Title: Regional comprehensive plan guide.
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Title: Regional comprehensive plan guide.
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
Publisher: Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
Place of Publication: St. Petersburg, Fla.
Publication Date: 2000
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Tampa Bay
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about changes in land use trends is necssarily a time-consuming process. For pblic services will be reduced; 2) Existng activityNcenters1will be morehpitmi
be less T rOD~eliane ontah ie automob ile aftsithepiaymd ftasotto.Hge
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p~ft o nrtan efiient massd tr30)ansioflt (bus)it systItem an;5Efotaieathep tcin
e otg f envWironm~gentallsensolciWiive laneds ilcontnue
Thewl masor featre ofnti the 1985 nd 29Mpas ar ibe as t follows: r an
Highs Intensity --The ComprehentsivePlanGuider tencouaglhdles Highnotest
vLopmInentlos ty r Cowmerl aperaWt dwell xaing unt ponstucation ostsdlowe aper
dwelling uniert" acliimte cntrol cotsil andt greae neffciesscy inr the usteopbic
inrstructue. By clusteing Houaigh iandtesaty Rsdenreftial Dpeopmentions areas
rproiatet~ToexCentralBuinessI h Dtisitricnts CD nther activtycenter, wthealoe
rthis" will aso elpvminta the region's CBU s tuastiabeatiiycntr.n
LowInt!ensity--The Comprehensive PlanGuiderf~lects a limitedxproieration o
Loffiw intensity Commercial areas.Wth The expaning opuation rftesiding andote
wrigcoetoactivity centers it will notlanbe necessary iit foreLw Intnsityofcmmr
Cmcal areaC hs toy expand. thet present alignmen mofe theftjse ar neas oi
sf ervil c the Texistn populaction macandgooe degrefec fuur populations)f reade-
qnuately TheioexceptionrliesTinstherutilizationctofntheaPUDvconceptewherexallowed
Pret-ai sac willmajrservice theyodeotresidentThsePUDtrspopulationcetra
of High intensity Commercial areasbusiess Therics revitpait.zPtirsnrgofleaheteC as Band otherth
aclioit cetrsxiwithino the depwtreprs.geroaion is neesrao li h exsansiof oth diommr-
cadvanareashs may required that actiiycentes bosipn aeom mn ore than utcenitis Tap neatolArotae;th tfTma;hUversity of Sout
I 1rti ciiy The irCcharacterimayPchangeito reflectsaacombination of retaitngpor ________
Industrial RraI ret aiiaetedvriiaino h regional ecnmc Teecenters ar hee iniared mutifnctionma l actviycet rs, lexhbiin
POrt-Relae Industrya Ths industrynt i al c a reasr Imarket-grenterally h lcthed vatu Orfn mlrifune eodoecuty hs etr nld h eta
coepro ximit y toin tiher dee watert ports Theire locatin is apredults of potrlth e ditnt bsesdsrcsofTmaS.PtrbugCer erndBdeonth
andvantages tore goained fnroxmiaces to shiardppingdaesnd port fihacriles Tapanendo/oirorae; h otofTma heUiestyo ot
air transportation. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Flrd ae; h t.Ptusug-lawae Arot ra adioe inla
The Comprehensive Plan Guide reflecets anlmie expansion oexstin prort-relatediounybahs
ifOhendustrial ae sin es Ho wvertfci itat th le diversicarytion pofvth e rgoal vreyonoif hs etr r niae ntempa ih yteirecrls
Ohrindustrial sie Industeri thi atrctanotegoal indsmaet-rientedx Wit her vendsralue
prdutes brein ihrb w eiganteorvolumeas tancs the al products faport-related
idstrvices. Ghenrly houdalorafctrizedebytmanufactuingan wathrehuigr these
inutisaelocat edinpoxmtyt and arerdepenent on highwayned rdusiialand/orx
airpltr as dpor astio en.
