Title: Alachua County historical tour series (Micanopy, Evinston, Archer, Newberry)
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Title: Alachua County historical tour series (Micanopy, Evinston, Archer, Newberry)
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Publisher: Alachua County Historical Commission
Publication Date: 1985
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alachua
Florida -- Evinston
Florida -- Archer
Florida -- Newberry
Florida -- Micanopy
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The Presbyterian congregation was organized This block and stucco house was built in 1928 for
KANAPAHA BOTANICAL GARDENS on June 3. 1866 This structure was dedicated William G. McDonald. His daughter. Grace, and
-,oDUO LE\ I 63i Decembe r 7. 1884 The design appears Mdenldcal
26 m Turn north ofl SR 24 (Archer Road) on SW December 7. 1884 The design appears identical her husband Dr. Frank Curtis Jones later made
,- :Y -- E~e---------- c0.: \ Clark e 63rd Boulevard (unpaved) for 0 4 miles to the furnishingsareveryattraclve Thisstructurehas this their home. Both Mr. McDonald and Mr.
Marker i entrance of the Gardens served continuously since its dedication. id.,.'- *' Jones held municipal offices in Archer at various
NEWBERRY G AINESVILLE Begun in 1978 by the North Florida Botanical times
4 Society on land provided by ihe Alachua County 15. SKINNER-MORTON-GREEN HOUSE
Commission, these Gardens display a wide This homewasbuiltin 1883 by James Skinner, a
varieyofnatieandip plants in the nion veteran of the Civil War He was a very 20. HEAGY HOUSE
K o Vnery, the Herb Garden, the Sunke'^n Gardn 9^^^^B^successlul carriage manufacturer and black- Built prior to 1900 for Robert T. Heagy. Sr.,
Kana\pa"'"^'^ha. '*^-. ^ V\inery, the Herb Garden, the Sunken Garden^^^^^^I^H smith who also had plantings of peaches. pears. another prominent Archer business man, it was
N lolanical ; the Bamboo Garden, Spring Flower Garden. the and oranges Purchased by Gus and Alice purchased in 1948 by Mr. and Mrs. L.. Moore
Humming Bird Garden, Rock Garden. and Water Morton n the early 1920's it is now the home of
Lily Pond There is a picnic area. Modest their granddaughter Ann Baley Green who operated the Archere 1960Store until
41S ;hurch entrance fee Open 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays16. HANCOCK-SHOEMAKER HOUSE
except Thursday, 1 to 5 Sunday.
Built in 1886 by James Hancock, it has had the original porch removed and the
entrance changed to the side Once it was surrounded by scuppernong grape
arbors. It is now the home of Sam Shoemaker. 21. COTTON-WOOD PLANTATION
\ I~1 KANAPAHA CEMETERY the 19th century Quaker settlers were Florida s first U S. Senator. Yulees, son of pioneer Moses Levy, was the builder
KANAPAHA CEMETERY TE. Pearson and his son Charles E Pearson who of the railroad that spanned Ihe State from Fernandina to Cedar Key. Begun in
A quarter mile beyond the Botanical Gardens ogeher ran a nursery on land near he house 1853. the line was completed in 1860 Cotton-Wood was the Yulee family
is Ihe Kanapaha Cemetery Graves of several Another son. Gilbert, became a well know ornth- residence during he Civil War. At tne wars end wagons carrying the residue of
' ARCHER Alachua County pioneer families are here. The cloger and head of the Audubon S ety. This
COUNTYARCHER Alachua County pioneer families are here. The oogst and head of he Audubon Society This the Confederate treasury and papers and the baggage of Confederate
LEVY COUNTiY ^^M -/Kanapaha Presbyterian Church was originally house was built by Charles Pearson in 1885 President Jefferson Davis. fled southward. arriving at Cotton-Wood on May
on this sile Current residents are Dr Maria B Grant and Dr Thomas Wargovich 23. 1865. Buried for a time on the plantation the baggage and papers, on
IS0. 3 ||E -^M i 18. LONG HOUSE Yulee's direction, were sent to the station master at Waldo. The gold treasure
The home of W.B Long. Archer merchant in the (approximately $25,000) was divided: one quarter to Mrs. Davis and her
Ji early 1900 s, the two-story main part of the house children; the rest to the men who had guarded the wagon train. David Yulee
was built prior to 1910 with the single story part
added in 1920. Mr Long lived here most of his was arrested in Gainesville and the papers in Waldo seized by Federal troops.
