Title: Boating & angling guide to Lake Worth Lagoon.
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Title: Boating & angling guide to Lake Worth Lagoon.
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Publisher: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Marine Research Institute
Place of Publication: St. Petersburg, Fla.
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Lake Worth Lagoon
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Thia guide includes maps of Lake Worth Lagoon. "I'"'
that depist main channels, seagrasses, arifiial reels.
state parks, and boat ramps open to the public Also B O ATING &
featured is information on habitats and animals. popular
sp fs ba safety and protocols, and a reurceANGLING GUIDE TO
directory. This guide should not he used for naigation.
The Boating & Angling Guide to Lake Wbrrh
lagoon was produced by the Florida Fish & Wildlife
Conservation Conmrmission. We welcome your L A K E
comments and inquiries Address them to. L AK
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida Martine Research instituteW OT
100 EIghth Avenue S.E
I Eight Avenue 5 V^O R T H r.toriallk. Like ;ornh Lagoon %a- a airculation and prn ide flushing to the south end of citizens approved a final management plan t guide
| St. Petersburg. FL 33701-5020 I|H freht:shvarer lake with drainage from a the lagoon. Trhe tompletion of the West Palm Beach the restoration and enhancement of' the Lake Wth
Maps designed and produced by Henry Norris U *4 I1JwJJampv area along the western edge The spillway in 1l)2 resulted in significant freshwater Lagoon. To date. the state of Florida has provided
and Marcia Colby. Florida Marine Research Institute. LO hamer island [o tile. eit separated Like Worth Ifrom inflow to Lake Worth Lagoon and pro ided the $5.5 million, through the Lake Worth Lagoon
Guide designed and produced by McShane LAthe Atlantic Ocean In the itc II'iis, sctrtler, first drainage necessary for the development of the west Partnership Grant Program, for consluction pfo
Communications. Inc.. Tampa. FL. This guide was' arrived 'on the hbnks of Like Worth and imniniediartel shore of the lagoon. During the earl 1930s, the Io benefit the lagoon. Beneficial prects include
produced with a grant from the Florida Fish and" began the change, that i.ontinue to ithL, dai Allrnini lntracia.,tal Waterw'ay was dredged between stormwater retrofiting, sewage pump out stations,
Wildlife Conservation Commission. Advisory Council In the pas. extreme high tde:s and waves. high Jupiter Inlet and the south end of Lake Worth sewage connection systems for septic tank
on Environmental Education and is the sole properry2 ljkc arer .k-vis and r[orm, occasional\ caused Todjv, Lake Worth Lagoon is connected to the communities, artificia reefs and habitat restoration.
of the state of Florida. Funding for this guide %%as the forl'im.on of Lemporary inlets S;e,cral t-arl Atlantic Ocean by two permanent inlets The Lake
partially provided by the Federal Aid in Spun Fishor )VL p, ^^^ auttelmpLt \\ere nude ii.-) rejic navigaiblr inlet, froin W ornth Inlet ins ,, t) feel v ide h) 35 feet deep, the
Restoration Program which collects funds as taxes. rf '"' F'ile ,cian, and in 1R uonmtru,_tion ut a stjhile Inlet widuth Lake 'orth Inlet is 131 feet wide by 6 to 12
from fishing equipment and boat fuel, then Z Bwa., achieved Immieciulels Lhe lake bcgan o .ch-iange feet deep The Allanti lnracoajstad Waterw'ay runs
distributes those funds for protects that improve [o J salri-atcr lagoon vter uring the l is the the entire length of the Lagoon Eight causeway's
