Title: Apalachicola National Forest (Apalachicola-Wakulla Ranger Districts), Florida : 1993
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Title: Apalachicola National Forest (Apalachicola-Wakulla Ranger Districts), Florida : 1993
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Publication Date: 1993
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Apalachicola National Forest
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-. ~. Apalacbicola National Forest
Quiet solaude anacet it scenery a0all he. ieba. A ri ders using ris 25.nde L',ncant Ranq ?tad located Jf ntlc b.est oJ/Tallaimasee
I 'till l ,I I,' II I i
The Super,, ior's Office ol ihe National Forest' Humid almo' subtropical condition a.re
in Florida i, in Tallaha's,~ee Contact that oliLe asoiated S.ith this par of the counir; The
for information about our other lore, The average annual temperature 'about fiX degrees
Apalachicola National Foret i: disided into 'so The mild sinicr, are fine for camping The
unit, the ApalathiLola and Wakulla Ringer coldest temperature' occur beiseen December
Fishink i~ ,l?,,pblar pia~m ,',n min~ [-t..r~., P.~dl .lad ,ir-um, Dp41'iiand Mar h droppintg For Intml na abort 'tetatb
call or sit either 1l these distrit ofice' The
ApalaL hicola Ranger Ditrict has an o1tice i
Bri.,tol s.hou.n rlIn the upper leti corner ot the O uie a' h bnatsae eore
The 564.00)0-acre Apalachicola National Forest corer above the map. Camper', ho ni se- Horseback riders are vlelcome on Forest Sen ice down to tine ashes, then mi, the ashes- A ith
is the largest of Flonda's three national forests, eluded sites hate a choile ol variouss recreation roads and on the Vtnz.nt Riding Trail that soil and sater Be 'tre the fire iout by
Established in 1936. it i.; one of 15, national area,. covers portion, of the Apalachicola east of the touching the ashes If fire condition' for the
ranger district'. are ,(t]lted v, ith clerical. techni-frm'ii aotlideeeAnulpcpi-
forests managed bN the USDA Forest Service Ochlockonee Riser % inzant trail maps are forest are in the danger zone or it It is a
The forest offer' seseral other attraction' Leon~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~frstae hedngr oe rit~ I lonrng~frm:t o O4ic e. tnha
The forest offer- ,e~eral other autracenon, Leon available alt some Forest Sern ice offices The wind) da). torget the camnpfire and ue a calg an p" iod hehoh
The Apalachicola National Fore't is located Sinks. which include, fise niajor limestone trail is, about I I miles sest of Tallahasee via campstie Dipersed-area camper' hi'
ss ithin si ss a[ersheds. Apalachicola Ri er. New sinkholes, is an unusual geological area. It is State Highway 20 to Fort Braden and then, just want to build an open fire may need a few
-, Rer. Ochlockonee Ri er. Sopchopp) Ri er. about 4 miles south of Tallahassee, just off U.S. west of Fort Braden, turn south on either Forest sticks of fuel stood When collet ling tire-
Lost Creek. and W&'akulla Riser. These nsers Highw a) 319. Two wilderness areas will give Route 326 or 342 to intersect the trail in less wood, pick up only dead and down timber.
and st ream s provide a steady freshwater flow to you an idea of what large parts of Florida than a mile (F- 1). Cutting dead or live standing trees without a
product e coastal bays, or estuaries. looked like before "civilization" arrived. A permit isU aEgli
permit is against regulations.
Apalachicola Bay and Ochlockonee Bay are little-known part of Florida's history, the site of You can canoe on a variety of waterways: I In des eloped recreation areas. put sehicles. tents.
knows n for sbellfish and other commercial Fort Gadsden, awaits your discovery at the gathering wild grapes and berries can be a
seafood. southwestern tip of the forest (C-5). From Bradford Brook (G-1, H- H), on the western fruitful outdoor venture. Apalachicola
Sumatra, drive south on State Highway 65 about outskirts of Tallahassee; edibles such as blueberries, huckleberries.
