Title: Interview with Multiple (January 19, 1985)
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Title: Interview with Multiple (January 19, 1985)
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) -- History.
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Anita Fuente Garcia
INTERVIEWEE: Conrad Robert Castillo
DATE: January 19, 1985
LOCATION: Tampa, Florida

G: But in 1918 when the flu epidemic came here oh, there were all those to fight

it, they came to they did not have more money to

No, it and all When my father died eight months

after nine months after my father, he died in 1927 and of

course I had been working until Dr. Gonzolez took over and when Dr. Gonzolez died, why

other doctors you know. And they remodelded

our whole building because that, we were just upstairs and downstairs they had a

I V`( Lstore and different stores. They took and bought the from

And they really, they really only left the outside walls and the remodeled all the in-

side. That is why it is not mistaken as an antique, or is that what they call


MM: Staco, but it is really brick.

G: Of course it still had the old, all the brick buildings on the other side. So,

went like that until

Then Dr. went away to or to Miami _. So he went until

Mrs. Gonzolez because......

and of course she had a good time, it was very prosperous until about 19 is when it

started You know when the insurance company were offering too many

things, a lot of people went to insurance ........ And then

y-aie- it for the people, and medicare I do not care _________

I think that was the main reason for the ....and then things went so high, you

had to pay more rent, you had to pay more salaries, more than anythingelse. And it

was not until _____________. That is about the

end I do not have much more to say but I was .._ for two years.

M: Let me ask some other questions. Tell me something about your family's background

Ybor 47 A

M: the Fuente family. Tell me something about your father and grandfather.

G: My father and Dr. were very close friends.

M: Tell me something about his background.

G: Well, my father came to this country in 1901 and then my mother came a few years later.

M: From Cuba or Spain?

G: From Cuba. Well, my father came from Spain to South America, but I remember he went

to Havana.

M: So, where was your father born?

G: He came from Spain to then to Havana and then he came here. And my mother had

two children before they came here.

MM: ?Ddnde nacio en Espana?

G: I think in Mala a.

M: In or ?i\c \4 ?

G: I can not think of it.

MM: Malaga is the name of the city?

G: Yes. But I can not think of the very town he was born at.

M: What did his family do?

G: He used to be a teacher in Havana, but then he came here and in Cuba to the cigar maker.

But he was not making too much and and

then he was a Latin And then they had

the cigar industry by the union you know when those old

were getting seven dollars a week, .Well it belonged to the

union too, it used on the union paper too and then and another fellow, Antonio

Cuerto, they made up that__ cigar factory and And they had it there for

years and it burned down and they ...... again on seven-teenth street I think it

was, until finally it was not working too hard, so they closed. So he dedicated himself

to work........ .

Swe were very close friends, very close.

Ybor 47 A

M: Tell me something about ?

G: Well, I have known him ever since doctor came in my house and ?

And he had that boy. He was'm& boy. I would say now momma would

slap his boy because momma did not worry much about him you know.

__, he was terrible, he was

very intelligent the way he used all intelligence. My son is

intelligent during great that would be wonderful, but he just took the wrong

pace and of course that is the only son they had.

right on the twenty-seventh, it was nine months old

M: What did your father's family do in Spain? Do you have any idea what their occupations

were in Spain? And why he came to America? Why did your father immigrate?

G: Why do you think, because I imagine a lot of Spanish were just

make better I suppose. And stop at and then from he went to

Havana, from Havana he came to Tampa. He better himself

M: And how about your mother?

G: My mother was a very healthy woman. She had eleven children. There were not many

however, at the same time. At the same time there was

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