fishing and boating opportunities. eoonsiruLtiin of tI.t Ala.niuc Intr.lcuasital W'.iCr-er.a and bridges co)nnecI Lhe mainland to the barrier
~Special thanks to10~ ~ the foll~~ow~ing o~rg'~anirai~ion~s for|B^ A ~fr their contributions to this guide Inlet. e lt [nJt-t rtulted in nt-re-ed 'fre-;hea Jter dLharo-pnsate dii,'ks are dc scatered along the shoreline
their contributions thisguide il~the Lig.ion |s,(., during tdj dci ade developer, Approximately o5". o the -horeline i, bulkheaded:
ortdaDeparlimnt of Envirnmental Protection bcgjn filling the v'ciland edges, of thie Logoon. in n.'l, 1%'p.. of ihe shoreline remains fringed by
Florida Inlaid Naltigalin Claisren ac[il ir, that contnut-d inht the ] L'll) m-angroves
Adkisoy Cor on Erwnwerf., Education (FWC '
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sport Fish Restoration Program
U.S. F~~n^ K~~f~or~sn~~a~rogramL^^ 11^^^ ^ I^^B ^^ ff B' lc" Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners permanent inlrt lour feet deep at the north end ul and .uminuLnictol n ajnung interc-.led panies andi
Palm Beach County Dept. of Enironmental Resources Mgmi Like Worth Ligr-in In 1l2. dte inle %as deepened local governments concerning the need for water
IFAS Seagrant Program r,) 16 ft-eI Ind drdL- -p, oil- .vere depo-ited in Like quality improvement and hahitaI restoration and '
West Palm Beach Fishing Club '\"inrth Lagoon, resulting in ihc cretiin of 'cjnuienhanen in [he Lke h goon In August
Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County
~U.S. Coa~~~~~stGuard Auxilary S^~~~-S Flotilla 54 l^ the ~nIc["nd In Ig-the elnion nki _south Lake Lik 'rth l \M. a team ,if stakeholders representing lIcx:al, Late
U.S. Colkt Guard Auxitl'y --Flotilla 54
Inleti \as rceated in a failed elf'tin to improve tid.ld and federal go ernmeni, businesses and pnrvare
Punt Blj~ nOrIx L kingg cicoperatitekmll a hLkXeiLf
Palm Bcj h County L ',",rklnj i{ooperjtl~ l}]h thedredged deep holes I% within [lie Lake Worth Ljgl, ,n toI
Flonda Inland N.v Ig ion Distn.c the Port ol Palm Be.h en.ourtgc .cagr- o',1, 4,ait ,in Punu{ Island wll pr[ivdeLke \rh Lagoon aind die Atlnti
and the United StUeS Xrmn Cor-), oi Enineer- i rd.1 deinnon for e n ironmenil edU n and gie Intr'aial WIterv'a \toeher Onipris: the'l f
implementaion of L %6 nilion dollar plan thali x ill enhance p nitin e .t Unique otpporlunetr [l) txperiltnce a arletv ofnsevaio
L,tu].irinc water b,.it.' thatt ral,[_li'% e entire length
L Lj \JAnd resitire Pejn~il Wind to proi)% Id cnm ironmnent,1 hcnrfldtu n liaritrits [IhnL ,Ilanee topidiv depprocd in StLdhc enx inT, r c ontact the Florida Fish & Willit6 Conservatlon
~~~ill f ^ \~~~~~~and a ket wacr-oeened count park or residents, hndeIop doil PIilTo k-.Iti ,unt i It, ppnteced .ncd u-ually Commission (FWC) Fish tagging programs are
and akey waL -ont cunmy park for residents ndFIo-d
J\vi~s,,omrs *~Ret~~re..l~onal arr~nit~icc~, lreC~Jy~nialled] thr%~uv~hih hlih.le regardle-ss t, .ve.uailir unditions This nated. in part. to understand the reproductive cycle
t'iCstor. Re rtdlnd hl~nlC~ JitJ' -uldtrgh [h,'
Pc \\Pe~nul nd xs l ~d in he ncr~h-~entr-a~Like~onoopo~.rLet- irthd pe r[odomshn ngc di-. 1b the bcst kept secret or light tickle and movement patterns of fish to help anglers predict
Lag sonucs h-A-ind I, ki-d dun the ricasth-bsnthel -1kt: \%onh ow-porane pff.-.ri indl~kk- p ~ irtiorin, k dhinking cnilisi.J is tsho enI'- n plgug Casting. tI I'sting, where good fishing will be Biologists ask anglers to