The Apalachicola provides an abundance of 3 miles to Forest Route 129. The fort is in a wild plums, and summer grapes "come in" becomes as atlable to other campers.
fresh water to creeks and risers. The ground Stat park about a mile west on Route 129. Lost Creek (G-3), which intersects State from early-spring to midsummer. Muscadine 3
water table in os er half of the forest t1Ustuates Highway 368 on the western outskirts of grapes and persimmons ripen by late sum-
from near the surface Io about 3 feet deep. The HISTORY Crawfordville; mer to early fall. These forest fruits gener-
forest contains about 2.7 15 acres of lakes. The Ph..Wr. dCRB 4 ally grow best along trails, old roads, or
only Spring is, A tihin the Morrison Hammock Little evidence exists of significant Indian Along the 4.5-mile Leon Sinks Geological Area trail, the Fisher Kenney ree an river Styx B3 recently cutover that a expsed to unds
Scenic Area (F-4 on the map). settlement on the forest. Apalachee Indians, CreekCfootbridge spans die creek as it enters Lost River Sink, near the western edge of the forest; plenty of sunlight. durng established nght hour. ss htch are usually
however, are known to have settled north and R f of posted.
Sonchonpv River (F-3, F-4), formtngpato
I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Build fires onh in ioe.gnhfiplcsad
With portions of the forest in wet lowlands, south of the forest. The name Apalachicola Another scenic treasure consists of open, wet, 6hBuldsiresonrdin tfvBrarill. BrypWcedean
the eastern border of Bradwell Bay Wilder- fi r -ng
trees suc h as cy~press, oak, and magnolias are comes from an Indian word meaning "the grassy areas called savannas. Few trees grow ness and extending both nor and south of
common. Stands of slash and longleaf pine people who live on the other side." here. Savannas contain an unusual combination the wilderness;
cover the sandhtlls and flatwoods. of grasses, sedges, and wildflowers. Orchids and
c~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~olloin the Apalahees- came ftheoCree 8. Help preserve all fargdiine. and segetatton Protect
Following the Apalachees came the Creek insect-eating plants are some of the most inter- New River. which enters the forest at the
Indian, They were allied with Britain. butreeainrasorf
eqiing example. .outheaqtem comer of the Mlud .wiampike'.~ .
esting esaniple' southeastm conier cil the Mud Swantpi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~e'.s recreation areas for futuretio are generationsneralon
British deselopmeni sa small in thi, area Riser \i ildernes iC--i and extend' noth-I
Later, the Spanish had ,ome influence over the In the vsestem end o1 the Apalachicola. part ol vktard iC-3 i. and .'.- .-.., ... .-,
area until a series of United States ins.astons State Hlgh,%d\ 370 lo'r11 part ol the 31 5-mile
Once the United States obtained Florida. Much Apalachee Sasannahs Scenic Bs',.sas You Lan Ochlockonee Riter tE-2 to E-4. F-St. vshtch
ot the area ,sent into private ionership and observe c3 pres-s ',samp' stands% o natise dis ides the forest almost in halt GheDdrieHmai fr m
hunier% Small game Npetie...uth a. htob-ahlle
logging Of earls ornmercial importance stere longleal pine. 'asanna' slh blooming %i hd-
the area' nasal store.. also knoin a' turpen ine tiotsers. and mans creek' and toughs The by- Each quiet s'ater'say offers it ossn unique quail. rabbits. gra squirrel' and mouming I Use containers proved for garbage and unbumable trash.
indu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lrle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~challenge Sexeral Lit these creek, and rlxer~ do~e,.. re ann hulrted .\ Jierovl'otIare lak1n1 o
indusine, v, a.\ is part of a nattlont ide program In pros ide crne gnlls or stores t
as~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ wiegrlls r5 e Ha bitai limierad fadoard sonic
wIeFdng opportunitaeG of Aell-enage d and experience eowrele l a aaer letael delucsratonencn and the iore.. a, -.ell Ha teat ili amred tora 3. Clean up campuses before departng
The Federal Goxernmmm acquired nosp of tlfe dung periods of drought .ome are Jmpassable pes ,es escepl ,sood ducks. ,shcch are lairly 4. Keep pets quiet and
Apalachicola during the depression ycars of the The best time to canoe is February through comon. Refrain from making dsurbing noses been 10 pm and a m.
