Title: Interview with Baxter York (August 22, 1975)
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Title: Interview with Baxter York (August 22, 1975)
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Publication Date: August 22, 1975
Subject: Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Mississippi Choctaw.
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Miss Choc 49A

Sub: Baxter York

Int: Nanih Waiya staff


Page -1-

?: Today is August the 22nd. The interviewers are Lester_ Terry Davis,

Vernon "e '_

B: .The organization of tribal government were organized in 1945 in tribal council

is three of the communities, largest communities had three tribal council and tLic

three of them have two tribal council and one and one tribal council

and tribal council/elected by the people and the tribal council select 'ta co

chief or chairman but right recentlyX they changed the constitutions and

by laws and put in where the whole tribe would vote for chief so ehatt it A0, 1

that way now and the organization is to help the tribe uh become self sufficiently

while they are in this reservation. Tribal government is recognized by the

Congress of the United States and theythey want the tribal council is supposed

to negotiate and bring in some money for the .ga i tef Also, the constitution

by laws that they have for the schools or any other benefit that they have to

have one half or more uht ;hi A in order to receive benefits. Then/man

married to white spouse, white spouse automatically go with the man and would

receive benefits but the man is white and the women is a Choctaw married to

a white, why then she automatically receive benefits from::the man, so

to speak. Uh those are the major things, although any Choctaws has gone

to work in various cities uh not on this re-1e why then they can get on the,:

.ree, that is if he's from Mississippi. Also, the childs born outside but

also the door is open where they can come in and get on the -e-e and receive

benefits. Choctaws are supposed to help themself while the-fellew government

Miss Choc 49A -2-

B: or happen to get out of the , , That's the tribal organization. Where

the Choctaws get there name? We're gonna have to go back into creator. Creator

give all the tribe tribal name to the Indian people all over in the United States

and they shouldn't forget their culture and the language and the name because

it's a rule of the creator,Anot a man-made law, that's creator's law. Uh creator's

rule so they shouldn't forget their culture and language and their name. The

Choctaw are warned by the creator and they too have a culture, their language,

and way of life. .. 1 AI b Back in our ancestors time, Choctaws

were recognized as agriculture people and they raised nothing but corn and gathered

^^ wild uh potatoes and wild vegetables Uh that's what they

used to live on. The women folks does mostly the planting of corn and the man

was a hunter and the means go go out and bring in the meat while them women

folks at home raising the. corn. That's the uhi our ancestors they farming

and living. The jobs that they carry, that was it. But Anglo race/)people

came here and introduced new form of government, new form of/icreating jobs and

so on wr then nowdays they took up farming, they took up forces y, they took

up industry and some of em are working in the Bureau of Indian Affairs and

some of them are working with the tribal government. That's the picture on

this uh farming and the jobs. Now I want put in a little bit on the relationship

between the white and the red. I'm quoting to our ancestors, especially the

grandmother, she was 105 years old when she passed away and she's one talk

about the relation between the whites and the red. First, the whites were

jealous because the creator has create the land, rich land and the rich resources

in and around Mississippi. They never show no hate until they invited

the great chief that the Choctaw have and he was a smart man and they wanted

this land but they couldn't get it right then and that became hate the Choctaw.

They hate Choctaw leader. They say that when they invited him to Washington

Miss Choc 49A -3-

B: office, he eat so much til he died. Now our ancestors has handed down to me

that they didn't think smart a man as he was that he could eat so much that

he died. So by that, the hate uh that caused of white in Washington office

give this chief a poison food to get rid of him and the little chief they

say that they fall off a stairway in hotel.and kill himself and those things

our ancestors believe that they were,they kill them with some other things,

that they didn't die just fall off a stairway and that Chief ^ didn't

die for- eating so much. So they hate what's created among the white leaders

during Jefferson and Johnson time. Now, it came along where the treaty between

the government and the Choctaw in 1820 and 1830 and 1902 and three. After

the removal of those Choctaws, some Choctaws remained in Mississippi. So

the war department send two man up here in Mississippi and they came here and

-tey saw Choctaw still here. Then they said "I thought youth was supposed to

be in Oklahoma now. Are you still here?" Some of the Choctaws say that

that they didn't want to leave there ancestors because they were buried here

and also they didn't want to leave their original home. Well, it was a hate

when those two men said this: "All right then, we're gonna take everything away

from you, even your happiness". But Choctaws were still here in the hands

of the landlord. Landlord use em almost like a slave, but not quite. They used
em on cheap labor when __ and give em little food to eat.

Well, while doing-that, it was the hate that state legislature passed the law

sayin that any darker skin wouldn't testify against the white in the court. So

again, they were blocked out, they didn't have no way of to be at that

time. Eventually, the government had step in saying in 1918 and say that.we're

gonna exchange hands. Well, governmentjhand from the landlord's hand..1 They

say you were deep in poverty. We gonna help you out of the poverty if you help

yourself. So Choctaws came through some of the harder uh bad treatment that

Miss Choc 49A -4-

B: any human beings could receive but they're still here, they're increasing

now, they're not decreasing. In the long run, I feel like the Choctaws will

be so populated in many years to come. That's it.

"i '

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