Title: North Central Florida : land use plan map 2000.
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Title: North Central Florida : land use plan map 2000.
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Language: English
Publisher: North Central Florida Planning Council
Publication Date: 1980
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- North Central Florida
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A. Urban areas will expand in response top ultn
and economic growth.- ------ conybudr
B. Urban areas constitute approximately 3.pecnto
the total land in the region. The Council expet e
cent of the region to be urbanized by 2000. .- ~ jjjj einlbudr
C. Urban expansion will occur in such awya olk....
minimize adverse impacts on the environment
D. Sufficient land is available for developmetsctht- Saebuay
prime agricultural landt naned nintabehionway
This Land Use Plan Map is a representation of~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A xitngad rooedpblc ipot
future land and resource utilization in the~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~iie ndtwn ndtei u
generalized in terms of area and physical char- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oudngubaiin res po
acteristics. The delineations were made using~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~jetd rbnexasinbaedo pas n
the most timely data available. In interpret- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cren rot pters
the Regional Comprehensive Plan and the goals,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ajrcorctoaleuctonl
objectives, and policies presented in the Land~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ndo mdca acltisloae
Use Plan.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~usd o uiia onais
North central ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mslyrrl ad hihhv
This Land Use Plan Map is a representation of o. -~~~~he I e o thn ~p n fmm~ I
MA ctPE PRistics. U The dEOLOineati n weRVEY made,0 uSEIng because ofS1 environmental limita-anDw kqH CEN RA FL RI
t h e R e g TIo n a l ECo m R e h n s v P lAnE R a nC O D E t h M gA l sH m in e alAd p o s tsa d1s p cia h a z r d a e a s

U.s. Pos" PalR GEOLOGY northwest of Madison. For the most part, however, the land ,?~., .,
2B22NN lWlSl thi STi G FI. mm oi~l..!.I Olv 32601 Th1e1 I The NoorthCentralnFtrrada RegionrandainRfagiothe eatire, inithe Regiontis flateorevetiregentlynrCllhng.FReegReiionoisspaftnlatctoreenerye.i.gentlygio"isrolling.veryigetleirRllig.iTheiRegon isa\a|
SUITE 2 permit No. 475 state, lies on a base of limestone formations. The limestone of the Coastal Plains Physiographic Province. Any noticeable _o = j ... -i7I
GAINESVILlIE, FL 32601 INTRODUCTION was formed as the bed of ancient seas which covered most of relief (hills, ravines) is most likely the result of surface water F H.
The North Central Florida Region covers 6,870 square miles the peninsula in the geologic past. In most areas, various erosion, sinkholes and other limestone depression features. L ......To V'; /
(17.590 square kilometers). It lies in the north central and thicknesses of sands and clays now cover the limestone, %- '
western portion of the Florida peninsula between 82 and while in a few places, mostly in the river valleys, the ~ |
84 W longitude, and between 29 15' and 30 45' N limestone appears at the surface in outcrops. HYDROGRAPHY 'is,.
latitude. It is bounded on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and The major surface water bodies in the Region are the
the Aucilla River; on the north by the State of Georgia; on the The limestone occurs in layers called formations which may Suwannee, Withlacoochee and Santa Fe Rivers, Newnans, ""
east by Baker, Clay and Putnam Counties; and on the south be up to several hundred feet thick. Some layers are dense Orange. Lockloosa, and Santa Fe Lakes. The rivers are ; -
by Levy and Marion Counties. The Region extends 124 mi. and virtually impermeable, while others are porous and light important natural resources which affect the environment A. l
(198 km) from northeast Madison County to southeast and function as a gigantic ground water reservoir. The and the economy of the Region. The Suwannee River ~ j
Alachua County, and 95 mi. (152 km) from northeast Floridan Aquifer. the main ground water source in the supplies billions of gallons of fresh water daily to the .. .. V % ~ |
Columbia County to the mouth of the Suwannee River. Region and the State, is actually a series of limestone estuarine marshes on the Gulf coast. The mix of fresh and ~ N ""I
formations. The water pumped from the Floridan is normally salt water in the coastal marshes and grassbeds is vital to the ~ i.