DUDLEY FARM KANAPAHA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH life. The house became the office of reallor John Monroe Venable acquired the property in 1906. None of the Yulee plantation
This farm was homesteaded in 1855 by Capt. P.B.H Dudley who later served In 1857 the Reverend William H. McCormick Carver in 1981 buildings remain.
in the Alachua Rangers in the Civil War. The present farm house and buildings accepted the call to the Kanapaha mission. His
date from the 1870's. Miss Myrtle Dudley. a granddaughter. donated the farm pastorate was a horse-riding circuit which in-
to the State's Division of Recreation and Parks in June 1983 She will have life cluded Gainesvllle. Micanopy. Ocala. and Cedar
tenure. The Florida Park Service is restoringthe buildings totheirturn-of-the- Key. The first frame church was built in 1859
century state. The area is closed to the public now. where the Kanapaha Cemetery is located Twenty-
four years later the original building was razed and this one erected here
FORT CLARKE Several decades ago it was abandoned for yet another structure nearer
Built early in 1836 in response to the Seminole attacks, this Fort, on the Gainesville. In April 1969 the congregation voted to return to this sanctuary HITORY OF WWORY
strategic Micanopy-Newnansville Road, was named for Lt. Henry Clarke, 5th which has been beautifully restored Phosphate w,1 discovered in western Alachuea 'Ciity:.i'nlBOad' 1W1 ii 9. TUCKER HOUSE
U.S. Infantry. Today the name survives in the Ft Clarke Baptist Church. there were ny ati aion In 13 te h.l A prominent merchant, W H. Tucker, built this
Westem Railroad ws aeaended oathward from H!hfI' ngeinto.. v .i:T' home in 1908. Constructed with hand-made
Willetfenet i. A: aaad.ndor!Ma0st CA. TsP* va i~ .fie.Edli.:concrete blocks, it was the first to utilize this
Newton was stbiish The nam s change d t concrete bocks it was the first to utilize this
Of theI same namels in South Carolina. on Auguuconald.. 1from. MThen Ipurhrae t building material in Newberry. It is still the home
incorporated In 18*8. P0rhoehat mining was the pranc:pa ndustunt Won of a daughter Mrs. Katie Cooke.
War I cut Off Eurwotn markets. The community beado.an agricultural center
with wetermiiron sn hpottantroip, The annual Ws. rnewn. FestiVa!, ip une
each year, has become a'Newberry tradition.'
BuiltSin.the QUAK ER-CARlyR 1880UKSE) by\ ^ rThis one story brick building was built by Built in 1908. it served as the school for Newberry
Quaker settlers who planted ex- businessman Henry A. Pickett in 1906. W.H. children for many years. The building continued
tuaker settlers who planted ex- 3Tucker and his family operated a general store to be used as an elementary school into the
tensive orange groves in the vi- here for about 80 years.
cinity Dr. De Pass and later Dr. 1970'. The community plans to convert the
Rice owned the house and grew building to a library and arts center.
oranges nearby. William G.
yXC AR HMcDonald from Maine purchased the house in 1927. His 2. WHITE BUILDING 11. HUSSEY-GRIFFITH HOUSE
~~~~~~~~~~~~N ~~~daughter. Grace, married Dr Frank C Jones who used the Constructed in the early 1900's by John G Dr. S.A. Hussey, a dentist built this house about
house as an office. Current owner Cal Carter is restoring the White. this general store offered a wide range of 1920. This house features architectural design,
house. merchandise ready-to-wear clothes, jewelry. popular in the 1920's. which aids natural cooling.
furniture, and coffins. Today it is the offices and The house is now owned by Mrs. Daphnie
* 6. JACKSON-BISHOP-PERRY studio of Museum Services Griffith
Built in 1909 for a Mrs. Jackson,
Biast wa bo i 1919 by Backrton, 3. BARRY BUILDING 12. SMITH-BUCHANAN HOUSE
M Bishop, Sr. who had a drug Built in 1908 by Mrs. N.J Barry. the widow of Dr This cottage was built shortly after the turn of the
Barry, this building was used for a drug store for century by J.B. Smith, a prominent Newberry
ousadhstore next door. Recently pur- several decades Now it is a seamstress and
CI M~~~~~~~~~chased by Nathan W Perry. Jr.,nto. s r merchant Presently it is the home of Marcia
8 [ 7 1 1 the hose has been restore by himchased by Nathan W Perry. Jr.. notions shop.
the house has been restored by him. Buchanan.
