338 25 October, 1669

Waste Land To his Excellency Sr. Thos Modyford Bart.
f Governor Generall of this his Majesties
\56 feet Island of Jamaica I have by surveyed &
\ \ counted the Quantity of 67 feet square of Land
on Port Royall for John Albert & Edward Davis.
It bounds North Easterly on Wast Land,
South Westerly on Stephen Young East
\ Southerly on the Parade, & West Northerly on
\ the Common Street. The Demensions & Bounds
John Albert and Edward whereof One Perspicuously demonstrated by
Davis -4 this annexed Platt being Exactly delineated
C" \ according to the Survey.

S This 25 October, 1669
By me Rich Witten Surveyor

o Source: Port Royal Plat Book #1 page 2

Alkintall, Edward

See: Adams, Barnaby. Deed, 7 August, 1668

Allen's wharf

See: Streets gone down in the great earthquake

Andrew, John
also: Andrews

See: Andrew, John. Patent, 10 January, 1667
Andrew, John. Plat # 150 (2 versions)
Gunby, Roger
May, Augustine

Andrew, John PATENT 10 January, 1667

Land on Port Royal

20 feet square bounding North on John Cornelius
South on Roger Gunby
East on Lyme Street
West on Augustine May

Andrew, John PLAT NUMBER 150 7 October 1665

Jamaica This plat represents Twenty
feet square of Land on Port Royall surveyed
John Cornelin unto John Andrews Being his Possession
Bounding North on John Cornelins South on
/ Roger Gimby East on Lime Street West on
Augustin John Apdrew Augustin May.
My / The 7 of October 1665

/ Wm. Long Surveyor

/Roger Gimby Souree Port Royal Plat Book no. p
/ Roger Gimby Souree: Port Royal Plat Book no. 1, p. 2

Andrew, John PLAT 150 1665
Common Street left by law of this island
John Cornelius

Agustin May John
Andrew 20

1" a

Thos. Roger Gimby

Jeffrey Boen
Jeffrey Bowen

Archbould, Henry

also: Archbole, Archibald, Archibould, Archbold

See: Archbould, Henry. Plat # 120 (2 versions)
Archbould, Henry. Plat # 122
Archbould, Henry. Patent, 7 November, 1664
Barry, Samuel
Burrough, George. Plat # 59
Bowen, Jeffrey & Thomas Payne. Plat #.241
Collyer & Edgoose
Deakins, Joseph
Deakins, Rachael
Freeman, Humphrey
Freeman, Thomas
Greenhill, John
Lime Street
Pelican Lane
Phillips, Robert. Plat # 24
Popham, John. Plat # 59

(Link Chart #37)

Archbould, Henry







Collyer &

7 April, 1662

Surveyed and set out to Lt. Coll.
Henry Archbould a parcell of land on
Point Cagway bounded Northward to the
Harbour seventy feet, Southward to
the land of John Popham 70 feet
Westward 120 feet to the land of
Joseph Deakins, Eastward 120 feet to
the land of Collyer & Edgoose.

Dated on Cagway 7 Aprill, 1662

John Man Surveyer

John Popham

Archbould, Henry





7 April, 1662



Archbould, Henry



Pelican Lane





At Lime Street & Pelican Lane. 40 feet
square surveyed and set out to Lt. Col.
Henry Archbould Esq. A parcel of land on
Point Cagway, Bounding Eastward to Lime
Street 50 feet, Westward to Land of John
Greenhill 50 Northward 30 feet to Pelican
Lane & Southward 30 feet to the land of
Brown and Van Alphen7.

John Man, Surveyor

Dated, Cagway 17 April ?

Brown & Van Alphen

Archbould, Henry PATENT 7 November, 1664

Liber I, fol. 171 (llth year of Reign of Chas II)

Land on Point Cagway.

Northward on Harbour 70 ft.
Southward land of John Popham 70 ft.
Westward 120 feet and Eastward 120 feet on land of
Collyer and Edgoose

Archer, Thomas

See: Archer, Thomas. Patent, 6 March, 1665
Archer, Thomas. Plat # 145 (2 versions)
Dodson, John
West, John

(Link Chart # 55)

Archer, Thomas PATENT 6 March, 1665

Liber I, fol. 134

(Lieut. Thomas Archer) Land at Port Royal.