CLIMATE of potable quality. existence of all marine life. ''" {' ~ I~,
* ^ *The climateis a "humid sub-trpical" type characterize by n .i. o iThe*climate is La*"humid sub-tropical" type characterized bya
m ild w inters with periodic cold fronts and by long, warm Limestone is soluble in slightly acidic water and this Many springs flow in the Region supplying rivers and lakes '"""
humid summers. The Region has an average of 70 to 80 days characteristic results in the formation of sinkholes or karstt" with fresh water from the limestone aquifers. Some springs -J ~ \"',
with temperatures between 320 F (0 C), usually in topography. The limestone dissolves and eventually col- such as Ichetucknee, Blue and Manatee are important North..
M ^.^k^^^k. MV ^M~~~~~~Th cli .1|| w tmpeatueis aewe 2 F( ) "humlyid s btropicra"' lietype chsivsaracterienudi bY L .......... 'jAi *ii-----*'~ t '~'"
December through February. The warmest months with lapses underground causing the sand and clay overburden to recreational sites and are protected by State or local .
maximum temperatures over 90' F (32 C) are June, July collapse also. All sizes of caverns and sinkholes are formed in government. L,, B
and August, and these months also have the highest rainfall this manner, such as the Devil's Millhopper in Alachua O.M.. / .
~ of the year. Over 40% of the yearly rainfall of approximately County and along Peacock Slough in Suwannee County. Nearly all of the surface water features are replenished by "~ ....
s ivell A^Tl V~l lV~l lk~! 1 54" (137 cm) falls between June and September. Most of the infiltration and runoff from precipitation which falls within Q ,o J :>"--o
precipitation in the North Central Florida Region is a result of There are several hilly areas within the Region, notably at the Region. -
convectional thunderstorms. Gainesville, west of Lake City, north of Live Oak and *,,,.o .....
* -- ~ 'S I S_____________________I '*'^J>\ ^^T NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA :..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOT CNTA ~ORD
i Topography refers to the "lay of t he land, how the surface
:~ is shaped and how "high or low" a particular place is ? a :
COUNI Rmeasured in terms of feet or meters above mean sea level AVERAGE TEMPERATURES AND PRECIPITATION IN THE REGION
Thomas Coward' Wayne Nettles 1 s approximately 200 ft. (61 meters) MSL while the elevation 67/19 68/20 73/23 80/27 86/30 91/33 92/33 91/33 88/31 80/27 72/22 67/19 80/27
Shellie Downs James Montgomery' at Steinhatchee is only three feet (one meter) MSL. The DAILY TEMP
Jack Durrance' !: actual elevation of land in the Region is less important than OF/OC ow 44/7 47/8 51/11 58/14 65/18 71122 73/23 73/23 71122 62/17 51/11 46/8 59/15 EOOI EEOMN
IWison Robinson nLake City : : how the land elevation varies from one place to another. The The US. Economic Development Administration designated the :
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edi Jnhn FB.~ Tuigton" E l iaJekns I 1 slope of land can affect what land use activities are suitable, MOTI RTP19A1Rll4h1 49^f/ to7 /0701 /4T / 263/ 3/3 IRegion as an Economic Development District in December, 1977.
