Title: Interview with Walter Wilson (October 11, 1978)
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Title: Interview with Walter Wilson (October 11, 1978)
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Language: English
Publication Date: October 11, 1978
Subject: Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Mississippi Choctaw.
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MISS CHOC 58A Page 1

S: Today is October 11, 1978. We are interviewing Walter Wilson.A qan you

tell us when you were born and how was The life in your early childhood?

W: Yes, I was born in Broken Bow, Oklahoma and my childhood wasn't any different

from probably an1 their normal child, other than that I was the only boy

in the family with five sisters, (Tape cut off) I spent all of my child-

hood days in Broken Bow within the city limits up until the age of probably

around thirteen, I do believe, and then we moved out into the country. Went

to the Broken Bow public school system the whole twelve years/l(tape cut off)

S: Could you tell us what college did you go...what you majored in?

W: After high school, I attended high school then it was still a vocational

school, I spent a year there. And after, well, I really didn't know what

I wanted to get into at that time, and I spent one year there taking voca-

tional courses and after that, the year I went...the following fall I went

to a junior college and then I made up my mind, decided on my major towards

a PE degree and spent a year at junior college and went to Southeastern

State University there the following year, and spent the rest of my, well,

college days there getting my BS degree, which brings us up to this next


S: What made you decide to come to Choctaw Central?

W: I really don't remember, Richard. I know, I remember the job was very

attractive. Everything went with the job. Had a visit with the school

prior to accepting the job along with the guy that hired me, Mr. Jimmy

Gibson, was pretty persuasive and made his job offer (tape cut off), and

also this gave me an opportunity to step into a secondary school. I had

several junior high offers and I was thinking about starting off with a

junior high program, but when this offer came along, it was just,/seemed

at the: time and(has been proved correct today that it was just an offer that

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was too good to refuse.

S: How do you like it down here?
evOuCA) to IECDv
W: Well, 7 enjoyed my stay after the first week. The first week I was readyto go

\or^ce pack up and go home. But now I enjoy working with the kids here and

couldn't...(tape cut off) ...about the situations they was offering, you

couldn't ask for better people to work with than I have working with...I

work with in the athletic department, which is a big plus, -you environment

and everything. And...and to sum it up, Oklahoma will always have a special

place in my heart, but Choctaw Central has been good to me. The Choctaw
people here __ and I consider myself very fortunate in that


S: What are you coaching, ?

W: Well, George, I'm kept pretty busy during the day. I have PE classes up

until...the junior high program, we, I hel coach the middle school program

and then I'm assistant football coachJ -* takes up a great deal of my time.

Then after football season, I'm the head basketball coach and after basket-

ball, go right into baseball. I'm the head baseball coach.

S: How do you like the coaches who wurk with you?

W: As I stated earlier, there's not a better group, group to work with. I

want to mention the three I do work with that is in the coaching department.

Well, actually four; we've got a young lady that contributes to our depart-

ment a great deal. The athletic director, Larry Robinson. The other two

coaches I work with, Wes Tillis and Barry 'w and the young lady I was

talking about is Ms. a ge_ Brown. And as I said, they're just super.

I'm very fortunate to be associated with such a group.

S: Could you tell us about your special moment as a coach at Choctaw Central?

W: Yes, I would consider three events to be, that I've been associated with

here at Central to be the highlights of my career here. Associated with

MISS CHOC 58A Page 3

the conference championship in track a couple of years back. Last year's

"7 Bowl championship. And the baseball cofiference championship

of last spring.

S: Could you tell us about your hobbies?

W: I enjoy hunting and fishing. I haven't done as much as I'd like to here in

Mississippi. But, as a youngster I spent a great deal of my time out in the

woods. Also, being associated with athletics, I enjoy playing a great

deal. Even now, though I'm over the hill and everything. And I spend a

great deal of my time playing independent softball and basketball. And

after a hard day's work, I like nothing better than just to curl up on the


S: Were you involved in athletics in your high school and college days?

W: Yes, George, in high school I participated in sports. Played football,

basketball, ran-track, and played baseball a lot in a summer youth program.

And after I went to high school, I played football there, basketball,-a

ran track and at Southeastern played nothing but football. Yes, I was...

(tape cut off)

S: Were there any special moments at Southwestern while you were playing football?

W: Yes, the second year I was at Southeastern, we won the state conference,

or the state, yeah, conference, Oklahoma Co1\\ Conference championship,

which I i to highlight in my playing career, and being chosen

i the collegiate conference defensive team wasalso) a highlight of my


S: What position did you play?

W: I played defensive end.

S: How did you like playing defensive end?

W: In our defensive set-up, we were running, what we called, A Oklahoma 50

MISS CHOC 58A Page 4

defense. We're almost like another linebacker, very, had, had

a lot of various responsibilities, and you had to be a well-rounded athlete

to play it. At the time, I just weighed 190 pounds, so, which enable4me

to play it.

S: What kind of student were you in high school and in college?

W: I guess I would consider myself an above average student. I graduated if

high school with a B+ average, and after I got into college, I didn't have

the study habits and everything that I should have, which hindered me some,

along with spending a lot of my time with athletics. I graduated with a

2.,4I believe about a 2.8 out of/4 point scale. So I think I was a pretty

good student.


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