Worth Inlet and to the west Iy the. Allinl,. Lnirak-.)d,.d i"hmng pier. and ., park pith .tlong tie_ entire perietr *,r -irnpiv rdc1axm, Lnd fhshmng heutirn ng,, from
~~ rthlnfe nd h the Atldniic lntrac~~~~i h p d p kp n n icr -trispis relaxing and fishtng bottom ogs from assist n this researchin this esebycreportingtiallatagged-fishs
VWaierx j. r)nginallc. lhe trca thj ,x.upie% Peanut Islandu t4 thc island Pnmniiv v Snook ma he marked wils one of awo difoereat cypes
[' it- '.J rt.t I', d,- [trcd t%. Ith c..na IJ El ingrot e
%xI' V"isa t uhmbnrged hhal ev.-%%icr habitat Hxever, a,,Ilind I\ securing a per-i fropr nc i Ponic irca1 is dotte siri smadrLic Cngroue nSnoo Tme internal anchor tag is placed inside types
result of till placement frum ntumenrous dredging prolte.,Dsrp.rIncnl uL Pfirks and Re,.reaiion i Ph' ne cl 9'- islJnds sind h3rs aind o)siter reels *.\ here fish abdomen and is attached to a streamer that
t- wIIst mc\dp.tcLk bt In^l andincluding the Like Wo'nh Inlet and the Iniiitr astal _Xitera' l jaK,u d [ terd It thLe south end if t.c island is ihe hisr r feed and lride flic t hndges, inlets .ad _spdl.,\a's prolrudes externally between the pelvic [in and vent.
Palm hw 1liiclI -the entire -:-acre island has become Jn impailted upland (_o.,I (.uLLJrd Lstri, n and h,,.i[ hoisie biltl in 13., jnd [ite are iom for h.urilith v which, in turn, aLtract larger The eiernal-cldart tag is slightly below the dorsal fin
'-^^ "J _^ a^BL \ ~~~habitir dominated hs the exotic AustraljliJn pine Kennecds bunker hiii during [he (t.uhajn missile ,Sr.l'is fish 'iio -k, [jIirpi ,n, hliluefsh. iloiunder. sand and has a st reamer thai protrudes out the fish's back
^'1~~--<~ ~ \[I'he en tronamenial restoration plans for the i-land s sil J l 'i2 ihe-se buildings are no(-, pan of the Palm Beachrcmrch. shic pushed, laclfish. pin0p0F) And The streamer on the tag bears the tag number and a
provide nlaive Florida ecoss tems on PejLnuLI Island i NMariltune i.useutl and are .pern i [he public For ror sescral species ''I, lacks and snapper_ ,s an be 4e1ad r epot th onglraon an-ls
4461 and report the following information: angler's
replenish habitat fori fish and aildliLf' Prolec t eatires inloraniion iall S61 i'Li-umiiiiil Portions ,'t Pe.nut Island taken ill \ ear lng Renicinhcr. tide i important, name. address and telephone number tag number,
V ~ L |H include remoale of Lxi tic gctwito n and dredged t mtertial ill continue it he used tfr dredged mmienal management sNI is bi.[ And one ( ,rel note- our \Xe_,i Palm length of fish: location and date of its capture, and
M0erbats Priohlbilted [I) create v. erland and upland hahic. h such as shilliits- rom f'uiuicu dredgingr pio1tect Beach (-a.nl Spdillb.st jn .s L'nOi d tIus pnrdued any olher information acquired
(No. IS-M&i 311 wtrewater reel habiuit and lagoon, a tidal pond and channels IlhJs lint effort x i ill ek PranuL Islnd inan trItan ild rcrd sni-i k' Anglers who legally catch a tagged snook and Choose
Idle Speed (Yeff ar-Round) to hLush exLstLing is.ila[Lcd Mrangro es, a mariLime hamnl ik. en. ir.nncntal jnd r ecreatifnil shhva piece lor PPalm i-kadi to keep the fish also have the option of mailing the
Specitied Chieseti Eliuded
Idln Sp iN.ItS-It.3 311 ccL-cLtal strandI, and t'Ve.ch dLiunes The- snd mainJl i[.'lmoed l'oun{' residents and site rs and Cull benelit the fi-h nd information and tags to Tags. FWC Florida Marine
RSw Spm-d.[Y-ar-Rl..nd] [oj1 crejie ilie h qaThnI f[cjrur .Ls ill he Li fprIc- I os|\,l xildli lwhn thev Lakc Worth [.,r' Research Insitu.St.