1930's Dunng that time many Eastern national 'Ill I R \'' May 6Pulnolhi n moileh
Iforests %ere established through purchase and as Good fishing opportunities are a' atlable 7. BoPu erousneg s is pr mht damg or clog them
.' '.~. ,' '~ % '" '~'.,'; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brad%&ell Ba., and Mjud S~karp.'Nev R&~er .fre
acquisition of abandoned land. The land hadBd By Mups i rtu uh r l ru7B e s s p ie iu ld i T a le a mi nr n
been heai cutoser andthe Apalachicolas ildemessu areas Ochlockonee EG. 1-Stand freqLuhie nsh
beastly and burned frequently .1-...sssa such as those without mufflers and gunning" of engines.haremprohibited
.... hWith 'ound national forest management. much RiLers I B I-5 i. as well a, many ol their tributlar.
lai. sct e...rhc i.-r..-,,,, a' ,'d, .-,, ao, p..lante Bradssell Bay. s% ith more than 24- h6fi acres fl ies and smaller l'rea ,tream. sth a' Kenneds '
,anahtni II.Lceirie-wr.-.. .r. h .: tc.. I'll ,'l., of the land has been retocked or planted is d ense, remote ,p is the Apim-l' tO. Keep all vehicles on roads and spurs.
etol,~/,lttr~lit.. .pIit.uq onl rt--ai./,,t'.',cd iatre m %,pa.,,,/- Creek. Riser Sts s. Lost Creek. Fisher Creek. adfrwrsaepoiie
e'jIt 'IhiiIII I.. f.uins..iIll Il'Uhl- ML- j '-Ill.- once again covered s sith a diserity of ree and biggest se ldem es area iF-i Ih offers a per- andOwI CreekCSeskes,.inosluCng Cndteorek. Fhree.oo
r~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ln~ ig...,,eearaIF1 hofrpr und O~1 Creek SeveralIlake, imtludinpCarnelI.Shongadfrc
,onal challenge for experienced. ads enturesome Lake. Trout Pond. Franklin Pond C. and
%PI \ I 'I% I I H I- N I %RI- \ hikers In the hean of the area are hardvwood and Moore Lake iG- Ii. arealo lasonte fishmg
More than 3(K) species of mammal,. birds. im ,"amp. catereded mal l ponds. and area, spols. In addition. fi~htng is product Is e in the r ,r,,i, s., l p...I. i.. *,', i .cJ ,n .5,
reptiles. and amphibians make Ihe Xpalachicola The Apalachicola has- three types of speci al intermingled ssith .crubb\ pond pine This sit. unnaneu niailer streams. red' .
nian\ -nnarned neither sireirn~ creek. and CA MPFIRES AND OTHER USES OF FIRE
National Forest their home Some of the popular interest areas. scenic. geological. and botanical demes' area is usually wet,. with I It 4 inches of n
natural lakeeteattered throuehoul ehy
game species are whitail deer. turkey. and -ner Apalachcola -- remtenber to remoe all garage and trash. Forest are sital to our nation. Practel deliberate w ldfire protection -l al ays'
squirrel. The forestl is inhabited by several The s.cent areas, offer outstanding beauty and equipped hikers, should s enture into the core ofl
specie% of special concern. such as the gopher they Lre managed to preserve this beauL The Bradvell Bay. here no trail' or old roadbed' AII anglers niust hate a license. ecept hildren 'pack it in. pack it out c rThe n- no trse'o ethic em i
tortoise. ospre). alligator. and snowy egret If scenic areas on the forest include Rock Bluff emst. The Sopchoppy Riser tlo'.sing on the lb and under and Florida residents are hS or Leasi n no traIe can be a challenge. but dr- grasses. leases, or needles
you're lucky. you may see some black bears and Morrison Hammock. Rock Bluff is about 15 eaqtem boundary of Bradssell Bas. can be older Nonresidents can purchase a '-das Ii- esersone's help is needed to maintain the 3 Neser leave a campfire unanended put it out before leasing.
Red-cockaded woodpeckers. bald eagles. and miles west of Tallahassee. dnrve 'test on State canoied if rains base suffictenils raised the stater r',nurl
cerise at a lat assessor' office or from many area' natural slate and protect it from oer 4 Be especially careful svth fire when the wind is blossng
indigo snakes. all Federally listed as endangered Highway' 20 to Bloxham. then south on Route level. _.porng good_- qores uue Lea~ %egeiauon meant Stop tomell .
spce.aealso found in the forest 375 for 2 mil. and turn fihi onto Forest Route spriggodhtrsue Lease. segtaiton' pinktaemi 'Sop tosell 5Nertyto"mkou'ga.
species. are a.o fonmnih oest75lt2resadue righonoorlRoe th~e rose'.'" bui doni{ pick them, chop tree 6. Drown campfires stir the ashes. and drown the fire a second time Make sure the lire is out --
391) and proceed Less than a mile Io the bluff IE- The Mud SssampiNess Riser \% ilderness coser, i \\1'r\, lb~. or dig up plants Preserse the natural DEAD OUT!