JonathanF Wershow PauloRoy' fand can affecolat or use act iv e it MONTHLY PRECIP 32/8 3.8/10 4.6/12 3.4/9 3.6/9 6.9/18 7.5/19 7.0/18 5.7/14 3.3/8 2.216 3.2/8 3.8/13 7 This designation was for the purpose of enhancing employment 5:
Alachua HAMILTON COUNTY ~ i how fast rain will percolate or runoff, how expensive it will bein./ea o potntisadgowh wti teRgo. TeCuclhs
I Alacbun n HAMILTON COUNTY :i to construct a highway through the area, or if land is flood
Glenn Dubois' David Goolsby' t H prepared an Overall Economic Development Plan (OEDP) and is in
Gainesville LAFAYETTE COUNTY ] I I .' the press of its centation. Specently, the O
B. Harold Farmer Paul Trawick estates.hes an pedcuono development p straegy basues mon aloal
Mark Goldsteinoles and the n, fol lows inwth tegion a nd co odation
Aaron Green' MADISON COUNTY hiy ssistan providedaey theadyunci to the local governet
Gary Junior Albert Kelley
: Sidney Knight Ho....ddMcDaniel '' :PA
Bobbie Lisle' LANw a r ine t .ers-ins ci n tsan a s eh t pnv u art hs owtc o h s
,~ Gary McClain Madison L N S
:~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~ Frank Merritt'
L Jonathan W Past Charman Bard ofDrectors.| | eleents. Th indiviual planelementRobert cO Arkins SUWANNEE COUTNY
| CalsJsc.EeHigh Springs one of is a important of an a n en ann thi
L.W. Register Jr. Live Oak various ways that humans have modified its natural state for Th eetyapoe a eelopentpormo t e C oni
"^~~~ ~~~~~~~~ J er Scarborsouh Lan uosiere intecmrehniepannn proe f l ..... sectio of the area'sonatrl endiowmentsn the ELEMENTS RaURAl a-VOMNTd
Ellis Fann' purposes of growing food and fiber, providing shelter and buildingrrelated elements t
jc In rellactc i social environments. Land use featur es in the North C entralsie lan
I~ ~ ~ ~ TAYLOR COUNTerY6 Florida Regiontatteas variedgas that inally oregionain theUnited undTherura ChapteasorothY deventha t n aorid h ae reg enthly eces the
Itsapublcagencyestablshedbyi a tWaldo Shirley Curry : States. There are picturesque river swamps, karst areas pittedfc usof sn dep meant oTrespressur th at moste
). nine counties andFern Gunsitie Marshall Hicks' : wi th s inkholes and caverns, limestone outcrops, vast expanses of govern meant if the transpreatio commodate
BRADFORD COUNTY Perry pulpwood forests, int estate highways, airport, hilly areas similar The Regional Comprehensive Plan consists of the
COUNCIL OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EW Hodges' Clarene J. Ciddens dcito the Piedmont region of North C arolina, many relatively clean This map and regional profile is one part. An.
Paul Riherdg Chairman Robert L. Scott' lakes. dozens of little rural towns striving to exist in and Regional Plan Compendium, th e work manual
JSerry ScarboroughVice-chairmnUNION COUNTY : increasing ly u rb an world, and a portion of one of the densestRegion the
err S aoridauRegionh,*In essence,-the Regional Planning Council prvidesaorum rComprehensivePlanningStarke Paul Riherd' Plased uncil compens. contains to
Bobbie Lisle, Secretary-Treasurer Harold Epps' forested wetland regions in the nation. jives, policies and statistical indicators for eacofteparirsntulatibethsrgamwlfcsonhes,
Jon atha n Wershow, Past Chairman Boar d of Directors elements. The individual plan element s constitute goas tiites
Charles JusticeEx~ecutive Director sgjs i..dpv sm n y cllThe important Council function of plan coordination is carried out MI2 KM2 of Total Vj obTecpat tern of land use in an area is one of the most important the Plan, with each describing the existing contone
factors to be considered in the comprehensive planning process. aspect of the regional environment, the hum
Some types of land use, such as a feed lot or wrecking yard, cand flow of
adversely affect oth ers, s uch as a reside ential subdivision. A land maintaining or improving that portion of the enviroe
A .401 use plan can help prevent such land use conseplnfalhelipevntsuhcandtsscnfics.Th.mehos onisin o tw spaat bthetrremtdtleensth
RODU CT ION ~ regional toprtutesa lems incsreasg respogiites, thatec a enion- t us p tion iment planreac ti ons atheeo rinctreapaernstofrnese t The Reiouncl haTuRshed RESOReCE pLans te ensurnapResourcessr tlandsport detveoniplent yhas prehetnsie Planhs
| N R D U T O Planni 1St lca ndm nga Council assorgaiated with 1wt unde develpovsopm ns dof not the localnmeve includeprn subiviirona cmre hesieulatinznns. cods and an H~ousngcila coElemets. thes Nauand otesores l emn npolm r o ofndt diitaieo oiia on-
Chapter 163, Florida Stat ute s (originally o organized und er Chapter other development s standards. b the completed are described below.tCuit se t L tnda nssWt l hn1 E l e m e jco theasel nanvd h an s n e c tssnrt oesn po neohec
What is th e North Central Florida RegionaePlaingCouncil? 160, F. S.), ultimately expanding its membership to include nine of nthe lrion eblems
It is a p public agency established by interlocal agreement among the eleven counties and a number of cities within those counties. At the regional level, the Council continues to refine the Regionalern.