HIGHETc Sr~i '^ ^^ na teBuilt before 1900 as a general 4. STORE BUILDINGS
merchandise store, there were This group of one story brick commercial
at least three store owners In buildings were built during first decades of the Built about 1900. this became the home of E.D.
1^ ^ ^ ^ np -:6tthi 15the 1920's Mrs. Hytop Maddox 201h century replacing frame structures of the Norfleet whose family was active in phosphate
^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^|I^'^^^'^-NB|I opened Archer's first movie earlier business district destroyed by fire in 1907 mining. Both Mr and Mrs. Norfleet have been
I I: .i l theater in this building. In the A number ol commercial establishments have active in Newberry civic affairs and have both
(14)Hmid 1930's t e became the Masonbc Lodge th occupied these buildings, including an early served their community as mayor.
JfH cntcinstpao oetoeoth ^H soernognlywmid 1930ts it became the Masonic Lodge His house
This family owned industry was founded by Hytop Maddox. This wooden building was originally located in Dating from the early 1910's. this was the home
from Ft. Valley. Georgia, who came to Archer a penniless Jonesvllie, a small community about five miles of Wallace A. Cheves. The next owner was
^ 16 young man in 1892 Married to Pearl Groves of Morriston in east of Newberry II had been built. crca 1880. by Charles Williams, a naval stores operator. His
FIAHT1111111St1903. they saved money and in June 1905 the Maddox Stringfellow and Williams as a mercantile estab- son, Don Williams, resides here now.
15 ^Foundry and Machine Works opened in a small building on Ihshment Around 1900 the building was moved
rented land By the 1930's Maddox Foundry was one of the to this site where Thomas Kincaid used it for a
south's outstanding heavy machine works. There was a large general store. II is now a bookstore
... .. : CHURCH expansion during World War 11 15. KNIGHT-GORDON HOUSE
, ,~~:~ .eor'ds sow t 'a .. .e.......dst TiE. BAK OF NEWBERR Built by a Mr.Malcom Knight in 1902. this house
t.. 'eiste 'n ".'.. baer. probablyIf!yn'antlepationet DEPOT Application for the charter of this bank was filed
pro^1^. .. ...!' 9. ARCHER DEPOT was owned by John Newbern and later by C.H.
Constructed prior to 1900 this in May 1906 by a group of Newberry bus ess-
B* ifrdiw Theui Florida iTOw e men This brick structure is said to have been Will1ams. The present owners. Barbara and David
t^j$^nt^tmnBwtt|dtt^tsa Fernandina to Cedar Key buill bui n 1908. Rcently restored to ils original Gordon are effecting a careful restoration of the
Feay vit iulee between 1857
iAJpUPewrmniw .by..DavidwYuleesbetween Daviddesign, Ihis is a hine example ol Ihe effective use house.
"-^ used.' forT plays and mus iograms an w od. Meand 1 Oriand 1861. Originally located
.4atusiweie fh w are pbulep They wernlfowr ~near the Bauknight house, it was THE OLD HOTEL BUILDING 16. HOLT-SMITH HOUSE
~ '~'. ~ Ai_:' ., ".'. '..' moved to this site. Later this became part of the Seaboard Built about 1908 by a Dr. Howell, this two-story Originally facing the railroad, this house was
......t coyr'u".hiihjp i Extleiv or&Tgs Coastline system. The "Eagle Mine Branch" curved to the red brick building was known as the Pickett built by a Mr. Holt in the early 1900's. It later
become a historical museum for the community. eet. The flo w grocery, and the post office. Today the building present owner. a
'omtlme as a n. It nw i sd a a ay arecener.^ arosserves only as a commercial building.
This old house, known as the Jackson cottage, chandise store in 1909. There was a large The Baptist congregation was organized in 1902. This house was built before 1900 by J.M. Holt, a
dates from the 1880's. The board and batten warehouse to the northeast of the building. The it This sa nctuary replaced the original wooden blacksmith. Later in the 20th century he operated
construction is typical of modest homes of the store front originally was the west end of the ructure i 1912 With leaded stained-glass an automobile business. His granddaughter, Mrs.
period. structure. Various other businesses operated windows set in rounded arches. and a corner bell gPauline Rain lives !ng.~Mhouse now
Venable and Robinson Store. Rhonda and Gary Arnold are the current owners. modified Romanesque architecture.