The Comprehensive Plan Guide repeksents maxlimited texasoan pr oliferation o agi
oOther Iandus.Trialsites.r However, itmwillved necessary toprvde lan varety fof th
inodustrialsten or odert trc andoptimal indldngctustgrialebs mrix.,Wheretewiculturai
siteas are warrntied, theedny prtoshs should provonidereedacs t lpbi faciiis andma-
servicdues. Thyshud alnsoereflec sin-deprouths pfsuhlannin withegar toe sTemp
location adarnentwithimy necsar plannd indusricAlh compulex.o oftergo
oThnes ComprehesvwlnGie ek omxmz the preservatio of agricultrlpdussodoclyhud
turalt landsTiscaltergofrym includesimprioved pasturlaind annd lanusedfor theo
pRoneaducti ndo foodadrie ricuigctusrvstbs ris otclua
areas and confined feeding operations.egonal These shouidar mult be considered ascenerspeimmr
nn land uses andgconservednsinceetheWproducts"ofysucholands supplyetherTampa
Ba eiohn wihe maladany noestcaessary fotm. As tepptionsie nti cof ther raegilon ae ercut onareterifunema xedit w on
continues to grow, the percentage ofs.These agricultural productsy, te Csoldl locally ashouldk
increase according Ecromachmuentfo linetoc thsgreaszill. Lnecesinthiate imory m- Padgtt (1hrilPatCtPr odig otMnte onrsd
slocal tof resiens.giutuabligosh fatrom outsie tfhe region, tresul ting n in basdcost to foes
Rangehand andFreasta n egoa cnm
The Comporehensive Plan Guide encourages h maxintnaceo preseraonto identgfesd u-einlCnes-Teeaemlt-ucinlatvt etr rm
REFER TO 2000 a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~wihnd tahes mranea grand foedst Clateoy As consiered, i thiss cwategry, rufbange-iysevcnaoecutyraWhetestpsofciiycnesae
Said games; and gathering BW mall~locted naroconty bondaris theriinfuence ay exend ito tw coun
lamnd onslis flndsdthomintebynaoturally occuringrases, paltmetfos, andteThscnericleDaeCyteCnrlWstPcoraLk
brus havega etationcmmonl ued ori livestockth graing.t Lad nhs ucaegoya
haerfr beent caleared Iufromrigialgforestfor crpand orpasture sapupss bugadgetZpyhls ln iy otRdig otMnte onrsd
trub; fat ixmolo~~~~~~ series Si raea th TyroeaBolevarfareaRthedarwata-rraentdnAirpotearevan
H ti~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lowe totdipo resalhnturlvgtation and~o grow pi theranesito bctofrest ante Cutybechs
land.I Foetlad a icue aualyfrstdo omecaltmereou Teecntr reidcte nth a t ih b h ntreiaesz
ofthes areashi Pare enviromnalysniie a~d 1 Mnd the regon al ecfiaonomascrle
dependen upon rotetion*idb and cnexrvation of tis nauralenvionmet. h
Prenservation N m
The Comprehensive Plan Guid encouraesaxmumpeevton of idetiie
strngl likedto he xisenco ths areas th ir destucti nor moiiatid on
wouldmav adtimental mecooi impac ontergo.TeersuWsas
foetfreampe. sam asIretentionrareas foroflood waters. Other preserva-
N IN gumioncateoris prvid receatonalopprtuntke toahe egio's esidnts
Age 0 Park~
CasIwaters are* sore f oal wtrad ls aesar eouc o
commercial tisherles. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mft$somo 00004
was conceived on the basis of several assumptions. First, it is The Comprehensive Plan Guide reffects the planned expansion of institutional~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. .....
The 1985 Plan facilities. Exceptforfacilitiesof regional and state significance, the expansion of
assumed that most of the new developments which have received governmental instltutional facilities should be an expression of locally-determlned needs and. ...... ....