n in e counties and eleven municipalities in north central Florida. These local governments presently work together to make Comprehensive Plan. The future land use plan, as illustrated byo secn elem areas
The Council, consisting of elected officials and other represen- the most efficient use of their powers cooperate for mutual the map on the other side of this sheet, identifies areas which intecal cofithe
tatives from member jurisdictions, has been empowered by the adv antages... provide services and facility ies" to th themselves a n d should be preserved, areas with significant development lirira- LAND USE PLAN
member r governments to: their citizens. tionst areas with few physical limit nations for development and 3 Completed in 1977, th is element contains arepete r
::gegapplical FlrdaFescriptiond Lofa land us w; ^ ^ eisthirbn comnthes Regin. moT || hOSN ANaeasfa
' "Serve as regional coordinator" for local existing developed areas in and around which were adopted or
government activities in the North Central Whyis there a Regional Planning Council? were being developed pursuant to the Local Govern me nt Land Use in Reconomis is on te house obland an the Regiontandite
Counl estaFlorida Regioni n In essence, the Regional Planning Council provides a forum for Comprehensive Planning Act were taken into account. based upon natural conditions. Designed to be sna
resoving issueslthate m8and earis 1 i chuare byoun the sctyof p activies d to alent, inAd traveand Ptedmrents loc al Area plans and plans, the Land Use Plan Element establishes
' promote communic ation b etwee n members for m e 2ctives ang poli cies oriented tor commodating future IL
.o the omp atible development" of member one single jurisdiction ... and it provides a means by which local The important Council function of plan coordination is carried out mi, KM of Total Aobcotifes and ponces entted utowd comp
jurisdictions governments can join together to assist themselves in reacting to in Development of Regional Impact reviews, A-95 Clear inghouse Forest Coniferous and Hardwood 3.977 10,184 57.9 growth at a minimum cost in natural and human rr i i i i
j "xchangedinaterchangead reviewgvariouswboth localand iterloa needsp v a dconcns. I stifere s of the Regionffirst reviews, participation in technical committees developing '201' Upland and Miningsuch that ty ar untitable or f
|: programs of indi visual members for case and prior to its formalization into State law, local and '208' (Section, P.L 92-500) water quality management plans,
regional opportunities and problems.. e rnments in this area recognized that economic and environ- through participation in coastal zone planning, and in aiding local Agriculture Pasture 1811 4,637 27.4 NATURALRESOURCESh a ude o se
mental impacts associated with growth and development do not governments in preparing their local comprehensive plans. As anl t
' "Cooperate with Federal, State, Local and stop at administrative or political boundaries. The development of advisory body, the recommendations of the Council are useful to Wetland Salt and Fresh Water Marsh 633 1.620 9.2 a~i
|Ntion of the need-for intergovernmental agencoi r aton ando conjunctiew with the Land Use Element. It Ip i65-til/icthnetaaaehopae
N|n-governental a g enc ies" ., to acc .or a n indust !ri a l complex, amaork shoppin int esr or a regional public federal funding agencies responding tofor theti probl ems
| Federally-f Cun cil p objects iv res ... suiabiid costly foriato deelpm n of lan [and 1 t t 1^1 ,- -- 1-,^.- ^. ,.e.i. i .....