Portions of this house are purported to date prior ~: Built at various times, the oldest is the drug store I ZL
to 1850. C.W. Bauknight was a prominent mer- built in 1912 The Howard Wood drug store
chant and farmer in the 1880's, serving on the became B.M. Bishop's in 1930 when he pur- N
and porch structure were added in the early building on the left. built in 1927 once housed the
1900's. Purchased in 1923 by A.M. McNeill, It is Parkins State Bank and the U.S. Post Office. The hi
now the residence of JD MNeill, Jr.. who is restoring the house. building on the nght was built in 1943 by Mr. Enable as a grocery sstore se.
from Kentucky It is presently the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arnold. .
Buist in 1912 this structure was Archer's town 13. BAPTIST CHURCH f t
severaldecades. On the second floor a stage was earlier ouaker Meeting house of 1880's. The
used for n and musical programs and two Meeting House structure existed as a residence ssfl
_____________ corner rooms served far lodge meetings. The intothe 20th century. The Archer baptist Churchr y
sometl~mes mt a roller rink It now is used as a day care center. across the street from this present site in 1922.

hall ol he 1830's. Among these was Fort Crane. probably named tor Li Col 16. THE LOG CABIN PACKING HOUSE 25. STEWART-MERRY HOUSE
-" / Ichabod Crane, located near the north-east corner of Paynes Prairie The war The log cabin was constructed in conjunction The Stewart-Merry house began as a two room
GAINESVILLEt \ended in 1842 and the forts were phased out and abandoned with the packing house that shelters it by Robert logofficebuilt byDr.JamesStewartin 1855. Two
H May in the early 1930's The packing house stories were added, a kitchen ell. storage and
.... ^ --* ______ I JiE^^lll~fc'i ^ OAKRIDGE CEMETERY was used for grading and packing beans. Trucks servant's room before 1872. William Edwards
T^-s. ;I,"-'*."'"~"' |H~n^ IMADISON STARKE PERRY drove in parallel to Hunter Street to be loaded and his wife lived in the house until Mrs. Ed-
/ J "< l i f, if~mfiri--^Bizj H ~This old cemetery. on the east side of SR 234- and the truck drivers could eat at the Log Cabin ward's death. In 1916 John Duskin Merry bought
-jy^ f~ ~~~~ / ~~~~~ ~ ,~~~~~-^ [201~ '~ .~ /about 3 2 miles south of Rochelle. was estab- Cale The Weaver family bought Ihe packing house and log cabin from Mr it Mr and Mrs. Merry made their home there until Mr. Merry died in 1945.
' L / i. '.- ^ /f' /^ ^ ^ ^ ^1 shed formally in 1854 Local legend hasthattheMay
C" t. / -& I '" ce m etl^^^^- cemetery began here because two victims of an' 26. THE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE
% L I / /^S ^^Ul ^Indian raid were found and buried on the site. 17. MOUNTAIN GARAGE J ohn Barr Watkins but the house about 1925. A
.----~~~~~~~~~~~~~--- 'Documented history tells us that Madison Starke Perry. a local land owner. John Robert Mountain built it as a garage in telephone operator ived there withhe t switch-
donated the land in 1854 The original road passed east of thefl 1913 "Bob"Mountainownedoneofthetwocars board in the parlor. The small brick building to
cemetery so that the older section now is the furthermost from the present in lown at that time a Chandler His son Buster the rear housed the equipment. This is the way
ff1-^ ~'"~^~ 4"achu'*-JM"hilghway. The graves ol many pioneers of this part of Alachua County are (Samuel Williaml Mountaln ran the garageafter telephone offices were bul in small towns so
{,.~v ~ .-<,<,1' I/~ /found here him and it remains in the Mountain family. In the there would be a full time operator on duty.