m--~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slct~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ewu~~~~~ Sp~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~eed~ (W~~itu~.r~ h~i.~ W~iart Petersburg. Flonda. 33701-5095
Spaspled I(wares in Ws~ided
~[NellgM GIW191d Exc~luded 4, i i
E Stew Speed (Now, is -Mvr all
*BMw 'i-"."1l.P 3amABOUT OUR REEFS .
Sproutefd Cthastie Excluded .HHfl ^B j
5M sii( Z( 55W11515 We Th. -~Beach BThe onshore waters ol Palm Beach County offer a rich and diverse built from various malerials including roc.. old ships heavy ..
RetinmlgWsirMy 30 MPiH Shares population of marine life on or around unique geological gauge steel structures. concrete and piefabricated modules They. : '
JuL I-p. 1, 25 MPH Fo r formations topped with healthy coral and sponges Witn ine are placed in areas away Irom natural reels. creating new marine '~fl
kms foidi Mr(Aug.- SifW) nut B--Lakle Worth Lagoon limestone outcrops occur in the vicinimry of life communities Artilicial reefs also provide alternate areas for
223 Mel imLake Worth inlet, near the islands located west of the Town of scuba divers and anglers. reducing the user pressures that natural S.
Palm Beach and North of Hypoluxo island reefs endure For more information contact Palm Beach County --B
"- ~ ~~~~~~~~~In addition lo the natural system. Palm Beach Count, has more
=1{In addlion to Ihe natural system. Palm Beach County has moreDepartment i)< Environmental Resources Management. Artiaicla l '
lhan 40 artificial reels wiln more being added all the lime ArtificialRee Program a56 233-2400 ..
reefs dcenoted on the map by ted stais) are man-made habita.s '
Matonglni Parki ^^-H
~ ~ ~
In spite of being higlix urtuanized. Lakc- 'Worth Ligoon in animal- Their rots .in hioi shorelines, and their
is a rich niosaic of fish and sbtdlife habiat- liii supplies randclies sent as nesting sies ic ir a 'Aide ti.nriet if birds. -%i;si:e ..ssi& >c-4rSlBH 111"1 '
life-sustaining links in a hiolaogicall producI t lte ecos\ietf Many of rhe nitngrit.e si amps that lnt e ringed the i
Fach interdependenit habitat plays a v.iral rccle Lagi on ha.i elbeen replac-ed hs dC' eltipnient.4 .