Watching stildltfe, hunting, and fishing are 2I. Morrison Hammock i. about 12 miles south about 801N) acres tC-.t. D-4i. It also is generally r PouiP It"IhI ira tI'c1. I '.!i-:i I ,. tots. hDEADoOUT!
recreation -ks" ,ia~~~~~~~~c'n, a- ran- -ii ii. cin~~~~~~~r. .a,,,-ccnie c-p.' -,',,,'" staterr. ,. s,.sst.....ms.Don., v:,ash,,clothes,.:or. dishes..
popular recr actites in this forest Visi- of Crasslordville sta 11.S Highsay 319 to Aei. vsampy. dense, and covered aith tlti and ','a'crt a. '.,,,., ,-c.r.,... c3: C s n eoe. aNational ::,,/t. mand .,,,-1_ ___, ,, _.. e. hie I_. Ca_ _er__Lan enor &he _palaNaion.l__Si,__n
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. ,h ,lhD. ,70J t t1, 'c'r/ -1 P0.1"t dump garbage. ,)r deposit v asle matherial
mrs also enjoy Swimming. picncking. boating. Sopchopp. w. here you turn V, et on State slash pine The Ness Riser runs through this Forest year-round You are stelonte to tas, a, du phln Igr0 bee. of a d ster source Replace
and camping in dispersed or developed stes Highway 22. and then south on State Highway wilderness into Tate', Hell Ssamp. During high long aGOODNEIGHBORnATERgSPORTS
rockN,. -,uck,_. and log., moved to clear area,
Silver Lake. Camel Lake. and Wright Lake 399 there you walk about a mile ito the waater. many, \isitors enjoy canoeing on New tamping I.s on a ttrst-.ome. firsi-,ersed ba,i, ,
ere vou %kalk about a mile into the ~~~~~~~~~~~The OLI.hko:konee Rp, er I,~ -,-ualb\ passable Itou for campfiree, or keepingng Erase et idence of
for cmpfirs or leepng Erse esidenc ofI. Keep glass aw-.ay from beaches.
Recreation Areas are the most highly developed hammock tF-4t. River. High sater offers, opportunities o test
campgrounds on the forest The facil.[it ies at yourLmaneusering skills on common obstaclesin ab lout3days canoe the\p 4ahcle is Camping at many sites is free. sthile user tees your presence Io keep each individual's 2. Keep pets away from beaches and swimmig areas.
campgrounds on the [oresl The faol~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nes at ~~)our maneuvering skilks on common ob',hJcles naot3d~ h plcioaR~ri
these sites, as well as those of 13 other recrea- Leon Sinks is a geological area. noted for its such as lohw hanging branches accessible sear-round from its tributaries It are charged at some developed recreation areas impact on the forest to a minimum
At developed fee areas, look for signs, that state
non areas. are listed in the charn in the upper left unique limestone sinkhole features. Ai ped fees. orcaionalcorn- I'll \sIt kl. 1,
To maintain the iderness attributes ol these attracts many power boaters, occasional the fee amounts and pay ment procedures
mroefal river Iraffice. along v, i[h canoeists.
areas. certain restrictions are neces~ar\. Prac- Designated promitie camping .ites along the Numerous. picnic areas are located throughout
tices that could alter w ildemess saLues. such as %th no rough. white-water challenges. canoe- Florida National Scenic Trail hase no facilities the forest Some site e table' to ccomo-HIKING
using motorized equipment or mechanical Ing condition are relatvels safe, bosseser. esen and are accessible onlyt by fool trash el. Contact a date famil reunions, church get-togeihers. or Animals will scanner bure
device-s, are not perminted the most cautious canoeists can capsize their distri ranger office for more information community) gatherings Picnicking outside what you carr in. Bury body wase n a hole 4 O
craft. Florida law requires a Coast Guard- Camping outside designated area,. called established areas is also popular 6 inches deep, at Ieast 100 feet away from the nearest
111RM. t tI I H SIs ~approved flotation device for everyone aboard. dispered camping is usually permitted water source.
Trails are available for hiking. horseback nding. throughout the forest. All forest visitors should.
and canoeing Hikers looking for ovemigh trnps camp only in developed or designated areas The .IhSD FUo.-ec Se, .ce' Il r'.lr ,,.inIuii, nA I. Leave nothing but tracks.