/~T ~~~~ s), 'CrMadison Starke Perry was the fourth governor ol the Stale of Florida. 1930's the garage with its filling station was the
serving from October 5. 1857 to October 7. 1861 Born in South Carolina in stopping place for the Blue Bus Line
/------,~~~~ \1814 he moved to Alachua County in 1847 acquiring a large plantation near BAR HU E
PAYNE'S PRAIRIE Rdgthe present day Rochelle He represented Alachua County in the1849House 18. DAILY DRUG STORE 27.On Ocala Street in front of a graceful house are
PSTATE PRESERVE tOak Ridge of Representatives and in the 1850 Senate As Governor he settled the long This was a 1925 Boom times building. Dr. Ira A landmark twin oaks whose first documented
STATE%~~~~~~ /~ Fslanding border dispute with Georgia. encouraged development and railroad Daily had his office upstairs and a drug store mention begin in 1883. They are referred to as
C.,Q ~c ;'?,a construction, and on January 11 1861 lead the withdrawal of Florida from the below There was a soda fountain wilh a mirrored Chief Micanopy's Council Oaks. To the rear of
NitsY~~~~~~~~~ "^ /)Union After his term as Governor he served as Colonel of the 7th Florida cabinet wall and a handsome white marble the house stands the barn built by John Jacob
Regiment Confederate States of America He died at his plantation home in counter still in use in the antique shop that is .. Barr before 1880 The present house replaced an
March 1865'" here today. Dr Daily and family lived in an elegant Victorian house destroyed by fire in the early 1920's. In 1930 it became
,~ fr--'\&i~~~~~ \ / ^-*^r~~~~~~ ~~~apartment upstairs There were hotel accommodations upstairs as well the home of John A Whiting and his family His daughter Carmen and her
CA OP PANE PRAIRI STATEn PRSRh L Bhusband Lewis B. Smyth now reside here.
'"\~.~~~ The entrance to this State Park facility is on highway US 441. approx- ." 19. THE LITTLE STORY HOUSE--~.i
- 5 ['^~j .- i 'imately one and a half miles north of Micanopy The tin building set back was built in the early 28. WATKINS HOUSE
h e ~O~S (2, ,Thislowbasin.formedthroughthesettlingoftheterrainduetothesolution 1920's Cody Hunter kept his electric and radio J This is a classic craftsman bungalow, designed
a- '%' >7. of with the underlying limestone, is covered by marsh and wet prairie vegetation repair shop there. In the little house next door tnT J'in- by Shields Warren of GaMresville in 1916. The
j \ ^^^/'^.Y~~~~~~u^ l'^~~with areas of open water.f^ fH was the Micanoipy Public Library This old tin IIH H ^ Property belonged to Mr. J.J. Barr who built the
---------**'- ------O -Among the mosl significant natural andhistloricareasofFlorida, itwasThe building served asthechildren'ssection and was a house when his niece Caroline Barr married
center of man s activities in Florida for many centuries. Prehistoric Indian called the Little Story House John Barr Watlkins.
kSl Tf~~artifacts have been found. and. in the 1600 s, it was a large Spanish cattle'~ f gi
ranch. It was described in detail by William Bartram who visited the "Alachua 20 FEASTER BUILDING
--------Savanah' in 1774 Its present name derives Irom King Payne. a Seminole -?^'Tl;/ Otis Laney Feaster Jr is credited with building 29. JOHN WILLIAM BARR HOUSE
pnnTCBANF~~~~~Chief Many exhibits on t[he natural and cultural history of the Preserve are'i t '^ he Feaster Building in 1903 A general store and Another charming craftsman bungalow placed
FOIn December of 1835 he Seminole ack and annihiation of a U S Army housed h e VSltO ener A scenic ew of the Prairie is possible from the the irst telephone ofce were on the ground at the end of a tunnel of oaks. It was built in 1923
detachmen under the command ol Maior Francis Dade marked the beginning observation lower near the center floor The second floor was a storage ware- by John William Barr when he married Rosebud.
of the Second Seminole Indian War. In response to settlers demands for The preserve offers boating. fishing. picnicing, and swimming. It is open ',*' house On the third floor operas, plays and balls They lived there most of their married life.
protection. a number of forts were built in Alachua County during the latter from 8 a m. until sunset year-round Modest admission fee L '4 were held as well as Chatauqua events
owned -~An bM1885 photo shows the handsome two story 1 30. BEVILLE-BLOCKER HOUSE
______________building ofS H Benjamin and Co fI was partially This small white shingled cottage was built in
destroyed by fire and rebuilt with one story as 1900 on land deeded to the Baptist Church next
you see it today The three doors led to separate Cidoor John Beville Sr. owned it when the Smyth
shops Edward Cooper Chitty kept general mer- family bought it. Today it is the home of Mr.
4 chandise The corner shop was a drug store I George Blocker and Mrs. Lydie (Ruth Alida)
owned by Mr Hickson Shops in the building have served as a pool hall, a post "'., Blocker
oil dc aifu a bank
HISTORY OF MICANOPY The town is within the Arredcondo Grant made by the King of Spain to Don 22. MICANOPY BANKING CO.