approval and are scheduled for completion prior to 1985 will be constructed. Tran~~~~~~~~rtatlon and Utilities 1
Second, l~~~ttle change in overall development trends will occur; thus, the mnann The Comprehens~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ve Plan Gu~~~de represents beth expansion of the transportation i~~~~aw -
willcontnueto eperencesom degee f uran praw fortheshor-tem, sste necssay tomee demnd ad esental mproemets f th.alrady
ME N~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~xstn ewr.Wt h xeto fth opeine -5 e odcn

i~ii'l.':-.^ *.' y"':. it ^*y-*I'i \V/. =) 'with he enorcemnt of xistig reglatios relting t wate qualty.Evry praticaleffor shoud be mde toupgrae exiting fcilites an redue theInasmuh as and i the asis o Whic loca tax evenue are etermned adIfEN
iilli^ ..^^^ ***. **-..... ... .......... .-.. .. -.,. ,,.. ... . ... .. *-,*** ^ .^ ..- *\ -~ _'m nt e dt se oidw seopin o b t eim e it nditrm e ra M -J ^-.M 'L i j '& .3s -w --
*' **::*..' .'''^^^^^*j.\ii~~~~ell~s~ilaiH~~r~mB-t~miBl~~tteiwttatiii~~lwi~iW~iemi!B~~ei. BM~miMIOII la WS~~~ttlllttf OH JM~~ffi ISM OS91 Of IfMI.M
* The K M w ill com plem ent and augm ent the In this age of overspecialization, the need for com prehensive thinking and plan-RECREATION'_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... .... .
Council's adopted growth policy: Future of the Region. Directing and influencing ning has become critical. The Regional Comprehensive Plan Guide is designed to.,.,^-L W ^> ..^C1"^"1^^^^1"!16^?"!!^""^^11;?s
tir Guide will serve as a tool during the MB Billow Mtlll tills need lor the Tampa Bay Region. To accomplish this end, the fiuide <""" ^1 narfr and recreation lands am planned for multiple uses to a~~~~~e- HOUSING^\ A & ^ S^ SS ~ iiS^SS... ........
lor Lcal movement omprhensve ad App icaions(or ntegrtes tale regonal na lca Iplaning ativiies nto ne inlusie doumen~nuatly stisf theneetf of lu rsidet andtranientpopultion^ g~ ^ ^pa~cyof te Concilto prmotethe roviion ail minteanceof an^ 'arlil^flf~rt~if ^Ss Mt -I1* wteww Mind~iw wfe captal utlas, snce eistig pulic
the region. ^-7*-^the realbatlon of a decent home for all Its residents.E ThrougTheh IdentOIWificatd fo #wion am specionifcN^uftm ]IN in o VW an|i
their duly authorized representatives, to join together in pursuit of a goalning for the .[ a= shuld Abkft Aam* 00W in #on It$MN beMe PW fi1l
rampa flay Region: the achievement of an excellent finality of life. *e^ j (m A i^ feCOSEj^ ^ NHieHof"WAtimssotheommm hp o voaw n*6o~w m wm; plaer th "sDm
ci16HWAYtw s*al the AO* volle ofbf Thel minint ofot phspet efleeris is Anrythti newr an sal etre(otr r
moving in just that direction-toward the pursuit of quality livjng conditions for all41iilt^(feretepetf ami maintained to provlareionaleeco anil Since emnangslowdownra*ffNcMfeoWill ths mn~m4"1116ofm dsmanltheen"wtsoorcesm
Citizens Inthe l~fll~n Through it wide-rang ng researchetf~ltS anacooperationand j~tireut~irt most t the regio iwire mils of roadwas haw been onstructresourcee isodepletedbilmy andgwelrae of generally rependue a reliabl and ^&i~ ^ fl^ec^s of
Mtl~n with oth privateand publ icagencies ad individuas, the Counil has gaindDRAINAG~cn be jConservamaintaindeand recostructed atpresentqlevls. It Isrrcommendedaequaeeasdppyver powor.Ininecentoearstthe povision orolectricalapwer has f 'on^^e^' "n ^N '' thosel MHltiMM
iinnrnvl and ccentaKR fnrtsnnal; nnliies an nmnrims andestablshed iself ..... .^ j ..^ t"3'a alance transortatin systm be dvelope for te regin, wit priorty govnradiationsseair qualityortanc In tqualityBayandloB.p0pfyremolestation of mined lands, anduHH^V~
S~tei^S-, ltt-"l^^^^ siaflisne lisep^ ^ anageent o arent ersionretar nmof ani protct th natual 1 the ecplarins andndmmarginal olatndsxitiwarranty specialn conIsiasdeenateiinreasig locsal plecticalgeneratngtegilesesashewloationof --^ ^ coon.