Ljagoion habitats supply food and shelter for c rearcires ho-s Of Fiis itimportani hiahit has cOnirbhihed 10 a li* cr-
as diverse as the great blue heron and ihe spin sea decline in tishcnes through the Iagoion In irnder ret
urchin.%eagrasjses and arngrotes Lontribuie significanils protect manlgroses state .and Icderal regul.ti.li>rs restrict :. ci
icc a dynamic fjt cd chain that1 draws, nutrients, fromn the piunning andI remneceal.t
lagoon floor Decaying scagrass and nsangrce leases Three species 11 m.tngroues a.n be found in the I
aN, Q_ *\ jf pridee tusod for small creatures thal are coinsuLmtd IINLagoi<0,n Red ranginroves I; picall Iicared closest to the it, slowl
fi~~h and larger predmor, v~ater, are easilyN distinguished lit their tangled reddishIfourm. 5-
W ldctos that franc i.iu[ L cu ier thc wvater. 0;siters frequentllflld. ifil.:...:ly .:.ie:h edllu. fob ...l s '"q
-^Seagrasses I. ,aioloIn rUse aI Iheir ba-c Black manginires k aifetL ur ierous u iE atiat)or se Ot Sa Cwis a laaie, native, plant- puhy
seagrasses are flooring unden.%arer pljnt found atfinger-like protections called pneumairtphores. that eating aquatic maiStlmrl whch is commonly found < -
1-11 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~111
shallots depths in [he lagoon and in patches alting the scin-iound the base o| ithe tree i litre nangrtoses. fhiclh in shallow coastal waters, rivers, canal and
^continental shelf of the Ac-iinic iOcean Seagrasses support Attn oct-upt the highest elevations .if the three species.springs of Florida. They range in color from gras ofWR FoiJTy^eiilloo|rol|a
fish. shnrnp, and crabs that hide among the blades and h.le no '.isicl .icnal roucus The leaves ol liit mangroie to brown, and are seal-shaped in appearance, AWAubla ltf"
- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~feast Lin decaying leaves tieagrzrases al,-i help si31h1i11e are \seiliiss -green ss ith flat, rounded tails Adult manatees, average rt '
shifting sands on the [agoonn bottom and improve aNater 10 feet in length and weigh over l(KN pounds! LOfkbcltdddl
- S iaa^E^JS^^^^I 4 1clanrix b trapping fine pirne ic Ies Mud Flats Manatees are most common in Lake nMirathh Lagoon tIrnemIs %. .
'Seagrais beds nows uover less ol their,-nginal .cieage Mcd 1lats ire shallotv. V..ite ariea- exposed dunni during winter month-s, when many migrate to Stow trash and pno|kl-ngRI mi .
TheSmoSSa-lord dyuc^antSw in Lake Wonrh Lagacin i Iass trggered1' II dredge-and- I iw ride Theyl lack segelation, hut are f.cr front lifelessthe Iari waiter discharge at the Florida Power Manatees me fh|vuiWA~ tpdin linessandOther
U0 nflvfl wnnftededfmlab SLOW
DOWN ard OBEY t poeladspeed 0 fill aclisit), declines in waier quality, dock delcopnment. Many small crabs, worms nd other animals live in and and Light Riviera Beach Poter Plan This area, plastic dehlqfjijitls
Zones Some exunlDIlsign you j fand damage frn motor boaIs As boats cane: [hritight on mud fhat- Wt ding bind-. such a-s herons and egrets nied n the bnoaters guide map, ie recognized RuoerAgiaiu nsi Spesthatare ieajguz, deflagged,
nftMm-are: .
4shalloa grass flash their propellers cut sandy trenches teed con tihs sounis ol food,. a- the fish that mot eea-s one ofthe mosa iunpoirani warm 'steinganatee CapllWd. MIWLaw Entoemen at
ItS USED mac Ici wi that may stay barren for years inrhorue during high tide refuges on the east coast of Flonda The da. They are 1-e4W CCGVw *FWCWOfYonJyTour Iw9pAm.