Micanopy is the oldest inland town in Florida. Artifacts found here indicate Fernando Arredondo and Son in 1817 Parts ol this grant were sold to Moses The Micanopy Banking Company was estab- 31. OLD BAPTIST CHURCH
occupation by Timucuan Indians before the Seminoles came in the mid-1 700's Levy and a group whose agent was Edward Wanton They. after the cession ol lI shed in 1906 by John Jacob Barr His son-in- Formerly the Micanopy Baptist Church. this
William Bartram described the Seminole village called Cuscowilla which he Florida to the USA, brought settlers here in 1821 The first post office in law Dr. Joh n Dixe WWakins and Watkins son structure was buit in the md 1880's. The Baptist
visited in 1774. The chief at that time was named Ahaya but called Cowkeeper Alachua County was established here in 1826 and called Wanton's. later vault is sti intact. The iron grills from cashiers erected soon afterwards behind the present
by the English. Other Seminole chiefs following him were King Payne and changed to Micanopy. The town was incorporated in 1880. The Micanopy cages are stored for future use It is a handsome structure. The building is being restored as a
Micanope. Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 building with classic cornice trm and marble threshold and windowsills. After residence.
the bank failed in 1927 the building was empty for many years Today it is the
Strawberry Bank and Antique Shop
_______ ____.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~' ..,~~~~~~ rJ|^--s-s i :!u---/>Constructed in 1895, this wall is all that remains of Dr. Lucius Montgomery's
--1RB a B I. MERRY-SHEFFIELD HOUSEf' .^ ku 11. HERLONG HOUSE^ S rt= 23. SHEROUSE GARAGE beautiful home that burned in the 1920's. A walk leading down to the gate was
In 1880 Calvin Merry built the house for his bride The original frame house was built in 1875 by A 1932 photo shows the Sherouse garage with bordered with blue hydrangeas and chinaberry trees.
Kate. Its small gabled entrance was replaced by a R S Stoughton In 1915 his prosperous son-in- gas pumps in front. It stood strategically placed
two story porch, later enclosed. Before the big law, Z C Herlong embarked on renovations The at the curve ol what was then the main highway 33. THE MICANOPY CEMETERY
freeze of 1894-95 the house was set in an orange original wood frame house is covered by the south Now it is an ice cream parlor and also The cemetery is as old as the town. The earliest marked grave being that of
grove W.N and Mabel Sheffield lived there in the brick exterior Upstairs the hearn-pine floors are houses the Micanopy Historical Museum and James W. Martin born 1737, died 1826. Here, shaded by the old trees and some
I^H^^^^Hg^^- ~ 1950's Present owners havedonemuchtorestore still in place but downstairs the pine was re- Library with ornate markers. are the graves of the pioneers and the later settlers.
the interior. placed with oak. The reception rooms have handsome oak mantles and
paneling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~34. J.J. JONES HOUSE
ra 24. SIMONTON HOUSE This fine example of a Florida Victorian cottage
2. THE LITTLE SCHOOL HOUSE 12. FRANKLIN COTTAGE In 1910 James Boyce Simonton built this Queen was the home of John W. Wideman. principal of
Originally located beside the main school, the Set back from the street is a little cottage with a Anne Victorian described in the Gainesville Sun C* h the Micanopy public school in 1891 and prob-
Little School House was built before 1920 as porch in front In 1926 it was built on the road as a in 1911 as one of the prettiest houses in Mi- ably built by him. The station master of the
overflow classroom space Later it was the honie tilling station. A slab of concrete marks the spot canopy Simonton was a cattle rancher The Tampa & Jacksonville Railroad. John James
of the principal. Mr Williams In the late 1930's where the gas pumps stood Now it is a cozy large magnolia trees were planted by Dr J A Jones. bought the house in 1901. It is presently
U UHI-" --- pied the house ta mo vhe state and a credit to the town In addition to
Built by Ohs hosphatL. Feaster in 1895. the business, Captain BeFontaine kep t a gene 'sral firstore across thene
POWELL-MONROE Sstreet where a gazebo now stands in the Be ulah Franklin Park You can see burthe HISTORY OF EVINSTON
fen earmily settler who organized a Micanopy there bank In rec1921 Ben 0 Franklin bought times Mr and s. who had large land holdings here, gave land for the right-of-way Freezes of the winter of 1894-9Co and deanotscrber in theShryib tI4
^^B^^^^^^H ~contingent in the War Between the States. Upon Fontaine house is notable for its Ionic columned wrap around veranda with for the narrow gauge Florida Southern Railroad in 1882. The station was given production. The railroad discontinued service In 1986 WI* tilstftt.tV B
Cohis return S he b rouse and Mr. and Mrs House in 1866 double octagonsu- mea o the name Evston and a post office establish hed. This area was well known for removed inn 1982
The Powells lived in the house until t heir tate and a credit to deathse town In adton
^I^^^^^^^^^^~hin 1900-01 Thse Donovans and Odelals were later14 SMITH-MOUNTAIN BUILDINGthe
occupants. ItPOWELL-MONROE HOUSE sreold in 1935 to Malone Monroe a gazlumber mill owner. The Smith Buildaning has b een in the same family I' ..' .