Northward on Queen St. 32 ft.
Southward on High Street 44 ft.
Westward on Thomas Clarke & Peter Benning 63 feet
Eastward on Walter Gullifer (Gullyford?) and James Gallowey

Archer, Thos. PLAT NUMBER 145 20 March 1664/5

Queen Street

32 foot
32 ft Jamaica This plat represents a parcel
of land on point Cagway formerly surveyed
Pete Lieut Thomas by Major John Man bounding northward on
3ennings Archer ames Queen.Street 32 foot southward on High
allowed Street forty four foot westward on Thomas
S .. Clarke and Peter Benning Sixty three
('- 7 o foot eastward on Walter Guilford and
| James Gallowey Sixty three foot surveyed
o the 20th of March 1664/5 unto Lt. Thomas
o / Archer the above land.

f/ Wm. Long

Archer, Lieut. Thos.


Queen Street

Lieut. Gallowey Nich.
Peter Thos. 1666 Keene
Benning Archer 1-

Mr. Gullyford
Mr. Clarke -I-

High Street

20 March 1664/5

Artillery Fence

See: Cartwright, Sr. Anthony


Artillery Grounds

See: Artillery Grounds. Plat # 382
Artillery Grounds. Plat (1675)
Cartwright, Sir. Anthony
Diggins, Hercules
Hunt, Joseph P. Flat # 400
Parade Grounds
Tower Street
Turner, John
Wheeler, Nicholas;
Young, Stephen


Artillery Grounds PLAT NUMBER 382 June 25, 1672

Stephen Young

/ 33;> Jamaica

By vertue of an Order to me directed
I from the Honble Sr. Thos Lynch Lt. Govnr.
0 Comdr in Chief of the Island of Jamaica
5g The area 395 I Date May 28th 1672. I have measured
Cl feet square surveyed & laid out on Port Royall a
Parcell of Land for the artillery Ground
'/ which Lyeth in Forme & Manner here
Described by this Plot & bounded as is
18 ft The Sea incerted on the sides thereof performed
SJune 25th 1672.
Nicl. Wheeler
Thos. John Wornell Surveyor
S 398 feet square

/Between St. Peters Church & the Sea/
Land belonging to
the fort

Artillery Ground


Her. Diggins

8 Jan. 1675

Former Parade or Artillery Ground
for the use of Port Royal inhabi-

8 Jan. 1675

Joseph Hunt Ch. Warden

Ashford, John

See: Ashtord, John. Plat # 29
Case, William
Davis, George
Fishers Row
Lime Street...,

(Link Chart # 205)

(Link Chart #205)

10 March 1661


Surveyed & Set out unto John Ashford A
parcell of Land on the West End of point
Cagway & isBounded Eastward to Lime Street
50 feet Westward ffishers Row 50 feet
Northward to the Land of Richd Field 100
feet & Southward to the Land of George Davis
100 feet. Dated in Cagway 10 March 1661.

John Man

Source: Plat Book #1, p. 2

Ashford, John

Atkins, Capt. Southvrell

See: Freeman, Humphrey. Plat # 195


Atterberrie, Edward

See: Atterbury, Edward


Atterbury, Edward

also: Otterbury, Atterberree

See: Atterbury, Edward. Plat # 414
.Atterbury, Edward. Plat # 424
Atterbury, Edward. Plat Diagram
Banker, James
Elmes, John
Keene, Nicholas
Modyford, Lady
Powell, Rowland
Stone, John. Plat # 443
Thames Street

Atterbury, Edward


July 10, 1678

Jamaica This Figure represents
the form of a piece of Ground
scituate in Port Royal containing
sixty feet each way Bounded
Westerly by TowerStreet, Northerly
by John Stodam Easterly by the Sea
and Southerly by John Elmes

July 10, 1678

The Sea


John Drury

John Elmes

Atterbury, Edward

Shoal water
not yet


(Link Chart # 13)

The Harbour /

2/ F~FE;7

< ,
M ,


A wharfe
lately granted
to the Lady

The Common Street
Surt /?7 by the
law of this Isld

Thames Street

Jamaica Y

This is a True Copy of the Plat of the
Ground and Shoal Water Granted to Mr.
Edward Atterberree to be recovered out of
the Sea for a Wharfe u on Port Royall the
Original being Registered in the Office.
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Set
my hand and Seal the 7'day of June
Anno Dmi. 1679.

Robert Felgate
Surveyor Genall

Vera C6pie

.s urce: Port Royal Plat Book #1, Pps 4-5
See: Wharf granted to Dr. Atterbury



Atterbury, Edward



SWilliam Barbar Esq.