|~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ok conflct cann causets spilove resonsbcltte outsin folowe immeiat failt grnt or loansf-'(- whch in turn,1 canl inflenc an area's
| "ovidectmen o te Flovri eff ets Land t h e Wmea te f aciit 11 o o w. i4 trgn, can influenc e a n amet Region, identifies and describes the major natural eeent wily be f
| Man mens o f 1972iang rturisdic a l i f t projed Wor k data limitusions Therefore, the Laduti l limits of teus eojecith them a pras
|a duties and powers of a regional planning g o vernmenty Region ing Cncil | p .t deal s P b upo c polices elements, a s we ll as ovathertudies whichrmal cd ina tion.
lii central Florida I I I~~~~~~~~~goermensth Reioa Plnnn Co ncilJh is preare to dea Iiv Pln based uponnnt commo objective among mebe loca Indtustrialns es ...
mi-eiinancouncil as set- forth01 i1n1i Chapters 23ij, 160t ,* nongongefor i tefom1f6heCrmoafJstcePlnnng.
cnssfriCts,,1with the land and resource conflicts that may accompany such governments proposes that future land use patterns throughout cnao ay incras cive
and 380, Florida Statutes and other
| | a j o rp e mp lic a b le t sel o r s M e a s uFe d i e r a n Loc" dpme r on tl :| g athe st e te gon t fo s bl ow en s et tr ends -- a r eco m m e n d a tio n b a se d p a rtly G o v e rn m e n t 7 2 2 3 12 1 .8 a s in th e s
on t he fa ct that the exi sting urban communities can most HOUSING pLAN ateas.
In terms of the second case, the Council is also prepared to provide :s efficiently and effectively provide services and are the logical Water 98 251 1.4 Also completed in 1977, this element defines the n n
eand Howlaslle o rt Croentral Flrd Reioa Plnnn asitac to iniida mebr on an "as nedd orWT "desired'peen eaCinlJutc Pa asbe
The Council stas estimate NofthCenr Floridation ofteegiona was s i s thelancet rowthsect individual thes oarl 1970's withete d o "dSchesired"lcati for acommodatiepoulation ori 1f current ac o preyed houure the Region and rs ant projected Thss plan i
Council established? basis in obtaining Federal or State gran ts, in local planning th. esishes a framework for esingtheca operation nofi
In laa2Ste!^!..,-~ 1968 anda t h alylus earl 1969 Alachu pCpulatyo gthwt rates of that same aperamewor forj interical o pertic
In 5 l a t e 1968 a early P199, Aidchun County, the City of ac tivities and, to a imitedsextent, in adminis trotive and RetailTo tal 6,870 17,590 100.0 tion in the development of local housing plans al m I R AN N
Gainesville and several smaller municipalities located in the management activities. Housing Opportunity Plan (HOP), developed a ato hsShdldfrcmlto n18,ti lmn ilietf hs
Cou nty established the North Central Florida Regional Planningties ange for lessttincousing within the Nonih rentraleFloped either
Council in order to develop plans for ensuring the orderly and assistance to: low an moderate-ince
I coordinated growth of their respected jursdictons. Almostmp
immediately, the newly formed Council was designate d a EG N JOA- A .P different parts of the Region.perties ar sctatarna
"regional clearing-house" by the Federal government in recogni- R s.ot.. .~-Rs EG:cmuitdelopmnt STAeitenistetalhagudfoue
tion of the need for intergovernmental coordination and review of loementsh wil urhasefreio
Federally-funded projects in orde r to avoid costly duplication or ener aned for thsc
1 ~ 45-64 : : I 45
conflict among projects. Other responsibilities soon followed upon ~ l II ~ [ ~ ~I ~i r r kr/vAGRICULTURE evrnetlo aua trbts
enactment of the Florida Evnironmental Land and Water M~' le I~~ ~/ [ 25-441 :f 1~Jl.,.,~.J ~~,lJ Scheduled for completion in 1981, the agricultureeemnwilb
