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Interviewer: Robert Hampton

Interviewee: Marna Weston

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H:My name is Robert Hampton. This is an oral history interview

with Marna Weston in the Little Hall Conference Room. The

date is April 3, 1995. The time is approximately 5:30 p.m.

Marna, why do you not begin by introducing yourself.

W:My name is Marna Rinaldo Weston.

H:Where did you get that name? Your mother or father?

W:Besides from my parents? [Laughter]. My dad was stationed in

Santa Domingo in 1964 before I was born. He met three three

kids named Marna, Mario, and Marco. He named his three sons

after them.

H:Is Rinaldo a family name?

W:No, Rinaldo came from that meeting. I am Marna Rinaldo Weston.

My middle brother is Mario Ricki. My youngest brother is

Marco Rigulardo. My dad is Marvin Ricardo. [It is] all MRW

in our family.

H:So your mother had nothing to do with it?

W:Margaret, but no r's in the middle initial.

H:All right. When and where were you born?

W:I was born on March 21, 1965 on a Sunday morning at 5:04 a.m.

at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in Cumberland County.

H:Military family?

W:My dad was stationed in the 82nd Airborne at Bragg. Airborne

all the way.


W:He is currently working with the post office. He is a

minister. My mother is a kindergarten teacher's aide in

Palm Beach County.

H:Where are they from?

W:My mother is from Sampson County, North Carolina--Orcherville,

which is located approximately twenty-five miles southeast

of Fayetteville, North Carolina. My dad was born in West

Palm Beach.

H:You say your father is a minister. What denomination?

W:Southern Missionary Baptist.

H:And he is no longer a practicing minister?

W:Well, once a minister, always a minister. He still conducts

weddings, wakes, and eulogies at funerals. He ministers to

the youth in the community. He does his best on a day-to-

day basis to provide spiritual guidance in people's lives.

H:But he does not have a church.

W:No. He is not affiliated with a church. He was associate

pastor at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. He is

currently deciding whether or not he will be in his own

ministry or just continue to affect people one on one.

H:How long was your father in the 82nd?

W:I am not quite sure. I know he was in the 82nd in 1963, 1964,

and 1965. I believe he was in 1962. My dad does not talk a

lot about Vietnam.

H:He was in Vietnam?

W:Oh yes. He went.

H:Just one tour?

W:I believe he had one tour. As I said, he does not talk about

it a lot.

H:I see. Was he a chaplain in the service?

W:No. I believe his highest rank was E-9 when he got out of the

service. I guess that is the equivalent of a sergeant or

something like that.

H:Yes. So you were born in North Carolina?


H:At what age do you leave North Carolina?

W:I was born and grew up there. We first came to West Palm Beach

in 1968. I remember watching the first man on the moon in

1969. I remember Watergate. Then I came back to North

Carolina where I lived for the first four years of my

schooling, except for a brief time when I was in West Palm

Beach. There was a time when my parents sent myself and my

middle brother Mario to live with my grandmother in North

Carolina, so we did a lot of our schooling there.

Eventually, we ended up doing high school in West Palm


H:Why were you sent back?

W:Maybe it was financial. Maybe it was just to live with our

grandmother. It was nothing negative. It was just that we

liked North Carolina. It was more convenient for our

parents that way at the time. It was an opportunity to grow

up outside the city.

H:Why did your father move to West Palm Beach? Why did he move

the family down?

W:He is from West Palm Beach. That is where his family was from.

My mother was from North Carolina. My dad was stationed at

Bragg, but his mother and his brothers, sisters, and other

family were in West Palm Beach.

H:You went to high school in West Palm Beach. What do you

remember about that?

W:I enjoyed high school. I went to Twin Lakes High School. I

was freshman class president, and on the debate team, where

I traveled extensively across the country. I was a member

of the orchestra, and concert master of the county youth

symphony. Growing up in West Palm Beach was a lot different

then. West Palm Beach.

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