^^Rji^^^^Mllfc, MS~~~~~~~~~~~aS~~~ji ~since it was built around 1900 by Samuel B.Sl~ E .MUTOIEARCN, ... j- -
CaptainHE BRICK SCHOOL HOUSE na Smith W it later became the propn e of the trees of Evinson is a small community on the Ahischu-Mar METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCHapt. its orange gro5s prior to 182, which attracted bweao. HOUSE
nBuilt earyin 1895. it ser who organized a Mlcanopy the bank In 1921 Ben ra ought use and large Oig her e hos and he sbnD.JhnH h h l i eAME Church was established in o e ydzes of the winteran i so have built this house about...
contingent in the War Between the States. Upon Fontaine house IS notable for ,its Ionic columnedl wrap around veranda with fn~r the narrow gauge Florida Southern Railroad in 1882. The station was given production. The railroad disco,~ntiniued se~'icp Jim' 19ra6,."'Wl !~e .~~ ~
hifroms retu Prairin h e bu to the Marion County house line. 1866 Mouble octagons t 92hebui name Ensdingwton and a post office establ shed. This ara waswell knso for ropemoved In 19a2.
r ~~~~~The Powells lived in thle house until their deaths
^HII^^HUH^I The cornerstone reads "Lamisophian Institute ~ flB II~ the hotel scenes in the film "Cross Creek" about^^^^^^^ time camp meetings were held for two weeks ^ ^^^^* store in structure to the south of the house. The
in 1900-01 The Donovns and OdeIls weas replaced by twister 14. SMITH-MOUNTAIN BUILDINGattractive new star shaped attic vent.
occupants. t was sold in 935 to Malone Monroe, alumbermmllforowner. The sanctuarymthin 1973 Bulehindgthe Churcas cemetery whsame fmanly pioneer black
m~laOC~f. ll IIlllll I Illlll I-- n Tl n -1im inn I 1 H 1 I^^B 'T'1 was described as a general merchant The orig- citizens of the area are buried 8. METHODIST.CHURC
The Thrasher Warehousewasbuiltabout10since it was buille front doors, high display windowSamuel B. 1. MOUNT OLIVE AFRICAN C
railway spur. WhenTHE BRICK SCthe Thrasher general store Robert H May ofbought Mot's store and his M2. SHETTLEWORTH-CROMARTIE-MUDRA CH sts5. BARRON-JOHNSON-GIBSON HOUSEChurch i909 on land
Built in 1895. It served children of a large area daughter. Susie Adava, and her husbancl. John The MI Olive AME Church was established in J F. Barron is said to have built hmis hOuSe about
from Paynee Prairie to the Marion County line. R Mountain In 19821he buidlng was chosen for 1886 on land purchased from W D Evins For a 1890 Mr Barron andl W A. Johnson operated a
The corne rsd i on 1911 the warehouse housed t he meroteseestfilm "Cross Creek" about ime coriginam ybyW P. Smeengs were hettlewd or two weeks store in r aucture o the south of the house. Therior o
1895 God and little ch il dtoren. could be built The delivery of groceries The building served Micanopyi asagenera store forever was t he home of his daughter Mrs hs time services had held ir J ohnson. Davidol
by John Early Thrasher on the Atlanic Coast Line an in ceiling are unchanged In the M T1930's :Und s e as h H tS e
railway spur. When the Thrasher general store Rober! H May bought Motl's storeand his house ~~~ 2. SHETTLEWORTH-CROMARTIE-MUDRA dliets built this attractive Church in 1909 on land
burned in 1911 the warehouse housed the mer- '--across Ihe sireat.Customers could telephonetfor Built originally by WP. Shettleworth about 1884. given by Mr. andl Mrs. J.L. Wolfenrcl. Prior to
.~ .../ /6. T~~~HRSEWAHOEwasndisiel unti a gnewtreaold berchant The or ivryfrg-re citizensredicnoysaenr elrfroeri wstaerth hmaorhsdaghe Msahsrimesricsuarbenhldinteccho
:'~ Coca Cola sign on the north wall dates from the evenly years arid was background for the scenes for the film "Cross Creek'. Raymond Crolndloe Rucerly i lids beef. hou'~.
