Title: John Hunter Thomas
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Title: John Hunter Thomas
Series Title: John Hunter Thomas
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__~_ ~/,~_/pg- 29^^L^3-2^_-j^^^_g\xl-_nuA-s^_
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_ ___-^_4- _a, -c c0 Ri C lOka. s- -jP Jti -_4-0- isOfelrVzo i3& __
S--_O e r # 7~A~a I eL& k O ea
CLUcra ba._se 4c---a-Cd /-s--ciL s--y -Ce-ks;

b a__(j so~sA-Q/ --. u lci/ /c.-; ,i :4ky_ 2i. 7- c 6C cj-cj><$ _
use p~arJ L cAe h.me isc 4ee4a e4tc Ak
_~-_ __0a_?_ev ./-c 1'/'2E /qc -cfs_

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dysy oYa heal ddC~j~~l dca.ca thradel~-

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_. a /w ->p / Co^AJ .deCZU.e. A^^k u -4e se
__ .._ p Le s/^v. cO_ b .h A ui.j o -Js k Gr- -6^d
.at\ IeEa &h U7cJ s c says Akt~ meomwe A
-o Ae.. 74 GAoc u- s U S pa/ ^-3-a-s *

_________ aS^ AjJiL km(-^ Coc.^%u uad C^Ac- -_ ----^^ (uisd Az^ 4- Aee *^clt / k

t.. _h.t oL k c A /s a (fe rty u^.- _- -
akddsa l~l ple~~a ad 61J ca~lles~
sJci-Lehd sA^Aik^ svp2iM sqq CY ^ L p d' atpor/ ke
__-de-Sk --- buC Ate :A R!IJ^^P;

__ u- cLa eyaL)4onA M- l&LL La -1U
__- __ 1aLp^_- ^------ a-- ---

d __h 1"t (L t eOs A A L-L^ c_ 1c Ar

ehod#uc5~es:- t576
- Ld4 vA. o
_. __^^^.T(_1k--_- NJ Pc (k-
-o/acJ .A1Q--LQI .-ak s *c^ buT A
L (oc _/ c- ..4^- e-^>/cry/^ 14C0 -^^ A^lJ <\ _c^^

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_a<-- ad 6-L<^ uu-T ljx ,! ^kaw- -cA-d

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-A o-xa 0 W-"- / --Z6 -w-

S_ & Aez-__------7 - -

_j^\ ^-4 __4 --AC
_4____ C --sAJ j-/_XA.3 J _


Iark ,i#4 c-A .4? lcA'^7 So SPyzcc4 7- 'YAc '(^e

p.. k.. C e-C: Jo^(A p/ k ssh-J. -fkf

do 1A sul > 44Ae

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_... }. ^Wk -L As s33y A


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____ 1____KUL--_ -a97<_0i 2-4fA_ ______

a- e A & -__ s4ef4 i _- \ _
S. l-e--jc-a ---- -- --

__-A LA_,_,__..-t u iL _/>,J< 4a A1 ____A
.... A ,_s.;_,__-j -- a-.j,& ___
-_ h_ .. .A d-- ---^^-r- ^_ ^ _^t .......... __ .
..__ --.... q _._<, ..-. --O-..... ^ A .& .-_'r -o -.. ._ -- ---a :>. _
S___-- -A"- A

blAc-&,ir ioi_.s- ed .d pl ard ye
_yh /r-fcA k,-66 1Uv /A-z A j/
/oI1b A / /A r Jfi/7 7+,f44
la._ A.^ c -k IMA^__J2A^<77
/o Q L - 4rej_ / LA< -


The (VnuSko 7< hC d aAcL R ca "NA Aeoos aeicl

the ( tlsAo<^6 usec shcAA. OA ('Le be /^ oiJ
fIY -j% I V ed y wAJJ 2/ &c/12 tk /- O/J .TK\-
cu^skq ^OGes eo 4^ 4fch e caed owi Ako 6?fcJ!

