Title: Interview with Tom Weatherford (February 1, 1974)
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Title: Interview with Tom Weatherford (February 1, 1974)
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 1, 1974
Spatial Coverage: Creek County (Fla.) -- History.
Funding: This text has been transcribed from an audio or video oral history. Digitization was funded by a gift from Caleb J. and Michele B. Grimes.
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Source Institution: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, Department of History, University of Florida
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INTERVIEWEE; Tom Weatherford

February 1, 1974

I: Today is February 1, 1974. I'm interviewing Tom Weatherford. Tom,

how old are you?

W: Seventy-eight years old.

I: And you were born when?

W: May the eighth, eighteen ninety-five.

I: Now who are your parents?

W: Thomas Ward Weatherford and Elizabeth Ward. She was a Ward.

I: Now was your mother Indian?

W: My mother was She was an Indian, too. Her grandmother

was a sister My mother and father were about third or fourth


I: I see. Now where were you born?

W: I was born right here in )'a-_A County. I lived a quarter of a mile. <

I: Now this is in Uriah?

W: Yes, in Uriah A supposed to be Mount Pleasant.

I: Now, is your wife, who did you marry?

W: I married an English, Agnes English.

I: Now was she Indian?

W: Yes, she was Indian.

I: What, is she Creek?

W: Yes, Creek.

I: And what was, what's your family background? What's your family back-



Page 2. dib

U: Mine?

I: Uh huh.

U: Well, on my mother's side I get the Indian blood. On my father's

side I'm French. That's all I know.

W: She came from Tates and Dresbacks. J -2i-j' /David Tate.

I: Now...

W: Her grandmother was a .' from over in C/ar/i County.


I: Can you sort of fill me in on your family background as far back

as you can go?

W: Well, my great grandfather was John Weatherford

And he lived at Clayborn. When he swam that river and got_- '

Andrew Jackson he told him, he says, "I'm going to see that you get payed

for this some day." When he got President of the United States he sent

him a title a section of land, a square mile of land, and he-4ed a

sheep skin copy of'/, it was written on a sheep skin, ef Andrew Jackson's

name signed to it. m/7 5/jsfrs //a 'i. -

I: Is this...

W: _____eiayen.

I: I see.
/ *.. -.. 'tk...,.- ; '/* ...
W: ... :i-t-w-T-- Laa-

I: Now is this, is this land that he gave you, is this still in your

family possession?

W: No Ma'am. No Ma'am, it's not.

I: What happened to this land?

W: I really don't know what happened to it. It got away somewhere ___ '-

CRK. 57A

Page 3. dib

I don't know.

I: Is any of the family interested in seeing what would have happened

to this pea4ei of land?

W: Well, my father,he talked to a lawyer about it. Ihis=-i; J.P. __-_

4, ,, /fO He was a young lawyer. He told him he would take

it and get it for him. But Pa, he decided that, you know, it was too

much. Let them build. Even have to pay for all the building and the

taxes back on it. He wouldn't let him do it. He wanted to do it, this

lawyer did. He was a young lawyer. He said he maybe could get it back.

He knew a lot of the people who were living on it then, and he said he

didn't want to make them mad. And he wouldn't try to get it. c.i'c

been out so long V/ / '- ,. -. /Mr. did./ He

-vA .An- and he wouldn't let Mr. /*.::-Q< do it.

I: Do you think that any of your family today would be interested in

checking back into this matter?

W: I don't think so7 /LD ,

I: What was this land called, though? I mean, was-it a Weatherford grant

land or something like this?

W: I guess it was. It was from the United States government. I guess

that's what it was, a grant. President Jackson sent it to him with his

name signed to it. My sisters up at Uriah have it and the deed.

I: I'd like to see that some day. Just to see what it looks like.

U: Didn't i/--., tell us not too long ago that she hadn't been able to

find that dc/-i since--

W: I don't know. I, I thought they had it in a safety deposit box. I

didn'tA know they- std -it


Page 4. o dib

-S She-toldme-she -had it-;

W: I think maybe Calvin went down there and looked at that one time.

I'm not sure of that. He was talking about it and I told him where it

was. I think maybe he got-it. I'm not, not quite sure. Anyway,.Calvin

knew about it. talk to him.

I: Have you ever heard of the, the land that was left to the Creek In-

dians in the porch area down there, the three plots of grant land that

Andrew Jackson gave them for services also? To Len McGee and his heirs?

W: Yes, I have.

I: What sort of stories then did you hear of that?

W: Well, Calvin told me all I knew. He told me from his family about the

same thing -that. I-already knew, I knew they did have a


I: Was there any stories connected with this land? Let's see how I

want to say this? Why did the Creeks in this area down here want to

side with Andrew Jackson?

W: Well, they called them friendly Creeks, you know, down here. They

didn't, didn't uacr too much against them. They did a while, but they

quit, you know. That's all I know,'cause you know when they started ,.

the Creek nation east of the Mississippi they was friendly Creek. I

guess that's the only reason why we got some of this money, because they

give them a chance either to go to out in Oklahoma-or New Mexico .- --

..- r...'--" Some of them didn't go. 7/;r' *' ',

-fcAL ;, -^ ct Well, anyway those out in Oklahoma got some, too, this

land they accepted. .A?/ n i /.
N /2,.J1 .,,.,/ (


Page 5. dib

I: Have there ever been any stories passed down in your family about

Red Eagle?

U: What about the story, Tom, the one on Red Eagle that, who was it

that spent the night at Mr. Wells?

W: That was...

U: Who was that?

W: ... and that was a traveling salesman. Out in Montgomery

he was a traveling salesman. Met him on the place down on the river.
', L,...4" 7 ..'9,- ,
He came riding out horseback. It was getting kind of late.

This fellow my-if-e=amegout

.--... z --T. He stopped me and asked me. He says, "I'm new up in

this part of the country. But," he says, "I'm up here in this Indian

Weatherford neighborhood." He says, "I want to ask where's the closest

place I can spend the night." We told him, wje said, "Well, I don't know."

We said, "About the closest place is up at '--. ." -We said, that's

about twelve, fifteen miles up there." He was driving horses and buggy,

and then that was a long time. He said, "You mean I'm going to have
/t. ,
to drive _? He says, "I can't get up in these woods down here,
C'i ij-z' /A-CC
down in It's nice Weatherford country,." -'jI said, "Well,

I tell you what you can do if you want, but if you mind to drive out

two miles off of the road / go with me) ." He sa-id, "Would

you do that?" T-said, "Yes.AI would." He said, "Alright, I'll do it."

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