Austin, Giles

See: Austin, Giles. Patent 20 March, 1666/7
Church Street
Waste lands

Austin, Giles PATENT 20 March, 1666/7

Liber II, fol. 117

Land at Port Royal 56 ft. sq. bounding
South on the sea, North on Church Street
West on Wast Lands & Jim Grubbin & East
on Austin Lane by the land of Thomas Watson.

Austin Lane

See: Austin, Giles

Axtell, Thomas

See: Axtell, Thomas. Plat # 117
Dun, Richard
Keene, Nicholas
Poxton, William

(Link Chart # 59)

Axtell, Thos. PLAT NUMBER 117 1662
(Link Chart # 59)


Surveyed & set out to Thos. Axtell
Parte of Land on Point Cagway Bounding
Northward 100 feet, Southward 100 feet
Eastward the Land of Wm. Poxon 50 feet
Westward 60 feet towards the Land of
Nicholas Keene. This Land was bought of
Henry Hillyard. Cagway

24 December 1662

John Man
Sold to Rich Dun

Source: Port Royal Plat Book # 1 p. 4

SRichard Dun

Bach, Samuel

See: Bach, Samuel and Thomas Hudson. Plat, 27 September, 1679
Common Street
Mussett, Margaret
Reeve, George
Richardson, Thomas
Shoal water

(Link Chart # 22)

Bach, Samuel PLAT 27 September, 1679

(and Thomas Hudson)

Southerly on themselves 50 ft. westerly
N Thomas on James Mussett 22 feet. Northerly by
Richardson Common Street left by the law of this
22 island 50 ft. Easterly upon Mr. Thomas
Richardson 22 feet as by the original
Saml. Bach & Platt in Office of Surveyor Gent... with
Thomas Hudson all edifices, buildings, cellars, solar
ways, easements, profits commodity
50 50 emoluments & other hereditments whatso
ever unto Saml. Bach & Thos Hudson.
I Ground by them
22 lately purchased Recorded 23rd December, 1681.
James Derham, Carlisle
A true copy of the platt granted to Saml
Bach & Thos. Hudson on Port hoyall.
27 September, 1679

Baldwin, John

See: Childermas, John. Deed, 25 November, 1672

Banker, James
also: Bankes

See: Atterbury, Edward
Fishers Row
Powell, Rowland
Powell, Rowland and James Banker

Bankland, John

See: Bankland, John. Plat # 312
Modyford, Sir. Thos.
Tower Street
Waste land

i I

Bankland, John PLAT NUMBER 312 23 October 1669

To his excellency Sir Thomas Modyford Barrt.
Parade Plate Govnr. Gent. of Jamaica.

I have by Order surveyed & Bounded the
quantity of 60 feet square Land on Port
s Royal for John Bankeland. It bounds N.
John Easterly on the Parade Plate Southwesterly
co Bankeland on Edward Jacobs, East Southerly on Wast
/ /Land & West Northerly on Tower Street.
0 The Demensions & Bounds whereof are plainly
) demonstrated by this annexed Plat being
SExactly according to the Survey

23 October 1669
Jacobs Rich. Witter

Barnard, Edward

See: Bernard, Edward



See: Streets gone down in the great earthquake


Barnet, Capt. Saml.

See: Barnet, Capt. Samuel. Plat #283 (3 versions)
Colebeck, John
Deakins, Joseph
Freeman, Humphrey
High Water Marke
Lilly, Thomas
Modyford, Thomas
Queen Street
Royston, Edward
Smith's Alley
Sweeting, Henry
Unsurveyed land

Barnet, Capt. Saml. PLAT NUMBER 283 24 April 1668

SWCapt. Saml. Jamaica. This plat represents 52 feet
High Water Barnet square of Land on Port Royal surveyed unto
market Capt. Saml. Barnet by Order from His Excy.
Sr. Thos. Modyford Bart. Govnr. General of
Jamaica Bounding North on Thos. Lyllie
Capt. Sam!. Barnet West on Capt. John Colebeck, South & East
S52 f. sq. on other Lands belonging to the Abovesaid
Capt. Saml Barnet. 24 Aprill 1668

Capt. Wm. Long
John a pt. Saml. Surveyor
Colebecke \ Barnet


Barnet, Capt. Saml. PLAT NUMBER 283 24 April, 1668

I By order of Sir. Thomas Modyford
This plat represents 52 ft. sq. of
land on Port Royal surveyed for Capt.
Saml. Barnet Bounded North on Thomas
Thomas Lilly Lyllie T7est on Capt. John Colebeck
ar South and East on other lands belonging
SCapt. S to above said Capt. Saml. Barnet.
Capt. Sam'l
Barnett 24 April, 1668.