elces AJA4 6~Jy e4a choA6 Ii i
G~UdC zo -cA ;&as. Th (Mu skaggt ouold Ate if 4 {-hev anrc cu/ whood/ CMe< o /wSir -
d/wA A us A,, 3s/ ^? //, // ,oy d^e=& enid p/-ZrC(
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g0 ,w/d I. e /rl 5$ Jr exedatcr skurd
eityqrfph aA do( IA one or 4& ke A1;e ee a
kC/e~aa ^. 74'e ^^ ac ,^ -65 d //Il 7'- J
Awu^/kye, ch/^- do' /e -^Ac- ^c8Ls^ S

e CC

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4gr j, < 4 / 15^l sie a sJ-A' Ak w c/a y ^ ul v h J
/J^ < & //o p o/ fA sAk 1e J ^ ^ kh a e

oo-> so / /- -, i 4.- //Sc-c- /-, e- ZiL -C
Sl< /J 5c -- 4 ?A / //I--- AI 4 k

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i<*we, a $ CL-h4- e l_,C or" ,,.J saJ ,B
g e a k e,/l's< J~/ /
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jou/c, d c o +kIA e s^J s|^er ofd el-hy/ ba -Be^e -

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Called the 1o^/c +Ar c-A-EE sC 2Yc .a/ Nk

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c4a) bare nJ -e/e>-/ A<=>-.^ 7-%/ 7/ zc/a^ E

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Stow b C-(j d e suA4 -.j. h S a?

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tec- \c/s e 4^j ci/-c(

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(-J^ by ,eC *3e-s sM -, TheAK C/0a

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+k he As sEe t SeJs / A CAalS
uJ U// bec^O fiJS kscJ J -&J / J-a--k7 I-a s aLrs
/Z4 C9>dce42J /246J -C/(t h^ 0-* s 44&^ aA^r

t 6sa j'~e/ to> A 2a cr-a a I ; a UG4Le 4-A 4tk addledd bcwc-< J po4-dc( A 4OJ LJXd a
~E4d-C Z/4-tJ A/vA AeC.i /a /er& /A-- Jsrle a.

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oak r p -uA Qf /-cA-d--e ce zel-A 4AM

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ea ~Lm -dOs.Aoe< ,4^e/ */Asadt u J s _ssc 4^
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/A^Ccy s/Jc A 7o ^ALr 0-A b1C J ^^ -

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bu +kE6 ek4< k( i 4ke- < -/ctdek .'^,
're Qk 1e) 4-c /3 M/jf 1dP h//-2 1r//A7
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; (^JT-OCL^ f o 0/ M-J -3 =y>Z^/ 6- ,i ;Ilk'- (/s asvJ^ A= su!soCuo< s -c t: 4-re ,
I oLJ e<^ y ura *4-C km <^ ro- a s/o ^ H, beB4
\d ( 4v<- <-/ske-^o( dkit^p SAJ A

^crJe- p d' a/ e ud/ */uSC ~rtl^ ^ ^ ^ -t ^s -A Ad-r c
S-asuac hkJ aL/Ar C )- 5a;^ -// "- /'//I
; -_ o ? uC^ ^5 1 3s k3/ 4Aeh

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Ur ^^>ucy el^"da oured A/br s-- Ae Yo <-4
eai c~~ -hL~. ~hte~ ~y4~R~L;~~/L

<< A,'( sxyrm^ c4 = < c/c a bL-0
W J&
UcLi 4. % rl:( < e <^>J -1' 4?k5j=-k4 ^
':s .e c

ukc)a -k-4 d 'e e /5?7- C/-- u (& IIX-
Acsk- clm be --d -f /

Uc -RaC, ; -30 l> K pul ( -t< Cs J 1! wm*5=A
ILA<-< Ou 4 c,-\,/ ief / /:v- c-^- e,, elocga c

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thclk <, -1-ksrJy <:G-
(>Jc JAd( CS kAJ 1ee lS Cr A e- AeLLwg J
/j'VI ,a er77 /4;c- g wo 7/ /- A fLsnAj^E
J O C/ L- t s AA A e-
Z e-aa pead

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