Management Act of 1972 and the Council's designation as the e:E 40- developed utilizing data and conclusions from the nd He and
"r---- ---- --S- ---- ---- concentrational deterines agenyforn ehesen-countiesyw required in northeasesIc Natural Resources elemenand other studied wich Say s
cYentra OFlorida. CENSUS/ESTIMATE J LJ ~[ { [ t :i 0~35i prove pertinent. The objective will be to identify those lands bestvPUBLICiSAFETi
S o 15 10 0 5 10 15 20 25 czosuited for agricultural use and then identify measursfrisrn
8 7 4 i 1 o i Peresitage of Population in Age Groups The economy of any area is typically based on several o gi~ that such lands be preserved for future agricultural oteporm ti niiae htti lmn ilb xaddt
~,-,m,~ ~,~ ~ ~~~~in R~ion and State F 30u- 30~ nld te ois ocre ihpbicsft uha ii
major employment sectors. Measured in terms of personal c _grats Uxetpsil.3
income generated, the sector producing the most incomeB
for the North Central Florida Region is Government, with -'Z 25-caeocrmnlutepanigcos oditonwhSaead
Pqriallairl" Projeciltons the single largest employer in this sector being the 1.2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ocl las il b ncesay o nsreprpe dretin f hi
4~- ~ ....... ~:'~ i ~~~~~~~~ The Council staff's estimate of the population of the Region was the largest growth sector in the early 1970's, with the Schedulaed theoan componentsion grwhwtin 1980eio, thoids telermewokf resrngthepoeitiuino
4.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~263,700 in July, 1977. Based on Council projections, the number Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sector followisoaetemny copoensogrowhwt
3, -"",,~~~',,-T~c u l ouleb teyer 00 h u l g o t h o c u a r t e e u a l o gaeint-hhieaterstutonprtyrengareletonvantEOOMC !,dOatateinaelvatdaafrmmrviulycopetdvoultonanuinnialasstnecooamefrcmetagnietadote
,~ Id; douthat oy t he yearly 2000's. othhihpopuldto growth crate of thatsae period.l economcstde.Te objectind tis laterovd absituto partlyfining cinal jutiefactivtethogutheRion.
3,0 .jo lo- other plan elements such as the Regional Land UsePln
!~2.5 *'Of equal importance to the rate of growth is its distribution Wholesale and Retail Trade is the second largest
~'~m~~~r~ ~throughout the Region. Population densities range from less than income-producing sector in the North Central Florida s- OHRAEC LN
2: 0 !!!!w"M mmmWone-tenth of a person per square mile in some wetland and coastal Region, followed by the Service, Manufacturing and
Gainesville, the Region's largest city. Local population concentra- sector, Council projections indicate the continued domin- .- ~~ ~~ o ~~ rsently being developed, this element will analyenrgussRvPanwlbeicddinteCmnimfoifrainl
1.0 tions determine the need and location of many services such as ance of Government and the Wholesale and Retail Trade ~,- ,-,P~ ~- > ~ ,e e~ nld siae ofprsn and nuuedemads fonryadthatefrtAneapeofughout rlthed Regin. isthe Hnealt
water supply, sewage treatment systems, power generation and sector -- but, with a definite trend toward more a~ 0e,, .~, .4, 4P ~, ," ,,l incud esiae fprsn'n utr ead
,5- transportation facilities. The rate of growth within the areas of diversification of the economic base; that is, larger relative oO-~ .~e+~ / oI :r~ ~ conclude with a strategy for the conservationoeerginSsesPapraedbthNohFliaHathlnig
0 concentration determines when these facilities will be required. increases in Manufacturing and other sectors. coordination with State and Federal efforts. Cucl
,.... YEROMM S~~lAE..............................................

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