Cap Cat. t Sam'l W. Long, Surveyr
John Colebec ett
John Colebec

Barnet, Capt. Saml.

Edward Royston


24 April, 1668

70 ft. square Land on Port Royal,
surveyed for Capt. Saml Barnet
Bounding South on Joseph Deakins
North on High Water Mark &
Edwd Royston, East on unsurveyed
Land & West on other lands belonging
to Capt. Saml. Barnet

Surveyed 24 April 1668

Tm. Long, Surveyor

Ca9 '%
eea e


See: Streets gone down

Barrow, Thomas

See: Fist, Anton and wife, Sarah (Sign of the Ship)

Barry, Samuel

also: Bary

See: Barry, Samuel. Patent 10 December, 1662
Barry, Samuel. Patent 11 December, 1662
Barry, Samuel. Plat # 118
Barry, Samuel. Plat # 124...
Barry, Samuel. Plat no number, nd.
Canon Street
Cooper, Thomas. Plat # 158
Doves, William
Freeman, Humphrey
Hall, James. Plat # 260
King's Highway
Market Place
Mitchell's Alley
Popham, John
Queen Street
Smith's Lane
Sweeting, Henry

(Link Chart # 41)

Barry, Samuel PATENT 10 December, 1662

Indenture between Colonel Samuel Barry of Ligonie
and Peter Barteeboe (a Frenchman) Wherein Bary sells
to Barteeboe for I20 and sells of ZsicJ rum
land at Point Cagway East to West 60 ft. & North
to South 30 feet bounding East on King's Highway
on West to the Land of John Popham, on North to Land
of Humphrey Freeman & on South to land of John Pitts.

See Plat, nd

Barry, Samuel PATENT 11 December, 1662

Sam Barry Liber I, fol. 29

Southward to Cannon Street 84 feet
Northward 84 feet on land of William Doves Deere7
Eastward 84 feet to Machells Alley & the Marlvey
Place and Westward 84.

11 December 1662.

See Plat # 118

Barry, Samuel PATENT 11 December, 1662

Northward on land of Humphrey Freeman 64
Southward on the land of Henry Sweeting merchant
next Queen Street 64 feet.
Westward 50 ft. & Eastward to the Smith's land 54 feet.

Barry, Samuel PLAT NUMBER 118 March 29, 1662

for Coll. Lawes Pat. Lib. B. fol. 19

Surveyed & set out to Coll. Saml. Barry
a parcel of land on Pt. Cagway Bounding
Southward to Canon Street 84 ft. Northward
84 ft to land of William Doves, Eastward 84 ft
to Mitchells Alley & the Market Place &
Westward 84 ft.

Cagway 29 March 1662.

John Man Survyr

Barry, Coll. Samuel PLAT NUMBER 124 29 March 1662

Surveyed & set out for Coll. Saml. Barry a
parcel of Land on Point Cagway Bounding North
ward to the Land of Humphrey Freeman 60 ft.
Southward to land of Henry Sweeting next Queen
St. 60 ft. Westward 50 feet & Eastward 50 feet
to the Smith's lane.

Cagway: 29th March 1662.

John Man

Barry, Samuel PLAT nd
(Link Chart # 41)

Humph. Freeman
60 ft.

SSaml. Barry King's
John H Highway

SJohn Pitts f Smith's

60 ft.

Queen Street

Bartabme, Jane

Bartaboe, Jane
also: Bartteeboe

See: Honeyman, Thomas. Patent, 20 February, 1662

Bartaboe, John

See: Honeyman, Thomas. Patent, 20 February, 1662

Bartaboe, Peter

also: Bartiboe, Bartiba, Bartoba, Bartiban, Barteeboe, Bartteeboe, Borteboa

Bartaboe, Peter. Patent 1664
See: Bartaboe, Peter. Patent 1668
Bartaboe, Peter. Plat # 186
Bartaboe, Peter. Plat # 205
Calhen, Robert
Childermas, John
Englesfield, Epsley. Plat # 43
Honey Lane
Honeyman, Thomas
King's Highway
Locker, Alice

Bartaboe, Peter PATENT 13 November, 1664

Peter Borteboa. Liber I, fol. 282
En. 23'Dec. 1661. Land at Port Royal
forty foot sq. North on Harbour, South
on Thomas Honeyaan, East on Henry Love & West
on Yuglefield.