Lake Worsh Lagoon crIstain1 the largest known patches often observed svAimmnng, resting (tr bleeding
cof johnson's seagrass, I/rph/la john,,oi i. Lt which "-a, Oyster Bars near scihoserged -eagrass beds seagrass appears I I Ulmo Pial
Uepeed-~~-ll~d.NaWedinssM k~tt~nu~mulisted as threatened in 199W bs the National Nianne fishenest, Oters, are innmoebile shellfish that fil:tet .a"t... as they a bi o wi nen .
spesestVWLatemaintainusei"iaof te ser-ice It is the first in-anne plant species ti he listed fed Their r h te s ls are irregular in shape k colored wa, anatees Frd Sa h aticse t
\ prod g *o w. cinder the Endangered Species Act T o areas in Lake L[v e% sters and dead e, stier shells fi urn in mounds ion a ored sdIn ( toee t tb identied wiFl enhance and maintain the Statets efforts to r t
^dSSlchwdte-om ihso ht Worth Lagoon hate been designated as critical haluar tor the Lagoon hiocr. Lre atinv bars or reel- Ovster bars are hr- teitdark around snouts which break ihe Specie Vist your andm
Johnson'% seagrass most priealent near sections ol the Lagoion diminared local tag office and FLORIDA
Planosei NWsmWinto nieni wa. fro whke. hs rs str n te trc dl occkadrdihurtace cif tue staten to breathe: Large, circular urhnddw
1 I wihriiriumormlialc. 1iv fresh %vaier, and ihev aEULc, adulI l sook and redflls, mrinh wtemjaloindicate the presence prhse". '11 an isly
Mangroves itaking them popular fishing -polici n s s t your Save the 5
frapowlhpsoeueonioto-okugh teeiers theyfproide foodandicohcmforta ast arraiof smilyfish c! ficcd
nwl, bee prawderInwintedsrnmn Nlangrosec, are tropical tree, thai thrive in salt; v-,c. cutl ip t/es em-s ter hi lv iof manatee'. I-igh moaly, primaly associated Manatee'license
lehgytS mnimutoreyfcBn 1cne environments along the afterr s edge Like seagrasses. sevree/i- clccnWem hcucat bufs and Irelrerlcereurc. /;crllise wmith human -actidlt, as well as a low reproductive platetoday!
i yeaio~crjourtundi I future of the species.. ^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^ R
_/_ 3 -'- t fD^MIIFMU r~~n~vjui-^ii~i~oWHERE SEAGRASSES GROW. MANATEES GO.
7" ""* | jT here are over H.HW registered Ix^Ls in Pulm~ ~~~~ff~lfI'm m f~~im mfmW^ M M~s many asAs6manyaas 60emanateesaspend ataoroparteohethe earTineTakeait easePleasedAnd remembr weereSseagassse
f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~r are r | ,,hiseurv andtiX registnmere ixceiaes in PailU~ll.~int s L-ake Worth Lagoon Most have been hut by a boat at least grow. manatees go
SSA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~kc o-/ -s ikwuh B ,iII^^^^^^^^^^^^nce and bear the telltale scars of those enrountets
^^S. _j IHIB j| ^ [ui; t the hgh nuber offwaies iha use Lke '. m, ho, -} aH-ru nn l[uru, r. andar'thT'tr ...MM..Trr.M
\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~)a et the high nube i botr tha us ikeMINIMUM REQUIRED SAFETY EQUIPMENT FOR Manarees are at greatest nisk from speeding boats when they WHAT'S THE C^ONNECTION?'
'3(ssrth Lagrxsn. it s necessary tci have rules and egsa iti RECREATIONAL BOATERS:'.are teedung or resting in or near seagrass meadows In these Mdhanatees graze in seagrass meadows af high. tde. a..nd
If~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~~u | |Lita 0 lthat of raur roadway s~tem fliese il-. ire shallow waters manatees often cannot swum fast enough or on Ihe deeper fringes of grass bedasi lo, tide. They
f~~~~~l | |~~~~~~~~designed to ensure the safe-st bnating possible, for the Persaal Flotaton Devices (PFDa) One USCO approved PEC dive deep enough to get out ol harm s way aren t the only residents that need seafiusme to survive.