" -," A 1920's. restored and modernized by Drs Stephen and
Anne Mudra
HOUSE This house was buIbt by Captain William Drayton
In 1900John D Reeves Evins in the mid 1880's Born in South Carolina
selected the heart- 3. THE COUNTRY STORE AND POST OFFICE
pine, sawedfelumbera scrigibedly ulllin 4 as awarehouse by theW| Pj ranlroad across vetherhighwan alloregina thete o the Confederate army, he
largest mercntilefirms in e Ala wedCut.Trs-5* HII IR odn fbxe lItfrsipn theothr lumberl ^ acquiedo B Hextensiv landt aloutn88 th is wealshoe
at hisown mill and built Shettleworth or S H Benamin of Milcanopy acquired extensive lands along t he west shores
the house for his bride Purchased by J L. Wolfenden. a settler Irom of Orange Lake in 1879. Fe round
They lived there until after he died in 1917. In the Wisconsin who arrived in the area in 1883. it front porch the Evins could view Orange Lake
early 1920's an engineer of the Tampa and Jackson- became a general store and post office There beyond their o range groves Near the road, a
ville Railroad. Mr. Miller and his wife, came to live were a succession of owners through the turn of chid's tombstone marks the grave of a small son
here. The Hesters, Johnsons, Hirschis. Prestons ~ the century In 1907 H 0D Wood and Robert Evins bought the store Still of Capt. Evins. His daughter. Ann e. married H.D.
and Hilleary families have also lived here containing original post office boxes and equipment, it is one of the few Wo n19.Dsednsftifmfsillv
remaining country store post offices Open 8 to 12 noon and 3 o 5 30 PM. here and operate the Country Store.
fanmdHillir~y famtilies havealsolivedhe~re N contlyainingd ostmglnal posels groceloes anturday PM and all day Sundayd
Rebuilt by John Early N 1\
Thrasher after a 1911 4. PACKING HOUSE
fire that destroyed its1 THOTA St This building age unknown. is a reminder that
predecessor. J E. Thsh this was once the heart of the Florida citrus 8. HESTER-VIDAL HOUSE
er and Son was ce- producing area A spur track from the main Astark reminder of the dangers of countryliving
scribedas one oflthe rairoad rairoas are high Islo wed direct are these two chimneys all that remain of the
largest mercantile firms in Alachua County. Thrash- (-A loadhing of boxes of fruit for shipping to northern home of J.B. Hester. Built about 1885 this was
er owned other stores, warehouses and properties CHURC markets Only limited citrus prodluction con- later the home of his daughter. Eva. and her
in Micanopy. A big pot belliedi stove warmed this uR Hs tinuedl after the freezes of the winter of 1894-95 andl of 1899 This structure is husband Albert Vidal. The house was destroyed
brick store in winter. Th e s tore remained in the used fo r vegetable crops by freS in1977
family until recently and still s ells groceries and
other goods. T E TL Y ST
9. CHITTY-- **, s \
nalrpin~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~' moligEoEhSoul rntdosThe L I U I*'I. ST (~rIf rl \
Old photo s ShO W this e 225
as a p pretty two story wjjjI{|IIIIII] 63"
house built by Edward
Cooper Chitty in 1900 11
'.1"' Following Cooper Chit- u= 3 rag
try's death in 1917. M r. J ohn E Thrasher bought it. JA La k
The Thrashers wan ted to be near their store and ISA UslrAuLLKEEr ST J A .
second floor was removed which is how it appears 'f. M&GdOLiAs
today. o 1 =.0c)
A Presbyterian congre-
gation was organized
in 1854 The land]for A E ___________
the church was given o -
Simntn.BejainW.by James A. and Sarah .,, S~iT ~ "
Simoton Benami W.and Esther M. Powell (,SMTSi
George W. and Mattie S. Means. The church I
building dates from 1870. Notable are its three bay (
windows with ruby glass in the sanctuary and the Icseuet..y I MIC A OP MARION COUNTYt
hairpin mouldings on the double front doors. The I I4 1
church served not only the needs of its members but I I 5329?: ~_
as a meeting place for local affairs. A library was Il
developed with contributions from local families. i o
The Episcopalians used it and care for it now. 6...-.. -...J..

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