Bartaboe, Peter PAENT 1668

Peter Bartiba. Liber III, fol. 7 En.

Land at Port Royal 471 ft. North bounding
on himself East 29 ft. on Honey land, West
32 ft. on Robert Carter, South 45 ft. on

Bartaboe, Peter



10 November, 1665

The huse of Peter Bartiboe

Corbe land for a wharf
N Peter Sartiboe

Surveyed for Peter Bartaboe a
parcell of land for a wharfe
10 November, 1665 as the figure
the landing drawn makes plain.
place called
Honey Lane Wm. Moseley

Bartaboe, Peter


10 November 1665


This plat represents a
house surveyed for Beter Bartaboe
Carpenter Scituate at Port Royall
in the Island aforesaid as the
figure above maketh plainly appear.

10 Nov. 1665

Wm Moseley

The Land of Thomas Honyman

ZSold this land to Lt. Thos.
Honeyman for~607 1662

Bartaboe, Thomas

See: Honeyman, Thomas. Patent

Bartholemew, John

See: Bowen, Goburn, Bartholemew and Goulding. Patent 1668
Fishers Row
King's wharf
Waste land


Basely, Richard

See: Bosely, Richard


Bates, William

See: Bates, William. rough draft
Dove's Alley
Johnson, John
Thompson, Richard


Bates, William

14 February, 1673/4

Rough Draft of William
Bates Survey

February 3rd, 1678/9
This was run for the use
of the parish but the Right
of the Order was sold by
Mr. Hanson and the Church
Chin John wardens to Bates & him
May patent-d.

Bathing Houses

See: Streets gone down, etc.

Bathurst, Benjamin

See: Bathurst, Benjamin. Plat #431
Bathurst, Benjamin. Flat #436
Colebeck, John
Common Street
Landing Place (common)
Queen Street
Richardson, Thomas
Waste land
White, Joel

Bathurst, Benjamin PLAT NUMBER 431 20 July 1680

Jamaica Port Royal. This is a true
copy of the Plat of Ground Granted
to Benjamin Bathurst Esq. to be
The Wast before Restored out of the Sea for a Wharfe
Harbour Jool White in the Parish aforesaid the origiril
Benj. being registered in this office. In
Bathurst testimony whereof I have set my hand
& seal. 20 July 1680.

scale 20 feet to the R obert Hogate
inch C
/ Here the Surveyor General
4Q 0 Seal Vera Copia

o o /.. f John Howe

Bathurst, Benjamin PLAT NUMBER 436 20 July, 1680

Granted by H.M.'s letter
Pat. 6 March, 51st year
of H..%.' s reign unto John
Colebeck, Esq. & since
Sby sale to Benj. Bathurst,
Benjamin the land late of surveyed, 20 July, 1680.
S Bathurst Joel White, deceased

Bathurst, Joseph

See: Bathurst, Joseph. Patent 1681/2
Coleman. Deed
High Street
Towne, Arthur
Man, John
Shaw, John


Bathurst, Mr. Joseph PATENT 16 Jan. 1681/2

To Thomas Rogers of London for
2 parcells of goods shipt upon
N Captaine Webber & Captaine
John Man Shorten
L50 : 18 : 10

Harbour To advance u.on ye same
80 ft.
12 01 02
John Shaw Land of 63
Arthur Towne
72 ft.
High Street



Beakins, Joseph

See; Dealins, Joseph

Beckford, Peter

See: Beckford, Peter. Plat #419
Beckford, Peter. Flat #449
Childermas, John. Plat #404
Fenwicke, Henry. Plat #412
High Street
King's Yard
Lynch, Thomas
Market Lane
Unsurveyed Land


Beckford, Capt. Peter PLAT NUMBER 419 April 2nd 1678
(Link Chart # 18)

This plat represents the form of 68
feet in Length x 26 feet in Bredth
By virtu of the annexed Order from
the Honble Sr. Henry Morgan Knight -
His Majesties Lt. Governor and Cmdr.
The Sea in Chief of Jamaica Surveyed upon
the Superfines of the Sea being
Shoal Water & to be recovered for
The Wharfe Ground Bounded South upon a
Sea -Street being opposite to Mr. Peter
1748 Square or Superfipial Feet Beckfordts Ground Scituate at Port
The Royall. Which Survey is performed
Sea for the Aforesaid Mr. Peter Beckford.