- 'H nOlIrdlI~ re~,ulc z,:(d. ~nd .ers',c, IO help mel it-c .1etd' ~- t'l[tud
can ~ alk 60 mlle~ o~ er Ihe 4palachicola seg.- q Usually I! %* b~-ql [o cal..i}, on [he Irail, but ifi1,rW--c px. Usually f's est o st
can wi alk 60 miles os~erMthe Apalachicola seg- Mlos off-road vehicle (ORV\' use occurs on old during hunting seasons. usually from No- I,,,in.,,l .,n .mercn;..m.nio.,i.n..., cnp-~, nc3..O2.L it the ta,. but io
ment of the FHonda National Scenic Trail. You logging roads covenng miles of forest. Addi- member through Januar). Dunng that time. iorge -'cisc 1'ic -iiaI.d c iden'- leave the trail. please
can begin at U.S Highway 319 on the south- nonal areas are open for ORV use. contact a for your safety. dispersed camping is not meccc. Cc 3. Neser travel alone ant
eastern corner of the forest, west of Medar I G- district ranger office for more information permitted i LC iAe ant E-lcm men i a '-. pated time of retur.
I. The trail stretches across the forest to the t- cauC Kit INCi n~h-wN -r'5i. 4. Take along a good map and compass.
ph, .-al c,.nacion c' ia iJ.ai- fie pol.c -A Mre 1U_ tFrci Sri, C.
northwest, where it leas es the forest at Florida 1H. 1%{I\. Xl) I ,%HI"L\. alwasvs treat "raw" water before drinking. ,&ai.cI... ccp'edioihe Srcresars o'i ;rsuilucr w&.iihnjloi DC 3. Check the weather forecast.
Highway 12. about I0 miles south of Bristol. Natural water from lakes, ponds. and pons,' 6. Check with the Floriida Game and Fresh Waer
The Forest Service. working cooperalively with streams can harbor disease organisms. Boil Recmat., Gu.de R- RG 2 R.-.. I-'c Fish Commission for licenses, open seasons, and
For shorter excursions. from a few minutes to a the Flonda Game and Fresh Water Fish Coin- the water for 5 minutes, to be safe Consider regulations regarding hunting and fishing.
few hours, consider hiking the trails at several mission. manages w wildlife on the Apalachicola bringing dnnktng w ater on a campout. 7. Carry drinking water or treat water from streams.
of the recreation areas: Silver Lake Trail IG-II. National Forest. While the Forest Set' ice rivers, or lakes by boiling it for at least 5 minutes
Trail of the Lakes at Camel Lake (C-2'i. Wright concentrates on providing quality) wildlife attend campfires at all times Use fire rings
Lake Trail (B-5). Leon Sinks Trail (H-2), or habitat. the Commission sets seasons. bag when available. Otherwise, clear the fire PrWni --n.Jc,,IarJnc' 8. Cad aegurst-aid kit
Discovery Trail at Trout Pond Recreation Area limits, and issues licenses. Rule and regulation area of all dry grass and duff. Build fires on
tG-2i. Troul Pond facilities are specially de- handbooks. hunt maps, and other related ingot- bare. mineral soil and keep them small.
.A11igmtors are making a comeback on the/oreert Bewatre of thtu mrpedhable animal tatutfrequento streams wr ane/~sdJ "'~"* Ponnd facloere specialy d ihnboshn as.andohrrlaed linfr ae iea soiladkeste ml.
I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mincnb bae hog ihraec.We tsIm oduetefr.lli u
cm~, rno,,, 6~ ~' s,.t., ~ '~~~~~~~~~~

ft I Iii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ G ALE R089RTSQXN CHIEF OWW-ndi N5OnWt FOOO toPd0
,* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(APALACHICOLA-WAKULLA RANGER DISTRICTS) 14sssova $.60 oChW*CM~w -r V
t~~~~~~~~~~s ~~~~~~~~~FLORIDA
1AW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~R. 3W. R.2 W.TOA
8,..h I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ki-1 126.720
" law I O 1 2 3 4 5 m _ _ _ _
I ~~ ~~ ~~~~A a C 0 E F G H J
MACK LANDING IN* Al ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOMTONCNENN AAAHCI
PINE CREEK LAN ING W ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BAIE TTE OLWN LCTOS
TROUT Po~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a, 0 7-7?'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?
T. I S. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- v
am ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~m

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