expanding; obility hae altered rastically And, Withall these hanges~he otential tr flood daagTheakey lo the attainmentemetand sreucurestion of acceptable water quality----min the im 1001 mforlek------m
_-,i _r_i ****kii.i.Federal Road i~simnle Pr~gram provides Vse Imaetus lor develaiireandonmisthe integration o slate, areawide, and local planningetforts, in conjunctionI
: BBW P-pl* .,, .,. ., ,. ..."nllng solutions to flood-related imblems. Beyond remwingwit pheroposedemdetelop-xiring1 Vgulations relating o water quality. EveryYprctical edort snocldBbeI
ISO of ~~The TmaByReglb feiional iPlaenning Coftncig regnizesth intricaciTes Rgof a changemenntis Pla Guide istter desisagnseedn toeuaios oalgvn-HKT n S^ ^ T.-.; ^n .Mi.* i
adrcgietothtteacin III local goeneednlts muthkepT1O Bayce withmni can xcoalis upttoehiuasn b eiwn adcmetigo rpseend, the Guide.fC^R ^ ,r^^ sTelvl faicsaeytmilimteryli im smememi~it sirt ~"In~ lb a n valu blet ilcodltang t gHWe.nta Awen basically eal Isue haeenelomsan thea r impact a ind thereatiournsam praina e d sy tar^^-^ P^^^ ^ ^ ^imll mulipl usesilii totcto ads lHeaOUSINGy tf~tti an
MM local and heHU~~~~e toMS *I l~~il01ial Sl~~nlfleance, SU~~~ha nt. g Asy taeisfydhetneedsnttthe resdenteandgtansientoppulation.inshallshethe polictofnthenConcileto pomote theprovision nd mainteanceSof a
of I fo as higwa maiteance, to loc alt doisposa and O Its dompr reatent.hSocety h Gis de=,.,. wil diec and inlec th tyJ_ in.-^ orde to meloeatathdexitintpar aeerd eaton fciliy sortae adltondeuatesuplypolhosingin s taheouvif nmetgnlzed as ecoomie hNo
: luture of the legin *B HIS ham already ten determined and air embodied In"" ""* es^!Tfei~ al,-* -^ ^__t_ --pr^'ensiveS^^anningBctoilm975sDomestrcvSde,
* existing local ordinances, practicesPand p oles. re An usatoa chdasgsinslandflo lcalandregona agnie n hi whn _r^-_e wt ote ^bi agencies such asw school boards, the vehicles foraThenRegionaalfHousing Plan Gu6eeeirepresents adsompanion,6documnt to the
use attens tat ill ccur thn, wll bginto e realized subsequentono todhe195ent % ^]-omeforallitsresidents.T~| a iT T*^!nm1at e f avu9mffailtdsnntflmilH, s iioufonostmaedAdptonlre o
horizon. The plan for the year 2000, however, is a graphic portrayal of a sound,^ f^Sl&- i.^..a_ ^*^__|^ y^\^-Jfc^>/1nll/ ''^^'i^-r~i~yhousingSneeds of the current and .roje Bwdopopelat(on to the -eIZ,000 283,000ide
public services; 2) Existing activity centers will be more prominent features of the ,-, ----- \ ;// / ^,_{v \Wlf hn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IGHWAS N sall h the olicyofnth
, j urban la~~~~~~~~S ndcae Us100460 O l 2 thevae Tap a y Ree gionawlPlabnnin g oni a 1985' it shl then thwae po'c of-__ the Cou"H tha th r(io's highwa syte bJlln/d rgin te eII
J *'*:..:" issues ~di scussed rlb Trut poss ibe 00 reserchtionrs and ilett onoSt rate ion p anidd BeasthrginspulioadecoyhvexaddsoailyvrteThroghe Tmpsa Bay Region mosreae thle criticals ponhave immcntredithe anthei coomuitiesdteabiningthe aost aesbeadeutbemaso poto-
.1^~~~~~~~~~~~~~WM .y|-i:; bii p d." v*."te *n ":b^. ijttlh^l^ljffilJfl~ii igibsli-li~^t And iivBiuls i^wthe onilha s ganilfO psdeuesal jlto iriemhaeinedasd DRING caniortit ber priltyo perly fvmaintinedand resonsetr ucted uat preentt lees. Itisuifdo recommended adeuate suppl of powern. I.n rat ^

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