April 2nd 1678
A street Betwixt the S a and Capt.
Beckford's grounI Humphey Knollis

SSource: Port Royal Plat Book #1,
p. 11

Beckford, Peter


27 November, 1683

Major. Peter Beckford

41i feet n
31 feet
v*yed Peter Beckford

723 feet

By order of his Excy. Sr.
Thos. Lynch 25th day of
November surveyed & lay'd
out to rajr. Peter Beckford
a parcel of land on Port Royal
36 feet square
Bounding Northerly
the King's on the house of the
yard sd Major Peter Beck-
ford Easterly on the
wall of the King's Yard Sodherly
on High Street & Westerly on
land surveyed belonging tothe
sd. High Street.

27th Nov. 1683

Beeston, William

See: Beeston, William. Patent 1661
Beeston, William. Patent 1666
Beeston, William. Plat # 101
Beeston, William. Plat # 399
Byndloss, Robert. Plat f 245
Collins, John Plat # 507
High Street
Home Alley
New Street
Pinhorne, Edward
Pond, William
Pullen, John
Vaughan, John Lord

(Link Chart # 78)

Beeston, William PATENT 13 October, 1661-

William Beeston, Lib. I, fol. 109
En. 30 February, 1664

Merchant Land at Point Cagway
North on High Street 60 ft.
South 60 to the New Street
Eastward 60 ft. land of Edward Pinhorne
Westward 60 ft. to Hore Alley

Beeston, William PATENT 24 January, 1666

William Beeston, Lib. II, fol. 81

Land at Port Royal bounding High Street 42 feet
towards House of William Pond. 72 ft. & to
John Pullins 58 ft. & lies in a triangle.

(Link Chart #78)

High Street


William Edwd.
S Beeston Pinhorne
/ (1664)

New Street

25 Match 1662


Surveyed and Set out to Wm Beeston
Land on Point Cagway Bounding Northward to
the High Street 60 feet Southward 60 feet
to the New Street Eastward 60 feet to the
Land of Edwd. Pinhorne & Westward 60 feet
to Home Alley Cagway 25 March 1662

John Man

Source: Port Royal Plat Book # 1, P. 9

See: Beeston, William Plat no. 399

Beeston, William

Beeston, Coll. Wm. PLAT NUMBER 399 11 October 1675
(Link Chart #78)


This diagram represents a piece of
New Street Land Situated on Port Royall containing
30 square Surveyed to Lt. Coll. Wm.
Beeston by an Order from His Excellency
{6 John Lord Vaughan dated 14 September 1675
j e Bounding Southerly on New Street 66 feet
S westerly on Horns Alley 30 feet &
I / Northerly on land formerly granted to
Lt. Col. '/o said Lt. Col. Beeston 60 feet.
Beeston / 11 of October 1675

W Thrasher
Source: Port Royal Plat Book # 1, P. 7

See: Beeston, William Plat No. 101


See: Church Street
Ross, William
Stanley, Newell, Wesgate & Bennealt.
Tower Street

Bennett, Samuel

See: Lynch, Thomas
Man, James

Benning, Peter

also: Bennings

See: Archer, Thomas. Plat # 145

(Link Chart # 53)

Benning, Simon

also: Symon Benning

Benning, Simon. Plat # 216
Benning, Simon. Plat # 248
Burroughs, Cornelius
Clemends, Joseph
Collins, Richard
High Street
Humes, George
Lloyd, Richard
Orchard, Thos.
Queen Street

(Link Chart # 84)

Benning, Simon


January 5, 1663


(Link Chart #84)

7 August 1667

Jamaica. This Plat represents 60 feet
square of Land on Port Royall Surveyed
Loyde unto Simon Benning being his possession
bounding North on High Street South on
Geo. Warner West on Majr. Rich. Loyde -
East on Geo. Humes.

7 August 1667

Wm. Long

Source: Port Royal Plat Book # 1, p. 7

Benning, Simon

Bernard, Charles

See: Bernard, Charles. Patents
Bernard, Charles. Plat # (1668)
Colebeck, Capt. John
Deakins, Joseph
King Street
Lilly, Thomas
Royston, Edward

Bernard, Charles PATENTS

En. 3rd. Augt. 1668
2 Parcells of land on Port Royall.
The first Containing 52 feet sq. Bounding
North on Thos. Lilly
West on Capt. John Celobeck
South & East on himself (Chas. Bernard)

The other Parcell by estimation 70 ft. sq. Bounding
South on Joseph Deakins
North on High Water & Edwd Ragston
East on unsurveyed land
West on himself (Chas. Bernard)

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