^/**V^^ I I~~~~~~~~~~proteeLic n of nsanatees and to minimize impacts ir thelfor each poison on board plus one thirowable PFO lot boats over Spohled sea trout, a popular sport fish in take Wortht
/--[ ^ | |~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~Lagon s rensaining natural resourc-es These rtle~s arc16' in length Children under 6 years old must wear approved andThe m~ap to the telhighligt reso teLgonwoe otr Lagoon. depend upon grass beds during all stages of
~^\r~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~ nf irced Isy federal, state alnd local a*uthuunues tic aPropertyfiing PF~s whenever vessel is under way aeecuae oue lwsedt rtctmnte h oe their K lf ycleSear sse lonutn^ab.stm
/ \ 1 fth~~~~~~~~~~~~oat i peratrirs use and cake c-are rnt boats affects esen-one Fire Erdlnuulaherls) Must be USOG approved and in servIceable^ wee uevloedD as oaliti on e areake citiens fiheme andetrog andsattr ait liSthat r cnrubyschcvee
cond~~~~~~~ition scientit utao pu olnc' the brakes'when you/dove.through ga.efush'as:snoulirand redisftI.
1 L I I~~~~~~~~~~~who uses, public a'ate'rs. whether f''r boaiting. sis'inumung,codtoa school zone we urge you to back off your throttle when you are ..,,. ..
1 9 I~~~~~~~~~~~~or fishing Here are -somu.- ways you can help ensure a visual Distrese Signel -Required on vessels where the distance boating in these areas ".*
S,. ^ f *SM n~~~~~~~s-ate and environmentally friendly boating expenienue between shorelines is over two miles---------------------- -- --I
^^ j~~~~~~r C ^ 'r~~~~~I Observe and obey pasted speed Umits. Mosat canals Bell end/or Whistle Whistle must be audible for one-hat! mile***~il|ili~lil~|llillliliii~il^
| H^ *I U~~~~~~~~~~2. Watch your wake. Rensemher, yrou are re~spi insilsie additional safef ea:men rtequrcnments. Insel additional. y ~ww DI ric~ io 0 ECiccrW m ir o riBioatgslsfusct' ceu SeiTti e OfficT'Sirrrecct~i' m '~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~neagcvie-catahar naiado h-n ir., dLraTO
| / alL~jJ for damage caused by your cussei s waike Large wake-s different requirements. For more mntormnaton, please contact ~- Opet I-" -J Oaparin 's.nc'"-,i~.ir,.se -M i'oLnt inl) SI-
irilillii:!"! / *ttt/ : cana overturn smaller vessels and damage boats which the Florida Marine Patrol office listedi in the Resource Directory PiclidaFish awihstsodi.cvaHonclccuiaaian(Fwci oiiccnoiliinrgencv Meacnai~es~nice iUI)zaSGB
a _Sm~i I *' ::: Stre moored atthe dockof this Boating and Angling MarneErctccucnrrceo f .ras Beacdsa se.hnd tp. atuaheornuh
io,,t-thJ, aReference US Congress Mum ear. Rulesund is"ei "'e"r'r' erH--s i' -.. e oi.r..... heel)--i-U55
^| I C* rJ :'' **wlzhko maskced dharenels. Fwc Pniecm idrcens Resea-rc l.inretlt (727) eases2 Foi ciccanctw rnaarcuicl ltfcerg-Caiaid imecaca seiocrnh~od_____
|BIjlJ **I :: ::: "*,Of tte road to avoid accidents.;tehJ, Black manga ,e,. ,:SrG CO p ilat'II plam-
* *:..:.**'*mDust mix alcohol and boating. More than 90- ofpmeuphre, [hat' in oiti eri eny iouraw!r.: Note .......SS..
boating acciddeths invole lcohol. n cn prirches aici i rrueh .edd'e rq Irns iiordacang,'e.o ochlhan shall cst altinscalna i iiah
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